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File: 1639773992761.jpg (240.63 KB, 1500x1000, unethical.jpg)

No. 1395559

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha's hometown.

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's fiancé.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate, Olivia Lopez: H3H3 crew members.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.
- Mysterious Tea: Shane stan making a Trisha documentary.

The H3/Trisha Ongoing Feud
>Ethan and Trisha had a very successful show called Frenemies. One of its high points was when Ethan and Trisha exposed David Dobrik and supported a rape victim, who was taken advantage by the Vlog Squad.
>During the last episode, Trisha was upset that she had no say in what happens in the show and how repetitive the segments were. It escalated into an argument where Trisha asked for the show to end because she didn't want to walk out while the cameras were still rolling.
>Trisha had an online meltdown and made a bunch of videos saying that she quits the show. Ethan accuses Trisha of wanting to fire the crew and made everything about her wanting 5% more from the profits.
>Trisha made more videos, attempting to explain herself but making herself look worse in the process. Ethan made content based on her responses, which got him lots of views.
>Ethan invited Trisha to record one more episode of Frenemies to promote the merch, but decided to not not air it once everything sold out.
>Trisha went to Keemstar's podcast after she called him out for dating a woman who is too young for him. Ethan took it personally and sent his fans to attack her. When Ethan's mother piled on the hate, Trisha defended herself and mentioned that Donna sent Moses a vile message. The message, which blames Trisha for a potential miscarriage, was read in Families. Outside of the H3 bubble, people sided with Trisha, which prompted Families to get cancelled to protect Donna from further scrutiny and drama.
>Ethan unlisted an episode of Frenemies and asked Trisha to clarify her sexual abuse. This started a shit show, which got drama channels and H3 fans riled up. Trisha's former classmates came forward to accuse the teacher of being inappropriate but H3 fans dismissed and harassed them. Trisha had a meltdown online and privated her Twitter. She eventually came back with a video thanking the classmates and admitting she made a mistake with the child porn charge but is still standing on her allegations against the teacher. Petty Paige's video >>>/snow/1331953
>Trisha stops giving Ethan and his fans attention. Nevertheless, she and everyone in her life continues to get harassed: Ethan's fans mass downvote every video that she makes, leave negatives comments in all her content, contacted her sponsors, called the cops on Trisha's mother, harassed Trisha's brother and his family, sent messages to Moses's workplace, doxxed Moses' former partners, etc.
>Trisha and Moses get married, which prompted Ethan to be "mask-off" and insult Trisha’s family.

Other Controversies
>Throughout the years, Ethan and Keemstar have antagonized each other ever since Keemstar went to the H3 podcast and Ethan badmouthed him afterwards.
>In 2020, Ethan made a Content Nuke video on Keemstar. The two go back and forth responding to allegations and throwing dirt at each other. Then Keemstar reuploads Gokanaru's The Death of h3h3 Productions, which gets striked down right away. Keemstar is forced to apologize by YT.
>Ethan got suspended for one week in YT because he simulated a call from Keemstar's then girlfriend and made her talk about Keemstar's dick.

Ryan Kavanaugh
>Ethan showed clips from a pay-per-view boxing event and encouraged his fans to pirate it. He gets two lawsuits from Triller.
>Ethan starts a year long harassment campaign against Ryan Kavanaugh, a founder of the app. Ethan read fake reviews in the podcast, has framed articles about Ryan on the background, sold shirts with his face, created a website comparing him to Harvey Weinstein and weaponized his fans to participate in the harassment. H3 fans review bomb Triller, make memes of Ryan and harass/bully him, his family and friends.
>Ryan sues Ethan for defamation.

>Daphney is a hook-up that Moses had on Valentine's Day 2020. When Moses and Trisha started dating, she released text messages of Moses comparing Trisha to Miss Piggy. After apologizing to Moses personally, she reappears a year later to say that Moses stealthed her. Catnipz, an ex-girlfriend, makes a post in r/h3h3productions to support Daphney. Note: Catnipz was not stealthed.
>Moses releases text messages revealing that Daphney was begging for more sex after the hook-up and was more upset that he stopped following her Instagram.
>Daphney makes livestreams while high on pot, spilling tea on any dirt she had on Moses from how he washes his clothes to how his bed looked like. In one of those lives, she confessed that she saw Moses take off the condom, but continued having sex with him anyway.
>Daphney took a selfie with James Charles, which made her back away from the public when people turned on her and called her a clout chaser.

Last Thread
>Leftovers, Ethan's new show with Hasan Piker, receives criticism >>1345265, >>1345806 and their views go down >>1360418, >>1371647
>Ethan goes to poop in the middle of the show after he receives a woman tells the story of how she shat herself >>1349481, >>1349547. People think he might have a scat fetish >>1349407
>H3H3 accuses Jamari of antisemitism and he defends himself >>1350097
>Teddy Fresh uses chinese sweatshops >> and have huge profit margins, also plagiarizes their designs >>1377418, >>1377432, >>1378058, >>1378061
>Ethan is insecure about his tiny baby hands >>1351291, >>1371591
>Ethan continues to bait Trisha into noticing him without success >>1351631, >>1351797, >>1352824, >>1353395, >>1353824, >>1357864, >>1358892, >>1375816
>Hila asks their employees to babysit his husband to stop him from talking about Trisha >>1352006, >>1352041
>Ethan is clickbaiting and changing thumbnails as the views start to get lower >>1359452, >>1362276, >>1358836
>Ethan, his family and his employees actively engage with Trisha haters and hate subreddits >>1362862, >>1362863, >>1362864, >>1371689, >>1378381, >>1378583, >>1378790, >>1392436
>Trisha becomes vegan, starts meditating and explores other religions >>1364867, >>1367878
>Teddy Fresh makes a pop up event where fans stand in line for 6-8 hours in vain >>1369248
>Ethan used the word "tranny" on Leftovers and personally apologizes in the subreddit >>1373572, >>1373634
>Nikocado Avocado makes a response video calling out Ethan for jumping on the bandwagon and using him for views >>1374499, >>1374856. Ethan responds >>1376939. Nik is scheduled to come to the podcast around Hila’s due date >>1390065
>More people on the H3 subreddit start to notice Ethan's hypocrisy and criticize him >>1375217, >>1375344, >>1368084
>Hila says that a woman from a reality show, Christine Quinn, faked her pregnancy because she didn't have the same experience as her >>1378227, >>1378304. The fans send Christine hate >>1378348. Christine says that she loves Trisha after drama channels complain that she stole her wedding concept >>1390931
>Ethan and Hila receive a third lawsuit >>1381936
>Ethan encourages people to harass Trisha >>1389586, >>1392564, >>1393239
>Trisha and Moses get married >>1390847. Ethan lets his fans believe that the wedding is on the same day as Hila’s birthday >>1390906
>Now that the wedding is over, Ethan declares that he can officially go after Trisha and tells her sister “fuck you and the womb you came out of” >>1393749, >>1394080. Trisha finally responds >>1393858
>Mysterious Tea uploads a two hour long video rehashing old relationship drama from Trisha’s life >>1394855
>Hila asks Ethan to stop and the crew removes the part where he comes after Trisha and her family >>1395361


Trisha Paytas

https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions (Moderated by H3 employees)
https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies12 (Moderated by H3 employees)

Past Threads
1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691
3: >>>/snow/1308812
4: >>>/snow/1344979

No. 1395564

Excellent thread picture, nonnie

No. 1395565

that Trisha/H3 summary is so biased I'm amazed it came from this site. I guess this is the only place left that would side with Trisha.

No. 1395568

piss off and go back to the h3 subreddit retard

No. 1395577

Go cry somewhere else

No. 1395581

The gabbie drama is so old the milk has solidified in the bottle, you can fuck off right back to reddit with your fellow incels if you want to discuss it so bad

No. 1395592

Just like these threads. Trisha and her super fans here

No. 1395595

H3 fans big mad because hila's not on after dark today and it's ""only"" an hour and a half because Ethan says "they've been through something"

No. 1395599

go back to plebbit or where you came from

No. 1395615

She needs to give him an ultimatum. Stfu or file for divorce. It's so disrespectful and she's the one having to deal with all the shit cuz it's her side of the family WHILE being ready to give birth. Smfh

No. 1395623

This was a ticking bomb waiting to explode. Ethan got his fans respecting Hila only when she agrees with everything he does, im ready to see his fans incel and pickme claws come out now that Hila put her foot down.

Before H3 fans start to call Hila a controlling bitch, consider this is a woman about to give birth whose family was affected by internet drama because her husband cannot let things go, ever. He got her ass sued, talked shit about her side of the family, got his parents talking shit about her family, and constantly disrespects her wishes. He cannot compromise with anything she asks (and she asks for less than the minimum).

No. 1395625


Can't say I feel bad for her. She chose this life and chose to reproduce to force her kids to live in this nightmare.

No. 1395633

Agree 100. She looked at this dude and decided the world needed more of him. If you ask me, Hila gets more credit than she deserves for the judgment she's demonstrated

No. 1395646


She was a teenager when they met. Israelis go to the army directly after high school. She's never been a proper adult outside of this relationship. Now she's nine months pregnant in a high risk pregnancy and her selfish husband dgaf, he deliberately stresses her out by attacking her family.

No woman deserves that

No. 1395650

Who said she "deserved" the problems Ethan's created? Holding her accountable for her choices doesn't mean cosigning on abuse.

No. 1395655

No. 1395659

Kek I hope she snapped at him, Ethan acts like hot shit for being a fat manchild budget keemstar and hila is pregnant and has more important shit to deal with but he won’t even respect her wishes to not keep drama going. Men are so thick headed and stubborn they need to be scolded like a dog to get the point across.

No. 1395660

God this Ethan/Hila shit is giving me Greg/Lainey flashbacks

No. 1395663

Honestly i go back and forth on feeling bad, its mostly the "you made your bed" situation, but i just find it interesting that she always sacrificed so much for Ethan and his fanbase and they could never show her an ounce of respect, not even when shes about to give birth. And then his fans dont know what people are talking about when Ethan is called a misogynist.

Also interesting that his fans claim this is the place where Trisha gets defended (even though people have talked shit about her aswell) but where is Hila defended? Not on the H3 sub for sure, if anything shes more defended here than there. They only like her if she keeps her mouth shut.

No. 1395675


If Hila/Ethan break up, he's going to get with Olivia. The weird focus he has on Olivia is very…interesting. He'd def trade in Hila for a younger girl who is miraculously somehow more of a pick-me than Hila but also worships Ethan.

No. 1395717

This OP feels more like an H3 thread than an H3/Trisha thread. I like the info on H3 at least, I didn’t know about the $1 bucket hats. I think my favorite part of the OP is the link to the post where Teddy Fresh copied a Playstation 3 Cabela’s hunting game cover art kek.

No. 1395736

Trisha left the h3 podcast months ago so it's not that weird it shifted over to shitting on ethan instead

No. 1395869

Trisha hasn’t been doing anything of interest aside from making stupid religious TikToks sometimes, there isn’t much CURRENTLY to say about her. Ethan’s constant Trisha sperging and shit scrotey attitude are more fun to talk about at the moment.

Plus Ethan’s fans are rabid in their defense of him so it’s more cathartic to shit on him. Everyone and their mom is already shitting on Trisha.

No. 1395881

If Hila loses that baby that subreddit is going to go insane on Trisha. They are already show a dangerous level of cult-like behaviour, it will be interesting to see them completely unhinged

No. 1395882

what do you mean? did you miss the beginning Trish arc? she used to say it all the time pre-2014. peak Trisha lore is the times she has mass deleted videos when "the bullies" go after her for a thing she has said in the past.

No. 1395909

How long until Ethan is back to talking about Trisha after Hila asked him not to?

No. 1395916

He never stopped

No. 1395949

H3 narc meltdown saga begins. Just like many a narc before him(shane onision) he’s starting to crack now he realises the public aren’t 100% sucking his balls anymore. It’s only a matter of time before we see him screaming like a demented Michelin Man on livestream

No. 1395951

File: 1639803937379.png (19.35 KB, 983x189, Lashon_Hara.png)

Ethan dictates what a proper Jew ought to do… he should go to the classes himself. Lashon Hara literally translates to 'bad talk'.

No. 1395985

File: 1639811149206.jpeg (178.45 KB, 1281x969, D8150544-DDEA-4241-AAC6-4A0E2F…)

No. 1395987

File: 1639811808245.jpeg (395.56 KB, 750x881, E7EDBED9-463C-4906-BCA1-FDB620…)

This is hilarious but also actually scary how these people think “it’s his pregnant wife’s fault for being pregnant and being on social media!! Ethan just has to cause drama and get sued, if she can’t handle it screw her I guess!” like they really do not respect Hila whatsoever and honestly H3H3 would of never got where it is now without her

No. 1395989

File: 1639812273957.jpeg (251.78 KB, 750x492, DC9DF90B-A2D2-4CD7-92FC-148F79…)

They’re all gonna turn on Hila and blame her now.

No. 1396001

File: 1639815936401.jpg (673.25 KB, 1080x1984, 57743601032.jpg)

Why even tweet about how much pressure he is under and how he can't talk about Trish etc. Now the blame will be even more on Hila who is about to have his baby. There are negative posts about Hila on their own subreddit

No. 1396005

>Hila has always censored Ethan

HUH, what’s even the point of this post and what does Moses have to do with anything that’s happening right now? Just stop talking about Trisha, it’s a dead bored meme anyway, her views are dead and only gets attention from people sperging over her shit and watching for the next manufactured breakdown. And the legal issues are Ethans fault too. But of course Hila gets thrown under the bus for allegedly caring about preserving family bonds and not creating a huge unnecessary rift with the family????

No. 1396007

Since the OP fails to include some Trisha updates from the last thread in the summary, I am adding them here:

>Trisha is losing weight >>1351057, anon accuses Trisha of getting multiple liposuctions in two months to appear thinner >>1351069

>Unsaged post with a photo of Trisha's foot >>1354552
>Trisha releases a Twilight parody video to talk about child support after she donated money to Yumi King >>1356280, anon accuses Trisha of doing damage control >>1357207 and making the video to reference the Moses drama >>1356863
>Unsaged post of Trisha singing a Grease song in Tiktok >>1357639
>Complaint about Trisha stans >>1357940 (calls lolcow a "chat"), followed by anon saying that Ethan deserves to engage with the drama because his family is in shambles due to Trisha >>1358209. There is speculation about the H3 crew posting in the thread >>1358481, >>1358414
>Anon is angry that someone compliments Trisha because she meditates with a Buddha photo in the background >>1358864
>Anon thinks that Trisha is fake and friendless because she didn't want to show the guests on Moses' birthday party after receiving months of relentless harassment >>1359104
>Unsaged post of Trisha Tiktok dance >>1360502
>Unsaged post of Trisha supporting Moses' ASMR channel >>1363966
>Unsaged post of Trisha selling a table with her photo in society6 >>1363970
>Unsaged post of Trisha licking her fingers >>1361879
>Naked photo of Trisha from OF >>1361881, plus comparisons of her to a hipo >>1361921
>Random accusations of anons being Trisha >>1362740, >>1358341 and calling Ethan "a sewage water" once questioned >>1362793
>Anon notices that an unhinged Trisha hate account uses "sewage water" to insult Moses too >>1362883
>Trisha visits the Hare Krishna temple >>1363301 and makes an IG post >>1364867
>Trisha's short nails indicate that she is struggling financially >>1364985
>Trisha has gained 4 pounds since she started the vegan diet >>1365692
>Trisha is studying Islam >>1367878
>Anon argues that Trisha was never actually molested by the teacher because the accusations were not independently confirmed >>1394128, the classmates who came forward are just "anons in the internet" >>1394159, no police records means there is no rape >>1394420
>Anon shilling Mysterious' videos >>1394466, >>1394147, >>1394514, >>1394855
>Anon argues that Trisha is antisemitic for celebrating Hannukah and having a Christmas tree at the same time >>1394399
>Anon accuses Trisha of holding Moses hostage >>1394048, >>1394521. When corrected, anon complains about the Trisha fans >>1394548, >>1394552
>Trisha herself must be posting in thread >>1394179, but the H3 crew is too good to be googling themselves or even knowing what lolcow is >>1394192, >>1394204
>Anon can't tell the difference between incurable and curable stds >>1395145, therefore Trisha is wrong and Gabbie Hanna is finally redeemed >>1395051, >>1395391
>Anon is upset that people are defending Trisha and not talking about Trisha's old milk >>1395425
>Trisha makes a positive post in IG to send love to people who hate her >>1395523
>Anon argues that Trisha is racist, therefore she is homophobic and misogynistic too >>1395530

No. 1396008

I just hope its a tard baby, Ethan does not deserve anything besides a financial and mental strain.

No. 1396017

Anon that's pretty fucking horrible hoping an unborn child is going to be retarded or have issues. I mean yes Ethan is a retard, but his kids haven't done anything. Check yourself ffs.

OMG that's hilarious. H3 incels don't care about blood family but a few months ago they kept calling Ethan and Moses family even though they were only in laws. Calling for Moses to dump Trisha because she upset Ethan. They're all mentally ill.

Of course incels don't respect Hila, she's a woman. They only respect the pedo pandering women Ethan wants to fuck like Belle Delphine.

Crazy how the h3 incel cult was censoring themselves a few months ago of talking about Trisha, but now that Ethan and his queer crew can't think of any goofs and gafs for their low effort podcasts Ethan just wants to get emotional about the love of his life Trisha. Guess all this shit and stressing out Hila throughout her entire pregnancy is worth 5% of nothing.

No. 1396020

Hang on why isn’t Hila doing the show? I visited the subreddit to try and work out why but it’s all very cryptic

No. 1396025

Idk but I feel like Hila just genuinely is done being a part of talking about Trisha and Ryan Kavanaugh every single show and tried to put her foot down since he hasn’t respected her wishes this whole time and she’s about to give birth, is being isolated from her family while about to give birth, is being sued and I bet that’s all it was and Ethan is seething and malding because how dare she

No. 1396042

So it was OK for Ethan's mom to send a text to Moses it's their fault if something goes wrong with the pregnancy. But there's nothing is wrong with Ethan tweeting that causing Hila to get more hate. Plus all the other things he has done to stress her out. His own fans are going against Hila because of him

No. 1396046

No. 1396052

File: 1639823348064.jpeg (376.85 KB, 828x1078, F2DCF4D6-0C02-4A75-916A-8066EC…)

Why do these idiots think Ethan can hold Trisha accountable? Surely just not paying attention and letting her channel go as dead as H3 would be better than constantly talking about Trish.

I can’t believe Ethan even tweeted he’s under ‘pressure’ to not talk about things. What the fuck? Of course his fans would blame Hila. He did this on purpose to be an immature man child.

If my husband was monetising on my family drama, constantly putting a rift between me and my family and isolating me whilst pregnant, I’d fucking leave him. He doesn’t love her, he loves money and attention more.

No. 1396065

But anon, it's antisemitic to point out how money hungry Ethan is, how dare you criticise him…

No. 1396071

File: 1639826353826.png (413.49 KB, 1600x1201, teddyfresh.png)

No. 1396077

late periods

No. 1396079

Overpriced shit.

No. 1396099

This is the real Ethan, no one can ever cross him - now that his "queen Hila" crossed him, he will throw her under the bus. This is the deep connection people claim they have. Ethan is not man enough for anything, he has absolutely no honor. This is where being a pickmeisha gets you. She was a pushover for the whole relationship and this is where it got her. And people dont get why its likely Ethan will cheat on Hila and give her hell in a few years kek. This is the real him, its always all about him and his wishes. When they dont have fans anymore he is going to make her life hell.

No. 1396103

So in this tweet he’s basically saying that Hila has stopped him from talking about Trisha?

No. 1396107

Does anyone else hate both of them equally?

No. 1396120


This is what you get for being a ladycuck pick me, Hila dear. I only feel bad for the children that are going to have Ethan as a mentally unstable pervert father. I hope they never have a girl, Ethan will make her very very weird.

No. 1396136

Kek I love you anon

No. 1396150

Sorry for the link but I don't know how to embed the video. https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies3/duplicates/riwf06/ethan_sharing_his_own_harmful_tropes/

This is more antisemitic than Trisha pretending she didn't know what the Holocaust is damn

No. 1396160

>these goofy-ass rat-tail motherfuckers stink up the place
>the dirty, grimy, jacket wearing jews
>real, dirty-ass, nasty, nasty, like who can look more Jewish


No. 1396162

I guess the thread was deleted, but this is obvious bait made by H3 fans and crew using sock puppets. I wouldnt be surprised if it was one of Ethans crew members.

No. 1396163

What was made by H3 fans?

No. 1396165

If the only milk, is anons responding—then there is no milk

No. 1396211

Why are you lying?

The thread is still available in Reddit and there's no way that the H3 crew uploaded this. It makes Ethan and Hila look horrible. It's a clip from an old H3H3 video "Jerusalem" >>1394437

No. 1396236

No. 1396259

>You can ignore mysterious, but here are screenshots of Morgan changing her story

How the fuck does this involve Morgan changing her story? Because Misogynist Tea claims that it's totally normal for teachers to put their hands all over little girls? Morgan said my dad "IS" chief of police not that he was when Mr. Rhiney was molesting students.

MT's popularity on YT just goes to show how utterly fake all this #metoo era shit is.

No. 1396291

Because she said her dad was sheriff at the time, then said he wasn’t, then vanished. Read the screenshots. And there’s still no proof it’s her. Just a random posting on the internet. No picture to prove it’s her

No. 1396314

She never said the word "sheriff" she said he became chief at some point in 2000. I would also probably delete my internet presence if I realized I implied my cop dad participated in coverup. But if you watch Petty Paige's video it's made pretty clear that this was the account of a real person named Morgan who was from Byron was went to school with Trisha Paytas

Everytime I look at MT's videos I feel scared for her 11 year old daughter. The way she normalizes teachers "rubbing shoulders" of their young female students is suspect af

No. 1396340

It doesn’t matter what she called him. The point is, she contradicted herself about when she was sheriff.

No. 1396363

File: 1639857744239.jpeg (458.85 KB, 797x1080, 2F35FC52-4A57-4611-A2FF-C048AD…)

There’s many comments about how Hila is trying to ‘silence’ Ethan and letting Trisha ‘get away with it’ (since when was Ethan the Internet police?)

But no sign of Ethan sticking up for his wife like he always claims to do.

No. 1396469

File: 1639861844741.png (228.85 KB, 634x590, Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 3.50…)

These people are seriously unhinged, this is their idea of accountability? Most of his fans are just mad they won't have Ethan to run their hate mob to make their own actions seem less insane. They love the drama. Everyone here sucks, I don't know how Ethan isn't embarrassed of his fanbase

No. 1396531

The people who said that h3h3 fans would attack hila crew if she has a ''bad'' moment (holds him accountable) with ethan were RIGHT.
Im actually seeing h3h3 foot soldiers being mad at hila because they suspect she made ethan delete those clips about trisha and was not on the last episode because she probably had a argument with ethan.

No. 1396536

Im not lying anons, the link gave me page not found and i wrongfully assumed that the anti jew comments were made on the Frenemies 3 sub by members, and assumed it was the crew baiting because i never saw comments like that there, and assumed it was then deleted because it was obvious bait. I should have checked

No. 1396537

This person is so stupid lol, imagine bragging about getting banned on twitter over this.
The absolute state of that sub.

No. 1396571

Not having a perfect recollection of when your parent received a promotion over 20 years doesn't mean you are lying. When you do a science experiment it's expected that there's a normal amount of human error for a reason.

Mr. Riney was a confirmed creep by multiple people and the only justice he deserves is to burn in hell.

No. 1396597

Here's both Ethan and Hila in Jerusalem calling ortodox jews smelly and disgusting while recording them.
Hila said they stink up the whole place because they wear those suits. Making fun of their two side curls calling them rat tails, Hila saying the curls disgusting. Ethan calls the place home the nasty dirty grimey jewie jews.

