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No. 391273

Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward males it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread (check the catalog, they're usually not on the front page but I promise they exist!). Please ignore obvious bihet/troon/tradthot/fujo/etc rage bait as well. Remember that when we take the bait and infight the trannies win! If you suspect a poster is XY pls report and ignore instead of shitting up the entire thread with accusations. Newfags pls lurk and read the site rules before posting, and be careful to stay safe and anonymous (use a VPN, incognito mode, be wary of external links/discords, and be very cautious about the personal details you include in your posts).

Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:
>first crush?
>what’s your local lesbian scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media? lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>tips for coping with being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>top? bottom? how do you feel about those labels?
>what's your type?
>when did you know you were gay?
>f/f fanfic and book recs (pls)
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>what do you wanna be like as an old lady lesbian?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
>best date/match? worst?
>how homophobic are your family/friends? is it woke homophobia or oldschool homophobia?
>dating app horror stories
>everything we hate about every other online lesbian community
>lesbian friends, role models, or family members you appreciate
>lesbian history, literature, and politics

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No. 391300

I’m the person who posted this.
This girl who keeps causing problems, since I noticed that it’s hard to distinguish when I’m talking about her or the ftm girl I like, so let’s call her S. I’m going to try the gray rocking method from now on, but my therapist said to tell her directly that I dont like her behaviour. (She does a bunch of other stuff too, like act like I’m stupid, said that no one takes me seriously because of my voice and in general putting her nose in my business for no reason). But idk, I’m a zoomer, and I just hate this kinda fakebian hasbian crap idk, the fact she was so obsessed with being a lesbian and even bought a flag just to continue to act likes she “soooo gay” after having the ugliest fucking boyfriend and FUCKING HIM. Idk I just hate this kinda stuff because it puts this idea in people head that one that I’ll date a dude and fuck him because all these other girls said they’re lesbian only to date dudes. Also met another girl who was literally “lesbian until graduation” she said she was a lesbian throughout highschool and RIGHT AFTER she starts dating one of her male friends. I’m super paranoid so sometimes I wonder if these people actually know they’re faking or if they 100% believe their lies? Like I know I’m a lesbian, but I should kill myself now if I’ll grow up to fuck a moid. Idk I just hate this kinda crap.

No. 391304

Sorry for gramatical errors or missing words btw, I’m posting through mobile.

No. 391325

skimmed your prev posts, I think you should distance yourself from that friend without making your dislike of her and the whole situation obvious. I'm not your therapist and again, I only skimmed, but drama-mongering tards like that only feed off of genuine feedback to start more shit and paint themselves as victims. Let her go and let her drown in the mess she made lol. Sooner or later insecure fauxbians like that pick the bottom of the barrel moids to shack up with, she'll get her dues.
Meanwhile, I don't see why you can't get friendlier and have more 1-on-1 time with your crush. Sucks about the gender koolaid though, I don't have advice that isn't "keep her at arms length."

No. 391355

thanks for making the new thread!!

No. 391448

I've never been with a girl. I've been more attracted to girls than anything else but I feel like it's so hard for me to reach out to them and not look like a weirdo. Maybe it has something to do with my elementary trauma where every other girl considered me awkward to be around but even though I'm young myself I feel like I've been missing out so much on living the lesbian experience. Any advice?

No. 391449

Additionally I crave so bad to be intimate and have innocent fun with my best friend but she's painfully hetero and very awkward herself so I don't want to hurt her or scare her off by trying anything with her. I respect her feelings more than my own desires but it's even a joke within our moid friend circle that she will never be into girls and that I will be continously rejected by her.

No. 391472

Go to the club girl, surround yourself with other dykes. Getting over a straight crush can be hard but it will be near impossible if you continue to hang out w/ her and never meet with anyone new.
If your fear of approaching is what's stopping you then more reason to go to a gay space, a lot of lesbians feel comfortable taking the first step.

No. 391484

Lol S found out who I like, but it’s okay because she said I was just a “bisexual with a genital preference” because I told her it’s more about SEXOOOO LMFAOOO but it’s okay it didn’t lead to anything bad.

No. 391503

File: 1713199636429.jpeg (19.13 KB, 236x211, IMG_0340.jpeg)

I cant take this no more I should’ve done the whole grey rock thing day 1 I’m fucked it’s over for me.

No. 391517

File: 1713203758096.jpg (31.92 KB, 346x424, 8fab93024625ed568b324ad2d576ff…)

Does anyone else despise the pink sunset flag? It just seems shallow to me as the colors carry no real meaning and, in conjunction with the "gay" toothpaste flag, feels regressive as in "pink is for girls and blue is for boys".
The Labrys is much cooler, carries a lot of meaning in each of the elements and is a lot more original yet I literally NEVER see it used, why?

No. 391520

i think the lesbo flag is pretty minus the white in the middle. but the labrys is def cooler. as for why it's not used, lefties are afraid of it because it's been used to, gasp, exlude men (aka trans women) and is seen as a terf dogwhistle

No. 391524

Could you use an app?

No. 391547

File: 1713217533248.jpeg (543.47 KB, 1170x1363, IMG_0215.jpeg)

I’m butch but I liked the pretty pink andpurple lipstick flag the best (for some reason this doesn’t have the lipstick in the corner because whoever made it is a faggot)

No. 391573

I like the lesbian flag minus the white stripe as well, but I think the labrys flag is way cooler. It feels like lesbians are warriors.

Middle looks the best.

No. 391581

ayrt. Bro just drop both retards and start fresh. The more you try to find some hidden virtue of theirs to make up for everything else, the clearer it becomes that the infection runs deeper. Sorry that happened, I've gone through a similar thing myself. It might help if you talk to yourself out loud about all their faults and every bad thing they did (whether they ~meant to~ or not). Get yourself so angry that it helps cauterize the hurt. And then don't respond to anything they say for a week (say you're super busy if they're no-life NEETy losers begging for attention and validation) and see how that feels.

No. 391608

File: 1713239679305.jpg (101.84 KB, 1080x329, Screenshot_2024-04-15-21-51-45…)

Too fucking based that's why undesirables had to replace it huh. They also seethe so fucking hard whenever it comes up in anything.

No. 391622

I really love the axe, but the purple color on the most common iteration of the flag is so eye-bleeding. I'd love a version where the purple is darker and/or less saturated like in the first image linked.

No. 391645

All the explanations are cringe

No. 391681

File: 1713278787919.gif (156.28 KB, 400x368, 3ed9bf7852b49d1e563bf24d6a4aca…)

Come on nonnas, this masterpiece is obviously the best lesbian flag ever

No. 391694

How do you meet lesbians in real life and look approachable to them? I'm femme and it makes me worry that I just look straight. I've heard weird suggestions like to wear a scissor necklace or a lot of rings (for some reason?) but nothing that I'd actually want to do. I feel like if I saw someone doing the things people have told me to do in the past I'd just think they were emo or something. Any tips that might apply to me better?

No. 391740

Is it weird that I’ve suffered from anorexia (and still kinda do) but have idk a “fetish” for chubby women? Also should I not see sexual pictures and drawings on twitter and abstain from sexual stuff because it’s weird, idk twitter is filled with sex stuff anyways so it’s hard to avoid.

No. 391755

Fuck this, I’m not going to. Now I feel dirty forever and wish to shower with the lights off fuck this fuck this fuck this. I want to go back when I avoided sex at all costs. I don’t want this anymore I don’t want this anymore I don’t want this. Idk what to say.

No. 391758

How old are you? Maybe just wear a rainbow accessory like a bracelet or one of these bad girls

No. 391760

Every thread has a post asking where to meet wlw. Why do lesbians not know how to use dating apps?

No. 391771

I wish we had an app that was truly FOR lesbians… even a hookup app. Her and Lex both suck. I would develop Triblr, but I’m not familiar with Java/Kotlin or Swift. My last fling, which ended terribly in March, has left me horny and neurotic and honestly suicidal! before I ended my dry spell with this girl who I met through my roommate, I honestly thought I had a pretty low sex drive. But now I feel like a FUCKING FREAK. I haven’t seen her irl in over a month since we broke things off, but it’s like she awakened some dormant libidinous demon in me that won’t go back to sleep!! It is intolerable. She basically relegated me to the fuckzone, and I told her I wasn’t interested in being Concubine #3 because she meant more than a hookup and I had caught feelings and to save my dignity I just I couldn’t see her anymore. But I lowkey regret my decision. What good is dignity when you are alone?! And horny and miserable all the time. She took what I said very literally. Not only is she avoiding me, she’s avoiding our entire friend group. I think maybe she will continue ignoring all of us, and I will probably graduate and move out in June and never see her again. I just can’t believe it! I still think about her everyday. I wouldn’t call it love, but maybe a fixation. I wish I’d move the fuck on. But I don’t think I will unless I can redirect these obsessive feelings onto another girl I am seeing. I simply cannot go back to how I was before. I smoke like a chimney, and I masturbate like 4 times a day to my memories of the fling, or fantasies based off those memories. It’s just so sickening. It’s like, now I know. Now I know what I don’t have. What I might never have again, because of how I was born and what I was born into…

No. 391794

Any app that is unapologetically anti-trannies is going to be taken down from App Store and Play Store and most normies are too braindead to go to the dev's website to download the apk (plus applel users can't do this as they are cucked). In other words, it's gonna be dead as fuck because of the Jews.(racebait)

No. 391802

several hundred miles and approximately five days away from the conversation where she admitted her mom doesn't know we're together, no, actually, I am not okay with being a long-distance "eccentric close friend" in the eyes of her family. I PLANNED MY FUCKING CAREER SHIFT AROUND MOVING CROSS-COUNTRY FOR THIS WOMAN AND SHE CAN'T EVEN TELL THE FAMILY SHE'S OUT TO THAT WE'RE DATING? WHY THE FUCK DID I SAY I WAS OKAY AND UNDERSTOOD STAYING CLOSETED AS AN ADULT

No. 391803

what happened??

No. 391804

okay that was very much not the video I intended to have accompany that text but it's horribly funny to the point where I'm not deleting. this is what I meant to attach.

No. 391821

I can’t offer you advice… but I can express sympathy for the libido thing. My libido was perfectly average until I met this one girl, and then boom, the horny demon awoke and never went away, it sucks. I’m lucky to have a good amount of bi and lesbian friends so honestly I hook up with them but it’s definitely messy and caused some drama.

No. 391844

Would you say this happened because she was super good at sex or what?

No. 391861

I think I just lost a friend to the autistic lesbian to trans pipeline. It seems like now that she's dating women she feels like she has to be a man. Once she met her TiM bandmate I had a strong feeling she'd convert to the dark side, like it was only a matter of time. This feels like a betrayal because we used to talk about the culty side of the trans movement and how fucked up it is, and she said she'd never go down that path despite always having weird gender feelings (which I think is just her tism + childhood trauma) but in a matter of months she cut her hair and started T… despite having a phobia of being perceived as male. I just don't get it. She even said that if she ever transitioned, she'd be super feminine which makes it even worse.

sage for blog post. Wasn't even sure where to post this.

No. 391864

Your friend sounds retarded and will likely join all other detrans retards in a couple years, maybe even sooner.

No. 391867

I think so too. She's on a very low dose of T for now, apparently less than the amount they give to post menopausal women. She got on it for period issues but I think that's just an excuse tbh.

No. 391922

I use them, they just really fucking suck. It also sounds nice to meet someone in person, even though it's probably a little unlikely.

No. 391951

No this happened to me too. I wouldn't call it a fetish but I love love curves and get sad when women lose weight, I was just thinking this

No. 391978

This happened to a lesbian friend of mine, and it was crazy because she even said it was because of her autism and trauma and religious upbringing. She was so aware of why she was doing it, but she's still on T and it's crazy because her non-troon gf is more butch than she is. Sucks, but there's not much you can say or do aside from quietly distancing yourself.

No. 391987

Sounds like she just wanted to try out and see if trooning out would solve some of her problems. Also likely to find out soon that it doesn't.

No. 391996

Idk it’s not even a fetish I just tend to feel more sexually attracted to women on the chubbier side.
I feel like that too, but I guess it’s in general combined misogyny (growing up online LOL) + homophobia. But I still pretend to be a guy online because I’m ashamed of being a woman.

No. 392344

here me out but any lesbians here tried dressing in lolita to meet women?

No. 392352

No but I like lolita fashion.

No. 392355

There are lesbian lolitas? Only one I know is that polish lolcow obsessed with drawing that one historical nazi dude

No. 392433

I hate how lesbians spaces still enforce oh you like pink and cute shit? So you must always like receiving or some retard assumption and play the feminine role of the relationship just because cute things make you happy! It’s so fucking annoying please stop with this shit. I can like pink and dress a certain way because it makes life enjoyable for me and still not do most of the feminine things in the relationship or like giving more than receiving. This is so stupid.

No. 392438

What Polish lolcow? I think I never heard of her but please tell me who she is, I want to laugh too.

No. 392468

I knew a lesbian lolita with a very normie butch wife. They were really cute and I think they have a kid now.

No. 392501

Stop hanging around zoomie gendie lesbian spaces

No. 392512

Wait, you guys have spaces?

No. 392656

if we do they're for 'lesbian' bands that suck or they're "queer femme and nonbinary femmes" spaces where you have to walk on eggshells around the tif women and hope and pray no tims realize it exists and try to butt their way in

No. 392663

My girlfriend wears lolita and quite a few women in her local comm are bi anad lesbian. It could work.

No. 392664

There are very few since they get shut down or swamped immediately by trannies who cry that they're not included or feel "unwelcome/unsafe"
The somewhat sane ones seem to be lesbiangang and justlesbians, but both are a bit dead

No. 392674

File: 1713723646850.jpg (257.34 KB, 550x550, pic-Pierre-Vaux-Amelie-black-W…)

Thank you Nonette your answer GMH.

No. 392707

How did you guys meet your girlfriend?

No. 392715

I used to go to /cgl/ a lot and I used to read there that lolita communities are full of lesbians but it strikes me as another case of jailhouse gay similar to fujos where they just want someone who is into their hobby and the het moids into lolita seem like creeps so I kinda understand but it's just funny.

No. 392716

No. 392717

Roleplay forum.

No. 392723

Through a mutual friend on Tumblr.

Funnily enough the ones I've seen aren't dating women that are also into lolita. Maybe there are comms where that's more commonplace, I'm sure many women would be overjoyed to have a partner that shares such a relatively niche interest.

No. 392728

I am very curious, how did you manage to do that on an anonymous image board? Was it through the friend finder thread? Did one of you leave an email address while talking in a milk thread? What do you tell people when they ask how you met? I need a farmer gf, lesbians in my are very libfem and I dream to have a terf farmer love

No. 392734

Seems a little presumptuous, I knew a lesbian lolita and she ended up dating an athletic normie. I'm not into the hobby myself, so I don't know how common that is. But more than that, it is pretty normal to be interested in dating someone who shares your hobbies and interests, no? Why would two women dating because they met via a niche fashion hobby indicate feigned attraction? Maybe I'm just missing something because I'm not that into lolita.

No. 392756

I saw her sperging out about lesbian fujos on a Mongolian basketweaving forum and I thought "this is the one"

No. 392761

No way, did she already find a new girlfriend?

No. 392771

I shitposted in the thread. She's my gf >>392756(yuripedo antifujo ban evading)

No. 392772

>What do you tell people when they ask how you met?
Always curious about this when I hear about nonnas meeting their girlfriends here. Easy enough to come up with a lie though, sounds fun tbh.

No. 392821

File: 1713791434301.jpg (83.38 KB, 1200x675, OGGNofy.jpg)

Why is it so hard meeting women on dating apps. Everytime I match with someone we have a short convo that goes no where. I've been on a total off 2 dates off hinge and they never went anyway. I'm on bumble too but that went nowhere I don't feel like giving tinder a try.
Mostly because the queer scene in my city is small and I see the same people across apps anyway.
I have some mutuals on ig who are on hinge and they are pretty but it feels weird liking their profile on a dating app. If they were interested in me wouldn't they just dm me? They're all in the same friend groups/social circles too so I don't want to come off as a creep/thirsty.
I tried following someone who I matched with on hinge but the convo went nowhere but she never followed back, it's crazy cause I run into her on our college campus all the time and she always stares. It's like why do you keep staring at me, you ghosted me twice I don't get it.

No. 392822

Samefagging but I was supposed to go to this event on lesbian day of visibility to meet some people but my bank account is fucked. So I can't transit to the address and asked for a refund.
If they don't refund i guess i'll go there anyway.

No. 392836

I use dating apps to get an ego boost from having my profile swiped on.

No. 392854

Figures someone actually told me this before during "an apology"(I bumped into them irl and said cause we're mutuals. They still stalk all my stories).
Gonna stop liking profiles on hinge kek

No. 392869

Remember that the vast vast majority of matches wont' go anywhere, and the majority of first dates won't go anywhere either. At least, that's been my experience.

No. 393011

No, I'm butch. If I were dressing to attract women I'd dress more femme because literally every young lesbian my age is exclusively femme4femme.

No. 393082

Lesbian lolita/ouji here, I would give my arm for another lesbian lolita. My local comm only has a few genderspecials.

No. 393085

>what’s your local lesbian scene like?

Nonnas I feel like the world is healing. Last weekend, I went to a "queer" speed dating event. It was pretty amazing that the largest group of participants were lesbians and they could even get a stamp if they just wanted to pair with biological woman, which wasn't an issue because there weren't any tims there either. There tifs, but far less than I expected. I haven't felt this happy in a long time.

No. 393179

>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
Nobody is answering and I’m prepared to have tomatoes thrown my way. I thought Paki-Chan would be a lot uglier than she is, but she’d be my type if she was less spergy.

No. 393189

someone please link me to pakichan face reveal

No. 393216

please pray I don’t get my period in the two day window im hanging out with this girl who I might sleep with

No. 393219

i'm a lesbian but i can only cum if i pretend to be a guy fucking a girl. not comfortable with it but don't know how to fix it.

No. 393297

so is everyone here a repressor

No. 393323

i don't have any desire to actually be a man and i never have, i like all my female body parts and wouldn't want them gone. this is the only issue that i have, and it only started this year

No. 393330

yeah i guess i'm kinda a reverse agp in a sense that instead of being an ugly loser man who fantasizes about being a hot woman i am a hot woman who sometimes fantasizes about being an ugly loser man like i just have this fantasy of being some pathetic ugly manlet being bullied by women kek

No. 393339

stop watching porn

No. 393432

i have never watched porn and i think some of you polilezzies could lighten up a little fucking tiring when you always gotta act your sexuality as a woman is hands holding tier lest some pearl clutcher loses her shit can't even write tongue-in cheek shit around here before someone who's read andrea dworkin guotes on tumblr comes at you

No. 393477

AAP is a heterosexual fetish. You're bisexual.

No. 393490

i'm not attracted to my fake self or my body though, and simply thinking about being a guy doesn't arouse me at all. i'm attracted specifically to the woman i'm having sex with.

if it changes anything, i loathe myself for being a lesbian, and am ashamed of my attraction.

No. 393497

>i loathe myself for being a lesbian, and am ashamed of my attraction
That explains everything, at least you're self aware of these perversions (both pretending to be a moid and being a lesbian kek).(bait)

No. 393499

why? if i am not attracted to males or my ugly loser male self, why? also i can too admit i have lot of internalized homophobia tbh

No. 393502

like seriously this >>393432 post applies to you too, can't post shit around here or hysteric bivestigators lose their minds

like if i am serious for a moment, for me the thought is all about how freeing it would be some ugly gremlin, what is my life and sexuality if not constantly being clouded by harassment and fetishization both as a woman and a lesbian? because of how fetishized lesbian sexuality is, it feels like there is always some invisible third party watching me, even during my private fantasies about women that robs me of my own sexuality in a sense, as if i can never truly exist just for myself but someone perving on me. the constant living under the male gaze is tiring and annoying so to me it is interesting to imagine myself as complete opposite of that, someone who is out of being fetishized and preyed upon. so yes i sometimes like to think what it would be like if i was an ugly fat loser man no one is attracted to instead of a woman and a lesbian.

No. 393503

does anyone else here have a really hard time imagining themselves married and sharing a home with someone? not from a lack of options, but from liking being alone. i feel like i love my alone time so much that i'm not cut out for a serious long term relationship.

No. 393507

I feel something in a similar way. I'm confident in my homosexuality, but I am so bad at continuing relationships with people I don't see everyday that I feel like I am destined to be alone. A part of it stems from me just not wanting to see people after I get off work because I need to recharge after acting like a nice lady for 5 days in a row. I like spending my time alone for the most part, and unless I'm imagining my life with my fictional crush I legit feel to autistic to fall in love with a real woman.

No. 393508

Used to be, I no longer feel dysphoria

No. 393511

File: 1714052794540.jpg (92.16 KB, 500x708, 7ff9eea3c3f5011d281de6114a011d…)

Same, I'm a person who likes being alone and needs time to recharge from other people, but I also remember this occasion a couple of years ago when I was talking to a friend and he mentioned the same thing.
>"I don't see the point of constantly being with someone(a romantic partner), seems annoying and like a waste of time"
But at the time I was down BAD for a girl, like constantly thinking about her and smiling at the sight of her down bad, so I responded with something along the lines of:
>"When you actually like someone any time you spend with them is not a waste but a joy, you look up to the time you see them and actively want to spend time together"
And that's the truth, when you fall in love your entire personality and way of thinking just changes like that. Currently the idea of living with someone and constantly spending time with them seems unclmfortable and annoying to me because there's no one I'd want to do that with.
You'll find love some day nonnie ♥︎

No. 393518

Don't mind the anons obsessed with spotting out the bisexuals occupying their head around the clock, it's pretty clear they're compensating for whatever. But to tell my personal story, my brain is completely broken by the internalized homophobia instilled upon me since my childhood spent in a small town in a conservative family, I've always been butch and wanted to troon out specifically because I couldn't even imagine being sexual with a woman being the way I am since lesbians are disgusting predators even if she enjoys it at the moment she'll probably turn on you tomorrow and tell everyone you raped her or bodyshame you. Just look at all the posts on places like Lchat where they won't settle for anything less than superstar level actresses with a house's worth of plastic surgery done and a personal trainer and stylist making sure they always look unnaturally perfect.

A lot of butch lesbians and lesbian FTMs I've met have the same feelings, they absolutely hate their bodies and being judged on the standards women are given. You have to be thin, beautiful, hairless, shapely, but if you are, people will think you're after men. I don't know how to put it, I guess sometimes it feels like admitting your female parts is the same as admitting men an access to your body either visually or physically so trying to erase them is like denying them access. I'm rambling here but maybe someone understands what I'm trying to say.

No. 393521

Anyone else in denial that they are lesbian and grasping at straws for evidence of straightness? How do you come to terms with it?

No. 393537

Kek it's comforting that imagining yourself as an ugly moid is so common because I used to do that all the time. For me I felt really guilty about wanting to receive pleasure or orgasm during sex because it feels like the majority of 'wlw' are terrified of pussy so I felt like a gross predator for wanting anyone to touch me. But even the ugliest man in the world gets to orgasm during sex and it's just normal, it's a totally normal expectation.

I touch grass and try to meet women irl but for my location/age my options are depressing and it just reinforces my insecurities. Primarily women self-describing as bottoms and pillow princesses so I have no idea how anyone in my area is getting laid when 90% of the dating pool only wants to receive.

Being terminally online actually kind of helps my confidence because sometimes women here and on Tumblr are openly thirsty for like, androgynous or GNC women. I've stopped fantasizing about being male because through the female fantasies thread and Tumblr hornyposting I've cobbled together a fantasy world where sex and relationships are reciprocal and I'm not automatically shoved in the boyfriend-lite/'top' role.

No. 393539

>the majority of 'wlw' are terrified of pussy
Please stop having "sex" with confused Twitter zoomettes.

No. 393541

90% lesbian issues would go away if everyone stayed offline

No. 393543

Lesbian spaces have been infested with heterosexual polilezzies since the second wave, nona. It's not a new thing. They're even the ones who birthed the idea of butches being predatory moid lites to begin with as to them wuhluhwuh is two conventionally attractive women making out because they still want to seem attractive to men.

No. 393544

>For me I felt really guilty about wanting to receive pleasure or orgasm during sex because it feels like the majority of 'wlw' are terrified of pussy so I felt like a gross predator for wanting anyone to touch me. But even the ugliest man in the world gets to orgasm during sex and it's just normal, it's a totally normal expectation.
Nonna, are you me? Damn.
>I touch grass and try to meet women irl but for my location/age my options are depressing and it just reinforces my insecurities.
I’m sorry this has been your experience, nonna. I’ve had several gfs and flings, but I still struggle to receive in all of those encounters. Some of the women I’ve been with self-described as “bottoms” which fueled my own insecurity, like you said. But even when women have wanted to reciprocate, I stop them after a couple of minutes because I get into my own head too much and worry they’re not really enjoying themselves and they don’t honestly enjoy eating pussy in the way that I do or whatever. I’ve never orgasmed with another person ever. I’m so jealous of women who don’t worry about these things, especially straight women who know they’re desired

No. 393546

NTA but
>especially straight women who know they’re desired
Goddamn this hit hard lmao. I sometimes feel like posting workout selfies showing off my gains for all the SSAs out there but then I remember that I'm disgusting and predatory for wanting to feel genuinely desired and attractive by other women.

No. 393547

Whats wrong with wanting to be conventionally attractive? I love being feminine for myself, even women in prison will try to make themselves look feminine, are we all doing it for men? Why are lesbians so critical of each other?

No. 393550

That's the conclusion you made out of that statement? Are you serious or trolling?

No. 393551

Watch people on this site accuse women of being bi for liking one moid weeb character that looks exactly like a woman meanwhile irl women zoomies will say lesbians can love men and troons. Why is our community like this. Both sides are insane.

No. 393552

Ayrt, I love seeing women post their gym gains, it’s the hottest thing ever. I’m sure you’re desirable, nonna ♥

No. 393553

Oh no please don't summon her I'm begging

No. 393554

Sorry I'm mentally ill. Ignore me.

No. 393565

I know I'm desperate because I would let any woman grope/molest me even if I don't want it.

No. 393566

Unfortunately it's not just confused Twitter zoomettes. The breakdown for dating apps in my area is:
>40% bi women who openly call themselves 'bottom', 'pillow princess' or 'experimenting'. (I don't hate all bi women but these ones are obviously red flags).
>20% unicorn hunters.
>15% AGP.
>15% asexual kinky nonbinary poly AuDHD spoonie settler #fuckJKRowling she/they.
>5% normie he/him men who never get banned for some reason?
>3% blue collar butches who are really cool but get deeply offended when a non-hyperfemme woman hits on them.
>2% regular homo/bisexual women with no pronouns and no 'teehee I'm a clueless widdle bottom pls be gentle uwu' crap in their profile.

I'm actually not a zoomer so that's probably part of the problem, most of the actual dykes are already married.

No. 393571

I can see the character posted by that anonnete in the other thread being male, if that's what you're referring to. Still, if you're okay with the idea of a male, then you're probably bi/het.

No. 393574

how is this pearl clutching? not liking aap doesn’t mean anyone thinks lesbians should “just hold hands”, kek. it’s not an ultimatum… i’m concerned for how you view sex. honestly i’m kind of just fucking exhausted of all the subconsciously wanting to be men shit, it’s in ftms and it’s even in lolcow users god where can i escape? i just want to be around women who want to be women. it’s like everyone’s lives revolve around men, hetties and dykes alike.

No. 393586

That's sadly the crux of being born as a woman. Being a lesbian doesn't shield you from misogyny, sexism or being made to center men in your lives. But because of our lack of sexual attraction towards them the experience lesbians have regarding sexual behavior molded by being made to center men and consequently, heterosexuality in general, is very different from straight women and it's sad that a lot of (especially gnc) lesbians can't talk about it without everyone suddenly calling them repressed hettie betties when 50% of the general population with their greater social power somehow affect their lives and perception of themselves every day. If you're exhausted with hearing about it, imagine how it would be for the one who literally can't have an orgasm due to homophobia making them feel undeserving of it. And like said, ehen anons talk about "wanting to be men" it's an issue with heterosexuality-defined norms rather than "centering men".

No. 393597

There is also an issue of certain users elevating lesbianism as the most enlightened orientation, which isn't helpful to anons dealing with internalized homophobia, especially those who feel like they're not "good enough" to be with women as women. I had to accept that sexual orientation is morally neutral and involuntary to start getting over all the weird baggage lesbianism is saddled with.

No. 393605

Yeah. The "lesbians are enlightened and based radfems" rhetoric is still politicizing lesbianism and making it an ideology and implicating that it's a conscious choice. It's just a continuum of the control people want to exert over female sexuality and make it into something more than it is, just a different flavor. A ton of young lesbians identify simply as "queer" because they're made to feel on both sides that it's not enough that you're a woman exclusively sexually attracted to other women, you have to make it into a performance. We don't have any room to figure ourselves out because there's both an excessive amount of ideological puritanism and also sexualization attached to lesbianism to the point the term "lesbian" sounds more either like a politicized subculture or porn category to so many young people.

No. 393657

> i’m concerned for how you view sex

wowie gee thanks never crossed my mind that perhaps living in this shit het world could have caused my sexuality to get fucked up by me being surrounded by male supremacy and homophobia but that of course is flaw of me instead of a flaw of the environment i am living in!

No. 393714

well i’m sorry but you’re not going to hear any sympathy from me.

No. 393729

then seek out a therapist instead of telling us your gross paraphilias. we all live in a homophobic, sexist world, but personally I think the lust I feel with another woman overpowers the shame… stop overthinking.

No. 393736

Shes allowed to complain about her unique lesbian struggles in the lesbian general you know

No. 393740

>Literally the lesbian version of the dudebro "stop being depressed you just need to get laid lmao!" mindset

No. 393741

shut the fuck up. this shit's always so infuriating, as a lesbian you're never allowed to have any flaws or whatever not in the het world, not among other lesbians even on a freak central website like this. and >>393729 in particular, you have no comments on this >>393502 post of mine or is it too depressing so you just focus on my first tongue on the cheek post because you just gotta have your fix on shitting on other women because we're not perfect with dealing with the trauma of sexism, sexual abuse/harassment and heterosexism? you have no actual insight to put out there

No. 393743

speaking of insight, perhaps you too suffer from the same problem as me though in different way, ie it feels like there is some sort of imaginary third party always watching and witnessing you and others as lesbian, because i genuinely don't know what exactly could be your problem about me or other anons venting about our issues with homophobia in this thread if not thinking that we're supposed to perform to some unseen audience? better not post about any delicate issues here or seem like a freak, or someone might see that not every lesbian is enlightened forever conscious super woman but there might exist insane and weird little goblin women in our midst? am i ruining your personal reputation as a lesbian with my posts? what? what is the need for this kind of policing if not keeping up some performance for someone just in case?

