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No. 1493508

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and please type ‘sage’ into the email field if you are not posting anything milky/important so that the thread is not bumped!

Last Thread:

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…

Old milk:
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541, >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 (later revealed to be to cover for the car accident she caused with the guy she was cheating on jonny with) jonny’s ex amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his last court date was feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but syd doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260, >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare butt and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163
> syd vagueposts about someone (Jonny) cheating with someone you know. That someone posts in the thread revealing screenshots of Instagram DMs with Jonny and Syd >>1318548,Syd who accuses anon of cheating with Jonny for flirting on Instagram with Jonny and allegedly calls the cops on anon. Anon says she's known Syd since high school. In the screenshots Syd calls Jonny a waste,a fat junkie, says she'll show the conversation to Taylor so that she'll ruin anon's life, threatens anon. Syd doxxes anon on Instagram.
> anon posts more screenshots, looks like she was carrying the convo with Jonny. Syd sends anon a video of Jonny wasted. >>1319574 Turtle Mom ends up leaking the video >>1320319 and says she'll go the TX shows to expose Jonny with flyers, never does.
> tour starts, Jonny doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs so he's reading them off his phone. >>1322793, syd goes on stage to hug Jonny and makes sure everyone know he has a kid whenever he looks in the direction of a woman >>1320416, >>1320417 She also keeps complaining about how hard working at the merch table is, jonny proposes to Syd again >>1332845, >>1333002 at a concert with the same ring.
>syd, jonny, and the rest of their crew get awful matching tour tattoos >>1336731
>anon posts screenshots from cps that imply storm is not in their custody >>1338649 and Syd continues to confirm this by only posting a photo of them in a public setting >>1346847
>jonny goes radio silent on social media while syd's instagram use only increases, presumably because jonny is in rehab
>syd buys herself an iPad and starts to vague post about a new project >>1346549, >>1363620 eventually announces a date she will announce the project >>1366535 but does not announce anything.
>syd and jonny lovebomb announcing they have chosen a date for their wedding, 11/11/22 >>1367393, >>1367396
>surprising nobody, anon finds jonny on tinder >>1372864 syd responds >>1374232
>syd still trying to keep up the facade of being a parent >>1373001, >>1376986, >>1388466, >>1390689, >>1391059, >>1392428, >>1393204
>more information is found about the courtcase that likely caused JC and syd to lose custody >>1373075, >>1373156, >>1373401, >>1373420, and a previous DV case involving syd >>1373487
>syd flirts with lolbro >>1373616, >>1374083, >>1374084
>syd is alone on thanksgiving, trying to seem unbothered >>1375878 while jonny enjoys his rehab/sober living slop >>1375941 more sober living shots: >>1376927, >>1401281, >>1401284
>sydsosneaky visits storm at her mom's house for xmas >>1401841, >>1401842, and shows a picture of jonny with storm from last xmas, since he's away in sober living >>1401843
>syd makes it obvious she’s reading the thread >>1402818, >>1402823, >>1402826, >>1402828
>a fan comforts jonny about the death of a friend, causing syd to go on a sperg about him cheating >>1406759, >>1406761
>anon helps us ring in the new year by providing us with screenshots… sydsosmart gets caught cheating! and this message also proves that they lost custody of storm. >>1407044, >>1407062, >>1407070
>jonny and syd vagueposting, hinting at a breakup >>1407170, >>1407172, >>1407171, >>1407167
>syd psychotically harasses she-who-will-not-be-named >>1407204, >>1407205, >>1407217, >>1407235
>more screenshots of syd cheating are released >>1407243, >>1407258
>sticking to her usual groupie tendencies, it's some band dude >>1407304 and he is an abuser (shocking) >>1407340
>syd harasses band-dude's ex-gf >>1407393
>jonny will be out of rehab/sober living soon >>1408154, >>1408168 and posts about getting a puppy from a place called Borderline Bullies (ironic kek) >>1408355, >>1408449 (ends up falling through)
>syd lovebombs JC >>1408808, >>1408891, >>1410001, >>1410002, >>1410776, >>1412175
>jonny begins the process of removing all signs of syd/storm off of his instagram >>1408893, >>1415883
>jonny is over syd >>1412293, but syd isn't over jonny >>1412296 and is on the prowl for a new girl >>1414061, >>1417679, >>1419177, >>1419188, >>1419932
>syd goes quiet, leaving anons to speculate if she's been banned on instagram for harassment. anons find that she she has been liking clothes on poshmark >>1421811
>syd is (unsurprisingly) back, posts videos of herself and "friends" watching some shitty emo cover band >>1424827
>jonny returns to the Sac townhouse with all of his shit >>1427985, >>1427987, >>1432441
>syd says nothing about his return, ghosts and sadposts about her birthday >>1430578, >>1434657, >>1434774
>cowtipper confirms that jonny is indeed big boy pimpin, living the single life because syd cheated on him >>1430884
>jonny starts his traditional post-breakup streaming career back up >>1434930, >>1439243
>big boy pimpin starts liking tnd's instagram posts >>1436428 >>1436485
>while jonny moves on to thottier pastures, syd starts posting her perfect bawd for validation despite calling every woman in a crop top a whore >>1438537, >>1439469, >>1440433, >>1443447, >>1445180, >>1445828, >>1445920
>syd embarrasses herself >>1440188, >>1440189, >>1440548 >>1449879
>syd's sad about her life, writes boring long story posts about how it's not what she wanted but it's so perfect >>1441750, >>1443451
>syd onlyfans saga when >>1445197
>syd kinda pretends to be a mom >>1445995, >>1446838, >>1447752, >>1448894
>jonny's probably trying to pull a new girl with google translate arabic >>1447738, >>1447739
>they unfollowed each other >>1448690 but syd will never take him out of her bio >>1448923
>jonny shows his inbox on stream, apparently paid rent 3 weeks late >>1450033
>jonny has upcoming court dates >>1453819
>jonny is big mad about his lolcow thread, posts and quickly deletes a rant about it >>1453538

Last thread’s milk:
>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>>/snow/1454287
> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>>/snow/1454731
>syd sadposts >>>/snow/1455420 >>>/snow/1455934 >>>/snow/1455956 >>>/snow/1456157 >>>/snow/1457905 and teases making an onlyfans >>>/snow/1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>>/snow/1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>>/snow/1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>>/snow/1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>>/snow/1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>>/snow/1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>>/snow/1474386 >>>/snow/1474411 >>>/snow/1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>>/snow/1475483
>jonny brags about giving money to OF girls and calls guys who don’t “let their girls work” ‘pussios’ >>>/snow/1476509
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>>/snow/1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>>/snow/1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>>/snow/1487187 >>>/snow/1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>>/snow/1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>>/snow/1486643
>syd gets sick and dramatic, acts like she’s going to die >>>/snow/1487132
>jonny dyes his hair pink >>>/snow/1488933 >>>/snow/1488934
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>>/snow/1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>>/snow/1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>>/snow/1489450 >>>/snow/1489610 >>>/snow/1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>>/snow/1490473
(I'm so sorry for reposting several times, some of the links keep fucking up)

No. 1493511

Thank you nonna for the thread! We appreciate your efforts!

No. 1493531

File: 1649179436613.jpeg (372.09 KB, 645x1071, 26D6CB5D-94CB-4A72-A0CF-F72747…)

(Ss) of video showing her rats bc she is just skinwalking TND. Haven't seen anymore ebegging posts since the last. Im pretty sure this is an old video anyways, and she doesn't have the rats. Yet again, always proving its about using pets and kids as props for social media.

No. 1493535

fixed links from last section:

>jonny compares his bright future to his fake teeth, which someone else bought for him and he never paid back.. sounds about right. >>1454287

> anons speculate that syd could be rage posting in the TND thread >>1454731
>syd sadposts >>1455420, >>1455934, >>1455956, >>1456157, >>1457905 and teases making an onlyfans >>1455738
>jonny seems to visit storm more than syd >>1458775
>jonny randomly posts an old note that his ex taylor dean’s dad wrote him >>1462405 then clarifies it’s old >>1462537, anons wonder if he posted it to either rile up syd or get taylor’s attention
>syd officially moves in with her friend megan >>1463462
> jonny is active on tinder, matches with a girl named mars >>1474385 who immediately posts about him being ‘washed up’, ‘not worth the story’ & ‘a lot of Ls’ >>1474386, >>1474411, >>1474415
> jonny shoots back, negging the girl he matched with on tinder and bragging about spEnDinG heR RenT on shoes 3 times a week (probably because you can fit into kids size shoes, JC) >>1475483
>jonny brags about giving money to OF girls and calls guys who don’t “let their girls work” ‘pussios’ >>1476509
> syd tries to shade jonny on her story >>1482229
> jonny posts a selfie featuring a bunch of dirty clothes and beer bottles in the background >>1486532 instead of cleaning up he just scribbles it out in future photos >>1487187, >>1487417
>sydsomanic spams her story >>1487040 https://streamable.com/e4jql6 with a bunch of compliments that seem like they were sent in by herself, continues to bring up starting an onlyfans and teases about a ‘certain someone’ who makes her feel ‘frisky’ >>1486643
>syd gets sick and dramatic, acts like she’s going to die >>1487132
>jonny dyes his hair pink >>1488933, >>1488934
>taylor deleted/privated her video talking about JC abusing her >>1488984 speculation that they’re back in contact continues
>jonny makes references to being lonely due to ramadan >>1489269 causing more speculation that he’s dating an arabic/muslim girl, possibly named ava >>1489450, >>1489610, >>1489613
>syd returns to e-begging for rent, meds and essentials for the kid she doesn’t have custody for #itsokaytoaskforhelp >>1490473

nice thread nona!

No. 1493537

Thank you nonnie! Im gonna post some screenshots I took during the no-new-thread-yet time for people who are blocked from either of these losers IGs:

No. 1493538

File: 1649179640176.jpeg (202.75 KB, 1170x2532, B0468D40-C2B4-4E9A-96DB-6C254C…)

So is she claiming autism or adhd now?

No. 1493539

File: 1649179700670.png (1.33 MB, 1170x2532, 4CCAA65B-E73F-4AB9-BF41-CF6AA1…)

Questions syd literally never asks herself

No. 1493542

Thank you for fixing my links, nonna! I posted it like 4 times & random links kept fucking up so I gave up. Appreciate you <3

No. 1493543

File: 1649180037693.png (4.63 MB, 1170x2532, 82CA4C2C-0C89-4B4E-9409-9CF983…)

Body checking and still larping being into exercising all of a sudden after Jonny starts getting into it

No. 1493545

File: 1649180115850.png (7.14 MB, 1170x2532, CCBFA50B-658F-447F-91BA-3A2ED0…)

I know people can have prescriptions for so many different things but just thought it was interesting Jonny had three different pill bottles on his desk. Two pictured here and one when he panned the camera over. Could be nothing of course

No. 1493547

File: 1649180199599.png (652.61 KB, 1170x2532, 026D2774-3A91-4042-9F23-3E674F…)

Or how about not cheating, syd? Do you think grandparents who lasted 50 years cheated on each other? Hmmm

No. 1493549


he's an old, sickly man so this is to be expected

he doesn't want you, Syd!

No. 1493550

File: 1649180352098.png (458.9 KB, 1170x2532, 8D241A02-FABF-448B-BBF7-6C7344…)

Oh yeah btw I also totally have a child in my custody!

No. 1493552

File: 1649180536983.jpg (47.41 KB, 600x450, 800px-Channelcat.jpg)

her angel bite piercings make her look like an actual catfish and girls with dick noses like hers should never emphasize them with piercings

No. 1493558

Sooooo…. is Syd happy to be free from an abooosive narcissist or did her 11:11 uwu love of her life give up too easily? She's trying to seem like a victim while also checking every now and then if Jonny might be willing to try again if she lowkey begs for him to come back lmao. Stick to a story Syd.

No. 1493559

Love him more than all the love that's ever existed or ever will
English please?? It's so cringe how exaggerated everything is with her, we get it girl you don't have custody of your son lmao

No. 1493568

Does anyone have jonnys stories from the other day where he's crouched over looking like a gremlin and then him talking about his friends hating his ex? I'm regretting not saving them they were funny

No. 1493569

this is how sociopaths think people talk about love

No. 1493570

File: 1649181560657.jpeg (857.86 KB, 828x1279, 09081D8C-DE51-4ED9-9C28-0BBD77…)

No. 1493573

imagine calling your child a rat

No. 1493579


Lmaooo that was my thought too, wtf is that

No. 1493580

Someone in the Taylor thread claimed to have screenshots of Syd cheating with another band dude. Whoever you are, please do share now that there’s a new thread lol

No. 1493588

Amazing, thank you

No. 1493695

File: 1649191350330.jpg (17.07 KB, 640x1138, 277933427_694807374977875_3260…)

No. 1493725


Yes, I'm waiting for those screenshots too

No. 1493726

File: 1649192826995.jpeg (626.29 KB, 1170x2046, FBFFB9E7-7A21-45DE-A3B7-869FE5…)

No. 1493730

its the long pinky nail for me

No. 1493745

literal junky hands. bloated red, ugly painted nails and the long pinky lmfao

No. 1493770

They’re probably trying to find the thread still lol or maybe they don’t wanna share now since the TND anons were being pretty rude to that anon

No. 1493777

Lmao no Syd, some grandparents "made it to 50+ years of marriage" because they lived in a time when women were completely dependent on their husbands and unable to leave, and domestic abuse was considered a 'family matter' and not a crime in the 1950's but ok, go off

No. 1493781

I irrationally hate how she calls them "chibs"

No. 1493782

Syd meltdown inbound

No. 1493784

so her 'smol job' is either streaming or OF

No. 1493804

Midget wrestling probably

No. 1493805

Imo It seemed like a lie so somebody would quickly make the new thread. They asked for the link a few times and were redtexted before they even mentioned any milky screenshots.

No. 1493807

You know this just eats her up

No. 1493829

File: 1649199481587.png (1.04 MB, 1170x2532, 8D1324EF-1BE4-46BD-A0EB-408CC1…)

Uhhhhhh…… anyone wanna reply to this with proof of all the times Jonny was not such an amazing human?

No. 1493833

"You can't deny daddy"
I might have just thrown up in my mouth a little

No. 1493864

File: 1649201596438.jpeg (456.84 KB, 1170x1003, 2195440D-1316-4AA9-BAB4-E09B51…)

No. 1493866

File: 1649201838704.jpeg (47.77 KB, 639x505, 265506C4-DB24-4119-BCB1-D29706…)


No. 1493868

Anyone who calls themselves daddy on social media needs to be fucking put down, holy shit. Nothing says pseudo Dom like calling yourself daddy for the world to see.

No. 1493869

Amazing humans scam their fans out of MacBooks?

No. 1493885

deadbeat dad x2

No. 1493897

Jonny’s demons are the Macbook scammers, not him

No. 1493920

It’s funny how moids who call themselves “daddy” rarely bother to raise their actual kids…

No. 1493936


"I am an amazing human" is just such a bizarre thing to say about yourself. Both he and Syd have the weirdest delusions of grandeur.

No. 1493968

For real, if I had just HALF of the blind, unearned confidence that these two have I can’t imagine what I would be able to accomplish in life lol

No. 1494017

Thought those were painted raw pork loins for a second.

No. 1494236

Well grandparents first marry and then they continue making it work instead of getting divorced. They don't just date someone, accidentally knock them up, be pressured to get engaged and keep the kid, and then are stuck with them until they die.

No. 1494237

Tf is a chib?!! She makes up more words than a chiold.

No. 1494281

File: 1649228720802.jpg (183.32 KB, 750x1334, 277857555_417433956811963_5380…)

So delusional. He's not going to make his, what? 3rd? 4th comeback a success through sheer manifestation. His sins are preserved in the public record forever, including domestic violence in the last two years. He hasn't changed. He's just a sober piece of shit instead of an active junkie piece of shit.

No. 1494330

We'd be nowhere just like them. Constantly self-congratulating themselves after sysmetically fucking up literally everything and everyone in their life… That confidence is truly the essence of failure.

No. 1494339

the comparison of him with/without this filter is… jarring

No. 1494341

He's like a broken record with this "No one will make me stop trying to succeed as a musician! You can't force me to see reality because i want to keep trying to live my dream!"
Glad the chubby tubby is sober because it's not easy to get off opiates, but if he really thinks he's going to shut up the haterzZ by turning into a success story that'll be adapted into an uplifting drama like 8 Mile, he needs to stop being his own social media hype man and better lose himself in the music the moment he owns it, he better never let it go, OH!

No. 1494343

He made the mistake of getting people used to that wrinkle-smoothing, baby-faced filter which just highlights his flaws even more than usual when he's not filtered.

No. 1494348

You'd think someone with the haircut of early 2000s Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys would stop raising his eyebrows constantly and deepening those canyon-esque wrinkles carved into his forehead.

No. 1494417

A for Ava. Next gf inbound.

No. 1494428

probably just Syd freaking out that no one had made a new thread about her yet, we always see Tay whip up some drama or post some track marks when her threads are about to end too

No. 1494441

>They wanna peg me

Honey, no one would peg you with a 10ft pole trolololo although that image is hilarious

No. 1494454

okay, do it then
“for my son” kek though
the pediatrician has spent more time with the kid than jonny has

No. 1494455

File: 1649253378248.png (92.74 KB, 755x344, png_20220405_204255_0000.png)

No. 1494630

Omg bahahahaha thank you nonnie that is lovely

But seriously goiter boi — the IG stories of your tiny feet and greasy lolbro minions are super fucking boring, pls start dating one of the many “hoes” you supposedly have lined up

No. 1494700

You sound like a lass in his dms trying to cash in the free clout. I haven’t seen him bragging about having hoes lined up.

No. 1494731

Chill out Syd, read the thread and you'll see he's bragged about it plenty

No. 1494763

File: 1649279770195.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x815, 614F7120-8401-4203-A2AC-E0D40A…)

Really small and hard to read, but it’s Dance Gavin Dance talking about why he was no longer in the band and what they think
of him. They posted this right when it happened or so.

No. 1494782

Jfc, its weird that this could literally be the situation from him getting kick out from Slaves and TND. He also fully relapse after having a storm. Why is he still alive?? What a waste of space of a human being. I m happy that his career is down the drain, only a handful of people showed up and you can see real musician doesn't want to work with him anymore.

No. 1494878

File: 1649286718900.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1633, CDBCE66E-4372-4875-A126-D7B5C3…)

I might just vomit.

No. 1494886

If this is his way to troll us, he needs to not try so hard.

He big mad we laugh at his beauty filters

No. 1494908

Gross merch mama at it again. Top tier dad, says the fake mum kek.

No. 1494909

File: 1649288355995.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1947, 4597DC93-B690-4564-81E3-106304…)

lol wtf is this? Is this some way of showing her next victim? Notice the subtle jab towards Jonny about “wish you were my baby daddy” nonsense lmfao

No. 1494912

“Sling merch” how fucking hard is it to sell a fucking tshirt. This chick wants to be relevant so bad in the music scene. Shit go get a job Syd, literally go apply online at target right now

No. 1494916

Thought the same thing anon, i posted it aswell then realised i didnt blur my pfp. Kek i need sleep.

No. 1494917

File: 1649288514171.png (111.3 KB, 292x265, Screenshot_20220406-163559.png)

I can't wrap my head around the fact that he actively goes out and gets this haircut and genuinely thinks he looks good lol wtf and now this terrible color… they need to revoke that man's barber license if he even has one

No. 1494918

also notice how this guys insta handle is @ericflores4l … eerily similar to BBP’s jonnycriag4l

No. 1494920

Kek i love how the barber has emphasised his wrinkles on his forehead. Its fuckin sad.

No. 1494922

Googled him and apparently he’s the merch handler for Slaves. Lol but like still “slinging merch” is not a big fucking deal. It’s so cringe how she tries to make an identity out of it

No. 1494927

Literally. All you do is unload the van or whatever, set up some tshirts on a board thing behind a table, lay some out on the table, have a credit card swiper or cash on hand, attendees come and go or form a line, they pick their shirt, you find their size, you take their money, swipe, they walk off. The end. A fucking 10 year old could do it. What a fucking waste of space deadbeat mom.

No. 1494929

Im confused who tf is this? The barber?

No. 1494933

it’s so bizarre that she posts BBP’s old connections like she has connections herself, her delusions really have her by her neck

No. 1494934

It gives me simple jack vibes

No. 1494947

Fucking kek
Imagine going to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night and seeing that standing on your counter… nightmare fuel, especially compared to >>1494878 which is terrifying and hilarious. You will never look like that, Jonny. No matter how sober you are or how many times you go to the gym. Your face and body are fucked forever.

No. 1494950

Im genuinely lost lol did he photoshop someone’s face onto his? Cause i notice his hands in the pic look like his tattoos and stuff

No. 1494960

I think he may have photoshopped sicsadwrld's face onto his. I could tell by the eyes and the smile.

No. 1494961

File: 1649292604261.png (123.1 KB, 275x250, 5F2DF6FB-E997-41BF-BC55-F9E17E…)

No. 1494979

File: 1649294032878.jpeg (180.33 KB, 828x1207, 5DA58462-2A29-456C-B600-DF1C6E…)

Yea it looks like he put cobwebs face over his own. I think it’s a joke but sometimes he posts stupid shit like this and is dead serious so it’s hard to tell.

No. 1494987

NEW here:
I believe I read on here that Syd is receiving disability? Is she receiving temporary disability through the state or permanent disability through SSA?

No. 1495008

She’s been on it for years. In the first or second thread one of her ex’s said she was on disability for being unable to hold down a job bc of her bpd. I don’t think it takes a detective to figure it out considering in the 2 years she’s been on this site she’s hasn’t worked a single day apart from her boyfriends merch table.

No. 1495013

I don’t think she understands that these are jonnys friends, not hers, and now that they’re done these people could care less if they ever talk to her again. They simply tolerated her cause they had to. Most of the dudes she posts still follow Taylor too. News flash syd no one in that scene is gonna wanna be jc’s kids step dad lol

No. 1495041


I will never not laugh at how hard she tries to make these one time meets seem like life changing events, and the people that she does it to are always blatantly uninterested in it. Girl really has no friends of her own.

No. 1495072

it really irritates me that you can get disability just for being an unstable asshole, clinically

No. 1495076

it’s a public service, who would want to work with her?

No. 1495103

Jonny posted something the other day about how his friends who hate his ex more then he does are real ones, I honestly wonder if she's gone out of her way to give his friends a hard time before / after their split. I haven't seen them say anything about Sydney in the threads yet.

No. 1495119

She’s probably in their inboxes trying to get with them tbh, as a fuck you to Jonny. I hope none of them fall for it

No. 1495171

Oh god you know she’s got to have tried sliding into at least one of his friend’s inboxes. I’m sure she’s absolutely relished in thoughts of turning up to social events JC’s at, scene-d up to the nines, walking straight past him and planting a kiss smugly on New Boyfriend while he seethes and regrets. In reality IF that had happened she’d be all over the poor sod in the most tragically obvious bid to make Jonny jealous, and everyone in the vicinity would desperately want to leave due to the overwhelming feelings of pity and second hand cringe

No. 1495190

Wow, her body language is vs this guy is so obviously forced and bizarre.