No. 1396624

File: 1639876218500.webm (5.52 MB, 402x226, Ethan sharing his own harmful …)

Here's both Ethan and Hila in Jerusalem calling ortodox jews smelly and disgusting while recording them.
Hila said they stink up the whole place because they wear those suits. Making fun of their two side curls calling them rat tails, Hila saying the curls disgusting. Ethan calls the place home the nasty dirty grimey jewie jews.

No. 1396648

Look how even so long ago he is so instantly dismissive of her opinions, even when she is trying to agree with him. He loves the smell of his own shit thoughts and nothing else, I genuinely can't imagine being so deluded

No. 1396654

Well yeah, but they're not wrong

No. 1396828

File: 1639894266281.png (148.58 KB, 596x516, babyshower.png)

Today was Hila's baby shower

No. 1396835

File: 1639894638893.png (64.09 KB, 701x351, tiktok.png)

…and Ethan was caught following/unfollowing Trisha on Tiktok:

No. 1396901

File: 1639902792661.jpg (149.28 KB, 718x869, 20211219_022829.jpg)

Ethan 100% knows he can post something like this & it encourages his nasty ass fans. He ain't sorry, he's on the dl sicking his fans on her while he keeps his big jew nose clean. Ss showing how unhinged his little "home base" fans are regarding Trisha. "You're nothing, you're dirt under nails & we won't stop" wtf?? These people act like she's killed his dog or something. I've not seen a YouTuber with such a toxic ass parasocial fan base that HE encourages!

No. 1396930

Poor kid. Born to two autists and named Bruce. Doesn’t stand a chance.

No. 1396967

Did they already announce the name somewhere, or did boomer Donna spill the beans?

No. 1396970

They had the baby shower after Hila's family went back to Israel? Poor Hila. She just had a baby shower with mental Donna Klein and her ilk. Divorce saga when?

No. 1396974

ethan accidentally mentioned it on a podcast a long time ago and hila was mad at him, especially because they got shit about it for choosing a name like bruce. i was under the impression that they were gonna find another name afterwards.

No. 1396984

Can Ethan do anything that Hila asks? Or does he ruin things for her out of some deeply hidden spite?

No. 1396990

What's wrong with the name Bruce?

No. 1396993

Can we cool it with the anti Semitic comments? We hate Ethan because he’s a narcissistic cow, not because he’s Jewish.

No. 1397010

Eh, it's not awful, it just sounds like a grandpa name. Like Bernard or Blanche.

No. 1397014

Didn't they announce that the baby only has one kidney?

No. 1397024

Their marriage gives me so much anxiety.

No. 1397052


She made her choices and has to live with them until she leaves her toxic moid. That means no family or friends with opinions that oppose Ethan in anyway.

No. 1397092

I think it’s hilarious Ethan is having a proper sulk on Twitter. He hasn’t been active since his announcement. No likes on people defending his wife, no likes on any old crap. Just a big man baby throwing his toys out his pram because his wife told him to stfu

No. 1397096

Isolating her from her family/friends? That's a red flag. Also it's weird that they only ever give their kids Anglicized names, instead of anything from Hila's culture. But seeing how Ethan STILL refuses to learn to how to pronounce Hila's name, maybe it's for best? It's sad her mother didn't get to stick around for longer, apparently some of the only foods Hila likes to eat are her cultural foods made by her mother and she's clearly struggling to gain weight this pregnancy. But her mother clearly thinks they should've just gone to the fucking wedding like adults so she falls under the category of family with opinions that oppose Ethan

No. 1397122

I read this as toxic mold and had no further questions

No. 1397159

I wonder if Hila's family refuse to associate with Ethan's family at this point. It feels like Hila's family hate Ethan more than they do Trisha

No. 1397303

Literally looks like something Holly Brown would make lmao

No. 1397360

File: 1639953560805.jpg (159.93 KB, 806x751, 1623024362805.jpg)

I'm not even a Trisha Stan or do I agree with the things she has said and done but God does it annoy the hell out of me to see the way Ethan and his fanbase run around doing things without consequence. They're like a mass psychosis happening where they all believe they can't do no wrong.

The comments on Trishas socials are foul. And so are the comments in the subreddit and every other person they have gone after.

Their podcast is just them gossiping to straight up bullying other people. How does this not violate YouTube's new "hate speech" guidelines??

I honestly can't wait til they get what's inevitably coming to them for being so toxic and hateful all the time and boy I sure hope it comes soon.

No. 1397365

File: 1639953800515.jpg (1.07 MB, 972x4119, Screenshot_20211219-174137_Twi…)

I should have added this picture instead which is what honestly triggered me.
Like ???? Does he spend time with his family ever? Or is he always on Twitter and reddit playing reply-guy?? This guy is OBSESSED with everything but his wife and children

No. 1397396

I bet Ethan never actually wanted kids since he rarely talks about his son without like an embarrassing story of him or how difficult he is and how they lose sleep and shit like literally any other parent would. I bet he’s the kind of man that gets jealous their child gets more attention than him.

No. 1397407

Doubt that. Hila is so much of a pushover if Ethan didn't actually want another child they wouldn't be having it.

No. 1397416

>Their podcast is just them gossiping to straight up bullying other people.
Exactly. He has made his money by exploiting mentally ill people. He has also enabled people who genuinely deserved to be bullied (Trisha). Birds of a feather.

No. 1397420


It's hard to come by a person as ungrateful as Ethan. Especially considering they struggled so much with getting Hila pregnant. Hopefully the boys will look for another role model in life so Hila won't have to live with 3 manbabies.

No. 1397439

It's so gross that the alt right used to love his content and he put out this type of content. It's porn for antisemites

No. 1397469

Nah I think he wanted another kid. I think he would have 15 kids if he could simply because he has to put in absolutely no work or effort with them whatsoever. If anything his kids are basically his siblings and Hila mothers all of them

No. 1397484

He said on the podcast (a recent one but not sure which) that he calls Hila "mom" at home, which isn't all that uncommon, but the way Ethan says it makes my skin crawl. All his "mhmm mommy milkers" breasts jokes are heinous, too. And he takes every opportunity to call any woman an Evil Bitch, to gleeful laughter from his yesmoids. This is mostly why I stopped watching, his just a run of the mill revolting misogynist.

No. 1397510

I just don’t understand why no drama channels are going to talk about the video of him and Hila being antisemitic towards a different group of Jewish people than them, or the clip from frenemies talking about bribing the rabbi the same joke Trisha made that he now is saying antisemitic. They’ll just straight up ignore it and keep claiming Trisha just gets away with everything

No. 1397511

Pays more clout to be on Ethans side and have him like your tweet or watch it on his podcast

No. 1397521

Because a lot of them are literally on his payroll and the others can see that as of now Ethan has more clout than Trisha. They just follow clout. Nothing more

No. 1397535

Ethan comes off as really salty and obsessed in the latest off the rails. I actually used to find their exchanges funny on Frenemies where Trisha would pretend to say she didn't know why saying jew lunch was offensive and Ethan would kind of tell her she couldn't say it but it was a funny exchange. Now he is trying so hard to cancel her and acts a million times more offended. If originally was offended he never would have included that stuff in the show.
Even all his crew members seem like they also want to drop the trisha stuff. I just hate how he flip flops and decides to be outraged now.

No. 1397566

half of this isn't milk, it's just anons rambling.

No. 1397567

File: 1639980409335.jpg (21.71 KB, 480x360, thatsthejoke.jpg)

No. 1397571

that's not a joke, that's just not understanding what milk is

No. 1397573

Holy shit how dense are you?

No. 1397576

Ethan pig

No. 1397604

They're scared of retaliation.
Look at what happened to Gokunaru.

No. 1397608

File: 1639985365009.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1983, 184DB7D3-A0D2-4E4C-BBDD-B192F5…)

ethan can’t even break a million views without name-dropping pewdiepie or big trish. barely clinging onto relevancy.

No. 1397658

You seem retarded
Did the FBI really raid fatfag's house?

No. 1397676

Just clickbait. Ryan kavanaugh called out ethan in a now deleted tweet and tagged the FBI. Something along the lines of ethan being a danger and harassing people online, because the FBI obviously has nothing better to do than referee two grown retards that bitch slap each other on twitter every few days.

No. 1397787

Since you're clearly challenged, I'll spell it out for you—after >>1395565 complained that the op summary was "biased" for not including much milk on Trisha, >>1396007 summarized what was posted about Trisha in the last thread—most of which, as you pointed out, is not milk, which is why it wasn't included in the original summary

No. 1397958

File: 1640037760667.jpg (56.6 KB, 800x543, h3strike1.jpg)

Watch them blame this on Trisha

No. 1397961

File: 1640038116064.jpg (563.22 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20211220-170614_Twi…)

He doesn't need to. He has plastered her name accross all of his socials and content enough for there to be an implication to his retarded fans.

Also it seems like every time there is a slight shard of consequence for Ethan YouTube runs to the rescue in less than 5 minutes.

No. 1397996

File: 1640040473420.jpg (347.53 KB, 2048x1365, wahhhboohoo.jpg)

kek, get rekt faggot

No. 1398017

File: 1640041775153.jpeg (88.83 KB, 1186x325, 1D2C429F-EFB4-4DF1-B424-CCE8C0…)

One of their fans gets it.

No. 1398018

File: 1640042066389.jpeg (375.79 KB, 750x977, 54982A63-560A-4928-8E9C-6B4427…)

I love how the millionaire acts like because he can’t upload for one week he won’t be able to pay his employees or rent anymore lmao

No. 1398020

What a dumbass playing victim over not being able to upload boohoo go cry into a plate of fast food and your Rolls Royce while your wife grows your child. So overdramatic as if anyone should feel the need to pity a grown ass man over YouTube drama which he’s become wealthy from.

No. 1398022

Wait the “antisemitic” stuff he’s trying to cancel Trisha for is just what she said on Frenememies? Is it nothing else? Why is he doing it now suddenly, and he’s said way worse shit but his retard followers say “b-b-but he apowogized.” I truly want his channel to get deleted and his life to fall apart, he is insane.

No. 1398023

File: 1640042630867.jpeg (309.91 KB, 750x792, 9B80E089-1BB8-4702-94D8-F5AB31…)

LOL WHAT? Is he delusional? He really thinks he is just above it all and also just proving he has a massive cult on reddit LOL

No. 1398025

top fucking kek. looks like christmas came early this year. i'm sure hila is thrilled that this faggot can't moan about trisha for a whole week. looks like he actually has to pay attention to his kid and pregnant wife now. cry more, manchild

No. 1398031


Imagine listening to the tantrum upclose 24/7 for the next week.

No. 1398032

rofl get fucked, bitch. And hila is a doorknob for even having his children to begin with. She's probably going to end divorcing him and flying back home with her retarded children in the next few months.

No. 1398042

File: 1640046129031.png (98.73 KB, 1164x544, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 7.20…)

Ethan's sister tweeted something like "karma is gonna get you" to Trisha but deleted it and then replied to someone asking if she blames Trisha for all of this with picrel

No. 1398047

Ethan’s sister is seriously unhinged. All I can think about is the one Families episode she was featured in and how the entire comment section was dunking on her about how annoying and mean she was to her mom. All the Klein’s have serious attention seeking problems

No. 1398056

File: 1640048549613.jpg (461.74 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20211220-200211_Twi…)

No. 1398096

Some of her tik toks

No. 1398124

File: 1640056004683.jpeg (774.97 KB, 828x1530, 9B4EA7FC-B51F-46F9-B8DE-692DBE…)

Ethan’s mom made a tiktok about YouTube banning Ethan for a week. She’s encouraging all of her followers to tweet YouTube and make tiktoks about her son

No. 1398168

Good lord I cannot stand this family.

No. 1398264

this is so pathetic.

No. 1398339

Biggest crybaby ever. All he does is whine and when he doesn’t he stuffs his face with grease. Him and Trisha would have been a perfect couple

No. 1398344

Wow. Imagine all the things Ethan would have to say if it were Keemstar’s mom posting something like this.

No. 1398348

Ha I came here to say exactly this. He has plenty of fucking income and the way he is acting is like he can’t feed his family anymore.

I love this seeing this. I just know his red baby face tantrum is going to work though. Probably how he lived his whole life

No. 1398401

File: 1640080342518.jpeg (29.24 KB, 320x516, 7cj9uuzgys681.jpeg)

What a glorious shitshow:
>H3 is late again and the fans have been waiting for the podcast to start for a few of hours.
>Ethan makes the announcement in Twitter that YouTube banned his channel for a week >>1397958
>YouTube denies their appeal, the ban is still in place >>1397961
>Jessica, Ethan's sister, tweets that karma will get Trisha and deletes it.
>Hate messages start piling up against Trisha, everyone believes that she is to blame for what happened.
>Jessica says that everything that Trisha touches turns to shit >>1398042
>Jessica makes fun of Moses and compares him to a old photo of Ethan in blackface.
>People point out that Ethan is in blackface and Jessica answers that it's just bronzer.
>Jessica deletes her tweets and shares a photo of her dog. She has been silently liking tweets shitting on Trisha.
>Donna tweets at Ethan asking him what she can do and makes a Tiktok telling fans to send messages to YouTube >>1398124

No. 1398402

File: 1640080428413.png (455.37 KB, 760x1212, uyqd5j14at681.png)

Mommy fighting for Ethan's channel

No. 1398406

tbf that clearly is bronzer. he's very clearly doing a jersey shore/2000s vanity 'bro' caricature with the puka shell type necklace and bronzer. he's still shitty tho

No. 1398409

File: 1640081235121.png (121.65 KB, 713x658, jessica.png)

No. 1398415

File: 1640082091899.jpeg (168.09 KB, 828x912, ilq0yw5hyt681.jpeg)

No. 1398422

Still, why is Ethan's fat sister comparing bronzed Ethan to middle eastern jew? Wasn't Ethan crying about racism the other day? Is Ethan's white Jewish family being colourist against Jewish people with different ethnicity. That's so offensive I'm trembling.

No. 1398426

It's still a horrible idea to tweet that photo in Twitter of all places, especially when Ethan has a woke audience

No. 1398439

Are they different ethnicities though? Thought they were both Ashkenazi jewish people.

No. 1398440

Anon, they're clearly different ethnicities and cultures they've been brought up in. Ethan is an American white jew. Moses and Hila look middle eastern and grew up in Israel.

No. 1398442

File: 1640084906277.jpg (76.79 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20211221_110758.jpg)

No. 1398443

Exactly, how does that picture make sense as an insult to Moses in any way other than mocking his ethnicity? He’s nothing like the Jersey Shore guido caricature. She also can’t be mocking his general appearance with that, because while his hair and facial hair aren’t my style, Moses at least looks like he grooms himself and is in shape. He also looks the same age as Ethan despite being 8 years older. It’s either nothing but projection out of this family or straight up bigotry.

No. 1398447

To me as a scot/european I would consider them both Jewish just Ethan was raised in the states, like their skin tones/colouring look similar to me. But yeah agreed their upbrining would be culturally different in a lot of ways.

No. 1398448


There's clearly differences between them including skin tone. Wouldn't be surprised if they mock his [Moses'] "foreign" accent too. They're being extremely petty. Ethan's even filmed himself being a bigot towards the othrodox Jewish community. He and his family clearly place themselves above certain groups of people. It's discrimination based on place of origin. Call it what you want, but after Ethan trying to play the race card, it's just ironic his sister picks that to mock. Also just shows that Ethan gets a strike on his channel for shit he has said, he wants to put all the blame at newly married couple Trisha and Moses. His butthurt could not be more evident. I would hate to be Hila during this. Disregarding her pregnancy, her husband is clearly obsessed with another woman.

No. 1398449

It was supposed to be a 90s boy band member

No. 1398451

File: 1640086404330.jpeg (192.17 KB, 1112x952, it8ma7x9qu681.jpeg)

No. 1398454

Donna is too nice to her ugly disgusting bully son.

No. 1398456

Donna is one of the reasons why Ethan is an ugly disgusting bully kek

No. 1398458

She's an enabler

No. 1398462

File: 1640088753782.png (87.37 KB, 584x323, thanksgiving.png)

The video that YouTube removed is last year's Thanksgiving Special, where they show someone dying (around 50:00). The video is still available in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/104824641896601/videos/1397724897266229/).


No. 1398468

Nonnie your Scottish opinion isn't based on anything. Moses is North African, he said on Trisha's live the other day that his family is Arab (most Israelis of Middle Eastern descent are Arab Jews although not all of us ID that way bc of the legacy of Zionism although Moses is once again surprisingly progressive) The Hacmon family is very obviously not white Jews by Israeli standards (their father looked exactly like Zohar Argov if you get the reference) and the fact Hila worked while she was in army indicates her family was relatively poor. I'm not actually sure if Ethan realized his inlaws were minorities from a group that was systemically discriminated/historically disenfranchised in Israeli society. In the h3 vlog where they go to the museum of Libyan Jews, Ethan takes awhile to realize he's there with his inlaws because they're Libyan Jews.

The stereotype of a Jersey Shore guido and the Israeli stereotype of a young Jewish middle eastern man (an "arse") are relatively similar stylistically. However I doubt American Jewish Jessica was going for that reference. But wasn't Ethan in this costume pretending to be black based on all the AIDS "jokes" he made?

No. 1398475

No. 1398482

File: 1640091900607.png (357.81 KB, 790x391, image.png)

>But wasn't Ethan in this costume pretending to be black based on all the AIDS "jokes" he made?
He calls a black boy his little brother in the video too

No. 1398535

File: 1640099113047.png (16.01 KB, 520x175, poor.PNG)

His fans are eating up the poor larp, they're even talking about boycotting youtube lol

No. 1398539

How fucking sad that some people think they're ending up to the streets because of this. They're filthy rich and have nothing to worry about. Some people are just so irritatingly dumb.

No. 1398571

File: 1640101144037.png (352.25 KB, 530x390, h3.PNG)

You can listen to it here https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1LyxBoYmXnWKN?s=20

I'm not gonna listen through the whole thing but seems to just be Ethan mocking the guy that is suing him again

No. 1398615

File: 1640104981816.jpg (94.51 KB, 1080x1805, 20211221_104213.jpg)

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1398681

File: 1640110027063.webm (1.4 MB, 854x480, Jewish Trivia Contest, David D…)

late but i just randomly remembered this, about that tiktok ethan was talking about here >>>/snow/1395361, it's ironic of him to accuse trisha of perpetuating harmful stereotypes for joking about paying to be recognised as jewish when he actually did exactly that

No. 1398683

no one recorded?

No. 1398691

That was pretty funny, hadn't laughed at a H3H3 joke since 2016.

No. 1398708

The person suing them is Ryan Kavanaugh.

No. 1398753

The rest of the live:
>All right here everybody is today, my friends. I come to you because I have nowhere else to come to you from. I have been silenced. I have been. Whoops, I have been. I have been I have been.
>I can speak no more. Susan wodzinski has put the masking tape over my mouth i am in her basement begging her for my freedom and susan with ginsky basement and she's spitting down the well. Do you understand she's squatting? And pissing down the well, I'm just screaming for help. Freedom, I want freedom for the world.
>Susan Wodzinski is urinating on my fucking face. And no, I don't have a piss fetish. Do you understand what I'm saying?
>So today. I wanted to talk about Garyvee. OK now if you guys haven't seen first of all i know a lot of people respect gary V he's a smart guy he's a good guy helps a lot of people NFT's and all that shit you know. Makes a lot of money if you Google Gary Vee kissed his dads on the lip. What do you see? Like what do you actually see, OK? You you will find. You will find Garyvee and exchanging with his dad. What could only be described? It's a very passionate kiss. A romantic kiss, one might even say. The lips are wide open here I'm gonna tweet a photo of this. I'm going to make this readily available for everyone. What I'm gonna do 'cause I don't wanna, maybe I will to just tweet it out. I don't know who cares? Here's Gary Vee kissing his dad, OK? And. Listen. I've got a son and I love my son so don't get me wrong like. But there it's just interesting to take. It all.
>In at once, do you know what I'm saying? Like take the good, take the bad, take the interesting this is Gary V. Trying to crop this. Come on edit. I don't know why it's not letting me. I gotta get the perspective right on this thing. I mean if I'm gonna. Tweet it out, hang on one sec here guys. Yeah, I'm just saying like and you you got. I'm gonna bring in some callers I'm gonna bring in some speakers. Once I tweet this and I'd like to hear your guys's opinion on how would you describe this kiss between Gary V. And his dad. And this is from his video, honest questions with Gary V. I gotta properly attribute this photo. Because it is history and attributions is everything. As you guys know. Gary V Gary. How about we make this into it? NFT, has anybody considered? This, Gary, Vee kisses his father on the lips circa July 16, 2015. What is what is circa even mean? Why am I typing that circa 'cause I think cerca means approximately yeah, but this is. This is actually an exact date, so it's not. It's not really cerca, is it? I just tweeted it out so you guys can take a look and. You know? What is the secret to his power? Does he? Is it something in his father saliva that he's sucking the life force? Out of his dad I want to throw the. Uh. Want to throw the board to you guys?
He goes on rambling about verified users in his room and then asks a random guy named Jacob to speak on Gary Vee. Ethan asks him if he has ever kissed his father on the lips:
>Jakob: No, my my actual father is deceased. But no, I've never kissed my father on the lips like this.
>Ethan: OK, well how and so? I'm assuming there was a time where you were both alive together at the same time.
>Jakob Fedele: Yeah yeah, a year.
>Ethan Klein: Uh, there's only a year where you where you guys lives overlapped.
>Jakob: Yeah, but it's all good.
>Ethan: Well, I'm very sorry to hear that, Jacob. I'm sorry you never had the the chance to open mouth. Make out with your dad. That's very sad.
>Jakob: You know it is what it is.
>Ethan: Well, I wish you the best. Thanks for your insight Jacob. We love Jacob. Don't we folks very insightful garyvee?
Then he brings a woman called Wizard Lizard that says that maybe Gary is so gay that he is straight, but it's okay for her to say that because she is queer:
>Wizard: Kinda yeah like maybe he's trying to be an alpha male so he's like let me assert my dominance by being hella gay. So then everyone is like holy shit, this is the seeking he's straight now he's our straight alpha male God.
>Ethan: Do you think who's the alpha in the situation? Is it Gary V or his father?
Next he brings up Eddie, who suggest to mint the image of Gary V kissing his father and then screenshot and mint it again. Then LlamaComma comes in and says they should take the essence of the image by taking the saliva and selling it. Then a girl with the name of "Hole for Jack Harlow" comes in:
>Ethan: Hold for Jack Sparrow. OK, how we making money today?
>Hole: Ethan, it's actually a hole for Jack Harlow. I'm just going to correct you slightly on that.
>Ethan: OK, or do you have a whole available for Jack Sparrow?
>Hole: For Jack Sparrow, I might give up one. One of my holes.
>Ethan: one of…
>Hole: One of maybe. I mean if you're counting the ears in the in the mouth, maybe four holes.
>Ethan: OK
It goes on, but I don't have the energy to continue listening to the randos. At 28 min:
>Ethan: Alright guys, well my dinner's here so. Keep talking amongst yourselves. Hila, come here. So we're having a a Ted talk today, a Twitter room of high level ideas centered around Gary Vee kissing his father in the lips. So we're trying to figure out how to make $1,000,000. So far we've discussed turning it into NFT. We've discussed all kinds of things. Do you have any ideas for the people listening?
>Hila: No. I have no idea.
>Ethan: OK the food is here.
>Hila: I've only low level ideas.
>Ethan: Well, we like the low level idea, you know that's what I'm saying. Sometimes the low level idea is the one that gets you the money. Sometimes people think way too high and that's part of the problem. Thinking low is the way to go either. What's your low level idea?
>Hila: Uhm, start an Instagram page of. All their pictures together. We'll start there and then see where that develops
>Ethan: I actually that got my brain working like crazy when you said that. Start an Instagram page with all of them together, 'cause there are a lot of photos together and just see where that goes. See how it feels. Follow your passion. The money will follow.
>Hila: It's an organic campaign.
>Ethan: It's organic organic yeah, fuck so genius. that's actually a high level idea i think you're actually discounting yourself there on that

Ethan is slurring his words, rambling and repeating himself. He sounds drunk and/or manic.