No. 393750

Maaaan. Shut the hell up

No. 393792

does anyone’s “type” of woman stay consistent or has it morphed for y’all too? I’ve pretty much always been into nerdy, introverted women who are booksmart and feminine but suddenly I’m ONLY into muscular, sporty women right now. I don’t feel attracted to my old “type” of women anymore idk why

No. 393835

oh boo hoo. is this really that deep? you sound like, twittermad. you just have a weird fetish like the FTMs do, nothing too common in today’s society. nothing special.(infight bait)

No. 393844

Why do you love to hate and bait lesbians in the lesbian thread?

No. 393847

Because every time she does it we reward her with attention.

No. 393849

You've seen pakichan's face?

No. 393853

like i said, no insight. who are you performing for?

No. 393878

I remember she posted a pic of herself with her grandmother but her face was censored. She seemed cute though.

No. 393915

Actually agreed. Take your trannyshit to /ot/.

No. 393920

lol based on the reaction it sounds like several anons here have complexes from growing up as a lesbian in Muh Society, like I do too from homophobic girls bullying me in high school.. but to imagine yourself as a gross man? like keep that gooner tranny shit to yourself.(bait)

No. 393922

sometimes this is literally true sorry!

No. 393929

Ignore bait

No. 393957

File: 1714185466653.jpg (146.48 KB, 720x717, nowords.jpg)

>match with girl on tinder
>cute, no pronouns, we work in the same field, ignore that bi women aren't my preference
>talk for 3 weeks
>btw im poly and in a long term relationship

No. 393958

No. 393961

I don't get why straight people are allowed to thirst for some anime character or supermodel of the same sex and still be straight but lesbians can't. Anime isn't real, being attracted to one anime boy isn't the same as wanting to date and marry men.

I've been fantasizing about something similar lately. I think I'd put out for literally any woman right now.

To chime in on viewing yourself during sex, rather, don't. Don't think about yourself during sex. Men definitely don't. It'll kill your arousal for sure. I try to focus on the other woman and the pleasure and eroticism of the situation. Don't use sex to be voyeur to yourself. Give your all to your partner. That's how I feel.

Also, would you be put off by a woman calling you "shawty"? She's hot and my type but it's so off-putting.
>is my type of woman someone who says "shawty"???????

No. 393971

Bihets on tinder every gd time

No. 393978

Anyone straight wouldn't be ATTRACTED to an anime character of the same sex, just like anyone gay wouldn't be ATTRACTED to an anime character of the opposite sex. If you're genuinely ATTRACTED to male characters in a sexual way then you're not a lesbian. If you're not actually attracted to them then stop throwing that word around as if it meant nothing you fucking stupid tard.

No. 393979

I'm sorry but I think it's so funny that so many women on this website are sexually confused due to their feelings about anime characters and so many furious debates rage over the sexuality of people attracted to anime characters. I mean this with love and sympathy but it's just such a tragically hilarious weeb problem

No. 393980

So which side do you support? Is getting off to drawn male bodies or imaginary male bodies lesbian behavior just because they're not real? Is getting off to you getting fucked by a dude lesbian because the dude in your head is not real? What's the logic behind this?(fujosperging bait)

No. 393984

Who tf is saying anything about getting fucked?

No. 393987

Ignore fujosperg-chan

No. 393989

If you find a character sexually attractive you either
>get turned on by them
>have enjoyable sexual thoughts of them
>masturbate to their body and/or you doing sexual things to them and/or them doing sexual things to you
Please tell me which one of this is gay to do with a male character if you're a lesbian.

No. 393990

Based on my experience I honestly trust a lesbian who likes anime men more than a lesbian who likes coomerized moidgaze anime girls.

No. 393991

I would trust a lesbian anime husbandofag over lolifujospergchan

No. 393992

Are you cucked enough to take the obsessed husbandofag as a gf though?

No. 393993

Every single time someone says the weeb freakouts over fictional men are funny someone crawls out to "WELL ACTUALLY" it with their own viewpoint like it doesn't just make them look even funnier.

No. 393994

There are options other than obsessed husbandofag screaming about wanting to impregnated by husbando-kun you know, my girlfriend is a gigantic fujo and only likes male characters but she never husbandofags for them. Meanwhile the pornsick yurifag lesbian I know started dating men KEK(fujo derailing)

No. 393995

Nice fanfiction, fujolard.

No. 393996

Stop replying to her

No. 394002

This thread is the last place where I'd expect to see fujos. Why are you here

No. 394016

this thread is made up of
who ironically accuse everyone who doesn't want to see their retarded shit in the lesbian thread of all places of being a polilez or the lolisperg

No. 394033

ayrt, it's honestly impossible to say because it's so difficult to comprehend someone having so little experience with liking real life human people that you can let cartoons that are drawn cutely confuse you. again said with love
you get it kek

No. 394040

There are already several threads to sperg about fujocoomery, keep it out of /lg/.

No. 394071

>it's impossible to say if it's gay when a woman gets off to imaginary male bodies
You people are so fucking spineless. Do you think lolishit is pedo? Then getting off to drawn/imaginary scrotes is not gay. Simple as.(continuing infight after farmhand post)

No. 394102

File: 1714244248802.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1453, IMG_3013.jpeg)

I don’t go to gay bars anymore because 9/10 times, I end up being approached by a couple who looks like this. It’s always something along the lines of “I think you’re hot and I want to spend the night with you, my husband will be there but we have a cuck chair so don’t mind him.” Why does this happen so much?

No. 394107

Why were white moids psyop'd into becoming cucks and trannies. It's pretty baffling.

No. 394112

Slimy shitbags who try to score FFM threesomes are not poor little white men who are being psyop'd into anything, anon.

No. 394113

Sorry for you nonna but I find Anisa so hot in that pic

No. 394120

KILL bisexual women and their gross scrotes(alogging)

No. 394126

File: 1714251616032.jpeg (40.29 KB, 564x407, 622d230138fb6.jpeg)

No. 394185

There’s a coffee shop on a corner a block away from my house. I’ve always driven past it until our lesbian neighbours mentioned it. I went in and it seems to be run by lesbians who immediately recognised me as one of their own and were so sweet. I now go in there all time, it’s like a nice WLW pocket of the world and an antidote to being amongst straight people all day and their straight problems. It’s how I imagine lesbian bars used to feel.

No. 394217

File: 1714288726129.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1151x2107, IMG_1090.jpeg)

I’m really tired of seeing all these memes about how lesbians just love fictional men. I’m so damn tired of people trying to shove men into our attraction. The women who I’ve dated like this would say they’re “hardcore lesbians” and then when a man would come they’d drop everything. I know there’s a difference between liking a character and fancying them. And I’ve liked many male characters and related to them, but I’m so so tired of it being “oh ya lesbians LOVE men they want to FUCK them” because it tells men they have a chance and weird hetero women give that to them.

No. 394218

Nonnas of a certain age. Do you find it easier or more complicated to find someone as you get older? I have the impression that the lesbians on the apps are all 18-20 years old and in the bars over 40 years old. No middle.

No. 394219

I don't even understand how this is thing. So many exquisite women characters and you chose a man to have a crush on ? Ew. Thats why I always side eyes girls into anime, Kpop boys group (or One Direction/Justin Bieber at the time)

No. 394223

it's all because of that comphet doc which was made by an admitted bisexual

No. 394239

Kek I knew a girl (and kinda had a crush on her) who swore she was a lesbian up and down and could never imagine dating a man or being with a man. Said she loved women. Had a few fictional husbandos though which I didn't think much of at the time. But then within a few months she grew out her hair, started wearing makeup and more feminine clothes, because she got a boyfriend KEK. Thought she was a lesbian and could never imagine herself with a guy….Damn. She even changed the way she acted and spoke to appeal to him. You know, that retarded tiktok typing style and posting unfunny ass "silly" memes. Kek kek kek. I hate these fake lesbians that deep down just want a man. The most 'attraction' to women they show is posting a picture of some botched kpoop girl and saying "I love women!!"

No. 394243

I find it more complicated. The dating pool is already small and I feel that at my age (29+) you are already an established person so making comprises can be more difficult.
I stopped dating a few years ago because like you said, the apps seem to be mostly young adults and I don't like bars (not that any lgb even exist here)

No. 394250

Disclaimer: live in a big city where people don't get married as young as they do in the midwest or south. I feel like up to about 30, there is still a decent amount of women who are dating and on apps and out in the bars and at events because of late bloomers, unserious relationships ending, lesbians having a hard time meeting each other and other things like that, and you're also young enough that you can reasonably date women in their mid-late 20s, but at 35+, most women have settled down and it's all nasty poly people. Also, there are lots of lesbian dance events and bar events and ladies nights that attract the 21-30 range here in the city.

No. 394254

I’ve given up on dating years ago (32 now). Am happy to be a virgin forever. It’s never been a better time in history to decenter romantic relationships from your life.(what does this have to do with lesbianism)

No. 394258

Am I going crazy or is this thread being derailed by a straight moid. What is this blackpill shit?

No. 394281

Sorry but if you use strap-ons you are probably a latent bi (or AAP if you are on the giving side). You are literally simulating het sex dynamics and LARPing as a moid if you give. You are putting a fake dick inside. It's homophobic to insinuate otherwise. Just use fingers if you need penetration so bad.(bait)

No. 394282

It’s just in: having sex with an object is now STRAIGHT!
this thread is something, it really is.

No. 394283

Yes unironically. If being into fictional moids aka fake moids is straight then so is being into fake dick aka dildos/strap.

No. 394286

Bait used to be believable

No. 394288

And gays who do penetration are straight because they simulate hetero sex ^^

No. 394291

No because they're only using their natural parts. Why are you bringing faggots into this?

No. 394294

By this logic, fucking ftms makes you straight. Some of you are so fucking paranoid about what is and isn't lesbianism, you sound like straight moids who won't wash their ass because it's gay.
Anyway, what's your favorite position for using the strap? It might sound dumb but I really like missionary, I like being able to look her in the eyes while we fuck.

No. 394295

Except ftms have a pussy. But tbh most people who fuck troons are bi. Go on tell me this - how is fapping to gross art of moids any different to fapping to fake dicks? It's both equally bi. Dildos are literally fake peens.(infighting)

No. 394299

Lol so you're a butthurt fujo/yume. Keep coping, hettie.(infighting)

No. 394300

I just said fujoshit/yumeshit is disgusting, what are you talking about? Just say you're het

No. 394305

Ngl shes right, dildos are even advertized by their manufacturing as being "flesh-like", they are literally designed for hetties. You sound like a coping bislut.(infighting/samefagging)

No. 394313

you troll-feeding retards are making me embarrassed to be a lesbian. every day i come here i feel like an absent father finding out that the neighborhood witnessed yet another screaming slapfight from our nest of government benefits-receiving sped sisters

No. 394315

mtf pussy is designed to be "flesh like" as well, by this logic they are true and honest women. Penetration feels good regardless of orientation. If you can't tell the difference between a woman with a toy and a man, then that's on you.

That's so sweet nona! I'm glad there are still spaces like that. There's a lot of places in my area with those hideous new pride flags in the windows, but I guess it's better than nothing.

No. 394319

Any continuation of this retarded infight will result in a much longer ban and ban evading posts will be deleted. Just stop.

No. 394472

today I learned that I have an abnormally small clit, like not even a visible hood. smaller than a pencil eraser.

No. 394474

Mine is really small too, and I think it makes it harder to orgasm from oral - never actually done so. All the women I’ve been with had larger ones and came really easily.

No. 394475

File: 1714384205890.png (706.85 KB, 1037x1807, Screenshot_20240429-054809.png)

God this really chaps my ass. If I match with one more scrote I swear to God. Was worth it to get a premium trial at least I'm actually getting matches

No. 394499

I really don't see better apps developing until you're allowed to discriminate against trannies without getting your app taken down.

No. 394502

oh, i guess mine is also very small then (i think i’m a grower though), but i have absolutely no hood and this makes tribbing feel amazing so. i’m definitely not complaining. i never understood how people didn’t enjoy it until i realised most people have hoods and that must decrease sensitivity a whole lot.

No. 394538

I'm insecure as fuck about my voice. It's kinda deep (and I sound like a pre-pubescent cartoon boy kek). Would you nonas be turned off if a girl had a voice like that?

No. 394543

Hey nonna, another extremely deep voiced lesbian here. On the phone and out in public I usually get sir'd.. being extremely GNC doesn't help. It may be a turn off for some, but if you're secure in being a female (not a troon, regardless of how you express yourself) and your lesbianism I find that there's a large percentage of women who will actually be really into it. You can't help your voice. I personally really like my deep voice and I hope you'll come to do so too.

No. 394577

if you are tall and kinda boyish in addition to the low voice then don’t worry because lesbians salivate to that kind of dyke in my experience

No. 394583

Deep voices are beyond sexy

No. 394590

Thanks nona, I hope so too. This gave me some hope.
Kek unfortunately, I'm actually pretty short, but I am kinda boyish.

No. 394592

File: 1714434232539.jpeg (175.51 KB, 956x750, IMG_3129.jpeg)

I think the “old couples that hate each other” must be a straight thing. What do you mean you hate the woman you married 40 years ago? I’m in a lesbian support group with these two old ladies who have been dating since the 80s, and they are so happy together, it’s super cute. I hope I find love like that one day.

No. 394593

I think heterosexuals (specially men) just settle for the person they find attractive enough to fuck somewhat consistently. Since most men inherently hate women and femininity they keep looking down on their wives and their interests, so they end up treating them like trash and resenting them once the sexual attraction is gone. Likewise, women obviously don't enjoy being treated like shit so they end up hating their husbands. In same-sex relationships people often have similar interests, values and expectations of each other. Having a misogynistic or misandrist partner is also less common if they're of your same sex as well.

No. 394644

Are you dating or trying to date right now? How's that going for you? What was your last date like?

I'll start. Mine went well, except for at the end when she said "we should kiss" and then let the silence go on too long. I didn't want to and was trying to be polite about it. I feel like I should've just done it to avoid the awkwardness.

No. 394646

>Are you dating or trying to date right now?
I’m not dating and not trying, but I’m still sorta talking to the last woman I dated, which may be the issue. We broke up 4 months ago.
>How's that going for you?
Lonely, but peaceful. I’m also a bit sexually frustrated, ngl. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in a ONS because I don’t really experience sexual desire for another person until we get to know each other well, and I’m hesitant to actively look for a relationship because I feel way more unhinged when I’m actively dating. I probably have a disorganized attachment style.
>What was your last date like?
It was really nice. Had me feeling hopeful about love kek. But in the end, it just led to more disappointment

No. 395090

Is anyone else extremely degenerate for a woman and suffering with guilt about it as a result?

No. 395122

how do I stop feeling guilty and like a homosexual freak after I fuck my girlfriend… I haven’t talked about this with her because it’s such a bummer. I love making her come in the moment, but afterwards I feel like I’m going to hell. Or I’m going to be like disowned by my family. I haven’t gone to mass in like 8 years idgi.

No. 395123

I don’t feel this way when I just receive

No. 395139

i am also degenerate and it’s normal, look at the straight nonas here. female socialisation just teaches us that we have to be perfectly pure.

No. 395148

I saw another nonna brought up The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer. Good read to help accept your sexuality

No. 395188

What do you mean when you say you're degenerate? Just, very horny/fantasizing?

No. 395201

Different anon but also want to learn to overcome religious trauma so I can get a gf.

No. 395214

second anon, essentially. nothing moids can’t get away with.

No. 395539

Nonas with girlfriends, how did you both meet and fall in love?

No. 395578

Our mutual friend introduced us to each other. My girlfriend had a crush on this friend who introduced us, and I had a crush on another girl from our group. We started talking more, venting about our unrequited love, turned out we have the same dumb sense of humor and quite a lot in common. Over a few months we talked, hanged out, we both started catching feelings, but she was still holding on to the crush for a bit, before one day, when they had a talk and our mutual friend made her realize that it's a dead end, and she doesn't like her that way. We then, after a month, started officially dating. It was such a stupid period of our lives, although I'm glad we met. And, honestly, our love grows stronger the more we are dating. At the start she might have still been a bit on the fence with the crush and everything, but I've been able to take over her heart, I've been more open and serious than her previous relationships, that never really went anywhere, just online with bi girls, that tried to make her their bf due to her being more comfortable with masculinity. It's been almost ten years at this point, we grow and make each other better people, i'm glad that she is my girlfriend and soon to be wife ♥

No. 395671

Sorry for being a baby gay here but I ate another woman out for the first time ever last night and it was life-changing. It’s all I can think about today and I can’t wait to do it again.

No. 395685

I'm so jealous. I would get on my knees and eat out literally any woman if I could.

No. 395691

I have gross fetishes and would let any woman use me. I also sometimes get turned on by myself (I swear Im not a moid).

No. 395697

ntayrt nona, this is beautiful! I wish all the best for you and your soon-to-be wife!

No. 395704

Thank you! ♥

No. 395708

How old are you ?

No. 395716


No. 395726

>>395716 is a troll and not me. I’m mid twenties and a bit late coming out.

No. 395777

Absolutely fucking hate how I have the worst taste in women, no joke. And what I mean by "worst" is that I keep being infatuated with terminal BPD-chans because my huge, huge weak point is assertive femmes. I'm currently pining hard for a (genuinely diagnosed) BPD sufferer with problems with self harm and anorexia and being in recovery from a long relationship with the previous similar kind, I know I shouldn't get involved at all but I'm smitten so hard I actually have sexy dreams about her and turn into a blubbering, embarrassing mess when she's around. She's genuinely the sexiest and funniest girl I've met in my life, ticks all my boxes, she's clearly flirting with me which only makes my love sickness worse. But I know I would probably end it all if I had to deal being a BPD-chan's favourite person one more time especially because she's bi and has had boyfriends in the past. Anons what do I do, how do I get rid of these feelings, how do I talk sense to myself? It always seems like the female dating pool is either semi-conservative turbonormies or genuine nutcases who you can never be sure of if they're SSA because they're mentally ill or they're mentally ill because they're SSA. I fall into the second category so don't yell at me

No. 395794

I wish I had any useful advice to give you nona, but as a late-20s lesbian who since 16, somehow, always, a-l-w-a-y-s, manages to fall madly in love with bisexual fujos and then get into messy relationships with them just to suffer again and again with them becoming trasmen, changing pronouns to he/him, worshipping 2D dicks, and wanting to roleplay gay male sex (and getting mad at me when I obviously refuse), I'm afraid I'm not in the place to give anyone any piece of advice. But I wish you strength nona!
>always seems like the female dating pool is either semi-conservative turbonormies or genuine nutcases
this, and barely any lesbians at all. Gosh, I wish lesbians weren't so hard to find, I just wanted a nerdy lesbian gf to enjoy nerd hobbies with, but every SSA woman I meet on nerdy spaces is either a woke lesbian who calls herself pansexual or a bisexual fujo, and dating apps are all normie women, BPD-chans (almost always bi) as you said, and trannies. It's complicated.

No. 395815

File: 1715009541555.png (502.41 KB, 600x600, 2203953_D6jsja44.png)

Has anyone else created their ideal gf to cope with being terminally single. I write stories about us going on dates, inserting us into anything I read or watch, I make us in picrews. I'm so lonely and there is no 'lesbian scene' near me. I feel like I'm doomed to be alone. The only girls who have ever shown interest in me run away when my stupid ass starts to sperg about my interests. I'm not even too weird I'm just a weeb and kind of intense and retarded. The only women I've met with my same interests are gendies or coomers it sucks. I'm not roleplaying yaoi or playing a stupid scrote porn game with a woman for scraps of affection.

No. 395832

Can we not post cringe weebshit itt? Gee I wonder why some of you get no pussy.(infight bait)

No. 395833

What are you even referring to? The picrew anon posted? Stop seething over nothing and check what site you’re on

No. 395834

This isn't an anime website.

No. 395835

interesting conversation happens, anons talk about their feelings and experiences as lesbians, then some retard comes along and starts blowing her entire ass over idiotic shit like posting anime pictures, typical lesbian thread experience

No. 395836

Weebs are one of the many reasons I stopped checking this thread regularly. They're beyond help.

>blowing her entire ass
It was a glib remark, calm down.(infighting)

No. 395837

>Weebs are one of the many reasons I stopped checking this thread regularly. They're beyond help.
Good. Normies fuck off.

No. 395838

Right? The speds are always looking to infight here over the dumbest shit imaginable. Imagine having so little going for you in life that you’re that easily triggered kek

No. 395839

Anime is mainstream, just cringe.

No. 395841

It was a picrew, calm down. Take a deep breath and close your browser

No. 395842

File: 1715019897393.gif (3.22 MB, 456x262, youre-hard-david-brent.gif)


No. 395843

File: 1715020453531.jpg (96.63 KB, 750x422, weebshit.JPG)

Nonnies, this could be us…

No. 395844

>posting the normiest of gifs
Predictable kek. Can you not make it anymore obvious you came from Reddit/twitter/tiktok/tumblr? This is a website for the the mentally ill foreveralone nerdy women(infighting)

No. 395850

Why would I need to close my browser and take a deep breath because I said “anime is mainstream, just cringe” kek

No. 395852

>It was a picrew
Because you and/or other anons having a melty over a literal picrew. Do you not have any friends? It’s ok if you don’t. Loser NEETs are still welcome here. But be honest. Even my most normie friends who have never watched an anime in their life like sending picrews in our groupchat

No. 395853

File: 1715023285729.jpg (43.34 KB, 500x313, 7286c52ac2f30e8947c02e82f42a05…)

So sorry for posting a picrew of me and my imaginary girlfriend it won't happen again I didn't know it would offend the anime haters so much. Should I use nonoffensive justgirlythings images to appease the normies instead?

No. 395855

Don't have an account for any of those websites. Just found your posturing amusing. This is why us dreaded "normies" who leave the house and have relationships need a separate lesbian thread so we can leave this crab bucket.(infighting)

No. 395856

>This isn't an anime website.
>on an imageboard.

No. 395857

making this website a radfem central was a mistake

No. 395859

Are you me? I don't know why I am so attracted to women like that. My working theory is that I probably have some sort of deep, unresolved issue myself that I find unstable women who play mind games so appealing. I also think that it could be a probability thing–if you are a passive person, then the types of women who will approach and pursue you and figure out that you are kind of a pushover are women with severe issues. I've personally taken a vow of celibacy for at least two years in the hopes it will reset my brain. Good luck nona.

No. 395863

Does anyone have cunnilingus advice? Or if there are any chadbians here how to be good at sex in general. Maybe a bit cringe but I’ve got a bi girl who’s only ever had shitty sex experiences with scrotes and I kind of want to blow her mind.

No. 395864

I am unabashedly attracted to unstable women. I kind of become one when I like someone, that’s what love is to me, if I’m not crazy for her I just don’t love her much. I seek a level of depth or entanglement that might be insane to some but I guess we’re just as bad for one another as each other.

No. 395871

Second ayrt and I'm the same way, but the thing is that the type of women I'm attracted to will almost inevitably betray you. My issue is I'm drawn to mutual obsession, but it turns out BPD women who derive satisfaction from keeping you on your toes never give you what you really want, which is devotion so enduring that you never have to question it. I wouldn't even mind being bad for a woman who was bad for me as long as she was solely fixated on me and couldn't live without me (since that is how I am). Instead, these women tend to cheat on me with men or split and then ghost and then come crawling back years later. I also recognize I sound insane which is why I'm taking a break kek, I can only assume I am at least half the problem.

No. 395875

File: 1715027720203.jpg (210.11 KB, 1440x1796, 1000015424.jpg)

No. 395879

Yes I’m a weeb. Yes I have irl sex with women. We exist
First, start with broader licks before narrowing in on her clit. Going straight for the clit can be a bit painful for some women. Not every woman likes penetration, so see what she likes first, but making a “come hither” motion with one or two of your fingers (pointing up to her abdomen) while you eat her out has been very well received for me. Another tip I have is to push up a bit on her lower stomach while you eat her out. A lot of women like the pressure, and it’ll pull her clitoral hood up so you can apply more direct stimulation. Lastly, be enthusiastic and tell her she tastes good. I know I often stress out about that myself (even though I have good hygiene and taste myself to make sure kek), but hearing that will help your partner feel desired and turned on

No. 395891

AYRT, thanks for replying, your thoughts resonated with my feelings pretty well. I've always been like this, ever since childhood, my type of woman has always been the same to the point it's like an obsession. I hate the mind games and the splits so much and my last BPD girlfriend made me genuinely suicidal from her destroying my self-esteem so bad but I can't help being attracted to the type and I don't know why. I'm not really a passive person myself and the energy of those women match my passion, it's like adding oil to the fire. I feel inspired being around them. But I'm also extremely self-conscious, so if I were to theorize, the extreme love I receive from them makes me feel needed but I also get some kind of a power trip out of being "the more stable one" in the relationship. Maybe I also draw a bit of comfort from "being the victim"? I don't know. Like you, I'm also trying to recover and relearning what healthy relationships are which is why I'm desperately trying not to make the same mistake even though the carnal desire is driving me mad.

I don't judge you, nonnie, I know how bad a relationship with a BPD woman can fuck up your personality and how you perceive love, it's truly a poison that sticks until, as you said, your brain resets. I was lucky enough to have stable best friends who helped in reminding me that it's NOT normal to have someone split and ghost you over no reason at all, but I still have a lot of pieces to pick up. I've decided to stay single until I can work my personal issues out and not constantly fall to the same traps I should've seen coming.
>it turns out BPD women who derive satisfaction from keeping you on your toes never give you what you really want
This is true in many ways. I wanted to feel needed and appreciated, but it takes just one bad day for her to completely demolish my self-esteem and feel hated and discarded.

No. 395896

File: 1715034040494.jpeg (93.29 KB, 828x683, 9A514C93-B777-42B2-B841-974640…)

Nonnas I’ve been tormenting myself over this girl because I can’t figure out if she’s actually gay or spicy straight. Part of me thinks she’s a lesbian but there’s a lot of conflicting evidence and and I’m afraid she’s just like picrel.
>Pink split dye hair
>Nose ring + septum combo
>Wears lots of rings
>Wears a lot of jewelry and stacks necklaces, mixes metals
>Lots of tattoos
>Relatively short nails
>Most of the men she interacts with are gay
>Super close body language with women (head on shoulder, faces pressed together, hugging, almost kissing/touching tongues)
>Only explicitly gay thing she has on her page is following a local ‘Dyke Event’ account but it’s a painfully libfem one where pretty much anyone can go.
The thing that throws me off is that she was extremely religious at one point and may still be now?
>Went to multiple religious colleges where gay relationships weren’t allowed.
>Did an internship at a church but is now working in bars.
>Used to do a fuckton with her religious friends but hangs out with the non religious gays now.
>Still interacts with a lot of people she went to college with on socials
>Main posts aren’t explicitly religious anymore but hasn’t scrubbed her old photos either
>Seemed to be really close with other alternative Christians, one girl in particular who is still openly religious. She looks super butch but is apparently dating a man.
>Still wears a lot of merch from her old schools.
This has really gotten under my skin. I can’t ask directly because I feel like the religious element could really be fucking with her head. Is she closeted? Is she bihet and just fake flirting? Maybe she’s just awkward around moids? She’s very endearing but isn’t the type I think most moids usually go for. She seems to be really getting close with one girl in particular and I don’t want to fuck anything up by being nosy.

No. 395922

see how she reacts if u sit next to her a lil more closely than usual.. if you smoke or vape and you're kinda sloshed ask to shotgun smoke. because it's like a kiss without the pressure of a kiss. if she leans into u a lil or it lingers… she want you

No. 395924

for YEARS lesbians online told me i was a tranny because i was afraid i wouldnt be able to find the clit. and then i actually saw pussy multiple times irl and realized i have like a microscopic clit.. tbh just straight up ask her to direct u when u go down on her. some girls like pressure, others dont. some like tongue swirlies, some want you to suck it and give them like a hicky almost. dont overthink it. she'll probably let you know if you're hitting the sweet spot. or youll be able to tell that you are from her breathing, moans, etc.(integrate)

No. 395946

This picture is so real, but I wonder why exactly this is the case

No. 395975

Straight women are really fucking confusing for this reason. It's funny because many women who are actually attracted to other women are scared of scaring them off and being inappropriate but straight women are often happy touch you and make inappropriate comments.

No. 395977

do you feel like STD prevention is not talked about often enough amongst lesbians ?

No. 395986

It's not, and it's quite worrying how most young lesbians just don't have a clue how to have safe lesbian sex. Especially the ones hooking up with bisexual women who arguably need it the most.

No. 396036

Sure but it’s extremely unlikely to get something like HIV from cunnilingus. When I was in college, our RAs would give out dental dams and I had to wonder if anyone was actually using them. Feel free to flame me for this but if I was about to hook up with another woman and she pulled out a dental dam I would leave

No. 396038

For real, a dental dam would honestly be way too goofy for me to get in the mood and I don't really know how effective they would be as a form of prevention anyway. The worst I've heard of lesbians getting has been a UTI from dirty fingers anyway.

No. 396042

I met her via a former friend I briefly had on Tumblr for a short time. I had a falling out with said friend that ended in a mutual block and leaving her circle entirely, but at least I got a best friend and later girlfriend from it.

No. 396046

You can get gonorrhea and hpv in the throat from eating pussy

No. 396057

Yeah I don't understand the point of a dental dam, if there was an STD concern I would just skip oral. Same with women who use gloves. I get that some women are paranoid about it (and I get it since HPV is transmissible between women, that's the only one I actually worry about) but I would just either not have sex or use toys/dry hump clothed/whatever. Gloves and dams remind me of a gyno appointment, not sexy.
>The worst I've heard of lesbians getting has been a UTI from dirty fingers anyway.
My biggest safe lesbian sex tip would be to wash hands WITH SOAP and rinse mouth immediately beforehand. If we've been eating I don't want your food tongue all over my pussy.