No. 1495198

I just noticed the hashtag #myfeetaregoing … is she trying to insinuate that he swept her off her feet? Lol

No. 1495200

KEK she truly fucked her life up all in the name of clout. Now look goofy girl u will never be able to get a guy with your pet sperm

No. 1495201

I guess this is a living example of “15 seconds of fame” hah it’s over Syd. Just go regroup and then figure out your next move on improving and being a mother to your son

No. 1495206

File: 1649313737151.jpeg (161.09 KB, 1125x1939, E91E9D01-1904-459B-9DB3-777605…)

She’s baiting JC

No. 1495210

Wow he looks haggard

No. 1495262

This was beautifully written, I could see the scene play out in my head perfectly how you described it lmao

No. 1495272

She's flipping every card to get a reaction from Jonny.
1. Posting about trauma and abuse (believable and probs true, but god knows she was a nightmare too and didn't hide it)
2. How Jonny gave up too easily and didn't work through their issues
3. How she already has someone else

Good job SydSoStrategic. It's all working like a charm

No. 1495321

File: 1649327285430.jpg (177.55 KB, 339x398, 24h of morris albert.jpg)


No. 1495357

Them calling him an “Idiot savant” might be the most accurate description.

This story should be a disclaimer under each of his social media posts.

No. 1495453

I think the hashtags are “inside jokes” between the two of them. I too used hashtags like this on social media when I was 13 and thought inside jokes were cool.

No. 1495457

File: 1649343025880.jpeg (560.85 KB, 1119x1026, C23550A3-D1BE-4D39-82C5-FF83F4…)

Posting this beauty in hopes that it will be the next thread pic, unless something funnier comes along between then and now lol. Which will probably be the case, knowing these two idiot cows.

I have a feeling things will get pretty milky soon, they’ve been broken up for a few months and how long has Jonny ever been single? Since 2012 (I’m ashamed I’ve followed his shenanigans for that long) he has always had the next girl already lined up. Every new girlfriend he’s had he was already talking to while with the previous girl. Syd is going to go batshit. She’s going to constantly trash the new girl on her IG stories daily. Making fun of her looks since that’s the only insults she ever provides, besides calling girls sluts and groupies and homewreckers. I can’t wait for the shitshow

No. 1495462

I lost it at “we left him in New Jersey” bahahaha

Hopefully Ava lurks the threads and sees this. I would never talk to him ever again if I were to read this. I knew he was a bad person but I’m actually in shock reading this. I feel for anyone who has ever had to be around him for a long period of time..:

No. 1495467

He’s definitely dropping hints that that’s who he’s holding out for. I don’t have screenshots but he’s posted a few stories over the past week or so insinuating that he’s wasting his efforts on someone who’s playing games. So she either knows he’s a piece of shit and doesn’t wanna be dragged into the drama/this site or they are secretly dating and she won’t let him go public with it for the same reason. It’s odd how private all her shit is. Can’t find her on any other social media platform or google, even though she supposedly streams? Thought streamers want more followers to promote themselves.

No. 1495484


Keep in mind the punch from his old band mate happened sometime in 2005, so almost 20 years ago. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever will. He was behaving like that starting at least in his early teens.

No. 1495589

I don’t think she streams? Where did you hear that from.

No. 1495595

My bad thought someone else said she did in the last thread. Maybe I’m imagining things.

No. 1495600

Someone in the last thread mentioned how he gamed with Ava after he and Taytor split. I wonder why he went with Syd and not Ava?

No. 1495633

File: 1649363110009.jpeg (112.24 KB, 1170x2026, 23254845-6FF5-4CF9-944C-406BB9…)

No. 1495634

File: 1649363144810.jpeg (211.36 KB, 1170x2023, 001F69E7-015B-4B04-A6AE-3124EF…)

No. 1495636

File: 1649363205158.jpeg (78.52 KB, 1170x2037, A9768C48-E8C8-4F96-BD43-0AD3EC…)

No. 1495787

File: 1649376169436.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1602, 0EC86743-F7F5-40EF-90DB-6111CD…)

Dude had to add the bad cats filter so everyone forgets about the original.(don't use emojis/ emoticons )

No. 1495797

Why the fuck is he squatting on the counter and exactly how badass does he think it makes him look??? Kek

No. 1495818

File: 1649379430116.jpeg (18.83 KB, 236x351, c7ff898c919b1609e1f97203e18944…)

Gollum Craig

No. 1495846

I am howling

No. 1495850

What the hell is this in reference to? Lol

No. 1495869

File: 1649382922424.jpg (176.93 KB, 1080x1958, Screenshot_20220407-185319_Pho…)

I really hope she gets her period and it ruins these white pants forever, call it a small bit of karmaic justice

No. 1495875

File: 1649383389494.jpg (257.26 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_07_18_56_54_777.jpg)

Someone could write a great psych dissertation on this woman if they had the mind to.
Shes straight out of the figurative trenches with/of jonny Craig, Freddy krueger looking ass heroin addict abuser gumpy frumpy washed up goiter boi and this is what we get from her? Still waiting kn the dramatic revelation you promised us Sydney lmao. Like what don't we already know? You're chronically sharing even when you're trying to hide it you're so bad at it.
I wonder if she drifts between loving and loathing jonny lately because that's the only way I can see it going unless she's whining over this "new guyfriend" already.

No. 1495877

He must be reading here daily kek

No. 1495896

Your ass isn't fully formed. You've got a slope curve and 2 fat folds beneath it. The secondhand embarrassment is at an all time high but it's super fucking funny lmfao. I hope her "fuck you Jonny" ego keeps going because the milk will be delicious.

No. 1495971

File: 1649392562595.png (5.37 MB, 1170x2532, 85E182D0-D9F2-4A2D-A9E4-B731FF…)

It’s clear she’s being vague because she so desperately wants people to ask her “what are you talking about?” Here’s my immediate tinfoil upon seeing this: her smol job was her stripping or camming and this is her complaining about how she didn’t get as much money as she wanted KEK

No. 1496016

this butt just screams squat-free sag to me. everyone has a butt, syd, and just because there is a fold there doesn’t mean it’s worthy of an award. it actually takes toning it with exercise (and not just dressing up in your workout spandex to take pictures) to firm it up, otherwise you’re just like every other 30 year old cottage cheese lard ass out there. not cute.

No. 1496020

do we all wanna go in on an publicly shared OF account together? she ain’t worth more than $5/month tho, and that’s pushing it.

No. 1496024

File: 1649398246511.jpeg (92.66 KB, 349x1160, 1637190622339.jpeg)

>almost 20 years ago

No. 1496039

Right, she’s tried so hard to contort that vague caption so it could possibly sound like it could be about a new man (at least that’s how I read it) that it’s barely coherent lmfao. On brand for her in every way kek

I had the same reaction nonnie lol I might as well go kill my ancient feeling ass right now ha

No. 1496072

File: 1649412261080.jpeg (592.72 KB, 1170x2018, A37E055D-32EA-44FC-9771-C893B1…)

Why does he keep talking about cucks?

No. 1496100

this screams camming to me. I would hazard a guess at stripping but if she had an outfit or copped some pleaser adjacent shoes she would've posted 300 photos and stories

No. 1496107

Probably trying riled up the boyfriend of whatever girl’s OF he is been paying/sliding into her dms for. He thinks he is doing something.. but syd has cheated probably with few other dudes before they broke up. Jonny you’re a cuck too. Lmao

No. 1496109

I was thinking more along the lines of Starbucks barista hoping to get rich off tips and coming home with $12 lol

No. 1496118

File: 1649419063437.jpg (103.55 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20220408_075613.jpg)

Says the guy who's been using the bad cats filter on every selfie and video of himself… kek at the delusion

No. 1496128

File: 1649419781973.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2458x3072, 54DC37EE-0368-407B-9B92-86C26B…)

Ok Jonny

No. 1496154

Homeboy needs some Botox. Those wrinkles are like an inch deep lol

No. 1496155

The long extensions she has in makes me think otherwise. Why put on extensions just to go work at Starbucks where you’re going to have to have your hair tied back? She looks all guzzied up to me

No. 1496183

True. I just think if it was the launch of her onlyfans she would’ve advertised it to get subscribers since she’s desperate for money. Maybe just a photoshoot for material? I can’t really see her doing camgirl shit cause she wouldn’t be able to manipulate body image with angles and all that.

No. 1496217

What are these helmet/mushroom head bangs? Will it kill her to have a decent haircut

No. 1496261

I'm thinking she won't strip because she's lazy plus needs to feel superior. Being a server at a topless bar sounds more on brand with her i think lol She would still be able to do some delusional mental gymnastics to be able to argue that she's not a "gRoUpIe HoE"

No. 1496264

File: 1649438283110.jpeg (462.27 KB, 1935x1290, 9619617F-D17D-4616-A870-555D31…)

What it reminds me of kek

No. 1496278

I think she would trial balloon OF stuff on close friends before saying anything that isn't super vague like this on public.

Stripping would surprise me because she's so quick to call women whores over the most mundane shit, but I can see her having a dumb loophole in her logic where she's like "I'm a MODUHL. I'm an ALT MODUHL. I'm providing for my CHIOLD. Moms can be sexy okay!!" Her boobs are going to be more Facetuned than a Taylor Nicole Dean trackmark.

No. 1496287

It’s like Syd and TND are competing to see who can have the worst haircut.

No. 1496311

File: 1649442474595.jpg (417.68 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20220408_142716.jpg)

I'm probably one of the few people here following this mess who thinks Syd is actually kind of pretty, or she was anyway. But it's truly like she's going out of her way to look ugly, and stupid. The face tats, the gross piercings, the retarded bangs. Hair like picrel is so much prettier on her, but I guess doesn't give her the emo cred she's looking for.

No. 1496418

File: 1649449959349.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1967, 4497CAD8-6007-4C93-9809-96BB10…)

my translation: she is clearly tired from raising her flabby little arms up, trying to take naked pictures of herself in meghan’s guest bedroom while meghan’s children sleep in the other room, and she is complaining she didn’t get enough of pictures she likes because there are only so many ways you can twist that untoned little booty to make it look good, but she’s begun to create a backlog she can dip into for when her OF goes live so whatever.

not only did she put eyelashes on, but she has no shirt on and the next story is of her trying and failing to ahego. she might make some money on OF but not enough to pay any bills and certainly not enough to order her daily doordash starbucks if she doesn’t advertise it everywhere.

No. 1496430

>the absolute state of those extensions
I am here for the OF saga kek. We predicted this like a year ago. Such a basic bitch. Enjoy degrading yourself for less than min wage. Target literally pays more and they hire anyone.

No. 1496461

Tinfoil but I feel like she’s gonna create this OF account thinking all of JC’s friends are gonna subscribe to her and she’s gonna get to rub it in his face when they probably don’t even look at her IG stories. She has no idea how difficult it is to start making any real money on OF. You gotta shamelessly promote your shit anywhere and everywhere and have some content actually worth watching, which she never would. She’ll give up on that dream in a week, claim it’s cause she’s not a whore or something, move on to something else that won’t work out. Wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 1496484

that face says
>onlyfans: not even once
but also

No. 1496490

her dangly butthole ears are so fucking grossssss

No. 1496512

They probably smell like stinky cheese

No. 1496523

File: 1649458882169.jpg (468.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220408-150911_Pho…)

Syds daily routine:
> wake up
> self validate
> sleep

No. 1496564

She looks so haggard here. Drugs age ppl so fast. Not cute at all

No. 1496607

Whilst enjoying reading the OF/stripping/topless bar tinfoil, I had a thought- wouldn’t it be so incredibly on-brand for SydSoStuckin2007 if she’d been doing a shoot for ancient GothThot ‘agency’ SuicideGirls. Would suit her NLOG not-porn-but-aRt mind gymnastics too.

No. 1496618

File: 1649470191996.jpeg (735.53 KB, 816x1465, 2F442257-9DA3-4FD2-9402-6F599F…)


Well apparently we were all wrong

No. 1496667

why is she always advertising how difficult it is to date her?

No. 1496668

Bitch can’t even draw a face right. Every artist knows you never start with the eyebrows and that’s all she can draw. Good lord, she’s going to make a hilarious scratcher (because no shop is going to hire this hack).

No. 1496695

He really wants to be pegged and cucked apparently

No. 1496700

The eyebrows she did draw made me so uncomfy tho, can't place my finger on why they're drawn so poorly but they were definitely uncanny valley-ish. She isn't good at anything, if anyone let's her tattoo them I'd be shocked. She's probably planning on giving herself and her friends she's love bombing shitty stick and pokes.

No. 1496751

Lol there’s no way in hell that’s her small job. First of all no one in their right mind would take her on as an apprentice, and she would definitely be bragging a shit ton if they did. She probably just wants to chicken scratch more things on herself and is trying to sound cool like she knows how to tattoo.

No. 1496802

shitting out a choild doesn’t make you a mother, Syd

No. 1496806

this isn’t her smol job or she wouldn’t be asking on IG how to fund it. her smol job is OF.

No. 1496819

What is her profile name then on OF? I keep seeing people say this, is this just tinfoil?

No. 1496837

She did cheat with other dudes. That’s what I’ve heard at least. We have some of the few same acquaintances

No. 1496839

She said it herself she was making one. I don’t think she actually will though.

No. 1497075

She thought she had Jonny on lock so she figured she'd jump ship to the next best thing. Didn't even consider the fact that she'd be giving Jonny the perfect out

No. 1497132

Eyebrows is what you need

No. 1497205


No idea if I did this right so apologies if the video doesn’t work, but I found it hilarious she posted this video bitching about her precious sleep being interrupted. Tell us again how your toddler doesn’t live with you skid. She literally has no idea what it’s like to be a real mom.

No. 1497206

Oh ok yeah we believe you, eyes rolling.

No. 1497207

File: 1649536063207.jpeg (804.14 KB, 828x1378, 87305419-9733-47F2-8A3E-3B289C…)

Does he think that there are people who believe that’s his face? Or is it just an ongoing joke now? It would’ve made more sense if all of them photoshopped sicsaddiks face on, but it’s weird and unsettling that it’s just him …

No. 1497211

>>1496618 thought you needed money for your rent, medications and storm? The fuck you talking about tattoo supplies for. She's such a scumbag.

No. 1497225

Always telling in herself. A mom taking care of a small toddler lol not wanting her sleep messed with. Sorry Syd you don’t get to sleep or do what you want when your are a mom you fool.

No. 1497227

I don’t think anyone even sent her money. She prob would’ve posted about all the “sweet souls” who did to lessen the embarrassment.

No. 1497241

LOL WHAT. Who tf is that? This is buffalo bill tier skin walking, he’s wearing somebody else’s face.
Hopefully she just needs ink so she can cover her cringe ex bf’s face on her arm and not so she can go anywhere near another human with her tat pen. I think she’s posted one completed drawing and it was absolutely cursed and not in like a cool stylish way.

No. 1497252

the lip smacking deserves a face smack

No. 1497260

File: 1649540396895.jpg (89.78 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20220409-143858_Gal…)

From Syds story

No. 1497288

File: 1649542003507.jpeg (191.84 KB, 828x907, D615CC51-B73C-47D4-82F8-D194EB…)

Posting semi nudes from 5 years ago is so normal lol.

No. 1497296

One of the most unflattering attempts at a thirst trap I’ve ever seen lol literally nothing to see. If this is a preview of what her OF might look like then yikes.

No. 1497312

lol her body looks like a rectangle

No. 1497318

File: 1649543371519.jpeg (389.81 KB, 1125x709, 20BE1A46-5894-4ADA-A6D8-955B22…)

Because it literally is.

No. 1497351


I’ve never understood how one could be pudgey and yet still not have any boobs and yet…. Here we are

No. 1497354

Can’t believe skidney is always going on about how smol and perfect her body is. This is the most average body ever.

No. 1497361

KEK holy shit this is like vicky-tier shooping. Like something you see in the ridiculous photoshop thread.

W/e you guise. Her chiold loves her and would never wake her up. He laughs at her silly faces. You don’t know.

No. 1497363

What the fuck is this? Why would she post this? Where the fuck are the rest of her eyebrows?

No. 1497368

I think she has an Apple body shape but has an eating disorder so the full apple shape hasn’t happened yet

No. 1497462

File: 1649553279546.jpg (256.03 KB, 1080x1508, 20220410_021019.jpg)


This is purely tinfoil but after seeing the thing about an accent, it made me wonder if it's this dude. He runs an alternative music online zine that's pretty popular with that old emo crowd, and he's English. Noticed she's been in his comments recently

No. 1497484

File: 1649555526528.webm (912.92 KB, 592x1280, Syd telling on herself AGAIN.w…)


No. 1497485

It's stupid yes but her and jonny using the same bad cats filter really fills me with joy, you can tell she's absolutely still up in his shit

No. 1497524

Her lips are so dry and crusty yikes girl buy some chapstick

No. 1497541

My guess is Joey Tyler Varela from VRSTY.

No. 1497542

Did not realize she says sleep, I thought she said son. She really loves telling on herself. Is that what your baby did skid? Did he ‘fuk with your sleep’ bc I mean that’s what babies tend to do.
This is laughable. Skinny fat. Zero muscle tone. She must look really rough. Drugs do tend to do that

No. 1497546

She purposely used an angle that makes butts look bigger but hers still looks flat. Maybe if she put down her damn phone and did some squats every day she could actually have the ass she pretends to have. She has no job, no bf, no friends, no hobbies and no custody so it’s not like she has anything better to do.

No. 1497571

File: 1649565556696.jpg (127.21 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20220409-213826_Pho…)

This hoe quite honestly looks his type, if it isn't ava he's asshurt about (1/2)

No. 1497572

File: 1649565589432.jpg (143.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220409-214001_Pho…)


No. 1497574

File: 1649565670693.jpg (224.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220409-214044_Pho…)

> daddy
Says the fucking sperm donor lol

No. 1497576

File: 1649565806032.jpg (321.03 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_09_21_43_09_766.jpg)

No. 1497577

File: 1649565868271.jpg (267.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220409-214220_Pho…)


No. 1497585

I feel like with all the “cuck” comments he’s into a girl with a boyfriend, she’s probably lightly flirting with Jonny, making him call bf a cuck.

No. 1497591

Her eyes. Jfc what a psycho. Good thing Storm isn't around to fuck with her sleep. Hopefully this isn't about her roommate/roommates kid lol. Making waves already..

No. 1497619

I wish he and Syd never split. They deserved a lifetime together.

No. 1497623

This is actually a very unflattering pic of her.. idk why she thinks is good to post it at all. Speaking of tattoos… i m loling at the tacky tour initials tattoo they all got together.
Is okay nonnie, they will never be rid of each other through courts dates and custody hearing. I feel like storm will be put in the system soon when syd’s mom couldnt take care of him anymore.

No. 1497634

Ironic how BBP mentions an Aries bitch and skid casually posts about being an Aquarius kek lurk harder on his socials SkidSoSad

No. 1497636

Taylor is an Aries, maybe she’s giving him false hope that they’d get back together. We all know he still loves her and that was the real love of his life. It does seem like he’s upset with Ava, maybe bc it’s Ramadan and they can’t talk? If you can’t respect your partners religion you probably shouldn’t be with them.

Can you play video games during Ramadan kek

No. 1497639

No you can't play video games during Ramadan.
I think he is mad with Ava. They unfollowed each other, also her new bio seems aggressive.

No. 1497650

He followed Taylor on instagram tonight. I wonder if that's related at all.

No. 1497652

Wow get rid of a Muslim girl because she is observing religious month just to add your mess of an ex. Good job JC.

No. 1497653

File: 1649583232063.jpg (122.12 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20220410-103337_Ins…)

No. 1497663

File: 1649585144063.jpeg (189.87 KB, 1170x2036, 74B92910-530E-4C9B-8864-7E6707…)

Seems he’s having some girl drama whoever it is.

No. 1497664

File: 1649585229880.jpeg (52.78 KB, 965x181, 94C8F4BF-4C48-4351-A751-39FE1F…)

My fame puts you in your place?

No. 1497677

pix of aggressive bio please

No. 1497679

File: 1649587644558.jpeg (176.17 KB, 1170x511, AB7ABECC-1719-4781-9D85-ADCDEE…)

No. 1497723

I’ll take my ‘mediocre life’ over opiates addiction, alcoholism, living in a thrashy apartment, loosing all the projects I ever started, straining all relationships I had, not being in my kids life, having constant legal issues, being shunned in my industry, scamming fans and abusing women. Thank you.

No. 1497728

My guess is Ava since they unfollowed each other and someone in the last thread speculated she might be catfishing him.

No. 1497741

What's weird to me is how all of her stuff is private, yet she still clearly self-posts here. The only explanation I've come up with is that she doesn't want us to dissect her posts but she still wants some attention from anons. (My "Ava is a bored cow-tipper" tinfoil is staying stong).

No. 1497808

>>1497484 even if you didn't know her and her past actions you can tell by the way she snacks her lips and does long pauses that she's an entitled cunt.

No. 1497828

If Ava were a catfish I'd 100% suspect Skydmark being behind it. She has been light weight obsessed with the "pretty" parts of Muslim culture since she was like, 19 according to her IG posts. She has a huge, distasteful hamsa hand tattoo AND a bindi piercing. That's just my tinfoil contribution though.

No. 1497844

Yessssssss I am here for this

No. 1497850

File: 1649603984685.png (498.35 KB, 1125x2436, 82076956-CC83-445E-903C-EBBAA2…)

Tinfoiling but maybe this is a tease for her announcing her onlyfans? I guess we will see if anything happens today

No. 1497868

No idea if she's catfishing but I've definitely seen one of her pfp's on Pinterest before. Would make sense since no sensible pretty girl would actually be romantically interested in JC. He better pray Taylor takes him back…

No. 1497877

Kek I’m so curious what their deal is. I noticed they had also unfollowed each other for a bit maybe 1 or 2 threads ago? Then refollowed a week or two later. I wish I posted now but I didn’t think much of it at the time. He hasn’t even debuted his new girl and they’re already fighting constantly.

No. 1497894

Jonny was gaming with Ava on Twitch when he was living with Taylor so Syd isn't catfishing Jonny. She's probably losing her shit though.

No. 1497932

By my count this is the thrird time he’s followed and unfollowed her in the span of like three months. He’s probably realized nobody wants his ugly washed up ass and is desperately looking in his past for love. You know you fell off when your clout hungry, busted heroin addict ex girlfriend won’t even acknowledge you.
Imagine throwing around words like catfish when you posted this on Instagram >>1497207

No. 1497934

Does anyone have any proof that he's known ava this long though? I've only seen anons saying that, & im not saying I don't believe you but it is an image thread so it would be appreciated if anyone has it kr any idea what Taylor thread it could be in?

