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File: 1494004033740.jpg (341.59 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_2711.JPG)

No. 305217

one >>55077
two >>171004
three >>190985
four >>220048
five >>254820
six >>276683

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year

newest milk:
>visible arm infections
>showing off her birthday loot and fast food while simultaneously begging people to buy her shitty art
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>short on rent
>publicly advertising her tumblr which is full of heroin posts in the "like" section

No. 305219

Forgot to tag the last thread:
seven >>292881

No. 305273

Does she have fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 305296

>I was conceived on the stairs of a methadone clinic during a lunar eclipse.

Anything is possible.

No. 305325

File: 1494013840331.png (45.62 KB, 750x404, IMG_2713.PNG)

No. 305334

>>What did we do to you

It's your own self, Luna, rather it's because you like to shoot dirty needles in your arm with Lurch, or maybe Gop is trying to eliminate cancer like you.

No. 305340

File: 1494014890734.jpg (24.23 KB, 275x214, 1490932723315.jpg)

>maybe Gop is trying to eliminate cancer like you
Yikes, anon. Luna's a garbage person but there's nothing good about this if it gets passed.
Sage for off topic but damn. Get some empathy.

No. 305385

What is a gop? Sorry, not from usa.

No. 305387


the Republican Party aka the GOP (Grand Old Party). It's about the entire Obamacare/Trumpcare thing that goes on right now.

No. 305390

how edgy..

No. 305396

Is her fit of "mental breakdowns" over? She finally score some dope..?

No. 305399

If the GOP wants to eradicate cancer they can start with themselves. Freeloading, virtue-signaling scumbags.


No. 305416

She didn't even vote kek

No. 305417

A lot of people who didn't vote are acting like this. Even smugfuck Canadians who don't have a dog in the race.
All this election did was prove how people try to out-victim each other.

No. 305546

Not sage for off topic because it intended to be sarcasm

No. 305550

File: 1494030622894.png (1.92 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-05-18-09-50…)

No. 305553

File: 1494030950033.png (222.96 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_2017-05-05-17-34-26…)

No. 305554

File: 1494031002844.png (192.33 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-05-05-14-26-28…)

No. 305555

Oh god, does she claim to have Ehlers Danlos too now?

No. 305558

Nope she just claims (but has never photographed, not like it's something to show off, but TuNA would obv) she dislocates her knees and shoulders on the daily.
Don't give her any ideas, she's not smart enough to be aware of EDS..

No. 305563

Ew she needs to stop with that horrifying new eyeshadow style. What is she trying to do? It looks so bad..

No. 305582

it makes her look bug eyed

No. 305584

File: 1494034389836.png (1.26 MB, 1072x1592, 20170505_193231.png)

No. 305616

She legit looks like a man.

No. 305627

This is a shitty strategy for selling a product.

No. 305689


more and more I'm starting to think she isn't actually diagnosed with BPD and is just trying to make excuses for her being an immature asshole

No. 305728

lmao screaming at your mother because she won't give you dope money. Also ROGER was the one to come and check on her, confirmed Lurch hasn't been home for a while.

Facebook anons, were the other comments on that post lulzy?

No. 305748

this bitch didn't even vote.

No. 305757

not really.

No. 305758

File: 1494052278447.png (86.08 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_2017-05-05-23-28-59…)

No. 305767

idiot, next time dont open a new thread unless one isnt able to write in the old one anymore, newfag.

No. 305768

File: 1494053401235.png (350.07 KB, 543x633, uhh.png)

I thought the old one was auto-saging? You can post in a thread regardless of how many replies are in them, it doesn't work like that.

Anyway, I just went to check her Tumblr, she reblogged this.. What happened to not glamorizing addiction Tuna? Pretty sure calling some dying of heroin addiction "perfect" is hypocritical as fuck.

No. 305770

File: 1494053527437.png (31.31 KB, 534x699, uhh.png)

me again, I didn't see anybody post these. They're from today I think.

No. 305772

sage because I'm stupid, how do you expand a tumblr post with no notes?

Tuna was spamming Tumblr too, none of us noticed lol.

No. 305776

File: 1494053988701.png (972.4 KB, 518x1727, tumblr.png)

Sorry if any of this has been posted before, I didn't see it. The cactus post was RIGHT in the middle of her "breakdown", all this bitch needs is attention for her BPD to magically go away

No. 305778

>we never met but I know what love is now and I loved you

Jfc Luna needs to get over Peter. It's fucking pathetic. You had a magical internet relationship with some scuzzbag years ago, let it go.

No. 305787

File: 1494054948583.jpg (735.04 KB, 810x1662, Screenshot_20170506-171323.jpg)

Tuna's really feeling this 'Girl Interrupted, crazy broken girl' aesthetic this month. They must be struggling for the drug money.

No. 305789

she's been posting today about that bpd statistic and how that scares her and she's thinking of suicide more often, etc. but shouldn't that be motivation for her to try to get better? she's obviously very mentally ill and i used to believe that she had bpd but now i just think she's an unstable, spoiled girl who is too lazy to help herself. major depression can literally make you delusional in the way you view yourself and the world and it's easy to convince yourself that you have more mental illnesses than you really do, especially if you're luna and you constantly crave everyone's attention and pity. the heroin and crack don't help at all. she's just a mess and she needs to get herself help. didn't she post something saying she made an appointment? what happened to that? she's a pathetic and grimy person but her entire life and existence doesn't have to be like this and it's pretty sad to see her run whatever potential she ever had as a person into the ground

sage for drunk rant lol

No. 305791

Also I thought the whole point of an EDNOS diagnosis was that weight wasn't a factor (and that a lot of people who could otherwise be diagnosed Anorexic got EDNOS instead was because their weight was too high according to diagnostic criteria)

No. 305792

lmao I love the "I HAVE AN INVISIBLE EATING DISORDER" bullshit she's pulling now.

Hard to eat when your body rejects everything but heroin during withdrawal, eh?

No. 305799

The whole point of a EDNOS diagnosis is it's a legitimate mental illness.

Not being psychically able to eat because you throw up anything you do, due to withdrawal, then binge eating when you're high isn't a mental disorder.

No. 305803

File: 1494056226668.png (2.13 MB, 1414x1110, image.png)

kek if she sucks in any harder she might pass out. the back of her hand looks grim

No. 305810

Geeze. Lurking for a while now. Farmers in her threads seem especially callous. She's clearly in a bad place and I know it's hypocritical of me considering i too am fascinated by the wreckage that is her life but I get the feeling some of you won't be satisfied until you can google her obituary.

No. 305811

If she showed any real motivation to change, people would give a shit. But she doesn't want to change, she just wants to cry on tumblr/IG until someone sends her some drug money.

Look at Chey, people here aren't heartless bitches to Chey because she made an effort to change and she isn't actively scamming fucking cancer patients.

sage for reeee, but Luna is a fucking monster. Just because she cries sometimes doesn't make her a good person.

No. 305812

>>305273 she's stated before on an old Tumblr account that her mum used heroin while she was pregnant with her

No. 305814

Mental illnesses (regardless of their legitimacy or not) are not an excuse to just be a scummy person. They aren't an excuse to justify poor behaviours.

As someone with mental illness it infuriates me when people use their diagnoses as such. If you're actively working to be better, usually most people (even on lolcow) will be fairly forgiving, even if you slip into old habits.

Luna just rolls around in her filth hovel like a troll waiting for Lurch to bring her next hit of whatever. Scamming people for money or emotional support on whatever is her tragedy de jour. Many commenters actually do want to see her get better, but for that to happen she needs to get sober and probably leave Lurch, which we all know will happen when hell freezes over.

No. 305818

I used to believe that Luna's BPD was diagnosed by a doctor. The way she's suddenly picked up EDNOS and started running with it makes me disbelieve every single "diagnosis" she's ever said he has.

I don't think she has any real disorders, other than special snowflake-ism. WebMD is her doctor

No. 305828

File: 1494061109405.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9869.PNG)

Another thing to add to her list of "uwu I'm sick let me be a pos because of it~" illnesses

No. 305842

The cactus painting is actually really cute. Luna should focus on drawing inanimate objects imo.

No. 305843

lol oh the irony

you're the idiot. the old thread is auto-saging, retard.

No. 305852

File: 1494068804776.png (277.29 KB, 533x685, tumblr.png)

she's STILL whining on tumblr, she's spammed these in like the last couple hours. What time is it where Luna is?

No. 305853

File: 1494068930394.png (1.71 MB, 534x1872, tumblr.png)

Pictures connected to the top post

No. 305859

Also because I'm bored as hell I'll transcribe her chicken scratch handwriting.


>I should've fought harder
>but it just felt like home
>baby? I've never been tough
>I just wanted to be an angel
>In a family of suicide, needles and
>felons but my dad keeps a
>TEC-9 under his bed
>and my wings are getting weaker. I have a psych evaluation Monday I'm sick of being a

No. 305860

File: 1494069660099.jpg (11.26 KB, 305x260, hahahahahahaha.jpg)

samefagging but lmao I just looked up what a TEC-9 is. It's a fucking semi-automatic way-OTT gun that nobody in their right mind would keep under their pillow or near their bed.

No. 305872

This is such a rip off of the shit that Ginger/Kayla spews out lmao

No. 305898

File: 1494077061505.png (174.76 KB, 750x1029, IMG_2719.PNG)

>can't pee

Ok girl, I believe you would have a UTI cuz you literally live in such filth it would crawl up your urethra… but you can pee with a UTI it's true that it's harder, just drops of pee but also its like pissing razor blades so you know she'd be complaininh about that

But another reminder, opiates make it near impossible to pee.

No. 305907

File: 1494080460666.png (166.91 KB, 750x1000, IMG_2720.PNG)

She's getting almost too annoying to hate-follow..

No. 305922

Farmers are particularly callous toward Luna. I think she makes it easier for people to not care about her because she doesn't do anything to help herself. I don't know much about how empathy works but it seems to follow that pattern often. She comes across as hugely entitled too, which riles people up a lot. On the other hand she's super young, had fucked up junkie parents and grew up with no undertanding of life or relationships, is in an abusive relationship with a pedophile who got her addicted to heroin, and seems very mentally ill. I think she's an interesting cow because i find it really easy to feel sorry for her but at the same time it's still like holy shit stop doing what you're doing luna.

No. 305954

The TEC-9 was also one of the two main weapons used by Dylan Klebold in the Columbine shooting and she has a pretty big obsession with that shit.

That particular model is notorious for jamming at random times and because of that, it's severely unreliable.

I doubt her dad had one, she's just looking for cool kid points and is trying way too hard for it; especially when that model has a really bad rap in the firearms community.

No. 305959

what an autist.

No. 305961

hahahaha oh wow, even when she's having a ~breakdown she needs to keep up dat tumblr aesthetic

No. 305977

Eh, I agree. It doesn't excuse the shitty things she does, but I don't think it's fair be quite so callous when she was practically set up for failure from the beginning. Most 17 year olds aren't fucked up enough to think becoming a heroine addict with some middle-aged loser is their best option in life.

No. 306069

She won't be the first one to have died. A munchie died earlier this year after making a name for her fake illnesses/comas and faking whole personalities online for attention.

Luna is a spoiled rich girl. Yes, she's mentally ill, but that's a small fraction of her problems considering this entire thing started out as "Muh broken girl aesthetic" and now she's hooked. Begging and scamming for cash, dating her mom's old drug dealer, she's just overall scummy. I don't think rehab would help her because she'd be right back at it.

I don't want her to die because I don't wish death on her. Do I think she's going to die soon because of her actions? If Lurch goes first, yes.

That's how some of us think. She's going to die from infection, overdose, hoard catching on fire, something that's a product of her behavior and lifestyle. It's inevitable and we're all just watching the spiral to see if she hits rock bottom before she goes out.

No. 306097

>set up for failure from the beginning

She was in college. She had decent friends. She went out and did fun, normal shit with them. The minute dope addict Lurch showed interest in her she latched on hard because she wanted to be ~cool~ and turn herself into a druggie Courtney Love.
Its her fault. She shouldn't have been so obsessed with drug aesthetic. She deserves everything that's happening to her.

No. 306118

iirc she literally dropped out of the college/art school she was going to bc she ~couldn't handle~ being away from lurch. i'd feel sorry for her if this wasn't the life she clearly wanted.

No. 306130

And lurch supposedly "overdosed" after she left for college because he was apparently so unhappy being apart from her. Yeah right. Either it was an accident or a creepy lie as another manipulation tactic from him.

No. 306131

I don't mean financially or academically, I mean her family situation was fucked and this affects people in different ways. BUT I do agree that she threw away a lot of opportunities.

No. 306135

Haha I forgot about this. I doubt he did. He just wanted to have Tuna around so he could get her fathers money and use it on dope, I'm sure.

No. 306142

Sage for blogpost but I have dealt with my sister and my best friend being addicted to opiates in the past. Both of them dropped out of college within the first semester for bullshit reasons that were a cover for needing to be closer to their drug supplier. She was probably already in the early stage of addiction when she dropped out.

No. 306158

most definitely. but again, she wasnt on heroin when she was dating lurch at first and i remember her talking about having to "beg" him to shoot her up.

i've been following luna for a long time, and she dabbled in drugs but it always seemed weird to me that she kind of went from 0 to 100 as far as opiates go. i have plenty of friends who are/were struggling with opiate addiction and i struggle with it as well, and from my experience it usually starts with a couple norcos, then builds up to percocets, then stuff like oxy 30s, and only after tolerance is too high is heroin turned to. i dont remember luna going through all of those stages at all and i have a feeling she just skipped all the middle stuff to go straight to heroin which (to me, at least) shows she wanted this for the aesthetic and because heroin sounds cooler than pills. that could also explain why the pics she posted on her drug blog of lurch shooting her up were baby shots.

No. 306208

Yes, agreed. In the cases I have personally experience with heroin is only turned to as the very last resort when they can no longer score pills. Like even though some of these people were spending $300/day on oxy they would still do whatever it took to get that oxy even though just caving and switching to heroin would have been way cheaper and easier to maintain financially.

No. 306223

Pretty sure she jumped to heroin to be "closer" to her idols, thinking it'd make her art and poetry better.

No. 306243

youre right, she definitely wouldve included it in her blog posts where she just listed off her illnesses. she's mentioned an eating disorder tons but never a diagnosis.

it pisses me off that she feels comfortable whining for takeout because shes "starving" and "hasnt eaten in days" then broadcast she specifically doesnt eat for days to lose weight apparently and has for years. which one is is tuna? should people pay for your food because youre so poor, or should they pity you because you choose not to eat and youre still big? pick one.

No. 306248

Damn is Lurch still missing? Wonder where he's at. Jail? Someone else's drug den? At a chicks house who isn't "sex repulsed"?
I really don't think hes around, she would have posted a selfie with him by now. I bet in this post >>305758 she's referring to her cat or stuffed animal as "babe". Kek.
And she hasn't mentioned him "calming her down" during her "mental episodes " aka shooting her up.

No. 306284

She's blunt about her unresolved trauma. The drugs/lifestyle is a way of self-medicating and reckoning with the shame. She genuinely agonizes over the conflict of knowing she has intrinsic value (her art/creativity) and the abuse which has debased her concept of what she deserves. She's in a sad seductive cycle, which intoxicates even us.

No. 306294

Maybe he's dead somewhere.

No. 306302

>I think about suicide at least 16-20 times per day
I have no idea why I'm cracking up at how specific this is

No. 306322

why does idea that lurch is missing or not around keep being brought up? yeah he's not mentioned or shown a whole lot from luna atm, but i think it's more so because luna isn't having a lot of luck scoring pitybux from her dad. plus i'm sure her devotion towards lurch has at least lessened since the tessa fiasco (i hope). i think it's likely there's trouble in paradise, unsurprisingly. they're probably fighting a lot

No. 306336

File: 1494135426995.png (542.93 KB, 572x826, maybe lurch.png)

I'm pretty sure this isn't Lurch in the background >>304457. The bag of bones looks like Roger to me.

We haven't seen/heard about Lurch in days, and it's conveniently lined up with Luna going through the worst withdrawal she's ever had. She hasn't mentioned Lurch being there, or any stories involving him, only that she ~~looves~~ him.

Like >>306248 said, Lurch hasn't been there to calm her down, she's been relying on Roger to look after her (>>305553).

It's only a theory, but the fact she's not taken any creeper shots of him with the cats, or nodded out on their bed, it says to me she can't. She took a load of photos of him for their anniversary, and pretty much hasn't mentioned him since. I just did a quick skim of the last thread and I think it's been like 6 days since she even mentioned him. Pic related btw, from her tumblr. Last reference of (maybe?) him.

Maybe she's just angry because she's not married yet, and ignoring him? It was her 21st recently and maybe she feels betrayed by Lurch for not committing yet.

No. 306338

File: 1494135580659.png (131.58 KB, 512x540, weird.png)

And I don't want to start any more conspiracy theories, but does anybody else think Luna might have a password protected blog?

She posted some original images of text on pastel-bullshit-tumblr-violet or something, it looks like a screenshot from a different blog, it's not the exact same colour as her current blog. It looks like a crosspost.

No. 306341

nah anon, that's AZlyrics, i'd recognize that background anywhere


No. 306346

File: 1494136013840.png (97.49 KB, 624x150, omg.png)

my bad, thanks anon. I thought it might have been a bit too tin-foil to be true.


No. 306370

Luna actually has really nice lips. She'd look cute with a glossy, nude-pink lipstick/gloss.

No. 306373


Naw man her upper lip is so busted now. It's hard to look at.

No. 306380

she has nice shaped lips but her top lip is soooo busted from never moisturizing her lips. no one should have that many wrinkles in their lips at such a young age unless they're born with it and she definitely wasn't

No. 306392

File: 1494147807534.png (195.95 KB, 749x1185, IMG_8554.PNG)

there he is!!

No. 306393

>her top lip is busted
Yall are so melodramatic… How TF do you "bust" a top lip? All it takes is exfoliation and Vaseline and it'd be fine, Jesus.

No. 306398

File: 1494149603023.png (187.16 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_2017-05-07-03-30-37…)

No. 306399

File: 1494149631352.png (221.08 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_2017-05-07-03-30-43…)

No. 306404

i find it funny that her lock screen is always pics of her cats.
most couples have their s/o / pic together as it but
lurch is even too hideous for that and tuna knows it

No. 306405

fuck this girl does not need to watch bojack horseman, she probably thinks he's the ideal man (horse)

No. 306406

I think you're kind of reaching there anon, heaps of people don't have their lock screen as their partner or them and their partner together.

Pets are common, plenty of people just leave it stock because who the fuck cares, or any number of things.

I doubt it's got anything to do with her opinion of her partner.

No. 306435

I hardly ever come across couples who aren't obnoxious teenagers who do this. I'd never do it no matter how perfect my relationship is.

No. 306437


She is so obsessed with blaming everything on mental illness, its fucking pathetic.
No? There who is? Def not Lurch..

No. 306495

If you're referring to the things to her right possibly being lurch, it looks more like her leg in some shorts to me.

No. 306505

File: 1494165017448.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.75 KB, 350x347, 13254255.jpg)

weird how she's wearing the shirt anon posted about here >>306336 but still no sight of Lurch…

No. 306524

Wait. Luna is on seroquel now? As in the antipsychotic medication? Her drug use is going to interfere with that heaps. Major personality change Incoming

No. 306525

Is she in treatment or something? They give that to druggies when they claim sleep issues

No. 306530

She is exactly that she's just extremely lazy otherwise she'd take her shit seriously and get professional help. But she gets by on this act and doesn't have to confront herself, so she'll never get better.

Also sorry2say no sympathy for people aware they have a mental illness and fuck around with drugs. Like motherfucker no shit you want to die what did you think would happen - you're a dumb bitch who wanted to be lazy and edgy and you're getting what you deserve. You literally chose this life fuck right off.

No. 306531

oop my bad. That tattoo is her rose then? no more late night posting for me & sage cos I'm dumb

No. 306535

I've never heard of that being used for sleep, sage for personal but I've been in treatment for my mental issues for over 10 years now, just saw a new psychiatrist and they tried putting me on seroquel, as opposed to my usual SSRI/anti anxiety medication. I was given a large pamphlet on it but have already seen first hand how that has made things worse for family members/friends over the years. I'm currently waiting on a second opinion because that drug IMO is rather scary and unnecessary for me (and most people, unless they are experiencing severe delusions). Tuna should not be on that. She just needs to get clean!

No. 306541

Sage for mental illness fag-
I have mixed state bipolar and they give it to bipolar people too. I refused it after also doing tons of research, a lot of those drugs do way more harm than good and don't have long term research or show little to no difference over placebo besides the ridiculous side effects.

If Luna is taking it first of all it's known for weight gain so she's fucked. If she wasn't an idiot she'd shut off her electronics before trying to sleep and maybe take valerian root to sleep, bc taking seroquel for sleep and "mood stabilization" is overkill. But she'd rather cry insomnia? I don't get it. Also don't get how if she's being prescribed things her psychiatrist isn't giving her hell for being on heroin, etc.

She's going to continue aging prematurely and gaining weight and she'll watch everyone dissapear. No idea why this girl has a following bc her "art" is awful and there's no way she could handle a professional practice. She won't die bc she's too spoilt and self absorbed, she's just in for a long cringey road of trying to prove how disordered she is until no one is left.

No. 306567

File: 1494173098282.png (11 KB, 535x374, aa.png)

>"nobody text me back when I need attention, I'll post about it on tumblr!"
>no notes

No. 306581

I agree it's way overkill and a very bad idea to be used for sleep issues, but my friend has had a lot of sleeping problems and was prescribed this too.
He doesn't react well enough to benzos so his doctor prescribed him a number of different antipsychotics to try.

I would personally rather take the sleep issues, but still, apparently it's a thing.

No. 306586

I thought it was pretty common to be used for long-term sleeping problems. I've been on it for anxiety and agitation with bad sleep. It's also used alongside meds for depression (Ssri) to make them work better when there isn't a good enough response to them. Unless you are really agitated or something and it's ruining your life I really wouldn't recommend it. I think it should be a last restort, e.g. If you're too fucked up to get out of bed even with a regular ssri, exercise and therapy. I'm not a doctor it's just my experience.

No. 306593

no it won't.. unless she gets botox in her lips or some shit, those wrinkles will now always be there

No. 306595

yeah, I've never seen a top lip as fucked up in the way that hers is. so fucking weird

No. 306597

File: 1494175198405.png (11.23 KB, 143x57, omg.png)

the two chunks missing from her top lip, on either side, really freak me out. Especially now I've seen photos of her when she was younger and she didn't have it.

