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File: 1522011479317.jpg (163.17 KB, 1000x1000, banner.jpg)

No. 538195

Hi Shayna, we just want you to get better, learn some decency, fix your puss and rash scoured pussy and to start sleeping on a real bed!

Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
⦁ Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 ,
>>487913 , >>487926 , >>487927, >>487935 , >>476771 , >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1996 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy. She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment"
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Has a n(ew) GF in Seattle
⦁ "Dates" a 50 year old man she calls Sir
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally
⦁ Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress. Sleep on a pink rug on the floor using a big teddy as her pillow

http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

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4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

it is recommended to not be eating while viewing this thread

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

(if stuff is missing i apologize)

No. 538208

File: 1522012495052.jpeg (104.02 KB, 1108x630, 0381AEFE-7D66-4927-94E5-C86E10…)

Let’s get it!

No. 538347

File: 1522026591367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.46 KB, 500x504, fullblown.JPG)

get some sleep bitch or learn to do makeup, damn.

No. 538348

File: 1522026640690.jpg (9.31 KB, 107x89, eyebags.JPG)

serving 40 year old cool mom realness with them eyebags, Shay

No. 538349

File: 1522026657369.jpg (14.35 KB, 268x115, wut.JPG)

No. 538351

does she just do her hair and then leave it like that for a few days or something?

No. 538359

File: 1522027151554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 5.6 KB, 134x109, 3B3A98B1-1E28-44C1-B98D-EE0C2C…)

slightly better quality on this one. It’s an already terrible quality photo, sorry.

No. 538369

You can tell how bad things are when she's live in motion. I tuned into her takeover for a couple minutes and seriously felt the hurt and neglect to herself through the damn screen. I wonder how she even makes money. If i can tell, we all can tell, how can old men with knowledge and experience in life not tell??

No. 538379

she’s SO boring on cam. She sits there, barely talks to any one, and doesn’t do ANYTHING unless someone tips for something. If they don’t tip for something she’ll be all happy for a second but then just go back to sitting there, slouching. Playing on her phone, taking pics, ignoring her cam room.

You’re supposed to put on a show. Show off, DO something.

No. 538384

She just rubs herself the whole time and cant keep her hand off of only one of her tits. She dry fucked her ass for like 3 seconds and she was moaning so hard, like are you moaning from the pain sweetie because that can't feel good.

No. 538385

File: 1522030108862.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, F0E1E975-03DF-45C0-952B-DB7083…)

From her snap story talking about doing some cosplay vids and if anyone has any ideas or wants to buy something on her wishlist to let her know. She looks busted af gurl love yo self jeez

No. 538386

Do people who paid to have access to her snapchat w/screenshots still come here to post? Im confused lol

No. 538390

Losing the winged eyeliner is a step in the right direction though, s2g.

No. 538391

Yah the heavy eye makeup ages her up like rotten milk, this is actually better. Not good but better.

No. 538398

holy shit this bitch looks wreckd

No. 538410

anyone who has her snap, has she actually done an apartment tour yet like she claimed she would? she hasn't shown any part of her apartment besides her little corner. i'm really curious as to what this place actually looks like.

also did she just let her ex keep her cat?….haven't seen or heard of ribmeat in a while. it's probably for the better, she can barely clean herself let alone maintain a litter box

No. 538414

She just posted something about not getting animals until you are ready and have space and time for them.

She was talking to ribmeat on her MV takeover. Never saw her tho. Shes a long hair which means she needs a lot of grooming and regular cleanings. She can't clean herself, i literally cant even fathom how dirty that cat might be.

No. 538417

File: 1522033988606.png (144.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-25-20-09-19…)

Begging for stuff to be able to do her "job."

I don't ask my employeer to buy me non slip shoes if thats the dress code. You need what you need and if you give a shit you take care of what you need to take care of.

I think she runs through money so quick she gets really nervous when it comes to spending. So she begs and begs and then when no one does anything, she impulse shops to make herself feel better and then when she gets everything its just a piece of plastic and she feels awful. So she begs for another reason so someone will give her money.

No. 538423

Imagine taking this picture and thinking “yeah my legs look cute like that”

No. 538432

I feel so sorry for rug-san

No. 538455

whoever made this thread didn't link to the last one. sooo annoying

No. 538469

Remember to spoiler NSFW photos.

No. 538477

No. 538488

"Hmmmm what kind of character do grown men wanna jack off to? I know! A mediocre Disney princess!!"
Seriously she obviously came up with that idea herself

No. 538504

File: 1522051705440.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 750x1334, DFDA51D0-5159-4BDE-A48D-2696F4…)

No. 538507

you know you look haggard when snapchat filters can't fix your dead face… I hope she honestly gets a bed soon.

No. 538510

What a ridiculous aesthetic. I don’t think anyone who’s into DDLG is also into adult expressions of sexuality, like stripping…

No. 538516

She’s only shown off some of her house when she first moved in. And from what I can tell, it’s a basic one bedroom apartment. Which includes a bedroom, a living area/kitchen and a bathroom. At that time it looked like she had a bed but I’m convinced otherwise at this point. She has shown off her pink hello kitty shower curtain and pink bath mat and pink towels. Her pink toaster, pink coffee maker, pink pleader, and now the pink pressure cooker. She has two closets one filled w all her gross pink shoes. As far as ribmeat goes, I saw her bundled up in a pink blanket on shays pink shag rug bed/studio on the MV live stream while Shay was ripping her pink bong, which is a waste of bud cause she does not inhale whatsoever. Ribmeat also has a pink 3 tiered cat tower. You have to wonder w all this begging for petty garbage, how does she actually pay rent?

No. 538517

pink blender**

No. 538591

Whenever I catch her shows, she barely gets any tips, so I'd say they do notice. Even horny old dudes get bored of looking at her tits.

No. 538599

>I’m shortest smolest and totes got a big booty AND a thigh gap.
This bitch wtf you know you’re allowed to retouch your content to sell right?? Am I really about to tell a cow that she needs more photoshop?? Yes. Facetune your whole being bitch Snapchat filters aren’t cutting it.

No. 538611

yah Shay, getting real “baby bimbo” vibes from this. Those dark circles and drugged out looking face just screams baby to everyone.

No. 538613

she’s probably too stupid to know how to use photoshop properly. plus she probably thinks she looks aammmaaazinnggg because she’s delusional AF

No. 538617

How is she gonna do rapunzel with that crusty ass hair

No. 538622


those bangs are the absolute worst

No. 538623


bitch should be one of the ugly step-sisters since that's what she is irl lmao

No. 538631

Ew imagine what her plugs smell like.

No. 538633

File: 1522076636355.png (145.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-26-08-02-31…)

Heres a 2 for 1.
Pulling the cry baby mom card again.
Along with letting everyone know she needs to get punched. Wtf

No. 538645

File: 1522078860426.jpg (56.67 KB, 246x612, dollyrant.JPG)

she'll probably delete this soon, im sure.

No. 538647

it always boils down to "people are jealous of me"

find a new excuse shay

No. 538648

no sorry im not jealous of a 20 year old who thinks she has a baby face but actually has the face of a 40 year old stressed out mother who pretends to be hip and cool for her teenage daughter.

No. 538653

File: 1522079224879.jpg (26.52 KB, 274x306, nduww.JPG)

those things seem to bother you quite alot shay, since you keep bringing up how stressed and upset you are over "being harassed", which you weren't. and now youre trying to act like youre the bigger person, while simultaneously using the platform to play victim. wtf is this bullshit

No. 538665

>Be a woman in your 20s, sleeping on your pink bedroom floor where you also punch yourself in the tit for single-digit dollar amounts from online perverts
>Claim people are jealous of you
>Claim other people are missing something from their lives

No. 538675

File: 1522081298556.jpeg (29.55 KB, 380x505, D1CCBD86-9F78-4F7E-8961-834C7E…)

She’s so over the top. Murder? Who would want to risk jail time for anything at all having to do with this skank? Yes, Shayna, lcf is pricing hitmen rn in the discord. She’s retarded.

I don’t know what the fuck she thinks she’s doing in these pictures without the eyeliner but she could almost look good if she just attempted something softer. She needs to dump the blacks from her palettes. And fucking use a concealer on those horrendous eye bags.

No. 538685

someone posting pics of you on the internet is obviously a path that leads to murder, duh. Starts with pics on the internet, goes straight to murder.

No. 538691

spare us of the farce shay.

ikr, THIS >>538385 is her face. why the fuck would we be jealous of that and her rotten snatch?

No. 538698

Holy shit she looks like a plank. I've never even realised how nonexistent her waist is.

No. 538702

Meant *hips, sorry. ESL here.

No. 538712

So we're…… Jealous?
Of… What exactly? She has nothing for ANY of us here to be jealous of.
We all work jobs, pay our own bills and console those who try to get out of shit living situations. Oh, and we also don't say racist fucking things and then EXPECT people to forgive that??? Like, nope. Sorry scabby, none of us are jealous…. Just sick of watching you put the title of an "independent and strong minded woman" down the drain sweety.

No. 538796

And healthy vaginas. Only thing I'm mildly jealous of is her boobs tbh. And that's only because mine are a bit shit.

This site is a guilty pleasure and while I'm sure many of us have some issues, posting here does not mean we are all bitter fuckups.. Jealous of her situation. Utterly laughable

No. 538839

File: 1522099639896.jpeg (63.06 KB, 640x960, 371BA338-9351-4F20-B0BE-1741E6…)

Look, I’m even trying to help her fix her goddamned face by posting inspirational makeup tips from the fifties, it’s a far fucking cry from murder, but Shay never met an exaggeration she wouldn’t deep throat for fame and prizes.

Shayna if you want to bimbo out, go here for makeup tips, you look like fucking Boxxy with that shit.


No. 538892

imagine putting this outfit on and thinking it's good enough for a photoset… she's litteraly dressed like any basic bitch running errands

No. 538897


I'm jealous of her ability to completely check of of life in favor of delusions and her bouts of gross overconfidence if anything

No. 538925

File: 1522103223110.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8680.PNG)

Repost from the last thread but, don't feel too bad about your titty totters. Her's are horrible.
Made me feel better about my own boob vein. I thought mine was bad, hers looks like a map of a river.

No. 538930

Vein doesn't bother me. I find them otherwise perky and cute. I mean it's not my dream pair but they're decent

No. 538944

who gives the fuck about your dream tits? gtfo male scum

No. 538946


Lets not forget that one long-ass nipple of hers.

No. 538954

File: 1522105121361.png (2.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180326-155806.png)

You mean her clam tit?

No. 538980

Her boobs look fine in motion to me, she could probably have a less pronounced vein if she stopped punching herself in the fucking tit.

No. 538982

Lest we forget her nasty clam neck of a nipple.

Shayna Clifford; life under the mud

No. 538985

I honestly don't think she'd be too bad looking if she fixed her teeth (straightened them, got them whitened, and continue to clean them daily) and her makeup/hair.

No. 538986

Should be fine if she stop portraying her ugly ass on the internet naked

No. 539024

It won’t last, sweet anon

Lol let’s not act like everyone here does these things…there are plenty of NEETs here I’m sure, but at least they aren’t this far down (hopefully). I think the healthy vag claim may not be far off, or I fucking hope so anyway.

Shay stresses me out at this point. I come back to hope she has taken some advice because I used to be a relatively successful camgirl WHO USED TO BE JEALOUS OF HER TUMBLR FOLLOWING. She was pretty cute, had cool bongs and tons of followers. Seeing this now…Jesus. I just wish I could help her because I know what she needs but I also know she would never listen. I do believe a good few of us are rooting for her. There is such a clear way out of her shithole life, she just needs to put in some work!

(Btw I’m also an ex alchy/addict and she is an alcoholic for sure. It’s a mindset more than a certain amount of booze per day)

No. 539027

Damn Shay, just get a bed already. Your eyebags are taking over most of your face. No joke, she's looking horrifically corpse-like as of late.

I guess she's not getting a whole lot of rest on her pee and filth specked rug on the floor.

No. 539076

I come here to see how the girl is doing everyone once in a while. She does problematic stuff but I still feel bad for her. I understand why people don't, but I honestly wish she would just ignore the hate and take the actual good advice I see on these threads every once I a while. Not everyone is here to hate on her, and even if someone was, it isn't because of jealousy. Her living situation is sad and she looks like she has insomnia, hasn't slept well or through an entire night in weeks. She is clearly mentally ill and speaking as a recovered drug addict, she is clearly drinking and smoking to help her get through the sadness she feels every day, or at least every week. She could do so many things to help herself, but she won't. At this point I'm worried she is soon to go off the deep end. Shayna, if you read this, take care of yourself.. please. Quit drinking and smoking and try to find healthy ways to cope with your depression. Your bimbo Barbie persona is not who you are.

No. 539512

File: 1522175942236.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 83FE68BA-9ED9-402C-8A04-F22D39…)

the only thing I’m even slightly jealous of is the tent she just got.

No. 539515

oh look her new bed arrived

No. 539517

File: 1522176039596.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, E871A4B4-EA6C-493C-80E1-F4AFC6…)

but then I saw the rest of her room and thought otherwise cause she’s probably CRAMPED AF in her dirty ass shitty apparment.

No. 539519

They’re thirty bucks at Walmart, you can prob afford one without breaking your bank lel

No. 539520

is that still just a blanket on the floor with her fancy new tent?

No. 539521

I’m not sure how an adult woman could rationalize having that as a large piece of furniture in her apartment. Sure it’s fun every now and then but to be an adult and have that as a major piece of furniture is just, strange. I wonder how she’s going to react to these style choices in 2 years.

No. 539524

my sides are in orbit anon thank you

thank you so much

No. 539526

You could rationalize it if it was kept to one room maybe but to have it as the focal point of a one room apartment is depressing as fuck.

No. 539528

kek the rest of the place is so grim and filthy looking

story of shayna’s life

No. 539529

I thought she said before she moved there that she was excited to have friends over etc? Like obviously she doesn’t have any anyway but I’m the same age as Shay and I’d be embarrassed as fuck to invite anyone round with a giant pink princess tent designed for toddlers in my living room. What a mess

No. 539530

Also shay if you’re reading this please vacuum your carpet it looks gross

No. 539542

It's a kids pop up tent. She can literally take it down if she ever wants to move away from this little girl act ( every "little" on tumblr has this damn tent) tbh I think it's kinda cute as a camming setup

No. 539546

I don’t even think it’s a one bedroom it’s just a studio, so it’s even smaller than a one bedroom.

No. 539547

if you know anything about Shayna, you’d know that she doesn’t just set up something to take it down later. She keeps that shit in the same spot once she puts it up. You can tell by her vids, it’s kind of funny

No. 539565

Sage for nitpicking, but if you look in this picture its dark outside and there seems to be a giant glare across her floor…. How much you want to bet, she is standing in front of her big ass tv because its sitting in the floor from no stand and her living area is this photo and maybe a bathroom?
If that's the case, she needs to quit the sad sham she's playing with everyone and admit defeat and GO HOME. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing to return home if you find yourself unable to make big moves for yourself. Yeah sugaring here and there might make you some money for knockoffs on Amazon or something… But girl… This is getting sad.

No. 539571

Wasn’t it established that it was a studio? That is to say, one big room with bathroom?

No. 539580

So, is she going to sleep curled up in a children's play tent now? In a corner of her studio apartment?
Living the life.

No. 539590

Actually my niece has this tent and it takes like 50 min to put up and like 20 to take down. It’s a fucking bitch so I doubt she’s ever gonna take that shit down

No. 539737

Shayna shops at Walmart kek

No. 539803

File: 1522200183465.png (530.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180327-212153.png)

It's even on clearance. a $20 bed

No. 539819

File: 1522201875440.jpeg (113.97 KB, 1200x1200, C1610756-BF8C-44EA-A59E-4BCDEA…)

special needs Barbie is the newest edition to the Barbie line up

No. 539825

keep in mind that special needs Barbie is a lot more work than regular barbies. She needs constant validation about her appearance, as well as regular baths and grooming. She needs help taking care of her own private parts, too. She might whine and complain that you’re being abusive, but don’t worry, that’s just how she plays her favorite game, the victim game! Let special needs Barbie be your most despised purchase ever!

No. 539832

I’m not trying to be mean but she honestly looks like a trap this suit fits her weirdly. Like, she should change out of this.

No. 539851

File: 1522204394999.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.21 KB, 750x491, 9F106094-2C90-4B2F-A33A-C16C1F…)

you can literally see how much of a camel toe it’s giving her

No. 539863

Her torso is just long, she shouldn’t wear a one piece.

No. 539868

File: 1522206706877.jpeg (737.12 KB, 1242x1810, 86821613-56E1-4F1A-AEF1-363F67…)

Decided to browse her tag and this girl (who must be a farmer) is going HAM on Shay today.

No. 539869

File: 1522206725542.png (158.26 KB, 574x293, ugh.png)

it kills me how shortsighted she is. a children's tent and a piss soaked shag rug is NOT a bed. with the amount of money she spent on shitty shoes and children't toy she could've bought this pink pull out sofa. it's less than $300!!

No. 539875

that… that's actually kinda cute. if it were a weird shade of green or blue, I'd be sold.

Does she own (as in actively use, not just something given to her because it's pink) any actual adult stuff? And I don't mean dildoes.

No. 539888

Sage because goddamn this is irrelevant but wouldn’t this be uncomfortable and thin af?

No. 539889

File: 1522209166222.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, 735C63F8-1F5C-41D4-9FCC-DB7701…)

I’d make this face too if my life were this pathetic

No. 539894

Better than sleeping on the floor.

No. 539895

she already sleeps on her pee rug. anything's an improvement at this point.

No. 539901

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume she's likely never actually been drugged, assaulted, raped, molested, violated etc.

OR she's flying way in to left field to cope? I have no idea.

No. 539914


I feel bad for her real parents. Like imagine having a child and they grow up wanting to fuck old guys and chicks and call them something they'd call you when they were like, 6.

No. 539965


That nasty carpet…. all of the shit on the floor… vomit

It isn't her. This isn't her at all. And I fear for the deeper ends too. I can only imagine how depressed she is and the denial against that, her own self, etc.

No. 539967


Is this the downward spiral?

No. 540038

Forget a pull out sofa, she could get a fucking futon, they're like a 100 bucks and you can roll it up during the day so it's completely out of the way.

Then again she probably wouldn't air it out properly and it'd mold or something.

No. 540080

This girl seriously needs a bed. I wish one of her "daddies" would buy her a god damn bed, air mattress, futon, something. The girl looks more exhausted than ever, especially in that naked, no make-up photo of her in the heels. She needs to stop buying things she doesn't NEEED and get herself a bed of sorts. The floor isn't a bed, but then again, maybe she has a bed somewhere in her apartment? Has anyone seen her living situation by chance? Other than what she posts about with her carpet and such??

No. 540082

A pullout sofa is the same thing as a futon

No. 540089

yeah she’s a farmer, she used to be pretty heavily involved in the ember/Emily Ana drama.

Saged for no contribution.

No. 540094

No, it's not? Not like it matters I guess, she's not buying either.

No. 540113

they both serve pretty much the exact same purpose. only thing different is the mechanics of the pullout bed.

point being: shut up, get back on topic.

No. 540116

She should really start charging to answer these kind of questions.
Just giving away free content for people to jack off too, when she answers like this.

No. 540139

File: 1522254596913.jpeg (399.31 KB, 1242x1236, 81633B5E-B107-4F1E-87C7-34EAE2…)

Deleted the lower one. This sounds awful but part of me really hopes she hits rock bottom soon. Then maybe she’ll have her eyes opened enough to really fix her shit. How has she not gotten a bed yet??? She must read here. Please Shay take care of yourself. Some of us are rooting for you to turn this around.

No. 540146

heres her scene with that lovinglyhandmade dude. spoiler: its extremely boring. theres no insertions like she claimed, "hot steel rod up her ass" no its just her getting lightly punched and looking like a special needs twink.


No. 540150

It’s possible they filmed more than what’s been released

No. 540151

Yeah, I thought there was a part three to be released eventually.

No. 540159

well, what they currently have out is boring as watching paint dry

No. 540170

hey dabunnykat/neko-stoner lol

No. 540178

Wait this is for real the entire scene? It’s a warm up sure but not stand alone.. also the baby voice she does Jesus why

No. 540180

The way she says "Sorry, sorry!" When her plug falls out, it's almost as if she knows she's a fucking mess and can't even film a pro shoot right. He made her look like a little sister he was beating up on and laughing at. Also bunnykat, you used your own dropbox..

No. 540181

I cringed through the whole thing

No. 540193

File: 1522258304290.jpeg (100.01 KB, 1242x386, 2240D377-6D0C-41E7-953B-6A1606…)

Tinfoiling anon confirmed - gf isn’t exactly from Seattle. Also why would you have people over when you don’t have furniture to sit on. Sir please buy Shay a bed.

No. 540204

sorry for dumb moment but who is neko-stoner?

No. 540211

File: 1522259085696.jpeg (569.82 KB, 1242x1508, 0945423D-DC78-4C62-9861-ABD385…)

Whoever is accomplishing not only the instagram deletion, but also reporting her videos… You're the real one here! Haha

No. 540215


All I could think about was the stench coming off her ear when her gauge fell out. He prob gagged and is why he walked off. Her facial expressions are so ridiculous. She looks awful in this. Her posing, and everything about it. Especially the angles. I know she's not going for sexy, bc it's apparent, but she's not even cute nor does she at least even have that amateur quality. It's just plain fucking awkward. She looks like she doesn't know what she's doing, yet looks like she's worn out and burned out already. It's actually quite sad. Why does she humiliate herself like this? Like what is the point?

No. 540218

File: 1522259504320.png (148.06 KB, 335x386, wrtf.png)

No. 540223


? No they didn't. Also what a waste of money. His other videos didn't look this boring.

No. 540233

Love when ppl accidentally dox themselves yikes lmao

No. 540236

and then act like they didnt i’m laughing lmfao like i’m not trying to infight at all but neko/kat is always involved in some sort of drama. she used to stand up for shayna too yikes what happened girl

No. 540237

sounds like she’s a cow too

No. 540249


Neko-Stoner is an unpopular sex worker who pretended to commit suicide after fighting with Shayna on Tumblr (lmao). Just so she wouldn’t be held accountable for her actions, but nobody even cared/talked about her. I can’t believe that fat cow is still posting and lurking these threads. Neko, pull the trigger piglet

No. 540258

holy shit lmao neko-stonerrrrrrr you fucked up. She deleted the video from her dropbox btw.

No. 540259

damn does someone else have the video??

