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File: 1481884537812.jpg (45.72 KB, 640x480, jill.jpg)

No. 215023


>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler

>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which prevents her from saving for her japan trip, expects fans to donate to her patreon to fund the trip
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>2017 UPDATE: she's finally going to japan and avoiding her fashion education as planned

youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Link to original thread:

No. 215025

I believed her when she said she abstained from reading hate sites like btb when she was a lolita, because she could not handle any criticism without breaking down and Tristan kept an eye on her browsing for hate comments because he thought she was better than that. She was very vocal about ignoring the existence of hate sites for a while. It clearly ate her up. That's how LACE came to happen.

But that was almost two years ago, now lolcow is one of her top results on google, and she has that gay boyfriend who she can be petty with. I am 100% positive that she started lurking here this year, every second thing she posts or makes a video about can be traced back to our suggestions or complaints. I suspect this is her attempt at challenging herself and braving criticism? But she's very dishonest and passive aggressive about everything, like she always has something to hide, so instead of allowing these comments to fuel her growth, she tries the "i'll show u!!" route. She never has much strategy and everything comes across as forced and lazy.

Honestly in the last year of her dating Colin and being her 'real self', I find she's just become weirder and more melo-dramatic.

fucking lol why would she even say it

No. 215034

It's been 10 months since her last Slumber Party Sesh/real vlog. I doubt this will be a regular thing, since she said she was going to make it one then and didn't.

No. 215047

I also lol'd at her talking about her 5 piece collection. Apparently the fabric she wanted to use is no longer available because the shop closed. If you've been planning out these pieces for months, why didn't you buy it earlier? She prioritizes spending her money on plastic dust collectors, tacky room decor, and hideous clothing/shoes/accessories over anything beneficial.
Putting off college when you are financially able to attend any time just makes you feel lazier and less likely to actually attend later on

No. 215052

The store that closed is a chain, so she could just order the fabrics from their website.

No. 215090

This. Fucking. Bitch.

She mentions that because fashion design is an art, she doesn't really need to go to school for it and get a 'certificate' as long as she can learn the skillset. That's what fucking art school is for. You're not gonna get anywhere in a cut-throat industry like fashion if you can't even stop spending mommy's money and get off your lazy ass for a few years to learn how to do it right. Jillian, since you're so obviously reading all of this: go to school. Learn the right shit. If you go to a well-connected school you can possibly land a job with a small company right out of college. But don't think for a second that you're going to get into the fashion design industry without experience and a degree. You can barely dress yourself. You need serious work before you're at that standard and only good art schools can provide that.

Sage for venting - I spent two extra years working and taking extra diplomas to finally get into CSM and the amount of competition is ridiculous even coming from a top-rated arts uni. She's not going anywhere without a degree.

No. 215170

Ugh noooo I hate this picture of her the mouth really grosses me out

No. 215179

I'm Canadian and that doesn't mean that I don't know L.A is situated in California…wtf?

No. 215677

I like that she did another sleepover session video since those are a lot more interesting to me than hauls and I think help flesh out her channel, but she should do the sort of things she describes in it like get out hot cocoa, paint her nails, etc. to give it more of that real slumber party 1-on-1 friends-chatting type feel.

No. 216149

Just watched the video and thought the same thing…

No. 216661

File: 1482090458734.jpg (126.39 KB, 1080x897, tumblr_oiebelzQ1x1qfdplwo1_128…)

She actually looks decent for the first time in years. Is her hair all blonde now?

No. 216678

No, you can see the bits of pink on the side. It's just pulled back, so you can't see the rainbow, just the blonde of the top half.

No. 216709

Lower your goddamn eyebrows you wrinkled hoe

No. 216833

not a fan of the bow (just a personal thing), but i think the necklace is cute, although doesn't seem to fit her usual aesthetic

No. 217217

I'm glad to see her not duck facing

No. 217875

Yeah wtf was that about, all her fabrics looked like generic solid cotton or sequins like it's not like she couldn't order it online. Of course she won't prioritise filling a portfolio over buying tacky shit though. She is making fuck all effort into her youtube and the two jobs she's working wouldn't be necessary at all if she didn't buy so much junk. Anyone think for a second that her parents wouldn't pay all her bills if she went to another city? They'd absolutely pay her tuition and she's clearly making quite a bit now and would have loads saved up if doesn't run it all dry in the first store she sees in harajuku. She really has no excuse for putting off college when she knows what she wants to do, it'd be different if she was working towards a portfolio but she's literally just drawn a bunch of sketches and cut fabric swatches. Lazy girl is never gonna make it in fashion school with that work ethic, also her taste and skill is mediocre at best so she definitely needs that degree to get anywhere.

Same, I didn't believe she went on these websites back in the day, she seemed to have some sort of common sense and Tristan kept her somewhat grounded. Now she's with Colin who is a special snowflake tumblrgender himself, any positive influence from Tristan has gone to shit. She's also way too full of herself now to not lurk, she's been really passive aggressive and she so obviously references what we talk about here. She's most likely started lurking sometime after she graduated high school, ever since then she's had way too much time on her hands, she's not in uni with other people her age. she most likely barely talks to her coworkers and only sees her mom and Colin. She probably has nothing better to do all day than sit and read about herself and instead if breaking down about it like she did in her lolita days, she thinks she's above everyone and passive aggressively alludes to us in every video. I seriously hope she doesn't tip the cow, her fans are so far up her ass it'd be annoying as hell. Not to mention ever since she's been with colin she's been acting somewhat more sjw and attracting those kinds of people. Don't need them coming here.

No. 218031

>Not to mention ever since she's been with colin she's been acting somewhat more sjw and attracting those kinds of people. Don't need them coming here.

Completely disagree with this. She's been called out on using race-coded language multiple times along with her support of Jeffrey Star, and she's shown she won't listen to other people's experiences. If you're also including her "body positivity" stuff, she was torn to shreds over her image that says "thick thighs save lives" or something similar featuring a pair of completely normal legs, and she did absolutely nothing to apologize for it or change the design before featuring it on more merch. She doesn't care at all about social justice stuff with the exception of things she personally faces, like queer issues.

No. 218032

Tristan was too cute and smart for Jill, I'm glad he got dumped and realised how horrible Jill is (hopefully). Colin's voice is annoying and he's boring like Jill

No. 218035

she's just fickle and inconsistent about her sjw values

No. 218041

>apologise for it
lmao you're as delusional as jillian

No. 218057


Fickle and inconsistent? Isn't that rather typical sjw trait?

Jillian's punk kid phase looked actually cute, it's all downhill from there.

No. 218063

As I said, she really only cares about things that personally affect her.

I didn't say I think she should apologize for it. I'm saying that most people invested in social justice are open to learning about when they're making mistakes or stepping on people's toes about things, and they would apologize for doing it. I don't see how that makes me delusional, but ok.

No. 218066

The fuck's "race-coded language"?

No. 218083

No fucking idea.

No. 218093


It's sjw-coded bullshit.

sage for ot

No. 218098

Words like "hoochie mama" or "ratchet" are considered to be race-coded because of their use in media to describe black people. Since they are almost always used in a negative sense towards black people in media, a lot of people think those words should be avoided because of those connotations. Her subscribers have pointed this out to her, and her reaction has been that they're just words and can be used any way. But most people who are into social justice are willing to listen to others on where words come from and change their word usage when they find out that the words may be harmful towards a group of people.

Like, for a site who seems to always be shitting on SJWs, you guys really don't seem to understand their positions on anything.

No. 218101

I remember how mad she got at people who were defending the use of words for the sake of comedy (specifically louis ck using the word 'faggot') and she freaked out because that's totally unacceptable to her but a few years back 'faggot' was just as common as 'ghetto' still is now. She can't make any sense or correlation of her opinions or biases.

No. 218103


I was right, it IS sjw-coded bullshit.

Also, go back to tumblr.

No. 218109

Which again just shows that she only really cares when things affect her. She cared about that because it's a homophobic word.

Jesus Christ, at no point have I said that any of these views are mine (which they aren't). I'm trying to explain to you that she would get laughed out of any social justice circles because she doesn't actually care about anyone. She only cares about herself. The entire point of what I was saying is that this is another example of her being selfish.

No. 218122

But hoochie mama isn't even negative? It's just used to describe people like Patti LaBelle who go all out with their looks/style and like glitzy jewellery and OTT fashion.

No. 218131

Please don't derail the thread with discussions about SJWs.

No. 218161

Oh man, >>217875 here. Sorry I didn't mean to start a whole debate about sjw stuff, what I meant was that since she's been with colin she's been getting more defensive about weight/gender/lgbt issues which all directly affect her. She's clearly shown with the jefree stuff that she doesn't give a fuck who she supports if it doesn't hurt her personally. I didn't mean that Jill herself is a sjw, but have you seen her comments? These are the kinds of people she's been attracting ever since she got with Colin and started using him as some kind of queer accessory in her videos. Not to mention she suddenly started gaining weight then and made 'body positive' tshirsts and videos. Of course she got ripped to shreds over the picture, she was thinner back then, now she's fatter she's clearly making her body videos and tshirts to get asspats from haes/tumblr feminists/sjws and 12 year old tumblr feminists just eat that shit up. Jill herself doesn't care about social justice issues unless they directly impact her or whoever she's trying to emulate at the time but that hoochie mama thing is a clear example that she's attracting these kinds of people, not to mention how over sensitive and defensive they are about everything.

No. 221444

Merry Christmas, lolcow.

No. 221541

Time to guess what overpriced shit she got for christmas~

No. 221553

she sends people christmas cards of herself kek
Her room looks like a mess but I still wish she'd do a full room tour.

No. 221583

Let's see, my predictions are as follows:

- expensive impractical shoes
- older magical girl wand/item
- overpriced anime figure
- purse or bag of some sort
- clothing from brands like Urban Outfitters, UNIF, Dollskill, H&M, etc
- something to help her with her fashion line/career in fashion
- planner supplies
- makeup/beauty products from Jeffree Star, Too Faced, Lush, or Bath and Body Works
- blind boxes
- Starbucks gift cards

And I'm going to go out on a limb and say her mom pays off her car for her.

No. 221926

Likes Care Bears because of the 80s nostalgia yet literally doesn't know any of the cousins.
At least act interested, Jillian.

No. 222163


Plus doesn't want to get the "ugly penguin" or lion or whatever care bare. Jesus fuck. Why must she love everything just for the aesthetics??

No. 222174

She didn't even know the name of the bear she got, let alone the cousins.

No. 222513

Uuuuh i really hope she posts a what i got for christmas video.. the last time she posted one she showed off her over priced brand lolita clothes which she sold like 8months later kek.

No. 222636

She posted one last year showing off her pastel jacket, Joyrich bag, and Doremi wand.

No. 222645

kek colin looks like jill's stereotypical gay best friend
why is she buying toys? grow up jill…

i want to know what else she got her mum besides the miniature plush

No. 222684

File: 1482865665174.png (91.44 KB, 519x623, 34343343.png)

No. 222695

my predictions for this trip:
>Jill drags her mother to every gimmicky restaurant in Tokyo a-la the barbie place Venus & Taylor went to
>only eat ramen, pocky, sushi, Japan special mcdonalds, green tea starbucks drinks
>Tokyo Disney trip
>they don't go anywhere outside of shopping areas in Tokyo and Akihabara for the entire 2 weeks
>Jill spends all her money on more plastic anime shit, children's plushies, tacky clothes, etc that she will grow out of within months and makes her mum pay for food/trips
>have to buy another suitcase to fit the nippon hoard in
>she ditches her spreadshirt site until the next time she can convince her tween fans to give her money
>posts one low-effort vlog on youtube afterwards.

No. 222705


Your right, i missed that. I meant the one before that i guess whatever

No. 222769

I'm surprised they're staying in an airbnb, Jill seems like she'd want to be staying in the poshest 5 star hotels kek

No. 222772

Nah she wants to come across totes relateable~

Gonna add to this
>goes to Precure store and is a squealing mess
>is loud on trains
>hunts down TokyoFashion
>makes a rant about Harajuku not having what she wants
>Says everything rolling r's

She might visit some other stores but she isn't the biggest fans of any other anime like Precure. The new season is releasing soon though so it'll be prme time for her to buy all the shit can.

No. 222775

>makes a rant about Harajuku not having what she wants
I can actually imagine this happening, she'll think she's too good for anything there and everything there is too normal and plain for her when she'll probably just go and buy the entirety of 6% dokidoki and the most basic tier clothes from spinns/wego. I'm betting on her coming back from Japan with a completely different made up 'jfashion' since she's definitely over party kei and will probably cling to whatever's trendy and ruin it.

No. 222791

You might want to stop writing "kek" in every post, dude.

Other things she will do
>Ghibli museum
>maid cafe since she was in one once
>purikura with her mom
>her mom will make them have a photoshoot somewhere

I am now realizing that she's going to have to take her mom into all of the anime shops that she's going to go to. Embarrassing.

I see her spending hundreds of dollars at Kiddyland.

No. 222802

kiddyland doesn't even have much tbh she'll probably spend hundreds in pokemon centre/animate/sailor moon/ccs/precure stores instead.
I can imagine her dragging her mom to a maid cafe though, or some kind of cosplay/anime cafe. Imagine all the cringy shit Louise will have to endure as a 'cool mom' while she's there. I almost feel bad for her, since she's undoubtedly just going to be dragged along on all of Jill's weeb ventures, then I realise she's been she's been spoiling and coddling Jill since she was born, so she brought it upon herself really.

What I'm really interested in seeing (and cringing at) is Jillian apparently visiting Bunka fashion college, just imagine how embarrassing she'll be thinking she's some kind of fashion design expert when she can't even be assed to do more than shitty sketches and fabric swatches. I remember she said somewhere she has to go to Japan and Bunka to decide if she really wants to go ahead with fashion design, I'll laugh if she gets put off completely. I hope she vlogs at least some of her trip so we can see what she actually gets up to there, also I wonder if she'll try and hang out with some of the jvloggers.

No. 222804

This girl reminds me of a fat weab version of Tavia Gevinson

No. 222809

Is she really visiting Bunka? Holy shit they are going to chew her up and spit her out. Whilst there is an English speaking course their now, the hoops she will have to jump through just too attend…
Also she isn't at all what Bunka is about right now.

No. 222813

she HAS to go to Japan and see Bunka to decide if she wants to be a fashion designer? What if Bunka isnt all she expected? Shes just not gonna pursue fashion? Why is she not taking schools in canada or the U.S. into consideration? Her style isn't really jfashion anymore anyway is it?

No. 222835

I remember seeing these videos on an exchange student to Bunka but she's alot older than Jill, went through alot of steps and already had a degree. I highly doubt they will accept Jill at all considering the lengths this girl took to attend. There is another indie designer (Milk something?) I think he attended Bunka or is working in Fashion, but the styles that Bunka want are wildly different to what Jill calls Fashion.

No. 222845

As far as actually attending Bunka I think she said she wanted to get her degree in Canada and then go to Bunka, but she also says she wants to get her degree then be on project runway so really we should take it all with a grain of salt.

I wonder if she'll ever actually pursue fashion, she keeps putting it off because she doesn't wanna leave home which I get, but is she ever going to do it even after she visits Bunka? I guess she expects that she'll visit Bunka and either get some rush of motivation to go and apply to schools (unlikely) or it'll put her off completely if she isn't sure about it. Like what's her backup plan if she decides not to do it? Work at claires for the rest of her life?

No. 222867

File: 1482893142059.png (182.68 KB, 750x1192, IMG_9112.PNG)

Looks like she's got extensions again, probably so she doesn't look gross on her trip

No. 222872

She looks a million times better with long hair, but her trip isn't for another 3 months, so I doubt these will even match her hair by then.

No. 222878

Imo this is super cute, but her real hair is really really badly blended in, c'mon jillian

No. 222879

She looks so good with long hair, the short hair just makes her look chubbier than she already is, now if only she'd sort out that receding hairline. She should dye it all one of those deeper blue/green colours she has in and grow it long/get extensions. Also don't just leave your brown sideburns gosh.
Lol yeah now you point it out I can't unsee the weird little tuft that is her actual hair, it'd be okay if the colours matched but they don't.

No. 222882

And I don't know if it's the lighting or she's using a different product on her eyebrows but they look so much less harsh.

No. 222895

It's super hard to blend clip-in extensions as a ponytail. You're always going to have a weird tuft of natural hair at the top if your hair is short. IF she wanted to wear a ponytail she should have just bought a ponytail extension, they're like $50 from Vpfashion (who sponsored her extensions before and would proabably just send her one if she asked)

No. 222901

can you imagine Jill on Project Runway? She can't even tolerate criticism (whether it be constructive or not) without making a video bitching about it, she would probably have a huge tantrum on television before the first episode ends and cry for her mom to come get her.

No. 222903

I can't even imagine what Tim Gunn would think of her style

No. 222904

It'd still look okay if it was the same colour, the tuft just looks weird because it's pink and blonde just sitting on top of blue, but I guess that's what happens when you have rainbow hair that's dyed to only look good on the sides and then an extension that doesn't match? A ponytail extension would be nice but then she'd have to dye an extra piece for when she wants to have her hair long and down.
lol the thing is with Project Runway is that the contestants aren't allowed to use public social media so she'd probably be totally lost getting actual critique knowing she can't just go and whine to her 'confetti club' and have them validate her by kissing her ass.

No. 223420

File: 1482978952434.png (178.7 KB, 750x1097, IMG_9116.PNG)

Is it just me? Or does this sorta feel like she's low key trying to get people to ask her to make a "what I got for Christmas" video? So she can justify it

No. 223427

>I'm betting on her coming back from Japan with a completely different made up 'jfashion' since she's definitely over party kei and will probably cling to whatever's trendy and ruin it.

Maybe she'll get into "genderless kei" once all her hair falls out.

No. 223436

someone asked in the comments on her latest video for a what i got for christmas vid and she said she was gonna make one (not sure if that comment was posted here)

No. 223596

Yeah she's definitely going to do one, now if only she'd do that room tour people have literally asked for for years. I wonder if she got a new Betsey bag or clothes from her, since she got socks last time and then the phone bag if I'm not wrong.

Literally don't even joke about that, she'll probably push Colin into it too since he's genderfluid or whatever and make him wear her skirts and stuff. Also if she starts to wear more adrogynous/loose fitting clothes she'd be able to hide her weight gain. It's a win win really (until she gets sick of it)

No. 223598

File: 1482991706494.png (33.52 KB, 744x418, IMG_9124.PNG)

There was this and another comment she replied to about it. Looks like she might get around to it if enough people bug her about it

No. 223602

I'm really surprised this chick is only 18. I've seen her older videos on youtube and I always assumed she was in her mid to late 20s. The fact that I was watching an actual teenager makes me feel weird.

No. 223603

I think it's pretty obvious based on her appearance and mannerisms that she's a child.

No. 223608

I would never assume that she was any younger than 22 if I saw her in public. I thought her mannerisms were just cause she was weeby.

No. 223627

You can't be very old if you think she looks 22.

No. 224133

she looks old af because she can't into skincare. If i saw her irl my guess would probably be mid-20's

No. 224218

It doesn't matter at her age. She doesn't go outside much, she doesn't smoke, she doesn't drink heavily. She has clear skin. It doesn't matter that she isn't into skincare.

She has the style of a middle aged woman when it comes to certain things (which I think probably comes from her and her mother sharing clothes a lot), but it's very obvious when looking at her actual face that she's a kid.

No. 224238


Based on OP's picture I'd have guessed 16/17 max

Based on the rest, around 20 on face alone
I really think it's something to do with this specific pink/cutesy/retarded/sceenie weenie look in the pics thus far.
Everyone just seems older with those styles unless they are simply 16.

No. 224507

Pretty sure she's around 12-14 in the OP picture.
I think she just looks haggard for her age because she always wears the tackiest clothes and her hair is fried, also she has no clue how to apply makeup to flatter her facial features. Some of her clothes and shoes give the look of literal trailer trash, and she always does those gross expressions/close ups/ sound effects in her videos so it altogether makes her seem like a tacky 30 year old similar to Bunny (graveyardgirl) but if I saw her in real life I'd probably just think she was 20 at best, or a scene kid that never grew out of it (which essentially she is)

No. 225755

the queen of trash taste has return to grace us with her tacky presence!

No. 225785

30 minutes…. oh lord

No. 225786

File: 1483307370397.png (3.26 MB, 1920x1080, whytho.png)

she has a picture of herself as her lock screen kek. what about collin?

No. 225788

My god even that's an ugly photo

No. 225797

lol this really speaks volumes about the type of person she is

No. 225799

File: 1483308761687.png (1.41 MB, 1136x640, image.png)


lmao i cant believe she forgot to edit in the stock photos of what she got. I also dont understand how she didnt just show them in the first place?

No. 225805

she has already shipped the items back

No. 225812

File: 1483310167367.jpg (243.38 KB, 812x810, 1483079907105.jpg)

kek she was too fat for them.

No. 225813

Meh I disagree. she looks haggard. Skincare does matter at that age.

No. 225821

File: 1483311138629.jpeg (103.5 KB, 630x840, 56e303221e0000950070fd7b.jpeg)

i agree with you anon she does look really worn out and older for her age. besides a shitty skin care routine it's also because she overworks herself a lot and doesnt know how to wear makeup that flatters her face.
at this rate i wouldnt be surprised if jillian ends up looking like this:

No. 225822

File: 1483311197874.jpg (16.67 KB, 344x318, surejill.jpg)

She said her body is like "Garnet from Steven Universe" so that's why they didn't fit.

No. 225837

She's "~curvy~" not fat, remember. Yet, her mom got her a fit bit so they can get in shape for walking in Japan.

No. 225841

>she overworks herself a lot
Hah. No.

No. 225848

it's probs just genetics

No. 225859

She was crying bc she couldn't fit the dollskill clothes so her mom told her to open that overpriced doll thing, is she 5? Instead of crying about it try not losing your fitbit and actually bother to get in shape.

Never seen Steven Universe but wtf is that a normal thing to describe your body type as a cartoon? Why not just say pear shaped? Because then people just realise you've just gotten fat since your 'non fluctuating 20 inch waist' days?

>magical wand from Colin + some other toy
>2 purses, one from Colin's parents (betsey Johnson) and one from her mom (papercakes)
>clothing from dollskill that she returned bc she was too fat.
>The big xmas makeup palette from Too Faced this year
You predicted a lot of things, Anon. Only you didn't predict the camera and that ugly overpriced knitted doll thing her mom searched the earth for.

No. 225898

Not gonna lie Jill is one of the first people where her roots make me mad as fuck in her videos, just mixed with her jowels, tacky clothes etc its just an infuriating cherry ontop of this confetti sprinkled mess.
I laughed at the 'all my wands are official' like honey no they aint. Worst thing is the way she just leans most of them against the wall??? It costs fucking nothing to get clear plastic prop holders online to make your shit not suddenly domino off your shelf.
Worst is that i get alittle cringed out that the magical girl stuff means so much to her yet weve seen from how she reacted to Revolutionary Girl Utena, its clear unless its pink n frilly etc plot / consistency doesnt matter to her like how she LUUUUVS care bears but dont know shit about it.

No. 226006

I don't understand for the life of me why she doesn't get stands/cases for her wands. I don't collect them myself but surely if they're her pride and joy like she says she'd want to take care of them instead of letting them all fall off her shelf every day?

No. 226044

File: 1483321066477.png (324.38 KB, 592x503, no.png)


No. 226052

File: 1483321176393.png (205.99 KB, 952x1270, IMG_0059.PNG)

kinda random, but I work under an optometrist and damn this girl has shitty eyes. You can tell she has a high plus prescription (most likely +8.00 or higher) by how enlarged her eyes are and how convex the lens itself is… usually people on that end of things are either young kids who grow out of it or literally retarded adults with some sort of brain deficit. Pic is from insta circa 2015

No. 226076

What the fuck are you talking about? That's reaching as hell and I honestly don't believe you have ever so much as spoken to an optometrist based off your wildly inaccurate info

No. 226087

>my prescription is -8.5

…Wow, I guess I must be a retarded adult with a brain defect, thanks anon

No. 226095

I don't know if she was just trying to say she has a smaller waist and big ass/thighs or what, but this picture makes her look that straight up and down but still fat all over shape? Where was she going with that comparison honestly.

Idk how accurate this is but if my memory serves me correctly she's said before she's almost legally blind.

No. 226104

Ok, you have some other explanation for why her eyes look huge? Please elaborate. She has said in the past she wears contact lenses. I'm definately generalizing by saying everyone with an RX that high has a brain defect, but it is definitely a lot more common for me to see people with intense autism have +6.00 or higher.
Did you even read my post? I said plus, not negative.

No. 226112

File: 1483323134121.png (175.57 KB, 750x1015, IMG_9161.PNG)

I guess her new camera has her inspired to make more haul/mystery box videos

No. 226129

You're a retard

No. 226132

Her yellow hair and makeup make her look greasy af. Every video she has to try harder to convince herself and her followers the amount of crap she accumulates is okay (re: the "disclaimer") lol

>"all of my stuff is official!"

>"i buy my family things too!!!"
we see you reading here Jill.

>18 years old

>asks for toys on xmas

um anon she has a nonfluctuating 20 inch waist just like that character, duh

She bought those pusheen plush ornaments and never put them on her tree. I think she's shamelessly going to show off all her hauls now with the excuse of 'getting ready for Japan,' when in reality, her mom caved and is paying for the whole trip.

