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File: 1645051747728.jpeg (443.7 KB, 1013x1800, DFBC8A99-29DF-46B6-82FB-D9F6D6…)

No. 197693

Previous Thread (#5): >>173567
(#4) >>163459
(#3): >>155594
(#2): >>95156
(#1): >>82304

>Instagram: https://instagram.com/eeveenicoledavis
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/eeveenicoled
>Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nicoleeeveedavis
>OnlyFans: https://www.onlyfans.com/Nicoleeeveedavis
>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/nicoleeeveedavis/

Nicole’s 2022 thus far has been: unemployment for months, hours a day posting word salad tweets about scrotes deadnaming her, and being too embarrassed to show her body anymore due to her weight gain

>“So proud of my ability to provide comfortably for my family” despite taking handouts from said family for 25 years >>190635 and previous threads showing said poverty family are financially well off

>Claims there was a “mindblowing” amount of fake profiles of her on a site called Vampire Freaks, a site specifically for goths and emos, press X to doubt >>191059

>”Donations are very much needed” despite receiving over a thousand donations in the past and never going through with her cosplay promises, the whole point of why paypigs donated, now too lazy to go to her job or produce content on OF >>190636

>Keeping things spicy for the haturz!1!1 >>190209

>Body positive fat pride QWEEN >>189543 but also cannot take pictures anymore due to weight gain >>194524 >>192081 while also mincing NEETdom into “my job and interests don’t make me happy anymore”

>Excessive waist and arm shoops forgetting her photographer posts the unedited version >>183701

>Nicole and Dennis mass liking the same garbage about missing your ex and being with the wrong person >>192372 >>196502

>Warps stories to suit her agenda. ”I lost everything in a bad breakup” for sympathy points >>180019 despite saying it was mutual and peaceful as an argument against cheating accusations >>180160

>Posts photos of herself crying for attention >>181104

>Salty her scrotes turned against her for creating an OF, even though she’s the one who spent a decade curating an innocent false angelic image of herself >>181105

>Uses her snake as a prop for her nerd account >>183998 >>184145

>Obese cat.png >>185280

>Uploaded a video of Connor’s flaccid dick giving him a sad attempt of a blowjob for her OF >>185652 bonus points for extremely dilated pupils >>185883

>Clout chasing speculation >>185904

>”Dennis cheated on me!! He’s a MONSTER” >>186095 while she tried dating another man for the last few years of their relationship >>186738

No. 197695

File: 1645051966934.jpeg (281.6 KB, 828x998, 494D2B1A-1BC4-4394-8DB5-20B7DC…)

OP here, she has addressed living in her car multiple times to build the homelessness narrative, the ‘partially’ sounding like she was actually living with Dawn at the time and did have a home to stay in.

No. 197719

Lol all of Nicole’s thread pics are both hilarious and sad at the same time

No. 197753

Love the new op pic anon, thanks for making the new thread!

No. 197941

File: 1645218115861.jpg (572.41 KB, 1439x1800, figures.JPG)

Approximately a thousand dollars on figures spent in the span of a few days, these prices are from the official websites. Big yikes.

No. 197944

File: 1645218452226.jpg (279.02 KB, 413x728, dennis.jpg)

She also talks about Dennis in a figure unboxing video. The irony is this bitch moved on from him so quickly onto Destery

No. 197961

She is making minimum 4k a month, so easy to spend.

No. 197976

Based on what? Her dead OF from when she used to post? Men unsub and move on to prettier thots. That’s a lot of money for someone who doesn’t work to be spending.

No. 197993

Dead OF and maybe she has a backroom job at the card store still. Her parents are hoarder-collectors like her and gamblers iirc from screenshots in past threads so it's likely she is spending beyond her means, could even be into gambling too.

It's in poor taste for her to constantly bring up her ex three years later when she has a current partner who she makes blowjob videos with kek. I assume her ex is still reading and she lives to sub-post and wind him up.

No. 198010

She moved away from the card store. Why do anons still think she lives in proximity?? Catch up already

No. 198020

File: 1645264431443.jpg (357.18 KB, 1600x1118, IMG_20220215_193935.jpg)

Yeah, and her behavior towards her current poor bastard didn't change at all.
Here we go again with the boyfriend simpin' all over social media with her delivering nothing but half assed, cold bitch one liners. Same old, same old, Dennis probably laughs at this in the distance. She did the same with him.

No. 198021

File: 1645264935839.jpg (896.13 KB, 1600x1200, 2022_02_19_10_58_10.jpg)

I'm still tinfoiling Connor is required to post this "muh godess" nonsense about her

1. because she demands it and likes to harvest internetpoints for dating a cewl band boi

2. in order to safely post his ongoing low-key pride parade with his male bros

He posted both on Valentine's day.

No. 198022

File: 1645265275138.jpg (709.21 KB, 1200x1600, CB73647328929273.jpg)

Sorry, but when it comes to romance, nobody of this group wins. It's like an annual meeting of people who survived the darwin awards.

No. 198031

If anything, I remember she said she moved to be closer to work, not further where is your proof?

No. 198046

The fact she never just visits like she used to on days off and doesn't go there to find packs/decks. Don't be dense.

No. 198047

File: 1645288966701.jpg (117.96 KB, 400x400, 60574133.jpg)

It's a popular Halo meme, anon. The whole Chief thing has existed for over a decade at this point. Catch up.

No. 198079

File: 1645313291474.jpg (807.23 KB, 828x1478, obesehodor.jpg)

Apparently if it wasn’t for her cat, she would have killed herself by now.
Imagine being Connor or Doon, and seeing this story that an animal has beaten you in the spot of giving Nicole a reason to live

No. 198096

Humans are trash. Honestly feel the same way lol

No. 198105

Sorry but you and Nicole both radiate “14 and this is deep” energy for this, may as well wear a normal people scare me tshirt. Gtfo with this cringe lol

No. 198115

Lots of people have that sentiment. It's not even unique to Nicole. There's nothing cringe about having a stronger emotional bond with an animal than a dude you dated for 2 years.

No. 198123

You’re ignoring Doon too. She’s been best friends with her since the seventh grade supposedly, and got her cat in 2017. Also nobody who actually loves their cat would get it that obese. Hodor looks like all the charts you see in the vet for obese cats, especially in OP thread pic.

No. 198124

This is such a retarded nitpick

No. 198126

File: 1645342846456.jpeg (384.29 KB, 1273x1800, 7001DBE0-E488-4DFB-99E6-D28C93…)

It’s really not, you’re just a seething autist. On every single chart Hodor looks like the last picture, and I’m sure any vet with eyes would tell you the same.(derail/ nitpick)

No. 198136

Need to add suicide baiting to the Nicole Bingo
>There's nothing cringe about having a stronger emotional bond with an animal than a dude you dated for 2 years.
Kinda shows she has emotional/narc/bonding issues. Pets don't answer back and don't expect anything other than a bowl of food. Humans are complex. Remember this girl also posts frequently about her supposed supportive network of friends and partner.

No. 198156

yep, and we already established in the last thread that she has a lonh history of neglecting or abusing animals having no idea how to properly handle them, until they are never heard of again or abandonded to her family or doon.

that doesn't change one bit how half assed that delivery was. She has major issues admitting to anything remotely committed, but expects her boyfriends to shower her in adoration.

Wow. And glad to see him still in Nicole's beanie on Valentine's Day.

No. 198158

Millions of people have stronger bonds to animals than people. Don't act like there isn't whole cemeteries out there for deceased pets. It's not uncommon to feel like an animal is family.

No. 198165

Touch grass, suicide baiting is pathetic regardless if it’s about a cat. I’m sure she loves her cat so much based on how it looks like it’s going to die of obesity soon.
Doon has been her servant for years giving her a place to live when she needed it, being used as a tool to recover from breakups, is actually the person behind Nicole’s handmade cosplays who spent all night sewing her outfits, a friend like Doon is probably one in a million.
P.S cherry picking arguments just to make Nicole’s posts seem less retarded is autistic. I can see why you have no friends and prefer animals.

No. 198167

That cat is not being abused and no1currs about Doon.

No. 198225

Making your cat obese is abuse. There are also many videos of her in the previous thread annoying the fuck out of it.

No. 198226

File: 1645418232340.jpeg (771.76 KB, 828x1225, 662D8C87-DA95-4503-A5E0-64B28B…)

The angry eyebrows, the cheap cosplay, this is an insult to Nezuko(nitpicking)

No. 198229

The cat is fine. Stfu already

No. 199469

File: 1646424507736.jpg (476.96 KB, 728x808, pt2022_02_27_18_02_21_mh164598…)

Nice asian baiting. Isn't that chinese language she lipsynched to in the video?

Nicole has always been full of shit when it comes to the so called "perfect" relationships she claims she has with people. You know, the ones she burns through faster and more often than she changes underwear. She sperges about having the best crowd around her (albeit them sounding somewhat meak or co-dependant) and at the same time trashing them online without an end ever in sight. If you look at her instagram captions, they are not only brimming with hostility and cringe ass vague-seething, it becomes so clear that she is the common problematic factor in all those relationships. No matter how hard she pushes people to serve her well, she is devaluing them anyways. And being the prime narc she is, love bombs them back into proximity once she needs them, because you can only Sparta-kick away, what got close again.

No. 199471

File: 1646425296028.jpg (2.69 MB, 1000x6503, CB8273803032022.jpg)

Also a great reminder of her never ending narrative that she is doing sooo well and now everything is aaaawesome, and growth and happy and progress and whatever the fuck and interestingly enough, life is shit and horrible and stagnant at the same time. She never leaves this cycle and she is never going to.

The moidboard catched onto her mental health bullshit saga as well, it's hilarious.

No. 199475

File: 1646426235116.jpg (986.52 KB, 1200x1600, tragedy_jpg.jpg)

her unemployment is showing hard. She is sitting home all day filming nonsense with her hobo looking roommates in a chaotic house full of take out boxes and empty energydrinks. Bonus: Connor audably farting in the video with no shame, cause romance is thriving.

She now arrived at pretending to have pulled rare cards that were actually pulled by Connor. It's just sad at this point.

No. 199477

How is she unemployed? Because you don't like sex work? Anon, she's making good $$ on OF. You can't pretend she isn't making money.

No. 199481

It’s not a real job unless you’re a mega successful thot. Nobody on earth takes nudes once a month and calls it a job

No. 199484

OF gives you a tax form and everything. Its a job.

No. 199486

Taxes have nothing to do with something being a job. I pay taxes on my property and that's not a job. I got a deduction for my donation, etc..

OF isnt really a job, and a tax form doesnt make it one. Some make money, most spend money to make it back and maybe a little more but for most it's not a living wage.

No. 199494

OF isn't property taxes, anon. Its not even comparable. It's tax forms for self-employment, thus a job. Anons broke it down how much, minus their cut, is on a low scale and it was still about 4k. Some people take months to make that at a burger joint.

No. 199495

Haven’t checked this thread In a while and it’s still the most milk stretched, nitpicking thread I’ve ever seen on kiwi ffs

No. 199496

She’s now posted actual proof of her medical history in the form of a pill bottle from when she was diagnosed as a kid (she’s also posted photos in the hospital and of paperwork on her heart condition(??) befor win the paste but I personally believe the real bottles as evidence more. Big L for all the anons pushing the TikTok diagnosis theory oops

No. 199497

Seriously. Necro'd to complain, again, about old posts and armchairing. What part of any of the posts is milk? Lol

No. 199498

It’s not really tbh it’s mostly speculation and I have yet to ever see real “proof” of deed elaborated on other that speculated maybes and stretched milked screenies with context from the anon posting (proof to definition not anti proof-chan shit)

No. 199499

I hate chiming in on this thread specifically because I feel like I’m just gonna look like some up ads white knight but for real the Nicole threads are the weakest Milk threads

No. 199500

Her threads are classified as one of very few “vendetta”threads on the official site board. It’s been overly proven that anyone coming here will find dry milk from a thread run under vendetta anons the passed year maybe more(learn2sage)

No. 199501

I agree, but type sage in the email field so you don't get banned

No. 199502

Yes pls sage- but agreeing with the last anon, all the normal site users understand this as the norm, the only people who used the Nicole threads are people who enjoy pushing the envelope and most people stay clear because they don’t want to argue with vendetta anons. In all honesty it’s a little weird, but proceed with caution

No. 199503

Nothing about >>198226 looks Asian wut

No. 199506

Post screencaps, I don’t see this anywhere

No. 199507

There's no such thing as an official vendetta classification, literally something you just made up. If a thread is seen as vendetta it dies within ten posts, we're on thread #6. You are painfully a newfag with your "official site board" which is also not a thing, I assume you mean /meta. It's like talking to one of Elon Musk's brain damaged monkeys when a Nicole stan turns up.