No. 1398895

File: 1640131367356.jpg (2.11 MB, 970x7570, Screenshot_20211221-190022_Twi…)

Most of the community is shitting on him. Is what happens when your entitled ass starts to treat everyone like they're underneath you. Nice to see everything he out out come at him to slap him in the face.

No. 1399096

File: 1640145630836.jpg (98.35 KB, 533x337, Screenshot_20211221-195905_You…)

Not milk but did you guys see Moses's new haircut, he looks hideous

No. 1399107

yeah, he is planning to dye it blue for hawaii

No. 1399111

File: 1640148322883.jpg (34.03 KB, 600x355, 20211221_234502.jpg)

Deleted tweet lol

No. 1399120

File: 1640150820768.png (96.65 KB, 594x395, ethan.png)

It was fun while it lasted

No. 1399121

File: 1640150884884.png (93.73 KB, 598x315, covid.png)

COVID outbreak in TF

No. 1399147

File: 1640155648830.jpg (291.82 KB, 1080x1969, 20211222_004106.jpg)

i'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, but that sucks kek. also, the original r/frenemies sub reopened.

No. 1399222

What is it with americans not knowing the difference between race and nationality?

No. 1399233

They don't seem to have a grasp on the rest of the world. Very American centric views and ignorance.

No. 1399413

oh my god, his brain and body cannot be connected to one another.

No. 1399917

File: 1640252544429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1080x8460, 4gd3q8isy8781.jpeg)

Keemstar is calling out Ethan's father, Gary, for being a creep

No. 1399921

File: 1640253164095.jpg (207.94 KB, 810x1720, 20211223_035204.jpg)

kek, gary is replying.

No. 1399923

Watch Ethan ignore this like he did with all the antisemitic/racist stuff that's also been brought up.

At least you managed to ratio the gnome Ethan, what a sick burn that was lol

No. 1399926

File: 1640253698439.webm (1.17 MB, 480x270, 9ycmgs7F9n-U-jUb.webm)

No. 1399958

Now that I think about it it’s weird how Ethan brought his dad to spotlight multiple times. If I were him I’d hide that man’s identity like a national secret. He’s an old nasty creep

No. 1399965

You could tell Ethan regretted bringing him on when he admitted to grooming his mother at 16 years old. Why he didn't just cut it out of the podcast is beyond me

No. 1399997

I know Keemstar is an asshole but it makes me kek how relentlessly he goes after Ethan for his hypocrisy

No. 1399998

Kek Ethan's parents are so stupid, it's no wonder he turned out the way he did.

No. 1400003

Same. Ethan's blasting some other dude and his dad and being homophobic meanwhile his own father is a dirty dog that needs to be put on a leash.

No. 1400004

File: 1640264035276.jpg (109.59 KB, 1080x625, 20211223_064826.jpg)

it's really funny how much he can upset up the kleins. a lot of the comments are h3 stans, but there are a few gems - i totally forgot about the gross show ethan did with boogie after his divorce.

No. 1400106

Watch Ethan ignoring this or brushing it off with "yeah we already called him out on the podcast".

Ethans hypocrisy levels are outstanding.

No. 1400110

Samefag but it really makes me laugh how we're literally in the CHRISTMAS season where everything is supposed to be spending wholesome time with the family and a lot of people take the time off because of this. Ethan has a son a pregnant wife and he still can't let anything go.

Also I'm only mentioning Christmas time because he himself said so here>>1398451 so we got even more hypocrisy out of him when he apparently cares soo much about his "culture" that he celebrates Christmas instead lol.

No. 1400277

This is such a reach…

No. 1400286

Maybe but at least Trisha posted her Hannukah content during the actual holiday (it ended on December 6th this year) whereas Ethan waited a few weeks to respond, nearer to 'the holiday season,' aka Christmas. Supposedly because he waited for Hila's family to leave the US to go 'mask off,' although according to Donna's tiktok Hila's mother is still there. Ilana Hacmon is probably "the pressure I've been under," that Ethan mentioned because she's probably "pressuring," him to stfu about her family and respect her pregnant daughter

No. 1400297

File: 1640289864995.png (39.85 KB, 608x362, french.png)

This one gave a me good laugh

No. 1400300

Well Ethan has repeatedly called him a creep and expressed discomfort at his twitter usage. Not to mention there is a significant difference between looking at 20yos and actually dating them. It's still gross but come on.
Also the French thing and Sarah Palin reply were obvious jokes

No. 1400329

Huh? What post are you even referencing? The one where he said they were doing a Christmas special? I’m assuming they planned a Christmas/holiday themed podcast of some sort and that some of his employees and viewers celebrate Christmas. Or am I missing something? And I’m also assuming the pressure was more so from having a strike on YouTube

No. 1400399

Still huge hypocrisy and double standards when pointing it out on someone he doesn't like.

Everything is okay until you get on Ethans bad side.

No. 1400407

Not that anon but yes the Christmas special. Regardless of his employees or viewers traditions, Ethan is currently pretending to care SO much about Hanukkah and the Jewish culture something that he has barely celebrated on his channel (last time I remember it was with Trisha). So he's bringing up a "Christmas Special" to his viewers because I think that's what he has actually celebrated all these years he doesn't give a shit about Hanukkah or Jewish culture at all.

No. 1400410

Jewish people can celebrate Christmas… he got offended by Trisha saying she paid to be Jewish. He was reaching, but that seems like more ground to be offended than a Jewish person hosting a Christmas special for his viewers.

No. 1400546

File: 1640314326117.jpg (195.75 KB, 1080x1380, 20211223_205146.jpg)

No. 1400654

Trisha made her Hannukah tiktoks in late Nov early December during the actual holiday. Ethan responded on the 15th, over a week later, as if postponing Hannukah content to be closer to Christmas. He said he was waited for relatives to leave after the wedding to respond to Trisha but his MIL is still there.

>Jewish people can celebrate Christmas
Unless you are in/a product of an interfaith marriage absolutely not

No. 1400676

So you’re arguing that it’s justifiable to be angry at Jewish people hosting Christmas related events?

No. 1400677

He waited until after the wedding, obviously

No. 1400681

File: 1640328632242.jpeg (32.73 KB, 828x412, FHRiQWBXEAImcWl.jpeg)

Ethan introduced and familiarized his fans to his father, the pervert. What is your point there? The fans placed Gary on a pedestal because he was Ethan's father and women were taking off their clothes to make him happy. If Ethan knew how his father is and still brought him to the show, that makes it worse.

No. 1400694

There was an anon from last thread that said that a Christmas tree and Hanukkah are incompatible and having both is offensive >>1394399
>yes dear Trisha stans, having a Christmas tree in the background of a video of you celebrating Hanukkah is offensive to Jewish culture

No. 1400696

Weird how Ethan & his stans can acknowledge how Moses took advantage of his familial ties for pussy from fans but when Ethan's dad obviously does too (although online pussy not irl) and its just a heehee quirky old man? Gross. I don't care if he's not fucking these young women irl he's still definitely taking advantage of his sons popularity to get pussy pics from para social fans.

No. 1400699

It's not about being offended it's hypocrisy.

No. 1400702

File: 1640331350879.png (386.28 KB, 600x2315, gross.png)

The man was trying to speak to them privately and meet them in person, he wasn't just looking at 20 year olds.

No. 1400704

No it's just funny that Trisha's Hannukah themed content was aligned with the Jewish calendar unlike Ethan. >>1400677 is right about why he waited but Ethan claimed he waited for Hila's relatives to leave the country to respond to the Hannukah tiktoks even though Hila's mother was/maybe is still there.

No. 1400761

These tweets just gets worse and worse, what an absolute creep

No. 1400783

Does this grandpa really think these girls are ever going to want to fuck him? What a douche

No. 1400838

I can't help but feel bad for Donna, this must be so humiliating for her

No. 1400857

not defending ethan but chanukah is not as important jewish holiday as some of the other ones, mostly it's celebrated here to coincide with christmas so i get not having big chanukah celebration in a country where most are christian anyway. it was funny in one of the recent episodes though where ethan admitted knowing much about certain jewish traditions and then dunking on trisha for "wearing her yarmulke too far forward on her head." i know he lived in israel but i don't think he was raised religious–nothing wrong with that, except he pretends he's authority on the traditions when it doesn't seem like he was even raised celebrating most them.

No. 1400859

not knowing much* sorry

No. 1400860

Like I said, doesn’t make sense to me. Mentioning hosting a Christmas podcast vs. paying to become a Jewish person… the latter is worse, although both are reaching

No. 1400861

He said he waited until after the wedding to respond

No. 1400892

nik made a video response to h3. i just started it (it's over an hour long) but he's talking about flying out while hila is giving birth, so him and ethan can sneak cheat meals. his taco bell starts plopping out of it's wrapping, and he points and says it's hildy.

No. 1400896

same anon, but he's pointing out he gets double the views of h3 around 15mins in.

No. 1401009

She's selling Cameos to H3 fans and making Tiktoks about how bullying is wrong

No. 1401019

You're right, I kind of related to Ethan when he talked about his father (before he ever brought him on), but he should know better than to expose his fans to him and give him more of a platform. I thought he was simply following porn stars and not really interacting with them, this is disgusting. Especially now that any teen with OF is considered an empowered sex worker instead of a vulnerable child

No. 1401034

It's not about one action being more offensive than the other It's like >>1400857 said, he pretends to be the moral authority over Judaism when he himself has never respected it. It's really a matter of weather he likes the person that is doing it or not.

Just like what's happening with his dad being a creep then he going after Keem.

No. 1401037

File: 1640374234287.jpg (117.74 KB, 1125x1407, FHWdyrnWYBIBZDA.jpg)


No. 1401053

But the incidents you’re mentioning don’t count as not respecting it

No. 1401105

No. 1401135

Does someone have the clip or reference for this? I can't bring myself to sit through hours of perv talk pls

No. 1401160

im seeing h3h3 stans in the comments attack hila, by saying she is controlling ethans food.
Are we reaching the h3h3 anti-hila ark?

No. 1401182

god, all i want for christmas is for nikocado to go on ethans podcast and call out all his hypocrisy

No. 1401255

File: 1640389641702.jpg (229.78 KB, 1080x1264, 20211224_174402.jpg)

where is he pulling this info from?? i can't check nik's tweets (they're protected) but someone in the comments is acting like there's proof he's been paid.

No. 1401401

He said he wasn't showing mercy anymore because the wedding was over and then said he waited for the relatives to leave to address the tiktok in the deleted mask off segment. But Moses' mom was still there, because she was present for the baby shower.

No. 1401412

File: 1640415542112.jpg (144.54 KB, 1638x939, l4voyvp8t2m11.jpg)

Ethan has never respected Judaism I don't know what else to tell you.

No. 1401456

I am impressed with how self-aware and smart Nik is. I fucking love him calling out and dragging Ethan and Hildy:
>They have made so many videos about me, they are so desperate…
>They have made FIVE videos. In their highlights videos, they will chop it up and put my name: "come see Nik in our page!"
>I have watched Hildy's podcast, which she does with Ethan. They just sit there… and fondle. There is no cuts, no editing, no transition into the next scene. They just sit there and talk. They were looking at their wedding photos or something and they were trying to figure out how to do it LIVE… with their cords and cameras.
>This is an out of order video, but that's what Ethan and Hildy do too…
So Ethan calls Nik a diva and how he has been haggling about the conditions to bring him to the podcast. Nik responds:
>How dare you tell your subscribers that I am a diva, that I had to negotiate, that I have all these extra terms… Is that necessary to say? He's already looking to start conflict. I DON'T HAVE to go to your show.
>Then you have all these channels because of the first line. This is how you are introducing me to his people.
>Excuse me, but I was honest and upfront. I said "listen, if I am going to go do all these things and fly half way across the country, I'm not doing it on my dime."
>All these people in the comments "He's doing all this stuff for clout, he should be grateful" Grateful? I get more views than them. Let's go to my main channel. My last video has 3.3 million views, the one before that a million views, the one before that 2 million views, the one before that 4.2 million… If you go to their channel is 1 million, 1.2 million, 900,000… I am getting double their views.
>Why do I need to go to their podcast? Why do I need to go there without conditions? I should be grateful to fly across the country, leave my job, leave my schedule, my family to give you more clout? He's made five videos about me and I have made one in response. He makes millions of dollars from his podcast, he makes tens of thousands of dollars from his memberships, he makes money from his youtube adsense and his merchandise… I am already trending. All these people are making videos on me and of course he wants a piece of that pie.
>If I'm asking for some kind of payment, "he's asking more than any a-list celebrity" Oh really? You think celebrities are going to your podcast for free?
>I owe you nothing. I get more views than you. I have my own business.
>They are acting like this is going to be a sit-down Oprah monumental, profound groundbreaking interview. He ain't Oprah. They're probably going to make a mockery or try to get clicks off me because I'm mental. Okay, then you pay for that.
>I didn't ask for a palace or a car. God knows how many tens of thousands he is going to make off this interview.

No. 1401459

Nik and Ethan have both said that H3 is paying him to come to the podcast, but I am not sure where they got that amount

No. 1401504

I guess Ethan didn’t expect Nik having common sense and critical thinking abilities. He saw him as an easy coin piggy. Too bad h3 fanboys wouldn’t hear him.

No. 1401513

i think my favorite thing about nik's response is that it finally came after ethan announced a break from youtube. intead of being able to whine on all his podcasts about nik's video, ethan just has to sit and seethe for a bit kek.

No. 1401638

File: 1640478173020.png (8.01 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1460.PNG)

Trisha's new cosplay is Pagan. Now a bunch of 'tik tok witch pagans' are performing spells to try and keep her away from Paganism. So many of them are comparing it to her pretending to be Jewish as if most of the "tik tok witches" are not also cosplaying

No. 1401666

Why bother wasting the energy and focus to cast a spell when she'll move on to the next trendy religion in 15 minutes or less kek

No. 1401704

her tour of world religions is so incredibly boring
it’s her absolute worst content ever, worse than mukbangs or porn even

No. 1401825

Wait, hila has her own podcast?

No. 1401868

File: 1640516815572.jpeg (63.44 KB, 639x654, 8zVUgmRTpO4fBC04VFtBISJiTsH8tF…)

No. 1401914

Pregnant wife and son in his house wanting to spend quality family time together whilst fatty is furiously typing with his greasy fingers that he’s being sued.

Hope he loses the lawsuit.

No. 1401938

Yes but her Hebrew language content is hilarious for the 1/2 a percent of the world's pop that knows Hebrew. She's surprisingly good at picking up the language, but her accent is so funny.

No. 1401959

File: 1640536937475.png (Spoiler Image,236.19 KB, 474x473, ryan.png)

Is this account managed by Ethan or the H3 crew? Ethan is liking photoshopped photos of Ryan and calling him a predator for a gross joke he made in 2014. I guess he is just going to ignore his father's tweets and deflect.

No. 1402077

It's Christmas and still all he does is bitch and moan

No. 1402202

I'm pretty sure I heard ethan say om one of the podcasts/streams that it's him & love doing the website + twitter acc

No. 1402443

true, it's the only reason why i resubbed after many years. my theory is that her jewish/hebrew related content is funnier for israelis rather than american jews, which is probably why h3 doesn't get it.

the content about all the rest of the cultures and religions she dubs in is very boring, probably because she doesn't put as much effort in it

No. 1402889

He's a Jew, what does he care about Christmas for?

No. 1403008

File: 1640659202222.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2283, 7DA12368-A2D4-46BC-8021-B35CF8…)

Pregnancy arc incoming?

No. 1403084

File: 1640670449546.png (104.25 KB, 760x588, mvb30balt6881.png)

Cue in all the H3 fans wishing her a miscarriage and comparing her to Hila

No. 1403086

File: 1640670525145.jpeg (78 KB, 960x960, 04ypw8nq27881.jpeg)

No. 1403139

File: 1640677659980.png (137.2 KB, 583x501, unhinged.png)

Someone in r/Trishyland found the fertility clinic

No. 1403141

For real though Trisha shouldn’t have children

No. 1403155

Oh no..

No. 1403189

I hope horse face hildy's scrote spawn miscarriages or even better, comes out down syndrome. Aww, isn't that cute, Hildy's little retard baby called Bruce.( A-logging)

No. 1403198

She really shouldn't but it's still gonna be a funny fuel for the Ethan drama

No. 1403211

No one in this thread should have children including Ethan, Hila and Keemstar

No. 1403269

weak bait…

No. 1403271

Get better at baiting, h3 retard.
Truer words were never spoken.

No. 1403275

If Trisha has a baby it will be interesting to see whether she uses a Nanny, given she went off on Ethan for having one and claiming if she had a child she’d be want to be with them 24/7. She inevitably will since she has 0 clue of how much emotional and physical work infant care is, especially for someone who has no ability to regulate their emotions

No. 1403277

I still don't understand why Ethan and Hila need a full-time nanny. Does Hila need that much time to steal designs? Ethan never researches or does work outside of recording the podcast either.

No. 1403287

I guess just because they can afford it. If I was Hila I would want one too assuming ethan would be too busy sperging on twitter to take care of the kid

No. 1403319

Because they can barely look after themselves let alone a child. Hila can’t even feed herself properly and Ethan is unwashed and can’t actually stop eating. I wouldn’t trust them so thankfully for Theodore’s sake he actually has a responsible adult (the nanny) looking after him at least

No. 1403553

The cringe kid that went on Wendy Williams to ask about trisha and moses made a new video on them. I can't handle watching the video so i don't know if there's any fresh milk, i'm just gonna leave it here for anyone that cares.

No. 1403667

Hila is autistic as fuck, I doubt she can bond with a child in any meaningful way. I am glad the child has a nanny instead of Hila the robot who can barely manage to smile.

No. 1403955

Hila and Ethan don't have a track record of hiring competent personnel, just look at the staff in their podcast.

No. 1403962

File: 1640763479076.jpeg (92.61 KB, 838x1109, vwbp1753ze881.jpeg)

Mysterious' daughter is 11 years old? Didn't she say that she had a youtube channel?

No. 1404008

True but I think you're gonna be hard pressed to find a woman who would be worse at child-rearing than Hila. As long as they didnt hire a male nanny who is diddling him I think Theo is better off.

No. 1404084

Ethan reacted to this in the podcast >>1393239 and called it "epic shit" >>1392564

No. 1404131

Hila strikes me as the type of person who wouldn’t even bother breast feeding (or pumping as an alternative if you don’t want to breast feed) and even having a wet nurse instead because fuck it she can afford it

No. 1404137

File: 1640784487777.jpg (193.74 KB, 1080x859, 33894152324.jpg)

Ethan follows Trisha's ex Sean on twitter

No. 1404182

Ethan really is like an obsessive ex boyfriend lmao

No. 1404218

>bunch of 'tik tok witch pagans' are performing spells to try and keep her away from Paganism.

Lmao people who gaitkeep religion really need to take a step back… She's allowed to change her personal beliefs as often as she wants as long as she isn't blatantly disrespectful.

I feel like if Trisha was the same weight she was back in 2014 or so, Ethan would have tried to fuck her. Hell, he'd probably still bang her if she offered and he knew Hila wouldn't find out

No. 1404259

LOL I honestly think Ethan for a while thought he was going to fuck Trisha behind Hila's back. He really was deluded by her compliments.

That's why he's just so irrationally angry still about Trisha. His still talking about her is illogical. It's all the signs of a man running off of his hurt feelings. Bet he goes on the subreddits were Trisha's nudes leak and has a gander.

No. 1404260

Omg I bet he's watched the porn she's done with Moses and it probably made him so angry that he ranted to Hila, who does not want to hear about porn her brother makes. I bet that situation has happened. Like he's so mad Moses married Trisha. He can't stand it and it's so weird!

No. 1404268

Seems like Sean wants to expose Trisha. From Ethan's likes

No. 1404271

File: 1640798795267.jpg (372.48 KB, 1042x1166, 4651229190854.jpg)

Seems like Sean wants to expose Trisha. From Ethan's likes

No. 1404282

It's not that weirdo imo, who would want trisha married into their family?

No. 1404284

Him not being into the idea of his brother in law getting married does not warrant him to throw months long tantrums over it. He needs to chill. No one but a lovestruck fool would care so much about a marriage that has no bearing on him.

No. 1404326


It's not like his weirdo ass is in any position to judge who's worthy of being in his family. If he didn't luck out with YouTube he would have been a burnout smoking weed in the basement and spending his spare money on CoD and e-whores.

No. 1404331

I sincerely hope that Moses picks up what's left of his balls and talks some serious sense into her. That child will be used as nothing more than a psychological striking dummy when its old enough, and a pawn to flex in whatever relationship she'll have left with Moses and his family. If its a girl, lord knows that she'll BPD and accuse it of sleeping with whatever partner she's managed to scrape up next when he goes to the grocery store without her or some shit. Jesus Christ.

No. 1404333

you think his behavior is normal for a married man expecting a second child?

No. 1404416

I agree. Trisha is a complete 180 of Hila's personality. I'm not a Trisha stan, but her whole deal is being loud and bubbly and her flirting, teasing/arguing and complimenting Ethan is probably the most high-energy attention he's had in years. Ethan's whole family loves the excitement of drama, it makes sense that he's acting like a bitter ex.

No. 1404547

File: 1640823242708.png (751.17 KB, 1381x690, fr.png)

didn't seem like such a bad idea when they were both financially profiting off of it. and they could've continues if they weren't such children about it.

No. 1404596

>who would want trisha married into their family?
Ethan and Hila apparently since they set up Trisha and Moses. They did it to themselves

No. 1404731

File: 1640841176191.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1867, 3A036AC8-36EF-473E-9EB4-85510F…)

No. 1404805

I couldn't stop laughing at the comments on this video. The comments are cringier than Trish's video.
>Girl you are gonna get hexxed
>sour jars all round fellow witches
>dont mess with wiccan powerz

No. 1404826

File: 1640854916385.png (281.29 KB, 839x650, gary.png)

Gary's alt Twitter account

No. 1404839

File: 1640858563132.png (769.98 KB, 528x1772, ryank.png)

These are all just from the last 11hours, Ethan unironically needs to seek some professional help for his constant obsessiveness over people.

This can't be healthy for him or anyone around him

No. 1404858

File: 1640864877381.jpeg (122.67 KB, 768x1024, BCE05291-6787-457B-A7C7-CB1A63…)

Imagine wearing this to a fashion show…

One more exhibit for Ryan’s lawyer during the lawsuit. Keep ‘em coming, Ethan!

No. 1404877

To play the devils advocate, maybe Trisha will actually make an ok mom?
Yes she’s crazy but she does have a good relationship with her family. She took financial care of her mom and sister. She’s on good terms with her dad even though he’s like super religious from what she said. It seems like she is a family person.

If anything, it seems that Trisha loves her family much more than Hila for example.

She might surprise us.

No. 1404882

That’s because she doesn’t show all her ugly fights with her fam on camera. Plus she spoils herself rotten. That kid wouldn’t know the word no(lrn2sage)

No. 1404891

if you think THAT would be some ridiculous outfit, you've never visited an upperclass golf club

No. 1404914

I don’t think it’s wearable but also don’t hate it even a little bit

No. 1404917

thats cute as fuck tho

No. 1404919


as much as h3 pisses me off i don't think there is anything that would convince me trisha is ok to have kids either. love her but from the second she brought it up on frenemies it made me nervous. she has a lot of illness and trauma to overcome before even considering being a mother, i don't think she realizes that, even though she seems to want kids it's probably a terrible idea at least right now (for both her and the potential child)

No. 1404926

yes, i love homeless fashion

No. 1404971


ok Hila(hi cow )

No. 1405166

How? Ik everyone has their own personal taste, but like… This is so garishly fugly lmao

No. 1405171

probably fungus soldiers that discovered lolcow after ethan talked about crapshart with his mom.