No. 540261

yeah, i'm so mad i missed it when it was up! ive been waiting for this to pop up ever since she made it

No. 540287

SAME cmon Neko-stoner at least reupload it anonymously

No. 540308

File: 1522266601362.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, 23F97F79-CF7C-4F7E-BD92-FE3F5F…)

i can’t WAIT for this milk. sorry not sorry for calling you out on your identity neko/kat :)

No. 540312

File: 1522266949754.png (970.38 KB, 1242x2208, A312DC14-3233-4626-8F05-24B64A…)

it’s funny bc she literally isn’t popular at all but still this is so fucking funny

No. 540317

where are these anons that were ~supposedly sent~ ? she probably was lurking here and got all butthurt. I can't wait for the milk to flow from this though.

No. 540321

The teeth combined with nails make her look like an actual rat

No. 540343

Hey neko, leak this vid one more time, we want to see this disaster.

No. 540359

Since shes so hellbent on taking this neko girls manyvids down…. Does anyone know if you have to actually have a manyvids/purchase proof to report content?

We could report TONS of shit on shays manyvids. Pacifiers/pets in shots/etc.

Cause you know…. What's good for the goose is good for the gander :)

No. 540361

It’s been established they don’t give a shit about rule breaking. Main example being Lana rain or whoever the hell that literally did a video jerking off next to a playground with children on it - she won biggest MV award this year. Didn’t get in any trouble at all.

No. 540363

Her butthole can’t be all that tight, didn’t the plug fall out during her scene with the lovinglymade guy?

No. 540367

Can someone please repost this vid somewhere? I was in the wrong time zone. Fuuuuuuuuck.

No. 540373

No. 540375

Nope that ain't work

No. 540389

They meant her ear plug. Not butt.

No. 540444

kek sorry!

At least it’s an understandable mistake!

No. 540542

Especially notice how she is getting anons AFTER she mentioned it. You know for sure if someone sent anons about it that she would post it so she can shame them.

No. 540546

File: 1522283954210.png (147.19 KB, 583x883, pt1.PNG)

it's going down ladies (1/2)

No. 540547

File: 1522283971900.png (136.99 KB, 589x915, pt2.PNG)

No. 540551

Wtf does this even mean? He thought he’d drink plenty of water high on meth, but he only drank half a bottle and ….?????

No. 540571

>someone sent me an anon
Oh shut your stupid mouth shay, it's incredibly obvious you lurk here.
We all know you were the one crying about how we're all responsible for your suicide like a week ago.
How's it going with the FBI you said you'd be sending this site to?

No. 540577

Since you’re here Shay take the time to read the rest of the threads and IMPROVE UR MUHFUCKIN LIFE
No one really gives a fuck about Dabunnykat, we’re just here to watch you sperg tf out lmao (which, good job!)
Going in on another cow will not make you look better in the slightest bit but feel free to because it’s hilarious

No. 540584

using lolcow as evidence, lmfao

No. 540594

File: 1522286434996.jpeg (96.8 KB, 750x371, 08E143EB-164D-4B92-9FC5-3AFABB…)

What do u think they’re thinking, anons?

No. 540597

Someone please reupload that shit ugh, I missed it

No. 540598

It was very hard to watch, consider yourself lucky.

No. 540606

File: 1522287266263.jpg (13.41 KB, 480x360, jackass.jpg)

No. 540611

Probably, "Huh, wonder why that old man's haggard middle-aged wife is dressed in early 2000s fashion."

No. 540619

File: 1522288559684.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2208, FC2AA5F0-FC73-4E80-8335-C51CDC…)

yikes pt 1

No. 540620

File: 1522288586775.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, 07F27131-EDCF-44FD-B0F6-403373…)

yikes pt 2

No. 540621

File: 1522288611344.png (1.44 MB, 1242x2208, ED8DE560-BE85-4EE6-8970-9636C3…)

yikes pt 3

No. 540629

when did this train wreck happen

No. 540646

File: 1522291262251.png (176.64 KB, 821x549, 8ABDACF3-ACB0-4393-B269-948AD1…)

No. 540675

So, am i the only one to notice that two birds just killed themselves with one stone or?
A) the neko girl likes to lie about killing herself and/or being dead. She clearly needs a mental health stay and to maybe not have access to the internet right now as it doesn't seem to benefit her health status
B) Shayna literally just showed proof to her followers that this thread exists. With literal proof from her own blog about her lies/deceit and even past drama and past threads! These "fans" and "concerned followers" are about to get eyefuls of embarrassment
We need a large bucket of lolcow popcorn

No. 540678

File: 1522295182082.png (369.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-28-23-44-53…)

I go away for a day and beauty happens.
Also, this girl and Shay look like a 'reeee' match made in heaven.

No. 540767


"did i forget what juicy means?"

No. 540777

"teenage looking" keep dreaming
is the dude three times her age fucking 60+?

No. 540809

at least bunny has a bed

No. 540810

Not going to lie, Bunny has a decent face (almost like a less downsy Meg?), pity she's a landwhale though. Shay is like the reverse, almost decent body (from a distance where you can't see the sores I guess.) and a totally busted face.

No. 540827

I bet all they saw was a sad white trash golddigger couple, not some kind glamourous escort porn fantasy Shayna has on her mind…Sad

No. 540879

Shayna why :/

No. 540901

it’s unfortunate her body is so rekt, she could be hot if she lost like 50 lbs lmao

No. 540922

Kek, looks like her fans are reading the threads now that Shays linked it to everyone as "proof"
Nice going Shay. You would've been fine if you left it alone but you just had to be a petty bitch. Nice job shooting yourself in the foot.

No. 540932

Shayna reminds me of a “how could this happen to me” vine played on a loop

No. 540936

File: 1522341683610.jpeg (585.14 KB, 1242x1464, 7EC6F0CE-2929-4A01-B266-9BEED7…)

She deleted this but… probably don’t answer asks right now that reinforce you telling someone to kill themselves?

No. 540938

it’s pretty hilarious how she thinks it’s only one person doing this to her. We know she’s seen this thread.

No. 540947

File: 1522343607389.png (202.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180329-100816.png)

Awe someones jealous of shanyas popularity from her pedo porn..maybe work on your appearances and personalities, many vids isn't changing shit for you.

No. 540948

File: 1522343642738.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180329-100633.png)

Who is this chick and what is this vid?

No. 540953

Pretty sure this is a reference to MV’s weekly contests, not shayna.

No. 540954

Charge your phone Shayna.

No. 540955

Kek had the same thought tho

No. 540963

Call me paranoid but I feel like this is something she could have sent herself, if only for the complete lack of understanding of how findom works.

No. 540976

You're not paranoid, me and many others also believe Shayna is the one sending herself asks. This might as well be a mental illness contest, and her and Neko are pretty much tied for mental instability in my opinion. Not saying this to be mean, but social media is not good for girls like Shayna and (insert other girls name here). The insecurity makes it so getting into sex work is a bad idea in the first place. Neither of them seem to have much self esteem and it is sad. It's sad to watch all of this unfold. It's sad that these girls can't act like grown women despite the fact that they are. It's sad these two won't go to therapy and just worry about themselves. It's petty. It's all unimportant, but that just goes to show the insecurity I was talking about. I wish these two the best, I genuinely hope they find a way to get happy one day.

No. 540982

I haven’t heard shit from bunny about any of this. it seems like shay is the one trying to push it.

No. 541008

Okay, so I happened to click the link before it 404ed, but it never said anywhere on it that it was a particular users. I think u guys are being dupped. Anyone else confused that actually clicked it, and not taking an anon's post as word?

No. 541016

i clicked it and it said bunnykat is sharing this with you. given the fact that she’s always up shayna’s ass, it’s not far fetched. i was the anon who said hey neko-stoner/dabunnykat bc it’s more than obvious

No. 541038

Apparently Neko just blocked Shay when Shay confronted her about it? it makes it more obvious that it was Neko cause why would the anon delete the video if it wasn't actually Neko herself?

No. 541047

Yeah I clicked it too, had to re-read the name because I couldn't believe how funny and sad it was

No. 541072

Neko blocks Shay on everything though. It's not uncommon. If she messaged me claiming anythingI would block her too

No. 541075


I got to the link before anyone said anything, and after, I looked everywhere on the page and there was no mention, or link to a handle or email or anything before it got taken down, or else I would have screen shot it. I couldn't find shit. Where would it have said it?

It's not the first time a person has accidentally doxxed themself on Shayna's thread. Lol, but I definitely didn't see "datbunnykat" or any handle on the dropbox page before it was deleted.

Tbh, Shayna's probably loving this mess. She loves being the victim for any situation that she thinks takes the title and attention of being a cunt off of her.

No. 541096

if you clicked it on mobile and don’t have the dropbox app, it sent you to a link that offers you the link to download the app and it said so on the bottom of that page. i don’t have the app so i wasn’t immediately redirected to the video and that’s what it said. i tried going back to that page on airplane to capture it once i saw she deleted it but it 404-ed. also if you check her page she answered an anon about being pathetic and she’s playing the victim. i know she’s not being public about it or even recognizing what happened bc i sent her an anon asking what her and dolly got into about this time. neko/kat/lauren is just as milky as shayna tbh. she tried rebranding after she fought with beebeego and was called out for being an abusive person. she’s literally a fat shayna who was once a weed blog turned unpopular, ugly sex worker. she gets barely over 100 notes on her nudes. my favorite milk of hers was when she called out shay for being racist and she literally has a video that’s titled along the lines of white girl craves latino cock.
she’s trash.
sage bc ot and i just really dislike her and she’s a hypocrite

No. 541104

does using the term Latino make her racist? I don’t get how that’s racist.

No. 541107


I clicked it on the link and landed on the direct page. I also don't have the app, but there was no account name anywhere. Not
trying to defend neko/cat, just sharing that as a person who visited the link. Also, on pc not phone.

I don't think that's racist,"white girl craves latino cock". That's kind of reaching.

No. 541118


Sounds like Shayna posted this tbh

No. 541122

i’m not shayna at all but thanks for the insult. i just know how milky kat is and i wanted to share. i don’t like either one of them and i was literally just talking shit like everyone else on this site. it’s not inherently racist but shes still fetishizing a race and she made such a big deal about shaynas so.
i’m not trying to defend shay or white knight because i can’t fucking stand her but i’m just drawing light to other cows. sorry if that’s not allowed without me being accused of being a stinky piss rat

No. 541124

same fag bc i probably am reaching but as a POC it annoys me when white girls get to determine what’s racist but then do shit they say they’re totally against

No. 541136

File: 1522358733235.png (25.36 KB, 524x544, 54.png)

It's hilarious what kind of anon questions Shayna finds flattering. She talks of not being able to get to them all, yet somehow manages to always posts the ones that contribute to he delusions and ego. Ever since she made that post about only wanting to be the "smallest/shortest/youngest" girl. It exposes all her actions and gives another psychotic dimension to the things she says and does. Makes sense why she always lied about her height and size saying she's 5'4, 5'2,5'3 etc, until she got called out and now is back to saying she is 5'4. Also why she incessantly reblogged the photos of her standing next to 6'0 Colleen, friction with super little Jess. Wanting to seduce her "tall male roommate" and not understanding why he doesn't want her. Talking about her "tall brunette g/f" for weeks until she finally got there and it turned out they were the same height and just made Shayna insecure, and explains her girlfriend now, and why she gravitates to females of a particular physique where she doesn't feel insecure. She always randomly talks about her small stature, when in reality, she doesn't look small or short at all. She actually looks tall, lanky and goonish (vaca pics w/ pigtail braids, video collab with lovinglyhandmade).

No. 541138


Before people called her out about lying about her height and size: tehe guys im so smol, i'm like 5'2.

After lurking on thread: guyz i'm not little tehe i'm like 5'4

No. 541146

Lol @ 32” hips. Shay your hips are smaller than your waist. You’re more like 34”,30”, 26”

No. 541152

Using “Latino” isn’t racist, but fetishizing Latino men kinda is. It’s like Megan Marie and her “I love black cock” bs.

No. 541157

she also just posted on her blog about her first BBC video so take that how you want it

No. 541168

What if this is just Shay setting up bunny/neko? Bare with me here. How hard is it to set up a dropbox with a fake name? And it was only up long enough for a few people to see. We all know that shay lurks. She just needed to lurk long enough for some to "notice" then delete the link/dropbox. She loves to be the victim and a while back when another girls content was leaked; the whole tumblr sex worker community rallied around the one girl; and cast the other out. What if shay set this all up in the hope that people would really feel bad for her and stop hating her?
No real contribution I guess; just a thought about it all.

No. 541187

Nah that’s pretty calculating. I doubt she’d do that. Bunny/Neko is a proven loon.

No. 541200

I can second this and I saw the account name as well.. And why would the video be deleted shortly after if it wasn't that person? kinda odd they deleted it so fast after anons caught it. I'm hoping this isn't Neko just trying to cover her tracks cause this is getting too much. Either way the video was deleted very mysteriously after someone mentioned it.

No. 541206

File: 1522363153257.png (Spoiler Image, 233.31 KB, 272x343, 234768273.png)

I have never heard or seen anyone comment on shit like height unless they're a midget or really tall. She is neither. Just painfully average.

Pic related is of a girl with the measurements that Shay claims to have. As we all can see, her body isnt close to that.

25inch isnt even small of a waist for short people

No. 541213

I'm gonna go out on the limb and say I believe shays measurements, everyone carries it differently, that girl has a low body fat % so its gonna look very different, shes also doing a flattering pose and there might be shoop to, shay doesnt know how to flatter her figure however

No. 541222

>>541213 or shoop

No. 541240

Ok despite the vile pedophile pandering thing she does here’s some tips on how to fix your gnarly (get it) image Shay,

Fix your fucken hair, get extensions
Lip filler
See a dermatologist to fix your vag <— REAL FUCKEN IMPORTANT, I’m surprised you have any customers at all with this plague ridden thing you’re sporting
Do proper fresh makeup

do this and you may be able to buy a bed soon enough

No. 541256


also get dermatologist to pull all those blackheads out of your oily face grl

No. 541264

Forgot squats

No. 541266

You forgot to mention showering LOL

No. 541282

This is literally funny as hell. Im an inch shorter, 5lbs under her stated weight of 110lbs, and I'm a 32, 23.5, 32 and have a D cup and I can tell you right now, those measurements are way off. Even with bigger boobs my chest is smaller than her wide ass body.(blogposting)

No. 541347

Girls who constantly go "hurrr omg guise I'm so tiny xD" are almost always average height and build.

No. 541353

Perfect example: laineybot

No. 541355

Shay is not crafty enough to do that and if she really wanted to create drama and play victim, why would she pick on a fatass nobody when there are plenty bigger blogs who hate her.
Since bunnykat is also a histrionic loon why isn’t she screaming at the top of her lungs about her innocence? Yall really be sounding like her trying to cover up with lame ass tinfoils.

No. 541366

File: 1522397685897.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 84E9167F-785D-41CD-B4CE-FECDC7…)

No. 541367

File: 1522397904651.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 5C53B0DB-917F-4239-BBFF-D397EA…)

So this snap was made 03/28, the day she found out and was letting everyone know Neko was the one reporting her content. (1/7)

No. 541368

File: 1522397942021.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, D04796DD-4421-4586-914E-50DAE5…)

That was taken the very next morning. Looking EXTRA rough. (2/7)

No. 541371

File: 1522398071710.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 533DF870-73F8-4019-8B29-88D5C0…)

Then she got dressed for the day and smonked a bowl (3/7)

No. 541372

File: 1522398107171.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, DD42DCE9-A350-404A-A5AB-CC4677…)


No. 541373

File: 1522398144274.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 3B7CC488-BDC3-4485-9804-9D9774…)


No. 541374

File: 1522398170292.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 52CB66AD-90DF-4F8C-B9EB-7B2AF0…)

then she pooped out some eggs

No. 541375

File: 1522398213119.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 182B74F7-79B2-4534-8CA5-19DAB5…)

love me betchs u wanna fight me then fight me (7/7)

No. 541378


Please refrain from posting photos featuring children or anyone under 18

No. 541379


Can someone please delete the photo of the child. Even tho it's a "reaction" meme, photos of children shouldn't be in this thread. Isn't it against usage rules also?

No. 541384


How horrifying.

She has a reg pillow on the floor there behind her. So she really is sleeping there in that sad little corner on the floor… where she peed herself and pooped out plastic eggs.

No. 541386

File: 1522400018665.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

No. 541400

They look like there are little flecks of shit stuck to them, am I seeing things?

No. 541485

Mmm yes, keep clogging those pores with whatever you can Shay, its obviously helping tons.

No. 541487

Wow her feet are so dirty why am I even shocked at this point

No. 541511

does she not own lube?
She always so dry and Dusty; her cunt is aging rapidly and she's not even 21. Actual sex worker have the common sense to take care of their one asset.
These videos would look better if she looked wet.

Sage because this is Shayna and she's too lazy and doesn't give a fuck to put in effort

No. 541525

Her tits look fine, but they look nice and perky, if we're being honest here most natural breasts aren't going to look amazing

No. 541526

Laineybot ain't a girl tho

No. 541532

she has said numerous times that she hates lube. even if it would help her business.

No. 541556

How many fucking times does she need to use the video titles with the word “daddy” at the end?

Easter egg hunt, daddy
Are you ready for you Easter egg hunt daddy?
Haha what a fun easter egg hunt daddy


No. 541583

how can you enjoy dry fucking yourself over using lube? does she think she’s being edgy or something?

No. 541654

No. 541655

I think I see some on the top right egg. I doubt Shayna gives herself an enema before doing stuff like that.

No. 541674

File: 1522427609991.jpg (271.36 KB, 979x921, Screenshot_20180330-093222.jpg)

Lmao, why would you choose this to be your thumbnail pic?

No. 541703

Neko only isn't responding cause she was active here and doesn't want to give us any milk from it kek it is ironic to not even see that post get 1k notes when she claims she has over 140k followers…sad

No. 541718

Nice self post pls leave

No. 541724

when did neko claim to have that many followers?? Are you referring to shay?

No. 541726

I was referring that Shay has over 100k followers while she barely made like 190 notes on that neko post

No. 541727

it’s pretty hilarious how they’re trying to instigate something with neko over this. they are really really trying hard.

No. 541742

atmleast neko has a clean vagina ffs, do shays supporters not realize her vagina looks like a wreck or do they just pretend to not notice?

No. 541753

It’s crazy that these ladies don’t understand… you can see both sides of each other’s statements and still be allowed to have a difference of opinion??? Like what the hell?
Shay, nobody cares not because “it’s you”, but because “Shayne fueds with another Sex Worker” is literally your reg shtick and people hate it.
We just… don’t care lol

No. 541757

>hate forum

>for someone who calls themselves a sex worker to go and leak another sex workers video is revolting

no its not. being a sex worker in itself is revolting

No. 541762

isn’t this her idiot cow friend Robyn? and lmao @ “supporting sex workers includes the ones you dislike” UMMMMMM no, no it really doesn’t.

No. 541763

UH OH we got an incel here boys

No. 541768

lmfao they were banned from Reddit now they need to come here

No. 541771

ye it kinda does look a bit like her if I remember correctly

xdd totally, I must be an incel because I think sex work is disgusting. its the only explanation

No. 541772

lol I guess her version of “support” is that you have the support the entire community, even the toxic af people, or else you’re supporting none of them. wtf kind of logic?

and if you think sex work is disgusting, maybe stop watching so much porn

No. 541779

>why would you choose this to be your thumbnail pic?
she wants to connect with the otherkin community. especially the ones that are into rodents. she wanna sell her porn to them

anon are you from PULL? I don't watch porn. I'm just here for the milk. I am allowed to be a woman and dislike porn, prostitution etc.

No. 541781

File: 1522433954447.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 750x1334, EEB15B1D-FF6C-432A-B105-BB5378…)

I’m sorry what the fuck is she doing with her tongue

No. 541783

not just her tongue, wtf is she doing with her face

No. 541784

has Sir bought her a damn bed yet?

No. 541786

File: 1522434362713.png (18.59 KB, 262x488, ohwow.png)

she posted this last night and then deleted it. she acts like she was forced to stay on tumblr, like a child actor or something. she acts like she was forced into sex work and into this lifestyle.

shut the fuck up, shayna

No. 541793

File: 1522434802657.png (652.25 KB, 591x1197, resect women.png)

imagine having such an inflated ego.. She literally has no bed. 80% of her followers are probably inactive. her pussy has boils. she buys shitty knock off clothes.

yeah no. log off tumblr and nobody would know who she is. so claiming that it's like having her own paparazzi around her all the time is delutional as fuck. She's not a celebrity

No. 541796

this idiot really thinks she’s a celebrity doesn’t she? woooooooow. just wow.

No. 541809

Her face looks so awkward, is this meant to be sexy?

No. 541854

You ever notice how she posts something on tumblr, sees what kind or reaction it gets and then posts the same thing on twitter if it got a good reaction? Lol at least attempt to be original shayna

No. 541867

File: 1522440900710.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1242x1803, 6C3C25F8-5739-4899-A4D1-647821…)

lmfao, using a shit quality dressing room pic for a contest. true Shayna trash style.

No. 541869

meant to spoiler, my bad

No. 541871

To be fair this is probably the nicest picture I've seen of her body. Can't blame her for using it.

No. 541872

her puss and thighs look so weird here with her thigh fat sticking out around the laces and her covered with the plug. it looks so strange.

No. 541877

I agree, her body is actually nice here…. the hair and makeup however…..

No. 541890

it’s nust for a contest you’d think she’d actually idk try to take a higher quality pic and put her best out there. but to be fair it always seems like she’s doing the bare minimum so I doubt she would exert any effort towards an MV contest. sad.

No. 541891

My biggest problem with Shayna, besides her shit personality, is the fact that she’s so low effort.

She clearly has a decent skinnyfat body rn but she doesn’t take care of it, I get women in their forties or fifties not giving a shit anymore and fucking off on trying to look decent but Shayna half-asses everything and she’s too young to be that jaded. If sexwork is so important to her, then put forth some fucking effort with costuming and scenes and ideas. She wants to skate at camming, which, I’m sorry but it is the easiest way to make money out there, looks like even that’s too tough for her. Lazy.

idk, she’s never going to be gorgeous but she could be cute in a way that people would find appealing. Mediocrity is forever out of reach because she’s so fucking lame. Ffs when I smoke I get all kinds of fucking crazy ideas for fun shit to do just in general, she can’t even do that.

Fail all around.

No. 541894

Her retarded facial expressions makes it look like she’s trolling herself. How can she not know how unflattering she looks and how relatively easy that is to fix? Look in a fucking mirror when you blow a load, Shayna. Then don’t do that on camera.

