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File: 1694220615220.png (886.06 KB, 1814x992, 1692648705070.png)

No. 1895295

Peak material:

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No. 1895298

File: 1694221038778.jpg (Spoiler Image,659.02 KB, 2111x1669, snorlax trannymon.jpg)

I need some bleach asap(needs spoiler asap)

No. 1895299

Spoiler this shit.

No. 1895304

File: 1694222182682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1170x1514, IMG_2907.jpeg)

me too girl(spoiler)

No. 1895305

File: 1694222952007.png (158.31 KB, 250x436, IMG_7137.png)

Kek the snaggle tooth

No. 1895309

Everything here is kek worthy. The horny caption is the icing on the cake

No. 1895323

Canada or California, don't get how its legal to dress like that even in a sex shop.

No. 1895331

File: 1694225994891.gif (57.36 KB, 498x337, peepo-laugh-point.gif)

>Choker that spells "puta"

No. 1895335

He probably finds it "affirming," since he's obviously a degenerate.

No. 1895350

Why do all the most predatory troons move to NYC? Is it easier to move from group to group finding new victims and get asskissing for it?

FTM groper and sex pest Giles Crawford left Pittsburgh/Philly after being kicked out of bars and conventions for being a creep and she’s now in Brooklyn bragging about her bandaged rotting phallo.

Troon rapist Eli Erlick got kicked out of California after it came to light he’d been assaulting ‘AFABs’ (hmm wonder why) and now worms his way into nyc queer organisations.

No. 1895358

Groomer ex-friend is part of a large exodus to the east coast, where they're she's making almost 6figures doing DEI work at universities. Bleak.

No. 1895365

Stonewall is in NYC so it’s the birthplace of degeneracy and acts like a pedophile beacon.

No. 1895368

I think it's because NYC is a creative capital like L.A. is, and has all the same trappings (power structures that benefit degenerates, rapists, and pedophiles), but is less "always on air," if that makes sense. It seems like hiding the seedy underbelly is easier in NYC because of that. Less exposure means more secrecy.
>The gays are the origin of degeneracy and pedophilia
Fuck off fisherma'am.

No. 1895374

Lol have you been to LA lately? It’s like 80% “seedy underbelly.”

No. 1895381


i know not everyone can afford braces to fix their austin powers clip-on spirit halloween teeth but does this man not have even one person in his life to tell him that closing his mouth entirely is completely free

No. 1895397

AYRT, no, I haven't been to L.A. lately. I don't hate myself that much. Make no mistake, I was absolutely not saying L.A. is "cleaner" or "less corrupt" than NYC. Both are shitholes in very similar ways, and I think that's why someone ousted from one would move to the other. I just think PR and management tend to work a bit differently between the two locations.

No. 1895431

File: 1694243429296.jpg (177.7 KB, 828x524, F5jpDa1bUAAZKnK.jpg)

No. 1895439

Portland is the fucking worst. If i didn't work at laika I'd move. Troons everywhere also ppl dropping their pants and pooping anywhere they want downtown? Like stop fucking pooping everywhere.

No. 1895452

File: 1694251537934.webm (3.49 MB, 320x570, g7idJlPVN4zLHBMJ.webm)

You don't have to be a Roman History expert to know that it didn't exist in 5000 BC.
Additionally the troon is getting tons of facts mixed-up, Rome allowed various non-Roman religions, known as "cults", to exist as long as they used Roman names. One example is the cult of Cybele, likely a Semitic goddess brought to Anatolia through trade. These cults often had a eunuch priest class, not because they believed castrated men could be women, but because these men believed they sacrificed their manhood to the goddesses in exchange for a second life after death. and there were numerous cults within the Roman Empire, they were never widely promoted or spread; they were simply tolerated as niche cults.

No. 1895455

File: 1694252267766.jpg (58.04 KB, 905x254, everyoneclapped.JPG)

And then everyone clapped. Just a troon writing fanfiction about a father accepting him as a woman after seeing him pop out of a shirt porn movie style. Just a normal part of womanhood, right? Link to full thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/16dmsyg/so_my_dad_finally_called_me_a_woman_today_after_i/

No. 1895462

How they could ever think that comes off as a sweet and wholesome moment is beyond me. Imagine if you had to wear ill-fitting clothes that exposed your cleavage and underwear line, and your father’s reaction was to say “you’re a woman now” and try to hug you? This could only come from a perverted man’s mind, truly.

No. 1895469

>salesman chose loose tapered pants, a deep neck flared collar dress shirt, a loose deep neck jacket
brooooo this dude is just a fatass. does having moobs and a fupa make you a TRU and HONEST woman? vote on your phones now

No. 1895474

ok so this guy wants to fuck his dad

No. 1895488

This smug fag deserves his own thread tbh, he's like a bitchier Dylan Mulvaney with a (somehow) worse sense of style.

No. 1895539

File: 1694269259745.png (686.18 KB, 720x1311, Screenshot_20230908-232011~2.p…)

You might be struggling to get matches with lesbians because you're very clearly a man. And bisexual woman probably don't match with you because they don't want a troon as a partner.

No. 1895559

I like how he has his bras hanging on full display just like a real woman!!! (just like no real women do, embarrassing and weird to display your underwear outside of air drying it, and those are just basic bras so not worth showing off, plus the way they're hanging is going to ruin the shape, and if you're showering you'd only hang one, not two)
This one isn't ugly but I bet they have more clues in their bio like burn JK Rowling alive or something similarly subtle

No. 1895561

I feel sorry for the people who write blatantly fake stories like this, like how bad is your life that you need to write 100% fiction where something good happened or you got approval. And if your trousers are that tight we'd all be seeing your dick 'n balls, not your pantyline. Nevermind the weird amount of detail about his very real luscious boobies which are apparently the sole signifier between men and women's anatomy.

No. 1895590

I don’t feel sorry for someone who writes erotic bimbofication tranfiction involving his own father. It’s all part of the fetish, anon.

No. 1895591

File: 1694279759311.png (933.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230907-163638.png)

Donkey from Shrek is a terf

No. 1895599

At least post the evidence or proof seeing as this post claims it's a literal scroll down. Can't say I'm surprised if it's true though considering how much he shit talked gays back in the day. Bet he's your typical closeted bi, attracted to troons then mad when it's revealed since they know the man's body would have been clocked by a straight man but they didn't notice and enjoyed until they realised the situation

No. 1895603

not that the story is true, but I like to imagine the salesman protested him trying them on because he didn't want to have to dry clean the outfit after his fat ass sweated them up from the exertions of changing clothes.

No. 1895607

I honestly can’t imagine posting a pic on a dating site that showed my underwear visible in the bg. I would swipe left on someone just for that tbh. Idk if that’s weird of me or what.

No. 1895613

File: 1694283969578.jpeg (251.66 KB, 828x1760, IMG_2793.jpeg)

This girl has the nerve to call herself gay, this being her “gf.”

No. 1895618

No. 1895622

I seriously will never understand women who can date these men. I can understand the poor women stuck in a marriage with one after he troons out, but not the ones who actively date them. How do they muster up any form of attraction to have sex? How are they not totally revolted?

No. 1895624

He looks like she literally picked up a meth addict off the street lmfao

No. 1895632

I can tell their house is full of his hair they never bother to clean up. Bigfoot tier
And why is a seemingly normie girl dating a tranny? Doesn't she have much better options in her wide friend circle?

No. 1895641

So TLDR a Samoan(?) third gender tranny prostitute living in California had a suspicious death after being blasted in the news in the 90s for being caught with troon chasing Eddie Murphy. How did >>1895591 this guy come to the conclusion that it was Murphy and not some random homophobe or even the cop that was supposedly super invested in arresting the tranny?

No. 1895642

Well the guy has to get naked for sex and it seems the biggest change some of them make is start starfishing cause they're a "pillow princess" now so the sex is pretty much the same as it was prior and the only real difference is these creeps are more open about their more extreme fetishes but a porn addicted scrote's gf is always aware of the problem anyways so they're accustomed to it so the new tranny behaviours don't always initially spell out as crazy since it's not a normal scrote suddenly doing it, the gf has already lived with his porn sickness as it's slowly gotten worse over time. Plus a lot of girls ok with this stuff tend to be terminally online too and probably like the ideas they have in their head about their new trans relationship. If this man were remotely attractive adding belts to his wardrobe might look good, a lot of girls like men in gay men's fashion which is what they expect out of their transing scrote. Even straight girls groomed to be ok with straight men don't fully realise the depth of straight male sexuality and let's their own experience colour their expectations. Plus I cannot stress enough how much the porn addiction impacts the girlfriend and would widdle away at her and essentially groom her to accepting fucked up shit prior to the trooning

No. 1895660

she didn't even say or do anything pertaining to him being trans kek she just parked near his tent

No. 1895741


Getting too close to the mating territory of a homeless meth tranny is transphobic.

No. 1895765

File: 1694303281508.jpeg (Spoiler Image,861.55 KB, 1170x1544, E7C073C0-39B6-41C4-AC4C-CEF0B0…)

Troons proudly showing off their lack of historal knowledge by calling depictions of Hermaphroditus “trans bodies”.

No. 1895805

the quicker moid crossdressing and troonery is 100% outlawed, the better

also some way of stopping coomer anime and games from coming over… it seems like the switch's commercial success caused the side effect of a lot of pedo/coomerbait shit being imported or rereleased on switch and gaining attention these days (it was sadly starting to be brought over ever since the ps3 era in the uk but like, only people who actively seeked it out would have ever come across it, it was only around 2016 that you could have stumbled across it without really trying to)

discord and stuff also seemed to boost awareness of these things, the few people who use both discord and tiktok and are on the weird side of the internet end up promoting these things and it all comes full circle.

a china-like firewall is seriously going to be the only real solution to stop troons doing troony shit, men might start becoming less shitty again and the shit ones will just off themselves because they can't cum anymore. oh boo hoo hoo, i pity them (not).(sage your shit)

No. 1895810

File: 1694309465129.webm (8.41 MB, 576x1024, Download - 2023-09-06T035125.0…)

this guy claims trans people have been around since the 'beginning of time'. they're really grasping at straws every time they have to use eunuchs and hermaphrodites to validate their perverted and false identity.

No. 1895812

"Anti-educated language" is assuming that those topics aren't taught at schools (my backwater highschool did kek) and twisting said things into what they're not in a very similar manner to eugenicists in the 1930s. The coom and narc mix really rots their brains like a misfolded prion, fucking kek.

No. 1895818

Why are all troons teeth like this?! Absolutely vile.

No. 1895827

File: 1694314711378.webm (1.36 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 719824926587176887…)

No. 1895838

Even the way they clear their throats is male

No. 1895839

This reminds me of when tumblr trannies believed a sculpture of three women that had penises photoshopped on was real kek. Anyways, suggesting that ancient sculptors knew what trannies would look like and made accurate art of them millenniums before HRT was invented for even normal people who actually need it is insane, and it becomes even more insane when you recognize that these modern day eunuchs look way shittier than than any of these hermaphroditic sculptured. But I guess "men have been deranged fetishists with such severe womb envy that they have been fantasizing about taking on the qualities of women while still remaining men for thousands of years" isn't as pretty of a thought as "my transcestors."

No. 1895854

File: 1694320968682.jpg (302.96 KB, 1484x2495, FsAZagYWABsXX4p.jpg)

always clockable by the horrible fashion choices

No. 1895858

i think he's clockable cause his y chromosome is showing through the 500 meitu filters, nona… not even the highest fashion could save such a specimen if all that shooping couldn't. most embarassing

No. 1895875

it couldnt even take the tag off

No. 1895888

It’s fascinating how there’s still something instantly recognisable as male about that face despite all the editing, and it’s not just the five o’clock shadow.

No. 1895889

It's the culmination of
>lanky arms
>moid elbows
>bigger upper body compared to lower
>no hips whatsoever
>5 o'clock shadow
>Walmart Beyonetta skinwalk

No. 1895891

The poses and how they gesture sends me. The autism is so intense, it reminds me of those old pics of cwc cosplaying. "IM A WOMAN YOU CAN TELL BY HOW I'M STANDING. LIKE A WOMAN. I KNOW BECAUSE I STARE AT THEM FOR HOURS AND WATCH A LOT OF GOOD INSTRUCTIVE ANIME."

No. 1895927

File: 1694339568809.jpg (422.17 KB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_20230910-024412_Red…)

How can women co-opt something that's already supposed to be there's?

No. 1895940

File: 1694341360929.jpeg (194.49 KB, 690x899, 1649999813206.jpeg)

Witchcraft has always belonged to us REAL women and to the actual feminists (not the fun kind). Which is why it is inherently terfy. Prominent pagan goddesses such as Lilith, Artemis, Athena, etc (from which they love stealing their names btw) would beat the shit out of them and forever curse/banish them from female only spaces.
Harry Potter and its wizarding World also belong to us terves. Sorry troonies.

No. 1895964

The male philtrum too

No. 1895966

File: 1694345543754.jpg (41.71 KB, 500x550, a63b1eccc48b2c1367e234a22464b9…)

>>1895940 Hilarious. "How do we handle this?" = "JANNIES DO SUMN" they will never understand nor have access to the feminine divination that is our birthright. Gender magic? More like a poorly-executed illusion.

No. 1895974

File: 1694348071371.jpeg (75.67 KB, 801x848, 3DD9A0A9-5F2F-430A-BB3B-2515E4…)

I really find it so obnoxious how those moids will just go like Randall and snitch on everyone instead of, idk, blocking people because it’s the fucking internet. Saying that le evil terfs use those hearts is just the signal to all mods so they know who to ban and shit. It’s so fucking vile.

No. 1895981

File: 1694352469566.jpg (501.68 KB, 810x2167, Screenshot_20230910-092132_Chr…)

Textbook AGP kek:

No. 1895986

peak narcissism. another thing is the fact troonism is an extreme form of escapism so they're probably looking at themselves in the third person like some voodoo doll they have full control over. it makes sense looking at it that way why they all have an extreme humiliation kink.

No. 1895997

>they're probably looking at themselves in the third person like some voodoo doll they have full control over
It makes a lot of sense and also explains why most of them spend so much time online. They're so dissociated from their bodies while simultaneously obsessed with them and the way other people perceive them, so they probably view life as a video game. And because in video games they can customize their avatars however they want they think the real world is like that too and they can be anime girls uwu if they just dress up like one. Extreme mental illness

No. 1895999

that vocal fry at the beginning kek

No. 1896002

That's exactly how they think, they are basically playing a woman online in a videogame but 24/7. And they are so deep in the game they expect random strangers in the real world to know their character and lore, and get offended if you don't. Eventually they hit a point of "I've mutilated my body, I'm hideous, nobody is attracted to me" etc and get depressed but the "euphoria boners" is 100% delusion and magical thinking. The fact this is encouraged is absurd, it's all about other people appeasing their fantasy versus them trying to fit into the real world.

No. 1896003

File: 1694357365254.jpg (834.62 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20230910-105038_Chr…)

>another thing is the fact troonism is an extreme form of escapism
Yes! There's definitely an escapist element to AGP. This article on transvestism from over 50 years describes it. Highly recommend reading this old article to understand AGP. It's still highly applicable today. Blanchard was even inspired by it as he cites it multiple times in his work:

No. 1896014

>+ The author wishes to thank Professors John Gagnon and John Money, who made many helpful suggestions upon reading an earlier draft.

No. 1896018

Thank you for this. Although yeah he sees them as an oddity and not a threat. Also, the suggestion his partner not be threatening. Definitely something written years ago in that aspect.
As other anon pointed out, John Money, lmao. It takes a special kind of person to tolerate porn addiction and chomos and come up with a non-biased article about the realities of it.
I wonder if there's a trigger phrase to say to activate the sleeper cell to turn off the "hot mom" and get out into the real world?

No. 1896023

File: 1694359808041.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1275x900, IMG_1763.png)

Oh god I remember the stupid sculpture thing. It was called “The Three Graces”, and they kept either thinking the one on the right (spoilered pic) was real or that it was “superior”. Moids going on about how dick is superior and women aren’t already complete beings as we are, just another day of the week.

No. 1896027

I don’t practice any witchcraft or anything, but they’re absolutely daft to pretend to that it hasn’t historically been associated with women and that women were persecuted for practicing it. How are these men any different from the men who have always hated witches for being female and developing their own spiritual customs oriented around that? Even if I don’t personally believe in it, I have to respect the ways women have felt empowered through it and how it doesn’t center men.

No. 1896037

File: 1694362170550.png (3.1 MB, 1495x2387, sigmawoman.png)

I could write a book about the grooming trans meme subs

No. 1896041

Obviously I think the original looks better, but I can't help but feel the side-by-side comparison says something profound about misogyny throughout the ages. The original has no labia because men treat female genitals as "obscene" or "ugly." The assertion of vulva being "obscene" particularly contrasts against the obscenity of male artists's own voyeuristic obsession with depicting the nude female form, which shows a clear shift in blame for the objectification of women from men to women. In effect, the artist asserts "I am not a pervert, it is women's bodies that are perverted." This is similar to the phenomenon of men painting beautiful women, but making certain to have the women in their art hold mirrors and giving those pieces titles such as "Vanity."
When we compare the original Three Graces to the edited version, it calls attention to the fact that, for some reason, male genitalia is not regarded as "obscene" in the way women's genitalia is. The penis is allowed to be seen. Michaelangelo's David and the Vitruvian Man are shown in art galleries and school textbooks without so much as a word of concern. And here, the penis can be added onto a sculpture of women on which vulva had been omitted by the original artist, and it is celebrated as "beautiful" rather than regarded as "obscene," even if the editor had explicitly fetishistic (AGP) motivations for creating it.

No. 1896045

It's truly incredible how "it's just a joke" and NAMALT are treated as effective as covers for male behavior as they are. Even TIMs explicitly talking about how fetishism ties into their trannyism will inevitably be hand-waved with "they're just joking" or "most trannies aren't like that, they're normal, they just want to pee, the gross ones are a minority that only exist online, etc."

No. 1896055

>walmart bayonetta

kek I'm stealing that one, Nona. Perfect description of Hot Topic troons.

No. 1896066

Why do troons have 118 threads about them while drag queens have far less? Drag queens are more obnoxious, ridiculous, cheapening royalty by influencing everyone now the word king and queen are memed to hell and back in both sides of the political horseshoe, woke, normies and smegma males alike. And here we are, 118 threads about pitiful men and few about pride clowns who deserve way less sympathy.(go post milk in those threads then)

No. 1896067

File: 1694365003505.png (1.04 MB, 1970x1050, Screen Shot 2023-09-10 at 9.58…)

Was looking for some handmade swimsuits on etsy and caught this gem out in the wild. Absolutely floored at the tale this tranny is spinning; I sincerely hope it is just a story.


No. 1896069

Agreed. It’s so frustrating how handmaidens will claim that TIMs are these sad little self-hating sexless gay smol beans who’d never creep on a woman and when you link them to any of the (mainstream!) trans subs where the degeneracy is on full display, they stick their heads in the sand. Either “it’s just a few bad apples” or “those are trolls”. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of accounts, many who post pictures of their face and body… but it’s all fake somehow. Because I suppose the one TIM they know personally hasn’t sexually harassed them. Yet.
I understand that it’s a result of essentially species-wide brainwashing starting at birth and that every woman snaps out of it in her own time (or not at all) but I still get so angry. How are they so blind? How can they not see what’s right in front of their eyes?

No. 1896070

drag queens recognize that theyre making a mockery of women; trannies either seem to a) not recognize this or b) don't care, which makes them significantly more harmful to women as a social class

No. 1896072

Agreed. The gross ones online are too loud and infiltrate our spaces, yet when we talk about it we are seen as harassing all men everywhere.

No. 1896073

You were not kidding, wtf. I hope none of that is true and that freak never left the house.

No. 1896075

tranny drag queens aren't that common. plus rupaul is a based tranny hater who only stopped being loud about it when he got so much flak it threatened his business.

No. 1896080

Because drag queens are mostly powerless junkies who don't infiltrate female-only spaces or undermine women's rights, and TIMs are usually well-off tech bros with more power who do infiltrate women's spaces and undermine women's rights. Also, drag queens thrive off of any attention they can get, whereas TIMs tend to hate being laughed at more. I hate drag queens, too, but they're just far less relevant, and it's not as fun to mock people who are deliberately acting out for attention as it is to mock genuine retards who act stupid because they are actually stupid. Even drag story hour is only possible because of trannies.

No. 1896083

Another one for the "trannies that unironically chose to dress exactly like meanspirited caricatures of trannies" folder.

No. 1896097

It took me a second to realise that was a furry tail instead of a really weird giant fake penis.

>it's not as fun to mock people who are deliberately acting out for attention
Yes, this. It feels… unsatisfying? to make fun of someone whose entire shtick is being grotesque and offensive and getting as much attention as possible. Trannies take themselves very seriously and want to be treated as such whereas drag queens know that they’re trashy sex clown trolls. They used to, anyway. Maybe a drag queen thread would take off if it focused more on the ones who view themselves (and are treated as) some new kweer priest class.

No. 1896103

There IS a drag queen thread, but it's very short. I'd be happy to mock drag queens too, but ultimately ia that trannies are worse because they're actively trying to (and being allowed to) infiltrate women's spaces.

No. 1896108

gandalf over here making me wanna create a witchy twitter account

No. 1896109

File: 1694368396663.jpg (198.09 KB, 1365x2048, 9.jpg)

came across this ~lesbian~ couple lul

No. 1896123

>cheapening royalty

No. 1896127

you know for a fact that guy wishes his girlfriend looked less butch

No. 1896140

Fuck off royalist scum

No. 1896147

File: 1694371905366.jpg (893.55 KB, 810x3875, Screenshot_20230910-142223_Chr…)

TIM calls woman a nazi on r/ladycyclists. Says "trans people don't have the societal power to actually oppress any one.":

No. 1896150

File: 1694371937303.jpg (Spoiler Image,517.26 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20230910-144331_Red…)

Obligatory fetish post from his profile:

No. 1896157

>Because trans people don't have the societal power to actually oppress any one.

Today on: living under a rock.

No. 1896161

File: 1694373506698.jpeg (342.8 KB, 1044x1299, 1EE85614-F80B-4E43-99F4-B1766E…)

>Because trans people don't have the societal power to actually oppress any one.
>they have months dedicated to them
>artist’s support
>celebrities’ support
>media support (movies/series are made with messages supporting trannies)
And they’re saying that they don’t have any fucking societal power?

No. 1896162

Oh no anons. The woman looks like the spitting image of a woman I know who actually is a lesbian, but has said that if she ever splits up with her wife she’d, like, totally be up for dating a cute trans girl uwu~ because TWAW! I’m 99.9% sure she’s lying for good handmaiden brownie points but ngl I still went to check on her after seeing this photo. Even that outfit looks like something she’d wear. It’s not her, though, thank goodness.

