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File: 1644996984082.jpeg (144.87 KB, 960x720, cowdom.jpeg)

No. 1444501

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha's hometown.

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's husband.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate, Olivia Lopez: H3H3 crew members.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.
- Mysterious Tea: Shane stan making a Trisha documentary.

The H3/Trisha Ongoing Feud
>Ethan and Trisha had a very successful show called Frenemies. One of its high points was when Ethan and Trisha exposed David Dobrik and supported a rape victim, who was taken advantage by the Vlog Squad.
>During the last episode, Trisha was upset that she had no say in what happens in the show and how repetitive the segments were. It escalated into an argument where Trisha asked for the show to end because she didn't want to walk out while the cameras were still rolling.
>Trisha had an online meltdown and made a bunch of videos saying that she quits the show. Ethan accuses Trisha of wanting to fire the crew and made everything about her wanting 5% more from the profits.
>Trisha made more videos, attempting to explain herself but making herself look worse in the process. Ethan made content based on her responses, which got him lots of views.
>Ethan invited Trisha to record one more episode of Frenemies to promote the merch, but decided to not not air it once everything sold out.
>Trisha went to Keemstar's podcast after she called him out for dating a woman who is too young for him. Ethan took it personally and sent his fans to attack her. When Ethan's mother piled on the hate, Trisha defended herself and mentioned that Donna sent Moses a vile message. The message, which blames Trisha for a potential miscarriage, was read in Families. Outside of the H3 bubble, people sided with Trisha, which prompted Families to get cancelled to protect Donna from further scrutiny and drama.
>Ethan unlisted an episode of Frenemies and asked Trisha to clarify her sexual abuse. This started a shit show, which got drama channels and H3 fans riled up. Trisha's former classmates came forward to accuse the teacher of being inappropriate but H3 fans dismissed and harassed them. Trisha had a meltdown online and privated her Twitter. She eventually came back with a video thanking the classmates and admitting she made a mistake with the child porn charge but is still standing on her allegations against the teacher. Petty Paige's video >>>/snow/1331953
>Trisha stops giving Ethan and his fans attention. Nevertheless, she and everyone in her life continues to get harassed: Ethan's fans mass downvote every video that she makes, leave negatives comments in all her content, contacted her sponsors, called the cops on Trisha's mother, harassed Trisha's brother and his family, sent messages to Moses's workplace, doxxed Moses' former partners, etc.
>Trisha and Moses got married, which prompts Ethan to be "mask-off”, insult Trisha’s family and say “Justice for Mr R”, her sexual abuser. She made a video asking him to leave her alone. Ethan took out the portions of the video where he insults Trisha’s family out and complains about how much pressure he has been under after a fight with Hila.
>Ethan praises tea channels and people who speak negatively about Trisha. He is caught following/unfollowing Trisha’s Tiktok, visiting r/Trishyland regularly (a hate subreddit dedicated to Trisha) on his personal computer and continues to bring her up regularly.

Other Controversies
>Throughout the years, Ethan and Keemstar have antagonized each other ever since Keemstar went to the H3 podcast and Ethan badmouthed him afterwards.
>In 2020, Ethan made a Content Nuke video on Keemstar. The two go back and forth responding to allegations and throwing dirt at each other. Then Keemstar reuploads Gokanaru's The Death of h3h3 Productions, which gets striked down right away. Keemstar is forced to apologize by YT.
>Ethan got suspended for one week in YT because he simulated a call from Keemstar's then girlfriend and made her talk about Keemstar's dick.

Ryan Kavanaugh
>Ethan showed clips from a pay-per-view boxing event and encouraged his fans to pirate it. He gets two lawsuits from Triller.
>Ethan starts a year long harassment campaign against Ryan Kavanaugh, a founder of the app. Ethan read fake reviews in the podcast, has framed articles about Ryan on the background, sold shirts with his face, created a website comparing him to Harvey Weinstein and weaponized his fans to participate in the harassment. H3 fans review bomb Triller, make memes of Ryan and harass/bully him, his family and friends.
>Ryan sues Ethan for defamation.
>Ethan continues making fun of Ryan, mocks his family and possibly hired a plane to draw a penis on the sky next to Ryan’s name >>1422551

>Daphney is a hook-up that Moses had on Valentine's Day 2020. When Moses and Trisha started dating, she released text messages of Moses comparing Trisha to Miss Piggy. After apologizing to Moses personally, she reappears a year later to say that Moses stealthed her. Catnipz, an ex-girlfriend, makes a post in r/h3h3productions to support Daphney.
>Moses releases text messages revealing that Daphney was begging for more sex after the hook-up and was more upset that he stopped following her Instagram.
>Daphney made livestreams while high on pot, spilling tea on any dirt she had on Moses from how he washes his clothes to how his bed looked like. In one of those lives, she confessed that she saw Moses take off the condom, but continued having sex with him anyway.
>Daphney took a selfie with James Charles, which made her back away from the public when people turned on her and called her a clout chaser.
>Daphney and Catnipz made brief reappearances to criticize the styling decisions in Moses and Trisha’s wedding.
>Catnipz continues to gossip about Moses in r/Trishyland.
>Daphney insinuated that Trisha should get an abortion and implies that Moses is a pedophile after Trisha’s pregnancy announcement.

Last Thread
>Hila's absence on the show and Ethan's comment about “going through something” makes anons speculate that they have been fighting >>1395595, >>1395659. Ethan's fans turn on Hila for allegedly asking him to stop talking about Trisha >>1395623, >>1395987, >>1395989
>During Hila's baby shower, Ethan was caught following/unfollowing Trisha on Tiktok >>1396828, >>1396835 and again a week after New Year >>1411900
>Ethan receives a copystrike for a year old video. He can't upload the Christmas special podcast >>1397958, >>1398023, >>1398018. His fans >>1397961, >>1398056 and his sister >>1398042 blame Trisha. Donna makes posts encouraging fans to protest for Ethan >>1398124, >>1398402
>Ethan's sister tweets a photo of Ethan in blackface >>1398401, deletes everything but continues liking tweets shading Trisha.
>Turns out that YouTube removed a video where Ethan shows a person dying >>1398462 and his ban was lifted >>1399120. However there was a COVID outbreak in the Teddy Fresh office, so they aren’t be able to film >>1399121
>Ethan makes a live on Twitter where he sounds intoxicated. He talks about Susan Wojinki peeing in his mouth >>1398615 and Gary Vee >>1398571, >>1398753
>Keemstar calls Gary a creep and shows his inappropriate tweets at women >>1399917, >>1399926, >>1400681, >>1401037. Gary was trying to get women to talk or meet with him privately >>1400702, encouraging them to send nudes >>1400681 and interacting with female H3 fans
>Ethan continues to harass Ryan Kavanaugh >>1397365, >>1401959, >>1404839, >>1422551, >>1423321
>Nik makes a response video to Ethan claiming that he is making too demands to come to the podcast >>1400892, >>1401456, >>1420118, >>1420575
>Trisha is making spells and trolling pagans >>1401638, >>1404805
>Trisha starts fertility treatments >>1403008, >>1416143. Her fertility clinic got doxxed and harassed by r/Trishyland >>1403139.
>Ethan is following and liking ominous tweets by Sean, Trisha's ex-boyfriend >>1404137, >>1404271
>Gary has another account with his daughter photo as pfp >>1405611 to follow porn stars >>1404826, >>1405611
>Ethan is making Tiktoks about Pearl Harbor as Trisha and Moses enjoy their time in Hawaii >>1406157. One of Ethan's fans stalks, takes photos of them and uploads them to r/h3h3productions >>1406545
>r/Trishyland is reposting and complaining about Ethan's lolcow thread >>1408371
>Hila and her Teddy Fresh designers copy an Etsy design >>1408384. Ethan launches his first Teddy Fresh Design >>1396071
>Ethan spends the majority of his Christmas break having online feuds. He says that being white is not a race >>1399111, picks a fight with Joe Rogan >>1408563, >>1408835, >>1409122, >>1409406, >>1427203, >>1427206, >>1435157 (Response: >>1408800, >>1409152), unlists Jordan Peterson's podcasts to appease his woke fans >>1417651, >>1418502, >>1418602 (Response: >>1417814, >>1417651, >>1428398) and accuses DarkViperAU of being a drug addict >>1442299
>Ethan intearacts with tea channels that make Trisha hate content >>1410997, >>1410998, >>1411002, >>1411204, >>1411211 and grants them the honor of being nominated to the Steamies >>1427858
>Ethan's mom is saying that Trisha is worse than a rat >>1412679, >>1412680, >>1412770, >>1415112 and his father is liking tweets from Trisha hate accounts >>1412814
>Ethan has r/Trishyland bookmarked on his personal computer >>1412768, >>1422971 and his history shows that he has visited it multiple times >>1415112
>Ethan wins 2/4 lawsuits >>1416813
>Mr Beard makes a video accusing Trisha of being a literal nazi >>1416851, >>1417518, >>1419809 and Ethan calls it "interesting" >>1417518. Mr Beard cries on stream because a troll threatens to report him to the FBI >>1420414
>In response to Ethan's Joe Rogan tweets, someone made a video talking about Hila and Ethan starving their baby because the experts didn't told him to supplement with formula and they didn't know it was an option >>1418110
>Olivia is leaving the show to go back to school >>1418518. While their baby was dying, Hila was uploading photos of what amazing parents they are >>1419500
>The H3 office is full of dog poop, trash and flies >>1419412
>H3 comes back from the break with a lackluster podcast >>1420326. Ethan and Hila complain about having to take care of Theodore because the nanny was unavailable for a few days >>1420331, don't provide accomodation to Love >>1420387, >>1420451, Hila lashes out against breastfeeding mothers >>1420375, >>1421217, >>1420483
>Ethan makes more videos for his H3TV channel, renamed Ethan Klein: He offends Nik >>1421410 and Nik cancels the interview >>1422037, >>1422236, >>1422243 (Responses: >>1422390, >>1425370), he demonizes a woman getting a divorce from a loveless marriage >>1421447, >>1421462
>Ethan accidentally reveals that they don't sleep in the same bed >>1423925, >>1423952
>Leftovers is in hiatus until April >>1423960
>Love and Cam got kicked out of their apartment. Ethan still won't help them >>1425717
>Ethan was copystriked >>1426326, >>1426567
>Oliver Tree goes to the H3 Podcast and tells Ethan that he needs Trisha >>1428258, >>1428270
>Adam McIntyre and Rich Lux fight for Ethan's attention >>1428880, >>1429141
>Def Noodles hosts the Steamies and it is a snooze fest >>1429165
>Ethan has been gaining a lot of weight and looks disgusting >>1409288, >>1406768, >>1429865, >>1428845, >>1428842, >>1428413, >>1430500, >>1434864, >>1436311, >>1436361. His only joy in life is cigarettes and french fries >>1429921
>Hila gives birth to Baby Bruce on 2.2.2022 >>1433033, >>1435016, >>1435253. Their parasocial fans make cringe posts >>1433572, >>1440306, >>1434614 (a fan tattoos her arm with the banner on Ethan's personal channel), >>1436938 (fighting with Kylie Jenner for also giving birth on 2.2.2022). H3 fans harass Trisha to get her to comment on Hila and Ethan's baby >>1435114, >>1435188
>Ethan brings attention to another video where he says the n word >>1437871, >>1442181
>r/Trishyland is full of unhinged, obsessed psychos that stalk Trisha >>1439559, >>1440067, >>1440068, >>1440454, >>1440462, >>1441364, >>1441705 and Ethan loves it >>1439644. The majority are his fans >>1439817
>Ethan is copying penguinz0/Charlie's videos >>1442301
>Trisha is pregnant >>1443022, >>1442826 and the H3 fans/Trishyland are seething >>1443313, >>1443318, >>1443323, >>1443554, >>1443585, >>1443603, >>1443675, >>1443698, >>1443714. Ethan makes a creepy video about lurking and stalking women >>1442897
>Daphney is angry that Trisha announced her pregnancy on the 2 year anniversary of her first date with Moses. She makes unhinged IG stories telling Trisha that she is unfit to be a mother and implies she should get an abortion, says that Moses is a pedophile and that the baby will kill itself/others >>1443573
>Catnipz is making angry comments in Trishyland for months >>1443814
>H3 is back from hiatus with a Valentines Day episode. The crew plays the Newlywed game. Ethan discourages AB from trying to get in shape >>1443160, is shocked that Zach’s girlfriend has an issue with him paying Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans >>1444161 and plans to share incel rhetoric with his son >>1444167


Trisha Paytas

https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions (Moderated by H3 employees)
https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies12 (Moderated by H3 employees)

Past Threads
1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691
3: >>>/snow/1308812
4: >>>/snow/1344979
5: >>>/snow/1395559

No. 1444517

kek at hila being a horse in the picture

No. 1444546

File: 1645004337047.jpeg (151.71 KB, 828x1472, ixdn4sx3n1i81.jpeg)

No. 1444554

File: 1645005309096.jpg (198.34 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_20220216_105408.jpg)

this is literally 1984

No. 1444557

Half of these are already deleted. Please post screenshots.

No. 1444564

No. 1444572

File: 1645007180806.png (56.15 KB, 842x435, morons.png)

These people are fucking retarded. She said in her video she is 7 and a half weeks pregnant (which matches with the ultrasound she showed). Pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period, in those first 2 weeks you are not even pregnant yet technically, because most women do not ovulate until around day 14 of their cycle (some sooner, some later). Assuming she ovulated on CD 14 that means her conception date would be somewhere around the second week of January (5 weeks and a half ago).

No. 1444573

Just post screenshots, why is that so hard? You can just combine several screenshots into a bigger image even.

No. 1444580

File: 1645007564891.png (71.22 KB, 918x374, lol.png)

Oy gevalt, guys. Don't you know Trisha is a literal card carrying member of the NSDAP? Did you know that she voted Hitler into power TWICE?! Trisha self-handedly pushed my Jewish grandmother into an oven and pushed the button.

No. 1444592

what are they going to do after she gives birth? accuse her of having stolen a baby or something?

No. 1444594

Stolen baby/realdoll/adoption I assume.

No. 1444597

stolen baby would be hilarious

No. 1444598

File: 1645009396819.jpeg (208.01 KB, 1170x1871, w341azvqn2i81.jpeg)

No. 1444606

The fact that this would be cheaper than actually delivering a real baby in the US makes me kek.

No. 1444633

File: 1645013505092.png (545.27 KB, 784x788, creepy.png)

The Trishyland sub is currently filled with women posting their own ultrasound pictures with their names scribbled out. Why? What is this supposed to proof? Their theory is that Trisha edited her name, right? So the only valid comparison would be your name compared to hers on the ultrasound and if it has "fuzzy borders" or whatever. But literally every ultrasound looks different depending on the software that the machine uses you will get a different positioning of text etc. These people are so fucking dumb. The powerleveling is off the walls.

No. 1444652

I know it's so fucking stupid, like the fucking hospital computer monitor wasn't 4k HD clarity so obviously it's fake.

No. 1444663

File: 1645018251121.png (495.02 KB, 864x1470, Screenshot_20220216-072827.png)

The last line is what gets me. Kek

No. 1444726

She posted the vid she filmed when she found out.

No. 1444733

redditors are such freaks of nature

No. 1444735

Kek this is so overdramatic

No. 1444738

Good lord she needs help

No. 1444754

I don’t think these psychos have any business calling Trisha an unfit mother. Imagine obsessing this much over stupid shit when you ostensibly have real life adult responsibilities.

TBH I’m wondering how many of these posts are actually just h3 fanboy scrotes using the ultrasounds of a family member and astroturfing as outraged pregnant women. No actual adult woman who isn’t an autistic retard gives a fuck about this.

No. 1444758

Women who cry because they get pregnant after years of infertility are the worst

No. 1444761

Scrotes are probably peppered in there, but I do believe the majority of the sub are women. Women who are using Trisha as a way to let out the nearly violent anger they have towards their families and/or friends for whatever reason. Because that level of hatred does not scream happy and well adjusted. No matter how much they claim that they are.

No. 1444773

>h3 moids circlejerk on r/h3h3production
>h3 pickmes a-log on r/trishyland
kek i think you've got it figured out, nonnie.

No. 1444787

big high-five for the current and past thread pics. hilarioussss

No. 1444853

Honest question; wtf is the deal with Daphney's allegations? The allegations are about stealthing (nonconsensual removal of a condom) but she said she watched him remove it? I understand why Trisha didn't believe the allegations bc Daphney has tweets from like 10 years ago talking about how she wants to be Trisha and has seemed very clout-chaser-y and overall crazy. But we all know crazy wowmen and even clout chasers can be assaulted.

Yet…I just don't believe her. Does that make me a POS self-hating woman? What does everyone think?

No. 1444869

I don't think so. It's tough because invalidating a victim feels scummy. And maybe she did feel it on a level with the condom removal. Like she saw it but clammed up about saying something. But it's hard. Because she went from stealthing to full on rape and now implying pedophilia. And even sort of implying pedophilia without providing proof is disgusting and life ruining. Unless I'm mistaken and something damning came out about Moses that I missed, she's ruining her own credibility by making these accusations.

No. 1444879

It's crazy seeing all the women on reddit seethe over Trisha. I'm sure every woman can personally relate to having a least one absolute fucking weirdo that hates you for no reason. They could even stalk your social media and just bitch endlessly about you, but at least in Trisha's case she gets to make money off of their hate. How are they not so embarrassed to have an account linked to such spazzy hate posts. Like it's cringe even on lolcow when someone blog posts some identifier to make their opinion oh so credible, reddiots are freaks. Worst fucking social media platform ever.

No. 1444880

I think the stealfjing accusations are bullshit because she wanted to keep sleeping with him. Her cringe texts where she said she would pay for it etc. Also Moses is in his 40s and has managed to not have kids and has even been married before. To me, that seems like a guy that takes precautions to not get women pregnant. Especially now that him and Trisha conceived so soon after their wedding.

No. 1444887

You're right. This is a trend with certain women. Everything is fine until he doesn't want her anymore. Then suddenly 'that one time was actually rape and oh, he's been a pedo this whole time.'

these pick-mes will keep moid secrets and endure their shit until the moid doesn't want them anymore. that effie chick and armie hammer is another good example. They'll weaponize the moid behavior they endured in their 'poor me uwu' melt down.

I'm not shaming victims but lbr. I'm tired of these women being infantilized when they had no issues with these gross moids so long as they were getting dicked down. Suddenly Moses's 'pedophilia' is an issue but it wasn't when he was banging her.

god forbid you point out women are adults and should take responsibility for some things in life.

No. 1444965

File: 1645047535807.jpg (476.97 KB, 1914x1080, 20220216_153648.jpg)

ethan is such a slob, and looks even more like an angry toddler with his face shaved (picrel is from the current 'off the rails')

No. 1444974

Hes gotten so fat, how did this man ever think he had any place shitting on nikocado and joe rogans health

No. 1445003

Even when he was thinner, I cannot in a million years imagine Ethan and Hila having sex

No. 1445115

Sage for jewsperg but almost all of my bloodline got gassed and I would never call Trisha a Nazi. The only reason these people say this is because they dislike her and can use the Nazi receipts when convenient.
To call someone a Nazi with no evidence understates how horrific Nazi ideology and the Holocaust was. I just know that this person's ancestors would be livid to see them using their suffering like this.

No. 1445116

File: 1645065508001.png (769.69 KB, 864x1552, Screenshot_20220216-201313.png)

Trishyland 'bout to start running wild with those pedo implications. Daddy's little girl = molested and/or resented/hated by Trisha? No other possibilities?


No. 1445117

Sage for jewsperg but almost all of my bloodline got gassed and I would never call Trisha a Nazi. The only reason these people say this is because they dislike her and can use the Nazi receipts when convenient.
To call someone a Nazi with no evidence understates how horrific Nazi ideology and the Holocaust was. I just know that this person's ancestors would be livid to see them using their suffering like this.

No. 1445126

Shes INCREDIBLY anti semitic but its so dramatic to call her a nazi. Feel like it kinda waters down the far right people out there who are actively worshipping and being nazis. Trisha is just a fetishist weirdo that says ignorant white girl shit for both reactions and because shes a dipshit. Its not good but there is a difference

No. 1445173

You can tell they're enjoying this fanfiction. Gross.

No. 1445184

I know, I right? It’s like they’re hoping all their fucked up Trishyland fanfic comes true. Apparently wishing sexual abuse and psychological misery on an innocent child is mere collateral damage in the noble pursuit of their retarded vendetta against a stupid D-list internet celebrity.

No. 1445222

They address covid misinformation in their podcast yet they never talk about their crazy fanbase who is the bigger part of Trishyland. They're maniacs and Ethan is sending a bad message by acknowledging this board as a man pushing 40.

No. 1445257

How is she "INCREDIBLY anti semitic"? She's married to a jew and trying to convert to Judaism. I think she's genuinely interested in Jewish faith and even trying to learn Hebrew.

No. 1445265

File: 1645098357531.png (364.24 KB, 864x300, Screenshot_20220217-054421.png)

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

No. 1445271

Ethan's retarded fanbase is going irl with this shit now. I would normally find this funny if it wasn't clear that he's cultivated a fucking cult who's doing this shit specifically to please him.

No. 1445276

File: 1645099964923.png (156.35 KB, 432x664, daphney.png)

>It's tough because invalidating a victim feels scummy
Yet she was promoting Mysterious Tea's videos invalidating Trisha's sexual abuse. It damages Daphney's credibility that she is more hostile towards Trisha than Moses. It reeks of jealousy.

No. 1445286

The "corruptedness" vs facial features part reminds me of those idiots from stormfront who measure people's skulls lol

No. 1445290

Keemstar's fans should go to the streets asking people if they think that Hila looks like a horse kek

No. 1445291

Imagine accusing a woman of wanting to duck her unborn child because you're that unhinged and mentally online. Trishyland redditors are the ones that shouldn't, and probably won't, breed.

No. 1445292

based on their comments a lot of them are mothers

No. 1445293

Keemstar's fans should go to the streets asking people if they think that Hila looks like a horse kek

No. 1445300

File: 1645102640343.png (64.79 KB, 694x232, snoo.png)

Not sure if it is a coincidence, but that OP has a suspiciously similar username than the person who doxxed Trisha's fertility clinic



No. 1445302

A lot of these psychos are mothers. Mothers who are absolutely fixated on Trisha Paytas. Spending time combing through her OF videos, dredging up old milk, writing fucked up fanfiction about her baby's future, etc. All while waxing poetic about what good mothers and amazing people they are.

No. 1445312

Topkek now THAT would be something I’d watch. Fucking gold. I hope someone does this!

No. 1445323

Ayrt, and this is a very good point. She's a shining example of why women don't get taken seriously when they come out with actual allegations. The more women like her lie about this shit, the less likely it is that women who have real stories will be believed.

No. 1445327

I don't really see the point of making alt accounts to post on a Trisha hate sub unless you're Ethan or one of his crew.

No. 1445345

File: 1645108733387.png (134.52 KB, 676x522, sugbnj.png)

>This whole Trisha being pregnant thing is really tearing me apart
>In no way am I jealous of her, there is nothing to be jealous about

No. 1445358

Reddit is full of fat women who don't ovulate with fat coomer husband's who don't want to fuck them trying desperately to get pregnant. I'm not surprised they are mad as fuck over Trisha getting pregnant so soon after getting married.

No. 1445360

Unhinged. Just absolutely unhinged. It's the only word to best describe these women.

Trisha Paytas is not the reason you're depressed. She is not the reason you don't have kids. She is not the reason you hate your life. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1445393

>48 year old husband
>not financially stable

No. 1445422

>she is with a man 19 years older than her who can't even grant them the financial stability to have a child
nta I don't think she's antisemitic either but she's very disrespectful to the religion ("jew for jesus" etc, kek) which regardless of intention is usually offensive to people. she doesn't really care about judaism its unironcially just a phase for her like the the emo gerard way shit, I recall her saying on frenemies that she wanted to be jewish because she's never had a cultural identity of her own, which made feel kind of bad for her tbh. She goes through these phases like a teenager, it used to annoy me a bit but then I realized that she spent her actual teenage years basically as a child prostitute, of course she's a bit mentally stunted

No. 1445480

There is nothing wrong with jokes. People joke about Christianity all the time and about priests raping little boys etc. Everyone is fine with that but for some reason when someone says "I'm a Jew for Jesus" it's the most offensive thing ever. Come the fuck on.

No. 1445482

Why is Trisha and Moses getting called incestuous or pedos? Are these the same fans that thought because she mud wrestled with her sister in swimsuits that meant she made porn with her sister lol. I must have missed why Moses is being called a pedo. Aren't the h3 fans he fucked in their 20s?

No. 1445487

File: 1645124241303.png (330.6 KB, 864x1354, Screenshot_20220217-125122~3.p…)

Settle in ladies. Trishyland is going to accusing her of molesting her child while it's still in the womb at this rate.