No. 1405377

She looks like the poster child for Autism.

No. 1405509

Petty Paige dropped her video. Wait until the foot soldiers find it

No. 1405531

that is one of the few legitimately funny content he has ever made

No. 1405540

kinda rude she stole my dead grandma’s scrap quilting fabric.

Trisha thinks a workbook counts as therapy. I don’t think she’s ready to have kids unless she’s started going to real therapy. Someone more qualified than Dr. Drew too. She might be a little better at the moment but this calmness is a blip compared to the past decade of chaos and abusive behavior towards the people in her life. I know we hate MT here but one of her videos was actually a very good insight into Trisha’s past and it seems like Trisha has tried to retcon some of that trauma rather than work through it. She’s doomed to make the same mistakes if she doesn’t work through what her mom put her through (like turning T’s sister against her, inviting abusive men into her house, forcing Trisha to be in the middle of the parents’ custody battle because T’s mom wanted more money).

No. 1405544

She's talked about attending a DBT group before and after frenemies and even mentioned trying to use "Wise Mind," in her last crying on the floor video. Workbooks are a huge part of DBT, which is the best therapy for treating BPD, which is what Trisha actually has. Idk if she's ready for motherhood but she is working on herself.

No. 1405611

Doing this behind a profile picture of a little girl, presumably a daughter… what an irredeemably disgusting old man

No. 1405683

Unpopular but I think Trisha would be a good mom if she's really focused and she does a lot of things out of spite like all good women, so she might do the most to prove people wrong lol. I do think her kid will be sociable and charming. I know people like to say Trisha is dumb but I really don't think she is.

Also she goes to actual therapy. It's not like she doesn't have the access too.

That's what was said in the last thread. She just looks autistic. This dress has been posted before, so most likely was an h3 incel posting.

No. 1405711

Anons giving Trisha the benefit of the doubt and thinking she’d be a good mother need to get their heads checked. And I say this as a fan of hers

No. 1406157

File: 1641027954186.png (139.46 KB, 319x466, ethan.png)

Trisha and Moses are in Hawaii celebrating their second wedding/New Year and Ethan is making Tiktoks about Pearl Harbor and Shane Dawson

No. 1406320

he's pathetic, and i hope trish is enjoying hawaii

No. 1406431

File: 1641070470581.jpg (638.52 KB, 2048x1536, 1640205989431.jpg)

Someone sent me this pic of Ethan and Hila, I don't know if it's been posted before but… what the fck? You can see their child in the background… is this their house? Why are they with two prostitutes in their house? Why does Hila look like a sleep paralysis demon?

No. 1406436

I think this pic was taken during her first pregnancy. Alex hirsch was on their podcast a couple of years ago

No. 1406440

Some woman with their ass out and them all looking like junkies in a crackden, only a pickme like Hila would take part in a photo like this

No. 1406449

File: 1641071984256.jpeg (52.93 KB, 648x752, 12F01F32-85D1-4226-849B-DE03B2…)

The girl with her ass out is actually the pornstar Riley Reid

No. 1406451

Yeah Hila looks pregnant in this, but who is the child lying on the floor in the background then?

No. 1406460

I guess they are teaching Theodore early to become a coomer just like his dad and grandpa.

No. 1406464

Lol this is Justin Roiland's house, the girl in the middle is his ex Abbie Maley who now does porn

No. 1406465

Hila looks like a sleep paralysis demon because that's what she usually looks like. Simultaneously like a sleep paralysis demon and like a person who hasn't slept in years.
I keep thinking about when that obese creeper, Boogie was on their podcast and he told them he was "dating" someone who is still not old enough to drink so Ethan congratulated the 500lb degenerate on his grooming skills. Turns out it was some young prostitute who he ended up abusing like the narc he is. Uwu Ethan, so woke.

I remember seeing her on a youtube video crying and talking about all the rejection she's faced from her family and others who've known her the longest because of her "career". Hope this shit is worth it.

No. 1406467

It looks like some sort of doll arm/leg to me

No. 1406480

File: 1641074762801.png (1.3 MB, 1036x839, Screenshot_3.png)

That's fucking weird. Found the tweet it's from, looks like Dana Terrace was also there. Why are people who make kid's Disney cartoons hanging with the Kleins and pornstars lmao?
Seeing as there's no kids stuff besides a batman lego and what looks like a girl's craft kit, the purple box below the shelf. There's a possibility it's one of those reborn dolls but it seems weird it'd just be laying on the floor like that.

No. 1406488

I think that has to be an adult in the bg, the perspective is just weird. And the reason all those people were there is they're all friends of Justin's

No. 1406510

Justin Roiland makes adult content (Rick and Morty), and yeah he’s just friends with Hirsch and Ethan. Justin and Alex Hirsch are known coomer alcoholics, I’m pretty sure Ethan has had them on the podcast and just loves getting friendly with literally anyone with clout/fame. A degenerate and annoying group but nothing intrinsically malicious as far as I know going on at the party.

No. 1406531

Roiland is such a coomer. It makes sense that he and Ethan would be friends

No. 1406545

File: 1641080281664.jpg (234.94 KB, 810x1555, 20220101_173657.jpg)

their sub is so fucked

No. 1406622

Moses skips leg day, Trisha skips everything day

No. 1406670

The fact that Trash looks like that after countless lipo procedures/supposedly working out for months to get in shape for the wedding is…….. with all the time and money in the world she still can’t get thin, she’s just delaying becoming a deathfat eventually

No. 1406768

File: 1641105310203.png (2.45 MB, 1092x1288, dadbod.png)

It's funny to me that the freaks in r/Trishyland and r/h3h3productions love to talk about how fat Trisha is, meanwhile their king looks like pic related. Oh no, I forgot, fat men have dad bods and fat women must never go out in public until they lose their weight. Thanks for the misogyny lesson.

No. 1406775

Justin Roiland sexually harasses the female staff >>>/snow/1210796 and has an incest fetish that gets written into Rick and Morty constantly >>>/snow/1210568.

No. 1406790

“Everything day” just made me cackle out loud Jesus Christ lmao

No. 1406827

I knew those constant videos she posted of her on the running machine were bullshit lol

No. 1406870

All the money in the world won’t help you unless you fix your relationship with food(sage)

No. 1407595

Why be confused about who Ethan's friends are? He has no issues with Bobby Lee who has confirmed paying for 12 year old prostitutes in Thailand. Ethan is friends with a guy that rapes 12 year old girls. Gary was probably jealous when he found out, shit, bet Ethan was too.

No. 1407855

Working out from her starting point takes time, it’s not a magical fix for everything straight away

the weight sperg on this website recently is off the charts damn

No. 1408262

Just googled this and am absolutely horrified. There's literal audio of him telling the story in detail.

No. 1408333

im confused, so the milk you all got out of this is trisha is fat? and not ethans fans stalking her?

No. 1408371

File: 1641297186981.png (141.86 KB, 703x330, trishyland.png)

We are getting reposted in r/Trishyland. I fucking knew those retards were here shitting up the thread.


No. 1408376

lmfao, love to see a bunch of triggered redditniggers seethe about my "ableist" comment. I'll say it again: Autists don't make good parents. You can't teach your kids social skills or read their emotions properly. And as proven by Hila your bond with your child is also weaker than a normal woman's.(racebait)

No. 1408379

File: 1641297963881.jpg (199.44 KB, 900x1200, ELnTs2DUwAAOjdn.jpg)

Hila "smiling" always looks like she is in pain. It's cause the mouth is making the movement but the eyes are dead. There is clearly nothing going on in her head. There is nothing maternal about her, no warmth, not happiness. She is always cold and awkward, which is why I think she is incredibly ill fit for motherhood and probably never even wanted to be a mother.

Also idgaf about Trisha, she would make a terrible mom too. Not sure who would be the worse mom out of the two, but it's good that both babies will be raised by nannies instead.

No. 1408380


No. 1408383

File: 1641298634699.jpg (190.79 KB, 1080x942, trishasaltaccount.jpg)

many of the commenters are calling themselves autistic kek

No. 1408384

File: 1641298828084.png (2.47 MB, 1920x2079, tf.png)

For the Hila Klein fans lurking on this thread:

https://teddyfresh.com/collections/latest-releases/products/womens-teddy-print-long-sleeve-pointelle-top (from the latest launch)

https://www.etsy.com/listing/953522597/teddy-bear-colourful-cotton-rich-natural (available since August 2019)

Such a creative queen!

No. 1408385

File: 1641298894927.jpg (29.53 KB, 879x159, lol.jpg)

Who would have thunk reddit is mostly autistic trannies?

No. 1408386

She doesn't even steal her own designs, she has a whole team of people stealing them for her!

No. 1408389

File: 1641299235697.jpg (32.81 KB, 1080x334, mqueen.jpg)

stans sounding like an anime protag

No. 1408402

File: 1641300459195.png (34.02 KB, 515x164, op.png)

Of course OP is a H3H3 fan. They have at least two subreddits and the entire tea community on their side but that is still not enough. They have to come here and make sure not a single corner of the internet says anything against their grotesque king and autistic queen.

No. 1408447

I hope greasy ethan kills himself. Maybe the worthless stupid ugly obese scrote can cycle back as a better person after death.
Just throw away the whole greasy smelly stale smegma crusted over scrote. Its existence should be erased.(calm down)

No. 1408478

>not saged
Hello redditfag

No. 1408496

I have a friend who works with autistic kids and they said that these kids ALWAYS have at least one autistic parent (not even necessarily diagnosed but clearly showing traits)…Unfortunately parents with autism struggle to respond appropriately and instinctively when their infant attempts to engage with them by smiling or playing…can totally imagine Theodore getting diagnosed with autism later in childhood given the way Hila (and Ethan) present

No. 1408506

"Doting parents" who pay for a full-time nanny despite not having real jobs. Ethan employes TEN people and yet still needs someone to care for his crotch spawn? I hate these braindead fans.

No. 1408522

Maybe some of them will read the thread and see the other side and be like huh, maybe we (h3 incels) are retarded! or maybe they'll call Trisha fat who knows.

No. 1408523

File: 1641315219650.jpg (204.36 KB, 1080x1172, 20220104_103433.jpg)

wasn't donna tweeting how much she loved this channel?

No. 1408525

What dumb fans. "I hope Hila never sees this post we've highlighted in one of the many subreddits Ethan Klein is subscribed too!"

No. 1408530

I mean it doesn't take a genius to figure out that autists have a more difficult time raising children. Which is why I said the nanny is actually a good thing. Theodore might have a chance that way, especially if Ethan and Hila only come to pick him up for photo-ops. He's still growing up in LA with showbiz parents so he is still doomed to be a horrible person (and probably molested by a -stein -rose or -berg, but hey.

No. 1408563

File: 1641318569244.jpeg (151.12 KB, 750x928, D63A386D-DEBD-4FFC-B2B7-B8E60C…)

Is it lack of self awareness or misplaced self-importance that makes Ethan think he’s in any position to comment on someone else’s health? Part of me suspects he’s envious of Rogan for having a successful podcast

No. 1408565

Tbf Joe Rogan is a mental retard. Every person I know irl that likes Joe Rogan is coincidently an anti vaxxer. Ethan isn't claiming he himself is healthy.

No. 1408581

lmao hes really trying to bait rogan to answer because hes so desperate for attention

hi redditfag

No. 1408610

I hope he lives a long miserable life and we can witness his narc rages as he slowly fades into irrelevancy

No. 1408626

File: 1641324094286.png (398.02 KB, 480x588, hila.png)

kek the best part is the nsfw tag

No. 1408628

hila looks like the men who go through the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1408642

Didn't Donna say that Theodore has Ethan's personality and sense of humor?

No. 1408647

with his refusal to be potty trained, he probably got his dad's poop fetish, too

No. 1408684

Actually refusal to poop is a sign of autism in kids lol

No. 1408692

How is that a sign?

No. 1408713

it's an easy/early sign of sensory sensitivities (ie hating the feeling of shitting coming out of the anus, or enjoying sitting in the warm mush.)

No. 1408715

Because kids with autism struggle w/ sensations related to pooping and want to continue using diapers because they can’t tolerate change. Ethan had to take Theodore to A&E with severe constipation after refusing to poop when they attempted to toilet train him

No. 1408800

File: 1641338160517.jpg (234.09 KB, 1080x1409, 20220104_171515.jpg)

the tweets roasting him are pretty funny

No. 1408835

File: 1641340994885.jpeg (269.83 KB, 1283x1314, C20FB1D7-59B5-4853-B748-CC0DDF…)

this is so embarrassing

No. 1408901

two dudes can be paunchy, Ethan, you’ve cracked the case

No. 1408912

>enjoying sitting in the warm mush
First of all, fucking gross. This also explains why so many autistics are adult babies and degenerates.

No. 1409094

File: 1641369003434.png (Spoiler Image,608.3 KB, 486x767, ethand.png)

Really makes you wonder, lol

No. 1409117

How much you wanna bet he sits in diapers during the podcasts just in case he creams himself while talking about shit or he shits himself due to his shit diet?

No. 1409122

File: 1641373300258.png (475.47 KB, 475x580, horse.png)

making horse comparisons, i am sure this won't backfire

No. 1409138

>if you are so healthy why you take medicine when you get sick
to help your body heal? That's the whole point, Joe Rogan is not anti medicine/anti vax he is specifically anti covid vax. But Ethan's brain is too smol to comprehend this, he probably just gets ERROR when he tries to think too hard, which makes him rage on twitter
unironically HRT would really help ethan stop being such a little bitch (idk about HGH you probably need to work out for it to be effective). What kind of man acts like this. no wonder Hila doesn't want to sleep with him.

No. 1409152

File: 1641378206972.png (417.34 KB, 593x839, bait.png)

The "i was only pretending" reply is even worse, with his new lackey hasan ready to defend his honor after every dumb tweet he makes.

No. 1409161

Pretending to be retarded only works when you are not being retarded every other time.

No. 1409232

cant tell if lauren is being purposefully retarded or if shes really that stupid that she cant recognize a joke, but ethan's response is cringe. he talks exactly like hasan now, what an embarrassment.

No. 1409275

So gross, yet I believe it.

No. 1409276

She makes a fine point. Ethan is fat baby.

No. 1409279

File: 1641398349160.jpg (182.86 KB, 812x1575, Screenshot_20220105_155704.jpg)

Would it be inappropriate to edit horns on to him? (sorry).

No. 1409288

File: 1641399132910.jpg (216.32 KB, 1080x1277, 182851917_461675845059921_5246…)

Why would it be inappropriate? Ethan had no moral issues photoshopping other people for his podcast

No. 1409290

I hate that "look how intentionally ugly i can make myself" humor of his, it's so fucking dumb. He probably use it to mask his real insecurities so that he can pretend any critizim of his body is just cause he's obviously pushing it out on purpose.

No. 1409291

Did Hila start dyeing her hair and dressing more feminine when Ethan started drooling over ethots?

No. 1409294

Not sure but her body looks nice here. She's not even as wide as Ethan is at his narrowest. I hope Hila has guys on the side, she should.

No. 1409295

Maybe it literally is impossible for them to have sex.

No. 1409298

Omg Hila doesn't just want Ethan to lose weight for his health but so they can actually have intercorse. Ethan's refusal to do that shows discontent and she should definitely have a fling with Ian.

No. 1409309

I pity their sex life. Him getting on top would be like rolling a bowling ball over a spider monkey. His peebis is probably hidden in a sheath of blubber

No. 1409311

I thought his penis stopped working because of the anti-depressants

No. 1409315

Ian Idubz, or Ian the employee?

Anyway, there was this person (on lolcow.farm) that thought Hila had a thing for Ian, (employee, I'm pretty sure) so I just want to know why Ian? I also saw Joji, Dan. If anyone has any reasons for these, please let me know.

No. 1409335

Ian is the only decent cast member and Hila seems to actually laugh at his humour. I’m pretty sure Ethan knows it as for a while he was intentionally going after Ian to humiliate him (see vid related) and after that incident he railroaded him out of the show in favour of those tards Zach and AB

No. 1409352

i want to crawl out of my skin every time i see this clip. how tf did his fans excuse this? and how tf is ian still working for this douche?

No. 1409392

Ian was the best of the crew. Is he not doing his little segments anymore?

No. 1409395

Ian has a serious relationship and frankly deserves better than Hila. Maybe she can try having a fling with Zach or Love

No. 1409396

Hopefully he's still cashing in that check behind the scene without having to be ethans dick sucking yes man on camera

No. 1409406

File: 1641408577341.png (176.34 KB, 537x622, fatmansad.png)

Still going kek

No. 1409427

Can’t wait until he baits Rogan into his next lawsuit. Rogan’s got the money to waste kek

No. 1409440

File: 1641411368221.png (41.31 KB, 748x256, Screenshot_28.png)

I love that sub kek, it's insane how h3 fans are just like Ethan and don't realize that that's a pathetic thing to be. The delusion that Ethan is the internet's hero is strong.

No. 1409466

>I'm also partly disabled so i can't run or do much with anything. So i mainly sit around watching her stuff.
Sitting around all day hate watching, what a life lmao

No. 1409478

I think basically yes. It is mysterious though that Ian pretty much disappeared behind the scenes after this happened. just hope he’s being paid the same salary…that also just reminded me of when the crew took a personality test for narcissism and Ian scored extremely low whereas Ethan was extremely high lol.

No. 1409479

Is this Phoebe Tickner?

No. 1409500

Has joe rogan even responded to any of the shitstiring ethan has been doing the last day? Ethan comes of so desperate for his attention

No. 1409525

I wonder how angry it makes Ethan to know that Joe Rogan has acknowledged Trisha’s existence but he will never acknowledge him

No. 1409536

>fat man bad

No. 1409658

>partly disabled
lol fat

No. 1409726

>Bobby Lee who has confirmed paying for 12 year old prostitutes
and now my day is ruined

No. 1409868

File: 1641448021285.png (125.58 KB, 594x530, mmm.png)

Ethan is deleting videos from his main channel

No. 1409900

Did I miss something or has he just been slowly bleeding followers for a while now?

No. 1409919

how did he lose 10k in one day? bots?

No. 1409936

I don’t think that’s how many he lost in one day. Social Blade doesn’t update daily anymore. Per their website, “Depending on the size of the channel and how fast they’re growing you’ll see a wide range of data points. If a channel is growing fast (relative to it’s size) you’ll see almost daily subscriber updates, but if a channel isn’t growing fast anymore (maybe an older channel that has slowed down) you may see subscriber updates every few days, weeks, or even months or years.”

Makes sense he’s be losing a lot of followers on his main channel he never posts on anymore. But yeah his podcast subscribers have been slowly going down for a bit too. There’s an anon on here who gives periodic updates as she awaits him hitting below 3 million.

No. 1409969

Holy shit she looks exactly like Ethan's mum in this picture. I literally thought it was her(sage)

No. 1409983

File: 1641465589610.jpg (232.12 KB, 1080x1277, 183279439_1825084711007434_886…)

Pic from the same day

No. 1410019

im assuming anon was referring to horns as an antisemetic dogwhistle kek..

No. 1410027

kek, i missed that.

No. 1410031

horns are a antisemitic dogwhistle? didn't ethan draw horns on ryan kavanaugh, who is also jewish, and framed that picture for the podcast?

No. 1410056

No. 1410207

I assumed anon was referring to cow horns as in Ethan being a lolcow?

No. 1410240

they can be (“Jews have horns” is an old myth) or it could be a cuckold’s horns, or it could be a lolcow reference, or it could just be the elementary school hilarity of drawing devil horns and a mustache on someone’s picture

No. 1410298

Anon, being anti COVID vax is being anti vax

No. 1410460

Not that anon but it's literally not? You can be anti-this-vax but still trust all the other ones..

This vaccination has given people bell's palsy, and other myriads of problems that they refuse to discuss in the news because of "muh mis-information"(derailing)

No. 1410467

That bells palsy scares the shit out of me. how soon after getting the shot does it emerge?

No. 1410622

Nta but usually people report issues within a few weeks of getting the vaccine. There's videos up on YouTube if you look up "vaccine injuries" of people sharing their experiences.
I wonder what videos he went out of his way to delete though? Wild guess is that they once again show his blatant hypocrisy.

No. 1410846

His "nigger faggot" video is still up so must be something he has worried people might find now that everyone are sifting through his old content.

No. 1410993

Someone should save or repost those video's. Its really hypocritical how h3h3 fans attacked trisha for deleting her old videos meanwhile Ethan did the same thing and now its silence from them.

In late 2020 ethan also deleted all his past tweets too. He has so many skeletons he is hiding.

No. 1410997

File: 1641569108234.jpg (127.44 KB, 760x1011, 20220107_162211.jpg)

During his one-sided drama with rogan ethan still finds the time for his trisha obsession.

No. 1410998

File: 1641569142786.jpg (72.87 KB, 760x588, 20220107_162230.jpg)

No. 1411001

File: 1641570276881.png (277.61 KB, 598x449, frenemies.png)


No. 1411002

File: 1641570676171.jpeg (63.59 KB, 640x640, g70oer2u58a81.jpeg)

No. 1411009

Probably his podcasts when he had his good mate Bobby Lee the rapist on them amongst others.

No. 1411036

Didn't richlux also have his face all the way up jeffrees ass during all the dramageddon stuff too? What a shameless clout goblin

No. 1411044

No, because once again the videos were deleted from his MAIN channel, H3H3 Productions. The podcasts aren’t on there

No. 1411159

it's up but he edited out the part where he said how much he loved saying it and kept repeating it.

No. 1411204

File: 1641588527731.jpg (236.92 KB, 1125x1695, 20220107_214805.jpg)

Ethan "giggling" watching hate-videos about trisha made by his payroll lapdogs.
Totally normal behaviour for a 36 year old man

No. 1411211

File: 1641589021059.jpg (272.36 KB, 899x1520, 20220107_215622.jpg)

No. 1411224

richlux and that dumb cunt that did the wendy williams show are just "joking around" while ethan plays them like a fiddle and reaps the favorable twitter rep they give. Clout blind the both of them

No. 1411243

Two fat wankers. Wonder how quick he'll shoehorn that fat shill on the podcast

No. 1411251

File: 1641591641057.jpeg (170.82 KB, 1200x900, 3242BCE2-285A-4DF3-9605-013E15…)

Just wanted to stop by and say, as a fan of H3’s original content, it’s shocking to see how far they (mainly Ethan) has fallen…their original videos were never groundbreaking but they were funny and Ethan always came across as a dude who didn’t take himself too seriously, and Hila staying behind the camera, doing the editing worked well. Fast forward to now, the podcast is truly some of the worst, low effort content out there. Ethan is a total and utter embarrassment, he’s literally the embodiment of everything he used to mock and he can’t even see it. It’s painfully obvious how strained their marriage is and Ethan’s continuing spiral into depression and decline in physical health. Ethan and Hila used to have such good chemistry and seemed genuinely happy, now they seem utterly miserable and resentful of each other. You can say that this is how their personalities have always been, but I think this is a cautionary tale for anyone trying to make it, ironically all the attention and money in the world seems to have made them unhappy and bitter, I have a feeling they might still be pretty happy if they hadn’t found YouTube fame.

No. 1411270

What the hell are the things in the picture, I feel like I’m having a stroke

No. 1411301

Her time in the Israeli Defense Force lobbing bombs over into the Giza Strip and getting splashed with chunks of children really fucked with her mind

No. 1411900

File: 1641652954575.webm (1.83 MB, 500x1080, redditsave.com_big_baby_ethan_…)

(This is from yesterday)
Looks like ethan followed trisha again yesterday and unfollowed her again today.