No. 1497942

Thanks to cow tipping we won’t get to enjoy that for what it was.

No. 1497944

The only proof is twitch VODs and his old ones are gone so I wouldn’t count on it. imo your best bet would be to go to the tnd thread and see if anyone posted about them streaming together when it happened.

No. 1498059

File: 1649623861244.jpeg (350.12 KB, 750x1214, 4F8574C9-8175-44B3-BAF4-0BA79D…)

No. 1498063

can see your pfp bottom right

No. 1498075

Lmao corset straight out of 2007 with no bod to pull it off

No. 1498095

Bowl cut with extensions

No. 1498151

File: 1649630073845.jpeg (98.13 KB, 828x620, 209BC04D-501C-40AB-82FB-2D014A…)

No. 1498197

I keep thinking her culturally inappropriate bindi piercing is a zit lmao

No. 1498205

File: 1649635389016.jpg (190.06 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_10_16_59_19_679.jpg)

Gotta give credit where it's due whoever is fucking with his head we appreciate it on this thread, at least I do. I hope you get his hopes up really high where hes so into you and then you fuck all of his friends. If I could I'd venmo you to break him down, Sydney was magical, a hilarious train ride for this rapist pos, but you've certainly got potential to really be entertaining for us. Keep it up, even if people here tell you you're Cow tipping, you are not if you do not share here, your relation w him is your own private matter just keep him aching publicly becauze that in its own is hilarious. He's so into you 'ava' or whoever you are, keep him tetter tottering as long as you can. He's earned every second of it.

No. 1498215

Her tongue just looks like a droopy tumor dangling from her face.

No. 1498236

Welp, she found me within a matter of minutes, left a nasty comment under an ig post from 2017, sent me a DM and then blocked me after I read it. Lol whoops.

No. 1498239

Predictable lol, it must hurt to be her and constantly refresh this thread, and nake 0 changes to her life. Sadly it's the only validation she gets I'm sure, becauze any attention is good attention to a narc.
You're pretty anon, she's asshurt and whatever she said about you / to you was definitely a reflection on her own ugly heart.

No. 1498269

oh nonnie please share, I’m sure we’d all like to see her unhinged messages and comments

No. 1498275

File: 1649641849813.png (298.49 KB, 750x1334, 99927578-662B-42A2-994E-3AD590…)

I deleted the comment she left but she was calling me small brained and said I’m obsessed with her for screen shotting and posting every single one of her ig stories, even though this was literally the first time I have lol. But here’s the message she sent me.

No. 1498296


She’s such a Karen with that “hun” omg

No. 1498299

Says the woman who constantly lurks here and went fishing through her IG to find that farmer. We live rent free in skidmark’s head kek

No. 1498308

Lol everyone had that same Fredrick’s Of Hollywood corset in the 2000s

No. 1498310

Coming from the woman who used her time to stalk and harass anyone who looked at her precious junkie for too long. We’ve seen some of the dms u sent to J’s fans and you’re 100x worse than anybody on this website, u made real threats, and told random ass people to kill themselves. Maybe focus on ur imaginary son and stop stalking this thread, life’s too short hun.

No. 1498321

Wow she really took the time to go through her 13k followers to find you. Tell me again how you totally have a child under your care and attention, syd! And who’s the one here who needs to get a life?

No. 1498323

Obsessed? She’s acting like Taylor. No one is obsessed with your ugly worthless deadbeat mom ass. What a fucking failure in life you are Syd. I felt bad for you at one point but seeing how abusive you are and how you neglect your son, i really have zero empathy towards you. I hope Taylor and Jonny get back together and gain custody of their son while you rot trying to impress random anons on the internet. Fucking loser

No. 1498330

File: 1649647930265.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2880x3840, 5661E9A9-07AA-45B6-A61E-5F8DC3…)

why does she still go see his friends concerts ? does she want another kid for her mom to take care of

No. 1498333

Is this Jonny’s friend? Just cuz he’s following him doesn’t necessarily mean he knows him. I peeped his profile and he has a bit of an NY accent so I’m thinking this is who syd was talking about in this post >>1497260

If this guy is someone she’s interested in…I feel really fucking bad he has no clue what he’s in for. Run, dude! Run as fast as you can

No. 1498339

ooooo true plus the “tomorrow star emoji story post yesterday. either way does she really need to jump band boy to band boy when she should be worrying about the kid

No. 1498347

He’s following her so I guess it’s possible. God he’s even uglier than big goiter. She sure has a type. Yarf

No. 1498349

I assumed so since he follows TND too and vice versa. He’s ugly af in my opinion so maybe she has a chance? But wouldn’t be surprised if she’s friend zoned and just trying to piss jonny off.

No. 1498358

File: 1649651107841.png (5.08 MB, 1284x2778, EB7E1226-5933-489C-8C95-2909F5…)

jonny just posted an old photo of him and taylor on his story

No. 1498370

Oh they’re for sure talking at this point. He’s uploading pics of them together and she removed the video about him being an abuser? Yeah.

No. 1498373

Tinfoil: they aren’t talking he’s just butthurt about Ava and is trying to piss her off by following his ex and posting an old picture of them.

No. 1498380

Yeah wow super lame of her

No. 1498382

Skids obsessed with herself if she reads here so often. Girl get off the internet and go be a mom, what an absolute cum receptacle.

No. 1498404

File: 1649656082815.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20220410-224055.png)

I always forget how old this man is because he acts like a tween I don't know how old the rest of the people he surrounds himself with are but I'd be pretty embarrassed to be 30 something still acting like he/they do. Bashing on women the second they get rejected lol "get out my room Kyle!" Also, I feel sorry for the neighbors having to listen to them "recording" and blasting their shitty music 24/7 it must be hell haha

No. 1498412

These dudes are all gross looking as fuck

No. 1498416

I'd have to cull the child if a man like this ever somehow nutted in me

No. 1498420

File: 1649657823386.jpg (168.02 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_10_23_14_44_061.jpg)

I mean yeah of course, getting a face tattoo because a woman's clowned you is the rational thing to do, naturally any sane person would take this direction. Truly and totally goiter boi is a beacon of logic and intelligence, and not fragile masculinity and mental retardation.

No. 1498426

Bless you nonnies for making me laugh so hard

No. 1498436

File: 1649660584938.webm (10.41 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20220410-2319…)

I couldn't not to share how insufferable she is here

No. 1498449

File: 1649662427718.jpg (218.02 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20220411-003159_Ins…)

No. 1498457

In all the vids skid posted that dude seemed to be ignoring her it was super awkward

No. 1498458

File: 1649663083389.jpg (17.23 KB, 390x280, closeup-portrait-male-mime-art…)

Its so creepy how she films people without them noticing, it just makes her look like she's not supposed to be there or she invited herself.

She looks like a damn Mime with her bowl and eyebrows.

No. 1498459

What the fuck is that hair?? She really tries so hard to make herself ugly.

No. 1498460

He didn't even bother to like any of her recent thirst traps either. Syd, you look dumb. Stop posting your weird imaginary cOnNeCsHuNz with people who don't give two fucks about your and your weird catfish chromosomes

No. 1498544

Also didn’t repost any of her weird ass pics/videos of him not even paying attention to her. Yeah if he was interested I’m sure she ruined that by acting like an obsessive fan girl trying to turn nothing into something. I still can’t even believe she’s geeking out over a dude that ugly but then again she will take literally any dude in a band she can get.

No. 1498596

File: 1649679762323.jpeg (258.63 KB, 1125x1677, BAA582B9-1E2E-47D7-AE4D-5AEB17…)

This has got to be about Taylor right?

No. 1498640

Deadbeat mom.

No. 1498664

That's absolutely hysterical.

She's lives to watch herself. Constantly staring at herself, talking about how she's the prettiest mom, better looking than other people. She can't even separate herself from reading negative things about herself on here.

No. 1498701

Yeah she is definitely on the Taylor thread too

No. 1498720

File: 1649693553981.jpeg (253.71 KB, 1284x2114, 2162B828-7D21-4859-AF4E-323B97…)

begging for money a couple days ago but now buying $20 vapes & going to a concert? hmmm mother of the year

No. 1498721

File: 1649693650637.jpeg (332.27 KB, 1283x2110, 878B313E-EF73-4834-AF77-62CAB4…)

fixed it for her

No. 1498730

At least she knows it’s stupid. It’s probably another jonny situation where she won’t leave this guy alone when he’s not even interested in hopes he gets annoyed enough to give in and hang out to shut her up.

No. 1498750

hopefully he just stays miles away from that coconut head lookin ass creep before she goes on her merch mama shit again

No. 1498764

Syd nobody here is "obsessed" with you. We're all thoroughly entertained. Please be aware that you are an absolute trainwreck and we love to see it

No. 1498780

She was playing up her best life bullshit last night while Jonny was GoInG tHrOuGh It on purpose. She's also clearly trying to fuck her way into the music industry again.

Jonny's new music that he's pouring his effort into to keep a tenuous grip on his sobriety is boring and he's not going to be able to keep it together if he can't find another dumb girl to manipulate. If Syd was all he could pull last time, his options are bleak. (thank goodness)

No. 1498802

File: 1649700081322.png (543.3 KB, 1284x2778, BAA3586F-499F-4698-9C1D-B3603F…)

No. 1498804

Is this in regards to the ugly gentleman Skid was mooning over in her posts?

No. 1498947

Has he been posted? I haven't seen his mug yet.

No. 1498967

File: 1649712705424.jpg (501.96 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_11_14_30_46_186.jpg)

The constricted cock fingers (of a totally sober man) and his chins absolutely sent me into orbit

No. 1498970

File: 1649712806410.jpg (449.92 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_11_14_30_23_184.jpg)

Tag yourself I'm the women's sunglasses he's wearing

No. 1498972

File: 1649712943921.jpg (466.25 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_11_14_30_00_984.jpg)

The side profile is my fav
Been dying looking at it for a good few minutes now

No. 1499004

I'm the jawline tattoo that migrated up to the middle of his cheek

No. 1499048

Kek what a manlet.

The fuck did he etch into his face? Should have put that money into Kybella for that goiter.

No. 1499051

I’m of the personal opinion that getting face tattoos to be edgy and trendy is stupid af anyways, but my god is he the absolute poster boy of why NOT to get one, especially somewhere that is done on a (once) facially defining area, when young (and early on in a drug habit that’s keeping one trim for the moment). Every time I see it and am reminded of where his jawline used to be it gives me the heartiest internal chuckle. This pic should be shown to every kid coming into a tattoo parlour wanting one, hilariously tragic kek

No. 1499076

I'm the little chin under the bigger chin that looks like a set of fuzzy pussy lips

No. 1499112

File: 1649723309520.png (2.45 MB, 1125x2436, 26309A63-DDED-4936-AE95-DB6ADA…)

Not surprised one bit she went from “stupid” happy to “my heart hurts” in less than 24 hours. She really scared that dude away last night huh.

No. 1499122

File: 1649723909391.png (370.49 KB, 828x1792, 75759732-0A02-4A9A-8F7C-140A52…)

The absolute second hand embarrassment I felt over this post. I would RUN if I was the girl he’s talking about.

No. 1499138

Ugh he’s so gross and ugly. And his loser posse of 30+ yr old dudes dressing like their 13 is so gross. No one wants u touching them bbp

No. 1499143

I doubt he’s even talking about a specific girl here.

No. 1499144

agree, I think this is like a text thirst trap hoping for some girl to be like "uwu spank me daddy" but he's only going to get more Syds

No. 1499148

he and Syd have the WORST noses. like a droopy squidward dicknose. Jonny's side profile is tragic. where is his jawline? his red face tat looks like a horrific skin condition.

I feel so sorry for their choild. shit parents AND shit DNA

No. 1499201

File: 1649733688825.jpg (88.41 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20220412-131948_Ins…)

So dramatic kek no one wants you phsycho.

No. 1499202

File: 1649733781360.jpg (13.61 KB, 398x313, Screenshot_20220411-201656_Pho…)

Bless you nonnie I laughed so hard my face actually hurts, didn't even notice that little fold before. Can't unsee it. Makes the picture 10x better for me.

No. 1499205

File: 1649733897618.jpg (346 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_11_20_24_49_947.jpg)

Could be wrong but I feel like he's calling her crazy here

No. 1499215

So I'm thinking it's either over band dick #2 didn't want her either, or she saw all of the evidence of a Taylor/Jonny reunion kek he ran back to follow Tay as soon as Skid was out of the way

No. 1499222

File: 1649735884845.jpg (136.19 KB, 750x1334, Idk sparkles? stars? .jpg)

These are the impulsive tattoos he got (1/3)

No. 1499223

I’m more inclined to think it’s the new guy since she was obsessing so much. He probably stopped talking to her after her weird ass story posts secretly recording him.

No. 1499226

File: 1649736286152.jpg (160.95 KB, 750x1334, ufm.jpg)

This seems to be a reference to ‘You Fail Me’ an album by American metalcore band Converge and he seemed excited they featured it in their stories

No. 1499231

File: 1649736524133.jpg (155.16 KB, 750x1334, 604.jpg)

I forgot he’s (partly?) Canadian

No. 1499237

He likely saw this >>1497260, and she was probably all up in his shit constantly. And last night weirded him out. Idk he’s ugly as shit you’d think he would hit it and run cause even Syd is too pretty for that moid.
I’ll bet someone warned him too.
Why would she be all hysterical and crying for hours over a dude who she didn’t even have a relationship with tho. Idk what else she would be so upset over. You think she really would care that much if BBP went back to Taylor? It’s not even confirmed but they’re likely talking.

No. 1499241

File: 1649736976969.webm (589.64 KB, 480x854, the little chin under the bigg…)

Let’s preserve this in motion

No. 1499242

Who’s the moid?

No. 1499257

Tinfoiling here but I also think it is likely to do with the Tater/Goiter milk. That is exactly something that would cause Skid to spiral into her bpd/autism/adhd public meltdown. She lurks this thread enough to see the story nonnie’s posted along with him following Tater again

No. 1499261

File: 1649738653511.jpeg (151.41 KB, 1170x943, 997936BE-C8CE-4C9F-A9C0-274989…)

The singer if this band. She was posting stories with him not giving two shits about her being there lol. I circled his name if you wanna look it up. I didn’t post pics of him because I don’t know if I’m allowed to post pics of some rando who isn’t the cow

No. 1499301

Tell me Syd, how do you care for a toddler while sitting on your flat ass for nearly 5 hours crying?
Imagine doing that in your friend's house with kids around, she's such a melodramatic pussy who once again, told on herself about having storm. I hope she never breeds again.

No. 1499305

Can someone tell me what the deal is with Sydney? I was told she is psychotic but I don’t know how to navigate whatever this site is.

No. 1499306

Read the threads newfag

No. 1499317

Literally start by reading at the top.

No. 1499325

my fucking sides lol

No. 1499332

don’t we love how sydney narcs she is keeping tabs on jonny by using the exact same format >>1499122
to word vomit on his stories

lol she deleted the story bragging about being happy and giddy so it’s obvious that sad shit is because of her new band boy victim

is this sydney’s new band boy victim?

No. 1499334

File: 1649745246759.jpg (215.89 KB, 1400x1050, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

No. 1499395

Kek I feel like someone cow-tipped the dude she was excited about and that’s why she was crying.

No. 1499406

What a sad day to have eyes.

No. 1499446

Idk it’s not the first time it’s been posted that jonny follows Taylor or likes her pics and she’s never reacted like this before.

No. 1499447

I don't know how syd finds the time to cry her heart out for 5 hours with a small choild. I have my own 3 year old and i do not get a minute of peace. She must be a super mum. Istg.

Stop lying to yourself and everyone syd. You don't have him, you haven't for a long time stop living in this bubble of lies. You're a fool.

No. 1499525

Yeah but this time jonny posted a throwback picture of him and Taylor.

No. 1499529

syd has never once had a million, let alone 3 things to do in a day.
God what an obnoxious crybaby bitch. You're an adult, fucking act like one.

>>1499201 if someone hasn't died, and you're doing this you should be heavily medicated. Oh right, you can't afford it and have to beg, but can afford going to shows, trashy ass eyelashes and hair dye. Mentally 14, financially 7, and emotionally -800.

No. 1499552

Absolutely no single mother of a toddler has time to cry like a little bitch on the floor, for nearly 5 hours, all while posting online for attention. Syd failed at getting some new band dick as much as she fails as a mother and human being kek.

No. 1499568

Am I the only one that noticed Jonny’s new face blasts are the same as syds finger scratchings in

No. 1499572

What a terrible day to be literate

No. 1499613

I'm not a fan of Taylor but this is creepy shit. If they're not in contact I'd honestly feel really badly that he'd do something like that.

No. 1499623

File: 1649779609014.jpg (1 MB, 3072x1536, Clichéd .JPG)

Aren’t sparkle tattoos somewhat popular? They seem to be the new nautical star

No. 1499624

I noticed, but doubt it holds any significance. It’s a super generic design that I see everywhere.

No. 1499626

Still a good observation

No. 1499656

Looking like a whole-ass desk in detention

No. 1499834

Did you reply to the wrong post nonnie or did you just misunderstand? I’m not sure what Taylor has to do with it. No disrespect, just wanted to point it out

No. 1499840

Genuinely loving that both of them are failing so hard at the rebound. Sucks to be notoriously toxic and unpleasant

No. 1499914

File: 1649804936184.jpg (158.21 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20220412-155622_Pho…)

I think daddy is getting desperate for some quick cash lmao

No. 1499917

File: 1649804999446.jpg (126.92 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20220412-155628_Pho…)

Syd so philosophical

No. 1499920

And the point is we are talking extremely truthful shit about a really shitty human. Its not hard to understand syd kek

No. 1499921

Syd so hypocritical

No. 1499930

what if one of us pays for a cameo of him saying “i’m a deadbeat dad who abuses women” obviously he wouldn’t do it but still lol

No. 1499934

I'm sorry but he looks like a downs kid caught mid hand flap during a photo, wtf is this outfit?

No. 1499938

lmao $75 is a bit much for a cameo for someone this washed up

No. 1499939

Can you sage your dumb shit.

No. 1499952

$75???? he’d be better off trying to make a career with Skid on OF for that price

No. 1499955

No. 1499957

File: 1649808819887.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, 8E6F7E05-02C5-4A42-8374-3D0DA1…)

No. 1499961

Holy shit talk about a stage 5 clinger.

No. 1499967


This is why he ran syd. You’re batshit fucking crazy.

No. 1499974

File: 1649810194881.jpeg (545.55 KB, 1284x2202, 54E9EF78-7AB7-473F-A091-2DF798…)

No. 1499982

Wow that is the weirdest angle I've ever seen. If it wasn't for her unbleached asshole spilling out of her underwear I wouldn't have been able to tell if that was her foot or her ass
Also nice natural edit and dopey mid blink facial expression. Stay classy, syd

No. 1499994


I wanna know the rational behind this. When other girls do it they’re sluts, but when syd does it she’s what? The mental gymnastics she has to play.

No. 1499996

It amazes me the lack of shame and embarassment this girl has. A grown woman posting something like this on social media is really something to behold. Whoever that guy is, should enter witness protection.

No. 1500019

Too busy taking thirst traps for her new band boy crush to even think about her kid

No. 1500020

Literally, I can not with this dumb cunt she's so vile. Imagine shaming other women for sex work / ethotting so hard and so fucking often with so much malice only to turn around and do exactly the same thing. And why? To get back at jonny? Its certainly not to support her child like some of these women are doing, just saying at least theyre being good moms and putting bread on the table in that way. You are the most histrionic and misogynistic cow I've followed to date. Storms growing up without you and you can't even play it off anymore like you're doing okay in life. These pics of ur asshole out on sm and the bpd whining over a new dick isn't convincing anyone youre doing okay and have storm. Grow up already, seek help. Your son literally will be an adult who hates you before you know it skidney.

No. 1500021

Begging a guy to text you back to your 13k followers is just about as desperate as it gets. The best part is this dude was probably planning on texting her back but after seeing this shit he’s laughing about the psycho bullet he just dodged.
What is this pose? Looks like she’s setting up to drop a deuce.

No. 1500022

Of course Jonny hangs out with weirdos. I’m from Seattle the guy on the right SA’d me at his house(I knew him for a long time and hung out with him before the incident) so I had no issues with being alone with him. He lied about being drunk, and SA’d me while we were asleep, I woke up to this and left and the next day he said he was just drunk. Jfc. Real winners Jonny! Birds of a feather. Jonny blocked me so I didn’t see this on his story. I can’t remember what I said for him to block me but it was probably something witty lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1500024

3 variations of alogging about skid is pretty fucking funny ngl

No. 1500025

File: 1649812027912.png (6.33 MB, 1284x2778, 0D65263D-8C2F-49BF-8087-103C2B…)

is her only personality being an aquarius and bipolar

No. 1500026

Yesss. Yes, Syd show him exactly why it was in his best interest to run away from you’re mentally deranged ass.

Vague posting on your stories is definitely the 100% sane and mature thing to do to win him over. What a retard.

Run Tyler. Run as far as you can before this bitch is harassing EVERY girl that blinks at you, calling them whores and groupies from side stage while posting myspace worthy half-naked pictures of herself to get the attention of other more popular band dudes like her fabled favorite bert mccracken. her favorite person should be her kid, and while she claims this to be true, the fact that she continuously lies about having lost custody of him in the first place is a huge tell that he ain’t. Sad.

No. 1500036

we knew jonny didn’t give a shit from the get go but sydney was crying less than a month ago about losing the love of her life and now her heart was crushed by another guy? puh-lease. bitch does not have a heart to begin with.

No. 1500077

Nonnie what person on what left are you referring to? You didn’t post a picture and you didn’t reply to anything? Who SA’d you? Also if your new, type Sage in the email field before posting so you don’t get a ban

No. 1500080

Oh I’m sure she made it so that he couldn’t see this story. Maybe someone cowtipped and sent in a link to this thread

No. 1500083

Hi AnonoeyTyler! Simply read all the green text starting at the top of this thread for the quick rundown, the blue numbers following each statement of Syd’s wonderful behaviours are links to the actual posts and screenshots as they happened. Do please message again to let us know what you did to cause her to be “crying on the floor for five hours”. Kek

Ok spoonfeed over, I simply cannot laugh hard enough at the absolute 180 she’s pulled over the last few stories, from her cRyPtiC “tomorrow” post, to her squealing at the camera after the gig, to the ultimate swivel of sadposting about crying on the floor “just trying to love” and public lamentations of Mystery Man going from 100-0 that should have just been a fucking DM, then cherry topping it all off with yet another hypocritical vanity thot trap pic of her desperately trying to show ‘em what they’re missing. You just can’t make her shit up, it’s gold. To paraphrase your own tragiconic yelling Syd, “THAT’S ENOUGH! YOU HAVE A CHIOLD!” Jfc

No. 1500112


Biggest hypocrite on the planet, ladies and gentleman!

I can’t believe she posted this shit. She looks drugged out and trashy. It’s not hot, cute, sexy, or ANYTHING she was going for.