No. 226137

samefagging but I also lol'd at Jill complaining about a new phone costing $300 when she's been dropping that much money weekly for hauls. So much for 'saving.' What are priorities?

No. 226165

>"It would have been 5 inches larger than my actual waist"
Dollskill website lists size small hip measurement fitting 35-36"
Confirmed for 30" waist

No. 226167

I also love how salty she was about people calling out too faced on how shit their holiday pallets were this year. She is so childish and obsessed with brand names over quality

No. 226173

Oh wow they cheaper out on her ~Purikurrrrraaa~ toys this time. The GoGo sword is like $30-35 if you look in the right places on ebay, well done Colin. If he didn't though, looking at $50-60. The Korean toys don't go for much either.
Still waiting to gag at Japan vlog of her visiting the ~Purikuuurrraaa~ store.

No. 226175

Literally the 3 big too faced pallettes she has are mostly neutral Browns and she never wears those, why does she want them? For the one bright color? Such a waste of product :(

No. 226181

File: 1483328201030.jpg (15.81 KB, 428x445, cc12ce52caf75d6da576b2a33d6d21…)

When will she stop doing such pointy eyebrows with over-the-top cutesy youthful outfits

No. 226187

Basically this, a phone is something you'll use for years, but she spends that much on tacky clothes she's now too fat to get into or fake anime goods at cons. Also why would she buy the case for a phone she doesn't have in hope her mom will buy it for her? wtf.

Are you surprised, anon? She's obsessed with Jeffree Star who literally goes around telling people to off themselves when they find hairs in his products. If something is a brand/person she likes/fits her aesthetic, everything anyone says negatively is mindless hate with no basis to her. Almost every guru says the too faced holiday stuff isn't worth the buy, same with their eyeliner but she doesn't listen, if it has cute packaging/brand name on it she'll buy it and be salty others don't like it. Even though it was a gift she probably asked for it. Doesn't she have all the chocolate bar palettes? Surely she can tell the difference, and it's not like she'll ever hit pan on one of them since like >>226175 says she only buys them for the one bright shade too faced seems to always add. She barely even wears eyeshadow.

No. 226248

I don't know why people are getting so butthurt but it's actually true retards/autists are more likely to have really bad vision.

No. 226254

Just being autistic here but it's purikyua.

No. 226257

>claims to be a precure super fan
>can never seem to remember the names of the series or items or characters correctly and doesn't even bother to look it up beforehand to not make a fool of herself
Okay, Jill

No. 226259

Yeah, it's definitely one of the cheaper wands out there. I'm not going to shit on Colin getting the cheaper one, though. It's not like Jill does anything with them other than stand them up and look at them occasionally, so why bother getting a more expensive one?

I also loved the sly remarks she made about all of her wands being legit. Regardless of if they are or not, I like that she pointed out that one of them was the Italian version, as if that somehow would make it illegitimate. Same with the Korean version of Coffret/Chypre. She also says she's happy she got the Japanese wand and the Korean toy because she cares less about the toy. The Korean PreCure toys are all official, Jill. They just say things in Korean rather than Japanese. Once they're out of the package, unless you get them to talk, they look identical.

No. 226265

What did she get? I don't want to scroll through her 30 minutes of blabber.

No. 226272

2 overpriced stuffed animals
2 purses
$100 in nippon cash
nikon d5500 (~$600 all on its own)
clothes that were too small which she exchanged for other clothes
iphone 6s
betsey johnson day socks

lettuce not forget her mother also bought her a car and obviously the Japan trip tickets with all expenses for 2 weeks covered.

tbqh at this point I think that she only works 2 part time jobs to buy herself more stuff for her room, things that are completely worthless. Her mom buys literally everything for her if she just asks/complains/whines, like the iphone. She must be a pretty successful photographer to be constantly buying 'hobby/interest' shit for her kids and yet it looks like neither of them have the drive to go anywhere.

No. 226275

I have never seen it spelled anything other than "purikura." Since when? Is that one of those things similar to how people are so retarded that dictionaries switch to the misspelled version since it's so commonly screwed up?

No. 226277

"Purikura" are the Japanese photo booths. "PreCure" or "Purikyua" is the anime.

No. 226297

w-when you obviously know how to say precure/know prices of merch but was mocking how Jill says Precure.
fml should have added a Y to be legit.

No. 226305

It's been noticed that she makes sly comments about the Sailor Moon 90s toys and the proplicas and being elitist about the 90s toys. It's not like people even care, old school moonies who whinge about that shit are ignored and the Proplicas have mostly been welcomed by fans who can't afford the $300+ overpriced plastic.

No. 226331

Curvy would suggest that her body is naturally curved, its not, she's just a lardass

No. 226345

if her fashion idols are brands like betsey johnson and irregular choice and dolls kill, why does she want to go to fashion school in japan? those are all american(?) brands?

No. 226351

Because even tho shes becoming an adult she glorifies japan, no amount of weeb jokes can take away that she actually is one herself.
Im saying becoming due to her still making comments like 'thats just the beauty comm' it really shows she hasnt changed much since the lolita comm debacle lmao.
Anyways shes still a weeb, doesnt understand what going to a place like Bunka would entail when she could just go to a decent school in Canada and not suffer from language barriers, humilitation (its a strict and very intensive place like most specialised schools) and being 193801479129miles away from her safenet ie her family (and colin for now) cause you hear how she talks about her family as if theyre the only people she truly is around?? Since she broke up with tristan atleast, she just seems even more wrapped up in her own bubble and using YT as her only social platform instead of going outside and hanging out with people.

No. 226372


No. 226414

Whichever one you tried to correct, you're wrong.

No. 226423

>mocking how Jill says Precure.
She pronounces it fine though?

No. 226507

Her mom spoils her so much. No wonder Jill never wants to leave the nest.

Honestly her mom seems sweet like how she remembered that Jill wanted that ugly unicorn doll months later. But the problem is that now Jill has no incentive to better herself or try to move on from home. For all her talk about becoming a fashion designer she is taking no steps towards that goal (going to Japan is not a real step). At this rate she's gonna end up in her 30s continuing to live in her childhood room. Either that or mommy will literally pay her to move out i.e. pay for some overpriced apartment for Jillian.

No. 226510

She'd never be able to get into Bunka - their entry requirements are strict af. Vantan only care about money, so she could probably con her way into there …

No. 226518

Does she… even know any Japanese outside of what she learned from watching Precure? Bunka's first requirement for international students is proving language proficiency lol

No. 226550

This is strange but
is she putting on a british accent? Or making sure to sound like she has a plum in her gob?

I've noticed she does shit like lads,bois,fam but everytime she said Mum it came out as Mum. A few other times words have come out sound plummy and not the usual eratic Jill. Is she trying to slow herself down and not screech/gabble a tonne?

No. 226628

Lol the maritime provinces she's from have a direct and strong history from Irish/Scottish settlers. The university she's hoping to attend (right off her island) is located in 'Nova Scotia' (literally "New Scotland"). It's very rural and slow pace so it's the thickest of accents, basically Canadian hicks. But nuances aside, she tries extra hard to be quirky with her vocabulary.

No. 226632

don't forget 'cheeky'

No. 226651

No. 226663

she still talks so loudly in this vid.
also yawn, another haul of absolutely useless items she won't use, when will this end?

No. 226698

Personally I've always thought asmr videos were kind of stupid, but she's really not cut out for it, she's loud and obnoxious even when she's trying to whisper. It just sounds like she's sick tbh. Not really relaxing at all just another way for her to justify buying a bunch of worthless junk and show it off.

No. 226700

I agree. I enjoy some ASMR videos but it would be far nicer if she whispered or spoke more quietly and didn't raise the tone (?)

No. 226743

I'm into ASMR, but she is loud and talks fast. She forgot to turn off her phone, too. She doesn't seem to fully understand the concept very well.
She goes "OH" whenever she opens the bags and it is the worst.

No. 226771

Am i the only one here who thinks that she literally gives her family and friends a list with everything she wants for christmas? Like explicitely writng down what she wants and where to find it?
I know, i know maybe its normal but i always thought thats what you do as a kid…

No. 226775

Her mum is from England so she's probably picked up a hint of an accent and some of her vocabulary.

No. 226777

Holidays are over and I finally get to catch up with this flake

I called it years ago. When she started yt she claimed she was going to attend Ryerson in Toronto. I was skeptical because Toronto is extremely expensive, not to mention literally the biggest city in Canada but she didn't research the cost of living or the logistics of attending that school so she chickened out and claimed last year that she would attend Lasalle in Montreal after attending their open house in February. Montreal IS actually affordable and that school isn't so prestigious so jill does have a chance to make that work.

But she chickened out AGAIN. I've always known she was going to attend NSCAD because it's right next door to her little island and she can't handle being in any actual large city. She never wanted to acknowledge that university even being an option, because it's located in a lame small city and she's embarrassed to admit to her followers that she can't achieve her aspirations and needs to settle. That's IF she even applies and receives admission, it's still a very cut-throat school with extensive portfolio requirements and she can't even put together the bare basics.

This bunka shit is not happening but hopefully she brings back some interesting vlogs? they'll probably suck ngl

Too bad, I like it because it features fetus jill with colin and tristan

No. 226779

Also, same fagging, but why is she claiming that last year was her first 'What I got for xmas'? She's always done them and the first year was controversial because it got her posted to btb. Stop trying to erase your lolita days, jill.

No. 226780

I wasn't into lolita until so I don't know the original reason she was posted (I thought it was LACE) - if it was this video, why was she posted?

No. 226782

Pretty much every video she put up was posted every week. You can still check the archives from autumn 2014 to summer 2015. The lolita comm had many different grievances with her. Mainly for the same reasons she's still being posted to lolcow, except she used to present herself as a figurehead e-famous lolita that represented the comm and people didn't like that.

No. 226783

When I first joined lolita I went through a large amount of the archives as it was a good way to learn what not to do, I didn't know all of this was Jillian back then, I can't believe I'm so stupid I didn't even notice.

No. 226812

My family does that, its a hella lot easier then guessing, and everyones happy.

No. 226852

every canadian i know says it mum and boi/fam is just trendy right now

No. 226883

File: 1483474372344.png (531.83 KB, 501x656, Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.2…)

Didn't she already buy a $40+ dollar refillable planner? She just can't stop spending money can she

No. 226885

Is she?? fuck, don't visit Jill.

No. 226889

What does she even have to plan? When to film new hauls? The expected arrival dates of the stuff she buys online?
actually busy people don't have time to do all that planner decorating shit, just another pointless waste of money. In a couple days she'll have spent the 350 she complained about a phone costing and guilted her mom into purchasing lulz

No. 226901

File: 1483477320384.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.45 KB, 1200x1200, jillin30yrs.jpg)

My prescription is over +10 in both eyes, glad I'm one of the lucky few that don't have a brain defect alongside it.
I don't Jillian has a brain defect, she's just spoilt and has a shopping problem.
She will end up like a more-terrifying version if baddie winkle (pic related)
She probably feels a need to plan for her Japan trip, but has enough time to make it ~aesthetic~ so she can show it off to everyone

No. 226912

she got that planner from macy's. i just saw it on a 50% off rack the other day

No. 226932

This isn't that weird in general, my family always does this so we don't have to return stuff, but with the amount of stuff she always gets, it does come off as if she gives this massive list to her mom and expects everything on it. I highly doubt her mom read her blog and remembered to buy that ugly 70 dollar doll.
Also she pretty much guilted her mom into buying the phone too, like she spends that much in a week anyway? Why couldn't she buy it for herself but she could justify buying a case almost as if she knew Louise was going to buy her the phone? I'd understand if it were her birthday or something and the phone was her big gift, but it obviously wasn't.

>I am very busy.
sure Jill.

Literally this, no one who actually needs to plan does this shit, it's a waste of time and money. Is writing lists not enough for these people? Is it because it's not pretty enough to instagram and then stop using after 2 weeks?

No. 226997

File: 1483491336135.jpg (133.92 KB, 955x955, IMG_2256.JPG)

Soooo she didn't get rid of ALL her burando

No. 227021

This is old.

No. 227203

Only a month

No. 227240

> because dogs are boys and cats are girls

No. 227356

It was already discussed, keep up anon.

No. 227487

File: 1483563357293.png (601.82 KB, 673x631, Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.54…)

surely the movie will be in Japanese?

No. 227491

>watching 10 hours of anime on plane ride to japan
>probably going to sleep right away at her hotel when she arrives

her poor mom is gonna have to go sit in the theater with her now legal adult daughter to watch a children's cartoon, and neither of them will understand the dialogue smfh

No. 227493

Christ she's such a weeb

No. 227494

Pretty sure it will be, but it's a children's movie so if she took Japanese in high school/tried to teach herself as a 12 year old weeb she'd probably understand at least some of it. Her poor mom though being forced to watch this, she probably knows she's going to get dragged along to do all of Jill's crap and never actually do what she wants to do on a trip she's mostly going to be paying for.

No. 227503

This is like reverse Venus, Mom slave

No. 227509

I'm the only one who found her getting really excited about getting the Japanese yen really cringy? It almosts seems like she's getting more and more weeby?

No. 227547

She was always a weeb, just before she was a weeb about lolita/jfashion. Now she wears mostly american clothes I've noticed she almost overcompensates by talking more about anime and referring to herself as a weeb ironically. Maybe it's because she's actually going to Japan now so hopefully she'll get all the embarrassing weeby stuff out of her system before then.

No. 227569

She isn't a weeb. She's just into magical girls. She doesn't give a shit about anime as a whole, she doesn't read manga, she doesn't play VNs, she doesn't bother to learn any Japanese at all outside of what you'll pick up from children's shows, she isn't aware of cultural norms there or mannerisms or things that will be neat to do in Japan, and she no longer wears Japanese fashion of any kind.

She literally planned a two week vacation with her mom to a place solely because she likes one genre of cartoon from there. I'm sure they'll do some generic touristy things as well (go to a shrine, go up Tokyo Tower, go to Disney, go to the Pokemon Centre, etc, basically anything you'll find when you Google "what to do in Tokyo"), and I know she will still go to Shibuya 109 and some other stores, but overall, this is a trip about her buying merch from the three shows she likes.

I'd say she should just stay home and save the money she's spending to get there on anime merch to accomplish the same thing, but let's be real, she isn't spending any of her own money to get there.

No. 227590

Does Louise favor Jill over her brother to reward her with an expensive trip like that? He seems like a basement dweller to me. Maybe she's trying really hard to inspire Jill to do useful shit because she failed to get her brother to have a future or aspirations

No. 227596

dude thats so true
she just seems to like the weeb aesthetic
does jill actually have a legitimate interest in anything thats not on a shallow level?

No. 227600

Tbh I don't even know why she's going to Japan, to look at Bunka and magical girls? She's never shown that she gives a shit about the culture and she doesn't even wear Japanese clothes or watch anime that arent kids shows.

Does anyone know what her brother does for a living? I'm curious, Louise doesn't seem to spoil him nearly as much as Jill, and Jill barely talks about him. Is he a NEET or something?

No. 227627

It's like when a person is into one thing and then says they're part of the culture as a whole. Like someone playing Pokémon Go and calling themselves a gamer.

I don't even know why she wants to look at Bunka. Like, as a guest, she probably won't be able to see much besides the outside of the school.

And her brother's in college, as far as I know.

No. 227720

If I had to guess (and I'm just guessing), her mom probably lives vicariously through her to some extent and uses her involvement in her kids life to fulfill her own. Her mom probably doesn't have a lot of friends or close friends she spends time with, so she's also sort of dependant on Jill being her friend. I mean, Jill is the way she is for a reason, her mom enables the shit out of her for her own reasons too. It's also possible the brother had a closer connection with the mom in youth, which broke off as he grew, so mom is now clinging to keeping buddies with 2nd child (or even just them both being female may have bonded them differently - parents do often favor the child that most resembles them, too).

It's all speculation on my part, but from my experience and what little I've read about them this would explain the "cool mom" shit?

Are Jill's parents are divorced or is her dad dead? It could also have started with that (trying to win over your kids love with material bribing/lax rules, etc; or 'make up' for perceived emotional loss). Possible her brother handled it more internally or was old enough to care a bit less openly, leaving the attention grabbing to Jill(hence spoiled gift begging). Also possible her mom isn't THAT well off because she does spend all her money on jill's every whim, the brother just being mature enough to recognize this and not ask for much - not wanting to burden her finances more?

No. 227749

File: 1483590777500.jpg (382.57 KB, 1500x1001, rhnUhTF.jpg)

I think they're both spoiled, actually.
>>79502 things she got last year lol

I agree to an extent. Personal guess: Louise is a successful enough photographer to spend THOUSANDS on her daughter like it's nothing throughout the year and not push her into making a move towards college. I think if she was living through her, she'd be actively forcing Jill into things rather than just handing her what she wants all the time in hopes the interest-du-jour finally sticks. She might favor Jill because she's also interested in art (although on a completely superficial level), and is the 'baby' of her 2 kids.

No. 227757

I believe her parents are still together.

No. 227763

This is correct.

No. 227773

File: 1483591857891.png (33.54 KB, 426x93, Shoptillshedrops.png)

Wanted to look up her mom's photography business and ended up reading the comments on her post about their airbnb in Japan. Looks like all she want's to do is shop. How predictable

No. 227778

File: 1483591930008.png (15.02 KB, 452x56, She'llneverleave.png)

Also her commenting about Jill leaving home kek

No. 227793

Jill's dad works at the university near her, so she'd probably get to go for free or extremely cheap, and her parents would definitely pay the rest anyway, so I have no idea why she doesn't just go.

No. 227806

> I would like to do some actual sightseeing
That's not going to happen, maybe if Jillian runs out of money but even then Louise is more likely going to be forced to foot the bill for more shopping trips instead of doing anything she actually wants to in a trip she's mostly paying for. I'd feel bad for her if she didn't bring it entirely upon herself by raising Jill to be such an entitled ambitionless brat.
It's because the uni on PEI doesn't offer the course she wants to do, correct me if I'm wrong though. Chances are she might come back from Japan totally put off from fashion design anyway, she clearly isn't motivated.

No. 227815

kek i feel bad for her
jill making her mum waste thousands of dollars to haul her ass to japan for a 13 day shopping trip
will she be so kind to agree to spend at least one day visiting actually interesting things in japan that louise wants to see???

No. 227821

Even if she isn't ready to go to fashion school, she could take a couple of courses to prepare her for university. A lot of schools require basic English courses to be done regardless of the degree, so she could get those out of the way. Or just learn what it's like to be in a university environment. Not to mention that UPEI offers a theatre program, and we know she's into that.

No. 227888

File: 1483611253712.jpg (498.18 KB, 2048x2048, 2765B90E-CAAA-4E3D-AFD0-1CB193…)

Poor Kid

No. 227890

File: 1483611384665.jpg (35.16 KB, 574x239, IMG_2287.JPG)


No. 227933

Hilarious that anons were trying to speculate about her brother and father when they are literally a picture perfect family.

Her father has a long-time stable job which enables her mother to run a mildly successful photography business out of her basement, at least for over a decade now. To my understanding, Louise has been a photographer since her college years. She's been with her husband since high school as well. I remember her making a comment about going to prom with Jillian's father.

Giles is also spoiled but he was more rebellious in high school and attended music festivals regularly so he's possibly experimented with drugs. Pictures of his room were posted in one of the old threads and it was a ratchet mess. He's still in university though so he's technically doing better than Jill. Louise obviously spoils him but he's clearly not so sheltered, and she prefers to enable her daughter to never grow up.

No. 228056

wtf she is literally Regina's mom.

No. 228073

oh god

No. 228080

I like how her titles went from "working for Disney" to "working at Claire's" like it sounds like such a downgrade lol

No. 228086

>"My party was great, but I had so much fun I didn't wanna post videos"

Sure Jill.

No. 228089


I don't get why she always has to mention that she's too lazy to put effort into her videos ("this year I didn't take notes" or some shit). Can you at least try to be professional, Jill?

>"Rainbow Valley no longer exists"

None of her interests last longer than a year.

You can tell how comfortable she is at home, surrounded by yes men, never going out of her comfort zone: this is the opposite kind of attitude you should have when you're interested in fashion and art, I think. Sounds like her daily life consists of playing video games with Collin, working dead end jobs, and saying she can't work on her clothing because the store closed and she's totally never heard of ordering fabrics online before.

>"No school, forever!"

ty for admitting it Jill.

tl;dw for anyone who wants to know her 2017 goals:
>make music videos for RV
>go to japan
>be able to walk in japan
>not in a huge rush to make her portfolio for 2018-2019

No. 228090

that mouth noise she makes every 2 minutes is so annoying omg its never bothered me so much

No. 228095

Baddiewinkle is great, fuck you.

No. 228102

She wants to make music videos for her own songs, not for Rainbow Valley.

For anyone who didn't watch, her songs are titled "Starry Girl," "Blue Raspberry," and "Peach and Honey Bee," and she described them as "dream pop," except she can't record them because she doesn't know how to use any music program on the computer.

No. 228134

I just get the impression that she just isn't interested in going to uni at the moment, she clearly likes being at home working dead end jobs and only talking to her mom and Colin. She clearly has no interest in even applying to schools, instead of even working on her portfolio, she makes excuses. For gods sake, just buy some fabric online. Everyone could see her sketches and swatches in the background of that video, it wasn't like she had any super unique prints or anything, it just looked like solid colours and sequins. She could literally buy it all off aliexpress if she wanted to.

>"High school was like an endless time warp of wondering when I'm going to become a famous designer like Coco Chanel"

And working shitty dead end retail is getting her closer to that goal? To be a designer you actually have to work hard and if that means leaving the nest to go to uni or to work in the industry, do it! She has all the money and resources to go or even do online courses if she really cared about doing fashion. Is she expecting youtube to take off so she can build her fashion brand from there like Beckii did? It's fine if she doesn't want to go right now, she's only 18 but you'd think she'd care more right? She can't be wanting to work at claires her entire life?

No. 228170

Okay so she has no clue how to mix music, but has garage band which is a way to easily learn how to mix music, but wants to buy another program anyways?
I get the feeling she just wants to have "professional" versions of everything she uses even though she doesn't need it at all

No. 228190

>"Gunna try and use my planner more efficiently"
Yep she totally just wasted that money on a planner she didn't use and then bought another on you go jill you go

No. 228207

She should just stick to garageband. Synthpop is supposed to sound lo-fi and not super crisp. Grimes started out on garageband so

No. 228222

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the planner she had before one of those planners where you just buy the inserts for the year? Why the hell did she buy a new one especially if she didn't use it the past year. She doesn't even have anything to plan.

No. 228226

Yeah that's exactly the type. In fact, you write in the dates for each month, so they're not limited to any year and she only started using it half way through the year so she really would have had stuff for the first half of 2017 anyways. She just can't stop spending money it seems

No. 228228

because she's too lazy to write the dates anons

No. 228243

Because it was an impulse purchase from Homesense like 90% of what she buys.

No. 228254

So did marina and the diamonds

No. 228266

What sort of university just lets people in for free?

No. 228314

Most universities will pay for the college education of the kids of professors, at least here in the states. I could see a small college like that covering the majority of costs for the children of tenured professors.

No. 228325

Read the first part of that sentence and you'll figure it out.

No. 228654

I've always wondered why she doesn't want to leave her home province so much. I've never seen anyone so attached to their home town that they can't even leave for college..

No. 228676

You obviously aren't from small town Canada then. Most people I know don't leave their town. Most kids don't end up going to college even if it was their original plan. People get comfortable in routine and are too scared to move anywhere that has more than a couple thousand people.

No. 228718

This is very true. I've seen it happen to countless times around me. I slightly sympathize with Jillian in that point however if she ever wants to become a designer or really just anything other than what she currently is, she'll need to learn to grow up and move out. Somehow I highly doubt that'll happen since she seems happy living in her little bubble of people who spoil her and take care of her every need.

No. 228734

This is the most flattering photo I've ever seen of Jill. Those clothes actually match and fit her body and the bad lighting hides her weird skintone.

No. 228821

I swear the people who post on the party-kei page have special needs

No. 229054

"Party Kei" was recently put onto the japanese street fashion wikipedia page (obviously by a fan sucking up to Jill) but it has since been taken off by someone kek

No. 229087

I went to take a look at the party kei tumblr tag and all of Jill's fans who buy her shirts are naive, confused, pastel-scene 14 year olds. I wonder if Jill will ever be a scammer in the future, maybe when her parents stop funding her lifestyle? Her fans are perfect for it.

Also lol @ Jill tagging her posts as "feminist", when she supports American Apparel, a company that has had numerous female model abuse scandals.

No. 229209

Bruh if can support and defend Jeffree Star she obviously dgf. If she likes the products she'll spend her money on them. Any activism she is just for attention, she doesn't believe in anything

No. 229226

So stupid. Even if it WAS a popular fashion, it's not a Japanese street fashion, that shit has nothing to do with Japan.

No. 229253

File: 1483816780951.png (1 MB, 1600x1141, party kei girls3.png)

I was looking into that too and ran into her blog post about it and I can't figure out the difference between party kei and yume kawaii.

No. 229257

I love that at no point has she ever dressed like this, nor have her "party kei" outfits ever reflected this.

