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File: 1516571070737.jpg (150.97 KB, 789x1081, 1515523005609 (2).jpg)

No. 477079

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession.
> Jill told her girlfriend of two months "I'm not attracted to you. I don't want to lead you on". Used her for clickbait and continued to talk about exes all the time in front of her gf and her family. Now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh and knowingly used copyrighted music in her video.
>Quit two of her medications
>Currently posting a lot about sex & Drinking
>Is going to New York for her bday and is planning a meetup


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 477120

File: 1516573646652.jpeg (96.91 KB, 750x968, 18DB4C7D-F1CF-4963-8FDB-019769…)

Recent spending dilemma.

No. 477121

File: 1516573680088.jpeg (103.05 KB, 749x589, ED5A15D9-4768-4FCA-A7CE-7D57DD…)

No. 477122

File: 1516573703764.jpeg (131.51 KB, 740x680, 7F697D5F-AFAD-4696-ACA4-8E580C…)

No. 477126

I know we shouldn't be taking "cheap shots" or whatever but I just thought it was funny that this is Micky's best friend
Bad taste in people and bad taste in fashion

No. 477136

File: 1516574474406.jpg (11.73 KB, 250x250, 111.jpg)

>"you don't need food!!"
>implying that Jill pays for any kind of food/rent/utilities herself

No. 477139

I had the last stream on in the background and I think she specifically said she WASN'T planning a meet up in NY

No. 477171

She didnt show any of her handmade stuff in that closet tour

No. 477173

This is honestly really sad.

No. 477182

"closet tour" was stupid. she totally skipped over anything that was thrifted/not expensive. "this was thrifted, this was thrifted, THIS IS LAZY OAF AND I LURRRRRVE HIM SHO SHO SHO SHO MUCH."

No. 477185

Did anyone else hear her talking about her sexuality on the last live stream? I heard her say how confused she had been about it and how relieved she is to not be confused anymore. I somehow don't think this will be the last time she connects a label to herself (like lesbian) only to change back and forth.

She said she's obviously bi and goes from liking women for a while to liking men for a while and then she asked the live chat for definitions of what pansexual means but said she's definitely bi.

No. 477188

>>477185 i'm curious as to why she rejects pan? surely she wants those gender inclusive uwu points

No. 477193


It surprised me. She asked what pan means and someone said it means 'gender doesn't matter to you' and her reply was that gender definitely matters to her??

I can see her identifying as pan in a couple months time.

No. 477196


Also wasn't Colin non-binary

No. 477197

>>477193 all of her old school social media lists her as pan.

No. 477199

>>477196 i'm pretty sure she said at one point that she prefers men who identify as non binary rather than men (badly worded, but idk how to explain it)basically she likes penis but femme personalities

No. 477201

Pan and bi are the same thing anyway unless you're splitting hairs.

That honestly sounds really dodgy to me, if that's how she said it then I feel really sorry for Colin whether he actually identified as nb or not - either way SOL.

Was her rainbie uwu tennis skirt in there? I don't remember. She seemed pretty proud of it but I guess that didn't last.

No. 477202

File: 1516578448122.jpeg (200.43 KB, 640x813, 51B314E5-B985-4CC8-9424-00E7C1…)

It looks like we have a cow tipper on our hands. Ok fess up?

No. 477203

This is why I don't feel bad when people make fun of her fan club. How can you think so highly of Jill or any youtuber like her? Not all of her fanbase are children as we can see from the party kei group/tag where they're 18+. They're just like her, supporting western fast fashion that takes inspiration from Jfashion and too lazy and ignorant to learn how to make an outfit properly. Only difference is Jill was dumb and rich enough to get efame and have these mindless dumbasses copy her rainbow garbage so they can feel extra special.

No. 477209

If I remember right Colin even went by they/them pronouns so I can see how Pan fits her. My main reason for being surprised is just that she's the kind of person to think 'Ooh being Pan makes me sound more interesting'

No. 477226

File: 1516579478183.jpg (132.38 KB, 707x280, dollskill.jpg)

I find it odd how dolls kill is a banned topic in the party kei group, but Jill loves an supports dolls kill kek

No. 477261

File: 1516580968134.gif (220.39 KB, 500x378, lmfao.gif)

Not a member of the facebook group, but I just wanted to throw out there that probably no farmer cow tipped; it's pretty easy to stumble upon Jillian's lolcow threads if you google her name. I wouldn't be surprised if a member came across this board, saw the pics of ~ uwu speshul party kei membies uwu ~ and messaged the mods.

lulz, though, because there's no way for them to "monitor the situation." What the fuck do they think they are going to do about it?

kek what are the other banned topics? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 477264

1. ‘Isn’t this the same as Fairy kei?’
Nope, don’t mention this, See the pinned guide for information.
2. Lime Crime
An extremely badly run make up brand, that although follows the aesthetic, has a terrible Rep for poisonous products, stealing money, stealing products and using craft glitter. (Requested to be banned by group members)
3. Spreepicky
They sell stolen art work (on clothing) and resell things from taobao for a much higher price, not worth it.
IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND YOU CAN GO BLIND. DO NOT ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO THIS, DO NOT EVEN MENTION IT (As it could give others ideas) We have a glitter guide on the FAQ just look!
5. Happy Monday Store
They sell stolen art work

6. Shop INUINU
Allegedly steal art and sell it, also scammers! Read the reviews.

No. 477270

damn, thanks for the quick reply.

>‘Isn’t this the same as Fairy kei?’ Nope, don’t mention this, See the pinned guide for information.

Uhhh…. I'm envisioning someone typing "fairy kei" and getting insta-banned, lol.


Jill did this all the time…

I think that list is hilarious but mostly the dollskill one because the indie "artist" screaming theft literally stole everything herself (MLP, barbie, chanel). Off-topic, though. The entire group sounds like a bunch of special snowflakes.

I might be one of the few anons who doesn't care about Jill's spending habits, but it actually triggers me that she buys so much makeup and only wears the same shade of pink (poorly) applied to her eyes. I mean, great, she uses green eyeshadow to fill in her brows, but… it's just so pointless for her to even have more makeup.

No. 477278

File: 1516581729178.jpg (543.24 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20180122-004002.jpg)

I cant wait for jill and the confetti club to throw a fit because she's not be credited on this kek

No. 477280

was just about to mention this. the threads are easy enough to find that any given fan of jill's can google her name or handle, find one of the latest threads, and see all the shit that gets posted. but what i cant get behind is how they honestly think letting minors post pictures of themselves was a good idea in the first place. on tumblr it's one thing, but FB aint well known for good privacy on anything, plus this is usually a site where everyone and their damn family has access to a good majority of what you post. i dont mean to sound like an ass on it, but i can't say i feel sorry for anyone minor or otherwise that's posted in the group.

on the other hand, this just killed any desire i had to join the group for actual interest in party kei deader than a doornail

No. 477289

Which palette is this? I couldn't find it by googling

No. 477292

How? That's the only palette I get when I search the name

No. 477293


its legit the first link that pops up. as if jill needed anything else to feed her damn Crayola fix (it's still going apparently)

No. 477302

anyone else take a gander at the kawaii-i thread on cgl and gag at the jill stans?

they must be fucking blind as shit. oh, gulls, how much you've fallen

No. 477306

Idk, seems there's more people who hate her than like her

No. 477308

i love her. she is gorgeous and so is the rest of the party-kei/confetti club people. you are all such mean people. try to be kind and loving. we are all people who enjoy kawaii things! JUST BE KIND(no1curr)

No. 477310

Welcome to lolcow, a place for love and kindness

No. 477315

How dare you say we're mean?!

You must be some kind of troll to say something so awful! I don't think you should be allowed to be part of the confetti club when you've been so rude to us at lolcow!!

No. 477319

poor dearie, you must be lost

No. 477320

File: 1516585602292.gif (436.22 KB, 498x278, lolok.gif)

yes, because >>476912 >>476444 >>476269 and >>476271 are the epitome of beauty.

No. 477323

i think they are all beautiful.

No. 477325

File: 1516585800609.gif (1.29 MB, 290x189, LOL.gif)

No. 477327

i dont get it. if you don't like her then why even post shit. whats the point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 477330

wow ur totes right we'll close this site down asap ty for your wisdom!!! uwu

No. 477334

why can't we all be frands?!

No. 477341


No. 477346

nah her tennis skirt wasn't there. i'm guessing it's cause she got called out by this chick on instagram for stealing the skirts design or whatever.

No. 477353

Oh you poor thing, why don't you read the previous threads? You're in for a surprise!

No. 477363

Are you the sane person that's been going on other threads calling this a "mean gossip site" and insulting other people? Your typing mannerisms cause me to think so.

No. 477365

now that im thinking about it, has she done a thread recently covering all the things she had made? i do wonder where things like that skirt, her other cosplays, and her prom dress have gone to

No. 477366

Jill is revolting and so are the rest of you confetti fags. This is lolcow, not the CUNTfetti club.

No. 477383

ngl i'm jealous of her eyelashes in this picture

No. 477384

can someone make a comparison post between jill and peco. it seems like she's following every formula peco has and it's actually working.

No. 477398

l lurk here all the time. I enjoy most of her content because its visually different than what I would choose for myself, and I've met her a handful of times at conventions and she was really pleasant. that being said, i don't think she's free from constructive criticism and I find it interesting seeing different points of view on here, even if i don't agree with all of them. but god, if you're a member of the party kei/confetti community or whatever, this is not the place to come here and 'stand up 4 her!!1!! uwu' because you're digging your own grave. your mob mentality isn't helping the image up somebody else that you're trying to upkeep. its annoying as fuck.

No. 477410

I have to agree with this anon. I've met her several times as well at cons, one time I was actually quite rude to her irl and I really regret it now, and wish I hadn't been. I like (some of) Jill's youtube videos and I like her Instagram feed, but the things she says sometimes bothers me and the fact she has the idea she's above criticism is what brings me here. One example of this would've been Jill in her recent wardrobe video saying that a clothing company shouldn't cut corners, yet Jill does it with her own clothing/cosplay.

Coming here to white knight is cringey. Even if you like Jill you should be able to realize she has faults. No one here is unjustifiably mean and whenever someone is it becomes a discussion. A lot of people here either did like Jill or still do.

No. 477426

I think most people here find Jill unbearable and obnoxious for being an SJW and poser.

No. 477437

No. 477497

>One Night Stand Baccy Packy Edition

This is amazing

No. 477525

File: 1516611731478.jpeg (205.88 KB, 640x923, 3F4B9DF7-761E-4D09-96BE-489562…)


No. 477528


“Yikes”? That’s the best you could come up with about me? Hahahaha

No. 477533

hey i just want to warn you not to piss people off on here unless you have zero information about yourself online. you never know what an anon can do to you for something small, silly, and seemingly insignificant. this is not a threat, this is just a word of caution.

No. 477534

File: 1516613020619.jpeg (295.58 KB, 1242x949, 2EA59EA9-4981-4C74-B79B-5E8BB0…)

Embarrassing delicate baby uwu ~

Sage for OT but I couldn’t not.

No. 477536


thanks for the word of warning, I guess, but that’s not even my legal name. that name is nowhere else online.

i just find it funny how just “yikes” was the only thing said, sounds pretty tame for some of the massive bitching that goes on here? i’m used to much worse anyway, I get told to kill myself because of how I dress on the daily so it just made me laugh

No. 477537


lol how is that embarrassing
it’s the truth
it was fucking pissing me off

also wow ur a bit of a stalker for looking at my page

No. 477538


Bruh you should stop while you’re behind, I rarely tread in this thread and just saw your comments while scrolling and as a pretty neutral party this is really embarrassing for you

No. 477539


why is this embarrassing for me? standing up for myself when I’m being harassed by people who hide behind a horrible website is embarrassing? and if you’re a “neutral party” why are you even here?

No. 477540

So the "hate" on here doesn't make a difference to you, and yet you're still here dicking around because someone said yikes about your post?

No. 477541


because I fuckin knew it would happen, that’s how petty you all are. I’m a fairy reasonable person and picking on fans of someone you don’t happen to like is far more embarrassing than me calling you out on it

No. 477542


*fairly lol

No. 477544

Do you not understand how lolcow works?

No. 477545


I’m here because, like every person whether they admit it or not, I love drama and reading about it passes the time. At least we own up to it here though

Unfortunately defending Pixielocks will not make her become your BFF just because you whiteknighted her here. You posted on a public group and people posted it here because it called out this site specifically. And your vegan pride post was public on your Facebook from said public group. You should be careful not to kick the hornets nest by namedropping a site that will absolutely come for you if you single them out, and then whine about harassment over your public rants. I realize you’re young but that’s how the internet works man

No. 477548

Everyone is free to their own opinion, you have yours and the people here have theirs. If you really didn't care about what goes on here, you wouldn't be here in the first place. I doubt you've read through any of the threads here, because if you did, you would likely have a different opinion as a lot of what these people have to say about jill is the harsh truth. I like some of her vids and don't exactly agree with the posters who make fun of the people who post their pics in the confetti club group, but those pictures are out there for people to see – they weren't sent to one person privately.

No. 477552

Girl you have your university and course on your public facebook as well as your significant other. You stand out in public. Yes your legal name isnt there but its enough to stalk you or worse

No. 477555

>that's how petty you all are
Aight. So you'll go ahead and shit on every other fan who has come here wondering what these threads here were about and actually left with a very different view/opinion on a public figure, an adult woman, who made the conscious decision to puts parts of her life on public display for the internet to critique and debate like every other human being on FB and every other website, but you'll still claim you're "reasonable" by calling us out on the normal behavior of gossip that every human being takes part in. Cool beans, lady.

No. 477558

she just removed a bunch of stuff off of public. shame on u miss leonie good

No. 477560


Look, I just didn’t agree with starting to pick at and post pictures of fans, when this is meant to be about Jillian. You can say what you like about her because people are allowed opinions, I never said you didn’t have to like her. But some of the stuff said on here is really really mean, like beyond gossip. Fair enough, constructive criticism, but downright insulting us when you don’t know us personally? Don’t dish out what you can’t take. That goes to all of you.

I’m sorry I ever posted about lolcow. I’m sorry for upsetting people but I’m not sorry for being myself and being a fan of Jillian. You can poke fun all you want but I’m not coming on here again. Thank you to people who pointed out that I should be safer. First and last time posting, and definitely last time reading.

No. 477561


Please leave me alone..(you can leave any time)

No. 477563


If you don’t want to be posted here in a pixie thread don’t publically post about lolcow in her groups. You talk about not dishing if you can’t take it. Don’t poke the dog and then cry when it bites you

No. 477571

Also you’re outfit isn’t event PK, where’s the cheeky glitter? Where’s the rinko pinko drinko?

No. 477583

Gross, too many Jillstans cluster fucking this thread! Moderators please clean this house for cow tippers.

No. 477586

really weird how jills blatantly transphobic yet all her trans and non binary fans would die for her lol.

No. 477603

You chose to identify yourself in an anonymous imageboard that some people in it are known for doxxing people just for the sake of it. You leave us alone.

No. 477611

First they say people on lolcow are not creative or kind.

Then they check in every day for updates. See you soon Anon

No. 477615

Don't fucking post here trying to change our minds about uwu ~Jillybean~. It ain't happenin'

No. 477627

The evidence as to why Jill is a bad person is summed up in these threads, we’re not making it up especially since she shares everything with her fanbase. Rude and overly-defensive just like “Mama Pixie.”

No. 477629

>lolcow is full of haters
>lets force all this positivity, which has obviously worked whenever people do this
>doesn't realize someone is in the group

No. 477635

Small nitpick at OP, but you left in the part where it says she's currently dating Alyssa. Just so whoever makes the next thread can delete that line.

No. 477637

>comes to stir up shit
>pwease leave me awone!!!1!!

No. 477641

all her little minions came in here to defend themselves and not her, which is hilarious tbh.

No. 477648

File: 1516633700075.png (167.4 KB, 640x1136, DF2F326D-31BC-48BF-B488-B38A55…)

Even the confetti club told you to get the fuck off these threads kek. Also spreading rumours and lies?? About what? The fact that Jill has a god awful sense of fashion and that she has a shopping addiction??? Ok then

No. 477660

nobody even needs to be in the group, all the posts are publicly accessible for anyone who wants to witness the mess the cuntfetti club is

No. 477661

Ohhhhhh boy. You're one of those.

No. 477665

this person has a point though. i see no problem with a vegan event or parade, but vegans who act like they're oppressed are so annoying lmao.

No. 477670


This is some of the most retarded shit I read today. Can’t wait for this whole brainwashed generation to finally grow up and get their head out of their ass. Wow.

No. 477673

I'm not even vegan but the term "Pride" is mutually exclusive from oppression. And like it or not, there are not as many vegan options in the food industry, so there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

Also, for many people, eating meat goes against their morals or sometimes they have to do it because of their health, so how exactly is that a choice?

All these tumblrthots don't understand the basic concept of rallying for change jfc. Posts like >>477534 are just as bad as homophobes telling LGBT+ to stfu.

No. 477675

>morals aren't a choice

hahah good one!

No. 477683

> pride and oppression are mutually exclusive
> mutually exclusive

I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means

No. 477687

>why is this embarrassing for me? standing up for myself when I’m being harassed by people who hide behind a horrible website is embarrassing?
> Don’t dish out what you can’t take. That goes to all of you.

It's embarrassing because you're not being harassed. People talking about you behind your back online is not harassment. Sustained, unwanted personal contact over a long period of time is harassment.

Saying we're hiding is a cop out. We're not hiding, and we can take what we dish out. Look at the level of infighting that goes on here, we all have a pretty thick skin.

Would we say this shit to Jill's face? Absolutely. I for one would love the opportunity. The reason we don't do these things with our names attached is because it's social suicide. I don't have 50K instagram followers who're willing to argue with strangers on the internet for me.

You seem like an SJW type so let me make this simple for you: Online, amount of followers = privilege. None of us have enough followers to call Jill out publicly regardless of how right we are about what we're saying, because her privilege will protect her. If I say that Jill's newest outfit isn't great and her hair looks really bad, I'm not going to get concrit back, I'm going to get actual harassment back. You don't get to say
>Don’t dish out what you can’t take. That goes to all of you.
When all we're doing is posting mean comments, and what we'll get in return is thousands of people harassing us.

No. 477689

and perfecto I forgot to sage, apologies.

No. 477695


“Lets protest this protest about saving lives cuz my protest about saving lives is more important than that other protest to save lives!”

Are you mentally challenged?

No. 477700

what i find more pathetic than anything is that these soft babies are all trying to stick up for jill and are trying to be all "kind" but yet they all know what lolcow is? they all probs hang around here talking shit about other people like get over yourself! "were a family, be kind, stop bulying" oh-puh-lease

No. 477701

They probably know about the farm from word of mouth or from googling Pixie. I'm sure there are a few who lurk for entertainment, but a lot of them probably don't regularly come to this place.

No. 477705

people always come in here and say we're hiding, it's so stupid. i personally like anon, because people on reddit and tumblr and other forums/sites tend to 'dig up dirt' on you(by way of post history) to invalidate your opinions. people here can speak more freely without that fear. i don't really care about being doxxed or anything, i just want to state my point and have it be done at that, i don't need people claiming my point is wrong because i thought x 5 years ago, things change.

No. 477738

Go back to being delusional special snowflakes. People irl probably talk shit about all of you too, most of you can't dress yourselves or use critical thinking. You just wanna be coddled and put in a safe space instead of thinking for yourself or letting criticism help you improve. Bet people in your group also cry over lolitas being mean and jfashion rules being too hard. Kek

No. 477740

their fashion isn't even a real thing. i don't get why they need to be part of a fashion if they don't want to dress a certain way. shit lolitas always get butthurt cause they get called out, but like, why even be lolita? just dress how you like and don't label it.

No. 477742

I like anonymous forums like cgl and lolcow because I like chatting about random shit without having a UN attached as well. Reddit and Tumblr and the like are all about karma and notes, and FB is too personal. Sage for not actually contributing.

No. 477743

Awww shucks, the confetti club group is no longer public

No. 477748


>I just didn’t agree with starting to pick at and post pictures of fans, when this is meant to be about Jillian.

So you're happy to lurk and bitch about other people, but when it's you in particular you suddenly speak up? Kek. I mean I'm sure most people would be the same but they probably wouldn't be up on their high horse about it all.

No. 477756

Can we please just make a separate thread for Jill's calves or something? This doesn't even have anything to do with her besides coining the "fashion", and it's taking over the thread.

No. 477757

File: 1516642614269.gif (467.95 KB, 150x121, 17539380593295.gif)

Jill and her fans are such babies

No. 477762

alright, i know we got a guy on the inside, you better deliver, anon.

No. 477771

I agree, I think they need a separate thread

No. 477777

what the fuk happened in here KEK

No. 477778

This. Jill's "con mom" is a massive potential cow. We're missing so much just because its not relevant to Jill herself.

No. 477782

File: 1516643588705.jpeg (191.14 KB, 750x1031, 9DA37B4B-2C48-4475-B9C6-30EF60…)

Next thread pic

No. 477785

I'm gonna vomit in my mouth. That's so bad that it's good, anon.

No. 477790


Newfag here, but I've been a long time lurker for the past few months. Just wanted to mention I am also in the Confetti Club group.

No. 477808

just make sure to double or triple check your caps for any identifiers, anon.

No. 477823

Fucking really, new fag? Are you looking to out yourself too? Kek don't be that stupid is my recommendation to you.

No. 477849

File: 1516647384547.jpg (225.09 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20180122-185411.jpg)

I cant wait to see her further damage her hair

No. 477853

How long has it been since "The rainbow bangs are part of my identity!", 2 weeks? This girl, I swear.

No. 477863

i keep thinking OP pic is the bilateral symmetry shoop that anon did, but then i look at the bangs.

No. 477872

why does she give herself the most retarded nickames

No. 477881

I have no idea why she has bangs at all, rainbow or otherwise. In her last ten spam ig selfies, she has her bangs pinned back in nine of them. I don't understand it at all.

No. 477884

she probably wants to take care of them but doesn't. the rest of her hair looks greasy enough as it is, i don't even want to imagine the bangs…

No. 477903

"Rainbie" what the fuck is wrong with her brain? Why can't she speak liek a normal person?

I wish she gets rid of those hideous bangs tbh, always greasy and ugly.

No. 477940

File: 1516651762494.jpg (80.04 KB, 960x960, 26231445_2016413711969222_3119…)

Someone attempted to make a style guide

No. 477941

So, we all know Jillian has her head up Kelly Eden's ass.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Kelly's (although I don't have any beef with her either), but I noticed she uploaded a fitness routine video recently. I watched it, and I've gotta say I have respect for her determination.