What the fuck caused that shit? One anon ages ago said it looks like she's putting fishhooks either side of her mouth and pulling on them, and it's all I can see lmao. Obviously that's not the case but I can't see how it can just be dehydration and dry skin, maybe she's a chronic lip-biter? Maybe she literally tore chunks out without noticing.

No. 306615

Wow really?
Benzos mess with REM cycles and shouldn't be taken for sleep, it makes the sleep you do get really low quality. Weird that your friend wasn't given sonata or something first, but maybe there's more going on idk. But seroquel is really, really powerful and should only be given out to people having legit delusions. A lot of docs are pushed to sell certain meds so maybe that had something to do with it. I was asked to try a drug that almost killed me bc my psychiatrist worked with that company.

Psychiatrists often over prescribe and antipsychotics can cause long term damage. My only point is that no way should she be given this, it has crazy sedative SIDE effects but she will end up like Charlotte Charms.

No. 306618

She's sucked her thumb for years, and that can really mess up your mouth shape. Maybe it was that.

No. 306621

Are any of these prescriptions confirmed to be coming from a psychiatrist/doctor? It's crazy easy to get these sort of drugs on the street, even Seroquel. And they're usually pretty cheap.

No. 306668

They probably didnt reply because they knew there would be incoming "uwu im starving im short on rent etc" texts.
I sure as fuck wouldnt reply to her either.

No. 306670

Maybe it got fucked up/burnt/dry from smoking a hot crack pipe? She hasn't been able to smoke so it started healing? Anyways it was fucking weird looking..
Maybe she just has it tucked in behind her bottom lip in this pic? Kek

No. 306688

Are you in the US? Here it's becoming more popular for seroquel to be prescribed very low dosage (like 25mg or sometimes even half of that) for severe insomnia but it's off label and still kinda controversial because of all the reasons you said. Its an intense drug that's getting more common.

Sage for my autism blogging

No. 306739

I've been prescribed up to 300 mg seroquel for sleep for 3 years.. what are the long term effects? I'm worried af now lol

No. 306758

Does Luna get Netflix? She's supposedly so broke, but has so much shit.

No. 306762

No worries anon. Sage goes in the email field though.

No. 306774

really? diffrent seroquel anon here, my psychiatrist has prescribed me 50 mg to sleep (and to make my SSRI stronger), but high doses like 300 mg are prescribed for schizophrenia and psychotic episodes lol

sage for psychiatric off topic

No. 306775

Well tbf netflix only costs around $8 a month, which isnt terribly expensive, but internet is not cheap. I wonder who pays for that? Probably poor Roger or Luna's "abusive" dad.

No. 306784

She called him her boyfriend instead of her fiance. Hmmm

No. 306793

I think she said she "uses a friends account". But im sure her dad buys it for her. She just has to lie so she doesn't appear spoiled and not poor.

She's done this in the past too. Ive always assumed it was just a habit/slip-up, but she's the kind of person to mention "fiancé" whenever possible.

No. 306795

400mg xr/15mg dexedrine spansules golden ratio anon here.
You're fine. Luna however is going to fuck her brain up so hard.
A bong hit can fuck your day up.

No. 306796

File: 1494194585702.png (52.56 KB, 713x469, Capture _2017-05-07-17-00-36.p…)

Looks like she's still going, which proves she's still dopesick/still hasn't scored.

No. 306800

and theyre gonna say what? lay off the heroin?

No. 306803

Imagine how fucking annoying and ~uwu~ she's gonna be. I feel bad for the doctor. Wont they make her go to rehab before they can do an accurate evaluation of her? Unless she wont admit she's a heroin addict and her trackmarks have healed.

No. 306809

Idk what happens during a psych evaluation but could this be why she hasn't done drugs all week? Do they piss test and she doesbt wanna piss dirty? (But would that seroquel show up?). And Lurch is at someone else's place getting high so she isn't "tempted" to use.

No. 306816

That would make a lot of sense actually. Luna's probably trying to get drugs to get high off or sell, so needs to hide the fact she's a druggie.

No. 306896

File: 1494201755199.png (180.82 KB, 720x608, nicetrytuna.png)

Nah, this proves nothing Looney.
I wouldn't be surprised if she used a text message generator to make this. But if its real- even she thinks his face is to ugly to use as his contact photo kek.

No. 306901

There's no timestamp on it. Its probably old and she lurks here and wants us to think everything is fine and dandy with her and the gangly old pedo.

No. 306923

what grown man says "ily"

No. 306925

if you want to justify luna's behavior we can shut lolcow farm down, because your argumentation would turn every thread on this page because you can justify anything with upcoming, family issues, post trauma and mental illness.
the problem isnt that luna is mentally ill, the issue is that she is not taking any responsebility and furthermore lies and e-begs for drug money than whines for hours and days because she is dopesick.

also either dont take it personal or ask a farmhand to open up a thread for you, so we can laugh about you specifically.

No. 306935

Right? I feel like she made this up herself somehow. Added herself in her contacts to make it look like lurch and then texted herself? Lmao, she would.

No. 306944

>>306535 >>306541 >>306581 >>306586 >>306615 >>306739 >>306774
i dont know why im so annoyed by the whole seroquel discussion when it is absolutely clear that she Lurch bought that shit off the street.

also ive also gotten seroquel for sleeping issues and have needed up to 150 mg to fall asleep in the beginning. ive also know other people that've gotten it just for sleeping issues. i had literally no side effects and even less than with other antipsychotic medication (for sleeping issues).

No. 306948

does she actually suck her thumb? I was shocked by this for a second, but just remembered my bf told me once that his ex did it too.

No. 306949

She has post numerous photos saying she does, I don't know if she actually actively does it or if it's just for ~aesthetic~ posts though.

No. 306954

it also doesnt fit his long monologue-style messages from the whole tessa incident

maybe they had a fight and he left and didnt come back until now?
she posted a lot about people yelling in the last time and her "mental breakdowns" seem to pike.

either that or he has only enough money for himself and doesnt want to deal with dope-sick luna or it's really about the psych eval tomorrow so she cant beg dope from him or he ODed somewhere/is dead and she doesnt now.

No. 306974

I have psychotic tendencies which it helps with..

No. 306983

Don't cry because introspection goes both ways. Cultivating blood lust and criticizing a person's attention whoring are separate agendas. Threatening a person with dreaded spotlight indicates that you are aware of the power of intention. Chillax yourself because the vibes are coming off rabid.

No. 307000

Sage for no real contribution but Luna's old posts keep clogging up my feed. Something's it's so bad I feel like I accidentally clicked on her page. This happening for anyone else? Her old photos are just randomly becoming more popular I guess?

No. 307030

File: 1494212860203.png (454.75 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_2017-05-07-20-06-36…)

No. 307036

she liked so much truecrime and heroin stuff today im sure she has a side blog.

No. 307041


No. 307079

God I want that side blog.

No. 307098

File: 1494217094096.png (34.15 KB, 750x482, IMG_2736.PNG)

No you're not Tuna Shits

No. 307103

ive been trying to find blogs by email since she probably uses the same email for everything but they made it hard and google isnt giving me much.

No. 307104

She's such a leech.

No. 307144

This. She is a mess but I find her fascinating.

No. 307149

whats her trauma from

No. 307211

>I'll never look like the crazy girls in movies with thigh gaps and long hair
>sucks in and pushes out neck
>"my hair is long"

I mean ok girl, you be who you want to be

No. 307223

I'm surprised she's smart enough to claim EDNOS instead of anorexia. Now I'm sad she's going to die of overdose or infection, her paintings are not that bad and she doesn't seem like she's too dumb.

No. 307231

>Something's it's so bad I feel like I accidentally clicked on her page.
yeah i had the exact same thing yesterday, i went through my feed and suddenly it was one tuna post after the other, so i thought i might have accidentally clicked on her profile but no. dont know what that was.

No. 307232

I wasn't trying to justify her behaviour, just explaining why I think farmers are callous toward her even though I feel sorry for her more than anything. I hope you enjoy being so mad over literally nothing, though.

No. 307235

only that it's not auto-saging kek

No. 307242

Except it is, dumbass. It was posted in and didn't get bumped to the top. Aka 'auto-saging'

No. 307243

File: 1494249228048.png (116.19 KB, 640x902, IMG_4193.PNG)

so i'm guessing lurch IS there

No. 307247

File: 1494249618211.png (9.57 KB, 519x213, literallyshaking.png)

I'm sure that's it Tuna, I can't think of any other reasons.

No. 307248

Unless she made up the story. Its weird that she hasn't posted an ugly, creepy pic of him lately. Maybe he has a nasty infection or cut his hair and hes extra ugly now kek. Or he came back the night before her psych exal because hes done doing dope for the day and he cab get high again once she leaves. If she's even still going.
Gotta go finagle some drugs outta the psych doctor right Tuna!?

No. 307249

you're an idiot. post in it, can you see it on the front page? way to make yourself look like a fucking retard

No. 307250

Why would she be so nervous about it?
Do you think tuna can do anything by herself? I see her being a stupid babbling mess going into a doctor appointment by herself. Probably wants her dad there so he can check her into the appointment for her and tell her what she's supposed to do next. How pathetic.

No. 307251

>rarely take
>like 3-4 times a month

I don't think anyone would classify taking something weekly as rarely somehow.

No. 307252

Didnt she already mention taking it like 3 times since she got her new script? And she just got it like what, 2 weeks ago?

No. 307255

>why would she be so nervous about it?
Why don't you use your imagination, anon?

No. 307257

I wonder if she's gonna dress like a dumbass to go to her psych evaluation. Gonna wear that collar and a stretched out, dirty shirt. If she's trying to score drugs she should try to look a little cleaner and less like a gross junkie. She'll probably cake makeup on the track marks on her hands. Lol what a mess.

No. 307269

File: 1494253383135.png (914.11 KB, 711x1001, yikes.png)

Didnt even bother to brush her hair. Maybe she thinks it adds to her ~crazy girl~ aesthetic.

No. 307271

File: 1494253470851.png (35.41 KB, 749x305, IMG_2740.PNG)

She posted this on her FB and Pat responded like she's taking her or something

>insert tuna crying over cab money she didn't need

No. 307272

Ew she is wearing the dog collar

No. 307273

Yup. Tunas 21 and can't do shit alone Haha. She's going for a fucking psych eval… She acts like she's going to find out the results of a biopsy or something jfc.
It'll be interesting to see if she goes home and posts later about being ~full of love~ and cleaning her apartment.

No. 307275

I wonder if this evaluation is some kind of deal between tuna and her dad. The told her he was gonna cut her off until she went to an appointment and so that's why she actually went this time.

No. 307277

Didn't she mention not that long ago that she had a password locked side blog? That won't show up in search results.

No. 307284

She's probably nervous she'll get caught out trying to blag drugs

No. 307303

I definitely feel like this is the case. He also had her on antibiotics not too long ago. Wah wah, her evil dad is giving her the health care she actually needs and now she can't be mentally ill for the aesthetic! :"(
How does someone so young already have such harsh lines around their mouth? Yikes.
Pat why didn't you tell this scumbag to brush her hair? I bet she smells like rot, too. I feel so bad for Pat but Tuna does not need any more enablers.

No. 307313

What is going on with her fingers in this pic? I can't figure out what would cause them to look so strange o.o

No. 307320

lol i was thinking that she must have sat on her hand or something? but it also looks like when you have your hands in water too long as well

No. 307321

the deep emotional trauma from getting her ass grabbed? kek

No. 307335

File: 1494262088071.png (191.54 KB, 750x1092, IMG_2741.PNG)

I can't wait to hear what bullshit this psych eval is. Especially if her piss is clean, lol I still don't think anyone would believe she's not an addict.

No. 307336

File: 1494262159710.png (200.71 KB, 749x1088, IMG_2742.PNG)


No. 307348

File: 1494263202470.jpg (8.28 KB, 200x214, 54564646.jpg)

Ugh, her hand is freaking me out. Looks like a waterlogged corpse hand.

No. 307358

File: 1494264933035.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0736.PNG)

Guess Lurch was running drugs the past few days? Or it's a lie and the e-begging will commence soon.

No. 307359

Sage for samefag, but I'm sure she meant nodded out on the train*

No. 307363

Lol hi newfag nikkinervous69@gmail.com

No. 307367

Glad she got robbed; lay off the dope, Luna SmackArms.

Also her therapy will just be a waste of resources if she doesn't get help for drugs first which she won't so her quest for mental health is moot. Junkies depress me.

No. 307374

he got robbed. And also im pretty sure he just wasted the rent money on dope and didnt want to share. kek.

No. 307377

Dammmn, she needs to ditch this fucking loser. Today was supposed to be a good day for Luna, she seemed so optimistic about receiving treatment - then her fucking junk-for-brains fiance nods off on the train and gets robbed of all his drug money. Tsktsk. I'm sure right now he's yelling in her face and scaring the shit out of, probably going to force her to call Pat or her dad to bail them out. Also, seems like a weird time of the month to pay rent, isnt rent usually due on the 1st?

No. 307390

Girl, u KNOW they late on the rent

No. 307392

she says he was going to take it to the bank, not to her landlord to pay, so it kind of makes sense. but i doubt it was anything other than dope money. isn't mamaroneck pretty suburban? you don't need to take a train to get to the bank in mamaroneck, so he must've been running drugs in the bronx or going to/coming back from copping.

No. 307393

sage for samefag and possible OT but she's been liking a lot of heroin posts on tumblr today. so maybe lurch really did go away for a little so that she wouldn't be on heroin for her psych eval and now that it's done she can get high again?

No. 307399

I am worried she's going to end up dead with all the bad bags going around. Junkies are dropping like flies in New England. If she did OD, do you think Lurch would call an ambulance? Are they allowed to give Narcan to users?

No. 307401

I was just thinking about this yesterday after seeing some article about "grey death" heroin making it's rounds in the US now. How long until she OD's from some bad shit?

No. 307403

By giving Narcan to users, I mean giving it away as a precaution, like a junkie Epipen. Though since Lurch is an old pro he probably knows what to do.
Blog post: When my boyfriend was young, like 15, some older druggie took him under his wing. He was like fucking thirty, way too old to be hanging out with fucking high schoolers. One time he overdosed and made my boyfriend shoot him up with salt water, I think, and that allegedly can help do reverse an OD. I hate how addicts prey on kids like that, shape them to be just like them. Maybe that's how they got into it originally and are just continuing to perpetuate the cycle. I am curious about how Lurch started using. Probably the same song and dance as most of them.

No. 307405

Okay.. So what is this bitches plan? She thinks she's going to these psych evals to get her brain sorted out and get her life together and get a job, all the while still living with lurch and doing dope and whatever else? Never gonna work..
Maybe once she starts this shit and starts therapy (?) she'll realize how fucked her life with Lurch is and finally leave him and get/stay clean.
Unless of course she's just doing this because her dad is kindof forcing her to and/or she's fishing for whatever meds she can get out of it.

No. 307410

Lmao he nodded out on a train with $500 cash on him? That's actually pretty funny.
He probably lied to Tuna about it tho. He kept the cash (if he ever even had it) for himself/drugs and then told her he was robbed and "Welp, better get some cash from evil dad and how convenient you just went to the psych evaluation he wanted you to go to, so he better give you the money"

No. 307420

it seems like it's only a matter of time. as obnoxious and shallow as luna is it's still a bit spooky knowing how likely it is that she'll OD one of these days

No. 307421

File: 1494270418153.png (182.97 KB, 338x279, 9876543.png)

wow, wtf. why would someone sell this?
Luna, be careful.

yeah, seems like a common junkie excuse.

No. 307450

It's an epidemic in my province and many of my friends friends have died from it the past year. It doesn't fuck around. As much as I think Luna is a shitty person I hope she can get her shit together and not OD from this shit.

No. 307452

File: 1494271279769.png (141.94 KB, 750x1120, IMG_2743.PNG)

It begins…again.

No. 307460

haha of course and who carries $500 on them lol should get those addicts to set up a direct debit

No. 307465

this didn't really happen. she just wants free money.
proof of police report or it's a transparent ploy for cash.

No. 307472

Seriously tuna? If there ever even was any money its his fault he got robbed. He shouldn't have gotten high before deciding to carry 500 dollars cash on him when he knew he could possibly nod out. What a stupid piece of shit. Both of them. Lurch makes Luna so fucking ublikeable and is part of the reason I never have sympathy for her. She back to her old shit.. Thought she was gonna start turning her life around starting with this evaluation but I guess all she wants to be is a worthless junkie. She needs to lose Lurch. He really drags her down. Theyre a couple of fucking losers.

No. 307473

lol fucking this have none of you dealt with addicts, besides what else would that 500 be for if it did exist it's all drug money she's a dumb kid who CHOSE this life for the aesthetic

Real question why does anyone give her empathy she had things in life people would kill for and threw it all away to look a type of way on the internet

No. 307489

She's crying on insta about the "stolen money". TUNA IT DIDNT HAPPEN. Believe it or not your "amazing" junkie boyfriend is lying and trying to manipulate some drug money out of you/your father. My ex did the same thing: told me he lost the rent money and that his roommate put a gun to his head and told him he'd be dead if he didnt get the $200 back. Typical junkie lies. They'll do anything for cash and you know this.
Dude, you need to leave Matthew…

No. 307494


sleeping on the train my ass. was he just carrying a wad of cash front and center then nod off like a fucking dumbass? because lurch looks like he lives in the trains. i've fallen asleep on the train for longer than 10 minutes and i've never been robbed. and i look like i a human being so

No. 307508

playing pretty fast and loose with the term "innocent person"

No. 307513

I swear she's told this almost exact same story before?

No. 307524

File: 1494275571087.png (788.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-08-15-32-13…)

how pathetic

No. 307527

>Supposedly going through so much mental anguish but can still take selfies
Blows my mind straight outta my asshole.

No. 307528

i remember them losing a 100 dollar note that was in lurch's slipper?

also as much as i think luna is a scamming lazy filth wizard, i hope something good comes of her mental health appointment. she deserves better than lurch even though she was so fucking dumb in her past.

No. 307535

Minus the lips she looks cute here

Idk if I believe he was robbed. He probably spent it on drugs and just doesn't want to share them with her.

No. 307548

File: 1494276481997.gif (551 KB, 320x320, b93088d0-f50d-0132-f117-0ed547…)

god i laughed way to hard about this
this is beyond any kind of reason.
it's like those little attention whore freaks who cry in front of a camera and then completely stop to fix the focus or the view and then continue on full-blown bawling.

please moar of this, little tuna

No. 307551

Hmmm is this a cheeky little e-begging opportunity

No. 307555

ok but whose makeup looks like this after crying. your shit will probably run yeah but it looks like she was fisting her eyelids to get this effect. it looks like theatre makeup or someshit.

No. 307562

Would you farmers quit it with the poor little Luna being deceived by evil ol' Lurch.

Dude's limited mental capacity was clearly shown in his emails. He doesn't even know how to use facebook, or clock a catfish. Not to mention the way he writes.

Luna, she has proven she knows how to use social networks to score pity and bucks. She is talented in multiple ways.

She literally snatched away her own mother's dealer. She is shameless and ruthless.

And you're falling for her schtick. Stop it. Stop it right now.

No. 307570

Let's keep their respective ages in mind. If anything,her Mom's drug dealer snatched away her daughter. How long was it that Matthew had a 'crush' on her? Since she was thirteen? He's stunted as fuck, but that does not paint a pretty picture. He probably ian't aware enough to know he was grooming her, but predators tend to go for kids from broken home. At least her mom was a junkie and her dad likely went along with it to a certain point, even if he's different now. Hell,maybe that's what her 'he wasn't fucking there' poem was about; Her recovering addict dad trying to distance himself from someone who enabled him.
Sage for straight up speculation.

No. 307580

All the info we have about their relationship comes from Luna. It's what she chose you to hear.

Also, your post relies on generalized observations on age disparity, mine relies on particular observations of those two people.

No. 307585

She was about to get a bunch of dope and now she's heart broken.

No. 307592


fixed it for you, anon.

No. 307598

only one person liked it and there's no responses lmao if she gets zero donations or someone offers to bring her Food Not Drugs

No. 307608

I doubt he lost rent money. What he did lose was drug money. Given their 80+ habit a day, 500 would be a believable one week drug budget.

No. 307610

File: 1494281337502.png (23.49 KB, 720x131, Capture _2017-05-08-17-02-18.p…)

Okay so he called her and told her, hes not even there in person, probably still isn't. Probably out having fun with that "rent money". Tuna youre stupid as fuck for believing that shit.
But maybe she twisted the story. Instead of losing rent money being robbed from him, it was actually something like him getting ripped off on dope or robbed for drugs or something. Maybe he stole drugs from his boss/dealer now he has to get $500 to him ASAP or hes gonna get the shit beat outta him.
I don't see lurch "crying and freaking out" as she says because he lost rent money.

No. 307613

lurch is so high on the stolen rent money rn he feels nothing

No. 307622

Idk if it's the same in America but I pay my rent on the 5th cos that's the day I signed the tenancy, so it rolls over that way.

If I had the time and energy I'd see if all her 'short on rent' posts are at similar times of the month but I highly doubt they are

No. 307623

sigh still at it, still believing ANY part of her story

I swear, you farmers are almost as naive as the people who donate to this crusty angel

No. 307625

cmon no one actually believes her everyone's just speculating

No. 307627

She just posted a video of herself outsidr smiling and playing with her hair and Trying Desperately to look cute. Not the face or demeanor of someone who lost $500. Luna is the fucking worse at keeping her story going.

No. 307633

Sage for blogpost, but I also had a bit of a mental meltdown today about finals at uni. When I was sitting in the public bathroom crying my eyes out, I think literally the last thing on my mind was taking a selfie.

I can't believe she actually thinks Lurch was robbed. Luna, wake up girl! He's using you!!

No. 307676

It literally looks like she just started to wash her face for once and decided to take a begging selfie. Fuck off, Luna.

No. 307686



No. 307691

omg i thought its mask on her face

No. 307704

True.. If she was crying THAT hard, most of the eye makeup would completely be cried away.. Not all over her eyelid like that. And her eyeball isn't even red which im sure it would be if she was bawling (and getting all that makeup in it)

No. 307749

It's a reflection from a window or something, chill

No. 307760

Lol… doesn't Chief hide his wads of cash in his shoes anyway?

No. 307767

forgot to include the caption was something like "trying to be happy because theres nothing i can do anyways"
maybe someone donated enough for them to get a hit.

No. 307771

I'm not the person you were replying to in this and maybe it is just a reflection from the window but when you zoom in, her nails look weird…almost like she tried to photoshop/edit something and her hand got warped but the pic doesn't look edited, it's so weird.