Syd sweetie, I know you’re reading this bc your insecure ass lives on this thread, we all know and you couldn’t make it anymore obvious. Listen to me, you are not model material. You will never be model material. No amount of makeup, eyelashes, clown eyebrows, filters, angels, will EVER help you look more appealing. First of all your body is not hot like you make it out to be. With your pepperoni aerola no nipple havin ass. And those pitiful mosquito bites that you have to shop at justice for in the training bra section. Girl don’t get me started on your square ass figure. No muscle tone, no abs, no waist, no curves. With the most average/normal butt that you claim is so amazing just because it looks good from certain angels.

So when other women show off their body they are whores half naked on the internet huh? Home wreckers and groupies and sluts that need to die. But when you do this is perfectly acceptable, because you’re just the hOtTeSt MoM iN tHe WoRlD, so that makes it okay.

Imagine becoming a single mother after getting dumped by the worst piece of shit on the planet, Jonny Craig, then making an only fans right after the biggest loser in the music scene dumps YOU. How lower can she sink? How much more pathetic can her life get?

No. 1500113


It's honestly sad that she doesn't recognize that he just wanted to smash and dipped when she turned out to be too clingy and desperate to make it worth it

No. 1500124


Came here to say this. You’d think she’d be used to musicians doing what musicians do with how hard she dick rides

No. 1500142

These are the most generic basic ass memes ever. Like no Syd, you’re not the only one going thru the things in the meme you post bc ur an ~Aquarius~

You’re a boring, self asorbed narcissistic cunt who cannot stop talking about herself on her stories. And she wants us to believe she has her kid? With how active she is on social media?! Yeah none of us are buying it.

No. 1500145

At this point the new thread pic should be all of syds thirst trap photos with all the times she slut shamed other females.

No. 1500147

Oh my godddddd lmao! Imagine trying to find a pose and angle where your body looks barely decent enough to post for hours…and this is all you can come up with. Stumpy bitch. Can’t relate,

No. 1500181

Anybody see the story where he's flexing a ton of scratchers and lotto tickets? Talk about desperate.. daddy's running out of cash to support his OF addiction cuz that's the only way girls will talk to him kek

No. 1500182

You right. She was /really/ crying on the floor for hours because she pulled a muscle trying to make her ass look phat for that thirst trap. Almost more pathetic than pining over some bandbro. Lmao

No. 1500195

File: 1649831266994.jpeg (706.98 KB, 1105x952, BCBB1E46-8894-4831-8CBC-2F2E69…)

what the fuck did she do to her ass? why is it so long wut?

No. 1500197

def edited

No. 1500203

Kek I guess this anon >>1496418, was right.

You’re only a whore and a slut if you’re attractive and/or have lip filler, which is why it’s totally ok for Skidmark to sell photos of her butthole.

No. 1500246

And her tattoos are lame as fuck. Try harder Sydney!

No. 1500307

I am hoping she is talking about goiter boy here and not another new dude she tried to entrap lol

No. 1500317

not that sid isn't a fucking idiot, but that looks like a piece of fabric in front of her butt, not editing.

No. 1500323

She is definitely talking about another guy here.

No. 1500336

She's really trying hard to get Jonny's attention i feel like.

No. 1500360

Bruh no… that is absolutely an irregularly elongated buttcheek, what are you talking about

No. 1500363

Think they were referring to the areas with the red arrows.. the unnatural wave of the blanket behind her suggests she used the liquify tool or whatever to reshape her ass.

No. 1500366


Just pointing this out because I’ve seen it said multiple times in this thread and it is a common misconception, BPD is not Bipolar Disorder. BPD = Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline is significantly more batshit and skid is textbook lol

No. 1500409

She is 100% textbook BPD and thanks anon for correcting the constant misuse of BPD.

No. 1500421

This broad seems just as milky as Syd, anyone managed to follow before she privated?

No. 1500429

Why do you think she’s milky? We only posted her bc we thought Jonny was seeing her but they’ve unfollowed each other so she’s irrelevant.

No. 1500440

For the next thread pic someone please make a compilation of this with a bunch of her comments slut-shaming others women and calling them whores, while clearly being one herself. The hypocrisy is absolutely embarrassing kek

No. 1500455

She's been private since the beginning and I agree with >>1500429, she's irrelevant now.

No. 1500569

File: 1649876507700.png (285.73 KB, 828x1792, 7104E340-8F72-477D-B10B-E65C54…)

No. 1500576

Why do I feel like that was syd trying to draw attention to the other chick lol

No. 1500578

Why is he blackfishing with the black emojis tho????

No. 1500586

Lmao wtf does this even mean? Who ever said it was okay (or not okay) to wish someone catches covid??? Literally no one talks like this lmao

No. 1500591

Kek kek kek why did she edit her cheek like that?? With a striped sheet below that gives away the distortion, no less.

No wonder she was upset about not getting any usable photos. She posted this knowing it's her best effort and expecting it to launch her softcore porn career and then got fewer likes on it than she got on a random candid.

No. 1500601

File: 1649879081007.jpg (113.2 KB, 750x1334, 278296649_682385156402150_7506…)

Jonny's story

So convenient that everything that he did just never happened because junkie scumbags get to wave their hand and say they're not the same person anymore while the rest of us have to live with the consequences of our actions and be accountable for our mistakes.

It doesn't work like that. He can pretend his small circle is his choice but everyone saw how emo night reacted to him. He's an outcast and he can't shout about how good he is loudly enough to change that.

No. 1500603

File: 1649879336170.jpg (59.73 KB, 1170x2080, 278335319_391980509602450_3506…)

Over the phone*
Because I don't hear it often*
Because I'm a deadbeat parent and a liar*

Fixed it for her

No. 1500651

Accountability? What is that? Kek

No. 1500663

I thought the same thing, that post radiates bitter jealousy.
>as milky as syd
Only skid would think Ava playing a video game with goiter like 3 years ago is on the same level as her insane antics. I bet she just wants one of us to request to follow so she can see her profile and get skin walking material.

No. 1500718

Hey, she never said he says those things to her lol

No. 1500719

Alright Ava calm down.(hi cow)

No. 1500737

File: 1649890383399.jpeg (532.29 KB, 1242x1464, C50F06F4-513F-47C7-ABBC-1B9474…)

She already made it you guys.

No. 1500740

Omfg my sides. Big butt with a banner pic that clearly shows it’s flat af. Also tattooed, but some of the shittiest work you’ll ever see.

No. 1500741

Imagine turning 29 then starting an only fans account KEK

No. 1500744

Big butt (Not pictured)

No. 1500750

Nitpick but god I hate that she clings to this stupid ass username for everything. You’d think she would want to choose a handle/name that sounds attractive if she’s going to try to do OF but guess not.

No. 1500754

File: 1649891566807.jpeg (184.93 KB, 828x1229, 2A378D45-CBF1-4026-8596-E3463E…)

Did she already delete it? Only thing that comes up when I searched is a unrelated girl’s profile, bbp’s twitter (KEK) and this thread.

No. 1500783

Big butt. Hahaha I can't

No. 1500785

Meanwhile goiter boi is begging people to hang out with him at a smoke shop while his friend works kek his stories are so damn cringe

No. 1500796

How did you find out? And since you seem to have insider information, do you think she’s already deleted it? As >>1500754 mentioned

No. 1500805

File: 1649893105095.jpg (157.03 KB, 750x1334, the little chin under the bigg…)

Someone is lurking, huh?
Nona >>1499076 this is such a good picture of you

No. 1500812

File: 1649893254576.webm (2.15 MB, 480x854, patético .webm)

Image. Board

No. 1500813

If you go to OF.com/minnieskins it comes up

No. 1500825


She doesn’t have the balls to post the type of content that would rake in decent money. She also can’t even fake a likeable personality. I can’t wait to see this shit show.

No. 1500827


I wish Taylor would start an OF just to put skid in her place. We all know Taylor has a much nicer body and could actually make decent money if she committed to it.

No. 1500841

File: 1649894530032.jpeg (414.1 KB, 1125x936, 9885994A-D4DA-4925-AFCF-B35C3C…)

As someone who draws people for a living, this shit ain’t normal, especially when compared to the photos she has on her Instagram. You can push and pull your edges in Facetune all you want, but stomaches ain’t that straight and your thighs don’t start skinny and get bigger.

She edits every photo she takes of herself and I don’t think her grasp of real human form is good enough to understand that it’s obvious to everyone when she edits.

No. 1500847

Just a reminder it’s illegal to screenshot and post someone’s only fans content if she ever has the balls to post anything.(sage)

No. 1500853

WHY is JC at the smoke shop I frequent!! I’m not gonna cow tip however if I go in for a new cart like I was planning too, I’ll let you nonnies know how the interaction with weirdo goes. I wonder if he is getting paid or just there to see who will recognize him for an ego boost.

No. 1500866

Just a reminder that I’m shoving you inside a locker

No. 1500880


No. 1500883

I wouldn’t pay for that I don’t think anyone here would

No. 1500884

LOL close this thread, put down the meth pipe and upload the zen habitat video you said would be up 6 months ago Tayter.
If this is true they do a shit job at policing it. Between here and the other farms I see OF content uploaded all the time and nobody seems to be getting in trouble for it.

No. 1500895

It's only illegal if it's privately sent/paid for. If she posts something on her page's timeline it's public domain.

No. 1500904

Also, if you pay for a private set, she'll know who you are and block your OF account/report it. I hope none of y'all are stupid enough to do that but, with some of the autistic shit y'all post I don't know sometimes.

No. 1500908

Bbp is hanging out there while his friend works (at the smoke shop) cuz he has an actual 9-5 I guess the friend couldn't find a sitter and had to bring him to work

No. 1500920

who gives a fuck?

kek we called it. best of luck with your new career, Syd! can't wait for Storm to google you later

No. 1500924

I'd bet money that it stays as blank as her aRt AcCoUnt.

Lmao, hey Jonny I heard Target is hiring

No. 1500939

"Little frame" kek this bitch has the most beefy, stocky, rectangle fridge body for a short girl.

No. 1500952

The way she pinched her hips and the crease of her leg to keep herself from looking fat but still left her Hank Hill cheeks intact is sending me. There's also no light behind her eyes, just cunty attitude like she's already mad because she wasn't getting good shots.

This is what she was putting all of that energy into, kek.

No. 1500957

People have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't inject a lethal dose of fent because he's a fragile manlet. I would be sad if even c-tier OF girls ignored my DMs too, little guy.

No. 1500964

File: 1649900968266.jpeg (473.21 KB, 2048x2048, CAA682F3-B91E-4D58-AFD6-BA2E5F…)

Not really milk since nothing was really said but I noticed our BBP commenting on another one of his exes pics. Not sure what their relationship is like now but it seems like he’s trying to make it known to his exes that he’s available, except for Syd apparently

No. 1500971

Wowwwwww dude's REAL desperate huh?! lmfao good catch nonnie

I wish he would but he's an attention junkie can count the times he's "almost died" and yet here he still is

No. 1500977

I found out by typing her IG username into an OF weblink. Kek, that's wild. I don't have "insider information." No, she hasn't deleted it.

It's brand new. Google hasn't crawled it yet.

No. 1500984

Which ex is this?

No. 1500996

Lindsey. I think she was the shortest of his past relationships. Must be why she doesn’t hate him like the others. Didn’t stay long enough to endure the shit the others did.

No. 1501002

yeah, i don’t think we give a fuck. syd only knows how to get taken to court, not the other way around.

No. 1501004

Look at the beefy fucking jaw. She face tuned her body so bad and forgot her fat head. She look like an olive on a toothpick. It don’t make sense.

No. 1501015

This looks shopped, she edited her flat ass-cheek to make it look curvy. What an absolutely pathetic loser hahahaha. Can’t even take a decent thirst trap that actually looks sexy without photoshopping/editing, yet she calls herself the hottest mom in the world?

Another thread pic idea: the screenshot from Syd calling her the hottest mom in the world posted over some ugly/dumpy photos of her lol

No. 1501023

Skidney has the ugliest, trashiest tattoos I’ve ever seen. Half of them are signatures from various band guys that she shares a magical bond with just because every time they’re in town she buys a general admission ticket to see them. Lol but they’re totally besties! They’re gonna put her on some tracks after hearing her cover their songs. They’re so close yet she can’t get guest listed and stands in line with 100 other fans just to get a quick photo with them and brag about how close they are. Lol she’s so quick to call other females groupies because that is the epitome of what she is. I don’t understand how from her super-fan tattoos Jonny didn’t realize she was just another clout chasing groupie. Maybe he did but judging from the timeline of when they got together and Storm was born (July 8th, which means she got pregnant in October. The first time they hung out in person was September. She really did trap his ass. I guarantee if it weren’t for Storm, he would have dumped her before 2020. I also strongly believe he would have gotten back with Taylor because Taylor would have never posted that video bashing him. Her deleting it is definitely sus. There’s no doubt in my mind they’re in contact, I bet she probably still loves him she’s just not prepared for all the backlash she would get for going back to him, all the fans and subscribers she would lose, since she’s basically made being a survivor of narcissistic abuse her entire identity, with how often she speaks out about it on twitter. They probably won’t reunite, she would look like the biggest hypocrite on the planet (2nd biggest now that Syd beat her in making an OF), and her career that she is still desperately trying to save would be irreparable.

No. 1501046

File: 1649907015922.jpeg (14.54 KB, 680x253, 26AF98DA-394D-4D94-98F3-6AF2C7…)

No. 1501047

Nonnie you killed me haha. I read the first few lines and thought it sounded like a Taylor meth sperg, no thanks

No. 1501081

File: 1649910112952.jpg (57.51 KB, 750x1334, too old for this bullshit .jpg)

He’s really salty, huh?

No. 1501083

Is he that sad that Taylor didn’t follow him back? Or is it Ava? Can’t even tell anymore.

No. 1501094

Let’s hope it’s Ava, Taylor and fuck it, even Sydney

No. 1501099

File: 1649911511448.jpeg (39.09 KB, 636x611, 8ECA2F20-1D8F-4DAD-9EEA-09E00E…)

>big butt

No. 1501115

OLIVE ON A TOOTHPICK this made me laugh out loud, great job nonnie

No. 1501161

No but really this was my exact reaction I couldn't contain myself at all

No. 1501177

He’s really hurting over this Ava chick huh. Good job nonnie.

No. 1501184

is ava a nonnie?

No. 1501188

No it’s not…? Are you legally blind, or TND level high? Which one is it? There is not even a line on her asscheck in the photo to make you think there would be something on it, plus why would Syd have a piece of fabric on her ass for a photo?

Dumbest anon on the thread goes to you

No. 1501201

Hank Hill ass, nona. Cheeks. Like 'double cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon' except she's selling propane and propane accessories. But kek.

No. 1501208

Doesn't look like it but she uses the same photo or two for everything, including profiles that go back to 2010. She's either a catfish or cares more about privacy than social media clout. I would love to hear her side of what happened but if she cut Jonny off, she's irrelevant (no matter how much Syd wants to sic this thread on her)

No. 1501220

Y’all I’m pretty positive Ava is a catfish. Ever since another anon said that here, I’ve been trying to figure it out. She has changed her pfp 3 times in the last week, and I know this bc I requested to follow her on my main and a finsta and she won’t accept? and NONE of the pictures looked the same. Ugh I should have saved them all so you guys could speculate with me. But think about it. I bet her and Jonny never even video chat, maybe he wanted to before Ramadan and she made up a typical catfish excuse and he got mad. Maybe that’s why he’s mad. Doesn’t make sense for him to be mad at her just because she can’t talk during this month, I figured he would like that she is foreign because low IQ individuals like him think being foreign is a quirky trait. So he’d probably respect her religion. She barely has any followers/or people she’s following. So it seems a lil sus. Very easy to get 300 followers on a fake account.

I’m almost positive she’s posting on these threads. Especially since she changed her handle when hers got posted

But ya maybe Jonny is starting to figure out he got catfished so he’s butthurt that he got played

Lol no insta thots want him, no one on Tinder wants him and publicly tweeted how much of a joke he is, his ex Tay Tay won’t take him back, all of his exes have new partners now, gaming girls that he plays with don’t even want him.

He’s having a really hard time moving on, and I bet it’s killing him because of his massive ego and he’s not used to rejection. Seems the only person in the world who wants him is Syd. I have a strange feeling he’s going to get back with her, or at least hook up with her and use her for sex since literally no girl wants to fuck him so he’s not getting any pussy anywhere else. Syd would give it up to him just as easily as she did when she cheated on him, because she doesn’t respect herself, is so desperate, and would probably hope that them fucking means he would take her back.

No. 1501307

File: 1649929537087.jpeg (182.48 KB, 750x863, ADCE78C7-6706-4241-B1EA-C4ED49…)

New IG posted probably gonna get deleted once he realizes how whiny it is and how much of a bitch he looks like. I wonder who it’s directed towards?

No. 1501309

File: 1649929808948.jpeg (172.57 KB, 750x454, AE08590B-B5E9-4230-BC23-1E0815…)

What happened on 10-18 of last year? I don’t remember anything significant, I thought he was still touring. What does FBF mean? Don’t tell me this dumbass still thinks it’s 2021 and this is an announcement date for something

No. 1501313

Maybe it’s his sober date

No. 1501328

His “findmeontheotherside” screams suicide baiting. But we know he would never do it, he loves himself too much.

No. 1501364

Honestly I think it’s just some line he finds really “deep” or cool.

No. 1501427

File: 1649945662052.png (679.25 KB, 992x603, Screenshot 2022-04-14 15.13.24…)

sage for old milk but kek this is so middle school. hehe plz take a pic of me flashing my bum in public. cringe

No. 1501474

lol imagine if it was syd pretending to be Ava

No. 1501477

GOD that caption is so pathetic. Say it like it is, Syd. "I'm justifying my significant other being sleazy and gross and disrespectful towards our relationship and making excuses for it by saying 'It's okay, because he takes my flabby ass shots for me'." Ugh, I wanna vom.

No. 1501513

File: 1649951821906.jpeg (487.23 KB, 1023x4095, 9C356CDE-D119-4234-A241-E8C67D…)

I took one for the team so we could get some answers. It was bothering me. She stopped replying to me. I didn't feel it was major cow tip since they're done.

No. 1501528

Ew he sounds just as clingy as Syd. Goiter is so mad Kek what a loser. His ego is so hurt based on all the hilarious face tuning photos he’s been posting.

No. 1501533

Soooooo does she not know anything he has done?? Idk how popular Jonny is in other countries, so idk what people know or not in other places, but a google search would help if you know he is in music. If she did know about him I just…wanna know what goes through these girls minds to see his tweets and behaviors and be like "yep, that's the one."

No. 1501547

Ngl she is smart as hell for dodging bbp and I'm glad for her that she didn't send the pic lmao. Honestly she's not involved anymore and we got our answers, should probably leave her alone now

No. 1501551

Some people are surprisingly ignorant (not in an offensive way) and don’t even know what image boards are let alone googling someone specifically for dirt. Tbh she probs thought he was just some dweeby elder emo and harmless at first

No. 1501564

>i know you're from that one site online, jonny told me about it.
Goiter lurking confirmed.

No. 1501574

Why tf would she answer to this dry ass interrogation held by a stranger online? I'll take the hi cow for this one but seems like Ava or her friend posting this. The convo is just so fucking weird sounding
No one cares about you, live your life free from BBP and lolcow, goodbye

No. 1501577

Exactly. We were over it before someone else kept bringing it up again in the thread over and over. Time to move on the milk is dry and ava is boring, I'm pretty sure we could let it die now.

No. 1501581

Pretty sure nonnie >>1501220 hit the nail on the head. Ava is a self posting catfish trying to cover her tracks since BBP isn't smart enough to realize anything kek Probably thought she could gaslight him into believing shes real and now he'll come visit for his evening dose of milk and his suspicions will be confirmed lol Watch it be Skid

No. 1501594

There was more of our exchange I didn't post. But I am not her nor do I know her. The paranoia in here is so strong. kek She's just a dry and boring girl and I wanted it to stop coming up with the tinfoil that was retarded. It's not milky. Time to move on.

No. 1501614

Oh yeah, she's worried about being stalked by farmers yet was super down to have this fake sounding interview with a stranger from lolcow knowing it'd be shared here. So believable that you aren't involved. We aren't paranoid, we just aren't fucking stupid lmao
Seriously. Just be quiet and exit the site if it bothers you. If there's no milk, it's done with. You're keeping her name here with this.

No. 1501622

I don't believe this interview is real either, it reads as very pre-planned as though both accounts were created by Ava.

Why do you want to be talked about so bad, Ava?

No. 1501627

Literally asked her to talk so it could be done with already. You are the one still talking about her. kek I don't have to exit the site. I'm here for BBP and Skid milk, not this other dry ridiculous bs. Calm your floppy tits.

No. 1501642

>>1501627 yeah we're definitely going to take the word of someone who can't sage their shit.

No. 1501647

Thanks for your work anon. The name on tits thing is so fucking gross and very on brand of goiter boy. He is probably going to post it to piss syd off.

No. 1501648

Like you've never forgotten once ever to sage your shit. Almost tired of giving this site any screenshots and milky contributions at this point.

No. 1501652

Yeah the conversation is weird and seems fake. The anon that posted and took credit for it doesn’t even know how to sage so they’re brand new to the site. Other anons have admitted they’ve tried to reach out to her and she ignored them so it’s weird that she responded specifically to one anon. The whole thing is really suspicious imo.

No. 1501657

Someone in the last thread said they saw one of her pfp’s shared around Pinterest which is interesting since she’s so private

No. 1501662

File: 1649964306420.jpg (81.94 KB, 1080x1080, img_1_1649964261929.jpg)

I'm not up to date on DGD , was he in the band when Jonny was?

No. 1501676

The post itself was saged, as is everything else I have ever posted besides two responses. Big deal honestly.
No one ever admitted to reaching out to her in any of these threads. Hence why I did it. Jesus, let it go already. You all are keeping her boring ass relevant the more you keep tinfoiling like idiots.

No. 1501699

File: 1649966943194.png (661.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220414-130839.png)

Of course goiter boi manages to make it about himself smh no shame

No. 1501719

Awful liberal use of the word "I" in a post about someone else's death. What a narcissist.

No. 1501760

awesome! please leave and take your dusty ass "milk" with you

No. 1501767

Lol crying cuz no one else wants to work with him and a possible come back is now gone

No. 1501774

Interesting after someone said Ava is probably syd this conversation transpired

No. 1501798

Girl larping a journalist with a cows ex fling isn’t milky it’s embarrassing. If it’s really so tiring for you then stop posting here, nobodies forcing you to and the “milk” you’re posting is just cringe cow tipping.

No. 1501836

The infighting here is ridiculous. Both sides need to move on. If it’s Syd, more sad days for her not moving on and continuing being desperate. Big whoop. If it’s not, good thing Ava avoided bbp. The end. So, Tim died. I wonder if what Jonny said is true >>1501699
If so that’s shitty he supported Jonny enough to message him all the time and collab with him.