No. 1896163

Like men’s rights activists who say patriarchy doesn’t exist and that they’re oppressed by women

No. 1896166

So who exactly are they going to celebrate? Some C list actors like Laverne Cox? The Wachowski perverts? Wendy Carlos? Honestly I can't think of any trannies who've had a profound impact on human society (a positive one anyway)

No. 1896174

Kek I didn't even notice that. Sometimes the people ITT are almost cows, themselves.

No. 1896182

>"Protecting women" and "having concerns" are inherently Nazi rhetoric
You know who else loved dogs? Hitler.

No. 1896191

The Nazi's passed the first laws against animal cruelty in Germany, including banning vivisection. Hitler was also a vegetarian. And several high ranking Nazi's were environmentalists, e.g. Hermann Göring was a conservationist. Stuff to throw in the face of a TRA or troon when they make that stupid argument. It won't affect them, but it might wake up people who are watching.

No. 1896192

File: 1694378371794.png (1.76 MB, 1184x1716, Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 4.38.…)

I vaguely remember reading something about how Michaelangelo was gay and only used male models and he would just slap some boobs on them and call it a day. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of the sculpture was of a male and then the artist just added tits and figured that was close enough

No. 1896196

And her wife is just fine with her saying that?

No. 1896215

pretty close, young boys were often used as stand in models for women around that era, they were the also the one's playing female roles in plays as that time as well.
like men would literally be gay paedophiles then just be slightly less misogynistic.

No. 1896228

Ayrt and that entire sort of thing crossed my mind as well when I was saving the images. It’s pretty infuriating.

No. 1896240

File: 1694383981843.jpg (430.77 KB, 1080x1440, Snaptik.app_727576934958607901…)

No. 1896259

Hirschfeld, his name was Magnus Hirschfeld, the least they could do is get the name right. And the main reason for the destruction was that Hirschfeld was Jewish. But how should a troon know that there were people that were really hunted and killed because of something they couldn't do anything about. That troon should read the leaflet "Wider den undeutschen Geist", it's one of the leaflets behind the book burnings. Nothing in it says anything about "protecting women", nothing. Their main focus never was to protect women, women were only good as mothers or to do cheap labour, nothing else. But he probably never had any history lessons about Nazi Germany, can't even get one single name right. If a troon would ever call me a Nazi, because I care for my rights and want other women to be save, I guess he wouldn't leave without a bleeding nose.

No. 1896269

File: 1694387564643.png (1.26 MB, 690x1046, on all levels exect physical.p…)

The "on all level exect physical i am a wolf" guy is now a TIM, the fucking irony. The tiktok is way too long but here's the link just because his dress and haircut is so ugly.

No. 1896288

What in god's name is going on with his chest?

No. 1896291


No. 1896307

bacterial folliculitis because he has to shave his chest and all the follicles become inflamed

No. 1896312

File: 1694392255473.jpg (86.42 KB, 736x788, F0PU2WGaEAA5GFD.jpg)

Nice Kubrick stare

No. 1896334

On one hand I appreciate him at least not claiming hairy tits are feminine, on the other hand that doesn't seem very "wolfy" kek
It's funny to see the people who were claiming he was a delusional man as an otherkin now claming he's a true woman. Like how people loved Oli London as a "woman" but disliked his "koreaboo" transition as if there's any difference between the larps/delusions

No. 1896348

File: 1694398809565.jpeg (405.25 KB, 1170x2533, A09EB46E-803B-4ACF-987D-C9F18E…)

A lot of them unironically believe that pregnant mare piss was used as HRT, kek. Trannies were totes real and valid in Ancient Greece!

No. 1896350

Bacterial folliculitis is so easy to fix and the fact that he has that nasty of a case. Moid hygiene is such a nasty phenomenon

No. 1896359

thats it. i have peaked. this is something else.

No. 1896375

serpent's egg's already hatched

No. 1896376

File: 1694403787703.png (79.83 KB, 948x661, Meth parties advertised with m…)

Checked out some of the trans resources in my area to see what they had and I came across a link for how to engage in safe meth parties linked through the official "linktree" of the organisation. This is an org that was advertising resources for at-risk students and right on the only link they have to all their stuff is a link to a guide to "safe" gay meth orgies. The argument is that they shouldn't just be for gays anymore and it's bad to stigmatize meth parties cause they're fun!
https://linktr.ee/transpowerasaap (the org's linktree)
https://www.cbrc.net/t4pnp_a_quick_and_dirty_guide_to_party_n_play_harm_reduction_by_and_for_trans_folks (the meth orgy paper)

No. 1896377

File: 1694403830243.png (88.45 KB, 421x631, gay sex orgies shouldn't be tr…)

The first page of the paper

No. 1896379

>Men claiming degenerate men have no societal power.

No. 1896383

File: 1694405354453.jpg (835.53 KB, 1776x1314, mtf1.jpg)

troon with a habit of making up "getting harassed by men" stories talks about how he totally looks more like his girlfriend than she does

No. 1896384

he wrote this one-handed

No. 1896388

He said “nice pic” because he thought the ID pic was a total catfish compared to the troon irl.

No. 1896390

File: 1694407289811.png (468.59 KB, 596x624, ew.png)

why are they ALL pedophiles

No. 1896392

File: 1694407376907.png (394.85 KB, 603x649, ew2.png)

his "girlfriend"

No. 1896394

paraphilias cluster

No. 1896402

maybe there's a nonnie who knows better, but what i learned in my art history class is that Michelangelo hated being forced to do art for churches, Sistine Chapel, etc. So as petty revenge he'd made the women burly or intentionally ugly. But of course trannies are trying to do some 3d chess interpretation of art history to fit their trendy narrative.

No. 1896409

File: 1694411652875.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.66 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20230911_155321565.jpg)

That degenerate Australian troon who took OF photos with treats to coax it's rabbits into it's festering wound is such a cow. Typical man fixated on labia size, it's only fair he looks like he has a micro penis despite shelling out for a "designer coochie".

No. 1896411

Nah, they are a reflection of men's belief that men are superior to women by nature. A woman looking like a man was perfection. On the older hand, tims are men looking like men. At best, men looking like women. So not the same thing at all. Them claiming to see themselves in that kind of art is a self-sown. They see their own maleness, like every other men.

No. 1896432

>We've been around since the dawn of time!!!
So have pedophiles. What's your point?

No. 1896447

kek hes a literal rectangle even posing… wow

No. 1896448

I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous this is

No. 1896464

File: 1694426775284.jpg (26.31 KB, 873x96, ewg08.JPG)

Classic case of if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes.

No. 1896483

File: 1694432017213.png (1.93 MB, 1336x1831, junkietroon.png)

Junkie gets a rot pocket:

No. 1896486

>Barely 19
>That hairline

No. 1896491

I could see that and the shape of the hands even without my glasses. Also hate it when they say "just got my cunt installed" and shit. So gross.

No. 1896498

>on hrt for a week before getting sex change
>addicted to heroin

this guy is going to die before he's 25

No. 1896499

File: 1694436173015.jpg (688.24 KB, 932x1531, Clipboard04.jpg)

No. 1896501

File: 1694437014302.jpg (290.64 KB, 1158x1105, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 1896507

hairy potter and the prisoner of azkatran

No. 1896511

>ill-fitting lazy fetish outfit
>the contrast between the photo and the icon

No. 1896512

damn i wish i had his confidence!
also kek @ the face of the man he's touching

his poor poor wife.. why is she even staying..

No. 1896535

I overheard a 1st year premed tranny asking for suggestions on which med uni or college is trans friendly kek. Kinda weird to pursue med considering hardly any topic in medschool is trans friendly.(blogging + unsaged)

No. 1896545

dude has a Hapsburg face kek

No. 1896547

Jesus Christ , I'd be so disappointed if any of my future children , my son in this case , ends up like this.

No. 1896550

File: 1694446784934.jpg (Spoiler Image,717.22 KB, 2144x2060, bushpig.jpg)

Everyday it just gets worse. When will it end?

No. 1896553

>this post looks better when you share it
no i don't think i will

No. 1896558


How did someone this grotesquely obese and slovenly get approved for anesthesia for non-essential surgery? I'm convinced some of these surgeons are just hoping their patients will die on the operating table.

No. 1896559

Refraining from a-logging this pedo scrote, but I can’t help being glad to know he’s gonna wanna die when he realizes he will never coom again.

No. 1896564

File: 1694449659108.png (585.26 KB, 565x823, gracehylan.png)

The photoshop on his OF content leaks is insane. Hiding his true manly rectangle brick body.

No. 1896565

Forgot to sage sorry nonnas !

No. 1896574

I remember Dr Mengele/Gallagher gleefully advertising that she will ignore guidance on surgeries for obese patients. You just need to find a quack with no ethics and be willing to sign an: 'I'm okay with it if you kill me' waver.

No. 1896576

File: 1694450962917.png (26.29 KB, 720x217, Screenshot_20230912-004808~2.p…)

What is this obsession with carrying around sanitary items and handing them out, specifically tampons? What is the obsession with tampons in particular?

Also, I have never known women to go around panhandling for sanitary products by putting their hands under toilet stall doors.

No. 1896578

Creepy to cosplay as a sexy version of toy that looks like a toddler… but since the doll was actually an adult male serial killer, it seems appropriate.

No. 1896581

Literally the only times this has happened to me is when someone is out of TP in the next stall. Trannies stay being creepy liars. I would rather free bleed and stain my clothes than take a tampon from a troon who would then get off on telling Reddit about how he totally saved me uwu

No. 1896585

Yeah no this is not a thing. If someone really needs toilet paper or a sanitary item (does anyone even take tampons from strangers? I use both but in an emergency I’d ask for a pad, not a tampon) then she’ll ask, not stick her hand under the stall. I guarantee that any girl or woman who sees a hand coming out from under a toilet stall door or wall will scream and possibly kick at it, not put a tampon in there. What the fuck. This has to be a fetish, but what a bizarre one.

No. 1896586

Wtf, who would stick their hand under the stall without so much as a word of warning or explanation? How strong does your autism have to be that you have less manners than Aka Manto?

No. 1896587

I have a fantasy that some day a delusional troon will try and offer me a tampon, to which I will reee and screech about his assumption of my gender and reproductive organs. We're talking a fifteen minute tirade filled with shaming and theatrics.

No. 1896588

That entire thread is mostly just troons. It's giving actuallesbians a run for it's money.

No. 1896589

Samefag but it just occurred to me that the only people who’d stick their hand into someone else’s toilet stall instead of using their voice are troons who know they sound like men. I’ve met a few like that before, who use facial expressions, gestures and at most monosyllables to communicate because their voice “gives them away” (lmao). That just makes this creepier. What does a troon need a tampon for? I’m definitely stomping on that hand if this ever happens to me.

No. 1896593

LMAO I hope you get to do that someday and share it with us here that would be gold

No. 1896594

I'd never ask a complete stranger for a tampon, (I'd rather just find the closest place to buy some) but I'd rather die than accept one from a moid. Tampons aren't sterile in the first place but I'd never trust someone to not just give me that random tampon that's been rattling around at the bottom of their bag for years.

No. 1896595

They let them sign wavers so they can't sue. These doctors don't give a fuck about anything but money.

No. 1896598

Believe me nonners, this thread will be the first place I post about it. Promise.

No. 1896599

File: 1694454128872.jpg (426.53 KB, 810x1632, Screenshot_20230911-133113_Chr…)

Bless the few cryptoTERFs remaining there kek:

No. 1896600

what the fuck is banning people lmao
does this guy think people will be classified as pornography, and then get banned if porn is banned?? that makes zero sene

No. 1896605

Come 2025 the republicans are going to round all the trannies up in trucks and dump them in our beautiful oceans and rivers, like they do with all waste products and pollutants.

No. 1896614

File: 1694456841268.png (122.89 KB, 1806x384, 2023-09-11_20.28.25.png)

>the republicans are totally planning tranny death camps for 2025!!!!
>source: dude trust me
of course the lone dissenter who actually checked his sources gets downvoted to hell. cult ass mentality

No. 1896615

A TIM in my uni classes got a frankenpussy installed back in spring and I swear to you that on a hot day I can smell it from 10 feet away when he comes into class sweaty from walking across campus. Pray for me nonnas.

No. 1896619

how do they all end up with the same botched michael jackson face?

No. 1896620

my god nona, may your nose not be assaulted

No. 1896622

reminds me of how jim sterling went from fat nerd to fat troon nerd who knows uploads videos with kink gear. They are all so porn sick.

No. 1896624

To be fair, "the people making the plans never specifically said genocide, murder, or death camps" isn't exactly a compelling point to prove that those things aren't being planned in secret. You and I know that "tranny genocide" isn't being planned, nor will it happen, but the retards that don't know that are going to need something more convincing than "bro don't worry, they never said the words kill or murder in their legal proposals."

No. 1896630

File: 1694459178168.jpg (194.67 KB, 1080x1433, F5wGouGXAAAwAu7.jpg)

Usually when people move out in secret without you knowing, its because theyre afraid of your reaction to it. I feel like theres more than just "wife moved out because husband troons out" to this

No. 1896639

File: 1694459945944.jpg (232.83 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20230911-151218_Boo…)

Troons try not to sound like corrective rapists challenge

No. 1896640

>a woman being attracted to vaginas has a breeder kink
how the fuck does that work exactly?

No. 1896644

Yeah, you just know this man has been abusive in other ways. If they had a good relationship, things would have been handled much differently.

No. 1896645

Good I hope he seethes and cries alone in his empty house and I hope his wife and kids go on to have happy, troon free lives. Guaranteed he is some kind of abuser or she found his stash of nasty porn (prob CP) if she moved out like that and his parents helped. Love when trannies get what’s coming to them.

No. 1896646

Yeah, like even if she would sleep with him, what “breeding” would be taking place? She can’t get a woman or a man with a “neo vagina” pregnant in either case so I don’t understand what he’s saying.

No. 1896652

The wife is a smart woman. I want to hear more about this. Did he posts any updates?

No. 1896653

Love all the replies on this being like "my wife did the same, they all treated me like I was an abuser!" as if trapping your wife in a marriage then suddenly deciding to reveal that you're some pornsick freak who thinks he's a woman isn't manipulative and abusive kek hope the women and children in these stories are all living happy lives away from these moids

No. 1896658

File: 1694462946631.jpg (331.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230912-061030_Red…)

I looked it up, general troon shit. It seems like they were Mormon.
He posted this gem a few posts before his "my wife left me" post lol

No. 1896659

File: 1694463113311.jpg (507.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230912-061425_Red…)

Also he has kept his nuts in a jar. Muh dysphoria eh?

No. 1896661

The trans "genocide" is just literally some legislations that will prevent "minors" from having hormones and surgeries destroy their bodies, you can do whatever the fuck you want as adults.

No. 1896669

I don't know if I laugh or scream in absolute horror kek

No. 1896678

>who knows it may show positive
These motherfuckers are brain dead aren’t they? 100% sure they were joking

No. 1896680

File: 1694464872700.jpg (1006.64 KB, 1818x2424, reddit sub transguns troons wi…)

I'm cackling. This entire thread is troons freaking out and normal women peaking at how nuts they are. One posted about the sub transguns to arm themselves to fight back to stop the trans death camps. One woman was silly enough to post banning porn in itself is good and she got the SWERF discourse in her replies.

No. 1896684

Good for her. I wish her all the best. The fact that his own family helped her is the best part.

No. 1896689

File: 1694466475204.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1920, 23-09-11-22-06-58-554_deco.jpg)

I'm sure the lads are very upset by this

No. 1896690

I didn't see the second pic but knew it was t4t because a woman would never refer to someone as "jailbait", only men are pedophiles and think that would be a compliment

No. 1896710

Projection, nona. That's how it always works.

No. 1896725

100% betting Elegabalus gets a mention despite contributing nothing to the empire and spent his rule being a sexual maniac that both the Senate and common populace felt disgusted by him.

No. 1896737

Ngl, if I could ever become a doctor who could aid in adding to 40% and get paid for it I would

No. 1896740

File: 1694474056254.jpeg (71.39 KB, 828x385, IMG_2407.jpeg)

never forget nonnas, just be existing we make these freaks wanna off themselves lmao

No. 1896742

File: 1694474294771.jpeg (46.6 KB, 641x458, 1693917863527.jpeg)

he looks like mr bean

No. 1896744

>I hate looking at women because it makes my pp sad
>I'm not gonna live very long

No. 1896746

File: 1694475026234.jpg (601.06 KB, 932x1531, 1694436173015.jpg)

His wife looks like she's about to cry, that smile looks so fake

No. 1896748

File: 1694475231238.png (10.21 KB, 1052x58, Is there a girl equivelant to …)

kek I screenshot the same post, take a gander at the ugly moid writing that.

No. 1896750

File: 1694475562256.jpg (13.35 KB, 275x271, F5L3pFwXgAAuPpA.jpg)

And then he wonders why his wife was trying to leave in secret…

No. 1896751

My mom did this to my dad, mostly because any time she wanted to leave he would threaten her so she had to do it in secret. Idk if that woman's situation was as severe, considering how often troons suibait I wonder if any time she talked about leaving he would guilt her. I hope her and the kids are doing well, these situations are rough while happening but for my family, it was the best decision my mom ever made.

No. 1896752

File: 1694475864488.jpg (46.05 KB, 646x768, F5V_mz5X0AAsIAA.jpg)

There's more of these edits but do you think this will get the point across?

No. 1896753

Oh 100%(sage your shit)

No. 1896755

>normal women
Troons always tell on themselves kek

No. 1896759

File: 1694476321876.png (448.88 KB, 761x1092, Genevieve Gluck on X.png)

No. 1896761

KEK I have to tell you nonnies what my friend just told me
She knew this TiM who was a nurse, and in our country you have to do your residency in a rural area. This area is tiny, full of indigenous people who are functionally illiterate, and their hospital has about 3 beds. This town also recently just got hit with a bout of floods and rendered several of the local population homeless. Troon moves in, is the only one in the town, and sets up a trans advocacy group. This group consists of just him, screeching about muh trans rights in a town that could not give less of a shit. Trannies just love to make everything about themselves.

No. 1896765

>troon who took OF photos with treats to coax it's rabbits into it's festering wound
what does that mean… are you describing beastiality or am I misreading

No. 1896767

Right? I remember being called that as a teen by someone and feeling so disgusted and dirty. Men are so vile.

No. 1896769

Yes the pics nonna mentioned is literally him using treats to make bunnies touch his rotpocket

No. 1896777


Made up LARP tips from an ersatz "woman". Useful as tits on a boar.

No. 1896780

it's always "if you wanna be a girl you can just be one" and never "if you want to be on a diet, you can just be on one"

No. 1896784

reminds me of that a tim a few threads back who asked to keep them then had them cased in glass or something and gifted to a self-hating tif he knew
>hrt could cause a false positive pregnancy test!
what happens when you think learning fun facts and generalizations after high school is equal to understanding higher level biology. Ten bucks he thinks the test would show that you're pregnant because he heard that the birth control pill works by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant ergo pregnancy test could be thrown off by horse piss.
holy shit amerinonnas call or email your reps. fuck even a republitard rep if it will help. I worry this is scrotes in law seeing a good way to hide their crimes (abusive cops) or lack of care for women's crimes so things might get so much worse

No. 1896787

File: 1694482924574.jpg (237.11 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20230911_214243_Red…)

i won't a-log, i won't a-log…

No. 1896788

genuinely heartbreaking and infuriating, what the fuck. I know it's not outright animal cruelty but I'm so sensitive to bunnies being mistreated. someone needs to either rescue them or take him out

No. 1896791

their porn fantasies are so unoriginal

No. 1896792

I assure you that no republitard rep is going to support increased transparency about male violence against women, even if it would "own the trannies"

No. 1896799

Be female, usually does the trick

No. 1896802

File: 1694484674040.png (95.23 KB, 805x711, Fencing competitor says trans …)

of course men don't care about protecting women's sports..

No. 1896831

>this is the kind of operation you would mount against an abusive husband
stunning lack of self awareness
does this not prompt any self reflection on his part?

No. 1896834

The number of troons who get spousal support makes my teeth itch. And they get more custody than they deserve bc they get immediate crowdfunding and use their shitty sociopath lawyers to shriek parental alienation, which is NeVeR an abuse tactic by moids to punish women.

No. 1896835

The highlighted part makes me want to walk off a short pier. Also, that clearly never happened kek.

No. 1896844

sage for OT but they didn't practice it though. Witches are as real as 'demons' are. The women and men killed were Christians who just followed odd fokk-Christian practices and I do think it's a bit offensive to claim those women with modern spiritualist tendencies because that's frankly not true.

No. 1896845

Pretty sure if it comes back positive, it means he has testicular or prostate cancer.

No. 1896846

What planet is this person from? I can see someone doing this for toilet paper, but they'd also, y'know… say out loud that they need toilet paper. Generally if we're out of pads or whatever, we know that before even entering the restroom? Like, you check your bag first. Restrooms often have vending machines for tampons and such.

I'm perpetually nauseated by trannies' obsession with the idea of women exchanging tampons like they're Pokemon cards. There's no fucking secret code language for tampons, and no woman on this green earth has ever actually asked a tranny for a tampon. They just masturbate to the idea of giving a woman something that will go into her vagina, which is why they only ever talk about tampons and not pads. Fucking sickos.

No. 1896847

Animal abuse is such scrotoid behavior. There's a reason so many dogs are afraid of men. I hope he tries that stupid shit again and one of the rabbits bites him.

No. 1896850

It's difficult to be certain because he's dead and he never remarked on it, but we know that he knew how to draw women correctly because he has sketches of them. The rub was that back then, it was difficult to find women willing to pose nude because in some municipalities it was either a crime or highly frowned upon. The few women who did it would typically be prostitutes. I believe that Michelangelo depicted mannish "women" as a way of pretending to the church that his studio never used female nude models. Also, you're right that he had some negative views of clergymen. He once depicted a particular cardinal he disliked as a donkey.

Maybe the Greeks felt that way, and baroque artists drew heavily from Greek art. But in Michelangelo's case, you can't chalk it up solely to misogyny. Remember that he was commissioned by churches at a time when using female nude models was taboo, and that he was most likely a homosexual.

No. 1896853

It's so telling how much of a bubble/cult it is, he didn't post to any relationship subreddit, or one with legal advice. Nope, has to go on /r/MTF.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1896864

The closest I've come to this is asking to mooch a quarter so I could get my own, and that was only bc I couldn't last the rest of my shift using just tp. FRIENDS have asked me for a tamp, but that's VERY different from a mystery hand making wiggle fingers at me under the stall

No. 1896871

>politicians are planning to outlaw porn and trannies
Oh what I would give for this to be true. Shame on them for giving me any kind of hope.

No. 1896898

and he moved from melbourne didnt he anon kekkkkkk
i wonder if this plays into fag cabal schizoanons theories

No. 1896930

File: 1694520032067.jpg (183.5 KB, 1080x1119, F5y3PYRXgAAsy9H.jpg)

Good Im getting afraid of getting married one day considering how many of these freaks wait till youre married or have kids to do this shit

No. 1896934

>”wah wah poor me”
Every fucking time. Men are pathetic and troons are the most pathetic men of all.