No. 396067

>Same with women who use gloves.
Ayrt, I can’t even imagine what I would do if a potential hook-up pulled out GLOVES kek. That’s just… so unsexy. Like you and that other anon said, you just need to wash your hands first
>You can get gonorrhea and hpv in the throat from eating pussy
True, but somehow I’ve never gotten a single STI from having unprotected sex with women. We need to normalize getting tested regularly, of course. But using dental dams just defeats the whole point of having sex, I’d simply rather not. Like sorry to be crude but if I don’t even get to taste pussy or feel her tongue there, what’s the point? I love fingering pussy too, so gloves would take away the amazing feeling of the heat and wetness inside her. I’d never pressure a woman into having unprotected sex like a moid, but I would also lose interest, though I’d be more than willing to get tested first

No. 396068

>Yeah I don't understand the point of a dental dam, if there was an STD concern I would just skip oral.
Same. Personally I wouldn't do oral with a one night stand anyway, it's too risky and kind of awkward to do with someone you don't know at least to me.

No. 396149

>Ugly, pansexual (spicy straight) girl from uni get dumped by her disgusting, toxic scrote
>So devastated that even mentioning the incident makes her cry
>Start uploading random TikToks a of alt girls in her stories, talking about how hot they are
>Starts calling herself a lesbian
I'm so tired, she'll be dating another ugly scrote in a couple of months

No. 396175

File: 1715132176844.jpg (1.2 MB, 1400x787, 7b18daa7f1b6b848a804fa9d633870…)

how do you feel about the topic of gold star lesbianism? is there some truth to the mindset that only women who have never had sex with men before can be actual lesbians? could there actually be lesbians out there in the world who have had sex with men because maybe they refused to believe themselves to be lesbians, or are they just some other orientation instead?

No. 396178

I feel like you posted this to troll because you tried to start the discussion with the equivalent of "how can a woman be a lesbian if she's never tried men to know she doesn't like them." What's wrong, getting bored with posting questions like "so what do we REALLY think of affirmative action, ladies" in the black women thread?

No. 396179


what black women thread? and sorry if my post seemed weird but i was just wondering and wanted to hear some opinions

No. 396181

There is no "topic of gold star lesbians," the term is just a little joke that people make that some people get mad at because it doesn't apply to them. all women who live in the real world know that some lesbians never sleep with men and some slept with men before figuring things out or because it wasn't ok where they lived and it's always been like that throughout history and across different cultures and there's literally nothing to discuss or debate about that.

No. 396185


reason why i ask is because this topic is a huge debate in some lesbian circles to the point where if they ever find out a woman has had a bf or a husband or just sex with men in general, she is no longer a lesbian in their eyes and she needs to change her label to something else. admittedly most of this is online, but i've definitely met at least one lesbian irl who says that only gold stars can be lesbians so that's why i just wondered. i for one think that in the end, the only hard line requirement of being a lesbian is if you are a female homosexual and that's it.

No. 396189

Not everyone has sex with men by choice nonnie

No. 396196

Nta but rape and sex are different things. Someone realising they were a lesbian after a consensual relationship with men that they didn't like isn't the same as someone being literally assaulted by men, and those hyper militant gold star accounts on tumblr and Instagram do go out of their way to include rape victims in their definition of lesbian because certain non gold stars do distastefully like bringing up rape victims as arguing points whenever a gold star thinks someone who had a string of boyfriends before coming out as a lesbian is a fake.

No. 396208

This is one of those topics that's just not fun or productive to discuss so you should just use your brain like a reasonable adult and not waste time debating it. Obviously someone can date a man and not enjoy it and then stop doing that, obviously someone actively dating a man who calls herself a lesbian "with an exception" is a dumbass, obviously lesbians living in Uganda aren't just cowards if they aren't out and proud. When people get really invested in debating the definitions of simple words, it's pretty embarrassing.

No. 396214

Agreed, this conversation comes up every fuckin thread. Sometimes lesbians try to convince themselves they’re straight/bi bc the world is not kind to us, but they realize how much they’re torturing themselves, and finally come out. Maybe I’m just too old and tired, but I genuinely do not care about a woman’s past dating history, as long as it’s not insanely recent. A lesbian who divorced her husband 5 years ago and has exclusively pursued women since is a lot more trustworthy to me than a “lesbian” who broke up with her scrote 5 months ago and wants to try something new.

No. 396250

i have never met an actual lesbian or anyone in the real world beyond a computer screen who cares about gold star lesbos.
it only comes from self-hating bi women and straight girls who larp as lesbos online.

No. 396364

anyone else have experiences with female friendships that felt more like relationships? i feel like i’ve experienced more “breakups” with friends than with actual girls I’ve dated and it’s hard to navigate because technically… you were just friends. but a little too close to be friends really.

No. 396367

Anyone else here black? I'm a black lesbian.

No. 396368

>Gloves and dams remind me of a gyno appointment

No. 396376

I feel like this is a quintessential lesbian experience tbh

No. 396443

No. 396491

File: 1715262382359.jpg (1.37 MB, 1500x1161, sub-buzz-27005-1504129849-1.jp…)

I've all of a sudden become fascinated and obsessed with lesbian culture, history, and art and I can't stop reading lesbian books and magazines. I always viewed being lesbian as this kind of mundane feature of my life, just my innate sexuality and nothing more, but man, the picture these women paint in these books of lesbian life and the lesbian canon is so colorful and rich that I regret having never been curious about this before. I've spoken to an older dyke on the phone who participates in these magazines and she was absolutely darling, and I'm thinking of reaching out to more. I will say though that a lot of the older magazines are rife with polilez shit unfortunately, but I try not to focus on them. Overall it's all really inspiring, and makes me want to write some stuff of my own. I'm so lucky to be a part of a group with such a diverse and amazing, talented, bespoke pool of women.

No. 396548

File: 1715278166360.jpg (159.05 KB, 843x1280, wtff.jpg)

Why is it that butch characters are always depicted as men or trannie bait? All I want is a good lesbian comic that isn't misogynistic, but it seems that doesn't exist.

Does anyone have recommendations?

No. 396685

Weird question but would you guys date a Drag King, obviously not in Drag but someone with that job. I find it a weirdly attractive job, maybe because the only drag kings I've seen have been incredibly attractive women in their own right, idk.

No. 396696

As long as they’re not a gendie, sure.

No. 396697

Probably not. I think Drag Kings are cool, but from my understanding it's mostly a nightlife thing, and I like to be in bed by 8pm kek. Maybe if she only performed at brunches.

No. 396708

I love drag kings. I love creative women of all types and love female masculinity so drag kings are perfect. Probably wouldn't date one though because I'm a homebody nerd and I feel like they go for other cool nightlife lesbians kek. Also too many of them are gendies.

No. 397021

I prefer living alone even when in a relationship. Is this type of alternative lifestyle more common among lesbians than straight people?

No. 397030

Butch death is real and so tragic. So many amazing butches/gnc lesbians being convinced to troon out because they’re told that they aren’t women, they’re actually men who are stuck in women’s bodies. It hurts more because they specifically prey on gnc lesbians with body dysmorphia by convincing them they’d be happier as men. Truly tragic.

No. 397064

No. 397067

I think it must be because I know like three or four other lesbians who don’t ever want to live with anyone, even their partners.

No. 397094

Is this a red flag in a relationship?

No. 397114


Please god no. I don’t want to hear anymore conversations over who’s really gay or who’s really lesbian. Stop asking

No. 397118

I’ve been reading this book from the 70s and when discussing their relationship, the lesbians interviewed said they liked that their partners had their own separate lives. Moving in might just not be a heavy expectation like it is in heterosexual relationships. Also no one thing is gonna be a red flag

No. 397120

Good point, I grew up thinking that moving in was the final step after getting married.
>lesbians interviewed said they liked that their partners had their own separate lives
I’m intrigued. What’s the title of this book?

No. 397140

In my area it’s the opposite, the running joke is that lesbians always move in together super early in the relationship when compared to straight couples or gay men

No. 397190

This picture is accurate.

No. 397227

I feel the same and I've found a few lesbians who flatout agreed or went
>never thought if that way but it does sound nice

No. 397275

but… cuddling at night and breakfast together in the morning…

No. 397289

Right… what the fuck guys.

No. 397292

I think this has more to do with my unrelenting autism than being a lesbian, but I want my partner to live with me and have her own room, or maybe live next door. Sometimes we can sleep over in each other's rooms if it is planned in advance. Cuddling at night always makes me feel claustrophobic and overheated.

No. 397366

you get it, nona.

No. 397370

I'm so unlikable in the morning though, at the very least sleeping in the same bed would get grating..fast.

No. 397441

No. 397505

I'm sick of being so damn lonely and I'm sick of not being able to find lesbians. My last few dates have been with women who ended up being the "I'm mad at men so I'm deciding to call myself a lesbian for this month", types.

Where I live there only 2 monthly lesbian events and they're always swarming with queers and jaded straight women.

Has anyone found anywhere in the states/Canada/Europe that has a thriving lesbian community? At this point, I'm will move to find it. I've been wanting to move for some time.

No. 397522

>Has anyone found anywhere in the states/Canada/Europe that has a thriving lesbian community?
Lesbian culture in the west has been dead since the 2010s. Go to Taiwan to experience it.

No. 397528

Attitudes towards Lesbianism by Dolores Klaich

No. 397541

Okay I’m still being an obsessed retard about this. I’m leaning towards lesbian who is extremely repressed. I feel like if she was bihet she’d have a disgusting scrote she’d show off but she doesn’t. She also has a ton of armpit hair, follows barely any moids who aren’t gay, and follows a very explicit female cosplayer. Her female “friend” also has a hickey in their photos and I can’t be 100% sure but her manicure is long but two of the nails look much shorter…

No. 397579

I'm tired. There are no purely lesbian spaces in my city anymore. Gays have their own bar and events, even going as far to specify 'bear/daddy or twink' only. Everything else is for queers which ends up being half hetero couples and women with their friends who identify as bi. We don't have any real clubs so they come to party while making a spectacle of actual lesbians. Add on it's a mostly white city filled with femmes and me being a POC soft butch -I should just see myself out of the scene. I have a great career, good health, beefcake bod, and my own home. I have no reason to be sad. I should just stop and take care of myself.

No. 397580

Has anyone dated women with ADHD before? What are they like?

No. 397592

They always leave the milk out and talk a lot without realizing, from the outside they're indistinguishable from any other preppy and extroverted girl

No. 397596

>white city filled with femmes and me being a POC soft butch
I thought the lesbian community known for being inclusive of POCs?

No. 397599

nta, but I'd say that's true. I'm a POC butch and live in a diverse city, but white women pursue me waaay more aggressively than other POCs. I didn't expect this at all when I first came out.

No. 397600

Pretty annoying. Very forgetful, quite inconsiderate (but will swear they don’t mean to be), very wrapped up in themselves and their own issues, find it hard to listen or empathize with others, will do shitty stuff out of boredom and impulsivity. They don’t tend to be as bad as ADHD scrotes though.

No. 397652

I don't recommend it unless they're in treatment and/or can manage it well. I can barely handle housemates who have ADHD.

No. 397763

Is anyone watching the new wlw dating show? It includes bisexuals but I'm still gonna watch it. I love trashy dating shows but they never have proper lesbian relationships so this is a nice change of pace.
nta but I did not have much luck on dating apps as a POC femme but it was more of a style thing. I did get some dates but it never went anywhere, it always felt like people didn't think I was taking dating serious because I didn't look "queer" enough. My city leans hard towards indie/alt women in general with both butches and femmes. I've started getting hit on by women as soon as my style got more quirky KEK. Only women exclusively too, so I guess I'm started to get read as lesbian now even though I'm still femme.
So they are inclusive to POC but very picky about aesthetics.

No. 397765

What comic is this? the black character is qt.

No. 397775

Cosmoknights by Hannah Templer
You can read the first two volumes free on her website
>the black character is qt
She is, but her character only exists to cheer on the white guy "butch" she's married to and fly the spaceship. The story is a complete mess IMHO. I wish there were more lesbian comics written by lesbians to choose from, but I can't find any.

No. 397824

>I've started getting hit on by women as soon as my style got more quirky KEK
Do you have any examples of femme yet dyke coded style? Do you have a interesting haircut?

No. 397897

Read this and your follow ups and it sounds like you like her a lot, so being skittish and waiting for something to pan out between her and some other girl is just going to break your heart, isn't it? Why not just ask her out on a date and see if she's interested in YOU?

No. 398268

Kek you just described me. But honestly, I don't mean to be forgetful, inconsiderate or wrapped up in my own issues, it's just that my mind goes a mile a minute all the time and it's hard to focus. And because I keep fumbling my girlfriend keeps getting mad at me and it makes me depressed and even more anxious.

No. 398338

I've been exasperated with this woman who will not stop coming onto me despite the way I'm outright rude to her at this point trying to get her off me. The whole thing was baffling to begin with because I've never liked her and thus have never been very nice to her, but today one of her friends mentioned to me offhand that she's historically been into massive bitches. I don't know what I'm supposed to do at this point kek please stop using me as wish fulfillment for your mental illness.
IDK what the point of being out even is these days when all that information attracts for me IRL is the attention of maladjusted creep women and trauma dumping from chronically online thembies I met 5 minutes ago.

No. 398388

same only because i dont want her to hear my loud farts

No. 398513

No, I don't feel guilty over shit like that. Straight anons do it all the time, it's only "shameful" because they have false ideas of what a woman is. Part of adult sexuality is being horny about people you find attractive kek
I know many people are not confrontational, but sometimes in life you need to be confrontational. Just tell her to leave you alone.

No. 398522

I normally would but I can't be as outright here because she's my landlord and I don't want the situation to get more complicated than it is. The gall to act like this in her position is insane to me.
My lease ends soon so I'm just going to hard ghost her once her only excuse for contacting me is gone.

No. 398525

>she's my landlord
Well that changes the conversation completely. If your lease is ending soon, I would still recommend at least talking to her about it if it's making you so uncomfortable.

No. 398539

I really don't see the point of bringing this up with somebody who doesn't get a clue even after being told multiple times that I'm currently completely uninterested in getting into a relationship + receiving nothing but stonefaced silence every time she hits on me. I can tolerate it a while longer and will enjoy blocking her and hard cutting her off after I move out, I just wanted to vent about how retarded this situation is.

No. 398544

kek sorry I find this kinda funny. i totally get being into bitches. maybe start treating her overly nice instead.

No. 398570

>maybe start treating her overly nice instead.
This or show some vulnerability. An ex of mine started losing attraction to me when I cried because of an animal charity advert on TV. People into "bitchy" women or women with bravado typically see us as one dimensional and their pussy will dry up like the Sahara once you show them you're human.

No. 398596

Yeah I honestly think I'll find this whole situation funny once I'm properly out of it too kek
Interesting proposals nonnas… I'm gonna keep minimizing contact but the suggestions are entertaining. Your ex had no taste though SMH

No. 398616

Are you me? I got a sad video on TikTok about orphaned kittens and my gf at the time told me to man up??? Butch does not mean man, these girls do not know!!!

No. 398618

kek i was a big fujoshi until someday i thought that it would be nice if those dudes were butch lesbians then fell for all women and here we are

No. 398665

Were these women with a retarded double standard who would themselves have teared up but wanted you to be an emotionally stunted man? Or were they dead inside?

No. 398679

Lovely. All my closest friends and girlfriends have ended up getting diagnosed with ADHD at some point in their life. I'm not sure why I gravitate towards them but we always find each other. They fill my awkward silences and pull me out of my shell to try new things. Our conversations always flow well and we can explore any old rabbit trail together in a way that makes me feel like we can almost predict each other's thought patterns. I love the "chatterbox" stereotype that some people find annoying. I've heard a lot of "I'm sorry I'm so loud" in my life and my response is always "I love loud". I was raised alone in a quiet house, the change of pace is nice. Idk, maybe it's just the women I know and their quality of character but I've never found them to be self centered or inconsiderate. Forgetful yes, but never in a way that made me feel like they don't care about me.

No. 398715

Why would a wlw dating show not include bisexuals? It'd only be weird if they'd never been with a woman before.

No. 398738

Any tips for coming out if you’re from a religious African background?
I want to try dating I’m concerned about losing ties to my culture in the process.

No. 398744

What country are you based in? If you genuinely worry about your future or safety if you come out, make sure you have a strong backup plan first in terms of your living situation, education, employment etc.. Do you know how your family feels about lesbians?

If you live in any big English-speaking country you'll be able to find other lesbian Africans from Christian backgrounds, Muslim backgrounds, anything.

No. 398745

I can’t help much because I’m a 1.5th? generation immigrant and not particularly tied to my cultures. But my family is extremely homophobic funny and kinda sad since one side is Ugandan which were apparently a pretty lesbian crew before the British came along so I plan on coming out once I’m ready, financially and mentally stable and if they don’t like it then I’m cutting them off for good. I’m not sure if my feelings would be different if I was more connected to the culture or was religious too. What are you concerned about - by ties to your culture do you mean family or cultural practices?

No. 398746

I live by myself in a western country. My mother and my stepfather are very homophobic despite the latter having a PhD from a reputable German university.
>What are you concerned about - by ties to your culture do you mean family or cultural practices?

Not very religious but I will miss the being around people I can speak a foreign language with, attending cultural events in the community. I don’t even find non black women that attractive physically so I’m worried about setting myself up for struggle by coming out.

No. 398747

You are bound to be able to find people then. I went out with a Somali girl that's part of a whole international online group for gay Somalis. No matter what community you're from there's hope. If you live on your own, I would say you have nothing to worry about from starting to date. You can look for people with similar backgrounds. I hate Reddit, but maybe look on there and see if anyone from a similar background and living in a similar place has shared similar sentiments? Check Meetup for groups too, lots of overlapping minority groups tend to do shit on Meetup.

No. 398749

Sensitive butches unite! If I see anything about animals, cats in particular, then I'm blubbering and there's no stopping me. My problem was dating a bisexual who deep down wanted a man but also wanted to keep her kweer street cred.

Little bit of both and also just seeing butch women as pseudo men.

I will not get myself banned for a-logging. I will not get myself banned for a-logging. I will not get myself banned for a-logging…

No. 398776

it's so over for me

No. 398847

Thanks for the advice

No. 398876

Aww, this described me perfectly. Marry me nonnie?

No. 398890

Anyone else get by looking much younger than they actually are? very short + sickly face + not curvy at all make for a childlike appearance. I've only had men with fetishes show attraction towards me everyone elses first comments when they meet me are about how they're shocked I'm not a middle schooler. I cannot imagine being attracted to someone I assumed to be a middle schooler. I understand as I grow older (currently in college) this will be less of an issue but as it is I feel like a pervert for having sexual thoughts about women because when I imagine myself I look like a child and it disgusts me

No. 398895

I get what you're saying about questioning people who are interested in you, but that doesn't make YOU the pervert for fantasizing about random women

No. 398902

It is possible to avoid anyone who goes after you just because you look young and only date women who genuinely like you for your personality

No. 398906

Yeah, I'm nearly 40 but pass for my early 20s, sometimes even 18.
Compliments are nice but dating is very annoying. Most of the women who flirt with me are college freshmen, occasionally a woman older than me who like younger women. I briefly dated a college student once for the hell of it, and would never do it again. Sex was great but that's all there was. Listening to her talk, both the words she used and the subject matter made me feel like I was ready for a senior home.

No. 398907

File: 1716009447756.jpg (163.23 KB, 1079x1344, 1000003662.jpg)

Average lesbian couple(bait)

No. 398911

She's built like a linebacker.

No. 398989

I find this hard to believe but I guess it’s possible ?

No. 398992

Please tell me this is AI kek

No. 398993

lupita nyong'o is that you? j/k.
You’ll have to become more prominent and well known in whatever profession or social scene you’re in, so everyone knows about you and your real age and comments on how young you look instead of actually thinking you’re in college.

No. 399089

That's true, I just wish someone being attracted to me wouldn't feel like a red flag right off the bat

No. 399100

I'm sorry dear anon, I'm already married to my ADHD wife ♥

No. 399188

Not a lesbian but wanted to ask others here: have you ever met any lesbian both who grew up in overall non-abusive/toxic family and wasn't sexually abused at some point in her life? Asking just because it feels surreal that every single lesbian I knew in person or online had either experience of being raped/molested at some point in her life or grew up with abusive father/lack of father figure/shit mother or shit family in general. This is not a bait, I'm just asking this honestly because I must confess because of what's going on with LGB(T) community and what I learned, I got skeptical in believing that homosexuality is not related to trauma. First the tranny freaks taking over that social cause, then getting to know lives of homosexual people I knew (women, men). Overall I know gay males are mostly degenerates and not such allies to SSA women as I was made to belive, but then I hear about what lesbians went through and wonder how genuine is their attraction. I know this post comes off as retarded but I just want to ask as I'm battling between being skeptical and thinking that there must be something wrong with lesbians being lesbians or thinking that there might be lesbians whose feelings are not trauma-induced.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 399191

>have you ever met any lesbian both who grew up in overall non-abusive/toxic family and wasn't sexually abused at some point in her life?

No. 399192

this is extremely disrespectful. Me, my girlfriend, my SSA friends have good families and wasn't sexually assaulted ever. Even those that had no father had a happy childhood, and it didn't affect them in the slightest. There are lots of straight people who still remain straight after sexual assaults and coming from abusive family situations. This post is retarded, and you should be ashamed of yourself. If anything, there is definitely something wrong with straight women being attracted to moids, only 10% of them look human, the rest is just not salvageable.

No. 399195

I smell bait

No. 399198

You're a retarded lesbophobe and you need to kill yourself

No. 399202

Yes. Me and my girlfriend both have good relations with our families and haven't experienced abuse. I'm grateful for my parents supporting me the way they can. Maybe you should check on the heterosexual people you know in life how many have experienced abusive childhood/past, I know couple myself and that hasn't affected their sexuality. There's nothing wrong lesbians being lesbians.

No. 399262

I want to slit my throat when I hear about lesbians turning straight

No. 399263

Seriously why do I see this so much? Were they actually lesbian or are they just attention whores/they just hated men? What if it happens to all of us?

No. 399265

they also could be bi. but i hate this shit too. some members of my family still think i will change my mind, even though i'm with my girlfriend for almost 10 years now.

No. 399268

Mostly just bisexuals but sometimes it's hatred/fear of men, a hormonal imbalance, immaturity, someome who liked something about lesbian culture and then got bored of it, or generally being a crazy/unstable person. People change and learn things about themselves all the time and yes, you have to be genuinely fucking retarded to say "I was a lesbian who turned straight" instead of "I never realized I was interested in men before," but it makes a lot of straight people happy to hear it so sellouts love to say it.

No. 399271

How do you know this wont happen to you one day? Im scared asf Id rather die than be with a moid but what if god makes it happen?

No. 399273

A lot of women conflate fear/hatred of men or lack of interest in men with lesbianism. So they assume they must be lesbians if they don't want to date moids. Then they heal from the trauma or mature sexually (judging from conversations with straight women I think a LOT of women don't fully grow into their sexuality until mid 20s-early 30s), suddenly want to fuck men, and instead of having the self-awareness to understand that they were never lesbians to begin with start identifying as ex-lesbians.

Also I think a lot of straight women desire extremely close but 100% nonsexual relationships with other women (see also: romantic friendships, cottagecore, polilez) and interpret that as lesbianism for whatever reason. Probably because in the west friendship isn't really prioritized and your romantic partner is supposed to be your only relationship priority.

If you've always like pussy you probably won't wake up one day and suddenly not want pussy anymore. Most of these ex-lesbians never actually craved pussy, but identified as lesbian because they wanted close friendship, platonic affection, a way to avoid men, etc.

No. 399274

i've been attracted to women my whole life. i love my girlfriend and even if we break up one day, i don't see myself with a moid like ever. even if i'd see one that will be attractive to me one day, im just not interested in having those creatures in my life. i've seen enough of what they post online about women, how they behave towards women and children, i don't like how they smell (seriously, how het women live with this moid stench, even clean ones smell), i don't like dicks. If you have those thoughts that you might get with a man one day, then there's something wrong with you. (or like you might just have an overly anxious personality idk and idc) I'm confident in myself in that regard, and as confident about my gf.
Like, being lesbian has been so politicised, romanticized and other -ised that it turned from just being women who love women to either anyone can be lesbian or literally no one can be lesbian and everyone is a het/moid attracted bi in disguise. Frankly, this is getting ridiculous, i don't want to be forced to always be on the edge thinking if im actually a lesbian if i do x and z and don't do. Constantly proving myself to someone just because there are people that proclaimed themselves to be lesbian due to some fad, and now they're jumping ship because they found a moid ("but im attracted to all women and like 3 guys in the world eks dee"). Like gays barely get this kind of treatment, they can even fuck women and still be gay without questions asked ("cus they are poor babies who had to fuck women and impregnate them cus u know homophobia"). But people keep on taking lesbian label off women who were assaulted by moids.
Fuck this shit, i'm still a lesbian and don't have to prove anyone anything esp if im actively dating a woman.

No. 399276

Thanks for these replies you made me feel better

No. 399288

>i don't like how they smell (seriously, how het women live with this moid stench, even clean ones smell)
I thought I was the only one who thought this kek

No. 399291

The #1 thing I've noticed about women like this is that they never express sincere sexual attraction to women. They might crave close, intimate friendships with other women that involve cuddling and hand holding and sharing one's hopes and dreams, but they do not want to actually have sex with them. I think a lot of women find it easier to emotionally connect with other women (for obvious reasons) and women are already socialized to think sex isn't that important for us, so I think many straight girls genuinely just don't understand that their feelings for other women are platonic. Very strong and real, but platonic. There's also a sizable portion of bisexual women who are sexually attracted to women, but repress their attraction to men and try to convince themselves it doesn't exist (also for obvious reasons). So then it can seem like they're "turning straight" when in reality they're just finally accepting that they are also attracted to men.

No. 399293

I don’t bother with bi women I see on apps for this reason. It’s especially annoying when they’re in the women seeking women section but their bio only talks about what kind of man they want

No. 399426

In the mood to play a wlw dating sim. game recommendations, anyone?

No. 399515

There’s a gl thread in /m/ that might be more helpful. I personally don’t know of any

No. 399528

File: 1716239660774.jpg (610.54 KB, 2500x1406, a+summer's+endV18.jpg)

I dunno any dating sims but the VN "A Summer's End: Hong Kong 1986" is pretty great. I highly recommend it

No. 399540

I remember when I was prepubescent and my mom would borrow those female puberty books I would constantly flip to the diagrams of the vaginas and masturbate to them. All this and I still thought I was straight lmfao

No. 399558

Anyone get mistaken for being closeted because you’re out but not actively engaging with the local lesbian scene? I live in an area with a uni student population so I find most of the singles in my area are too young for me.

No. 399909

nonas i've moved to an entirely new region should i redownload a dating app or should i just start doing rituals to attract lesbians to my area (i haven't tried hinge yet)

No. 400047

Are there literally any existing online lesbian spaces? I don't care for the L chat nor do I like Reddit. I don't care if it's troon safe as long as I can see some online discussion between genuine homosexual women.

No. 400050

try discord maybe?

No. 400065

you kidding? Discord is tranny central

No. 400083

Why restrict yourself to online spaces?

No. 400098

People are going to hate me for saying this but you need to wave through TERF territory. You don’t have to be one but most actual homosexual women use those spaces as a a protective barrier

No. 400146

any tranny pandering "lesbian" space is gonna be filled with moids and bihets

No. 400157

I'm not "restricting" myself to those spaces, what? I was just curious, and I already know about the lesbian scene in my area irl. People will make the most baseless conclusions out of literally nothing on this website.
I know, I've been doing this, but I hate people who call themselves radfems online. They're absolutely insufferable and all the bis/hets there are moid reformist lesbophobes. Guess it's not different from anywhere else on the internet but their attitude towards lesbians vexes me in particular.

No. 400171

Here and very specific subreddits are the only spaces I know that are active and don't have any males. Maybe on Tumblr you can find some radfem adjacent lesbian spaces but idk, I don't use the site now.

No. 400205

>don't have any males
lol. It's confirmed that this place has troons LARPing to be TERFs.

No. 400206

Dating sim as in a female self-insert? I don't know any. I just know about yuri romance VNs.

No. 400214

a few lesbians on radfem tumblr have discords for lesbians, poke around. i don't think you have to be super ideologically aligned, some are mostly hangout spaces.

No. 400460

hope this links okay, it was one of the last posts on lesbian general #8. a little update, i haven't seen her for a while because we've been busy with exams but we have plans as a friend group to hang out again. i'm really excited to see her again. for a while i'd been wondering if she liked girls too, and i found out recently she's openly bi! i've been thinking recently about how she texts me, she uses a lot of heart emojis and tells me she's looking forward to seeing me in class… does she like me back? i don't know. this is my first crush ever. i haven't even had my first kiss. i don't know if i'm pretty enough for her to like me back because she's seriously so so beautiful. having a crush is kind of fun, but it's nerve-wracking too, i get so nervous around her and try not to say anything too weird. once i made her laugh really hard, like tearing up and snorting. when she said "you're so funny" i got all these butterflies in my stomach. i'm so inexperienced and get nervous when i think about even doing anything with her so i can't even imagine initiating anything… but maybe i can take the plunge? i want to braid her hair for her and bake for her and hold hands. i think of her sometimes before i go to sleep and my breath gets all quick and i feel fluttery in my chest. anyway, i just wanted to share because i get kind of embarrassed talking about it to friends haha.

No. 400478

You ever see a beautiful woman and think… "I wish I could lick her pussy?"

No. 400516

>I hate people who call themselves radfems online. They're absolutely insufferable and all the bis/hets there are moid reformist lesbophobes. Guess it's not different from anywhere else on the internet but their attitude towards lesbians vexes me in particular.
Ugh, I relate a lot. I already have some lesbian friends so I'm not sure if I want to find online spaces anymore, but I've been so burned by being in radfem spaces online for 5 years. Weirdly enough I thought radfem spaces would be free of the bisexual "lesbians with comphet" that inevitably date men like gendie/libfem ones to, but it's swarming with them.

