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No. 155594

Before posting/lurking:
Read lolcow.farm rules and follow them. Sage your non-contribution, tinfoil and non-milk. Don’t post old milk because you’re bored. Don’t hi cow, not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight or Nicole, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting. Complaints go in /meta/.


Nicole Evie Davis is a cosplayer who amassed over 400k followers on Instagram and 1.8 million followers on Facebook. She gained popularity for her shoops of looking like an anime character and a “real life elf”, often blowing up on sites like 9gag where these comparisons would be made.
Her first thread existed because anon(s) went to great lengths to insist she has never done anything wrong, having meltdowns at even the mention of her name on the costhot thread. Spergs can also be seen in meta trying desperately for over a year to get admins to lock her threads.

Previous thread: >>95156
First thread: >>82304

Recent Milk:

>Created an OnlyFans and advertised it as a place to hide her suggestive cosplays from minors with the promise of never making it nude or pornographic, soon enough she started posting uncensored nudes and videos sucking on dildos. Prior to OF she has referred to selling nudes as undignified work, and described herself as a person who makes an honest living and loves herself with her clothes on >>154009 >>154623

>Became lazy with producing her OF content, only posting twice for a whole month and when subscribers asked her about it she said she was having a busy month. In said busy month she would nonstop post about playing video games, livestream raising random butterflies she found on the street, while only working 3 days a week at a card shop

>She is moving in with a known pedophile (ahoynateo), while supporting him publicly on Twitter and telling him how brave he is and how proud she is of him for going public about recent allegations of him and Destery. Although she has made a callout post regarding Destery after his grooming allegations, she has yet to publicly acknowledge her close friend admitting to dating a 15 year old when he was 19 >>153088

Only seems to publicly bash pedophiles who do wrong to her personally (cheating, etc) but will remain friends with one as long as they’re friendly with her

>Admitted to knowing Destery/capndesdes and Chase/aftershauk were creeps years ago but still decided to befriend them and date Destery >>154768

>Likes to drive while using her phone to record snapchats >>154682 >>154687 and dancing >>86298 while giving others a lecture on not being stupid and endangering lives while driving >>155064 and saying she would never look at her phone while driving >>155065


>She was illegally administering injections while working a pharmacy technician from 2013 to 2018 >>94989 and was able to get the job since her mom was her boss at the pharmacy, despite her having no higher education/medical degree and started working there directly a month after graduating high school

>She cheated on her ex boyfriend of 9 years. She mentioned him wanting to speak to Destery to learn the timeline of when they got together, and if it was during his relationship with Nicole. >>153465

Close friend of Destery, the person she supposedly cheated on Dennis with, saying he heard she cheated >>154765
She told her followers during this time she had a rough patch with her boyfriend but he can be seen in her family’s bedroom, during the time she was dating someone else, and they appear to be on good terms/dating rather than on a break >>99338

>Instagram: https://instagram.com/nicoleeeveedavis?utm_medium=copy_link
>Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/nicoleEeveeD
>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/nicoleeeveedavis/
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/Nicoleeeveedavis

No. 155604

Thanks for the thread OP, you did a good job at covering all the bases.

No. 155605

Thanks for making the thread and remaining neutral, anon. Much appreciated!

No. 155625

no mention of her leda skinwalk and encouraging fans to attack people who call her a thot/attention seeker

No. 157025

It's been years. Its not new milk anymore and the reasons to back her skin walking were so soggy. 1000s of girls around that time had the same scene look because it was popular on social media. Leda isn't some special snowflake who had a unique style. Myspace thots did it before Leda even did.

No. 157034

For the love of God you're still here? Nta but please go observe the collages made in the previous threads before calling something that's objective "soggy".(stop)

No. 157097

I’m not the same anon but I agree with them, at first seemed milky but got super soggy once the tattoo comparison was made where an anon was trying to say nicole had the same tattoos but literally none of them were close enough to think it could be copy. then again showing the timelines not adding up where Nicole actually made half the posts before Leda. 80% of the old threads reeked of vendetta-chan

No. 157098

To add to this I've found proof of said vandetta who last thread assume was Nicole’s stalker Addi editing the “milk” in her past threads. Mostly her nose from what I noticed personally. A lot of nicole’s shit is ofc shooped and filtered to hell and back but I’ve gone and looked at the specific videos the vandetta screen capped them from and did the same myself, they weren’t as exaggerated as what was posted as milk

No. 157101

Nicole finally found the new thread I see. So funny this thread was dead until now, the wks are literally keeping it alive because they deny everything and challenge people to bring receipts.

No. 157109

What does "soggy" mean? I've been an active participant on lolcow for years and, while I don't read this thread, I'm really curious as to what this term means. Thanks.

No. 157117

It's some newfag lingo I presume

I capped the image used in the thread pic, it's unaltered and taken directly from whatever video was shared in the first thread I believe. And no I'm not vendetta-chan/addi or that retarded scrote who stalked her.

No. 157144

Good job comparing 2 different angles and one being mid video movement.

No. 157148

I didn't even make the thread or thread image and that wasn't the point of what I wrote and you know it.

No. 157210

No1currs anon. The photos aren't comparable and it was discussed thread 1.

No. 157334

Nicole has turned into a fine cow over the years

No. 157393

File: 1624718180560.jpeg (251.61 KB, 828x876, 4865CF56-E3DB-40BF-8282-8876A8…)

Turns out Nicole’s fat friend she did OF with is batshit crazy kek

No. 157394

File: 1624718220568.jpeg (379.32 KB, 828x1108, 7A73A748-902D-42D0-BE54-B2180F…)

No. 157404

We need more info, Nicole is not a trustworthy source of information. Though all OF girls are crazy imo so it's possible.

No. 157406

File: 1624724929795.jpeg (287.05 KB, 828x1004, D02C50F5-CE15-4CB5-8ADF-89DE27…)

According to the girl’s side of the story her and Nicole “grew apart” and received death threats and hate for it, but Nicole is saying that girl sent death threats to herself and Nicole is the one who removed herself from that friendship.
I’m not even sure how Nicole can verify that someone is sending themselves death threats? Who knows

No. 157407

wasn't the first we saw of this girl only a few months ago? "grow apart" suggests a longer time has passed. I think Nicole saying she faked the death threats or whatever is weird, it's not like we aren't all on the same internet full of crazies. It's pretty easy to believe someone sent some nasty shit to the friend, especially since Nicole has a curated audience of coomers right now.

Funny there was some infighting last thread regarding Nicole's old friends she hasn't seen for years, and anons suggesting they were no longer friends. Now we see Nicole can't even keep a female friend for a few months. So it adds more weight to the idea those other people have been discarded too.
Something weird about this though, I think having a sexual element to a friendship so going to confuse things, which is probably why this imploded so fast.
>Make new friend
>Make sexual content for OF with new friend
>Things are awkward now, who could have predicted

No. 157419

She's the fat friend she's had for over a year. Anons suggested they lived together last summer too. She's the same fat one as before.

No. 157420

Nta but I think you’re confusing this one with Nicole’s mom friend, Dawn

No. 157429

No, I'm not. There was a fat chick she hung out with in her living room last year when she started patreon. Anons made comments about keeping her around because some reach about how she needs ugly people around her to feel pretty.

No. 157435

File: 1624739632027.jpeg (262.66 KB, 828x851, EEA07F7F-A606-4BE4-8A7C-50635C…)

Mhm. Anyways, Nicole goes on a tweeting spree talking shit about whatever friend she dropped saying the fat girl had manipulative mentalities and harmful behavior (assuming this is about the fatty since she mentions self victimization and she just accused of her creating fake accounts to send death threats to herself).
That seems like a psycho reach for Nicole to make

No. 157437

I have a feeling it might be that the fat girl and boyfriend might of urged Nicole into more nudity than planned because someone is taking the photos for her for the ones that have been released.

No. 157449

It rubs me the wrong way when some people go on spiels like this that are low key directed towards people in their life. Gives the impression they’re seeking affirmation, as though they’re not confident with their actions. If it weren’t for her track record it wouldn’t be so off putting.

No. 157451

You just described all callout posts

No. 157453

It’s even worse when she literally outs who she’s talking about on her second account, full name and everything, then tells her followers “don’t gender drop if you’re so worried about them getting harassed!”.
Like.. of course your paypigs could potentially harass that person when you accuse them of shit

No. 157725


Fu fu fu, that BS tweet gave me the dryest cough in years man, her hypocrisy surpassed orbit.

Yes, I wrote several posts in the last thread about her
>having the constant need to photograph and surround herself with severely overweight and preferably make up less female friends
>circling through every new "omg best friends 4 evers" faster than underwear
>being unable to maintain friendships she extremely fast labels as super close and posts all over her instagram, drowning them in praise, yet every time e Nicole is the one who claims afterwards they were toxic, psycho, stalkers, instable or whatever so she had to distance for her own good. Go through her twitter, there isnt one friend of the past 3 years he hadnt shittalked after the relation ended. It can never be her fault.
>always instructing other followers to leave her targets of shade alone, yet makes damn well sure we know who she's talking about and what they have apparently done.

No. 157726

Please mind that she rarely ever has a female around her, and if, they must be toothless whales and are farewelled with a juicy backhanded shittalk on twitter.

No. 157730

File: 1624921046919.jpg (731.13 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_06_29_00_53_31_mh162492…)

Ah yes, you forgot to mention that there can only be one at a time, at best, and she already has a substitution.

Imagine you are someones "best friend" and they end every relation with you, trashing you on twitter and post on instagram fucking 5 days later about how perfectly happy they are in their lifes. No mourning, no reflection, no processing. Bye bitch, check out me and my new bestie.

No. 157733

File: 1624921504208.png (887.69 KB, 1067x1224, IMG_20210629_010147.png)

They had a little pandemic ignoring
Pisspot! At The Disco moment. Nicole did just visit them (including connor), but that girl cant stick around for being not fugly enough. I agree it's so inappropriate and unempathetic to post shit like this right after throwing that other chick out of her life. maybe she got too much attention through nicoles OF and jealousy arised, but that is just tinfoiling.

No. 157734

>working on some big life changes
Nicole's code for her having burned all bridges again and needs to move for the hundreth time.

No. 157735

Wtf, she has the audicty to hold speeches about "harmful behavior" yet publicly accuses her so called best friend of creating fake accounts to send herself death threats, thus completely invalidating and humiliating her situation. who does that to another person, let alone their former bf?

No. 157736

File: 1624922589647.jpg (873.7 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_06_29_01_20_58.jpg)

I guess it's safe to say edgelord connor and her are dating? and what the hell happened to Nicoles face?! She looks different. Bloated, used and altered.

No. 157737

File: 1624922676657.jpg (821.76 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_06_29_01_21_52.jpg)

Second that. Raise your opinions, anons - lipfillers? No way in hell that face is still natural.

No. 157738

lmao smol uwu princess is TALL af.

No. 157743

File: 1624925368312.png (2.11 MB, 896x1245, 1589671542704.png)

Evidence of her fat-fuck-female-friend saga

No. 157744

File: 1624925395552.jpeg (642.13 KB, 828x1586, 7F4ABEA7-5D25-45CB-903E-140EBA…)

Might just be tinfoil but in the last video on her snapchat she starts playing with a cats paws and does an Indian accent when saying “your car’s extended warranty”
always classy Nicole
Too lazy to make an imgur for this but it’s this snap, pic attached

No. 157745

File: 1624925488518.jpg (976.16 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_06_29_02_11_12.jpg)

continued with dedication.

No. 157746

File: 1624925599099.jpg (2.22 MB, 2094x1568, 1589638634386.jpg)

you call this "not close enough" for skinwalking? the fuck do you want, a mirror?

No. 157747

File: 1624925621249.jpg (382.52 KB, 1199x1566, 1591981856769.jpg)

No. 157748

old milk, let's move on, nicole skinwalked the shit out of leda but wks will keep infighting till the dawn of time. dawn, get it?

No. 157749

She was always a racist and sexist prick when she thought nobody is looking.

No. 157750

File: 1624926375247.jpg (61.67 KB, 320x240, 8468e1f990771d9cfda02e46c3fc04…)

please for the love of god NO

No. 157751

Since people aren't worth mourning.

No. 157752

File: 1624926517325.jpeg (82.21 KB, 638x210, FB35FA31-E587-4B98-8321-E1D2A6…)

Sage for tinfoil but it’s funny she claims to be demisexual while having filmed OF with that fat girl and the girl’s BF putting dildos down her throat
(Inb4 hearing that demisexuality is a spectrum or whatever the fuck yeah, I know, but she also claims she needs “muh emotional connection” for sexual things and will still record that shit with her fat friend’s boyfriend). Didn’t she also say in her callout post of Destery that she has “trauma” from her breakup with Dennis so she needs a deep emotional connection to be intimate with someone?
Either way she’s just going to continue dating the most boring looking emo dudes despite her ‘preference for women’

No. 157753

Please compare dates, not just photos and they all did these around the same time other girls were doing the exact same thing on YouTube. Leda didn't create these looks and she isn't the first uwu girl either. You're so obsessed with Leda. We get it.

No. 157754

Nicole even admitted to skinwalking her when she would make posts about Leda and wanting to be her twin, move on.

No. 157756

>>99953 Please read this so we can all stfu about Leda and conclude there was skinwalking, she followed everyone in Leda’s life, all her exs and bestfriends, that’s not normal so stop trying to make it seem like it’s just some “myspace scene kid thing we all went through”

No. 157757

Oh, so that’s why she threw the last girl to the side. That didn’t take long. Feels bad thinking of being in that position, not only was your former best friend talking shit about you, but now in under a week she’s posting with your replacement.

>blame shifting

>self victimization
>make excuses
Definitely not turning out to be a projection kek

No. 157769

Thank God the thread has returned to a sane state. It was getting hijacked by the rewriting history anons for days.

No. 157786

>>working on some big life changes
>Nicole's code for her having burned all bridges again and needs to move for the hundreth time.

Haha holy shit anon, that is what she means too since she tends to get new friend groups/appearances/interests when she says this.

No. 157791

You can tell from the expressions and body language in the images that she lovebombs the friends, then clearly uses them as props to show how much of a smol fairy she is in comparison (selective editing notwithstanding)

She may also struggle with jealousy and esteem issues, so probably can't maintain a friendship with a pretty girl for too long. New bestie is quite pretty imo, so I can't see that lasting too long.
Prettier girls are used to better treatment too/not as used to being walked on, so we'll see how her next round of Twitter shittalking goes when she accuses the new bestie of being (insert unproven accusation here)
I predict drama.

No. 157831

You'll predict right. She always had major self-identity and jealousy issues, no other female on social media I know did that kind of excessive skinwalking and obsessing of "look at me i am being stalked and copied aaaall the time" and I also never seen a chick take that massive amounts of selfies consistantly over years while filtering them into oblivion.

That combined with the fact that she is easily drawn to abusive emo losers with high public numbers (Youtubers, musicians etc) runs after every person that gives her attention even if that means being unfaithful and cannot for the love of god maintain any female friendship speaks for itself. She manipulates them, likely through lovebombing and the excessive personal texts under her instagram posts, to feed into her image of having so many close bffs in her life. isn't she great? but oh no, also she's always a victim to them because of her too good heart.

If you observe her bodylanguage and movements through every single video she made, she moves like a fucking robot. every facial expression, wink, smile, head tilt, it's all rehearsed, acted and faked. I haven't EVER seen any genuine, authentic face or just normal video of her. Everything needs to be under control to fit her image. And she can't react outside of her persona, because guess what, there is nothing.

Nicole is a psychotic narcissist who needs to be the lone center of her world all the time. Otherwise she'd risk somebody straying too far from her narrative, so she makes sure really quickly to destroy their reputation online, when she senses their relationship ends. Everyone needs to be discredited before they can spill her horrible behavior, her part in it or how hurt they are. Everything in Nicole's life gets exploited for something beneficial to her and if it doesnt function to her wishes or misbehaves, it gets destroyed.

Nicole is not slightly important enough, but otherwise she would have had the same shit coming shane dawson or gabbie hanna got, a looong time ago already.

No. 157835

File: 1624979330564.jpg (1.16 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_06_29_17_04_38_mh162497…)

Also, we know now Nate and her didnt work out because he started dating that other pink haired chick from the photos in
This will likely become Nicole's hook to end the friendship. I also find it hilarious that at the time this girl took the photos with nate, she was wearing nicoles lecklace and haircolor.

No. 157837

He doesn't seem to have been devastated if he was cheated on since he moved on pretty quick.

No. 157841

The photo of themwith different hair but tongue stuck out sure is skinwalking. Yeah, the dates on a lot of these dont match up with skinwalking, the harry potter one is hilarous since shes wearing HP garb and yet its called skinwalking and some Nicole did first, so it comes down to trends. Saying twinsies for a tattoo for a popular anime, doesn't mean skinwalking.

No. 157847

Kek you’re ignoring half the things we mentioned to say she’s not skinwalking, even >>157756 where she follows all of Leda’s exes, friends and random nobodies who only Leda knows. It’s creepy and very personal to Leda, not a style or hobby

No. 157856

File: 1624987379216.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1442, IMG_20210629_171252.png)

keep telling that yourself if it makes you happy WK, you'll never change the fact Nicole excessively skinwalked.

Nate and that girl dated since oct 2020, it is rumored Nicole attempted to seperate them by taking away/heavily pursuing Nate, any milk on that?

No. 157858

yep, in the previous thread was a video of nate saying he was interested in dating nicole, until destery cockblocked him with his deceptive BS, but that was ealier in the timeline. nicole went after him at first (because he used to date leda) but then settled for destery assjuice smith (who had the hots for leda as well).

No. 157861

Who's the girl with all green hair? I used to follow her and can't remember her name.

No. 157862

They're all moving in together too. Bets on how long it'll take nicole to try and sleep with him?

No. 157865

The one on the left? Her username is “elvngrl”

No. 157871

big life changes >move and new friendgroup as per usual

I'd say around 2 months tops, nicole is pretty fast with this stuff. she and the other girl will have a huge fallout, Nicole goes on twitter to shittalk all of them and paint them as abusers and then Hi, big life changes again ♡

No. 157872

LMAO how would you feel as that pink haired girl, if you know
1. Nicole is a cheater with low moralcode
2. Nate publicly admitted to having had a big interest in dating Nicole
3. And now they move together.

I'd scream internally man, this is psycho shit.

No. 157876

File: 1624996987191.jpeg (726.16 KB, 828x1505, E01044DA-D064-42B7-8094-C6A148…)

She’s already staying in Nicole’s apartment lol

No. 157900

Because they were in the same social circles. What do you expect?

No. 157904

No, they weren’t. Leda never mentioned her no matter how many times Nicole was trying to force an interaction. Nicole can be seen commenting on Leda fanpages, following anyone involved with Leda, even commenting on fanart of Leda (probably trying to get herself drawn too). Nicole is creepy as fuck, anon

No. 157909

File: 1625005109096.jpeg (330.22 KB, 813x1799, B855217F-872C-47CD-B8DE-D433D6…)

No. 157910

Go in and add the dates of who posted what when on the collage like anons keep saying. If it was skinwalking, you'd think it would be all a few days or a week apart from each other.

The fact that they all were in the same YT community, yeah, it does make sense. Especially since anons said Nicoles YT group was popular apparently as scene kids, and Leda was popular with scene kids, so wheres the zero cross-over? I'm not talking about knowing Leda specifically. It's the community. Of course there are several of them who know each other.

No. 157911

What's this proving? She leaves comments complimenting artists for fanart 3 years ago?

No. 157913

Nicole follows anyone related to Leda, people that have nothing to do with YouTube or the scene community, just regular people with less than 1k followers that know Leda personally. If you’re going to be autistic and demand proof of Nicole skinwalking at least don’t nitpick the dates whether it’s from 2018 or 2021.
Tf do you want, a signed confession from Nicole?

No. 157914

Idk, calling an over a year later look and calling it skinwalking it weak. The Harry Potter one doesn't make sense, the tattoos aren't 1:1 except the ones straight from series like the hand (the pokemon ones aren't the same) or fake/drawn on and joking about lol twinsies. Timeline does matter, anons constantly remove dates from these photos for a reason.

No. 157915

File: 1625006076042.jpeg (732.33 KB, 828x1530, EC4FA109-93A2-421F-B525-5D5A76…)

Compiling dates for you rn anon, but I don’t see how it has to be directly a week to be relevant when she literally is open about doing things directly after Leda

No. 157919

oh and you make the rules in which timeframes that obvious skinwalk behavior is allowed to count as skinwalk? your pain in the assery costs anon wasted time to compile evidence we already know.

They were not and that is the point. Nicole tried to get close to ANY person related to leda, famous and on social media or absolutely regular people. It was creepy and obsessive. She tried to date almost every of Leda'd exes ad well and mind you, Nicole was a total outsider to Ledas clique, she was a hardcore fan, not a reallife friend.

And the group of emo kids nicole had on youtube back in the day, that anon tries to push as popular, were not only never famous or known, their tiny existence stood nothing against the huge fandom Leda had. You couldn't even compare the two, their paths never crossed in any community way, besides Nicole forcing her way into Ledas circle.

No. 157920

Nicole could literally break into Leda’s house and steal her n3rd collection and anon would say “#justscenekidthings #wealldothis”

No. 157921

Skinwalking a year later makes no sense.

No. 157923

I’m not sure what autistic rock you live under but skinwalking isn’t when you nitpick two photos looking similar and being copied the day after the first was posted, on LC it refers to when one thot copies multiple aspects of another thots life because they literally want to be them: hobbies, clothing, interests, friends, personality. These are all things Nicole can be seen doing in relation to Leda.
Just because two extremely similar photos are more than a week apart doesn’t mean you can grasp for straws to deny skinwalking lmao, it’s not like Leda’s outfit or appearance only existed in that singular photo being used as an example.
Cope harder

No. 157924

What's the latest one anyway? Anons posted a 2018 old milk post as an example.

No. 157925

Leda hasn’t been on the internet in years, retard. There’s nothing left for Nicole to copy. It’s only being rehashed because you’re going to great lengths to deny the skinwalking when it’s one of the more severe cases I’ve seen for a non-celebrity

No. 157927

This anon complained about it missing from the bio >>155625 That wasn't me.

No. 157936

File: 1625013613437.jpeg (423.71 KB, 831x1800, D3837EB7-3CF5-47F8-AED8-09954C…)

Nicole is mentally ill
and you’re not doing her a favor by passing this off as normal

No. 157943

Didn't say anything about it being normal. Calm down. All I said was how can you say skinwalking when theres a large chunk of time between some of these and stuff like the popular Halo gear that even Nigri and Vamplette bought that set and popular deer SNOW filter everyone was using, isnt exactly unique to Leda. The same with the HP gear. Some of these are just reaches is all and pretending something is there because you want to call it skinwalking. Keyword, some. No one said she doesn't at all, just not all of these are instances.

No. 157944

File: 1625015199104.jpeg (268.24 KB, 828x1012, 182BC5B7-403B-4682-BCF1-045A4D…)

You can like popular nerd culture things without wearing the exact same clothes and having the same appearance as someone. Her interests towards most of Leda’s have always been so insincere and fake, she doesn’t even know the difference between class and race, and her first answer to WoW questions is just always “ELF!!”

No. 157976

Reminds me of when she was playing that with Nate on stream. Worth noting Leda was a competent player. Check the first thread for those who want proof.

No. 157984

why don't you wk bois do us all a favor and finally leave this thread? when will that constant infighting about things long proven already stop?

It's NOT about the fact that these things were generally popular among scene kids, it's the fact nicole chose all these specific clothing items, hairstyles, apps, poses, products, captions and what not BECAUSE of leda. The severity, intention (always in relation to what leda is doing) and consistent copy quality over time determines the skinwalking.

Nicole didnt just want to be like Leda, she wanted to be leda. Now please let's move on.

No. 157985

A couple of those on the top right are so similar it's like a different angle on the same photoshoot, amazing wks still try to refute it.

No. 157987

>and popular deer SNOW filter everyone was using, isnt exactly unique to Leda
Nta but she even tagged Leda in this screenshot
can I make it any more obvious

No. 157988

This is one reason why I think we shouldn’t engage the wk to begin with. They just reiterate the same shit over and over anyway, what’s the point in entertaining them? No matter what they’re going to try and question something.

No. 158018

File: 1625062796496.jpeg (205.36 KB, 1800x1277, 0B3FE81A-17B8-448B-BEFB-C70A83…)

Nicole probably always had Destery and Connor as back up choices when she was dating Dennis, they can be seen interacting with her even 4 years ago, around April 2017, it’s funny how she said her and Dennis “mutually broke up and wanted independence” (he dumped her) but she can’t stay single without jumping from one relationship to the next if one doesn’t work out. All her moves are always so calculated and nothing is ever organic.

No. 158027

This is almost 5 years old.

No. 158029

Nontheless proof they already knew of each other, yikes.

No. 158030

Can you read, idiot? My post is pointing out she knew both of them for over 5 years, and also lied about her timeline of when her and Destery talked (she said it was in 2018 only when her and her bf were on a break, but they can be seen talking years before that).

No. 158031

No one doubted that. They all knew each other, but damn, can't you guys stick to recent shit? There's barely any new milk in thread because anons keep posted 4+ year old posts and just saying the same thing repeatedly. What was the point of even making the thread if its the same shit from the other 2M

No. 158032

There's a difference between acquaintances and actual friends.

No. 158034

>proof of them talking
>one way convo via comment

Uh huh.

No. 158035

She said he first reached out to her when she was on a break from her boyfriend, this has nothing to do with acquaintances versus friends, she’s just a pathological liar
>Damn can you guys stick to-
How about you stop whining and nitpicking the date of when things are getting posted, especially when they’re relevant to who she’s currently dating? You’re providing no contribution yourself and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the sperg who demanded proof for Nicole skinwalking, only to be upset when old milk is being rehashed. Hide the thread if you’re so upset by any discussion of Nicole and how things in the past relate to her relationships today, because damn, whining about it is just shitting up the thread you’re so desperate to gatekeep

No. 158039

File: 1625068331107.jpeg (60.13 KB, 828x211, 7B1DA452-524E-4567-BF0D-43C83D…)

>One way convo
She replies back to him long before she says they started talking, but keep grasping for straws and nitpicking

No. 158042

Theres a difference between actually talking to people and comment sections. You think celebs are 'talking' to fans when they reply to comments too? This is so nitpicky.

No. 158045

>They all knew each other
Kek you’re the same anon who said that after all the skinwalking milk
>She’s a celebrity just talking to a fan
Pick a side tf

No. 158047

File: 1625069498337.jpeg (484.42 KB, 828x1069, 6040778D-2CA4-4EC4-A2A4-C959DB…)

I wonder how an anon from the previous thread found Addi’s FB account despite it not having her name and having no skinwalking to Nicole. That seems like something only Nicole would keep tabs on since she’s obsessed with watching Addi’s social media activity to check if she’s still copying her.
Fucking creepy, even for Nicole.

No. 158063

I said its no different. If they were only interacting in comments, that's not really friendship conversations

No. 158064

Because Xanny Addi follows that circle too. Same way anons found Belle's mom.

No. 158066

Anons complain about Addi being brought up but then it's the same anons baiting convos about her who then flip out that she's back on topic but "ADDI ISN'T ON TOPIC!!!!"

