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File: 1655630912001.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2022, 1655356807046.jpeg)

No. 1565584

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

Fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former) Trans-identified females who are serious in their transition (a la Kalvin Garrah) are relevant too, so are their surgeries.

Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female. Some are SJW transactivists, but for most their identities are entirely superficial.

Back off all trannies and your dysphoria because no1curr.

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1565601

Speaking of kavlin garrah what ever happened to her she use to get into shit with other tifs like every other week

No. 1565609

Good point, haven't heard from her in ages. It was funny as fuck when she was butthurt about being banned from cavetown concerts and how cavetown banner her in the first place like she's some sort of dangerous criminal for having a different opinion on troonism kek.

No. 1565613

File: 1655634913099.jpeg (420.83 KB, 750x1162, 11F31026-29E3-40FA-90AA-848CEB…)

She has a podcast about musically drama from 2017 now with another TIF and a seemingly normal jewish girl. it's honestly fun to listen to if you can forget the fact shes Kalvin Garrah.

No. 1565636

File: 1655638295758.jpg (534.21 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220619-132853.jpg)

Kek jesus she looks like she detransitioned, is she still pretending to be a straight man while looking like this

No. 1565640

She's transitioning into Velma from Scooby Doo.

No. 1565646

Tinfoil but she is/will warm up to terf rhetoric and want to detransition but will be too stubborn to admit it. Going against the enbies like she used to do is something at least. The contrast of how muh dysphoria she used to be and how she even managed to more or less pass and actually work on her voice so it wouldn't be the clockable froggy T voice Vs how she looks now with zero effort to look like a man… Makes me wonder.

No. 1565651

Is it me or is she acting more stereotypically feminine now? In her old vids she seemed more composed like a stereotypical moid would be but it seems like she gives less of a fuck now. Honestly she's gone full retard too, with the clapping and squealing like a baby but eh, good for her if she's not trying to pass anymore.

No. 1565655

I thought the onision and kai podcast show was bad, then I saw this shit.

No. 1565686

Absolutely fascinated by how many of these women are gnc or “unfeminine” (neither of which are bad to be as a woman) and then when they transition it’s like they give themselves freedom to suddenly be as OTT hyper feminine as possible. Someone should write an essay on it but they’d get canceled

No. 1565728

Holy fuck cavetown did that? Trannies are so insane and stupid. What would she even do to them lol

No. 1565732

It would make sense, esp since many of them are into shotacon and take their inspiration from it. It’s kind of sick but definitely a thing. Thanks for sharing that btw, that is interesting.

No. 1565752

Is the podcast name supposed to reference kalvins falling out with storm ryan?

No. 1565766

File: 1655654418668.png (Spoiler Image,3.92 MB, 828x1792, 0CBDCEEB-01DD-409F-9033-7954D9…)

I was lurking through Bob the Drag Queen’s troon boyfriend’s IG and wow.
Spoiler for drawing for frankenclit

No. 1565777

wait bob the drag queen is dating a tif? he's bisexual? i did not see that coming

No. 1565813

Look at the last few posts of the previous thread. Bob did a video talking about his poly relationship with a ftm. I swear he identified as gay up until he started dating Ezra.

No. 1565816

File: 1655657273918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,870.02 KB, 828x1228, B3A9B653-D6D4-4658-8C08-835418…)

She kind of looks like she wants to skinwalk as pete davidson

No. 1565829

>he identified as gay until dating Ezra
Hm, kind of transphobic no? I’m surprised a fakeboi wouldn’t get up in arms over that.

No. 1565840

Thought for a second that this was Ellen Page smiling for once, then thought she'd changed her name to Ezra Miller, then realized it was neither

No. 1565853

She just thinks that since she passes more consistently now that she can act “faggy” or whatever, if you see her tiktok (i dont remember her new username) it’s clear

No. 1565864

File: 1655659589350.jpg (510.68 KB, 3072x2048, 1ee9416ff787801b7cf17bab3d4cd5…)

anon do you have face blindness

No. 1565865

this type of shit makes me question my bisexuality because the words boy pussy make me want to fucking vomit

No. 1565866

It's the hair and eyes coupled with "skinwalk as Pete Davidson"

No. 1565868

It's a long time since I saw the video but from what I remember there was no argument or anything, Kalvin didn't know her and just liked her music but cavetown is/was one of those "tucute" troons (I think?) so she banned Garrah for? Idk, tranny reasons. Allegedly gave security a picture of her so they knew to be on the lookout for Kalvin too kek.

AYRT and yeah, you're right. She kept saying "giving" and I couldn't understand it but then I remembered how girls with RPDR brainrot talk and it's exactly like that. She also seemed weirdly obsessed with Judaism in typical fakeboi style.

No. 1565909

I'm gnc, and back during my troon phase it was baffling as fuck to see all these girls with pubestaches wearing glitter eye makeup and sexy bikinis. I was under the impression that all TiFs transitioned so society would tolerate them being unfeminine/lesbian, but clearly I was wrong.

My tinfoil/theory is that most of these fakebois aren't really gnc, they're just wearing baggy/unfeminine clothes to escape from internalized misogyny. Once they've transitioned far enough that their internalized misogyny no longer bothers them (bc they've convinced themselves that they're "male" and that society sees them that way), they feel like they're free to become the pretty princess they always wanted to be.

No. 1565922

When did thy have a falling out?

No. 1565971

Immediately, obviously a woman.

No. 1566023

File: 1655668550188.jpeg (757.93 KB, 1365x2048, 93491825-A8CD-461E-9E43-F9B693…)

Why are so many TiFs obsessed with cowboys? Is there a study on this?

No. 1566026

Probably the association with idealized rugged masculinity, having watched Brokeback Mountain, or romanticizing "simple" country life (or all three simultaneously)

No. 1566098

The irony of workshy lardasses idealising a job that involves a lot manual labour never fails to make me kek.

This plus that Orville Peck guy and I think RDR2 kinda played a part as well to an extent. I remember being on tumblr when it came out and suddenly a lot of the softbois became ruff and tuff cowfolx overnight, it was fucking weird.

No. 1566119

not only orville peck but lil nas x as well

No. 1566123

Oh shit yeah, I forgot about him. Gaydens went nuts when he came out. I thoroughly enjoyed dickgate; how dare a gay man say he likes dick! kek

No. 1566145

Yeah it is. The comedy of posturing as a real manly man unlike those fake transtrenders all through your teen years only to end up just as clockable and genuinely female acting as any of them. An actual male would never in their life GAF about petty revenge like that. And she's in her early 20s now too, it's not cute anymore kek

No. 1566184

This sums it up perfectly. I've always wondered why Brokeback Mountain hasn't been called out as fetishistic by gaydens given it was written by a woman?

No. 1566295

cowboy aesthetic is super in right now with gays

which is very interesting since i've seen many, many gay men cite brokeback mountain as an important work that they love. no one yells about women fetishizing the gays or cares about "fujos" except other women who probably just hate their own fetishes.

No. 1566417

>storm ryan
googled her and she looks like the little sister of richard ramirez. scary af.

No. 1566450

Sorry out of the loop, why did they fall out? I have to guess troon issues kek

No. 1566457

ryan became tucute and made a video apologizing for the bullying videos with kalvin. kalvin, still truscum, didn't know ryan was making that video and felt backstabbed

No. 1566458

These friend groups are always insanely tumultuous

No. 1566469

Why only girls fall into this nonbinary bullshit? Never seen a guy trooning out in this particular way

No. 1566476

Ezra miller
Sage your posts

No. 1566493

Sam Smith too, and bob the drag queen iirc which might explain the troon gf. And people are crowing for Harry Styles to be it, simply bc he throws on some dresses to quirky.

No. 1566496

Because men go straight to coom.

No. 1566498

I have some answers/theories:

1)Like it has been discussed before, a lot of Tifs try to present themselves as ugly as possible, on a way to avoid getting identified as female and get sexually harrased. The thing is, on TRA circles, the label "nonbinary" is often presented as a way to break norms, and since these girls present themselves in such visually unappealing or unconventional way, it's seen as more appropiate.

2)They want the attention of being not like the others girls. Being trans is like being a perpetual victim and thereford special. However, they don't want to deal with the effects of testosterone (Balding, frog voice, etc.), and even less with the process of having a fake dick, and probably die on said process. Meanwhile, the term nonbinary has such a wide and yet nonexistent meaning, that it doesn't even require being androgynous or using new pronouns anymore, so they can just slap the label on themselves, not change anything about their life styles, and still being accepted as such.

3)Usually men transition for 2 reasons: Porn brainrot (Meaning that their goal is to look like the women they are attracted to, and not being a genderblob, that's why they often draw themselves are cute/sexy anime girls despite looking like ghouls and while there are TiFs who draw themselves as pretty anime boys, many also draw themselves as ugly goblings even if they can pass as average looking people) or due to homophobia (Many parents prefer to have a castrated kid and called it a straight daughter than having a gay son. These are often transsed from a very young age and come from less gay accepting countries like Thailand. So their goal is to be straight instead of being women. This can also apply to lesbians on similar conditions)

4)There are a few nonbinary males, the already mentioned Ezra Miller or Haplo Schaffer (The first NB male I knew about), but their thing is either rooted on narcissism (Wanting to be more special than the average person) or trying to present themselves as "Not like other guys", thereford as "non threatening progessive soft boys" so they can prey on girls.

I hope this makes sense.

No. 1566527

To add, Jonathan Van Ness calls himself non-binary.

No. 1566544

There's a video of Kalvin, Buck and 4 other guys on Destiny's channel circlejerking about the trans topic. Kalvin is a permatroon.

No. 1566613

KEK, you're right. All she needs is meth mouth and an AC/DC cap.

No. 1566614

Wow thanks for the answer, seems more clear now
I do think those "nonbinary" girls or obviously feminine TIFs just want to be aside from the "women" group and therefore aside from sexualization/discrimination while never actually changing anything

No. 1566632

I agree but I'd add one more: autists who don't understand gender roles so they opt for nonbinary (some go full trans) because it gives them an "explanation" to why they're different and not hyper feminine or masculine , which they think men/women are due to their autistic black and white thinking and lack of socialization. They're typically encouraged/groomed into it by their woke friends who think cis people are evil, applies to both genders.

No. 1566917

File: 1655746131886.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1339x1172, 15769C0F-D3F7-4BD8-9AA7-B94B0A…)

No. 1566918

This while at the same time criticizing her for using the Venus symbol in a performance or whatever.

No. 1567005

Didn't need to use neutral pronouns, you know the kid's non-binary because she dresses like utter shit.

No. 1567070

Using folks on top of everything else kek.

No. 1567088

That's terfy tho nonna, didn't you know "folx" is more gender neutral than "folks"? Referring to J Lo as "her" = also terfy, she never stated her pronouns and the writer has no right to assume his/hers/its/theirs/xies/trees gender.

No. 1567179

Cowboys are a very famous and popular gay men thing, same with sailors (but there wasn't a Brokeback Mountain on the water) and the TIFs want to LARP as gay men so they study them and attempt to cosplay the things gay men like.

No. 1567285

File: 1655768660810.webm (2.55 MB, 576x1024, download (3).webm)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1567297

File: 1655769142004.webm (2.47 MB, 576x1024, download (4).webm)

No. 1567359

Doesn't even remotely look or sound like a man

No. 1567374

Troon issues, and high school girl antics kek

Ryan also started a tucute podcast, Brenemies, and became very close friends with the former dangerhaired multiple pronouns woman Brennan, who Kalvin made a video making fun of a few years ago.

No. 1567452

Larps as a "man" only to still get harassed, kek.

No. 1567495

In their minds:
>Women wearing makeup, pink, and high heeled shoes = boring, basic, and shallow
>Men wearing makeup, pink, and high heeled shoes = subversive, sexy, unique, and ~kweer~
They felt ashamed for liking those things as women because they wanted to be "not like other girls," but changed their tunes the second they found a ~unique~ pretext for enjoying them.

No. 1567499

Sorry for spoon-feeding, but why are SJW types so obsessed with saying "folks?" "People" is already gender neutral, isn't it?

No. 1567506

They think it sounds more nice and personable or something. I hate it and refuse to use it.

No. 1567686

It always comes across as so condescending to me. If some regular non gendie says it it’s usually whatever but whenever they do it I just know I’m about to get re-educated or told to examine my biases or something.

No. 1567701

File: 1655817840120.png (547.22 KB, 588x883, Screenshot 20.png)

a twitter thread where enbyes and feminine aydens at least acknowledge the fact that guys who fuck them still view them as women
one particular comment I found kinda ironic
>the real issue here is cishet men seeing afab nb people as quirky cisgender women
which is the actual reality, they are nothing more then quirky straight women


No. 1567757

File: 1655820996890.png (52.33 KB, 556x435, irony omg such irony.png)

No. 1567772

Apparently its because the "x" symbolises people who are oppressed or something. Malcolm X used it to indicate that he'd been robbed of his heritage and ancestry, hence replacing his family name with an unknown value. That has a logic to it but "folx" is just cargo-cult inclusivity.

No. 1567775

It makes zero sense though. Malcolm X changed his name because many black Americans got their last names through slave owners, and it was a symbolic rejection of that. There is nothing about "folx" that relates to oppression or gender.

No. 1567781

Who is going to tell her that bisexual men exist?

No. 1567788

Yep, that's exactly what I was saying.

No. 1567797

File: 1655824765605.png (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 716x2460, 6311ED02-DC97-4ECC-A453-5FE9A5…)

Spoilered for boobs. I saw this one on the other farms and jesus. Part of me finds humor in how some of these TiFs turn the tables on what TiMs do to lesbians, but at the same time I find the general homophobia fucked up. Trans people really are their own worst enemy with this shit, they’ve completely ostracized themselves from the rest of the community and for good reason. It’s just being told who to fuck conversion therapy style in a new way.

No. 1567813

She kind of looks and sounds like a slightly haggard 14 year old boy, so I can believe she got creeped on by some men

No. 1567893

as >>1567813 stated, she does almost look a 14-15 year old boy, so its very much possible could gay men would hit on her fully believing she's an underage male

No. 1568047

proof that homophobia is a mental illness

No. 1568086

Trans win! Local fakeboi gets validation by pedophilic men!
All jokes aside, do you think there are women who will capitalize off of this to get that trans validation? I already know there are men who fuck aidens as a "loophole" for being a pedo because some of them look like little boys.

No. 1568090

Yeah I'm butch and in gay clubs I've been hit on by gay/bi guys that give out major weirdo vibes. It doesn't take a genius to work out why they like masc/androgynous women. Maybe I'm too blackpilled on being GNC due to years of shit but the "compliments" I've heard have almost always been shit like "baby boy" or "handsome/cute/sweet/whatever boy". Plus some of the TIF/bi guy couples I've seen just scream pseudo noncery. They act like slightly toned down DD/lg couples in public, it's gross.

No. 1568101

Agreed. There's some flamboyant dudes that just want to boink anything, doesn't mean they're gay. And I think she's lying there's too many videos of men wanting her on her page to be believable.

Also not that it matters but that tiktoker came out as lesbian in 2019 and has several videos talking about men and wanting to be perceived as a gay man. Posting a video of like an 8-ball text generator asking if she's going to marry a man and it says ofc and then she asks if she's going to marry a woman and it says never lol. The jokes right themselves. I hate these people.

No. 1568817

File: 1655908576449.png (20 KB, 591x208, a.PNG)

Then what is a man?

No. 1568846

Don’t cape for gay men, they’re degenerates too

No. 1568936

late and OT but I also think men that are soy, not particularly good-looking and want to look progressive but don't want to be a full on tranny. So basically a way for failmales to play off their soyness so basically the 4th category but less intentional.

No. 1568937

homophobia doesn't just impact gay males, retard

No. 1568979

>Then what is a man?

Wanting to be a kawaii yaoi twink with big boobs and a pussy, duh

No. 1569026

A miserable pile of secrets!

No. 1569477

File: 1655962592846.jpeg (118.86 KB, 1200x666, A868F1BA-6DD7-4691-9A10-95949A…)

A new animated fakeboi show just premiered on Netflix.
>>The series follows a young, trans, Jewish teen named Barney who leaves his house to live and work at an amusement park while finding a chosen family along the way.
>>Hamish Steele describes this as not just being simple representation, describing it as “meant to be in the structure and the bones of the show.” This kind of animated program that navigates the toughness and joys of being trans and finding a chosen family as each character is going through their own issues.

No. 1569505

I finished the show yesterday. It was fine. The main character could have been gay and it would have changed nothing to the story. The gender identity part of the story is at best a subplot and it felt extremely forced.

No. 1569572

You think that since they have their canon fakeboi they'll keep their shitty trans headcanons away from the actually good male characters?
Yeah me either. One can dream…

No. 1569582

File: 1655969784231.jpg (75.42 KB, 450x450, B1zhzCNMj1S._SX450_.jpg)

The show was made by a man and the art is ugly so it isn't that popular.

No. 1569623

File: 1655973525549.jpeg (139.51 KB, 1052x1079, F3EE2BF2-9EB9-40A1-87E2-C048FA…)

Looks like Garrett Watts…

No. 1569678

File: 1655983432099.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.63 KB, 864x1108, NSFL.jpg)

I think this is the most unfortunate and ugly body shape I have seen on a TIF yet.

No. 1569692

>get double mastectomy
>boobs still sag
No wonder there's a higher risk of suicide after """gender affirming""" surgeries, Christ.

No. 1569731

and of course this is aimed at children…

the scar on the arm looks horrific. like this is really sad. i'm not sure where these pics are from, but is it ok to post nude photos of people here? maybe helps educate people on the realities of GRS, but it's also a privacy violation. kinda reminds me of bullying using revenge porn… especially the type of comments responses these posts usually get. with nonas mocking the looks of that person. when really it's just sad to see what people do to themselves.

No. 1569732

I just noticed the urine bladder hole & tube. What a nightmare… Imagine supporting someone doing this to themselves. I just can't.

No. 1569755

Oh my god I didn't see it either. Wtf man..

No. 1569756

Very natural and normal looking flesh tube kek

No. 1569758

If privacy was an issue then these women shouldn't have posted nude photos on the internet in the first place. Oh boo hoo, people mock them, it's part and parcel of putting yourself online. These people are pushing a dangerous agenda and often encourage violence against anyone who suggests that maybe trooning out is dumb and dangerous, so fuck 'em. This is nothing like revenge porn; if you think it is then maybe you should go back to radblr and post about what a nicefem you are while you achieve absolutely nothing because you're afraid of being perceived as mean.

No. 1569764

I guess this is one of the reasons they kill themselves in the end. Deformed body shape that still looks female,sag tits choped for nothing, that piece of vomit inducing arm meat kek.

No. 1569766

Is the TiF main char the one with blue hair? That’s pretty accurate at least.

No. 1569786

File: 1655996771948.png (394.57 KB, 537x597, ayyden.PNG)

KEK just saw this hilarious take on this show. At least they're willing to admit that most fakebois are just pudgy women with unflattering alt hairstyles

No. 1569796

It is so unappealing though. If I were a TiF I would be insulted.

No. 1569825

I was hesitant to post at first because of the medical gore, never thought people would object to the nude part because my mind didn't even parse any part of the image as sexual in any way lol
The picture is coming from a public reddit community, not stolen or obtained under a false pretense, where this person freely posted to showcase the useless medical mutilations and injected hormones that she chose to inflict on herself in a way that doesn't make her look any closer to a man, things she's not only proud of but that she actively campaigns to see doctors push on even more young mentally ill people as a solution to living in a misogynist society. I don't care at all about her original looks and body, but I do care about the various ways she choose to mutilate herself because it sure hits different after seeing troons cry that people trying to regulate their life saving transition care are TERF Nazis that should be excluded from polite society to actually seeing what said totally necessary care actually entails (and of course, she has horrifying complications with her arm and urethra). A picture is worth a thousand words etc

No. 1569839

File: 1656000017664.jpeg (673.61 KB, 1325x1526, 2AA6D60C-14B8-4D3D-9E0F-F47784…)

Some are kek. Can’t please them all I guess.

No. 1569844

lmao a fat hagged TiF will rage at this can't kek enough but this is EXACTLY how they all look…like shit, basically.

No. 1569847

He should've replied with the truth kek

No. 1569860

A lot of TIFs look exactly like that and are self-aware and proud of it and make self portraits and self insert OCs with similar looks. In fact a lot of TIFs draw themselves even uglier than that. The designs are okay, really.

No. 1569875

You know, that’s a good point. The bad art thread is a goldmine for TiF art. I wonder if the char has top surgery scars. Surely there’s some episode at a beach or pool where they show that because they love it being some kind of statement.

No. 1569880

File: 1656002584792.jpg (546.52 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220623-184020.jpg)

reminds me of tranny youtuber chase

No. 1569885

Are you new to the internet? Trannies post pics of their naked bodies on their public profiles and sites like reddit all the time because they want many people to see them, it's ridiculous and even insulting to compare it to revenge porn, especially because I've seen trannies try to make that point to make us look like creepy perverts or whatever. If you post a picture on a public site, people can do anything they want with it and you can't demand privacy

No. 1569888

The character wears a binder. It's never mentioned that she is trans, it's only implied that her grandma said transphobic things to her one time. In the last episode, her parents tell her that her mom also had short hair when she was younger.

No. 1569897

File: 1656004122197.jpeg (363.85 KB, 885x1165, 438C8406-D685-41DE-8134-511B7F…)

In the comic it’s based on, the fakeboi is dating an older hiv+ gay guy. The author is ~polyamorous~ and gives me TIF chaser vibes.

No. 1569898

why are they all called Chase

No. 1569899

What going on here? The TiF is invading other people minds?

No. 1569901

What's with that massive scar on the left lower quadrant? It can't be a the surgery, right?

No. 1569903

Kek I couldn’t figure it out either.

No. 1569904

File: 1656004565968.png (1.07 MB, 885x1165, 1614028854660.png)

Apparently she gets surgery at some point during the comic.

No. 1569906

It's the use of the fugly tumblr nose that's bothering me the most. Who the fuck still uses that?

No. 1569915

are those self harm scars kek

No. 1569917

He looks like the type of leftist activist bf who has a sick pornbrained fetish for trannys. Also I bet fakebois everywhere are currently putthing him on a pedestal and worshipping him but if a real woman made a show about an agp with the same plot, shed get flamed so hard she would have to delete her entire internet presence and change her adress. fakebois worship real men while agps hate and violently despise all real women

No. 1569918

Is the fakeboi a gayden, too? kek that is so funny
The fixation on titmangle scars reminds me so much of the romanticization of cutting that was present in teenage girls/young women and the media they made in the 2000's-very early 2010's. Troonacy really is just this generation's version of it

No. 1569921

On the arm? I think so. This is like a parody of itself

No. 1569928

I think it's for the better that these images circulate. It may not snap people out of tiktok gender hypnosis but at least it will discourage them from mangling their genitals(learn2sage)

No. 1569929

kek I knew it!

No. 1569930

>titmangle scars
kek nonna my sides

>dating an older hiv+ gay guy.
Wow, this might be actually the most realistic part of the comics, imagine going through transitioning to live your best life as a ~gay man~ to be only able to date the rejects of the gay scene such as an older-than-you ex-manwhore with HIV.

No. 1569933

File: 1656006225971.jpg (215.41 KB, 1080x1777, FV8_4VjXgAAfJcm.jpg)

They deleted this after having their ass handed to them

No. 1569943

File: 1656006618528.jpeg (2.22 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2369.jpeg)

Ellen Page's character in the Umbrella Academy got transed. Right at the start of the second episode. The scene was dumb and felt forced. First she reminisces about her lesbian experience and then looks at her own reflection in a barbershop window, goes in, super fucking awkward scene that made me lol, just sitting in the chair and them both saying nothing. Then she just straight up shows up to talk to the other characters with that stupid haircut and the conversation literally goes like this:

>who elected you, Vanya?

>it's Victor.
>who's Victor?
>I am. It's who I've always been

And then they all say they're cool with it and it feels so forced that it's almost sarcastic. A look of pure gender euphoria washes over this 5'2'' iron deficient self-hating lesbian's face and the scene goes on like nothing. It was so cringe. Also Vanya is already short for a male name, stupid burgerland writer

Sorry for the potato photo, Netflix won't let you screenshot

No. 1569944

How can these people can use psychotic sounding terms like "womb carriers" and still claim to be against misogyny? Surely at some point they must think "huh, that's not a very nice thing to call women, it's kinda dehumanising"?

No. 1569953

I just watched this as well. It did feel incredibly forced. Also her immediately starting to use that emo voice when she gets a haircut lol. I skipped through the scene where she explains it to Allison.

No. 1569954

It's fucking weird. They use misogyny knowing that it's woman-specific, but refer to native women the way Belgians would in the Congo Free State.

No. 1569958

Yeah, the voice is awful. It sounds like a shitty electronic voice modifier to smoker granny or like she needs to cough up loose phlegm lol

No. 1569959

File: 1656007230581.jpeg (321.05 KB, 1345x520, 56DFEE2A-C32E-4CE6-BEBD-224058…)

Autistic he/they. I bet you’re right.