No. 1896937

Did he think she would jump with joy and she would propose that they should buy wigs together or some shit?

No. 1896942

File: 1694522308645.jpg (706.57 KB, 810x3018, Screenshot_20230912-060820_Chr…)

TIM accuses TIF girlfriend of weaponizing her "female privilege":

No. 1896943

File: 1694522388089.jpg (542.07 KB, 810x1845, Screenshot_20230912-081802_Chr…)

TIM upset his friends aren't treating him special after coming out as trans:

No. 1896944

kek i love these

No. 1896955

i wonder by what kind of mental gymnastics are trannies going to explain that tifs retain ~female privilege~ but tims don't have male privilege & socialization. she probs just has a good family & friends, which males could also have if they weren't so self-centered and lacking empathy. it's also possible that she's the kind of person that's always relying on others but it is ridiculous to pretend that it's a female thing and that males never rely on others. they need mommy and then a wife to guide them through life otherwise they become incels or school shooters

No. 1896964

it sounds like she's being at least emotionally abused by the TIM.
>All this time I have felt that I am enough, that I am a positive person and that nothing is wrong with me.
>until this narc troon came into her life
girl, just dump his ass. and the trans label too while you're at it.
it's the male privilege for sure. MTF trannies are coddled the same way "cis" men are, but the tranny label gives them yet another free pass to be scumbags.

No. 1896969

File: 1694525932356.jpg (211.1 KB, 1080x1553, FQE9j2VXMAEBxDx.jpg)

Spicy straight women who go along with these moid's relationships and pretend to be 'lesbians' are going straight to the ninth circle of hell with the rest of the traitors.

No. 1896982

Yeah, it’s incredibly weird. I’ve been on earth for 34 years and have been asked for a menstrual product (pad in this case) once by a pregnant woman who was desperate and came to me when I was working as a retail employee at a theme park to see if we had anything. Wasn’t even in the bathroom, was at the register. It isn’t a common occurrence like men seem to think it is for some reason. I think my own experience was asking my best friend in high school for something once when I’d forgotten to bring an extra. No way I’d ask some random woman in the bathroom, I’d just fold up some toilet paper for the time being and call it a day until I could deal with it properly.

No. 1896983

I don’t get what they want. They get mad if you make a big deal out of it and mad if you don’t. At this point, the only thing to do is gray rock so they leave you the hell alone in general.

No. 1896987

File: 1694530008730.png (2.45 MB, 1080x2614, bbctroon.png)

Ugly ass racist

No. 1896990

I'm confused. Is the short one not a female? So then how are they both "T4T" and lesbians? T4T would mean they're both trans, right? These retards are making heterosexuality complicated.

No. 1896993

They count any flavor of spicy uwu enby as trans, that's how.

No. 1897007

>i won't a-log, i won't a-log…
I know you don't want to get banned, nonna. But that's okay. We're all a-logging these motherfuckers in our minds every time we have to read shit like this anyway.

No. 1897008

I’ve noticed for a while that balding seems to make a lot of men troon out, but I thought that just sounds so retarded that it must be a coincidence. But here it is spelled out plainly. Balding really does seem to be the catalyst for a bunch of these. They freak out and their porn-addicted, autism-riddled brains for some reason jump to the conclusion that trooning is the only way. It’s like balding is the final failmale straw and they completely lose it and think “becoming a woman” is their only option at that point. Why they don’t just look into normal ways men can prevent balding is beyond me. They seem to think HRT will reverse balding, fucking retards.

No. 1897010

It is because these men are pornsick perverts who think that women must secretly use tampons as dildoes because if it's something a woman sticks in her vagina it can't possibly not be sexual. These men are aroused at the thought of essentially having indirect sex with women because they think handing a woman a tampon = handing a woman a dildo that she's gonna masturbate with.

It's a catch-22. If they fully commit to the LARP that the man is a woman and the woman is a man, then they're a straight couple with extra steps. And being straight = evil, bad, and boring in their eyes. So they need to pretend that the man is a woman, and the woman is not a man but also something other than a yucky woman, because being "cis" is boring, because being "queer" is the highest honor one can achieve as an average woke white couple.

You need to keep in mind that this shit is like a religion to these people. At the end of the day, even if the rules of troondom and queerness contradict themselves on paper, as long as you ~believe~ you are queer, your soul will be saved from the sin of being an evil boring basic uncool cishet oppressor.

No. 1897011

Indeed, those called witches were probably just practicing some pre-Christian pagan rituals. But not everyone is/has been a Christian, nonna. In many small towns in Europe, pre-Christian traditions and rituals have remained alive, including ancient rites dedicated to Faes or so-called pagan gods and goddesses. Some of these rites have been passed through generations, some of them surviving in families like mine. And if women who follow pagan traditions want to call themselves witches, I don't really see a problem with it. The fact is that folklore has many female deities who protect females, and TIMs should not take that away from us.

No. 1897013

They want a big deal, but they want the big deal to be praise and being treated like they are special and to be fawned over. Like they want saying that they are trans to be treated the same as if they were graduating college or got a promotion at work. They want it to be treated as a life achievement and people being "Oh my god, you're so brave. You're an inspiration." Treating is as boring "ok" is hugely disappointing to them. But then the one's who do get fawned over get bored with that and act like they never wanted to be treated that way in the first place.

No. 1897016

Exactly, nonna. They always word these stories carefully so they can look like a good guy who doesn't want to hurt anyone when he's a scrote who knows very well what he's doing. I don't even need to read the comments to know how the tranny echo chamber was telling him that he's not a bad person for being his true self and if she truly loves him she will stay. I hope she leaves the mf kek.

>Did he think she would jump with joy and she would propose that they should buy wigs together or some shit?
I would bet he's been fantasizing precisely about that, nonna. Well, that, and also them coming out as lesbians together and then having lesbian sex with girldick uwu.

No. 1897019

> She told me that I'm like his ex-boyfriend
So, did the TIF accidentally misgendered her troon boyfriend here or did I get lost among all this pronoun mess kek?

Anyway, these troons are always preying on women and then complaining women don't want girldick, but even when they somehow manage to date an actual female, they still maintain their incel-ish behaviour and use the MRA textbook to emotionally abuse said girlfriend, lol.

(Also, a bit OT, but when a TIF and a TIM date, do they call themselves straight or do they hate so much being straight that they call themselves queer because they're both trans? I bet they use queer, which is funny, because when it's a TIM dating an actual woman, they call it lesbian and not queer. Hmm, I wonder why…)

No. 1897020

File: 1694537402270.jpg (78.3 KB, 715x729, FlNgBGfXkAMh8jc.jpg)

Another level AGP is having a pic of yourself in underwear on your own shirt

No. 1897021

"Transmasc lesbian x transfem lesbian" is the hottest new spicy straight relationship dynamic.

No. 1897022

When the tactic was trying to convince normies that trannies are “just like anyone else! Just want to live a normal life and integrate into society” they used to call it straight. Now they say that “any relationship involving a trans person is inherently queer”

No. 1897025

File: 1694537906670.png (1.07 MB, 820x820, Billie Hindle Announcement.png)

The Magnus Protocol (sequel to The Magnus Archives) just announced the replacement VA for the character Alice Dyer. What a very feminine she/her. All his voice acting reels on YouTube are of male characters.

No. 1897026

File: 1694538010991.png (Spoiler Image,580.61 KB, 1189x684, image (1).png)

He got FFS on his jaw in May 2023 and this is his before and "after" from July. Kek
Spoilered for extremely feminine attributes (such as a cheap goth GF cosplay)

No. 1897027

lmao he looks like every 70s male singer

No. 1897030

File: 1694538185402.png (3.66 MB, 1622x2737, RedDevilJennifer.png)

>Another level AGP is having a pic of yourself in underwear on your own shirt
Also making hentai of yourself

No. 1897032

Like a Rob Zombie slasher.

No. 1897033

why do they always have those teeth??

No. 1897041


Sageblog but the one time I used to carry pads with me it was when I was on my period. If I had an accident I went to the closer pharmacy to buy pads and nothing else. The least I wanted to do is ask for another woman a pad.

These men really either think women have the "sorority" learnt from younger or they expect a help from them to be "super heroines" which… It doesn't work that way. Women will find a way to make a single pad and is not by asking to another woman.

No. 1897043


>Neo vaginas are normally indistinguishable from natal vaginas

And they say denial is not just a river in Egypt. In the prior thread we had a tranny complaining his wound was smelling badly even when he used vinagre and didn't want to go to doctor for an infection problem.

No. 1897046

File: 1694540542084.jpg (717.32 KB, 921x2090, 173827483948290.jpg)

All of this reminded me of this troon.
>Guy decides he's a woman out of nowhere so he can find an excuse for his depression
>Family and friends are caught off guard but try to be kind and accepting of his new self
>Troon gets mad because now he feels his accepting family and friends are acting as if he is another person
Tf? These moids are just insufferable.

No. 1897047

It's like an AL Franken and Andy Dick offspring and now I'm sad. Also these disgusting beer guts just make them look like they have worms, not an uwu pwegnancy

No. 1897050

File: 1694541131709.png (1.89 MB, 1700x1144, 1556572540-moonoverjune_0609.p…)


This webcomic Moon Over June is written by a TIM lesbian fetishist and it's horribly drawn and written, but I think it offers a fascinating glimpse into how a troon's mind works. In the author's ideal world any woman he's close to (including his own sister) would be overjoyed to learn that the man is trooning out. Note the lines in the comic about playing with tampons and wearing his sister's underwear - women are supposed to interpret this textbook AGP bullshit as proof that the man was actually a woman all along!

No. 1897051

>5th anniversary as a lesbian couple
>I came out as trans in early 2019. She came out as lesbian a few months later.
Gross. Gross. Gross. Just gross. Why can't these fucking retards leave lesbians alone?

No. 1897053

So… this man stole his sister's bra and "undies" and tried them out… Okay, enough of the internet for today, I guess. I'm going to vomit.

No. 1897054

This kind of support has to come from the fact no woman wants to believe her brother of all people has been using her as a prop in his sexual pedo incest fetish. Why else would any woman find out her brother has been wearing her underwear and not immediately recoil in absolute vomit inducing revulsion? It’s cope or fear of a violent narc outburst so typical of scrotes.

No. 1897058

The only difference I see is they shaved his chin a bit, but it's still crooked lmao

No. 1897065

NTA but most women accused of witchcraft were just regular women who ran afoul of a scrote or a scrote-aligned woman. These women were convicted purely on testimony and often there was no actual evidence of non-Christian practices.
Patriarchal societies think of women who live alone, independent of men as inherently sinister. What’s wrong with her? What nefarious activities does she get up to when not under male supervision? This is amplified if she provides advice or services (e.g. midwifery, medication) to other women. Perhaps she provided one woman with a herbal abortifacient and gets blamed when another woman miscarries. Perhaps she told a woman she doesn’t have to put up with abusive behaviour from her husband. Perhaps she rejected a man’s sexual advances. Perhaps she hasn’t done any of these things and just owns some property that a man feels entitled to.
Women still get murdered for these things today. Women are still blamed for men’s thoughts, feeling and actions as if we have some mystical control over them. Back then men called this witchcraft. In 2023, witches TERFs can supposedly make violent men do their bidding by posting tweets. Same shit, different century.

No. 1897066

The serial killer Leonard Lake kidnapped women and kept them in a bunker because he was trying to recreate his ideal woman Miranda, a fictional character from a thriller novel. He called it the Miranda Project. One of the rules he made this women follow to be Miranda or whatever is that unless they were eating they had to "always keep their lips parted". I think about it every time I see troons with that ugly fishmouthed gape. I suppose I'd rather these wannabe serial killers die trying to become their waifu instead of what they would have done if they were agp'ing in the 70s, but the parallels are uncanny

No. 1897093

I think you misread, it says 3 years not weeks.

No. 1897117

File: 1694550956597.jpg (677.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230913-063750_Fac…)

Don't know if this joker is "trans" but he's always posting on a page I like and everyone just encourages him and pretends like this isn't someone's grandpa posting himself in fetish little girl clothing on Facebook

No. 1897118

Lmao I hope he doesn’t do the creepy Buffalo Bill high pitched thing that MTFs do

No. 1897184

kekkkkk nonnie do we know the same person? I think they moved over east from Perth

No. 1897188

I fully thought this was "Ethel Cain" lmfao

No. 1897196

ginger male market failure strikes again

No. 1897200

also I don't think they realise how the period works. It's like they either think it's like peeing and you feel a pressure to sit down and release it or that we're a running faucet. When you sit down and notice a lack of pad you can literally just get up lol. Sure you can get unlucky and some blood might come out during a 30 second dash to and from the stall to the dispenser, but it's not like you're gonna ruin pants over it, your panties probably already had some blood if you're in a scenario without one and a sudden period anyways (and it washes out in cold water so blood staining is a non-worry after you realise that).
As a side note, I wouldn't take a rando's tampon because you can't select the right size for your bleeding and also have no clue the state of their purse which might not be hygenic enough for the tampon to be sterile (some tampons only have paper packaging which isn't the best at bacterial protection). I'd rather stuff toilet paper in my panties and go home than get TSS if a stranger's tampons were my only option
>minor issue came up
>triggered a whole conversation about trust where the woman asked if there was anything else being hidden from her
Something tells me that "minor issue" wasn't so minor…
Also typical fake empathetic scrote "oh i feel so bad, I feel like trash that my 'reality/truth' is taken so badly. I feel less than worthless please make me feel better and forget about the issues at hand because I've already decided they're not issues and your reaction is"

No. 1897207

File: 1694561577243.jpeg (689.5 KB, 704x1141, IMG_0782.jpeg)

Like we haven’t all seen you with a stash of guns lol? What is he trying to prove

No. 1897208

File: 1694561656646.jpeg (130.76 KB, 638x685, IMG_0783.jpeg)

Come on now

No. 1897239

Is he posing with his grandfather's war memorabilia collection?

No. 1897272

File: 1694568667057.png (820.08 KB, 708x1101, Sall Grover on X.png)

Good to know that trannies can always get their "spaces" but women can't.

No. 1897281

>>1897208 Maybe it's good he transed out, could have also become a school shooter. Major Randy Stair vibes

No. 1897283

Before I zoomed in I thought this was a pic of Bill Skarsgård bye

No. 1897284

File: 1694570084157.jpg (94.44 KB, 741x1280, son.jpg)

I don't understand how even pro-tranny "feminists" don't see how sexist this take is. The take being "looking like a woman is what makes you a woman". Of course by "looking like a woman" they usually mean wearing make up and having implants. After that, it's nonsensical to consider your son a male because the female essence got into him.

Careful nonna, he can be both

No. 1897285

>I'm just trying to create a space for myself
Yeah it's called patriarchy, look it up mate. Lots of spaces for men, everywhere in fact, men are welcomed and comparitively (to women) free everywhere in the world. So this just is code for "I get off on invading female spaces" which isn't new, just ask any rapist.

No. 1897286

File: 1694570855656.png (31.23 KB, 748x303, on X.png)

sounds like this tranny

No. 1897288

File: 1694570978402.jpg (Spoiler Image,798.67 KB, 2150x2212, Screenshot_20230911_143218_Red…)

guy got off his own balls

No. 1897290

nice to see a troon finally show some initiative. more of them should go this route tbh.

No. 1897300

I never wear makeup, and I usually wear jeans and tee shirts. I've never been "misgendered." Cope.

No. 1897303

Statistically, he's more likely to turn it on himself than anyone else, and that's before you even take his being a troon into account. Scrotes buy guns as part of their power fantasies and paranoia only to end up impulse-suiciding after getting dumped or fired or whatever. Women are more likely to survive suicide attempts (despite being more likely to attempt) because we usually don't stockpile guns and we have the decency not to make our loved ones clean splattered brain matter off the bathroom wall.

No. 1897305

Grey Rock is like cryptonite to clusterbees. You love to see it.


It's called being Maid of Honor, fuckwit.

No. 1897307

tons of women put effort to fit beauty standards. they don't have to put effort to "pass" as women since they are women. trannies stay coping and lying

No. 1897319

I seriously thought that was one of the Columbine shooters at first.

No. 1897328

God I can't stand this retarded ugly scrote. I hate that everyone thinks he's a true and honest woman because his music is about 'muh religious female trauma' or whatever. I refuse to listen to his lame rip-off music. I hate that Florence had him tour with her.

No. 1897349

Honestly, I can't see any insight in his "music" past his treatment of female suffering as some sort of aesthetic for him to decorate himself with. It's clear he enjoys thinking of the physical and sexual abuse of women and girls, but retards think that he makes art about it because he "personally understands and empathizes with" those struggles. The way he depicts his "trauma" in his "art" reminds me of other male "artists" who have been revealed to be lying trauma-fetishists, too.

No. 1897376

File: 1694585946989.jpeg (329.25 KB, 1242x1162, IMG_3832.jpeg)

I just accidentally discovered that forced detrans kink is a thing and it’s going as expected

No. 1897393

I have been rendered speechless

No. 1897400

Self-powered perpetual peaking machines

No. 1897405

Yeah, I'd wager up until a few years most of us most us were fine with troons "they aren't hurting anybody" there was no TERF propaganda

No. 1897408

i wanna see how tif spaces react to posts like this, i suspect they just say it's a terf troll tho

No. 1897409

eddie izzard is kind of what troons think jkr is, he's an actual dangerous person actively harming women's rights because he has no compassion towards women, and thus he ruined his own legacy forever by becoming a symbol of hatred and stupidity

No. 1897419

do you have a link to the uncensored post?

No. 1897424

No. 1897425

File: 1694599737289.jpeg (806.31 KB, 1242x1680, IMG_3833.jpeg)

AYRT and see how that post has 393 notes? I expected it to have a bunch of people calling out how disgusting it is but it was mostly likes and other men talking about how hot it is and how horny it made them. I saw a lot of similar posts from multiple blogs and it was pretty shocking. They really lean into transphobia/misandry but they are 100% horny weird men

No. 1897428

Well if they can meme themselves out of being trans again and openly admit it's always been a fetish for the whole world to see at least that is good peaking material.
It's not that surprising though, they've kept pursuing an unstable fetish that keeps pushing them forwards so once they can't become "more woman" it goes back towards becoming a man again. They've always been sick people so they're not just gonna stop and "live happily as a trans person" like the claim

No. 1897453

I agree. As they gain societal acceptance as transwomen, it becomes more of a taboo for them to embrace their maleness. And there’s no taboo that doesn’t attract these porn addicts.

No. 1897455

File: 1694605436522.jpg (513.46 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_2023-09-13-12-40-37…)

Jealous trannies leave teenage girls alone challenge

No. 1897456

File: 1694605476188.jpg (95.16 KB, 1080x356, Screenshot_2023-09-13-12-40-50…)

No. 1897459

File: 1694606088252.webm (3.63 MB, 640x360, j0_oqD2dakcx6q9O.webm)

So, this is from a protest against Riley Gaines, a competitive swimmer who opposes troons in women's sports and it's reallyfunny that the directors are so 'typical,' mostly alt/fat white women, a few upper middle-class westernized non-white people men and ugly men.

No. 1897471


No. 1897475

This kind of shit makes me literally seethe. It’s bad enough creeps were sexualizing her since she was like ten years old but now they’re trying to say she looks trans? Insufferable and incredibly rude. She’s a beautiful young woman with more “mature” features and they suit her. It makes me want to reeeeee she isn’t CLOCKY you jealous fucking TROONS

No. 1897477

What level of handmaidenry do you have to be on as a woman to show up to one of these protests waving around signs and chanting about your hatred for another woman because she dared to speak out against moids? Jesus, how bleak we're never making it out of the trenches…

No. 1897480

time to comment the same thing under troons' pictures online. they are coping so hard and they just have to make it known for some reason

No. 1897481

That's someone's grandpa kek

No. 1897492

StableDiffusion, generate "1970s photograph male rock musician"

No. 1897498

Exactly. “Listen to trans people!!” Well I did, that’s your problem.
Honestly at this point I think anyone who still actively supports them either has a fetish or a trans-identifying close relative. It’s hard to admit that your nephew is a pornrotted womanhating freak who wants to wear his sister’s skin or that you cheered on your niece’s self-mutilation, so in order to be able to still live with themselves these people latch on to the idea that SOME trans people are true and valid and affirming them is the only morally correct choice.

>I’m such a failed man, I must really be a woman
>that’s hot
>nvm I was a man all along
>that’s hot
I can’t even be happy for these men. The only way they’re able to accept themselves as they are is if they fetishise it. They’re deranged and probably dangerous. Why are doctors primarily castrating the children who didn’t wank themselves into this, when redacted for a-logging.

No. 1897512

I just want to go to sleep and wake up with all this bullshit gone.

No. 1897517

I predict that we're approaching the end of it, regardless of how hard the elites tried to push it (and God did they try) It failed. The troon issue might linger on for a few more years, but I'd bet that it will be on its last legs by the mid to late 2020s

No. 1897521

It's harder to believe trannies "just want space (to pee)" in the age of candid photos posted to twitter. Such as that photo of him touching his dick in queue to the women's room a few threads back…
Fun how that seems scrubbed from search results too instead filled up with more quotes about him wanting to "just pee" and people being transphobic for not being OK OK it said a million different ways by different tabloids
How many drugs does he have already that he didn't need to at least run to the er after for some? Also hilarious how no non-terf is questioning the most trannies are trying to cut off for "srs" nowadays is their balls not dick. I bet trannies are trying to use the "affirming surgery" phrase to make people accept a ball chopping as equal to the stink ditch since it's not trying to be female now, just "affirming" of what the person wants (which isn't to be a woman but nobody is thinking nowadays)
Clocky is the new way for men to make fun of women not being a very specific face and body shape as if it's not "womanly" if you don't have porn/LA faces and bodies. They know they're not women so they can laugh and call them men without people calling them out now. This feels like when people complained about the olsen twins being "ugly" when they hit 18 because the twins didn't grow up into whatever they had imagined (and both picked up obvious trauma from their serious sexualisation and god forsaken websites counting down the time they were "free" to fuck them). Society should go back to treating men like freaks for caring about teen idols. Meanwhile people only ever bring up "um, twilight mom' were ~problematic~ when they found 20 year old actors hot" now ignoring men's collective actions across the recent years

No. 1897551

Why are people on the internet so fucking mean to Millie Bobby brown? Sexualizing her, making her seem homophobic, now saying she looks "clocky"?? Fucks sake leave the kid alone.

No. 1897559

Is this your first time seeing a female child-celebrity grow up in real time? If it is, I'm sorry, both to you and MBB. Young girls in the entertainment industry have basically always been treated like ritualistic sacrifices.

No. 1897561

Right like I’ve never understood the rabid way moids especially seem to both seethe and lust over her while also shitting on her to an insane degree. She’s a talented actress, she’s beautiful and imo unique looking, and I hope her marriage to the baby Bon Jovi is happy and wonderful tbh she deserves that. Esp since her parents seem like garbage as well.

