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No. 1740804

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors or links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media.

Rules link

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> Classic angry posts about men not financially supporting her begin to increase. It starts zero in on romantic partnerships (not clients/subscribers) and lament over emotional unfulfillment. It’s suspected to be a symptom of Pumpy’s growing inner turmoil over not getting the girlfriend treatment from Ty.
>> Hair fallout masquerading as Hair loss saga: It’s not just “muh lupus” anymore, it’s also “muh abortion.”
>> New trophy, a sphnx kitten (Sorrow).
>> Toys with the idea of having her implants removed for health reasons (muh lupus).
>> Claims to have postpartum depression from muh abortion.
>> Pumpy and Ty break up right before Christmas but, don’t worry, they get back together in time for her to spoil him with $5000 cash and $1k sneakers.
>> Genders aborted fetus as a “her” that she was previously so proud to yet, a generally odd move for someone who identifies as a they/them. Reveals feeling in shambles with the upcoming “birthday” of fetus.
>> Olive, one of her cats, has liver failure and she e-begs to pay the vet bills ($2k) while Ty clutches the $5k she gave him for Christmas. She also blames the new kitten, Sorrow, for Olive’s liver failure and claims that it happened because the new kitten has “food aggression” and prevents Olive from eating. Nonas note the new kitten is MIA.
>> Tensions rise and it’s assumed that her and Ty have split again, as he is no longer “baby daddy.”


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby Links:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
>> After 1yr+ of couch surfing, crashing at her dad’s, and making up non-existent leases supposedly signed with JJ: Sabrina finally manipulates someone, Kaelin, to let her move in. Sabrina showboats the new accommodations and is clearly feeling like “that bitch” again.
>> Sabrina publicly declares JJ as an abuser and tells followers to avoid him. They are, quite clearly, broken up. She begins posting screenshots of the youtube video detailing the domestic battery incident two threads ago, as well as a link to it.


James Del Toro/Junkie James/”JJ” – Abuser & On/Off Boyfriend:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

>> Resident Bimbro
>> Proceeding to get more low-grade modifications while still looking the same but with slightly shaggier hair.
>> Simps for Pumpy on a few occasions.


Melanie Martin:
>> Aaron Carter is found dead in his bathtub. It is said that he had been huffing computer cleaner prior.
>> Cue Melanie making Aaron’s death her whole personality.
>> While AC’s dead body is being removed from his home, Melanie shows up in a full face of makeup and with her expired engagement ring to be pictured crying outside by celebrity news outlets.
>> Gains access to Aaron’s socials and follows herself from his profile while unarchiving old photos of them together.
>> Melanie begins to start pointing fingers at people trying to “profit” off of Aaron’s death because oNLy ShE cAn.
>> Left out of the official memorial service held by AC’s family, who also have his ashes.
>> TF that she is already dating one of AC’s friends while playing the grieving “fiancée”


Sandra G Popa:
>> Begins posting menus and showing “food preparation” posts.. unclear if she’s opening up some kind of kitchen or actually charging friends to eat at her place.
>> Fries her hair “blonde” and releases a new song — is this, mania?


A-Why – Boyfriend/Prince Charming (?):

No. 1740805

Fleeting conversations about other camgirls/former camgirls and what they are doing but nothing special.

Previous Threads:


No. 1740807

No one got pregnant in the last thread except for supporting character, Ty’s (real) baby mama, and fellow farmer Doeprudence/Sam – Congratulations, Sam!

No. 1740808

Is the inevitable implosion of Pumpy’s situationship with Ty imminent? After years of slummed irrelevance, has Sabrina managed to manipulate her way up and into a new milky arc? What cow-ish lengths will Melanie reach while exploiting AC in death? Will Charm’s pop a titty? Has Sandra embraced the sarcastic praise of nonas and entered her chef era?

No. 1740831

God damn. On the Pumpy summary: proud to yeet not yet.

I also want to add that we’ve become privy to the fact that Pumpy DOES spend time with Ty’s daughter.. who she called ratchet..

A lot was omitted because the body text was “too long.”

No. 1740886

I’m gonna have nightmares from that face

No. 1740906

File: 1673321482470.png (785.17 KB, 1141x1800, 2621860F-8F12-4874-90CB-D680C7…)

So there IS a limit.

No. 1740948

File: 1673322944422.png (4.72 MB, 1800x1246, 5189EF33-DDB3-49DD-9FFC-93D4D5…)

It’s so funny to me that these two druggy cows, along with almost every Eastern European in Hollywood, got slightly better nose jobs than pumpy for probably half the price.
She doesn’t need to do drugs, her brain was born on them so it never fully developed and she’s still dumber than the abuse that Thea idiots put their brains through.
Now that’s a lot of damage.

No. 1740952

well at least there is some accountability

No. 1740972

Pumpy has no idea how to put good research into a plastic surgeon. She sees one good outcome and decides that’s who she’s going to and they’re “the best”.

No. 1741001

I think she literally equates high cost with high quality, which she will quickly learn the hard way by going bankrupt if she continues to believe that’s the truth.

No. 1741013

Nona the girl with black hair in the middle pic/braids in the right pic is dead, I know you're trying to make a point but…

No. 1741016

Sabrina is abusive, cutting herself to keep Rhett, breaking into Natanials home, and blaminf James for this but yet i;m sure there is more to the story!

No. 1741032

Exactly my point. Dumber than the most extreme junkies.

No. 1741045

You do know she was a huge cow with a very active thread here too, right?

No. 1741098

I hate newfags so much

No. 1741210

Omg the picture. Kek. This might be my favorite one yet. Thanks for the laughs and time you put into these threads.

No. 1741223

Yeah, a repulsive lying junkie who died lying to her friends, family and followers by claiming she was sober the last few months until she overdosed in a park, while still claiming sober and doing fent daily. Truly vile. And the fake miscarriages etc, Winona was a lunatic.

No. 1741229

the lbw threads were my favourite until she deteriorated past a certain threshold and got to the point of, “ok any day now.”

No. 1741555

“After years of slummed irrelevance, has Sabrina managed to manipulate her way up and into a new milky arc?” Lmao this was my favorite. Whoever makes these threads needs a shoutout. You are hilarious and truly get the point of these forums. You should consider a career in comedy cuz ur hilarious and brought a lot of joy to my otherwise mundane day

No. 1741663

And you’re in the wrong place to make your dead girl respect point.

No. 1741836

File: 1673445215092.jpg (168.57 KB, 1055x1498, Screenshot_20230111-065156_Ins…)

Uh oh! Looks like ty cashed in on his Christmas gifts just for them to break up again since pumpy unfollowed him on all her accounts again.

No. 1741850

She prob couldn't pay his full allowance.

No. 1741852

Agreed! Big thanks and kek to the maker of these threads!

No. 1741853

Confirmation he tried to be like ‘don’t ask for your gift back’ when any functional man would immediately gift it back to help her cat. Then again, any functional man would never accept this gift from a woman.

Bitch cut your losses and go. He don’t want you.

Tyler- I heard Sabrina is single, a hooker still yes, but what are you?

No. 1741863

Let me get this straight… Sabrina outed for being an Escort by Ty who now is pretty much the male escort for pumpy but pumpy too got a Rolex from a sugar daddy while with Ty who seemingly had no issue with her being a sugar baby as long as he's getting money and doesn't have to claim her yet pumpy thinks he loves her? If he wasn't okay with Brina being an escort you think he's okay with you wanting to be a sugar baby and openly asking for men like this while with him? No way he's just along for the ride. You literally pay him to be your boyfriend of course he's sticking around. Surprised that she hasn't realized that one yet.

No. 1741869

She got that Rolex sugaring before got they as far along in their shituationship as they are now. He wouldn’t be ok with it and that’s why she doesn’t get nice things from men anymore. That’s why she’s asking where she can find a guy to buy her a Hermes, she’s pissed she doesn’t get shit while with Ty other than some cheap flowers and a necklace. You know he only got her that necklace because he never hears the end of it. Same with the shitty flowers that looked like they were from a grocery store. She tries to subtly drop how she thinks a man should treat her all over the place in front of Ty hoping he’ll pick up on it and be that man but he’s not. I guarantee you that’s the ONLY reason he got her that necklace is because she non stop talks about how she deserves more and to be spoiled. She basically bought the necklace for herself handing him $5k cash at the same time kek

No. 1741871

Let’s be real, he should be choosing to save his own money and prioritize his child before he prioritizes Pumpy anyway. She will never be able to fully handle not being the center of his attention and world because she has not shit going for herself so her entire life and identity revolves around him. I don’t know Ty, but I do know he posts A LOT less with his child than he did in past relationships.

No. 1741879

I think she realizes it but,she's actually retarded so she doesn't know how to act or react. That doesn't really say much. Her brain is underdeveloped and her thought process doesn't exist. I still am confused about ty sticking around (obviously the money is the only thing keeping him there) when he was devastated as hell he found out Sabrina was escorting, yet pump still sells her body through pictures and videos?? Although he still never claimed her and only posted her a few times on his story… Sabrina had money, maybe she just wasn't giving him any LOL she can't even "afford" a free visit to see her abandoned children. Anyway, I hope pump loses her shit soon because it's going to happen

No. 1741880

File: 1673454615911.jpg (379.44 KB, 1070x2038, Screenshot_2023-01-11-16-26-07…)

So basically the vets recommended she put the poor thing down but she said nah, stick a tube in it's throat and drag this motherfuckers life out until it just drops dead and bitch about the bills.

No. 1741885

Tyler arenas exclusively dates cam girls, it’s his thing. Yet has a hard and strict line on prostitutes

He stays with her bc he’s an early 30s unattractive man past his prime (if he ever had one). He is too old to make being an alt emo boy in a band as his “thing” anymore. What sex is he getting outside of Stormy who only wanted him cuz Sabrina had him?

No. 1741902

She posted that at 2am her time, who tf goes to a vet appointment at 2am?

No. 1741919

She needs cash. The cat is a good pity play. If the cat survives she will brag about how she is a healer for the rest of the year.

No. 1742108

File: 1673471383442.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2007, 3D8D1ACA-48CE-411D-9A5A-667239…)

She says the Botox she got to freeze her eyebrows upwards didn’t work

No. 1742143

Does she get filler in her face aswell? (besides her lips obvi) She is looking so puffy and lumpy in the face lately

No. 1742148

Cheeks, chin, jaw, lips, spot above her lip for a lip lift, forehead. Her entire face is filled. Her natural face structure looks like a drowned sewer rat.

No. 1742212

File: 1673479603865.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x1992, AA7FB112-CA7D-41DD-B44B-DAA10D…)

Don’t worry pumpy you would have hated it, it was a Capricorn after all and that’s all that truly matters. Never forget you “yeeted that bitch”.

No. 1742284

File: 1673484515783.png (949.3 KB, 1316x1400, Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 7.47…)

James back to commenting on Sabrina's twitter

No. 1742285

you were never pregnant you skeleton. you never posted proof of your abortion. ty is smart enough to know that you’re too underweight to support a kid. stop lying. also it’s crazy you’re begging for money on one day cause you gave 5k to tyler, and now you’re talking about how your botox injections isn’t working, and is turning you into a kid with bee stings.

No. 1742286

it’s hilarious cause i always wondered why she never injected her upper lip but now she did. what is the point of getting botox? you’re not impressing anyone. you don’t look cute. you look like you smell like hot dog water. you’re not a model or a celebrity. you don’t need to upkeep your looks. stop torturing your cat, blow up bitch

No. 1742295

If she’s back with him she’s even more retarded than any of us thought. Days after posting about staying away from him again and again

No. 1742300

she has nothing. thumb dick is the best she can get

No. 1742313

I don’t mean this in a cowtipping way at all, but does JJ’s family understand what’s going on between him and Brina? Do they even know he was arrested for strangling her? From what I understand he had a piece of his skull removed for a few days to relieve the pressure in his brain and the exposure caused damage. He’s not mentally all there, I know it’s been said before. His family needs to put their foot down and intervene before it’s too late. He won’t walk away, no matter how fucked up his reputation becomes in the long run because he is literally brain damaged and in love with her. She will ruin him worse than he already is.

No. 1742318

He must provide her with drugs because, ew

Literally all her exes were attractive too, except Tyler Arenas

No. 1742324

Rhett? AJ? Michael? Nathaniel? None of them are even a little bit attractive, she has a knack for picking up men that look like they just rolled out of a dumpster.

No. 1742396

File: 1673496958906.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2007, A69FE49B-A0E4-4658-8DFC-ABBD06…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1742458

Genuinely curious as someone who’s never done this procedure: is it supposed to leave open scabs and wounds on your face like they did to Pumpys nose? She went in looking as normal as possible and now has a giant open wound on her nose that looks like she went insane digging her skin off to pop a pimple. I know it’s your own plasma, but is leaving giant scabs behind normal?

No. 1742492

It looks like she either got micro-needled or derm abrasion. They get that way when they're pulling damage to the surface. She must have some amount of lines and dark spots to be able to get it. It's always sad to see someone young who can qualify for either.

No. 1742517

Huh? You don't need to have notably aged skin to 'qualify' for normal treatments like that, anyone can get it just for the sake of improving their skin. It might be excessive for most young people but she has the money and lives off her looks so I don't really see why it's sad.

The mark on her nose might be from some sort of extraction. They dig in hard and deep.

No. 1742576

Holy fuck, she’s such a piece of shit. Wow. >>1741902
Def not at all implying that she’s ever truthful but there are quite a few 24/7 emergency vets around here, if she had to go that route, which is probably even worse. That poor kitty. Sad.

No. 1742663

File: 1673528022469.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2070, 0834AF9B-16DC-4B23-9156-F8EB67…)

What is worse was being Ty’s sugar momma side bitch. So is she laughing at herself?? Kek this bitch is just constant cringe entertainment

No. 1742681


Let's not forget she has been the side bitch several times.

No. 1742700


No. 1742702

She was a ~pRoUd homewrecker~ aka the pathetic side bitch who knew that loser tattoo guy had a girlfriend the whole time she was saying she was his girlfriend. And that disgusting tweet she tagged his girlfriend in of him sticking his dick inside her. This bitch is so disgusting,I genuinely wish nothing good for her.
(Just hope her cat isn't suffering, though we sadly know that it is since she was told to put it down.)

No. 1742753

File: 1673535434606.jpeg (278.46 KB, 1170x1709, AE0C8F3A-4FCC-41BD-8B77-6EE510…)

Please someone videograb this video of her thinking she’s cute and queefing in it. I had to replay it because I could t tell if it was my stomach or the video but it’s definitely the video.

No. 1742788

Omfg I heard it LMFAOOOOOO

No. 1742791

She was perma side bitched to a broke dude up until yesterday kek

No. 1742792

She really farting on her twitter feed? Nasty but expected

No. 1742801

Would be milky af if Ty fucked around with another girl n that’s who she’s referring to

No. 1743009

File: 1673553044715.png (155.54 KB, 1172x498, Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.49…)

Maybe not waste money on useless "beauty treatments"?

No. 1743028

On her IG right now she’s talking about being rich and “pretending” to be broke like most people don’t know she’s living paycheck to paycheck and requesting payouts the second she can. Everyone told her Olive was too overweight to the point it was a danger to the god damn cat. Everyone has told her spending the way she is without a safety net is an incredibly bad decision. Everyone has told her blowing all her money to sugar Ty would land her in the EXACT situation she’s in now. Begging for money and not knowing if she can make ends meet. She literally sounds like a bum e-begging for chump change then immediately turning around like “I’m soo rich”. Scamming lying cunt with absolutely no self respect. Poor Olive, but Pumpy deserves the absolute worst and I don’t feel bad for her for a single second. She’s reaping what she sowed.

No. 1743040

She deleted the posts where she just said she was going to pretend to be broke to make more money and set up a goal on OF to get simps to pay her rent. Seems she set up the goal, but is hiding the part where she was just making a mockery of everyone who pays and supports her.

No. 1743426

File: 1673583709174.png (4.76 MB, 1170x2532, D6CCE574-FBE7-469B-92C3-EA7DDF…)

She is talking about abortion laws and how she was due yesterday and says, “I’m not having a baby, Fuck them kids.” no baby and as her caption says, “no baby daddy” so def a sub at the midget bf

No. 1743461

this hoe truly going to become a sabrina nellie pt.2 / 6 baby daddies and multiple BD'S- ha so sad /I'm sure her friend Kealin who whoever won't be able to stand her long

No. 1743462

finally, it was too painful and annoying to watch her being the cash cow for a untalented manlet

No. 1743471

She sure went from crying about her abortion yesterday to fuck them kids real quick

No. 1743633

She yeeted that baby and Ty yeeted her. What a life.

No. 1743667

Kaelin is going to see first hand what a low life sabrina really is real quick. Also wouldn't it be great now that Sabrina is single her and TY GET BACK TOGETHER that would make this twilight zone truly an art

No. 1743694

Pump is going to try to pull Ty back in because she’s mentally unstable asf. I hope he rejects her and ghosts her.

No. 1743749

Now that Ty is a prostitute maybe he’ll be ok with Brina being one too. She can wait down in the lobby while Pumpy pays him to fuck her

No. 1743761

I'm crying laughing at this image at the moment

No. 1743782

File: 1673633557416.jpeg (746.37 KB, 821x1438, 52B8F654-BBC6-4C36-B147-469608…)

Already gave away the new cat.

No. 1743783

She's so retarded putting her fucked up bpd views on a cat, I'm glad she's too malnourished to have a baby. An overweight cat won't get liver disease from not eating, it's probably all the high strength extracts she's giving the poor thing thinking she's helping it, her vet would have a stroke if she told them every dumbass lupus larp supplement she was giving it

No. 1743790

What a stupid bitch. For real. I can’t wait for the day moids stop paying for her shitty porn and is forced to scuttle back into the manhole in Kentucky she crawled out of. Pets aren’t toys you whore and that cat seemed so sweet. Who’s the friend??? I bet she just suffocated it with her black soul

No. 1743794

her face changes so much and it frightens the shit out of me. i’m glad small dick cholo ran off with the money. this bitch got played. and i hope olive can live out the time he has in dignity. you don’t deserve a baby, or a fucking dog. even eugenia cooney knows how to take care of her fucking dog

No. 1743804

File: 1673635889041.jpeg (657.53 KB, 1170x1772, BB0D7BA7-E37D-4D28-869B-733CBB…)

They absolutely will, it’s called Fatty Liver Disease in cats. It’s entirely her fault she fed her cat to the point of obesity, then didn’t notice any of the signs when it went anorexic and it’s body fed off of its liver.

No. 1743813

can you read/comprehend? I said an overweight cat won't get liver disease from starving itself through jealousy over a new kitten, whether it will stop eating due to liver disease is a different question

No. 1743831

She just needed an excuse to get rid of the other cat. I doubt it was even that serious of a problem.

No. 1743835

Well, I'm sure glad you go to gross places that just want to make money off you rather than give you quality treatments. Love yourself more nonny.

No. 1743845

100% she just got overwhelmed and ran from the responsibility again (gave the cat away). Same thing she does with everything too much to handle because otherwise her lupus would flare up and she could die from the “stress”.
Please be aware that I don’t actually believe she has lupus, just an underdeveloped brain.

No. 1743846

That’s literally how they get that form of liver disease so yes I am comprehending it seems however that you are not.. anything that stresses the cat can be the trigger for the cats anorexia, but this particular disease usually won’t happen unless your cat was fed to the point of obesity to begin with and then anorexia causes the cats liver to fail.

No. 1743982

Thanks for bumping the thread to be a mini mod for retards who don’t read, at least other nonnies sage their shit

No. 1743983

Sage your retarded comment no one cares to read retard

No. 1744081

Who’s Becky?

No. 1744103

Heavily doubt the vet advised her to rehome the new cat when she just got it recently. It’s not good for a cat to be put into new environments consecutively like this. She’s just trying to make herself look better.

That anon is spamming threads with the same shit, ignore them.

No. 1744240

What a worthless piece of shit. Sometimes I think nonnas go a little apeshit in here against Pumpy but nvm you’re all correct. She is below scum of the Earth.

No. 1744262

More like
>i sold the cat so I could have money to pay for my obese cat’s treatment because I’m a fucking moron who paid for a manlet to be my boyfriend

God could you imagine this woman as a mother? She’d drop the baby off at a fire station the second it needed a midnight diaper change.

No. 1744276

And then cry and cry that she had no other choice but to abandon it, beg for money, and then the next day say the baby deserved to be abandoned kek

No. 1744370

kill yourself

No. 1744543

Could you hate yourself any more? Get help, anon.

No. 1744544

Sage ur shut retard

No. 1744596

kill yourself(autismo baiting in multiple threads.)

No. 1744598

NTA but you should really read the screenshot… not eating causes liver disease in obese cats. It even explains why in the SS. It wasn’t due to jealousy because that is her BPD projection, but it probably was due to stress. She never introduces new pets properly.

No. 1744653

Get new material

No. 1744670

I agree, what a wonderful evening for them all. Sabrina will then have Rhett one next hotel over so she can pay him to fuck her afterwards. You have returned to the twilight zone

No. 1744683

samefag but the next thread pic should be them all waiting in the hotel lobby - karen - melanie - sandra - ty - pumpy- sabrina - all the known prostitutes. We can add James too, what the hell

No. 1744781

Please don’t entertain the resident retard, all they’re doing is baiting for reactions in multiple threads. Report and ignore.

No. 1744794

looks like you were right.

No. 1745037

Can’t tell if bait or not…
NAYRT, but I’ve also had microneedling done regularly (like twice a year) for the last 4 years and it’s worth every penny.
Just because pumps does it, doesn’t mean it’s a money-grabbing useless treatment.
I highly recommend for anyone who wants smoother texture and improved elasticity.
Nothing to do with loving yourself or not, though good skin is very self-esteem boosting.
/end microneedling blog

No. 1745039

File: 1673744642094.png (739.14 KB, 1170x2532, 3DDA62EA-AD81-43C1-88FB-9FC01F…)

No. 1745058

She sounds stupid asf whenever she tries to type anything at all why is she like this

No. 1745117

tinfoil but maybe ty got another side girl pregnant?

No. 1745130

I thought she was talking about Ty when she was saying something about being a proud side chick to a broke man so it makes sense. Milky if he’s planning on keeping some side chick baby while telling pumpy to abort.

No. 1745131

File: 1673754159098.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2007, 7EEE3F08-8D54-4B39-9BC0-318DD8…)

She should go back to kentucky

No. 1745145

if that's true, the "hE sAvEd mE fRoM mYsElF" will become even more hilarious

No. 1745397

she’s such a pussy ass bitch. she never implies or mentions what she means when she talks about other people, just gives vague bs

No. 1745398

kill yourself mongoloid. you’re the one spamming this shit in the thread. you femcels need to go outside(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1745503

Wait I missed this, did they finally break up? Didn't she just give him $5k for christmas?

No. 1745820

Seems like it since she unfollowed him on everything. She might as well have flushed that money down the fucking toilet kek.

No. 1746200

I feel this is a strong hit at Sabrina for having 3 abandoned children, Sabrina has also had miscarriages, and more abortions then I thought even possible. 2 with TY alone that we know of kek

No. 1746256

Hola, nonas! I’ve been largely out of the thread since posting but thank you for the positive feedback. I’m not going to tag comments because my lolcow webpage is flipped horizontally (and it was a hassle to even catch up) but the “lobby room” theme for next time has been noted. Hopefully, our vicious little manlet JJ is still kicking around to be included because that’s truly his cute lil stomping grounds!