No. 1569960

inb4 gaydens come forward and reveal that this guy is a creepy chaser

No. 1569964

The woke/progressives say "womb carrier" or else they would get cancelled by TIMs for implying all women can give birth and it implies "women" does not include them

No. 1569965

Is that the movie adaptation of fakeboi thread #12 cover image?

No. 1569967

Not this time, you forgot the breast growth of the other ftm after top surgery, it was super kek but disturbing to know

No. 1569969

Its better to sacrifice some so that we know how scary behind the scenes is. For example that schizo NY mag story.

No. 1569980

Gross. Sage this scrote

No. 1569982

i watched the show and she literally says "i'm trans" to the brown girl?

No. 1569994

This, there is an "UwU I'm trans" confession in the second ep where the fakeboi explains why she is sleeping in the theme park

No. 1570008

File: 1656011111294.jpeg (531.05 KB, 2048x2048, 2B935D2F-B3B2-4E61-9CC7-6F6F9A…)

No. 1570012

These shows are going to age so badly. They will be seen as a historical document of our crazy times.

No. 1570019

I want to add that I love how Norma cannot be passionate about the Dollywood rip off, she has to be an actual sperg as well as an Pakistani lesbian. JFC I know people like this exist, but it's insufferable when every other character is a list of woke labels

No. 1570020

So the message is that if you’re a trans kid, you should abandon everything and just go live alone somewhere? It doesn’t even say that the parents were rude about it, just that they knew. What? This is so stupid.

No. 1570035

Basically, the message is kind of like
>Run away from home so we can groom you better, go get that chosen family tiger! Even if you get HIV in the process.

No. 1570037

File: 1656014401826.jpg (216.07 KB, 1000x1250, trKdjle.jpg)

>Show starts out with 2 female main characters together with 5 male main characters
>Female character A is very gender conforming, hyperfeminine, has relationships with men, always dolled up, her arc constantly revolves around dating/love/men, not very powerful when it comes to her abilities
>Female character B is awkward and gender nonconforming, dresses comfortably and plain, is in a lesbian relationship, extremely powerful abilities
>Guess which one gets transed
Truly a fantastic message for the target demographic (teenage girls). Like >>1570012 said this is going to age horribly once the tides start to turn.

No. 1570042

>not very powerful
At least in the comics, she can literally bend reality by rumoring.

No. 1570065

How does that shit even work? Did these women get hysterectomies against their will? Which means that logically they wouldn't even be "womb carriers" anymore anyway? Whoever wrote these tweets is retarded on top of being misogynistic.

No. 1570078

derail but Ellen’s fivehead is making me kek

No. 1570106

File: 1656019356161.jpeg (612.48 KB, 676x2215, 6EACA3BC-5B26-4124-A391-7A6C67…)

People are upset because in the comic the HIV+ boyfriend wanted an open relationship with an ex boyfriend. Not shitting on HIV+ people or clutching my pearls, but isn’t it reckless to write a gay male character who’s positive and wants to be in an open relationship and fuck other people? It most likely won’t be in the cartoon and the characters are older in the comic but people on twitter are pissed.

No. 1570120

>tries to be inclusive and call women "womb-carriers"
>still recognizes violence against "womb-carriers" as misogyny
none of these people believe their own bullshit, kek

No. 1570121

File: 1656020032977.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1300x1915, 70F4675E-9DEF-4560-9559-E0825B…)

No. 1570124

I mean, not even the most desperate of HIV+ gay man would want to fuck some tub o' lard Aiden with a patchy pubebeard. They're still gay. The best a fakeboi could hope for is so depraved bisexual chaser like the creator of the show kek

No. 1570128

The chosen one get to be promoted to man!

No. 1570131

File: 1656020569111.jpeg (517.85 KB, 2048x2048, 4DD7C588-7D9D-4FA2-AFF7-934BE1…)

No. 1570135

Honestly I can see a lot of gaydens digging the HIV plotline and using it as fuel for fanfic. A lot of them fetishise HIV a la Lou Sullivan.

No. 1570137

I really cannot get over how hideous yet accurate this TIF looks. The doughy moon face, the pudgy physique that's still distinctively female even with bound/chopped off breasts, the girly-girl body language, her feminine expressions, her being totally unable to act like an actual man would, it's all there. She's a (barely)nicer rendition of the /tttt/ pooner meme.

No. 1570155

Everytime I see this shitty comic I get more and more mad. Bet the Aiden has never even seen someone battling HIV/AIDS. Most of them don't want to spread it unless they're evil. Open relationship while HIV positive? Does the dude even take pills everyday or are they trying to make HIV some ~quirky uwu~ disease that doesn't really affect you in your daily life but is still a disease? Fuckin tired. I wish the old gays who survived the 80s would get a load of this and rip her a new asshole

No. 1570159

kek. i love you nonnie.

No. 1570160

Offtopic but Allison got nerfed so hard in the show, with both her powers and the plotlines she's involved in.

No. 1570165

>show tries to be so progressive that they trans themselves into the Smurfette Principle in 2022

No. 1570176

It's going to age even worse if Ellen 41% or dies from some trans related health problem, which I'm sure will be covered up.

No. 1570177

Yes! It's amazing how even with the uber ugly generic art style, the author still managed to capture the essence of the TIF. Wonder if he's low key trolling or just thirsting after FTMs for some fucked up reason.
And also does the TIF in the comic do anything outside of having relationship angst and obsessing about her body issues like a basic chick flick heroine?

No. 1570181

File: 1656022546591.jpeg (629.27 KB, 1170x1067, FAF1AFD8-D379-4E72-A42D-540C2F…)

One of the most jarring twitter profiles I’ve seen. A tif larping as a tim…?

No. 1570182

If there's one thing more degenerate than garden variety bugchasers it's FtMs who bugchase for gender euphoria

No. 1570184

I wonder how all the handmaidens and other TRAs are going to pivot when trans shit goes the way of lobotomies. All their glowing praise for 14 year olds getting hormones and surgery, men in women's prisons/sports/bathrooms/etc, conversion therapy rhetoric towards gay men and lesbians is all online and well-documented, it's going to be a lot harder for them to pretend they never championed this shit than it was for lobotomy supporters to.
I mean, trans ideology is literally just that woman = decorative sex object meant to get fucked by men, this is perfectly logically consistent by their standards.

No. 1570211

Wasn't the chick who faked HIV to write Hamilton high school AUs where he gets AIDs a TiF? If so then it's already happening.
Apparently intent is the only thing separating Caricature from Representation.

No. 1570225

Oddly enough this comic was drawn by a real man

No. 1570226

What using /tttt/ does to a mf

No. 1570227

Wow, male Kikomi

No. 1570230

I didn’t know what a bug chaser was until now. What level of self hatred and mental illness do you have to have to want that? Good god so bleak.

No. 1570234

How does a moid get to this point though? Like I guess all he gets is attention and shit from this group? I feel like it’s rare to find a gay scrote who cares about Tifs.

No. 1570240

100% he's a bisexual with a TIF fetish. There are a surprising number of them, they "identify" as gay because they know it will get them more gayden pussy.

No. 1570242

Ah, of course.

No. 1570356

Liking women and TIFs doesn't make you bi, liking women and TIMs does though

No. 1570360

like any real male ever would 'love' a TiF, delusional as fuck.

No. 1570362

motherfuckers always chose the most stupid names, vanya to viktor, ellen to elliot. they so basic. Not watching this season kek fuck turtle face ellen page.

No. 1570369

i mean as long as they take the medication to reduce their viral load count then they can’t spread it to anyone else. it’s how women with hiv can have hiv negative children

No. 1570374

File: 1656036998988.png (288.86 KB, 516x591, Screenshot_20220623-191539.png)

Slight detail but I've been staring at this panel trying to figure out what's going on with his left arm… Like is he an amputee or is the artist just that bad at drawing

No. 1570384

I think he might like actual dudes too, but clearly not exclusively. I say bi instead of straight since every single TIF fetishist I've ever seen is one, though I suppose straight ones do exist somewhere
It's especially funny to see TIF delusions(and their enabler's pandering fantasies) get shattered by reality. I still think about that reddit TIF who went to a gay sex party and spent all night crying the bathroom when no one wanted to fuck her and everyone was clearly uncomfortable with her presence kek
Amputee, my guess is to fulfill the cripple section on the diversity checklist. Same reason there's a progressive hijabi character and why her boyfriend has HIV- for the ~good representation~ they bring.

No. 1570387

god i hate this fucking art style. the stupid fucking noses, the plaid ass expression, the ridiculous hair. i hate it all.

No. 1570394

Sage for non-contribution but does anyone else find it funny how little the act like actual men? Every single TIF acts, dresses, types, the same way. They all like the same media, most of which 0 actual men like. Could you imagine being a girl into DSMP or South Park ships or something and concluding that you must be a man because you like to see the skinny white boys kiss?Aren't they even a little self-aware that they are so obviously female, and hardly even GNC in their interests? It's not just that either, it's things like having a Caard that they decorate and list everything about themselves on (or having one at all kek), or using neopronouns. It's such undeniably female behavior. They are all trying so hard to be different that they end up all the exact same (that is, nothing at all like actual men, but certainly like millions of other weird girls). Being trans used to be about saying that you have a male/female brain in the wrong body but apparently they've thrown that away and now just use the circular reasoning of "anyone who thinks that they are a man/woman is one." Not that the trutrans ones are ever any better, they're just more self-conscious and compensating for knowing deep down that they aren't men. Plus, their obsession over trenders is hilarious, as if a real man would spend so much time trying to prove that they are totally manly guise!!! I know that a lot of these girls are children but holy fuck the vitriol with which they attack anyone who goes against their narrative and the institutional support they have garnered is insane. I hope that they grow out of it or that the tide turns as their demands continue to grow more and more ridiculous. They can't live in this fantasy world forever. Praying for this lawsuit wave that you nonnies speak of…

No. 1570416

File: 1656040967171.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1521x1009, 0DB6BD03-64FB-4126-BA5B-F7C858…)

No. 1570423

he fisted some ftm poon so hard his hand got lost up there forever

No. 1570454

The freaky green eyes are so ugly, this is just so ugly, but I absolutely hate the weird green eyes when she, I assume, uses some magic power. Like hell, I get that the retard drawing has to show that she's using some powers, but maybe pick something less ugly, jesus fuck.

No. 1570467

she's going to be unable to land any roles after this. there are almost no tif roles (especially if you're over 30) and she won't be able to play an actual man because she doesn't pass. what was she thinking?

No. 1570498

File: 1656050156904.jpeg (920.6 KB, 1160x2304, CDFB3882-8B36-4C77-BD02-802E7B…)

Little brother making sense

No. 1570500

who the fuck is the target audience for this shit? I don't think even blue haired queerios tumblrinas would even give a shit about that.

No. 1570504

Wondering that too. The issue is that the FTM is too realistic in her ugliness and despite their pretend championing of diversity, the only kind of gay they are interested in reading about are the young, hot, not-HIV+ white ones.

No. 1570523

File: 1656053199730.jpg (1.77 MB, 2160x2160, 947668486363857355e783.jpg)

I love when these girls pretend to be gay men and that the boys they like are now somehow gay for dating them

No. 1570528

They always have a thing for dino shaped shit

No. 1570535

>literally dressing like a stereotypical lesbian
what did she mean by this

No. 1570551

I'm still heartbroken, she's partially what peaked me. I loved Ellen and thought her role was really good in the show but I refuse to support it now. How can you get brainwashed by self-loathing at that age??? It boggles me.

No. 1570576

not missing out on anything nona, it's shit

No. 1570578

too much text but I agree Nona, I agree. actual example of this is >>1570523 so funny how she still looks like a woman kek

No. 1570580

omfgg This is so depressing lmao I wonder if the cast makes fun of her kek
this bitch will 41% I'm telling you.

No. 1570592

so…there's not actual point of changing her name either?…

No. 1570593

>threatening suicide because her parents don't accept she's a tranny

No. 1570613

>what did she mean by this
Troons see lesbians as closeted men thus they see our fashion as "t-boy swag" or w/e the fuck they call it. Most gaydens are bitter because the average butch mogs them, kek.

Threatening it to her young sibling too, real nice.

No. 1570631

and THIS is why ftm chasers are often pedos

No. 1570692

Hope she snaps out of it someday, she’s cute.

No. 1570731

It’s like every straight woman who didn’t like wearing body on dresses and micro minis suddenly decided to start questioning their gender at once. I’ve known plenty of straight GNC women!

No. 1570768

Yeah I've just wanted to get this off my chest because I'm a zoomer who's into artsy alternative stuff so I'm surrounded by TIFs and forced to act like I really believe that these shy sensitive 5'3 girls are totes real men, and I've got no one to talk to about it IRL because I don't want to get kicked out of my school. That's why I appreciate these threads

No. 1570776

I’m slightly older (early 30s) and so many remind me of how so-called MPDGs used to act back in the 2010s and a little earlier. Soft-spoken NLOGs who like art and being quirky!! I feel like it’s just NLOG with extra steps for many of them and I know so many girls who would have at least gone they/them back in the day who acted just like these girls do now.

No. 1570797

I fully expect most libfems to transition into housewives and just blindly defend the new conservative order. Like zealots, they will overcompensate for their past "feminist" sins

No. 1570811

I'm in my earlys 30's too and don't worry this is our space my Nona!, I used to work with tifs too, was horrible but the last year I just got ride of them all when I quit my job (artsy stuff too) by honestly just saying fuck off I'm a TERF (I'm not one really but that shit is a legit fuck you to them kek) I remember the 2010s too, shit was just starting in Tumblr days, now here we are, living this fucking nightmare lol

No. 1570815

I remember when this shit was happening in tumblr. They bullied the gatekeepers and kept crying how they really were trans and started using specific language to make their "tranness" real despite not having dysphoria.

Example, words like "tucute" for people are trans without the dysphoria, and "truscum" for those with. "Scum" and "cute." Gee I wonder which one sounds sexier

No. 1570821

I think that's what a lot of TIFs will do too, just look at that detrans girl, Helena, who went from a progressive straight girl tumblr gayden almost directly to a moid-pandering conservatard tradwife-in-training who makes appearances on Tucker Carlson and blames feminists for her troon phase. Once this shit becomes less politically powerful and it becomes clear that actual gay men aren't going to help them live the yaoiboy life of their fantasies, they'll probably just go back to being regular NLOG straight women with an axe to grind against those who "wronged" them, and will spend their later adulthood fighting against gays and feminists for tricking them into the lifestyle. These people don't have morals, just have authoritarian personalities and want to wield as much power over others as possible.

No. 1570833

It strikes me as very strange. Something like the Calarts stereotype/Rebecca Sugar art, but if it was done by Chris-chan (with a lot more artistic proficiency). It doesn't translate the adult themes well at all because it looks very child-oriented.

No. 1570850

File: 1656091995911.jpeg (620.15 KB, 1055x1114, 3DB6A7C4-0B56-42E8-AEE8-08BF23…)

Go on and put her character out of their misery kek

No. 1570861

That's why I asked if he's ever seen taking his pills.

No. 1570875

File: 1656094558599.jpeg (570.12 KB, 2048x2048, A3D72C3D-BB1E-408D-BC28-8F26DA…)

I hate his art style so much. Low effort tumblr crap.

No. 1570879

File: 1656094983618.jpeg (221.49 KB, 1326x401, 62E586B6-7585-4C06-BBD0-75D826…)

I don’t think so, but the author said on twitter that the character is undetectable.

No. 1570888

I'm surrounded by TiFs as well and this place is a godsend. So glad I can come hear to laugh at retards and blow off some steam about these crazy girls, has honestly saved me from blowing up at them and screwing myself over.
>I remember the 2010s too, shit was just starting in Tumblr days
I was in my late teens as this shit was starting and I actually have to thank a friend I had at the time for saving me from getting swallowed up by this nonsense. Definitely wasn't her intent, no she was all in, but it exposed me to all the bullshit right from the get-go (including the frankenweenies).

No. 1570946

This nasty scrote is definitely a trannychaser

No. 1570962

he's an actual man!? what did he make a calarts ~supernatural meets suburbia~ comic featuring his blue hair fakeboi protag getting pozzed for if not to self insert into?

No. 1570997

Wondering the same myself. From a glance at his profile I would think of a soy gay cartoonist, but from his work it seems he has a fetish for Gaydens. Maybe a depraved bisexual?

Kek at that cope. People aren't upset that one of them is positive. It's that the character the audience is supposed to be rooting for is positive while planning to be in one that permits promiscuity. You might as well have him cruising public toilets and dogging on meth.

No. 1571006

At the women’s health clinic and they have a cute calender of breast feeding women that is obviously pictures that the moms sent of themselves and their children

One of the last pictures is a TIF with her tits lobbed off and scraggly pubescent facial hair.

Why? Normal scrotes wouldn’t send that shit in unless they have porn brain rot.

No. 1571025

File: 1656104989758.jpeg (768.67 KB, 1170x1878, 3D24B132-BFDC-475A-8EA2-9159FC…)

me me me me me me! why are we not about me?

No. 1571050

File: 1656106405273.png (25.35 KB, 729x191, gayden.PNG)

Not quite as self-centered since she is affected by abortion bans, but it's always funny to see these "gay men" girls in subs that are >90% female. Pretty disgusting to see her "worry" over gay marriage and anti-sodomy laws though- girly girl, you never had to worry about this. No one is coming for your straight marriage and PiV sex, even if you imagine yourself as an anime boy during.

No. 1571055

fucking idiots - are they really fighting for the idea to make it normal for everyone (read - males) to speak for what's right and wrong for women's bodies
absolutely retarded, can't believe it

No. 1571057

Hmmm, it’s almost like “trans men” and “cis women” have a lot of shared struggles/experience similar institutional oppression. If only we had words for this common experience, if only we could identify what it is we have in common…

No. 1571059

Maybe don't let the first man to he/him you nut in you and you'll be fine, kings.

No. 1571065

for a second i thought this was a farmer making a troll account inspired by kokomi… jesus this is bleak

No. 1571120

File: 1656112153317.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.94 KB, 834x624, 1654354906141.jpg)

based Lainey Molnar

No. 1571146

Kek who drew this?

I recognize the ball with dick meme, but the fact that it's so accurate to that illustrator's style and also parodying the FtM that got a graft that looks like an elephant trunk on her abdomen is wild.

No. 1571150

Putting the responsibility on women once again to prevent pregnancy isn’t the own you think it is nonna

No. 1571151

Pedophilia but make it WoKe

No. 1571164

I think it was a random /pol/tard, laineyball memes have been floating around there for a while now

No. 1571235

in Germany they cancelled a law today that forbid the "advertising" of abortions (meaning, you weren't even allowed to have medical explanations on your website). One of the first things I saw on twitter today was a politician talking about "humans with uterus" and I've decided that I will call men in the future "humans with prostates". I'm so done with being careful to hurt feelings of very mentally ill people and having to read all this bullshit about "oh, a man can have an uterus, a fly can have an uterus, a dishwasher can have an uterus".

That being said, it makes me very sad what happend in the US and I wish I had the money to fly every woman in need of an abortion over so it could be save for her.

No. 1571311

>>I've decided that I will call men in the future "humans with prostates"
Amazing idea anon. They don’t ask “What is a man?” nearly enough. This is my new universal answer.

No. 1571345

That isn't a tim larp, this is not kikomi this is a tif

No. 1571351

Holy shit she is taller than Ellen… is she gasp not so "feminine" after all?

No. 1571374

Ayrt, very true lol.

No. 1571390

I actually knew/know someone sorta like this, she used to browse imageboards and write fake stories claiming to be male and in her made up stories she'd write about guys starting at "his" ass and claiming men often mistook "him" for being a girl, then she'd post pics of her butt which would often get a massive reaction by scrotes, it was her bizarre way of feeling desired, only recently did she come out as a TIF on our discord and indenfies as a femboy, I definitely think it has something to do with over consumption of BL and Yaoi, starting to believe boys are better at being feminine then women

No. 1571396

Thank you for your responses nonnies! I feel like a big part of my frustration is how similar I am to these girls, because I also identify with the sensitive quirky artist stuff. You would think this would make me more empathetic towards them, but it just frustrates me more because I know where they're coming from––being genuinely attracted to "quirky" things but also wanting to stand out and be NLOG, awkward or lacking self-confidence, shy and not having many friends, and a bleeding-heart creative type.

The biggest one, though, is growing up and becoming attracted to men, (usually male characters who they can project onto more easily) but also relating to them, (usually because the men are more attractive to us physically so we pay better attention to them, and more relatable to awkward teenage girls who don't connect with the gender stereotypes often found in media) and this combined with a negative view of the female position in hetero relationships (divorced parents, "straight is boring," most ships in modern fandoms being M/M, and the genuine shittiness of a lot of them IRL) leads to them projecting entirely onto these male characters, and therefore leading, via way of the social media, to a belief that they can really become their favorite fictional attractive whiteboy.

Growing up my parents didn't let me have social media until a certain age, and in the end, I am really grateful that they did this because the some of the stuff I ended up being into, which, mind you, is never related to troon shit, have fandoms that are legitimately 90%+ genderspecials, and I know that if I had gotten really into having a social media presence and made friends with some of them I would've undoubtedly given in. Seeing how fast these social contagions spread makes me seriously want to ban people from under a certain age from using the internet at all. They are too susceptible to social contagions, and this one hugboxes them and actively tells them to distrust the advice of their parents; it's really a cult.

It is so frustrating that whenever I meet someone IRL who shares my interests they're always one of these people, but I'm glad I'm not one of them. I don't know if it makes me more or less autistic that I don't even fit in into these fandoms of social outcasts living in a fantasy world, but I'd rather not be involved with these people (who are usually walking (self-diagnosed) DSM manuals and are exhausting to be around) and therefore wanting to kill myself because I'll never be a cartoon character and living a lie thinking that one day people will see me as one. It's just that every time I see one of them I want to shake them and ask how they could be so retarded, because I see them as myself if I had been allowed to post on Tumblr when I was 12 or something kek. I'm sorry for the blogpost, I just hope to provide some insight and I hope that some of you can relate…

No. 1571408

They should read the fucking room.

No. 1571409

At this point I’d even settle for “female” but that upsets them too. There’s no winning.

No. 1571410

File: 1656133063048.gif (29.45 KB, 700x486, comic.gif)

People with eggs and people with testicles. Nice Pete was ahead of the times.

No. 1571458

You're not the only one nona. I hate that as an awkward ~*neurodivergent*~ quirky artsy type, it's hard to strike friendships with normies, but the artsy circles are so full of exhausting troons and handmaidens that I just completely cannot.

And it's sad to see these quirky artsy tif girls struggle, because while my life now is awesome, I know I could have been one of them if I had chosen differently only a few times. It's like if you're a cyclist and then you meet someone with brain damage from crashing without a helmet.

When do yall predict this troon boom is over? I fully believe it's going to be looked at as the lobotomies of the 2000s, but lobotomies went on for like decades, and the troon industry is worth something like $200 billion, so I'm worried.

No. 1571468

File: 1656138949136.jpeg (230.32 KB, 827x1450, BCE2FBB5-6674-46D7-A9E9-C5E6DD…)

I bet my life savings this has never happened to her female ass

No. 1571471

I almost thought I wrote this for a second. I’m at uni and my class is male dominated so I joined an arts and crafts society because I know it would be 100% female. Every session they either talked about how they love HP but hate JKR, how kweer they are (they like rainbows and frogs) and how the professor said something problematic (because they didn’t give a trigger warning for the n word during their Classical literature class.) even though this is a hellsite I am glad I have some people to vent to.

No. 1571476

You should try harder to make friends with normies then. It's worth it

No. 1571488

when this bs will end kek

No. 1571494

I did and it's been worth it, I just keep hoping I could have some quirky art friends too but at the moment finding fellow terfs in that scene is like finding fellow socialists in 50s US.

No. 1571502

File: 1656146029246.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, Cardfight!! Vanguard.png)

your assuming there aren't plenty of TIF Fujos who aren't aware of that fact and are into it, to finally be shota uke boys just like their yaoi stories and get a daddy to fuck them

No. 1571512

This probably only happens with zoomers in the comment section who call everyone "they" by default because they are terrified of misgendering someone even if the person looks clearly male or female

No. 1571520

It wasn't an own, it was genuine advice that they seldom listen to. I've known TIFs IRL who are extremely careless with heterosexual sex because a friend of a friend of a friend said you can't get pregnant on testosterone and they never think to check if that's actually true or not. One even told me that unprotected sex is just "more queer" and another got HIV from a goddamn glory hole. Gaydens are their own worst enemy.

No. 1571525

well hell, they deserve that and so much more kek they literally took the worst part of a male behavior, they are barely women after all the shit that they did to their bodies and they are not men, so depression, 41% is their best option.

No. 1571526

depressing* kek

No. 1571554

Hate to be pessimistic but I don't think it's ending any time soon.

This is going to sound tinfoily but I think both gender shit and the normalization of plastic surgery is just the beginning, and a gateway into some kind of capitalistic transhumanism. Your body is what roots you into reality and nature, it's really who you are. The ideal consumer is someone who feels that their body is a just a "flesh prison" (quoted directly from source.) and considers that their mind alone is who they are. They will spend huge amounts of money to "bring out their true selves" by changing their appearance. However this so called true self is nothing but influence. I use the word "meme" seriously on this site way too often, but it's all memes. So, say, if you have a body of interchangeable parts that you can choose according to muh true self… That makes you 100% meme, a pure product of consumerist influence.