No. 307778

File: 1494297049320.png (152.36 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_2017-05-08-19-24-26…)

No. 307782

File: 1494297112032.png (189.72 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_2017-05-08-19-24-14…)

No. 307783

i come to these threads as a reminder of the life i left behind when i got off heroin and hard drugs, and to laugh and stupid ol luna, but holy shit man the whole 'getting robbed' thing ohhh mannn that sucks for her dude. cos she can't even say shit even if she knows he's lying. he's such a buffoon that he's probably so bad at lying and all she can do is take it cos she don't call the shots. sucks to suck luna!!!! it's totally the beginning of the end now (with any luck!!!)

No. 307784

File: 1494297190613.png (240.19 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_2017-05-08-19-24-31…)

No. 307785

File: 1494297297401.png (164.91 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2017-05-08-19-24-38…)

No. 307789

File: 1494297447045.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_2017-05-08-19-23-11…)

this post included nearly all the selfies posted today including the crying one

No. 307796

WHY IS SHE WEARING HER HOUSE SLIPPERS OUTSIDE no wonder their apartment is such a shithole

No. 307807

>life or death

You filthy spoiled tuna fish sandwich.

No. 307809

Man, she is fuckin retarded.
>my smokey boy is here and hes such a lover boy
>I just got robbed I love everybody
>I wear slippers with babydoll dresses
>if I get evicted my little bubble of life would be popped
She sounds like she finally scored some dope or something. And its weird that she says if -I- get evicted and not if -we- get evicted.

No. 307810

Man, she is fuckin retarded.
>my smokey boy is here and hes such a lover boy
>I just got robbed I love everybody
>I wear slippers with babydoll dresses
>if I get evicted my little bubble of life would be popped
She sounds like she finally scored some dope or something. And its weird that she says if -I- get evicted and not if -we- get evicted.

No. 307815

>my little bubble of life would be popped
um, that would literally be the best thing to happen to you because you're dying in that bubble

No. 307817


>this is possibly one of the worst things to ever happen to me

Is that so, it says a lot about bitch and her cushy life. What a spoiled brat. Damn I fucking hate this type of "omg im so poor" ppl.

No. 307826

This pissed me the fuck off too. First of all she didn't have to deal with the trauma of being "robbed" that we all know she would never stop talking about because the event DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN TO HER. Secondly, it's not even her place really more like Lurch and his dad let her stay there. She doesn't have a job and doesn't contribute anything to keeping the place so who are you to complain if you lose it whether Lurch was "robbed" or not?

If this is the worst thing that's ever happened to her she is in for a ride soon because the junkie life only gets progressively more desperate and insane.

No. 307828

Sounds like both of them just bought $500 worth of dope and made up a robbery story to get the money back in donations from some naive folks.
They're quite the pair of cons. Toxic ones.

No. 307851

File: 1494301714323.jpg (396.74 KB, 1200x1053, dumphim.jpg)

my god luna read between the lines

No. 307859


is it bad that i actully liked her drawing? is she a tracer?

No. 307879


Luna won't leave Matthew. That's pretty much impossible. He could try to kill her with a knife and she'd probably forgive him and go back to their filthy bedroom. Maybe if she gets totally clean she will see the light and realize she has to dump him, but I think that's unlikely.

Tbh these two situations are way more likely to happen:

1. He ODs and dies.
Luna is forced to fix her life after a long and depressing grieving process and even probably suicide attempt. Idk why, I just think she'd really try to kill herself if he died.
2. He ditches her for other woman (or women).

I could bet money on number 2 tbh. It'd be hard for him because they've been together for a long time, but we all know he probably doesn't really care about her. Everything in this story is sad.

She's not a tracer and, repeating what other anons have said before me: she does have artistic talent and potential, her only problem when it comes to art is TUMBLR. Once (or if) she ditches it she can get pretty good. She probably won't ever draw and paint what 90% of this board considers art (read: azn influenced stuff uwu), but that doesn't mean she's not good. She is.

No. 307888

File: 1494305721009.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2084, 20170508_234501.jpg)

Somehow doubt he was robbed.

No. 307896

lmao this "Trevor Hayes" is the ONLY person who seems to care. He was also featured in the last facebook whine-athon, and he was also sending Luna love on Tumblr too, I think on the "he yells I cry he yells harder" post.

At least her scams don't convince many people

No. 307905


I hope this ongoing therapy will help her see the light, somehow.

I just want her to be happy.

No. 307906

Despite her behavior I want her to be happy too. I don't really care about most cows but Luna fascinates me and I feel sorry for her. Tbh the only thing between her and improvement is probably her creepy boyfriend. But I think she's almost like Lainey (Onisions wife)… Completely delusional when it comes to her er man

No. 307910

omg the leftover foundation crusted onto her upper lip like old fungus ?

No. 307922


I just hope she realises sooner rather than later, and if she does has BPD, and he leaves/dies… x_x

No. 307929

File: 1494310567846.png (1.02 MB, 1382x1012, eyeroll.png)

>i just can't believe someone would do something so evil

No. 307981

Honestly I hoped he had gotten arrested or some shit because thats the only way she would get rid of him.

No. 308019

See this is why I don't donate to people on social media because you'll read this or some sob story and then you find out no, this person has a drug habit or debt and just made up something for pity cash.

And why the fuck does Luna think she'll end up homeless? She's already bouncing between the crackden and her dad's swanky apartment where she can steal whatever she wants. She'd just end up there.

No. 308041

when she cries why does she just smear the makeup all over her entire face instead of using a kleenex.
All I can think is of all that black makeup getting into her pores

No. 308047

So she can take aesthetic sad girl selfies to help with gaining sympathy before the e-begging commences

No. 308060

Yeah, that's definitely a change in emotion because she's high I think, no way you'd just be like "oh yeah it's all cool though and my cat is here and I love everyone" after being robbed like that if you were sober.

No. 308068

File: 1494335609876.png (2.11 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-08-20-28-28…)

This pic is disturbing, who tf takes selfies like this after being robbed? She's delusional.

No. 308088

I mean, she's being absolutely ridiculous about this whole thing, but having a partner robbed of money you really needed is a pretty bad thing to happen, it's not like she broke her phone and is crying about that, that would legitimately be a pretty terrible thing to have happen, even if she personally wasn't the one who got robbed (though I think he absolutely just stole the money for drugs instead).

No. 308089


I was at the pharmacy the other day and there was a a sign on the counter saying they give Narcan for free to addicts/family members of addicts but I live in Canada so idk about the U.S.

No. 308096

It's the same in a bunch of states in America as far as I know, or they sell it at least.

In the ones where you can't get it free, from what I can see you can just get it with a script, which I doubt doctors would have any issues giving out to people, it's a life saving drug with no real abuse potential.

I might be wrong though, I'm Australian, and they just sell it over the counter here, though I think that the pharmacist might need to actually see the person who's overdosing? I'm not sure there, I just read an article that worded it weirdly, does anyone know about that?

No. 308097

Also, I don't think there's much risk of her overdosing, it's pretty hard to OD unless some dipshit sells you a bunch of fentanyl and calls it Heroin or something stupid, but I don't think anyone intentionally does that because it just kills their clients.

Most addicts that accidentally overdose are ones who've been sober for a while and take their old dose, or in the case where there's strange shit floating around, only take a somewhat reduced amount instead of way way less like they should.

Luna's not exactly sober, so I don't think there's much chance she'd have a massive overdose like that.

No. 308113

look at her eyes, she's pinned - def on heroin rn

No. 308122

She looks really cute and angelic here, though. I also dig her Cobainesque sweater.
Though yeah, can't see myself shooting selfies in such situation. Though who knows, maybe it's her way of coping and distracting herself.

No. 308126

the fuck are you on, anon? she looks tweaked out and like she hasn't washed her make-up off in months, just keeps adding more on top of the old shit.

No. 308129

lol r u blind? she looks like a fucking haunted doll

there's been a lot of overdoses in new england within the past couple of years and it's because of fentanyl laced heroin. 3 kids from my graduating class have died within the past year just from overdoses and the city that i'm living in now has a candlelight vigil every week for addicts who have died. heroin's always been a problem in new england but the fentanyl stuff is making addicts drop like flies. i wouldn't be surprised if she overdosed, honestly.

No. 308132


No. 308140

Lol it sounds like Tuna is here trying to aestheticly describe herself.

No. 308145

Lol, you gotta be kidding me, she looks like a fucking tweaking freak, her eyes are going in diff directions and her smile is just really fucking unsettling. Her fiance got robbed and she's 500 short on rent, but she posts pics.like these, idk it's disturbing.

No. 308156

I never thought Tuna would post here til I read this


All striped shirts are odes to Kurt Cobain?

No. 308157

File: 1494345183737.jpeg (53.91 KB, 800x804, kekkekekekekek.jpeg)

>her way of coping
shit what is even wrong with you

No. 308158

luna, get off lolcow. you gotta help your swamp monster find his money!

No. 308187

Tuna go wash your damn pores lmfao

No. 308193

exfoliate your mustache

No. 308315

Lurch is back, she "lost $500", and her eyes are pinned. Wow she's really turning her life around with that psych evaluation! Fucking loser haha.

No. 308318

i feel like the psych evaluation was actually a meeting with a probation officer of some sorts lmao, that's why she couldn't get fucked up for a bit.

No. 308323

Yeah the getting clean/psych eval doesn't make sense to me. She posted a pic from the hospital tho, so idk. Maybe she had to take a scheduled drug test for something. That would explain why she was so nervous, she wasnt sure if the drugs were outta her system or not.
Maybe her dad told her she needed to piss clean or she was getting cut off.

No. 308501

I feel like Pat arranged the whole thing, maybe paid for her visit, and then drove her there. She mentioned something about problems with insurance (it implied that she'd sorted those problems out but you never know with her). Could have been Pat's plan that Luna just went along with so she'd still be able to con stuff.

No. 308554

her insurance problems were her dad put her on his insurance and the copay was worse than the insurance she had before and he "refused to take her off" so she couldnt access her regular services and she never bothered to find ones that take her dads insurance since then

No. 308597

File: 1494370686158.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2093.PNG)

My favourite game is trying to figure if those are trackmarks on her hand or just scabies from the filth she lives in.

No. 308631

You can't have like "casual scabies" it's a disease that eats at you from the inside out it's awful
Also clean people get scabies all the time

Maybe say "flea bites". Much mire plausible.

No. 308665

File: 1494375328873.jpg (122.33 KB, 952x608, 1485423868163.jpg)

shes got a legit lady beard

No. 308669

they dont very pinned anon

No. 308671

Unlikely for her but to be fair being scabby can be from scab picking addiction. If you can't stop picking at scabs then they never heal and you slowly just end up with more and more.

No. 308687

File: 1494376538572.png (2.52 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-09-18-38-30…)

No. 308689

nah honestly…i think she's way more likely to get scabies. she picks up nasty second hand clothes from churches and goodwill, and stuffed animals from the garbage, doesn't wash a single thing ever. and it's more plausible than fleas, her cats don't go outside. just because someone has scabies doesn't mean they're dirty BUT she has cultivated a lifestyle and environment where scabies are likely to happen. I'm sure many people are aware that scabies are quite common, and don't mean dirty necessarily.

No. 308693

They're obviously old nasty scabby trackmarks.

No. 308694

File: 1494376825566.jpg (30.17 KB, 465x466, 57485.jpg)

Those hairy ass legs to go with her beard >>308665 lol

I don't give a shit if a woman wants to shave or not, but coupled with the fact that Tuna doesn't bathe and cakes her makeup on over all her facial hair, it's just disgusting.

I don't even wanna know the state of her junk. It's probably an overgrown swamp by now.

No. 308699

File: 1494377057439.png (2.26 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-09-19-42-54…)

No. 308707

We can tell. It looks like you pressed your nose into the fucking pan.

No. 308731

have you ever done heroin before?

when people say 'pinned', they really mean pinned. as in, pinpoint. hers are still quite large.

t. drug user

No. 308747

File: 1494380759013.png (203.93 KB, 750x1065, IMG_2785.PNG)

>a recipe for disaster

Holy Fuck the neck stretch does not make her look thin, just frightening.

No. 308753

She doesn't know what shorts are? Didn't she just buy several pairs?

No. 308803

Yeah tuna that mix of hilighter really brings out your caked makeup, dry wrinkly skin and facial hair, just perfect.

No. 308844

It looks like she just jabs herself with a needle for aesthetic. Who has veins on their hand that close together that she'd shoot up in a close horizontal line like that? Idk maybe im crazy.

No. 308879

I doubt she is jabbing herself for aesthetics. If you look closely at your hands, you'll see that veins are pretty equally spaced between fingers. Those are definitely track marks, and I'm surprised some anons are even debating this.

No. 308880

Agreed, but having a warm skin tone doesn't vibe with the "half-dead" heroin chic look.

No. 308895

Definitely not scabies. Scabies marks look more like a rash rather than individual bug bites. Her marks could definitely pass as bug bites though, but chances are they are just crusty old trackmarks that she keeps picking at. Maybe the crack or whatever else she's doing is making her feel itchy.

No. 308989

they don't in the picture anon originally said, but they look pinned here >>308597

No. 309006

sage because this is a weird admission and slightly OT, but i actively sucked my thumb in my sleep until my mid-teenage years. it never had any adverse side effects on the lips, all i ever noticed was that my top two front teeth are a little more "wiggly" than the rest, if that makes any sense. my best guess is that luna's top lip is slightly mangled from a combination of nervous lip biting, hot crack pipes, and a general lack of proper hydration in any form.

No. 309438

File: 1494446487890.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0751.PNG)

No. 309444

File: 1494446562905.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0752.PNG)

Lurch reappeared two days ago

No. 309454

is she hiding his huge nose with her hand lol

No. 309458


No. 309467

why the fuck is he sleepin with hat on his head? isn't it spring already?

No. 309496

God that angle makes it look like she's attending his wake.

No. 309511

anon who posted these screenshots - you forgot to crop out your icon.

tinfoil hat these pictures make it seem like Luna's lurking and wants to disprove >>306248 etc

No. 309516

Please delete and repost without your icon. If its too late, change your profile image asap. Thanks for the milk though. Lurch is magically back!

No. 309518

Yikes anon, might wanna change yr icon n username, last chick who made the same mistake got roasted like a stuck pig lol

No. 309547

shit, too late. i don't really interact with her though so it's not like i have much to risk.

for some reason my instagram only has my icon down there half of the time so I didnt even think of cropping.

No. 309558

Dont worry about it,just be more careful next time, some of our farmers can be a bit cruel.

No. 309564

I changed my username/pic anyways just incase. Thanks for looking out.

No. 309582

lmao Lurch finally came back after his week long, $500 drug binge then? Hilarious, she's so goddamn predictable. I knew she'd take a picture of him the moment he came back.

tinfoil hat I bet that's Lurch messaging his side piece lmao

No. 309587

she should check his pulse. just in case

No. 309610

File: 1494457893914.png (239.03 KB, 1078x1160, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.10…)

a lot of crack posts in luna's likes on tumblr rn (pic related) i genuinely wonder how much crack she does

No. 309616

lol people who think crack is fun have got a suprise coming

No. 309625

ha I was just about to screenshot that image in her most recent likes, tickled me too.

So how's the whole begging for "rent" thing going? Or the whole "therapy" thing? It's easier to just do drugs and pretend your life doesn't suck, I guess.

No. 309653

Almost no one even liked her PayPal posts and no one commented. Bet she has gotten nothing, but then again she's like sucking Lady Luck's dick and shes gotten a donations. Which she will never be thankful for.

No. 309715

Glad you changed your pic, but don't take it personally if someone starts blasting how you look. Some farmers need anger management.

No. 309728

That would just be derailing tunas thread

No. 309786

Lurch is back, she's obsessing over crack posts.. Lets see if that deformed upper lip of hers comes back.

No. 309795

Yep I cant wait till she has delusions about cops everywhere and the feds spying on her and people breaking into her house and she has an ACTUAL mental breakdown. Hope she posts lots about it, how entertaining.

No. 309847

yeah it would be, but people still do it

No. 309884

File: 1494474956119.png (354.99 KB, 749x1063, IMG_2808.PNG)

Tuna the carpet already is filthy to death and has old blood stains also why won't you wipe it off
I wonder what "glass" was on her floor.
Definitely didn't step on a needle that's been used 20 times and your cats have pissed on.

No. 309889

File: 1494475143298.png (151.26 KB, 750x1086, IMG_2809.PNG)

She definitely did drugs multiple times, I'm sure staying high all day. Someone pay her a donation cuz $500 is going into you and Matthew's arms, well hands and feet now.
I wonder if they ever try to shoot up in their necks I could see that being a disaster.

No. 309931

File: 1494478831153.jpg (169.75 KB, 720x720, 65602.original-1058.jpg)

ive been following luna for years, and to be honest im pretty sure her top lip has always been weird. you can only really see it when she holds her mouth a certain way which is why i think you don't see it as much in her old pictures, plus they're usually low quality or taken from far away. she used to have pics where it showed more, but since she deleted her blog those are long gone. i also think the dry ass matte liquid lipsticks she uses emphasizes it way more. even in pic related you can see it though. i was just thinking about this because back when she was "hipsville" i looked up to her and loved her style, but i specifically remember thinking "she's really pretty but what the fuck is up with her lips"

sage for autistically long post about her lip

No. 309940

File: 1494479963459.jpg (423.44 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_oe18org46V1vgit5fo1_128…)

sage for OT but i stumbled upon this picture again.. i'll never get over how nasty and hilarious this pic is lmfao. why would she ever want to share something like this

No. 309953


omg she needs a tetanus injection now.

No. 309956

File: 1494481931573.jpeg (68.8 KB, 1592x928, jPSMHAC.jpeg)


apparently the needles break off in the neck because you nod off without taking the whole thing out.

pic related

No. 309970

Not gonna lie, without reading the caption or post first, I assumed this was an extreme closeup of Luna's skin.

No. 309988

Everythings so…floppy.

No. 310010

File: 1494489539203.png (445.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-11-02-55-55…)

sage for OT but luna's comment on chey's post made me lol. girl never quits

No. 310019

luna's comment is probably meant to be a playful joke but it still makes me uncomfortable because she probably still means it

No. 310032

because of courtney love ~aesthetics~

No. 310046

She probably thinks that a blood stained carpet is aesthetic, that's why she's showing it off so proudly. She's so godddamn disgusting.

No. 310051

File: 1494496293817.gif (449.11 KB, 275x155, 1494388134709.gif)

No. 310078

This is a pretty extreme example, but yeah, that's not an uncommon thing to happen for people who abuse IV opiates, to find the needle still in their arm.

I think most needles are designed to bend rather than break to avoid this, though obviously rigidity is important too. So you're more likely to just wake up with a needle sticking out of your neck still unless you make an attempt to break it, from my understanding, though I could be wrong.

No. 310115

File: 1494511854125.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1299.PNG)

2 bananas for breakfast every morning? i definitely doubt it..but i guess good on her for finally eating a fruit. 2 bananas is a lot of sugar though

No. 310120

Fucking called it last thread. >>297298

No. 310126

What a stupid, random thing for her to post. Is she trying to prove that she eats more than just gasstation junk food? And eating 2 bananas every morning kindof goes against her eating disorder/im too poor to eat/I go days without eating aesthetic/sympathy posts.
But oh well, guess she's just high and wants to post about bananas today instead of how she's crying because she loves her cat kek

No. 310130

but doesnt she go 5 days without a single bit of food?

No. 310143

File: 1494526250000.png (576.15 KB, 914x654, surejan.png)

No. 310156

She's flattered that some creepy old beaner complimented her? Wow pretty pathetic.

No. 310168

underrated post

No. 310180

What business does this big dirty bitch have in sitting out on the grass somewhere?

No. 310224

No. 310325

File: 1494540946217.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0218.PNG)

~*^sO eDGy^*~

No. 310389

Opiate withdrawal will make you itchy as fuck, even 'lesser' opiates like codeine/prescription painkillers etc

Add that to the natural itchies that you get from healing scabs and I'd bet she goes to town on them

No. 310390

Brb burning all my bralettes

No. 310412

That's not Chey it's a younger "punk girl" who she's made an impression upon. Girl actually thinks she'll live with Luna when she goes to New York

OT but she also uses the n word for no reason

No. 310414

Not when you've used the needle 10 times..

No. 310418

I think it's more that it would just be nice to get a compliment like that, no need to try to pretend there's milk somewhere there isn't.

Is this an actual question? Is sitting on grass really that alien to you?

Yeah that's definitely true, I hadn't considered that. Though I guess it's less of an issue in areas where needles are pretty accessible.

No. 310423

Seems she even put her usual filter on it.

I think what anon means is that it's an unusual thing for her to be sitting outside in grass. I won't lie, I found it strange for her to do it because she's usually in that filthy kitchen taking pictures of 'possible looks' she'll never wear out because she never really goes anywhere.

Yikes. I've just realized how boring and mundane her life is. She has no irl friends, all she does is shoot up and lounge, go to thrift shops, ebeg, post about Matthew, and lie online.

No. 310430

oops, thanks for pointing that out. i'm not entirely sure who chey is and i know luna doesn't have many friends so i wasn't sure if it was the same person

No. 310542

So youre saying that a compliment is nice no matter who its coming from? Definitely not. Unless Youre a desperate attention seeking thing. Creeps compliment me at work and it is Not flattering… Which I think would be someone's normal reaction.

No. 310543


can y'all stop derailing with compliment talk

No. 310557

Well yeah, a compliment is nice no matter who it's from.

Someone hitting on you is different, but if you honestly get upset that someone just innocently wanted to compliment you, you've got issues.

No. 310567

Sorry but I dont want some random creep complimenting me.EVEN TUNA said it would be creepy if he wasnt "innocent". But innocent doesn't really mean anything coming from her since she described lurch and herself as innocent. So. We can get back to Tuna now.

No. 310588

Wow she's suddenly "all better" now that Lurch is back with the drugs.

No. 310598

Its funny that hes back and now she's posting all these ugly pics of him. I wonder if she realizes how obvious her drug use/withdrawal is. Didnt she mention she has another psych evaluation on Friday? Guess she got high and canceled it, she only mentioned it once.

No. 310628

He always looks ugly tho like she just thinks he's attractive for some unfortunate reason
But she also thinks she's p cute most the time and we know that aint tru honey

No. 310659


Honestly this is a pretty ~~~unreal juxtaposition~~~ but it is actually a cool photo. Out of pure luck, though. Maybe she'll be able to use this as blog/art material/

No. 310829

I don't think it's her picture, its taken and reposted from Tumblr

No. 310926

File: 1494590333910.png (503.53 KB, 972x534, I dont get it.png)


What >>310829 said, it's an old-ass meme from 2012, according to reverse image search.