No. 400534

nta but I got deep into online radfem spaces during the pandemic and it fucked up my brain. Like I regressed to pre coming out levels of shame about my sexuality because I started feeling like being attracted to women at all and having a sex drive at all was evil male-brained objectification. The internet is just fucked now, I miss 2000s nonpolitical online socialization but that's never coming back. And it's hard to meet IRL lesbian friends because I'm rural and also old so I feel creepy about traveling to events in the city because it's all college aged kids. Sorry for venting I'm tipsy. I just wanna go on Livejournal and sperg about fantasy novels with some cool 30 year old lesbian from the other side of the world.

No. 400564

>I got deep into online radfem spaces during the pandemic and it fucked up my brain. Like I regressed to pre coming out levels of shame about my sexuality because I started feeling like being attracted to women at all and having a sex drive at all was evil male-brained objectification.
AYRT, I relate hardcore even though I were in them years before COVID happened. I don't fully align with radfem theory but even if a lot of concepts resonated with me, the community and its "sexual policing" made me paranoid when I was struggling with my high libido. Like yeah, porn is bad and a lot of kinks are iffy but it made me feel bad for having sexual fantasizes that weren't typical romantic handholding, and even alleged lesbians in this circle reinforced this alongside the het/bi women who scrutinized every difference of opinion. It makes me bitter because a het-partnered woman actually encouraged me to use radfem spaces, but she dropped me and threw other lesbians under the bus when it was convenient.

>The internet is just fucked now, I miss 2000s nonpolitical online socialization but that's never coming back.

Me too. I miss when I could join a gaming or roleplay forum and be able to chat with people without worrying if they would crucify me for opinions regarding gender.

>And it's hard to meet IRL lesbian friends because I'm rural and also old so I feel creepy about traveling to events in the city because it's all college aged kids.

How old are you? I'm 32 (which isn't old IMO, I knew a lot of 40+ women IRL) and find online spaces skewing too young even if I'm open to being friends with anyone age 20-40+.

>I just wanna go on Livejournal and sperg about fantasy novels with some cool 30 year old lesbian from the other side of the world.

I wish I could've used Livejournal in it's prime. It seemed like such a comfy platform, I don't know how the spinoff websites are like though.

No. 400569

I never really was able to suspend my skepticism about online radfems simply because half of them weren't even aware of, much less willing to engage with, the fact that radical feminism was the birthplace of political lesbianism and was (predictably) rife with lesbophobia. I get why a lot of women who were dissatisfied with the current milquetoast brand of liberal feminism flocked to it as refuge, but I have never liked how quick they are to treat lesbians like shields from criticism while also vilifying us the second they don't need us to prove a point.

No. 400596

>I don't fully align with radfem theory but even if a lot of concepts resonated with me, the community and its "sexual policing" made me paranoid when I was struggling with my high libido.
I hate that the porny bullshit of the 10s poisoned the terms sex positive/sex negative because some feminists are legitimately sex negative in a bad way. Which is understandable because I think a lot of them came to radical feminism from being traumatized by hookup culture but maybe deal with your shit instead of projecting it onto everyone else. Like I'm just never going to agree that idk strap-ons are inherently pornbrained or that nonviolent erotica written by women for women is misogynistic objectification. I know it sounds like I'm fighting a strawman but I've seriously had these conversations before, even the most normie vanilla lesbian romance novel or mildly spicy sexual fantasy is VILE PORNOGRAPHY VIOLENT BDSM.
>How old are you?
Also early 30s. I don't mind socializing with younger women but a lot of zoomers seem really uncomfortable with intergenerational friendship so I try to avoid anyone more than a few years younger than me. I feel like I'm at an age where it's really hard to make friends because most women my age are married and focused on that. It seems like there's a social scene for younger lesbians and a social scene for like elder lesbians but everyone 30-40 is busy with her wife and kids (which is understandable but sucks for me kek).

Online spaces do skew young and it's weird, I don't know when that happened. I got online pretty young and in the 00s it seemed like there was a huge variety of ages. I would see everyone from tweens to 50s but now every online community is teenagers and even "mature" communities are full of like 25 year olds who think everyone over 30 is ancient and unrelatable. I guess I took it for granted that there would always be people to talk to online but that isn't the case anymore.

No. 400609

>I hate that the porny bullshit of the 10s poisoned the terms sex positive/sex negative because some feminists are legitimately sex negative in a bad way. Which is understandable because I think a lot of them came to radical feminism from being traumatized by hookup culture but maybe deal with your shit instead of projecting it onto everyone else.
They always assume that hookup culture for straight/bi women is the same as casual sex between lesbians. Personally I've never met a lesbian locally who was into that, but I felt really ashamed and "like a man" for wanting something more casual. I ironically became really gender dysmorphic and wished I could just get surgery and LARP as a man more than I did in my genderqueer TIF phase when I hung out with OSA radfems/conservative GCs (since radfems can't even gatekeep their community, I've notice more right wingers in these spaces before I left).

>I know it sounds like I'm fighting a strawman but I've seriously had these conversations before

Same. There's no nuance even when it comes to fictional "porn"/erotica or things that are technically kinky but not physically violent or fetishizing abusive dynamics. I'm not even into most of that kind of stuff, but I've been lectured and told to "go to therapy" when it came to normie spicy fantasises I had before I even knew what porn was. Even though all therapists I've seen have drank the libfem koolaid, so even if I did have sexual problems with kinks they would enable it anyway.

>Also early 30s. I don't mind socializing with younger women but a lot of zoomers seem really uncomfortable with intergenerational friendship so I try to avoid anyone more than a few years younger than me. I feel like I'm at an age where it's really hard to make friends because most women my age are married and focused on that. It seems like there's a social scene for younger lesbians and a social scene for like elder lesbians but everyone 30-40 is busy with her wife and kids (which is understandable but sucks for me kek).

I relate, I'm dating someone who is younger but still in the same generation and it really feels like it's only us sometimes because we don't want to have kids or settle down yet. I'm lucky to have someone, but I notice a lot of 25+ lesbians are either "done" with their lives and aren't looking for friends, or they're just… Lame Tumblr rejects.

>I guess I took it for granted that there would always be people to talk to online but that isn't the case anymore.

So did I, I'm kicking myself for having social anxiety when it came to using AIM and Skype with my friends in 2009. You just have to dig for the interesting people, make friends and have them introduce you to their friends and beyond. One time on an old forum I was online friends with someone who lived in the same city as me, we didn't meet but it was really cool and kind of gave me hope.

No. 400634

>since radfems can't even gatekeep their community
Oh they're definitely capable of gatekeeping when they want to. If there's anything even remotely "libfem" about your opinions they'll form a fucking mob and chase you out. They're perfectly happy to gatekeep lesbians who aren't chaste and nonsexual or butches for being TIF-lite or detrans women who don't agree with the "actually all TIFs are ugly mutilated fetishists who deserved to be medically abused" party line. They just won't turn that energy on the mormons and trads shitting up every GC space. Honestly glows in the dark a bit, women are peaking on trannies and woke patriarchy so let's take that revolutionary energy and shift it back into trad patriarchy.

Hate that it's so politically isolating to be a lesbian. Hate that it's been this way for literally the entire history of feminism. Hate that I'm sitting here shitting on radical feminism because I do actually agree with so much of it in theory but the current "movement" is a bit of a mess. I wish I could invent a laser beam that turns women gay so we'd be a big enough demographic to matter politically.

No. 400843

File: 1716656270512.png (91.52 KB, 545x201, Screenshot 2024-05-25 111927.p…)

>Hate that it's so politically isolating to be a lesbian. Hate that it's been this way for literally the entire history of feminism.
I've been saying for soooo long that the needs of lesbians versus bi/het feminists are at odds with each other. Lesbians are largely content with living a female-focused life, bihets will wither if they're away from men for too long. Lesbians want to escape the patriarchy, bihets hope to reform it. They want their men to be better, we want to be safe from men. Our wants are not even in the same realm as theirs, and I've not trusted "radical feminists" ever since I listened to what they were really saying.
>"actually all TIFs are ugly mutilated fetishists who deserved to be medically abused"
As someone who desisted, this constant talk made me wake up fast to what radfems' true motives were. They don't give a fuck about women, let alone lesbians, and I genuinely pity the lesbians who are naive enough to believe they do. It's disgusting the way they talk about women they don't agree with, women who are hurting and just looking for an out from the patriarchy. It's with pure contempt and malice. How dare those TIFs want to escape misogyny, they should have sucked it up and bore the impact like we did, those morons totally deserve to be lifelong medical patients and to have their vaginas atrophy! Silly TIFs, they should have been smart and unaffected by the patriarchy like ME! They act the same towards lesbians who transition because of external/internal homophobia. There's no sympathy there, they just point and laugh.
>I'm just never going to agree that idk strap-ons are inherently pornbrained or that nonviolent erotica written by women for women is misogynistic objectification
They view it as the same because they don't trust the erotic content their nigels get off to and believe attraction to women is a male behavior, meaning lesbians are no better than men (or are, in some way, not women) and therefore experience our attraction to women the same way men do. A woman consensually giving another woman the strap is just as dangerous and invasive as PIV because we're nothing more than men to them. Lesbians are pornbrained when we lust after women because men are pornbrained and express as much in their attraction to women. Actually, we're whatever bihets want us to be at any given time; political shields like >>400569 said, paragons of feminist action, men/men-lite/worse than men, etc. We exist as whatever's the most convenient fodder for bihets at any given time. It's funny though because there's an accepted level of degeneracy that their scrotes are granted, but god forbid a lesbian enjoys shit that isn't even half as bad as what men look at. Then we're setting back women's rights 100000 years. Nevermind the fact that most separatist spaces and womyn's lands are built by landykes.
Feminists are not our allies or friends, never have been, and they will, and already do, throw us under the bus whenever it's convenient for them. We are so much better off in our own spaces, genuinely.

No. 400849

>They're perfectly happy to gatekeep lesbians who aren't chaste and nonsexual or butches for being TIF-lite or detrans women who don't agree with the "actually all TIFs are ugly mutilated fetishists who deserved to be medically abused" party line.
>How dare those TIFs want to escape misogyny, they should have sucked it up and bore the impact like we did, those morons totally deserve to be lifelong medical patients and to have their vaginas atrophy! Silly TIFs, they should have been smart and unaffected by the patriarchy like ME! They act the same towards lesbians who transition because of external/internal homophobia. There's no sympathy there, they just point and laugh.

I can kind of understand why radfems wouldn't like or extend much sympathy to TIFs in the same way I don't like conservative women, but it's driven me insane how many OSA radfems and GCs will lovebomb lesbians and talk about how sad it is that butches are disappearing, but turn around and act like our reasons for transition are the same as bi/het women who want to escape heterosexuality and become gay yaoi boys or pooner memes. Or only talk about supporting lesbians in the context of how sad it is when we transition even though if they listened to us they can figure out why. I had one straight up tell me that she's scared to approach GNC women because "they might be TIFs" which stung as a butch because I feel tokenized or just a theoretical argument they use. Do you really care about young lesbians and butches or not? When I asked another OSA women this I was just told "what are radfems supposed to do", for fucks sake. I hate these women.

No. 400870

>I had one straight up tell me that she's scared to approach GNC women because "they might be TIFs" which stung as a butch because I feel tokenized or just a theoretical argument they use.
This is so depressing what the fuck. I keep my hair long partially because I like it (I think the metalhead viking look is cool) but primarily because it breaks my heart when women are afraid of me and the hair makes a big difference in how they perceive me. I also pitch my voice a bit higher and turn on the customer service persona around most women until I know them well enough to know if my natural self is gonna make things awkward. Which feels anti-feminist and gross because I shouldn't have to feminize myself to make others more comfortable, that's literally gender critical feminism 101, but a lot of women really do get uncomfortable with GNC women so wtf am I supposed to do?

Like I'm pretty sure that for a lot of GC feminists when they say they support GNC women they're imagining Hilary Clinton in a pantsuit lol. They're still very uncomfortable with women that look or behave too dykey.

No. 400873

>Do you really care about young lesbians and butches or not?
They absolutely don't. I feel pretty protective of butch & GNC lesbians in general, so it really turns me off how frequently radfems simultaneously treat them like a rhetorical tool to prove they're more progressive than their political opponents ("look, we support butches and still recognize them as female!"), but also like evil TIF-lite threat vector alien invaders ("they're trying to recreate heteronormative relationship structures!"). Lesbians are subjected to way more scrutiny and skepticism because our homosexuality is political to them, and anything we do that is perceived as politically inconvenient (like lesbians into bondage, butch/femme dynamics, strap-ons, etc.) is therefore unacceptable. We are allowed to exist as an abstract symbol or a talking point, but we can't actually be people. But then again, the broader radical feminist movement also still can't make up its minds about whether TIFs are hapless victims of patriarchy who deserve compassion or if they're disgusting mutilated yaoi larping traitors, so maybe I'm expecting too much. When you have these wildly dissonate ideas coexisting under one ideological umbrella, I just think it's probably time to admit that there is a broader issue within the movement.

No. 400876

>Lesbians are subjected to way more scrutiny and skepticism because our homosexuality is political to them, and anything we do that is perceived as politically inconvenient (like lesbians into bondage, butch/femme dynamics, strap-ons, etc.) is therefore unacceptable.
Not to derail, but one of my peak moments with OSA radfems was this now het-partnered bi radfem I used to be friends with and introduced me to radfem spaces used to talk to me about how the cotton ceiling was awful and it's so sad how lesbians are treated like shit in queer communities. She dropped me the moment I disagreed with her on something, and during an argument with another lesbian she leveraged the fact that she (the lesbian) did light bondage with her girlfriend in private even though the discussion wasn't remotely about kink or fetishes. I was pretty hardline anti-kink back then (not anymore, I'm still mostly anti-DDLG/raceplay/etc.) and even I thought that was out of nowhere and slightly homophobic since she had a Nigel who sent death threats to whoever disagreed with him. I get "the personal is political" or whatever and fetishes don't come from nowhere but wearing blindfolds during sex and light spanking isn't remotely on par with what male doms do in BDSM communities.

No. 400879

NTA but man, this conversation is bringing back so many memories of my time in radfem circles. I went there seeking solace as a butch who was at her limit with society's bullshit, and I came out feeling even more ashamed, dirty and dysphoric. That was probably the closest I came to trooning out, and it genuinely scares me to think that other GNC lesbians might actually go through with it. There was another woman I met in those circles, same boat as me. We would have private conversations about how shitty we were made to feel about our sexuality and gender non-conformity but coped with "b-b-but they have some good points though!". By the end of my time there we were using male names for each other in private and talking about how awesome it would be to troon out, run away and start a new life somewhere else as a "normal straight guy". Completely fucked in the head by these so-called feminists. I have plenty of other issues with radfems: the cliques, the lesbophobia, the denial of second wave's shitty history (ie: political lesbians), the fact that most consider "praxis" to be posting on tumblr, faghaggery, etc. But when it comes to butches they are genuine a threat. I don't care how hyperbolic that sounds, it's true. They don't mean to do it, I get that. But the fact is they lure in vulnerable young women with a veneer of warmth and acceptance and then slow poison you with more or less the same homophobic and anti-GNC rhetoric you were getting from normies. It leaves you feeling like you have nowhere else to turn, that the grass really is greener on the other side. I think I understand how MRA TIFs are born. When other women spurn you like this, women who claim to be standing up for all kinds of women, I guess it becomes easier to lie to yourself; pretend that it's because you're actually in the wrong body, that you have a man's spirit, personality, heart, whatever. Rather than accepting the bitter truth that there's so much bigotry in this world and you're probably gonna be on your own for most of it. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Tricky topic for me.

No. 400889

have you ever tried any third wave spaces. They accept everyone as long as they are pro troon and say that racism is a bigger problem than misogyny

No. 400891

Isn't that the problem, though? That the only strands of feminism offered are either a declawed, useless feminism that includes everyone to our detriment or a contrarian, reactive feminism that puts us down to our detriment? The state of modern feminism is just generally bad, and since lesbians have unique experiences under patriarchy, we're mistreated in both third wave and neo-second wave spaces.

No. 400892

Is this a troll? Libfems are still worse than radfems, they hate lesbians in a different way.

No. 400893

Third wavers can be just as nasty IME, if not worse. They're racist as fuck too, they just wrap it up in newspeak. I mostly just stick to "normies" now. I volunteer with local grassroots women's charities and I've met so many amazing women from all walks of life this way. I've made friends with women in their 60s who've never even spoke to a lesbian before. They've asked me questions, curiosity is natural after all, but it's all very respectable and is ultimately about understanding each other better. The one thing that unites volunteers is a will to do better, to leave this earth just a tiny bit better than how we found it, and naturally that attracts (mostly) good, sound people. The best advice I can give to anyone seeking community is to get out there and start helping; even if you just put in just an hour a week. Forget labels, don't fall for that tribalistic, self-limiting bullshit. Feminism is meant to help women, right? So go help other women!

No. 400894

I wish the lesbian thread on 2X was more active. I feel a little bad for venting so much of this in the normal lesbian thread kek but I could talk about this all day and it's refreshing to see other women talking about it too. I want more lesbian-first feminism in my life.
Source on your screencap?

No. 400895

>They're racist as fuck too, they just wrap it up in newspeak.
I'm white so I'm sorry if this is out of line to post, but I noticed this too. So many of them buy into "benevolent" racism and noble savage type thinking (notably the libfems that think "the sex binary was invented by white colonizers").

No. 400896

>I get "the personal is political" or whatever and fetishes don't come from nowhere but wearing blindfolds during sex and light spanking isn't remotely on par with what male doms do in BDSM communities.
NTA but this. I could genuinely give a fuck less what lesbians get off to in private since they're never going to do even a sliver of a speck of a percent of what scrotes do to their female partners. Radhets will cry incessantly about how X Y Z is bad but then go home to their nigels and let him do exactly that and god knows whatever else to them. Then they'll whine about what hypothetical lesbians do in bed when kek, it clearly isn't so bad in lesbian spaces because they're not the ones complaining about their partners 24/7. Also I fucking HATE that lesbians are expected to have progressive, woke sex because we got the inherently political sexual orientation. Like no lol, I will strap my girlfriend and spank her if she wants, I'll be damned if I let someone control our pleasure for some fucking internet brownie points. Bihets make any excuse to treat our sexuality like a flaw regardless of what political camp they're in, and I'm done caring.

No. 400897

You're not out of line, nona. Don't let liberal types make you think you can't question racism when you see it because of the colour of your skin. And yeah, the noble savage shit drives me up the wall. It's so insulting to basically get told that your ancestors were dumbasses who apparently could tell Arthur from Martha until the wise white men showed up. These are all extremely sexist societies and you're telling me they didn't know what a woman was? Please.

No. 400898

Calhoun's Separating Lesbian Theory from Feminism. It's a decent read. I also agree with you on discussing lesbian-first, lesbian-second feminism, maybe we could have a thread specifically dedicated to it on that board.

No. 400899

This is something my OSA radfems friends would crucify me for but when I see those old zines from the 80s-90s where lesbians were into leather culture, casual sex in bars, and BDSM I almost feel like I'd rather have that than how lesbians are expected to be chaste and sexless. I don't even like BDSM and think it's unhealthy, but it feels like all sides make us too scared to have a libido and express it. If the libfems aren't begging us to sleep with AGPs and destroying our communities for that, the radfems call us men for daring to be sexually attracted to women.

No. 400900

Susan B. Anthony once said that while she supported equality and sisterhood for all women, that lesbians had their own unique issues and needed their own spaces. This was obviously wrong hence it's lack of long term success. You are proposing going back to failed 1st wave feminism that seeks to separate women into cliques

No. 400901

No, you're right kek. This is how I feel whenever I see that godawful "progress flag," like why would I have ever assumed I wasn't included in the rainbow simply because I'm not white?
This is exactly how I feel. I don't get why they spend so much time and effort trying to litigate lesbian sexuality when even the kinkiest lesbian sex hasn't been linked to any real-world violence, I just can't give a fuck. I get so bitter sometimes because no one cares or questions how sexual gay men are but we are constantly hounded for wanting to do more than stare into another woman's eyes.
First of all, 1st wave feminism was extremely successful in accomplishing material gains for women despite its numerous flaws. Secondly, 1st wave wasn't even when there were any serious discussions about lesbian separatism; that was 2nd wave. And finally, lesbians do have our own unique issues and we do need our own spaces. It is possible to support the broader mission of feminism while acknowledging that different women will have different needs and concerns.

No. 400902

NTA but I feel you, anon. I'm not into BDSM either, but radfems still made me feel like a degenerate. There are many different ways to make love, and you can be as animalistic and dominant as you like without it taking away from the bond and love you have with your partner. I'm genuinely starting to think that there's too many virgins and inexperienced women talking about sex in radfem spaces. They don't understand that you should be keeping your long-term relationships zesty and that exploring each other's desires doesn't mean you're gonna start hooking up your partner's nipples to a car battery and flogging her. There's so much to do in the bedroom and their minds immediately jump to BDSM and het dynamics, it's like a weird type of pornsickness.

No. 400905

I'm tempted to start a new thread there but there's a lesbian vent thread on that board already, I don't want farmhands to get cranky about duplicate threads. The vent thread has a garbage OP though and the posts already in it aren't focused on lesbian feminism specifically so maybe it'd be fine.

No. 400907

>First of all, 1st wave feminism was extremely successful in accomplishing material gains for women despite its numerous flaws
It was successful because it only focused on the easy stuff (voting rights, property rights). 2nd and 3rd wavers had to fight for the hard stuff

No. 400910


What was the hard stuff? But I agree with you because I remember learning that 1st wave feminism only fought for white womens rights to vote. If you ignore a group of people’s concerns enough they’re gonna wanna branch off. I think second wave feminism was when feminism that also discussed racism became a thing. It’s too easy to just pretend we don’t have our own dynamics going on. Maybe the issue is that we don’t come together when it really matters

No. 400911

>What was the hard stuff?
birth control, abortion, sexual harassment and gender essentialism

No. 400912

I didn't even know we had a vent thread on there, kek. I say make the new thread. The hets have one billion moid threads on every board that only vary infinitesimally, so we should be fine. Something like "Lesbian-first Feminism" would be good imo.
>I'm genuinely starting to think that there's too many virgins and inexperienced women talking about sex in radfem spaces.
NTA, but I think they aren't virgins or inexperienced so much as they're simply used to the dynamics of their straight relationships, to be honest. You say
>There are many different ways to make love, and you can be as animalistic and dominant as you like without it taking away from the bond and love you have with your partner.
But an OSA woman would never know that or even be able to fathom that, because the only thing she can reference irt sexual attraction to women is based off of what men display, which is absent of love and comes from a place of conquest and ownership.

No. 400946

Thread now exists!

No. 401039

>We would have private conversations about how shitty we were made to feel about our sexuality and gender non-conformity but coped with "b-b-but they have some good points though!".
Is it bad I agree with your post but still relate to this woman? Maybe it's because the political climate is more black-and-white and extreme in general but even if I have all these gripes with radfems, I still feel a need to defend them since a lot of liberals think they're "essentialist Republicans" or think third-wave libfems are radfem in comparison to fourth-wave. But then among actual self-identified radfems I really do assume they're socially conservative even though libfems are evil and hate lesbians in a worse way. Being a lesbian is a form of political homelessness in a way.

No. 401165

File: 1716775859807.gif (2.95 MB, 500x500, cat-saying-goodbye-iupijdbpd0l…)

Same anon from >>388695 it turns out she was cheating on me for an entire year and I had to find out through a friend. I'm going to kill myself now nonnies bye bye!

No. 401214

Nooo. Nona, I'm so sorry. I didn't reply to your original post but I felt like she was stringing you along and being wishy-washy and cruel. It reminded me of my first girlfriend of 3 years, who did the exact same thing and also cheated on me for a year and didn't even have the decency to tell me herself, but I didn't want to project. Just see this as a lesson learned, block her everywhere, and move on. You deserve better. Women like this love attention and devotion, but they're immature and terrified of commitment.

No. 401251

Is it weird to join a women’s only gym as a lesbian?

No. 401254

Obviously not??? What are you gonna do? Wear the lesbian flag while you run on a treadmill? Compliment breasts in the changing rooms? Wipe down a machine you used saying outloud "wouldn't wanna get any of my lesbian sweat on you sexy straight ladies" no? You're not going to do any of those things? Then obviously it's not weird.

No. 401258

Kek. I’m joining a women’s gym since the nearest 24/7 gym chains in my area are either too small or has an unpleasant vibe. I worry some homophobic straight women will perceive me as invading their safe space to hit on them if I join a female only gym.

No. 401260

If you're like mega-butch in a conservative state you might get some weird glances. But it's very, very unlikely that anyone will confront you directly or be shitty toward you. You have every right to be in a female-only gym, if a straight woman has a problem with you that's on her and not your responsibility.

No. 401261

Thanks for the advice nonna.

No. 401368

No, I get it. I still defend radfems myself tbh. I'll go on a ten-minute rant about how they're all lazy hypocrites who will never do any work to actually better the world and dunk on them for being dorks with husbandos, and then I'll switch up to valorising them. I'm not a radfem, but they're the closest I have to any sort of political grouping.
>Being a lesbian is a form of political homelessness in a way.
It is, and I hate it.

No. 401423

Nonnas, should I hit up an ex that sort of cheated on me? Maybe she feels bad now, kek. I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to die

No. 401430

Absolutely not.

No. 401432

Do any zoomers here get celeb crushes on women like girls get crushes on one direction. Basically real life female husbandos?

My crushes over the years
> Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
> Caroline Dhavernas
> Rekha
> Princess Anne
> Mariah Carey

No. 401435

So true, thanks nonna. That was just a moment of weakness

No. 401441

How do I overcome internalized homophobia enough to come out?

No. 401442

why do you have it

No. 401447

Come out when you find a gf, otherwise it's pointless

No. 401452

>why do you have it
Religious family brainrot
>Come out when you find a gf, otherwise it's pointless
Wouldn’t being n the closet come across as a red flag during the dating phase of a relationship?

No. 401531

do you live at home?

No. 401542

No but my family are my only source of social interaction since I’m a wfh introvert.

No. 401552

you dont have to come out to anyone you can just find some woman youre attracted to, ask her if shes lesbian/bisexual and start flirting with her if she says yes. go on a date and see how things go. or for a one time thing go to a gay club. and then if you up dating her, you can mention her in a conversation if someone asks and its relevant. like "oh i have a girlfriend btw" if youre not in a country where being gay is illegal. im pretty sure people don't know i dated women aside from the women i dated, some friends i spoke to and those who have heard it in passing (if they remember).

No. 401573

ntayrt but yeah, I have no idea why someone is always posting "don't come out until you find a gf" kek it will absolutely be a red flag. if you want to ease your way out, you can start going to some local lgbt club or events or stuff first, get to know people, maybe make new friends in a context where it's assumed you're gay. and then only later do you have to "come out officially" to your friends/family/workplace.
I just wanna say: I totally did this, I've lived this way for over a decade, and just now in my 30s I am 100% regretting this choice. there's a reason people tell everyone explicitly and don't leave it ambiguous. it makes it easier to live an open life, it makes it easier to be proud of who you are, and it makes it easier to find the people you want to be around.

No. 401576

How is not being out a red flag? I think it's only a red flag if you continue to be in the closet while you're dating a woman, because keeping her a secret is pretty shitty. What's even the point of going "HEY GUYS IM A LESBIAN" without nothing to show for it?

No. 401578

Nta but they didn’t say it was a red flag and they also explained why they would come out if they were the other person.

No. 401580

Did you read the post I was reply to?
She literally said
>I have no idea why someone is always posting "don't come out until you find a gf" kek it will absolutely be a red flag.
Meaning not being out is a red flag.

No. 401589

nta but I'd be worried she'd drag her feet on coming out and constantly move the goalposts on when she's coming out. My ex was gonna come out when she got a girlfriend, then she was gonna come out when we started dating, then she was gonna come out when we got serious, then she was gonna come out when we moved in together. Surprise surprise I was never once introduced as anything other than her "best friend". If you're still really young or in a non western country it's less of an issue but I'm too old to deal with any form of coming out angst or drama, it reminds me of high school.

No. 401590

you do you but I'm simply reporting what gay people both male and female have told me for years and years which is that they don't like dating people who aren't out. you don't have to agree but for the girl who's asking "won't other women see that as a red flag?" the answer is that a fair amount do

No. 401781

whoever took the yuripedo as their girlfriend i hate you.

No. 401785

No. 401797

>Wipe down a machine you used saying outloud "wouldn't wanna get any of my lesbian sweat on you sexy straight ladies"
Holy kek

No. 401801

We're making fun of you right now.

No. 401816

If a woman is still closeted, you can only conclude that she's ashamed and likely to treat you like a secret (shitty and unsustainable) or you're her first girlfriend (can be unnerving and make you wonder if you're her training wheels). Lesbians who are out and active in the dating scene are often looking for lesbians who are on a similar wavelength.

No. 401989

NTA but this is why I stopped bothering. I'm not in the closet and have been in one relationship before, but so many lesbians are more experienced and seeking the same. But how am I gonna get more dating experience when my circumstances are a turnoff for others.

No. 402000

im suffering and youre making fun of me. cruel.

No. 402004

Genuinely how the fuck do you flirt with women without it turning into a compliment battle? I already have piss poor social skills so this really pains me, every time I try to subtly 'flirt' with a woman it always just goes nowhere.

No. 402005

Ayrt and kind of in a similar situation, I have been out of the dating scene for years after a really bad breakup with a woman who cheated on me and now I feel like I'm way behind. I'm sure there are other lesbians who have dated at a difference pace, it's just harder to find each other. But it definitely sucks when you meet a lesbian and it's obvious she thinks your comparative lack of experience is a turnoff. Oh, well.

No. 402017

Yeah, I have a lot of "red flags" like lack of experience (my ex was the only one I met who didn't care, she was much more experienced), and being a workaholic with money issues means not much of a social life. At this point being poorfag4poorfag and taking things casually would be ideal, but a lot of lesbians in my state live in the city and I can't do long distance again. Guess I'll be third wheel to my taken friends as usual.

No. 402024

How do I, a shut in with no friends, bad social skills, etc. get a girlfriend? Advise me lesbians. I need help. What am I supposed to do? Leaving my house simply won't help because I need to do something in order to meet them. But going to a gay bar is also cringe and I wouldn't be interested in anyone there anyway since they're all alcoholic woke trans lovers anyway

No. 402025

By shut in do you mean you have no hobbies or that you’re a complete hikineet?