No. 199510

File: 1646443481529.jpeg (332.6 KB, 828x1066, 95EBB990-11A5-439B-88FD-41F030…)

Everyone goes to the hospital and anyone can get an EKG heart scan, again, going to get checkups is proof of jack shit. Congrats to your goddess for having a legitimate diagnosis of ADHD but so does Gabbie Hanna, and they both have a depressing amount in common with using their diagnosis as an excuse to treat people like shit and display narcissistic tendencies. Nicole also claims to have PTSD from being cheated on, one of the most common things people go through, so see you in a month when she comes with some pills for that

No. 199511

You can't just get an EKG scan. There has to be a reason in the US. They also won't do it at the ER unless there's a reason from personal experience.

No. 199531

If you have a family history of heart disease (even with no symptoms yourself) or literally any concern they will let you, still no proof?

No. 199534

She's posted photos from the hospital and pill bottles. Wtf more proof do you want? Go to the old threads to see anons have posted this shit before. You're derailing just because you want to deny the shit that's been posted. Nothing anyone posts will make you happy because you just REEE about everything being fake.

No. 199541

cool, the samefagging whiteknights and thread-validity deniers are back, that's how you know the situation criticized is legit. Reliable triggerfest ahead.

Her OF is a joke in which she posts once every other month and the scrotes already hate her ass. Taxes this or that, this bitch is buying 300$ figurines and tin boxes left and right, with no steady income.

It has never been proven that she actually has some condition. Aw, you have sporadic heartmurmurs for drinking 5 energydrinks a day? Big whoop, her actions and lifestyle completely contradicting her health claims have been discussed too.

No. 199543

File: 1646473263259.jpg (466.85 KB, 1000x2130, Screenshot.jpg)

That is called narcissistic personality disorder, Nicole.

Info from healthline US, cope harder anons. This is Nicole's "I post an open car door that means someone broke in!!1!" bullshit level of proof all over again.

She is exactly like Gabbie Hanna, who, guess what, is a fat ol' NPD as well and comed up every other month with new self-diagnosis to distract from the fact that she is actually mentally ill with some cluster b crap.

No. 199546

File: 1646474008073.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x1600, 2022_03_05_10_49_45.jpg)

I dare you to upload that evidence. I went back to her instagram to check for proof and discovered that Nicole has just deleted a shit ton of her highlights with stories. Half of her uploads are gone, conveniently. In her feed is also no indication of evidence that would support her outrageaous health claims.

Such as her lifestyle. Because apparently you can run on buttloads of red bulls, fast food, sugary snacks, strong alcohol, work out and lift heavy at work with having heart disease. /s

No. 199548

File: 1646474800022.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1810, IMG_20220221_003814.png)

Not only her health stuff, that girl has been lying out of her ass since 2013. Remember her wannabe ana-chan phase? Where she was sperging about working out and selfcaring? She fooled everyone into believing she was way thinner than she actually was. When you look back on her shoops it's just obvious and kinda hilarious how much she edited herself to look ana. Just look at this motherfukin leg here. Just, really look.(samefagging and nitpicking old milk )

No. 199550

File: 1646475218887.jpg (456.6 KB, 396x2160, 1645400269769.jpg)

samefag, but she really thought those shoulders and arm widths would pass. Compare her upper arm to her head size and check out how she eugenia cooney'd her pits. Her face is completely deformed with ana filters too. No way in hell this was real. And her fabricated med sob stories are not either.

Agree with
>>199543 she just keeps piling of webMD diagnosis to pull attention away from her actual disorder. She was also the one trying to label "good and bad" illnesses on her tiktok. Shit that made her look "innocent" and can be used as a freeticket out of any socially retarded, damaging trash behavior.

No. 199551

File: 1646475464549.jpg (412.53 KB, 1000x1400, IMG7273636282828.jpg)

I vote this new thread pic.

No. 199557

File: 1646483387503.png (817.86 KB, 1080x1607, IMG_20220305_132438.png)

I just vomitted in my mouth a little. You need long distance flights to cover that pilthrum.

More wonky than her made up story lines. Would love to see those pills too?

Apparently now she is back at feeding her cat hot sauce and binge buying card games to fill that void of unemployment.

This shit was super embarassing, I can't believe he just ripped one like that and then dabbed in response… Him being a teenage brains hillybilly and her being a self-diagnosing neet the size of a hippo, no wonder they never have sex. She has the sex appeal of a funeral service.

Btw I had the suspicion that she was claiming pulls that were actually done by other people to polish up her card collector image and this confirms it.

No. 199567

Great. More nitpicking old milk because she literally has no real milk.

No. 199568

I’ve been saying this from the beginning and I’ll say it again, Nicole was always a fatty chan and an anachan wannabe. She wanted everyone to believe she had an ED because she was trying to be a carbon copy of Leda.

No. 199569

File: 1646500841927.jpg (335.85 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20220305-091726_Fir…)

We've been over this and anons have posted photos complaining about how her medicine is copying Leda. Im not about to go through all the threads again, spoonfeed your own vendetta bumps. Wtf are we nitpicking something we've already discussed for 4 threads now. Anons are salty about what the condition even was. BACK IN OCTOBER.

Actually post new milk or don't post at all.

No. 199591

Go outside. We've been through this and this is all old shit already discussed. It's one thing to discuss this GoSsIp, another to only post and make autistic collages because you have nothing new to post except your 2 cents armchair spam.

Seriously. What's new milk? Does she even have any milk at all except anons being salty she has an onlyfans? >>199475 theres not even proof in this post aside from anons wanting it to be the same card but no proof of it being the same card. These packs aren't exactly random. They tend to have one big pull each so this isn't shocking. Especially if they bought their shit together. Lack of proof isn't proof. Actually post real proof and not your accusations with nothing to back it up.

No. 199605

Ah yes, so feeding an obese cat with hot sauce, quitting all your stable jobs for posting low tier OF trash once a month and using random self-diagnosis to justify her abusive behavior is not milk? sure thing. Why you guys only come back to complain about no milk anyway?

It was never addressed before how intensely bad and damaging these specific shoops were, so what's the big deal discussing them now? She is currently going on about being too fat to post apparently, which wasnt an excuse back then, when she was still chubster but just shooped herself to be presentable - even up to anachan levels. Your problem for not seeing a connection to current milk.

No. 199607

Her deleting half of her highlights (which contained lots of evidence that could now be used against her) once this thread gained traction again is shady af.

I love how being in a bad headspace was not keeping her from posting when she was skinny, but warrants months of inactivity when she is in a fat phase.

No. 199614

Or she archived them which is a main function on Instagram

No. 199645

Archiving stories is deleting a highlight. We know how Instagram functions work, when you select to archive all the stories it asks you if you want to delete the highlight. Lol.

No. 199686

You realize that removing it from highlights doesn't delete it right? There are 2 options. Removing/archiving makes it not available to people like you, but if you go to create new highlights, old story posts are still available to add. You clearly don't know how it works as it sounds like you don't use the highlight function. Move on already.

No. 199708

>Nicole stan reverts to being pedantic and focusing on some tiny detail to distract from the main point "she didn't technically delete it, she archived it"
You should work for Snopes.

No. 199715

File: 1646605563221.jpg (1.12 MB, 1600x1076, 1646605009712.jpg)

You'd have a great career in royal rectal distressing.

The leg is indeed intense, lmao. The only thing she got going for her right now, is that filters became more advanced, at least than this. She looks more 3D than human at this point, but still can't manage to properly distort the floor when she smudges in her waist (picrel) Can't believe people still buy this stuff and envy her for her ~ boundless beauty ~.

yup, and she only deleted old stuff and drama related bullshit. Maybe she thinks she can't drag others while not confident enough to post herself for being a fatso. But as I see, sergeant simp already handed out red text reports, better hush and pretend she's saint ana again.(nitpicking autist still at it )

No. 199716

yeah, let's compare her ear size to her facial ratio and pretend everything is normal.

what matters is, that miss "i need to overshare every aspect of my life and made up half of it anyways" doesn't want people to see an awful lot of information out of nowhere. pretty sketch.

No. 199732

It's not supposed to look normal. Its fucking anime ears.

No. 199739

You can’t be serious.. anon clearly meant her human ears, which you can fucking see. Stop baiting replies.

No. 199766

Her ears look fine.

No. 200224

File: 1646857643677.jpg (735.7 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20220309-122519_Twi…)

She showed some ADHD/ADD meds from 2004.

No. 200251

LOL so can we add munchausen to Nicole’s cow qualities list? Not only is the date wrong, the names are different too. The first bottle says Davis and the second bottle says Miller. How is she that dumb?

No. 200257

Miller might be the name of the person who dispensed it, that name is on the back where her name is on the front.
What's more weird is she still has the bottle in 2022. ADHD has been overdiagnosed+prescribed since the late 90s for any excitable kids, so I believe it, but seems like she only got that prescription once and is fishing it out for online sympathy.

No. 200269

It says her name. It's a really common diagnosis so i don't get where you're getting it's fake. You don't grow out of ADHD.

No. 200286

File: 1646877327525.jpeg (793.8 KB, 828x1642, 15E6BFA1-2EBB-436F-B458-740EBF…)

When it’s been more than two years and you can’t stop posting about your ex as if it just happened. His family and friends have to see this shit.

No. 200292

This is literally amemetok that's going around using the nacho libre sound. It went viral and has nothing to do with Nicole. It was just on my FYP too.

No. 200297

Stop baiting, it’s the only thing she posted on her story and obviously references her 10 year relationship. She isn’t sitting there reposting every viral tiktok, she has been nonstop talking about Dennis these past two years and even making Tiktoks about him. Get help.

No. 200298

File: 1646882436143.jpeg (143.34 KB, 828x895, 910654CE-F967-45BE-B9B2-385089…)

She posted it on her Twitter too saying “felt” which fucking means she relates to it. Samefag for screencap. Take your meds

No. 200307

She makes the same type of content for cheap likes lol

No. 200531

File: 1647022215502.jpg (507.85 KB, 1079x1111, Screenshot_20220311-100925_Fir…)

Figured I check if she's active and yep lol Right on the nose. Her Twitter shows new content she's teasing, so that's probably why.

No. 200532

File: 1647022320187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.76 KB, 914x1706, 20220311_101203.jpg)

What she's teasing

No. 200541

This type of content is so tired…

No. 200594

Simps pay

No. 200615

File: 1647057411447.jpg (620.25 KB, 828x1381, grimdear.jpg)

I think Nicole has some sort of envy when it comes to grimdear, and oddly enough only interacts with her or mentions her to either be envious she wasn’t picked for something grimdear was >>>/w/163054 or try and relate to her popularity by saying “SAME, except this happened to me A LOT.” I know her lackeys will get upset at me even suggesting this, but this isn’t the first time Nicole has had jealousy over a popular girl in her community. Looking through her old FB posts she insulted Leda in the past, shortly before deciding she wants to be here. She needs to get help if she’s comparing herself to girls and pretending to be all about “girls support girls”.(sage your shit)

No. 200621

As a hair nerd, sellers of extensions and wigs and stuff just save photos of girls from Instagram with similar looking hair irl and attach it to their listings, doesn't mean anything but probably helps with clicks and misleading buyers (the thing in the listing always looks significantly worse than the stolen images)
Just means her hair (and Nicole's, if she's telling the truth) was roughly the right color and length for whatever item that is.

No. 200634

I don't think following someone and interacting with them sometimes is the same as having an obsession. How is she obsessed if she isn't talking to her nonstop? This is a non-issue. Highly doubt she's jealous.

No. 200664

She has a need to one up every scene girl, and got jealous when she was posted on FB instead of her. Lol

No. 200693

That meme wasn't a good indication of jealousy

No. 200791

File: 1647148784340.jpg (240.01 KB, 828x780, IMG.jpg)

>Addicted to recording videos while driving and wondering why you have too many close calls >>>/w/154682 >>>/w/86298
She has gotten into multiple car accidents and wrecked her car(s). Close calls are just a given when you’re stupid and endanger others yourself. Especially when you go on Instagram and tell your followers how stupid it is to endanger lives by recording yourself or driving wrecklessly >>>/w/155064
And now she’s doing it again. This is going to be her fourth car accident.(sage your shit)

No. 200821

I remember her past offences, wasn’t the wk trying to defend it saying she’s not the one driving? Kek

No. 200830

She's talking about speeding, not a it being in the phone.

No. 200831

Anons were talking about blogs in her car, parked.

No. 200835

File: 1647190603428.jpg (751.43 KB, 1200x1600, 1623185708417.jpg)

She was sitting on the passenger side.

No. 200841

shit like this you have to think bigger picture. why would a person write something like this? whats the intent? to warn people so that they dont get into a dangerous situation? no. if youre driving its a given to be cautious. to make you seem like a fair person that cares about others? probably. shes also putting the blame directly onto others before shes even caught possibly being in the wrong in an accident. kind of like an alibi. what i find interesting about her is that every word out of her mouth has some sort of intent. shes always perfectly crafting who she wants to come off as.