No. 1897566

File: 1694621459242.webm (7.07 MB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1694588479228.w…)

The way he contorts his face, kek. He's trying so hard to larp a certain type of woman.

No. 1897581

There were literally women in the 1910s who formed anti-suffrage groups to argue that women shouldn’t be given the right to vote. There always has been and will always be contingents of women who are mean, petty, or just ignorant enough to protest against women’s rights while being convinced that they’re doing the right thing.

No. 1897583

File: 1694622907796.png (293.65 KB, 479x595, fjgkr067i4kfj350.png)

They get off to terf memes. There's literally nothing women do that they won't sexualize.

No. 1897586

What won't these perverts get off on?

No. 1897587

Yeah. Life is full of retards who act against their own interests because they're used to being treated like shit and they're terrified of change.

No. 1897589

Genocide: when you ask that males play against other males in sports.

No. 1897590

She just has high cheekbones? There's no gigantic forehead, long midface, yaoi hands, or anything else you'd associate with a tranny. What a bizarre cope.

No. 1897592

>The type of women we love to fuck
>The gay men we are
Do they not know what bisexuality is…

No. 1897594

File: 1694623938480.png (1.5 MB, 3264x1675, 7f5ki868k8.png)

Listen to trans people.

No. 1897598

None of these obese speds have ever even thrown a punch kek

No. 1897602

A lot of tims wear headbands to cover up their horrific hairlines, I bet the only reason they call her clocky is because she's wearing one and they're projecting as always.

No. 1897613

File: 1694628546931.png (987.55 KB, 634x826, 60746557-11053273-Eddie_Izzard…)

Lmao the amount of Photoshop on that picture. Eddie wishes.

No. 1897615

it never happens
Clown world
(Lolcow won't let embed it its a case of a Japanese agp lapping as a lesbian)

No. 1897666

lmao, was his "female socialization" from playing the sims? What are these expressions and gestures. This is extra hilarious with the sound off. Also couldn't have chosen a better dress to accentuate his broad shoulders and skinny little hips.

No. 1897677

File: 1694639484750.jpg (167.46 KB, 1080x810, FvcSAGrWwAgTFqs.jpg)

One of these hooters girls is trans but you would never know who because they blend in so seamlessly!

No. 1897681

hooters and other "breastaurants" should be tranny only, stop sexualising and treating actual women as a commodity. maybe make some more (gender) diversity hires and pay troons more so no sane woman would go work there even in dire need.

No. 1897683

this one is hilarious, imagine being a horny moid going to grab a plate of nuggies to your favourite titty restaurant and being greated by a hulking troon, not even the barely legal troon with 525 cosmetic surgeries+filters they jack off in secret, but your fucking grandpa on a wig. Hilarious.

No. 1897697

Every girl in this picture looks so uncomfortable. The one directly next to the troon on the right who is crossing her foot over her other foot says it all with her body language and frozen smile.

No. 1897713

NTA but if you have heavy periods it is very possible to ruin a pair of pants in 30 seconds. But even then you don't just stick your hand under the next stall as if that's universal girl sign language for period products.

No. 1897716

isn't this the fat guy that mainstream media was dickriding for wearing some pink dress, that they also dragged a lady (i think it was a Spanish royalty) for wearing because it made her look "childish"? fucking clown world

No. 1897726

File: 1694644573559.jpeg (1.09 MB, 4500x4500, 1660424930909.jpeg)

Yep lol. In that very dress.

He's been a household name for decades in the UK, but now he's just turned himself into a laughing stock.

No. 1897727

late reply but didn’t he say his wife AND CHILDREN? Your own balls sitting in a jar, in a visible place (THE FUCKING BATHROOM) in a house where kids live?!?!!

No. 1897728

File: 1694644756591.png (251.31 KB, 832x655, mental illness.png)

doing some digging on the guy who chopped off his own balls, found he claimed to be a friend of the author of the "transbian supremacy manifesto" and a member of this website. Good refresher from a couple years ago in case you'd forgotten TIMs continue to fail the try not to be medieval levels of misogynistic challenge

No. 1897743

File: 1694646398106.jpeg (888.2 KB, 1417x828, IMG_1581.jpeg)

japanese crossdresser attempts to rape based lesbian woman and gets decapitated.
not that i condone murder, but this freak had it coming. he frequented gay bars and dating apps posing as a woman in order to lure lesbians so he could rape them.
sorry for picrels quality, i couldnt find these pics anywhere else.
also it didnt let me embed this yt link, this has the most info i could find in english. https://youtu.be/bgfa8kqyFzM?si=rJIrR52FT52u34d6


No. 1897747

File: 1694647343124.jpg (649 KB, 1079x1384, Screenshot_2023-09-14-00-24-17…)

It continues

No. 1897748

File: 1694647366866.jpg (439.57 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_2023-09-14-00-24-35…)

No. 1897751

that one troon has always been terribly unfunny, his entire shtick revolving around pretending to be self-aware and irony poisoned when it's so clear he's insecure is embarrassing. IIRC a couple threads ago another nonna had posted a video of his and another troon's live comedy, I don't know how people attend these kind of shows without cringing to death.

No. 1897752

sorry nona didnt realise u already posted! weird that the link doesnt embed

No. 1897754

I dont condone murder. But i do condone the murder of rapists. You just know he was getting off to the idea that these women dont have sex with men. Sick freak deserves nothing less and especially if he had done it in the past and got away with it.

No. 1897757

extremely fucking based of her, hope they let her go.

No. 1897768

File: 1694649419862.png (50.99 KB, 327x570, ifuckinghatetrannies.png)

I'm so fucking done with trannies and their fucked up fetishes shoved in our faces. Save this coomery for loverslab. The modding scene is filled with mods that change all the posters and billboards to porn and it's pathetic that they couldn't play the game for like a month without their porn posters slathered all over the in-game world

No. 1897774

>>1897743 Free Runa Tamura and her parents until it's backwards. Japanese police/court doesn't do jack shit for protecting women from predators

No. 1897777

Runa is clearly a deeply disturbed woman, and instead of finding herself in a safe place she was broken by a fucking monster. Her story is tragic based off the YouTube link. She deserves to be freed and given the best mental health services available. I have no clue as to how that looks in Japan, though. I'd say justice was served on that fucking scrote and I can't say more or I'll start to a-log. Disgusting sack of shit.

No. 1897781

File: 1694651123290.png (445.65 KB, 744x643, _ X.png)

No. 1897782

File: 1694651169966.jpg (267.97 KB, 711x998, Screenshot_20230912_190512_Chr…)

No. 1897792


God that's creepy. Whomever was tasked with deleting her from the BBC has a job not unlike the main guy in 1984. Toe the line, or you don't exist.

No. 1897794


They would rather be worked on by doctors who don't know how to treat them than be acknowledged as different from women. Seeing a gyno for your dick (or rot pocket) is as useful as asking an ENT to check it out.

No. 1897798

File: 1694653249046.jpg (509.63 KB, 2037x1883, 1694652170600173.jpg)

>all the tranny ass kissing in the comments
trannies are persecuted my ass

No. 1897803

Why does this news website have an entire category of news for FRENCH GYNECOLOGIST

No. 1897804

File: 1694653852341.png (68.2 KB, 754x737, tranny (2).png)

No. 1897808

I really do hope trannies are punished for bringing a new wave of homophobia and antifeminism as a result of forced-teaming with and censorship of LGB people and feminists. I know they won't be, that they'll just quietly detrans and let gay people and women take the fall for them, but a girl can dream.

No. 1897812

Got banned once for laughing at that guy who made lovingly rendered horse vulvas for Skyrim (for realism ofc). The first mods for games are always futa shit or IMPROVED female characters (younger, huge tits, naked, big ass, etc), then the inevitable sex animations. The worst thing that site's ever done was make it against the rules to give gamer moids the relentless mocking they need to keep from descending into a fetish spiral ending in cutting their dick off and shooting up a supermarket.

They won't. They're handing the election to anti-choice tradfags who already blame troonism on feminists. Bleak.

Stalin also deleted people from the public record.

No. 1897817

Its too bad she used religion as a justification rather than just saying they aren't women, and therefore, shouldn't participate in a women's only event. Going the bible route just gives them an easy strawman to disavow.

No. 1897819

File: 1694656030980.png (384.07 KB, 640x435, IMG_4879.PNG)

Well, that does it, time to move to Nevada

No. 1897827

She was probably just being honest, but it's always a bummer when one of the few people to say anything against trannies is saying it for explicitly trad reasons.

No. 1897832

For what game?

No. 1897835

Pray4 Cali Nonnies

No. 1897876

i'm pretty sure theres a forced feminity sub for tifs on reddit

No. 1897878

File: 1694664588467.jpg (498.54 KB, 2048x1366, F58JyN-XsAAJmBP.jpg)

I'm tired of being forced to accept these ugly freaks everywhere

No. 1897879

File: 1694664667495.jpg (480.37 KB, 1440x2560, F5Yl9BXWwAEKq94.jpg)

uglyyy fas face

No. 1897885

he looks like a bloated dustin hoffman caked in makeup

No. 1897894

File: 1694666334239.webm (5.14 MB, 576x768, Snaptik.App 727162303923688580…)

buffalo bill

No. 1897905

Starfield which just came out. It has limited modding capabilites so far but coomers are still squeezing all the coom they can out of it by altering textures to this sort of shit. The general Bethesda community is dreadful cause you can loose your life playing their games like skyrim and they're incredibly moddable so moids playing it all day make the worlds totally degenerate and it becomes their only reality. You can also mod it to look pretty realistic on top of all the animals and mythical beasts you'd want.
Role-playing a futa is a staple among future and current troons since dick mods are among the first thing made when given full modding ability and most moids play women with the rape mods installed for the coom but then miss the ability to penetrate using a penis. After the dicks are installed it's probably a quick path to troonery if you're playing it all day and around tranny nonsense

No. 1897919

>the BBC:
>employs and covers for Jimmy Saville for decades despite his crimes being an open secret in the industry
>also the BBC:

>reach out and connect with trans women to better understand them
Yes, yes do that that will definitely help

Especially when she finds out how they spam gore and csam on women’s image boards because those women don’t think they’re true ladies. That will surely convince her of their innate ladyness. Please do get to know as many trans”women” as you can.

No. 1897945

me too kek

No. 1897999

Her parents (/dad?) helped her behead the fucker.

Japanese Twitter was apparently very much on her side.

No. 1898005

>Japanese Twitter was apparently very much on her side.
based kek

No. 1898006

Yeah, there's a /ftmspunished to match the tim one (no idea which came first). It's all women with their tits out and vulvas to the camera getting off to being called women.

Fuck the BBC. Glad I've never once paid for a TV license.

Halo women-only events are gunna look like that one 'female' speedrunners event.

No. 1898025

File: 1694694413963.jpg (76.54 KB, 762x702, middleclass-schoolmarms-having…)

High peakening levels today in Terf Island as beloved (PEE OH CEE!) comedian and director Richard Ayoade dares to give a quote vaguely approving of Glinner and his new book. That goes on the front cover. BBC meltdown and hypocrisy (re Roisin) incoming…

No. 1898030

I'm gonna need you to say what actually happened nona, what did he say?

No. 1898031

File: 1694696048323.jpeg (456.95 KB, 1500x2243, F5-TLWjXAAA3pNu.jpeg)

I think they are referring to this book

No. 1898032

File: 1694696231550.jpg (1.52 MB, 2560x1920, 23-09-14-11-56-06-197_deco.jpg)

NTA but I came here to post about this also, TRAs on Twitter are having a meltdown.
He gave a positive review to Graham Linehan's book >>1898031 I hope he is based because I find him very attractive

No. 1898049

File: 1694698756443.jpeg (70.94 KB, 623x623, F5_B6FKWYAAVdJx.jpeg)

Jonathan is having a fit as well

No. 1898051

hope they don't cancel Ayoade as well, but in their mind you already can't watch It Crowd because it's transphopic, so, they probably have him on their list for years now. I'm still waiting for a show written by Linehan, Gervais and Rowling, featuring Matt Berry as an insufferable troon, if I had the money, I would pay to produce it, kek.

No. 1898064

Lmao the way they’re trying to say Richard Ayoade was never funny now that they sniff a hint of anti-troon from him. Sorry trannies and handmaidens, he IS funny and imo quite handsome.

No. 1898080

Who..who the hell…why would you destroy your own business model?

No. 1898085

the troon is wearing a costume…. notice they dont have an apron.

No. 1898106

They did the same thing with JK, trying to claim HP was never good and she's a terrible author. It's such a retarded mentality to have.

No. 1898109

Helena Bonham Carter is a ‘transphobe’? Good for her.

No. 1898110

I hate how they repeatedly call this "homophobia" when there is nothing involving regular homosexual people. His medical profession is looking at uterine health - why tf is rejecting treating someone without a uterus discrimination against.. gay people?

No. 1898114

Ayoade being a "terf" is such good news! I hope he doesn't back down like so many other celebs scared of getting cancelled. And I hope being attacked just for commenting on a book makes him/other comedy colleagues see how fucked up the trans movement really is and that he's able to come clean and directly say he's against the trans movement and their racist and facist ways

No. 1898123

From what I saw in a video, he was a well known crossdresser who did so to lower women's guards (and prey on them) and get free drinks from guys. The woman who killed him (allegedly lol) was catfished and raped by him. She killed him in revenge, iirc.

Either way the creep deserved it. One less predatpr on the streets.

No. 1898126

It's like when a girl rejects their advances and they go "well, you were never pretty anyway", just your typical rejected scrote response, very childish "I didn't want it anyway!"

No. 1898136

>Louis Theroux

Based, does he still do his documentaries? He should do one on detransitioners.

No. 1898156

Omg yes. There's been several but his name might get people to watch it.

No. 1898168

Love that for Brian Cox, Logan Roy was 100% TERF (honorary male) too.

No. 1898175

Matt Berry publicly and very cowardly disawoved Linehan, it's in an interview somewhere. He said he regrets the troonphobic episode now and that "um, he doesn't, uh, agree, with Linehan, about, all that". It was such a pathetic mumble. I lost all respect for him. No wonder he had to say it though, one of his biggest cash cows now is What We Do In The Shadows, a show that has a very queerio audience that it's increasingly pandering to. He's one of the main characters there that a lot of TIFs project onto.

No. 1898178

Honestly it's disappointing but never surprising when a male shrugs their shoulders over the trans shit. For them (provided they don't have any daughters) it is truly a nothingburger at worst, at best, some perverse shit they get off on anyway. That's why even though he can be grating I have a lot of respect for Graham Linner and any other male who says anything against the scrote company line. Of course, I have more respect for women who speak out, because we're actually in danger of physical reprieve from these big monster sexfreaks.

No. 1898184

Fully agreed nona. Linehan is one of the few, if not the only, male who lost to the troon menace as much as your average cancelled based woman. It is respectable.

No. 1898198

File: 1694723145897.jpg (180 KB, 1080x1550, FuRZ72pX0AoUOwC.jpg)


No. 1898202

so fuken mannish

No. 1898205


No. 1898218

i thought it was impossible to love him even more than i already do

No. 1898222

I always found Matt Berry very annoying, he still is a good actor that fits the roles he plays. That's why I would cast him as the insufferable troon, because I find him insufferable. Sure, it's easier to say "oh, I wouldn't do that today because I don't agree" instead of saying that Linehan made some amazing shows and it was good working with him. Why would you want to be cancelled if you can just lie that you regret your past and you love troons. It's just sad, I think Linehan would have made some good shows again and I'm still waiting for his sci-fi show. I just hope that one day everyone will see that troons are a minority of wealthy white moids in their 40s that never achieved anything except getting an erection from wearing a dress.
And I agree with nonna >>1898178 it's worse for women to speak out, if Rowling wouldn't be as rich as she is, she would have lost everything by now, including her physical well-being.

You should watch Travel Man, I really enjoyed the episodes with him. And if you like strange British comedy, then you have to watch Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.

No. 1898225

do these troons EVER let up? It's a fucking cheap ass burrito chain. Who cares that some underpaid fast food worker didn't treat you with absolute reverence? It eats these people up inside that they're not the object of constant flattery and fawning like they imagine actual women are. The true Karens are these loony troons.

No. 1898229

kek, as if he wouldn't look like a guy wearing a colourful shirt. If you work at a fast food chain for hours, the least you care about is probably the gender of your customers, no one can expect that someone being paid a stupid low wage is nice to them or cares about their gender identity. Get your food, eat it and shut up.

No. 1898263

It reminds me of the guy who lost his shit at a Sonic over being "misgendered" by a Hispanic man who very well may have been ESL, and definitely didn't understand tranny shit. Male entitlement is always given a pass, but women get collectively labeled as "Karens" when a minority of women who are extremely privileged on other axes are even half as entitled as the average moid. What a fucking joke.

No. 1898276

Has any nonnie read this yet? is it a good read?

No. 1898277

I think he's just being nice to his boss lol, Graham is the creator of the show.

what did Helena say?

No. 1898307

File: 1694733381826.jpg (347.98 KB, 1079x1403, Screenshot_20230914_181715_Chr…)


Nothing much, apparently. Here's the interview that came up when I googled "Helena Bonham Carter terf". I'm sure her support of JKR having the right to her opinion was enough to piss off the transes.

No. 1898316


It makes me so mad how poorly they treat service workers. As if they're prostitutes there to provide validation for their kinks and not people who like, make you a cheeseburger. Fkn dystopian wasteland we live in where people buy their good feelings from captive shop workers who have to participate in the charade or risk getting fired or blown up on social media.

No. 1898377

File: 1694738152445.jpg (848.2 KB, 2377x1920, troon.jpg)

from moderately cute guy to clown freakshow

No. 1898405

I love this site, you all make me feel less alone and less insane in this world. I literally thought the same thing seeing the smooth barbie doll genitals on the women.

No. 1898408

File: 1694741113735.jpg (292.27 KB, 1170x1199, Clipboard02.jpg)

imagine having to work alongside this thing. they're so disgusting

No. 1898416

So he’s pissing, if not, shitting himself at work and no one is saying anything about it? Aren’t diapers noisy and shit? Jesus Christ it must be really fucking weird knowing that some freak is larping as a toddler at work.

No. 1898428

Even worse, this guy must stink of shit and pee all the time

No. 1898440

Doesn't wearing fetish gear to work infringe upon some public indecency laws? Like if he's sitting at his desk shittin' and pissin' and subjecting colleagues to the experience, that definitely counts as public indecency. If it was a medical problem he would have a colostomy bag so this is 100% fetish.

No. 1898442

I think the original has no labia because men have always been coomers through the ages and the artist or commissioner didn't want some guys setting up shop to jack off in front of /on it all day

No. 1898443

I know at some point there was a list of celebs who signed a petition in support of LGBTQ something. Someone should make a list of celebs against the trans stuff.

No. 1898446

The tattoo. They always have to make it their entire personality.

No. 1898449

he could claim disability related incontinence and win a huge cash settlement for discrimination. Most companies have hygiene policies so if he smells truly awful he can get written up for it

No. 1898452

Yeah, that's a consequence of men viewing the female body as inherently obscene and sexual in ways they don't believe the male body to be.

No. 1898472

File: 1694746842848.png (38.34 KB, 748x333, dumbass.png)

this woman must have been dropped as a child

No. 1898496

His coomer, rat eyes are more soulless than shayna’s

No. 1898500

Normally there would be no such obscene nudity in the bathrooms and changing rooms, but the tims came in and starting jerking off and popping boners. There would be none of that shit if they had the decency to stay out of the women's.

No. 1898507

Matt Berry as an insufferable troon would be gold. Imagine him trying to do the falsetto voice.

No. 1898517

This doesn't even look like a gay man, it's just man.

No. 1898530

Unfortunately I’ve had multiple male coworkers who stank like piss and shit (and sweat) over the years, so if I worked with this guy I don’t think it would even occur to me to complain about it to anyone unless I came across his social media diaper posts. The bar for men is in hell.

Always with the projection.

No. 1898597

File: 1694775591300.jpg (313.71 KB, 720x1255, men.jpg)

Nothing like two men sharing lesbian coomer memes

No. 1898612

It’s actually straight/gay coomer memes, the coomer making those ugly ass how to draw anime comics is a moid, and the characters are a moid in fetish gear and a coomer fantasy of a woman.

No. 1898613

File: 1694777559476.png (73.56 KB, 1323x453, Citation needed.png)

Wait, when did Louis Theroux say anything terfy? I can't find anything and India won't cite his source. It wouldn't surprise me though. I figured he had crypto-terfy leanings after seeing his trans kids documentary from 2016. He doesn't actually criticize anything in it but from some of the questions he asks and the way some parts of the film are edited I felt like he was skeptical of it all.

No. 1898637

I think that’s what they were referring to. That he didn’t automatically kiss the parents’ asses in that doc and instead asked questions and did, y’know, journalism

No. 1898667

Himdia sounds like such a petty, spiteful, and miserable piece of work. How does this Negative Ned have any followers at all?

No. 1898678

>Richard worked with Graham before on a show Graham helped co-write
>Richard, years later, mentions he loves Graham's writing when going over writers he likes
>Richard is now a TERF
lmfao fucking incredible, the thought process

No. 1898684

File: 1694787943361.jpeg (Spoiler Image,122.12 KB, 640x853, IMG_1338.jpeg)

Sage for no milk and rant but is anyone else irritate with how men are anti troon until one is fuckable enough for them. Religious trad conservative scrotes go on and on about trannies and their delusion(as if their religious trad shit isn’t kek) but the moment a troon like Blair White is “passable” then ~some~ of them are suddenly acceptable regardless of the trannies harm to women.

No. 1898688

This is the idiot who says washing your menstrual cup in a public sink after dumping it in the toilet is a biohazard. Cope and seethe while I rinse it haters

No. 1898690

in my experience, a lot of men who are openly anti-troon are very online and the reason why they're anti-troon like that because they're in Internet spaces surrounded by troons and femboys (they're years away from being the same). They cope because the Internet is too convenient for them and they have no social skills so they start to feel bad about troons and femboys because of their suicide baiting and other forms of attention seeking while continuously presenting themselves as a porn object, eventually these anti-troon males will become pornosexual and find the "exceptions" in all the degeneracy.

No. 1898695

File: 1694788890004.jpg (900.81 KB, 810x3271, Screenshot_20230915-103046_Chr…)

No. 1898699

this is a result of delusion and excessive hug-boxing. no you don't for a second look female and probably look even more manly in person.

No. 1898704

He doesn't pass as a law abiding citizen or as a mentally sane person with those eyes wtf

No. 1898711

>even if you can clock trans women with 99% certainty you will mistake 2 cis women for a trans woman before identifying a trans woman correct
I'm sorry what? 99% certainty would mean you correctly clock 99 trans women and then mistake one butch woman for trans for a few seconds before seeing she's a woman, making her that last 1%

No. 1898713

Generally the only sane male anti-troons are offline people who see them as a form of gay or a fetish on sight. They haven't been groomed into thinking they're all innocent and oppressed yet so they just see them for what they are.