Tuna wishes her life was that aesthetic.

In other news, wtf is Lurch holding in this image and why is this picture "lol" worthy?

No. 310945

Hes holding some kind of food– I can tell by the crumbs on his shirt. She probably wrote lol because she's high and thinks life is great.
Look at lurches scrawny legs in those sweatpants. Maybe that's what she wrote 'lol' about.

No. 310969

File: 1494595601211.png (156.46 KB, 726x886, IMG_2830.PNG)

Lol someone commented about her second psych appointment today… I'm so sure she's going

No. 310970

File: 1494595680552.png (191.39 KB, 750x1080, IMG_2831.PNG)

Ugh I hate you Tuna. The woman probably thought you were homeless.

No. 310973

File: 1494595849493.png (145.09 KB, 750x800, IMG_2832.PNG)

She asks for everything for free tho….
and just complained about having to pay for a tattoo she wants, Bryce does her hair for free, she gets free things she asks for all the time.

No. 310978

File: 1494596659416.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2082, 20170512_084318.png)

Jesus christ shut the fuck up

No. 310981


Typical. Claims to be broke but nails are done

No. 310983

Omg she didn't actually buy it did she? It's still on the shelf? Is she begging for it? EW also who had a "childhood toy store" did she also have a pony?
She shows so many signs of growing up well-to-do/spoiled.

No. 310986

Read the thread

They're cheap press ons that are probably loaded with blood and dead skin and feces and so many flavors of filth.

No. 310988

File: 1494597553221.png (165.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2833.PNG)

Oh Matthews gets paid "a bit" today lol

No. 310993

i love how she puts the exact price on it

No. 311039

File: 1494603534503.png (136.95 KB, 750x1101, IMG_2834.PNG)

No. 311044

Yeah, at first I thought someone was calling her out for her e-begging

The irony

No. 311045

Did another "kind woman" see her counting change and buy it for her? She probably got upset about the pig plush and walked out with this. Poor thing's going to be yellow in a week.

No. 311061

File: 1494605688085.png (25.14 KB, 532x628, stupidfuckingwhooore.png)

She's whining about things she could easily change if she got off her ass and stopped being a junkie, again…

Most of the problems you listed can be fixed by not taking fucking heroin.

Also "everybody leaves" - am I reaching for thinking that's about Lurch, given the past week?

No. 311063

File: 1494605995229.png (235.13 KB, 403x818, hituna.png)

samefag, just saw this in her recent likes.

Let me put my tinfoil hat on-

Brat-grrls not THAT popular right? Is that another indicator that Luna reads here? Or is that just Tumblr autism where every fuck-up bands together?

No. 311097

she's liked her posts before. those kinds of tumblr people usually just all follow each other because they have similar "aesthetics". i'm sure luna lurks here sometimes but i think she just follows her because she likes her.

No. 311105

Silly anon, bananas don't count as food, only McD's and pizza are food.

No. 311141

File: 1494610677845.jpg (1.45 MB, 1417x1883, Screenshot_20170512-123624.jpg)

the texture of her skin makes me nauseous

No. 311162

File: 1494611840946.jpeg (639.72 KB, 2709x1527, Tunas face.jpeg)

lmao someone get her a lint roller for her face, that shit's nasty.

No. 311209

>>Love you cuz!

I'm guessing this is her cousin

No. 311211

File: 1494613814340.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-13-27-31…)

I guess the spoiled brat got her toy.

No. 311214

how long until it's covered in dirt and blood? disgusting

No. 311217

okay it is adorable i won't lie but she won't take care of it, all of her shit gets dirty after a few days because of the filth she lives in.

No. 311219

>>pig plush
>>Something about it meant so much to me

Maybe that it's a teddy bear, you know, like how it says "my first teddy" on its foot.

Also, it's $24.99

Clearly Luna didn't spend that much time looking at it.

No. 311222

She looks so evil here. Also, that money could've bought them a weeks worth of groceries. This bitch is so dumb.

No. 311234

and money that could have gone towards the "stolen" rent money. lmao how can anyone take her seriously when she has a breakdown, then days later is noticeably high and wasting money on a useless toy. god she's infuriating

No. 311244

lol I posted something like this, then deleted it when I assumed that she was talking about the bigger blue bear in the middle, you can't see it's price tag.

Is it me or is the plush she's holding not even in the original photo? The one she's got looks a lot cheaper than the bears. The bears look really soft, the pig looks like cheap fleece. If she didn't mention a pig plush in the caption, I'd have thought Lurch cheaped out and bought a shittier plush.

At this point I think Luna lied about the whole thing for donations. For someone who's recently been robbed, she's living pretty cushty atm. Why go to Dunkin Donuts, and shopping when you're ~soooo poor. I think she lied about the old lady buying that drink for her too, TWO people in 2 days taking pity on Luna and making her day? She's full of shit and making up weird fantasies to make herself look more valid.

No. 311250

File: 1494615199218.png (599.53 KB, 548x646, godthatcarpet.png)

Does this spoilt bitch even own a vacuum cleaner?

No. 311253

File: 1494615341204.jpg (939.01 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20170512-135433.jpg)

Is it just me or is it already dirty? Did she wipe her face on its back and ear?

No. 311257

Hoisting the thing to her face for cool selfies will dirty it, christ just look at her face

No. 311260

File: 1494615632757.png (669.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-12-13-58-19…)

she posted this photo first and was referring to it in the teddy bear photo

No. 311261

everything she owns is caked in foundation, it took literally 5 seconds for her to fuck it up - gj Tuna you disgusting pig, I can see why you were attracted to that plush.

No. 311263

hooooooooly hell look at those fresh trackmarks

No. 311271

Gat dayum! Just pokin around all over that hand!

No. 311276

its because lurch "got a bit of money" today or w/e she said lol but yeah you desperately need rent money but you spend money on a fking toy because its so important to you

No. 311281

Taking pictures of a stuffed pig for hours. Bitch needs a job!

No. 311293

Her wandering around town doped up for hours feeling up the children's toys and leaving without a purchase, that's an image that won't leave me for a while.

Bitch is going stir-crazy being cooped up inside while Lurch is "working", but she's literally got no place to go so she's wandering around like a zombie, "almost crying" at everything.

I don't know if that's more or less pathetic than what she was doing before, sitting at home painting non-functional CRT monitors she picked out the trash.

No. 311297

>only 27 dollars
that certainly doesn't sound like something a person struggling to get by would say

No. 311305

File: 1494617686730.png (2.39 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-14-33-37…)


No. 311311

holy fuck how many times a day does she shoot up to have the veins on this hand so often used? also a lot of these look definitely fresh

No. 311326

I'm pissed off that her stans don't call her out on her shit tbh. What happened to the appointment today? It's nearly 4pm NY-time and there's been no mention of her ~follow up therapy.

I guess she didn't really want to change, big fucking surprise there. Why do therapy when you can just inject heroin into your hands and buy children's toys!

I've seen Tuna's hairy stumps far too many times. Stop taking pictures of your legs if you're not going to shave, it's fucking disgusting. I know she's hairy af because of her PCOS but normal people who aren't junkie losers try to trim back some of the excess hair, for the sake of everybody else.

lol I showed that pic to an ex junkie friend, and they were surprised at how many of them are fresh. They said it kinda looks like she's missing the vein, taking the needle out and trying to hit it again. Maybe the reason her hands are so wrecked is because she's injecting herself now? Maybe Lurch isn't even there to dose her anymore lmao.

No. 311331

lmfao are those pubes on her socks?

No. 311333

File: 1494618683509.jpg (366.46 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_opuuduaMMt1w3kwovo1_128…)

God her hand does look terrible, there are at least 15 recent injection spots. The bruising on some of them indicates they're more recent, AFAIK.

No. 311336

baby what is you DOING

No. 311343

File: 1494618970459.png (963.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-12-14-55-08…)

she did mentioned going to her appointment, a few times actually. and she posted a pic saying she was in the waiting room

No. 311348

Am I the only one who thinks it's a cow?
Not Luna, the plushy.

No. 311350

i can't believe she wore that to her appointment lmfao she looks like a crack head..i don't know what i would do if i saw someone walking around looking like that

No. 311357

Why would anyone pay that much for a stuffed animal? What is it? The Princess Diana beanie baby??

No. 311358

oh thanks, I'm anon you replied to - don't have access to her IG so didn't see this. She's been crossposting her IG stuff on Tumblr recently (captions and all) so I just assumed the stupid toys were the only thing she did today.

Also she's not wearing tights or pants with that dress, I don't know where she gets the confidence to show off her bare hairy legs like that. The discolored slippers
and unwashed hair are a nice touch, she looks like a hobo lmao.

No. 311361

It's a pig
But yea the spots are a "stereotype" cow thing

No. 311364

"Only $27.99" for a fucking stuffed pig when you're 21 and apparently sooo "poor."

I don't even buy clothes that are over $20 and this bitch is out here constantly saying she's poor and yet justifies buying a stupid stuffed animal because it's "only $27.99" goddddd she's the worst

No. 311371

idk if a woman having hairy legs is that disgusting like i dont wanna defend her but who really cares. her goblin feet are far more gross

No. 311401

File: 1494621099413.jpg (995.95 KB, 1072x1637, Screenshot_20170512-153025.jpg)

sure tuna

No. 311404

File: 1494621224660.jpg (617.44 KB, 932x1089, Screenshot_20170512-153220.jpg)

Can you imagine how terrible her skin would be if she was more acne prone and it wasn't accustomed to the filth?

No. 311405

File: 1494621228466.jpg (32.02 KB, 479x592, 75756.jpg)

Ugh, his hair is so greasy looking that you could probably wring it out.

No. 311407

Damn, Lurch is a chubber.

No. 311409

File: 1494621408890.jpg (158.65 KB, 2000x1000, o-JENNA-MARBLES-100-COATS-face…)

Luna reminds me of Jenna Marbles's 100 layers challenge……

No. 311412

File: 1494621425479.png (131.56 KB, 750x1090, IMG_2837.PNG)

Second hand embarrassment

No. 311417

her feet are just feet. They're big man feet but she can't do anything about it. Maybe wearing socks the right size would make them look less gobliny, but pretty much everyone has weird looking feet anyway. I dunno maybe I'm just being autistic, I find body hair gross regardless of who it's on. I find it grosser when it's on an unwashed junkie tho.

But it distracted me from the nasty ass carpet, with is probably objectively the grossest thing there. I feel bad for the landlord that'll have to clean the crust out of the property when they inevitably get evicted/OD.

Is he wearing 2 pairs of underwear? and he looks a lot fatter here than he did the last photo she dropped a couple days ago.

No. 311418

Sorry if I'm wrong, but are these not the slipppers she begged her grandpa for? I'm still beyond grossed out that she would wear house slippers outside. You have shoes, Tuna, wear them! She must be wearing such a terrible outfit for the ~mentally ill aesthetic~. It's fucking insulting.

No. 311424

File: 1494622381485.png (276.06 KB, 540x960, 1478106356459.png)

I don't think so anon, she owns quite a few pairs of random slippers. They're a similar-ish colour though.

No. 311429

samefagging but these are my favourite slippers she owns, >>221806 they look hilarious. It looks like she's stuffing her feet into children's slippers.

Why DOES she own so many fucking pairs of slippers anyway? All of the broken glass in the carpet they can't be assed to clean up?

No. 311455

>>They're big man feet but she can't do anything about it.
>>I find body hair gross

Agreed. She can't do anything about her feet, but she can shave.

>>Is he wearing 2 pairs of underwear? and he looks a lot fatter here than he did the last photo she dropped a couple days ago.

>>Damn, Lurch is a chubber.

It's odd, because his legs look so skinny. Could it be constipation build up from not being able to use the bathroom due to heroin? I hear people can go a week or longer without pooping and sometimes need to be hospitalized…

No. 311459

>I know she's hairy af because of her PCOS but normal people who aren't junkie losers try to trim back some of the excess hair, for the sake of everybody else.
She actually has a pretty normal amount of body hair. Not everyone chooses to get rid of their body hair and there isn't anything unhygenic about not doing so. I just find it funny that you could shit on Luna for not shaving her legs when there's an unbelivable amount of gross things about her hygiene, personality, and existence in general you could pick instead.

No. 311462

the anon before didnt dwell about her leg hair, but about her five o'clock shadow and hair down the jaw line.

dont take it personal anon. just shave your moustache and youre fine.

No. 311471

"only" 28 dollars?? That's food for me and my boyfriend for a week, that's almost phone bill, laundry, shit, you name it and that's a good chunk of change to go towards anything practical. She's such a fucking loser.

No. 311489

at this point, leg hair is like the least of luna's worries anyway

No. 311505

Ohhh, right right. I wonder what happened to these.

No. 311519

That's stuff's caked on thicker than geisha makeup.

No. 311521

Luna always leaves out "drop-out," "drug addict," and "unemployable."

For somebody who claims to be self-critical she never touches her real issues and leave a it at the shallow, appearance stuff.

No. 311540

This shit pisses me off so much. Lazing around on her filth mattress in her filth den all day with fat Lurch, playing games, watching tv shows, not working, taking pictures with expensive stuffed animals that are meant for children and not crusty lazy junkies. But she still complains soooo much about being "poor" and all this shit. She has received more gifts in the past month thanI usually get on my bithday, and this is just a regular fucking month for this bitch!! She disgusts me and I fucking hate her.
Sage for rant.

No. 311541

File: 1494632089975.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-16-51-44…)

Get a job your lazy greasy slob

No. 311550

who the fuck is paying 27 fucking dollars for a stuffie? this is expensive as fuck

No. 311556

I dont believe they used 27$ of their drug fund to buy this. Lurch probably stole it or something.

No. 311573

File: 1494634762439.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-19-18-43…)

No. 311575

File: 1494634824112.png (1.96 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-19-18-28…)

Some pix from instagram

No. 311577


her bloody hand omg

No. 311579

OP, sorry for shitty screen shot, but holy hell just saw her hand and it is so red and swollen!

No. 311581

File: 1494635120721.png (1.69 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-19-24-04…)

No. 311583

Holy shit she's JUST shot up in this picture, couldnt even wait for the injection spot to stop bleeding. This fucking bitch. I'd say this polaroid looks like a kidnap victim if Tuna didn't get off on that aesthetic.

No. 311584

File: 1494635242151.png (2.14 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-19-24-14…)

No. 311591

Why can't she ever get a septum ring that fits her face?

No. 311606

she either needs to learn how to use her highlighter properly or stop using it all together. The white dollops on the inner corner her eyes, and the blob on the tip of her nose ain't contouring shit. There's just random bits of white on her face.

She's changed her outfit at least 4 times today, it's weird as hell. I've never seen someone put in so much effort just sitting there and taking pictures of themself.

No. 311609

wait a second where's her grandma's ring? I swear she's not taken that thing off in weeks, even when it was covered in blood.

No. 311625

File: 1494638309848.png (7.07 KB, 614x169, aaa.png)

No. 311626

What is she high on? Because she makes no sense and her makeup right now is extra fucking ugly. Why doesn't she just do some dope and nod out and stop embarassing herself. Im sure she's shooting either coke or meth.

No. 311627

File: 1494638781298.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, C5DE9572-DC4A-4FB6-A6BD-1680D6…)

that dab of purple on the very tip of her nose

No. 311647

File: 1494640924602.png (546.32 KB, 705x845, wtf.png)

Jesus. She is so fucking gross..

No. 311649

File: 1494641152107.png (2.02 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-12-21-04-17…)

No. 311652

Holy fuck. Idk which is worse/best, her fake-tooth-brushing, thatnasty new track mark on her hand or the granny panties in the background omg. she is too much.

No. 311655

She's posted over 16 selfies today

No. 311656

because her septum is pierced badly and sits too low in her nose. wearing something that looks like a literal door knocker as a septum piercing just makes it look even worse.

No. 311658

Damn, I wonder why all of a sudden she's on this drug binge. This whole week clean/psych eval/lurch missing thing is weird and now hes back from wherever and she's high as fuck.

No. 311664

I know she does dope, but damn, she acts like a total tweaker. Is she speedballing? She's acting like a methhead, but meth isn't really a thing in the NE. Maybe she's mixing crack and heroin. This girl. I swear, I want to shake her so bad and have her wake the fuck up.

No. 311687

People keep asking. She started on heroine and mocked her neighbors for doing crack. One day she posted about trying Crack and that it scared her because she liked it so much. For a while she'd post her scores of heroine along side Crack bundles. We don't know if she still mixes the two other "speedballs" or just occasionally but she has been seen liking posts on tumblr about Crack. Judging on how up and down she is plus the 10+ pics a day I'd say she's still using both pretty regularly

No. 311690

im surprised her skin isnt worse with the way she treats it, never washing caking on makeup and claiming pcos. how the fuck is this scumbag so lucky when my pcos kills me monthly with hormonal cystic acne! all the drug addicts i know are unbelievable lucky in the dumbest ways like that but hey atleast my face isnt THAT gross tuna take a shower already

No. 311692

I used to follow her on tumblr for genuine aesthetic/not lolcow reasons and I had to unfollow cause her reality was just too depressing

No. 311695

Is this crazy high ramblings or is she talking about her parents aren't accepting her junkie lifestyle anymore? it's hard to tell

No. 311702

this could literally be a pic of a corpse

No. 311714

Wonder if she'll go to her "evil" stepdad this weekend now that she's been to the therapist. I mean she has to update him on it right? To get sympathy and good girl points so she can slide back in his wallet

No. 311719

The first thing I noticed was the indentation on lurch's arm from shooting up, and how inflamed his hand is. I'm feeling squeemish! ?

No. 311741

I hiiighly doubt she actually has PCOS. she never talks about any other symptoms other than pain, and hardly even mentions it at all tbh.

also i can't believe none of her stans have caught on to the obvious drug binges she goes through? she's clearly been tweaking today

No. 311761

Oh shit, gross. I legit feel faint.

No. 311775

lol if thats a trackmark and not a scar, he's considerably better at shooting up than Luna, there's barely any brusing. The fact Tuna's practically got a hole in her hand now pretty much cements to me that she's injecting herself and making a sloppy mess of it, because noob.

This might sound a bit retarded but I've never seen her bathroom from this angle. That shower looks pretty unused.

No. 311778

Agreed. Theres no indication of pcos beyondvague general sympathy symptoms regurgitated for pity points

No. 311779

Corpses mouths hang open until you shut them mechanically or with a stich

~mortician anon

No. 311782

File: 1494652449107.png (74.75 KB, 750x564, IMG_2850.PNG)

You dropped it on your carpet and it broke? Definitely didn't step on it like her iPad her grandfather replaced immediately..

No. 311785

Also samefag And blog but I had s DS when I they came out I must have been 12, I never broke it..

No. 311787

It probably fell on a mound of unwashed thrift clothes.

No. 311799

This. Nintendo products are generally geared towards children, so they're made to be damn near indestructible. There are countless videos of people dropping Gamecubes and shit off buildings and them being fine afterwards. She's either lying for money, or not telling the entire truth. Probably both.

No. 311811

it was pre owned, so even if it looks fine, it could've been dropped multiple times in the past, so her dropping it and breaking it isn't that far fetched. she could've stepped on it or some shit too. i highly doubt she's lying about it for money, when she lies for money it's usually a lie about something that makes people feel bad. like "i haven't eaten in a week pls donate" "my father in law is in the hospital pls donate" "my boyfriend got robbed pls donate"

No. 311813

File: 1494655618184.png (188.81 KB, 750x1095, IMG_2851.PNG)

Ya we know you posted them..

No. 311839

I don't check her thread that often and it makes her downward spiral all the more visible. her face looks horrific and even though her makeup has always been shit, I think the eyeliner got even sloppier. god.

No. 311906

No wonder her other stuffed animals are so grimey. She rubs her caked face on them then bleeds all over them.

No. 311923

She looks like she bathed in liquid highlighter after using baby powder as a base

No. 312036

yeah bullshit, DS's are designed for literal children, they're pretty much indestructable. She nodded off and found it in a puddle of spilt piss-juice, or something like that.

I dropped mine pretty much daily, the clamshell design means that they don't break - hell after like 10 years of mine the only problem I had was the shoulder buttons being damaged. I've never seen someone break a fucking DS.

No. 312041

lmao who gives people pity points for PCOS? It's an extremely common affliction - it affects like 10% of the population. There are different levels of severity for PCOS, and different people get different symptoms. Just because she hasn't got acne, she could easily have PCOS. If she wanted to make up an illness for pity points, PCOS wouldn't be it. I've never heard of anybody finding PCOS to be a serious illness, she'd have gone for something else.

There are 4 symptoms of PCOS, with every individual having varying severity.
Cramps- we couldn't know either way but she says she gets them, so lets say she does.
Acne - doesn't get acne but that doesn't rule out PCOS. Even if she DID have acne, none of us would see it under her caked on foundation. Hell I didn't know she had freckles until like last month.
Excess facial hair - I don't wanna trigger the gorilla-chan in here that spergs out every time someone mentions hair, but Luna does have a lot of facial hair for a 21 year old. I'm pretty much the same age as her and whilst I do have downy hair on my face, I don't have a full beard going on.
Fertility issues - she's ~sex repulsed so we'd never know.

So she has at least 2 of the 4 main symptoms of a very common disease, which nobody in their right mind would try and use for pity points.

Her BPD on the other hand… That's 100% bullshit for pity points.

No. 312044

File: 1494695575132.png (497.2 KB, 540x807, Screenshot_2017-05-13-13-09-43…)

I'm screeching.

No. 312045

holy shit Tumblr is literally a disease, she's stage 5 snowflake now.

No. 312047

its like you dont know who luna is lol

No. 312048

I thought he was her biological dad..?

No. 312049

lol ikr, it doesn't matter if she gets pity points or not, she just likes being as different from normies as possible and anything is used as a way to make her more unique

No. 312050

she'd claim any illness for pity points… let's be real. i don't think she has pcos, we KNOW she would talk about it more and milk it for all the pity points she could get. a lot of women are sympathetic to those w PCOS. sure she has a lot of dark hair, but her roots are naturally dark as well and a lot of women with european backgrounds have dark body hair. i'm not "gorilla-chan" but a moustache that thick for a 21 yr old girl usually means she has european background or a hormonal imbalance. she has no acne, we would be able to see the texture of it through her makeup, and she's not that good at makeup to cover up acne blemishes well anyway. she definitely does not have pcos, and if ANYTHING she just has a slight hormonal balance.

