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File: 1602422536699.png (3.99 MB, 3667x4096, DF51939F-D96C-42E0-92AA-40BFEE…)

No. 799633

Vicky is a 35 year old tattoo scratcher from Nowhere, Ontario who has a recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving horrible mangled tattoos to her clients. One reason this thread exists is to warn people in her community in case they happen to Google her name before getting a tattoo.

Vicky is also a washed up scene queen who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting drunk and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on various social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or get creeped out by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Victoria exhibits a plethora of curious behaviors such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course pretending to be unbothered by criticism.


Recently she has been confirmed to be working out of a hair salon after she lost the lease on her shop. She was also caught stealing a design from a more well known artist and tattooing it. Vicky has also ramped up her racist rhetoric in light of the recent blm protests.

Her past/old milk is quite lengthy soooo here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder



No. 799634

Sorry guys I was kind of lazy with the recent milk part after doing the picture lol, which was inspired by >>799320

Hope it's alright for everyone, have fun!

No. 799644

that thread pic forced a laugh out of me in a painful way when the page loaded, don't apologize

No. 799684

The thread pic is amazing, anon. Good work, I had a good laugh! Loving the teeth detail

No. 799693

Thread pic is absolutely hilarious, anon. I love the slight double chin.

No. 799694

File: 1602467487292.webm (1.52 MB, 640x640, VID_20201011_185019_182.webm)

>So, I'm about to get a whole lot of new tattoos.

Says Victoria, legs spread, wearing the same socks.

No. 799696

Her voice makes me want to claw my eardrums out.
I get what every one means when they say it sounds fake.

No. 799697

It always sounds like she's recorded it five times. Like she's done a few takes.

No. 799704

File: 1602489869473.jpeg (487.54 KB, 1125x1988, 1842CCE9-98B6-4AB8-BD5C-9445CC…)

She’s gained her fair share of COVID-19 kilos but at least she’s getting more candid. She even had the courage to upload this ugly-ass picture.

No. 799705

File: 1602489913138.jpeg (141.55 KB, 557x985, CE0FE6E1-6219-46D8-A13D-2B96C4…)

So cute.

No. 799706

She looks more 45 than 35

No. 799709

You know she has lol

No. 799714

She’s hanging out with a dude wearing a “make America great again hat” you’re in Canada dude, fuck off.

No. 799715

File: 1602507531656.jpeg (96.05 KB, 570x567, CBFA4CD1-AFEA-4C83-8283-48AA5A…)

She must have a crush on this guy or something to post this awful photo. She’s really trying to pass these photos off as the same person

No. 799716

File: 1602507900086.jpg (197.1 KB, 429x934, UQWDYuN.jpg)

I traced her tiny XS waist, such a smol bby

No. 799729

>MAGA hat
>shit tattoos
Oh yea def a “crush” or some shit. And Jesus Vick lookin like a size 16. Also, what is she trying to say? That HE is a tattooist? Buzz buzz thankful for this artist?

And no masks around. Nice. True MAGA spirit. Trash.

No. 799731

She's got serious vocal fry. I read women who do this try to sound more intelligent but it comes off as otherwise.
Annnnd of course, she's hanging with MAGA trash and no masks in Canada. Great company you keep, Icky.

No. 799734

Why she has to spread eagle to tell us, as a tattoo artist, she’s getting new tattoos is beyond me. Hasn’t she posted this on Facebook saying she getting new tattoos for months now. Slow news day I guess( or decade)

How many people are in Victoria’s bubble now? She lived with at least three other people. Never wore masks. Her mom, her brother, her birthday they didn’t wear masks and now this guy? Just because you can’t keep friendships and steal from people doesn’t mean you continue to create new bubbles.
MAGA though. Fucking losers.

No. 799737

Forget her body, I can’t stop looking at her busted face. She looks like she’s in her fifties and not handling it well. If she ditched the stupid pursed lips, overdone makeup and wispy hair it wouldn’t be so stark but well, that’s vicky.

No. 799746

So either she just put those gloves on and then touched her face and contaminated them or she already tattooed the dude and is now touching her face. Disgusting.

No. 799750

What happened to "muh boyish figure hiding clothes" when tattooing? Cant even keep up with her own bullshit.

No. 799753

File: 1602529859343.webm (351.44 KB, 480x854, 121278728_384967519357901_5138…)

This is Victoria making cute faces

No. 799756

File: 1602531155930.jpeg (144.69 KB, 827x1198, 72200F1B-4310-40D7-865C-B7EBDA…)


You know, just casually telling people how cute she is like usual. Too bad no one can see her face through the 7 filters she has layered on it.

No. 799767

the filters can't hide the fact her eyes are pointing off in two different directions lmfao

No. 799768


Didn’t she brag about having a wardrobe of many black clothes? So why is it that she’s always wearing the same 2 outfits.

The big hole in the cheap sock isn’t cute

No. 799769

I didn’t even notice the hole. Jesus Christ. Either falling down drunk or it’s just so old it’s falling apart. Or both. She might wanna throw these out. Living in her flip house with dirty old socks, not wearing masks with dudes she met off the internet. This girl wants to talk about contamination.

No. 799770

Lmao I didn't notice it either. That's hilarious. But we're jealous of Victoria remember? We all wish we had her amazing wardrobe and body and face and hair.

No. 799772

File: 1602545182094.png (1.38 MB, 828x1792, 95FB06E6-9AE5-464A-8740-641F2B…)

“Making a crunchy faces” KEK WHAT
Victoria made that face first, Nikki Sixx copied her. And Vic is just sitting at home getting drunk alone on thanksgiving. It’s actually sad af

No. 799777

Vic's posts are so goddamn funny, she wasn't even alive in 1981. This doesn't look anything like her expressions, besides the fact they're both humans with eyes and a mouth. Where does she get this stuff from? It's like she posts any random drunk thought that comes to mind.

No. 799779

SO much wtf from this clip.. looking like fat Wednesday Addams at 35, that hole, she sounds like a drunk stereotypical dumb blonde and wasn’t she just making pathetic attempts to phase out the accent now all of a sudden it’s back?? Almost reminds me of Nicki Minaj’s British alter ego Roman except at least Nicki can pull off a British accent better

No. 799788

File: 1602557035399.jpeg (168.27 KB, 828x678, CAB158EC-8574-433C-8DC0-023E3F…)

Trouble in paradise already it seems. Her crushes seem to fizzle out quicker and quicker due to her own stupidity.

And realizing how fucked up you are doesn’t mean you’re healed.

No. 799789

File: 1602557209872.jpeg (317.87 KB, 828x1212, 544AAD50-FFED-4F07-8CCF-0CB6E8…)

Fucking. Yikes.

No. 799792

oh my, that old tattoo is gonna come through this mess. looks like it was done with shitty colored pencils, has another one of vicky's ps faces and all those blurry spots, it's so so so bad.

No. 799797

she better hope the old tattoo comes through, because this is a fucking mess. It’s awful that she gives people false hope by always claiming things are unfinished. There’s nothing she can add to help this.

I saw the one on the left and my first thought was, that’s surprisingly good for Vick, lol.

No. 799798

wait…Where's this woman's ear?!?! The hair is blown back…This looks so demented.

Definitely a Final Fantasy character with those smoker lines.

No. 799802

Oh god, it’s a very rare day when I look at a tattoo coverup and much, muuuch prefer the original tattoo.

No. 799804

the filigree coming through above her mouth makes it look like she has a handlebar mustache kek

No. 799808

File: 1602571418667.jpg (91.6 KB, 824x1280, IMG_20201012_234249_768.jpg)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from Vic



This looks like a conversation between middle schoolers in the comments too. I wonder what the task was that she helped him with lol. "You're very welcome Gabriel" lol

No. 799809

Oh my god, no… That poor woman. This tattoo is not even near passable. Everything about it is just bad; the lines, the colours, the shading. This is even worse than the phoenix skeleton, I seriously think this is her worst one yet. It looks like a prison tattoo and the woman looks like a melting zombie.

We need to warn people about Victoria Bella Morte / Miss Victoria Murder, she is a scam! Victoria Bella Morte is NOT a good tattoo artist, she has never learned to tattoo professionally. Again, she's a SCAM.

No. 799810

It looks like a tattoo of someone afflicted with smallpox. Big yikes.

Tbh I don’t feel for her clients. Anyone stupid enough to not do a cursory google search on their “artist” deserves what they get.

No. 799812


At first I thought she was talking about the tattoos she gives people

No. 799816

This reminds me of the grotesque emo doodles I used to make/see on people’s desk in high school. It looks so dirty and bad. This is scarred in so deep, is it even possible to laser that off?

No. 799819


She never finishes a tattoo because she has no idea what she’s doing and she wants her clients to keep returning because she needs the income. MOST people are smart enough to google their artist, and her reputation is terrible. Getting new clients must be a huge struggle.
If icky was smart she’d stop tattooing, go find an apprenticeship, start using her real name and change up her look. That’s if she wants to be successful, but she doesn’t care. She can make believe online with basically no effort

No. 799820

File: 1602596402313.jpeg (523.13 KB, 1101x1729, D8DC235F-B1C0-4176-9A49-49705A…)

That gab guy said at one point he wanted Vicky to do his sleeve. Not sure how much of it she did, but she definitely did that tiger eyes… and well…

Her photo of top, him a year later.

No. 799822

File: 1602598153955.jpeg (238.43 KB, 633x506, 5125AB9E-D10F-487C-BEB0-EF9741…)

The bear in her banner, the bear now.

No. 799824

File: 1602598215022.jpeg (67.33 KB, 475x505, DAE4AEFB-0274-4F1E-B108-911D93…)

Dream at her ick did a bit ago now.

No. 799826

I have zero sympathy for this girl the original tattoo was not even bad to begin with and you cover it with this jailhouse trash? You deserve a bad tattoo if you’re not smart even to research artists first

No. 799828

I agree with your general point but the original tattoo was definitely bad as well, anon.

No. 799830

The tattoo design is tacky and the linework isnt perfect, but it appears to have healed correctly and not faded/blurred out into an incoherent mess. Whoever did the tribal "have faith" tattoo was better than Vicky. Feels weird to see a tattoo covered up with an even worse one. How did the client not learn a lesson from the previous tattoo? You'd think someone who's already had a regrettable tattoo they want covered, would have realised that they should maybe research this before getting it permanently on them?

shit, the white tattoo ink literally lasts under a year? what the fuck is the point? All of the suuper detailed white fur ( /s ) has completely disappeared and it looks like an unfinished tattoo.

No. 799832

samefagging but holy shit Im transfixed by this thing - if you look at the bottom left under the eye, you can see a fucked up part of linework that she covered with white ink when she tattood it, but now the white inks gone you can see the out of place black lines going THROUGH the tiger print - it looks like she drew a rectangle and tried to fill it with a tiger, but then went outside of the lines?

No. 799833

well the original was funky to begin with but it looks so old which is probably good so you can't see how busted that poor bear is.

depending on the quality of the ink but white is notorious for not really holding well over the years. it also depends on the person and how they care for the tattoo, but in vicky's case she overuses it as a crutch b/c she can't create the proper contrast within a tattoo between the ink and open skin. so yea, with her it's a total waste of time, money and pain the client doesn't have to go through.

i think that's part of the lines going around his arm but there's a way that she could have worked the tiger into it better.

No. 799841

File: 1602611334359.jpeg (86.88 KB, 828x426, 3F134296-356C-4BBF-99A2-928F3F…)

Wait the fuck a minute. How many sessions has this cover up had?!

No. 799846

>she’s only getting better!
Kek. If you look at that shitty 80s prison tattoo and see nothing wrong, you kinda deserve it.

No. 799851

File: 1602617460352.jpeg (177.72 KB, 821x1133, B2AB0C20-9A5A-47F8-A00B-96CFA8…)

Ick reposted this on her story. “When you smell so good you wanna eat yourself”

This girl smells like moldy sweat and cigarettes

No. 799870

She has no idea what she is doing. That piece would probably take a fainted artist 6 hours to finish. I’m sure Vic has turned this into multi sessions to steal more of this woman’s money.

No. 799875

File: 1602636612079.jpeg (81.6 KB, 828x429, CCE77268-B09A-41F8-B564-5BF738…)

Icky tattooed her own face !!! And she walked around in a halloween costume all day! Probably to the liquor store. HOLY SHIT. Can’t make this up, girl has lost it completely. I can’t wait to see the garbage she has on her face forever

No. 799879

this is such a ridiculous surejan.gif vicky story, pix or it didn't have it. i predict her new face doodle is like a flower or something ~dainty~ [small blob] so she can say she has one and then cover it in makeup/photoshop all the time.

No. 799898

Oooh, now I’m looking forward to seeing that!

No. 799902

File: 1602671071096.jpeg (47.73 KB, 990x990, FA08A87E-BB85-449D-BD84-89479C…)

Imagine wearing a long hood over your face and feeling edgy

No. 799905

why would it make ayones day seeing someone in a hoodie, what a ridiculous story

No. 799909

This is in no way a ridiculous story by Slick Vic standards; in fact, it’s pretty tame. Remember, she’s fought off kidnappers, defended her home against intruders, been proposed marriage by MULTIPLE celebrities and millionaires, lived in many mansions, gets paid $3K per hour to model and has been invited to be on Ink Master.

