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File: 1520204425347.jpg (925.47 KB, 1031x1187, 1520157020395.jpg)

No. 520702

Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
⦁ Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910
>>487913 >>487926 >>487927 >>487935 >>476771 >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1996 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy. She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment"
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally
⦁ Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress.

http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

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archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

ome other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

(if stuff is missing i apologize)

No. 520704

File: 1520204513960.jpg (135.2 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p51d5t9xml1rmiw96o2_128…)

Hip hip… hooray!

No. 520707

No. 520708

File: 1520204700193.gif (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 540x304, 1520154323197.gif)

No. 520712

Jesus Christ that is unsettling

No. 520714

demonic even

No. 520716

I can hear her disgusting mouthbreathing pants right through the screen

No. 520717

File: 1520205330919.jpg (Spoiler Image,409.79 KB, 1438x1280, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-1JMQ…)

No. 520718

File: 1520205418518.jpg (160.88 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p4h4ma6ltK1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 520726

Wait why are we just posting pictures that have already been posted in old threads. Stahp.

No. 520738

oh jesus, gross

No. 520743

File: 1520208239769.png (11.79 KB, 487x184, bath.PNG)

No. 520747

File: 1520208786773.jpg (333.32 KB, 726x1258, woman_greek_roman_statue_by_co…)

her body reminds me of greek/italian statues except with smaller hips and breasts

No. 520750

She really just doesn't want to bathe. And is lazy.

Just keep pissing on pads on the floor girl.Your followers think you're talented thanks to your dry pussy dildo-ing and ability to humiliate yourself without feeling ashamed publicly. Don't forget your niche, stinky knock off "Barbie".

No. 520755

I want to see Shayna's definition of her porn not coming out good. Post it Shay!!

No. 520768

File: 1520210123020.png (2.55 KB, 302x129, textg.png)

lol i guess that means she won't be bathing for the next few days before her shoot to keep her hair in tact. kek.

No. 520782

File: 1520212342360.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.38 KB, 540x303, tumblr_p51mcaLELK1rmiw96o1_540…)

her new icon

No. 520829

File: 1520216865875.png (24.38 KB, 251x167, hgfld.png)

LOL nope. Be honest Shayna, it's because you got two negative reviews on them

No. 520831

Question, how the hell is Shay "20" if she was born in 1996? She would have turned 21 in 2017. I was born in 1997 and I turned 20 last year. I know she pretended to be 19 but now shes pretending to be 20?

No. 520843

tbh I think it's wrong. I've always remembered her being born in 97, not 96. It adds up with when she graduated high school and started sex work at 18. I would love to see proof otherwise if anyone has it.

She deleted her getting dumb for daddy video, the one that got the 1 star view

No. 520846

File: 1520217881764.jpg (124.66 KB, 732x1020, fund.jpg)

She started ANOTHER new fund, she just had a fund open for her hair. She'll sit there and criticize people who use gofundme for legitimate reasons, but yet opens a fund for a "new" camera… for what? She's just going to keep sitting far away and using filters in attempt to drown out her disgusting vagina. Or use the money on something frivolous and unrelated like she always does. DOLLY MATTEL is a SCAMMER! There should be a compiled list of all her bad business practices, people should be weary of a liar and a thief like her.

No. 520848

So this is her second time raising money for a camera. The first time she hoarded her amazon gift cards and blew them all on supposed pink furniture that we have yet to see. Now she is asking for $2500??? For a camera? It's not that serious girl. What kind of camera are you getting???

No. 520853

OT kinda but does anyone else feel like shay is a mix of luna slater and pumpy or

No. 520862

File: 1520219159131.jpg (70.07 KB, 617x621, df.jpg)

You can "sext" her now.

No. 520865

$50.00 for 15 minutes… Good lord

No. 520868

15 minutes of sexting ONCE a month? maybe once a week but damn that’s a rip.

No. 520872


It's the second time she opened a fund thru MV, but it's the 5th or 6th time she's officially asked for a specific item, and never got said item from only the past 6 months. Don't forget her "car" when it was "broken into", then when she got into a car accident and threw a whole pity party about being so broke and needinga new car but couldn't afford it. She asked for money, cards, donations, etc … but brags about "treating herself to new lingerie" the very next day… and never got the car. Her whole schtick is saying something she needs broke and need to replace it in order to continue posting her nudes. Like saying her pink cage broke during the transport to WA. Even though the cage she had was collapsable and pieces used to connect are metal and can rebend if ever warped somehow. She begged for money for her 1st move, lingerie, clothes, props, tickets, new bong, another new bong, drugs, hair. She had a list of pink items she needed for her 1st apartment, and now has been asking for a new list of pink things for her Seattle apartment when it hasn't even been a full year.

She's always having a "crisis" or she needs money for, it's been an average of more than 1 emergency a week. Oh also, Her "tv" and "vibrator" were just the pas 2 weeks, on top of begging for the usual shit she begs for like eyeliner, make up and pizza, drug money, etc. Also, not only does she lie and not spend the money/giftcards on the items she initially said she was in dire need for. She DOES NOT always give that customer the proper items they exchanged for. There have been numerous asks of people asking when they will receive their items, and those are only the ones she publishes. Aside from them that, there have been numerous people who have come forward about being scammed by her in different ways for different things, she even scammed someone and didn't send the prizes that person won from her giveaway after several conversations… and still even now. She blocks customers who she didn't properly compensate, as well as block customers who don't leave a 5 star review. She does a horrible job managing her "business". She's just a scammer, liar and thief.

No. 520898

File: 1520222761974.jpeg (103.52 KB, 1242x444, C3470C48-D9B8-43E0-9271-F5E7A8…)

Dude.. it’s called… having friends. This is sad.

No. 520975

Please don't insult Greeks and sculpture like this…. Shay is deformed

No. 521329

If she had a sugar daddy, why would she need to beg for money on Tumblr to buy pizza and furniture? Or her nails or hair. Even if they didn't give a shit about her living situation, the whole point is that a sugar baby should look good, so if she did have a sugar daddy then she'd be covered in terms of appearance related expenses, as opposed to begging for money to get her nails done.

No. 521341

God this bitch is so stupid. Getting paid $30 at a time does not make you a sugar baby. Streetwalking meth addicts charge more than that for a five minute blowjob. Sugar babies have an allowance and get paid for dates. Usually like three to four digit amounts at a time. Not fucking thirty dollars good god

No. 521343

wow look at all that sugar… $30.00….$20.00…$30.00
if she bought 3 new purses, a clutch, stuffed animals, a dress etc with all that money i'm betting they all came from walmart? kek

No. 521348

File: 1520277075715.jpeg (229.49 KB, 1242x841, 1370CF52-77A1-45B5-A3A2-F9E96E…)

Anyone have caps? Also I detect a self sent ask here

No. 521379

The thing that really gets me about this girl is the amount she rips people off and scams them, and how she just gets away with it. She constantly has fundraises for items that she doesn't even wind up buying, or buys like months after she "needs the money for it". If she needs a new camera, why is she wasting the money that "sugar daddy" sent on things like stuffed animals and purses? She has a 2.5k fundraising goal… Yet she is wasting the hundred plus dollars she just got sent on stuff she doesn't need. She judges people for making go fund mes for things like getting out of abusive households, or help with bills, yet she makes a fundraiser asking for a 2.5k camera on a different website and wants to say that's different. If I had spare money, it would not be going to Shaynas TV fund.. it would be going to the poor young person who needs help paying their fucking bills bc they have a family that kicked them out for being gay or whatever. It's bad. She is scamming people.

No. 521457


This girl has a closet of cheap pink clothes and accessories, several pink bongs, but a roach motel for an apartment? Shoddy DIY home improvement fixes and probably nails sticking out from her baseboards that she covers with cotton, no bed, not even a mattress but a 70 inch tv. LMFAO! She boasts and brags about making 55k a year but her hair fell out in chunks for being so frugal and attempting to do it herself.

Shayna's always scammed people. She's a leach. It's her true talent. Just like she leached off her ex bf and his family, living at their house, eating their food, electricity, water, and broadcasting her sex shows with their WiFi and endangering them by being so careless and using her real name as her cam name because she said everyone already knew her as Shay-Gnar and was too lazy and selfish to start over, and didn't give a flying fuck if people found out where he lived. She did all that without contributing anything at all. Leaching until she finally got her ass dumped for being a liar, cheater and disgusting pathetic excuse of a human. She lied and said she got kicked out of her house when she didn't at all, she chose to leave her mom's house because she didn't want to respect her mother's rules and wanted to go somewhere she could get away with everything. The worst thing was lying to everyone and saying her mom was abusive until it surfaced that Shayna had been lying about her "traumatic childhood" and "abusive mother". Shayna was never abused by her parents at all, and only lied about it to garner sympathy and justify her move and leaching off her ex and his family. People have lost so much respect for her for exploiting abuse and the other empty claims she's made. She had no shame lying and posting about her "abusive bitch mother" until she got called out when the "abuse" she claimed was really "being grounded freshman yr for doing drugs and bringing drugs to school". She is the abuser in her relationships as well as a predator online. She "befriends" people online when she needs something from them, and ignores and blocks them when she gets what she wanted. It's one thing when it stops there, but she lies and paints that person in a negative light when she was the one at fault and plays the victim to move the blame away from herself. She does this over and over again.

She's a shitty person, that's one thing, but she's been using her "businees" to scam more and more people lately. It is so wrong.

There needs to be a list compiled of all her shady business practices. This forum has been a place where random ex customers of hers have warned others of her scams and lies. Shayna thinks she can fuck people out of their money and then BLOCK them when she doesn't want to give them the things they paid for or deal with their messages inquiring about the missing items they are owed. Bad business. It's disgusting. Especially blocking the customers who took the time and money to buy her videos but that didn't leave a 5 star rating. Charging different people different prices.

No. 521460

File: 1520284009657.jpg (26.73 KB, 536x232, drg.jpg)

No. 521466

File: 1520284193834.jpg (66.8 KB, 625x314, fgh.jpg)

No. 521500

How is her having her hank hill ass cheeks as her avi any different than someone having their genitalia as theirs?

No. 521503

How you gonna have no 80’s workout music in your work out Barbie vid like how amateur and brainless can you be?

No. 521505

I can actually say that her “weed allergy” is a real medical issue cause I’ve experienced it. But it’s not an allergy and showers do help.

No. 521513

Nobody is doubting if it's real or not but whether Shayna actually has it considering she still heavily smokes the reefer and very rarely showers/bathes, not to mention she is packing on the weight lately (must not be vomiting or experiencing nausea)

No. 521519

I still smoke. During my week long episodes of constant nausea, throwing up/dry heaving, and taking molten hot showers, I don’t smoke eat or drink anything. I can hardly sleep. But as soon as it’s over, I pretty much go back to smoking like normal. So it really depends on how you handle the situation and I remember she stopped smoking for a while and picked it back up shortly before she moved the first time.

No. 521529

Why are y’all going for her weight? Like she’s not even big? I’m a cow :p compared to her size wise and we both have CHS and it effects everyone differently based on size and thc intake. So like yes she smokes a lot but she’s small so she doesn’t have a lot of fat cells for the fat to store which is why she’s only nauseous a few days at a time whereas I have them in cycles for a week at a time.(stop)

No. 521531

Cool. Maybe you and Shayna can be friends. She could really use someone new who believes in her lies even though she constantly shows herself to be a compulsive liar. Shayna loves when people coddle her and kiss her ass!

No. 521542

It's funny because she was supposed to a feeding video at the MV loft but her work ethic proved to be so low that she couldn't even produce any quality content there when it was supposed to be the biggest opportunity yet in her career.

Not only is she constantly eating "out", she's actually getting it delivered in so she doesn't have to get up off her literal smelly ass.

No. 521544

In no way shape, or form is Shayna fat. No one is saying she is, people are saying she is putting on a pretty good amount of weight in a short period of time. I think people mention her weight and appearance because of the person she is on the inside.

No. 521606

she’s an ugly person on the inside, and now it’s starting to show even more on the outside. she’s gaining weight, her skin is greasy and begging to be cleaned and moisturized, her pussy is a fucking trainwreck, her lips are cracked and chapped from not drinking water, and her hair has broken off fried bits. She spends all her money on cheap shit from amazon to fill some void within her. She is a disgusting person and as I said, it’s now starting to show on the outside. Maybe if she learns to change her attitude she’ll start looking better. I’m also fairly certain she does other drugs besides weed. I’m thinking some kind of downer like xanax but I can’t tell for sure.

No. 521673

File: 1520300370847.png (9.02 MB, 1242x2208, A063FCF9-E6C1-4A92-8700-30CE0F…)

she feels like a “real barbie” now but she still looks like shit. she’s so creepy. why is she trying to make her voice so high and squeaky. she’s so intolerable jesus

No. 521699

why are those panties hiked up so much? oh right cos she has no ass.

No. 521701

File: 1520302039095.jpg (12.26 KB, 279x176, hairdo.JPG)

didnt she say she JUST got her hair done? why does it look so horrible then?

No. 521704

File: 1520302341966.png (481.93 KB, 447x800, lord why.png)

This video is so embarrassing and awkward. I can't help but notice she's wearing the same fucking panties as 2 days ago. I also can't help but notice she has a fucking mullet on her head. A yellow one, at that.

>Remember to be the best you that you can always be

Yet another awkward sentence from Shayna

No. 521708

File: 1520302789927.jpeg (259.36 KB, 1242x1818, 1D99584C-D28E-4F2B-B6CA-960709…)

This video is legit depressing guys. She just got her hair done and immediately ruined it with this hairdo? She starts with the crazy Barbie voice but brings her normal voice in halfway thru (a relief honestly). She sounds like she’s about to burst out in tears at the end…

No. 521713

I think she's trying the old fake-it-till-you-make-it thing (if she just pretends hard enough that she's happy and bubbly she'll make others and herself believe it)

No. 521751

Where is this posted?

No. 521762

It's posted on her Tumblr, she's playing Barbie girl in the background, flashes her tits and tries to shake her ass while taking a sucky ass bong rip and making stupid faces. It's such a joke

No. 521766

holy shit she started crying almost. I think this girl needs some meds and a hug (after a she bathes ofc lmao)

No. 521769

Therapy. Therapy is what she needs.

No. 521772

What's with the deflated valentine's balloons on the wall?

No. 521774

I actually like Shayna with bangs, but her hair looks so yellow and…kinda ugly. Does she even go to the same stylist? Last time the stylist made her hair look much better than usual, but then she went and tried to bleach her own hair and fucked it up.

No. 521778

File: 1520309616689.png (1019.34 KB, 882x684, muppet.png)

Every time she makes this face I think of this muppet

No. 521780

File: 1520309854335.png (516.99 KB, 604x666, hankette.png)

They are ratchet apartment decorations anon

No. 521790

Does anyone know whatever happeneded with that “professional” shoot she had? She posted an Uber selfie with fucked hair after. Is the guy not releasing it because it was god awful? Kek imagine his surprise when he slipped off her panties to see sore galore

No. 521791

Sometimes it take a few weeks for pro shoots to come out. Not that odd really.

No. 521792

The other stylist wasn’t in Seattle. This one didn’t tone her hair or do the roots properly. It looks brassy and odd

No. 521828

File: 1520317539203.png (8.81 MB, 1242x2208, DFEC4B82-157E-4416-9515-9304DA…)

>I’m adorable

I had no idea how worse this mess was in motion…. so much delusion…. she truly thinks she’s the bee’s knees. Yellow and fried hair, steadily packing the pounds on (such a terrible looking blob shape body), lying and lying constantly, no showering, no laundry/dirty underwear. Imagine the smell…. Shay, curled up at night on the dusty floor with a thin blanket… so alone… trying to sleep, reaches out to grab her daily cheesecake milkshake, slurps down the rest…. viciously scratches a sore on her itchy pussy… tears are falling…. “I know I’m a star”

No. 521902

File: 1520333651079.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.61 KB, 1920x1080, lmao.jpg)

dear lord i just gagged

No. 521903

Her lights are hung up w pink duct tape. I’m pretty sure those Barbie panties are just shorts she hiked up so she could get a camel toe. Her eyes look dead and she frequently talks about how much she cries herself to sleep and how much she hates her life. So my life isn’t so bad haha

No. 522018

not gonna lie, it almost makes me feel bad for her for a second but she literally brings all of this upon herself. but she is a great inspiration for the mentally ill. she influenced me to go back to counseling so i wouldn’t end up like that

No. 522036


same routine, same daddy schtick, same tired drugged out delivery, same half assed set up, BORING.

No. 522038

File: 1520350587678.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 932x1458, Screenshot_2018-03-06-07-36-11…)

So unique 🙄

No. 522040

At least we can see how flat her"bed" is I wonder what kind of muscle pain and bed sores she has

No. 522051

Bed sores only happen when you’ve been laying in bed, in one position without turning for extended periods of time. Which is why old and sick people tend to get them. Shayna is going to get bed sores.
Pussy sores, different story.

No. 522062

not going to get**

No. 522205

Why would you even show people that you film your porn on the fucking floor?? Assuming you got one good spot in your apartment with good lighting, you should attempt to conceal the fact that you’re masturbating everyday in a corner like proper retard. Get some lighting equipments to soften those sores before getting a MOAR HD camera for the love of god!

No. 522208

Bitch needs to do better drugs like pop some adderalls so u can do more and eat less Shay stop smoking weed and taking downers

No. 522216

The best part of the trailer is when the camera goes out of focus twice and the audio sounds like complete garbage. Maybe edit a bit better, Shayna?

No. 522219

She needs to do uppers instead of downers. she always sounds out of it and tired.

No. 522221

she needs to learn how to reshoot scenes. all of her stuff looks like it’s done in one take, never checked for audio or angles or anything, and just sloppily edited together.

No. 522229

Does it bother anyone else that she's barefoot? Like at least complete the outfit. Workout barbie would wear some sort of trainers. Or if your workout is yoga you'd be barefoot but you wouldn't wear those retro sweat bands.

No. 522235

she probably doesn't have any decent shoes that would work and she doesn't want to spend money on any

No. 522238

Her white tennis shoes would have worked well, plus she's already put them on her floorbed

No. 522257

If you don't have the required materials for your video and you're unwilling to go out and get what you need then maybe pick a different idea. But I mean I'm not surprised, it's shay.

No. 522260

She should do a video that takes place on a short bus

No. 522302

“I have special needs daddy, I need someone to look after me so I don’t stick a fork in the toaster teehee!”

No. 522316

Yes kekekekekekek

No. 522327

File: 1520373433424.png (18.72 KB, 384x267, Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 4.57.…)


She will probably read and do this idea

No. 522378

God dammit she posted some ugly ass pics of her in some grandma glasses on her Tumblr but she already deleted them. I didn't get any caps.

No. 522617

Samefag here. Tomorrow is supposed to be her shoot. The pics she posted earlier then deleted said she was distracting herself from being nervous about it. She then deleted it. I'm wondering, did she end up disliking the photos or is something up with her scheduled shoot?

No. 522691

Meh could be both. She had a face zit for once and could be self conscious about that

No. 522701

Has anyone else noticed her makeup has been the same for several days? What are the odds she didn’t watch her face once recently?

No. 522835

This bitch looking she wants to be in Valley of the Dolls, girl looks like she’s in menopause, damn.

No. 522839

It’s literally a sheet on the floor, wow. Just sleep in the doggie crate, Shay, looks like you’ve at least got a dog bed in there.

No. 522846

she looks painfully average just with small hips and a flat butt, she's no supermodel but saying she looks deformed is an exaggeration like have you been to walmart

No. 522975

True, exaggerating… I still think her body is awful… that’s all she’s selling or pretends to have going for her

No. 522976

>I’m adorable!

No. 523026

File: 1520425162158.png (175.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8060.PNG)

She's so basic even with her drag race faves. Also, don't compare yourself to Farrah Moan (or any queen tbh). "The only thing she's good at is complaining and being pretty"? She's a professional drag queen, she accomplishes more every day than you have in your pathetic-ass life, shay.

No. 523029

>my fave queens of drag race are probably the really popular ones
That’s a true drag race fan right there and deff not someone hoping on a band wagon

No. 523059

Who TF cares about which drag queen Shayna likes or doesn't like.

No. 523090

It’s relevant to her whole weird character she’s made. She never mentioned drag race previous to the last few weeks and is suddenly obsessed with - you guessed it - trixie mattel and the only other total blonde bimbo one (who sucked btw). Someone should ask her how she feels about the show now that rupaul’s transphobic ways have been outed.