Pick one. If we can talk about 5 years ago skinwalking Leda, a year old Addi skinwalking is absolutely on topic too, so she's back on topic

No. 158073

You don’t need to make three separate posts to defend your queen, learn to integrate and just make one, anon
What’s up with your boner for talking about circles? It’s creepy that Nicole (anon) finds an account from a nobody stalker stripper called “Leo Akira” just to point out Xanni Addi likes a band, amongst the thousands of indie bands this thot follows.
Nicole is obsessed with keeping tabs on her when not a single tattoo on Addi’s fat body is a carbon copy of Nicole’s. Unless you have visual proof this fat thot has a tattoo of hers (and not just saying she does) log off. You’re useless.
Also nobody here is denying Addi was skinwalking, are you retarded? Leda was only being rehashed because you asked for proof. Don’t complain about proof you asked for, and gatekeep how long ago skinwalking should be relevant. A thread for Nicole didn’t exist 5 years ago, so it’s normal for it to be brought up now.

No. 158077

They aren't wrong that anons freak out when people bring up Addi's skinwalking and stalking too or when Brandon gets brought it. This is the same convo from the last 2 threads. Skinwalking needs to be derailing at this point. Theres no reason to keep bringing it up anymore. Just link anons to past threads if it's that big a deal.

No. 158102

By all means talk about Addi, nobody in the thread is stopping you from doing so lmao it’s not freaking out to ask for pictures on an imageboard when you make claims about her replicating Nicole’s tattoos. Or are you just mad you don’t have any?

No. 158106

Honestly, don't know what you're going on about with tattoos.

No. 158113

File: 1625098743567.jpeg (319.92 KB, 828x641, A6F248EA-909F-4026-9FEB-201904…)

You clearly haven’t read the last thread then, one sperg was insisting Addi copied all her tattoos, and when asked for proof they went silent. So by all means, feel free to talk about Addi, but keep in mind it’s an imageboard so you need to show proof of her with the tattoos.
Derailing is no longer penalized, confirmed by admin in meta. Seeth

No. 158115

NTA but that doesn't make derailing less annoying. Also it's says "completely off topic" so

No. 158116

Denying skinwalking and ignoring proof in front of their eyes is more annoying imo, especially the cringe levels of minimodding and infighting that goes on. It’s why Nicole’s first thread even existed, proof chan denying what was shown.

No. 158130

File: 1625107553406.jpeg (266.12 KB, 828x782, 376D5BBD-761D-4571-AFDD-E19C94…)

>’These last two months have been busy, in and out of state, a collecting convention’
She went to a convention in Texas for 5 days, she’s good at making her life seem more busy than it is when she gets lazy producing content, literally all her snapchats and tweets are just her doing mundane nerd crap and pointless videos

No. 158169

This. It’s hard not to think it’s been the same person or people too. Always saying the same crap from the very beginning. Ironic how they don’t realize that these sort of posts are what fumes these threads in the first place.

No. 158185

Exactly. Notice how they say “Xanni Addi” too, I don’t like that fat freak by any means but that nickname was coined by a ban evading sperg in the first thread.

No. 158187

Searching the past threads is fucking hilarious now >>99473

No. 158192

Lmao it's hilarious how she managed to live with her parents for such a long time, because they needed to endure her narc bullshit as family, and now ever since she moved out from home she is nonstop relocating every few months because logically nonrelated people can't stand her psycho behavior and force her to change friendsgroups, while she claims to the public she "is NoT sAfE dUe tO StAlKeRs". No bitch, you leave burnt ground wherever you move and it will continue like this.

No. 158195

Also notice how that anon keeps asking for proof and when shown proof they complain old milk is being rehashed and cry about derailing.
They also use the term “Xanny Addi” but act like they have no idea what I’m talking about when mentioning Addi’s tattoos >>158064
They clearly have read (and participated in) all three threads if they know the term “Xanny Addi”
Fyi I was referring to this tattoo sperg >>155385 who claimed Addi had multiile of Nicole’s tattoos and when asked for pictures they went radio silent.

No. 158196

File: 1625151218830.jpeg (413.09 KB, 1800x1800, 5DB84C41-A9DE-4A77-83BB-130B8D…)

Her parents were probably so happy the second she moved out, here is a literal screenshot of her in her early 20s she posted a while back pestering her mom for conditioner. Anything for that pastel animu pink hair, I suppose

No. 158201

Either her mom is severely autistic or she has been faking these "mommy" conversations the whole time, I can't think of anyone I've ever met who would reply with the exact same message like a bot.

No. 158203

She's talking about mixing with colorant and how 12 for her hair won't be enough. I don't even know where you got the post, but from context shes mentioning needing it as a mix-in. Her mom kind of comes off as the crazy one here.

No. 158204

I know what a diluter is, hence why I mentioned pastel lmao. Nonetheless being in your 20s and begging your mom for products after she said no is fucking weird

No. 158205

She didn't say no. Her mom is being weird here, anon. Nicole isn't even begging or anything. Her mom is out from the sounds of it, probably at the store, so why not ask to get some conditioner since you're the one not at the store. Her mom is being belligerent for no reason.

No. 158207

Share where the post is from so we have timestamps

No. 158208

Yeah Nicole’s mom seems weird as fuck, it seems she has multiple personalities and one of them literally being a robot. And in other she’s applauding her for her sex work basically going “yass queen”.

No. 158209

File: 1625156255107.jpeg (328.91 KB, 828x768, 88B35A23-B34A-4DE5-A549-A0C6C0…)

This was in her early 20s. Nicole has tweeted in the past about having a complicated relationship with her mom and I can see why

No. 158216

Her mom sounds kind of controlling and probably a typical white old prude like most of the Karens we have in the US. Imagine being a child because of conditioner towards your actual child who is offering to even pay, but its convenient their mom is at the store. Jesus.

No. 158222

This. No wonder she’s never posted a picture of her kek (she has posted pictures of her dad and brothers, though). It’s weird her mom is 100% supportive of her doing OF though

No. 158226

Probably hoping to rekindle something. A lot of kids want to keep their parents in their life, if possible, but she's probably just astranged or strained from Nicole compared to the rest of the family. Nicole might have some resentment she hopes could change which is why she keeps in contact.

No. 158236

>Which is why she keeps in contact
More like for a safety net when she loses her current friend group and eventually needs to move again, and when even Doon becomes sick of her shit

No. 158237

If she is good with the rest of the family except her rocky mom relationship, what's keeping the father from letting her in? Her mom is the issue here, not Nicole lol

No. 158239

Considering she says she dealt with homelessness, I doubt that’s true. Besides, she’s the one who decided to mix work and family by working for her mom because it’s the only pharm tech job she could get without any higher education.

No. 158254

File: 1625167330405.jpeg (295.41 KB, 560x884, 7977DC52-02AC-4711-9F28-8AAC05…)

I wonder what her nose contour looks like in person. Whenever she does a live her followers ask why she has dirt on her nose, so I wonder if people irl ever comment on it..

No. 158258

File: 1625169904024.jpeg (471.4 KB, 828x1051, 28BF7598-07C7-419E-B1A3-A9E93F…)

Kekw she gets so angry when anyone calls her Nicole, and she has been saying she will change her name legally since 2019. Is the process even that complicated? As far as I’m aware anyone can order a name deed, the complicated part is just updating hospitals, bank, passport, etc with your new name.

No. 158271

File: 1625176027611.jpeg (315.61 KB, 1019x1752, 0A0843E5-3F5E-4EFA-AE19-DC4718…)

The content she posts on Twitter advertising her OF vs the actual paid content you get. There barely is a difference.

No. 158284

Learn to spoil this garbage

No. 158285

The courts are busy as fuck right now and name changes involve everything the same way marriage does. Its not a one office job and suddenly everything you've ever had your name on is changed.

No. 158296

it's already censored, dumbass

No. 158299

It’s censored in both comparisons, but I’m glad you agree it’s garbage, censoring already covered up tits.
I wonder if she’s going to end up creating hardcore content, since she’s already being made fun of on leak sites for taking too many breaks whilst charging $100 PPVs for nipslips

No. 158308

Are you shitting me? I never bothered to actually look at what she charges. No wonder she’s being made fun of kek.

No. 158313

If idiots are paying, lol milk them Scrotes are so stupid, hearing this about another thot just adds to the hill they will all die on and be remembered for when the site kicks them off. Scrotes are willing to pay anything in hopes its a nipple or lip slip and then when its not enough if it is that content, to their expectations, they will complain. You can't please a scrote so take advantage of them. They can back-charge on OF btw, but then they are blacklisted with the card they used. Most of them won't though and will just hope the next one is better.

No. 158314

Wheres the $100 ppv post

No. 158316

File: 1625197359460.jpeg (515.81 KB, 558x1364, 6330C7F7-75F8-4127-A616-E6F301…)

>Scrotes are willing to pay anything in hopes of-
Kek not really, she’s getting a decline in subs if she doesn’t switch up her content. She has a history of just posting the same content she does on her Twitter, which is really fucking pointless. Glad she’s being made fun of for it, though

No. 158317

File: 1625198024056.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 470.83 KB, 828x1162, 6FB60362-FFF0-42FC-B42C-8FCA72…)

A video of shit she’s already done on her OF (sucking a dildo in a bra, nip slip)

No. 158318

File: 1625199009879.jpeg (288.01 KB, 1242x2081, 0FD5274B-0D7C-418A-9629-7C94D6…)

I was reminded from all the OF posts that she still has a patreon. Went to check it out and what a surprise, her last two posts are a year apart.

No. 158320

File: 1625199300533.jpeg (214.36 KB, 1242x1516, B16D13E5-88F2-49B0-B3AB-2E14D8…)

Samefag but somehow she still has 16 patrons kek

No. 158321

She has her Patreon on hold due to the “pandemic” as she doesn’t want to be mailing the rewards, but nowhere on her Patreon does it actually mention she’s not giving out rewards for now lmao. She’s somehow completely fine going to conventions and meeting people, though

No. 158322

Honestly this looks like self posting

No. 158324

Sorry, no, but a funny reach nonetheless

No. 158325

Who is she kidding, she’s been traveling since the pandemic started with no hesitation. How hard is it to sign a Pokémon card and mail it out? You’d think it would be less work than taking shitty pics for OF.

No. 158333

They say it is but don't they have an actual price cap?

No. 158337

A quick google search will tell you there’s only a cap of $50 for PPV if you don’t charge for a subscription

No. 158340

Cap as in screencap of her original post where the price to unlock says $100.

No. 158341

Lol what? You want one of us to give Nicole $15 so we can see her posts and give you the proof of how much she charges?

No. 158349

What are you going on about? It's about the guy only posting a video, without a PPV preview, but claiming it's $100. Do you not know how OF PPV messages look? They have a price tag on them. I'm wondering why he didn't post the PPV showing the icon for $100 too.

No. 158350

Why would he? You’re asking a lot from a scrote who’s leaking her content to coomers on a forum dedicated to OF leaks in the first place. Heavily doubt anyone is on there looking for proof on how much the content costs when it’s being catered to them for free.

No. 158355

A lot of them do post it though, usually to see if anyone has the set.

No. 158362

What mother would be proud of such a bs?

Those are likely her friendzoned simps either from reallife or online.

It's also hard to believe i'm-so-wholesome-connor would agree to date such a thot, and she is not even good at being a thot. These pictures carry no sexual charme whatsoever, it's like a face-painted dead fish pulling blank.

Her patreon caption still claims she is producing videos and streaming content - not since 2018 kek.

No. 158366

File: 1625230495201.jpg (881.74 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_02_14_50_47.jpg)

Apologize for nitpick, but I wonder why she is such a try hard to ooze this "vampy liberated domina" image, when the guys she chooses in reallife are the most faggy, cringeworthy emo gayboys? Can't she do better or are these the only ones that fall for her uwu crap?

Weird how she claims to be demisexual and into women, but all she delivers is straight relationships, of content catered to hetero men and without any need of prior emotional bonding. hm.

No. 158367

Is that connor making out with another dude?

No. 158368

he called it a "bro smootch" but yes. gotta keep busy when nicole is outa state farming simp lust.

No. 158384

This is the mindset of people telling bi girls they are straight unless they date girls. Full Most Flogged mindset lol

No. 158385

File: 1625240075359.jpeg (158.92 KB, 828x461, 684FCECB-19E7-4684-B3B5-42B823…)

Here is your proof it’s $100, proof chan.

No. 158389

>So nicole can lurk and report the posts

It's clearly legit, move on, proof-chan

No. 158390

File: 1625240834992.jpg (19.53 KB, 757x100, 1949807-f7759e5abcc859273d14cd…)

So, she even put up a preview and then incels still complain about what they were shown would be in the purchase. That's absolutely on scrotes at that point. Heres the site anon keeps using.


No. 158391

Was replying to someone saying
>post the site you're cropping these from, there's more in that image crop
Which is such a weird demand from proof-chan. They keep digging a hole, since anons have receipts for everything they end up making a case against the person they're trying to wk. So funny.

No. 158393

It’s embarrassing being able to recognize your posts now wtf. What more do you want nonny?

No. 158394

I like how even after you ask for proof you’re still dissatisfied, are you okay?
It’s not a matter of Nicole’s fault vs incels, we’re making fun of her shitty content and clearly she’s going to lose subscribers for it. She has a Twitter dedicated to her OF which doesn’t look too different to what she actually posts, if not 1:1. >>158316

No. 158395

File: 1625241195623.jpeg (46.97 KB, 1004x270, 3C821418-2BF8-4E4E-9DB8-D17ECA…)

Huh, funny how this is deleted now. Luckily I still had it up.

No. 158396

Was it really that big a deal to post >>158385 Calm down.

No. 158397

Kek you’re “calm down” chan too, the same anon who has been trying to get Nicole’s threads locked for over a year, just log off this is embarrassing

No. 158398

Also I’m OP of this thread and proof-chan keeps accusing me of being the scrote in Nicole’s OF leak sites. Sorry but no, that’s retarded tinfoil and an embarrassing reach

No. 158431

still doesnt explain while she is only sucking dildos to cater to male fantasy, if she should be wanting to appeal to women just as well.

No. 158436

File: 1625261995974.jpeg (86.97 KB, 812x358, 16D0B1D5-B6A5-4153-8CF5-62A691…)

And whenever she’s single she nonstop talks about her preference for women over men and

No. 158437

File: 1625262105185.jpeg (369.58 KB, 1800x1800, 9B1568A4-D7C5-42B8-BA6E-6C360C…)

Also she was still dating Dennis when she was making these sadboi posts in January because according to her they split in February. Kek the single baiting and queerbaiting

No. 158445

Even if she was actually a lesbian which she clearly isn't, the sole reason for being a lesbian is "women are sexy" is plain insulting and sexist. Not because you like their personalities or unique traits, here's a folder of naked women to prove something everyone on the planet already knows?
Also conflicts with the claim of being "demisexual" which means you are only attracted to people you know well.
You could probably troll Nicole by just announcing various things and waiting for her to agree and claim she does them too, it seems to be a thing.

No. 158446

"Too bad, I prefer women"
> can't hold any form of female friendship or relation longer than two seconds, not even her own mother
>regularly kicks any female out of her life under worst shittalking
>non of her former female relations appear ever again after you realize they're gone from her posts
> can only have one female friend at a time, if at all, thanks to hate, jealousy, envie, selfesteem issues etc
> reduces them to their body while claiming to be demisexuel
> creates OF catering to male fantasy through dildos only
> has dated and was interested longterm, shortly or now in stricly only men

oh yes, that will be the most entertaining sight to witness her in a public, longterm female relationship. MY ASS.

No. 158447

File: 1625265771793.jpeg (322.25 KB, 828x1094, C35C8765-4E19-47D1-8EE7-5C69D2…)

I remember when she just got dumped by Dennis and immediately went to Destery, then after they broke up she started asking everyone for advice on how to date a woman, only to date another emo guy.. like.. that’s embarrassing. She doesn’t need to “prove” how much she loves women but it’s clear she’s not demisexual and needs a “strong emotional connection” for attraction when she will flirt with random gas station women

No. 158448

that actually reminds me how there were several posts like this from her friends over time, which always seemed as if she is "forcing" or at least pushing them into writing these cringy affirmative tweets and posts about her "quirks" and preferances, whatever they may be at that moment. like the queen bee in high school who urges or manipulates her clique into validating her selfproclaimed crap on facebook, as clearly nobody else will.

No. 158449

can we say for sure that she hasn't access to some of her friends accounts to selfpost shit like this? some of those fat chicks seemed simpy enough for that and might even feel honored that they share so much trust.

No. 158469

File: 1625275105871.jpeg (244.44 KB, 828x860, 594C16EB-8633-42C1-9A81-33DF58…)

That’s hilarious, given her history of literally admitting to snooping on her boyfriend’s laptop while he was asleep, I don’t doubt she invades people’s privacy on a regular basis.

Also, the projection in this tweet..

No. 158479


Highly doubt it. That's a real big reach.

No. 158493

File: 1625282308123.jpeg (192.55 KB, 828x654, ED484B94-191F-4896-B324-4A2C21…)

I love when even her own friends call her out on her lies. Is any story/tweet/experience that comes out of her mouth ever genuine?

No. 158509

i remember following her many years ago and feeling like shit at that fact that she seemed so “perfect” innocent, kind, smart, nerdy, sooo pretty. HAH! all literal lies. then i stumbled across this thread tg. she made a tiktok thats like put a finger down and it made her seem so innocent and a pure good kid. all of that was lies and now she does porn. funny.

No. 158515

inb4 someone replies, “it’s not porn, it’s softcore!!”

No. 158519

File: 1625293328076.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 296.83 KB, 1800x1800, 273261D3-6F5E-4EC4-88BC-A8DE1F…)

I noticed whenever she takes topless videos she’s always pushing her boobs together or holding them up (even when her hair is already covering her nips) and I can’t find a video of her not doing this when she’s not wearing a bra, it just comes across like she’s afraid of them appearing “saggy” or something. I have seen Addi/Brandon making fun of her “sag” before so that just might be an insecurity of hers

No. 158521

File: 1625293536655.jpeg (265.31 KB, 828x999, B74A914D-F5CC-4B11-914E-89BF67…)

From her Malon shoot, this comment

No. 158524

Relieved I’m not the only one who noticed that, felt like I was being creepy. It definitely seems to be an insecurity.

No. 158531

File: 1625302846454.png (2.41 MB, 1143x1757, anime.png)

Doesn't she collect anime figures? I see this more as emulating the anime permanent-pushup chest, obviously actual boobs are separate to each other and sit on the chest rather than being permanently squished together. It's more a reflection of the anime-obsessed coomers she's marketing towards who would get freaked out if they saw a real boobie or a real woman naked.

No. 158534

Yes it seems she does, but I don’t think you needed to add such a long explanation behind it. I’m not sure why you think coomers would ever be scared to see a woman naked either.

No. 158537

File: 1625306144467.jpg (919.69 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_03_11_54_16.jpg)

On her main account she is now begging for more followers on everstone and on the account she's begging for she apologizes for the inactivity with bs justifications. Way to beg for follows and in the same breath mention you won't deliver quality lmao.

No. 158538

It’s almost like she was reminded of her inactivity by multiple people or something. Got to get those simp bux amirite?

No. 158544

They most definitely are, why do you think egirls shoop themselves into ridiculous cartoons? The minute they see a real body they will be screaming fattie/hit the wall/saggy/whatever since they're too pornsick to coom from anything resembling a human at this point.

No. 158551

They aren't even saggy.

No. 158552

It's because guys like it when girls grab their tits and small tits are pushed together because it's like "oh look how hard she's trying to be sexy for me because she doesn't have big tits". Even normie modeling has these types of poses involving tits. A lot of upper arm pushing together too.

No. 158561

File: 1625323523756.jpeg (243.76 KB, 719x1169, 231C2335-4323-4B46-9981-882553…)

Personally I don’t care or notice how saggy boobs look lmao, I just noticed she’s insecure about it. Funny how she says stuff like this but will try to make her body have inhumane proportions in photos

No. 158566

thats nicole and her hypocrit body positivity. love yourself just as you are!… while I shoop myself to the gods and claim to wake up like this to make you hate yourself.

No. 158595

I think she's just insecure about being nude.

No. 158642

File: 1625373764480.jpeg (127.87 KB, 828x943, FE639261-ACF0-4143-BBAB-8B81CA…)

I found this semi interesting but Nicole’s pedo friend she’s living with recently privated his Twitter account. I hopped on socialblade to see his stats and he has deleted a few tweets since then, not sure if it’s because he lurked and saw a mention of himself in the thread OP and decided to delete some evidence since his account is over 10 years old. Who even comes out with an apology video saga only to private their account?

No. 158644

Or its people who have reported tweets and they've been taken down.

No. 158646

That was a quick response for a saged post I made. Either way this was after he privated his account, so why would any of his followers/supporters report his tweets? Looks to be him deleting them, since it’s four in one day

No. 158647

Because anons do have a habit of stalking anyone related to nicole from the looks of the threads, so if someone reported 4 tweets its likely it could've been all in one day and so they got deleted at the same time. Also could explain why he went private to prevent more mass reports because at that point you're either banned from doing anything social, even liking posts, or threat of suspension.

No. 158649

File: 1625374642728.jpeg (58.78 KB, 542x630, B06EF01A-3F98-4BFC-8FEC-D85D85…)

Yeahhh I’m sure 49 tweets of his got removed by twitter, totally.

No. 158654

I'm not on SB, anon. I was referring to the talk of >>158642

No. 158662

Kek yeah sorry for tinfoil hat here but feels like someone is keeping consistent tabs on the thread. It’s one reason why I’ve been coming back to check up, the continuous questioning is amusing as fuck. Especially considering part of the reason why there’s a 3rd thread now is because of it.

The irony is off the charts.

No. 158663

Anons camp threads constantly

No. 158667

Ayrt. Of course they do, but this thread is one of the group that doesn’t gain as much traction in comparison to most. Similar syntax is another factor too.

No. 158697

There was even a short delay before Team Nicole found this thread again, no activity, no infighting, then Team Nicole appear again swinging wildly and claiming everything is false, then complaining about old milk being posted when anons emerge with the proof.

No. 158707

Also go look at complains thread meta, they asked mods to hand out bans despite deleting all posts where they accused anons of being scrotes in leak sites

No. 158714

File: 1625423441334.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1666, IMG_20210704_202957.png)

Wonder what this is about and how it 99% chance will create new drama or promise things that'll never happen.

No. 158718

File: 1625425040612.jpeg (969.04 KB, 828x1342, C1413AEA-A443-42AA-AA16-31E87C…)

Oh there will most definitely be drama, if not on stream then when they’re all living with Nicole. this girl has only been dating Nate for 6 months and I think Nicole has only known that girl since April, but they’re already moving across the country to live with her.

No. 158797

File: 1625468215075.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210705-085608.png)

Ah yes, the choice fell on promised things who then don't happen.

No. 158800

File: 1625468912359.jpeg (203.5 KB, 828x530, F26BD151-6B7F-4A72-8DAD-9C3CBA…)

It’s been a hot minute since Nicole went live/showed her unshooped face so I’m curious to see that, hopefully it doesn’t fall through again lmao. Also, this is the girl’s twitch for anybody interested in seeing the stream later

No. 158805

It took me a moment to realize Nate’s girlfriend is the same girl who replied to this >>158493 kek honestly hope she realizes ahead of the curve and dumps her to the side before Nicole inevitably does it one way or another

No. 158812

Well, nicole is a narc, so she will highly likely try to seperate cassie and nate one way or the other. even if she cant be with him afterwards, she will want to proof to herself that she is "powerful/irresistable/insert whatever adjective narc needs to validate) to tear them apart. Conner is irrelevant to these kind of games.

Either way, no way in hell this shared living will remain peaceful. lots of circlejerk and drama incoming. that poor girl has so much pain and deceit coming her way, I hope she runs early enough. She mentioned in her post that she received lots of abuse in the past and with moving together with Narc Evil Devils, shit will continue.

No. 158814

You’re probably not far off from what will actually happen. It’s all adding up to potential disaster.

No. 158824

>she will want to prove to herself that she is "powerful/irresistable/insert whatever adjective narc needs to validate
The fact her current styling choice is succubus and devil themed is also… >>157736
she definitely thinks of herself as the badass breaking up relationships due to being so sexy, and lacks the emotional maturity to see why this is a bad thing. The Leda larping side of her will be uncontrollable imo and it's definitely all gonna go tits up before long.
Imagine moving in with an ex-Leda larper who will definitely want to date/shag a Leda ex boyfriend to fulfil the larp, and literally has her nudes plastered all over Twitter for him to view at his leisure. This is utterly doomed.

No. 158830

and don't forget that nate already expressed eager interest in dating nicole not that long ago, so much that destery interfered for going after her herself. it's all powerplays for nicole to convince her crippling selfworth she is enough this or that to "own" whatever guy in question.

Imagine how leaving her alone with your boyfriend to go buy groceries turns into a gutwrenching experience of tension and not-knowing what happens every single time. She is a cheater and he is a groomer, what will you expect?

Accidental after-shower nudity and walking around in lingerie cosplay will become the daily. Who in their right mind would want to do that kind of shit to themselves…

No. 158833

File: 1625494904385.png (1.09 MB, 1069x1627, IMG_20210705_162121.png)

uwu wholesome princess making fun of people with asthma in this tiktok, another class act.

No. 158845

Post the tiktok, not a still

No. 158847

Why would anyone want to watch some thot who isn't even important to the thread? >>158718 and this make no sense to make updates about

No. 158850

Reading comprehension, nonita, this is the girl Nicole is moving in with and is supposed to do a livestream with >>158714

No. 158851

She looks like she's trying to look like Nicole for Nate lol

No. 158852

Well she looked like nicole around the time he started dating her, even down to the hair, guess that's all that takes for SoUlMaTeS
here >>157835

cant post video here genius, its in her instagram highlight labelled tiktoks.

No. 158855

File: 1625501025667.png (2.96 MB, 1080x1476, IMG_20210705_180233.png)

Wouldn't be surprised if Nicole progressively pushes her into skinwalking, because Cassie starts to think this is what Nate wants, when he inevitable starts giving all his attention through force to Nicole.

No. 158859

Isnt that a cassie problem if she starts skinwalking nicole? Hows that Nicole's issue that she has body issues and him giving nicole attention isnt exactly her fault either. Lol

No. 158860

Theres a share function on stories. You link it.

No. 158865

That's been posted retard >>157393

No. 158866

Sounds like a bad relationship and less like Nicole was the straw that broke them. If both of them want to be insecure as fuck, good

No. 158870

Anon I care about you. Go outside and practice your social skills.

No. 158894

Nicole is going to be in the stream, dumbass

No. 158898

she would have the final responsibility wether she skinwalks or not, yes, but my point was about nicole starting to actively push her into it. nicole will make damn sure cassie knows what looks nate likes most about nicole and when he gives her attention or compliments, which then will push cassie to emulate nicole to "keep up". if cassie is healthy mentally she will of course not give into it, but that doesn't mean nicole won't try. and then in good old narc fashion have an excuse to trash cassie on twitter later on about how she turned out a stalker and nicole had to distance herself for her own safety so the moving cicle continues.

No. 158900

Can you pls stop deleting all your posts whenever you get corrected on something? It makes you look like a pussy, and you did it before when you accused me of being the leak site scrote and when you tried to get many anons banned by complaining in meta. Like holy shit the amount of posts you delete is just way too many, at least keep them so anons can read the thread without wondering what >>158865 is responding to.
You’re fucking annoying.

No. 158901

File: 1625518103421.jpg (1.23 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_05_22_45_50.jpg)

bitch please:
(below) before she met nicole
(top) after she met nicole

she is already in the trap.

No. 158903

Or she's just following trends like every thot.

No. 158904

You sound mental coming up with some weird storyline of when they live together in your xyz fantasy.

No. 158905

Learn to make one post and integrate instead of samefagging, idiot.

No. 158907

you call me mental now, but wait until they move together and gasp at how insufferably predictible that bunch is.

and those trends just happen so to look exactly like nicole.