This is the seventh time ethan has followed and then unfollowed Trisha since the end of frenemies….
I wonder why he keeps following her and then unfollowing almost every 3 weeks.

No. 1411927

The last time was during Hila's baby shower

No. 1411928

No. 1411951

I didn't watch H3H3 back in their beginning days but I did get around to watching some of those old videos and I see what you mean. They seemed happy, had good chemistry, and just overall chill people that you could have a good time with. They weren't perfect but no one really is and what they lacked in polish, they made up for with their chemistry But once they started doing the podcast, everything went downhill and it's shocking how low effort it is and how much Ethan has spiraled.

They may be rich but they certainly don't look happy and it just goes into the saying that "money doesn't always buy happiness".

No. 1411952

that's so fucking pathetic

No. 1411959

I think it's his (very pathetic) attempt to get some sort of attention, he's hoping she'll mention it at some point or make a post or something.

No. 1411961

They joke but richlux just uploaded another video on trisha after this and he couldn't be sucking of ethan and his "foot soldiers" any harded if he tried.

Basically defending all the creepshots ethans fans took during her weddings

No. 1412048

The fame went to their heads, especially Ethan's, and they became what they made fun of in the beginning.

No. 1412679

File: 1641726288656.png (222.85 KB, 874x847, 2e6g4gshqia81.png)

ethan's family loves drama

No. 1412680

File: 1641726357480.png (225.31 KB, 531x617, ratfamily.png)

No. 1412738

Donna mistook thought that obviously fake parody account for trisha.

Embaressing. So now the Klein family is going to argue with fake parody accounts too?

No. 1412768

File: 1641735762474.jpg (204.7 KB, 1805x1311, 20220109_144005.jpg)

People noticed in one of ethans videos that he has trishyland (a hate subreddit dedicated to trisha) on his homepage which means he visits that site often.

No. 1412770

File: 1641735974024.jpg (61.5 KB, 912x788, 20220109_144551.jpg)

No. 1412773

… His obsession with her is beyond unhealthy. He has a wife, a kid and a new baby on the way. What the fuck is he doing?

No. 1412780

looks like those vindictive idiots had no problem settling in to a new 'home base'

No. 1412796

I always thought the anon who was convinced that Ethan wants to fuck Trisha was schizo, but I'm starting to think he really does. Maybe just because she is the opposite of the personality-void that is Hila.

No. 1412806

I don’t think he wants to fuck her, he just develops obsessions with people who crossed him. He has the same hate boner for Keemstar

No. 1412808

probably because she gave him attention and gave him compliments at the frenemies era. in one podcast she told him that he was a 10/10 in her eyes and also always told him that he looked soo skinny. ofc he liked those compliments and on the opposite end of the spectrum was his wife who wants him to (rightfully so) lose weight. after frenemies ended he lost that validation and attention from trisha. he probably also got addicted to the emotional rollercoster that came with the friendship. hate and love are both very strong feelings.

No. 1412809

No. 1412810

ethan fucked a keemstar puppet on the podcast kek

No. 1412811

he acts like an obsessive ex boyfriend towards keemstar, trisha and everyone else he "dislikes". he is like that one guy that says his ex gf is crazy when in fact he is the messed up one

No. 1412814

File: 1641740530365.png (144.84 KB, 590x663, gary.png)

Why is Ethan's whole family so obsessed with Trisha?

No. 1412818

the image of this man consuming trisha hate in-between/during his twitter jerkoff sessions is… terrifying

No. 1412829

Trisha is very likable until she has a BPD meltdown and ruins the friendship. She is definitely a lot more fun to be around than Hila I assume, I don't think Ethan ever had anyone bubbly and outgoing in his life. She laughed at his jokes and gave him compliments, that's all a man needs to fall in love.

No. 1412837

i don't think its comparable to his beef with Keemstar considering both Keemstar and Ethan constantly mention and shade each other, meanwhile Trisha stopped mentioning ethan and has avoided mentioning him for almost 7 months.

What ethan is doing with trisha is way more vindictive and bitter.

the most ironic thing out of all of this is from gary being subscribed to trisha's onlyfans in 2020 to him in 2021-2022 suddenly calling her fat or liking hate posts about her because his son has a hate-obsession with her.

No. 1413026

If Trisha is a troll, she is a pretty clever one. She has hundreds of fradulent witches cursing her in the comments and stitches, even though I'm pretty sure you should never curse as it also puts negative energy onto you (I think?). But it's just funny watching these absolute fake snake oil witches go apeshit on her, as if they aren't complete fucking morons too. Also, if I were them, I'd totally take advantage of the situation and make Tiktoks praising Trisha, validating her, kissing her ass, then sell a bunch of blessed crystals to her lmao.

I was actually thinking of making an etsy just selling dumb witch shit to retarded zoomers who think they can cast spells, but I don't even have the energy to do any research on it (although you can basically just say anything you want)

Trisha also did this with DID, exposing all these frauds who pretend to have 'alters' in a system who all coincidentally have names that sound like it came out of anime, because they think it's some kind of cosplay/fandom. Especially DissociaDID who is totally faking it. DID is an extremely rare and controversial personality disorder so seeing these videos of people 'switching' on camera irks me so very much. I knew a girl in real life who lived in my friend's basement and claimed to have 16 personalities. One was a kawaii uwu smol bean, one was a butch lesbian who was 'mean', one was emo, etc. So insufferable.

I hope Trisha goes all out with the witchcraft. Fuck those people.(sage)

No. 1413062

He's a coomer and Trisha is open about her sexuality and does porn. She also is easy to talk to and spoke to him many times on their show. Of course he has thought about fucking her. He is a man.

No. 1413114

I don't think so. She never reduced her caloric intake and considering her lifelong disordered eating and former bulimia, her metabolism has probably been significantly slowed. Also I don't think she turned up the incline on the elliptical lol

No. 1413115

I don't think most men would want to fuck Trisha, she's pretty disgusting looking. You gotta be a hardcore coomer who is into fat bimbos to get hard for that. I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly Ethan's fetish tho because that is the opposite of what Hila is. It would also explain why Hila has been trying to look more feminine with her goofy pink hair and flower headbands.

No. 1413360

Lots of men have fucked Trisha in spite of her being disgusting. She has a personality that draws them in. But then again, men will literally fuck anything.

No. 1413444

There was definitely some weird sexual tension on Frenemies, like the whole "daddy" thing

No. 1413541

Ethan was in Hasan's stream to give dating advice

No. 1413634

It becoming creepy how much he is insanely obsessing over trish. Him constantly following and unfollowing is him clearly trying to get her attention and I’m so glad she isn’t giving him any at all makes him look more like a saddo he is dying for some attention of her so he can make a 4 hour video. I feel sorry for his wife because I guarantee she has to sit there while he blabbers on about her for hours while she has to sit there and listen, I wonder if he even is excited about having there baby or even cared for hila during the pregnancy I comes across as he gives trish more attention then his own wife. I really do feel sorry for hila she needs to run and not turn back she puts up with so much crap that most people wouldn’t I wish she would grow some balls and just leave him. She looks so missable most the time.

It wouldn’t put it past him if he just sits and watches trish porn most the night while going on trishyland spreading gossip every night. I makes me angry how obsessed he is with her cause he calls her the crazy obsessive person but he does the exact thing but worst. They are both insufferable but I just can’t get over how far he taken it even making his family post stuff to her.

And no I’m not a trish fan but I just think he has taken it way to far.

Ps he 100% has a pissy- shitty -diaper fetish wouldn’t surprise me if he makes hila dress up as a ABDL vomit.

No. 1413807

Completely disagree. Trisha has a very pretty face imo. I don't think you can be rich off of only fans if no one wants to fuck you.

No. 1413825

Reminder that Hila spend thousands of dollars and took several injections to the stomach in order to have another baby only for her husband to completely neglect her and actively wreck the pregnancy by stirring up drama and causing Hila’s company to get sued

No. 1414775

It already started when they were pissed about his wife being concerned about his weight.

Yes. I feel like there's a lot of behaviour like that in insecure people who have only ever been with their first bf/gf.

Agree with the younger girl, not necessarily Olivia. But then again he likes to ask her on her opinion on men and stuff.

No. 1414789

Uggghhh how much longer do they want to take her accountable? Ethan just wants the drama and ca$h. He wants the clicks, not accountability. Dumbass fans.

He tweets so fucking much… yet he never steps in when comments like that come up.

No. 1415112

File: 1641971836927.png (489.27 KB, 1418x690, 06dxrzyi18b81.png)

>Kali catching Trasha out in a small lie: Frenemies2
>Trishyland bookmark

No. 1415191

I hate it so much how much of private things they talked about regarding Theodore.

Okay maybe if they kid is a certain age but as a kindergartener I can tell you that A LOT of children have issues potty training. Often times because of attention.

No. 1415213

He probably wanted to see if she'd post anything about the baby shower? He is ridiculous.

No. 1415256

wtf…(sage your shit)

No. 1415325

lol okay psycho, seriously Ethan is obssesed with Trisha wtf. Not even Keemstar gets this much attention from Ethan.

No. 1415439

Yeah but not all kindergarteners have 2 clearly raging autist parents lol.

No. 1415473

and one of the parents has a scat fetish

No. 1416143

I hope they at least have the self awareness to hire a nanny or someone

No. 1416166

I was going to say I'm sure with the amount of money and energy they're using to achieve this then she would, but idk, look at Ethan. But then he doesn't have the hassle of motherhood I guess…

No. 1416168

I don't think Ethan wanted this second child

No. 1416173

File: 1642088451759.jpg (45.82 KB, 640x640, 3dvQRBG.jpg)

Whew lord. Godspeed I guess. Narcissists like Trisha don't make good parents, but any baby growing up in LA is fucked no matter whom the parents are anyways. Probably gonna be forced into pageants or acting and super-duper molested by some -stein or -berg. But if lolcows don't have calves who is going to entertain the next generation?

No. 1416175

I mean, you'd like to think an ivf baby was planned lmao

No. 1416183

File: 1642089530844.png (263.71 KB, 592x571, tp.png)

No. 1416275

it’s not unusual for one parent to be pressured by the other (or by family) into a planned pregnancy and feel at best ambivalent about it
even with people less crazy than Ethan and Hila

No. 1416318

bruce is a band-aid baby imo

No. 1416362

Oh my lord imagine having Trisha and Moses as your parents…why do these e-Celebs have to go against nature and have IVF, seriously if your sperm and eggs noped the fuck out please take the message that it ain’t your destiny to procreate lmao

No. 1416540

May God have mercy on us all.

No. 1416679

>>1416143 I doubt it, there is a whole episode where Trisha flipped out on Ethan for having a nanny.

No. 1416727

gosh, it sure is hard to imagine Trisha saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite

No. 1416811

The irony being she will need a nanny more than anyone

No. 1416813

File: 1642140990800.png (288.52 KB, 594x432, goethan.png)

No. 1416841

Newborns are hard fucking work even for the most well adjusted of people, they feed every 2 hours and will wake you up at least hourly through the night, I give her a single day before she caves in and gets a nanny

No. 1416851

Some lefty youtuber made a video on trisha calling her an actual nazi lol

Trisha constantly contradicts herself, more at eleven

No. 1416872

kek facts

No. 1416941

What lawsuit?

No. 1416943

Rofl, god I fucking hate progressive woke cucks constantly trying to cancel everyone over shit from 10 years ago so much. Look at this pale fat doughy blob of a britoid. Monotone voice, zero charisma and just the fucking exaggeration. But wokies will eat this shit up. Trish is LITERALLY hitler!!

Honestly who gives a fuck.

No. 1416945

kek. These people don't understand they're giving her exactly the attention she wants. Coming out as a jewish nazi for jesus arc when?

No. 1416980

Trisha is ((our girl)), spread the message. We will make her a champion of the whuite race! We even had her infiltrate a proper jewish family to destroy it from the inside out! Soon she will learn all their secrets and then she will elect herself president and it's all over for Hollywood! Mwuahahahahah!

No. 1417005

Only the one against Teddy Fresh so far and apparently another lawsuit by Ryan against Ethan for cybersquatting was also thrown out. Two lawsuits remain, the one for copyright and the one for defamation.

No. 1417042

the only hate crime I see is that dude’s hairstyle

No. 1417068

I normally like this guy's videos and I saw the title of this one and thought "oh it's satire" and then it wasn't

No. 1417187

Britoid? He’s American

No. 1417387

File: 1642197765478.jpeg (377.93 KB, 828x598, 7175B976-C71C-4A3A-839E-3F1DC2…)

She looks so much better styled like this, damn. When will fatties learn they can’t be bimbos?

No. 1417518

File: 1642207929624.png (817.23 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20220114-194746.png)

I could almost ignore the incendiary title and the entire video based on the concept that Trisha is maliciously antisemitic, rather than just extremely ignorant and too stupid to understand how her words can actually affect ppl, but him @ing Ethan like he just wants daddy's approval SO bad makes me fucking sick. The whole video is just a cash grab bc Trish brings the views.

No. 1417540

This is the exact reason he gives out clout to richlux and that wendy williams fag on twitter. He knows if he gives out just a little bit of clout he will have several channels suckeling to be the next creator to be boosted

No. 1417557

What is with tea channels suddenly having such a problem with trisha? kek, this has been going on for so many years then suddenly people think trisha being a troll is fresh news all the sudden?

how fucking dumb do you have to be to just now take everything she now says seriously just cause ethan is mad at her?

No. 1417651

File: 1642221377481.jpeg (739.91 KB, 1242x1715, F83F60E4-8623-455A-BEB0-8679F0…)

Youtube moids and Twitter fags are dragging Ethan for saying nig faggot but they don’t point out all the other shit

No. 1417771

Popular tea channels are basically a mob with three brain cells that defend the most popular opinion at the time. It was the same with Shane and Jeffree a few years ago. For the longest time those tea channels also always defended them as the victims in every type of situation but only until the big allegations came up then they suddenly switched sides. It is always been like that and I maybe give the h3 podcast a few more months. Trisha has always been a messy troll and she is basically standing above all of them since she thrives in an environment like that

No. 1417809

It's the easiest shit to call him out on, Remember that Ethan went after pewdiepie for saying nigger but this is still ok by his standards.
Every tweet he makes now days gets ratioed to fuck unless he is going after such a low hanging fruit like Ben Shapiro or some other CHUD that will draw in Hasans braindead fans.

No. 1417810

Ethan stands up against misogyny

No. 1417814

File: 1642243913107.png (301.11 KB, 595x567, grifter.png)

Jordan Peterson's podcasts are removed because of transphobia, but the podcasts with pedophiles can stay

No. 1417828

I agree but ignorance isn’t an excuse to be racist. Trisha might not be actively malicious but her behaviour is still harmful and she refuses to have any introspection. Sick of people giving her a free pass lol. Especially when she’s so quick to go after others for similar behaviour

No. 1417883

Don't disagree with you at all and I'm certainly not making excuses for her. All antisemitism is obviously bad and harmful. I do think however, that there is a distinct difference between being purposefully and maliciously antisemitic and being so privileged in your ignorance that you choose to perform characters and repeat stereotypes that are harmful.

I can't say that Ethan was ignorant of the harm when he made antisemitic comments.

No. 1417927

Why does this guy think Trisha is a geneticist?Lmfaoooo

No. 1418110

Not sure how I missed this but apparently Ethan and Hila starved/dehydrated their son because Hila wasn’t producing breast milk (probably weight related) and they wouldn’t supplement with formula. This guy talks about it at 12.00

No. 1418350

they "didn't know formula was an option"??? how do you go 9 months being pregnant and not learn what fucking formula is?!

No. 1418380

Ethan you are not only 7 years late to gamergate but you also were part of it.

No. 1418461

unsurprisingly, A lot of the clips are recent

No. 1418502

File: 1642309164331.png (125.42 KB, 596x480, cancel.png)

>"cancelling", as you call it, sometimes is a good experience
i hope this retard gets cancelled soon

No. 1418506


No. 1418518

Olivia is leaving the show to go back to school

No. 1418520

File: 1642312112889.png (147.02 KB, 400x800, Steinberg.png)

No. 1418531

>he's a dangerous gateway to the alt-right
Ethan… you are describing yourself

No. 1418589

Theodore was only sleeping 5 hours per day, crying for 10 hours and losing weight for days… Hila and Ethan couldn't figure out that he was starving?

No. 1418595

File: 1642321182463.jpeg (595.14 KB, 1242x860, 3D5D17CE-7709-4F33-8EB9-4064CA…)

I hate H3 & the idiots who watch his coomer ass AND I absolutely hate that they’re shitting on Trisha & feel smugly entitled to do so. Sage for autistic runon sentence

No. 1418598

File: 1642321439712.png (257.09 KB, 567x728, 1642221413396.png)

It annoys me that Ethan thinks he is some kind of moral authority. He's just as bad as Trisha.

No. 1418602

File: 1642322136001.png (107.85 KB, 597x488, jordanpeterson.png)

He's still going…

No. 1418627

H3 membership falling, he must assemble Tranny Nation.

I hate when Ethan tries to be funny or intellectual. He does neither well. He's too much of a fat hypocritical baby. The man has no conviction. He just has tantrums and ticks.

No. 1418692

File: 1642334428457.png (116.03 KB, 720x684, Screenshot_20220115-0521522.pn…)

He also seems to have deleted the Jordan Peterson video?
Someone posted this in a discord. Of course people are saying it's accountability but you could also stand to having him had as a guest on the podcast and edit some sort of foreword to the beginning of the video that could have informations about your views on him nowadays. This is not accountability he is just clearing his name.

No. 1418701

File: 1642335414775.jpeg (102.04 KB, 635x613, 0hsh6ctx1tb81.jpeg)

No. 1418762

File: 1642343102807.png (26.18 KB, 418x371, crack.PNG)

the comments in that thread are wild

No. 1418782

Ethan just unlisted the Peterson videos on his H3 Podcast channel. You can still watch them with these links:

We still don't know which video he took down from his main channel, h3h3Productions.

No. 1418785

File: 1642345771179.png (20.28 KB, 567x238, 1642290164527.png)

Hasan is up for it

No. 1418995


Sorry for OT but I just need to say, this Olga chick seems unhinged. I'm surprised Ethan isn't just straight up publicly engaging with her, since he clearly doesn't care if people know how obsessed he is.

No. 1419412

Someone made a compilation of H3's fly problem:

>AB says that it's caused by leaving fruit out and the dog shit that they don't clean up.

>Zach keeps stepping on the dogs' poop and dragging it everywhere.
>They used to have normal flies, but now they also have fruit flies.
>The dog poop is left for weeks and no one cleans it up.
>There are flies coming out of the dog food
>The garbage bags are full and stinky. Olivia had to take it out because they were getting gnats.
>Ian was trying to eat oatmeal and gnats were getting into his food.
>Zach has bites over his body because of the infestation.
>Ethan is getting a rash on his face and his dick is very itchy.
>Alfredo, Ethan and Hila's dog, peed on Zach's computer bag.

No. 1419416

what a coward. he lives in fantasyland if he thinks he can ever be safe from blood-thirsty cannibalizing twitter mobs.
he used to be kind of open-minded like you'd expect an average, reasonable person to be (siding with the hugh mungus guy over a crazy libfem, saying people shouldn't lose their minds over who's elected president etc). now nobody's there and the twitter opinions are at the helm of the ship. everything he brings up is so shallow and uninformed, he knows nothing about canada's bonkers twans laws and brought up enforced monogamy again, as if JP wanted to mandate women not to reject incels.
i used to like h3 because of the funny videos, fell off and didn't care when they did podcasts and didn't really pay attention to them going downhill and being shady, but damn did he fall. that's just sad, even sadder for hila, who's got no backbone going along with all of ethan all the time, because he's probably terrible in private too.
oh my god, thank you for the summary, never watching that. that is vile. what is wrong with them.

No. 1419449

Why is this thread always filled to the brim with twitter and reddit tards? Shoo!

No. 1419457

The fact these disgusting slobs can't even look after a dog is proof enough they should not have a child.

No. 1419466

Imagine working in an office full of dog poop, flies a insects that crawl into your lunch. If that is their office space just imagine what their house must look like. I am so glad that they hired a nanny for their children because I doubt those slobs would ever teach them how to properly care for themselves. I also doubt that the dogs are getting the care they need when they are pooping all over the floor

No. 1419470

Their apartment in Israel looked grimey and had holes in the walls, I doubt much would have changed if they didn't have nannies and housekeepers

No. 1419485

So they have a dog shit smeared, insect infested home and quite literally starved their baby? Grim.

This is almost Onision tier. Ethan is huddled away at his computer stalking trisha at all hours instead of cooming at least. And Hila is busy pretending to be a fashion designer I guess?

No. 1419500

File: 1642418841855.jpeg (450.33 KB, 750x1072, 65B6A1FD-EFA8-451A-992A-CDB030…)

The very week Theodore was starving and dehydrating…..Hila was uploading pictures to her Insta about what a great parent Ethan is

No. 1419566

File: 1642426915302.png (660.4 KB, 1458x829, 1634477718308.png)

The dogs eat Theodore's poop

No. 1419570

Jesus christ i always thought ethan looked like a slob but never cared enough to learn about his personal life. What an actual pig

No. 1419641

Wild cow crossover, I don't know who is worse.

No. 1419694

Has it been addressed that since Ethan has a scat fetish it excites him having dog shit around and when others express disgust or step on it Ethan gets off? I'm trying to make logic of such a disgusting situation. Olivia had to take the garbage out lol. Yeah cause usually you just accumulate garbage bags. How many h3 retards does it take to put the garbage out? Good lord.

No. 1419695

Is it any wonder Trisha did not like filming at their home and made them move to a studio. And then they shit that one up too. That's disgusting, actually. Especially during covid times where there's a focus on hygiene and cleanliness. That's fucking gross.

No. 1419771

Ethan went from Vape Nation to Troon Nation

No. 1419809

File: 1642446848726.png (51.58 KB, 688x183, mrcloutchaser.png)

No. 1419824

Watch Ethan give him a shoutout on twitter too just like he did with richlux and that adam dude. It's so painfully obvious they all know what they're doing

No. 1419935


I cannot wait for them to turn on him.

No. 1420055

Of course its pretend-women hes defending, this man would rather become a troon than defend a real woman.

No. 1420118

Nik calling out Ethan is so funny

No. 1420144

he says the whole thing is stupid, and it's just two fat dudes arguing about who's fatter kek

No. 1420148

Nik is a gift.

No. 1420233

What absolute retards, its not that he was listening to the "experts" because the experts at the moment will tell you to suppliment with formula and breastfeed. This was simply because of stupidity and negligence. I cant believe someone in their position with that much money that gives birth in a hospital wouldn't know that. They have access to all the resources in the world.

No. 1420253

He's always literally soyboying over disgusting shit from his personal life. Why make this a podcast highlight.

No. 1420314

I don’t understand how they left the hospital without the staff noticing that Theodore was starving?In the UK they ask mothers to actually SHOW the midwives their breastfeeding so they can identify any potential problems before the mother is discharged…does this not happen in the US?

No. 1420326

>Love is in America and they try Swedish candy. Ethan didn't help him with accommodation
>Ethan is talking about Trisha while Hila repeatedly says "no"
>He blames Trisha's fans for mass reporting his videos
>He talks about Trisha's witch phase and spells
>He spends half the episode talking about Ryan
>Hila and Ethan complain about not having the nanny for a whole week during the Christmas break. Ethan says how intense and difficult it was to take care of Theodore
>Ethan makes fun of Nicholas DeOrio's face for exposing Gary's tweets
>Ethan says that he would make fun of Keem's father but not even Keem knows who he was (he was an orphan)
>Ethan says it's not okay to call out Gary because he is not a public figure

No. 1420331

I’ll give Hila a pass for being a few weeks away from giving birth, but Ethan didn’t even have “work” as an excuse and he still can’t stop complaining about having to parent his own 2 year old for a few days?
It was incredibly sad and embarrassing to hear two people sound so annoyed and disconnected from their own son especially knowing it’s about to get even worse with a new baby.