It’s no secret that he rekindled the no-mance for the purpose of cashing in on Christmas. Look at how she’s spoiled him on his birthday, nevermind casually blowing bands on him and his friends. He knew that there was big payout for swallowing spending a night or two with her over the holidays. I’d go as far to suggest that he probably had her buy gifts for his daughter and manipulated her into saying that they were from both of them (“because that’s what couples do, babe”) and now he can LARP as “that dad” who got his kid everything + more for Christmas. She got played to the fullest extent of the word and serves her right — “play pick-me games, win pick-me prizes.”

The only smart decision Pumpy ever made was to abort. I guess she’s over the “uwu breeding kink” days now, since it’s all “fuck kids, fuck baby daddies” .. not very LIVESTOCK of her.

It’s hard to integrate animals, but I don’t humour her bullshit about tHe kITtEn cAuSiNg oLiVe’S liVeR fAiLurE. Quite frankly, Pumpy has no business having even a single pet. If she were a true animal lover, she wouldn’t even be chasing these trendy breeds (Penelope the frenchie, Sorrow the sphinx). Cats are so overpopulated and rescues/humane societies everywhere are maxed out with cats and kittens. She could have easily gone to any rescue and adopted a kitten for a drop in the barrel of what she paid for Sorrow. As with all of her morals/values, Pumpy is only an “animal lover” when it suits her narrative but never in practice.

No. 1746271

File: 1673902240946.jpeg (770.08 KB, 2048x2048, 041BA68B-F5C7-432F-A135-FCA4F0…)

Samefag - Whoever said in the last thread that Mike is probably encouraging this debauchery of Charms’ appearance to dwindle whatever appeal she has left was ON POINT.

No. 1746294

I think Ty’s friends breed these animals as a side gig and she probably got them from his friends. Animal breeding is such a stupid broke hobby that idiots think is gonna make them rich. She’s just hanging around trashy people. She didn’t do any research to get these pricey breeds and she didn’t go through any qualification analysis through a real caring breeder.

No. 1746305

I’m still fairly new to the site and I know a lot is going on with finding an admin but why is everything backwards!?

No. 1746335

File: 1673908309559.jpeg (644.74 KB, 2048x2048, 5EFA810A-DBA4-4E4F-A44A-4AA303…)

Are you still using the farm link? Regular lolcow is back up. Also, update on the tattoo

No. 1746362

File: 1674053483677.jpeg (123.69 KB, 1170x498, 85293AD6-F690-4ACC-8000-33C175…)

Pumpys manlet is back to following her

No. 1746374

File: 1674054104753.jpeg (314.57 KB, 1170x2056, 7E91D200-8B7A-4B3A-9110-6E2B55…)

I thought she knew the owner personally and had a business relationship with him?
Why is she showing evidence that that isn’t true?

No. 1746380

I thought he built the site (that he didn’t build, he bought) because of her?

No. 1746421

File: 1674058577643.png (716.63 KB, 726x1800, 4B2C1E73-17DA-4C2B-B1BE-7784FC…)

This was so hard to keep to myself during the downtime.
It’s not really milky, just more evidence of in utero brain damage.

No. 1746432

File: 1674059327236.png (749.19 KB, 1428x1800, 1481A076-70F4-4C22-8C77-A4F017…)

Here’s her monthly income for records too.

No. 1746435

Has made millions yet complains bills are too high. Make it make sense Pumpy

No. 1746489

>I have the biggest only fans account there is

No. 1746568

Stormy is now claiming she grew 2 inches at age 26

No. 1746619

He must have ran out of that christmas money and is playing nice again to get more.

No. 1746709

File: 1674075805530.png (4.11 MB, 1284x2778, AB602548-6C00-4FA3-91F5-E9F8E9…)

Enjoy the power position while you can, Pump. It’ll be no time before she falls back into pitiful lovebombing, all Ty has to do is allude to possibly having a child in the future for her to go back to eating breadcrumbs from him. I’m assuming that nonas are correct & he’s ass kissing because he only follows her.. she’s not following him back.

SIDEKEK.. I saw that Brina’s sloth is making appearances again. I’m doubling down on my TF that JJ was jealous of it haha.

No. 1746757

File: 1674076010953.jpeg (529.79 KB, 2048x2048, B58273B9-6F9E-4107-8CB8-3047CC…)

Separate post to give an update on Sandra’s condition.. almost regret not using this pic for the thread group photo because it’s a more accurate representation of what she’s giving us these days.

No. 1747882


No. 1747887

She looks rough but I'm glad she's gained some weight at least

No. 1747897

File: 1674089725576.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x1969, 2BF0073D-4240-4318-8423-CC0E40…)

>sells 1 skateboard
>graphic not made by her
>deck not printed by her
>had made by some shitty company like Zazzle

No. 1748251

Of all the things she does I think this annoys me the most. In what fucking universe?! What business does she have starting this company? Does she skate? Can she even name another skate COMPANY, let alone one single skater? Love that of the six accounts sixginnskateco follows, four of them are just her other accounts. Who is she going to market this to, certainly no shops would take her seriously. God she's fucking useless lol love to see it though.

No. 1748261

she got a skateboard to carry around at the skate park with Dean while she was dating him. he taught her how to push, thats about it. if I remember I think she rides weird, goofy footed or something. she'll name Pharmacy board shop cuz she was given a sweater by either Dean or Ty. Donny the founder of Pharmacy would be cackling. Ty and Dean are her only interest in skateboards. she's a wannabe ramp tramp and has no ability to get that company on any sort of successful leg. it's going to be about as successful as 'Dainty Lust' which in all honesty had more potential for brina than this dumb ass venture does for Pumpy kek.

No. 1748276

Why is this page mirrored?

No. 1748277

The other 2 people she follows are the people who actually make designs, including the one she sold. She’s absolutely incapable. The artists might be, but she is not. She’s selling stuff she pays other people to make, 100%, not even the art designs are her own. She’s entirely uncreative an incapable.

Go back to lolcow nona, site moved back.

No. 1748326

if she’s so desperate and wants to prove to everybody that can have a kid, why not trap him?

No. 1748344

Sage. this thread had the biggest issue with it. sage your non milky posts. the only things that should ever be unsaged are posts with new milk, not your dumbass commentary.

No. 1748355

File: 1674159707143.png (49.25 KB, 624x279, Screenshot 2023-01-19 3.18.53 …)

"BARLEY" omg this girl is so fucking dumb, are we sure she isn't the one with the brain damage? She can't spell more than half of her stupid 11th grade acting posts correctly. SAD GIRL FOR YOU SABRINA

No. 1748357

samefag but most 30 year olds have a car and a license, and a home to go home too, why don't you catch up and stop being a whiny prostitute online kek, seriously

No. 1748546

you’re a retard

No. 1748549

kill yourself, faggot. your posts contribute nothing. your parents should’ve swallowed you whole, useless shit(unsaged retardation)

No. 1748780

Take your seroquel and shut the fuck up

No. 1748877

File: 1674225357792.jpeg (299.11 KB, 1170x1612, BB63A681-A26D-47B8-9B1C-23979D…)

I don’t think I can watch this crazy unfold anymore.
She literally has brain damage and isn’t seeking help for it, obviously it’s gonna be a shitshow.

No. 1748900

How crazy she is about having the abortion and her trouble to accept things is just proof if she had the baby, she’d project her endless resentment at Ty (for knocking her up) on the child

Also it’s part of her own dumbass fault for not being on birth control and wanting that midget to finish in her. Can’t blame it all on Ty

No. 1748944

That’s an extremely unhinged way of describing an abortion. She is not well, to say the least

No. 1748964

That’s not quite how abortion pills work… and she was like 11 weeks or something so????

No. 1749170

More proof she wasn’t even pregnant imo. It was never pulled from her and it didn’t die inside her. She expelled it like a period. She’s deranged.

No. 1749188

Like didn’t she live post her pill abortion lol. It was never surgical and suction

No. 1749208

The back and forth between feeling traumatized for terminating her pregnancy and “yeeting that bitch” is weird. Many women take abortion pills and move on with life. Considering Ty is a cheating loser she dodged a bullet. She should prioritize fixing her mental issues before buying another pet, let alone another human life.

No. 1749215

It's just another thing she can pretend was super traumatising just like her entire made up childhood. The fact she goes from one emotion to another regarding the termination is quite telling. Her 'yeet' attitude is clearly her genuine feeling but she wouldn't get the attention she wants if she wasn't apparently traumatised

No. 1749220

File: 1674263317482.jpeg (405.84 KB, 750x1294, D407910C-62EA-4E05-97A4-47D830…)

So now Bucky Kentucky is from the East Coast…what the fuck is she talking about?

No. 1749263

She claimed she was around 8 or 9 weeks, and her ultrasound looked more like 6. Idk if she’s actually convinced herself of all this shit or she truly is that stupid.

No. 1749267

The closest coast to Kentucky is like 600 miles away what on earth… it’s not coastal if it’s west of the Appalachians you dumb hillbilly.

No. 1749269

She’s really saying east coast because half of Kentucky is in the eastern time zone.
I can’t take the mental retardation anymore.

No. 1749286


Hasn't it been proven she grew up middle glass not the ghetto like she claims.

No. 1749331

is brina tweakin on twitter rn?

No. 1749342

So I guess it’s safe to say her mental health hasn’t improved, sad

No. 1749345

>out the projects on the east coast
Said no one from any projects ever. She’d be way more respectable if she stopped fronting and just owned her white trash hillbilly roots.

No. 1749351

File: 1674278619273.png (Spoiler Image, 982.78 KB, 1042x1546, Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 9.22.…)

Cut marks look fresh. smh

No. 1749358

Ah I didn’t even notice when I watched it, good eye.

No. 1749362

Which one of these BPD bitches posted this? I'm assuming Pumpy but

No. 1749480

nah illiterate pumpy always says "should of" instead of "should've" so my guess is brina

No. 1749482

File: 1674300959107.jpeg (338.09 KB, 1170x1988, 8C38826C-1A08-43C4-9586-A589E5…)

Suicide baiting cuz Ty isn’t spending the night with her. What a gross ass ‘relationship' she needs to grow tf up. She tried this same shit on Cody.

No. 1749558

File: 1674312206913.png (834.25 KB, 1170x2532, 5683CD01-9271-4356-920A-A05524…)

Sabrina sounds like a fucking crackhead on her tweets

No. 1749594

to >>1748780
sage your shit retards kys

No. 1749595

can y’all femcels go outside? the unsafe retardstion in here sucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1749617

she never shuts up period.

No. 1749645

File: 1674326550024.png (406.04 KB, 1800x755, 56F0C01D-5A16-45E4-AD8D-C12B94…)

Oh no, is Sabrina weaseling her way back into Sandra’s life? I wonder who she’s trying to forgive.

No. 1749651

She's obviously completely lost in life and doesn't know what to do with herself when she doesn't have a moid to revolve her life around. It's sad really

No. 1749668

File: 1674330355267.jpeg (323.64 KB, 2399x1349, C9CB8AFE-D149-41DD-A9CD-0674FD…)

Don’t feel bad. You took the bait just like she’s hoping someone would do. Brina is manipulative as hell as has no limit to how far she will push things to get her way. Take her trying to 'kill herself' in front of Chloe as a perfect example. She didn’t want to die or actually do anything in a way where she would, she only put extreme burden, guilt, and torment onto her young daughters shoulders in attempt to manipulate a man.

No. 1749672

Stormy and Sabrina should just get together and be besties already; they both are so fucking codependent that they resort to baiting suicide online because wah no loser boyfriend to use me, plus they the same human. They could actually drum up some interest in their OFs with a cross over.

Sandra couldn’t do it; she looks like the literal corpse bride these days minus the ribs, she’s gaining. Probably will end up pregnant with a-whys kid eventually to find ‘purpose’. Miss MFC KEK

No. 1749693

I meant sad more like pathetic. I don't feel bad for her because she did this to herself

No. 1749701

I want pumpy and Jonny craig to get together. The milk would be amazing. They’re totally each other’s type. Imagine bpd pumps and bpd syd psychological warfare.

No. 1749728

Is Sandra’s look is due to lack of self care, mental illness or intentional sad girl aesthetic? She’s naturally pretty but somehow manages to make herself look worse. Maybe once she’s blonde she’ll lose the wigs.

I feel bad for Sabrina’s suffering but it’s a direct result of her actions. Anyone would be suicidal and unhappy if they had her life. She had the opportunity to be successful and provide a comfortable life for her children but she threw it all away. She doesn’t appear to be willing to put in the work to turn her life around as she’s stuck in survival mode and only thinks about her immediate needs. At least Sandra’s proactive in seeking mental health care.

No. 1749766

File: 1674344383517.jpeg (1012.29 KB, 1170x1970, 88E143FE-DCF8-4BF5-9F7F-49B2B8…)

Even single pic of pumpys youth looks like she grew up a spoiled brat, not homeless

No. 1749793

File: 1674346491456.png (5.02 MB, 1170x2532, C8D99FF6-D1C0-4452-A243-58218A…)

To be 26 and this skinny/underweight is something else. 3 Boost High Calorie drinks (and she can afford that stuff) would get her to 1500 cal a day. She wants to lay claim to every illness “broke both my arms 2 months ago” except her anorexia

No. 1749808

Cuddling with her gotta be like cuddling with a remote

No. 1749859

She just looks like she was just an emo kid, like so many others. Nothing about this picture looks white trash.
Her fucking bird claw hands kek. That's one of the worst features of her being so underweight is how massive and scary her hands look. And those long nails ain't helping!

No. 1749860

Uh oh, I noticed Sandra is following brina again on Instagram. I know I know imageboard but I can't get the screenshot to upload

No. 1749870

Yes Sandra is following Sabrina again. I noticed Sabrina is no longer following Poppi (I couldn’t tell you for how long)

No. 1749880

File: 1674353187837.jpeg (271.59 KB, 1800x944, EB3ACCFB-1B13-4B6D-8E56-A25621…)

This is gonna drag out forever.
She can’t stand the abuse but doesn’t know anything else so it’s all she thinks she deserves.
Her and brina are pathetic

No. 1749884

File: 1674353421058.png (239.43 KB, 1800x761, 85C27AFE-FBC4-47F3-8661-D9CA26…)

At least they’re in the same boat together.

No. 1749921

Wtf is going on? Copying quotes and suicide baiting one after the other is weird competitive behavior.
By that logic it’s okay if Ty cheats openly. He can reel her back in at any moment and it’s sad she gives him power by being spineless. The fake lesbianism is essentially an advertisement for women to DM her and give her attention. If she wasn’t insufferable she’d have actual friends to console her over the breakup.

No. 1749931

manifesting this for 2023

No. 1749950

>a girlfriend that loves me
always funny how the straightest cows like pixielocks, venusangelic and the tenshiishit girl etc do this. only date and worship men. yet everytime they get dumped they do a month of "being totally a lesbian" before they jump to the next dick. pumpy is 26 and yet to have an original thought.

No. 1749979

Brina’s account is getting 1/7 of the views pumpy is and Brina isn’t shadowbanned like pumpy. What a downfall.

No. 1750001

File: 1674365793729.png (303.34 KB, 1800x900, 912F3497-1E0B-4D98-B3BD-67D13A…)

Nah it’s the times I took the shots. Brina’s is higher every time.

No. 1750226

File: 1674403961746.jpeg (501.63 KB, 1350x2400, C2558C59-E13C-4F17-BA7C-C5B423…)

She is quite literally retarded – She posted 3 of her “dads” cars that “she helped build” her “entire teenage life” after going on some rant 2 days ago about how she’s such a badass for saving herself from homelessness that she endured her entire childhood. She always had her own bedroom, a computer, food, and a warm bed to sleep in, a step dad who looked after her and spent time with her. She was spoiled, not homeless. She’s big mad that she worked some shitty Pizza Hut job for $3 when she started popping pussy for $300 an hour a couple years later. That doesn’t equate to being homeless. That just means she worked an entry level position when she was only qualified for entry level work. Her idea of what homelessness actually is and looks like is stark for someone who lived in DTLA and so close to skid row for a while. She was never homeless or some orphan, she was just lower middle class and spoiled.

No. 1750230

Did Sabrina delete all these crackhead tweets already? Seems metheddddd out to want to ramble that much about TMobile kek

No. 1750489

File: 1674447167041.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, F1512AA3-428D-40AD-AF26-6A209A…)

New man to Instagram PDA post about already

No. 1750492

Another victim. Bet he’s 8 years younger or something

No. 1750497

File: 1674448357779.png (2.95 MB, 1170x2532, 25EB00DE-5FCC-4FE8-8031-197C0B…)

Sabrina’s new man looks gay lol. He’s a prize to her bc he’s taller than little James. I’m sure she’ll be dumped when he finally googles her and finds out she has 3 kids

No. 1750510

File: 1674449824985.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 15DD3BF8-0E03-4A18-BBE7-58FE64…)

Just to clarify

No. 1750513

He looks like Sandra’s boyfriend. Anyone know who he is? The last guy Brina followed looks like him but I don’t want to post a random person by mistake

No. 1750521

>if I was James

No. 1750548

I’m fairly certain that this is an old video. Is this not the random guy she was making out with back when she, Sandra and poppy were out partying and raving?

No. 1750620

File: 1674474799420.jpeg (469.45 KB, 1284x847, 18EBD830-7388-425C-B256-86CABB…)

You don’t have your daughter tonight? So the usual, no? In case you forgot, you have two more.

No. 1750655

File: 1674482564246.png (370.81 KB, 1800x450, 687549D6-41A3-40A3-B903-3063ED…)

Seems like James broke up with her for not being proactive about fixing her shitty life from what I gather.
Now she’s trying to change all of a sudden and start working on herself because she doesn’t have a dick to keep her dazed and dumbed out?
She has no withstanding drive to stay on any one course of action so I doubt this self improvement phase will last long. It’s easier for her to get a new dick to numb out on than to fix a life so badly messed up already.

No. 1750696

File: 1674487106706.png (3.26 MB, 1170x2532, B20E94A3-F6DB-4480-A616-05C235…)

I’m willing to bet it was a “horrible” breakup bc Sabrina got dumped by a man she thinks is below her.

Here’s some of her weirdo high/drunk IG stories posts. I can’t even imagine what she must druggedly text her daughter when she doesn’t have a man to keep her busy

No. 1750700

So now both Nathanial and James have left her for being a shit human that doesn’t care about her kids. I absolutely love this saga of her life.

No. 1750703

File: 1674488676273.jpeg (180.52 KB, 1170x581, 6E705D11-8EF4-4323-BD91-976213…)

Is this her attempt at being a domme? I love how Brina has never understood how links work. Back when she was a camgirl she would always say “I’m live on MyFreeCams search Brina_” cuz she didn’t know what her link was or how to properly post it.

No. 1750705

File: 1674488839482.jpeg (218.13 KB, 1170x815, 1ECDD0B6-9106-4F2F-9DAA-F41B3E…)

That’s what happens when you actually don’t reply to anybody and just scam people for their money while never caring about a single thing they message you.

No. 1750727

Girl it’s your job to reply on there lol. How does she have so many subs….

No. 1750754

File: 1674494957371.jpeg (104.15 KB, 1170x389, 1D775BC2-16B7-46CA-99A8-E83DC4…)

I don’t think she honestly has many and she’s nearly completely inactive. She’s been on onlyfans for over 4 years yet she has 98 posts in total. All she’s doing is scamming people into a sub hoping they forget to turn rebill off.

No. 1750828

Rhett also broke up with Sabrina after she couldn't afford her high rise anymore.
Nathaniel, James also broke up with her along with her 3 baby daddy's because she is a shit mother and human. Pretty sure Joey Alva dodged that train and dumped her also. A pretty face can't get you a pretty life, and even her face is ugly now

No. 1750831

Same fag but I can't forget how Ty left her the most memorable way, by calling her out with proof her and Anafoxx are prostitutes kek
No man has ever truly loved Sabrina, what is to love?

No. 1750907

She shouldn’t be around her daughter if she’s actively alcoholic and can’t cope without drinking. Typos on her recent tweets indicate she’s wasted and absolutely no one is jealous of her mess of a life.
It’d be a step in the right direction if she went to therapy or rehab instead of numbing herself with substances and jumping from one toxic relationship to another. Repeating same patterns will never bring her happiness.

No. 1750919

kek onlyfans.sabrina_nellie.com

No. 1751394

Kek aw her poor little under developed brain still thinks it's MFC days.
Is someone dropped her in the middle of a corn field, we would never see her again.com

No. 1751434

File: 1674573646582.png (1.5 MB, 1170x2532, 251FF3E2-DB9E-49B0-99F6-C86CBF…)

JFC I swear in the last couple threads she also posted about having an abortion earlier in 2019 or 2020 or so? But did that supposed first one bring her down like this?

Most normal women with abortions go to work, pay their bills, etc. it’s not an excuse for why she has chosen not to make content. it’s literally fine/predictable that she’s tired of sex work

No. 1751446

and then every tenant clapped.

No. 1751450

There is no way this happened. "A strong girl" hahaha what a corny ass bitch.

No. 1751454

File: 1674576668014.jpeg (320.59 KB, 1170x1972, 0FB7B907-1E07-4C9C-9C8F-91B0C7…)

>devoted sober driver
I love when I’m the designated driver and I sound more stupid and drunk than the people I’m driving..

No. 1751457

Who is she driving if her and Ty broke up?

No. 1751470

File: 1674578199060.jpeg (870.74 KB, 2399x2399, 6320C06A-317E-478A-81DF-B0F70A…)

Is it just me or does Kristen’s new bf look exactly like her ex that killed himself, her ex steven in the pics on the right

No. 1751475

They’ve been back together ever since he followed her again upthread. Immediately after she went on some rant about cheating n knocking up sidechicks.

No. 1751476

That's not the same person? Whoa, I don't know who she is but that's freaky.

No. 1751480

Anafoxx. Her bf steven committed suicide from the balcony of the high rise they moved in to together. He’s been mentioned in some old threads. He killed himself in around 2014 or 15.

No. 1751484

Ohhh is she the one Brina was escorting with? Damn, that's sad. I mean everything in these threads is sad but that's especially so.

No. 1751491

Do we really know he did it on purpose? I thought it was a tragic accident that happened when they were all fucked up on drugs and alcohol.

No. 1751499

File: 1674579670869.jpeg (131.45 KB, 1170x577, 520D4DB1-80A3-4F6B-9C40-1602F1…)

The proof is upthread like I said I’m not your mommy to spoon feed you, but here ya go along with her being with him in the passenger seat of her car in recent stories kek, stfu or gtfo

No. 1751505

Imagine embarrassing yourself over and over again for a whore-chasing emo dork named Tyler.

No. 1751511

The tinfoil hat on some of you is bizarre. She actually did post taking her abortion pills, pics of them, and posted videos crying on Instagram and talking about the pain. Did you expect her to share pics of her bleeding with the entire world to prove something to you? She was obsessed with that stupid cat, more than malo and olive they were an afterthought while she owned that thing, yeah she probably did give it away. You sound more insane than she does.

No. 1751529

File: 1674581722619.jpeg (363.15 KB, 1800x706, CDC73D95-58D1-4750-8184-23C722…)

I’m not gonna argue with this instigator but this information I found is pretty interesting regarding both pumpy and Sabrina and honestly all the cam girls.
LOW as fuck self esteem.
First image is pumpy’s bmi. I’ve never seen a bmi so low in my life.
I wonder what Brina’s was at the height of her anorexia success.

No. 1751539

I'm not goth enough to be Heather Sparkles

No. 1751540

File: 1674582379303.jpeg (199.1 KB, 1800x718, EFF7F587-3CF4-4B5C-AB26-989146…)

Oh I’d love to see them at their “healthy weights”. All of their mental issues would probably drastically reduce given the proper nutrients for full brain function.

No. 1751541

Nobody could ever be that goth lol

No. 1751558

I agree she was obviously pregnant. Ty is an idiot who finishes in everyone (see Sabrina and her attempt to trap Ty by claiming a pregnancy).