No. 229281

yume kawaii is more dreamy and sweet, party kei is like a roller derby neon mom or something. I don't really know how you can't see the difference lol.

No. 229283

oh shit, samfag, but I didn't realize that pic was supposed to be of "party kei" I thought it was yume kawaii, soo what >>229257 said. party kei has never looked like this so I don't know who made that picture or why.

No. 229284

I feel like a lot of people will disagree but I feel like party kei could potentially work if it was more like >>229253 and there were actual good coords instead of Jillian's screwy outfits.

No. 229285

File: 1483821325745.png (217.69 KB, 321x343, heman.png)

> party kei is like a roller derby neon mom or something
Yeah, right. This is exactly what is in the picture.

Jill made it. It's her first take on party kei.

No. 229292

except that fashion already exists.

No. 229301

File: 1483824333597.jpg (11.73 KB, 236x365, 1d06e6918d7a276b4ccbdc97f773d8…)


She looks so much like the mum out of that tv show The Middle

No. 229308

I was just watching a video of her's and thought that she sounded exactly like Sue Heck. Especially since she kept saying "freak" instead of "fuck".

Yeah, but does it have a name? I'm not very educated when it comes to Lolita/Kei fashion.

No. 229314

File: 1483825651393.jpg (362.66 KB, 1167x944, fairy kei 3.jpg)

yeah. yume kawaii or fairy kei. Those sketches (>>229253)
It literally looks like she used pictures like these for references for that "party kei guide"

pic related, examples of fairy kei and yume kawaii

No. 229320



She has the dumb daughters personality and the mothers looks

No. 229391

This style actually looks cute, I think she made this back when she was still sorta into larme/swankiss and wanted to incorporate that into 'party kei' but now she only wears hideous neon shit. Even her fans that buy her shirts dress closer to this than she does. They all look really cringeworthy but they still wear party kei better than Jill. Barely any of her fans wear party kei the way she does, the way they wear it is closer to decora or fairy kei like she originally set it out to be.
Jill just calls whatever tacky neon my little pony/care bears rainbow crap she's wearing party kei, but it looks nothing like what she even defined the style to be. Maybe it's because she can't fit swankiss anymore she has to settle for just dressing like a straight up clown or as >>229281 put it "roller derby neon mom"

I can't unsee it, you guys have officially ruined the middle for me lol.

No. 229453

To be fair, I don't think the college paying for kids of professors is common outside of America - it confused me too until someone pointed it out. We get fuck all in the UK so it's bizarre to hear that.

On topic though, Jill's definition of party kei is just fairy kei. She doesn't even use brighter colours or anything, and even the supposed 80's influence is used in fairy kei. I don't know why she has to be special and make her 'own style' instead of just calling it what it is. Has anyone ever pointed this out to her?

No. 229500

People did point it out when she first talked about it, and on the party kei confession tumblr, one of the confessions literally says "party kei is just fairy kei executed horribly with chunky shoes" or something lol now the stuff she wears is the furthest from fairy kei or even party kei for that matter. Her fans are better at party kei than she is lol

No. 229617

Did she draw that? It feels so childish, imagine her including stuff like this in a portfolio for a fashion school. The exclamation marks and little hearts, just the captions in general, are so cringey.

No. 229621

Oh come on, those are pretty cute. And remember that this girl is only 18 now and was more than likely younger when she drew that stuff.

No. 229935

She drew it last year when she was just about to turn 18. Not sure if sarcasm or if you think it's actually good. >>229617 is right, she could never put that into a portfolio. It's way too cutesy and sloppy looking especially when you zoom in.

No. 229946

No. 229947

I'm I the only one tired of colin?

No. 229977

Colin isn't funny, I was literally falling asleep watching this.

No. 229979

she should of sped up his voice

No. 229986

wow she actually doesn't look terrible. Her make up is not bad and her shirt would be pretty cute on someone else

No. 229988

Exactly what I was thinking. Too bad Colin's bland voice over kind of ruined everything. It sounded like he didn't even want to do this but she made him.

evetyone in comments keep talking about how cute they are and I just don't see it. They seem so awkward to me.

No. 229994

If she did her own voiceover and kept her videos this short, I might actually subscribe to her again. The look was okay Usually it's her obnoxious rambling about who knows what for 15-25 minutes each time that makes her annoying. Colin seemed boring and uninterested, but most of the guys that get roped into this tag do tbh.

No. 230208

i think she looked pretty cute in this video! i think the setup is nice too, i like having some depth to the background. but colin just doesn't have a youtube personality, and i don't think he fit this well

No. 230261

is collin in college now? what does he do?

i think they're perfect for each other. both awkward, annoying, boring, and willing to betray their friends (tristan) for each other. he doesn't push her to do anything besides play mario, eat junk food, and spend money, and that's exactly what she wants out of a partner (enabler mom version 2).

>Colin seemed boring and uninterested, but most of the guys that get roped into this tag do tbh.

i agree. it seems like she's using him in a way, tbh, to prove she has a perfect kawaii girl life with a supportive s/o (aka get pushed to do the same shit she does to match, i.e. the american apparel haul video where she made collin buy neon shirts or someshit? and making tristan become lolita?) to her followers.

No. 230311

File: 1483945905042.png (185.72 KB, 363x351, Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 2.10…)

i know this is from an old vid but Colin honestly looks like the stereotypical gay best friend from any given teen movie

No. 230356

Her "partner" is boring AF, but she really does look super cute in this vid! Not jaundice yellow, cute clothes, nice angle. See Jill? You can do so much better…

No. 230454

Yeah she only looks like an ugly grandma in this. So much improvement.

No. 231381

No. 231402

She used to make and alter her own clothes so often back then! At least she admits it though, hopefully that inspires her to be more proactive again with actually creating things since fashion design is her self-proclaimed goal in life

No. 231408

shes not rich just spoilt

No. 231422

Inb4 he comes out as trans.

No. 231425

I DIDNT hate this video

No. 231443

It's so obvious that she lurks here.

No. 231448

File: 1484162988072.png (31.4 KB, 830x193, Untitled.png)

so which one of you is sugarfangs

No. 231458

The amount of likes on that comment, clearly a lot of her actual viewers were a bit pissed by what she said in the video. I don't believe for a second that she doesn't wear replicas because it hurts the designers, she doesn't wear replicas because she's a fucking snobby brandwhore and always has been.
She looked so much better then too, now she just buys American apparel/urban outfitters/other fast fashion mall crap that is pink, with the occasional Japanese thing that she can't even squeeze into. The way she dresses now, I don't get the impression that she has a first clue about fashion at all, she'd be a whole lot more credible as a designer if she made her stuff like she used to instead of just drawing crappy sketches and cutting swatches of fabric she's too lazy to go and look for.

No. 231472

This comment is spot on but the "I wear replicas because I can't afford the real thing :(" excuse is so dumb. Just wear something else then, there's similar styled pieces that aren't a direct replica of a brand item.

No. 231473

I have a lot of comments on this video. It was actually pretty sad. Why was she talking so bad about those outfits? Like was she fishing for compliments? For people to tell her "Oh no you don't look ugly you're pretty!" or whatever. Or she's really that big of a "fashion" snob

No. 231593

She kind of comes off as the least relatable person on earth. She's made her following through alt fashion and it's really awkward watching someone who is obviously still lacking so much self confidence trash their old fashion. Also kind of sad how she skipped over almost all her Lolita coords. This video definitely works better for someone who's actually grown past that point in their life and it isn't a sore spot for them still.
She really just seems like someone who wants to seem like an old soul and wise beyond her Years but she's so self absorbed and sheltered that unless she gets out and studies and goes outside her "harajuku fashionista" mindset on her own I don't think she'll ever grow up

No. 231594

jill's inspiration for new videos is actually her lolcow threads. fuck. i think she reads more of our posts than of the comments she gets from fans.

since you mentioned her only buying american apparel/UO/etc, now that i think about it… have we seen her wear any of the stuff shes bought? like that rainbow sweater dress that she did a haul video on?

its funny because she dresses so much more sloppily and horrible than she did in any of the photos she made fun of. shes gotten so bad that she thinks wearing 4 different shades of pink in one outfit is cohesive and cute (sweater, lipstick, hair, beret) urgh

No. 231597

sage for samefagging but jill, youre totally showing off your positive vibes with these latest videos making fun of children and outfits you wore that your fans probably were inspired by until you shat on em

No. 231729

File: 1484194344774.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 356356.png)

that balding tho

No. 231739

I REALLY liked this old video, I think that Jillian's alt fashion phase was really unique and fun. It's fashion, you're supposed to be fun with it, and it's supposed to be a statement, as long as it's cohesive. There's no reason for her to "cringe" at and bash her old 13-16 y/o self for wearing alt pastel one of a kind, inspiring fashion.

No. 231785

I think she doesn't give a shit about fashion. She probably looks down on "basic" brands and probably isn't even familiar with many brands.She could learn a thing or too from simplistic designs and higher end brands. I also have this feeling that she doesn't really know anything about Betsey Johnson and only knows about her purses even though she claims to love her. She only cares about looking DIFFERENT and LOUD she doesn't care about design and real creativity. I bet she doesn't even keep up with runway fashion.
If you really loved fashion and were passionate you'd naturally research and look at stuff like this.
You don't want to get into fashion you just want attention.

No. 231839

Coming from a fashion student, I feel like no fashion student would wear knockoff products except the shitty ones who are there for the "glamour" and high end fashion lifestyle they're hoping to achieve.

No. 231856

tbh there's ESPECIALLY no reason for her to cringe at the way her younger self dressed and looked, looking and dressing the way she does now

No. 231865

File: 1484217207323.jpg (187.79 KB, 600x800, IMG_2349.JPG)

What irks me is that she claims to be all about fashion and being yoouique yet all she does is fast fashion. Wearing shitty boring close pumped out by the thousands in a sweatshop does not make you a fashionista in any way Jill. Do what you did before, cannibalize the clothes you buy and make them one of a kind and your own. But why do we even bother half the time, all you want in life to be lazy and handed asspats.

No. 231966

I actually liked this video. Don't know why she bashed her pink jacket so much, it was okay lol Very tumblr, indeed, but at least is was cooler than what she wears now.
And boy, she's really heavy in comparison with her older pics.

No. 231972

I need this
where from?

No. 231977

File: 1484238641355.jpg (118.3 KB, 600x800, whore.jpg)

No. 231981

The funniest moment in that video was Jill making fun of herself for wearing a keychain as a necklace, when she currently wears dollar store birthday signs around her neck and fuckin plastic xmas ornaments in her ears. What is self awareness?

No. 232020

OT but i would pay hundreds of dollars for this

No. 232060


Oh god if only i had the balls to point this out in the video comments

No. 232065

Literally this, and when she said something like "I had to be bad before so I could wear all this good stuff I wear now" Like wtf, what she wore at 12-16 was actually fun and creative and interesting. She thinks what she wears now is better? Her taste is literally nonexistent.
This is true, but Jillian is likely never going to be a fashion student. The only reason why she wore brands is to brag about them and and get popular, not because she particularly cared about the design/hard work that into it/art of the clothes. Now she mostly wears fast fashion crap made in sweatshops because she doesn't need to brag to the lolita community anymore. The only designer she's ever mentioned is Betsey Johnson, because of her quirky bags and socks. Exactly as >>231785 says, I don't think she cares about fashion or the industry at all, just looking loud and obnoxious and showing off the branded items she does have to look wealthy. All she ever wants is attention.

No. 232097

She was mostly 16 in her lookbook pics, a few of them might of been when she was 15.

Her actual hard punk and early tumblr stages (when she was 13-14) are seemingly gone forever.

No. 232110

Her punk phase is on her deviantart. When she was 12-14 all her public social media (twitter etc.) was under her full name so it's all really a google search away, it's even posted in her earlier threads here, definitely not gone forever.

No. 232151

Ofc she's into paganism.
She's so annoying and overall I am really biased because I assume every person who's into paganism is annoying because so far everyone I've met that was into it was obnoxious, edgy as shit, owned a blog and had every label under the sun.
Also I cringed so bad each time she butchered a Japanese word.

Side note: Holy cow I can't believe that I actually had the outfit at 4:15 saved in my phone a while ago.
Her style was so much more interesting back then and she looked OVERALL waaaay better than she does now. I mean, it was not necessarily good but it was interesting and visually speaking, it was better than her current rainbow vomit of a style.
Kek at her saying that her face was weird back then and that it's got better proportions now.

Sage because I'm bitter.

No. 232225

It's ok anon, she doesn't read her youtube comments, post everything you want to say in this thread if you want her to see it.

No. 232226

No. 232235

File: 1484273585160.png (1.72 MB, 1724x1134, 20170112_181101.png)

Yellow teeth and her bf talks like a 60 yr old pedophile

No. 232335

I snorted too about the face thing. No girl, you just got pudgy so your features sank into your chub…
Her ~fashun journeyyy~ has been so weird, after lolita it's like she lost all her ability to coordinate colors/fabrics/etc. She's trying so hard to be special and establish her own style but is missing so many great, ACTUALLY fashionable/stylish things she used to do, like her DIYing from this video or her attempts to pay attention to detail in lolita (ie in one of her videos she mentions matching the bows on her cardigan to the bows on her socks or something)

No. 232614

The only people who trash themselves like that in these videos are the ones that are still really insecure/care more about trends than personal style. I think she just puts up this facade to hide how self-loathing she is, imagine her talking trash about one of her 16 year old viewers like that and it wouldn't fly at all. It's sad.

No. 232635

File: 1484346718252.png (389.09 KB, 462x531, payPfji.png)

On the left: an outfit Jill is ashamed of wearing. Matching shade of pink in sweater/hair/makeup, pretty normal outfit in general (sweater over dress), styled hair, etc.

On the right: present-day Jill in all her plastic ornament and party store pompom glory, with plastic shit glued to her eyebags and fried neon hair, wearing every color she has in her wardrobe at the same time.

No. 232638

She kept saying how she used to dress in such tumblr trends and act so embarrassed but..she still does that. She literally just trend hops. I laughed when she was complaining about wearing those same shoes in all the photos yet she wore those hideous pink boots with everything not too long ago.

No. 232713

OT, but coming from another fashion student, quite a number of students in my classes confess to wearing knockoffs. It could be because I'm not based in design, but I actually don't see/hear a lot of label elitism here.

No. 232738

such a waste

No. 232755

How can she not see this, she thinks what she's wearing now is better than what she wore before? Is she blind?Like >>232638 said she just trend hops, now they're just bad trends executed badly and renamed party kei.
Also in all these years she's barely given her hair a break, it really shows. It's fried to shit and she's balding. What's left of it looks like it's about to snap off any moment, which really make her mess of a fashion look even more unpolished and clowny. 6% dokidoki shop staff have the most outrageous clothes and hair, with different words and hearts and shit shaved into their undercuts, but their hair looks healthy so it looks good. Jillian looks like she's constantly wearing dollar store wigs.

Also this, at least the black and white creeper esque shoes were black and white and went with most of her outfits since they suited her overall aesthetic, but she bought those pink boots when she was in her blue hair 80s phase, and then continued to wear them with literally everything, not to mention they got so dirty and disgusting. She was pretty cute as a 15 year old, her outfits weren't amazing but she was actually creative and looked put together then, now it just looks like she's been brainwashed to forget what looks remotely good on a person. So much wasted potential.

No. 232769

How come her video contains pretty much none of her Lolita phase? Is it because she doesn't want to admit that was her most passable look and leagues better than the crap she puts out now? She may not have been the best Lolita but her looks didn't make me cringe like they do now.

No. 232771

File: 1484363106271.png (549.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170114-000239.png)

In one hand she is doing something… In the other it's garbage.
Ugly clown kei.

No. 232774

It might look okay with a different top. That's the main problem with "party kei" it mixes to many bold pieces and colors with no rhyme or reason. If she would perhaps keep to relatively normal, cohesive main outfits and use bold accessories (like that hand bag) that fit with the party theme she claims party kei is about, it would look so much nicer.

No. 232786

>top with no fitting or seams
>elastic skit with a rolled hem
>ribbon tied around a stuffed animal's tail and head to make it look like a bag


No. 232789

no words.

No. 232791

Jesus… That's a hot mess. This whole outfit looks like shit Yumi King would buy off Chinese ebay. The pompoms make the basic pink shirt look even cheaper than it is

kek, I didn't even notice that's not a real bag and just ribbons sloppily tied to a plush. She's becoming more of a child every day

No. 232793

File: 1484365596901.png (110.93 KB, 316x654, ehX5Bjx.png)

Are all of her followers trolling?

No. 232796

File: 1484366435227.png (61.98 KB, 196x487, design test 1.png)

I tried to see what it would look like if she ditched that abomination of a top (seriously, in what world does that look good?), with a simple, neutral top and the right accessories it might work, but that might be giving jill too much credit (or i might just have bad taste)

No. 232797

Dare I say it, this is lower than Yumi King level bad. The skirt might be ok as part of a costume but the rest is literally ugly clown kei. The fabric looks cheap and thin, and the pompoms/feathers which I'd bet money are glued on just cheapen the look even more. Also the 'bag' being a literal toy with ribbons tied to it, even Yumi king tries harder honestly.

They can't all be this deluded surely? What kind of rose tinted glasses are they wearing to think this looks passable. If she applies to fashion school with this shit in a portfolio, I'd be honestly surprised if they don't throw it in the trash straight away. No wonder why people say she looks bad in public, she can't possibly be proud of stuff like this while being ashamed of her old styles.

No. 232801

Call me an optimist but I was hoping she was just using this to test the design. The idea of her leaving the house in a skirt that was probably made of dollar store bed sheets makes me cringe.

No. 232805

mustve been back breaking work fabric gluing all of those pom poms down kek

No. 232811

In my school knockoff products are frowned down upon for obvious reasons, it's fashion design, if you're stealing other people's designs then you aren't being a very good designer, and you certainly aren't supporting the fashion industry.

No. 232815

what the actual what is this

It actually had some potential to look good, but the material and construction choice are shameful and she should be embarrassed.

No. 232822

Even as a lazy middle class white kid this makes me cringe. Who gets THAT much shit for christmas, and wrapped in their own color coded paper with a monogram light on top??

Her brother looks like a weeaboo fuckwit i tragically used to date. He was really into steven universe and cuckolding

No. 232925

Yeah, probably down to the different areas then. I'm based in communication rather than design so everyone's a little less strict about it, but I completely get what you're saying.

She is going to get very harshly rejected from any decent fashion programme if she keeps churning out this shit. The very obvious ribbon tied around the toy's tail and the neck feathers that look like they've just been cut off a string of fairy lights are making me cringe.

No. 232937

Is the pattern for that top just a rectangle with a neck hole?

Welllllllllll I mean everyone's gotta start somewhere :/ shes obviously a total beginner and she isn't really old enough for the beginner-ness to be sad imo

(I didn't start hobby sewing till I was her age so bias I guess)

No. 232940

Also inb4 white Knight Im not her fan and don't really follow this thread just commenting on pic

No. 232955

This isn't her first time sewing, she's done it for a few years for cosplays and made her own clothing, including a prom dress. They've all looked sloppy and she hasn't improved at all, because that would take effort

No. 233066

She's been sewing for years tho.

No. 234874

That skirt has so much extra fabric. That top is just tragic. A string tied to a stuffed animal as a fake purse is… wow.

No. 234885

SPeaking of jill and her paganism, wasnt she trying to be a buddhist before?

I stalked the jill threads when they started but I kind of got out of it, so I need to catch up

No. 234896

You are correct, but this girl changes religions almost as often as she changes hair colors, so it's easy to get confused, even if you keep up with the threads religiously.

No. 234900

Kill me, I have that same dress shes wearing in the video…

No. 234909

get better taste

No. 234911


Sorry I'm a huge nerd I cant.

Seriously though its Lazy Oaf and I really enjoy their stuff. I like almost everything they do, even their non-pastel stuff.

No. 234923

File: 1484454632297.png (628.77 KB, 589x899, aesthetic.png)

No. 234927

It kind of makes me laugh when I realize people shitting on her style in this thread wear brands that are just as tacky as what she wears.

No. 234941

I have a lazy oaf clothing collection so don't feel bad anon I'm in love with everything they make but I only own a few pastel pieces I tend to go more for their black clothing pieces

No. 234944


people who do that are ALWAYS annoying and usually dumb tbh

No. 234960

Looks like a better outfit than anything Jill could've put together herself, you're giving her too much credit. Needs more plastic and tackiness, I think.

No. 234981

lmao i thought that said coke queen

No. 234987

File: 1484465318800.png (541.25 KB, 449x729, truaesthetic.png)

Fixed that for you, anon.

No. 234988

File: 1484465528194.png (1.08 MB, 1001x933, Untitled.png)

damn, it rly is too hard to jill's horrible style

No. 234989

The makeup made me choke on my drink.

No. 235004

with lolita and the tumblr aesthetic she was able to hop on trends that were easily copy/pasted and could look put together even though it required no actual fashion sense, just the ability to wear similar things she had seen on other people. now that she's ~invented her own style~ she can't just follow suit of what everyone else is doing and it makes it painfully obvious she truly has terrible fashion sense and bad taste. some people have an eye for what goes together, some people just dont. its an absolute joke that she wants to pursue a career in fashion. i hope for her sake she changes her mind.

No. 235007

Sad thing is she's probably reading this thread thinking those outfits look good.

No. 235013


No. 235058

The skirt looks like she didn't even bother making a waistband, just folded over the top edge and shoved in elastic. The hem looks bad too. The cut of the top alone is an atrocity.

It would be fine if that was her first sewing project but it just feels like she gives zero shits.

No. 235060

File: 1484480914745.jpg (44.73 KB, 1423x770, 101dr_101dalmatianspuppydress.…)

You can either love or hate lazy oaf but they carry plenty of decent stuff, you just need to style it properly.

sage for OT

No. 235064

File: 1484481345235.png (90.02 KB, 600x172, pixiecutekawaii2017nicecomfort…)

No. 235096

ur joking right anon?????

No. 235121

well you just proved their point.

No. 235155

No. 235161

She has a fundamental misunderstanding of what the whole fucking point of a diary is

No. 235167

she needs people to validate her existence and give her asspats for doing basic stuff

No. 235169

That shirt is So Bad. It looks like she's wearing a painting smock you'd wear in elementary.
& she keeps having to adjust it. Like she's been sewing for a few years now, she could have tried to use facing or something, godddd.

No. 235171

her hair looks so bad. her nasty roots are not very ~party kei~…she needs a total overhaul. the ugly-ass yellow and faded rainbow combination is not cute.

No. 235172

her constantly messing with the shirt bugged me so much!! It's like god damn it just doesn't sit right, please accept that and redo it…
>her saying it's part of a special 'bday outfit' and shes going to wear it in Glorious Nippon
WHY. Mama Vessey you must know this is hideous, please buy her some other dumb shit to wear while shes over there so no innocent person has to watch her shed pom poms everywhere.

No. 235174

>talking about how much she's saving and what she paid for
>talks about the things she wants to do including precure shows and fashion walk
>Under the guise of a "planning" video

Hi Jill.
People accusing you of being spoiled must have really gotten under your skin, huh?

No. 235178

>Wearing her own pompom shirt
>”I’d start saving, then something would come up”
Aka your poor spending habits
>decided not to do a planner video, prob trying to avoid people pointing out how much money she wasted on a reusable planner she’s not using
>Used google docs to plan trip
>Reads about her saving and payments, blurs out money
>”Shirts went so well” aka making money off her poor viewrs
>Mom is paying for hotels and food, Jill payed for both flights
>In reality they wanted to stay at a hotel, choose airbnb only because then she could be closer to where she wanted to be aka Harajuku Takeshita-dori
>Wants to see precure live “Such an important part of the trip for her”
>Looks like she want’s to participate in an Harajuku fashion walk
>Took private Japanese lessons at some point
>Wants to daily vlog her trip and is going to cat cafe/kawaii monster cafe/harajuku tour, basic japan trip stuff
After that it’s basically her rambling on about money and having to bring only cash as well as planning her outfits.

No. 235179

What really kills me is how yellow her teeth are. I don't know if it's the shade of lipstick she wears or what, but her teeth are an awful yellow shade

No. 235193

She's gonna be disappointed as fuck when she goes to Harajuku and realizes it's almost all western normie fashion and not some kind of kawaii alternative j-fashion wonderland.

No. 235196

This lmao. Everything has closed from how she probably remembers it 4 years ago. Fashions now work from an office and set up pop up shops as its that bad.

No. 235208

That dog 'bag' has a cheap satin ribbon that isn't even sewn on, but tied on. Wow, she's pitiful. This looks like a circus costume.

No. 235209

Her teeth are alright, they're not completely white but by far the least of her problems.

Why would you make a video about "planning" the trip before you went? You won't know how useful your planning was until you're back.

No. 235217

You can see the folded over fabric where she's sewn the shirt patterns together. Look just under the neck. That must be uncomfortable as fuck but she has to show it off because ~*future Bunka graduate*~.

No. 235218

Because she has to prove to the people in this thread that her mom isn't just paying for everything and that she has other things she wants to do besides shopping or something.