In fact, I totally believe people were smiling when they saw her in that ridiculous get up; I would’ve been laughing my ass off. It’s perfectly possible to remain young at heart and not look ridiculous as one ages, but Vic’s pathetic attempts at clinging to youth and proving how quirky and desirable she is are just laughable.

So, yeah - I’m gonna believe this one.

No. 799910

She DOES realize face tats make filtering obvious, right?

No. 799913

Since people have been required to wear masks, ive seen a lot of children wear costumes. Iron man, etc. It’s not special, not really sure why this is something she would splurge about.

And her face tattoo is probably a tiny star or moon. I’ll put money on it.

No. 799914

File: 1602679614610.jpeg (186.87 KB, 828x801, A3575BF9-748E-4152-9C6C-8E579D…)

This happened two months ago…. gotta pretend to care to pander to your old man audience

No. 799935

File: 1602701228412.jpeg (40.14 KB, 828x344, 8B422A55-EA7A-41AA-A5D2-3B3525…)

She needs a friend to tell this stuff too. This is her second or third post like this in the last couple weeks. She’s literally a tattoo artist, one that needs the practise. If you want a tattoo, tattoo yourself?

No. 799943

I just want to see her fucking face tattoo NOW.

No. 799956

File: 1602722250745.jpeg (97.48 KB, 828x839, 67911034-59B9-4EF2-936C-D22598…)


No. 799969

File: 1602729304900.jpeg (486.33 KB, 828x1186, E9685B09-5451-4D15-A58A-632E36…)

This woman is so thirsty it’s unreal

No. 799970

She’s pretty much a saint tho and nobody has touched her in like a decade. Also onlyfans is gross. Let me suck your dick while you’re talking to your friends on the phone though. Someone please pay attention to me.

Fuck this pick me bitch is 35 …

No. 799992

This is really embarrassing. How is she not embarrassed.

No. 799999

Oh anon - Vic will never be embarrassed if she can get some sweet neckbeard attention!

No. 800000

File: 1602763466340.jpeg (66.28 KB, 738x417, 95DA183E-DEB7-4733-9EB6-4D7DFF…)

“My cute ass”
Her cry for male attention, even more so recently, is pathetic as fuck.

No. 800003

It’s going to take her awhile to show her face tattoo. She’s going to have an issue with filters, smoothing her face and the tattoo

No. 800039

What does everyone think she has on her face? I’m guessing something celtic that makes no sense and is inexplicably botched

No. 800050

I'm thinking shitty sword, or shitty jewel

No. 800052

File: 1602806509245.jpeg (45.33 KB, 828x260, 1B265BE7-0BD5-4707-8CFC-156239…)

Looks like another crush didn’t work out, she’s fishing for guys on Facebook again. Lay those rules down icky. Not desperate at all.

No. 800054

File: 1602806682462.jpeg (76.6 KB, 828x642, A4CE74B6-3A8B-49AC-93EE-0E1720…)

This is so sad. Didn’t she just say she doesn’t use Facebook as a dating app? She’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 800055

She’s flattered that children are messaging her on Facebook? These young boys are 19 and she’s 35 and she’s flattered? ….
Well her brother is a pedo… so …

No. 800057

File: 1602807038210.jpeg (133.62 KB, 790x996, 3C851D26-90E8-4F8E-B2DD-0B48EE…)

“Totally okay with being single”

Super high standards, victoria. If they’re hot cool. No wonder this girl is still single.

No. 800059

does she have other siblings or no? i can't remember.

No. 800060

She has a loser brother and a sister. Not sure, but it seems like the sister is normal married and has little to do with the crazy family

No. 800061

File: 1602811754665.jpeg (61.06 KB, 828x298, 3F840EF4-CD04-47CE-A5B6-621A6A…)

She doesn’t care about anything but looks.

No. 800062

She might want to tone down her standards as she has a pretty strong cat fishing game.

No. 800071

She put this status on her Instagram Facebook AND artist page.
When you post more about seeking validation from men on your artist page than you do actual art…. you may be a shit artist.

No. 800073

Is she talking about that old dude with that tacky champagne bottle? Lol. Hot? Gross. Her standards are clearly bottom tier.

Gem or heart. I don’t think vicky would have gotten anything large. It’s likely small. I will be shocked if it turns out to be a large monstrosity.

No. 800078

Where to begin… This site was shown to me by someone who gets a kick out of all the shit posting on here several months ago. To be honest, I couldn’t get through it. My first reaction to seeing it was “people actually busy themselves with this?” I debated ever even posting on something like this, and I had an hour to spare since my floors are being replaced, plus events have transpired and I’ve decided to be the one to tell the real truth so there isn’t this constant circulation of lies going around about me. You’re about to read the best, funniest thing worth reading on this entire site. If Victoria reads this all the way to the end her head will explode from way too much truth and honesty all at once, so this will largely be written with her as the main audience, however everyone can learn something from reading this. This is largely to set the record straight regarding a lot of the lies Victoria has been spreading about me, as well as a path forward to hopefully have the best outcome for everyone. My involvement with her basically looks like a really long Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, where it’s just one misunderstanding after another. I TRIED reaching out to explain these misunderstandings, to see if she would bother reading any of it, to no avail, so here we are. This isn’t something she would bother listening to in person because it’s just way too much. Listening to reason isn’t exactly her strength, regardless of her constant self-aggrandizing about how logical she pretends to be.

I am always fair and objective, even when it’s not afforded to me by others, which I will demonstrate here, that’s just what it means to have integrity. When lies are being spread about me, I never spread lies in return. The truth always hurts FAR worse, but sometimes that’s what people need to hear to confront themselves and be better. So, I will not be shit posting on here and giving you all a completely negative one-sided view of Victoria, but rather a fair, balanced and objective viewpoint. This is what I would want afforded to me. I know I could very easily paint a one-sided view of Victoria and the people here would get a kick out of it, but that’s not in my character, and quite frankly it would make me no better than she is or many of the bitter plebs I see on here. SOMEONE has to have some integrity and credibility.

If I’m going to be the fair and balanced voice of reason then first, I’m going to alienate almost all the people on here and call out what I’m seeing for what it is, and what it isn’t. I will be calling out several people on their bullshit on here, so hold onto your britches to see if it’s you. Then I’m going to explain how I know Victoria, and yes, I’ve been to her house and know enough about her to make an analysis. Then I will explain steps forward that you can all use to perhaps learn something. So, you’re going to hate me at first since I’m actually going to present a balanced view of Victoria, but this will become increasingly riveting the longer you read it and find out what really happened between her and I. When you see someone as a full person and not just the caricature you have created, they become a lot less interesting, and perhaps you might find better things to do with your time than waste it on dumb gossip, and will do something more productive. The way I see it, our time on Earth is so limited, statistically we’re all going to die sooner than we’d probably like; quibbling over Victoria’s nonsense is like being on the Hindenburg and fighting over the window seat.

Firstly, the people on here seem to over analyze every picture Victoria has like they’re Tom Hanks analyzing the Mona Lisa in The Davinci Code, and every video of her like a conspiracy theorist over-analyzing the Zapruder film. This is largely why I couldn’t get through all of the previous threads with the same boring, uninteresting crap over and over. There are, however, certainly more than a few legitimate grievances brought forth, some of which are very serious.

Most of the stuff on here seems to come from low functioning people. It seems no one on here has ever heard of a pushup bra and what it does, or basic lighting differences, or the difference between wigs, weaves and hair extensions, which I just find unfathomable given most of the people on here are likely girls. It seems some of you not only never met Victoria, but you don’t even live in the same province, some not even in the same country. It’s amazing how one person can piss off so many people with her constant lying and self-aggrandizing, I really don’t understand gossiping about someone you don’t even live near and never see, but here we are. It seems the people on here are a mix of people with legitimate grievances, people who she has pissed off or screwed over, people clearly jealous of her, two faced friends and god knows who else.

I’m not saying gossip and all its forms is an aberration and an indication of mental illness as Victoria erroneously suggests. I’m not saying the idea of anonymous feedback is bad either, since businesses actually rely on this information which they otherwise wouldn’t get. There used to be a website called FormSpring where people could essentially invite anonymous feedback to see what’s in the atmosphere about them. Gossip is actually an adaptative survival mechanism carried over from when we were all in tribes. When we were all living as nomads in small tribes, some people found it rewarding to gossip, particularly about the relationships of others, policing sexual infidelity and other behaviours that were against tribe norms. This meant that someone essential like the person responsible for hunting and gathering was less likely to be banished from the group for breaking tribe rules, there would be less internal bloodshed, and the group lasted longer. Thousands of years of this and those who derived pleasure from gossip lived on, those that didn’t saw internal strife in the group and sometimes as a result, everyone died. For example, the person who is in charge of preparing and storing food, or hunting food, has an affair, it gets found out after the fact rather than before, a fight breaks out, he gets banished or dies, the entire tribe is rendered under skilled and thus starves to death as a result.

However, it’s important to understand that this is now a maladaptive trait, and our group survival is no longer dependent on Victoria’s antics. Gossip is inherently a girly trait, it’s how girls tend to bully each other, with reputational bullying, photoshopping each other’s pictures, so this is no surprise here. 80% of workplace bullying is carried out by females. These issues could be addressed by our culture if things like toxic femininity were ever discussed, but these days it’s all too fashionable to relentlessly emasculate and bash men, so here we are.

The problem is when you only attempt to paint someone as a bad person by shining a negative light on everything they do, warranted or not, and spinning it or interpreting it in the most negative light possible, even if it’s just speculation, you are no longer attacking a person. You are creating a caricature of that person and attacking the caricature. People do this with politicians all the time, as some people can be found singing their praises while others seem to think they were sent by the devil to destroy the world (In Trump’s case they’re right).

This attacking of a caricature is a waste of time. If you aren’t going to have a fair and balanced discussion, where someone’s positive and negative faults are put into full context, and you give that individual an opportunity to improve or redeem themselves, they can do nothing but get defensive, to attack in return, and no paths forward are achieved. There needs to be honest and constructive criticism if any for this to be a fruitful endeavor. I’m not saying the people here have no legitimate grievances, I’m saying they need to be presented with facts only, with no unfair speculation. Otherwise it’s a waste of time, and time is the only resource you can’t get back, so waste it wisely.

What I’d like to do next is play a game called “Count the symptom criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, the disorder Victoria armchair diagnoses everyone else with who so much as disagrees with her or gives constructive criticism.

These being:
(1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

(2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

(3) believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

(4) requires excessive admiration

(5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

(6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

(7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

(8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

(9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

You’ve probably been checking off many of these behaviours as you’ve read through these posts. It’s important to note, only 5 of these symptom criteria are required for an official diagnosis of NPD for the purposes of treatment. What’s important to understand is NPD is a disordered pathology of Grandiose Narcissism. Victoria may not actually have NPD if she is Vulnerable and not Grandiose, there’s no Vulnerable Narcissism disorder. Vulnerable Narcissism can become pathological, even malignant. However, Grandiose Narcissists are completely immune to criticism, highly extroverted, socially bold with a superficial charm, so it’s entirely possible Victoria doesn’t meet these criteria. Vulnerable Narcissism is often referred to as Covert or Hypersensitive Narcissism, where someone is insecure, highly sensitive to negative emotions leaving them depressed and anxious, highly defensive, avoidant, demonstrating self-absorbed aloofness, socially awkward and shy, cold and distant, and being unforgiving. There is a lot of shame, and therefore is a constant need to manipulate how they are perceived. This person usually can’t forgive themselves, therefore can’t forgive others. Grandiose narcissists are completely oblivious of their behaviour and therefore see no reason to be forgiven by anyone, because they’ve clearly done nothing wrong. Grandiose narcissists tend to have fantasies of wealth, power and success, whereas Vulnerable Narcissists tend to have fantasies of rejection and redemption, where they are rejected by people, discarded and thrown away, and they have this moment of redemption where they show everyone how wrong they were. This is contrasted with Grandiose where the Narcissist never sees themself being rejected, and just wants power, wealth and fame. People with Vulnerable Narcissism are extremely insecure, so you will never find them making up insults about themselves on pages such as these, there’s just no way. Additionally, Vulnerable Narcissism is predicted by a complete incapability to receive any criticisms, regardless of how gently that criticism is received. No criticisms are welcome, and personal attacks and gaslighting tends to be the tactic used by these individuals when given any criticism in any circumstance. What I have observed is Victoria becomes more Grandiose Narcissistic when she’s drunk, and Vulnerable Narcissistic when she’s sober.

You will note that narcissists aren’t particularly good at lying and gaslighting, largely because of how stupid they think everyone else is in comparison to them, and so their lies tend to be very poorly formulated and most people can easily see right through them. I am fully aware that even though what I’m writing will be a fair and balanced view, Victoria will likely accept zero responsibility for anything she does or says, deny everything and attempt to paint others as crazy, as people with Vulnerable Narcissism always do. The only time Victoria admits to be wrong about anything is when her behaviour is so obviously wrong and people involved know it entirely, so there’s no ability to gaslight and lie about it, however in these cases the cost of admitting she is wrong is always relatively low. When the cost is high like when she stole someone’s deposit, or when she is rejected by men and might be seen as less desirable, there will never be an admittance of anything, even in the face of a mountain of evidence.