It's mostly TIMs who are vocal about it, but a lot of trannies openly have transhumanist leanings (still not sure if this is the word). They wish they weren't born too early to become cool anime cyborgs, and they're not hiding it.

TIF forms of escapism are more of a mixed assortment.

>they are barely women after all the shit that they did to their bodies

They are still female no matter what. If you think surgery and hormones makes them less female, you're giving in to their bullshit.

No. 1571558

You can't change your sex, retard, ftms are just as female as you are

No. 1571568

I fucking threw up.
I wish women everywhere could love and value themselves more.

No. 1571569

>This is going to sound tinfoily but I think both gender shit and the normalization of plastic surgery is just the beginning, and a gateway into some kind of capitalistic transhumanism. Your body is what roots you into reality and nature, it's really who you are. The ideal consumer is someone who feels that their body is a just a "flesh prison" (quoted directly from source.) and considers that their mind alone is who they are. They will spend huge amounts of money to "bring out their true selves" by changing their appearance. However this so called true self is nothing but influence. I use the word "meme" seriously on this site way too often, but it's all memes. So, say, if you have a body of interchangeable parts that you can choose according to muh true self… That makes you 100% meme, a pure product of consumerist influence.
Bang on the money. This lunacy is just the start. It's why we have to fight any rhetoric that separates mind from body.

No. 1571573

u both retarded I assume so I have to explain it to you, oofff. Of course they are still and will forever be female but all the intervetions/surgeries and the inyections do have permanent damage for their bodies, or you think all that horse pee that they take in shots is not affecting their natural female bodies at all? physically they look like shit after all that, hell they even keep that voice like crackheads, kek

No. 1571579

>horse pee
That's for MTFs. It's called Premarin, it's the urine of pregnant mares, hence the name.

No. 1571609

File: 1656160521881.jpg (284.82 KB, 1079x1518, Screenshot_20220625_101437.jpg)

Oh go the fuck outside for once

No. 1571611

They're both terminally online but the passive aggressive smiley faces made me laugh and the "biology isn't dirty" line will no doubt make Aiden's seethe, good for OP.

No. 1571622

>u both retarded I assume
>not knowing what horse piss is for, even though we mention it on a regular basis

Not sure if underage, newfag or both.

Whatever "damage" is done to their bodies doesn't matter. We don't care that they have a beard and frog voice, we don't care if they look like a serial killer's first quilting project. We're not trannies, so let's not make the definition of "woman" more complicated than it needs to be. They're female and therefore women, whether we (or they) like it or not.

No. 1571623

If you don’t have a fucking pussy you don’t matter because you can never get an abortion this shit makes me want to alog so fucking bad

No. 1571639

I know this has been a complaint if there’s for a while but how is a pussy hat exclusive to TiFs? They have vaginas do they not? They also have been known to use them to give birth. Idfk I will wear the hat.

No. 1571678

File: 1656166794441.jpeg (100.9 KB, 828x855, A66A54EC-6DF5-4872-95E3-4D8967…)

No. 1571682

>you never know
Oliver-Noah, I'm pretty sure he'd notice the pussy and hightail it out of there. I know TIFs are all like 5' and as threatening as a sleepy kitten, but this feels so rapey

No. 1571683

File: 1656167068015.png (381.3 KB, 598x2212, 2635CD30-9F24-445C-9943-73E7D3…)

Pushback in the comments. A shame lesbians can’t say this same shit to male troons without being punished for it. Sorry to repost, my first pic edit made the text blurry.

No. 1571691

File: 1656167662298.jpg (396.04 KB, 1536x2048, crazy lady.jpg)

I don't think you have to worry about pregnancy any time soon, sweetie.

No. 1571694

Oh my god is she wearing gay bear flag earrings?

No. 1571695

Yep, lmao. She's a walking gayden meme.

No. 1571712

>horse pee
This is just embarrassing. You know nothing about tifs clearly

No. 1571713

she would make a great butch lesbian.

i love the constant use of :) in this one, sister really has had it up to here with gendies. i hope more women peak and shut down the gendies when they try to police women's speech.

No. 1571745

We don't want her obnoxious personality, nona

No. 1571760

File: 1656175027577.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1656174814809.jpg)

No. 1571763

File: 1656175131632.png (601.62 KB, 661x736, jqwopdjwqpdjopq.png)

Don't know if anyone knows her or cares but I recently found out Ally Beardsley from College Humor is now trans. Another lesbian trooned out

No. 1571765

knowing the gays it's weird they haven't called her fat

No. 1571771

they probably did but she left it out kek

No. 1571780

File: 1656177386889.jpg (11.39 KB, 254x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8…)

>you'd be hot if you weren't trans

No. 1571786

she's been a they/them for years

No. 1571796

>>1571683 TEHM grow in numbers every day. Because when it was dudes in dresses harassing dykes or the occasional "too-femme" twink it was ok, but they're not going to stand for fat ugly woman demanding them to fuck i guess.

No. 1571827

File: 1656180641005.jpg (124.12 KB, 1071x694, Screenshot_20220625-140759_Twi…)

Shut the fuck up!!!!

No. 1571832

WTF WTF WTF, is that from an actual BL series, that looks like a literal child next to an adult man

No. 1571838

nta but it's from cardfight vanguard, which is basically like ygo. it has a rabid fujoshi fanbase, but i haven't kept up with it since the 2nd or 3rd season of the "next gen" series so i can't say what the context of this particular cap is.

No. 1571851

File: 1656182276288.jpeg (183.77 KB, 2048x2048, 22CD5FE6-B8BE-4878-B66C-67AD4D…)

I think the flags together mean they’re trying to say the shota is trans?

No. 1571857

File: 1656182460734.png (Spoiler Image,100.9 KB, 1520x2048, isitisit.png)

So my guys dudes kings, do my chest look cis passing for real? /s

No. 1571859

I think sometimes even if you're not peaked you can kinda pick up that someone is a gendie by their fashion sense alone + sometimes zoomer kids will give fake compliments to people that you can tell are gendies despite being obviously female (such as saying a gendie girl has a "masc/androginous voice" when she absolutely does not), so I could imagine a zoomer doing some gender theatrics exclusively to butter her up.
Fakeboys have absolutelly no awareness of when someone is doing fake asskissing, and they actually love it

No. 1571862

oh god the T bloat

No. 1571871

This and some of us actually have good fashion sense and a healthy BMI. Stop trying to dump every fat, ugly straight chick on us.

>you'd be hot if you weren't trans
She looks like a 12 y/o boy who says slurs on Xbox Live kek. Gay moids have some weird kinks but I don't think that's one of them.

No one is leaving them out of the conversation!!! They are just being referred to as what they are: WOMEN

No. 1571891

I hate aydens but I don't doubt for a second that gay men hit on her thinking she was a near underage or fully underage boy

No. 1571903

I've experienced that myself as a butch I just kinda doubt her as she's a bit pudgy and plain looking. Then again I used to work in a gay bar and I've seen gay moids act like absolute animals so I wouldn't be shocked either way, tbh.

No. 1571911

Post-mastectomy chests always look so obviously wrong, no matter how careful they are with scars and nipples. It's just the wrong shape

No. 1571922

The nipples always give it away. Even with keyhole surgery I've never seen a chest that could pass as male. Also it looks like a bit of her nipple rotted off? Yikes.

No. 1571960

File: 1656190122030.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1080x1111, 653C8B91-E10D-42DE-8736-598F1C…)

Saw this on ovarit and just like. Jesus christ do they think most girls enjoy being forced to grow up and become even more sexualized than we already are? Do these girls just think we were all coming out of the womb with brushes and lipsticks and not riding bikes with neighborhood boys and playing video games? I don’t understand their regressive thinking.

No. 1571963

Nona I feel this so hard, I was the same as you before I dropped out of art school. Everyone there drove me nuts. Just put out the normie energy and normies will come to you—at least that’s how it happened for me. Good luck out there

No. 1571982

"Trans dad" is incredible. She is also probably jealous of Yaniv for being more of a bear than she is.

No. 1571988

These people are so fucking retarded and easily influenced. “Does this mean I’m not nonbinary now? I’m so confused!”

No. 1571990

>genderless little free thing
Um no? Even as a toddler you're constantly hit with shit like mommy play pretend toys, cooking toys, cleaning toys, Barbies, "girls have to play nice", "if a boy bullies you he likes you", "girls can't say bad words because it's ugly" and so on, so I don't really get what's the big deal with puberty.

No. 1572009

Chase, Oliver, Aiden (duh), Noah, and Kai are the FTM equivalent of Alice, Zoe, Luna, Emily and (insert absurd weird name of a Greek goddess or something here) for MTFs.

No. 1572026

File: 1656195028899.jpg (384.33 KB, 861x591, 1636476017_youloveit_com_monst…)

Live action Monster High, Frankie Stein is being acted by a he/they so now the character goes by they/them.

No. 1572036

Why can't she act as a character who is a "she/her"? Is it gonna trigger her if they refer to her character as she? So stupid.

No. 1572041

>troon playing a freakish monster created by a mad scientist
Good casting tbh.

No. 1572053

Ugh this. I have mostly "hyper feminine" hobbies so its infested with fakebois and themlets who look like e-girl circus clowns and hypersexual TiMs. Tired of them shitting up the place with their fanart of chest scars on predominantly female casts so they can project their yaoi fantasies.

No. 1572076

File: 1656197527869.jpeg (714.61 KB, 2048x2048, B7D79721-9574-46FC-B6E1-115A81…)

Kek I know it’s a wig but they gave her the shaved side haircut. Very they/them

No. 1572077

Already been posted >>1571827

No. 1572080

Shouldn't this like trigger her gender dysphoria or something

No. 1572094

Seriously I don’t get this and the Ellen Page trooning the character out thing. It just shows me they’re shitty actors because they can’t just…act.

No. 1572095

Draculaura what have they done to you

No. 1572109

An NLOG finds out that she is JLOG

No. 1572110

Why a live action movie? They're literal monsters and fashion dolls with specific proportions that this tubby idiot will never have, they have enough movies already, let this corpse rot in peace, don't deface Frankie by turning her into a themlet.

No. 1572114

is the reasoning for her being a themie because the character is made up of random corpse parts?

No. 1572120

Cause Frankie isn't a traditional "girl" name therefore Frankie cannot be a girl.

No. 1572122

yeah, trooning characters voiced or acted by troons really isn't the big win those retards think it is. just shows they're bad at their jobs.

No. 1572135

i hate everything about this so much i cannot form a coherent thought about it

No. 1572136

this. """"cis"""""" people play trannies on screen all the time, why can't trannies play """""cis"""" people?

No. 1572142

OT, but there was that dude who played a surrogate in that indie film who comes to mind, kek.

No. 1572158

Ew I didn't know there was a live action, looks terrible. I know the obsession with turning everything into a spinoff movie is money, and the low effort required, but how would this even get much money if it looks this bad? They hired a themlet actress so the producers clearly don't care much about it.

No. 1572163

the nipples are too big to be male. I can see no adams apple and a round face.

No. 1572167

>blue hair
>found family
>muslimah side character

Tumblr was a cultural phenomenon

No. 1572169

are you that anachan from 3 threads back?

No. 1572171

tifs have the weirdest obsession with hiv/aids

No. 1572172

I hate live action for this reason. Their proportions are exaggerated which is why it doesn't translate well for real life. Mattel is going to beat a dead horse because nostalgia. Anymore as long as it makes money companies will continue to produce trash.

No. 1572181

File: 1656206231088.jpeg (548.43 KB, 1100x1711, D0046BDB-BE6C-4CE8-B29A-AAF3AE…)

Kek tubby

No. 1572189

the graphic design here is just atrocious kek

No. 1572197

can't wait for the lol surprise live action movie.

No. 1572204

she looks normal, just has a strong square face.

No. 1572224

That's going to be wild and terrifying all at the same time. Scary thoughts.

No. 1572234

File: 1656210453033.gif (625.27 KB, 220x179, no-please-no.gif)

No. 1572253

Good to know that at least the gays are not afraid to keep aidens in check

No. 1572269

File: 1656213898168.jpg (11.62 KB, 500x162, viy8.jpg)

No. 1572309

While we're airing some grievances about the TiFs we've ended up around, I really have to get this off my chest (heh):
Something that bothers me in particular is that a few of the ones I know are SO CLOSE to realizing that this is all bullshit… yet they never do. It's infuriating.
Frankie Stein confirmed to have a frankendick! I guess this one would actually be a real dick nabbed off of some guy rather than an arm sausage…

No. 1572323

>Frankie Stein confirmed to have a frankendick! I guess this one would actually be a real dick nabbed off of some guy rather than an arm sausage
Holy shit, anon. I choked on my water trying to laugh.

No. 1572335

File: 1656220467406.png (9.65 MB, 3464x3464, 8F8D98C6-76E4-40EA-9471-45ED1D…)

I guess I am since I'm comparing the source that inspired the live action movie by pointing out that the dolls are fashion dolls, not American girl dolls.
The woman doing Frankie has a regular body, she isn't even athletic, and Frankie, and all of the other dolls have ridiculously thin and tall bodies because fashion dolls are supposed to show off their fantasy clothes and look cool.
At least the woman doing draculaura doesn't look like complete shit compared to Frankie's actress, who looks like a nerd loser doing a closet cosplay at a convention.

No. 1572336

This fucking sucks. Where’s the glamour.

No. 1572343

TiFs on the verge of sanity are wild. I know a he/they that doesn't correct anyone about pronouns because she knows people see her as a female. She knows what she is, and she knows people see her for who she is…why bother with the gender shit at all? If it's just internal feelings you're aware are not material, why tell anyone about it? Why make that your identity when you and everyone else knows the truth? It just seems like it would be frustrating and pointless

No. 1572345

No. No. Nooooooo what the hell

No. 1572346

Her outfit looks so cheap too. It screams cheap costume from Spirit. It's disappointing. Wonder how bad the other outfits will look.

No. 1572347

Please tell me Abbey is not in it. She is too good for this.

No. 1572349

File: 1656221375492.jpg (14.11 KB, 313x313, FWDu8_gVEAAmfIJ.jpg)

Yes, she is in it.

No. 1572351

Looks like a Party City ad. I'm done.

No. 1572352

File: 1656221555540.gif (2.56 MB, 450x345, 1386971491666.gif)

Oh my god. I thought she might be safe since she isn't one of the main mains. They can't do this to my girl.

No. 1572353

Looks so cheap. This is sad. They couldn't find actresses that actually resemble the characters?

No. 1572363

Wow I really hate this.

No. 1572364

File: 1656222570249.png (1.51 MB, 1169x1373, cancer.png)

I'm not surprised considering the state of the fandom these days.

No. 1572368

No. 1572382

File: 1656224038851.jpg (136.41 KB, 740x925, 1655444376_502_‘Monster-High-T…)

No. 1572383

File: 1656224081046.jpg (295.5 KB, 1080x1350, FVZOOX7XEAAefzB.jpg)

No. 1572384

Thought this was Doja Cat for a second

No. 1572386

File: 1656224206835.jpg (880.43 KB, 1242x1066, MV5BZmY0MjEyZTMtNDkyOC00NWRlLW…)

Middle school girls making their costumes the day of Halloween can do better than this.

No. 1572393

None of these work. Also why is Lagoona not a pale blue color? So confused. Middle schoolers would accessorize better too. Sad.

No. 1572395

This artist’s family deserves to be cursed for generations. I guess they chose Cleo because “trans boys can be high femme too!!!11”

No. 1572414

What is it with people who are obsessed with gender and Bratz, Monster High, etc? Is it just because they're girls who grew up with those toys, and they don't want to let them go just because they want to LARP as men?

No. 1572480

This website is not for you. Go back.

No. 1572483

so a cut up freak is playing a cut up freak? kek

No. 1572489

Maybe because the hyperfemininity of those toys is also a kind of gender obsession so they're drawn to it

No. 1572490

It looks cheaper than a fan made skit. How are shows getting away with being this low effort nowadays? It looks like a parody

No. 1572502

File: 1656238828514.jpg (380.35 KB, 1080x1949, sad.jpg)

if it's not the arm, it's the leg. People are risking their mobility for this shit.

No. 1572511

Kek. I dont think Ellen page will have work after UA is done filming. No one is going to want to work for with 5'2" woman who is larping as a man because she doesnt pass. And she cant even do female roles anymore. she's done.

No. 1572517

This post seems pretty old. To be entirely fair to this gendie, before the trans community settled on the "you are whatever you say you are" approach, it was considered that your gender identity is the logical result of your life experience.

In practice, it meant girls who felt disconnected from other girls taking a good look at their life memories, pointing out a bunch of common occurences and saying "this right here is a non-binary experience".

Autism and puberty trauma are prevalent in female enbies (I said this so many times already, sorry if you're sick of reading this sentence) meaning they have a shared experience and can understand each other, so it creates a well rooted illusion that the non-binary life experience is an actual thing that exists and is innate. They usually don't think it's regressive.

yeah, mostly.
It's a bit complicated, because a lot of TIFs really just want to regress to their pre-puberty body which they can never do and settle for the alternative of trooning out. But by doing so, they distance themselves from the female characters they looked up to when they were actual children, which induces a kind of grief.

This is all analysis from my own past experiences in non-binary spaces and might not reflect the reality of what it's like right now, since trannies get worse every passing year.

No. 1572519

Women really need to be this aggressive. I actually appreciate the push back this ugly woman is getting. It's extremely homophobic to tell gay men to sleep with men and vice versa. The takes here would be considered 'terfs' if these were women responding. Women really need to stop being hand maidens and respond like this more often.

No. 1572545

It depends on how you were raised, my father was always incredibly sexist and my teachers used to say similar bullshit as what you posted but I was still allowed to be a tomboy, and given how I was at the time these girls would have called me non-binary and would have told me to transition already if I were born a decade later.

No. 1572630

not just "scum" and "cute", but "true scum" and "too cute". that's where the terms came from iirc

No. 1572648

The phenomenon of tifs who think Tims are the pinnacle of feminism is interesting to me. It's interesting how it just recreates male and female dynamics but they pretend it's woke now. I've come across this a couple times in the wild where they actively shit on women and are misogynistic but then can't stop gushing about transwomen

No. 1572657

Just plain old narc behavior/they want to see who "respect them enough" to keep using he/them. If tifs are not autistic, they're some flavor of cluster b so even if they they made peace with reality still want the attention or the control of people's thoughts

No. 1572663

Why do gullible, usually young, chronically online girls keep falling for the whole "cishet bad" narrative and why is this not called out more? Yes, cishet people aren't judged in the real world but the problem is that these girls are completely detached from reality and don't go outside. And not having a billion different genders and sexualities is seen as at best "lame", at worst people online will actively judge you for it and that's all that matters - their online appearance. Some far too gone tranny convincing a 15 year old girl that she's actually a gay man for liking yaois or anime guys or whatever is not judged at all and is seen as "normal" in the twitter communities. Just how is this kind of behavior even allowed?

No. 1572675

>Why do gullible, usually young, chronically online girls keep falling for the whole "cishet bad" narrative
Tbh my guess is they want to be part of the cool kids club since they clearly weren't in high school, judging by what most of them are like, and want a sense of community. They see the attention lgbt stuff gets and want it too. They see people saying "cishet" is boring and omg they can't be boring they wanna be quirky and nlog.

It's a pretty simple guess but explains why they crave attention and applause for being a gendie, that feeling of community and being special for something that they can claim as innately "who they are".

No. 1572707

>gullible, usually young, chronically online girls
Aren't you answering your own question in the process of asking it, nonna?
- They are gullible, not to say dumb or uneducated, which means that instead of reading books and forming their own opinions, they follow the ones that get parroted around them without giving it any thought (and it's scary the amount of people that I have seen get advanced degrees like bachelors or even masters and be unable of critical thoughts over facts or even generating their own analysis of the themes of a series or whatever). If they are unable to contest the new gospel of "each white or cis or straight person is always 100% responsible for any horrible thing that happened or sad thought a non-white or trans or gay person ever had in history," it only makes sense that they try to become "good people" into its confines
- They are young, which unfortunately for many female-socialized women meant having learnt that you must always integrate to the group, fawn over and respect men but see women's problems are risible and not important, and never challenge others and not strive to have your own thoughts and ways of thinking (which is seen as "mean" for women)
- They are chronically online which gives a 90-95% chance they are bullied and friendless in school or family or both, which means that the gender cult is the first group to offer them a feeling of acceptance and belonging at an age where those things matter the most. And online communities without a solid culture of open debate fast turn into extremist silos where people only interact with other people who agree with them and their opinions turns more and more intense and detached from reality, whatever it comes to the gender cult or a plot point in a movie. Plus many people come online just to chill in a fandom but get suckered up into gender and SWJ nonsense because you can't avoid it there and in many fandom can't even participate without parroting it

No. 1572822

File: 1656265361208.jpg (1.42 MB, 2160x2160, kjg53753i36755746i647.jpg)

Omfg will you shut the fuck up already

No. 1572825

She's not wrong. This isn't only a horrific day for women but also for self hating misogynistic terminally online girls like her

No. 1572827

Tiktok Pat

No. 1572848

I almost feel bad for the Aidens. Imagine you thought you found some loophole, some magical escape from misogyny and all you had to do was cut off your breasts and take hormones. Easy peasy, right? Then comes a day that is an all too painful reminder that you can never identify out of misogyny and all the pain you put yourself through was for nothing.

No. 1572853

I think I've reached a point where I no longer feel bad for them but resent them for their virulent misogyny and how they throw women under the bus. So many tifs have been the absolute most sexist women I've ever met. sorry rant

No. 1572870

File: 1656268373865.jpeg (Spoiler Image,241.61 KB, 1170x1260, E3D397A1-61FD-46CE-B811-102B5A…)

female and also female

No. 1572876

I think Roe getting overturned will actually cause it to last longer, at least in red states. Lord only knows if I was an adolescent girl in Current Year if I wasn't already trying to get on puberty blockers, I'd be doing so now.

No. 1572881

As >>1572707 said you've answered your own question as you asked it but I want to expand on this point in particular:
>many people come online just to chill in a fandom but get suckered up into gender and SWJ nonsense because you can't avoid it there and in many fandom can't even participate without parroting it
This right here is a big component of it. The obvious example is the fujo to gayden pipeline (being a girl who likes m/m ships because you like romance and two hot guys instead of just one is BAD unless you are the gay softboi) but it happens if you just really like a character (you're not just attracted to him you want to be him)

No. 1572884

So genuine question. When it comes to TIFs and these "nonbinary" idiots, would you say that most of them are Gen Z (Zoomers)?

I've been thinking about this some as a millennial who is currently 35 and how in comparison, I don't tend to meet as many women my age or older who think they are some gender special idiot. Like I can only recall one who calls herself "queer" even though she's just a straight woman (she's married to a man) and has a really short haircut.Aside from this woman in my life, most I notice tend to be the younger generation, like those born 1998/1999 to the 2000s.

In a way I do think my generation is kinda responsible for these gender idiot zoomers because some millennials really took the mantra of "you can be whatever you want to be" way too far to the point where they taught their kids to reject reality.

No. 1572886

This anon. I used to feel sympathy for Tims because inherently they are mentally ill or abused women but the need to other themselves from women while still benefiting from us is so off putting. They can't coexist in groups of actually straight CIS men so most still have 99% female or spicy straight female friends and have the nerve to feel "attacked" when women talk about their negative expeirence with men. They try and mimic male socialization so badly (and badly done) they just come off as selfish women bullies who use their identity as an excuse to be sexist towards the only gender that even tries to accept them. CIS men have never and will never accept an Aiden into their circle the same way women are expected to rewrite their reality and accept true and honest Hontra men and pathetic perpetual "I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?" Aidens.

I see it now as they have the same mental illness that makes all troons feel entitled to police peoples thoughts. They are self centered and gullible and would through thy fellow woman under the bus for a sliver of approval from the scrotes that traumatized them to begin with. MtFs and FtMs are the same species just different breeds of fucking selfish and delusional.

No. 1572891

I agree with both of you but I think another difference between TIFs and TIMs is that TIMS are far more aggressive which is what makes women who don't buy into this gender stuff too fearful to come out because they're afraid they'll get assaulted or doxxed to lose their job since most of the trans cult who do that are the TIMs.

I can't recall many stories of TIFs violently assaulting women (or men kek) like I have with TIMs assaulting women.

No. 1572897

that's true but it does on occasion happen. I remember when a woman in a gay bar got assaulted by a group of tifs for calling one of them female. I do agree tho they aren't a threat the way men are obviously. I just resent them in a different way, maybe because I personally know tifs and I am tired of their misogyny.

No. 1572903

I am the poster you replied to and this makes so much sense I feel enlightened and ready to better deal with this individual lol

No. 1572943

Is that zoom out meant to prove she's a man? Damn, I guess any woman who had a double mastectomy for breast cancer is now a dude. Maybe I'm non-binary because I have small boobs… I will have to check the gender cults rules on such things.