No. 1445488

Yeah Trisha is pretty open with her faith. She believes in God and she obviously holds Christian values or she's like a normal Christian and is hypocritical but still like to think about the afterlife and having a safety net with the Lord. She makes semi offensive jokes a lot of religions but the shtick is she's suppose to be ignorant. I think it's funny honestly, maybe because I also believe in God and just think it's funny when she always brings up Jesus lol. People actually getting offended must be dull at parties if they even get invited. She even had Dan laughing and getting hype for the rapture. It's funny.

No. 1445497

File: 1645125043822.png (279.08 KB, 864x1136, Screenshot_20220217-125132~2.p…)

Same anon. I did a bad crop job, so here's the rest of that first comment.

No. 1445501

anon she's not joking she genuinely loves jesus and wants to be a jew kek, she's just very ignorant. I remember that one Jewish trivia episode they did where she said she loves the Bible and didn't know Abraham was, lol. I know she means well and isn't trying to be offensive but I can see how to a religious person it would come accross as disrespectful that she's making a mockery of their religion

No. 1445504

i'm not a fan of the whole "there's a difference between pedophiles and being attracted to a 16-17 year old!!!" but this subreddit is being fucking ridiculous. they're acting like trisha would pimp out her daughter/son, Precious style. jesus fucking christ.

No. 1445512

It's making want to a-log so bad. I won't. But my god, something's gotta give. It has to. These women need legitimate help. Their brains are broken.

No. 1445521

Literally. I just can't get over the irony that the subreddit is called Trishyland too lol. Obsessed. I bet as mothers, their kids hate to talk to them and tell them the bare minimum. Could you imagine growing up and your mum's hobby was posting on r/Trishyland

No. 1445529

Anon, maybe you should have paid attention in history class a little bit better. Theres a reason people get more offended by anti semitic remarks vs anti Christian remarks.

No. 1445530

Some kid is going to catch their mom hate watching Trisha's porn. Which will turn into: "Muh child is scarred by Trisha Paytas' vagina. How did this happen? That bitch, she did this on purpose. She made me watch her porn."

No. 1445540

yeah and regardless idk what Christians you guys know but the ones in my life would definitely be offended if someone started calling herself a Christian for allah and wearing gaudy crosses and proclaiming her love for the gospels while having zero knowledge about christianity and not caring to learn at all

No. 1445541

Insanity, at that point just adopt.

I can understand why people would worry for her kid, i feel like a lot of people on here are actively choosing to turn a blind eye to all the shit trisha has got herself into. Of course people are gonna be a bit concerned. Some nonnies have a hard on for trisha for some reason even though theres been cows on here that have done far less and been met with more hate. Projecting your own issues onto her is just a bit ridiculous tho and the hens over at reddit really should just give it a break. Nothing happens for a reason, terrible people get pregnant all the time, and theyre acting like its a personal attack on their wombs that she got pregnant and they didnt.

No. 1445544

But Allah is God

No. 1445548

These reactions remind me a lot of how PULLtards respond to weebs going in Japan, they can't help jealous blogposting about how much more deserving they are and how THEY would do things differently and better. It's pathetic and transparent.

No. 1445553

Anon come on, Trisha is not inciting violence against Jewish people. Ww2 was horrible. Trisha being ignorant about a religion or saying jesus is real is not a hate crime.

No. 1445554

Thats cool anon but have you ever heard of nazi/neo nazi ideology and which group of people was mainly targeted in The Holocaust. People dog on Christians all the time because an overwhelming amount of people have been hurt by Christianity. I dont mean to derail and cause infighting but trisha has said pretty anti semitic things even if they were jokes, and theres a reason being anti semitic is a lot different than being anti Christian

No. 1445556

The way algorithms work, all the devices in these bitches home will have Trisha recommended content. Their bringing in the next gen of fans.

No. 1445561

I wasn't disagreeing with you anon just giving a different example sine the other anon cited joking about pedo priests but that's not a good parallel to what trisha is doing

No. 1445598

I'm glad you learned in history class that Jewish people are beyond reproach and can never be made fun of even in the most light-hearted manner because of something that happened like 80 years ago.

No. 1445603

Christians were persecuted for hundreds of years by Romans and Jews an all throughout the middle ages as well. I guess you didn't pay attention in history class afterall.

No. 1445610

File: 1645132042616.png (622.79 KB, 864x1386, Screenshot_20220217-150357.png)

Alright nonas, while I do agree this is an important discussion. The H3/Trisha Paytas' thread isn't the place for it.

Here's another fun screenshot to get us back on track.

No. 1445611

Karen has already called CPS 10 times today and they keep telling her they can't take away a fetus.

No. 1445622

File: 1645133043298.png (389.54 KB, 864x1320, Screenshot_20220217-152213.png)

No. 1445623

File: 1645133078799.png (510.83 KB, 863x1258, Screenshot_20220217-152334.png)

No. 1445625

>Christians persecuted during the middle ages
????? where?

No. 1445628

By muslims in the Fatimid Caliphate. In fact, the crusades were at first a defensive move by Christians who were being persecuted by Muslims. You can literally just google this.

No. 1445635

ok so they were persecuted like every religious minority throughout history, that's not relevant to current western culture at all though. At the same time Christianity was dominant in Europe and "oppressed" every other belief here, but this was all literally a thousand years ago, nothing that happened then is comparable to the holocaust

No. 1445645

>innocent, beautiful baby girl
>purely untouched
That whole posts reads as the creepy fantasy of a predator

No. 1445651

Why is it more relevant because it's more recent? Yes, literally every religion has been persecuted. Literally every country has committed horrible crimes and killed millions of people for horrible reasons. In fact it is happening in some countries RIGHT NOW. Why is the Holocaust so special? Because you have been told in school that the Holocaust is the worst thing that has ever happened in human history (it's not) and it's somehow special, but you can't figure out why. Maybe take some time to think about it.

No. 1445659

File: 1645135588509.png (243.14 KB, 1656x928, Untitled.png)

No. 1445660

the persecution of non-Christians in the west is more relevant in the west than the persecution of Christians elsewhere because we are in the west and Christianity is the dominant religion here - obviously? And I never said that the holocaust is special or anything like that

No. 1445663

>we are in the west
Who is this "we" you speak of? WE are on the internet.

No. 1445670

ok, *Trisha and most of her followers, who are English speakers, are in the west

No. 1445673

"Hey, Schlomo Ishmael Michael Jackson Paytas, how come you ended up here in foster care?"
"My mom had leaky boob implants"

No. 1445677

Stop sperging about the holocaust, nobody gives a fuck, maybe go to Trishyland to talk about how Trisha is a literal Nazi because she said she's a Jew for Jesus.

No. 1445678

>as she gets older, she will get sexual attention that trisha would be fuming in jealousy over

this person is sick in the head

No. 1445688

Why are they already going out of their way to sexualize a fucking fetus? I get what they're trying to say and sure Trish may be a mom that resents a daughter, but jfc why do they sound like actual pedos? I really wish another yter would call Ethan and his attack dogs out for this crazy shit

Also these idiots give waaay to much credence to cps. Its already something that regularly fails kids bc they are stretched so thin, they really think cps is gonna care bc she has a leaky boob implant and is an onlyfans hoe? Lmao, trisha is clearly not the only delusional one here

No. 1445690

My god, how are these people so delusional and naive about CPS? They don't get out of bed for less than overt neglect and abuse and even with the most messed up parents they want to keep the family together.

No. 1445706

I'm not that anon, I don't think she's antisemitic and I never said anything like that? calm down

No. 1445846

Moses' ex being….herself.

No. 1445848

The only thing more unhinged than r/trishyland is anons continually posting screenshots as if it's not low hanging fruit at this point and defending Trisha like she's their own sister. Every one here is really bending over backwards to excuse every fucked up thing she's done just because some freaks on reddit of all places have fucked up opinions on a woman who's made it her internet persona to "troll" and be facticious. This has become the "Trisha did nothing wrong" thread kek but its extremely entertaining seeing nonnies straight faced say Trisha just is "ignorant" of the things she says when she herself has said otherwise. Did we all collectively forget she was saying she had DID and was non binary during the height of that trends nonsense?

People get threads here for shit like that but on this thread you can say "wow that's unstable idk if she should have kids" and get anons replying with "wow way to make fun of an infertile woman go back to being jealous that your husband wants to fuck Trisha, Hila!"

No. 1445850

>the only thing more unhinged than psychotic conspiracy theorists is laughing at those psychotic conspiracy theorists

ok /r/trishyland poster

No. 1445856

>Did we all collectively forget she was saying she had DID and was non binary during the height of that trends nonsense?

tbh she was kinda based for low key making a mockery of that shit

No. 1445889

Jesus anon. Take a breath. We don't care about old milk and I'm sure most of us can agree Trisha is not a good person and probably shouldn't have kids. But we can also agree that Trishyland is full of vile obsessed psychos who are actively involving themselves in her life right now. Which is making them relevant. Also it's funny.

No. 1445894

she clearly wasn't sincere with the DID crap and it was hilarious seeing all the DID munchies cry and babble on about Trisha faking it when they were walking around with 13 versions of their favorite anime protagonists in their heads.

No. 1445933

This, Trisha is based and hasnt done anything actually horrible by normal people standards

No. 1445935

This, Trisha is based and hasnt done anything actually horrible by normal people standards, the DID fags and the gender specials are the real cows.

No. 1445991

The straight-faced and continuous lying about things (she continued to insist she was a gay man in a woman’s body for a long time) certainly doesn’t help her gain credibility for her alleged sexual assault. Especially since the details changed hundreds of times over

No. 1445994

And the example given is ridiculous and fairly inconsequential, but one of many lies. Remember when she had schizophrenia? When she was nonbinary? Hare Krishna? She’s not helping herself

No. 1445997

Catnipz accused Moses of being a pedo because despite being a woman in her 30s, she says that she looks too young and cute for her age. This makes Moses a pedo. Yes, she is completely serious.

No. 1446016

>stop laughing at the cows on trishyland reeeeee

No. 1446031

File: 1645171514666.png (615.35 KB, 991x615, marketingdepartment.png)

>I heard that she allegedly got rid of their marketing department because her IG post do well enough.
Does anyone know the source for this?

No. 1446055

File: 1645175956834.png (2.97 MB, 2568x1316, kek.png)


No. 1446063

isn't he a big trisha stan? what's funny about this

No. 1446065

No, he panders to r/Trishyland

No. 1446069

Well of course people want to market the shit they're selling. It'd be dumb if they didn't. If people are so naive that they think her posts where she's decked from head to toe in TF are just cute posts they are retarded.

No. 1446078

>he panders to r/Trishyland
is this a false flag by ethan's people? on the off chance that it's not, this thread is for discussing ethan and trisha not autistic subreddit wars, some random drama youtuber getting in a car accident isnt milk and doesn't belong here

No. 1446085

Good to know that Jew for Jesus > Sodomite in the eyes of our lord.

No. 1446089

Drama channels and subreddits are cow-adjacent and sometimes even bigger cows than the cows themselves. Trishyland is losing it's absolute shit rn and its hilarious. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean it's not milk.

No. 1446092

Aw who’s going to tell this poor retarded person that mall Santas aren’t real either?

No. 1446098

File: 1645183610812.png (118.72 KB, 1864x620, Untitled.png)

Average Trishyland poster, wonder what their life must be like to be projecting and seething this hard?


No. 1446100

ayrt, my bad then, i havent watched his videos in years. i know he used to heavily support her but i guess that changed for money

No. 1446103

the reddit is but this guy having a car accident isn't, celebrating it is trishyland tier behavior in itself

No. 1446104

I don't think it is funny that a drama channel got into a car accident either, but we should be able to post about them when it is related to Trisha or Ethan.

No. 1446119

Can you believe that people actually buy and wear this stuff

No. 1446123

A lot of Ethan and Hila's fans are literal children

No. 1446141


ehh the majority are obese wine moms with autistic children >>1446123

No. 1446143

The ones buying TF are children

No. 1446156

Proof? Trishyland is obese winemoms but I don't think those people are the ones buying the teddy fresh clothes.

No. 1446158

Yeah, to make fun of trannies lol, how is that a bad thing?
I see your point about beliving the sexual assaults though, i have no idea if i belive her, i think most of them are made up atleast, of not all. But it doesnt make her a horrible person, shes just a storyteller.
All of those things are insignificant.

No. 1446160

File: 1645192173290.gif (4.95 MB, 699x395, F0C0E537-D54F-497E-9CD4-82632A…)

These people are actually insane, i one of them walked by Trisha they would start kicking the shit out of her stomach. I wonder if they belive their own justifications because they are bad lol.

No. 1446165

I absolutely agree with you. You don't hate a person you don't know, have never met, and will never meet with that much feeling if you're well adjusted and happy. Trisha is paranoid and overdramatic to be sure, but if I was her I would be absolutely terrified of going out in public pregnant knowing these women exist.

No. 1446166

No they wouldn’t. Reddit keyboard warriors don’t do anything irl because their feefees can’t handle confrontation.

No. 1446167

File: 1645194126366.png (256.15 KB, 1466x944, Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 5.21.…)


this brave redditor thinks otherwise

No. 1446171

With almost 20k women frothing at the mouth, there's probably one or two who'd lose it if they saw her in real life.

No. 1446173

File: 1645194818118.jpg (9.23 KB, 256x256, icon_w_256_profileIcon_j53ftsr…)

No. 1446178

File: 1645195088938.gif (964.92 KB, 500x280, CE0155A2-18B9-45B5-83C4-0A1D0F…)

Oh def, i dont even think they are playing “tough”, for some its real mental illness

No. 1446184

Its a mix of wokecels, children and fat wine moms

No. 1446187

Yep. That seems about right.

No. 1446190

You are just a scrote, you would fuck a toaster. No boys allowed on here btw.

No. 1446192

Exactlyyy anon. Thats why i think her whole online persona is fake. They are always preaching that trans people always know their trans and you cant invalidate someone elses transness and blabla, she literally used that agaisnt them. She will never admit to it but i do think she makes a mockery of a lot of stuff and people never realize it because shes subtle.

No. 1446193

Aw shit, someone called out the subreddit. I'm sure they despise him now.

No. 1446199

File: 1645197905682.png (466.76 KB, 788x824, Untitled.png)

Trisha gets normal ice cream instead

lmao, these people are literally gonna overanalyze every single thing Trisha will put in her mouth. I have a reddit account only to read pregnancy subreddits and let me tell you, all those redditor bitches are fat as fuck constantly talking about "Just ate an entire cake, just pregnancy things teehee" and "Anyone else can't stomach anything but fast food during their pregnancy?!" and the replies are always filled with other fats making each other feel better because pregnant = excuse to eat like shit and "you should't be so hard on yourself!". And these are just the ones who actually managed to get pregnant, a large majority of redditors is in /r/tryingforababy talking about how their doctors are fatshaming them by saying maybe if they made some better "lifestyle choices" (aka lose weight) they wouldn't be dealing with infertility for years on end.

No. 1446202

File: 1645198073662.png (162.59 KB, 788x710, Untitled.png)

This post for example would be downvoted to infinity if you posted it on any pregnancy subreddit. I got downvoted to hell for telling a woman that gaining 65lb by her second trimester was not healthy for her or the baby.

No. 1446204

The thing is, I don't think she's smart enough to know she's making a mockery of these things in the moment. She just goes "this thing is getting attention right now so I'll get views if I say I have DID/am trans/whatever crazy thing" Its attention and views motivated but a nice side effect of her jumping on these things helps reveal how absurd it all was in the first place

No. 1446205

File: 1645198239997.png (111.35 KB, 912x604, Untitled.png)

This would have been the top upvoted reply on any other sub.

No. 1446216

>i don't think she's smart enough to know she's making a mockery of these things in the moment
i agree with this, at the same time though i think she is smart in an intuitive way for succesfully attracting people's attention and milking the outrage for views. Usually youtubers react to scandals by moping or going on hiatus for a couple months and then groveling for forgiveness, meanwhile as soon as she gets negative attention for anything trisha will make a dozen insane videos doubling down on it, and it always works in her favor
anons have been calling them obese moms but i think it would be funnier if the winemoms and obese cat lady redditors were two dinstinct demographics, and started infighting over this

No. 1446257

She wasn’t doing it intentionally to make fun of anyone. She just does it for attention, because it’s trendy, and because she enjoys lying

No. 1446260

Pretending to have DID was 100% just to make fun of dissociadid lol

No. 1446264

It's still funny. Honestly that's what I have to say to all of the offended Karen's going "BUT IT'S SO PROBLEMATIC WHAT TRISHA IS DOING! SHE IS LYING AND MAKING FUN OF MARGINALIZED PEOPLE!!!"
Cool. I don't care. It's funny and it makes me laugh. I do not give a shit if it hurts the feelings of munchies or redditors or if you are personally offended by it.

Imagine how much happier all of those people could be if they stop posturing and virtue signaling all day and just started laughing at jokes.

No. 1446274

File: 1645203708912.jpeg (357.51 KB, 828x1279, 840082DA-BB7B-4802-AFFE-E047CA…)

psycho-analysis, emphasis on the psycho

No. 1446277


No. 1446284

Well that makes him the first person from Trishyland to successfully kill someone https://starcasm.net/youtuber-peter-monn-is-recovering-from-a-deadly-car-crash/

No. 1446285

Kek, horrible stuff but the way you wrote that post made me laugh

No. 1446288

Missed my sage, shame on me

No. 1446304

File: 1645205767228.png (49.04 KB, 739x349, bitch.png)

Concerned_Mom69 can't stop being a bitch to children but wants to judge Trisha? kek

No. 1446330

So unbelievably retarded.

Kek Her comment history is wild. She's definitely one of the more obsessed.

No. 1446337

it's incredible to me that these people have somehow managed to become bigger cows than trisha herself

No. 1446343

It really doesnt require much brainpower to do that little, maybe its genius tier to 16 year old twitterfag but shes an adult woman lol

No. 1446346

You just know that anon is one of the retards tht think the attention whores on youtube have actual DID kek

No. 1446349

File: 1645210030732.png (1.3 MB, 1041x751, fatty.png)

Are they talking about that horse lady? The one thats stuck with that scat fetishtist fatty husband? The one that had to be artificially inseminated because her husband is too fat to get it up?

No. 1446357

File: 1645210858725.webm (4.06 MB, 720x720, Hila Klein IDF style.webm)

I think they are talking about this one.

No. 1446388

I bet they'll read this and care. Reddit is a shithole.

No. 1446393

File: 1645213322043.png (654.24 KB, 864x647, Screenshot_20220218-133808.png)

Just your average Trishyland user having a totally normal reaction to, honestly, what I see as a very benign statement by Trisha.


No. 1446395

This place is full of maniacs. Don't know what Ethan is on about other influencers following when Trishyland is mostly his and they are all of the time out of line and crazy as fuck. But he doesn't address that…no he just supports them by (imo on purpose) showing that he frequently visits this sub.

No. 1446397

File: 1645213567073.png (232.89 KB, 863x1212, Screenshot_20220218-134436.png)

No. 1446398

File: 1645213926696.png (327.46 KB, 1604x1396, Untitled.png)

LMAO, wow. Redditors really wear their "mental illness" as a badge of honor. How embarassing.

No. 1446402

I think these 9 points are more telling about the person wrote them than Trisha.
OK. But truth be told… that's what we actually all are for influencers. That's what they do. It's not that deep.

No. 1446406

>But truth be told… that's what we actually all are for influencers. That's what they do. It's not that deep.
Of course, but their parasocial fanbase sees them as family family family

No. 1446410

Also these are things they create in their minds and they never feel uncomfortable about things Ethan says. It was so uncomfortable in their Valentines special when he wanted Olivia to actually ask "sexy" questions to the couples. He seemed so disappointed when they all didn't give the answers he probably wanted for the role play question.

No. 1446411

I'm sure all the therapists and doctors these women definitely see, absolutely 100% approve of them going to this subreddit. And see no possible way that it could exacerbate things.

No. 1446454

Now I am imagining them seething about Trisha Paytas to their therapists, kek.

No. 1446462

File: 1645220943549.png (413.82 KB, 924x2052, Untitled.png)

Sounds like a chant they teach you at AA to not drink today. Also what the fuck is up with the shitty reaction images? Look at these boomer Karens with their minions.

No. 1446496

Someones mom spent her day rehearsing and coming up with the lyrics for this today, this is something that unironically happened today lol

No. 1446510

Good god, the level of autism in this subreddit is astonishing.

No. 1446531

Trishyland is Ethan's most visited website. Do you not understand how disturbing that is?

According to one of the comments, Daphney got banned from Trishyland for being antisemitic. I doubt it considering they spend all their time mocking Moses' nose and calling him "Moshe," like it's an insult instead of the name of Judaism's most important prophet in their holy language.

Also he had a 1 night stand with Daphney she's not a fucking "ex-girlfriend." Since when does stealthing = rape?

No. 1446561

Agree with everything except stealthing is rape and a crime punishable by law in many countries, no idea about the U.S

No. 1446570

I don't mean to imply that stealthing isn't a horrible violation but extrapolating that Moses is a rapist and therefore pedophile seems more like a game of broken telephone than an allegation

No. 1446572

It's giving pre-teen mad at her best friend for having a better backpack than her.

No. 1446573

OT but the fact that there is no momcow thread on /snow/ is shocking. Mommy and trying-to-conceive communities are some of the most unhinged ones on the internet. Infertile TTC cows have regular threads on how to cope with someone pregnant existing in their vicinity, with violent fantasies about women who choose to abort or undergo sterilization. E-moms will fucking dox you, swat your house and incinerate your dog if they become aware of you using formula instead of breastfeeding, so the trisha derangement syndrome is actually fairly normal facebook-poisoned online mom behavior.

Then again, studies say that mothers of children under 5 are the most miserable population, so it checks out. Believe me, the behavior of cows in trisha's subreddit is completely average. This is just how they are.

No. 1446576

>husband is two decades older
>it's Trisha who's a mess

What in the fat reddit pickme with BPD

No. 1446580

Remember when Hila said that Christine Quinn faked her pregnancy because her body looked "back to normal," and she was wearing a crop top two weeks after giving birth? Almost as embarrassing as having a husband who refuses to pronounce your name correctly.

No. 1446611

Didn't she get crazy harassed about that afterwards? And it was around when she had a really traumatic birth too, yeah?

No. 1446856

So what all these bitches are saying since they're mentally ill like Trisha none of their opinions are credible. Thanks girls!

No. 1446858

File: 1645262754911.png (344.84 KB, 372x662, jamescharles.png)

Daphney left r/Frenemies2 because they were criticizing her for taking a selfie with James Charles >>1355987


No. 1446874

While spending all day on a subreddit about her.
>"I will not give her any time"

No. 1446921

File: 1645271507796.png (71.69 KB, 403x340, anthem.png)

No. 1446939

Make a thread! I would totally read it and post in it. The bitches over at /r/trollingforababy are totally nuts and bitter as fuck. They can't even say the word "pregnancy" because it triggers them so much.

No. 1446946

File: 1645275537142.png (509.21 KB, 812x738, Untitled.png)

Comparing Trisha to Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias.

No. 1446957

She said she was trans and has DID, shes basically a murderer anon.

No. 1446962

Does that mean she is not literally Hitler then? Because Hitler never murdered anyone personally…

No. 1446964

Wow, nucking futs lol. Yeah Trisha is totally the same as a baby killer & stalker killer because she… eats ice cream?? And pretended to have DID?? Yeah that checks out. Totally fair comparison

No. 1446998

No, she's still basically Hitler. She's just basically the worst human being to ever exist. Hands down. Trisha Paytas, spawn of Satan. No one could ever compare. Kek

No. 1447002

File: 1645284108470.jpg (81.68 KB, 1080x1141, FLu60lwXIAgeX5z.jpg)

Sage because I wont bother to look if this has already been posted

Moses messages with a girl when he first began seeing Trisha lol. Im not saying he havent changed his mind but I find the whole relationship so weird and forced

No. 1447007

File: 1645284596591.jpeg (258.28 KB, 750x543, 3BBF6AAB-0289-45FE-B452-054E10…)

Ethan pushing tasting segments as a way to eat more fast food, it’s not even subtle at this point. Kek I can’t believe how much worse Love looks irl? 1/2

No. 1447008

File: 1645284625495.jpeg (425.98 KB, 750x553, 7C748FE7-28CB-49F7-9353-8F504B…)

Hila looks pissed 2/2

No. 1447012

This milk is so old it's congealed into yogurt. This was a joke he made before actually dating Trisha, during the bacH3lor thing. They didn't even meet until the night before LA went into lockdown. And tbh it's funny as fuck Moses has a good sense of humor

They call him "Moshe," as an insult and then allege Trisha's the antisemite here

No. 1447017

I lost a lot of respect for him when he crawled up Ethan Klein's ass but I still hope he's okay because I am not a psychopath, nonnie.

No. 1447018

Worse, they call him Mo$he

No. 1447026

Nonnie, antisemitism is okay when it has to do with someone connected to Trisha. Didn't you know?

I believe they also make fun of his nose. They project all the stereotypes on him because of who he's married to. Disgusting people inside and out.