No. 312051

File: 1494696708724.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1419, 20170513_123023.png)

Don't know how to post videos but I forget how chunky she is sometimes. There's no way she could maintain this weight by "going 5 days without a single bit of food"

No. 312055

File: 1494696844084.jpg (731.58 KB, 1415x1394, Screenshot_20170513-123323.jpg)

part 2

No. 312056

HOOOLLY SHIT. She looks like she's escaping a mental institution lmao

No. 312057

She could be finishing up a year of college now, doing an NYC internship and/or holding a part time job. Living at her dad's and going to museums/shows/out to eat with her friends in her free time. Instead she's spending what could be an exciting time on heroin/crack with her genderqueer pig waiting for swamp monster to get home with the drugs.

No. 312058

Oh, the context is that she was running to get out of the rain after "taking the trash out"

No. 312059

mixtape.moe is a good site to upload videos, it's anon and you can do it from your cell phone. God those thunderthighs.

No. 312066

Imo she doesn't throw in being an addict in these public self-berating lists because ultimately, she's soliciting reassurance from others. She wants people to flip her negativity around and call her smart, beautiful, and talented. But no one is going to validate her addiction. They'll suggest she gets help. And I don't think she wants that.
Another possibility is that she doesn't even see using as a bad thing at this point. I mean what kind of glamour is left in her life without ~the magik of drugz~

No. 312067

No. 312069

For fuck sake he's not even skinny and/or fairly attractive which might have explained her obsession a little bit. He has no redeeming qualities at all. Get a grip Luna.

No. 312074

yeah, better run tuna before the cake melts from your face.

nah, seriously.. imagine how that video was created.. she went outside, realized it was raining, then she took her phone out fiddled around with it to start a video, checked that she was in the frame and then startet running, while keeping the camera on her face?
like wtf even?

and those legs look horrific

No. 312082

I watched it with the volume on… When she gets back inside, does anybody else hear that child screaming something? Just sounds like toddler bables. Pls tell me she doesn't have contact with children. ?

No. 312091

Tuna please it's a fucking stuffed animal

No. 312112

It is. Her "step dad" is supposedly dead.

No. 312131

The symptoms of PCOS are pretty much the same as a hormonal imbalance. The reason its symptoms present is because the cysts mess with your production of female hormones and you overproduce testosterone, along with other random hormones like progesterone. Hormonal imbalance is a group of symptoms, not a cause. Maybe it's not cysts on her ovaries causing it, but she definitely has a hormonal imbalance caused by something, and PCOS is pretty common - Occam's Razor and all that. Maybe it's just her terrible diet causing it, but I don't think she actually eats THAT badly. She probably binges on sugar until they run out of money, then they live off of basic meals. Eating a lot of sugar can contribute to hormonal imbalance, but pretty sure she'd be a LOT fatter, and pre-diabetic before that became a worry.

Maybe I'm wrong and Tuna's lying to be ~special but why would she choose such a common thing? Having something that literally 1 in 10 people have doesn't make you special. About the same amount of the population have freckles and she doesn't think that's ~special~ or worth mentioning. Hell, blue eyes are apparently less common than PCOS and I've not seen her mention her rare snowflake eyes. She wouldn't get pity for her psychical attributes, but she'd get attention and isn't that the end goal?

If she really wanted pity for having an illness wouldn't she go for literally anything else more serious? Or believable if you guys think acne is absolutely necessary for PCOS? An invisible munchie illness like Fibromyalgia or something. Fibro would actually work better as a lie, seeing as her excuse for taking heroin was ~muh cramps~, which sounds ridiculous and like she's massively over-exaggerating how bad they are (altho I used to know someone who had to be given Tramadol for cramps… didn't have PCOS either, poor girl). A pain disorder like Fibro is a lot more pitiful and people wouldn't judge her as harshly for being on heroin if it's for ~invisible incurable pain~.

And if she made it up wouldn't she mention it ALL THE TIME like she does with her made-up BPD? She might only mention it occasionally because she only gets flare-ups occasionally. I know a couple people with PCOS that don't have extreme symptoms, only occasionally have flare-ups, and you wouldn't know they had it unless they specifically told you (or you caught them on their once-every-three-month periods when they have really bad cramps). Like original PCOS anon said, Luna's lucky.

I know she's a lying junkie but I don't think she's lying about this. Her BPD, EDNOS, "woe-is-me my dad is a criminal and my life is so hard" stuff is all bullshit, but I don't think the PCOS is. She lies about a LOT but that doesn't mean she lies about everything. I didn't bring up the point of "weight gain is common amongst people with PCOS" because she clearly overeats sugary food and has a sedentary lifestyle. "I haven't eaten in 5 days" is a lie, she's fat because she's a slob. You can have PCOS and be a compulsive liar, I don't think they're mutually exclusive.

Sage for off-topic essay and mild blog, but I don't get why it's so hard to believe she has PCOS.

No. 312140

File: 1494704157966.png (898.5 KB, 1093x759, notebook.png)

No. 312141

File: 1494704273865.png (4.93 KB, 471x76, d.png)

also description on the video, sure looks like she's feeling herself today - crack confidence?

No. 312157

useless spam essay. please kill yourself.

luna probably claims she has pcos because it's an excuse for her being so fat and ugly.

No. 312162

UGH why is she wearing those slippers outside in the rain?! I'm sure they were filthy before, but now they're wet AND filthy! Just put on some shoes, Tuna! It's not that hard!
I can't believe Tuna turned me into an angry slipper anon, but it drives me crazy.

No. 312166

>where she gets that confidence
Heroin gives you confidence or at least a lack of care

Used to wear the skimpiest outfits when I was an addic

No. 312196

File: 1494708316741.png (7.4 KB, 661x188, uhhh.png)

No. 312216

She's doing the same twitching she did in her last video. Only this time WHILE RUNNING. Wtf. Crack must make her wanna do dumb vids.
Imagine how out of breath this cow was after that brief jog kek.

No. 312222

Tuna, your heart hurts because you probably had some kind of cardiac episode from the drugs.

No. 312224

Besides that tumblr post, on insta she said "my stomach is screaming" "my stomach hurts" I think she saw the comments about her being fat and faking PCOS. Hi tuna.

No. 312236

File: 1494711836406.png (113.32 KB, 1242x603, IMG_2305.PNG)

No. 312257

who tf "abandoned" her? lurch is still there so i'm guessing either her parents cut her off or her friends (bryce and uhhh..?) stopped putting up with her shit. she really doesn't have a lot of people in her life to begin with

No. 312258

I'm wondering if Lurch broke the ds in a fight? It's sounds like there's trouble in ~*^heaven^*~.

No. 312260

Probably either lurch is gone for the weekend for another nice drug binge without her or she's talking about her dad not giving her dope money anymore. Lol too bad Loony.

No. 312263

File: 1494714563120.jpg (380.72 KB, 2048x2048, 473D92EE-6D08-4DB0-9E05-795474…)

Sry for the weird edit but lmao you're so pathetic Tuna

No. 312283

The bloody hand nonetheless, she looks nce here. I am so envious of the pig, it's so adorable.

No. 312289

This is entirely off topic and irrelevant but I was browsing this thread before I went to sleep last night and after gagging over the photos of lurch, I ended up having a dream that I was taking a bath with my boyfriend and he was replaced with lurch who started fucking me and I kept trying to change him back but he…was still lurch. Awful. No more reading lolcow before bed. That was an experience.

No. 312300

Anon, what the fuck LOL.

No. 312302

HAHA i've had dreams about luna and lurch after reading this thread before going to bed but thankfully none have been that gross. i'm so sorry your brain did that to you.

No. 312314

Uh-oh Anon, Anon, now Luna is going to post a massive string of posts of other women wanting her man.

No. 312345

File: 1494723909510.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2864.PNG)

She had to post about this again. $80 is standard and you're not special. You obv don't care for your tattoo artist if you don't want to pay him for his work..

No. 312349

she wants so many unnecessary things like i know she reposted that thing about poor people being able to treat themselves or w/e but like that means getting something nice to eat or new clothes not all these luxuries

No. 312352

I thought her aesthetic was "90's sad bby heroin addict" not "early 00's middleaged methhead white trash". I mean, that'd probably work better for her looks but Hello Kitty is definitely a outdated crackhead trailer trash thing like Twilight and Tweety Bird. If she gets that, she's definitely gonna regret it in a few years.

No. 312353

I don't get why she thinks she's poor.. She buys armfuls of overpriced gas station junk food, has the newest iPhone that the bill always gets paid on, constantly buys new shit she absolutely doesn't need (clothes, make-up, stuffed animals), and can pay for pricey drug habit..

No. 312358

that's not even steep. one of my tattoos is like an inch long and half an inch wide and it ended up being $60 + a $15 tip (and i bought him lunch). the fact that she thinks that is a steep price makes me think she wouldn't even bother tipping.

No. 312364

lol I had a dream I was in their apartment and Lurch tried to rape me, I had so much more digust for him after that.

No. 312379

i have one about the size and width of a dollar on my arm and it cost me $120, then $30 for a tip (they fit me in on a day they were usually closed bc i wasn't from there)

that tattoo easily looks like it would be $80, and they're probably keeping it at that because they don't think she'll tip them. usually tweakers don't.

No. 312386

File: 1494730723176.png (79.64 KB, 708x323, Capture _2017-05-13-21-46-14.p…)

Omg this is her caption for a pic of that stuffed animal.

No. 312391

Can you imagine though if she did get a new tattoo? First she'd either be nodding out in the chair or twitching and constantly pulling at her hair. Then imagine how gross and crusty it would get because you know she'd never wash and keep ointment on it. It'd be stuck with random hairs and gunk. And then shed probably pick at the healing scabs when she's twacked.

No. 312417

File: 1494732731402.png (373.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170513-202618.png)

No. 312418

File: 1494732739313.png (219.11 KB, 750x1239, IMG_2868.PNG)

Holy shit she does not care anymore

No. 312419

File: 1494732748126.png (364.17 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170513-202621.png)

No. 312426

She is so high, bitch is flying

No. 312428

This is the level of cringe I'd expect from somebody who is 13 years old and just started Facebook.
Luna it's not Facebook doing ya wrong, it's the fact you gave up so early in life.

No. 312429

>"i shouldn't have posted something so personal"
>continues comment by saying more embarrassingly personal shit

since when does she care about posting whiny personal posts on facebook?? she does that shit all of the time

No. 312431

This shit has to be exhausting if you only know her from facebook and haven't caught on to her hobbies.

No. 312450

HAHAHAHA. i live in a major city for tattoos, and typically any good artist with a name charges 200-250 an hour. The idea of charging 80 for a tattoo is p funny.

also tf is she trying to get tattooed for when that could be drugs. but then again she sees a psychiatrist for expensive meds when she fucks it up by being on drugs so its like she just loves wasting money/her life.

No. 312455

luna you are a grown ass woman when are you gonna stop publicly angsting about shit that happened in high school?? your AP art project, seriously? girl needs a job or something

No. 312457

When do all these women children on tumblr grow up and realize they need to take care of themselves to attract people that will treat them better and not abandon them.

Like yeah bitch what do you do? Are you going to keep whining to strangers online like you're 12 or get your shit together and not turn every little thing into a catastrophe so that your anxiety is constantly TRIGGERED

Who is she waiting to save her from herself why is this a trendy aesthetic

No. 312465

I thought this was PT before she lost the weight…

No. 312478

being 21 and still complaining about getting a 2 on the AP art exam…sis…

No. 312485

Bitch is off her tits high. What the fuck even is this shit?

No. 312499

Tweety bird. Hahaha. So true.

No. 312570

hahahahaha that comment is golden, I hope nobody took her bait

No. 312575

File: 1494760476328.png (354.92 KB, 531x762, lmaowow.png)

lol, someone took the bait in the notes.

No. 312612

Its because this time she didnt get any likes/comments/attention from it so she got extra ~uwu~ im pathetic about it. She's so damn embarrassing.

No. 312618

There's a comment on he insta on this pic about how to get blood strains out.. Tuna probably lost her shit because no one was like "poor baby what happened" Lmao. None of her followers are even acknowledging her crybaby bullshit anymore kek

No. 312629

what in the unholy fuck

No. 312641

File: 1494770498563.png (171.08 KB, 748x1122, IMG_2146.PNG)

Cool burner phone tuna

No. 312644

She let him use her brand new rose gold iphone? Im gonna die laughing if she's crying later because he got "mugged" again and they took the iphone when in reality he pawns it for drugs kek.
Watch out tuna, he might be trying to set you up by using your phone to create proof of drug use/dealing because he wants you arrested (she lurks here, so something for her to think about when she's paranoid on crack later;)

No. 312646

he's probably using it to take nudes

No. 312648

holy shit could his "work" be anymore obviously drug related?

No. 312649

Had to trade phones for work?? That doesn't make sense. If he's not going to pawn it for drugs and/or pretend to get mugged, he may be needing it for gps. You know, locating drug dealers or customers.

No. 312660

but how is she taking the photo of the nokia if she doesn't have her iphone~~~!!!

No. 312661

I have had nightmares about him too, like multiple times, I'm genuinely quite scared of him…

No. 312663

One of her Ipads maybe?

No. 312664

She will never see her iPhone ever again, promise

No. 312665

There was a post in her likes (was scrolling back ages last night) that said "being a drug dealer is way more complicated than people think". Either her or lurch or probably both of them are dealing.

No. 312670

I think she's too lazy and dumb to deal, but Lurch is definitely dealing. And I imagine he gets drugs out of that that he doesn't share with Tuna.. Leaving her feeling "abandoned".

No. 312697

How did she take a picture of this phone and put it on insta?

No. 312698

She has an iPad and a laptop, and Wifi.

No. 312703

All bought by stepdaddy <3

I don't have a iPhone 7 or a iPad and a MacBook but do have wifi but struggling to pay for and other bills while she lays on her fat ass, shoving needles into her skin incorrectly, leeching off people and her step dad or whoever paying for that crap unemployed while you, me and other people here have to get up, work, go learn something in order to get that. Sometimes I wish that people like luna would just die off slowly. I wish lurch never give her phone back.

Sage for anger and ranting

No. 312704

Samefagging, i feel you anon. I wish I had a iphone 7 plus. Instead I have loans lol.

No. 312706

i feel you too anon.

to be honest, lurch is probably going to sell her phone or 'lose it' somehow. it seems like their relationship is crumbling, so i wonder how much longer they'll be together.

No. 312709

samefagging bc this was my post, but i needed to add to it.

as someone who as been in an emotionally manipulative relationship that slowly turned abusive, it definitely seems like lurch exhibits the signs of a possible abuser, y'know aside from him dating a girl who is young enough to be his daughter.

from what i've collected, she doesn't actually ever go to the dealer herself. it's almost always lurch who does the drug-related errands–this could be because he knows she's addicted and that she'll stay if he keeps supplying the drugs. i'm not excusing her behavior because she's genuinely a shitty person it seems, but it also seems like she's been conditioned to be needy, partly by her upbringing and partly by lurch.

sage for blogpost.

No. 312711

You know what's funny? Since Luna was able to magically get a iPhone, why didn't she get Lurch one?

No. 312712

Yeah their relationship does seem like its falling apart. Maybe he doesbt even care to shoot her up anymore so that's why she has to do it herself and has been ripping a million holes in her skin. If he does pawn her phone, he'll do it without a second thought and wont feel guilty about it for a second.

He literally doesn't give a shit about her but she still adores him and thinks hes amazing. How embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 312715

Lurch is basically a SIMP, except he isn't scared of her.

Or how about this:

-Luna benefits Lurch for drugs and money.

-Lurch benefits Luna for pussy and a place to stay when he needs to withdraw.

No. 312717

File: 1494778582230.png (241.27 KB, 750x1236, IMG_2876.PNG)

She actually left the house, went to the store, bought candy, then got home and "forgot"

I'm sure she was just stocking up on sugar to come home and get high and nodded out while eating a candy bar..

No. 312718

LAWL I'd love to see that. I'd love to see lurch pawn the phone, and then she goes on instagram crying that someone stole her phone from him.

No. 312719

How did she "buy" it?

No. 312722

anon i'm really thankful that you got out of that. my ex was never like that with drugs but he was with money and wouldn't let me get a job. i hope to god that luna will wise up but i don't think she'll do that until either she or lurch OD. the only issue is, i don't think lurch will care as much for her if she ODed as luna would for him.

No. 312723

She's not actually flat broke or else she would be acting like it's the end of the world but it looks like she's got her fix etc
~full of love~
>heroin and sugar

No. 312735

File: 1494779625620.png (100.73 KB, 750x733, IMG_2877.PNG)

idfk who Ellie is but im sorry you put energy into the embodiment of the word 'scum' and THANK U for calling her out.
Sry for fagging out but she needs to hear this shit.

No. 312740

I wonder if her advice to Luna was "stop doing drugs" and that's why she deleted it so quick kek

No. 312741

she's such a fucking autist. an absolutely abhorrent and ungrateful little bitch. she deserves everything shitty that's coming to her honestly

No. 312742

Luna is an attention whore. She wants help and attention and everyone to look at her and say something but when they do and it's about work or stopping heroin or something she'll just deflate it and get rid of it, accusing the person for sending them crap instead of help she was asking for. Luna wants to just kill herself slowly, ask for attention, deflate it, rinse and repeat until she's in a coffin.

No. 312745

by her father, this is NOT HER STEPFATHER, dumbass

No. 312748

>make a minor mistake about a lolcow
>someone gets this butthurt
o wow

No. 312750

File: 1494781293604.png (41.33 KB, 750x542, IMG_2878.PNG)

I think daddy is what she calls her boyfriend. That must get confusing.

No. 312757

File: 1494782316460.png (244 KB, 750x1112, IMG_2879.PNG)

No. 312758

Oh wow I was scrolling through her FB timeline and she's deleted almost every nice things someone has posted that offers a bit of advice like for DBT etc…

No. 312759

so essentially the therapist was just doing her job…

No. 312760

No. 312761

hmmm, wonder why she didn't like lurch?

No. 312762

She's triggered because her therapist was good looking? wow.

To be fair, this Ellie learned a good lesson. Chronic complainers like Luna aren't looking for help, unless it requires 0 effort on their part.

No. 312763

yeah no fucking shit she didn't like matthew. he's a 37/38 yr old emotionally abusive addict and I bet she can sense that from a miiiile away lmao

No. 312772

i saw the comment before she deleted. it was a wall of text talking about how she knows its hard and bpd can fuck with you but its important to learn how to give yourself your own validation and it was actually a pretty nice and thoughtful comment full of validation and support, then tuna said she was gonna read it tomorrow because she "couldnt keep her eyes open" then some other person bitched that "now is obviously not the time for tough love, and it took her years in therapy before she realized recovery starts with yourself"

No. 312780

File: 1494785638851.png (179.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2882.PNG)

Geez don't even mention your actual mother?

Also when did her grandma die in the last year??? She's lying her caked filthy face off.

No. 312787

File: 1494786554272.png (51.35 KB, 750x407, IMG_2883.PNG)

Girl you are confident af you post 20 horrifying selfies a day and half of them are captioned "omg I feel cute!"

No. 312792

ya, and granny Eva had wings and once was a president of zimbabwe… bitch stop trying to act like a child of unprivileged poor minority

No. 312805

>somehow buys candy despite the fact that she can never seem to afford real food or pay her bills
This bitch is working my nerves ya'll.

No. 312818

she has gotten a REALLY needy and personal these past few days. she's always wanting attention but this is a lot. i wonder if something other than just wanting attention is going on.

No. 312819

it's a junkie thing. get high af, do whatever makes you happy. rent and bills and shit don't make it on the radar because they aren't 'fun' and it takes away from junk money

No. 312822

I predict shes struggling further with her addiction/scrambling her dopamine levels etc and thats the culprit

No. 312856

File: 1494794787674.jpg (547.46 KB, 720x1121, IMG_20170514_164345.jpg)

someone made fanart of her

No. 312863

hey they only put her lip wrinkles on ONE of her lips

No. 312883

She's whining about people abandoning her, and then she actively pushes people away when they try to help her. If people like her this much when she's being a junkie cunt, imagine how well-liked she would be if she were sober and actually nice.

No. 312905

File: 1494800231665.png (1.98 MB, 1729x1197, Untitled.png)

was this really 4 weeks ago… this is sad as hell cause her skin was pretty good

No. 312917

im at odds with myself. my knee-jerk reaction is to cringe every time i see her, but she actually looks okay here.

No. 312922

File: 1494803260684.jpg (126.5 KB, 1078x1369, IMG_20170515_000557.jpg)

Which Lurch body part is this even? Is he hiding something in his underwear?!

No. 312925

It's kind of silly, but I went back really far into her ig feed and found the point right before lurch was presented and prior to him it's more sunny, happy, and filled with friends. Scrolling up everything gets more and more gray and lonely. It's like she lives in some cinematic version of purgatory.

No. 312926

looks like a pill bottle. no idea why it's there though.

No. 312927

I actually think she has very nice features, she just doesn't take care of herself and I sometimes wonder how much worse someone would look living like this without youth and decent genes on their side like Luna has. I honestly believe that a lot of her least appealing traits come from being dirty and caked in bad makeup.

No. 312930


Gotta keep the drugs safe, even at home. Someone previously pointed out he wears two pairs of underwear simultaneously. Seems like a good hiding place tbh

No. 312933

File: 1494803921335.jpg (103.55 KB, 904x630, gettyimages-620822194-fb4241fa…)

This looks nothing like her. Oddly enough, reminds me a bit of Courtney Love, though.

No. 312938

Ok it has nothing to do with current topics but im pretty sure she mentionned her brother once? Like really a long time ago, something like 5 blogs ago im almost sure she made a post about being afraid "her mom and brother" find out about her blog. Id be surprised to remember a complete false info so are we SURE she doesnt have any siblings?

No. 312942

Maybe when her stepdad/mom's boyfriend was alive, he had a son?
Couldn't agree more especially the lips? They did make her contour look like shit so they got that down

No. 312950

"wearing slippers to my psych appointment usually means I want to die"

…isn't this only your 2nd appointment, Luna?

she always has to exaggerate things. she prob had to say that just to sound like she's ~so mentally ill~ and has been in and out of psych programs when we know damn well she went for her first one just the other day

No. 312963

no, she is definitely an only child. she has a habit of calling her mom's friends her family members though, like her homeless "stepdad".

No. 312970

like when she claimed she ate two bananas every morning
she just likes to try on lifestyles like hats and pretend its a regular thing but she looks like a crazy weirdo liar because theyre never consistent.