One of the main behaviours you’ll find with Vulnerable Narcissism is an unwillingness to face reality. People with Vulnerabe Narcissism have an obsession with how they are perceived, and will constantly manipulate how they are perceived by others, it’s an automatic go-to behaviour. This is done through gaslighting, which is the lying about how events transpired in an effort to remove blame or responsibility off oneself. The common phraseology you’ll find with these individuals is “I never said that” “That never happened” and “You’re crazy”. This is done in an effort to confuse reality. The tragedy here is the individual with any brand of Narcissism never has to take responsibility for any of their actions, and as a result they rob themselves of the learning opportunity their experiences should provide to grow and mature as an individual, leaving them very emotionally immature. Part of being an emotionally mature person is to confront yourself hard, and really look in the mirror to see where it is you went wrong, what you can do better, and really use your experiences as learning opportunities, even if you think your mistake may result in you being negatively perceived; you will still have much better relationships with friends, family and romantic interests if you are willing to be open and honest about where you went wrong, and what steps you’re taking to improve and grow as an individual.(mother jesus of essays, and medfagging, general autism etc etc.)

No. 800079

To understand more about the signs of emotional immaturity, and to perhaps check off more boxes of behaviour you’re recognizing not only in yourself but in others, here is a great video from a Counsellor with a PHD on the topic:

No. 800080

No one is going to read that.

No. 800081

If you’d like to further look into Vulnerable and Granduose narcissism, Joe Rogan had a great podcast about it recently:

No. 800082

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, for those with Narcissism it’s a way of life. As a result, treating these individuals with therapy is very difficult. The individual really needs to be able to confront themselves in order to begin the therapeutic process properly, else it’s a waste of time and money. It seems all of Victoria’s knowledge on Narcissism came from what are known as Narcissism Youtube Channels, which claim despite no education that they know more than a PHD on the topic, that NPD is incurable in all cases even with treatment, that most people are narcissists, that healing starts when you learn to hate the narcissists in your life to whom you have over-diagnosed, among other incorrect and spurious claims. NPD has been shown both in the literature and clinical practice to be curable in some people, although obviously not in every case since it all depends on the individual and their willingness to confront themselves, which is the key trait here.

Without treatment, however, it is overwhelmingly unlikely for positive change. The main message these channels bring ironically is that whoever is watching isn’t at fault for their life outcomes, at all. All of their problems are the fault of the narcissists in their life. The irony being this message usually attracts narcissists so if you’re obsessed trying to heal yourself by watching these videos that give the message that nothing is your fault, you probably have some type of narcissistic pathology.

No. 800083

If you’d like to learn more about these erroneous Narcissism Youtube channels, why all their information is incorrect and damaging, analyzed and critiqued by a Counsellor with a PHD, you can find that here:

No. 800084

As far as Victoria’s ridiculous views on fitness, she seems to be getting them from Instagram bodybuilders who spread a lot of unscientific bro science. Things like bulking and cutting, the science of delayed onset muscle soreness and how to prevent it or treat it, it’s all wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria is also using a waist trainer, drinking detox teas amongst other pseudo-scientific bullshit spread by Instagram charlatans. Bulking and cutting is used by bodybuilders who have planned out for months their diet, calories and training specifically for a competition date set in mind. Victoria is not bodybuilding, and so all she’s doing is stretching and sagging her skin, eating large amounts of food in line with whatever her hormones are dictating rather than a measured calorie counted plan. The irony here being if I trained her, she would look like the hourglass Instagram model she photoshops herself to look like, and it would only take me a few months to get her in an hourglass thick shape. Of course, she would have to grow up and quit smoking and drinking. As long as she’s destroying herself with cigarrettes and alcohol and bulking and cutting for no reason and with no measured calorie counting, the more she’ll stretch and sag her skin till she eventually looks increasingly frumpy. She is doing several things which are resulting in her accumulating more fat around her mid section, and storing more there even when burning fat in a calorie deficit, meaning she’ll lose fat everywhere else. If Victoria wants to know what these things are that are causing this, she can ask me, she knows who I am. As long as she’s getting bro science information, she will see minimal to no results, but if she’d like to apologize to me and pay me to train her I will (Victoria admitting she doesn’t know enough? Yeah when pigs fly) The sheer pompousness and callousness she employs when confronting those who seek to help her on a subject she knows absolutely nothing about if it is counter to her intuitions, or counter to the bro science she receives, is astounding. Dunning Kreuger and Vindictive Vulnerable Malignant Narcissism say hello.

As for her tattoo work, it’s all available online so if anyone wants to know her work, they can do so and decide if that’s something they want on themselves. The quality seems all over the place. If someone goes to an artist without at least seeing their work, they’re an idiot who will likely have No Ragrets. I don’t see the value in bashing every tattoo she does.

No. 800085

File: 1602825865133.jpg (123.77 KB, 1150x2048, Marshmallow.jpg)

If you’ve read this far, good for you, the story gets way more Curb Your Enthusiasm from here. The way I knew Victoria was from Facebook, ages ago. I worked with a girl named Samantha who at some point hooked up with Victoria’s then boyfriend Adrien. He claimed Victoria freaked out when she found out he was cheating on her with Samantha, broke his car door mirror and slashed him with her fake nails. She claimed that couldn‘t have ever happened because she hooked up with Adrien 6 months after they broke up, which funnily enough was after Samantha hooked up with him and was pondering whether Adrien even liked her. Whether this is true is anyone’s guess since Victoria lies on a seemingly constant basis in an effort to manipulate how she is perceived (Vulnerable Narcissism). He claimed she needed to use his phone because she was always broke, and of course she read all his personal messages from his friends and family. Samantha and Adrien eventually ended up in a relationship. Recently a post of Samantha’s shows up on my Instagram home page, possibly because we both like cars and so you’ll see people with common interests, and I discovered Samantha has started an Only Fans for a mere 5 bucks per month. I highly doubt she is on here reading any of this, but come on Sam, you’re worth at least $5.50. Where’s your self-esteem? Make that simp money! There’re more than enough pathetic losers willing to pay these days.

Sam eventually deleted me on Facebook because I made a joke that people who get their ears lobes stretched out with those ear lobe hoola hoops should really just leave their giant saucers in their ears, because as soon as they get bored of them and take them out, they have what is about as attractive as two old man testicles hanging off the side of their face. Even though you are lacking any long term thinking to do this to yourself, you still have to have some sense of humour about yourself and find it funny, kind of like all the whores who got tramp stamps when it was a fad. The same goes for people who get neck and face tattoos; do you have any idea what an asshole you look like wearing a suit and tie? I have never met a forward-thinking person with any impulse control who has done this to themselves, but if you disagree it’s fine to be wrong, just know you’re wrong with a desperate childish need to be seen as edgy, and it’s pathetic.

Now, I’m not going to confirm your bias that Victoria is hugely fat, or ugly, or smells bad. As someone who has trained women way heavier than Victoria and gotten them down to a size slightly smaller than Victoria is now, I really don’t see the value in saying she is hugely fat when she clearly isn’t, it’s just not in my nature. The projectile insults at people’s weight may motivate some people to get off their ass, but in this context, I sense the people doing it are projecting their own body image issues, just my intuition. Sometimes meat on your bones is hot when it’s carried in the right proportions; skinny, muscular or shredded people aren’t the only attractive people. I mean I have to be fair and objective, even when it‘s not afforded to me. As long as your bodyfat percentage is below 33% if you’re female and 25% if you’re male, you’re probably not going to have health problems from bodyfat. BMI is a pointless ratio of your height and weight, some ripped bodybuilders are considered too heavy since muscle is denser, thus weighs more than fat. BMI has been outdated since the 1980’s which again, shows the incredibly outdated and poor quality of information she receives. I fail to see what the benefit is of pointing out her fluctuating frumpiness as if you’re playing Where’s Waldo, but it’s Where’s the Blubber. People gain and lose weight, so what? I’m pretty sure everyone gained weight over quarantine unless you have a home gym, some of us were relegated to using parks to do hood workouts. Victoria’s flab is like, the 11th thing that’s wrong with her, right after always having to qualify that her height is only 1 inch shy of the national Canadian average (no one cares how tall women are, sweety) and right before believing watching kung fu movies makes you a kung fu master, and beating people up in videogames means you can do it easily in real life. Yeah, she could lose some fat and put on some muscle to actually have some resemblance of a physique, but it won’t be done with whatever nonsense plan she is doing right now from the bro science know-nothings she’s getting it from. It’s funny that Victoria thinks she is every guy’s type, and thinks I personally only have one type and it’s her, which given the diversity of my dating history is kind of hilarious. She’s obviously not ugly, I’d say above average, even though she hurls projectile insults at me, I’ll be the bigger person of integrity and be fair and objective.

The main reason Victoria will never get fit is her incredibly unhealthy diet, mostly comprised of garbage food that only the mind of a teenager thinks is nutrition ie. 6 chocolate bars in a day, fritters, deep fried simosas, veggie poutine… what the hell is veggie poutine gravy even made out of? I believe it’s made from the tears of vegetarians who wish they could have real gravy. Come to think of it someone in Guelph did recently run into someone’s house, shit on their open dishwasher door and left, and given Victoria’s apparent over usage of toilet paper… nah it couldn’t have been Victoria, she would have likely stolen a few things on the way out and left cigarette butts at the scene. Plus, I’ll be fair and mention the toilet paper over-usage was an allegation someone made a meme about, which may or may not be true given it’s something you can easily just make up to bash someone, even though it’s kind of hilarious. She will, however, never stop smoking or drinking because she thinks she won’t be cool, rebellious and edgy anymore if she stops. Damaged girls will be damaged girls - immature, unpredictable, constantly lying and catastrophizing. This is her unfiltered, no Photoshop, no vacuum pose. At some point you have to admit when your childish edgelord lifestyle is no longer working for you.

No. 800086

As for this idea that she smells, I don’t know how she does it, but she didn’t smell even when she couldn’t shower when I was at her place. Perhaps she was showering at someone else’s place, or maybe it’s magic, who knows. I’m not going to repeat hearsay and present it as fact, I’m only presenting what I know to be true based on my own observations. This doesn’t mean that others who report that she smells bad are right or wrong, I can only comment on what I have observed, it’s just an integrity thing.

The racism claims are a weird one. I know Victoria would never (ever) give me the benefit of the doubt on anything, but because I’m an adult and can remove myself emotionally and think logically, I just don’t sense that she hates people because of their race. Her and I see a similar need for order in society, it’s just a manifestation of our personality profiles. We respect law and order, take pride in our country’s national values, recognize that cultural relativism is bullshit and not all cultures are equally valid or produce the most good for their people, that our culture in Canada is superior to cultures that seem intent on impeding and instilling their values to supersede ours. This isn’t xenophobia, it’s rational ethical objectivism. It’s just rational that western values are objectively better, and have resulted in far better societies in which people actually want to live. Notice there’s no influx of immigration into Saudi Arabia? Rule of Law is better than Theocracy and Autocracy, basic human rights and freedoms for women are better than treating them like cattle in the Muslim world. The denial of this is just blatant clueless stupidity.

I know the virtue signalers here hate to hear that, but if people are acting like animals, it’s not racist to describe them as such, regardless of their race. For example, most of the rioters recently were white, and I would describe them as opportunist sacks of shit for destroying what they could never build just because they’re unsatisfied with their own shitty life. It turns out every time you google any of their names they turn out to be not only career criminals, some have a history of strangling women and/or have a long history of domestic battery charges, others spent years in prison for pedophilia, these aren’t to be conflated with those who choose to exercise their right to peaceful protest. Regardless of race, those who decided to get violent like our ape and chimp ancestors with little to no rationality, should be described as such and that doesn’t make it racist, it makes it minimally observant. If you want a brilliant intellectual’s nuanced view, practically all his views I share, look up Douglas Murray, he’s brilliant.

Where we differ is simply that Victoria admires dictators and those who kill people who criticize them, like Vladimir Putin, and even those who fantasize about doing it like Donald Trump. Trump himself admires Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Ill and Rodrigo Duterte for the same reason. It’s a power fantasy built out of the narcissistic idea that you are right about everything and anyone who criticizes you deserves to die; which Victoria definitely fantasizes about and admires about these kinds of people.

As for how I know Victoria, she and I talked on Facebook for about 10 months, and in that time, I could see that she enjoyed personally attacking others who openly disagreed with her, which if you watched the first video is a sign of emotional immaturity, and the evidence for that behaviour is mountainous on here it seems. Eventually we met at a party for the first time, I met her brother, and 5:00am rolled around where she wanted me to come back to her place. Presumable to play checkers. Or at least that’s what she wants everyone to believe, because apparently, she hopes everyone is just a naïve idiot who was born yesterday.