No. 200843

She makes these posts for easy likes and retweets in hopes that one of these sage words of wisdoms goes viral so people can hopefully follow her. It's all an algorithm game. There isn't other intent behind it. It's supposed to get other people to like it who are 'like-minded'. I don't see how this reads into her trying to deflect and protect her reputation. These car issues were a while ago anyway, so I don't see how it's relevant except trying to use >>200791 just to drudge up old milk. We've talked about her cars already. No1currs anymore.

No. 200846

actually i agree that bringing up her old incidents is irrelevant and somewhat reach-y.
and yup it is probably all just for likes, algorithm and attention. i still however think that everything she puts out is to paint herself in a specific way where she seems so righteous, good intentioned, but its actually just attention seeking.

No. 200902

In many of them you can see her behind the wheel.

No. 200903

File: 1647211875212.jpg (248.44 KB, 828x803, bully.jpg)

Our queen is now 27 years old and still thinks writing a paragraph of “bullying is bad” will get her likes. None of her tweets ever get traction, absolutely none. Yes Nicole, boollying is bad and reckless driving is bad.

At least Mikan was sarcastic with her viral tiktok and tweet saying murder is illegal in Japan. That shit was mildly funny due to it being an obvious goof, Nicole is dead serious when she says being mean is bad.

No. 200917

Cool, all old. No1currs.

No. 200963

It’s always the bullies who say they are anti bullying.

No. 201284

You’re using farmer terms incorrectly. You’re the one who brought it up and tried to show she was never behind the wheel by showing images of her in the passenger seat. Idiot

No. 201371

This is all old milk and not new, so what's the point anyway? Nitpicking her posts as if anons haven't commented on her car 100x already.

No. 201493

File: 1647484334039.jpg (794.29 KB, 1600x1200, 2022_03_17_03_26_53.jpg)

LMAO at how Cassie posts a story with filters for the first time in ages and Nicole, inactive as ever, has to jump on the competition train as fast as possible. I screencapped Cassies story because I knew Nicole would eat that bait up like cake, her jealousy game is on fire when she's in a fatso phase. Just recently she uploaded a video proving that she used slimming enhancement filters, because they glitched and she was too dumb to notice. Gonna make a gif and upload later.

No. 201503

She's been active though..

No. 201661

We’re watching body dysmorphia in real time.

No. 201725

They are just fucking around with filters.

No. 201937

File: 1647713664602.jpg (970.08 KB, 1080x1616, IMG_20220315_100637.jpg)

Not on her stories though, and certainly not showing herself.

at the same time, with the same routine and pretty close wording, just Nicole being couple of hours late and having to fight Cassie for her imaginary dysmorph-beauty contest.

Are you kidding? Lmao this set is old af, she shot that cringe back when she was ana and now uploading looks like some sort of unhinged skinny-pretense cover up story. Instead of her roles spilling on OF, her scrotes get year old chew up from this cow.

Imagine running a dead OF and taking precautious ana-shots to hold them back until you fat up again to release them in order to look like your sub is still buyable.(old milk)

No. 201939

File: 1647713844958.jpg (1015.53 KB, 1600x1200, 2022_03_07_10_31_02.jpg)

For someone who used to basically livestream every minor aspect of her insignificant life, i think it's interesting she keeps her family still out of everything. She throws around info about her meds, illnesses, moves, unemployment, doing shit in life (but still thriving you know) and yet, no support from anyone but her crusty BF. And that is through agreeing to sloppy OF blowjobs and farting in her kitchen for insta stories.

Even someone highly disfunctional as destery posts about his frat boy ass looking mother and their relationship is trash. He and Cassie are still posting shady quibs aimed at Nicole btw. This was his, while Cassie shits on pisces women and narcs. 

No. 201942

File: 1647714434875.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1546, IMG_20220319_192620.png)

her parents are gambling white trash folk, so nothing post worthy. Although I agree that somebody being that preoccupied with making the world believe she is oh so likable and has ton of friends and the best people in her life, keeps awefully silent about most of them. Even Doon abandonded her as a best friend kek.

No. 201944

File: 1647714669793.jpg (1.12 MB, 1600x1200, CB63827948372819.jpg)

All nice blows to her ego. Meanwhile, bitch is coming up with all sorts of bullshit excuses to why she has barely any comments and her views bombing on tiktok. Guys, it's the glitches!

No. 201976

File: 1647729351469.jpg (1.07 MB, 1200x1600, birthdaynonsense.jpg)

watching Nicole's and Destery's trainwreck story for years has been a primecow experience, so I think it's hilarious that he still subposts her with a contrast mix of backhanded sideeye quotes and blatantly aggressive flirt signals. Your typical "I want you, but secretly hate you" narc trope. It's already fucked up enough that his unhinged infant girlfriend has the same birthday as Nicole (march 13th), but he has to rub it in too, just to later pose in an outfit he completely got from Nicole alone. It's been years and this grooming shitpile with glasses is still on it.

Same day, Nicole's stories mention nothing but a retarded lashbash (nice bodyshaming again) and how that poor thing always has a hard time on her birthday. Her peter pan syndrome thrives every year she gets older anyways, but it's funny as hell that her exes and now even Doon know how to shit all over it by actively provoking or completely ignoring her when she expects attention. Where are your "oh look, i'm showered in gifts uwu" posts now, Nicole?

No. 202408

Whoever is reporting every single post is retarded. Nta but how is this old milk for pointing out she’s using year old photos on her dead OF? That shit is recent events. The debating on every single post here is why I rarely come to this thread any more, I don’t see these retarded dissenting anons on Mikan’s or any similar cow’s threads

No. 202426

If you're considering armchairing and nitpicking posts, adding any wishful thinking subtext to make non-milk milky and new, you need help. >>201976 Stuff like this makes no sense to post. Shoehorning in Nicole when the posts have nothing to do with her, is reidiculous.

No. 203224

File: 1648262604640.jpeg (435.59 KB, 828x1157, C5E5958E-8DFF-470F-8460-79964B…)

>I was lucky enough to be of age when he took advantage of me in a vulnerable spot during my breakup
He’s barely older than you Nicole, and iirc you were both in similar situations where you had a “rough patch” with your partner and were letting him flirt with you since 2017 before the rough patch and Dennis was in the same room as you while you were streaming, acting all lovey dovey and bringing you sandwiches.
He played you but so did you to him when this was at the height of his social career back when he met up with Shane
She needs to stop victimizing herself or making this shit about her in a situation involving grooming/pedophilia

No. 203250

>I don’t see these retarded dissenting anons on Mikan’s or any similar cow’s threads

laughs in "Taylor R's thread"

No. 203251

Still wearing that damn Nintendo beanie
Good for her, wow even Doon dropped her

No. 203287

Lol embarassing. I’m surprised she’s still buying likes and followers

No. 203313

That's not how those accounts work and haven't in years.

No. 204863

File: 1648895898907.png (179.63 KB, 1080x799, IMG_20220402_123746.png)

She changed her bio and now it's more pickme and cringe than ever.
Let dem woke labels rain~

No. 204867

File: 1648898463766.gif (9.56 MB, 600x831, ezgif-4-77e39694db.gif)

ah yes, so now she isn't bi, she is pan, people! she can fuck any and everybody… as looong as there is a deep and profound connection uwu. Way to signal the succubus slut trope and maintain maximum purity image lmao, Nicole's specialty.

The gif I wanted to upload, taken from her original instagram and anothers storyshare. You can clearly see she uses strong weight reduction facetune and videofilters on her body, watch the wonky ass doorframe and cabinet lines in the back. Bonus points for her wanna be pointy "natural" elvenears. So much for bodypositivity.

No. 204868

File: 1648899040874.jpg (1.02 MB, 1500x1500, 2022_04_02_13_24_33.jpg)

in support of this: check her ridiculously minimized face not only in comparison to the huge body, but in the moment she turns and the filter doesn't catch it, boom, from ana to fatso real quick. So much for her speaches about self love and being oh so confident, but altering yourself to that extent indicates a completely different story smh.

No. 204869

File: 1648899105136.jpg (548.47 KB, 828x1305, kakegurui.jpg)

Why is her reach dead? Because her cosplays suck. She should compare her shit to cosplayers who get millions of likes and figure out what they’re doing to get praise and recognition for their work. If she’s going to keep cosplaying Raphtalia she should work on her mannerisms and make her videos more appealing. Staring at a camera with a brown wig and raccoon ears isn’t going to cut it.

No. 204872

File: 1648901492577.gif (10.62 MB, 600x1066, ezgif-5-33da2aefa3.gif)

Watch the heavily glitching back of the chair and ground to the kitchen when she moves (basically the entire room is shifting), she is shaving her weight off and manipulates all main facial features with this in her videos. I feel bad for those teen girls looking up to her and thinking this is achiebable and normal. The selfloathing it takes to even go that far kek

No. 204873

In her latest post she claims to look like Captain Amelia, while absolutely NOTHING about the outfit does. She changes the "everytime i put on armor I feel like" narrative every other week, before it was Raphtalia and before that it was Asuna. Reminds me of the time she briefly dyed her hair platinum and claimed people were calling her Elsa and children looked up to her for being a Disney princess. Before Elsa it was Zelda and before that princess Bubblegum. All of which never happened.

She isn't doing cosplay for accuracy or the craft, she is doing it for quick and cheap attention. Not to mention her internalized selfhate and urge to be anyone else but herself. Narcs love assuming identities because they dont have any of their own.

No. 204874

File: 1648902199072.jpg (654.96 KB, 1200x1600, CB81647282726373.jpg)

This is fucking heartbreaking man. or hilarious, cant decide.

She is shaped like an ogre with make up. Also funny that she still claims in her bio to be a turnament participant, as if she is doing anything else than sitting on her fat ass all day at home, neither working nor participating in shit for over two years or so.

Yup, but that bitch is overly confident enough to give god damn tutorials on abomination cosplays like her trash paya.

No. 204875

File: 1648902450225.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1816, IMG_207363828272.png)

In addition to her dismorphia saga: she basically confirmed here herself that her natural hair is NOT strawberry red. Besides the fact that everyone with eyes clearly sees that this is a basic bitch dirty blond, why would you have the need to tint it red, if it already is? Is she too stupid to not call herself out like that or is she really still clinging onto that natewrul redhead persona?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 204879

If you're going to samefag at least bring milk. Not rehashing oldposts and trying to act like these things weren't discussed already.

No. 204881

And this Yukemo cosplayer looks awful. I don't know why you are comparing her to Nicole.

No. 205141

Not too long ago Nicole and her WK was insisting she was naturally~ blonde, she wants to be special SO bad.

No. 205159

Nice ban evade

No. 205165

Nice wking, you can’t stand that there are many people who don’t believe in her bullshit. Go get a fucking life. You’ve been defending her since her first mention in the Costhots thread. Keep seething fag.

No. 205177

No one said anything defending her. Get a grip.

No. 205182

You are assuming everyone who says something about Nicole is the same person, keep denying your wking faggot.

No. 205334

I have no idea wtf is going on with you or the farmhand, who keep handing out bans, red text and accusations with absolutely no legitimate reason. I swear some people here are Nicole herself or just live religiously in her butthole. Those posts are clearly milk if you know the threads and understand the concept of context and proof against Nicole's statements. It takes out any fun to post here anymore whatsoever the way how it is handled lately. Besides that: 1. No, as hard as it is to believe nonnie, that was not all posted by me and 2. I never evade, unlike you some people have a life outside bancow. Just come to terms already that this is a Nicole thread with multiple individuals sharing the same opinion. The relentless whiteknighting and blocking in this thread is becoming insufferable, they kick their own main contributors and let unhinged stans fly, yeah right. Anyways, I hope the infighting can stop and we return to the cow.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 205337

File: 1649108243274.jpg (284.74 KB, 896x497, Finalfantasy.jpg)

She has clinged onto the "im a real strawberry blonde" narrative for ages (of course, red is the rarest hair color after all uwu), although pictures proving otherwise and now her very definite own description in text, that she needs product to come even close to red, confirms it. but apparently such evidence gets you banned here.

Cassie continues her beta journey with copying from around (what Nicole perfected), in which she designed an "own" character that looks exactly like all of those Nicole ever did, but then complains she needs to be around creative people lol. the irony in those vapid altgirls man… and Nicole already ripped that from Leda. Even when they "create" it's stuff that has been around a million times.

No. 205340

File: 1649108410297.jpg (660.33 KB, 889x1360, 1649107493732.jpg)

I haven't seen you once contributing to the thread, just derailing and wking like your life depends on it.

Trouble in la casa del emofagg, wondering if this has something to do with the fact that Destery had the nerve to dress his girlfriend up in Nicole's clothes she gifted to him.