No. 1572968

>> Autism and puberty trauma are prevalent in female enbies
I never get tired anon! Anytime I start to slip into my “I wish I was genderless” mood I remind myself of it.

No. 1572981

the clothes are so ugly why do people who have absolutely no sense of fashion need to make a movie about fashion dolls

No. 1573008

File: 1656278349095.png (1.42 MB, 1243x688, why.png)

Holy shit this is actually confirmed to be in the film. They actually changed Frankie to a gender special.

No. 1573011

They all look pissed.

No. 1573014

they're cryptoterfs

No. 1573019

This looks cheap. Those Halloween movies the Disney channel did looked better

No. 1573020

File: 1656279306762.png (701.32 KB, 760x1063, Screenshot_20220626-143440.png)

No. 1573026

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1573029

I want to riot. Fuck this gendie shit. I love the name/nickname Frankie for a girl.

No. 1573038

Based Abby. I always knew she was a terf

No. 1573059

What's with these live actions for cartoons and the atrocious outfits and makeup? Can't they hire actual artists?

No. 1573060

this looks like a porno

No. 1573061

Fuck, they could have at least kept the original color palettes. What a mess.

No. 1573062

can you autists please stop sperging about the costume design of a children’s television movie and stay on topic

No. 1573065

15 days old, her only exposure to other people might have been a twitter thread or mogai discord kek

No. 1573067

lmao same thought. they all look so nervous and overly aware of their bodies and self-conscious about the cameras. one of those Cats moments where even the actors know they're making garbage. i've seen youtube skits with better budgets.

No. 1573071

Why can’t girls have things? Why aren’t they shitting up moid canon? Why do women have to facilitate weirdos in their hobbies?(learn2sage)

No. 1573162

>not just women
>posts obviously female body

troons nowadays don't even bother trying to pass lmfao

No. 1573193

>cool toned character color palette
>actual character is supposed to have a "bookish preppy chic" look
>actual character has green skin and black and white hair
>blue skin with red-pink lipstick
>hair is some mismatched ombre bullshit
>the blue is too similar to her skin and the faded pink does not match anything else
>eyes and eye makeup are not striking enough and blend into her skin
>an arrow striped jumper over it and the black and white do not reappear in color scheme

If fashion was the Geneva Convention, Gendie Stein would be the US military

No. 1573236

File: 1656299909986.jpg (22.89 KB, 222x382, 0.jpg)

Personal cow of mine. Her whole account leaves me speechless. There is something very wrong with her that I don't tend to see in many other TIFs her age.

No. 1573245

Men dressed up as women to play us for hundreds of years but god forbid a they/them plays a character who isn’t also a they/them. Why can’t actors act anymore?

No. 1573249

but like why a CIS man? why not another ftm? if ftms are men why is it important for her to get a cis one?

No. 1573271

File: 1656304298038.png (452.42 KB, 1389x472, Hetro.png)

Hetorsexual TIFs seem to be aware that no FTM can ever have bodies of the men they desire

No. 1573275

Why are her teeth so yellow? Nick really wanted to hire a retarded enby to fuck up their movie for brownie points, and I think it's amazing how they put this gendercult shit in a movie about accepting yourself as you are when the gendercultists are constantly trying to become anything but themselves.

No. 1573293

a bunch of women in their late 20s/early 30s playing "teenagers" in horrendous makeup and styling. how tragic for everyone involved

No. 1573299

I don't think it's the fault of Millennials. It's the commodification of gender. The CEOs (Gen X) of most Fortune 500 companies are men, and big tech particularly does not care what Zoomer teenage girls see in their feeds or forums or what-have-you as long as it makes them money. It leads to extremely sexist advertising. You cannot avoid seeing these ads on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… GNC-looking women and/or older women never get promoted on any of them.
These girls aren't exposed to many women who aren't a combination of mother, teacher or supermodel, i.e., make-up-caked YouTuber, Hollywood Celeb, or Politician in their day-to-day life. Especially during covid, big tech can reach them more than ever.
Women of past generations simply didn’t interact with sexist media as much as Zoomer girls do. Feminists of the past who created the way modern women live today coped by knowing womenhood should be expanded to include everyone Female and exclude Males. It includes older women, women with mental health problems, completely average women, etc, at the very least. Gen Z is told Feminism doesn't exist now because it's not in the news or in their feeds. They cope by giving up, not knowing anything better is out there for them.
This focus on advertising makes it harder for always-online girls to grow up more than any other age group or sex. Advertising prefers people be static in their interests. Consume media created with a camera, buy their shit (and make sure you consistently buy the same things no matter if you’re 13 or 30), don't say anything behind their back (because then they can't track what you talk about), and don't develop to the point to where you have your life mostly off the screen. Most womens’ interests drastically change in their early twenties/late teens due to a variety of reasons, (starting a family young, losing interest in things that were once fascinating, finding community in your local area…)
Unless you chose to spend all your time playing games on Facebook, advertising companies want you doing none of this. They don’t add to their automatic advertising algorithms that advertising fingerprints of Zoomer girls should be changed once they should mature mentally to make sure they want to interact with other women so they know they’re not struggling alone. Men their age don’t run into this issue because they’re far less likely to tune out on sexist media than women are unless they’re doing it for other reasons. If you tell yourself that you’re not Female before this point, most don’t tune out on this sort of shoved-in-your-face shit, and advertisers love them for it.
These advertisements create current trends and cross-social media morality. The distance between advertising and content is blurred much more than it ever was during the era teenage girls watched TV mainly too. TV aired reruns of shows decades old. YouTube only has content posted from 2006 and up. On TikTok, it’s 2019 and up.
Saged for technolo/g/y tier post and rant.

No. 1573383

This shit ruined the fandom interactions, now everyone is running around screaming transphobia because people still call Frankie by "she/her".

No. 1573385

>on a literal PED
>fat fuck
Every single time. With all the horrible side-effects from testosterone these women should at least use it to get some fucking muscles easier. Wouldn't that be very euphoric for them? Or does that only apply to things they can attain without breaking a sweat?

No. 1573389

Seconded. I feel bad for the abuse and neglect that led some of them down this road, but there comes a point where they had to think for themselves and they chose to side with misogyny and to hate women.

They chop their breasts off and encourage others to do the same like it's no big deal because they think they aren't of any importance, because it's a part of a woman's body and they don't value women's bodies. They think what's stopping insecure mentally ill girls from feeling better is to remove all of their icky femininity. They could have chosen to see gender stereotypes as bad and something to fight against, instead they decided to uphold them in the most drastic way possible by insisting if you don't like barbie dolls you ARE a man because ALL girls like barbie. All while telling themselves they are somehow the progressive ones for thinking you can identify out of being a woman. They are messed up and mentally ill which I don't wish upon them, but they've taken it to a point where it hurts all other girls and they should be called out and held accountable.

No. 1573428

File: 1656324824319.png (60.37 KB, 540x254, f8827302877c3a2c384618ad41cfdf…)

Reminds me of this quote.

No. 1573513

File: 1656334990008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.52 KB, 803x737, 909A35DC-BFBF-4C63-9CEB-75A524…)

This tif is currently on Reddit complaining that her incel mtf boyfriend is a raging misogynist. Had to kek. I’d love to hear what he really thinks about this botched mess, since he is “bi” but “prefers” women. You know he just looks at her as a hole. Sad lives these women choose to carve out for themselves.


No. 1573518

Holy fuck, Aiden should fucking RUN. She's gonna end up beat up or dead with a partner like that. Even the freaks in that sub know shit's fucked up, and they're redditors.
I can't stop laughing at her chest though. If you picture her nipples as eyes, the scars look like frowny eyebrows, kek.

No. 1573530

Why are they comparing the incel to Blaire White in the replies? I don't remember Blaire constantly saying misogynistic shit, he's not even into women. Trannies stupid af

No. 1573534

Blaire is an anti feminist so he's definitely a misogynist maybe not in the same way as incel/agps but still

No. 1573546


the nipples will always give them away kek.

Why does Hollywood insist on ruining my childhood every chance they get? I don't even mind Frankie being a they/them (I think it's stupid) but they're all so damn drab and ugly it looks like the weeb portion of a highschool talent show.

No. 1573576

Looking like a fat lovechild of Luffy and Usopp

No. 1573577

Idk. I went through the NB thing at 25 or so and I’m 34 now. I’m not sure if it was because I’ve always been pretty active on tumblr and got sucked into it or what, but I know a lot of other millenials who did the same thing. Some of them grew out of it and some are still at the least calling themselves “queer”. I feel like there’s a lot of overlap between millenials and zoomers when it comes to this and I first started seeing it in our generation/older zoomers tbh. I’m perpetually online though and like I said, came from ground zero for fakebois.

No. 1573592

Testosterone changes fat distribution too, iirc it's only men who get beer bellies and these women's bodies follow suit. Also, they're terminally online so of course they aren't going to lose weight any time soon.

No. 1573596

I'm close to your age, also always online and was pretty active on tumblr and I haven't met one single nb millenial so far. Might be, because I blocked all that trans, nb, donation posts on tumblr after they started spreading, because I was so damn annoyed by it. Or it might have something to do that we probably are from different countries. But I would agree, it started with late millennials and first zoomers.
Right now I'm working together with people around 50+ and people below 30, it's quite interesting that the ones below 30 are very careful about that gender shit and get really angry when people tell them that it's bullshit, they also act like they know everything and that opinions of others aren't valid. Still, could be their personality, I don't know, I just think that we are lucky to have faced a world without social media and could develop ideas and an identity before everyone asked you about your gender.

No. 1573607

File: 1656342995373.png (28.1 KB, 738x223, tired.png)

we're tired of you too cody

No. 1573614

She sounds so female in just this text post.

No. 1573615

Checked her blog and found posts about "transandrophobia" and it's so frustrating to see like c'mon you're so close to getting it. You are oppressed for something, MTFs are denying your oppression and if you just stop inventing retarded new words for five minutes it should click.

No. 1573616

Fandom space is full of fakebois and it's so annoying. The other day some fakeboy was shitting on someone I know because they were writing straight smut fanfic with Eddie Munson from stranger things and that it was a disrespect and "yucky" to "male readers" because he's gay (the character is not even gay in the show) LMFAOOO
They complain of the stupidest shit no real male would ever complain about like fujoshis

No. 1573621

ayrt and your last point, me too. I know I drank the kool-aid for a hot second, but I’m very happy the first decade of my life was relatively free of internet (or at least the way it is now). I just appreciate having that barometer to look back and see how it was then vs how it is now. I’ve found very few women these days under 25-30 who don’t ID as some flavor as queer and the sad part of this is that I always wonder and hope that they might be crypto-terfs because using they/them pronouns is so common these days.

No. 1573626

I need to hatewatch this. Moovie night?

No. 1573647

If you lie with dogs you get fleas, who knew?

No. 1573681

I'm willing to bet so much money that the MTF was a massive misogynist before transitioning but the FTM ignored it so she could be "one of the boys" but because he transitioned, the rants about "muh femoids" shows her that he will always view her as a woman and that's why she has a problem now.

No. 1573688

Moids don’t complain about it cause they don’t take jerking off to fanart as activism, in a case like this they’d just draw some “straight dude cheating on gf” coom art.

No. 1573692

File: 1656349971334.jpg (110.58 KB, 1104x723, Gender Chart.jpg)

Hm this is a very interesting perspective and I think there's a lot of truth in what you said. I actually have noticed that whenever I'm on YouTube, like you mentioned I never see GNC women on there unless I look. The algorithms do tend to push beauty videos, vlogs with conventionally feminine & attractive women, clothing hauls, etc. Pretty much pushing pretty feminine women and the products they're sponsoring and it's only when you go out of your way looking for specific interests that don't fit hhe typical feminine stereotypes where you can find women who break the mold and even when you do, the algorithm won't push those videos to your daily feed, at least not in my experience so far.

I think you're definitely right that what was a bit better back in the days pre social media days was that we mostly watched TV shows and in TV shows, sometimes you'd be exposed to all kinds of different people. Like at least for me, a few that I remember seeing growing up were characters like Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender, Punky Brewster, and a few others who are escaping my mind at the moment. Having exposure to all kinds pf people on TV back in the day probably did help people be grounded more in reality. Compared to now where the youngest millennials and the gen z seemed to be raised on social media, you have kids as young as 11 getting on Twitter for example and it's more than likely distorting perception of reality for some of these girls.

>I've always been pretty active on Tumblr
>I'm perpetually online

I do see where you're coming from. I forgot that Tumblr was actually popular with us Millennials way back in the early 2010s so that's a very good point there. And all of theose 79 genders thing, it started on Tumblr. I remember seieng that obnoxious gender chart thing there but it was quite small at the time. It only kept being added to as the years went on.


I agree with you both. I'm also glad I got to experience a decade of non-social media and non internet-driven life. My family got internet in 1998 and while I did use the computer sometimes, I was never on it for hours on end. I remember going to my friends house to play Nintendo 64 (and later Gamecube) and my family would go camping at least once every other month lol. There was ust so many things that kept us occupied where we didn't feel the need to be online as well as "question our gEnDeR" compared to now

No. 1573721

I hope this flops hard along with Umbrella Academy S3. Enough with the gender shit already. It's so forced and awkward.

No. 1573766

yeah, but they/thems do the opposite of method acting. instead of becoming the character they make the character become them kek

No. 1573768

This sounds so obviously like she was molested and just needs therapy

No. 1573772

alien hieroglyphs be like

No. 1573775

File: 1656354962371.jpeg (38.25 KB, 500x424, CF18525F-A70C-4651-8597-61E11F…)

No. 1573779

KEK. You beat me to it.

No. 1573797

File: 1656355979693.jpg (57.64 KB, 1093x528, FWRVOXCWYAM--2E.jpg)

Even normies are starting to realize how absurdly misogynistic TIF/enbys c>>1573768
n sound

No. 1573798

what makes you think that

No. 1573807

Are you referring to Jack as a normie? Kek he's obsessed with trannies and had a meltdown because radfems didn't accept his gender critical tranny friend

No. 1573819

Why would you bring that up at a dinner and to a 13 year old no less

No. 1573837

Exactly lol Pretty much the Unonwn from Pokemon lol.

No. 1573839

I’m guessing someone at the dinner was just trying to bring up a relevant political topic or something, probably because that Matt Walsh doc has made the question popular.

No. 1573958

File: 1656365566336.jpeg (287.05 KB, 827x1014, 8F9FA811-95A5-469A-A314-B51435…)


No. 1573963

Cool now get her to define man.

No. 1573966

How sad is it that the only time these women learn to not see their genitals as something to not be ashamed of is when it’s part of a “man”. Misandry looks more appealing with each passing day.

No. 1574067

It gets depressing because any time someone makes art of female genitalia the person is called a terf UNLESS it is specified or made clear it resolves around NB or TiF stuff. Meanwhile, men (TiMs and otherwise) can draw dicks on everything, talk about penises all day, but the moment a woman says anything about her uterus, vulva, clitoris, etc. it’s taken as a huge political statement against the trans. Reminds me of how growing up in school you’d see dicks on everything but even the mention of a vagina was met with gasps.

No. 1574083

It's dumb as shit. A woman calling vaginas female is terfy. A TIM calling his axe wound female is stunning and brave.

I don't think they ever plan to make sense with their gender bs. One moment you have them screaming about how "genitals don't equal gender". The other moment you get TIM freaks like keffals and their TIF equivalents talking about the euphoria they get from their deformed bodies.

No. 1574099

It really is a mindfuck. If genitals mean nothing when it comes to sex, why do they always want surgery to change them?

No. 1574104

File: 1656374263349.jpeg (434.33 KB, 1638x2048, A2E0B8CA-3AE9-4F6E-827C-D8FF5E…)

Reminds me of this creature…

No. 1574138

I can't wait to see all the papers that will be done analyzing this insane gendercult shit. I can't believe a group of people looked at that picture and said "nice, let's put it in our magazine" and then read what that poor insane woman said and thought "makes sense, let's print this!"

No. 1574196

File: 1656379671582.jpeg (679.53 KB, 1170x926, 026ACECF-FC06-4B1F-BEE4-D7327F…)

so much autism in a single image
you see she’s obviously a boy cuz girls don’t like planes

No. 1574248

I never got this, why do troons put the bill out to others for cosmetic surgery. It’s not like they’ll die if they don’t get it.

No. 1574263

I remember this reporter. Her name used to be Mac McClelland and she got in trouble awhile back for doxxing a rape victim in Haiti:


She also wrote a really bizarre article about re-enacting the poor woman’s rape to “cure her PTSD”:


And now I guess she’s trooned out and wants the world to know about her penis. Strange individual, I can see why she wanted to change her name though.

No. 1574273

File: 1656386102691.jpeg (719.07 KB, 1170x1992, B0CA77FA-8C74-4ADB-89AF-5E4C8D…)

How quaint must it be to live in their own little circlejerk

No. 1574290

>woke thing
>actually even more woke thing

so tiresome

No. 1574294

I will never tire of saying that these people are very well aware of basic reality, just that directly and succinctly acknowledging this reality conflicts with their gender woo woo nonsense so they do this instead.

No. 1574364

“Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. . . . The process will still be continuing long after you and I are dead. Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller. Even now, of course, there's no reason or excuse for committing thought-crime. It's merely a question of self-discipline, reality-control. But in the end there won't be any need even for that. . . . Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?”
― George Orwell, 1984

Feminism has no meaning without the word woman.

No. 1574380

its probably silly but this post made me very happy i've been compiling quotes from 1984 and paralleling them to modern trans activism for some time it's really uncanny how the whole thing is so focused on thought control

No. 1574427

>I didn't need a penis to be a man. But I needed one to be myself.
Then why did you need a penis to be yourself? All a person needs to be themselves is to not lie about who they are. So why a penis? Why a facsimile of a male sexual organ? Riddle me fucking that, "Gabriel".

No. 1574428

Cause they are narcs, anon. Another anon in either this thread or the last one was able to put it perfectly, they don't have any moral compass, what they enjoy is to hold authority over other people. And the public narrative enabling their a woe is me mentality makes them believe they are entitled to other people's money for cosmetic surgery or they will "literally die!!1"

No. 1574429

>trade yugioh cards with the boys XD
God i am glad i always saw boys for the little animals they were and I was a girly girl who loved other girls. I never understood the tomboy obsession with male validation, its sad to see a little girl learning to hate herself and other girls from such an early age. Maybe i was just lucky and I didn't have to interact with boys to play pokemon cards cause girls would play with each other.

No. 1574450

>I never understood the tomboy obsession with male validation
I'm butch and when I was a little tomboy it was never about male validation. It was about having peers with the same interests as me. At my school gaming was seen as a male thing, so if I wanted to bust out my link cable (yes, I am old) and trade and battle pokemon it had to be with a boy. Same with playing sports. It wasn't until I started taking boxing seriously that I finally met other girls like me. I know other GNC women who had a similar experience so I think you were just lucky. It seems to be getting a bit better now where girls are more into traditionally "boyish" things. I've taught my 6 y/o sister to skate and take her to skateparks and I see a lot of young girls and women skating now as opposed to when I was skating I was the only girl at the local skatepark. The problem now is the younger generation have to deal with gender shit. I'm not sure what's worse, the isolation from other girls or the cult like "actually liking XYZ means you're a boy".

No. 1574478

File: 1656420804918.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)


No. 1574517

This tbh. I’m not butch, and as a kid I just a middle of the ground girl who did shit like dance because my mom wanted me to, but other than that all my interests aligned with what boys were into and most girls ostracized me. It was the only way to have friends, and for the most part it was okay because they were still just kids too. We grew apart as we got older, but I never did any of the shit I did for validation from little boys. It was just my only option at the time. I’m glad I didn’t grow up in the midst of gender nonsense, who knows what ideas would have gotten into my head.

No. 1574549

I refuse to believe this is canon. Bullshit. Also, Clawdeen is literally wearing those clip-on furry ears that you get off Etsy. They really didn’t want to pay a makeup artist or prosthetic artist, huh? They all look like ugly drag queens and the color schemes clash.

No. 1574591

It’s short for Francine/Francis lol.

No. 1574649

File: 1656433936085.jpeg (317.41 KB, 828x1446, 3E1C5FB5-F52E-4090-8DB1-8F0DBB…)

Why are handmaidens actually retarded. I got the notification that the group’s name changed from women’s to human rights and all I can say is I hate it here.

No. 1574660

You know from my experience most NB’s socially retardednitwits and claim they’re asexual (lesbians with extra boundaries) I don’t see why they think this affects them, these creatures who don’t adhere to culturally attractive standards. lmao you think you’re at risk for an unwanted pregnancy. Damn. Someone’s got high self esteem if you think any man’s gonna wanna fuck with any of y’all.

No. 1574668

Anon I agree but men will fuck anything, you know this.

No. 1574715

File: 1656441164924.png (37.05 KB, 521x480, Capture.PNG)

lady from Sister Wives comes out as non-binary, I guess she's also dating a trans person? Not sure what flavor though.

No. 1574716

File: 1656441436700.png (655.11 KB, 662x477, Js.PNG)

Her girlfriend came out as trans (They/Them as well) In decemeber 2021 by the way

No. 1574720

At this point I see being enby as “I was exploited and abused by men therefore the only way out is to not be a woman anymore”.

No. 1574733

File: 1656443491950.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20220628-120838.png)

Mariah was always begging for attention and you could tell she was treated differently because her mom was the unloved barely tolerated sister wife. The image attached to the post made me laugh, totally looks like a Leon

No. 1574739

File: 1656443867898.png (223.34 KB, 744x546, 6D6349E5-38FA-4026-BBDD-A70948…)

Handmaidens have got to stop bowing down to TiFs.

No. 1574747

File: 1656444355719.jpeg (2.76 MB, 1284x2121, 4003AC24-D9F1-4ECF-8081-ADDDA1…)

I saw this one on tumblr today.

No. 1574778

I am begging you spergs to get a thread on /m/ for your kids movie and stop shitting up this thread.

Holy shit lmao. My wife and I hatewatch Sister Wives (well, we started out as a hatewatch but we're now rooting for all the wives to leave him kek) and were talking about how Mariah seemed like the type of libfem lesbian to troon out out of nowhere. It's always the ones who make their sexuality a huge part of their personality.

This is an insult to the Canadian business suit.

No. 1574779

File: 1656447277806.png (587.55 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20220628-220859~3.p…)

My personal lolcow is incredibly retarded, she lives in California, ofc she would get pandered, also for a self proclaimed anarchist she clings way too much to government issued papers. Non-binary will never be a thing biologically no matter how many times they screech about it.

No. 1574783

I can only hope the next line is "they/them because I’m made from parts of several different people"

No. 1574785

>my sex is legally nonbinary which is absolutely terrifying right now since the government knows Im trans
Why are Americans like this. You don't live in a fascist dictatorship, just a shitty second world country pretending to be a first world country. Old man Joe ain't gonna send out the feds to kill you, all they have to do is get glowies to call you a woman on social media if they want you to 41%. Also if the government makes a shitload of bad decisions, what makes you think making nonbinary a sex isn't one of those bad decisions? I have to kek.

No. 1574798

File: 1656448242337.jpg (876.57 KB, 1501x1034, batman23-1riddler-e15265577622…)

Riddle me this, fakebois!
If you are men, then why are you affected by laws meant to oppress women whereas "cis" men are not?

No. 1574810

Dunning-Kruger: the person

Who's gonna tell her legal sex isn't the same biological because there's jurisdictions you can change it, while what you are born as stays the same.

You are not non-binary, you just have a personality disorder.

No. 1574995

Neat. Still female though!

No. 1575023

>If you are men, then why are you affected by laws meant to oppress women whereas "cis" men are not?
Their reasonings are usually like
>Birth is not woman-specific; most delusional amongst them say it isn't FEMALE specific either (??)
>Birth should be a gender neutral issue
>Lawmakers are transphobic and refuse to understand the above

No. 1575051

if it's a bar, the lighting was probably low, and the men in question were probably tipsy/high/etc. she's so silly

No. 1575095

File: 1656467561219.jpg (396.89 KB, 748x731, trueandhonestmen.jpg)

and of course the artist is a fat dumpy TIF

No. 1575135

>absolutely terrifying

They're gonna find out she's been fucking cishet Nigel and ban them from ever getting yaoi married

No. 1575166

File: 1656474905936.png (329.28 KB, 1080x1699, 1655785314334-1.png)

oh shit she's the "I identify as a lesbian even though I'm liberally engaged to a man" chick from the twitter hate thread
already does

No. 1575173

The fucking cope is off the charts. Girl, just be be a bihet! Holy shit!

No. 1575289

>The need to fit everyone into neat little labels doesnt work
Her entire identity seems to being a label collector.

No. 1575320

it's almost like if the labels don't work it's a fruitless endeavour and you should just be yourself without compartmentalising and not worry about how other people define you so much. these retards invent all their issues

No. 1575339

late but it's not even intent separating Caricature from Representation but fandom popularity. Troons are ultra-NPCs (if they weren't they wouldn't be troons in the first place), they just go along with the popular opinion. Actual caricatures are considered "representation" if the media they come from is well liked enough while actual attempts at "representation" are also appreciated at first but if a popular enough tumblr/twitter/tiktok user says it's bad then it gets instantly vilified because troons just don't think for themselves. A good example of this is the rise and fall of the Steven Universe fandom.