No. 235220

>dat dirt on the soles of the sandals

I love you

No. 235228

Judging by her itinerary, she's literally not planning to do anything cultural or sightseeing AT ALL. I'm not at all surprised but it doesn't even look like she's going to a shrine or even the Tokyo tower! Her poor mom is going to have to be following her around for two weeks doing all this lame precure/harajoookooo shit. How embarrassing. Also lol at her staying in Airbnb because she wants to stay in Harajuku. Harajuku is dying as a fashion suburb. I went there in November, there was barely anything on Takeshita dori, Laforet was the only good thing. Same with Shibuya 109, she is not going to need to go there twice. She's going to run out of shopping to do in the first week, and she'll moan the whole time her mom wants to go do something actually Japanese but has to do some 8 year old precure shit..

No. 235236

Samefag but I just realized the reason this shirt fits so weird is bc it doesn't look like she make any sleeves for it. It's literally a rectangle of fabric sewn up the sides w a neck hole.

How are you gonna make a shirt & not put sleeves on it!!!!! Then say you wanna study fashion??

No. 235237

*looks like she didn't

I should learn to read over my shit gdi

No. 235239

File: 1484518894712.gif (1 MB, 425x240, laughing-gifs-pillow-cover.gif)

the filthy shoes

No. 235244

File: 1484519551630.gif (680.74 KB, 500x280, kimk.gif)

>the fucking roots
>her fucking piss poor construction ~*blouse*~
>what she plans to do in japan aka jill is a painfully obvious weeb
>literally going to be tailed by her mom the whole time

No. 235247

she's probably going to try real japanese food once and then give up and go the margo route, with every meal at dennys

No. 235262

File: 1484522866912.png (623.55 KB, 755x438, 1.PNG)

looking at her designs in the background and I'm wondering if the stips of colour is the fabric she's using because it looks so tacky.

No. 235280

She's bringing those ugly shoes to japan as walking shoes. Her feet are going to kill in those.

No. 235282

Although this is bad it is significantly better than her stuff. Could even be uchuu kei, if it swapped the mahou thing for alien vibes.

No. 235283

It's sad that everyone here could do party kei so much better than her.

No. 235285

File: 1484525912269.png (87.02 KB, 750x423, IMG_0446.PNG)

Doesn't she work at Claires? It seems a little odd for a mom and her 5 year old boy to go there looking for boys clothing.

No. 235293

>I caught a shitlord this big!

No. 235307

How do people believe shit like this?

No. 235308

Yeah why would a christian mom take their 5 year old boy to Claire's? Unless she has another job I call bullshit. Unless that woman was violent, she could very easily file a complaint about Jill not 'respecting her religious beliefs' or something along those lines, why would Jillian call security and brag about it on Facebook later. What a load of shit.

No. 235362

The way she talked about google docs as if she dicovered some new magical tool no ones ever used before

No. 235423

I'm sure Jill is simplifying her story to make a point, but people in smalltown Canada do act like this. Everyone is raised very religiously. I know baristas who have had coffee thrown at them for saying "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," and her province has only allowed people to shop on Sundays in the last five years (with there still being restrictions on the hours) because it's "the Lord's day."

No. 235455

this made me cringe so hard.
why is she going to Japan…. to watch a movie… which she is able to watch it online.

i usually tolerate Jill, but this one takes the cake

No. 235460

She even admits she's only going to understand 20% of it. her mom is going to be bored out of her mind AND as for Jill idk how long you can sit there and be like "omg kawaii!!!!!" Before you get bored of the movie and realize you shoulda waited for a sub

No. 235461

I could even defend seeing a live show over seeing the animated movie, the live show is more of a once in a lifetime thing, all the costumes etc just ugh

No. 235466

She's trying to see a live show, from what I understood in the video.

But how the fuck did she not know what Google Docs was?

No. 235467

File: 1484541871235.png (459.43 KB, 690x436, Ge9LJww.png)

>"i'd save a thousand dollars and then something would come up"
rofl. Nothing 'serious' ever came up Jill, admit you have a shopping problem and don't understand how to prioritize things.

>"I bought the flights for both my mother and I"

This obvious lie kek, you know Louise would never make Jill pay for her flight

>cat cafes, maid cafes, toys r us and other weeb toy stores/attractions, crepe place, starbucks, purikura, barbie harajuku, bringing $3000 cash to spend on shopping

This is so predictable. How the fuck do you go to a foreign country and not want to visit anything cultural at all? Is Louise planning all of the "adult" things to see/do? And how has she never eaten a crepe in her life?

It looks like she planned specifically what they would do every single day in Japan, so I doubt Jill will budge to go visit a shrine or something instead of shopping. She's so boring.

because precure changed her lief and moral code!!!!!1

No. 235468

I can't believe she has "Sakura flavoured foods if in season." It takes two seconds to Google that and find out that sakura season won't have started then (though there is a possibility that some specialty items will be out at that point, but most things like that in Japan are MEANT to be very limited, so I doubt she will get her ~Sutabakkusu~).

No. 235470

It's like she watched jvlogging videos and picked the tackiest, most cliche things to do. I'm surprised she doesn't want to go to the Pokemon Center.

No. 235471

I'm surprised she doesn't want to go to tokyo disney. They have really cute merch and overall it looks pretty cute and fun. Different food to try. Her poor mom will have to go to all of those cafes with her.
I mean I understand wanting to see cute things if that's what youre into but I feel like after you go to like a few cafes you dont need to go to them all.

No. 235477

Why spend ~100 on Disney when she could just buy 40 PreCure gachapons?

No. 235483

I watched precure religiously for a few years and I'm trying to figure out what she means by Precure Live… It has to be one of those shows with kigurumi costumes. The costumes are really cringe and the stories are 50x dumbed down compared to the anime because they're mainly for little children. If it was a movir I'd understand because these are reat and it's hard waiting for DVD release sometimes, but kigu shows add 0 to the main story. Waste of time, she could watch them on youtube.

No. 235484

Me too, I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to go to Tokyo Disney but she wants to see J-World? Has she ever expressed interest in a shonen manga/anime? Seems like she only likes magical girl stuff.

No. 235498

Jill surrounded by some Japanese kids as she weebs out is gonna be amazing. Mommy Vessey better provide some good pics. It'll also be just st the time when the new Precure starts so she'll be buying everything she can and more so.

No. 235499

imagine Jill in this crowd omg

No. 235500

I don't think it would be so shitty if she would fix the seams, and add a bias tape or something to finish the dges off. I can see the seam on the inside and it's killing me at her neck. Invest in a serger or bias tape jesus. n

No. 235501

Doesn't she drink coffee? It typically stains teeth. Also, yes she is wearinng very warm colors, even has a golden highlight. I'd like to see her in cool tone stuff

No. 235509

She's flying to Japan just for this. Gonna make her poor mum sit on the floor with a bunch of 5 year olds and their parents while Jill squeals. She's basically a donkey for Jill during this whole trip, prob will have to carry all the bags around for the birthday girl.

No. 235510

I knew her mom was going with her but for some reason I thought collin was going to go too. I wonder how he feels.

No. 235511

Based off her description, I was picturing something like the Sailor Moon musicals where it's a legit show in a theatre, not this kigurumi hand waving to a Pretty Cure CD in a children's gymnasium shit. Is Jill serious? She actually wants to pay money for this and this is one of her huge motivators for going to Japan? This isn't just a typical otaku thing, this is straight up juvenile :/

No. 235513

You don't know what a kigurumi is.

No. 235516

No. 235523

Lol you fucking dumbass

No. 235526

All I wonder is how a mom that is clearly so disgusted by the concept of gender neutrality would take her son into Claire's in the first place.

No. 235527

Did she seriously type and print out the itinerary instead of writing it in her diary? Doesn't she have a shitload of sparkly pastel gel pens or some shit that she got specifically for writing in her planner?

No. 235528

The fucking masks, and no one in the crowd looks above the age of 10 except the parents. This is what you're going to Japan for, Jillian? Really?

No. 235531

the full show looks pretty fun but it's clearly aimed at very young children and it's all in Japanese.

No. 235536

>and then everyone clapped

No. 235549

File: 1484566261937.png (1.23 MB, 1260x680, rly.png)

Did she seriously put Cat Island on her plans? I mean, if she gets the JR Pass I guess she can go there, but otherwise it will be kinda expensive. Like really expensive. Just to see a bunch of stray cats.

No. 235550

Also, why the fuck doesn't she just write stuff? That printing and gluing thing is shit.

Sage for samefagging.

No. 235592

Maybe her handwriting is embarassingly bad? Her printing stuff for a journal is really getting on my nerves too, anon.

No. 235597

I don't even understand why she wants to go so much. It made sense in her Lolita days, because there's all the brand shops and meets and stuff.

I hope she gets told how awful she looks, comes back and makes a "changing fashion styles" video, or "my terrible Japan experience"

No. 235606

Her handwriting is fine. She showed it off in her last "look at my planner" video where she spent over $50 on the planner and inserts back in June. I think she just really likes buying and doing unnecessary shit: she seems to get bored with things really easily. Anyone else would've just bought new inserts for the green planner bough back in May, but not Jill.

No. 235607

File: 1484584000856.png (482.45 KB, 854x594, PL.png)

Dropped the screenshot of her handwriting.

No. 235616

File this under things that never happened.

No. 235621

> bring an empty suitcase

No. 235622

Regarding cat island, cat cafes, precure, etc on her plan-to-do-in-Japan list, it's obvious she hates stepping out of her comfort zone. She has 4 pet cats, watches Precure all day, and shops online all the time. Her main plans are to do and see these exact same things but in Japan.

No. 235623

this looks like my autistic fourteen year old brother in a dress

No. 235631

Does claires sell clothing now? Last time I checked it was just accessories. Admittedly most of their jewelry is actually labeled "unisex." This reminds me of how Yukapon/Natalia used to work at Justice.

Has Jill never been to Japan before? This is kind of cute but honestly like… Takeshita street is an over crowded shitshow of tourists and garbage shops pandering to them. She'd be better off just using tabelog to find genuinely good crepes/waffles, or like, y'know, actual good Japanese cuisine. Half of the things listed on here (cat cafes, maid cafes, taiyaki, okonomiyaki, crepes, gashapon) can be found literally anywhere in Japan. I studied abroad in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, Japan in the first year of uni and even they had a goddamn seleciton of cat cafes.

No. 235650

I personally love Takeshitadori, but to devote THREE DAYS to it is crazy! Especially because she's doing absolutely nothing cultural, even though Meiji shrine is like… 500ft away from Takeshitadori. She'd still rather shop on one small street on 3 different days. That's fucking sad.

No. 235659

She doesn't actually have a plan, does she…
You can't just keep going to do the same things again, or even spending a whole day at most of these places is going to leave her bored out of her mind,

I really don't give a shit if she goes anywhere cultural, but holy crap if this is not the most boring and unrealistic itinerary ever.

No. 235684

Did her mom ever comment on him being agender prince?

No. 235686

Buying Jeffree star crap is the 'very busy important' stuff she has to plan? Why am I not surprised.
I can definitely see her changing styles and making a big deal about it. Either that or she'll be so clueless that she thinks people in Japan would like her tacky crap when they're taking the piss out of her. I can't imagine what she's going to be doing in a fashion walk, she'd stick out like a sore, nadly coordinated tacky thumb.

No. 235692

She has not one, but two _entire_ days dedicated to shibuya 109? Shibuya 109 is like, an entire mecca of the same boring ass dollar store liz lisa clone. every single shop is an identical satchel of soberly pink ruched skirts and cream sweater dresses. jill is going to take one step into 109 and be trampled by a sea of self infanitlizing chinese fob tourist girls all fighting for the same plaid chiffon hair tie and rhinestone'd engrish graphic tee

No. 235695

this whole post is golden

No. 235696

No one in Japan is even going to acknowledge her. She's only going to be in tourist-y places, and those people see hundreds of tourists every day, lots of them in tacky clothing.

No. 235701

She'll probably get some polite fawning from the Japanese staff members of 6% dokidoki. Not sure if its one of the days when the white girls are staffing kek

No. 235703

They probably won't, but no doubt she expects them to come up to her and tell her how great she looks. Either that or she expects shop staff to compliment her.
She said she wants to participate in a fashion walk but she'll probably just look like a total mess. Either that or she'll desperately try to hunt down Tokyo fashion
This is too accurate. It looks like she only wants to go to spinns/wego/swankiss anyway so she''ll probably be done in 2 hours, she won't need 2 days especially for stores that are chains anyway.

No. 235712

well the Barbie store in Harajuku closed either last year or the year before so that shows how much research she put in this

No. 235719

Was just going to say this, seems like she really hasn't researched much at all.

No. 235731

She probably literally planned all this 3 years ago when she first decided to go to Japan.She is probably going to be sorely disappointed by a lot of things when she gets there because despite all the money she spends on planners, she's not organised in the slightest.

No. 235741

She acts like her mom isn't paying for as much as she really is. She's paying for the air bnb and food. That's going to be a lot considering Jill wants to go to all of these gimmicky restaurants. Maid cafes can be kind of pricey as well. God imagine dragging your mom to a maid cafe lol

No. 235746

the wego on takeshita dori is the size of a shoebox, i can't imagine spending more than half an hour in there if you were trying things on. it's all the same shit as you get in chains like forever 21 and H&M anyway… there's some good unique stores around takeshita dori if you look for them, but she's just going to make a beeline for bodyline

No. 235747

I have a feeling that her "fashion walk" is going to be similar to when Lovely Lor tried to go to Yoyogi Park on Sunday.

No. 235749

samefag bc i realize now you're talking about shibuya 109… eh given how big that place is, i can see spending a whole afternoon in there if you're really trying on stuff, but 2 days!?

No. 235753

Just another dumb weeb who thinks Japan is a combination of DBZ and a Fruits magazine. Hilarious that no one was dressed up in Yoyogi park.

No. 235758

Even if she goes Laforet, that wont fill out the day. She seems to have no interest in indie/small designers and where their pop up shops are set up so thats out the window. Honestly? What is she going to do for this trip? Go to character street, Harajuku, Shibuya and maybe Akihabara/Nakayo Broadway(heavily doubting that).

Imagine being this boring.

No. 235891

Hasn't the yoyogi park scene been dead for years?

No. 235930

Yes. People pointed that out in the comments.

No. 235937

i'm sure she'll go to a maido cafe in akihabara for the weeb points but i can't imagine her having the patience for nakano broadway, the first floor is pretty nondescript and there's not enough concentrated kawaii in dim dusty secondhand shops

No. 236037

those unfinished edges, yikes.

No. 236039

She mentions she's giving her hair a rest. I'm guessing she won't dye it until right before she goes on her Japan trip. Does anyone have any guesses what ridiculous colour it's going to end up?

No. 236040

the japanese flag on the back of her head

No. 236046

When exactly is she going? I was there in February and Starbucks already had Sakura flavored things. It's nice and pink but that's pretty much it… I guess Jill doesn't care as long is weeb and pink.

Isn't cat Island far as hell, even if you have JR Pass?
Just go see some fucking deers in Nara, Jill. It's closer and you get those Instagram points for doing it. Also, your mom would probably enjoy it.

Also, if you are reading this thread Jill, go to Nakano Broadway. There's a great bakery right on the first floor. It's not kawaii desu but your fatty soul will likely enjoy it. You're welcome.

No. 236048

She's going at the beginning of March, so I guess she will have her frapp after all.

No. 236050

For what I could understand, she booked her trip for March considering she might be able to see the Precure Show, right? That seems really dumb to me. I mean, I get that she likes the show (my friend saw it last year and the place was full with kids AND 20 years old), but why not choose a date like April, for example? It's prettier, warmer, and you get to see cherry blossom and a bunch of other flowers. She'll see a little bit of it, but not as much as April. If you can choose anytime of the year, choose the best one.

(I know April is the most expensive time to go to Japan, but I'm pretty sure her mom wouldn't mind it).

No. 236051

You gotta get to Ishinomaki to then get the ferry to Tashirojima. From Harajuku to Ishinomaki it's an almost 250 miles, according to Google maps. It's a seven hour ride between bus and train and walking, and it would cost 5,240 yen, one way trip.
You could get there by car, about 4 hours, and with different trains, in about 3 hours. I didn't look up too much on that, but you get the point.

It took me longer to write this than to look this up on Google.

No. 236052

In April it's always super crowded and flights are often overbooked

No. 236053

I would hope she would dye her hair to dark brown/close to her own colour and let it grow out naturally. While only dyeing tips or bangs with silly colours.
But I know that is never going to happen so I'd say some different variation of rainbow that is going to fade really ugly looking in 2 weeks in japan.

No. 236083

Oh, yeah. That's true. Even so, it's weird considering she's planing this trip since idk how long.

It's useless to give it a "rest" if that means she just won't put any color in it. The dye itself won't make her hair worst (will in fact make it a little softer and less fried looking), if she normally uses MP, Special Effects and things like that. She needs to stop bleaching it and letting it grow (it would look horrible tho lol) or dye it back to brown or whatever her natural color is and call it a day, at least for a while. She has a bunch of wigs she could use. Obviously they are all cheap looking, but it's probably perfect for party kei.

No. 236085

If it's about shopping she could go thrift shopping in Shimokitazawa or shop for craft supplies, but instead her plans are to spend two entire days in Shibuya 109 alone? Sounds boring.

No. 236091

Are there fashion areas in Tokyo that are slightly off the beaten track because as "exciting" as Shibuya109 is there has to be other things.

Sage for OT

No. 236135

Hi Jill.

I'd recommend just exploring the back streets, contact some english speaking fashion designers, visit where they host small designs (Village Vanguard?? is one). Its a shame Harajuku is going downhill but thats what happens when media(coughs Gwen Stefani)decide to hoard an area, social media being a part of that too.

Watching Jills dreams be crushed will be hilarious as she has a tantrum at nearly all the stores having closed in the 3 years she's been planning this.

No. 236146

Yeah, there's a Village Vanguard close to 109 and several others in Tokyo in general.

Village is actually way cooler than 6%, which is imo a pretty shitty store. At 6%, they keep staring at you while you try to shop and it's very uncomfortable. And they only sell crap (which is kind of Jill's style anyway).

No. 236183

VV masterrace reporting in

DokiDoki is overpriced garbage but Sebastian Masuda has to fund his pretend international contemporary artist career somehow

No. 236185

Hey Anon, check out Rope in Shibuya, it'd definitely be right up your alley!

No. 236234

not really 'off the beaten track' but you can find some great secondhand stuff at closet child, the one in harajuku near takeshitadori is all CDs but iirc there's one in shinjuku that's clothes-oriented

No. 236257

she's gonna get a back undercut with the precure logo shaved into it

No. 236306

The Harajuku one on Takeshita Dori (keep looking up or you'll miss it) has clothes as well.

No. 236308

is that uncommon? Last time i went to japan with friends we all brought empty suit cases because figurines, video games, books, souvenirs etc are cheap.

No. 236424

ohh i must have missed the one on the main street, i had gone off to the side (near sexpot revenge) and there was a CD-only closet child there. i was in the market for pierrot CDs not secondhando burando anyway so no wonder i missed it

No. 236440

Last time I went we ended up buying 2 extra suitcases at Donki Hote to handle all the Gundams we bought, I should have done this…

No. 236449

I laughed harder than I should've.

Why is she going so hard with the precure? I like Precure, I buy merchandise, watch the show and find it cute. She though…is a different level of just WEEB. She just wants something to screech over and buy merchandise blindly from. The visit to the Precure store is going to be a TRIP.

No. 236470

>donki hote
Don Quijote?
Ngl the image of a giant donkey shaped store made me laugh
But for sure, I never regret bringing an empty suitcase when I travel - even if you don't end up buying much, you have room to bring back lots of local snacks/trinkets for family/friends and you don't have to stress about playing luggage tetris.

No. 236508

In japanese it's ドンキホーテ which is literally Donki Hote, even the site is Donki.com. Lol, I swear I'm not just inept at spelling.

No. 236708

No. 236718

jill is such a twat to colin in this. constantly putting down what he's (they're?) wearing at the start becuase it's not ~ugu kawaii harajuku~. really off-putting.

No. 236719

Shit I'd go to nakano Broadway because mandarake and spank! are there

No. 236721

Jill wishes she was peco and Colin was Ryuchel lmao

No. 236724

Also samefag but the way she pronounces Harajuku really pisses me off, especially considering she was bragging about how well she pronounces Japanese words in her last video?

No. 236725

>genderless kei
>puts a full face of makeup on colin
>'birthday GIRL' badge

poor guy.

No. 236726

wow >>223427 and >>223596
pretty much called the "genderless kei" thing almost a month ago that's funny

No. 236733

I'm all for people wearing whatever they want regardless of gender but is it just me or does Colin seem uncomfortable? Like shes making Colin wear this stuff, like he's her doll to just dress up however she wants. Doesnt seem fair to me but idk

No. 236736

File: 1484771620595.png (146.17 KB, 248x308, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.32…)

he looks in physical pain

No. 236737

File: 1484771636768.png (381.7 KB, 432x552, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.14…)

bro what the fuck.. why he look like a worm….

No. 236738

File: 1484771644273.png (139.32 KB, 250x287, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.33…)

No. 236739

File: 1484771666228.png (776.2 KB, 698x612, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.33…)

disgusting.. this is some fetish shit right there

No. 236744

sage for ot semantics nazi weeb fuckery but yes the name does come from Don Quixote, it is spelled ドン・キホーテ, with that interpunct there, and I guess full romanji would just be Don.Kihoute. You're right about the casual slang being "donki" though, which can be confusing. I think it's this way to a lot of japanese because for some weird reason there are a lot of japanese businesses that include the loanword for Donkey.

No. 236746

Poor dude is whipped to hell and back. I guess this is what people mean when they say bitch-made.

No. 236749

Dude looks dead inside lmao. I feel bad for Colin, she made Tristan her Ouji accessory and now Colin gets transformed into rainbow neon vomit.

Colin's hair looks a lot healthier than hers, but I wonder how long it's gonna stay that way now that Jillian got her grabby hands on it.

No. 236752

I couldn't watch more than thirty seconds of this. Stop sticking the word "kei" onto whatever the fuck you want. Alternative fashion subcultures have been genderbending throughout history. Teddy girls did it in the 50s. Goth boys did it in the 80s. Weird harajuku kids have been doing it since weird harajuku style was a phenomenon. I won't even start on the sartorial chronology of the gays. I'm sure there are countless other examples.

By the way, that "peach lavender fade" is a tell tale sign of not being able to bleach and tone hair properly. It looks messy.

No. 236753

to be fair, "genderless kei" is a legitimate trend currently/experiencing a resurgence, so she's not completely off.

No. 236754

He looks so sallow. Is it just her pink room plus how badly the pink hair clashes with his skin tone?

No. 236755

Collin looks like a middle aged woman in the video… like someone's unfortunate aunt… poor boy… leave her Collin!

No. 236759

How sad and emasculating

No. 236763

It suddenly all makes sense.

No. 236766

genderless translates to pink and sparkles for Jill

fuck sake

No. 236775

This doesn't seem right, bc if Colin doesn't want to be called "Boyfriend" (associated with boys) bc it suggests their biological sex, then I don't think they'd want to be dressed up in a overwhelming pink outfit, with wearing makeup and every thing (things associated with girls). I think they'd like to still look "gender neutral", and not like a boy or a girl. They look very forced into it, and unhappy to be there.

Frickin snowflakes have to put a label on everything to feel more special. Clothes, colors, and haircuts don't have a gender. You don't have to call a fashion "genderless" bc then you're implying that gender roles are real and enforce them bc of clothes cut/colors, while saying "gender is a social construct/I'm going to break the gender binary today/down with cis:)" if it's not that big of a deal like you say it is, then don't let it bother/affect you, man. Completely hypocritical.

(IF Colion's sex was female, but they were non binary, I bet you twenty dollars they would've went the fakeboi route.When biological female non binary people want to look non binary, they usually look "vaguely masculine" trying to be androgynous, when they aren't, I'm sure they wouldn't mind being mistaken for a boy, or called he him, but as soon as someone calls them a girl or she her they blow a casket bc they actually hate girls, and think that going Nb is a way to get out of gender related crap.)

No. 236781

Genderlees kei is basically tumblr fashion, but in a different country. It's real bc the snowflakes made it "real" bc they don't understand that objects don't really have gender bc it's been brainwashin into them.

No. 236795

File: 1484775647460.png (3.47 MB, 1733x969, 6465465.png)

jill looks like a PTA mom with that oversized denim blouse.

No. 236798

Oh dear god I joked about her getting into genderless kei earlier in this thread and someone told me I shouldn't give her any ideas.

I am so sorry anon.

No. 236805


No. 236806

I think I was that anon, I called it but never expected this level of fuckery. I thought she might make him wear a skirt or something but this is straight up humiliating. Imagine applying to jobs and your employers seeing this.

Sage for blogpost but I do have friends in real life that are trans/different gender identities, yes some of them aren't legit and I can tell when they're some straight up tumblrgender looking for attention and I can tell when they actually have identity issues and I try my best to respect their identity by using their pronouns etc. But Jillian is straight up treating Colin like some sort weird fetish. He's obviously not comfortable with it at all. Imagine being this spineless and insecure about yourself that you let your girlfriend do this to you and put it on the internet forever so that she can look like some ~oh so progressive fashun designurr~.