No. 158909

Calm down, you’re acting as if Nicole doesn’t make a callout post for every friend/person she dumps. It’s just predictable at this point

No. 158914

I noticed she has the exact same shitty makeup as Nicole in the recent tagged pics, I think it's more to do with them being uwu besties now rather than her trying to look more like Nicole to impress the boyfriend she already has.
If she was self-aware of the threat Nicole poses to their relationship they wouldn't be moving in together, I think it's just a "friends dressing alike" thing as of now.

No. 158917

Nta but here’s the highlight link: https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE3ODgyMTg5MTc2NjkwMTEx?story_media_id=2359802485067396707&utm_medium=copy_link
She keeps going “you got asthma? you got asthma?” while making fun of how she looks in that angle, talking in a weird voice

No. 158918

Oh the irony. I'm not that anon schizo-chan, I just deleted the post because it had already been posted.

No. 158920

File: 1625523876063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 670.02 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_06_00_21_13.jpg)

Went through her leaked OF shit and omg that is the most low quality cringe i can ever image someone is willing to pay for. wtf it's so bad. and she 100% copies belle delphine with all of her expressions in those videos. it's not original, she emulated it to a T.

That is definitely connors arm, same bracelet, same shirt, just how much of a simp can you be to create videos of your hoe that later get jerked on by strangers wtf.

No. 158921

File: 1625523935282.jpg (739.98 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_06_00_17_52.jpg)

And can we please talk about how fucking filthy her place is and kinda always was?

No. 158922

File: 1625524023496.jpg (437.26 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_06_00_18_55.jpg)

that carpet is digusting man.

also found proof a while back that her tits are in fact tiny. and that nosehighlight brought down an airplane that day.

No. 158923

File: 1625524197503.jpg (692.37 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_06_00_16_56.jpg)

She got this ugly ass Death of a Strawberry (band)tattoo that any basic bitch and their mother got, but instead of the usual expensive version, nicole went for the piss poor dull look.

No. 158924

File: 1625524251362.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210706-000242.png)

Check out her head size to her body, but she claims its not filtered lmao.

No. 158925

Thank you anon, I was wondering who that was. Connor is a cuck as well considering Nicole has OF content with Heather and Heather’s boyfriend (long black hair) literally choking her and spanking her

No. 158926

File: 1625524353576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 562.78 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_06_00_16_20.jpg)

nah man, she still filters the shit out of her videos (fugly 3d freckles) and censors her feet to not attract bad bad fetish guys, busy shoving her cheeks around.

No. 158927

That looks like a stick and poke. Yikes

No. 158931

File: 1625524528916.jpeg (527.39 KB, 828x1264, AADCD57A-4A3C-4CC0-8D00-FBD4D1…)

Homegirl was taking lewds/nudes for Destery to jerk off to a couple weeks after meeting him, what a 5head demisexual move amiright?
Also don’t come at me saying these were for Dennis, this is the same time she made those lovey dovey romantic posts for Destery

No. 158932

File: 1625524529707.png (739.08 KB, 1080x1219, IMG_20210706_003527.png)

call the exorcist!

No. 158936

I remember Dennis constantly being called a cuck in the last threads, because he also has been a total pushover wimp towards nicole fucking her way up the social blade. cucks are her type.

No. 158938

File: 1625525608561.jpeg (254.05 KB, 1800x1800, 5078581D-AAC1-48D8-A4DD-99B78E…)

I thought this was Connor too but this man has long black hair

No. 158940

File: 1625526035327.jpeg (683.8 KB, 639x1258, BCE6A000-6AC8-46B8-AA17-F31DFA…)

Yeah Connor is a certified cuck. He posted this about her OF outfits

No. 158941

So, looking back on what a paranoid, controlling bitch she has been with dennis, waiting for him to fall asleep to log into his computer and going through his browser history and files and shit like that, super toxic and insecure …

there is of course no problem with her cheating with destery, flirting with nate (please realise that she was already flirting with him BEFORE destery even cockblocked nate, when nicole was still with dennis) and now connor has to be fine with her doing OF and being choked and spanked by other guys. and then masturbated to by hundrets of strangers.

Hi, my name is hypocrisy.

No. 158943

Nicole is live on stream now kek

No. 158945

File: 1625527201338.png (4.55 MB, 1792x828, 4CD360F3-A210-4EA9-B40C-3D5721…)

Unsurprisingly, Nicole isn’t showing herself

No. 158947

File: 1625527368871.jpg (665.01 KB, 1778x952, pt2021_07_06_01_20_28_mh162552…)

Nicole is already throwing shade at cassie. in that photos is cassie with connor lmao.

And again with that fucking leda frostmourne. Nicole must be drip feeding this shit to her boyfriends to enhance her twisted narrative. her portrayal through others is artificial and curated af.

No. 158948

File: 1625527673180.png (479.8 KB, 1080x625, IMG_20210706_012654.png)

She just dyed her pink hair today and what a surprise, the same red as nicole, same lashes, same highlighter. Let the skinwalk saga begin.

No. 158949

She also has the same dragon bracelet as Nicole

No. 158951

File: 1625529131535.png (680.16 KB, 1080x1317, IMG_20210706_014732.png)

So far it's been enlightening.
Nicole is still not ready 15 minutes in.
They talk nothing but garbage without context, no real content, just Connor non stop talking, interrupting others and claiming he enjoyed seeing onisions dick, which is funny, because a minute before i couldnt help but think he kinda looks like onision himself.

He has a high voice, a lisp and is obnoxiously self centered, this is the first time i heard connor. he made fun about getting cancelled in the past.

Also funfact: cassie just revealed nate and connor do not know each other and never met - but will move in together nontheless. she and nate just dated for 6 months, nicole also barely knows connor, and they all wanna rent an emo-house now.

What could possibly go wrong.

No. 158952

File: 1625529132440.jpg (273.4 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20210706-094941__01…)

Just did briefly. This is some boring shit. Hot topic guy and Nicole were sperging about video calling some guy whilst Nicole 2.0 literally sat there rolling her eyes a sighing kek.

No. 158954

File: 1625529478240.png (646.22 KB, 1074x639, IMG_20210706_015650.png)

Omg will they ever stop being so obnoxious? Cassie is literally sitting there completely ignored, while connor and nicole circlejerk with that douche on the phone. nobody cares about the stream lmao. connor is unbearable.

No. 158955

File: 1625529569013.jpeg (160.98 KB, 1167x828, 4643C995-81E1-4D47-ADD4-4F133A…)

Nicole said the reason she hasn’t been streaming is due to her breakup with Dennis, she doesn’t have a pc as it belonged to him, kek

No. 158956

File: 1625529774344.png (682.42 KB, 1080x665, IMG_20210706_020246.png)

ah yes, that breakup 2 years ago.

Cassie is just so fucking disappointed lmao this picture sums the stream up so far.

No. 158957

File: 1625529991670.jpeg (259.55 KB, 828x506, 55907354-4BC7-4B20-AA62-DABB8B…)

Cassie just accidentally leaked Nicole’s license plate for a split second LMAO (I censored it)

No. 158959

That is subject to further enquiry kek

No. 158960

Cassie mentioned she got abused by her ex
>Connor doesnt give a shit
chat member talks about their depression
Cassie says she was yelled at in the past
>Connor starts talking about his cards

quality socialskills right there.

No. 158961

Connor seems like a dick ngl. He constantly talked over Nicole when someone asked her a question in the chat and she was trying to answer it. Although I dislike Nicole, emo men like Connor are a million times more annoying and unbearable

No. 158962

File: 1625531169138.png (463.01 KB, 1080x604, IMG_20210706_022538.png)

She just said here that she currently stays at nicoles house and nicole just lets her sleep on the fucking floor. yikes.

No. 158963

Wtf? That’s so disgusting of Nicole. Also note how after 40+ fucking minutes Nicole still isn’t ready and complaining that she can’t find a bra. And Cassie is just sitting by herself saying they were supposed to leave a long time ago.

No. 158964


Yep and he sounds fruity

No. 158965

File: 1625531613715.png (471.23 KB, 1080x598, IMG_20210706_023152.png)

Connor is such a piece of shit wow.

Nicole unreliable and full of herself as usual.

Cassie aka Nicole's clone just said that Nate was supposed to come there a week ago but "decided he didn't want to come". my god this shit brew already.

No. 158966

The all just talk at each other instead to each other. It's like watching 3 people talk to themselves.

No. 158967

File: 1625532159553.jpg (681.89 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_06_02_40_53.jpg)

Cassie gets constantly over talked by Nicole, who shoves herself into the center of attention once she is done abandoning her "friend", while connor knows damn well they were supposed to leave 2 hours ago, but decides to so just sit there and play yugioh online instead. i cant take this stream anymore man, this sight is borderline depressing for humanity.

No. 158969

File: 1625532380822.jpeg (204.48 KB, 828x406, F0FD225B-E0A7-45CD-88D7-A4CE41…)

The Nate fart smelling Nicole does is insane, she goes on a rant about how Nate is the best most genuine person she has “EVER MET in my entire life!” And how he’s the best person she will ever know, I think someone said he’s gay or something in the chat. Yikes Nicole, he’s just a pedophile.

No. 158971

File: 1625532711035.jpg (256.12 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20210706-104335__01…)

Did anyone catch the Nathan sperg Nicole just blurted out? People were trolling in the comments telling Cassie to leave Nate and Nicole legit went on a tirade calling him th most genuine, kindest person she has ever met in her life. She even compared the understanding they have to telepathy and said no one makes as much sense to her other than her Grandmother. At one point she said so little with so many words that she had actually forgotten how to relate her Nate is God speech back to Cassie receiving two joke comments. Did anon above call it or am I just reading too much into what seems to be Nicole's undying love?

No. 158972

How accommodating to her new best friend. Shows how much she cares about her.

Didn’t want to come? Is this a sign? Kek maybe Nate is second guessing this arrangement.

>that contour
Was waiting to see how it’d look on stream. She picks weird colors to work with, it stands out so badly.

No. 158973

Samefag >>158971
I'm retarded and didn't reload browser to see >>158969

No. 158974

File: 1625533226107.jpeg (181.53 KB, 1511x828, 25367BFA-5662-4D63-AFAC-5122CB…)

Cassie was saying one of Nicole’s swords fell on her thumb and sliced it open, also you can see Nicole smash her ceiling fan with her world of warcraft sword. I love how much of a n3rd she is she doesn’t even know how to care for swords and not damage shit.

No. 158978

File: 1625533681086.jpeg (481.86 KB, 828x1138, AF6DAD0B-7580-4D16-BF1E-854033…)

Am I just tripping or is Nicole not as ana chan on stream as she appears on her OF?

No. 158981

File: 1625534503949.jpeg (708.22 KB, 828x1004, 63F7B29A-D8F8-44BF-ABAB-804AC6…)

Samefag, her arms always look super slim in her photos

No. 158983

File: 1625535158311.jpeg (14.11 KB, 828x120, 10106E87-1869-430D-9A05-CAD169…)

Because anons were sperging so much in the last thread >>155327 about the price of Nicole’s car and since her friend stupidly doxxed her license plate, I decided to check the price myself using vincheck.info and looking the numbers seems this anon >>155209 was correct

No. 158989

Created an unlisted yt video for anyone who wants to hear Nicole’s full sperg over Nate.
Also keep in mind nobody in the chat was hating on Nate, a scrote simply asked Cassie “would you leave your boyfriend for me?” and Nicole got triggered as she thought someone was asking Cassie to dump Nate.

No. 158991

Kinda backing up our theories ITT, who crawls up someone's ass that much when
>Nate wasn't even there
>She's standing next to the man's girlfriend
>Her boyfriend is also in the room

Like it's not even subtle. It's like telepathy
Cassie seems completely oblivious, maybe her bullshit detector is on full blast so she barely hears what Nicole is saying.

No. 158992

It was like a confession, very cringe and I feel sorry for Cass

No. 158993

Exactly. A normal friend would say something along the lines of “Cassie and Nate are perfect together” or at least respond to the scrote in a way that comments on their relationship and how Cassie shouldn’t leave him, not about what an amazing Godlike human being Nate is in Nicole’s eyes. The way she described him is how someone would talk about their own boyfriend, not their friend’s boyfriend.

No. 158995

Aand here’s the video mentioned in >>158974

No. 158996

How the actual fuck can she stand listening to Nicole sperging the fuck out over her boyfriend. This is so uncomfortable to watch. Honestly reminded me of the insta post where he painted a picture for Nicole and she gushes about him in the comments. She had to clarify WE AREN’T DATING ofc, assuming that she was with Dennis at that time. >>83159

No. 158998

File: 1625548576031.jpeg (407.63 KB, 828x1168, E98DC0E1-8D84-4360-A6ED-C43359…)

It’s even cringier to read that post knowing that Nate was trying to date her at the time it was written, so much for “platonic relationship”. He edited the post after he got into his relationship with Cassie btw, the caption used to say “nobody makes me feel like she does” but now I can’t show it since he privated all his socials.
Also Nicole lies so much, even shutting down rumors by lying and saying she never dated Destery.

No. 158999

File: 1625551089760.jpeg (743.5 KB, 828x1473, 9AEA3001-8316-4F99-BC3B-8EAB53…)

Hot tub stream??

No. 159018

That is what I meant by my theorie in >>158812, because i think it's ridiculous by now how predictable nicole became. She is already checking all the boxes for her upcoming homewrecker saga between cassie and nate.

Who sperges like that when his GF is right next to her and her own BF sits right next to her. How can you be so dense and disrespectful to people close to you like that? I would have ripped her a new one.

also, cassie already seems really unhappy, but then again you can see very well in this stream how incredibly low their social skill, empathy, communication and self awareness is. They are extremely immature for being in their mid twenties, underlined by the fact how shit this stream was. no wonder they barely do these things publicly.

40 minutes of abandoning cassie and talking over each other, connor being an unbearable faggy shit, nicole and her fat arms and 40yo face talking nonsense and then not even finding their destination with the car, before it dying on them and then calling a towtruck in thr middle of the night in nowhere land. Seriously, that is the mental capacity of 14 year olds.

No. 159019

File: 1625562011102.png (998.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210706-094906.png)

and as usual, the false promises of people with the reliability of a dogturd in rain.

No. 159020

File: 1625562143230.png (327.87 KB, 1080x1135, IMG_20210706_102559.png)

if they move together it will be like a shared assisted living for the mentally impaired.

Nicole is gonna ravage their relationship and then blame it on cassie being a skinwalker/stalker/not good for nicoles mental health, just as predicted.

No. 159021

>also, cassie already seems really unhappy, but then again you can see very well in this stream how incredibly low their social skill, empathy, communication and self awareness is.
I think she already seems as if something is wrong with her. she is used to being treated that way or maybe on hard medication. she was not reacting like a normal person. maybe that is why nicole keeps her around? to subtly tear her down and feel better about herself.

Seriously though, these are 4 people having ZERO chemistry together with no sense for their fellow human, why the fuck would they move in together.

No. 159022

sorry, but cassies face screems uncomfortable and she just cuts off the topic. she knows their backstory, you can tell. and connor seemed pissed as well.

cassies compulsive hair touching throughout the entire stream and stare into the abyss second that

No. 159023

I can only imagine how awkward it will be once Nate finally shows up, Nicole will probably deathstare Cassie and Nate on stream if they show any affection for each other

No. 159036

Damn calm.down over things that haven't happened yet. You're worked up for nothing lol

No. 159038

File: 1625581739163.png (60.77 KB, 1080x377, IMG_20210706_000701.png)

I'm not worked up and these things have happened a million times in nicoles past, so if it happens there should not be a surprise.

Last thread talked about Nicoles age insecurities, her OF thread tags mention
✓ bimbo
☒ non-nude
✓ scammer
☒ teen

She hasnt been a teen for 8 years kek.

No. 159045

>these are 4 people having ZERO chemistry together with no sense for their fellow human
It was very uncomfortable in that clip when she's sperging about nate being the best person she's ever met while next to her supposed friend and boyfriend, like what are they then? She clearly uses people as props and didn't even consider their feelings in that moment. Like imagine hanging with someone and they go on a crazy sperg about someone who isn't even there, invalidating your existence while you're standing right there.
Cassie was almost too passive in response, so you may be right about being heavily medicated, I wouldn't last 20 minutes in that situation without arguing with Nicole's rude ass.

No. 159057

I think she mentioned running on no sleep that day in what little of the stream I could stomach. Obviously medication could also be a cause, she was extremely passive in every exchange. I can't fathom having your new "best friend" sperging about you boyfriend like that as if it's her place and not yours if you see fit. Nicole seems to have very little respect for Cassie and even though she's likely known him superficially longer it still came across as wildly inappropriate.

No. 159071

Don't scrotes make these tags

No. 159076

File: 1625602797584.jpeg (118.3 KB, 828x308, 26EE9A42-B790-4ECE-ADEB-E0A249…)

Actually Cassie knew Nate long before Nicole did, I checked her Twitter and she can be seen talking/interacting with him as far back as 2014

No. 159092

that is neither talking, nor interacting, that is cassie tweeting one tweet that sounds like she is a fan.

No. 159098

File: 1625610825940.jpeg (836.49 KB, 828x1477, D914A09C-CA70-4350-86CC-7CE841…)

She said they met in Twitter 2013

No. 159125

File: 1625625636423.jpeg (99.79 KB, 828x201, C6BD221B-4507-4093-9F94-F818DE…)

Cassie’s version of the story doesn’t mention any dogs, just that it was a crazy road and they hit a bump. Is Nicole exaggerating her story to get extra sympathy scrote bucks?

No. 159126

File: 1625625663375.jpeg (1018.93 KB, 828x1473, 5CA31C20-81B7-4A7A-9A91-2FA4A3…)

No. 159127

File: 1625625684997.jpeg (683.67 KB, 828x1452, 53FEFC05-E184-4A7D-B59E-DC0032…)

No. 159135

Looking back at all of the videos where she was being a retard in her car makes this not surprising whatsoever. 1 year and she already totaled it, good job.

No. 159137

File: 1625637588418.jpeg (341.96 KB, 828x976, B3DB656C-99B2-4480-8575-FDFEB2…)

Some of the advice people are giving her for a temporary solution is actually decent, but she’s probably not going to listen to them since she needs an excuse to e-beg.

No. 159138

Saying you did all the maintenence yourself for a car that up and died in the middle of the road is not the brag you think it is, Nicole. 2012 is not even an old car, there are cars decades old which are still chugging along.

No. 159141

File: 1625638575491.jpeg (446.04 KB, 828x1371, 4C3145F8-00A7-4D78-B4B2-7C00B1…)

She claims she already had a car in the past that got into a “wreck”, imagine my shock that she keeps having to buy and replace cars like pairs of shoes. But it’s okay guys she’s not completely autistic it only happened this time because she wanted to save puppies!! >>159126

No. 159144

So after she wrecked her first car with being a reckless bitch filming tiktoks at the wheel every chance she gets, she now totaled her e-begged weebmobil… because of the glory act to save two dogs that are conveniently not mentioned by any of the other three people that were with her? And now she beggs again.

Why is nobody explaining why the car just dyed out of nowhere and why it isn't just fixed instead of replaced? If the cringy ass tuning is so important to her, why is she so quick to abandon that entire thing? Wouldn't be surprised if she just realised it was to small for her and her new gang and she just needs an excuse for a bigger one.

"I cried in there more times than i'd like to admit"
>I'm the happiest and healthiest in months

"I bought this with my last dollar"
>But can tune it with anime shit nonstop and buy 100$ worth of pokemoncards and anime figures and decorate my entire new room and bulk shop OF outfits and fly through several states and cities which the emo squad mentioned in stream

>This car was bought with your followers money and you totaled it in less than 1 year without an explanation what actually broke.

"If I miss this opportunity after months of trying"
>cassie said on stream they looked at 1 house last week and the second one tomorrow. You didn't try jack shit and love to artificialy create the pressure of time to earn simp bucks fast

"I'm in a tight spot"
>So instead of turning to friends, family, or renting a car for that move, I turn to fucking Only Fans to get an own one that -again- my followers have to pay for

Ah, all these convenient lies, what a simple life that must be.

No. 159145

File: 1625642030540.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1588, IMG_20210707_091130.png)


Let's show how devastated I am by parking my ass on the roof and posing for an autistic picture on top of the car I just wrecked with a beer in my hand, sooo cool and emotional.

No. 159146

File: 1625642082106.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210707-091022.png)

bullshit victim narrative ENGAGE

No. 159147

“It’s just more efficient to replace it”
Is it, Nicole? Is it really? Her plan is to get a temporary car in the mean time then buy one she really likes. How is that more efficient?

No. 159148

File: 1625642580251.jpg (998.24 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_07_09_18_36_mh162564…)

Just in case y'all wondered why connor can't help Nicole out financially, (you know, the one that she constantly boasts about being such a famous and cool band guy) is because he actually works as a pizza boy in a small foodplace the whole time. busting that illusion as well might clarify.

No. 159150

On the twitch stream Nicole was complaining about cancel culture saying it should be “cancelled” and Connor said he’s been publicly cancelled twice. I wonder what he was cancelled for, because I swear if she’s dating another groomer or something… yikes

No. 159152

File: 1625643241974.png (224.57 KB, 1080x996, IMG_20210707_093130.png)

>They dated months before romantically
>They are 1 month official
>She posted all that u so precious crap

>We are not in love duh

??? who dates for months to no end and officials a relationship and say they are both not in love wtf.

Nicole at it again, big yikes. Efficency looks differently.

No. 159153

Kek that is the egirl who is half Nicole’s size >>153668

No. 159154

File: 1625644256222.jpeg (866 KB, 828x1560, 581C1CC0-531F-4AAC-AFF8-128359…)

This “put a finger down” tiktok is fucking pointless to make if she’s just going to lie. She didn’t put a finger down when it asked if she got fired (this was recorded literally a year after she complained about getting fired kek) and she pretended not to know what a body count is, mouthing “what does that mean?” and not putting fingers down for like half the shit she did. She doesn’t even put a finger down for getting pulled over by a cop but in the second thread has a snap complaining about a cop pulling her over and hitting on her.
So in conclusion she’s a pathological liar.

No. 159155

File: 1625644282486.jpeg (316.84 KB, 828x635, 126A0943-D6C6-43C3-BBE1-429108…)

Also homegirl is a stoner according to Connor

No. 159156

File: 1625644389898.jpeg (470.84 KB, 828x923, E6235A4C-3387-4E5A-AA2D-6963FA…)

Samefag, worth noting she liked all the comments called her “pure and innocent”

No. 159157

File: 1625644565994.jpeg (366.84 KB, 828x662, E018D3A8-5178-4487-A357-1C2130…)

“I don’t party, fight people and get into car accidents!! IM WHOLESOME!”

No. 159159

>Car is from 2012
>Because of how old it was more efficient to try and replace it
>Also wrecked her previous car

Yeah just sounds like you don't know how to drive safely and should not have a car, and definitely should not have passengers in said car

No. 159162

File: 1625646770671.jpg (25.94 KB, 474x266, iu4GZDH272.jpg)

He looks like Kevin and Perry (old british comedy characters/joke DJs)

No. 159167

File: 1625648569760.jpeg (457.34 KB, 828x1154, BEEEDA9F-054F-44AD-AA5B-0E6E28…)

Hope she answers this, as her stories only mention the engine dying/fluids leaking, and how is repairing the engine when the exterior is completely fine such a bad thing? She probably just wants an excuse to get a new license plate since her friend leaked it.

No. 159169

Now that you mention it the timing was awfully convenient. Not only her license plate, but also an anon clarifying how much her car cost according to it. Her adding those little details like
>it was old and on it’s last legs
>2012 model over 150k miles
Okay we get it the car was bound to break down. That’s why you need another 20k.

No. 159173

File: 1625652590797.jpeg (577.59 KB, 828x922, EB407802-64CE-44CA-A722-D4E6A0…)

Tfw desperate enough to do full nudes now

No. 159178

File: 1625656025744.jpg (613.13 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_07_13_05_59_mh162565…)

You live in your own world of delusions nicole. wake up.

No. 159179

File: 1625656153971.jpeg (662.71 KB, 828x1432, BE4485B4-0178-4839-AE72-63B40B…)

I’m confused why she thinks it’s sexy to pull her tits as low hanging as possible? Also the fact that she’s using a filter to make her face smaller just makes her body much bigger in comparison

No. 159180

File: 1625656178723.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 750.75 KB, 828x1468, 52A3AFAA-D2D9-41D1-8D0C-49F027…)

No. 159181

with her trash content going for 100 shitbucks already, i can't believe she can possibly think its okay to even take more money for THAT kind of quality. nicole puts the whore in horrendous, this is terrible content to pay for at all

No. 159182

ngl, this looks like a toon characters face on a mans body. sorry for nitpick but charging anything for this should be a crime. should collect those dollars for selfimage therapy.

No. 159183

You know it’s bad when the scrotes subscribed to your content are already catching onto your bullshit

No. 159184

File: 1625656840949.jpeg (517.24 KB, 828x1230, 4637FA21-A76A-47DD-A8E7-8D7682…)

When will she stop using this filter? It looks fucking horrifying when she turns to the side. I don’t think she has ever posted on OF without it. When she starts doing full on porn (which she inevitably will..) she’s going to have to stop using the filters eventually lmao

No. 159185

Time to invest in adobe after effects I guess? Kek

No. 159186

spoiler this, god

No. 159192

File: 1625658955895.jpeg (61.42 KB, 828x209, 140549E9-22F8-4928-B9FD-F9DFBD…)

Kek this is new, she updated her OF description probably either from lurking here or being pestered by scrotes for her inactivity.
Fyi, the recent stuff is just her grabbing her tits in 13 different videos. https://mega.nz/folder/yI92DJhT#wuSFThNV37wLK5qp7-4gZA

No. 159193

File: 1625659509935.png (Spoiler Image, 635.52 KB, 1080x1192, IMG_20210707_140423.png)

Sorry, there is no way in hell this facial profile didn't undergo surgery. her nose has been inspected enough to know better than this.

No. 159195

Her face looks cgi yet the hands look normal for her age, but jarring in contrast with all the face filtering happening, and the sideways nip is just odd
I think it's a filter still, see >>158978
Looks similar to op pic. This is a nitpick from a smallboobed anon, but her boobs make no sense to me, where they hang/point/where the creases are, any bigger boobed anons to weigh in here? They look good sometimes and sometimes very not, I guess that is the nature of bewbs but is it also her filtering/editing making things looks weird?

No. 159196

File: 1625661756526.jpeg (318.9 KB, 1201x1800, 768C1A84-1BCF-4250-9E38-3AC8B3…)

Sorry for the autistic quality (the stream was capped at 300 p quality and nothing higher) but it would be really goddamn sad if she did get work done on her nose since it still looks like a beak

No. 159308

Having no life, I humbly sacrificed to analyse both stream parts for milky behavior, so you don‘t have to watch any of that unbearable garbage, but remain in the picture. Many things have already been mentioned, here are some details.