No. 1447029

she looked pissed when ethan announced her collab with elton john too. she was like "oh.. youre gonna announce it?"

im so sick of this fat ethan guy acting like he does any work for teddy fresh. the money that backed it was equally hila's ans its her baby yet anytime theres success ethan acts likes he was sitting in on meetings and designing shit.

No. 1447033

I honestly don't think Hila cares anymore about Eatin Klein's weight. She only cared when they were trying to conceive but he was too fat of a fuck to produce quality sperm. Then instead of lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, he just threw money at it and blamed it on Hila.

No. 1447034

No. 1447035

His first episode was so cringy because it was clear everyone was shocked at how different he looks then his "Lovebot" personality where he constantly was using filters to hide his ogre face. Ethan even had to step in when other teamsters started mocking how small he was IRL.

No. 1447037

I think Hila is probably asexual and doesn't actually like sex, probably masturbates to some weird fujoshi or furry porn like most autistic chicks.

No. 1447039

File: 1645287586073.png (342.46 KB, 863x1332, Screenshot_20220219-101850.png)


No. 1447071

File: 1645291477059.png (1.03 MB, 1180x1392, Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 8.23.…)


she looks like she has a syndrome I'll never know why she gets so much hype and is considered a "queen" the way the h3 fans put her on a pedestal and worship her is obsene

No. 1447096

Do you know what kind of site you're on? You might be lost and want to go back to reddit.

No. 1447102

this shit is VERY funny, Popeyes chicken sandwich has been out for ages, it isn't even a new viral or trendy food. Ethan seriously just wanted an excuse to eat like a stray dog. Next up, Dan (and ethan of course as the control subject) is going to try a Big Mac kek

No. 1447112

The dude they’re making try it is from Sweden & just recently came to the country.

No. 1447118

Ethan's perfect excuse to eat as much trash as possible.

No. 1447135

stolen baby idea would be honestly a bomb for Trisha. Popping the kid out is one thing, even Hila with her frame did it in 3 seconds, but stealing one is on another level.

I almost see offended reddit women comparing baby’s features to Trishas and all that kek.

No. 1447150

Yes but it’s obvious that Ethan is creating all these food tasting segments just so he has an excuse to eat. Nobody else in the crew was eating a burger, only Ethan. It’s borderline an addiction for him at this point.

No. 1447160

File: 1645301121932.jpeg (365.63 KB, 1528x1528, CD09E816-1F52-4782-9D0E-739806…)

Fart jokes are jokes too, but his and Zach’s shit-related conversations are somehow ultra disgusting to me.

No. 1447163

File: 1645301781844.jpeg (464.29 KB, 828x450, 182117B0-048D-4A8B-85DE-45885E…)

He tried to eat a sandwich in the first minutes of the video and Hila said “not now” or something like that kek. It was probably the most exciting part of the podcast for him and it’s sad that it’s so obvious.

And it’s also weird that it wasn’t a mukbang or something, it was just food tasting for Love who has never tried this sandwich before but Ethan had to include himself in that process.

No. 1447172

Hindenburg-looking motherfucker must be pushing 300lbs now, holy shit. What an absolute unit. There’s almost no neck at all anymore

No. 1447213

No way he said that, which episode is this from?

No. 1447311

highlight when he said it and it was in Off the rails Ep.#24

No. 1447317

File: 1645314271455.jpeg (245.26 KB, 828x438, 83886BD7-4D03-42C9-84C9-903082…)

and he shaved also so it adds to the picture

No. 1447457

One of the prizes for the Couples Contest was a Popeye's sandwich and when they announced the winner they blamed Love "for eating the prize"; but I'm pretty sure no one expected Ethan to snatch the extra chicken sandwich that was in the bag and start eating it during Love's taste testing segment.

Ethan ate the extra chicken sandwich that was meant to be the prize for the couple contest and everyone on set was too beta to call him out.

No. 1447460

Why… doesn't he just lose weight?

As far as I know, whenever it comes down to it he just blames his weight gain on his anti-depressants then starts to straw man about how he's "healthier" for taking care of his mental health.

Pretty sure Ethan wouldn't even need to drastically change his diet if he just wasn't such a lazy shit and actually worked out semi-regularly. He would at least look less like a bloated corpse.

No. 1447488

Lol he stopped going to gym at one point bc his trainer was “too encouraging” with his you can do it attitude and Ethan felt patronized. Ethan has forgotten what’s it like to put any amount of effort into anything.

No. 1447661

Do SSRI really cause weight gain or is he lying?

No. 1447673

if you don’t pay attention to your diet and exercise you can gain
like, you’re hungrier and it might slow your metabolism a tad but nothing crazy like anti-psychotics
you just have to adjust and accept that you need to cut back on calories

No. 1447676

He should just get gastric bypass. He has the money and won't use it on a trainer or nutritionist

No. 1447705

File: 1645344952851.jpeg (106.79 KB, 338x315, 511C4EEC-14AE-4781-8F9A-15ED6B…)

It’s not like they’re even improving his mental health either though? He still seems miserable and is increasingly emotionally unstable. I mean look at how he turned up to his job- he literally looks homeless. If your colleague turned up to work looking like this you’d be seriously concerned yet none of the crew will intervene

No. 1447710

File: 1645345578494.jpeg (324.49 KB, 680x391, 72762CFB-BA90-4DFE-9C94-3A5FBE…)

Ethan and Hila have a blink and you miss it argument in the latest podcast. She is trying to get Ethan to stop eating pizza and says he can eat it after the show. Dan is like “take the pizza away” whilst trying to awkwardly laugh it off and Ethan gets all pissy with them both and accuses Hila of complaining

No. 1447714

I love when Hila tells him to stop eating— it’s literally disgusting to listen to the smacking into the mic.(sage)

No. 1447720

File: 1645346738653.png (1.4 MB, 3840x2160, tnfqge5g1yc81.png)

No. 1447729

If any med has you gaining too much you do the normal thing and talk to your psychiatrist. Unfortunately, they might recommend diet changes or exercise.

Nonnie, just because we don't like him doesn't mean we should encourage an Ethan Bulimia Arc

No. 1447730

Gastric bypass is not a magic solution and requires you to make lifestyle changes. You can still gain back the weight if you don't improve your diet or exercise.

No. 1447751

File: 1645353657009.jpeg (157.36 KB, 1125x1102, sy7pip7marj21.jpeg)

>Hila is probably asexual and doesn't actually like sex, probably masturbates to some weird fujoshi or furry porn like most autistic chicks.

No. 1447761

Binge eating disorder 100%. I can't wait for him to start doing mukbangs on his own channel. Maybe he'll even try to rival nicocado in the future. Thrilling.

No. 1447770

Theory confirmed!

No. 1447772

tbf you don't have to be asexual to not want to fuck ethan kek. Not acting sexual on camera doesn't mean anything imo, like i wouldnt either

No. 1447775

Fine then. He should get lipo then.

No. 1447789

its always excuses with ethan and his big one right now is baby Bruce. he’s going to milk the new parent thing for awhile again and use it as excuse to look like shit and eat whatever he wants.

No. 1447808

nta and I don't mean to argue but lipo is the same, trisha got it and gained all the weight back (I think more than once)

No. 1447811

File: 1645366001998.jpg (175.46 KB, 1080x1373, 20220220_080347.jpg)

the backpedalling edit killed me

No. 1447821

Dear lord this man cannot go a single 2 hour podcast without eating or pooping, he has a serious problem

No. 1447850

The eating thing is on purpose. The kleins are the type to not let women tell them what to do. Hila asks very few things of him as a wife: dont talk about trisha and dont overeat. We all know how the trisha thing went, since he only stopped talking about her so he wont be blamed for a miscarriage, not because hila asked. When Hila asked he acted like he was a hostage being silenced, cuz he knew the fans would pick up on It and complain on the subreddit about Ethan being silenced by mean Hila. He is doing the exact same thing with food, he would rather ruin his body than listen to his well meaning wife, and he knows the fans will pick up on "Hilas fatphobia" and defend him on the sub. Everything is calculated with this man, everything.

No. 1447891

How they still haven't picked up that he is constantly dog whistling is beyond my grasp. If he and Hila ever divorce, she is going to be public enemy number one and they'll come for her in droves.

No. 1447963

File: 1645383129798.jpg (358.43 KB, 1080x1133, weepingwerewolf.jpg)

Found this gem on r/Trishyland

No. 1447969

File: 1645383642402.png (127.07 KB, 728x578, singledad.png)

No. 1447979

Imagine if he had to work actual shifts. Mf would constantly be shitting and HR would start clicking everyone's toilet breaks.

No. 1447981

Alot of these people seem like trailer trash welfare using failures of society which makes ethan encouraging these people so dangerous because they have nothing too lose.
And with the things they have done now like openly wishing death,stalking,doxxing its not that far fetched that one of them may go too far.

No. 1447984

Imma guess there's a reason this single 41 year dad is alone. I bet he sees his son like twice a month too. Some Internet girl he flowed or chatted with probably suffered a sleuth of mental disorders or he fabricated the back story and just hates Trisha because she's sexual and he can't have her

No. 1447988

Yeah I hope these trailer trash kill themselves. Hate useless eaters being a drain on society.

No. 1448004

no i mean them hurting someone, i think you know what i really mean by ''going too far'' unless you are a trashyland user.(learn2sage)

No. 1448100

File: 1645397053382.jpeg (445.15 KB, 828x455, 2C9921F0-2BB7-40AB-B0FC-EB0430…)

I swear, he is getting hungrier every day. Having any activities with him that involve food is like a dinner with wine with an alcoholic.

No. 1448105

op here: damn, you are right, and it makes it even worse. He is like a crackhead with shaking hands at this point but his brain is destroyed by fat.

No. 1448113

These fuckers clearly haven't heard of the murder of Gabriel Fernandez. His case is a clear display of how little of a shit CPS gives about abused children, especially the ones in SoCal.
Knowing that they're wasting some social workers' time from potentially helping actually abused children (even if it rarely happens) makes me infuriated.

No. 1448126

He should go see a doctor. He's insatiable.

No. 1448195

File: 1645403804226.png (84.04 KB, 977x254, lolcow.png)

kek they're just like us

No. 1448212

Oh god I hope they don't all start migrating over here. We don't need retarded poems and song lyrics about how Trisha sucks shitting up the thread.

No. 1448251

Once people realize that shes trolling, shes not milky at all. Shes very predictable and she knows she is saying crazy stuff. Have yall seen the video of her frying an egg with the stove off lmao? I cant believe people dont see she is constantly trolling. As if she wouldnt feel the cold stove. Or when she pretended that she didnt know egypt was real. She does stuff like that because people get outraged. Its like the trans man video, only Ethan would spend a whole hour trying to get logical answers from her when the whole thing is obvious trolling. What makes Ethan a lolcow is that he actually believes everything he says

No. 1448362

Anons I know this is such a dumb thing to get mad about because it’s so minor compared to all the other things wrong with him, but god I can’t fucking stand the way Ethan sits in his chair like a retard. Is he allergic to sitting up straight? Will he have a heart attack from the strain of having to keep all that mass upright? Does he not realize this makes his multiple chins look worse? Dude hosts shows for a living lounging back like he’s in a recliner. So unprofessional. Though not like he cares about being professional about anything else. This screenshot isn’t that egregious, but there are so many other episodes where it’s just ridiculous. Thanks for letting me vent

No. 1448388

She isn't "trolling", she's genuinely retarded and unhinged

No. 1448415

No you, for thinking its real lol

No. 1448418

File: 1645430075076.webm (4.02 MB, 854x476, pizza.webm)

I don't know why the fans see them as couple goals. Hila can barely contain her disgust.

No. 1448424

Talking with his mouth full, licking his fingers.. absolutely disgusting

No. 1448459

These dumb pickmes upvoted his comment just because he's a man, a 41 yo deadbeat dad obsessing over a woman half his age instead of taking care of his son or career is the most upvoted comment. Then those women wonder why they're single mothers… Wonder why.

No. 1448612

File: 1645459968918.png (494.83 KB, 864x1194, Screenshot_20220221-101159.png)

But Trisha is the antisemitic one. Trishyland could never stoop so low.

No. 1448730

File: 1645470829150.png (66.11 KB, 898x242, Screenshot.png)

No. 1448734

File: 1645470962149.png (15.07 KB, 436x79, Screenshot (1).png)

No. 1448737

File: 1645471055830.png (21.6 KB, 532x134, Screenshot (2).png)

No. 1448740

File: 1645471152727.png (41.74 KB, 868x151, Screenshot (3).png)

No. 1448761

You can't sue Trisha because she personally upsets you lmao. What are they wanting to sue her for? And good luck to Daphney trying to get Moses done for stealhing 1) it doesn't appear to have happened 2) her texts to him after the alleged incident show she wanted more sex 3) lack of evidence. Like it's almost impossible to convict someone of rape because sex acts usually happen behind closed doors. These people are all mental.

Look at Dom raping that girl while with the vlog squad. There was no criminal conviction but there was public pressure which lost the vlog squad sponsorships. One of Trisha's biggest sponsors is a sex toy website and she has never put a fan in a sexually compromising position. Trisha is a good YouTuber in that she has never had a scandal with fans or putting a fan in harms way. These "wifeys" are all pickme cunts.

No. 1448831

File: 1645477221309.png (366.82 KB, 862x899, Screenshot_20220221-145626.png)

Imagine needing to post daily affirmations on a public forum because Trisha Paytas exists.


No. 1448887

Not a fan of Trisha by any means but how miserable do you have to be to post this with absolute confidence? It's bizarre. Parasocial relationships aren't real hunny, go touch some grass. Straight up cow behavior to post an affirmation like this lmao.

No. 1448897

File: 1645482142435.jpeg (769.91 KB, 828x1001, BDE7A4C0-AAB3-476A-B452-87AF3D…)

Hila really is the definition of trashy nouveau riche. This woman is 34 which isn’t old by any means but she’s dressing like a shitty wannabe rapper in the 00’ trying to pass out their mixtape. Literally 0 class or actual style

No. 1448901

I firmly believe (read: am happy to tinfoil) that sub is a cow breeding ground. There is no way we don't end up with at least one new cow with how badly some of them broke from finding out she's pregnant. The next nine months are going to be an absolute freak show.

No. 1448975

It's rather funny how they act. As if he's never had a Burger or anything. I remember when they asked him if they have Mexican food in Sweden. Shesh.

No. 1449218

File: 1645515375216.png (235.97 KB, 311x554, pdBhQe8.png)


>Daphney felt threatened by Moses to have sex without a condom because he had multiple guns

>She backtracks on the pedo accusation
>She went to the police months ago and they laughed at her
>She is in a very happy relationship, totally not jealous of Trisha
>Moses was Daphney's rebound relationship and biggest regret in life

No. 1449369

She knew exactly what she was doing with the pedo implication. It's out there now and people have run with it. Victimhood does not absolve you of being a shitty person, Daph.

No. 1449396

File: 1645543007098.png (519.18 KB, 863x1334, Screenshot_20220222-091016.png)

Or she's excited about being pregnant finally and is being Trisha Paytas and sharing everything about her life?


No. 1449397

File: 1645543118911.png (484.91 KB, 860x1174, Screenshot_20220222-091044.png)

Second half of post.

No. 1449398

It seems that in this video, Trisha got a pregnant double to go to her ultrasound appointment to further fake being pregnant! I can't believe the bitch would go this far!

No. 1449403

OT but God, reddit women truly are another breed aren't they. I rarely ever see this level of absolute femcel beckydom anywhere else. They're so disconnected from what a normal woman is it's uncanny.

Most women don't struggle to conceive, they struggle with AVOIDING pregnancy. Most women don't give two shits about prenatals and don't have to obsess over the possibility of miscarriage. Most women are not whatever pickme mess you see on r/relationships. What is it about reddit in particular that makes absolute omega females congregate? Is it because they're dating reddit men and this is the kind of woman who'd ever fuck a r*dditor?

No. 1449404

Kek But they said Trisha is broke, nonnie!

No. 1449411

File: 1645544030805.jpeg (468.74 KB, 1528x1528, 8B3C929E-C910-456D-B7F8-34636D…)

I swear that when Hila is not around he would chomp his employees lunches too

No. 1449416

I think it’s his defence mechanism against criticism that he developed while witnessing how he is becoming an ugly formless fat blob. It’s like when he poses with his stomach sticking out and intentionally making himself look even fatter and pretending that it’s humour. The same is with his careless weird clothing choices and haircut. Kinda, if he makes fun of himself, nobody else can do it or something like that.

No. 1449418

File: 1645544821284.png (400.9 KB, 639x1321, 6jg4jhfmzsi81.png)

>absolute femcel beckydom

No. 1449421

I made one post on the Trishyland subreddit telling someone they might be taking their hatred a little too far and got a DM telling my to kill myself, lol.

No. 1449423

For gods sake… This shit cant be real. 28 and thinking like this. 28 years on this earth and this is the conclusions she comes to.

No. 1449427

File: 1645546526246.png (171.1 KB, 924x782, Untitled.png)

Have these women ever heard the term "projection"?

No. 1449432

Imagine if this woman ends up with a daughter.

No. 1449436

Its really worrying honestly. She seems to be jealous of the actress from euphoria aswell, she was making salty comments about people seeing her as the "angelic white girl". Trisha has never had a problem getting boyfriend after boyfriend, including famous people since she was 18. She seems really bothered that she never had a relationship. Creepy stuff.

No. 1449441

Why do these crazy women all happen to have fertility issues too? Is nature trying to stop them from pro creating and messing up their kids?

No. 1449447

File: 1645548412200.png (327.04 KB, 864x714, Screenshot_20220222-104343.png)

No. 1449448

They're fat.

No. 1449505

>Most women don't struggle to conceive, they struggle with AVOIDING pregnancy. Most women don't give two shits about prenatals and don't have to obsess over the possibility of miscarriage.
while it's true that most women don't struggle to concieve, many do and that doesn't necessarily make you a femcel becky (??) redditor, they just keep trying until they manage. And every pregnant woman worries about miscarrying before 12 weeks, I'm sure Trisha does too she just keeps it private like a normal person

No. 1449682

>worthy of having sex with a man
>caring about male "preference" like they're in the position to choose
>completely schizo idea of what a normal age of marriage is
>wants kids with a hobo manlet

This post history gave me a receded chin, put me in a polycule and asked me to split the rent. I need a shower after all this Becky energy.

If this was any other website I'd call larping incel or troon, but I have no reason to assume that because it's reddit. Reddit women, especially flyovers, are the closest thing there is to an actual female incel or whatever the female equivalent of a feminist beta cuck is.

No. 1450012

how the fuck do you get to 28 without having a bf when you genuinely want one, are a giant pick me, and actively looking? Some of the grossest, least hygenic, fattest, ugliest women have a revolving door of men. She needs to stop worrying about aging and look at her personality because that's obviously what's chasing off bfs.
are you here from reddit? I'm asking because this is such a reddit-esque comment. That user didn't say or even come close to saying that all women that can't conceive are femcel beckys. This is the kind of shit redditors do to seem "smart", read far too into what someone writes then defend against a point that was never made. Project somewhere else.

No. 1450014

i can see the pregnancy on her face.

No. 1450023

File: 1645601455790.png (171.51 KB, 638x583, meanieweanie.png)

You are right, he purposely eats on the show to get posts like these defending his eating habits:

No. 1450025

File: 1645601682527.gif (1.28 MB, 272x320, AA9F9268-9889-448E-B5F0-08BE81…)

No. 1450068

File: 1645608944553.png (73.29 KB, 924x348, Untitled.png)

The subreddit right now is basically just sad fat Karens projecting all their own issues in their lives onto Trisha in the most embarrassing way.

No. 1450069

File: 1645609083929.png (400.2 KB, 794x596, Untitled.png)

No. 1450076

Oversharing and blogposting is always so funny to me. Pathetic

No. 1450098

File: 1645618975824.png (779.34 KB, 864x1253, Screenshot_20220223-062105.png)

No. 1450115

Did I miss the memo where everyone on this board suddenly began loving Trisha?? Trisha is clearly an unstable BPD nightmare, when did we all begin kissing her ass?
Is it just because ethans pathetic fans are god awful?? Everyone who interacts with either ethan or trisha or supports them are idiots, I thought we all knew that by now

No. 1450140

We are just laughing at the Trishyland cows, calm down

No. 1450162

You retard H3cels really love to jump to "b-b-but why do you love Trisha" the moment we laugh at someone else, lmao If you have something to share, please do. Otherwise, chill

No. 1450179

Dude. Trisha is giving no milk. Trishyland is a fucking mess, and it's hilarious. If you have new milk on Trish we will happily rag on her.

No. 1450191


this is the first time I'm hearing about guns

No. 1450192

If you have genuine hatred for any lolcow you should probably log off. We are just here to make fun of people and laugh, currently the funny and unhinged people who project their own insecurities and problems onto Trisha and calling CPS on her fetus.

No. 1450194

File: 1645634333587.png (1.53 MB, 1414x1076, Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 7.37.…)

It's a Britney outfit huh?

No. 1450195

File: 1645634356621.jpg (54.15 KB, 960x596, 75bujdoo3lj81.jpg)

Ethan mourning the cash-cow that was Frenemies.

No. 1450196


part of me feels like they made up off camera and might bring the show back? or maybe i need to stop inhaling so much copium

No. 1450197

I would love to see the reaction of /r/Trishyland if this were to happen, kek.

No. 1450198

File: 1645634535893.png (709.37 KB, 1194x1468, Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 7.41.…)

what kind of retard humor is this

No. 1450233

These damsels live in their own delusion where they think they read Moses like a book for some reason, lol. When he agrees with Trisha on canera it’s because he is her servant, and when he has another point of view on something, he is regretting everything and planning a divorce, okay.

No. 1450241

I mean, she is a wifey tho. In between struggling with fertility issues and naming poop-smearing devices after her virtual archnemesis she has a wonderful life full of joy, of course.

No. 1450243

I don’t remember where I saw it, but it’s a speculation that he is looking for a new co-host for Frenemies. Smells like bs imo because he already has 3 or more different variations of the podcast he can barely manage and has to regularly take breaks. These rumours were probably a way to promote his episode with Oliver Tree.

No. 1450250

it’s so embarrassing just to read it, lol. It’s iconic Britney’s look that was cosplayed a thousand times but definitely Trisha, known for dressing as every popular blonde woman existed, is copying Olivia of all people.

No. 1450254

Trishyland: Trisha is an antisemitic piece of trash who perpetuates stereotypes and is basically Hitler!!!!!!

Also Trishyland: Uses Moses' Hebrew name with a dollar sign and constantly accuses him of being with her for money only.

No. 1450261

I sub to trishyland and comment on it regularly. I don't post any personal information or rant post. I think a lot on the board is cringey, low quality, and projection. There are so many insane theories on the board that is making them look dumb and insane. There is genuine criticism on the board, talking about the mr r stuff or her incest history. But so much of it is just name calling and it seems like some subs have bpd and hate trisha for making bpd look bad, and the others have narcs in the family- and they see her as a target for their anger. Her stories about the pregnancy don't all make sense but I don't think she's faking it. It's probably from her not knowing much about pregnancy or the medical/health elements to it. I hate her but I hope the baby is okay and the subs talking about cps need to stop.(sage)

No. 1450264

File: 1645640781870.png (608.06 KB, 864x1025, Screenshot_20220223-121940.png)

Who wants to tell them?

No. 1450284

I can't see Frenemies happening again. Ethan has too much of an ego and if they were together they'd just be passive aggressive. Sure they apparently filmed a final episode and they never aired it because Ethan contradicted himself.

No. 1450341

Its soo funny to see Dan and the others trip over themselves when they disagree with Ethan and have to correct themselves cause he is the all knowing fupa. Watching Dan squirm and nervously fidget after Ethan makes a disgusted sigh when he attempts to sympathize with Jeff is pure payback for idolizing and working for this manchild. Also Dan looks awful in this episode, he is only a year older than me but his eye bags are massive. Having to appease Ethans fragile ego constantly must be tiring.

No. 1450342

File: 1645645256103.webm (4.37 MB, 640x352, dubbed.webm)

No. 1450456

girl, nuance exists

No. 1450777

We know.
Now read the rules and sage.

No. 1450779

These things read like very ironic humor.

>He just had a child

No. 1450839

In a way, because one of the major symptoms of depression is loss of appetite, if the antidepressants work then appetite comes back. Ethan is a lazy glutton with no self control though, he just blames it on the pills.

There's plenty of ways to stave off weight gain from SSRIs but they tend to require some sort of effort and self control - neither of which Ethan has.

No. 1450881

kek, this girl
>My ex-boyfriend, Moses, cheated on me with Trisha Paytas. Can Ethan and Hila contact me? I need to know if they are good people.
>Ok, he was never my boyfriend, just a fling… but he stealthed me!
>I told him it was the best night of my life and I would pay for more sex, but he manipulated me into saying that!
>Follow my cousin, a music producer who has worked with the Vlog Squad!
>I know Moses stealthed me because I saw him take the condom off!
>He's been a pedo all along!
>Ok, not a pedo but he threatened me with guns!