A lot of countries where people are too poor to have sufficient calorie meals have high fertility rates….women have babies in wars and famine

I don’t really understand this impasse Stormy is having with Ty. Talking shit about him (who else?) in twitter and IG for a couple weeks and saying she’s moving to CA.

He doesn’t want you Stormy you’re his cum rag

No. 1751562

She lives in CA, but she’s been applying to places outside of CA. I wonder where she plans on moving to, probably back to Vegas.

No. 1751564

LMAO. Oh where to begin. The funniest and most pathetic thing about Pump is that she larps VERY hard to show she's a strong,tough, emotionless bad,boss bitch money maker blueprint,bread winner,home wrecker, curator of others thoughts and talents, skateboard company owner, baboon lip endorsement agent .. you name it, she DID IT BEFORE IT HAPPENED. But in reality she's the complete opposite and the biggest delusional, lonely loser who was/is the side chick in all of her relationships she claimed she never was in because Tyler is her first boyfriend LOL. When she couldn't even get that dorky white boy weirdo to claim her because he had a girlfriend (or two) from the day she met him. GET FUCKED MORGAN, YOU'RE NOT WORTH CLAIMING after all the shit you try to impress yourself and others with, you don't have shit to show for anything, just embarrassment.

No. 1751694


then you guys must think eugenia cooney can get pregnant. she’s too underweight why are you guys defending this skeleton. have you seen sabrina have kids after those 3? NOOOO.

No. 1751710

She doesn't even have a driver's licence…
You can't drive drunk people around with L plates pumpy, what you doin?

No. 1751769

She has a permit, don’t encourage her to not drive she’s already immature and useless as all hell.. it’s about time she finally starts driving the cars she buys.

No. 1751774

Wait a minute you guys. Does doeprudence live in CA? Does she have main custody? Cuz how does Tyler see their kid regularly? Could that be why Stormy is trying to leave CA? Anyone know the details?

No. 1751780

Doe/Samantha lives in Arizona. She has shared custody, but their daughter is supposed to live with Ty. Ty used Samantha’s ex involvement in sex work against her in court to win.

No. 1751865

File: 1674632887239.jpeg (369.67 KB, 960x1432, D8082732-7879-4847-B300-77C058…)

Of course Rhett is back… I also spy a new victim/man. He has a blue tick and is a BMXer… she’s gonna be on him like a dog in heat!

No. 1752019

File: 1674659203604.png (2.91 MB, 1800x1770, 5F0FE1A3-7915-4E57-8652-4582E7…)

- she sold her Rolex to pay the vet bills
- diagnosed adhd 2years ago and hasn’t had depressive since starting the meds for adhd.
- sold her “last” skateboard in stock
- her post partum depression just ended last week
- she’s taking 8 protein pills 3-5x day along with so many other herbs to avoid steroids to treat her “lupus”

No. 1752032

She wouldn't stop picking her nose, I think she was on coke.

No. 1752034

File: 1674660467940.png (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 1800x1785, 2188AA12-F403-4085-B658-6A0EBC…)

- 5 years since she got the implants and had a fan take her bra shopping/escorting
- admits it’s also been 5 years since she’s been sick and the implants are causing it but since there’s no name for breast implant illness they just call it lupus.
- admits she lies that she’s 22 because she’s too “old” for camming
- she’s getting her lip filler dissolved
- more congested after her nose job
- says she doesn’t have a boyfriend and her whole body tightened up while she pouted and recollected herself
- hasn’t had sex in 2 weeks
- claims she’s been in therapy for “months”
- says she got a nose job instead of fixing her implants that are causing her to die.

No. 1752040

She said she’s more congested and gets more boogers stuck in the inner corner of her nose because it’s shaped differently.
She’s just on adderall and 300mg caffeine

No. 1752056

That explains the crack whore act. It's sad. Selling her Rolex, picking her nose to get views…she'll be back to the trailer park before we know it. Kek.

No. 1752063

Pumpy downfall turning into Brina just without the kids, thank God she "yeeted that b" cause it was a capricorn. It's a good thing she knows down to the day her PPD went away. Kek. Treating her lupus with things even drs don't recommend you use when you actually have lupus. she's so intelligent. I see why Ty gets paid to put up with her. She's worse than a toddler.

No. 1752076

Oh yeah I forgot to mention her business idea is a skateboard shop with a coffee shop front.
She’s selling stickers and air fresheners right now.
She’s getting copyrights on each image she bought from that artist so she can use them for her clothing line and skateboards.

No. 1752098

For a minute I thought she was just trying to get into selling skateboard decks, but a whole skate shop? Girl sit down. She can’t even put a board together, let alone a full shop. The type of young guys she intends to wanna prey on is clear though.

No. 1752111

These were taken when she lived with Sandra

No. 1752112

File: 1674667773740.jpeg (533.32 KB, 1284x2127, CC902296-ECF6-451A-801A-33CC29…)

Sabrina and Rhett prove you’re soulmates and reunite kek

No. 1752134

This pic and the mention of rhett liking it was already posted in here

No. 1752141

Posting old videos to make small dick James jealous, ridiculous. I’m also fairly certain she met James through Sandra, amazing how she burns through every social circle she encounters

No. 1752180

Imagine seeing someone with a whore air freshener hanging from their rearview mirror lol

No. 1752481

File: 1674697344528.jpeg (234.7 KB, 1169x1417, D0CC1156-5C62-4187-A611-D02B0B…)

First and last in stock

No. 1752802

Of all the things she could sell she chooses skateboards, something she doesn't even know how to do. Kek

No. 1752826

File: 1674753701358.jpg (341.46 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_2023-01-26-17-20-29…)

These tweets gave me brain damage.

No. 1752884

Even the thought of trying to understand how she thinks and functions is terrifying…like,she's actually insane and just acting like she's flourishing? I don't understand and I don't want to.

No. 1752894


>The vets were so amazed by us

She had to include herself in that? Because she took such great care of her cat that the vets were just AMAZED. God, this bitch.

No. 1752897

She has brain damage from birth and is in denial that she does… so welcome to the delusional pieced-together fantasy world of someone who needs help from others and is lost looking in all the wrong places and getting taken advantage of and encountering more trauma making things worse and worse the longer it goes on.
No one is looking out for her best interest who has full brain function (like a support team of doctors, family and friends, and people who have been through the same traumas as her who can relate and heal together like group therapy or any type of group class)

None of these hoes do. They isolate and stay in denial and we get to laugh at it until they wise up and someone from the outside intervenes, most likely their family in the end. I can’t wait to see what happens to pumpy since she claims no family.
Who will she fall back on to get out of this cycle?
Sabrina went back to her dad but every time she leaves she gets right back into the unhealthy cycle again.

No. 1752906

File: 1674761075455.jpeg (573.26 KB, 1170x1613, F2528B00-9333-495F-BC3E-BECCCC…)

Someone did her dirty tagging her in that pic kek

No. 1752929

File: 1674762173411.jpeg (802.74 KB, 1179x1499, 7121B78D-14BB-4E34-A233-2928DB…)


No. 1753030

we do the same thing though

No. 1753409

Has anyone else found it funny that she claims to nEvEr TouCh a DrUg
But was born addicted to Meth, and now can’t function without her adderall.
Which is also funny because while she’s been prescribed, she’s been the least successful she ever has been.
The adhd meds give her dopamine so she has no reason to strive for more and accomplish things.
It’s so obvious that’s what’s happening and another reason she can’t put on weight.
I predict she’ll die to the lupus or cardiac arrest by 33.

No. 1753504

Can we stop with the “born addicted to meth” thing? Opioids cause NAS; meth does not. If her mother used meth during pregnancy it could explain why she’s a 70 lbs braindead BPD bridge troll, but she was not born addicted to meth. That’s shit she made up like literally everything else she lies about and when anons parrot it unironically they sound just as retarded as her.

No. 1753567

File: 1674795373596.jpeg (416.54 KB, 1170x1980, A779514A-5944-4B27-89B4-8BF8CC…)

They’re all addicted to something.
Surprise this one’s Sandra, not Pumpy. But they’re all the same anyways so are we really surprised?

No. 1753746

Pumpy is straight lying about being born addicted to meth. She had dull up bringing so she says that to sound edgy in her dumb eyes.

No. 1753767

Those are the blue 10mgs. That means her prescribed dosage is really low.

No. 1754386

File: 1674876709275.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1179x2102, 90D82CFC-EEF5-4887-9165-CBF2A2…)

“Growth” “parents”

No. 1754410

Gets back with AJ so she can start family content again cos Onlyfans and whoring is too difficult?

No. 1754577

File: 1674893887905.jpeg (260.17 KB, 1800x950, 92B3A579-8011-4E09-89E7-CD2F7C…)

AJ is literally still a drug dealer and actively using drugs like lean on the regular while living with his mother who takes care of the baby.
What great growth as a parent truly.
I wonder what she’s going to Portland for? An escort job?

No. 1754579

File: 1674894158770.png (2.49 MB, 1170x2532, E193E387-175A-4A99-8233-B9A00E…)

So mature. It’s an every day reference too. This is yesterday’s reference.

No. 1754735

This bitch does not get tested after hooking and is asking other people to make content with her? Ain’t no way.

No. 1754896

These old ass photos are weird of Sabrina to post

No. 1755838

Sabrina quotes "just keeping it cool for A daughter."
Not "our" daughter or "my" daughter, Kek, she still completely separates her entire being from her kids.

No. 1755879

None of her posts ever make sense and are full of typos because she's in a constant k hole, I imagine her staring at her phone screen bobbing back and forth with her eyes unable to focus on typing out a word. Then she feels like she did something by posting a blurry photo with some nonsensical caption..drops her phone and nods off. Wake up,snort something,escort,repeat.

No. 1755901

File: 1675017401039.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1284x2252, 7E56A315-5DA1-46CD-8A23-20F2D1…)

Her photoshopping skills keep getting worse and worse… the bent tv at the back? The weird ass wax looking face? Get a grip

No. 1756262

It’s the most uncanny valley shit ever. But who is there to check her? She has no real friends. Kek at her Sabrina that Kaelin obviously treats her like a roommate more than a friend Asha can’t gotten sucked into her shit yet- probably because she has her own. Isn’t she a junkie trying to cold Turkey it?

No. 1756298

File: 1675053995189.jpeg (101.17 KB, 1169x641, 50E6023A-E293-47D2-B490-E0AA61…)

Wtf does this even mean??

Anyways I really think she’s down the most in ages over a man. She thought she lowered her standards, meanwhile Little James was still too good for her lol. Enormous blow to her ego

No. 1756318

Literally he was a manlet with no job. A car from his parents. An Aaron Carter fan boy and friend zoned cuck to Sandra, until Sabrina’s sad ass couldn’t get better. She’s 30 now..sadly or not I don’t see her making it to 35 at the rate she’s going. On her tweets she mentioned she had to drink wine everyday or felt terrible from withdrawals.

No. 1756401

Cringe photo edits and typos are an indication she’s not sober. No doubt she’ll vanish from that poor girl’s life again when she’s bored of being a mom, finds a new boyfriend, or is asked to finally financially support her daughter.

No. 1756486

File: 1675086406968.jpeg (600.55 KB, 1170x1945, 0FD99A0F-BBBB-4968-807C-019014…)

This clown was just begging for handouts to help her pay $60,000 she owes to the IRS but is now asking someone to buy her this hideous bag kek. Priorities.

No. 1756502

File: 1675088459977.png (685.17 KB, 1800x822, 8E47B561-0C64-4B74-B3C7-ADB3F6…)

I’m surprised they haven’t blocked you. You obviously read these threads calling James a manlet.
Stop cowtipping.

No. 1756521

She looks like she came from an AI art generator at this point.

No. 1756699

no clarification you fucking retard

No. 1756768

pumpy is such a stupid doormat bitch that plays her coomers for genuine retards. she did this shit posts ago, how she needed money for her cat after giving tyler 5k. this skeleton must think we’re literally retards. morgan is such a broke bitch snaggletooth pretending to be rich. at least sabrina doesn’t have to shamelessly beg people on the internet for $$$ right now

No. 1757169

File: 1675148359216.jpeg (375.17 KB, 1038x2280, C159DB64-85A1-4F24-9FE5-D6F0BB…)

Her knowledge is very “long”, and she can’t spell “vibrator” properly. You go, girl!

No. 1757174

File: 1675149492029.jpeg (184.5 KB, 1170x572, 4898299B-C55F-47D1-BEA3-7293B1…)

SnugglePunk took to twitter to tell everyone she’s a TERF the other day, not sure how often she’s been mentioned here outside of her past history with Pumpy.

No. 1757179

File: 1675150038159.jpeg (793.59 KB, 3263x2447, 1EAED8F9-2BAB-4429-878D-727B76…)


No. 1757180

File: 1675150133208.jpeg (145.98 KB, 1170x545, 61B810ED-DB4B-4491-945A-235BA4…)


No. 1757188

Saw this. Ivy Grace was losing her shit on cam last night calling Snuggle Punk a pedophile panderer and an ugly cunt simply because she had the audacity to declare herself a TERF.

No. 1757211

I read her replies to some people and she said she doesn’t support the idea because people born and raised as male can’t get raped or pregnant throughout their childhood like a female so there’s no way they could ever comprehend what it is to be female or the trauma they are born into.

No. 1757247

She’s right.

No. 1757281

100 percent right

No. 1757361

File: 1675180532126.jpeg (394.66 KB, 1170x1942, 243B3633-4C61-48C6-A0F3-C6E3CB…)

Nitpick but pumpy dissolving her top lip whilst leaving her bottom lip looking like an enormous sausage is driving me insane, they look SO unbalanced now. Her top lip looks better, but why tf did she leave the bottom like that idgi. It looks even worse in movement when she’s talking.

No. 1757432

Oh, SnugglePunk is an AWFUL person!

>>announced her "retirement" to drum up tips/sales and win Miss MFC for her "last month," only to unretire almost immediately

>>wrote a farewell essay where she openly admitted to pedopandering, & admitted the reason she was so successful was that she looked underaged & played into it
>>other camgirls who met up with her accused her of being extremely manipulative & physically abusive
>>dated one of her whales then doxxed him after they broke up

I know, I know…imageboard. I don't have screenshots on hand but I'll dig 'em up unless any other farmers happen to have them??

No. 1757506

I read something in the past about her being abusive by not letting another camgirl who was staying with her eat during ‘work hours’, making them work hours on end with no breaks cuz it was a rank month for her or something. I also heard something about her being extremely aggressive with spanks when being asked not to (a lot of the time she was some wannabe domme and the girls arms or bodies were partially bound in some way). Also don’t have screenshots as this was years ago.

No. 1757516

Samefag but that whale she doxxed had a wife or something. And they were hooking up on the side, some shit went wrong, and he hit her or smacked her head into something? I remember her posting pics with her head split open and covered in blood, but she wiped her old snugglepunk twitter. I think she had threatened to say something to the whales real s/o, just going off of what I can remember.

No. 1757823

this. "snugglepunk" is an asshole that lied about quitting to get #1 mfc - scum just like the rest of them. She should be mentioned more

No. 1757825

these are 2mg / 1.5's? blue xanax lol known as "footballs" this looks like a supply you'd get from a breakdown from an E.R. kek

No. 1757898

File: 1675211169543.png (1.75 MB, 1800x900, 8026B33B-32F8-4897-AF5A-735175…)

You good bro?

No. 1757905

I can't cope with "my knowledge is very long".

God bless these retards

No. 1758047

yeah she just looks stupid. looked better with both lips.

No. 1758142

Lmfao at Sabrina and junkie James constantly following and unfollowing each other on IG(learn2sage)

No. 1758297

>looked better with both lips
nonnie this killed me kek

No. 1758689

File: 1675296015062.jpg (120.84 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_2023-02-01-23-56-36…)

It's absolute nightmare fuel right now.

Also who's driving her around these days? Ty went crawling back?

No. 1758691

Tbh I doubt it was Ty doing the crawling. She would live in his skin if she could.

No. 1758811

Looks like she’s in the backseat of a vehicle. What happened to your Land Rover, pumps? Letting your manlet use it since it’s likely under his name? Sad.

No. 1758869

She’s in the front seat of her Range in that video. The driver isn’t in it, but it’s probably Ty.

No. 1758882

Guess she was baiting him with faking moving out of state

No. 1758914

File: 1675305427680.png (6.64 MB, 1170x2532, EAFCF17E-77FB-4A46-BAC7-FC7CA9…)

Omg seeing so many others here saying this makes me feel less nitpick-y
It looks so damn freaky she needs that other sausage dissolved ASAP

No. 1759024

File: 1675311770427.png (752.19 KB, 1073x1950, Screenshot_20230201-231835~2.p…)

She is on cam looking busted.

No. 1759038

File: 1675313307517.jpeg (142.39 KB, 1163x653, 8D84C959-4F45-47CF-8175-29DEFB…)

When I went in she was talking about how she has to live in a safe area bcuz her house was broken into 7 years ago. Her face looks like this n all she’s talking about is the dumb shit she wastes money on and all the overpriced places she’s lived. She said she needs $10k to move into the place she wants.

No. 1759042

File: 1675313503315.png (588.72 KB, 1080x582, Screenshot_20230201-232809~2.p…)

She spews the same shit over and over. I wish someone would call her out on her lies. She claims she has a 770 credit score and she has never been evicted from a place yet has had to move twice a year for the last 10 years or some bullshit.

No. 1759044

All her money goes to moving and rental deposits kek what a moron. Just find a place and stay there. Or buy a condo. I don’t get it. She could easily find a cheap ass apartment and save up for a couple years for a down payment and OWN her own place.

No. 1759046

She just said she punched Ty in the face for cheating on her and that she’s never been an issue in any of her relationships. Accountability? Pumpys never heard of it. She did admit Ty was paying his own bills, but that the car was for him and she can’t get rid of it cuz the Range already depreciated 30k since she purchased it.

No. 1759047

her bottom lip looks hilariously bad. Literally looks like she was stung by a bee or something. lol

No. 1759048


I cackled when she said she has never been the problem in her relationships. She also said she doesn't date white dudes, yeah okay Pumpy.

No. 1759056


Did she just change her story. At first she said the IRS gave her a bill for 60k and just now she said it was 40k. She is so bad at lying.

No. 1759210

File: 1675345945387.png (606.46 KB, 1800x900, EF043116-E3B1-4E3C-BF2A-63D45B…)

Maybe she still owes 45 and got another bill for 60? Idk either way, she‘s got a lot of work to do to keep up the facade she wants people to so desperately believe.

No. 1759231

Dang she looks like she's aged a lot lately. Doesn't she still follow ty? So you either hate cheaters or not apparently you can't get enough of it. More stds to come. Also Kyler was white, her ex fiance was white. Wasn't that guy that used to keep her count on mfc white with red hair? I remember something happened between them.

No. 1759265

File: 1675352314846.jpeg (520.57 KB, 1170x1984, EE04A25F-8460-4246-9004-9F8DE6…)

Pumpys camscore is about to drop below 3000 on MFC

No. 1759273

Life can come at you fast and pumpy is in for a very rude awakening. Happened to Brina too. Pumpy can’t say she was never warned that after a plateau sex workers tend to fall off and fade into obscurity. She thought she would stay as relevant as she was at 18 in sex work forever. Now she’s late 20’s, botched face, rapidly declining income, no savings and overpriced rent.

No. 1759282

Are they together still? Did she mention that?
They weren’t even together a year and he cheated lol

No. 1759294

She gave Ty 5k cash while having to set up a payment plan for her taxes and that says everything anyone needs to know about her financial responsibility and priorities.

She kept yelling “WE SINGLE BABY” all dramatically while putting on Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure loudly and dancing around her living room manically to it. For those that are out of the loop, that’s the song Ty was doing karaoke to the night she met him.

No. 1759397

Damn what's with her jowls?
Imagine seeing her PFP, click it and that thing appears. What a jump scare.

No. 1759493

It’s ok she has her successful skateboard company to fall back on kek. Her mom’s prediction of being broke when she’s older is already a reality.

30k is a lot. Is that normal in such a short amount of time?

No. 1759553

I thought the same, maybe she meant 30%.

No. 1759567

That’s fairly normal for a Range Rover and why she should have done a little research. 5 mins on google will tell her they’re overpriced unreliable pieces of crap that often see needs for warranty repairs within the first few months of ownership.

No. 1759601

Her dumbass also bought when cars were selling at a ridiculous markup. Its leveled out some since probably why its value dropped. Especially if it was a used car which I assume it was because her credit has to be shite.

No. 1759630

The irony is that if she hadn't gotten all that plastic surgery & covered herself in tattoos, she'd probably look relatively the same now as she did when she first started camming & would be making so much more money now.

I can't understand why she went & fucked with everything that made her successful. Like, every feature that brought in big money she changed. Why?!?!

No. 1759631

File: 1675383386051.png (2.03 MB, 1800x900, 5B3FA11F-2BC9-4D7A-91F6-40193A…)

She got her air fresheners in too. Not what I was expecting, the square shape. Thought she’d go for cut out to make the body the main point but why would she think before jumping into buying? She doesn’t have the brainpower.

No. 1759673

File: 1675386673369.jpeg (440.99 KB, 1284x1795, 1D5B3B97-C60F-4EC9-B64B-887B7B…)

Cross over cow milk boiling

No. 1759702

She’s hoping to gain some relevancy from the drama arianina gets into to make herself more relevant. Aria has always said that’s her tactic bcuz drama sells. Pumpy took that page right out of her book and ran with it in her early MFC days, but in her eyes she’s always a victim. She loves them pity tips, that’s really her entire persona. This is an example cuz she’s bringing up some 8 year old miss MFC rank month drama that no one cares about. It’s always woe is me with her. It’s not cute this late into her life it’s really embarrassing that she doesn’t make any attempt at coping with her own life and drama/ trauma dumps all across the internet. If she was ever genuine she would have at least 1 real friend who cared behind the scenes and she doesn’t bcuz she fucks everyone over.

No. 1759727

When you were 19 and aren't you like 27 now grow up

No. 1759737

File: 1675389899328.jpeg (187.02 KB, 1170x1989, 6FD772BD-5D35-41EF-85AE-0B45B2…)

>WhEn I wAs 19

No. 1759740

File: 1675390019272.png (554.03 KB, 720x1280, 61B4032E-7461-4AAA-8918-0DDEB2…)

No. 1759778

This is hilarious but I’m so confused why Sandra looks like that. My sides are killing me

No. 1759815

Yea because range rovers are overpriced buckets. They hold no value and only people who are interested in a certain image buy them. She would have been better off buying a RAV4 with a premium trim or a Subaru; they hold their value because tons of people drive them. She’s so fucking dumb.

Wow I’m sure we are all so surprised he cheated on her. It’s not like she was paying for the boyfriend experience or anything.

No. 1759823

it’s so funny bc she doesn’t have those yiddies and she’s a honey stick instead of curvaceous

No. 1759849

Hahaha, poor Sandra. Why’s she a horse?

No. 1759958

There really is no place on earth where people won't sperg about cars and call others dumb for their preferences regarding cars huh

No. 1760071

Someone must own a depleting range kek

No. 1760148

Definitely when you’re not buying baseline and are paying $100k+ per vehicle with NO LICENSE, no savings, are begging for cash and whining that you can’t sell your overpriced junk. Wake up.

No. 1760178

Moids - and women buying for them like Pumpy - are the only not-rich people dumping money into this fake shit (overpriced cars)

No. 1760347

File: 1675458062868.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2153, 0FDDC319-F261-499C-8428-FC7B31…)

Before, it was the only true relationship she ever had. Now it was AbUSe.