At least she has the get up and go to WANT to get fit. We've heard Jillian complain about wanting to lose weight, but apparently she's incapable of doing that healthily? I mean, let's be real - she would benefit greatly from a personal trainer (just like Kelly), and it's not like she couldn't afford it.

Some roadblocks for many people looking to become fit/lose weight are lack of time and money, both of which Jillian has PLENTY of. There's really no excuse for her to be so lazy because not only could she sign up for a gym and have 1 on 1 training classes, she could also afford a consultation with a dietician to formulate a realistic meal plan to get her on the right track.

Like, yes she's had an eating disorder in the past but she literally has every option at her disposal to get healthy.

No. 477964

>>477941 Jill has a home gym too

No. 477975


That too!

As someone who doesn't have access to a gym and my only option is working out in my damn tiny bedroom I just don't understand why she doesn't take advantage of her opportunities.

But no, just keep taking naps and drinking your sugary tea, Jill.

No. 477977

this is just like a pinky pie gijinka guide basically. also, literally none of it has ever looked like that ever.

No. 477978

Look at the current state of her hair, and then try to imagine what her bangs must be looking like right now. I think she wants the rainbow bangs but they're clearly too much maintenance for her.

This could not be more vague.

No. 477987


I don't get why anyone with Jill's disposable income would ruin their hair the way she does. With the money she has, she could buy a high quality wig (or two?) and wear that while she lets her hair grow out and eventually cut all the heavily damaged shit off.

She reminds me of those people with long hair who have tons of split ends that refuse to even get a trim because ~ LONG HAIR AESTHETIC ~

Like fuck, wouldn't you prefer having healthy hair vs. hair that is so fried and greasy??

No. 477988

File: 1516653812291.png (36.85 KB, 640x178, IMG_7807.PNG)

The party Kei group was archived, no one can post or comment anymore
Wonder if it was because of the girl posting here

No. 477989

Party Kei Worldwide Community Facebook group has been archived because of us kek

No. 477994

File: 1516654007495.png (161.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7808.PNG)

Oh never mind I guess
Man they're watching this close I bet

No. 477999

File: 1516654157005.jpeg (650.43 KB, 1242x1136, 386F4F48-BFCC-4F27-A02B-85EC56…)

No. 478011

Fuck they really are up Jill's snatch kek

No. 478012

How are they gonna keep people out though? I'm sure plenty of jfashion people lurk here and will get in without a second glance.

No. 478014

Here is the link to the new Party Kei group


No. 478017

"Why do you want to join?" "How did you find the group?" "Do you wear party kei or have an interest in it?"

Does she seriously fucking think this isn't an easy thing to pass through? Fucks sakes the people in this thread probably know more about Jill's idea of Party Kei better than the people in the damn group does.

No. 478019

File: 1516655076164.jpg (403.78 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20180122-210331.jpg)

I found this interesting kek

No. 478022

File: 1516655183199.jpg (251.97 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20180122-210507.jpg)

I wonder what there tactic is

No. 478025

lmao now they think the admins are targeting people. 500 keks! i almost want to join just to watch this dumpster fire.

No. 478029

lmao I can just imagine this being like:
"hmmm… they said they don't like rainbie bangs and are happy jill is changing them…. MUST BE A HATED BLOCKED"

No. 478040

They didn't even get the right admin lmao

No. 478060

File: 1516657173629.png (339.33 KB, 1242x2208, 79277FBB-2697-4242-8ABA-272362…)

No. 478069

File: 1516657602471.jpg (339.19 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20180122-214446.jpg)

No. 478072

File: 1516657627766.jpg (514.05 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20180122-214521.jpg)

No. 478073

File: 1516657642621.jpg (448.54 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20180122-214536.jpg)

No. 478077

aww yes, jill's minions are delivering milk without her even being part of it.

No. 478081

File: 1516658118259.jpeg (793.58 KB, 1242x1593, B2737BD5-D8E4-4309-88BE-093E97…)

No. 478082

File: 1516658126166.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)


This entire thing is such a mess, I'm loving it! Wonder if Jill will react to this lmao
But those people are equally annoying like Jill and they deserve each other.

No. 478083

I swear Jill's fans are dumber than she is. Kek

No. 478084

of course they're just like jill, that's why the look up to her so much.

No. 478085

File: 1516658210640.jpeg (390.51 KB, 1242x948, FD693DC7-EDFD-4CA4-9B9E-78B353…)

No. 478086

I find it weird they’re making a new group without talking to Jill first. I always assumed it was her group

No. 478089

File: 1516658354212.jpg (83.92 KB, 960x805, 26992045_10213362816737905_874…)

this was then deleted kek

No. 478090

File: 1516658416710.png (343.17 KB, 1242x2208, 15ABE4A5-46D3-46F0-A1C7-C8191F…)

No. 478093

File: 1516658484005.jpeg (467.39 KB, 1242x1716, F8FA3CD4-6EB4-400D-9F4B-B2A1A5…)

No. 478094

File: 1516658509084.jpg (136.48 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20180122-220042.jpg)

We sure are loving it lek

No. 478096

No. 478098

Saxon confirmed only non-retard Jill stan

No. 478099

File: 1516658696182.jpg (331.72 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20180122-220413.jpg)

This is the post that created all of the drama kek

No. 478107

File: 1516658958365.png (137.46 KB, 494x640, IMG_7814.PNG)

these people are definition snowflakes

No. 478109

File: 1516659042608.jpg (20.58 KB, 380x326, FB_IMG_1516658960857.jpg)

Party kei is a bigger mess than pixie herself

No. 478110

File: 1516659081688.jpeg (274.77 KB, 1242x778, AA03EBEF-029F-42E1-9382-5693A1…)


No. 478113

>>478109 just to clarify, I took the screenshot from her wall. I'm not her and it isn't a self post.

No. 478117

File: 1516659279030.jpg (373.9 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20180122-221336.jpg)

Just some proof just in case it gets her into some shit

No. 478118

And now comments are closed on the last one, this is such a cluster fuck and it's hilarious.
We're not even doing anything but share already public screenshots and it's making them lose their shit.
They're terrible mods.

No. 478120

File: 1516659330574.jpeg (587.79 KB, 1350x2400, 45078623-00C2-46A9-81E6-514087…)

No. 478123

The mod they removed was literally the best out of all of them, and her content was the only good content in the group.

No. 478134

File: 1516660022080.jpg (285.37 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20180122-222540.jpg)

It really pisses me off that Jill tries to take this moral stance, when she eats meat and doesn't use cruelty free products

No. 478135

>I hope Jillian is okay
Why would she even care lmao, this is a dumpster fire. I almost feel bad for her that they're trying to drag her into this for no reason whatsoever.

No. 478136

>inb4 Jill tries going vegan

No. 478139

She couldn't give up the peeps, anon.

No. 478144

Emphasis on try, it'd be like her ethical fashion attempts where she half-asses it for a month and then just buys fast fashion anyway (i.e. WC, but I guess it's not fast fashion if it's from JAPAN buddy uwu)

No. 478153

Anon, we can see your profile photo. Might wanna crop and repost.

No. 478154

>>478148 i managed to find your facebook account, anon. Be more careful posting screencaps next time.

No. 478158

Yikes rookie mistake sorry.

No. 478159

Finally a new designer diaries

No. 478160

File: 1516660954430.jpeg (410.53 KB, 745x626, 85479E2A-3253-49F5-938F-036492…)

Sounds like she’s putting up a video about this home made cat house. It’s honestly cute? Hopefully the video is decent. I wish she’d do more stuff like this than the fashion/haul stuff.

No. 478161

File: 1516660975749.jpeg (138.59 KB, 640x753, DF6C8E6A-7024-4401-B71C-E7C0A8…)

I’ll try again; even the uk group is up in flames

No. 478164

Lol welp beat me to it anon

No. 478167

Lmao this does NOT count as a designer diaries video. You glued together some cardboard and painted it pastel

No. 478168

>>478159 Jill looks even worse than usual HOW

No. 478176

she called the flaps of the box 'flappy flaps' ew
Also she got three minutes in before saying 'oh if you're like eleven maybe have an adult help you?? idk exacto knives are sharp' god save me

No. 478178

File: 1516661478175.png (46.31 KB, 549x255, IMG_7816.PNG)

Seriously, I'm surprised they got rid of her when they're obviously sick of Skylers impulsive shit.
Skyler doesn't even seem to wear J Fashion like the rest, the only thing she has is a generic shitty bodyline dress.
Pic related, she's been told to take a seat lmao.
This is great to watch, especially since they're doing it all by themselves.

No. 478182

File: 1516661666152.jpg (104.27 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20180122-225338.jpg)

Did any farmers actually get removed kek

No. 478184

I remember before, she got really pissed about non related content (pre off topic group) but she refused to have another admin

No. 478188

I like the house, it's really cute. Her "designer diaries" are just a homeware/moving out series though, she should really rename this or actually make clothes.

I also wonder how many anons in this thread are party kei fags turning on their leader Jill.

No. 478190

>>478188 it's basically everyone who doesn't sage kek

No. 478194

this thread somehow made me hate the whole party-kei community even more than Jill

No. 478199

This is giving me Baylee Jae Arty Advent vibes

No. 478202

File: 1516662910543.jpg (100.21 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_20180122-231344.jpg)

Kek we're a band topic now

No. 478203

I bet the cats will only use this when Jillian forces them there for pictures. What even appeals about this to a cat?

No. 478208

File: 1516663064001.jpeg (870.18 KB, 1242x1351, 46FB338C-2788-468F-A0FC-2D7894…)

No. 478231

Kek I got kicked from the party kei Facebook page. I guess the new system works!

No. 478234

Despite the fact that members were coming on lolcow saying that everyone was a meanie who couldn’t handle Jill’s speshul uwu and then crying when they got doxed? mkay pukey kei

No. 478238


No. 478239

>>478237 sage doesn't go in the name bit but okay kek

No. 478240

Designer diaries was originally a series that was focused on her progress in fashion while in college, which is why she started out with the ikea video. Because her shopping for furniture was her first step for college.

I guess she got antsy though because she was a fucking idiot and made a college based series without being in college yet so she just shit out a video that was some sort of 'design.' She jumped the gun with that series, especially considering she probably won't do more than one semester.

No. 478241

Are you the anon who accidentally doxed themselves >>478161? Because that's hardly a feat.

No. 478244

>>478241 i'm pretty sure they are, as I just checked the current members

No. 478247

Nope different person. I might have just been one of the many members that skyfag deleted in a fit of rage

No. 478278


This generation does not deserve to live.

No. 478289

Eh, This is actually cute content. My cat would like this (but he likes anything made of cardboard). I couldn't be bothered to listen to her talk about it though. It is a simple project that I could figure out on my own without her rambling about flapies.

No. 478292

Cats like small dark places to hide in. Cat houses exist anon.

No. 478299

her not going cruelty free is a failure on her part, but acting like anyone who eats meat automatically isn't allowed to care about other animal rights issues is so stupid lmao

No. 478300

ngl it's a cute project but way too long of a video for how simple of a diy this is

No. 478324

Okay I am thoroughly confused right now. The Party Kei Worldwide Comminuty I'm a part of on fb is still allowing people to post and has over 2k members…so what was this other group? Confetti Club? This is such a huge clusterfuck…

No. 478325

Leonnie Good/Leo Argentum, if you're still here reading this stuff, very nice job on creating this clusterfuck of a mess. A+ hun, it's been entertaining us ~

No. 478326


Genuinely blown away she's SO proud of painting a box. I'd be impressed if she'd not half-assed it and gotten at least those thin, pine sheets you can get at craft places. Then it wouldn't fall apart as soon as it's accidentally kicked. It'd last at least being stumbled in to twice.

No. 478329

File: 1516670058215.jpg (50.82 KB, 637x637, pHMYM9G.jpg)

also Skyler, this isn't even party kei???

No. 478333


This reminds me of that fake autistic was a she now a he 'punk' that admitted to molesting her younger sister, and being in to necrophilia etc. Looks a LOT like her in this pic

No. 478334

so wait, they just up and banned people who found out about the thread? that's fucking amazing, how stupid are they?

No. 478371

File: 1516671957298.jpeg (136.32 KB, 750x563, 7A9C259F-2911-4622-99D1-FC950D…)

Fake boi freak out lol

No. 478377

File: 1516672225748.jpeg (233.84 KB, 750x752, F65B62EF-DFCB-4111-BE01-271CF7…)


No. 478378

File: 1516672245214.jpeg (59.07 KB, 750x414, 018E5BD8-2F77-443F-AF27-57655D…)


No. 478382

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why not listen to your boyfriend instead of riding some manic high into this thread?

No. 478387


>tfw you're a huge drama queen.

No. 478389

Why are you calling her a fake boi? Her gender is listed as female.

Just leave her be. She obviously regrets going into the lions' den. She has nothing to do with Pixie, and her opinions on veganism don't matter.

No. 478391

I actually feel bad for her.
Really shouldn't post about her esp. she's possibly a minor too?

No. 478396

Fair. It is a little bit lulzy, but I think most people here are not going to do anything as soon as she just stops talking about it.
What can you do? Flakes gonna flake.

No. 478400

Wtf, how important does she think she is? Making fun of her is funny, but nobody is going to send her messages or anything.

No. 478404

Yeah I agree everyone here is pretty harmless but her suicidal comment was sad to read.

Leo if you're here just leave and stop posting about it.

No. 478405

I’m laughing so fucking hard. Calm the fuck down sweetheart. No one cares about you or wants to make you miserable. They were simply making a point and warning you about revealing your identity on anynomous forums (if you thought chanboards were no joke, then honey you were very wrong, look up why Hilary Clinton’s emails were leaked during her election campaign, 4chan leaked it, if there’s anything you need to know about the history of chanboards is that they’re excellent detectives).

Now please understand that you don’t matter at all. This thread is entirely about Jillian who has offered the public all her personal information online for many years and the only reason we discuss her is because she’s rubbed many of us the wrong way and we resort to talking behind her back because many of us are in jfashion communities and the repercussions on social media would be ridiculous if we openly shared our criticisms.

The only reason anyone picked on you was because you openly threw yourself in the crossfire and it was obvious you had no idea what site you stumbled upon. There’s really no reason for suicidal ideation okay? Chanboards have existed without you, will continue to do so and lolcow is nowhere near the worst of it.

Good luck moving past your paranoia.

No. 478411

It kind of reminds me of the LACE thing that kind of started the Jill Drama. They never learn that acknowledging it does more harm than good.

No. 478413

Imagine if these girls got posted to /cgl/. They’d be ripped to shreds for shitting on J-fashion with this trashy-kei.

I do kinda feel bad though, like we all do stupid shit as kids and it’s terrifying to think that someone could be after you. But then it’s like, why tf is she being such a dumb drama queen. If she’d shut up we’d forget about her within a day.

I made my cat a gingerbread house out of cardboard one time and he loved it. Cats love cardboard boxes, we just decorate the boxes for our own amusement and aesthetic. I think this is an actual decent video of hers for once. I haven’t been able to stand listening to any of her other videos lately because she’s steadily becoming more obnoxious.

No. 478420

File: 1516673603154.jpeg (147.93 KB, 750x1055, C516822B-8FF5-4EBF-B47D-288005…)

No. 478421


For her standards, it was one of her more watchable videos… sort of. I feel like a quarter of the watch time was her repeating herself. How many times in 5 minutes can she go 'yeah yeah yeah'?

No. 478423

File: 1516673633693.jpeg (165.85 KB, 656x931, 1F070418-27E3-4B0C-8B97-E6F81D…)

No. 478424

File: 1516673656915.jpeg (228.57 KB, 750x988, 41CE1B23-33F5-45DA-82DD-E3F025…)

No. 478429


uhh… Courtney, I think you just outed yourself.

No. 478431

Welcome to the club, Courtney.

No. 478432

File: 1516673938295.jpg (86.15 KB, 900x527, stereotype_of_a_weeaboo_by_cat…)

everyone that partakes in this gaudy "fashion" (and any other weeaboo "fashion") is so dramatic. they're disposable entertainment to us, and they're all having literal panic attacks over this thread. I'd be surprised if all of us weren't on the shitter right now, having a good hearty laugh at how terrified they are while we pinch one out

party-kei faggots, learn how to dress properly instead of worrying about lolcow

saged for not contributing

No. 478436

Check earlier in the thread, they're her screenshots she shared that anons are reposting

No. 478438


My bad for not paying close enough attention, then. Sorry.

No. 478448

Going to interject, that girl was the best mod they had. Skyler is lazy and I never saw her post in the actual group, not to mention she’s into DDLG. That other mod never posted in the group neither.

No. 478453

another cheap shot that doesn't actually have anything to do with jill. just leave them be and let's keep this threads more on topic

No. 478454

And i thought last night's shitfest was great, y'all made my last few hours of work tolerable for once, even if its offtopic from Jills usual shit.

No. 478456

File: 1516676064998.jpg (75.39 KB, 550x412, E6000 Projects 3.jpg)


First off I dont see how this is a designer diaries, when in her own description on the video "Welcome to my new series where I take you along as I work towards my fashion design dreams!"

Also did anyone else cringe when she mentioned reinforcing the house with gorilla glue or E6000? The worry I always have with these types of DIY pet projects is that you really have to be aware what is and isnt safe for your animal. Even the fumes from paint could potentially be harmful, depending on the type of paint and what animal you have
>ive watched hamster videos where they always use food based dyes to color items because ofc a hamster is so small it cant handle much fumes at all

On the E6000 label itself
>not recommended for any items that come into contact with animals

No. 478458

She is probably ditching them because it's not "special anymore", there are plenty of chicks with rainbow bangs now so it's time to find something new.

No. 478459

>No off-site issues will infiltrate our group like it has!

Bitch we've been around way longer than your stupid facebook group lmao

No. 478460

Not her just saw her public post

No. 478469

okay leo or whatever your name is.

No. 478472

I love how a majority of people don’t give a shit about her bangs lol

No. 478479

The other Party kei groups are gone

No. 478480

I don't sympathize with Leo at all. It's her dumb ass fault for coming here acting all high and mighty

>ooo nothing bad will happen to me because my name on Facebook isn't real!!

Anyways I used to not be for the confetti club calf thread at all because I thought it would just be shit posting about uggos and gaudy outfits but Jesus this shit show has changed my mind.

No. 478481

I've seen people build animal houses and use elmer's glue or any other safe/non-toxic glue.. Jill is a damn idiot

No. 478487

For a girl who loves her purebred cats, she doesn't seem to care whether they die with her tinsel or toxic glue.

No. 478493

ngl ive debated making a discord server purely to discuss jill and the confetti club off lolcow all because of this but i feel like doing a server just for that is just overkill

No. 478498

Veganism is absolutely ridiculous.(derailing)

No. 478508

Listen potato nose, quit while you're ahead. Literally no one here gives two shits about you or your cute uwu confetti club bullshit. Its not really its own fashion its just an excuse to be tacky. Go back to the facebook hugbox from which you came.

No. 478521

File: 1516682055788.jpeg (53.34 KB, 645x429, image.jpeg)

No. 478525


No. 478532

Kek. I was in the old group and got added to the new one within minutes of submitting my request. I've never posted caps here, but there's absolutely no way for them to know who's a lurker here and who isn't.

No. 478536

File: 1516683273849.png (115.77 KB, 640x836, IMG_7817.PNG)

>no opinions until I'm awake uwu
This group is a garbage fire and it's mods are the cause.
Seems like there was deep rooted trouble amongst the admins before they even they found us.
Buuut of course we're to blame

No. 478539

Wonder if Jillian will comment on this. This people grovel at her feet and she can’t even give them the time of day lmfao sad.

No. 478554

She won’t. Bringing attention to here means bringing attention to what she’s done, especially how she treated mystery girl behind the scenes.

No. 478555

Looking through the page, seems she only posts when she wants to sell them something. Her shirts, pins, a new video. That's it. I doubt she'll care enough to post anything because that means acknowledging us

No. 478556

File: 1516684601436.jpeg (238.04 KB, 1242x986, 4BDF304E-73F5-4917-96CD-103979…)

No. 478562

File: 1516684863153.jpeg (92.75 KB, 750x713, EFA4692B-A147-4932-B98C-19438E…)

Jill is no longer a part of the Party Kei community pages, seems she isn’t impressed with the way things went down

No. 478575

File: 1516685703891.png (94.38 KB, 640x1076, IMG_7818.PNG)

Lmao yep she's gone. Must feel shitty when your idol won't defend you after you devoted so much time to her and her made up fashion.
Huh I wonder why there's a thread about her here, it's almost like she does this to people on a regular basis or something,

No. 478620

File: 1516690170851.png (271.81 KB, 1084x866, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 1.45…)

((these comments aren't mine I only blocked the name/pic of the person commenting because I'm respecting members who didn't do anything wrong but fuck Skyler…)) seriously this group is so diluted like Jillian literally buys all her clothes from dollskill but no we can't mention it because someone is but hurt from something that literally never affected them and also happened two years ago, like it sucks but grow the fuck up, your cult leader still shops there…. ugh I would leave that group if the milk wasn't so good all on it's own kek

No. 478623

Kelly eden did something nearly identical for her dog. so…clearly a ripoff of kelly's video

No. 478626

Skyler doesn't even dress party kei, why is she even there

No. 478634

Kelly comemented on the video too.
Cows unite.

No. 478637

Seriously the shitstorm going down is hilarious. It's entertaining to see them crumble down so easily when one little thing goes wrong

No. 478638

>Discord server
lord help us

No. 478644

Well, it’s not just a moral thing. It’s shitty that animals get abused in factories, but people seem to forget how great it is for the environment in general.

No. 478652

what does kek mean?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 478654

Oh my god i read this whole thread straight faced but this made me burst out in hysterics

No. 478659

Kenan et Kel

No. 478663

>>478652 google is your friend. sage for useless common sense

No. 478666

File: 1516699283397.jpeg (339.44 KB, 506x631, E40B2090-D6AA-4481-B2F1-6E0514…)

Fucking newfags

No. 478669

File: 1516700115232.jpg (8.73 KB, 275x202, 1457811126592.jpg)

No. 478679

No. 478702

This is the greatest thread since Japan

No. 478714

File: 1516708771462.jpeg (183.98 KB, 1242x252, 25E5ABF9-780B-4755-AC38-0687F1…)

No. 478715


If you see this Jill then have some fucking pride in your home/appearance, hoover your floor, that rug looks filthy, clean your damn couch and look after it, if you can't be bothered to wash your hair get some dry shampoo and wash your sweatpants, honestly, you look filthy and that is not cut, you look like one of those eccentric (mad) old women who people avoid because they are dirty and smell

No. 478773

File: 1516714366660.jpg (379.09 KB, 1052x1136, Screenshot_20180123-133155.jpg)

So much for taking a backseat kek

No. 478776

File: 1516714533908.jpg (335.11 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20180123-133418.jpg)

It's interesting how she liked this after we called her out on not being cruelty free/veggie kek

No. 478778

Funny enough she’s a huge cow herself, she has a thread on lolcow as Saxy. When cows collide lmaooo

No. 478796

She doesn't give a fuck about any of that. Sure she tries to be non fast fashion but that's to look good for her fans and she said she was still gonna buy it but not talk about it. All the useless plastic shit she buys, all the materialistic shit she never wears, and she said she eats microwaved meatballs daily. Good luck adding veggie/vegan, environmental friendly to your fake list along with gay and fashion designer.