No. 523191

File: 1520445472815.png (316.44 KB, 597x557, hardtied shoot.png)

So this shoot is with hardtied

No. 523199

What's going on with her hair?! Why does her face look so bloated and puffy!?

No. 523219

Oh man. This is gonna be something… I’m a huge sadomasochist and I really enjoy some of what hardtied does, but some of it pretty gross even for me. Can’t wait to see what they do with Shay

No. 523228

Let’s see how much she ends up actually hating it. She has zero concept of real BDSM, should be interesting.

No. 523230

lol she colored her asshole pink

No. 523273

File: 1520449902752.jpg (19.96 KB, 523x237, 5yt.jpg)

No. 523274

File: 1520449915686.jpg (73.99 KB, 532x617, hb.jpg)

No. 523338


Sage but clearly this bitch hasn't watched anything before season Season 9 and AS2/3 and yet tries to paint herself as this huge Drag Race fan. Bitch plz

No. 523493

File: 1520460438898.png (2.24 MB, 1440x1900, 20180307_170447.png)

Got this before she deleted it

No. 523497

Lol has anyone ever called her "ben de" ever? I thought it was Dela or just Ben.

No. 523504

File: 1520460892185.jpg (134.52 KB, 539x966, 1.jpg)

Could this be about Shayna?

I blurred out names since they mentioned they didn't want to be involved in any drama online.
I'm not sure if laughing in response to the anon about the "ramen noodle" hair counts as a confirmation, but that ask was definitely about Shayna. I'm not that familiar with the SW community, but how many other problematic popular tumblrs have been called out recently? Who else could it be.

Tbh, at first I thought this girl was Shayna, I was scrolling thru someones page and thought they were photosets of her. Legit everything is the same from page theme, how they advertise videos, and how the thumbnails are set up. Clothing, props, setting. But I've been looking thru her archives and old posts and this girl definitely has been doing this longer and has done everything before Shayna has.

It's already a job with a lot of stressors and where your individual style and creativity is what helps you make your income, so I can only imagine how fucking pissed or disheartened I'd be if a "larger" tumblr steals your ideas.

No. 523505

File: 1520460910313.jpg (31.74 KB, 514x365, 2.jpg)


No. 523538

Aw c’mon anon we wanna know the blog the need to lurk is REAAAAL

No. 523539

File: 1520463212692.jpeg (180.04 KB, 1242x806, AE167FED-9CDE-4D5C-987F-EEF173…)

So confused by her “business” methods. Now everyone can get her snap for 10$ (vs 25$ bought directly via her) via manyvids - where they will take a fee so she gets even less money.

Anyway - anyone have screens of the ridiculous outfit??

No. 523560


I've heard "Bendela" "Dela" and "Ben" but ben de. idk where this bitch got that from, sounds odd as hell

No. 523582

>cOuLd tHiS pOsSiBlY bE sHaYnA?


No. 523676


highkey wanna see their blog now

No. 523707

Tru anon you are required to provide

No. 523708

Someone has to be on her snap c’mon

No. 523714

File: 1520477820072.png (14.79 KB, 296x294, Capture.PNG)

found her

No. 523735

I don’t think she’s referring to shayna tbh. Shayna first posted on MV before Sunshiine was even 18.

No. 523749

can confirm that shayna copied sunshine's theme & made her title "Barbie's little sister" after sunshine released her human barbie vid, have been following both of them for a while, sunshine has been doing it long before shayna

No. 523751

Yeah it’s pretty clear Shay copies several of this girls idea. Anal bimbo, cowgirl Barbie, all that jazz.

No. 523758


not sure what you're talking about, i checked sunshiine's MV and it says she's been on there since 2014? and all of the similar videos she's posted were long before shayna did hers

No. 523760


I can see why shayna copied her tbh, this girl is hot AF

No. 523763


there's a chance it's not about shayna, but just from looking at some of the sunshine girl's videos there's too much of a similarity in a lot of them for it to be a coincidence

i do kind of hope it isn't true though but i guess that's my fault for thinking shayna would be above stealing other people's ideas (and executing them a lot more poorly)

No. 523769

File: 1520483567447.jpg (Spoiler Image,696.05 KB, 1074x1771, Screenshot_20180307-203117.jpg)

She reblogged this from Shayna a few weeks ago.

No. 523778

maybe she was referring to someone else then?

No. 523813


This girl has been doing sex work for much longer than Shayna. She's also been on MV and posting on there for much longer. Shayna's first MV post was 8 months ago, the other girl had been posting almost 2 yrs.

Shayna has also said she's bought girls vids before and been to seceral other cam rooms to learn what to do, and prob get ideas. She did mentioned buying other sw's vids during her MV podcast, and from some posts she's made about sw. She likes to say she doesn't give advice bc she's learned it all herself on her own. Pretty easy when you just mimic what you see.

& Blocking someone after Shayna gets what she wants/needs from them is not a special occasion, she's notorious for it. So I can totally see Shayna buying this girls videos and blocking her, then copying ideas as well as adopting some framework on how she advertises and markets/ posts her vids among other things.

It's not the first time Shayna has stolen ideas.. err taken inspiration from other girls. She sideblog (thesaddesthoe) are named after Mia's 2 handles put together. Shayna's copied Bambie Doll, and she just changed her name and stole it off a drag queen not too long ago.

She has no creativity. Her cage, lights, pink/purple marbled backdrop and all other shit she does has been ripped from others. Now her stuffed animal pile and icicle/rain lights. Don't forget, shayna was a tumblr goth and a hippie stoner every style she's had.

No. 523815


She did make that post only a couple weeks ago also, it could have been from before.

No. 523819

shayna has been on MV since 2016.

No. 523822

And did a bad job of it, too. Wew.

No. 523828

She reblogged it after the callout post

No. 523867

Lol ok but the tumblr sw scene is riddled with ~pinku~ anal baby dolls~ who vague post about how they invented the baby prostitute aesthetic and everyone else just copies them

No. 523870

I mean you’re not wrong

I wanna know the houses and the rest of her chart… Venus in Capricorn? Cancer?

No. 523881

I think it's more to do with the fact that she blatantly ripped off a couple of her videos… the other girl wasn't claiming to have "invented" it she was just showing her frustration at the fact Shay had bought one of her vids then copied it. the similarities are preeeetty damn obvious so it doesnt suprise​ me

No. 523960

She's a scummy Leach not surprising she can't come up with anything on her own.

No. 524062

okay but if Shay blocked Sunshiine-how the fuck is Sunshiine reblogging from her?

She’s not talking about Shay people

No. 524088

Sunshiine said they unfollowed her, not blocked her. It could be and probably is Shay.

No. 524097

File: 1520533908400.png (64.93 KB, 244x498, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 1.30…)

A quinceañera dress means that she was supposed to be 15 years old in the scene. Classy!

No. 524110

I don't get how a "daddy" is also a paypig? She seems confused about findom.

No. 524111


doesn't she have a new ~ tall mean brunette girlfriend ~ who lovingly fingers her while she's asleep? why isn't she the one Shayna wants to be comforted by?

No. 524134

Daww that’s sad she can’t even get proper aftercare after a supposed intense scene. Even people working with Shay don’t view her as a person they want a personal relationship with

No. 524140


This is so sad. Some light bdsm play can be fun (or maybe not so light, defending on personal preferences and boundaries) when done with a trusted partner, but this sounds like abuse typical for porn industry.

No. 524142

File: 1520537335110.jpeg (476.88 KB, 2048x2048, 5B088B95-47A3-45CE-90C6-CAB9F9…)


No. 524145

She's obviously trying to direct this at Jess. Remember in their old videos when Shay and Jess used to smoke together and Shay would always look lowkey triggered that Jess blew bigger clouds?

No. 524148

File: 1520537480419.jpeg (412.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1AEBA32C-3A39-4918-BB7D-16AA81…)

Exactly. This is kinda funny tho, especially comparing their faces/quality of the caps…

No. 524150

Sunshine posted that and I edited Shay in underneath

No. 524151

oh shit my bad. I thought for a second Shay was acting like she was better than people with her "clouds"

No. 524152

Congrats Shay! You're living paycheck to paycheck just like the rest of us vanilla people.

No. 524155

Ur good. I wanna see those vids though, if you can find any will u post them?

No. 524158


Yeah, Shayna joined in 2016, but she posted her first video only 8 months ago. Sunshine's been on there since 2014, and has been posting vids for almost 2 yrs.

No. 524163

File: 1520538466582.png (528.43 KB, 458x800, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.47…)

No. 524167


lmao imagine some old guy forcing shay to actually practice acceptable hygiene and to excercise regularly.

No. 524179

File: 1520538961415.png (510.43 KB, 444x800, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.56…)

In this other old video with Colleen, Shayna admits "when I'm not taking videos, my hits are like two inches tall" http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/138253066260/shay-gnar-a-video-of-thcolleen-getting-high-af

No. 524182

Ahh yes, “unknowingly”. But you are so all about consent right Shay?

No. 524190

No, she hasn’t. sunshiine is YOUNGER THAN SHAY. She couldn’t have been posting since 2014, she JUST turned 20 in September.

Shay had her 1 year MV anniversary LAST SUMMER, and is about to turn 21.

No. 524193

you can’t on a site like MV or MFC.
You must have valid photo ID that clearly shows your birthdate.

No. 524196

It looks like her (Sunshine) first video went on MV in Nov 2015, right after she turned 18. Shay started in May/June of 2016, right after she turned 19. So it’s possible Sunshiine is taking about Shay.

No. 524198

File: 1520540088700.png (1.21 MB, 1280x723, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.13…)

Old video of Shayna and Jess smoking, Shay is impressed with the size of Jess's cloud http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/137447488115/psychedelic-freak-out-video-from-shay-gnar-and

No. 524203


Shayna is just lazy self centered scum who has delusions of grandeur. She's selfish and just wants to receive everything with doing little to no work as possible. That's why she always ends up contradicting herself and doing and saying the most hypocritical things. She just latches on to whatever atm she thinks will give her the most attention and what she can benefit from. (Even ED's, CA, CSA arent off limits to her)

She's interested in being a lazy, selfish, needy attention whore, that gets money for absolutely nothing, she's a scammer, liar and theif that likes to condescend people, steal their money without consequences while inflating her own ego, She inherently does the most vile things, she's just a selfish rotten person inside but can't stand to be hated. So she uses all these "labels" to protect herself.

She loves this "career" so much bc she gets everything she wants. Money and attention while being into her vanity. When she does something shitty, she always hides behind things. She bastardizes all these concepts to fit her underlying motives.

She never tells the truth about anything. She always lies. She's so fucking delusional. She'll go out of her way to point out the actions and words of someone while doing the same exact thing, sometimes worse.

No. 524208

does she really just change her voice to fit whichever stereotype she's following or what

No. 524211

nah that was actually more her than anything. but tbh I think she changes her look and her voice so often because she genuinely uncomfortable with who she really is, or she doesn’t really know who she really is. I’m thinking it’s more the latter. Her entire personality is based AROUND her porn career, as opposed to her porn career and creativity being based around who she truly is. That’s why she latches on to the most trendy thing, goes all out, then abandons it when it’s no longer trendy. It’s sad really.

No. 524221

File: 1520541207805.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.32…)

Look how dirty her face is. All her pores are filled with sebum. This is why you need to wash your face /with a wash cloth or similar item/ everyday at least once!!

No. 524226

The video is really weird too. She does like a frosting blowjob thing but it’s the most half ass thing ever? and then she fucks herself while she’s covered in frosting and it’s just like ew stop no

No. 524232

Um honey that says 2015. please go learn to read.

No. 524236

plus she wasn’t 18 in 2014 so she wouldn’t have been able to post to manyvids even if she wanted to. She legally couldn’t.

No. 524239

Yah but she can’t get verified if she’s under 18, retard.

No. 524255

Shayna’s birthday: 6/26/97
Shayna’s first MV post: 6/22/16

Sunshiine’s birthday: 9/9/97
Sunshiine’s first MV post: 11/5/15


No. 524280

File: 1520544082167.png (167.15 KB, 537x287, sad.png)

Shayna is a rollercoaster. It's pretty sad.

No. 524306

That's why she already deleted the post about just getting an amazon gift card sent to her. She is such a brazen scammer.

No. 524312

File: 1520545738092.png (670.67 KB, 961x1609, sunshine_dolly.png)


Here's screens for that. MV profiles with their birthday and join date. As well as other stats.

No. 524313

File: 1520545755576.png (314.38 KB, 1174x1186, sunshine_dolly2.png)

Their first posts regarding MV on tumblr.

No. 524315

File: 1520545824292.png (39.38 KB, 506x204, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.50…)

Anyone get a screenshot of this original post? She originally said serving some quinceanera/prom vibes but changed it to just prom

No. 524318

File: 1520545837394.jpg (143.58 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_p5ak1vbrKE1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 524320

File: 1520545971078.png (282.98 KB, 514x503, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.52…)

I found someone else that reblogged it with the original post. She knows she's gonna get shit for sexualizing 15 year olds!

No. 524321


Her face reminds me of Anderson Cooper.

No. 524324


Yep! Someone posted her ask. >>524097

She deleted it already.

No. 524331

Sorry if I was a little confusing. She edited her post to remove the word quinceañera (which she keeps spelling wrong wtf). She just left it as prom instead of quinceañera/prom, and then apparently deleted the ask referencing the quinceañera dress. Shayna spends most of her time doing damage control on the shit she says and does. She does this on purpose though, the loves the drama. There's no way she didn't know she'd get pushback for sexualizing 15 year old Latina girls in her porn.

No. 524332

File: 1520546554995.jpg (27.8 KB, 533x229, dfg.jpg)

No. 524333

File: 1520546682331.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 30C1F394-187C-447B-AB99-6C29E5…)

I think everyone can agree that you’re a dumbass Shayna. We’ve all just been waiting for you to realize it for yourself.

No. 524340

She is being honest to herself and her audience for once. I hope she gets as nice a rest as possible on her floorbed.

No. 524342




Oh god!

She's bragging about having has next months rent?

She said she made 55k/year


Having your rent is a great thing. I know a lot of people struggle.

But Shayna BRAGS about making so much money. But yet she's always crying and begging for things because she can't afford them. And she's sleeping on the floor because she'd rather buy more cheap pink clothes and weed with the hand outs she gets when she throw her pity parties.

If you brag Shayna, if you laugh about the losers you went to highschool with and how you're oh so much more successful than they are, and how they're oh so jealous oh you. You should first actually be successful. and you you should definitely at least have money or something to brag about. But you don't. LOL!!!!

That's fucking sad. This girl is broke as fuck, she brags about having and making bank but she only has next months rent like thats some symbol of excess? Did this girl even pay rent when she had a roomate when she first moved to WA? It must be the first time she's beeing financially responsible. hah! Sorry but what a fucking loser.

Shayna's a broke bitch who has to choose between smoking weed and getting their pussy waxed. Yay!!! you have rent for your ghetto insect-infected, run down studio dump apartment. Your hair fell out in chunks because you can't afford to go to a salon. You think having your rent is something to be proud of, to the point you call everyone else losers? lol! It's called being an adult. You're doing something other people younger than you already do. Try actually having a savings and a checking and actually having the finances where your working towards owning something.

No. 524344

This was her first pro porn shoot?

Why is her orange? She looks really bad with her hair like that.

She couldn't at least TRIED to look good for this?

No. 524349

Hey faggot why do you care so much we’ve been past this

No. 524354


Lol, sorry, but why is someone who was helping support a post by posting relevant images with relevant information being called a "faggot"?

You do realize the intent for that post was to help people get past all the confusion on the dates, so people can get past it

At least that was a contribution. You're not helping with the name calling.

No. 524364

because it’s pointless. there’s no evidence that shows Sunshine was talking about Shay, other than anecdotal evidence based on personal views.

I’m here to laugh at Shay and the shit she does not figure out if some other dumb ddlg whore on tumblr is possibly talking shit about her.

No. 524375

File: 1520549227442.jpg (47.45 KB, 619x279, groceries.jpg)

This is just sad. So she brags about having next months rent.. but now cannot afford her groceries delivered? This is just fucking pathetic.

Go to the grocery Shayna. Don't you want to go laugh at the kids you went to high school with while they bag your groceries? It'll cheer you up. Kek

No. 524376

I wonder if she feels like shit after these ~*amazing~* hardcore bdsm scenes because she never gets aftercare

No. 524378

Gee I wonder if she feels like shit because she just let some losers abuse her for money and it’s causing cognitive dissonance? I’d tell her to love herself, but it’s clear she actively loathes herself.

>zero hygiene

>zero self care
>doesn’t bother with creativity
>has no friends
>is making rental payments month to month
>has no backup plan

I could go on, but why bother?

No. 524384

it’s crazy cos hardtied has been known to push model’s boundaries and threaten them so they’ll do it. Things like “you won’t get paid”, “we’ll just find someone better”, etc. they’ve also been known to heavily skimp on giving submissives proper aftercare. Most models have said they need to perform their OWN aftercare, which is so unprofessional it hurts. Shayna WOULD work for people like this and think it’s normal.

No. 524387

Yep, that’s what I’ve read about them too.

Shayna just got her first taste of what real sex work can be like and she’s flipping out. Can’t say I feel that bad for her though. Did she think they were going to treat her like the princess dolly uwu that she thinks she is? They’re pornographers, Shay. They don’t give a fuck about your health, physical or mental.

Frankly, she’s not attractive enough for them to even pretend to listen to her.

No. 524394

File: 1520550559299.png (47.1 KB, 246x308, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 6.09…)

Nah you guys they were GREAT to her!

No. 524423

this makes it so fucking obvious that she lurks here. like, this post is literally almost a direct response to what we’ve been discussing lately. hey shay, please love yourself girl

No. 524454

lmfao this is absolutely pathetic. HI SHAY

No. 524469

This is so sad lol

No. 524489

File: 1520560378970.gif (8.9 MB, 480x270, 3bGek.gif)



No. 524490

Wew, lad.

For your own health, close the lc tab and walk away Shayna. Again. No one here a) cares or b) believes you anyhow. You are transparent af.

No. 524491

where is the #lolcow tag?

No. 524493

>im so excited 2 go back!
>they said next time i cud sleepover

The prospect of sleeping on a bed for 1 night…

No. 524496

Would she cowtip herself?

No. 524501

Oh yes having a sleepover. Sounds very professional. Sounds like a very professional decision you’re making Shay. Go sleep over that porn producers house.

No. 524523

I thought that was INSEX that did that but I wouldn’t be shocked if other groups were the same…

No. 524548

hardtied is an Insex company, they all work with each other.

No. 524620

Damn I watched an insex documentary one time and that shit was sketchhhhh

No. 524627

Right this right here, insex is no joke. I think Shayna is nuts to work with them.

No. 524643

To celebrate the accomplishments of women as a whole I'm going to tip some druggie camwhore :)

No. 524646

She probably said that just so somebody would tip her. It probably never happened but she figures maybe if she posts and says that somebody did it other people will

No. 524647


She's gonna get herself molested

No. 524679

File: 1520586297164.jpg (29.87 KB, 513x272, ghnb.jpg)

No. 524680

Y'all be like there's no way to prove the post was about shayna!! Except there is, because girls are petty and passive agressive and if it SOUNDS like it's about Shayna then chances are it IS. I am a girl, and I know that's what immature girls 14 and up do.

No. 524681

I still can't believe the absolute nerve of her. She is so used to monetizing everything in her life that she's moved onto charging for FRIENDSHIP.

No. 524706

File: 1520595023883.png (25.18 KB, 258x241, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.27…)

Initially she said she was going to get the content and sell it personally. Now she is saying she will not be selling it and you can only get it through hardtied. It sounds like SOMEONE was not very clear about the conditions of their contract. I wonder how dumb she felt when she found out that she will not be getting the rights to the vid or ability to sell it.

No. 524718

>They offered me aftercare but I said no because I just don't like aftercare!
>I need this long list of extreme aftercare today because I'm so fucked up from not getting any yesterday

This makes sense…

No. 524734

File: 1520599102703.png (303.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8073.PNG)

She's always mixing posts like this in with her begging and ~I want to die~ posts.