No. 1760349

you never had an abortion sweetheart, do you even see a period?

No. 1760378

Everything she says ends up being a contradiction or a lie. She changes her story to either make her life appear better than what it is or to get sympathy. It’s all dependent on her mood.

No. 1760426

she should not post her face until those sausage lips are fixed, honey do you realize you've successfully made it. Sabrina Nellie 2.0 minus the 56656465 kids kek

No. 1760431

Sabrinas "i hope when I die you don't just use me for who I was" or whatever the fuck it said - was about Melanie Martin using Aaron carters death for her profit.
They both are no longer following each other, and Sandra is now following Sabrina and Melanie stopped following them both KEK "god mother"

No. 1760433

I'm more bothered by the pillow with no pillowcase. That's some serial killer shit.

No. 1760479

Prediction: pumpy continues hemorrhaging money and fails to prioritize her debts which results in her car being repossessed. Brina 2.0

No. 1760494

cholo never abused you, he just treated you like a side chick and you threw your net worth at him. then tried to trap him with a “baby”

No. 1760635

spoiler that shit!

No. 1760645

Why are you posting pussy pictures of a random woman without context?

No. 1760650

She’s a camwhore.

No. 1760666

Bless you anons, I’m so sorry, but the layna caldwell sperg has apparently been sent here from Jonny craigs thread. my condolences.

No. 1760731

File: 1675486398344.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1985, 45BC7B8C-C720-488F-A0AE-9FB540…)

>stepping on loser men with me pleasers
Shes sitting on a couch alone in her living room, no men in sight. Fake ass domme.

No. 1760732


I’ll take the ban for the hi cow.
Skidney really feels some type of way. Not only to spam the JC thread, but now others? Bless your hearts over here. She’s too obsessed at this point.

We had the “luxury” of seeing skidney’s eggplants. Much more horrifying than wiggles hemorrhoid. Good luck nonnies

No. 1760775

wtf is this shit and who and whyyyyyyy

No. 1761177

File: 1675547989071.jpeg (335.9 KB, 1170x1836, 6E2999B4-698F-471C-9D6B-52F962…)

Sabrina is dumb. Didn’t she used to be good friends with this girl?

No. 1761204

Literally swear she posted days ago that she missed this girl (it’s Mimi right?). They’re the ones who went to coachella with James. I think Sabrina met her through James

No. 1761212

Unsurprising behavior from someone who’s always been vindictive and backstabbing. If she’s actually threatening to spread that girl’s nudes (it’s kind of hard to tell) she better be prepared for the consequences.

No. 1761241

File: 1675555809265.jpeg (275.95 KB, 1169x1609, 28F147C0-5E5B-4263-8050-E5FB04…)

No. 1761242

File: 1675555832616.jpeg (114.38 KB, 1169x604, AB8459F9-68B8-4854-89B4-2DDDB3…)

No. 1761247

Lmao it’s that she gets for being frievds with Brina in the first place. I don’t feel bad for this whore

No. 1761323

I agree, anyone who is her friend is as brain dead as Sabrina. Even James and Sandra I think have more of a brain put together than her

No. 1761354

File: 1675564730685.png (686.46 KB, 1080x2159, Screenshot_20230204-213600~2.p…)

What triggered her this time.

No. 1761361

File: 1675566310403.jpeg (186.84 KB, 1000x1478, 69472750-6100-419C-B28F-F0A8C7…)

From two days ago. James or some new sucker spoiled Brina with fine dining kek

No. 1761373

She deflected the question and James and her are back to following each other sooo.

No. 1761374

From fakebois thread
Question for y'all why are so many fakebois in to porn?

No. 1761443

Go back to twitter

No. 1761833

File: 1675642213623.jpeg (800.38 KB, 2611x3263, 54784A95-B963-4090-95DD-8B387A…)

Holy shit

No. 1761834

File: 1675642341806.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 2611x3263, F2822C1C-19C8-4D1F-ABF1-EFF25D…)

Spoiler cuz graphic

No. 1761896

Jesus. Scrotes are evil.

No. 1761898

File: 1675649262464.png (29.2 KB, 662x149, Screenshot 2023-02-05 9.00.02 …)

what did I miss with the Aria Nina and Sabrina Nellie drama kek I know Sabrina pretty much cammed with Aria and never paid her in like 2015 but what now - photo coming from Sabrinas twitter talking about being lost in an ocean or some stupid shit -

No. 1761915

File: 1675650575481.jpg (234.54 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_2023-02-06-02-24-18…)

This needs to be a reminder to women who moan about other women being mean online. Count yourself lucky cos this is what scrotes do.

Pumpy posted it on her Instagram story and almost looked like she cared until immediately after she posted several things about herself and how her life is so hard.

Ffs. Seems like she doesn't care at all. Just takes any opportunity to talk about herself.

No. 1761918

There were 7 more tweets about herself but I'm not gonna post them cos no one cares and we've heard it all before.

She's not sad for the women it happens to she just doesn't want it to happen to her. She's gross.

No. 1761952

File: 1675652839303.jpeg (361.89 KB, 1170x1615, F5463231-6140-483D-988C-1B83A4…)

Yeah she flooded her tl with her own story so much it pushed the other girl’s completely out of view and the mind of the reader. Really weird after sharing the other girls payment info for help.
Almost like she wanted to come off as supportive to that girl when really she’s just a narcissist.
She goes around online commenting shit all the time to pull the focus towards herself and boosting her self esteem by claiming “experience” and “wisdom” but it’s not intelligent advice or boasting at all, it’s pretty funny to watch, it’s so humiliating.

Pic related: telling a girl about the implants she got but forgetting to mention they gave her lupus. And advising to spend the most on surgery because that means the best after admitting she spent 17k on her nose job that is still fucked up.

No. 1761957

So awful. That guy should be in prison for life.

Can’t see the connection to drama with that tweet. AriaNina is an awful person though and a lot of camgirls seem to have issues with her. Her and Brina should be besties since they both love to backstab.

No. 1761984

Well nobody deserves this.

No. 1762011

File: 1675656477300.jpeg (155.08 KB, 828x404, 58C5D7C1-0D2B-49F6-9927-4E7FC3…)

She’s telling this lie again. I swear she compounds on her lies every time she tells them. She does this glass bones and paper skin thing twice a week now.

No. 1762061

I don’t have screenshots b/c this was several years ago, but snugglepunk used to have a Curious Cat thing where she answered questions and on there she told this really weird story about getting into camming because she was addicted to watching porn (?). I also remember something about her saying she was heavily overweight pre-camming? Not sure if anyone else remembers this lol, I’m still not sure if she was just lying? It definitely made me wonder who she is really…

No. 1762097

Tbf her memories were probably triggered by that, would be pretty hard not to be.

No. 1762124

File: 1675667923617.jpeg (963.65 KB, 1284x2293, 666C386A-5F20-4A9E-A4A3-6C1626…)

Sabrina “rearranging” her room (aka the only two pieces of furniture she owns). Pathetic.

No. 1762150

File: 1675672271358.jpg (410.72 KB, 1027x991, SmartSelect_20230206_003022_Ch…)

Damn. I feel really terrible for her. Even if she is whack, no one deserves this kind of shit. I really fucking hate men most of the time.

No. 1762170

Everytime something like this happens in America, I just think damn, lucky the dude didn’t have a gun and didn’t kill her.
I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to be a woman living in a country full of mentally stunted scrotes carrying firearms.

No. 1762277

Burgerfag here, mostly people commiting crimes with the guns have them illegally, most the time and according to statistics. But that doesnt mean shit when our cops rape teenagers and get away with it so.. fuck this backward ass country.

No. 1762295

lol let’s not go on a man hating tirade because she decided to fuck with some incel. you’re going off topic

No. 1762297

File: 1675697377794.jpeg (822.63 KB, 1835x2846, 615C41E8-3DC9-49E1-BF7C-0C6758…)

Fuck off moid

No. 1762308

"Don't scapegoat men, they only pepetrate 70% of assaults, over 90% of rape and 88% of murders! That's totally not a pattern :)

No. 1762309

Violence is not milk, what happened to her is really fucked up.

No. 1762313

Shut the fuck up you literal waste of time and space

No. 1762315

Not a single person is here shit talking her for what happened afaik everyone thinks it’s really awful

No. 1762414

File: 1675712457490.png (8.05 MB, 1170x2532, 2C6FF25C-D3F3-4712-8077-860FD8…)

No. 1762429

File: 1675714633956.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, F7D342BF-2E08-48AD-B3A9-2DC05B…)

Flashin pussy on the gram

No. 1762433

File: 1675715315729.png (4.4 MB, 1170x2532, F7C709E4-8669-48C7-94D7-17EBE7…)

Skeletal yet also blow up doll face

No. 1762452

I saw this too. She never learns. It’s very interesting to see her make the same mistakes over and over and over again. Makes me feel better that at least I’m not doing that.
When I watched her old streams she looked to be a tag along all the time. She never cammed under her own management because she’s too retarted to have good ideas of her own. She had Rhett helping her first and all the other cam girls who are now professional business women. Then she tried to have Sandra manage her and now she can’t do anything because everyone realized she doesn’t learn or grow, she’s just a brain dead mooch.
She would actually profit off of switching to a bimbo lifestyle since that’s how she’s acting already.

No. 1762455

relax you bitter ugly hoe. go outside this is why your parents should not breed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762457

lol stay mad. be mad :)(:))

No. 1762462

This disgusting, deadbeat whore makes me sick to my stomach. Knowing people like this exist and exploit themselves on a semi-kid friendly app just makes me so angry and sad. Especially since she abandoned all of hers.

No. 1762479

I’m naturally way prettier than everyone on this sub. My parents are married and love me. Stay mati

No. 1762480

Sabrina's "room" is the size of my walk in closet, glad to see she hasn't left her closet realm phase kek

No. 1762485

this is by far the saddest post I have yet to see on the farm, poor cow go moo in a field somewhere else

No. 1762490

oh, sorry, i forgot, we will not stay mati at whatever your moos are

No. 1762555


No. 1762556


sorry that you ugly ass hoes are offended, hopefully a moid does us a favour and kills you femcels next(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1762562

Don't reply to the moid, report and move on.

No. 1762634

Lmao Sabrina blocked me for no reason. I don’t follow her and occasionally look at her stories. Never said a thing to her. She’s nuts

No. 1762654

I checked and I don’t think she blocked you, her account is down. LOL. Why is she posting pussy on the gram??

No. 1762655

it’s funny that you think im an actual moid, all of you would love to have attention from all the turbo moids like skirby or these other dumb ehoes. the pickme jealousy is serious. feel better ya damn cows

No. 1762659

File: 1675741176186.jpg (247.67 KB, 750x938, 1660074494893.jpg)

>Brings up PS cow Skirby out of nowhere
Wide hip nude moid detected

No. 1762664

Sabrina is so desperate for any attention at all, so she will post her pussy for free in hopes to gain a new OF sub or old man to fuck kek. Glad her account was removed, her abandoned daughter #1 follows her IG, DISGUSTING

No. 1762703

File: 1675745592222.jpeg (191.24 KB, 1169x1456, 8CB9FFBA-1CF4-4E26-A966-E82FC3…)

No. 1762704

File: 1675745648508.jpeg (48.49 KB, 750x494, BC1E1CE0-A39A-4A06-8D8C-13113B…)

Well duh you flashed your pussy dumbass

No. 1762959

File: 1675780072042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 829.92 KB, 1600x1600, 1675779857850.jpg)

There is some form of irony of Pumpy bashing other women when she use to look like that. Spoiler for an old picture of skeletor naked.

No. 1762976

bro relax your retard asses up no1kurrs you turbo pickme trash

No. 1762984

She stays mad at the image she sees in the mirror every day.
I’m glad she’s finally spending her money on therapy now but that is a very long and hard journey to begin. A lot of people give up. I wonder if she’ll be another one like brina or if we’ll actually see some human growth for once in this thread.

No. 1763070

Stormy IS a pick me tho what is she talking about

No. 1764084

File: 1675905717119.jpg (Spoiler Image, 321.37 KB, 1080x1920, 20230209_011759.jpg)

I'm scared.

They don't even look like body parts.

No. 1764143

It looks mad painful. I wonder if she takes pills that numb her out or something.

No. 1764254

how does she shave her vag, or pick something up? does she like bump a "boob" on someone at the grocery store, would she even feel it?? so many questions

No. 1764335

File: 1675943601844.png (319.62 KB, 402x640, maryma.png)

She's going to end up with a popped and deflated tit like that one plastic surgery obsessed "model" mary sebastian pickles magdaline

No. 1764386

Pumpy is a pick me girl. She did it with Kyler when she found out he was with someone else the entire time, Dean when he cheated on her and she brought ty to show him only to end up back with Dean because she knew she couldn't get Ty continued to call out Dean for cheating the entire time yet still was seeing him, Cody cheating with Kiera or whatever her name is and her begging Cody to be with her saying she'd do a threesome gets an std too. And now calls out Ty for cheating but still follows him and is on/off.

No. 1764388

File: 1675953412928.png (703.95 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20230209-083237.png)

I hate so much about pumpy but how she over exaggerates EVERYTHING especially things like this trying to get pity points…hey you know what's really exhausting?? Being a survivor of actual violence or abuse and having to still leave your house and do normal human things because having an assistant is something no one can afford?? Although I sort of always felt like this assistant of hers was fictional. I hate how she tries to insert herself into narratives and spaces for actual survivors trying to heal and live their lives and she always gotta be like muh abuse was the worst here's some statistic I made up about myself and my life to prove I'm the most abused. Give me a fucking break

No. 1764393

We have seen her in ubers more times than that

No. 1764411

She doesn’t bring anyone to get fillers or her nails done lmao. Or to the vet I’m sure. She’s stupid. Abuse survivors still have to pump gas and buy groceries

No. 1764417

I hope she grows out of this “woe is (pick)me, my life is so hard and I need everyone to feel bad for me and the world to cater to me” by her 30’s or she’s going to be in for a much more rude awakening than she thinks she’s experiencing now. Everyone has been through their share of being dealt a shitty hand and it’s her own job to navigate through her life and keep moving forward and stop looking for excuses to blame her behaviors and life on. Everyone else has their own shit and they don’t want to hear about hers a million times a day and all of her reasons why she’s worse off and more important. Nobody cares, she just comes off whiny and self important as fuck.

No. 1764429

right domestic violence and abuse are also incredibly common in America but everyone still has to take out the trash and get mail. I knew a woman who jumped out the third story of her building because her boyfriend was stabbing her with a knife. She doesn’t and can’t afford to not get her own mail or buy groceries. She works a job in person

No. 1764460

Calm down, she’s just saying it’s exhaustive which I think we can all agree on. Doesn’t mean she’s saying hers is worse.
She is a pick me so I know her actions are always about gaining some imaginary “points” for still being alive, I just don’t think this is very interesting or worth bringing into the thread as milk.
Saying she hasn’t left on her own in 8 years is an exaggeration but it’s not that far off from her isolation tendencies. She’s just trying to fit in with any crowd that’ll praise her, same reason she’s a SJW for minorities.

No. 1764589

She deleted these tweets

No. 1764811

she needs to jumo out of a 3rd story window to prove her truth now and Sabrina a high rise, like her friend suffered

No. 1764923

File: 1676012764970.jpeg (637.66 KB, 1170x1406, D1C667E3-3845-43F0-A346-4AFC96…)

She’s so fuckin annoying. Meanwhile Darcy is already back to streaming with a broken and wired jaw with stitches in her mouth. Poor Pumpy though, still seeking pity and making excuses for herself daily.

No. 1765870


it’s crazy that all these YEARS she still has to prove to nobody who cares at all about this shit. if you have to constantly repeat the same shit for years then it’s not true.

No. 1766017

Tinfoil - I think pumpy is bullshitting about not being with Ty and is trying to lay low with him. They’ve been following and unfollowing each other off and on over the last week and someone invisible has been driving her around in her Range in some pics n vids. This isn’t her usual behavior when being dumped or cheated on.. she’s been careful not to blast him on social media like she wouldn’t hesitate to do if they were really broken up. She also said on stream she canceled her plans to move to another state.

No. 1766066

Oh my god of course. I hope her therapist helps step in but that’s unlikely for someone who hasn’t had therapy to actually accept help when it’s offered. Welp, I’m ready for the new season of pumpy the paypig to start.

No. 1766123

i think the greatest part is that neither charms, her ethot friends, or her scroates don’t care.

No. 1766152

I dont think she has a therapist at all. How can you progressively get worse after being in therapy?

No. 1766162

i think the greatest part is that neither charms, her ethot friends, or her scroates care.

No. 1766169

A therapist only knows what you tell them. It’s a total waste of money and time if you’re not honest but some people only pretend to be in therapy and aren’t actually doing the therapy.

No. 1766175

Most people “in therapy” are just paying for someone to listen to them, they’re not actually applying any therapeutic techniques to their daily life and doing the difficult self work that therapists hope their patients would do after they leave the session.
So basically she’s just paying for someone to agree with her right now if she’s really still involved with Ty and not changing her behavior in the slightest.

No. 1766224

He probably got her to agree to be paid fwb, and that would be embarrassing to share with the internet

No. 1766379

Using Darcy as an example isn't exactly the best, its sad she got assaulted but she has no other avenues for financial support so Darcy has no other choice but to still cam with a wired shut jaw. Thats just a sad reality and doesn’t prove work ethics just a lack of financial safety nets.

No. 1766425

Yeah, it’s really the same thing pumpy does too. They think they’re such bad bitches for hustling non stop through trauma but it’s just because they’re desperate and forced into that situation because of their own lack of preparedness.
A real bad bitch could take off of work and repair her mentality before returning.
Being a non stop hustler isn’t an enviable life like they’re trying to play it out to be. It doesn’t show that you’re strong either, just shows that you’re desperately trying to avoid something in your life by filling up all your time with other things.

No. 1766453

slightly ot but what if pumpy is worst/worse-chan kek

No. 1766670

Nona that's good tf!

No. 1767257

good morning to everyone but pumpy, i’m glad her ugly skinny broomstick ass is alone and suffering(sage your shit)

No. 1767261

File: 1676302133528.jpeg (263.03 KB, 1800x694, F7355708-8591-48A7-9E4E-AA1146…)

I love watching brina make the same mistakes again and again. She can’t take any advice. Apparently she also believes that her emotions control all of her actions and there’s no reason to fix it.
I do wish she had her history written on her skin so new people could see who she really is. Too many people are tricked into thinking she’s a good person when she’s the worst one here.

No. 1767268

Good morning anon, what you said made my whole day already because true. Stickbug ass bitch deserves nothing but the "worse" hahahahaa

No. 1767287

Kek wow I can get behind that tinfoil

No. 1767324

File: 1676307175455.jpeg (1012.19 KB, 1170x1822, 5DFF7E67-8320-4811-9F71-1599B6…)

No. 1767328

File: 1676307483810.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1991, 9701E214-5577-4B9D-BB4F-95029A…)

Why does Charms tape her forehead down? You can see the tape over her eyebrow and forehead tattoo

No. 1767340

because she’s old, fat and wrinkly. her husband doesn’t get the pee pee up anymore by looking at her weird bug lazy eyes, heavy wrinkles for a 30 year old and fat body, so she is mutilating her entire body for him. ladies, if your man is making you do this, then don’t be with him lol(sage your shit)

No. 1767436

Little James clearly told her this. It’s hilarious how she cannot get over this guy bc she’s so hurt he dumped her. And now she’s fixating on the shit he’s said lol

News flash Brina you can be as much of a bitch you want and blame it on “PMDD.” People can also drop your ass for it and not want to deal with you. Sucks, right? That’s why you’re supposed to do something about this shit and get better and stop being such a cunt

It’s amazing how she’s going on 31 and unable to understand the concept of consequences. Everyone is just so unsympathetic and cruel to her innocent self

No. 1767455

Pumpy is just as deluded and bad at trying to make other people feel sympathy for her own choices. They’re exactly the same but one has no kids. Pumpy is who Brina would be if she never got knocked up. If pumpy trips and falls into a k hole one day they’ll be twins.

No. 1767512

My first thought was wig, but it seems she has extensions.
Is it to train your forehead muscles to stay down so you don’t crease?
Why doesn’t she just get Botox? She already spends hundreds on other dumb superficial shit. It’s cheap in comparison. But not cheaper than tape I guess.

No. 1767601

File: 1676337441553.jpeg (363.99 KB, 1179x944, 81800B85-3FA0-4183-B540-6C7CDA…)


No. 1767611

What topic could she possibly have advice to share on? You can’t just change the trajectory like that, now I’m a counselor!

No. 1767623

Aw she really wants to. That’s cute. Just like she really wants to do all the other things in her life that she doesn’t even try to put a single ounce of effort towards achieving.
Oh it takes effort? Nevermind.

No. 1767634

Brina you many years too late. You could of made a YouTube channel at the height of your success in 2012-2016 everything went down hill after that for you. As for advice? Remember when other girls would ask you for advice you'd say to Google it, do the same. It's that simple. Though I highly doubt anyone wants to listen to a mother who's abandoned 3 children, one who she's grooming to be a cam girl, the middle who she doesn't even claim, and her third who she also ditched but still sometimes claims, not as much as the favorite and only child tattooed on you. I'm use favorite lightly because it's only when it benefits you which none of your children deserve, they deserve far more. Oh maybe a video about escorting tips! Have a go at that one. You and pumpy are so much alike it's no wonder you two can't stand each other, it's like looking in a mirror showing only things you both hate about yourselves within one another.

No. 1767659

I wonder if Sabrina edited her pictures at her peak

No. 1767666

I think Rhett did for her or she paid someone to. Rhett and other camgirls were doing all the hard work and managing Sabrina that’s why she didn’t keep the success. It was the successful people around her doing all the work and she was a tag along.
When she burned those bridges she tried to do it herself and look how that turned out.
She’s literally too brain dead to manage her life.

No. 1767676

She would end up getting herself banned off YouTube so fast

No. 1767684

Facetune wasn’t really a thing back then and she didn’t photoshop her waist at her peak all she did was slap a filter on her pics and caption them stupid stuff like “Valenciaaaaa” she was naturally pretty at her peak before she got perma ket brain and forgot how to function. She’s always been a scam artist with shitty work ethic even at her best ranks on MFC she would only cam like 10 days a month.

No. 1767726

Just speculating, do you think she’d have the popularity she did if she weren’t extremely underweight? Would we all still consider her naturally pretty or does everyone just associate her trauma induced eating disorder with her attractiveness? At least it brought her the attention she stopped eating for I guess.

No. 1767736

I kinda think she was popular more for her face tbh…her natural face was super gorgeous!

No. 1767843

You face also gains and loses weight. If she had a normal weight her face would’ve looked different/fuller.
So her popularity was based on an anorexic face.

No. 1767893

Lmfao this is the funniest shit. I wonder what stormy, queen of he pickmes, thinks a "pick me" is…. "omg i shill out hundreds on my boyfriend and his friends in one night and act ridiculous when tyler doesnt want to be with me. I also take up any interest my partner has to make them like me more uwu. But im NOT a pick me because i hate pick mes!" Like wow. How can a cow lurk so hard and still be so fucking clueless? Get a grip and a sandwich pumpy. You desperately need both.

No. 1767897

Maybe unpopular idea but, Any nude posted in here should have the pussy and nipples all pixeled up. Just to piss off any moids coming here to creep in the threads full of naked camwhores.

No. 1767998

You mean we should edit the pics for this thread to remove the credibility of the post? This isn’t a place where nudes are being spammed for scrotes to jerk it, however very recent pumpy behavior of you considering she just started adding pixels over all her nudes.