No. 1450908

File: 1645697907134.png (459.92 KB, 800x724, Untitled.png)

Hitler Paytas has once again done an oopsie in making her own pregnancy ALL ABOUT HERSELF!!! How dare she complain about her pregnancy symptoms?! She's like 9-10 weeks now, so this is nearing the end of the first trimester when pregnancy symptoms ramp up big time before getting better during the second trimester. One of the worst times during pregnancy.

No. 1450909

File: 1645698085112.png (101.56 KB, 908x656, Untitled.png)

if only these people had the option to unfollow Hitler Paytas on Instagram.. it sucks so much that they get forced to click on and watch her story every day and seethe with hatred.

No. 1450972

Mr Riney was confirmed by multiple people to be a creep who would molest his students. Participating in a subreddit supports a dead pedophile because his victim is someone they dislike is disturbing af, to say the least.

No. 1451015

File: 1645714288479.png (623.92 KB, 863x1121, Screenshot_20220224-084803.png)

Predators and pieces of shit who aren't Trisha Paytas are absolved of all bad acts. Didn't you know, nonnie?

No. 1451027


Its funny tho, most of the "wifeys" are avid j*, shane, and rich lux supporters

No. 1451056

File: 1645719696999.gif (1.43 MB, 480x270, 67966503-CD3A-4D5E-B5C1-7B842F…)

So misogynistic pick mes. How original

No. 1451086

>trisha, beautiful young married woman pregnant with a child
>jafar starfish, anorexic aids ridden narc gay male who has to pay men to fuck him and lives alone in a mansion because no one can stand him
But of course wifeys think jeffree and all other fags are better than Trisha because they're so misogynistic. Hilarious.

No. 1451098

These people are insane. Like if it upsets you just don't watch her content lol. For example, it was extremely easy to stop watching h3 content after Frenemies.

No. 1451100

Trisha is pretty busted and repulsive, but she somehow found a man who genuinely loves her and managed to put a baby in her while redditor ladies are either desperately single pickme's or married to coomers who can't even get their dicks hard for them.

No. 1451106

>trisha, beautiful
get help
ethan is extremely horrible, but that doesn’t make trisha less horrible
two horrible people can fight

No. 1451109

Why is Trisha so horrible to you? She is fat and plastic I guess, but idk, I like the different looks she does and she has confidence which makes it fun to watch her. And Ethan and Trisha aren't fighting. Trisha has ignored him for months, Ethan's just having tantrums.

No. 1451112

File: 1645723036407.png (53.61 KB, 928x420, Untitled.png)

Damn, imagine if one day Trisha had to sell her 9 million dollar mansion and move into a 2 million dollar mansion.. what an epic L she will possibly take one day. Can't even afford to have both a Rolls Royce AND a Ferrari, that broke ass bitch!

No. 1451117

I don't hate Trisha buy you can't deny that she is freaking hideous. With her flat pug face and her overstuffed sausage lips, she is a fat midget and has botched boobs with googly eye nipples. My boyfriend doesn't even let me put her videos on the tv because he is scared of her face lol.

No. 1451119

These people are talking like they're much better off than her kekk. Someone's mad about having to work at starbucks/live off of foodstamps

No. 1451122

Her lips are too much but I genuinely think she has a pretty face. She gives me like Pamela Anderson, that wrestler Trisha from WWF with the hats like she's almost the early 2000s bimbo personified. I might be bias towards that aesthetic. I wouldn't wear it myself but I get entertainment from it.

No. 1451125

Sorry, the wrestler is Debra I think, not Trisha lol. Whatever wrestler everyone referred to her tits as puppies. The early 2000s were wild.

No. 1451128

File: 1645723698842.png (320.05 KB, 796x800, Untitled.png)

When posting on Trishyland and stalking Trisha's social media is not enough Trisha in your life, have you tried making a Sim family and then killing her in every possible way yet?

No. 1451130

File: 1645723869802.jpg (102.83 KB, 1280x720, Trisha-Paytas.jpg)

I think you might have an unpopular opinion there. She's genuinely unfortunate looking and it doesn't help that she is FAT.

No. 1451135

Kek, maybe, I do like her eyes and hair.

No. 1451147

File: 1645724741112.png (164.84 KB, 864x578, Screenshot_20220224-114229~2.p…)

One of these retards is going to take this shit into the real world one day. They're all normalizing and encouraging such fucking psycho behavior.

No. 1451188

>(her h3 era)
Do these people actually believe her being on a youtube drama podcast is what made her millions of dollars?

No. 1451193

Tbf, Families had good views while it lasted and Leftovers is doing okay. Ethan still getting over 1 million views consistently. He doesn't have anything to worry about… yet.

No. 1451203

>she's almost the early 2000s bimbo personified. I might be bias towards that aesthetic.
I think that's it because the bimbo aesthetic gives the illusion that even ugly women are attractive when styled that way.

No. 1451226

She looks crazy with no makeup on, but she cleans up nice and looks great with makeup on.

He does something to worry about, and he clearly is, hence is clickbaity titles and toddler tantrums.

No. 1451463

This thread has been speculating since directly after frenemies ended his views were declining. I don’t think they’re losing viewers any time soon

No. 1451647

His views are declining, but it's not too bad. He used to get 3-6 million views with Frenemies.

No. 1451752

I'm not defending her because of her personality but I always thought she was beautiful unlike ethan who looks like a literal goblin. I guess she's overweight but her energy and face make her cute in my opinion.
Seems like her husband is into bigger girls, unlike those redditor's husbands because it's clear they're jealous a fat woman is loved amd happy when they're hated for being like her.

No. 1451802

File: 1645798153406.png (586.43 KB, 792x662, Untitled.png)

They are so obsessed with Trisha that she is the first thing that comes to their mind whenever they look at anything, even the war in Ukraine, lol. How long until they somehow blame the war on Trisha?

No. 1451815

But his current views are consistent with what they were before frenemies. Unfortunately, I don’t see him going anywhere. Trisha’s views in the other hand…

No. 1451816

No, he wasn’t. One person appeared on Twitter claiming she was from the same town and knew about it. Then she vanished. I’m not saying Trisha’s lying, but there is no solid proof or confessions from anyone

No. 1451836

I think what's really going to get him into trouble, and hurt his numbers in the end, is that new channel where he doesn't have anyone reigning him in. He's not getting serious criticism or pushback right now, but there seems to be rumblings. Which wasn't happening so much before.

Of course these are also the hopes and dreams of a girl who just really wants this scrote to get what he deserves.

No. 1451853

I'm happy enough knowing that he is miserable and only finds happiness in food, lel.

No. 1452023

File: 1645824129620.png (58.07 KB, 922x406, Untitled.png)

Trisha is not only Hitler, she is also Putin.

No. 1452061

This moron is going to spend the entire month of March consuming Trisha content while trying not to a-log to prove how unbothered and unaffected they are. There is no way someone who is comparing Trisha to Putin during a hugely pivotal moment in Russian and Ukrainian history is going to be able to keep her off their mind.

No. 1452083

File: 1645827980834.png (439.7 KB, 864x1572, Screenshot_20220225-162330.png)

It's not a huge loss by any means at all, but what's the over under on Ethan trying to start shit with someone or something stupid like that this weekend? He's thrown tantrums over stupider things.

No. 1452086

Does anyone remember the old video with Trisha and Shane where Freelee murders them? Those were the days……

No. 1452090

Hes gonna cry in the next pod about how much hard work he puts in the pod, farting around, chewing and burping while a bunch of grown men stroke his balls, and how unfair life is that he is losing subs after putting so much hard work on his job. Then his fans will make sockpuppets to resub.

No. 1452094

Would Freelee be interesting enough to warrant her own thread by the way? I've been meaning to bring this up somewhere but have always forgotten.

No. 1452100

It's absolutely baffling how they're always late, never apologize and the fans still press the like button and even donate hours before the stream even fucking starts. What a cheek, Ethan!

No. 1452211

What a selish cunt move to conflate her hate boner for Trisha with the crisis in Ukraine.

No. 1452485

File: 1645889451394.png (848.88 KB, 864x687, Screenshot_20220226-092221.png)

It's amazing how their brains work. Fascinating, really. On the other hand, here's woke king Ethan being ultra sensitive and not at all making light of the whole thing.


No. 1452490

File: 1645889851094.png (325.2 KB, 864x996, Screenshot_20220226-093332.png)

They reposted and took Putin out of it. Kek

No. 1452542

File: 1645895772410.png (238.94 KB, 820x682, Untitled.png)

Trisha's twitter replies are also full of h3h3 fans and Trishyland posters. Like this dude who thinks the baby comes out of the urethra and you can just pee it out whenever you want.

No. 1452555

Good news, with anatomical knowledge like this, this dude surely won't get to have children of his own!

No. 1452556

File: 1645897369371.jpg (17.76 KB, 400x400, y4zo7QQK_400x400.jpg)

>28 year old unprofessional gamer.

No. 1452558

That's a lot of words for NEET.

No. 1452575

When I tell you this made me choke on my coffee, that is not an exaggeration. Guarantee he's a Nice Guy™.

No. 1452677

Ethan got dudes like this feeling confident enough to embarass themselves.

No. 1452833

File: 1645921970225.jpg (70.6 KB, 720x645, 20220226_182717.jpg)

So Ethan in the latest h3 after dark was dogging on a friend of Jeff's & calling him a criminal while doing some weird yankee accent. The friend went to their house on live stream and "doxxed" them. Lmao I mean Ethan really thinks he & his lil foot soldiers can harass anyone they want and face no repercussions. Not saying its okay but like the hell does he expect? Apparently most of his foot lickers are mad at the newest after dark because of Ethan being an ass to Jeff & his friend, making jokes about the Ukrainian/Russian ordeal, and played loud chewing tiktoks to fuck with the fans who ask him not to stuff his fat face while live streaming.

But now a lot of his ass kissers are right back up there now that "the Klein family has been put in danger!"

No. 1452919

>unprofessional gamer

So… a gamer?

No. 1453060

Ethan was very insensitive about Ukraine. The man that always brings up antisemitism etc doesn't have the tact to be empathetic about a present day invasion of a country.

Also he was just being a dick about Jeff idk if one of ethan's mental illnesses is self sabotaging but he's a shite podcast host and he has a knack for alienating guests before they even show up.

No. 1453068

File: 1645956319658.png (119.4 KB, 740x945, h3.png)

There is a mutiny in r/h3h3productions. Fans were complaining on the subreddit about Ethan's jokes. The mods took all of them down and told them to post it again as comments under the megathread. When they did, their comments were removed and they were perm banned.


No. 1453073

File: 1645956838032.png (1.03 MB, 1844x1528, Untitled.png)

More malding from /r/Trishyland. Can you believe this bitch is making her pregnancy ALL ABOUT HERSELF?! And not buying any baby stuff while the baby's birth is still 8 months away?! And of course Moses will leave her any day now…

No. 1453081

I just dont get how Hila deals with him. Make no mistake, this is def about her. He never has the decency to respect her wishes. She said she hates people chewing and asked for him to stop eating the pizza, so now he has to get his revenge. Just like he is getting fat just to piss her off. Anything Hila asks, Ethan makes his personal mission to do the exact opposite.

Hopefully some of those idiots will wake up and see that Ethan does not give a fuck about them. They look so stupid giving Ethan tips on how to make the podcast better, as if its their job to make the pod do well. Ethan despises his fans.

No. 1453090

Sorry for the doublepost but also, this man once again finds a way to stress his wife out. He got her sued while she was pregnant, now when she has a newborn at home he is stirring up shit with people and putting his family in danger. Hila must be exhausted from this shit, when its not psychological damage from all the stress, its someone showing up at their house where they have the kids and the little dogs. People in the H3 sub were (surprisingly) mentioning how Ethan looks like hes in a deep depression, considering his aggressive comments and binge eating. Apparently hes been calling people disgusting and seething and then following with "idk, i just dont like the guy" when the cast asks why he doesnt like people.

No. 1453097

Poor Hila. She has aged so much and her desperation and exhaustion is clear just by her face. She used to be a beautiful young woman but now she constantly looks like she's tired of her shitty husband. I still think Ethan hates Hila like some coomer husbands do when they get bored of their wives, he's probably interested in Trisha more than he's interested in his own wife and kids.

No. 1453098

I don't think Hila has emotions so she's probably fine.

No. 1453099

This is what happens when pick mes get married and enable their husbands' misogynistic ways for too long

No. 1453102

You're right but I still feel bad for her because she's autistic and god knows autistic women have super hard time figuring social cues while also thinking they have male brain and usually end up being misogynistic themselves like Hila was about the breastfeeding and pregnancy stuff.

No. 1453104

Autistic women are a lot like moids, they are missing everything that makes a woman better than men (compassion, empathy, nurturing, selflessness, emotional intelligence,.. etc). So I don't really feel bad for them. All the autistic girls I met were exactly like Hila. Total pickmes who think they are one of the boys and don't give a shit about other women.

No. 1453113

That's a pretty autistic thing to say.

No. 1453118

He def resents her… I think Hila doesnt realize that men like Ethan dont like any women, shes not an exception. I dont know where so much anger comes from honestly, shes constantly saving him from being cancelled. Apparently a bunch of H3 stans are cancelling membership because of the chewing tiktok segment. If he had simply listened to Hila, none of this would have happened (its always like this, she gives well meaning advice and he purposefully ignores it causing mayhem). But i guess its impossible to know how she really feels because she always lectures fans that have concerns for her.

Also, its interesting that after a podcast with a lot of dislikes (chewing videos, ethan mocking ukraine, ethan mocking jeffs friend to the point of making everyone umconfortable) something "big" happens and all the negative attention is taken away from Ethan. I wouldnt be surprised if those people purposefully plan situations like the stalking to take heat off eachother. Again im not saying this happened, its just interesting timing.

No. 1453168

Got curious and went to poke around the sub; it's just full of spam of people's pets. They are working overtime to bury that shit.

If they divorce he's going to do his absolute best to ruin her.

No. 1453170

It's true tho.

No. 1453192

Social rules for women are complex. Men are easy to understand, especially when they're nice because they want to fuck you. Autistic women definitely do have all the traits of normal women, they just lack the support of other women, so they turn to moids. Hila would be better off making friends with other sperg women. However, her shitty husband surrounds them with BPD women he wants to fuck, while she is trapped playing mommy all day. sage for blogpost

No. 1453202

Ethan really mocked Ukraine at a time like this? What a fucking asshole.

No. 1453233

I agree with this. If Hila befriended women who were more like her, it'd all be easier. Men interested in befriending her will be pushed away by Ethans retarded motives, the women Ethan invited all dislike her because Ethan pits them against one another in a classic uggo scrote way whose ultimate fantasy is to have women fight over him. I used to think Hila was too rude and shit but after seeing how she's with her husband and how she's clearly autistic, I can't help but feel bad for her. He does all he can to get her mad and upset no matter what and she still tries to fix stuff up but he's always ungrateful.

No. 1453604

I believe he mocked the news outlet for playing cheerful fast food commercial while Ukrainian news were on the background (search Applebee’s Ukraine on yt). He just lacks charisma and comedic timing to pull of such joke. It was painful to watch him keep pushing the joke and looking around at his crew for reaction while they’re obviously very uncomfortable to laugh at such thing

No. 1453705

File: 1646019812328.png (29.1 KB, 519x169, Screenshot_20220227-214030~2.p…)

Bad news, guy. The podcast is definitely ass.

No. 1453828


thanks for the laugh nonnie

No. 1454286

ethan is in the middle of a shit-fit because his fans didn't like the way he made fun of jeff's eye. he's harping about having a kid, so people need to fuck themselves and give him a break kek.

No. 1454292

I had no idea that Ethan was a biological female and just gave birth! My bad!

No. 1454296

File: 1646088382801.png (801.17 KB, 864x649, Screenshot_20220228-164514.png)

This was on his sub. What a way to treat paying fans.

No. 1454300

For clarification, this is not from today's live. But it was posted today.

No. 1454310

he's currently acting like he wants to take calls from haters. ethan was bitching about getting doxxed (which is why the jeff interview is no longer happening) and he won't let up off cam/love's case about showing the inside of their apartment, even with love insisting 'no/i don't want to get doxxed.'

No. 1454320

So far the first caller was clearly chosen because he's retarded and can barely put together a coherent sentence to argue his side.

No. 1454333

Is there one podcast that he DOESNT stir up shit?

No. 1454631


You know, it feels like he’s trying to be Howard Stern. Attempting to be controversial, giving the people who work on the show a bunch of shit, taking dumb calls. And then him wanting to see the inside of their apartment. Stern did the same thing to one of the people on his show, wanting to see the inside of the apartment for whatever reason and them refusing. I can’t remember the details of the Stern thing, I tried looking for it. Didn’t Ethan say Stern was one of his inspirations?

No. 1454648

Who would have thought if you foster an audience of alpha-omega-Karens who get offended at everything and foam at the mouth at the thought of cancelling yet another celebrity for saying a slur 10 years ago on myspace, they could turn against you? It's what he deserves. He made his brand being an offended woke SJW who points out people who are "problematic" forgetting that he is on of those people.

No. 1454677

wow, who runs comment-watch while the show is live? that's pretty pathetic. also, while ethan was ranting about mean comments/fans, dan admitted to deleting subreddit posts.

No. 1454782

The funny thing was he was suppose to be on paternity leave then he got covid and went to the basement and then just stopped paternity leave. Hila probably wants him out of the house.

No. 1454806

He bitched about how he's not taking paternity leave because he cares so much about his fans, which they should appreciate. So his sycophants are hurr durr-ing about how amazing he is for doing it all and being such an amazing dad.

No. 1454876

Cam got covid hence why he’s in the basement and he kept googling and asking the crew how long he should isolate for and was saying “Hila is going to kill me”

No. 1454886

That marriage must be absolutely miserable.

No. 1454902

I know but he's out of isolation and can't use the excuse he needs to interact. He just cba with paternity leave since the Christmas holidays was such an ordeal

No. 1454908

File: 1646168690961.png (2.35 MB, 828x1792, A8FAD313-5FFD-423E-AE59-3D333B…)

Is Dasha trying to stay relevant by appealing to the h3 fans? lol

No. 1454910

Lmao, when cows collide. I agree with her for once. But at the same time, Dasha can hardly talk either. Both crazy cluster B messes

No. 1454953

Inb4 Trishyland love bombs her then turns on her.

No. 1455546

File: 1646214781381.png (53.3 KB, 352x250, beatingupdogs.png)

wtf is going on with the podcast?

No. 1455595

he discussed which animal he could or couldn't take in a fight, using statistics taken from a survey asking people if they could or couldn't take an animal in a fight
sage for literally doesn't matter, watch the content or stop blowing shit out of proportion, no one cares

No. 1455646

>Ethan looks at a poll where people say which animal they could take in a fight.
>Dan talks about how vicious geese are, the convo gets derailed by Zach to talk about geese shit.
>Ethan says he could beat a Husky, but not a pitbull. He says he could just pull their hair, go for their eyes or stick your fingers in their ears. The most efficient way is eye gauging the dog though.
>Dan is going through a list of medium sized dogs, Ethan points at which he could kill.
>They look at bigger dogs. When the Tibetan Mastiff appears, someone on the crew mentions that they are very expensive dogs. Ethan asks if killing an expensive dog is cooler.
>AB tells him that some Tibetan Mastiffs are priced $1.9 million. Ethan wonders how much that dog's jizz would cost and says that horse jizz is very valuable.
>They move on with the poll. Ethan says he could take an eagle. He would just tear out its wings.
>Back to the topic of dogs, Ethan says he could not take a pitbull, but he could take Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide.
>If a pitbull attacked him, Ethan would just go for their eyes and gauge them out. Love suggest bodyslamming the dog and Ethan loves the idea.
>Ethan thinks he can take a chimpanzee but changes his mind when he googles photos of chimpanzees.

No. 1455679

You agree that people should have to apologize for every little thing they've ever done before others are allowed to be happy for their pregnancies? Weird take nonnie

No. 1455702

How do they always manage to derail into shit. Always.

No. 1455714

>Ethan asks if killing an expensive dog is cooler.
>Ethan wonders how much that dog's jizz would cost and says that horse jizz is very valuable.
>Ethan says he could take an eagle. He would just tear out its wings.
literally a conversation a middle-schooler with no critical thinking/developing coomer brain would engage in. i'm having flashbacks of my moid cousin challenging people to squeeze bathroom scales.

No. 1455716

If I may ask, what does is squeezing a bathroom scale supposed to do?

No. 1455720

it's a way of gauging who's 'stronger' (ex: 'i squeezed 70lbs and you only squeezed half!') it was very retarded.

No. 1455748

And somehow his fans are kissing his ass for putting out such shitty, low effort content. It's mind boggling. These people have no standards.

No. 1455799

The podcast is shit. I don't blame people for not wanting to sit through it.

No. 1456053

File: 1646259591476.png (516.58 KB, 551x556, Screenshot_20220302-161759.png)

Trisha. Please. Not this.

No. 1456067

>ever growing watermelons
Kek. This alone is funnier than anything Ethan said.

No. 1456069

RIP to her neighbors

No. 1456075

I would be more surprised if she didn’t sexualize her pregnancy

No. 1456181

I wouldn’t put it past her to make sexual content while pregnant for some niche group and then being like “how dare you sexualize my pregnancy” but I hope she’s better than that

No. 1456288

>I would hope she’s better than that
hope in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first

No. 1456429

100% knew she was going to cash in on this pregnancy when she made the announcement. Really don’t understand how Trisha has so many ass kissers in this thread who will somehow excuse it and in the same breath criticise sex workers in other threads for doing exactly the same shit. This is bottom of the barrel behaviour from her and how fucking humiliating for the future child

No. 1456520

> Really don’t understand how Trisha has so many ass kissers in this thread who will somehow excuse it and in the same breath criticise sex workers in other threads for doing exactly the same shit.
Nobody here thinks Trisha is a good person, it's just that the people shitting on her are somehow even worse and it's entertaining to make fun of them. Plus Trisha is funny and not a moralizing annoying woke piece of shit virtue signaler like h3h3 who is still a shitty person but pretends he's not.

No. 1456548

Dude, relax. She's just now giving us something to talk about itt. Like >>1456520 said, no-one thinks she's a good person.

No. 1456778

I haven't seen anyone mention the segment where Ethan victim blames a woman who survived a bear attack:
>Helen calls in and tells her story of how a bear attacked when she was 17 years old
>Dan tells the fans to shut the fuck up when they say that the caller sounds like a previous caller who trolled them
>Helen says she was walking on a path in the woods and she felt something grab her leg. She turns around and it is a black bear. She kicked the bear and ran away.
>She got away but she got a scar from a bear bite and had to take a rabies shot. The police had unfortunately to put down the bear.
>Ethan asks her questions and concludes that it is unfair that they had to put down the bear. He says that the bear would have killed her if he really wanted to, he was probably starving.
>"Don't you feel bad for that poor bear? I know he bit you and tried to kill you", "He was just taking a nibble", "He just wanted a taste", "He was just eating a cookie from the cooking jar"
>Helen starts to feel bad for the bear and says that she gets PTSD when she sees the bears on the Teddy Fresh website.
>Ethan asks her if she is serious. She says that she is and she hasn't been back to those woods because it is traumatic.
>They move to another segment, forgetting that Helen is still on the line. After a few minutes of them talking about how Ethan could win a fight against a chimpanzee, Helen says goodbye and hangs up.

No. 1456798

What an absolute shitshow. How does his shitty podcast even have any viewers the content started going downhill long long time ago

No. 1456864

I bet if it was a scrote Ethan would have been salivating over him.

On an aside it looks like there is actually a bit of controversy around what happened. DNA swabs leaned more towards a dog having done it. But. Regardless. She was attacked by something and Ethan is incapable of sympathizing with other human beings. Especially women.


No. 1456973

File: 1646343259911.png (280.81 KB, 744x549, Screenshot.png)

No. 1456975

File: 1646343309672.png (48.63 KB, 734x232, Screenshot (1).png)

No. 1456978

Reddit males are like the lowest tier of male possible, jesus christ.

No. 1457011

H3 incel getting comfortable in Trishyland, it seems.

No. 1457323

File: 1646365317936.png (46.71 KB, 902x201, evil demon.png)

No. 1457399

It's fun to shit on Trish and Ethan equally, but the annoying ones shitting on Trish in this thread seem to be H3h3 fans so it's stupid shit.

No. 1457423

File: 1646376184246.png (138.86 KB, 406x535, rant.png)

Trishyland user posted a video of her ranting at Trisha

No. 1457455

Tfw you're such an animalistic glutton you think a bear eating a woman is ok because you have an easier time empathizing with a wild animal assaulting a woman than the said woman herself. Ethan is a textbook incel.

No. 1457491

He really is lucky that the Israeli government provided him with a designated wife.