Stream (1/2)

>The time they spend together before the stream, she actually met with Connor for the first time.
>On her way to travel to Nicoles house, she threw up 5 times, because she was so anxious
>no matter what „emotional“ words or descriptions of her inner life she uses, her face or body language never go with them, she seems like internally dead or incapabl to match behavior with statements.
>gets repeatedly mistreated by Nicole and Connor, yet almost hypnotically reinforces sentences like „My friends are so nice to me“, „I wouldn‘t want to spend this time with anyone else“ „I met such great friends with these, so perfect“ in a non ironic, but rather codependant way, which indicates conditioning of the abuser/bullies to praise them no matter how much they mistreat her, as a means to not lose their company.
>Any response of her to what the others say come down to „Ah…oh…mhm.“ nothing else, no reaction or interest.
>non of her feelings or statements get ever acknowledged by the others
>displays signs of extreme stress, discomfort, annoyance, of Nicoles and especially Connors obnoxious behavior: often rolls her eyes, sighs and shakes her head to them
>When reacting, it is for a split second and then back again at dead fish, suggesting the emotions displayed are either not real or forced in expression

>Weird rivalry moment with Nicole, where Cassie said she applied for „Emo prom queen“ on that emo prom they went to, but didn‘t win. Nicole commenting „I didn‘t even apply, so I couldn‘t win“

strongly suggesting she would have beaten her. Cassie giving her a death stare and then reading in the streams chat „You are emo queen in my book, cassie“ out loud, while throwing a super hostile and obvious f-off stare to Nicole again.
>When Nicole wouldnt stop talking about herself, her streaming setup, her break up, her move etc. Cassie rolled with her eyes HARD and sighed demonstratively

Connor :

>Won‘t stop talking fucking EVER about him him him. Constantly talks over everyone else.

>Voice sounds like a gay ass drag queen, seems to be done unconciously.
>Endlessly repeats the same sentences or parts of it to avoid silence or his voice missing at all cost.
>Directed sentences like „Let‘s kiss with tongue“, „I want you chained in my basement“ and „I am doing you next time“ to the guy he sperges about on the phone (~1mil follower emo band dude)
while Nicole reacts with a „What the?!“ genuinly angry expression at it and Connor looking at her concerned, then immediately changes topic.
>Weird moment where he asks Nicole wether he is allowed to get drunk in a very simpy way, Nicole gets visibly defensive, because that reinforces her controllfreak image, and says he can always do whatever he wants. She also mentions she is going to drive even if she will be drunk by then

- Every one of them constantly uses the stream display as a mirror to fix their lashes, hair or piercings to a point it becomes embarassing.
- As already mentioned, nobody talks with, everyone talks at each other or is talking completely about themselves all the time.
- Everybody ignores the statements or questions of Cassie.
- There wasnt much Nicole in this part because she took over 40 minutes to get ready.

My IQ has been brought down too much to watch the second part and risk drool stage, I will update tomorrow.

No. 159318

her boobs, indeed, look very weird sometimes. i actually think they are natural, but there are videos where they in fact do not "behave" or look like normal boobs would do. creasing, size and movement is off and seems to vary depending on footage. only explanation i have as well is her excessive filter usage.

here for example the boob looks competely like surgery, but i dont think she has.

No. 159344

What are they not dating after all?

No. 159357

They are dating, but apparently havent been in love most part of it, why ever the fuck you would date then at all…

No. 159358

summary highly appreciated!
expect the worst now from part 2, that stream seemed a total shitshow of socially and emotionally retarded teenage narcissists.

No. 159388

File: 1625703964631.jpeg (298.54 KB, 1439x1800, BEC45B7D-36C7-430A-A71E-2280D0…)

Nicole’s first “intentionally nude” set and she still couldn’t do it without squeezing and holding her boobs together. Insecurity.png

No. 159393

File: 1625706235506.jpeg (663.11 KB, 828x1172, B9A52729-38DA-432D-A6A5-60300F…)

So Nicole actually charged $250 for the dildo sucking video and not $100. It’s only a minute and a half for fucking $250. Will get a full screenshot proof of her charging that much

No. 159395

File: 1625706786241.jpeg (208.59 KB, 828x678, 7B564EC2-CC43-40E2-B380-C6069C…)

No. 159396

$220 my bad, that’s how much she charged for one PPV

No. 159401

What forum is this screenshot from?

No. 159404

No. 159407

File: 1625708373900.jpeg (631.96 KB, 828x1469, C0F572AC-3CC2-4E94-B697-0F7B3A…)

>>159308 Notice how Cassie is always making appreciation posts for them and they never reciprocate. It’s awkward af to watch especially when you can visibly see it on stream. There was a moment where Cassie called Connor one of her best friends and he became so visibly confused that she would even consider him that.

No. 159439

Anon, why are you so obsessed about her tits? You don't need to act like it's some foreign thing for girls to do with their tits.

No. 159449

File: 1625733029870.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210707-232546.png)

Despite the fact how horrible they are to her, she keeps saying how much she loves them, the contrast is tough to witness. She is slowly turning into Nicole 2.0 whatsoever.

No. 159451

>Anon why are you so obsessed with her tits
You mean her money makers? Hide the thread of a sex worker if it bothers you so much lmao
It is fucking weird when she has hundreds of photos and videos and they’re all like this, especially charging for “uncensored content” when she can’t even show what her tits look like without holding them up.

No. 159458

File: 1625741499086.jpeg (408.49 KB, 828x1628, 2CB51C5B-F359-432F-8997-38D03A…)

Kekw I love how Connor just reposts her story saying absolutely nothing, after all the nice things about him she just wrote

No. 159517

This is the weirdest nitpick aside from the vagina spergs in the Belle Delphine thread. It's literally something people do in nude and sex work. It's not deeper than that, titsperg.

No. 159583

Stream analysis (2/2)

- All of them constantly compliment their own appearance or outfits (to themselves, not each other)

- Nicole suggested Cassie and Connor go outside to brag with Nicole‘s weeb car and repeated 3x to not show her licence plate at all cost. Going through the door, Cassie mentions to the stream yet again, how she can not show the license plate. Outside she says to Connor they can‘t show the licence plate a 5th time.
>Proceeds to show the fucking licence plate.

Cassie genuinly: „Connor and Eevee are becoming my best friends!“
>Literally met Connor for the first time a week ago. Very visibly hating Nicole‘s guts every chance she gets. Wtf.

Nicole‘s friends talking about how often they made a total mess of her car and drove it over bumps with 80m/h
>then act surprised later that it broke down.

>They applied to 25 houses so far, all rejected them.

>Them making Alexa fart excessivly and think it‘s major content.
>Repeatedly calling their own stream „A+“ while it‘s an actual boring ass shitshow.
>The TV is on, lights are on, the PC is on and the netbook is on, with nobody paying attention to any of these.
>Nicole and Cassie just leaving without Connor in the end, despite the hostile energy.


Shitty relationships saga:

>Connor again promising the guy in the stream to „fuck him in the ass with his magiccarddeck“ and Nicole answering angrily „No, you are NOT!“

>Cassie saying Nathan was supposed to come a week ago, but decided he didn‘t want to come.
>Cassie reading the stream out loud „I (Cassie) was better looking when she fucked him off“ then claiming „I dont get it“ while actually a minute before, they were talking about Nate and „she“ is referring to Nicole. The statement was Cassie looked better at the time Nicole fucked Nathan off and now she looks like her.
>Chat in stream encouraging Cassie to leave Nate, then Nicole barges in for the most inappropriate and disrespectful Nate-Sperg about how he is the greatest person she ever met in her entire life and Connor commenting „Fuck you, that‘s what I have to say“ in the off. Nicole then goes on to sperg about how Nate is basically as important to her as her dead grandmother, and the only person in the world that truly understands her and that they are basically connected through telepathy. All while Cassie and Connor stand right next there in visible discomfort, so Nicole goes on even louder, until Cassie aggressivly changes the topic.
>Stream asking „Has your friend a boyfriend?“ Cassie immediately answering „I don‘t know“, Nicole saying „Me?! WTF!“ and basically jumping in escape out the frame, while Connor aggressivly clears his throat multiple times, until Nicole utters „Yes“.
>Connor: „Melissa says you‘re hot!“ to Nicole, Nicole saying „I need to look her up on bumble“ Connor going pissed of: „NO.“



>Compulsively touching her hair throughout the entire stream and when not being visibly annoyed and angry at Nicole and Connor, a dead fish.

>Revealing she is staying at Nicole‘s house but has to sleep on the floor.
>Constantly complains about the time (they started at 1:30 and now it‘s 5;30, almost six and they were supposed to leave hours ago, yet Nicole couldnt be bothered to get ready in time and took sweet fucking ages to do so.
>Repeatedly says she never wears lipstick, while wearing lipstick and always does since she is with Nicole.
>Every time Nicole talks, Cassie throws her noticeably shady or annoyed looks and called her and Connor „Weirdos“.
>Stream asking why the girls all „look the same“ and Cassie answering „I don‘t know man, at least we are hot and making money.“



>Showcases ability to make any topic about herself and giving off this „i‘m so much more cool and special than y‘all“ vibe

>Patronizing Cassie about her having so little comments on the stream that it‘s easy to manage, but when she someday will have millions like Nicole has, it‘s so hard to read them all.
>Sending Connor out to get her red bra and taking over the stream nonstop describing her underwear in great detail making everyone uncomfortable and awkward.
>Stubbornly asking how you eat ass in the 69 position and the stream constantly assuming they are all genuinly on drugs, Nicole and Cassie getting pissed about that.
>Smashing her ceiling fan with a sword and then acting as if it‘s not a big deal if anything in the house is broken.
>Nicole claiming the entire house is all hers (from what money??) opposed to just renting a room in it like she said a week ago. Everyone says it‘s Nicole‘s house though.

And in the end you just realise the grand adventurous trip they promised in the stream was never even created or broadcasted, we watched 3 emotionally retarded weebs with the emotional maturity of 14y olds talk about and at each other incapable of listening, sometimes openly hating each others guts, thinking they are the shit about themselves and not doing ANYTHING than sitting in a filthy, chaotic house.

Connor clinged onto the image of being such a nerd and sperged about his fag fantasties nonstop, Cassie being pissed for 2h straight and acting like a dead fish if she is not throwing shade towards Nicole, Nicole getting ready for 1,5 hours to disrespect everyone, then basically denies her relationship and sabotages Cassie‘s by blatanly sperging about Nate, while obviously convinced she is the star of the show. And god, that woman looks 40.

No. 159586

File: 1625779325619.jpg (674.48 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_08_23_17_41.jpg)

Please compare these to


No. 159587

File: 1625779382208.jpg (689.63 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_08_23_20_56.jpg)

the looks cassie throws at nicole and becoming her at the same time

No. 159588

File: 1625779445855.jpg (629.29 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_08_23_20_05.jpg)

Nicole not being the anachan she claims to be. Shooping and liquid videofilters reactivated.

No. 159591

File: 1625779707795.jpg (476 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_08_23_28_26.jpg)


No. 159593


Your summary is very enjoyable (far more than the stream sounds like it was) thank you anon.
Cassie looks younger and prettier than Nicole imo >>159587
and it's so funny to know they were throwing shade at each other the whole time. Very superficial friendship.

No. 159602

File: 1625781953224.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210709-000448.png)

>Cassie looks younger and prettier than Nicole imo
Any thot being 5 minutes in LA area

No. 159605

File: 1625782116847.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210709-000428.png)

Being a couple of socially retarded e-beggars with a history of unreliable jobs, never ending personal issues and constant moving, I have nooo idea why.

No. 159606

i honestly cant tell if shes sunburnt or applied her makeup horribly

No. 159610

File: 1625783169539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 802.72 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_09_00_22_06.jpg)

>with the promise of never making it nude or pornographic, soon enough she started posting uncensored nudes and videos sucking on dildos. Prior to OF she has referred to selling nudes as undignified work, and described herself as a person who makes an honest living and loves herself with her clothes on

There you have it, WK army, the word of this hoe was never worth anything, not in the past and not now. She always finds justifications do to whatever fucked up shit she wants and still goes on to act holier than thou. Case closed.

No. 159615

I’ll never get over that nose contour. It looks even worse here, which says a lot kek.

My sides have left orbit. It was only a matter of time.

No. 159633

File: 1625796077783.jpeg (235.29 KB, 828x729, 28E87B88-A4C0-43BA-A5F3-614248…)

I love how Nicole was sucking up to Destery’s girlfriend at the time kek, homegirl had no problem being a homewrecker and destroying her relationship either in 2018
(Amber dated him from 2014-2018)

No. 159634

File: 1625796448246.jpeg (324.74 KB, 828x629, B91E0EE1-6877-46F8-93DD-E9CD6E…)

My bad, since 2013 actually. It’s almost as if Nicole was monitoring their girl and waiting for the perfect time to strike, yikes.

No. 159635

File: 1625796540746.jpeg (271.01 KB, 828x911, F5869E3B-EBD1-445B-AF86-6A2164…)

Cassie better run if this is the type of person Nicole is. No regard for others, she doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she feels desirable. Also she couldn’t just bother asking Amber if she was still dating Destery before trying to enter a relationship with him? I know the answer is very clearly she didn’t want to ask since she already knew the answer.

No. 159636

Thank you for the summaries, this just further proves my point that Nicole competes with women rather than being the wholesome bisexual/lesbian/pansexual she claims to be.

No. 159638

File: 1625798425844.jpeg (27.4 KB, 248x432, EFB6F4D4-3A35-4144-A377-9F697E…)

Uh huh. Sure. I thought it was because of the giant mole on her boobs that doesn’t show up anymore

No. 159641

File: 1625800343280.jpeg (466.45 KB, 828x1153, A42A14B6-D0C7-4F48-92E5-3EDED4…)

Can’t expect a person who lives like this to ever have a clean home

No. 159642

all her tweets have her location shown on there yet she insists on her license plate not being shown. no logic.

No. 159645

She’s very open about places she goes/where she lives for someone who wants to be “safe” kek. I’m guessing another reason for hiding the license plate is she just doesn’t want people to know she spent over 20k on that car, and wants to insist she’s broke

No. 159649

I keep thinking Cassie needs to get the hell out as soon as possible because of this shit, especially if Nicole is going to do what we all think she will. It’s sad seeing her mimic Nicole’s makeup and look. She looked so much prettier before in this >>158901 I guess it’s inevitable when you surround yourself with vain as fuck bitches.

No. 159653

This. I wonder if she got fillers to look even more like Nicole, but she hasn’t posted how it looks yet >>159602
Also I’m wondering how she’s only been in LA for such a short time but already got an appointment/found a dermatologist/plastic surgeon so quickly after moving there, this makes me think the theories of Nicole getting nose fillers are true, and she probably helped Cassie out by driving her to the same place she gets her fillers at.

No. 159654

Honestly even if it sounds tinfoil I believe Nicole has been starting to get work done. There was an anon here that mentioned the difference in her lips >>157737 and I can’t help but agree at this point watching that stream. At the very least it does seem as though she got her lips done.

No. 159656

File: 1625806684480.jpeg (371.72 KB, 828x867, 17EED788-2F25-4DCF-A028-225BEF…)

Either that or she’s overlining her lips, which can’t ever look good in person. Without makeup she still has the same face so the botched surgery look in >>157737 seems to just be a makeup trend, somehow.

No. 159657

File: 1625806800537.jpeg (319.47 KB, 828x1180, A4034DCE-B758-45EE-A3DF-53B9E3…)

LOOOOL poor random reddit dude doesnt even know. so crazy how she can decieve people so easily.

No. 159658

>they might be married now
If only he knew kek

No. 159659

Lmao yet it somehow took one google search for scrotes on the porn leak sites to find out she’s crazy, Nicole not only has a “better than thou” attitude but also an “okay for me, not for thee” attitude as well. I think this neckbeard got her confused with another ethot.

No. 159663

File: 1625807404688.jpeg (372.62 KB, 828x1241, 999A91EE-3347-420D-B2ED-DDF37D…)

More on Nicole being a mean boolly (and how she enjoys people witch hunting anyone who insults her) she posted screenshots of an account in the past, took the time to carefully show half their username in one photo and the second half in another so her followers can still find them. This is some calculated sociopathic shit lmao

No. 159664

File: 1625807426498.jpeg (59.61 KB, 639x420, 48AA33A1-A3FD-4C28-BA9A-F89601…)

Much censor. Such wow.

No. 159704

File: 1625826209288.jpeg (293.33 KB, 1800x1800, E8A82910-3E79-4EA7-BDBD-3CA822…)

She was always a hoe, I remember when she would post subtle underwear pictures, the progression to porn now is entertaining.

>Also I’m not a n3rd but who the fuck puts pokemon cards in their bathroom? Those look crusty and wet.

No. 159709

Lmao holy shit there’s yugioh cards too. On top of that she’s wearing a magic the gathering sweater. Covering all the bases.

No. 159737

Total gamer girl move. Don't act like you've never played a game against half your own deck in the bathroom while taping parts of your other decks from different games to the mirror. It's a rite of passage.

No. 159743

Ahaha…she was (and is) so desperate to shoehorn the nerd girl thing that she taped cards to the bathroom mirror, I can't

They look so messed up, waterlogged, bent and gross

No. 159780

Well she has showcased frantically merchandise from World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YugiOh, Ghibli, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Evangelion, Sword Art Online, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and many more, while in reality no nerd is a hardcore fan of everything nerdy in the universe, they just like their specific things.

No. 159813

File: 1625871613772.jpg (1.01 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_10_00_50_23_mr162587…)

So, now we have the same:
>Blue Eyed Dragon Shirt
and now fillers, for Cassie to look like a fucking clone of Nicole.

What did I say in
>>158855 and >>158898 ?

Narcs are predictable as fuck, let's wait for the rest >>158812 to become true.

No. 159814

Big oof to that skinwalk alert, she even said she has no idea about yu gi oh and never played it before so why the fuck is she wearing that shirt?

No. 159821

File: 1625875063413.jpeg (328.29 KB, 828x1285, 612E064F-7C1F-4002-B03C-85787B…)

I love how Nicole ignores all issues about her OF

No. 159823

>facetune the shadows off my face

She could have simply taken photos in front of a window, or installed a light above the mirror, like imagine shadows being one of your major problems in life.

Ironically she has a smooth face with hardly any visible indentations, unlike nicole. >>159587
I can't even figure out what she could have got filled if these (tagged above) are the "before."
Does she think indentations beside the nose and under the eyes are errors? They are just areas of thin skin that most people have. Honestly baffling, BDD is one hell of a drug.

No. 159865

File: 1625902591082.png (51.65 KB, 500x231, 505E20F1-51A8-48E3-A05E-436D88…)

Good to know this hoe will abandon her morals for a new car lmao

No. 159868

File: 1625902750176.jpeg (957.55 KB, 828x1638, E746EB1F-616F-43A7-B714-2F51EF…)

Your average hard working porn content creator

No. 159870

File: 1625905031814.jpeg (403.24 KB, 1800x1800, 77328C04-E27C-440E-86D1-295DD7…)

Tfw anon in costhot thread and Nicole both kept insisting she has no controversies and is drama free. Now we know that’s not true. She made fun of people with asthma, said a brown man in a ninja costume is perfect for jumping fences, says plastic surgery is a waste of money despite wanting rhinoplasty and probably got fillers too, looks down on sex workers in the past to now selling masturbation videos, friendly to girls while destroying their relationships and claiming innocence, switches between being bi or lesbian or pan who needs an emotional connection (demi) for attraction all while having her friends boyfriend record OF with her and spank her, callout tweets on every friendship she ends and accusing her friend of sending herself hate, as well as putting her ex friends full name while claiming nobody will be able to find out who she’s talking about.
The turntables

No. 159872

File: 1625907547422.jpeg (364.95 KB, 1047x1921, 187953E7-F31E-40FC-8F65-51FE8B…)

Speaking of the costhot thread props to this farmer for calling out the defensive comments early. I wonder if Nicole still follows all of these cows kek.

No. 159883

File: 1625916203277.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_10_01_16_01.jpg)

GiNgEr is the new basic bitch brown. Probably why she just dyed them in the end.

No. 159902

File: 1625927386146.jpeg (184.98 KB, 828x843, 45D8A738-0CF9-4B64-8C2B-EF28C2…)

Nicole: “I’m trying my hardest”

The criticism from her scrotes:

No. 159904

File: 1625927794990.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 533.77 KB, 828x1553, ADD306E0-05DC-4EDD-A940-06B76C…)

The quality is so bad her finger looks fucked up

No. 159908

File: 1625928149699.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.6 KB, 828x1135, 1720CA6E-EC44-4B29-8041-F76CCB…)

No. 159917

What the fuck her porn progressed into sex acts faster than Belle Delphine. I can't help but think the car provided her with the perfect excuse considering her past stance on the matter.

No. 159922

File: 1625932424996.jpeg (119.46 KB, 828x499, BAF4E37E-2F1E-42F4-A96C-9D541B…)

Speaking of Belle, that makes this comment even funnier lol

No. 159924

File: 1625933162745.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 631.63 KB, 828x1351, 8EEC369A-5FEE-4DF0-99A2-F6561C…)

The contrast between her hands compared to the rest of her skin is really fucking intense

No. 159925

That fucked up jawline man oO

It took her merely weeks going from non-nudity to nudity and now nudity to straight up porn and masturbation. I love how this shit was inevitably predicted in 2018.

Her video quality has always been total shit because she has to hide and filter every spot on her body. It's intentional.

No. 159929

File: 1625935861030.jpg (1.03 MB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_10_18_49_16.jpg)

Nicole's shooping saga is ages old (left skin and ear, right the right thigh and right arm stick), what else is new?

All her bath videos are blurry af.

Also, still wondering how the fuck Connor can be fine with this. Scrotes jerking off to your shooped bitch masturbating lmao. this screams CLASS

No. 159930

Kek his ex before Nicole was DarcyNycole, who does OF herself, it’s probably his type

No. 159932

File: 1625936745810.jpg (712.94 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_10_19_04_53_mr162593…)

Excuse me WTF.

No. 159936


Nicole promising she would not do nudes or porn when she announced the OF and just make cosplay lewds, and now doing this proves everything she says is a lie

No. 159938

File: 1625937339893.png (Spoiler Image, 421.13 KB, 1080x1078, IMG_20210710_190743.png)

So, she is throwing out backhanded intransparent discounts, that shit on intial buyers, make no sense and stays inconsitent with who gets them and who doesn't.

On the right this is her video quality, she looks like a fucking smudged oil painting someone made off a 3D cartoon render. And charges 50$ for those.

I went through her OF leaked videos and to be frank, they are all utter shit. I would be furious to have paid anything for that trash. Her "touching" and angles are all monotone and boring, which she acts out in a rehearsed loop of like 3 signature movements. For example, she holds up her tits and then just proceeds to rub that arm up and down 5 times while looking in the camera like a dead animal. And that's a whole video, that's it. In anothe she lifts her leg up and down like in aerobics, BUT doesnt show anything below, it cuts of at her waist hight. She has zero sexappeal and has no idea what she is doing.

If i wouldn't know any better, i'd say she is trolling. Nicole's "trying my best" is another OF accounts worst failures.

No. 159940

File: 1625937849811.jpg (Spoiler Image, 566 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_10_19_23_11.jpg)

She shoves her acrylics down her vag and then licks and sucks on the used fingers, i want to fucking VOMIT. these videos are not it fam.

No. 159941

I think this will inflict excellent karma on her. These nudes and porn videos of her will remain on the internet forever. No matter which decent partner, new job or anything outside her current lowlife slut existance she will want to pursue, these will always pop up to remind the world who she is. She is done, and the best things is, she dug that hole herself.

No. 159942

File: 1625938014435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 470.13 KB, 828x1540, 3BFE2C5F-E962-4950-8EE5-99726A…)

>she lifts her leg up and down like in aerobics, BUT doesnt show anything below, it cuts off at her waist height
Lmao I know the exact one you’re talking about, what the fuck is she trying to show here and why did she think this was worth charging for?

>She has zero sex appeal and has no idea what she is doing.

Well said. She thinks masturbating is placing a long ass nail on her clit and rubbing like three times.

No. 159943

It’s fucking sickening thinking about how the people in her life and how they feel about this, her little brother literally follows her ig for god’s sake

No. 159945

scrotes like that for some reason

No. 159953

>I think this will inflict excellent karma on her. These nudes and porn videos of her will remain on the internet forever.

I will never not be baffled why people will release their own revenge porn online forever under their real name and face. Like it may be easy money today, but this shit is literally forever. She's gonna be 40 with this stuff still online somewhere and a batch of incels will still be out there with her blurry porn still saved on a harddrive somewhere. She's old enough to know better, too, especially someone who started out so obsessively crafting her image as the perfect budget Leda nerd girl, down to making fake fan accounts for herself. Like why would you shit up such a carefully crafted image? For what, scrote approval? She's had the same job for a long time so she isn't desperate for income.
It really seems like that insecure pickme behavior where girls think they need to compete with their scrotes favorite camgirls and porn stars, so they make their own shitty porn to try and distract him. I can't see any clear benefit other than instant reward of money - which is tied to a permanent, life-ruining internet footprint.

No. 159954

Oh jesus, well she isn't posting this there so I hope her family never see this shit. You know she's gonna go worse too, I predict 2 months before PIV videos are on there.

No. 159963

Those are some super short nails, anon.

No. 159964

Tbh, her body is nice, ignoring the face editing, she has a good body. She probably realized that cucks don't give a fuck about quality as long as they see something nude move. >>159940 Like here, hunched over, she isn't overflowing with fat and I don't think that's her editing her pouch and sides. She's like a healthier Lori with tits. She's no ana, but she's not obese or really chubby either. She took the money from scrotes and now she sees that they don't give AF, like most thots, and now she's doing more to make more money. If these dumbasses want to spend $100, complain, but then are willing to do it again, they are fucking retarded.

No. 159966

File: 1625952808128.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 220.01 KB, 828x827, 69CCBD6E-EB47-4D12-87B8-DD55B0…)

>Those are some super short nails
Are you fucking blind? Nta but jesus, learn to not make multiple posts just to write a paragraph about how Nicole is hacking the system just for producing shitty content lmao

No. 159967

Sorry the 3 photos in a row I looked at didn't show the nails clearly? Calm down. I don't know why you're so mad or wtf you're on about.

No. 159970

> She probably realized that cucks don't give a fuck about quality as long as they see something nude move
Uh, can you read the fucking thread? Scrotes are all complaining about the quality of her posts anon, it’s clearly a factor if you can barely see what she’s trying to show just because she’s insecure about not using filters >>159902 it’s a common complaint
>She took the money from scrotes and now she sees that they don't give AF, like most thots, and now she's doing more to make more money. If these dumbasses want to spend $100, complain, but then are willing to do it again, they are fucking retarded
Uh huh, she’s definitely smart and not losing subscribers at all, her content totally isn’t getting leaked on various sites and people seeing how shitty the content actually is, her OF totally isn’t going to bite her in the ass when she’s older and she can’t get rid of her past

No. 159971

I love your calm down spergs when someone corrects you, it’s so obvious who you are >>158644
Go cry about it in meta again, your ban must be up

No. 159997

Narcs like her only care about instant gratification and instant reward (quick money) without considering consequences for themselves and especially not others. She is incapable of seeing ahead, or why else do you think
>she has zero savings to draw from after all these years
>recklessly puts out undeletable, low quality porn and nudes with full face and full name
>has been moving and burning bridges a million times within one year
>constantly cheats or breaks up people for the sake of attention and power
>uploads horrid, irreversable shoops to the internet for everyone to see
>builds an army of unstable simps and scrotes strangers to watch her masturbate for excessive amounts of money although terrified of getting stalkers or threats
>queer/thirst baits despite being in a relationship
>spends hundrets on playcards, merch and flies through half the country all the time, but falls short on cash for essential necessities or emergencies
>spreads and claims blatant lies that are easily disproved with evidence all over the web, making her elaborately crafted image crumble in seconds for everyone to witness

This thot does not think one minute ahead into the future, obviously and is convinced she is right wirh absolutely everything she does, no matter how damaging to herself or others, and later on feels free to claim otherwise but still think she stays right within her new reality. #justnarcthings
Now her poor damned family will always be remembered as the one whos "daughter/sister/cousin" did lowlife porn on the internet. Dramatically echoing YIKES

No. 160000


As an example, she can be shading sex workers with her "I love myself and make an earnest living with my clothes on" mantra, thinks she is right and will trash you if disagreed, then later claims about her OF porn and nudes collection "I express muhself this way, is my decision, am a confident, indepedant women blabla" and STILL think she is right and trash you then again when argued otherwise!