No. 1575341

from what i have seen the "tucutes" are more likely to be bi if not lesbian "t4t" while it's usually the "transmeds" who go "i only like cis men i cannot date another trans man because muh dysfurria"

No. 1575354

That and they also don't want to be regular men but super speshul faggy effeminate twinks

No. 1575365

Please someone tell me this is a troll
>I wasn't dating men because of an actual desire
>I find men attractive
Make it make fucking sense

No. 1575380

It's always the bihets and the LUGs who claim that sexuality is fluid and oh so complex, I've never a lifelong gay man or lesbian or even a straight person claiming this. You can't blame your choices on "comphet" if you've enjoyed dating men for your entire life, especially if you're engaged to one, god that stupid lesbian pdf manifesto has made so much damage.

No. 1575384

Straight men pull the "women's sexuality is so fluid and complex" shit literally all the time to pressure women into various sex acts.

No. 1575388

I was talking about how people talk about themselves and not the opinions of sex pests or post modernist sexologists (who are often a perfect circle Venn diagram).

No. 1575389

Straight men will fuck anything with a hole, inanimate object or male anus (if desperate enough). They're the ones with "fluid" sexualities. The ones who'll watch porn together in groups and jerk off, or have sex with a woman together and claim its "not gay unless x". They have so many rules in regards to what "really makes them gay" they love to project the "women have fluid sexualities" bullshit on us because we can have close relationships, feel physical platonic affection and love each other, everything men cannot do with each other because sex is such an obsessive prevelant thing to their primate subconscious. Women's sexualities aren't fluid we just know how to show affection without chimping out when it doesn't involve sexual contact after. Like all oppressive sentiments against women it's just another male cope so they can seem like the logical/rational sex but women left alone together would be too busy having girly slumber parties and orgies to accomplish anything meaningful kek.

No. 1575392

Of course only a bisexual could describe their own sexuality as "fluid", I don't really understand your post other than agreeing that wording is pretentious and lame.

No. 1575397

Same! I'm readying popcorn for when these people get exposed, it's gonna be so much fun to watch the trans berlin wall fall so to speak.
The trans ideology has hurt so many people and robbed children of their futures but the current numbers are in the dark, I'm hoping there are studies happening right now that will be revealed in the nearish future.

No. 1575418

It’s how they cope with being uninteresting. The most interesting and confident thing someone can do is just live authentically without feeling the need to slap a label on everything as a means to feel self-important. Fine to use terms that are relevant to who you are when they are actually important in context, but making them you’re entire personality just shows you have no personality. It reminds me of people in college who did that with their major or people who are obsessed with their zodiac sign.

No. 1575424

It’s so cringe to me when people say that, it embarrasses me as a bisexual woman. I don’t understand how some of us can’t seem to understand that sexuality for the majority of people is very set in stone, and even for a lot of bisexuals it isn’t “fluid”, it’s just that both options are appealing. I hate that I used to believe in that way of thinking (sexuality being fluid) but the tranny thing really opened my eyes to how firm sexuality is and helped to peak me. The moids were the start with how they prey on lesbians so often but even seeing FtMs attempting to do the same thing is irritating at best and rapey at worst.

No. 1575451

File: 1656509327675.png (125.37 KB, 312x323, genderpod.PNG)

and anyone who wants to follow research on tifs the doctor in charge of the young transition healthcare in Finland is openly more terfy/based than any researcher in this field in anglohell could ever and makes that research.

Here is a link to podcast episode where she is interviewed:

No. 1575475

File: 1656511818393.jpg (479.96 KB, 972x2563, 20220629_170657.jpg)

Came across this on Instagram. They are so close to getting it

No. 1575493

>or male anus (if desperate enough)

If they do this then they aren't "straight" nonna. Don't delude yourself or play into that nonsense, they may not be gay but they're certainly not straight and are the poster definition of a bisexual and were just waiting for an excuse to fuck a guy. "Fluidity" only applies to bisexuals when it comes to attraction to biological sex.

No. 1575497

The whole Roe Vs Wade overturn is so fucking funny when TIFs and their idiotic TRA supporters are talking about it, it's fucking annoying lol.

I watch this artist on Twitch who sometimes talks with her friends and a lot of them happen to be gender retards and the other day I was listening to them talk and they eventually brought up the Roe Vs Wade situation and the girl's friend was trying to talk about how wrong it was but she pauused for a good minute and confessed that she didn't know how to word herself on how not to "iNvAlIdAtE tRaNz-mEn" by saying that Roe Vs Wade also affects them as ell "because they aren't technically women". It was so fucking stupid. Men don't get pregnant jackass so of course delusional women who think they're men have to worry about that as well.

Sorry, just had to vent because this person and her friends have said some retarded shit on their stream about gender crap but this one took the cake in a while for me lol.

No. 1575501

What >>1574668 said kek. Yeah a lot of these women look rather… Undesirable but there is a man out there who would still fuck her and if she's not a lesbian, she'll make due if she herself is desperate enough.

No. 1575504

Are you fucking serious? What part of "women are the only ones who can get pregnant" do they not comprehend. I'm with you anon, I hate it here too lol

No. 1575505

This is true but honestly, while I feel bad for the poor girls who got sucked into this gender bullshit, I can't say I feel the same for women like Buck Angel, pretty much women who did this all to themselves in adult age. They knew the risks but they still fucked their bodies up anyway and I just can't feel that much sympathy for them. Does this make me a bad person?
I can be empathetic but a lot of these women are just awful and I can't help but find it hard to pity them.

No. 1575508

You pretty much got it. A lot of these genderretarded girls are 2000s kids and they grew up with media like Bratz, Monster High, and Winx Club and they don't want to give them up.

No. 1575527

File: 1656516352340.jpeg (235.19 KB, 826x1286, 5465F0B4-B967-4943-BB20-7DA87E…)

Apparently there’s a trans dude talking about periods on the new Baymax show. I think you can tell who it is in picrel kek

No. 1575542

The funny thing about it is that the actual gay men in these fandoms rarely ever mess with trooning out the characters. They just focus on fashion redesigns and sexualizing the male characters.

No. 1575552

It’s legitimately bizarre to me how quickly this has become welcome in media. People still scoff at the lesbian kiss or whatever in Lightyear and god knows how long it took to have ANY lesbian rep in movies like that let along decent rep that normalizes it. This trans shit has been going strong (I mean really strong, not just hints of it here and there) for maybe a decade and it’s infiltrated literally everything. Every group, every show, every game. It’s unreal. Is it all just money talking?

No. 1575566

Gigakek because none of those reasonings address the original question. Guess we can add this one to the "Unanswerable Trans Questions" list along with transracialism and "if the gender binary was enforced by white people, why is troonery so prevalent in the West and borderline nonexistent elsewhere"

No. 1575570

Is this going to age just as bad as Disney's pro-Nazi days?
Oh nonna it's money screaming from the rooftops.

No. 1575584

>Fashion redesigns
>Sexualizing the male characters

You know I actually haven't seen much sexualized fan art of the male characters from Winx Club but to be fair, I don't go out of my way to see porn of them kek.

But yeah it's very interesting how the male fans who like those shows rarely troon out when you think they would because these media properties sensationalize femininity. At the most, I've seen these guys troon out to Sailor Moon kek.

No. 1575586

At this point, I feel defeated… If this is true it's only gonna make more gendertarded kids. I weep and am worried for the future generation…

No. 1575589

You're right. They won't feature Lesbian and Gay relationships in more of their movies but they'll put shit like this in it? Am I wrong in thinking it's some sort of homophobia on their part?

>Is it all just money talking

It has to be because this shit is getting out of hands. And just watch, sooner or later the gender bubble is gonna burst and we're gonna be looking back wondering how we ever thought any of this gender shit was okay when we have a generation of mentally and physically fucked people. And the worst part? They won't take accountability when it inevitably happens. "We didn't know" they'll shout despite being warned for decades prior.

No. 1575593

Considering the trans movement is rife with homophobia it probably plays into it. They know their conservative watchers hate gay people. They know trans people hate gay people. Two birds, one stone and all.

No. 1575595

File: 1656520999542.png (631.4 KB, 595x946, 66B3F615-9BF9-44CD-84D4-18FC08…)

So…for females?

No. 1575604

File: 1656521598937.png (816.91 KB, 738x1319, E81B910F-F265-4B6A-BD90-D877D0…)

Didn’t mark names out, stole from KF but anyway, sometimes I feel like these people don’t even live on planet earth.

No. 1575608

File: 1656521864087.png (23.04 KB, 587x236, ag0S6d90RA.png)

not sure if this fits but it's funny real™ nonbinaries think they're above this

No. 1575615

the reason they have guts to shit on nonbinaries is that most of them are women

No. 1575616

> my sex is legally nonbinary which is absolutely terrifying right now since the government knows Im trans
Why are people so excited to be oppressed? you changed your documents with the gov to that, why are you now outraged that the gov knows what you submitted? Also why the fuck are you able to change SEX on documents anyway. Even if you support this it’s so unsafe if you’re unconscious and a doctor doesn’t know your bio sex because they could give you the wrong amount of medication or unsuitable treatment

No. 1575619

When they say stupid shit like this I have to laugh. It is literally almost completely made up of white people who dress quirky. The brown and black enbies who dress quirky think they're above the white quirky enbies when they're following a white american trend. The white normie-looking enbies think they're above the white quirksters yet below the brown and black quirksters when, again, they are ALL following a majorly white american trend. The enby hierarchy is weird but very intriguing, because it's all based on dressing up and also on birth sex ("amab" enbies are prized rare gems and they love to milk their "oppression" [i.e. being excluded from female only spaces] because it gets them all the clout they can ever dream of, they can dress literally HOWEVER they want and they get off scot-free because of their penis-pass). Brown and black women enbies are superficially elevated within the cult but one wrong move and they'll be excommunicated and canceled at the drop of a hat (because they're women) and if you dress too much like a hipster you're embarrassing and not a Real and True enby, and if you dress like a normie then you're not enby enough and you're just a gross cis woman hopping on trends to seem woke (even though that is all enbies). It's all so fucking insane to me.

No. 1575623

Nonbinary is just woman-lite and their own cult treats them accordingly.

No. 1575670

is "connor" a girl?
i just can't when gaydens are back on their bullshit and faggots take the bait. girl will tweet pictures of fugly tifs who supposedly pass and say "what is female about this? i know you're attracted to him" and gays always reply genuinely. they're so naive (retarded). i've never seen this happen between transbians and lesbians.
there will always be moids who call themselves gay while fucking women. the kinsey 6 homos should just get over it.

No. 1575673

File: 1656526648244.jpeg (170.28 KB, 828x935, F51CF372-F75B-454D-BE0B-40318E…)

artstyles like these just immediately scream "TIF" kek

No. 1575676

Not even Top Gun is safe from the fakebois

No. 1575689

>tifs go to "manly" movie just to ship the characters

No. 1575736

I was thinking this too. It’s essentially making your life harder for no reason except to have a literal oppression card. It’s confusing to people at best and could end her up in a scary, life-threatening situation at worst. I guess in that case it offers her a chance to sue the doctor if it ever came to that.

No. 1575751

Why do they waste their activism on children’s media in the first place? It will go over kid’s heads - they’ll pay no attention to the troon they just wanna see the marshmallow robot.

No. 1575753

All I can focus on are those repulsive brown fingernails ew the fuck

No. 1575871

I know anon, I also want this to just stop. How do we stop it? I'm so tired.

No. 1575946

This better get the same, if not way more, hate and outcry that the lesbians in lightyear got, but depressingly I think it won't.

No. 1575955

File: 1656548508526.png (422.82 KB, 570x895, Screenshot 2022-06-29 172019.p…)

A little off topic. Just saw this on my feed. So I guess the brothers bi/gay? I wonder how many others from the alphabet soup they're going to add.

No. 1576046

I thought he was dead.

No. 1576065

It’s not the brother, just a random character in episode 4. His name is Yukio or something.

No. 1576090

How come The Owl House got cancelled for having a lesbian relationship but now they're spitting troon shit? They're taking over everything I swear

No. 1576238

I've noticed this too. Whenever I see art styles of male characters that are supposed to look masculine end up looking like… This. It's usually drawn by TIFs and "NBs" a lot of the time…

No. 1576242

How was Owl House? I was kinda interested in it at first but then I saw that it had a legion of TIF and "enby" fans and I was VERY put off form that to where I didn't want to go near that series… But was it actually good? Is it worth watching despite the gendertards flocking to it?

No. 1576254

File: 1656569458691.jpg (184.85 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20220630_085853_com…)

Comments on a video talking about Roe v Wade and women. Now they want whole videos redone with inclusive language.

No. 1576294

I'm so glad that the tide is turning here. I've listened to her interviews and in one of them a dumbass journalist starts to repeat the 41% mantra but she just calmly states that there's no evidence that trooning would reduce the risk of suicide in these individuals. She's based as hell.

I hope Finland and other free healthcare countries are really pulling the brakes right now. They've even let literal retards transition here (as in actually clinically retarded people), so it can't come soon enough.

No. 1576298

File: 1656573814752.png (2.59 MB, 1506x1574, Screen-Shot-2021-10-10-at-10.0…)

>Baymax got ruined by groomer troons
well there goes another ruined childhood.

>It’s unreal. Is it all just money talking?
Yes. The medical industry makes tons of money by butchering children and handing out hormones, knowing well enough that they will have complications in the future. And not only does the medical industry get cash, but so do other corporations. When you've butchered your body and nobody wants you because you are an eunuch, you are naturally severely depressed. Depressed people are perfect consumers who will make poor spending choices to distract them from their misery.
Kevin Gibbs and Jazz Jennings are prime examples of making shitty choices.

Oh yeah and pedos love tranny shit because they get off on hurting kids. Pedo groups like NAMBLA have always been a massive thorn in the LGBT community since its beginnings. At least the troons made it possible to weed them out and people can identify them more easily.
>It has to be because this shit is getting out of hands. And just watch, sooner or later the gender bubble is gonna burst and we're gonna be looking back wondering how we ever thought any of this gender shit was okay when we have a generation of mentally and physically fucked people. And the worst part? They won't take accountability when it inevitably happens. "We didn't know" they'll shout despite being warned for decades prior.
Some doctors are already walking back to avoid responsibility. Fuck that, at least ban them from ever being doctors or even touching a random person- literally cut their hands off.

No. 1576311

The butcher “doctors” should be in prison and the troons should get the mental health care they actually need to address their body dymporphia.

No. 1576399

I think a different point instead of just “because it makes money” probably has to do with the people involved in this type of stuff and how they’re all tumblrinas that grew up and we’re now living with that. A lot of American artists online share the same belief that is being expressed by Disney and the like, just look at twitter and art discords. The companies are using the progress and enbie flag when you would expect them to be fumble around and mess up but they aren’t because of the peopling at the helm of those projects are tumblrinas. She-ra and owl house had enbie characters because the creators are into that culture. I remember someone joking about how tumblrinas major in media studies and now handle company’s PR/campaigns/marketing.

No. 1576408

My boomer dad who has no idea about trans stuff mentioned the men at his job call they/them enbies "the other option to address women". Even normies far removed from the online culture can tell at first glance kek

No. 1576517

They don’t have conservative viewers anymore, there’s a pretty big boycott of Disney

No. 1576518

Literally looks like a fakeboi i know down to the pretending to be Jewish. Top marks, Hamish Steele!

No. 1576520

IDK how phalloplasty works but they would need to reroute the urethra. Couldn't be hysterectomy as that's done before phalloplasty and obviously doesn't only scar one side (usually laproscopic).

No. 1576560

I'm really curious how this will play out in the long run. I was still under the impression this pandering stuff made them bleed money.

No. 1576578

Very astute point, you're right on the money and when you put all this into context, the tumblrinas who were in high school who grew up and actually did go to school (usually Calarts) for animation and graduated, they're now working on these projects and inserting their retarded gender stuff into them.

There's a reason why this wasn't happening in the 2000s which was the last era that had media based in logic outside of science fiction and that's because the animators were people who didn't believe in the gender crap or if they did, they weren't trying to push it in the media all that much.

No. 1576585

>there's no evidence that trooning would reduce the risk of suicide in these individuals
This is slightly out of topic but I was thinking lately that the supposed suicide rate of troons might actually be related with the prevalence of autism between them (autists also have a higher suicide rate than average).
Either way, TRAs don't actually want to put proper thought into fixing the suicide rate or what are the things that could fix it or not, they literally only care about it as a mantra/gotcha they can recite to guilt-trip people into agreeing with whatever they say.

No. 1576587

IS it safe to say that most TIFs and "Enbies" are just unattractive women who think that because they don't look pretty (or want to be) or have interest in femininity, they feel like they can't be women so that's why they delude themselves into thinking they are men (TIFs) or a nothing (Enbies)?

I've been thinking about this for awhile now since I noticed that a podcast I watched which features a TIF and 4 enbies in it, I finally saw a group photo of what they all look like IRL and let's just say they aren't the most conventionally attractive. The TIF has a literal neck-beard and is grossly overweight and all the enbies have "that" haircut abd look generally geeky, what you think of the stereotypical girl who's into Steven Universe to give you an idea.

I just can't hep but feel like these "identities" are the new coping mechanisms for some certain women to cope with their less then aesthetic appearance.

No. 1576593

>Yes. The medical industry makes tons of money by butchering children and handing out hormones, knowing well enough that they will have complications in the future. And not only does the medical industry get cash, but so do other corporations. When you've butchered your body and nobody wants you because you are an eunuch, you are naturally severely depressed. Depressed people are perfect consumers who will make poor spending choices to distract them from their misery.
Kevin Gibbs and Jazz Jennings are prime examples of making shitty choices.

I'm so glad to see more people bringing this up. It sounds like a conspiracy theory till you actualyl think about all that goes into the trooning process.

To add onto what you said about how these butchered kids who grow into mutilated adults and get bad cases of depression for being unwanted romantically and turning to materialism to cope along with the expensive therapy sessions. Doctors also get a kickback when these mutilated adults start experiencing the negative side effects of the surgeries and prolonged use of HRT. If these people want to stay in relatively decent optimal health they will need to get routine checkups and this all is pretty expensive as well.

It's the perfect money making machine to capitalize on mentally unwell people who got suckered into the false lie of being able to change their sex.

>Some doctors are already walking back to avoid responsibility. Fuck that, at least ban them from ever being doctors or even touching a random person- literally cut their hands off.

I agree. I will admit that I don't have as much pity for adults who do this to themselves because they should know what they're risking but I feel for the kids who get tricked and lied to, they never had a chance and I think the doctors who butchered them need to be held responsible for their unethical practice. I agree, they should at least ban them from the medical field because they've shown how incompetent they were.

No. 1576598

File: 1656603270638.png (423.13 KB, 683x396, sims4wokeschool.PNG)

It's money and misogyny talking. It's telling that the new Sims 4 EP casually makes the only she/her gender conforming girl the "pain in the –" uncool character, and all the theybians and he/hims are presented as style queens/desirable jocks/relatable main character.

No. 1576607

It is. Even the few attractive TIFs and enbys are usually less attractive than the popular instaqueens. And the genuinely attractive ones? They all eventually get cancelled and bullied out of the scene.

The sadder ones are the fat chicks who think testosterone will turn them into BTS prettyboys. A personal cow has started to come to grips with the reality that she will never ever look like the BTS boys, and her trans activism/testosterone evangelism has gotten a lot less. Now it seems like she clings to the troon community just because it's all she know.

No. 1576619

File: 1656604402144.png (430.67 KB, 688x407, Capture.PNG)

The only reason they added pronouns was for this high school pack. I noticed a while back whenever they introduce Tran shit, it's towards childern. Like in that wack "Home decorator" pack, they had a little boy become a girl with the trans flag in the background. So i'm not surpised the first "non-binary" sim is in a "High school" pack. They seem to think this is all the rage with younger people. I find it weird. Gender shit wasn't in the werewolf pack. However it is pride month time to pander to get that money I guess.

No. 1576640

>tifs are just ugly jealous women who hate prettier/more accomplished women and lash out throught bullying them and self harm

No shit, could have never guessed in a thousand years after putting up with these hateful nasty goblins myself and see the shit they did to other girls as well.

All it takes is interacting with them for a while. Its annoying people in this thread tries sometimes to make them seem like victims when good chunk of them are not. They could have worked on their internalized misogyny but instead choose to pull these stunts.

No. 1576649

She might also be dependent on the community for housing, employment, or food; radqueers often isolate people

No. 1576675

It’s pretty telling with the homophobia. In the Monster High movie trailer they added a whole part where Frankie and Clawdeen introduce themselves to each other with pronouns. But they didn’t take the opportunity to make Clawdeen a lesbian like she was intended to be and hinted her and Deuce being together.

No. 1576686

File: 1656608806053.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2042, 9EF0EA9E-7E20-437E-9CAC-3A7069…)

Seeing this randomly was like being jumpscared. Why do all their beard things grow so weirdly?

No. 1576700

tifs are so proud of ruining themselves. it’s awful.

No. 1576709

Let’s celebrate medically induced hormone imbalances! This totally has no horrible side effects in the long run!

No. 1576722

File: 1656610127452.jpeg (459.84 KB, 614x2304, 8392DF36-4A0B-4506-8262-FFF222…)

Someone should psyop the troons into wanting to leave the lgb voluntarily. They get to come up with a new name and flag since they love that shit so much. And they get to bitch about how the gays pushed them out like refugees and they’re so persecuted because of it.

No. 1576724

File: 1656610261268.jpeg (388.66 KB, 1597x2494, 07A7AEA3-E94B-4292-93E2-A6A38A…)

No. 1576725

I'm so sick of the victim schtick. Vast majority of TIFs I've encountered both on and offline have been hateful little assholes who happily spread dangerous rhetoric about puberty blockers, HRT and "gender affirming" surgery. They also fear monger with the 41% mantra and then wonder why everyone in their echo chamber is depressed; oh and don't forget that if you speak out against them they'll threaten you with violence and try to get you fired. Fuck 'em.

Bad genes and a lack of care from being a chronic soap dodger, I suspect. I knew a TIF IRL who grew a convincing beard but she had to wash it twice daily, use oils to care for it, brush the beard and the patchy areas because something something blood vessels something something help stimulate growth, I think? Idk. I just remember it requiring a lot of steps.

Meanwhile unlucky schmucks like me get hit with swarthy middle eastern genes and PCOS. If bearded ladies were still a thing I could join the fucking circus, kek.

No. 1576728


she was so cute, ffs

No. 1576729

god when will it end

also >not entirely a boy kek how long until she goes full troon and claims she's a man

No. 1576735

>I love that our biology is malleable
Bitch no it's not

No. 1576738

Oh damn, confusing body with biology.

No. 1576743

anon please what is your picrel from?

No. 1576745

File: 1656611248793.png (629.61 KB, 860x1562, Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 10.4…)

>no one likes to feel like an inconvenience!
especially women

No. 1576747

>draws self incredibly young looking
Is it me or does it feel like TIFs like this are chasing an idealised male childhood? Listen to Cavetown, boyhood has become a commodity like cottagecore. I can't help but feel like this is what happens when you push your daughters towards being gender conforming and "mature" for their age. Rather than just… letting kids be kids. OF course social contagion plays a huge part and wanting to be trendy but this specific type of trans "boys" definitely seem to have a fixation with childhood and simpler times, whether they notice it themselves or not.

No. 1576751

Again with the “boy” thing. It’s so fucking embarrassing behavior for a grown ass woman

No. 1576756

File: 1656611507439.png (192.99 KB, 496x780, Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 10.5…)

I mean, she's said this many times before in previous comics. Like most tifs, she can't pull off larping as a "manly man" so they settle for their uwu soft boy fantasy instead.

No. 1576760

not reading all that but the troons won't leave the lgb because they want to be the lgb. a gayden i know is pro-lgb drop the t and feels she's part of it. these tifs think they're actual gay men unlike the feminine fakebois. troons infiltrate everything.

No. 1576774

Tbh they're not wrong, gendershit is the new emo/scene fashion and kids are willing to spend tons of money on useless junk as long as it has lgbtq flags colors. From a business perspective the troon train is super lucrative because troonery is largely based on consooming and expensive medical treatments.

No. 1576779

This is the girliest thing I’ve ever seen and it reads so childish, like it’s aimed at preschoolers.

No. 1576790

From a closed change.org petition. I felt like they summed up the trans issue pretty well.

No. 1576792

File: 1656612910217.jpeg (30.31 KB, 1157x506, E5F61D7B-748B-49DC-81A1-54FECB…)

Nope, it doesn’t matter. It doesnt matter to anyone but you. Anyone who cares about your made-up struggle with being a woman AND somehow being a man is either being nice or is just as brainwashed as you are. You can’t champion womanhood >>1576756 if you deliberately chose to throw it away like this. Exercises in narcissism, unsurprising coming from the western animation community, though.