No. 541900

That wing is so close to the brow, just complete the circle.

No. 541902

Um. Resected? Is this top making some dumb joke that I can’t understand because I can’t into Shay, help pls.

No. 541907

Her body looks that way since she’ll starve herself and then binge on alcohol and junk food. she’s really trying to live the lifestyle of a street hooker I guess.

No. 541913

File: 1522444865030.jpeg (175.56 KB, 1242x389, 1FA07F0C-6264-49BF-AB7C-0A58F5…)

Oh I can just imagine the train wreck now. A line that vaguely resembles what the theme is with “daddy” slapped on the end. and then her dry fucking herself and using her hitachi.

how exciting and fresh.

No. 541920

has shayna ever tried to kill herself?

the thread feels full of stans.

No. 541924

>someone who chose the name weed breath is lecturing us
My sides.

No. 541926

so many selfposted asks

No. 541948

File: 1522447122469.png (16.28 KB, 251x369, 1.png)

Is Shayna even insured? bahaa. She's the type of person to let that shit rot inside her. She looks like the type to lose a tampon and wouldn't be able to differentiate the death stench coming from her vagina since she always smells disgusting.

No. 541950

Holy shit, anon in a previous idea gave her an idea to do Barbie as Rapunzel and suddenly this is what she does

No. 541955

She posted a photo of her ghetto closets and that had some haphazard saw cut out all uneven on the corners. There's a reason she barely shows her apartment. It's ghetto as fuck. Imagine how disgusting her bathroom and kitchen are. Shayna should really lay mice traps since Ribmeat isn't there yet?

Also what is up with her always giving up her cats after to her boyfriend after getting dumped. Connor I get, but this time, Ribmeat is hers alone.

No. 541972

This is an imageboard, you need to learn how to take and post screenshots.

No. 541979

File: 1522449093141.jpg (20.72 KB, 278x112, 1.jpg)

How can someone even be flattered when they reblogs their own posts multiple times a day, the same post 100x, 500x, 1000x, 2000x, 5000x and counting etc. Post about every single bowel movement and every drama on tumblr about tumblr. Have been on tumblr for the last 7 years on the same account. Reblogging the same self serving shit for almost a decade. Was a stoner blog, then FORCING your nudes to her followers, including MINORS who have spoke up about having to be subjected to your gross vagina with NO WARNING, and her not acknowleging her selfishness and her lack of morals and ethics until its too late. For people that have been on tumblr a while, start when your young, teenagers, kids, but some of them grew up, and some people are just showing off their diseased vagina like black, moldy, maggot infested, rotting fruit that fell and rolled under the shelf.

No. 541988

File: 1522449617779.jpg (177 KB, 719x1280, 1520134504093.jpg)

This closet. Poor cat

No. 541993

It's like, no I'm not obsessed, you're the one circulating this content, I'm only drawing my own conclusion of it being a diseased vagina from the multiple sores and puss filled boils that surround your ass and pussy in outbreaks that seem to get worse in worse in every post I accidentally see of yours

No. 541995

File: 1522449870589.jpeg (114.08 KB, 750x670, 37D77DAB-3157-4CAB-B3FA-A81311…)

I can’t with her anymore like holy fucking shit this is getting worse and worse and worse yikes

No. 542005

File: 1522450558209.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 3E748F5B-84F5-4F89-A24D-8DF46C…)

then like pull up your big girl panties, don’t put them in your mouth, and serve the old lady some fresh hot salty breadsticks!

No. 542020

Sage for irrelevance but chickens have cloacas which is a single hole that works as a vagina and an anus, so technically they kind of give anal birth. Props to Shay for staying accurate to chicken anatomy???? (But plz enema before laying those eggs, Jesus Christ Shay— your shit is visible)

No. 542040

These cheap plastic eggs were probably the worst choice to use. Can't even imagine how those sharp edges might scrape inside of the anus.

No. 542071

This thread is always such a horror show. This girl will never be able to hold a regular job because she has her real name attached to images of her with pee soaked panties in her mouth and shitting out plastic eggs.

No. 542079

that’s her own stupidity

No. 542087

File: 1522456181315.png (291.06 KB, 584x987, 1.PNG)

so it turns out the person who was posting her snapchat stuff here was also another person who was kissing her butt behind the scene? this is a mess (1/2)

No. 542088

File: 1522456220459.png (222.8 KB, 601x780, 2.PNG)

No. 542097

can she go longer than 48 hours without needing to post some kind of drama on her tumblr?

No. 542111

I wouldn’t say kissing her ass. More appeasing the enemy for information

No. 542114

Shay was already making a fool out of herself without people prying her for info.

No. 542121

…why wouldn't a sexy pink rabbit stick a carrot/carrot dildo up her ass instead of laying eggs??? why does she always fuck up the simplest concepts???

No. 542131

File: 1522460879290.jpeg (65.83 KB, 1242x386, E327FDFE-807B-4A37-B44B-BCAD35…)

kek someone put this on her new video

No. 542141

File: 1522461676863.jpg (48.86 KB, 531x499, victim.JPG)

so if you feel personally victimized, everyone needs to feel sorry for you? but when people feel victimized by you, you flip them off.


No. 542145

I don’t think you understood the mean girls reference lol

No. 542148

She actually looks sort of cute with her face cut out here. Perhaps she should try wearing a mask.

No. 542150


It's possible they were trolling her, and just toying with her for their own amusement.

No. 542153

File: 1522462302403.jpeg (35.92 KB, 750x370, 95CF94C1-8572-45E1-81DF-59943E…)

No. 542159

Shay makes posts every other day on her tumblr begging people to buy her amazon gift cards so she can buy food lol she pretty much just described herself in that response.

No. 542164

She's an idiot. Who the fuck would stuck cheap plastic eggs that comes apart so easily up their ass. Shayna. I bet you there were more than the 3, and she's still got one stuck up there. Ha!

This outfit is atrocious. She always looks like she scraped the bottom of the bargain bin. I've never seen her in a single cute outfit. She just looks like pure trash. Not bimbo plastic trash aesthetic, I'm talking about poor white trash, meth addicted looking, below he poverty line trash.


I don't know whats worse, Shayna, herself. Or these attention starved dumblr whores looking for any shred of validation that keep her delusions going.

All this shit, it's just an example of people realizing why there's a thread about her.

She should be happy for the little bit of attention and ego inflating these minions gave her before they saw the light.

No. 542181

as a sex worker, people literally pay you for your time. So, yes, shayna does owe that girl something if she fucking paid for it. she always talks about wanting friends but then when people reach out to her she’s like fuck you. then people pay for her snap to be her friend and she still says “fuck you pay me” how do you expect to gain friends with that attitude shay? You’re either here for work or here for friends, pick one.

No. 542182


No. 542184

File: 1522463984562.jpg (46.19 KB, 261x300, screenshot-847662-49001.jpg)

First, lol @ the troll anon she got but is too stupid to realize it. 2nd, going to what was said before ( >>541136 ) She constantly talks about "being small", she attempts to hide the self serving posts by changing the wording, yet it's so obvious. These posts are her really saying, i want to make a selfish statement that makes me feel better, yet I don't want people to hate me, and truly know my nature, or get the backlash of going against social convention so i'll word it this way "i'm not tiny guys… I don't know why you say that tehe" , to convince herself and others, and to make herself feel as if she's smol. Yet, when she receives anons like this, clearly mocking her, she's so fucking thick headed, and instead revels in the "compliment" she thinks she received. lol. What a fucking loser. Does she not realize 90% of the "nice" anons she actually answers and posts are intended to troll her! Ha, it's def a source of entertainment.

No. 542188

lol guess I made it on her naughty list

No. 542189

File: 1522464284453.jpeg (139.56 KB, 749x1230, 1FD86CF7-5D03-4DC6-9E9F-7DBD9A…)

No. 542192


She's so drunk from the "attention and compliment" that was oh so perfectly scultped for feeding her ego, that she doesn't bother and forgets to add her little "oh, but i'm not tiny…" or "all shapes and sizes are perfect" crap like she usually does to try disguise her genuine thoughts. Shayna, you got GOT! Like going fishing, she totally fell for the bait, and and demonstrated how much of a self serving, selfish, delusional sad excuse she really is.

No. 542194

She's totally loving it that someone said that. Even tho it was meant to be a jab.

No. 542200

Most of all, I'm triggered by her cheap purse. She nailed the trailer trash asthetic 100%, however. U go girl kek

No. 542210

wow she really thinks people will do anything if she asks doesn’t she

No. 542230

File: 1522467250779.jpeg (303.57 KB, 750x1229, 8C76F140-558E-41B1-8C76-17C792…)

when I first started following her as a weed blog I actually liked her. A little over a year ago I was getting into camming. Not as a lifestyle like her but she did give me some confidence, like srsly if she has a vag like that and make “55k” a year why couldn’t my chubby lik self? I’m not doing it anymore, not because I wasn’t successful like she seems to think. It was a lot of fun but I made what I made and I’ve moved on. She thinks the reason I’m attacking her is because I wasn’t successful and jealous of her fame. But that’s not the case. I paid for her blog and snap. Therefore, yes by your words I’m entirled to your time. I tried to message her numerous times to no acknowledgment unless it was about her snap or in this case, talking shit. I sent her two links to Barbie stuff about a month or two ago. So I was pretty genuine at first. There was just a timeline of events that she’s failing to look at here cause it was gradua. she just kept morphing into whatever she is now and spewing bullshit and lies and I’m allowed to change my mind about a person. So like her and everyone else, I talk shit on the internet. Cause everything neko submitted about shays snap is true. But It wasn’t me not handling rejection well and it’s certainly not jealousy or my mental health or my maturity or lack thereof. It’s the fact she scams people, lies, does the bare minimum and calls it professional porn and thinks her shit don’t stink. literally the cheapest, fakest person I know. If she’s the bigger person she’d accept people are gonna talk shit no matter what and move on. But no she has to be petty and drag it out like this. She brought up a post I made asking money for chinese food which I’ve seen time and time again on her nothing but self promoting tumblr. So for her to come at one of my self promos for my fucking birthday and say “pls love yourself” she can fuck right off. You have no room to talk shay. First of all sweaty, at least I have a bed. second of all, I’m a fat girl. Trust me. I eat hunty. I don’t have to beg the internet and I could give a shit how many notes my posts get you dumb bitch. Notice tho how she still didn’t confirm or deny owning a bed. Anyway. I’m cackling at my 15 minutes of anonymous recognition. Which by the way my “am I famous” comment went right over her short smol air head. She really showed me guys. She’s such a mean girl what will I do w my life now? Kek kek im rolling

No. 542232

File: 1522467268558.jpeg (76.78 KB, 750x519, D8BB032E-6F15-4253-AB1B-5B1C2C…)

No. 542243

The fact that all of her porn,selfies,cam shows were all recorded with her sitting on her bed and now since she’s moved she hasn’t posted one pic or video on her bed it’s always her on the floor. Also, why wouldn’t she just post a pic already proving everyone wrong lol if people kept saying something untrue about you I would think you would instantly post proof against them. So no she can’t afford a bed or to “eat out every night” she clearly never leaves her apt unless it’s to go get locked in a cage in a 60 year old perv’s basement that drugs her and takes pics all night of her while she’s passed out and who knows what else he does. If shay could afford to eat out every night why is she constantly demanding for amazon gift cards specifically for food lol

No. 542247

File: 1522469932532.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1826, 6FC2B483-05C5-4C6F-B153-7C7208…)

When cows collide

No. 542249

File: 1522470129771.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 617.39 KB, 1242x982, 260B5420-AD6E-49CE-BDBB-B209EE…)

Dude 75$ for a shit speckled cheap plastic egg. Wow.

No. 542260

File: 1522471551352.png (219.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180330-213930.png)

Has this fake blog ever been brought up before? I Don't remember seeing it before.

No. 542261

Forgot to include the url, its Dumlildolly

No. 542270

File: 1522472471472.png (Spoiler Image, 80.97 KB, 208x249, scene1.png)

No. 542271

Nah it’s not new, they’ve been reposting shit from here for a while

No. 542277

that's a terrible angle, terrible lighting, awful picture in general… did she take this herself?

No. 542278

I know it’s just lighting but it looks like there’s literal shit coming out of her ass

No. 542284

File: 1522476026383.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.68 KB, 250x371, 4E716470-397E-409A-A3D2-F9A017…)

Kek. Does she not realize that if she quit the internet tomorrow no one would really care? Everyone would move onto the next trainwreck, and any perverts would move onto the next of thousands of camgirls. Shayna, you’re not even rich. You’re not even a hustler. You constantly film in the same spot, your content is similar in nature and your business practices are awful. Did Britney do any of that?

No. 542315

File: 1522480493007.png (1.14 MB, 830x1165, 1522480369814.png)

She looks like fucking Courtney off the Amanda Show.
Like her 'cum' face is 'ma-ha' and it kills me.

No. 542318

This poor girl looks so fucking aged, shit… that goddamn forehead! Those sad baggy saggy eyes! Her fucking SKIN. What the fuck? She must be mentally ill or on drugs to think she actually looks ok

No. 542347

lol trenders on her ass

No. 542374

I've been lurking on this thread for a while now and Shay's nipples have been brought up a few times, namely that they're elongated, but can we talk about the shape? Not the areola, but the actual nip bit. It looks like someone just put a ball on top of her boob and called it quits.

Also, about the eggs. Any actual egg toys use gelatin eggs, or it's a plug. I have no fucking idea how she got them out of her and i don't want to know. But yes, they're gelatin because they're supposed to dissolve (So you don't have to worry about shitting them out) and it's really not recommended to even put those in your vagina, because it can travel past your cervix and into your womb and cause real problems. And she definitely doesn't need any more of those with that fucking vag.

Saged for no contribution

No. 542375

*on these threads

No. 542390

Pretty sure it's just plastic egg shaped capsules and she literally shit them out

No. 542397

Who’s she? :o

No. 542408

I know, and that's the problem. I'm incredibly concerned about her ass,it looks like it's been through a lot…

No. 542419

The picture of her with a pacifier in her mouth, i see a bed and a cannopy folks.

No. 542424

Because it's an old photo. Sage for nothing new.

No. 542425

That was in her last apartment where it’s believed her roommate was lending her a bed.

No. 542442

She's dumb as shit to do these things and just wait for a buyer whilst they go rancid in a ziplock.

Wait for a buyer, then do the deed.

No. 542446

sorry, but without paragraph breaks, this is almost unreadable.

No. 542449

Yeah, was not expecting that, I never used that type of site before, I'll try to make paragraphs x)

No. 542461

read the rules first before posting
(put "sage" in the email field when not contributing anything new, don't use any kind of emojis)

No. 542467


what the fuck.

No. 542577

If she does that EVERY time she gets a hate message it explains why her pussy looks so haggard and abused

No. 542585

I remember finding those kind on Easter, the cheap plastic breaks so easily.
She's so lucky it didn't break and get stuck, what a fucking idiot. They MAKE egg shaped sex toys too.

No. 542631

if shay had any common sense she would have bought herself a vibrating love egg for that video instead of cheap shitty plastic eggs from the dollar store that could have split inside of her and caused her internal damage. Investing in a new toy would also make her content better and more interesting but you do you shay

No. 542665

I'll probably get shit for being stupid but I bought one of her videos not knowing about her vagina. It's genuinely nasty and I feel like I was falsely advertised. I want to ask for a refund but don't want to be rude about it, I tried sending anons asking about her refund stance but she ignored them.
I know she's been on a tirade about anon hate and supporting sex workers and don't want her and her followers attacking me over it.

I found this thread when she posted the screenshots and was hoping you guys would have advice on this. If not it's okay since it was only 13 bucks but I feel kinda scammed after seeing her gross pussy that was nowhere in the ad for it. Killed my drive instantly.
How does she get away with it? Has no one else complained?

No. 542667

I have no idea but of course you should share it with us, anon.

No. 542669

I don't wanna hurt the chance of getting the refund by sharing it (seeing how she reacted to Neko-whatever doing it), but trust me it was tempting.
I'm worried I'm already incriminating myself just posting about it.

No. 542675

Considering she panders to pedos you sound pretty fucking disgusting o:

No. 542681

Just leak it so we can make fun of her facial expressions.

No. 542690

leak it just dont accidentally doxx yourself

No. 542694

I just followed her for awhile and always thought she was an alright person and wanted to support a fellow woman attempting sex work, especially cause of all her manipulative shit about how she's always bullied by other sex workers. Then I found this thread and saw how fucking wrong I was. I'm so gullible and I feel like an idiot. Guess I kind of deserve it for giving her money without doing research, but how does she get away with this so much?

No. 542715

Don’t be too hard on yourself. She (is the past) did a decent job of covering up her huge mistakes - If you didn’t go searching or didn’t know about this thread it would be hard to find. I honestly don’t know how you missed her vagina because you can see how fucked it is in video previews in MV but still. She plays up the whole “smol happy pupper! Let’s all be frens!” Shit and I think it really appeals to people who want to believe in positivity.

Anyway. I can almost guarantee you won’t get a refund. Either leave a review saying what you just said, leak it, or do nothing and know you learned a lesson the hard way. All that glitters isn’t gold. It’s ok anon <3

No. 542722

We ask the same “how do people keep buying this” questions all the time.

Also your post proves her huge mistake in stirring the pot and posting screens from the thread to her blog. If you caught on others will.

No. 542757

Sorry anon, if you’ve read this thread you should know Shayna is desperate for money. There's no way she’s would refund you, but you can share the vid to tick her off. Or threaten to share it if you don’t get a refund, but who knows if she’d care. She’s prob too wasted to process what you’d say.

No. 542794

huh. maybe i just don't watch/pay enough attention to rando's online, but the only other place I've heard 'heckin' ' used in place of literally any other word, is from Pixielocks and her Confetti Cult.

Wonder if they know (of) each other?

No. 542796

Yeah sadly anon, you probably won’t get back any money you put in because well… it’s obvious she doesn’t have cash to return to people. I’m sorry she scammed you before you could see and find out the truth:/

Also, if you search any of her dumb aliases on google, besides her MV page, these threads show up… hopefully more people will search her names and find these threads and stop supporting such a scam show bottom-of-the-barrel person.

No. 542810

It seems like she rarely enjoys what she does, even tho she tries very hard to appear so. Like someone commented on her vid “you’re never wet”, I’d even go as far to call her borderline asexual. I’ve seen cam girls that had insane orgasms (Asher Marie?? Something like that) but shay just seem empty inside.

No. 542830

lol wut, it's pretty common. I associate it with Shibe videos and pet videos in general, but I know it's used in many other places, too.

No. 542851

File: 1522541934593.jpeg (11.4 KB, 243x162, 780D98BB-D719-4FFF-A4C4-60B1E3…)

She can’t honestly think this is sexy…

No. 542855

File: 1522542048137.jpeg (83.9 KB, 640x563, A39D554D-6D9B-4BA0-B967-21CB1F…)


No. 542856

File: 1522542073906.jpeg (19.86 KB, 172x306, 77C2F2E7-B264-4031-BD8F-673718…)


No. 542861

File: 1522542295981.jpeg (923.82 KB, 2000x3000, B0CE506D-A485-4589-94F3-5DAE33…)

It’s weird. With the winged eyeliner she looks like a retarded fifty year old.

Without, she looks kinda…ethnic? It reminds me of the girls I grew up with on Long Island.

Shayna, you can’t do your eyes that dark. You need to dump the blacks and use softer colors.

No. 542865

The makeup is okay, anon. The trouble is she can’t stop making derp face. For whatever reason, her brain tells her ‘sexy’ when it should be telling her ‘special needs’.

No. 542868


I’m almost speechless. She looks much better here. Losing the wings helps her a ton.

No. 542872

It’s weird, for ‘teen bimbo’, you’d think she’d want to go very soft and fresh faced.

I like that pic, anon!

No. 542884

Ngl, she does look better here. Now if she could just do something about her skin, hair, and clothes…

No. 542898

File: 1522546179235.jpg (31.38 KB, 592x290, 978638.jpg)


She go on rants announcing that she no longer wants to be associated with "ddlg" community or anything to do with it, yet she still tags her photos "ddlg".

No. 542899

I don’t think that stands anymore - the anti ddlg. She also just made a post about how she “doesn’t have time to be little anymore” and it makes her sad.

Yet… she’s just sitting around drinking all day… so busy…

No. 542901


Does this explain her outbreaks, and all the unflattering, atrocious, and mortifying photos and videos she posts? It's all part of her humiliation kink? The ridiculous faces and poses she makes, making porn with her pussy is as humiliating as it can get.

No. 542902


Add it to the list of hypocritical and contradictory shit she says/does. Literally will go out of her way to "call people out" for tagging her photos "ddlg" yet she does it herself. What a fucking moron.

No. 542914

File: 1522547859533.jpg (272.96 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_p6h8zwdJba1rmiw96o1_128…)

She finally got a pink velour jumpsuit that she always obsessed over. BAHAHAHHA She looks older and much more pathetic than the mom from Mean Girls, even that lady didn't have the deep set forehead wrinkles Shayna has.

No. 542916

File: 1522547891001.png (660.78 KB, 888x624, imacoolmom.png)

I'm a cool mom

No. 542917

File: 1522547915872.jpg (51.28 KB, 453x510, 80b5b7db58d9618c4888157eb64845…)

No. 542918

File: 1522547931742.gif (507.33 KB, 500x264, b4bd6e03824b0a03b74bee48818d90…)

No. 542919

File: 1522548170666.png (135.95 KB, 489x194, lol.png)

No. 542927

No. 542931

Is that knockoff juicy couture?

No. 542933

30 something Amy Poehler rocked that look so much harder than Shay ever could at 20 how dare you!

No. 542935

I don’t understand why she keeps doing this hair… it looks like marginally better in the new pink lingerie pics. I miss the days of it being bleached / toned properly. GET OLAPLEX TREATMENTS SHAY. For real it would help so much.

No. 542948

Her bangs look fake to me. They seriously look like they’re clip on bangs in some of her pictures because of how crooked they are.

No. 542949

Saged for incoming rant/blog post
I am so pissed about this age of tumblr girls who think they can just be like "uwu FUCK ME DADDY!" and then try to defend themselves by saying they're csa victims. Gonna admit, I'm in a csa survivor therapy group type deal, and yeah, some of these girls turned the trauma on itself by coping with it like that, but y'know what they have the common fucking decency to do?
Because if you had ACTUALLY had this shit happen to you, the thought of it even happening to another person will make you sick to your stomach. Shay makes me sick. She's absolutely disgusting, ugly, and has no idea the damage she's causing by pretending to be a dumb 5 year old with rape fantasies. I agree with every anon on here who says all this ddlg shit ain't right, because even the girls who use it to cope are ashamed and looking for a better outlet. You can make cute "~kawaii uwu~" porn and not appeal to pedophiles with an incest "fetish." Just give me one pastel pink cam girl who doesn't pull this shit. Just. One.