The only two things in life this psychotic bitch plans ahead, are 1. to later on twitter-trash the women she encounters in real life, the instant she meets them, and 2. put any possibly shit looking, gay ass, predatory emo cuck on her soon to be dating list, wether they are in a relationship or not, as long as they have some clout.

If these are the only two consistencies in your life, people don't know if they should cry or laugh.

No. 160010

File: 1625975505978.png (7.24 MB, 1242x2208, F50934A8-1CB7-4B70-BD76-03DE80…)

From Cassie’s Instagram. Is she serious? The place they chose is…questionable, to the say the least.

No. 160017

File: 1625982052090.jpeg (801.7 KB, 828x1576, C748A61B-0C80-4534-8799-F8D6CF…)

Definitely a joke, but where the fuck even are they?

No. 160021

File: 1625983279618.jpeg (388.49 KB, 828x1289, 6392399E-D1C7-4DFE-950D-92BC5D…)

People calling her out for her bullshit on her OF twitter

No. 160033

File: 1625998798854.jpeg (448.41 KB, 1800x1800, E578C0B9-1459-4828-971E-FD7D7F…)

Spot the difference

No. 160041

Totally not obvious at all that you’re trying real hard to explain away her stupid shit. Scrotes are retarded, but her “content” is legitimately laughable. Looks like everything is done through snapchat and snow filters. How can you say cucks don’t give a fuck about quality when there’s already been multiple screenshots now of them complaining over her pricing versus content?
>her body is nice!
>she isn’t overflowing with fat, no editing that pouch!
>like a healthier Lori with tits!
Oh man I wish there were more positive anons like you posting about these cows kek.

This shit makes me so legitimately sad. Seeing Cassie get fillers was probably the most depressing of all. She legit got that done the day after the stream? Fucking why?

No. 160045

File: 1626002782452.jpeg (141.65 KB, 828x456, 6B215129-19C2-4858-8108-EE7929…)

How can these thots afford $1995 for fillers? Holy shit, they would rather spend money on fillers and claim being unable to all afford a car so they can go to book a house. All credibility is lost

No. 160047

Imagine using that money towards funding for a new house to live, or now since Nicole is a total dumbass, a car!

No. 160049

File: 1626003081609.jpeg (472.24 KB, 828x1091, B78C9C6C-53CC-45A4-8FB2-8CCFD2…)

Samefag, just for context this was a day after the incident with Nicole’s car in >>159137
I love how these 26 year olds don’t know how to prioritize and manage their money

No. 160062

File: 1626005385643.jpg (797.16 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_11_14_07_40_mr162600…)

One week with Nicole and she starts to skinwalk her clothes, copy the makeup, go for the exact same jewellry, injects fillers and dyes her hair the same, totally normal behavior.

I think this makes it so much more likely for Nicole having done it too. We speculated about it for ages now, but while people like Cassie are upfront about it, Nicole would never ever admit to having stuff done. That hoe puts on foundation and three snow filters to showcase her "no makeup, just woke up like this" all natural uwu princess bs.

Looking at what has already been discussed and given the screenshots of her face and her crippling insecurities for years, she definitely got injections as well, i'd assume nose, lips and jawline.

Makeup has its limits too.

No. 160068

File: 1626006812364.jpeg (275.57 KB, 1777x964, C3F3E5A2-2B61-4489-8D11-821C34…)

Spot the difference with the men Nicole dates

No. 160069

File: 1626007020927.jpg (1.18 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_11_14_32_56_mr162600…)

Nicole never looked that way, that photo is filtered to hell and back.
She definitely got work done, which explains her botched look nowadays. She looks bloated and deformed from fillers.

(left BS, right reality)

No. 160072

File: 1626007509009.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1317, IMG_20210711_144440.png)


> 2. put any possibly shit looking, gay ass, predatory emo cuck on her soon to be dating list, wether they are in a relationship or not, as long as they have some clout.

You forgot her interest in nate to fullfill her wer Becoming-Leda dreams. Matt was an ex of her too, let's see when she goes after that guy.

No. 160074

File: 1626007696544.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1653, IMG_20210711_144745.png)

This girl explains how fucked up it is that they weirdly all knew about each other (destery being friends with nate, nate being friends with matt)

No. 160076

Nicole follows Matt on all his social media still lmao

No. 160078

File: 1626008443550.jpeg (364.06 KB, 1800x1800, 9E826623-A292-475F-9F8D-72C2D9…)

Lmao her lips get bigger and bigger every year.

No. 160079

Her fingers look so fucking weird and uncanny
For years Nicole has been boasting about being ~naturally strawberry blonde~ now it's I'M GINGER~

Anons like this are saying Cassie is skinwalking Nicole while other anons are saying Nicole is skinwalking Cassie

No. 160082

File: 1626009704158.jpg (49.71 KB, 720x540, image0-16.jpg)

Did Nicole get belpharoplasty or a Botox eyelift? Her eyes look drastically different

Pic from 2014/2015

No. 160084

File: 1626010287092.jpeg (327.89 KB, 831x1661, C91A49A5-37C7-48F6-A631-EC89E8…)

>>160079 Honestly I don’t think it’s a coincidence Nicole happens to look like many of her friends lol

No. 160087

File: 1626010733772.jpeg (502.91 KB, 828x1008, 4EB3E293-E4D8-436B-BA88-8F097C…)

She might just be using eyelid tape, she still has hooded af eyes without makeup

No. 160089

File: 1626011375334.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 721.41 KB, 828x1498, F76216A2-842B-4643-9944-00C469…)

She claims she has fun producing content but legitimately looks either bored or like a dead fish. Another thing she says is she does it to help her confidence, which is completely and utterly stupid to place your self worth and confidence on scrotes jerking off to your grainy nudes. Does she realize even uggo whales like Trisha Paytas make thousands off OF?

No. 160095

File: 1626012267291.jpeg (15.07 KB, 236x302, 7B7C4E59-EF88-4EA5-844D-83FF57…)

She's not wearing eyelid tape in the Dva makeup vid, and her eyes are bigger compared to >160082

I'm pretty sure she got an eye lift with Botox considering she already got her whole face pumped with filler

No. 160096

I remember when her stalker leaked these screenshots so she reassured her followers it’s fake and that her stalker edited around her eyes to look like that lol. She then made the makeup artist who uploaded it delete the video so nobody could find proof

No. 160098

grimdear has a history skinwalking nicole and cassie also started her looks after meeting nicole, it's not really the other way around. cassies copy cat mania is ridiculous at this point.

No. 160099

I wonder how long it will take Nate to realize he’s literally dating Nicole 2.0, or dare I say Leda 3.0 since Nicole is also a carbon copy of her

No. 160101

File: 1626014761667.jpg (571.71 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_11_16_42_21_mh162601…)

Nicole gets trashed on reddit as well, there is also a cringe video of her where she goes with the camera over her scrotch and tits and then spanks her foot angle with a used sole from her doc martens.

apparently, her kind of "selfrespect" involves strangers talking about her like raw meat and caring about nothing but how to see her boobs, asshole and feet.

No. 160103

File: 1626015399804.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_11_16_53_21_mh162601…)

And what the fuck is happening here?! She is squishing her tits together and they go berserk wrinkly and shrivel into granny sacks, I never seen something like this before with any boobs. Looks off putting and weird af.

Also, she leaves her bath running loudly in all those videos, which just comes across as nonstop violent toilet sounds in the back. well, if that doesn't turn on people.

No. 160105

that's really common with soft, not really 'firm,' boobs. it would be really appealing to people who like natural breasts but it looks weird with the heavy filter right above it

No. 160112

Have you never seen tits? The filter doesnt help but people with tits tend to have wrinkles on them depending on how they are squeezed, regardless of age, due to small or large stretch marks, the areola/nipple area especially because fat doesn't form right there at the tip and its thinner skin.

No. 160114

You mean wannabe emo phase dropouts? Kek Of course they all have the same look.

Isn't that just her squinting? She doesnt have downcast corners of her eyes, so they wouldn't be exactly almond or doe eyed. Highly doubt it's tape. It's literally what faces do.

The thot look. Rest your chin so you don't cause mouth wrinkles and slightly lift your eyebrows and keep your eyes in a neutral state. They all look like that, Momokun being the biggest fish with the look.

No. 160117

They all copied Haley Williams after her red hair phase, huh.

No. 160119

File: 1626020165552.jpeg (460.39 KB, 798x894, 993AE8DC-1002-419A-A0F4-B9BC6A…)

The meltdown this sperg is having in meta

No. 160120

Nearly 2k on filler which even the most nitpicky anons on here can't figure out for what…like literally why would anyone with a smooth face like her before, pay so much for needless fillers? Genuinely thinking your face having more dimension than a dinnerplate is a fault.

No. 160121

File: 1626020358902.jpg (209.12 KB, 1200x1800, Hayley-Williams-Hair-Style-Ima…)

Example. Their oranges fade to browns, but considering their interests, they all seem like Paramore groupies

No. 160122

They sell botox as preventative for age

No. 160124

She implied she has been wanting fillers/feeling insecure about what she wanted fillers for since the age of 11… that’s fucking insane. These ethots don’t need fillers, they need an intervention and therapy imo

No. 160127

Some places do ask for payment first, so this could've also been booked before the car and house issues. They also don't have a responsibility to take care of Nicole's car. Cassie getting fillers has nothing to do with her. She can complain the same way people who don't vote complain, but that doesn't mean she will magically have someone she's with get a car unless she helps out instead of buying fillers.

No. 160128

let him be a raging imbecile if he wants, he can hide this thread and finally stfu, that easy.

If he is convinced people "cant make other people do things" through various tactics of bullying, coerning, manipulation or pushing, I feel sorry for his social skill. >skinwalking

I wonder how long it will take for them to "accidentally" spill the location of the new house.

No. 160130

> They also don't have a responsibility to take care of Nicole's car.
Calm down, her boyfriend and Cassie do because it’s a temporary car they need in order for visiting houses and they’re all moving in together. It just sounds like they don’t know how to prioritize spending during emergency situations

No. 160134

File: 1626022929367.png (78.94 KB, 500x522, iu (2).png)

They're all like that dril post

No. 160135

File: 1626023040362.jpeg (110.86 KB, 828x379, 0FA842A8-173B-46E7-B3FD-06D4B7…)

Nicole needs to sort through her comment section, or better yet, actually take the criticism over dozens of people are providing her with and maybe ditch the fugly filter for good

No. 160142

Maybe Cassie and him should get a car then if they seem to have more money than Nicole, but Nicole's car is her issue. They can pay into it, but then Nicole wouldn't pay them back since it would most likely be in her name.

No. 160145

File: 1626025824190.jpg (511.16 KB, 1152x1480, IMG_20210711_194419_mh16260255…)

I know this might sound crazy, but please hear me out - can anyone confirm or deny that this account is actually Connor? Up to the accent, the voice, the sentence melody and the pronunciation, this anonymous dude sounds exactly like Connor. I got this shit in recommended, just like the first comment and found it weird how that could be him. Cringe asmr topics he choses would fit as well.

As nicole was obsessed with that bee pokemon and he is constantly wearing stripes, the name even might make sense, but I am looking for evidence. If yes, he poses as boyfriends to minors.

No. 160146

File: 1626025887485.jpeg (155.98 KB, 828x149, 132F0BA1-3648-498E-B57C-764C52…)

Her idea of being on her last dollar is $20,000+

No. 160148

She got her paypal, ko-fi, patreon, only fans, venmo, aaall that shit up for months and some even years, without ever delivering the rewards, buying the cosplays she promised from them or whatever, so where the hell did that money go exactly?

The thousands she spent on pickme animu lingerie, creepers, fillers, extentions, acrylics, lashes, card games and merchandise probably, besides touring with her friends through the country within a pandemic that is.

No. 160149

File: 1626026286893.jpeg (98.53 KB, 828x504, 207C9460-5C34-4138-A71C-DC2EC3…)

Meanwhile her conversation with her mom that she made public reads like she’s some wholesome sex worker with a heart of gold that wants to feed her family, I’m in tears lmao

No. 160151

This screenshot is a repost Nicole retweeted from grimdear and her mother originally. check your sources bubu.

No. 160152

File: 1626026514368.jpeg (289.44 KB, 828x910, 8649BA72-9590-47CC-A181-4F7980…)

You keep saying that, yet it’s literally not, “bubu”, someone doesn’t know what a fucking quote retweet is

No. 160153

File: 1626026852224.jpeg (227.6 KB, 1011x1800, 1A29A6EF-8B44-43F7-9F30-EE7E32…)

Same anon as >>155301 yet after a month you still don’t know what a quote retweet is lmao my sides.
The mommy with the dolphin shit is Nicole’s contact name for her mom, I don’t know what’s so confusing about this to you

No. 160160

File: 1626028608207.png (257.75 KB, 538x568, whoneedsashrinkwhenyouhavescro…)

"Being a porn thot cured my depression!" but in pretty words.

Who needs a shrink when you can have scrotes. OF coin solves everything, yay.

No. 160164

File: 1626029145079.jpeg (321.52 KB, 828x741, A0259998-AAD0-4E26-97CC-1FF203…)

I find it hard to believe posting blurry, filter-smoothed photos and videos to porn addicts could help boost someone’s confidence in any way.
She looks dead inside

No. 160169

It's the validation from scrotes who don't care about filters and care about the overall aesthetic when jacking off. They will jack off to Pokemon porn and other fiction. You think a filter and a blurr will stop them? Lol

No. 160174

It is indeed off putting how he sounds exactly like Connor. Who is that? Can anyone deliver more info? If he turns out a groomer as well, I'm gonna lose my shit laughing.

No. 160182

This was mentioned last thread, was proven to be posted by Nicole with screenshots, the Tweet is still up

No. 160210

File: 1626034634416.png (1.47 MB, 1186x656, groominglite.png)

Three anons sperging about someone who doesn't get how screenshots work, can we move on?

I remembered this youtube video and it is still up under a different channel (deleted on nicoles) in which she recites cringy ass pokemon pick up lines. the interesting part is that majority of them are directed to seducing minors or creepily sexualized in other ways.

In one she asks finger pistoling: "Hey girl, what level are you?" With her in the other frame and a high pitched voice going "Thirteen?" and then her replying "Oh, well, you know, I got a couple of rare candies in my bag here - we can change that in a couple of seconds."

Good lord, no wonder she endorses those pedos in her life, she is no better.

No. 160215

File: 1626035224585.png (879.73 KB, 868x551, gotshitdone.png)

kek ew this video is fucking disgusting. what an inspiration for her younger siblings.

She got stuff done, check these lips and nose.

No. 160236

Shitty jokes don't mean you endorse it. That's a massive reach.

No. 160238

I didnt say she endorsed pedophelia, she endorses the pedophilic people in her life.

deciding to plan, film and publish such a video for her kind of audience and wholesome image is still a dumb af move. she shittalked people for far less.

No. 160289

File: 1626057773040.jpeg (125.17 KB, 828x536, BB550A67-6D9F-4B27-9DA9-E85672…)

Still weird she makes pedo jokes/is accepting of making pedo jokes in her 20s. We already know she doesn’t care since she’s literally friends with a pedophile and moving in with him.

No. 160292

Exactly how many years ago is 184 weeks? I wouldn't say that's recent like how most people have really put a stop to it in the past 5 years. Didn't know the PC police were on this thread, damn. The twitter hags are here.

No. 160293

File: 1626058810969.jpeg (277.8 KB, 1201x1800, B46EC288-F71E-42CA-9405-7A1DF3…)

She’s been posting videos showing her side profile lately but they look nothing like they do on stream, bottom right is what she posts… is there some kind of filter that helps warp your side profile?

No. 160294

Uh huh, she totally isn’t accepting of pedophiles by living with one who dated a 15 year old at age 19. She totally doesn’t kiss his ass and say he’s the best person who ever lived, either

No. 160297

No one said any of that. Holy shit, anon. Are you okay? Dark humor exists and it's shitty humor, but go off I guess.

No. 160298

>The twitter hags are here
>”Go off I guess”
Spoken like a true twitfag

No. 160315

Those are both completely different features. I can't believe I never realised until now.

No. 160317

File: 1626064569247.jpeg (382.7 KB, 1800x1800, 7112DE00-09F4-4BA7-A574-C65551…)

Kek I love how Nicole has a permanent matching band tattoo with Heather, the girl from >>157393 may it serve as a permanent reminder of her constant need to dump friends and put them on full blast on social media

No. 160318


At least it's not a name or something and the design isn't specific to matter.

No. 160319

It’s still something they got done together, surely looking at it is a permanent stain of her memory with Heather.

No. 160321

I don't think a cartoon sword in a strawberry is going to leave a mortal and utterly traumatizing reminder of ye ol' Heather. It's just a tattoo.

No. 160322

I like how you camp the thread for saged posts and reply 2 minutes after I post it just to defend matching tattoos with the friend she dumps. Yikes, nonna.

No. 160327

I think it's because of the pixels. I'm stunned how she got it all, nose filler, chin filler, lip filler. I think her friend just wanted to copy that.

No. 160332

I wonder how Cassie even had the money for $2k fillers, she mentioned being a factory worker before she moved in with Nicole and I doubt that pays well

No. 160351

She also mentioned in the stream that she is "a broke ass bitch" and has no money at all. besides 2k for fillers that is.

Still irritated by these, how is that possible? Rhinoplasty, or hyaluronic nose fillers or filter?

No. 160353

File: 1626080419011.jpeg (268.42 KB, 1800x1800, A8258F73-E89D-49B2-9B01-366427…)

I doubt she got something permanent like rhinoplasty since she can’t go two days without taking hundreds of selfies, let alone the months required for a nose to heal. Nose fillers are the only explanation for the constant shape change and flip flopping

No. 160364

Is Mattg also a groomer? Sorry for my newfaggatory I haven't been keeping up with these dated emos

No. 160365

He was dating Leda when she was 17 and he was in his 20s so I would say so. They dated for a year from 2012 to 2013, and of course Nicole follows him still despite getting IG years after their breakup. Creepy if you ask me.

No. 160367

He was 22/23 when she was still 17, so yes, groomer alert again.

No. 160368

It’s kind of disturbing that Leda dated many adult men when she was a teenager, and now as an adult Nicole has either dated or befriended all of these groomers.

No. 160369

File: 1626089431545.jpg (835.73 KB, 3866x661, IMG_20210712_132907.jpg)

From Leda's wiki, just a gentle reminder about the behavior of the
>best person I ever met in my life

Nate was a pos back then already.

No. 160370

If their friendship ends Nicole is going to put him on full blast and call him a groomer, 100%.
I wonder what the situation of their household will be if/when there’s a breakup? Since Nicole is close with Nate but also suddenly bestfriends with Cassie now, I’m curious what the living arrangements will turn into.

No. 160380

File: 1626097091524.jpeg (525.36 KB, 828x1607, EDD5F9AA-B5E9-4CA9-9FC3-E13B38…)

I think Nicole, Cassie and Connor are all mentally challenged, they made Siri fart again and they’re all gasping to breath over the same repetitive jokes being made. It wasn’t funny the 20 minutes it was going in stream, either.

No. 160390

>taking a photo of the screen instead of a screenshot
She's wasn't exactly mentally stable, so tbh being with her was probably a chore for most of the guys who left dramatically too so she can play victim constantly.

No. 160392

Anon, are you really blaming a child? Leda was a child when that happened

No. 160396

nothing could ever justify such an immature dickmove, besides if she would have been highly abusive and dangerous and that was his only way of getting away safely - which we all know wasnt that way. He was a cowardly arse. Didn't seem to change much, as he seems to not wanna face the new group for his living situation as well.

No. 160398

I'm talking about most of her relationships.

No. 160399

File: 1626105279011.jpg (92.65 KB, 1062x2048, E4MXKSHVEAIGicl.jpg)

(Testresults from Nicole)
I guess being a crippling narcissistic cringefest is his perfect type then.

No. 160400

Where'd she post it?

No. 160402

This is from her twitter, it's still up.

No. 160404

Link the post or screenshot she posted it. Posts like this need to have her revolving around it, so people stop asking for proof or times.

No. 160407

>man dates internet celebrity minor for years
galaxy brained anon:
>tbh being with her was probably a chore for most of the guys

Yeah people always date minors for years as a "chore," get a clue.

No. 160413

File: 1626106650164.png (177.66 KB, 539x527, tweet.png)

She did it with her friend, likely to proof she is even more emotionally unstable, as some sort of edgelord achievement.

No. 160417

It says relationships, not just mentioning her underage one. She does have a streak of having bad luck with guys and I highly doubt its all on them and she's pure uwu innocent in them because she was groomed once.

No. 160418

File: 1626107015292.png (237.67 KB, 919x918, sour aged milk.png)

Speaking off, she aged like milk. She looks like she does meth now or something. Taking all these cows off of filters and social media really shows how caked on and ugly they are without the tuning.

No. 160419

The state of you, anon

No. 160420

File: 1626107183355.png (10.31 KB, 826x145, calm down leda.png)

Kind of a cunt too lol

No. 160422

File: 1626107355061.jpg (357.09 KB, 1440x1440, 346843.jpg)

The last thing she posted online is this, I doubt that is even a recent picture on that random celebrity profile you're using as evidence, Leda hasn't had that kind of hair for a long time.

No. 160425

Someone get her some chapstick, jesus.

No. 160449

You’re right. That picture was when she was a teenager and with Nate. I remember she had a video where he had colored her hair, and that was the result.

No. 160453

No you aren’t, you’re talking about her 2011 relationship where she was a fucking 15 year old child, nonna you’re batshit crazy. She was a kid in like 90% of the relationships she broadcasts.

No. 160454

Probably the same anon from the previous thread who justified 19 and 15 year olds dating lol

No. 160472

File: 1626117254267.jpeg (245.63 KB, 1800x1800, DA1D36B9-BACD-436D-B565-950D6D…)

It’s funny how Leda and Nicole both uploaded SNOW filter videos of them removing their makeup as “proof” of how they look like without any, Leda as proof to show how she didn’t have acne anymore and Nicole to show everyone how little skincare products she uses to achieve perfection. They’re both self-absorbed ethots that abuse filters and try to pass it off as their natural face imo

No. 160474

File: 1626117368116.gif (902.41 KB, 337x360, 71729F5A-7CC0-4AE3-ADCA-D72530…)

Turned it into a gif so you can see the exact moment Leda’s filter comes back on, kek

No. 160478

Are you new to Leda? She has her own thread and you can read up on her but its weird to keep it up here. Even if she is using filters her face is far better than it was before then.

No. 160479

File: 1626118367101.gif (477.28 KB, 234x360, A758C459-E748-4190-A52A-77E774…)

Nicole’s “no makeup” makeup filter too as a gif

No. 160480

Seriously. Who fucking cares about leda anymore? Anons only keep bringing her up to dunk on nicole. Leda is sour milk. Massive Leda stands in here.

No. 160481

This isn't milk.

No. 160492

Those thin lips tho, looking like Bulbasaur.
>who even cares about Leda anymore
Well, Nicole, after skinwalking her for years and attempting to befriend and date every one of her exes, which is still happening at this very moment, it's kind of relevant.

No. 160493

She's not relevant anymore though. We get it. She skinwalked. Its in the past 2 threads, so keep it there. All this old milk is useless when Leda isn't even active and most of this was 3+ years ago. It's already archived so move on about Leda or do you really not have anything else to talk about when milk goes dry?

No. 160494

Wiping makeup and complaining about filters as if these two are the only girls to SNOW filter this, is retarded.

No. 160496

This. While it’s not exactly off subject to bring her up in certain contexts, this seems more like derailing when she was brought up at length in the last threads.

No. 160497

Nicole genuinely believes she looks like her shoops and that she has freckles, when she has none >>160095

No. 160499

File: 1626123335863.jpeg (430.5 KB, 828x1036, B45ADB2E-03D1-41A2-B59C-3693E0…)

In 2016 she used to have meltdowns/rants about looks not mattering and how hard she works. She also talks about how you’re left with nothing if your looks are dried up and you don’t have anything else, which is truly a nice summary of the mini pornstar she’s become now(stop posting old milk)

No. 160501

>I rather work to support my boyfriend and I
But have no problem cheating on him first chance I get

>pay my bills with no outside help

Besides venmo, paypal, ko-fi and patreon coin from strangers on the internet back then

>I take modesty in knowing I turned down modelling opportunities

Yet decide to brag about it publicly for my image

>I have a career in the medical field

I am a low skill pharmacy assistant without licence that shows up a couple of hours because my mommy put me there


I am a high schooler that hands out presorted medications

>but what are you left with when that dries up?

Badly filtered only fans porn and masturbation that will remain public, a chain of utterly ruined relationships, dumb as toast friends that secretly hate your guts, a complaining scrote army and a forever humiliated family.

Nice holier than thou summary there Nicole, we know how to read between your delusional lines nowadays.

No. 160503

File: 1626125449358.png (618.78 KB, 1080x615, IMG_20210712_232759.png)

Shouldn't be a surprise by a thot that preaches bodypositivy and condemns vain beauty since the dawn of time, yet takes more selfies than god narcissus and shoops/filters herself to look like a 12 year old at age 26.

Maybe that's how she wants to attract her groomer audience.

Makes sense to get expensive af face fillers/tons of make up just to hide them with blurr filters.

No. 160505

File: 1626126217430.jpeg (179.91 KB, 828x721, DFEF4BD3-BD48-44D3-BD61-EDC3B7…)

Again with Nicole’s age insecurities, she thinks she needs to wear mature makeup to look like a 19 year old character. No Nicole, that’s 7 years younger than you.

No. 160513

File: 1626128181786.jpeg (236.71 KB, 1201x1800, EF37B3E3-F9D2-4972-B97B-949823…)

Nicole can’t decide whether she wants to have freckles or not

No. 160520

I promise you, that if you would go through her socialmedia in search of contradictions like these whatever fits her narrative at that time, you would be able to compile thousands of these.

No. 160527

File: 1626129793648.jpg (581.05 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_13_00_40_54.jpg)

Why do I get the feeling she went to Cassie's filler place as well and got shit done? I don't know any filter that can morph a nose that elaborately through every movement in video. and she looks heavily altered. lips, jawline, nose at least. maybe even eyebrow lift.

this is from her twitter, and judging by her weird movements here, it almost seems as she wants to show her profile off on purpose.

No. 160532

I just assumed Nicole initially found the place and told Cassie about it. Already seemed evident Nicole had fillers before she got it done. Starting to wonder how much Nicole will end up doing filler wise, etc kek.

No. 160541

Do anons not know how to post recent milk? Why are all the threads, new posts, are all so many years ago? No wonder these full up. Anons can't help bumping the thread and posting useless old milk just for the hell of it and it's retarded stuff like "uwu she said looks used to not matter". How is this milky or drama at all or ever was? The anon with all these photos of Nicole saved is insane when its just garbage posting. Honestly, I wouldn't put it past Brandon to be hoarding every photo of nicole possible and still shitposting about her since tumblr because he's still big mad about her not wanting him.

No. 160542

Calm down nonny. Not that deep.

No. 160545

They aren't wrong. All the threads have just been years old posts for 3/4 of them or anons infighting. Especially the Leda stuff. She's been gone from online for years. Anons beating a dead horse to keep bringing her up.

No. 160546

Not sure why you’re downplaying her current shit. I get it, but this thread in particular has provided a lot of new milk.