No. 524762

The girl's from Nimbin, she probably legit takes it personally. https://herb.co/marijuana/news/nimbin-australian-town-weed-legal

No. 524919

she went on a Snapchat rant because her Snapchat is getting deleted soon. Apparently ppl keep reporting her. She referenced a certain 'forum' gossiping about her aka lolcow. She's pissed off

No. 524936

Maybe she should have a better business model than selling her snapchat and posting pornography on it, both of which are against their terms. Just a thought.

No. 524975

File: 1520628125043.jpeg (177.52 KB, 750x1248, 99C94FCB-8F1B-4127-B5F5-1DD703…)

Was this posted? #dumdolly tag on tumblr has some good shit

No. 525086

File: 1520636160647.jpg (258.63 KB, 1920x1186, _1.jpg)

Her video she made with lovinglyhandmadepornography is up

No. 525089

File: 1520636243885.jpg (244.79 KB, 1382x965, _2.jpg)

No. 525092

File: 1520636377105.jpg (230.65 KB, 1920x1080, _3.jpg)

she has the dumbest look on her face

No. 525094

File: 1520636398415.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.13 KB, 1920x1080, _4.jpg)

No. 525098

File: 1520636599017.jpg (34.17 KB, 635x302, lol.jpg)

No. 525100

File: 1520636743267.jpg (260.99 KB, 1920x1080, _5.jpg)

No. 525101

File: 1520636767673.jpg (223.53 KB, 1920x1080, _6.jpg)

No. 525102

Someone please buy this and put it on dropbox. I want to see just how bad it gets.

No. 525103

File: 1520636891238.gif (Spoiler Image,2.85 MB, 480x270, dollygif.gif)


No. 525105

File: 1520637006515.png (Spoiler Image,947.52 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.08…)

No. 525106

File: 1520637039897.jpg (46.6 KB, 692x324, 9476389480.jpg)

No. 525107

File: 1520637042497.png (Spoiler Image,889.42 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 6.09…)

No. 525111

File: 1520637867841.jpg (794.86 KB, 2513x3369, hahgaha.jpg)

Lol! You just want to slap that ridiculous look off that ugly pudgy face of hers.

Tbh, This guy looks like he does some great work. Shayna look horrendous in the preview and it's the farthest thing from cute or sexy, it looks like an SNL skit, but his other videos with some of the other girls look super good.

Hope he at least gets great promo for working with her and having to deal with her diseased snatch.

No. 525131

Agreed. Just one person out of her 125k followers bought her texting/sexting package. That helps keep things in perspective.

No. 525134

I have never cringed so hard in my life

No. 525147

just checked out their website, it looks really professional tbh. why would they go with shayna?
also is she in her home on the pic? because i spy an actual bed

No. 525152

holy shit she looks so big. I dont believe she's 160cm/5'3 and 45kg for one second.

she looks like an ugly retarded eastern euro hooker that gets her ass beat by her pimp

pathetic. all of her followers are just ghosts. I've just got a couple of thousand followers and I beat her reblogs/likes. Such a loser.

No. 525156

She was at an airbnb. She said that she stayed at an airbnb the night before. It must have been soooooo nice sleeping on a bed. But then again, maybe she wanted to make herself feel more at home and whipped out a blankie for the floor.

No. 525160


Shayna always lies about her size. She tried saying she was 5'2-5'3 until people started calling her out and reposting her old posts where she said she was taller. It's been discussed here before, and she definitely lurks, cuz now she says she's 5'4.

She has a complex about wanting to be the smallest/shortest/youngest. I think that's why she was acting so annoying and a tad cocky during her MV podcast. In comparison to the girls she was with.

I wonder if she's even going to post the collab with lovinglyhandmadepornography on her end. She hasn't yet. Maybe because she looks like utter shit, bloated, fat-faced, and huge!

No. 525165

If she’s 5’3-5’4 then she’s gotta be 55kg and above

No. 525170

Her MV profile says she's 115 lbs >>524312

No. 525172


Handmade looks like an average big guy in all his other videos with other girls, and he towers over them. Shayna makes him look average and smaller. It shows her true size and proportions. Plus she is leaning on the wall, making her look shorter than she is, so that means she's probably his height and size.

No. 525175

Out of all the clothes and lingerie she's bought, that's what she chooses to wear to her shoot? I've seen her wear that shirt and those socks so many times.

Maybe she doesn't fit into the super cheap amazon lingerie she ordered from a yr ago?

No. 525180

File: 1520642357778.png (Spoiler Image,171.3 KB, 426x333, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.38…)

No. 525184

File: 1520642496019.png (Spoiler Image,754.17 KB, 907x642, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.41…)

No. 525186


They go with her bc she's desperate as fuck and beggars can't be choosers. Plus she's willing to be treated like shit and she has somewhat of a following and isn't ashamed to over-promote, like she shamelessly reblogs her own shit 100x a day. They don't give a fuck about her, just how much and how willing she is to do it for less

Shayna's not really the ideal female talent to work with, she is NOT photogenic, her pussy is riddled with puss filled boils and sores that never heal. BUT… she's willing to do the bottom of the barrel cuz she thinks its so edgy and hardcore, when really she just has low standards, but it works out cuz that's her brand.

It must suck when these photogs and producers work with her in person and do a camera test, and she looks so disgusting. They didn't know Shayna spends hours taking videos and pausing them and making screen shots to get one good photo where she doesn't look like a goblin.

No. 525201

Her outfit looks so awful in this shoot. It just looks thrown together hastily and totally uncoordinated. The pink on the knee socks doesn't even match the shirt color at all, nor does it compliment it. How can you be this mediocre?

No. 525211

Damn she could have at least done her makeup up nice or something. She even half asses it when someone else is doing the work. Wow.

No. 525215

I still can’t get over how she calls this girl her girlfriend yet won’t @ her on there. Seems seriously fucked up.

No. 525228

Is Shayna getting even less reblogs/likes for her own content on Tumblr nowadays? I notice all of her recent stuff struggles to reach a thousand notes, and even her popular posts usually don't hit 5k. Seems odd to brag about your 125k follower count when you rarely even get 1% of that number in notes.

No. 525244

Trying to smile through being choked out, wow. She is so out of her league here and she has no idea.

She’s not going to come back from this. What we’re looking at is a chick that just wrecked her life; because there is no way in hell that she, of all people, is emotionally capable of dealing with this, but it’s a high that she’s going to keep chasing.

Have fun with your new friends, Shay. Now you really will get treated like a piece of meat. Let’s see how long you can stand it.

Fucking grim.

No. 525248

So her gf was with her yet she was begging for someone to take care of her after her shoot? Lol ok

No. 525251

Her gf is probably the person who paid to talk to her kek

No. 525291

File: 1520654298764.jpeg (158.19 KB, 1242x1037, 24F06A95-6879-4DFD-A97D-99DF90…)

No. 525292

File: 1520654320940.gif (719.86 KB, 200x150, 4D9177C3-0486-4244-A6FF-A013C0…)

No. 525293

Nah. Shay’s too delusional to realize how bad she looks. One day she’ll look back and see lmfao

No. 525306

It looks like her bangs would break if someone touched it

No. 525323

File: 1520658448392.jpg (1.06 MB, 1212x1392, unevenhair.jpg)

I didn't realize how much of her hair actually fell out when she had her bleach fiasco. It looks like there's only a couple inches of hair all around beneath and in front. So the only long layer is in the middle. She tries to hide it by doing her hair half up and half down, but you can still see how awful it is and gets worse when she moves.

No. 525325

File: 1520658466997.jpg (70.49 KB, 576x1024, DX5Ng45U8AEd2SP.jpg)

No. 525328

Maybe she's scared someone will cowtip and lead her gf here. But honestly, if this "girlfriend" is spending time with this cow up close and in person, I don't really see how exposing her can make her look any worse than she already is. Not sure if that makes sense I'm stoned.

No. 525334

I wish Shay would listen to us and fix her life. Her hair (nest), her pussy sores, her skin and makeup, her diet of trash, her delusions and/or narcissistic traits, her compulsive lying, her stupidity.

Shay: God only knows why you dislike bathing but get to know it. Daily. Dye your hair closest to its natural shade, take your $10 Amazon gift card and find some deep conditioner. Best would be to just shave it off and start anew. Get a job, go back to school. You don’t enjoy sex work, you’re not good at it and that’s okay, it’s just not for you. Visit a library, check out the self help section. Any genre will do, start reading. See a doctor and get a check up/physical if you can. Diagnose and treat your diseased sores. You can look into this by yourself, too. The daily bathing should help. Drink plenty of water everyday, water will help you so much. Your mood, skin, health. Start going for long walks or runs during the week. You’ll look and feel better.
Shay, you have the power to do these things and change your life. You’re the only person who will and can. Believe and trust me, you will look back on these days overwhelmed with regret and shame. You will see clearly. “Why didn’t I listen? How could I not realize?” It happens. Acting now is better than later.

No. 525336

File: 1520659407825.jpg (111.52 KB, 624x433, sw.jpg)

Right, it's also a viable option when you're given every opportunity in life by your family who is willing to support furthering your education, but you're just a lazy, self centered attention whore who is only interested in fame and vanity, and getting their ego petted by random strangers on the internet and getting paid for doing the least amount of work possible. And… liar who then paints those great parents into monsters and plays victim perpetuating horrible lies about a fake "traumatic childhood" when they are asked or reminded that they are lucky to have a family/support system and advantages other sw's don't have.

No. 525340

Has she even promoted her video with lovinglyhandmadepornography yet? Lol! Even SHE knows how fucking atrocious she looks. Yea… she looks HUGE in it.

No wonder she loved taking pics with 6'0 Colleen and not itty bitty Jess.

Where's the MMV vid? Shayna's learning that she can't retake the video a million times in pro shoots like she does in her room with doing a billion poses and screenshotting just to get a single good shot. She doesn't get to put a filter over her videos to hide her disgusting vagina. I wonder how the hardtied vids going to look.

She's notorious for not promoting her professional photoshoots for how unappealing and unattractive she looks in them. Now she's done a couple pro videoshoots and she hasn't posted or promoted the final work.

No. 525350


She does that when she gets lonely and is looking for friends. She's been locked in her ghetto, fly-infested, dump studio apartment, crying because she can't get herself to get up and go out to get groceries. So instead, she cries begging for someone to buy her snap so she can afford to get her groceries delivered.
So she's acting all approachable and like she loves girls. When in reality, Shayna's transparently judgemental, jealous, and bitter who sees other girls as competition.

No. 525354


Wow, she's so far away from her initial shay-gnar persona. Even her curly hair is all chopped up and gone.

She probably looks just like a brillo pad when her hair is natural and not straightened. Imagine how short and curly and close to the scalp it curls to.

Why did she dye her hair orange? It's so fucking brassy! Is she afraid to dye or tone it lighter since it all fell out?

No. 525361

She was SO much cuter here… it’s really sad. Like not perfect. Average. But cute.

No. 525367


OT but that annoys me so much when someone goes like "oh heck! GIRLS! anyone love GIRLS?!?! man…….. girls!!!" in exactly that format.
Like, calm down. We get it. You appreciate females.
It just seems really fake and more like wanting some asspats for appreciating 50% of the general population kek
(also the whole purposeful "heck" or "frick" on tumblr to sound ~cute~ ughhhhh)

No. 525369

All the content on her MV crush is from elsewhere and isn’t exclusive at all. It’s from snap and tumblr. Kek.

No. 525379




No. 525382

wait. age: 23? was she lying there or is she lying now?

No. 525385

this reads like someone using her pictures to catfish tbh

No. 525399

This. I was in a somewhat similar spot a year so and looking back I wish I had never been that way
Sorry for … samefagging? Or whatever that is.

No. 525432

File: 1520675879344.png (8.56 KB, 498x204, screenshot-84746992.png)

Right… but she still has no bed and has to sleep on the floor… and cry and beg to get groceries delivered.

Did she ever get a new hitachi? She's had that pink vibrator for over a year. So where's the shit she was supposed to buy with the money she specifically received to buy it? It's going towards a vintage dress. What a fucking scamming cow.

No. 525434


That's definitely a catfish account. It's been posted before.

No. 525436

So she STILL has not promoted her video she did with lovinglyhandmade. On tumblr or on her twitter. What's wrong Shayna? You talked about it in anticipation for weeks and after… so… why not post the links to the vid?

I still can't get over how ridiculous she fucking looks. She looks so fucking big.. and the faces she makes are priceless..lol! >>525098

No. 525439

Lol.. She lurks here, so watch her come up with some lie why she didn't or why she waited so long like.. I wanted to wait until there was more on the series or w/e lie.. cuz you know she jumps at every chance she gets to show something off… unless she looks like shit, and she looks like a fat-faced-pudge-fuck whale with downs in that preview.

No. 525445

File: 1520678686260.png (156.08 KB, 551x448, screenshot-84748798.png)

…still not even an air mattress.

No. 525477

Grandma! Don't you have some chapstick in your pocketbook floating around somewhere with the chiclets and werther's originals? Please for the love of GOD put some on.

Facepalm. Shay, please tell this to the vast majority of sex workers on the streets and in poor communities just trying to get by and put some food on the table for their children. Maybe google the term "poverty + prostitution" and educate yourself properly before allowing such ignorant words to come out of your mouth. You actually have no idea what it's like "to be down & needing money". You have never once in your life actually experienced this!! LMAO! So stop judging others who don't get to experience life as privileged as you. You also sound stupid as fuck for saying only women get into sex work. Oh and by the way, your job is easy, dead end work. What the hell else could you possibly do after this? LOL You're in a dead end job sweetie.


You can really tell this female texting buddy she acquired is something different for her. She's been desperate for a friend for so long. I'm so glad she conned someone into paying for a fake friendship with her.

No. 525494

File: 1520688476500.jpeg (450.95 KB, 1242x2067, 36CDF6F2-0ECB-43A2-AC7F-852B35…)

Judging by similar items in the store, she likely spent around 100$ with shipping. Aka 40$ more than the price of a nice air mattress at target. Shay. GET A BED. GOOD GOD. you don’t need lingerie right now you need a BED. I know as an “adult” it’s tempting to spend your money on whatever you want and not what you need. But. You need to stop sleeping on the floor. Please.

No. 525497


She was so much cuter… wow. What a bummer. She could be practically pretty if she hadn't fallen down this path. Imagine what she would look like if she'd kept with the shay-gnar brand instead of this trainwreck.

No. 525510


even if she happened to be cuter back then with her vintage 70s stoner vibe, and she honestly was, she was still fucking rotten for compulsively lying about being raped and being abused and mooching off of her ex and his family. Also, keep in mind, she still didn’t shower regularly back then either.

Hey, Shayna! Since you check this thread so often, try scraping the decades old dead skin off your back and try to sell it. Maybe then, you’ll finally get a mattress (or maybe you’ll use the 40 bucks someone pays for it on an ounce of shake kek)

No. 525580

She isn't fat dude. She isn't as thin as she used to be but in no way, shape, or form is she fat. She's thinner than most people still, even though she has put on weight since her shay-gnar days. I don't think most people are as thin as they were in highschool, lol.

No. 525588

>She isn't fat dude.
Who is calling her fat? Please reference the actual post. I see it nowhere. I only see mention of her face looking fat (read: pudgy). I only see mention of her weight gain and her "getting fat" and people calling her skinny-fat, but no one is calling her fat. Learn to read and stop missing the point.

No. 525612

She would probably get more customers selling porn with her curly hair hippie alt image since the bbygirl bullshit is so played out it’s almost an epidemic

No. 525624

File: 1520704806131.jpg (77.27 KB, 499x383, ef.jpg)

her stalker

No. 525625

File: 1520704828979.jpg (41.97 KB, 510x318, ef2.jpg)

going to cops

No. 525626

he wants to smash that sore-filled pussy

No. 525633

No, it definitely came out of nowhere. It's a shame that it's more likely she's making it up for more attention. And even if this is real, she lies so much that she's become the dolly who cried wolf.

No. 525635


She really shouldn't be posting about wanting someone to kidnap and rape her. She's made several posts about her fantasy of being kidnapped, tied up, raped, kept captive, tortured, and reblogged them endlessly. She literally had a post saying to follow her and learn her daily activities and stalk her and shit. This person very well could have a mental illness and could be confused by her posts.

No. 525639

It’s the way it works. Cops don’t do anything until stalkers make a move, and they especially won’t lift a finger if the person is out of the state/in a different country. Hell, a lot of times they won’t even do something if the person is in the same city. I know we’re talking about Shay here but when it comes to stalkers or people who make threats the line is very blurred.

No. 525641

>tnx america
what lol? what does that even have to do with america? its not like that issue is taken super serious in any other country either

now she's gonna see how not funny it is with kidnapping and rape

No. 525650

File: 1520706689251.png (184.79 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8082.PNG)

No. 525651

File: 1520706691461.jpg (65.04 KB, 507x358, r.jpg)

No. 525652

File: 1520706750736.jpg (37.59 KB, 508x308, df.jpg)

No. 525653


No. 525661


She uses her REAL name and voluntarily released so much personal information about herself on a platform meant to circulate content. All she ever cared about was attention and growing her following regardless if it put anyone's safety at risk. She posted pics in front of her house with her address showing, she took pics of everything, her car, it's license plate, EVERYTHING, everything she did, everywhere she went and used that same personal account that she used for over 6 years as her sex work account! Her handle was
even her real name! Seriously, how fucking dumb! She couldn't even start over properly and safely, she was too worried loosimg her follower count and starting over.

No. 525662

I can see how the police couldn't do anything about the first situation, but someone harassing her and making direct threats is way different. It couldn't hurt to try to get a restraining order on him, that way by law he can't continue to contact her.

No. 525675

A restraining order then bitch

No. 525682

You guys are really stupid if you think it is that easy to get a restraining order

No. 525684

isn't she all about everyone wanting to rape and kidnap her anyway lmao maybe don't joke about serious issues and make gross creepy porn and you won't attract fucking weirdos

No. 525696

Wow and that totally isn’t victim blaming.

No. 525700

lol fuck off

No. 525718

Sure those are all great suggestions. Personally I’ve never seen her post her location or personal info (obviously other than doxxing herself 3 years ago). Plus she can’t shut her social media accounts down because they fund her life. Is she suppose to just quit her job because some weirdo is harassing her?

No. 525725

Except for a saying she lives in Seattle

No. 525737

File: 1520714895078.jpg (107.5 KB, 617x659, rt.jpg)

No. 525739

File: 1520714937015.jpg (96.12 KB, 609x687, dg.jpg)

but still sleeps on the floor

No. 525755

that’s such a fucking LIE omg. “They printed out my nudes”


No. 525809

lol at her thinking cops won't do anything because she's a sex worker.

No. 525810


The only way I could see that happening is if it was part of the complaint or police report she was filing. Shayna has said before that people were making up fake profiles of and contacting her family. So they most likely had to print out the messages, profiles, and photos etc, and nudes could've been part of that.

What exactly was this person doing to her? Just bothering her? Or threatening her? There's one thing to be fanatic and sending obsessive msgs, and even making new profiles to msg her at… but did this person threaten her? Or was he just being creepy?

No. 525819

Can I get a confirmation

Did Shayna date her roommate?

No. 525829

She's mentioned before that she didn't and or that he wasn't interested in her

No. 525834

probably because being exposed to her musty ass made his dick shrivel lol

No. 525845

She did want to fuck him, but he was interested in tall brunette girls. I found some posts about her plotting to get him to sleep with her even tho she wasn't his type

I was wondering if she ended up dating her roommate also. Or if he was the "ex boyfriend that she walked in on fucking her gf".

I thought I read something about her roommate having a thing for specifically her ex gf. She is "tall and brunette" Prob just a tinfoil hat theory, but I'm still looking thru everything to confirm If I did see or read it.

No. 525897


her "stalker"

at this point I just refuse to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. she went to the same ends of the earth to paint her mother as an abuser when she isn't. if this is happening to her, it's a shame she's cried wolf too many times for any type of sympathy, imo. i always want to be on the victims side as often as possible, but i'll admit that i'm skeptical as hell in her case.

No. 525957

File: 1520730124081.jpg (203.2 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_ol1kn49dJE1rmiw96o2_128…)

Old pic, but look at her face! I agree that Shayna isn't fat, she doesn't have the best proportions, but she isn't fat at all, just not toned. But she's also definitely NOT tiny or small. It also looks like she's grown a couple inches the past couple yr 1/2. Also seeing her most recent video being next to that guy from lovinglyhandmadepornograpy show her true size… she's not as smol as she claims to be. She looks god awful there.