No. 1576803

File: 1656613223909.png (798.45 KB, 1728x2304, 80BB50BE-AE39-47C5-B90C-1503CF…)

No. 1576807

My theory is she hangs onto “Diane” because she feels guilty for jettisoning being a woman (in favor of being an NLOG) after years of feminism.

No. 1576819

I see Diane more as being whatever little parts of herself she won’t self-abandon. She has NLOGed nearly every element of herself, purging little bits of selfhood…I guess I’m glad that some small fragment of self has managed to hang on.

No. 1576835

File: 1656614390275.jpeg (706.9 KB, 2048x2048, 19410E02-5A59-4423-8CDD-4937D5…)

The art vs the TIF

No. 1576840

>Women have visible eyelashes
Nice gender roles.

No. 1576844

so this is what happened to the fujos on tumblr who shipped real life actors together and real Yaoi porn everyday, can't say I feel bad for them

No. 1576877

Is it me or does it look like she's a dwarf in that self-portrait? The leg proportions especially. Top kek at the renaissance fair outfit which she just had to fashion so it could show off her brave and stunning tit chop scars.

No. 1576878

Cool, now lock it.

No. 1576884

I don't feel like she ever learned how to draw proportions correctly, she always drew super stylized

No. 1576899

File: 1656616959512.jpeg (86.5 KB, 869x691, 62334B95-80BB-4118-9B5D-7D0E01…)

So bloby I hate it.

No. 1576917

File: 1656617408378.jpg (92.81 KB, 736x814, 770f4ed4ee.jpg)

many TIFs are former fujoshis and so they naturally fetishize and in turn idealize male youth, even the non-fujo TIFs(both straight and lesbian) envy boyhood, Lesbian TIFs wished they were the beautiful and handsome boys that effortlessly get the attention of all the girls they pined for, while straight TIFs are still hung up over the fact that those handsome boys, they they desired ignored them and so they concluded, if they can't get a handsome bf they'll become one, 99% Aydenism is a result of engaging in unnatural and unhealthy outlets for female sexuality, I can almost sympathize with them, I love seeing handsome young men and I can understand the desire to just be a beautiful man and state at myself endlessly but I know that will never be a reality and so it remains nothing more then an occasionally fantasy

No. 1576918

She’s got to have body dysmorphia, the physique of the drawing (legs, arms, shoulders) look absolutely nothing like her irl photo.

No. 1576920

definitely tried to ape kate beaton's style

No. 1576946

>99% Aydenism is a result of engaging in unnatural and unhealthy outlets for female sexuality
What are these unhealthy outlets and what would count as a natural/healthy outlet? I 100% agree on them trying to become the bf.

No. 1576949

technically the first non-binary sim is this TIM https://sims.fandom.com/wiki/Morgyn_Ember
>Morgyn has a masculine frame, a preference for feminine clothing, is unable to become pregnant or get other Sims pregnant, and cannot use the toilet standing up.

No. 1576955

File: 1656619078093.png (66.06 KB, 256x256, Morgyn_Ember.png)

samefag, accidentally dropped image

No. 1576974

BL, ddlg shit, kinks and gay male subcultures, these sadly seem to be the default options for many awkward and insecure teen girls these days

No. 1576988


No. 1577010

She might realise the biological truth at some point considering she's clinging onto the name. However I'm appalled that she uses T-gel. She most likely doesn't inform everyone that touches her that they get additional testosterone in their bodies just by doing so. Certainly one'd hope she never ever hugs any relatives with the gelled part out..

No. 1577043

I did not know that. That’s fucking horrifying, I’m glad I don’t know any TiFs irl. Imagine indirectly poisoning your supposed loved ones because you wanna become a mutated hobbit.

No. 1577057

If it was up to many of the artists working in animation, almost every cartoon would have an 80% queer cast with every single letter represented. It's a burning passion for that crowd, they want it badly. The only reason it doesn't happen is because the ones calling the shots are still semi-conservative boomers, so it only slips through here and there, though it's becoming more frequent.

No. 1577063

there's a contingent of older more conservative people who work in animation too (so many people who work in feature are super religious idk why but they are).

I won't lie and say the queer animation ppl don't exist but they're not the majority even if it may seem like it. they just have a lot of online presence and I suspect that gives them more leverage for new work if they're popular… and then there are the well meaning "allies" who just stick any bullshit in to check off the boxes

sorry for spergery

No. 1577064

samefag but I do think you're onto something with this leaking from influential calarts/popular artists on tumblr. I just found out a mega popular calarts artists from back in the day who was on tumblr is a they them now lol

No. 1577084

I only know people from TV where this group is overrepresented but you're right, they're just really loud. There's lots of people in the industry who have minimal to no social media presence and stay away from these issues completely. I strive for that myself.
God I wish I could make more normie friends.

No. 1577091

I understand anon. There's so many tifs in animation it is obnoxious lol but they're not the majority even if they're loud. Hope you can find some chill normies to hang with

No. 1577092

File: 1656628473198.jpeg (853.05 KB, 2500x1331, 97BC1AC1-A7DF-4630-9D90-4B4653…)

From the western animation thread, which overlaps with this thread from time to time because fakebois have shitted up the animation industry so bad kek

No. 1577144

The saddest part is that people like this do have influence over the young and impressionable Tumblr tweens who watch their cartoons. So this shit she's pulling does matter, by encouraging girl children to emulate her and mutilate themselves to cure their homosexuality and/or gender nonconformity, yet all she can think about is herself and how "important" and brave she is for helping along the social contagion.

No. 1577146

File: 1656633404105.png (482.53 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20220629-184653_(1)…)

I can't even watch a video on feminine hygiene without encountering some troon in the wild whining about muh dysphoria

No. 1577175

File: 1656636426243.png (4.3 MB, 1728x2304, E4DB692A-D1ED-43CD-AF74-3187D2…)

This nb author’s book is one of the most banned books in America. I can’t figure out if it was in middle or high schools, but she insisted that the book could save lives kek.
>>Maia Kobabe — who uses gender-neutral pronouns e, em and eir — woke up to a slew of emails from journalists at The Associated Press and local Washington, D.C., news stations requesting interviews.
>>After the contentious school board meeting, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia’s largest school district, pulled “Gender Queer” and another book, “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison, from school shelves

No. 1577177

Well, two pages is already enough to see why it would be banned.

No. 1577185

>Shit other girls go through too
>"omg, only I suffer through this"
Kek. I love how these assholes use their brains.
>who uses gender-neutral pronouns e, em and eir
Convoluted craziness.

No. 1577195

File: 1656637851626.jpeg (255.71 KB, 1200x800, 6F62D86C-FF87-49C2-BF3F-1A886A…)

She’s 33 and was raised by San Francisco hippies.

No. 1577199


No. 1577220

A few years ago, I bought Nimona to support her, since I related to her awkward teen years and leaving of a cult. Such a shame she ended up like this.

No. 1577223

She'd probably hate us all for being evil terfs but I do feel a bit bad for her as a GNC bi woman with a female lean. Fuck polyshits

No. 1577248

You ever see someone and just know they could have benefited from a healthy dose of constructive bullying?

No. 1577268

This is a point that really, really doens't get brought up enough. Trans is the new alt youth trend with much more serious consequences than piercing your ears with a safety pin.

No. 1577286

Crazy that she did all that for manipulative poly weirdo Molly Ostertag, and even after trooning out Noelle is still much cuter. Her self-esteem must be 20,000 leagues under the fucking sea.

No. 1577317

File: 1656645420198.jpeg (119.07 KB, 800x800, R.jpeg)

No. 1577332

It's comically sad how hard she speaks about her relationship with Molly as if it wasn't the most fucked up thing ever.

No. 1577374

File: 1656648782770.jpeg (170.49 KB, 890x484, DA595DC1-FCDE-4171-AF4D-535E85…)

No. 1577421

File: 1656652243251.jpeg (215.82 KB, 750x534, E090362C-A878-440B-A98F-768E70…)

sage for not milk, but is pixelade a tif or just a gay manlet? does anyone else here watch him?

No. 1577433

>wahh I get dysphoria from this
>anyway let me talk about it in detail

No. 1577447

The saddest thing about this point is that those young boys never remain looking like that for long. I know that should be obvious, but truly these boys only look like this until -maybe- their mid-20's. Twink death is real, and eventually they all get more hairy, hairlines recede, they gain weight. Women age so much more gracefully, that "hit the wall" shit is so backwards.
It makes me so sad nonnies, tomboy, butch lesbians like Ellen and Noelle, they'd literally continue to look boyishly-masculine well into their 30's and 40's, but instead they choose to medically mutilate themselves and age terribly. If Noelle really has been using that T-gel shit, it shows because >>1576835 she's already starting to look way rougher than before.
It makes no sense. Sorry for my whining anons, I'm just a sad lesbian who loves soft-butches and I can't stand to see them continue to fuck themselves over like this. Especially when, with their reasoning, it's so counterproductive.

No. 1577458

File: 1656655768732.png (1.2 MB, 1416x525, C[.png)

That is not at all the point I was trying to make, also there's a huge difference between males who try to look boyish as long as possible(gay moids and pop-stars) and average men who allow themselves to age gracefully, my point was how specifically about the desire and allure of male beauty, gender isn't a fluid, a beautiful man cannot be a beautiful or even an average woman, similarly a with a masculine or boyish style is distinct from maleness, its specifically a female style

No. 1577513

Where is that text from? Where can I read the rest?
I thought it was a run of the mill Christian church, I didn't know it was a straight up cult

No. 1577619

>I thought it was a run of the mill Christian church, I didn't know it was a straight up cult
Idk about Noelle Stevenson but I have noticed a lot of TIFs talk about "escaping religious cults" when the "cult" was just their parents taking them to church on sundays, kek.

No. 1577697

I know we’ve talked about the book in previous threads and scrutinized it pretty hard (maybe a couple back), but here is a pdf for anyone who wants to read it and get annoyed.

No. 1577713

Ntayrt but I hear what you're saying and it depresses me too. So much media aimed at women glorifies male youth and/or androgynous boys (BL, kpop, etc). If you're a gnc lesbian and all the girls you have crushes on are idolizing skinny effeminate twinks, the thought of becoming the twink can seem really appealing. Plus they make it sound like transing yourself will let you escape misogyny and homophobia, and who doesn't want that? I don't know much about the Noelle situation beyond what's itt but that's definitely the vibe I'm getting from her story.

No. 1577715

Noelle's wife is a fujoshi that loves drawing Lord of the Rings hobbits smut, so you might be right

No. 1577717

The western animation thread has more if you’re curious.

No. 1577724

File: 1656687308350.png (1.47 MB, 1125x3699, 5F5BC8E5-9F45-4E64-BE21-99440A…)

No. 1577744

Straight men assault their fellow males all the time. It doesn't mean they're any less straight. It means moids are degenerate coomers who will seek the coom despite circumstance or their "sexuality" : IE. if they can delude themselves into thinking its not gay. It has nothing to do with males appreciating each other on a romantic level. For moids it's about power, being obsessed with sex and getting off. I wouldn't consider violent prisoner moid A a closeted bisexual just because he violently assaults prisoner moid B. Men just operate on a different level of degeneracy when it comes to their cooming that disregards sexuality and sex as concepts completely.

No. 1577759

>It doesn't mean they're any less straight.
Anon, I get what you're trying to say, but words have meanings. Bisexual men exist and are far more common (and lying about it) than a lot of people want to acknowledge. Of course they'll "live" as straight because it's the path of least resistance and socially encouraged (and most bisexuals aren't straight up 50/50, to begin with, everyone has "leanings"), but that doesn't make their LARP real any more than a passing troon "living as a woman" is truly a woman. You don't have to feel romantic love or respect for someone to want to fuck them (as straight men have shown women, many times). If your sexuality isn't geared toward the opposite sex only, you are just not straight, doesn't matter the reasoning

No. 1577763

Lots of millennials and especially gen z women have fully internalized the idea that gnc/butch lesbians basically can't be "cis" and are a transition waiting to happen. No idea how they square this with a lesbian identity (poorly, as can be seen with Noelle) but it's depressing as fuck.
I get it if the church is really homophobic, which lots of mainstream Christian churches are, but these TIFs trooning out are doing the exact opposite of escaping it, they're accepting that the strict gender roles are correct and they're just NLOG.

No. 1577769

File: 1656690354655.jpeg (131.71 KB, 828x692, 7BCB72FF-EEF2-483E-AB02-4ED89A…)

deathfat self-proclaimed enbie who works for the us senate

No. 1577774

You're arguing men are closeted bisexuals which no one is arguing against.the original point was the sentiment that "women's sexualities are fluid" come from the projection of moids who don't view sex or sexuality the same because they can like you said >don't have to feel romantic love or respect for someone to want to fuck them (as straight men have shown women, many times)

The concept of sexuality being fluid for women to them is because most male interactions are either devoid of all affection or sex based. They're the ones claiming they're straight and making arbitrary rules to define straightness.

No. 1577776

idk, I think I'd be more concerned over potentially having cancer than the language people use to describe it.
I guess they would say it's because I'm "a dirty cis"

No. 1577778

I'm noticing a pattern with fujo art; it's trying to be Rebecca Sugar on poppers and no appeal, but also ignoring any semblance of anatomy or proportion

No. 1577782

>I get it if the church is really homophobic, which lots of mainstream Christian churches are
AYRT, I grew up in a very conservative synagogue that was homophobic and treated anyone who was GNC like myself like a sinful freak who's fighting their "true nature" to be a conventionally feminine doormat. It's still not a cult though, that word is thrown around far too liberally nowadays. It's insensitive to those who have escaped actual cults to call it that.

No. 1577814

File: 1656695113017.jpeg (367.16 KB, 927x2304, CC4CCEAD-0BC3-40F4-BA15-669E11…)

Noelle’s art style is slightly more tolerable than Molly’s.

No. 1577840

Is this Molly writing about how proud she is of Noelle for butchering herself out of self-loathing and homophobia? what a mess

No. 1577841

>drawing doesn't even resemble her

No. 1577844

are all of their comics this boring narcissist shit where they can't stop talking about themselves and their identities jfc

No. 1577874

File: 1656700549073.jpeg (485.03 KB, 2048x2048, F2CE13FB-CF11-47DF-8B01-3BBFEE…)

No. 1577880

They always say this shit. Every single time. And this is exactly why I stopped seeing tifs as victims. The logical conclusion of this thinking is that everyone who calls themselves a girl 100% identifies with not being a person as well as sexist stereotypes. Tifs hate you. Their identity is based on not being you. Theyd rather kill themselves than be seen as being in the same category as women. They hate us this much

No. 1577883

isn’t she the one who had incestous relations with her sister?

No. 1577890

I mean most heterosexual women tend to prefer young good looking males, there's nothing wrong with, in fact many women actively get shamed for that preference

No. 1577898

They are so fucking dull. They should just get a personality and also realize every woman relates to this shit.

No. 1577915

File: 1656702569882.jpeg (249.53 KB, 991x762, 8755636B-8A25-4BA1-BDF0-6FEB8D…)

What do the Tifs feel about this? Are they going to viciously attack this crusty ass man? Agree with him?

No. 1577922

File: 1656702828594.jpeg (139.61 KB, 1242x1157, C7EB36C5-921F-409A-B412-B79F58…)

The 3rd one is hilarious. Why do these girls project so much?

No. 1577931

>literally an autistic fujoshi kpop stan
she never stood a chance

No. 1577960

Top kek at the third one. Evil transphobes are the ones telling them the constructs are bullshit and to live how they want. How can they take "you can dress how you want and change your name without surgery, hormones and denying your sex" and convert that to "dress conventionally feminine and become a tradthot". Her arms must hurt from reaching so hard. Also this primary school "go pick your boogers you MEANIE" shit is so goddamned annoying. But sure, you're totally mature enough to be confident that you won't regret butchering yourself. Rock out with your frankencock out, I guess.

No. 1577963

File: 1656705069964.jpg (2.92 MB, 3780x3780, 20220701_143827.jpg)

Someone needs to tell her that she was just feeling horny kek

No. 1577964

File: 1656705166992.jpg (3.01 MB, 3780x3780, 20220701_143830.jpg)

No. 1577965

Kinda sad that if she was born when I was (1990) she would've been a totally normal heterosexual scene girl who most likely grew into a normie.

No. 1577978

Because the cognitive dissonance is too distressing for them to handle so they have to do these dumb mental gymnastics to avoid that gnawing feeling in the back of their head that maybe they made a mistake and look stupid

List of things you can do instead of mutilating your body and bullying others into entertaining your delusions:
-wear an ugly outfit and refrain from posting it for attention
-marry someone you're actually attracted to who is actually attracted to you, instead of pressuring gay men into repressing their homosexuality
-live your life based on reality, doing your own thing and ignoring social constructs and not trying to force yourself into trendy niche labels
-blow your nose and take a shower more than once a month

No. 1577979

I like men who put effort into their appearance and actually have some style outside of gender norms. I can appreciate an effeminate man. A man who paints his nails, is emotionally intelligent, wears tighter clothes. I am not a gay man in a women’s body. Why the fuck can’t we just stop thinking man=this woman=that? It is literally driving a decent amount of us insane.

No. 1578003

Exactly. I think part of the problem is that it's not very common for women to be attracted to effeminate men and I'm talking men who really do lean more towards the feminine style, not "pretty boys" like KPop singers.
This is why it's important for people who are attracted to gender nonconforming people to not be retarded about the attraction. If you're attracted to a man in a dress and makeup, you just like effeminate and/or gender nonconforming men. If you like women who prefer to have a fauxhawk and dress like a KPop male singer, you just like masculine presenting women. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 1578005

>>Their identity is based on not being you.

This this this. Honestly I think this is why their definitions for "woman" have gotten so circular ("anyone who says they're a woman, is one!") and nonsensical. Otherwise they'd have to admit that they truly think that "real women" happily conform to misogynistic/sexist stereotypes, and their discomfort with these expectations is somehow "proof" that they're really trutrans.

No. 1578009

And I’m not against men being masculine or trying to turn every man effeminate. I like what I like. They have to stop pushing one or the other. Honestly I’m a gnc female and I like effeminate guys. That’s backwards to some people but it is what it is.

No. 1578025

ot but kek, what rights are they lacking? and when have women not been on their own? men have never done shit for us.

No. 1578027

Most simmers are genderspecials and handmaidens. It’s just the money talking, as per usual.

No. 1578033

Completely off topic but straight moids who talk shit like this need to look into the AIDS crisis. Gay moids endangered themselves by acting like typical males and it was women who helped them campaign and it was women who quite literally stood by them on their deathbeds. Gay men - or any man for that matter - would never do that for women. When it comes to abortion it's women's fault for opening their legs in the first place but what about AIDS, huh? Doesn't the same thing apply in that situation you braindead fucks? Slightly more on topic but I've met quite a few TIFs online and off who are unironic manosphere bros and it's so disappointing, even by troon standards. They're the ultimate traitors and I have zero sympathy for them.

No. 1578050

these girls feel "gender envy" with all kinds of men, it's not just scene boys. jocks, slobs, walter white. the question is why. i mean why do some women want to be the guy they're attracted to? it's not a new thing either: there are novels and autobiographies written 50+ years ago in which the (straight) author casually and unexpectedly mentions she imagines she's a man while having sex. i wish there were actual research on female sexuality. researchers don't give a shit, and feminists tend to assume women have these fantasies because they were sexually abused and want to escape the male gaze or whatever. men are allowed to be horny and pine for somebody, while women are just supposed to hook up/be in a relationship. they don't have desires like men do. they're shamed for having crushes since they're little and then they grow up to be ashamed of their sexuality for the rest of their lives.

No. 1578052

that walter white mention took me the fuck out is breaking bad popular with tifs or are you making a joke

No. 1578054

sorry i had to delete to edit. it is popular with tifs.

No. 1578067

"I'm not like the other girls, I'm a person" is the entirety of the TIF/enby thought process and they're not remotely self-aware of how deeply misogynist they are

No. 1578078

it seems like recently its been popular with tifs, they keep calling jessie a Tboy

No. 1578093

Sage for sperging
The Bob The Drag Queen mentions upthread made me want to go watch the 2nd season of We’re Here on HBO (no bully pls). On the second episode (Temecula) there’s a ftm who gets paired with Bob and man did it make me cringe. The girl mentions that she has the ‘tism and is mostly a shut in and mostly only interacts with her mom. She identifies as a gay man and her special interest and obsession is Dio from JoJo’s. Bob seemed annoyed/tired/over it the whole time which added to the cringe of the situation. It kind of makes it more interesting that Bob is currently dating that other ftm Ezra because it seemed it he hated this ftm calling herself a gay man. I felt really bad for the mom she seemed like she was doing her best to be accommodating to her child who clearly has a lot going on.

No. 1578101

i remember seeing a page about moids with tboy swag and it included JFK. made me cringe so hard but i love when girls act silly and retarded i just wish they didn't feel the need to identify as boys to do so.

No. 1578107

Kek yes they love to troon (I think it's called transwashing?) Jesse for being a man with emotions I guess. I haven't watched Breaking Bad for years but iirc he made quite a few noughties style gay jokes that the same TIFs would be offended by if someone ugly or a woman said them.

No. 1578151

To be fair, "gender envy" happens to hetero troons of both sexes (of course we know a lot more about AGP than AAP). Just go on twitter and look at how transbians talk about attractive women. Instead of wanting to be with the objects of their attraction they want to become them. I think its a combo of sexual shame, narcissism, and assuming sex is so much better for the opposite gender.

No. 1578161

Tifs moid worship is really embarrassing, even tims don't hate themselves that much. It's very rare to see a tif be like a male troon and talk about how superior their bodies are compared to gay moids, they mostly spend time sharing their disgusting fetishes on that ftmpunished subreddit begging moids to rape them pregnant and to force them to detroon and abuse their vaginas.

These girls are either trying to become the men they can't have (gay men) or on a subconscious level don't want to embarrass women with their stereotypical submissive fetishes. Thanks to yaoi where the uke character is literally a flat chested tomboy who submits to the seme, they can now live out their fetish. Or at least this was true years ago, thanks to big troon girls who would've just read yaoi all day and masturbated to the idea of becoming the yaoi are now allowed to troon with zero restrictions.

No. 1578171

inb4 the reeing about muh fats and muh skinnies but from what I've seen a lot of gender envy comes from fat girls looking at skinny men as a realistic body weight/aesthetics goal. Fictional male body types included.
Nah I think there's a decent subsection of tifs going on about "three holes is better than two!" and "my superior male vagina" and how their bussies (vagina) don't get poopy.

No. 1578186

Thank you for linking it, fucking wild read. Honestly I just came out of it feeling like her parents failed her somehow. Not being able to read until age 10, not being given deoderant, being isolated from her peers because she was unaware of proper social behaviors, her mom being weirdly pushy about her having kids. I also empathize at some parts though, like the confusion about sexuality, and I at least appreciate that she knows she's autoandrophilic. What a bizarre life.

No. 1578198

>trying to become the men they can't have (gay men)
More like trying to get access to gay men they like so much, because straight ones are rude, dumb and only want to use their female partner
While gay men are sooo not like that

Also funny to see how aidens sometimes deliberately try to larp edgier than it’s depicted in slash fanfics, because they are trve and not some fluffy posers - while they are obviously still fangirling over their favourite yaoi ships

No. 1578221

I'm confused. When were women ever in a position of power to make laws that remove men's rights though? And when ever in history have women used violence against men to take away rights to their own bodies? holyshit, this is infuriating. This is 100 percent why I dont support hand maiden behavior.

No. 1578222

The fanfic and BL webtoon thing has always been so odd to me. Somehow these women have come to the conclusion that they're secretly gay twinks trapped in a female body after exclusively consuming media written by and for women.

I wonder what the solution to this is, cross dressing and role-playing? That's what their fujo ancestors used to do in the olden days of the 2000s, with zero surgeries or drugs that give them cystic acne with male pattern baldness.

No. 1578226

Pretty bleak that there's really no more fujoshi who are just like "yeah I'm a woman who likes to crossplay/RP as a yaoi boy, who cares." You can say it's degenerate/cringe but at least it's a phase they tend to outgrow without any permanent damage to their bodies. Sadly I think these types aren't around because they tend to get canceled by trutrans fakebois accusing them of appropriation or someshit (that, or insisting that they have to transition.)

No. 1578384

File: 1656737949719.jpeg (2.25 MB, 1184x1953, ACB11C57-9AB5-4200-9328-B04904…)

She only ran thankfully and didn’t win. Imagine being like “hm..I wonder who represents my state in the senate?” and finding this

No. 1578395

>w-well women didn't fight for MEN'S rights so there
>women were forbidden from interacting with public society for a good portion of history

No. 1578404

>i couldn't get the bf so i became the bf
is there a fund or outreach program to stop sexually repressed heterosexual girls from going down the gendie hole

No. 1578405

i knew i wasnt being paranoid for no reason. all of this bullshit is going to get forced into being more and more normalized. when we are old we will be labeled x-phobic for not asking everyone for their pronouns and not remembering xegender and saturngender and bungender and whatever else

No. 1578410

File: 1656742000190.jpeg (375.51 KB, 2048x1463, FWSbj_EUUAAi6YR.jpeg)

Just wanted to share this concept art of the Dead End TIF, this thing truly is hideously accurate. That EXCUSE ME face wouldn't be out of place in a comic mocking tumblrinas for being triggered, holy shit.