No. 160547

If you're going to talk about current things, which no one has said anything about discrediting, it's anons saying that old posts need to stop being posted. No one cares if she skinwalked once upon a time, link people to the old threads. There's no point to saying anons should care about recent milk, but every thread has just been nonstop LEDA LEDA LEDA SKINWALK LOL FILTER Okay? Multiple anons have called this out now and other anons apparently think its all one person which is hilarious. If you want an active thread with recent milk, don't get mad when people see the thread in the second row, click it, and wonder why the whole thread only has constant multiple year old posts which aren't relevant at all aside from anons desperately wanting to play nitpicking games and say the same repeated "SHES SKINWALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Come on. Use your brain. This thread is shit. Anons have been right. No one cares about recent milk if all anons do is bury it in half decade old posts.

No. 160548

You sound offended. It’s okay anon, there’s plenty of other shit threads here. By all means go to those too and raise this point.

No. 160549


Just going to samefag really quick, but I don't think anons realize how hard it is to find new milk in these threads because of how cluttered they are with this Leda obsession and the constant old posts. This is why you have anons confused about timelines and then other anons screaming at them for some reason about why they can't figure it out. Now I see why anons have been asking for post locations and times/dates on every post.

No. 160553

>retarded anons demand proof for every claim brought up ITT
>anons post proof
>retarded anons: why are you posting old milk?

Rinse and repeat

No. 160554

You know anons are talking about the off-handed comparisons for no reason except to just bring them up like >>160472 or like the anons who keep insisting her boobs are saggy. Just stick to recent stuff and anons will probably stop complaining. The thread seems interesting, but it's a pain to go through.

No. 160560

Wouldn't she have bandages if she had a lift? that's an incision and takes about 2 weeks to recover.

No. 160563

lol this is how all my videos after i got a rhinoplasty look. to the exact eye movements checking after showing the side profile. i recognize it easily. definitely got something done. otherwise a pointless vid.

No. 160567

All this sperging is cluttering the thread further. How ironic.

No. 160622

Nonny, it’s not that hard to hide saged posts. If you hate any and all discussion of Nicole that isn’t exactly one day recent then you can just hide that shit instead of derailing even more. This isn’t meta.

No. 160632

Any crybaby who wants that to stop, instead of holding a complaining spergefest:

1. Accept that the discussion of new information and people around Nicole can be relevant to her milk, even if the date is not that new.

2. Quit giving into derailing of obvious whiteknights or lurkers that keep demanding evidence of things that have been proven a million times, just to shittalk the thread then about being old milk. Report and ignore them.

This is not meta, let's get back to Nickleback Davis.

No. 160633

Well, she said she has been pretty inactive on her instagram and only fans, so much that people started complaining. maybe enough time off to heal surgery or filler crap.

>even if the date is not that new.
Exactly, the information matters if it is new to the thread not necessarily new on the date. Fresh milk is always nice, but that doesn't mean newly surfacing shit from the past doesn't make her milky af as well. vintage milk is milk too.

No. 160636

File: 1626169106453.jpeg (331.07 KB, 828x1195, DE93A28F-29C3-4E95-9FE0-519499…)

Weird that Heather is still being respectful to Nicole even with her name after she put her on full blast and accused Heather of sending herself hate. I haven’t seen a single ex friend of Nicole that she dumped and shittalked publicly ever really do the same back

No. 160639

File: 1626170053766.jpeg (252.84 KB, 639x1799, 7AC8C3BA-E7B9-40C6-AC3E-A3BA47…)

If you’re wondering she does post about OF on her private FB where she has her little sibling added and family members

No. 160641

I have no idea why on earth she would still defend Nicole like that, after she trashed her on twitter and made her look like a pitiful psychopath. A whole new level of selfhate.

Tbh, she sounds brainwashed, but that wouldn't be the first time Nicole grooms people into submission, because she is superb at manipulation and gaslighting. No matter how abusive she is, her victims keep on kissing her ass or simp. Dennis, Destery and Doon were no different, hello traumabond.

PS: I think it's platinum vip shitshow material, that heather actually expects people in to call nicole eevee, and even corrects them for her. Just how much does Nicole press that onto them?

No. 160643

She’s most likely trying to get on Nicole’s good side and win her back, imagine how much money that girl got just by collabing on OF with her

No. 160644

File: 1626173988393.jpeg (540.6 KB, 828x1377, CE0DABF9-C42D-4919-A014-639CEB…)

Nicole picking on her boyfriend’s balding insecurities but if the same was done to her she would have a meltdown .png

No. 160661

If she isn't saying anything back, Heather might actually have been the toxic one bts.

No. 160671

According to Heather they just fell apart but Nicole pinned the blame on her, two separate stories so we can’t ever know.
Nicole has forgiven people for really shitty things (Destery cheating on her multiple times) so idk, maybe she just has a higher tolerance for faggy emo dicks than she does for female friends.

No. 160672

We've seen photos of her daily. Not an eyebrow lift. Maybe fillers.

No. 160680

Can we prove they're all recent? Not really disagreeing just curious if it's possible.

No. 160683

That's why anons have been saying for 2 threads to post things with days and where they are from and with the live stream and the bandages and heal time for a lift, she couldn't hide that with makeup and hair.

No. 160692

>Where you use Nicole
>Not profit off each other

All of this is so…like how does anyone say this shit is empowering when the interactions you have with scrotes are so lowly and degrading

No. 160693

Her hands always give you an idea how many layers of filters, edits, makeup and wigs she hides under, basically looking at a VR version of herself with no resemblance to reality. This is why ethots love to look at themselves through filters and apps all day, it's their "improved" self and for someone narcissistic it's addictive. But the hands show what we're really working with.

No. 160711

You mean the public profile that she uses to promote her stuff and post every day things? She has over 3k friends and allows follows. It's her version of cosplayers have a seperate account for this stuff, but she just uses this one for everything. Probably to also prevent fake identities. She doesn't know all of them. I would hardly call it a private profile.

No. 160712

File: 1626203788955.jpeg (168.75 KB, 828x368, 2444AFD5-EF83-40B0-95BB-6C612A…)

Uh huh. She has a separate Facebook with nearly 2 million followers for that. She herself calls it a personal FB lol

No. 160719

Those two parts are from the one you can add her as a friend on and follow and has the 3k friends. It's made public on purpose.

No. 160723

I didn’t suggest you can’t add her or that her profile isn’t on display for randos. My point is she considers it a personal FB and it’s weird she would post sexy cosplays with her 14 year old brother added. Maybe it’s just me but if you’re going to act like a hoe online you should do it away from family members, especially the child ones.

No. 160746

All he would have to do is Google her anyway since it's her same name she uses for this stuff still even though she wants to not be called Nicole. I don't think that matters, anon. It's like MySpace for these people, you just add whoever requests because it makes you look popular, family or not. I guess it's weird, but it's also a really retarded thing to harp about.

No. 160815

>All he would have to do is Google her anyway
It’s a lot different going out if your way to Google a family member compared to having their sexual photos appear in your feed. How fucking old are you to be using MySpace as an example?

No. 160820

myspace anon is probably referring to the competetive friend collecting that used to go on on myspace, even though you didn't know most of them. was quite different to having a personal locked down fb.
I feel like she's very stuck in that era too, like lori lewd is stuck in the livejournal days.

No. 160822

File: 1626254258948.jpeg (207.47 KB, 828x641, 50788691-3FD8-4430-9389-0B08A7…)

Nicole having her child siblings added on an account where she posts sexual content is really retarded, especially when she pretends to be over protective of them and make callout posts of Destery playing gambling games with them. She also doesn’t mind showing their names despite saying a stalker is after her family to harass them.

No. 160843

That's exactly what I mean. I dont get why >>160815 brings up age when FB people do the same thing. Damn.

No. 160844

Oh good, more reposts because anons can't leave stuff in other threads and didn't have any other milk to post but complain about this again.

No. 160847

How is that a repost from a previous thread? It’s pointing out that she posts this stuff for family members to see, it hasn’t been discussed before

No. 160851

File: 1626273426190.jpeg (201.59 KB, 828x615, 1DA00032-10FE-4DF0-B70D-F7BB44…)

>”I’m so happy to see how pleased everyone was with the videos!”
Meanwhile comments on all her social media telling others not to buy it and that they wouldn’t recommend it based on the shitty quality
>”It was so much fun”
It didn’t sound so fun when she was begging her followers in desperation to buy content as an emergency for her car, and not only that but no single update on the whole car situation and if that’s actually what she’s going to spend money on, despite making her followers worried. Any bets on what she’s actually going to spend the money on?

No. 160867

Anons have said it before and the photos have been posted before. Putting them together just because you have nothing to post about, doesn't new milk make. I don't understand why anons can't just stick to recent posts.

No. 160869

More fillers and the new house I guess. It's surely an expensive maintenance to keep looking 20 while really looking 40.

>actually for the car?

We have all been speculating that the car situation is just a tool to justify finally doing uncensored porn. She has been clearly waiting for an opportunity to ditch the "just lewds hihi" act and go full thottin'. And it's enough to explain raising her prices yet again.

It's so funny how desperately she tried for so long to force this "i am still so innocent image" arguing with followers that she will only do suggestive cosplay, just to jump full force into lewd, then nude, then porn, all in a matter of weeks, while denying ever doing the next step every step of the way. As if she actually believes someone bought that she didn't plan that right from the start. That rotten succubus style ain't no coincidence.

Can't believe I joked with my friends in 2018 that Nicole would end up a badly aged, surgery botched, junkie, porn b-actress somewhere in a ditch with car accident nr.349 and now we become closer every month lmao.

No. 160871

That's fucked up, anon. Get help.

No. 160874

Yes, we know. She used to say >>160499 and how she'd never do any of this.

No. 160875

This isn’t nitpicking anon, you’re just clogging up the thread with multiple posts trying to look for things to complain about. If anything you are the nitpicker

No. 160876

This isn’t nitpicking anon, you’re just clogging up the thread with multiple posts trying to look for things to complain about. If anything you are the nitpicker. Anons are going to talk about a cow in her own thread regardless of how lukewarm milky you think it is, and there’s nothing you can do about it besides waste your time complaining every day.

No. 160877

Ignore my retarded double post in these. Password isn’t working and I can’t remove the first one. The anon I’m responding to deleted their post

No. 160882

Mods said to stop posting old content to try and shoehorn into new content by adding new commentary or adding a different topic into it. Leave already posted posts off the thread? How hard is that? Anons have been saying that for months. It's not new milk just because you want to add your spweshul commentary.

No. 160885

>Stop posting old content
You mean an OF post she made 18 hours ago? Anon, stop crying about literally any mention of Nicole. I made that post because she said everyone is loving her nude videos when all I’ve seen are complaints and subscribers telling others not to buy it.

No. 160886

File: 1626281071628.jpeg (284.15 KB, 828x1112, 0BF2C67B-EFBA-41D9-84A1-CF2582…)

>Raising her prices yet again
She’s always had really retarded prices for things she sells, the shop with her photographer literally sells redbubble shirts that are $50.

No. 160887

Hey, retard, its this post anons are talking about >>160639

No. 160888

Someone doesn't like accountability and their hypocrisy and embarrassing posts coming back to get them. Very undesirable for someone who changes personality and friend group every few months.

No. 160889

Anon was complaining directly about the 18 hour old post and then deleted their reply, but I don’t doubt they’re complaining about that too. How about just report and move on instead of gatekeeping all discussion regarding Nicole and derailing?

No. 160890

Oh no, not a mean comment about a cow in checks notes a cow's internet gossip board thread

No. 160893

You must be a newfag if you aren’t used to reading posts like this about a cow. Hey retard, gatekeeping discussion about the cow day after day isn’t helping the thread experience. You actually have an adverse effect on what you’re trying to do. This is a gossip site to make fun of cows, not a place to lick Nicole’s ass.

No. 160897

I like how every single time I come check this thread after a few days there always has to be a few posts complaining about x, y, z. I’m at the point now where I can’t help but imagine Nicole and whichever flavor of the day friend she has camping out here ready to strike. It might be annoying, but at least there’s some entertaining tinfoil to be had kek.

No. 160901

File: 1626284773276.jpg (906.84 KB, 1287x2061, pt2021_07_14_19_41_49_mh162628…)


Not again, plz stahp. Back to Nicole.

That shirt thing was already a great example of how little work Nicole puts into her "merch" but earns majority off of it. Photographer simp was the one who actually took the photo, did all the editing and the company prints and ships them for her. Nicole posed once and otherwise did nothing.

Now again, she had a friend craft an artwork of Nicole and asks the comments for "input" what the texts should be. She doesn't think of anything herself regarding the creation of that (again shite) merch, but neither her artist friend, nor the commentors ever gonna see some coin from it. Nicole will.
Leech lvl 1000.

No. 160903

>I got some demos to give out to friends
Imagine one of your friends handing you stickers of themselves to put everywhere lmao who the fuck wants that narcissistic garbage?

No. 160912

Nicole is uncreative and untalented, of course she would struggle to come up with anything for her card. IIRC the only handmade cosplay she ever wore was made by her friend Doon, and not her (the Daenerys one).

No. 160932

And I think that yugioh mage girl, but it was utter dogdiarrhea and she just posted about how it would fall apart all the time.

Remember when she claimed she made that 3D vulpix model, but people put her on blast, because she stole that from an easily googable artist without credit? good ol' times.

No. 160935

That's kind of how it goes with commission art. You can have a say in it or pay for a whole idea/concept from the artist.

No. 160939

Read the whole thing, anon. She’s making a trainer card and she can’t even think of text for it and card effect, so she’s asking her followers for ideas. The only thing she has so far is the art someone else came up with.

No. 160940

File: 1626300196295.png (231.08 KB, 553x1179, patreonshitfest.png)

I really wonder how she still can pull this off, blatanly lying about what she claims she does in life vs. what is actually doing, or rather, NOT doing. How does she still have 17 patreons and people buying her OF despite knowing how sweaty gorillaballs it is? is there some autopilot-scrote-mode that stays subbed despite her never delivering?

If there are so many people claiming they never got their rewards for months now, and Nicole not planning on ever updating (last in january) why is that page still up? Her moral high horse looks like calculative milking pretty fast here.

Decided to waste my time on a patreon call out post:

>I have my own room

Claims in the stream it’s her entire house multiple times, when bragging for her friends, it’s suddenly only a room again when she needs money.

>can commit more time to cosplay and online passions

Last serious cosplay: 10 February 2020
Last stream: 5. August 2019
Last gaming upload: 17 May 2018
Last Youtube Video: 11. November 2016
Bitch, in your dreams.

>So many people suggested I allow my audience to help funding

Me and Doon.

>I crave my art

That I solemnly express through other artists, as I ain’t capable of jack shit myself.

>Giving a little appreciation back to my community.

And by little I mean actually nothing and by community I mean simp army. Rewards? Subscriptions? Keeping Promises? Begone expectations, it is I, the next excuse.

>Only a few years ago I was too shy to show myself fully

Besides the thousands of selfies and lewds I started posting since I was 16 all over the internet, tumblr, myspace, facebook, instagram, my own website and now do full on nude masturbation porn.

>humbly allowing others to help me

As one does by aggressively pushing their venmo, ko-fi, paypal, only fans and patreon in sheer humility and grace.

>without damaging my pride or feeling like a sellout

Like it would happen when I blast out low quality 240p only fans videos that last 15 seconds and charge 150$ for you seeing me lift one leg, guess my identity under 10 layers of make up and filter, and sometimes just decide to upload nothing despite you paying.

>Future cosplays, travel expenses to outer state conventions, availability to stream and create content, quality shots

Are fucking listed as future projects. You shoving coin up her bank to stuff her face in hotel bars and fly out to nerd summons is being a project now.

>trying to do it all myself

How you do, living with your parents until fucking 40 not paying for shit and then showing up a couple of hours for illegal pharmacy work, before milking your fans for money instead.

>even the smallest contribution individually noticed, recognized and appreciated

like the artists I don’t credit, the of videos I don’t sent, the patreon rewards I don’t grant, the criticism I deny, the comments of disappointment I block and the inquiries about personal letters I promised I ignore.

>in my currently difficult situation

in my always difficult situation

Delusional hypocricy, thy name is Nicole.

No. 160941

File: 1626300287206.png (234.87 KB, 421x522, desteryforeveriguess.png)

And to top it all off, a nice still very much active support for Destery, she failed to remove. Just like her microphone did.

No. 160942

She’s very sneaky with her Patreon, she’s keeping it up in the hopes that paypigs are on auto-subscribe and despite her state lifting the mask mandate and for the most part returning to normal, she still has no plan of ever fulfilling rewards whatsoever. She’s totally okay with shipping orders though as long as a company does it for her and it’s tshirts that cost $50 >>160886 but as soon as she has to manually do it herself suddenly the pandemic is a perfect excuse for the lazy cow she is.

No. 160943

What an autismic post.

>As one does by aggressively pushing their venmo, ko-fi, paypal, only fans and patreon in sheer humility and grace

That's marketing. That's absolutely what she has to do for her content though. What do you want content creators to do?

No. 160944

Nta but what about that is autistic? You’re just picking one thing you disagree with as if she isn’t scamming everyone subscribed to her Patreon and not fulfilling orders

No. 160946

Hm, I don't know, create actual content?
Like the many ones she promised and never did nor planned on really doing.

Marketing is gaining attention to sell something in a good light and then delivering.

Pushing all payment methods possible, while claiming to do everything by yourself and describe yourself as humble, indepedant and hating to ask for anything, all while you can't be arsed to even deliver proper quality to the people who already paid is pathetic deceit

No. 160947

File: 1626301559118.jpeg (258.72 KB, 828x891, D0BC0296-5830-40B6-B944-7389FF…)

She thinks her Patreon is a place for her fans to fund/donate rather than actually give out rewards. She absolutely fails to deliver rewards and refers to Patreon as being for “funding content” rather than providing content.

No. 160948

Nah, ye comment is autistic. Pushing all those money accounts has nothing to do with marketing, there is no exchange or product in the first place, as half doesn't even ever get created by nicole. Scamming is what it is.

No. 160949

File: 1626301848788.jpeg (310.88 KB, 1800x1461, D5DCA568-0796-409E-A849-97A044…)

Not to mention she thinks “a little while longer” is a year and four months

No. 160952

i wonder how nicoles work ethic has proven to be a constant, disrespectful let down, yet her follower's learn curve looks like a ruler.

Don't even know what this would look like. I remember her promising to create shirts against bullying and announcing all these things that never happened afterwards. When I used to follow her years ago, I already then wondered how it would be if she actually would be a streamer, Youtuber, big cosplayer, somebody who was creative and actually contributed something for once. she never did.
But her closet, shoerack, make up bag, wallet and now i guess face, are surely filled generously.

No. 160953

>funding content
Seems to be used for anything but content.

Giving herself time to think of an apologetic excuse? Has she even done this yet? Assuming not.

No. 160954

Look at all archives/socials of her - Nicole has NEVER once been the big contributor, she is a self-promoter. It's not like it was ever different at a point in the past and something changed, no, her ever announced "start of x, soon doing/becoming x" has been idling in vain since she is 16/17.

The crucial difference between creator and narcissist, it is only ever executed (with minimal effort) what comes down to promoting her as an image/persona.

No. 160955

File: 1626303395777.jpeg (119.34 KB, 1022x828, 9F5188BB-507A-4C5E-B059-8964F0…)

Is this a new piercing? I haven’t seen it before. What stupid priorities if so

No. 160956

File: 1626303442974.jpeg (816.82 KB, 828x1566, 6F71F03C-6269-4787-9735-718DE8…)

Oh look they’re in a working car

No. 160957

File: 1626304322140.jpg (739.16 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_15_01_04_41_mh162630…)

Filter fucking up her pupils badly.

Well, Cassie has a nose piercing (septum) as well so Nicole gotta up her game to feel unique and speshewl again. That vertical labret is new. Saving up for a car tho, folks!

>Those lips were affordable as well

No. 160962

File: 1626306106487.jpeg (258.57 KB, 1800x1800, E89135F0-AE2F-4566-A358-EE86A6…)

Her nose is getting more and more sloped every few months, too. The filter she was using for the Snapchat video she took an hour ago doesn’t alter the shape of your nose, either. I checked it, so her nose shape must really have changed. Interesting.

No. 160963

The right is slighy more turned with her chin up. It would look the same if it were the same angle. The small tweak in angle does make a difference in this instance.

No. 160965

It really wouldn’t, that’s a completely different shape

No. 160967

File: 1626307710769.jpeg (245.12 KB, 1800x1800, C35B7B3E-EF1C-4D4D-A7D8-567D29…)

I screenshotted from a more similar angle, happy?

No. 160968

That is an entirely different nose, as already suspected from that twitter video. She had work done and I think we dont get much more proof than this for now. The bridge, point, width, her nose looks completely different than what it used to and now stays that way in every video/pic.

No. 160969

Lip fillers, nose fillers, fox eye lift procedure.

No. 160972

I wonder if she’s getting these temporary fillers because she wants to decide if she wants permanent plastic surgery or not

No. 160997

Yeah, looking at this comparison especially with the piercing it’s abundantly clear she got fillers. Not to mention the nose comparison shots.

>muh angles
Why do you care so much about the precise angle of the shot? Keep on nitpicking, but anons will keep providing the evidence you ask for just as they did here. By the way, you stick out like a sore thumb, might want to turn it down a notch.

No. 161024

File: 1626338073427.jpeg (246.23 KB, 515x698, CEF568C0-5352-4226-BB1A-3EBD0B…)

Yeah sorry to that anon but there’s no way this nose didn’t have work done on it. Here’s a candid from 2013. It would also explain why she’s been taking more and more videos showing her side profile

No. 161025

File: 1626339798060.jpeg (441.63 KB, 1800x1800, 69502304-11FC-4F49-81DF-C750D3…)

Nicole “love yourself, I don’t believe in relationship leagues, my boyfriend is perf” used to photoshop Dennis and make him much skinnier, as well as edit the fuck out of her boob size. The candid was what Nicole’s mom posted.

No. 161026

KEK. I shouldn’t be surprised. Pretty fucking sad when you feel the need to edit not just yourself, but your boyfriend too. I’m sure Dennis has his own fair share of shit, but I still feel bad for him in that he had to seemingly push to get answers over the whole Destery situation.

No. 161029

File: 1626345370410.jpeg (468.24 KB, 1800x1679, 60A0F5E0-DD73-4CF1-A994-BEFDB3…)

Sage for autism but upon checking for candids I couldn’t help but notice Nicole looks identical to her mom: same teeth, lips, face shape, eyes, eyebrows. Her mom must be so flattered she got fillers to get rid of looking like her!

No. 161030

File: 1626345391820.jpeg (368.48 KB, 828x629, A1C97686-C8FA-49D2-A4BD-DFF1FE…)

Her face now

No. 161036

Nicole looks severely deformed, like those filters she used for years. Don't wanna know how that pans out in real life view, yikes.

It's also kinda ironic that she is deathly afraid of getting old, yet should be aware that by altering her face through procedures, this will bite her in the ass in the longrun and adds 10 years easily in bloating and strechted skin.

No. 161037

It becomes more and more difficult to even recognize her. Wonder if she'll go on an instagram mass delete spree to get rid of all her old features evidence.

No. 161039

File: 1626347133178.jpg (812.01 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_15_13_01_37_mr162634…)

This is from a story uploaded by the place where Nicole works. You can see in the video that she is again back at gaining a lot of weight (like she did in the past, contrary to he anachan make believe). Maybe that triggered her insecurities enough to contribute getting the fillers done.

No. 161040

New friend group, new face, new house, new life. She has been cycling through these the past few years in the same tiny town. Eventually she will have to move the next time she wants to start over fresh.

No. 161042

File: 1626348156823.jpeg (606.77 KB, 673x1557, 6BD175CB-16BE-41C3-9A4E-15CC35…)

She definitely gained a lot of weight, even looking at >>158978
Here is a candid posted of her exactly a year ago, when she was skinny

No. 161056

File: 1626354212572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.24 KB, 500x925, 9518140E-7053-4CA3-974C-0971AC…)

Her weight gain never shows in her OF nudes, she always looks bloated IRL but looks like extremely petite in her paid content

No. 161061

if this was a Screenshot in movement ok, but otherwise the outline of the water looks morphed as fuck. It shouldn't be a surprise that her shooped of content makes her look tiny, it sells better.

No. 161062

File: 1626356549642.jpg (654.82 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_15_15_40_29.jpg)

Maybe that explains all her strategic posing lately. all the recent tiktoks/pics cut off before her waist, show her covered half in big bed sheets, put her extentions in front of her arms or otherwise in unnatural poses.

I mean, there are quite some pounds difference in these kek.

No. 161063

notice how she stretches her body out in her of content, she bends like crazy to seem as thin as possible in those.

No. 161069

File: 1626357412877.jpeg (202.4 KB, 1800x1800, FD66AE49-DE5A-4F19-9CA9-FA6514…)

Her waist is definitely not that narrow in videos lol

No. 161076

She's wearing all black. You talk like she's obese. She's gained like 15lbs when she was like 130 here.

No. 161078

Those are basic shots thots do. Enlongating your body is amuch, also lookslike she's sucking in/holding in her core, because that's another thing you do for posing. Prom girls do that for photos. Really nitpicking weight now.

No. 161079

She wouldn’t make it as a model because you have to actually look thin in your candids and not blast your face with filters. Also, learn not to samefag

No. 161080

File: 1626359794338.jpeg (261 KB, 828x645, FB4B7FA9-9608-4905-92F1-67B221…)

Kek you deleted your post. Keep coping and finding excuses for your ana chan queen while making separate posts. She’s still a fucked up person for photoshopping Dennis skinnier as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 161081

Her profile looks better without her prevous triangle muppet nose and the upper lip filler. Everything was downcast like a witch.

No. 161082


Yes anon. Just like your double post for >>160962 but anons move on and don't sperg about it because it's different commentary.

No. 161083

You mean the second post where I had to pick a different angle because proof chan was requesting one?

No. 161086

File: 1626360592934.jpeg (243.36 KB, 1800x1800, 61051445-AAF3-48E3-84B9-C30F2D…)

She has an ageing fear but her desperation to look like her shoops is even stronger

No. 161087

Sorry someone saw the deleted post that was >>160961

No. 161088

New nose looks way better. Who the hell wants a cartoon nose that someone from a movie would have as a prosthetic?

No. 161101

File: 1626367423307.jpeg (704.34 KB, 828x1405, C36D9096-B3BA-48F4-A940-A68055…)

Did she get the same under eye injections as Cassie? Because bruises are a common side effect of this. Might be wrong but feel free to correct me on this.

No. 161106

Those bruises look consistent with under eye filler bruises. I work at a medispa that does injections.

Laughing at how Nicole’s desperate WKs have been insisting she looks the same /didn’t do plastic surgery throughout all her threads despite Nicole constantly getting her whole face pumped with filler ever since 2015. It’s great how people are finally starting to notice and are bringing out before and after pics of Nicole.

No. 161114

File: 1626373213001.jpeg (127.58 KB, 975x822, B16FC571-861A-427A-A361-D53FD6…)

So these are recent injections, safe to say being paid for by the money provided to her through OF. It’s kind of fucked up because I’m sure her tragic e-begging stories got a few fans worried she might not have a car or house to go to and in reality she’s doing just fine, and spending her paycheck on plastic surgery.
I used the detail tool to unblur, her lips appear sore from recent fillers too.
(Used the wrong photo)

No. 161135

That dingey looking butt and asscrack though, onlyfans thots post the worst ass photos. There's one I saw on snow that was goatse-tier. Gives away how grotty and gross they really are.

No. 161136

>begs for money
>I was in a carcrash uwu
>my dreams are dashed, I need a car to move house uwu
>both her and new bestie get fillers in the same week, bestie mentions it was over 1k for hers

No. 161137

Nearly 2k, I wonder how much Nicole's cost? Where's that new car tho?