No. 205347

File: 1649109834867.jpg (734.53 KB, 941x1119, screenshot.jpg)

And it might be the worst photoshop on earth, but anyways, it's fucked up to put your partner in another ex-attire, she probably doesn't even know. Nicole's sweater has seen some shit, maybe with enough time it can be hoed around the entire world…

Tinfoil, but maybe Nicole is really still lurking on Des' socials (herself or through her doonbot accounts), as since his gf uploaded these, the original post of Nicole in the sweater is gone on her instagram and people comment weird shit.

No. 205351

File: 1649110511744.jpg (1.03 MB, 1500x1500, CB273638282737382.jpg)

Kek at Connor being publicly congratulated on his birthday literally by every single person in their household except Nicole, who rather seethes when anyone else gets socialmedia points. So much for her supportive girlfriend trope. Does anyone have any information what the hell is going on with her job/no job situation by now?

No. 205355

Take it to meta, vendetta sperg. None of this is milk, again.

No. 205359

Based farmhand

No. 205477

File: 1649184316373.jpeg (252.72 KB, 812x1131, 405EEB2F-1C7D-4E1A-8E19-DF6643…)

All these baka vendetta-chans just jelly that miss Eevee-san got her own anime

No. 206555

That comment is so strange, is that on Destery's page?

That hat and that hoodie have seen some things.

No. 207405

Has over 10 million likes and all the comments are praising her cosplays. Nicole gets what, 1000 likes at most?

No. 207460

Considering the same cosplayer was posted here in a different thread, don't know how that makes her better when tiktok has no taste. Can't even take a nose ring out for cosplay.

No. 209771

I don't get it. She says on Twitter they're partners avoiding the word boyfriend. Meanwhile likes the same sad romantic posts as Dennis does. She also liked a post about being single.(sage your shit)

No. 209804

Cali anon here, I go to franksnsons frequently and have not seen her at the card shop the times I went. She may not be working there anymore.

No. 209805

That's why anons have been saying she moved away too far and can't be working there for months.

No. 210274

Lol anons have been saying she's been fired for the longest time, you're just in denial.

No. 210281

We know she moved, so where are you getting this 'fired' thing from considering she worked there for a few years on and off? Doesn't seem like they'd fire her considering they kept rehiring her. Unless you have anything to go off of, besides bias, to her being fired, she doesn't seem like she did anything besides quit and move. If she was fired, why would she visit and not be embarrassed? Your tinfoil doesn't even make sense.

No. 210372

It isn’t the first time she’s been fired, she mentioned it during the start of the first thread, she worked at two card shops and mentioned being fired from one, I doubt she avoids Frank & Sons after getting fired. But she hasn’t posted about being there in so long, she probably is avoiding it.

No. 210397

So that's 3 jobs, 1 was fired, 1 wasn't. Maybe call and ask them anon, get more info because there's just tinfoil here. Of course you'd say she's avoiding it. It makes sense in your headcanon because the simple, and obvious (bc it coincides) move, isn't milky enough. Come back with proof she was fired.

She moved and stopped making videos there about the same time. Literally makes sense.

No. 210622

File: 1651568070008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 908.45 KB, 2560x1440, 20210706_094538.jpg)

Anither obese lard ass like mickey and lori. Whats with ththe rise in fatties shooping themselves "skinny" then having ppl believe they arent over 300lbs?! Its gross. nicole is just undeniably hideous. At least im SKINNY and dont shoop. Sorry but nicole is dispicable. Prove me wrong(attention whore)

No. 210658

Cope and sage fatty - bumping threads for ass pats is the real hideous thing happening.

No. 210674

I was gonna point out these aren’t even the same bottles lol

No. 210676

You can even see the T on the left just barely where TAB is finished on the right. Don't be this fucking dumb. She's turning the bottle.

No. 211708

why does she keep doing this

No. 211710

pls stop. this is so cringe. you look like you’re gonna pass out from sucking in so hard.
go post your below-average body on 4chan where the scrotes might give a fuck about your terrible nudes. here it’s just sad.

No. 211807

Actually not sucking in but whatever helps u cope uggo(attention whore)

No. 211810

if you're really not then you're fucking deformed.

No. 211828

I like the fact that in your head you are an edgy manic pixie dreamgirl WilDly posting your average nudes on an imageboard, while to everyone else you are just a boring attentionseeker. Btw this board is mostly women barring the occassional troon or lost male, and most people here think whores and sexworkers need therapy and a real job, so…not sure what you're gaining by stripping off to a bunch of fellow women. Are you one of those people who tries to talk to other women in the changing room? Maybe some latent homosexuality? That's cool but we don't care about your nudes so. Maybe take a nap and have a sandwich and think about your life.

No. 211849

Girl, get off the internet and go do something to get out of that shithole you live in. Fucking sad.

No. 211920

Nicole is an overweight foid. If anything she and ppl like her are the sad one. Exercising 3 hrs a day walking to work gardening and tanning after….yet i have no life apparently. Ok jan whatever helps u cope kek(unsaged shitposting)

No. 212199

File: 1652306732790.png (246.61 KB, 1440x1028, bleak.png)

Posting your vagina on the internet for 36 likes, just another day in the life of an e-whore.

No. 212202

Milky how? We already know she's doing this shit

No. 212203

It’s milk, Nicole’s OF is not as successful as she makes it out to be, is that a good enough explanation for you wk chan?

No. 212217

You're comparing a site she doesn't get as much attention on compared to OF. Scrotes don't like outting themselves on thot posts for the most part. This isn't indicative of how her OFs is working out. The two sites aren't the same.

No. 212473

>Scrotes don't like outting themselves on thot posts for the most part
Nta but we have completely different anecdotal experiences kek

No. 212537

Her compared to someone like Belle who wants meme-y scrotes to interact, isn't the same.

No. 213217

File: 1652806313789.jpg (554.85 KB, 914x2012, shemovesyetagain.jpg)

Major kek, we all called it. Her usual timeframe is up and bitch packs her bags again.

No. 213219

It's fucking hilarious just how much her grand "cali influencer house" plan amounted to absolutely nothing. From Nate bailing, to Cassie moving out and Connor starting to grow pot and learn code instead of music, this thing was a shitshow from the beginning. But hey, we always have chubster OF in the dark porn and Raphtalia mass figure buys to look back on.

No. 213236

I think she planned a sorta scene revival of cassie, nate, connor and her streaming and posting wacky content, she seems to not really post any of the million other people living with her so without those two her plans fell apart.
But even the one stream they did crashed and burned (Nicole monologues about how Nate is her soulmate as Cassie silently watches) and her car literally crashed/broke down during the attempted roadtrip. Then Cassie and Nate ran for the hills so that plan fell apart before Nicole had even moved in.

As anons have observed before, she always drifts from friendgroup to friendgroup, and new homes/locations, so a new one will be sure to appear (this thread is needing content so I wish her luck on her 20th reinvention)

No. 213267

Is the boyfriend going to move with her?

No. 213280

Might want to check their other socials. Probably half the house is moving.

No. 213369

Given how she continues to dodge questions about their commitment on twitter, I wouldn't even be so sure if they are still a thing and her just being too embarassed to go public with yet another failed relationship. I highly doubt he will go with her. After all she calls it a SaFe MoVe for herself.
She will have another jerkcircle with no social skill lined up to move to and bite the dust or just fall back on Doon as usual.

No. 213386

Or she isn't advertising her relationship bc thots don't usually do that. Lack of posting isn't the proof you think it is.

No. 213443

File: 1652908221514.png (1.44 MB, 1401x1045, connor.png)

nta but she is advertising her relationship, the anniversary post in picrel is pretty obvious.
She's just being vague because she always acts like that with boyfriends, anons have posted the lengthy lovebombing posts her ex would write on Facebook which she'd write short jokey captions in response to. Girl just has commitment issues.

Also hiding your boyfriend for your three dozen coomer fans >>212199 seems a bit unnecessary, don't think anyone really cares that much

No. 213488

Boyfriend #129

No. 213509

File: 1652937631724.jpg (473.01 KB, 1000x1951, avoidingbs.jpg)

Once in a blue moon she might sperge about her simp guy to fake how happy and awesome her life is and how she grew so much, but generally, she dodges the shit out of commitment.

These heavily imply they are not having sex and that she wasnt even convinced to date him. She refers to him as more of a "emotional support partner". Where people usually have a dog for it, Nicole has him to use. No chance he will move with her.(ban evasion/belle sperg)

No. 213510

I thought the lack of sex was due to her medication

No. 213877

Uhm, what is this redtext? Neither did I evade ban nor did I at any point sperge about Belle in any thread on this board lol.

No. 213881

File: 1653081274756.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x3402, 05_18_20_58_45.jpg)

Well, if she is off the pill she could use many other precautions, but claiming "there is a zero chance right now" implies they are not having sex whatsoever. Which might even be better for Connor, given his dingdong is likely still in whiplash recovery from her car accident of a OF blowjob.

Anyways, checking her twitter also displays the same unoriginal pity-me nonsense she has been abusing as excuses for years. Always the mental health and "i feel so guilty not posting uwu" crap while we all know it's solely because she refuses to create when overweight and lacks any other job or work to do all day besides sitting on her ass. Her OF runs badly (hence her recent push on instagram again) and she quit all her income sources, so shocker, now she has to move out of her failed cali emo mansion. This is not about mental health, it's about rock bottom finance skills. Nicole is an expert in playing the victim card when she is delusional and lazy.

No. 213883

Idk, she never could just call him her freaking boyfriend, all this dancing around with "partners" and "supporters" and "good dynamics" sounds like BS to me avoiding to commit. It's enough to make Connor believe she is honest with him, but too little to not signal to her moids she isn't game. I think she can't decide wether she wants to pose the lone wolf girl or the supportive s.o. trope, but in reality, she is neither. Connor is just another medication for her needs being tried out as long as it's of use to her.

No. 213885

File: 1653081802733.png (703.59 KB, 703x824, threejobswecouldnever.png)

Here she claimed she moved closer to LA to be closer to her work and what she loves to do, no idea why y'all still think she quit because of distance. Yeah, she might have been fired or left long ago, but "easing her commute" is the opposite of "i cant go because im too far away".

No. 213886

>For years I've been trying to fingure out the missing piece for everything to just click so I can feel normal
You don't know what normal looks like to begin with. You have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, there is no cure besides heavy therapy treatment to "manage" your horrid cycles in a way that doesnt getnot other people to want to kill themselves around you constantly.

Also, thinking it's just "one" easy thing to find is child brain at work.

>I am not lazy that's the opposite of who I am, I treat mental/physical health issues behind the scenes I dont elaborate on much for privacy.

You haven't elaborated on anything else besided that for years and as publicly as possible.
>Not living up to my potential
What, ultrathot? serial killer?

No. 213889

File: 1653082726580.jpg (857.46 KB, 1200x1600, CB716374927182836.jpg)

I think so too, non of those lowlifes can afford it if someone leaves, great plan for a group of financially unstable minimum wage tweens that have zero social glue to hold that autistic group together.

>I want to love myself without makeup - clones herself into skinny nicole's identity

>whines about being lonely - still dates a pedophile nobody wants to associate with
>complains about being broke - gets massive fillers

Every single one of them is retarded like this, but times 10. This was like the logan paul house, minus the money.

No. 213890

File: 1653083000316.jpg (926.7 KB, 1600x1200, screenshot.jpg)

This was like the logan paul house except everyone was logan paul.

Nicole still sub-fights back and forth with Destery instead of finding a new job. Really grabbing my popcorn to look where her meteor ass crashes into next and ruins everyones lifes.

No. 213892

File: 1653083356248.jpg (645.07 KB, 1600x1200, plastichorseshit.jpg)

um excuse me, she bought a healing ball ok? basically doing everything in her might to get better.

Why would you gift your sick friend research literature, meds or wellness items to get better, when there is plastic bakugun trash for kids.

No. 213899

Then maybe she makes enough money after taxes. Anons have already shown how she is making 4K at least. In LA that's a good amount when you're living with a bunch of people. Unless you have proof of her being fired, drop that line of thinking because its garbage tinfoil.

No. 213959

>I was lucky I was of age
Gotta love her age baiting delusions in which she poses as if she is barely 18, while probably pushing 40. Jk, i know she is in her mid twenties, but that peter pan complex is strong.

No. 213962

File: 1653124381089.png (124.74 KB, 1080x687, IMG_20220521_110637.png)

She keeps being vague about details, but makes it look like a hiatus. Of course it's because, after working there for ages, she suddenly "burnt out socially" and not because she turned fatso and is terrified of photos she can't control.

No. 213968

File: 1653127094645.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1562, screenshot273628.png)

Rats are leaving the sinking ship. shelby just announced he quit his coffee shop job after five years to now work as a personal trainer, presenting his noodle ass arm as the selling point. Connor learns code to eventually quit too. No idea whats going on with brendon since his mental breakdown. I just remember all of them physically fighting on their terrasse.