No. 1457492

File: 1646390924064.png (3.11 MB, 3539x2349, oheverglow.png)

Trishyland last night:
>6 months ago, oheverglow came forward on Catnipz's initial post (https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/ph5of0/i_dated_moses_and_believed_his_lies_until_now/) to confirm that Moses would target H3 fans, but said that she never met him and blocked him shortly after.
>oheverglow made a post yesterday to elaborate. She says that she met Moses once and has talked with Trisha (https://www.unddit.com/r/Trishyland/comments/t68ppz/in_the_summer_of_2019_i_got_a_weird_jesus_dude/)
>Trishyland users ask for more evidence to support her claims and question the validity of them.
>Catnipz says that she wasn't aware that oheverglow met Moses irl. oheverglow cusses her out.
>People message oheverglow privately to try to confirm her claims and she ignores them.
>oheverglow uses an alt, ipsilateralbrain, to whiteknight herself but forgets to log off her main account to continue a conversation.
>oheverglow threatens to kill herself if they don't stop harassing her.


No. 1457508

Is this the same chick as the one who said Moses was a pedo and a rapist who stealthed her or a new BPD bitch?

No. 1457526

This is like a Rorschach test for binge eaters, do you feel sorry for the human who got mauled or the animal who didn't get lunch

Who's ass-kissing Trisha? Like other anons said they're both gross messes, but to me Trisha wins out because she's entertaining, Ethan has no redeeming qualities and is too vile to even hate watch

No. 1457529


shes very brave for posting her face hmm

No. 1457530


>oheverglow threatens to kill herself if they don't stop harassing her


No. 1457547

Exactly this, he's comparing the situation to a sexual assault in his head and defending the rapist. He sees himself as the bear and Helen as the "woman in a natural setting" he'd like to "conquer" as he mentioned on his podcast before. How pathetic and desperate does Hildie have to be in order to stay with this freak?

No. 1457557

Have they started calling her a Trisha alt trying to stir up shit? Because I can totally see that being a thing.

No. 1457626

File: 1646410755346.png (118.51 KB, 529x525, trishyland.png)

No. 1457634

Kek They did not disappoint me.

Here's a fun though TL: What if it was one of your own mentally ill subs who did this? Because if you psychos are doxxing fertility clinics and other shit like that, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 1457648

File: 1646412307301.png (483.98 KB, 683x1422, Screenshot_20220304-103946.png)

No. 1457705

Sorry but how is this stuff considered milk and worthy of being unsaged/bumping the thread? Thread should just be renamed Trishyland Cows at this point

No. 1457775

Exactly, can we stop discussing these lunatics

No. 1457786

It was funny for a while but screencaping every little dumb thing reddit does seems like really low hanging fruit

No. 1457808

>pregnancy is going to destroy her body
Mentally ill pickme and incel rhetoric. Why do some women act so misogynistic towards pregnant women? Aren't most of the people in this sub single mothers?

No. 1457904

>'we are making a difference'
???? delusional pick me women who seethe at trisha

No. 1458126

File: 1646442307329.jpg (35.52 KB, 878x390, ss.jpg)

No. 1458141

>falls asleep to stories about people suffering
The fuck

No. 1458407

File: 1646478515488.jpeg (207.65 KB, 972x750, nushx2lx6jl81.jpeg)

Ethan mentions Trisha on his legal response to Ryan Kavanaugh's lawsuit:
>says that Trisha is lying about her sexual abuse
>denies Trisha being a victim of online harassment
>mentions Trisha making fun of his Tourettes


No. 1458430

It doesn't even read well, but what an absolute little bitch. He's venting about the end of a "friendship" in a court document. None of it was relevant, that's so retarded.

No. 1458459

>denies Trisha being a victim of online harassment
The very same trishyland ethan himself seems to love visiting proves this wrong but whatever

No. 1458469

Jesus he's retarded

No. 1458488

He's so fucking embarrassing. How can people take this retarded man baby seriously?

No. 1458494

This is Emily D. Baker's vid where she talks about Ethan's lawsuit. At the, like, 2 hour mark is when the Trisha part comes up. She spends like a minute on this section and correctly states that the court will not care. But since she's an H3 ass licker now, she doesn't go further into why this is so stupid.

No. 1458841

File: 1646525050547.png (646.47 KB, 863x1115, Screenshot_20220305-174013.png)

No. 1459202

KEK what an absolute crybaby

No. 1459279

already posted and in discussion literally one-two posts up.

No. 1459284

So cringe.

No. 1459294

Ayrt, and sorry! I should have added a comment when I posted!

Basically, it's interesting that RK called out Ethan for his fans bullying Trisha. It gets put in a legal document where Ethan says hurr durr no she did it. Trishyland, a sub known to harass Trisha in real life on all platforms (and is also frequented by Ethan) >>1458407 celebrates.
And then his own sub, managed by his employees also has this bizarre celebration post >>1458841 about it.

But Ethan Klein isn't a bully and doesn't condone harassment. Kek

No. 1459326

File: 1646582000760.jpeg (269.39 KB, 1170x1219, FF5F7311-BF74-4C31-A6BE-DB3B4E…)

it’s almost like if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and get a professional photographer, your photos look better. and guess what subreddit the poster posts in on the regular? you guessed it! Trishyland!

No. 1459363

File: 1646584294162.png (502.66 KB, 1231x1444, lawyerjargon.png)

r/Trishyland thinks Trisha is helping Ryan on the lawsuit against Ethan because she was using lawyer jargon like "mental distress", "harassment" and "pattern of pushing".


No. 1459454

File: 1646591584707.png (387.67 KB, 864x1385, Screenshot_20220306-123052.png)

Ethan's such a nasty piece of work. And he's letting people in both subs assume that she's a legitimate part of this suit. I'm positive he's going let them all think that for as long as possible, before he has to correct it.

This screenshot from the H3 thread.

No. 1459474

I mean trish does FaceTune most of her photos but it’s still a stupid nitpick

No. 1459726

File: 1646612360045.png (123.02 KB, 740x500, nightmare1.png)

No. 1459730

File: 1646612469294.png (26.16 KB, 719x127, nightmare2.png)

No. 1459737

if you're gonna post this stupid shit then sage it this is not a trishyland cows thread

No. 1459951

i think what got me is that some people were like “i don’t think this is that bad, she just sucked in her neck and did a few filters…” and the poster was like “NO YOU DONT GET IT SHE HAS A GOITER ON HER NECK SHE HAS HUGE LUMPS PEOPLE HAVE TOLD HER THIS AND SHE EDITS THEM OUT ITS HORRIBLE” every time someone commented that they didn’t think she shooped that badly they had to reply and explain why Trisha single-handedly gives fat little girls eating disorders

No. 1460046

File: 1646637303946.png (224.79 KB, 699x1230, h3h3productions.png)

People in Ethan's sub are speculating that Trisha is faking her pregnancy and will fake a miscarriage. The evidence? She cosplayed as Marilyn Monroe.


No. 1460093

File: 1646651024918.png (481.68 KB, 740x2999, marilyn.png)

No. 1460107

can we fuck off with the reddit sperging?

No. 1460191

Why are you so pressed over people documenting the subreddits where people who harass Trisha talk to others and encourage others to cow tip and insert themselves. Unless you're one of the faggots that uses these boards why are you mad we document them? It would be reasonably understood if you came out and said you think those subreddits aren't so bad and it's just some bad users and even then that's total shite. Only people pissed about reddit are faggots getting defensive.

No. 1460229

FYI: >>1460093 and >>1460046 are from r/h3h3productions, the sub that Ethan's employees mod. You can't even imply Ethan is lazy without getting banned, but you can spread the nastiest rumors about Trisha there.

No. 1460260

not pressed, it’s just the same recycled shit over and over again with zero new milk. Wow Ethan fans going bonkers again over Trisha

No. 1460275

people on reddit who hate trisha are getting more and more rabid by the day since she’s never gonna get officially cancelled. imagine thinking someone as retarded as trisha would know exactly when a marilyn photoshoot was, exactly when marilyn miscarried, and dress like exactly like her when she miscarried in hopes that she’ll miscarry too. trisha’s just basic as fuck and likes marilyn. every fat white girl does.

No. 1460466

I mean if big fat Ethan thinks documenting his fall out with Trisha in court documents why not keep tabs on the new mental accusations that are coming up lol

No. 1460681

No. 1460757

File: 1646698652420.png (545.27 KB, 744x587, Screenshot.png)

No. 1461018

lol this is just embarrassing

No. 1461023

Inb4 post about her getting dumped and it's all trishas fault

No. 1461037

Ethan submitted an episode of Frenemies to the court too

No. 1461128

File: 1646746346760.png (723.84 KB, 864x752, Screenshot_20220308-072813.png)

Did anyone take one for the team and watch his podcast yesterday? I can't right now but I'm interested to see if there's actual beef brewing between these two now. I guess he's been nice to Logan Paul, which is a no no.


No. 1461129

Ahahahahahahaha This fucking drama queen. He'll never be over Trish.

No. 1461989

File: 1646825013626.jpg (658.79 KB, 4000x3000, collage (1).jpg)

they're talking about how a fat person shouldn't be able to wear clothes like this and how skinny people are better, they've gone full ana, also saw this funny comment

No. 1461993

kek the absolute cringe inducing attention seeking behavior of posting that crop top mirror pic like “look guyz I look better than fatty trisha “

No. 1462051

File: 1646832016606.jpeg (192.19 KB, 1024x1024, 6342A7E5-4CFC-45AA-8049-795745…)

You just know she has a face similar to this behind the phone

No. 1462052


kek that looks like it could actually be her, but tbh if she had the gall to post a pic like that then why cover your face with your phone lol

No. 1462070

Now I wanna know: did this bitch buy that shirt to dunk on Trisha?
Because she posted herself in that shirt a minute back. Long enough for someone to buy a whole new one to show off now. I looked and it's still for sale.

No. 1462116

File: 1646841752815.png (838.76 KB, 1084x1414, hourastromer836.png)

Another redditor posting her selfies to show how much prettier she is. Weren't they giving Trisha shit for photoshopping her maternity photos?

No. 1462144

Kek "Untouched" my ass. Post one without makeup, then. Go full on. Show us how real and natural all you girls are.

Because like Trisha or hate her, she is pretty shameless about dropping pics and videos of her looking fucking rough. And that's not me trying to wk. Before someone reees at me for it. It's just facts.

No. 1462158

The only reason trisha got brought on the H3 podcast in the first place was for ethan to apologize about comparing the instagram vs reality photos

No. 1462160

Ethan was using unflattering photos that Trisha herself uploaded.

No. 1462755

File: 1646893200919.png (264.41 KB, 279x446, oliver.png)

>Oliver went to Logan Paul's podcast, Impaulsive.
>Oliver brought Logan to the stage on one of his concerts.
>Oliver went to Logal Paul's boxing match wearing Teddy Fresh.
>Oliver deleted all his Tiktoks with Ethan.
>Dan was about to insult Oliver on the H3 Podcast.
>Ethan asked him to tell him off the air.

No. 1462869

The difference in the icon pic and the “untouched pic” is hilarious
What an absolute cow she is for trying to dunk on Trisha this way
“I’m not even wearing lipstick! Pls tell me I’m pretty!!”

No. 1462871

No anon didn’t you know all trishyland posters are naturally gorgeous goddesses

No. 1462918

File: 1646912909677.png (1.11 MB, 1481x2101, laugh.png)

During the last live, Ethan spends 10 min talking about Trisha's laugh and how similar it is to Jason's
>The observation was made initially on r/Trishyland, which confirms that he is still on that subreddit
>r/Trishyland subs get upset that they weren't credited but are delighted that Ethan is still going after Trisha despite being pregnant
>r/Trishyland is expecting Trisha to have a breakdown any minute and will threaten them with a miscarriage
>r/h3h3productions is spammed with compilation videos of Trisha laughing and crossposts from r/Trishyland


No. 1462930

Of course ethan still scrolls through trishyland every day, he's obsessed. The fact that they want trisha to do a meltdown over this dumb nitpicking after mostly ignoring the whole drama since frenemies ended is kinda funny.

No. 1462949

This is going to sound retarded. But I kind of want Trisha to just record a video of her doing this laugh and then post with no comment or anything. Ethan and Trishyland would absolutely collapse under the rage.

No. 1464136

File: 1647024861538.png (92.04 KB, 389x537, trishyland.png)

No. 1464172

Holy shit what fucking psychos. Bet that office has gotten quite a few phone calls because of these freaks.

No. 1465057

File: 1647098873213.png (124.69 KB, 742x550, guns.png)

Catnipz, Moses ex-girlfriend, says that he got the guns at the beginning of quarantine (over a month after he was with Daphney) due to a break in. Daphney is lying.


No. 1465082

oh that’s just downright fucked

No. 1465088

It's the same psycho who doxxed Trisha's fertility clinic >>1445300

No. 1465381

Ethan’s shit fetish continues, I feel like this is the most alert and enthused he’s been in months?

No. 1465595

Hilas "understanding gf" act is really tiring.

No. 1466219

ethan looks so rough lately. Hila (who majority of the time looks gaunt/dead) looks atleast 10 years younger than him here.
youd think with all these frienships and collabs that ethan is destroying maybe fungie soldiers would realize he is the problem.

No. 1466321

Yep and he keeps blaming it on the baby. Hila looks healthy despite carrying and birthing Bruce. Motherhood places waaaay more demands on women in the first few months anyway, it seems like Ethan has basically been able to carry on as normal, it’s just excuses and doesn’t explain why his health was deteriorating pre-baby

No. 1467141

File: 1647250783731.png (83.15 KB, 595x333, ethansick.png)

Ethan was sick, Friday's show was cancelled

No. 1467169

File: 1647256508157.webm (2.71 MB, 480x270, KxKM9SFgukHNMZBq.webm)

Oliver is joke fighting with Ethan. He recently made his fans chant "Fuck Ethan Klein" on a concert: https://twitter.com/kiki_palmtree/status/1502486373105864708

No. 1468836

yesterday's livestream was pretty unbelievable
>dan mentions ethan didn't want to even come in to film
>ethan wants to take calls from 'haters' almost immediately
>dan vetoes it, saying they were barely 30 minutes in, so it was 'too early to set him off'
>ethan said it wasn't too early, he wouldn't get set off, and it's too late anyway because the caller is already on!
>argued with the caller (another idiot named ethan) about whether or not gary v was stupid
>takes one other caller (a stripper) and ethan expresses how 'interesting' she is
>keeps the stripper on the phone for half the episode while the crew discusses going to a strip club (very similar to the way they constantly decide what to eat on air, except their female pickme crew were the ones encouraging it while every moid except ethan pretendsed it sounded boring/pointless)
>ethan shits on visiting vegas with hila, saying they 'didn't do shit' when they took a vacation to conceive
>at one point, the crew 'tricks' ethan with the some cheap chocolate they pretended was zack's shit, and then ethan critiqued the texture and flavor of it

No. 1468844

File: 1647365904925.jpg (320.01 KB, 1080x1182, 20220315_123758.jpg)

weren't they just bragging about smashing 3million?

No. 1468857

>Malia, a stripper, calls in and talks about Keemstar
>Ethan goes on a rant about how old Keemstar is and how bad he looks in comparison to himself
>Ethan and Dan cry about Keemstar blocking H3 fans
>Ethan says that Keemstar is mean to women because he doesn't have a mom
>Malia talks about the bad side of being a stripper
>Ethan interrupts her to ask if there's sex on the champagne room. Malia says that the club where she works has been shut down for prostitution and Ethan sounds disappointed.
>Malia says that she is pro-legal prostitution but that women who engage on sexual acts with customers on the strip club leads to other women who refuse to do it get physically assaulted.
>Ethan continues asking more questions to Malia: can he touch the dancers? how far can men go? do the strippers wipe their bodies in between lap dances? have men jizzed on their pants while Malia dances on them? what is the craziest thing that happened to Malia on the strip club? do you get turned on by the clients? have you hooked up with clients?
>Malia says that she didn't allow men to touch her at the beginning and that's why wasn't earning any tips. Now that she does, she is earning a lot of money.
>Ethan gets excited when Malia says that men can touch the women's boobs or let the men lick their nipples. He gets giddy with the stories of Malia getting touched inappropriately without her consent.
>AB mentions that he is going to Las Vegas for his 30th birthday with some of his coworkers. He isn't sure about going.
>AB and Zach share their stories of going to a strip club.
>Ethan tells Malia "We have exhausted the topic" and ends the call.
>Ethan says he would love to go to Vegas. He says he hasn't gone since he's rich.
>Dan corrects him and says that he went to Vegas with Hila when they were trying to conceive.
>Ethan says that he didn't have fun that time. The crew is quiet and AB gives him signals.
>Ethan backtracks. He says that he had fun when he went with Hila, but he wants another type of fun. He wants to go to shows, eat, drink and gamble.
>AB says that people is going to take things out of context with what he just said.
>Ethan says he is going to take 1 dollar bills and make it rain. AB says he wants to have a fun with the boys for the weekend. Olivia says she wants to go too.
>Dan says that he has set up a button to disconnect Ethan's microphone and put a bleep sound instead.
>Ethan wants to drive to Vegas with his Rolls Royce and get some respect. He can't wait to spit on the Valet as he opens the door.

No. 1468945

Ethan really has spiralled since he doesn't have his pal Trisha to indulge in his fantasies. Trisha knew how to flatter Ethan enough that he wouldn't become whatever the fuck he is now with the crew and Hila. He's acting out. He's an angry fat man baby and he's so bitter about something but what. Hila and him made a fortune together, they could have traveled the wolrd and done whatever they want, they've been in complete control of their lives for a good couple of years, why is he like this? His fans should be focusing on their favs mental health and stop being angry Trisha is happy.

No. 1469010

>Hila (who majority of the time looks gaunt/dead)

Fucking kek you’re not wrong

No. 1469030

nona it's really not difficult to figure out why he's so bitter. it's because he got wealthy and youtube famous after he was already married. he was never able to use his youtube fame and money to fuck around, which all of his crewmembers have done (ethan could not stop visibly seething with jealousy when they all discussed having threesomes and dating pornstars). even moses leeched H3's fame to fuck fans kek. and ethan and hila's marriage is passionless, they have young kids, sleep in separate beds, and the lexapro makes his dick not work. so the only outlet for him is being an asshole on the internet and using his podcast as an excuse to cryptoflirt with any female guest he deeply resents not being able to coerce into bed.

No. 1469398

100% correct. this is why you never get with a man while he is struggling, because he will just resent you when he is successful

No. 1469569

I’ll never understand rich people who have all the free time and resources to not have major stresses not just fucking relaxing let alone arguing with people online to the point of lawsuits. Just do your lazy shit podcast every week and you’ll be fine, people throw money at them for nothing and he’s just getting more agitated and hungry with each passing week. Ffs he has two children and millions of dollars, he’s come so far and bitches about the dumbest shit and shows how disgusting he is as a person

No. 1469665

File: 1647416313494.png (229.36 KB, 273x489, ethan.png)

He looks worse every week

No. 1469669

He looks like a hairy baked potato.

No. 1469732

I don’t get it either. Ethan has all the money in the world and could live such a good life. They never seem to do anything fun or enjoyable-if I had his money I would spend it on travelling, eating well and having cool hobbies. Ethan honestly seems more content sitting in his basement, unwashed, doing nothing and eating junk and take out. And he just seems SO fucking bitter and hateful. He’s just had a child successfully through IVF (not all people with fertility issues have the privilege of being able to afford it) and couldn’t care less. He’s more interested in starting petty beef with anyone and everyone. He needs professional help

No. 1469862

You can take the dweller out of the basement, but you cant take the basement out of the dweller.

Its so funny how effortlessly Trisha clocked his insecurities. Hes the type that never gets over highschool. Trisha said she thought he had only slept with Hila and you can tell he was upset over that. When Ethan and the crew were talking about Euphoria, Ethan was talking about how the show was very true to reality for him and calling Hila a dork because she didnt have the Euphoria experience. Hes a complete porn addict. I cant wait to see how the mental gymnastics of the fans to justify why doormat Hila let Ethan go to the strip club. Im sniffing an open relationship saga.

No. 1470034

So are the crew going to a strip club then? They’re all married/in relationships why would they feel the need to do this…..

No. 1470082

Because everyone must bend over to do whatever Ethan wants, and im sure they will gather the support from pickme queen Olivia to school every women on how abusive they are if they dont let their boyfriends "make it rain" on strip clubs.

No. 1470107

There's some fucked up power dynamics in the podcast:
>Ethan is the boss of his employees' girlfriends and wives
>Ethan wants to go to strip clubs
>Ethan directly asks AB's wife live if she can let her husband accompany him to Vegas

Can you say "no"? What happens if you break up with your partner? Do you get fired and replaced by your former partner's new girlfriend? If your partner steps out of line, does he put your job at risk too? Also, his employees can barely afford to pay rent for their apartment on Skid Row and Ethan refused to help them pay for the trip when AB asked.

No. 1470166

That group is a prime example of why you shouldn't shit where you eat. And I'm sure there's a good Ethan and scat joke in there but I can't be bothered right now. I leave it to you, my lovely nonnies!

No. 1470672

For real. He could take as many days “off” as he wants, go chill in the backyard, maybe walk around in the pool and he’d probably lose some weight. Instead he’s just sitting on his fat ass in their mansion, seething at internet strangers. I’ll never understand that mentality.

No. 1470718

KEK, this is so pathetically true - apparently ab's fiance had a cancer scare, and ab mentions he wasn't there (and said it sounded bad when he said it like that) because they were filming.
ethan is in the middle of saying he doesn't care that their numbers fell below 3mil, and they can't get any guests that want to come on the show.
when the braindead crew skims this thread, be sure to read this post twice, because it's a very accurate dressdown of current ethan.

No. 1470878

He spent so long criticizing david dobrik and the power dynamic in his group then goes ahead and does the same shit. It's all just empty words coming from his mouth, he never actually cares or learns anything about the stuff he talks about.

No. 1471081

Trisha might be a mess but god damn she really read Ethan like a book from the start. It’s kind of impressive.

Now I know why Olivia bothers me so much. I could never put my finger on it but she’s the quintessential pick me girl, it all makes sense now.

No. 1471241

this is so true. if he really has any self-awareness he'd end the podcast, its a dead horse at this point and a vanity project. but his ego is so overblown. how unfortunate.

No. 1471249

Too lazy to read the thread because I stopped with both of their content, but is the scrote STILL talking about Trisha as of late?

No. 1471266

File: 1647519850416.png (3.85 MB, 2917x3225, justinroiland.png)

>Teddy Fresh has a new collab with Rick Morty that is launching today
>A woman who was sexually assaulted by the Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland, goes to r/h3h3productions and makes a post about what happened to her: https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/tfva9r/twjustin_roiland_rapedsexually_assaulted_me_and_i/
>H3 fans tell her to go to the police and see a therapist. Asking Ethan and Hila to stop their association with their friend is too much.
>H3 fans tell OP to stop watching the H3 podcast if she is so offended by the collab.
>OP deletes her post.

No. 1471268

Once again, Ethan only sided against Moses because 1-he doesnt have a fanbase and 2-he crossed him. I have a feeling hes been extra aggressive about israelis lately because of Moses aswell. You can tell hes really aggressive when he talks about them, almost as when his mouth gets full of spit to call a woman a bitch. Hes such a an unsettling dude, theres something off about him.

No. 1471340

File: 1647525993995.png (341.17 KB, 864x1365, Screenshot_20220317-083109.png)

Fucking vile. And even fans in the sub know people are going to get nasty. Expect it, even. I doubt any of those mods saved that post.

If it's Moses, they must always believe the victim. But it's Ethan's friend who they have a TF collab with, so the victim must be questioned.

No. 1471404

The mods were active and removing comments on that thread.

No. 1471470

Please tell me they removed just mostly victim shaming comments and the ones I saw were just stragglers or something.

No. 1471476

They removed only two: one was outright calling the story fake and the other one was calling another H3 fan a piece of shit. All the other ones stayed, including one that implied that sex workers can't get sexually assaulted.

No. 1471522

Fuck's sake. The H3 "universe" is just cancer at this point. How can any woman want to be a part of this fanbase?

No. 1471583

Rich people with pools confuse me. My childhood highlights were when my parents could afford to take us on vacation to somewhere warm with a pool. To think he could do that every day and he's miserable is just such an example of how money doesn't make people happy. He doesn't know how to live!

No. 1471586

He never stopped lol

No. 1471605

kek The guy's whole existence revolves around Trisha. Even when he's not talking about her, he spends time on Trishyland.

Improve my podcast? Nah. Be appreciative of my wife and children? Eh. Pretend all of a sudden out of nowhere I had some epiphany that Trisha must have stolen Jason's laugh, which is coincidentally a popular tinfoil on TL? Abso-fucking-lutely.

No. 1471623

Anyone got screenshots of her original post? It's deleted

No. 1471801

Who is Jimmy Lee? They did a segment with him where the crew follow him around LA & all giggle & laugh while this geezer white dude acts like an ass to random people on the street. Old head literally reminds me of those shitty prank channels (its just a prank bruh!) That act like assholes & then are surprised to find out no one likes them. But Ethan & crew were really acting like this dude was hilarious calling random people ugly & fat while passing him on the street. Funny bc Ethan would have his whole day ruined if someone did that shit to him, they really are all so hypocritical.