Dare I say it, the way she dressed Colin wasn't even genderless kei, she literally saw a few pictures with coloured bowl cuts and decided to run with whatever neon pastel vomit bullshit she's into and throw it up all over him. From what I understand, "genderless kei" is about balancing masculine/feminine styles/silhouettes/garments etc. to mix both androgyny and 'kawaii.' Jillian straight up dressed him like a sissy. Especially that 'birthday girl' badge, that's just taking the piss out of him really. He looks like some kind of special needs kid, poor dude. Imagine being this whipped. Even Tristan seemed to be interested in Lolita, even more than she was in the end. Colin just looks like he's in pain. When he breaks up with her, he's going to regret so much.

No. 236807

File: 1484776241155.jpg (7.41 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

… Y'all are still talking about Jillian?

No. 236819

We'll stop when she stops being so openly mockable

No. 236834

Did you not see the screen grabs of the shit video she just came out with using her boyfriend as a dress up doll? Jill is the epitome of snowflake, of course we're gonna talk about her

No. 236841

didnt somebody already call that she was going to do this "genderless kei" thing?? making fun of her just isnt fun when she's so predictable

No. 236847

her making fun of his sweater was so sad

No. 236876

Anyone else notice how Jill 'jokingly' called Collin a disgrace when he said he liked the gray sweater his sister got him for Christmas, singlehandedly insulting his sister and also shaming him for not wearing shit she forces him to buy all the time? It seems like he doesn't understand his own identity yet and Jill is manipulating him to do what she wants. Pretty sure his hair wasn't dyed before he got in this relationship and he dressed like a normal person.

>>236847 saw this after writing that out lol

No. 236927

I legitimately feel bad for Colin. They're obviously uncomfortable in the video and being used as a prop for Jill to play dress-up with. Judging from past videos, they seem kind of awkward/shy and outspoken too so I get the feeling that they don't stand their ground with Jill a lot.

They seem nice and deserve better than Jillian and her 'this is what I wear so you must like it too!!!' bullshit that she's pushing onto them.

No. 236929


he's a fucking dude, stop with the snowflake pronouns

No. 236931

File: 1484791191449.png (29.91 KB, 792x256, uh.png)

Kind of irrelevant but Jill's response seems…really rude? I mean, she did answer the question but saying it's 'super messed up' just made me recoil a little.

Colin doesn't even come across as a tumblr transtrender to me though, so I'm not about to get shirty about they/them pronoun usage. Doesn't seem like they're doing it for attention, so I'll use them. Agree to disagree, anon.

No. 236954

Well, she's being honest.

No. 236961


I think he looks better in pastels than jillian does lmao

No. 236967


>It seems like he doesn't understand his own identity yet and Jill is manipulating him to do what she wants. Pretty sure his hair wasn't dyed before he got in this relationship and he dressed like a normal person.

Colin was a normal cis male before he went out with Jillian right? I remember pictures of her, Colin and Tristan, and Colin seemed pretty normal, not the slightest bit feminine let alone this extreme. He probably mentioned questioning his identity once and Jillian decided to convince him he was some tumblrgender so she could have a 'non binary' boyfriend and prove she's actually pansexual like she's always claimed. Maybe that's harsh but I honestly don't believe he'd be into all this shit if it wasn't for her, he's obviously not doing it for attention, and he's always dressed pretty normal judging by his Facebook. He uses gender neutral pronouns, but that's basically the limit of his snowflake-ness, he doesn't even wear alt fashion.

It's only when he's in videos with her that he has his hair fried and dyed, hideous makeup that looks like a glittery rash, and wears ugly sparkly neon clown kei like she does. Even at the start of this video he's dressed normal until she turns him into some kind of neon vomit dress up doll. >>236927 is right, she literally treats him like a prop and he doesn't have any backbone to disagree with her so just goes along with all her crap. I feel bad for him really. He's probably not a transtrender, she's just taking advantage of him so she can look more progressive. I bet 10 dollars when they break up he'll go back to identifying as male and dressing normally.

No. 236991

For attractive people, not inbred westerners.

No. 237009

Colin was using they/them pronouns and was out as NB before dating Jill.

No. 237022

reading the other anons i thought he looked sad or in pain in the video, but the dude looks normal? he says do whatever you want,he just seems like a bland guy with 0 personality and with low self esteem, so maybe he thinks he's lucky to be with gillian (ik she's dumb and everything but the dude has a fucked up jaw and probably not so many girls or boys are interested in him)

and i use him i don't give a fuck about they pronouns or whatever the shitty tumblr trend for making genders

No. 237024

Didn't an anon post screenshots of his fb pics before and girls were fawning over him or smth? They live in the middle of nowhere, I can see how a lot of small town girls would find him attractive. He could've done better than Jill and gotten a gf who actually respects him, at least.

No. 237027

File: 1484803780655.jpg (68.32 KB, 720x960, 229001_3268071718358_204928174…)

I'll dump Colin's photos from his Facebook. There aren't many. Also that's him in OPs picture and I never realized lol

No. 237028

File: 1484803842422.jpg (4.42 KB, 200x200, 76577_2466609322299_2129413239…)

No. 237029

File: 1484803894734.jpg (29.53 KB, 960x960, 12507618_10201175510627566_258…)

No. 237030

File: 1484804011675.jpg (36.73 KB, 583x640, 13315328_10201613877346460_332…)

No. 237032

File: 1484804075253.jpg (51.13 KB, 960x720, 13315794_10201613877386461_550…)

No. 237033

File: 1484804156020.jpg (170.97 KB, 1258x1258, 13517445_10201710054390826_162…)

No. 237034

File: 1484804177632.jpg (48.53 KB, 719x728, 14448879_10202055521427286_705…)

And most recently

No. 237035

Yeah, they honestly look bored/inconvenienced at most.

No. 237046

Eh, yeah that grossed me out a little. I hope she means "messed up" in a functional sense or something because I honestly didn't even notice until people here were pointing it out.

No. 237047

oh my fucking god that is exactly what it looks like lmao

No. 237087

Wich girls where fawning over him?…I mean hes not ugly if you look at his good side, the right side? But if he talks and you see his other side it looks like he's melting.

jillian is not ugly, just average, looks older for her age,and has no idea in how to make herself look good.I think the dude is being too influenced by her fucked up tumblresque ideas because he has no personality or self-esteem. But yeah, she should try to be less ridiculous and respect his pride a little, if the dude has any left

Someday he'll look back and be really embarrassed about that last video, that's for sure…

No. 237112


The thing about "genderless" fashion is that is usually translates into "somewhat crossdressing", boys dress feminine and girls dress masculine.

Which is fine, homos have been doing it since time began, but call it what it is, it's nowhere close to neutral, there's no actual androgyny to it.

My theory is Colin is a closet queen, and that he's still working through being a femme gay man, hence why he doesn't like the term "boyfriend", I've found a lot of gays are like that, if you aren't uber-masculine, you can try to act more feminine and get away with it a little more because of your sexuality.

OT, I'm pretty sure that fakebois are a result of girls not feeling comfortable with the roles society thrusts upon them and having limited strong female role models, especially since most of them are weebs and the majority of cosplayers crossplay because there are few female characters that are relatable.

I think Colin is better looking than Jill.He seems marginally smarter and more put together than her, but he is a huge closet case.

No. 237121

Off-putting, even if she meant in a functional sense.

Whether Colin is nb or not, she completely missed the mark in terms of gender neutral fashion, especially that gross "birthday girl" badge which almost screams sissy. The grey sweater was more gender neutral than the crap they ended up in.

No. 237130

First actual pic evidence of Jill trying to flirt with Colin in like 2014/2015. He was going out with Gillian (her old best friend) while she was dating Tristan at the time.

No. 237136

Like only a month or so before dating her.. in fact I wouldn't be surprised if that's what finally made Jill pursue Colin and dump Tristan.

I mean, they've been friends since junior high or beginning of high school. She could have dated him at any point. He was single, then he went out with Gillian, and then they broke up and he was single again. Meanwhile, Jill seemed content with her ouji-boy Tristan the entire time. And then suddenly out of nowhere, she claims Tristan is old news and immediately begins dating Colin. It stills looks like she approached Colin about her feelings, even prior to finalizing her break up with Tristan. It was all so messy and sleazy.

pei high school girls have pretty bad standards but he was legit popular, prob because he was ~so shy~

No. 237138

File: 1484839674206.jpg (127.29 KB, 600x800, CfQbc8eWAAET5YT.jpg)

100% ripping off his style, too bad they're literally idolized for being the cutest couple ever and jill/colin couldn't dream of matching them

No. 237152

>My theory is Colin is a closet queen, and that he's still working through being a femme gay man, hence why he doesn't like the term "boyfriend"
>secretly a boy
>who loves boys
>doesn't want to be called a "boyfriend"

yeah makes fuckin sense :^)

No. 237157

File: 1484843586992.jpg (26.97 KB, 492x280, PECO.jpg)

This. She definitely wants to be PECO and ryuchel. Unfortunately for Jill, I think this is the only couple that can ever pull of the 80's/90's colorful barbie fitness fashion.

No. 237161

If you think either of the people in this picture are "pulling off" that fashion and aren't just loved because they're extremely attractive, I have some news for you.

No. 237162

No. 237165

Peco is pretty average. However, she has a collaboration with Bubbles called Peco Club which are popular in street snaps, and articles on her room are popular as well. So I'm not really sure how you can say she isn't loved for pulling off the fashion

No. 237167

>extremely attractive
They're not ugly, but extremely attractive? No way. But their clothes at least match, such as the pink in the headband and jacket in >>237138., and he has the right haircut for it.

No. 237170

Not that I don't think Jillian is a shitter with what she's doing but uh. If Colin didn't like it he could just not do the video? Like, maybe he's at least a little interested in that stuff and just looks in pain because he's awkward. Like I said,. Not defending Jillian because calling him basic or whatever was rude, but I don't think he's some victim either.

No. 237171

Again these people are just dressing in bright pink and purple and there is nothing fashionable or cohesive about what's happening. She isn't pulling off a fashion. She's just pretty with good hair and likes pink.

No. 237179

"these people" ok it's obvious you don't even know who they are. they have plenty of pictures with "cohesive" fashion lol. They actually dress in darker colours more often than bright colours.

They're obviously fashionable when they're in fashion magazines and recognized by everybody in japan as fashion idols. and wear the popular fashions of the season.

sage bc offtopic

No. 237188

>what is jfashion
Stop running your mouth on things you obviously have no clue about before you embarrass yourself further, anon.

No. 237189

Jill doesn't follow the on Instagram, tbh she knows so little about current Jfashion that she probably doesn't know she exists. Which really sad because she could prob inspire Jill to dress better

No. 237195

Oh so the real version that this thread exists is that you all are just on Peco's dick and are mad that some girl is somewhat copying her style.

Got it.

No. 237198

Is this bait? Are you new?
Either way, enough with the derailing

No. 237200

Yeah it seemed very sissy fetishistic. The phallic wands in the background didn't help.

No. 237203

File: 1484851761993.jpg (211.69 KB, 1366x768, blonde.jpg)

Yes this thread exists because of a point that was only brought up <20 posts ago on a >500 post thread.

Anyway, I think Jill should go back to her blonde hair, or even a brown shade. I think she looked a lot better with neutral hair. She even looked somewhat ok with the pink and/or lavender hair. The neon yellow, blue, green, etc colours she's tried recently just do not work.. They clash with either her skin or her outfits or both.

I think if she had a medium blonde or brown hair colour it would tone down the gaudiness of her looks a lot more, and wouldn't clash so much.

No. 237210

Yeah but she's not going to risk becoming ~basic~
Don't you know (as made apparent by her video about quitting her pricemart job) she gets triggered if she can't have weird hair?

No. 237215

File: 1484854210805.png (927.8 KB, 692x644, Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.13…)

After a quick google of "ジェンダーレス系” I've yet to see a single example of that phrase actually being used anywhere, and I don't even see the loanword genderless being used in reference to peco or ryuchell. I wouldnt be surprised if some fucking Japan TImes sub editor came up with that shit. Peco and ryuchell, for what its worth, wear more or less the same thrifty 90's looks you've been able to see in FRUiTS for years. The only "new" part of this is that ryuchell is a man. Peco would be another random dokumo if she weren't "dating" ryuchell. Neither of them even appear to stick to a particular look. Not trying to drag these people– they look great, maybe they're good tv personalities, but I don't see any street fashion visionaries here.

I'm sick of the "j fashion community" ceaselessly trying to compartmentalize and name every single mild variation of the same trend bandwagons, not once pausing to theorize that the same Japanese kids they idolize might actually get dressed without aspiring to follow some subcultural rulebook

She should dye her hair black or brown, or at the very least an unnatural color that doesn't clash with her face like a dark purple. The roots look really bad. Even current yellow washes her complexion out.

No. 237245

The thing is with Jillian is no matter how many colours her hair is or what weird style she's bandwagoning, she's never been original or creative since she was like 16.

If she thinks she looks 'basic' with a normal hair colour it's because she has nothing else going for her. Think about it, she's literally just a spoilt brat from the middle of nowhere, of course she's triggered at not being allowed coloured hair. Because there's literally nothing else interesting about her. If she dyed her hair back to brown or black she'd probably lose her whole identity, even though it would look infinitely better. All her fashion attempts are sloppy versions of the worst harajuku trends and she knows it. if she didn't have coloured hair no one would be interested in her at all, she'd just be another weeb wanting to wear jfashion badly.

No. 237256

The yellow blond with visible roots is such an awful look, she just needs to get it done properly at a salon.

Also kek at her wearing a 99ct gift bow as an accessory in the third pic.

No. 237261

File: 1484861948484.jpg (23.28 KB, 350x500, lighter eyebrows.jpg)

Yeah I agree the light yellow blonde isn't good for her, these were just the best pictures I could find of her with blonde hair.

I think she'd look better with a medium/dark blonde or light brown and if she fixed her brows, maybe if she did them more straight, not as arched, and made them lighter. Maybe eyebrows like pic related? I just can't stand how dark and "painted" her current eyebrows look, and the arch she has makes her look like some surprised old lady. She needs a softer look in general. The bright/highly contrasting colours make her face look funky. I think going to dark in hair colour would just wash her out because she's so pale.

No. 237309

What. She does lol.

Anyway anyone see the smug tumblrina in the video comments correcting everyone calling Colin a he with a "just checking you on your pronouns!"?

No. 237317

File: 1484870535092.png (34.87 KB, 588x178, IHjgi0a.png)

lol anon I saw that too, this girl wasn't even calling Colin a he and she got 'corrected'

No. 237321

she probably just changed he to they it says edited

No. 237336

Gender neutral is such tumblr buzzword trash. He seems confused on his way to gay town.

No. 237338

Are we sure he isn't a faggot?

No. 237466

File: 1484891712222.png (784.59 KB, 920x860, ONJ-Kei.png)


Olivia-Newton-John Kei.

No. 237642

She looks good in the middle and right photos. On the right especially:
>natural, consistent hair color
>no weird bright annoying colors
>simple makeup
>eyebrows look slightly better
>outfit looks pretty cute minus the gift ribbon taped to her head

Hell, if she even dyed her hair back to the blonde color on the right/left she'd look MILES better than she does now. I honestly HATE the bright yellow she's been using now.

This guy is clearly a faggot. I honestly don't know how many straight males would put up with this shit. I know that not all straight men are completely masculine but every single straight male that I personally know would NOT put up with this shit by any means. Plus the fact that she dyed his hair bright pink and refers to him with they/them pronouns is really pathetic.

Poor guy. I hope he gets out of Jillian's hands and finds a guy that's more respectful.

No. 237816

File: 1484981260862.jpg (122.77 KB, 640x640, SplitDyeJillian.jpg)

>She looks good in the middle and right photos. On the right especially:

Really? Her hair looks brassy as FUCK in the middle and is like three different shades of blonde, and the one on the right is put through so many lightening filters that her dark brown roots look pale grey.

I'm not even trying to drag her. I get it. I have platinum dyed hair, and I can only manage it because my natural color is a very light brown. Any blonde lighter than "milk tea" is a fucking tough color for anyone with hair as thick and dark as Jill's to maintain. It's even worse when she pulls back her bangs, because then that dark crown of roots is distracting from her face.

Pic related is not the best view but her bangs at least look fantastic here and the color really suits her. She can keep her style alternative with the split dye without washing out her natural pale skin or clashing with her dark eyebrows.

No. 237817

This was such a good look for her, I don't understand for the life of me how she feels so ashamed of this phase in her life, she ought to be far more embarrassed at her shitty excuse for a style she's wearing now. Her hair looked so nice and healthy in that photo. It'd take a while to get it this nice again from her balding fried straw she has on her head now but it'd be worth it. She should just go to a salon and sort her shit out, god knows she can afford it.

No. 237819

That's a nice fat cat

No. 237862

File: 1485003880817.jpg (314.63 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_ok4i58JKRT1urbfw1o6_128…)

This girl is the perfect example of party kei/jill's style actually done well.

No. 237865

She 100% knows peco exists because she was accused of copying when she introduced the party kei fiasco. She tried to pull the ignorant card by saying she can't find any info on peco kei or couldn't find any images to compare, which was obviously bullshit, so some tumblr users spammed her inbox with pics of peco.

I think she's mentioned her as inspo once or twice since then BUT she claims 'peco wears too many dark colors, focuses too much on brand names like disney/barbie/mlp' or some crap that she doesn't associate with party kei.

No. 237893

Again, no.

No. 237911


Hawww back in the days when Jill was a soft neutral girl and not all over the place… man i have never seen a person go downhill so much since pete doherty

No. 237922

trash with a tumblr file name

No. 237950

File: 1485029505948.jpg (99.79 KB, 616x831, Screenshot_17.jpg)

didn't she just say she was gonna give her hair a rest?

No. 237952

In her most recent video she obviously bleached her hair but kept the tips pink in the front, maybe to make it seem like she still had the rainbow hair?

No. 237992

She says "cheeky" so goddamn much it makes me want to punch walls. She is such an insufferable tryhard.

No. 237999

it could also be that she didn't opt in for thinner lenses with the higher prescription (I'm blind as a bat but spend those $$$ on my glasses)

No. 238002

Of all the fucking things you could've picked on her for, you choose her bad vision? Lmao girl grow up

No. 238023


this weird obsession with puppy surprises pisses me off so much

No. 238033

Am I the only one grossed out by the baby hairs on her neck? Normally its never an issue because people will either shave it or it'll match the rest of the persons hair, but the shit is making her look like a rainbow caveman. NOT in a good way Jill.

No. 238040

you forgot the random mouth noises.

No. 238121

That's part of her dying and bleaching her own hair. She fucks it up every time, because you can't see the harder to reach areas.

No. 238267

Jillian since you lurk here, please get some coconut oil or a hair mask. It looks like it'd be crunchy.

No. 238314

New video up or whatever. It was boring but Collin seemed to be the most bored

No. 238342

They're so awkward together. It's like they both try way too hard to act a certain way around each other and it seems so unnatural.

No. 238421

File: 1485114939017.png (747.73 KB, 791x418, poorpoorthing.png)

He looks pretty done with this

No. 238425

Also her talking about how mad she gets when driving such positivity wow

No. 238431

"I have like seven dollars until payday"
"Whatever, I get paid again eventually"
Jill please just admit you have a problem

No. 238436

How sad is it that they mutually agreed that Colin is the most likely (read: only one) in the relationship to compliment the other?

No. 238445

>cheeky pics
Jesus Christ this is like when /b/tards learn new words and use them all the fucking time in the wrong context just to fit in

No. 238449

Samefagging but r.e. the 'who's most likely to spend money on pointless things' question, Jill literally says 'I know you do, but people get mad at me for doing that, and I'm like 'I wonder whose money it is, heheh'.'

God, she's irritating. Hi Jill!

No. 238458

> "I'm like the most spoiled piece of shit in the whole world" she's joking but she's not wrong.

She just keeps dropping passive aggressive hints that she lurks here. Hi Jill! Yes we're all well aware it's your money but you're the one with only seven dollars and those nasty ass roots, not us. Maybe instead of being passive aggressive and rude you should spend your money on better things than badly made clothes and puppy surprises.
Also $200 set aside for claw machines? How can someone be that stupid! Just go and buy the prizes! No doubt she'll vlog whining about how miserable she is when she's essentially gambled away all her money. Everyone knows those machines are rigged, she's literally throwing money away and wonders why people comment on it.

This whole video just makes her sound like a terrible person. She's insufferable.

No. 238479

>$200 set aside for claw machines
I didn't watch the video far enough to hear that but I sincerely hope she's kidding. Just try it once or twice and use those 200 bucks to buy whatever you want in a store, it's not like you can only find claw machines in Japan. What a load of crap.

No. 238562

It's because Jill is so tsundere desu uwu

This whole video made Jill look like an ass

No. 238622

File: 1485139857951.png (151.45 KB, 305x236, 5dc0uKN.png)

>who is more likely to go overboard buying gifts for the other's birthday?
kek the smugness of jill's face/nod, i could only imagine she's thinking of us.

jill to colin:
>i buy you more ridiculously expensive things!
never stop showing how superficial and mean you actually are jill

also lol at her picking questions out of her personal self interest, I'm not paying to much attention to the video but I'm pretty sure colin has only been the most likely one like twice 9 minutes in. talk about self absorbed.

No. 238645

This video made Jill look so bad honestly. I don't know anyone can think she's some kind of angel positive confetti cupcake after this.

No. 238721

She looks so proud of herself.

No. 238886

What a cunty looking face.

No. 239279

Jill looks like the bitchy PTA mom.

No. 239302

New video. She was super annoying in her video

No. 239303

Thanks for letting me know how to put hairpins in my hair, very helpful and innovative.

No. 239305

That was the worst! It didn't need to be that long anyway she just put clips in her hair for 15 minutes

No. 239308


i laughed at her fitbit being out of battery

No. 239314

She mentions that her 'party kei' illustrations on her blog doesn't match her style at all. She's never addressed it in the whole year she's worn 'party kei' but it was brought up here recently. Also the cheap party ribbon clipped to her head that she knows people aren't going to like, right after >>237203 and >>237256
For fucks sake Jill! Stop hinting that you lurk here! Your style is not kitsch, it's not 'so tacky it's good' It's just a straight up mess. She's so keen on proving that she doesn't care what people here say about her with her passive aggressive remarks about her style and her money, but clearly it's getting to her if she has to make them in every video.

No. 239315

It baffles me how she has been dyeing her hair for years and years and still can't even bleach her roots properly or get rid of the brassy blonde tones.

No. 239319

I'm not even halfway through the video and I noticed this too.
Also Jill, your style (that you admit in this video was made because no one label is special snowflake enough for you) doesn't need to be on the Wikipedia page for jfashion because it isn't a jfashion.
What a mess.

No. 239320

She was bragging about how many people follow her fashion and how there are party kei communities lol. Anyone who dresses is party kei looks terrible and their pages are inactive

No. 239330

File: 1485297328741.jpg (94.13 KB, 520x520, 6113ff29934cb4b1149da0cfba572a…)

I won't lie, I do actually like her hair. Reminds me of the 6%DOKIDOKI skirt that everyone always wanted.

No. 239345

File: 1485298770524.png (180.17 KB, 750x1017, IMG_9407.PNG)

>dislikes hateful people
>doesn't stop her from coming on here

No. 239346

Also dislikes parties? Her last one must of gone preeeety bad

No. 239349

>party kei
>dislikes parties

No. 239351

I love how she's drawn herself thin as if she isn't a blubbernugget irl

No. 239353

Dislikes: boring clothes

Yet she draws herself in a plain pink top and a plain blue skirt

No. 239361

>whats in my bag
>too faced
??? saying the brand name was more important than saying what the product actually is i guess

No. 239384

Why are you surprised, anon? She has no interest in improving or sticking with anything. Even her art looks the same as from when she was 14.

Speaking of this, I challenge you anons to think of 1 thing that present-day Jill has put more than minimal effort into…

lol. Was thinking the same.

She probably didn't say Jeffree Star to avoid tumblr backlash.

>"Pixielocks is a bitch, she spends all her money at the dollarama!"

Thanks for responding to us all the time, Jill!

I find it jarring how she wears her (semi-expensive? idek)/brand name clothing (even though it's cheap looking and tacky most of the time) with dollar store decorations. Why can't she just buy actual jewelry? Is she only interested in Chinese plastic?

No. 239392

damn she so obsessed with labelling herself. she said she created party kei because she didnt fit under any other "umbrella" of style but why does she even give a fuck? like no one only dresses in specifically one style exclusively down to shoes, clothing, accessories, etc, to the point where they don't own anything else. fashionable people have variety in their personal style, it's more about how they put together outfits/colors/patterns that make them fashionable. i feel like she only cares to label her style so hard because she doesnt have that natural ability to style herself. like everything else she cares more about the flashy name than the actual substance

>i have fallen out of the mainstream fashion loop

kek if she wants to be the next ~coco chanel~ shouldnt she at least try to keep up with what is trending a little bit?

No. 239398

>kek if she wants to be the next ~coco chanel~ shouldnt she at least try to keep up with what is trending a little bit?

This, if she has any interest in getting into the fashion industry she needs to pay attention to trends/what's on the runway. I bet she doesn't even keep up with fashion month. She can't just do her on weird shitty thing and expect people in the fashion industry to respect her. If her only real interest is efame than fine, there will always be cringy twelve year olds who see her through rose tinted glasses. But like >>239384 said, she never tries to improve at anything she does. Her art/design/sewing skills are all the same as when she first started. She's forever stagnant because she shuts out anything that isn't uwu sunshine and rainbows positivity, but it's only hurting her in the end.