No. 1501840

File: 1649982740965.png (525.61 KB, 1242x2208, 279031DD-23CA-45F5-8D34-8822E9…)

No. 1501846

Syd, if you have to ask yourself this it's clearly not for you

No. 1501851

I love how she can't do anything but chase dick

No. 1501868


Can you read a room though, skid? Cuz Jonny wasn’t interested either and look what that got you.

No. 1501885

>>1501840 I could see syd on one of those tv shows about psychos that viciously stalk exes/ random people they are "fond" of.

No. 1501908

People say if you want it go after it and don't give up when they're referring to GOALS. Not people, you ignorant twat. Go work on your self esteem. Let's see these only fan sets kek

No. 1501960

File: 1649996169415.jpg (483.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220414-211512_Pho…)

He stays thinking about taylor kek

No. 1502014

So after talking to Jonny heavily for a month the dude drops dead of likely an overdose, color me shocked

No. 1502042

Maybe “A” could be Ava and Aries too now. Tbh i dont think goiter boy has any chance with tayter anymore given how public the breakup was, I feel like at least tayter tot has more sense than that so the Aries here may not be her.

No. 1502093

File: 1650022372534.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2210, 19E4CFEB-6A1C-4C42-8252-C5DECC…)

who has worse bangs BBP or skid

No. 1502140

His hair is really thin and patchy, he won't have any left soon if he's balding already.

No. 1502166


Looks like he's copying the style of Boris Johnson and Jimmy Savile.

No. 1502177

Kek or a heavily filtered Tiger King impersonator

No. 1502277

File: 1650041239301.jpg (46.35 KB, 1080x1150, img_1_1650039402364.jpg)

No. 1502283

As if we didn't already know this, he's literally made stories referencing lolcow before, so has Syd and just about everyone else who has a thread here lol

No. 1502359

File: 1650046145994.jpeg (54.15 KB, 359x318, 156EEAF8-4B24-47C1-A5D3-DF1654…)

New Ava pfp.

No. 1502360

File: 1650046222906.jpeg (263.36 KB, 1170x2132, 18B5A481-CFE2-4F52-A056-6A7EC7…)

What is he ever talking about?

No. 1502379

File: 1650047237558.jpeg (460.44 KB, 3464x1703, 1A8B1C23-B9E3-437E-A76B-C8C3B1…)

I’m bad with faces so idk, but this is for the anon that said we should compare her pfp pictures because they all looked different.

No. 1502389

Am I the only one that thinks they all look the same and just different make up?

No. 1502391

Idk they look the same to me.

I’m curious tho how her strict religious parents interfered with her relationship? They must not be that strict if she has tattoos and an unnatural hair color. But I know nothing about strict religious parents. Maybe someone can chime in.

No. 1502398

Maybe it's just me but i don't think any of those look like the same person.

No. 1502399

They all look the same to me too.

No. 1502403

All 3 combined don’t really look similar to me but I also consider that girls use different instagram filters that stretch their faces a bit.

No. 1502407

Her family being Muslim makes me think those pictures are not her. Tattoos piercings and hair colour like that could get you kicked out.

No. 1502419

Muslims families are like Christians or Jewish ones, they come in different shapes. My family see no wrong in crazy hair colors but the tattoos are a big NO.

So basically, it's depends.

Also partners are a important subject too.

No. 1502421

According to Google, hair color, make-up, and even tattoos are allowed on Muslims if they meet certain conditions.

No. 1502427

She did say her parents are strict.

No. 1502429

Half the time I dont even think he knows what hes saying to be honest, I'm sure his fried junkie brain makes him act like a broken Sim throughout every day of his mediocre life.

No. 1502437

File: 1650051393655.jpg (243.45 KB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20220415-143617_Fac…)

No. 1502443

>4 mutual friends
Not suspicious at all.

No. 1502446

File: 1650052296920.webm (3.24 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20220415-1229…)

Naturally we don't see storm in this. She blocks every account I watch her stories with, she really thinks she can curb action on this site by blocking accounts lol.
Ma'am I hate to break it to you, but that's not gonna work with me at least. Unfortunately for her I've got a surplus of accounts I stored my pictures on before I bought storage space for that lmao. I just think its hilarious that its what, her 4th time blocking me in particular?
Just wanted to throw it out there blocking me wont work long term even if i run out of accounts i could easily make more, Hope she remembers that this is her doing not ours, and just removing accounts from her page isn't gonna stop the shit show shes created. I am a Milk cockroach skidney and you are the most damp, gross house I've chosen to make my metaphorical home in, thanks for that.(cowtipping)

No. 1502450

Who the fuck cares if she's a catfish or not at this point , its actually getting annoying and clogging up the thread imo. She's either self posting or you guys care way too much about someone jonny isn't even following anymore. Please move on ava is actually so boring and uninteresting it's pointless to keep covering her private, probably fake shit.

No. 1502452

heroin addiction and overdoses are not contagious by way of regular communication kek. he wasn’t even known to be an addict. there have been a lot of deaths and collapses in the sports worlds of otherwise young and healthy people, so maybe it’s related to that.

No. 1502454

Kek I’m over the Ava drama but catfish accounts often make multiples to make them appear more believable. The 4 mutual friends make it so much more obvious she was a catfish. All of her profile photos have zero likes except for ONE which has 1 singular like. Kek goiter boy was catfished hard.

No. 1502455

The 4 mutual friends means she was definitely a nonnie.

No. 1502463

That is fucking WEIRD

No. 1502464

You do realize she could have made most of her pics private right? 2010 doesn't really say catfish to me. Catfish accounts are often new.

No. 1502466

Well that was weird. Pretty sure Anthony Green is wondering why tf she has her kid wishing him a happy birthday. Desperate and embarrassing. He knows she is psychotic.

No. 1502467

Please for the love of God let's drop it lol

No. 1502470

Yup, it looks like a old account that’s been converted to a catfish account so it looks more legit. She posted her first selfie less than a month ago, yet the account itself is 12 years old. I hope goiter boi is crying rn.

No. 1502475

Lol wow anon 4 times is alot. idk about you but I haven’t been block once - I dont engage with her at all, I dont follow or like any of her stories/posts so I think its harder for her to find and block me. Maybe thats what we should all do.

No. 1502492

How is 4 mutual friends suspicious?

No. 1502510

this, maybe this has been close to derailing at times, but i’ve been interested in the sleuthing because it highlights how pathetic and gullible the goiter is. someone taking the time to perfectly edit and filter their pics to this extent is not going to be doing it for a small following with zero engagement. Jonny got played and that’s why he’s seething something fierce right now. i’m here for it tho, i think recent events have brought him to a new low and it’s hilarious. his infantile posturing is on another level right now.

No. 1502515


Yeah you’re weird for this. You can literally watch stories anonymously by typing “anonymous ig story viewer” into google.

No. 1502519

File: 1650057331036.png (661.38 KB, 750x1334, 73D3E34E-EF5C-40A5-A526-C92408…)

Irrelevant nitpick I know but I hate seeing women so skinny you can see their rib cages… not saying she’s not beautiful, it just doesn’t look healthy to me.

No. 1502523

You know y'all can just reverse image search this girl ava if you're really that pressed about it right?
Think smarter not harder.

No. 1502530

Whether or not she’s a catfish, whoever is in Ava’s pictures is absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

No. 1502536

>that ridiculous pose and sucking in for dear life just to look deathly thin
Why do women hate themselves so much.

I think some anons just think it would be super funny to figure out who the catfish is. I agree she’s irrelevant though.

No. 1502540

I love that the thread is talking about some irrelevant girl and not goiter boy humping the air in his story.

No. 1502546

Okay Ava LMAO. Close the thread and quit trying to be relevant. You’re not even relevant enough for Syd to call you out and care about you

No. 1502548

she's clearly trying to look weird and alt/editorial you autist

No. 1502551

Yes!!! Like why is she sucking in? When she’s already super thin. I don’t understand, it’s definitely not an attractive photo by any means

No. 1502554

Apparently you and I autistic for thinking this pose looks ridiculous because she’s just trying to look ~alt~ and ~artistic~

Lmfao some of these anons are ridiculous, I swear. God forbid we have a different opinion than someone on a pose which makes us “autistic”

Go hug your mom and touch some grass, nonnie

No. 1502557

THIS. this thread is dead

No. 1502562

It’s not dead it’s just not going the way YOU want it to. Somebody catfishing Jonny is absolutely relevant and gossip worthy, if you think the thread is dead maybe leave?

No. 1502563

Sometimes I swear the bitter ass people in here are secretly in love with BBP the way they absolutely tear every girl apart. The girl he posted is literally just a hairdresser doing a popular modeling pose and some of you are already mad. Chill on these irrelevant girls and focus on Jonny and Sydney.

No. 1502566

Seriously it’s kind of sad. It makes the tinfoil of the posters here just being his exes seem real. Or maybe weird fangirls.

No. 1502568

Just did this. Didn't come up with anything at all. Someone else feel free to double check.

No. 1502570

Give it up Syd and go look after your child lord knows he needs looking after given everything he went through his first year of life or are you legally not allowed to do that anymore and this thread is all you have left? In any case be gone with we don't need your woman hating in this thread

No. 1502571

it's probably for the best. for some reason it seems like this thread attracts all the most insufferable anons. like this >>1502446 lol what the fuck

No. 1502573

Honestly these. A mix of exes and fangirls that can't stand the thought of Jonny being with anybody else so everyone gets absolutely trashed even if we have zero proof of anything. Some of the worst anons I have seen for sure.

No. 1502590

"my son is not a toy". Makes him say happy birthday to some dude she fan girls over and has an imaginary friendship with. Yikes.

No. 1502592

For real. Like this girl is just a hair dresser and your focusing multiple pair on her. (Where is the sage police) and then you all over here post about syd bringing down women on the internet. Have any of you looked in the mirror lately. The shit has been so boring and you all so obsessed your going against each other. If I was a random who found this blog it would make second guess any of this shit with how ignorant you all are. Exactly why people have given dirt to turtle mom snd she has even said she has plenty of shit. Why would people still be giving shit to you negative assholes(unsaged blog)

No. 1502600

I just think it’s funny that all of you complaining about people commenting on the hairdresser and the “thread being dead” but y’all keep commenting on it yourselves. If it’s not relevant then stop replying to those anons and ignore it. You’re doing exactly what your accusing others of doing….

Anyway, back to the cows. Syd having her son sing to Anthony just sounded so off to me. It seemed like she was posting a recording of him, like she had him do that over the phone. Or shit maybe it was in person but I’m sure it’s just her supervised visit and that’s why she didn’t actually record him doing it. Just so weird.

No. 1502615

Yeah it sounds weird, I also wondered if it was a recording or a video her mom sent her from her birthday 3months ago. If she had him she would have no problem just quickly filming him saying hbd, the blacked out screen is so weird. I feel like she always thinks she’s like epically proving the haters wrong when in reality she just looks unhinged.

No. 1502617

Kek these threads had multiple anons arguing that skid should be removed from the threads when she and Jonny have, ya know, actual history, pending court charges, and a child together yet anons are still hung up on this Ava when that fling lasted shorter than a sneeze and is dead and buried. Can’t believe there’s anons actually cow tipping this chick, for what?

No. 1502630

One thing that gets me about syd is despite all these therapy and deep~ memes she shares, she shares NOTHING about motherhood or the transition to motherhood.
It’s one of the most intense experiences for any woman and yet she shares memes about fuckboys not messaging her back. Says it all. Guess I actually have to experience motherhood to give a single shit

No. 1502660

File: 1650071119266.jpeg (439.6 KB, 750x642, CD627840-03EA-4803-867D-814ECD…)

~Lil deadbeat mama~

Fixed it for her

No. 1502666

Yeah Ava is super irrelevant and needs to stop being discussed altogether, but I have a feeling she’s in the threads and the anon who said she was ~gorgeous~ earlier when she’s actually average looking and we’ve only seen her face.

I haven’t seen anyone lately saying Syd should be removed from the threads, if anything, single Syd is milkier than ever, milkier than Jonny ever was, especially now that he’s sober. He’s gotten extremely boring, and now that he’s sober all he does is whine about ethots not wanting him, hanging with his bros at his frat house, and stream. I honestly don’t know why anyone even posts his stuff on here anymore, it’s always so dumb or cryptic, or illiterate and just plain makes no sense. If he posts something milky then great, I’m all for seeing it here. But this man takes an insane amount of selfies and I’m tired of seeing them posted here before. We get it, he’s ugly and aging and getting fatter. Really not milky to just clown on his looks constantly and trust me I am NOT standing up for him, I’m just saying that’s literally all this thread has become. Posting selfies of BBP. It’s so fucking boring. I wish people would actually post stuff worth seeing, instead of reposting literally every single story he posts. Any selfie he posts today is gonna look the exact same as the selfie he posted tomorrow. But this thread has gone to shit, and the only thing keeping it alive is Skidmark’s milky antics.

No. 1502672

It really depends on the parents more than the religion.

And it's not uncommon in muslim families for them to be okay with most forms of self expression, but are extremely strict with who you date.

Not just Muslim families, but I guess lots of middle eastern families in general. They draw the line at who you want to date.

No. 1502675

File: 1650072831877.jpeg (708.97 KB, 2559x2944, B72655BB-6690-4762-87B9-71104B…)

No. 1502701

Her fake nice voice is literally so chilling, I have no idea how she's ever convinced anyone she's anything but a raging psycho hanging on by one single box dyed thread. Poor kid.

No. 1502731

Not to hi cow but this so so clearly syd

No. 1502753

File: 1650076865172.png (109.89 KB, 1600x900, 2D2AA032-492B-443D-8E60-69B0FF…)

No. 1502795

All I do is view her stories with my dead accounts, I'm saying I won't stop following her antics because she wants me to. Remind me again how doing that to a cow is what the fuck material when you're probably doing the exact thing here? That video of her was so creepy she does not have her son and is such a bad actor. I haven't even mentioned or posted about ava or whatever the fuck this hairdresser girl is, I just want to see the milk between jonny and Sydney. Some of you really like to infight and it's getting super annoying. I was trying to be funny to magnify her mental gymnastics jfc like I'm not actually really up in her shit I check it twice a week if that? I've followed her since her start with jonny so it took her that long to block me that much, literal years. And not checking her shit daily is enough for me lmao she is insane and has provided enough for 12 threads atm across everyone else who posts her shit here.

No. 1502807

File: 1650084640255.jpg (1.08 MB, 4096x2731, anonymous.jpg)

Same vibe.. and eyebrows.

No. 1502857

I don’t even see this on her page anymore. Guess she saw your comment lol

No. 1502859

I wish Syd would make a YouTube. It would be so much drama and probably with other youtubers.

No. 1502864

She mentioned twitch at one point…. I still want her to make one.

No. 1502927

Her head is massive. It's like 2 foot

When will you start streaming Syd? Need to laugh at something

No. 1502928

You’re joking right? Nobody knew who Ava was before she was discussed here, she lives literally on the other side of the world, why would a random anon in here have mutual friends with her? Like how?!

Honestly this Facebook screenshot just solidified for me that Ava is self posting in the threads, maybe she has another Facebook account that she has her parents added on and another one where she can be herself (which would explain the mutual friends), someone who knows her irl and is ON her friend list took the screenshot (hence the 4 mutual friends)

So, Ava or her friends are posting about her on here. Fucking weirdos. Who the hell wants to stay relevant on LOLCOW? This is home to the lowest of the low, the craziest people on the planet.

Facebook screenshot anon, if you wanted to do a better job at covering your tracks it would have been VERY easy to crop that part. Keep telling on yourself Ava, or acquaintances of Ava, whoever the fuck this is, we’ve pretty much figured out your self posting. And no, that “anon” who messaged you where you told them you don’t post on this site doesn’t mean shit. Your word literally means nothing and that was probably you who messaged yourself.

This is getting way too creepy for me, I really wish people would stop posting Ava altogether or talking about her so that she’ll fuck off. Or I guess now she’s here to stay. Either way, anon with the meth rant is kind of right, she’s beyond irrelevant and idk why anyone is acknowledging her anymore. Her and Jonny are not together, haven’t physically hooked up, they unfollowed each other, can we please let it go now. Let’s wait until he gets an actual girlfriend then y’all can post her all you want. It won’t be too long from now, it seems like JC and Syd are in a competition race to see who can publicly move on the fastest to rub it in each other’s faces. They really should just be focused on their selves and not what their ex is doing, but what can you do.

Also random but that one anon who said “Ava’s new IG bio seems kind of milky” then it was posted and was not milky at all… was obviously fucking Ava. When are you guys going to realize it. This girl is insane. I thought during Ramadan you couldn’t socialize with others? Yet she randomly decided to confide into a complete stranger, yeah none of this is adding up.

No. 1502930

I just referenced a meth rant and then posted one myself. Before anyone points that out I just realized. I’m high on my seroquel and I need to go to sleep. I can’t even keep my eyes open to catch up with the thread. Alright sleep time for me. I’ll catch up with you nonnies tomorrow.

No. 1502953


she’s even got the mustache!

No. 1502954

Hi Jonny fangirl. You're big mad about this girl. Fucking kek.

No. 1502959

File: 1650109947400.jpeg (73.56 KB, 500x500, E2583B68-3F03-48FB-869B-959286…)

No. 1503059

File: 1650123904136.jpg (156.03 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1645537694.jpg)

Don't forget the bangs.

No. 1503112

Shut the fuck up Ava. I have a similar ex to Jonny, I hate his guts. What do I have to be mad about? You’re a catfish, you’re literally posting in the threads whether you think we’ll never know or not. You admitted Johnny told you about the threads so you know damn well how to get here. And for some reason you cannot stay off of this site and it’s pretty sad. Do you know how many cows have been outed before for self posting? Good job you dumbass. And the more you post, the more you keep outing yourself. There is absolutely nothing to get me mad over you. You’re confusing me explaining how I think you’re a catfish with me being mad about you? Or me being attracted to Jonny? LOL what a low iq take, but Jonny does love them young and absolutely stupid. Im literally explaining to the thread why you shouldn’t be posted here and im not the first one to say that but im the one that gets called out and that suddenly makes me a fan of this loser. I wouldn’t date him if somebody PAID me, you talked to him for free.

Go back to hiding in Ramadan land, where you apparently can’t socialize yet you had a full on convo with yourself (or if it WAS another person, then you’re shitty for breaking the rules of your religion). I know you didn’t get your actual 15 minutes of internet clout and fame, but if you don’t know where you are, let me remind you. This is a Jonny and Syd containment thread. Your name is nowhere up there, you’re irrelevant and eventually will stop being posted. But apparently me wanting this thread to stay on topic and follow the rules means I’m into Jonny. You sound just as psycho and batshit that she is, making assumptions like that.

I cannot wait for this dumb little girl to get outed so she will disappear back into oblivion. But now that she knows how to get here, that may never happen. The smart thing to do would have been to act like she doesn’t know about this website when the alleged “anon” asked her about it, but this girl is obviously slow on so many levels.(hi cow)

No. 1503116

Who the fuck is posting all these fucking novels in here? Christ.

No. 1503117

Ramadan land, eh?

Not racist in the slightest, but carry on.

No. 1503119

refer back to this Ava whenever you decide to come back to this thread, you're obviously lonely and/or thirsty for attention since you can't socialize this month. I would take this time to do something better with your time and help you grow as a person, but cows are gonna cow I guess.

No. 1503120


No. 1503122

It's honestly hilarious how pressed you all are when I'm not even her. Paranoid and pissed off to the fullest extent and talking to yourselves like idiots. And it seems racist now too. Go touch grass. KEK I hope she actually comes to lurk so that she can see how much you all are falling apart over some random ass girl that talked to Jonny for two fucking seconds.

No. 1503125

I think it’s the same anon who’s having a mental breakdown or something, I haven’t been able to get past the first few lines of them but they seem erratic and completely unhinged, like I can feel the anon that wrote them seething lol.

No. 1503136

Saged for stupidity, but to further comment on this Ava, wanna say she is definitely a catfish. Sometimes photos won't come up during reverse image search, only certain ones do.

With that being said, the nonnie who had 4 mutuals was sus. I searched Ava and surprisingly have 2 mututals.
It seems like whoever remade that account & locked it up, just added a bunch of "alt" dudes that have thousands of friends- which makes sense considering it seems to be the look she's going for, and let me tell ya, those dudes would add anyone. Good luck y'all

No. 1503163

Lol Avas Muslim story doesn't line up at all and when someone points it out they're racist?

If you're in such a strict sect of Islam that you're forbidden from speaking to romantic interests during Ramadan, you're not getting tattoos and living an otherwise liberal life. The stuff "Ava" has claimed in regards to "her religion" are very cherry-picked.

No. 1503165

I don't think any of us should be speaking on religious practices unless we know about them but that's just me I guess. Otherwise we really have no idea and make ourselves look stupid.

No. 1503167

Are you high? No one is mad about the hairdresser. Literally was said she's pretty but the pose looked weird and her ribcages showing looked unhealthy. How does that translate to being mad?

I'm getting really annoyed with anons saying people are fangirls or in love with Jonny by posting about females he associates with, yet we do the same thing with Syd, post males she associates with and insult them but no one is claiming "ohh u must be so iN lOvE with sydney. Such a double standard. Pretty sure no one on this site is in love with Jonny or interested in him, he's absolutely disgusting and embarrassing.

Making a post on lolcow doesn't mean we're bitter. This is literally what we do here. Are you new here or something? Grow up, and stop assuming random anons are in love with BBP. Nobody wants him.

No. 1503168

Where the fuck are the mods? There are so many rules being broken in here lately. It's getting unbearable honestly.

No. 1503172

Why does this stupid ass meme that's not even funny keep being posted? Have yall seen the TND thread? It's even more retarded than this one, people write absolute novels with a 3 chapter epilogue in the end, and no one gets called out for being on meth or fangirling. God forbid someone has a lot to say and wants to post it. At least people are contributing to the thread, if the post is too long for you ADD anons to take 10 seconds out of your time to read, then just ignore it? Don't read it?

But by all means, keep clogging the thread with the infighting over another anon's post and keep posting this tired ass meme that we've seen three times now. Seriously, people go on and on about the dumbest shit I've ever read in my life in the TND thread when she is the most boring cow ever now, but no one says anything or calls them out. I just simply ignore the rants. It's not hard. JC and Skid and their potential prospects just happen to be super milky and if an anon wants to go on a rant about it, that's their choice. What they decide to do with their own time. If you think it's stupid or cringe or too long you can literally just ignore it. They are just contributing their thoughts to the thread. All this infighting and picking apart random posts (like people being mad over the hairdresser being posted) is not helping the thread, even if you sage, it's still clogging the thread when you can only make a certain amount of posts. You're not even contributing. Let the oversharing anons just be, it's not harming you or anyone.

No. 1503174

Same here, I’ve searched photos posted by admitted catfishes and didn’t always get results. There’s a lot of factors that don’t allow it to be perfectly reliable. The context from all of the girl’s profiles makes it clear as day so I hope we can give it a rest now. It was funny how it got Jonny’s panties all in a bunch, but there’s no need for it to do the same to farmers, not sure what is going on in here right now.