No. 214016

Customers are draining

No. 214147

She just couldn’t stand people taking candids of her

No. 214226

I assume it's because mod thinks you're the "Belle sperg" who comes back every few months to shit up /W/. Whether you are or not isn't always clear kek.

No. 214264

Clearly you are.

No. 214305

File: 1653234316000.jpeg (236.42 KB, 828x1316, 2E73D54B-A5A1-4439-9352-32E611…)

Nicole just gained 5k followers overnight, and then another 5k the next day. And her most recent instagram post has the most few likes she’s ever had, it only garnered 3000 in one day. Low like counts, high surges of followers, and I don’t see a single page giving her a shoutout to justify the jump in followers.

No. 214307

File: 1653234440564.jpeg (459.52 KB, 828x1514, F9026E7B-C211-4563-B066-B9426A…)

I also looked through her recent followers and it’s all Indian accounts following over 3000 people. This is how buying followers works.

No. 214313

File: 1653236240468.jpg (645.14 KB, 1079x1892, Screenshot_20220522-091645_Ins…)

Has almost 8k. What are you talking about.

No. 214322

They might be using the same VPN or Belle sperg happens to live in the same country? Belle sperg lacks the ability to type in comprehensible English which makes me think it isn't another regular who actually posts content
Doesn't disprove anon's point about randomly gaining 5k followers for no reason, and said followers being clearly bot accounts

No. 214323

that's only 2% engagement based on her follower count.

No. 214324

You know you can buy likes right?

No. 214361

Lol, you didn’t read. I said it had 3000 in the FIRST day. It’s been two days.

No. 214370

She has been known to mass buy followers and likes, i still even think the absolute majority of her fans are fake. she used to grow in extreme peaks out of nowhere, no ads, no shoutout, no major activity or going viral. She is at one of her most inactive points yet again and gain 5k+ in a day? BTW i'm the same anon that called her out on that years ago and she just claimed buying followers "is not a real thing", after I drew attention to her social blade spiking 7k fans in a day, multiple days in a row…


Her numbers are showing she consistently loses following most of the times anyways >>163320
and she bought massive following on Facebook and Tiktok too. Nicole has been faking popularity since she entered social media. It's a small town nobody who self-put "public figure" in their bio, what do you expect…


No. 214372

Also shows her priorities. "I need to collect money for a save move for me…but not before I buy 5k indian bot fans to keep facade uwu."

No. 214381

LMAO so it's that moment of the year again. Based on her pattern she will reinvent herself in no time to fit in with whatever group she tries to exploit mext, like she did when she went from fairy to succubus, to suck up to Dawson's emo youtube friends and not stick out. Grabbing the popcorn.

Any guesses? She's fat now, so she'll drop the sexdemon look. I'd say she would use some vintage bookworm shit, or maybe quirky pokeprof or artsy manic pixie dream girl bs, something innocent and uncontroversial others trust easily and quickly, to gather ground again.

No. 214383

it depends on where she goes now. She has no own identity and will mimic whatever gets her farthest with her new crowd of victims.
It's likely 1. someone who can financially carry her lazyass and is easily manipulated, like some simpy loner or 2. someone she can abuse all over with her mental health fatso rage, while "fixing her meds" as an excuse to treat them like shit, so it has to be someone who's willing to endure that, like Doon. Someone she already has merit with.(samefagging)

No. 214400

Ana sperg detected

No. 214404

Not to mention she was roleplaying as Leda for the longest time

No. 214415

Who copied Haley Williams style. It's been discussed. Leda is old shit now. Move on.

No. 214485

Nta but you’re retarded. Haley Williams is a celebrity many scene kids looked up to, Leda was just a regular teenager and it made the skinwalking 100 times creepier, especially when Nicole dissed her in early 2013 posts only to mimic her entire friend group, past boyfriends, personality, and cosplays. We’ll move on when you don’t downplay this as being the same as looking up to a celebrity. Nope.

No. 214488

It's so cancerous that the number one complaint here is lack of milk, but nonnies insist on making you rehash the previous threads because they're disingenuous with the information and conclusions made there, all due to an offhand comment, relevant to the current topic kek.

No. 214492

Leda did Haley's style. Dear god, anon. Your vendetta sucks. You can't even understand what that meant. Leda want special with her style.

No. 214658

File: 1653342362607.jpeg (720.04 KB, 1800x1567, ABCAE02F-8FBF-40E5-A5E3-708A3C…)

Addressing her recent Indian 10k followers

No. 214661

Looking at some of the accounts, they do have posts from 2+ years ago. If they are bots, they are keeping up the appearance of being real people pretty good

No. 214662

File: 1653343699791.jpeg (508.53 KB, 1501x1800, 76A9446F-B536-47CE-BE9F-9F0C1A…)

I did some more investigating and they’re all following the same gain follower accounts, here’s some although there’s thousands I don’t have time to comb through. We didn’t say they’re bots, we said they’re bought followers.
Usually in these buying follower apps, these Indian accounts follow the same people who are buying followers.

No. 214664

I forgot to mention these accounts are all of course following Nicole. It’s safe to say every account these Indian pages are following buys followers

No. 214673

Say you are stalking your own thread without saying it

No. 214719

File: 1653363382028.jpg (561.81 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20220522-091456_Ins…)

Since might be scam accounts that mad follow, not really her control and not 100% proof she buys them. It's not uncommon for a part of your name to be entered into a bot roulette in order for companies to keep these bot accounts from being removed. That's been a tatic for a while to save mass bot deletions. They even post throughout the year to stay 'active'. Ive even gotten a random few on Twitter too. These accounts tend to be 1-2 years old.

No. 214727

Nope. All the accounts these Indian pages follow have a high amount of followers like Nicole, and barely any likes or comments. She is buying followers and it’s the only explanation, and is now posting stories acting confused to acknowledge it. It happened days ago and she’s only addressing it after it was brought up in this thread. Very weird and makes her look even more guilty of doing it.

No. 214728

That's the thing though. These accounts belong to a botbuy group. They usually follow in masses and Nicole might've been a part of it. it keeps these bot accounts from being flagged if it looks like it posts now and then and follows in pieces, not all at once. Not saying she isn't buying it, but that's also not the only way bots behave. Tiktok has the worst issue with bots and it's heavily unaddressed by the company. They follow using hashtags. That might be how Nicole got grabbed. Has it gone up again today or was it a freak 2 day thing? It doesn't make sense to buy when everyone knows that the accounts can get flagged eventually when the bot AI finally catches on. They are just harder to detect when pretending to be real .

No. 214732

Once can be excusable for the reasons you mentioned, but anons have been saying this since the first thread when she suddenly gained 7k in one day and tried telling people you can’t buy followers. There’s also her FB page where she gained almost 2 million followers in a month, with her posts getting barely any likes and comments.

Whether they’re bots or not, they’re all 1. Indian 2. Follow the same gain follower accounts 3. Follow Nicole 4. Don’t follow any pages related to Nicole

No. 214744

Guess it just becomes a part of the tinfoil as usual then

No. 214745

She's been lurking the shit out of the thread again lol. Maybe she thinks it's a protective measure to draw attention to it herself (albeit in a retarded unbelievable way) instead of trying to hide it. Jokes on you, people will call you out on that fake bs anyways.

No. 214748

File: 1653387500450.png (890.86 KB, 1080x1695, IMG_20220524_121442.png)

And don't forget she now professionally "tests the algorythm" by posting ana-mode reel footage that is over half a year old.

No. 214760

File: 1653391755000.jpeg (221.01 KB, 828x1279, 13EC26FD-070F-41C3-8D97-311AA8…)

It’s not tinfoil. She also gained a suspicious amount on her Twitter, same days as her Instagram bots. And now she’s back to losing followers on both platforms

No. 214762

File: 1653391805885.jpeg (259.66 KB, 828x1141, 39DC29B9-A4B9-4316-A84A-46CFEB…)

If you check several twitter audits they all say her fake following count is higher than other accounts too.

No. 214780

A few hundred isn't botting. I've seen twitters do that. Instagram though..

No. 214823

>indisputable proof
>guess it becomes part of the tinfoil

It's not 2011, everyone knows how botfarms work

No. 214828

File: 1653421685524.jpg (464.73 KB, 1000x1786, 2022_05_24_21_41_59.jpg)

Meanwhile she is humble bragging about her outrageously spiking followercount (420k) which by now is already at 422k. Totally normal. How convenient it's happening to nobody else but her, especially after staying inactive on fatso hiatus and losing out on folk daily.

No. 214831

File: 1653422772425.jpg (708.15 KB, 1600x1200, hb.jpg)

Nobody disputes that, she is definitely mass buying followers and has been since she started, like any narc thot on the web who wants to feel pseudo famous.

In some of her social media places you can still find plenty of humble bragging, so much so, that I perceive it as second nature to her. Which makes sense, since she is a narcissist and they wanna make sure their image is holier than thou while forcing the center stage spotlight.

(picrel: bragging about followers who she bought and full hair that is extentions)

No. 214863

Lol 40% fake followers I wonder how much it costed her

No. 214878

Anon, a self made detection bot thing isn't exactly 1 for 1 an accurate representation of this. Im confused because aside from social blade (which we already know is inaccurate, outside of Nicole, especially money wise as most YTers point out), isn't indisputable proof. Calm your vendetta. Anon is saying how there's room for error.

No. 214879

She's promoting her posts.

No. 214883

File: 1653442397654.jpeg (114.25 KB, 828x409, DBE48E66-4D23-4BFD-9CCF-816271…)

And now at 424k. By the way, the likes and views on her reels haven’t changed in the past few days, so not sure how she could think that. It’s all just Indian followers who are following anyone who buys them >>214662

No. 214886

You’re arguing with several different anons calling it a vendetta, you purposely clicked in a thread for this cow and are mad we’re discussing her suspicious follower gains. They’re all from India, are following the same accounts that bought them, and they come in surges when she doesn’t even get any more likes or views on her reels.
How can you even try to defend the social blade stats when we’re showing screenshots of the random surges of followers in hours? Retard

No. 214911

Based. Can the vendettafags gtfo? Nothing on lolcow is irrefutable proof (despite that being pretty damn close) and holding this thread, and the multiple anons posting within it to a different standard is intentionally disingenuous. Granted there's some questionable takes here, but the social blade posts were obviously not one of them kek.

No. 214921

File: 1653467085949.jpg (920.74 KB, 1600x1200, kek.jpg)

LMAO strictly coincidental mkay

No. 214923

>"overwhelming majority noticed a change"
>Poll: 55% did not notice a change

So the majority, 55% did not notice a change, a more accurate statement would be to say just under half of people did notice a change, but in literal terms the poll results state that the majority did not notice a change (I feel like a teacher marking someone's work here)

No. 214926

Also, herself outing in the same breath her stories get around 20k views give or take… from 424k+ followers.

No. 214927

I personally do not doubt that she has a decent sized, real following, but I'm 100% certain it's nowhere near were she claims it to be numberswise. Maybe a couple of grand, through the accumulated years and regular thottin', but that's it.

No. 215847

File: 1653812164632.jpg (1.21 MB, 1500x1500, 2022_05_29_10_09_34.jpg)

Told you, no chance in hell somebody talks like that in public and is still in a relationship. She's playing games. Connor is on tour and she posts cringe like this to her instagram man … must he be happy to see that.

No. 215848

File: 1653813198329.jpg (693.07 KB, 940x1096, screenshot28473893.jpg)


100% lurk going on kek. Anon says Cassie looks like her again in
>>213889 boom Nicole dyes her hair. Claiming it's her special snowflake mix but ends up looking as always.
Then addresses >>214831 how she hasnt worn her extentions in ages, >>213443 clarifying she isnt with Connor and attempting to invoke a pity party regarding >>213217 her usual failing, not doing shit and escaping to a new identity again. All in one row of storyposts. Why so obvious booboo.

Bonus: Definitely not strawberry blonde roots.(nitpicking across several posts)

No. 215850

File: 1653813324261.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1812, IMG_20220529_102145.png)

stuffin the face, but make it uwu. Next time she posts she is Super Woman again, all confident, ruling life, making progress and living her best destiny /s.

No. 215853

File: 1653813571829.jpg (1.38 MB, 1500x1500, TheConinConnorstandsforConArti…)

Meanwhile Connor not giving a f* and finally leaving that shithole of depressed emofag housing. Not to say I'm happy for that moid, that head to body ratio still amazes scientists all over the world.

No. 215854

File: 1653813783988.png (650.12 KB, 1080x1600, IMG_20220529_102133.png)

its not only the hair lol, Nicole leaves and Cassie comes.

those imbeciles are fucking cringe, but it is true that everyone looks way happier without Nicole. Like everyone who left that nightmare trap cabin. She kept sitting indoors 7 days a week and not doing anything but moping and complaining about her benign narc shit, that's not sane either.