The femcel version of the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1578412

She's skinwalking Uncle Grandpa

No. 1578416

Ftm Peter Griffin.

No. 1578435

She unironically looks like a more Tumblr approved version of Steve Universe, at least back in the day Steven was just meant to be a cute chubby child, but this Barney character feels like a mockery out of TiFs. Kekking hard at how even the concept art shows how she runs out of breath while doing physical efforts, I'm surprised at how this wasn't made by an anti-sjw trying to poke fun at Tumblr girls.

No. 1578449

File: 1656747470670.jpeg (523.02 KB, 1189x1188, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Ikbr…)

You're actually quite on the nail that it's shame about their own sexuality. I once saw research on this subject in like 2017, but it wasn't in what you might expect. It was in a goddamn queer theory paper about Sebaciel. The paper itself is actually fairly decently-written if you ignore the author's purpose, but I digress.

No. 1578489

File: 1656754445640.gif (3.98 MB, 224x224, 595.gif)

Good job, she passes!

No. 1578532

just embrace being a transphobe, nona, be your true self kek

No. 1578534

KEK anon, pls

No. 1578538

KEK, ily anon but now I'm gonna have that stupid song in my head all day.

No. 1578610

File: 1656768755187.jpg (238.01 KB, 1064x903, image.jpg)

somewhat related, why do you think androgyny is hot (and i think mostly accepted as hot?) but 'nonbinary' so sexless (at best) and ugly (at worst)? is it just that the people who are more inclined to identify as the latter are uglier? or is it that androgyny still accepts the idea of a gender binary and combines two opposites for a look that works best for a specific individual, while 'nonbinary' neutralizes the appeal of both/either? what gives

No. 1578611

NTA and idk what the fuck you're on about but woman in suit who knows she's a woman is hot, woman in suit who denies she's a woman is not hot. Hope this helps.

No. 1578612

I think you’re right, because most people who can actually pull off an androgynous look are already attractive (like in the photos, they’re typically tall, thinner, project more confidence). A lot of NBs are on the average to ugly side of things and end up looking like sexless blobs anyway.

No. 1578615

I though this photo was upside down for some reason. kek

No. 1578618

This. tifs are not victims. And they're doing horrible damage to already vulnerable women. No one wants to be sexually harassed or not taken seriously at work. A lot of them do this because they literally think their lives will be better as men, or apparently picking up a truck and doing male 'hobbies' makes one a men instead of breaking through gender stereotypes. Tifs are trash and act like you need to be in a box as a woman. I don't feel bad for them at all. The long term side effects will eventually kick in and they will see how they butchered themselves.

No. 1578619

How does a feminist turn tif like this? It's sad.

No. 1578622

the tif backlash for this character is hilarious because you know it's like looking in a mirror to them

No. 1578633

Is that a pink triangle…?

No. 1578638

Of course it is. Because they need to co-opt the kinds of trauma that people were forced through without being given any choice on opting out.

No. 1578639

Trying to escape the horrors of womenhood, seems to be a common thing with these women.

No. 1578644

kek nice catch. i hope they holocaust themselves.

No. 1578668

Fakebois and their sympathizers stop fetishizing Judaism and the Holocaust challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
I was about to say that a pasty straight woman like this character would have never been persecuted in the Holocaust but she's apparently supposed to be Jewish so nvm. Idk if the creator actually is though. There's no mention of it anywhere when you look him up. That makes me lean towards no he isn't because these types would definitely jump at the chance to list it as one of their many labels for which they're oppressed.
It really is so bizarre how much emphasis fakebois in particular put into being Jewish. I know it's been talked about a couple times in these threads but it really is so weird. So many of them are converts or non-practising. If they really do have any Jewish ancestry, they often have very little connection to the cultural aspects of it besides constantly mentioning their ancestry on Twitter. It's this gross combo of fetishization and a get-out-of-white-privilege-free card.

No. 1578694

the average enby purposely styles themselves as unappealing and the level of effort they put into their larp is cringe. people who have an androgynous look are often doing so somewhat effortlessly. also enbies are often out of shape, and will complain that "true androgeny" is being gatekept from them by skinny people

No. 1578701

Holocaust appropriation is bad enough, but knowing she's wearing specifically the marking gay men were made to wear as some kind of ahistorical yaoiboy fantasy verges on parody. Women were forced to be breeders, no matter their orientation. The guy who made this frumpy fat girl 100% has some out of control TIF fetish, he has the behavior of these girls down to a t.

No. 1578708

TBH I was all in favor of "nonbinary" when I first heard about it; initially I thought that nonbinary was just a general term for people who were into androgynous fashions, not some sort of sex-denial cope.

I think a lot of NLOGs who call themselves nonbinary aren't androgynous at all (physically, or in the fashion sense); they just want to feel like they're exempt from their own internalized misogyny, hence the label. A lot of the women calling themselves nonbinary are pretty gender-conforming. So they either insist that you don't need androgyny to be NB, or they take T and go for a deliberately shocking trainwreck version of "androgyny" where they have a patchy beard and beer gut but also wear fishnet stockings and heavy makeup.

No. 1578718

you've to be consistent with theory, if sexed brains don't exist (and they actually don't exist), then autoandrophilia is just as real as agp. what makes them different is gendered socialization, then it can be explained why they're expressed in different ways.
also trauma plays a big factor when women transition, because of socialization. a man can put his fetish above all his own and the other needs, while women do it when they can't take it anymore and feel the need of putting themselves first for once, even if its in a unhealthy way

No. 1578737

Dude's name is Hamish Steele, so I kinda doubt he's Jewish. I looked him up and can't find no mention of it in his bios. He really is like a MtFtM with his bad fashion, awful art and penchant for making Jewish characters that never mention being Jewish unless it's oppression olympics or to try and pull the "ackshully I'm not white" trick. It's like he's chased Aiden pussy so much that he's started to morph into one himself, kek.

No. 1578738

The male equivalent of Kikomi

No. 1578743

I'm starting to think the guy who came up with the original comic is actually a cryptoterf (or the male equivalent) and is subtly parodying fakebois here.

No. 1578829

File: 1656786093418.gif (5.91 MB, 540x432, 8C9EDEC0-5514-4A55-AC76-8DE9BB…)

I’m probably reaching, but the gay male love interest being Asian reminds me of the fakeboi obsession with K-pop and Asian cultures.

No. 1578834

why does he have whiskers

No. 1578836

Nah you just liked how scene boys were able to express themselves with femininity and still get respect and be treated like a human person despite their makeup and flamboyant clothes. And you hated how makeup and the same clothes made people think you were inviting sexual attention. "Gender envy" is just self hating girls being mad that males can have personhood and they cant

No. 1578848

Because being a "feminist" nowadays sadly means being exposed to the gender cult propaganda on the regular, and those people prey on the meek and agreeable as well as mentally immature women (as demonstrated by her letting her partner walk all over her and working in kid cartoons respectively) who for some reason(s) such as CSA, autism or high social consciousness feel shorthanded by their birth sex.

No. 1578864

File: 1656787822628.jpeg (271.67 KB, 2048x1116, 38818865-F396-4378-AE88-CEBA94…)


How does this make any sense? Luffy is either too young or too retarded to know males exists but was still allowed to identify as one and get a tit chop?

No. 1578878

the creator of this has reached such dangerous levels of tranny chasery that hes getting their behavior and preferences for asian guys eerily right

No. 1578883

File: 1656789078775.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1158x1657, 19D69DA5-4C5D-4952-9CA7-8EC473…)

Why’d he have to dye his hair blue? kek now he looks like a self insert for the ftm main character. I know this isn’t his whole crew but looks like a lot of female they/thems.

No. 1578885

really? besides Hammish these people look pretty normal compared to other industry gendies

No. 1578886

If this was a real woman making a cartoon about a tim it would be a different stories. she sure wouldnt be sorrounded by handmaidens and aidens kissing his feet. to put it mildly

No. 1578891

Luffy is short, naive and has a female VC so that's a self-own kek. Zoro however is cope. Very obviously male. Kek at this tif not wanting to claim the most horny, sexist moid out of the three.

No. 1578893

File: 1656789903995.jpeg (73.99 KB, 625x377, 8E03EDE8-62FB-4F36-8CC9-7C2D46…)

I guess the design improved a little bit kek

No. 1578894

I need this steven universe style to die

No. 1578901

>the gay male love interest being Asian
I think you are wrong nonna. That's clearly zoomer Cantinflas, which explains the whiskers

No. 1578906

If a woman made a cartoon that looked like a parody of MTFs, they would be calling for her head.

No. 1578914

File: 1656791745489.jpg (174.98 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_2022-07-02-14-52-11…)

I wonder what Diane would say about this nowadays.

No. 1578921

They look like remixes of the same person

No. 1578924

Idk how to answer this well. In high school i was very in 80s goth, mens victorian, and dandy styles. I think androgynous fashion focuses on timeless fashion, like marlene dietrich in a well tailored suit. And styles that fit their body type and facial features, like grace jones in shoulder pads or david bowie in a jumpsuit. Whereas nbs focus on tacky fast fasion that's just trendy. They focus on how trendy they can look. Ugly mullets (and i have a mullet kek) with pedostaches and campy drag makeup. Imo androgeny is tasteful and thought out and nb is just a campy, fast fashion mess. Fashion vs shock value too, i think.

No. 1578930

nta but wow anon I was also into those types of styles in high school.

But I agree, it's all trend chasing anyway like being nb to begin with is another trend so ofc they go after every new and trendy tiktok look

No. 1578939

le nepotism face

No. 1578979

File: 1656795547490.png (188.02 KB, 615x859, 748758D5-4A46-4822-AB8A-400159…)

(sage for old milk and gamer sperging) freddie prinze jr called a ftm character in dragon age a woman about a decade ago and people are now cancelling him for it

No. 1578982

god I wish they made krem just a butch woman that's pretty much how she comes off anyway

No. 1579022

Not sure if they had an actually incestuous relationship but she let her sister have her vibrator and the two of them are weirdly forthright with each other about sex in a way that is incredibly skeevy… is there more than this that we know of?

No. 1579061

I knew years ago that she'd troon but its still sad, she was cute before
Just seen she got tamaki from ouran ouran host club as her twitter avi so guessing she was always a gayden

No. 1579157

File: 1656816555410.png (296.96 KB, 900x500, 88FF0EEB-7E38-4705-91A2-A28678…)

nlog-to-tif pipeline always right

No. 1579168

>"I'm not girls" is the most feminine one
Like poetry.

No. 1579170

Where's that one tweet, the one that was all "white people be ugly and autistic and start calling themselves non-binary," cause girlie here proving that kek

No. 1579217

Same anon, the art style is beyond fugly. I could accept it at the time because there weren't many styles like it but fast forward like 5 years later and it's a very common style now and it's bleh.

No. 1579241

just remember that trannies are only like ~1% of the population

No. 1579244

and anders VA liked JKR tweets, can you believe it?! So many non issues….

No. 1579261

File: 1656836368506.jpg (257.85 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20220703-102737_Tum…)

Here's a hearty dose of tumblr cringe. Extra keks for the obligatory disabilities section, the privilege section and the fact that this woman is almost 30 years old.

No. 1579285

File: 1656839061890.jpg (21.62 KB, 270x400, s6CajoJ.jpg)

No. 1579286

He's so cool.

No. 1579288

File: 1656839698728.png (58.6 KB, 605x434, Screenshot 86.png)

He wasn't even attempting to be twansphobic, he was just making some dumb gen-xer joke

No. 1579295

I'm suprised she didn't put "biological female" as a privilege

No. 1579304

File: 1656842944783.png (Spoiler Image,10.08 MB, 3024x4032, Get em young.png)

Training for teenage titty takeoff

No. 1579308

did not know dragon age had an ftm character wtf

No. 1579317

Dragon age Inquisition, it was a game that basically marked the beginning of wokeism in mainstream western gaming

No. 1579318

That's because it was okay done and it wasn't a main character nor a selling point

No. 1579324

The new head writer for Dragon Age is a MTF troon.

No. 1579326

>clarify your obvious bigotry

Oh, do shut up, Aiden, you big girl's blouse.

No. 1579412

I'm worried the only lesbian (or straight tbh) love interest will be Maevaris and the romance just a TWAW cringefest

No. 1579428

File: 1656859638810.png (1.18 MB, 1163x1433, 164830217.png)

Some TIFs pathetic fantasy about putting TERFs in gulags, also
>transgender proletariat
as if a bunch out of shape overly online TIF and TIMs can be compared to the working class

No. 1579440

i don't think they'll make that character a romance, it wouldn't fit them….but then again they probably will, because wokism and it'll be the least popular bc DA fangirls prefer their staight white fantasy boyfriends…

No. 1579472

They truly can’t cope with how many of us are perfectly content with our bodies minus small nitpicks of insecurity that literally every human on earth has, and it’s not an excuse to mutilate yourself.
Oh well, they’ll be shutting up in 10 years from their surgical or hormonal injection complications

No. 1579496

There’s something severely embarrassing about celebs arguing on social media especially when it’s with some rando. What the fuck is he doing? Not that he’s relevant anymore but still??

No. 1579506

>buddhist witch
a what now

No. 1579553

File: 1656870244341.jpeg (471.73 KB, 1170x1322, 6CC9A7D6-CD74-4B91-9A82-60F39E…)


No. 1579554

god this reminds me of when i worked at a library and i was helping this lady register for a card and she created a check box for non-binary in the sex selection (which, i have no idea why we had) and she was wearing all those ugly buttons on her jacket and had a shaved head. she was around 35 i think and all i could think was "shouldn't you be too old to be doing this?"

No. 1579599

just gotta blog-rant sorry

i am so fucking tired of trying to look for fanart and trannies are there, adding tit scars to everything. you can look for the most obscure game or show or comic or anything and you will find men with tit scars. every male character. they cant just be male they have to be trans and with giant scars. i hate it here

No. 1579613

whenever i find well-drawn troon art of my fave i just edit out their scars before saving it to my yumejo folder

No. 1579621

i really hate that too, a lot of them are talented artists aside from the deformed clit obsession and scars

No. 1579629

I know that feeling, no matter how obscure or weird the character is they will be trannyfied. It sucks when it's actually decent looking aside from the troon shit, but at least like >>1579613 says you can edit out the scars pretty easily, same with pride flags/pins. No saving the horrifying pussies, unfortunately.

No. 1579644

Reminds me how I was searching for BL fiction and randomly stumbled into someone using the site to post her trans pics of the characters

No. 1579660

File: 1656878762016.jpg (59.17 KB, 1170x924, tweet.jpg)

No. 1579664

She looks like she's suppressing so much pain

No. 1579684

one way to edit out the deformed puss is to smudge it in photoshop and then pixelate, it's not the best but it's fairly quick and easy

No. 1579686

weird q but are t-pussies stinky? maybe its just bc im conflating them with TIM horrorshow gaping wounds but does the clashing injected hormone make it smell weird? i just feel like they're really smelly

No. 1579699

I know high t levels makes women's bo worse or at least they get sweatier so maybe? I'm sure the bigger cause for the musty dusty vagina would be the lack of personal hygiene caused by the catalogue of mental issues they have.

No. 1579701

Spoilers for mild tinfoil / blogpost but this person should have her own thread. I’m highly suspicious of her given she deletes every account she’s ever made after like a month of using it. She’s “trans” with a tif gf and talks abt hating her body but also has a “special interest” on pregnancy and draws her ocs pregnant often. Been following her forever kek maybe I just have a vendetta

No. 1579718

File: 1656883350831.jpeg (66.46 KB, 828x544, A03BBC1E-559D-4543-87A8-A0A38C…)

Why do they all draw themselves like blobby little boys

No. 1579726

Because they don't want to be adults.

No. 1579727


No. 1579755

They’re traumatized women who don’t have the skills to deal with society’s sexualization of girls, so they depict themselves as the opposite of any of that. Gross blobby prepubescent boys.

No. 1579767

Draws herself as a little boy, adds her female hips in the art anyway

No. 1579781

semi-OT: how heavily featured is elliot page's character in the new season of umbrella academy? i was actually quite excited to see it but i think seeing her looking so miserable will make it too hard to watch. is it bearable? how much troon shit is in it?

No. 1579790

its odd to see since im from the before-times when trannies wanted to blend, wanted to be just seen as men or women and not "trans men or women". now they flaunt it with no effort to blend

No. 1579807

File: 1656892588035.jpg (141.84 KB, 920x828, Untitled.jpg)

great example here. i love madness combat, loved it before that shitty game came out and suddenly it got a bunch of attention. pic on the left is some fanart and right is… the canon character. what the fuck are we doing???

No. 1579888


ive been following her for awhile , it seems she stopped IDing as butch lesbian once she got with her current partner, are you sure her partner is a tif too? i was thinking that to but i couldnt really tell

No. 1579955

File: 1656908121254.jpeg (100.76 KB, 1051x1379, hehedwd.jpeg)

Picrel is a drawing she did of her (I assume) and her profile has links to a carrd, she goes by he/it pronouns, etc. I'd say she's trying to be stealth about it but I could be wrong. Highly likely she is a tif though.

No. 1580007

File: 1656916476379.jpeg (333.72 KB, 1170x2296, F9EF4BBD-5B9D-4957-8BC2-D8088E…)

Why are tifs obsessed with being called/perceived as “uwu soft pwetty bois” and not men? Sounds like fucking pedophilia or at least Peter Pan syndrome with a shot of misogyny. Every gender special person I’ve met loves to act childlike, fetishes childhood or they’re just flat out retarded.

No. 1580026

deep down (but actually more like right under the surface) they do not want to be men on any level, they're just trying to be Not-Female because of internalized misogyny.

No. 1580029

It is creepy, but I think it's also because they see themselves more realistically than MtFs that think they're "a busty bombshell" when the image is a fugly man in a short dress. They eon't claim to being a Sweden lumberjack swimmimg champion when they pass as a 13 year old skater boy.
But for FtM the main point is escaping womanhood, and not to live as a pornified image of a man anyway.

No. 1580053

haven't watched the video but that subtitle in the thumbnail really makes me laugh a bit. enbies sure love pushing the narrative that only girls prefer the societal beauty standards and if they don't then they're probably a dude in a woman's body or non at all. nobody is gnc or androgynous or prefer feminine or masculine fashion/aesthetic. just plain old gender dysphoria right there.

No. 1580055

these people be like "teaching little kids about trans and gender identities isn't going to confuse them!" it literally confuses teens and adults to the point they can't be "real women" unless they conform to every single gender stereotype

No. 1580072

to be a real woman you must want to starve and cut yourself up to achieve whatever degrading body is in style now. if you dont like this youre a man aktschually sorry. woman means you love your own degradation

No. 1580074

So if I don't want to starve and cut myself up, I can just take hormones and cut myself up? Golly gee I'm different and special from the other victims of superficial social costumes

No. 1580077

clearly anorexic tifs who cut their tits off and mangle their genitals are applauded and yass king'd until theyre all blue in the face. elliot page looks like shit and is a very obvious anachan but gets praised and celebrated whenever she shows off her crusty malnutritioned body again

No. 1580080

File: 1656927613649.jpg (69.42 KB, 750x977, eapz9cvqc8691.jpg)

I was almost a TIF and for a brief period of time I did identify as a transboy despite being in my 20's, I don't know if my situation applies towards other TIFs but I think a perspective is needed, for me boys were the gender natural option, I saw young boys as being closer to women then men, I genuinely believed that I could pass as a teenage boy till my 40's(I based this entire assumption on tumblr blogs about adult lesbians who looked like Justin Bieber) I think in radfem spaces there's a lot of attention given to societal misogyny influencing TIFs to transition(and that is a huge factor don't get me wrong) but not enough attention is given to how traumatizing puberty can be, how you frankly get never used to your body and you just fantasize about better times, so becoming a boy is allowing yourself to revert to a pre-pubescent stage, true freedom from your own body

No. 1580082

It's just internalized misogyny to think male is the default and neutral. A womans body isn't male + boobs and hips. Glad you got out of it nona. I was a self-hating tomboy but luckily the trans cult wasn't as strong back then.

No. 1580085

See this is what I dont understand. Why would any adult women want to be percieved as a teenage boy. I can understand 20 year olds with peter pan syndrome chasing that look but anyone above the age of 21? Sometimes I see tifs who are over 30 and still push the whole uwu cute dirt worm frog boyyyy thing super hard. Like at some point you have to call it what it is and what it is is fetishization and sexualization of male youth

No. 1580093

>Why would any adult women want to be percieved as a teenage boy
cause deep down I knew I could never be a man and I didn't wish to be one, all I knew was that I just didn't wanna be a woman, but you aren't wrong that there is varying degrees of sexualization of male youth, wanting to be carefree teenage boys, wanting to be the teenage boy you loved and he never knew you even existed

No. 1580113

>wanting to be carefree teenage boys, wanting to be the teenage boy you loved and he never knew you even existed
That's honestly gross tbh, just like TiMs.

No. 1580115

I understand if some self hating traumatized weapons grade autistic teen girls feel this way but once youre an adult woman you have to get over this shit. Its giving autoandrophilia and pedophilia. Like at some point you have to pull yourself together and get some self respect

No. 1580119

I'm not saying I wanted to transition cause I wanted to be the cute guy who didn't know I existed, but there are some TIFs who are like that even though they are in their 30's, again I believed I could pass as a young boy rather then an adult man based on my false expectations

No. 1580124

I'm not really saying you yourself are gross, I'm saying that the TiFs fetishizing teenagers are gross. I seriously wonder just how did they even get that idea of teen moids being people at all, they're as disgusting as the adult moids, just going to school for a few days should be an enough proof of how shitty is it like to interact with them.

No. 1580147

It really reminds me of how many girls with anorexia and EDs in general have Peter Pan syndrome and a fear of growing up and their bodies/how people view their bodies. That’s what I come back to every time with this stuff, right down to the essential self-harm of it all.

No. 1580156

All this instead of realizing that women have been fighting back against this kind of shit since forever, or acknowledging things like how specific body types come and go wrt what is “in” (which is a whole can of worms but it’s relevant imo because if you don’t fit those standards you feel like an outsider).

No. 1580158

This. Adults need to stop romanticizing and fetishizing the teenage experience on both sides. The things you see in media about perfect childhoods and adolescence are fake, everyone feels awkward and weird during that time no matter how much it looks like they’ve got shit together. This kind of attitude towards teenagers is pathetic at best and pedophilic at worst.

No. 1580163

It's just the whole men= bad sjw type have

Same why they use transmac instead of tranman

No. 1580171

File: 1656943267547.png (474.83 KB, 768x1476, Screenshot 17.png)

Reminds me of this, picrel is the most top voted post or r/FTM_irl(ayden meme sub)
like look at some of the comments

>When covid is over and I can travel again, I unironically, 100%, plan to pass myself off as younger in places I'm only staying in briefly. Be in my late teens again, only as a guy, for a few days/weeks. (And hopefully be happy to move on, both figuratively and literally, afterwards).

>Same. Probably why I'm so immature. I never got to just be a stupid boy and do stupid boy shit in my teens. Im constantly making up for lost time.
>I started transition, then I went to a mall for the first time in a while. We had to pass through the small boy's pajama section to get to the bathrooms. I saw little footie pajamas with dinosaurs on them and I started crying right there in the aisle. This was that feeling. I got blasted with it like a shockwave. A sense of grief for something I never had, but could have. There are things I appreciate about being raised a girl. Like knowing that crying over kid's pajamas in public is okay sometimes. But I spent my entire childhood looking back over my shoulder to things I was being cordoned off from. I gave up, for a long time. Now I'm just trying to play catch-up.

No. 1580184

>But I spent my entire childhood looking back over my shoulder to things I was being cordoned off from.
This reminds me of a time when I was a kid and begging for a t-shirt and my parents wouldn't buy it because it was in the boys section.
That was only one time, I can only imagine how gnc women would actually feel with that happening all the time, and how that would make them hate womanhood to some degree.
I wish they would have found better ways to cope, that didn't involve chopping off your body and larping as a male teenager.

No. 1580189

Parts of this are hard for me to get, admittedly. But I feel lucky that my parents never made a big deal about things like “boys vs girls things”, especially with my hobbies. My mom did tend to dress me with bows and things like that but also didn’t care that I was in the mud with my boy neighbors or playing video games or dinosaurs. Sometimes I feel like parents need to chill with the gender stereotyping and just let their kids enjoy what they want, even if it’s more traditionally masculine or feminine.

No. 1580191

vaginal atrophy occurs from excessive testosterone in women, which results in dryness. dryness leads to BV and yeast infections. so yes, i would wager that your average tif pussy is probably not very healthy. also i feel its not very likely that theyre cleaning around the clitoral hood, especially since a lot of them complain of painful sensitivity while bottom growth is happening.

No. 1580192

First time poster, long time lurker.

Thought you nonnas might find this encounter I had a bit funny.