I agreed, but then phones died, there was no charger in my car, so no GPS. I then drove her back to my place where I printed off directions, and got lost with the terrible road sign placement in Elora trying to get to her place. Being 6:30 in the morning by the time we were near her place, I was freaking out trying to remember what the map looked like on my computer. Eventually by some miracle of my own directional genius I found it, at 7am. I should have eaten more food, but only brought two protein bars with me, and it had been about 10 hours since I ate anything last which was just a protein shake, so lifting heavy all the time my glycogen stores are empty so if I don’t get food, I become low blood sugar and start to get that light headed feeling when you stand up too fast.

What I will say is that her seeing her place was akin to seeing someone with no eyebrows. You don’t really notice anything is off at first, but you slowly notice that something…. is slightly off. There were no towels. Anywhere. No toothbrush or toothpaste, just mouthwash, at least not in any of the places you would normally find these things. Is it possible there was some hidden secret door with all these things? Sure, perhaps it’s where she pulled the mouthwash from, but really who knows. I mean there HAS to be a toothbrush SOMEWHERE, RIGHT? She’s not THAT British, she has to own one. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt with this one, even though she would never do the same for me, which should probably qualify me for sainthood given the lies she spreads about me.

No food in the fridge save for a few eggs, a half-eaten cracker just sitting on the fridge shelf, and half a bottle of Morgan Spiced Rum. She carried on before about being a chef so this was somewhat surprising, it was partially why I didn’t pack that much food since I hoped she would have something to eat. She then asks if I’d like a box of donuts and that she’ll call her cab driver to drive some over. I figured he was busy, and I know donuts aren’t being made at 7am, and just wanted to eat something other than the last scraps of sugary donuts at a Tim Hortons and go to sleep, so I declined.

Eventually the light headedness set in, so I ate my protein bar but it’s not helping. I look on the wrapper, it’s low sugar so no wonder. So, I start rambling hoping to keep my energy up so I don’t pass out and hit my head on something. I say something stupid eventually, she gets pissy and leaves to her bedroom. I attempt to sleep on the couch but the house is heated to like 87 degrees, and her room is the only place that didn’t feel like I was being cooked alive in my tight uncomfortable clothes, so I go to her room.

I will not be going over what happened there, we didn’t have sex but it also wasn’t anything I would do with girls I would call “just my friend” either, so I’ll leave it at that. How’s this, if I see any more lies about me or childish denials about anything I’m saying, if I hear anything other than an apology, I’ll spill the tea of what went on in there. Someone has to teach Victoria how to tell the truth for once, and own up to her bullshit.

8 am rolls around and she finally fell asleep, with sunlight pouring into the room. The hunger pains were seriously setting in and sleep was becoming impossible. Victoria was snoring from drinking almost an entire 40 of Jack, albeit some shared with friends, and wearing a corset which makes it even worse. With so much sun and snoring noise and hunger pains I never slept the entire night. Head and stomach were throbbing with pain. 3pm eventually rolled around and she wakes up, puts her hand on my chest, and it just wasn’t happening. I was so goddamn tired and in pain, my blood sugar was so low I was about ready to pass out. I explained I never slept, that she had been snoring, only to be met with immediate childish denial “I don’t snore, I can’t snore, I had my tonsils and adenoids removed”

I didn’t even know how to respond. Why would I just make that up? So, we could be having this ridiculous conversation right now? Needless to say, she was now irritated she would not be getting what she wanted.

My pants and shirt were at the end of the bed, and picking them up they were caked in thick globs of dust, dirt and cat hair. I looked under the bed and there was 2 inches of thick dust, it definitely hadn’t been cleaned, seemingly ever. She was not happy about finding out she wasn’t a princess (she literally referred to herself as a princess), since apparently in her mind princesses don’t snore, so of course she wasn’t snoring, that must be impossible and I must have been hearing a non-existent vacuum. I even ask her if she moisturizes, and she says no, which shouldn’t surprise since she apparently doesn’t know what coconut oil looks like, it’s not grease and it’s great for your hair and skin. I explained her lack of moisturizing and smoking will break down the collagen and elastin in her skin causing it to age faster and sag. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, she thought less of me for this comment. As I’m leaving her bedroom she mutters in a disappointed tone “You don’t even smoke, you have no tattoos….” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Busting my balls for not being a smoker and not having tattoos? Are you 13? The sheer hypocrisy and childish arrested development was astounding. More on this later.

With my blood sugar now at dangerous lows, and my hunger becoming out of control, and it being 3:30 pm and I still haven’t slept; being a lifter who needs 8 hours of sleep and protein every 4-5 hours, my patience had run dry hours prior, and now I’m just fuming. My patience has always been one of my greatest virtues, and it was completely gone. While I do have an incredibly long fuse, if you’re going to be an entitled narcissistic princess with me while I’m 36 hours without sleep and 18 hours without substantial food, the patience well runs dry eventually. This was because of glycogen depletion, brain fog from exhaustion, among other things. Lifters deteriorate rapidly without food and sleep for these reasons. For those of you who don’t lift, imagine going 3 days with no food or sleep, that’s what it would be like. After Victoria muttering her nonsense, I had no fucks left to give.

I asked politely for a lint brush, was refused because she is a princess and doesn’t do things for people, and she’s pissed off she didn’t get laid. I tried getting all the globs of dust dirt and cat hair of my pants with my hands and it just wasn’t working, so I asked again, and she finally begrudgingly gave one to me, almost as if she really hated being asked to do anything. I then start wondering if there’s even a vacuum anywhere, there wasn’t even a broom, but the rest of the floors were clean so it made no sense. I notice in her bathroom I wasn’t allowed to shower, not only because there were no towels, but her entire bathtub was filled with lingerie, what she called her “drunk clothes”. You can speculate as to what that actually means, I can’t. This was because her washer and dryer were broken, so I’m willing to give some benefit of the doubt, since I’m always fair. However, I had no idea where she was showering.

No. 800087

The thing is, while I could sense that she felt like she was being judged for having nothing in her fridge, for having filth under her bed, two sinks filled over the top with dirty dishes, I started to see signs of lack of self-care, which may be signs of things like hidden depression where you’re happy around friends but at home you fall into a depression where you can’t be motivated to do anything except whatever gives you dopamine like videogames and art, you stop taking care of yourself. With these thoughts I start to feel concerned. So, to alleviate this I suggest we take a day and just clean her whole house, and I mention I hadn’t even seen a vacuum anywhere. She freaked out with “NO, SHUSH, I’m just really lazy”

The insecurities that started to rise to the surface were actually evidence of vulnerable narcissism, where someone is extremely insecure and very sensitive towards perceived judgement by others. They tend to put on a rough exterior to give the impression of a hard shell to protect from these judgements, the cold demeanor, but I know what’s really going on inside. The irony is I didn’t see her as any less of a person for possibly having hidden depression or a dirty floor or dirty dishes or nothing to eat. I just saw them as small things that needed to be addressed which might be symptomatic of other things, but she saw it as the end of the world if someone were to look around for a vacuum, open a door right across from her bedroom only to find a dirty furnace room. Instead of just saying “That’s the furnace room” she tried to tell me she collected stuff that was in there to try and save face as if I actually cared or was judging her, meanwhile it was a bunch of dirty pails that looked like they hadn’t been touched since she moved in. She wasn’t collecting anything. Again, I couldn’t care less about these things but she was deathly afraid of being perceived as being judged for what’s in her house. The vulnerable narcissism runs deep with this one.

Eventually I got her into the car, took her to Shephard’s Pub around the corner and I finally got some food in me. We talked for 2 hours about science, interesting topics from things we had read, until I mention something related to physics and the show The Big Bang Theory, where I mention Sheldon is an intellectual narcissist, where you always think you’re right no matter what. It was at this very moment where her whole demeanor and face changed, as if it were a trigger word. She immediately lost her appetite, left all the food there and wanted to be taken home.

By the time we got back she just said “Byeeee” and left. I hadn’t even looked up reverse directions to get back to my place, as my directions hadn’t worked in the way there. She was definitely pissed, likely about not getting what she wanted, and being made to feel insecure, which for vulnerable narcissists is a big no no. For malignant narcissists it’s even worse. Instead of talking things out as to why she was upset like an adult, she just acted like a phony and pretended nothing was wrong. This is likely how she was brought up to resolve problems, being passive aggressive instead of discussing things, it’s a learned behaviour.

She didn’t even want me back in her house, and made up a story about needing to go to her brother’s place to see if she left a bunch of stuff at his place. I wasn’t going to argue as I could barely form sentences at that point, it was 6 pm and still no sleep, so I left.

When I was at my gym, I even talked to my cardiologist friend to see what might be going on health wise with someone who snores, and he explained tonsils and adenoids only put pressure on the trachea, that removing them doesn’t cure snoring because pressure can be created in other ways, particularly by corsets as well as drinking heavily which relaxes the trachea, causing it to flap open, thus snoring.

Eventually I start wondering the next day whether she may have left those things at my place, and instead of tearing my house apart looking for anything I decide to message her brother to see if she got what she was looking for, I just wanted to do right by her. I wasn’t going to mention I was at her place, or that she was at mine, because I just didn’t feel like it was appropriate, however in hindsight if I had done that, he wouldn’t have been so weirded out by such a random question. When he told me she never actually went there and all she needed to do was call to see if her stuff was there, I immediately knew she was lying the day before when I left and became perturbed, which he noticed.

What he then decided to do was tell Victoria that I was looking for her, as if I was trying to track where she was as if she was a celebrity worth being tracked. For what purpose I don’t really know, it’s not like someone is selling her pictures to a fucking tabloid. I find it amazing how otherwise uninteresting people think everyone is fucking obsessed with them and following them. This is again, born out of narcissistic delusional fantasies. Victoria has never in her life had an actual stalker who has driven to her location, her work or home, and confronted her like an actual stalker would. People gossiping online isn't really stalking if there is no end goal of in person contact, or inflicting some sort of harm where the victim has legitimate and reasonable fear for their own safety and security of person, it’s just gossipers gossiping.

She then asks me why I’m trying to find out where she is, and I’m literally still brain fogged from being up 24 hours straight, I didn’t even know how to respond to the lunacy I was hearing. I didn’t even understand why he would say something so ridiculous, until I figured it out later, that he didn’t understand I was at her place and she was at mine, that I was just looking for her stuff which might be at my place, it had nothing to do with finding out where she was for any purpose. Why would I care, what difference would it make, and why would I need to track someone if I already knew their home address and where they worked? I already know where she’s at 90% of the time, sitting at home with her cats while seeking attention on social media. The fact Victoria thinks people care about where she is at all times is hilarious… here’s a guess – Victoria is reading this right now while doing nothing productive, while I wait for my floors to be done.

After finally putting the pieces together a long time later and realizing this was just a misunderstanding, I decide to call her to explain things, and if she still didn’t listen to reason then I’d know she was basically batshit crazy and just be done with it. Her pseudo celebrity personality came into full force, I asked if she had time to talk, and she immediately made a snide remark “Sorry dahhling, it’s not” and hung up, and deleted and blocked me on Facebook. I was like “Seriously? You’re this childish and delusional?” It reminded me of that hilarious video where a girl is wearing a head scarf and dark glasses trying not to be noticed after getting 30 likes on Instagram, because she now thinks she’s a hounded celebrity. Like “Please, no autographs, no selfies, I’m too important to deal with the peasants today, tell my fans they can catch me in my next Instagram video starring moi and the most anti-aging, slimming filter available, of course”

After trying to reason with her to no avail, explaining why she was actually upset, it was like trying to reason with a narcissistic toddler. I said “fuck it”, and met up with my buddy Tristram, and we immediately head to the bar. We met another mutual acquaintance at the bar, and the heavy drinkers start feeding me drinks, and I was drinking heavily on an empty stomach. Usually I’m a zen, measured, calm, stoic book of secrets when I’m sober, however give me three jell-o shots and I’ll tell you anything you want to know.

As I’m telling them both about the events that had just transpired, they become hugely interested. At some point our crazy mutual acquaintance tells me “Do you want me to message her?” and I refuse, I didn’t want multiple accounts messaging her telling her off as if I was trying to gang up on her, that just wasn’t what I was trying to convey. I wanted to message her on my phone but couldn’t even see my phone at that point from empty stomach drinking, and we’re all drunk at this point, so still time to make one more bad decision. He grabs the phone out of my hand and I can’t even fight back, I just laugh. He starts typing away and we’re all laughing including people at surrounding tables who found my entire story riveting. I explain what to say, and he tells me I’m being a bitch and to finally tell her off, at which point he uses everything I explained throughout the night to assemble one giant evil message, and then says “Don’t worry I’m not pressing send”. None of the message was technically incorrect, it was just very, very mean.

I notice the next day, the message was sent anyway before he gave my phone back. I then complain to him and he reasoned that it was necessary, that I would get no closure unless I called her out on her bullshit, but he still felt bad. I find him soon after at the bar and he tells me he has significant mental health issues, trauma from raising a kid that wasn’t his for years (he has reservations with women to say the least and has no problem being mean to them). I decide to forgive him, move on, and just keep my distance.