No. 1503185

Everyone must be on their period or something. I have never seen this much infighting happen in a JC/Syd thread in my life. People need to understand that we all have different opinions, if you don't like something that's being posted, you don't have to reply to it and be rude for no reason. It's contributing nothing, and getting other anons riled up to infight with each other. I see stuff being posted all the time that I don't agree with or maybe even think it's stupid but that doesn't mean I have to put my two cents in? Idk I'm just a pretty peaceful person and it's really hard for something to bother me. The day that a random post another makes on here that's too long or something I don't necessarily agree with truly bothers me is the day hell freezes over. I don't understand how anons get so bothered or annoyed easily. I also don't understand how some can't just respect a different opinion and simply ignore it. I hope the infighting stops, there is no need to get upset with one another about a post. Don't let it bother you. This is not your personal life, I don't understand how anons can get so upset over a post. We are all on the same side here, we're all here for the milk and to discuss JC and Syd. I agree with others that Ava should stop being posted but I'm not going to go off on someone whenever she is, because it doesn't affect my personal life. I DO feel that we should stay on topic, but putting your two cents in over every post you don't agree with is just simply a waste of my time. Idk, I hope yall can get it together and stop being cunts to each other.(infighting blog)

No. 1503188

I hadn’t checked this thread in a few days and just caught up but ARE YOU GUYS OKAY?! Good lord!

No. 1503207

We got a new admin 4 ish months ago and since then I think the rules have been scaled back or at least they don’t have the farmhands to enforce them properly. I tried posting in the /meta complaints thread yesterday about the rule breaking but it’s (unsurprisingly) been ignored.

No. 1503209

lol right imagine if Ava was BBP and his friends just trolling all of them and they got their panties in a bunch over what nothin

No. 1503212

>>1503125 I'm not even taking the time to read them. They're way to fucking long.

No. 1503216

File: 1650136675375.jpg (314.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220416-211745_Ins…)

No. 1503245

I had this thought the other day lol

No. 1503256

lol i love how no one’s mentioned this yet but i think that ghostemane’s ex

No. 1503264

Jonny definitely made a fake muslim girl acct, pretended to date her, then called her a catfish and broke up with her, all so he could troll a bunch of women on a gossip forum, you cracked the case anon. Even if somehow this was true, it would be even funnier that goiter had nothing better to do than make up a fake girlfriend so we would stop talking about his women issues.

No. 1503269

I was surprised at first that she had a friend who could actually tolerate her enough to let her move in but then I saw her page and she looks like a mega bitch herself so I see how they might get along. Still waiting for the day they get into an argument and try to fight each other cause I’m pretty sure syd would lose lol

No. 1503271

sit on toilet, open lolcow, check for milk, see infighting, close lolcow, wipe ass.

No. 1503272

Literally what I'm doing rn. Nice.

No. 1503296

Holy whats with the novels?? I love when theres no milk people turn fucking crazy. Get a grip. Get some sun. Lick the grass. Please kek

No. 1503328

Tbh I feel like Skid would genuinely benefit from participating in Ramadan. No illicit activities, harmful behaviors, romantic pursuits - she actually could turn her fucking life around if she decided to and it's so fucking sad that she refuses to. But that's what narcissistic delusional BPD people do, the mere talk about changing/making plans is sufficient dopamine output enough to satiate her, but zero follow through ever happens. Could you imagine a world where she actually put in minimal effort towards changing? I fucking can't. C'mon, skidmark - you're already potentially skinwalking as a Muslim woman, why not live like one for a bit?? You might be surprised at the outcome.

No. 1503362

Damn anons i skipped most of the novels! Is everyone good? Anyways to add onto a couple posts above. I definitely feel like the comment mentioning Single Syd being milky and BBP not got her OFF. Syd seems like the typa crazy to love lolcow attention. She’ll probably go as far to think she’s some internet celeb. Lmao. Im excited to see how much more of an attention whore she becomes after she reads the anon’s comment regarding that. Deadbeat mom.

No. 1503374

File: 1650156721063.png (16.2 KB, 275x155, F2913A93-CBE6-483D-A0AA-20E348…)

No. 1503433

Jesus where the fuck are the mods.

No. 1503435


No. 1503437

kek meth binge much

No. 1503461

File: 1650164280756.png (172.81 KB, 828x1792, 30071380-FB74-4F2E-9F63-434543…)

No. 1503625

File: 1650198332638.jpg (659.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220417-142456_Ins…)

No. 1503636

File: 1650199807877.jpeg (210.67 KB, 447x732, BF7ADEA4-D7E4-4A8A-99AF-CFF7A8…)

What a creep. Just like another anon said, she always seems to be secretly filming people, I love how this couple wasn’t paying attention to her at all and once he DID realize he was being filmed his reaction was literally like “wtf???” Then she had to laugh it off like that was a totally normal exchange. SydSoCreepy

Also her laugh in the car videos is absolutely vomit worthy, nails on a chalkboard. She’s trying wayyy too hard to show BBP she’s living her ~ bESt LiFe ~

No. 1503640

File: 1650199933272.jpeg (33.07 KB, 473x566, B75B280E-F73C-407A-B07A-FA5388…)

No. 1503642

File: 1650199973796.jpeg (158.52 KB, 741x969, 4E34621C-0DF2-49C7-BE4D-36E15C…)


These pics will all haunt my nightmares forever.

No. 1503670

I just know in my bones this OF situation is gonna be a total failure or nothing will ever get posted in the first place. I just want to remind you guys of all the things Syd publicly stated she was gonna get into for income. Not trying to be mean but even Turtlemom has a more successful onlyfans than she ever will. I’d post the link for those unaware that she had one, but at this point I don’t know what’s against the rules or not anymore.

-Merch Mama (“DM me, available for tours now!!!” in her bio for months) yet not a single band or singer dm’d her and she has how many total followers? Like 13k? YIKES
-She has literally said she is working on songs with three different people now. This Marquis Phenex guy (she posted a picture of them last September it’s still up. Talks about the collaboration are in the caption and comments), Sterling, and Kyle. Not even Jonny would put her on a track.
-can’t forget about that amazing art account that really took off! She was not only supposed to make and sell art, but make and send thank you gifts/art to people who donated to that bullshit scam gofundme? Of course she never did. She probably destroys all of her art supplies in a bipolar rage when the father of her chiOLD kicked her to the curb
-Offered to model merch for her side dick (technically not publicly stated but her opportunist clout chasing ass would have been all over this)
-Tattoo artists guise, she even bought a pen and everything!!!!!1
-The iPad she was supposed to make more drawings on but I feel like she gave it to Storm? It’s better he has it anyway, he’ll actually USE it, and I’m sure his art will better than his monthly visit part time mom (not even part time, that’s giving her too much credit)
-Twitch streamer (you need a likeable personality for this one…. She doesn’t have a personality at all. She has multiple)

We’ve been folllwing her since September/October of 2017 and she hasn’t done jack shit with her life. All she did was get uglier, attend ONE tour that she was not even wanted at, and became a single mom, I mean egg donor. I don’t understand how her mom let her live there until age 27 without working a day in her life. And why does this broad not have a drivers license?! She justified the entire situation awhile back on her stories. Well, she tried…

The only thing she does with her time is live on instagram and refresh her threads. I just can’t imagine being 29 with nothing to show for it, no work history, not a single dollar or achievement to her name?? No wonder she’s forever 13. And completely unhinged - too much time on her hands. Mentally delayed to the extreme. Literally a man-child.

No. 1503675

>I don’t understand how her mom let her live there until age 27 without working a day in her life. And why does this broad not have a drivers license?! She justified the entire situation awhile back on her stories.
what was her excuse for not driving? I legit think she's retarded and that's why her mom let her stay at home for so long.

No. 1503679

I’ll try to find the post, it’s back in one of the older threads. But it was along the lines of “there’s nothing wrong without having your own transportation, some people can’t afford it, some are scared of being in vehicles (lmao she’s clearly not tho), and some other excuses that I won’t remember until I go find the post.
I agree that she has some developmental issues, possibly Autism which is why she’s so socially awkward, some people are more high functioning than others.

Stupid question I’m sorry but how do you make green text? I’ve never known how.

No. 1503686

This is psychotic

No. 1503688

File: 1650204416586.jpeg (118.67 KB, 750x593, C5179BEA-27D5-40B1-A9A6-FEC4B0…)

Ummm so I was trying to remember Ava’s handle off the top of my head and these are the first accounts to that popped up. Very active accounts, obviously real but this girl is also named Ava? Ava used to be slut bunny or something just two weeks ago and now it’s something like ohbabygirlxox, maybe it’s just a coincidence but something is super fishy about this Ava girl. I also just tried to look her up on facebook for the first time and it’s nowhere to be found? Like she deleted it or either made it to where no one can search her by name. And this is literally RIGHT after she got called out by possible self posting her fb profile, the suspicious 4 mutual friends that was forgotten to be cropped, and got called out for having only one or zero likes on her photos? I’m very confused right now. And she wants us to believe she doesn’t visit lolcow. Something feels very off about this “Ava” girl… I know we don’t need her to be discussed too much anymore but it’d be hilarious if someone found out what she actually looked like. She said Jonny called her a catfish for not doing the name on boobs pic, but I’m willing to bet they never even video called either. And he’s so butthurt about this girl. I wonder if he’s butthurt because he knows the truth and she actually IS a catfish?

No. 1503691

No, it’s the hottest mom in the world, remember? LMAO I still can’t believe she called herself that. Even confident, attractive women don’t say that about their selves.

No. 1503699

I can, because of how diluted she is when it comes to reality. Seriously though, that is the face of someone who is not all there. Just look at her neck from her spazzing out so hard. So glad storm doesn't need to look at that whacked out mug everyday.

No. 1503702

Okay it turns out Ava changed her handle again. Ohbabygirlxox is nowhere to be found. Maybe she’s hiding in shame and embarrassed for being outed about self posting and catfishing. Looks like some of y’all were right.

No. 1503719

I had her saved in my search history, her insta is now xplasticheart - dead giveaway for a catfish name if I’ve ever seen one lmao

No. 1503725

Maybe those are Ava’s real accounts. Not to be rude but a lot of JC fangirls have this similar look, kind of chunky and abuse snapchat. She also looks like she could be muslim.

No. 1503728

Clearly she doesn’t have to worry about playing easter bunny and getting the kids basket set and planning fun activities for morning since she chose to go out galavanting around with old “friends” who most likely can’t stand her. I’m sure his grandma is treating him well though and made sure he got a basket. We’ll see if she even visits him today.

No. 1503734

Hope this is next thread pic

No. 1503738

File: 1650207609392.webm (2.13 MB, 720x1280, 2818168923864881342.webm)


No. 1503754

You all do realize there are tons of people named Ava yes?…
Tinfoil but she's probably changed her IG handle because she wants to be left alone from all this craziness. She dropped goiter after finding him to be awful most likely and now everyone is going after her. I'd want to hide too. If she is Muslim she most certainly isn't used to any of this bullshit.
Ugh look at me being compassionate. Not a good look I'm sure lol.

No. 1503773

It’s not just that she’s named Ava, it’s the matching ig usernames as well. I’m aware there are many people named Ava.

No. 1503779

I’m sorry but I think Ava is a catfish

No. 1503789

File: 1650212826217.jpeg (307.78 KB, 2113x2541, 2068A5C3-B926-41A4-A943-9F96BA…)

Probably irrelevant but, I found another privet
alt of hers when I was looking for her
a few weeks ago. Shortly after she was
mentioned here she removed all her followers
and following and changed the user name to
her old accounts name. Whoever she is she's
definitely hiding something.

No. 1503792

that scxmbxnny_txt is now deleted, within 2 minutes of you posting.

No. 1503793

File: 1650213088511.jpeg (130.22 KB, 707x312, 9B491E11-13FC-4D05-80B8-DF6E34…)


No. 1503794

I'm convinced all this Ava bullshit is just Syd. The fixation is REAL, jfc. Catfish or no the milk is dry. Hang it up.

>>1503738 Christ, that cackle. Dude's body language is hilarious and telling, too. He hesitates to smile, realizes it's a video, gets mad uncomfortable, then leans into his girl because he doesn't want to engage with Syd like that w/o her. I wonder if she zeroed in on the Dude and he sensed it.

No. 1503796

Can an admin ban this person already? Stop searching Ava or go make her a thread.

No. 1503801

No she didn't. I said in my post she
changed the username to her old user name,
scxmbxnny a few weeks ago when she was
first posted. The second screen cap is after it
was wiped. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.
So sick of the complaining. If u don’t like the conversion leave and stop bitching, no body cares about ur opinion.(derailing)

No. 1503803

You're talking about Ava on Syd's thread. Stop fucking posting her you retarded spastic. It's the same 2 people, no one else cares about this nobody.

No. 1503805

KEK Okay well you go ahead continue to seethe in your coroner and everybody else will keep discussing what we find milky. Be careful and don’t hurt yourself slamming that report button every time something you don’t agree with is posted.

No. 1503806

And yet no one except you finds a random girl interesting. You're digging up screenshots and posting paragraphs about her when only you care, and there is no "milk". You can't even see Syd's posts ITT because you're clogging it up

No. 1503808

didn't she crash a friends car? isn't that why she really made the gofundme in the first place cause she had to pay that friend. that's my memory of it!
maybe she's just a shit driver

No. 1503809

I’ve posted about Ava twice in all my time on this thread, just because you don’t like the posts doesn’t mean they’re all the same person. Go back to meta and keep crying for admins help and leave us alone please.

No. 1503814

so go make her a thread? are you retarded? jonny's not even dating her anymore lmfao

No. 1503816

Syd's just BPD cycling since she's not gonna see her chiold for Easter.

BTW when was the court date moved to?

No. 1503843

I’m unable to look it up at the moment but it was very early may. 5th or 6th. Something like that.

No. 1503847

Different anon here, i agree. Whoever keeps posting Ava can you please stop? Catfish or not, syd or Jonny pretending to be her or not. It’s safe to say none of us give a shit and she’s boring so please stop.

No. 1503878

File: 1650221275233.jpeg (53.64 KB, 828x625, 3E7E9DED-26C0-4F00-B7CE-82050F…)

>>1503792 >>1503793

Aaaaand another one. Definitely hiding something.(derailing)

No. 1503880

I concur. I couldn't care less about her, and people keep going on tangents about her.

No. 1503904

She’s so pretty

No. 1503906

I am ctually very much interested in this girl. So much details we have no idea about

Also skid is getting boring

No. 1503908

Then can you go make a thread about her?

No. 1503944

Make a separate thread about her then. This isn’t her thread. This is about BBP and Skid and she is completely irrelevant to both of these cows.

No. 1503947

I'm new here. This is my 4th time writing haha just learnt how to sage…making a treath is far away

No. 1503975

she also wiped her fb. i think she’s a farmer that was self posting until she posted that “interview” that was obviously fake and got caught being a catfish. she clearly reads here bc every time she’s brought up she changes her socials.

No. 1503988

I'm honestly starting to wonder if Ava is actually Syd self posting in here to derail the thread, it's certainly working if it is.

No. 1503993

I wouldn't be surprised. Literally no one except this illiterate anon >>1503947 and the paragraph sperg care.

No. 1504017

Can we stop with the Ava bullshit please? She's irrelevant now and has nothing more to do with Jonny. Who gives a fuck if she's a catfish or not, it's Rotten milk now and completely irrelevant to the thread topic.

No. 1504047

File: 1650233922595.webm (3.85 MB, 720x1280, 01-04.webm)

Local archive of all the stories (12 in total combined to save space) referenced here

No. 1504048

File: 1650233951074.jpg (206.65 KB, 1170x2080, 05.jpg)

No. 1504049

File: 1650234068250.webm (2.53 MB, 480x854, 06-09.webm)

No. 1504054

File: 1650234167606.webm (1.65 MB, 480x854, 10-11.webm)

No. 1504058

File: 1650234344915.jpg (152.19 KB, 1170x2080, 12.jpg)

She has to be very starved for human companionship and interaction because she lovebombs people as soon as she hangs out with any of them.
(Left out a few “irrelevant” stories)

No. 1504060

File: 1650234588573.webm (2.98 MB, 720x1280, creep .webm)

I saved this from the other day because I thought it was so bizarre how she was not only secretly filming the dude but also broadcasting it

No. 1504075

She's acting like a fourteen year old here.

No. 1504119

This was so uncomfortable to read. If I were either of these people she’s talking about I’d be embarrassed. If you go to Syd’s page and see the captions she writes whenever she posts a photo with someone, it’s always SO long, i read one she posted with one of Jonny’s buddies while they were on tour and the hashtag said #friendsforlife, my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head. Like you just met this dude you dumb bitch, and went on ONE tour together. She probably thinks since they all got those ugly chicken scratch tattoos together on tour that they are ~bonded for life~ or have a magical special bond, almost as special as the one she has with with Bert and Anthony Green LMAO. Girl you can’t even get listed for their shows, you pay general admission like everyone else and stand in line with all the other FANS, not friends, to get your picture taken so you can post it with an embarrassingly long caption with how close you are to these musicians, when I’m positive they don’t even speak to you except for at shows when you stalk and hunt them down.

No. 1504120

The girl in the photo, most definitely. Ava in real life? Probably not, pretty girls don’t catfish, they show who they are.

No. 1504122

GODDAMN does she leave this thread open on her computer or something?! She’s even faster at lurking than Syd

No. 1504123

Yeah paired with the "you deserve better" photo, she just screams red flags. This is not how functional adults feel and behave. Desperation is a strong cologne.

No. 1504124

Yes! Someone needs to shop this photo onto her face on the meme posted here that says “so that’s it huh johnathan? We’re just going to throw away 2 years and my PERFECT CHIOLD away???”

Please oh please someone do it. I can attempt, but I am useless at these kind of things.

No. 1504136

Can you all not read or you just choose not to? Anon said that was from weeks ago, not recent.

No. 1504276

File: 1650252971614.jpeg (262.35 KB, 986x1050, 5BD22A15-A123-4623-836D-DABE96…)

I swear I totally went into Picsart with the intention to make your edit but this is ultimately how it ended up. Shout out to >>1495818 for the inspo.

No. 1504303

File: 1650258348576.png (6.37 MB, 1242x2208, B21CFD51-0780-47BC-A2A4-29BD0A…)

The “CPAP Shop” email is absolutely sending me

No. 1504307

>You're talking about Ava on Syd's thread.
>Syd's thread
>I'm honestly starting to wonder if Ava is actually Syd
Y'all are insane. Stil can't tell if it's one sperg or a group in a local music scene who know each other.

>No one except you cares
>Literally nobody cares except illiterate anon

>nobody cares because I don't care, and anybody who disagrees with samefagging or the cow

Never seen mini-modding like this on any other thread on this site. If you don't care, don't fucking post about it over and over again. Nobody cares about your opinion.

There have been more posts defending Ava as a real person than posts calling her out. Makes me wonder why that account's reputation is so important amongst the crustpunk emo music scene that infested this thread.

No. 1504313

>crustpunk emo music scene
KEK wait, who, involved in this thread, do you think is a crust punk??

No. 1504314

OT but I read it as cyst rock kek,
Jonny is cystic rock musician ftom here on out in my book.

No. 1504318

File: 1650261297779.jpg (41.72 KB, 536x528, original.jpg)

Jonny when

No. 1504319

File: 1650261344507.jpg (28.66 KB, 400x400, original (1).jpg)


No. 1504322

Lmaoooooo this is HILARIOUS!

No. 1504329

Jesus this gives me Holly Conrad vibes

No. 1504408

No one is in a "crust punk emo music group" retard, your attachment to talking about an absolute no one who produces zero milk besides changing her account name over and over is just fucking annoying.

No. 1504417

File: 1650282789285.jpeg (68.94 KB, 187x320, 91D71055-4B23-4F04-BA94-51F05E…)

I caught that too kek. Sexy big boi goiter with his CPAP machine to control his sleep apnea… Syd, how could you possibly lose out on this gem?

No. 1504418

File: 1650282887971.jpeg (220.92 KB, 828x1114, C6D83833-B7D0-4726-B5E8-608A07…)

Jonny story from last night.
Jonny and Syd being crusty themselves does not make any of this related to crust punk.

No. 1504423

Ya they care about shoes and clout too much to be crustpunk regardless of how smelly/crusty they both look

No. 1504574

File: 1650300902362.png (525.22 KB, 828x1792, C981C666-97F5-4F62-A557-C8BD08…)


No. 1504582

Why even post this. Who cares.

No. 1504608

Jfc why can't he contact them through customer support? So embarrassing

No. 1504633

Big boi phone bill

No. 1504649

He literally states he made 8 phone calls contacting them.. are you slow?

No. 1504715

someones slow because they didnt analyse one of jonnys literal shitposts? stop refreshing this thread to reply to every single person retard

No. 1504740

File: 1650317674304.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, 9B2AF9F8-BE75-4786-9C2D-AF2B77…)

No. 1504764

Ironic you're calling me a retard. Doesn't take any analysis, just reading comprehension. They clearly read it, and made the comment completely disregarding what they read. Which makes them a retard, and you for responding to me in the way that you did. And if you must know, that was the first time I had been on here all day, and it's been days since I've responded to anyone. Seems like you're projecting.

No. 1504765

File: 1650320251700.jpeg (201.42 KB, 750x593, 6BA92F84-912F-4CA2-A8F5-97A6EC…)

Love this picture of you Syd

No. 1504826

Sounds like broke boy shit. First his rent, now his cell phone. Loser kek

No. 1504930

People with money use Verizon or ATT big broke goiter

No. 1504948

Lmao i was thinking the same thing. No offense to any anons with T-Mobile but it always seemed like the poor man’s phone company

No. 1505070

File: 1650343260475.jpg (70.02 KB, 750x1334, 278730690_728381348528919_4115…)

Jonny's story

No. 1505071

File: 1650343284547.jpg (76.64 KB, 750x1334, 278691780_387493913039937_7861…)

Jonny's story cont

No. 1505079

In case the conversion helps, Syd, that's two hoodies from The Used that you can't afford per day, every day of fent.

No. 1505174

"Don't give a fuck who knows"
> Proceeds to post on social media where his followers watch

Yea ok bud

No. 1505198

lol I doubt he’s sober

No. 1505372

File: 1650369048425.png (540.94 KB, 750x1334, 58E9D93D-779E-492D-AF48-CE0267…)

Every weekend is a long weekend when you don’t have a job or any responsibilities

No. 1505458

Kek I thought that too when I read it. I doubt she works and we can all see she doesn’t have storm it’s beyond obvious at this point. I doubt she even works out I suspect she has an eating disorder.

No. 1505489

How? She’s doughy as fuck.

No. 1505509


What is with all the retards in here lately? What would give you any idea that she has an eating disorder?

No. 1505528

Maybe body checking? But I agree it is a dumb tinfoil.