Anyways… her face! She has such an unattractive face. Tbh, the only cute thing about her was her signature curly hair, but that's been long gone and all chopped up and fallen out from bleaching it herself.

No. 525961

File: 1520730273237.jpg (93.95 KB, 500x667, tumblr_oijycbn4cU1rmiw96o1_500…)

This really highlights how unappealing her face is. Take away the blonde hair and gAHHHH

No. 526041

Personally I think she's quite cute and if she still dressed how she did in her Shay-gnar days she could a bit more attractive. At this point she's your generic 'kawaii' sex worker.

No. 526123

I had the same feeling you did. I also thought that maybe she started referring to her room at her old apartment as her "studio" because she was bunking up/sleeping with her roommate/boyfriend.

No. 526150

File: 1520752647212.jpg (159.04 KB, 719x1280, IMG_5274.JPG)


No. 526157


She definitely moved. It's a completely different layout than her previous place. It's a dump, but it's a different apartment.

As for the roommate being her boyfriend, another thing is
She barely ever brought up or talked about a "bf", she did however start talking about "ex bf" right as she was getting ready to move, and made more posts mentioning an "ex bf" like being cheated on, being abused. Also, she said her ex bf had ribmeat while she was moving and was going to bring the cat up to Seattle. It very well could be her roommate with the cat and the rest of her shit.

The posts about being used, cheated on, "abusive" bf's and relationships were concurrent with posts about moving, finding a new living situation etc… so there could be something there.

No. 526196

How Shayna got to WA.
I remember when Shayna was just talking about moving away from MA. She was bitching on her tumblr and asking all her followers if she could move in with any one of them. She talked about wanting to move to Cali, but then made a post saying she was really trying to move to WA. An anon sent an ask saying she could be their roomate, she answered saying please come of anon and message her. Then she deleted all of the posts and asks and the traces of her asking tumblr for a place to live. She didn't really announce that she was moving. She did it quietly, and was only obvious about it when she was already there in a different room and such. There were a ton of clues tho. This is also when she started going overboard saying the whole "fuck ur dad" thing.

No. 526200

File: 1520757794456.jpg (57.48 KB, 513x320, this.jpg)


Like posts like this

No. 526251

I'm not questioning if she moved into a studio apartment. I'm talking about when she referred to her old bedroom as a studio here >>473442

No. 526277

shes stupid and deserves her stalker, cause she asked for it.

No. 526314

“I want someone to stalk me!”
“Police won’t help me now that someone is actually stalking me”

tbh it sounds like she’s making this up and doesn’t need or want to go to the police. She’s probably getting anon hate and blowing it out of proportion.

No. 526334

File: 1520786348137.png (425.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-11-11-36-53…)

Saw this on Facebook and immediately thought of shayna

No. 526335

File: 1520786441408.png (462.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-11-11-36-57…)

Too lazy to edit the pictures together but it made me laugh so I'm posting both screenshots I took (it was a video). Sorry if nobody cares.

Sage for keks

No. 526396

I know people think Shay has an unfortunate looking body, but imo, besides the diseased looking vagina, her body looks fine. Her face/makeup just ruins it. Hell, the trashy style she goes for would look way better, if she had a "doll-like" face.

No. 526417


she has a pretty decent body now but the problem is that she could be above-average if she actually took care of herself. there's not an excuse for it, especially when the way she makes a living is almost entirely reliant on the way you look

No. 526436

So, she managed to make two daily vids out of the what 6 or 7 ones she claimed she had scheduled to get done?

She’s such a lazy bitch.

No. 526437

File: 1520797001768.jpeg (491.38 KB, 1242x1219, 048D9AE7-20A0-4258-8505-E4B93D…)

No. 526438

what’s even worse is that she used those videos as a ploy to get members. So people signed up and expected those videos, and she’s only come out with 2 of the 6 promised.

If that’s not a scam, idk what is.

No. 526473

File: 1520799803312.jpg (28.07 KB, 515x228, ....JPG)

So cringy…

No. 526481

when your “hot sex grandpa” will only stick a thumb or toe in your cunt because its so deplorable. eek.

No. 526482

She genuinely reminds me of Gypsy Rose if any of you know who that con artist is

No. 526488

File: 1520801768734.jpeg (28.74 KB, 540x271, grb.jpeg)

haha amazing, she really does.

No. 526508

sage for ot but i mean, the real con artist here was her mother Dee Dee… gypsy rose was raised like this from infancy. don't agree with how she chose to escape her mom (murder) but can def see how she got there mentally.

No. 526580

Also sage cuz Shay unrelated but the HBO documentary mommy dead and dearest is about these two and is pretty great.

No. 526607

Shay I have a business idea for you! Don't give dates for video releases until they're already shot and edited. Then you can actually follow through and not be such an utter failure!

No. 526671

she’s trying to make it look like she’s had such a tough, hard, abusive life that whenever anyone shows genuine care for her she breaks down in tears.

It’s just more crap to add onto her victim complex.

No. 526673

she’s known this guy for what? 6 months maybe? but you know, she’s so in love with him.

No. 526752


LMFAO! "Sir" pays her.

No. 526756

File: 1520820217179.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.86 KB, 1030x548, hsdgfvbn.jpg)

Someone left that comment on her post. What happened with her snap?

No. 526760

scroll up it was deleted

No. 526763

Never insult my sport like this by relating it to Shayna again.

No. 526765

spoiler that shit wtf

No. 526782

>especially when the way she makes a living is almost entirely reliant on the way you look

Exactly! Her body is always being defended here. It's just not attractive IMO. She's SEVERELY "skinny fat". Literally no muscle. All puffy and jiggly. Hank hill. No hips or waist, very boy-like. Bleh…

Exercise/ muscle tone would do her wonders

No. 526783

Arms are looking…. big

No. 526802

I think one of Shay's biggest problems, other than her lack of hygiene, is that she keeps trying to force this smoll babydoll, kawaii, cute bullshit when she has a very mature face. She has strong, sharp features, premature wrinkles, etc. and it just clashes against the cutesy stuff and make her look older and more haggard. If she actually took care of herself, fixed her skin problems and moisturized… then adopted a more mature look? A darker hair color, more flattering clothing, better makeup, it would all really do her a world of good.

Also, buying an actual goddamn bed and get some beauty sleep, instead of buying hideous, poorly made, sissy fetish outfits.

No. 526823

File: 1520825574763.png (Spoiler Image,712.55 KB, 989x1356, Screenshot_2018-03-11-20-32-24…)

No. 526835


That's from the catfish account she was posting about.

No. 526840

Yah they're still doing it lol

No. 526845

I think she's wearing the same shoes in her pro shoot as the ones she wore in that janties photoset here >>402360

No. 526870

File: 1520830830958.jpg (54.52 KB, 518x368, rt.jpg)

No. 526871

File: 1520830882736.jpg (50.38 KB, 511x349, g.jpg)


Ha! I think these were strategically posted to promote her texting package. She's so fucking transparent.

No. 526873

File: 1520831015138.jpg (7.65 KB, 257x132, df.jpg)

Begging for more free shit. She also just deleted this, but I still had the tab opened.

No. 526876

what a fucking black hole. I'd never put my dick in her if I were a dude.

No. 526881

>30k asks
Sure, Shayna.
Lmao, she can't even have a good attitude towards her fans and uses every chance she can to try to monetize everything.

No. 526890

File: 1520832850495.png (125.34 KB, 665x464, Screenshot 2018-03-12 at 1.30.…)

Is… Shay going to be okay

No. 526924


He's been pretty much her only form of human contact. Except for her "gf" that she is ashamed of. Lmfao. Shayna's crying about hearing someone that pays her to be his company say they care is the lowest and saddest.. and most pathetic thing ever. HAHAHA!

No. 526934

this is so tacky omg

No. 527013

pathetic how she does not try to be kind towards her potential future customers
but remember daddy kinks totally does not support paedophilia

No. 527148

File: 1520871011671.jpeg (228.16 KB, 1242x1104, C2CCCD6E-85C2-4287-A888-AA51F4…)

Glorifying bulimia is super cool and aesthetic Shay, keep it up

No. 527151

Wow, that’s fucking unnerving

No. 527156

>wrap my little hand around your cock
>my little legs start to kick
>my tiny hands are clawing

Ew I hate this.

No. 527161

BUY. A. FUCKING. BED. SHAY. Hell, beg for a bed. I feel like I’m going INSANE. How can someone live like this?!

No. 527172

Can DDLGers just fucking kts

No. 527180

I'm gonna make a rule and say that you can't have a handbag that costs more than the amount of money you're able to put in it. For now, Shay should stick to Amazon knock offs.

No. 527185

Can someone explain why her voice keeps getting higher and why she says “daddy” at the end of literally every sentence?

Oh and why in almost all her videos does she say some variant of “do you wanna blank Daddy?”

“Do you wanna play with me daddy?”
“Do you wanna workout with me daddy?”
“Do you wanna watch me daddy?”
“Do you wanna tie me up daddy?”

Like holy shit can you not come up with ANYTHING different ever?

No. 527187

Because that’s her shtick. She is ~*so gay*~ yet her porn only panders to CIS male daddy Dom idiots, because it’s easy. Even her MV bio, all her begging text posts, wishlist bumps, whatever. Everything is addressed to “daddy” because she lacks the creativity, motivation, or care to switch it up for different demographics.

No. 527341

File: 1520886475268.jpg (270.38 KB, 517x740, dirtytights.jpg)

fucking disgusting.

No. 527348

File: 1520887398228.png (49.64 KB, 597x375, dumpstersox.png)

She's selling them for $75.

Maybe she shouldn't put her grimy dumpster socks on her bed where she lays her head at night though, just saying.

No. 527363

Who gives a fuck about cis? If she’s gay that doesn’t mean she has to be down with eating out a wound that never heals bro

No. 527364

Never in a million years. A scourge, seed the ground with salt and start again.

No. 527365

No. 527375

>Maybe she shouldn't put her grimy dumpster socks on her bed where she lays her head at night
>on her bed

what bed

No. 527389

No one. Literally no one wants to or would. No one, Shay.

No. 527390

File: 1520890687884.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1836, F6346DB0-5169-4234-B061-97BBCD…)

For the love of all that is holy stop getting her these things she won’t ever use and buy her a fucking air mattress. It’s like all her fans are enablers.

No. 527393


As in the blanket folded on the floor?

No. 527394

File: 1520890909542.png (383.61 KB, 651x548, Screenshot 2018-03-12 at 5.41.…)

No. 527402

Her overextended thumb is freaking me out a little… but her face in this really takes the cake. She has aged so much and gravity is not treating her neck well!

Does she even have an air mattress on her wish list? Does she have any aspirations to acquire a real bed? Isn't this girl tired of sleeping on the floor? Does she not have a permanent crick in her neck? I have so many questions.

No. 527404

Where her lips at though

No. 527406

Can people who post this shit just be removed from society as a precaution or

No. 527408

File: 1520892004478.png (224.18 KB, 251x394, stupidspoiledwhore.png)

Looks like Shayna

No. 527424

Does she even know how to cook beyond pasta and microwave food? Why the fuck does she need a pressure cooker?

No. 527449

lmao her "goth girl gets fucked" video


if anyone can understand what shes saying let me know

No. 527451

Probably trying to figure out how to ~eat healthy~ or lose weight on Reddit or something after lurking here. Hey Shay. All the lazy as sin 30 yr old bachelor men on there are obsessed with pressure cookers… just throw in your shit and wait… magic for these people who can't cook. Useless birds like Shay.

No. 527455

File: 1520895268248.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.49 KB, 941x488, oldladypuss.jpg)

her vagina is fucking revolting.

there is such a thing as too close up, shay

No. 527457

Are they supposed to be bad?

No. 527459

she literally only fucks herself for 2 minutes of the video wtf

No. 527461

File: 1520895479817.gif (1.9 MB, 320x320, EDA6CFF7-1817-43EF-8B90-96A919…)

cursed image don’t click

No. 527464

File: 1520895569862.jpg (Spoiler Image,303.95 KB, 936x526, howcanyouresist.jpg)

yep, this is definitely worth 2k friends.

No. 527466

File: 1520895633512.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1280x800, lardass.png)

No. 527467

File: 1520895653494.png (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 1280x800, skinnyFAT.png)

No. 527468

File: 1520895665754.jpg (Spoiler Image,306.8 KB, 935x529, ohwow.jpg)

heres a face that just screams sexual energy

No. 527469

really dude? lardass?

it looks like her legs just extend further upwards. she doesn't have ANY ass, let alone a lard ass.

No. 527471

"fuck me daddy"

No. 527472

File: 1520895860103.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.26 KB, 943x520, underthetape.jpg)

oh jesus i didn't think under the tape would be worse

No. 527474

Look at her legs, though. It's like cottage cheese.

No. 527475

thats normal in most people?? stop harping on her weight ffs

theres way funnier shit to laugh at her for

No. 527477

File: 1520896104814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,729.33 KB, 2048x2048, 49D24085-3229-47D1-ADD8-9B8971…)

this is… just sad to watch. She seems like she’s LEGIT drugged. It’s alarming. The sounds she makes while “coming” sound like the yells of a wounded animal. How could she think it’s ok to touch her vagina when it looks like this, let alone make close up videos of it???

No. 527478

Fucking hell girl, that's disgusting.

No. 527480

that pussy close up omg girl take care of your genitals

No. 527481

……………it is? Damn I'm blessed. Stop getting so triggered about Shay's rolls and cellulite(no one cares)

No. 527482

im very sure sores and ingrown hairs in THIS much excess, with scars and shit, is not anywhere near normal.

stop deluding yourself shay and fix your vagina.

No. 527483

it clogs up the thread and is annoying as shit.

theres always one fag in each shay thread that thinks shes like a fucking beached whale.

No. 527486

File: 1520896475894.gif (2.78 MB, 500x281, jfc.gif)

No. 527487

It’s def not. As someone who used to suffer terrible ingrowns, it was never that bad. Because I would learn to leave it alone, only wax or shave sporadically, or use products to help with the bumps. If you’re committed to being hairless just get laser removal Shay Jesus please. Also, by the color of her vaginal opening you can tell shit is inflamed. I just want to save that poor vagina..

No. 527491

You can tell she picks at it obsessively. It also seems like she has a rash going on all in and around her folds. I would venture to say she's suffering from both yeast AND bacterial infections. This girl needs medical intervention.

No. 527492

im gonna be real the video was nice and she looked good in it UNTIL she took off her shortS and revealed her diseased snatch WHAT THE FUCK
instant turn off. how does she make any money?

No. 527503

she makes money by playing a professional fake victim and posting teasers that dont show how horrible her vagina truly is. then when the people buy the video they see the horror.

No. 527509

its sad that shay has such an intense fear of intimacy that she literally wont fuck anyone unless shes drugged or asleep, or both. eek.

i fear for her well being sometimes. but most times i just hope she dies so she can stop leeching money off people who've earned it.

No. 527513

Holy shit that cooker was almost $200 who the fuck bought that for her??

No. 527520

Shay doesn't like sex >>527509

No. 527535

Had to sike her ugly ass self up

No. 527545

I think he’s referring to the ridiculous amount of cellulite on her thighs.

No. 527546

I know this got talked about before but how short is that guy or how tall is Shay actually? Maybe she wasn’t reblogging cuz it reveals how not smol she is

No. 527547

yah, she doesn’t like sex when she’s not drugged by someone or being touched in her sleep.

It’s because she’s afraid of intimacy, and is really not confident at all.

But she’s always posting/reblogging shit like “daddy put drugs in my drink and when I fall asleep take advantage of my tiny body” just different versions of it saying she “needs this right now to make her feel better”

She’s afraid of intimacy.

No. 527548

She looks so uncomfortable in the trailer for the video.

No. 527550

Shay is about 5’4

No. 527555

I refuse to believe that Shay isn't mentally impaired in some way. No one who wasn't would show off their diseased pussy like this.

No. 527556

What in the ice truck killer hell….

No. 527558

Dexter reference?

No. 527563

File: 1520902116977.jpeg (15.11 KB, 580x337, 66F6D282-955A-4772-9A6A-EF9962…)

No. 527564

No. 527565

i’m legitimately going to vomit.
how is she so confident when her crotch look like that?

Does she think that people are just hating on her when they say not to do shit for 24 hours after getting waxed?
holy shit someone call doctor pimple popper

No. 527572

File: 1520903182817.jpeg (219.71 KB, 650x371, E7E2FEAF-E53F-4C25-9410-7F192C…)


No. 527587


No. 527593


OMG her pussy is atrocious!! God that's fucking disgusting!


Ha! She was cornered into having to finally post it. Someone else had to make a post tagging her before she finally did. Lol! I don't blame her, she looks like shit and she looks sooooooo big.

No. 527601

File: 1520905436900.png (Spoiler Image,3.25 MB, 1920x1080, disgustingpussy.png)

The music is hilarious when pared with the pathetic footage. Her pussy is disgusting as usual. Check out that huge boil on the left.

Full Length - The Puppy Princess


No. 527611

File: 1520906270758.jpg (Spoiler Image,344.43 KB, 1910x1085, 3ertyhgf.jpg)

Why does her pussy looks so fucked up and covered with puss filled boils and sores in every single one of her videos!?

No. 527613

she's dirty.

No. 527616

Not that anyone wants to look this close but how does her pussy look SO different between these two? It’s awful in the puppy one but it also really shows just how bad it is in the goth girl one. Jesus. It’s like an entirely different set of genitalia

No. 527624

did she delete her Instagram? I can’t find it

No. 527625

File: 1520907361944.jpg (124.72 KB, 640x910, IMG_8679.JPG)

Next thread image pls

No. 527627

i vote yes definitely always

No. 527628

File: 1520907425814.jpeg (879.94 KB, 1242x1786, F9627447-1057-4926-BBD9-A5CAFB…)

Can’t find it either but whoever is running the troll account A+. Way to go the extra mile, even watermark it with your username kek

No. 527629

everything about this video is LAZY

No. 527632

watching her suck on a dildo gives me second hand embarrassment. its absolutely pathetic.

No. 527634

File: 1520907975588.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8680.PNG)

Dat boob vein… I know they're natural but that is unnerving

No. 527635

File: 1520908075757.jpg (Spoiler Image,302.06 KB, 933x526, look how dry my pussy is.jpg)

daddy, look how much i DIDN'T cum! look how dry i am for you!

No. 527641

File: 1520908574062.jpeg (Spoiler Image,562.17 KB, 2048x2048, B60B54EB-A2E9-45E9-BD1C-331C3D…)

SO much why in this video too. From the nintendogs or whatever music to the dry anal and most displeasing blowjob ever. Jesus.

No. 527647

does she really think she looks cute or something? Nothing about any of the faces she made were sexy in any way.

No. 527648

Tbf I have vamp teeth like that. Not much you can do unless you pay a lot of money for essentially fuck all. Might as well keep em. Plus in Japan and shit aren't they wanting sharp teeth for some reason? Lotte has fake fangs.

No. 527652

This boob vein seems like a recent thing, it's never looked this bad. Is it drugs?

No. 527655


Tinfoiling here but what if her veiny boob isn't natural?

No. 527658

boob veins aren’t caused by drugs wth???

her breasts look like they’ve gotten a bit larger as she’s gained some weight. She’s only a 32 band size and probably has a small chest which means naturally the skin tends to be a bit more taut and accommodates less. The skin is being stretched causing it to be thinner and show the vein more.

No. 527660

it’s normal for women especially in their 20s to have minor changes in breast size.

No. 527675

Didn't mean to cause a boob vein derail oops.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she fucked it up slapping her titties with paddles all the time.

No. 527679

She has always had the vein. She talked about it before when she was still going by shay-gnar

No. 527687

How would you feel if you caused someone to commit suicide? Do you not care??? You should really delete this site!!!

No. 527688

Within the first ten seconds I hated it. Hearing the Nintendogs theme in Shayna's gross porn is jarring.

No. 527689

Delete the whole site over a single thread? You're a weak cunt.
She's a nobody here compared to others, chill.

No. 527691

Who do you think you are I said that because of the site in general

No. 527692

Ooooo guys the internet police are here to get an anonymous message board shut down! Get a life you gaylord sjw

No. 527693

File: 1520911343949.jpeg (41.29 KB, 355x309, 4EAE32AC-CA8A-4007-AE0F-971E52…)

No. 527697

How about you just delete the site and everyone will be happy; except you

No. 527698

You're so embarrassing…

No. 527699

Cry about it

No. 527700

hey Shayna; I fucked your dad.