No. 215863

I just discovered this chick recently and I'm having a field day with how much milk there is on her holy fucking shit
Are there any unshooped pictures of her face? Even in videos I saw she uses heavy filters
sage for no contribution

No. 215867

shes gotten even fatter kek

No. 215889

such thing does not exist. Or maybe, but it's at odds with Big Foot anf Yeti probability. This monster of vanity has lived her entire online presence through heavy Photoshop and Snow. We have face altering, color change, body morphing, weight shaving, you name it, she's done it.

Enjoy 5+ threads full of high level manipulation, scamming, god complex, skinwalking, cheating, sociopathy, gaslighting, public humiliation, cringe, empty promises, delusion, rotten morals and untreated narcissism amongst other mental illnesses, brought to you by Nicole Eevee Davis.

No. 215893

There's no milk and it's clear you're an anon from TT. Lol

No. 215894

Samefag with the retarded collages again that have no substance, including nitpicking eating food. Damn. Weren't you named in the Belle and Sharla thread? Kek

No. 215897

There’s no milk and yet you probably religiously check this cow’s thread and try to shut down any discussion of milky behavior. Noice.

No. 215898

Even mods ban these mass drop posts. Even they see this shit isn't milk lol

No. 215902

1. Her behavior is milky af.
2. Multiple anons, as usual.
3. Cope harder

No. 215909

>her roots aren't ginger
Already discussed, now its being nitpicked.

The rest is stuff that isn't even about her. so whats the milk??

No. 215969

wtf is TT
i sometimes just get the urge to read gossip and eat my popcorn in peace, i rarely check lolcow

No. 216001

kek the fact that i haven't read her threads since last year yet there's still the anon in here complaining about her not being worthy of a thread. give it a rest nonnie, if people want to gossip about nicole then let them

did they breakup???

No. 216012

Just got banned for their non milky posts. Maybe anon should try less hard when attempting to prove this isn't ask one big vendetta.

No. 216053

File: 1653881704936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 691.98 KB, 1000x667, moray_shrimp_smaller.jpg)


Girl does not know what symbiotic means kek, (picrel, an image search result for "symbiotic animals")

No. 216057

they got banned because you reported them kek. i just find it amusing how these threads on her have been here for years and yet there's always an anon crying about it. hiding the thread is so much easier kek

No. 216067

Each thread is full of fake headcanons and nitpicking. Your vendetta is showing again.

No. 216096

nonnie come on, im not even the anon who posted any of those screenshots. i know it might be shocking to you, but some people find nicole interesting. just hide the thread if it's that much of an issue to you?

No. 216294

Mods don't just ban because of reports. They look at them sometimes and anon did post multiple autistic collages, again, so its based they got a nitpicking across multiple posts ban.

No. 216381

File: 1654028892904.jpeg (233.6 KB, 828x1219, 864A7032-356F-4649-9D31-066D44…)

Again with buying followers on her Twitter. She gets practically no retweets, her likes are the same 5 people. Really pathetic if she’s wasting money on this.

No. 216384

File: 1654029223616.jpeg (266.06 KB, 828x1321, B1496A60-4AA3-4B71-A5CF-041F8B…)

This shit isn’t just suspicious anymore, it’s sad. She keeps getting the same amount of followers in surges. Every couple of days on Instagram she gains 5000, then 4900 the following day. The fact that these numbers are so consistent..

Her posts, as usual, get barely any likes and comments. And that anon >>214728 saying Nicole is a victim being added to a botbuy group without her knowledge as if this shit doesn’t happen on all her socials for years now. Like how she hax 2 million followers almost overnight on her public Facebook but barely any engagement.

No. 216387

Who cares? You don't need to post this shit every week.

No. 216467

>who cares

Nicole, clearly since she's consistently buying batches of followers to maintain a "popular" image, keep up

No. 217098

File: 1654223213117.jpeg (143.46 KB, 828x928, 05B99DCC-A952-4333-9AC5-34491B…)

Nicole said the reason her and Dennis broke up is an incident that occurred while she was working at Cinemark. As if it was one event and not the plethora of shit involving Destery.
Commenter was asking what happened, this is under her most recent ig post

No. 217099

Man shut your bitch ass up. She gained 20k indian bot followers in a few weeks, that’s the most I’ve seen a costhot pay for

No. 217112

We don't have proof of cheating and did like was discussed before, just anons tinfoiling without proof because she visited him.

No. 217135

File: 1654243593053.png (111.22 KB, 1080x528, IMG_20220603_100543.png)

Topkek, can't believe "there's no proof of cheatin'" anon is still around lol, or should I say


Nicolechan? This has been elaborated over five threads, no point in beating a dead horse, Ni-fag. Even the people involved spilled shit.

No. 217153

File: 1654253022499.png (122.13 KB, 1080x476, IMG_20220603_123856.png)

Her crap keeps rising explosively with no explanation, it's a case for X-Files.

No. 217186

Yes because taking anons at face value from other people who also don't have proof but 'heard' most likely bc of cow herself, Darcy, who anons has overly made clear has been active in producing no proof of cheating herself aside from also 'i heard'.

No. 217603

When it's anons reaching out and interacting with people that don't even have first-hand proof themselves aside from also hearing a rumor, how the hell does that make any sense to believe? Anons shouldn't have even reached out to her since she has a massive history of lying to stir shit up in her own cow behavior. It's not a gossip site, it does require proof, not just everyone and their mom saying a rumor exists and no one knows where it's from. The fucking dude it came from wasn't even the dude involved, so that's like 4 people playing telephone.

No. 217769

I'm genuinely frightened at how quickly you responded to a post I deleted within 10 minutes yesterday because the ensuing argument between proof/vendetta chan was not worth it.
>It's not a gossip site
You clearly don't know where you are kek

No. 217771

Take your complaints to meta.

No. 217779

Nicole-chan has a tab open for sure.

No. 219320

File: 1654889454754.jpeg (210.58 KB, 828x780, B1910DE2-FB5F-4711-8E22-3246DE…)

Clearly not over-qualified if you didn’t get it.

I remember when she got fired from her job in 2020 she said she was so confused since she was “rated highly.” I think she must be delusional if she’s constantly getting rejected for things and claims she’s the top candidate for them.

No. 219435

The market is saturated. Lots of qualified people are being outbid by corps or millionaires moving around and they pay in full, usually cash. She's right about being qualified and still not getting a house. Have you even tried the market, anon, or are you too young to even be looking?

No. 219448

Nta but its more the fact that Nicole doesnt have a well paying job that supplies a steady history of pay stubs and I refuse to believe with her frivolous nErD hoarding way above her means that her financial resume puts her in a “over qualified” category unless shes applying to section 8 housing kekw.

No. 219454

nta and while you're right that corporations are buying houses in cash and raising prices, Nicole-chan is clearly talking about renting, sounds like you're talking about buying with pay in full Nicole needs to settle her life down for a few years before she can even consider that. She's doing the dosshouse lazy sexworker route so far, but she can work so, y'know one day.

What she's saying is she meets the expectations (income/savings) the landord/agent demands yet gets rejected, this seems to be happening very often now as people get more desperate for housing (the aforementioned artificially jacked up house prices being a factor, people who could previously buy are forced to rent), and landords continually raising rent to take advantage, or cover their own excessive mortgages, way too many people apply for each house or apartment now so it's a numbers game. So this is one thing I wouldn't say was a Nicole specific issue, just a sign of the times.

No. 219516

Loaners don't care and OnlyFans is able to print a steady income slip, especially since you can take out every 7 days. Your bank statement alone shows it and it doesn't show as 'onlyfans' when it's processed. You can easily say you are an independent artist. In the same way actual artists and independent contractors don't need to disclose further than that. No one really cares about that stuff anymore as long as you can prove you are making enough for minimum payments.

The tweet she's replying to is talking about applications and house. That infers it's not renting. Most people don't use house as a go-to when referring to renting. Especially when doing applications. Most renting for homes are independent owners, not businesses. They usually don't rent, they will instead buyout actual apartments if they will do renting, but most renting for homes comes from the actual home owners.

No. 219534

Idk we didn't get it just sounds to me like her and another bunch of people are putting in applications for another shared house together. Buying is not only way out of her abilities right now+with current inflated house prices, it takes longer than 4 days to put a bid in and get rejected.
>application and
>overly qualified
all suggests renting, you put in a bid on a house or make an offer, not apply, and qualifications (e.g. income) applies more to a mortage application which again, no way all that would get processed in 4 days. And if she was talking about a mortgage application the we didn't get it wouldn't make sense since she's unmarried. And again, this shit takes months, not days.

No. 219821

It definitely sounds like a rental situation. From what I have heard about LA it’s difficult to find homes. The prices have been jacked up well before the current housing climate, and it seems reasonable to say that a landlord will be more willing to rent to a family or someone with a normal 9-5 job as opposed to a bunch of adult children who make money as “artists”. I’m sure plenty of LA landlords have been screwed over by “artists” who thought they were going to make it big in LA and then failed to pay rent. Nicole may be able qualified but there are likely lower risk candidates to rent to.

No. 220677

She keeps talking about how miserable she is in her state and how she wants to move to Oregon or even another country, I can’t picture Nicole moving away from Doon, her family, her friend group/roommates, and frank & sons. I’m sure shes miserable where she is but I just can’t imagine her moving to a country or state where she only knows one or two people.

No. 220688

This is an imageboard

No. 226808

File: 1657219887534.jpg (904.32 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220707-114759_Ins…)

Well this just popped up in my feed. Sounds a little sus

No. 226824

Isn't this Shelby's issue, not Nicole's? Wrong cow's milk.

No. 227149

So ..its not even about Nicole?

No. 227811

File: 1657418424645.jpeg (401.29 KB, 828x1325, 70C94513-1260-47A0-92AA-213846…)

She shared that on her Twitter and her own fans are turning against her. They have a point.

No. 227812

File: 1657418658702.jpeg (186.75 KB, 828x580, 658A091A-1D2A-43CE-8BA5-A404A6…)

Also this shit is actually infuriating. By after class she’s referring to Connor’s class since he started going to school again. He probably had a long day of work and school, only to come home to this woman whining about her tiring day of being unemployed all 2022 and spending her days in bed tweeting about worms and birds. Poor thing.

No. 227814

Pandering to moids, not even once
Connor seems sweet ngl

No. 227830

Idk how anyone can stand her

No. 227929

Sage your non milk posts.

No. 227947

That's really nice of him. Why is this unsaged as if its milky?

No. 227949

>taking free money
>scrotes still pressing send but will complain while doing it voluntarily

They don't hear themselves do they?

No. 228301

Looked into this briefly on Instagram, and Shelby did indeed have an accident while in a bike contest(?) I think, ended up in a coma for 24 hours, is awake and talking but has no sensation in his body yet, terrible bad luck for him, I hope he recovers well.

Also looked up Cassie while I was there and she currently has Nicole's exact makeup and hair again, and is doing full nude porn and claims to be posting daily on Onlyfans, quite bleak imo but whatever

No. 228414

Yeah, not sure how real injuries sound sus. We already know all Nicole's threads are a vendetta anyway.

No. 228421

Her threads are all vendetta now, but stating they've always been is disingenuous. They were never funny, there just existed a legitimate posts amidst the autism once upon a time.

No. 228455

There definitely has been milk in the past, but it seems she's just repeating cycles and not doing anything interesting right now, more seems to be happening with her larger friend group than Nicole herself.

No. 228466

I thought she said she was not going to do that. Well I guess you cannot take their word for anything. I mean why is she bothering to copy Narcole again? As far as I can tell they have had no interactions recently for her to be influenced to do it. They are in different states right? The situation just seems off.

No. 228472

File: 1657627356108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.23 KB, 900x1200, ass closeup with nicoles hairs…)

They are in different states and no longer friends, I find it weird too, like picrel where she has Nicole's hairstyle and is showing her ass on onlyfans. It might be a common hairstyle or whatever but they were literally friends and were gonna move in together so it can't be a coincidence.

No. 228474

File: 1657627476200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.1 KB, 1200x900, extreme ass closeup.jpg)

Very ott ass closeup from cassie's Twitter (linked from https://linktr.ee/Casxtle in her Insta bio) just to get an idea of the stuff she's posting. She seems to still be with Nate based on a recent post including him.(derailing)

No. 228475

File: 1657627670937.webm (914.09 KB, 432x768, cassie ig.webm)

Here's a sfw clip from Insta just to show the hair/makeup being very similar to Nicole. Anyway, these girls are weird kek

No. 228481

No1currs about Cassie. We don't need updates on her when its not even her thread. Sage your off topic shit.

No. 228512

Kinda relevant considering
>they were gonna move in together
>Cassie is skinwalking nicole both during their friendship and after
>Cassie's boyfriend is Nate, aka Nicole's "soulmate" or whatever she said in the livestream, and her Leda-skinwalking goalz
Anyway, it's an imageboard so it makes sense to upload what I'm talking about especially as this stuff is likely to be deleted in time

No. 228769

But she's not the cow though. her updates aren't important.