No. 478799

What "journey and process" is she going through in terms of this? Buying a couple more bags to fuel another minute of her shopping addiction and justifying it by saying they're an alternative to plastic while buying more plastic and plastic-packaged crap than 6 other people combined?

No. 478801

Lool i just thought her comments were the least retarded, didn't realise she was a cow - going to check out her thread kek thanks anon

No. 478819

>veganism is good for the environment
except many products used almost exclusively by vegans cause irreversible soil damage, which, even pastured animals do not.(derailing)

No. 478823

Not to mention underpaid labor.

No. 478837

I'm pretty sure explicitly asking people to click on ads is a great way to have your adsense removed. If youtube decide pixie told these guys to spread the message they're gonna demonitize her. Idiots.

No. 478860

Googling this gave me nothing, so want to back it up?

People at the farm and slaughterhouse are in the same position.(derailing)

No. 478865

Lmfao if that's the case, were doing TWICE as much irreversible soil damage trying to feed the billions of livestock we have AND The billions of humans.(derailing)

No. 478867

Samefag *we're

No. 478868

no because this isn't a fucking vegan thread. just look up almonds and you'll get it.

No. 478871

Still not as much water used for livestock. Compare people c'mon. I'm not even vegan lol

No. 478873

Her fucking hair is absolute fucked

No. 478877

This really isn't the thread to talk about vegan stuff. I'm not disagreeing with you, but please don't derail the thread.

No. 478889

And you happen to have the same icon as her? Sure.

Honestly, this is the Jill thread but can you fault her for leaving? People were messaging her on Twitter about this petty shit, trying to delete and re-make groups, she'd be stupid to draw more attention to this and her thread. At lease she's been smart enough to not directly mention lolcow and "hate forums" again after LACE.

Hers is a real house though, you need some actual skill to make this as opposed to Jill's cardboard version.

No. 478896

File: 1516726579405.png (101.28 KB, 1080x664, 20180123_124606.png)

Late to the game but I love how she makes this all about her.

No. 478898

File: 1516726602381.png (126.36 KB, 1080x745, 20180123_124706.png)

No. 478899

File: 1516726625199.png (201 KB, 1080x1408, 20180123_124950.png)

No. 478905

but the usage of water isn't the issue, it's the use of the soil.

No. 478906

>And you happen to have the same icon as her? Sure.

you asshat >>478424 is a cap of a screenshot courtney reposted.

No. 478907

Jill knows her friends go on these "hate sites" and is seemingly fine with that, but she can't deal with them being mentioned in a group that is only vaguely about her?

No. 478910


Stop derailing the thread or gtfo

No. 478914

Kek, what did they expect to happen? Like, what would be the benefit causing outrage?

My b anon, should have looked more closely.

No. 478921

She gets pissy if anyone says anything about them to her. Doesn't matter what for.
I can't believe these people idolize such a selfish brat.

No. 478925

Does she even care her fans are getting shit on? They follow her style and are the entire reason she has youtube money and an ego but she just complains about feeling "unsafe" and getting talked about by her fans. Way to be "Mother Jill".

No. 478930

"Like, I know hate sites exist"
Like, you haven't been lurking in them?

No. 478931

don't complain about derailing if you can't even sage, idiot.

dw anon, it looked really confusing to me at first.

No. 478938

I mean that's no secret since her mom has come here to defend her way back when.

No. 478946


Louise has commented here before? Dear god, how cringe-worthy was that?

I mean, she seems like a really nice woman who just wants to shelter Jillian from any harm or negativity but coming here would be such a bad idea…creating more drama than necessary.

No. 478951

Yeah, I felt bad for her really. It was back in Jill's first thread.

No. 478952

It’s in the first thread iirc. If anyone goes back to read it, make sure you differentiate between the “real” Jill’s mom and the troll that followed in afterwards so ya don’t look like a goober.

No. 478978

File: 1516730307535.jpg (360.12 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20180123-175721.jpg)

I have a feeling this is about Jill kek

No. 478979

jill is so annoying she's gross(namefagging)

No. 478991

Who is this and how'd you find it?

No. 478994

she's an admin of party kei. I found it via Jill's twitter account.

No. 478997

I wouldn’t namefag or put your real email

No. 478999

File: 1516731135590.jpg (423.03 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20180123-181105.jpg)

This is how I found it

No. 479010

File: 1516731599814.jpg (154.28 KB, 810x603, Screenshot_20180123-180816.jpg)

Lemme known if y'all are sick of part kei screenshots but I find them lulzy af

No. 479012

Thank you, hekkonbbuii, for your amazing contribution.

No. 479014

>implying Jill gave a shit to begin with
She's got youtube and instagram for asspats, she'll get her fix even without your group.

Keep the good ones coming I don't mind.

No. 479018

I don't give a fuck about party kei but I really want to smack this cunt Skyler, what an annoying shitstain

No. 479022

I'm sick of the kei screenshots, they are pretty boring <3

No. 479035

Yeah none of this interests me at all.

No. 479040

I think they’re funny ass hell running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

No. 479042

Eh, I don't mind them, since it's not like there's actual jill drama that's being distracted from. And I feel like it's slowly causing discord between jill and her fans, which is enjoyable. I don't think there's enough for it to warrant it's own thread, and I think it's nice to have the 'backstory' to what's going on, too. It also shows more neglect on Jill's part towards her fans (seems as relevant as people who still complain about MG being broken up with or whatever - it speaks to Jill's character and the kind of crowd she breeds)

No. 479053

File: 1516734366505.png (196.58 KB, 540x779, Screenshot_2018-01-23-19-04-44…)

No. 479057

>>479053 this gives me the impression she went cold turkey, rather than to taper

No. 479075

keep em comin

i hope she doesn't relapse and anhero, it'll cut off the milk.

No. 479113

shes a fucking mess. get help jill, from an actual doctor. stop with this "uwu self care shit". i'm 99% sure shes eventually going to have a meltdown of epic proportions and have to disappear off the interwebs for a chunk of time while she regains her sanity. i know she'll end up on pt for real one of these days, i can taste it

No. 479135

surprised that she uses her fitbit app since she doesn't seem to care about being completely sedentary or eating like shit all day kek

No. 479137

but look how uwu kawaii the moon is anon.

No. 479140

File: 1516739196153.png (336.02 KB, 1242x2208, B8F7B8B3-8AA9-437C-ADEA-C5F5FF…)

No. 479143

Wow, it's all "me me me" with her and how she wants to feel happy and safe. No mentions of her fans feelings. She just doesn't care.
Probably worried they'll find out the truth about her from reading here.

No. 479144

>>479140 Jill really likes Courtney, as she tweeted about emailing them. Plus she was a featured confetti member at the end of one of Jill's video. She even promoted her store. What a mess kek

No. 479167

I personally love it, shows how little Jill cares for her fans. Maybe sage them if other anons get mad

No. 479175

File: 1516740708605.png (155.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7820.PNG)

This group is a fucking mess. Skylar is just awful and power hungry it seems. Really should've booted her instead of Courtney, she's impulsive and repulsive

No. 479177

I would love to see the comments on this

No. 479182

File: 1516740887290.png (139.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7825.PNG)

No. 479183

File: 1516740948790.png (148.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7822.PNG)

No. 479196

>"Where is your shirt from?"
>"Sorry, I can't tell you."

This is so stupid.

No. 479197


Everyone will instantly know it's from dollskill, lol

No. 479199

the brand that must not be named

No. 479201

>"I know people say things. I KNOOW."

No. 479202

File: 1516741575722.jpeg (181.7 KB, 750x977, 27CD0327-A882-4E23-9809-CC3EE6…)

No. 479203

Why is dollskill banned anyway??

God their group is a mess. They're all such special snowflakes. Who bans mentioning a brand except special tumblr sjw geez.

No. 479206

nice throwback, anon. i got it.

No. 479208

>people were dragging jill into this mess about the thread on lc that's about just her
>not about her

No. 479209

File: 1516741775081.png (133.51 KB, 640x841, IMG_7827.PNG)

Adding to yours

No. 479210

who tf you think wears this shit other than sjws?

No. 479211

>>479203 scroll up, it has already been posted

No. 479213

This dumbass, talk to your psychiatrist before you mess with your meds Jill. This isn't a game.

Sophie seems to be holding it together better than the others.

No. 479216

cause stolen artwork shit. these types always get pissy about stolen artwork. they banned spreepicky too even though they're just a taobao reseller. and yet i bet they have shit with stolen 80s shit all over it from aliexpress and don't give a fuck cause ~it's corporate~

No. 479217

File: 1516741900088.png (226.65 KB, 1452x770, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 4.11…)

>>479203 according to the page… ugh it's such a mess, no one cares that much

No. 479219

sophie seems like a real cunt tho. all her other posts are pretty bad.

No. 479220

I would tell you to unlike the post so you aren't caught but it'll probably drive them to a frantic witch hunt and that's even bettet

No. 479221

File: 1516742027408.png (95.36 KB, 1164x474, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 4.12…)

does she care about her fans opinion at all???

No. 479222

How is people screenshotting her fans's shitty outfits about her? That's what caused all of this in the first place. It's not like we had a surge of WKs because the farmers were being big ol meanies to Jillybean uwu.

This was already posted upthread

No. 479225

my bad…

No. 479228

No. 479229

File: 1516742358277.jpg (274.16 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20180123-211614.jpg)


No. 479231

>people were dragging Jill in
>glad Jill is okay
Bitch where
I haven't seen Jill address or be part of any of this, other than posting about needing a safe place
We didn't even actually do anything but post screen shots and the entire group fell apart and Jill isn't defending any of it.
Sounds like the problems were already there before we did anything.

No. 479232

File: 1516742418722.jpg (109.22 KB, 1080x424, Screenshot_20180123-211822.jpg)

Jill's comment on the above status

No. 479235

O boi where is this thread? Skylar is a joke

No. 479236

>>479235 on Courtney's profile. Why does everyone in that group have such shit privacy settings kek

No. 479241

File: 1516742703407.jpg (202.59 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20180123-212311.jpg)

I wonder why she has two different profiles what is she trying to hide kek

No. 479249

File: 1516742826952.png (144.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7830.PNG)

Thanks it's a gold mine.
And I know you think they'd be smarter about it, especially that girl who outed herself on here.

No. 479250

File: 1516742859575.png (136.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7831.PNG)

No. 479253

>>479241 I found where she lives, her college, family and her real name on the second profile. I'm not going to dox her, but he srsly needs to be careful kek

No. 479254

File: 1516742960952.png (144.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7833.PNG)


No. 479255

not the fact that she's a cunt

No. 479256

File: 1516743035818.png (141.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7835.PNG)

Posted the wrong one, here's the juicy one.
They have more infighting than we do

No. 479258

File: 1516743168946.png (144.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7836.PNG)

Man Sophie is a cunt

No. 479262

holy shit. whichever anon said that 'jill's calves' were milky was fucking dead on.

No. 479264

File: 1516743379768.png (70.58 KB, 640x422, IMG_7839.PNG)

I know I can't screen cap this shit fast enough

No. 479269

>if they won't play nice, i'll stoop to their level
>even though i'm above them

man, my cup runneth over. i expected jill to attract a bunch of uwu little shits, but this is too good. i wonder if their messiah is going to intervene or watch them rip at eachother. face it jilly-beany-beary-weary, burn it all and start over.

No. 479276

File: 1516744217717.jpg (206.21 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20180123-214923.jpg)

No. 479282

File: 1516744535996.png (106.6 KB, 640x759, IMG_7840.PNG)

Group is archived again
Funny how Skylar isn't posting shit but can do this

No. 479287

Oh lord she is having a meltdown! This is fucking hilarious. Don’t worry sweetie we definitely have milk xoxo

No. 479288

File: 1516744782564.png (135.9 KB, 640x1136, A1F49CE2-C899-41F5-BDAE-077821…)


No. 479292

>>479288 oh my god kek she is having a breakdown

No. 479294

>>479292 also sophie, sweetie, you profile is open af and I have a lot of peronal info on you kek

No. 479295

Does the milk ever end? Find out in the next episode of “Jillian’s dumbass minions!”

No. 479307

File: 1516745270780.png (435.04 KB, 548x638, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 5.06…)

kek she looks exactly like skyler too… no wonder jill bailed… lmfao this dumpster fire is too good.

No. 479308

That is the gummiest smile I've ever seen.

No. 479321

Fuck she’s disgusting

No. 479324

party kei off topic has been made a secret group now

No. 479327

Can you still provide milk?

No. 479329

No. 479330

>>479329 I think it just means it's harder to find, like you need a link to it? it's not very milky at all, but i'll keep an eye on it just in case

No. 479351

holy shit i've just caught up with the new thread.
they're all so pathetic for inifighting for 2 days now and breaking their own community over us
this could've been so easily avoided if they just ignored a few public posts shared on here, but this was some enjoyable milk kek

No. 479359

They don't get that if they just ignore it or keep things between them private, they won't become a laughing stock. Like, if you've got drama with someone, keep it between you guys and there'll never be an issue.

No. 479362

Don't know if old news or not, but looks like the page has been archived again

No. 479363

Funny how it turns out the admin team doesnt like each other at all and can’t even properly settle things among themselves without resulting to public emotional outbursts and shadowbanning lmao. Just what you’d expect from these super kawaii positive vibes only uwu hugboxes. Theyre all fake as hell.

No. 479368

File: 1516748037641.jpeg (668.57 KB, 1242x1746, 1AE6CAE6-2A7E-454A-BCA8-20D9A1…)

Apparently the main page was deleted. This screen shot is from the off-topic group which seems to be scheduled for deletion as well.

No. 479371

>>479368 what other groups? it's only the confetti club left

No. 479372

Please create another thread about the confetti club, nobody cares. This thread is for jill

No. 479382

the off-topic party kei group is still alive as of right now, Jill was a member for awhile but no longer seems to be.

No. 479385

I think you might actually be the ONLY one who doesn’t care.

No. 479390

None of this party kei worldwide drama really pertains to Jillian anymore, I don't know why you're all continuing to post about it.

No. 479393

It's hilarious, I'm enjoying the milk like most anons

No. 479394

I feel like people who are against it are from their community

No. 479396

Aw stop spoiling our fun! It applies because it’s Jill’s fans and it’s her Facebook group. Also Jill has been pretty dry for the past couple of days and she actually uploaded some half decent content (Half arsed diy). You’ve gotta admit that it’s hilarious to watch.

No. 479404

the party-kei community stuff is funny as hell because Jill sought out for her own style because she wants to be "speechel" and now it's all blowing up so dramatically to the point where Jill herself has literally left and done nothing at all to address her fan page is up in flames… at least until Jill does her next "palm face" move this is hilarious milk, and honestly, the party kei community stuff won't last much longer.

No. 479405

File: 1516749204814.png (346.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180123-231141.png)

This is so weird why is getting off of a med that helped you worth it?

No. 479411

Jillian doesn't seem to be able to function as a normal human being.

I remember a couple of weeks ago she cut her livestream short because she had stayed up until 3am and felt too tired. I mean, seriously? She can't stick to her schedule and do a full stream because she's tired?

It's not like she doesn't nap nonstop like a fucking Snorlax, so why couldn't she do her full stream and then nap afterwards? It shows her lack of commitment to what is essentially her full time job.

Also, does she not ever stop to think perhaps the reason she can't sleep properly at night is because she's sleeping too much during the day?

No. 479414

>>479411 plus her shitty diet and lack of exercise

No. 479424

Jill is currently commenting on like every post in confetti club kek is this to cover her silence on the party kei mess

No. 479429

Idk I'm a student and I've had a lot of regrettable staying up too late experiences. It happens to everyone. A lot of other students also have problems with napping too much.

No. 479431

File: 1516750433715.jpg (230.73 KB, 1074x772, Screenshot_20180123-233210.jpg)

Bets in this person getting banned next? They banned the other person for simply warning everyone that we could dox party kei members

No. 479432

>>479429 but students have classes and work to do, Jill just stays at home constantly doing nothing

No. 479450

They're all freaking out but they don't realise that NOBODY gives a FUCK about them. If they just stopped spazzing out like loons all of this would end lmao

No. 479455

how long do you think it'll take for an official statement uwu to be posted kek

No. 479463


I'm a student too, but if I stay up until 3am I still have to go to class in the morning. I don't just say "screw it" and lay in a pile of sweat like Jillian. (But also she isn't a student??)

If she had a real job she couldn't stay up late and decide she wasn't going to work because she's too tired. She'd get fired really fucking fast if she did.

No. 479502

File: 1516753850647.png (150.91 KB, 640x1136, 8A500606-5642-4DD0-AEC9-DF22DF…)

Looks like Skyler finally realised that Jill doesn’t actually care about her fans and just uses them for asspats

No. 479505

>>479502 which post is this?

No. 479507

An anon posted this >>479253 , so i guess that's what she meant?

No. 479511

>>479507 i mean where is the screenshot from? it kinda looks like a personal message?

No. 479513

It’s from the group chat

No. 479515

>>479513 what group chat and how can I join?

No. 479538

File: 1516754965059.png (90.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7843.PNG)

Lmao it's gone
It's really sad thousands of girls lost a fashion group because the admins all secretly hated each other and couldn't deal with their shit professionally.
Couldn't keep personal issues aside and ruined the whole thing for everyone.
You really suck Sophie, you too Skylar.
You destroyed your own group.
We didn't do shit except watch it all happen.
You can't blame us for this, this is your mess.

No. 479544

Skylar is so full of shit.
"We got her information"
…. you mean we posted a couple public photos and laughed at them?
Girl we didn't do shit, stop blaming us to make people feel bad for you. You did this to yourself.

No. 479558

File: 1516755917444.png (138.95 KB, 640x825, IMG_7845.PNG)

Sophie don't act like this isn't your fault. You are a vile disgusting human being

No. 479560

pls sage

also it's not entirely sophies fault
it all only happened because a member, Leonnie, came here to gloat about the anons here not being able to find anything on her

No. 479563

That post was a mistake I posted too early, deleted and resaged. Sorry!

No. 479567

File: 1516756292224.jpg (20.35 KB, 614x309, FB_IMG_1516756245025.jpg)

Any farmers in ny??

No. 479573

Idk where you go, but a lot of college students skip class because they stayed up too late. I think everyone I know has done that before. Some are even successful students and are in good grad programs.

Jill isn't a student yet. I'm not sure when her term starts. Next fall, I think? So she has a while before she has to go to school.

I feel like I had issues similar to Jill but I managed to get them sorted out eventually. (I hope for a while) I just feel like people are nitpicking her for random things.

Chill out, it's not like party kei was a real fashion

No. 479576


What I'm saying is she needs to learn some level of personal responsibility and accountability for her actions. You can't just coast through life and put in as little effort as possible…although, I suppose perhaps she could considering it wouldn't be surprising for her to suckle at Louise's teat for the rest of her life.

I'm not trying to nitpick, just point out that she is so far removed from the realities of normal people.

No. 479582

File: 1516756740234.png (614 KB, 1242x2208, 64735B23-2B51-4694-91A3-B2B424…)

(from pk off topic)

No. 479585

File: 1516756793029.png (689.31 KB, 1242x2208, F66079C9-0737-4F37-99EA-4BAB9F…)

(from pk off topic)
the original owner being…skyler? wouldn’t surprise me

No. 479586

nah u good
you're not wrong, sophie is a pos

No. 479588

all the party kei drama just goes to show that when you give a bunch of insecure drama queens even an iota of power they inevitably self-destruct. and naturally jill just got the hell out of dodge because she doesn't actually care abt any of her followers. but you know, it's just bc she wanted a ~*~safe space uwu~*~ and that's why she left

also why do none of these girls understand facebook security…i found both of sophie's parents' names and her hometown within five seconds of looking at her profile

No. 479591

>>479588 kek that's what happened to brit (hey skylar, we know you lurk here)

No. 479593

If it is Skyler that wants it deleted then she’s a fucking psychopath. She can’t be a dictator and have full control over the community so she flips out, leaves, and takes all of the groups with her.

No. 479594

>>479593 I think it's more out of spite, as she is no longer a Jill stan

No. 479595

File: 1516757446143.jpg (75.17 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20180124-012930.jpg)

I guess she's finally going to meet Kelly

No. 479598

these people are nuts.

No. 479601

yes but idk if I want to waste nearly 100$ in train fare going down to NYC just to see an IRL trainwreck.

No. 479642

I've met her irl. Not worth $100 at all.

No. 479669

Or how about we take medication as prescribed. I take seroquel as well and how the fuck are you not sick to your stomach not taking it when you should?!

No. 479675

Mr. Ed Kei is more like it Jesus.

No. 479754

File: 1516766888240.jpeg (229.71 KB, 741x1077, 6C0DF2B5-2DC4-43D2-B531-EF6BDB…)

Posted to the confetti club page

No. 479895

Man that was a great ride. Rest in peace party kei facebook community. Thanks for the milk, it was fun watching you cave in from the inside.
The best part is since skyler kept archiving everything, every single member got notifications from it. Even random inactive people who don't care.
That's almost 3000 people.
I'm hoping people will ask pixie on YouTube why the page is gone since party kei = pixie and she'll eventually have to address it

No. 479918

major kek rip party kei

No. 480023

I swear to god these past two days have been nothing but the complete destruction of the PK groups and it's been so great

Jill what is with you and all these terrible ideas you keep having

No. 480052

File: 1516795500297.jpg (991.31 KB, 1340x1920, 15167953368201168665181.jpg)

No. 480071

I didn’t realise a kawaii lifestyle was so filthy and smelly

No. 480092

File: 1516803756719.jpeg (119.65 KB, 750x819, 18D07026-76BE-47A8-A994-128D39…)

Unfortunate Art dump

No. 480093

File: 1516803771564.jpeg (165.21 KB, 749x1013, 3ACCF1CA-D59D-41B0-836C-DBFE77…)

No. 480094

File: 1516803787326.jpeg (178.35 KB, 750x1010, 386DB5EE-8773-4377-893D-288F07…)

No. 480095

File: 1516803798650.jpeg (141.02 KB, 750x658, D0E3E3AC-FB2B-45F4-A1C3-9EB1F2…)

No. 480099

nayrt, but I see where anon is coming from about a lot of younger members probably being upset. Like, if you're 14 and into that shit it can become your identity and it probably would suck if the people in charge couldn't keep their shit together.