No. 312985

I always read Luna's thread even tho it consistently makes me angry with how spoiled, entitled and lazy she is. It's like I'm constantly waiting for something big to finally happen like lurch to die or her or for her to get clean or something but instead it's just always an endless cycle of "I'm ugly validate me" "I feel cute!" "I need money" "my bpd/ed/pcos is rly bad"

No. 312986

It is however somehow better than every piece of art she's ever made

No. 312997

tbf she probably has been to numerous therapy appointments. probably enough to know that dumb slipper thing about herself. everyone these days is "in and out" of therapy and mental hospitals, its not that far fetched

No. 312998

File: 1494813608810.png (307.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-14-20-58-16…)

more woe is me bullshit. but hey, glad she realizes she's not a good person. until she gets that crack confidence back anyway

No. 312999

neither of those shows have been taken down though, yeah maybe some of bob's burgers seasons but not american dad
>sage for derailing

No. 313005


um this picture is so obviously shooped as SHIT you guys?

No. 313009

k. how can you tell? because her skin is smoother? that can easily just be a filter on her photo

No. 313017

Did lurch ever come back with her iPhone? kek

No. 313018

It sounds like Lurch has her phone and is out "working" which we've seen him gone for days at a time. She seems to get worse when he's away and/or she's out of drugs while he's out.

No. 313023

Its never really seemed like hes been gone for such long stretches of time/overnight like he has been recently. I wonder why. Maybe he found a replacement Tuna.

No. 313027

Why are his hands ALWAYS red and puffy? Its pretty disgusting…

No. 313036

Maybe that's why she's so desperate for attention and screeching on about being abandoned? She may have looked the other way in regards to "tessa" but I'm sure she can sense something is off. Maybe that's also where that $500 actually went.

No. 313041

Can you even imagine what it would be like if Lurch so much as suggested that the relationship was maybe not working out? She probably doesn't let him talk about relationship issues at all because she gets triggered because ~*bpd~*~ and if he tried to break up with her she would have a melt down. Lurch is a scumbag but it makes sense if he's cheating and this is how he's going about it.

I don't believe that Luna scams as much money as some here think she does. I think that Lurch sells drugs for rent and their personal drug supply and that Luna scams for extra shit or to get a dose here and there when she is really desperate. Luna would never leave Lurch or LET Lurch leave her. She is completely dependent on him and would rather turn a blind eye to him screwing around if it means she continues to be high and lazy.

No. 313043

I heard both those shows were being taken off Netflix this month..

No. 313044

diff anon but on my netflix, bobs burgers is completely gone and american dad is still on there. it's such a dumb thing for luna to cry about though lol

No. 313047

He probably wouldn't even try breaking up eith her because he knows she'll be extremely over dramatic and have a massive "breakdown" and he doesnt wanna deal with it. So he just lets her be there in the background, and it looks like now hes finally just saying fuck it and going out and doing what he wants, hoping that maybe she'll take the hint and leave. But she wont, she'll mope around the apartment saying how much she loves him and hes gonna just flip out on her.

No. 313049

Mine actually had a problem where it'd just shut down if it was shaken. Even messing with the screen made it immediately shut down if you weren't literally the most careful, delicate person to ever touch a DS
Now it won't even turn on most of the time and when it does I need to let it lay flat on a table so it doesn't turn off. And even then it sometimes turns off anyway because fuck me

It's been what, ten years since the DS came out? It's not far fetched at all that hers would randomly stop working, esp if she bought a used one from her sketchy addict friends

sage for semi blog post

No. 313055

Even then there's like a million things to watch on Netflix anyway. She's a brat.

No. 313111

Not American so can't verify myself, but I think seasons 5-8 or something were removed. I realize she's using someone else's Netflix, but it's so stupid for her to be bitching about this shit when she's supposedly sooooo poor and can't eat for days at a time.

No. 313119

Sage for confused, but what's with all this stepdad talk recently. I only remember Luna ever mentioning her real dad? There have been like 10 anons mentioning her stepdad all of a sudden in this latest thread.

No. 313126

Agreed, I'm confused too

No. 313145

she doesn't have a stepdad, but she has called her moms ex her "stepdad" in the past i believe. she doesn't talk about him anymore though so idk why people think she has a stepdad. whenever she talks about a dad though, it's either about her real dad or lurch's father.

No. 313183

there's a dumbass anon who thinks her real father is her stepdad, she doesn't have a stepdad tho

No. 313194


he's slowly turning into a water corpse because of the drugs.

i wonder what his liver looks like.

No. 313205

Each time I see his picture I have to stretch my imagination to believe he's alive at all. He's always lying down or reclined, with closed eyes or the sunglasses, nodded off.

It looks like he's been dead for at least a year, and Luna mummified him and is propping him for pictures, putting a cat or something on him or beside him. I cannot unsee that once I thought of it.

No. 313206

lmao tbh ever since someone said "Luna's Weekend at Bernie's-ing him" it's all I can see. He looks propped up most of the time.

No. 313207

Long term junkies have blown out their veins and must rely on smaller veins when they shoot up. Those smaller veins are harder to hit. The junkie relies on seeing blood when they pull back on the plunger to know when they've hit the vein but many times when dealing with small veins they're partially in or the vein moves and they end up injecting heroin outside the vein. This causes swelling that may never completely heal. Blake Judd ( who is kind of a cow himself ) is a semi-famous death metal musician whose addiction has left him with hands that look like bear paws.

A smooth, clean injection that consists of one poke and it's over doesn't result in swollen limbs and red hand is a sign of careless and sloppy injection habits. Lurch is sloppy as fuck and dirty to boot. Between all the abscesses he's had, his swollen hands ( bet his feet are swollen, too) and the state of Luna's arms and hands, it's safe to conclude that Lurch is not good at shooting up.

No. 313210


lunas also admitted they share needles

No. 313217


Well her actual mother is/was an addict right? She met lurch because he was selling to her mom… Not a high quality woman tbh.

No. 313279

And she knew he had hep c..

No. 313284

Ohhh thats is so disgusting wtf. I think im going to vomit

No. 313294

Lurch has hep c? Ive never heard that. Only that "evil" dad has it. Anyways tuna probably doesn't care gets hep c because it'll just add to her ~junkie aesthetic~ .

No. 313315

I remember a post about her being uneasy sharing needles with lurch saying that all her moms exes had hep c but she said her mom didn't (lol right) and her mom and lurch used to share needles. So I'm sure everyone in her life has hep c they just don't get tested so they say they are clean.

No. 313320

File: 1494865236595.png (246.06 KB, 738x1103, IMG_2889.PNG)

Those roots are horrendous my god

No. 313333

She should really just let her roots grow out and cut off all that damaged hair but she never would

No. 313336

Her bangs remind me of one of those plastic brooms with the hard bristles.

No. 313342

File: 1494867403718.png (52.89 KB, 750x486, IMG_2890.PNG)

Her day plans…

Sage for blog but I'm actually disabled and housebound and get more shit done than she does. Gosh I wonder if she even knows what real pain is like when you can't shoot up to relieve it…

No. 313355

yeah i remember that post, she said all her mom's exes had hep c, (including her father?) but that Lurch doesn't have it. also in the past they would get methadone from an old guy with hep c who would keep a cotton ball in his mouth, drink the methadone at the clinic, the cotton ball would absorb it all and then he'd give the methadone spit cotton ball to Luna and Lurch for them to…i guess suck out that methadone spit? i feel sick typing that i'm sorry lmao
she is absolutely careless with her wellbeing and it's repulsive

No. 313359

How the fuck can a 21 year old just sit like a lump around the house all day and do nothing besides watch Netflix, sit online and cake on her ugly makeup for selfies.. How lazy and miserable. Wouldn't you want to have a job and a life?
I get one day off work a week and even just laying down and relaxing all day on my day off makes me feel lazy and gross.

No. 313366

Please tell me this isn't real. I don't want to believe it.

No. 313372

File: 1494869061355.png (39.8 KB, 559x468, 1468271081396.png)

unfortunately….here's the screenshot.

No. 313374


jfc forget the roots, look at the carpet…what colour was it originally? wtf is that crust at top right?

No. 313376

I have no words for this. If she truly thinks she or Lurch is clean, she's deluded. There's no way she hasn't gotten Hep or HIV or some shit.

If lurch was her mom's drug dealer… did lurch sleep with Luna's mom? Or were they strictly business lol

No. 313383

Oh my fucking fuck you're right!! I thought that was outside. It looks like a dirt patch or dead grass at a glance.

No. 313385

pretty sure thats a wall shes outside you can see a car park or something in her glasses reflection

No. 313402

Bitch just get on a methadone plan, it's cheaper than your habit (around 300 a month) and if 50mg (no way hep c didn't ingest at least 20mg alone plus what gets left in the cotton) split between your BF and you is enough to keep you well you're tolerance is so low you won't need to move up. You'll be well, it'll help with your "chronic pain" and you could get, I don't know, a job.

I don't even know why Tuna is shooting in her hand, it hurts and the veins are weak and collapse fast. She still has good veins in her arms if she's only been using a year. She just wants to show off her tracks

No. 313427

Idk anon, I've been severely depressed before for a few years of my life and at times all I could do was sit around my house. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. But I was able to get out of it and even though it's hard some days, I now go to school and have a part time job and friends.

Luna, even though she's mentally ill, can do this too. I know it's been reiterated about twenty times in this thread but if she got clean and broke up with Lurch and moved in with her Dad, got a part time job and returned to art school, she could totally have some semblance of a normal life.

I think it's a mix of her drug addiction and mental illness that keeps her so sedentary. I don't think she's happy with her life, deep down. But every time she realizes that maybe her life isn't going the way it should, she drowns her sorrows in food, drugs, or Netflix. It's sad.

No. 313445

she moved to her hands when she got a nasty abscess in her arm that required antibiotics a couple months ago. I personally think she's kept using her hands after her arm healed because Lurch taught her how to do it on her hand. Pretty sure she's shooting herself up now because of how fucked up the marks look now, she doesn't have years of experience.

No. 313504

It is very unlikely that Lurch does not have hep-C. He has been at this too long, is too dirty, and is too sloppy to believe he has engaged in clean needle protocol. He encouraged his girlfriend to suck hep-C infested cotton balls stored in an old man's mouth to get methadone when she was strung out. What are the odds a man who engages in and encourages such activities is meticulous in his needle usage.

Unless Luna goes with Lurch to a clinic, watches them draw his blood and take it away without interference and then is in the room with Lurch when a doctor presents his blood test results and declares him free of any sort of disease, she needs to operate on the premise that he's a source of serious blood-borne disease.

She won't though. She's can't. She's cultivated this persona of a delicate artist girl who depends on her boyfriend/daddy substitute and swans about uselessly until he takes care of her. She's done it long enough that she believes it herself. He could have full-on ebola, bleeding out in her presence, and she'd let him shoot her up.

I also wonder if Luna and Lurch are immunosuppressed due to all the opportunistic infections they seem to contract from needle use and through their cats have developed toxoplasmosis. Half the shit she describes happening to Lurch, if it's true, sounds like toxoplasmosis, especially seizures.

Or they're just lying junkie assholes. Take your pic. But there's an almost non-zero chance Lurch isn't positive for hep-C.

No. 313508

File: 1494878054359.png (219.36 KB, 750x1235, IMG_2898.PNG)

Did she actuallly just get this new off the internet ????? THIS BRIDGE TROLL

No. 313510

I laugh every time I see her wearing this fucking Petco dog tag.

No. 313511

File: 1494878298836.png (183.66 KB, 750x1111, IMG_2899.PNG)

She smoked one cigarette and took 3 photos of it
She never smokes cigs anymore omg she must show it off to upkeep her aesthetic!!!!

No. 313517

blood stain on her dress, classy af.

Do they ever do laundry or does she just swindle more clothes from the Church whenever they get too bloodied/gunked up to be worn?

No. 313518

is that a track mark on the top of her foot?

No. 313520

the sad reality of Lunas life is that she doesnt know she's being abused.

He yells at her (probably for money/drugs), leaves her for days to withdraw alone…

No. 313521

Either a trackmark or a bug bite. Given Tuna's lifestyle, both are equally likely.

No. 313526

File: 1494879092897.jpg (791.43 KB, 960x1280, lmaoartistic.jpg)

okay bitch is definitely cracked up or something, this ~artistic~ image was on her tumblr in the middle of her cigarette porn, and it's insanity is really amusing me. So sad, totally deep. For her to take this and think it's worth sharing? She's losing it, I swear.

No. 313528

File: 1494879177927.png (897.03 KB, 489x930, imgdump.png)

also she dumped like 6 images in one post, don't know why

No. 313532

yes thats exactly what she does. you new here? i was surprised when i saw handwashed granny panties hanging in the shower.

No. 313533

>1 note
I don't even know why this made me laugh.

No. 313585

What the fuck is up with this MeeMaw aesthetic. That Queen Elizabeth handbag, the nylon nightgowns trimmed in cheap lace, the house slippers worn on the street. Does she want to be Courtney Love or Bea Arthur?

No. 313592

her aesthetic is akin to dollganger dopplegangers who tend to dress in "doll aesthetic" and is pretty loli

but they worship this old victorian or early 1900's style and courtney was kind of like that just google courtney love dress.

No. 313594

My thought was she's gone full bag lady.

No. 313598

lmao can you imagine her being homeless but still trying to carrying all that hoarded trash/trinkettes around the streets
i can see it perfectly

No. 313607

I don't get this obsession with Kurt/Courtney as people to emulate when the people trying to emulate them DON'T PLAY FUCKING MUSIC. Say what you want about Courtney, but she was/is really ambitious and clawed her way to get where she did. Doing heroin won't suddenly make you the next grunge queen of modern times.

No. 313609

File: 1494886067414.jpg (97.02 KB, 467x659, 1gi615.jpg)


No. 313626

Lmfao. Yes. While babbling all that kindof crazy shit that she posts online.

No. 313629

File: 1494887826386.png (48.19 KB, 750x416, IMG_2902.PNG)

Lmao i

No. 313634

File: 1494888304566.png (35.21 KB, 750x392, IMG_2903.PNG)

What harm reduction does she put to use? I wonder how often they get new needles, and when they do I bet it's like a 10 pack they use until they're veins and the needle are too fuckdd to shoot up

No. 313643

she fucking sucks cotton for methadone that came from a 72 year old guy's mouth with hep c and shares needles with her fiance. she couldn't give less of a shit about harm reduction lol

No. 313645

Track mark on the top of her foot too. She just oozes class.

No. 313647

And arranging the grimy little trinkets on the curb just so….,

No. 313651

Please fuck no. She better not ruin Lana Del Rey for me like she did Nirvana. -_-

No. 313652

Oh my, could a dramatic aesthetic shift be approaching?

No. 313655

agreed. she should. methadone changed my life. I got on the clinic expecting to just keep using and never truly getting clean. but once I got to around 60/70mg, I didn't feel the urgent need to use anymore. I still get cravings but I haven't used drugs (except weed every once in a while) in almost 3 years.

I don't think she truly wants to get clean tho. she's still too in love with the lifestyle and thinks she's cool for it. she's not tired of it yet, no matter how much she says she is.

No. 313659

I agree that Lurch is a creep/predator but tbh I don't think he abuses her. the only side of things we've heard is hers, when she makes tumblr posts about him yelling at her.

he's just now leaving the house w/o her. he's probably over the dramatics and the bullshit.

I agree with whoever said that Luna probably doesn't scam much money and that Lurch likely does most of the hustling and providing. I would hate to come home to a whiny self centered brat who's been sitting in bed all day rewatching Stranger Things and waiting for me to come home so she could ingest half my drugs despite not contributing shit.

No. 313678

Yeah, if Looney can get herself an iPhone strangely, why can't she get lurch one when she knows that lurch has a shit phone? Does she let him touch her electronics?

No. 313680

well her dad probably got it/pays for it and i cant imagine he'd buy lurch one
i wish she'd post more about them getting married i wanna see her white trash wedding

No. 313688

a friend of mine's bf always fucks up his devices going on sketchy porn sites, betcha 10$ that lurch does the same with the kind of fb messages he's been caught sending. ik phones are harder to get viruses on, but i wouldn't want him using my phone if i was her

No. 313689

I can imagine it-

In a crack house wih asbestos, feral dirty cats, and cans of beer because that's a e s t h e t i c~ and her wedding dress will just be a torn white dirty night gown from the church. Lurch will just wear his normal clothes or even better-run out the wedding ceremony. I doubt he wants to marry her anyway. I think he just needs her for a place to stay from stuff and then get up and leave.

Man, if she's 21 and can rely her dad to get her a iPhone 7-maybe I should go to my mom and she'll get me one too~ I'm 19 so that counts!!!

No. 313691


Doesn't that develop trust issues? They're relationship is (allegedly) in turmoil anon.

No. 313692

Not surprised if that's one of their relationship issues.

No. 313697

How that choker got so rancid? I think she got it like two months ago?

No. 313707

lurch, ala weekend at bernies is standing through a series of intricate wires and pulley systems. "do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?" asks the minister who is actually a homeless guy who lives in their doorway. "yes, yes hes nodding yes" says luna as lurch slowly crumbles forward

No. 313711

File: 1494895328551.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170515-173840.png)

She sounds bitter af

No. 313721

Weren't Lurch and her not supposed to marry as soon as she turns 21 or something too?

No. 313735

Lurch must have reacted badly to something she said about their wedding. I'd love to see what she's got picked out for her dress and the decor, and whether she's gonna try and make lurch wear green pyjamas like Kurt Cobain did.

No. 313775

Did lurch call off the engagement after tunas dad cut off her drug money?!? Kek. She did call him her boyfriend, not fiancé, that one week he went missing. The drug money dried up and he told her he needed to "get some space" or something? I completely see that happening. Real dreamy relationship tuna.

No. 313784


Lurch doesn't look like commitment material I'm not fucking surprised. Hell, I wouldn't want him near my children and grandchildren.

No. 313788

bets on whether she'll crowdsource the money for her wedding?

but the long running joke about men hating commitment, women being a ball & chain, marriage = death, etc is so tacky and played out. so she is right about that at least, that doesn't necessarily mean she's taking the post personally & something happened with her relationship. I feel the same way.

No. 313831

Same. I had to go up to 120+ because of how long I used but it saved my life and I credit to being the only reason I'm alive.

Depending on her situation she could even get it for free through government funding. You get free drug counseling and they offer classes, NA meetings, job workshops. She could actively change her situation.

No. 313836

File: 1494908829797.jpg (426.4 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_oq121chEUO1w3kwovo2_128…)

kinda looks like she has a mark/bruise on her cheek

No. 313837

File: 1494908883876.jpg (486.71 KB, 961x1280, tumblr_oq121chEUO1w3kwovo1_128…)

maybe she was scratching her skin

No. 313849

She looks like a scary old woman…

No. 313863

She looks nice here with the minimal makeup. If she just got out of that gross apartment and got some actual help for her drug 'habit'… well… maybe

No. 313871


she literally looks like a gay man trying to get in drag

No. 313877


>Princess Diana beanie baby

Lmao thank you for that chuckle, Anon.

No. 313887

pretty sure lurch shop lifted that pig for her

No. 313914

or she lifted it herself and then said that lurch bought it for her to make people think he's a great boyfriend

No. 313981

those slippers though.
I wonder what people think when they see her in public.

stained clothes
dirty slippers
bloody track marks all over her arms and hands
smeared on makeup and greasy hair.

I think Luna sees something else when she looks in the mirror

No. 313986

>I think Luna sees something else when she looks in the mirror

Spot on. With all the drugs she sees exactly what she wants to see and it's only when she's out of drugs that she starts really posting about how ugly/unloved she is. Otherwise she's a fashionista starving artist that every woman should look up to because she's so aesthetic and amazing.

No. 313998

>minimal makeup
>still doing her downsy over the top mascara that makes her eyes droop

Look at her artwork, that's how she sees herself. Pretty much all of her art has been self portraits for a while, as if we needed more proof Tuna's self absorbed.

No. 314001

File: 1494941923920.png (10.54 KB, 475x283, whereslurch.png)

lmao things that totally happened. Where was your ~amazing boyfriend you love so much~ during your suicide attempt?

No. 314003

File: 1494942215815.png (61.01 KB, 529x759, insanity.png)

plus a load of captions her selfies and shit - all her pictures have been put in the thread before so I just cut all the captions. The one about her new therapist, she posted 3 times in a row on her tumblr.

No. 314007

>I wish it was socially acceptable to wear this (nightie)

Ah so it's ok to wear grimy slippers everywhere, to do heroin, to beg old ladies for money and gifts, shoplift, but​ wearing a lacey top is where she draws the line.

No. 314022

i wanna follow her but shes such a downer

No. 314044

File: 1494947082234.png (75.24 KB, 230x383, 230px-Crazy_Cat_Lady.png)

Everytime I see Tuna I think of this character from The Simpsons.

No. 314049

I wonder when she'll totally lose it and start whining about Lurch being gone and talking about where he is. He's gotta be getting high with someone new.. What lie would she even tell if someone asked where he is.

No. 314061

File: 1494948401631.png (7.49 KB, 483x281, 53035.png)

lol agreed.

No. 314083

Did she ever get her iPhone back?

She hasn't posted any mirror selfies. If lurch did pawn it though, she lurks here and she knows we seen it coming so maybe she wouldn't cry and admit it actually happened. And then she'll post an old mirror selfie to "prove" he brought it back to her.

No. 314119

File: 1494956073132.png (1.08 MB, 1030x1096, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 1.33…)

what happened to $500 being stolen and her being soooooo worried that she was going to be homeless next month? what a spoiled, manipulative, conniving little girl.

No. 314127

Ew imagine lurch/both of them repeatedly going into that toystore and leaving without buying anything because they stole it.
Druggies don't pay for anything besides drugs. When I was using with my ex, we found ways to get free gas for the car, ways around actually paying for rent, and then just stole the food/clothes/whatever we wanted. There's no way Lurch is spending money on toys for Tuna when its cash that could be going towards drugs.

No. 314172

Do you think she lurks? I've always thought Luna would be totally destroyed by these threads. Unless she exaggerates how sensitive she is, she's always said she cannot handle people saying mean things about her.

No. 314238

I might be reaching but I'm pretty convinced she reads here.

I briefly mentioned that she wasn't wearing her grandma's ring, in a post nobody else even noticed, and she put it back on in the very next photo she posted. She hadn't worn it for like a week before, suddenly the second someone notices it's back.

It sounds conspiri-tard, but it's enough to convince me lol.