However, the next morning after the text was sent and I’m still drunk from the night before, her brother messages me telling me to stop messaging his sister over and over or else he’s going to lose his patience. I don’t blame him at all really, he’s just a guy defending his sister from whatever lies she’s telling him. I went back and counted about 6 messages in total. Victoria simply doesn’t know how to tell the truth. The lies she spews through the pubes in her teeth are just endless. It’s hard to describe what’s it’s like to have someone threatening you to stop talking to someone I have no interest in talking to. What was I going to do, continue trying to reason and have an adult discussion with someone who is mentally 13? But really, the threats were hilarious coming from him. Lose his patience? And do what, hunt me down to gross me out with his child porn in hopes that I would vomit, keel over and die?

I knew I would never see her creepy, insufferable brother anywhere. But if he decided to make good on his threats, it would be the only reason I ended up seeing him anywhere, so if I saw him somewhere following me, I told him there wouldn’t even be a fight. It would be over in less than 1 second, because that’s all the time it would take to knock his ass out. Victoria then posted that I wanted to find and beat up her brother, which was again, false. It’s not like she was a teenager at the time, she was 27 acting like this. Not much has changed even after 6 years it seems.

I knew he was just being a keyboard warrior, and these kinds of people who make threats never actually follow up on them. I knew this, and since I was drunk and pissed off from trying to talk reason with a narcissist, I decided to fuck with him, fruitlessly. Since it was a fruitless, pointless endeavor it was stupid of me and shouldn’t have even bothered, but then again with alcohol there’s never not enough time to make one more dumb decision. See Victoria? That’s how you take ownership of your own decisions. Learn from the example of an adult, I have no expectations for children or narcissists to be able to learn from others and be introspective.

She did, however, get a mutual friend of ours to threaten me to stop “filling up her inbox with hundreds of messages, and driving by her house”. Isn’t driving by someone’s house a teenage thing? Apparently, this is what Victoria made up afterwards, which could only come from someone mentally 15 years old. Not only could I not message her, I would never even be able to find her stupid house again after getting lost the first time trying to find it. Not only that but my car wasn’t even loud enough to be heard from outside someone’s house, it’s just a V6 Camaro. Not only that but there were never “hundreds of messages” of anything, and to prove this I sent this girl screen shots of our last exchanges, I wasn’t about to start arguing, the proof was all right there. I tried explaining things to her and she left, I didn’t find out if she gave my side of the story, it doesn’t matter. But leave it to a vulnerable narcissist to make it seem like everyone is after her and will go to endless lengths to get to her, like she’s the Ark of the Covenant. If you’re going to lie about me you could at least come up with something more believable. If I were an actual stalker who was as dangerous and pissed off as Victoria enjoys claiming, this thread wouldn’t even exist. Victoria has no idea what a dangerous man actually behaves like. If she had ever come into contact with an actual dangerous man, he would’ve killed her and made it look like an accident years ago, especially knowing exactly where she lived and worked. But there she sits, spreading lies about everyone with no repercussions. She talks shit like someone who has never been in a fight in her life, I know the type. She should hit her knees and thank the good lord I’m a level headed, fair and objective adult who thinks she’s just silly, and would much rather see her grow the hell up and stop spreading lies about me to everyone like a petulant teenager. The men she dates are largely flaccid spineless beta girly boys who never stand up to her, which is why those relationships last the longest until she gets bored or they leave her. I was probably the first person to stand up to her nonsense, well ever. She couldn’t handle an alpha putting her in her place and calling her out on her shit if her life depended on it. Which is why she freaked out, misinterpreting everything I was saying at her place as judgements and had such a visceral reaction to those nonexistent judgements. This is the behaviour of vulnerable narcissism.

Her brother seems to have gotten himself in some trouble with child porn, and typical of Victoria in an attempt to bash and discredit his ex-girlfriend, Victoria claimed she would go into this early teen-like paraphilic immature state, some sort of fetish of hers. It sounds to me like that’s why her brother was with her in the first place, he was into young immature girls in their early teens, she was into presenting herself as a young immature girl in her early teens. Way to defend your brother, Victoria! Remind me never to hire you as my lawyer. “Your honor, my client couldn’t possible have murdered that man, he was clearly mentally ill and had fantasies about being murdered”. Good job. Victoria also thinks you can use the justice system to your every whim, lie your ass off about events and expect police to take your side without asking for actual evidence and full text conversations, which they will do. The police don’t operate under the pretense of “Just take my word for it, I’m a girl”. A court would immediately see Victoria as batshit crazy, hysterical, and all anyone would need to discredit her is literally any of the screenshots of her texts on this site, which include her using a friend with cancer to bash and make up lies about one of her clients. That is an extremely new low I didn’t think was possible. Apparently, Victoria is banking on people not having eyes with the ability to read screenshots, because the proof is all there, and yet she continues to gaslight. Apparently, Victoria has never read the legal fine print on what “nonrefundable deposit” means. This is only nonrefundable if the client cancels, if the artist cancels for any reason whatsoever, the client has the option for a refund. There is no “valid reason” argument when an artist cancels, because the law doesn’t recognize a legal definition for what’s considered a “valid reason” to cancel an appointment. This is due to the fact an artist can simply fabricate a reason regardless of actual circumstances, and everyone’s opinion of what constitutes a valid reason is subjective and entirely different. Victoria, stop being a fucking cunt just because you have no financial skills and feel entitled to steal from people. Stop using your friend with cancer to make up lies about what your client obviously didn’t say, and give the woman her money back. For ONCE have some integrity, and be an adult and professional.

4 weeks after I attempted to call her, I get a notification from Victoria’s fanpage since I hadn’t yet unliked it. I decide to write on there the story of Victoria trying to bust my balls for not being a smoker, and not having tattoos. See, when someone gets tattooed, the one thing they hate more than anything is other people judging them for what’s on their skin. By judging me for what’s on my skin, she has become everything that she hates most. A total hypocrite. Plus, being a teenage edgelord who thinks the only cool people are those that are edgy enough to get tattoos and smoke cigarettes, the childish arrested development on display is astounding. Has anyone over the age of 13 ever thought like this? Again, signs of covert narcissism and emotional immaturity follow.

In my comment on her Fanpage I really didn’t know how to describe this relationship, we were friends for 10 months but we did things that I wouldn’t exactly do with friends, we kissed at her place when she was sitting on the couch and I had to stand up straight again because I was passing out bending over from low blood sugar. So instead of using that word “friendship” I used the word “relationship” in a general sense, as I have done here many times. Your friends, your family, your boss, your coworkers, these are all your ‘relationships’. However, she manipulates how she is perceived with more gaslighting, trying to paint us as not even as friends but mere acquaintances who barely had any personal conversations, which quite frankly makes no sense. Why would she invite an acquaintance she barely knows back to her place after a party? So much for claiming to be unattainable. Her usual MO is to screenshot texts and badmouth them on her social media. In a very cheap effort to paint me as crazy, she deletes my comment instead and uses that as an opportunity to make the ridiculous and unbelievable claim that I thought we were in a romantic relationship for the period of time we were friends on Facebook, the narcissistic rage and manipulation is just unreal with this one. She has stuck to that lie basically ever since and is continually what she tells other people about me. I don’t know if Victoria misinterpreted what I said, which would make her not entirely bright, or if she deleted my comment and willfully spun what I said in order to make me look bad to everyone she can bring me up in conversation with, which would make her a manipulative fucking cunt. So, which is it?

She of course, freaked out when reading my comment on her fan page, claimed I made the whole thing up, and claimed I was obsessed over something that happened MONTHSSS ago (it was only 4 weeks prior). Again, trying to manipulate how others perceive her by lying, never owning up to any of her actions and trying to paint everyone else as crazy and obsessed with her. She even said I should go to prison for calling her out on her bullshit. I would have paid to see the expression on the officer’s face, not when she made up all her lies, but after he reviewed all the evidence that was available and noticing it doesn’t remotely reflect the ridiculous fantasy she is spewing. Claiming I sent her hundreds of messages when I went back and checked to reconfirm, I hadn’t spoken to her for 2 weeks before I called her, and the one conversation we had before that was about something she was drawing on a drum kit, so much for the “hundreds of unanswered messages” horse shit. Her ass must get jealous of all the shit that gets spewed out of her mouth, which based on allegations from the people she has lived with, is really hard to do.

Victoria, you do realize you need to submit your entire unaltered conversations to police if this is something you actually want to do, and that if they’re altered on your end, they will show different on the other person’s end which will completely destroy your credibility right? You realize that all it takes is 1 lie for the police to take nothing else you say seriously, not only for your current claim but also for additional claims going forward that you enjoy making about everyone stalking you and being obsessed with you, right? You will be the girl who cried “stalker”. Always claiming everyone is chasing you, driving to your place, invading your house, when this has literally never happened. Eventually you will piss someone off who is actually dangerous, they will find you, and the fact you’ve never been in a fight in your life won’t help you. FYI videogames don’t count as combat training. The one constant I‘ve seen among actual skilled fighters is they never go around telling everyone how skilled and dangerous they are. This is the realm of the least skilled people with little or no fighting experience who are desperate for everyone to think they’re dangerous and can destroy anyone with their bare hands. Victoria, you continue to overestimate your abilities and believe you’re way more skilled than you are (Dunning Kreuger and NPD say hello again)

For vulnerable narcissists the usual reaction to either liking someone or doing anything slightly more than friends with them, and then it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, is to pretend like none of it ever happened for fear everyone will think they’re even slightly attainable. The fewer romantic interests they have the more unattainable they appear to be, thus the hiding of casual sexual encounters on their social media, only showing longer term relationships. Again, manipulating how they’re perceived. Victoria, your reputation already precedes you, you don’t have to keep up the façade. Then again when I was helping Victoria get home she was drunk and falling over, tripping on the grooves in the sidewalk, so it’s more than possible she blacked out and can’t remember anything the night I was at her place. I have friends who can’t remember long stretches of time over a night from drinking far less than she did. Victoria tried to claim nothing ever happened, maybe she wants everyone to believe I slept in the driveway. So, was she lying or just drunk? We’ll never know, perhaps both. Victoria is like Schrodinger’s drunk narcissist (quantum superposition physics joke that like 2 of you got)

A month goes by and I was talking to a friend of mine named Megan. Megan, at the time, was dating a guy named Quinton. These two actually went to my gym at one time. I discover based on intuition in conversation that she knew Victoria, evidently they had a falling out previously and I picked up on it based on her mentions of an “icy internet queen”, I mean who else could that be? I told her about everything that happened, Megan hated Victoria at least at the time. Another month goes by and Megan breaks up with Quinton. Megan immediately found him on Victoria’s Instagram page right after. Megan thought it was funny, because he was “possessive and controlling” like she was, so she knew it wouldn’t last. We thought it would be funny if she was somehow warned about him, and Megan certainly wasn’t doing it since she blocked Victoria already, so I decide to use my backup account to do it, which has my name and face on it.

Victoria immediately blocked the message, of course, at which point Megan said “She’s a fucking joke”
Eventually the conversation moved around to perhaps I should’ve warned Quinton about her instead. I explained half of me thought that was funny, and the other half of me couldn’t care less since I only warned her as a laugh with no expectation that she would heed an ounce of advice. Megan then said “Oh my goddd doooo ittttt”, and with a perturbed expression I said to myself - perhaps I shouldn’t be so cynical about this. Perhaps maybe, relationships can be positive influences in our lives, that we can learn and grow from. Perhaps maybe, this new relationship can be a learning opportunity where this Quinton can understand what he’s in for, what specifically needs to be addressed in order for Victoria to finally see some emotional maturity, some personal growth, and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, there will be an off chance that she will actually grow up, and not feel the need to spread lies about me to everyone she knows. Wouldn’t that perhaps be the best outcome?


What an idealistic, naive idiot I was. I decided to tell Quinton about her immaturity, busting my balls for having no tattoos and for not smoking. Of course, to tell him that story I told him where I was, at her place where we met for the first time, and she noticed I had no tattoos because my clothes were at the end of her bed where they were covered in filth. He put two and two together and tells Victoria something to the effect of “Some guy is making you look like a cheap easy whore”. He didn’t actually tell Victoria right away after I messaged him, he saved that for when they broke up. I know this because it was actually like 7 months later in August when Tristram, the guy who added her on all social media a few weeks after I told him about her, screen grabbed one of her status updates mentioning me in it, and he told me about it and showed it to me. I recalled that was the date, so I’m assuming Quinton sat on that information for quite a while.