No. 542954

File: 1522551023782.jpeg (125.82 KB, 1242x610, B43BDAAD-FC47-483B-AA45-533F5E…)

I think what also bothers me about it so much is how heavily she leans on the “please come drug me and fuck me up” thing. I’m aware CNC is a common fantasy but the way she advertises it/constantly harps on it is fucked. Like we get it Shay you can’t stand yourself. Please get help.

No. 542999

LMAO girls that pose w kitchen knives are basic af you look absolutely ridiculous put it down before you hurt yourself fucking amateur

No. 543001

The pics where her face is cropped out are literally her best pics. She gives herself raccoon eyes but never ever any lipstick girl why pls love yourself

No. 543005

Not to mention that scalloped edge and lack of a tip… is this a bread knife? These are literally only good for cutting bread. Wow, how edgy Shay.

No. 543011

File: 1522553713492.png (180.37 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_2018-03-31-23-27-48…)

This potheadkitten chick reminds me of shay in so many ways. Surprised she doesn't have her own thread. She always tries to use drama to gain followers

No. 543039

If she had ran a faceless blog instead. 1000% less vile. I’ve seen many butterfaces do well because they did this.

No. 543041

You… You can see that she has almost no hair and it's stiff and dead??? Cutting hair for a living, if someone professionally does her hair, they're doing her dirty. She should be bald, it's so damaged. Like, I get that damaged goods is her thing… But oh my God, this is like incompetent bimbo at best.

No. 543071

File: 1522558144410.jpeg (100.95 KB, 1242x720, 67716BEC-0558-44A1-A249-39F186…)

Idk if anyone saw this

No. 543073

File: 1522558508910.jpeg (804.68 KB, 1242x2151, BC607CDE-467A-441F-825B-F57B95…)

This week on
“Shay fights with another sex worker”

No. 543080

Who buys a ps2 when they’re up to PS4 now? Congrats on your old dusty system you prob won’t even play lol

No. 543085

I am screaming

Also, what is it about her face..? Does she need a nose job, braces, Botox to fix the derp (and don’t be say all three, we know lol)?

No. 543087

Do people think this is cute or something?

No. 543088

she’s so delusional and self conscious she always thinks people are “vague posting” about her

No. 543089

I love when she responds with "I'm so famous!" Like yeah, so famous you're sleeping on a piss-smelling rug on your floor, and when you ask someone in the real world they won't know you unless
A. They lurk here
B. Are an equally unfamous but definitely prettier tumblr cam girl
C. Are complete freaks/a poor customer who got lured in by a shot of something that's not her crusty vag

No. 543092

Sage for ot, but I'm considering camming and everything she does is just a cautionary tale for me. Like don't be a conceited crusty "bimbo" and actually take care of your vag and body since it's literally all your work, and also don't go spreading your face and name around. Like seriously, I'm pretty sure the reason she can't ever get a job is because she tried once and all her social media is linked to pictures of her derped sex face and her boil filled pussy so no one in their right mind will hire her.

No. 543095

anon, how old are you? why would you do this?

No. 543098

Well, you have to be 18 to post here so… definitely above that. And there are lots of anons here who think being a cam girl is degrading and you're a degenerate because of it, or that you have no self esteem, (Which Shay clearly doesn't but that's on her) but it can also be a great way to express yourself if you're creative with your body and get a few extra bucks off some pervs. It's also generally safer than stripping and pornos because you're your own boss, and you can keep your face entirely concealed. Or, before I get told to go back to tumblr or some shit, I guess i just "Didn't get enough attention from dad" and "have to whore myself out to feel pretty" or some bull like that.
Sage for ot/blog post (And before anyone derails I live in a first world country in a middle class place and no one's forcing me to cam. Some people are just okay with showing their bodies. Someone somewhere has to create that jack off material, and hey, at least you know you're not getting it from human trafficking)

No. 543101

well, you don't really know, because those cam girls could be, theoretically, trafficked, too, and working for men. like, the end users don't know, i mean. not that men care, but it's not easy work. it's still potentially dangerous, and puts your future at risk. it's depressing as hell, too. seeing the way camgirls try to play up that it isn't depressing is just so transparent. the few bucks you make off pervs isn't worth the harassment, degradation, complaints, etc. some men may be fairly nice, but the men on these sites aren't generally sweethearts with hearts of gold. they're men empowered by anonymity and the realization that you're a servant to their dollar. i'd rather wait tables anyday tbh. all of this is just embarrassing, and not because showing off your body is inherently degrading, it's that you can't simply erase your history with this kind of sex work, even.

No. 543104

These are a lot of good reasons not to, though you do have to admit my point still stands. If you're considering camming, Shay is an example of how not to do it.

No. 543110

For such an eeedgy place like lolcow and yet the amount of sw phobia and general puritanical ideals, crack me up every time(no one cares)

No. 543133

Unrelated, people use it on tumblr all the time, which is where Jill most likely got it from in the first place.

I don't understand her bangs, they look so fucking bad. Did she just cut them herself with a pair of kitchen scissors?

No. 543153

Camping isn't something I would ever suggest to someone. It is very much a choice that can and probably will come back to bite you in the butt. If you want to have a normal career when you're older, things like selling videos of yourself nude and masterbating could come back to haunt you, even ten years later.

No. 543154

Camming* lmao

No. 543201

Why does she say Sweaty instead of sweety…is she rly that stupid. Also how do you know people are talking about you, unless youre creeping looking at peoples blog who want nothing to do with your shit

No. 543210

it's a meme, sweaty.

No. 543235

Every single fucking anon she responds to on her page is so clearly self sent. She’s the only one who types like a fucking idiot. At least try to change your typing style.

No. 543251

I found one of her vids. It's not the one where she gets punched by that guy, it's the one where she gets thrown against the wall. "Our first playdate" I think its called.

No. 543261

This is like I'm watching a parody of some sort. She's trying to act like an innocent little girl but it's just weird and off-putting.

No. 543277

she's so fucking awkward it is so painful to watch him being serious and her clearly not knowing what to do with herself like the "why are you laughing at me" and weird fidgety movements and whimpering even though he was barely touching her..what a fucking mess

No. 543299

lmao what is this

it's so weird first of all, for these like tall girls to be acting like they're 10. women over like 5'3 esp can't pull off this little girl schtick. she's taller than him ffs, and her neck looks like a fucking tree trunk. what is with her weird leg movements and what exactly was the purpose of this video? like, i couldnt possibly see how any of this was hot. she looks so terrible in this video, and now that she's gaining, she should really keep the hair down. updos only make you look broader and fatter.

No. 543301

File: 1522599113143.jpeg (1009.34 KB, 1242x2159, 59736176-CFF8-4F13-86D0-BC73FD…)


No. 543304

File: 1522599194278.jpeg (449.81 KB, 1242x1268, 9322E442-5A9F-41B4-AEAD-81FE1D…)

Those tags on that post… and then to witness the post right below it. Kek
What a dumbass

No. 543347


Speak for yourself, though. I cammed for a year in college, made thousands easily, way better and less depressing than waiting tables, got my legal and financial analysis degree, and now 6 years later no pictures/videos have come out, my parents and my friends still don't know, and my career is fine.
speak for yourselffe, hoe.

No. 543358

And yet you sound like someone toucha your spaghett.
Anon won't speak for herself cause she never cammed. You are still in danger of your old videos finding way into your life. I do not wish it on you and I find it unfair that (ex-)sexworkers are stygmatised, but can't deny the risk is there.

No. 543366

that's great, but yikes, i'd hate to have a financial analyst that thinks because a few years have gone by that they're in the clear. how can you even make financial forecasts when you think you're actually like, basically free from the threat of being outed? lol, embarrassing. i've seen multiple compilations from 4chan of women with professional careers that men knew personally that they came across naked on the internet as camgirls and decided to expose them and embarrass them for 'lulz', nevermind the more common occurrence that is just spreading the word to their friend circles/professional circles when someone has been found out and it ultimately impacting your career/personal life. good luck to you and your blind optimism in the face of what is basically a daily threat.

No. 543370

people do way worse shit on the daily, having people see your human genitalia is sooo much worse than like you know, death..Seriously, who cares. People have it so backwards in here.

No. 543371

except… as other anon said, shit like nudes and past sex work coming out can and does effect women's professional and personal lives. All the goddamn time.

your lack of ability to grasp this is telling.

No. 543381

i'm glad you can live a life totally detached from reality for the sake of feeling enlightened, but most people can't afford the threat of playing it fast and loose with their livelihoods. having your genitalia plastered all over the internet and eventually attached to your name generally makes you a less desirable, and potentially unhirable candidate, depending on the field you're in. if you're looking for employment in healthcare, finance, law, education, charity, management, engineering, marketing, law enforcement, etc, you're going to have a hard time having your fingerfucking videos attached to your name. there's a reason why 70% of employers are now combing through candidates social media before hiring.

No. 543395

>for these like tall girls
Do you live in Nepal? lmao she's not tall. She's average. Or are you one of those uwu everyone over 160cm are literal giants.

>women over like 5'3 esp can't pull off this little girl schtick

Nobody can pull of the 'little girl schtick' unless they're literally a little girl, aka a child.
thats a really cute bread knife. Does anyone know where she got it?

No. 543405

What a retard. Seriously, the way she acts is the antithesis of erotic. The guy is trying to get a real response out of her and she acts mentally challenged. Keep it up, Shayna.

No. 543409

it was horrible. I bet people that watch it will wonder if she is mentally retarded.

No. 543412

Stop derailing and focus on Shayna.

No. 543415

>pretty little girl
You're a grown ass woman, Shayna. You don't look like a little girl in the slightest

And honestly, cute bread knife but at least get something that looks threatening.

No. 543422

she's pretty tall, or that guy is just incredibly short. i doubt that guy is like 5'4, which is actually what is considered average. she looks to be about 5'5-5'6 to me, which is tall. it's not 'very tall', which would be like 5'9, imo, but that's still fairly tall. no woman should be doing it, but some women CAN pull it off better. it's still disgusting and despicable, but you have to admit, some women can fit the look better than shayna can.

No. 543425

Seeing how she’s making all of these purchases and shit, did that anon from a day or two ago (who was asking about a refund) ever ask her directly for the refund?? I haven’t seen her mention anything about refunds, but she sure is loading up on Amazon gifts. Is there any way you can turn her in for false advertisement/not offering refunds??? That can’t be legal, in any sense. I don’t quite know anything about camming/sex work… but if she has all this money, I don’t see a reason to let up on bothering her about a refund. If you have proof you’ve messaged her about refunds and she’s not replied, file a complaint with MV I figure?

No. 543434

God jesus that fringe is driving me nuts. How can she think that looks even remotely ok?

No. 543465

File: 1522611653641.jpeg (358.86 KB, 640x563, E1735212-7C15-4A13-BB79-0C2AD6…)

the good thing is that shay is good phot manipulation practice…

No. 543475

Are those zits are moles?
It's a good picture I'll give her that she most likely shooped it though

No. 543479

lmao no anon i just enjoy making Shay look nice since she can’t

No. 543482

O shit my bad didnt see the original

No. 543522

File: 1522615941024.jpg (283.86 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20180401-135132.jpg)

No. 543533

Pamela Anderson was a bimbo…
Shayna is just a wart on the foot of Shrek, my god
Is severe delusional episodes part of any particular mental disorders??? Because she is delusion as hell but seems like she doesn’t even comprehend that??? There’s no way she can be this oblivious to how much her content sucks compared to some of these other girls. Granted, other girls tend to put thoughts and ideas together. Shay is smearing Disney princesses(childhood influences), schoolgirls(usually under 18), and Animals…. gag

No. 543542

she could have just used that $200+ on a cheap mattress…

No. 543548

I hate how she expects everyone just to forget the shit she does but when she thinks someone is vague posting about her she’ll hop on their ass so fucking fast

You get what you give shayna

No. 543549

I think the schoolgirl thing in porn is fine as long as you don’t represent them as under 18. Shay says stuff like “i just got home from school daddy, I made this for you!” Like she’s in elementary school. That’s fucking creepy.

No. 543565

oh my god this is my first time hearing her voice and it is infinitely worse than i could have ever imagined

No. 543568

File: 1522618557890.png (Spoiler Image, 547.75 KB, 384x1010, 1521606595841.PNG)

>25" waist

>32" hips

I'm cackling

It's so true. So painfully average and insecure. Flabby, 5 foot 4. This stumpy bitch… You're not small, hun…

She is so damn HIT looking. BLEEGH

LOL. The dorito meth head basement dwellers are your fans though, Shay!!!

The self sent messages are overwhelming. It's so obvious and pathetic… she sits on her dirty floor all day sending herself these asks… constantly lying to herself… feeding the delusion mountain…

No. 543570

Yeah, the first time I watched Shay in motion was shocking. Hearing the rat make noise. Shudder inducing. It's already so bad with text and pictures. Imagine meeting Shay in person….

No. 543577

I hope someone does and straight up tells her she's delusional and that this is destroying any possible future in any other career once her shtick grows old. This person should also tell her to go to a gyno and to stop spending money on cheap knock offs and oh idk buy a bed sage for nothing new

No. 543580

You can see her pillow on her rugbed here. I couldn't get a good screenshot of it. But it's hard proof that she sleeps on the floor.

No. 543583

God, this is just unnerving to watch. I couldn't finish it. Is there a single person out there who would find ANY part of this video sexy/hot/appealing or even watchable?

No. 543609

She looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE. and wow the audio is terrible. I can’t undrstand what he’s saying or what she’s saying in that horrible baby voice. She looks extremely uncomfortable especially when he hugs her. Is this really considered porn?

No. 543610

they really don’t have much chemistry, I’m not even sure why he decided to go through with posting these videos.

No. 543620

I couldn't watch it all but if I were him, I would've said the safe word just to not waste film or time. Oof.

No. 543646

I watched maybe 20? Seconds of that video and I just wanna know why she fakes that ugly voice and also why Agent 47 is kneading that ogre bitch like dough?

No. 543870

File: 1522638524528.png (1.04 MB, 1136x640, IMG_9148.PNG)

I gotchu. White-ish thing next to the bear.
That's a dirty looking pillow too. Doesn't even have a pillow case…

No. 543912

File: 1522641668227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 315.47 KB, 1242x1859, 3B05D5FC-975A-41C8-8800-4870AB…)

Do Snapchat filters work on genitals?

No. 543913

File: 1522641693398.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1242x1830, EED77097-EDA4-4FB2-AD7E-BAA0FF…)

Dammit, Bobby

No. 543915

I think she's been putting concealer on her sores to hide them, as another anon wrote previously.

No. 543919

Shayna was just talking about how she's separating herself from drama on Tumblr like two months ago… Girl, actually do it. Worrying about what others think of you so much is pointless. People will love and hate you regardless of what you do, say, and work towards. You would be so much happier if you didn't worry about it. Honestly, fuck what other people say, who gives a shit? Get yourself a bed and a good sleep schedule, don't worry so much about drama and criticism Shayna.

No. 543924

It's probably a mix of makeup, filters, and maybe an acne removing tool from a beautyapp. We'll see the reality of her genital situation the next time she releases an unedited scene that isn't filmed 10ft away from the camera.

Though maybe, just maybe, she's finally taking some advice from here (because she's already revealed that she lurks here) and has started exfoliating?

No. 543951

She claimed she gets "sugared" like it's some completely different form of hair removal, but its literally just sugar waxing and all that is is just natural ingredients. She claims "that ever since I've began getting sugared and they actually go with the grain(professional waxers go with the grain too dummy) she doesn't get ingrown nearly at all now"

No. 543955

Her plugs/ears look so trashy and bad

The huge black jewelry

No. 543967

Same. There’s a way to cam and not be an idiot and then there’s a way to cam like Shayna and that’s how your future gets ruined. For starters she could have at least not used her real name. She fucked up from the beginning

No. 543981

The second someone says one thing about her she blocks them and then makes 5 “call out” posts in one day about them.this post right here of her complaining about other people doing it is just that. Is she stupid. Stop being a hypocrite.

No. 543985

File: 1522648771289.jpg (46.71 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.855312202_jxfy.jpg)

I honestly don't know why she keeps them in. She should take them out and let them shrink as much as possible or at the very least get some pink gem plugs or something that fits the style she's trying to go for.

Pic for ref. They're ugly as sin, but literally look like tacky barbie earrings.

No. 543993

Her pussy looked infected less than a week ago, she hasn’t changed shit.

No. 544114

File: 1522672687393.jpg (51.55 KB, 640x640, 9e01bb30-db24-4b19-8959-586318…)

I found this pic on tumblr from a few months ago and it looks a lot like Shay's knife pic I almost thought it was her.

No. 544115

Of course she hasn't got a single original idea in her head. And she has the audacity to accuse other sex workers of copying her kek.

No. 544128

File: 1522674131569.png (983.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180402-060156.png)


No. 544131

Why does it always go back to "rape me while I'm asleep daddy uwu"? Fucking disgusting.

No. 544179

the tiny pom pom tail is so comedic

No. 544214

It looks a bit better I think?. If she's switched to sugaring then it's probably getting a chance to heal a little

No. 544215

I know you all want to believe Shayna will have vagina issues for the rest of her life, but there is no concealer in the world that could cover what she had going on completely. She hass less bumps, and if she still had the sores/ingrown/whatever, they would still be visible under the concealer. Concealer doesn't flatten bumps on the skin….? She still has a few but like…… It does look significantly better. Also, concealer would come off on all of her clothing, considering where the area of the irritation is. It would show up on bodysuits, underwear, rope, ect. I'm pretty sure she just decided to stop getting waxed, or like she said, removing the hair in a different way. People with super sensitive skin should never get waxed in the first place. Y'all, her coochie is doing better, sorry to break it to ya.

No. 544217

Also Shayna, pleeeeeeease stop making those weird cross eyed faces you do. Stop making the over exaggerated faces you do in general. I know you think it looks cute but it REALLY doesn't. I'm not even saying this to be mean but there is nothing attractive or cute about going cross eyed???? Like at all.. please stop :/

No. 544226

we're pretty aware of tht anon, go white knight somewhere else.

No. 544227

It also looks way less irritated / infected at the vaginal opening itself. Could our girl be taking our advice and turning it around? LOLCOW MAKEOVER!

Ok Shay next up: olaplex treatments on your hair and proper toning to make it not yellow and brassy. Bathe regularly and wash your face. Go for a more fresh faced makeup look and skip all the black/drag inspired shit. OK GO!

No. 544229

sugar wax is not a good long term solution though. its good to help the skin heal but using it long term will just mke the irritation come back. sugar + pores = unhappy. but the sugar helps exfoliate her already severely clogged pores, so its helping clear it up. shes an imbecile so shell probably continue to do it on top of shaving and the whole cycle will strt again. she can't take cre of herself.

No. 544232

she thinks it makes her look dumb which translates to cute in her mind. no shayna, you just look straight up retarded.

No. 544245

This, also use frizz treatments, hair masks are less than 2$
Whatever makeup you did in the christmas video, stick to that with a less bold wing, use aloe for your razor bumps and don't shave as much

Also do 30 min - 1 hr of cardio each day and drink more water

No. 544248

lol instead of telling her how to fix herself maybe let her figure it out. she wants to be an adult sex worker? then she needs to be independent.

just enjoy the train wreck

No. 544251

No, no wings. She looks like a scene throwback and wings are fucking old anyhow. She needs to go light and soft like she’s been doing and toss the blacks.

Shayna, even if you don’t like lube, you’re wrecking yourself. Please invest in a good quality lube, I like Sliquid. Your vag and ass are going to look torn up if you keep at this.

But if you’re really into no lube, give Onion a call. He likes his bitches dry as a bone.

No. 544258

Just why.

Shayna, practice your fuckfaces in the fucking mirror or something my god, why do you want to look retarded? It’s so depressing.

No. 544264

She has enough money to get laser treatments. Well. Maybe not but I’m sure she can beg some poor sucker to give her the dosh. If she wants to lose the bush permanently then she should do that.

No. 544266

lol she cant even do a booty shake her ass is so flat. sad.

No. 544272


This is yungelita who Shay follows, of course shes copying her. Elita has everything shay wants.

No. 544276

File: 1522687792735.jpeg (67.51 KB, 564x704, FA13FC01-3A20-4670-90BA-511201…)

More makeup tips for fifties and sixties bimbos for Shayna, pic related; do this with brownish blacks on your lashes and your eyeliner, you can still use pinks, but PLEASE use a pink that matches your skin tone, you’re very yellow. Shell pinks would work, I think.

If you’re serious about the bimbo thing, start looking for old lingerie from the time period. Toss the fucking bear and the tent, it’s wack and dd/lg is everywhere and running out of steam. Your face isn’t all that little anyhow. Look at people like Jayne Mansfield and shit. Stop worrying about everything being pink, it’s a stupid angle anyhow. Just get cute shortie negligees and whatnot. Here:

You can use eBay, too.

You’d also look better as an ash blonde, pay for a good salon and get some nice lowlights. You can also find old books that teach you how to do old hairstyles, you could even do that one night while you’re camming as a show idea—Dolly does her hair, you could even work in a humiliation angle, you know how girls used to blow dudes off by saying they have to wash their hair? Tap into that market. There are tons of old books out there that can help with this. This one’s really good and I’ve done a bunch of the styles in there, it’s like three bucks.


I literally think you should hire the farmers who are trying to help your ass as creative managers or some shit. This took me about five minutes, btw. Put some effort into your shit and you’ll be more successful. You already look better with the eye makeup but you need to do more.

No. 544277


this thread is so wholesome now. Feel like we're on Queer Eye :'D

No. 544278

lol I swear to god I’m trying so hard to be nice here kek

No. 544299

>This took me about five minutes, btw

Lolll solid advice anon. I'm yellow toned as well and mauve ish lip colors look nice

Shay: we do care

Really needs to pick up on this exercise tip. She would feel and look so much better

Ya uh we're glad. Finally

No. 544301

I’ve said it from the start I genuinely want her to fix herself. She was a sweet idiot when she was a stoner blog. This ddlg bimbo stuff has made her utterly lost and is causing her to fail at life. She is still an idiot but is ignorant and pathetic now - but we all know it’s due to her severe depression and self loathing. I genuinely think if she could just wake up and GROW UP she can turn it all around. I would be happy to see that.