Go fix your revolting genitals.

No. 527701

What if everyone was talking about you?

No. 527702

Hey why you support promoting pedophilia, beastiality, and date rape?

No. 527704

When did I say that???

No. 527705

id get over it because I’m an adult who doesn’t give a shit what people on the internet have to say about me.

But then again I don’t have an internet and image based career that could flop at any second.

No. 527707

your porn sucks, Shay. do better or deal with the criticism.

No. 527708

You support Shay, so you obviously support her actions.
What an awful human being you must be to be perfectly fine with a child rape fetish.

And you think we're the bad ones?
At least I don't vouch for pedophilia.

No. 527709

Well they do and if someone kills themselves because of y'all you will be charged… don't think they can't track your ip address

No. 527710

Death by message board.

No. 527712

Jesus christ. She should just let that bush grow back in, anything is better than this. I'm in actual awe of how horrifying the ingrown hairs(?) are, I can't believe she actually takes videos of this shit.

No. 527713

No one forces her to look at this. It’s not anyone’s fault if she decides to off herself.

No. 527714

I don't either what don't you understand?

No. 527715

Farmhand please fix

No. 527718

Go make a thread about it fag

No. 527719

This is a+ indeed thank you

No. 527720

You can be charged with manslaughter

No. 527721

You are dense as fuck.

No. 527722

Oh no the internet police will charge me with manslaughter I’m SO scared.

No. 527723

You should be; I'm sending a screenshot of this site to the FBI

No. 527725

she’s not dead yet tho

No. 527726

Shayna is a big girl and likes being the center of attention. If she can't take criticism for the vile content she puts out, then she can get off the internet and take her rotting puss somewhere else.

No. 527727

What you are using this site for is illegal also

No. 527728

the FBI has you know, ACTUAL problems to deal with but I’m sure they’ll want to throughly investigate an anonymous message board (out of the hundreds of thousands of them on the internet). But I’m sure this website will take precedent over other FBI matters.

You are so fucking idiotic.

No. 527730

We're just talking about the stuff she brings on herself

No. 527731

talking shit is illegal now because it’s about Shayna

No. 527735

You can also be charged for felony/misdemeanor harassment(: ^))

No. 527737

Guys we’re all gonna go to internet jail for talking about Shayna

No. 527741

Lawyer here. No, you can't. Everything discussed on this website is publicly available via social media platforms. If you don't want to be discussed, don't put yourself on the internet. End of story.

No. 527744

If the anon keeps trying to police us the only one getting upset is them

No. 527746

I needed this laugh, thanks.

No. 527749


you've not a clue how laws work, do you? do you think every single poster here is in the US, or do you just think that the FBI can nose in to every country, everywhere?

No. 527763

File: 1520916100279.jpg (19.62 KB, 500x522, 1518099133843.jpg)

No. 527768


We have to stop exercising our first amendment rights by ceasing to comment on content voluntarily released, distributed and circulated by the "public figure" themself? Lulz

While Shayna forcefully exposes pornography to minors when switching her content from hipster to porn without warning.(Even the underaged followers have voiced this themselves and how terribly affected they were).

What about Shayna scamming people? Taking money and giftcards with promise of content, but never delivering. Lying and scamming people making up false stories to garner sympathy. Holding giveaways and never sending prizes, after hundreds have promoted her and did whatever else to enter.

What about Shayna blackmailing people out of money. (She just mentioned this last week)

There's so much more

Isn't prostitution and selling pornography against twitter, snapchat, and IG's terms of services?

What about when she had an "advice column" and spreading her illogical/ ill-informed opinions to unsuspecting impressionable kids. She could have really hurt a lot of those kids, the same kids who also got exposed to her porn…That she hesitated and waited to tag and label as nsfw because she was too selfish and didn't want to loose traffic to her blog.

No. 527769


No. 527773

When she took her butt plug out and stuck it in her mouth, was that even sanitary? I don't think Shayna performs enemas before she sticks anything up there if she can't even be bothered to shower more than once a week.

No. 527792

File: 1520920971818.jpeg (63.24 KB, 657x600, C90976E7-B08C-46E2-B69A-CF58B6…)

No. 527797

because, on top of not showering regularly, she also doesn’t listen to the esthetician when they say “no sexual activity for 24-48 hours” and “keep your nasty claws away from your vagina”.

Either she’s waxing herself or some dumbass is actually continually waxing her already irritated skin, which will literally give her even more zits and boils and possibly cysts.

next MV title: “pussy pimple popping barbie”

No. 527832

Charged with what exactly? Aiding a suicide? We’re not actively contacting Shayna to tell her what a shitty human she is. Anyone who even considers prosecuting someone from a site like this risks trampling on our first amendment right to free speech. Which is a whole lot of work for some low profile wannabe rape pornstar. It’s not like we’re texting or calling her telling her to kill herself, or even messaging her tumblr.

In all honesty tho, if shay were to off herself or wind up dead who would be surprised? At this point I’m sure even her parents have prepared themselves for it.

No. 527834


Do not feed the troll.

That aside, the First Amendment does not apply to speech on privately owned websites. Defamation and harassment laws apply, but in most jurisdictions (ie. states and countries) these laws are civil, not criminal, and the burden of proof is on the claimant.

No. 527843

Advice collumn??

No. 527852

Her claiming she’s losing $napchat dollars because of lolcow has probably actually benefited her. After getting upset she said she’d be moving all of her explicit content to MV Crush so everyone who wanted to stay up to date with her ought to buy it but you guessed it, that never happened. Now she’s selling a new private snap. Does she really think the Internet works that way? If people want to watch something you’re putting out there and talk about you, they will, no matter if there’s a price on it

No. 527854

Tbh I always feel that way too. I comment here occasionally, but I never say the horrible shit some people on here say. Honestly this entire website isn't cool. From what I've seen, I don't like this girl much, because she was crappy to me, but no one deserves to have an entire 5 threads on a website about how nasty people find them. Criticizing Shayna is one thing, but some of you people take it waaaaay too far.(derailing & whiteknighting)

No. 527862

Of course people do. Many people who use this site are mentally ill, it should go without saying. Everything in life is actually a choice. People choose to act deranged on this board and nothing is done about it. People choose to act insane on the internet for attention. People choose to not take care of themselves. Look at Julie Terryberry and her threads on KiwiFarms. To discern the balance there and whether or not she was encouraged by what was occuring is very difficult because she was undoubtedly challenged on many levels. Shay is challenged in a different way because she WANTS constant validation and like many cows, seemingly refuses to recognize any areas she may be able to improve herself.

Can you coax someone into feeling negatively? Sure. Into suicide? No. No one can make anyone do any actions because each person makes their own choices.

Sage and sage again because this topic pisses me off and this thread is constantly derailed lately with “omg she’s huuuge” and endless comments about meaningless milk(derailing & whiteknighting)

No. 527874

I think a decent chunk of anons in Shayna's threads do want to see her turn her life around though. I've seen so many posts giving her genuine advice (about seeing a doctor for her vagina, how to make her porn better, etc.), wishing she'd quit the decisions she's making, being concerned about her going out with random old men and how strung out she looks sometimes. I do believe a handful of anons, however, love to nitpick as well just for the sake of it. I try not to.

No. 527879

>no one deserves to have an entire 5 threads on a website about how nasty people find them
yes she does. she is disgusting. (>>527009 >>527472 for example) I don't know about you, but I don't feel sorry for people who condone paedophilia.

I agree. However I'm more at the point where I dont care as much anymore, because she never seem to take any advice for her own well being. I think her stupid decisions are superb milk.

No. 527927

Whilst admitting to actively posting on a thread you then denounce other users for contributing to.

Ok then.

No. 527994

I find it very amusing that Shay keeps trying to branch out to new sites and social media, but always comes back to tumblr after she doesn’t make 1k+ weekly in followers. She has NO drive or well bashed out marketing strategy besides “I’m a pathetic little baby victim, but me stuffs so I feel better!”

like her twitter is literally just for MV blaster posts (when she makes a sale) now. She’s gone right back to tumblr.
Same with her onlyfans, instagram, and IWC store. It’s sad.

No. 528043

File: 1520960708121.jpeg (404.22 KB, 1242x996, 5AA60E24-673D-446E-A68C-114A2F…)

this is pretty much proof that Shay was the derailing troll last night. She’s so transparent.

Fix your coochie Shay

No. 528061

This applies to Shayna visiting here as well. She could walk away just as easily. Why does she care about us? She has all these daddies who love her ~~so much, and she apparently fucks all our dads, too, so calm down.

Just really. When your life is structured around getting validation from other people as a path to happiness, wew let’s just say it’s not going to work out well for you by the time you hit forty. Then you’re really going to be miserable. Figure your life out now, you’re young and hopefully not this goddamned dumb, and seriously stop crying because people on the internet don’t like you.

What a whingy idiot.

No. 528072

She wants to act so vile on the internet for attention and to feel special/different, but then cries when she receives criticism. Makes sense.

No. 528110

This is so hypocritical, like we all know you come here everyday shayna. Fix yourself and make better choices and we would shut up. We wouldn’t have anything to talk about. But instead she continues to sleep on the floor, get her infected vagina waxed and doesn’t take care of it and keeps back tracking on literally anything she’s ever said. It’s like if she wasn’t a horrible self-wallowing cunt, she would be fine.

No. 528164

Shit by the time she hits 25 she’s gonna be living in a dumpster shooting up and working at a trash nightclub in the shittiest part of Seattle.

No. 528180

Tumblr is overrun by porn bots, I bet that more than half of her followers are bots

No. 528183

Bots and inactive blogs considering how little notes she gets. Sure she has thousands of notes on pics but they've been going around for a while and she's probably the main blogger for those.

No. 528193

probably about 70% is inactive or bots. On newer posts she hasn’t seemed to crack 2k notes in a while, so it doesn’t seem like she has many active tumblr viewers.

No. 528202

& Quite a few people block anyone who interacts with her posts

No. 528293

File: 1520978453576.jpeg (604.95 KB, 1242x866, 72F6D18D-5F61-4FDE-A094-FE3427…)

Friendly reminder this is her bed.

No. 528294

Did her videos ever leak? I want https://www.manyvids.com/Video/549447/Daddys-Girl/ because I can't resist dope fiend eyes, but I'd rather not put another $10 toward her drug habit

No. 528305

she's supposed to be gay? the hell kind of self-respecting dyke gonna let her near their snatch with claws like that.

No. 528309

>finds a girl hot once
>I’m so gei
No one ever cuz she ain’t gay

No. 528314

The light in that apartment is terrible, did she literally just go for the first apartment she found?

No. 528353

ah ok. gay for pay and attention. gotcha.

No. 528375

All these name changes, aesthetic changes, money wasted and she still can't piece together an aesthetic that meshes, let alone one that is unique. If she's going for some kind of bimbo barbie look, ditch the kawaii ugu and opt for an all american attitude. Ditch the 50s/60s rockabilly that doesn't mix with it at all, and ended years ago. Ditch the faux cutesy voice and put on a confident, animated facade, a la Barbie in any movie she has ever been in. Take care of your hair and practise more natural makeup. Base your videos off shit that actually suits.

Barbie movies, like Barbie and the Nutcracker. Take the name literally or do a ballet inspired video. Barbie as Rapunzel, bdsm about how you're stuck in the tower with an actual dragon bad dragon dildo. She could work in her desire for femdom even though she's awful at it with some Barbie shopping spree themed shit. How is she so bad at this. It's beyond me

No. 528389

It’s because she has no personality and doesn’t know who she truly is. So she just hops on any recent trends (like the findom bullshit) and hope it works for her. As a skinny blond white girl she can hop onto different trends and still be accepted with very minimal effort, and she knows that.

Everything she does is a lazy, half assed attempt at what other models do 20x better.

No. 528391

Also, stop giving her ideas ffs

No. 528422

no lol

hahah good ideas. just wait and see she'll probably steal them

No. 528443

Don't worry, I 10000% guarantee her next video will be from this post

No. 528449

File: 1520989307568.jpg (9.35 KB, 540x205, projections.jpg)


>realize ur making a conscious decision 2 let me negatively effect ur life everyday

>jst by coming 2 my blog 2 see if ive said something worth offending u

>ur choosing 2 live in denial, unhappiness & jealousy

Shay….. hold up a mirror and say it again…

No. 528453

>this isnt even everything

I'm certain it is

Looks like pink crap found at Goodwill tbh

No. 528454

Wuutt there is no way this stuff is brand new?? Looks like she took a bunch of her old pink stuff in a picture all together and pretends they're gifts????

No. 528474

File: 1520991475495.png (177.54 KB, 1442x1012, advicetag.png)


Yep. Shayna gave advice thru her blog. It gave her false sense of importance. Most of it was cliche, but some of her advice was illogical and uninformed. She should have been the last person to tell these kids what to do, and she really should have directed them to the proper places with the appropriate resources, etc. She just loved having young impressionable girls and boys be able to look up to her. Then people started pointing out how hypocritical she was, and there were criticisms of what she was saying etc, so it forced her to take the link to it off her navigation bar. She only tagged the ones that made her look good, obviously. The ones with criticism or the ones she got called out for aren't tagged or prob deleted.

The tag still exists tho, you can see it all here:

No. 528475

File: 1520991621852.png (1.99 MB, 1464x1292, advice.png)

The "advice column" Shayna used to have was a collection of aks/anons that she would give her advice to; ranging from life, sex, like consentual non-consent, rape kink, health, mental health, abuse, ed, etc. She would collect them all under a tag and encourage people to ask her shit so she can give them some of her pseudo intellect.

She used to have it on her navigation bar. Here's some links to archived snapshots of it before she took it of.




No. 528476

File: 1520991654456.png (27.45 KB, 583x458, advice2_ask.png)

She also talks about it here. Even her mom agrees Shayna could put others in danger:

(Part of a series of archives about Shayna lying about being abused by her mom. The rest of the links are up in the thread description)

No. 528488


That tag used to be pages and pages and pages. It's been edited. She's of course deleted several and untagged them all. Leaving the ones that she thinks makes her look the best.

No. 528491

File: 1520992638128.png (7.74 KB, 509x171, dycz.png)

now selling photos of her feet

No. 528497


BAGAAHAH!! Shayna's Haus of mattel is cheap and looks flamable.

She has her real name with link to her private blog and her nudes… WOW

No. 528520

>world's most spoiled brat
>sleeps on the floor

No. 528563

Aw boo the troll instagram got taken down

No. 528721

holy shit Shayna
all of these “daddies” buying her cheap amazon shit and she still doesn’t have a bed

maybe she really is a dumb bimbo, you guys

No. 528732

File: 1521010563822.jpg (102.3 KB, 1080x944, DYOoCIuWAAE_s_O.jpg)

No. 528734

File: 1521010642364.jpg (94.51 KB, 663x321, Untitled.jpg)

No. 528735

File: 1521010793810.jpg (69.2 KB, 545x276, Untitled (2) .jpg)

No. 528752

File: 1521014455144.png (288.81 KB, 1032x1370, Screenshot_2018-03-14-01-00-48…)

One troll account gone, two more pop up

No. 528753

File: 1521014472285.png (Spoiler Image,891.3 KB, 986x1859, Screenshot_2018-03-14-01-01-01…)

No. 528898

This right here has to be the epitome of her cool Mom look.
She’s now reached cool grandma levels.

No. 528916

that jacket looks like an old thing my aunty bought to me when I was 11 at an old bankrupt russian shop. Those pink shades don't even match. also that dirty skirt.

I have a feeling that shay would smell like moulded clothes that has been packed away for years so the smell is kinda trapped and dead. + ofc sweat, and unwashed hair.



No. 529017

File: 1521045315910.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 750x1334, 559E1525-55C5-48C5-9819-CB9C8C…)

but my feet pics she says

No. 529022

Oh no…. it’s really not that hard to groom your own toenails at home… add a little coat of paint….. pls Shayna this is not a criticism this is a plea - trim your toenails..

No. 529026

Holy… why would you post this… that pinkie is the equivalent of a coke nail on a hand

No. 529034

Ew why

No. 529037

If you can’t eben take care of yourself enough to trim your damn toenails, you probably shouldn’t be attempting to be your own boss 😂

No. 529040

File: 1521046346572.jpg (143.75 KB, 750x1334, daydrink.jpg)

day drinking is EDDDGYYYYY, right?

No. 529045

File: 1521046689468.png (129.6 KB, 997x1215, Screenshot_2018-03-14-09-57-50…)

No. 529053

Is she trolling us with this shit? She didn’t even bother to file her nails or wash her fucking feet, god, she’s a gross pig.

No. 529072

How do someone's toenails even get like that, unless you walk around outdoors barefoot? The nightmarish toenails and bile-yellow sheet make for quite a nauseating effect.

I know nothing about ropeplay but should her feet and fingers (can see two, to the right of her foot) be discoloured and purple like that? It looks like the circulation is cut off in places.

No. 529078

File: 1521048835787.jpeg (587.26 KB, 1165x2085, A71F7AE6-A46A-41E8-9B80-53922B…)

Wow this fet writeup

No. 529081

as long as it’s not left like that for a long period, there won’t be any damage. you can turn your hand purple by just sitting on it.

No. 529082

Yeah purple is actually normal. Rope cuts off circulation. In legs and feet it happens really easily and is “safe” for a long time.

No. 529083

“Mine just happen to be abducted off the side of the street by a man in a windowless van”


No. 529086


No. 529140

>mine just happen to be abducted off the side of the street by a man in a windowless van twice my age with knives, zip ties, and duct tape.
reminds me of the toy-box killer. she really has no respect for women that actually gets abducted, tortured and killed.

No. 529221

Punching herself in the face? Has anyone seen her do this

No. 529231

>when I was going through puberty because of my deformities and people would stare at me and start rumors about me as to why I looked the way I did (I'd rather not go into much detail about that)

uh what the fuck is she talking about. what deformities? and why is she speaking ok there but like an illiterate 13 yr old everywhere else?

No. 529232

there use to be a lot of gifs of her doing it in old threads back when she actually got on cam more than once a year

No. 529239

You know, I noticed she had dirty socks in this >>527601 video, like black on her soles, and I thought maybe it was on purpose, but no, she's just disgusting and doesn't clean or give two shits about hygiene. She probably does walk around barefoot and walk around outside in socks.

No. 529254

No. 529298

No. 529342


>moving up in the business world

>new friends & relationships


Shay's shit is so unraveled, imagine having a calendar or planner or schedule and feeling 'gross' about it…

Shay, you're 20 years old going on 40+ by appearances. You're an adult, that's how life works. It's a good thing. You're just nasty, diseased and don't bathe so that's potentially the source of why you feel gross.


I'm finally convinced Shay is indeed mentally impaired. Slow in the brain. Challenged. Two-digit IQ. Dullest tool in the shed. Alongside the other issues and delusion of course. The diseased vag, sleeping on the floor, coming here to warn us of the FBI…


>"…quite a percentage of so-called feeble-mindedness turns out to be pseudo-debility, conditioned by inhibition…"

>"…when they do not want to understand, where understanding would cause anxiety or guilt feeling, or would endanger an existing neurotic equilibrium"

No. 529411

File: 1521069483577.jpeg (337.1 KB, 1242x1000, 67F9A179-D4A9-4078-B335-1FBAEA…)

Oh boy. Saddle up everyone.

No. 529413

Brain cells gone due to all that drinking and smoking probably. Little too young for her to really be doing that stuff to herself tbh. Her brain hasn't even fully developed yet

No. 529418

File: 1521070371385.jpeg (64.44 KB, 480x951, 762DF974-FEF4-424E-81E0-EA6410…)

No. 529435

girl no, you need to get these done on forms. this ghetto shit went out of style years ago.

No. 529452

File: 1521073456075.gif (Spoiler Image,2.35 MB, 540x304, e3f685d9-737c-4498-ae38-25f062…)

New video dropped

No. 529462

This is the second worse one

No. 529464

What’s the first??

No. 529466

File: 1521075290463.jpeg (Spoiler Image,640.96 KB, 1242x704, 0BC2F478-323A-45BF-BEDE-AAF59C…)

No. 529474

she’s always having a flare up

No. 529490

sage for bullshit nitpicking.

her branding or lack thereof annoys me so much. A bimbo fetish and DDLG fetish are so opposite in terms of style and presentation that you can't mix them together without looking half-assed. What baby has $3 12 inch press ons, heavy makeup and stripper heels? What slutty bimbo barbie stuffs a pacifier up her ass? Then you have her garbage BDSM and degradation pig/dog nonsense. And fin-dom for some stupid reason. She's just throwing every "out there" fetish at the wall and seeing what sticks instead of doing the smart thing and picking 1 fetish/theme and working on it.