No. 480101

Those tiddies are horrifying

All of it is horrifying.

No. 480110

Why does she look like a muppet in this one?

No. 480116

File: 1516806050988.jpg (15.88 KB, 1108x395, FB_IMG_1516805994569.jpg)

Oh my god there's a tattoo thread on confetti club kek

No. 480133

There's not a single thing that's not wrong with that tattoo holy shit….. what a horrorstory

No. 480150

When you’ve never been to Japan

No. 480159

Kek at them giving her accurate roots at least

No. 480161

We were right, Love Nikki really did sponsor her

No. 480164

Love Nikki? As in that dress up game? Why would they sponser Jill, wouldn’t they want to sponser someone with actual talent?

No. 480166

the second outfit in her lookbook barely made sense

No. 480167


the candle in the intro is really close to that curtain…

No. 480173

She's doing that half up bun hairstyle that stopped being trendy like 2 years ago lol

No. 480176

she looks like shes in her pajamas

No. 480180

I was literally gagging during her cookbook video and not in a good way..

No. 480181

*Lookbook shit sorry guys

No. 480191


Whilst none of the outfits are particularly good. The second and third stand out as really unflattering to me

No. 480192

That fucking kissing thing she did with her mouth made me so nauseous, barf.

No. 480193

Am I the only one who thinks she tries too hard when she's moving around to show her outfits? I've never seen a lookbook that was cringy until I watched hers.

No. 480197

File: 1516813707896.jpg (26.2 KB, 339x455, jill.JPG)


This makes her look like your local tumblr sex worker.


Burning all this trash in her room wouldn't be a big loss lmao

No. 480207

File: 1516814661595.png (73.77 KB, 640x497, IMG_7864.PNG)

Dear lord she needs to wash her hair

No. 480242

>>480161 anyone notice the fitbit mention, perhaps a subtle hehe i'm totes losing weight uwu message to lolcow kek

No. 480246

she also mentioned her nails growing out…

No. 480251

File: 1516818368362.png (296.19 KB, 395x458, soon.png)

No. 480253

No. 480258

No. 480295

Wow that's so negligent. Imagine her butthurt if the cloth caught fire and it damaged the compact and her wands?
This is a Chrischan tier housefire of epic proportion waiting to happen.

No. 480301

Only the Lively outfit matches the Love Nikki coord requirements. The rest were a mess, she probably didn't play for more than 15 minutes.

No. 480306

she commented on a different video that she hadn't noticed the candle until after filming, but that it was all good and she'd be careful next time
…only to make the same mistake again. could be solved by pushing the candle an inch or two forward

No. 480337


No. 480342

>admins all secretly hated each other and couldn't deal with their shit professionally

Honestly they all come across as extremely self-absorbed. Why do so many fb mods treat pages like they're creations to destroy as they see fit? It's a shame they're all so egotistical they couldn't step down, or scout for new moderation.
None of those members deserved to have their community deleted just because the mods had a kerfluffle between themselves. I don't even like p kei and I think that's pretty fucked up.

No. 480349

obviously people just as egotistical as jill would run that stuff

No. 480366

File: 1516825666279.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, 0C21199D-CBDE-4B4B-B958-690A7F…)

Spotted in the confetti club group

No. 480369

File: 1516825711965.png (927.46 KB, 640x1136, F105F20A-83A0-4090-B30A-F8D3FA…)

Here’s a better angle :)

No. 480376

File: 1516825974296.jpg (142.96 KB, 1078x591, Screenshot_20180124-203143.jpg)

I'm triggered

No. 480380

File: 1516826227919.png (661.74 KB, 640x1136, 59E13E19-6946-4E17-90A7-2D8555…)

Wow I love art of pixie

No. 480385

File: 1516826568873.jpg (18.88 KB, 480x610, FB_IMG_1516826392043.jpg)

Found in the confetti club kek

No. 480389

Kek pixie appears to have major water retention problems in her limbs these days.
An hour on that? You need to reassess your life.
And drawing ability.

No. 480393

Jill cannot put an outfit together to save her life. For someone who is soooo into ~fashion~ she just wears the same shit over and over again. Her idea of coordinating is just taking all her expensive name brand clothes and throwing them on, it's hilarious.

No. 480395


i'm sure she has a great personality

No. 480419

Oh my god, how can her fans don't see how shitty that sounds
We know this is your work Jill, but you are not in any critical condition to be begging for money. You just sound pretentious.

No. 480424

Are we going to continue posting pics of CC or PK until someone else gets triggered ? Pity there are no more groups to destroy.

No. 480427

there is is


No. 480429

If she's that strapped for cash, then she'd stop fucking buying shit she doesn't need

No. 480433

Or/and get a legit job, it's not like she's even close to being busy with her yt 'career'.

No. 480443

File: 1516830007303.jpg (1.33 MB, 2048x2048, 1516829903181.jpg)

As a Love Nikki Fan I can tell that she didn't fully play the game as there are many similar outfits that she could have put together. For example: the heart jeans. Not completely identical i know but its still better than some of the ones she came up with

No. 480445

>Momo insists that anyone should remove those hearts before they wear these in public.

No. 480453

File: 1516831140287.jpg (641.04 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20180124-215723.jpg)

Is this owned by a farmer? Every picture could be used for a thread pic kek

No. 480456

File: 1516831197865.jpg (573.72 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20180124-215332.jpg)

Do Jill's fan do this on purpose or

No. 480460

File: 1516831494000.jpg (330.13 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20180124-220118.jpg)

No. 480461

man, the green hair makes her look so much skankier than she actually is even in drawings lol

No. 480463

She didnt make the same mistake again, she just recorded both videos in one go. Its the same day as the "youtubers you have to follow" video.

No. 480465

I mean, maybe if she didn't spend so much money on things she doesn't use :^)

No. 480469

Sage for blogposting but this remind me of that one fanart I did for her. But that was way back when she was in lolita and I liked some of her photos.
Lmao I would post it because is also ugly as sin but that would end me too.

No. 480509

File: 1516837017622.jpg (284.71 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20180124-233542.jpg)

I call bs

No. 480513

sage for being an idiot, but aren’t you supposed to get at least 2000 cals a day?

No. 480520

File: 1516837341101.jpeg (213.75 KB, 710x628, BD9401EC-CD18-418A-B04E-B661EA…)

No. 480521

>>480513 1200 is sometimes cited as the lowest amount of calories you should consume when dieting. idk if it's true, but t' a number many people with eating disorders obsess over. I'mnot sure if that's why pixie has picked it.

No. 480523

I'm pretty sure Jill just deleted all of those comments kek

No. 480524

Not generally. Caloric needs vary on age, height, sex, weight, age, muscle/fat%, activity level, etc etc etc.

However, what Jillian is doing is crash dieting. Sub-1200 + daily cardio = she'll get fatigued/bored with it quickly.

Sage for OT

No. 480527

File: 1516837694890.jpg (352.53 KB, 1080x902, Screenshot_20180124-234712.jpg)

I bet this is because she quit her meds and sugar kek

No. 480531

Where does that fit in between the sleeping, soaking in a bath bomb, and online shopping? Haven't seen it in a vlog and she quit those because she was so "depressed". Here we go, the start of fake healthy veggie Jill. Weird too how Kelly Eden posted her exercise routine not so long ago, is there gonna be a Pixielocks workout edition video next? Kek

No. 480533

>>480531 or maybe a major relapse into bulimia. I don't see Jill being able to starve herself when she's such a sugar junkie, so she might just start purging her excessive intake.

No. 480538

Don´t give her too much credit. She would probably make a "self-care routine <3 uwu" video first than a workout vid.

No. 480548

this, this is it, this is the shit that i can not take, i generally don't have a problem with jill, but it gives me a headache to see how spoiled she acts.

nothing matters to her but money money money money. who cares if some of her followers can't even afford to move out, or even afford college, it's all shits and giggles for her.

i like how she admittedly makes almost 2grand a month, (maybe more now) and has merch stores that has garnered her atleast 10-12k and has also has no qualms about spending money on expensive shit she never uses but projects this, uwu i'm struggling lil bean i need muh ad sense attitude. it's soooo insuferable

No. 480551

i'm not a doctor but i'm in recovery for an eating disorder and i'm a petite female. From what my doctor has told me, 1200cal is the BARE MINIMUM calories any adult needs to sustain life (you burn calories just by breathing and having regular body functions, even if you have a sedentary lifestyle) and if she's working out, she's definitely going to need even just a few hundred more to keep energy up. I don't think she's fat like a lot of people here seem to, but a healthy lifestyle and exercise benefits everybody. her 1200 calorie limit is unhealthy and if she's not careful, she's going to find herself relapsing.

sage for OT/blog

No. 480556

Remember when she did a fucking "Lolita in a budget" video back in the day? That was the first video I watched of her. It's so fucking ironic how she had the OVARIES to claim she buys stuff based on her "minimum" budget when her parents help her in almost everything.

It's infuriating af when she does the "starving artist :c" act. How can her fans be so blind to not realized what a spoiled shit she is?

No. 480561

i feel like as somebody with quite an audience, she should make sure that she is clear with those who follow her that things like consuming the minimum amount of calories is NOT healthy. or she just shouldn't share things like that. i don't know it just seems a bit strange to be that she would share something as specific as that. maybe i'm reading into it too much, i just don't like the idea of somebody seeing what she's doing and copying her. genuinely hope she is okay and healthy though.

No. 480562

>>480561 she deleted all of the comments

No. 480566

File: 1516840276667.jpeg (248.11 KB, 750x969, A6727F76-B1EC-4883-B2D0-E6C834…)

“oh yeah I ‘forgot’ I bought an expensive ass dress from overseas and I’m not just showing off how I waste my money heehee”

No. 480568

>>480566 it looks to me like she shopped her hair brighter

No. 480573

jill one minute: "lol im tryna save up for college and a new apartment, MUH AD SENSE I NEEDZ IT!"

jill the next minute: "tehee i bought an expensive ass sweater from overseas none of you broke bitches can afford. time to drink my peeps tea and slip into a coma for 12 hours"

No. 480582

File: 1516840966660.jpeg (317.1 KB, 1242x1325, 4108F50C-AE22-4F49-8D8E-9A147E…)

No. 480584

File: 1516841135837.png (35.31 KB, 508x314, why.png)

I find it hilarious how the only question to enter CC is "who is our lord and savior"

No. 480602

I know, you just gotta reply with cheesy shit like PIXIE IS YA BOI, OUR SMOL CINNAMON ROLL PRINCESS MAGICAL GIRL and you're in

No. 480634

i thought they already remade a party kei group? did that one disappear too?

i was going to join anyways like 2 days before this fiasco. i have no idea which one to join or how long to wait or anything now.

No. 480636

>>480634 party kei uk is the only one that is left. Confetti club is the main group now,

No. 480642

File: 1516844199265.jpeg (239.85 KB, 1239x2144, 5DE282BF-4883-4AB6-B95B-7932DF…)

should i request to join and list dollskill as my favorie brand? kek

No. 480677

>1200cal a day

ED confirmed. She should be eating more if she is exercising. So she is starving herself, then eating sugar and gelatin crap. No wonder she is gaining weight, her body is storing all that fat because she's starving herself.

Way to tell your followers to practically stop eating Jellybean!

No. 480699

How much do you eat anon? 1,200 isn’t bad. Jillian is short after all. 1,500 is the recommended for people around average height. She’s not that off.

No. 480711

1200 is probably under her bmr and probably shouldn't be all she's eating when she's also exercising, especially because we know those 1200 calories aren't nutritious at all

No. 480717

I mean, if you really care I can share what I eat a day, but I don't want to divert into a 28" waist-chan post. But as I said, she is still eating the bare minimum and also stuffing herself with crap (and alcohol) so it's no wonder why she looks pudgy. Plus she is not eating 1200 healthy calories, which is the perfect way to throw your metabolism and thyroid off.

And as others have said, it's really bad to share that with impressionable followers.

No. 480740

1200 calories is terrible if your exercising, if she wasn't exercising that would be a different story, but she practically starving herself and then putting herself through torture

No. 480751

Starvation mode and "healthy calories" are not a thing, gtfo

No. 480766

i don't wanna go full ana-chan here but 1200 is the maximum amount of calories most ppl in pro-ana communities will claim to eat when they're restricting. 800-1200 is the long-term restriction sweet spot. with exercise it's definitely too little for jill, not to mention she said she's measuring/keeping track of everything she's eating which is already borderline obsessive.

apparently uwu self-care uwu only involves bath bombs and shopping sprees for jill and not actually taking care of yourself by eating well. and forget setting a good example for your impressionable fanbase

No. 480778

So I don't know much about these ED's, but when I see pictures of per from her ana days, she didn't look deathly skinny or anythimg tbh she looked like the right weight for her height. She's kinda chunky now but meh

No. 480780

She was definitely underweight, but she was so young that it was hard to tell. It would be a lot more noticeable at 20 than when she was 14. She just looked very prepubescent and frail, but she'd look oddly thin at that weight now.

No. 480796

she could stand to go under 1200 though, it's not like she's on her deathbed. louise will step in as soon as she's lost a significant amount and then she'll talk about her uwu scary relapse for months. while binging on peeps

No. 480798

idk i'm looking at the pics in old threads and I just don't see it

No. 480800


I'm not saying Jill's remotely healthy whatsoever, her atrocious idea of self-care and obsession with caloric intake nonetheless and utterly sedentary lifestyle is just gross and sad.

But I'm 5'2, and I didn't break 100lbs until I was in grade 10. Hell, when I was 12 I weighed maybe 80lbs. I was perfectly healthy, just kind of a runt.

Barring BC and benzos, I'm on the same meds as her plus others. I've got a feeling that bar some medical issue, that if she took proper care of herself and actually got off her lazy ass once in a while, she'd likely lose some of that weight rather quickly.

She seems incapable and unwilling to do anything the healthy way though, so…

Basically, everything I wrote here is totally useless with the previous wee paragraph.

No. 480811

fucking lol my thoughts exactly

No. 480816

Probably. They did take one of the screenshots from here.

No. 480819

No. 480841

There are very few photos from when she was at her skinniest. Her and her parents also caught her anorexia fairly early and she was treated for it before she was ever in a life or death situation. She was never skeleton thin or anything, but she was definitely underweight, and if she had stayed that way for the last 6 years, you'd definitely notice it more.

No. 480872

I downloaded an app that counts calories and thr ammount of calories it suggest me to loose weight in a healthy way is 1284.(no one cares)

No. 480882

I used to struggle with weight and I would do these diets where I eat a lot less calories and I would loose weight, but when I stopped the diets the weight would just come back. Jill can loose weight by changing her diet (less peeps and sugar, more fruits veggies and whole grains) and then its a lot easier to maintain. Its not even dieting at that point, its just making better eating choices and it will really make a difference. If she looses weight on this 1200 calorie diet I guarantee she will gain it right back because she can't keep up eating only 1200 calories forever.

No. 480902

> starving herself
> obvious fire hazards
> glitter near eyes

Is jill crying out for help?

No. 480914

Umm anon, I'm average height and got down to 39kg by eating 1000-1200kcal daily. It's definitely not a healthy intake..

No. 480915

File: 1516877563261.jpg (42.65 KB, 500x501, 3b156ce980f6d6fff534872daea406…)

Even when I look at photos of when she was at her thinnest, there's something off about it. Idk if this has been mentioned before, but I'm pretty sure she shopped herself skinnier. Her left arm is off.

No. 480916

that's Pixie? wtf happened

No. 480919

god sometimes I hate Jill so much

>"hey let me just quit my medication because I'm ~happy~ now uwu"

>"whoops looks like I can't even properly sleep without it anymore so let me just randomly take it again"
>"oh man I want to lose weight but I only know how to do it in an disordered way, so instead of seeking help I'll just give awful advice to my followers! uwu"

I'm not mad at her for having mental issues but just for the way she fucking deals with them
she clearly isn't alright, so why does she just play it off in this stupid way instead of trying to get into treatment/therapy again?
does she just want to be mentally ill for her whole life?

No. 480932

File: 1516882375285.jpeg (560.39 KB, 2048x2048, 0D025477-BD9A-496B-89B0-904390…)

No. 480938

yeah im about as thin as she was at her lowest and theres parts of her that are so obviously edited they couldnt possibly look like that for real its not how bodies work…

No. 480943

I feel like she hates herself, even when she's narcissistic af she doesn't care for her body or health. The fact that she even gets validation for this behavior it's so fucking bizarre for me.

No. 480946

1200 cals?.. i know an anorexic person and that's the max they'd eat in a day. jill's on her way to relapsing

No. 480947

File: 1516885677781.gif (326.61 KB, 640x472, 09834673.gif)

Holy shit, this is making me absolutely livid. I couldn't care less if she destroys her health further with her stupid habits but her attitude about it is absolute shit. "My habits are totally unhealthy and disordered but I'm sharing them to my underaged followers anyway, tee hee!"

No. 480951

I worked out her bmi on a previous thread from her confirmed lowest of 90 lbs and she wasn't even underweight. Her age plays a massive factor in it.

No. 480953

The 3rd look was actually flattering to her figure. Emphasised her curves in a good way. Second one made her look like a backstreet prostitute.

No. 480954

File: 1516886334736.jpg (115.88 KB, 1077x486, Screenshot_20180125-131735.jpg)

So Jill decided to quit 2 meds only to come straight back on them kek

No. 480956

File: 1516886383584.jpg (368.02 KB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20180125-131546.jpg)

And she's doing a Kelly Eden

No. 480957

File: 1516886551378.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg)

jfc is Jill actually retarded or something?
this confirms that she just went off her meds without consulting her doctor at all, did she seriously think that "uwu I'm happy now so I can just quit my meds!"
this is as painful as her not even knowing that you shouldn't mix meds with alcohol ugh

No. 480966

considering her lifestyle though, she'd be losing slowly on 1200 cals, i dont think she's gonna be satisfied by that. part of the ana-chan mindset is losing it all now, so she'll probably realise she's losing slowly and go down to like 1000 cals and so on.

No. 480971

> Why aren’t these dozens of cats not solving my problems like last time

No. 480981

With her height, going on 1200 cal a days means she would lose like one pound a week. How exactly is that unhealthy?

No. 480982

Let's not fight about if it's healthy or unhealthy pls. Jill said she thinks she's being unhealthy so that's all that really matters, right?

No. 480996

Her fanbase is full of sjw who are probably already drawing things as ugly in order to be "diverse", so I'm guessing they're serious about it.

No. 481000

File: 1516892000817.png (285.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-065303.png)

No. 481029

Not really, I eat 1200-1300 kcal a day and I'm chubby, and I exercise… some people just have slow metabolisms..

Still, she's gaining weight so I don't believe her, she must eat way more and exercise once in a while(blogposting)

No. 481047

Yeah really don't understand what anons are in a tizz about. You're supposed to eat 500 calories under your total daily energy expenditure to start out with weight loss. Jill is sedentary. Her TDEE and her basal metabolic rate are basically the same thing.

No. 481048

File: 1516896317186.jpg (50.71 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1516895987006.jpg)

Jill claiming she exercises daily whilst continuously uploading bed selfies is so lulzy. This is a brand new selfie kek

No. 481050


Yeah 1200 calories isn't that low when you're as short as Jill or if you're trying to lose weight and starting from a weight that's not that high. 2000 calories a day is ridiculous for someone who is shorter than average height/not very active like Jill. Calories are energy and if you don't expend much energy you don't really need to consume that much to refuel.

Jill is generally sedentary and while she has gained weight, she admittedly just started actually exercising this year so it wouldn't show immediately. It will take a few weeks to a couple months for anyone to see huge progress just from photos she posts since we can't see what her body is like in fitted clothes every day.

People seem to forget that weight correlates to height. 130 lbs for Jill would be overweight but normal or chubby on a person of average height. That's why lots of Asian girls are so thin, many of them are short as hell.


Eating healthy makes you lose weight because healthier foods like fruits and veggies are low calorie. Even if you aren't counting them, you were eating less. Weight loss is purely ensuring a caloric deficit and Jill's based on estimates of her current weight isn't crazy or disordered. Counting calories, especially if you do eat mindless trash like Jill is probably smart to keep her aware of how many calories are in what she's eating. Sure you'll feel better eating healthier but you can have a caloric deficit on a diet Starbucks and peeps if you really wanted to.

sage for contributing to the 'healthy or not' argument but scientific consensus and most doctors agree that caloric needs vary based on height and activity level and the 2000 calories on nutrition labels doesn't apply to everyone, legit am surprised no one has called the people calling 1200 calories a day with some light cardio unhealthy or way too restrictive fatty-chans yet.

No. 481073

Can we PLEASE stop the calorie talk, I just wanna enjoy the milk thank you. )-: /recovering ana-chan

No. 481075

wall's warped.

No. 481078

File: 1516898925436.jpg (75.1 KB, 755x960, FB_IMG_1516898646660.jpg)

OT but I just saw this and instantly thought of Jill.
Obviously saged

No. 481086

are we on autosage now?

No. 481088

I hope so. This thread hasn't been about Jill in days.

No. 481101

File: 1516901483713.jpg (407.38 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20180125-172950.jpg)

This is Jill's response on if swearing should be banned in the group

No. 481106

well she was literally anorexic back then and now she actually eats, so

No. 481107

i feel like she's a competitive, possessive fan? she's said as much before. i don't really mind it bc most people have been there, but when she really goes in even on series she doesn't watch it's pretty weird

No. 481133

File: 1516903894110.png (282.45 KB, 1080x1408, 20180125_141018.png)

The answer is you can't and fuck off

No. 481136

If she needs the money that bad, maybe she should try not buying every other rainbow pukey magical girl thing she sees on the internet

No. 481143

>>481133 'i'm a youtuber it pays my bills!!! uwu i don't need claires!! i'm an independent business owner who hustles!!'

No. 481144

i'm all for her buying whatever the fuck she wants, after all it is her money but
for her to then continue to say she's in need of money for idk what
it's just kind of dumb.
curious to see what her patreon rewards will be and if she will manage to keep up with them

No. 481147

>>481144 I guarantee one reward will be a signed selfie

No. 481150

>>481133 any milky comments on the post?