No. 239401

she must keep his balls in her bag

No. 239416

File: 1485306702490.png (413.15 KB, 456x569, NLGtX92.png)

she needs several months to clean her hoard room before posting a tour

No. 239422

why did she draw herself so stick thin when she brags constantly about what a CHUBBY CUTIE she is? not very bodyposi of u jill

No. 239459


Every time I see she/her pronouns, I automatically assume the person is mtf? Is it just me? There's no reason at all to specify if you were born a female, Jill. Wtf

No. 239469

I agree, it's redundant unless you're trans, yet she highlighted it as a main point. Maybe she will copy Colin later and try to use they/them out of desperation to fit into a community.

No. 239536

The point is to normalize it so that trans people are not forcibly outing themselves.

No. 239542

I feel so bad for colin, he seems like such a push over which is w/e. But Jill seems so loud and controlling and stubborn.

No. 239609

Because there are now alternate pronouns, the point is to normalise it. No longer do you say "hi I'm Jillian", you say "hi I'm Jillian and my pronouns are she/her" so when someone says "hi I'm Storm and my pronouns are xe/hir" people don't get weirded out.
It's actually common in some very liberal groups for everyone to go around in a circle and state their name and pronouns as they introduce themselves. The way she has written this is annoying, but it is done for a purpose.

No. 239611

File: 1485331316709.png (443.13 KB, 1621x1185, IMG_0977.PNG)

>Creates "style" called party key.

Dislikes parties/socializing.

>Holds "huge" birthdayparty called "Vess Fest" with friends and bands and just normal socializing/party shit.

Dislikes parties/socializing

Sure Jill.

No. 239613

Sage for OT, but no matter how normalised it becomes, I'm always going to be weirded out by someone introducing themselves as xe/hir or whatever other made up pronouns. Sorry but it just screams transtrender snowflake.

She probably dislikes it because her "Vess Fest" Party flopped, why do you think we never saw the vlog?
She only created party kei because she was excited for her birthday, which flopped and she got sick of the style in like 2 months. That's why she barely wears what she originally decided was 'party kei' and gets defensive when people point out that she doesn't really wear it anymore. What she wears now is like old lady neon "kitschy" style (read: tacky as shit but still apparently jfashion by Jillian logic.) The only thing remotely 'party' about her style now is the 99ct gift bows she thinks are fashionable.

No. 239632

>whatever other made up pronouns
All pronouns are made up, pal.

No. 239634

do we know any of colin's social medias?

No. 239635


yeah pronouns are made up just like gender right? please leave tumblrfag

No. 239654

Literally all words were made up at some point, friendo.

No. 239659

File: 1485341133298.png (478.53 KB, 436x632, z11020.png)

Tbh she kind of looks like the psycho mom of those potato babies from the other thread.

No. 239666

At least she isn't jaundice yellow in this…?

No. 239783

>implying more than 4 people went to her bday

It's too bad her mom doesn't give her any regulations because she really puts some the worst sides of her personality online, especially lately in her videos. She's going to have a tough time getting hired in the future when they look her up and see what a self-absorbed, rotten brat she is.

No. 239838

I don't think you should be calling people weird nicknames like friendo and pal in a passive aggressive, know it all way like tumblr (and Jillian) does, you might be accused of being her:

No. 239896

I don't think any hiring agents are going to sit through her boring haul videos, she's not outwardly offensive or obnoxious i.e. making political videos or shit-talking people (except for that one video where she patronisingly made fun of children and left their usernames in…). I didn't realize how stuck up and narcissistic she is either until the beginning of her neon phase and I found this thread.

>She probably dislikes it because her "Vess Fest" Party flopped, why do you think we never saw the vlog? She only created party kei because she was excited for her birthday, which flopped and she got sick of the style in like 2 months.

LOL did she really just invent party-kei out of excitement for her birthday party and presents? Good lord, Louise must be taking pity on her by paying for this trip.
Also an anon mentioned a while ago that it's dumb to schedule the trip during March instead of spring blossom season, and I agree, but Jill seems to like instant gratification, so.

No. 239907

She did, her birthday is in early march and she first came up with the style around feburary 2016, she even made a party planning video and everything about how excited she was for her "Vess Fest" and how she was going to vlog the party (she never did, but there were some awkward looking photos of 5 people sitting in a circle on her floor that saw the light of day)

As for hiring agents, she doesn't really do/say anything that outrageous that'd stop her from getting a job, but if she's serious about going into fashion the shit she posts can't possibly make her look good. She's vulgar and tacky which might put some off, but it's not like you wouldn't notice that by meeting her in person. If anything they'd just watch one of her videos and think she was a brat.

No. 239962

File: 1485395197660.jpg (139.51 KB, 800x1120, 2012.jpg)

Found on facebook. Apparently this is from her mom and her doing roller derby together

No. 239968

File: 1485395671049.jpg (299.08 KB, 1536x2048, 10404030_10154290736255537_462…)

I've never been able to find photos from the party, but I did find this from when she was in the maid cafe

No. 239971

File: 1485395718955.jpg (120.02 KB, 601x900, 10262206_10152407953036405_422…)

And last, I do find it a bit sad that she hates lolita so much now because she looked really nice in this

No. 239974

louise why would you let your underage daughter wear this fetish meido costume around pedo neckbeard anime fans

No. 240078

Except that those shoes are so fucking tragic

No. 240146

Lol Louise what are your feet.

I find it weird that one year she's planning a party with 'all of her friends' and the next she is, lonely going to japan with her mum lol. Thats sad if i am hinest. I am p sure she doesn't have a lot of friends.

No. 240154

I don't think she has any friends outside of her mom and Colin, when she was in school she has Tristan and Gillian? But we all know how that ended. Most people her age go to uni so they have friends their age but Jillian probably only has her claires coworkers. Her band broke up and she seemingly stopped idolising that Alyssa tumblrina so who knows. Her patreon for Japan said that she was going with her partner, now she's just going with her mom. No shame in family holidays but it literally looks like no one else wants to go with her and endure her weeb crap, not to mention Louise is probably footing most of the bills.

No. 240188

It's pretty obvious that it was only ever going to be her and her mom. Besides going to Animaritime, every time she has ever gone anywhere, it's been with her mom.

No. 240298

I want to scream every time she says "cheeky". It has lost all meaning.

No. 240310

sage for old but no it's not, it's a japanized portmanteau of "print club".

No. 240347

Pretty Cure, not purikura.

No. 240349

oh lol my bad.

No. 240563

She doesn't know what it means. "looks at these cheeky boys", no fuck off with the slang your Mom said was used in England.
When she says banter/bants shes getting a comment ask why.

No. 240581

>Also an anon mentioned a while ago that it's dumb to schedule the trip during March instead of spring blossom season, and I agree, but Jill seems to like instant gratification, so.

I dont like Jill at all but I have to disagree with this. Unless someone really REALLY wants to experience sakura festivals and cherry blossoms in japan, its the busiest time to travel there.

No. 240590

True, it's busy, but she wrote down "get sakura flavored food (at starbaksu)" in her list of must-do things in Japan, so it would totally be worth it and she would get extra weeb stereotype points.

No. 240610

File: 1485500441660.jpg (304.44 KB, 1600x2400, IMG_9442.JPG)

Can I just say it does seem a bit odd her mom posted this if Jill was supposedly paying for the flights? Or is that just me

No. 240611

File: 1485500625795.png (129.06 KB, 750x869, IMG_9443.PNG)

No wonder Jill is so okay with bragging, looks like her mom is really just a bad

No. 240613

Holy shit, why did she pay that much for tickets to Japan? If they hadn't taken a direct flight they couldn't have paid half that price, or less. Tickets from LA to Japan are under $500 right now, they should have just flown into LA and gone from there.

No. 240619

Too much of a hassle for Jill probably, she would've whined about it not being the full nippon experience or smth

No. 240630

Does anyone find it a bit disturbing how Louise is always posting about how much her and Jillian are so alike and best friends.
she even comments on Jillian's facebook wall with some other mom about how happy she is to "still have her little girl." It's great to be close with your parents but Louise is so desperate to try and relate to/spoil Jillian that she's almost Regina George's mom level. Does Jill really have no friends her age?

No. 240638

It's because flying pretty much anywhere from Canada costs an insane amount of money. It's ridiculous and it's been this way for years.

No. 240670


Yeah literally what the fuck. Im also Canada-fag and I was just checking the prices since I want to go sometime this year or possibly next. It was $500 from west coast Canada to Tokyo in May

Although Ive heard to expect $1000 for round trip tickets, $1500 each is just absolutely absurd

No. 240673

Are they flying economy?

No. 240676

These aren't direct flights. This is how much it costs to get from the east coast of Canada to Japan. It's literally halfway around the world. We have very little flight competition here, and pretty much two companies have a monopoly on flights. Along with the Canadian dollar being worthless at the moment, this isn't outrageous.

If they split up which companies they went with, they might have saved $200, but you'd have to collect your luggage, go through security multiple times, have to rely on multiple airlines, etc. It's a small amount of money to insure you don't have to deal with some bullshit.

No. 240732

I'm from the East Coast as well. I went to China a few years back, the flight was about $2000 round trip, so this seems pretty plausible.

No. 240785

I just did a bit of flight pricing, and even if they went the cheapest route it would have only saved them $200 in total. It's not exactly cheap to travel from the east coast of Canada, especially to somewhere like Japan.

No. 240786

File: 1485541184947.jpg (14.85 KB, 494x82, jilltat.jpg)

Jillian left this comment on the post of an artist talking about people tattooing her work without her permission. I would pay to see that tattoo.

No. 240791

Hasn't the picture of the tattoo been posted here before? I remember it looking nothing like her either.

No. 240804

You're right, I must have missed it.

No. 240806

No. 240813


Agreed. That's about how much it costs to fly out of eastern Canada to Japan.

Y'all saying she could have done it for $500 are ridiculous. Sage for blog but eastern canada fag here and my tickets there always cost $1300-$1800 depending on time of year, plus if they added travel insurance or something it could have added to the price. I've seen slightly cheaper flights, but they require taking like 3-4 different airlines and that's shitty bc if your flight is late and you miss your next flight you're basically fucked and not going to get your money back, you have to recheck your luggage everytime, more chance of your luggage getting lost.

No. 240842

She used to be so cute.

No. 240897

File: 1485557007298.jpg (847.16 KB, 2048x1807, IMG_9437.JPG)

I'm glad she put on some weight, this is just scary looking

No. 240900

File: 1485557330236.jpg (44.57 KB, 480x640, 332795.jpg)

No. 240902

Don't you dare, Jay is kinda cute.

No. 240917


Im really glad she got rid of her ear stretching

No. 240922

File: 1485559415069.png (1 MB, 1330x900, stageperformance.png)

No. 240928

IM CRYING bless you for making this

No. 240937

Oh my god thats terrible, fuck. I dont know what i was expecting but some how its worse. This idiot is gonna regret it soon. Jesus

No. 241259

What the FUCK is that nose

No. 241271

Probably nose contouring or shooping/editing gone wrong. It does look a bit weird.

No. 241277


Come on, to be fair.. you don't know if her other friends can afford to go to Japan, or if their parents approve of it. I'm sure that if they were older and independent they would go, but they're still in highschool. It's not lonely, it's normal.

inb4 hi jillian- I've started a few of these threads lol. Yall just reach sometimes.

No. 241282

Wouldn't Jill's friends be in their first year at uni? Not that most uni students have time/money to go to Japan near the end of the term - especially just to shop at 5 stores

No. 241301

I agree, the only reason Jill is going right after graduating is because she's been nagging her mom about it long enough/"saving." I don't think she has any friends though that are as interested in weeb shit as she is to save with her, and I wouldn't pay $4000 for my sheltered kid and her equally immature friends to go run around in Japan without understanding anything whatsoever, either. She's not old enough or experienced in travelling to go anywhere outside of Canada by herself.

No. 241438


No. 241536

One thing I'm applauding Louise for is not letting Jill talk her into paying for Colin to go with her. He doesn't come off as a mooch but I expect Jill hinted heavily and this was one thing she actually put her foot down over. in a previous thread and the Japan trip was in its baby stages, some girls had seen her talking about travelling there and she wasn't mentioning/was embarrassed her Mom might be the one to go with her. Might've been the convo where Louise butted in going on that she's only need to pay for plane tickets.

No. 241688

No. 241691

File: 1485724465923.png (535.69 KB, 851x432, vSFUf4L.png)

so many hideous pastels everywhere, I NEED EVERYTHING I LIKE ON ME ALL AT ONCE!!!!!!
also Jill for the love of god fix your room, it's a mess of every shade of pink and just looks dirty, not kawaii

>"I almost didn't get this, it didn't appeal to me at all"

basically only bought it because she just had to spend the xmas return money from her mum's gifts.

She could go to any teen fashion store like F21 and find similar pieces to these. They look cheap and boring. She could've also gone to a thrift store, found a long denim men's shirt, and sewn her own towel fabric design on the back instead of spending ~$50-$150.

However, I have to say she looks 10x better in that dark blue than in any of the pastel clothing she owns

No. 241698

Maybe I'm biased since I don't like Lazy oaf at all, but how did she manage to pick two of the most unflattering pieces, is she trying to look bigger? That first dress looks like a maternity dress on her.

No. 241704

Lazy oaf has some decent-ish pieces…how did she end up getting the two most unflattering, boring ones? why didnt she just get a size up in some of the other things she wanted? (ie the silk kitten trackies she wanted SOOOOO BAD)
also, how is this video ten minutes

No. 241707

Does buying two items really count as a "haul" though? I kind of like the pastel dress, but the fit of it makes it look pretty horrible once it's on.

No. 241711

nothing urks me about jillian more than her eyebrows. Why does she fill them in with such a reddish-brown? Aleast she stopped using black but still…
Im the anon who photoshopped her new eyebrows a few threads back btw, jillian if you are lurking here, please fix your brows

No. 241742

im a pretty big fan of lazy oaf, but the pieces she chose are some of my least favorites they've come out with. just oversized and ugly and too chunky

No. 241778

Bc Jillian goes for expensive, gaudy, pastel things from basic stores, do you guys know where I can get simple, pastel, reasonably priced clothes?

No. 241781

Storedogdog has a lot of simple pastel stuff for inexpensive prices. Idk about the quality though but I heard its good

No. 241796

Not the anon that asked, but aren't they just a Taobao reseller?

No. 241803

Are they? I'm not sure, I'm not into that type of style I just know of it

No. 241842

That is a shop run by a factory InuInu used to produce their clothes, they saw how overpriced it was when Inu was selling it and apparently they weren't even paying the factory. DogDog was a response to that.

Jill would probably buy from Inu.

No. 241939

I actually think the pink dress would be really cute if the sleeves weren't too long, but the blue shirt dress just looks like a weirdly sized men's shirt on her.The color suits her a lot better though,

No. 242021

I like Lazy Oaf but the denim is disgusting. I actually have the same pastel dress she has but I do agree with anons that its super boxy/maternity dress cut. I want to get a belt to wear with mine eventually.

No. 242025

Kind of? Iirc what happened was inuinu got a factory to manufacturer stuff for them but then they didnt follow through with payment, so the original factory started their own store to sell of merch they had left over. Dogdog is cheaper than inuinu, and its pretty on par with aliexpress-taobao prices. And the shipping is pretty cheap when I used it.

No. 242027

File: 1485777276602.jpeg (80.77 KB, 613x770, ppcordr_05_pastelpanelcorddres…)

Even the tall and skinny model can't make this dress look not dumpy, and I'm not even going to comment on that hideous denim shirt. I really don't understand what she was thinking when buying these two items, and I don't understand what jank ass direction her style is going. She should try to copy some kind of set style with certain rules like fairy kei or whatever, because trying to create her own look is clearly not working out for her.

No. 242036

I think her look is just "pastel and/or rainbow."

No. 242534

I'm stupidly amused that she can't spell Ikebukuro right.

No. 242773

What a hero

No. 242780

And then everyone clapped.

No. 242781

>Slow clapped

No. 242783

>Disclaimer and work place censorship so she doesn't get in trouble
Except you mention several times where you work in your videos, Jill.

No. 242785

she could have ended it before it even got that bad though

No. 242791

I feel like she already said somewhere that it happened at Claire's but I can't find the post.

No. 242797

Good things about this video: darker colours suit her more and I like her hair.

Bad things about this video: everything else.

No. 242799

Yeah, she posted on FB that she had to ask some lady to leave because she was asking what stuff at Claire's was for boys and complained when Jill told her everything was unisex. But I guess
>Threw a transphobe out of MY store!!
sounds better than
>I asked some provincial middle aged woman to leave Claires

No. 242800


Ok I didn't go far enough back for it. And she still just says "at work" but we all know it's Claire's.

No. 242808

It's a real story, but the fact that she's most likely exaggerating it and uploading it for views just shows how much of a uncreative trend follower she is, just like those makeup challenge vids.

Why am I getting the feeling that Jillian, the ~progressive sjw~ wants a metal for uploading this?

No. 242809

Before watching: how the fuck does she manage to stretch a sentence-long story into a 17 minute video?

No. 242810

To be fair, I think that's pretty much the entire premise of "story time" videos.

No. 242816

How the fuck did she manage to make this 17 minutes long. Does she want some special snowflake sjw award or something, people in retail face all kinds of shit everyday. What on earth went through her brain thinking this petty shit warranted a 17 minute long video.

Exactly this, any normal person would just apologise, or she could've just asked the boy what kind of things he liked so she could've helped him out more. No way in hell did she have good intentions to let the boy know he could buy anything in the store, she obviously just wanted to make a point and I bet the 'transphobe' mom could probably see that. Ever heard of the phrase 'the customer is always right" Jill? Yes there are the occasions where the customers are fucking stupid, but any normal person would just apologise and get over it instead of trying to push some liberal political agenda on someone who clearly doesn't wanna hear it.

She could've literally avoided the confrontation so easily, but then again, this is the girl who had to quit her job because she 'couldn't pretend to respect' her bosses that told her not to dye her hair blue. She clearly knows she doesn't need any of these jobs to stay afloat, so making a point and gaining sjw brownie points is more important than being professional. I can't wait until she moves out and has to pay rent and bills, it'll be a huge shock to her that it isn't just affording her shitty decorations and tacky shopping sprees at risk .

No. 242818

Jillian, it's nbd just ask the lady to leave, why would you even let it get that "bad". there she goes with her ~work place confrontation~ mY cHeMiCaL AnXiEtY/meh mental illness again shaking+crying again. She's so fricking dramatic, it's like the "PriceMart wouldn't let me have blue hair and I had a anxiety attack at work and made such a big deal out of it that I decided to quit, even though it was in my contract that I couldn't have colored hair TrAmATic" incident.

No. 242819

Conservatives are so fucking stupid, and you all prove it the second you think anyone simply mentioning that kids can play with any toys is "pushing a liberal political agenda" lmao.

No. 242821

Sure thing Jill.

By the way, be careful. If this makes it to 4chan or Reddit they could out you easily to your bosses, and there goes your Claire's job. Not that that would be a bad thing, because maybe it would be the kick in the ass you need to grow up, move away, go to school, stop working McJobs, and take care of yourself. Naaaa….

No. 242825

Tbh, although the mom's response was irrational and offensive, Jill didn't answer the kid's question at all. You live in a religious, conservative area, Jill, you know exactly what the 5 year old meant when he asked for the boys section, just ask what he specifically wanted instead like you as supposed to.

Also, Jill is smugger than ever in this video.

No. 242829

Not conservative, Jillian just doesn't give a shit about kids, she only cares about gaining progressive sjw points. Otherwise she would've just apologised to the mom and gone on with her day instead of trying to make a point, girl can't step back and hold her tongue if her life depends on it. Same thing happened with the blue hair, she'd rather quit her job than dye her hair back. If she really cared about the kid she wouldn't have made a smug 17 minute long video obviously to get asspats from the tumblr community. Also Hi Jill! >>242825 is right, she knew exactly what the kid meant but instead of helping him, she had to try and make a point.

>By the way, be careful. If this makes it to 4chan or Reddit they could out you easily to your bosses, and there goes your Claire's job.
Also this, Literally everyone knows she works at claires, it wouldn't even be hard to find her facebook post where she bragged about it happening there. Calling it 'snazzys' or whatever isn't going to help her when she bangs on about working at claires in every other video, obviously it wasn't in the candy store.

No. 242832

Couldn't she also get her boss in trouble for saying she lied about her leaving early? smh.

>"i'm the most polite person ever!!!!!!!"

>17 min video indirectly shitting on a customer who she knows apologized to her, giving a physical description of said customer, etc

This is something you do after you quit the job, not while you're still working there. It wasn't enough just sharing the story with her close friends, need to make youtoob money out of it.

Lastly, I'd like to point out that she gives no fucks when Jeffree Star and American Apparel do offensive shit, and says "it's okay they apologized for it!!!!" but when a random stranger does similarly, she won't accept apologies? The hypocrisy.

No. 242835

Her workmates know of her youtube channel too right? I wouldn't be surprised at all if her boss found this video. If she wasn't the only person working in the store she probably could've lost her job right there on the spot, she's lucky she didn't. Only an idiot would post a youtube video to 50 thousand subscribers talking shit about customers, especially when she still works there.

> I'd like to point out that she gives no fucks when Jeffree Star and American Apparel do offensive shit, and says "it's okay they apologized for it!!!!" but when a random stranger does similarly, she won't accept apologies? The hypocrisy.
Fucking this. It's okay for Jeffree to be downright racist and derogatory towards women, even going so far as saying he'd throw battery acid on black girls among many other things. That's perfectly fine to Jillian, she still continues to buy his products because he 'apologised' even though he still acts like a dick. But one middle aged conservative mom doesn't agree with her and all hell breaks loose and she has to make a smug youtube video about it.

No. 242837

>talks about how she's a "fighter" when she's not at work
who are you fighting Jill? She's really been making herself sound like quite the anger issue lately. Suppose thats what happens when you have flimsy morals and try and make yourself look like a perfect positivity child when you still visit hate sites. I guess she just can't keep the act up forever

No. 242869

Not Jill. And 4chan and reddit wouldn't give a shit about this girl, nor would them alerting her boss do anything since her boss is already aware that this incident happened.

Again, not Jill. Also, anyone who unironically uses the term "sjw" is a conservative, lmao. And again, her boss knowing she talked about this isn't a big deal. I'm sure her boss knows her YouTube channel exists already.

No. 242879

Fine, you're not Jill, just someone far up on her cock apparently; not surprising since you reason like a perfect Tumblrina ("If you're not an SJW, you're a conservative because everything in life is one giant binary–except gender of course").

As for Claire's, it's not like it's that Psycho Bitch Cupcake place she worked–it's an actual profitable business; an international chain with a reputation to uphold. Imagine if her video blew up on Twitter and the internet lynch mobs came out. Both her and her manager would be out of a job.

Sage for this not being in a thread about your special snowflake ass.

No. 242890

"Sjw" AND "tumblrina?" Wow, getting the whole range of right-wing insults thrown at me today.

No, they wouldn't. Her response was simply to tell a woman to leave. Her manager knew about it and dealt with the customer. The woman even called to apologize which means she understood she did something wrong (even if she and Jill don't think it was the same wrong thing). Literally no one higher up in the Claire's ladder would give two shits about this.

No. 242902

legally she's fine. Claire's wouldn't care at all because it isn't directly mentioned and her manager already knows about it. No anti-trans mothers are going to find this video and go "OH IT MUST BE CLAIRE'S" and really no one gives that much of a fuck about jill. like >>242869 said no one on 4chan would care (cgl wouldn't give any fucks and I doubt /b/ would do anything) and what would reddit do?

No. 242924

ok THIS. it makes me upset to know that she cab forgive Jeffree Star like nothing happened, but cant forgive a woman who got a little riled up

No. 242933

It's probably because this is the first time she has faced an -ism in the real world. She can easily dismiss JS wanting to throw battery acid on black people or whatever because it doesn't affect her and she is a narcissist. If that mom was the CEO of Too Faced she would give no fucks because material items are more important than not supporting shitheads financially.

No. 243024

Duh anon, that woman doesn't provide her with more tacky makeup, there's no reason to be forgiving.

No. 243037

>anyone who unironically uses the term sjw is a conservative

i backed bernie and i still think there are piece of shit sjws in the world, one of whom is most likely you

No. 243080

>Storytime: I'm a good person!

No. 243084

>anyone who unironically uses the term "sjw" is a conservative
The world is not that black and white, anon.

Anyway, I don't think she should have apologized, but making a 17 minute video about it for internet brownie points is the issue. It's not like she truly cares about social justice considering she has no problem supporting sweatshop labor and racists/general scumbags like JS.

No. 243136

File: 1485967371417.png (142.44 KB, 750x997, IMG_9509.PNG)

Bets about how long it will be? My guess is 21 minutes

No. 243183

Did anyone else see nothing wrong with this video other than her being an intolerant little shit (which is pretty common)?

No. 243196

I'm betting about 18 minutes, 5-6 minutes of her showing the products and 12 minutes of her rambling and going off about how it 's "HER money" and constantly dropping angry hints that she lurks here.