No. 529510


THIS. So fucking much. It reaaaaally bugs me, when there are so many fetishes that DO go well together. Instead it’s just a giant fucking train wreck. She is literally so abbraisive to observe.

I honestly think she could nail the age play stuff. If she dyed her hair a natural, mousey brown, stopped refusing to wear colours that aren’t pink (I feel like she could do baby-blue or green soooo much better) and cleaned herself up. Like, I don’t give a fuck for the weird pedo-baiting ageplay shit, but people are going to do it while it has a market and since it doesn’t seem to be an issue on her conscience she could actually make so many better decisions and pull it off.

/End rant.

No. 529542


But really, who buys or views this content with sores all over her damn vag? I'm serious. Who? Who enjoys seeing this?

She does not look good in pink. Not her color. Especially the pale shades she's always in and around. It makes her look sooo washed out and sick. Greyish sick.

No. 529582

I’m confused. This one isn’t more expensive than other videos, and only a dollar or two higher than recent ones. Definitely the most cringeworthy one though…

No. 529587


Dolly. DOLLY. If you won't take care of yourself get at least learn to use retouching software like BeautyBox or smth. It's like $150 and will save all of us from being subjected to your scary snatch. And start using an epilator instead of waxing.

This is all so goddamn basic ughhhh

No. 529590

watching this part in her trailer, she looks SO drugged out. Stop with the baby voice for real.

And seriously does she know anything beyond saying “daddy” at the end of every sentence?

No. 529601

I think my favorite part is the confusing irony and clashing subject matter of her overly aggressive baby voice and commitment to this whole baby thing while shoving panties in her poor snatch with those huge claws.

No. 529648


OMG!!!! BARF!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!?!?!?!
They match her butchered hair and diseased boil covered cunt.

Where is this from?
goals and aspirations? haha!
>best that I can be, inside and out
>nails done
but look at her toes, and dirt under her nails
>bleach my hair
does it herself bc she's so cheap so it all falls out
>work on myself as a person
baha. pure comedy

is there at least one single video where it looks like that? Dollymattel's vagina is gross looking. She should be the last person to choose porn with a vagina like that.

No. 529650

File: 1521096681318.jpg (174.01 KB, 1280x713, tumblr_p5largx1RW1rmiw96o1_128…)

This is a boner killer. Why does she always pick the worst pics. At least TRY to fucking pick ONE frame where it looks somewhat appealing when trying to sell your porn.

No. 529654

File: 1521096957107.png (5.25 KB, 315x170, ig.png)

No. 529656

File: 1521097307149.png (8.17 KB, 504x183, lube.png)


No. 529722

ha, that was me, I’m surprised she answered it

No. 529727


WOW! She seriously changed the
>"I don't give advice on sw"

from her navigation links to…

>"if u need advice on sex work buy my snap!"


I've noticed Shayna's definition of "nice" or "expensive" is like white trash definition. She has no class. Everything about her isn't even discount rack cheap.. it's dollar store cheap. I've never seen her in a single outfit that I thought was cute… and I love pink! The fabric of her clothing all look like they'd fall apart in one or two washes. Good thing she doesn't wash her clothes… or her body for that matter.

No. 529742

File: 1521118180407.jpg (19.41 KB, 485x189, lol.jpg)

She's delusional. 6 yrs with the same account, same audience from when it was a hippie stoner blog that she forced her porn to. Inactive accounts and bots. That 127k gets cut down to less than half. It's hilarious that she seriously thinks her disgusting cunt is worth $50.

I seriously don't get it. If my cunt looked anything like hers or even half as bad. I would never show it to anyone… out of human respect. She's subjecting everyone to her disgusting snatch just to get the measley few who don't notice it. Perhaps it's like a sales strategy? Give them something like damaged goods so the sad souls watching can think they have an actual chance or sumthing. lol. I mean, there's gotta be a reason… right? She seriously can't just not know how bad she looks. Like wtf hasn't anyone told her the truth? Doesn't this girl have a single friend to slap her in the face to save her from the shame. She's been making a fool out of herself. She's only in her 2nd yr in sw, and she's built a REPUTATION of a liar, scammer… but most importantly… A GROSS DISGUSTING PUSSY with boils filled with puss ready to pop, white heads, red, purple sores, always an outbreak in everyone of her photos and videos. Her names been synonymous with it.

Tumblr has really warped her mind and inflated her ego with a FALSE sense of confidence. Although it's hilarious to witness, it's actually super sad… and kind of dark. Knowing she's a thread loose away from realizing this delusion of hers that she's been living and perpetuated by years of vicariously living life thru tumblr, getting her ego stroked by other attention seeking individuals looking for any shred of validation. She's been in this delusion vacuum with other dumblr whores just circle jerking one another. I feel so sad when she brags about stuff bc I know she's broke, sleeping on the floor, everyone knows she's a liar. It's no one else's fault but hers. She's single handedly did it.

"that girl's who used to be a stoner…she's got boils on her pussy and ass"
"oh yeah shay-gnar… she got like a gross vagina"
"she used to do smoking vids and lied about rape… doesn't she have like herpes or some sort of outbreak on her vag"
"she used to have a bush, now she's got growths, sores, scabs and scars all over her pussy"
"lol yea Shayna, she's delusional"

Doesn't she realize who she really is on her beloved platform?

No. 529774


Dude, what the fuck… that is more than just razorburn. Barf.

No. 529889

I thought that was a tissue stuck up her cunt at first.

No. 529937

me too lmao I thought It was like a paper towel

No. 529940

lol I loved watching her room count drop when her scabby pussy came into view

No. 529943

That's so funny

No. 529945

I've never watched her on cam before, but she's even more annoying live than in her tumblr posts, holy fuck.

No. 529949

someone tipped her 5 tokens and now he's a top tipper, which means she isn't making shit. pretty sure 5 tokens = 25¢ for her.

No. 529950

Honestly you couldn't pay to me watch her porn her fucked up vag is so disgusting if I saw that shit offline I'd run for the hills men are fucking weird for buying her porn

No. 529955

she punched herself in the tits several times for $1.10. embarrassing.

No. 529962

File: 1521137110642.jpeg (104.61 KB, 750x371, 926C9529-A3C1-49FF-BA43-EBE6CD…)


No. 529964

File: 1521137278279.jpeg (129.06 KB, 1242x298, 219A3812-13C6-40E3-8B18-70C566…)

Lol she’s offline now that someone said something about her cooch

No. 529966

She really thinks that people pay her money ‘for being who she is’ ? Lol they pay you cos you get naked online shay you have no personality

No. 529967

"i think i have a pretty cunt, like sure we can sit around and make fun of my pussy, but like, my job isn't just my pussy, it's so much more than my pussy, it's like, being who i am"

No. 529971

File: 1521137659036.png (69.34 KB, 588x513, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 2.14…)

Here's her tip menu converted to USD and what she actually makes:
>$0.25 if I'm cute!!!!
>$1 friend add
>$1.10 Spin Wheel For: paddle ass/tits, face slap/punch, slap/punch tits, pussy slap/whip, edging, choke OR SPIN FOR A VIDEO!
>$1.25 slap butt
>$1.35 feet behind head
>$1.65 flash
>$2 choke
>$2.20 paddle butt
>$2.25 tiddie slaps
>$2.50 paddle pussy
>$2.75 gag
>$3 wrist cuffs (on)
>$3.25 ankle cuffs (on)
>$3.30 slap face
>$3.50 blowjob
>$3.75 edge
>$3.85 punch face
>$6 top off
>$6.50 bottoms
>$7.50 pump pussy (1 min)
>$10 naked
>$12.50 dog cage
>$15 private
>$21 smoke a joint
>$27.75 5 vids
>$33.30 snapchat 4 life w/ screenshots

she's screaming, cackling and all giddy that someone tipped her 100 tokens… which is $5.

No. 529974

the troll did his job then

No. 529984

All of her cam shows are so boring

No. 529988

Why does she keep scratching herself? Does she have fleas?

No. 529989

whoever the troll is keep up the good work!

No. 529990

She doesn’t use the fake baby voice when she’s camming either like she’s so inconsistent

No. 530045


top fucking kek

my new hero

No. 530070

you're doing amazing sweetie

No. 530118

File: 1521143517634.gif (Spoiler Image,3.67 MB, 421x750, 9B403DD8-3B30-40EF-AFD9-CEC1D5…)

No. 530121

File: 1521143605629.gif (Spoiler Image,2.86 MB, 421x750, 6E255A29-FB8C-49BE-9AA1-73E457…)

No. 530124

File: 1521143686547.gif (Spoiler Image,3.25 MB, 421x750, A082C2E7-9B00-4CA6-B9A6-0A84FF…)

No. 530128

did she leave and then come back? on her MFC profile it says she's offline. as a fellow camgirl i would love to see this trainwreck live lol


No. 530131

File: 1521143910330.gif (Spoiler Image,2.07 MB, 750x421, 0A71234C-77D8-4D95-B17E-50F0A9…)

Ur soooo cuteeeee shay

No. 530134

Nah I just got high and then came back to make the gifs

No. 530137

with her retard smile

No. 530140

Typing sage doesn't sage jfc

Anyways has she ever addressed her nasty vagina? It genuinely disturbs me.
Kind of a rip off to not show it and make people buy her videos to see it.

No. 530142

File: 1521144114266.gif (Spoiler Image,6.96 MB, 750x421, 03F74A08-BE03-4248-8A07-FE7866…)

No. 530149

File: 1521144294194.gif (Spoiler Image,5.85 MB, 750x421, FFF792A2-9908-4F8E-A76D-AC1C7B…)

Why is it that only the girls with literally no lips always do this

No. 530154

File: 1521144435456.gif (Spoiler Image,10.18 MB, 421x750, 725D98D3-4A5C-4EA7-98DE-281DD8…)

Bring it arooound townnnnn (since she loves spongebob so much)

No. 530158

sagefag here, i know how to do it ffs but for some reason it didn't work.. i was confused thinking 'am i on /pt/' but imma try again. could just be a glitch cuz i'm on mobile

anyway damn she looks so ugly, i honestly don't say it about many people but she is just extremely unattractive. her body is fine except for the puffy diseased pussy but her face looks like a really low effort tranny. don't see how she has ANY money since she has so little to offer

No. 530162

Anyone know how much she earned tonight while camming??

No. 530166

File: 1521144910941.gif (Spoiler Image,10.58 MB, 421x750, 901C62D1-E70A-4829-BAFD-0F7FAA…)

Does she realize this is what her butt looks like?

No. 530191

she probably thinks shes thicccc with her deluded mind

No. 530192

thin lips trigger me

No. 530216

One thing I really find interesting when she’s on cam is how her background music choices really don’t match up with her current ‘aesthetic’ (if you can even call it that). It matches so much better with her old style BECAUSE THATS HER NATURAL PERSONALITY. she could make so much more money if she dropped the embarrassing baby bimbo daddy fuck me bullshit, sorted out her nasty genitals and was just herself

No. 530226

I’ve seen her clear her goal when she has one or more of her “daddies” in there. Aka her idiotic undying fans who waste money on her stank pussy. Probably incels

No. 530243

Her body is fine? I don’t know what kind of camming you do where that’s ok, but she has no curves. Like at all. She used to be petite which caters to a certain group of customers, but she’s gained at least 20 or 30 pounds since shes started. Now shes just misproportioned and lumpy, no hips or ass, but big love handles, belly rolls and cellulite. Plus her waist is as wide as her ribs so she can’t even fake an hourglass figure.

What person do you know who’s type is like that? Most dudes like either fat girls, chubby/curvy girls, or skinny girls. Is she any of those things? No. You may be able get away with being ugly in the face doing sex work if you fit well into those categories (hence the plethora of faceless “sex workers” on tumblr). So not only is she ugly (which she can’t control because obviously she isn’t talented enough to fix it with makeup), she has a diseased looking pussy and she's a shapeless blob. Like that’s fucked up and I don’t like to bodyshame but she has no other plans for her life, her whole career and income is actually dependent on the way she looks and what most men find attractive.

If anything, while she’s making arguments about how “sex work is real work” she should actually do the things that make it hard work. Like staying in shape, learning how to edit out her herpes and how to do her makeup

No. 530255

Wait is she trying to play a smart nerd now? Lol how does that fit your dumb bimbo aesthetic Shay?

No. 530256

She’s not short enough to be considered petite. She’s almost 5’5”

No. 530260

Could be copying Trixie Mattel’s “nymphomaniac mathlete” character from last week’s episode of AS3.

No. 530267

She does have an odd body, like a pudgy child which I guess her audience would be into that look but then she's got that diseased vaj.

No. 530269

She’s such an idiot I stg.
If it doesn’t fit her dumb baby bimbo aesthetic, why is she doing it?

No. 530310

File: 1521150469201.jpeg (83.69 KB, 575x1024, 77DC4FEE-87DD-42D1-88BB-2A8A2F…)

Rocking the special ed look Shay

No. 530338


This shit is so fucking awkward. How is any of this supposed to be sexy idgi. Shayna has absolutely zero sex appeal. I mean the girls from two girls one cup have more sex appeal than she does and they literally ate shit.

Like seriously who finds this shit hot? Her complexion is sallow as fuck, her hair is disgusting and piss yellow, her pussy has pimples galore, she's literally NO muscle and ALL flab, she's got cheddar teeth, she has thin-ass lips that are always chapped, she can't do her fucking makeup which you think she SHOULD be able to…being a sex worker and all… AND this bitch has zero style coordination.

In short, this bitch is crusty, ugly, mismatched, and looks the fucking wicked witch of the west when she tries to be "cute" and "coy" and i don't know who finds this nasty shit hot, but if i were them i'd kms.

No. 530365

Lol I was the anon that asked her about being completely contradictory and as soon as I read her answer I knew she was lying. I’m sure the whole “spoiler alert she doesn’t make it on the team” is something she came up with when she read the question.

No. 530374

File: 1521152807409.gif (682.82 KB, 500x282, anigif_enhanced-buzz-3087-1424…)

>haus of mattel

bitch, stop. You are not a gay man and drag queen. You don't get a haus.

No. 530461

Little late but why she looks like a legit raw chicken breast in those gifs

No. 530465

Being a mathlete completely contradicts the dumb bimbo aesthetic she's trying to go for. Mathetes are supposed to be, y'know, smart and not stupid. It's appalling how she can't stick to one niche.

No. 530508

File: 1521159157330.gif (1.76 MB, 764x422, TrixieMattelMathlete.gif)

she's trying (and failing) to do a look like trixie mattel's iq kitty, also known as mathlete kitty. shay has nothing on her.

No. 530510

What makes trixie mattel’s aesthetic work is because she’s SELF AWARE. She knows she’s a trashy bitch, she knows her makeup is super heavy, she knows she looks crazy but that’s the joke, and it works because she’s self aware.

Shayna on the other hand thinks this is her real-life aesthetic and it’s not trashy at all and that it’s fashionnnnn.

No. 530563

She’s uh.
Also a man so.
Nobody actually cares about “her” makeup.

No. 530574

Sorry for OT but do you understand drag like…. at all…?

No. 530576

that's what drag is anon, sorry to break it to you. (inb4 "drag is misogynistic :((((")

No. 530579

Oh honey

No. 530580

OT, I don't watch the show, but isn't the character Trixie Mattel supposed to be female, therefore she's referred to as female?

No. 530587

Relax, she's a drag queen, not a mtf. The man that dresses up as her doens't claim to be a woman/female. It's just customary in drag to refer to the drag queens as she.

No. 530594

I remember this… once you see Shay beast in motion… you understand

No. 530596

>Keep pickin at that pussy

No. 530601

Okay but lady Gaga isn’t either of those and she has a haus sooooo shut up??

No. 530604

Careful, comments on Shay's body seem to trigger a few folks here

Nothing but the truth anyways

No. 530609

lady Gaga is an icon. She earned that shit.

No. 530626

lady gaga is also a gay/lgbt+ icon, sooooo you shut up?

shay has done nothing to earn her a barbie identity and she doesn't do anything to hold up to it. she'll never earn the right to use 'haus' or any sort of drag identity.

until she gets those sores in order, i don't even think she deserves to do cam work.

No. 530630

Shay thinks she’s fucking Paris Hilton. But Paris Hilton is actually business savvy and knows what she’s doing when she works that dumb blonde bimbo Barbie doll aesthetic.

No. 530661

Your right she is, but original post said gay man. And Gaga is not. Shay doesn’t deserve the title, but it’s not exclusive to lgbtq men or drag queens I’m sorry if it came off as defending shayna, it’s not. She could be a bum on the sidewalk and wouldn’t deserve a nickel in her cup

No. 530665

Ok bitch as if I didn't already say that earlier here:
And you even linked to posts before and after mine, so you can't claim to have not seen it. Unoriginal copycat, just like the hoe you make fun of…

No. 530671

okay? and i didn't see it. get over yourself anon, it's not that big of a deal.

No. 530703

stop fighting (っ- ‸ – ς)

No. 530720

File: 1521173773436.jpg (9.19 KB, 225x225, 654861856.jpg)

Not that anon but…

No. 530833

File: 1521187619266.jpg (Spoiler Image,572.88 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_26022018_1831_MyFr…)

She never does close-ups when she cams. In all her sessions, she sits so far away so people can't see how gross her pussy is.

She rarely cams live and prefers to make videos, because people only find out about her gross diseased vagina and her pussy outbreaks with puss filled boils ready to pop only after they've already paid for the video and are watching it. Shayna's a SCAMMER! hah

She tries to hide this:

No. 530834

File: 1521187646964.jpg (Spoiler Image,557.07 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_26022018_0137_MyFr…)


No. 530835

File: 1521187660495.jpg (Spoiler Image,515.78 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_02032018_2005_MyFr…)


No. 530836

File: 1521187693271.jpg (Spoiler Image,503.54 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_12012018_2241_MyFre…)

No. 530837

File: 1521187711305.jpg (Spoiler Image,521 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_06122017_0143_MyFre…)

No. 530840

File: 1521188115541.jpg (Spoiler Image,601.71 KB, 1710x1373, Stupidbaby_230916_1653_MyFreeC…)


She used to sit closer to the camera and do close ups when she had a bush. Now she just sits so fucking far away from the camera to hide her outbreaks. It's funny that guy noticed.

No. 530890

Its really sad how much better she looked with that look vs now like holy fuck

No. 530998

File: 1521218948185.jpeg (182.83 KB, 1242x760, EC5448DD-A5A8-4A62-95DD-54664F…)

No honey, you’re having your stuff stolen because people enjoy making parody account of your dumb ass self to laugh at it. Don’t get it twisted.

No. 531049

I only come back to this thread to check if this girl has stopped sleeping on the floor…..and she hasn’t.

Sage for no info just my concern for this chicks vagina too

No. 531129

File: 1521231660787.gif (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 500x281, 063563D9-45EC-41DA-8C9A-7688C0…)

so sexy shay. i hear a lot of people have a special needs kink

No. 531130

File: 1521231715857.gif (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 500x281, C89A4C1B-69FF-4EC1-BD87-E3720B…)

what ass is she trying to show off jfc

No. 531131

File: 1521231778755.gif (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 500x281, F90CE52D-00E8-4E9D-B6C0-0072B4…)

sorry for samefagging and pic dumping but jfc she looks retarded

No. 531132

Why would you leave the lights up… holy shit

No. 531161

File: 1521233325203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.18 KB, 1010x691, 4D410137-0A88-41CF-9406-2DFF99…)

This could have been an actual good idea If she made the scenery match the theme for once. A desk. A map. A chalk board. Anything.

No. 531163

Hate to say these look pretty good. I'm sure it's the same dry fucking herself thing but she looks kinda cute

No. 531167

Because the rules explicitly state not to talk about people who aren’t directly involved with her.

No. 531178

I agree. It’s better because guess what: no pink. She doesn't use the same vibrator or glass toys as always for once. It’s still the same dry fucking and self-beating but even the small change to no pink is an improvemement.

No. 531183

File: 1521234546501.png (Spoiler Image,983.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-140907.png)

No. 531188

When will she learn that going cross eyed like that seriously makes her look mentally impaired. It doesn't look like she's cumming. It makes her look like a tard.