No. 481163

File: 1516905199389.png (775.86 KB, 1080x1689, 20180125_143208.png)

They're still trickling in but I'll keep my eye on it

No. 481166

pls leave

i still don't see the anorexia in her, i'd just classify her as scrawny. part of me thinks that people who see her as extreme full blown anorexic, are just fat themselves.
She SHOULD be working on getting herself healthy, but calorie count really isn't the way to go.
peeps have 28 calories, maybe she'll just eat those all day

No. 481167

man this is kind of depressing lol
she's constantly going on about ~how well she's doing~ and then this? IIRC she was talking before about how most of her money goes into savings right? please don't tell me she used up that money now or something

No. 481187

Why would you ever think her money goes to savings? She's constantly buying shit she doesn't need. In her cat house video, she said she had gone to Michaels four times in one week. She FORGOT she ordered stuff from WC. She's constantly spending on garbage. She has no savings.

No. 481197

she is so lazy and spoiled. she quit her job because she was doing so well on youtube and was bragging about how she didn't even need that extra cash from claire's job and now she is pulling this shit???

jill, how about you get your ass out of bed and go find a job again instead of milking your fans for free money? or even easier - just stop spending hundreds of dollars on ~sparkly rainby~ crap every week.

No. 481231

This fucking idiot doesn't even know you can wait with publicizing your video after you upload so that they can flag and unflag the video before you start getting views. What is wrong with her?

Also looks like little miss "I don't care if my video gets demonitized for using this copyrighted music" is eating her words. I hope nobody donates and that she has to get a part time job while in school and quite YouTube.

No. 481239


I also hope she has to get a part time job again; it'll be fun to see her reeeing about retail work and not being able to have special rainby hair.

But no one wants her to quit YouTube, we need the milk to keep flowing. And she might do better style wise if a retail job forces her to dye her hair a normal or single color and/or try out wigs.

No. 481240

>>481239 if she does apply for jobs, do you think they'll google her name and find lolcow kek

No. 481243

She wouldn't work somewhere where she couldn't have her special hair. She quit one job because she couldn't have blue hair, and she's only worked at a candy store and Claire's since then.

And if she were to go back to retail, I'd love it. Watching her eat her words would make everyone here delighted.

No. 481261

No. 481268

she tried the whole patreon thing years back but her ex-bf Tristan was her only supporter lol
I think it was mentioned in her first threads before

No. 481269

>>481268 this one was created nov 2017 though

No. 481328

She just uses it to back other people, afaik

No. 481350

Which means she was never anorexic then, you need to be underweight to be diagnosed with anorexia. What a surprise, Jill lying about shit for pity, I'm shocked.

No. 481371

But she said that she would go 3 days max without eating and was self-harming and had depression and anxiety at the time. She mentioned wanting to be skinner so with that mindset and all of those mental issues she definitely had a problem-even if it wasn’t that “bad.”

No. 481384

Plenty of people understand that the current definition of anorexia requiring you to be underweight is stupid. No one becomes underweight overnight, and you can have all of the habits and mental issues and sickness that are part of anorexia before you hit that underweight mark.

No. 481392

File: 1516920353148.png (127.84 KB, 1080x713, 20180125_184124.png)

Hope it's better than that pompom monstrosity. At least she's feeling motivated to make something besides cat houses and cosplay

No. 481394

Why does she think she'd improve if she's never sewing?

No. 481398

File: 1516921004294.jpg (160.36 KB, 1075x698, Screenshot_20180125-225505.jpg)

Kek I'm waiting for jill to comment on this and to agree with all of the whiney speshul snowflakes

No. 481402

i don't know if this is extra mean to say but i really do not believe she will be in fashion school for long and i think that when she drops out it will be because she can't handle critic of her work. she has to understand that she can't just do 'party kei' designs all the time.

No. 481406

and the reason i think she can't handle critic is because if she does sew and work on things as often as she makes out to, then she doesn't even post that stuff online. if she wants to improve she should make herself more open to critic.

No. 481416

What's wrong with her eating only 1200 calories? People say she's fat but when she's trying to lose weight then people say she has an ED again. I think 1200 seems fine for her weight and it's the amount I try to eat.

Some people say she needs to exercise. I don't think it's a a bad idea, but you don't need to do it to lose weight, and most people in north America are very sedentary.

I just don't think she will keep up with this routine though.

>you can have a caloric deficit on a diet Starbucks and peeps if you really wanted to.

I agree. I saw a story where someone lost weight on a caloric deficit of McDonalds. It's probably isn't healthy in other ways but she will lose weight that way.

No. 481417

I'm not the one that makes the rules, if she wasn't underweight she wasn't anorexic, whether the clinical definitions are stupid or not is not up to any of us and she lied about her diagnosis.

No. 481418

>>481417 a lot of people say anorexia when they mean ednos. who fucking cares what it's called. she had an eating disorder. leave it at that.

No. 481441

File: 1516924191170.jpg (75.14 KB, 1080x342, Screenshot_20180125-234751.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she's going to drop mega bucks on the new lazy oaf collection kek whilst also claiming she's poor

No. 481448

File: 1516924465206.png (1.5 MB, 958x1074, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 7.53…)

So she's going full rural tacky mom with the Betty Boop print.

No. 481455

Goddamn is that ugly.

I guess that 'rule' for fashion that goes: The uglier and more impractical an item, the more expensive it is.

Obviously, not an actual rule, but it's true pretty bloody often. Especially in Jill's case.

No. 481456


Shit. I forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 481469

File: 1516925983133.png (452.04 KB, 1471x787, 123456789.png)


No. 481476

this is everything LOL
that dress looks really bad tho, no matter who wears it

No. 481481


That dress being $120 (USD, I assume?) makes my head hurt. It's just so hideous.

No. 481488

At least Jill didn't pay for it.

No. 481494

>"gee this name looks famila-"
Kek, this person is from my area. Never knew she was a confetti betty.
But yeah, this woman is like Jill in a lot of ways…except she's almost 10 years older.

No. 481549

Boy is this guide so unhelpful, and the art and palettes are so tacky and garish. Suitable for "Party Kei" lol

No. 481551

This could actually be cute… without the tacky Betty Boop on back.

No. 481553

Why bother pouring oil on the fire? Bitch needs to take a step back. It's obvious that she's hungry for personal drama.

No. 481578

she may not have the same side effects, as they vary not just based on dose, but per person and tapering schedule (how long you've been on it and how abruptly you quit it versus how slowly you ween off). Usually the most common withdrawal effects for quetiapine are dry mouth, excess tiredness at odd hours, and fluctuation in blood sugar/hunger levels.

No. 481587

I wonder if the owner of ota-q could be a lolcow. She has a "business" that only sells ugly redbubble printed clothes lol

No. 481588

Just who is affording this and all the other expensive crap on dollskill? Trust fund babies like Jill?

No. 481592

while "healthy calories" isn't a thing, she's always eating food that has a high sugar, low nutrients ratio. That kind of stuff has low payoff and is terrible for your health.

No. 481607

To be fair, the site which must not be named does have really good sales.

No. 481618

Get off the fucking internet already. This is infuriating. You waste THOUSANDS of dollars a month on shit, but want to e-beg? Disgusting. She is truly the worst.

No. 481621

File: 1516936019029.png (49.13 KB, 640x379, IMG_7892.PNG)

How does she expect to do this as a career when she can't even think of videos that aren't fashion and makeup hauls

No. 481625

The thing that's important about the distinction between the two is that the rate of death and hospitalization from EDNOS is much lower. Because of this, and also the difference in psychological state and general overall health such as blood sugar and bone brittleness between EDNOS and anorexia patients, the two are treated differently, both by doctors and psychiatry/psychology.

No. 481635

Jill was only 3-4 pounds away from what is the technical diagnosis of anorexia. I really think we're just splitting hairs here.

No. 481687

The reason anons refer to her as anorexic is because she was literally hospitalized against her will and was referred to therapy for ED.

She was 13-15 yrs old at the time so of course she didn’t compare to adult anorexia. If Louise let it get that bad, it would be child abuse. She would have stunted her growth. Failing to provide adequate nutrition during puberty can result in so many health issues. It’s a good thing Jill’s parents didn’t fuck around and had her confined to the hospital.

No. 481728

I see, I haven't been following her stuff that long (maybe a few months) and I never really had the time to read through every single one of her threads so I never saw the caps or anything that showed she was hospitalized and what not
I'm still meh about it

No. 481753

This might be the most annoying quality of Jill's. A whiny womanchild who already has her pockets lined, demanding more for doing absolutely nothing. She's not innovative, creative, or interesting, but expects to have her lifestyle paid for by her fans because she's too good for a quote normie job unquote. So entitled, pathetic, and bourgeoisie as fuck.

No. 481788

man making youtube her 'full time' job was the worst decision she's ever made
she really just wanted to have the satisfaction of being able to say "teheh I'm only 19 and I'm a full time youtuber! uwu" but she doesn't have any of the discipline/creativity/economic awareness/smarts you need to make it work
I mean if she wasn't able to live with mommy & daddy still she'd spend all her money on rent/food/etc. since she only makes minimum wage, then she wouldn't be able to afford any hauls/fashion/make up crap anymore, and since that's all the content on her channel really it just wouldn't work anymore at all lol

No. 481798

File: 1516962149593.png (1002.75 KB, 640x1136, 868DA91D-5479-4BFC-95C1-7D5176…)

Kill me

No. 481799


ot but isn't this they wylona hayashi chick (or whatever her name was) in the first pic? Also that caption lmao

No. 481800

this reads like a fetish post

No. 481802

How does she expect to make more money off delusional fans when some are underage and most of them buy Storenvy knock offs because they're too broke to buy actual Jfashion? And it's not too smart to do this right after she gave zero fucks about her fanclub group and left it instead of giving any sort of mature response. Anyone who supports a spoiled do nothing asshole like her deserves to get ripped off, imo.

I wouldn't be shocked if she just hot glued peeps onto a circle skirt. Or just melted some crayons on a dress since her sewing and creative skills are basic as hell.

Fans: "Hey, maybe finally show us some creative videos like sewing your clothes like we've been asking."
Jill: "I just have NO idea what to anymore, guys. Who wants to watch me talk about Precure even more and unbox more expensive things I forgot I bought?"

No. 481805

This reads so heterosexual

No. 481816

yup that's her and her girlfriend(?) from ages ago.

pastel-haired girls are nich0lael and petitepasserine

lol yeh. either that or she's a creep. or both.

No. 481824

File: 1516969655086.jpg (48.46 KB, 357x671, IMG_20180126_072503.jpg)

Dammit anon, you made me think of Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place and her cringe af fashion sense.

No. 481848

File: 1516975872849.jpg (125.5 KB, 1036x520, Screenshot_20180126-140942.jpg)

Buying stuff isn't designing fgs

No. 481849

File: 1516975906908.jpg (158.99 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20180126-140900.jpg)

This would be such a pity party woe is me uwuw video

No. 481851

Soz for spam but I cba to put the photos together. Let me know if you don't like this kinda posting.

No. 481852

File: 1516976059937.jpg (324.23 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20180126-141238.jpg)

Even fans are getting sick of hauls kek

No. 481854

File: 1516976357783.jpg (178.65 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20180126-141613.jpg)

I really don't get this. Jill talks about eating crap and drinking sugary shit, but she won't film it? What's the difference between filming it and informing us? Surely both would be deeply shameful for someone with an ed ((I have an ed too btw, so it just doesn't add up for me))

No. 481855

File: 1516976556564.jpg (315.76 KB, 1076x1315, Screenshot_20180126-142123.jpg)

Kek so someone asked about making another group. They do realise we've had active Jill threads for years.

No. 481856

File: 1516976564556.jpeg (149.27 KB, 640x758, D083E13A-F571-406D-850D-B19DB8…)

Huh well that was quick

No. 481858

Okay I'm done for now kek it's exam season and i give myself way too many study breaks kek

No. 481860

File: 1516977018706.png (147.78 KB, 640x1136, FA9F9CB1-C528-4EE8-87F8-619B06…)

This is the post anon is referring to

No. 481861

File: 1516977210814.png (122.5 KB, 640x1136, 42373774-7DA8-44BD-A883-E52F6B…)

Damn she really ripped us to shreds

No. 481862

enh I can understand not wanting to film yourself eating if you're not comfortable in your body. I give her a pass on this. Mukbang is a lot like bingeing with an audience, and if she ever had bulimia, she probably binged in private.

No. 481864

If she does make a Draw my Life vid do you guys think she's going to talk about Tristan, Collin or MG?

No. 481889

Maybe Colin but Tristan and Alyssa aren’t that important to her b/c she never had a really deep relationship with either of them.

No. 481892

>>481889 she'll deffo talk about her girlfriend from when she was 13 to get those trauma points uwu

No. 481899

I mean she said before that Tristan was the reason her eating disorder 'stopped' so I think she has to mention him if she wants to talk about the "spooky uwu" stuff

No. 481919

I would like her to talk about how mean was the Lolita community to her :c and how they had rules and stuff that made her feel oppressed or some shit.

No. 481929

File: 1516983084098.jpg (480.41 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20180126-161014.jpg)

No. 481930


I doubt that she will even make a "draw my life" video bc this would be obvious too much work for her. I mean didn't she quit this one project because she had to draw like 27 pictures or something like that?

No. 481932

lol it was the calendar, 12 drawings were too much for her

No. 481933

Lol it’s so weird that they photoshopped the bow onto Neko.

No. 481936

She dated Tristan longer than Colin actually lol. She also used to brag about plans to move out with Tristan too. And if anything she plastered Tristan even more on social media because he was actually supportive of her e-fame ventures and didn’t mind being a public couple. He’s the entire reason she even started YouTube. If you go back to her earliest videos she even admits a lot of the video ideas were suggested by him and he even scripted some of her videos. He was always in the background of her videos if not at the forefront talking with her. She deleted many of her Lolita videos due to copyrighted music though.

He even said he was willing to move to Japan for her dream of studying at bunka and he took every opportunity to become involved in the Lolita community to the point of becoming an ouiji boy accessory for her. He even bought her fucking niche brands from overseas and would regularly browse lace market with her.

Not to mention she recently admitted that relationship was the entire reason for her recovery. When did Colin do ANY of those things for her? Colin was clearly confused and fickle until the day he left her.

No. 481937

>>481936 Jill admitted that she wanted Colin the entire time she was dating Tristan though??

No. 481965

I would say it’s less of an admission and more her just pretending that whatever she’s into at that exact moment is what she’s “always” been into. Just like how now she knows she was “always” into men even though she was a “always” a lesbian two months ago.

No. 481967

Her best videos were with Tristan tbh like "The Wait" that was a nice sketch about lolitas waiting for their packages or even that Christmas video were Jill "fought" with Misako Aoki.
You could see there was real effort put in there and she did them with the help of Tristan since it seems he was the only one who cared about making quality content.

No. 481969

I remember her mentioning somewhere that she saw Colin in class and kinda became obsessed with him, she “loved” him for five years but that didn’t work out.

No. 481980


I mean, he kinda sounds like an ideal boyfriend for a content creator. Not that Jill falls into that category, but you guys know what I mean kek

No. 481985

"five years" lol she met Colin around the same time she met Tristan. She started high school in 2013 where she met both of them in theater and her relationship with Tristan became fb official in November 2013, break up in December 2015. She immediately started dating Colin at that point so she only knew him for two years.

But yes she admitted to crushing on Colin as soon as she met him. I believe this because she would randomly post pics of him in class when she was dating Tristan as if to show off she was flirting with Colin. And at Tristan's graduation ceremony, there's literally pics of Jill (taken by Louise) posing with Colin in her prom dress as well lmao.

Even in her own story, she admits Colin turned her down initially because he was already dating Gillian (another theater girl who was good friends with Jill at the time). Gillian and Colin even had double dates with Jill and Tristan. Which is extra fucking weird because the only reason Jill started dating Tristan was due to the rejection.

Regardless of her skewed intentions, Tristan was perfect for her and it's insane to think she chased down Colin only to have him leave her in the end.

No. 482000

Wtf is with these newbies bumping old jill threads. Please lurk and learn how to use lolcow

No. 482035


This thread is on auto-sage so they are not seeing it.

No. 482038

Bitch sounds like a hetero man. gross

No. 482039

That tattoo looks nothing like her cat, even after it was 'fixed.'

No. 482047

Ya that's nasty, being a woman doesn't excuse being a pervy creep, I hope she was banned

No. 482054

I know petitepasserine and nich0lael (the girls in pink and purple wigs) have already gotten mad about people stealing that photo of them in the past. Doubt they'd be happy to see it floating around uncredited again.

No. 482061

I hate when lesbians think they can't be predatory just like straight dudes.

No. 482100

File: 1516997218420.jpeg (262.75 KB, 731x921, 81A10BF0-A431-4C78-8E22-CF37BC…)

Speaking of spooky stuff

No. 482101

File: 1516997248520.jpeg (41.17 KB, 298x345, F86DD958-6890-49CE-A670-1F3945…)

> but am smol bby bean

No. 482111

I actually dig this style. It's obviously not meant to be realistic or actually look like the person much. It's cute.

No. 482112

I don't think they know.

No. 482121


This isn't for a kid (if it's a kid's drawing.) Looks kinda like my old sketches when I was just learning to do portraits.

Drawing's never been anything but a hobby I really enjoyed, though.

No. 482197

File: 1517005755946.jpg (320.55 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20180126-222715.jpg)

Any UK farmers want to get involved kek

No. 482222

My time to shine has come
Do you know where in the UK it's being held? I'm going to London soon, so I can buy some extra kawaii clothes for the event

No. 482223

>>482222 i think they're planning multiple meetups?? nothing is decided yet though

No. 482226


can party kei please be required to create its own thread if for nothing but containment? it stopped being amusing or relevant after they stopped posting directly in this thread.

sad that trips/quads have been wasted on anons interested in cowtipping and meddling with the cow's fanbase when jill abandoned party kei months ago.

No. 482234

This thread has become the containment thread which is why we're on autosage. It's ridiculous.

No. 482239

File: 1517009980847.jpg (409.58 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20180126-233351.jpg)

I was doing some stalking and came across a Facebook for Neko and it has over 50 friends kek

No. 482327

This isn’t a lesbian. This is so clearly another pseudo-bisexual who thinks she’s a “super queer as heck sapphic” because she likes the aesthetic of two feminine women kissing. Jill and her stans are all the same. This is why Jill and MG lasted like a month.

No. 482500

File: 1517036518018.png (390.68 KB, 568x514, ChubbyCheeseImagination.png)

Reminded me of this

No. 482621

Anon, it's too early for this. Kek.

No. 482647

File: 1517065692847.jpg (226.55 KB, 1080x1127, Screenshot_20180127-150525.jpg)

I'm actually surprised jill isn't encouraging everyone to bug her gifts, but fair play Jilla

No. 482659

She's not doing a stream today! She thought she would be better, and can't do it. Video will go up though.

No. 482703

anorexic people do work out though

No. 482717

Worst youtuber ever.How this lazy ass turd has an audience is beyond me.

No. 482718

She's finally released her advice vlog jc
>Got to have 'dating girls' first thing in the title

No. 482724

>>482718 kek she says she works everyday on youtube sureeeeeeeeeee

No. 482730

File: 1517073114236.jpg (103.5 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1517073032936.jpg)

Why are Jill's followers so fat kek

No. 482735

File: 1517073327565.jpg (72.66 KB, 1080x358, Screenshot_20180127-171413.jpg)

Bets on how long it takes Jill to get a new boyf?

No. 482749

early as if too early in the morning? I live in Japan 笑

No. 482750

I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t have one now. Girls like Jill can’t go a minute without a man by their side.

Not that anon but I’m in central time (U.S., I think -6 GMT) and it was 12 am when you posted that and 8 am when anon replied to you.

No. 482781

Kekanon(s), you need to be 18 and older to post here. There are other ways of expressing amusement other than including 'kek' in every post. It also identifies you too much, the point is to be anonymous and you have been posting much of the somewhat offtopic PK drama.(mini-modding)

No. 482798

Yes, it was around eight in the morning. Hello from across the globe~

No. 482799

So the thread's on auto-sage because of people posting irrelevant shit from PK group? Makes sense. Was wondering why it's so far down on catalog.
I'm convinced it's the same 1 or 2 people going through the PK members group to spam this thread with pics. No one else cares about random teenagers look like in bad clothing.

No. 482801

No. 482819

Rgarding her new video. I had to stop watching it the first minutes in. She herself has no life experience at all how does she think she's qualified giving advie to others?!

No. 482826

oh so sugoi u live in wonderful nippon wwwwwww

No. 482830


god this was one of her most insufferable videos in a long time

No. 482834

Her advice is AWFUL

No. 482871

We get it. Party kei members are fat and ugly. We have established this fucking fact. It was funny when the group was falling to pieces but now it’s just dry. Can we talk about how fucking clapped she looked in the new vid? Seriously she should be in an ad about crack.

No. 482886

sage next time

and then go back to party kei community fatty

No. 482894

The thread is already on auto-sage, noob

No. 482911


I retract the first part but not the second :^)

No. 482956

Wasn’t there a recent thing where gorilla glue was found to smell attractive to pets, who then ate it and died due to blocked arteries?

No. 483006

Eh? Yall just love to call random anons party kei shit heads. This anon was clearly stating that they thought the party kei community was shit? New fags really fucking annoy me. Thread is on auto sage you imbecile, people can post whatever the fuck they like because it won’t bump the goddamn thread. Previous anon had a point ; can we please stop talking about the Facebook group?! Like 2 of the admins are cows and the rest are just Jill stans who have no fashion sense. Get back on topic

No. 483101

No kidding, the PK group posts are getting old. I know Jill's been slow on having any new milk, but that doesn't mean we need to shit up the thread with non-Jill-related shit past the fall of the Party Kei/PK off-topic groups.

No. 483170

how can someone who barely leaves her basement, has no skills and has no life experience give advice on anything?

No. 483171

Love how Jill attempts to act like she's so original and creative, when she's completely bland and unimaginative. She copies do many fellow you tubers. It's obvious asf.

No. 483175

My thoughts exactly. Kek

No. 483208

Fake it till ya make it. She's pretended to be so smart and knowledgeable while feeding off the interests of her fans, drawn to her by her fashion and aesthetic, so when her fans come to her for advice, she just acts like she knows what to do. Granted she did say in her video that her advice might not be the best thing to follow, but if she really gave a shit she'd do wisely to answer privately rather than doing a video series on it.