No. 1471954

Wow fucking disgusting. They'll believe any bullshit about Trisha or Keemstar or Logan Paul but now all the sudden its victim blaming season in the sub?

Hannah never went to the police yet somehow everyone in the sub believed her story about Dom. Fucking crazy ass lovesick Daphne never went to the cops & they made her a Lil celeb in the sub for "being so brave". This is the shit right here that I cannot stand about h3. No matter how left he tries to portray himself his hatred of women shows so much that it brings in these pathetic ass men. I hate rape apologists & victim blaming people, I really do hope they get assaulted/raped one day and no one believes their pathetic asses. & I hope it eats them alive.

No. 1472569

Weird that they did this considering they had Jimmy Lee on the podcast (they’d made an original H3 video “goofing” on him) and they were extremely unprofessional and treated him like shit. Jimmy Lee is a “comedian” with an extremely small following, he’s an ass but basically harmless. His humour is just cringey, offensive dad jokes.
You can see an overview of the Jimmy Lee podcast at 27:20

No. 1472814

File: 1647614356211.jpg (211.83 KB, 1080x791, brain damage.jpg)

No. 1472833

Kek So you definitely think she has dementia then, my guy. God, how are people so fucking stupid?

No. 1472842

She most definitely does not have dementia and probably not brain damage. Just mental illnesses that continues to be enabled. I cant remember how old she is, but its quite rare for people in their 30s to be diagnosed with dementia

No. 1472873

probably the aftermath of being a drug abuser and not dementia tbh

No. 1473195

these people are unhinged

No. 1473224

File: 1647637939430.jpg (354.79 KB, 1080x2116, 20220318_161041.jpg)

is it normal for paying fans to throw walls of tomatoes at creators?

No. 1473426

I hate that word lmao, they have always used it as an excuse for bullying guests on the podcast

No. 1473487

That and "gnarly". They made that word so much more disgusting than it already is.

No. 1473800

It's goofs and gaffs when ragging on a guest but it's peace and love when enabling the fat man baby.

No. 1474979

At 20:45

>Nobody' ever tattoed mine just for the record Hila, if your thinking about a tattoo idea

>People have your face tattoed
>Thats true people do have my face tattoed… But im not fucking them. Not yet!

And Hila says absolutely nothing about this. I guess the open relationship saga is just a matter of time. Embarassing and sad.

No. 1476202

File: 1647881184651.png (950.53 KB, 770x1348, file.png)

Fans are upset at Ethan being hypocritical, disrespectful, and dismissive of the crew on the latest after dark. There was even a (swiftly deleted) post specifically calling out Hila. Comments saying she's been bringing 'weird vibes' to the podcast lately. My tinfoil is that Hila is finally so fed up with Ethan's shit that she can't hide it anymore and there's a divorce saga brewing. Hila will take the kids to Israel and Ethan will bitterly helm the podcast solo until he must eat himself to death Nikocado-style to maintain views


No. 1476203

File: 1647881226956.png (1.04 MB, 2280x1320, image_combine.png)

No. 1476220

I watched a but on from the highlighted bit and Ethan was so passive aggressive to AB about his tatts. He's always passive aggressive to him, idk why AB stans him you can see he probably doesn't anymore lol.

No. 1476249

Anyone got a time stamp so I can watch this part without having to trawl through the whole boring podcast?

I used to watch h3 on their main channel years ago and always found Hila awkwardly endearing but whenever I’ve seen recent podcasts it’s just yikes…..she comes across as so passive aggressive, miserable and mean. No wonder as the podcast is just a dead horse at this point and she clearly has interests elsewhere

No. 1476254

Just reading the top comments on the video and apparently they also had a guest on to read the crew’s zodiacs and Ethan and Hila were constantly interrupting her as well as mocking and bullying her.

No. 1476335

its an ongoing joke when the live is late

No. 1476488

lel, whatever works for them - the only other time i've seen a chat do that is during court livestreams.
anyway, they got started 45 minutes late, and the only thing they're doing is talking about going to vegas.

No. 1476532

Honestly after the tattoo video i dont think Hila will ever divorce him. Right after he said hes not fucking his fans yet she said she would tattoo "ethan klein". Shes a lost cause. Im betting she will give him passes at certain days to fuck fans soon.

No. 1476903

Just watched, it starts around 3:38

> They watch the clip, Love says that it seems highly calculated in order to cause controversy, that the Kardashian family have millions on hand and a PR team to orchestra this kind of drama

> Hila seems pissed off with Love “you can’t make a viral moment like this”
> AB agrees with Love
> Hila and Ethan seem irritated and double down on their point of view, talk over the crew and constantly interrupting
> AB says he agrees with Love (again) and then expands “but I’m not going to say much more as I don’t want to be cancelled this weekend”
> Ethan is visibly seething “let’s stop it with that not being cancelled business”
> Hila is arrogant enough to compare Kardashian controversies to their falling out with Trisha…Ethan: “trust me, people don’t calculate this shit”
> Ethan accuses the whole crew of “paranoid thinking”
> AB tries to talk again and Hila shouts over him, Ethan begins ranting and compares their thinking to believing 9/11 was an inside job
> Love tries to explain himself for the last time, is stammering and visibly trembling
> other members of the crew try to weigh in but seem like they are walking on eggshells around Ethan and Hila, the whole atmosphere is awkward as hell

No. 1477451

Ethan is such a retard, the Kardashians have always made viral moments to sell shit

No. 1477475

I don’t know what’s worse, Ethan and Hila’s absolute brainlessness in thinking controversy can’t be manufactured for clicks or how they are so fucking angry at the notion that they’ll get so hostile to their crew for thinking what literally everyone thinks. Bet they think Kanye and Uncut Jamz girl’s relationship was totally genuine too kek.

No. 1477970

Trisha’s fast food mukbangs are making me cringe out of my body. She’s already extremely fat and her eating this shit for her pregnancy is just depressing. Not only is her kid gonna be fat their whole life but they’re gonna have to deal with finding their moms nudes and pregnancy porn jfc

No. 1478335

Trisha and Moses’ kid are destined to have BPD or autism and Hila and Ethan’s kids are going to be full on autists given the gene pool here lol

No. 1478366

The astrologer reads Hila's star chart and Ethan immediately thinks he is going to get threesomes when Marin said she thinks that Hila might have a "countercultural" sexual orientation (2:36:45):
>Ethan asks "so there is a chance of girl on girl?" and attempts to get high fives
>Hila is confused
>Ethan repeats "it's on the charts! let's goooo, dude" and wants a high five from Hila
>Hila laughs uncomfortably and doesn't give him a high five to Ethan, leaving his hand up
>Ethan asks the astrologer if she foresees health issues for himself and she says no. He celebrates and says he can just keep eating the same way
>They go into a long tangent deciding what they are going to have for lunch
>Astrologer predicts that Zach is going to leave the podcast and work for himself

No. 1480122

they're sniffing amouranth's fart to jazz music

No. 1480138

File: 1648155400015.png (12.49 KB, 373x72, Screenshot (1220).png)

Ethan asked Hila live on air if she'd allow him to get a lapdance from that cam whore Amoranth or whatever her name is or if she'd let her fart in his face. Most of chat was thankfully sane and disgusted but saw this pick me. Imagine having a self esteem this low

No. 1480151

>Haha why would anyone care if their man had his dick in another woman or was eating her out? Why would anyone care if he sexts other girls on the regular? What is this

That's how dumb pickmes like this sound to me. Hope her man pulls this shit on her and someone shows her this screenshot of she dares to complain

No. 1480165

he tried to pinhole her into a stupid
>would you rather amouranth fart in my face and i tell you about it after it happened?
>would you rather i get a lapdance from a random stripper that makes me cum because the crew made me do it?
i would be so embarrassed to be hila.

No. 1480179

>tell you about it after it happens
>because the crew members made mee get a lapdance uwu

If you're going to publically ask your wife which way she'd let you cheat on her you might as well have some balls about it kek. Even in Ethans disgusting scrote fantasies he's still a weak bitch.

Imagine looking the mother of your children in the eyes and admitting there's a part of you that gets turned on by a greasy twitch hog spraying fecal matter air in your face. The absolute state of moids right now. The Y chromosome really must make you subhuman. Hila would have been lucky if they made it big in their 20s. Ethan would have fucked off with some e thot sow he lured in and Hila would be free to find an actually decent human and not a manchild who's eating himself to death because he cares more about his small dopamine fixes and what his dick moves to than being a good father or even being around to raise them into adulthood.

No. 1480224

Ethan talks more lovingly about his dogs than any human family member.

Hopefully he'll alienate more female fans being so fixated on sex workers. His fanbase really is full of pickme an incel fucks.

No. 1480299

Hes disgusting. Hes basically asking if its ok to cheat on her. What was Hilas reaction to this? Honestly i expect her to either awkwardly laugh or give a serious response explaining her "reasons" to Ethan, cuz of course she has to have an explation for his stupid ramblings. Hes so gross to me.

Its so funny that in other threads, even here on lolcow, people were saying he would never cheat because they have a strong bond and connection.

The fact that he is such a pussy makes he even more unnatractive.

No. 1480343

Wtf… Im sorry for the double post, i just watched that segment but i dont think most people understand how creepy and sex obsessed Ethan is. Its almost as if hes trying to tweak things in Hilas head to make her accept anything. Honestly you can tell Hila is very naive in that segment. She says she would not be ok with Ethan getting a lap dance or amourath coming to their house to fart on his face, and she says something like: if she went to our house to fart in your face because you asked outside of the context of the show i would start wondering who i married, because thats not who i married… And you can tell Ethan has a weird embarassed smile, like he knows hes a creep. I think he almost felt bad about how naive she is.

Honestly i have no idea how to explain that segment, but its one of the saddest things i watched in that show because you can tell Hila cannot fully grasp Ethans intentions, and unfortunately she has no idea who she married. She legit thinks he does this kind of stuff "only for the show".

No. 1480406

i think its really sad into what direction ethan is going. He is becoming what he hated the most and thats his dad. I remember ethan talking about how much his fathers perversion traumatized him and now he is acting exactly like him.

No. 1480411

Is there anyone else who notices that lately ethan always bringing up ''men replacing their wifes with hot young babes'' are indirect lowkey attacks at Hila?

No. 1480425

Hila was actually pretty shocked and disgusted and said something like "it goes without saying I'd never allow any of this ever." Ethan kept pushing and Hila doubled down saying absolutely no way. Even most of chat was asking Ethan to stop. Then very shortly after Ethan said cheating "just happens" about the ProJared situation. Absolutely vile

No. 1480440

ethan was fishing for boundary limits so he could figure out how to cheat on hila in vegas

No. 1480447

He looks like Nikocado in this thumbnail holy shit

No. 1480448

That was genuinely weird of him to push Hila like that. I tuned in during that conversation and was so confused why he just kept going. Hila was obviously not finding it funny.
Is this what happens to coomer man if they marry early? They just get focused on all the theoretical sex they could be having if they weren't? You have two kids dude just drop it jeez

No. 1480454

He’s really gone down hill since Trish bailed on him, kek. I feel bad for Hila but I’m glad I never bought anything by Teddy Fresh if this is how he’s treating his wife. I hope she divorces him and goes solo, her designs are cute even if a bit basic.

No. 1480481

anyone have a timestamp for this?

No. 1480484

Yup, i caught that sneaky "just happens" too. He says things in such a sneaky way, Hila agreed without realizing that he said that "lap dances are thing that just happen". I wish things like sitting on a big chad dick (since he follows incel ideology) was something that "just happens" aswell, but sadly Hila is not that kind of girl.

It was scary as fuck to see she doesnt realize what hes doing to her and WHO he is. Im starting to think hila is a pickme because shes not fully aware of who her husband is. Shes totally brainwashed. Men like Ethan and his crew will be forever fucked up for doing this to women.

Also, in this pod it was revealed that Hila has not watched the pod where ethan talks about the strip club and making it rain.

No. 1480487

No. 1480491

>Also, in this pod it was revealed that Hila has not watched the pod where ethan talks about the strip club and making it rain.
the crew tried to tie-in ethan's bizarre what-if as him making jokes in reference to the stripper call, and that's when hila mentioned she didn't watch the episode. if she'd acted at all like ethan's deranged questioning was reasonable, 100% he'd be trying for a threesome this weekend.

No. 1480576

That's so true. I stopped watching the streams because they only talk about sex related stuff. One time I remember them watching weird fetish videos of young athletes doing sports in tight and short clothing and the whole time he was trying to make fun of the creeps who film those but it felt like he was actually enjoying it the whole time next to Hila. It was extremely uncomfortable and went on for too long, even noticed some female viewers hated it too in the chat. Also him watching young women do weird sexual yoga positions next to Hila. It's either that, obsession with influencers who make porn or some weird taboo sex related topic every single stream. He definitely has a sex problem.

No. 1480595

Its very weird. And Hila thinks he does that "for the show". Its so obvious he gets off to anything sexual. Its like the sex workers calls, he always wants a little tok much detail on everything. Trisha said to his face that hes pervy.

No. 1480701

The only way it’s “acceptable” for him to do that is because of the show, he’s just pushing more and more what he can say. Started small and “comfortable” saying some weird shit enough where everyone would just brush it off now it’s just getting foul. It’s always been disturbing but damn how bad did he gaslight hilla the crew and his scrotes. Some big ass disturbed ego, how pornsick do you have to be to have zero shame just saying any of the shit like that

No. 1480758

Ew, she was on their podcast too. Nice way to talk about their guests

No. 1480791

The podcast is just fucked at this point as Ethan clearly no longer cares about the content he’s delivering, he just uses it as a vehicle to indulge in 2 things:
1) discussing his shit/fart fetish
2) eating
It’s so bizarre how he’s constantly trying to steer the podcast in these 2 directions, like an addict. And so gross considering what he currently looks like. Turning up to work obese, unshaved and unwashed smh

No. 1480832

for real… i dont watch the podcast because i find him so insufferable but i cant help but notice how disgusting he looks, just based off the thumbnails. fatter every episode, greasy hair like he hasnt showered. you're on camera and this is your job, wtf. depression is such a copout, you are a millionaire, you have endless resources at your fingertips ffs. get a personal chef, a trainer, some therapy, new medication, its not like you dont have the time. ethan should honestly just kill himself at this point

No. 1480855

File: 1648206592190.jpg (405.95 KB, 1200x1599, 20220325_120658.jpg)

No. 1480925

How did his podcasts take such a nosedive in the last 2-3 years? I mean they weren't great before, I couldn't get into them and it was horrendously boring but what is this shitshow they have now? At least before they used to have legitimate guests on their show and were actually respected in the youtube community.

P.S. I also can't stand it when Etahn just repeats the same joke over and over again until someone laughs or acknowledges it.

No. 1481076

Unironically it was because of Trump. Nobody ever wanted Ethan to get involved in politics. His disingenuous SJW whinging started seeping into every podcast and revealing numerous hypocrisies. He larps as a TRA but 'misgenders' Blaire. He cancels Jordan Peterson but not Bobby Lee or Bill Burr. He teams up with another out-of-touch coomer to whine about muh 1% while sitting in a brand new Porsche and a Rolls Royce. This sort of stuff isn't entertaining, it's insufferable.

For all the shit he talks about Trisha, Nik, and Keem, he has now become worse than them, because he's actually far more hypersensitive than any of them. He lives in a gated Woodland Hills community and drives a $600,000 vehicle, but he can't handle his own crew mildly disagreeing with him. Ethan thinks he's like Howard Stern, who made running jokes insulting his crew relentlessly for laughs. But when Ethan lashes out at his crew, the fans don't take Ethan's side. That says a lot right there.

No. 1481138

During frenemies era Trisha got mad that Ethan didn’t want to wrestle with him and kept claiming that either he found her disgusting or he finds wrestling a sexual thing like she wouldn’t let it go. I thought she was being crazy but now I see she have figured him out before anyone else did. Ethan cannot interact with women without it turning sexual in his head.

No. 1481155

For all of Trisha's faults I think she really had Ethan's number on a lot of shit. There is no love lost between her and Hila but Trisha isn't naive to moid's retardation and what they really mean, she'd call out this nasty "mm what if a girl farted in my face Hila are you okay with that? Or if a lapdance made me cum?" A seasoned skank like Trisha would get Ethan's perverse true meaning way more than a naive autist like Hila. I wouldn't be surprised if Ethan was her first serious boyfriend and she just thinks this shit is normal and funny. I feel bad for her but I think she takes a lot of her repressed emotions about Ethan out on other women. Maybe someday she'll pull a Gone Girl, who knows.

No. 1481258

The way Ethan acts on the podcast its like seeing the crew is his only socialising aside from his wife and kids who he sees as chores to him. He's basically bought a crew of friends that don't like to call him out because of the power imbalance. I wonder if they're on actual proper contractors with Ethan and he can't sack people for bullshit reasons. It would be nice if his shit opinions could be challenged directly.

No. 1481280

>A seasoned skank like Trisha
This, she's a bonafide whore and proud of it, and knowing moidmind is likely the one benefit you can get out of it that's worth your dignity. Hila is too well-meaning to think Ethan is being anything other than stupid so she doesn't see the signs.

No. 1481294

When the crew do eventually depart the podcast (which is inevitable) I wouldn’t be surprised if they spilt some very interesting shit about Ethan and Hila. Ian is definitely the most “checked out” member of the crew given that he barely speaks, Dan is a yes man and despite his obvious dislike of Ethan I think would stick around longer than others for his pay check, AB seems completely disillusioned with the person he once “simped” over to the point where he’s openly challenging Ethan, Love seems to be a bit of a pushover but has obviously had a taste of reality after Ethan convinced him to come to the US and left him practically homeless AND treated him like shit on that recent podcast…Olivia I’m not sure as she tends to just lay low and act like a pick me. As for Zach I’m absolutely sure a lot of “perverted” behaviour was over exaggerated and egged on by Ethan who was living vicariously through him as an excuse to discuss pornstars and disgusting sexual fetishes. So I’m sure Zach resents Ethan for being the target of hate just to be his dancing monkey.

No. 1481319

AB and Ethans relationship is a ticking time bomb. Its like a toxic relationship where the woman is obviously being made a fool of but defends the man. And when those types break up all hell breaks loose when all the stuff she hid about him comes out. AB is too old to act like a fangirl. I think Ian and Dan are gonna leave with their mouths zipped though. They know how Ethan is more than anyone on that cast.

This is so true. Trisha "the dumb blonde" has def been around a bunch of frustrated men like Ethan. She clocks them so easily. I dont believe any man that wants fame is faithful honestly (especially incels like ethan). Look what happened with shaycarl. He had a beautiful devoted wife that gave him +4 children and look what he did to her. They always want fame for their own ego, not to feed their families.

No. 1481377

Aside from Ethan I think I hate Dan the most. I hate his fucking attitude. He has no right to act how he does when his job is the fucking h3 podcast. He's rude to guests too and hurries along segments not just when he's babysitting Ethan from getting cancelled but other times he has definitely hurried shit along because of what he wants. He just rubs me the wrong way I fucking hate Dan. He's a bitch, but he thinks he's isn't. He's also much more aware of all the stupid subreddit dramas since he moderates yet he's just a douche.

No. 1481920

This video is just so cringe- Hila is desperately trying to act like one of the boys and failing as she just looks so uncomfortable and pissed off with Ethan throughout. Ethan even mentions at one point that AB’s wife gave her “blessing” to smell another woman’s fart and Hila says that she would look “sour” if she said no

No. 1481934

Ethan asks Hila publicly to pressure her into accepting his wishes. If she says no, his incel fandom and pickmes can make Hila feel bad for setting boundaries or standing up for herself.

No. 1482041

Yup. Even in the r/Frenemies3 that is supposed to call out Ethan they find a way to blame Hila. I swear to got you have to fill a pickme quiz to make an account on Reddit. Even on Frenemies3 they were saying Ethan is sexually repressed because Hila doesnt fuck him enough and only has vanilla sex. They also accuse her of being fatphobic. Everything is Hilas fault, despite him being a porn addicted sex pest.

No. 1482110

>>blaming hila for ethans behaviour
i know what post you are talking about. I was surprised i saw so many accounts agreeing with that i wanted to call them out but i realized the people there would all downvote bomb me

No. 1482113

to add hila may be a pick me at times but she is not the reason for ethan being a gross pervy hateful slob.

No. 1482142

Im surprised how no one is talking about how Dan (and other mods) went on a delete and banning spree because alot of h3h3 fans have been tired and annoyed by ethan lately.
He banned and removed alot of users and posts at the time ethan was being criticized, alot of the users there were confused as to what the fuck was going on (why so many posts kept on disappearing and why dan was silencing people like this).

No. 1482192

This is (hopefully) the way. I would love if Ian spilled the beans about what a disingenuous dick Ethan is. I mean for God's sake, we've seen what he's willing to do and say on camera. Can you imagine what he's like behind the scenes? If one of them did a tell-all video, the ensuing fallout and inevitable meltdown on live would be fucking glorious. My tinfoil though is that he's had them all sign NDAs, and Ethan is totally the type to blackmail. The miserable bastard would never go down without a fight.

No. 1482213

>That group is a prime example of why you shouldn't shit where you eat.
this whole thing was disgusting and retarded, and it's a pretty solid display of ethan getting off to degrading his crew.
>ethan jokes about making his crew drink bath water before making them sniff jarred farts
>zack says he doesn't smell anything, so ethan gives him more jars (all the while joking zack owes him $1000 per fart)
>once he hits 3 jars, ethan jokes that instead of paying zack for the month, zack is going to owe him money (no wonder the crew lives in skid row while ethan collects literal dogshit in his mansion)
it also came across as extremely jewwy in the previous episode when he talked about how great private jets to vegas were, then invited himself to ab's birthday trip and insisted they rent cars (while also suggesting 'uwu maybe we film it for the channel?')

No. 1482217

Ethan would probably like nothing more than bumming about with Bobby Lee and fucking prostitutes.

No. 1482224

Exactly. Sage for blogpost but once I started taking antidepressants I gained a few (keyword ‘FEW’) pounds, then lost and kept them off with the most basic diet and exercise. Antidepressants don’t make you balloon up to cartoonish levels of obesity, binge eating junk food and alcohol does. If a regular nobody like me with a busy job can keep her body in check, there’s no excuse why Ethan, as a millionaire, with all the time in the world, can’t do the bare minimum.

No. 1482249

>people there would all downvote bomb me
And you would have deserved it for commenting on Reddit to begin with.

No. 1482250

Good point. Ian would go scorched earth on everyone.

No. 1482340

Yeah Ethan pretty much outed himself there by admitting that the crew are earning less than $3000 dollars a month which after tax I’d imagine gives you very little to live on considering LA is one of the most expensive places to live.

No. 1482344

File: 1648326439736.jpeg (223.13 KB, 630x308, 34852757-4A65-4402-BEF0-779C47…)

The face of someone who is probably considering divorcing her husband kek.

Jfc Ethan looks absolutely huge behind that desk, and the fans wonder why they don’t have a sex life? Why would Hila want to share a bed with this slob let alone touch him?

No. 1482420

I think Hila is pretty asexual too. I don't think her brain thinks in any sexual way. Even a normal woman could pick up on what Ethan has been doing and the fact her brain doesn't even seem to go there to begin with, I think she's asexual. That's gonna be frustrating to a pervert like Ethan so he's venting it for the world to see and she doesn't even realise it

No. 1482467

I really don't mean this as any kind of insult but I have never seen anyone as genuinely sexless as Hila Klein. Fair play if she is asexual, that's the energy she gives off and thats totally fine, but it's EVERYTHING about her. The naivety, her appearance, her style, everything.

And it makes me feel awful because I know it must be so taxing for her to be stuck catering to the needs of that filthy perverse hog she has for a husband

No. 1482494

Stop with this hila is asexual shit, because its not true.
She lost attraction to him the moment he became a fat slob. And ethan keeps on throwing it in her face that he will keep on gorging on food and getting bigger.

No. 1482637

Idk if shes asexual or not but he doesnt seem like the type to know how to pleasure women either. You can only have so much orgasmless sex without getting tired of it.

No. 1483319

Don't think she's asexual. I think it's been said by one of them they physically couldn't get it in at Ethan's size. I had a friend that complained her boyfriend was too get to fuck lol. She couldn't get on top, he would crush her if he was on top, he couldn't sit and her on top, or from behind.

Ethan's an absolute mess. He's so large. His antidepressants or whatever do not seem to be working for him. He needs to lose weight and be active. He's probably miserable because he's lethargic from dragging his fat ass about

No. 1483753

File: 1648404070917.jpeg (941.39 KB, 750x1072, 5B8C2543-0605-4459-BBD2-FAD6B8…)

Looks like Hila has come along to Vegas

No. 1483756

Idk why but it feels slightly…off that they’re going on holiday whilst they have a newborn? Not sure how long they’re going to be away for but I think those first few weeks are pretty crucial for bonding…it can be distressing for babies that young to be separated from their parents for longer than a few hours

No. 1484822

File: 1648464107667.png (3.45 MB, 1235x1851, vegasbaby.png)

Ethan is huge

No. 1484829

lmao ethan looks like a grandfather out and about with his his autistic niece hila.