No. 531196

New video looks like a complete mess. Also interesting that the bath video still hasn't materialized…

No. 531198

Taken with a mound of salt based on that last comment.

No. 531296

File: 1521345309557.jpeg (189.78 KB, 1242x1010, 8796D9F4-0CC0-431D-B2AB-56096C…)

And we’re back to our regularly scheduled spending money on everything BUT a bed!

No. 531379

She keeps buying pink clothes and refuses to accept that pink just isn't her color.

No. 531439

File: 1521353067094.png (161.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-144255.png)

Screenshot dumps from the last 24 hours

No. 531440

File: 1521353086492.png (203.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-144317.png)

No. 531441

She’s so 2012 tumblr stoner era ew

No. 531442

File: 1521353144640.png (289.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-144334.png)

I found this reblog funny because she's no way in hell being an adult. Adults but what they need. Like beds

No. 531444

File: 1521353183554.png (177.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-144359.png)

Nooo they're still tacky like you

No. 531445

File: 1521353220415.png (251.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-191433.png)

A paid public snap smh

No. 531446

I can’t believe she’d waste her money on this shit when she already has so little. We know how much she really makes.
Aren’t there oftentimes free beds and such listed in FB groups, on CL, is there no goodwill? Why won’t she sleep on a bed! Not very star-like of her

No. 531450

File: 1521353306107.png (186.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-144443.png)

They'd lose their boner in 03 seconds once they see your fucked up pussy

No. 531452

Even Barbie has a bed

No. 531453

File: 1521353369553.png (183.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8097.PNG)

No. 531454

File: 1521353387136.png (723.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180317-230922.png)

No. 531456

File: 1521353537289.png (493.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8089.PNG)

This guy comments on her posts frequently. Latest one is on "brainy Barbie"-he says it's a great buy. THIS is the kind of person who enjoys her crappy porn. Fucking lol

No. 531459

File: 1521353580558.png (188.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8090.PNG)


No. 531473

File: 1521354114161.png (27.87 KB, 640x308, IMG_8100.PNG)

Is this a daily thing now? "Omggggggg guise who bought me this pink ______ 😍💗🌈💗🌈❤️🌈😍😻"

No. 531474

I don’t think ppl buy her things. I think she buys it with her 20-50bucks she makes per cam session and pretends they’re gifts to make herself seem more well off and desired than she really is

No. 531476

She couldn’t afford a bed if she wanted one, she’s too lazy to find a decent free one, and too stupid to save her money

No. 531483

File: 1521355295573.png (35.67 KB, 1081x379, 000.png)

This is like $200 she could have spent on a cheap IKEA bed so she could stop sleeping in the corner, on the floor.

Honestly, free beds are pretty iffy, given the bedbug scare among other hygienic issues. Goodwills and such typically do not sell beds, but they do have couches and sofas on occasion.

Realistically though, her best option is to just hop on IKEA and ship to her place. She could have seriously gotten a futon or a bed for about as much as she had spent on that hideous clothing "haul". This was only $220, plus roughly $10-$20 shipping.

No. 531486

Sage for samefagging, but if she doesn't have an IKEA close to her. She could get a futon from Target for $150 and there are similarly priced frames and mattresses available at Walmart. There's really no excuse for her to still be sleeping on the floor when she's wasting money on daily milkshakes and clothes shopping.

No. 531487

File: 1521355730727.jpg (354.31 KB, 1068x1618, Screenshot_20180317-234734.jpg)

She could also get an air mattress too and it would cost under $100.

No. 531501

she won't even buy herself a pillow. she just uses that stuffed teddy bear instead

No. 531554

I have that same bear and it's honestly not that comfortable

No. 531637

It’s not public if you charge people for it. More comments for Shay the retard.

No. 531682

File: 1521386214711.png (151.31 KB, 750x1334, 0C413189-78A8-443A-9FA2-27BFB6…)

Why her hairdresser would let her damage/fry her ramen noodle hair beyond comprehension like this is beyond me.

No. 531744


I kind of feel bad for Shay lately

No. 531752

File: 1521391736754.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180318-094554.jpg)

No. 531753

File: 1521391770685.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180318-094608.jpg)

No. 531754

File: 1521391798590.jpg (Spoiler Image,554.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180318-094624.jpg)

No. 531755

File: 1521391818440.png (436.47 KB, 750x1334, 1A477EBD-F155-4809-923D-9F6002…)

No. 531756

File: 1521391910944.jpg (Spoiler Image,556.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180318-094633.jpg)

proof that they still look here lol and then there robyn white knighting again.

No. 531764

File: 1521392598156.jpg (54.43 KB, 480x360, 20180318_170259.jpg)

No. 531767

Lolcow solidarity uwu

No. 531777

I feel bad for Shay, and then she pulls nonsense like this
I truly don't understand how –after having some 4+ threads, she doesn't realize her shitty behavior and attempt to change it

like ffs anons point out specific reasons shes a cow and even suggest how to fix said issues
but no

she'd rather cry about it and play victim

No. 531785

Because she thinks it’s just people being jealous of her and how perfect she thinks she is. She doesn’t believe she NEEDS to change.

No. 531791

Holy fuck, anon. Goneeeee

No. 531820

What is “the eye of jealousy”?

No. 531838

“Act a fucking mess for attention”

Sounds like someone….we know…
What’s sad is people on this thread just want her to get a bed and get treatment for her diseased looking vagina. Cmon.

No. 531849

Legit I have thought about contacting her personally so many times about these two things. I seriously just want her to BE BETTER. But I feel like a personal reach out would be pointless.

No. 531866

laughs with power and talks bad about the people here using anonymous names

COWARDS! You can’t even show your face!

people publicly use their name and platform to show they dont care and will still laugh at her

MEANIES!! I’m sobbing and want to die they are so mean:(

No. 531870

Laughing at something doesn’t make you a bully. Shay, you look absolutely retarded in that picture. Your videos are on the internet FOR FREE. You wanna be so famous? Learn how to deal with the backlash like a humble adult and IGNORE it rather than feeding into it. That’s what Paris Hilton does, and Britney Spears. You know, your icons? Learn to take this shit with a grain of salt if you want to be a star. You already claim you are sooooo famous so learn how to take it. Get over it.

No. 531904

Finally some fresh milk. If shayna feels so cute, sexy, confident n stuff, why can’t she handle a little bit of drama? Oh no guise prettier and better girls are mean to mee, boo hoo. Cry me a river, Shay. You deserve much more mean comments, posts and negative backlash.

No. 531919

its because her confidence isn't true confidence. its a mask of confidence. and underneath is a very sad, lonely, sex deprived girl with infected, boil covered genitals, and an intense need for attention (no matter how negative).

her narcissistic behaviors and delusions of grandeur stem from her insecurities. she honestly believes shes famous and deserves to be praised for the half-ass content she puts out. she doesn't feel she needs to improve or change because she thinks shes already perfect. but someone criticizes her once, on anything (her behavior, her lack of effort in videos, the fact that her genitals are fucked up, pointing out camera angles that look awful, pointing out that she looks literally retarded and not sexy and maybe should reshoot scenes, saying they didnt like the video, etc) and she takes it SO HORRIBLY. she's like "i want to die why is everyone so mean to me???? im always SO nice and supportive to everyone!!! i dont deserve to ever have anyone say anything bad about me or criticize me because im famous and you should love me no matter what."

she also wants people who dont like her to just block and ignore her except she LOVES to bring the drama to her own page. she could have ignored this entire little incident and let it go but she HAD to put herself into it. she HAD to show that she was better than that person. she needed validation from her friends that she was the victim in the situation.

girl needs to work on herself, body and mind. shes way to far gone at this point to realize and change without help.

No. 532069

God. I'm so happy I'm not Shay or any other cow. So grateful for my life, success, relationships, good health.

Don't be jealous, Shay. Just be better.

No. 532080

i'm sure Shay suffers intensely when alone. she needs to listen up, get some help. Change her miserable life.

It's WILD how much GOOD advice we have given her (and apparently "successful girls in the industry" too? LOL) and yet… nothing has changed.

She looks like DOG shit and feels just as bad. She's spiraling downwards and knows it. Sleeping on a dusty floor, not one damn pillow. Lying, whining constantly. Her crusty scabbed vagina. Always filthy, never bathing. I mean JESUS. The delusion is STRONG, she NEEDS her veils to not lose her mind / have some complete mental breakdown! Because deep deep down…. she's aware! She knows!

Absolutely pathetic, weak and cowardly. So much bullshit she says.. she needs to hold a mirror up because she's talking to herself. So funny.

No. 532150

Tbh I enjoy being a bully. Idgaf, cry me a river ladies. And I was bullied HARD growing up so whatever

No. 532151

it’s not being a bully for laughing at someone’s stupid picture. It’s a funny picture.

No. 532213

If the pic was a real meme we wouldn't be bullies for laughing at it

No. 532247

Yeah but like my point is even if it is bullying who the fuck cares. Like what are you, twelve? Whining about the mean bullies and life not being fair. Grow a fucking pair. Life isn't fair. People are mean. Last I checked she's an adult who willingly puts herself in the public eye. If you can't handle being the but of somebody's joke pick a different profession. And get over this whole bully bullshit. So juvenile.

No. 532255

What are you so defensive for?

No. 532269

do you feel guilty deep down or something? i get that she's playing the victim but most people don't like being insulted and will get somewhat defensive. you sound like you want to have your cake and eat it too. yeah it's not that big a deal to be a bitch or "bully" to people who put themselves out there, but they're hardly pathetic just for pointing out that you're being bitchy and defending themselves.

No. 532301

I literally said you’re NOT a bully for laughing at a cringe worthy pic like that.

whatchu freaking out for? sounds like you want to be a bully or something. relaxxxx

No. 532794

Can someone get this underage drunk off of tumblr??? She’s dumps half assed apoligies out for everyone she’s offended but if someone does it to her, she’s too high and mighty for that??? She’s claiming she deserves an apology to her face?? It’s a damn shame to see her level of incompetence And that she thinks she deserves a fine experience in life’s for all of her trauma when in actuality her trauma was a normal childhood, but that’s what happens when you have a silver spoon shoved in your mouth while living the lavish life of white privilege.

I’m on mobile and saging doesn’t work right for me, so don’t come at me.

No. 532835

No instead of “torturing someone for their looks” she make Hitler jokes to a girl with a Jewish girlfriend. But no no Shay you’re way better than them.

No. 532843

wtf is her deal no one was “humiliating and tormenting” her. They posted a stupid pic of her in response to an anon question, with no text. Just shay looking mentally challenged. How is that “humiliating and tormenting”?

No. 532849

Thought she got off on being humiliated anyway. Isn’t that her thing?

No. 532859

she claims it is but only when it helps perpetuate her victim status.

No. 532862

she looks and acts so unprofessional in this. and wtf is with the dual shots side by side?

No. 532878

The sore she has on the right side of her pubis is so goddamn swollen omg it’s huge

No. 532880

when you have to use dull low contrast lighting cos your model has a raging puss infection

No. 532881

She looks genuinely worried in some of these, I think she’s got in way over her head

No. 532885

more self conscious than worried imo. she couldn’t choose the angles or the lighting or the outfit or how she stood or anything. She gets uncomfortable when she can’t manipulate everything to make her look attractive.

No. 532886

this girls body looks like a little boy with a vagina

No. 532899

Def just self conscious, not over her head. There’s nothing that is worse than she does to herself here. He’s barely hitting her with any force and he looks like he’s being really caring actually.

No. 532999

Nah, watch her blink after the hit and the way her hand come up. She doesn’t like the real thing.

Her punches are fucking weak lol as if she were really hitting herself? She was glad to get the fuck out of there.

No. 533010

When she punches herself she turns away slightly cos she knows when it's coming of course. When someone else is doing it you can't really prepare for impact. He's not doing it hard no but any impact gonna give you a lil shock.

She's never bruised on her face which I'd expect from "punching".

No. 533013

how are her thighs wider than her hips?? girl looks like a pale sausage

No. 533063

her thighs are like that because that’s how fat tends to distribute on most females. it looks more profound because of her narrow hips.

No. 533198

Someone post the lovinglymade video

No. 533232


don't forget the other video they made

No. 533303

Do I really wanna spend $5 on a weird ass porn?

No. 533308

For the lulz. Yes

No. 533360

"merchant only accepts mastercard and discover" so if you have anything other than that, apparently you can't purchase? idk maybe i'm missing something but i wanted to laugh at her pretending to be into the bdsm scene!

No. 533416

She also claimed she had a hot steel rod shoved up her ass but none of the video descriptions mention insertion of any kind

No. 533440

The two videos are only 5 mins long too

No. 533449

what are those bumps on her vag? I'm guessing razor burn? girl you in the sex industry try laser or like wave the bitch if that is straight up razor burn. or got forbid some STI.

No. 533450

She could literally even exfoliate before and after shaving and use moisturizer like, it really isn’t that hard to take care of ur vagina even if ur not using it for money so.

No. 533454

Razor burn isnt that bad and pus filled. I've dealt with awful razor burn and it never got nearly that disgusting.
There's legitimately something wrong with her snatch.

No. 533460

Yikes she should get that checked out.

No. 533461

She mainly gets it waxed, and shaves in between. I’m not sure what kind of professional she goes to that would do that when her vagina is so red and infected, I really don’t.

No. 533464

File: 1521518167935.jpeg (57.7 KB, 600x677, 24228153-5C5E-4BC3-9A69-804652…)

No. 533465

File: 1521518214284.jpeg (313.95 KB, 1242x588, 4BD0399D-FBE0-4F4B-8B05-8F072A…)

I can promise you, after a week of being on twitter and not getting the attention she wants, she’s going to go right back to tumblr.

“Tormented and bullied”
I guess calling someone baby hitler is your way of being supportive of sex work? Or making sexual assault into a parody is your way of being supportive? Oh wait when YOU do it it’s not wrong, right, okay.

No. 533467

“Claim to be sex workers”

Shay is the one TRUE sex worker everyone, deciding who is and who isn’t a sex worker.

She’s fucking insufferable I stg

No. 533468

this sounds so fake it makes me vom in my mouth

No. 533489

I would probably be 100 times more sympathetic to her if she didn't do that irritating baby-speak shit.

No. 533563

File: 1521526850351.jpg (165.81 KB, 1080x675, Screenshot_20180319-231906.jpg)

No. 533566

When was this posted? Didn’t she just make that big post about girls supporting girls what a hypocrite

No. 533567

About an hour ago

No. 533608

Well that basically confirms it was her complaining that we were all going to be "accomplices in her suicide"

No. 533655

She's an alcoholic, pretty much. All the alcohol she's consuming will just make her keep gaining weight too.

No. 533713

oh my god, imagine if she did pov face sitting videos, the sight of her rancid vagina coming towards you like something in a horror film

No. 533772

>than stop

No. 533794

Except no one went “out of their way” to harass you Shay.

No. 533833

jesus shay, how hard it is to understand that respecting women/sex workers does not mean that bad behavior is going to be ignored in the name of ~~~feminism or whatever?
just apologise for saying a racist thing and move on. god she's so dumb.

No. 533863

bitch you degrade yourself on the daily for men's pleasure. you're the reason why men have low respect for women

No. 533967

Am I remembering it wrong or does that actual sex worker/prossie blondie girl from Britain, I’m blanking the fuck out on her name, take issue with Shay’s shittalking on tumblr?

No. 533975

They better dump that wax after using it on Shayna’s cooch, because whatever’s on her box is communicable.

I’m just saying. I feel like looking for salons in her area and warning them that this chick is diseased. I won’t, don’t worry, but it is that gross.

No. 533979


No. 533984

This softpinkplush person is a cow.

No. 534021

That's Robyn (weed-breath) she's so far up Shaynas ass I think she nests in her anal cavity and she is a cow always has been she's mentioned in the stoner Tumblr thread that's sorta buried. Both her and her boyfriend Kevan are kinda a couple of jokes. She claims she's asexual yet partakes in ddlg kink and throws her opinion on anyone's ass if they talk down about Shayna

No. 534085

No. 534135

She doesn’t seem to understand what “pro sw” means. It means your opinion of sex work/sex workers is generally positive, not “I must be nice to every sex worker regardless of the situation”. Dumbass.

No. 534163

File: 1521583460526.jpeg (155.83 KB, 750x1104, 33731A4F-935B-48BF-BC79-B86246…)

She literally tagged this as 1k. Honestly u shouldn’t be proud one of your posts hit 1k if u have like 124k followers.. that’s just sad.

No. 534228

File: 1521586964647.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1457, E0EED54D-70AD-4052-B7F1-8B3335…)

And the bed got an upgrade, now she sleeps on a furry rug on the ground instead of just a blanket.

No. 534246

i live in a shitty SRO and even I have a bed. i don't get what's wrong with this broad. is she going for some bubblegum pink, zen minimalist weirdness?

does she really just have no dignity?

No. 534293

File: 1521589807476.jpg (21.28 KB, 720x320, Alien_facehugger.jpg)

No. 534387

File: 1521595366109.jpeg (128.56 KB, 1242x435, 260AF447-811F-4EA7-AAB7-5F47E6…)

Anyone on snap?

No. 534410

Back when she still had a bed.

No. 534630

File: 1521606595841.png (Spoiler Image,547.75 KB, 384x1010, lol.png)


No. 534631

File: 1521606682480.png (258.87 KB, 480x654, lol2.png)

No. 534633

File: 1521606781745.png (51.04 KB, 267x173, lol3.png)

No. 534635

File: 1521606902816.png (110.88 KB, 450x286, lol4.png)

the stuff of nightmares

No. 534639

File: 1521607079772.png (127.34 KB, 544x228, doublechin.png)

bad angles for her, her double chins and pudge fuck face look atrocious

No. 534640

File: 1521607105371.png (Spoiler Image,381.35 KB, 608x1142, 20180321_003651.png)

Omg she looks just like Barbie lol

No. 534648

Hank Hill proportions

No. 534658

She isn't fat- she just doesn't have any definition. Which makes her drunk uncle lookin'.

No. 534659

Does anyone know…what is her living situation? It genuinely seems to me like she lives in a 10x10 room. Is there more to her place than this corner or…?

No. 534673

If her description of “studio apartment” is accurate, it’s likely something like an efficiency. For those that haven’t lived in one of those, it’s a place where everything is in one room, and then the bathroom is the only separate area. I feel when we see this one wall we are genuinely seeing most of her living space. The no doubt tiny kitchen and bathroom are all we can’t see.

No. 534685

I mean, that's literally the definition of a studio apartment. So, yeah… that's accurate, that's all there is

No. 534689

she seriously looks like a rodent

No. 534700

I thought studios and efficiencies were different for some reason my b

No. 534702

I can’t believe she has that much cellulite on her ass already. Wew, lads.

No. 534746

can someone link me to this post? Went thru espi's blog but I'm on mobile so I can't find it :c

No. 534751

The random tufts of broken off hair. The weird, wispy curls that are her bangs. The way too dark eye makeup and eyebrows. None of this is really doing her any favors either.

Shay needs to seriously stop bleaching her already chemically burned hair. She needs to get it trimmed, maybe dye it closer to her natural color while her roots grow out, and deep condition the hell out of it until it resembles human hair again.

She needs to learn how to apply makeup too. I mean, just looking at >>534633 she looks like an ugly boy in bad drag. Lighten your eyebrows shay, and stop using the cheapest dollar store eyelashes you can find.

I have no advice here. Squats can only do so much. But exercise would help her look somewhat less skinny-fat and blocky.

No. 534869

>"go to my bed"

No. 534884

File: 1521644149673.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, 1914A629-28A8-4F9B-956A-8AA967…)

Sure, Shay

No. 534890

Her “bed” could refer to the pink rug in the floor, most likely

No. 534897

Also why does she continue to refuse to @ poor gf???

No. 534919

>Squats can only do so much.

sorry for OT but thank you for saying this. people seem to think squats can give you an ass. shayna can tone her body but she can’t change her shape.

No. 534921

File: 1521649713492.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.81 KB, 540x960, 275AE41C-AA6A-4877-B692-AFDAB2…)

Probably because this is what her gf looks like/posts like

No. 534928

File: 1521650231550.png (934.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-093601.png)

Either Shaynas the secondary partner or daddy? Lol

No. 534929

Sorry for double posting

But after lurking her gf’s tumblr for awhile she doesn’t seem too bad—a little cringey, kinda ugly
But she seems nice and to encourage her fruends(?)