No. 1768071

That’s stupid. It’s not like it’s hard to find their nudes or if moids wanted to they could just subscribe to their only fans as it’s cheaper than the cost of a hamburger at McDonald’s

No. 1768118

File: 1676406926133.jpeg (651.53 KB, 1170x1867, C5C6DD26-FFA6-48FC-AC1B-E522F1…)

For the anon that wants everything pixelated pumpy posted this last night kek

No. 1768122

Based on grammar plus pumpys recent activity n pixeled nudes I bet mods could figure out this is her posting in here pretty quickly

No. 1768192

Making porn with Ty kek

No. 1768221

File: 1676415941644.jpeg (181.13 KB, 1170x922, 9058C296-E4C8-4CFC-888A-BEE1FF…)

Here we go!

No. 1768291

she did edit her pictures even back in 2015 - her buttchin was always blurred and her chin was made smaller. Certain pics online you can find that show how bad they were - but nothing like the horrible edits she does today kek

No. 1768294

anon you have me dying, next thread should be dollar menu edition

No. 1768314

File: 1676422777953.png (578.88 KB, 514x600, Screenshot 2023-02-14 7.58.16 …)

looks like waist shop to me - we all know she is a stick figure - this was Sabrina what 2014?

No. 1768420

File: 1676439909806.jpeg (463.45 KB, 1170x1988, 944F6864-79AA-4F03-876A-B4ACD0…)

Escorting or money dumping on her sugar baby Ty for vday?

No. 1768421

I think its with Ty. She keeps saying shes treating herself for valentines day but it really means she’s the one paying for everything for them. I wonder why she’s been keeping him so hidden lately.

No. 1768487

I bet they agreed on bf experience dates and she doesn’t wanna admit she’s just like one of her “moid” fans.

No. 1768580

Cuz she did say she was cheated on super recently and clearly went back. Loser

No. 1768664

File: 1676472215820.png (707.57 KB, 998x1620, ADE8963E-EF48-48C7-80BC-1FEB8F…)

No. 1768667

We need some designer nona to make the valentines day version.

No. 1768680

Omg this is sending me

No. 1768702

Nooo lmao this is amazing nonna!

Ty knows better tho and he charges Pumpy way more. She probably gave him $1000 to spend on vday to buy her shit and he pocketed a few hundred of it.

Kek, going back to a pass around she complained about to her simps. She’s saving face after telling people she was single and he cheated. All these OF girls have self esteem in the gutter.

No. 1768847

Gtfo with your retarded faggotry.

I didn’t cap it, but Ty posted not that long ago today that he’s in La Jolla and then deleted that story pretty quickly. Not sure if that’s where Pumpy is too but obviously he didn’t want people to know where he was if he deleted so fast. Unless the story was from a day ago and I just happened to see it minutes before the 24hrs hit

No. 1768952

She was wearing the necklace she claims he got her too kek

No. 1768966

File: 1676494718576.jpeg (284.32 KB, 1017x1726, 31FA0B6A-475A-40C3-9E92-3BF0AE…)

I say we use this pic for next threads, making her forehead a bit bigger every time

No. 1768987

File: 1676495730923.jpeg (194 KB, 1170x442, 6608FDA8-5F3C-4675-A98B-9C59BF…)

I don’t know if Brina can truly commit to something like this without inpatient help, but we’ll see

No. 1768993

File: 1676495983541.jpeg (317.09 KB, 1170x1993, 168FAD21-A09C-41E7-A3E9-003A90…)

Pumpy is also in La Jolla

No. 1769000

That’s basically the same pic he posted and deleted from his story, kek.

No. 1769002

File: 1676496323411.jpeg (625.99 KB, 750x936, A2A766D1-979C-4ABE-8D2D-DBA772…)

Samefag, but no, we need this in the next thread pic. Jesus fucking Christ she looks so dead in the eyes. Can’t even genuinely smile.

No. 1769006

File: 1676496715539.jpeg (157.89 KB, 1073x641, DB6E0CEB-D146-40E3-B22B-CE8DDE…)

The fact that she’s pretending to be some bad bitch alone on vday spoiling herself and loving herself while really being off sugaring a man who cheated on her is fucking top tier pickme bitch embarrassing jesus christ lmfaoooo she’s really trying hard too

No. 1769007

If poorly managed mental health was a person

No. 1769015

What an unfortunately ugly ass excuse of a human being.

How could she possibly spoil herself? By eating a Cheeto and feeling strong or something? This corny ass bitch is so retarded. She hates herself so much she has to say she's spoiling herself lmao just say you're a miserable piece of shit who was born addicted to meth but never touched drugs, that nobody wants to be around and fucking shut up.

No. 1769021

Kek. What the fuck? I thought this was a moid wearing a latex mask and a breastplate.

No. 1769022

This broke ass whore doesn't have the funds for drugs since she isn't sucking off her baby dick boyfriend because he either dumped or abused her because she's a worthless loser. Imagine that was your mother?

No. 1769023

"spoiling myself" she says with tys shoe and camera visible in the background kek

No. 1769024

HAHAHAAHHHAAHHA she's so stupid it's almost impressive. Hate her though.

No. 1769037


We sure it's his?

No. 1769048

His or another basic ass fool who can't pick a different shoe aside from cheap Vans, Nike, or Converse. As basic as they come like stupid ass pump.

No. 1769062

Idk I figured it was hers. I know he’s a manlet but those are small shoes and they’re basic ass vans so they could be anyone’s. He seems more like a Jordan or a yeezy wearing fag.

No. 1769094

That’s why she’s sober. I didn’t even put the two together, I think their dim wittedness is spreading to me.

No. 1769098

File: 1676506744154.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1170x1905, B3F20CB9-1808-4177-BCEC-4A1F3E…)

No. 1769184

File: 1676516811819.png (1.84 MB, 1800x805, B2A28F00-4A10-4327-A644-1598FB…)

Fucking based.
He didn’t even wear the shoes she bought him for Xmas. I wonder if he just returned them for the money.
I also wonder if he put out. She sure was hoping he would. She better be using condoms now that she knows he’s a man-whore.

No. 1769187

She’s made it VERY clear how much of a sneaker head she is so from what she wants us to believe she’s never be caught dead in cheap vans.
Her “humble” condo as she heals.
Oh man she really is trying to play off the majorly shitty consequences of her past actions as purposeful choices to better herself.
Everyone can see right through it Morgan. You look desperate.

No. 1769256

I’m surprised she lasted this long, she drinks Chardonnay every single day and is physically addicted

No. 1769430

File: 1676558280847.jpeg (389.86 KB, 1169x2041, AEF67C44-5B34-4264-934C-B22B07…)

She posted this?

No. 1769443

Lookin like Gru in despicable me

No. 1769472

This picture is funny bc Ty is like 5’6 tops (that’s generous tbh) and stormy needs to be on her knees to make him look tall. Shrimp man shrimp dick.

It’s funny bc if stormy found a good guy with a normal middle class job (unlikely bc she’s cluster B, pathological liar etc) they would probably book a 4 star hotel for 2-3 days for her if Vday was really important to her. This is not out the range of normal relationships costs. It’s not that she’s paying for her boyfriend due to income disparity, she’s paying more because Ty wants to drain her lmao and is putting little to no $ into the relationship

And he’s old and ugly and ran through so how many other women (outside the occasional women he cheats with) would actually fuck him regularly besides Stormy

No. 1769504

This pose is giving me flashbacks to 2006 myspace

No. 1769531

well she’s mentally 14 so

No. 1769870

kek i'm confused… why did she post this picture??? Is her 5head supposed to entice me? nonnies i'm scared.

No. 1769891

File: 1676593263068.jpg (90.9 KB, 640x640, 38a957ca-9914-4c23-8c86-697b49…)

And that's the result of a 16k nose job?
Kek. Absolute honker.
My only thought is she was trying to imitate the deftones album art but she looks bloody awful.

No. 1769893

File: 1676593385854.png (109.62 KB, 400x250, megamind__by_walking_with_drag…)

No. 1769894

File: 1676593466670.jpeg (110.82 KB, 720x1280, D9CC4452-0699-4363-BCE9-66DFCB…)

She’s in her business bitch era… this is what you do when you failed to invest your high income for 10 years (dropship skateboards)

No. 1769932

File: 1676596551713.jpg (104.61 KB, 1148x1319, sixginn.jpg)

It's hilarious she is patting herself on the back for opening up a business. Looking at her website it just looks like a front for her sex work.

I looked up and sure enough she has a business license. ( Not sure if I should share because I don't want her to claim we doxxed her) The principal address and mailing address is in Irvine, CA but how does that work if she is moving out of California?

I am calling it now, she is going to run that business into the ground.

No. 1769938

She said she canceled her plans to move out of state, if she moves again it’ll probably be on to Tys doorstep

No. 1769948

She was just saying that to scare Tyler into making amends after he cheated, so she wouldn’t leave. It’s bs

No. 1770017

Shareholder? good lord the stupidity.Prob trying a tax scam again.

No. 1770022

It’s a picture Ty took of her on vday. Both her arms are down, she’s wearing the same dress and someone pointed out Ty’s camera along with his shoes. Also an above angle.
She’s probably obsessed with it and thinks it means he loves her.

No. 1770040

this is actually terrifying, the longer you look at it the worse it gets

No. 1770200

File: 1676635938270.png (274.23 KB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20230217-071114~2.p…)

I have been following Pumpy for awhile. This is a new lie.

No. 1770217

I saw that she was going to the er last night after taking meds for a migraine before cam.
I wonder what meds she took.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she took her adderall and it caused heart palpitations in her severely anorexic body. That or just a regular Red Bull can do that to someone so drastically underweight.

No. 1770225

File: 1676640324319.jpeg (295.59 KB, 1170x1429, 23E06093-1F3B-488E-B639-E9D9AB…)

Abnormal periods are also common with anorexia. All the signs point to an early death from starvation. No wonder she’s so dumb, ain’t no food for her brain to think.

No. 1770289

She thinks protein drinks are enough for her to survive

No. 1770357

i like that she’s such a fucking retard that she blames her health issues and personal problems on stupid shit that never happened or other people for moid sympathy or “muh disabled ethot” larping instead of taking responsibility for why she turned out this way. i’ve been seeing that with shayna as well. she also can’t take accountability to save her life, and a shitty friend to be around apparently since she used some egirl’s incel attack for attention.

>my breast implants are making me sick but it’s MUH LUPUS, a serious, autoimmune disease

>i have weird periods, i’m losing hair, and severely underweight, it’s obviously MUH ABORTION instead of the fact that i have been starving the shit out of my body since i was underage
>i have no money! why do i have no money??
>i can’t keep a guy next to me for three seconds! why does every guy keep cheating on me? it’s not like i’m a turbo pickme doormat femcel with a terrible personality
>why do i not have any friends despite being “rich” and living in LA??????

pumpy is so braindead. she makes charms and sabrina look like renowned college graduates. i never thought pumpy, out of the other camwhores here would get under my skin.

No. 1770489

File: 1676666192190.png (71.67 KB, 476x328, 330933170_921969865892620_3795…)

Sabrina hyping up a 50 cent discount on her onlyfans

No. 1770556

Pumpy, just say you’re too lazy to work and want to spend every waking second with Ty and stfu with these fake excuses….

No. 1770649

File: 1676686214465.jpeg (193.91 KB, 1170x372, 53F646E0-98F9-46CD-918A-F6D361…)

>I cOuLd Be BiG oN tWiTcH
I remember she did one of those hot tub streams in a kiddy pool and it flopped so hard. Her gaming streams were even worse. Shes unoriginal af and she would flop on twitch even with putting in the most. She’s a major bitch and whines non stop, it doesn’t sit well with the twitch crowd and her short attempts at fake niceness is just UwU gross.

No. 1770709

File: 1676689510178.jpg (31.71 KB, 591x158, hdhhetyj.jpg)


She just posted this

No. 1770714

File: 1676689821603.png (3.66 MB, 1800x1547, BF51E0CD-6653-4715-B2C1-573035…)

You guys, yay. They both got their Instagrams back.

No. 1770721

It’s really fucked up to see what little engagement people had with pumpy’s ER tweet compared to Sabrina’s “6 days sober” tweet.
Why do people support Sabrina so much emotionally? She’s a horrible person I just can’t see why people are so forgiving of her and not pumpy.

No. 1770726

bc pumpy doesn’t cater to pedophile moids

No. 1770728

deadbeat crackhead prostitute mom > a skinny anorexic pedophile camgirl pickme bitch who lies about diseases

No. 1770792

No, it’s because pumpy is obviously an even bigger bitch than Sabrina. She’s a mean grouchy old hag with disgruntled grandma energy

No. 1770798

I think it’s because sabrina has kids. They want her to get better for them so the sympathy is for the kids, not Sabrina.

No. 1770801

File: 1676699696335.png (736.71 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20230218-004913~2.p…)

Pumpy is online trying to be sexy. She has been online for 2 hours and the highest tip is 200 tokens.

No. 1770806

Grandma energy? What kind of grandma do you have nonna?!

No. 1771028

Because Sabrina is much prettier & people are shallow

No. 1771142

That’s what came to my mind before the kids.
I hate that attractive people get more affection and support than less attractive people. It’s really such a fault in our society.

No. 1771171

I bet Sabrina didn't make it to day 7 sober. Once her pmDd kicks in she will be back chugging bottles and pissing and flashing her pussy on insta for free

No. 1771338

File: 1676769313882.png (4.08 MB, 1800x1486, 0072D995-E1B1-4CD0-8FC1-8ABCCD…)

I feel like all these cows would make such interesting subjects for psychology research papers on different forms of mental illness and how they develop without proper treatment.

No. 1771376

File: 1676772554927.jpg (495.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230218-200634_Ins…)

Welp, it begins again

No. 1771409

File: 1676774821984.jpeg (275.92 KB, 1170x2006, 66C1372C-DA71-49B8-BEA8-3F1982…)

Hooray she’s back with James too! What a quick slip back.

No. 1771532

she prob tried to hit up ex's but they knew better. Has to do with what she can get.

No. 1771578

She needed someone to go on a binge with and feel guilt free

No. 1771591

Or she needs someone to pay for Coachella again.

No. 1771952

File: 1676835953618.png (215.47 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20230219-143810~2.p…)

Pumpy keeps bringing up CoconutKitty. She brought her up on stream last night and this tweet. Kinda disgusting to get clout off of a supposed dead person when did the same by pandering to pedos.

No. 1771961

File: 1676837013454.jpeg (826.72 KB, 1170x1582, 519DA9DF-D22C-4EE6-B72E-2B8E93…)

Someone called her out

No. 1771966

File: 1676837368306.jpeg (101.98 KB, 1170x277, 3EAF2E93-D3F2-444B-88BA-9D7159…)

She’s embarrassed and chooses to double down saying she’s mocking a dead girl. Pumpy is absolutely deplorably disgusting either way, whether mocking a dead woman or continuing to pedo pander and being embarrassed of being caught. Just admit you edit your pictures and move on you fucking nasty gremlin.

No. 1771967

File: 1676837431375.jpeg (101.55 KB, 900x313, 435DD1F6-D603-454B-B645-64EBF4…)

I can’t think of another OF/cam girl that’s in a worse place to comment on catering to pedos.

No. 1771974

Holy shit. Coconut kitty an-heroed!!!?? Wtf Sabrina is gonna be heartbroken.

No. 1771976

File: 1676838339867.jpeg (992.94 KB, 1170x1972, 90EC6A92-B10A-42E6-AE43-8D53B1…)

damn she has aged so hard I forgot this is what she used to look like with her going with a charms level of insanity bimbo phase. pumpy claims to want to date a woman and charms is a dyke they’re made for each other.

No. 1772165

That woman isn’t even cold in the ground from suicide. Morgan Hoffman is an awful person, wowww I’m glad she got called out

No. 1772184

File: 1676855101185.png (612.83 KB, 1284x2778, 33629F3C-D45A-416A-98F1-25B083…)

No. 1772187

Fucking yikes
Pumpy is literally infamous in the cam community for someone asking her to pretend to be a 12 year old and said "I'll be 12 if you want me to".

Also obviously her being severely underweight meant she was completely flat chested and had an underdeveloped body in general. There's a reason she doesn't make the money she used to. Cos she's not got that pedo bait look anymore.

No. 1772192

I'm calling it Brina, most likely to OD next.

No. 1772202

She was 24. Aka younger than pumpy. Why is she calling her 40?
I don't even think her edits made her look like a kid, they were just ludicrous. Looked more like a cartoon character.

I mean what kinda child has big fake tits like that? Pumpy is showing her saltiness.

No. 1772212

She was actually in her 30s and lied about her age (like Pumpy does)

No. 1772233

This calls for some wine for brina

No. 1772239

She lied about her age CK was late 30’s early 40’s. It became public knowledge a few years back. Her online persona she created when she started using a child filter on her face pretended to be in her 20’s. It seems right before she died she was releasing content as both older “Diana” and younger “CoconutKitty”

No. 1772312

File: 1676867329711.jpeg (398.27 KB, 1170x1878, 54FA664F-A6E5-43E2-ACE8-18D641…)

I’ve been anemic for the past eight years because I didn’t know anorexia could cause such negative side affects. Who would’ve guessed? Not a malnourished young woman like myself, that’s obvious.

No. 1772313

Oh ok. I was just reading that from some of the articles about her death.
It seems like she was creating characters though. Not actually trying to pass as her authentic self. I'm sure she was an oddball but she doesn't deserve to die and have twats like stormy talk shit about her.

No. 1772315

File: 1676867531735.png (2.57 MB, 1800x1167, 3A87DFCB-E7D8-4B79-84A8-5792A3…)

Nah she was a drug addict and insane with body dysmorphia. Also involved directly with Andrew tate and luring young women in to work in the sex industry.

No. 1772363

On what planet are you living that cuntkid spice doesn’t cater to pedophiles? Are you brand new or the anorexic retard herself?

No. 1772373

File: 1676876978424.jpeg (478.06 KB, 1170x1405, EE87A25E-C6C6-4187-9374-AA6DC4…)

Pumpy knows everything she said about CK shows she’s an insecure cunt (picrel)

I thought the same thing after it’s nearly confirmed that was her asking to pixel up nude posts the other day. She wishes anyone at all didn’t believe she pandered to pedos.

No. 1772380

Samefag.. pumpy is so weird to me cuz she deep down wishes she was someone she isn’t at all. She has no idea how to practice what she preaches and has some pretty misogynistic pickme outbursts. There’s absolutely nothing nurturing about her presence and she hates it. Everything about her personality is like a dense cloud opposed to ray of sunshine. She’s such a bitter and hateful person.

No. 1772507

Ew she looks disgusting just like Sabrina will look in another year, she looked up to this photoshopped crackhead who is faking her death, how sad. I agree Sabrina will be next from pretending to be "sober" kek that's what they all say

No. 1772613

Can anyone record Bumpkin's stupid dancing next time she streams? I want to laugh how she'll seduce the trailer park with her crackhead moves.

No. 1772644

I wish Pumpy would stay out of this thread

No. 1772672

I don't think her brain could even process how to use a website, she probably would say she has "assistants" for this.
>>1772507 let's not forget she WAS a pedo pandering bitch who would use the "teen" or "baby" face filters for her audience of pedos despite she was at least in her mid 30s?

No. 1772769

Does anyone know how old Sabrina Nellie is? I've been following her on twitter for year and she tweets like a bipolar 15 year old. Also curious why her discussion was moved here and not back in her own thread

No. 1772796

If she legit has been sober and this pushes her to use then there's an increased risk of her overdosing by accident

No. 1772812

She turned 30 in 2022. She wasn’t milky enough to have her own thread. None of the women in this thread are

No. 1772819

Retarded: she posted that selfie with the teen filter, mentioned nothing about it, then fakes that it was all tongue in cheek/a crude homage to CK

Like shut up, you were earnestly using the teen filter exactly like CK. Freak pedobaiter who can’t handle her nasolabial folds. You’ll be 30 soon Pumpy and it’ll be lame how much you’ll cling to trying to look 19

No. 1772831

I'm not that pedo baiting creep, just pointing the facts that Sabrina is obv going along with this fake death scheme and cocokitty looks like a legit crackhead, was almost 40. Sabrina is now in her 30s and looks fucking terrible from all the drugs. Scum loves to hang with scum.

No. 1773589

Since the usual whores are being boring, what’s that turd Kenzie up to? Idk because I’m blocked

No. 1773604

She’s been posting a bunch about quitting camming over the next few months and moving on to something else. She said she’s going to keep her onlyfans up but will no longer make content.

No. 1773642

“I’m done being a cam whore but I’m still going to be a cam whore because I only have 2 brain cells left”

No. 1773725

File: 1677035628461.jpeg (501.27 KB, 1284x1932, DA08EAEA-6242-485F-B9C8-FBFF23…)

This should be mildly entertaining

No. 1774231

File: 1677079448817.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 453.72 KB, 1170x1983, 82C45D9C-B319-47B7-8FC3-6EAE35…)

Im excited for the Sandra Sabrina reunion 2.5?

No. 1774262

File: 1677081760958.jpeg (398 KB, 1170x1859, 15DFD9EE-470D-4946-A5FA-238B6C…)

Who would’ve known?

No. 1774337

I predict they will cancel or log on for an hour doing nothing and then log off. Hopefully it’s entertaining but these girls do not follow through

No. 1774353

You mean to tell me she tried every medication under the sun and some weird shock therapy all to just be low on iron? Are you kidding me?

No. 1774410

File: 1677093809566.png (9.51 MB, 1284x2778, 6EB0597C-7FDB-4DB2-97AA-FFDD2C…)

Her name is literally Morgan. What the fuck is she talking about

No. 1774501

they are so autistic they can't even make a readable promo for their boring noding off in the shower live kek. Sabrina ran out of money and needed Sandra to give her more and she fell for it. This should be interesting watching them unravel, again. Just how she went back to her "abuser" JJ. Sad life

No. 1774513

Two hours in the shower? Made an already uncomfortable situation a bit weirder

No. 1774633

She’s talking about her middle name being Summer irl and her moms stripper name being Stormy, she’s not talking about her first name at all. Sage plz.

No. 1774652

She's lying regardless

No. 1775118

File: 1677168030454.png (9.17 MB, 1284x2778, 751BFA75-302D-4F9C-9F64-22AFC5…)

A delicious preparation from Chef Sandra.. mystery meat with bell peppers and feta. Bone apple tea!

No. 1775231

who only eats 4 olives…

No. 1775254

What are you talking about? That’s the main course, who knows if there will be room for the rest. - Sandra before she realized food is where people get energy from.

No. 1775271

File: 1677181347541.png (1.37 MB, 1800x1559, 39F5A806-E79C-4EF5-A851-4C18FC…)

Since the attention is diverting away from me and I haven’t done drugs EVER to jump on the sober bandwagon I thought I’d just remind you all how much better I am and now I’m starting to let myself consume a little bit of food again. Pay attention to ME

No. 1775299

File: 1677184108383.png (10.3 MB, 1284x2778, 01CD0F8B-8492-4B3D-8B36-F64865…)

Is this about Ty again? The same Ty you were with a couple days ago, even though he cheated on you?
Also, a year abuse free? Can’t keep up with her own lies

No. 1775346

It’s about Cody, she’s been telling everyone that she was abused by Cody. Afaik Cody dumped her, let her stay with him till she found another place, gave her a bedroom of her own and never laid a hand on her. Her idea of “abuse” is a man breaking up with her and moving on before she moved out. SHE then proceeded to blackmail him and try to force him into a threesum with his new girl Kira as a desperate pickme attempt and break into his house and thrash it after she moved out because she was so upset he’d moved on to someone else. Cody did everything he could to NOT abuse this stupid bitch while she wreaked havoc on his life for months after they were broken up. She admitted to not wanting to leave to find a new place of her own because she didn’t want to let him move on so she intentionally took longer to move than it actually took for her to find a place. She loves to rewrite stories to make herself some “uWu ViCtiM”. I don’t care if Cody fucked her a few times after they broke up, she was aggressively putting herself out there trying to end him and Kira before they were fully a thing. For someone who used to claim to LOVE to homewreck, it’s good to see her get what she deserved. They weren’t great together, but claiming abuse is a very desperate reach. She told everyone on stream he abuse her and forced her to get her Livestock tattoo so she’s having it removed. The tattoo was HER idea. She was so proud of it and got it AFTER he dumped her and AFTER she moved out of his place and he was dating Kira.