No. 1484830


I agree with you and I am pretty sure it absolutely fucks with bonding but this is the US. Baby was born 8 weeks ago. A lot of women are back at work by that point because no paid maternity leave.

No. 1484834

Oh yeah sorry I forgot that about US maternity leave. I guess it just feels a bit icky that instead of spending what precious time they have with him at that age, they’re in Vegas- gambling and going to strip clubs.

No. 1484837

File: 1648465265553.jpeg (214.68 KB, 353x651, 20606445-71ED-427F-95BA-2A5EC6…)

Holy shit why is Hila dressed like Belle Delphine?

No. 1484839

File: 1648465606989.jpeg (506.33 KB, 750x845, B687A0A0-918E-463A-B877-8168F5…)

No. 1484862

because for some ungodly reason, she wants to keep her walking uncooked butterball turkey of a husband

No. 1484872

being a mother must've made her really insecure but schoolgirl outfit is too much.

No. 1484876

Ethan is so fucking obese holy shit. It's crazy how Hila is the one who just gave birth but its Ethan who looks like he's pregnant

No. 1484941

File: 1648478094702.jpeg (383.13 KB, 673x562, 2A2AB5E1-C8B5-4C5A-B6C1-8340D4…)

No. 1484959

Yeah there's no way Hila can spread herself over Ethan's pelvis.

No. 1485050

The whole crew is dressed up/ trying to look their best and then you have Ethan looking like an unwashed tard as usual

No. 1485064

Hila looks like a retarded child that dressed itself

No. 1485072

How come the pickme Olivia isn't in the photos? Did she not want to hang out with the crew and their girlfriends?

No. 1485135

File: 1648495035767.jpg (188.79 KB, 1284x1262, j7f5t8iof1q81.jpg)

Holy shit he is massive, soon he'll need a mobility scooter for real. Bet he was sweating like a hog trying to keep up with his employees. Bleak

No. 1485140

File: 1648495342810.png (113.89 KB, 598x560, willsmith.png)

No. 1485180

File: 1648498731841.jpg (118.96 KB, 711x884, Screenshot_20220328-161706_Chr…)

He liked a tweet calling Jada a "bald headed bitch" his anger is more towards Jada then it is towards what will did. His wife is a pick me and her dumb ass sits looking like a retarded horse next to her husband when he disrespect her.

No. 1485210

they're about to go live, if anyone wants to watch ethan ramble too much about vegas, and will slapping chris

No. 1485212

Man I wanna watch for the drama but I don't know if I can handle it since I'm assuming there will be a lot of sexual related chat since they went to Vegas.

No. 1485217

lmao same, i've tried watching the live when it's posted here but i literally can't handle listening to ethan for more than a few minutes

I'll just wait for the recap instead

No. 1485224

More of Tom Segura's boomer takes. His friendship with Joe Rogan has sure been shining brightly as of late.

No. 1485263

What the hell is this episode. Why is Ethan so fucking upset over the Will Smith thing? Someone insinuated he was racist and he got extremely mad and has been visible angry and upset by it since. A POC just called in to try to explain how the black community feels about it and why they’re siding with Will and he’s barely letting her talk. He keeps cutting her off before she can even finish her thought yet is judging everything she says so hard and being belligerent. Embarrassing and uncomfortable.

No. 1485264

File: 1648505634846.jpeg (248.68 KB, 750x897, 5343439D-7AFB-45B3-B323-F117BE…)

You didn’t even post the best part, the original tweet rationed Ethan so fucking hard that his wife had to step in to defend her scrote since now everyone is clowning on Ethan. This is also bringing back Ethan’s racist remarks which is not fun for him.

No. 1485267

Ethan is fucking racist, he’s kind of a stereotypical cucked white dude afraid of big black masculine men. His reaction to the slap just emphasizes that, oh no what if a aggro black guy punches ME for making “jokes”!!! He even implied Will Smith also beats his wife if he is willing to slap someone in defense of her. He fucked up bad here and he can’t play his rat tactics to get out of it.

No. 1485271

You can tell he wants to go off on this chick but he’s afraid of being cancelled

No. 1485275

This woman is such a pickme cuck. He's gonna cheat on her if he hasn't already and she'll still probably defend him.

God i hate libfems. Brainwashed idiots with no self respect who lower the standards for what we can ask from men and normalize male shitty behavior towards their wives and girlfriends with their pathetic pick me behavior instead of setting a minimum of boundaries.

No. 1485284

I feel like him and def noodles had a convo and now both of them are like, you can't attack a comedian for doing there job!
Ethan is also saying but Chris didn't even write the joke! Maybe he didn't know she had Alopecia.
But like if these jokes are planned did literally no one google to find out why Jada is bald?
Like yes violence is bad but he's acting as if comedians are untouchable.
Like he isn't analysing why Jada and Will were so upset he is just blindly defending Chris because "he was just doing his job"
He has no nuance in his opinion on this it's so one dimentional.
Slap bad comedian good.

No. 1485293

Ethan sucks and I don’t really care for Will Smith but I will admit he does have a point about the type of men who beat up other men for insulting their wives/gfs are also the types who abuse them as well. Granted, I haven’t really seen any evidence that Will himself is abusive (iirc he’s actually been pretty open about his dad being abusive growing up) but I feel like it’s true for other cases that are similar, regardless of race.

No. 1485295

File: 1648507380329.jpeg (514.7 KB, 1242x1008, 698EBA9D-3E08-4958-AA87-C726B3…)

Ethan is going to sperg now that keem liked this tweet

No. 1485296

I’m pretty sure Jada wears the pants. Will seems like sweet wholesome ‘family’ guy but I mean no one knows him besides his family.

No. 1485299

Ethan is having a meltdown and yelling at a black woman that called in. How much you guys wanna bet that they erase this segment?

No. 1485302

kek, he hung up on the second woman

No. 1485326

That could be true to an EXTENT, I don’t think if you physically defend your wife that means you beat her in any case but it could correlate for some. But Ethan is obviously pulling that out of his ass to try to make Will Smith seem worse so he can be right in demonizing him further. Like, would Jada be able to talk that kind of shit she did to Will during that red table interview if he beat her???

No. 1485359

I think that "if you defend your wife physically you also beat her" is bull. It looks very bad if a man doesnt defend his wife (at least verbally). Hes saying that because he knows hes always shit talking women and doesnt want men to confront him. Its typical ethan and hila talk, they shit talk women but if a man steps in they start screaming "toxic masculinity" and all of a sudden hila becomes a feminist. Also, i dont know WHY ethan is talking about this. Hes stressing himself out over something that had nothing to do with him. And they say Trisha stirs up shit…

No. 1485370

The Scientologists know him.

No. 1485380

Ethan's only upset with the Will Smith situation because he makes a living at the expense of talking shit about others and it made him feel threatened. He knows he can't take a slap or defend his own wife so he pulls the misogyny card >>1485140 but also disguntingly shames Jada for her open marriage and how she would still not "put out" for Will after what happened, plus was a fucking dickhead to the women calling on stream because they don't agree with him. How braindead are his viewers to not see the hypocrisy? People who suffer from alopecia have high suicide rates, so how come psychological violence - the humiliation on live tv - isn't taken as seriously as physical violence? Ethan is such a piece of shit.

No. 1485389

Very curious why HelloFresh sponsors H3H3's podcast. He regularly eats trash and garbage greasy foods and talks about how unwilling he is to give up fast food. WHY in the world would a healthy meal prep company sponsor this obese man?

No. 1485401

No Hila, your husband, father of your children would rather sit next to you for an hour long podcast and talk about all the sneaky ways he could get away with interacting with another woman sexually while you grimace and meekly try to keep your relationship monogamous but your husband is such a sex crazed pervert he can't help himself but try and steamroll your mild opinion of "i wouldnt be okay with you doing that" with his sycophantic crew. Totally better than that whole "stay in the kitchen while I prove for you!" misogyny. Ethan AT LEAST requires you to work full time while being a mom so you can take care of his fat ass like his aid and make sure he doesn't make a "women in a natural setting get raped" comment again. Ethans ass is so chapped about this because once when he was still doing his main channel videos he had some loser he criticized send Hila unsolicited pictures of his dick and harass her. Instead of telling the guy to fuck off Ethan decided it would be great to embolden this loser publicly and then talk about this "really funny and totally not sexual harassment towards Hila" moment as if they had squashed their "beef" with this guy now and that they're friends. Such a cucked scrote move.

Hila is the type of pick me woman to expect nothing out of a scrote like Ethan, doesn't need him to protect her verbally or physically, doesn't need him to be the sole provider so she can relax and take care of her kids, doesn't need him to be composed or manly and certainly doesn't need him to be "fit" or take care of himself. She thinks she's the biggest feminist when in reality her bar is so low for men it confuses her pickme brain why other woman want a modicum more of respect from their life partners. Ethan is one inch away from having a Shay Carl moment and Hila wholeheartedly is like "my husband loves me and my marriage is strong" like damn bitch the copium is real kek.

No. 1485431

Watching his podcast is absolute torture. When the first caller, a black woman was attempting to explain her viewpoint on why it was a racial issue, Ethan refused to let her get in a word edgewise. To begin, she stated "From what I have personally seen on my timeline, and I can only speak from my timeline and experience on twitter from black and white users", and he cut her off for a few minutes and tried to get her to state that it was ANECDOTAL and not empirical evidence and that the podcast "refused to acknowledge" her stance because she was speaking off of anecdotal evidence.

No. 1485455

At the end of the day, I'm sure Jada is who he's angriest at. In effect, she's a strong, successful woman in control of her sexuality. And at his core Ethan is a disgusting (and racist) incel. She's everything he hates. And the mental gymnastics his fans on Reddit are doing to defend every single one of his gross takes from today is beyond pathetic.

No. 1485462

Apparently one of his takes was that Will shouldnt have defended her because "shes not gonna put out for him anyway"

No. 1485700

At this point I just think Ethan is addicted to conflict. Every week he finds something to be so ridiculously, over the top furious about. Like full on foaming at the mouth and seething. My question is, why can’t he just channel that energy into something productive like losing weight or spending more time with his family?

No. 1485753

File: 1648541971468.png (45.72 KB, 967x779, fattttt.png)

Seems like the subreddit is arguing about the latest podcast as well. You've got the what-Ethan-used-to-call-SJWs who are up in arms because Ethan is ignoring the 'racial dynamics' of the situations. You've got the old school 2edgy4u fans who are hoping this will finally drive the overly senstive woke fans away. And then you got the ones who don't care but love the drama either way.

Also I love how someone posted this picture >>1485135 and people in the comments thought it was photoshopped to make him look fatter.

No. 1485788

is this still in his liked tweets? can anyone check.

No. 1485790

He's reflecting because he too, is hating on hila since she won't ""put out"" for him. Also they probably still have more of a sex life than ethan and hila, even if they have an open relationship.

No. 1485813

The stuff about Vegas was pretty boring but here’s a summary:
> Ethan describes the journey there as “hell” simply because there was difficulties boarding the plane due to Hila’s expired ID
> Zach got pulled over by a cop for speeding
> A fan donated money to Ethan (the millionaire) to gamble
> Love recently turned 21 so they got him very drunk
> Ethan brought some “nice clothes” to wear but couldn’t fit into them, hence why he was wearing a grubby t-shirt and shorts
> the crew paid a scantily clad dominatrix to spank Cam
> typically Ethan starts asking Cam lots of gross questions about the experience
> Ethan goes on about how he enjoyed Vegas this time and he’s hated it on his previous visits (last time he went was with Hila, how nice)

No. 1485838

Hila has such a weird perspective on feminism. Its incredible that she only supports the things that dont benefit women at all. I find it so cringe fighting for men to not defend women. Its so sad, so if a woman is getting berated by a man, other men should not get involved? Those points always come across as "the revenge of the incels", people eager to see women getting hurt / scared because people like hila spew that women "can defend themselves", ignoring our obvious differences. Her opinions seem so robotic.

No. 1485867

I didn’t realize Love was so young… that’s honestly kind of weird. Aren’t they all in their late twenties/early to mid thirties? Why are they all hanging out with a 20 year old? I know he works for them but it still gives me weird vibes. Poor Love, stuck in an unfamiliar country working for a fat washed up loser like Ethan who despite being a millionaire lets him live in a shithole. Id almost feel bad if Love weren’t a scrote.

No. 1485880

File: 1648559390216.png (13.35 MB, 2881x4321, vegastrip.png)

No. 1485891

why is Love a scrote? Just asking because I barely see him talk whenever I’ve watched the podcasts

No. 1485893

I have to say as much as I hate the podcast now, I do kinda miss the short Ian segments like when he would report news on Kanye. The whole vibe of the crew was a lot friendlier way back then when they had actual guests and dumb videos/internet shit to comment on. Now it's all drama and Ethan having a god complex. Ian seems resentful but he doesn't seem like he'd spill the beans if he dipped but anyone else might tbh

No. 1485908

File: 1648562038691.jpg (181.27 KB, 1080x1003, 20220329_085018.jpg)

kek is this what being ratio'd on your own subreddit looks like?

No. 1485959

AB and Lena look good, am I mental because I think they are kinda hot.
That sparkley dress Hila is wearing suits her, miles better than that weird school girl esque outfit.
Can't beleive ethan had to wear the slightly too small t-shirt, massive black shorts and socks and sandals combo. Like how do you buy some nice fancy clothes for a trip and have none of them fit you? Use a measuring tape ffs it's not that hard.

No. 1485983

File: 1648569324289.jpeg (282.96 KB, 470x621, 55C3B50E-FD1E-4476-8584-405876…)

If this doesn’t sum up the current state of their relationship…

No. 1485984

I genuinely do not get why anyone cares so much to be furious or angry. Chris Rock always goes after Jada lol, we know Will and Jada have a train wreck of a marriage. We all saw what happened and the immediate aftermath. They're two Hollywood actors and they're catered to better than most people. Like, I want to watch more Hollywood actors slap each other. Is celebrity death match still a thing? That is what is wrong with this era. No one seems to release actors owe us comedic relief. Chris Rock will be OK.

No. 1485985


No. 1485988

no, AB and Lena are conventionally attractive especially when compared to the creatures they're surrounded by
he's such a creep ugh

No. 1485992

Hila's personality is catering to Ethan but she also will speak up to tell him not to get a lap dance or let an e thot fart in his face. She sadly only lives for Ethan. Plus her kids, and it probably kills her how little Ethan cares about their family unit.

I wouldn't call Hila a lib fem. She's probably spouted liberal viewpoints on h3 because that's who h3 cater for and she knows enough about drama and the sex allegations around the vlog squad to keep Ethan on course when he says shit like he wants to forgive Jason Nash, but she loves Ethan. If Ethan was a decent person like all his fans say, he'd be far more considerate towards his wife and do a massive overhaul on himself. Hila should grow a fucking backbone and tell Ethan to get in shape. I swear, if Hila started dressing more flattering she'd have Ethan out of the palm of her hand. Like i noticed when they were looking at the photos of Nic Cage GQ shoot Ethan asked Hila what she liked etc, and the one time she was actually complimentary towards another man he scrolled by the photo so fast. Like he was jealous. Idk you'd have to watch it. Yet when they're looking at videos of all the ethots etc Ethan always lingers and discussed it in depth etc etc. Just such a double standard. Ethan's an insecure little faggot.

No. 1486048

because he's a man. scrote is just a derogatory name for men.

No. 1486188

Its funny how they their relationship was actually open for both of them while they were seperated but the moids are taking the angle that she cheated and ran with it because they hate women so much.

I think The Slap (tm) is really proving that when something like this happens, not everybody has to have some 50 paragraph thinkpiece hyper analyzing everything about it and being contrarian just for the sake of being contrarian. All ethan had to do was just shut the fuck up and laugh, his job is so easy and yet he still fucks it up

No. 1486213

That is such a shit argument because in actuality it's ALL anecdotal because none of us knows Will or Jada or what their marriage arrangement is. Literally everyone commenting on it, including Ethan's fat retarded ass, is making assumptions because we weren't there. Of course Ethan is racist, he was even being xenophobic toward the hasids in Israel. It's so obvious the only nonwhite people he regularly interacts with now are the ones who clean his petri dish of a home

No. 1486214

Holy shit is right! It looks like she's having lunch with her fat, disabled brother.

No. 1486384

File: 1648596887506.jpg (309.22 KB, 1051x742, Screenshot_20220329-163435_You…)

No. 1486388

lol this is % for attention and I love that for her. Bet she didn't even fall.

No. 1486463


I watched the video earlier and the amount of backlash trisha got for naming her video to something similar that mirandasings colleen girl did (as if nobody has ever fallen while pregnant) and the miscarriage discourse is gross.

can we just not debate/bet on/hope for a miscarriage. she showed her knee and foot and it does look like she fell, I hope she and her baby are alright

No. 1486478

Ethan has decided to keep digging his own grave

No. 1486486

File: 1648604635323.jpeg (281.01 KB, 761x498, AFB5A5AA-14B2-4497-9CF4-49C6CB…)

can someone please explain how these fucking cretins are apparently millionaire influencers

No. 1486571

It comes across like Ethan is continuously shutting down black women with his take because he has no understanding or empathy for people who are not him. He basically said, "Listen, I get that black women are the most abused people on Earth… BUT HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THAT COMEDIANS WILL BE THREATENED FOR THEIR JOKES NOW?" That is his take- it is only due to the fact, as another intelligent poster noticed, that Ethan is scared of violent repercussions for his own racist and edgy past jokes.

He is completely hyperfixated on the fact that Chris Rock was just telling a "joke" and the impact it could possibly have on comedians- not anything remotely pertinent to the debates and discourse people were actually discussing.

No. 1486653

File: 1648620346440.jpeg (254.09 KB, 634x593, C067B9D8-8433-4C92-AF46-D3E1F9…)

Is Hila…..ok….?

No. 1486657

I’ve seen this happen so much IRL with attention seeking women, they’re pregnant and “fall down the stairs” = instant drama lol.

No. 1486677

She looks homicidal

No. 1486735

KEK @ethan describing how difficult and stressful it is to think about waddling to his gun cabinet

No. 1486743

Ethan seriously needs a psychological intervention. His behaviour towards the end is unhinged. It’s not normal to spend every waking moment imagining how to use a gun on hypothetical intruders. Honestly the whole thing sounds extremely unsafe whilst he has a toddler roaming around- does anyone actually trust Ethan to securely lock that gun away? I sure don’t.

No. 1486763

Ethan's outrage at this Oscars incident is so misplaced. The anger because a man hit a comedian. He wants the Oscar revoked and he basically wants Smith to go to jail. Where's the energy for all the rapist and pedo academy winners am I to believe that slapping a man is a more horrendous crime than abusing women on sets of films? No harm to anyone, but I don't think Smith deserves to be discredited for his award winning performance in a film because he slapped a comedian. Can't we separate the art from the artist, we give perverts way more leeway. Will Smith is actually a feminist. Fuck outta here Ethan you cunt!

No. 1486805

Hila making this a women's issue is such a reach and that tweet is so cringe. Honestly I'm embarrassed for her.

No. 1486812

Well, chris rock made fun of a woman’s appearance which is one of ethans pastimes. As much as he says he’s changed since the Instagram vs reality video, he has not. He doesn’t care about women. Even if you think violence isn’t the answer and smith was wrong, most people can still understand why he did it. Loving your wife is a crazy concept when you’re in a dead bedroom trad marriage.

No. 1487349

(Sorry, on mobile so I can’t include a video right now)

But did anyone see Ethan obsessing over the thought of killing a home invader? It’s a common white male fantasy that they will be the protector and get the legal and moral high ground to be able to take a mans life lol. Extremely toxic fantasies and escapism from the life he truly lives- being a fatass who has no real influence or intelligence on any of the topics he speaks on.

It’s honestly so pathetic to watch the video of him salivating over the thought of killing someone and being a hero- and he phrased it in such a way to make himself a martyr. “This is the world I live in where I think about this before I go to bed.”

No. 1487400

File: 1648685862789.webm (5.42 MB, 1920x1080, get your ugly yella no-good ke…)

kek this is so unhinged and sounds like the navy seals copypasta

No. 1487408

I know this is the least of the issue with this rant, but him continuing to say "punch" shows just how little information he can take in, and how bad he is at correcting mistakes. He really does need someone jumping in constantly to remind him about what is going on in any given situation.

No. 1487439

Tbh I think he just uses the misinformation on purpose to make the incident sound worse than it was, as if it can somehow justify his weird little rage

No. 1487450

Is there a photo of Bobby Lee and Ethan and they're perhaps standing together and someone cuts the image and puts it on a background and writes "Ethan Klein Friends with a Pedo Rapist" and then we can just post it everytime Ethan tries to talk about morality.

No. 1487536

Doesn’t he live in a huge house and wealthy community lmfao just get security and a gate if you’re so worried. The average person living in any city is more at risk of being faced with that. He’s the one pushing controversy with people who don’t like him and sending harassment via fans and constant joking so why be a pussy victimizing yourself over a potential situation??

No. 1487551

idk what happened but half of u are fucking retarded -just bc he disagrees w/ a black person doesn't mean he's automatically some racist (which in of itself is a pretty serious thing to put on someone) even if he is fucking annoying now - and anyone saying what will smith did was somehow acceptable (through some sort-of weirdo socio-political strawman shit) is fucking stupid

No. 1487555

Not to be off topic but i had no idea about the child rape story from bobby lee until you said this. Why is moid humor so depraved… Ethan has no room for moral superiority

No. 1487578

File: 1648697347998.jpg (186.85 KB, 1200x1200, meth induced.jpg)

No. 1487624

yeah the dude with a recorded history of being racist isn’t racist. go back to reddit retard

No. 1487674

true that ethans racist but everyone white knighting for jada isn’t gonna do much considering she’s just as bad as ethan

No. 1487720

She's finishing her degree or something, it's her last semester at college so she went back to the midwest until the summer? probably

No. 1487829

Nicolas cage?

No. 1487890

The funny thing is that Ethan and Hila acted outraged when Leafy made an edgy joke about somebody giving him an excuse to use his gun on them. They were talking about how disturbing it was and now Ethan is doing exactly the same thing, except he’s actually being serious…

No. 1487917

>If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1487980

I felt bad for Teddy when Ethan was saying how Bruce is the “perfect baby” which was obviously in comparison to their first baby it’s like bro….you literally starved and dehydrated a newborn did you expect him not to cry?

No. 1488077

Yup, he talked about "powerfucking" her while she was crying with bubbles of snot coming off her nose. So imagine. Also this girl was facing the wall while he found her, and he said that when he saw her facing the wall "he knew she was the one". Just so you guys have an idea who Ethan is buddy buddy with.

No. 1488081

Kek kid was on the verge of death, how dare he cry so much!! When i heard them tell that story it was so bazaar. They acted like it wasn't fucking 2019 and impossible to GOOGLE something.

No. 1488161

I know like he's your kid, if you want to give him formula, then give him it.
I know some health care professionals can be really pushy about breastfeeding but they can't stop you from feeding your kid formula.
I've heard of people having to sneak formula into the hospital because some places are so pushy, which yeah maybe they wouldn't think of that with their first kid but once he's home just fucking give him the formula? Nothing is stopping you

No. 1488818

I think she wanted to go, too, but they decided to pick a weekend where Love could go, because he is soon leaving US. Ethan wanted her to come pretty bad too. Ew.

No. 1488821

Kek it's kind of contraproductive to see this fat slob talk about healthy, fresh food. Although he mostly asks his crew about how much they love that food. He as a millionaire ofc can't be bothered to eat peasent food. He acts so woke about assumming how e.g. Ryan Kavanaugh treats his workers when Hello Fresh worker's are actually treated badly.

No. 1488824

I have a question. Ethan has said such bad things in the past and it's on video proof, not only screenshots. How does it never actually get widely known? He as scarcely 3million subs. Ok his fans are crazy. But how come there is never a bigger outcry on twitter. I mean he's not that big of a channel to control the narrative like that, no?

No. 1488826

I'm 22 and hang out with my older co-workers. We don't need to make everything problematic.

No. 1488828

Do your older coworkers ask you about your sex life, ask you to smell farts in jars and pay for strippers to spank you?

No. 1488832

No ofc not and that's problematic. But OP was merely talking about the age difference itself being a problem and hanging out with a "20 year old".

No. 1488853

File: 1648806506762.png (1.99 MB, 1367x2622, teddy.png)

30% off sale on the Teddy Fresh website
>Taxes are calculated with the original price and some people are pointing out that they are paying almost triple in taxes than in normal orders
>Shipping is over $100 for some European customers
>Teddy Fresh doesn't take returns. Customers have tried to resell their items for months but no one wants to buy them
>Complaints from plus size customers that the size chart is inaccurate
>Someone found a Teddy Fresh item (Smokey the Bear collab) on Forever 21 at a cheaper price
>$20 for a pair of black hair clips
>Mistake in the embroidery of a Rick and Morty sweater (missing a pupil)


No. 1488963

This shipping is outrageous but am I retarded bc I ran through the math on these and there is no tax applied? It is just item price and shipping.