Wonder how Shay lured her in

No. 534932

Maybe she wanted a"sexy" popular partner and picked Shay

No. 534938

it’s kind of sad that she always dates these horrible looking people because she’s so self conscious that unless the person looks like a dumpster fire next to her she doesn’t feel sexy enough.

No. 534939

she probably helped Shay find an apartment or something, or bought her stuff.

No. 535020

This is why the DD/LG and ageplay culture need to fuckin die. This is disgusting. Actual children suffer from sex abuse but hey!! as long as it's labelled as a ~*fetish*~ it's okay right?? Piece of shit

No. 535027

>using a children's training toilet on the "bed" you sleep on

No. 535058

File: 1521661035814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.54 KB, 1242x688, 8A679057-AF0B-4582-A3CA-CEB248…)


No. 535059

File: 1521661087814.jpeg (Spoiler Image,484.15 KB, 1242x1517, D259D542-49BB-43C6-8CAB-665E55…)


No. 535074

Her room is gonna smell like piss. I doubt she's going to clean the rug, ever.
Professional porn star
Bitch put them on a bag or something not on the rug.

No. 535094

I can’t believe I’m alive at a time where this is something people enjoy.

No. 535213

I’m sorry did this bitch actually put her pissed in underwear on the carpet with nothing under them??

No. 535244

I predict she'll start to do increasingly more depraved stuff for money then.

No. 535246

Or what she’ll do in less than 3 years when her cooch is beyond full blown and her face looks like shes a meth head.

keep drinking and doing drugs and sleeping on your floor Shay, let’s see what happens when you’re 25 and you’re a pathetic nobody who can’t get a job or sex.

No. 535248


What the fuck did I just read. Obvious self ask too…

No. 535268

she thinks it’s cute and edgy when you have cute little girl stuff next to drugs. she also likes to talk about having someone drug her and take advantage of her, which is completely fucked up. not sure if she does them herself though

No. 535283

She said in an ask before she tried cocaine once, but that was a couple years ago.

No. 535339

Ew…She looks like a slimmer Lena Dunham.

No. 535444

isn't this the same vibrator she claimed she broke and tried to raise money to replace?

No. 535448

This almost looks edited. Literally in stills from the same video her razor burn looks worse??

No. 535452

At least the pink some what matches

No. 535461

File: 1521687170246.jpeg (Spoiler Image,506.18 KB, 1242x2153, EFDACEAE-01F6-4C45-ABD0-EF9CC6…)

Here it is boys and girls, the start of the end lmao
She said going to ruin and infect herself so bad from improper sterilization

No. 535462

File: 1521687190504.png (57.31 KB, 1080x715, 20180321_194840.png)

Why does she do this? Suggest something that is so different than what someone asked for? It looks like blatant self-promotion and self-centered as fuck. Can Shay not let anyone be a sub except for her?

No. 535469

Dumb question, but are those clamps? I thought it was a hole puncher at first, kek. Apologize for my naivety.

No. 535470

It’s a speculum. Google.

No. 535474

Maybe the photo was taken before she peed them? I hope.

I don't understand why she doesn't walk into Mattress Firm and get a payment plan for a mattress. They will give let you buy a mattress on credit through THEM. It's not that hard. She is going to have a messed up back from sleeping on the floor.

No. 535487

Lmao of course it was butt stuff, her rancid vagina is too gross for even her "girlfriend"

No. 535504

YMMV, but sleeping on the floor (carpeted, not hard) is supposed to alleviate back pain and improve posture. So even if Shayna is a sad, alcoholic DDLG sex worker with a Hank Hill ass, she probably doesn't have back problems at the moment. Not to say she couldn't get a firm mattress as a compromise though

No. 535545

File: 1521695202662.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.63 KB, 384x1010, EB79A1E0-0A88-44D0-830C-5A6506…)

I’m…. in awe? This bitch and her wack body. Nope! WTF!



Sick. Absolutely sickening.

Someone throw it away. Sick brain, sick pussy, fucked up life, body. Has no one. Has nothing. What’s the point?

No. 535551

Tbh I think having an inverted triangle body type is kinda unfortunate, but if she were thin again it would look decent. Not that Shayna's fat, but she's been packing on weight recently.

No. 535556


Since she likes to try and take on ALL TEH KINKS the she ought to take up tightlacing. Wearing a corset would detract from her unfortunate body shape.

sage for accidentally giving her ideas

No. 535559

Oh my god even her fucking taste in alcohol changes per whatever her current astetic is. How is she so fake

No. 535622

File: 1521708908912.png (652.25 KB, 591x1197, knockoff.png)

Oh yeah her knockoff bootleg calvin klein underwear. She wore the same 2 or 3 pairs almost daily until it was pointed out on here that they weren't even real, she was wearing fake knockoff calvin klein bootleg underwear sets she got from amazon. Just like those cheap knock off misspelled "Califoinia Barbie" and "resected" shirts

No. 535631

>abuse, alcohol, trauma, drugs, nothing special

Fabricated "abuse", traumatized from being grounded, alcohol? This girl barely drinks, she only drinks alcohol as a prop for her photos to make her look edgy. Drugs? Aside from the weed she says she's allergic to and the random drugs some people also experiment with in highschool, shayna doesn't have a drug problem. She lies so much. She WISHES she had these problems she states to have a reason for the fucked up situation she's placed herself in and for her stupid life choices. There's no abuse, no abusive mother, no alcoholism, no drug problem unless you count smoking weed a problem. It's just her, her lies and delusions and gross diseased pussy. Own up to it.

No. 535678

women needs to be resected. never forget.

No. 535771

Shayna has a lot of issues. She doesn't make up the fact that she drinks, or does drugs. Have you seen her posts? She drinks regularly and looks fairly high virtually all of the time. You can say what you want about her, but she absolutely does have drug/alcohol problems. It's clear as day.

No. 535815

File: 1521738662688.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 91AA2B95-9F58-4D3F-A5B5-F1F5DC…)

Deleted from this morning

No. 535834

she posted on her tumblr this morning about how she was throwing up all morning but loves the way her body looks.

She’s deleted it, sorry I couldn’t get a screenshot.

No. 535835

just saw you posted this sorry

No. 535838

Shay get a life and stop reading our posts. You miserable fool. Get a fucking friend, get a job.

She has never suffered any abuse or trauma or hardship. She has no drug problem. She binge drinks and smokes weed that she’s allergic to. You’re indeed correct when you say she WISHES she could blame her pathetic life and self on these things. She’s just a stupid mess.

No. 535842

Your body looks like HELL lol

No. 535843

Too bad no one will have an intervention with her. Her friends enable everything she does, and she's obviously suffering from alcoholism but it's being passed off as *~trendy~* that she's depressed

No. 535844

Those aren't good friends lol

No. 535856

what friends? her crusty old man “boyfriend” and fat dumpster fire “girlfriend”? her “sir/boyfriend” literally uses her as a toy, and her “girlfriend” uses her for attention. I don’t know anyone who would stick around her because they genuinely enjoy her personality. She uses everyone, and in turn gets used. Then she plays victim and acts like she didn’t do anything to deserve it.

No. 535878

Dolly I struggle financially, glorify my issues and make it part of my sex work and stole my last name from a drag queen Mattel

No. 535891

My question is why she would put them in her mouth. Fucking love yourself goddamnit you stupid bitch.

No. 535900

towels aren’t aesthetic, duhhhhh

No. 535901

it’s her nasty piss in her nasty mouth from her nasty pussy so, 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 536065

File: 1521758508020.png (Spoiler Image,369.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-22-15-38-23…)

No. 536071

She has no friends. No family, no friends, no self respect, no self care, no morals, no education, no job, no bed, no hobbies, no brain.

Sits on the floor hunched over Tumblr eating, being disgusting and useless all day. The only reason she goes on is to see a few likes on her posts, for the next 5 dollars from pissing on herself to buy the next milkshake. What else can I lie about today? Who else can I scam? How much do I have to drink to forget about my shit life and existence for a minute?

No. 536110

And again, the bitch wishes she had a drinking problem. Shay is nowhere near an alcoholic, believe me. She’s piss poor. Surely begging her creepy old man or “”girlfriend”” to buy as she’s underage. Shay occasionally binge drinks her 6 dollar bottle of wine or just poses with it for some sort of “I’m useless trash” aesthetic. Alcoholism…. head on over your local hospital and check out the detox unit sometime.

No. 536226

you do realize not every alcoholic is drinking rubbing alcohol in the park and/or getting alcohol poisoning every other day?

functional alcoholics are a thing. routinely binge-drinking - to the point of blacking out or not -is a thing.

addictions aren't one size fits all.

whether she is or not, I don't know. not likely, but stiil. you're only right for a certain type of drunk.

No. 536356

I would love to give her a good wash lol it’d be like cleaning a really dirty old car

No. 536368


The fact that the shirt and skirt are fuschia and red and the shoes and purse are a baby pink gives me a shit taste in my mouth. This bitch can't coordinate an outfit for FUCK ALL. And her job is 100% based on her looks. Sad.

No. 536374

Do we think she actually goes out in public in this shit? Or does she just get completely read to take one picture and sit back down in her apartment.

No. 536384

I honestly don't think she ever leaves her apartment except to go see "Sir."

No. 536435

i’ve just finished catching up and am dead not surprised about Shayna doing piss porn/putting her pissy panties everywhere including her mouth

this IS the same girl who filmed herself, pissing on a puppy mat while “masturbating” in a puddle of her own liquid waste.

Just one step closer to making her hometown haturzz jealous and doing scat porn~ (calling it now: shay’s going to buy a pink plastic toilet and film herself shitting in it and she still won’t have a goddamn mattress)

No. 536525

Congratulations on your Moschino ripoff outfit, Shay. Surely would think that with her 55k earnings she'd be able to afford the real one.

Also the fact that her pinks don't match is triggering me to hell and back.

No. 536599

File: 1521814727895.png (233.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180323-071747.png)

Probably gonna be blocked for this but it's a throwaway account(cowtipping)

No. 536636

This is cringey anon, stop
This cow has milk flowing of her own accord you don’t need to milk her yourself

No. 536651

not that anon but its kinda funny tbh

No. 536663

The typing style is identical. At least switch it up if you're gonna send yourself asks.

No. 536714

File: 1521826910527.jpeg (277.42 KB, 1242x957, 4BB0B802-DE46-46FC-9388-2D415C…)

Anyone snap screens?

No. 536715

File: 1521827029542.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1840, 4AFB9B61-54D7-49D5-A193-880768…)

What the fuck are these tags? Pic is Tyler the creator

No. 536737

The writing on that baby food is in Swedish. Tinfoil maybe but does her "gf" even live in the US?

No. 536743

yes she lives in Seattle

No. 536746

I want to join in tinfoiling but yeah seems she’s at least West coast based. I continue to feel bad for that girl.

No. 536758

The last one is lyrics to one of his songs. Might be "She"

No. 536770

File: 1521832208167.png (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 750x1334, D533F02B-1244-4490-8F1C-F3CDC1…)

No. 536772

File: 1521832225463.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 750x1334, 9D8C4975-4E6A-491D-99BE-E70F5D…)

No. 536773

File: 1521832239579.png (Spoiler Image,1.44 MB, 750x1334, 915451E2-901D-4FB3-9E46-EDD390…)

No. 536774

File: 1521832256089.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 750x1334, 2FAECC67-E65E-4C68-A6EE-114337…)

No. 536775

File: 1521832297840.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 750x1334, BBB59638-1ACD-42D4-BE64-3540B1…)

No. 536776

File: 1521832312325.png (Spoiler Image,1.48 MB, 750x1334, 2C995766-C874-43B1-9DE3-B673C1…)

No. 536777

Currently serving caption ripped off from last nights ep of drag race 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 536781

she has the most unfortunate face. matches her inside, I guess.

No. 536791

This bow is shopped on, yeah? Or no? It looks fake as hell.

No. 536797


ngl i'm a sucker for tacky kitschy platforms and the concept could look cool on a hot girl as a rave or festival outfit

No. 536799

She’s been talking about this alien shoot for so long and how she had to wait for everything to be perfect…can’t wait for the massive trainwreck

No. 536800

I agree

No. 536801

Isn't Tyler gay?

No. 536814

wtf is up with her face in these photos???

No. 536832

these look like ugly leg braces

No. 536837

She's ugly and unfortunate looking

No. 536842

File: 1521837657488.jpg (164.69 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage (2).jpg)

New thread image?

No. 536844

File: 1521837705832.jpg (163.17 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage.jpg)

No. 536855


Lena Dunham is looking extra rough these days.

No. 536871

whenever tumblr girls do a ~space~/~alien~ "look" they always do their hair like this and idk why? idk if anyone else has noticed this but idk what's "alien" about the two buns look

No. 536886

I think it's just because people refer to them as "space buns"

No. 536960

the third image looks like something you'd see in a Peta campaign.

No. 536962

Shay get a bed because those eyebags make it painfully obvious that you aren't getting any quality sleep at all. Crazy how her physical appearance has declined more than usual in such a short period of time

No. 536986

File: 1521851196379.jpeg (71.13 KB, 750x698, BEB83FB9-EFED-431F-9D43-C748C3…)


No. 537016


it's like her boob is trying to break free from her flesh… like it knows the sins of what she's done germinates within her and thus desperately wants out.

No. 537045

File: 1521855901402.png (40.71 KB, 992x364, Screen Shot.png)

Why would anyone want to hire her for girlfriend experience….

No. 537046

File: 1521856213568.jpg (81.6 KB, 465x571, babyjane.jpg)

More like "currently serving up Baby Jane realness" with that face.

No. 537101

Can you imagine texting Shay. Paying money to text Shay.


No. 537455

File: 1521916737305.jpg (214.74 KB, 1073x657, 2018-03-24 12.38.05.jpg)

No. 537456

File: 1521916775895.jpeg (216.56 KB, 1242x630, B79E5423-F1A4-4524-9D54-F8D15F…)

that’s what happens when you’re “famous”, Shay

No. 537497


sounds like she pulled up theasurus.com and typed in "dummy"

No. 537544

Who on this unholy earth actually uses "ignoramus" or even "fool" and "imbecile" as an insult unless they're trying really hard to sound cool?

No. 537555

Mmmm, picking on those callouses and warts, so sexy!

No. 537570

I just tuned in and she's already begging for tokens lol.
She's quite boring to watch, I'm not a camgirl connoisseur or whatever but she's just fidgeting, and her singing is not as cute as she seems to think.

No. 537576

Please tell me she doesn't sleep on the same pink furry floor mat she does her cam stuff on

No. 537584

I came into the room for 5 min and watched her views go from 178 to 150 in those five min. She’s not doing anything at all.

No. 537591

File: 1521931002556.png (Spoiler Image,387.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-24-15-10-22…)

Here she goes….

No. 537613

File: 1521932479258.png (Spoiler Image,455.04 KB, 1246x610, lol.png)

Its such a shame she has no shape/ass.

No. 537644

Holy shit please spoiler

No. 537660

As a girl with a flat butt, I would never be a camgirl until I fixed my butt or else I'd just stay clear from these angles. Her flat butt is accentuated by how skinnyfat she is everywhere else, too. If she was super thin (like Pumpy), it would be less jarring, but she is pudgy so it's just gross and flab city.

>on her bed

No. 537664

She called someone a bitch and flipped them off because he said "bend over sweetie" without tipping her lmfao

No. 537674

She's already filmed a video peeing herself on her "bed" and then took a photo of the soiled panties laying on the rug that is her bed too. She's nasty.

No. 537675

eh, that's not entirely wrong? i'm a camgirl and i do flip ppl (not insult them tho) who ask for things without tipping. i mean, that's our job??

No. 537685

File: 1521935860336.png (Spoiler Image,633.96 KB, 750x1334, D8768220-27B4-4BE4-B932-89F34D…)

(1/3) her viewers acknowledge that she's boring and needs to do better, she was just like "i've done this before and it went well"

No. 537686

File: 1521935885627.png (Spoiler Image,616.2 KB, 750x1334, 8C135AC9-2A27-46A7-A05D-592F85…)


No. 537687

File: 1521935908654.png (Spoiler Image,591.84 KB, 750x1334, 4FA8EF1A-6719-46DA-83DB-A9E6C2…)


No. 537692

that guy was so damn nice too and she just ignored him and his suggestions. wow. the ego is strong with this one.

No. 537695

>I think you're cool even though you have an unnatural hatred for your right tit.

I don't know why this made me laugh so much.

Yeah, he's unusually kind and supportive for a random sexshow lurker. He even tipped her and he mostly got ignored. Shay just can't be helped.

No. 537703

everything they were saying are legitimately good ideas. don't most cam girls have a wheel or something??? or do literally anything rather than just sit there doing nothing and singing britney spears? Who would spend money on this boring bitch

No. 537732

Dumb medfaggoty question but I thought that punching/damaging your breasts isn’t just stupid because you look like an ass doing it, but because repeated trauma can cause calcification within the tissue, which can in turn be a precursor to breast cancer?

I’m not one hundred percent on this so if there’s anyone out there who can fill in the blanks that would be cool. I’m studying to be a mammo tech.

No. 537736

Well I mean technically she has a “wheel of sadism”

No. 537776

She was fully nude within 12 minutes? Am I seeing that right? I am concerned for her. She really should listen to that dude's advice.

Any camgirl I've watched on Chatburate usually has some sort of tipping game where they'll remove an article of clothing based on a number of tips they get, or to spin a wheel to see what gets removed - this ensures that they get tipped/paid! Otherwise people just stick around and jerk off for free. Plus, it's fun and interactive for the audience. She cannot be this retarded.

No. 537804


>just can’t be helped

It’s so true. Hopeless and hilarious. A pitiful imbecile. Fool.

No. 537807

Lol I guess she is. I charged like $100 just to get naked with tipped teases in between, I checked out Shay’s tip menu and was actually baffled

No. 537869

File: 1521959099057.png (Spoiler Image,452.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-24-23-24-05…)

No. 537883

No. 537924

>tfw the guys who just came to a cam site to jack off give you gentle advice on how to improve

She only wore one article of clothing to begin with. >>537550 Either she doesn't value her time or she just doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 537941

Shayna's cam shows are notoriously boring. I tuned into one once and she did nothing but sing along to old music and spin the wheel on her app to do the same old boring "sadistic" things she always does. She never shakes things up by adding different choices to the wheel. She thinks people will pay her just for sitting there, singing, "being herself" and complaining whenever she doesn't get tipped.

Also, she should really stick to consistent times to cam. She does it so sporadically that it's hard to catch her online. She should just overall consider a different career in life, tbh. She's too uncreative to be a sex worker.

No. 538060

File: 1521995517109.jpeg (429.71 KB, 1242x2150, E694EF3A-AC81-4973-84C6-A397DC…)


No. 538064

File: 1521995792346.jpeg (660.41 KB, 1235x2157, AC7818CB-BEE9-4709-9633-C454E4…)


Anyone who personally knows this cow must get to witness embarrassing shit like this spill out of her mouth in real life. I could never be friends with someone like this HAHAHA she doesn't care about bullying unless shes the straight up victim just to have some fantasy stories to make her crusty pussy sorta wet, i stg

No. 538092

her nails trigger me heavily

No. 538093


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 538154

>> Any key points of interest for the next thread that isn't already on the description?
new one should be up soon hopefully within the hour

No. 538222

“That claim to be sex work positive”

Shay, you are literally saying you want people to not be bothered by your behavior because your a sex worker. If people don’t want to see your bullshit on their dash, it’s not really your problem is it? People calling out your bad behavior and not wanting to associate with YOU, specifically, doesn’t mean they aren’t sex work positive.

Pointing out trash within a community doesn’t mean you don’t support said community. This is a toxic AF mindset but then again her entire personality is toxic af.

No. 538225

this new thread description was pretty damn detailed, I don’t think any new milk that needs to be noted was really brought up in this thread.

No. 538230

It’s always bothered me that she posts dramatic shit like that, and then posts ads for her content, then posts a “im sad and need money to make me feel better” post.

It’s so clear that it’s a shitty marketing ploy. It’s so god damn lazy.

No. 538231

>>>/snow/538195 new thread

No. 562162

File: 1524412030833.jpeg (52.88 KB, 338x600, 9031F014-B0FD-4FF6-A2A2-22AEEC…)

Idk what happened to her she used to look pretty good before the Barbie thing

No. 562173

You need to post in the new thread that's literally mentioned like 1 post above yours

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