No. 161151

I recognize those bruises as well, under eye, lips, maybe even upper cheekbones. nose is done anways. and mind you, just because she finally "shows" the world / implies she had something done does not automatically mean she hasnt done this already years in advance.

What I find incredible about this is how reckless she is becoming with her lies. She is not even really hiding the fact that she begged for car-money through emotional blackmail "i need it or i will lose my home/cant move/feel crushed" just to drive up fucking Los Angeles and pump her face into sexdoll deformation levels. why aren't the followers saying anything??

No. 161153

She looks horrible here. I bet she couldn't stand the idea of Cassie enhancing her looks further and Nicole being left behind choking on her competitiveness, so she had to go too and of course had work done all over there entire face. But I agree with prior anons, she started getting shit done in 2014/15 judging by her pictures. Just now it becomes more obvious.

No. 161186

Nicole constantly wants people to feel bad for her. She got cosmetic treatments and she's posting sad face selfies with shit like I hope the bruises go away :(
Nicole has always done that, she always say I DESPERATELY NEED MONEY FOR (insert necessity) only to use the money for random crap. She likes to bait people into donating money when she doesn't need it.
She also has plans for a rhinoplasty so she can further erase the resemblance she has with her mother.
she wants everyone to believe she's a anachan haha

No. 161205

Who are you to now she has future rhino plans?

No. 161209

Ah, the peaked cupids bow botox look.

No. 161210

Learn2spell. You’re seriously asking that after all of the discussion about her nose? Kek

No. 161218

Nta, but how would an anon know? Has she said it publicly or is there a reason the anon knows about a future procedure. If she's already had work done on it, why would she do it again?

No. 161227

File: 1626426637853.jpg (59.48 KB, 275x270, 1622486809592.jpg)


For the love of god, how many times do we need discuss the same shit? Must be a newfag.

No. 161230

When she got nose fillers, it is usually done with hyaluronic acid, a body own substance that will dissolve after approx. one year, so it is not permanent and needs to be redone. A rhinoplasty is an actual surgery were tissue and bones get removed or shaved into a permanent altered form. it's more risky and more expensive. Someone that corrects with fillers might decide on a real rhino later, already rhinoed people rarely get fillers.

Next time google and common sense please.

No. 161231

>WhO aRe YoU tO NoW??
Please leave the thread WK.

It has been discussed enough

No. 161241

File: 1626433881756.jpg (1.08 MB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_16_13_05_02_mh162643…)

Finds like these make me wonder if Nicole actually wants people to skinwalk her, just to sperg about it later in the game.

Right is the inital picture with Nicoles pose and shirt. That same shirt is lend to Cassie in a different photo, who also copies the pose. In the same picture you see Nate (next to Nicole instead of Cassie) wearing Nicole's jacket. That same jacket she lend Connor on the far left as well in one of his pictures. Looks like a narc marking their people or trying to turn as many people as possible into them.

No. 161244

typical narc move, it's a setup so she can secure later on that her whining about skinwalk and stalkers looks more effective and real.

No. 161247

File: 1626435388997.jpeg (386.81 KB, 828x1013, 0914B774-FB5D-4372-9AF9-095A19…)

Weird how she’s fine with girls copying her entire appearance as long as she can heavily monitor and control them.
Also if anyone remember’s Nicole’s post about Addi skinwalking her, I found Nate’s comment on it. Ironic how he is now dating a Nicole skinwalker

No. 161248

File: 1626435458303.jpg (986.81 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_16_13_24_23_mh162643…)

Even her fans are commenting on her OF lies, this dude already caught on to her word being worth shit, and somehow nicole felt the need to reply to a 20+ week old comment 5 days ago. Which means she checks her older captions for bullshit but decides to leave her lies up anyways lmao.

>not risking for younger viewers

but blasting her soft porn on facebook for her little siblings to see is fine for sure

>slightly suggestive

masturbating fully nude

No. 161249

File: 1626435815228.jpg (522.38 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_16_13_14_55.jpg)

honestly, his comment is borderline ass kissing, yikes. did great? Nicole blasted that chick all over social media for literally years. They just want your shining light! You mean the lies, exploitation, public humiliation and manipulation she inflicts on people? yeah, sounds like a grandiose inspiration, nate.

But I guess that is just Nicole and her fucked up relationships. There are all these subtle hints against Connor already. When she sperges about her photo guy its fine, but Connor gets called a simp. Also, weird break up cryptic lyrics post and weird Connor reaction. They are like high schoolers.

No. 161250

File: 1626435918774.jpeg (454.17 KB, 828x1378, B9EF2064-9702-44AE-A69D-7A56F2…)

Nicole is blocking anyone who calls her out for her misleading OF

No. 161251

File: 1626435959535.jpeg (420.59 KB, 828x1385, 5CFDB03A-9815-4754-8938-9D184B…)

No. 161252

File: 1626435999565.jpeg (352.81 KB, 828x1273, AC5AC64C-75A9-456A-9065-7053A6…)

No. 161253


>You have a certain light that attracts people uwu
The sparkly shine of eternal scam and fabrication that is.

No. 161256

File: 1626436495483.jpeg (227.94 KB, 828x710, A85679E6-959F-424F-922E-CBFFF5…)

Nicole was asking (begging) her followers to subscribe to her OF for uncensored content, and this guy just mentioned to one of her followers that the uncensored content doesn’t come with a sub, she fails to mention that she actually charges the initial $15 on top of a $40, $50, and $75 set to which she apparently is spamming in her subscribers’ inbox to pay for.
When asked why she doesn’t mention all this information before subscribing, she basically tells them to “read the fine print” where she says she won’t do nudity in her OF description.

No. 161257

File: 1626436781427.jpg (1.19 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_07_16_13_28_50_mh162643…)

I've also been witnessing a big change in the way Nicole creates captions nowadays. All the years it has been these novel long paragraphs about all her lifes details and sperging about her simps and constantly boasting about how great she is doing and changed so much through aaaall her poor hardships (which was never once reality, she is always doing badly and stays bad) but the last months she became pretty uncreative. It's all these one-liners, mostly citing pseudo-deep egdelord lyrics or cringy game quotes. I wonder why? (upload is an example)

>without getting into detail

posted all her dirty laundry all over her social media

>strong and positive friendgroup that want the best for her

Besides the sighing, aggressive eyerolls, sideeye, insults and the half yearly complete change of groups due to everything going down in flaming drama.

>Quit pharmacy job to be happy for me, career thrown away because it wasn't for me

Vividly remember her roasting Addi about how she is a pharma tech to help people, contribute and care about others happyness more, which makes her a better person, duh. Until porn coin came along, mother theresa who?

>progress felt real

Oh I bet it did the last 10 years.

>respect myself more

Without my clothes on.

No. 161258

File: 1626436815636.jpeg (335.89 KB, 1011x1800, A9AFA769-87E2-47E3-8C1D-BFBD73…)

Not for money, amirite Nicole?

No. 161260

How can one single person just lie so much? my god. So now she "admires strong women who are themselves despite the shaming stigma of sexworkes" - that she contributed to dorectly by publicly shaming addi, while shittalking her profession, to just do exactly the same later on?

No. 161262

File: 1626437278651.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.99 KB, 500x925, FF93DC44-18DC-469A-B3DF-AFA36C…)

She also made fun of a maintenance worker on her FB at one point, bragging about how she works in the medical field and how it requires more work than what he does. The way she looked down on everyone has come full circle. What a cow.

No. 161263

File: 1626437553537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.8 KB, 849x1223, pt2021_07_16_14_11_39_mh162643…)

I'm wheezing man, probably the most delusional person on the planet.

No. 161264

>Vividly remember her roasting Addi about how she is a pharma tech to help people, contribute and care about others happyness more, which makes her a better person, duh. Until porn coin came along, mother theresa who?

That time when she was working as a pharmacy technician ILLEGALLY? Also, that job was a hand out from her mom.. Nicole didn’t study or even apply for that job. She loves acting like she’s better than everyone else when she’s always received help and hand me downs from other people. Has Nicole ever worked a full time job she applied to herself?

No. 161266

File: 1626438763172.jpeg (142.58 KB, 828x384, B4AD352C-68E2-4F0F-9061-E6375A…)

Based on what she wrote here, she quit her job less 2 years after getting her license. Why go through the trouble of getting certified and going through “schooling” just to only work from 2016-2018?

No. 161267

File: 1626439181999.jpeg (239.18 KB, 534x1228, 917CBEF8-C4AA-4CF3-AC4B-A1E148…)

This is vintage level milk, but she went through the trouble of making a collage of every negative comment she has received on 9gag and Reddit, that is psycho level behavior..

No. 161269

File: 1626439632457.png (707.61 KB, 876x1210, IMG_20210716_144649.png)

Cool that she was already fucking injecting people in 2013 then, just to be certified in 2016.

No. 161271

Didn’t she graduate highschool in 2015 or 2016? How did she get a license that fast? I think she’s lying so people wouldn’t question it

No. 161272

A pharmacy can train you to be a pharm tec, to be specific they can train you to take the exam. Now if she was giving shots in 2013, that was a health violation since Idaho was the first to allow it in 2017.

No. 161273

She graduated in 2013 (age 18) and started working there directly after graduating, and she has said she was a licensed pharm tech years before actually getting her license, I’m looking through her FB for receipts since I forgot which post she made stated that

No. 161277

File: 1626441194649.jpeg (431.41 KB, 828x1227, 51A56C5B-0EF6-477C-A77C-7F2250…)

Nicole failing to mention her uncensored content is pay per view and not with the $15 subscription is shady as fuck

No. 161279

That's what most people do though when using OF, its common knowledge to use PPV rather than your timeline, even if its a sub. We don't need a play by play of every scrote on social media complaining though.

No. 161280

Still shady as fuck to not mention the price for individual sets when you beg for OF subscriptions for a brand new car? Especially when she said she won’t be charging money in the past.
>We don't need a play by play of every scrote on social media complaining though
This is an imageboard. Hide the thread if you don’t want to see Nicole scamming people.

No. 161281

Just go to old threads. This has been discussed and images posted already and its in the bio about it.

No. 161282

They dont have to buy the sets though and it's common knowledge to use PPV. A lot of thots used the free onlyfans feature to get away with the PPVs needing to be paid to view, but having a sub on top of it isn't unheard of.

We know she has complaints, daily play by plays make no sense to spam.

No. 161283

She’s still spamming it in people’s inboxes according to the scrotes. It’s also retarded of her to claim all uncensored content is only for PPV because of her claiming she doesn’t do nudity in her description. Meanwhile she advertises that she’s posting uncensored photos on her ig stories without mentioning it’s PPV.

No. 161285

>Daily play by plays make no sense to spam.
Why are you always looking for things to complain about? This isn’t meta. This is an imageboard with no restrictions on how many receipts or pictures can be posted, you’re not admin and I don’t think I’ll listen to your minuscule, worthless opinion. Thank you.

No. 161287

People do it because it prevents theft from a timeline vs having that extra paywall safety for people just there to leak.

No. 161291

No one said fillers. An anon said she had a rhino schefuled. Anon meant a rhino, not fillers, another anon said hurr durr I know its scheculed in the future. Anon made it sound like they had personal insider info about how they know. we know she had fillers. Obviously.

No. 161293

But we literally showed proof of her saying she wants rhino? >>161227
What is this retarded infighting.

No. 161298

Anon just wanted to see that she said it, not an anon saying they know but aren't posting her saying it.

No. 161301

Checking the meta thread to see the absolutely retarded amount of complaints about poor little Nicole is insane. Holy shit. I didn’t realize how much sperging has been going on there. Imagine being that dedicated to standing up for a scamming thot.

No. 161305

File: 1626446998010.png (749.2 KB, 1080x1084, IMG_20210716_130018.png)


Ah I see, we are back at the every second day scheduled infighting and sperging again, leeeet's get back to Nicole, thanks.

Nicole also uses this nice manipulation tactic, in which she lovebombs and attention showers her current friends (the approved and cool enough ones that she has under her control and therefore feed into her ego reliably), but makes sure her old friends feel inadequate or have to do stuff to "keep up". Basically proving they are doing enough to deserve Nicoles divine company. This screencap is just one of many examples. Nicole poses with cutesy faces and doesnt give a shit about doon walking by herself in the background, clearly struggling to keep up with Nicoles fast pace forward. It's like she only surrounds herself with people if they can be used as a tool that supports Nicoles current agenda.

Doon? Give me your bare face and overweight so I can lool petite and pretty. Cassie? Bring me closer to Nate. Connor? Provide me with clout and internet points to date a band emo boy. Nate? Fullfill my wish to become Leda 2. Devon? Take photos of me for free!

Non of this has anything to do with friendship, it's a human tool box and when they don't function as she pleases (destery, dennis, heather) she destorys or punishes them.

No. 161307

sorry, i had to correct some errors for now >>161303

But yes, she either crushes their reputation or keeps them picking up the crumbs she throws them until she needs them again.

No. 161309

File: 1626447199956.jpeg (490 KB, 1061x1799, 77332045-4A4A-4AFE-97CF-ECEB56…)

Nicole is the shittiest friend to Doon, fyi. For those that don’t want to read this entire sperg, Nicole says that Doon and Doon’s sister pulled an all nighter just to hand-make Nicole’s Daenerys costume while she sleeps. She didn’t do shit to help, either. Doon had to make her own costume as well as Nicole’s.

No. 161312

What does that photo have anything to do with you complaining about love bombing?

No. 161313

Lmao nicole has never done jack shit for doon, besides sperging about what all great things doon does for nicole and how that is basically the only thing that makes her great - being a good tool.

As of now the took Nicole in rent free, fed her without pay, sew her cosplays, bought materials, drove her to places and gifted her nerd shit. Not one post exists of Nicole doing anything significant for doon the other way around.

No. 161314

Anon is clearly referring to Doon being in the background of this video, nonna. Before questioning shit you might want to actually read the post.

No. 161315

You don't need to reply to yourself on different devices, anon.

No. 161317

What is this retarded infighting? I’m this anon >>161309 how fucking paranoid are you to think anons posting about Nicole are all one anon?

No. 161318

Good to know this still image is a video and he's barely noticeable.

No. 161319


Oh no, the whiteknight is lose.

it explains it in the text moron, the photo (from Video) shows how nicole treats her friends if they are not in her favorable lovebomb scheme at that time. she keeps them around with lukewarm friendship untill she needs something again and then proclaims them as soulmates again. Insecure people eat that up to feel needed.

No. 161320

Oh no, the anon is so angry they are misgendering Doon now. This is an imageboard, we’re not going to be posting videos for your viewing pleasure.

No. 161322

There is a field for videos and anons post videos. They have enough time to make gifs, so there's no excuse. Don't attack anons for barely seeing someone wasged out in over saturated light in a still and then get mad and complain "but it's a video". The site allows video posts. Learn2integrate.

No. 161335

File: 1626450673894.jpg (17.67 MB, 728x394, wbGzuJs.jpg)

Maybe You have enough time, normal people don't. It's way less hustle to just look it up on her instagram.

I spent 15 fucking minutes making this retarded video/gif and it's still not uploading properly. not much i can do about lolcow shitty restrictions.


No. 161337

Oof don’t forget when Nicole changed every painting in Doon’s house without her consent, only real friends touch all your stuff and replace it with a shitty meme!

No. 161351

File: 1626454421927.jpeg (453.81 KB, 1800x1375, F933DB2B-D846-429C-8AB4-05DD6F…)

I saw discussion in the thread of Nicole claiming 3D printed Pokemon designs as her own, to add to that, she often uses Picrew without crediting the artist and says “I made this” and the replies all kiss her ass thinking she drew it. A 2 second reverse image search showed me the source of the artist.

No. 161352

Did she throw everything away? Isn't this like people wrapping everything in wrapping paper? Come on, anon.

No. 161355

File: 1626455577483.jpeg (634.44 KB, 828x1440, 91C103D6-D4CE-441A-B037-058825…)

Anon, she literally roasted her interior designs saying it’s all “live love laugh” type shit and replaced every single design with her meme one. It’s still disrespectful as fuck especially since she had no idea this was happening.

No. 161356

Nicole made fun of doons taste and uploaded that for everyone to see. Some pranks are funny, some just plain disrespectful. And again Nicole didn't do this for Doon, she did it for herself to fabricate her oh so funny prankster image on her own account.

No. 161358

lol it's just a shitty prank and easily fixable. Are there most than just that one photo? Looks like they can just hang that stuff back up. Calling it non-consensual makes it sound like Nicole raped someone lol

No. 161359

That, and to this day i am convinced it was all bullshit and she really only had one of these prank pictures. There is no sequence in which you see more than one of them at a time and it looks identical every placement. I think it's a lie to save money, but it doesn't even matter.

No. 161360

Go defend your thots elsewhere, WK. Doon didn't know about the prank, had to hang everything up back herself and Nicole even hid her pictures so she wouldn't notice right away. Trash friend.

No. 161362

She said she hid them? No one is whitekniting. All I said was that is is just a stupid prank, saying it's non-consensual defeats the purpose of a prank. I'm confused where the harmful part is. That's kind of what makes a prank a prank.

No. 161366

File: 1626456402982.jpeg (331.83 KB, 1011x1800, E4ECA828-6E5A-4B84-B1EF-733E6B…)

I noticed Nicole follows exotic pet hoarder and fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean, so out of curiosity I found an instance where Nicole seems to be an impulse buyer for animals. The fact that she had to stop herself from impulse buying an animal. As well as the many times she has used pets as accessories for social media. She has also mentioned wanting axolotls in the past and looking for breeders, I sure hope that thot does research before buying one for internet points.
Before anyone asks, these are a few examples where I felt she is mistreating or using animals as props. Buying hamsters in pairs in a shitty plastic tiny cage, tiny wheel (they’re solitary animals, as well as hamster balls being unsafe), holding Hodor by the neck, holding a bunny like a prop with her Pokemon toy for extra n3rd girl points. As well as this tweet about wanting to impulse buy an animal

No. 161367

Disgusting. God knows how many artworks she claimed as her own over the years.

No. 161370

The cat looks like the only one maybe. Hamsters are supposed to be in small places and burrow and they are fluffy and fat. Maybe bedding needs changing?

No. 161374

Kek. Also you’re retarded if you think every prank is consensual, even among friends. YouTube has plenty of great examples.

No. 161375

“Hamsters are supposed to be in small spaces”
Uh, no. They need large terrarium and aquarium sized enclosures, as someone who as done their fair share of research this is something you can easily confirm yourself with a quick google search. They need large wheels too, that one is too small and would need to bend its spine to be able to even run on it.

No. 161376

Uh huh, we get it, you’re upset that person called you a whiteknight. Report and move on, please? Curb your ego, nonnies, this an anonymous imageboard, you don’t need to prove you’re the superior anon.

No. 161378

I was mocking that they can’t spell, anon.

No. 161380

File: 1626457787684.jpeg (116.65 KB, 960x720, A67E400D-272E-41A4-954D-7B8E65…)

Just for education here is what their enclosures should look like, they’re also solitary and can kill each other so Nicole is a grade A retard for keeping three together.

No. 161383

Samefag, I’m a retard and misread. Disregard that. Spelling mistake was still funny though.

No. 161384

The fact that she never updated with Doon’s reaction makes me think she didn’t take it well lol

No. 161386

You really don't have to have a giant massive enclosure for hamsters. A basic 24inch cage is fine. That enclosure is someone being extra AF.

No. 161388

File: 1626458969398.jpeg (739.84 KB, 828x967, 72E0220D-F7C6-44C6-AB10-E4B4AB…)

The one she has is a critter trail, which is around $50 bucks for under the bare minimum under most countries’ laws. You really do have to have a large one, anon, at least over 600 square inches of floor space to fit all their necessities (sand bath, hideouts, 20 cm of bedding for them to burrow, enrichment), otherwise they can show stress or boredom behaviors. Researchers didn’t just pull a random statistic out of their ass, they compared different sizes and looked at the health and wellbeing of the hamsters.
Anyways it’s very obvious she doesn’t do research on any pets she buys. Housing solitary animals together in a tiny plastic cage is not it, even holding Hodor by his neck while her other hand is taking the picture is painful to look at.

No. 161389

Sorry no, 1m long and 50cm width is the minimum if you don't want a suicidal hamster. Everyone who has a slight understanding of them knows that, contrary to what some youtube people in the US display, which is nothing short of uninformed animal cruelty.

This is retarded, back to Nicole!

No. 161390

Pretty sure that cat is balancing on her arm

No. 161393

File: 1626460490550.jpeg (364.91 KB, 828x1103, 6BCACF47-5B11-4F7F-8395-751DFE…)

Safe to say she will never update her followers on whether she made enough for her car (fillers) or not. Last time she crashed her car and e-begged, she was sneakily vague and danced around any questions regarding whether she hit her goal or not for a new car. That way she can just keep the pity money rolling

No. 161394

She made it clear she got a new car. >>>/w/84729

No. 161396

A whole year later (September 2020). She was probably too busy pumping her face with fillers or buying a 2747th Asuna figure to actually use the donation money as intended.

No. 161440

Already insecure lurking on her posts, reminds me of Kevin and Lori's weird Instagram interaction

No. 161441

Is this how she justifies the claim of "no nudity" on Instagram.- the nudity is only on the private messages/PPV. She's all about loopholes as justification.

No. 161444

I love how she isolates herself from the scrotes on her side by blocking them on OF for questioning this, as if all her nudes and the $230 ones aren’t on multiple leak sites lol she doesn’t handle criticism well. Makes me wonder how she deals with criticism/questioning from friends and family.

No. 161453

It's in the ToS to not post nudes on instagram.

No. 161454

They mean when she posts on Instagram that she doesn’t do nudity on OF. How are you not getting that?

No. 161459

It’s just the same sperg who tries to question and refute nearly every single milk worthy post. No need to engage at this point, because it’s clear enough now that it doesn’t matter what you say to them.

Looks like it. No wonder she’s blocking the scrotes pointing it out. Which makes this >>161444 all the more ironic.

No. 161506

File: 1626485992540.jpeg (289.81 KB, 828x839, 028A465D-A415-4C52-BAF7-B6171E…)

‘Shooped nudes helps my body dysmorphia!!1’
What an odd thing to write on an account targeted for scrotes who just want to jerk off. They don’t care about your mental illnesses, Nicole.

No. 161512

File: 1626487066807.jpeg (258.96 KB, 1800x1800, AEF1817A-AC45-42B8-83E0-387E6B…)

Cassie added the white streak to her hair that Nicole has

No. 161516

Lmfao no fucking way. As if it wasn’t believable enough that she’s likely been attempting to get Cassie to skinwalk her in the first place.
>inb4 some shit tier rebuttal like “they’re friends so that makes it okay!!!”

No. 161526

If she is really top 0.1% it means that percentage is derived specifically from PPV sales, as we have seen here, her prices are pretty high and she forces scrotes to buy PPV if they want to see anything. I doubt she has that many monthly subs overall compared to other thots, and guys probably either unsub or get blocked if they don't pay the extra. There has been some debate from thots online about the meaning of that percentage, but it seems pretty cut and dry here.

No. 161527

This is reaching "pewdiepie's girlfriend looks just like his sister" levels of blatant oddness now. You wouldn't overtly skinwalk a close friend, so it's either presented as a matching buddies thing or Nicole encourages it, like in the photos anon posted of her lending her clothes to multiple people: >>161241

No. 161529

It would make sense since she seemingly traps scrotes into thinking the sub alone will get them uncensored content. We’ll see how long this lasts. Probably not much longer considering word is already going around about her scamming.

No. 161534

More Haley Williams look-a-likes. Great.

No. 161560

lmao, no way in hell this psycho bitch ever had body dismorphia. posting one million selfies of you and your body that you always claimed to love, is about the contrary how this condition would present itself. I call BS and harvest for pitypoints, as she just wants to calm the angry scrotes.

Skinwalk complete I'd say, now wait for the next part. Called it.

>I never felt so in control

Nudes spreading uncontrollably, mass complaint block, leakes all over the internet

No. 161561

File: 1626502698276.png (127.35 KB, 1080x891, IMG_20210717_081750.png)

sad world we live in.

No. 161563

File: 1626504814249.jpg (976.58 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_07_17_08_43_06.jpg)

Nicole has always made up all these things about herself, that either never happened or are not really traits of her. Her instagram still is a cringefest of her picke me claims, just read these captions.

>It's insane how much whiter I am than all of my friends!

>I am the weeaboo queen!
>I don't even remember doing this uwu
>I love them putting up with my spontaneous quirks
>It's not like I'm trying to be all cutesy on purpose!

And don't be surprised she isn't friends with any of them anymore.

No. 161564

It didn't used to be like that, but since it's so oversaturated, that's now how the numbers work. That's how people like Lori and Nicole are able to brag when honestly it's them and like 12 million other girls in that percentage. It's not exactly a number to brag about.

No. 161565

Jfc she is so transparent. The cringe is real.

No. 161566

File: 1626505044127.jpg (325.51 KB, 897x618, pt2021_07_17_08_39_30_mh162650…)

>not friends anymore with any of them

This is some lovebombing example how she used to talk in every and any shit she would uplaod, even about people she just fucking met. Here some rando twitch mods are suddenly deeply adored family to her and impacted her life and yada yada - just to be never heard of again and her never touching a stream afterwards.

No. 161567

File: 1626505288385.jpg (386.89 KB, 914x604, pt2021_07_17_08_47_17_mh162650…)

This is just a tiny compilation of years worth of shitty excuses to not continue said streaming, while sure thing collecting that patreon coin still. We all know she is visually way too insecure if she can't real time filter herself into a mannequin on Live.

It's kinda hilarious Nicole claimed all these years to be such a hardcore gamer, and that thot doesn't even own a computer since 2017.

No. 161568

File: 1626505397967.jpg (790.6 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_17_08_48_07.jpg)

Sorry for the retarded nitpick, but her old edits got me in tears, that chin morphing…

No. 161569

File: 1626505529563.png (913.98 KB, 1080x1568, IMG_20210717_083036.png)

And here she is wearing the exact same cosplay that Doon and her sister made, just to claim it was made by Doon and Nicole herself. Who acutally did nothing. Doons sister just got replaced with Nicoles promo code kek.

No. 161570

AYRT, This is most definitely not true based on comments I've read from sexworkers, it's likely more some ratio of dollars per scrote that gets you a high percentage. Nicole would get a high dollar to scrote ratio simply due to her high prices.
She also could have just cropped that from somewhere, since all the OF girls who claim top % never show a larger screenshot, it's always heavily cropped. So could just be an advertising ploy.

No. 161571

Samefag, it makes it more likely to be a stolen/cropped screenshot since being in the top 0.1% vs top 3% or 1% (the more common claim) with those blurry photos and videos seems highly unlikely.

No. 161572

POV it's 2021 and you miss the fake quirky emo gamer Leda version of Nicole rather than the unbearable, rude, scamming sexworker version. It was fake, but at least it was halfway likeable.

No. 161573

Strong I love my fans vibes, she lives in a world where she is the "main character" and everyone else exists to support her, paid only in lovebombing.

No. 161588

What a literal retard. “I love interacting with you guys, I wish I could do it 24/7!”… until I break up with my boyfriend and he takes his computer with him. She’s checked every mark she can on getting simp bux for little to no actual work. Considering she didn’t even know the difference between class and race on WoW it’s easy to say she hardly knows shit on the games she claims to enjoy.

No. 161598

Nicole is really this completely fabricated person out of anything that could have given her attention or make her look like a pick me nerd goddess, no matter which franchise she randomly throws around her body. It's like she doesn't even exist and has no own identity besides the terrifying fear of being boring, empty and worthless to basically anyone she meets. What a pitiable narc.