No. 483209

This is incredibly hard to watch. She is too afraid to leave mommy and daddy's money and too lazy/privileged to actually try at do anything by herself. While she has a relevent following online and can make a certain amount of money on showing off materialistic things upper middle class girls can buy,she is still a failure in many other ways. She can't seem to live on her own, doesn't actually care about anyone like when she left her fanbase groups and how she treats her mom along with using dating partners for aesthetic/validation. And let's not forgot being uncreative, unwilling to work hard, obsessed with materialistic objects, and pretending to give a fuck about fast fashion destroying the planet. Jill is a ignorant shitbag and I'm tired of her and her fans pretending that she's some ~sweet smol cinnamon bun who needs protection~. She is young but plenty of young people have their shit together better than her and she's still an adult who should be trying to be one instead of acting like she's 16.

No. 483212

File: 1517095428801.jpg (39.77 KB, 851x436, Screenshot_5.jpg)

has jill ever addressed why her teeth are/were so yellow? They seem better lately but how was she ok with people seeing this?

No. 483215

What do you think Jill will do when her youtube career dies? It's unstable enough as it is. I don't see her lasting more than 3 years tbh.

No. 483230

Maybe she was throwing up in her Ana phase and it fucked up her teeth that or the high level of sugary tea

No. 483234

possible she struggled with bulimia ?

No. 483235

What is the obsession with always saying that Jill is privileged? Seriously. It's so petty and redundant. Nothing new.

No. 483236

this has already been confirmed. lurk more.

No. 483240

Not everyone has the time to read through all Jills threads, she's got like 20 with over 1000 posts in each. After writing that, damn she really got issues if she can have this many threads in like two years?

TLDR; some people have lives.

No. 483241

>>483240 she's said it in many videos and posts, esp recently

No. 483246

idk bout u but I just wait for people to recap her vids
not rly wanting listen to her baby talk
also from posts of hers i read, never alluded to her barfing, but that doesnt mean she didnt say it, i probs missed it

No. 483258

i mean i kind of assumed that it had to do with her eating disorder, but was wondering if she ever actually addressed her highlighter teeth situation.

No. 483283

File: 1517098807759.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, 96F693F8-1919-4DCB-8BA3-4CFF38…)

This here is the last post that we shall see about the party kei Facebook page. Join me friends in one last kek before we get the fuck back on topic.

No. 483286

File: 1517098839414.png (797.58 KB, 640x1136, FF3E3AAD-DBCF-4970-BA6C-C4367C…)

No. 483291


She looks so so bad there. I mean she's not great in any of her pics but that one is just cringe worthy

No. 483435


She literally begins her advice video saying she got so many emails she will not be able to reply to everyone, and then adds "I hope none of you have /died/ waiting for my advice" while grinning and laughing? I'm not one to get offended by this kind of thing/humor, but with her young audience in mind, this really rubbed me the wrong way.

She really doesn't think twice before talking and starting new projects. Hell, she goes on about how this video is reminiscent of her "slumber party seshs" from a while back, but as far as the rest of the video goes, it really is just that - or even more similar to your average Q&A tbh. Same goes for her "designer diaries" bullshit that can be summed up as an IKEA shopping vlog(and haul of course) and then some half-assed DIY cardboard house that doesn't even show how to, you know, do the project yourself.

No. 483461

I was thinking this too. It's so bizarre some fans who are older than her are asking her for advice… And I think it's kind of shitty in general to announce people's problems in a video so she can make money off it. Why start an advice email if you're going to cherry pick shit for views and ignore the other 390 emails she received?

No. 483483


more I think about her little cat house, the more it pisses me off. plastic plants they can chew on? possibly toxic glue? can't remember if the paint was non-toxic or not…
and now this 'advice' video? she's totally fucking clueless.

i feel so bad for the cat she inflicts herself on when and if she actually moves away.

No. 483546

I agree except for the cat house part. It's not like you need instructions to cut a hole in a box. It's easy enough to know how to do with just watching her video.

No. 483635

Lot of people are immature and underdeveloped. Why else would they like Jill?

Why don't you post on the ugly fashion

Most people who buy clothes buy fast fashion. idk why that's worth bringing up. I don't like her hypocrisy on the subject though.

No. 483663

>idk why that's worth bringing up.
>I don't like her hypocrisy on the subject though.

Her hypocrisy on the subject is literally the only reason anybody brings it up. Nobody would give a shit if she didn't.

When do mods decide to take threads off auto sage? So tired of scrolling so far down to get to JIll's thread.

No. 483728

You do realize Kek is common internet/image board slang right?

No. 483781

File: 1517129920985.jpg (291.58 KB, 1048x1591, Screenshot_20180128-085749.jpg)

No. 483798


No. 483802

Getting slightly worried for her? Idk about other farmers but in my city people only drink/party once a week at most. It feels like every other post is “I’m so drunk hehe uwu”. Most recovering ana-chans find some sort of addiction/unhealthy obsession with something while in recovery (Sent around 7 months in a mental hospital and got to know how they think) Maybe shopping and drinking is her thing? (Everyone has different limits so please don’t reply with “But i drink 5 cans of beer a day and I’m fine!!11!”)

No. 483804

also most of the time it's drinking alone, which is a slippery slope. like, if you drink a few times a week but it's social/ not binge drinking then it's normal, but hiding in the basement getting drunk? that's alcoholism lol

No. 483805

Don't know if this is overspeculating but Pixie seems to be mentioning her past ED a lot more lately, it used to be something she kept quiet about.

No. 483820

She seems to be drinking with her internet friends, I don't know if that counts as drinking alone.

>When do mods decide to take threads off auto sage?
I think we'll just have to wait until this one reaches 1000 posts and we make a new one.

No. 483834

Fuck off holy shit

No. 483838


I'm gonna say she's doing it for attention. When you're a weight restored (or in Jill's case overweight) former anorexic and people start calling you fat, it's likely you're gonna want to bring your ed up again as an excuse as to why they're bigger and to humble brag. It's a common thing.

No. 483893

I don't understand how someone with no life experience can give advice.

No. 483911


simple. She's conceited. Obnoxious. And thinks she's qualified to speak on anything that flits through her brain at any given point.

I guess considering most of her fanbase is teens and tweens, she seems worldly by comparison?

No. 483930

So she was too sick to do a stream, but well enough to drink?

No. 483932

File: 1517156731372.jpg (188 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20180128-162437.jpg)

No. 483936

File: 1517156770224.jpg (128.46 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20180128-162415.jpg)


No. 483938

>Drinking while dieting.
This is hilarious. If anything, her gut is gonna expand.

No. 483939

Badly Saying Japanese words doesn’t count

No. 483946

lol I was thinking that too, especially since she only drinks super sugary drinks
it would be sad if she counts her booze into her 1200 daily calories and then restricts on food because she still wants to be able to ~party~

No. 483947

Does she realise how many calories are in her precious alcohpops kek

No. 483948

File: 1517157989457.jpg (237.38 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20180128-163109.jpg)

She keeps tweeting about an amazing opportunity she's been given in NY and I think it's probably this event? Perhaps a con artist ally thing? I cba to properly research

No. 483950

I think she's just a loser with nothing better to do, so she sits at home and drinks instead of going out, working on projects, or anything else. She has no self-motivation and admitted John is her only friend on the island. It's easier for her to lay in her bed shoveling peeps in her face and drinking sugary alcohol than to do something that involves thinking.

No. 483953

honestly there are enough lazy young adults who do the same shit as her every day, the thing that bothers me is that Jill is constantly claiming that she's some ~super creative fashion designer~, that she's super proud of herself and she thinks she's successful, that she claimed Colin left her because she's "too ambitious" etc.
I wish she was at least a little more self aware

No. 484047

Can't wait for her to go to college. It's gonna be so milky.

No. 484051

i feel like she takes 2 sips and posts about how drunk she is to seem ~mature~ and relatable

No. 484148

She's horrible as a graphic designer and artist. Appart from shirts with slogans, what else can she make and sell overpriced?

No. 484184

A turd has more motivation than her. My 12 year old half sister is more creative and a better sewer than Jill. Kek I have no idea where she gets off claiming that she is creative.

No. 484200

File: 1517171523658.jpg (4.96 KB, 200x200, 1515034946907.jpg)


she's pretending she can speak french and japanese again. ahh, but don't ask her to speak it on camera, guys! then she's suddenly too rusty. yeah sure jill

No. 484245

Do you know what really annoys me? The fact that a lot of people post fan art of Jill in the confetti club, but she always ignores the posts. She's active af in the group, and responds to a lot of other posts. She's so obnxious when it comes to showing she's a superior fan, drunkielocks posting and look at all of my brand WHY CAN'T SHE EVEN PRETEND TO APPRECIATE HER FANS FFS

No. 484258


This so much and even when most of the fan art stuff sucks or is cringey af, at least most of the confetti club kids sit down and do something creative in a way, when Jill only does shit like this >>483936

No. 484325

Maybe she feels creatively threatened so she can't acknowledge their work lol

No. 484334

File: 1517177418159.jpg (194.85 KB, 1076x930, Screenshot_20180128-140930.jpg)

~so multilingual ~

No. 484339

this is so fucking cringe.
she's such a poser i can't
also – what friends

No. 484350

File: 1517178115917.png (332.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-142137.png)

No. 484353

She's done the first ten pages of her workbook and thinks she's fluent.

No. 484354

File: 1517178186694.png (296.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-142250.png)

No. 484356


whenever lolcow says something negative about her, she adresses it. if we say we want more piano vids, she makes them. if we say she's gaining weight, she mention she's on a diet. if we question her sexuality, she's suddenly not gay anymore. if someone says her tattoo sucks she fixes it. if people tell her she needs to get back on her meds she gets back on it without telling the doc. if people ask her to get a solid haircolor she suddenly makes videos wearing solid color wigs (the insta baddie and goth makeover ones). etc etc etc since at least a year or two ago.

she has no issue on focusing on negative stuff said about her. she aaaaaaaaalways adresses it.

but whenever her fans lovingly make her fanart or fashion looks inspired by her you don't her peep. she never notices and never cares. they don't get any attention. all the good stuff goes unnoticed by jill, every single time.

no wonder she seems so negative tbh. also most of her fans seem as mentally unstable as she is, so getting validation from her would make them super happy. sadly she never cares.

No. 484357

>>484350 does she think the design business is going to be any less catty kek

No. 484358

File: 1517178321999.png (284.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-142357.png)

No. 484361

>>484356 exactly!! it takes a second to like a photo

No. 484362

>>484358 these aren't milky pls stop

No. 484364

Is she acting like Drew is her friend now?

No. 484367

File: 1517178501599.jpg (521.1 KB, 810x2262, Screenshot_20180128-142722.jpg)

I have some free time so I'm just going through he Twitter and capping anything mildly interesting

No. 484368

She sounds like one of those middle schoolers that just discovered anime and thinks they're so good at japanese for slipping in random weeb phrases into regular conversation. You're not multilingual Jillian, you're a shitty weeb.

No. 484370

>>484367 atleast sage them

No. 484372

File: 1517178611448.png (469.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-142952.png)

No. 484373

Why do they need saging ? People can reply to them and discuss…

No. 484375

The thread's on autosage. It doesn't matter.

No. 484376

rainbow washie?

No. 484377

>>484376 the tape

No. 484378

Eh, doesn't mean people should get lazy for whenever it's not auto saged

No. 484381

Oh, washi tape!

No. 484388

File: 1517179144081.jpg (548.23 KB, 810x2303, Screenshot_20180128-143754.jpg)

Or you know… she could go out and do something not alcohol-centric

No. 484391

File: 1517179216740.png (710.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180128-143940.png)

Oh this is why she's going to NYC.

No. 484392

File: 1517179230845.jpg (57.75 KB, 728x546, aid478637-v4-728px-Avoid-Becom…)


she thinks she's multilingual because of that… its literally the same tier as your friend in middle school who yelled "sugoi" and told the teachers "oh its japanese i'm totally fluent!". you're not multilingual or even bilingual. you just watch anime and you're canadian. calm down jill. people out there actually work their asses to be fluent on other languages, fuck off. oh wait, its not snowflakey enough for you, urusai childish weeaboo

No. 484451

She's so freakin obnoxious. Jill, you are not queer. stop throwing that word around like it's okay. You can be a gay ally, but you are nothing but a straight white girl who craves attention.

No. 484492

File: 1517183457760.jpeg (50.62 KB, 640x260, 4FD2131E-A1A6-46CE-89C6-839020…)

Huh. Thought this was interesting since Abi and Jill have been puplic about their friendship so I assumed that Abi would vote for her. Maybe even Abi thinks that Jill isn’t right for the job? I’m probably overanalysing though

No. 484498

That seems so passive aggressive

No. 484507

just fyi we're out of autosage everyone

what was the context of this? sorry I'm a twitter-tard. fan e-mailed her about mahou shojo, pixie says 'derpderp business only' and fan says it was business-based?

agree with other anon if that's the case, feels super passive aggressive. yeah, she's saying please and giving hearts, but you could at least address what they actually said too, y'know?

she really doesn't care about her fans, they're just a means to an end (shopping addiction $$). she's so spoiled she thinks she just deserves free shit and praise from people, without bothering to interact or appreciate her base. even real celebrities will go out of their way to put on a smile and sign autographs, y'know? and I'm sure they're literally incapable, as humans, of giving af about their thousands of fans. but still, they understand the importance of it…

I used to think people were kinda nitpicky with the whole fan appreciation thing, but I'm starting to agree

No. 484508

Not exactly related to Jill but Alaska Thunderfuck shared the link to vote for Emily yesterday so I wouldn't be surprised if she wins. At least Jill's chances of winning are completely down the drain now.

Lol, this is so snotty. Jill probably wouldn't respond to dms anyways. Basically leaves fans opportunities for talking to her to streams, public fb groups and twitter. It's pretty obvious she doesn't care for fans when she can't be bothered to even try to be friends with them. There are cosplayers with way bigger followers than her who encourage small conversation/friendship with fans.

Has anyone ever DM'd her to see if she's respond/try and be friendly?

No. 484510

You understood the twitter thing. It basically means Pixie either didn't read the email and brushed the person off, or she did read it but didn't think it was worthy of a response.

No. 484528

File: 1517185515375.jpeg (922.28 KB, 2560x2560, 1259C7DE-B667-42D9-AD19-6474FD…)

Thanks for the helpful advice I guess?

No. 484530

What a pathetic attempt at a humblebrag lmao.

No. 484534

Is she serious with that comment?! Jill can't be up her own ass, praising herself for even a minute, hm? Pathetic.

No. 484541

her self centeredness rivals tuna's

No. 484545

Actually if you guys would shut the hell up for a second, she seemed to be making a point very casually that they could get her to praise their product for $100.

No. 484549

*that they thought they could get her to praise their product for $100

No. 484550

she seemed to give up on the rainbow washi half way through as some didn't get it.

No. 484559

I don't think it's a humblebrag. I think she's complaining because she thinks she should've been paid more for a sponsored vid.

No. 484562

>"Can anyone give me advice that's used this hair dye?"

t-that doesn't make her sound any better…

No. 484579

bitch should've taken it to get rid of that garbage green mess(sage this)

No. 484582

I think you're misunderstanding the point anon. I've never white knighted Jill before but that's been a point being brought up across social media lately. "Influencers" with large platforms are getting offered very meager amounts of money to do full videos of sponsored, positive review. I know a girl with 100k followers on IG that was offered $20 to do a full post on a shitty product. They're speaking out against the shady nature.

No. 484587

It's definitely this. Why not respond to the Lime Crime rep and try to barter for another price? They're always going to lowball and hope you accept it. If you can show them what you've been offered by other companies, they might be willing to raise your amount. And if they don't, you're not losing anything anyway.

No. 484594

>Actually if you guys would shut the hell up for a second
Lmao that's been my first post in two days and it was how I interpreted that comment. Take your own advice, mini mod.

No. 484611


I think you're way overthinking this guys…

No. 484629


how dare they only offer you $100. the tragedy. thank you for sharing your story jill, don't know how you survived.

no but seriously, if they had offered a bit more money jill would have done it without hesitation. she would have forgotten about LC racist past in a heart beat. that's why she's not even shit talking them, just fishing for more money. jill won't buy from JS because "he's racist" but i 100% think she would do a LC vid if they offered more money. hell, if jeffree star had offered her money for a spondored vid she would have probably made it. greedy girl is greedy

No. 484653


…we know anon.

thing is, the girl asked for reviews of a highly controversial brand. and jill didn't help her at all, she just humblebragged about a sponsored vid she didn't do. she didn't say "oh don't buy from them, the owner dressed like hitler. she said "idc if you buy from them, but they were only going to give me 100 bucks for a sponsored vid! how shady!" >>484528
. that's literally the most self centred way to look at the situation possible

No. 484666

I took it more as that the point was they tried to pay her to review it period. not the amount offered being low. Like instead of just sending it to her to review they give her a 'bribe' in order to sway her into a positive view. lots of companies have gone under fire for that lately. idk, its a still a humble brag and unhelpfull/irrelivent regradless

No. 484683

cunty insufferable jill emerges!
and expects people to vote for her daily so she can get more free shit and japan trips when she cant be bothered to like/comment/reply/etc to any of her fans!!!

No. 484693

A lot of reviews on YouTube are sponsored. It's nothing new. I don't know why you think companies are going under fire for that. It's always been one of the main ways YouTubers make money.

No. 484810

Before she became a fulltime tacky womanchild as a living, I made a fanart of her that she liked in Tumblr. But I would have loved it if she at least said "thank you uwu" or something. I admit I felt kind of dissapointed, and she wasn't that famous at that time.

sage for blogposting

No. 485030

I don't get the Candy Stripper dress of hers. Is it supposed to be fancy and sophisticated?
It looks like a nighty a grandma would gift you on christmas. Something that look cheap, tacky, poorly designed and thin.
The way she wears it in the last lookbook is horribly unflattering too. Like she just crawled out of bed.
I really can't believe it's supposed to be a designer brand dress, because it looks like a cheepo polyester nightgown straight from aliexpress/wish.

saged for not really relating to Jill

No. 485109

It’s something cute if like Kiko wore it
I kinda get the aesthetic but u need to be skinny and not middle-aged-lady faced

No. 485139

Do you think Louise will pay for Jill's plane ticket and accommodation if she comes to HJ? I know Jill said she wants to travel without her mum, but Louise seems to know London quite well.

No. 485142

Emily is an irl friend of all of the G4laxy girls, she owns Roxie sweetheart I think? Whereas Pixie and Abi haven’t actually met face to face yet.

No. 485168

File: 1517228859311.jpg (125.11 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_20180129-122615.jpg)

It's been like 2 months since her last relationship and she's already desperate

No. 485170


Jill is one of those people who can't be alone, who always needs somebody on their side because otherwise they feel like they are nothing. They can't define themeself without a partner on their side. So embarrassing.

No. 485172

being single can suck, but 2 months later you should still be in your strong independent stage

No. 485188

Emily is a model for roxie sweetheart and close friends with the owner

No. 485224

I tried to dm her on insta when I noticed that she was still following Melanie Martinez when her friend said that she was sexually assaulted. She didn’t read and she didn’t respond. I understand being busy with a lot of dms but still.

No. 485238

She doesn’t read her dms. Jill was also being very vocal about how she sided with Timothy on twitter when it first happened because of her experiences when she was 13

No. 485242

She's too dumpy and short for it. I don't think you need to be super skinny to pull it off but she doesn't have the proportions for it. Jill's legs are in proportion to her waist and to pull off a night dress you need long legs and a short torso. Also the way it drapes on every single bump and lump of her body doesn't help. She wears baggy clothes and clothes which she can rely on her waist to be able to squeeze into for a reason.

No. 485280

Does anyone else see Jill to have just been another overdramatic preteen where nothing really bad actually happened?

Ie. Photoshopping her pics to be skinnier and her overprotective mom taking her to Drs at the first signs of potential ED = I suffered anorexia

Girlfriend at 13 or whatever was moody/pushy like every other 13 y/o 'lesbian' = harassed/sexually abused

I think this is part of why being a hypocrite in such manners is so trivial for her

I mean maybe I'm being a dick but she seems like the kind of person to freak out and claim uwu I'm so smol and breakable~ someone came up and said hi to me at night and so my life was in danger!!! Nothing happened but it COULD have it was so scary!! Watch out baby beans!!!

I do believe she has depression/anxiety but I think that couldve been nipped in the bud if not fixed completely had she been put on a proper diet/exercise routine, kept a real schedule and been exposed to the outside world/socializations instead of spoiled and coddled. I mean, Jill is so sheltered she's crushing on a dude who looks just like her brother because she knows so little else of the world lmao

I've also said this a thousand times before but ALL OF THE MEDS SHE'S ON ARE COMMONLY PRESCRIBED IN CANADA for ANY claim of anxiety or depression, esp if your over protective mother is there dramatizing your shit. I could literally go to a walkin clinic and leave with a script to her exact cocktail, so it's really not indicative to the severity of her mental state. Just sayin

No. 485286

Sorry, got a little long winded/it's been discussed before in my rant, there. This topic just slays me in regards to her.

No. 485296

You’ve been saying what I’ve been thinking, I just didn’t have the balls (or ovaries? Lol) to say it.

Like, I know what it’s like to suffer from depression and anxiety, because I have been since I was a preteen too. That’s why I feel bad about saying her experiences aren’t valid. But, how can someone who was so depressed before Christmas suddenly feel so great that she thinks she can get off her medication?

That’s some pretty ugly fashion, I don’t think any girl of any size could pull that off. She has shit taste in fashion.

No. 485320

The truth is that there are a lot more spoiled rich girls than Jill in the world and that's how overpriced brands like Candy Stripper and all the other harajuku "fashion" get propped up

No. 485336

Thank you for posting this anon, I completely agree.
I hate how she constantly acts as some beacon of ~mental health awareness~ and how she goes on about how many 'spooky' and 'bad' times she has gone through, yet she says stuff like "Oh I forgot about my depression until something bad happened!".
Anyone who actually suffers from depression knows that it's not something you just "forget" about.
I think she has pretty serious self-image and self-esteem issues, I mean she constantly needs to reassure herself of how 'well' she's doing, she apparently can't be without a partner, she clearly seems to fill some void with brand clothing etc.

No. 485352

I completely agree, esp as she says her ed stopped when she got with Tristan and when she got Neko. Eating disorders don't just stop. I cant remember the percentage, but most people with eating disorders don't fully recover even with treatment. If she was able to just get over it, she never really had an eating disorder to begin with.

No. 485357

i think it's safe to say her relationship at 13 actually was toxic, given the other girl was 16 - an age difference at that age is pretty fucked up. i do think she's a drama queen who loves attention, but i do think there's genuine basis in her struggles

No. 485366

File: 1517249665865.jpg (335.76 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20180129-181329.jpg)

Jill you're not gay just stop

No. 485393

I also agree with this 100%.