No. 314246

Perhaps she even posts here, I mean see >>308122

No. 314284

She would use the word "cobainesque"…

No. 314303

a lot of people think she does but ive been following her for years and i really dont think so. she's mentioned before when all the shit went down on tumblr and people were calling her out how she wouldnt read anything because she knew she couldn't handle it (which is pathetic imo coming from a grown ass woman). she's ridiculously hyper sensitive to criticism and i think if she did read this thread she'd be a fucking wreck and probably whine about being "bullied" for sympathy points. i think her posting things after they're mentioned here are just coincidental because she posts so fucking much. no one really knows though.

No. 314318

if she does lurk here I doubt she'd post about it because then everyone she's somehow tricked into liking and supporting her would see how awful she really is

No. 314342

dont kid yourself, both of them were shoplifted.

No. 314357

File: 1494984225859.png (839.08 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2938.PNG)

Lol who do you hate now?

Daddy for not giving you dope money? I don't think so cuz she takes every moment she can get to bring up her "evil father"

No. 314365

That's a really hard way to kill yourself on purpose? It's like drowning yourself… she just wants to say she did some sort of self harm but no evidence cuz she's a liar

No. 314368

File: 1494984645341.png (483.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2939.PNG)

Lmao in her likes what a moron

No. 314397

Is she trying to guilt trip Lurch into being at home more since he's been out for days at a time lately "working"?

No. 314407

I think she definitely lurks. She once posted on Tumblr/FB/wherever that no one checks up on her unless its to make fun of her. Which is lolcow.
And she says that she can't read hate about herself, but she's so obsessed with herself I think she comes here to read what people are saying about her… And there's been more than one "coincidence" where she posts stuff which seem to be a reply to recent stuff from this thread.

No. 314421

Hi Luna, how the delusions going for ya? Dont you just HATE yourself for not actually supporting yourself in anyway while rioting that you're an independent woman? Us too. I wonder if you've ever paid for anything yourself in your whole life… like with money you earned… not flipping drugs.. anything?

No. 314429

depends on how high the door knob is and how broad the belt. if both works out it's the easiest way since you pass out fast and slowly suffocate/compressing the blood flow to your brain.
Assumed your ass is off the ground, obviously.

No. 314430

do you really think lurch looks at her tumblr? dont think so

No. 314433

I mean, if she actually did do it then yeah, im sure she ran to text lurch about what she just did, hoping that he'd run back home to her with a bundle of drugs.
I also see her making it up, for attention and ~uwu im so sad~ points.

No. 314444

he definitely doesn't. people speculate too much on this thread.

No. 314446

File: 1494992965968.png (600.67 KB, 720x788, Capture _2017-05-16-22-46-14.p…)

Let me guess.. She's going to see her mom to try and suck some drug money out of her since her dad cut her off. This fucking cunt..

No. 314458

Obviously he doesn't, but I could imagine her crying to him about how she was trying to off herself or doing it for him to walk in on.

No. 314464

What >>314429 said. hide from X Japan died that way back in the day.

No. 314466

>>white lives don't matter
>>fuck white men

WTF is wrong with these people lol

No. 314468

Learn to sage your dumb rant.

No. 314470

i agree completely. no way is she reading this thread. she's also kind of predictable with her getting high, whining, begging, etc. so it's easy to think something she posts is in response to anons but it's really not. she's just easy to read

No. 314471


This actually surprisingly would make a lot of sense right now.

Needing her iPhone for "work" when he's never needed t before, the "missing" 500$…
Her being "abandoned".

All signs pointing something is up, and when you throw in a new side girlfriend he wants to impress, these things all seem to fit into that plan.

No. 314473


No. 314474

Okay now I'm convinced her BF is doing something behind her back now.
Buying her random surprise "gifts" when he comes back to make up for his guilt of knowing he's fucking around and to curb her from even catching onto him by filling her with ideas like "look how sweet he is he buys me gifts randomly"

No. 314479

i dont want to out myself to say exactly what but like a year ago i sent tuna a gift just to see what she would do with it and she took one pic of it and then it was never seen again, i assume she pawned it and i kek everytime some dumb follower actually sends her oher things thinking she would keep it

No. 314512

File: 1495003507015.png (948.48 KB, 1220x612, 53.png)

Is it really that cold in their apt? Lurch is ALWAYS wearing that hat.

No. 314558

maybe he's balding

No. 314563


I wonder why he's wearing that hat even inside. And I wonder what his eyes look like lmao.

No. 314565

IME junkie dudes just each have their own uniform and his includes the beanie.
They almost all have one or two outfits that they wear to death and will have one item like a hat or a certain pair of sunnies and it's like their fucking security blanket. By former bil was an ice addict and would never go anywhere without one of two skanky stinky caps. They usually go for the early 90's movie bad guy. Kind of similar to how BPD girls nearly always have rainbow hair and facial piercings

No. 314629

So sage for blog posting/ no contribution

but I work at a beauty store in a town that's known for meth problems and we get women all the time come in fucked off their ass and they always remind me of Luna. We have to stop whatever we are doing to follow them around the entire store while they jump around obvious to the fact everyone knows they are fucked up asking stupid fucking questions throwing everything in their bags then when we get it all rung up they ask how much everything was and take half of it off so they can pay in fucking pennies. I can only imagine how Luna acts in public and how everyone sees her. Junkies are a store clerks worst nightmare.

No. 314632

Hey now that you mention it.. Has tuna ever posted a pic of him where the top of his hat-less head wasnt cropped out? Kek. I can't recall one.
Imagine being a 21 year old and your creepy older boyfriend is balding. She's probably embarrassed.

No. 314701

She hasn't posted any photos today of her going to her appointment, waiting room, after, etc which she would definitely have posted about by now, hmmmm

No. 314704

Sage for dreamblogging, but I've been playing a lot of Rune Factory, and I had a dream that Lurch was cheating on Tuna because he won a trophy in a fishing tournament, and she sold it for dope money.

No. 314709

File: 1495040663909.png (673 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2945.PNG)

She's officially reblogging heroin posts!! Milk is coming..

No. 314711

that's in her likes. she's been liking drug content on her blog for a while, not really milk.

No. 314714

Ugh my phone was fuckin up I essentially thought she thought she was posting on her secret side blog

No. 314733

That's what ive been thinking. Its odd. Maybe lurch shared some drugs with her and she decided to nod out instead..

No. 314749


She definitely lurks here, at least recently. When we were discussing her xanax use she suddenly started posting stuff about how she "doesn't even ~like~ to do her xanax script you guise".

Which I also don't believe. Opiates and benzos go hand and hand, and having benzos to come down from stimulants like crack are literally Stimulant User 101. She's just lucky she apparently doesn't have to buy them by the bar off the street.

No. 314876

I half hope she does read here, and when she's scrolling through she see's Kadee's thread & will finally realise that heroin cut with Fentanyl will kill you.

It'd be shitty for two young cows that could've had good lives die in one year from fent-cut heroin

No. 314887

It's almost a record for her at this point not posting on social media all day except a picture of a fish tank… how can she handle not posting selfies of everything? Oh probably cuz Lurch stole-I mean borrowed for work-it.

No. 314891

i cant wait for the "omg matthew got mugged again" story

No. 314896

File: 1495056005873.jpg (248.43 KB, 934x960, tumblr_oikgklXH5I1vfv0uno1_128…)

>tfw she will never turn her life around
>tfw she will never leave Lurch & get a clean qt3.14 straightedge grunge boyfriend
>tfw she will never stop doing drugs or clean her place
>tfw she will never post a dozen smiling selfies a day telling us how bright the future looks
>tfw she will never make actual beautiful pieces of art with her blobby coloring style that has so much potential

I hope she does and it makes her snap out of it

No. 314915

File: 1495057234400.png (48.21 KB, 750x403, IMG_2946.PNG)

I don't think you can pull off doing heroin during a mental health IOP… they drug test you and will send you to rehab, not let you continue until you're clean cuz that's the biggest issue..

I can barely get away with smoking weed in the outpaitent program I attend

No. 315023

did Kadee really die from fent? sage for OT.

No. 315028

Check the newest posts in her thread.

No. 315032

yes she did.
further discussion about kadee this way

No. 315037

Cue her bitching and complaining and then quitting saying it's too haaaaaard

No. 315063

File: 1495072013020.jpg (66.9 KB, 1200x675, 1200.jpg)

I can just imagine Tuna shuffled around a beauty store in her gross slippers while being eyeballed by the employees then running home to bitch on Tumblr about how it's unfair and wrong for rich people to judge and assume poor people are going to steal.

No. 315068


Kadee lived in Connecticut too. That's not far from New York at all, I'd be worried if I was tuna.

No. 315097

So I don't get it, how is tuna in an outpatient program..? Do they drug test you before you're accepted? Maybe they tested her that first time she went in after she was clean for that week? Her next drug test she'll fail and then be kicked out/sent to rehab?
Or is the whole therapist thing a lie and she's actually in some rehab or methadone program?

No. 315107


No. 315120

What was it

No. 315121

When she says outpatient… I wonder if it's drug rehab and she's just spinning it was a mental health thing. I really hope it's rehab, maybe she will pull her life together and be normal. Please blossom into a beautiful butterfly, greasy Luna caccoon.

No. 315122

Nothing, just the same post that got posted 3 times.

No. 315129

File: 1495077084242.png (189.95 KB, 640x730, IMG_4358.PNG)

is she that thirsty for attention that she had to post her facebook status on instagram too? Also, I might be wrong but- didn't luna say that she's never been treated for her supposed 'bpd' but she says she hasn't seen a therapist since 2014??

No. 315145

Uhhh I thought she was was prescribed seroquel and Xanax. Are those not meds? I know seroquel is given out like candy but thought you had to actually see a psychiatrist to get the Xanax.

No. 315155

>especially in a hospital setting

imagine youre going to a treatment program for your mental health and tuna walks in with her pink tumbleweed hair and clunky plastic accessories and caked on makeup and dirt and blood on her stinky clothes, strung out on drugs trying to make cool mentally ill best frends

No. 315157

she most likely gets it through her dad like the ambien

No. 315159

Hopefully the program is run properly and she's given a hygiene routine to maintain. Imagine having to sit next to her in group therapy while she oozes the smell of cigarettes, cat piss, bo, and oil.

No. 315165

How is she getting around the drug testing?! Is she going to continue to use while going to therapy which would be a total waste of everyone's time and money.
Dope and crack are out of your system in a few days so maybe she just plans on detoxing before each appointment?
And no way she's gonna get clean for good if she's still with Lurch in the drug den…

No. 315178


We live the same life. I love having to follow a junkie around while they pick up $300 worth of items, steal whatever they can, then buy a 69 cent file.

We would already be ready to follow someone like Luna before she even opened the door.

No. 315189

funny how she last saw a therapist around the time she met lurch

No. 315226

She stopped going because her therapist hated Lurch, it's not a coincidence.

No. 315253


No. 315302

Something tells me there's no drug testing involved in this outpatient "treatment" of hers. I think she'd bail if she had to detox regularly.

No. 315379

I hope its a drug rehab too. Luna is still young, and can pull her life together.

No. 315407

she will never be clean as long as she is together with lurch.

No. 315418

i just got out of inpatient (psych ward) and there was no drug testing at all. no mention of it. they asked me if/what drugs i took and i told them but the program was more about getting you better and keeping you from harming yourself. although this is in australia not the US sooo idk how things work over there

No. 315423

Lurch has nodded off as usual.

No. 315430

It is very worrying about the fent in H. Even in the UK it's a thing and it feels different, but of course you don't know until it's maybe too late. The amount of overdoses is scary. Sort your life out Tuna, or toot instead.

No. 315511

they didn't take your blood or ask for a urine sample? i've been to a psych ward (inpatient) a few times and even when i was there for just a few days, they would take my blood and insist i give them a urine sample. i do live in the US though so yeah, it could be different. saged for OT

No. 315512


i don't think she's psychologically unsound enough to go into a psych ward–especially voluntarily knowing she can't get her fix. i think it's some sort of rehab.

No. 315519

wonder if shes devastated by chris cornell's death, but he wasn't a junkie so prob not

No. 315527

yeah she's just doing an outpatient program. from my experience with those you don't need to provide any urine sample. outpatient programs are usually just therapy or group therapy 3 times a week

No. 315534

File: 1495118879836.jpg (1.37 MB, 1426x2062, Screenshot_20170518-094643.jpg)

Yes, tuna. You look bad because it's hot. That's the reason.

No. 315537


No. 315544

she'll never be clean, period. she romanticizes the addiction and everything that goes with it which makes rehab/ intervention useless cos she'll actively sabotage it.

No. 315552

she reblogged a couple of things regarding his death (with the tag #im so sad)

No. 315553

i really hope something can come out of this for her. i want to see luna clean and happy and we all know she can't be that while still with lurch. it would actually be very very very sad to see that luna had overdosed and died one day, and it seems to be the path she's on. i just feel so sad for her sometimes, she could've been a great artist and a normal 21 year old but tumblr mixed with mental illness led her to be………this stunted, spoiled, unappreciative person. u can still change luna, you just have to dump your trash rat of a boyfriend first :/

No. 315575

I hate how she takes other people's personalities and stories and uses them to try to make her own life sound interesting? She does it all the time with her grandma or her dad's friends and I totally forgot how she used to do with people she supposedly met in/out patient. Like she'll meet someone who's like anorexic and goth and ran away from home at 13 or something and take their story and use it to make herself seem "cool" and "interesting" but it's so creepy and weird and kind of sad.

No. 315779

She looks so dirty.

No. 315789


She does that because she's dull and she has zero personality. Example: she likes grunge only because Lurch loves Nirvana and shit. That's pretty sad though.

No. 315801

She must be on a methadone regimend or something cuz she's definitely not doing heroin there/withdrawling

This has to be an iop for addiction? But wouldn't she make such a big deal about that and make everyone feel bad for "hating her cuz she's a junkie" though no one even said it..

No. 315809

If it is an addiction program I dont think she'd outright brag about it because for some reason she wont come out and say she's addicted to dope, crack, whatever else. But im sure she'll talk about it constantly and use it for aesthetic, but she'll probably be vague about it and just keep calling it an 'outpatient hospital pprogram'or whatever.
But yeah, im starting to think its some addiction related thing too. How she's doing it while still living with Lurch, I have no idea. Maybe she's not serious about getting clean but just doing it so evil dad wont cut her off anymore. Or its a methadone thing?

No. 315837

She'd be bragging about new meds too she's not even on an antidepressant you know they're gonna load her up with an antidepressant like Zoloft, a counter part like Wellbutrin, a klonopin script and seroquel..

No. 315851

File: 1495145124696.png (197.52 KB, 750x1146, IMG_2956.PNG)

No. 315907

Interested to see if she's gonna go home and get high now, withdraw when Lurch leaves and have some "mental breakdowns".

No. 315919

I do not believe she could be detoxing/recovering right now and "happy" impossible, right?

No. 315922

Could she be on suboxone now or something?

No. 315924

In my experience, when youre first getting clean youre not feeling all happy and great. Its miserable and depressing and its like that for a long time. She's on something that's making her happy, im sure.

No. 315930

If it were drug rehab then it'd probably be inpatient. Most addicts, especially ones with a lifestyle like Luna's, can't overcome their addiction while they're still living in their junkie circumstances. People need holistic full-time treatment that helps them pinpoint the underlying reasons why they started using and change their deeply-ingrained habits.

Look at her lifestyle- her mental illness and addiction prevent her from functioning on a basic level. She would definitely be admitted to inpatient, though the best one for her would be a special facility for people with combined mental illness + addiction ("complex" something?). The only way somebody can be forcibly admitted in the US is if they're an immediate danger to themselves or others, which she obviously doesn't qualify for, but neither do schizophrenics who've completely lost touch with reality so long as they're able to feed and clothe themselves. Being ineligible for forcible commitment doesn't make somebody ineligible for inpatient or mean that it wouldn't be the best option for them.

Maybe if she were exposed to a different trendy bandwagon that doesn't glorify addiction then she'd have a chance, but yeah, she's all about image…

That's standard BPD shit. They don't have their own personality/identity so they steal ones from people they're close to.

Yeah, if she were trying to kick the habit then she'd be miserable for a long ass time. Possibly even unable to use her phone while she's detoxing. There's no way.

No. 315952

I was just reading about Suboxone treatment and it seems similar to what tuna describes as her "partial hospitalization program"..
>intake appointment
>meeting with a councilor
>you haveto be in withdrawals to begin
>inpatient rehab not required

Wanna bet though that once she gets her sub script she gives it to Lurch to sell for dope money..

No. 315979


Smart observation and probably correct. There's nothing about her online behavior to suggest she's recovering at all.

There's two options. One, she's selling it via Lurch for good drugs. Or she's using it alongside heroin and other drugs, which some junkies do with methadone as well.

No. 315987

It is hilarious watching all of you reach far af and concoct all these scenarios about her life and you guys are so off about most of it haha

No. 315996

it's fucking annoying honestly. it's also super fucking weird.

No. 316002


Hi Tunafish!

No. 316005


Right?? Outpatient psych is definitely a thing so that's probably what she's doing since she's been bragging about it….

No. 316006

She used to say that suboxone was too weak for her but it'll do cuz it keeps you from getting high off other opiates.
However, a similar drug, subutex doesn't have the blocker and can be shot Up (I think suboxone can too but it comes in weird strips and subutex is a powder)

No. 316011

yawn. i'm not tuna you idiot. i just think it's weird and annoying when people make up whole scenarios based on a little pic she posts on instagram or some shit. not everyone that disagrees with ur delusions is tuna or her "friends"

No. 316012

Yeah no way Tuna would lie about drug use/treatment and twist it into something Tumblr-trendy and acceptable like psych treatment. Also her "breakdowns" are really because she's mental and not withdrawing, and her "feeling so full of love" is caused by her cats and her amazing fiancé, and not by shooting up dope. Obviously.

No. 316019

You're here on an anonymous image board yourself, that is purposely for talking shit about cows. I don't think you see the irony in your comment lmfao.

No. 316020

there's a difference between talking shit and creating stories about her life based on little tid bits you read. that's just.. a bit much.. and it makes everyone confused. like how people are STILL asking "is tuna really doing crack?!!!" because she made a post about it like two years ago and people just keep saying she does it regularly with no proof. i get it, it's fun to speculate, but sometimes it reads like y'all are writing fan fic her life.

No. 316025

Then how do you know we're 'wrong'?

No. 316027

It's not even really speculation about the crack so much as observation. If you pay attention to her different high behaviors you can tell when she's on crack vs heroin. Maybe you've never been around anyone on crack.

No. 316028

Suboxone is a constant supply tho and they'll give her a benzo script (a small one though) my brother was on suboxone for years and had like a .5 mg xanax script although in the long run none of that did any good.

If you aren't on a high opiate tolerance, suboxone will FUCK u up.

No. 316031

no, i know that she acts like a tweaker. but we don't have proof that she made it a habit, while we actually do have solid proof that she does heroin. so for now it is just speculation and people are still confused on wether or not she actually continues to do crack.
i am not talking about all of this drug rehab stuff. i'm talking about how weird it is in general when people create dramatic stories about her life based off of a few things. i don't know how to feel about the idea of her getting drugs from therapy and giving them to lurch to sell and shit, it could be true it could not be true. i just find it ridiculous that people make up really dramatic things like her life is a really bad tv show and they're guessing what the next episode will be.

No. 316037

why do you keep saying people are basing things off "a few things," she posts dozens of pictures a day and we know she doesn't work or go to school or even visit people, nor does she do laundry or keep her house clean, so I mean, that's a lot of details to build on
plus she overshares like it's her job, she's even told us she can't pee

No. 316039

So much fucking projecting going on, its annoying

No. 316043

what do those examples have to do with anything? people have literally speculated that lurch makes her prostitute for drugs. i'm talking about THAT shit. they see that she might be withdrawing and they say things like "i bet lurch is making her blow old men for heroin"
it's people that see one thing a make a whole story out of it that i'm talking about.

No. 316045

now youre just derailing so

No. 316046

Tuna fanfic lol. Shes just so damn boring these days though. Shes either ~yay everything is amazing im so high~ or ~im withdrawing my bpd is so bad poor me uwu~. She needs to start up her drug blog again.

No. 316048

Actually there's no current proof shes using heroin, either. Besides the track marks, but if youre going by that then might as well just say that that's proof Shes shooting meth or coke too…

No. 316057

I think it's very weird that some people say she doesn't have bpd or ednos because she talked about having those things for years and it 's very likely she was professionally diagnosed considering she has been in psych wards etc.
she comes across as a typical 'quiet borderliner' for a person who is one herself

No. 316059

talking about it online = truth

No. 316068

Okay but wtf is quiet about it

No. 316096


Nothing about Tuna is quiet. kek

No. 316101

ehhhh no she's liked grunge for a while. she was apart of those rock groupie blogs in like 2010-12

No. 316127

Receipts please. Tuna is that u?

No. 316130

Quiet as in she doesn't get violent, screams etc. but harms themselves, in ways such as taking drugs

No. 316138

she's talked about having fits before where she "scares herself" because she gets so angry and yells and i'm pretty sure she said she breaks things. i'm unsure where she mentioned this, maybe her old drug blog

No. 316139

File: 1495170009005.jpg (103.89 KB, 500x371, 1439419994318.jpg)

I agree. It's super easy to project with addicts too. I'm recovering and people constantly just assume you're on drugs. Tired? "Are you coming down?" Feeling good for once? "Are you high?" Get sick and throw up? "Oh my god, what did you take"
It's annoying. as a once junkie i cant help but roll my eyes out of my head when i read some of the wild speculations made here. sorry for blogging

No. 316140


Go read any other thread on this board. Everyone nitpicks and is always reaching, people will do it regardless and quite frankly she brought this all onto herself. I don't sympathize with spoiled brat junkies, let people nitpick.

I don't speak for others here, but just because someone makes a comment or a joke about her doesn't mean anyone is 'projecting". No one is jealous of her, she's an entertaining cow destroying her own life and it's fun to read while I'm taking a shit so.

No. 316161

Tuna is obviously not a quiet borderline. You obviously don't understand shit about BPD.

No. 316204

A lot of the people in these threads are either junkies or ex junkies. Sure, Luna doesn't tell us specific things, but if you've lived the lifestyle, you're perceptive to junkie lies and misleading information. I don't believe everything said in this thread, but I think anons are right on the money half of the time.

No. 316216

different anon but I've been following her since 2012-2013ish and she's always completely idolized Kurt and latched onto the stupid tumblr bland flavor of riot grrl that worships Hole.