No. 1489004

File: 1648825847741.png (4.5 MB, 2136x1785, these were $20.png)

i saw a couple complaints about these clips in both the teddy fresh and h3h3 subreddits. it's insane how much people pay for this garbage, and they still fuck up this much.

No. 1489111

Most of the current fanbase are from Frenemies they even said in a recent episode they're main demographic is now women. I really doubt these new fans watch his old content with dull guests they don't care about etc. They probably just don't know about it.

No. 1489145

Ironically the person who came closest to “exposing” Ethan wasn’t one of his detractors but some unknown YouTube channel (Gokanaru) ….I remember around this time the video chimed with A LOT of his fans and perfectly illustrated what an asshole he’d become, unfortunately as those people departed they were just replaced by the current fans he has now who seemingly worship the ground he walks on, they’re like a fucking cult

No. 1489169

Didn't he freak out and get Susan Wojcicki to take this guy's video down for bullying or some other retarded reason? It's actually pretty good.

No. 1489173

Same anon. Apparently the dude made a response vid to Ethan after the original was taken down.

No. 1489304

Yeah basically Ethan refused to acknowledge the video (which is how you know he was genuinely bothered by it) even though it showed on his search history that he’d looked it up during one of he podcasts. There was speculation that he’d asked the CEO to take the video down as he met with her the same week it was taken down. Ethan and Hila were assholes about it and basically said Gokanaru shouldn’t be surprised as he “simulated violence” in the video.

Eventually he did an episode addressing the video which basically consisted of Ethan forcing his “friends” (Jon Tron etc) to say nice things about him and coercing lies out of a mentally ill alcoholic (Shoenice)

No. 1489405

kek keem loved this video enough to reupload it with edits of plungers censoring the guns. it's funny to see how gokunaru pointed out the podcast got 3-4 sponsors per upload, and now it's down to 1.

No. 1489749

I tried to watch the video but it started with him eating shit. WTH

No. 1490205

File: 1648923319504.jpg (70.04 KB, 1278x808, nex0qr0mv1r81.jpg)

Ethan is in hospital with C. diff. Essentially a bacterially caused bowel infection that people get when they take antibiotics for too long. Apparently he's been ill for weeks and just gobbling antibiotics for it (murica moment). I'm sure his healthy lifestyle helped too. He was kind enough to inform his followers that his "shit looks like pesto".
Anyway, c. diff is highly infectious and since he loves to shit and has poor hygiene, everyone around him will have been exposed. Everyone on the subreddit is super concerned for the crew but it's not a huge issue if you have a normal immune system. Newborns however famously don't have that, so I'm a lot more concerned for his kid tbh.

No. 1490210

File: 1648923644907.png (166.15 KB, 494x603, memberships.png)

>The memberships were paused for the H3 Podcast channel yesterday.
>Friday's podcast was cancelled. It was Love's last show on America.
>They were planning to go to Disneyland this weekend.

No. 1490222

Ab cute but very dumb.
Imagine giving up your future career in med so you can work in a dying podcast where you get treated like a doormat.

No. 1490312

I don't get the love for AB, he has such creepy bug eyes

No. 1490359

nonnie that's just how us middle eastern people look

No. 1490365

File: 1648930968360.jpeg (116.42 KB, 872x1028, D1BF4C22-25FA-4589-B69B-0C63C3…)

Tinfoil that Ethan caught C. diff on purpose so he could finally indulge in his poop-eating fetish

No. 1490446

File: 1648934414205.png (147.97 KB, 1002x482, 681b903973197e267d8eddf5a30b9a…)

Should've taken his Yakult kek.

Seriously though, how shitty is his immune system? He is not even an eldery person, how long has he been on antibiotics, months?

No. 1490513

Me too. And everyone in Vegas. This is highly contagious. We put every patient with this in isolation and wear protective clothing. Since smear infection is so common I hope for everyone he washes his hands correctly (but I doubt it ewww). Also Theodore and Bruce are at huge risk if they get it.

No. 1490528

File: 1648938842145.jpeg (368.25 KB, 1170x797, EAB56E5E-8393-4BB5-941E-BC6D7F…)

I bet he has diabetes

No. 1490593

Ab is fighting keemstar in that idubbs shitshow, hes posted about it on his own channel but the video doesn't say much beyond trying to build hype

No. 1490602

samefag, here's the video for anyone interested, the start just has clips of various H3-adjacent personalities saying "fuck you, AB" from over the past few years. I wonder if keemstar has been training as much as ab claims to be, it's the only one of these influencer "fights" I'm looking forward to

No. 1490614

It's like Sam Hyde but with even less layers of "irony".

No. 1491117

he isn't fighting keemstar, that's just clickbait

No. 1491119

Sorry for the stupid remark, but this is why toilets that clean your ass kind of gross me out. The water splashing in peoples asshole, does the mechanism not get dirty with other peoples fecal matter? It also dries your ass, the thought of a recently used toilet with heat inside it is gross asf, im probably just ignorant about it but i cant help but imagine a bunch of bacteria flying around and landing on peoples ass.

No. 1491137

Ethan's a dirty man, has he had covid before? His lack of cleanliness does not surprise me maybe he got the infection from the various dog shit

No. 1491152

Why can’t the crew just do the podcast without him? They do all the prep and research for it anyway

No. 1491185

shit my bad, thanks for clarifying anon

No. 1491315

File: 1648996090481.png (239.74 KB, 282x615, Cb2aFQ3rRcM.png)

Ethan's scared that the audience will realize the podcast is better without him.

Did he went to a hospital? I thought it was just a IV hydration therapy clinic.

No. 1491793

File: 1649032645572.png (97.53 KB, 188x389, IMG_20220404_023415.png)

What's going on under hilas eyes, are those veins??(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1491836

File: 1649036755547.jpeg (88.07 KB, 1280x720, 0AADC47D-22BD-433D-8CC8-F3DF47…)

Yeah isn’t he fighting Brett from Cow Chop? AB’s gonna get fucked up. Brett’s short but he’s jacked, and Cow Chop was basically Jackass with gaming. I wouldn’t want to fight him after what he did to that door and the walnut crushing video lol

No. 1491839

woah CC flashbacks nonny I miss them. Brett is an absolute beast if that’s the case AB will absolutely get wrecked

No. 1491937

I don't normally lurk this thread but I'm pleasantly surprised to see CC mentioned. I miss them too. I've been watching Nova and Aleks since The Creatures.

Brett's absolutely gonna kick AB's ass.

No. 1492023

You already know he’s going to milk this shit for all its worth. Half of this is probably just to keep the praise and love flowing from his fans, the other half is probably him feeling like shit from his diet of only fast food with no exercise despite his only job being talking to people online.

He doesn’t have to prep for the show, he has nannies and maids, he even talks about how tough it is to raise his child when he can’t have a nanny 24/7. What does he do with his time? Why is his diet such shit? Why doesn’t he exercise or attempt to be healthy in the slightest to prevent this sort of shit?

If he was working 60 hours a week in a dead end mi Imysm wage job I would understand his life style but he’s rich and has possibly the lowest stress job in the world, what the fuck?

No. 1492064

idk thats a pretty weird thing to have

No. 1492952

After all this preching this fat cuck has been acting a super spreader of covid nasty fuck..

No. 1492961

He was so "afraid" of catching it to Hila, but fuck the crew and everyone this fat fuck spread it too in vegas knowing beeing sick and still going.. Cancel this nasty fuck allready..(learn2sage)

No. 1492965

He’s literally just fucked up and depressed, unfortunately many dudes raised by porn sick disgusting fathers end up the same if not worse no matter how much money and material happiness comes their way.

No. 1493081

Jeez Ethan looking fat af here

No. 1493106

probably stress tbh, she just had a baby so it could be lack of sleep (or maybe she's crying a lot)

No. 1493117

Imagine being so rich & having nannie's.. but not paying for a dietician or a personal chef to help your weight. Even if they actually ate their sponsored "Hello Fresh", he'd keep the weight off.

No. 1493360

Ethan talk a bit about his illness in the latest podcast.

>Has been sick for a few weeks, doctor prescribed him antibiotics, took them as told.

>Kept shitting all night long, told Hila to buy him diapers
>Doctors ruled out C Diff or any kind of bacterial infection, so it luckily didn't spread to anyone around him
>Posted the picture of his green pesto shit on the podcast twitter, nice.
>Got angry at Boogie2988's tweet for telling Ethan he should take care of his health.
>Several comments telling him he might be suffering from early Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis instead.

No. 1493416

Kek. I dunno why this made my morning.

No. 1493461

god this man 100% has a shit fetish… he is one of the most disgusting people on earth. i don't even feel bad for hila anymore cause she actively chooses to stay with this bag of cottage cheese.

No. 1493471

Hila deserves everything bad that happens to her. she's such a stupid bitch that defends ethan so hard. and for what?

No. 1493474

i don't understand why they would they post the picture of ethan's green pesto shit when the entire chat said they didn't want to see it. so fucking weird.

No. 1493522


I usually have an extremely strong stomach… but anything related to this man's shit fetish makes me gag. Absolutely vile person subjecting his wife and kids to this online humiliation.

No. 1493587

So the doctor said Ethan wasn't sick or had an infection and he just had man flu and an upset stomach. Maybe the fat fuck should keep track of what he ate he probably had fucking food poisoning

No. 1493619

That's fucking disgusting. How does this scrote still have any fans beyond other scat perverts and incels?

No. 1493677

The doctors just ruled out infection and they don't know what it is exactly yet, it could just be a fucked up stomach from the antibiotics, or something else. Either way neither outcome is gonna motivate his fat ass to take care of himself better.

No. 1493680

He tells the same joke TWICE "You think getting shit in your mouth is hard to do, but when you had the diarrhea that I had… 'cause it was like flying motions towards face… I'm just gonna tell you guys- it was the kind where it goes all the way up the side of the bowl."

A woman on the podcast, Wendy, stares blankly, clearly uncomfortable. He says, "Wendy knows what I'm talking about."

No. 1493701

I find it hard to believe a large amount of people can relate to shitting so much it comes out of the toilet

No. 1493703

Nice, now boogie made it easy for Ethan to distance himself from him (and the fact that Ethan supported boogie fucking a woman that isnt old enough to drink) by making that tweet. Ethan is probably now gonna deny ever supporting that.

Boogie is the typical H3 fan - ethan is always shitting on them, and they continue to kiss ass and apologize.

No. 1493704

Same anon, sorry yall. Trying to document all the very clear gross out, fetish things he says so that yall don't have to watch this dumpster fire podcast.

"I always imagine when you bring a sample to a lab,they act like there's all this crazy science going on but there's just this one dude who swirls it in his mouth and then he can tell what's going on."

No. 1493706

Also, green shit, that's clearly the antibiotics or he's a fucking alcoholic. He does also have a beer gut.

No. 1493739

He always says he barely ever drinks because neither does Hila but I find it somewhat hard to believe

No. 1493751

Hes going mad. Having and online job and staying that much time on twitter is not doing good for his mind. Hes apparently lashing out at fans that pay membership.

No. 1493756

File: 1649194283412.jpeg (79.8 KB, 827x418, 9447F76F-1776-4C2C-AF0E-47DDF2…)

Apparently he already distanced himself from Boogie years ago

No. 1493793

Ethan is such a wimp tho, he was always laughing and saying theres nothing wrong wih boogie fucking that girl, but yet he comes after keem for the same thing. He 100% distanced himself because he doesnt wanna get called out.

No. 1493802

File: 1649197729273.png (858.18 KB, 774x317, Screenshot (12).png)

Someone took the photo and edited it into an actual food pic and posted it in r/food like it was nothing. What is wrong with these people??

No. 1494049

Literal apes throwing their feces wherever they can possibly target unsuspecting people who aren’t sick in the head like them to think poop is the pinnacle of humor. Anyone else remember that whole video they made with Hila parodying buzzfeed by showing fake poop diapers as a substitute for used period pads? Saying menstruation is the same as shitting but here he is now posting his actual diseased diarrhea on the Internet for anyone to view…something is actually wrong with him

No. 1494385

He has eaten TERRIBLY for years though which I think is what caused the gut. If he was also drinking lots of alcohol on top of that Ethan would be dead. I genuinely don’t think he ever eats fresh food or even something just home cooked. Just constant take out and not anything “high end” which might have at least been made well…he’s a millionaire who continues to eat heavily processed, cheap fast food.

No. 1494595

I find it hard to believe he's not a drinker. How does this man unwind, what are the states of Ethan or is he just always angry fat man baby lol

Green shit is probably from his antibiotics he was also ingesting some medicine that stated it was only topical use. Ethan probably went to the doctor and was dehydrated and since there's no free health care in America they probably just gave him some treatment for $$$ and sent him on his way. Maybe the lazy fatass couldn't be fuckdd giving Love a proper send off

No. 1494855

He unwinds with food, it's literally his version of alcoholism. He has no self control, that's why every diet he has ever mentioned has lasted a max of two weeks and any attempt to get healthy has lasted even less. All he does to unwind is shovel food into his mouth.

He's basically nikocado but worse, at least nikocado is getting paid to be morbidly obese and has come to terms with and is slightly self aware of the state that he's in. Ethan is still in denial and killing himself for free in his off time.

No. 1495338

Thank you for your service nonnie. Someone should do a super cut of all the times ethan talks weirdly about poop, there's too many times now for it to not be a fetish for him.

No. 1495878

File: 1649383695649.jpg (252.73 KB, 810x1555, 20220407_210303.jpg)

i'm speechless

No. 1495953

“pee pee poo poo pick me!!!!!1!”

No. 1495974

The absolute state of h3 fans. Christ almighty

No. 1496242

god , i hate pick mes and nlogs so much

No. 1496296

hmm, supposedly they're having brittany broski as a guest in a couple hours if anyone wants to catch ethan trying to embarrass a woman thats funnier than him.

No. 1496300

>inb4 im just gonna wait to be spoonfed
this is an imageboard so stop acting like it's reddit. i want to laugh at this man shitting and embarrassing himself with my fellow anons, and not just post content for frenemies/trishyland users to steal.

No. 1496319

why Brittany, why

No. 1496379

tuned in and he's already talking about diarrhea

No. 1496402

kek he's totally kissing her ass and trying to showboat. zach played a burping sound effect because they were drinking soda, and ethan jumped on his back about playing pig noises. he also just stated he and hila and never showing their kids, then showed the video of teddy he just posted as the joker.

No. 1496406

he just tried to pull brittany into a sponsorship read, and she said she wasn't getting paid for it and went to the bathroom lmao

No. 1496448

File: 1649451268850.jpg (629.79 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220408-155151_You…)

For those wondering if Ethan has a drinking problem, he's currently getting shitfaced and begging to show Brittany his actual shit.

No. 1496463

Very high class

No. 1496495

they're drinking PBR ironically, because they're cool

No. 1496860

He has actually an interesting guest and he still wants to talk the same fucking topics. Ugh.

No. 1497557

File: 1649563373383.png (336.6 KB, 864x734, Screenshot_20220409-230128.png)

Kek It's a girl.

No. 1497604

can we have a separate thread for Trisha only next time? i'm sick of hearing about h3

No. 1497610

Trisha and Moses are having a GIRL!! Moses ma is also in the video.

No. 1497660

Make a separate thread for Trisha then. A h3 thread needs to exist because Ethan is such a cow.

No. 1497672

I tried several times last night to make it through the Brittany Broski episode but couldnt do it. I generally dont like Gen Z kids but damn never saw a more boring pick-me in my life. Not sure why everyone was saying she was as entertaining as Trish. Not even close.

Holy shit the people from trishyland are truly unhinged and actually unsettling. They make one feel bad for Trisha.

No. 1497688

Theodore and the nanny are sick, they have diarrhea

No. 1497721

People just suck her farts cause she had one meme that went viral, she's really not that funny in anything else

No. 1497898

File: 1649608217227.jpg (72.8 KB, 1242x951, 0nwn15qnqns81.jpg)


I agree with the general consensus that trishyland redditards are unhinged but jfc I really hate the vultures who exploit their children for content. I already expected that Trisha would go that way but a whole family channel? Really confirms the idea that her wish for a child was at least partly fuelled by trying to keep her income going.

No. 1497909

She purposely had a kid with a guy who admitted he only wanted her money and fame. Trisha is a sad, desperate pick me and Moses is a psycho.

No. 1497988

File: 1649619584785.png (347.27 KB, 649x858, Screenshot_20220410-143839.png)

I really was hoping it wouldn't go this far. I think Trisha COULD be an okay parent if she chose not to exploit her kid. Ugh family channels are so gross.

On an aside here's some Trishyland projection for some laughs. https://www.reddit.com/r/Trishyland/comments/u0nndy/do_you_think_moses_will_try_to_teach_the_baby_to

No. 1497992

File: 1649619688630.png (397.76 KB, 641x754, Screenshot_20220410-144114.png)

No. 1497994

When she started talking about how people should know her for all the things she's done since the meme and she gets mad when people come up to her and reference it definitely turned me off. Be glad you're still in your 15 minutes, whoever the fuck you are.

It was cringey how Ethan kept trying to do a Trisha-Ethan dynamic and this girl was just giving him nothing to work with

No. 1498178

Secretly hoping that having a girl pinkpills Trisha on porn. She's already seemingly forgotten about the gender crap since she had a super binary reveal party.

No. 1498246

Trisha already has better Hebrew than Ethan despite Ethan having lived there for 5 years and Trisha never having been there.

The problem with Trisha is that she sees doing porn as super safe bc she's used to IRL sex work where you are constantly at risk of getting raped. It's an issue of perspective

No. 1498377

sage for semi-alog but holy fuck I couldn't get through even a few minutes, her nlog behavior combined with the fact that she is genuinely the ugliest person I've ever seen.

No. 1498400

Fuck this is sad. The baby isn’t even fully formed and they’ve already got their life mapped out for them in the name of attention and profit. This child is absolutely fucked

No. 1498402

File: 1649655970894.png (104.76 KB, 372x598, unclespodcast.png)

The baby isn't born and it already has a hate account that promotes Ethan's podcasts

No. 1498525

File: 1649672643977.jpeg (293.28 KB, 464x554, 98F801E9-E660-40FB-8A8F-683D50…)


No. 1498527

No. 1498792

File: 1649699528522.png (44.58 KB, 371x290, trishyland.png)

No. 1498799

I'm going to give Trisha the benefit of the doubt. I don't agree with kids being on TV or filmed for social media like I think it's weird they thru fb I'm privy to do much knowledge on friends kids etc., but there are people that share milestones about their kids or about their infancy. I would like to think it would not be extremely exploitative and that she could do things like hauls, or how she preps for like a day at work being a mom or a day in the life but not showing the kid doing things that could potentially be embarrassing. Like we don't need any content on baths or pottys or shit like that. Honestly surprised she's doing a family channel maybe she's rebranding lol

No. 1499365

I’m pretty sure Trisha has talked shit about family channels in the past before, she doesn’t like them. Someone on the subreddit said they’ve changed the name to this because they stated that Moses is going to start putting content on the channel. I imagine they’re going to do family focused shit that doesn’t use the baby as a prop, like baby stuff hauls/decorating the nursery and what have you. We’ll have to wait and see.

No. 1499431

I think it’s somewhat naive to think that Trisha isn’t going to use the baby as a prop…I don’t hate her or anything but she is incredibly damaged and she’s definitely going to channel her insecurities through this child, also inb4 post natal metal illness saga when she realises how completely demanding babies are in the first year of their life. It’s also going to be interesting to see how she reacts to Moses paying more attention to the baby girl than Trisha

No. 1499457

>James Charles uploaded a video where you can see his screen. He has bought adult diapers.
>Ethan jokes that James Charles bought "twink-sized" diapers because his asshole is stretched from too much gay sex.
>Ethan and Dan speculate about James Charles' sex life and fetishes.
>Dan laughs as Ethan reads the definition of powerbottom.
>The chat tells them that they are being homophobic, Dan tells them to shut up.
>Matt, a fan, calls to tell Ethan to be more cautious because he reinforces gay stereotypes with his jokes.
>Ethan asks Matt if he is a top or bottom.
>Matt tells him "with peace and love, Ethan, it's none of your business".
>Ethan continues pressuring Matt into telling him if he is a top or a bottom.
>Ethan then says "I think I know which you prefer".
>Ethan asks Matt if he poops differently when he gets anal sex.

No. 1499461

File: 1649763867738.png (78.4 KB, 598x347, ethanklein.png)

No. 1499465

shes not going like splitting her assistant between her and the baby. pretty sure the only “spark” in that relationship is she likes how moses does everything for her, and once thats gone we are definitely going to get some milk.

No. 1499476

Wow, I've never been sexually harassed in a way that objectively disgusting before, way to go Ethan, fucking sickening, "trying to unlearn" you asked him about his asshole after sex you fucking gross psycho freak

No. 1499480


anons who tinfoil bout him having a scat fetish are onto something. As an ex fan remembering all the shit jokes (and how he proposed to his while shitting and put the ring in a pack of baby wipes he made her bring him) makes me genuinely sick and feel like it's true.
kind of speaks volumes about what literal shit hila will put up with. sis got picked but at what cost?

No. 1499481

Hes saying this but next week they will all make the subreddit agree that Ethan did nothing wrong like they do every week. That being said, why do his fans have no self respect? He clearly dislikes all of them, if they agree with him or not, he thinks hes above them.

No. 1499486

@3:14:50 Dan starts losing his shit after Ethan won't stop reading the comments, and he tells the audience to stfu and go away kek.

No. 1499495

Pretty rich for Ethan to take the piss out of other people’s sex lives
> Has a scat fetish
> takes medication that makes him impotent
> Too fat to impregnate his wife
> now appears to sleep in a separate bed to his wife and likely has no sex life to speak of

No. 1499524

It's kinda weird and old man of him to assume gay men all have prolapsed anuses because of anal, but it's also pretty funny he made the gays so mad with this lol. I'm not an Ethan fan but it's not like I care about the feelings of gay men either, kinda fun to see them get put in their place

No. 1499571

I can get a joke but Ethan needs to stfu, he knew what he was doing. The chat was telling him to cool it and he didn't listen so he very well knew what he was walking into .

And I just find it hypocritical that he was grilling that Matt guy on his sex life when you know that he would be uncomfortable and even upset if people were prodding him about his own sex life with Hila and asking inappropriate questions about it.

No. 1499573

They usually say that sometimes one's offspring will have the same parenting style their own parent had on them. I wonder if Trisha is going to treat her baby like how her mom treated her i.e try to make the baby famous so she can live vicariously through it.

No. 1499577

So Theodore and Bruce are going to have a scat fetish and humiliate their wives like Ethan and Gary?

No. 1499610

tragically yes, just look at ethan's relationship with his gross dad

No. 1499666

Man. PBR stopped being an ironic hipster thing after 2011

No. 1499667

People catch C. Diff by accidentally ingesting feces of someone who was infected. Also a 'fecal transplant' is a common cure for c.diff, where you literally swallow a pill that contains someone else's healthy poop to rebalance your gut's bacteria.

I'm with the anon who said he caught it on purpose so he can eat poop without it being weird, kek

No. 1499785

I don't know about the scat fetish but potentially humiliating a potential wife? Maybe. It's not always absolute, if the offspring catches onto the questionable behaviors of their parent(s), they can try to be different

No. 1499808

Ethan can't go two sentences without talking about poop on his publicly broadcasted podcast imagine how much worse it gets behind closed doors.

There's no way his kids won't grow up with some weird thoughts from the constant poop talk

No. 1499908

According to Ethans mom on families, Ethans kid already has "ethans sense of humour", and when asked what he wants for dinner he said poop. Lmao its funny because its a kid but its weird asf considering ethan is always obsessing over shit.

No. 1500198


ethan's overall humor is so dated, it's like he's still mentally trapped in 2010-17 internet culture/humor. Their show/podcast's vibe was so much better when they first started and could get interesting people to interview like post malone, and feels like they were less desperate to be funny back then. But it's just cringe outdated humor now. Should just go back to their old show's set, reduce the show to once a week and focus on x topics, and stop forcing to be funny.

No. 1500467

Ew you just know at some point there's going to be an accident with one of the kids and dog shit. I still vividly recall a time in my youth the next door neighbours kid fell into some dog poop outside in the street and the absolute hysterics and the rage from parents streetwide lol, they got the council to erect signs about the fines etc. Like the outrage and action implemented and then you have Ethan who let's his dogs shit everywhere and their home and studios have flies infestations. Money cannot buy you sense or class. Disgusting.

No. 1500500

File: 1649870730966.png (360.75 KB, 864x682, Screenshot_20220413-122238.png)


No. 1500522

She's so clueless kek He fucked up putting his parents on his platform the way he did. They're just gonna make everything worse

No. 1500561

kek why does she type like an esl learner?

No. 1500581