Yeah, I'm sure we can all agree it is toxic, as well as the photoshopping to be skinnier thing. However, I think why a lot of anons doubt her is because… well… Does what happened to her at 13 years old still drastically affect her life? Or is she just overplaying it for attention, like she does for other things constantly? Prime example being her ~queerness~, I guess. If she can make it fit into her video title and tags for views then it's suddenly part of her identity.

I can't say this as eloquently as some anons but, from personal experience a lot of girls in middle school went through the same issues as her (wanting to look a certain way, depression, thinking it's cool to date older people, trying to be impressive, etc etc), and I just don't see how it's so traumatic 7 years later? Of course I know experiences affect people differently and it is messed up what mindsets young girls get into, but I'm not sure if she talks about it like she's spreading awareness of how common it is, instead she just goes on about how it was so hard for her, "I'm so much better now congratulate me," bluh bluh bluh. She makes it sound like she underwent severe trauma or something.

TL;DR I think Jill just believes she's the specialest snowflake in the world and overplays her average life for attention. How else would someone living in the middle of nowhere doing nothing get an e-following?

No. 485413


I don't think her ED stopped, I think it manifested into her current over indulgence in everything.

No. 485416

>How else would someone living in the middle of nowhere doing nothing get an e-following?
Pixielocks isn't the first or last talentless person to be famous. She has a lot of disposable income and thus has an aesthetic a lot of people want to live vicariously through. She also has basic video editing skills. There's probably hundreds of more girls who have the money to do what Jill does but can't figure out how to get a camera working.

And most importantly, She was at the right place at the right time. That's how most people in entertainment succeed once they have some baseline skill.

No. 485469

Is this the same bitch who wants to be a drag queen but can’t because she’s a biological woman? She’s slightly milky and she definitely won’t win the kawaii.i comp. God I hope pixie doesn’t win. Yeah it would be milky but it would mostly be a huge embarrassment for the j-fashion community.

No. 485567

I dmed her a while ago asking if she wanted some pretty cure colouring book I found in my room. It’s like 10+ years old and in mint condition and I’d been keeping it around because I didn’t know what it was. Figured she might like it. No reply, idk if she even saw it.
I moved and I think I threw it out.

No. 485639

jill is the biggest poseur i've ever seen. her anglo ass couldn't carry a conversation in french to save her life, and her japanese is entry-level preteen weeb at best. did we see her speak ANY japanese in her japan vlogs??? this is so cringe

No. 485673

She has bought from JS before tbh! It wouldn't shock me. I'm also nearly 100 per cent sure that Lime Crime wouldn't have offered her money or even just the products. She mentioned that she went up to the LC booth at some makeup convention and put on JC lipstick right in front of Doe Deere. I doubt Doe has forgotten that.

No. 485721

I think this too, she definitely has had a shopping problem starting since she was into lolita which was shortly after being 'recovered' from her ED. It's only gotten worse over time, not to mention she's gotten lazier and lazier and more gluttonous. I'm not even talking about her weight, it's just that she overindulges in everything and preaches the ~don't be hard on yourself, it's ok to spend all day in bed and nap and eat junk sometimes uwu treat urself~ mindset which is just as unhealthy when you look at how she currently acts. It's okay to have fun and treat yourself after working hard for something, but she thinks pushing enamel pins into cardstock is hard work that she needs a break from. She sleeps 11 hours a day and eats junk food everyday. She doesn't even shower because it's not kawaii pinku lush bath time. If I didn't know about her previous mental health issues I'd seriously think she was an adult baby.

I know she didn't like the one therapist that made fun of her clothes or whatever but I really think she should try seeing someone again. Instead of drinking alone and stopping and starting her meds as she pleases, she should work on getting help for her issues. She admitted to overeating after the break up with Collin and now she's restricting her calories to 1200 a day while working out to lose weight. She clearly doesn't have a healthy relationship with food and I'd really hate to see her relapse.

No. 485744

are you talking about emily meow? she's not the worst, her looks are ok and she brings kawaii fashion into the club scene which is interesting. shes also embarrassing and milky so i'd like to see her win. anyway she does have a chance of winning because people with 400k+ followers are promoting her

No. 485768


She doesn't seem to grasp - at all - that therapists aren't one size fits all. You kinda need to shop around to find one that you mesh with. But hey. I guess it's easier to just go to one that you disliked and say that therapy just will not ever work for her.

No. 485805

I don't really agree with the ED manifesting point. I think she had pre-existing issues from being spoiled/sheltered/whatever else, which gave credence to the idea of an ED at that age - but wasn't actually an ED. Her current issues seem typical of someone who has self esteem issues in combination with being incredibly spoiled/coddled/sheltered.

I'm not saying she couldn't use therapy, I just find it hard to believe her issues are particularly deep or due to underlying mental illness - Though they're certainly well ingrained with the level of enabling she has

The medication she's on, diet, lack of exercise, lack of routine etc all contribute to her oversleeping, laziness and depression. The shopping addiction gives her a brief moment of spending happiness that escapes that depression. Because she is so comfortably spoiled/enabled, she sees no real reason/motivation to break this cycle and improve herself. I honestly can't see that having anything to do with an ED what so ever, but I'm no psych.

Honestly from everything I've seen concerning Jill the most traumatic thing that's possibly happened to her is her mother's cancer, which she did not seem to give a single fuck about (even being rude to her mom about it in the 1st? tatt vid).

You gotta consider too how much she over plays, dramatizes and villianizes all of her exes (even mg got a bunch of weird vagueposting as if she'd done something to jill - when in reality Jill broke up with her for the blandest of reasons). That alone makes me think twice about the 'abusive lesbo ex' >>485357 and I mean, it's not THAT uncommon of an age gap considering she lives on a small island where I'm sure dating options for teen lesbians at the time were few and far between. I don't agree with a 13-16 y.o age gap but quite frankly I don't see that alone as proof of her claims. Jill has such a shallow, underdeveloped character that I find it increasingly difficult to believe she underwent many great hardships or traumatizing experiences. Really agree with >>485393 there.

I know I can't know every aspect of jills life/inner feelings, but I think you can tell a lot about a person when they put so much of themselves and their lives out there for years as she has.

No. 485830

this was a dream she had that she mentioned in a video- she's never been to a makeup convention before. I believe this was one of her JS makeup related videos so it's probably down now, but I remember very specifically that it was a dream lol.

No. 485907

she's milky? could you spill that in the uk weebs thread? she's a friend of a friend but i know very ltitle about what she claims to do for the drag community lmao

No. 485910

sorry, meant to sage

No. 485998

^ absolutely this. it took me 7 years of bouncing around therapists before i found one who would even bother properly assessing me, let alone doing actual therapy. most of what i got was either "get a "life" and your issues will disappear" or "tell me your issues, but i won't give suggestions on how to fix them". of course you're going to run into fools, especially with the aesthetic jillian has, and being on a tiny island. moving to nb she should definitely use the opportunity to find a better therapist. she probably won't, though.

No. 486058

File: 1517273317886.png (643.22 KB, 640x1136, 5EAA73BA-2C99-4BC3-82CA-0FA0CE…)

Someone stop this girl

No. 486062

File: 1517273429707.jpeg (84.24 KB, 640x632, 2BD47DE3-1527-4C83-9DA5-6EFE37…)

Say goodbye to rainbie bangs uwu

No. 486068

Even worse is that that's probably all her hair. Imagine how it looks from the back

Also those roots and that puke green color up top and on her eyebrows are so bad holy hell.

Betting she's growing out her bangs because other people have them now, even people not relevant to her. Which is funny because she copied Kammie anyways but oh well.

No. 486096

Okay so my first thought was that this was a confetti club member being posted, and I was thinking “I thought we were done posting confetti club members but wow this is pretty bad.” and then I kept reading the other replies to this thread and I had to scroll back up to see for myself if that was actually Jill.

Also, not to be that person, but isn’t wearing multiple braids like that considered “cultural appropriation?” I wonder if her liberal followers are gonna call her out?

Pls Jill fix your roots.

The bangs were the only part of her hair that didn’t actually make me wanna vomit. I thought she did surprisingly well dying them herself.

No. 486098

File: 1517274610421.png (110.43 KB, 640x1136, 697763BA-5B84-47E8-ACB8-CBF168…)

Me thinks this is due to the previous off hand comments made in this thread about Emily…. Jill liked it too…. She’s lurking. Hi emily!

No. 486099

File: 1517274663781.png (322.71 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180129-170751.png)

Jeanette Converse reminds me of Jill. Kek

No. 486130

God this shit is so stupid. If you're a cis woman you're not a fucking drag queen. I've always found these types who think its some kind of sexism or prejudice to tell cis women that's not how that shit works to be so annoying.

No. 486156

She’s not being over dramatic. If you read her deviantart journals you can tell that she was in a really bad place, all those bumpy permanent scars on her leg is evidence of that. She was in her first (queer) and first serious relationship with a friend of her’s when she was 13 and her abuser was 16 (big age gap because of maturity level and experience) I guess that age gap made Jill easy to manipulate/dominate. That led to her ED’s. It’s really common for mentally ill people at least teenagers to grasp onto one aspect of themselves and define themselves as that for Jill it was fashion/music. She was sexually assaulted/harassed by her ex girlfriend. I’m sure anyone who’s been sexually assaulted or anyone’s who’s very cautious/anxious would get upset at some random stranger trying to talk to them at night. Mental illnesses can’t be treated with physical self-care uwu/health stuff alone-people need professional help, medications, ESAs, whatever works for them.

No. 486167


considering all drag is is an extreme caricature of a stereotype of femininity… yeah, women can dress up in female drag.

Doesn't make 'em queens though, I guess.

No. 486234

When did she actually say she was sexually assaulted by her girlfriend? What video was this in?

No. 486243

This, I've seen that in a lot of people who have have mental illness in their teens. They are missing that formative chunk of life where you get a chance to start figuring themselves out. A lot of them cling to very shallow things, trying to form an identity. Jill needs a good therapist to help sort her shit out, an overbearing mother isn't helping at all either. Also, no one cuts that deep on the upper thigh for attention or fun. The upper thigh is where you cut to hide and it hurts like Hell.

No. 486276

I also really hate this shit about Jill (see: >>485280 >>485805 ). I don't doubt that she alludes to her issues for ~ uwu points uwu ~ , but that doesn't invalidate her problems. It really just seems like poorfags here are unable to comprehend that someone with a loving, middle-to-upper-middle class family can suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual abuse… whatever. No one cuts on their upper thigh like that unless they're actually fucked up. That place hurts like hell, and you do it if you want to hide it.

>inb4 lol Jill stan get out

I don't like Jill. Is she coddled? Yes. Is she overdramatic? Probably. Does she handle her medication well? Absolutely not. But are we really about to discount those issues because she's coddled? lmao.

No. 486368

I don't think anyone is saying rich or coddled people can't have problems. Everyone whose mentioned they think she's being over dramatic (to paraphrase) has said they feel that way because of her actions, day-to-day life, the way she speaks/holds herself, blah, blah, etc., etc.

the main point I've personally said, and that I've seen from others, is that her current issues seem to stem or be enabled by her coddled, cushy life (in my/like-minded anon's opinion).

I also don't agree that having thick cuts on your leg = hardcore issues. Nor edgy DA entries. Cutting (and being fucking edgy/exaggerated) was trendy and in not long ago (aka when jill was a preteen-teen) and I/many friends cut that area without having deep seeded issues. I also have scars of large thickness, which were caused by the object I cut with/the way they healed, not just 'intense cutting' or some such.
(Apologies for the blogposting, I just want to give a first-hand account of that not all cuts heal as thin lines).

In the end we will each disagree and I can live with that as it's mostly speculation, but I thought I'd clarify the points being addressed in this post.

No. 486371

Iirc it was on twitter in relation to the Melanie Martinez accusations. Something about the whole 'not saying no doesn't mean yes' hitting home for her because she had the same experience. She later implied in a video that she got put off of dating women for years because of it (when she was dating Alyssa).Even though we all know how that relationship panned out, I don't think it's fair to write off her first lesbian relationship when she was 13 since it clearly fucked her up. Even if she was young and the relationship itself wasn't that serious, she still was taken advantage of and that's probably what triggered her ED, depression and anxiety. I agree with >>486276 that even though she has an objectively good life and has enabling parents it doesn't discredit any mental health issues she might've had. Does she overdramatise her issues to make it look like her life is all kawaii uwu rainbows and confetti now? Absolutely, but let's stop acting like she's completely neurotypical and making this stuff up for attention because it was trendy at the time or some shit.

Sure, it'd totally do her a world of good to eat healthier, stop buying shit and start acting like an adult (move out and go to college, stop relying on her mom etc.) but I highly doubt it'd solve all her problems, she'll just become dependent on something else. What she needs is to get professional help, especially if she really was a victim of sexual abuse/assault as a 13 year old.

No. 486375

lol no, so, "jill stans gtfo."

i agree with this, especially the "…which gave credence to the idea of an ED at that age - but wasn't actually an ED…"
everyone says "o they caught it early!1!!"
Yet no one has given concrete-100%-can't lie proof of it.
Do I think she has other issues? yeah. her depression and other mental illnesses are very real now and in the past. To the post that talks about cutting on the thighs; Yes, there are people that DO cut there for attention (not saying jill is one of them cause i didn't go to school with her,) how do we know that jill didn't wear clothes that openly revealed her cutting?
I'm with the 'Jill is over-reacting party' because of how she acts and talks about things in general, why not play up these issues, she plays up everything else.
I'll end this on one more thing, I think she would feel a lot better about herself if she took a fucking shower. Having greasy ass hair can't feel good. She needs to take better care of her self even more so because she is an internet personality and her decisions do impact her followers.

No. 486422

File: 1517285177849.jpg (156.15 KB, 1531x861, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


Braids like this wouldn't really be cultural appropriation. I've never really seen a black woman wear their hair like this unless they were like, 6 years old or something. I think you're thinking of box braids or things of that nature. They do still look fucking horrendous either way. Haruka Kurebayashi (pic related) did a similar hair style and maybe that's where she got it from.

No. 486450

File: 1517285952562.gif (522.85 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)


just when i think jill couldn't get an uglier haircut. she surprises me everytime. a visionary, honestly.


yeah yeah okay jill has actual mental illness we know this everyone know this. let's not accuse her ex gf of sexually assaulting her and pretend like we have evidence and know every detail in her life. what a reach. if the comment hit home it could have been because a myriad of reasons (something that happened when she was a kid, teen, or even a year ago for all we know), she never explicitly said what it was about and its kinda fucked up that y'all jillfags are acting like it has to be about her old ex gf and it has to be why she used to self harm. tons of teenagers self harm, tons of teenagers explore their sexuality, and tons of abuse victims don't like jill don't share details about the abuse publicly. don't arm rest psychology jill's entire life and personality wtf. abuse victims all cope with it differentley, its weird as hell to infantilize jill this much that you pretend like you have her figured out bc you know about her abuse. you're trying to virtue signal but only showing your asses instead. we're not jill's therapist anon, jfc. listen to what you're saying, my god.

>"She was in her first (queer) and first serious relationship with a friend of her’s when she was 13 and her abuser was 16 (big age gap) I guess that age gap made Jill easy to manipulate/dominate. That led to her ED’s."

>"Something about the whole 'not saying no doesn't mean yes' hitting home for her because she had the same experience. She later implied in a video that she got put off of dating women for years because of it (when she was dating Alyssa).Even though we all know how that relationship panned out, I don't think it's fair to write off her first lesbian relationship when she was 13 since it clearly fucked her up"
>>pretending like you're personal friends with jill and you know exactly what causes her sexuality issues and history with sexual abuse when you don't. just stop. this isn't milk or discussion, its y'all circlejerking about having jill figured out when you don't.

No. 486452

I don't understand what is supposed to make someone interesting to you guys. I go to a nice uni and I don't think most people here are super interesting. Most of us are just regular students. We might be in some student clubs and then we party or watch Netflix on the weekends. Are people in your lives that much different? I just don't think most people are that interesting.

Also most North Americans don't exercise very much. Apparently only 15% of Canadians get enough exercise. I don't see what's so extraordinary about Jill's lack of exercise I would be surprised if most girls here got substantial amounts of exercise.

I'm just really baffled why people her are so hard on her. I really don't think she is different from a lot of girls except that she is from a richer family and has a lot of disposable income. People are going to be accusing me of being a stan but I can't stand her videos, hence why I never watch them.

>Yet no one has given concrete-100%-can't lie proof of it.
How the fuck are you supposed to give proof of it other than posting her medical records?

No. 486454

I agree with what you’ve said. These stans are also forgetting that Jill has a condition that causes thick scars like that. They’re called hypertrophic scars, but she referred to her scars as keloid scars. Which is actually totally different and a lot worse than hypertrophic scars.

My point is, this bitch can’t even remember what type of scar tissue she has, and her scar tissue makes everything worse than it actually was. So, she can easily over-dramatize everything.

You, see my above mention that her stupid scars make everything seem worse than it actually was. Also, where the fuck is this notion coming from that the thigh is the worst place to cut at, and she’s totally not an attention whore because of it? We can see the fucking scars in photos of her whenever she doesn’t edit them out. Also, I highly doubt it’s more painful to cut on your thigh. She’s not special because she chose somewhere else other than her arm.

Lolk. I was always told growing up that talking about money and discussing the prices of things excessively is trashy. Jill? She speaks about the price of things every chance she gets. Always namedropping brands, telling how much she gets paid, begging her followers to join her Patreon. She’s trashy, and you don’t have to be poor or rich to figure that out.

No. 486478

I don't really care to humor your post, but I'll clarify a couple misconceptions you seem to be suffering


We're harsh on her not exercising because 99.9% of her problems, especially her anxiety/depression/sleeping issues (all of which she gripes about), could be extremely lessened in severity by just exercising. She also often talks about how she wants to work out, but is too lazy to, while having a home gym a room away from her bedroom (if I recall the layout of her house correctly). Of course people are going to be irked when all the resources are more than readily available to someone, yet they refuse to use them to better themselves/achieve their goals. I'm starting to wonder if you've even read much of her threads before jumping in. You don't watch her videos, you don't read her threads, you're on a site about gossiping about people saying it's too harsh - tf are you here for?

>netflix etc entertainment or not

I'm not 100% what you're referencing with this, but again, people think Jill should /go out/ more and experience the world because it'd benefit her depression and potentially help her socialize. Just recently Jill was bitching her entire night was ruined, since she couldn't go out clubbing/partying because her "only friend" ditched her that night. Lots of anons said she could go out on her own, or y'know, just stay home and watch Netflix or whatever. So obviously the majority aren't expecting her to go on a trip to the fucking moon

If you honestly can't even just skim the threads and see that what people don't like about her is a lot vaster than what your post is implying, or think anyone cares that she's from a well-off family, you must be daft

No. 486484


this post is the most accurate. a lot of the lurkers in these jill threads seem to relate to her a lot (or are straight up followers of her) and love to a. overstate the "trauamtic" things she has gone through/her common as it gets mental illness and meds b. how totally "queer TM" she actually is (when any other lesbian itt know she's a tryhard) c. act like her ED almost killed her or something

most farmers are bi 20 something girls with anxiety and depression who browse ana chan threads, so i'm not surprised certain anons jump to whiteknight her behavior to death. dissapointed but never surprised.

jill is not special in the slightest. we're absolutely allowed to call her lazy and stupid if we want to. no need for anons to jump evertime to yell "ackhually its not laziness its her depression! bc i have it therefore jill must be totally legit about how depressed she is and not some trendy tumblr girl :(! she's NOT at all! she's gay btw". she's an attention whoreeeee, that's what the threads are about

No. 486506

lol. so many anons here find it impossible to dislike someone while also acknowledging their problems. calling someone a stan doesn't invalidate their position, but thanks for that.

Y'all going on about proof. If we can't believe her, then we don't know if it's true or not. Stop operating as if she definitely doesn't deal with mental illness.

Before someone with bad reading comprehension jumps to conclusions: no, Jill is lazy and wasteful regardless of her mental state. I'm just saying that while she's insufferable, she isn't immune to having problems. It really just seems like other farmers are quick to paint Jillian like she's completely fabricated any instance of adversity in her life. Is the milk really that dry?

No. 486510

>I don't really care to humor your post, but I'll clarify a couple misconceptions you seem to be suffering
Well you responded, soooo… Thanks for responding anon, I'm so humbled :^)

>We're harsh on her not exercising because 99.9% of her problems, especially her anxiety/depression/sleeping issues (all of which she gripes about), could be extremely lessened in severity by just exercising.

I guess it just doesn't bother me the same way. I guess people just wouldn't suffer from anxiety/depression anymore if they just exercised.

>You don't watch her videos, you don't read her threads, you're on a site about gossiping about people saying it's too harsh - tf are you here for?

I read her threads multiple times a day. lol

>Lots of anons said she could go out on her own

So she should have gone clubbing on her own?

>If you honestly can't even just skim the threads and see that what people don't like about her is a lot vaster than what your post is implying, or think anyone cares that she's from a well-off family, you must be daft

People are always complaining that she is spoiled and how her parents pay for everything

I just think it's weird how you guys seem to know so many teenage girls who are so exciting and well put-together.

>most farmers are bi 20 something girls with anxiety and depression who browse ana chan threads, so i'm not surprised certain anons jump to whiteknight her behavior to death. dissapointed but never surprised.

Why does it matter if people want to whiteknight an internet celeb?(whiteknighting)

No. 486518

File: 1517289051501.gif (957.16 KB, 177x205, mp.gif)

The posts you're replying to are different anons, by the way.

Do you have really bad reading comprehension? Wew, lad. I'm not virtue signaling, lmao. I've never dealt with anything beyond depression, and I definitely don't consider myself to be an expert on the subject. I also never mentioned anything about Jill's ex-gf (nor do I have an opinion on her). I didn't armchair anything; I'm simply calling out this retarded "JILL'S EXAGGERATING EVERYTHING" shit that anons have. Of all the weird, wasteful, and disgusting things Jill has done, anons have to bitch about her ~totally fake~ ED? lol, okay.

God forbid I have a tiny bit of empathy for a snowflake. Truly a travesty. It doesn't mean I find her to be any more tolerable. Also, if you're not Jill's therapist, then stop acting like you know what parts of her life she's dramatizing. I don't understand the point of your post at all because I certainly wasn't analyzing her life; I merely said that even though she's privileged, she can still suffer from mental illness. That's it. Nothing else.