No. 544310

Solid advice also love the book! ty anon

No. 544311

File: 1522690065293.jpeg (15.68 KB, 259x275, 9CD308F9-A8FF-4AC6-B0C0-E22CC7…)

LmaO that was me sorry fam but I’m in stitches

No. 544312

All lip fillers will do is fuck up her face, she’s screwed enough as it is.

No. 544316


possibly (probably) but not if she finds a good person to do it (she won't). She is gonna end up like a trout with a lisp… which won't help her "I'm special" brand she seems to be inadvertently building

No. 544319

Shay why do you want to get plushies from men? Maybe a bed? Maybe diamonds or something with resale value? Grow the fuck up and stop little shit, it’s fucking gay af.

Just stop the dd/lg for the love of all that’s holy and get in front of a new trend in retardation, please.

No. 544325

She has no future. In ten years she’ll be a street hooker or doing gonzo porn. She ruined her life for nothing.

Let’s not even daydream that she’s investing. Good luck with a sugar daddy or a sir because by the time she hits thirty?frankly no man is going to pay for a used up, wrecked out whore and no woman will want her either because she’s not a lesbian.

No. 544389

File: 1522695996198.jpeg (1009.02 KB, 1242x2152, 519E2FCF-928D-4985-B2E4-BD7BAB…)

I truly wonder how white privilege feels? To tell people that you should get off scotch free from; calling someone Hitler, stealing money and never replying about refunds, lying about fundraiser money to blow on drugs and booze, making people pay inconsistent pricing because fuck all, constantly lying, slandering other women vaguely but when they confront you it’s “fuck you, pay me for my opinion or I’ll let my 4,000 shaytard minions come after you”.

Other women would be scrutinized as shit for half assed content, they’d be blocked and made to give refunds and even lose service if they were to make racist assumptions and constant pedophelia content. I truly don’t get it.

No. 544402

Thanks for the reminder of all the bad shit and the scamming she’s done. I got distracted by trying to be positive that she could fix herself.

No. 544415


No. 544424

She has baseboard heating….. with cotton fluff…. in the same damn floor. However, a step forward is that the dog cage seems to have been replaced with the dumb kiddie tent.
Believe me anon, I am rooting for the better too, but that comment literally proves she doesn’t feel one bit sorry for the words/actions she’s used against others. And THATS why I can’t support this ogre in distress. She’s vile, not self aware and believes she shouldn’t be punished for her actions???
Caitlin Jenner hit someone with a car and South Park drug her for it all season long, Donald Trump opens his spewhole and people never stop, Pamela Anderson contracted Hep C and Tommy beat her for it even though they got it together from dirty needles for tattoos. Brittany shaved her fucking head over 10 years ago and people talk about mental breaks like hers even though it was her tracks being too tight… Like, I’m not giving any of these famous people the benefit either, but the difference between Shayduh and all of these famous people? They knew their fuck ups, she can’t even claim hers.

Sage here for possible dumb rambling and because it never works on mobile in the email bar.

No. 544444

She believes her actions should be forgotten about and erased from the record but she’ll bring up receipts from years ago on people who she claims are vague posting about her. She wants to be a petty bitch with no consequences. She wants to be a mean girl and talk shit about everyone else but no one can talk about her because she’s a soft sensitive little baby and she’s perfect in her delusion world. It’s pathetic.

No. 544489

>She wants to be a petty bitch with no consequences. She wants to be a mean girl and talk shit about everyone else but no one can talk about her because she’s a soft sensitive little baby and she’s perfect in her delusion world.

I know people like this in the real world, anon. Trust me, it will all come falling down for her. People do eventually wise up and see how damaging and delusional these people are.

Shayna got into sex work and believes she's better than everyone else in the world because she shows off her infected pussy to old men. But inside, she's just as empty and hollow as ever. She just covers up that deep hole inside of her heart with booze and Amazon trinkets in the hope it will go away.

Her face is whack and aging rapidly. Her apartment is a sad joke. Her body isn't bad, but the way she "takes care" of herself, it will deteriorate just as rapidly. And what will she have to show for her youth? No job, no education, and no hobbies. Just a few videos that don't even make her enough money to buy a bed.

Shayna, your life is a joke. I can't imagine being so delusional you would believe that anyone is jealous of you.

No. 544591


she’s going to be 22 this year. i can’t help but wonder if she’s still going to act the same way when she’s fucking 30.

No. 544810

Kiki kannibal (lilou vos?) called, she wants her backpack back.

No. 544850

having sugar down there makes you a lot more likely to have yeast infections lol she’s just gonna go from her diseased warts to an itchy disgusting yeast infection every week

No. 544854

is she sugar scrubbing her fucking vag? Holy shit. Ur not supposed to put anything down there except water. She needs to go to a obgyn asap

No. 544855

u know they dont put the sugar in ur vagina right? lol
shes just gonna keep shaving in between appointments and end up w the same problem probably

No. 544857

For the love of god everyone google sugar waxing. It’s not like someone is shoving sugar up her vaginal canal.

No. 544858


I can't even fucking read with the way she types. At all. Honestly… what the fuck. An essays worth of ranting that no one wants to hear. Not even the people (Shay herself) who sent. Her typing is so bad….

No. 544859

i know what sugar scrubbing is anon. I’m saying if she’s doing home sugar scrub treatments on her labia or bikini line that’s not the safest and she already puts concealer on her fucking genital warts. It’s not that far fetched and I doubt she can afford in office sugar scrubs

No. 544862

She has nice boobs but they look kinda.. Fake? It could be just in this pic though

No. 544864

Right on the money… I'm glad you're here

Yep. Her arms are looking HUGE, is it just me? >>544397


No. 544865

Shay ain't got 1 dollar. She's just gaining weight

No. 544875

ntayrt but holy fucking shit for the last time sugaring and doing a sugar scrub are two different things and that’s literally what that anon was saying dumbass

No. 544883

Jesus I know !! I’m saying sugaring is a trend right now and people are mistaking sugaring for sugar scrubbing. Sugaring is expensive and Shay can’t even get a bed. I’m gonna stop responding to this since I’m derailing but bottom line; sugaring near your pussy is not good for you. I’m saying Shay should go to an obgyn and hopefully they’ll have some antibiotics. Cosmetic treatments are going to make her vaginal health worse

No. 544901

I’m aware of what it is… you dont need to physically shove sugar up your vag to get a yeast infection. if that was the case than no one would even have them. It spreads, just bc it’s on the outside of your vag doesn’t mean it’s physically impossible for it to get inside or even get in your urinary tract and give you a uti as well. Most common way to get a uti is from feces getting in your urinary tract…pretty sure no one shoves feces up there so yes she definitely could get one especially since she goes home and immediately shoves toys up there stuff spreads quick.

No. 545283

File: 1522775228963.jpeg (570.68 KB, 1242x2154, CA701B90-6BD2-4F47-9E75-C0F3F9…)

This is just sad hahaha
You’re paying for her regular snap, she’s too lazy to make… no, you know what I’m not even going to open my mouth. kek

No. 545318

Sweaty you must be new that's her Jewish friend that didn't care she called someone baby Hitler

No. 545325

We've removed all the porn spam reported.

No. 545326

sadbaffoon makes boring content too. one good thing isn’t that she doesn’t use the same color palette and routine every time. but her stuff is pretty slow and boring. does boring plus boring equal exciting or more boring and lazy?

No. 545327

is that*

No. 545570


No. 545595

File: 1522793529414.jpg (20.81 KB, 246x307, uhhh.JPG)

just why

No. 545599

not sure why she thinks its cute that her wings and eyebrows touch

No. 545606

File: 1522793985907.png (254.28 KB, 428x265, dollylouwho.png)

She looks like Whoville's resident junkie/prostitute…

No. 545607

Jesus that’s frightening

No. 545608

Did she ever explain why she got a ps2 and not a ps4? that’s just stupidity at its finest.

No. 545613

Probably can't afford it. But she bought $200 of games anyway so she clearly has no understanding of how to save or spend money.

No. 545622

on amazon a ps4 is cheaper than a ps2.

She’s such a dumb fucking cow

No. 545633

I think it's to play into her vintage/baby aesthetic. She would have been like 8? when ps2 came out. So maybe it's an ~ageplay~ thing?

No. 545646

oh god don’t give her that idea

No. 545651

Back to the basic bitch look, I see. I give up.

No. 545668

My question is why a ps2 when she said she wanted a Nintendo switch to play mario kart. Also, a PS3 can play DVDs and Blu-ray. She’s fucking dumb!

No. 545682

Even if she wanted to watch DVDs on the ps2, they cause one of the lasers to burn out over time. It's like the number one reason they die over time.
And ps2 games on the PS3 store are only 10 bucks, ps1 games are 5.
It also has YouTube for free, and free online gaming. Whereas all ps2 servers are closed.
She could've saved so much money. In the long run by just going up one generation.
Sorry for gaming sperging but she's an idiot.

No. 545691

File: 1522802148574.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2152, 7BF8DBB6-B0C1-4368-AE2F-122573…)

I was right… we all were right.
She sleeps where she’s pisses herself and not only doesn’t have a bed, but doesn’t even have a tv stand kek

No. 545695

Doesn't her cat live with her? this is just an accident waiting to happen… I can see the cat accidentally knocking it over.

No. 545697

This is so pathetic. It makes me want to give her money just so she’ll spend it on like literally one piece of furniture. Maybe that’s her master plan.

No. 545717

I think she’s just going to fill her voids with material objects until she bursts

No. 545737

Her rug is so dirty lmao I can't believe she can buy a pink castle,crockpot,vacuum,toddler potty,50 toys to shove up her dry ass but can't buy a TV stand.

No. 545754

Now, now… Guys…
It's BoHo Barbie, almost complete just missing the money to live alone haha
We've got to get with the program. Less is more, apparently

No. 545889

I’m sure tons of cleaning gets done when you’re wearing heels. smh

No. 545910

I just don't want to imagine that. At all. You know? I'm leaving this thread now…

No. 545916

Her apartment is so tiny?? It’s a size of a bedroom with a bathroom attached and maybe the smallest kitchen. Everyday it’s just her sitting on the floor with all her stuff strewn around, also on the floor… I’m sad tbh.

No. 545923

Why in the world would you clean naked?

No. 545947

Maybe she put her tv on the floor so it would be level for her to see while laying on her “bed” aka the floor

No. 545948

Cause it’s edgy and bimbo

No. 545982

Why is she wearing that fucking wig again

No. 546025

Oh my god she looks like actual trailer trash in that shitty apron and wig

No. 546062

File: 1522847662812.jpg (263 KB, 1250x1250, a60e0b66e64f594b640208b56e5420…)

Courtney Stodden who??? I hope this is her next phase.

No. 546127

File: 1522855853928.jpeg (111.79 KB, 749x667, 35DF276D-EBD0-4164-8DF8-D4648E…)

Making excuses for why she looks bigger than the ~smol~ baby she claims to be while lying about being a child model.

No. 546148

Lmao like anyone gives a fuck about height in child models

No. 546156

Did she actually model as a child or is that another one of her lies? Cos I really can’t picture her being a cute kid in any way at all considering how unphotogenic she is now

No. 546158

This bitch cannot be 5"4'. I'm 5'7" and I know she is taller than me.

No. 546160

lmao oh you had a Britney Spears life now? You were a child model and now your famous?

Shayna please go sit in a corner and think about the things you say. Your mother was abusive, you are a child model, shut the fuck up because it’s so transparent.

No. 546193

You must be new to this thread. I'm pretty sure she is 5'4 or at least around that considering the fact that we have seen her with an actually tall girl.

No. 546196

that’s an old video anon

No. 546208

Imagine possibly damaging the fat tissue in your breasts for 22 tokens… Yet she claims everyone is jealous of her.

No. 546219

She literally said "I don't condone that behavior but you are right" in regards to someone saying that women should stay in the kitchen which further proves she will say anything to pander to these freaks.

No. 546224

amazing. runs off the only quasi decent guy there so she can continue punching herself in the pussy. she doesn't HAVE to pander to literally the lowest denominator but she does. she doesn't even financially benefit doing so.

No. 546229

She'd do much better aiming for men like that Gator-guy and going with the little dolly thing without the abuse. Maybe she could even afford some therapy.

No. 546231

I'm just laughing at the fact she passed on a real sugar daddy just for literally nothing

No. 546241

Is that a mouldy knife on the bottom left? I don't know how she can live like this and spend the money she gets on useless shit instead.

No. 546243

She sits on cam doing nothing and just waits for tips. How fucking lazy can you get

No. 546244

Her diseased ass and vag on that counter….. GOD

No. 546246

she looks tired and haggard af today. did she just wake up and go on cam

No. 546248

I do see she's taken the "don't get naked immediately" advice/common sense

No. 546273

she’s sitting and watching cartoons and expecting people to tip her. wtf

No. 546274

and now she’s playing video games and ignoring everyone and expecting people to tip. How is this a cam show?

No. 546464

Shayna is beyond stupid. She’ll never understand that most of the guys she interacts with loathe her, or that the cheaper and dumber and more bimboed out she acts, the more they want to treat her like a human dumpster.

Can you imagine having so little self value that your ‘brand’ and ‘aesthetic’ is punching yourself in the face, banging up your tits, and wrecking your asshole? She’s too stupid to realize that she’s damaging what’s supposed to keep her financially solvent. Has she ever seen the bodies of older shibari models? It can deform the breasts and thighs, and it’s not even close to the crap that Shayna does to herself. She’s gunning for rectal prolapse by 30.

Her face looks like she’s pushing forty already and she’s not even 25. She has no prospects, no friends, nothing. She has a filthy studio and a cheap life. It’s sad that she doesn’t want better for herself. Those comments in her chats prove that she doesn’t. The one person saying hey, why don’t you take care of yourself gets laughed out. Seriously if a cow ever needed to hear ‘love yourself’, it’s Shayna, but apparently she views herself as trash too.

Shayna is definitely getting everything she wants out of life. It’s too bad that what she wants is garbage.

No. 546479


creepy.she looks like ex connor in this photo. eerie, very eerie. or just, man-ish, she even looks like she has a beared

No. 546494

>farmers talk about how she never shows her full apartment and how she lives in filth
>suddenly posting pics of her cleaning in her apartment
Shay stop making it so obvious you lurk here

No. 546500

File: 1522879787316.png (18.6 KB, 273x478, 1j.png)

Shayna has said herself on a few occasions that she goes to other girls' cam rooms and watch several other cam shows. She also said on her MV podcast that she did it "to see what to do". Yet she blocks other cam models from hers? Lol!

No. 546503

> the cheaper and dumber and more bimboed out she acts, the more they want to treat her like a human dumpster.
This. If your entire "brand" is being a dumb doll to smack around who will do outrageous shit for 25 cents, that's how you're treated.

No. 546512


this feels like a troll. these are exactly the kind of things she wants to hear and the tone is too nice.

No. 546520


it sounds like standard practice to keep other people from advertising in your chat. but i wouldn't be surprised if shayna was lying to make it look so.

No. 546564

Sorry but she isn’t even “wrecking” her asshole enough to get a prolapse aka pandering to the demographics that are into that Hardcore shit. Anal bimbo princess but all she does is wiggling a tiny dirty dildo in her dry shit filled ass, does not qualify as masturbation in anyway but she acts like she loves it. The only thing Shay gonna get is permanent hemorrhoids.
It’s fine if she chooses for her legacy to be porn of the fucked up degrading taboo variety but this bitch needs to own it, double down on it! Everything Shay does is half arsed, 0% effort, boring, and obvious that she’s 100% not about the brand she’s selling. Turn off on all fronts.

No. 546595

It's a pretty common thing for models to do on MFC. If keeps them from stealing your audience by PMing them behind your back. Which with Shay would happen a lot because she's boring as fuck.

Models who care to interact with other models either do so through Twitter or sometimes side MFC accounts that are not branded as a model.

No. 546745

For how consistently she bleaches her hair and gets her nails done.. 3k is not a lot at all. Full hair cut color and treatments are around 200$ per visit. Nails add up. Idk.

No. 546750

So she's wasted thousands to dye her hair brassy blonde, burn her hair off, and attach hideous bright pink talons to her stubby fingers.

She's spent 3k on looking this bad. Just imagine what her place could look like if she actually invested that money into a bed and/or other furniture.

No. 546788

This should be the next thread pic

No. 546789

>I can't wait until you wake up and realize how fucked for life you are

I'm eager. That moment will come. Snapping out of it, seeing the truth. It will hurt but it will be for the best. How do you dig yourself and your life out of this…

No. 546830

She should’ve used that “3k” for professional hair extensions. Her real hair is a lost cause at this point there’s no saving it unless she does extensions or stops bleaching it.

No. 546850

She barely has any hair left. It's fried beyond repair. She needs to shave, start over and never touch it again. But we all know she'll keep frying it yellow brass "blonde" (lol) until… who knows. Pink is coming soon, right? Vomit

No. 546968

She could even have spent that ‘3k’ on investing in some decent lace front human hair wigs instead of that cheap piece of crap that she sticks on her head with that stupid headband

No. 547089

nta but I disagree she already has a noticeable gape
going to be wearing a diaper not for fun but because she has to

No. 547092

I wouldn't care if she spent 10 million on hair and nails 'cause she still does not have a bed or even a tv stand for her tv

No. 547105

How old is she anyways? It says 20 on her manyvids but she is obviously lying. I really think she is closer to 30ish. Does anyone know her actual age? I think she lies about her age because she’s embarrassed at her job at her age. I mean, by 30 you should probably have or start looking into a real career. If your niche is “little girl” yet you look like and are a grown WOMAN, I think it’s time to move onto a 9-5. Once you’re in your late 20s, time to give up porn. Js

No. 547106

I agree I think she is 30-32 not 20

No. 547110

she isn’t 20 haha she says that to portray her young bimbo image but she is probably about 35 tbh

No. 547113

Are you guys serious? She looks like shit but she clearly isn't 30-35… She just takes terrible care of herself and has shit genetics

No. 547122

Idk I think she is closer to 30. I’m thinking late 20s? Bad genetics or not she’s def not 20

No. 547133

She was born 1996, guys she is 21-22

No. 547136

She'll be 22 in July. Jesus Christ

No. 547137

she's 20-21. she doesn't look great but jesus christ she's not 30. she didn't look good when she was 16 either but she was. her old IG had pictures of her from high school, as well as her old friends she graduated with. her old facebook (if it's still up) is proof as well. hell, just go way back into her blog a few years. this has been discussed before.

No. 547140

she's 20. she'll be 21 on June 26 ( I believe that's the right date.) she's the same age as I am, this is how I remember this. She turned 18 two months before I did.

No. 547150

No way!! Well she looks significantly older than her actual age then

No. 547151

if she’s 21 then why is she so aged?

No. 547152

if I passed her on the street I’d think she is someone’s mom

No. 547156

because she drinks alcohol, doesn’t drink water, sleeps on the floor, does shitty makeup, doesn’t cover her dark circles or attempt to brighten her face, her pussy and asshole are wrecked from dry fucking, and her style translates to “trying to be a hip cool Mom from the early 2000s but failing”

No. 547160

No. 547162

or you know, maybe they don’t want to see your pedo pics on their dash. ever think that maybe not everyone wants to see your gross vagina on their dash? Shayna you are so ass backwards.

No. 547166

remember when she said “no penetration ever” yah that was a bald face lie

No. 547174

she looks worse than her goth girl video lmao

No. 547176

she looks about 100 times better when her face is covered.

No. 547190

i remember when she first got a pussy pump she claimed she couldnt use it because her pussy was too small or something? yah okay shay

No. 547192

how could she ever hate herself enough to do this is my question. why would you EVER want to look like that?

No. 547194

Yeah, no. That face is not 20. 30 FTW

No. 547197

shes 20 dude. she just looks older. get over it.

No. 547198

oh what the fuck guys

No. 547200

"they told me no penetration but theyre penetrating me i guess ill just stay here and take it"

No. 547202

this entire shoot is so embarrassing. just wow.

No. 547204

I know she IS 20. I’m saying wtf she looks way older AF(Samefagging)

No. 547220

She looks so bad, man. I don't think anyone looks picture perfect gagged and hogtied, but her terrible makeup and diseased looking vagina are no good.

No. 547222

she also doesnt look good with a gag like she thinks she does. some girls look really hot with a gag, she looks like a retarded duck.

No. 547229

FUckkk this…the high def blisters

No. 547239

Second hand embarrassment

No. 547248

All I want to know is WHY he didn't edit out her bumps, they look so inflamed and red. As a customer that would freak me out seeing that upfront.

No. 547250

I ALMOST feel bad for her. she actually looks terrified, those aren't even her normal shitty sexpressions

No. 547251

he might have tried, but sometimes editing video to get rid of blemishes can be really difficult. it looks like the photos are edited, but not the video.

No. 547252

because she thought it was gonna be all cutesy and fun. bitch you’re working for insex, one of the most extreme prom companies out there. she’s such a fucking idiot.

No. 547259

Idk looks like he didn't even try to edit out for the cover photo, at all.

No. 547268

why is the area right underneath her vaginal opening a brownish grey color? is that normal?

No. 547269

Why is the opening to her vagina so dark? I thought that was actual blood for a second. Is that normal?

No. 547271

If anyone wanna watch the trainwreck for themselves (please don't click this link if you don't have an anti virus program installed btw):

No. 547275

I would be absolutely mortified to have images like this of me out there on the internet. Jesus, Shayna. Figure your life out. This is just sad.

No. 547278

her constant crocodile tear sobbing in it really ruins the video imo. but the suspension parts are actually pretty interesting to watch even though she looks like such a mess.

No. 547280

I was wondering that too, it looks like maple syrup coming out of her vagina wth

No. 547283

Sage your shit already no one cares

No. 547285

I mean that sounds like total bullshit but I think that's a clit pump tbf

No. 547288

yeah that's definitely a clit pump

No. 547289

File: 1522956365714.png (Spoiler Image, 920.7 KB, 1063x608, herbestlookyet.png)

tbh this is her best look

No. 547290

this is so fucking depressing. shay what the fuck please just get a job

No. 547296

you guys are just ~jealous~

No. 547299

Wow vaginal AND anal. but no penetration right shay?

No. 547331

Jesus Christ on top of everything this rope work is fucking god awful why

No. 547335

File: 1522959666369.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.37 KB, 750x412, 5975A463-730C-49AF-BC4E-64C518…)

Love that double chin shay

No. 547336

I’m kind of gutted it doesn’t have the speaking interview bit at the end like some of the other insex/hardtied stuff cos I’d have loved to know what shays ‘favourite part’ was

No. 547338

Just watched and noticed how much lube they had to use, Jesus shay how dry is your diseased snatch they looked like they used a whole tub of Vaseline on that wand

No. 547339

I'm into some weird shit but this is just sad and awkward, I almost feel bad for her. Also I wonder how they handled the penetration, did he just do it without asking her? Did she lie?