No. 1898720

clocked as non human. that right pic is some uncanny valley shit

No. 1898746

Many older men (and women) would have known about fetishistic crossdressers growing up. They weren’t as common as trannies are now but men who put on women’s clothing and hung around in bars were something people were aware of and made jokes about. They show up in pop culture and are generally depicted as funny or disturbing depending on the genre. When my boomer dad found out that the weeb conventions I attended attracted crossdressing men he told me in no uncertain terms to stay away from these guys. He’s a lifelong bleeding heart progressive but thinks tranny shit is insane. I’m sure many men his age feel the same way, but most don’t bother speaking up unless it directly affects them or their own (grand)daughters.

No. 1898748

Seriously never ceases to amaze me that they actually believe people not calling them men out of fear and politeness means they are passing. It's wonderful how a single "sir" can destroy them mentally. If I was braver, I'd do "accidental misgenderings" at every opportunity.

No. 1898751

Offline guys seem to be averse to it in general, the offline crowd just skews older. I knew some guys in college who were into femboys and probably tyranny stuff, and they were all the discord anime types. 50/50 chance they conservative or liberal. My dad's militantly liberal and pretty outspoken on any issue, but goes dead quiet on the trans thing. He surprised me once though by comparing a drag show to a ministerial performance. Made me glad, I didn't even bring up that I felt the same

No. 1898761

File: 1694798628826.jpg (273.76 KB, 1080x1948, MTXX_MH20230916_032544140.jpg)

A moment of clarity, although sarcastic.

No. 1898772

File: 1694800366307.png (3.06 MB, 1622x5584, trooooooomers.png)

No. 1898784

File: 1694801468060.jpg (5 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)


Please check out the new thread i made >>1898773

No. 1898785

It's unfortunate how online so many men are and the fact their level of online-ness gives away how troon accepting they are

No. 1898789

>But how can I be privileged if I've had bad experiences or negative emotions?
This is such an able-bodied, able-minded, straight, middle-class white man from a first-world country thing to say. I bet he's the type of guy who blames all his shortcomings on ADHD and depression when neither of those things have affected him enough to stop him from living a normal life (assuming he actually has them at all), too.
>"Grooming is minor, most Discords are worse"
So the solution to the Discord groomer issue is to say it's NBD and ignore it? The best servers I've been in were the ones with zero tolerance approaches to sexual harassment and misconduct.
>Children were being made to be therapists (for other children and adults)
>Children were put into positions of authority and given adult responsibilities
>Children were being regularly exposed to major stressors
>Mods did not consistently enforce whatever rules the server had
I'm so sure that this was a redeemable server that only had two "minor" incidents of grooming, and that child abuse wasn't baked into the veey core of it.

No. 1898793

Scrotes who give Hooters business deserve to be waited on by nasty trannies.

No. 1898795

Nobody cares about this guy

No. 1898801

I always wonder wtf this is about. I don't think I've incorrectly gendered a cis woman in my life. Makes me confused, can they not properly see each other? Like >>1897677 it's not exactly subtle… or maybe they send each other pictures online and don't see each other in person very often? It's a lot easier to pass in pictures

No. 1898807

>or maybe they send each other pictures online and don't see each other in person very often? It's a lot easier to pass in pictures
Most of them only see themselves and each other in pictures and thus totally miss the fact that for example their voices are male as well as their mannerisms (the ones that try to "imitate" women imitate porn, tv, and video games). They also don't seem to realise that when they fuss about getting a good angle of themselves in camera that the rest of the world doesn't see them at "good" angles, we see their whole body unfiltered. These are also the same idiots who see women wearing makeup and compliment their "natural" appearance, can't recognize blatant filters, and complain that women not wearing face paint look like men to them. They have totally messed up centers for recognizing women from never interacting with them the moment they leave their co-ed high schools.

No. 1898810

No joke, none of the tims I know irl check their appearance in the mirror, they use their phones.

No. 1898815

>their voices are male
Yes thank you. The voice is the ultimate blackpill for them. Their voices will never ever pass as female and will always give them away. No matter how many hormones, surgeries, and filters they use, their voice makes it all pointless. I think that's maybe why they seem to not talk about voice training or voice surgery nearly as much as they do HRT and cosmetic surgery. They don't even want to think about it because they know they will never get rid of it.

No. 1898826

The voice is definitely a major example. If the face is otherwise " passable " , the voice will tell you. For example , the troon in the Barbie movie might not be immediately clockable at first glance but that voice…that voice reveals that the character is mtf the second you hear him speak

No. 1898831

The only “cis” woman I’ve ever mistaken for trans was an outspoken antifeminist MRA who ticked off a ton of superficial troon boxes (e.g. programmer, lolishit, thigh high striped socks, ‘cat girl’, fetish choker), but I only knew her from photos online and my first instinct when I saw those was that she was a real woman. I was fooled by the Kikomi act, not her appearance. It’s fascinating how many women can “pass” for male in text but I’ve never, ever come across a TIM whose writing could be mistaken for that of a woman. Every aspect of their existence just screams male.

No. 1898837

It's because the Y chromosome is defective, up until a certain point all humans are XX.

No. 1898839

there is a sub dedicated to it with around 50 people active vs practically every other tranny sub out there https://www.reddit.com/r/transvoice/
Only the most dedicated trannies actually make an attempt and with very minor exception they all sound like a gay man at best getting the air choked out of them (https://www.reddit.com/r/transvoice/comments/16j54tu/24_mtf_sharing_my_natural_speaking_voice_how_can/). There's this youtuber troon who tends to be recommended a lot I see. He sounds fine I guess but ironically his botched surgery (and hands) gives it away even if you can't see his whole body. His upper jaw looks like it's going to eat his bottom lip one of these days
I forgot who dorian electra was and thought she was a troon from photos recently cause she styles herself after agps now that she's done with the "moustached" fakeboi stuff and mods her voice to sounds deeper now I think (I think she's making money tricking people into thinking she's a male agp not a female tranny kek). Only time I had to seriously confirm troon or not and it was based off her highly curated instagram photos and troony persona

No. 1898843

I can almost always immediate tell a tranny by voice. No matter how high pitched and soft trannies try to sound they always sound like a nasal gay man. No matter how deep a woman’s voice is you can still tell she’s a woman.

No. 1898880

I googled 'Louis Theroux transphobia', and all I could find were several articles titled things like 'Louis Theroux says he regrets interaction with transgender inmate in 2008 prison documentary' (example from The Independent). After further reading, I am proud to present to you his unforgivable hate crime: asking an inmate in a men's prison, with long hair and the name Deborah, 'Do you consider yourself a woman?' 15 years ago while filming the special Life Behind Bars. There is not one single question or comment re: gender before or after this during the interview, though there is alleged misgendering in the narration after. This is something he has apparently felt the need to publicly apologise for. Entire interview linked below since the only place I could find a clip was Tiktok and I refuse to make an account, sorry.


No. 1898887

this is insane?!! how did a post admitting to being a pedophile get 6 upvotes while anyone opposing that is getting downvoted to hell. those caps alone are enough to peak at least 3 people i know

No. 1898888

Think he can still pinpoint in which surgery his nose went fully crooked? But didn't once consider taking care of his eyebrows..

No. 1898889

This pisses me off to no end. The amount of gaslighting that handmaidens do to try to make you the problem. When the wi spa shit happened, some bitch tried to victim blame, "why are women bringing children around strange naked women anyway?" Um because women generally aren't sick degenerates who will just start masturbating or having sex while in a public place, and they have bodies that those girls will eventually mature into. It's not a fully bearded man walking around with a fucking erection stop acting obtuse you tim dick sucking bitch. Everyday I see more women defending this shit, even going out of their way to do so. Makes me so upset. This truly is a terrible regressive time we're living in. Believe and support women, unless they are speaking against a man in a dress and then all of a sudden the woman is the problem.

No. 1898897

Not once, when I was 10 and younger, in public locker rooms was I ever even looked at by one of the older women, unless it was a genuine interaction, asking if i need help etc. I was raised by a single dad and he obviously didnt take me into the male locker rooms, so I had to go by myself to the womens. I never felt unsafe, uneasy and if anything I felt comfortable being surrounded by women, mostly elderly. The same cannot apply if I was going into male locker rooms, simple as that

No. 1898928

Speaking of the Wi Spa incident, that peaked me on men in general. Every man there was on the side of the tranny, all ganging up on and laughing at the woman who tried to speak up about it. Rewatching the video now, another woman, in a good-natured but misguided attempt to empathize with the men, asks how they would feel if naked women were to enter their space. Of course the men say they wouldn't care (or would even be into it). Of course they can't empathize with women. They don't find naked women inherently threatening so they will never be able to understand or accept how naked men can be inherently threatening to women.

No. 1898938

File: 1694822379320.png (1.25 MB, 1690x933, Meghan Murphy on X.png)

Guy on the right is Morgane Oger

No. 1898942

File: 1694823003653.png (1.4 MB, 1600x900, Voice Feminization for ABSOLUT…)

How does he look worse now?

No. 1898943

Where did he pass? In Duloc?

No. 1898962

File: 1694827387937.jpg (879.58 KB, 810x2706, Screenshot_20230915-211926_Chr…)

>"It started with porn, imagining myself being the girl"

No. 1898973

i thought slayyyter was a troon, but i think she's doing the same thing as dorian

No. 1898999

I think he made an attempt to fix his botched jaw but ended up worse kek. Also looks like he went for bigger breasts and started trying to look younger than he did years ago so looks like your typical porn-fueled troon now wheras before you could at least give him the fact that he looked a bit different from most. They don't seem to realise that if they all go for the same "ideal" everyone will clock them based on that alone (but they can't see variety in women and treat appearances like maxable game stats so…)

No. 1899005

holy botched nose batman

No. 1899014

File: 1694839022008.jpg (5.48 MB, 1795x3627, image.jpg)

there's this recent trend on twitter and the caption is honestly irritating combined with the after photos, implying that women are just those who wear makeup and putting efforts on feminizing your looks

No. 1899031

It will never stop disturbing me how much they all try & become their own alt girlfriends. Where is the athleisure? Its always some shit teenage girls wore when they were young, or things anime characters wear.

No. 1899035

File: 1694842465038.png (1.41 MB, 1265x1318, Screenshot 2023-09.png)

Incredibly irony coming from a transbian.

No. 1899036

>Where is the athleisure?
I don't know why they're always trying to be alt but I can tell you that nobody makes porn about a girl being comfortable in a sweatpants so they're not interested in athleisure

No. 1899044

you can tell circe had a crush on shuwu

No. 1899048

Honestly, I kinda agree with him. The world would be a much better place if incels and gooners just went prison gay for each other and left women the hell alone. The only problem is when they pretend to be women while doing it.

No. 1899049

He should've gotten filler for those turtle lips instead of a botched nose job and bolt-on moobs.

No. 1899057

Except yoga pants, which are sexualized to no end. Actually weird there isn't more tims in yoga pants since they love showing off their boners at all times. Skirt does go spinny, I guess.

No. 1899058

Seeing pictures like those reminds me that, as a woman, I have been brainwashed to tolerate male ugliness. The average woman without makeup or editing looks beautiful compared to them.

No. 1899072

File: 1694855639202.jpg (103.04 KB, 1132x867, F6GrG_CbEAAymkC.jpg)

Always stereotyping women every single second of their lives

No. 1899073

File: 1694855833563.jpg (213.51 KB, 1611x1839, F6GpK1ha8AAP7GZ.jpg)

"Borrow" my moms clothes while she is out.
I swear if i ever have a son at this point im gonna have a lock on my room just in case

No. 1899078

I mean, since he IS a depressed coomer man, he would know, right?

No. 1899080

>waving with fingers only
Does this scrote mean like how Julie Andrews teaches Anne Hathaway to wave in the princess diarys?
>thank you for being here today

No. 1899087

thanks for the recs anon

No. 1899104


No. 1899109

File: 1694867222274.jpg (71.91 KB, 720x814, F6JRU1JW0AAtV2_.jpg)

Your hair slightly grew out. Thats it

No. 1899112

dick diaper could have their own thread, lots of stories about them in the fighting game community
will come back later with stuff

No. 1899141

File: 1694873049447.png (1.79 MB, 2162x2080, transAMAthrowawayUK.png)

TIM finds sexual harassment, degradation, nonconsent, and being choked gender-affirming.

No. 1899149

damn they got vinny vinesauce to troon out too

No. 1899154

It's sad that these trannies actually think they look good.

No. 1899155

File: 1694876268547.jpg (100.36 KB, 1080x689, F6JimISWkAARK7f.jpg)

Consequences, we love to see it. Especially when you know coom is their entire life

No. 1899157

I know it’s dumb bc they’re retarded trannies who get off to calling their axe wounds vaginas but it pisses me off so bad when they call their Frankensteined penis tips “clitorises” like no bro, it’s just the tip of your little hot dog. It has nothing in common with an actual clit on a woman at ALL.

No. 1899161

love this for him

No. 1899164

One of the funniest things I've ever seen was the argument "BUH-BUH-BUT MOST CIS WOMEN DON'T EITHER"

These retards keep telling on themselves.

No. 1899171


Lol. Lmao. Good. Enjoy your new orgasm-free life, coomer dude. "Clitoris", high quality kek. Gosh it makes my day to see these perverts ruin their lives.

No. 1899181

these freaks say grooming is nbd because they're groomers themselves. all grown ass males with perpetually unwashed asses, living in mommy's basement, who all get a kick out of using Discord's lenient servers to expose minors to porn and brainwash them into trooning out and become just as miserable as they are.

No. 1899183

File: 1694881491877.png (Spoiler Image,69.08 KB, 2400x1201, IMG_1776.png)

Exactly, the clit has a complex internal structure as well. Men can’t even find the head of it though, so they’d never care enough to know that. Spoilered for medical diagram of clit.

No. 1899188

>Death Grips
TIMs being into the classic "angry outsider scrote" genres is such a constant tell, as a nona in the music scene I feel like I'm being gaslighted that everyone pretends not to notice this. "My favorite genres are prog rock, harsh noise, and technical death metal. By the way, I'm a ~giiiirrrllll~!"

No offense to any nonas who like or make this stuff, but at this point I assume unless I've met them irl that any "female" fan or musician in these genres is a troon.

No. 1899200

I wish you lot would make a subreddit or something so I don't have to constantly see this shit when I come here. Catalogue or regular view, it's always trannies and the people who obsess over them both being fucking creepy.(lost retard)

No. 1899201

noise is especially plagued and i hate it so much. they're becoming the "cute underground gfs" they never had the chance to get. retards like uboa and sheytroon getting more praise than women and being promoted by almost everyone.
i don't blame them though, actual women who are into noise tend to be clinically insane kek (speaking as a massive noisefag myself)

No. 1899207

sadly not a recent trend, they do this every other damm month. I'll mind my business and see these "if you wanna be a girl, just be a girl" posts on my feed. I don't follow any TiMs and I don't get why twitter keeps recommending them to me

No. 1899212

File: 1694886586942.png (440.86 KB, 860x2470, Screenshot.png)

I saw this comment on a video discussing the issues of surrogacy and its inherent exploitation of women and children. just by looking at the pfp it was clear that the commenter was a troon. This was even before I read his moronic "communist" views on why the state exploitation of women as surrogates is supposedly a good thing. his points amount too

>thinking mothers and new-born babies have an inherent bond is biological determinism and anti-feminist.

>poor trans-women and gay-men have a right to have babies if they so choose.
>some women like doing sex-work and so some women like doing surrogacy work and should be allowed to do so.
>the Youtuber made a comment about addicts pimping out their wives as surrogates to get money to fund their addiction and that's offensive towards people with addictions.

and this is the average "communist troon" view on leftism, women(and likely children) become a public resource for them to rnet and also the state allowing and funding their complete degenerate lifestyles.

No. 1899222

this is ot but I have to ask lol. I have no problem with people washing it out in the sink, but I gotta ask, do you just waddle to the sink with toilet paper stuffed in your pants and then waddle back to the stall? I usually just wipe mine out with tp when I'm in public bc it seems like too much work to get up and rinse it out and then go back in the stall lol.

No. 1899233

I hate trannies talking about children and babies and any issue surrounding WOMENs rights I am reeeeeing into the void. Surrogacy is hideous and it’s bleak as fuck that society is trying to make it okay for men in dresses to buy babies to molest.

No. 1899236


Women aren't allowed to make subreddits about women's issues. They get banned or tranned.

No. 1899256

Your feelings can absofuckinglutely be toxic wtf

No. 1899261

How is it that women are the ones who are considered emotional and illogical when men are ruled by their dicks?

No. 1899263

Ultimate peaking material.

No. 1899264

Every sub where these topics were being discussed was banned several years back. That’s why this thread is so active, because there are so few places to talk about how this affects women without being accused of being a bigot despite these guys being men who have historically been oppressors. Not to mention, most of them seem to be 10x the misogynist that your everyday man is, or they do a rather piss poor job of hiding it.

No. 1899266

File: 1694892491030.png (3.82 MB, 1622x4792, transcelgisele.png)

Literal transmaxxer I just came across:

No. 1899274

The only reason these creeps feel a warm fuzzy feeling from getting catcalled (or, let's be honest, from them imagining themselves getting catcalled bc i guarantee that literally never happens) is because it makes them feel superior to women. They still see themselves as male, obviously. It feels like a "win" for them because in their minds, this means that men can handle getting catcalled and women can't. Just a more complicated way of reiterating the age-old male cope that they are stronger/tougher than us.

No. 1899280

I hate reddit because it's pedo supported trash, but it would be interesting to see how long one could make a secret terf board where all the speech is adjusted to not look like women complaining about men, but instead some mundane topic.

No. 1899281

Just make it a sub for men complaining about women invading their space and I guanrentee it would stay up

No. 1899283

the "men"(women) in the subreddit complaining about the "women"(men) need to be really convincing and hard to spot.

No. 1899294

Well, we're simultaneously accused of being stone cold manipulative conniving masterminds. The narrative doesn't have to be consistent, it just has to be "women bad."

No. 1899295

I think you're onto something here. Part of why they say they hate it is because "that's what a woman would say," and part of it is probably actually finding men who harass them kind of annoying, but it does also feel quite similar to humble-bragging when they make it clear that they never feel the actual disgust and horror that women feel when they're harassed or abused by men, especially when they're only bringing it up to talk about how it gives them "euphoria."

No. 1899297

damn some were really cute men

No. 1899298

Subreddit where we pretend to be bees, men are wasps, and TIMs are yellowjackets. The men the OSA women choose to be with can be called drones, unless they turn out to be abusers, then they were wasps that were mistaken for drones. I don't use preddit, so I don't have to worry about going these lengths, nor do I have to worry about knowing they're futile and it will be banned regardless.

No. 1899301

i'm pretty sure this would get spotted immediately and what kind of fucking conversation would that be, kek.

No. 1899302


This asshole thinks his misogyny is gender dysphoria. Another "what a loser" moment for me what reading where he was "called ugly once". These men are so fkn shallow and fragile. Hope he keeps troonin' up to the castration part, so some unfortunate kid doesn't have to have all that baggage for a father one day.

No. 1899307

File: 1694897541617.png (284.31 KB, 1181x343, image_2023-09-17_065417386.png)

You can really smell him through the screen, can't you
As well as thinking about fucking animals, he also thinks about fucking his dad

No. 1899313

There is one women's sub where open discussion is allowed and I haven't seen that it's been infiltrated yet. I think they are careful about language but still pretty critical. I'm kind of worried that posting it here will ruin it tho in case an angry tranny be lurking

No. 1899329

File: 1694899945175.png (414.9 KB, 660x880, tumblr_d64803c59483411d66aea51…)

I was thinking of it as being disguised as a shitpost subreddit, like when that one El Dorado meme page on Facebook was overtaken by people RPing as ants. Picrel.

No. 1899333

File: 1694900122151.jpg (480.91 KB, 2048x1152, F6KS5-dW4AAGlR2.jpg)

Ugliest crowd of people I ever saw

No. 1899335

omg, i was about to say! hello fellow vinesauce fan

No. 1899336

I hate this creep. He and ContraPoints were what started peaking me when I was a libfem. When I realized Nate was a kinkster with a history of harassing feminists and Eric was a misogynistic dogfucking coomer, it gave context to how all the other TIMs in my life were also degenerate misogynists with particularly male-socialized behavior.

No. 1899341

The idea is that since trans people only make up ~1% of the population, if you think you're clocking someone, you're either clocking that 1% with a 99% accuracy, or mistaking someone from the 99% with a 1% chance of inaccuracy.

So there is a 50/50 chance of them being trans. This is known as the false positive paradox

No. 1899355

File: 1694902043945.jpg (438.83 KB, 1080x1080, MTXX_MH20230917_080907916.jpg)

I didn't have to look at his profile picture to know what he looks like

No. 1899361

i always thought it could be disguised as a fetish thing. like femdom for “cis partners of heckin valid transbians!” and people could just say “it’s a kink! don’t be a swerf you bigot!” when confronted. Also it would put reddit mods in a catch 22 bc there are subreddits that talk about sexual slavery and rape so if they wanna take down the terfone, they have to take down the others or else the reddit team gets shown for who they really are. idk i feel like hiding in plain sight would work best.

No. 1899402

Trannies use discord to groom kids lol

No. 1899406

File: 1694904904574.webm (3.11 MB, 576x1024, justasmallbird.webm)


No. 1899440

if a man likes a woman with short hair, he's a lesbian

No. 1899444

File: 1694909668082.jpg (466.3 KB, 1536x2048, F6LuLepboAAUHxw.jpg)

>kill those uppity women who hurt our feefees

No. 1899456

r/askgaybros virtually functions like this when TiFs drop by and they haven’t gotten the banhammer. It was threatened I think though.

No. 1899457

They were always misogynists though. Not cute.

No. 1899458

Ben Shapiro

No. 1899473

wait, is this ai generated or am I just retarded

No. 1899480

File: 1694915878707.jpg (99.28 KB, 735x939, ac2041cbd73a781be06a8fdabcb500…)

this is how this gross faggot thinks he looks like

No. 1899519

Actually he thinks he's a dog

No. 1899527

I've seen countless videos of little boys acting over the top towards girls they found cute lmao. what's this tranny smoking he thinks this story his mom probably tells at the dinner table (exaggerated) is in any way out of form for a straight male as a child

No. 1899560

File: 1694924951780.png (2.2 MB, 1565x880, its real.png)

It's real. It's from an event with Meghan Murphy where the tra were outside their hotel.

I don't know how to embed a video posted on twitter so I'll just link to the tweet sorry https://x.com/BretteDutton/status/1703187915550179818?s=20

No. 1899563

I don't understand how those 12 handmaidens in that large group of unstable men don't go full terf instantly. I don't for a second believe they felt safe and comfortable that entire time.