No. 1775360

File: 1677189284710.jpeg (483.33 KB, 1170x1980, A42B36F5-3435-4E6F-AC13-BFF48F…)

>I was a body builder

LMFAOOOOOOO add this to the list of shit that never happened not even once, she’s never even been a to a gym I’m crying laughing tbfh omg hhahaha

No. 1775373

retarded ass people who sacrifice their entire life experience for the sake of body dysmorphia

No. 1775377


Do you think it kills her we haven't been paying attention to her? Also I could probably find screenshots of the time she has been high on cam from weed or pain pills.

Yeah she was never a body builder.

No. 1775388

I actually laughed out loud when I saw that oh the delusion

No. 1775447

I love how Sandra ended up streaming alone by herself and Sabrina was a no show kek - Sandra tweeted some sap about I hate how I do everything for someone and no one appreciates it or something DUH IT IS SABRINA NELLIE STAY AWAY FROM HER DRUG PROSTITUTE ASS YOU LOOK LIKE A LOSER

No. 1775456

Damn what does she consider abuse cuz being forced to take an abortion pill alone seems pretty abusive to me. Let alone the head games Ty plays with the status of their relationship. Yikes

No. 1775458

File: 1677199947979.jpeg (119.54 KB, 1170x714, 973AE7CA-8139-4AB5-90C7-D87E91…)

It’s just “postponed”

No. 1775464

Yeah imo Ty has been much more mentally and emotionally abusive towards her than Dean and Cody combined

No. 1775480

File: 1677201605202.png (4.62 MB, 1800x1408, B84ECA2C-FFD1-49D6-8CF4-713288…)

If she leaves the house at all on the 2nd,3rd, or 4th I can tell you where she’ll be.

I swear she just says things to get people talking like a dumb pick me would.

No. 1775484

She was bragging about hitting him and trashing his place the other night on MFC even though that’s actual indisputable abuse. How she can brag about being abusive and still see herself as a victim? Doesn’t make sense.

No. 1775486

Even after she hit him he restrained himself and didn’t hit her back, then she proceeded to brag about hitting him on Instagram. She’s brain dead and takes no accountability for her retarded unhinged self. She even said herself when she found out about Kira they were broken up, she didn’t want to accept him moving on so she broke into his bedroom when he wasn’t home by picking his lock then went through his trash to find evidence he was seeing someone new, some food receipts and tampon wrappers. Stalker ass psycho.

No. 1775511

No way her weak ass broke into anything. Her attempts to sound tough are pathetic

No. 1775515

She picked his lock which I’m pretty sure just means she popped his bedroom door open with a butter knife, I think you’re thinking it’s harder than it is to get into most bedrooms

No. 1775554

File: 1677213460970.png (1.73 MB, 828x1792, B6382706-CFA3-4C62-86CC-EC2818…)

No. 1775570

he? I thought her roommate was that other drugged out chick. who tf is she even talking about? maybe if she didn’t blow her cash and throw her entire life away she wouldn’t have to rely on unreliable junkies flipping heads for her to have a place to stay. from the penthouse floor condo at the strata knocked down to hoping a coin lands in her favor literally. her friend might be an idiot, but she should be completely embarrassed to have even put herself in this situation.

No. 1775574

Whoever this dude is I like his style. Also where is the shrimp dick white Knight James?

No. 1775582

Why would she be sleeping on the ground?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1775618

I think she got a San Diego place? She tweeted that she was thankful to be there. Maybe her other place was in LA but that’s not close enough to shrimp dick

No. 1775697

File: 1677237980575.jpeg (277.06 KB, 1169x1676, 8E91340D-7D76-4E40-9F63-D3A4D1…)

Oh no you guys, Sabrina is getting close to a healthy normal weight after being sober for AN ENTIRE month (try 2 weeks babe), time to over exercise and stop eating again before she’s homeless.

No. 1775776

Not white knighting but whatever situation Sabrina got herself in sounds like a low level wanna be pimp / ‘manager’

No. 1775784

she started using her friends spare bedroom Kaelin in SD. I guess that didn't last long or she is referring to Kaelin's possible male roommate. There is 100% no way Sabrina got her own place kek, You can literally google where she's skipped out on rent and been evitcted by the court. She is now apparently sleeping on a floor while trying to befriend Sandra again to use her pikachu pillow as a bed in her closet again KEK

No. 1775811

Exactly. Why would he need 30% of her income? And if they have a formal rental agreement then he has to give formal notice of non-renewal This whole situation sounds suspect, and if it's all being done under the table, fuck him why would you actually give him 30% of your income? I'd tell him to pound sand. But I actually have a working brain kek

No. 1775857

She is just crashing at places. There's no formal anything. She probably hasn't paid a dime to him

No. 1775941

You mean the tax man wants his 30% from your income and come tax season we’ll find out if you can keep a roof over your head?
Not surprised. Karma bitch.

No. 1775949

I thought the same thing with the way he referred to “everything he said about their agreement” and talked about her getting to work on her end. This sounds like it’s someone she owes money to that has potentially been footing her bill to live that expects her to put in work to pay them back. They might have an agreement to pay them back at a rate of 30% of her OF income and her taking over her own bills from there on out. That explains half rent/bills + 30%. She hasn’t been street level homeless, someone’s been providing for her because she hasn’t been making shit for money even from her OF. Most people view her OF as a scam and she doesn’t carry more than 50-75 subs at a time.

No. 1776231

File: 1677296331877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1284x1967, 13BB0585-E687-4C1B-A0B3-8336D8…)

i… have no words

No. 1776279

some of these dumb thots are the WORST at promoting themselves. like how the fuck are you gonna post a pic as a sex worker with an OF to a public twitter account with the intention of showcasing your 2000cc massive tits then get pissed off that people reply sexually. shes only making $1100 a month tops on OF at her rank with those giant deformities stuck to her chest… leaving before i alog. FYI charms, you can choose to not let anyone reply to your tweets, try that instead you retarded troglodyte. being an angry cunt to the very few people who have any interest probably isnt the best marketing tactic.

No. 1776301

>makes sexual innuendo while showcasing her bimbo tits as an e-whore

No. 1776440

File: 1677328082092.jpeg (267.1 KB, 1170x2532, 067CF7F0-8A60-44DA-8F6D-6FB70E…)

Sabrina’s new soundtrack to her life
Now my advice for those who die (taxman)
Declare the pennies on your eyes (taxman)
'Cause I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman
And you're working for no one but me (taxman)

No. 1776532

this is JJ level autist material wtf did I just read

No. 1776713

File: 1677358875239.png (299.38 KB, 1057x1515, Screenshot_20230225-155711~2.p…)

Didn't she fly and fuck one of her tippers? Hypocrite.

No. 1776798

Trophyazn. And Jeff. There was also a member, not Jeff, that she was fucking around with around the same time she had that Vegas mansion that sent her some weird threatening emails after they met. I thought that dude she was fucking in Chicago was an ex member too. Then there was some dude from Twitter she was doing the fly and fuck thing for. Don’t remember his name but I wanna say it had something to do with meat or corpses and he had a huge obsession with blood. That’s where pumpys “blood fetish” came from.
Most of the time girls who do the fuck a fan scam are actually fucking their boyfriend no one knows about who is conveniently the winner. Its a money grab, exploiting idiot scrotes for cash.

No. 1776898

File: 1677375882799.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x1992, 1E5685ED-F69C-4B65-898C-3A08AF…)

Every one of these things are commonly associated implant symptoms. Her body is extremely malnourished and is probably rejecting them, but they have no where to go so it causes symptoms and flare ups like this. Implants are not for everyone and her surgeon should have warned her there are much higher risks associated with triggering autoimmune disease in people people who are severely malnourished and under weight. She said herself none of these symptoms existed before them.

No. 1776903

File: 1677375996624.jpeg (281.75 KB, 1170x1993, 2B91FEE4-7B10-4381-A09B-A4E876…)

No. 1776958

Guess she’ll just end up another statistic in the case supporting breast implant illness if she ignores it til the end.

No. 1777048

Oh she knows all of this. But she loves using her undiagnosed lupus for the sympathy and excuse as to why she’s 70 pounds at 26 years old.

No. 1777113

Stormy is online if anyone cares

No. 1777156

No. 1777440

I’m not clicking that try streamable

No. 1777499

Theres no sound..

No. 1777553

Those are also all symptoms of being underweight. If you're underweight (which she clearly is) you'll lose hair, your period will stop, and you will have heart problems lol.

No. 1777756

No one cares and I feel this is meth lUpUs just promoting herself for views.

No. 1778377

File: 1677511261251.png (99.66 KB, 512x512, d5a6581b4bef3aa520a32e65c915e1…)

She should just let it fall out.

No. 1778381

File: 1677511737904.jpeg (279.95 KB, 1800x1051, D3A593BA-0DA7-4C6B-ABB8-BC43AD…)

Three different ways to make rent yet all connected.
It must be weird to only have friends in one social group who all fuck each other and talk to each others exes like they’re best friends.
I’m glad I don’t live like that.

No. 1778383

File: 1677511787189.jpeg (126.99 KB, 1170x890, F0731BB1-DC54-44F9-9868-E2BE42…)

No. 1778519

She must have contacted Sandra and fake apologized, to be reinvited into doing poker games. As an escort she doesn’t seem competent enough to post ads consistently, screen clients, etc. She needs to be spoonfed work (getting johns at the poker game)

No. 1778528

File: 1677523365956.jpeg (163.94 KB, 1169x1017, ABD7DDB3-D047-47DF-911F-091944…)

Ty must have stipulated, “if we’re going to get back together (after I cheated), get on birth control.” She should be more worried about gonorrhea and wearing condoms regardless. Dick from a 5’4 emo cholo who hits on 17 year olds

No. 1778833

File: 1677552492908.png (58.33 KB, 1176x186, Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 6.47.…)

Another self diagnosis for convenience.

No. 1778849

I think she has dumb bitch-itis
Is anyone leaking the OF show? Can’t imagine they’ll have many viewers but dumb bitches be scammin so…

No. 1778977

Only person who tipped was Curly. That guy has to be the saddest simps of them all

No. 1779134

File: 1677589849788.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230228_130740_Ins…)

No. 1779146

File: 1677591899651.jpeg (128.46 KB, 1170x685, A40A4384-976F-44ED-A7F8-C392FC…)

Hmmm I wonder if it’s about brina.

No. 1779147

File: 1677592001621.png (2.09 MB, 1800x1179, EC84BDE5-F871-4E7C-B958-CED56D…)

She is so disgusting. And she admits that she’s even disgusted with herself because she has to do this because men made the world this way. I’d hate to have a life I hate living. Sad.

No. 1779148

Sucks that that guy sent $5,000 and she only gets half of it.
Idk why she doesn’t just cater to Curley like a John. He’s obviously her part time sugar daddy. That way she could just keep all the money. What an idiot.

No. 1779165

Sabrina probably insisted on getting all of the money despite being unable to cam or wash her ass without Sandra.

No. 1779260

So is curly dumb as fuck or does he encourage the blacked out drug binges cuz he knows what all this is being spent on if Brina gets her hands on it

No. 1779570

Almost every girl who has canned it was supposed to split funds with Sabrina, she always bailed on paying them or following thru.
Sandra, again you are a fucking loser for allowing this drugs addicted prostitute into your life again, go make some peppers and olives

No. 1779572

Sabrina flys out to Vegas to fuck Curley and has since MFC days kek he probably likes how cheap she is

No. 1780369

File: 1677719230282.jpeg (215.74 KB, 1283x1232, B7AD7D8A-21E0-4DE0-AB62-291F4C…)

Maybe she promised to make up for it

No. 1780399

I think they’re doubling down on their bet just like they always have. If they can get a group together there’s more chance for more money but lots more drama too. Bring it on.

No. 1780405

File: 1677721433722.jpeg (83.85 KB, 1170x654, BAD92A78-FB4B-4897-936F-FCF334…)


No. 1780725

I'm sure Melanie Martin will be there since her parents have custody of her son kek and she only pretends mom for her socials

No. 1780728

Pumpy literally needs to get hit by an Uber already, she wants to talk about cocokitty and now is calling herself a little baby. It's the same thing. Pedo baiting, both of them

No. 1780908

File: 1677782576630.jpeg (150.58 KB, 1169x632, 7CF1C10A-3AA3-4183-9B3F-673011…)

Pedo pandering to make.. ($15/sub -20% OF fee) $6K a month. LMAO. Holy shit dude.

No. 1780913

Samefag I would have just kept this humiliating fact (going from $400K a year to $70K (living in LA?!?) to myself). legitimately I’m certain most of us at a similar age here are eclipsing her income.. and have healthcare and no pussy pics on the internet and don’t have to call ourselves babies and pedo moids daddy. Maybe Ty makes the same salary, or more than her. Even more humiliating that she pays for shit like luxury cars and trips she can’t afford. She’s probably drained a significant % of her savings by spending $50 on door dash a meal

No. 1780916

Brina gonna get James to steal from the other girls probably. Why would any camgirl want to be somewhere Brina his hosting? She will steal and probably try to blackmail all of them.

No. 1781161

Oh for sure, I hear Sabrina is having them all sign "non disclosure agreements" at the door. In her middle school gel pens kek - 30 going on 13

No. 1781260

She has a mountain of debt too which makes her financial situation grim. No retirement savings or assets other than a depreciating car she‘s still paying off. At this rate she’s unlikely to recover from her financial problems because she doesn’t adjust her spending. Moving to a different state would’ve been a good idea to save money considering she can work from anywhere.

No. 1781321

But how could she live without her midget boyfriend, who SAVED her

No. 1781619

File: 1677840847584.png (2.88 MB, 828x1792, 8CEC4089-4AE8-4844-9CE5-6D9234…)

It’s the irony for me.

No. 1781669


No. 1781689

File: 1677853236963.jpeg (425.96 KB, 1800x1773, AB36F985-C76B-47DD-917A-9FADE1…)

Your actions have consequences dear.
And yes we all thought you looked better NOT trying so hard to be like everyone else you stupid cunt.

No. 1781701

File: 1677854642377.jpeg (599.71 KB, 1794x1800, C0B10C32-D8F0-497E-9E9D-0C450D…)

Fake it til ya make it I guess

No. 1781741

Haha this is what she gets for trying to fight with the person that called her out on twitter for pedo baiting 4 life

No. 1781761

When will this idiot realize saying, “I love myself” “I’m beautiful” sounds insane and disingenuous. No one believes you.

No. 1781818


Bet she paid for that website to put her on that list. She is a literal nobody. She logged off of MFC because she made maybe 250 tokens in two hours.

No. 1781953

File: 1677876483971.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3263x2447, 2159DCFB-999E-489E-A0BC-8614AF…)

Crimson chin out here sub posting Brina Mel n Sandra. She sounds higher than all of them when she tries to form any sort of coherent sentence to sound smart.

No. 1781962

Every time she speaks about another person’s experience she has to talk about herself. She needs a born addicted to meth, never touched a drug tattoo to go with her “mindfulness” and “livestock” tattoos since it’s her favorite saying she repeats over and over.

No. 1781974

why is she even speaking on this so far after it actually happening? she just wants to remind people sHeS nEvEr sMokEd MeTh - even though we have all seen her lines on the table, FYI adderal IS a drug dumb hoe

No. 1782010

Never touched a drug… you literally became a prostitute like your mother (yes you fucked e-johns) and fuck yourself on cam… you’re a porn star. Dating a cheater lol. Get off your high horse. You avoided just one vice.

No. 1782012

File: 1677884566629.png (1.16 MB, 947x1760, Screenshot_20230303-153927~2.p…)

Just going to leave this here.

No. 1782039

If Ty wanted to snort coke or smoke meth she would do it and buy a couple KG worth. There is no way Ty doesn't do coke and Ketamine minimum

No. 1782061

I’m sure sure used to be able to get him to come over using things like coke. I could totally see her buying and procuring drugs she wouldn’t even use for a man to spend time with her. She’s such a simp

No. 1782123

I've thought this aswell anon, Ty isn't going to be hanging out without snorting drugs, She has to have had accepted this behavior in order to keep him around. He dates nothing but drug addicted trash, didn't change with Pumpy

No. 1782391

“Coming from a meth baby…”
The fact that she swears this is a flex constantly is my favorite thing about this dumb cunt.

No. 1782400

kek the delusion is real. yeah you looked tons better in the top right. she thinks having clear skin is the only thing that makes you attractive

No. 1782426

I know, right??? At least if she DID drugs it would be somewhat more believable as to why she's such a god damn psychotic lunatic. The fact she's like this sObEr says alottttttt. This girl is such a loss cause and loser. I don't feel sorry for her in any way though she's evil.

No. 1782745

She acts like this thread hates her so fucking much and it’s like we all have rooted for you to leave a garbage dick man. You’rea shitty person and we still don’t encourage you to be in your shitty situationship. It’s when you try to deceive the farm’s into thinking he’s not paid for and that you have labels that you get called out. Everyone knows he was never your boyfriend

No. 1783248

File: 1678057031354.jpeg (238.8 KB, 960x1706, 26B3AA5F-9BE1-4268-B0DF-FECC94…)

No. 1783257

File: 1678057942770.png (1.47 MB, 1800x938, D63A8AC7-E3EF-4B18-9D1B-7D1573…)

Fucking simp bitch

No. 1783269

She’s probably only there because Ty uses her car to drive his bandmates to their shows. So they had no choice but to bring her pathetic ass along.

No. 1783290

Not the 10 person audience for this show…..

No. 1783322

What a pathetic pick me ass loser lmfao! She really just had to go to make sure nobody was around her man who never was, never has been and never will be. I'm just…. baffled

No. 1783452

File: 1678085142051.jpeg (469.05 KB, 1284x2274, A6272B89-71F4-477C-BD01-7F8271…)

When the K hits..

No. 1783474

File: 1678088225223.jpeg (248.53 KB, 1284x1513, BF65BD5D-B029-4502-BDF9-F10FDA…)

Actually you will always be looked at as domestic abuser; the internet is forever James. Cope harder.

You know it’s true. Ask Sabrina about how a bad internet reputation can follow you, forever.

No. 1783489

File: 1678089137076.jpeg (291.85 KB, 1284x1793, C7BAA1AA-2D58-4AFC-BBA9-8D50E4…)

Same energy

No. 1783579

File: 1678108486831.png (627.8 KB, 1800x1047, 0A2CF563-E985-4B4D-8AB4-2F8679…)

She got both of them from Kristen.
I wonder if she’s still sober.

No. 1783583

She’s acting like she cured her acne when acne literally clears up with age. She’s just older and not a hormonal teen anymore, it has very little to do with her daily skin routine.

No. 1783584

File: 1678109259826.jpeg (477.85 KB, 1170x1973, C4BA446B-C6D8-4EA7-B7C1-464BA5…)

She ain’t sober if she’s hanging out with James.

No. 1783826

Sabrina being sober longer than a day, I don't even believe. This is the girl who shit herself on camera more than once and has based her entire personality around fucking drug dealers and addicts while fucked out of her mind. Even AJ is an addict, when she was playing "family" she was still using hence her trying to kill herself in front of her kids because she can't be sober. She won't make it to 40

No. 1784065

File: 1678162932225.png (2.38 MB, 1800x999, 73105F0F-D490-47F2-B4D3-8855E4…)

Internal bra, giant fake tits, and back brace for what? What is the goal in her life? To sit at home all the time and only take pics of her boobs for a little extra cash?
The choices people make baffle me.

No. 1784367

I actually would love to have a running bet. See I DO think she will make it. Her drugs of choice are all extremely hard to overdose from. Alcoholics can go on DECADES AND DECADES. She’s finally of a healthy weight, too. I think she will make it to 40 ambling along, making the same exact choices. The money will get less and less, and the choices more desperate, but for now the girl is just a garden variety alcoholic who abuses street drugs occasionally. Again there’s people that do that shit to live into their 80s. You’re probably really sheltered and think people overdose from Xanax often; they don’t. Especially if the person has been talking it as long as she has. Big C will be in her 20s atp, and no longer taking Sabrina’s calls, I’m sure.

No. 1784416

Well that was a strange reply. I am not sheltered and I know all about Xanax and overdoses and alcoholics but thanks for the run down on your prediction of the future of a drug addicted prostitute who won't make it to 40 kek

No. 1784428

Just like her and her mother. The cycle never ends.

No. 1784613

All that lipo just highlights how big her arms and double chin are, sad

No. 1784805

What's more concerning is that she doesn't realize that even if you have an internal bra, you still gotta wear an actual bra. It's not a replacement. Gravity is still a thing Charms

No. 1784864

File: 1678265940030.jpg (148.31 KB, 634x895, 1.jpg)

Did her account get hacked? Or is she super lit?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1784955

Oh shit my jaw dropped. It’s weird finding out who’s racist when people get too fucked up to censor themselves.

No. 1784994

This has to be fake. The second tweet on her twitter says "does the jungle look good on me?" and the third one is "why do I get so sick when I do shrooms?"

No. 1785079

I dislike that cam girl but those tweets are clearly fake and whoever made this is vendetta posting.

No. 1785300

Indigo White is trooning out!? Is it real, or has she sold out for fagbux?(sage your shit)

No. 1785495

File: 1678367336788.png (1.82 MB, 1800x1591, 78299EDF-F916-4AB6-8FE5-390945…)

What the hell is this? How did she even get this?

No. 1785496

File: 1678367982754.jpeg (419.26 KB, 1153x1828, 472D26CF-D459-4F3F-A8A8-0E1FC7…)

No. 1785527

She signed up. Playboy is trying to compete with OF by launching a subscription site of their own. Anyone can join.

No. 1785576

exactly, anyone could sign up and call themselves a "playboy model" kek sorry Sandra, you're no Pamela Anderson

No. 1785819

File: 1678407691118.jpeg (346.99 KB, 1170x1929, 9149E15F-A8B5-42CA-9293-FF1BA4…)

The chuckle I let out every time pumpndump tries to call anyone a pickme. Her lack of self awareness is top tier. Do slutsgo2heaven or are women whores who deserve nothing, let’s find out today on Pick A Personality Pumpy

No. 1785839

File: 1678410706932.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.92 KB, 1170x1996, 09D69923-CBB6-4A23-9219-867269…)

Anafoxx is tits out on ig not giving a fuck, almost worse than brina trying to flash pussy tbh

No. 1785843

File: 1678411593199.jpeg (348.58 KB, 1170x1975, DBF2891F-547F-488D-A541-EC809E…)

Lookin like gollum

No. 1785862

Wildly vacillating between “I love girls. I’m a girls girl” and “Women, you’re supposed to tip toe around ME.” We know you’re a misogynist at your core Pumpy

No. 1785913

File: 1678422274515.jpeg (185.88 KB, 960x1706, 050DCEEE-2FB3-4F2C-BD94-7E878D…)

I’m retarded and misread her post, but the misogyny is the same, and calling other women pick mes when she’s Queen Pick Me is the same. Anyways, she’s moving this weekend. she hasn’t even lived in her current place a year. Doesn’t this shit cost money?