No. 547346

that was pretty much her chin the whole time kek

No. 547348

Kinda looks like a bruise around that area? Yikes

No. 547358

It’s from the clit pump

No. 547359

How did this not make her nope up out of there.

No. 547363

the money lol you get paid more for these types of porn videos than the regular/normal porn

No. 547365

Well at least they used lube on her. Idk how she shoves stuff up herself dry

No. 547366

I hope they paid her enough to get that nipple surgically attached in case the guy sneezed, holy shit.

No. 547378


It's a combination of her gross vagina, piss poor make up, her accessories, the dirty stockings, and that hair. WHY tf she wore it like this I'll never understand. Why didn't she just wear it down, or in a ponytail with a ribbon or braids if she really wanted to reflect the doll thing



I actually feel bad for her. She does NOT look like she's enjoying this at all; her body doesn't show any signs of arousal that I can see. I can only hope she was given some aftercare following this…

No. 547387

File: 1522963082833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.9 KB, 750x403, 00FC89BD-2685-4763-A1F1-F5498D…)

This should be new thread pic, lmao.

No. 547391

File: 1522963234971.png (Spoiler Image, 2.53 MB, 1334x750, 9A6F3E87-A7EE-4040-9F1E-B52A17…)

Okay, so atleast this video was something different than dry ass fucking & wand. But you know what? I actually feel sorry for her. She clearly doesn’t enjoy that. I wonder how much did they pay her for this vid.

No. 547392

It really shouldn't. It's not funny, it's just upsetting and gross.

No. 547394

File: 1522963328576.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1334x750, 64F241BD-146A-4ABC-884D-A48653…)

Samefag. This doesn’t look good.

No. 547396

Do you really think she's going to listen. Really?

No. 547399

Oh my god. This is getting to be too awful to watch. It's making me sick to my stomach. WHY won't she just stop all this and go home? It's not even laughable anymore.

No. 547406

jesus christ. the teaser was enough for me. what with the drool and her crying its just disturbing

No. 547409

I still doubt she’s made very much money from this, honestly. Even gangbang scenes don’t pay girls very much more than $1,000. Selling your dignity isn’t actually that profitable.

How much do you guys reckon she made to be treated like a stuck pig?

No. 547415

Good god, those shots alone were bad enough to look at, and I didn't even try to watch the whole video. Why does she keep lying to herself like this? I know I'm repeating things said already, but she clearly isn't enjoying herself in any way. She has never experienced any real BDSM and probably thought this is going to be all fun and games and cute.

The only thing that's grossing me out more than these shots and the state of her vag is her god damn wings.

No. 547416

This was honestly so disturbing to watch. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if those screams and her crying were real. There is no way she ACTUALLY enjoyed that

No. 547417

Accidentally replied, to that one, sorry.

No. 547423

I did want to watch it, but after reading all the comments I have a sick feeling :/
Love yourself Shay

No. 547431

Around 35 minutes into the video her cries sound very real and you can literally see her shaking. was it really worth the money shay? i hope she never agrees to filming with them again.

No. 547437

Can you at least look through the threads first?

No. 547442

Do actors/actresses get a safe word when filming porn? Like, if it gets to be too much they can say that word and they can stop or take a break? idk how this cesspool works

No. 547443

please god let this be the next thread picture

No. 547444

She said that she wanted to work with them again, though.

No. 547450

She looks/seems so turned off, cold and ugly. This was not… sexy or captivating or good porn. Not even decent. Nothing is inviting or good in this. Her crying sounds fake IMO but at the same time she wasn't enjoying herself whatsoever. Nothing THAT hardcore even happened. Dude is ugly. She's ugly. Sores and blisters for DAYS. Blegh… something cursed about the lighting and shitty rope work as well? That shade of pink…. the hair… nothing new. Just another complete fail…

Kek at this supposed pity here. I have none

No. 547452

File: 1522966786193.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.41 KB, 750x423, 95DD9539-BA00-4CD8-965D-18E704…)

I’ve never liked Shay but I’m embarrassed for her and I genuinely feel bad for her.

No. 547457

Slagnar needs to slow down on the drugs. This doesn't even look hot from an extreme bondage standpoint.

No. 547459

this is a dumb nitpick, anyone's chin looks like that when you've got a ball gag forced into your mouth. I swear some farmers forget what unphotoshopped humans look like

No. 547460

These pictures, this video, will forever be available for everyone in the world, any future employer, her family, any future friends or partners in Shay's pathetic life. Easily accessible along with everything else. I just think that's so funny. This bitch has NOTHING and it will undoubtedly stay that way.

But I'm just jealous

No. 547461

Holy shit…she looks like a grandma in this pic

No. 547462

I do not understand the sympathy. She (literally) signed up for this. Isn't it her fantasy to be actually raped etc too? She's disgusting and she deserves this shit.

No. 547463

Chubby tweaker grandma
totally hitting the "Doll" look if this is bride of chucky

No. 547464

this image is gonna haunt me as long as i live

No. 547467

Neither do I

No. 547468

Exactly. She signed up for it, said no aftercare, said she wanted to work with them again and said(maybe pretended?) to enjoy the experience.

No. 547473

yah she was crying/whimpering when she was still in a dress. Her crying sounded fake af until the end with the penetration. I have to say it was nice to see her get fucked with a lubed cunt for once.

No. 547476

Man I just find that whole video upsetting. She looks deeply out of her element. I just feel a bit disturbed.

No. 547485

I'm really disturbed after seeing those screenshots too… Bitch is only 20 and willingly lets men abuse her like that. I mean that fucking scene with the scissors at her nipple or where they taped her eyes and mouth tightly, that shit doesnt look safe at all. Shayna please just stop

No. 547502

BDSM sperging but FYI y’all - subs/bottoms can cry and scream through scenes and still be very much enjoying themselves.

No. 547508

File: 1522970906474.jpg (19.4 KB, 303x309, 0584 - SSCZcUk.jpg)



No. 547512

People do cry for real during scenes, it's not that outrageous. I kinda doubt she fully knew what she signed up to though, and I do think she was definitely not faking if from the time he started fingering her onward though. She should have taken their aftercare.

No. 547523

Maybe I'm an awful person but I keked hard at that mental picture.

No. 547533

Hands down the funniest part of this is the horrified grunting and screamimg sounds she makes. Plus when shes cumming [if she is] her voice drops like 10 degrees

No. 547580

she makes awkward seal noises for a good majority of it which I found hilarious

No. 547585

I can understand where the empathy and pity for her is coming from. While it's fun to laugh at the cows, there's a certain point where it does become kind of alarming and sad just how much some of these people ruin their own lives. Shay could be a happy, healthy, 20yo working a regular job, but it just isn't what she wants for herself.

The problem with someone like Shay is that she seems to truly believe that this is what she wants. She constantly makes posts glamorizing abuse, pedophilia, and rape. Maybe she didn't enjoy this, but this is the same girl who punches herself in the face/tits for quarters on camera and never uses lube. This is the same girl who is fooling around with some creepy, old, married guy who uses her, instead of pursuing healthy relationships with people her own age, or at the very least, stable and good for her. This is the same girl who pees in a children's practice potty in the corner, on the rug she sleeps on and poops out plastic easter eggs in a children's play tent. This is what she wants, no one is forcing her into this. The weirdest part of the whole thing to me is that her life seems to entirely revolve around this internet persona she has made up. Like her entire life is living in this tiny, dirty apartment and revolves around kink, she has zero other interests, hobbies, or outlets. That's just so bizarre to me.

No. 547591

she’s going to be 22 this year. she’s been out of school for 3/4 years. how has she not realised in this time that her “profession” is not going to work out in the long run. i’m surprised she’s even able to actually afford rent for her flat.

No. 547602

This picture, jesus. Nowhere to go but further down. Enjoy your cheap, disposable life, Shayna. You’ll be done by your thirtieth birthday, hoping you can get ten bucks a blowjob.

No. 547609

Wow. This shit is disturbing, sorry. She thought this was going to be like all the other shit she’s done, instead she’s terrified and not having fun during any part of this.

Fucking insex, unfuckingreal. A lot of girls who do hardcore won’t work for insex because shit gets too real. Why waste your life with this? This was a major step down for her. Usually I have something pithy to add, but I got nothing. This is just fucked up shit.

No. 547615

$400 tops.

No. 547625

lol every time she does something you pop up to tell everyone how it’s nothing and she’s not all that stressed and how her asshole is fine and all this other nonsense why don’t you make a thread for yourself because you clearly want us all to know what a tuff gurl you are, you’re just as much of a cow as she is

she’s in way over her head and you know she is, just look at her ffs lol she is MISERABLE she didn’t take the aftercare because she thought they weren’t done with her and were going to keep hurting her, she had zero real world experience with real bdsm before this i mean

please stop

No. 547629

How could one possibly givw a safe word restrained like that?

No. 547633

in bdsm scenes where you’re unable to speak, usually there’s a signal you can give either with your hands or a head maneuver (like 3 head nods or something) that’s agreed upon beforehand.
Plus I’m sure they were checking on her in between shots.

No. 547634

suuuuuure she does

No. 547636

Sub-dropping is a very real thing…after the rush of endorphins bottoms or subs get from BDSM play the hormone levels tank significantly and aftercare is extremely important to ensure that they can transition from an intense scene to their day to day lives afterwords. Shay already struggles with depression and self harm and shit right? I’ll be curious to see how all this affects her Internet personality

No. 547639

Sorry meant to reply to a different comment

No. 547649

A lot of people can’t remember their safe gesture though, especially when they’ve never done scenes before. She should have hummed a song, you can hear someone humming even through a gag and tape and the sub is usually able to recall music even if they can’t remember other stuff. I know insex are generally pretty professional and would have been checking with her but I also think she’s got no idea what she’s doing.

I want to know if she was too scared to take the aftercare.

No. 547650

Not that anon but fucking chill, anon. What that anon said wasn't all that bad.

Yes, she does look miserable but she got herself into this and hasn't given two shits about possibly going down a different path with her life. You can't blame that anon for that, only Shay.

No. 547661

Isn’t it possible to go into shock without aftercare? I mean, there’s a lot of adrenaline and endorphins and fight or flight type responses happening, I’ve always been curious if this is the real reason for aftercare.

No. 547664

lol ok sure

No. 547666

She was literally just punching herself in the face, tit and vag yesterday, anon. If she wanted out, she would have dialed it back a few notches but she didn't. The video was fucked up, but it didn't stop her from doing more dumb shit.

No. 547667

I think she might be turned off because there’s a vacuum shoved up her cunt? Goodness knows that kind of attention is something I always dream of /s

No. 547669

lol ok sure

No. 547673

Not trying to get in the middle of this amazing disco but punching yourself is painless. You ease up and know when the hit is coming. It’s a tiny bit different.

No. 547679

It’s not shock, per se. You can end up in the emergency room if you’ve been extra brainless about your play. The hospital visit usually has more to do with dehydration than anything else, but dehydration can genuinely screw you up.

No. 547695


3k on hair AND nails? for a YEAR? WTF. Thats so fucking CHEAP. Idk where the hell she gets her hair done, but a professional colorist and cut/style to maintain blonde, would be 5x that. Nails, every week is 52 x gel set plus tip. Where the fuck is she getting her shit done at? lol!!!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously thought someone photoshopped this because of how disgusting her pussy looked. Then I looked at the site. WTF?!?!?! BAHAGAGAGBAGGAGHAHA She just killed her "career", he vagina is atrocious. I feel so bad for hardtied and whoever rigged her and shot the scenes and photos. How the fuck could anyone subject their customer base on that WOW… This shit cannot be real… it just can't… This HAS to be a joke? Who the fuck photoshopped these? seriously

No. 547701

I don't like her either but I feel so bad for her, she's never going to come back from this…

No. 547711

you're so fucking retarded. taking a pic where Shayna looks genuinely distressed and is being sexually abused as proof she looks sooooo old. get over yourself

No. 547714

I dunno abt Shay but Some people do enjoy feeling scared and “abused” for real and debased as much as possible. Feel sorry for Shay as much as you want but calling this her actually being sexually abused is fucking retarded. What part of she signed up for this don’t you understand.

No. 547716

Who feels sorry for her? She’s well on her way to ‘stardom’ kek. I wonder how awful her parents would feel if they saw this. Daddy and Mommy’s little girl, turned out by pornographers, yeah that’s the life.

No. 547723

I love how there’s actual, horrendous milk and some anons need to pick those nits, it’s very PULL-tier.

No. 547729

I hope she says how much she got paid for this. Unlikely though.

Lots of people get off to porn like that, though. Where the girl looks stupid and is crying and isn't having any fun.

No. 547731

sage because i know i'm not saying anything new, but i don't understand how people can be "fans" of shayna/her blog. she blatantly hates herself and her entire "persona" just comes off as her being self destructive. she's always high/drunk and clearly doesn't enjoy her work whatsoever. it's not sexy at all, it's legitimately just sad and depressing.

she's such an obvious alcoholic too, it's not sexy or even bimbo-ish to literally Always be talking about how much wine you're drinking it's just showing off what an alcoholic you are to the world. she gives kink a bad name by how obviously she uses it to hurt herself.

No. 547734

as if other ''kinksters'' are any less pathetic than her kek

No. 547759

File: 1522986719757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.6 KB, 1024x2076, disgusting_dollymattel_gross_i…)

I'm very shocked that a company would still choose to post this content. As an avid consumer, I've never seen a woman's privates look as bad as this in a professional production. I completely understand razorburns or razor bumps, redness, or even ingrown hairs, but that does not look like razor burn or in grown hairs. I know there are practices in the industry where they test the talent and entertainers for sexually transmitted diseases. Regardless if it is or if it's not herpes or any other STD's, it still looks like it could be. It's trully just very off putting and completely distasteful. If these are the photos that were chosen to preview and promote the content, how bad does it look in the rest? I'm completely in shock and offended. Completely turned off. I'm guessing they had no idea what state this woman's privates were in or how they looked until the day of shooting. To be honest, the photos exposing her bare pussy are so awful. I was turned off right away from the outbreak around her vagina in these preview shots. It looks unhealthy and unclean. I would have been enraged if these preview or promo shots didn't show what it looked like and I didn't find out until I had already wasted my money. DollyMattel should have been in communication with the producer and should have asked for another day, or until her outbreak had cleared. Hardtied needs to vet their talent beforehand. Very unprofessional.

No. 547765

We sure need a porn sick male insight on a topic that has been discussed for the past five threads. No one gives a fuck about what makes your tiny dick hard.

No. 547769

File: 1522987529919.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 6C84C92F-177A-4AED-B27C-2F4B85…)

No. 547776

WTF, stop assuming someone's gender. What the fuck does that have to do with it anyways.


Has Shayna even posted and linked her hardtied shoot yet?

She needs to accept that this line of work is not for her. Professional shoots will not let her sit 10 ft away from the camera, or adjust their contrast/gamma/brightness to help hide and drown out her hideous pussy boils.

No. 547783

if you don't want people to assume you're a dude maybe don't post like a dude. her threads are full of people questioning her showing off her diseased vag and selling porn looking like that. you're not telling us anything we don't already post about.

No. 547797

Shayna is either posting in the thread or is sending wk’s, everyone is so pissy from the bait hahha

No. 547798


That's actually quite sad. She just isn't photogenic. The only quality she has is her willingness to get naked.

lol sry, but seriously try reading your comment out loud, how fucking ignorant. "Don't post like a dude" How exactly did someone post like a dude… By their choice of pronouns? So someones post about why hardtied or a porno company would choose to market something so disgusting, is something that's been discussed before? Aside from MV, exactly what other porno companies has Shayna worked with? You're going to criticize this persons comment, and speculate their gender based on your dim witted assumptions. What about the incessant posts of her looks, hair etc. Move the fuck on

No. 547801

Someone make some gifs or something, I want to see this performance but I’m too lazy to watch the whole thing.

No. 547802

Seconded plzzzz

No. 547807

Thirded lol

No. 547809

you're wrong. she's 20. born in 97. drop it.

No. 547812

Is there any way to watch this for free? Can some kind anon upload this for us please?

No. 547813

File: 1522991307156.jpg (915.1 KB, 1266x1878, s2.jpg)

Double chin realness

No. 547815

File: 1522991446986.jpg (739.1 KB, 1920x915, s4.jpg)

No. 547816

File: 1522991482843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 637.82 KB, 1920x1080, s3.jpg)

tons of chins in this video

No. 547818

Seconding this although I don't know if lolcow would allow to host webm's with that sort of content.

No. 547822


scroll up, someone already posted a working link

No. 547823

This one? >>547271
I don't want to get a virus. I'd rather get spoonfed on here kek.

No. 547826

That link is shite lol

No. 547828

Lookit that fat old hog touchin’ up on Shay, what a life!

No. 547832

IDK what you're going on about here. Yeah she's in over her head, definitely. She's miserable with a miserable life. You've confused me with someone else, I've never mentioned Shay's asshole or stress levels, lol. And I'm so tough because? I'm confused

Just saying people crying in here over how she was so hurt and done wrong is ridiculous. She signed up for it, got paid and said she enjoyed it. Lol. Cry more

No. 547834

God damn, just leave

No. 547876

File: 1523000354250.png (190.45 KB, 640x1028, IMG_9312.PNG)

Haven't finished reading to see if this was posted yet but here's the rates. Still not enough in my opinion.

No. 547888

I’ve known girls in porn who do hardcore/bdsm and adimantly avoid shooting for them. They are known for being actually abusive and preying on their models, going against what was agreed upon without consent. I have a feeling she DIDNT actually sign up for this, she had no idea it would go down that way. God, she got raped on camera for the world to see. I feel so sorry for her

No. 547890

Additionally I think she WAS doing her safe motion multiple times (shaking her head no because she couldn’t speak) I think they just ignored it and she gave up

No. 547896

I'm also interested in why she refuses aftercare. I'm sure she's aware it's the sensible thing to do.

Is it because she thinks that by rejecting aftercare she looks like she's top shot model, the best porn actress ever, who looks after herself?

Is it because she finds it awkward and uncomfortable talking about her feelings and experiences, or being intimate outside of sex acts?

Is her persona so wrapped up in "Dolly" that after a scene she feels anxious about being Shay?

Does she not understand the merit and purpose of aftercare and think it's a waste of time? Probably, dumb hoe.

No. 547897

So she got around a grand? She could make that easily in a strip club on a Saturday night. And probably enjoy prancing around in mismatched pink underwear that being used and abused on cam.

No. 547899

It seems obvious to me that she refused aftercare because she was terrified, hurt, embarrassed, partially raped and probably wanted to leave as fast as possible because she didn’t trust them

No. 547900

Pretty sure she said before the shoot that she wouldn't be accepting any aftercare. You're probably right but I'm wondering what Shay's reasoning would have been prior.

No. 547906

As awful as it is, can we stop pretending Shay is a victim here? She toted about hardcore she was, and even bragged about this shoot. Despite knowing what a sketchy company they are. She even bragged about how she didn't need aftercare.
Did she go in over her head?
Yes. But she is not a victim and they are not rapists. She's just an idiot who makes bad decisions for next to nothing cash.

No. 547920

File: 1523014182445.png (230.96 KB, 800x1028, Screenshot_2018-04-06-12-13-33…)

Hardtied application and pay scale.

No. 547931

This was already posted, so Shay only made about $1000 for this
She should've just signed up for the strip club business

No. 547943

Are we gonna forget shayna has had no problems lying about being raped in the past? And start derailing this thread for the sake of interpering wether or not a hardcore bdsm shoot is consensual when she herself has done nothing but praise the place yet dragged people thru the mud before so she could be an abused & traimatized doll who needs daddies to protect her.

No. 547955


Feels like high school in here

"B..b.but girls don't watch porn or masturbate hurdur"

No. 547985

That porn company did not "rape" her. I think Shayna believes she's far more into BDSM then she actually is. She has seen videos and pictures of these girls being tied up, beaten up, ect, and thinks she can handle it because she does slightly kinky stuff at home like uh, punching herself in the face or wearing a pink gag for fun. She went into it thinking she could handle it but in reality, couldn't. I'm not saying the company isn't weird and shady, but they didn't randomly pick her up on the street to torture her.. she agreed to this for the pay. She is in over her head, but they didn't assault her. I still feel bad as well, but it's not the company's fault.

No. 547993

File: 1523025521708.jpg (30.71 KB, 300x300, not-this-shit-again_fb_1224286…)

This is the whole "Shay was definitely abused as a child, I can tell" shit all over again.
Listen she signed a contract for this shit, got paid and even promoted this horseshit shoot after it was done. I mean she talked about the "cute" quinceanera dress and is selling the stockings and all that shit. She's clearly okay with it.
Calling it rape is pretty far fetched

No. 547994

God, I know, men will fuck literally everything what moves.
But this clip is just so so unsexy and ugly, it makes me shudder.

No. 548012

P. clear that the thread is filled with envious camwhores atm, every time someone pops up with ‘It wasn’t that bad’ I just start cringing. All of you sound like idiots and instead of talking about how you know exactly how bondage works and ‘b-but some girls like it!’ focus on the milk, which is plentiful right now.

For example, why are some of you actually defending the state of Shayna’s sad fucking asshole? Are you kidding me lol?

For that matter, why are people bothering to talk up Shayna and how well she ‘performed’? No one gives a shit how much you like it or how well you handle it kek we’re talking about Shayna the retard here. She ran out without taking aftercare which tells us at the very least that she has no clue what she’s doing when it comes to bdsm, sub drop and aftercare is one of the best parts of the scene and she walked out on it? Um, okay sure.

The posts on her tumblr after the shoot were much more subdued than you would think given that this was her ticket to fame and prizes. She was quiet and didn’t want to say much, which is very, very unlike this boasty whore.

Ffs pros like Stoya have had problems now and again with scenes and sorry but Shayna is a rank amateur who had no idea what she was doing or what she was getting into, even after she went over the contract.

No. 548038

she couldn’t make that easily at a strip club. Working at a strip club requires talent and effort, both of which Shay doesn’t have.

No. 548040

He didn’t even fuck her though? The closest he got to her was sticking a gloved finger up her cunt.

No. 548043

He shoved a giant rod up her ass, but she's an anal bimbo teehee~

No. 548046

Does she have vaginismus?