I don't see the point of posting a photo of your whole haul on instagram before you even post the video though. Unless she got more things. Why would people want to wait a few days for a video when they can see a photo, unless they want to see her rambling about herself for 20 minutes.

No. 243437


I cringe every time she uses the word cheeky

No. 243451

Didn't she buy a shit ton of bath bombs on her last big trip to the city and talked about how all the bath/beauty stuff should last her through 2017? Am I thinking of someone else…

No. 243456

I think you're talking about her trip to Montreal last year, and they were for 2016. And in all honesty, she only bought 5-6, so buying that many a year doesn't seem like much of a problem.

No. 243458

They are a waste of money anyways, she's only buying them for the aesthetic when they're glorified skin irritants.

No. 243482

>they're glorified skin irritants

You could say this about most makeup tbh.

No. 243520

True, but the difference with bath bombs is you're covering your entire body with the thing. I imagine they cause a lot of yeast infections from all the fragrance and glitter and dye, and yet they're still marketed as a beneficial relaxation product. Sage for OT, hopefully Jill reads this and stops bathing in dissolved glitter chalk.

No. 243528

Last I heard, LUSH bath bombs were notorious for causing UTIs.

No. 243560

Unless you use them on the daily, bath bombs shouldn't be harmful/cause any problems.

No. 243566


Id agree with this. I know bathbombs arent the best thing for you but I like to indulge in them very occasionally. I've personally never had a vaginal irritance from the ones I've used from lush, but I use them max once every 3 months.

No. 243579

File: 1486049371179.png (165.94 KB, 750x1176, IMG_9514.PNG)

New insta

No. 243601

Couldn't she instead just post stuff like this on snapchat/ insta story

No. 243606

>reports for admitting to being a spam account

No. 243609

She rarely updates her actual IG. Maybe she should just put things on that instead of just focusing on aesthetic.

No. 243636

Stop saying cheeky!

No. 243681

File: 1486068802190.jpg (378.92 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_9520.JPG)

LOL at her asking Beckii Cruel to make a video she's already made. So much for her carefully planning her vacation.

No. 243693

Didn't Beckii sell Jillian that tacky wallet because she didn't want it?
>Top 10 favourite clothing brands
Beckii literally just wears taobao crap that gets sent to her and primark, does Jillian not watch her videos at all?

No. 243739

I think as Beckii moves towards more mature styles Jill is going to try and swoop in and really take over the tacky kawaii look. Jill is just looking for more brand names to throw her money at

No. 243759

Only difference between Beckii and Jill is that Beckii isn't so desperate to label herself and have one set style the way Jill is. When she was Jill's age she used to just try all sorts of styles instead of starting her own "kei" for attention. she also isn't as obsessed with having brand names just for the sake of them. Jill could learn a lot from her really.

No. 243761

sense we all know party kei was only started because she was excited for her birthday party, do you think she will try to create a new style on this trip?

Jill, little PR advice, if you are not proud of it enough to put it on your main account, the world doesn't need to see it.

No. 244098

File: 1486148556376.png (Spoiler Image, 154.8 KB, 750x1038, IMG_9530.PNG)

Looks like next Wednesday will be her room tour video

No. 244105

Aren't her parents supposedly wealthy? Her room looks rather small and the ceiling/light fixture/carpeting all look very outdated and cheap.

As for the decor itself, it's all very Jill. Tacky eyesore of clashing colors and shiny shit thrown over a lot of pastel pink.

No. 244108

I hate that in her try on video you can plainly see the trash outfit she made. Honestly I don't see her ever getting into a good school with her making bullshit like that. I don't even really know how to sew and I could have fucking made that thing. I don't know why that horribly made monstrosity triggers me so much but it does.

No. 244124

She asked her parents to take over the basement room years ago. She originally had her room on the second floor. We can only assume that room is now vacant. Her parents each have their own private offices and her mom has a seperate studio business in the basement as well. Plus her brother always had his own room so their house is definitely four bedrooms on the second floor. Family commons on the first floor and then the basement where Jill dwells.

No. 244130

Yeah, she went to Hal Con in November and said her haul was going to last the entire year 2017? But she also says she uses them frequently for anxiety issues so? Maybe her meds cause mental confusion so she loses logic very quickly and forgets why she does things idk she just makes no sense

No. 244134

My bf's mom is the accountant for the local branch of a big company and her husband is the accountant for a city. The rooms in their current house are rather small even though their combined income per month is an insane amount. They wanted a somewhat modest house that they could pay off upfront so that they could put more money into retirement while also being able to go on nice vacations and live very comfortably.

I'm assuming Jill's parents are off the same mindset.

No. 244141

she would be wise to go into the business side of fashion

No. 244143

I wouldn't care to buy a house with giant bedrooms for my kids, unless I expect them to live with me forever. Her room is bigger than this pic shows though, but all the cabinets with her hoard everywhere make it look smaller. I think the whole other side is clothing racks and stuff.

Filming a room tour is kind of weird and childish imo, must be a weeb thing. I only expect it from people who own their own places or teenagers <16 years old, otherwise it looks like you're latching onto your childhood bedroom and don't want to grow up.

No. 244147

File: 1486152108091.png (1 MB, 741x929, lord.PNG)

that fit… lord help us

No. 244151

Why does she look so torso-heavy? Is it the awkwardly-fitting Lazy Oaf shirt?
I don't think she could close that fur coat if she tried

No. 244153

This looks like maternity wear…

No. 244158

>gay best friend
>gay best friend
>gay best friend

No. 244176

She should just put that in her instagram story, it's not like she updates that often.

No. 244179

Colin looks more like a ~fashun blogger~ than she does.

No. 244191

if she was wearing a basic coat like colin is I think it would look a lot better the fur looks cheap and frumpy and makes her look giant

No. 244194

if she was wearing a basic coat like colin is I think it would look a lot better the fur looks cheap and frumpy and makes her look giant

No. 244200

He's pretty goofy looking, but the dude is definitely better dressed than she is.

No. 244222

I am positive they never kissed nor had sex. And they never will.

No. 244227

lol they kiss on camera but it does seem unlikely that they have a regular sex life seeing as he's non-binary and jillian's always been a huge prude

No. 244230

I meant like actually kiss, not a peck for social media. But yes we are on the same page.

No. 244308

especially seeing as Jill openly admits to never complimenting him. It seems like such an uneasy relationship to be in. Even if her insults to him are jokes I would imagine that that wouldn't be fun to deal with.

No. 244322

Colin is an accessory to Jill in the same way her 3 persian cats are. Everything is a facade with this girl.

No. 244630

Room tour is up

No. 244632

Nice! Thanks anon

No. 244634

40 minutes! The video is 40 MINUTES long? About her tiny as room? How?

No. 244635

File: 1486227040706.png (1.55 MB, 1440x900, Skärmavbild 2017-02-04 kl. 17.…)

room tour video is 40 fucking minutes long and she also felt like showing off her foot with WARTS on. Stay classy Jillian

No. 244637

Her room is not that big. wtf. I wouldn't even need 40 mins to show case my two floor condo. She's so damn full of herself!

No. 244641

I am convinced she only says cheeky so much bc she knows it annoys us. Also you can tell how much she lurks from the things she says.

No. 244658

She mentions that her mom bought her her Irregular Choice shoes as a gift, but when she originally got them, she said her and her mom each paid an amount for them. I guess that wasn't true.

No. 244664

This video should have been 10 minutes MAX, why show every single one of your things?

Also, her bedside table is kinda dirty, and it doesn't look like she vacuumed her floor. Girl.

No. 244693

File: 1486233322233.png (143.66 KB, 446x326, VtFBYxa.png)

>"the house is like 25 years old so things like the floor and ceiling are showing their age"
kek, a 25 year old house is too old now? this is like her saying she wouldn't be able to resell her 2010 VW and will ride it out until it dies

>baby gate for a door, don't need it but keep it just because!

what the fuck

all her shoes have visible scuffs on them.
in her portfolio sketches she drew the models wearing her ratchet boogie boots. jill, please don't use that cheap ass sequin fabric, it's children's halloween costume tier.

this vid is way too long to watch in full but all my suspicions of Jill being a hoarder have been confirmed

No. 244695

her room is so disgustingly tacky and im not surprised. wish she did a room tour in her lolita days

No. 244697

Her room was just as tacky then.

No. 244719

I can understand keeping the boxes for the more valuable stuff like the wands but to keep all the boxes for the puppy surprises and and all the makeup? Like she had 2 boxes for better than sex mascara. Why keep both? Why even keep one?

No. 244721

She seemed to have quite a bit of fabric, why not just design a mini collection using the fabric she has if she cant buy more?

No. 244728

She can buy the fabric she swatched. It's on the website for the store that closed. She just doesn't want to do it.

No. 244739

File: 1486238263698.png (122.86 KB, 750x1084, IMG_9544.PNG)

This just seems really gross? Jill your poor body

No. 244741

Berry tea is wonderful, but Jill, Why? that looks disgusting. If you need your tea to be sweeter put sugar or honey in it like a normal person.

No. 244752

Um what the actual fuck though. Im not an anachan that's going to stick her nose up at anything with sugar, but this combo just sounds gross. The melting frothiness of the marshmallows with what is essentially hot water? Please no, this is just wrong.

No. 244765

Her camera work is so shaky and all over the place it's making me motion sick.

Also what is that terrible looking garland thing on her vanity. It's such a waste of fabric. She clearly has a hoard of fabric in her drawers that she could make some pieces with for her portfolio, but she decides to make that fucking hideous garland! She could've bought a pretty tablecloth or something, but she makes this shit and now whines she has no access to fabric and can't possibly work on clothes. Idk this just pisses me off, does she not have a brain?
Also why the fuck did she put that plastic tinsel up on her wall if she knows the cats can eat it and get hurt in the first place? I don't have pets myself but surely they should come before her "~aesthetic~" right?

>in her portfolio sketches she drew the models wearing her ratchet boogie boots.
Only she forgot to draw in the ratchet dirt stains.

No. 244774

File: 1486241002873.png (770.59 KB, 890x677, Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 2.41…)

I was watching some of Jill's older videos and I really like her look in this one. It was when she was still in lolita - the hair color and makeup style really suit her compared to what she does now.

No. 244777

take a shot every time she says cheeky

No. 244796

Well I don't want to /die/, anon.

No. 244839


Wouldn't those halloween pumpkins be rotting by now?

No. 244841

they were fake

No. 244842

Real question here … WHY the actual fuck would anyone eat or drink in the room where they shit?
This is her bathroom right?

No. 244852

Drinking tea in the bath is a pretty common thing.

No. 244854

Holy shit anon, I always think the same thing. Soaking in your own filth while eating/drinking, having your laptop on, reading, whatever the fuck… Gross, no matter how clean your bathroom is.

No. 244872

She's a brand whore, anon. Why WOULDN'T she keep the boxes?

No. 244876

>Things I recommend: boiled skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones from cows or pigs.

No. 244884

>Things I recommend: boiled skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones from cows or bigs in sour flavored hot water.*

No. 244889

>workout room right next door
Which apparently never gets used. Always cracks me up when rich people have a home gym and are still fat.

>says cheeky 1000000 times

It will be hilarious when she looks back and realizes what an idiot she sounds like. She's worse than onision with his LITERALLY.

Also she totally ripped off the beginning from peachie's room tour. "THIS WAS REQUESTED HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF TIME." She wants to wear her skin so bad.

No. 244892

Also what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall when she shows wherever she is applying to her "portfolio." I wish I could see their face.

No. 244896

I'm barely 40 seconds in and she already said cheeky and made weird mouth noises, I'm super glad this is not a drinking game.

No. 244912

What's wrong with drinking tea or wine or whatever while taking a relaxing bath? Like idk about you but my bathroom is clean as fuck.

No. 244918

Her room actually makes me nauseous. It's so overwhelming and that floor is NASTY

No. 244924

My toilet is in a separate room to the rest of my bathroom. So not everyone faces this issue.

No. 244926

what makes you think that Jillian's bathroom would be clean though? Have you not seen the state of her shoes?

No. 244934

As if her mom doesn't clean it.

No. 244946

I haven't been lurking in this thread long but I was surprised when she said she was 18, maybe its her hair that ages her.

I do agree she looks much cuter here

No. 244952

We get it. You've got a hot vegan body.

No. 244953

Yeah. Princess Jill doesn't seem the sort to be asked to clean house honestly. IDK because she seems so spoilt in every other way, she probably doesn't have to do chores ever.

No. 244959

>my four pure breed cats because anything else is underneath me, those mutts
>furniture older then ten years? Impossible! I replace my entire house every five years
>my cupboard full of fabric is simply not enough to ever sew any fashion projects you simple minded uncreative fools wouldn't understand
>I have two Polaroid cameras, one for looking at messages and the other for sending messages

No. 244966

It's her mom, I think.

No cats are completely hypoallergenic, but the breeds they have aren't even marketed towards people with allergies. They just want purebred cats for the sake of it.

No. 244991

purebred is probably the equivalent of brand name in that household

No. 245016

I watched this until 6 minutes in when she said the tassel bunting took forever to make and recommended people do not try it.

It's an easy Pinterest craft and takes like 5 minutes per tassel. JFC.

No. 245037

If she struggled to make that, how is she going to complete an entire clothing collection.

No. 245039

Have you seen the things on her mannequin?
She's not going to do very well, that's for sure.

No. 245168

You're reaching anon. Drinking tea or a glass of wine/whatever beverage in the bath is common, it's not like she brewed it out of toilet water.

No. 245225

She goes through and explains every single tiny detail? why? We have eyes Jill

No. 245227

tbh aren't most room tours pretty long? I remember peachie's going on for over an hour dear lord

No. 245252


Peachie was showing her entire flat, not one room

No. 245267

Yeah I remember that. She was also moving so I think she was partly putting it together as a memory she could look back on and see her old house.

No. 245335

File: 1486313545629.png (117.34 KB, 750x1097, IMG_9556.PNG)

What will she buy this time?!
I'm guessing more unflattering clothing/whatever Beckii last wore

No. 245374

is she.. wearing a sweater in the tub

No. 245388

My guess is she's gonna buy a bunch of ugly garbage from american apparel because they're going out of business

No. 245399


Yeah, Peachie spent maybe 15 minutes on each room, not 45 minutes, and her mannerisms are a lot less grating.

No. 245467

If eating marshmallows contributes to a body like hers, no thanks. But sure, promote rainbow cancer in berry tea.

No. 245582

File: 1486334962028.png (597.74 KB, 608x647, Mpi2SwM.png)

She went out and bought herself another tacky granny gone wild purse. First thing I noticed here is the dirt covering her shoes. Jfc Jill, pastel doesn't suit you if you don't clean your clothes and shoes.

No. 245584

Her shoes are so filthy and that purse is tacky as fuck. Jillian is proof that money can't buy good taste, or class. FFS clean your filthy shoes!

No. 245636

I'm not defending what she's done, because there are appropriate and inappropriate places for marshmallows, and berry tea seems like an inappropriate one, but gosh don't you sound like a barrel of fun.
Eating a couple marshmallows once in a while isn't gonna kill you anon.
You're probably just miserable because you've given up sugar or something.

No. 245668

The tea is just Jillian in a nutshell. An overkill of things that don't go together to the point that it looks sickly. Literally everything she makes/wears/decorates her room with goes by this logic.

No. 245692

Gotta fit dat aesthetic tho! Can't have regular non-aesthetic tea!

No. 245705

There's a lot of ana-chans on this board that spill over from the wannerxeic threads and Mpa. They think cows eating marshmallows is considered milk.

Not surprised she likes Betsy Johnson. Half of her stuff is the tacky shit. I give it a few week before its on the floor all dirty like her shoes.

No. 245716

I never said anything about vegan. I said marshmallows are disgusting.

But please, keep making a fool of yourself.

No. 245727

You broke them down to ingredients and called them "rainbow cancer" in the way that judgmental vegans do though.
That's a bit foolish too, anachan.
But yeah, we get it. You think you're better than everyone because you don't like a really common food.

No. 245734

Who cares? Can anons in here stop getting pissy because they drink marshmallow tea in the bath like Jill and can't handle when randoms on the internet think thats weird? Stay on topic and don't be so sensitive.

Anyway… Jill probably got a ton of stares dressing like that to go shopping in the Canadian winter, what the fuck is she thinking (that's all we ever say here lol)

No. 245751

>keep making a fool of yourself.
You're the one who keeps bumping this thread because you don't know how to sage :^)

No. 245752

>clearly triggered by the body comment

Found the fatties.

Marshmallow stans plz go

No. 245753

Does Jill live in a McMansion? The age of the house and the never-used basement workout room just screams McMansion. Not that it's her fault or anything.

Girl's got an addiction. Wow. Why not hold out on shopping until your glorious Japan trip?

Lol hi Ashley.

No. 245799

As my humble uneducated opinion about marshmallow issue:

>honey, sugar

hot chocolate/cocoa
>marshmallows whipped cream

No. 245812

I wonder what other "projects so big that they had to be planned out for years" videos she'll be uploading soon. She should really do vlogs or morning/daily routine vids.

No. 245818

doesn't she live in like PEI? houses in the maritimes of Canada are all large, old, and inexpensive

No. 245823

File: 1486361184508.png (588.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170205-235754.png)


Anon, was this you?

>tfw the post in question was 5 months ago but after seeing the pic and reading cad anon your heart fluttered for a brief second of grasping at crazy straws

Would've been funny, though

No. 245937

She does, but 25 years old isn't remotely old for a house, and that's how old she says her house is.

Maybe showcases for her fashion that she never works on since she's too busy shopping?

No. 245978

Honestly I do like this bag. I love some tacky shit. But betsy johnsons stuff is so expensive, why wouldn't you at least go for something more unique? I feel like she could have bought some version of this at Claire's with her discount.

No. 246018

Prediction: Jill will become the next Trisha Paytus; spending unorthodox amounts of money on hauls and purses, having a hoarding room for all the shit she's bought for videos and all her boxes, constantly bleaching her hair to the point it just breaks off, having freak outs and swearing to quit social media only to come back the next day. It could happen

No. 246019

File: 1486400151789.png (76.9 KB, 750x674, IMG_9598.PNG)

Looks like you're right!

No. 246021

I agree, betsey has some really unique stuff, but jillian loves brand names so shes always going to buy a branded thing vs something from claires, even if they basically the same. She loves to show off

No. 246043

>I have four lovely PUREBRED CATS
…was it really necessary to specify that they're purebred? Maybe I'm just nitpicking because I care a lot about animals, but the fact that they're purebred didn't really seem at all relevant… I know she says it's because her mom has allergies or whatever, but when she goes out of her way to mention their pedigree she makes it seem like she just sees them as a status symbol/accessory and the allergies are a convenient excuse for not adopting from a shelter. (Not that I actually have anything against animals from reputable breeders, it's just Jillian's materialistic mentality that irks me.)

No. 246057

She definitely got it at Winners, so it would be a lot cheaper.

No. 246114

File: 1486414008143.jpg (120.72 KB, 960x900, 46801_790052344342096_80469101…)

I found an old photo of her room saved on my computer.

Jill, please get rid of those disgusting shoes.

No. 246142

Looks cute and stupid. Stupid because it would get irritating having to move the wig and lights trying to get into the cabinet on the left.

No. 246371

It's a status thing, like how she talks about all the brands she's got.

Probably. Also: sobbing about suddenly having an epiphany that her boyfriend is gay, because things were just going "so great" for such a long time.

No. 246486

Now that I'm finally at the stage of choosing which fashion programs to apply to, I realize just how uninformed and deeply lazy Jillian is. I wanted to give her benefit of the doubt that she would surprise us with a decent portfolio and was aspiring to certain schools but not only has she confirmed that she isn't working on applications but none of the schools/programs she's mentioned are consistent at all.

Her first choice was Ryerson University in Toronto. That was the only one that truly made sense for her career, she would have 4 years to network and develop her designs. Then she said she would attend lasalle which is an expensive private college… and they only offer 2 year pre-university diplomas or 3 year associate degrees that aren't respected or recognized anywhere (it's a French education system thing).

THEN she said she would do the 4 year degree at NSCAD but it's a very pretentious fine arts school that's been bailed out by the government multiple times and has 0 successful fashion grads. They only learn about weaving organic materials and making natural dyes. Get this, it says right in the application booklet that any art inspired by anime will be rejected in the portfolio. They actually specify NO ANIME in all caps.

I'm fucking dying that Jill has no idea that her future school discourages weeaboos. How does she think her caliber of art will be accepted anywhere is beyond me. She's going to feel so oppressed even talking to admissions, I'm sure of it.

No. 246493

Doesn't she wanna go to bunka in Tokyo now?

No. 246528

Her room is a mess, just like her fashion.

No. 246545

Can someone confirm she has no photo of her ~partner~ in her whole room? Whatching the whole thing is getting harder and harder

No. 246650

I think she had said something about going there after doing uni in Canada

No. 246661

I never noticed that, but yeah, she didn't have any pictures of them. Or her friends? She keeps boxes from old makeup but doesn't have photos of her partner or friends? Girls got some twisted priorities

No. 246666

The fuck kind of nitpick is this

No one I have ever known has kept pictures of friends/lovers in their room… hoarders or not

I mean, shit, this is the modern age most have them on their phones and plastered over social media - I barely know anyone who even gets photos developed/printed, just keep everything digital

That's really not weird not to have, jesus

No. 246667

She literally has photo frames with the stock photos still in them

No. 246670

And…? She obviously hoardishly bought them on impulse like everything else and hasn't got around to putting crap in them. This girl is one of my favorite cows to follow but shit, pretending it's 'sooo fucked up' she doesn't have pictures of loved ones up in her room is just… ridiculous. It means nothing - doesn't imply they mean less to her or any of that bs, whether thats true or not. That's one of the more assinine stretches I've seen on here

No. 246674

All I'm trying to say is that it's sad that she see's so much value in her physical objects and branded items that she saved the empty boxes from them and will display they, but won't put in the effort to actually get photos printed to put in her frames that she already owns. I'm not trying to say people need to have photos or anything, just that she prioritized looking at her own material possessions over her own friends

No. 246681

Bunka only accepts international students for their Masters program. Or if you have a bachelors degree from another university, fluent in Japanese, and already have a visa or sponsor, then you can apply to their undergraduate program I think.

Jillian is so far from being any of those things. If she were serious about bunka whatsoever, she would of scheduled her japan trip for their open house and would already be working on her bachelor degree/Japanese language skills.

No. 246721

Actually, where I live it's pretty common to have printed photos around, sorry for the "asinine stretch".
But that really IS strange, her mother is a photographer and she has put no photo in that frame? Either she is too lazy to ask her mama or she values money and material stuff over her friends.

(Also, didn't she have a photo with Tristan in her room back then? Might be wrong, though)

No. 246836

i was always a little excited to see a room tour of hers. but now seeing that hoard makes me feel so uncomfortable! the way she has that power bar dangling and barely sitting on the corner of her night table isn't that some sort of fire hazard??

No. 246846

File: 1486517996466.jpg (6.76 KB, 132x146, czsg.jpg)

Youre right though! >>242021 and >>242021 is me, the same person. I'm not any of the other quoted text though. I used to visit lolcow all the time. But I stopped for a few months. Kind of getting back into it, but really just visiting my favorite threads of Jill and snoozy.
I was super excited to get a Lazy Oaf piece at the time and wanted to share with someone(s), since I dont really post about that kind of stuff on my social media. Unlike Jill :^)

>sage for offtopic and blog posting

No. 246847

god damn I meant >>242021 and pic related

No. 246849

lol at this being before two of the drawers broke. But yeah this looks a lot cuter than what her room is now. She has so much shit in her room and everything clashes, its a huge eye sore.

No. 246912

File: 1486525341165.png (239.09 KB, 614x585, WIvsz9W.png)

im triggered by the eraser shaving left over in this pic, also this is the most typical tumblr copycat art ever

No. 247178

File: 1486541251196.jpg (63.06 KB, 480x382, IMG_3611.JPG)

No. 247296

File: 1486566813920.png (177.3 KB, 750x861, IMG_9630.PNG)

>no guys I'm not like Melanie I've been doing this a lot longer then she has

No. 247301

Omg I was going to post this too. Someone commented that this was outfit goals lmao. In what world.

No. 247308

>>247296 holy shit her and her room look so fucking trashy in this

No. 247309

File: 1486568796864.png (52.38 KB, 444x287, 1451276201799.png)

Sorry to comment on old shit but I'm catching up from a few months hiatus.
>>207981 I'm watching this video and I just cant… I dont understand Jill at all. Why does she spend the scalper prices of anime goods at a con when you can buy the same shit off amiami or hobbylinkjapan? Christ she could even get stuff from otakumode and get the free shipping if she buys over $150 worth of stuff, which we all know she can easily do.

But what I really REALLY dont get. Is that with her wands, shes OBSESSED with owning the legit superior nippon version… yet at previous cons shes bought literally bootlegged items. Like that sakura clow card book.

No. 247311

File: 1486568928682.jpg (85.07 KB, 500x625, bd22d03797799c8482745add80a84b…)

oh sorry also to add to this. In her video she says that she doesnt think that playarts or figma or anything does precure figures…
When literally there is a whole line of precure figures with SH figuarts.