No. 1785961

File: 1678430032111.jpeg (465.82 KB, 1170x1306, 906078A1-A5C2-4236-B8AA-E9DE1D…)

These are repercussions for violating and skipping out on every lease she’s had. They’re not required to run her credit when looking at her rental history. People rightfully and legally don’t want to rent to her. How is she going to whine about being scammed when these are undoubtably consequences to her actions? Where the hell is she trying to find places to live, Craigslist? She should have someone from a property management agency helping her since she’s so rich and requires an affluent neighborhood that caters to her security needs kek

No. 1786030

File: 1678447719478.jpeg (184.87 KB, 1170x1125, 8FB3E75C-4C79-4E6B-869F-0EDB77…)

Because instagram is a kids app not an escort ad agency you idiots.

No. 1786035

File: 1678449337416.jpeg (340.75 KB, 1170x1988, 9E70180C-B74F-458B-9401-846649…)

Wtf? Is James also a cough syrup addict like AJ?
We all know he’s talking to brina and her wine baby bottle.

No. 1786109

She acts like it was an accident "pop out and ruin a cute moment" the whole purpose of that video was tits out on ig cuz what fucking good or cute moment did I miss?? She was sitting there lipping Hungry Like A Wolf doing nothing other than popping her tits out 3 times in 1 ig vid. "So CuTe, So NaTuRaL, oOpSiE hehe"

No. 1786166

File: 1678469940516.jpeg (445.29 KB, 1284x1767, 91462AFF-9348-4FB3-8930-20E896…)

She’s actually claiming CENTERFOLD on ig and someone called her out kek!

No. 1786184

I donno what it requires to be considered playboy centerfold anymore cuz that Kira girl Cody took off with had playboy centerfold in her ig bio untill last week. Playboy isn’t what it used to be but neither is digital sex work. They’re trying to adapt with a market that rapidly changed over the last decade.

No. 1786250

File: 1678481567306.png (4.78 MB, 750x1334, C76ACAE0-E720-42E7-8246-B129C9…)

New Menu Item from Sandra! POV you’re at Sandra’s house, what are you ordering from her kitchen?

No. 1786266

He has the tiniest little chubby fingers I've ever seen, James clean those nasty ass floors and stop giving life advice, junkie

No. 1786530

ok what the fuck is that? what are those small toasts called. and are those uncooked hash browns or weird mushy chicken?

No. 1786571

Some gross frozen eggo waffle minis I think, which means preparing them involved moving it from freezer to toaster and nothing else. Lol. With syrup ,on the paper plate no less..ew

No. 1787006

Why do these 30 or almost 30 year olds act like they are 15 still?

No. 1787025

because they are mentally brain dead from all the drugs, which is why Sabrina abandoned her THREE children from all different fathers, and continues to have abortions, she can't even get a place to live by herself kek(sage your shit)

No. 1787036

Trauma and continued brain damaging lifestyles like NOT EATING FOOD

No. 1787340

File: 1678639949550.png (17.14 KB, 1206x252, Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 9.51.…)

The ketamine and cough syrup not working?

No. 1787363

File: 1678642372865.png (130.22 KB, 1170x2532, 34C7F6B5-C7FE-47C1-85CD-4FD8E6…)

It’s funny how Stormy is probably the age Kickaz was when all this happened. Stormy turns 27 this year (despite posting here and there that she’s 23) and is kikiing with 21 year olds pretending to be as young as them. When she hits 29 and realizes she’ll soon lose her value to the majority of moids, she’s going to be posting all types of shit about ageism. Predictable. Get a career quick stormy, 30 year olds can’t pander to pedos

No. 1787506

Such a fucking pick me.
You quit after getting #2 because you entered an abusive relationship that probably took all your energy and dedication to keep alive. Then you did it again. And again.
If you stop getting into relationships you’d probably have more time to focus on work but that wasn’t your priority. It had nothing to do with her “choosing” to quit because she wasn’t the best, she just changed her game to men instead of money.

No. 1787859

File: 1678707529081.png (1.04 MB, 1800x1002, C91C02FD-FA45-4A58-B426-8ED220…)

I really dislike how men don’t care what she’s done in her life, what she’s done to others and her own children and just continuously throw money at her.
At least it’s a comfort to know she’ll never be able to use that money wisely with her brain damage.
Bitch advertises camsoda for her show last night and doesn’t even have the link on her allmylinks page or give her name on the site. Retarded bimbo.

No. 1787916

Goes to bed early for ONCE, feels the need to tweet about how lame it is. You know what's REALLY LAME SABRINA???
Abandoning multiple children from multiple men who now want you as far away from your own offspring as possible.
Sleeping on the floor/camming on a filthy carpet soaked with stains in a disgusting hotel while you nod off and look like a fucking wreck for some creepy perverts sick pleasure.
Not being to keep a SINGLE friendship or stable relationship with your own family.
Managing to still find someone stupid enough to call themselves your partner, all while you still can't manage to stop meeting creeps for a quick suck and fuck.
Letting money control your thoughts and life choices because you're a real life PROSTITUTE.
Those are some things I personally find pretty "lame"

No. 1787998

File: 1678725274542.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 330.19 KB, 1242x2144, DBF8E6EA-ED48-4C92-A60A-D169D8…)

Anyone watched brinas stream last night? I missed it but I saw she only made like 3k tokens which is about 150 dollars. I wonder if she was actually acting normal this time or nodding off on drugs as usual

No. 1788123

File: 1678737190816.png (Spoiler Image, 422.26 KB, 1570x866, Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 12.51…)

She did not sound or look sober at all

No. 1788134

Girl hasn't been sober for years, I wouldn't be either if I fucked old men for money and abandoned my children for doing drugs daily and followers on social media

No. 1788170

That joint hand tat she has with James is SO UGLY

No. 1788176

She shouldn’t have gotten it bc it’s really easy to age her in pics now. Before the hand tats and after.

No. 1788249

Is that her kid she is with? Does look like and daughter tho too

No. 1788347

So she’s finally hanging out with her daughter then, well at least for a video to post on IG(sage your shit, this is an imageboard)

No. 1788366

File: 1678797888436.jpeg (151.91 KB, 1800x1492, B811124E-8807-469B-BA46-D1A67D…)

Damn it is. And posted on her sex work Instagram yikes.
What is she just showing off that she does get to see her daughter?
Probably bought some drugs from AJ while she was visiting.

No. 1788412

Something about that was extremely heartbreaking to watch. I’m not usually one to announce departures, but I won’t be coming back here again. It’s been fun nonnies.

No. 1788546

File: 1678824233628.jpeg (133.28 KB, 1170x1199, AB825FC6-7B76-43F8-8B23-AFE363…)

You could not be an idiot and buy health insurance but a luxury car you can’t drive is more important

No. 1788547

I agree, you can't just show up when your kid is what, 4? Play mommy for a day then go get drugged out on cam an hour later. It is beyond sad that her other kids will see this while they're abandoned far away. AJ is a bitch for letting her do this to that child. Also to add, Sabrina was actually pretty back in 2015, now she is completely gross and fake looking, she really ruined herself

No. 1788779

Pretty sure you can have sex a month after an abortion, don’t know where this 9 months came from.

No. 1788811

She had sex, Ty just wouldn’t finish in her since she got pregnant recently. And her retarded self wouldn’t get on bc sooner

No. 1788834

And these 2 dumbasses think the "pull out" method is a thing.

No. 1788883

File: 1678860488527.png (796.12 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20230315-010429~2.p…)

Umm what the hell is wrong with Brian? I wonder if James will respond to that comment…

No. 1788884

File: 1678860641552.png (158.62 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230315-011046.png)

Wtf is wrong with the thread everything is backwards and upside down?!

No. 1789036

Try switching to lite, it worked for me

No. 1789169

File: 1678907068035.png (110.67 KB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20230315-150316~2.p…)

When cows collide. Hope someone calls her out on her BS

No. 1789220

Trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma trauma this bitch never shuts up about her trauma. Shits hard for everyone you’re just a pussy

No. 1789375

She just brings up the same bullshit. Meth baby, broken into home, abortion. Thats it. all of it probably lies.

No. 1789478

Kek offtopic but that ScorpioLady is a cow. She's from the Jonny Craig thread and was/is a super fan of him. She comments praise on all of his instagram posts. And all of his ex Taylors. What a weird lolcow dweller who cowtips. You're okay with one woman beater but not another?

No. 1789717

File: 1678988754704.jpeg (209.44 KB, 960x1706, D0F4B544-C091-42DD-A298-4E0E57…)

Yeah and other girls from the same situation go to college or vocational school and get good jobs so not a single person has seen them fuck on camera. You still lie about your age when you’re closer to 30 than 21. Your boyfriend’s a cuck who only wants to date cam girls and is terrified of getting you pregnant again lmao. Whole life is a major L

No. 1789820

Girl shutupppppp, your pathetic life is only that. You weren't "saved" by getting into sex work because your mom was a whore and your drug induced pea brain couldn't form a thought aside from the easiest way out in the book. It's nothing to be impressed about. she's out here screaming the same nonsense into the void every single day.

No. 1789858

I’m just laughing at the fact she said she took college courses at 17……but I thought u were homeless? Also the abortion shit is so fucking annoying you went from saying you’re yeeting the baby to how traumatized you were. I CANT STAND HER

No. 1789867

>when men do onlyfans it's cool and a hustle
Who ever said that?

No. 1789896

File: 1679009032196.png (2.52 MB, 1800x1524, 798E6308-60B8-44EB-998D-DDA6F4…)

Brain damage. How old is Sandra, 26? She doesn’t know water leaves behind deposits? Who raised and taught her and she doesn’t know common knowledge like this?
Also don’t worry she just looks like that because she does, not because she starved herself for 8 years because she didn’t know not eating could cause low iron. What the actual fuck?

No. 1789927

File: 1679012408943.jpeg (179.44 KB, 1170x1989, AC9ADD1F-5187-420D-AEC4-4EA1B1…)

My favorite thing about pumpy over the last week has been seeing her incessantly BEGGING for $5 for coffee and throwing whiny tantrums cuz no one gave a fuck. It took her about 5 days of throwing a bitch fit on every one of her socials to get $5 on that stupid thing and I’m not convinced she didn’t tip it to herself to not look as terribly desperate as she was making herself out to be. She’s broke and now she’s starting to look bottom feeder desperate.

No. 1790000

I feel sorry for this girl, she seems legitimately retarded.

No. 1790003

it's been hours and this picture still haunts me. I can't tell what it is, something about the length of her torso and the angle of her leg, but it's really wigging me out. I have to scroll extra fast whenever I come across it.

No. 1790030

File: 1679023180870.jpeg (56.52 KB, 1284x811, 8953C6F1-5AB8-4F8C-B71D-C6A821…)

What now Sabrina? Sever another tendon?

No. 1790111

File: 1679038902941.png (441.85 KB, 750x1334, image0.png)

No. 1790172

Why would AJ be there with her?

No. 1790176

File: 1679057377699.png (347.15 KB, 1800x828, FB873FBC-D7BA-4FA5-A5DB-60C89B…)

She hates herself so much.
I can’t wait to see her fuck up her business.
She’s 26 and sleeps on a mattress on the floor. Ffs get a bed frame you loser.

No. 1790210

No idea but probably triangulating with AJ to make Little James jealous and get what she wants from him. Isn’t coachella soon lol

No. 1790320

She knows AJ is getting some taxes back for their baby so she's gotta cash out and use him before she leaves again kek

No. 1790325

I don't know who is the most retarded out of Sandra Sabrina or Stormy tbh a reality TV show of them would be the saddest thing to watch. "Um so how do I use this, is it a toaster" "omg no one is going to buy me my $5 coffee because I don't post 100 stories a day" "my dad died of a coke OD but nvm I lived with him at 30 years old"

No. 1790358

File: 1679079580355.png (320.29 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20230317-115745.png)

Not sure if anyone has watched any of her YouTube uploads but darn, girl always sounds out of breath? Is this because of her dramatic chest surgery or what?
It's almost uncomfortable to watch and makes me feel as if I need to take a breath for her

No. 1790375

Those wrinkles….woof

No. 1790410

With how obnoxiously large her implants are it would make sense that it’s at least a contributing factor. Might be misremembering but I think she mentioned using a back brace before too.

No. 1790437

HOLY SHIT HER NOSE, maybe shes getting larger boobs to make people ignore that ugly ass face and gross generic face tattoos

No. 1790634

File: 1679145332950.jpeg (54.42 KB, 1169x755, 97853B54-5988-4039-86A9-792641…)

She’s officially a cow now

No. 1790635

File: 1679146706866.jpeg (183.57 KB, 1169x1767, 09BC1B29-B90C-4023-AB3D-B7B03F…)

Love that she’ll never change her perspective and continue to fuck up her own future.
More fun for us.

No. 1790674

And this is the bitch who thinks she wants a baby hahahaha god she is so comically stupid. Peas in a pond never 4get…

No. 1790687

File: 1679160983281.jpeg (131.05 KB, 720x1280, A179CC3F-8BAC-4409-B509-653A11…)

Anorexics with Peter Pan syndrome have gotta be the most mentally deranged among us.

No. 1790688

Samefag this is her posting a fake account about her

No. 1790721

I thought the same thing. It shows the viewing account follows it and is a burner however that “catfish” account is private… She’s said before she’s going to start scamming people who don’t verify so she will get away with faking like the scammer isn’t really her and then saying it’s their fault for not verifying. She said she wants part of the profits catfishes are able to make from her content. It’s a marketing ploy and I don’t doubt its actually her especially seeing her desperation to make 5$.

No. 1790770

I thought it was weird as heck that she’s following a supposed fake account instead of reporting it. Is it possible she’s making these fake accounts? How could she get money this way— just directing them to her OF?

No. 1790787

Her face is so inflated, it looks so bad and unnaturally weird

No. 1790831

the same way catfish do. they make up sob stories and get you to give them cash to help with their shitty situations. they create entire fake personalities and fake being in LDR's with gullible men sometimes and get them to pay their bills all without ever seeing each other via webcam and never meeting. once you catch them they just delete the accounts or block you and start over or keep doing it to other idiots. all it takes is a 2nd venmo or cashapp that isnt the same as her real one.

No. 1790954

She wants to be brina so badly with the “fake” fake accounts kek

No. 1791052

right? like why can Sabrina get her old IG back from the failed "Camversity" which ended up just being cam soda kek, she's begging for followers at this point and posting pictures from 3+ years ago only, she should be embarrassed. No one wants to see her in her current state living in some random girls house she hardly knows and fucking AJ again for drugs while in SD. poor thing

No. 1791239

File: 1679224391313.png (2.98 MB, 1800x1431, 9BBFDE8B-6B6A-4016-BB87-1E1973…)

2 girls 1 brain
I think I used this stuff when I was a teenager for my depression before I realized it doesn’t work and you need to see a psychiatrist and therapist to actually get help.

No. 1791241

File: 1679225142629.png (2.92 MB, 1724x1800, 44C5BF8E-2A48-4625-916C-4ACBD3…)

Still with him although now she’s hiding it for some reason.

No. 1791578

Stormy is attending every show of his mid band to keep him on a leash. Good call since Ty’s Instagram @tylerarenas always goes public whenever he has a concert kek. I would rather kms than follow my fat emo boyfriend for his 15 ppl attendance show under the guise of supporting him bc I can’t trust him. But I guess she doesn’t have friends or her own life to keep her busy and doesn’t even do her own job

No. 1791600

Yeah its super weird how she’s always hiding him lately. You can always tell when she’s with him because she doesn’t post on her instagram stories, sometimes days at a time. She’s pathetic.

No. 1791640

Why is she hiding Ty?

No. 1791710

File: 1679268651099.jpeg (246.06 KB, 1169x1820, D9EB9E75-16DC-4AF9-8394-9F1A02…)

Don’t ever forget she’s 75lbs. Pretending to want to gain weight, but staying anorexic and making! sure! you! know! that she hasn’t gained a single lb in ten years of sex work. Nasty pedobaiter who’s going to die when she sees her skin sag from all the fillers stretching it out and natural aging. She’ll look like a meth head when she’s 30 and 16% body fat.

No. 1791715

File: 1679269485345.jpeg (116.78 KB, 1170x1566, F032BAFE-3BB2-4A86-843A-5CAA4B…)

Worst case of anorexia I’ve been able to witness long term. She’s an expert in one thing, not consuming nutrients.

No. 1791725

File: 1679270521400.jpeg (80.72 KB, 1170x1381, 4EC7C2EE-7884-40F4-AE37-AC7318…)

Just skinny from lupus tho, nonna. How must she feel knowing none of her partners past and current give a single shit about her getting healthy and recovering? That must be one of the reasons she denies she is anorexic. If they did care about her they’d stage an intervention and force her to go to an ED treatment center

No. 1791801

She's still deadly skinny obviously but she was even skinnier before. Probably just the natural aging progression that she had the body of the child and now it's a bit less absolute bonelord but it's still bad and she looks awful, just got better at taking her selfies so she looks less Ill.

No. 1791804

File: 1679281423794.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.19 KB, 328x270, 40BE353D-ED23-47E0-9CA8-A78B39…)

Very true. She’s probably 80-85lbs now compared to 75 in her MFC pedophile queen prime

No. 1791995

File: 1679315113277.png (1.88 MB, 1800x1016, F00F3613-68FD-4DA8-A35F-5FF7D1…)

Sabrina was probably sexually abused at a young age and wasn’t ever taught by example to keep children and adult matters, like sex, apart. She thinks it’s normal and her mentality is stuck at that age where the trauma happened, I’d say 8 years old?
She’s got a pedo brain manufactured by her upbringing and that’s gonna take a lifetime of self work to reprogram. Easier to just keep fucking up and involving kids.

She’s drinking again too, see that dechutes on both sides of the table?
Probably drank too much and did too much k the other night with AJ and landed herself in the ER.

No. 1791996

File: 1679315439942.jpeg (209.3 KB, 1170x1967, DE83B679-8466-47D4-A9F1-35D8E6…)

James was liking this so she either mixed the two and went to the er or she had lean from AJ and mixed it. Either way, immature junkie behavior.

No. 1792018

She's a narcissist so if she was abused she would make sure everyone knew about constantly. It would also justify her shitty behavior and she would make sure everyone knew that too. The woman is just an asshole human being.

No. 1792110

She got drunk on cam one night and told everyone when she was in her very early teens she drank one night and was walking home when she was picked up and sexually assaulted by an entire truck full of men. She said she was flirting with one of them a little and they all tried to take advantage of her. I remember thinking it was fucked up how she said it so casually on MFC to a mostly male audience waiting for her to drink more.

No. 1792113

She’s deranged

No. 1792150

She also said her dad died when she was young and then somehow she is living with her dad in Vegas on and off.

No. 1792169

File: 1679336721278.jpeg (253.8 KB, 1179x2162, E4067192-BFDE-422E-9FA7-36750E…)

Why does she act like she’s missing her very much alive father?

No. 1792227

You can miss someone who is alive…

No. 1792295

another time while Brina was live on MFC she was talking about when she was 16 she had her first threesome with 2 guys, casually, like shes talking about her trip to the mall or something, so fucking weird. Another pedo baiter "whatever for ever" hoe

No. 1792303

She told everyone he died from a cocaine OD years ago kek, catch up and stop being a WK to her after her just using him for a place to stay when she has no one else to mooch off of, at 30 years old

No. 1792619

Bitch,what about your fucking kids!?????? Such a pathetic waste of a human being. Absolute scum of the earth.

No. 1792646

File: 1679415769726.png (Spoiler Image, 382.66 KB, 1530x846, Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 9.22.…)

Sheesh. Lookin rough. Sobriety lasted a tweet.

No. 1792662

File: 1679416525757.jpeg (233.37 KB, 1150x1980, 292656DB-2E7E-4FD9-9EB7-DC1477…)

At least she made $200 and gave her phone numbers out to anyone who could catch it on Instagram.

No. 1792724

Anyone know why she's on camsoda and not MFC anymore?

No. 1792736

Bc she invested in Camversity and advertised it on MFC and told her simps to view her on there

No. 1792949

sabrina selling sandras phone # without her even knowing kek

No. 1792951

File: 1679449641925.png (144.11 KB, 411x312, Screenshot 2023-03-21 9.27.23 …)

No. 1793181

File: 1679495396939.jpeg (282.35 KB, 1170x1945, 7A173E9C-3D7A-4B20-951F-4E30D0…)

she is reading here as usual. Maybe someone with raging anorexia doesn’t have room to talk about disordered behavior

No. 1793182

Samefag I’m certain she and Ty discuss how Sabrina’s been a downward spiral for years

No. 1793568

File: 1679543556961.jpeg (235.99 KB, 1169x1987, 3340555A-CA18-4F8B-A1BB-3810ED…)

Yep that’s why she was following that account. It’s her cat fishing herself for $$

No. 1793570

It’s so, soooo bad. This is why it’s important to have friends to gently guide us about what looks best on us

No. 1793578

File: 1679544232416.jpeg (191.01 KB, 960x1706, FD96C3BD-F90A-4C0B-85DA-30B455…)

Sorry nonna deleted cuz typo and bad SS. Here’s her clown hair again. Even if it was the darker red she wanted— uglyyy

No. 1793584

File: 1679544509953.jpeg (193.02 KB, 1169x1895, 6D8A15D6-6ADC-4B0A-9600-29F8FD…)

Ty is not a Capricorn (summer bday) but still cheated. OT but that tweet made me look back at her history— she was tweeting in Jan 2021 about how great Dean is and then posting in August 2022 about how “2 years have passed with my favorite person” Ty. Her timelines are ridiculous/all lies

No. 1793586

File: 1679545029971.jpeg (37.52 KB, 237x572, CEC2B45B-A977-4C20-A89D-E99F5A…)

Hope this is legible

No. 1793700

File: 1679573618828.jpeg (202.7 KB, 1170x1836, 827D232E-E15A-4028-B919-665BA2…)

Karma is so good to watch sometimes.
This made me laugh and feel so much better. Bitch deserves every bad thing that comes to her.
$500 to get wrecked. That’s almost Ty’s prices kek

No. 1793839

Why the fuck does she post these unflattering angles,my god she looks like a literal caveman in this photo… Terrible genes,fucked up surgery and now a ruined haircut/awful dye job. I love seeing this bitch lose at everything she does.

No. 1793853

File: 1679592975004.png (794.42 KB, 1170x2532, 2435D3E9-F897-4E24-BD17-23E58A…)

You needed a follow up because every time you start birth control you bitch nonstop about the side effects then stop using it. Find a remote doctor since you claim you went outside alone 6 times the last year. You probably needed a pap smear bc you get frequent bacterial vaginosis from Ty’s dirty dick

No. 1793872

File: 1679594547138.jpeg (293.19 KB, 1284x1722, 37D7BA29-9EF8-4961-A1B7-D9A08A…)

No. 1793892

File: 1679595953855.jpeg (263.03 KB, 1284x1703, 7DCD6F83-4265-4EB5-9227-B0B939…)

Poor Sandra

No. 1793895

File: 1679595992937.jpeg (84.88 KB, 1284x590, D4A3B404-D3C8-4039-9EFF-A52D59…)

No. 1793913

That's such a mentally ill view. It's like cheating on someone and then being upset that they dumped you instead of trying to help you work out what made you cheat.

No. 1793923

Her nostrils make her spikey nails make sense.

No. 1793941

How did she dissolve much of her top lip bc she had a disgusting filler mustache, but leave her bottom lip so overinflated her membrane is showing? Her jaw and chin filler is so masculine/alien face.

No. 1793944

I’m very surprised she’s still fucking him unprotected when she knows they’re just fuck buddies and he has unprotected sex with other people.
Also this ungrateful attitude towards female reproductive care, after boasting about how she’s so “guilty” for having an abortion when others couldn’t, is exactly why she was hit with karma so hard at the salon. She’s a clown in real life so the universe wants everyone to know.