No. 1899565

I keep wondering about that, only thing I can think of is they shut down any survival instinct and respond to any cognitive dissonance by calling it internal transphobia they need to work on. I really believe it's why they go so hard after women who don't buy into this shit, they assume they're victim to these same "irrational bias".

No. 1899584

Autism, hubris, and cognitive dissonance. Unfortunately a lot of these women actively jeopardize their own safety for the sake of "sticking it" to le TERFs.

No. 1899593

Ew wtf, wait until you get home to do that shit, you can wear cups for longer than tampons. Blood is a biohazard. How would you feel if someone took a dump in the sink? Are you the same anon who poops in her hand because she's scared people will hear the splash?(derailing)

No. 1899598

>Le all babies start off female tranny meme
Not true. A baby's chromosomes are determined when the egg is fertilized. In utero, fetuses start of with an ambiguous, cloaca-like structure, not a vagina.

No. 1899599

>I would only want to be a girl if I was conventionally attractive
This one deserves to neuter himself and live the rest of his life as an ugly hon.

No. 1899600

>Popping a boner in pants he stole from his mom
Jesus Christ, I'm never having kids.

No. 1899616

You dump it in the toilet, then rinse it in the sink. The one that's provided for cleaning dirty hands, like the bloody ones you might have after taking care of your period.

Hell, I've rinsed and wrung out underwear I've bled on in the bathroom sink at work and school, otherwise I'd have had to carry stinky panties around in my bag until getting home. That's grosser to me than having period blood touch a sink people with God knows what on their hands use.

No. 1899633

public bathrooms are repulsive already, you are sitting in a toilet that had other women's butts at best or little boy pee at worst. I once went to a bathroom after a woman left with her son and the toilet was fucking splashed with pee, it was so fucking gross.

No. 1899656

Why "practicing"? And why "kids"? And why the sad song as we're supposed to feel bad for him for purposely getting close to children?

No. 1899659

File: 1694952056422.jpg (490.99 KB, 1172x1614, tranny.jpg)

No. 1899669

It's already hard enough to get an appointment soon enough in France at the gynecologist's office, if trannies are added in waitlists it's going to create even more issues for actual women.

No. 1899673

Jesus Christ imagine being a gyno in this day and age and troons expecting you to stick your hand inside their rotting septic axe wounds

No. 1899678

>the tranny in the onesie

No. 1899679

File: 1694956295647.png (387.84 KB, 423x753, 321090190_558070166169852_8993…)

Reminds me of Sophie Lewis's (peak libfem) book, Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism against the Family. The book argued that in a future communist state, surrogacy will help destroy the concept of the family system. It suggests that since there are women who enjoy sex work, there will also be women who enjoy surrogacy and willingly give up their babies without any financial or social benefit. this will be a caste of women who engage in surrogacy out of the kindness of their hearts for marginalized individuals who are unable to have families. It was not surprising to learn that she was married to a troon

No. 1899681

They don't need a gynaecologist they need a wound care specialist. What is that doctor even supposed to do? Pretend to take a pap smear of a non existent uterus? Take an echo to confirm there aren't and never will be any ovaries? This one is top of the looney tunes troon mountain.

No. 1899683

File: 1694956660256.jpg (47.07 KB, 320x322, catgooggles.jpg)

I can't believe this doesn't peak more people. Trannies are literal children that they can't stand not taking EVERYTHING from women. They are literally preventing women from getting the health care they would need.

No. 1899684

File: 1694957001931.png (338.07 KB, 748x711, Screenshot (2).png)

No. 1899685

fold lines on troon flag as always

No. 1899695

You'd think after having to wash your panties in the bathroom sink at school once you'd start carrying pads to avoid having to carry wet panties around in your bag but instead you've made a habit of washing your panties in public bathrooms and that's fucking weird, anon.

No. 1899699

Some girls have extremely heavy periods, anon.

No. 1899700

You’d think domestic chores like ironing would give them gender euphoria, yet somehow it’s always the ‘afab’ in their lives (even if she identifies as a man or genderless space blob) who ends up doing all the domestic shit. Curious.

No. 1899701

If it's so bad you have to rinse them out in public, why not just throw them out? No underwear is so valuable you should have to do that anon

No. 1899704

Are you suggesting that it's normal for women with extremely heavy flow to habitually go commando during their period like the anon I replied to?

No. 1899733

There are common issues that can make a girl bleed so much, nothing short of an adult diaper can 100% prevent leaking through, and that's way more repulsive to me than occasionally having to run a pair of underwear beneath the tap. Between crazy hormones, birth defects, birth injuries, and medication side-effects, it could happen to anyone, and being bitchy about it like those "other" women are gross for having medical problems is so cunty.

What about pregnant women who piss themselves sometimes, or old ladies whose pads can't hold it all sometimes? As long as they clean up after themselves, they're using the ladies room for what it was intended, and that's to take care of bodily functions.

I guess it's not as big a deal where I'm from, it's still embarrassing bc you don't want people to think you shit yourself or whatever, and a pain in the ass, but still better than throwing away a pair of underwear that a quick cold rinse can save.

No. 1899735

I can't stand him I keep seeing him all over my Timeline. His parents mutilated him as a child and it's seen as "stunning and brave".

No. 1899736

File: 1694965354344.png (2.87 MB, 1666x2252, traa2justifyingviolence.png)

Justifying violence against women on r/traa2:

No. 1899738

Men have always said this shit. "You want equal rights? I'm gonna give you an equal right and an equal left, bitch!" Men are violent apes that want to hurt women, always have been. Growing their hair out and putting on a choker doesn't change their instincts.

No. 1899741

Speaking of that here's the nair guy talking about wanting to have a uterus so he can have babies.

No. 1899743

Holy Womb envy

No. 1899744

File: 1694966850729.jpg (30.07 KB, 481x269, svdsdvsd.JPG)

Found in the wild. Gotta make sure to include all the girly girl words in his bio to make sure people know of much of a woman he is.

No. 1899750

I agree with you, anon. Just as long as you rinse out the sink and not leave any “residue” in it, that’s what bathrooms are for.
Some of these women on here act like children. It’s not like people rub their hands on the bowl portion of the sink anyways unless they a freak.
Like ask any women who has literally had a bathroom emergency. I’ve known people (men and women) who have IBS and the women on here will clutch their pearls at a man who is about to shit himself and create a mess for workers bc he used the women’s bathroom (but not being a creep) instead of waiting for the men’s toilet. Hell, I’ve used the men’s toilet in an emergency bc I was about to piss myself cause I was pregnant. Whatever.
Though I will say, when I’m on my period I wear the grossest stained full of holes worn to rags underwear I can bc if I leak or if I have to toss em it’s nbd.
Sage for dumb af bathroom derail.

No. 1899765

Normie French people don't even know or care about this nonsense, I can already imagine a gynecologist not even suspecting that their new patient is a man with a festering wound until said patient arrives in the waiting room because of how unlikely it is to happen. God it pisses me off for personal reasons at that point.

No. 1899769

That's what made me kek too lmao. The "girlhood experience" they're trying to recreate for most girls involved a lot of public ridicule and being called ugly. Many women who are very pretty as adults were called ugly to their face frequently in middle or high school. Society isn't exactly kind to girls who don't fit the mold, even if not fitting the mold is a 12 year old not looking like Megan Fox. Most women I know had at least one experience growing up where a boy asked them out just so he and his entire friend group could point and laugh and call them ugly.

No. 1899774

God they have such a guilty conscience about their nazi phase. Just 41 percent Fluttershy-Chan. The world doesn't deserve your beautiful long mane

No. 1899777

>Cracking eggs directly into my mouth
They don't even hide their pedophilia and desire to groom

No. 1899806

Robbie Coltane (Hagrid) also defended JKR and when he passed, the amount of grave dancing was disgusting. He was a sweet and humble man and people lost a father and a husband. Troons are some of the most awful people.

No. 1899889

Chronic autismo laziness has led to the troons screeching that the fold lines in their shitty polyester flags from China is TOTES TRRANSGURL CULTURE. Like that dumb fucking IKEA shark they all have to own to show how traaaaaaaaans they are to their fellow ghouls on Discord and preddit.

No. 1899897

File: 1694979442390.png (4.1 MB, 1580x2630, frannie__tongues.png)

TIM absolutely full of shit

No. 1899903

I just cannot imagine being this delusional

No. 1899912

Everything about trans culture, especially mtf, is consumerist.

No. 1899914

>Women just hate me because they're jealous that I'm womaning better than them by the misogynistic standards I totally don't believe in because I'm a #feminist
Every time with these nutjobs. We hate you because you're a crazy misogynist, Timothy.

No. 1899918

sage for ot but you dont even need an iron if you want to get wrinkles out of fabric. Just put whatever it is in the bathroom and run a hot shower. The steam gets the wrinkles out and you don't have to do any work! you literally just move a shower handle! genuine fucking retardation on how they cant even do that

No. 1899922

Is this why some fucking public bathroom seats are wet?? Little boy piss? What the fuck, teach that animal to sit down.

No. 1899930

NTA it’s probably women’s pee from women hovering over the seat and missing.

No. 1899939

I always thought that was worse than what AYRT suggested, because an adult should have the decency to at least wipe it off with toilet paper to give the illusion of cleanness.

No. 1899958

kek it seems like hes trying to gaslight himself because even he knows the truth

No. 1899968

People who hover-piss are a pox on humanity. Like they literally create messes by pissing all over the seat because they think their asses are too pristine to just sit the fuck down.

No. 1899969

The part of your butt/thighs that touches the seat is cleaner than your hands, and the average door knob or phone screen has a million times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.

No. 1899971

>Ackchually, I wash my underwear in public bathroom sinks!
Anons freely admit shit on this site that they couldn't waterboard out of me.

No. 1899982

Then they refuse to clean up their mess. It’s disgusting to have to wipe someone else’s piss off the seat. Dumbassses know they can do that and wash their hands after, right?

No. 1899984

But anon said that she uses a menstrual cup. Who the fuck bleeds through both a cup and a pad to the point of having to wash her underwear in the sink? Multiple times, no less??? I get having a heavy flow but that's just absurd. I'm kind of wondering if it's tran-fiction, to be honest.

No. 1899997

No. 1900000

Menstrual cups don't need pads, you're talking to an anon who has to empty her cup at the ladies, and another anon who uses tamps and pads and bleeds through them. Some women bleed a lot, or don't have a regular cycle. That's just the joy and excitement of having a uterus for most of us.

No. 1900002

it's so hard not to a-log in this thread. i hate them all so much, pure demons.

No. 1900006

He forgot Balding!

No. 1900028

File: 1694997674443.jpg (172.62 KB, 909x939, tr1.jpg)

Here is an article telling us what we kinda knew already-MtF are using the fact they are MtF to get out of punishments for their crimes and blame it all on those dastardly TERFS

No. 1900029

File: 1694997722580.jpeg (890.84 KB, 934x4195, trans violence.jpeg)

Heres the whole article

No. 1900032


then keep sitting down on your herpes seat you dumb cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1900034

nta but it is virtually impossible to get herpes from a toilet ffs. do people not think of just putting toilet paper on top of the seat?

No. 1900036

It’s not good to hover over the seat, it weakens your pelvic floor. If you’re really worried about herpes (lol) or gen warts (lol) even though you can’t catch it from a toilet seat (you CAN however catch other shit) use hand sanitizer to quickly wipe the toilet seat off. That’s what I do. Duh.

No. 1900037

File: 1694999493192.jpeg (306.46 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_8133.jpeg)

I love when a man in a dress mansplains the patriarchy to me.

No. 1900044

This sucks so bad bc the police can’t use this evidence in court and he could only be tried for a hit and run (from what’s in the video). Obviously if the police search his computer or phone and find more they could but right now as it stands, this pervert walks

No. 1900050

You need to be 16 to post here.

>Smearing hand sanitizer on toilet seats
Ffs, just put a piece of toilet paper on it, you turbo autist. Jfc you're almost as bad as the anon who washes her underwear in the sink. Neurotic asses.

No. 1900055

I don't even care that the bathroom sperging is a derail since it's funny.

No. 1900069


Love how it's TERFs to blame for transphobia and not like… everyone's common sense response to being a forced participant in something morally wrong.

No. 1900071

TRAs have wanted to bury the fact that the patriarchy will always find a way to blame a woman for the actions of a man because they know it's true and they know they're complicit in it. Don't you just love old misogyny wrapped up in a shiny new progressive package?

No. 1900078

File: 1695004853279.png (35.42 KB, 986x403, AITA for yelling at my mentall…)

>OP complains her dip shit aunt let her cousin to destroy her dresses

>"Might it be because it was for transphobic reasons???"

Or probably it was because… OP's cousin was a lil dip shit that was left by his aunt to destroy her stuff???

No. 1900079

File: 1695004880712.png (32.88 KB, 910x348, seriously.png)

No. 1900080

More like Cadbury's creme eggs, from the look of him

No. 1900122

Wow who could have thunk it

No. 1900125

>I represent a kind of clumsy, adolescent femininity that is both sought after and preyed upon in today's culture

A 42 year old bald man fantasizing that everyone is jealous of him because he looks like a sexy pubescent girl.

No. 1900131

Idk if this has been posted, but Clock Tower new translation shit I guess got a Trans in the team, of course they would wanna add inconsistent artstyle to the game

No. 1900147

File: 1695012181349.png (29.94 KB, 744x302, hhhhhhh.png)


No. 1900148

File: 1695012214136.jpg (554.34 KB, 810x1626, Screenshot_20230918-003221_Chr…)

This is their reasoning for allowing TIM inclusion in female sports. That TIMs are so oppressed they deserve to compete anyway:

No. 1900149

>life will always be unfair teehee, so what if these dumb roasties- i mean cis girls suffer more again?

No. 1900157

TRAs have basically been running through the narcissist's prayer with the sports shit.
>Trans women don't have an advantage. And if they do, it's not that much. And if it is, they deserve it. And if they don't, life's not fair anyway.
Crazy how quickly they can go from saying it's not always fair to immediately saying that supposedly being oppressed gives trannies licence to cheat. He might as well just say that he thinks it's okay when women are treated unfairly, but unconscionable when the same happens to males.

No. 1900158

I would like to see a study given to trannys. You can get full gender reassignment, but never have sex again, or participate in a sexually charged online presence. 100% of them would say no. BET. I bet they would all say no even of the bar was lowered to just not joining fetishist websites/forums.

No. 1900182

Interesting how they say "no little boy could ever do this," then shift the blame entirely onto the aunt. Even more interesting how the only two motivations they can think of are "transphobia" or "jealousy fueled by her own troubles with men." According to this assessment, males are innocent even when proven guilty, women are guilty until proven innocent, and women are only motivated by thoughts revolving around males…What a male way of thinking.

No. 1900183

that would imply TiMs shower, anon

No. 1900186

it's so funny how they're unable to even consider how "life isn't fair" might apply to them. if they are women trapped in men's bodies, why couldn't they just accept that they are women with a tragic medical condition (being male) that prevents them from competing in female sports? lots of people are born with medical conditions that make them unable to compete in sports. life isn't fair!

oh wait, but they didn't mean life should be unfair for them. it's supposed to be unfair for women and girls, who exist to submit to men's every desire.

No. 1900200

>millions of dead terfs
well I'm glad he recognizes how many of us there are kek
and this is just proof that women need single sex spaces because men openly wants women dead by the millions, it's so perplexing to me that they willingly prove the point so easily and without a hint of irony

No. 1900202

File: 1695028116128.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.65 KB, 1200x1753, Screenshot_20230918_210532_Chr…)

No. 1900204

Lmao I worked at a preschool and had multiple little boys use the word "pretty" to mean "girly." Like one time this little boy came in with a rainbow bow hair clip on for some reason and two other little boys were pointing and laughing and calling him pretty. Pretty sure this little boy was just observing the fact that you're obviously a man wearing women's clothing lol.

No. 1900206

>Facing ongoing violent invasion by an imperialist nation's military
>"Oh no! This means I may not have access to my choice in substances to recreationally abuse!"
Imagine being as retarded as Matviy here.

No. 1900213

Then they have the nerve to call us nazis… the irony

No. 1900216

They truely live in a demented fantasy world.

No. 1900217

File: 1695033279217.jpg (470.5 KB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_20230917_204006_X.j…)

Because we're obviously being genocided, get it. I swear this shit is borderline holocaust denial to me at this point. As a leftist people need to start pushing back on this shit already

No. 1900219

they always wanna compare their pornsick ideas of gender to racism, and wonder why no one takes them seriously.

No. 1900220

In the full post she says the cousin is mentally handicapped and 13 who “practically acts like a 7-year-old”. I really can’t believe that they’d accuse one of their own of being transphobic. Disabled boys get away with destroying our things and being disgusting to us because everyone thinks they’re innocent and asexual. The sped boys that put their hands on me and said lewd shit to upset me as a child grow up to be like many of the troons we see in these threads.
It’s really great peaking material, just show how much trannies have taken from POC related issues. Everytime an anon points out it, like for example trans joy coming from black joy i’m not surprised.

No. 1900231

File: 1695037592905.jpg (148.24 KB, 828x828, F6RmV37aYAALctY.jpg)

HRT does nothing for a fully grown man, this one didnt even get moobs

No. 1900236

Humiliation kink. Either doubting he has a wife or if he does he's lying about her words for Internet validation.

No. 1900241

File: 1695038729694.jpg (86.58 KB, 1079x286, Ok.jpg)

I remember Mikan being posted in /w/ a long time ago, but I recently saw her post about wanting Dylan to model for her brand. Really? She called him "sooo Girl." The things handmaidens say is astounding.

No. 1900243

File: 1695038826474.jpeg (411.72 KB, 828x605, IMG_1649.jpeg)

i honestly hate the typical conservative news cycles takes on trannys. its always the worst angle imaginable and retarded boomer talking points. there are so many better ways to show the world this shit, but old conservatives are still the forefront of this conversation. they’ll literally show obvious trolls in these segments, do they not research?
despite the majority of transphobia being from boomer men, they really focus in on the terfs huh? i wonder why kek, nothing to do with gender, i’m sure.
sky news aus has got to be owned by murdoch (edit: lol duh) ironic considering the murdochs new thing is funding tranny museums

No. 1900252

File: 1695040620405.png (628.75 KB, 972x649, clock tower is fucked.png)

Yep. Another game that will be ruined.

No. 1900257

HRT doesn’t even make anyone experience anh particular physical changes, either to toddlers, teenagers or adults. All it does is make people go bald, atrophy their natural hormone production, fuck up their sexual organs, mess up their brains (because of hormone imbalances), causes osteoporosis and makes people get fat.
That’s it, cross-sex hormones are just a way to make people kill themselves slowly. I’m just sick of anyone still thinking that cross-sex hormones work like, at all, when that’s definitely not the case, I don’t know what kind of “results” is anyone looking at without photoshop, angles or surgery, that makes anyone think that taking some pills will magically turn their bodies into what they want to see.

No. 1900260

He looks like when mangas have disgusting lecherous old men slobbering over young girls. That gross, fat-lipped, menacing look.

Oh well, the fan translation for roms still has the original art, with less troons fetishizing Jennifer, actual girls in games, and even the spiritual inspiration, Suspiria, like they'd ever come close to relating to them in any meaningful way than "hur hur loli skirts duhh". Get to work making another unplayable sequel instead and die mad, industry troons. Everything you touch turns to unbearable, visibly unappealing animu trash, and you will never be a gamer girl.

No. 1900273

weird cow crossover

No. 1900292

I can't believe how cancerous this company is, I mean their early stuff was fine but these recent years, I've had to get refunds on stuff like River City Girls.

No. 1900300

I thought Paulo Gustavo died??

No. 1900303

Don't forget, that trans kids documentary was aired immediately after a pair of documentaries he did about people who commit terrible crimes because of their mental illness. The BBC and Louis Theroux insisted there was no connection and they were just airing whatever he'd recently produced.

No. 1900335

File: 1695051868462.jpeg (166.66 KB, 830x2048, F6UJpl_WcAATEdK.jpeg)

Forget toilet seat herpes, try being this gross.

No. 1900338

Why would someone make a photo of himself lying on the dirty wc floor ew

No. 1900345

I used to want to work at Laika,
Congrats for making it anon.
Although I guess it’s a monkey’s paw since it’s become tranny central, so I guess I should be saying “Sorry, anon.”

No. 1900346

At least put down a towel or like roll out a plastic bag or something bro!! God I cant imagine something more filthy than an airport toilet floor.. hope he gets that axewound infected and his penishead "clit" falls off

No. 1900349

Disgusting. I feel sick knowing some poor granny in a wheelchair will use this bathroom not knowing this creature was dilating its shitwound on the floor and no doubt mentally getting off to that fact. At least he can’t physically get off anymore. Ugh this pic makes me feel nauseous it’s so…fetishistic to even tweet about this. Imagine if women tweeted about dilating for vaginismus—oh wait, they can’t bc men would coom to it. I’m filled with hate and rage nonnas

No. 1900355

File: 1695055671470.jpeg (425.83 KB, 2160x740, IMG_5672.jpeg)


Kek they will use his make believe name but still call him a he. Almost like it doesn’t matter at all. I give Macon 2 years before he 41%’s

No. 1900359

File: 1695056517683.jpg (39.93 KB, 500x375, lecherous creepy anime man.jpg)

>He looks like when mangas have disgusting lecherous old men slobbering over young girls. That gross, fat-lipped, menacing look.
omg can't unsee it now lol

No. 1900373

No. 1900394

Because he's a degenerate. For godsakes, he has to be holding a selfie stick to take that pic. It's all for the coom. He's totally getting off on posting the pic and imagining people imagining him dilating.

No. 1900400

Calling for genocide, the same thing they claim terfs do. Projection always.

No. 1900403

Why would anyone take a pic like this to begin with? What a weird fucking decision.

No. 1900433

What is with this retarded pose? Is he trying to look dainty? It's not happening, not with those linebacker shoulders and big meaty claws.

No. 1900456

File: 1695071110544.jpg (279.5 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20230918-165723_Red…)

If you can follow the conversation with all the jannied comments:

No. 1900462

Doesn't the wound stretching take quite a bit of time? So he hogged a fucking toilet cubicle made for disabled people at a goddamn airport for at least 20minutes? Hell isn't hot enough

No. 1900464

>is anyone else frustrated that trans women

No. 1900474

Fucking vile. Kill it with fire.

No. 1900484

It doesn't end at child birth. Women who survive breast cancer often can't get breast reconstruction covered by insurance. I'm sure having only one boob or gigantic scars makes those women depressed and "dysphoric." Insurance also fails to cover breast reduction in many cases as well, even if the woman is in pain. But I guess a male's anguish over not looking like porn is more important.

No. 1900503

If you're raped and get your pushy destroyed, you jump through hoops to have reconstructive surgery covered my medicaid, if you're LUCKY.

Rapists in prison are getting stinkditches installed on the dime of taxpayers like their victims.