No. 1420348

won’t affect them though because they’ll just hire more help. If these two weren’t rich and able to palm their kid off onto a nanny they’d surely be on some kind of safeguarding register. Who the hell complains about spending the holidays with their own son? Yes 2 year olds are very high energy but they’re meant to be excited about Christmas. They have millions of dollars and could have the most fun week ever- literally anything at their finger tips but instead they just complain. Honestly some people are just too selfish to be able to handle having children and these two definitely fall into this category

No. 1420375

I swear they read this thread because at 13.00 they also discuss the situation with Hila’s breast feeding and completely place all the blame on the hospital staff. Also I get really shitty vibes against breast feeding mothers when Hila said she doesn’t like the lifestyle of just “popping your boob out at anytime” as if there’s something wrong with breastfeeding your baby in a public place?

No. 1420385

complaining about having to actually parent their kid for one week of their four week holiday kek they must be unbelievably disconnected from reality to complain about that. Hila could have just said she had difficulty breastfeeding and that would have been fine, but instead she made it sound like it was more of an annoyance and she just wants to have free time to do other things - do they even like being around children or being parents at all?

No. 1420387

File: 1642503933386.png (48.12 KB, 580x257, love.png)

>Ethan didn't help him with accommodation
Love was staying in Skid Row and Ethan offered to help only when it was brought up during the podcast

>The point is that he shouldn't have to be bunking with a coworker in the first place. The whole reason Love is in the US is to work in person. Ethan asked him to come work in the studio and as his boss should have made accommodations, not left it up to him to figure out on his own and burden another employee with housing him. LA is expensive and Cam can't even afford an apartment or a car which they've talked about multiple times on the show so it's not likely that Love is making that much money either. Housing should have def been covered since Ethan wanted him to come to the studio to work so bad.

No. 1420414

File: 1642511633956.png (286.71 KB, 600x1223, mrbeard.png)

>Mikenactor, Mysterious Tea's friend, made a response for Mr Beard's video >>1416851
>Mikenactor said that Mr Beard is ridiculous and grasping for straws. He didn't defend Trisha but said that calling her a literal nazi was too much
>Mr Beard went on stream and cried because a troll account posing as Mikenactor threatened to dox him and report him to the FBI
>Trisha haters harassed Mikenactor
>Mikenactor responded that he had nothing to do with the troll account
>Mr Beard and Mikenactor talk privately. Mr Beard won't go on a stream to debate him about Trisha being a literal nazi because he is too shaken up by the troll account
>Mikenactor took down the video criticizing Mr Beard

No. 1420425

>because he is too shaken up by the troll account
What a weak little pussy boy. Making a video on the biggest troll on the internet like it's a gotcha that she says dumb shit one day then contradicts it next week just makes him seem like he discovered the internet last year.

No. 1420451

File: 1642517771288.png (146.84 KB, 702x900, IMG_20220118_155253.png)

So much for super caring couple goals Hila and Ethan.

No. 1420456

File: 1642518602712.png (204.39 KB, 968x829, Screenshot (1).png)

kek The amount of hoops people are jumping through to wk for Ethan in that thread is ridiculous.

Who's willing to bet a good number of those subs are from the people hate watching Trish?

No. 1420457

Damn, even the supposed big bad David Dobrik treats his minions better than that. But remember, it’s anti-Semitism to call Ethan greedy

No. 1420458

File: 1642518725881.png (90.26 KB, 609x429, leftovers.png)

No. 1420479

I am literally SCREAMING at this this is one of the funniest videos I've seen on YouTube he can't be serious surely.

No. 1420483

Hila also has to keep up appearances with the h3 dudebros who probably all think “popping your boob out” to feed your baby is gross. Breasts are only meant to be sexualised remember!

No. 1420488

Love was saying that his accommodation is costing him $150 dollars a night even though it’s incredibly shitty. I can’t believe Ethan would pressure Love to come over and work and not even arrange some decent accommodation for him? How fucking stingy can you get?

No. 1420495

>I'm not allowed to talk about Trisha but I have to ask him about Trisha I mean come on

This slob's life revolves around Trisha, absolutely pathetic.

No. 1420502

Nik destroys Ethan in here, I can't wait for him to do it again live.

No. 1420514

I’m not sure this is true. From what I remember, she wanted a studio but then refused to drive to it when they got it and continued to come to their house

No. 1420531

It's actually sad to hear. There's only a few years of a kid believing in Santa and having a proper exciting Christmas and they were annoyed at it. Like they're rich af, they have a mansion what's the fucking issue? I wonder what their family time is like. Do they just sit apart on their devices and point their screens at each other every so often, while Theodore is raised by the dogs? I bet those dogs are more of a parent than Ethan.

No. 1420534

Hila took Theodore to Israel by herself and didn't complain. That's a long flight and travelling and then adjusting to a new schedule and time zone. All they had to do for the holidays, was eat, shit, bathe and sleep.

No. 1420537

Kind of funny h3 incels are trying to tell Ethan how to pay his crew. Have they forgotten their unfunny 5% meme already? You can't tell Ethan how to budget. He's going to tell the crew the fans want them fired lol

No. 1420543

You do realize that Jews don't celebrate Christmas, right? Jewish kids don't believe in Santa

Hila's mother raised four kids, I'm sure she was helpful.

No. 1420546

Wow does AB really live in Skid Row? That one’s the most telling for me considering he and his wife both are employed by Ethan and Hila. With their combined income Skid Row is the best they can get? Good to know Hila’s a slaver too over at Teddy Fresh.

Also Ethan could easily sell his Rolls Royce he only bought to match someone he now hates and buy his crew Hyundais or Nissans.

Seriously it’s not like Ethan didn’t know exactly where Love lives when he hired him. I can’t stand watching this fat tard for one second anymore so idk why he even wants Love in person in the first place. Seemed like he was able to do his job perfectly fine remotely. If Love had any spine he should be done with the show. Ethan wants him in person to generate content and therefore revenue straight into Ethan’s pocket and he can’t even pay to get Love there? Nik was smart to demand first class tickets out of this fucking cheapskate; he could read his greedy ass a mile away.

No. 1420548

Yeah I get that but the holidays doesn't discriminate and santa isn't a religious figure. Haven't they said they celebrate it? Fuck don't tell me he's even stingy with his son and didn't buy him presents

No. 1420556

No, Christmas is absolutely a Christian holiday and Jews don't celebrate it. Ethan is stingy for other reasons stated above but not buying your child Christmas presents because you're not Christian is completely normal

No. 1420564

Is it not still a public holiday and time off work? Most normal working people resent not getting to spend quality time with family and look forward to this time of year.

No. 1420566

Yes but expecting non-Christians to celebrate Christmas is weird.

No. 1420567

What even is Loves job? it seems like he just sits there and does is dump pouting face when he gets the camera on him.

No. 1420573

ethan is doing a great job at perpetuating the greedy jew stereotype. it makes sense why he's so quick to pull the antisemitic defense.

No. 1420575

>It's not even drama… The stupidity. Two desperate fat men needing clicks.
>Look at this sad little man, this is your seventh video about me, dude. Who is coming after whom?
>He's like "oh, I have never asked people to come". I'm not your buddy. I can't hop down the street for 20 minutes. I'm flying across the country. I don't know you, I owe you nothing. Podcasters need guests, guests don't need podcasters.
>You don't need to say you are fat, we see it.
>What I do hear about him in regards to me seven videos in a row, I am starting to see a pattern where he has elevated himself. It's like the rules don't apply to him or the rules in his head for others, don't apply to himself. It's just bizarre for someone who keeps tooting "oh he's a character", "oh he's a liar", "oh he's dishonest"… and yet I'm catching him in some weird deflections and not saying the full truth… maybe a part, but not the full truth or some flat out lies like I asked for these m&ms. I get it, that's funny. Let's pretend I asked for five thousand blue m&ms but the part that it was my idea to make sure to get paid whether I show up or not, that does sound like a diva move. I talked with my attorney and business partners and they say no, that's a way to protect yourself. If you fly there, you show up and they say they can't film today… goodbye.
>Again, this is not for me. I have nothing to promote. I already have my own thing. I have many channels, I am doing great.
>I really don't have an angle to this. He is the one who invited me… He's doing this. Honestly I think he just misses the Trisha drama and he thinks I can deliver the same.

Ethan lied and said that Nik asked for a bowl of blue m&ms and red Starbursts for his hotel room. I am glad that Nik has a written contract in place and everything is backed by emails.

No. 1420578

Wow thanks, I tried to watch the video and was bummed because I thought he was funny but watching him eat and chew was 2much4me so I x'ed out, milkless.

No. 1420583

Fine, did Ethan celebrate Hanukkah outside of the podcast?

>I wonder what their family time is like.
Hila googles Etsy and 90s designs she can copy, Ethan upvotes everything in Trishyland, Gary DMs porn actresses and Donna makes Cameos for her Donnarch Army.

No. 1420590

I thought it was because the studio was in Downtown LA and the location triggered her because of her time as a prostitute there.

No. 1420593

File: 1642529654933.jpeg (713.47 KB, 750x671, 505888BB-DB5D-47F1-9B55-CC64E3…)

They do Christmas stuff in the podcast, is it too far fetched to think they might celebrate a Christmas as well as Hannakuh? They don’t seem like very strict Jews….and I’m sure Ethan would love any reason to be materialistic

No. 1420596

nice to see ethan in his full form

No. 1420599

File: 1642530474065.png (298.93 KB, 597x425, rolls.png)

Meanwhile Love's boss and "eat the rich" buddy are posing with the Rolls Royce.

No. 1420601

I wonder how long it took for the makeup artist to glue that shit to ethans face while he does his face ticks lol

No. 1420620

Hannukah is a minor holiday Jews don't really care about. His family does celebrate the bigger ones like Jewish New Year, remember how Trisha showed up in full IDF cosplay?

"Non-religious" people from Christian backgrounds do.

Most of the classic Christmas songs were written by Jews. Putting on a Christmas episode for their mostly Christian audience is very different than privately celebrating the holiday at home.
>They don’t seem like very strict Jews
I know tons of secular Jews and absolutely none of them have Christmas trees in their houses or anything like that unless they're an interfaith family.

No. 1420627

The first two videos were funnier. I can tell that Nik is getting sick and tired of Ethan.

No. 1420661

Nik's "DON'T YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME??" while showing pics of younger, thinner Ethan still has me cackling

No. 1420727

Wow he wanted Love in town but wouldnt set up accommodations? Idk how other jobs are set up but I had to drive 4hrs & stay a couple of nights in Del Rio to help set up our new branch in the area. The company paid for my hotel, food, & gas. I kinda thought that is how it goes when your boss needs you to travel for the company?

I'd be pissed if I was Love flying in on my own dime while my boss is gonna shill out first class flight & room for Nik just to talk about old ass milk about Trisha.

No. 1420794

This post deleting is so dishonest by them. They act so high and mighty on the podcast and yet can't even accept any form of critic. Everyone is being right on Ethan getting him a good and safe place to sleep.

You know… the more I think about it the more I wonder what Trisha all saw behind the scenes… how calculated their content is. In a way of course Trisha with her constant trolling is also producing some form of "calculated" content but it still feels more honest? Idk.

I think they pay their staff too little. Probably all of them. I mean I do get that some of the work they do isn't that difficult if you know what I mean? But they ARE faces of the podcast and beloved by fans so they should get a fair share.

No. 1420834

Between Teddy Fresh, members, donations, and sponsors the fact an employee can't afford a car OR apartment is really upsetting and sad

No. 1420882

Exactly. Why does he need to be in person for that? He also runs the H3 Podcast Highlights channel and manages H3’s social media accounts. All easily done from Sweden.

No. 1421043

Shes just saying that it won't doesn't suit her lifestyle because she wasn't able to do it.

No. 1421065

Did he actually say skid row? That's interesting because no one really lives in skid row, there's not really apartments there or anything. If he just said downtown or near skid row there's a lot of places he could live in DTLA that are actually quite nice, like Little Tokyo or the business district. If he actually said skid row I'm not sure what he means by that tbqh

No. 1421174

There are absolutely apartments in skid row. It's also bordered by the arts district and little tokyo. But those places are also now exactly like skid row. Here is just one example of a 2-6k apartment across the street from tents.


No. 1421217

It's okay to not want to breastfeed, but the way they handled this was bad. Hila called women who breastfeed "machines" and Ethan and Zach sexualized the conversation.

No. 1421227

Hila is being defensive and lashing out against breastfeeding mothers because she can’t breastfeed herself. Her attitude was shitty

No. 1421292

Honestly if anyone deserves a coomer fat husband that despises women, its Hila. Her hatred for any woman that embraces motherhood, femininity or ANYTHING other than having an onlyfans is very obvious. Ive never seen a woman like her, she seems so cold to other womens issues and struggles, almost as if she doesnt relate to human experiences at all, let alone women's. Shes desperate to prove that she isnt jealous, so she has to pick at least one kind of woman to support, so she chooses to support "sex workers" so she can excuse her husbands pornsickness. Honestly i used to feel bad for her, but shes probably worse than Ethan behind the scenes. Sometimes who she truly is slips out like in this breastfeed conversation, so i dont feel bad. Ethan using toilet paper to propose to her, the fact that he doesnt give an ounce of attention to her pregnancy, that he is obsessed with Trisha while she begs him to not talk about her, its all very fitting for a woman like her.

No. 1421359

She's literally let herself be celebrated as a feminist icon why repeatedly judging other womens choise in the past years. Every woman should be able to choose if she breastfeeds or not and not be judged.

Also since when is Love in the US? Does anyone know? Is there no such thing as a mandatory quarantine for tourists in the US?

No. 1421380

Wow I just heard her talk about this didn't think it was that bad how self centered can you be? Also why be parents in the first place?

These two are the most insufferable people ever.

No. 1421410

Ethan just backpedals on some of the shit Nik called him out on. But still looks like an asshole.

Bonus: Also doesn't include the part where Orlin pretended to be confused about which person Nik was asking was cute when AB and Ethan were on the screen. kek Ethan's ego probably couldn't handle that one.

No. 1421413

Lmfao of course she can't breastfeed. She can barely feed herself. I think she's probably the kind of autist who has extreme difficulties with food textures and any tastes that are not chicken nuggets, spaghetti with ketchup and white bread. Giving her kid the best start in life is clearly not worth fixing whatever issue with food she has.

No. 1421447

Another from the H3TV channel:

Ethan talks shit about OkBaby, a 25 yo woman with four children getting a divorce. She said that she got married too young and that her husband no longer feels like a partner, more like a friend. Ethan is accusing her of cheating and wanting strange dick. The incels on his subreddit are eating this up:

No. 1421448

If you need anymore evidence of how greedy these two are, skip to 2:00 in this video, basically they’re accepting $100 donations from fans despite being millionaires. One fan calls in with a heartfelt message about her father dying, whilst Ethan is audibly shitting in the background and when he waddles out he literally couldn’t care less about the fan’s story.

No. 1421455

File: 1642610514469.png (139.74 KB, 595x483, 68450106-60C5-46E3-BE39-70527F…)

100% genuine

No. 1421458

kek he's dumb af. I hate his smug little demeanor.

No. 1421461

I really don't get the concept of people that have not nearly as much money as them donating… they have big sponsors. Say what you will about Pewdiepie but the last thing I know is he is donating membership money. They should donate the money

No. 1421462

Don't you just love it?

Ethan: Misogyny bad. Much respect for woman.

Also Ethan: Disgusting misogynistic incel rhetoric when mad at woman.

H3 fanbase: Yes.

The fucking cognitive dissonance here is absolutely amazing.

No. 1421497

what, did you expect more from a fan base that is comprised mostly of misogynistic incels and pick-meishas who die on the hill of defending a fat neckbeard’s hateboner every other day of the week?

No. 1421575

Correction: It's in 9:00. Why is Ethan taking shits in the middle of the show?

No. 1421586

Hope Hila watches this video and realizes what she is in store for, once she decides to divorce Ethan's fat ass.

No. 1421587

Same anon. Got it wrong. The part is included. Ethan just talks over it.That's on me, ladies.

No. 1421633

She won't divorce him. She will be one of those women who turns a blind eye to her cheating husband until he falls "in love" with some 20 year old tiktok thot and divorces her.

No. 1421642

No such thing whatsoever. Non-citizens entering just have to be fully vaccinated and provide a negative covid test

No. 1421664

I sympathize if that’s the case honestly, I have similar issues (ADHD sensory related though not autism) and have struggled most of my life to gain weight and eat properly and it’s been achingly slow getting better at dealing with food. It just makes me just extra pissed though if when she tries to stack up on stuff she can eat Ethan the pig just eats it anyway?! If those are safe foods for her in theory and Ethan steals them that’s a whole new level of fucked up.

No. 1421667

Ot but hila looks so beautiful and happy here compared to now. That's what being with a coombrained incel does to you I guess.

No. 1421701

File: 1642622094058.jpeg (338.1 KB, 828x967, 25BC1851-C738-4806-9FC0-E569FC…)

I will never understand anons who shill Hila as attractive. She looks like an MTF civil war ghost.

No. 1421730

I mean you would too if you had a husband whose hobby was stalking women online and starting drama instead of paying attention to his family and pregnant wife.

No. 1421745

of course she is wearing ugly vetements blouse

No. 1421807

she doesnt even look trans shes just ugly and jewish can we stop saying shit like this ffs

No. 1421897

kek @23:25 when ethan and hila react to nik saying 'no wonder trisha got mad at this idiot'

No. 1421976

Kek you mean vet-uh-mints as Ethan and Hila pronounce it? Fucking idiots

No. 1422037

Nik's not going on H3 anymore. Have to be subscribed to his patreon to find out why though. So no clue what happened.

If this is actually true, I'm very curious about how Ethan will handle it. I imagine some smear campaign will happen soon. And we'll be seeing Nik's old milk making the rounds.

No. 1422116

Pretty sure it’s a joke. He made his wording the same as H3’s tweet about removing Jordan peterson’s podcast. Seems like Nik is going full in on becoming the new Trisha. I’m personally hoping for a new frenemies style tranwreck

No. 1422167

I hope he visits her on ethan's dime

No. 1422198

File: 1642664943855.png (138 KB, 632x831, nikstatement.png)

Is there another source besides the post in their subreddit? It was written by a frequent troll

No. 1422222

Go back to plebbit, and next time don't post almost exactly the same thing word for word on here smd there. It is real, Nick canceled.

No. 1422227

Tbh it would be a super good thing if Nick with his following would shine more light on all the shit Ethan has done in the past. Have Ethan have something of his own medicine. I'm always surprised how little views the critical H3 videos have.

No. 1422236

File: 1642669410496.png (284.37 KB, 710x1487, T3E7743E-B488-48BB-A30C-F3C0CE…)


>points out that all, but one, of his collabs with people have been super nice and respectful, but believes Ethan is only looking for a "shitshow" and a "Trisha Paytas replacement" for the podcast

>problem with no boundaries, unprofessional, specifically about Ethan talking about financials and personal accommodations publicly on youtube and him making the joke up about the m&ms request and lying that Nick initiated the contract proposal
>says there's a limit to how much he can take in regards to Ethan's humor/degradation and that his most recent H3TV video was the deciding factor for the cancellation
>has never had to get asked questions about his weight, sex work, etc. and "have to answer to it and to see them make fun of it"

No. 1422242

Ethan has control over how the podcast is edited and what gets shown. There's also a whole team of cheerleaders in the room against Nik. Nik is better off cancelling.

No. 1422243

Found a link to the patreon video of him explaining.

No. 1422266


thank you for sharing this with us!! I'm not even going to lie, Nik has sooo many redeeming qualities that Ethan does not. It is clear that Nik is genuinely an intelligent person and that he can turn his persona "off", whereas Ethan seems like he is the same annoying, dumb moid both on and off the camera.

No. 1422272

>If this is actually true, I'm very curious about how Ethan will handle it. I imagine some smear campaign will happen soon. And we'll be seeing Nik's old milk making the rounds.
Ethan will dredge up milk, call Nik a coward (kek), criticize the fact that Nik put his explanation video behind a pay-wall, and drag on a boring, one-sided feud for weeks while Nik hopefully ignores him and continues to gorge himself into a heart attack.

No. 1422297

I'm from a similar background to Hila and I doubt it. We don't have a food culture of only eating white bread and chicken nuggets. Everyone including children and autistic people eats salad with every meal and Hila's said before that her favorite foods are the cultural dishes her mother makes. If anything, she probably has a hard time adjusting to nasty American food culture where everything is colorless and all the vegetables taste like water.

She doesn't look MTF she literally just looks like every other pale tall thin North African girl with olive undertones and big nose. If y'all went to the Middle East you would think every woman is trans lmfaoooo

No. 1422301

I was kinda looking forward to nikocado embarrassing ethan in their interview but this video so perfectly explain the gross ways he operates anyways so i'm not even mad it won't happend.

No. 1422307

she doesn't look mtf she's just sorta horse faced. the only people that look mtf are actual mtf's. fucking stop with this shit.

No. 1422311

tbh im kinda disappointed, i was hoping nic would go on his podcast and call out ethan on many things right in his face.

But i can kind of understand why Nic wouldn't go, ethan cant go a second without making fun of nics appearance, talking about nic ''gaping'' or asking him about trisha.

I wouldnt go on someone's podcast either if they said such nasty shit about me.

No. 1422315

File: 1642679479080.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.64 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

even if he's better than ethan, i still can't respect this hambeast. there's a limit to how far you can go for "entertainment" without just being pathetic. sure he can turn it off in moments like this and be serious, but at the end of the day he's still got shit like pic related (and much worse on his onlyfans) on the internet for all of time.

No. 1422316

Yeah I don't understand Nickocado fans, he is absolutely revolting and has zero limits as to how low he is willing to go for money and attention. He disgusts me way more than both Trisha and Ethan combined. At least Ethan takes his shits off-camera.

No. 1422327

You can find nic repulsive while at the same time also seeing how ethan tried to grift nic as a trisha frenemies replacement, and also how ethan constantly bring up nics size yet ethan runs to the twitter/bodypositive movement for help whenever someone calls him fat too.

No. 1422334

If that's the case, then why doesn't she cook Israeli food or hire a chef to do it for her? In >>1420326 Hila said that other women tried to give her advice on how to gain weight and help her breastfeed but she didn't want to hear it.

No. 1422363

Ethan is probably about to throw the biggest shitfit. kek Even his fans are backing Nik up.

No. 1422374

File: 1642688511985.png (1.53 MB, 1374x1316, beansimps.png)

>And we'll be seeing Nik's old milk making the rounds
Footsoldiers already in full force, to be fair i found some threads agreeing with nik too. Hope ethan starts obsessing over nik like he does with everyone else that won't bend over and kiss his feet.

No. 1422382

File: 1642689420916.jpg (Spoiler Image,211.01 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p2wj512IL11uzl9hdo1_128…)

h3 foot-brains are also saying its okay to make fun of nic because he gorges on food yet these were the same idiots moaning and crying when people were calling ethan a fat fuck.

No. 1422384

I think the best thing about this is that Nik is just kind of repetitive and doesn't put politics or any shit like that out there. So Ethan can ONLY go after low hanging fruit or the old stuff.

Who do we think is next on Ethan's list? Gotta be another cow who's interacted with Trish that Ethan is preparing to reach out to under the guise of an interview.

No. 1422390

Ethan's response. Just whining like a little bitch. Gross.

No. 1422396

File: 1642690714376.jpg (275.2 KB, 1170x1872, 20220120_155432.jpg)

>Who do we think is next on Ethan's list? Gotta be another cow who's interacted with trisha

Most of them are relevant and would decline his offer just like nicokado.