No. 1793969

this is exactly what he wants, anyways. A fuck buddy who buys him shit and lets him fuck raw, while he hits up women he’d publicly commit to in days (2018/19 Sabrina)

No. 1794021

it looks like she was attacked by a swarm of wasps that attacked the bottom part of her face, I can't believe she pays money to look that horrible and then beg people for money

No. 1794059

Her chin and jaw are more manly and defined than Tyler’s….

No. 1794062

File: 1679616487209.png (774.72 KB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20230323-195051~2.p…)

Tinfoil, She did it herself at home. She is going to give a salon a sob story to get a discount on new hair.

No. 1794082

The month before her abortion was the best time of her entire life and relationship with Ty. He kept a close eye on her, and rubbed her head and hung out with her tons.

He was careful and manipulate ,and treated her way less bad than usual and it made her become fixated on reviving the the doting, but with a born baby this time. To trap him, duh.

No. 1794087

File: 1679619796640.png (278.5 KB, 828x1792, F8BBE61F-CD9A-44FA-B15D-5AD060…)

She said yesterday she paid $475 and today it’s $530 … why tip the stylist for her work if you’re so unhappy with it? Why not ask for a refund then and there?

No. 1794093

Nah man, why in the world, as someone who has dyed their hair themselves in the past as we’ve seen from her pictures, did she allow this to happen to her?
As an adult woman who claims to be a “bad bitch” on top of her shit and a strong bad ass woman, why would she NOT speak up while she saw the mistakes being done to her own body?
She will always be stuck in victim mode. She will always put herself in the position to play the victim because that’s where she’s comfortable.

No. 1794120

Little miss hood says “hi I’m soooo sorry, wondering can I please have a refund, please?”

No. 1794129

File: 1679624726136.jpeg (47.23 KB, 610x459, BFAC096E-A310-417A-9F41-A36D9D…)

It doesn’t even look that different kek. If she simply dyes the damaged side that reddish brown color, the color will give the hair volume/strengthen it. She is fuming and has posted 30 stories about her hair. Her life is so shallow and empty, all she cares about are her looks and whatever chlamydia case she’s fucking

No. 1794131

File: 1679624955873.jpeg (340.13 KB, 1152x2048, E8DEC6D9-016E-424E-A95E-839F92…)

A well informed stylist will ask for YEARS of hair history before starting any color process, especially bleach. They need to know every light to dark process you’ve done to know how to assess it. I’m guessing she goes to someone who doesn’t specialize or have much experience with bleaching and color correction. She should have spoken up before 2 hours went by. Her hair does look very thinned out and fried now. Extensions she’s asking for aren’t going to be able to hold to her hair without causing extensively worse damage. She needs to leave it alone completely aside from a good cut.

No. 1794135

Hahahahha it looks so fucking bad. Stop telling her how to fix it. She needs extensions asap! Expensive ones!

No. 1794137

File: 1679625178596.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.17 KB, 1169x1932, 362C0DD6-24E2-4F4D-B57F-656936…)

She is so fucking ugly. Quagmire face

No. 1794143

File: 1679625633556.png (375.44 KB, 1170x2532, E9CF5ED0-EE87-4BEC-A659-B2940C…)

This is clearly the worst thing to happen to her in ages. What a difficult life

No. 1794152

Her whole day revolves around looking in a mirror or the monitor of a camera filming her image, editing her pictures and videos and now a whole “brand” based on an image some animator drew of her.
I couldn’t imagine a life where that wouldn't cross the lines in your head about your own self image and self esteem.

No. 1794161

Reading this as a former colorist - she had permanent black dye on her hair and wanted it bleached and colored. That is a color correction. Those aren’t cheap.
Low end usually $100/hr, with some salons asking you to return to complete it in steps over a period of days/weeks.

No. 1794164

And yet, not enough fixation on self image to prevent her unhinged Instagram stories tirade

No. 1794166

She has all these dollar bills but no sense
All these lenses and mirrors but can’t see herself.

No. 1794193

File: 1679636790530.png (2.66 MB, 960x2079, D2CE702D-9CCF-4E34-8DCE-7407E5…)

How the actual fuck, Damn IG

No. 1794262

File: 1679652313531.jpg (1002.35 KB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230324_055547410.jpg)

No. 1794267

File: 1679652599325.png (226.57 KB, 1800x1115, F6A3E758-5AE1-40DE-9351-46D850…)

She just applied for it. Blue check doesn’t mean anything anymore except that you sent in your ID proving its you so fake accounts can be shut down who don’t submit ID.

No. 1794288

File: 1679656751795.png (516.49 KB, 1800x880, C40A8677-6086-4D37-9C27-1AA4F9…)

Love how Ty’s been there this whole time just not giving a fuck. He probably said just put a bag over your head and $200 and I’ll still hit.

No. 1794349

IG changed their bluemarks, so now literally anyone can get one

No. 1794351

She matches her ugly ass cupboards now hahah

No. 1794361

File: 1679665595078.png (509.31 KB, 998x1722, Screenshot_20230324-054705~2.p…)

She probably showed up to her hair appointment late and demanded to be seen.

No. 1794376

Yep, exactly. I wouldn’t believe anything she says. It’s very possible she paid a late fee since she was at least 30 minutes late and we know that. Even if badly, it was cut and styled, adding to the cost (not just color). I don’t believe she sat for 2 hours with 40v developer. I don’t believe that she told the truth of her hair’s condition and that the half was bleached and then dyed black on top. She didn’t take due diligence and find a colorist who knows how to work with curly hair. It’s probably the same person who did her recent extensions. It’s always how someone did every single thing wrong to Stormy, never how she placed a part and is to blame for some of it

No. 1794412

imagine getting your hair ruined, telling the stylist "omg thank you!" tipping them, holding back tears in an Uber, going home to write a text that says "actually can i have refund pwease i changed my mind uwu?" and then posting that you hope the ~stupid bitch~ loses all her hair. where was that energy when you were in the salon seat, girl? speak up, because right now there's only one stupid bitch losing her hair and it's not the stylist.

No. 1794415

Instead of livestock she should’ve got victim tattooed on her

No. 1794481

File: 1679681035064.jpeg (157.24 KB, 828x1242, 3DEE912A-67D9-48A2-B458-309A9C…)

Hey Ty.

No. 1794495

File: 1679682188366.jpeg (531.58 KB, 3263x2447, 0CF7F1D3-C758-4864-87FB-BEAA34…)

No. 1794498

Folding metal chair, air matress on floor, anchor for drop ceining light, no light. How does she claim to be rich?

No. 1794503

Because they couldn't fix her fuck up she's gonna sue? Kek goodluck pumpndump

No. 1794524

It’s too bad it’s the customer’s responsibility to say something if the treatment is hurting them or improper and she will NEVER be able to sue because she didn’t do her job as a customer. The artist can’t assume your personal history or how your scalp is reacting (burning), you have to COMMUNICATE.
That’s how life works paypump, it’s a back and forth between people to work together for a win/win in every circumstance not winner/loser dumbass.

No. 1794525

File: 1679684777851.png (191.2 KB, 828x1792, 86B3CD80-2BF4-40B2-822C-841E4D…)

The stylist said here, the orange would be an easier option without AS MANY bleach sessions.
Will agree with nonnie who said Pumpy lied about history etc, bet she demanded it to be done in a single session.

No. 1794528

The way this lady communicates from the get go doesn’t leave me with confidence she ever knew what she was doing or even wanted to do it in the first place. This is what happens when you trust just anybody with bleach. People specialize in color correction for a reason and she makes enough money to go to someone good, viral colorist even, and this is what she did to herself. It’s like the nail ladies who don’t speak English and make fun of you with their coworkers of hair.

No. 1794542

She def did this hair herself. Who is calling her Stormy in her private life?

No. 1794545

I agree, also that she will look like the cynthia doll from rugrats in her next "sticker of the month" kek

No. 1794549

File: 1679688014425.png (364.1 KB, 1170x2532, E780D87F-B538-47CF-B1F6-0DD922…)

The hair stylist fucked up but I also doubt Stormy warned her the left side was bleached under the black (and didn’t say explicitly “I bleached it six months ago”). The hair stylist is illiterate but so is Stormy, she can barely talk. Pulling a “I’ll ruin your career” trump card. Shes a fucking evil BPD bitch. Imagine how she talks to Ty or Dean when she’s mad

No. 1794588

The other thing is this hair is ridiculous (even if it was healthy), she seeks attention so much….

No. 1794591

Kek I just love how fucking dramatic pumpy is. It's hair. She's acting like she was diagnosed with cancer.

No. 1794618

i thought she was rich tho…

No. 1794682

Considering her embarrassing alt style, it would be all too easy for her to wear wigs in the first place. Both to cover her current damaged as fuck hair, and to prevent needing to dye it like a clown anyways

No. 1794702

File: 1679703041759.png (738.31 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20230324-200714~2.p…)

I am no hair expert but shouldn't she wait 24-48 hour before putting any more dye/chemicals on her hair?

No. 1794715

Oh my god yes she should’ve waited to do anything more to it, even a deep conditioning and putting on more color or even a regular shampoo.
She’s doing this to herself. Victim mode forever.

No. 1794718

Sure it looked like shit but everything she's done herself has only made it worse
Aka >>1794262

I mean did she really think it can be fixed by just shoving every product on the planet in 24 hours?

No. 1794731

File: 1679707613238.png (809.62 KB, 1002x1778, Screenshot_20230324-212626~2.p…)

No. 1794737

File: 1679708319022.jpeg (164.55 KB, 1169x1761, 537D7A60-8BE4-4E4B-BA98-B76F5A…)

Ah man I had to do it. Kristin’s new brown hair. What pumpy only wishes she could achieve in her dreams, not even in real life, it’s far too unattainable.

No. 1794740

She really changed races kek. She was always cute naturally.

No. 1794784

Its gonna look even shittier but she will brag that she's better than a professional hair stylist

No. 1794806

She’s so fucking dumb, she needed copper hair more than just letting her hair chill for a few days

No. 1794972

File: 1679765200404.jpeg (164.23 KB, 1170x1107, 67A6BC91-3AFD-4102-9295-3435C6…)

I don’t even like pumpy and this is painful to watch. She needs to leave it the fuck alone and spend an entire week hydrating the porosity out. Acidic bonders etc… girl please for the love of god stop.

No. 1794999

File: 1679770148779.png (863.77 KB, 1170x2532, 33C72AFF-75EE-4374-99BF-0F59A3…)

This is great. I can’t wait until a week goes by and it just keeps getting shorter and shorter slowly flaking off dead ends until she’s bald on one side.

No. 1795004

File: 1679770683986.jpeg (105.57 KB, 1169x1510, 37B2C6BF-77D1-495C-BF2D-96D095…)

In other news….

No. 1795010

File: 1679771154904.jpeg (176.55 KB, 1170x1966, A2C97C91-BE37-4BBD-BE03-67A2CA…)

I wonder what happened to Sandra’s blonde transition. Is this the wig still? It looks thin like it could be her hair after going that light.

No. 1795013

Why does she have jowls?

No. 1795145

File: 1679787081919.jpeg (85.29 KB, 1170x845, B8A75071-C7C9-4587-BFAF-10F761…)

Already rescheduled to Monday

No. 1795148

File: 1679787149355.jpeg (183.91 KB, 1170x1970, 9D5A8A59-3B21-4C83-993C-6B1C5F…)

This looks more like the wig.

No. 1795151

File: 1679787239498.jpeg (99.46 KB, 1170x2006, A591CFC7-9DAB-4A22-A0BD-75AB80…)

James has now purchased a blue check for his philosophy tweets.

No. 1795311

File: 1679807563151.png (490.65 KB, 1170x2532, B0B31C0F-9644-4FC9-8AA0-D125A8…)

Ignore the filter, we know she looks like Quagmire. Day 4 of supposedly damaged hair and she’s straightening it….

No. 1795367

File: 1679826644664.jpeg (187.59 KB, 1170x1944, EBFCD1D7-5F4F-4C5C-AF78-9FB129…)

She went out for Shane’s 28th birthday.
That’s why she had to get her hair right so quickly.

No. 1795371

File: 1679827404183.jpeg (263.45 KB, 1170x1975, 174E6127-573B-4B17-A0D1-4C9804…)

Kaelin moved into this apartment with Sabrina and immediately left for Oregon then Washington and now Florida?
Sabrina is just house sitting at this point.
No wonder she chose kaelin, she doesn’t seem to be struggling for money and isn’t interested in working at all.

No. 1795409

File: 1679837184218.png (640.44 KB, 997x1778, Screenshot_20230326-014210~2.p…)

It has to be falling out in clumps with how many times she put chemicals in it then straightened it.

No. 1795448

Damn, fucked up hair who indeed kek. She needs to bite the bullet and cut that shit off, and at least balance the other side. All she’s doing is damaging the shitty side more and more and showcasing how bad it is by leaving the “good” side as it was.

No. 1795480

ty is starting to look more like tekashi’s dirty, fat washed up emo brother

No. 1795554

Hope her hair falls out. Her curl pattern seemed fucked and her hair is fried, but she’s obvi lying about the breakage and hair loss or else more would have come out by her mistreatment.
Not to overread a video, but the diff in her selfie video and her being filmed in Shane’s irl is stark. Avg, unremarkable face and skeletally frail. Looks like an awkward emo teen in the group (and no, not in the “hot healthy youthful coed” coomer way). Not womanly, not self possessed, even with $30K of cosmetic work thrown in.

No. 1795556

File: 1679850116680.jpeg (32.28 KB, 580x617, D5EB8B97-06CC-400B-AEE5-4AC32B…)

Yep. Can you imagine this guy cheating on you?

No. 1795576

Notice we haven't gotten any Instagram stories of the morning after of her going out. She probably looks like hell.

No. 1795622

This is "going out"? Looks like a family restaurant

No. 1795624

don’t kill me nonny but the guy next to him looks wayyyy cuter. come on pumps

No. 1795636

File: 1679857034729.png (559.05 KB, 1800x1625, 8AFD5E15-2339-4695-A0C5-7E5749…)

They went to some club afterwards.
Sad that pumpy is just some 8th wheel in this. The other girls are friends with each other. No one wants to be friends with pump n dump.

No. 1795649

She looks so out of place in the second. All the skin showing, try hard outfit, far from others and weird sexy face. Just be normal Pumpy

No. 1795652

Lol at all the other girls wearing pants and leggings bc it's 50° out and then there's pumpy

No. 1795695

File: 1679862413188.jpeg (281.92 KB, 1800x1565, 23FCCEB9-5277-4078-A55E-8AB0EC…)

Cuz she doesn’t have a naturally prominent jawline and she thinks injecting shit into her face looks normal. She looks like a Neanderthal on the left.

No. 1795699

this idiot thinks hair grows from the end and not the root…

No. 1795701

All of these people were posting stories and pics throughout the night and then theres pumpy who doesn’t share a single thing now whenever she’s around Ty. I really wonder why she’s been hiding him lately.

No. 1795732

She told everyone he knocked up a sidechick and cheated on her. She’s embarrassed to admit she took him back and still chases him while he doesn’t claim her. It’s pretty obvious her ego is too big but she also can’t stand him being with anyone else.

No. 1795777

File: 1679871492087.jpeg (196.46 KB, 1170x2277, EB284100-5254-4F05-8BE2-D774EF…)

No. 1795780

Wow so he got another woman pregnant. I must have missed that in the last thread. That’s really disgusting that she’s having sex without a condom with him. No wonder she got a Pap smear recently

No. 1795803

Did Ty have major red eye cos his eyes look fucked here. Like poor red eye correction from 15 years ago.

Pumpy just shoving her ass in his crotch trying to claim him Infront of others lol.
How many times has this ugly fat mexican kid lookin ass fucked her over and she still all over him?

No. 1795816

File: 1679876355047.png (373.85 KB, 980x1651, Screenshot_20230326-201839~2.p…)


No. 1795844

File: 1679879903922.jpeg (239.21 KB, 1170x2015, 0D942261-BA1D-4ABB-B945-D1C4C8…)

Why didn’t you show her dirty ass room too? Ty’s vapes on the windowsill? This is more accurate of what she lives like from the very beginning. White trash.

No. 1795878


I was too busy cackling at her hair.

No. 1795890

I actually feel bad for her .that hair is sad

No. 1795925

Girl don’t. All this crazy narc did was post every day, “I have perfect skin.” Or, “I have long healthy hair after my hair loss” or “Im beautiful.” This is the universe or god’s lesson to her to be humble and everything she’s obsessed with, is temporary/can be easily lost

No. 1795947

Seriously when the fuck was this mentioned, major milky. I wonder if he love bombed her before her abortion too?

No. 1795966

Here is the OG comment, I missed it. Kek. I wonder if Ty paid for that woman’s abortion (unlike stormy’s)

No. 1795971

File: 1679895896497.jpeg (154.15 KB, 1170x1077, 58E02DDA-F235-43C1-815E-B0B4D9…)

Here’s what’s left of the knocking up another girl drama on her Twitter. There was also a rant at one point n more deleted tweets.

No. 1795972

Samefag, and this one. A few posts later are some receipts of stormy saying how ppl who can’t provide for 1 kid shouldn’t have another. And a few days later she said she wanted to kill herself. So I think in Jan (after Christmas gifts from her kek) Stormy found out Ty was cheating and impregnated a woman. She also on cam said she punched him when she found out. That time is when she started saying how she was going to leave CA and buy a house out of state. Ofc, instead she ends up renting a new place in SoCal and staying with Ty.

No. 1795974

So we know that Ty isn’t just a fat ugly cheater, he’s a deadbeat dad. We could have guessed that tho. And she not only put all this shit on Twitter and insta stories but also would talk about it on cam. drumrolllll that’s why Pumpy won’t post Ty

No. 1796087

She’s a cuck. She’s everything she makes fun of. That’s why she hates herself so much.

No. 1796102

File: 1679920352265.png (2.66 MB, 1710x1800, E48DAEAD-F2EC-496D-AB4D-1E9B41…)

Sandra and sab got super drunk last night. I’ve never seen Sandra so wild on alcohol. The videos showcase it better but I don’t know how to embed them. I’ve looked everywhere for directions. Sorry you’ll have to go look for yourselves or tell me how to post videos from a screen recording.

No. 1796117

convert to webm and upload here or upload on a third-party site like streamable or dropbox

No. 1796129

No. 1796130

Thanks. Hopefully this link works for everyone even iPhone users unlike webm videos.

No. 1796135

works perfectly, thank you for the milk!

No. 1796156

Thats how they act when they are sober

No. 1796180



Can anyone figure out wtf Sandra’s saying?

No. 1796197

“Me and Brina are about to have some fun, follow me on Twitter”? Fucking drugged up mumble mouth. they’re way too old to think this state is fine to post online

No. 1796202

What the fuck lol. More than just alcohol for sure.

No. 1796214

File: 1679936612353.jpeg (223.33 KB, 1170x1938, CE09BF15-1600-4551-8982-03819B…)

2050 may be the year she learns about climate change, but hopefully 2023 is the year she learns a thing or 2 about grammar

No. 1796218

“YOLO” in the most ignorant sense of the phrase

No. 1796247

lies, she doesn’t have the capital or the stable income for it (also cope for living in LA). She barely got the new overpriced apartment she wanted with her income decrease from losing subs. she was looking at buying homes out of state last month until her alt cholo hooked her skeleton ass back in.

No. 1796252

Samefag sorry but “I literally do not give a fuck about investing” is cam girl trash speak for “I have no savings and beg for $5 coffees online and $100 hair supplies and $13 cocktails.” Off topic but when you have $$$$ in savings, who would you even bother asking for chump change. Other hookers and cam girls have wishlists with high priced things. The older theory above that she only makes $70K a year in recent subs seems true

No. 1796262

File: 1679941965667.jpeg (58.04 KB, 1170x423, D15E1C43-088C-4419-8BEB-2AE4ED…)

In the context of filming videos of your pussy and fucking men for the world to see—yeah $70K is trash money. Especially in LA. I’d rather work at Nordstrom rack and keep my clothes on. Also, pic related

No. 1796281

You guys should explore your career options before you take your clothes off and show nudes online for chump change. One of my friends was a cam girl making even more than Stormy (which is why I learned of her and post on here) and she tried to rope me in. But that shit fucks you up. It also hurt her dating pool even tho now she works in IT and lives a vanilla life. Aren’t these cam whores like Stormy and Sandra enough of a cautionary tale for you? Fucking yourself on camera so strange men can see mentally fucks you up.

No. 1796285

How do you look at anything in this thread and think “I wish that was me” “I want to make those choices too” kek deranged

No. 1796291

Hi, ex sex worker and camgirl here.. the mental trauma, daily dehumanization and degradation and need to keep relationships with the people who treat you that way will not equate to “pretty much nothing” and will become something that eats away at you all day every day over time. You will have to sell your soul to even make a scratch at making $70k a year after taxes. The average OF girl and camgirl actually makes an equivalent of minimum wage, take that for what you will.

No. 1796294

Because it’s not about the physical acts of it, it’s the mental tax that comes along with the lifestyle. Yes it’s flashy and exciting but haven’t we witnessed time and time again how extravagance leads to death and destruction?
We’re not ashamed of our bodies, we have respect for our mentality, we have values and morals that that kind of lifestyle doesn’t align with.
Scamming and being a stuck up psycho sexy d social justice warrior 100% doesn’t align with my values.
Tbh writing on here doesn’t either but I’m working on myself. (Ex camgirl)

No. 1796297

Sex and social justice

No. 1796300

Diff nonna than the ladies above— but big shocker to me years later was realizing there were worse things than being broke.

No. 1796301

Don’t forget the rest of the sentence “values and morals that align with that lifestyle”

No. 1796369

File: 1679950665899.jpeg (22.41 KB, 359x307, 240AD8AC-58BF-440B-B1D2-911E09…)

In 30 minutes she said two contradicting statements about her wealth

No. 1796372

File: 1679950997440.jpeg (146.96 KB, 1170x1283, E1421AA4-B787-43DA-B391-B67EA1…)

She’s here. Ranting about reasons why she still does what she does on twit. She communicates ideas like she has rocks for brains. It’s cuz her environmental science classes and lack of work history since she was 17 have her qualified to go back to work at Pizza Hut again and that’s about it. Don’t trap yourself into sex work like this dumbass.

No. 1796375

She’s not a millionaire, she almost made a million once, one year, and blew it as fast as it came. She made $775k the year she “made a million” and that was pre tax fuck out of here with this bullshit.

No. 1796381

Samefag but she self admitted less than a month ago on ig shes made a max of 250k$ a year since quitting camming full time in 2017 and said she made less this year cuz of " her abortion " shut up lumpy, compulsive lying aint cute kek

No. 1796401

Remember, this is how many subs she has atm

No. 1796407

oh, it seems like zoey pascalame is back on the boards. Did you get your tapeworm looked at?

No. 1796411

Pumpy you sell pussy AND give it to cheaters for free. You never know where Ty’s dick has been kek

Waitttt a minute. Tinfoil— Is she saying she lives with someone (Ty)?

No. 1796444

Actually not Zoey at all mods can confirm but I don’t think they give a shit. I said hi ex sex worker cuz I’m an ex sex worker. There’s a ton of us. I couldn’t care less about the things that girl has living inside or has put up her butthole.

No. 1796452

Thanks for the reminder, nona. Hope you're doing well in your endeavors

No. 1796463

File: 1679957757449.jpg (156.25 KB, 1063x1516, 20230327_165502.jpg)

This all started btw because shes upset with women with fat ashes again.