No. 402028

My hobbies are loner hobbies
Like video games, outdoors stuff, in general I don't really know what to do because those are just the things I enjoy and usually prefer to do them alone because I'm bad socially

No. 402030

Join the club and create a tulpa gf

No. 402032

Well, at least you do have hobbies. I don’t believe anyone is boring, and there’s always a way to talk about something in a way that makes it interesting. But with either of those, yeah you’d probably need to bring her along as a date at some point. My own hobbies are pretty solitary crafts and reading, but when I had a girlfriend at least we were able to make conversation about what I was working on, or what each of us was reading, for example.

No. 402033

Find hobbies that involve going outdoors? Unfortunately the generic advice to "put yourself out there" is true. Going to social events and figuring out how to interact with others is how you learn social skills. Getting employed or going to community college is a good way to do that faster if you can't find anything good on meetup.com. Alternatively if you want a fellow NEET girlfriend you can find online communities for games and see who is there. I met my first girlfriend online that way (and no she wasn't a gendie either, we met in a radfem server).

>But going to a gay bar is also cringe

Every time I see a nona post this I grit my teeth because I'd kill to have nearby gay bars just to at least check them out.

No. 402044

As I'm autistic and don't make eye contact much, I've found that making prolonged eye contact is a good way to show women I'm into them; that they're important to me as I'm giving them a form of intimacy I don't give to many people. Not eye-fucking (unless you're just cruising them) but like, happy eyes with a hint of "I'm down". It's a bit cringe, but try practising in the mirror. You can work on finding out what looks too pervy and what looks too platonic to help find that perfect "respectfully sexy" sweet spot. It's not for everyone, but I also banter a lot. It feels more natural than compliments as it's so easy for compliments to come across as platonic or creepy. With banter you can keep it light and fun, if things feel too serious that can kill the sexiness in my experience. I've had the most success this way as I'm quite good at making people laugh. As a weird autist jestermaxxing felt like the natural path to take. People can always tell if you're suppressing your true self so just embrace it and work out your flirting style that way.

No. 402056

Dating apps were invented for people like you.

No. 402217

What do you think of tattoos? Turn on? Turn off? No opinion? I think obviously poorly done ones with wonky art are a turn off, but I otherwise have no opinion.

No. 402219

Do you dress like the type of woman you aim to attract? I feel like the only way to get attention from butches would be to start dressing more gnc, but I don't really want to. The way I dress often attracts Shein alt girls. I don't know if there's a butch drought or what but I can't land a date with any even when I see them. Butch women, what's your type? What kind of woman would you pursue relentlessly and become totally obsessed with? That you'd want to take care of forever?

No. 402221

They prefer femmes usually though. Just wear thumb rings, lesbian pins, etc to let people know you're gay.

No. 402235

Not really, I've seen girls like that nonnie on apps and they looked awful and had nothing going for them. Most women on dating apps in my area are seeking something serious, not dysfunctional NEETs.

No. 402237

is it really too late for me? i will turn 34, i still hadn't had a proper long term relationship, while i have had short time gfs, i have lot of sexual trauma spanning from childhood to my ex-gf trying to rape me 10 years ago after which i have been scared of sex and women. i sometimes wonder if i am too far gone for proper love or relationships because i am a practically virgin after what happened with my ex because after that i have been too scared to be close to others but now that i am starting to feel comfortable i feel i am too old.

i just i could fall in love it is honestly only thing i wish from my only life, that i could experience real love.

No. 402241

like this is probably retarded but it causes me legit panic attacks to think i could miss my real chance with love, because i genuinely do not want anything else from life, i just wish i could experience real love and someone really loving me, but i feel like i have missed my chance because of my trauma: my sexuality and body is no more my own but of those who thought they could use me as they wish before and thus i do not know myself and i am scared of everyone at an age where people looking for the things i look for have way more experience than me. like i feel like i lost it all to trauma instead of becoming a proper adult partner to someone else.

No. 402261

>Butch women, what's your type? What kind of woman would you pursue relentlessly and become totally obsessed with? That you'd want to take care of forever?
Women who are ruthlessly themselves. That's it, that's all it takes. Don't fake it, don't try and get tactical. Dress how YOU want and be confident with it. To me there's nothing sexier than a woman who's comfortably and confidently doing her own thing. Trying to fit into a niche that isn't authentic to you is cringe and exudes desperation. I found that when I finally said "fuck it" and started dressing how I truly wanted to, I attracted way more women because I finally had that effortless confidence. I went from taking up as little space as possible like the loser I was to shamelessly womanspreading and being at peace with the fact that I wasn't trying to conform anymore. That aura is what makes women sexy IMO.

No. 402270

I don't know how to say this without sounding cruel, you should probably find other purposes in life than love for now. I get it because my sexual trauma has messed me up for relationships, but you need to have inner strength and become more than your trauma to even be stable enough for a relationship.

No. 402292


Nta but I sort of agree. I also agree with front around without fear of rejection just to get yourself back out there. I felt this way with friendship and the only fix was making some friends and putting myself out there. Maybe I’m just weak person

No. 402311

>I felt this way with friendship and the only fix was making some friends and putting myself out there.
I feel the same. I used to have bad social skills, but I realized that they're skills for a reason - you learn them. I'm in my 30s too and I made the mistake of "giving up" and socially withdrawing when a friendship went badly, but that ended up stunting me because the answer was to learn from what went wrong and push on. The same applies to relationships. You don't have to give up on love, but if you make being loved the only thing you want in life, it's going to make rejection and failure harder. Ironically, I had a healthier mindset when I fell back on the assumption that I'll never find anyone, so I have new goals that will carry me in life instead. I want to move out, I want a better career, I want a new car, etc.

No. 402419

Agreed, you nailed it.

No. 402535

Nonnas, how old were you met your current long term partners/wives? I need perspective

No. 402558

>Gay bar
What's wrong with that? It might be uncomfortable to go on your own but that's about it, at least it'll get you to go out

No. 402579

I understand if it's explicitly a gay male bar or if someone is a former alcoholic, but the way nonas act so adverse to things like going to bars are dating apps to find women is so annoying. You're not going to know if it's full of gendies and spicy straight or normies until you go. Unless you live on some womyn's land and are swimming in lesbians, you kind of have to go to designated places to look for someone.

No. 402594

Do womyns’ lands still exist? And if they do, do younger women ever join?

No. 402602

I was being hyperbolic as a joke but yes they do (I had a friend who visited one a few years ago), they're just a secret with little-to-info online for obvious reasons.

No. 402621

>homosexual culture is underground again
fuck this straight earth

No. 402684

Nonnie I'm the same, I'm turning 34 and was traumatized after being molested by an older ex-gf 10 years ago who had no respect for my physical and mental boundaries and pressured me into intimacy via suicide baiting. I don't know what genuine, two-sided love and affection is like, and I can't ever imagine learning it. I've pretty much given up and if some poor soul ever shows genuine interest in me I'll take up the offer if we click, but otherwise I just don't care about finding a significant other anymore. I have to admit that the low empathy people ITT talking about how much they "hate repressed lesbians" and have zero sympathy for those with sexuality related trauma they haven't been able to work through for one reason or another really cause me to internalize all the self hatred I already had because it checks out with the general vibe in the lesbian community where people who grew up with a strong LGBT scene and healthy LGBT friends don't understand their own privilege. Like >>402270 said I've just found other avenues to express myself in outside of relationships, work being one of them.

No. 402692

No opinion. Though new tattoos and piercings every week shows poor impulse control.

No. 402695

Holy shit, are you me? This is the biggest reason why I stopped associating with radfems, you see this narrative on Lolcow all the time too. I'm a butch and like a lot of olden day butches did I like to bind my breasts every now and then for a more masculine fashion because I just like how it looks on me, but according to their rhetoric I'm a woman-hating half-cracked troon egg who should just let someone "teach me to love my breasts", just overall gross conversion therapy-esque mumbo jumbo. I actually started having thoughts of just transitioning since I was made to feel so shitty, predatory and ashamed of wanting to present in a masculine way not approved by the radfem court because at times even having a short boycut as a lesbian was a red flag of troonery. Or hating having a period is a sign of internalized misogyny because pregnancy is a sacred art of "being able to create life" and not a huge disadvantage that gets exploited by men thorough history.

>They don't mean to do it, I get that. But the fact is they lure in vulnerable young women with a veneer of warmth and acceptance and then slow poison you with more or less the same homophobic and anti-GNC rhetoric you were getting from normies. It leaves you feeling like you have nowhere else to turn, that the grass really is greener on the other side. I think I understand how MRA TIFs are born. When other women spurn you like this, women who claim to be standing up for all kinds of women, I guess it becomes easier to lie to yourself; pretend that it's because you're actually in the wrong body, that you have a man's spirit, personality, heart, whatever. Rather than accepting the bitter truth that there's so much bigotry in this world and you're probably gonna be on your own for most of it.

Fully agree about this. I don't know what it is about butch lesbians that bothers people from all spectrums of the political sphere so hard, I honestly don't. It's like a switch goes off in their head and all their "acceptance" and support of "all kinds of women" goes out the window the moment they meet a butch lesbian, and even worse, an actual cis butch lesbian they can't even straight out demonize for being a tranny so they need to draw out the latent transgenderism garbage I mentioned above. If you want to be a butch, you still need to be able to be "read as female" because suddenly their gender essentialism they claim to be so proud of is all about superficial features instead of gametes. It's the same shit as libfems but with an aggressive undercurrent of homophobia and conservatism in place of the scrote bootlicking associated with liberal feminism so us butch lesbians have to decide which flaw they can tolerate slightly better - either being seen as a potential rapist and a degenerate to be fixed, or have men constantly allowed to speak over us regarding female-specific issues.

No. 402698

Samefag to continue from >>402695
>it's driven me insane how many OSA radfems and GCs will lovebomb lesbians and talk about how sad it is that butches are disappearing, but turn around and act like our reasons for transition are the same as bi/het women who want to escape heterosexuality and become gay yaoi boys or pooner memes.
Another one is the complete erasure of butch/butch relationships that only exist as a joke in the early 00's about bulldykes with penis envy, even boomer lesbians think it's "faggotry" to be a masculine woman attracted to other masculine women. People having absolutely no deeper understanding or comprehension of the reasons why lesbians troon out but still trying to apply this retarded armchairing based on hyperbolics is like eating broken glass.

>Or only talk about supporting lesbians in the context of how sad it is when we transition even though if they listened to us they can figure out why.

Oh yes. I actually agreed with the TIFs who were posting about how patronizing and embarrassing it is for these "gendercrits" to constantly post saccharine rambles about how poor butches who were mislead into transitioning by misogyny and how they should just learn that being woman is okay. None of them are dumb enough not to realize the reasoning for their transitioning, to be fair. For many, it's just the best choice under current circumstances. Either you're a social recluse for being a butch hated by everyone across the field, or you become a trans man and above all become at peace with yourself. As much as I disagree with gender theory, I've met a lot of SSA butches who transitioned who genuinely feel better about their life now because despite still being traumatized and depressed, they're more comfortable being read as a "straight man" than a gross nasty dyke even their own community actively rejects and ridicules. I think the butch thread here on /g/ is the first time I've actually gotten to talk to other butches in my entire life, not just settling for bihets and femmes who only accept me when they need someone to fulfill the role of male lite in their lives.

No. 402715

One of my lesbian friends did a paper on lesbian separatist lands, and one of her sources was infinitely more secretive and distrusting than the others. Turns out some fucking TRA dangerhair queerio went and interviewed the kind old dykes there some time ago, playing nice in person before slamming them online in an article calling them exclusionary TERFs. Shit like this makes me seethe, I hate straights.

No. 402746

AYRT, rational women like you make me feel less crazy, I swear.

>Oh yes. I actually agreed with the TIFs who were posting about how patronizing and embarrassing it is for these "gendercrits" to constantly post saccharine rambles about how poor butches who were mislead into transitioning by misogyny and how they should just learn that being woman is okay. None of them are dumb enough not to realize the reasoning for their transitioning, to be fair. For many, it's just the best choice under current circumstances. Either you're a social recluse for being a butch hated by everyone across the field, or you become a trans man and above all become at peace with yourself. As much as I disagree with gender theory, I've met a lot of SSA butches who transitioned who genuinely feel better about their life now because despite still being traumatized and depressed, they're more comfortable being read as a "straight man" than a gross nasty dyke even their own community actively rejects and ridicules.

Despite all the cries from TRAs over "trans genocide" and conservative backlash that affect the rest of LGB in red states, we're at a point where it's easier to be trans than it is gay. I've known both liberals and certain brands of conservatives who find it easier to swallow than being "just" gay. My mother is a liberal and she was more open of the concept that I "have gender issues" than being gay. I used to be friends with detrans butches and GNC women who talked about how when they were "cis" lesbians people treated them badly, but when coming out as trans people listened to them more because they're an oppressed minority now (even though they already were before?). I also think lesbians troon out because theres more of an open trans community than a lesbian one. The trans community sucks and is swimming with MRA TIMs, but it looks glamorous on the outside. Before I peaked, most of my friends were FTM and I felt crazy and wondered if I was actually "a man inside" because puberty was trauma for me and I related to them more than the bi women who exclusively partner with men in real life. I wish I could talk about this to gendercrits without being shut down and called self-hating or stupid. Radfems have rarely even given better alternatives to butches who want to transition or lesbians with dysphoria besides "go to therapy" (my last therapist was pro-transition).

No. 402773

Could you post the article? I'm curious.

No. 402785

I don't want to jump the gun, was it that one detransitioner-turned-TRA? It's been awhile since I checked the detrans thread on /snow/ but there was this one detransitioned butch radfem who was active in womyn's lands communities who later on did a 180 and started smearing and outright doxxing women she knew in real life. I hate two-faced pickmes like that.

No. 402787

Anyone else play up their femininity partially as a way to compensate for being gay? It sounds stupid but I feel more "straight" when I do it and can pretend I relate to other women. It hurts me as soon as they start to talk about men though.

No. 402789

i had feminine phase for a few years because i wanted to fit in with women. wore some makeup, wore dress-y clothes, etc. i had to give up the LARP but i understand why i did.

No. 402931

A certain popular song got me thinking about how it’s so common for lesbians to have a super passionate friendship with a woman who we later realize we’re in love with. I’m not asking why we fall in love with other women lol but I have been wondering why the straight women on the other side of the friendship are permitting it. Surely I must have been pretty obvious about my feelings for her. I wonder if she tolerated it because she was lonely and liked the attention, or maybe she wanted to entertain the idea of a relationship with a woman because she was bi(allegedly) but with a long term boyfriend she planned to marry.

No. 403052

any songs to celebrate pride month with?

No. 403094

Ky Schevers you mean? I remember following her when I first detransitioned and being sad when she initially deactivated her blog.

NAYRT but I've spoken with friends at length about how online radfems love to act like they're ever so accepting of GNC women and then turn around and act exactly as you've described. I know a few other detransitioners and butches who feel the same way. I think a lot of people share the same sentiment, they're just a lot more likely to swear off interacting with social media in that way entirely than to be vocal about their opposition to it, so it can feel lonely.

No. 403107

Yeah, I found out that she went full TRA and doxxed some older detrans bloggers and it made me seethe. At this point I don't even believe the allegations she made about her ex when she's lied about so many other women in these circles. It was disappointing because I loved her detrans-related posts and thought she was very moderate and nuanced.

>I think a lot of people share the same sentiment, they're just a lot more likely to swear off interacting with social media in that way entirely than to be vocal about their opposition to it, so it can feel lonely.

I don't blame them, but it feels lonely how the only criticisms against radfems are from TRAs and occasionally conservatives. I don't trust radfems but I also don't trust anti-radfems either.

No. 403247

please pray that I interview well for this job on wed at 5 EDT so I can live with my gf and buy her nice things

No. 403252

File: 1717461555357.gif (1.34 MB, 480x366, praybart.gif)

please gift nonnie the most beautiful gift of all. the ability to live with her gf and buy her nice things. awomen.

No. 403254

Liv Tyler is so beautiful I wanna just kiss her hands and brush her hair for her, she would never have to peel her own orange with me around kek I'm literally rabid over seeing her in any movie. She's my ultimate dreamboat crush ever since I was super little and saw her in the LoTR.

No. 403323

An anon upthread said that she keeps her hair long to keep women less threatened by her and I realized that it's the reason why I also grew my hair long. I dress in men's clothes and remain as masculine as can be with my manners and behavior, but the long hair makes a huge difference in how women perceive me. If I cut it short I would immediately make them uncomfortable with my presence.

But like many others, I also used to present as feminine when I was younger solely because I was too afraid of how people would regard me if I looked too masculine. I wonder if it was more socially acceptable to be GNC how common it would be, I've been told by multiple feminine women (SSA and OSA) in my life that they would love to be more masculine but the way the world would treat them outright scares them. They see how people like me are demonized and take note, never stepping outside of the comfort of their current societal presentation. Just look at the numerous examples in the ftm thread for example, people act like it's a personal offense when a conventionally feminine girl cuts her hair short and stops wearing makeup.

No. 403364

File: 1717501698918.png (Spoiler Image,828.86 KB, 526x850, big-mean-bulldagger-dyke.png)

Hair is so funny because for some straight people it's the only thing they evaluate when deciding if you're a scary dyke or not. You can make out with a woman and for a certain percentage of straight people it's fine as long as you have long hair while doing it, they'll view you as a harmless straight girl having fun. Works the other way around too. I remember when Emma Watson got a pixie cut way back in the early 10s and a lot of people lost their minds and called her a lesbian and "butch" even though she was still very conventionally feminine.

No. 403473

I'm such a dumb fucking loser. I was part of a Discord call and I can't stop thinking about this chick who was in it. All because she called something "retarded" and was a little aggressive/opinionated. I like women who are a bit mean.

No. 403479

This is going to sound very stupid to ask but I’ve heard of female-female adult sexual assault. How is that possible? I don’t want details but is it because the definition of assault is about unwanted touching and not what I thought it was?

No. 403519

Am I the only one who thinks this post is weirdly voyeuristic on par with "ummm how do lesbians have sex anyway please tell me" kind of posts?

No. 403521

File: 1717544590559.png (34.45 KB, 436x368, Screen-Shot-2013-03-13-at-10.3…)

>chatting with hot woman
>attraction exits the building

No. 403522

what a stupid image is “invested in feminism” really a dealbreaker lmao

No. 403525

No these are the good qualities. I choose same and exactly my type.

No. 403526

I just don’t see how you can do what we do in bed without consent. I made sure to say I didn’t want details because of how paranoid people are here and becoming simply being attracted to women makes us seem more moid like.

No. 403532

Are you stupid? Any sex act can be nonconsensual.

No. 403533

ntayrt but I assume the "invested in feminism" category also has a sliding range of variations anon would be okay with. She doesn't have to be the next Storme DeLarverie but anything from and above 'sane normie' would be good, personally.
Hm, you might be dumb. Try asking Chatgpt to check if your questions are worth asking to humans.

No. 403587

What the fuck? Please be a troll.

No. 403590

File: 1717573545490.webm (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 836x626, 1717571251883984.webm)

(spoiler this)

No. 403592

I did not know Ella Freya was an OF girl

No. 403628

Women can be porn brained but are actually lesbophobic, so they get emotionally invested then extremely disgusted and label their ex girl partners as rapists. Then it's always playing the "mean aggro lesbian" trope when she could have been bisexual or talked about past male partners
t. had a sex obsessed bi "lesbian" I just had to push her hands away

I only ever read about "rape" from girls that hates women and men but only have sex with men (aka traumatised hets)
Or polilez aka traumatised bi at best, who didn't find their one palatable lesbian experience right away

It all comes from their skewed perceptions that lesbian=even meaner than moids. They would never classify love bombing as sexual assault with males.(bait)

No. 403631

File: 1717593370441.jpg (44.62 KB, 468x895, wtfamireading.jpg)

No. 403633

What the fuck are you talking about kek.
>I just pushed her hands away lol!!!
Unironically making me a-log, actual polilez brainrot to think that women can't rape other women and embarrassing incel rhetoric to sperg about wronged bitter exes coming up with false rape allegations. Shut the fuck up before I start writing ban worthy stuff at you

No. 403639

genuinely i hope you kill yourself(alogging)

No. 403641

yes i shouldn't a-log but imagine turning women's personal experiences in this thread about your retard schizo rambles about polilezzies what exactly are you doing if not taking other people's traumatic experiences and politicizing them holy fuck

No. 403645

This. Rape is rape. Coerced sex done against someone's consent. Women are capable of doing it to each other. Trying to downplay it and calling victims just sensitive bihet sluts is actual mental illness.

No. 403650

There's a baiting troll in then lesbian threads who aways tries to defend female sexual abusers and claims being raped or sexually assaulted by a woman is hot. Its obviously some kind of transbian Intel freak because only moids think this way.

No. 403664

are you an mra larping?

No. 403673

Is non-monogamy common among any subsets of the lesbian community? My vision for an ideal relationship is to have a system of gfs but don’t know where to find that.

No. 403674

i’ll take the insane one for sure
yes? you don’t have to read all the books or whatever but I couldn’t imagine not dating someone who didn’t at least consider themselves radfem. If the alternatives are libfem or “neutral” (misogyny)

No. 403686

It's very common with 'queer' women married to men but I think it's also getting more common with lesbians. You might need to wait a bit depending on your age, when I go on dating apps I see a lot of 30+ year old married lesbians are poly because they don't want to divorce in this economy lol.

No. 403687

I've met a decent amount of lesbians in polyamorous relationships and I see a lot of these people on dating apps as well. Maybe because I happen to live in a big, liberal city though. To be honest everyone I've met in this community is very emotionally unstable so I can't imagine wanting to be involved in this lifestyle.

No. 403713

I haven't seen nor mentioned any rape stories in this thread, what are you talking about?
Women can rape other women in porn settings when there's already a bigger coercive force. It's hard not to second jugde that in regular relationships with a chronically online user, and when there's more "she lesbian raped" fear mongering than actual lesbians.

No. 403721

Move to Portland. Your definition of "gf" will have to become as loose as your definition of relationship however

No. 403731

Is this the yuripedo?

No. 403737


I’m not that troll. I’m just dumb. I see what the normal anons are saying. I’m not trying to victim blame. I think it’s because media has put it into my head the idea that rape is about power. However, power imbalances aren’t always physical. Coercion isn’t spoken about enough either. There is an anon who accuses every lesbian of being a bihet. They actively try to push osa onto any women questioning theirs sexuality in the other thread. I personally believe it’s a psyop

No. 403741

What the hell is this newspeak of redefining what rape is? Rape is sexual intercourse without the other party's consent, nothing more complex than that. It's extremely disrespectful to try to imply that "b-but women can't rape each other because there's no POWER" when rape is traumatizing no matter who's doing it to you. For example, there was a female lolcow way back who fingered a girl who was passed out drunk without her consent. Woman on woman rape happens similarly to how male on woman rape does, someone you already know takes advantage of your compromised state (such as going into shock and being unable to fight back) and assaults you.

No. 403753

do anons just think women can’t be stronger than other women or is it a matter of penises?

No. 403756

File: 1717620179989.jpg (24.94 KB, 380x317, meowcomputer.jpg)

Does anyone else here struggle with talking to people (especially women duh) outside of the internet? for context i am autistic. but right now im in a ldr with this girl and i am thinking about just how hard a it must've been for socially inept lesbians to find girlfriends before the internet.. there were never any lesbians (or bisexual girls without boyfriends) in public spaces, let alone lesbians who were into me or were single. the internet, in a way, is truly a blessing lol

No. 403823

Nonnies would it be too moidlike to DM a mutual of mine who I got a bit of a crush on?
For more context she's a fellow lesbian in a very niche fandom I am also in, and I mostly just know her from her posts, but what she does post is pretty based and really funny.
I feel like a parasocial simp moid for crushing on her but I'm really tempted to take my shot. It doesn't help that she always posts about wanting to find a gf either.

No. 403827

I’m so tired of being a virgin. I need to eat someone’s pussy. I’m getting fomo at this point.

No. 403828

>shooting your shot is considered moidlike behavior
Damn I feel for the lesbian community

No. 403830

Feeling sexual attraction to a woman is moidlike behavior or it’s pornbrained straight woman behavior. Lesbians don’t exist. Gay men do though.

No. 403840

It is though. Real lesbians have sex with men and masturbate to yaoi.

No. 403862

File: 1717644486942.gif (1.29 MB, 500x361, birdythemighty.gif)

I'm not lesbian but I thought I'd like to tell you guys a story. I used to work at a game studio full of woke, retarded moids (and a few troons). The kinds who claim to be feminist allies (but still hired trannies, go figure). One time, one of the "writers" was gushing to me about plans for introducing a new faction in the game we were working on. Now this guy was the kind of person who had to be right about everything, aka an abrasive dickhead. He told me about the leader of this faction, was raving about how she's the leader of this industrial group. He summed up this leader as "strong-willed, hardened lesbian". If it weren't for him, I never would have known that one's sexuality is a defining personality trait.
Men are fucking retarded.

No. 403863

I wouldn't say taking my shot is what's making me feel moidlike just the fact that I lurk her page and like all her posts. I just can't help but feel like a simp and I worry that because of that I'll just end up blocked when we were kinda friendly before.
I mean imagine some rando comes into your DMs and starts rambling about how they have a crush on you when you don't even know them irl.

No. 403867

File: 1717646255733.jpg (90.93 KB, 1024x570, lword.jpg)

As "unrealistic" as this show was, watching it makes me feel nostalgic but also incredibly sad about the death of lesbian-only spaces. I miss lesbian meetup groups, lesbian only nights at bars and clubs, and the pre-2015 OkCupid where (if you live in a major city) you could date a different woman every week if you wanted to. No pronoun bullshit, nobody had a million identities, or gave a flying fuck about kweers and tranny feelings.

The world has really gone to shit.

No. 403869

the show had a troon on it. Wtf are you on about?

No. 403870

File: 1717648404492.png (1.47 MB, 1423x850, 65432.png)

If you're talking about Lisa that was clearly a joke character and really funny, especially in hindsight. If you're talking about Max that was clearly a PSA against trooning out, Kit has an awesome speech about it (although it sucks they sacrificed the one butch character for that storyline). OG L Word was delicious trash and I will die on that hill.

No. 403871

are you lost?

No. 403887

Personally if it's a girl IDGAF I'd only feel burdened if it was a moid doing it. When it's women I'm flattered, it's not like it happens all the time.

No. 403891

I'm gaining a social life but like. Okay, tell me what I'm supposed to do: when I get hit up to go to the lesbian bar, is it weird to drive there? A DUI isn't a concern because I don't drink, I'd just go to hang. I don't want to rideshare because the cost would be ass in my area. Also are other lesbians going to be super judgemental of what I wear?
Thanks in advance for helping a former hikkineet who is escaping her cave.

No. 403901

>He summed up this leader as "strong-willed, hardened lesbian"
Good for her and based for keeping moids in check. Now go blog elsewhere.

No. 403902

I fucking hated this show growing up in my teens because my straight friends gushed about it and thought Shane was the "hottest thing ever" for being """butch""" by 2003 standards (i.e. short hair and sloppy smoky eyes makeup) but at the same time were openly disgusted at me for being a lesbian. Didn't help that the rest of the cast were just normie femmes made palatable for mainstream audiences. I know it was actually created by gay women but boomer lesbians are as insufferable just as the rest of their generation. But yeah, it's a shame that no lesbian-centric programs have been created since and nowadays having a SSA woman in a show means she's dating a troon.

No. 403909

I guess it was good representation for its time. But you can see all the main characters are made very femme to not scare the straights. Shane who is supposed to be more masculine still wears ton of make up and skimpy clothes. All bi characters also identify as lesbians in the end I think, because they end up with women. Which sucks because in the beginning they represent both groups and end up to lesbianism is a choice.

At least they handled the lesbian man as should, a perverted man invading lesbian spaces. Would make tims and tifs who still want to use the lesbian label so mad these days.

No. 403923

Don't know whether this question belongs to this thread, but is tribbing actually possible? Is it enjoyable? The idea of rubbing yout vulva against other woman's vulva sound super hot, but I have a feeling this will not work in real life, because it is hard to get your groins touch each other. Unfortunately I have no one to figure this out with, so I want to her others

No. 403932

I tried with my ex gf but couldnt get close enough to actually touch. Maybe if both are flexible but Idk if it would still be enjoyable.

No. 403934

Should I go to a lesbian bar alone if I am an autistic shut-in NEET? I haven't had any friends in years, I would love to make one. Do people talk with and interact with strangers at bars?

No. 403945

Lol. Good idea. Should try it. Wait a month and I'll update you.

No. 403947

anecdotally yes but i am underweight and have only had sex with thin women, and I’m wondering if that has something to do with why I don’t get the difficulties some women seem to have with it.

No. 403955

actually I think they just figured it out because they didn’t have the internet as a crutch

No. 403957

>when I get hit up to go to the lesbian bar, is it weird to drive there?
I mean, no? How else are you going to go there, especially if you're not going to drink?

Why not? You should utilize any space available to you. You'll just have to see what happens, but if you sulk in a corner predictably nothing will happen.

No. 403961

>Why not? You should utilize any space available to you.
Would it be really embarrassing if my mother took me there and picked me up? I am kind of sheltered and dependent on her.

No. 403969

I've tried it with my gf and it was awkward but felt pretty good. We ended up moving to just grinding on each others' thighs because that was a lot easier less strenuous on our thighs. Maybe if you're both very athletic, but it's an inherently awkward position to maintain.

No. 403970

Anyone else deal with homophobia more from women than men? Except they dress it up in a pretty veil, saying oh we women are attracted to beautiful spirits and nice energies, it's about the personality not the gender, I'm sure you will find a nice man to turn you, you just need a man with a gentle feminine energy. I was uncomfortable with my gayness for a long time because I felt depraved for caring about the genitals and figure of my future gf. There is a lot of bi/pan supremacy, especially among female spicy straights with husbands acting like they are holier than thou for caring more about the soul. They always trying to push their conversion therapy bullshit.

No. 403971

I will always dislike bihets more than actual hetties because they always think they're so entitled to giving their two cents to lesbians.

No. 403977

What sizes are you? Do you think overweight women can do it?

No. 403998

Tbh yeah but maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find someone to take you back to her place

No. 404006

I'm not ready to lose my virginity…

No. 404007

>Would it be really embarrassing if my mother took me there and picked me up? I am kind of sheltered and dependent on her.
Okay, that is really embarassing ngl. Are you even old enough to go to a bar?