Now, let's analyze that for a second. If, hypothetically, Victoria decides to have sex with someone who she’s been talking to for months and months, is that whore behaviour? No. However, Victoria previously tried to claim that she and I only had like two conversations, that I had no reason to be upset at any of her antics since we “barely talked at all” and hardly knew each other, were just acquaintances, all to try and do her usual MO of painting people as crazy and obsessed with her without actually knowing her. See, if she bothered to tell the fucking truth for once, that we had been talking for 10 months, she wouldn’t have looked so bad having me over to her place! Oh, the irony. Sometimes Victoria’s lies make her look worse than she otherwise would. I didn’t even mention anything about sex in my message, he just read into my message what wasn’t there. I don’t really see why it matters one way or the other, because she wouldn’t be a cheap easy whore for hooking up with someone she had been talking to that long, on principle. But then again, she was desperate to try to appear as much like an unattainable nun as possible at the time, however it seems that ship has sailed since she’s doing what narcissists do which is brag openly about their sexual prowess as of late. You have to understand what’s really going on with Victoria’s supposed sexual posts. She’s not saying she will do this with just anyone. She is openly posting it because the attention from men is drying up, as does happen to women at some point, and her DM’s are starting to look like shopping at a second-hand store, where everything is questionable at best and gross as fuck at worst. Quinton eventually messaged me after they broke up, he noticed everything I said was basically coming true, her manipulation, her emotional immaturity, but he had zero interest in buying into her shiz, as he put it.

No. 800088

Apparently, Megan was a photographer at a wedding photoshoot and can be found on here saying she wished she had original pictures of how fat Victoria looked, and that she was actually size 12 or whatever it was, I don’t remember. The two-faced friends never seem to end. more on that later. Would I have even messaged Victoria or Quinton if it hadn’t been for Megan egging me on? No. Would Quinton have broken up with Victoria eventually anyway? Obviously. Megan is just an insecure, dopey airhead who fucked a sketchy guy one time after he got out of prison. She got pregnant because apparently, felons and responsibility don’t exactly mix, either that or he was too dumb to use contraception or even pull out, and she had to start a new life. I remember her posting what foods were best to eat while pregnant or something to that effect, worrying about how it would affect her unborn offspring. While pregnant she then posts a photo of herself with her new baby daddy, both of them smoking a cigarette. Apparently, cigarettes weren’t the obvious thing to avoid while pregnant, but sure we’ll seriously question if meat is ok.

I simply commented “Still smoking?” and someone else commented after “OH MY GOD THAT’S THE MOST DISGUSTING THING EVER” which wasn’t the tone I was trying to portray, however she freaked out and blocked him for freaking out, and blocked me for bringing it up. She has hated me ever since because of that, not exactly the brightest bulb but whatever. I don’t know if she made up with Victoria but if so, it wouldn’t surprise me there are a few two-faced girls who are her friend to her face but are entertained by her antics and gossip on pages such as these, one of those two faced friends is the one who showed me this ridiculous site to begin with.

Tristram, the barber, later adds Victoria on Facebook and Instagram soon after I told him about her, where he tries to hit on her, which I think is hilarious considering the nightmare of a story I shared with him. He’s just a typical timid, overly beta male trying to get laid with whatever he can find. He was hypnotized by her cartoon levels of photoshop. He and I had been going to metal shows, and since he follows Victoria on Instagram, wouldn’t you know it we go to a metal show and she shows up, and he ends up meeting her for the first time. He thought she was catfishing as she looked nothing like her pictures, and she stuck her hand in his face hoping he would kiss it, which he thought was rather weird and stuck up of her, as he put it. I didn’t care as I was laughing on the inside the whole time. She tried to give me the cold shoulder as much as possible, hoping it would piss me off, I couldn’t help but laugh at the childishness. She shoved me with her elbow from behind, so I threw a napkin at her head when she was walking away a few times. She again goes to her usual claim that I’m a stalker spreading lies about her, at which point I challenge her to name a single one, which she had no answer and walked off.

She had on her usual overly white face makeup and drunkenly done red lipstick, I’m not going to say exactly what she looked like but my first thought was “wow, it was great you were able to escape that invisible box to be here tonight”. She had a couple of beta orbiting fat guys and neck beards pining over her. It’s just funny since her dating pattern is exactly like someone with NPD, where she only dates people she thinks can raise her social status and reflect well on her, people with some sort of talent, artists etc, so the neckbeards and fat guys have no idea they’re wasting their time simping for her, showering her with attention. Usually people grow out of this phase when they’re no longer teenagers, but leave it to Victoria to remain in a state of immature arrested development. I actually have a funny story about this topic but I won’t be telling it quite yet, it’s something no one expects and will make her head explode, so unless she goes into a fit of narcissistic rage, denies everything and makes up more lies, we’ll let this story sit for now.

No. 800090

File: 1602826120253.png (671.51 KB, 1024x2048, Vicky Tells No Truths.png)

Which brings me to how I found this website to begin with. I had a friend named Kayla Marie Arsenault who has been briefly mentioned on here. I don’t think Victoria reads anything on here because Kayla was never mentioned before Victoria started blaming everyone on here for her 28th suicide attempt. The day I met Kayla in person, she tells me “This plastic bimbo barbie doll with every plastic surgery job in the world named Victoria is messaging me about you, saying you’re obsessive and a stalker and not to hang out with you”. If I was just a liar like Victoria, I would have simply agreed and said “Yeah she’s this fat bimbo with plastic surgery”. I am a man of principle, and just don’t believe in making things up to make others look bad, so I said Victoria has no plastic surgery, everything is real, except for the photoshop, the constant filter use, the hair extensions, the oversized eyelashes, the over-done makeup, and everything that comes out of her mouth. That’s all fake. Kayla and her friends still think Victoria has botox because of what’s going on with her eyebrows, but to be frank I really don’t care, people can do as they like. Apparently, Victoria is too foolish to realize a girl she has never met isn’t going to hide the shit talking she does to someone that girl knows in person. Kayla sent me all the screenshots of Victoria’s messages, and long after that shares with me all the details of her chats with Victoria over webcam and everything else. Like this one for instance:

No. 800091

According to Kayla, Victoria has been hiding evidence of her messages by demanding people delete her messages on their end of the phone or laptop. She does this with Kayla, and anyone else with incriminating messages apparently. It seems she has been caught a few times with her lies; else why would she go to this trouble? She deletes her side of the conversation in order to paint others as obsessing over her, so that when she shows conversations to someone, she can make it appear that person is sending tons of messages to her without any response. Something she seemingly did with my messages I suspect.

Kayla found this site and gets a kick out of watching everyone bash Victoria relentlessly, knows that Victoria has a fake accent, calls Victoria a phony, but still stays friends with her because Victoria has done modeling, and Kayla is trying to find model friends to help further her once every 2-6 months modelling career. It’s funny how Victoria enjoys manipulating whatever friendship she has, claiming she is great friends with Kayla, a girl she has never met and never intends to, yet merely acquaintances with me, a guy who slept (or at least tried to fucking sleep) next to her in her bed. All to virtue signal to a bunch of people about how great a person she is, and how “crazy and obsessed” everyone else is.

Fun fact, if you listen to the main character’s British accent on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the spiritual Castlevania Symphony of the Night remake done by its creator without Konami, her accent sounds identical to Victoria’s. The thing is, the voice actor who plays the character is also faking the accent, since she’s not British. This is just what fake British accents come out like. It’s possible Victoria is mimicking one of her family members, or perhaps someone on TV or in movies. If you only live in a country for 2 or 3 years or so you aren’t picking up anything, this has been widely known as an obvious fact. Additionally, Northern Irish accents are extremely harsh, very Irish sounding. If Victoria came from there and got her accent from there then she would sound like a Leprechaun. If you’re unaware you can Youtube what a Northern Irish accent sounds like, it’s incredibly harsh and nothing like Victoria’s. Her brother was even younger when they immigrated so of course he has no accent.

I think this is like when Jordan Schlansky from the Conan O’Brian show, who has severe Asperger's syndrome, wanted to find himself an identity outside of where he lived and grew up (New Jersey and California). So, he picked Italy likely after finding out his heritage on Ancestry.com or something. He obsessed, as autistic people do, over every single aspect of their culture and history, and visited the country an absurd number of times, visiting every city, learning every custom and speaking Italian perfectly. It’s the formation of a new identity different from those around you, for those who seek to be perceived as special and unique (are you counting the NPD symptom criteria with me?)

This seems to be what Victoria is doing, with her claims of being close enough to British culture that she thinks it’s appropriate to vote on important things like Brexit. Britain, and many other countries, disallow you from voting if you leave before voting age, which is 18. Even if you are 18 when you leave, you can‘t continue voting if you don‘t return for 10 years as a permanent resident. You’re just no longer seen as someone who has any place determining what goes on in that country which greatly affects the citizens there. Everyone in home countries hates those who leave who have this antiquated view of their country and acts in that antiquated way. My Czech friends say the same thing. People who haven’t been back in decades as permanent residents and have no idea how much it has changed, and have this antiquated view of the country while it continues to change and advance. The person who left years ago can’t stop talking about the good old days and continue old rivalries which were long ago resolved in the home country (like The Troubles era in Northern Ireland), the home country residents can’t stand it.

Anyway, the first day I met Kayla she also told me she has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which is where someone is deathly afraid of abandonment, but will act in such a way where abandonment becomes certain. They often attempt suicide as a cry for attention and sympathy, usually by swallowing pills where they know they’ll be discovered after, which has a dramatically high survivability rate of 98% believe it or not. They experience mood volatility where they express extreme rage over incredibly small things, and also tend to have arrested development and emotional immaturity, again, nothing is ever their fault, they take no me or responsibility for any of their actions, and so their life experiences don’t allow them to grow as individuals where they learn from introspection. Kayla tends to catastrophize things which is part of the illness, making a big deal and huge drama seemingly out of thin air, same as Victoria. She will fabricate stories and things people did or said in order to garner attention and sympathy, and she desperately wants this attention and sympathy from anywhere she can get it, positive or negative.

Of course, I didn’t know any of this information regarding BPD at the time, and the first day I met Kayla she tells me the police have a record of her attempting suicide 11 times. Statistically, after every suicide attempt the likelihood someone will attempt again goes up 10%, which means her likelihood is all but guaranteed. This is something I would learn people with BPD do on a regular basis when they can’t handle their volatile emotions. At first, I just thought she was depressed, and as a fitness trainer I knew I could use the gym to get her in shape since she desperately needed to lose weight, as well as alleviate a lot of her depression symptoms. I took her grocery shopping, showed her what to eat to not have insulin crashes and to get into a calorie deficit. I tried to get her to stop eating junk food, and just wanted to be there on what I hoped would be a positive recovery journey. I only ever had time to drive her to my gym about 3 or 4 times, and noticed her place was always looking like a graveyard of candy wrappers from candy only children would be interested in, just sugary garbage shit in general. I could see she wasn’t being serious. So, I stopped making the time commitment given she wasn’t willing to make any lifestyle changes or commitment to improving in any way, like a child. Most trainers can tell immediately when someone isn’t serious and drop them if they flake out but I really wanted to give her a chance.

Since I was the only person in her life helping her without expecting anything in return, and every other guy was hitting her up for no reason other than to get laid, Kayla wanted a relationship with me eventually. If you guessed she would eventually attempt suicide yet again because I wasn’t interested and had an argument about it, you guessed right. I had zero interest in her childishness, explosive rage issues and constant lying, it was just nothing I needed in my life from a relationship standpoint. I would know a particular fact or set of circumstances, ask Kayla about it to see if she would lie, and virtually every time she made up a lie to make herself look better, and she couldn’t figure out why I would ask a question to which I already knew the answer. She couldn’t figure out that I was trying to see if she had an ounce of honesty or integrity and she failed virtually every time. I’m guessing her IQ is around 87. Mine is 148. Apparently, Victoria stole my story about that, funnily enough. I told her I was tested as a child, she told me she was never tested for IQ by professionals. Eventually she stole my story about being tested as a child which is what she now tells people, but you’ll notice she added just 1 IQ point to her fabricated score of 149, because she can’t bear the thought of being equal or lesser intelligence than anyone else she knows, especially me. That’s actually kind of hilarious. I have another friend who does the same thing – steals stories in order to make himself look better to others, all to manipulate how they’re perceived.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and confirm your biases and say that Victoria is stupid with low cognitive function, even though it may seem that way sometimes. The opposite of intelligence is stupidity; however, the opposite of wisdom is foolishness and a lack of character and perspective. This is where Victoria falters, not stupidity. Her misinterpretation of questions people ask her is entirely willful, she is trying to manipulate everything to control how she is perceived. I can tell the difference, if Victoria was low functioning, I would’ve never been interested in having conversations of any sort with her. Her lack of wisdom and her emotional immaturity has led to her being incredibly arrogant, pompous, attacks others personally who challenge or say anything contrary to what she thinks, the Dunning Kreuger effect is extremely strong with this one. She watches a few YouTube video or listens to one self-proclaimed expert on Instagram and she thinks she knows everything. This isn’t stupidity, it’s foolishness. If you’d like more examples of otherwise smart people saying the most foolish lunacy you’ve ever heard, watch most liberal arts school academic’s opinions on post modernism, Marxism, feminism, gender studies and critical race theory.