No. 548052

File: 1523031785333.png (1.41 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1977.PNG)

No. 548053

yes but HE didn’t fuck her is my point.

gosh you people are dumb. toy penetration is not the same as getting fucked by someone, ffs.

No. 548054

File: 1523031835240.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1978.PNG)

anyone notice they put a condom on the vibrator? lol he don't want that infected pussy on his toys

No. 548055

Yeah that's something I rarely see in porn lmao

No. 548056

he also used a huge dildo attached to a rod while she was suspended.

but remember, Shay doesn’t do penetration guys.

No. 548057

File: 1523031890944.png (Spoiler Image, 579.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1982.PNG)

damn I'm kinky but this even disgusts me

No. 548058

File: 1523031932933.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1980.PNG)

No. 548059

We get it. He didn't fuck her with his dick, but he shoved shit in her.

No. 548060

it’s actually super professional to do that especially if you use those toys on other people. Sure you can wash them but it’s an extra layer of protection. Shows they give a shit.

No. 548061

File: 1523031962716.png (Spoiler Image, 1019.5 KB, 1334x750, IMG_1979.PNG)

No. 548062

File: 1523031994739.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1981.PNG)

she was sobbing in pain at this part. almost felt bad for her

No. 548064

this is my fave picture because her hideous face is cut out.

No. 548065

Oh god I didn't want to see that again. I like how it fell off onto the ground when he went to use the vibrator on her and he was just like, fuck it.

No. 548066

Anyone who watch his vids know if he just did this to Shay, or if it's a regular practice of his?

No. 548068

I know someone already said it but this is a common practice with vibrators like this. The heads are extremely pourous.

No. 548069

yah because she can’t take a hit at all. she acts all tough and edgy but a simple cat o nine tails used lightly gets her screaming? I don’t believe that for a second. She probably also refused aftercare cos she thinks it makes her look more professional and hardcore like she can take it.

Her cries and whimpers are overblown

No. 548072

i love how she’s radio silent about the insex shoot. come on, Shay, tell us how ~~super dolly uwu~~ you felt while you were drooling all over your beat up puss.

No. 548073

It disgusts you because you have a sense of self worth, hug yourself anon!

No. 548083

lol ikr? i hope her dad sees this. his little girl hit the bigtime!

No. 548086

Yep yep, I love this shit. She finally got what she wanted! She’s a big deal sex worker now for real, see? She let cheap-assed pornographers abuse her for $$$!

Can’t be bothered to tell her to love herself anymore, lost cause. I’ll bet you money she’s going to FL to see her ‘girlfriend’ because she knows just how gross this all looks and she’s running scared.

It’s going to be ugly when her family sees this.

No. 548096

Why did you ask? I’ve often thought this is why she does t like using toys vaginally.

No. 548097

why does she sound like she's crying the second it starts? all he does is cut a few layers off her dress and she's blubbering.

No. 548098

Jesus, I skipped around out of the most morbid curiosity but I had to stop. The head shaking and crying without any real way to communicate that she needed to stop if she wanted to is so disturbing. I hope she's being honest about her experience with this because it's fucking sad regardless.

No. 548105

I honestly think Shayna would waste no time milking the story if she was abused. I mean…she's actually lied about getting raped so why would she keep an actual rape a secret?

No. 548108

omg the crying. I thought people were exhaggerating. that is not an aroused sound. that is fear.

No. 548111

that’s actually what liars do. They lie about their life experiences but then if/when it actually happens to them they’re like “oh shit, this wasn’t how I imagined it”. Maybe she was raped, maybe it was all in the contract that she didn’t read. We know that she refused aftercare even when they asked her so that’s completely on her if she had a bad sub drop and refused to be taken care of.

She’s a liar, and when you lie about abuse and shit like that you’re in for a real surprise when it does actually happen. It almost seems like sometimes she WANTS these things to happen to her, so she can be more “broken dolly porn star” aesthetic. It’s self sabatoging and fucked up.

No. 548116

The way that guy shaves is hilarious, it's like he thought it would give him a jawline, but instead his double chin just rests out in the open under his sad looking beard.

No. 548120

This. The tears and such are crocodile tears. She was blubbering even having the dress cut off and when he faked like he was gonna cut her hair. She knew that was going to happen and was playing it up. People don’t bawl from being flogged - those barely hurt. Insex isn’t the most professional org but they certainly negotiated a large part of this scene beforehand. She knew what was going to happen and agreed to it.

If she were mistreated she would get a ton of attention talking about it.

No. 548121

it looks and sounds like she's torn between acting like she likes it and acting like she's scared

No. 548122

Some of you need to stop pearl-clutching about the contents of the video, I don't think she is actually into this stuff as much as she claims and probably got really overwhelmed but it's not like she was abducted off the street, jfc.

No. 548139

she's only 20, you might hate her but that's just sad and horrifying. i can't imagine having to live the rest of your life knowing everyone you will ever meet will be able to see you be so abused on video. it's scary to think some farmers are getting sadistic pleasure out of this…

No. 548141

Yeah, let’s stop talking about it, it’s just so common to get your clit pumped to five times the normal size, yawn. We’ve all been there, amirite?

Stay fussed, anon!

No. 548142

Becaus pornographers are not generally nice people. Most of them still have mafia connections.

No. 548146

File: 1523036376820.gif (Spoiler Image, 1019.09 KB, 500x282, giphy (1).gif)

just stop already

No. 548148

Understandable why she's laying low tbh. Even more so, when she turned on her family, the only people who genuinely cared about her. She's alone and super vulnerable

No. 548149

Why are there so many people downplaying this video? Are you kidding me lol this is the milkiest shit we’ve had from Shayna in forever and you want to pass it off as nbd.

kek it’s a big fucking deal to me, I don’t do hardcore abuse porn. It’s not like some vid of her fucking her boyfriend. A nasty fat man is sticking stuff up her ass.

No. 548152

Seriously, thats what I was thinking. Thank you, anon.

No. 548153

I came over from the GC thread in ot and y’all are crazy to think this girl had fun, there’s a lot of minimizing and white knighting going on in here.

No. 548154

Shay you're a star now, wya?

No. 548160

File: 1523036962035.png (349.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180406-104846.png)

Guys she's lurking here right now. That tweet she liked was tweeted 5 minutes ago

No. 548162

If she thinks aftercare is so important, why didn't she accept??

No. 548165

Most anons here are too blinded by hatred to have any empathy for her, it's pathetic lol. If you excuse a woman being raped bc she has a cringy camwhore tumblr then you're the problem

No. 548167

Right, like who is in this thread? It’s an abundance of edgy bullshit.

lol no u, go hang out with pornographers

No. 548172

Of course she’s lurking here right now, that’s where ninety percent of this tough girl bs is coming from lol

Why didn’t you take the aftercare, Shayna? Were you too scared to stick around?

She hasn’t talked about it yet because her retarded brain has no way to make it sound like it was fun. Expect a bimbo retard response at some point today.

Your new friends at insex are soooooo cool!

No. 548174

Where did Dolly say she got raped though? she only didn't want aftercare. Are we also going to forget she literally said like yesterday women should be forced into the kitchen and hit?

No. 548177

Go hit yourself.

Now ask a guy to hit you in the face—with your permission, of course.

Fuck off Shay.

No. 548179

By her boyfriend newfag

No. 548182

You mean which was debunked in older threads?

No. 548185


>it’s just so common to get your clit pumped to five times the normal size, yawn. We’ve all been there, amirite?

kekkekeke what is going on in here you anons have some weird ass sex lives i guess

No. 548186

Now you're just starting to make shit up dude

No. 548187

she wasn’t raped??? so wtf are you talking about?

No. 548188

File: 1523037828075.png (792.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180406-110323.png)

She looked so happy before the shoot lol

No. 548190

wow someone doesn’t understand sarcasm.

No. 548191

It was a joke, obviously.

No. 548192

Oh my god, Shayna sent the disinformation army over lol

No. 548196

Every time she talked about the shoot she talked about how cute and fun it was. I think she’s just lying to herself at this point because she knows she fucked up signing with them.

No. 548200

Stop changing the subject, we are talking about Shayna’s latest star making performance.

No. 548203

File: 1523038116286.jpg (24.24 KB, 530x115, from march.JPG)

from her archive before she did the shoot with InSex

No. 548204

Far from fun and cute, should just stick to shooting with lovinglyhandmade

No. 548208

Dog food would have been easier for her.

No. 548211

Stop the infighting.

No. 548214

File: 1523038278626.jpg (35.4 KB, 540x157, okayshay.JPG)

more from the archive

No. 548218

File: 1523038540601.jpg (17.73 KB, 528x87, liar.JPG)

but youll just be eating dog food in a dress, right shay? yah idk where that plotline came from because that shit didn't happen at all.

No. 548250

File: 1523041099103.png (15.68 KB, 256x395, 2018-04-06 20_57_14-dollymatte…)

>Shayna got raped on camera you monsters :,(
She could be lying of course but she's sticking with this and will be back soon it seems.

No. 548253

"A lot of people" hi Shayna did you enjoy your lurk?????

No. 548259

lmao she loooooves this thread so much

No. 548269


It’s so funny bc it’s obvious that she lurks here then sends herself anons to try to defend herself

No. 548271

Good actress ahahahhaha now you know she didn’t want to be there, keep working with them Shayna.

How does your dad feel about your new movie?

No. 548284

omg I just checked in here after a few days
this is amazing
SHAYNA WHY jesus christ that rod in her ass holy shit this bitch is certifiable where the hell does she go from here other than the gutter? wew

No. 548319

Literally the ones wking are the ones screeching about how this is totes abuse and rape. Just like who gives a shit that you got off on this shit show, noone cares how sh00k n traumatized you are about it either.
I don’t partake in kinks of severe degrees nor do I necessarily condone the ethicality of All porn but you have to realize that hardcore bdsm isn’t just fuzzy handcuffs and spanked a few times with a pink paddle uwu. You’re just like Shay for wanting this shit to be all cupcakes and rainbows.
Until Shay comes out and says that her contract was violated and she was forced to do things she didn’t want to, shut the fuck up about your tumblr obsession with abuse and rape accusations. You’re spoiling the milk.

No. 548341

This. She chose to shoot with them knowing the kind of porn they make.

No. 548352

I feel like if Shayna really had this massive humiliation fetish she’d be super into lcf and come post with us instead of getting asspained about what we say here. Then again I don’t think she knows what the fuck she’s on about from one minute to the next. That’s why this new milk is so funny. She tries to pass herself off as this worldly sex worker and she’s clueless.

I’m excited to see what on earth the new thread picture will be, holy fuck so much to choose from lol.

No. 548358

>I always say no to aftercare
>first time she’s ever done anything

keep going girl, you’ll be garbage before you know it. dream big!

No. 548376

Why would anyone who thinks she set herself up for abuse also be getting off on it? Enough with this shit bait already.

No. 548382

some men get off to abusing women naive anon stan

No. 548425

Sooo, this is what she calls porn? Crying and whimpering? Bitch you're pathetic

No. 548427

File: 1523057157820.jpeg (19.31 KB, 420x420, 3E74EDF4-54BF-4825-8CC2-D68B13…)

No. 548448

It would be funny if they didn’t even offer her after care and that’s why she didn’t do it lol but that was the most boring repulsive porn I’ve ever watched. Her cries were so repetitive and fake sounding the only thing that made it worth it was getting to see her embarrass herself even further. I think if anything this video ruined her “porn career” even more than she already has. Anyone who might have found her slightly attractive is gonna see what she really looks like lmao

No. 548476

I watch a lot of hardtied vids and this one bored me a lot. Shayna, you are not a good actress.

No. 548491

If you go back and look at her last smoke sesh with Colleen does she not look pretty much as tall as her??

No. 548500

File: 1523064717955.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, AC5D7954-C493-4295-9049-FEB913…)

No. 548508

she's also closer to the camera………..

No. 548511

not trying to white knight AT ALL, but shay's significantly closer to the camera and colleen has her head tilted to the side. plus those huge puffy hoods could add to the illusion. there's a pic of them standing side by side and shay is def a lot shorter than colleen.

No. 548520

Colleen is also six foot or just over. If Shay looks shorter she's probably only 5'6 5'5 /shrug

No. 548521

File: 1523066574768.png (968.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180406-190240.png)


No. 548522

One step closer would not make a 5’4 person look 6’0

No. 548523

File: 1523066633752.png (64.57 KB, 980x1050, Screenshot_2018-04-06-19-02-26…)

No. 548524

she looked so much cuter with curly hair…

No. 548525

Wasn’t trying to say she’s as tall as her but def not 5’4 like she claims

No. 548528

That would make Colleen 12-13 inches taller than her

No. 548530

She looked so much better a year ago

No. 548531

????????? math much??? 5'4 to 6'1 is 9 inches.

anyway yeah I think shay is closer to 5'5, since colleen is basically just a head taller than shayna, which is about 8-9 inches

No. 548535

are y'all really picking nits over an inch? Who cares? Most people estimate their heights by an inch or two any ways.

Someone lying about her height by an inch isn't much of a lie, considering the someone in question.

The fact that picture was only taken about a year ago, and the staggering change in appearance is a lot more interesting. To me, anyways. She looked like a normal, if plain, 19-ish year old. Now she looks like a wrung out, 30 year old whore whose been selling her ass for 15 years.

No. 548536

I don't give a shit if she's 5'4 or 5'5. I just don't get why people are trying to argue that she's either 5'0 or 6'0, that makes 0 sense

No. 548538

Picture was 6-7 months ago

No. 548539

No. 548541

I've seen Colleen and she's a lot taller than I am and I'm 5'2. Shayna is a head difference she is around the middle of 5-6 feet tall.
Plus this chick always changes her height

No. 548546


Where are these people coming from?

No. 548550


I can't even believe that's Shay. Her hair and skin look so much healthier. Wow…. compared to now

No. 548582

Yeah cause your ex is totally not going to laugh at how ridiculous your new porn shoot is and how diseased that snatch looks. Bet he sighs with relief for having dumped you.

No. 548605

"couldn't handle"

Couldn't handle the herps and ugly delusion Shay

What's the psych behind him texting her, though? "asking if he should buy". She's gotta be embarrassed

No. 548606

Maybe so he can show/send it to her family. Kek

No. 548619


She's fucking 20

No. 548620

she’s gonna crack lol
shayna no one told you to let some loser with bad facial hair shove junk in your asshole

No. 548622

Spergs talking about height, I’ve seen it all.

Anyone who sees that from her old life will be totally disgusted. Stuff like that destroys parents.

No. 548627

At least he used lube.

No. 548638

I think we all know where she had a better time, at least the lovingly handmade guy allowed her to act like her usual retarded self and there was no pussy pumping involved.

She’s pretty transparent. I would have thought she’d be defending the shit out of the insex people, but no. I wonder if she even knows what sub drop is?

No. 548640

Kek, true

No. 548666

Oops the disdain was for her not you! She just acts or sounds like she's some ancient saint IMO. "Ugh the poor children!" posts what she posts to her children followers

No. 548667

Chunky boy bod

No. 548676

File: 1523088387627.jpeg (593.98 KB, 1242x1183, 6B4C769E-701E-457D-99EB-A51E18…)


No. 548677

File: 1523088460100.jpeg (944.15 KB, 1242x2146, 69E1D2D7-208C-449C-B305-E65B36…)

Proof she has no clue how deep she’s gone.

No. 548679

God these concepts seem so creepy and bullshit to me. You tend to feel bad after dishonest, passionless, empty sex and feel good after shameless passionate authentic sex, even if you "gave so much emotionally" and "wanted to make people happy." This drop shit seems like a way to make people increasingly betray their gut feelings and keep doing things they don't actually like deep down. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've certainly never felt bad right after sex that I genuinely liked, and I have felt bad right after sex that was self harming in nature.

No. 548681

sub drop is less about ~having given too much emotionally~, and more about the chemical imbalance in your brain after you're released from an intense situation and your hormone levels drop. it's not exclusive to BDSM.

No. 548697

She literally sounds like she suffers sub drop….. After getting off cam…. She's suffering sub drop after fucking herself? Alone? In a chat room full of no name faces?
Sounds like a whore for attention. That's legitimately stating she sub drops after masturbation, okay lol

No. 548749

There's no way Shayna would do well dancing. She probably wouldn't even make enough for house or to tip the housemom or valet. Honestly, cam and videos are the best for her. If she can't even entertain her cam room, she wouldn't be able to entertain on the floor. Also, no full nude club would hire her with her pussy looking like that. Especially clubs with mandatory full nude on stage. She'd prob have to work in really ghetto clubs or hole in the wall place. She'll learn real quick how much the internet has inflated her ego with false confidence. Fuck, I know clubs that wouldn't even bother looking at her.

That's not worth having the content she shot be released and circulated, especially looking the way she did. She really isn't cut out for this career. When is he going to accept the fact that she isn't photogenic at all. The hardtied video is a joke. Aside from her nasty cunt that's been pointed out none stop, none of the shots or angles were flattering. In actuality, all the angles they chose were extremely bad and highlighted her worst features. She had the worst double/tripple chin, awful hair and makeup, I couldn't help but bust out laughing throughout and couldn't even be bothered to watch the rest, I was too humiliated for her.

I bet hardtied is kicking themselves that they booked that production with her. SMH I really do pity her. How embarrassing. I'll spare going into detail about all the cons from the pustulous outbreaks on her pussy and anus, but even just from the opening sequence, they pulled in and cropped the opening tight shots on her face and cut out her chins/neck because it looked so bad. I'm surprised they didn't shellac her privates with make up so that they didn't have to do so much to compensate in editing in post.

I wonder what losses the production took. The only thing saving her is the buzz about her vag, tumblr drama, and genuine curiousity to see this horror show. Hopefully that will at least help them recoup their losses.

No. 548751

File: 1523105794150.jpg (201.36 KB, 1159x419, dollymatteljawline.jpg)


Shayna's double chin is worse than this guys. This guy looks like he's got a God chiseled jaw line compared to her.

No. 548760

File: 1523106560135.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.92 KB, 493x546, ew.JPG)

And y'all still wanna act like she was violated against her will

No. 548764


That post is to help herself feel better. She's the one who subjected minors and her tons of underage followers to her porn and nudes. She had children following her who she ENCOURAGED to ask her for advice when she still had a hipster/stoner blog, kids who she subjected to her nudes and porn on the SAME tumblr account when she got into sex work. A few have spoken up in these threads. She also defended this to her mother when her mother pointed out the harm she was doing by telling kids what to do about very serious problems and questions. She should've been the last one to give her ill informed, uneducated, harmful advice that she encouraged kids go to her for (links are in thread description). She's the one who lacks morals and ethics and subjected her underage followers to her nudes and porn. She didn't give a fuck and only cared about growing her follower count and a large audience to leech money from, regardless if they were minors. The only time she actually provided a warning was only AFTER she did it and it was too late and after she got called out. She was fully aware of what she's doing. She's a hypocrite. She's the one who has harmed several children. Shame on her.

No. 548775

File: 1523109027762.jpg (63.62 KB, 513x549, 74999369381.jpg)

So I know Shayna's always kissed her ass and idolized her, even stole her user handles for her side blog. Mia has been really nice to Shay and has always tried to defend her anytime there's drama, but does anyone else like Mia, but is almost scared for her that she's letting something so pathetic and toxic like Shay into their life? I've seen Shayna oogle at the stuff Mia posts of her and her boyfriend that Shay totally is jealous of. I can totally just see Shay be a huge creep and end up getting insecure and jealous, Mia is super pretty and super tiny, can you imagine Shay being around someone that fits the description of what she hates. I can also see Shay trying to get in on Mia and her bf. She just seems so weird and creepy like that.

No. 548780

Has she promoted or linked her hardtied vid yet? She constantly reblogs the pic she took on set and wouldn't shut up about it for weeks prior, but yet she doesn't even link the video while she's active on all socials?


Her "crying" during the video was irritating and just very bad acting. It's as if she was given direction to "cry and act scared" and she just latched on to that with least possible effort. Reminds me of her other performances when she "fake moans". It's constant and metered and annoyingly fake. Her performances suck. She really must be mortified!

Her ignorance and thick delusion is saving her. Imagine if she was actually capable of seeing herself like other saw her. Whoah, that thought is super dark.

No. 548788

Imagine giving birth to a child, then feed it and teach it. Give it a good upbringing, only to have your child turn into a lying, druggie porn 'star', with bare minimum understanding of hygiene, that sleeps on a piss-stained carpet.


I honestly cannot understand how any human can let themselves be such a cow. If I was her I'd change my name, move far away, go to school etc and start a new life.

Can't say I care too much if she does that or not, her failed life is entertaining.

No. 548791

lol omg sub drop happens because of heavy loads of both adrenaline and endorphins being dumped into your body, it’s why you should
a) drink fluids
b) stay warm
c) eat something light and sweet
a good dom can produce a state where you’re in sub space for hours after the fact, a lot of it has to do with rhythm and timing.
emotions, not so much, it’s what physically happens to your body and you sure as shit don’t get it from camming, camwhores with special snowflake dreams lol

she’s hilarious when she says anything about bdsm she has no understanding of it at all.

No. 548806

This thread is a dumpster fire between spergs who think ‘her acting was sooo bad,’ you don’t do any fucking acting in a scene, like wtf are you people talking about, she looks/sounds retarded crying because SHE IS RETARDED; and the people freaking out over her abuse, no, she’s just another idiot who’s in over her head and has no understanding of BDSM, has she ever posted a thing about it? Before or since that shoot? No, she talked about tumblr style DD/lg and puppy play and anal bimbo garbage and has some faggot old ‘dude’ who could just as easily be her tripod (the pictures taken by Sir are obvi timer shots while arranging her fatass into a stupid position) and is too stupid to know what sub drop or aftercare is, this bitch literally hangs on this thread’s every word for ideas and to respond to criticisms. We fill in the gaps in her knowledge for her.

Bet you money she refused aftercare because she didn’t know what the fuck it was.

There’s so much sperging happening in here rn. This happens every single time we get real milk, in every single thread. Some idiot brings up some nitpicky crap and the thread starts infighting. It’s annoying as shit.

No. 548825

Please make this the next thread image.

No. 548829

Seriously. Shayna could just get a full back piece, but oh wait! Not attention whorey enough for her!

No. 548840

she knows what aftercare is. she just thinks it makes her more hardcore/cool/edgy to refuse aftercare because she doesn’t think she “needs” it and can handle it herself.

No. 548867

Not trying to be that asshole, but how do you know what she thinks about anything unless you know her personally? And if you do then start dropping some cocks.

No. 548873

It's probably just them trying to convince themselves that camming is so fun and sexy and rewarding and they don't feel gross after pandering to a chatroom of faceless dudes for tips, it's just ~camdrop~.