… Maybe you should try meetups or book clubs instead of going to a bar.

No. 404010

I'm 20 so I'm old enough to go. I'd much rather go to a bar because I'm way more relaxed around people when I drink. Do you think I can make any friends?

No. 404036

ntayrt you should focus on having friendly acquaintences and then friends first before you try romance. Something like a book club would give a structured and regular opportunity to make social ties and give you a template of what to talk about. Local walking groups could be good for getting social and exercise in one

No. 404040

Yo I'm >>403945, I was able to hang with my gf sooner than expected thought she'd be at the village these days but she's going to go in two days actually.
We tried it. It was awkward to get into a comfortable position. But it was very pleasurable.
I went back home now. Give me more ideas on what to do with her tomorrow.

No. 404042

no wtf, i’m jealous. fuck you.

No. 404044

Be patient, that'll happen tomorrow! (Wink)

No. 404048

I'm saddened I can't be public about my relationship because I live in a homophobic country. I considered putting off dating until I leave, but I met a woman so gorgeous and outstanding I couldn't help myself. No violence directed at me, thankfully, but it affects your mood. It relieves me to know that soon I'll move far away and will be free from the fear and judgement. Wishing you all nonnies a wonderful night or day.

No. 404053

No I can't hang out with people sober I really hate them. Also those other options don't appeal to me anyway. I just want to know if I can realistically expect to make a friend at a bar.

No. 404055

NGL you sound really immature and unpleasant from what I've seen of your posts, so I'd say no. If you can't hang out with people sober, then any friends you make at a bar that your mommy drops you off to are going to get tired of you quickly.

No. 404061

>NGL you sound really immature and unpleasant from what I've seen of your posts,
You think I don't know that?
>so I'd say no.
That was all you needed to say. No need to be so bitter and put me down.

No. 404073

realistically, absolutely not
If you hate people so much, why do you even want friends?

No. 404081

Soooo do you think this would be possible if you’re overweight or is it a skinny people thing?

No. 404085

You’re obviously not an American (can enter bars at 20) so maybe it’s different elsewhere but in my experience I’ve only ever went into bars with friends/a girlfriend/a date so i never really talk to new people there.

No. 404102

I'm pretty overweight (BMI 31) and she's skinny. We both enjoyed it equally but got annoyed trying to maintain the very specific contact points for it to feel good. Depends on how overweight you are and if your weight or fat restricts your movement. It won't hurt to try. I feel like it depends on your actual vulva more than your weight unless you're very fat. If either have you have longer outer labia, it'll probably be even better.

Congrats nona, glad you got to try it.

No. 404120

NTA, but mobility/flexibility is important too. I'm fat and my ex is average. We tried it, I was able to spread but she couldn't hold the position because her hips were too tight.

No. 404149

i've made friends in bars. i met my best friend that way. it's possible.

No. 404181

File: 1717729853946.jpg (84.44 KB, 850x1063, desktop-wallpaper-smoking-anim…)

So was bone marrow fertilization just a hoax? We never heard of it again and I just want to hope that one day I'll be able to make a kid with my wife.

No. 404193

That technology is at least 50 years away. Testicles are complicated organs and sperm cells are quite fragile, and you would need sperm cells since the coating of the ovum is so thick that it takes enzymes from multiple sperm cells to dissolve the coating and allow one sperm cell to fertilise the ovum.

It would be easier for you and your wife to adopt orphans and treat them well such as by not mutilating their genitals.

No. 404195

Need me a mad scientist gf who dedicates her life to pioneering the technology for us to have children kek I’m actually anti-natalist but I’m such a hypocrite because if I could have a child with a woman I totally would

No. 404198

Nonna you’re actually me (I’m not fully antinatalist but I lowkey judge people who have kids knowing full well if I could have a child with my gf I would LOL)

No. 404314

Oh my god same, I don't really want to have children but the idea of having a biological kid with my wife drives me nuts

No. 404678

I just want to pop my cherry. Like why are women not forward? I’m not ugly, I get matched and then we’re just chatting. What do I do?

No. 404703

Take the initative with conversation if she's being passive.

No. 404815

I have a date. I also joined a hookup app last night too and got a match but she won’t be around till a couple weeks.

No. 404914

Go to one of those invite only bisexual sex clubs.

No. 404919

Slightly off topic but do men have a thing for gold star lesbians because this guy said it was “impressive”

No. 404924

I think men can’t conceptualise a person who is not male centred at all. Some weirdos see it as a challenge to try to turn a woman straight.
As a gold star I am not attracted to men at all. Even if a billionaire gigachad with a personality that perfectly complements mine perfectly was into me I would not be interested because I am lesbian.

No. 404962

This. Men hate lesbians because any woman whose life doesn’t revolve around cocks and scrotes is a direct threat to his existence. Many moids will try to claim lesbians don’t exist, because they literally can’t understand the concept of women who don’t care about men, it hurts their ego too much.

No. 404993

Ok well I’m in the home stretch with this girl. We’re hooking up on Saturday, should I text her messages like good morning and stuff. I’m worried if I don’t say anything between now and then, she’ll get cold feet. This would be my first time too.

No. 405050

File: 1718035663356.jpg (278.86 KB, 1377x1336, ed62aad677745cd3c82cba6da2e0de…)

That's it, fujolesbians are officially turboretards to me now. Every time I read GL these days it reminds me of my gf and the stuff we did together and what we could do in the future. Their retarded headcanon that even yuri made by women for women is actually for men makes even less sense now. I love reading about two women being together and female characters, it's of utmost interest to me. Now more than ever I can't imagine being invested in fictional scrotes and buttfucking. Absolutely disgusting. Fujos are unironically out of their minds.(baiting)

No. 405117

picrel looks cute, source?

No. 405143

File: 1718055368785.jpg (523.08 KB, 800x1130, 9717cfb071f00ce83194dcf5ba0b6e…)


No. 405163

“retarded headcanon” word you are looking for is argument lmao

No. 405190

Who cares? I barely can count on one hand any adult lesbian over 28 that cares this deeply about anime fandom and shipping.

No. 405191

Go back to twatter.

No. 405193

IFKR wish she'd keep it in the containment thread

No. 405255

i fell in love with a "gay transman" and it’s making me want to kill myself.

No. 405278

You'll be laughing about it in a month

No. 405285

sometimes ill pretend to be non-binary to sleep with them, pre-t a lot of them are pretty much snacky soft butches.

No. 405290


No. 405303

Is she "t4t"? if yes, might as well try >>405285 , if she's into actual moids honestly don't even bother. Either way >>405278 is right.

No. 405314

she dated a mtf before.

No. 405330

I KNOW AND IT’S SO PAINFUL. AGH. it hurts because it feels like just another level of a woman leaving you for a man. fuck it hurts so bad

No. 405331

samefagging but for me it’s been a year and it’s still not stopped. i wish it was over in a month but unfortunately she’s the most attractive person i’ve ever seen. the gods are laughing at me

No. 405335


I had a crush on a woman for over a year who turned out to be pro-life and conservative leaning when I checked her social media. It went away when she was out of my life, so I believe you'll move past it one day.

No. 405404

was this woman even bisexual lmao

No. 405600

I found an esl on tinder that wants to go on a date, and I'm pretty sure she just wants to have sex. I've relegated myself to never getting a gf, but I still kind of wanted to break my 3 year no sex streak with someone I knew a little better. I'm worried that it won't even feel good for either of us because of how long it's been. Any advice?

No. 405603

not worth it.

No. 405638

Isn't a gay tif just a fujo hettie with extra steps?
I find it interesting how some itt are willing to go so far and be deceptive to hook up with women who are into "men" only, but hooking up with bihets who would do it consensually without deception is a no-no.
Is it because it's a turn off for you to feel like you might get taken advantage of? Is it a turn on for you to be the one taking advantage? Is it because with the tif you're stealing her from men and with the bihet men are stealing her from you? I'm not judging, I just want to know.

No. 405641

Sounds like a reach.

No. 405648

Do enlighten me then. Seems like a bit of a contradiction that some lesbians would deceive a man-loving tif to hook up with her, yet at the same time there's posts trying to figure out if their crushes are lowly bihets in order to avoid them. Like, doesn't a "gay" tif (aka straight woman) have the same risk of leaving you for a moid than a bihet?

No. 405676

I feel like women who are ready to lie about being a tif to get laid wouldnt have a problem with sleeping with bihets either. Those who have a problem with dating bisexuals are usually looking for a relationship instead of hookup.

No. 405691

I'd hook up with both if I found them attractive and the sex was good.

No. 405696

I just don't think you can assume every post you dislike is made by the same person

No. 405810

Which one do you prefer, women with big boobs or smaller ones?

No. 405819

I disapprove of both of those things, but the difference is nonnies who talk about TIFs solely want to hook up, but have a problem with bihets when it comes to serious relationships. IDK, I've been in these threads for over a year and most lesbians in here and I know outside of LC hate hookups, so I don't think these posts who complain about being left for a man by a bi women are the same ones crushing on and hooking up with TIFs. If I was into hookups and casual sex I'd be fine solely sleeping with either since it's not anything deeper than a one night stand.

No. 405831

I like these kinds of questions over bihet and TiF talk. Personally I really love small boobs.

No. 405834

Is that the only body part on a woman you notice? This is kind of a scrote tier question. I'll expand your list:
>big or small ass?
>long legs or big thighs?
>long fingers or strong arms?
>visible abs or noticeable collarbone/long neck?
>undress her from top to bottom or bottom to top?
>short or tall?
>dimples of venus or violin hips?
>thigh gap or the little pouch of fat over her uterus?
>long face or short face?
>short hair or long hair?
>butch or femme?
>lingerie or sport wear?
>big areolae or small areolae?
>long labia or short labia?
>strap-on or vibrator?
>favorite position to finger her/get fingered in?
To answer your question, I have no breast size preference, but I'm not attracted to very overweight women, so maybe "small."

No. 405841

Don't really care about breast size but am obsessed with big thighs/ass. And a little tummy chub.

No. 405845

>the little pouch of fat over her uterus?
this part makes me feral ngl

No. 405849

I prefer big but my last gf was on the small/medium side, which I didn't mind. I love boobs but if you look good overall I can look past it.

No. 405873

I kinda don't care about tit size, or at least I say so until I meet a girl with actually big tits, those things are hypnotizing

No. 405909

I'm only asking to know whether I should lose more weight or not. I'm not overweight and generally look fine but I would like to look skinnier although I like my boobs as they are now and don't really want them getting any smaller kek

No. 405916

I don’t care about chests or ass, but I am very attracted to tummy. Especially fit butches who do a lot of heavy lifting and have abs…sweet Jesus

No. 405940

I think most TIFs are bi or lesbian honestly, that’s why a lot of them fuck each other

No. 405942

Maybe in the past but these days they all are either sexually abused women coping or fujoshits. The latter are the jailhouse gay that fuck each other but as soon as they get on T and have access to men most don't go back to fucking women because they're het.

No. 405944

I prefer women on the flatter side.

No. 405959

there's no use asking because it all comes down to individual preferences. however you are right now is what someone likes best somewhere out there

No. 405962

No. 405993

Seconded. Otherwise I have no preference. Cleaniness, confidence and good chemistry are sexier than minor details of looks.

No. 406028

I’m bored.
>small ass (but round)
>long legs
>long fingers
>top to bottom for slow and sensual, bottom to top when we’re desperate
>both short and tall are great, but my height would be my preference
>dimples of venus
>thigh gap (i’m sorry, i’m a heathen…)
>long faces are beautiful, short faces are cute
>short hair
>either in presentation but “butchy” personalities are great
>mm… this is really difficult actually. i think lingerie
>both are hot
>bottom up with her legs spread apart, while I leave kisses on her back
Thank you anon

No. 406106

My hookup canceled. Guess it wasn’t time for me to lose my virginity.

No. 406114

File: 1718412107859.webp (128.22 KB, 796x1200, IMG_1596.webp)


No. 406115

Cringy, probs bi

No. 406116

Definitely bi, annoying campy glitter femme4femme type of shit

No. 406119

No. 406128

Yh and I refuse to listen to her music until I stumble upon it on a TikTok. I feel like there’s a big push for her just because she’s a left wing “lesbian” and I never like that with artists.

No. 406129

>I heard you like magic? I got a wand and a rabbit!
Is a great line and I could listen to that song on repeat all day. But the drag queen stuff gives me the ick and I wouldn't be surprised if she's married to a man within 5 years.

No. 406172

tfw your friend indirectly comes out to you as a polilez

kinsey 4 bisexual at most and will probably end up with a dude once she's 30. 99% chance she had a shitty breakup with her last boyfriend so now she thinks she's a lesbian. her entire fanbase gives off the same vibes as well kek i don't understand how people buy the lesbian shtick she reeks future hasbian. her music is pretty catchy though

No. 406173

I like her music

No. 406195

sure her music is good but there's 0% chance that she's an actual lesbian. media would never allow a non libfem wlw who genuinely didn't include men in any aspect of their lives

No. 406197

I couldn't stop biting her, what the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 406200

>At lesbian speed dating event
>Excited and already talking with the girls before the thing even starts
>Coordinator explaining the rules
>LATAM so Spanish, obviously
>"…bueno entonces si todas-"
>Looks at me
>Clearly butch
>"…o todEs"
All the people who were asking for my pronouns were older women, there was also a troon that at one point tried to walk in but rapidly left lol

No. 406215

Literally who?

No. 406223

Nothing is wrong with you and she is very lucky kek

No. 406224

Why do people think shes bi just because she had an ex bf and dresses femininely? She comes from a very conservative and christian background, I don't think she would lie. She's also very private so not an attention whore.

No. 406229

Call me crazy but I don't care as long as you make good music.
I'm not bi-vestigating, but her album had at least a few allusions to how she was interested in men (after midnight is the only one that comes to mind right now) and both femininomenon and super graphic ultra modern girl are both more about how men disappoint her than how she likes women. lesbian sex completely blew my mind the first time I had it so I get wanting to come out and make it the whole center of your world when you fall in love or sleep with a woman for the first time, but she was publicly out as bisexual as recently as a few weeks ago so I don't think it's weird that people would still think that.

No. 406243

My wise lesbian advice is that the gold star lesbian argument is an extremely online topic that nobody in real life gives a shit about. Most normal lesbians irl don’t care about dumb shit like that, and you make yourself look like a complete dipshit when you try to put down lesbians who didn’t realize their sexuality until later in life.

No. 406259

i thought she's bi, i didn't even know she calls herself lesbian. the drag queen influence gives off autohomoeroticism vibes (like the TIFs who like to call themselves faggot).

No. 406295

I know nothing about her. I just said that because I was tired of twitter users emphasizing that she was a lesbian. Honestly with entertainers that’s usually how it goes.

No. 406299

“Put down” = thinking they’re bi. This isn’t the 90s or even the early 2000s. She’s not even 30.

No. 406306

So many lesbians are feminine and I doubt many of them are mistaking for bi, it’s all about how you act and she acts like an annoying bpd bi women. So many articles where she talks about how she won’t date men anymore or how she hates them or whatever just sounds every other bisexual who has just recently broken up with some shit guy only for them to go right back into their arms
I cannot find it but there’s a video where she cries to the audience about how stressful her sudden fame is and her 13 year old tik toker fanbase is eating that shit up and coddling her, it just screams attention whore to me
She’s a good singer but the music is shit and I’m tired of shit artists being the face of “lesbianism”

No. 406407

How can you have autohomoeroticism if you are gay? That's literally what being gay is

No. 406458

I think she meant it more in the "girl who gets off on thinking she's a gay man" way

No. 406665

“lesbians” who will not stfu about how much they dislike men are almost never homosexual. the lady doth protest too much.

No. 406723

i love her but she openly admitted that she wrote all the songs about dating women without ever even kissing one and she had a nasty long term relationship breakup with a guy before she went “lesbian” so she is likely just straight mayyybe bi-curious. either way i like shitty groovy pop so i vibe with her music but she is practically renee rap 1.2

No. 406730

Bisexual women going through a "I hate men" phase and gaslighting themselves into thinking they're lesbians then going back to dating men 2 years later is basically a rite of passage.

No. 406746

Renee Rapp actually has a gf

No. 406750

File: 1718621491978.png (154.93 KB, 398x290, 1718613152993.png)

Does anyone here actively avoid or aren't attracted to normie pretty girls? Girls with the "angel skulls" and faces in the looksmaxxing /ot/ thread pic kind of repulse me. It's the middle school bully face. Maybe it's just that every traditionally pretty girl I've met with a face like that has been a passive aggressive bully, but all the nice pretty girls all had something that seemed different about them. I couldn't tell the difference at the time as a nerdy turbo autist in school, but they were low ranking in their own pretty girl circles. I just genuinely find the girl here unattractive. She has TikTok face. idk

No. 406754

This is a racist beauty standard. Only anglo girls have that tiny upturned nose with no bump and high nose bridge.

No. 406766

Nowhere does it say it's applicable to women who aren't white.

Not that it isn't a shitty meme.

No. 406768

true tho before that point renee constantly kept talking about "dating men in a lesbian way" (?) whatever that means

No. 406771

It doesn't change the fact that only anglo white women have this nose shape naturally.

No. 406775

Meh as an Anglo nona I'd say a lot of girls here do indeed have button noses but tbh large noses are also a common English feauture. I'd say Scottish/Irish girls have it more frequently as well as Scandinavian and Finnish girls.

No. 406810

So? Anglo women are allowed to have beauty standards for themselves. And this is true too >>406775

No. 406851

really? the shape is different but I’ve seen similar variations on other races.

No. 406908

Nonnies help me, I'm hopelessly smitten by a girl I think about around the clock. But the thing is, I only desire her physically. I want to sex her up desperately, but she's the kind of u-hauler who wants to wait and get to know each other for forever before anything physical would happen, and I don't want to be the moidy douchebag pretending to be interested in her besides for sex because I know I wouldn't be up for a serious relationship. Yet I genuinely have erotic dreams about her and I can't be near her without feeling absolutely feral, it's insane and I swear I have never had anything like this happen to me. How the fuck do I deal with this? Anyone else gone through a similar situation? It's been like two years by now, I'm so fucked.

No. 406925

I feel weird rn because I’ve been seeing this girl for about two months and I think my speed of progression is annoying to her. I’m the kind of person who moves rather slowly in relationships (for instance, wouldn’t move in with someone unless we had been dating for two years or so) and she previously moved in with her ex gf after just a few months (they dated for several years after though). We have talked about it some and she says she is glad I like going slow but it feels like she’s always subtly pushing me with things. Idk what to do really. I’ve brought it up that I feel like she wants too much too early (like calling me pet names really fast, wanting to see me constantly, etc.), and she says she’ll back off some but then she never actually does. I find it irritating. Other than that, she’s really nice and pretty and we have a lot in common. Idk if it’s worth it though and I’m already considering potentially breaking it off.

No. 406930

If it bothers you that much, stop stressing yourself out and wasting her time.
You're not interested in her personality at all? Maybe you'll fall in love by the time you finally get to do it. kek. Or convince yourself the sex would be awful.

No. 406931

Ngl, I grew up thinking that large/pointy noses were globally associated with "Westerners" aka white people kek. I'm saying that as a Brit btw.

No. 406978

Two years and you're still obsessed with her without still haven't gotten to know her? Yikes…

No. 407012

Anyone hate feeling clocked as gay by unattractive queers?

No. 407038

No, we're good friends and get along well, but I just don't want a serious relationship with her because we're not compatible in that way.

No. 407069

The point is that vindictatards claim that image to be an objective ideal beauty standard which is very racist.

No. 407070

File: 1718709725590.jpeg (52.71 KB, 274x340, IMG_0514.jpeg)

How true is this?

No. 407073

No its just autism

No. 407074

What I really can't stand is when they ask me for my pronouns because I have short hair.

No. 407076

Which one are you, nonnas? Jewish or model with a nose job? Also, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phrenology
I find it funny how every 4chan and Reddit trend or meme that exists eventually becomes mainstream on Twitter, TikTok or other social medias until normie teenagers hear about it. Someone on an image board has a shitty (or good, but not that likely) idea and it starts spreading like the plague. Remember reality shifting and mewing or whatever?

No. 407082

I wonder if I have the tism. I was once obsessed with my eccentric male professor in a non sexual or romantic way. Not that I would do anything with a man ever.

No. 407160

No. 407169

Modern polilez. I've never understood the "lesbian with a husbando" BS, I was obsessed with older woman characters when I was a teen, lmao.

No. 407172

To be honest I don't understand how gay men always get away with obsessing over female celebrities and especially the older ones with motherly qualities yet when lesbians have any sort of similar platonic admiration for anyone male it means they're cock hungry bisluts. I was obsessed with male cartoon characters growing up because I self inserted into them all the time or felt they were my role models since maculine GNC female characters attracted to women were and still are so nonexistent. Thought I was straight for the longest time because of it before I realized I was only interested in them because of their romantic proximity to the female characters and I only wanted to skinwalk them or because of my terminal daddy issues making me look for an older man's guidance and approval.

No. 407176

I don't think many people will accuse lesbians of faking it if they idolize male characters in a "I want to be him" way but people in the picrel aren't doing that. They actively self-ship with male characters (not even genderbent into female) and talk about them romantically/sexually and still claim they're lesbians under the guise that the characters are fictional/"unattainable". Not to mention all of the male idol stans who use the same argument. I don't really blame people for being skeptical when said people rarely do the same for female characters and most of those types aren't dating anybody or seem to be attracted to real life women whatsoever. Just seems like a mix of autism and confusing being comfortable with women but not men irl as lesbianism.

No. 407177

She just said she wasnt into him romantically or sexually

No. 407178

Honestly I do think a lot of the "pop girl stan" kind of gay men are actually bisexuals disguising their OSA under a veil of "ironic" misogyny. Many of them talk about and act around women in such a shockingly sexualised and misogynistic way, if a self-proclaimed lesbian acted similarly with men literally no one would buy her being a lesbian.

No. 407179

randyfag isn't platonic in the slightest lmao

No. 407186

Doesn't she only date (actual biological) women IRL?
>Just seems like a mix of autism and confusing being comfortable with women but not men irl as lesbianism
I wish the word febfem or some kind of equivalent for it was more normalized in the mainstream.

No. 407196

File: 1718746507430.png (905.08 KB, 634x845, wat.png)

I relate, but this isn't about admiration or stanning someone who happens to be a man, though…

No. 407262

Idk. Unless she's masturbating to Randy fantasies (and I'm not saying she's not, I don't actually know anything about her) she could still just be a weird autistic lesbian. She's very clearly doing this for the meme/internet attention as well so I don't think insane Randy collection automatically = wants to fuck Randy.

No. 407284

File: 1718770346792.webp (Spoiler Image,699.06 KB, 2048x1536, wat2.webp)

She owns a body pillow of him with a visible bulge and a titty mousepad of his hairy ass, nonnie.

No. 407285

Give me the strength to stop lowkey thirsting after an online gendie friend, anons. She gets retarded about troon shit even when she's the type who'll never touch a drop of hormones and never get a masectomy (good for her but wtf she won't walk her talk), but we have the same taste in (non-troon-related) art and humor and her autism levels fall into the range I really like. God I wish I had the time to physically go out and meet bi/les women but I'm swamped with obligations atm. She's cute and we banter a lot when she's not hugboxing with other gendies. Christ. I just want a fling or a friends with benefits but with the fantasy that she won't insist on being referred to as a man.

No. 407295

Yeah and if she's humping the Randy pillow I will agree that she's not a lesbian. I'm just not convinced that any of it is sexual, unless anons have milk of her talking about being attracted to him or something. To me it reads as an autist with way too much disposable income making a meme shrine for internet attention.

No. 407300

Why do some lesbians have a chad vibe? Is it just from being comfortable in their own skin?

No. 407301

File: 1718773966731.jpeg (224.01 KB, 1043x1200, IMG_1609.jpeg)

Nonnies, would you sleep with a woman who says she’s sexually attracted to both men and women but romantically only interested in men? I thought the split attraction theory was bs, so I don’t really get it. Is she just bi-curious? I don’t want to just be a novel experience…

No. 407304

it seems more like she has an autistic sense of humor kek. she probably thinks penis and saggy male ass = funny.

No. 407318

Yeah it comes across to me as just a joke meme thing and maybe a kernel of treating Randy as an unironic "comfort character". It's weird how everyone knows that straight girls obsessing over female characters and buying sexy figures of them etc are still as straight as can be with a male exclusive dating history and no interest in pussy but lesbians are supposed to only focus on lesbianism being their only identity and interest.

No. 407335

Fuck no, don't waste your time on her. Even if you think she's hot, the sex will be terrible.
I feel you. I might go on a date with a genderspecial this weekend. Hopefully they all grow out of it.

No. 407341

To be fair south park characters don't really look like real people so I think randychan could still be lesbian.

No. 407387

This and the xxxx lesbian thread on xxx are the only places not infiltrated by troons and bis

No. 407388

That’s the polite way of saying she only sees women as sexual objects so if sleep with her and then ghost her “out of respect for her identity”

No. 407410

Thank you, nonnies. Oddly enough, she’s extremely based whenever the topic of moids comes up, so I thought she respected women more maybe. And yes, she’s very hot. But I should probably save myself the trouble

No. 407611

I’m >>406925 and I broke things off with her. Ty for the little push nonita. Thankfully she wasn’t upset or anything and it went fine.

No. 407638

File: 1718889169674.jpg (934.38 KB, 1280x1603, tumblr_08ff82530eb538b2dd9381c…)

Does anyone know if Maxine Harlow is active again? Or if she's doing ok? I miss her everyday

No. 407778

She's not active to my knowledge, I am friends with some people close to her.

No. 407834

The last I've heard of her she was getting TERF accusations over her Twitter likes. I'm not sure if her inactivity is entirely related to that but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a small reason.

No. 408020

Anyone else have a reputation for being cold in a female dominated workplace? Deep down im an extrovert but I don’t want straight women thinking I’m hitting on them.

No. 408031

That's weird, I was under the impression she was always crypto since (IIRC) she had radfems following her. But on Tumblr I noticed more pronoun types reblogging and liking her posts, she must have breached containment and went offline after that. Likes on Twitter are now private (thank God) so now would be a good time to come back if she ever does, I love her pixel art style so much.

No. 408033

God she's so based, if funny as hell butch4butch artists like her existed when I was a teenager I wouldn't have gone through a tranny phase.

No. 408111

advice on how to find other lesbians? I'm so fucking lonely, I have no girl friend, I have no girlfriend. Life fucking sucks rn

No. 408128

samefag I want my he/him gendie to bounce me on her strap and collar me baaaaaaad. I could cook her salmon egg benedicts for breakfast so she gets good iron levels and sometimes late at night it's so easy to picture being domestic with her. Lesbian loneliness is awful. Maybe I could teach myself to be fine with LARPing heterosexuality with a gendie woman

No. 408129

Retarded question, but what are the stances on strap?

No. 408130

I hate it when people act like they're real male genitalia but otherwise it's fine and I'm happy for the women

No. 408131

I personally don’t like it used on myself, but I don’t mind when women I sleep with ask me to use it. Straps are pretty different from the irl thing, so a few lesbians I know can enjoy it when used by a woman

No. 408139

Listened to Good Luck Babe for the first time this week and I love it. Curious what other lesgen nonnas think though? I've seen people saying it's about comphet which seems a little silly

No. 408167

sorry for the late reply, but this has to be said. a lot of homosexuals repress their urges and try to be normal. this isnt subconscious comphet, but an active choice to "be straight". they lie to themselves and get into heterosexual relationships, because they want to have a family one day and be "good citizens". this is common in countries and cultures where tradition is important. not uncommon for something to snap in them one day.
there are many cases of men leaving their families to go and be gay whores, or wives randomly leaving their husbands for the same reason.

No. 408170

turn off and retarded looking.

cringe. kill yourself.(infighting)

No. 408175

barely even tried but I love it
sexy. I want this life but ideally with a woman

No. 408180

I have male comfort characters and I still don’t want to see them naked. They’re like cool uncles or big brother figures to me. She’s probably bisexual

No. 408234

I've always wondered if I'm abnormal for this but I've been in two long term relationships with women and never experienced using a strap on. No particular reason, I just never personally had an interest and my ex girlfriends never brought it up.

No. 408257

I love receiving and giving. I like feeling so full and vulnerable because of it. It just feels good, it strikes all the right sensitive areas. I haven't gotten to use one to give yet, but I hope it stimulates the clitoris when you use it. I want to have a "hands free" orgasm by fucking a woman, holding her down and watching her body move and jiggle as she takes it. The orgasm from internal stimulation plus clitoris touching is mind breaking. I want to use one on a lesbian who's never experienced penetration before, so she can learn how good it feels because of me. Watch her eyes widen and mentally destroyed by pleasure. I like it. They are very ugly, unfortunately. They are purely functional.

No. 408260

Overhyped , I’m sick of seeing this stupid song and the artist everywhwre

No. 408293

>annoying campy glitter femme4femme
Why are these types so common? almost always theater kids and I can't stop running into them

No. 408294

I don't like things going inside my vagina but I love the idea of strapping a girl

No. 408297

It's ok but not for me. I didn't like its melodic and lyrical repetitiveness and the topic kek. I usually like music with distortion

No. 408303

It feels like industry plant LGBT music. You know those songs that only exist to be played at pride parades and nowhere else? This is one of them.

No. 408305

Doesn't look fun for me to give the strap but I'd let a girl who's into it do it to me. I'm perfectly happy with it never being involved though.

No. 408306

Is lesgen a typo ar an actual term I haven't heard of before?

No. 408307

it's just "lesbian general" ( the title of this thread ) abbreviated into one word

No. 408328

I love to top. Idc what anyone says. Hottest thing ever

No. 408333

Hard agree, I love that so many girls are on the more submissive side but I also don't get it all.
Having someone touch me is nice and all but having a girl squirm underneath me and uncontrollably moan like a bitch in heat is on a whole other league.

No. 408337


No. 408343

I just want to eat out a pillow princess for hours and go to sleep
Then eat her out again as soon as I wake up
Is that too much to ask?

No. 408395

> like a bitch in heat
why did you word it like that

No. 408415

I'm bisexual but I'll answer. That means she just wants sex and nothing else or that she might be open to dating you but will probably leave and wants to settle with a man later on. The split attraction model is bullshit, but I think most people use it as a shorthand to say who they want to be in a relationship with. Like if someone says "I'm bisexual but romantic only with women" that means she's a febfem and just doesn't wanna date men.