So two weeks ago a TIF joined work.
Boss called me over so I can show the newcomer the canteen later on. Boss likes to tell them to follow me because of my haircolor. I'm easy to spot because of it.
I greeted the newcomer friendly and instantly saw a lot of wristbands. One was a troon one and my mood instantly sank. Thought she was a cute tomboy at first.
Troon falsely assumed I was an ally and choose the desk next to me. I proceeded to ignored the troon.
On the next day the troon wristband is gone. I assume my face had slipped when I saw it and troon noticed. I continued to ignore her.
After a week troon wristband reappeared. Everyone at work with half a brain just knows she's female even when she got introduced as a 'he'. But her clothes and style can't hide her girly hips, also her face and voice scream female. So my best guess is she got misgendered and thus the wristband reappeared. kek

Few days ago I noticed she started to give me baffled and irritated looks as if her brain simply can't process how I'm not typically feminine but still feel obviously comfortable in my body and with my non-feminine style. Now every time I catch her doing it I need to bite my tongue to not make a witty remark and laugh straight into her face.

Sage for no real milk. (I hope I do this shit correctly.)

No. 1580194


There's an irony to it because every once in awhile this stuff gets posted to random male forums and the interpretation is always that this stuff is just an indicator of womanhood because the the vast majority of men are okay with being somewhat distant from other men and don't have the heavily idealized view of boyhood.

No. 1580207

I guess she trooned out to be Not A Woman and doesn't like being confronted with women who are gnc and content with not trooning.

What if you innocently ask her what she's looking at and see what she says?

No. 1580223

i think the reason madness is getting a ton of fujo tif attention is because of friday night funkin. the fact that it was hosted on newgrounds drew in a lot of fujo aidens who previously had no idea what newgrounds was and thats why youll also see a lot of aydens drawing mastectomy scars on tankman and shit

No. 1580236

File: 1656951060697.jpeg (51.6 KB, 608x900, 77D1A66B-E376-49C8-88A9-79148E…)

looking waxy and ill

No. 1580243

Damn, looks so happy and healthy uwu totally thriving

No. 1580244

>I never got to just be a stupid boy and do stupid boy shit in my teens.
This is sad because these are the girls that are always told to let the boys be boys and that they're more mature and should know better than the boys. It's so shitty how women are raised to be the tard wranglers of men, to the point that we either have to unlearn that shit and cope or pretend to be men to stop being told "you should've known better".

No. 1580249

Shinji aesthetic kills me every time

No. 1580252

How are people celebrating this? She looks like absolute death.

No. 1580255

She couldve been a stupid girl and do stupid shit in her teens. Many of us did. Many of us were cringy weirdgirls who did stupid stuff. Oh yea I forgot. Quirky and funny = boy and lame and boring = girl

No. 1580261

Idk about anyone else but for me it was because all the girls picked on me and made fun of the stuff I liked

No. 1580263

This isn’t even a tranny exclusive experience. Nostalgia is a powerful tool; tons of people miss childhood for various reasons

No. 1580268

God, looking worse by the minute. She had such a beautiful face and it looks like it's melting

No. 1580269

I know, but I'm pretty sure that these sorts of girls are raised in very strict households and such, so they can't just be themselves.

No. 1580270

At least she'll peak some people looking like that, kek

No. 1580280

This is the kind of ignorant, self centered and straight up ghoulish shit that makes me wish the term autopedophilia was more known. What exactly is her idea of a male childhood? I'm guessing it's looking more like a 80s coming of age movie and not like an actual human childhood. Tifs obsession with being a ~cute soft widdle gay bugboi~ who's living in a grossly idealized version of boyhood has always repulsed me. Especially since it's intrinsically linked to the idea that girlhood is intrinsically dirty, humiliating, restricting and boring. And for many of us it was, but not because that's what being a girl is fundamentally about. Which is what these tifs think. It all comes down to hating girls and women and thinking they are more enlightened than us because they chose NOT to be humiliated and dirty like us. Because apparently what makes us women is that we choose to be dumb and lame. No Aiden your childhood wasn't stolen from you. There isn't some idealized utopian boyhood being kept from you. Leave children alone. The reason current childhood is sucking extra hard for kids today is because of groomer trannys and self hating tifs who are making it a confusing hell for kids to just be

Sage for turbosperg

No. 1580284

File: 1656955538436.jpg (834.46 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20220704-122033_rif…)

r/seahorse_dads is a goldmine of TiF narcisissm. Not responding to your baby calling you mama, holy shit how selfish can you be? I couldn't find an easy way to keep it in the screenshot, but the OP on this thread is literally "ChangingAiden" lol.

No. 1580287

I feel so sorry for that poor child

No. 1580290

What a way to ensure your infant is gonna develop some cluster b shit because you emotionally neglected it whenever it explicitly cried out for his mom

No. 1580296

This is so bleak, kids need to get taken away from their tranny parents, I don't even want to know how it is like with the TiM parents.

No. 1580300

And the cycle continues. As a former foster child I get so sad and angry thinking about how many neglected children are going to fall into this cluster B to tranny pipeline.

No. 1580306

kek sort of like Mommy Dearest meets Buffalo Bill.

No. 1580315

File: 1656957461030.png (1.13 MB, 650x2727, Screenshot 71.png)

Oh my god, this sub is truly man made horrors beyond comprehension

No. 1580316

File: 1656957499478.png (319.04 KB, 962x1176, 234567890.png)


TIF mod of 99% female subreddit dedicated to the very manly activity of "snarking on" (being obsessed with) random fundie women on Instagram reminds us to unlearn our deeply ingrained prejudices (saying only women can be pregnant) or be banned

No. 1580318

>>Pregnancy resources are so violently female
Violently Female I like the sound of it.

No. 1580325

This is becoming more common in parenting groups and if you call it out for what it is (child abuse) handmaids lose their shit. Neglecting an infant or toddler because they won't affirm your delusions is insanity.

No. 1580327

Baby going for that cancelled for misgendering speedrun record, kek

No. 1580333

>I'm guessing it's looking more like a 80s coming of age movie and not like an actual human childhood.
Was just coming to say this exact thing, it's like they think being a preteen boy is a real-life Goonies or Stand By Me where you get to have fun, exciting (but ultimately still safe and cozy) adventures while bonding platonically with your closest bros. Absolutely the TIF version of TIMs thinking teenage girls have sexy lesbian sleepover parties because that's what happens in porn.

No. 1580345

I will never, ever understand TiFs who give birth. If you have such crippling dysphoria and insist that you are male, why the fuck would you choose to go through pregnancy, possibly the most dysphoria inducing act there is? I just don't get it.
Also does HRT not fuck up the child? There's no way hormone intake doesn't affect the fetus.
>We joke that she thinks 'Mama' is just a generic distress call
It quite literally is for an infant. God this woman is such a narc.

No. 1580347

Yeah she really sounds like someone people would want to be around and not find obnoxious at all.

No. 1580350

because its usually not their body parts that they have the problem with. its the fact that those body parts and functions are associated with the concept of females and womanhood, which they hate and think is dumb and pornified. you can see this in many "not ONLY WOMEN are affected by this" spergs. They are offended that their bodies are connected with the thing they despise the most, which is womanhood

No. 1580378

File: 1656965078244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,374.08 KB, 1824x2047, EE5A2D65-8A57-4732-915D-B78153…)

What’s with the influx of ftm camgirls? I thought they transitioned to escape misogyny. They always seem to add a ddlg vibe to it too, creepy.

No. 1580383

They're out to prove that they're nothing like the other girls by doing the same things they shame other women for, only with short hair and pronoun policing

No. 1580386

Big thanks to the nonna(s?) who has been on a tear those past days in this thread pointing out relentlessly how TIFs having "dysphoria" over being associated with womanhood or described as women doesn't mean that they are poor passive victims of internalized misogyny uwu as I assumed and pitied them for, but instead that they have utmost hatred and active contempt toward women and feel distress at being reminded that they are one; they are extreme NLOGs, but to the point of self-mutilation and not even for the purpose of acquiring male approval or romantic interest as their non-TIFs sisters, but just out of sheer hatred for being a woman. I have exactly zero pity to spare for that, only the same hatred I have toward regular moid mysoginists.(Look at me getting radicalized on violent terfy boards where I went after TERF discourse got banished from mainstream spaces, I'm so proud of us all, keep up with the good work nonnies)

No. 1580389

I feel like that's not a valid reason to transition then, because that would imply a "real" woman is okay with being pornified/subjugated since it would be "in her nature". They have such a backwards medieval mindset. (not you anon this is directed towards tifs/tims)

No. 1580390

They're so not like other girls that they're moids doing cam shows, not like those girls selling their bodies and catering to males, nope, they're different.

No. 1580392

I wonder why they even bother considering their potential audience only consists of degen chasers. Gay men and straight women don’t like pussy, lesbians and straight men won’t want a mutilated woman.

No. 1580399

Because when a gay moid wears make up or do something remotely feminine, he gets a TV show and faghags lining up and seal clapping for him, but when it's a woman she just gets criticized and told she should do better anyway, wear more make up or less, and as a woman, being good looking for men is the barest minimum in our society, the logic goes, is she even really a women if she doesn't shave and looove wearing heels everyday hhhm?
Also autists fry their brain with too much yaoi and think that because they get off of it, sex work as a "man" is some cool, sexy, "queer" thing instead of the same moids exploiting the young, poor and impressionable.

No. 1580442

I'm pretty sure she trooned out because she panicked at the realization she was getting older but she has aged like twenty years since her transition.

No. 1580447

File: 1656970121942.gif (164.33 KB, 289x277, ezgif-3-b1e936e103.gif)


nonna, I do confirm that when for years and years parents deny their child hobbies, clothing and forces them onto a box, the kid naturally want to rebel.

there's also the case of internalized lesbophobia, but on my case, the post >>1580171 is literally in what i was thinking when i thought i wanted to troon out : to live the childhood my parents wouldn't let me have.
I hopefully did what most of those aydens won't do : go out of their fujo room and confront their parents over the emotional damage they went through.

I also think cute animu boys anime/gachas targeted for women and made by women like enstars play a part when those products just have women and women, and also women on the audience.

Aydens just get the genderbent version of causes that Hons have

No. 1580449

The drag and make-up guru gay part reminds me - when are we getting a show where instead of a gay man is "teaching" women how to be women, and Aiden is teaching men how to be men. Of course it won't happen because ftms aren't even taken half as seriously as mtfs in their neogenders, but it'd highlight how crazy it is the other way around.

No. 1580465

Exactly, now she looks like a fusion of a teen boy and osteoporosis.

No. 1580468

why does she look so sweaty

No. 1580476

Giving me the "Justin Bieber lesbian" aesthetic, but if the said lesbian just started rehab for opioids.

No. 1580499

So many FTMs want to get pregnant and have babies and breastfeed (codeword chestfeed) yet they draw the line at abortion rights being considered a women's issue. Funny shit

No. 1580534

if she was simply a tomboyish woman instead of a mutilated troon this would be kind of cute

No. 1580675

but I thought cavetown's "boys will be bugs" was an excellent and accurate insight of male adolescence /s

>I'm a dumb teen boy, I eat sticks and rocks and mud

>Don't mess with me I'm a big boy now and I'm very scary
>If you wanna cry, make sure they never see it, or even better, block it out and never feel it
totally something a teenage boy would write and not by an insecure teenage girl

No. 1580680

File: 1657000607717.jpeg (89.65 KB, 1200x675, beavisandbutthead.jpeg)

She looks like Beavis and Butthead's mpreg child.

No. 1580736

File: 1657005636581.jpg (Spoiler Image,265.21 KB, 1080x1289, 0000000p000222233.jpg)

Because they are turned on by the idea of sexualizing the type of guy they like. They are equal to tims sexualized the type of girlfriend they want

No. 1580754

She looks so sad and dead inside in every single photo. There's usually a couple of months to a year before the initial thrill of surgery wears off. Women usually spend 3-4 years before detransing but she's been speedrunning into all the surgeries so perhaps the novelty will wear off even faster. The next step is always more surgery so the longer they're spaced out the longer they're able to tell themselves "if i just do X surgery i'll finally be myself". Y'all think she will get the phallo? It would be the logical next step for her.

No. 1580770

The fact that shes obviously very short and young makes me feel like I'm looking at something highly illegal. What a life it must be going into camming looking like this and knowing your audience are gonna be some of the sickest creeps imaginable. Being attracted to trannys is already a mental illness so I cant imagine what the type of moid whos attracted to this particular flavour of troon must be like

No. 1580774

File: 1657011611175.jpg (27.14 KB, 275x275, 1656766600789.jpg)

This reminds me of this pic drawn by a Finnish TIF. Straight out of the horse's mouth.

No. 1580781

This type of girl wants to sexualize but they consumed too much yaoi in their youth and don't want the kind of attention that comes with showing your body on the internet (ie many "cishetero" or old men who want to see young women). It worries me because many times this type of tif is followed by people under 20 or teenagers, who want to follow her example. And let's face it, no sane man (or gay, which is what they really want) is attracted to them, it's always other tifs and when it comes to a real man, it's the typical awake guy who wants a "queer" relationship with easy sex

No. 1580799

so many pornbrained tifs aspire to become e-whores because they think the fact that theyre not calling themselves women while doing it makes it okay and totes different than what your average OF girl is doing. Like many nonas have pointed out already, its not their bodies or actions that cause them dysphoria. Its being associated with women

No. 1580832

File: 1657020751838.jpg (73.94 KB, 1080x324, Screenshot_20220705-133155_rif…)

The top trending post in Sims4 subreddit kek. Totally something a real man would do

No. 1580875

File: 1657025820046.jpeg (839.04 KB, 1284x1834, 0453098A-55B9-4986-BFA3-903DEB…)

It’s absolutely a thing.

No. 1580894

Do those lunatics continue taking basically steroids while pregnant too? This is so fucking insane and damaging.

No. 1580899

They’re supposed to come off testosterone for the pregnancy. Not sure if all of them do, they always complain about it.

No. 1580964

File: 1657036248323.jpg (68.28 KB, 745x900, FWxuhKfVUAAKsUU.jpg)

What the fuck does it even mean lol

No. 1580977

She looks destroyed and terrified, like a traumatized little girl realizing there are no adults in the room to take care of her. You can see it in her eyes that she’s not in her body.

No. 1580980

She's turning the sentence from figurative to literal… Just a dumb joke

No. 1580986

consider that women who have been sexually abused as children are transitioning at higher rates, and that these are the same women to have learned throughout their childhood that their sole value lies within the sexual arousal they provide men. similarly, women who are survivors of sexual abuse are overrepresented within the sex worker population. and at this point, girls don’t even need to be victim of assault to learn this, as this same generation of women has grown up with almost every female celebrity and role model being rewarded by the industry solely for their sexual appeal, and has grown up watching hardcore porn. women who grow up in these conditions have always felt disconnected from their bodies, their primary and secondary sex characteristics. the only difference now is that society provides a different solution to it: transition.

No. 1580991

It’s so sad the way Molly masculinizes her partner. She clearly enables Noelle’s insecurity. Look at the way Molly draws her now, with such a masculine look that Noelle will never achieve irl. Molly has unrealized desires for men and the longer she denies it the more she’ll push her partner to become a bastardized version of her subconscious desire. Molly is an incredibly stupid and selfish person. She should have stayed with Jack.

No. 1581032

inb4 molly leaves her for a man and she makes a shitty comic about detransitioning

No. 1581039

File: 1657041902062.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1657041816980.jpg)

These videos appear to be on the rise.

No. 1581043

I'm honestly waiting for that to happen.

No. 1581046

File: 1657042800488.jpg (612.38 KB, 2160x1803, 46868rr5853753775e77e575e75e7.…)

Miss literally nobody thinks that

No. 1581053

File: 1657043546442.jpeg (517.23 KB, 828x1053, B02FB892-AB24-40D8-8FA7-5F8A05…)

ffs. Now they’re letting mobile games make them cry and doubt theirselves

No. 1581062

Ive noticed a bunch of weeb baiting mobile games use sheher for the player character because theyre feeding into the fantasy many male weebs have of being a cute careless anime schoolgirl. especially isekai games have the protag be a female blank slate these trannys-in-training can project on

No. 1581078

Good. Let them seethe. Like wtf do they expect from a game that’s catered towards a female demographic. I doubt that a mobile game company would kowtow just bc some tif got pronoun butthurt. Not everything has to be about them and their oshi would find them too mentally ill to be around and find their mastectomy scars ugly. Also stop calling arashi a woman. He’s an okama and would not stoop to pumping himself full of horse piss

I would donate my left kidney for a terf themed joseimuke game. Women can’t have a nice mobage about anime boys without some greasy tif breaking down over pronouns

Sage for ranty blogpost

No. 1581085

the most disgusting thing about troons of both sexes is how fucking selfobsessed and downright narcisstic they are. Imagine not being able to play a character in a game, no you have to play yourself and it ofc it has to carter to your snowflake uwu speshul package of self pampering. It's too late for these retards to touch grass, they should just be shot on sight.

No. 1581086

These tards would die from a gust of wind

No. 1581096

I mean maybe but I haven't seen those in joseimuke. Joseimuke games are mostly aimed at women who enjoy BL or otome. If anything its TIFs coming into these games and demanding they become more inclusive and give pronoun options. I remember when Tears of Themis came out in English some TIFs were upset the heroine was a woman and that it wouldve been "way cooler" to have a gay protagonist romancing pretty boys instead of a boring woman.

No. 1581101

I personally think the protag from ToT is cute af. I love it when otome protags make tifs seethe. If they hate it so much then why can’t they make their own dating sim where hot anime boys would actually suck on their roided twat?

No. 1581107

Tifs are also seething hardcore that the protagonist of Nu:Carnival is a real gay man kek.

No. 1581114

Isn't Nu:Carnival a BL, why would they get pissed?

No. 1581115

They do and they fail. They can't draw for the life of them and it comes out looking like shit. But they also get mad at the few BL games that exist because its not kid friendly and sanitized. I don't see how pandering to Aidens can be profitable when they basically only want to play kid games and have impossible demands.

No. 1581132

I mean, Dream Daddy exists, it looks okay, but even then TiFs got mad at a very minor horror easter egg.

No. 1581135

As a fujo that hates yume and self insert stuff in general I used to dislike the fact that enstars had a female mc but hell, if it filters at least some trannies out of the already awful fandom full of TiFs I'm all for it. So much BL media attracts this kind of mentally ill audience and I'm sick of it, I wish I could just enjoy fictional boys without having to see their bullshit everywhere.
No way, are you for real? It's a good thing Japan would never listen to these "complaints" and appeal to gender retards.

No. 1581151

If these people were like…black or brown, I can easily imagine them having full blown meltdowns over most player/POV hands in nip video games being pale-skinned lmao. The fragility is shocking

No. 1581157

What no, most minorities-besides too online American ones-got real issues to deal with unlike these retards giving themselves issues

No. 1581168

Because Eiden (that's actually his name kek) is 100% male fucking 100% male characters and it makes them dysphoric that they can't self-insert or that Eiden won't fuck/get fucked by a transman.

No. 1581175

I just mean that these types of internet people are so obsessed with making problems out of nothing, that even that would be suicide bait tier. Like every little thing is an "attack on their identity", I can't imagine them surviving in a world that doesn't 100% pander to their BS

No. 1581184

I've seen it before, usually leads to "fixed" redesigns that border on racial caricatures kek.

No. 1581201

I've seen an ayden on Twitter post it. She presented really masc though, actual muscles and male features. COVID is "over" and so it's this troon phase however boobs don't grow back and frog voice is never truly gone

No. 1581204

They're so retarded. They didn't even watch the animated prequel, of course producer San is Anzu and making her change gender along the player would kill the continuity, i see men play gacha where MC is female (like touhou or love live) and not feel mentally challenged Holy shit

No. 1581208

sis looks like ambrose lmao

No. 1581221

Owl House was on broadcast television where regulators and advertisers have to be appeased. Baymax! is on Disney+ where the only people who matter are the consumers and the Disney staff.

No. 1581233

Sage for OT. There's no gendershit. Just 1 they/them with no mention of the term non-binary. Just think of them as a GNC lesbian or something. Basically was she is. Show's otherwise decent. Much better than most other disney shit. 2nd season is rushed because of the cancel. It might get a movie (don't know). Also a lot of lesbian shit in it.

No. 1581257

File: 1657058549470.jpg (54.48 KB, 653x528, capture1.JPG)

me when i put two slabs of meat on my chest

No. 1581264

Best case scenario is that she's NLOGing to the moon. Worst case scenario is that she found a guaranteed way to get male attention by pandering to the lowest of them because she kinda looks like an underaged boy

No. 1581271

The kicker is that she still looks female, but just 20 years older. A self fulfilling prophecy.

No. 1581306

File: 1657061626999.jpeg (171.89 KB, 828x1244, 97FFC59F-F452-4267-AF0C-F35DD4…)

Scabby pasted-on nips and red lipstick is my go-to look now

No. 1581311

Nonas…one of my high school friend/acquaintances transed. She’s had all surgeries except this frankenween - she recently had a full hysterectomy at 25. We’re both sober and met again in recovery before she disappeared (still is sober though, just never actually graduated the program) so I do feel some kind of sadness for her that she’s got so much comorbidity (ED, trans, I’m sure depression and anxiety as we all suffer from those in some way, addiction) and I feel a responsibility to “carry the message” of sobriety. We made plans to hit a 12 step meeting together but she stood me up (I wasn’t surprised). The kicker was the message she sent me today, after apologizing for the ghosting due to bad mental health weekend:
> Hope you had a good 4th of July despite the “freedoms” we are meant to be celebrating were just taken away from women and others who need abortions. So that was a mood killer, for sure, but I hope you’re doing well nonetheless.
Are all TiFs Debby downers all the time? i was going to send back a message about how our state services multiple states for abortion and I highly doubt that all abortion will be legal here (and therefore for the states we service) due to the profits it brings in, but I’m starting to think it’s not worth it. I’m just morbidly curious about wtf happened to her.

No. 1581313

File: 1657061878239.png (1.16 MB, 640x918, 6C2BDCD9-7A63-4517-958F-573E9A…)

This manga about a woman who troons out because she’s a real man jk, her dad is a misogynistic piece of shit just came out in English and they changed the cover to be more euphoric looking

No. 1581317

File: 1657062020759.jpeg (248.44 KB, 849x1280, 4291D948-14AF-4CCF-9EDB-6F6166…)

Probably would have been a lot harder to market these to teenage girls. The artist/writer is a man with an obvious fetish for giant breasts

No. 1581320

File: 1657062054146.jpeg (Spoiler Image,566.78 KB, 1788x2048, 1EF39A31-DE04-4229-AD8D-31DD3F…)

From his Twitter

No. 1581329

The weeb TIFs are by the far the most obnoxious type of ftm. Because its so obvious they're fujoshis into anime men but they have to add in some narc culture of them being the yaoi man. They are no different than a greasy AGP coomer that wants to become a hentai bimbo.

KEK that false advertisement. I bet they'll cope by saying "i-its just how art is"

No. 1581334

coomer male artists get away with all kinds of shit without the same moral outrage they have for women expressing dissenting opinions

No. 1581343

File: 1657063688664.jpeg (477.34 KB, 828x681, BA7E0FD7-B821-4C4D-8D2E-838DBF…)

No. 1581370

File: 1657065217113.jpg (1.35 MB, 2160x2160, 3646464646464664464657577.jpg)

Are these girls even trying anymore??

No. 1581375

Same phenotype.

No. 1581398

File: 1657067170843.jpeg (Spoiler Image,834.7 KB, 2048x2048, 22DBD691-22CE-4B79-8409-E5134C…)

I could’ve written a better story about a tif YouTuber. Why the porny dream of her dad butchering her lady parts ugh I thought it was going to turn into an incest story.

No. 1581400

File: 1657067240725.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, EF9C9BCA-9D02-4662-BEF3-AEF9C2…)

No. 1581401

I thought her shirt had a dick on it at first

No. 1581404

the body type…. 100 percent a fetish

No. 1581423

This shit is so retarded. If masculinity is a social construct then so is the label of calling yourself a man.

I remembered reading this manga and it was so funny seeing the reveal of his transition at the end. The patchy facial hair, the obviously female proportions, and the way the MC's face is still so round and unmistakabley female. It's like the author was making fun of pooners.

No. 1581424

the snatched waist is killing me kek

No. 1581427

Just seeing the pages again is making me seethe. Especially the girlfriend one after half the manga is spent with the MC bitching about her fears of settling down in marriage because daddy doesn’t like female hunters

No. 1581430

It will never not skeeve me out whenever I see those tit chop scars. Why do women do this to themselves.

No. 1581451

This is hypno sissy porn for fujos?

No. 1581465

File: 1657074433215.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1620x2081, 737CD83C-DFC8-4ECB-9FB1-F4F902…)

I was thinking this author has to be joking kek this has to be intentionally insulting to tifs

No. 1581482


Honestly, having had the unfortunance of seeing guro fetish art focusing on the removal of women's breasts & sexual organs … This feels like a softcore version of it. I really get the sense this guy fucking hates women and actively thinks FtMs are both a joke and fuel for his fetish.

No. 1581496

What is the endgame gonna be for this trans trend shit? It's so obviously a subculture, surely normies would see it too with people like this?

No. 1581500

Absolutely unhinged