No. 548887

File: 1523122175282.jpeg (553.31 KB, 750x947, 4CD98A9A-CCE9-4CC5-9AA0-501018…)

Spot the difference

No. 548899

you realize you're doing exactly what you're complaining about lmao

anyway, shay is so hypocritical for complaining about people being ~toxic to minors~ when she can't be a good person and remove the underage followers from her blog, she'd rather boast about her ~130k followers~ than admit that probably half of them shouldn't be exposed to her content at all.

No. 548916

lmao why so cranky? fucking relax. you def seem new to this thread. The majority of what shay does is meant for pure shock value, to seem edgy and hardcore.

Get a fucking grip.

No. 548919

lol this sounds like Shay lurking tbh

No. 548920

and wtf is dropping some cocks? are you like 13?

No. 548924

her expression makes it look as if she is a neanderthal man that is preying on something. does not give me the uwu small n qt vibe

No. 548931

nothing about her will ever give me that cutesy doll aesthetic

No. 548943

That image is fucking disgusting and sick, and it makes me sad people like piss pot Shay and others want to fetishized porn and lil girl aesthetics.


ew, who the fuck is even turned on by this?

No. 548961

Y’all I really don’t think this is a money scheme anymore. I think Shayna hates herself so much she wants to be abused and treated like human trash and this is the best way the knows how. I think she’s also just making enough cash to continue to drink and smoke because she doesn’t know how else to feel better.

No. 549276

File: 1523151238313.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180407-183340.png)

Still no bed

No. 549300

did someone post a screenshot of her asking if she should throw away her old mattress or something along those lines? pretty sure she said she was thinking of getting rid of it. I wonder if she's sleeping on a matterss on the floor, or if it's gross enough that even she won't use it. maybe she peed on it lol

I just searched her blog and archive and I can't seem to find the post, guess she deleted it

No. 549309


I saw that post, she was asking to see if she could sell her "used mattress" somewhere. Most likely another lie to pretend like she actually has bed or a mattress. She obviously does not have one ever since she got kicked out of her last apartment that came with all the furniture.

She always does that shit, whenever is exposed about her here, she makes a post acknowledging whatever subject was broached. She probably things she's being sly, when it's painfully obvious and transparent. It used to be funny, but now it's just really pathetic and sad.

She has this thread to thank for the improvements she's made on her life. Perhaps she'll be close to seeing herself without that impermeable ocean of delusion and denial.

You already know when she does get a bed, it's going to be in every one of her photos. Actually, due to everyone already knowing she sleeps on the same nasty floor saturated with her own urine, she's gonna pretend like she's had it the whole time. I guess she's never heard of the phrase don't sleep where you shit/eat. Disgusting.

No. 549311

File: 1523155190892.jpeg (289.97 KB, 1252x1252, faqOHneX.jpeg)

Shayna is legit Baby Jane incarnate. Heart mark/ dot thingy, wrinkles, crusty, white wrinkly face and all.

No. 549323

File: 1523156196075.jpg (201.21 KB, 255x810, 74684979992.jpg)

>i spent more money than intended on props 4 upcoming vids & i have a hair appt & needa get groceries tm

That is so pathetic. Her props are so cheap, so are her clothes, and brassy fucked up hair. How much sadder can you get when the only memorable thing about your "professional porn shoot" is her diseased pussy and asshole and her quadruple chins. How can you be at that point but have absolutely nothing to show for it. You can't even get groceries but she says she's made 55k? WTF? Tragic.

No. 549326

Bitch don't even got a real mirror, full sized ones are 5 bucks at Walmart, they even have pink ones.

No. 549330

File: 1523156524375.gif (1.34 MB, 397x397, tumblr_inline_p5yyymiPn21rbth7…)

No. 549333

File: 1523156538801.gif (970.17 KB, 500x240, giphy.gif)

No. 549336

… another hair appointment? her hair barely survived the last bleaching shit she had done. How long until we see the cheap wig again?

No. 549343

File: 1523157084056.jpg (422.02 KB, 988x592, bj2.jpg)

No. 549347

File: 1523157389677.jpg (381.53 KB, 1083x582, lol.jpg)

No. 549382

File: 1523159869514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 708.38 KB, 1032x1624, closeup01.jpg)

Has anyone else thought that there could have been make up on Shay's privates? It looks super cakey in some shots. She usually has a lot redness, it's got such a weird texture and discolored. At least they attempted to fix it if there is.

No. 549387

File: 1523160376475.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.02 KB, 438x470, 97442110j.jpg)

They also cut alot of the gloved fingering scene out, and chose shots from angles where you couldn't see her pussy, but it one it looks like there's some creme on his glove, like what it would look like if make up got rubbed off. There's a glare tho, so it's hard to tell.

No. 549395

If they used makeup to cover her diseased pussy than her boils would be covered. You can see every boil even at the start of the video so it’s not like it got rubbed or sweated off. Also if they were trying to cover up her disgusting bumps than they would have edited them out on the video cover but instead they chose to just left them there so obviously they didn’t care enough to cover them which is sad bc it makes their company look like they have diseased std models working for them.

No. 549396

I'm worried about the day she does. Because it's coming. And I mean, what, edition 7 next? We're telling her. I'm pretty sure she will "snap out of it" and "grow up" eventually… God the shame… ugh

No. 549397

I lol'd thank you

No. 549398

That's the fucking truth though… nothing lol

No. 549401

File: 1523161325178.png (156.84 KB, 783x1059, Screenshot_2018-04-07-21-20-43…)

Why get a dog…..ribmeat v2 gonna pawn it off on someone in six months

No. 549402

File: 1523161343136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 1923x2149, closeup.jpg)


No. 549403

File: 1523161478983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 1924x2142, after-makeupsmudge.jpg)


aside from the redness, and the hairs being more obvious, there also looks like a huge makeup smear on the g-spot hook tool thing.

No. 549407

what the hell is that disgusting… red? Brown? Black? slimy, snotty shit there at the bottom of her slit?

That don't look right. That don't look right at all.

No. 549408

Vomit inducing

>till i have a place w/ a yard
>until im like in the absolute perf place in my life

LOL when

See above. Shay isn't anywhere near complex or self sabotaging like that. Why would she be? She wants a good life. She's just stupid.

No. 549411


Would it be false advertising if they edited that shit out on the cover then imagine someones horror when they see what it really looked like after they bought it. Her boils are obvious and are clear as day throughout, but in the beginning it's all one flat color and a bunch of long hairs sticking out and just overall really bad disgusting texture. Her asshole looked like it was covered with make up, obvious color change. After they lubed her up, it did look like it got rubbed off with the glove and the hook. It does look like makeup smears on those posted photos.

It is also possible that Shayna was the one who covered her pussy and asshole with make up , and production might have not known about it.

Explains why so little close up shots of her asshole and pussy. The shots they did put in were unflattering. It's obvious hardtied were finally aware of the condition her shit was in during post from the choices of editing.

No. 549432

Some women have darker patches/areas around/on their genitals… Including their labia minora.. and majora. The color of her labia doesn't concern me, but the redness and bumps do. She can't help the color of her labia but she can help how irritated it looks. Also, she's not putting makeup on her vagina dude… It would come off on literally anything it touches and it would be very visible. She just looks redder after the penitration but that's probably because she has some sort of infection going on down there, therefore the penitration/touching of her vagina will cause it to become more irritated

No. 549433

I’ve asked this same question and gotten bitched at for it, no, it is not a normal vagina. It looks way discolored and fucked up.

No. 549435

Are you insane the redness is from the pussy pump. Also g spot hook thing what the thing in her ass? Sort out your anatomy.

No. 549441

File: 1523164585120.png (439.51 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2018-04-08-01-11-56…)

Lol when you develop a fetish due to your lack of self care…. Jesus Christ I can't stop laughing imagining her in a doctors office scrubbing herself with their soap smelling like urine

No. 549481

Something I noticed the kiwifarmers saying when they turned up to hijack our thread about them.

No. 549506

So does she always send herself anon asks or are there actually other people with that retarded style of writing?

No. 549517

It looks normal in other shots, but I also wonder. If it's discharge she should see a gyno ASAP.

No. 549529

The way she has whole conversations with herself via anonymous ask on Tumblr is just so pathetic and sad.

No. 549589

Yeah, I mean the actual color of the skin looks normal, but that seriously looks like some weird black discharge

No. 549600

Yeah the only time dark discharge is normal is the last few days of a period and I don’t see her doing a shoot when she’s still bleeding.

I know if you take BC but miss a day or take it late your blood can be darker than normal/almost Black the last day of your period. i was on sesonique and this happened to me. Freaked me tf out and thought I was dying till my gyno told me it was normal.

She needs to see a gyno about a lot of things tbh I wonder if she has actually been tested before.

No. 549615

???? What are you talking about? Those pics are from 2016, maybe even 2015. Colleen had lived in the wilderness for well over a year. Shaynas downhill spiral began towards the end of 2016, when she started uploading to manyvids.

No. 549635

They both have peaks like Toucans, they're a nose-match made in heaven

No. 549647

It's not discharge good lord people it's just the color of the bottom labia/vaginal opening. She has darker areas of her labia.

No. 549651

yeah I'm p sure that's just her vagina (like, a gaping hole is the black part) with a film/bubble of lube over it. it's so strange to see lube on her that it looks unnatural, but I'm p sure that's just a wet vagina

No. 549679

it could be a combo of lube and makeup. gross af but not as bad as it could be. I see what u mean about it being hole covered by a bubble of lube that's discolored by foundation

No. 549681

It’s more red bc of the beating the guy did to it and the first pic she’s upside down you can’t even see the top of her vag where you’re talking about the hairs. that’s her ass on top

No. 549827

File: 1523214080164.jpeg (108.68 KB, 750x614, E57CABA5-FB57-471C-B90A-7E3AFE…)

Claims she was abused throughout childhood and had to take care of her brother but now was also a ballet dancer. More lies to add to the list.

No. 549832

Ballet really?? Nothing graceful about the bitch, she's a clumsy, lazy oaf.

No. 549844

lol she’s turning into Vicky

No. 549848

Wasn’t she a child model too lmao

No. 549849

File: 1523216687072.png (228.16 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2018-04-08-14-56-54…)

"it's hard not having a set wage in this business"
Uhh…… Should we tell her you guys? Lmao

No. 549930

That was hard as fuck to read. Shayna is really retarded to not be able to at least change the way of writing in her anon asks

No. 549943


Imagine going back and taking 25 minutes to dumb down a message that took only five to write

No. 549997

Strange I went to middle school with her and was friends with her. She never did dance?

No. 550015

>complaining how unstable income
You just described to yourself how self employment works, Shay.

No. 550135

she has 0 posture of a person who did dance for 10 years. she moves like an average white girl, not like a ballerina of 10 years

No. 550149

she posted this yesterday, so does that mean she got her hair done today? also how long did the last hardtied video take to come out after she filmed? I already can't wait for the next one lol

No. 550242

She filmed the first week of March and it came out the first week of April so a month

No. 550245

Even if she took ballet from the ages of 2-12 she wasn't learning anything at that age kek. And definitely not old enough for pointe. Keep dreaming Shay

No. 550248

Wait what??? Did she literally just say that about BBW? Like if she can do it, you can? WTF

No. 550300

no shit, why does anyone hide behind a filter.

No. 550305

She needs help in the jaw and lip department. Those faces she's making just worsen the situation. Ew

No. 550480

File: 1523264876554.png (Spoiler Image, 378.56 KB, 720x598, gspot.png)


No, no one has to sort out their anatomy That hook is for the G - spot, and it was used to penetrate her vaginally. It was only resting on her anus in that photo.

Her pussy does look cakey in the beginning, there could be make up on it, wouldn't put it past her. Worst time to have a 4k monitor.

No. 550481

Someone mentioned she looked ethnic without makeup. It may be because she's Portuguese, she mentioned her mother was a long time ago and she attributed her brown eyes to it.

No. 550490

Shayna likes to lie. If you look thru her old photos and gifs, it was obvious she had no dance training, she most likely only wishes she can dance, she looks ridiculous in the gif of her dancing. (look on her archive bc I'm not posting photos of her as a minor look at her "gif" tag). She looks ridiculous af anytime she tries to move her body. 10 years of ballet, she would still have those habits set into her mannerisms. Yet she doesn't know how to stand or position her body, or even point her toes. She likes to lie and rewrite history. Got grounded = Child abuse. Took a week of ballet when she was a toddler = 10 years of ballet training. kek

Also, she's been asked several times before if she ever did any kind of sports or activities of any kind and her answer has always been "no".

No. 550498


Whoah, WTF is that, it's gotta be discharge bc it isn't there in the later scenes.

Her asshole looks super cakey and powdery. These two photos are the ones where it looks like there could be cover-up on them. Some of her boils that are usually purple/red are the flat color like her skin. You can tell from the texture.

This is a better "before" photo.

Than this

No. 550503

File: 1523267354205.jpg (158.56 KB, 256x585, 840221.jpg)

This is just sad. Leave the house Shayna. Get some sunlight. Get those vitamins. Hope she had more than just 'chasing a guy' as a reason to move across the country to a place where she doesn't know anyone. Especially a place that's known for rain and having the gloomiest weather. Can't be good for her mental health.

No. 550512

File: 1523268880885.png (339.51 KB, 500x511, 7753895320372492.png)

Literally her reaction:

oh but i'm sure it looks good on u 2! hehe! c: you don't matter! only me!"

No. 550537

Having to try THIS HARD and still not being remotely cute is kind of sad.

No. 550652

Since when is she an agoraphobic? Bitch please.

No. 550654

Oh my god, who cares whether or not the toy is in her cunt or her asshole? This is the funniest thread on snow but people are losing their shit in here lately for no reason, calm the fuck down.

No. 550676

lol so asspained about being told to sort out your anatomy, it’s okay anon, just take it easy, I’m sure you know everything there is to know about her dirty pussy, you’re certainly obsessed with it. thanks for another gross vag closeup!

go outside and have fun again instead of getting pissy with anons who have the nerve to disagree with you, you sound very upset and I’m worried about your blood pressure.

No. 550688

seriously this anon freaking out over it is getting really weird. she doesn’t have makeup on her vag can they just stop obsessing? And Jesus I think they’re trying to murder us with the upclose shots.

No. 550752

She's… white. LOL. White people can have brown eyes. "Portugese" "ethnic". LOL. It's called white. She looks nothing but white anyways

No. 550755

You are always in here having some sort of anxiety attack. You're the one who needs to relax lmfao.

Maybe this is Shay

No. 550813


it's supposed to be a reference to "tangled"

knowing shayna i can think of worse places that pot has been

No. 550832

Aren't you the same anon that sperged out over someone "stealing" your dragqueen joke in the previous thread?

Same lack of saging, attempt at off topic infighting, and god awful grammar.

No. 550892

Shay just needs to take some time off the internet and rebrand herself. She needs to clean up whatever is happing down there, have a plan of how she wants to market herself, not be lazy, be more engaged with caming, and buy a damn bed.

She could really make some money if she really took care of herself.

No. 550900

Tumblr cam whores don't know how to do that though, take care of themselves for the benefit of their "job"

No. 550901


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 550907

Wow, new thread already? I vote this pic

No. 550922

vote seconded >>547452

No. 550942

She did do dance and she was a “child model” if you consider being in dance costume catalogs “modeling” (I know a lot of people who did this as children, not just shayna)

No. 550947

File: 1523306522944.png (39.77 KB, 576x595, pink-star-burst-hi.png)



Slap this on the dildo with some choice text within.

No. 550950

lol yes I was thinking the same thing write something hilarious on the dick

No. 550954

Yes please! Otherwise I'm worried it's going to get spoilered.

No. 550957

File: 1523307375823.jpeg (105.8 KB, 750x423, 1522966786193.jpeg)

No. 551003

It's perfect, anon.

No. 551009

I vote this one it's 10/10

No. 551059

File: 1523314375860.png (243.46 KB, 600x652, D82E98F1-BE25-45D8-ABDA-008111…)

No. 551065

File: 1523314551858.jpeg (255.24 KB, 1280x1280, 26CC7CD3-2B84-4625-9D56-554183…)

Can’t wait to see her sexualize a children’s character !

No. 551066

File: 1523314574129.jpeg (77.75 KB, 1242x417, F943B957-037B-4A00-BA8A-706D6A…)

No. 551074

File: 1523315016071.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, ein-outofhere.gif)

No. 551079

that looks like trash, fits her.

No. 551080

It's so damn sad that scumbags like this exist. Ripping people off, lying, sexualizing children's characters, backpedaling every statement she's tried defending
has a disgusting 70's bush
"I fucking love being different!"
shaves vagina to coincide with childlike mindset and aesthetic
"uwu I'm a dumb bimbo baby and I deserve to be spoiled for being naked and smol and dumb as fukkkk"
Did she suffer severe head trauma? Naivety is her best look yet. Keep fucking yourself with kitchenware…. The internet is waiting to laugh

No. 551086


These are the props that broke her bank account and is preventing her from being able to afford groceries? Tragic. Watch her wear this wig in public. Also, what tf is she hiding behind the polyester batting? How gross can her baseboards be?

No. 551097

Please tell me after she fucks her gross asshole with that pan that she is gonna throw it away? Although knowing shayna she’ll put it right back in the cupboard with shit stains still all over it

No. 551114

Laughed hard as shit to see she'd apparently taken ballet for 10 years so I tried to go in and take screenshots of her foot posture and had to leave because I felt like I was invading a child's space.
Does she make anyone else feel that discomforted?? I genuinely feel ill seeing her page..

No. 551122

She's afraid to leave the house but leaves to do a god awful traumatizing porn shoot and get drugged and locked in a 60 year old man's cage in his basement lol ok

No. 551126

Ahahaha she’s going to fuck her nasty asshole with a frying pan, such class!

Wew, what a life.

No. 551127

This is cracking me up so bad, how can you care about the baseboards when she’s going to publicly debase herself for pennies for like, the billionth time.

Wait. I just had a terrible thought.

What if Shayna is getting off to this post? I feel unwell. Fuuuuuuck.

No. 551133

I feel like the seventies bush was part of her old crunchy granola, tree hugging, dirty feet, pot smoking hippie aesthetic. Which honestly would be an improvement on the pink bimbo.

No. 551159

Rapunzel was a good character, and now she’s gonna fuck it all up by playing her as a dumb idiot who fucks herself with frying pans.

I’m actually mad at her assassination of this character.

No. 551167

There’s nothing we can do anon. We can only sit horrified as she shits, either figuratively or literally, on all of our lives.

No. 551180

But really does anyone have snap screens of the frying pan action I need a good laugh

No. 551208

Thread making anon here, I can make the new one late tonight unless someone else wants to copy and paste the previous synopsis and add the new milk be my guest don't forget the picture with the edit though /sage

No. 551209


The Pascal is so cute, where can I get it?

Congrats to the anon from last thread who gave her an idea to make a video as Rapunzel. She listened.

No. 551237

well you can get it on amazon like everything else she owns, of course!

No. 551302

File: 1523329620096.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 626098FE-33EB-4A9A-BD1C-5CEBAB…)


No. 551322

File: 1523332847046.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 540x304, 7D3F0D6F-9569-49CE-B1F7-A88A91…)


No. 551324

her face and hair aside, that dress looks like a trashy, marked-down, Value Village costume-in-a-bag.

she could have thrown a few different pieces together and made it look way better.

I don't understand at all how some people can look at themselves in the mirror and think, 'goddamn, I look sexy as hell today.'

No. 551325

please kill me

No. 551326


No. 551327

i wonder if this was her totally unique, brilliant idea, or if it was requested?

why would anyone do this?

No. 551329

File: 1523333111829.jpeg (179.78 KB, 1239x686, C4D68B4E-D046-4947-8E82-24BCC7…)

I’m seriously upset by this

No. 551331

File: 1523333156669.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 604.62 KB, 1242x687, 120FD6AB-415D-4B82-84E8-C6623A…)

A whole video of ass fucking with a pan handle. Why ruin Tangled like this.

No. 551332

File: 1523333185918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 169.52 KB, 1242x697, 57C5BB77-65BB-4FCE-AD97-07CD0E…)

I just…

No. 551334

File: 1523333274598.jpeg (698.24 KB, 1242x1045, B8ADEE6B-30A4-4E65-B25C-A03259…)

The face of a chameleon who has seen awful things.

No. 551336

plushies been beyond the event horizon into tweaker skank hell

No. 551337

Why would Rapunzel fuck herself in the ass with the handle of the frying pan though?

brb, need a drink.

No. 551338

annnnnnnd she's still on her floor!

No. 551340

I love how the bodice doesn't fit her at all. She couldn't have clipped it or something? I'm sure it was only on for two seconds but still.

No. 551341

I'm pretty sure that she's the biggest, nastiest skank on the entire site. Really, who can compare with her? I never saw anyone shove a frying pan in their ass before. She's kind of like a donkey show in Tijuana, only more up close and personal. Godspeed, Shayna.

No. 551343

She says she has three shoots over the next few days. I wonder with who besides Insex? Or them for all three?

No. 551350

I’d rather she didn’t work with Insex, she’s not worth the fee.

No. 551351

Get ready for those diapers!

No. 551356

Why would she even post this? Her drinking/smoking doesn't fit with her little girl aesthetic anyway but it really doesn't work with Disney princess cosplay. Who is this even for?

No. 551373

She uses a pan in the (Tangled) movie as a weapon, but it's a heavy cast iron pan.
Not a pink stainless steel one

No. 551418

File: 1523342016583.jpg (322.35 KB, 1242x1397, whew.jpg)

New favorite pic of Shay. Ever. Such a good laugh. Honestly believe this needs to be included with the other one (thanks anon) for the next thread…

No. 551423

File: 1523342408664.png (90.91 KB, 718x1036, Screenshot_2018-04-10-02-38-30…)

Annnnnnnnnnnnd I'm permanently deceased

No. 551424


No. 551431

Kek, goodnight!

No. 551440

>>>/snow/551438 new thread
sorry if i miss anything its late but i wanted this up asap

No. 551539

Same routine, different outfit.

just keep churning out that creativity shay

No. 551678

File: 1523375908154.png (620.65 KB, 750x1334, D8DF05E7-68B0-4281-BF2B-F4FA3A…)

Deleted from this morning

No. 554632

Ok so I followed shayna way back when she was a stoner blog and actually had jess and colleen as friends and was dating connor. now I find her blog and shes … whatever this is .. LOL what the actual fuck happened. I feel bad for her, she looks really bad and strung out. And does she really not have a bed?! Sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 554633

Are her bangs fake of just hella fucked up?