Victoria is the opposite of a pragmatist, and so she has somewhat magical, unrealistic thinking. She actually deleted me once over a minor disagreement where I agreed with Neil Degrasse Tyson and said the future of the human race is not to be found travelling to other planets. If we are to fix problems on Earth, then we need to figure out how to do that here, travelling to Mars where everything is infinitely worse is not going to increase our survivability likelihood. Victoria not only thought I was stupid for believing this, she said she was disappointed in how stupid I must be to not think that travelling on a space ship to far away galaxies for millions of years on a space ship was the way the human race would best survive. You know, in case an Asteroid hits Earth, or if Aliens visit Earth and are also hostile to us rather than nice like E.T. (She actually surmised about aliens possibly coming to Earth and their likelihood of being hostile) Someone should probably inform Victoria that even if 10 asteroids hit Earth, we would still have a higher chance of surviving as a species on Earth than attempting a 100 million year space ship ride, where uncountable numbers of asteroids and space junk would likely destroy the ship long before we got anywhere. For the record I do think there are aliens, and they are intelligent, and that is precisely why they’re never coming to Earth; the same reason I don’t visit Alabama.

Victoria’s IQ is nowhere near what she claims (obviously), however IQ doesn’t tell the whole story about intelligence; I think it’s likely a proxy. Victoria’s inability to use proper spelling and grammar is due to being uneducated, not because she is stupid. I can always tell an uneducated person’s writing, however being uneducated doesn’t make you stupid, it’s just limiting your critical thinking capacity because you’re never being challenged by something external. Your feet are never being held to the fire, your ideas are never challenged, and so your critical thinking skills remain very poor. Critical thinking is not inherent with intelligence, it is literally a skill anyone can learn to have superior thinking than even smarter people.

No. 800092

If you read to the end of this, I’ll post the best critical thinking toolset that will make you a better thinking than even most educated people. We need more critical thinking, but quite frankly at this point I would settle for any kind of thinking.

That aside, Kayla became bitter that I didn’t want a relationship, I just wanted to help her sort her life out. She would later make up lies and claim that I was fat shaming her, as if telling someone they need to stop eating junk food and be more active is fat shaming. When she became extremely rude with her explosive rage issues, tantruming like a child, I once stole a chocolate bar out of her fridge as punishment. Funnily enough Victoria completely fabricated a lie about me stealing drugs on here….

I know Kayla didn’t come up with it since she knows for a fact that I’ve never done a drug in my life. I mean if you’re going to fabricate lies about me and slander me with things you pulled right out of your ass that aren’t even remotely close to my character, you could at least do me the service of coming up with something remotely in the realm of possibility that’s believable. Like perhaps tell someone I stole their protein powder or resistance bands. It seems Victoria is projecting since she’s being accused of stealing all sorts of things from her room mates, even previous workplaces years ago, and thinks that’s the best way to paint someone as terrible. Ha! I guess “Cameron made me feel insecure, so instead of having a rational discussion to work through misunderstandings like an adult, I fabricated a bunch of bullshit to make him look bad” was a little too honest and didn’t have the same ring to it.

The irony here is just incredible considering how much she laments others for spreading lies about her. She can’t claim to be better than any of them given her own despicable, childish behaviours and constant lying. Listen Victoria, being an adult means you confront the truth, as I am doing, not making up lies to make others look bad out of petty vindictiveness. That’s what immature teenagers and children do. Face the real truth, take responsibility for it, learn from it and be better.

You do need to realize that people with NPD will constantly fabricate lies, however these are never convincing or good lies, because in reality the only person that needs convincing of the lie is the person with NPD themself. They need to convince themselves that everyone else is terrible, and they are moral, right about everything, and the true victim in every context. They have what’s called an idealized self. They then lie to themselves to make it seem like the idealized self is reality, and will gaslight and manipulate how they’re perceived in order to make it seem like that idealized self is their true self. This idealized self has extravagant success, is highly sought after, is always the victim, is never wrong, and is unattainable because their standards can be afforded to be so high. Anyone counting anymore NPD symptom criteria?

Kayla would eventually become so erratic that she would go on to attempt suicide on the phone when she was having a silly argument when she was being hysterical. I asked her if she was serious, she said yes, that she swallowed a bunch of pills, it was over text so I couldn’t tell if she was making it up. I told her if she’s not just making this up, she needs to call 911, I’m not wasting precious emergency resources over a silly girl’s fake suicide attempt for attention and sympathy. She called 911 after telling them she swallowed pills, which it’s not clear if she actually did or not, and was sent to the psych ward at the hospital for suicidal patients. She got out early because she wanted to celebrate her birthday. I asked her why the hell she attempted suicide over nothing and she said “I don’t know, I was just being stupid”

Then one day I was at her place watching a movie on the weekend, and she had been walking around downtown Kitchener earlier that day. She tells me after the movie was over, in a hysterical tone, that she was raped earlier that day in broad daylight. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her about where she was, what did he look like, what made him stop, what did he sound like, she kept giving me vague answers and “I don’t knows”. She said it repeatedly that she was raped, and to be honest I cried in front of her. I just didn’t want to receive a text the next day from her sister that they found Kayla’s body after swallowing a bunch of pills again. She then said “It’s ok, don’t cry, it didn’t happen to you”.

She would then be sent to the hospital again, where I visited her in the ICU. Her mother and sister were there, and I went over the details of what Kayla told me with her sister, that nothing about this makes sense, but I wasn’t going to be the one to tell her I think it didn’t happen. Her sister looked like this was the 100th time Kayla had been trying to kill herself for attention and was just over it. I can’t imagine what it must be like having someone that dysfunctional in your family, taking up literally all the attention for themselves with their volatile antics. Kayla told me I was the only person other than her mom and sister to visit her in the hospital.

A year went by and Kayla became more and more erratic, making multiple accounts shit posting and starting fights with others when one of her accounts gets suspended. Since she’s on disability, and has been her entire life for her plethora of mental illnesses, personality disorders and rocker bottom feet which make it hard to stand and walk, much less run, she just sits around all day doing nothing. Because she has no purpose or direction in life, she has been relegated to sitting at home stirring up drama anywhere she can find it to entertain herself, usually by fabricating stories about how “everyone is talking about her”.

When Kayla found out about this lolcow site and told me about it, she said she “wasn’t cool enough to have people talking about her”. Kayla thinks attention, people talking about you, is the goal to which she should aspire to. Her face literally lit up with excitement at the very notion someone might be talking about her online. Every time she says people are talking about her, she is HOPING they are talking about her. This is part of her illness but also part of her lifestyle of sitting at home all day on social media taking selfies and doing fuck all else. She needs the drama else her life is flat boring and pointless. This pointless excitement seeking is also indicative of her anti-social behaviours like doing drugs, usually bought by other people since she’s constantly begging for drinks from people she barely knows, and drugs at sketchy parties filled with dirt bags, which I have rescued her from.

One day, when Kayla’s main account banned for repeatedly shit posting, I ask Kayla on her backup account a seemingly innocent question about whether she still had all those TextNow numbers she was messaging me with when she made a status about something to do with her main phone number. She then decides to badmouth me saying I can’t afford a phone plan, as if that was somehow an attack on her by asking such a banal question, again, catastrophizing things. I’m smart enough to have a prepaid phone where I pay 100 bucks per year and have basically all the features I need that people pay 100 bucks per month for. The irony here being, Kayla has never worked a day in her life, gets a top of the line phone with her disability money, an expensive phone plan, cable tv, high speed internet, a place all to her own, all from the Canadian government. And she wants to badmouth others for their phone plans, meanwhile I’m pretty sure Victoria has a prepaid phone as well because she doesn’t know how to take care of them like an adult. Will Kayla shit post about her under the same principle? Ha! Kayla wouldn’t know principles if they bit her in the gunt.

I deleted my question to avoid an argument, at which point Kayla screenshots it and posts it again to shit post about me on her wall. I got sucked up into her endless drama cycle, and she tried to tell me I was “a hater bringing negativity into her life” or some such bullshit. Apparently shit posting about others and playing the victim later is a common behaviour we’re seeing here. Later I find she left something at my place, and I even said I would return it if she simply corrected the record, that what she said about me was a misunderstanding (even though it was just Kayla shit posting for attention as usual) and she wouldn’t even accept that. Like a child with the worst case of arrested development ever, she refused to be seen as responsible for any of her actions, that she might have been wrong about something even if it was misunderstanding, and refused to take back any of the shit posting she said about me to god knows how many people, even if it meant she would have gotten something she wanted out of it. Zero class, zero responsibility, zero character, zero brain cells.

So, I tell her I’ll just throw her cheap top out since she doesn’t care to have it back, even if it meant doing the right thing and taking back her lies and shit posting. She again refuses like an infant, and makes the catastrophizing Victoria-esque claim that I’m now a dangerous predator stalker for not doing what she wants. At this point I’m losing patience, so I decide to mess with her and tell her I’ll just burn the ugly top she left at my place, at which point she lied yet again and said that I was trying to burn her and her things. The lying and catastrophizing never ends with this girl. I really start to lose my patience and I confront her about lying before about being raped. Kayla then apparently assumes I must be as mentally challenged as she is, and proceeds to tell me that she never claimed she was raped, but rather she was attacked by a rapist, and then escaped, and that if she were raped, she would have her vagina checked at the hospital. How you get attacked by a “rapist” who never raped you is beyond comprehension.

No. 800093

I couldn’t fucking believe what I was hearing. She made the whole rape thing up, like career victim Jussie Smollett. Kayla is 4’11, 185 pounds with rounded rocker bottom feet that she has no ability to run on. She isn’t escaping from anything if she gets into an altercation, there is just zero chance of her running from anyone who wanted to attack her for any reason. She literally changed her story from something with a very low chance of happening (being raped in the middle of the day in broad daylight in Downtown Kitchener) to a story with zero chance of occurring. It was just such an insult to my intelligence that she would not only backpedal, but come up with a ridiculous impossible lie in place of her other lie. Her repeated claims of being raped earlier both at her house and at the hospital, where she claimed they checked her vagina and found sand in it, just shows what a lying vile little vomit she is who can’t keep all her dumb lies straight. She wastes government money and resources, wastes space in the psych ward with fake rape accusations, all to beg for attention and sympathy on social media. She adds to the increased stigma rape victims face about being accused of lying about their rape accusations, so they don’t come forward.

No. 800094

File: 1602826318836.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2880, Kayla can't help but keep view…)

I had no idea people with Borderline Personality Disorder could be this bad, but this is the worst of the worst. I did joke that I would punch her in the face if I saw her, for being such a trash human being after everything I did for her, and after making up the amount of lies that she did about being raped, lying about me to all of her Facebook friends, wasting government resources with her fake rape accusations and contrived suicide attempts, the list is endless. At this point she tried to claim I was a dangerous stalker predator who wants to stalk all of her mentally challenged posts, which if you’ve even seen her posts they’re just her begging for attention and sympathy about every minor inconvenience or setback in her life, which is a hilarious notion that anyone is even interested in her nonsense. I wouldn’t waste an ounce of my time looking for either Victoria or Kayla, even though I knew where both lived for quite some time. Kayla still lives right across the street from her parents where she takes advantage of subsidized housing, because if she becomes unresponsive from another possibly staged suicide attempt for attention and sympathy, she can be easily found and revived.

Kayla’s younger sister Allison told me after I drove her home once that she thinks Kayla is just an idiot, and she is completely over dealing with Kayla’s endless drama and attention seeking. I could see it in her demeanor and the particular language she was using at the hospital. I can’t imagine having a sibling this desperate for constant attention and sympathy towards her endless problems.

Kayla repeatedly attempts to claim people are stalking her and talking about her since that’s what Victoria enjoys claiming, which is hilarious quite frankly. There isn’t a single interesting thing Kayla says, about anything. There is zero reason to follow her doing anything. Her entire online presence is dedicated to making up problems out of nowhere, sometimes completely fictional so she can get attention. She even makes her friends’ deaths about her. When her friend died, Kayla could not stop talking about what SHE has lost, a friend, rather than posting about her friend, and what THEY have lost, their life. She repeatedly laments “My friends keep dying on me” like a drama queen little vomit who desperately wants people to feel bad for her when it’s others who are suffering or dying. She laments that her backup account doesn’t get as much attention as her main account, so the notifications don’t come rolling in fast and plentiful enough, which is all she’s after.

Her claims of people talking about her and stalking her are completely imagined, she WISHES someone would stalk her since she has nothing to do and fuck all going on in her life. She needs the drama. She continued talking to one of her ex boyfriends who was physically abusive to her. Kayla denied it repeatedly as usual but eventually admitted to it when she had nothing to lose and felt like telling the truth for once. Then Kayla tried to hook up with another ex-boyfriend who previously got into a fight with the abusive ex-boyfriend, both are basically human trash. I told the other ex-boyfriend Kayla was still talking to her previous abuser who he got in a fight with, and Kayla freaked out and tried to make it seem like she was going to jump out of my moving car. This is what happens childish girls get found out for being vomits. She then made up a bunch of lies about me to try to discredit me to her ex-boyfriend who she just wanted to hook up with. They did of course, and I was so disgusted with her behaviour I deleted her off Facebook. Like a child, she blocked me to try to claim she was rejecting me the whole time, only to later adding me to her burner account she uses when her main one gets banned for shit posting. She claimed I traumatized her by deleting her off facebook, and she had no choice but to be a drama queen about it. Once again, catastrophizing, typical damaged girl behaviour.