No. 161599

Already grooming her simp army to gain sympathy. She preys on insecure people to bind them to her and exploit that artifical attachment later on.

>I'm so much whiter than my friends!
Notice how already fetus Nicole is exclusively surrounded by guy friends? In one of her self description youtuber texts (that she def wrote herself, she entirely copied that part from Leda about being fat and bullied and now wanna help through her vids) while in every school photo of Nicole, she is a stick kek.

No. 161609

File: 1626519891540.jpg (654.12 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_17_12_51_28_mh162651…)

Regarding the speculations about her mysterious 3 jobs she supposedly juggled, what if it's just this? It's still up on her Facebook this way, although she regularly updates her selfies there. Would explain that her mystical 60hour week, was just a couple of hours as the pharmacy intern, being a Youtube partner actually doing nothing and her 3 days a week card shop job.

She also claimed to have turned down modelling opportunities, and then there is cringe-glory like this, a badly photoshopped picture she took in her room, that a friend later badly photoshopped into a promo banner and pretended it's real on a different account. Who was she trying to fool?

No. 161610

File: 1626520091741.jpg (688.2 KB, 555x1431, pt2021_07_17_12_46_54_mh162651…)

Remember >>155175 yup, Nicole claimed she has been overweight in high school and therefore bullied, so she wants to help people with her Youtube and advocates against beauty standards and bullys.

Guess what, she never was, she's an ana. Evem early Nicole was a liar about everything, but I guess it sold her image well. She of course continued to harass and bully people on her twitter and instagram, many many times that did not agree with her or pointed out her scams and lies.

Photos from her old Facebook.
PS: Nicole never played the guitar as well.

No. 161612

File: 1626520329801.jpg (714.35 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_17_12_53_48.jpg)

I'm wheezing.

This list would make a lot of sense regarding her not wanting to reveal what that work was.

Well, this was taken on the con where Nicole wore the costume, notice how Doon is secured in lovebomb scheme and her sister fucking abandoned in the back?

I also found another animal squeeze pic. Nicole doesnt give a fuck.

No. 161613

File: 1626520329451.gif (1.58 MB, 203x360, 27009A2C-F4A5-404F-90DB-50F48D…)

Nicole is such a quirky animal and bug lover! Hitting them with her sword! This is the same girl who posts that she cries if she ever accidentally injures an ant. lol.

No. 161614

File: 1626520389085.jpeg (227.26 KB, 828x663, A112A773-F50E-450E-B435-410824…)

What I mean:

No. 161615

Honestly though, why the hell would she drop her pharmacy technician position? It was an easy way in through her mom and she trashed it. Even if it was gained through illegal means I cannot comprehend why she dropped that and moved to OF. Her hypocrisy is immense kek.

No. 161616

Or her repeating 15 times on stream she wants to pet butterflies, in case we didn't hear her quirkiness the first 14 times.

No. 161618

File: 1626520835656.jpeg (297.01 KB, 747x576, ED79687E-85BE-44C6-BFE6-4970C8…)

Not only does she brag on Facebook about being mentioned on 4chan, 9gag and Reddit after googling herself, but she posts dm requests of shitty brands (dollskill) asking to collab with her. She’s so humble!

No. 161625

File: 1626523927784.png (207.92 KB, 304x515, 3A5852E2-66E3-4148-AA6D-345941…)

Here’s another screenshot from the first thread to add to your point anon. She quite literally googles herself.

No. 161628

File: 1626524175105.jpeg (130.56 KB, 640x1136, CC9F67AC-D562-4C31-83B2-BF2E9E…)

One more reminder to add onto the bunch.

No. 161633

File: 1626525308103.png (267.83 KB, 604x915, IMG_20210717_143439.png)

aged like milk.

No. 161637

File: 1626526146517.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 347.88 KB, 828x751, C67D493F-0E32-40D2-A732-19F8B5…)

She thinks because her OF description says no nudity that ANY and all nudity is part of her hundred dollar PPV sets, yet she literally posted this nudity on her feed for anyone subscribed (you can see her asshole, and she even makes jokes about it later). Why can’t this thot just be upfront about prices for PPV before tricking her followers into subscriptions only for them to find out her nude sets cost hundreds?

No. 161640

File: 1626526236384.jpeg (324.38 KB, 828x833, D28C8BAF-7FD1-4C45-AE3E-5BA935…)

“I’m doing this to provide for my family”
Nicole back at it with her pity point lies to make scrotes feel guilty about leaking. She isn’t providing shit for others.

No. 161643

She lied about being overweight and bullied because she was hard skinwalking Leda during that time. Leda was the one who was overweight when she was younger and got bullied for it

No. 161644

Poor baby! It’s almost like scrotes don’t give a fuck about your supposed needs, especially when the price is so misleading kek.

No. 161645

Nicole is really inconsistent with her lies.

No. 161646

File: 1626526762345.jpeg (279.67 KB, 1011x1800, C5819336-B541-444E-98EC-6982D2…)

Nicole: I use my paypig money to feed my family!

Reality: Multiple filler injections, an entire room of thousands of dollars in weeb items, she even posted a full list of rare Pokemon cards she is actively looking to purchase a few weeks ago.

No. 161647

File: 1626526827926.gif (171.09 KB, 220x299, 11CE2467-71EE-44BC-87CE-FA6CEE…)

Coming back to the Nicole thread and seeing all the juicy drama

No. 161648

File: 1626526958250.jpeg (261.58 KB, 1800x1800, 5324BE76-343E-448D-8282-36A2F6…)

Can any TCG collector confirm this giant list of rare cards she’s after indeed costs thousands of dollars (in total)?

No. 161649

>I wish people wouldn't disrespect me

Honey, you're working as a prostitute. That's asking for a lot.

No. 161650

Those are previews

No. 161651

Lurk the thread. We don't need 3 posts of this same photo

No. 161652

She’s still showing her genitals on her regular $15 subscription feed, yet claiming because she says she won’t do nudity it’s scrotes faults for buying the initial subscription and expecting nudity. It’s very misleading, even if it’s just a preview.

No. 161653

File: 1626527514289.jpeg (130.61 KB, 828x482, 273B17C5-C80C-4275-AC86-3362AD…)

I understand this is a joke but it’s nonetheless retarded coming from an ethot who claims to be demi-sexual

No. 161655

This is a meme. Thots say the same shit on mothers day, Christmas, and Valentines.

No. 161657

File: 1626528731482.jpeg (327.58 KB, 831x1800, 936C23E6-1084-43A0-AC90-84EF84…)

Hey Nicole, emotional manipulation of your fanbase is fucked up, we know you’re not using that money to pay for your family.
Remember when she complained about not receiving enough donations for her Ko-fi despite over a thousand $3+ donations? Yeah.

No. 161671

File: 1626531530437.jpeg (380.16 KB, 1242x1972, 9BBDD533-1C85-4B8C-AEEC-21B642…)

Some of the cards she wants (like non-holo) probably go for $10-20 depending on who is selling it and how good quality it is. Anything holo from first edition is going to be very expensive, even if it’s trash. This is a card she wants that is moderately played.

No. 161672

Oh PLEASE, this is starting to get outrageous girl.

>people take advantage of me

But i can scam them on OF no problem!

>I really wish people wouldnt disrespect me

But I can lie in y'all faces, emotionally blackmail and pity trap my following through advanced manipulation :')

>steal my photos to resell

Like I steal art for profit

>Support my household and provide for my family

By pumping my face with 2k+ fillers, getting a new piercing, demanding a new car, sugar mama my emo fucktards with stuffed plushies and blast mad cash on weeb bullshit for myself.

Nicole The rules for thee don't apply to me Davis

No. 161673

Has this hoe ever thought to herself maybe she should stop charging outrageous $220 PPVs? A lot of her shit content gets leaked because scrotes want to make fun of the insane prices for minute long videos of her. Maybe she should actually take the constructive criticism from these incels and stfu to provide better content.

No. 161678

File: 1626533153649.jpeg (365 KB, 1800x1457, 50E0F3B6-AF6C-4999-A13A-D70978…)

I love it when this cow can’t decide whether she wants to trash on her family or use them as an excuse for pity bucks. Too many times she has made it sound like her family are poor, struggling people and are her reason behind doing porn.
But she talks about how her family are wealthy/rich in her YT videos. Okay Nicole. I added the quote so anons don’t have to suffer through that video.

No. 161681

She has always been doing this agenda ridden change of narratives. same with her living situation. if she needs something from doon, she was "taken in by her omg so kind", if she begged for money online, she "had been homeless". On the twitch stream from Cassie Nicole boasted about that "house being hers" (connor and cassie referred to it as such as well), but when she reminds followers of her OF subs and donations, she has "only a room".

No. 161682

File: 1626534273142.jpeg (66.84 KB, 828x128, 6D06D06D-C8BD-4784-8D5B-D47FB3…)

What she means to say: She googles herself regularly and instead of being nicer to her scrotes she will accuse them of disrespecting her. Good job Nicole, now the ones who pay for your content know there are leak sites with your nudes available for free, way to go!

No. 161685

Not to white night but give me a break, you could be nice as anything to a scrote and at the end of the day, they'll still leak your nudes/porn because a scrote's gonna scrote.

No. 161687

>I'm privileged, my parents are wealthy
Why did Nicole always cry about struggling financially and being poor? The shit that comes out of her mouth never adds up. I swear she's been saying she's poor ever since she started posting for internet clout while living in her parent's home.

No. 161688

File: 1626536212288.jpeg (671.9 KB, 828x1291, 6B09CFBE-80A0-41B5-B4E3-F6635B…)

FYI, Nicole’s parents are avid nerd collectors and gamblers, this is just one instance where Nicole mentions them gambling in Vegas. Nicole sure as hell isn’t feeding her family and to quote her own words “my parents are wealthy”.
Maybe her and Cassie should stop spending thousands of dollars on fillers and crying they don’t have a car and a way to get to their work/home.

No. 161704

File: 1626538208315.jpeg (638.38 KB, 1800x1800, 96871DB0-2002-4DE2-BC4D-026458…)

Nicole can stop fooling people with her martyr act of creating porn to feed her poor family, here is a collage of most collectables in her parents house. Yes, they have two pinball machines.

No. 161707

She didn't think anyone would fact check her lies

No. 161712

Oh wow. Wasn’t expecting this considering she made herself out to be so “poor”. Why did she even start living with Doon in the first place then? Hilarious.

No. 161724

File: 1626541922383.jpeg (344.13 KB, 1201x1800, 0FDE95F2-0562-4E6F-A850-F16E3F…)

Because she flip flops between shittalking her family to making sure her followers think her family would die of poverty if not for her heroic kindness.
Also Doon must be so flattered to know despite giving Nicole a place to stay, her online following provides her more support than her real life friends! I honestly have no idea how they can still be friends. When Doon was giving birth to her son all Nicole did was post selfies and brag about being an anorexic girl who didn’t eat for days.

No. 161727

It is said that Nicole had a rocky relationship with her parents (which shouldn't be a surprise with a kid that is a manipulative narc), they divorced when she was a child and left her with her grandparents lmao, years later they took her back when they came back together. There are multiple shots in which you can see her family in the back in her old instaposts and yt videos. Funny thing is, they are all heavily overweight white trailer trash, just living in a big house. Nicole never adressed this, but it was rumored she had a fallout and had to move out, but she lived there well into her 20s so…

No. 161730

File: 1626542641997.jpeg (264.25 KB, 1800x1800, A35B885F-E4D0-4149-9475-570588…)

I just realized something. She updated the list with the cards she’s still looking for, meaning she bought those 19 Pokémon cards and is searching for those last 6. (I highlighted in red the ones she purchased). So in May she spent thousands of dollars collecting these cards, what a responsible adult.

No. 161731


>dont have parents or family for support

Bitch, you were still living there rent free at 23, way about time to move out and they are wealthy.

>i mean the good people

the tools i have in control

>i give my time to daily

they give their time daily

>something tragic happened

it always does and she doesnt even bother to explain lmao

No. 161744

File: 1626543197038.jpeg (603.77 KB, 1800x1800, 1A91FCA3-0D3C-4592-95ED-C6FD2D…)

Embarrassing. Someone drew Daenerys and happened to tag Nicole since they know she is a fan of her, and Nicole posted it in her fanart story highlight. She really is a narcissist.

No. 161760

What a piece of shit. Nothing really can be said anymore about that level of lying and extortion.

God knows how much works in there are delusions.

No. 161784

File: 1626547154502.jpg (2.53 MB, 2560x2560, 21-07-17-11-34-03-752_deco.jpg)

Nicole was chubby. Not fat. But clearly chubby, not the same as Leda's level when she was literally an obese 11 year old and had a story where she was compared to Geodude while being bullied. These photos are public on Doons Facebook. Gives away her "natural ginger" identity too. Her hair was always muddy blonde.

No. 161787

File: 1626548112506.jpeg (478.53 KB, 828x1057, ACFC7C2D-6C35-4300-8872-8FDE08…)

She made herself sound like a troll who weighed 200 pounds, it’s truly a weird thing to flex/lie about.
>Makeup will never hide my stretch marks or years of issues deemed from low self esteem and abuse

I don’t see any stretch marks in her nudes, either way, it’s shitty of her to blame a common thing like stretch marks on some kid who probably called her fat once in fifth grade.

No. 161793

It's beyond creepy how bad she wanted to be Leda, she really went above and beyond

No. 161799

File: 1626552070470.jpeg (374.9 KB, 1800x1800, 74D8BF5C-9423-4CAC-AEDD-765127…)

This is an old comment she made as a 19 year old but I found it relevant now that she flaunts her tits for her paypigs and cries about her body dysmorphia. Body shaming others, as expected from an insecure thot. I don’t even want to imagine the self-esteem issues she gave Dennis when she would shoop him skinny like in >>161025
Censored it myself btw.

No. 161800

Well, you can already see that he has bleached highlights here (on dark blonde) and nicole was this chubby for a minute in middle school maybe, you can see in all the other school and later high school photos she is a stick.

No. 161801

>This isn't me! xD
Ah okay, so others can't use her leak pictures, because they take advantage of her body, but nicole can use other uncredited bodys for her own fun
takes notes

No. 161802

If she was at one point, then what's there to have an issue with? For skinny people, gaining like 15 or 20lbs is a lot and can really mess with self esteem, so it's not some random idea she hated her body at that time and a few anons agreed she was chubby. Anons even posted her in thread one and said convention photos showed how fat she was.

No. 161805

It is true. You can make under $1000 a month and magically be in the top 8%.

No. 161807

It's not HER money. It's her family and this is a super old video, we don't know if her parents job situations have changed. She might be lying, but this was years ago too.

This looks very middle class. You're not wealthy because you have collectables you won't sell. If that's the case, they might be the type of parents who expect the kid to be able to fend for themselves the second they can, so that they don't have to spend money on her as much as needed and can go back to spending money on their own shit.

We don't really know it was rent free, it's speculating. I'm starting to think her parents are protective of their own money. Gamblers do that stuff and tend to only care about their kids financially if it's medical.

But they tagged her though?

No. 161808

Scrotes are gonna scrote until they find a better ethot to jerk off to and stop giving her money.

No. 161811

It's not her money but she still got the benefits of being a child from a well off background.

No. 161812

Yeah, that's what they do, and then more sign up. It's a cycle. Stop feeling bad for these guys having spent money. So many WKs for scrotes who only treat women like trash in order to get any glimpse of a nipple.

>>161250 I'm honestly pretty sure this scrote is posting in this thread. Comments like >>161682 sound just like his replies to people on twitter. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the anon who said they bit the bullet just to post shots from the onlyfans because then this dude got banned lol Normal people who sign up know you get PPVs all the time from people, it's a common practice on onlyfans. Most retards won't complain about the mass sending of PPVs. There is a mass sending option, that's what thots use.

No. 161813

Yeah, but that doesn't mean she had access to the money, so in that case she, herself, is poor if she is on her own because her parents expect her to pay for food, her own car, gas, insuance. Having somewhere to live isn't the top of the privledge chart, anon.

No. 161814

> This looks very middle class. You're not wealthy because you have collectables you won't sell.
Anon, she has said her parents are wealthy, it is very clear at this point she’s using her family as a sob story and extra sympathy points to emotionally manipulate her fans.

> We don't really know it was rent free, it's speculating.

Her mother gave her a job despite Nicole not being qualified, we know they have a tendency to give Nicole handouts so it’s not insane tinfoiling to suggest they wouldn’t charge rent. Your theories on parents who gamble are tinfoil, though.

>But they tagged her though?

They tagged five other people they thought might be interested in their art. If you read the caption it was clearly meant for the actress, not Nicole.

No. 161815

She was tagged in it? Are you really going to nitpick that she shouldn't have sent more people to look at the artist's work just because you don't think she deserves it? Anon, come on. This is extremely retarded. It's common curtesy to reblog/story share tags. It's a nice thing to do.

The house looks middle class, nothing fancy, old walls, gross carpet, yes. Completely, filthy rich. So, so wealthy. The wealthiest of people all because of their elvis collection.

No. 161816

Anon, they are nerd collection hoarders who collect expensive crap, Nicole included who spent thousands of dollars on Pokémon cards and filler injections recently, as well as the words “my parents are wealthy” straight out of her mouth. I’m not sure why you aren’t convinced she’s not as poor as she makes herself out to be. >>161730

No. 161817

Nicole said they’re wealthy, she didn’t say they aren’t filthy with bad taste.

No. 161818

Ah yes, it’s a common courtesy for Nicole to post fanart of a character that isn’t her and add it to her fanart story highlight. Mhm

No. 161819

She was tagged in it. You want her to ignore them?

No. 161821

Once again, anon, she added it to a story highlight of fanart made for her and specifically talked about her cosplay of that character. This drawing is not of her.

No. 161822

Do you know how instagram works? Highlight, story, she was tagged in it, anon. Doesn't matter if it wasn't for her, she was tagged in it by the artist. The artist tagged her. You know what an artist with a small fanbase would love? Not being just in a story, but being in a highlight to get any and all traffic possible. This is a nice thing and you're spazzing out about it because she 'isn't the actress'. That's not why people tag people.

No. 161824

The only one spazzing out here is you, anon. Not only did you try to find five separate milky posts to nitpick, but you accuse others of tinfoil when you create random scenarios of what you think gambling parents are like, without any sort of proof whatsoever. You need to calm down, and realize not everyone is going to agree with you. If you don’t agree with milk posted you don’t need to repeat yourself over and over to prove why Nicole would post fanart of an actress that isn’t her. Just because you don’t enjoy Nicole’s milk doesn’t mean every single anon should suffer with you.

No. 161828

All I said was she was tagged in it and it's common courtesy to share tags in stories or even highlight them? lol

No. 161829

ew spoiler naked photos of her

No. 161830

I understand you, anon, I really do, but you don’t need to check Nicole’s thread every day to find a counter-argument to every milk discussed. If you are still convinced Nicole is poor and needs to feed her family despite multiple examples shown of her spending thousands of dollars recently >>161646 okay cool, you disagree with proof in front of your eyes. You do not need to clog the thread up with theories about gambling parents and random tinfoil. Let’s just stick to the facts, okay?

No. 161832

I'm talking about instagram? Why are you going off on a tangent? If all the proof you have is that she used to live with her parents and her parents have collectables, that doesn't mean she didn't have to do her car herself, insurance, phone, she lived in CA for a while too. Clearly her parents keep her at an arms length with their money, but I'm talking about Instagram. Calm down.

No. 161833

It’s so fucking embarrassing to see that anon sperg out and try to explain away every single piece of milk. We shouldn’t even humor them. It’s pretty obvious they’re offended. I wonder why?

No. 161834

They are so angry whenever we show proof of Nicole spending thousands of dollars on fillers and Pokemon cards and how Nicole herself said her parents are wealthy. They also feel the need to hi-scrote and once again, accuse anons of being scrotes with a vendetta. It’s really embarrassing.

No. 161835

I’m responding to your paragraph nitpicking milk in >>161807 and when you hi-scrote anons in >>161812 nobody is a scrote here, and we’re all calm here, anon. We just want to discuss milk without your meltdowns. If Nicole herself has said her parents are wealthy and there are multiple pictures showing her spending thousands of dollars in plastic surgery and gaming cards, there really isn’t anything left for you to disagree with.

No. 161839

You're replied to a post about instagram and then started going off about other things for no reason. You need help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 161840

File: 1626555649169.jpeg (138.12 KB, 831x1800, C4686693-3291-4F5F-A0FC-47F3F1…)

Nicole’s average number of likes is significantly lower than in February (a month after starting). Now her OF posts only average at around 150 likes, despite doing nudity now. I wonder what her next step will be to bump up the subs, maybe PIV? Kek.

No. 161843

Please take your infighting elsewhere, I already explained to you in the calmest way possible as much as I could.

No. 161844

Tinfoil but I’m starting to believe Nicole keeps a very close eye on this thread. Also, it would be interesting to take all these posts from sperg anon and make it into a collage. I’m definitely not doing it though, there’s far too many to keep up with kek

No. 161846

It’s always when Nicole is awake that this anon is ready to counter-argue all irrefutable milk. She has bitter feelings towards the scrote she blocked, so it is very interesting this anon is accusing others of being that same scrote.

No. 161848

Funny how that works. Forgot one more worth mentioning too >>158390 Sorry for the reposts btw, I’m on mobile and kept tagging the wrong posts

No. 161862

The most "valuable" part of a woman's sexual life as per the mind of a disgusting scrote is the virginal-gullible-youth part, hence why sexwork is just a freefall as the buyers lose interest as more and more is revealed. Each thot is a virtual "conquest" to be defiled, but once that has happened, they are shelved as used goods. It's basically crowdsourcing the experience of being used by awful, misogynistic men.

So basically that point of being new will be the most subs and most money any thot gets due to the functioning of the buyers, the thot assumes this is how it will continue, then they've already screeched sex work is work and burned all their bridges and are now just working for the remaining scraps as "used goods" in the minds of their disgusting buyers. (I don't agree with this viewpoint in the slightest, but this is why Belle got so much money from extending the virginal-gullible-youth part as long as possible)

Anyway this is to say her stats will continue to nosedive as she breaks more and more boundaries and ruins her social media brand she built up over years even further. She should quit now before it's too late.

No. 161863

I’m not American but can anyone confirm Nicole’s sex work will bite her in the ass later if she ever wants to return to being a pharm tech? She’s already licensed so there’s always the possibility of her returning, but it seems now it may be impossible, one google search and her employer (if it’s not her mom) may find it unprofessional

No. 161878

File: 1626563245235.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1085, IMG_20210718_010621.png)

you must be a special kind of dense to not understand why this is milky of nicole. it is NOT stupid that she shared that fanart, as she was tagged, or even uploaded it as a highlight out of puuuure kindness to the artist, No, it was stupid because Nicole made it look like this was her in the drawing and categorized it with the other specific fanart about her, that only displayed nicole. The milky part is Nicole making everything about herself that actually has nothing to do with her.

Your infighting was a torture to read, take your WK ass to meta next time.

Classic of Nicole to meet a celebrity once for five minutes and addressing him with a retarded nickname and acting as if they been friends for years.

No. 161884

This would be impossible to confirm, but it is a fact those videos and pictures will remain around the internet or some scrotes hard drive forever. I think it will be a big hindrence regarding stuff i already mentioned here
as people got fired or deemed unhireable for way less than that. (dirty tweet or being a stripper years ago) as companys dont want to be associated with thottin. and nicole is not even high quality porn.

No. 161887

well even now this is far from ideal, imagine all her male coworkers now having access to pics of nicoles asshole and videos of her acrylics fingering, and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. yikes.

No. 161888

File: 1626564416315.jpeg (183.12 KB, 828x708, E64706D8-1017-4EB9-A10C-8F3EE8…)

Based mod gave them a ban, at least. >>161839
It was frustrating having to repeat over and over again why her family being wealthy is important, seeing as she wants to paint them as poor and in desperate need of money.

She currently has 1185 donations on kofi (minimim of $3555), some as recent as the car incident and thanking her for avoiding hitting those imaginary dogs.
Her money never goes towards what she says it will (kofi money never went towards HP cosplay) and her OF money will never go towards her family.

No. 161890

Nicole is a typical leech for humanity. She does not contribute anything but blurry porn, crushed reputations and blatant lies to the world, yet earns enough from all of her online money sources to live out in LA at 26, pumping her face and stuffing her room/ soon house.

Get a load of this society.

No. 161892

File: 1626565745956.jpg (535.7 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_07_18_01_45_41.jpg)

Don't forget she poses with her toddler nephew for sympathy points, who is way too young to give consent to be uploaded to the internet and does not possible know he is pictured in diapers with a porn publishing e-thot. Will be fun times to google himself later. Nicole takes zero responsiblity man.

No. 161894

Lmao that’s Doon’s baby, not even her real nephew. She just calls him that since Doon is -like a sister- to her.

No. 161896

File: 1626566838931.jpg (1.59 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_07_18_02_00_40.jpg)

Just in case you wondered if Destery is facing any consequences for grooming, pedophilia, cheating and pathological lying or if he is showing any remorse - this is his most recent upload, 5 days ago. With comments disabled, naturally.

I love how Nicole will always be linked to this flesh form of cockroach diarrhea, not only because of the beanie from nicole he is still wearing, but also that shitty triforce tattoo.

By looking for nicoles version (destery hand, nicole wrist) i noticed she must have deleted all former pictures of it?? I couldnt find anything anymore, besides being pretty sure remembering shots on instagram and facebook. i needed to take a cap from a video.

No. 161897

The whole “dog” detail is a great example of her compulsive lying to make herself look better and less careless. There’s plenty of video evidence that she’s a retard behind the wheel. It looks like she’s still taking selfies in that car too? So much for it being out of commission.

No. 161898

This wouldn’t be the first time she has a tattoo linked to someone no longer in her life, either. >>160317
She should just stop getting matching tattoos altogether, it’s embarrassing and soon she will probably get one with Cassie

No. 161900

File: 1626567768079.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1436, IMG_20210718_022143.png)

Nicole being the biggest pickme gamer girl in the history of pickmes.

Look at his smug face, he doesn't give a shit about his actions, but then again, he's a psychopath anyways. true class act to post something tasteless like that.

Isnt the first time she claims she is related to someone she is not, because it is that way in her head.

No. 161901

Fuck I thought this was PT from the front page thumbnail
The poses evoked the queen

No. 161906

if she had and still has a laptop the entire time, what again is her excuse to not stream anymore?
>i dont have a computer

you can't be serious, who with more than 5 braincells left, would behave like that after the internet just blasted you as a groomer and serial cheater? if nicole ever decides to crawl back to him a third time if her nate mission fails, i'm gonna be cringing into the ER.

No. 161911

That photo is from 2015, anon. I doubt the computer still works, let alone has the capacity needed, or compatibility maybe, for real streaming, but people use phones too right? What if she started vtubing?

No. 161912

File: 1626570346631.jpeg (314.47 KB, 1011x1800, C2DE6B85-49F6-48B1-A936-8B0B60…)

Nicole has a history of claiming many different mental disorders/health issues but this one takes the cake. One of her friends was sharing her traumatic experience with pseudoseizures and Nicole of course immediately jumped in to make a claim that she had the same thing.

No. 161913

File: 1626570699963.jpeg (467.1 KB, 1800x1800, DFF5B669-DDD4-43D0-AB8E-48346B…)

Found another one.
>I did a thing
‘I pressed buttons on my phone and failed to credit the artist despite having the exact website of their work’

No. 162131

>Growing up being close to 200lb
>was very slightly chubby/skinnyfat as she also currently is, clearly never 200lb (a child at 200lb would have to be obese), probably never more than 125lb even now

Literally a compulsive liar.