No. 247312

File: 1486569274875.jpg (16.25 KB, 236x356, b56f881892b4911ba663f47a307a69…)

Her room circa winter 2015 was her best. It was the peak of her lolita phase before she quit. I can't find too many pictures but I think you can see some of the deco in the old videos she still has up.

Her desk used to have a really manga collage background, which she replaced with that puke-worthy fuscia pink zebra wrapping paper?

pic related, cute floral wallpaper with baroque frames and white furry carpet.

>>246721 I remember her having a framed pic with Tristan too anon.

No. 247316

File: 1486569682731.jpg (72.45 KB, 736x644, jillconfirmedforbadprecurefan.…)

I think her obsession started after she bought the card book and people on here were calling her out on how stupid she was to buy it.

She's really impulsive and doesn't seem to want to put much thought into what she buys (aka still buying from Jeffry and American Apparel). I get that she may not be super into figures or anything but really if you're that big of a precure fan I think you'd know about them

No. 247320

new video should be up today right? do you guys think it'll be the lush haul she already showed everyone or be about her po box

No. 247387

The low ceiling, lack of natural light and how cluttered it is make the room look so dark and dumpy.

No. 247406

She's a literal basement dweller

No. 247428

I'm not even very into pink and this is way more cute and put together from what little we see. I like the extra step that the heater covers match the color theme too. Now her room looks like a little kid's and not in a cute/fun way either. Messy.

No. 247448

I love how she acted like she knew everything about lolita when she only owned like 5 main pieces.

No. 247468

i mean tbh i dont think its important to own a ton of lolita items to have a solid knowledge of it. Most lolitas dont have a huge collection because it is so expensive. Its only the efamous one who have giant walk in closets full of brand. most people in the community dont own a ton of pieces but are still quite knowledgable

No. 247499

That's a pretty shitty view. Like anon said, most Lolitas don't have milky fawns closet. Lolita is a luxury hobby, it is freaking expensive.
Quantity doesn't equal experience.

No. 247514

No. 247518

Ignoring she said cheeky in the first 30 seconds, Jill's make up is less caked on and the glitter is cosmetic glitter from claires. Jill can finally upgrade from a 10 year old doing a make up to a 15 year old, well done Jill. Sort out your meatlip lipstick tho.

No. 247561

tbh that was the very beginning of her lolita collection, she sold her surgary carnival and milky way replica early on before starting youtube.

It took her less than a year to acquire her entire final collection which, if I remember correctly, was along the lines of:

- Whipped Showcase
- Rose Toilette
- Romantic Rose Letter
- Cream Cookie Collection
- Sweet Cream House
- Dreamy Girl
- Etoile Twins
- Dolly Cat

And she had a decent collection of other brand pieces and accessories to boot. It's impressive considering she only owned the first two pieces on that list when she started yt. Which is why the lolita comm called her out on being a fraud in her first few advice videos.

No. 247563

Awful eyeliner and 'cheeky' aside NO BLACK BROWS!!!!!
Who knew this would bring me even a shred of happiness. Good on you Jill, your hair is shite but gawd atleast your brows arent a jarring sight to behold anymore

No. 247586

She often goes on about how much she loves lush yet she only buys one type of product from them, why not try the hair products or skin stuff? They are actually useful

No. 247588

File: 1486596551076.jpg (35.86 KB, 500x499, 1f62aad45f44b3ac27496a43e4c6d8…)

Holy shit she actually looks pretty here.. I think it's mostly the brows and lighting tbh.

Jill, if you're reading this- pull out your eyeliner wing more. It's wayy too short. pic attached is the most flattering winged eyeliner and will make anyone look gorgeous.

No. 247603

File: 1486597695052.png (73.26 KB, 397x155, cTsYMML.png)

Jill basically 110% confirmed for reading here since nobody but anons point out that she looks retarded with filled in eyebrows

The little note she wrote to herself is the most self-absorbed, "jill" thing to write ever, good lord

No. 247622

File: 1486600228411.jpg (70 KB, 640x640, 42c813d23eff93dd2d74b911eade28…)


honestly it's because no one cares about their other products except "lushies" (Lush diehard fans). Lush blew up in the last 5 years because of their bath bombs. They want to see pretty colors and take instagram photos. Hard to do that while using a shampoo bar or face wash, and it doesn't look nearly as cool.

Bath bombs are generally overpriced and don't do shit. I don't want to bathe to glitter and then have to take a shower afterward. What's the point? Plus they're like $8+ a pop on the US site now.

No. 247625

this. i like lush, but more for their face washes and lotions, etc because i have sensitive skin and they are cruelty free. i see so many Lushies sit post on IG using like 3 of these bath bombs at a time. like who the fuck has the money to take a $30 bath in their own house, fuck that.

No. 247629

With all the money she spends on random shitty shit, she should have had a way more impressive collection.

No. 247631

Jesus, does she just have a continuous UTI? Bath bombs aren't good for your peehole.

No. 247635

Uhhhh you do realize that's what Lush puts in their catalogues right

No. 247636

This is something dumb that irks me but when shes talking about her favorite holiday. "Number 1 is obviously christmas." Like is she implying anyone that celebrates Christmas, thats obviously going to be their favorite? Like girl I dont think so, my favorite is halloween so you can just bug right off

No. 247642

I didn't know actually cos I skipped to that part of the video on mute and don't buy lush shit kek but still wouldn't be surprised if Jill wrote that kind of shit to future self

No. 247645

samefagging but anon I think she meant "obviously" as like all her followers can clearly tell she's a hoarder and loves material items so ofc her favorite holiday would be one all about that

No. 247648

I was thinking that but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 247652

OT but lush is horrible for skin/face care products if you have sensitive skin. They add a bunch of "natural" ingredients that will fuck with your skin overtime. Ultrabland, Skindrink and charity pot are the only skincare products I would ever recommend.

since i'm already off topic; if you ever run out of drama

polite sage.

No. 247656


Lush is skincare is okay if you're not looking for anything too active or you have young skin. If you're looking for results in anti-aging and such, you're kinda screwed. People always rag on Lush for saying they're natural but they "omg use chemicals" (everything is chemicals). That's why they use the word "fresh" and not "organic" or "natural". Maybe they used to, I don't know.

As far as working for Lush, I've heard it's a nightmare and they expect you to be a lushie before you start, hence the lack of training. Managers are given free reign to do whatever the fuck they want at their stores, so policies are all over the place.

sage for blogpost/no one fuckin cares

No. 247751

She said in the video that is was a message she wrote for herself. Not like she ever treats herself.

Thank god she's actually looking more human. The eyebrows look much better and her hair does looks nice when it's up.
Still tho ending your haul video talking about buying furniture? how in the hell did it take her this long to save for Japan if she has so much disposable income even after buying the tickets (which she totally bought not her mom guysss)

No. 247754

I'm guessing "she" bought the tickets the same way that "she" bought her car: her mom paid up front and she's "going to pay her back."

No. 247757

In the video, she mentions that she and Colin split a Lush order for Valentine's but it arrived so quickly that she made another order. I don't get why that makes sense, but w/e. My main point though is that she made a Christmas Lush haul on her channel two and a half months ago. Which means that this is her third Lush haul in two and a half months.

No. 247892

File: 1486642902906.png (121.45 KB, 1000x406, Screen_Shot_2016-06-20_at_9.57…)

She has less than 12 months to get her shit together with her portfolio if she still plans on attending university next year. Obviously not happening.

No. 247916

No need to feel personally attacked anon, as far as I remember she's talked about liking christmas before so that was probably aimed at her followers who watch her regularly.

No. 247991

File: 1486659704137.png (215.76 KB, 750x1050, IMG_9638.PNG)

Don't know why it never hit me before, but her mom takes all her pictures for her. Guess I just always thought it was a friend or something

No. 247993

Don't be silly anon, what friends? Even her cats, as people, wouldnt do it

No. 247994

nobody else has the time nor wants to be seen parading around with her looking the way she does

No. 248017

Okay Louise, sure.

No. 248056

Those awful boots make her stumpy/hammy legs look so much worse than they need to…

No. 248093

File: 1486671426149.jpg (198.01 KB, 1500x1001, 11043231_846471045399201_79296…)

Her legs have gotten very stumpy. She really should put that workout room to use

No. 248101

File: 1486672795342.jpg (511.56 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_9641.JPG)

Valentine's Day look book?

No. 248116

So she wants to make/design jewellery now?

No. 248129

Why metal smithing? She only wears plastic jewelry

No. 248152

Not going to lie, that set looks really freaking cute. I wonder if it was her or her mom that set it up? Since her mom is a photog she could have been using it for clients

No. 248159

I'm sure it was her. It's some balloons, hearts on strings stuck to a wall, and a few decorations from around the house. You don't have to undermine everything she does just because you don't like her lmao.

No. 248170

Im not really trying to undermine her at all in this fact, it doesnt bother me either way. The set up just looks similar to a lot of photographer sets I've seen so thats why I was making the connection.

No. 248172

File: 1486680127519.png (6.03 MB, 1320x3822, evo.png)

Wanted to look back through her videos to see the various view counts and noticed the evolution of her thumbnails

No. 248185

god this really shows how fucking ugly her hair is now

No. 248404

"The fall of man"

No. 248518

File: 1486742762703.png (176.35 KB, 750x1115, IMG_9646.PNG)

Totally not sucking up to the British youtubers

No. 248555

File: 1486750908964.png (378.7 KB, 499x665, evbrYP6.png)

Her followers are the most dedicated ass-kissers ever, christ

No. 248557

wtf? how could anyone say these look good. how

No. 248566

File: 1486752826608.jpg (136.51 KB, 927x592, ss (2017-02-10 at 10.53.33).jp…)

No. 248568

File: 1486752905572.jpg (111.04 KB, 924x588, ss (2017-02-10 at 10.54.05).jp…)

No. 248570

Well her mum is from England meaning she's "totes authentic English gal uwu"

No. 248571

>ma chère, your nails are fabulous
This is hilarious.

No. 248581

I thought the blue hair with the huge dark roots she had after her larme phase looked pretty busted, but it's still better than what she's been sporting lately. It really seems like she's in some sort of constant identity crisis.

No. 248583

Has she never painted her nails before? Even the plain pink polish is fucked up and uneven.

No. 248601

Didn't she just get them pierced? Aren't you supposed to keep the original earrings in for six weeks so they can heal?

No. 248606

From what I can see this eye makeup looks pretty cute, if only her eyebrows weren't black and her hair didn't look like straw.She should get back into wearing wigs like she did when she first started wearing lolita and she'd start looking actually cute from the shoulders up at least, you know until she opens her mouth.

No. 248617

Lobes shouldn't be taken out before 12 weeks. But they also shouldn't be pierced with a gun, so.

No. 248623

Right? glad I wasnt the only one thinking this. I forget what video it was but she was talking about going to claires to get her ears pierces. Like I know she works there but damn girl, go somewhere nice if you're going to get piercings

No. 248627

Huh, really? I thought lobes were the only place that's actually okay to be pierced with a gun.

No. 248630

Oof that makes me cringe. I hope she doesn't get them infected or anything. Even still if she got them done at Claire's she really really should know better then to change them out that early. And if she took out the piercing studs they might not heal to the right size either which could make changing earrings a pain too.

No. 248632

It isn't okay to be pierced with a gun anywhere because guns can't be properly sterilised. Since they can't be completely sterilised, there's a chance to pass on blood borne pathogens, especially since no one at Claire's or the like has any training on how to reduce that. And piercing with earrings is forcing a pretty much blunt object through your skin, which causes more trauma than using a needle which is designed to pierce skin. Along with the fact that you're putting low grade metal into a wound, it's just a combination of bad things. Will her body heal just fine? Probably. Bodies are very good at healing themselves. But that doesn't mean it's actually safe to be doing.

No. 248693

Honestly speaking, she pulled the haircut off in the shoe video imo

Her lolita phase was certainly the best.
But I'm speaking solely based on the thumbnails alone, I can't stand listening to her voice so I have no idea what her content was like back then.

Her videos have gotten soooo long too. I mean, a 28 minute long video on the tacky shit she got on Christmas?
A 10 minute long video showcasing a shirt and a dress?
Gurl get to the point already lol

No. 248734

>Her videos have gotten soooo long too. I mean, a 28 minute long video on the tacky shit she got on Christmas?
A 10 minute long video showcasing a shirt and a dress?
Gurl get to the point already lol

Ugh, this. Idk if I should partly blame youtube for their watch time thing enabling boring people to ramble longer and make more money, but this girl just goes on about nothing. This girl takes half an hour to show 6 items some times, and 40 minutes to show off her hoard room. Sometimes I watch her videos and just feel like screaming at her to get to the point.

No. 248965

So Kate, you enjoy lurking or even participating in thread? >>>/snow/248672

No. 248969

File: 1486788076706.jpg (423.92 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_9668.JPG)

Kek and Jill follows her too, wonder if she saw it

No. 248979

Not only that, they were the commanders of LACE. Hypocritical much lmao

No. 248991

Icing on the cake would be Jill unfollowing her after seeing this kek

No. 249002

This is pretty sad tbh, with them both working on lace. Makes me wonder if she was posting about Jill then too. I don't think Jill's a super great person or anything, but it's pretty easy to tell how insecure she was about herself then. It really would have been a dick move for her to be getting this kid involved in lace basically because of her own self posts and shit

No. 249035

That's seriously embarrassing. I thought she was above the drama?

No. 249040


Kate was caught self-posting on cgl in 2015. All the threads about her weren't harassment as she claims, they were self-posts and then discussions about said self-posts. People always had good reason to shit on Kate and Jillian honestly wasn't targeted by the majority until she allied with Kate and made the extremely obnoxious lace video.

I always felt bad that Jill was 16/17 getting wrapped up in the hypocritical lace campaign, when Kate was in her 20s and would know better. Jill is genuinely gullible but she's also fame-hungry and will cling to any e-famous person for "~magical friendships~ uwu"

She also did the exact same artwork for peachie and milkyfawn years ago. Then she bragged to the local comm about Alanah/Elliot from deerstalkers adding her on facebook, and she awkwardly fangirled over alanah communicating with her constantly.

Same with her relationship with Hello Batty for a while. Generally blowing smoke up each other's cunts.

No. 249041

File: 1486820480009.gif (874.78 KB, 400x275, Good-Time-2.gif)

No. 249061

They weren't self posts. The director from that documentary was posting her photos and then would stir up drama and film her reaction

No. 249074

We're supposed to believe the director was an avid 4chan poster who knew cgl board culture well enough to understand how to troll people into giving Kate attention…

No. 249083

who IS the director?

No. 249085

File: 1486831301522.png (51.52 KB, 513x250, IMG_9685.PNG)

I felt bad; but now I don't. I think it's likely they both read here and gossip about whatever is posted, but that being said having your friend read your threads with you? Just such a weird friendship. Jill get out; go to uni, make some real human connection who don't know about your online shit

No. 249091

Also it's it sort of awkward to post on facebook about something happening here? Like how many of your friends are on here Jill? And that's her personal facebook too? So weird

No. 249129

It's clearly meant for farmers who follow her on social media/are fb friends with her.

I think it's laughable how they both pretend to be ~anti-bullying positive vibes uwu~, but lurk/post (?) on lolcow constantly. Just admit that you feed off the attention.

No. 249140

Yeah this doesn't surprise me, I'm sure they both lurk here and talk about whatever's going on. We already know Jill lurks so with Kate lurking they can talk about the haterzzz together while also appealing to them (like Jill)
Because remember, they're ~not bothered~ by it.

No. 249164

File: 1486840986403.gif (251.13 KB, 500x343, giphy.gif)

I still cant get over jills lace video where shes "I know people say things about me… I knooooooow"
I'd forgot all about it until an anon mentioned it in this thread recently. That Jill lace video is truly a work of modern art

No. 249166

No. 249169

File: 1486841142370.jpg (77.41 KB, 834x461, ss (2017-02-11 at 11.24.45).jp…)

Her first look could have been so much better with a pair of high heels and a less grungy looking sweater.
Although we all know the plastic skirts dont fit that well, I think the colors match almost perfectly for the skirt + bag

No. 249170

> 1:56 of outfits
> spends the rest talking about fuck all

No. 249178

Just had to mention Kate lol

No. 249191

"slumby" ok

No. 249204

There are way to many shades of pink going on and that sweater just looks dirty. Like it's probably supposed to be that colour but when it's next to the other pinks it looks like it's been rolled in dirt.

No. 249211

With a cute pair of heels (maybe a pair that match the bag) and a white sweater it wouldn't be that bad.

No. 249220

Isn't this her personal facebook? But I thought she was such a ~sweet positive angel bean~ who never ever associated with anyone who lurked on those sites and unfriends anyone who links her to them. Why would she need to post this to all her old school mates/family members/work colleagues too, how embarrassing.

This was just.. bad. Like the set is kinda cute but she's so awkward and none of the outfits are flattering. Her clothes all look like they've never been washed and her "modelling" if I can even call it that is just embarrassing. Also kek at her mentioning Kate when she's never mentioned her since the LACE video and none of her non lolita viewers even know who the hell she is. What is she trying to prove and to who? Girl is embarrassing herself lurking here and constantly alluding to it.

No. 249225

File: 1486847456197.jpg (18.86 KB, 674x155, 2017-02-11_221021.jpg)

>Rambling outro that's longer than the lookbook
>My friend Kate! That I've barely mentioned on my channel before. We're so close :)
Oh Jillian.

Props to her on finally getting her hair done by someone who knows what they're doing though.

No. 249226

This looks like a commercial for Pepto Bismol.

No. 249232

There's too much pink going on.

No. 249233

I'm kind of jealous that she is going to Japan. I don't have enough money to buy a flight lol, or the time

No. 249241

File: 1486850349943.jpg (56.98 KB, 640x960, a4298ff6de3ef77a07d1c1b29568d5…)

She did it better in her lolita days

No. 249242

this should have been titled 'how to look dumpy and wide' cos thats all the outfits did for her

No. 249252

the lazy oaf outfit was the only kind of ok one. The first one really makes her look big and "slumby party" is just really fucking ugly.

No. 249253

This is actually really nice. Plenty of pink, but with a natural hair color and light neutrals, it is so much better than the 50 different pastels and pink shades she uses now. Jill, why did your taste change so much?

No. 249254

All the pink seemed like an overkill, I know it's Valentine's days but still. Also the 1 minute lookbook could've gone without the 2 minute rambling.

No. 249260

Last outfit (slumby) is so cute, just proves she looks way better in not-puke colors.

No. 249262

Minus the bitchy face this is adorable, what went wrong? How can someone's tatse get so shit in so little time.

No. 249283

Dude i know i watch it every now and again haha. It has me in stitches every time. I knowwwwww

I really hate her sense of style. Its like suzy. Just a huge tacky eyesore

No. 249286

i think the first and last looks were god awful but the second i thought was actually cute and sweet. i know a lot of people on here don't like that lazy oaf dress but i kind of like how it's oversized. maybe im crazy but i think it gives it a cutesy look for it to be big, kind of makes it look like kids clothes which i think is endearing. would have been cuter if she paired it with better shoes but she cant coordinate for shit so i think that's the best we're gonna get.

No. 249354

Kind of offtopic but I actually kind of like the bitchy face, lol. Why does she look so much older now (vs her lolita era)? She's in the time of her life where she should mature, but not necessarily age. Is her skin getting worse or it just lighting?

No. 249357

From what I can tell it is because she put on weight, dyes her hair unflattering colors, and does extremely unflattering makeup that ages her. Her skin is probably worse as well.

No. 249365

Lolita is easy to coordinate. A lot of outfits are marketed as sets from the go and it has a lot of stringent rules that make for little variation.

No. 249366

>Hasnt mentioned kate since LACE

Thats not entirely true? I believe she mentioned giving kate shit in the mail over christmas. I forget if it was last christmas only or this past one as well

No. 249370

I actually thought this was really cute

No. 249382

She always did want to wear milky fawn's skin.

No. 249399

The lighting in this is really bad. How can you have a mom who is a professional photographer (and access to professional lights and shit) and still fuck up something that basic?

No. 249411

Definitely miles better than her current look but I still have a few complaints with this picture. Her ankle pose makes it look broken and I was never a fan of the wigs she used back in lolita, they often looked fake and shiny.

Still much MUCH more put together than she is now though kek

No. 249496

Shes clearly stated that the unif(?) unicorn shoes are uncomfortable and shitty in her opinion but just look cute yet shes worn them in two lookbooks,
Fucking hell

No. 249580

Too be fair she doesn't have to wear them out so this is probably the one time she will use them.

No. 249632

I think those are Jeffrey Campbell Pegasus heels. She doesn't hate them but they are not comfortable… I mean fair enough, they are just a waste of money… like most of her things but still

No. 249648

They're Jeffrey Campbell. But it makes sense to only wear them in Lookbooks if they're uncomfortable, since she can't wear them outside.

No. 249691

What's wrong with the lighting?

No. 249707

Different anon, but there are some pretty harsh shadows in the close-ups, I assume because she's further away from the window and not using studio lights.
Def not "really bad" though, anon is nitpicking though-

No. 249736

he's bf goals and she doesnt deserve him

No. 249747

why does she say cheeky so much
my bf is northern irish so i picked it up from him and we use it ironically as much as she does, but not unironically to thousands of followers. cringee

No. 249826

File: 1486935005425.jpg (200.14 KB, 742x640, tumblr_ogdle3lM781vtek7ao1_128…)

Found on the party kei tumblr tag.

No. 250085

She got that dirty looking sweater at a thrift store a while ago and hasn't stopped wearing it, does she not have other sweaters or something?

No. 250110

Agreed. Anons shit on him for his looks but personality wise he seems like a total sweet heart.

No. 250135

Whatever happened to her best friend john or whatever his name was? She used to mention him all the time back when they were in a band together but now all she talks about it Colin. Like who is she even friends? Anyone that she's not dating or is related to?

No. 250139

She does, but they're not pink, so why would she wear them?

After her music show birthday party failed, her band broke up, and she cut ties to pretty much all of the people in that scene.

No. 250327

File: 1486978175315.jpg (142 KB, 574x841, IMG_3995.JPG)

No. 250388

File: 1486991498510.jpg (186.59 KB, 922x592, ss (2017-02-13 at 05.11.24).jp…)

No. 250389

File: 1486991549925.jpg (226.56 KB, 925x594, ss (2017-02-13 at 05.12.18).jp…)

No. 250437

She's got a PO box now, someone send her tips of dressing

No. 250438

Anyone know where she got that green organizer she had the Xmas cards in?? It's cute af

No. 250453

File: 1487001458463.png (219.77 KB, 750x1087, IMG_9729.PNG)

Was this really that much of a failure? Doesn't look that bad to me. Just friends hanging out

No. 250454


Hey Jill, yeah, there were more photos and everyone looked crazy bored.

No. 250460

Where are these other photos? I've been looking for them and have never been able to find them. Not doubting you, just seriously curious

No. 250462


This were in an old thread

No. 250464

Same! I kinda want to start dressing that style of party kei cause it could be super cute and it'd probably piss Jillian off if I got noticed for it even though that's what a fashion designer would want, for her style to become popular lol

No. 250468

this was the only photo from the party posted where you can see the audience? I went through the thread and the only other ones are just of her performing

No. 250476

File: 1487005825105.png (377.98 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1041.PNG)

her opinion on idubz lol
the other girl was laughing about the tana situation and jill got triggered

No. 250477

File: 1487005912477.png (193.43 KB, 1242x934, IMG_1040.PNG)

when cows collide

No. 250480

File: 1487006663750.png (113.26 KB, 1075x1075, IMG_1068.PNG)

The fuck are her shoes always so nasty.

No. 250481


Well if you wear shoes they get dirty… but i get you anon, thise shoes are old as fuck and if she had kept good care of them they would not be this ugly now.

Idk… i mean it looks kinda unprofessional to show off your dirty shoes in a Lookbook video..

No. 250499

The least she could do is clean her shoes before showing them off. Like fine have them be dirty in her everyday it's only natural for them to be that way if she wears them often. But if she's going to show them in a video (especially a lookbook) she should make the effort to have them at least somewhat clean. Her boogy boots in particular need to be cleaned before she wears them for another lookbook.

No. 250503

Jeffree star is a male and uses the c word in his videos all the time though?????

No. 250611

He's also white and uses the n word. Jill is just willing to turn a blind eye and pretend all the horrible things he's said and done over the past decade are okay because he fits her aesthetic.

sage for sorta OT but does Beckii not have her own thread on here anymore? She definitely had one of her own at one point but since then I've seen people discuss her in almost every weeb/idoru/jfashion thread.

Anon "that style of party kei" is basically just fairy kei or yume kawaii with party motifs. Have a look in Jillian's instagram tagged in photos or the party kei hashtag. No one, even her fans wear her style the shitty way she does The style they all wear is more like decora with party motifs. They just wear Jillians shirts occasionally.

No. 250676

this is so cringey and i'm really into asmr shes so loud and obnoxious

No. 250699

File: 1487033365037.jpg (237.56 KB, 720x450, 9780439988964.jpg)

Jillian's style always reminds me of a Robert Munsch book I had as a kid (pic related)

No. 250850

lmfao holy shit I hope other people remember this

No. 250859

I'm not familiar with this but it seems pretty accurate lol

No. 250861

Colin bought her a $350 (Canadian) ring for Valentine's.

What the fuck.

No. 250863

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