No. 1900510

I have a breast deformity called tuberous breasts, it's something thats caused me great mental turmoil for all of my life. Many women with it cannot even breastfeed due to insufficient breast issue. But what does insurance consider it? A cosmetic surgery.(unsaged blog)

No. 1900511


Here your health plan is way expensive than men because "if you're a fertile woman, even if you scream over and over you're childfree, we still need to offer you obs-gyn plans for your future baby". But no, someone think on poor trans women!

No. 1900547

File: 1695079757799.png (2.71 MB, 1898x1266, Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 7.25…)

insane filter

No. 1900557

File: 1695080177114.webm (2.24 MB, 720x1280, 0ee836fdd3c94578b391fb8ed9d161…)

Found these two men trying to advertise their “trans slut rock” band on my Instagram feed, i.e. two men explain what it means to be a girl

No. 1900563

You can also get a package of Clorox wipes for your purse, that's what I use.

No. 1900587

File: 1695083379412.jpg (345.1 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20230918-202626_Chr…)

>I'm not a straight man creeping on lesbians, I swear!

No. 1900595

They know the answer. This shit is every fucking day.

No. 1900596

I love how they post this as an open question, but if a lesbian answered honestly, she would be banned immediately. But if OP just happened to lurk: no lesbian wants to date an obese man with sick fetishes. If you want a "lesbian" partner, try another tranny.

No. 1900609

Everyone who is answering yes on that thread are troons, bi or "lesbians" who recently came out to their decades long husbands. No lesbian wants a troon.

No. 1900616

File: 1695089509291.jpg (644.35 KB, 810x2730, Screenshot_20230918-215324_Chr…)

>"lately I have mostly enjoyed lesbian breastfeeding porn"

No. 1900619

Sometimes the greentexted quote is enough. I don't need to do any more reading today.

No. 1900637

first world problems

No. 1900638

File: 1695092389863.jpeg (49.23 KB, 900x730, F6Pi6szXQAAmAJH.jpeg)

Where do we even start with this one…

No. 1900639

>hey lesbians, how do you feel about dating men?
Smartest moid.

No. 1900643

Kek holy fuck I thought this was Mark Dice for a second.

No. 1900644

idk what exactly it is, but this troon pisses me off more than other troons. I’m not a huge fan of MrBeast or anything, but it’s the fact that the number one most popular youtuber is trying to normalize it.

the MrBeast crew live in South Carolina instead of LA, so you would think that seeing their very male friend pretend to be a woman would peak them, and yet… he’s still in the videos

No. 1900645

>blaine goreposting hours
Go back to spamming CP, rekt videos and racebait on 4chan, disgusting butthurt troon.

No. 1900646

it's not blaine or any other troon, it's the chaochan spergs that are schizo posting and spamming links to the lc hate thread on crystal cafe.

No. 1900647

No. 1900661

Blogpost but I don’t quite have tuberous breasts, but I relate because I’m deeply unhappy with the shape of mine. They’re large, flat, and saggy and make it impossible to go bra-less without getting super sweaty/rash underneath.

I’m on Medicaid in a very progressive city and I’m wondering if I can pull a kikomi and tell my PCP that I identify as a transwoman kek. Or even pull the “non-binary” card. I’m surprised no one has tried this yet, tbh.(blog)

No. 1900669

File: 1695096596104.jpg (19.24 KB, 320x451, 378243206_990653585502699_7294…)

Getting tired of not seeing anyone speak up on my college campus about entitled tims

No. 1900681

Even (and especially?) as a lesbian, the idea of adults drinking breast milk nauseates me. I hate the way breastfeeding is sexualized to the point where women feel ashamed to feed their children in public, all because men have fetishized the hell out of a normal female bodily function.

No. 1900683

Cue the straight handmaidens and lying lesbians tripping over themselves to say they'd fuck this guy even though if they saw him in real life, they'd cross the street. TRAs in the streets, TERFs in the sheets.

No. 1900697

Can you insecure anons just take this shit to the breasts thread in /g/? Every thread, it seems like there are a handful of BDD anons freaking out because they think they look like trannies. Were you born with a penis? No? Then you don't fucking look like a tranny. I don't care how ugly you think you are, you still look female and nitpicks of ugly trannies don't apply to you.

No. 1900702

Mr. Beast videos were a guilty pleasure of mine. Just a fun, light-hearted, totally non-political, turn-your-brain-off for 10 minutes, simple good time. And then Chris trooning out ruined everything. I had to unsub and stop watching. I'm still mad about it.

No. 1900704

tbf I don't think those nonnas are saying they think they look like men/trannies.

No. 1900717

>a lot of cis het men would say they are trans women mockingly. Ive seen a few do this to try to convince a lesbian to date them
I thought this was a debunked terven talking point? Surely no cishet man would EVER pretend to be a transwoman to get access to women? I’ve been assured many times that this never happens.
Funny how TIMs (and men in general) get to be self aware wolves with no pushback but when a woman says the exact same thing about men she’s called a transphobic misandrist and gets banned.

So many lesbians I know are late 30’s to 40’s, in long stable marriages and painfully concerned with looking hip and open minded so they insist that they’d toootally date a qt transgorl if they weren’t already married to a real “cis” woman, but alas! They’re throwing other lesbians under the bus for no fucking reason because men still hate them anyway. It’s infuriating.

No. 1900725

File: 1695110883336.png (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 1519x1548, Kuroi_yasha.png)

Tranny got botched

No. 1900732

Lookin like a mechanically separated chicken.

No. 1900757

my head spins imagining the level of tardism that makes you think laying on the floor of a public restroom is making you look quirky and cute

No. 1900780

I've only ever had to do that when having intense waves of abdominal pain, and never once did I think to myself that that would be a good time to take a selfie. I cannot understand these sorts of people, why let people you know know that you have laid down on the floor in a public bathroom, let alone with a selfie.

plus shouldn't he be in a sanitary environment to do that

No. 1900783

File: 1695128164175.jpeg (132.45 KB, 1170x374, IMG_9252.jpeg)

lol, lmao even

No. 1900785

Ah yes let’s make plastic surgery free for everyone so we can all look like Rodrigo and Oli London

No. 1900786

yikyak is still going? I uninstalled because of the degenerate shit people would post while on campus.

No. 1900794

With your open wound whipped out, no less. Unless she's having a medical issue or is blackout drunk, a real woman would never.

Men are so gross.

No. 1900796

Excuse me for my ignorance nonas, but what the hell is impact play?

No. 1900802

It's a BDSM euphemism to downplay beating the shit out of someone. Implact play is using a hand or another instrument to hit another person, e.g punching, whipping, flogging, paddling, etc someone.

No. 1900827

my campus had some people giving out free stuff for anyone that downloaded it(sage your shit)

No. 1900836

Me too. If it’s not an obvious sign of one way women are actively oppressed, idk what is. Women will be penalized for doing something natural for their child in public, but it’s totally okay for men to get off on it, and even to the point that their sexualization of it is why it’s so taboo in some places. The Y chromosome is defective as fuck.

No. 1900841

Boy it must suck to see porn depict your demographic in a violent and derogatory fashion. Wonder what that's like

No. 1900846

This image looks exactly like it smells. Ew
There needs to be a thread for yikyak milk kek. It's literally a bastard child of 4chan and Grindr for college normies.

No. 1900855

File: 1695139624114.png (2.48 MB, 810x5135, LyannaTheWinterR0se.png)

TIM recommends a fellow TIM sue over his female coworkers "excluding" him off hours:

No. 1900857

You cannot bring lawsuits over people not inviting you to hang out with them LMAO this is so delusional and insane like…every time I think they can’t be more insane and pathetic I’m proven wrong. Imagine being one of the coworkers and seeing this.

No. 1900861

kek as if suing people for not wanting to spend their down time with you is going to make anyone want to go out of their way to be friendly to you. cope harder trannies, you will never experience womanhood/girlhood

No. 1900872

Why do they think they can police other adults on who they're friends with? This isn't elementary school where the whole class gets invited to a birthday party or something. I know they're all autists but this way of thinking is just so dumb and unrealistic to begin with. You can't force other adults to be your friend!!!

No. 1900875

Right, and women know that including a single man in any group completely kills the mood. TiMs don’t know how to socialize the same way, and like most men, they tend to make weird sexual jokes or just put women on edge where they feel like they can’t discuss certain things.

No. 1900880

File: 1695144671469.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x2560, 23-09-19-18-02-59-470_deco.jpg)

You think that's bad, this tranny doesn't understand why medical professionals would need to know he is male

No. 1900886

>Lyanna the Winter Rose
That shouldn't be the thing that makes me most mad but I gotta autistic chimp out real quick nonnies. This scrote is skinwalking Lyanna Stark, the Winter Rose, from A Song of Ice and Fire, who is literally a 16 year old girl that dies in childbirth. They even fetishize DYING in childbirth as their fucking larp

No. 1900889

Someone I went to high school with transitioned and has been making ig stories about how they expected themselves to be hot after taking HRT for two years and posted a photo of a soul eater character… do men just expect to magically transform into lolis with their skeletal structure?

No. 1900896

File: 1695146963359.png (498.73 KB, 757x727, Screenshot 2023-09-19.png)

I didn't see it posted yet, but sorry if it already was. I only just saw it earlier.


I'm shocked this is in Missouri of all places. Can any local nonas chime in?

No. 1900898

His smile is so gross and ugly, you can tell how much of a shitty person he is through that agp grimace.

No. 1900899

What do you think TIMs would be like if we lived in a society with no HRT, plastic surgery, makeup, "female" clothing or "female" hair? Like what were the most primitive TIMs like? Would they try to stuff their tunic with hay to look like boobs? Still chop their dicks off?

No. 1900900

lol i have a feeling even OP realized how dumb lyanna sounded

No. 1900901

File: 1695147237799.jpg (18.95 KB, 320x320, 315302017_676855287338352_3695…)

Picrel the brolic big beaked motherfucker in question. His IG is private, but its tristanyounggg

No. 1900903

Missouri anon here! Kansas City, MO is more "progressive" than the rest of the state (St. Louis is as well), but this is still kind of surprising. The attitude here is definitely along the lines of transwoman=gay man which a lot of people have sympathy/pity for. He looks busted as hell kek

My husband is a teacher and he says there's a lot more female nonbinary and TIFs than TIMs. The trans kids are typically the kids who would have been emo, scene, etc back when we were in school. Socially awkward, possibly autistic

No. 1900905

Gdi, I love the original.

The one woman in the video is an ecchi artist too. I imagine the TiM is a big fan.

No. 1900906

Hey fellow Kcfag. Went to the store today, up near the Ford plant, sounds like this shit peaked Clay Co

No. 1900911

File: 1695148373218.jpg (147.23 KB, 640x360, edfdef31039c2087301abf87fcaa81…)

imagine being the homecoming king moid whose queen is jean ralphio in a wig. I am not american so i don't know how homecoming queen/king works, but i imagine the moid and the tranny have to at least be forced to dance, right? i would love to be a fly in the wall to see the discomfort on the moid's face. That moid is definetly getting bullied for being the king to a tranny for life.

No. 1900914

The way they are so deep into their delusions is genuinely scary. Like, imagine thinking just because you’re taking horse piss you are physiologically a woman?????? No????? God I miss the days when it was HSTS mainly speaking for the “teams community” who admitted they were not biological women but the slope was of course far too slippery and scrotes will always scrotes

No. 1900915

Women's rights subreddits were banned, but men's rights subreddits are still up lol, I checked this a few months ago.

No. 1900922

Nobody has tried this because it's called Insurance Fraud, nona…

No. 1900930

Appreciate you weighing in, nona! I know nothing about KC and only the Springfield/Marshfield/Branson areas, but even this surprised me.

We can only hope.

No. 1900933

The only fraud I see is men claiming to be women and therefore are somehow entitled to free surgeries. With how much that makes sense women should be able to identify as transwomen and also get free surgeries. If I had the money I'd try it and take it to court if they say no.

No. 1900934

He wanted a 'virginal canal', barf.

No. 1900939

Wtf. I hate male fantasy writers for writing this shit, but the tranny literally snatching the name of a child character that died birthing a molestation baby for his bimbo fetish larp persona is so much worse. It vaguely reminds me of the type of men who kidnap and torture people, since those sorts always seem to have unhinged writings about their favorite specific fictional characters that have undergone horrific suffering and abuse.

No. 1900942

Thank, nona. That's horrendous, so basically an excuse to hit women, the troon is a misogynist, quelle surprise

No. 1900951

File: 1695153687166.jpeg (540.36 KB, 828x1073, IMG_8389.jpeg)


No. 1900962

This shit fucks me up. The faux anime artstyle is so far from the Tenebre/giallo inspired, realistic artwork.
Are they going to redo the graphics of the entire game or is this just gonna be a lazy port? Anyone into horror has played this game with the english patch.

No. 1900975

holy shit everyone looks scraggly and greasy

No. 1900978

nonnas are you worried the propaganda is starting to take effect? my roommates friend was talking about wanting to try girldick the other day and I was shook…granted she seemed super online.

No. 1900980

Could you ask her what’s the difference between “man dick” and “girl dick”? How about a pre-transition one? Maybe she has already had “girl dick” from someone who’s closeted? you can feign ignorance or point out how ridiculous it sounds using their own logic, “isn’t that a bit like stereotypes?”

No. 1900988

I did and she just gave a non-response about how hot Tgirls are…I said in the nicest possible way have you met the trans people we know?? It’s like she just lives online. I’m worried about what the internet and Tiktok is doing to young girls brains.

No. 1901002

when you defrost the turkey for xmas and it's rotten

No. 1901005

File: 1695161608089.png (153.95 KB, 537x443, 13411631.png)

I don't expect the average person to understand how the human endocrine system works, but this kind of misinformation (repackaged as a joke) is indicative of how few troons actually consult with a endocrinologist before arbitrarily fucking up their bodies' chemistry. Estrogen and testosterone aren't like potions in video games, they don't just unilaterally affect secondary sex traits. They're part of a much larger chemical regulatory system; fuck with one chemical and it throws everything off-kilter.

No. 1901008

As long as she doesn't call herself a lesbian, who gives a shit. Let her date a tranny and learn firsthand how psychotic they are if she won't take your word for it.

No. 1901009

do they genuinely think it's funny?

No. 1901011

They probably want to screen his geriatric ass for prostate cancer, but having his delusions enabled is apparently more important than not dying of cancer.

No. 1901012

File: 1695162053112.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20230919-231829.png)

It really accentuates your pig nose. Oink oink

No. 1901014

Half of the people who voted for him probably did it as a joke. The other half were virtue-signalling. He looks legitimately hideous. His face in the second shot makes it look like he just shat himself.

No. 1901016

They've whined and bullied their way into having the entire country kissing their ass, so yes they literally think that they can whine about not being invited to the party and they'll magically get their way

No. 1901018

They even offer an option to speak with a nurse privately about it, what is the issue exactly?

No. 1901022

File: 1695164083881.webm (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Ufjjp9otsrs-1080Pp-1695163742.…)

Haha, dream on

No. 1901023

Yes, because they’re immature scrotes whose knowledge of anything related to the female body comes from porn.

No. 1901026

I guess there was an aggressive homecoming campaign and a lot of boys laughing about it, no proof other than overhearing people talk at the store, so hell if I know if she was talking out her ass. Most of KC isn't into this shit unless you're either in the metro or one of the zillion gentrified black neighborhoods whose pta's were overtaken by iPad moms.

No. 1901031

File: 1695166258608.jpg (21.27 KB, 231x245, pic.jpg)

her face

No. 1901035

File: 1695166893291.png (424.91 KB, 643x695, Screenshot_20230919-194250~2.p…)

I don't like libsoftiktok but I found this and I'm just….yeah

No. 1901036

My bad, didn't know this was already posted about but guess this can just show another angle at the mtf face in comparison to the girl that's crowning him

No. 1901039

i don't get what the point is, your body knows how to use heroin as well, doesn't mean you can start shooting up

No. 1901097

File: 1695175467531.jpg (384.13 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20230919-215858_Chr…)

I'm not a Canuck, but the TQ+ astroturfing is ridiculous on the provincial and local Canadian subs. Give them an inch and they completely take over:

No. 1901099

Yeah taxpayers foot the bill for trannies but not for women who need breast reconstruction after cancer.

No. 1901102

File: 1695176278475.png (234.83 KB, 1214x1074, Clipboard04.png)

Well, this troon thinks ugly women get free surgeries
>If she were a cisgender woman that say, had a very masculine face due to hormonal issues, and wanted FFS to correct what testosterone had caused to change, I'm certain it would be granted
They really do live in fairy land.

No. 1901104

what a retard.

No. 1901107

In my experience with these online spaces, a certain fantasy of a dainty and feminine tim is pushed very very hard. You're led to believe that they're just like women and have the same minds as women and are heavily feminized by the HRT to the point where they're nigh indistinguishable from women. This is the fantasy that many terminally online people have because it is only possible to maintain this delusion online. Through angles, photoshop, illustrations, heavy editing, etc they can project a false image of what trans identified males look like, which to some people might seem harmless. This illusion is incredibly fragile and will be shattered upon meeting a real life tim, or even just looking a little too long and hard at the online illusion. That's why they're so gung-ho about censorship and threatening others into silence. They know how fragile the illusion is and will fight tooth and nail to preserve it. Most women who say they'd date tims are either gendies themselves, spicy straights, or are horribly misled and when actually meeting a tim they'd find themselves subconsciously recoiling.

No. 1901108

Non-canadian but this is a standard wait for non essential surgery in burgerland (or my state at least.) My dad waited for a few years for a back surgery that WAS life saving so no fucking shit they have to wait on placebo pseudo science

No. 1901130

I know multiple girls who have dated butt ugly AGP trannies, not even vaguely well styled gay men but abysmal scrotes. Gen Z heterosexual women have the lowest imaginable standards and a lot of them are anti-feminist.

No. 1901132

>a lot of them are anti-feminist.
red scare and its consequences

No. 1901144

That's exactly the vibe. The worst part is Lyanna dies 15 years before the events of the novels, and the only characters who remember her refuse to think about her because they're haunted by her death, so she's the concept of young girls dying in childbirth more than she is an actual character. There are so many badass adult women in that series, to skinwalk Lyanna is a really egregious and telling choice. In the 70s all of these men would be killing women that look like the woman/character they imprinted on but it's like now there's so much surveillance they funnel their failmale impotence into becoming her instead

No. 1901199

girls it’s joever. i went to take a piss in my uni library and all the doors have signs on them saying transphobia will not be tolerated. i know i shouldn’t be surprised as all unis are lib but jesus christ

No. 1901207

>he will commit suicide unless he gets cosmetic plastic surgery on his face
how do they say these things without seeing how mentally unstable they are, and not even in a trans way
>If she were a cisgender woman that say, had a very masculine face due to hormonal issues, and wanted FFS to correct what testosterone had caused to change, I'm certain it would be granted
This right here though, they've pushed SO hard to normalize "trans lifesaving health care" that they all now accept it as just "health care for anyone" to try to fit rigid gender stereotypes through cosmetic surgery. They think any woman should be able to amputate her breasts on a whim, or any man have his balls removed just 'cause. And naturally plastic surgery should just be free for everyone. Well, it should be especially free for trans people, but cis people can get it too. It's so creepy how the cult just goes deeper and deeper and looks at everything through a narrow trans colored lens. They really can't even imagine a world that isn't hyperfocused on sex (but they call it gender) and stereotypes.

No. 1901208

Time to grab some terf stickers and marker pens to let other women know they're not alone

No. 1901217

i really want to do this but my paranoid ass thinks they’ll somehow find out who did it

No. 1901219

they'll probably fingerprint and dna swab the stickers, and check cctv of who was there that day

No. 1901221

Have any terfy friends? Walk in a group, stand guard while defacing, have plausible deniability. Graffiti "GOOGLE DANA RIVERS"

No. 1901224

I hear you nona. My local uni had the audacity to remove the menstrual product dispenser in the women's restroom and move it to the gender neutral one and they put up signs advertising it. Way to screw women over in the name of inclusivity. It didn't affect me, luckily since I'm always carrying some of my own, but it was just the sheer insult of the gesture. Plus imagining just how horribly uncomfortable it'd be if I was forced to awkwardly leave the restroom to go to a less safe gender neutral one just to get pads. It's just plain gross, even as an adult, but I just hope they're not doing this to high school and middle schoolers too. It's a lot worse for them because they're children and super vulnerable.

No. 1901240

Can't seem to find any non binary threads for men , so would it be perfectly fine for me to just post the "non-binary" male in this thread ?

If not , can someone point me towards a thread where it would be more appropriate.

No. 1901241

This thread is for any trans identified males, so yes, non binary identifying males count. I suggest you lurk more in the threads in order to integrate better, but if you have decent milk, post it.

No. 1901244

ironic how it's the same people who claim sex and gender are different refuse to acknowledge their natal sex. it even says it has nothing to do with gender identity. why are TiMs

No. 1901261

>My local uni had the audacity to remove the menstrual product dispenser in the women's restroom and move it to the gender neutral one and they put up signs advertising it
That is bullshit. I would heavily complain about it. Or at least send pics and video to reduxx and/or libs of tiktok.

No. 1901266

File: 1695217522287.jpeg (907.24 KB, 4096x2304, IMG_5546.jpeg)

Beautiful Lesbian Woman

No. 1901274

I hate that these balding, ugly freaks constantly larp as lesbians. They've already ruined a lot of dating apps for us, it's so tiring. All these straight men need to leave us alone.

No. 1901279

REEEE you don’t GET to be a lesbian you ugly balding pervert freak. No actual lesbian sees you as one of us, you are the lowest kind of male. I hate them all nonnas I hate them so much I will continue to graffiti every public bathroom with TERF shit all across my city and no one can stop me

No. 1901287

Please keep up the good work. I saw my first "a trans person peed here" graffiti in a women's restroom stall and it made me want to hurl. I'm going to have to buy some permanent markers asap
That shit is just so foul, like what is more male than territorial pissing graffiti whose sole purpose is just to flex on women

No. 1901289

Bring gloves and wear a covid mask+sunglasses or ski mask/balaclava

No. 1901297

File: 1695220118840.png (498.29 KB, 720x653, Screenshot_20230918-164432~2.p…)

Found out a famous YouTuber has a they/then brother who looks…well like this

No. 1901306

File: 1695220823069.png (104.67 KB, 644x865, delusion.png)

Troons believe the shit they see in anime is real

No. 1901308

That's not mark's sibling in any way, mark only has an older brother named Thomas

No. 1901311

If they write their graffiti in permanent marker, isopropyl alcohol wipes take it off of most surfaces, or hand sani and tissue - all items you might have in your purse anyways.
For your own purposes, oil-based paint markers are harder to remove, and they write opaque over permanent marker. You have to shake them up though, so plan ahead. You’re probably smarter than this, but I feel compelled to warn: don’t buy them from your uni art store.