No. 1505564

Nah she doesn’t have an eating disorder. She just thinks she’s hot as fuck and posts really gross, photoshopped “sexy” photos. I wouldn’t call that body checking.

No. 1505594

File: 1650392522466.jpeg (319.47 KB, 1242x2079, 61BDE9FF-B733-4034-BD08-1B03BE…)

This bitch is really triggered by cyclists and kids? Why skid, never learned to ride a bike? Abused your baby while still in utero. Remember at the beginning of the thread when nonnies speculated about her potential drug and alcohol use and almost everyone would defend her? Guaranteed this cunt was getting fukd up while pregnant. Atrophied flat ass-stay mad at other ppl being fit and loving children.

No. 1505798

storm was born with major health issues. they didn’t say what, of course, but they definitely used the ambiguity of it to garner sympathy after he was born. def a tinfoil, but with how fetal-alcohol-syndromy storm looks, i wouldn’t be surprised if sydney drank though her pregnancy. she’s definitely retarded enough, and has zero foresight or consideration for consequences.

No. 1505950

I think the only people who should be mad at cyclists on the road are actually people who drive, Skid.

No. 1505955

It is! You always know you're in the ghetto part of town when you see T-Mobile/Boost mobile or Cricket stores around

No. 1505960


i hate syd just as much as the next person but how is laughing at that being triggered by it? The post is meant to be a joke

No. 1505971

Well, good to know that his vile personality is just his baseline, true self. Now nobody can claim "he was just drunk/high" when he's being an asshole

No. 1505974

lmao right? Mom of the year. Syd, tell us you don't have your child without telling us you don't have your child.

No. 1506014

Yeah lmao I was attacked for saying it was fucked up she was smoking dabs and flower while storm was fucking growing in her womb.
There are literal Neanderthals in these threads so I don't take it personally but I truly don't understand how some of them are this retarded.

No. 1506280

File: 1650431255400.jpg (264.81 KB, 1080x1080, 2022_04_19_22_06_40_013.jpg)

Hes such a dumb bitch lol

No. 1506281

File: 1650431321522.jpg (103.28 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20220419-220552_Pho…)

Delusion to the nth degree

No. 1506508

Cringe quote posts like this annoy me so much, I can think of SO many things that are much harder in life than a break up or losing someone.

Syd, you're showing just how much of a stage 5 clinger you are.

No. 1506519

File: 1650441888778.jpg (27.48 KB, 720x204, IMG_20220420_180227.jpg)

Kek Syd is the most insecure Cow I've ever witnessed unfold.

No. 1506971

File: 1650480278589.jpg (114.13 KB, 1440x2449, Screenshot_20220420-143844_Ins…)

acting like the victim in all of this when we all know she is ALSO an abusive ex herself. There is not a doubt in my mind that she chased after bbp knowing about his years of abuse that are just a google search away. Literal years of documented physical and mental abuse. Syd is the world's biggest hypocrite.

No. 1507239

literally syd to taylor 2 years ago lol

No. 1507297

this has me laughing because it's spot on

No. 1507393

BBP is so quiet. I bet he’s relapsed.

No. 1507558

File: 1650520120871.jpeg (189.35 KB, 1242x2688, 4B917E2B-C708-497E-BD1C-E1CDD3…)

I was bored, so I checked that Joey dude’s IG (the one Syd was freaking out over) and they’re no longer following each other. Kek I wish we could find out what happened. She went from 100-0 in just a couple hours.

Scribbled the other chick out cause she was irrelevant.

No. 1507563

all of jonny’s friends should unfollow her so she doesn’t slip and fall onto their dicks. she’s fucking weird for scouting their mutuals for her next victim, but not at all surprising for a thirsty ass clout-chasing groupie skank.

No. 1507577

File: 1650521994767.jpeg (958.9 KB, 1125x1962, 8AA7DEBF-978C-4F39-883C-1407EA…)

Joey Tyler probably blocked Syd since she was tagging him in her stories yesterday. He obviously wasn’t into it the day after she claimed they kissed at the show, but she of course creeped him out by continuing to address that publicly.

Despite that stupid little 4l in his username, Joey Tyler isn’t Jonny Craig. No normal adult is going to put up with her retarded teenager behavior. What did she think was gonna happen? Did she want him to respond by making vague stories about her like Jonny used to do? Giving her that familiar public attention, no matter how negative, that she loves so much? Anything attention is better than no attention in Syd’s world.

Good luck finding anyone better than Jonny with your baggage and attitude, Syd. You are trash. You attract trash. Nothing better then trash will ever stick around so long as you give them the time to get to know you.

No. 1507659

just checked and it looks like she's not following him anymore either kek

No. 1507664


lol so she claims they kissed and then goes fucking bananas over it, oversharing way hard on social media and tagging him all over the place. She couldn’t WAIT to brag about the newest generic sounding musician she was trying to sink her claws into. Definitely NOT the shit she should be focusing on, but I guess it’s her last ditch effort to find someone “famous” to take care of her so she can live that merch mom lyfe.

No. 1508624

File: 1650621367942.jpeg (142.04 KB, 828x1529, DD30ADF8-EBD7-4327-BB36-1852FC…)


No. 1508651

Here’s an idea, unfollow all of jonnys friends. They don’t like you anyway.

No. 1508654

Bitch stop following his friends then! Is she socially retarded? I don't understand her thought process in thinking Jonnys friends would want anything to do with her when likely, they just tolerated her simply for the fact she was Jonny's partner.

She's so over bearing and obsessively clingy with people she should really consider acquaintances, it's like she doesn't understand that making friends has steps and not everyone is insane like her and builds immediate, intense attachments. The way she films people unknowingly, writes concerning, borderline creepy love messages to friends and expects every person she's ever met or come across to be in some deep meaningful connection with her immediately is baffling to say the least, how does she not see that her behaviour would genuinely scare people off?
I can almost guarantee everyone she meets or is "friends" with is terrified of her and acts nice while she's around and puts up with her but sigh with relief once she's finally gone. She's a delusional, unlikeable and nasty cunt.

No. 1508716

They were never her real friends, kek. For someone who is """part of the scene""" she should know that when you're the gf of a guy in a band, his friends sort of have to pretend to tolerate you. And owe you nothing when you break up. She's perma stuck in high school.

No. 1508743


This is why I’m convinced she’s legitimately cognitively delayed. None of her behaviour makes sense and she’s gotten away with it for so long because of her sub par looks and willingness to throw her vagina at anyone that’ll take it.

No. 1508794

Ayrt I agree, being mentally delayed would explain so much of her extreme, nonsensical social behaviours.
For a bitch who claims to be an empath she has absolutely no idea how to read the room or interact with anyone normally, it would make sense if mental development stunted when she was 15 or something.

No. 1508890

I’m just thinking it has to do with the BPD. She probably creates these imaginary super intense attachments (to people who feel nothing for her or haven’t had the chance to even get to know her) because of it

No. 1509014

File: 1650665467048.png (1.87 MB, 642x1257, image0.png)

The best thing a mom could do is grow the fuck up and love that same child enough to not have him taken away from you but ok.

No. 1509029

Literally what a disgusting "cap". The best thing they can do is love the other parent and not the child itself is what this post is saying. She can't be serious. Does it go the other way around, and the mom has to love the dad regardless of his actions just because they had a kid together? So if one of the partners is mentally/physically abusive, the other person has to take it and stay just because of the CHIOLD?

Ewww. Syd really resents both Jonny and Storm for where she is in life and it shows. Sorry you're so low that you let a POS stick his dick in you and you got pregnant. She really envisioned this magical rockstar life, thinking that having his son would change him and make him glorify her and the ground she walks on.

Just because you birthed Storm, doesn't truly make you a Mom Syd. Shouldn't have abandoned him and chose Jonny over him. Karma is a bitch girl.

Sorry to rant but she's actually such a gross human being it hurts. Poor Storm.

No. 1509030

So by this definition, he should be in a polygamous relationship with Syd and his ex right? Because newsflash, Storm is not his first child. Kek

No. 1509055

News flash- baby daddy does not have to love you or be forced to be with you JUST because he grunted on top of you a couple of times. Children are not anchors.

No. 1509095

File: 1650674997414.jpg (333.04 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20220423-014923_Gal…)

No. 1509159

When I had my kid I barely left the house or had much time to go anywhere other than a daily walk, groceries/errands or to visit other mom's to keep my sanity.

She has far too much time on her hands with going out all the time, she's a sped if she thinks she's fooling anybody at this point.

No. 1509185

She’s probably exhausting, whenever she describes something, it always has this intensity that is a bit scary

No. 1509195

File: 1650686260966.png (1.49 MB, 828x1792, C301C606-4BF4-4559-A036-A625C8…)

First time poster, long time lurker.
Wonder what got Skid’s skidmark granny panties in a bunch.. can anyone translate this stupidity

No. 1509210


She’s mad she got called out here for spending so much time going out and not being a parent. Imagine thinking a failed OF is “bettering your life” because you’re too lazy to even take decent fucking nudes.

No. 1509212

File: 1650687527270.jpeg (436.3 KB, 828x1393, A7CFB197-51F6-4EF6-9F82-52165D…)

She really can’t hide that she lurks here. Syd, EVERYONE has said this is your true character. You’re fooling no one but yourself.

No. 1509213

Yes Syd. You’re SUCH a victim. Poor you, hardest life ever. No wonder you treat other women like garbage for just existing. No one has it harder than you!!

Kek the mental gymnastics people will go through to justify their psychotic behavior.

No. 1509214

Wasn’t she just begging for money for “necessities” not too long ago but she bought boots? Got it.

No. 1509230

File: 1650690637045.png (2.7 MB, 1170x2532, 43692A5C-4650-4620-BD0D-3642A9…)

The dumbass also posted this right after, which seems like she was saying the same thing twice? Not sure if she accidentally posted both and mean to only post one. I can’t comprehend it either so I have no clue lol

No. 1509284

File: 1650699017193.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 40E00168-10E0-4C2E-9B07-320EA1…)

“But that sums it up
I’ll take my time to respond or never respond
Sum that up all you want”

Wtf is she okay?? Her ultra vague posting is so ridiculous and childish

No. 1509287

Uhm is she for real? Poor Syd can be a total cunt to everybody else but God forbid anyone judge or dislike her.

Her inability to recognise her own chronic hypocrisy is actually terrifying and a strong sign of Narcissism. Her lights are on but nobodies home and it's hilarious to watch her constantly fuck up.

No. 1509331

File: 1650710993834.png (5.62 MB, 1125x2436, 0A299858-D2D0-4E42-AC20-6A6F71…)

what if what if, now just hang with me for a second—what if she’s talking about joeytyler?

No. 1509339

The fact that she has demonstrated this exact behavior numerous times, and is sitting here preaching against it is comical to say the least.

It's repulsive that she sits here and asks people to donate money to her for her mental/health well being, aswell as her son's, and spends money on dumb ass shit. A real mother wouldn't be spending money on dumb shit for themselves constantly, they would be spending on items for their children. She's such a vile woman.

No. 1509376

Syd acting like she wouldn’t take BBP back in a heartbeat if he suddenly showed interest in her square ass again… it feels like she’s trying to follow the same pattern as TND with playing the victim card so hard all of a sudden.

No. 1509445


Remember when she said she wasn’t weak like all his other exes and now is posting all this shit like she wasn’t fully aware of him being an abusive sack of shit? It’s honestly more pathetic that she didn’t leave him, he left her.

No. 1509484

That's a really good way to put it. Everything she says is so off putting and she uses the most intense wording possible,
I read somewhere narcs do that to try and seem like they aren't dead emotionally lmao, way to out yourself skid.

No. 1509489

Remember when she was bashing taylor for still talking about jonny after their break up, and telling her to move on? "Omg guyz who does that?!?" Oh how the mighty have fallen

No. 1509491

underrated comment kek

No. 1509611

She’s live on IG y’all. I’m on my lunch and have to go back to work so hopefully another anon can get some screengrabs! This bitch just said “I literally never wear make up. I only do makeup a couple of times a year.” Um what??

No. 1509612

I wonder if Johnnys new love interest doesn't wear makeup and thats why shes chosen this humblebrag

No. 1509653

File: 1650745116610.png (8.09 MB, 1284x2778, 0906781C-2F7A-4558-9DDA-5D7313…)

“WHAT AM I GONNA DO FOR MY MAKEUP TODAY GUYS.. ?” crowd not replying “DOUBLE LINER OR DOTS ?!?!!” the saggy boobs and shitty oogie boogie tattoo combo oof

No. 1509659

>saggy boobs

u sound like a pornsick scrote

inb4 saggy boobs detected im a titlet

No. 1509660

Complaining about needing a makeup brush set to do her crappy makeup but what about all the meds and other crap she begged for via gofundme

No. 1509665

File: 1650745521903.png (9.83 MB, 1284x2778, 78DB1F9B-1C66-4795-A270-26780E…)

No. 1509670

those are normal boobs. are you a male?

No. 1509671

actually think shes quite pretty shame shes…her

No. 1509682

She should focus on getting a job
Not doing subpart make up for people laughing at her

No. 1509690

File: 1650747089809.png (432.4 KB, 1125x2436, 80524805-A790-4C27-94A4-ED6E48…)

Called out lmao love to see it.

No. 1509691

File: 1650747495101.jpeg (22.96 KB, 180x320, 56ACB462-3A70-4C32-AD69-D0F5E4…)

No. 1509693

File: 1650747603036.jpeg (287 KB, 1169x1965, DA9ABAEC-0F33-4AFD-90D9-9511F0…)

No. 1509695

File: 1650747627848.jpeg (296.24 KB, 1170x1974, 5D6804FD-D91B-459D-A7FF-7818C0…)


No. 1509696

Daamn she's pudgey.

No. 1509697

File: 1650747680108.jpeg (295.83 KB, 1169x1903, 625B3059-322B-4F26-A9FE-750329…)

She was flirting with this dude i_nbloom “hello mister texting me right now I’m gonna smile back at u right here” yuck

No. 1509698

So she saw his post within minutes of him posting it lol. And to me this whole exchange proves, yet again, that neither of them have him. For her to throw in his face that his son doesn’t love him is the most petty shit I’ve seen from her to date. Literally uses that poor kid as collateral any chance she can. Kid probably doesn’t “love” either of them cause they focus their attention on everything BUT being his parents.

No. 1509700

Nitpick but I dont know why she wouldnt wear clothes that flatters her figure. She literally has the ugliest small saggy boobs (and this is coming from another itty bitty titty committee) and its just so embarrassing. Also… forehead much syd

No. 1509707

She has massive calves for someone of her size and stature. they have dimples for Christ's sake

No. 1509708

Not saging because nobody seems to have SS this before she deleted it. She also posted another Instagram create reading:

“You seem to forget how you hurt our son.”

No. 1509715

no way

No. 1509716

Way - I saw it too but when I went back to screen shot she already took it down.

No. 1509725

I don’t think Skid could appreciate until now the fact that in trapping Jonny Craig with a baby for the rest of his life, she also is trapped with Jonny Craig for life. (4L). Or at least until such a time when our overcooked Polish Sausage is whisked away to the afterlife in the warm embrace of synthetic heroin.

No. 1509726

File: 1650749295502.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, FFF4C1B8-1AE2-466B-8938-CFDFDE…)

No. 1509729

Yeah I didn’t want to risk my main account blocked by catching a SS. She removed it with lightening speed, but some of us saw it and it’s on the thread now. She can’t unlaunch that slingshot of mud. He will surely fire back with whatever dirt he’s been holding back. She doesn’t have the self control to not employ her darkest dirt in the very first shit throwing exchange. It’s mutually assured destruction nonnies hahaha.

No. 1509730

He deleted his first post about her. Probably doesn’t even want to give her the attention.

No. 1509732

File: 1650749779885.gif (365.46 KB, 200x273, 2481C3DA-EA41-4B84-8884-FCEF9B…)

They’re always so milky after the silence

No. 1509733

>>1509726 one day? She's always posting shit going out and being a retard with people without her kid

No. 1509739

I’ve seen enough to be certain he made a physical move on Skidney in an argument and hurt or endangered the chiold. I could see her holding the chiold and blocking Jonny’s exit from the home causing the shove heard round the world. He probably just shoved and bounced her square ass off the wall on his way out for a deal. It’s not good, but I’m sure she will play it up in court. Which is fine he shouldn’t be around that baby unsupervised or at all. We will find out soon enough.

No. 1509741

Deflated ass boobs

No. 1509743

File: 1650750394617.jpeg (204.6 KB, 828x1447, 57EFB094-1A11-48F7-8CE6-EEB465…)

This is the new girl he is at least sleeping with her she went private all of a sudden after they got more cozy in the last week.

No. 1509744

They’re both being tried against the state. It’s not him against her(yet).They’re both charged with the same crime and the DA is pushing a trial.

No. 1509745

Oh okay gotcha thanks for the clarification that changes my opinion.

No. 1509748

she looks more like Laur Trueman than Lillee Jean does kek

he just doesn’t want people to look at her IG stories now that she dirty deleted the “hurt our son” post

No. 1509751

They have different lawyer lawyer tho and Syd is out for blood. So you know she will flip it on Jonny. She’s got the high-price lawyer and Goiter has a state paid public defender kek. I can’t wait for this trial to start. I’d love to sit in on that case. Not sure it’s worth the 4+ hour round trip tho when their phone feature is available.

No. 1509755

I think they are dating. They have been together every day for a while now it seems.

No. 1509792


so storm had heart surgery?

No. 1509793

that’s his friends ex or something so i think they’re just friends. do you guys date everyone you’ve hung out with for a few days or are you normal?

No. 1509810

Yes, and this has been claimed by multiple people who said they were close to Sydney at one point and ya’ll acted like a bunch of feral cats and scared them away. Well, now you have your proof from the queen bitch and mother of the year herself, Sydney fucking England. Only she would be dumb enough to out herself while trying to take down someone else.

No. 1509819

Guaranteed all the psycho "This is Jonnys new girl" posts are from Syd herself. She NEEDS to know who the new girl is/may be and she comes here wanting us to do the dirty work.

No. 1509821

So funny she was talking about jonnys receding hairline when hers looks like this kek they deserve one another

No. 1509823

It baffles me she has a lawyer when she has no job, and spends all her money on stupid superficial things.

No. 1509825

It’s the eye bags for me

No. 1509829

So this definitely confirms neither has custody. Why would he need to inform her he went to go see their son if he was in her custody? She would be there with Storm during the visit if she had him. Ironic she accused him of playing pretend on the internet when she does it way harder

No. 1509831

Damn this bitch is ugly…. Her eyebrows look like a dingleberry of shit. I didn’t think it was possible to be team Jonny Craig, but i really am at this point. This deadbeat mom is a fucking psycho. Pfft. Imagine leaving your toddler at your moms while you go to sea fest iso new brother dick. Pathetic. I really can’t stand Skid.

No. 1509832

Sydney’s hair is receding bro

No. 1509833

yeah imo Jonny is definitely pretending to be a good dad, but he’s not acting like he has the kid in his custody, unlike Mooch Mama Syd. that’s so much more pathetic.

No. 1509834

Who the fuck says “your child doesn’t even love you”. Does she not realize how much uglier that makes her look over JC?

No. 1509839

File: 1650757624004.jpeg (917.79 KB, 1242x2249, BDF692D1-FE4B-405B-8EDC-52B3E8…)

Hadn’t seen any one post this yet. Who is he talking about? And who is he talking to?

No. 1509842

Syd you're the world's shittest mom, you don't even have custody of him otherwise you'd have far less time on your hands to go out all the time, spend every day doing makeup and bitching online.

Syd is 100% the type of mother to weaponize her child and use him as a pawn to emotionally abuse Jonny. He may be a junkie but he's talked about storm more than Syd has in the last few months and seems to have seen him more than she has. She has no right to speak on her toddlers behalf on who he does and doesn't love, especially when she doesn't even have custody and gave him up to be with Jonny.

No. 1509856

I assumed this was syd texting him from a random number (probably a text app or something) pretending to be another guy to try to make Jonny jealous

No. 1509858

The fact that she has had so many people spell out her insane shit for her over the past decade and a half and she still remains so deep up her own ass… the delusion is incredible.

No. 1509859

File: 1650758956001.png (405.9 KB, 1170x2532, C564B26A-2A3D-4702-993C-9C0D09…)

I googled the number and this website had it listed with these comments from today. I wonder if this was Jonny trying to do the same search haha

No. 1509900

"I wiLl AlWaYs LoVe aNd ReSpEcT tHe FaThEr oF mY sOn."
Hey look, it's the chillest, most go-with-the-flow empath dealing with her recent breakup in a healthy way!

No. 1509927

If anyone puts a pretend life on the internet it's Syd! Again with her chronic hypocrisy making her look genuinely mentally retarded.

What kind of mother speaks about their child this way? Good parents put their personal shit aside and stay amicable for the sake of their child, I feel so sorry for storm being born to two mentally challenged perma teens.

No. 1509999

>He's mentioned his kid sometimes!
The bar for men is really below the floor huh. They're both terrible people and deadbeat parents using their kid in a game of tug of war to look cool on the internet, there's no need to compare who's slightly less awful.

No. 1510013

textbook sydney

No. 1510063

>your son doesn’t even love you
Worlds best mother you guise.

She deleted it because she remembered they have a trial soon. If goiter says anything it could be used against them. Syd is lucky no one caught that screenshot because it would have been perfect ammo for the DA to keep her son away from her and throw both their asses in jail.

No. 1510079

He posted that when she was doing that live makeup tutorial so it was not her.

>>1509856 How do you know it’s textbook Sydney? I have not seen that one in the threads yet.

No. 1510090

She was texting during her live so how do you know she wasn’t doing this. And were you watching the entire live? Syd has created sock puppet accounts to harass women before so this is pretty much the same concept. Aka textbook syd but nice try, whiteknight

No. 1510091

File: 1650776706185.jpg (147.55 KB, 1170x2241, 843890642.jpg)

I also tried the number into the website and it didn’t come up with anything. The site works. Skid already skinwalks being a mother to the ChOiLd, so this doesn’t seem too far out of the realm of possibility.

No. 1510120

Maybe it’s Taylor it is a Texas phone number.

No. 1510133

Syd confirmed.

No. 1510165

"I want a party! I want a cookie! I want, I want, I want, me, me, me, ME, mine, mine, mine, MINE, now, NOW NOW NOW"

No. 1510170

Like a fried egg on a nail

No. 1510179

please stfu scrote

No. 1510186

Hi Sydney(hi cow)

No. 1510189

>Syd is lucky no one caught that screenshot because it would have been perfect ammo for the DA to keep her son away from her and throw both their asses in jail.

I actually think the “your son doesn’t even love you” thing would look worse. simply stating “you hurt him” (if it’s the truth) isn’t that big of a deal (aside from the fact that she’s probably been told to keep her mouth shut until trial). but “your son doesn’t even love you” sounds like parental alienation to me. especially because he’s a baby. it’s not like Storm told her so. as if she ever sees him anyway. plus who’s to say she’s not telling Storm “your dad doesn’t even love you?” too?