The desperate ones like Sean,gabbie hanna and his drama-channels that are on his payroll would say yes (like pic related).

No. 1422403

God, I just so badly want these people to turn on Ethan.

No. 1422405

It says that nicks paywall patreon videos shouldn't be used outside of patreon and that there will be legal fees for it yet Ethan is reacting to his whole patreon video lmao.

Imagine ethan gets into his 5th lawsuit now.

No. 1422411

>wanting more money
>sabotaging his next step in his career
Fucking delusional kek. Would think as fat gay man himself richlux might kinda sympathize with niks actual reasons why he doesn't want to go on. Guess suckling on ethans dick is just way more important to him.

No. 1422413

That's just a blanket threat everyone who does porn puts on patron lol, I seriously doubt he could sue over one video

No. 1422416

Eh it'll just give him another thing to cry and moan about. Kek. >>1422382
Imagine looking like this and thinking you can give health advice and mock other fat people. Ethan and his incel fanbase really is delusional.

No. 1422434

Rich Lux is one of those bottom feeder fags I hate the most out of the talentless hacks out there

No. 1422439

Rich Lux seems like that one catty
and mean kid in school that was the bottom tier soldier for the actual popular girls who then would pick on the poorer or simply less popular kids with problems to compensate for being a loser and not being born a rich popular girl

No. 1422460

Rich lux is desperate for views,unlike nik who literally has nothing to gain from going on the podcast. Rich luxs' channel has been struggling for some time now, since the Christmas time drama with j, petty paige Dustin, nick snider etc; This all happened a few years ago and his channel has struggled to get back to the same viewership since. His channel is dying. He even pulled a page out of j book and filmed a fake robbery for views the house girl. Its why he gets made fun of for being on peoples pay roll (he used to shill for Jeffrey star before jeffrey gave up on the beauty community and became a yak farmer but now it looks like she's shilling for ethan) sage for kind of unrelated but if you used to be a rich lux viewer you could see right through him. Hes so desperate and would kill to get the views and engagement nikocado does. Its funny too because I remember rich lux having to apologize for being racist (defended Jeffrey like he was paid to do it) and even cried on camera when people were "harassing him" for it.

No. 1422481

Rich can't relate he has no pride. He rode Jeffree Star's coattails to the bitter end even though he treated him terribly too according to Trisha

No. 1422491

He’ll go back to trying to get Jason Nash on I’m sure

No. 1422495

can see him doing it since the dobrik coin has kinda dried up

No. 1422551

File: 1642703963910.png (279.47 KB, 596x420, flight.png)

No. 1422579

This account is run by either Ethan or one of his crew right? no way even a fan would get so obsessed over this dumb feud.

No. 1422616

Im definitely sick of everyone calling unattractive girls mtf as an insult now, the fucking troons have ruined everything.
Hila looks like a woman just a skinny older witchy woman.

No. 1422664

Yes, it's ran by Love, the Swedish one who just moved there and definitely doesn't get paid enough to spend this much time sucking Ethan's dick in this dumb argument. He also runs the website.

No. 1422971

File: 1642747318536.png (265.89 KB, 1280x798, nikocado.png)

Ethan now has 3 bookmarks to Trishyland

No. 1423011

All she needs to do is get tear through and lip filler, grow her hair out and learn how to do some make up.. she would improve so much and possibly be less insecure

No. 1423014

Personally I don't think Hila needs any type of procedures she's naturally got nice features. It's her expression that is off

No. 1423019

File: 1642757063274.png (895.08 KB, 1207x685, bars.PNG)

The site he used to download it even have the same weird black bars on top and bottom as that post >>1422315

No. 1423022

I deleted it because I realized it wasn't the exact picture, they were just very similar. >>1422315 has an Olive Garden bag and the one from Ethan's video has Buffalo Wild Wings boxes.

It could just be a coincidence that there's a post with a similar photo of Nik that was posted itt 3 hours before Ethan's video. Or maybe he is lurking here and went looking for it after seeing it here

No. 1423034

Ah, i see. This might be slightly tinfoil but i still think it's pretty suspicious. Almost identical photos and clearly downloaded from the same website Ethan uses.

No. 1423039

This is getting really embarrassing for him

No. 1423041

wait are people really schizo tinfoiling that i'm ethan? that's literally one of the first pictures that comes up of nick when you google him lol (the one with the black bars)

No. 1423043

Did Ethan paid a pilot to do this? No one would care enough to make this

No. 1423058

it was probably one of his rabid fans that want his attention

No. 1423091

Ethan really has a weird obsession with trisha. Imagine having your husband stalk and obsess about your brother's wife while you're pregnant. Wonder what went through Hila's head when she decided to have a second child.

No. 1423094

i don’t think these are not bookmarks i think these are the most visited sites, which is even worse

No. 1423123

some people have a baby to fix their marriage that is falling apart. they hope with that they have a reset button or strenghen the commitment to each other. i doubt it will work on their marriage since he found something else to be obsessed with while his wife is struggling with the pregnancy. he isn't being considerate and just adds more stress with the ongoing lawsuits. most of the times it will only add stress esp. considering that they are already overwhelmed with babysitting 1 child for a few days that has a nanny 90% of the time.

No. 1423137

Its ran by one of Ethans interns called Love, the same intern that ethah made fly out of Sweden now to america and won't pay for his accommodation..

No. 1423171

Just watched to new Nikocado video and except for an allusion to the podcast that wasn't even shade I didn't catch anything else. Which is honestly so fantastic. He's giving Ethan nothing to run with. kek

No. 1423172

>some people have a baby to fix their marriage that is falling apart.
>i doubt it will work on their marriage
It never works and it's disgusting of you to to even entertain bandaid babies as anything other than revolting and irresponsible.

No. 1423206

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Hila has nothing behind her eyes. She seems incredibly autistic to me, and not fit for motherhood in a different way to how Trisha is an unfit mother. Polar opposites, but both shitty. Hila would be called a refrigerator mom in the 50s, and Trisha is just BPD psycho resentful mother who will blame her child for losing her freedom. Hila will probably walk away from her children's big emotions and give them the cold shoulder, while Trisha will rise to the anger and emotions and get into a fight with them. Sad stuff.

No. 1423215

I'm sure in a podcast I watched once he was thinking how cool it was that a brand paid to have a plane fly around LA with a banner on it saying something. He was like "should I get a plane to tell everyone to listen to our podcast???"

Does anyone else remember? Either way I'm 100% sure he did this. It costs loads too I'm sure they looked into it

No. 1423218

Same anon again sorry, I think he actually said "should we get a plane to say buy teddy fresh?" but I can't be sure of the exact wording

All I know it involved planes spelling messages in the sky

No. 1423321

He had to have paid someone otherwise how would they even be aware of this? Who just checks flight radar data? I legitimately thought it was a photoshopped joke until I scrolled back up and saw the second link. Would one of his stans really have the means to do something like this? If Ethan paid for this, I have no words.

I believe you’re thinking of vidrel.

No. 1423383

I just stated facts and never said that it was a good idea. learn how to read you have no reason to be butthurt

No. 1423410

They were going crazy when Donna (rightfully) told him he'd look better if he lost some weight. And Hila, because she actually doesn't want her husband to eat himself to death. Their fans are crazy and hypocrits.

No. 1423718

File: 1642825520195.jpg (232.81 KB, 1080x1292, 20220121_222342.jpg)

all of these newfags from trishyland or whatever need to GET OUT. i'm so sick of reading posts from overly sensitive anons with no reading comprehension.
>ethan is a bitchy toddler that enjoys shitting in diapers
>hila is autistic and stunted and an enabler
>their crew is a yes-man cult that thinks they claim all of ethan's boundary-pushing cringe is memes and 'shtick'
>their fans are massive retards that act retarded for attention
learn2read before posting, holy fuck

No. 1423857

The thought of Ethan paying a pilot to draw a penis on the sky but can't pay his employees enough to have decent living conditions… Sad.

No. 1423880

File: 1642851290403.jpeg (481.98 KB, 605x780, BF823888-7580-40D0-BD8C-F0EB3F…)


Meanwhile AB was recently waxing lyrical about how Ethan and Hila are some of the most generous people he’s ever met…

Hila can afford to have an entire room stuffed full of designer clothing but not provide a room for Love to stay in for a month

No. 1423902

File: 1642856131441.jpg (112.26 KB, 400x461, Abibi_.jpg)

I really like AB, he's kind of sweet and it's not just about looks or something. It's sad that Ethan doesn't seem to like him and AB often seems on edge. Maybe it's because Ethan is jealous of ABs looks idk. Had to laugh when Nik and his husband were talking about how cute AB is and not caring about what Ethan had so say lol

No. 1423925

That's funny I watched some of their live yesterday when they were opening gifts. Ethan was raging his wasn't the biggest and he kept asking the price of everything. He was acting annoyed. He even let it slip him and Hila sleep in separate beds. She got a gift and he was like "oh are you going to keep thst by your bed Hila?" then she death stared and he tried to back track to our bed. Then he kept mentioning Trisha, acting fed up, not excited whenever the baby was brought up and so on.

No. 1423933

File: 1642862605819.jpeg (435.29 KB, 750x504, 498F9B9D-B32B-4B7B-ABBF-3849A7…)

Can you blame Hila for wanting to sleep separately from this hambeast??

No. 1423934

i dont get AB, both the crew and ethan dont like him, and you'd think ab would open his eyes to the multiple times ethan has treated him like shit and stop being a simp.
The only logical conclusion for this is that AB is in need in money considering the poor guy lives in skidrow.


sage you retard

No. 1423939

he probably snores like a dying hog so she can't get any sleep

No. 1423940

No. 1423944


now look at the empathic boss

No. 1423951

I think he mentioned both promoting a show and Etsy Fresh + they looked the prices up and it was around 10K.

No. 1423952

I got curious about the "your bed" comment so i looked it up, 1:56:00 is the timestamp lol

They're really out here sleeping in seperate beds and decicde to get another kid

No. 1423960

Leftovers will be in hiatus until April so Hila and Ethan can take care of the baby… That must be a poor excuse to avoid making the show, right? They couldn't take care of a 2 yo for a few days and now they are going to take care of a newborn by themselves?

No. 1423964


Imagine if they really got 3 kids like they were expecting earlier.

No. 1423967

Yes, it’s all in this video >>1423321

No. 1423968

I am predicting that Ethan won’t stop making those low
budget rants in the basement he recently started to post on the new channel as a “distraction from the parenthood” though.

No. 1423984

The best thing about these videos is that no one is stopping him so it's just him exposing himself as the gross asshole he is. He's going to fuck himself over in one of those videos. Or at least I really hope so.

No. 1423991


Think the same, he is slowly digging his oversized grave with everything he is saying and topics he chooses. He probably still relies on AB or someone else to put together stuff for him but the crew is too overworked and underpaid to moderate what he is mumbling every second.

No. 1423993

Eh I don't think its too outrageous for her to sleep in another bed while she's heavily pregnant. She probably feels like shit and needs rest and Ethan probably snores

No. 1423998

They don't have sex and they don't sleep in the same bed, yeah nothing to worry about there! Perfectly happy relationship!

No. 1424011


That is what I thought too. No way I care about their bed shit, but I can imagine that a woman that is now five times bigger than her normal self may not want to share a bed with her permanently pregnant husband.

No. 1424015

He said they still have sex weekly back on frenemies. I'm not a big Ethan fan but I don't get this push to make it seem like Ethan and Hila don't still like each other, bc it doesn't seem like there's much to go on there

No. 1424023

I'm glad he takes time in between jerk-off sessions to Belle Delphine and other pedo-pandering whores to still lovingly pork his wife once a fucking week lol. I assume she has to dye her hair a new color every week to keep his interest.

No. 1424067

That's weird because they've specifically mentioned how they didn't have sex lol. Maybe that's why he has such a hate boner for Trisha and Moses. Everyone knows they're fucking.

No. 1424068

How are they having sex if Ethan's dick doesn't work?

No. 1424107


Prob his dick works but he doesn’t have sensations down there.(sage)

No. 1424113

why do you think he'd make an effort to do anything for hila's sake only?

No. 1424117

As someone on lexapro, things still work but there is less sensation. Pretty sure that’s what he meant. He’s still having sex but he has less sensation than he used to

No. 1424138

Hecoukd barely got on the ground yesterday to open a gift, you must be a fan if you think him and Hila are fucking. He's probably too wide lol.

No. 1424151

Well, not when she’s this pregnant. But people tinfoiling about a sexless relationship in general are probably wrong.

No. 1424159

Hila's has made it extremely clear she's not attracted to fat Ethan. Ethan doesn't have the stamina to fuck Hila or the proportions lol.

No. 1424160


I think they have sex, why not. Coitus is not an interaction that is impossible for autistic or overweight or wood-dicked people.

No. 1424161

>AB is sweet
What? He's one of the worst incels on the show. Remember his tiktok page being nothing but tits and ass despite being a married muslim. He's a sad little creep

No. 1424164


And Dobrick’s die hard fan kek. The choices they make, wow.

No. 1424257

kek exactly, I can believe that fat freak and his mantis wife still have sex on occasion. Lots of people have sex, it doesn't mean they're good people. I think Hila is a creepy dead-eyed autist and Ethan is male BPD through and through. They're basically genderswapped Moses and Trisha, and they don't even recognize it.

No. 1424269

Okay Sheldon Cooper bazinga

No. 1424293

Nah, they probably have a massive bed anyways. They are always finding excuses to make sure people think that their relationship is perfectly healthy, even with all the obvious issues.

I think the medicine is a very convenient excuse to pretend he isnt a porn addict. Ethan always complains about his erection quality and says he doesnt feel powerful when he jacks off (boogie interview) so i think most of the sexual activity involves only Ethan and pornhub.

No. 1424307


His dad is Gary Klein who loves to spend his alone time responding to people who post their young meat pics on Twitter, no wonder that Ethan can share his interests.

No. 1424844

i'm watching him react to nic and he's got tics every two seconds. you can tell he's feeling worse mentally

No. 1425033


his tics are crazy when he is his mom’s pupa

No. 1425273

File: 1643020059314.jpeg (240.3 KB, 828x830, 5E3688C2-A24F-4FC0-841D-044091…)

Trish is now under 5 millions

No. 1425276

can you fuck off back to trishyland?

No. 1425302


same anon here

not redditfag, just extremely retarded kek
I’ll stfu

apologizing much

No. 1425370

Ethan is reacting to Nik’s video following the cancelled podcast and somehow makes it about Trisha again (timestamp is around 5 mins).

No. 1425392

Kek He tries to pretend like he was only complaining about refunds and costs as a joke when Nik says he can prove he offered to reimburse Ethan. But he still drops numbers, even though they are completely unnecessary. He's so fucking transparent.

No. 1425563

File: 1643050318468.jpeg (298.75 KB, 828x585, BB7AB736-E6CB-4DD7-858B-71FEA6…)

I mean how retarded so you have to be? I doubt a woman wrote this

No. 1425566

I bet it's ethans post with a sockpuppet

No. 1425653


It’s actually a common condition between his (female) fans. A lot of comments from ladies regarding his beef with Keemstar or Joe Rogan or someone else when he was criticized because fat blob were dithyrambs like “Ethan is kinda hot, I love his dad bod” etc. Plus a girl from that channel that milks Frenemies simps soo hard, it makes me think of the type of women who can praise his appearance.

No. 1425717

File: 1643060051638.jpeg (191.51 KB, 828x445, 163ABF8C-EA10-4986-9ED7-4E9FF2…)

Lol, Ethan reached the new low.

In their newest H3 episode that is live now Ethan asked Love about his housing situation right after they started and Love said that he and Cam have been suddenly kicked off their Airbnb on a Sunday afternoon and had to move the same day.

Ethan then said that he got a lot of backlash in the comments because he didn’t provide housing for Love and squawked that he did offer Love a place to stay (AB was the one who said it for Ethan and Ethan confirmed).

I thought that fat roll will finally rent something for his employees but then he asked Liove if he found a new place already and Love confirmed.

No. 1425941

I see he went to the Jonny Craig School of Poses for hiding that double chin and lack of jawline

No. 1426326

H3 just released a 2hr vid and it's got copyright striked already LOOOOOL

No. 1426451

Love looks so different without his webcam angle. Before I stopped watching I use to hate the obnoxious LoveBot and his stupid pout.

No. 1426505


No. 1426514

File: 1643134506755.jpeg (455.31 KB, 823x798, A2571A76-271F-46DA-B621-CB1531…)

He looks insanely different kek

No. 1426521

Kek, Swedish people love to meme about how hot they are too.

No. 1426567

File: 1643138995531.jpeg (169.96 KB, 1242x2688, w766vgqjwvd81.jpeg)

he's pissed

No. 1426743

Cow cross over: Robbie (blaire white) premiered a video talking shit about Ethan's political takes.

No. 1426756


Yeah, he is much more talkative now too. I think that Ethan tried to exploit his sweety face mod or at least encourage him to do that duckface that kinda got viral from the early LoveBot days.

No. 1426760


This is Greek yogurt milky! The holy trinity is now together.

No. 1426762

imagine all four scrotes in a room, you could power dan's chair on the hubris alone

No. 1426767

massive kek at the infamous diaper pic @12:10

No. 1426829

Kek Ethan is mad at 6ix9ine’s boyfriend Ak

No. 1427146

This bitch hung out with Alex Jones and probably fucked him since AJ has a fetish for T porn.

No. 1427203

File: 1643191247094.png (434.48 KB, 594x569, okethan.png)

This is Ethan's response after Joe Rogan invited Jordan Peterson to his podcast this week

No. 1427205

File: 1643191465978.png (321.34 KB, 594x411, original.png)

No. 1427206

File: 1643191563067.png (256.34 KB, 593x608, cringe.png)

No. 1427344

File: 1643210015114.jpeg (453.49 KB, 828x1082, 28C16849-536A-423A-85F2-9A4231…)

Autistic but humble back fat roller got 3 cherries in a row with likes, comments and followers on his live podcast. Looks totally legit and not bought.

No. 1427379

Meant to post this last night. But. Yes Ethan, Rogan probably knows who you are and he and Peterson probably talked about you. Off air. And decided you were too pathetic to actually give real attention to.

People with actual influence will only give you the time of day to ridicule you. Tops. Not actually engage with you.


No. 1427443


The fat, the bubble and the squeaky. May these 3 gentlemen rest in peace

No. 1427445

Blaire White has a knack of slagging people that won't know how to respond. Since Ethan is pandering to tranny nation he's going to have to keep his mental illness in check while addressing this cause he'll want to go for low blows.

No. 1427474


I am wondering if he’s going to respond on a podcast and somehow make fun of her or he will try to bury it completely so he would not have to say anything at all.

No. 1427692

He has to ignore it or else he's walking into field of landmines.

Who else could Joe Rogan feasibly interview that would make Ethan lose his shit? Because these tantrums are so good.

No. 1427726

Can anyone fact check this? Since BW's whole Janae Marie Kroc scandal I don't trust her and one of the comments already clarifies that Joe Rogan does smoke cigarettes occasionally.

No. 1427780

he does smoke cigars and weed

No. 1427830

File: 1643245462245.jpeg (267.99 KB, 828x455, B90CDBC1-C5A1-4197-AC0C-54E0B6…)

He did post a reply to Blair super late kek and it’s an hour long.

No. 1427858

File: 1643246865281.png (12.37 KB, 319x382, cockgoblers.PNG)

Saw Ethan tweet about one of his award shows coming up and i peeked the nominations. This category just seems like an award list for everyone badmouthing trisha.

Mr beard, the lefty that called trisha an actual nazi finally got noticed by ethan

No. 1427865

KOOK, for real?

I literally chocked on my poison.

The only one from this list who still has his three brain cells is D’Angelo. All other passengers may be on H3 payroll but knowing Ethan, they are probably doing it all for free and clout.

No. 1428044

Thats what it maxes out at anon, it just means he hasn't checked the notifications in a while and has over 100 of each

No. 1428121

>I never said that I was healthier than Joe or smarter than Jordan Peterson. Blaire White is strawmaning me!
>She is a pickme girl for the altright!
>I am not being woke to be popular because Joe Rogan is more popular than me.
>People are allowed to change and grow. I am sorry I didn't turn into a white nationalist like you, Blaire.
>Moses suggested I bring Jordan Peterson to the podcast, I didn't know anything about him. Blame Moses, not me.
>Yeah, I had a show with Trisha Paytas but that doesn't make me problematic because she is not a thought leader. Trisha is not leading people anywhere, people know she is bad and has bad opinions. But people follow Jordan Peterson for his ideas.
>I am not spineless because I am standing all the conservatives. Bye, girl!
>The hormones that you, Blaire, take are completely normal and healthy but the hormones that Joe takes are bad.

No. 1428133

i laughed way harder every time ethan called robbie 'dude' than i did when onion raged and called him a cunt.

No. 1428184

His twitter picture, the thumbnails, its all so irksome.

I didnt watch this, but the only times Ethan is careful in his interviews with women is when they are trans women. I wonder why that is? Truly a mistery.

No. 1428189

In the unreleased next podcast episode Oliver Tree 'jokingly' tells Ethan he's fallen off without Trisha, that he hasn't had a single video above 2mil views since she left and he gets completely stunlucked

No. 1428258

File: 1643294247674.png (333.13 KB, 1193x787, EDE86D2A-EDE2-42D6-8DAA-CF03A3…)

The Oliver Tree shit is so contrived. Are they gonna try to recreate the Trisha dynamic with every guest from now on?

No. 1428269

Aha! Ethan is innocent and Moses is the real bad guy! He made Ethan do this interview! And must have stopped him from using Google to look anything up!

He is such a fucking baby. Can't own up to a goddamn thing.

No. 1428270

File: 1643296560353.webm (3.55 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

>Ain't nobody watching your podcast since Trisha left. You should have gave her that 5%.
>Everybody is on payroll, no one will say shit to you. Trisha, he needs you.

No. 1428286

How can anyone stand to watch a full podcast episode of this?

No. 1428307

Braindead teenagers

No. 1428309

File: 1643300689134.jpg (95.41 KB, 1051x422, Screenshot_20220127-112354_You…)

Is he that dense or is he purposely misrepresenting Blaire's point?

No. 1428323

Sometimes when i check the h3 reddit for the foot soldiers reaction on stuff i come across unironic posts about calling in sick at work to watch upcoming shows. I don't get it either

No. 1428340

Keep digging your grave with Hila's extended family by blaming your BIL for your own fuck ups and sending your rabid hate mob to attack him.

No. 1428341

Idk who this guy is but I like these tweets lol

No. 1428363

Don't tell me yall are going to start caping for blaire white of all people in this thread just to dunk on Ethan lol.
Ethan is right. I watched Blaires whole video and all she does is half-assedly defend Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan with literal right wing talking points like "they're just asking questions" when Joe Rogan is literally an anti vaxxer.

Also Jordan Peterson is not being silenced by having 2 interviews deleted which is her entire (stupid) point. Ethan deleting those so he doesn't seem like he still supports him is a good move for his image imo. The fact that everyone freaked out about it so bad is a little strange imo. Who cares?

No. 1428365

>muh right wing

go back to twitter pfizer-chan

No. 1428376

I think for a good number of people it's not about defending JP or wk the right. More that Ethan is a lying hypocrite. He knew about Peterson. He's so full of shit when he says he didn't and now is using Moses as an excuse. It comes down to if he's such a legendary interviewer then he knew. And if that's the case he's just pandering to his dwindling audience and making an ass of himself.

If this had genuinely been a good move for his image, then this shit wouldn't be happening and his subs would be increasing.

No. 1428398

We are not defending Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson, just calling out Ethan for being a grifter. He read JP's books and talked about his politics and stance on transgender issues in the podcast. His excuse is bullshit.