All of these retarded Jill's a liar posts made me miss this. My god. Is this all the hair on her head? And… really? Greasy roots even though she pulled her hair into pigtails? Disgusting.(whiteknighting)

No. 486523

If you guys think Jill is materialistic, then what do you guys think of the J-fashion community? A lot of people on /cgl/ seem to have lives that revolve around buying clothes and it reminds me a lot of Jill.

No. 486527

Isn't that true for a lot of popular YouTube channels? Eugenia Cooney, Trisha Paytas, and basically every single MUA (lol) post haul videos. I mean, lots of people on makeup youtube spend over a thousand dollars for a video.

I don't think Jill's behavior is necessarily abnormal when it comes to youtube, but it's depressing and frustrating to watch because she isn't doing anything with her life.

No. 486529

A lot of people's annoyance about Jill's materialism isn't just that she's buying a lot of things. Most of /cgl/ hates Jill and not hypocritically. Hopefully someone else can offer some better wording or examples of that, as I am far too tired/lazy of attempting to explain perspective in this thread.

No. 486540

shes not a teen, shes a grown ass adult who keep putting off college because shes afraid to leave home. she can't be arsed to get out of bed for more than a video what, maybe two times a week tops? she can't even follow her own programming schedule when youtube and livestreaming are her fucking job. she complains about being tired all the time even though shes admitted more than once she stays home almost all the time and sleeps hours on end and constantly takes naps. she complains about being a "poor youtuber plz keep my monetization!" and then forgets shes bought a bunch of expensive crap and posts the shit for everyone to see. all of the things we say on here are from everything she posts for the world to see. we know she has a home gym literally 10 feet away from her bedroom and she whines about trying to stay fit. why do you think there are so many threads about her? are you blind and not actually read the screen caps or watch her videos? she constantly contradicts herself, we call it like we see it, but we're the bad guys for some reason. it matters you want to whiteknight because theres only truth in these threads, and for whatever reason you think its a lie.
>I guess it just doesn't bother me the same way. I guess people just wouldn't suffer from anxiety/depression anymore if they just exercised.
get your strawman out of here
we're saying it helps, not completely cures you bawdy canker sore

No. 486542


I'll give it a shot… there's a difference between materialism wherein you enjoy having and getting 'stuff', and being flagrantly materialistic and obnoxiously bragging about how expensive her constant stream of brand new shit she wears once and forgets about is.

I'd say most people are materialistic to an extent. But she takes it to breathtaking heights.

No. 486546

did you even read the posts? LOL
her illnesses were acknowledged, but so was the fact that she is a drama queen.
Learn to read dumbfuck

No. 486556

There is also no proof that her ED even truly existed w/o med records
You're obv just here to wk her under the pretense that you find her disgusting.
No one said 'privileged people' can't suffer from mental illness.
girl bai

No. 486562

you mean conspicuous consumption?

No. 486606

Damn, can you ED conspiracy bitches stop infighting?

No. 486610

Are we going to start this argument again? If you have the money, go for it. It's only an issue if you start to feel like you NEED to shop or if you can't afford your shopping habits. If it effects your daily living as well, but that's almost the same as "feeling like you need to shop" because it would consume you. I've known people like this and you can't even go outdoors with them for something as simple as paper towel without them making it a multi-stop shopping trip.

No. 486705

File: 1517302492324.jpg (57.18 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_oa9w7lUmnc1ti3ngio1_128…)

No. 486736

is her fetish to look as awful as possible or something?
she looks like a mentally challenged adult baby, I can't believe this

No. 486738

But anon, she is a mentally challenged adult baby…

No. 486819


Yeah, that's about what I was groping about for.

No. 486845

File: 1517327750466.jpg (657.27 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20180130-155409.jpg)

We call her out on not caring about fan art and now suddenly she's all over it kek

No. 486851

please do not start with this cultural appropriation shit. ffs, she is a white canadian who 'invented a jfash' her idiot followers don't give a shit about appropriating anything, even if jill is actually doing legit appropriation of the term jfashion…

No. 486852

i gotchu fam.

No. 486947

File: 1517334410705.jpg (701.72 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20180130-174522.jpg)

Hmm she's even checking her Twitter for fan art we see u lurking Jill

No. 486978

I don't think it's any secret that she lurks. Even before, wasn't her fellow cow friend caught with a tab to pixies lolcow thread open on one of her screen captures? Can't remember her name I think it was the girl that has to do with lace, was a while back. I remember something being said about how they check up on each other's threads, or maybe that was just speculation

Hopefully she takes more of our advice, if anything

No. 486980

>>486978 her name is Kate and she has her own threads aswell

No. 487015

File: 1517338374982.png (388.75 KB, 506x582, Capture.PNG)

NY Anon here…long time lurker. This showed up on my FB today.

No. 487022

>>487015 we're either going to see drunkielocks or her have an anxiety attack and either way it'll be milky af

No. 487023

I was going to go "for the lulz" but 40$ is too expensive for a joke. Also:
>open bar!
>we're checking IDs!!
>Jill is turning 20 iirc and won't be able to drink

Also a majority of the kawaii society "members" are underage as in most of them are under 16 and are used to 5$-10$ events so I honestly don't see the admin being able to pull this off since none of her "fans" can afford to stay out "soo late uwu~"

No. 487035

File: 1517339479080.gif (2 MB, 390x271, gT83EWF.gif)

>jill isn't 21 so she can't join in on the festivities unless she wants to get in big trouble
thank you for pointing this out, this is great

No. 487053

That thing is 20?! I would have guessed kawaii-stuck early 30s? Man why does she look so used?

No. 487063

uh her birthday is March 5th, her birthday trip is seriously going to be 2+ weeks long? lol

No. 487076

Does she have a thead? If not she definitely needs one. I can definitely see the resemblance. They both look old and haggard and wear pastel vomit that’s badly coordinated

No. 487081

Dylan's candy bar is one of the first places that a fan suggested when she asked for stuff to do in NYC
I wonder if she grapped onto that and pushed to have the event there or if it was the maid cafe's idea?

No. 487102

File: 1517341815123.jpg (699.38 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20180130-144303.jpg)

Can't wait to see that trash party. Jill doesn't even dress party kei or jfashion but sure she'll wear some WC and talk about how much she loves Japanese fashion to all her rainbow vomit followers who can't even afford to buy Jfashion.

No. 487121

yeah, not knowing the exact type of scars you have means you're being over dramatic kek

a ton of girls have eating disorders, especially ones involved in alternative scenes. she was also inpatient which isn't easy, and literally no sane person WANTS to go to inpatient if they're not actually anorexic etc. i dont like her but i dont understand why her obvious eating disorder is suddenly a lie.

No. 487127

sage u nitwit

Also, point me in the direction of the pictures of her in in-patient treatment. Throughout her twenty-something threads, I can't find it.

No. 487135

Why would anyone post photos of themselves or others while in the hospital (that they don’t want to be in)
She’s brought it up multiple times and if you want to pretend that she’s lying about it you can fuck off now and read the past threads so you know what the fuck is going on

No. 487136


Not to downplay anyone's self-harm or mental health issues (Jillian's or otherwise), but I live in PEI and the inpatient program at the psychiatric ward in our major provincial hospital (referred to here as "Unit 9") isn't hard to get into.

If you're under 18 and your parents suspect you to be depressed etc literally anyone can get thrown in there. It doesn't necessarily even mean there's a serious issue because our doctors are so ill-equipped at diagnosing and handling mental health problems.

No. 487145

Are we really gonna act like depression, anxiety or eating disorders are some super special elite club that only a select few can enter? Jill is terrible at dealing with her mental health issues in a healthy and productive way and lets herself stagnate wallowing in unhealthy coping skills; it doesn't mean she's making up the fact that she is mentally ill.

No. 487148

Exactly LOL There is no proof, sorry, but I'd rather not read through all her threads. I actually do stuff and don't have the time for that. Only pop in here during major down time because it's always active in her thread.

But I mean, if that's your logic

The only reason I'm so invested in this particular topic is because, I myself have been hospitalized for an ED of my own. I just got out a week ago and I was there for awhile. I really didn't want to be there, but I had to.

Now you can't tell me I'm lying because I'm mentioning it now. Valid.
Lowkey why do you care so much that I think she's lying? It's my opinion, you have yours, I have mine. I accept that you think the opposite, but you clearly can't accept that I think this way. Take a seat.

Again, NO ONE is saying that she's making up that she's mentally ill. Literally NO ONE. It's so blatantly obvious that she is, it's the way she goes about her illnesses that people are irked about.

No. 487168

As someone has said before, she's probably just self conscious about her ever increasing weight and wants an excuse for it. Saying she can't exercise or diet without risking relapsing is the perfect excuse.

No. 487172

File: 1517344650184.jpeg (977.38 KB, 2400x1600, 7AE9ADBA-8F80-4E31-AAFB-3B4186…)

>hur dur I’m too cool to read, I am the only one who’s ever felt real pain and no one else can experience something I’ve gone through

Sorry skellychan that she wasn’t as skinny as you, but during 2013 she wasn’t at all a healthy weight (right photo)
I’m sure she faked all those scars on her leg too just so she could get more of your cool points

No. 487176

>>487172 she gave us her lowest weight in a video and she was not underweight. Age has a huge role in bmi.

No. 487181

Which video was that?
And just because she wasn’t underweight according to BMI doesn’t mean that she didn’t have unhealthy eating habits/body image issues which come along with eating disorders or that it couldn’t have spiraled into something worse had they not have gotten help then.

No. 487183

>>487181 I believe it was the prelude to her wand tattoo. The self harm one??

No. 487184

I said "if that's your logic"
and then bs'd the 'announcement'
my point was that just because someone says something doesn't make it true.
I said I had an ED and you believed me, but it wasn't true – I was just tryna make a point

If you're just here to wk Jill, please leave.
She's also known to have photoshopped a lot of her photos

You can take several seats.

No. 487186

Absolutely this

No. 487190

Holy shit, people finally shut up about the under weight shit, why are you bringing it up again?
It's a dead horse, no one fucking cares and we're all tired of reading it. Especially when it's the same arguments every single time. It's in the past, it was years ago.
Take this shit to the Ana thread. Stop and bring up RELEVANT milk. Not this old shit.

No. 487198

File: 1517345452794.png (788.34 KB, 658x574, jill.png)

>>487184 these aren't a before and afer of weight. These are from around the same time. She has always photoshopped herself a lot smaller.

No. 487199


tell this to her Knight in Shining Fat >>487172

No. 487200

No one gives a flying fuck about your ~hospitalization~
You're a worse attention whore snowflake than Jill
Can we stop posting these every single fucking thread, both are really old pictures

No. 487201

File: 1517345597786.jpeg (394.2 KB, 1800x2400, EC8139BC-4DF2-4675-9A81-E822D8…)

Apperently it’s not 21+

No. 487203

I mixed up my replies whoops just super tired of this old shit

No. 487210

File: 1517345884694.jpeg (357.17 KB, 750x777, 9F8ED25A-0711-41D3-B997-1A5487…)

No. 487212

File: 1517345900249.jpeg (260.5 KB, 750x557, F23C40E8-71BC-4C89-847E-347AE0…)

No. 487214

anon from>>487148
Again, I WASN'T HOSPITALIZED, I was making a POINT to >>487135 that you can write whatever the fuck you want online, but that DOESN'T make it true.
Now calm your inflamed tits anon – not tryna flake


Meetup at a bar on monday, nice.

No. 487218

Wasn't she just complaining about her money issues?

No. 487222

thats 36 dollars for lips.
38 for the palette.
plus shipping

No. 487233

God. This. The ED is a moot point right now, at least the way it used to be. If she has an ED now, that's somewhat relevant, but I'm getting tired of seeing anons bring up the same petty stuff with the same pictures. This isn't an ana thread and it just gets old, especially for those of us who are recovered and see how stupid it is to rehash this shit 500 times.

No. 487246

No one fucking cares stop already you're embarrassing yourself. Stop shitting up the thread.
Can we keep this relevant?
The event looks like it's running late, wonder if Jill will freak out being in a big city after dark without her mom

No. 487252

>>487246 Louise will have to go to the event bc bby Jillybean can't do anything alone. She'll pobs have to wait out back reading for hours kek

No. 487253


Dude, stop. You two are contributing now, the topic was just moving in a new direction, but y'all won't let it go. Jill has been mentioning getting healthy and the discussion spiraled into her past "ED"/ED, it's not completely irrelevant. If you stop responding, the topic will change.

Now onto her tweets:
About >>487210 If she's trying to talk herself out of feeling guilty for her future purchase of those, how is she gonna survive in NY. There's sooo much shopping that can be done there.

No. 487274

File: 1517349416350.jpeg (121.84 KB, 750x391, C5A647B8-DF0A-421A-BBE9-F0A1A4…)

No. 487277

I mean I'm glad she gets along so well with her mom, but…

also does anyone know when the semester starts for her/when she will actually start attending college?

No. 487287

September. Most schools in Canada start the week after Labour Day.

No. 487291

alright, thank you anon!
that's still a really long way to go, I hope she finds something productive to do until then

No. 487329

is she being sarcastic or can she really write off makeup as a business expense if she uses it in a video?

that's some onision-tier tax mentality if so

No. 487333

No. 487354

This is such an abuse of the system and she shouldn't be able to write off the makeup.

No. 487370

File: 1517354001403.jpg (62.24 KB, 640x480, 405855_385324848148183_6420211…)


Here's some pics we've never seen before.
Weird how she used to look like this and actually went to shows and stuff.

No. 487416

Is that why she has so many haul videos? So she can cheat the system for "free" clothing. Also, wasn't she going to do a Kylie Jenner make up review? They even sent her a new one after hers was messed up yet no review video after months of having it.

No. 487428


well she's careless as fuck with her over-priced things, loses stuff constantly, and is lazy as hell.

honestly wouldn't be surprised if it got tossed on a pile of crap only to be completely forgotten about.

No. 487444


It's just a straight-up humblebrag.

No. 487480

Sadly, many youtubers get away with this and even get to write off “vacations” they work into their videos as book signings, events, etc as write offs for business. Including flight, food, hotel and beyond. In fucking sane.

No. 487532

That collab looks lame as hell. Predictable colors and Sugar Pill is Hot Topic tier cosmetics.You would think she would at least buy some thing a little more unique like Pat McGrath's Mothership eyeshadow palettes they are amazing. She's so clueless about good product and how to use it.

No. 487536

>we've never seen before

You mean YOU have never seen before.

No. 487566

I've been lurking these pages since the first one and I was the person that originally posted her old deviantart and instagram pics. None of these pictures were posted before, no need to get angry, they're just fun to look at.
It's interesting to see how soft her hair used to look even though it was bleached and dyed.

No. 487595

File: 1517367727112.png (332.04 KB, 1080x1821, Capture _2018-01-30-18-54-36-1…)

No. 487604

She "tries" for wed/sat and bonus vid for mon but they can be a "day off"
what a lazy fuck

No. 487705

It's no wonder she never does anything productive. She's busy checking this thread for updates all the time jfc

The complete lack of self control is depressing

No. 487731

It's not that Jill is super unique or that there aren't thousands of people out there in similar situations. But Jill has a following of hundreds of thousands, many of whom are impressionable young people who look up to her as a role model. So yeah, it's reasonable to critique her when she's someone that other young people are actually basing their lives off of.

No. 487741

It's not about her being materialistic. It's about her excessive spending at a young age when she has never learned to properly manage money because she's never had bills or expenses that weren't completely paid for by her parents. It's going to backfire on her in a huge way when she finally moves out and has to pay rent/utilities/phone bill/food on her own. She's going to have to have mommy wire her money every week because she has no idea how to budget.

She said she saved $3000 for her japan trip (remember, her mom paid for flights and lodging, so that was all spending money) and it took her over two years. That's less than a hundred dollars a month that she "saved" while spending thousands on useless shit. If she was so serious about going to Japan, she could have cut back on her hauls and saved that money in a few months, or had way more money to take on her trip. She has no concept of financial responsibility, which is why anons have problems with her spending.

No. 487749

That's 100% not how tax write-offs work. You dont just "get that money back" and therefore stuff is free. The amount you spend on things classified as "business expenses" is counted against the amount you owe at the end of the year, which is A LOT for people who don't have taxes automatically deducted from their pay like Youtubers. So the more you write off as business expenses the less you'll owe in taxes but that doesn't make those things "free"

No. 487771

but someone like jill would get a tax refund most likely.

No. 487783

its a candy shop, they just also have cafés within them that sell shakes/hot chocolate/sweet cocktails

>>487370 this is so silly, baby punk in front of flowers, preppy chevrons and the teal owl frame lmao

No. 487799

idk how it is in canada but in the US she would definitely owe money because she hasn't been paying taxes on her income throughout the year. Even if she wrote off every single thing she bought, it would come out to less than or equal to the amount she owes.

No. 487854

She will owe ~40% of her income in taxes. Assuming she makes 2-3K a month through all of her means, she should have been putting at least a few hundred aside each month.

She can claim some of the stuff she bought, but it has to be shown that it was specifically required for and purchased for her line of work. So most of her shopping wouldn't even count, as she technically wouldn't be required to do it.

No. 487869

anon, she doesn’t actually use the makeup she buys. she uses 2 shades from each of her useless palettes tops and does the same look every time. nothing made by Pat, no matter how high quality it is, matches her ~aesthetic~, which is the sole reason behind the Sugarpill purchase.
..also, Sugarpill eyeshadows are amazing imo. you should be ashamed.

No. 487942

Wonder if she's going to have a meetup outside of this? Probably not. Also with one person hosting sounds like such a shit show. I can't wait to see the milk spill on this.

No. 488020

NYC anons are already familiar with the people running the event; they’ve hosted a few janky AF “kawaii” events in the past that attract overweight black weebs in shitty taobao coords. Real jfash people avoid the events like the plague because why’re always so badly managed. Can’t wait for this fiasco!

No. 488042

"“kawaii” events in the past that attract overweight black weebs in shitty taobao coords."

Anon, you sound like a racist cunty prick.

No. 488127

take out the "black" and it's accurate tho
most j-fashion inspired gatherings have fugly people in cheap coords
Jill doesn't even wear j fashion that much either

No. 488317

why does she need a day off?

Honestly her videos don't have much editing, if she filmed in the morning and edited at night she could shit those fuckers out and make herself a backlog. She barely scraps by following her schedule. Obvi, her wednesday video isn't even up yet so she still must be working on it. Amateur hour over here.

No. 488359

File: 1517425766095.jpeg (204.93 KB, 640x726, 6159069F-35D4-4E52-AC59-71E262…)

Who on earth is going to pay for this? VIP to see a lazy shopaholic? Give me strength

No. 488360

File: 1517425804934.jpeg (138.8 KB, 640x421, 040EBBF2-E2E9-420B-BC43-6C7AAF…)

No. 488364

>Dylan's cady bar
What the fuck is wrong with her not being able to spellcheck a literal MS paint image?

No. 488413

golly gosh, FREE polaroids & getting to spend more time with Jill?
what a deal!

No. 488452

No. 488456

File: 1517429696552.png (173.44 KB, 633x306, Screen shot 2018-01-31 at 3.35…)

No. 488474

File: 1517430482760.jpg (66.75 KB, 853x478, nice.jpg)

Couldn't help but notice it's stained already. Probably has never been washed.

No. 488497

Fist mention that she's single but no detail at 4:06

No. 488503

>>488452 'retail hole in my heart'

No. 488509

wearing a hat so we dont see her greasy roots

No. 488516

File: 1517432486757.jpg (171.73 KB, 538x428, jillkek.jpg)

No. 488524

is that supposed to be weeb

No. 488548

Yes, I guess pixie typoed and didn't notice. kek.

No. 488561

Those shoes…those fucking hideous shoes.They trigger me so. Jill truly is an ass clown. She reminds me of Leigh Bowery on crack.

No. 488569

File: 1517435102078.png (337.14 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180131-134002.png)

No. 488602

Don't disrespect the legend that is Leigh Bowery.

No. 488606

I love Bowery. Jill just reminds me of a watered down memory of him

No. 488609

She seems to be up to date on her threads here, she seemed pretty cheeky about some recent topics in the video, especially retail addiction

No. 488631

Yeah but the real question is will she do anything about it or will she just go back to indulging in mindless praise from her fans while she buy $300 worth of ugly lazy oaf items that she will never wear or wash

No. 488651

Since she wants both the Lazy Oaf/Betty Boop collab and the Sugarpill/Little Twin Stars collab, I'm guessing she will be back on that shit in no time.

No. 488655

apparently theres a confetti club gc thats raising money to send jill a betsey johnson bag for when she goes to school

No. 488687

I always thought it was gross of her to be rolling around the house in her 'nice' clothes like they're pajamas. It's no wonder they get so dirty so quick.

No. 488698

>angry at an anime for having a cute long established canon relationship because she isnt in one
lord she really cant handle being single for longer than 5 seconds, get a grip jill.
also her talking about the little twin stars boy and how little twin stars is in her top favorites for sanrio means we are for sure getting an unboxing of the sugar pill collab

No. 488715

File: 1517442203463.png (690.58 KB, 600x600, 3335448656aa1a9a7c5062e7ab2a03…)

all I can see is pic related, and I feel like I'm insulting the goosebumps meme girl

No. 488790

hate how she has to stress "my FIRST single valentines in FOUR YEARS! omg!" bc she cares way to much about being in a relationship and has to remind everyone she used to be in a relationship ~always~. it's not a contest

No. 488813

little twin stars are pleb tier sanrio. my melody or die.

No. 488903

>rainbow eyebrows

kill me

No. 488939

>talks about being sick again
How many times does she get sick in a year? I notice a bunch of other youtubers “get sick” but it’s so obvious they are lazy af and just don’t want to make their weekly video. Most adults with no kids get sick once every couple years.

No. 488959


Immune systems are different. I know a few people who get sick fairly frequently.

Not that Jill, Kelly Eden and co. aren't lazy as shit, but saying most not-parents only get sick every few years is kind of ridiculous.

I have chronic bronchitis, and get sick pretty much with every turn of the season.

No. 488981

File: 1517457686121.jpg (42.68 KB, 392x588, tumblr_p0gwktX8kZ1wqpelao2_400…)

Sage for old news, but I keep seeing this shirt around and it reminds me a lot of Jill's old birthday outfit that she made.

Did she ever say if it was an "original idea" or if it was inspired? Either way, not very original.

No. 488997

She already showed off her tote in other videos, wore that rainbow dress shirt in another plus selfies, and talked about those animes on Twitter if I'm not mistaken. I'd be pissed if I was actually a fan of hers and she just wastes my time talking about stuff I already saw on her social media. Like she's not reading any books, learning anything cool, doing anything interesting, just "Hey, I still like this stuff I already showed several times before. Plus slightly newer stuff I bought and listen to me talk about anime."

No. 489017