No. 1510195


“You forget how you hurt your son” could also be turned around as EMOTIONALLY hurt him by leaving her or not being around in general. She wasn’t specific enough for it to mean anything really - and she’s spouting off other vile shit like his son doesn’t love him. That shit is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1510248

File: 1650802995220.jpeg (881.54 KB, 3072x2004, 9E52FF80-54AA-46E5-B022-29381D…)

Jonny lives in Syd’s head rent free

No. 1510265

it's probably syd wanting to look like it's taylor

No. 1510268

File: 1650805270629.png (87.71 KB, 245x201, sydney.png)

whats goin on with her eyes???(nitpicking)

No. 1510279

I’m crying why would she post this
Sick bars skid

No. 1510292

It's Snow Tha Product. We've seen Syds shitty raps. She couldn't write anything close to this coherent.

No. 1510293

That's uhmm… A lot to unpack kek

No. 1510310

>I ain’t these hoes, take off they clothes
your constant thirst trapping and onlyfans says different. >>1500737
>don’t worry about who you see me with, he got a new dad
you literally can’t keep another brodick to save your life.

No. 1510315

Kek the irony is she “ain’t” see her kid either. Looks like less than jc

No. 1510336

My tinfoil regarding this, since it's a TX phone number, is that Jonny texted Taylor "how are you?" or something along those lines.

Then some guy Taylor has been hanging out with responded to Jonny from his phone. The "she's goooooood" would make sense in this context.

No. 1510347

Or you used a fake number app and set the location to Texas, Syd.

No. 1510398

It’s a fake number with a Texas area code on purpose. It’s not Taylor or related to her. It’s manipulation 101. Syd knows how to get jc to interact with her and ruffle his goiter.

No. 1510432

Ok, now that we have confirmation that neither of them have Storm can anons please shut up with the constant “I DON’T THINK SHE HAS STORM.” Like yeah we’ve known for forever, you’re being redundant and obnoxious.

No. 1510532

Yes we’ve known forever, but I more so think people only keep bringing it up because she keeps insisting that she still has him. And it’s good to have proof and evidence here for that very reason, even tho we don’t need anymore proof.

No. 1510565

Not Syd, son. Sydney being psycho wouldn't be surprising. But the possibility of Jonny texting Taylor is milkier imo. And would drive Syd off the rails I'm sure.

No. 1510611

That's a Dallas area code, Taylor is 4 hours away in San Antonio. I doubt it's her or has anything to do with her.

No. 1510634

She looks 30

No. 1510641

Well she is 29, despite what her personality would make you believe.

No. 1510649

If it’s a Dallas number then that possibly has something to do with his ex stripper hoe @virtuallychokeu / @virtuallychokeme … she’s married and pregnant now though and seems the most sane out of his exes. I could totally see her reaching out to her specifically and her husband responding

No. 1510655

29? Holy shit she's been raw dogging life with that kind of personality and hasn't self- corrected already? Christ.

No. 1510661

Or it’s Jonny playing his usual stupid games of just trying to flex how good he is will all his hoes. Anyone following his new victim @sinyamarie before he told her to go private?

No. 1510731

Syd, you got caught cheating, where's that part?

No. 1510735

Un treated mania. Your pupils will stay large like this this.

30? She looks upset forties

No. 1510741

anon who compared her to a mime was spot on

No. 1510759

File: 1650848612145.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2778, 41AE931E-27DB-481A-A767-A64034…)

I was able to find her on FB. Nothing really milky. She has 2 kids.

No. 1510779


Uh oh, she's pretty and has full lips. How long until we get a filler/plastic surgery sperg from our ~eThErEaL eMpAtH qWeEn~??

No. 1510783

looks like taylor

No. 1510809

File: 1650853530694.jpeg (2.66 MB, 1284x2268, C9751E4E-8302-4B41-B284-8A93A7…)

Not milky at all, she never talks about him, he doesn’t even like her pictures, she’s just a pretty mom with a job. So like literally the opposite of Sydmark, hope she keeps her distance. She probably just lent him “diaper money” and gave him a ride somewhere kek

No. 1510860

Was her IG always private cause it is now.

No. 1510907

File: 1650864835826.jpeg (162.85 KB, 614x817, A2643770-5A73-46B8-AECA-B6BC74…)

He stayed with her at the W hotel in SF for her birthday. Her IG was not private until this week.

No. 1510923

Pretty girls with ugly ass moids smh. The other dude looks like he could be BBP’s slightly uglier brother.

No. 1510924

LMAO. I just was thinking he looks like jc’s Down syndrome brother lmfao

No. 1510928

File: 1650867549273.gif (791.62 KB, 320x213, C60A6251-B91A-4434-AE07-ED368C…)

Kek he should keep that guy around cause he makes goiter look a little less ugly by comparison.

No. 1510947

She’s a loser if she spent her bday with a woman abuser. She should go home and take care of her kids instead of spending time with trash

No. 1510967

Woah chill. We don’t know this woman. No reason to call her a loser and assume she doesn’t spend time with her kids. And no, I don’t need a hi cow. This girl is not milky and there’s no reason to insult her when she hasn’t done anything

No. 1510969

I actually think Dillon is way more handsome than BBP, this may not be the best picture of him but I promise he is.

No. 1511033

Syd is probably losing her shit right about now. This woman is really pretty.

No. 1511046


You know, women ARE allowed to spend time away from their kids.

Also now that I think of it, with all the talk about Storm being with Syd, I don’t think she has outright said she has him recently like she was doing before.

No. 1511094

Not since she moved out of jonnys. It was right before that she posted she “definitely lives with jonny and storm” when people were talking about her pillows trying to figure out if she moved. Then she made comments when she was painting her new room that she was getting things ready for her and her son. She hasn’t fully given up the facade, but it’s harder to convince people when jonny has pretty much revealed it’s a lie by posting about his visits with him.

No. 1511245

File: 1650900028144.jpg (589.55 KB, 1440x2794, PSX_20220425_111839.jpg)

She is so stuck in 2005-2007, and these are posts that literal teenagers would type out.

No. 1511246

File: 1650900051219.jpg (622.94 KB, 1403x2747, PSX_20220425_111854.jpg)

No. 1511253

Any update on your OF, SydSoSenile? Or was that just another half thought out "boss babe" business adventure?

No. 1511290

I think it’s more likely he’s fucking that other girl on the right. If the girl sitting had half a brain she wouldn’t touch him.

No. 1511361

File: 1650908292285.png (171.79 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220425-133428.png)

No. 1511369

Whoa, is this a skyd callout?

No. 1511384

This sounds like it's directed at Taylor but he hangs out with so many junkie types it could just be someone else.

No. 1511387

File: 1650909281040.jpeg (74.12 KB, 828x1792, 0C2E1304-29FE-4C90-8BA5-715311…)

Duh he’s talking about himself.

No. 1511467

“I LoVe MuSiC” literally everyone does, Syd. Fucking dipshit.

No. 1511523


They are both way too attractive and put together for him. If either are slumming it w/ BBP that's just depressing.

No. 1511537

kek who says epic anymore. Literally regressed to 2005.

No. 1511563

My favorite thing about Syd is her delusional belief that her completely unregulated emotions aren't undiagnosed BPD, she's just an extra special sensitive soul "empath" who hears music differently

No. 1511748

File: 1650936270508.png (518.47 KB, 828x1792, C8EFEA47-182F-4B2C-ACF1-5EB332…)

No. 1511779

File: 1650938329025.gif (1.19 MB, 276x210, This hast the potential to bee…)

Sydney, the father of your CHOILD has spoken. The ball is now in your court

No. 1511783

You know Syd's unhinged when a dumb junkie can't even stand her and wants nothing to do with her, not even by slight association.

No. 1511784

The milk is about to flow y’all

No. 1511799

File: 1650940296511.png (9.16 MB, 1170x2532, A790A90E-C9E7-4885-822C-923585…)

No. 1511817

why does this look exactly like shay

No. 1511824

Kek I wonder if Syd is still using goiter-clout to get band-dick.
>Jonny Craig fathered my choild music is my religion uwu 11:11

No. 1511845

File: 1650944462314.jpg (17.09 KB, 1170x2080, 279032178_122538483726362_1232…)


No. 1511857

I don’t get it, is she mad he’s learning to read?

No. 1511861

Syd is probably shrieking with joy rn! Jonny called her his baby mama and basically said if any of his acquaintances/friends touches her, he'll be mad jealous and terratorial. This is probably the best validation Syd has gotten in a month or two

No. 1511870

This is interesting because I didn’t interpret his message as “having sex with”, I read “fuck with” as either befriend or mess with but dismissed “mess with” because that’d require a level of maturity he doesn’t have

No. 1511875

Yeah, this. "Fuck with" is common slang for "be around/associate with" around here.

No. 1511911

I still think it's about trying to get with Syd rather than just being in contact with her. I understand your point but I don't get why he'd call her his baby mama if not meant as a reminder of their past relationship… Thus making it sound a bit jealous. Idk could be either or

No. 1511920

Ootayrt, baby mama is the most demeaning/distancing language he could use to refer to her though. To me he’d use “ex” otherwise.

No. 1511938

Are you both ESL or something? He's saying he doesn't want to associate with anyone who associates with Syd. "Baby mama" is not a positive term at all, he's saying he wants nothing to do with her.

No. 1511955

Pretty sure he means he’s not interested in associating with her or anyone shes fooling around with. I didn’t read this as him being jealous at all.
“Fuck with” just means associate with.

No. 1512047

File: 1650964242640.webm (1.92 MB, 720x1280, 2824659927526786853.webm)


No. 1512053

I’m pretty sure that is what >>1511870 said tho?

No. 1512150

Keep sucking in that gut, stumpy.

No. 1512230

The fact that she was like petting herself is odd. Also to answer thwt question, a year later, nobody can handle you syd because you're intolerable.

No. 1512307

She's so stuck in this weird 2014 anachan wanna be seen as a cool alt girl mode. Literally no one posts shit like this who isnt mentally ill or stuck in that wretched era of fashion and music, all the body checking normal bitches post nowadays shows off their goods, not their lack there of. I've never seen someone so skinny fat and so delusional about their body having tone. She's all flab and she lacks the personality to be likeable outside of her physical appearance.

No. 1512314

Forreal obviously sucking it in and we can still see the mom gut. I'd love to see a candid real photo of her in lowrise witha crop top lmao. Shes so delusional that shes "uwu so small" when ive never seen someone show off a body thats so average and untoned as if its such an accomplishment

No. 1512315

she looks good for someone who recently had a kid can you ana chans calm down for a moment? check into an anorexia ward

No. 1512323

She had a kid almost two years ago now and has had all the time in the world to work out and eat right since she hardly mothered the child in that time. I don’t think she’s fat or even chubby, she just doesn’t have anything special going on to justify all the thirst trap posts.

No. 1512350

do you need to have a perfect body to feel confident in yourself? no one needs to be a 10/10 to post thirst traps.

No. 1512351

bruh, people laugh at her vids like this because she straight up thinks she's the shit while abandoning her kid. no1curr about your wking every thread

No. 1512353

You show up every time anyone calls Syd out for acting like she's not a shapeless hobbit. Shut the fuck up.

No. 1512362

She talks about how she’s “been about” the gym and rips apart women for looking better than her. All while posting her body and acting like she’s above everyone else.

So yea, if anons want to criticize her appearance- let them.

>she looks good for having a kid almost 2 years ago

Yea… most women bounce back to nearly their pre baby body even after two kids. What’s your point?

No. 1512476

I love how her OF says she has a big butt, when in the video you can clearly see she does not. Not even close.

No. 1512603

File: 1651019560660.jpeg (6.16 KB, 235x214, images.jpeg)

You're honestly way too insecure to be here, sensitivity and lolcow dont usually go hand in hand. What people say about a different woman's body shouldnt make you feel shit about yours, go figure yourself out. You are not syd, we don't give af what you look like or what you do.

No. 1512617

Why are you so offended by other peoples bodies? You seem like you don't go outside often or have friends.

No. 1512642

Hanging with BBP is reason enough

No. 1512735

Not really. It seems like he has chilled out quite a bit.

No. 1512750

I don’t think new behavior takes away his past abuse. These bbp fans need to fuck off this thread their hate for Sydney overshadows the true piece of shit JC is.

No. 1512768

I don’t know, there’s some truth in it. He isn’t producing milk lately at all, not trying to wk bc his history is pretty clearly presented and he hasn’t owned up to any of it at all. But he is at least working and (I think? I dunno) honestly saying he’s clean now, mentioning trying to be with his son, wtf if Syd doing? An adult fangirl to aging emo bands hoping to get a sad cock in her mouth to claim some new tour dude? Rubbing her own gross little hips for likes? That shit was embarrassing. Didn’t she also say in her stories that she WASN’T going to swanfest because she’s such a good person and wanted to see her son, yet turned the whole stinking shit into this hours long production of will she or won’t she go live to… what, show us how she puts yellow eyeshadow onto her fat ass face? And then went to swanfest anyways kek. To see DGD no less! THEN bitched that she didn’t get a picture of how cute she looked. Self-obsessed little twat.

No. 1512793

None of that is milk honestly Skid is boring as hell without Johnny to catalyze her bpd. At least he has a long history of being an overambitious fuck-up while Skid is just some lame girl with no life.

No. 1512810

Idk I think her desperate attempts to catch new band dick to stay relevant are way more entertaining at the moment than jc vaping and begging for twitch viewers.

No. 1512829

Yea it’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re under a criminal investigation.
Kek are people forgetting he is currently out on bail for a violent crime? A violent crime that may have possibly resulted in getting his child taken out of his and syd’s custody? Oh but that wasn’t recent so he’s not too bad.

I don’t think we should attack or judge this random chick for hanging out with BBP but definitely looks poor on her end. I’m sure we’ve all hung around shitty people at one point. She’s a grown ass women. As long as she isn’t bringing her kids around a junkie or making copies, who cares.

No. 1512837

File: 1651040092147.jpg (37.59 KB, 1170x2080, can’t hide from trauma TwT.jpg)

Sydney, trauma will continue to follow you as long as you don’t change your patterns of behaviour

No. 1512851

It's not like I wrote it in Chinese you idiot, thats pretty much exactly what I said

No. 1512853

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think she looks quite pretty here. She's clearly lost a bit of weight and looks cute.

No. 1512857

I wonder if he will get a new girl soon. We'll get to watch the drama of him treating her like shit and no one will be saying "he's better now." I hope he gets another like Syd so we can get more BPD meltdowns. It's what he deserves.

No. 1512869

File: 1651044400718.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x2067, 45C851E9-EAB2-456B-8FB3-F18749…)

no amount of weight loss or gain is gonna hide the secondhand embarrassment i feel for sydney as she tries to stunt with a nightmare before christmas shirt LOL oh wow hot topic shirt so cool uWu i’m 30 but my brain is 12 - big flex

No. 1512880

Yeah sorry to break it to that other nonnie but dumb fucking retarded just ain’t hot no matter how skinny fat you are. She’s a half decent cum dumpter, but that’s it.

No. 1512931

Wasn't that video from a year ago??
The photos from her live the other day don't appear she's lost weight.

No. 1513026

He's a violent rapist, what's not clicking? Syd is her own brand of repugnant but absolutely none of that cancels out what a truly awful human being JC is.

No. 1513072

To all nonnies trying to WK goiter boy or skidmark, you don’t need to picksides. They can both be awful human thrash in their own way and their shittiness or “trying to be good” doesnt cancel each other awfulness out. BBP is still an abusive misogynistic washed up junkie and still be a good dad while skidmark can be a terrible narcissistic mom with a mental capacity of a14 Y/O dumbass caused by a concerning mental health issue. End of.

No. 1513355

Don’t you have a husband Chels?

No. 1513372

I agree. Everyone should read your reply and let it be the end of it. They are both shitty, they are both cows. Let’s stop debating who’s worst or who’s better. They both fuckin suck

No. 1513382

I couldn't even tell you which one of his many, many exes that is and I really don't understand the amount of wking that goes on in this thread. If you love goiter so much maybe don't lurk his thread and get your feelings hurt.

No. 1513413

File: 1651088655920.jpg (344.4 KB, 1440x2498, Screenshot_20220427-153156_Ins…)

Skid claims to have adhd, bpd, ptsd, bipolar, anxiety, depression, etc… What's next jklmnop? Qrstuv?

What disorder will she want to wear as an accessory tomorrow?

Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

No. 1513420

Anything to use as an excuse for all her bad behavior. So anytime she acts like a horrible person: muh trauma! Muh mental disorders! It’s not me! I’m interested to see what she will claim next myself. Maybe DID? Maybe Tourette’s? Those are hot right now, no?

No. 1513437


>Maybe DID? Maybe Tourette’s? Those are hot right now, no?

Kek this is sending me nonnie.

No. 1513531

File: 1651096618187.jpeg (405.48 KB, 828x1552, 434ECBEA-6675-4CE6-9C4E-0649C3…)

Guess who’s back following goiter boy? looks like we need to merge the two threads soon

No. 1513558

Guaranteed they're dating on the low and that's why goiter boy has been so quiet.

No. 1513563

File: 1651098787299.jpg (91.5 KB, 750x1334, 279319142_408211904470966_3756…)

No. 1513564

Either way I just wonder how that would work with him in Sac and Tayter in Texas?

No. 1513570

File: 1651099284605.jpg (60.29 KB, 750x1334, 279311485_564045688305036_2010…)

Imagine being such a failure that you're riding Jonny Craig's (formerly DGD, formerly Emarosa, formerly Slaves, formerly Solano County Jail, formerly Elmwood Men's Facility) extremely tattered coattails. Just be a barista or something.

No. 1513573

I bet this chick hardcore friend-zoned his ass.

No. 1513585

that's the vibe I'm getting, too

No. 1513597

This is lolcow, we never go outside kek

No. 1513627

Taylor’s been dying to get out of her parents house but knows she can’t afford to be on her own. Imagine she goes and moves into his apartment. I don’t think it’ll happen it’s just funny to think how syd would react lol I do think they’re talking though. What excuse could she possibly have to follow him?

No. 1513658

I know Syd IRL, we've met up at shows and hung out a few times in the past, but never became close or anything. I've been lurking for a while because I don't have much milk to share I'm just here for the dumpster fire, but I have to say - She does NOT talk like this, at all. It's honestly cringey as fuck that she pretends to be 'hood' online. She talks like a white girl, or someone with downsyndrome ("Are jew gonna eateded dis?" And random raptor noises - as an example) but there is almost never an in-between. I'm not sure if she thinks this is a flex, or an attempt to 'relate' or 'appeal' to her following, or if she's chameleon'ing this Megan girls dialect since they live together now, but it's fucking sad and just shows how much of a pathological liar and manipulator she really is.

No. 1513690

Wow okay, this is a good photo. I bet syd is seething with jealousy

No. 1513692

Haha thanks anon for that. Do you have any other cringe-y behavior syd does IRL that mirrors or contradicts her Online persona?

No. 1513766

Same Nona here -
There were a few things that stood out to me that made me not really want to associate with her anymore, pre BBP. Here's a short list:
- She verbally shames random women to other women who she thinks will align with her viewpoint, and is just as erratic and misogynistic in person as she is online. I've heard her say she hoped a "bitch gets hit by a fucking car" in response to the girl shoving past her in the crowd at a show.
- She flips out and melts down over the smallest shit, like not having even eyeliner, or having her hair done in time. She's notoriously late and it almost always revolved around vain activities, and makes her shit attitude everyone else's problem around her.
- She borrowed money from me, and never paid me back. It wasn't much, just 20$, but according to one of her proclaimed "bffs" at the time, that's a common theme. They at a certain point stopped expecting/hoping for her to pay them back. I don't know how they willingly paid for her way through things for as long as they did. I could never.
- She isn't as clean IRL as she pretends to be online. I picked her up once from her mom's house and her room was torn the fuck up, it looked like a disaster zone. She laughed it off, saying that she just hadn't had the time to clean but as far as I knew at the time she didn't have a job so, what was she so busy doing?

The last straw for me was watching her verbally assault one of her "bffs" at a show. It was honestly really hard to see. The poor girl looked absolutely numb and dead inside after Sydney was done screaming at her. I'm not sure what it was over exactly, but what I could gather it was something about when they were planning to leave. She made that entire show experience about herself, which is ironic as fuck considering she calls herself the "mom friend" of the group online.

No. 1513777

Oh yeah she’s absolutely an empath eyeroll thank you for sharing nonnie. We all know what you described is exactly how she really is and she tries so hard to convince everyone that haterz make stuff up about her or she’s just misunderstood. Pssshhhh she’s not fooling anyone and it’s pathetic.

No. 1513790

The raptor noises omg, more proof that Syd stopped evolving in 2005. Rawr ex de! Good on you for recognizing the crazy and keeping your distance Nona. Stay safe out there.

No. 1513797

Wow! Thank you for this tea, nonnie. We all know she doesn’t have custody of Storm but can you confirm or have any other tea to add?

At shows, i have a feeling she tries to act like a bro to the guys while also wanting some band dude to save her from herself. What is her purpose for shows? The music? Or is it mostly men?

Why does she paint her eyebrows on like that? Are they as terrible in person as they look online?


No. 1513808


Nona again:
I honestly can't tell you if she actually has storm or not. I stopped talking to her over 7 years ago, and I made it a habit not to follow her on any social media's because I knew it'd just bring out the toxic side of myself and feel the urge to engage with her. That's why I'm grateful for all of you for sharing the milk you have over the past two years. I used to be a BBP fan back when he was in DGD (Syd and I connected on that, ironically) so I've been following the TND thread and that filthy milk for a WHILE and it eventually brought me here.

Syd has always been overly obsessed with alternative/hard music, to the point where it feels like she's made it a part of her personality, to a "lock it up in a looney bin" degree. She also has always said she wanted to become a singer like Hayley Williams or Amy Lee, so I'm sure it was one of those "Once in a life time change your life moments" kind of things where she hoped to be pulled on stage and have her time to shine. Which, we've all seen didn't work that well with Bert from The Used.

Honestly I may get a lot of hate for this but I didn't hate her brows back when I was around her. They looked a lot more natural than they do now, and I know filters definitely alter/change the way they look. I will tell you though it took her a good 20 minutes to get them the way she wanted them to back then.

I wasn't really around all that much outside the shows environment, but I've seen her obsess and get neurotic about meeting famous dudes, their girlfriends, anything for clout or recognition that could amount in her weaseling her way into the industry.

No. 1513842

File: 1651123274421.jpeg (418.81 KB, 1125x2242, BC2AC1A1-71F8-43FC-B0AA-C34BD5…)

says the girl who doesn’t know how to read, doesn’t go to therapy, talks like a retard and harasses women she doesn’t like, and had zero self-accountability or remorse for anything she’s done. it’s actually insane she has the gall to post shit like this with her track record.. the most dense and painfully non self-aware human on this crusty side of the internet.

No. 1513866

Moot poi