No. 408438

dont listen to her >>408395, I liked it

No. 408478

I listened to so much chappell roan that I thought spotify was only pushing it to me and loved it at first, but reading that it's everywhere and oversaturated and planted like sabrina carpenter music is has kind of weirded me out since it's kind of a vulnerable and sensitive topic to treat like the latest pop song about your pussy being good like espresso or whatever.

No. 408490

>The split attraction model is bullshit, but I think most people use it as a shorthand to say who they want to be in a relationship with. Like if someone says "I'm bisexual but romantic only with women" that means she's a febfem and just doesn't wanna date men.
I agree with you. I don't believe it's possible to have "two" sexualities, for bisexuals who use it it's just a way to note what sex they prioritize relationships with. Or if you believe in the whole asexual/aromantic thing, which I don't.

No. 408621

Chappell Roan is def a bisexual. She was in a relationship with a scrote for like 5 years plus theres a bunch of comments found before she got super famous of her thirsting over moids. It all just feels fake, it feels like whoever she's signed too wants to profit off of us. She'd be cute if she wasn't a leslarper. I'm tired of it, reminds me of Renee Rapp.
To each their own, but its a no from me.
Fake lesbians are so gross, i dont understand why we're so nice to these people. come into our communities talking about moids. tired of the
This, I just don't like it. when it comes to fiction i've always admired the girls. It's more than them just being drawn, like they're drawn as female and voiced by females.
ugh i had a crush on a tif once she was really cute and i almost convinced her to not troon out, she did stop for a while, but i was dropped a few weeks later. sad how some of the cutest girls fall into gendie shit

No. 408633

The only male characters I'm "obsessed" with are ones I like to see tortured with 0 pleasure on their part because I hate men. Whatever she has going on is definitely not lesbian.

No. 408635

>She was in a relationship with a scrote for like 5 years plus theres a bunch of comments found before she got super famous of her thirsting over moids
Genuinely don't understand how people buy that she's a lesbian given all of this. It's one thing to grow up in a homophobic family and feel pressured to date men and another to write off years of thirsting over moids (which no one is forcing you to do) as "comphet" because you're having a totes misandrist phase. People need to stop being so starved of representation that they'll claim obvious bisexuals, get higher standards and a better radar please kek.

No. 408663

i like cool noses. i hate how this nose is the modern rhinoplasty standard.
it's true about it being an eurocentric beauty standard, but you lost me at anglo. i'm 100% pure baltid phenotype (if you open an anthropology textbook at the baltid page, there is a photo of me uwu) and this is a common nose here. plus lots of nordics have this nose. anglos with this nose tend to have rounder bulbous tips on their nose resembling something porcine. i dont care if i get a ban for replying to this old post to nosesperg, but it tickled my autism in the wrong way to say this is an "anglo nose". like, i take personal offence.
she gives me "theater kid" vibes, in the worst possible way. her voice is beautiful and she is a good singer, but her songs are of a disney channel quality if you know what i mean. it feels forced? commercial? some songs are catchy and i like it when she's more expressive with her voice. i like the "when you wake up next to him" part of good luck babe, but the rest of the song gets boring quick. maybe its just not my thing.
the vibe i got of her "being too commercial" isnt helped by the fact that shes pushed hard by the algorithms. i thought shes campy and a cute new thing, when i found out about her by pure chance (from a youtube short of some small creator making a doll based on her lol). now i see that her campiness is aimed at the rupaul fangirls. she feels artificially planted. i dont know. and now i read on here that shes bi. shes leaning into a niche, very commercially.
the thought of it is a turn off. it might feel nice in practice, but its too ridiculous for me to get over it being so ridiculous. it would feel humiliating to wear one, and i couldnt look my hypothetical partner in the eye if she was doing it to me with that whole thing on her.

No. 408712

>This, I just don't like it. when it comes to fiction i've always admired the girls. It's more than them just being drawn, like they're drawn as female and voiced by females.
Same, there are a lot of male characters I like platonically for being interesting and well-written, but I've never been able to buy into the cope that "99% of female characters suck which is why I'm a lesbian with a million husbandos", it always screamed polilez to me. I have some lesbian friends who genderbend their male faves and I do too, but ever since I was a kid I had a ton of female characters that were my role models or "blorbos" or whatever. Maybe it's because I don't watch anime or het romance that I'm not seeing these terrible characters that cardboard cut out men are preferable to, I dunno.

No. 408719

File: 1719250431074.webp (41.31 KB, 447x795, IMG_4946.webp)

Unpopular opinion: straps aren’t that great. Whenever I see a lesbian discussion on the internet (especially on reddit) asking for advice there is always the mandatory “Get a strap!”. I always sort of hope the women I date aren’t the strap obsessed ones because although it can be fun sometimes fingering is so much better. It also makes me feel kind of inadequate if it’s a bi women obsessed with being strapped.
Eh, I disagree to an extent. When I read Chainsaw Man I was trying to think of why all the female characters are really attractive to me when usually I just genderbend the pretty boy male characters to be my waifus, and I realised most anime women are written / look weird. Anime has some weird sexual dimorphism where women are childish-looking moe blobs and the males look more analogous to actual human adults. Real women aren’t cutesy babies and have other appeal. Pair that with the fact that even well-written female characters tend to have that undercurrent in their personality - I can’t quite place my finger on it but it feels like this general Japanese view of women - I can understand why people would be turned off those characters. That being said, I agree that only polilezs have 0 female characters they like, even if they’re shit characters they’re still women and I’ll always be drawn to femalenes. Same with yaoi-obsessed “lesbians”, if it’s a “cuntboy” then whatever but if you’re getting off to penises drawn or otherwise, well….

No. 408722

This only applies to anime and manga btw, I could never imagine obsessing over live action men even if they were well-written kek

No. 408767

File: 1719257896545.jpg (75.34 KB, 632x754, bae.jpg)

she was my first waifu. i wanted to lay my head on her lap in submission. i admired how untouchable and stoic she was. sometimes i wanted to be like her.

No. 408785

>Anime has some weird sexual dimorphism where women are childish-looking moe blobs and the males look more analogous to actual human adults.
To be fair, the post you're replying to says
>Maybe it's because I don't watch anime
Which I relate to. I haven't watched a new anime since 2018 (and that was only once, the last time I kept up with new seasons was longer). The way female characters are written in a lot of anime/manga is awful, I tend to stick to either older stuff that's recommended to me or some video games that have a decent female fanbase for good characters. I don't watch live action, but I probably should.

>Same with yaoi-obsessed “lesbians”, if it’s a “cuntboy” then whatever but if you’re getting off to penises drawn or otherwise, well….

I used to know someone who I can confirm is an actual lesbian (hates dick, dislikes TIMs, has no attraction to males IRL, etc.) but is obsessed with yaoi, and she's… Very, very pornsick and has been celibate after one relationship she had in her early 20s. So I don't really trust a lot "yaoi lesbians" because they're either polilez or virginal and porn-obsessed if they are actual lesbians. Which is why I feel so alienated from a lot of fandom as someone who is barely interested in male characters.

No. 408863

>look up gay bars in area
>at least 5 in a 20 mile radius
>all clearly have majority male clientele and one even specifies it's for gay men
>look up lesbian bars
I genuinely felt my heart sink. Why do women not give a shit about their communities? I don't have money to start a business, but I find it hard to believe no women have the funds to start a bar. I'd go all the time if there was one in my area. I can't stand how fucking lonely I am. I hate hearing my female friends talk about males. I hate that they don't give a fuck about my dating life and make no effort to ask about it. I hate seeing straight people every fucking way I look in books and movies and real life it's all anyone ever fucking talks about. I just want lesbians to talk to in real life. I wish I were bisexual, so I could at least choose to be included. People were the most interested they've ever been in my personal life when I was dating a man, and that experience has made me so bitter about other people.

No. 408876

DAE have a primarily scent based repulsion towards men? I'm also not into cock and all the basic lesbian jazz or whatever but the no.1 thing for me is that I cannot stand the male scent even when it's not offensive BO or whatever. Men just at base smell offputting to me in a way that even a smelly woman doesn't. I'd rather kill myself than be intimate and live with a creature that smells the way men do.

No. 408883

That’s why I don’t understand bisexual women who date men. They could be in bed with the sex that smells, looks, acts, and behaves better, but they choose subhuman moids. Makes me sad when I see a beautiful lesbian relationship break up because the bi girl saw a guy she thinks was different. But then I remember that she wasn’t worth it to begin with.

No. 408898

Yeah. Even the stankiest women are still tolerable to me sometimes the stank is even kind of nice if I'm attracted to her. But male BO smells like cheesy sewage and repulses me on a visceral level.

No. 408900

File: 1719292558438.png (33.52 KB, 572x209, pheromonelike.png)

I know about this!! This is just an article by nbcnews summarizing the study, but this was recorded in 2006. Apparently Lesbians and straight males react positively to female scent while reacting neutrally/negatively to male scent. (scent/putative pheromones). Interesting results, because I as a lesbian hate how moids smell lololololl

No. 408903

I wonder if men don't smell like shit to bisexual women? There was this boysmell meme going around recently and it was the most unrelatable thing I had ever seen. IMO syaing you like the stench of men is like saying you have a taste for rotten fish.
You get me exactly. The notion of having sex with a woman straight from the gym, unshowered is attractive to me. Men? They should go into a septic bath.
Cool to know that it's scientifically backed and not just bias in my head!

No. 408917

I’m a bisexual but honestly only through my screen, I get turned off by the smell of men IRL. Even if they smell fine they have this… mansmell

No. 408923

Ty for the disclaimer haha

No. 408926

Men smell disgusting even for bisexual women. Growing up i always wanted to throw up when I smelled the natural smell of men. Male perfume is amazing though but I wish I could smell it on women more frequently. I'm sorry, just wanted to chime in, I won't reply after this. Women are naturally less repulsive than men to me, it's rare when a man smells good without any scent intervention. Sorry, reposting to say I'm bi in case that wasn't clear

No. 408935

>lesbian general
>'as a bi woman…..'

no one asked

No. 408937

I’m the first anon, and I’ll admit it, I spend more time on this thread than the bisexual one, sorry! But on that topic, it sucks to be 95% homosexual in that even though I’m technically bi and obviously can’t call myself a lesbian, I have less relating points with other bisexual women than with lesbian women, since the vast majority are bihets with boyfriends while I’m technically “goldstar”.

No. 408977

She literally said "I wonder if bisexual women do x"

No. 408980

I relate, but I personally find female BO really suffocating and disgusting too. Maybe it's because I shower daily or every other day, but it's a huge turnoff. I had female coworkers who were ok but if they smelled awful I felt physically sick.

No. 408985

Understandable, it might be your nose/hormones or just your habit of cleanliness what causes it

No. 408992

Yes. I'm not really in close proximity to men a lot but sometimes when I have male family members visit I get so bothered by my house smelling different all of a sudden and I just get irrationally angry. I'm really grateful I've never worked in a male dominated workplace because I think I would go insane.

No. 409029

I'll be honest I love Makima befause I love women in suits. Women should wear suits even more, it's so attractive. I also love that demon harem game for that reason (helltaker?)

No. 409076

What’s the oldest socially acceptable age to come out?

No. 409085

What’s consensus on weight? Like, would you date a woman who was too fat, too skinny, and what’s your reference for this metrics? Do you prefer curvy or chubby women, do you prefer slim women, etc? Mostly just curious but also because when it comes to body goals most straight women at least consider what’s attractive men kek, I’m happy with my body but I wouldn’t mind having an idea of any goals I could have (gaining or losing weight or going to the gym). Also random piece of information, I read that on average lesbian women are much fatter and gay men are much slimmer than the average woman and man respectively, anecdotally this seems true too, I wonder why that is
Any? I, and a lot of others, think sexuality is something that takes time to develop an understanding of, especially for women, so being a late-bloomer lesbian is considered acceptable. Maybe after 50 feels late. That being said - I suppose I can’t understand how some women ended up dating men for years before realising. I started dating girls in middle school, but maybe that’s luck.

No. 409090

I don't see why it matters how old you are. Maybe people will see you as an asshole if you're married to a man for twenty years and had kids with him and then come out, but otherwise, I think people should do whatever makes them comfortable. As someone who lost a lot of family when I was forcibly outed I'm not going to judge someone for being closeted even at an older age.
I'm ugly and don't get to be picky with the weight of women I date. I dated a woman who was obese and while it's definitely not my preference and I tried to encourage her to adopt a healthier lifestyle, honestly I find it pretty easy to find attractive qualities in people as long as they somewhat take care of their presentation, dress well, etc. But to be honest my preference is somewhat of a medium size, I'm not that attracted to women who are severely underweight. Someone who isn't fat but with a bit of softness to their body is my ideal.

No. 409091

I honestly dislike how accepted obesity seems to be among gay women because I refuse to date fat people, sorry. In the past, I found curvy women to be quite attractive, even when they were technically overweight, until my ex gf made me realize it just wasn’t worth it. She was so insecure about her own weight, always compared herself to me, and led an unhealthy lifestyle (binge eating junk food, sedentary) but would still shame me for any vices I had. I used to smoke and then quit because she didn’t like it, but it was frustrating knowing I could never criticize her food/sugar addiction like she could criticize my nicotine addiction because her weight was too sensitive an issue. I usually don’t like really skinny women either, as a matter of preference, but I prefer to date women who are physically active and try to eat healthy like me

No. 409096

>If virgin femcel: 30
>If you have had a husband/kids: 60

No. 409110

Whenever. Can't think of an age when it's not a cause for celebration. I'm being 100% serious.
Don't care in either direction as long as she's healthy.

No. 409117

I’ve also had this experience nona, I am attracted to overweight women as often as slim ones but for some reason every single chubby lesbian has a neurosis where she has to compare herself. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I think it’s easier to date someone around the same weight or with the same eating habits as you.

No. 409119

>I refuse to date fat people, sorry.
Same. I’m just not attracted to overweight women. You guys are right though that it seems like 95% of women seeking women are overweight, it’s depressing. My ideal woman is taller than me and on the skinny side, with unconventional facial features. For some reason I love women with unusual faces. The usual “pretty social media influencer” face type with a tiny ski slope nose and big doe eyes does nothing for me.

No. 409145

I prefer chubby women. I guess anywhere from upper end of healthy BMI to overweight BMI, maybe slightly obese BMI depending on how she carries the weight and her activity level.

I'm picky about the type of chubby though lol. I guess I really love women who are stocky, or strongfat. Like I love cooking and baking so I wouldn't be able to date a woman who is neurotic about calorie counting and clean eating but I do think it's important to have a reasonably decent diet and exercise at least a few times a week. It's a turn off if she can't walk up a flight of stairs or is constantly binge eating processed crap, especially if she's a picky eater that will turn down my homemade food for McDonald's. Also a massive turn off if she's super insecure about her body.

No. 409161

Yeah same, I can imagine the sweat after a workout being a nice welcome but I have a classmate with shit hygiene who regularly skips showers and her smell is fucking putrid. I try to avoid sitting to close to her because it can actually be unbearable, I have to breathe using my mouth to not die.
Though there is something I should add to this smell conversation. Women's deodorant is terrible at sticking to hairy armpits, it causes irritation and itchiness since it's designed for shaved armpits, so I started using men's deodorant. Here's the thing, the vast majority of them smell like SHIT, everytime I used them I smelled putrid for the day, luckily I found one that smells good but HOLY SHIT most are disgusting. Men's natural scent always grossed me out but I honestly believe it wouldn't be as bad if deodorants weren't made to smell like beaver musk and mustard gas.

No. 409162

Any age is ok nonnie

I like softness so thin-average girls are my favorite, skinny girls are nice to but I like it when there's something to hold on to. I've never been with a chubby/fat girl and I don't really have a general opinion on them, the difference between good and bad fat distribution is usually what matters most.

No. 409163

I thought most wlw prefered heavier women. Im thin and curvy but any woman that's not a bit chubby does nothing for me. Sure i dont want someone who's unhealthy but visually i prefer chubbier women and most bi/les girls i know don't seek out thin women as much as straight men do

No. 409165

Most women's gel deodorant that I've tried works great with hairy pits. You just need to give it a minute to dry before putting on your shirt.

No. 409169

I’m sorry for being an unabashed degen but the sound of your smelly classmates turns me on

No. 409172

I'm not focused too much on it but she has to be active (exercise 2+ times a week) and not eat like shit. I'm ok with thin to chubby women but I'd stay just friends with anyone fat.

No. 409178

If the internet is any indication, then you can never go wrong with being super thin or super fit if you're capable of that (curvy figures are definitely #1, but you can't work toward that as easily). Judging from women I know in real life, then lots of women are really happy with most body goals you could set or wherever you are now. I'm easy in that I am strongly influenced by personality, but in the absence of a crush or girlfriend, I like wide hips and thick thighs more than anything else and I'm currently super into someone who is straight up fat. I've never had a relationship with someone who wasn't more or less average though. The ideal relationship would be someone I can cook and eat with, but who won't judge me or feel judged when I'm really careful with watching my own weight.

No. 409184

I’m worried about other women not liking me because I’m too thin and lack curves… that seems to be the opposite of the lesbian preference. Sigh. I guess I’ll just mascmaxx and hope it makes up for it.

No. 409186

Nta but as a nonnie who came out at thirty, these responses warmed my heart a little bit. I was never married to a man or anything, just have autism and grew up in a really strict religious environment. Had to move away and unwork a lot of stuff.

No. 409192

ayrt, I feel like thin women get a lot of attention on dating apps and tiktok though!

No. 409204

Please GO AWAY
I can’t explain how annoying it is to deal with this shit in every single lesbian space. Is it bpd? How do you not have self awareness? Jesus Christ, the lack of respect is astounding. Every time.

No. 409208

Samefag. There’s plenty of febfems in the bisexual thread. You’re not special.

No. 409224

I'm super insecure about my weight but my first girlfriend was my "body goals" (thin and toned) and was into me anyway, because I was curvy and in shape despite being chubby. I think as long as you're physically active, take care of yourself, and are confident, a lot of women are flexible with most body types. I tend to prefer chubby or muscular though, but I've been attracted to conventionally thin women too.

No. 409248

I think women with thin, "androgynous" bodies are very sexy. Most butches (enough with "masc" lol) are pretty muscular, but I definitely prefer thin girls. It's more about eating and lifestyle habits than weight in the end. I would never date a girl with an eating disorder, even if she had a body I liked.

No. 409253

I’m glad we have some appeal. My eating habits are regular, I’ve never really noticed a huge difference between me and other people I know. What butch styles do you think work on lanky/androgynous figures?

No. 409262

I like stockier women if anything. I'd be fine with dating a chubbier woman though. I rarely into thin women. But I also prefer butches.

No. 409265

Ayrt. Almost every time I mention my type, someone on here compares me to a straight moid just for preferring lean women. I’m sorry but I just don’t buy that to be a morally upstanding “wlw” you have to prefer overweight women? I’m more into nice bone structure, lean muscle, and subtle elegant curves than voluptuousness. Not to sound like a serial killer or something but if there’s too much fatty tissue you can’t see the underlying structure and everything is just doughy and boring. I love being able to see nice hip bones, arm musculature, angle of the femurs (if your thighs are too fat you can’t see the nice way women’s legs angle down from the pelvis) etc. The only part I’ll agree with you on is I wouldn’t want a woman to be so thin she doesn’t have the sexy pouch of lower belly fat.

No. 409272

>I’m sorry but I just don’t buy that to be a morally upstanding “wlw” you have to prefer overweight women?
NTA. I can personally find women who are slim to curvy (but still healthy) attractive, and of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder (I know chubby chasers exist), but I think female socialization has psyop-ed gay women and straight women alike into sacrificing physical attraction and sexual satisfaction by dating uggos for the sake of valuing ~personality~ and body positivity. I’m not saying we should be as shallow and superficial as gay moids, but why must women specifically pretend morbid obesity is an acceptable trait in a partner? I know this probably sounds pretty harsh, but it’s rare for me to meet another lesbian irl who isn’t obese
>I read that on average lesbian women are much fatter and gay men are much slimmer than the average woman and man respectively, anecdotally this seems true too, I wonder why that is
I honestly think it’s because women will overlook obesity but moids will not

No. 409274

> (if your thighs are too fat you can’t see the nice way women’s legs angle down from the pelvis) etc. The only part I’ll agree with you on is I wouldn’t want a woman to be so thin she doesn’t have the sexy pouch of lower belly fat.

You’re a Bertha

No. 409275

Nta but what’s a Bertha? I love thighs of all sizes physically but realistically since I’m a tribber thinner thighs make that a little easier.

No. 409277

Nahh it was weird the way you said it. You’re a Bertha.

No. 409279

I don’t know what this means but I’m assuming it’s bait.
>Baiting mission status: FAILED.
>Mission notes: Fish doesn’t recognize the bait

No. 409280

I assume nonna is fat and her feelings got hurt

No. 409283

I’m assuming the original poster is a moid and you’re an anachan. Please go back to the eating disorders general thread.(scrotefoiling)

No. 409286

Not an anachan. I’m just not attracted to obese women. That is all

No. 409287


Ok, good for you. Glad we got that out of the way. I think it was weird how specific that part was. “Not too fat that her thighs angle weird but not too skinny that she doesn’t have a pouch”. I guess lesbians aren’t immune to the build a bear mentality men have when speaking about their types. Interesting how you only fixated on the fat part too

No. 409290

AYRT, but I’m not the anon who said that. However, the discussion was clearly about what body types anons find attractive. I understand weight is a sensitive subject, but not everyone is going to find all body types attractive. No need to get triggered because anon doesn’t share your taste or words things ~wrong~

No. 409293

They admitted to sounding like a moid but I’m the bad guy for confirming it? Why do you even care that I called them a moid?

No. 409295

>reeeeeeee you’re moidlike for not being attracted to fatties

No. 409296

>it’s rare for me to meet another lesbian irl who isn’t obese
Where are you located, vaguely? I'm on the west coast and that's not the case where I am

No. 409298

Hope you're doing well, nonny.

No. 409300

Anachan. Why are you so angry about this. I’m not attracted to fat women either. Does that make you feel safe now? Plenty of women here have aid their type was skinny so why are you creating a narrative that I’m bullying the anon for not liking fatties. It’s just very reminiscent of skellyfags

No. 409302

Nta what are you even talking about. Are we witnessing some sort of episode? at least try to act normal

No. 409303

You deleted and reposted to change your wording, but I was responding to your original post where you called anons “moidlike” for simply stating their preferences.
Are you just throwing around empty insults because I said something you didn’t like?
East coast

No. 409304

I deleted the post because I thought you were the original poster. You have been accusing me of taking out my insecurities just because I made a little comment. What is this really about if not your eating disorder?

No. 409305

East coast rots the body; West coast rots the mind, Midwest rots the soul. Pick your poison

No. 409306

Samefag. I genuinely don’t care about your lack of attraction to fat woman. Take some deep breaths. I make a joke and I get you throwing your baggage at me.

No. 409307

NTA but this is very clearly about you calling people moidlike for regular ass preferences, which the other anon already told you. Go have a cup of warm milk and lay down.

No. 409308

You sound like you should be on LSA. Maybe that’s where the aggressiveness is coming from.(racebait)

No. 409309

Kekkk you’ve called me moidlike and anachan during your melty because I disagreed with you about another anon’s post. What insults have I thrown at you? Please stop projecting. I’m done replying to you, schizo

No. 409311


Go put your head in a toilet

No. 409315

Non-sequiturs are your only strategy
>LSA user!
I don’t think you realize how how retarded this makes you seem

No. 409370

File: 1719400038497.jpg (771.42 KB, 1200x1718, collage.jpg)

ayrt, I found these in a compilation, and I think they're all hot or cute. If you look like this please come here

No. 409394

I don't like skelly or obese. Anything else is fine.

No. 409409

Nonnie no… she doesn't brush her teeth either but is still the type that wears a full face of makeup to class everyday, one day she went in with CLOWN makeup after she got really into digital circus
Sorry for ranting, I fucking hate her, even tried to make some passes at me

No. 409411

'look' or 'dress' bc i can be your masc bass pro shop clothing model but i cannot change my race kek

No. 409417

My ethnicity rarely gets BO, so I know it's not a deodorant thing, it's something to do with the innate smell.

No. 409486

I preface this by saying I recognise how retarded this is. But here goes. My lack of understanding for straight and bi women’s attraction to men distresses me. This isn’t the case when she’s a kinsey 4-5, but most bi women are like a kinsey 2 anyway. It’s not my own preferences that bother me, it’s theirs, especially when they express attraction to men who are objectively revolting. It used to just mildly miff me (I just thought they needed more self respect) but after falling for a bi Aiden it started to sicken me, these are the creatures you love so much, you get off to, you’d choose over me. She made a stupid post about “why are old men so hot” KEK it blackpilled me and I feel doomed. I love myself and I have it good, I’m an attractive masc woman who seems to attract women well, I have literally no reason to resent my circumstances but I can’t help but feel so isolated and secondary. I don’t even know any real lesbians anyway, all of them have “exceptions” too. Also don’t come for me for it being an Aiden because it’d be the same if it was any woman too, it’s just worse because not only does she like men, she likes them so much she wants to BE one. I feel like this is a whole other pill for me, except even blackpilled women don’t get it since they’re het or polilez too kek. Sorry for the rant I just didn’t feel like it really belonged in /ot/.

No. 409561

You are prone to jealousy. Don’t make it political. You just need to work towards having more security in yourself. You aren’t in competition with men. You are unique and people love you for you. They don’t think about what you’re not, they think about who you are. Remind yourself of that until it sticks.

No. 409640

It makes me sick to my stomach to see these mini-influencers mentioning being lesbian during their teens then a few years later talking about dating men. And its always to tell horror stories… like do you want us to pity u ? What did u except from being a lame whore on tinder ?

I don't know why it annoys me so much, I don't even know them.

No. 409693

this girl is actually a minor weeb cow from the 2010s who is irrelevant but her posts are making me want to alog
>girl is dating a frumpy, 6"4 drag queen man
>he is decidedly male
>apparently he decides he loves his aliexpress porny breastplate too much and decides to troon out
>this girl now posts everywhere that shes a lesbian, was a closeted lesbian for years, dated 10+ men because she was "confused"
>posts new lesbian flag 100 times, makes it her background, buys random junk with lesbian flag on it
>posting for any reason how much she loves her "girlfriend" and that she's "so lesbian"
Nonnas, please help me. Where do i find lesbian friends who actually date women? I keep finding handmaidens dating men or girls whos girlfriends became aidens

No. 409695

No offense but some of you think about OSA women more than average. Most of my friends are unfortunately OSA and I don't agonize over how I don't understand why they're attracted to scrotes. It's gross but it's not my problem.

No. 409739

Do you guys really wear flannels or is that out of fashion kek

No. 409805

nonas i turn to you in my darkest moments for advice or understanding. last night i found out something very upsetting about my girlfriend and her close friend that felt like a great betrayal, that then wasn't even considered or taken seriously. this led me to actually fully internalise the fact that society doesn't take lesbian relationships seriously at all, and this includes other queer women, even lesbians. of course i know society doesn't respect relationships that don't include a man, but despite knowing this i thought at least there was a bubble of safety away from that among women who are some flavour of gay. my own naivety astounds me. now i really see that even other lesbian and bi women have this internalised view, in fact even your own partner can. it is so painful, devastating, it feels like i lost some sense of safety and the reality of actually living in this hetero-patriarchy is now crushing me and making me want to rope (or more accurately give up on a serious relationship with another woman, at least in my 20s). i put other women on a pedestal and thought it only male friends who i couldn't trust to respect my relationship and to be wary of. i don't know what to do anymore, i'm kind of having a crisis of faith so to speak.

No. 409816

What was the thing you found out? Nobody can give you advice if you don't say what actually happened.

No. 409825

Society dismisses all of women's issues and problems as 'pointless drama' so ofc lesbian relationship issues arent taken seriously by society

No. 409827

I'm assuming you found out they did something you consider either cheating or intimate enough pre-relationship to be worthy of disclosure, but neither of them perceived it as a big deal? You're being vague so it's hard to tell, but if it something along those lines, I will say it is frustrating how even some lesbians seem to believe the comparatively greater intimacy in female friendships means there don't need to be clear, well established boundaries.

No. 409832

yes this is basically it, sorry for being vague. my partner's friend from school randomly reconnected with her, but my partner mislead me to believe this friend was fully straight, and also didn't disclose that they had acknowledged they had feelings for eachother and decided to stay friends all that time ago. this new information completely recontextualised the friends behaviour as suspicious (friendly maybe repressed gay girl crossing boundaries she doesn't realise, was my generous interpretation) to full blown emotional cheating. everything makes sense now, like how the two brief times we met she was rude and hostile to me with barely any plausible deniability. it really is frustrating..

No. 409833

samefag but i don't know what to do and would love some advice. as a sensitive autist who acknowledges everyone has their own line in the sand when it comes to emotional cheating, i'm not sure what constitutes being worthy of re-evaluating the relationship. we've been together many years and i love her so much, but when she crosses boundaries with friends like this it devastates me. i don't like issuing ultimatums or demanding actions from my partner, but the idea of cutting my losses feels a little impossible as i am in love with her.

No. 409838

No, i just wear graphic tees.

No. 409865

Flannel went out of fashion in 2010, at the very latest. I haven't seen anyone, lesbian or otherwise, wearing flannel in public outside of Christmastime.

No. 409886

I think it would be easier if you gave an example, but if you are feeling this devastated you need to at least have a serious, sit down conversation with her, DON'T include the friend. You shouldn't be accusatory, but be straightfoward and rational, try not to get too angry or upset while you're explaining. I'm also a lesbian with a lot of straight/bi female friends and I have a kind of jealousy prone girlfriend so i get it. If she loves you, she will calmly and carefully listen to you, don't accept any gaslighting or outbursts
Good luck nonnie

No. 409917

No. The only people still fixated on the idea that they can show their sexuality through flannel are bihet millenial women.

No. 409922

The only "lesbian stereotypes" I fit were completely by accident. I didn't even know things like wearing flannel or having a carabiner on my belt were "stereotypical" until someone pointed it out to me. I see more girls trying to "flag" themselves by acting out this way than lesbians authentically just being like this.