No. 1901314

Is that maybe Mark’s brother’s girlfriend? His brother is a furry so it would make sense if he was dating a themlet

No. 1901330

File: 1695224599458.jpg (458.56 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_20230920-114521_Boo…)

>"Seems to be an ego hit for certain women in the same way dick measuring is with certain men."

No. 1901331

nah this person is lying for clout.

No. 1901335

They don't understand when women say "I'm so jealous of x!!" To each other, they're not actually jealous, that's just how we compliment each other. Women are trained to put themselves down in order to help lift other people up and saying "I'm jealous" is a common form that takes. "wow I wish I had a cool job like that!" Mf I would kms if I had to work at the dmv, I'm just trying to be nice and give you the illusion that you're in an advantageous position. Men are never socialized to take a submissive position when they compliment each other, so they just take the things women say at face value

No. 1901347

It's not an "ego thing," it's an insecurity thing, and most of the people who do it beyond their teenage years are mentally ill. It's also not just about size, in my experience, we're more concerned about shape and perkiness than size. I think the ideal thing to have for most people are perky, symmetrical B or C cups, because those are the sizes with the most bra style variety and they don't give you back problems. Women with high cup sizes generally aren't thrilled about it because it causes them back pain, it's harder to find bras that fit, they get in the way, and they're more likely to sag.

No. 1901350

>a lot of them are anti-feminist
While still describing themselves as feminists, perplexingly enough. Their idea of feminism comes entirely from Beyonce songs and kweerios on Twitter. They're NLOGs, lesbophobes, MRAs, pickmes, and TRAs, yet they purport to be feminists.

No. 1901352

>Is there any more "girl's locker room talk" stuff I should know?
What does he mean "should?" He has no business knowing what women talk about in private. Fucking creep.

No. 1901354

>DNA swab the stickers.
No they won't. These are campus police, not the FBI. They'll check the security cameras at the very most. They're more concerned with busting people for having weed.

No. 1901355

So he claims women who are worried about their husbands "transitioning" just hate the idea of them getting bigger boobs? I have literally never heard of this plus people who are in situations where transitioning medically is affordable to them can easily afford implants if they wanted. Is he really trying to push the idea women are jealous of troons boobs?

No. 1901358

nta but are you autistic? it was clearly a joke

No. 1901359

Is he serious? Women with actual breast deformities go through trouble and still get denied for reconstruction. Also from what I seen FFS just means they wanted to fix their ugly fucking beak or forehead rather than something actually masculine. I'm convinced been a troonism is just free pass for uggos to get surgery

No. 1901364

yo thank you for the advice, I'm going to put together a little anti-tranny graffiti kit now

No. 1901375

>Transition Doula
Do other TIMs pay this balding jackass to rinse out their wounds? Or maybe he holds their hands while they push out an orange pus-covered hairball? Fuck off.

No. 1901386

I'm not living in the USA and our health care system is different with universal health care being a thing, but I can tell you that troons get facial hair removal covered by health insurance and women won't. It's the same with hormones, troons get paid more than women needing them. And I've also noticed that if you are looking for a therapist covered by health insurance telling them you have gender dysphoria will make your waiting time way less than 9 months. I'm so done with this, I've paid a lot of money for health insurance without having money and everything I would need won't be covered by it, while a fucking troon can get hair removal and surgeries to get his "gender" right. And if I ever have to read "oh no, he will unalive himself because of gender bubu" I might explode. Many women I know have been suicidal, self harming, dealing with eating disorders and so on because of body dysmorphia and they still had to wait months for therapy and no one handed them a diet plan, razor blades or surgeries for free to "cure" their mental illness. If you have cancer, sure, you should get everything paid, if you have depression, same, if you need glasses or teeth, yes, hand them the money, but treating a mental illness with surgeries for free can't be a thing and if the doctors and pharma industry wouldn't make a lot of money with it over a long time it wouldn't be a thing.
They want to be women, then they should be treated like women, no doctor should take them serious and if they have a problem with their outer appearance, maybe they should try doing some sports or go on a diet.
sry, had to get it out, hope every nonna who did read this is having an amazing day

No. 1901391

>They want to be women, then they should be treated like women, no doctor should take them serious and if they have a problem with their outer appearance, maybe they should try doing some sports or go on a diet.
Nonna this hit so fucking hard. I went years without a medical diagnosis for RA because I was being written off as "depressed and anxious". I guarantee if I had been a scrote the tests would have been run instead of sticking me on SSRIs that nearly fucking killed me. Let them suffer the same way and experience womanhood in all of its glory. Let them feel what it's like to be truly discriminated against and see how long it takes for them to detrans once they realize what privilege they just fucking gave up. Oh and I hope you're having an incredible day as well, nonna.

No. 1901395

File: 1695233776740.png (559.55 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20230920-141831.png)

Terf queen

No. 1901397

It’s so funny that he comes out with this story now that the attention isn’t on him and he’s irrelevant. Really transparent what he’s doing. Oh and he looks like a dude with too much makeup who thinks he passes kek

No. 1901401

>Angelica Ross

No. 1901402

neither anon said that they think they look like trannies. being insecure about how you look ≠ thinking you look like a man.

No. 1901404

File: 1695234890621.png (2.21 MB, 1278x1284, Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.37.…)

KEK. She has that Hollywood dynasty power, I hope she doesn't apologize.

No. 1901406

Kek this is so fucking based I can imagine exactly how she sounded saying it

No. 1901407

Finally, so many years of playing bad girls are paying off. Next season of AHS she will be an evil terf who kills troons jaja.
But I seriously hope she doesn't apologize and that that troon leaves her alone.

No. 1901412

File: 1695236035315.jpeg (167.18 KB, 750x553, 861EAAF9-1152-45C4-9E4B-2FB5C5…)

No. 1901414

The only women I’ve ever known who treated breast size as a “dick measuring contest” were insecure because they were obese, and they were very very young. But however insecure these girls were, I doubt they would ever feel threatened by a TIM. If anything they’d keep a TIM friend around so he would make them look better in comparison.

You just know he wrote that one-handed.

No. 1901419

Nah flat women are extremely bitchy and seethe a lot towards big breasted women.(b8)

No. 1901422

File: 1695237654487.gif (902.24 KB, 480x267, giphy.gif)

oh wow, right on time for season premier. don't know if publicity for ahs or butthurt for not being cast.

i don't get it

No. 1901424

kek I hope it's true, I love Emma Roberts now

No. 1901439

Apparently she recently apologized via phone call…

No. 1901442

No. 1901452

It’s hilarious when they refer to themselves with female pronouns or terms in the third person

No. 1901453

File: 1695242818307.jpg (165.49 KB, 1079x1536, F6ZqR_3W4AA4MOC.jpg)

No. 1901456


Needs lynching(newfaggotry, alog)

No. 1901457

File: 1695243057977.jpg (276.15 KB, 922x1323, F6acYjxWEAAWnIz.jpg)

Lol imagine a full grown man fall sobbing to the floor on a bus because people are trying to tell him to grow the fuck up

No. 1901459

He’s going to call the police?!?!? For WHAT lmao based other people on the bus. I’m glad the women spoke up without fear. Literally what are the police going to do about an old bartender “misgendering” him and some people on a bus rightfully telling him to grow tf up. How much you wanna bet the “boyfriend” on the phone is a TIF smh

No. 1901484

Everyone is so supportive of troons, must have been a huge coincidence he ended up on the TERF bus lol.

No. 1901485

Can you imagine hanging around someone like this?? An adult no less… Seems exhausting.

No. 1901489

>police scotland
can confirm they will treat an insipid troon's feefees with top priority while droves of more important crimes will be given nothing but a crime number. I really hate this country sometimes.

No. 1901491

Honestly I am beginning to believe that transgenderism is actually a symptom of a personality disorder and/or extreme autism. To me there is just no other explanation for these extreme and insufferable behaviors.

No. 1901493

it is. It's autism. It's always fucking autism (believing in made up bullshit) or very extreme bpd (poor sense of self, relying on others to feel "whole"). All trannies have one or both

No. 1901498

Wasn't there a study done that corroborated that the majority of male trannies had npd or something?

No. 1901499

I'm pretty sure this is an impersonator account of the troon who got fired for his guntoting threats he made on Twitter earlier this year.

No. 1901505

Ayrt. Autism/personality disorder being the core issue really puts all of these examples into a new perspective and frankly makes a ton of sense. I have yet to come across a single gendie person, whether online or in person, that is even remotely normal in terms of personality, behavior, or thinking.

I did a quick search and there are two relevant papers I found on the topic, one in 2014 reporting on a 50/50 cohort of trans where the occurrence of a personality disorder was over 80%; the second in 2022 or 23 (don't know if it was the same author) with a greater array of data that comes to basically the same conclusion of personality disorder being high/present.

No. 1901510

This x 1000. A lot of times I just say things like this so my friends feel good about themselves. Not that I don’t think they’re pretty, but I like making them feel that way out loud or helping diminish their insecurities, too.

No. 1901516

this is my vote for the next thread pic.

No. 1901527

Its true and I was the female passenger and I clapped

No. 1901528

File: 1695249576871.gif (2.85 MB, 498x280, laughing-crying.gif)

the fact that he had to specify "in person"

No. 1901537

shout out to the people of Scotland, cheers.

No. 1901538

TERF bus collision with down with cis bus soon.

No. 1901543

Kek nonnie thanks for the laugh. Actually it reminded of that pic of a troon said "i am sad smol bby" on reddit and someone answers "ur a man get a grip", never fails to make me laugh
I imagine the scene like a sitcom, a huge and very manly man dressed as a woman (think tequila Joseph Joestar) and the poor barman saying "what you will have today, SIR?" and then he huffs and puffs saying he is a woman and leaves the bar and enters the bus only to the horror of the other passengers and makes a huge scene yelling how he is a woman (while the passengers look at the camera like The Office style) only to him to cry and faint in an exaggerated way and the camera man focus on the obvious bad acting with his awful manly cries and throwing water on himself while he lays down to fake tears kekk. I wish I was in the bus kek
>big jenny
What does this means?

No. 1901544

Samefag, it's jessy kek I am retarded

No. 1901549

Ladies when was the last time you had a tit measuring contest

No. 1901551

I almost believe it's real just because I can't imagine someone willing to make up a story that makes them sound so pathetic. Plus if the history of this thread proves anything it is that these guys love to lie down on dirty bathroom and bus floors. At least he didn't start dilating, kek.

No. 1901553

File: 1695250937525.jpeg (452.23 KB, 1170x1870, IMG_3301.jpeg)

Oblivion High Elf wants to look more feminine

No. 1901560

it’s scottish slang for effeminate males

No. 1901563

elongated weird al

No. 1901570

1. kill yourself 2. try again in the next life(a-logging)

No. 1901571

I wouldn’t be surprised if these men think that women have sleepovers where they have topless pillow fights and make out with each other for fun like a cliche fantasy kek

No. 1901581

Based kek.

No. 1901588


No. 1901598

There’s actually a copypasta about that shit, they truly are a hivemind. Sadly I can’t find it because the copypasta thread disappeared.

No. 1901602

File: 1695253972262.mp4 (891.47 KB, 576x1024, diddyrivera__20230910_reel_318…)

Nothing makes my skin crawl more then men calling themselves lesbians.

No. 1901606

that's mark's girlfriend

No. 1901610

File: 1695254636257.jpg (603.46 KB, 1170x2355, Clipboard01.jpg)

Sir, no woman is ever going to be jealous of your ugly ass

No. 1901611


No. 1901612

File: 1695254702130.jpeg (192.27 KB, 528x441, IMG_7230.jpeg)

Lmao no this isn’t. His girlfriend is Peebles.

No. 1901614

>are there any AMAB features women tend to be jealous of?
yes, the male audacity and their entitlement

No. 1901618

File: 1695255743565.jpg (40.49 KB, 1080x574, 20230921_012133.jpg)

it's just an unfortunate pic of her

No. 1901626

File: 1695256842367.gif (4.88 MB, 400x300, PtZFGd.gif)

Get on the Magic Terf Bus

No. 1901628

Can't wait for trannies to accuse us of being twansphobic to biological women just because one retard in this thread is a faceblind autist and believed a trolling tranny who stole a woman's photo.

No. 1901650

I wouldn’t put it past an unhinged troon try and get swabs since their whole purpose is to seek and destroy real women who won’t submit. Whenever I think about spreading terf graffiti I always remember the lengths those 4chan dudes went to find the Shia LaBeouf flag and I know they’re all up in 4chan. I’m scared but I live in a big city and the local authorities can’t even be bothered with actual crimes. Ugh I’m torn.

No. 1901660

If I witnessed something like this person, I would honestly believe I was seeing someone in the act of having escaped a clinic and in the middle of a psychotic break.

No. 1901667

File: 1695261642522.jpg (72.98 KB, 600x485, Perhaps.jpg)

>are you autistic

No. 1901676

>are there any AMAB features women tend to be jealous of?
not really, no

No. 1901689

What's with the shooped to hell photo of Angelica? I bet they didn't have the balls to show an actual photo of him because the candids looks nothing like that at all. Not even remotely recognizeable. He looks fucking undead in his candids. Dunno why but I find the shameless use of doctored photos in mainstream media to be reprehensible, especially in this case. It's all about the illusion.

No. 1901713

File: 1695267950958.jpg (360.6 KB, 810x2095, Screenshot_20230920-234151_Chr…)

They're such coomers:

No. 1901714

File: 1695268196339.jpeg (95.84 KB, 515x593, IMG_1029.jpeg)


Girl, that’s an amhole…

No. 1901716

Long eyelashes maybe?

No. 1901720

>for 10 to 30 min
Can they ever not lie?

No. 1901730

having a 30 minute orgasm? like a pig? Just because you smell like a barn animal does not mean you have to pretend to be one.

No. 1901748

File: 1695271719913.jpg (13.89 KB, 469x553, 1686088123891.jpg)

That story is the epitome of picrel. Amazing find, nona

No. 1901754

This is the same dude who got fired from the National Park service for posting pics online with his gun while making threats

No. 1901755

If I was on that bus I'd be tempted to quote Kourtney in a completely dead pan voice

>there's people that are dying

Every day I'm convinced trannies are the most thin skinned people on this earth. The epitome of first world problems

No. 1901757

Guess I’ll watch this season so Emma can get some shekels but of course so will Angelica. UGH hopefully she has a book I can buy. Take my money terf queen.

No. 1901760

When I got to police scotland mighty kek. Scottish people are notorious for being tough bastards, (male and female) so the idea of this guy throwing himself on the floor of the bus and sobbing for hours because someone called him son, and then the people on the bus failed to humour him (a crime!!), a complete stranger acting erratic on the bus, sufficiently, so fucking funny. Everyone who saw him was probably laughing about it for hours, sounds like quite the spectacle. Those kind of tantrums where you throw yourself on the floor crying are supposed to stop at about 5 or 6 years old at most, most likely to occur at maybe 2-4. (I can't remember ever doing that myself even as a child, the state of this man)
It wasn't even the barman, just another customer aka a random drunk, probably an old man hence "son"

No. 1901765

i am blessed with long eyelashes lol, i guess the only thing i envy about moids is the ability to get really buff and punch walls

No. 1901795

It's really depressing when this kinda shit happens. On the one hand, if a man has been wanting to express femininity while not being a total knob thinking he's a woman for it, I wouldn't be miffed but because so many of these dudes have blatant AGP, it's just disgusting.

No. 1901810

Ohhh boy I can imagine the comments now, not only this show in production during the strikes (they should rightfully be criticized for that), but also "Meanie transphobes on set wahhh!" Probably trannies frothing at the mouth to hurl insults and threats of violence. This show should be canceled anyways it's awful and Ryan Murphy needs to be stopped.

No. 1901817

this is oddly schizophrenic to me

No. 1901859

Lmfao nonny I’m going to lose it

No. 1901861

I wish I was a pig now.

No. 1901870

Plus menstrual cups can last for 12+ hours, they even sell larger capacity ones if you have a heavy flow. I don't see why you'd need to ever empty in public unless you are out for 14+ hours at a time

No. 1901877

File: 1695313500408.mp4 (498.35 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_719536627943011456…)

>highly valuable female

No. 1901878

Because some people have heavy flows and can't fit the heavy capacity cups in comfortably. I have a standard cup and it lasts 2 hours on my heaviest day. I have to empty it 3-4 times while I'm out and about. Just because it can last for 12 hours doesn't mean it always will.

No. 1901879

shame, he looked like he was probably cute once upon a time. I both love and hate the internet for blackpilling me on the unfathomable depths of male degeneracy. Doesn't matter how cute or sweet or straightlaced they seem, never trust any moid. this is a fug outfit anyway, he looks like he has grandma's compresssion socks from walmart on his arms kek.

No. 1901902

an average period is about 60 ml within the course of a few days, period cups are about 30 ml. you'd have to be producing literal cups of period blood daily which is extremely abnormal and likely a sign of medical issues

No. 1901907

File: 1695317573072.jpeg (224.67 KB, 750x2248, IMG_1410.jpeg)

question: is renata bliss aka freestyle dace teacher a tranny?(tranny bait)

No. 1901916

I hate everything about this his eyes are so dead and also psychotic the way he’s widening them to max capacity as he eyefucks himself in the phone camera. The cut of the dress to clearly hide his MALE proportions. The manosphere terminology “high value female” I want to vomit. These freaks are the lowest value males that there are. Come on, tranny, wear a bodycon dress to show off your uwu feminine hips to waist ratio kek

No. 1901931

No. 1901941

File: 1695322125613.jpg (182.64 KB, 1080x1157, Screenshot_20230921_144559_You…)

Anyone have tea on John Maclean?

No. 1901944

wrong thread, anon

No. 1901953

Sage for ot but I started emptying it in the public toilets because I lived out of a suitcase and bus stations for a time. I still empty it in public toilets if the situation calls for it, but will wait till I'm alone to wash it out. I've had to wash blood off my hands from tampon insertion so I don't really see a huge difference? The blood is dumped in the toilet, I use tp to clean it and then I give it a rinse in the sink. Either way, there should be a way for women to be able to wash their cups in public toilets, even if the cup can last 12 hrs.

No. 1901964

File: 1695325452833.jpg (258.21 KB, 1640x1978, F6kiVbfbIAAdhT8.jpg)

Good lord horse face

No. 1901976

File: 1695327257906.png (785.02 KB, 1000x1714, _.png)

No. 1901979

he's not a Tim, more appropriate on the youtubers thread

No. 1901983

Horse face with skin the texture of the hooves

No. 1901986

Honest question what is different between someone like John who wears womanface vs like Dylan or Blaire

No. 1901989

No. 1901991

File: 1695329023121.webm (1.95 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 713454917436783338…)

No. 1901997

There is no difference.

No. 1902004


Spitting fkn image, right there. What would otherwise just be an unfortunate fugly man is now made horrific with the application of crappy makeup. That'll help, kek.

No. 1902007

Although it's unfortunate he is yet another shill for the makeup and fashion industries, he at least doesn't claim to be a woman, doesn't claim makeup=woman, doesn't impede on women's spaces and demand that women get rid of our boundaries. Also doesn't act like a pervert constantly, so that's a decent start.

No. 1902012

>Call me a man one more fucking time

He says this in the deepest most aggressively male voice ever. Zero self awareness. Though it is a little scary how tims get when you don't play along with their creepy fetishistic delusion.

No. 1902019

File: 1695332876223.png (759.68 KB, 1080x2442, ReDiculousVoodoo.png)

Osteoporosis and muscle wasting are so feminine and validating!:

No. 1902021

he sure sounds so free amirite

No. 1902024

No shit it's a sign of medical issues, that's why it's called "extremely" heavy flow. It nevertheless is a fact of life for many women.

No. 1902026

the rambling and bizarre delusions (like beyond normal TIM delusions) definitely gives off schizo vibes

No. 1902028

I don’t see one either.

No. 1902032

I flew from the UK to Morocco today and there were three troons on the flight, all travelling alone. I guess I never imagined Maroc as a ball snipping hot spot, I'm fully convinced that's why they were travelling. Maybe some facial surgery. It's hardly the best place for a solo holiday for a very clockable tranny. The one I was closest to in the queue had the biggest fucking Salad Fingers hands I've ever seen, fella can castrate himself but the hands, receded chin and linebacker shoulders do not lie.

No. 1902035


Oh hey, another woman word to glom on and redefine. Death doula? So does he help his peers 41%? Creepy.

No. 1902037

>womanface is when man in makeup and dress

No. 1902048

>These freaks are the lowest value males that there are.
Yup, and they show that every time with the amount of misogyny they spew. They will never comprehend, on any level, the way women think and feel, particularly about our own oppression. I have yet to see one that doesn’t fetishize some aspect of being female that doesn’t make women uncomfortable or rely on misogynistic terms or stereotypes.

No. 1902073

>Doing any manual labor is dysphoria-inducing and transphobic because it might build muscle
It's almost impressive all the ways these losers come up with to get out of responsibilities and be lazy leaches their whole lives. I could actually see workplace rules changing to accommodate this.

No. 1902081

Anon you really need to have a conversation with your gyno about this. If you're bleeding as much as you say you are, you may be dangerously anemic. Obviously hormonal birth control sucks in its own ways, but the trade off is probably worth it here.

No. 1902085

being unemployed must be peak femininity to this freak then lmao
eugenicist psyop to get "undesirables" on birth control

No. 1902096

i can think of another resaon they'd be going to morocco: it's a also a known sex tourism destination, especially for nonces who like to fuck boys.
from the woowoo types i know death doulas are supposed to help relatives with grief or some shit. entirely unregulated industry of course

No. 1902098

>tfw you lift heavy and don’t care because you’re female regardless

No. 1902150

File: 1695352260649.jpg (1.12 MB, 810x3498, Screenshot_20230921-222310_Red…)

Literally jizzing themselves in public. All the more reason to keep your distance from them:

No. 1902159

>"you're a terrorist "
>lol at the comments
Average tranny in the wild

No. 1902161

If your doctor suggest BC as your "only" option leave and find a new one. I just got a laparoscopy and it works for years no hormones

No. 1902173

I get irrationally angry when people like this youtuber call these things "she". I don't know what alternative title could have been used, but there has to be a way to refer to these men in a way that doesn't refer to them as women but also doesn't get you canceled or whatever. In this video, it's never mentioned that the criminal is actually a tim, and I believe most of the people in the comments think he's a woman. Even his wikipedia page makes no mention of the fact that he is trans and was born as a man.

No. 1902182

Looking through the comments it’s like 95% people saying “she”, can they actually not tell it’s a male or are they just pretending?

No. 1902200

its just a social nicety honestly. They CAN tell but a lot of people don't want to deal with the bullshit of pissing off a deranged lunatic dressed like a ten cent hooker.

No. 1902204

I wish them all a very happy t4t bc EW! Why would any woman - gay, straight or bi - be interested in a hentai-addicted male with a broken malfunctioning dick? Everything about that sounds unhealthy and dangerous.