No. 229225

Ok did you label one of Cassie's onlyfans posts as derailing. I was waiting for someone else to comment but I am just stepping in. These threads have broken a lot of rules. I cannot remember what is called but a person can be banned for claiming someone that is a cow is posting on this thread. I got banned for calling out Cassie typing on a previous thread. But every time Narcole's name is said to be typing here no one is banned here. I really do think people like Cassie started this thread. She is a cow. She is gaslighting Nate's victims into thinking they were not groomed. It is hypocritical I got banned but no one else did for name calling Narcole.

No. 229232

Hey over it she's not the cow. Post updates on Nicole, not irrelevant people just because they know her. This isn't a thread for satalite cows.

No. 229240

But we are speculating if this is a vendetta thread and how far it goes back. I had a good reason to namecall too. The person was saying that Cassie and Nate were a legal couple. When evidence points to otherwise. I was not the only person banned for that too. What is a Satellite cow? Is that someone who visits threads often because I only come here once in a full moon. I think speculating on the identity of the person with the vendetta is relevant. Cassie and Nate are my Picks. Anyone else got an opinion?

No. 229248

Speculation isn't milk.

No. 229352

I don't think Cassie knew about these threads until some point much later, when she and Nicole were friends, and someone linked Cassie's tumblr here. She then deleted everything, confirming she saw it on the thread.
I think it's just a longtime follower of Nicole's who started the threads years back, I don't think it's anyone she knows.

The anon talking about satellite cows means cows in another cow's orbit e.g. Cassie is a satellite cow. But those posts were relevent imo, and there's not much to post about Nicole right now.
I forgot about how Cassie defended Nate's grooming. So much fucked up behaviour among that group.

No. 229398

Didn't an anon admit to reaching out to Cassie through Tumblr anyway? Anons keep cowtipping, IMO. Reaching out to Darcy, reaching out to Cassie, I don't remember which guy it was but an anon tried to reach out of one of the guys too.

It's not milk when anons have to continuously keep reaching out to have anything to post.

No. 229419

I am aware there were Cassie sympathizers here too. We got rid of the wk for Narcole but barely did anything for Cassie's wk. One person said "good for her leaving onlyfans." I think it is Cassie running these threads because I do not trust the farmhand on here. At the risk of getting banned aside from letting Cassie's wk roam. They allowed a lot of rules to be broken in the past.

No. 229433

No one is being a whiteknight for any of these girls or cows, anon. People just want milk to actually be posted, not upclose images of assholes that you have stored obsessively on your phone from scrote leak sites, but also because matching hair isn't a milky update.

No. 229451

I did not post that. That is a different person. I am the person they responded too. And like people have not posted Narcole's onlyfans stuff. Granted I thought it was out of nowhere when they sent Cassie's stuff. I still think it is worth looking into since Cassie broke her promises from not doing onlyfans. I am done for now because I think this convo has reached it's limit. I think it is valid to post Cassie's stuff since she is with Nate. Someone Narcole is close with. I will come back when there is more milk.

No. 229487

Those asshole pics are posted publicly on Cassie's Twitter, not from leak sites
>Very ott ass closeup from cassie's Twitter (linked from https://linktr.ee/Casxtle in her Insta bio)

No leak sites, straight from the cow. Nicole's Onlyfans crap was posted from leak sites though, and also from the cow's Twitter.

No. 239014

File: 1660235120163.webm (1.55 MB, 480x854, Vile vial.webm)

Nicole carrying Connor's battery acid around her neck, I hope this one is just for tiktok because that seems like a health and safety issue considering how easily viruses and such are transferred by bodily fluids. Y'know after a pandemic and monkeypox.

No. 239283

File: 1660278759084.jpeg (169.61 KB, 828x290, 95E747B9-0E74-4B3B-A91E-E4EF96…)

I doubt it is a joke. She’s being really defensive about it and saying it’s not unsanitary. She’s also “ insecure “ posting it

No. 239284

She's doing #relate

No. 239285

File: 1660278915263.jpeg (242.02 KB, 828x751, 108C4F85-77A0-4D3B-9762-C8CB3E…)

being unhygienic as fuck keeping your boyfriend’s semen in a crystal is just unhinged, jughead from riverdale ass “i’m weird, i’m a weirdo”

No. 239366

Does the vid work for anyone? It’s broken for me

No. 239374

Learn2sage nitpicks

No. 239438

webm doesn't work on some phones but works on a laptop/desktop, lolcow only takes webm or gif video uploads
not what nitpicking means, cry harder nicole-chan

No. 246119

File: 1662594528894.jpeg (361.36 KB, 828x1111, DFBD9D90-48B5-474F-B168-8501FA…)

Holy shit what a horrible situation. I’m also shocked Dawn is the only person in her will, considering she’s on good terms with her family or at least her siblings.
Someone in the replies linked the article talking about the shooting: https://www.fontanaheraldnews.com/news/inland_empire_news/armed-robbery-occurs-at-victoria-gardens-rumors-of-active-shooter-incident-are-false/article_1aaeaa82-2e3d-11ed-af85-1b5afc1fa17b.html

No. 246132

Even if it was a false situation, everyone around you acting like it is a real AS scene is panicking.

No. 246151

File: 1662600539422.gif (824.8 KB, 280x215, DAF5882D-5EB5-4CB0-8E02-80C363…)

>some dude was being mugged at a mall
>a single shot went off accidentally
>no one was injured
>nicole somewhere

No. 246195

So a gun still went off.

No. 246202

yes anon but please…think about it. a single shot goes off and there’s a panic and ducking and weaving? nah. probably not. people closest to the shot realise and gtfo of there. People further away hear a shot and go “was that a gun shot?” “idk. sounded like one” “okay let’s leave”

there was no ducking and weaving. she probably wasn’t hiding in a corner while an active shooter patrolled the area while she sobbed and texted her friend updating her last will and testament.
she’s overreacting for twitter like all of these cows do. She probably heard the shot and saw people leaving the building so she left too and decided she can get sympathy ass pats if she plays it up like she was close to death.

it’s scary, yes, no one is saying it isn’t. but it wasn’t an active shooter situation.

No. 246209

Yes. That's what happens. Jfc, get a grip.

No. 246218

In America people scream and cry and go on lockdown if there is a rumor of someone with a gun, it's not weird to imagine a complete panic lockdown in a mall for 1 shot going off. They would treat it like a mass murder as per AS drills

No. 246219

lol even the article says rumors of an active shooter were false in the title, so why is she calling it active shooter? A gun accidentally going off is nothing like an active shooter which is essentially a mass murderer on patrol. It's so disrespectful towards people who have actually been in an active shooter situation (which is absolutely horrific) to call it that.
Also interesting poor doon had to get her livevlogging her "active shooter" situation since last time I looked doon is still not even getting a "like" when she tags nicole in a tweet (saw one recently where she was like "as your best friend" - 0 likes) yet she gets this emotional manipulation of Nicole pretending she's gonna die. Very one way as always with Nicole.

No. 246225

because in the moment even a rumor should be taken seriously. She's in America.

No. 246232

I think the point is Nicole is still calling it "active shooter" well after the fact, she's home safe, the articles about it not being an active shooter are published, yet she's still attention-seeking by falsely describing the situation to her followers

No. 246236

>in an active shooter situation

Meaning it happened, not current. Stop nitpicking. This isn't milky.

No. 246244

nta but are you esl? active shooter is a specific term, it doesn't just mean anyone with a gun. using the term is an overreaction. no one is debating whether the shooting is currently going on, we're discussing the term.

No. 246249

File: 1662621717956.jpeg (291.79 KB, 828x968, 16E9A975-42B3-495A-B63F-5F9FAB…)

What’s milky is she always needs to be the hero in every situation. Remember when her car broke down in the middle of the desert when she was with cassie? She said she swerved to avoid hitting two dogs and saved their lives by doing so, right before asking for donations..

I really hope she isn’t doing this and adding these details about saving small children right before a huge donation ask again.

No. 246262

Oh my god. A gun accidentally went off once Nicole. It wasn’t Colombine. You didn’t save any lives.

>I was running and ducking
>I was filming some of it
>I was messaging my friend
>I saved two boys
Pick one.

No. 246263

This is really embarrassing especially now that it's after the fact articles have already come out outlining it not being an active shooter situation. I understand being scared as a reasonably privileged woman in America but this is a bit much. To clarify when I say she's privileged I mean she doesn't often hear gunshots so of course it would have startled her, I more take issue with the embellishments being made on twitter. Especially when you consider how tragic mass shootings outcomes are.

No. 246321

A gun went off and you want people not to panic. Sounds like a lot of people did, not just Nicole.

No. 246507

Nta but why are we focusing on semantics when the milk is how hard she's embellishing the situation after the fact on twitter for attention? She's larping as Shindler bringing up those two boys kek.

No. 246514

We don't know she is though is the thing. In a scenario like that, it is possible people scatter and lose parents or family/friends. I'm not defending her, I'm saying it is possible the same way anons say it's possible she and Destry cheated. Can't pick and choose what is allowed to be tinfoiled. You trying to connect her to a Nazi movie is fucking retarded. Get your head checked.

No. 246523

>Nazi movie
Anon was making a joke about Nicole acting like she was saving random kids, calm down

No. 246526

File: 1662721865028.jpg (191.17 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20220909-210514__01…)

>You trying to connect her to a Nazi movie is fucking retarded. Get your head checked.
Moralfagging on an imageboard because of a hyperbolic joke is embarrassing to say the least.

Kek I'm with you on this anon. She apparently had time to record multiple videos during all of that and then uploaded the footage to twitter. According to this tweet she removed it because it was too "graphic".

No. 246730

You’re mentally deficient like the himeahri wk

No. 248168

File: 1663025549943.jpeg (316.02 KB, 1125x1722, 4E6A699D-D261-4C38-94A1-BC7727…)

was scrolling r/trashy and found this gem, she made a whole tik tok about wearing jizz around her neck

No. 248287

Already discussed. >>239014

No. 249280

File: 1663275450839.png (172.92 KB, 1080x909, IMG_20220915_225542.png)

She removed the nicole completely from her handle now. Might be her next self-reinvention, being the american hero who rescued two unshot boys from their ice cream sundaes at the mall. Eevee Davis, never forget.

No. 249289

Is it just me or did over 13000 followers just vanish as unexplained as they showed up?

No. 249296

"Wanna professionally grow your instagram account and become famous like me? Let me show you how to post only 8 photos but lose a midsize town following in the process of it"

No wonder she needed the crapshooter story to force relevancy again. It's like she draws from a shit roulette every month with the categories

1. Me, the american hero
2. New mental illness self diagnose
3. Paint one of my victims as a traitor, woe is me

to stay on peoples feeds.

No. 249459

We already knew that she didn't want to be called Nicole anyway. This isn't a shock.

No. 269694

File: 1670035009099.jpeg (189.98 KB, 828x732, D01E795F-ED7B-4F95-9ED1-754AB4…)

From Nicole’s most recent IG post.. Brandon, her stalker from the first thread is still at it, it looks exactly like him even though he changed his name. And her website he wrote his blogs on is full of even creepier shit now https://nicoleeeveedavis.weebly.com/

I read her comments because she hasn’t posted since August, and of course this man hasn’t stopped. I really thought she had a restraining order, but maybe he’s violating it

No. 269701

I don’t feel bad for her

No. 269714

Nicole's social media is a garbage fire but she does have a knack for attracting utter creeps, the people who reply to her on Twitter are like this too. Idk what it is, pretty girl plus unbridled autism+pickmeisha? She seems to not appeal to women and gets these awful fuckers instead.

No. 269718

just read thru that site and jfc what a schizo freak

No. 269728

He's fucking insane. I told anons he was probably in these threads posting those weird fake edited before and after images and doing probably half the vendetta shit. Also any time anyone brought him up anons would froth about his name and deny anything about him and blame Nicole for it. She literally has no milk and anons denying the stalking the first time around says a lot. What a fucking creep. Men are the absolute worst.

No. 269729

It's because all simps guys are the same. They all act like this.

No. 269737

I wouldn’t say she isn’t milky but she’s not doing anything to warrant any traction these days, she’s been laying low and last announcement she made was on OF saying she wants to do squirting content
I feel bad for the countless women he’s done this to, especially the ones who aren’t even influencers and have no following. He mentions a bunch of names on the website and seems to be creeping on people Nicole knows as well.

No. 269748

Get help if you think harassment and stalking is okay, especially because dude evades and has tried to confront her in person. Wtf.

No. 269779

Kek I just said I don’t feel bad for her, I never said what he was doing is right. Nice strawman.

No. 269814

That weebly sounds just like how somevanons were acting in these threads.