No. 316220

Uh every time Luna gets 'sick' it always includes sweats and shakes, I know you were only using it as a personal example, but its a pretty bad one seeing as she calls all her withdrawals illnesses, and doesn't even go into detail when she's really ill (god knows what those antibiotics were for, it has to be her arm abscess, seeing as she didn't try and get sympathy for it). She might just be coincidentally having the exact same symptoms from a cold or flu but I fucking doubt it.

I still say she does uppers semi regularly and its not total speculation. Go back and read Lurch's catfish messages, he admitted they were using cocaine, which could easily = crack seeing as the tumblr post Luna put up said she didn't enjoy normal cocaine. Bitch tweaks out like once a month in a video, its not really speculation at that point, you can literally see she's on some kind of upper.

Have we had any mirror selfies recently? I dunno, this IS speculation but for some reason I feel like she's been using her iPad for photos.

No. 316274

>'quiet borderliner' for a person who is one herself
god people that identify with mental disorders are just annoying. go back to tumblr pls

No. 316276

>I don't speak for others here, but just because someone makes a comment or a joke about her doesn't mean anyone is 'projecting". No one is jealous of her, she's an entertaining cow destroying her own life and it's fun to read while I'm taking a shit so.

No. 316279

>Tuna is obviously not a quiet borderline. You obviously don't understand shit about BPD.
absolutely this! thank you!
it's safe to say that you can not diagnose jack shit as long as she isnt clean.

No. 316399

>I have this metal illness and know what it's like
>oh my GOD you people who IDENTIFY with an ILLNESS make me CRINGE so HARD

No. 316446

Ugh, she's going to be one of those girls in group who keeps showing up crying about her shit man, and yet won't fucking leave him!

Maybe the DBT will stick, maybe.

sage for rant

No. 316497

File: 1495204012339.png (808.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2959.PNG)

Literally showing off her track marks at the hospital

No. 316504

I really want someone to ask if she's in rehab/getting clean. It wouldn't be too far fetched for someone to be like "omg are you getting sober? I'm SO PROUD"

No. 316508

At least we know her phone didn't get pawned for dope

No. 316518

ive known of her since then. she was blogging under the un skwisgaarskwigelf

No. 316557

Yeah that's the worst part

No. 316606

This is (educated) speculation on my part but its common for white middle class addicts in her area to get themselves checked into an outpatient rehab setting for suboxone and downers with no real intention of getting clean. Even if you piss dirty a lot of places are reasonably lax (dont automatically assume the worst/figure you succumbed to your addiction blah blah) and will even up your sub dosage under the logic your initial dose wasnt high enough to "block cravings."
Guess dads insurance was good for something

No. 316710

File: 1495221388987.jpg (1.49 MB, 1396x2045, Screenshot_20170519-141509.jpg)

Imagine standing this close to Tuna in natural lighting.

No. 316712

?? holy shit her lack of social skills is showing

No. 316714

File: 1495222033706.jpg (1.14 MB, 1437x2036, Screenshot_20170519-142643.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with her tongue

No. 316715

probably just the pills dissolving trying to get that perfect drug selfie

No. 316716

i think just the pills melting. did make me gag tho

No. 316718

God she's a fucking creep.

No. 316735

Her tongue looks like it got dried out and then cracked..!? Ew. I know dope dries out your mouth but damn drink some water..

No. 316742

File: 1495224486448.jpg (108.21 KB, 1200x990, PicsArt_05-19-03.07.11.jpg)

Lmfao, suuuuuure Tuna!

No. 316748

File: 1495225161117.png (81.78 KB, 750x740, IMG_2964.PNG)

No. 316749

With the chunky, hairy grandma legs and all the makeup caked on your fuzzy mustache how could any boy resist?!?

No. 316751

I know it's not uncommon to google your therapist, but why does she have to be so creepy about it?

No. 316752

Food poisoning………..?

No. 316782

bryce told me personally she cut her out finally.

No. 316785

her fucking lips
freckles arent evenly spaced like that

No. 316787

Maybe she actually bought a tainted batch of Sour Skittles. Better not speculate otherwise~

No. 316795

Oh my god tell me everything. It's about time Bruce cut ties with her

No. 316802

Hnngh, I'm bored and half-tempeted to ruffle her feathers and leave a comment saying that this picture is ~*triggering*~ me #and my gag reflex.#
#But I won't because cow-tipping is a no-no.#

No. 316803

They got her an ambien script and she's already abusing it

No. 316804

Well fuck me to the moon and back for not knowing how to spoiler text properly.

No. 316805

File: 1495230264417.png (102.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2965.PNG)

Comment on her goals about wanting to be less anxious…

No. 316812

Luna can go to therapy all she likes but she is stuck in her lifestyle until death unless she kicks Lurch to the kerb and stops abusing every drug that falls into her hands. Day one of therapy and she's already abusing her prescribed meds. Therapy only works if you also put the effort in and do the work they set you and take the medication correctly. This was doomed to fail from the start

No. 316819

she was just tired of being used and new luna was never gonna get clean. she also blames luna for all her information being on here.

No. 316835


No. 316838

File: 1495232886389.png (139.2 KB, 719x1035, IMG_2967.PNG)

He was even creepy af looking as a child.

No. 316844

Pretty sure you're not supposed to pop three of those at once, Tuna.

No. 316847

What an offensively ugly child

No. 316851

so when this picture was taken was luna even alive

No. 316853

And not go to sleep… lol ambien is know for its hallucinatory/downer/black out feel when used in larger doses/not actually going to sleep.

Ambien is never ever prescribed for anything but drinking.

No. 316854

File: 1495233995883.png (56.12 KB, 750x421, IMG_2970.PNG)


No. 316857

I think he must have been at least 16 before she was born soooo nope?

I mean what's our count on his age?

No. 316860

I would hate to see what he looked like as a baby

No. 316861

File: 1495234472822.jpg (338.95 KB, 2048x1009, ACE02082-60AE-4E22-81FC-037450…)

A couple hours apart? Why? To show you took ambien and xanax intend on taking more asap? She might be blacked out right now maybe she'll post some good milk

No. 316866

Here I thought she had a fiance and no money but now she's got a boyfriend and finances.

No. 316870

File: 1495235242188.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-19-18-05-30…)

What the fuck is the point of this??

No. 316872

are people hitting on you during group therapy or is it more old foreign guys at the park?

No. 316873

God I wish working my full time job meant I got paid enough to be as off-my-tits high as Luna is in this post

Like 'especially in this hot weather'? The fuck has that got to do with the rest of the post I'm lost

No. 316874

That ~therapy girl~ aesthetic. How lame hahaha.

No. 316875

I fucking told you all. This isn't just heroin confidence. This is ambien confidence. That shit will make you feel like you can do anything, and you will do anything.

Listen up, Luna. The withdrawals from that are hardcore, so buckle up when you run out!

No. 316877

File: 1495235578922.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.gif)

No. 316878

she's had one. She posted them last month as well.

No. 316880

would have never thought of that but now i can't unsee

No. 316883

File: 1495236379814.jpg (68.49 KB, 600x350, women-laughing.jpg)

>especially in this hot weather
>boyfriends and finances
>i'm in the best relationship of my life

No. 316887

it's true, I jumped out of my window on Ambien kek

sage for blogpost'n

No. 316897

probably orderlies, making sure the junkies don't rack everything.

No. 316900

LOL thx for catching that

No. 316903

It's a different script/different pill

No. 316905

My ex boyfriend punched a cop and woke up in prison on ambien lol

No. 316918

File: 1495239805762.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2980.PNG)

Oh nope actually same pills, different xans tho

No. 316922

she could've said "especially in this hot weather" because girls are more likely to wear "revealing" clothing because of the heat, which in turn gets them more harassment

No. 316941

File: 1495242214982.jpg (32.26 KB, 640x360, IMG_20170509_110936.jpg)

This is so ugly. She's like, "ooo, look at my pretty candies in my pill case!" What a fucking loser. She's wasting her therapist's time. I hope something bad happens to her and gives her a wakeup call, she's long overdue for one. Sage for edgy.

No. 316942

honestly it's about time. luna has been leaching off of her for years and bryce needs to start looking after herself. i'm also glad that chey has been calling her behavior out, she really seems like she's turned her life around.

and this right here is proof that luna is not taking this seriously. if she actually wants to improve her mental health she needs to start taking her scripts properly. therapy isn't going to do anything for her unless she steps up and does the work that they ask her to, which we all know she won't.

No. 316949

Being her therapist is probably AWFUL
>he was a bartender but I still like him
Also why does she have to mention everyone's nationality if they arent white 'mericans ?

No. 316967

Kek Bryce cut her off her dad cut her off. How long until Lurch cuts her off for good

No. 316987

This picture always confused me because I know she has (or at least had) a script for them but if my eye isn't deceiving me those are "Hulk" xanax bars, allegedly 4mg per pill. The thing is I've only ever seen them being sold on the deep web, so what the fuck? Unless Americans in general are so used to benzos that it somehow justifies making such a large mg pressing… Ahh, I don't know.

Anyone else seen or been prescribed these green xannies?

No. 316988

wouldn't surprise me if it was candida.

No. 316991

Nah and I don't think she'd be prescribed bars maybe like a small amount but she's very obviously a junkie covered in track marks she's not trying to hide at all, prescribing someone who does opiates a benzo could kill them/make you lose your medical license

No. 317003

because she's the annoying type of racist who has to use everyone's race and nationality to make her life seem more interesting and make her seem like less of a bigot. ex: "my grandma was part of the black panthers and she was jewish"

No. 317004

They're 3mg I think, but I've only ever seen them on uni kids from wealthier families who are selling or giving them away. They seem to be more commonly prescribed in much smaller doses to everyone else.

No. 317040

Guys, cmon this is Luna we're talking about. As she is still living with Lurch she is definitely not getting clean? Has she ever even expressed a desire to get clean? No.
This is just a psychiatric outpatient program (seemingly IOP). Not rehab, a suboxone place. She is literally just attempting to work on her mental health (as if that's going to help at all while still shooting dope, but hey).

No. 317043

And I have to agree the level of speculation here reads like a terrible Luna & Lurch fanfic. She makes a couple posts saying she's lonely and suddenly you guys are concocting an entire scenario about Lurch cheating??? She makes a post on tumblr vaguely saying someone is angry and yelling and you guys start saying Lurch probably beats her or some shit..it's absurd. Stick to the actual milk & shit talking.

No. 317075

File: 1495259513043.png (746.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-20-00-50-43…)


No. 317083

Are you new? Lurch actively hit on anons and many others back when he had a Facebook. This, and you seem to think Luna is the honest, straight talking sort.

No. 317088

she's such a fucking moron, she posts pics of her with 3 ambien on her tongue and is confused as to why she's "dissociating" and phrases it like it's not because she took 3 fucking ambien. i know its bc she's high off her tits but i just wonder if she realizes how stupid she looks to everyone reading it.

posts like these are what anons are complaining about. y'all can act like its unfounded but this thread is full of speculation which is fine until people like this turn it into fact. we have no clue if her dad has cut her off or if he's involved in any of this. it's likely maybe and it's good to discuss, but it's stupid to state it as a fact.

No. 317090

File: 1495261086018.png (99.42 KB, 750x853, IMG_8593.PNG)


No. 317094

File: 1495261914399.png (1.57 MB, 1472x1142, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.3…)

No. 317095

File: 1495261918974.jpg (851.83 KB, 1427x1542, Screenshot_20170520-013125.jpg)

Not fast enough.

No. 317101

Back at it again with those goddamn areolas

No. 317102

hahaha why does she keep showing them off?

No. 317118

she's just high as fuck and on that ~body positivity~ vibe, what a trainwreck

No. 317120

Ooh, where has Chey been calling her out? Facebook?

First day of therapy and not only is she off her tits and she's know showing her tits. This isn't even the first time she's gotten high on ambien and posted body part. Ick

No. 317128

Ambien is just essentially subconscious confidence in pill form. She took almost 3 times as much as she's supposed to and didn't fall asleep, stayed awake. She'll be confused and regretful when it wears off.

No. 317132

At first glance, I thought her witch hands were Lurch's.

No. 317136

how woeful

No. 317157


nah that looks like an infection. candida or glossitis.

knowing the state of her teeth and lips, drug abuse and sucking her thumb (+lack of proper hygiene overall) i would rather go with the infection than just the pills dissolving.

No. 317170

Yesterday or so, there were some posts about her personality. Luna definitely lurks!

No. 317171

File: 1495277135856.png (48.08 KB, 750x498, IMG_3751.PNG)

forgot to add pic sorry

No. 317201

Ffs Luna doesn't lurk here, just because she makes a vague post on tumblr doesn't mean anything. She has said multiple times that she doesn't read hateful messages and just deletes them, probably why she has her asks disabled on tumblr.

No. 317209

now i also want ambien kek

No. 317214


No. 317218

File: 1495285781671.png (114.29 KB, 750x879, IMG_2991.PNG)

After posting 10 pics of ambien and talking about how much she loves it…

No. 317220

File: 1495285906826.png (134.62 KB, 750x1097, IMG_2992.PNG)

Girl no that is not what dissociation is that's what ambien does…

No. 317223

my god please someone tell her how ambien works

No. 317224

She's trying to keep up with the "damaged and drugged up grunge girl" persona

No. 317231

File: 1495286447770.png (340.21 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-20-08-16-41…)

No. 317235

File: 1495286988612.png (110.88 KB, 750x1179, IMG_2993.PNG)

She's at her dads I guess she posted this last night

No. 317237

Cool so how much money and people's time are being wasted on your hospital program?

No. 317238

File: 1495287466233.jpg (144.36 KB, 566x849, IMG_3562.JPG)

Holy shit, dem teef!!!

No. 317243

she posted a gif of her cat during the daytime like 1 minute before that. she might just be going through her camera roll

No. 317259

lol exactly. god some anons are so stupid

No. 317492

this doesn't really seem like something she'd post after lurking. it just seems those attention whore-y post she usually makes.

No. 317504

She posted about "severely dissociating" while high again. She's so dense

No. 317523

File: 1495310372100.png (61.27 KB, 750x899, 1476753009972.png)



No. 317524


No. 317525

what the actual FUCK

No. 317529

New to Tuna's threads?

No. 317531

Newfags… It was a meme in several of these threads, its from a picture of Luna trying to get him a job dogwalking

No. 317535

Lol, not to nit-pick, but she wasn't trying to get him a job as a dog walker, he was just creeping on someone else's dog who was tied up outside.
Also, newfags should read up on the old threads and get caught up before commenting, there's lots of juicy milk.

No. 317536

Poor Roger. He has to deal with Tuna wandering around the house all fucked up on Ambien and locking herself inside (hopefully) the bathroom to take topless selfies for her teenage followers. Yikes.

No. 317549

tfw you have similar areola to Luna but after these threads you're not sure if they're actually ugly or if they're only ugly because her personality is ugly

I thought Anons here were really reaching too before I saw Luna post that pic of Lurch's phone on instagram explaining that he needed her iPhone to listen to music in YouTube, and that was after all of the suspicion about it in this thread. So I'm not totally sure.

No. 317567

I dont believe Bryce cut ties with Luna. Whoever said that is making shit up.. Screenshots or it didnt happen.

No. 317593


>tfw you have similar areola to Luna but after these threads you're not sure if they're actually ugly or if they're only ugly because her personality is ugly

don't sweat it anon, if luna wasn't a flaming trainwreck who broadcasts her life online 24/7 no one would give a single fuck about the shape of her areola. it's only embarrassing because she has no sense of inhibitions and can't keep her titties to herself, among other things

No. 317602

It's also funny cuz she wrote terrible poetry about how her pedo boyfriend loves them..

No. 317613

File: 1495320700498.jpg (7.69 KB, 267x200, 1483519587132.jpg)

I forgot all about this pic

No. 317633

don't worry, your nips are fine anon. it's just fun to make fun of luna. what that other anon said, basically no one would bat and eye at her areola if luna wasn't luna

No. 317637

File: 1495322695232.png (833.13 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2996.PNG)

A suicide note she texted to her boyfriend? That's nice

No. 317639

a good way to get better is to not abuse your meds also she couldn't even post these the right way round

No. 317645

Said she couldn't sleep last night.. Tuna you can't even blame this on addiction can you? You do not get high off ambien! If anything it'll help sedate you if you don't take it by the handful in the middle of the day to black out and call it dissociation…

No. 317662

File: 1495324781006.jpg (1.15 MB, 1434x2016, Screenshot_20170520-185826.jpg)

9/10 times..

No. 317663

Ugh, imagine her cheap perfume mixed with BO, cigarette smoke, and cat piss.

No. 317671

File: 1495325814821.png (169.84 KB, 749x961, IMG_2998.PNG)

That's like $50 in lipstick



>doesn't want more nude colors

>two new nude colors

No. 317678

cvs is the easiest place to lift from. when she says "friend" does she mean the badly placed security cameras and employees that don't give a shit?

No. 317682

bitch all ya need is face wash, shampoo and soap bar, not nyx liquid lipstick shit

everything about her is so ridiculous, like her hierarchy of needs is totally messed up - who needs 5 lipsticks instead of food or cleaning supplies, smh

No. 317692

Eek, her thumb. The tips of her other fingers look flaky too. What's that, a fungal infection from living in that pigsty? Burnt herself on a crack pipe? Do I even want to know?

Gave me such a good laugh

No. 317697

Ugh omg, these cheap drugstore body sprays are so potent and horrible, and judging by the fact that she says she would go thru too much perfume and that she thinks she always stinks, she probably douces herself in the stuff. I wanna fucking vomit thinking of it.

No. 317705

File: 1495327878688.jpg (379.99 KB, 2048x2048, B687EA72-E273-4D3F-8863-52E758…)

Is there already a Tuna Pepe? If not I'm gonna make one now.. Actually I challenge you all to make the best Pepe Tuna you can make..

No. 317706

File: 1495327886615.png (41.57 KB, 709x366, Capture _2017-05-20-19-50-16.p…)

No. 317707

Gosh tuna stop vague posting WE ARE HERE TO LISTEN

No. 317712

File: 1495328531923.png (68.1 KB, 877x566, IMG_3434.PNG)

The best I can do

No. 317722

Lmfaooo. I love it

No. 317727


No. 317731

Lol like she would admit any wrong-doing anyways.. She has excuses for everything.

No. 317749

Lol I love the shirt stains

No. 317762

File: 1495331671492.jpg (119.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3005.JPG)

I'm embarrassed.. I think I more captured her "aura" aka the many layers of filth and foundation on her face

No. 317768

This is horrifying my god whoever you are I am sorry lord this is not art, it is a reflection.

No. 317771

I can't sleep tonight anon, i just finished laughing at my art

No. 317775

File: 1495332282826.jpg (1.81 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3729.JPG)

sage for blog but look who i ran into! im betting tuna got her pig from a really high-end toystore like the one where i saw this one. there were literally $65 stuffed animals here. i could only imagine gross tuna bumping around and putting her crusty foundation on all the stuffed animals while the employees just stared at her (and yes the pig really was $26.99)

No. 317800

Before Lurch
Full Lurched

No. 317857

File: 1495337607413.jpg (781.24 KB, 640x2171, IMG_5936.JPG)

Sage for old news, but I noticed this dude's thirsty comments on Tuna's ig so I checked out his profile. It looks like Tuna must have been so high that she hit on him on two separate occasions on the same selfie without noticing kek

No. 317895

File: 1495340861128.png (146.95 KB, 572x1000, Butt-head.png)

No. 317935

what a great "fiancé" she is eh

No. 317962

This is great anon!

This is hilarious omg hahah!

No. 318020

It's just old dry skin like you'd get on your foot. Hers is probably from never using lotion and irritating her hands with chemicals/heat and never exfoliating anything.

Having a hard time imagining Tuna wandering the aisles of a high-end toystore simply because I don't want to accept the idea that she does. Why? What could she possibly be doing in a shop like that? I mean they can't chase her out with a broom but she probably looks like like drugged out child predator when she comes in, ready to snatch some customer's kid.

No. 318044

Can't speak for her other fingers, but Ive got really soft hands and the flint wheels on lighters tear up my thumb like that when I use cheap disposable lighters

No. 318091


.. tbh it looks like acrylic paint.

No. 318106

She's a drugged up idiot, of course she wanders into places where she stands out without noticing. Her misplaced confidence/narcissism means she has no idea she's the dregs of society. She thinks that people are checking her out when they stare because she's that hot. Little does she know, these people are following her to make sure she's not stealing stuff, not because she's hot shit.

No. 318262

File: 1495394645783.jpg (212.75 KB, 1200x1351, PicsArt_05-21-02.22.06.jpg)

No. 318294

File: 1495395809651.png (147.6 KB, 1125x1311, IMG_2372.PNG)

i was one of the anons who was skeptical that she lurks but this is basically confirmation that she does. she posted this pic on her blog which is the exact pic posted by >>305860

No. 318318

This makes me sad

Imagine being so selfcentered you take pictures while dissociating

No. 318341

Taking selfies is basically all she does.

No. 318352


'My grandpa is kind of a famous jazz musician. He got nominated for an Emmy.'

No. 318359

Is Luna the last person in her family line? Sucks that it'll end with her junkie ass if there are (allegedly) so many interesting people in it.

No. 318374

…it's also the very first picture that comes up when you search TEC-9. the anon who posted it 15 days ago only posted it because luna mentioned a TEC-9.

she doesn't lurk.

No. 318384

Guys I'm so 90s!!! I'm so 90!!!! Chris died I'm so sad I grew up with him!!! I understand his psin it's just like mine see guys? I know soundgarden I feel the pain!!!

No. 318388

File: 1495401069887.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-21-16-09-52…)


nail polish

No. 318389

File: 1495401115884.png (904.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-21-16-10-04…)

ooh good find, tuna

No. 318391

File: 1495401154886.png (900.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-21-16-10-09…)

No. 318392

holy god the dried blood at the cuff but i bet she reuses the press-on nails? and just paints over them over and over again or something and then when they fall off just glue them back on or something.

No. 318398


i especially like how she makes no attempt to file them down or change the shape of them at all and she uses like extra extra broad ones for whatever reason?? does she really not know what nails look like??

No. 318401


why not paint them before gluing them onto your fucking nails, numbnuts? she's literally retarded and would never think of this, so if her nails start looking better then you know she lurks. man that's painting with her dominant hand too, AND she's a painter??? hahaha

No. 318403

she slaps nail polish on in the sam haphazard fashion that she does her paintings. sloppy trashy big 65% areola loser

No. 318405

why would she randomly be googling tec-9 to post on her blog lol. she mentioned that gun in a poem about her dad from forever ago. why would she just be posting it now? cmon now

No. 318410

having to hold a nail and paint it seems more difficult than putting the nails on and then painting them though. she's probably just high and doesn't know how to paint nails