No. 409943

How do I build on a friendship I have with a coworker? I'd say right now we're casual work friends, not super close or anything but there's just something about her and I want to get to know her more, whether as friends or more. Not even sure if she's straight or bi, is there any way to find out without coming off like I'm actively flirting? It's weird cause I wouldn't even normally consider her my exact type but she just fascinates me for lack of better word.

No. 410023

Just ask if she wants to hang out outside of work sometime for coffee or lunch or something. Those things don’t come off as inherently romantic, and in my experience trying this method, it ended up working and being a good way to even just get closer to my coworkers as friends.

No. 410163

I’m sorry but it’s inevitable when the majority of women are straight or bi so obviously I’m going to have a crush on OSA women and maybe think about it too much. I wish I could just dismiss it but it’s not that easy. I recognise I’m overly neurotic about things like this but it makes me feel inadequate. I also have quiet BPD and that probably makes this more dramatic for me

No. 410212

I went on an amazing date with a girl last night, but she says she's not ready for romance because she's still hurt by her last breakup and wants to figure out what she wants to do with her life before adding someone to it. I'm grateful she's communicative and emotionally intelligent, none of this is an issue, however, I genuinely like her and would like to pursue a relationship with her eventually. If we keep going out and doing things together, do you think I could expect her to eventually want to date me once the trauma from her last relationship heals? Am I getting a head start on being a romantic option? Or should I give up? I'm ok with taking things slow, but am I delusional for thinking she might eventually like me? She's exactly my type and I feel safe and have fun around her, and I think I can give her the same things. I'm ok with being just friends, I won't make moves on her and especially won't have sex for a little while.

No. 410223

honestly anytime something that lesbians do alot becomes well known, lesbians probably dont do it anymore. The only people who will try to do it after it becomes wellknown are bihets trying to look "dykey", somehow you can always tell they're a larper though lol

No. 410310

Okay, I am writing from her side, because I just went through this exact thing but opposite lol. I thought I was ready to date again, but after trying I realized that wasn’t the case. Anyway, I don’t think you should necessarily give up, maybe give her more space than before, but still make offers to hang out platonically sometimes. In my situation, I really have needed more time to become emotionally available, but I did genuinely like her and still wanted to spend time together as friends to get to know her better. Will we try again eventually? Maybe. She said she’s open to it, but I also won’t be offended if she moves on. I think, nonna, just don’t be too pushy with this girl. Let her have space when she needs it but still invite her to do things if you want. If she’s consistently declining to join you, maybe consider actually moving on and trying other people. But if she does feel responsive and everything, enjoy the friendship and see where it might go. Don’t get your hopes up WAY too much, but just try and keep all your thoughts and feelings realistic for how things go and how she responds. It helps that the girl I was seeing was incredibly open and understanding and didn’t try to push me in any way.

No. 410336

>The only people who will try to do it after it becomes wellknown are bihets trying to look "dykey"
Also, you know, people who just dress how they want regardless of trends. Flannels are comfy, I'm not throwing mine out and getting a new wardrobe just because TikTok zoomers like flannel too.

No. 410373

well obviously LOL but you can tell when bihets want to "look" lesbian

No. 410470

Just a question that might be obvious but I'm retarded so gotta ask anyway: are bihets the same as regular bi women with no preference or ones who prefer women? Or are they something different entirely?

No. 410474

It means a bisexual woman dating a moid

No. 410509

No it means bisexual women who only date men but cling onto their bisexuality for women points

No. 410553

I need your advice, anons. I think my sexuality is broken and I want to fix it. For clarity, I'm a lesbian in a longterm relationship with another woman. I'm a goldstar who's only dated and slept with other women, and I'm not questioning bisexual or asexual, but the problem is that I'm not really attracted to women in the face and it's starting to bother me.
I'm easily turned on by women's bodies, their vulvas, breasts, hips, etc., I feel ravenously lustful for women, but I feel like for the most part I only experience sexual attraction, never romantic attraction. I don't feel butterflies, I don't get hot in the face when I see a woman no matter how gorgeous or cool she is. I can acknowledge I like the way a woman looks but that's about it. I don't think I've ever looked at a woman and thought she was cute and wanted to pursue her, and I've never really had a "type". I only really feel attracted to women based on their personalities, and looks play almost no part in it. I attribute this to a lot of internalized homophobia, constantly worrying that if I'm attracted to a woman who is most likely straight then I'm being a pervert who's disrespecting her sexuality and objectifying her, but I don't know what to do with that. I'm somewhat cold and distant to almost every woman I come across because I feel like if I'm revealed as a gay woman, middle school and highschool will happen all over again and women will be disgusted by me and think that I'll act like a moid who's going to hit on them. And that's not a problem in and of itself I guess, wanting to protect myself, but like I said I literally don't find (clothed) women attractive at all, kek. They're all defaultly beautiful and interesting to look at, but if I don't know they're also gay, I feel nothing. This has reached a deep subconscious level, because I can't get over it even while putting real effort into being normal and trying to allow myself to feel attraction, even to the hypothetical most stunningly hot gay woman in my head. Normally I wouldn't care about being this way because it's my burden to bear, but my gf was understandably upset when I expressed in passing convo that it's basically impossible to make me swoon or feel butterflies, because she feels I'm exactly her type and she acts that way around me and wants me to feel that way for her. The only exception to this rule has been fictional characters for me, where I was genuinely a blushing stuttering tard for my waifus, but I think it's their flexibility and the fact that they aren't real that makes it "safe" to feel attraction to them, if that makes any sense. I do think another part of my lack of attraction to women is that I dated and fucked exclusively bisexuals in the past, and they always made me the Man in the relationship and now I think I see myself that way too. I've grown so accustomed to being the uncaring giving/dominant female boyfriend they wanted that I don't know how to just be a lesbian woman. My current longterm gf is a femme lesbian, and she treats me like a woman and even acts a little masc herself too at times, but because of her largely princessly nature and obsession with pink and cute things, I can't help but feel like I'm still playing that role. It has nothing to do with how she is in bed, our sex is fantastic, but sex has never been the problem. I love her a lot and want to feel more physically romantic towards her, I want to look at her (and other women) clothed and feel something. It feels so fucking bad to say it like this, I feel like scum because I love her to death and think she's super cute, I just couldn't necessarily say I'm attracted. And the worst part is that I couldn't think of anything she or anyone could do to make me feel that attraction.
Sorry for typing a bunch, I'd really appreciate any advice. Also obligatory "I have autism" mention, since that likely plays a role in my insane behavior too.

No. 410555

for people like you, what does 'attracted' even mean? you think she's cute, her body turns you on, the sex is good, but you don't physically experience arousal just from admiring her lips and nose and eyes and eyebrows? I suspect you're totally normal and you've just overanalyzed how arousal works for you and said something stupid to her about it.

No. 410578

Well, nonnie, that would probably be the autism. I think maybe you’re trapped in a loop of overthinking it.

No. 410611

Chill out

No. 410616

I wish you were a man anon

No. 410618

No. 410664

No. 410707

yeah Iife isn’t like the media you consume, you sound attracted to her you just aren’t head over heels

No. 410730

File: 1719789254359.jpg (21.24 KB, 474x140, Screenshot.jpg)

What do ya'll think of bi women like these? (posted in the Confessions thread)

No. 410735

So messy of you to try to start a fight like this kek but I think it honestly reads like innocently having mild horny thoughts about other people, and I don't think seeing a guy on the street and quietly thinking he's hot (not cheating, not feeling tortured over not getting to sleep with him, just 'getting thirsty') is a big deal in an ltr.

No. 410736

>bi women like these
what do you mean "like these"? if she's bi, she is attracted to men too. There's no species of bi woman who is not attracted to men. I assume you'd have to be okay with that going in.

No. 410744

Peak bislut behavior. Not like she can do anything about since it's natural. It's why I don't date bisexuals.

No. 410746

And to add to this it's dumb to think that your preference for women is stronger when you're mostly attracted to men at your horniest. Sounds like she's deluding herself into thinking she likes women more than men sexually. Literally a ticking time bomb until she fucks a scrote in a horny moment cheating on her gf.

No. 410753

I think more highly of them than you

No. 410755

I want to update my wardrobe soon to have more revealing/sensual clothes now that I feel more confidant and grounded in my body after getting over most of my dysphoria, but I'm weary of the thought that moids will take the chance to gawk/leer/harass me. My current style is old t-shirts and jeans pretty much and very shapeless. I just want to flaunt my figure a little for other women to appreciate. I wish moids didn't exist.

No. 410772

I've dated women before that have told me that sometimes they fantasize about women that look extremely different than me- curvy or a different race or whatever. Maybe it's not exactly the same situation but I feel like most people to some degree end up fantasizing about things other than your partner and the best you can do is not say it out loud.

No. 410778

I don't have a problem with "bi women like these". The truly annoying ones are ones are the ones who only date men but go on about being kweer, although tbh I think some of them are really straight.

No. 410785

You would think this is the "talk about bisexual women" thread…

No. 410793

Sometimes the tension feels so thick you could cut it with a pair of scissors. We need to hate fuck already.

No. 410824

Do lesbians really "flaunt their figure" to each other? In my experience most SSA women don't really show off their body (sans gymrats and their gains) and focus on the style and coordination of their outfit instead. Personally I usually read women wearing revealing clothes as straight since I assume they're conforming to heterosexual standards and trying to elicit male attention but maybe it's just me.

No. 410827

I don’t think so. I knew a masc TiF lesbian that used to occasionally wear a blazer done up with nothing underneath though, feels like the closest equivalent you can get to a straight women going out in a miniskirt, except it’s showing skin for female attention kek. I think most people assume that most women in revealing clothes are straight yeah, you’d have something that makes you “look less straight”, which is fallible.

No. 410829

Yeah I think crop tops or open side tops are the most revealing I've seen lesbians wear but I usually assume women wearing something like a miniskirt and a top that reveals cleavage are just trying to attract men. I'm not saying lesbians shouldn't flaunt their figure or show it off or anything and I bet it would be more than appropriate at a lesbian bar for example, I was just wondering why it sounded a bit off to me as I personally hide under layers of clothes to minimize male attention.

No. 410836

Things like lolita fashion seem way more lesbian oriented than crop tops and short shorts. Revealing clothes attract a lot of male attention, whereas covering up with nice clothes gets compliments from women.
Also, does everyone have a favorite lesbian media? Like a book or TV show? I'm looking for recommendations.

No. 410877

Lesbians are the most unfashionable people on the planet I think you should be fine. Cut your hair short and get a septum ring and tattoos if you want women to hit on you. Wear cool band tees. I don't think plain jeans will turn off anyone.

No. 410893

Don't get that cringe septum ring all the spicy heteros are wearing.

No. 410906

That's been my experience too, but I still want to show off for other women. Was hoping there were more worldly lesbians than me on here who might know anything about it.
I'll look into experimenting with (layered) silhouettes than just skin then. Thanks!
Septum ring??? Tattoos??? Sorry man I'm not taking advice from you

No. 410908

Nonas I need help. You've always been good to me when I come here for advice, maybe you have some words of wisdom.
Have any of you dealt with a dead bedroom in a ltr?
I knew it was a known thing for both gay and het relationships but I didn't take it seriously because we're both young and why should that happen to us? Only it did happen and I don't understand why. It started pretty early too, maybe it's my fault for not doing something sooner but we really are in love and we got married anyway. It's the only part of my relationship that I'm unhappy with. We have sex maybe 2-4x a month max but this year it's been particularly bad, more like once a month and there were two months this year where we haven't had sex at all. I'm not tallying it up to rub it in her face btw, I just have one of those apps where you track your moods and activities.
It's so depressing, anons. We've talked about it before. It made me doubt her attraction to me several times in the past but the way she acts when we do have sex makes me think she just has an incredibly low libido. Some other factors would be a high stress job (we both work but half the time I work from home and neither of us work during the summer), plus she gets migraines that sometimes derail things but honestly we don't make plans to have sex often enough for me to consider it a point of data.
Idk what to do. It seems like this will just be my life but I don't want it to be. I'm fit, clean, reasonably attractive, in my early 20s, my performance always gets great reviews. It just feels like it shouldn't be this way. Asking for sex and getting rejected all the time makes me feel like a loser and there are times I just stop trying. Those are probably the months where we didn't have sex. And so many times we'll have sex, we'll both go on and on all next day about how great it was, I'll say we should do it again soon, she says something like "yes let's do it tonight/tomorrow!" and then it just… doesn't happen. Even with foreplay, even with flirting. Sometimes she'll make out with me really passionately and then pull back, smile, and give one small kiss to indicate that it's over and we're not doing anything else. I just don't know how to feel. I'll probably regret posting this but I don't really have anyone else to talk to about this with.

No. 410913

Weirdly enough, all the adult lesbians where I live dress like either librarians, or butch. The only lesbians with really bad fashion taste are either teens or very young adults (18-23)

No. 410917

I don't personally have any piercings or tattoos but my friends who do get way more attention from women. I meet most lesbians through the local music and art scene where I am though.

No. 410923

File: 1719852200724.jpg (49.81 KB, 736x1030, cc681d60328f1db3010fd80741b99b…)

I've actually experienced the same thing as you, but despite overcoming my gender dysphoria I'm still butch and I don't really like wearing femme clothes so my fashion style reflects that. When I'm going out and I was to flirt with other women I wear slim and nicely fitted suits with an open shirt to show a lot of neck and chest, not necessarily boob, I put most of my attention on my face and hair and that works well, I tend to have a lot of girls approach me.

Picrel is an example of something I might wear

No. 410930

Well christ if you’re wearing picrel I can see why, I got wet just looking at the outfit alone

No. 410931

if i were her gf i'll kms

No. 410932

If she won't tell you/doesn't know there is nothing much you can do. Yeah it might be she has low libido due to depression or some shit, or she just lost attraction to you. She needs to find out what it is and communicate. Unless it's something about her mood or health I don't think you will be able to fix this though.

No. 410933

no offense man but I can't imagine anything on earth less accurate than this for anyone outside of MAYBE the demographic of this particular imageboard. people were mad at the anon that said septum rings but that's definitely closer to the truth than lolita fashion
if you go to clubs or gay bars or pride events, you will 100% see normie lesbians wearing skimpy clothing to look attractive for other women in clothing that ranges from stereotypical gay stuff that people here would probably find cringe (septum rings and tattoos, men's white t shirts, butch looks) to the sort of stuff men like too (crop tops and cleavage and short skirts). I think the truth is that you can wear whatever makes you feel like you look sexy, but the only reliable ways to look sexy for women and not men are to wear this stuff only at gay events and to go butch.

No. 410934

>if you go to clubs or gay bars or pride events, you will 100% see normie lesbians wearing skimpy clothing to look attractive for other women
and it 100% works, I find it super hot, the other day at my local gay club I fooled around with a girl who was wearing a super mini skirt that would ride up exposing her thong, it was fun playing with her ass while we danced and made out.
If you wear that type of skimpy clothes outside then of course men will approach you, but if you're going to some sort of gay club or lesbian party then it's THE moment to go all out and dress as a complete slut, just take a coat so you don't get harassed on the way home.

No. 410945


God now I want to dress skimpy for other women, but my town only has lgbtbbq bar and not one just for women. Also I usually dress more masculine because it is easy with my body type so Idk what I would wear that could work.

No. 410952

>having a lesbian club in her area
>try not to seethe challenge level impossible

No. 410993

God I wish I had the confidence to wear something like this. I dress kind of corporate but not in a hot way.

No. 410998

hate to be cruel, but if your sexual needs weren't being met early on you shouldn't have married her. think about it: if your sex life starts out below average with someone, the likelihood of it improving is next to none. i ended a 6 year relationship with my ex for this very reason. i loved her (still do) but i have a high libido, am willing to fuck almost anywhere, and she couldn't keep up. it got to the point where she literally began scheduling sex with me, which is a complete mood killer and it hit me that this would be it for the rest of our lives if we got married.
it's up to you if you wanna leave your wife, but if sexual satisfaction is important to you, consider it.

No. 411018

I don't, it was a general ~kweer~ bar that had a lesbian night. Straight people go sometimes but it's still a pretty safe space and most people are gay, sometimes you gotta suck it up and take what you have.

No. 411052

You sound so hot………

No. 411054

I'm going to be passing through London for a few days and I was wondering which lesbian bars are worth going to? I'm USAmerican btw.

No. 411069

I don't go to gay bars (my area only has one for gay men) but how are they in general? I've heard people online complain about bihets and straight girls bringing their boyfriends there and making everyone uncomfortable and that alone makes me believe I haven't missed much.

No. 411105

When will you be there? Most lesbian stuff in London is monthly/twice-monthly events at different venues rather than permanent fixtures.

No. 411109

you should go and check yourself.

honestly lot of people miss out meeting new people and fun stuff because they just listen to people online and already have negative attitude towards gay bars, parties and so on. yes you might run into annoying bihets and straights there and troons, but you could also run into cool people. if actual gay people stop going then obviously the spicy hets are going to take over.

No. 411171

Random question: do you prefer clitoral stimulation or penetrative stimulation during sex? And on yourself or your partner? I’m a virgin and wondering what it’s like for most women.

No. 411176

Clit, personally. Penetration does nothing for me, nor do I fantasize about it. However, most women I've slept with like some kind of penetration, dildos or fingers.
You should always ask your partner what she likes.

No. 411181

Honestly maybe I’m weird but I’m really into penetration both for myself and on my partner and it would probably be a dealbreaker if I was seeing someone who didn’t like it at all. I feel a little self conscious about it though since this seems to be an uncommon preference. But I legit think it’s just how my body is wired.

No. 411185

I have vaginismus so penetration is really difficult and painful for me, I like any sort of external stimulation tho
Most girls I've been with like both but end up cumming when I use the clit

No. 411186

File: 1719952380753.webp (Spoiler Image,31.32 KB, 720x1280, Lovense-Lapis-Video.webp)

has anyone ever tried using picrel? I've seen pictures of girls wearing them and they look extremely hot, I also love the idea of receiving pleasure myself every time I penetrate a girl

No. 411187

Definitely clitoral. Not that I don't enjoy penetration at all but larger toys are uncomfortable for me.

No. 411189

I like both, and I'm down to do or have done to me whatever my partner likes. I'm pretty sexually versatile, as long as it feels good for us both.

No. 411196

I prefer receiving penetration, I can orgasm from clitoral alone but the ones I get from penetration are mindblowing.

I would be interested in hearing about experiences with these too, I always imagine they'd slip out all the time or would feel uncomfortable but they would be really convenient if they really work.

No. 411198

Clit stim. Most mainstream toys I've bought were way too big for me and hurt to insert. Penetration with one or two fingers is nice but I find that I get wet within a minute, so suddenly my walls are all slimy and lubricated and there isnt that much sensation anymore. The good feeling only lasts like 30 seconds until I start producing discharge and it just feels kinda numb. Clit stim will always be my go-to. Many times I've actually thought about how pointless it is to have a vagina hole since I dont intend on losing my virginity or having babies. All it gives me is discharge and periods. Doesnt even feel as good as the clit. Pretty pointless hole to have imo.

No. 411205

Weekend of the 26th

No. 411222

Sad, you'll be here when the local butch night is having its trans event. La Camionera is a recently opened new bar/cafe/whatever the fuck that looks cool, though they're reservation only on nights at the minute so see if you can book and go have a fun time. SHE Bar is cramped and tiny but generally a fun night.

Gal Pals and Dykes on Mics have nothing for that weekend, and the pop-up lesbian bar is the day before you arrive. It's a shame, I think because Pride was this past weekend everyone's taking it relatively easy in July.

No. 411224

>Pretty pointless hole to have
lol speak for yourself nona, it's funny but I literally sometimes sit around thinking the exact opposite, about how much i pity moids who will never feel how insane back-to-back-to-back-to-back vaginal orgasms are…

No. 411226

I like both. Clit orgasms are good, and penetration alone doesn't do anything to me, but both at the same time is godly.

No. 411240

No. 411241

>Pretty pointless hole to have
I love my vagina, and I love being penetrated by my girlfriend.

No. 411242

i love getting my pussy fingered

No. 411245

Both. Only clit is fine but penetration+clit gives me a better orgasm.

No. 411264

I thought I was the only one that experienced this nona kek. Doesn’t help that the fingers were hard to insert in the first place for me so the fact if just ends up feeling like nothing sucks. I’ve found a technique to stimulate the pleasure spots along the wall recently but it still feels like I’m still not getting whatever incredible feeling penetration must give some people unfortunately, I’d find it hot if my girlfriend liked seeing me penetrated though and would probably do it if she was (but it’s physically impossible for me to insert toys like a strap/dildo in)

No. 411454

I feel like dykes love penetration too

No. 411587

I find enlarged clits so fucking hot, I wanna suck on one and play with it with my mouth. Sadly most women who have one are TIFs but it's my dream to find a girl who naturally has a big clit and use it all I want, supposedly they're super sensitive which makes it much hotter to me(porn is not allowed on /g/)

No. 411597

It would be such a cute pussy if she hadn't taken testosterone

No. 411601

I have a naturally large one (never taken testosterone), and it is actually less sensitive than average, too much skin so it's really hard to cum. But feels nice to know there are women who like it, because this has been an insecurity of mine for the longest time.

No. 411612

This is probably tmi but I wish I had one. I have no desire to troon out or anything, I just want a bigger clit. I wish there was a way to get one without going on testosterone.

No. 411633

FUCK I MISSED IT I’M SO MAD. Did anyone save it
Me too. Mine is really really tiny. If I wasn’t already barely holding off pattern baldness I would legit try the microdosing technique to grow it.

No. 411634

I hope so. Dykey looking butch women are the cutest on bottom.
>too early to explore space
>too late to to see fat engorged yummy clit getting suckef
why live

No. 411638

You all should be happy with the clit you have, don't even think of ruining it with t. It sucks so much to have a large one, sure it's fun for a partner to suck on and play with, maybe. But I only had one orgasm from oral, it was extremely hard to get. I have to press hard with a vibrator to feel good even if I don't masturbate for a whole month, and then it hurts because I pressed too hard. It sucks so much, it feels like I'm broken. Idk if other women with it have it better, but I'd give anything to have a smaller clit that doesn't require me to press with all my force to get through.

No. 411648

I don't think clit size matters in that case. I have a small clit and I also can't orgasm easily from oral. Pressure and/or vibrator is the only way for me to get off. I also need a longer recovery time from orgasm because my clit gets extremely sensitive afterwards.

No. 411672

Big labias >>>

No. 411673

Top femmes and bottom butches, best dynamics

No. 411721

There’s this “ugly butch” trend on twitter, where people post their hot selfies in quotes to the post that says that butches are ugly. And it’s all good but I noticed some girls with legit mustaches and even one with chopped-off tits. I understand that they are women, and they even identify as lesbians - but fuck, if I was attracted to drug dealer mustache, I’d date a scrote. Why do they do this? Is this a part of gendie bullshit or are there lesbians who are legit attracted to this? What do you think, nonnies?

No. 411729

I got nosy and looked up the trend. Honestly aside from one qrt where the person genuinely looks like a moid (full mustache + didnt see masectomy scars, idk my eyes are bad) I saw some women with slight peach fuzz on their upper lip and thought they're cute

No. 411730

File: 1720148205653.jpeg (301.13 KB, 1536x2048, 0D20796E-4CD2-4D87-BBA7-04D9E8…)

There were only two or three of them tbh. But it’s still shocking to me that the person on that looks like this photo calls herself butch. This is a sfw pic but there were others she posted where we can see that her tits are long gone.

No. 411738


No. 411748

Some women have facial hair, doesn't even have to be a T side effect some women are just naturally hairy as shit or have PCOS or something. As for the mastectomies they could be detrans or something. Even if they're not detrans and still have pronouns, butch women with pronouns are still butch women. They're just dumb butch women. It's cool if you're not attracted to it but the real "gendie bullshit" is acting like there's a line where women become too masculine or too stupid to be real lesbians.
>are there lesbians who are legit attracted to this?
I'm not really into beards because female beards usually look like neck pubes but I appreciate a little stache. I think JD Samson is hot. Kinda wish more women would go for it because imo it's cool.

No. 411749

literal fuckboi aesthetics

No. 411762

omg whaaat, my twitter must be tweaking because I didn't see her pics at all.
Yeah she mimics male secondary sex characteristics enough to the point where I personally wouldn't be attracted to her. Maybe she'll find another ftm gendie to be happy with.

For your original question, I think a few ftm gendies separate 'lesbian' from 'woman' entirely and have a mindset that 'lesbian' means not-woman, in the sense that so much of artificial womanhood is tied up in heterosexuality and male-caping that alienates them and their same-sex attraction. I guess IDing as a lesbian man could be from dysphoria and 'labels don't mean anything which subconsciously means if I speak enough nonsense, I can say the truth that I'm a lesbian'. Who knows how gendies'minds work, especially when they have enough ideological schisms to rival Christianity?

No. 411770

This is the pinnacle of butch culture, what else would you expect from male larpers?(bait)

No. 411793

File: 1720187412536.jpg (36.88 KB, 500x374, audience-throwing-vegetables-a…)


No. 411799

I did and I was on the receiving end. The "base" was different from this one, it was pretty large, way thicker than the strap end, so we assumed it wouldn't slip out too much (it did). It was kind of weird because I had never been penetrated like that and my gf had never strapped anyone, so we had a hard time figuring out positions in which it would keep in place. We broke up before using it again but I'd like to have one and try it again.

No. 411816

File: 1720196391315.jpeg (101.06 KB, 735x738, IMG_5769.jpeg)

Does anyone else hate the question “how did you know you were a lesbian” because your answer isn’t some sappy or cute speech about always knowing or having a young crush? I found out I was a lesbian through watching some Rapunzel x Mavis ship video when I was 9 years old. That’s embarrassing to admit.

No. 411823

You can be a butch without trying to directly imitate the ugliness and griminess of an actual scrote.

No. 411824

I was asked this by a couple friends recently, and they expected something cute because I'm a hopeless romantic, but I told them the confirmation fell onto me the first time I ate pussy kek

No. 411827

I knew because I remember masturbating to a Britney Spears music video when I was young. Wish I had a cute response

No. 411856

me with several other female pop star videos

No. 411905

you guys always seem so insufferable. and i think a lot of you would hate me if you knew me or whatever but honestly i think it’s unironically very attractive actually, i fucking love bitter women idk how to explain.

No. 411907

Same. I don’t know why I’m attracted to the meanest, angriest, saltiest lesbians in the world, but I am. Nonna is just so cute when she calls me a retarded bitch

No. 411911

i wish you could attention whore to women like you can do with men like be a pick me or whatever but for women so they could have a hate/love relationship with you i don’t know how to explain but like 4chan egirls but the orbiters are girls.

No. 411922

>JD Samson
I looked her up and god fucking damnit, I'm so mad that women like this aren't more prominent. Like yeah she's a gendie and has a stache but she's still a woman and she looks so cool even without the mustache. The "b-but she looks like a man, you can't be a lesbian if you're attracted to her!!" bullshit is literal tranny rhetoric. I get that it's not everyone's thing to be attracted to such extreme masculinity but I swear if it was socially acceptable for women to present fully masculine we wouldn't have an ongoing Aiden epidemic, all of the butches I used to know have trooned out because they were made to feel like "non-women" for wanting to be masculine. My homosexuality isn't about "secondary sex characteristics", it's about attraction to one sex. Otherwise the AGP transbians complaining about muh cotton ceiling and not being accepted as potential lesbian love interests are right in their unhinged narcissistic complaints. You can't have your cake and eat it too, either gender is about biology in all cases or none of the cases.

No. 411931

File: 1720231186880.jpg (26.58 KB, 321x445, 350591.jpg)

There's a difference between a woman expressing masculinity and a woman looking like an iranian moid
Sure you could date someone like her and still carry your lesbian card, but why would you want to? She has no feminine physical attributes. Everyone will think you're straight when in public and family/friend will whisper behind your back that you're "confused". The mindfuck of dating someone like her would turn any lesbian into a gendie.

No. 411934

kek it's hilarious how hard you lose your shit every time someone posts about masculine women

No. 411935

>every time

A woman can be masculine without looking like a troon. You know that, right?

No. 411938

She still looks like a woman, even if an ugly woman. Different stokes for different folks I guess.

No. 411943

File: 1720234153203.jpg (50.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>She has no feminine physical attributes.
kek get your eyes checked. I think the mustache must be throwing you off or something.

No. 411945

Okay, fine, I get it. You like troons. You can stop evangelizing now.
I wish you all the best and hope you find your "masculine woman".(bait)

No. 411948

File: 1720235242830.jpg (43.53 KB, 1024x773, 55ef96c3492be3eab10dabca482013…)

People never ask me that kek, but I wouldn't have a cute wholesome story if they did. I was 10 years old and got turned on thinking about Tenten from Naruto (picturing her naked). I vividly remember trying to quickly think about Sasuke instead because he was more popular with girls, but I just couldn't stop thinking about Tenten. I thought I was just weird until it all clicked a few years later when I kissed my female friend (who looked a bit like Tenten). Well, at least she kissed me back.

No. 411955

>You can't have your cake and eat it too, either gender is about biology in all cases or none of the cases.
Yeah. Like I understand that hypermasculine women are a niche taste but they're still women. We're never gonna make it out of gendie nonsense if even the "gender critical" lesbians think there's a line in appearance where a female becomes a literal man. I'm not saying anyone else needs to be attracted to hypermasculine women like that but if she literally has a pussy I can eat she is female. Even if you think they're ugly women they're women.

No. 411958

Oh my god you guys sorry for not using the exact vocabulary you prefer when I talked about my personal preferences wrt TIFs getting bodymods so their secondary sex characteristcs mimic male ones. Obviously TIFs are female and sexuality is based on sex, I never said otherwise so I'd appreciate it if you didn't clutch your pearls over me not being attracted to women who achieve scrotestaches. Masculine women =/= male-LARPing TIFs in the same way that not all rectangles are squares. I don't like fugly Aidens! More for you! Are we happy with that resolution?

No. 411965

I would make my Barbie dolls do each other and I would play house with another girl my age which was really us doing very age inappropriate things in a dark closet

No. 411970

me too but it was worse actually because combine that with zoomie internet exposure and nerdiness and the fact the one of the girls in our friend group was def getting molested and now you have the most fucked up relationship with sexuality ever. funny that everyone in that group except for me are bihets now.