No. 269815

File: 1670090140253.jpg (437.87 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20221203_095336_Chr…)

Tried to use some fake terminal friend to guilt her into meeting in person, wtf type of dahmer shit is this? Dude keeps trying to justify is creepiness. Also her asking for people to photoshop anime characters into a photo with her is not the same as obsessively editing fake before and afters or editing yourself, not a character, into her photos. Jfc.

No. 269816

File: 1670090236154.jpg (253.51 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20221203_095653_Chr…)

No. 269817

File: 1670090354470.jpg (439.25 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20221203_095846_Chr…)

Delusional inbred looking incel

No. 269819

File: 1670090588450.jpg (502.41 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20221203_095947_Chr…)

Same outlandish line of thinking anons have had. I think anons are on to something about Brandon being a big perpetrator ITTs because his complaints are as bad as the vendetta posts too.

No. 269820

File: 1670090716791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.37 KB, 1079x1693, Screenshot_20221203_100457_Chr…)

Just to show how unhinged he is.

No. 269833

File: 1670095127650.jpeg (572.16 KB, 828x1357, FEC4CA51-E9E7-42AD-AF12-DBFB3B…)

We already know some of the shoops were from him. He literally posted them to Twitter before, it’s so obvious he was making them. It’s just shocking he’s still bothering with this shit today kek

No. 269838

Anons were calling this out before and other anons claimed these were real lol The first thread was all about this. Most of her threads are just about anons nitpicking photoshop.

No. 269894

No matter how much of a pick me she is no woman deserves to be stalked by a disgusting moid. I still don't understand why when exposing her stalker she chose to out Addy or whatever the fuck her name was for being skinwalking bpdfag and not this deluded abomination. I really hope it's because she just kept quiet and went to the police with this shit, or filled a restraining order or something.

Personally I thought they were about her being a grifting, hypocritical, skinwalking, pick me with a horde of stalkers, who treats her friends as expendable whilst putting on a fake wholesome persona for degenerate scrotes. She attracted the most absolutely unhinged vendetta-chans and whiteknights to the thread and /meta/ en masse to the point where admin basically banned the topic and told them to stfu kek. The milk dried up because she became a low-key onlyfans whore with the occasional wild tale fellating herself which frankly wasn't very entertaining to anyone. Of course that's just my perception, you're not wrong that psychotic moid was nitpicking and posting his own edits.

No. 269907

Most of it anons added their own personal vendetta about. When some anons didn't fall for the over exaggerated takes, she was way less milky.

No. 269914

Destery getting called out and Nicole is a part of screenshots due to him taking advatage of her.

No. 269926

I personally found the original stalking saga, the "my car was broken into" grift, the Destry stuff and the fighting between nicolefags and vendetta-chans a somewhat interesting read. Aside from that the recent saving a child's life sperg was pretty funny but it was all way too few and far between and short-lived for as many threads. I guess that's why they're relegated /w/.

No. 269933

She kept egging him on by replying to his tweets every single time, and posting about him on her stories. I know Nicole doesn’t have the management and training celebrities go through to properly deal with unhinged stalkers but I really hope she doesn’t acknowledge Brandon these days. He’s still going at it and the safest thing to do is handle it with law enforcement privately, especially considering he threatened to rape multiple women and said he’ll take down the site only if she hangs out with him. So disturbing

No. 269943

Ah I think I vaguely remember some of the tweets. I was hoping she did handle it privately and it wasn't just Brandon being a lying sperg when claiming she went to the police. Her stalkers are honestly some of the most deranged characters it's what got me reading this thread initially.

No. 269956

Scrotes are always unhinged.

No. 270097

This is the one thing I’ll always feel bad for Nicole about. She might have cow tendencies, but she doesn’t deserve that level of harassment. Scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 270122

I remember when anons pretended she didn't have a stalker and defended Branden as if he was a victim of her

No. 270126

idk I've read these threads and I don't remember that. People were confused why she focused on addi and not this guy, I think people believed she had a stalker since his weird website was linked back then too. Nobody ever thought this was ok, it's clearly unhinged.

No. 270127

Samefag, if anything people said stuff like why would you start an Onlyfans if you have a stalker/why would you post your place of work if you have a stalker and the answer is she's an idiot. I bet this guy is subbed to her onlyfans under a fake name too, she just makes bad life choices

No. 270150

Honestly even calling out Addi publically and naming her a stalker whilst have a very real psychotic moid stalking me is a frightening prospect (she is but scrotes are on a whole different level of threatening). I would've stayed quiet on all fronts out of not wanting to escalate the situation but I'm obviously not Nicole so it's hard to judge how credible the threat is to her, or how safe she feels.

No. 270175

A lot of thots call out harassingvand stalking behavior online. Nicole calling it out makes sense. You have an army to go after both Addi and Branden. The fuck is a stalker going to do when they can't even interact without harassment?

No. 270213

I didn't say it doesn't make sense anon. And for one seeing as he's an unhinged moid it could have escalated into become more dangerous for her psychically. Which thankfully it hasn't.

No. 270311

This is why you do not pander to moids online. The few dollars you get does not compare to fearing for your life.

No. 275870

File: 1673712456980.png (341.74 KB, 828x1240, rent.png)

I’m trying to earn a little extra to help out a family member = rent is due

No. 275905

She’s such a one trick pony always framing her OF income as “for my family” kek

No. 275917

Can you prove its just fuck away money? What if it is for a family member, considering anons refused to believe her about the stalker stuff too and turned out to be wrong. This isn't milk just because you want to read it a different way and tinfoil about it.

No. 275982

nta but posting nudes "for your family" and asking for sympathy subs to your porn is farcical, like would you even want money someone gave you if they earned it from whoring?
I wonder what happened with her irl job, she seemed to have a good team and enthusiasm for the job. She barely posts on OF too, it's almost like she tanked her actual job in favor of 5 porn posts a year. And inb4 wk last time I looked she replied to a follower to say her trading card work info in her pinned Tweet is out of date, so she definitely doesn't work there anymore

No. 275991

You sound way too emotionally invested in this ethot. Go screech "no milk" on yet another cow with onlyfans' thread kek.

No. 276007

Not invested. I saw it bumped and the post seems more emotionally invested by attempting to tinfoil about something that hasn't even happened yet.

No. 276083

No1currs you think she's some sort of a survival sexworker for her family despite her affluence and propensity to grift. A singular post about something this obvious comes across as less invested than you immediately jumping to her defence to try and shut down discussion because you didn't like the take.

No. 276084

I didn't say that either. You might want to re-read posting rules. If you're going to be unhinged, go to meta please.

No. 276094

i can't believe she still has WKs kek.
why is she literally unable to just promote her porn like a normal ethot? not a single person is buying her self sacrificial crap anyway

No. 276192

I wouldn't call it wking though. Maybe if she was caught misappropriating the funds, but it's just not as milky to speculate just to have something to post. Wastes time.

No. 276228

You can always count on Nicole’s (and Skyleigh’s for that matter) threads to attract a certain type of anon, that’s for sure.

No. 276260

sorry if i'm asking to be spoonfed but did nicole delete the old videos of her playing ffxiv or did she just unlist them? anyone have a link?

No. 276261

Go look yourself. Her links are all posted. If you can't find them, how the hell should anons know if it's unlisted or deleted?

No. 277607

File: 1674113264666.jpeg (468.8 KB, 828x982, 1626703667746.jpeg)

obviously it's not up on her channel anymore. someone posted this screenshot in one of the earlier threads of the video which was unlisted, but no link as far as i could find. so i was just wondering if anyone had the link.

No. 278604

Kek accurate, they try to blend in but say the same shit in every thread they try to derail.

No. 283177

File: 1677085976127.jpeg (248.15 KB, 828x681, F46EB8AF-D597-4B0C-B885-206173…)

>Can you prove its fuck away money
Yes, no follow up to that family member but instead this, within a month.

Notice how every time she asks for money to help friends and family or makes a sob story, she never follows up with an update of that situation? Only when it’s rent/moving related does she ever go into detail. It was all for moving across the country and now she’s doing PIV porn.

She hasn’t posted on IG for half a year and the only side of her fanbase she interacts with anymore are the scrotes. For those who don’t keep up with her social media she moved across the country with Connor last week. I hope the move was gentle on the bird, snake and cats.(learn to sage)

No. 283180

Did you just say in another post she never talks about her snakes?

No. 283254

She's not even trying to hide it anymore kek. Probably because the scrotes she interacts with are hardly worth the effort and are only there to engage with her "content".

No. 283330

She just had a whole stalker situation come up again and you want her to, what, show off where she moved? I honestly fail to see the issue here.

No. 283367

That's not what anon is saying. They're pointing out the fundraising for a family friend never received an update, but she's happily going into detail about using scrote money to fund her move only a month later.

No. 283432

literally no one asked that kek

No. 283561

Just so other anons know, anon posted then deleted a photo complaining about how Nicole doesn't take care of her snakes even though they mentioned how she cares for them >>283177 expect that in a few days with the usual vendetta stuff surrounding this cow. I should've capped it.

No. 294434

File: 1682577517444.jpeg (122.94 KB, 828x872, IMG_4875.jpeg)

Nate appears finally
Glad Cassie has her own look/identity now, she was starting to look like Nicole and it was taking a weird turn

No. 294443

Did Nicole move house to be closer to Nate because lol?
Iirc Nate and Cassie moved a long way away, Nicole moved in the last couple of months

No. 294445

File: 1682597266407.jpg (69.72 KB, 610x1280, media_Fur4FuGX0AYXrc-.jpg)

Samefag, those photos are 13th of April, now on 27th April Nicole instead changed her hair to look more like Cassie

This friend/relationship scenario

No. 294453

Updates on their hair colors are milk…?

No. 294556

She described Nate as her "soulmate" in a livestream with Cassie right beside her, back when they were going to all share a house but instead Nate and Cassie moved across the country. Also Nicole has never changed her hair before, it has always been auburn for however long she's been online, suddenly after moving closer to Nate she has purple and white hair and no bangs.
She posted a video with cum in her mouth (eesh) on her sexwork Twitter around the same time those photos >>294434
were posted, just a few clicks away for Nate.
Might be worth keeping an eye on this…

No. 294564

I swear people who come to a gossip board to nitpick what other anons post need to touch grass most of all.

No. 294572

Anon used a vibrant photo with her hair pinned up. She still has the white streak red hair according to twitter. You're looking at purple lighting..

No. 294784

Kek her hair isn't dyed, you retard

No. 295151

who's the rando in the background on the second pic?

No. 303897

File: 1690079351418.jpeg (684.78 KB, 828x1414, IMG_9277.jpeg)

People have made tranny/trap/femboy memes about Nicole for years now, and while those are obviously retarded, her new followers genuinely seem to think she might be a male.

She does look like she’s aiming for the drag makeup look.

No. 303898

File: 1690079380012.jpeg (493.58 KB, 828x1081, IMG_9278.jpeg)

No. 303916

It's just troll accounts. Also the makeup is very 2004 scene/emo mixed with gyaru. I don't see drag here, not even in the way Snow did her ugly makeup. This bitch never has milk.

No. 303932

>emo mixed with gyaru
It's just generic ethot makeup anon

No. 303971

the shoop is getting uncannier

No. 303983

She looks the same as she has for the past 4 years

No. 304063

nah i think her shoops are getting way more extreme(nitpicking)

No. 304187

File: 1690331991502.jpeg (534.4 KB, 828x1252, IMG_9399.jpeg)

Nicole on the Whatever podcast?

No. 304188

File: 1690332090845.jpeg (436.03 KB, 828x683, IMG_9400.jpeg)

It’s a dating panel type podcast full of OF models. It basically exists so men can call women hoes, and interrogate them on their body count. If she actually applied to be on this she must have a huge degradation kink..

No. 304211

I have no idea why she always goes so crazy with the eyemakeup, huge lashes, inner eyeliner which extends well past the dear duct, lashes drawn under, and the usual eyeliner tick on the outer edges, it's not like she has embarassingly small eyes and needs this.
Some joker mouth happening here too, I guess it's a coomer compliment to be called a femboy though kek

No. 308194

File: 1695310966986.jpeg (294.29 KB, 828x948, IMG_3813.jpeg)

Imagine always feeling the need to justify your cosmetic work and life decisions with some bizarre reasoning, like your bird wanting to eat your mole. Lmaoo(nitpicking)

No. 308257

You bumped this because she wants a mole removed.

No. 315273

File: 1702602137897.jpg (137.19 KB, 719x910, Screenshot_20231215_120200_Ins…)

This thread is dead for obvious reasons but had to post this because who is this even? Am I crazy or is this like an AI rendition of Nicole?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315344

kek i wanted to post this and the other photo she uploaded a while ago on ig but deleted (?) which also looked completely uncanny and different, like she got a new face. but i didn't wanna get banned for nitpicking or whatever. but yeah, she seems to have changed her editing style to a new look.

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