No. 1428408

holy shit ethan used to be THAT skinny during podcast era?

No. 1428413

File: 1643308923376.jpeg (86.23 KB, 640x896, 7SCPwId0b-cQOxLZzEdtkdLkR4zqnz…)

No. 1428419

his belly looks very tight and uncomfortable

No. 1428426

And to think there are anons that think Ethan and Hila still have a sex life kek

No. 1428431

What the fuck, he actually looks pregnant. Does all his fat just move to his baby bump?

No. 1428434

His neck/chin is mental

No. 1428435

Looks like a beer belly tbh

No. 1428452

No wonder why Ethan got so upset about nikocados onlyfans. He has done the same youtube ganer route just without monetizing it like nikocado did.

No. 1428600

Honestly i wont be surprised if Ethan makes an onlyfans in a while, when the numbers drop a little bit more. He is always "supporting" women that do it and mocking men who do OF, but we all know hes a hypocrite and will do anything for the dolla. He will probably be a coward and play it off as a joke aswell, just like he did with the clickbaiting. His fans are so smart that they will eat it up and criticize anyone who doesnt get the "joke".

No. 1428734


This! The stupidest thing is that Blair Witch could destroy Ethan with valid arguments and some actual research about the times when he fucked up, but instead she just took his tweets out of context, erased dates on them and overall was super lazy in her video. It may be a consequence of making videos for brain dead auditory for years but Idk, it’s painful to watch, as well as all of her content. Her channel is a Facebook simulator naratted by a pretty token bitch.

No. 1428738


He 100% used Moses as an excuse because he knows that his minions are hating on everything Trish/Moses related. Imagine being so stupid you don’t do any research (as he claims) before interviewing a person like Peterson and taking business advice from Moses.

No. 1428741


I got it later but it was too late to delete the post kek. Thanks for the explanation though.

No. 1428744


I somehow think they do their ding dong somehow, I don’t know why but I believe in it and it’s not that I care a lot.

Hila looks like she can be happily asexual and Ethan can stroke the snake watching Belle Delphine to fulfill his needs though.

No. 1428842

File: 1643331440862.jpeg (302.04 KB, 828x455, C30FDB15-B284-407F-9FA6-3D766C…)

Ethan somehow looks three times fatter than earlier today or yesterday kek.

No. 1428845

File: 1643331655209.jpeg (124.62 KB, 374x452, 79925D0B-BF01-4C35-8C6C-979A0C…)

Girl he is HUGE

No. 1428861

File: 1643332596633.gif (1.3 MB, 278x270, chicken-limp.gif)

No. 1428872

I thought the same thing, somehow he looks bigger than just earlier this week?

No. 1428880

File: 1643333765308.jpeg (343.04 KB, 828x712, 26EDCE11-D201-4264-A231-B8B29A…)

Lol, I thought that all the H3-ass-licking boys and girls are on the same page, but it looks like lil stinker Adam tries to bork something against Rich Lux whoopsie.

No. 1428894


I know, right?
I checked his most recent videos: about Blair which is from yesterday probably and another sour milk one about Sienna May that he uploaded today. He doesn’t edit them or something so he probably uploaded them right after filming.

How the fuck his face bloated like he’s a bullfrog? He also never choose flattering angles or something while filming so it’s not an “instagram vs reality” situation. And he doesn’t drink. Baby weight or some fast food binge then kek.

No. 1428925

I can't wait to see how Ethan handles this infighting. He can't have them turning on each other.

If I was D'Angelo I would be praying not to win and would never mention it.

No. 1428972


Let’s see. Ethan may fart about it slightly in his upcoming videos on the “Ethan Klein” channel. It’s not popular enough to boil everything between fans who started praising Adam after shout out from Donna on Families but may be ok to send a stfu pill to McIntyre.

No. 1429103

The irony of him saying he knows he's a good drama channel then crying for adam to stop bringing up drama that effects him lol. If you can't handle the heat why are you dishing it out to other creators on the weekly?

No. 1429104

>Ethan deleting those so he doesn't seem like he still supports him is a good move for his image imo
Ethan deleting the JP interviews, but keeping the ones with Shane Dawson, Chris D'Elia and Bobby Lee is a bad move for him. He rather to support pedophiles than JP?

No. 1429118

EXACTLY. JP is an ass but he hasn’t actively abused anyone that I know of, meanwhile Ethan has 3 PODCASTS of underage groomer Chris D’elia still on his channel

No. 1429141

File: 1643362764578.png (83.61 KB, 592x486, raciststan.png)

Adam dug up an old tweet to take out the competition for Ethan's Steamies Awards. In the tweet, Richlux said that there's nothing wrong with stanning a racist, it's bad but not illegal kek


No. 1429164

kek I also dont know who this is but he sounds based
> Oliver plz

No. 1429165

File: 1643366436800.png (677.31 KB, 604x973, steamies.png)

Def Noodles won the drama channel award and co-hosted the podcast

No. 1429176

damn he even lost oliver tree? How the hell do you fall off with oliver tree

No. 1429192

They’re just messing around and fake fighting for clout; although there is a biting truth to the things that Oliver is saying about Ethan.

No. 1429200

File: 1643373526168.png (1.05 MB, 1034x728, dn.png)

gee, i wonder why

No. 1429259

File: 1643382455783.jpeg (303.87 KB, 828x454, BE7DCEAC-912C-474A-AC64-265519…)

Ethan jumped on a cringe train with reviewing an interview between Fox news and quasi stereotypical reddit mod who is also an alleged rapist lol. Commentators are warning Ethan that said mod is non-binary and Ethan is “digging his grave” by calling that blob “guy” all the time like it’s somehow can make their reputations worse. I am wondering if Ethan knows that this is how his own mods also look and act like.

No. 1429278


It was a wet dream of many Ethan’s fans to see Def Noodles on the podcast. I remember people speculating that DN will be a (full time) new co-host when Frenemies and Families ended. It’s lovely because Def has an on-screen personality of a plain bagel, but his hard work with liking Ethan’s ass finally got him there.

No. 1429287

kek And Adam and Rich are probably fuming. Over a lame award from a failing podcast run by a misogynistic pig. YouTube is inscrutable to me.

No. 1429347

File: 1643392922196.png (3.09 MB, 1792x828, 1D59E8F0-E009-4D4E-AEE4-CD8C29…)


No. 1429359

File: 1643393898071.jpeg (283.82 KB, 828x449, B93BBD06-1B9E-408A-95A4-590907…)

He’d seen her switching këk. Idk why, I just love this screenshot, it’s like a Renaissance painting.

No. 1429648

What does he even eat that he can gain weight this quickly?

No. 1429765


the kek is that he doesn’t like pasta

No. 1429865

He just eats a shit ton of highly processed junk washed down with sugary drinks. You can tell food is constantly on his mind and he’s constantly seeking out ways to eat. On the recent podcast Ethan ordered Taco Bell under the guise of Love being able to try Mexican food and Dan remarked that Ethan had started gorging himself before they’d even started the segment kek

No. 1429910

Why does this guy look like Ethan Klein in a wig?

No. 1429921

His only joy in life is cigarettes and french fries…

No. 1429933

Didn't he smoke just to look cool infront of post malone? serves him right if that is what got him actually addicted

No. 1429934

I know Ethan likes to remark on others needing therapy, but if he's on antidepressants long term and he is getting more unhealthy clearly the treatment is not working. He should probably go to therapy and figure out why he's so fucking miserable.

No. 1429936

He was smoking in Israel on one video iirc, he also smoked weed. Him and Hila would take drugs before having kids.

No. 1430048

I love they have to ask fat ass Sam what the Taco Bell item is

No. 1430220

File: 1643486421525.png (445.62 KB, 486x586, lmao.png)

the average h3h3 fan.

No. 1430500

File: 1643510863644.jpeg (307.9 KB, 734x454, 8D1BC25B-CEEA-4F5D-AEC7-DAA7AB…)

Ethan says he relates to Hila’s pregnancy because he can’t tie his shoes without having a cardiac arrest.

No. 1430509

Kek why? Leave the poor thing alone

No. 1430625

And he has the nerve to make defibrillator jokes about Nikocado? Kek the delusion and projection outta this fatty in denial

No. 1430644

anyone knows if trisha did more onlyfans content with moses?

No. 1430661

He also mentioned that he can’t reach to wipe when he goes to the toilet…truly grim

No. 1430664

…How is he getting cleaned? Is Hila doing it for him?

No. 1430749

He has a bionic toilet that cleans his ass for him and dries it, imagine the wonderful scent his ass hairs leave in the bathroom after being blowdried. Its only fair after a long day of shit talking on stream and driving his rolls royce while lecturing people about socialism.

No. 1430773

I have not had enough coffee for this image. My morning is done now, nonnie. Kek

I love the comment he makes in the beginning, when she says she feels like she can't breathe, that now she gets how he feels every day. Because yes Ethan, your wife growing a human being is the same as you being a fatass.

No. 1430793

That's fucking grotesque. There is something to be sad about shaming people that are past the point of functioning due to just bad living style. Like jesus. He needs to work out.

No. 1430809

It’s mind boggling considering the resources available at his millionaire finger tips. You could afford the best quality food in the world and you’re still eating Taco Bell and Papa Johns? Wtf

No. 1431084


He is just a fat moron addicted to salty/sweety food (”healthy food” can also be turned into a sloppy dump mass with tons of cheese and sauce) with an excuse of using Lexapro; whatever, kêk. He will eat himself in several years (maybe not, I just want to be göthic) and will leave his widow, two sons and tho dogs with gastro problems alone and probably happy.

No. 1431133

File: 1643594731929.png (520.82 KB, 864x1427, Screenshot_20220130-200312~2.p…)


No. 1431261

Holy shit I thought this was nikocado avocado

No. 1431450

File: 1643638211685.png (328.61 KB, 640x741, tf4kdo5nk0f81.png)

defnoodles claiming trisha is rediagnosing herself with DID, this guy is full of shit all she did in the video was explain why she thought she had it once, and as you can expect all the die-hard h3tards are in the comments he should fuck off and go back to reporting how tasty ethans asshole is

No. 1431470


Fuck he looks disgusting. How does he suddenly look so bloated and fat?? I think he said he was 5'10". Looking at weight loss pictures of men who are the same height, I'd say he's past the 300lbs at this point.

No. 1431479

She's losing subs, her video watch counts are low, she's not done anything interesting, and isn't giving this attention. I cannot fathom how people outside of the H3 universe would actually care about this.

No. 1431740



He dissolves in who he “likes” at the moment

No. 1431742


Def Noodles is just sad, I can’t even be acidic with this guy. His whole “Steamy Awards” part on the recent H3 podcast episode is painful to watch, he tries so hard to please his fatty master.

No. 1431919

Does he admit this somewhere?

No. 1431930

And yet, the drama channels are still making videos about her daily. The tea channel cottage industry runs on Trisha Paytas videos

No. 1431979

Is this guy a retard or does he think the rest of us are retards?

He talks about keem on his podcast and makes a surprised pikachu face when keem responds. Ethan must want to do this with keem for forever he knows what he's doing.

No. 1432046

File: 1643702408103.png (566.93 KB, 586x592, Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 10.58…)


i'd say yeah, guy looks like he has an intellectual disability and acts like he has one too

No. 1432057

File: 1643704944218.png (193.28 KB, 597x546, babybruce.png)

Ethan can't help to pick stupid fights during his break. His feed has more tweets about Joe Rogan and Keemstar than his family.

No. 1432143

It's funny cause I peeked at Def's social blade and he isn't losing subs but his Trisha videos don't seem to be giving his channel amazing numbers. So he's mostly pandering to a stagnant audience. But, job security I guess.

No. 1432157


Another lol is that Keemstar tweeted about him when Hila had contractions + she is now ready to go to the hospital at any moment and he chooses to make a video about Keemstar.

Honestly, the only kinda wholesome moment on his new channel was when Ethan made a video about the new cosmic telescope or something like that. It could be a weird smaller channel where he could talk about whatever random boomer thing he wants but he spiralled down to gossiping about breakups and Keemstar really quick kek.

No. 1432165

If he manages to go the first week of his baby's life without mentioning anything beyond his family I will be genuinely impressed.

No. 1433033

File: 1643828720607.jpeg (374.83 KB, 750x583, EDA6F644-3FFE-492A-BFE2-6F3C19…)

Baby is here

No. 1433061

I haven't been keeping up with Hila's pregnancy but I thought she was having triplets?

No. 1433069

Where did you get that?

No. 1433073

Oh no, he's going for the boob! Doesn't he knows that Hila's milk-bar is permanently closed? Hope Ethan didn't forget to pack the formula.

No. 1433076

oh no he looks like ethan

No. 1433082

Okay but that’s a pretty cool date to be born on

No. 1433108

They thought they were because they had a super early scan that detected 2-3 sacs but at a later check up it turned out there was only 1

No. 1433109

I'm pretty sure that was just a joke Trisha made on the podcast because women who do IVF tend to have twins/triplets more than the average person.

No. 1433121

When the milk comes in and the baby is feeding every hour she won’t cope and will switch over. Nursing or pumping takes time and attention as opposed to bottle feeding w/formula which can be done by a nanny. In b4 we get a sob story about feeling like “a machine”

No. 1433124

File: 1643833626894.jpg (137.03 KB, 715x709, 20220202_142540.jpg)

Is this true? Or are they just trying for clicks (popcrave)?

No. 1433129

You know what it would be really awful if they posted something like that for clicks. I hope the best for the baby tho. It has nothing to do with what his parents did or do.

No. 1433131

That's mad fucked up if it's just for clicks.

No. 1433132

are you retarded

No. 1433151

It's sucking on a pacifier in the first pic. Definitely alive.

No. 1433159

And I doubt the parents would look as happy as they do if the baby was dead..

No. 1433181

Nice quads, bruce

No. 1433209

File: 1643840987168.jpg (8.28 KB, 175x275, 1624073869850.jpg)

even if i was too retarded and sheltered to not know what formula was, i would be desperate to give my child anything especially if a saw them losing weight. i'd give them cow milk, juice, anything. but to not even have done that?? and still wondering why the baby is starving?? it's like not being able to add 1 + 1 holy shit.

No. 1433212

New to the thread but i just really hated how Hila was complaining about breastfeeding. I understand its difficult for some to produce and I totally understand that, but the fact that she was making it alllll about her and how inconvienent it is for her is absolutly ridiculous. Its not about you. Its about your newborn baby who cant even fend for themselves. Saying you dont want to be a milk machine is so overdramatic. Thats literally what boobs are for.(new to the whole site)

No. 1433222


I can't remember which podcast it was but Ethan did say they started using formula after the baby had to go into the hospital because the child was severely constipated and found out Hila's breastmilk didn't have enough nutrients. Hopefully they learned their lession this time and just go straight to formula lol.

No. 1433223

exactly. she talks more about her own feelings during it. yeah you must have felt worse than the newborn literally starving. i would have been absolutely embarrassed and ashamed if i was too stupid to see that something was wrong. it's so telling that they're both so comfortable talking about this. i would have kept this to myself.

No. 1433371

Born into a rich family on 2.2.22
God I wish that were me

No. 1433452

they probably induced labor so it was born on the sacred day. jews love numerology

No. 1433531

both of you sound insane. shitting on a woman for her choice and opinion about HER OWN breastfeeding makes you sound like sad, nosy middle aged women or scrotes. The baby of a millionare is going to starve and die because she struggles breastfeeding? get it together and stop embarassing yourselves
inb4 whiteknight I don't give a fuck about h3h3 and i don't post in this thread

No. 1433561

Different anon here but have you even seen the video where they talk about Theodore’s first week? It’s not anons over exaggerating. The issue isn’t that Hila wasn’t producing milk (it’s quite common) the problem was that they didn’t have the sense to act on it and almost dehydrated their own son to death despite the fact he was crying all the time and losing weight rapidly.

No. 1433572

File: 1643871678994.jpeg (754.94 KB, 851x2039, 634D03A6-137E-4ED2-AD48-B6E5E9…)

if you didn’t think the h3 fans could get weirder and more retarded i advise you to look at this, all dat just for a randos baby being born?

No. 1433578

>The baby of a millionare is going to starve and die because she struggles breastfeeding?
That's exactly what happened to their first baby because they were dumb enough to not know that formula was a choice. Theodore starved for a week. Ethan and Hila couldn't figure out why the baby was crying for hours, didn't sleep and was losing weight while being millionaires. A few weeks ago, Hila talked smack about breastfeeding mothers and called them "machines", "in a cult", etc. because she couldn't breastfeed her own child years ago.

No. 1433583

Ethan talked about wanting the baby to be born on 2.2.22 in his side channel

No. 1433615

This isn't even the first time that Hila goes after pregnant women or mothers. Remember how her comments made the H3 fans harass Christine Quinn, a woman who had recently given birth?

No. 1433616

The kids are gonna grow up to be grimey gross and fat so no need to be jealous

No. 1433618

Barfed in my mouth a bit, this is creepy.

No. 1433638

>Hila's breastmilk didn't have enough nutrients
This bitch can't even change her ana-chan ways to feed her own baby. I assume with her being barely-functioning autistic she probably only eats a couple of chicken nuggets a day and can't eat vegetables because of "tExTuRe". That's probably why she has such an unhealthy complexion and such a sunken-in face. Baby has probably been starving in her womb the entire pregnancy. Hope the nannies who take care of the little one will feed him properly.

No. 1433645

They'll catch Ethan's eating habits when they grow up I'm sure of it.

No. 1433658


Ethan said on his crooked personal channel (after talking about Keemstar) that Hila had contractions for a couple of days and the baby was due Tuesday (Feb 1st) theoretically but they hoped to suck it back to Wednesday so he would be born on 2/2/22 kek

No. 1433662


Would be interesting, but they said it on their podcast eons ago that the scan showed that they have triplets and also were asking a chat if it’s shitty to have 3 siblings and wouldn’t Theodor be jealous.

After they were okay with having 4 kids, another scan showed that they have only one baby and it would likely have only one functioning kidney too as well as some stomach issues. The doctor was terrified when Ethan said that he is a pureblood aka inbred Ashkenazi Jew so they ran a lot of additional tests and it’s possible that another health issues will appear.

No. 1433668


Most likely, because Hila lives on avocado toasts, Donna has lactose and gluten intolerance as well as a ton of allergies, Gary is Gary and the only person who eats is Ethan.

Hila’s mom looks healthy and cooks actual food in their family but I hope that they won’t end her life by fleeing her to the US to care for their toddler family.

No. 1433673

>Having Ethan and Hila as your parents
>Your grandfather is a groomer that publicly lusts after women 1/4 his age
>Surrounded by dogs that eat your shit
>Forced to wear Teddy Fresh for the rest of your life
>Dirty mansion full of dog shit and flies
Ok, anon

No. 1433676

File: 1643895251794.jpeg (446.78 KB, 828x812, 5AA62F82-604F-49F7-B9D4-846994…)

Overweight vampire takes a selfie with his victim and her newly born wrap. It’s like Ethan is sucking her energy and storing it in his buttcheeks.

No. 1433677

I do like that purple flower hoodie, does anyone know what site they ripped that design off? I don't want to buy Teddyfresh but I would purchase the original.

No. 1433681

How is being a fan like that so unrelatable to me? The thing is these are often not even children or something… it's grown-ups. Cringe letter.

No. 1433682

File: 1643896326318.jpeg (996.55 KB, 828x1037, 52D6F158-9896-4F2F-BEEA-96D353…)


I didn’t find anything exactly like this piece, but it kinda reminds me of these supreme hoodies. Imo, Teddy Fresh one looks kinda lighter to me and I love purple.

No. 1433683

Buying Supreme is even dumber than Teddy Fresh. I just want a nice affordable purple flower hoodie that doesn't have a dumb brand name printed on it.

No. 1433702


that's what I wanted to add to that message too but didn’t, so it ended up looking dumb, kek. Two overpriced pieces of shit.

I got what you meant, if this design was stolen from someone on Etsy or something like that. My theory that it was, but in form of just graphic design turned to a hoodie (like they did with Yurie Sekiya and her stickers, but she is too large to not credit her + they wanted to brag that they “support independent creators)”.

Update: I just saw that DollsKill released a collection with Sekiya at the same time Teddy Fresh did, in October. Hila really can’t make anything original.

No. 1433749

i haven’t checked on anything h3 in a while but it is really something seeing hila’s nasty side as she used to pretend to be so sweet and quiet. i remember scrotes used to fall over themselves for her because of the fact she was so quiet. come to find out she’s just an underhanded cunt like her husband.

No. 1433750

shame on Ethan if he pressured Hila into getting an induction the day after her due date, they carry greater risks and often result in more intense and painful contractions

No. 1433844

seems like the baby is for sure still alive so wtf?

No. 1433879

hila was shitting on breastfeeding mothers, anon. she insinuated that they are lazy and have no life because all they do is be a breastfeeding machine. meanwhile her husband made stupid coomer jokes about drinking all of her milk before theodore was born, sucking his mom's nipples until he was 8 and using semen to feed the baby.

No. 1433952


I remember it clearly, he was filming one of his attacks on Keemstar I think, and he probably asked her to come closer to the camera for something and she said that she is “too pregnant to stand up”

No. 1433961


I think she is naturally camera-shy and awkward so it was the most of her personality people caught. When H3 fans started to praise her for being Monotone Monika, she kinda spread her pigeon wings and started to be more active.

Screenshots of her and Ethan’s texting with Trisha after Frenemies shittsunami shows that she is a sassy bitch + she is definitely enjoying her status of the only queen at the podcast. She also was often silent when Ethan was making stupid jokes about other women while starting into the abyss or finger rolling her hair.

Autistic behaviour is her style at this point so it’s hard for fans to see when she acts like an egoistic bitch or just weird quirky autistic “icon”.

No. 1433967


Bless you, anon.

Not that I somehow care but I just don’t get this tits-hate. Breastfeeding is a routine you can’t stop in a second and it can be exhausting morally and physically. She went through it because she thought she can or should do it but poor Mrs. Bonehilda couldn’t carry it, so what?

There is a lot of other things about her we can milk.

No. 1433975

That's an extremely inappropriate joke to make about your own child. Pedophilic even.

No. 1433979

Imagine what would happen if they brought on some other female host who eathen lusted after

No. 1434328

If I remember correctly, Hila said she liked the Instagram vs Reality video because it made her feel better about herself. You know, the video where Ethan makes fun of women and calls them whales.

No. 1434337

she acts like ethan is some kind of prize, like he’s this hot 6’6” king david type dude that women are just dropping their panties for. i have seen other women do the most for ugly scrotes and it’s strange to me. like no one wants this man other than for his money. she’s so insecure over nothing.

No. 1434387

Source for claims? When did he say that? I've never seen that scene in any videos that analyzed his problematic behaviour.

No. 1434391

ethan is one of the ugliest people i've ever seen lol

No. 1434411


And it’s a wonder of nature that he is somehow becomes even uglier, he now looks like a fat version of Moe Szyslak. Plus, it’s hard to believe, but probably his current grey mop on the head is some kind of a good hairstyle for him because whenever he tries something else (like in a video with Oliver Tree when he was in a black wig) his face looks five times fatter.

No. 1434500

Yeah I've definitely noticed Hila likes attention from the crew and lights up when Ethan shits on other women. She's "one of the guys" but she's not, she's the other boss and ethan's wife. How come the other girl that was there isn't anymore? Was Hila cold to her? Trish always mentioned how she didn't think Hila liked her then got defensive when Ethan said they greet her when she comes to the house and she was like yes! She does! but I can just imagine Hila not being very warm and it would make you maybe overthink if you're doing something wrong.

That's probably why all the h3 incels hype him up so much. They're trying to make ugly cool.

No. 1434614

File: 1644000210655.png (254.64 KB, 737x288, insanity.png)

Someone got the banner of Ethan's personal channel tattooed on their arm