Her claims about calling the police about people are also false, because if they were true, the police would have contacted me already, which of course they haven’t; that’s more fabricated bullshit to stir up drama. It’s all made up for the purposes of attention and sympathy from her low-class friends, which are made up largely of mentally challenged whores, strippers, escorts, people selling blowjob and sex tapes on their snapchat and only fans accounts, drug addicts, alcoholics, degenerates, just the bottom of the barrel of society. Her friendship with Victoria is entirely two faced, since Kayla has been on here for months getting a kick out of bashing Victoria and calling her out on her phoniness, and has been sending me screenshots of their conversations and telling me everything they say over video chat, largely about what a lying manipulator Victoria is. She told me Victoria claims she has never been dumped and only rejects men. Based on screenshot evidence as well as my own knowledge, this is a load of horse shit. But, she needs to keep up the image that she is an ethereal goddess nun who spends all her time rejecting men and is constantly being chased, and is unattainable. Meanwhile the screenshot evidence is just astounding and mountainous to the contrary.

The term dollar tree Trisha Paytas for Kayla isn’t even apt, since Trisha Paytas is already the dollar tree Trisha Paytas. Kayla is more like the landfill Trisha Paytas, total trash with a stench that could stun a yakk. If you ever do go out with her expect to be bothered by her to buy her free drinks literally the entire night, whether she actually knows you well or you’re just a random person in the group, only for her to storm off tantruming like a child in the cereal aisle if she doesn’t get her way. She will beg for free drinks literally until she is falling over vomits all over the place from too much alcohol. Her friends have told me in private they don’t like going out with her for this reason, and I’ve tried to communicate this to her to, only for no improvement in temperament, tact, class or common decency to ever take place.

I tried to get Kayla to look inward at how her actions were contributing to all of her problems, but it was no use. Same with Victoria. Zero self-awareness, zero responsibility. Her hypocrisy and proclivity for making up lies on a seemingly endless basis will keep her in a state of emotionally immature arrested development. What’s so ironic is I can see her STILL watching my Snapchat stories, meanwhile I haven’t seen a single thing she has said or posted, because I don’t care. The people who lie about claiming others are stalking them are most often people doing nothing but lurking through others’ shit.

No. 800095

Now, as for steps forward, Victoria, Kayla, and anyone else reading this can either do two things. You can face reality, use your experiences as learning opportunities, seek better therapy from someone with a PHD, actually tell your therapists the truth instead of trying to make yourselves look as good as possible to your therapist. I find some people seek therapy for no reason other than self-validation, where they lie their ass off and act like a total phony to their therapist in hopes of being told they’re not narcissistic and right about everything, which is a giant waste of money. You don’t need to impress them, they probably already know you’re lying about everything but will be happy to take your money so long as you’re willing to give it to them under the guise that you’re being “treated”. Or you can go back to your default childish ways of denying absolutely everything, claiming everyone else except you is crazy, a stalker, obsessed, or whatever other ridiculous epithet you choose, and your life experiences will amount to zero personal development and growth. My prediction is Victoria will simply have a fit of what’s called ‘narcissistic rage’, where she will vindictively seek to gaslight and deny everything, as per usual with those with NPD, and vindictively spread lies to attack anyone who is calling her out on her bullshit, even if the intent is to help her do some self-reflection, introspection and perhaps improve herself. You likely won’t hear “Yeah you have a point, I should have acted more appropriately, I should have sought to listen and understand rather than jump to conclusions, I shouldn’t have been passive aggressive, I shouldn’t have tried to manipulate with lies and gaslighting, and I will conduct myself with more tact and self-respect in the future, and I apologize”
I’m not going to be overly cynical and claim there is a 0% chance of Victoria becoming an adult. Personality is actually not as fixed as we used to think it was, people are far more malleable than we thought even as they get old.

It’s your choice, your approach to life and the way you conduct yourself will affect all your relationships going forward, so choose wisely. All of you. Yes, even me.

Here’s your critical thinking toolset for those who read this far, I’ll give you this one for free. It will make you an infinitely more complex thinker just doing this mental exercise – write a few paragraphs as to why you’re right about something you believe, just like you did in high school. This is your thesis. Next, write a few paragraphs giving the absolute best argument as to why your thesis is wrong (not a caricature). This is the anti-thesis, the dialectic process. This process is where everyone fails, and separates true critical thinkers from over 99% of the population, which are mere plebs in this regard. Next, write the synthesis, which is the explanation resolving the first and second pieces. When you start writing your anti-thesis, if you do enough research and do a good enough job at it, your third piece may explain why the anti-thesis is actually superior, and you change your opinion. A miracle has just occurred. The more you understand your anti-thesis, the more it will solidify your beliefs in your thesis if you determine if you find it to be superior, however you must not slack off on analyzing evidence for your anti-thesis, you actually need to understand it. There, you have the basic tools for critical thinking; if you can muster this simple but seemingly impossible task that almost no one actually undergoes, your thoughts will be more advanced, nuanced and interesting than 99.99999% of the population, who simply seek to prove their thesis right and ignore any evidence to the contrary, skipping the dialectic process entirely. This is Hegel’s dialectical method, whose roots stem back to Aristotle, and is seemingly only taught in Philosophy class. So, even if you’re highly educated you may still not have come across proper critical thinking methods.

No. 800096

No one is going to read a single word you post. This is coming from the minority that likes to read the long ass psycho rants people post. I skimmed the first 3 paragraphs of your first post and it’s drivel, I won’t even attempt the rest. Shut up.

No. 800097

It's the only thing worth reading on this entire dumb site, why do you think I hijacked it?

No. 800099

Someone please ban the schizo. This is fucking nuts kek

No. 800101

You started two paragraphes with how fair and balanced you are and going to be. If there is a point under all this, it's burried under your rendition of War and Peace.

No. 800102


'Most of the stuff on here seems to come from low functioning people. It seems no one on here has ever heard of a pushup bra and what it does, or basic lighting differences, or the difference between wigs, weaves and hair extensions, which I just find unfathomable given most of the people on here are likely girls. It seems some of you not only never met Victoria, but you don’t even live in the same province'

Hi, Cow. Please be less obvious. This is embarrassing.

No. 800103

File: 1602829002952.png (4.19 KB, 735x37, thisseemstooeasy.png)


Also, cool file name.

No. 800105

After reading this, you won't need to read anything else on this site, trust me.
I wrote it while my floors were being replaced and I decided all day whether to post, and decided now. It may take you about 30 minutes to read, but think of all the time it will save you never coming back to this site again.

No. 800106

Not exactly. I already explained gossip. Hegel is about critical thinking, which people here clearly lack. But I don't actually care if anyone here reads it, just Victoria, since she desperately needs to know the truth.

No. 800107

Dude, are you on speed? Cocaine? This is insane, man.

No. 800108

This is so sad.

No. 800109

i scrolled past all your textbook wank and everyone else will, too. your ban really can't come fast enough.

No. 800110

Come back when you're off the drugs and 6 months sober, then read through your posts again; you will realise what we all know, that they're psychotic drivel.

No. 800111

Nah, I've skimmed through the posts and it's definitely not Victoria. Her grammar is much worse and even if these posts are nowhere near intelligent, she wouldn't say this about herself.
>I’m not going to be overly cynical and claim there is a 0% chance of Victoria becoming an adult.
I also love how this psycho goes on to talk down on the lolcow users, only to be even more demeaning and vile toward everyone involved in this story than any anon has previously been.

No. 800112

File: 1602830809851.jpg (40.74 KB, 502x353, 1.jpg)


tHE ConTrARiaN

No. 800113

Floors will be done tomorrow, and quite frankly I have nothing to say after this.

I figured most of the people on here would be too stupid with low reading comprehension to read anything longer than 3 sentences, which is fine.
But really, if you do read it I promise it'll probably be the last thing you read on this dumb site. It's better than any of the drivel on here, you might actually learn something, and from someone who's actually been to Victoria's house!

No. 800115


I love how the contrarian is fake british JUST like Victoria. Good night, Tori!

No. 800116

"That aside, Kayla became bitter that I didn’t want a relationship, I just wanted to help her sort her life out. She would later make up lies and claim that I was fat shaming her, as if telling someone they need to stop eating junk food and be more active is fat shaming. When she became extremely rude with her explosive rage issues, tantruming like a child, I once stole a chocolate bar out of her fridge as punishment. Funnily enough Victoria completely fabricated a lie about me stealing drugs on here….

A random paragraph I picked out.

>The only thing worth reading on this site.

No. 800119

File: 1602832231977.gif (6.8 KB, 359x53, so many blessings.gif)

lol that this fucking endless tiresome screed is the end result of Vicky Shingles flirting on FB at 4am

No. 800121

It definitely isn't Vicky. I haven't read it, but I did try to skim some of it. Victoria can't form complete sentences if her life depended on it. I also think this freak outs herself by mentioning her relationship to Vick's friend group, but I'm not reading that shit to find out who it is. Skimming the first few posts was fucking painful. Comes off as baby retard's first dissertation by the pride she takes in it.

No. 800122


'It definitely isn't Vicky' - Vicky

No. 800124

I do think it's funny that people won't take 30 minutes to read one story, yet will spend years of their life, probably hours on end if you add it all up, posting and reading on this dumb site.

I'm not a girl, Victoria doesn't usually let girls in her bed, at least not to my knowledge.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800125


I thought you had nothing to say after this?

No. 800126

I just wanna know what drugs you’ve been taking.

No. 800128

Waaaait a minute, I thought Vicky said she was a sapiosexual.

No. 800129

So I took the 30 minutes to read this.
Not sure why you bothered to include all of the Shit about Kayla; this is a Victoria thread no one cares about that girls mental illnesses and what’s going on with her.

No. 800130

Foolish mortal, our goddess Vicky can be everything all at once, she's an all-encompassing entity with the power to seduce and slay every man

No. 800131


This is so fun to watch in real time.

No. 800133

Cameron Anthony, I’d like you to know that I read your whole rant and had a good laugh. You and Vic are a match made in narc heaven. Takes one to know one.

No. 800134


Just stop. You don't need to give fake names. Victoria, go to bed.

No. 800135

His name is visible in the Snapchat screenshot he posted, and he even named himself in part of his narc rant. It’s not Vic but this guy is definitely a cow in his own right.

No. 800136

Do you anons legit think that it's Victoria or are you trolling?

No. 800138

I'm so sad for you that you think you're being convincing right now.

No. 800139

I read it, and wow it definitely seems that you're a little obsessed man, that happened years ago, you have to let go and try to practice what you preach, because the one making a childish and bitter rant is you. Now thanks for the laugh, but this is pathetic, get professional help and gtfo.

No. 800140

File: 1602839065211.jpg (232.34 KB, 1079x502, Screenshot_20201016-040327_Chr…)

Yeah, he also mentioned his name here, it seems like someone wanted the attention! Kek
Here you have your 2 minutes of fame. Enjoy!

No. 800141

File: 1602839409693.gif (705.72 KB, 275x181, 1552454223020.gif)

>pot calls kettle black

No. 800142

File: 1602839862825.png (278.1 KB, 877x916, unknown.png)

No. 800143

What's Cameron Anthony's Facebook profile?

No. 800144

Can we make “take your meds” a requirement for posting?

No. 800145

File: 1602841612486.gif (1.9 MB, 312x250, Average anonymoose member.gif)

>walls of text
>all of it cringemax posting
>dialectic method
>has no actual understanding of hegel
>Joe Rogan

Ah gea, m'lady mayhaps thou ban was well clænsian.

No. 800149

>writing a 1am sperg out essay about some woman who blocked you 6 years ago
>self doxxing with his own picture in screencaps
I always miss the most retarded shit when I sleep kek.

No. 800153

No. 800154


Damn son! You're judging us for "keeping busy" on a site like this but you have definitely written more in your posts than I have in all my posts combined over the last 5+ years I've been here.

No. 800155

Seeing his autistic mansplaining ranting wall of text essay has been the funniest shit I've seen on lolcow in 2 weeks kek

No. 800157

The worst part is this guy really thinks he said something. The superfluous wording only convoluted any potential points made. I don't recommend any anons waste time reading unless it's your day off. It's just the milkless ramblings of a fedora lacking self awareness.

No. 800158


Same, I read it all in the bathtub and I couldn't stop cackling.

Also, why the fuck would an actual intellectual spend time hanging out with smoothbrains like Vic and Kayla?

No. 800159

Because he's a scrote and will fuck anything.
Something tells me he's one of her fat neckbeard orbiters.

No. 800160

>an actual intellectual

No. 800162

this dude’s essay is fucking nuts but I’m not gonna lie his description of the condition of vicky’s place & his desperate need for sustenance during his overnight stay actually made me laugh out loud. i could picture it so vividly in my mind

No. 800165

What a waste of time. You couldn't find anything more productive to do while your "floors were being done"? What a blow hard. Talk about narcissistic.

No. 800170

“ I don’t see the value in calling Victoria fat”
“I don’t see the value insulting her tattoos”

Yet here you are writing an essay, insulting people for their war piercings, onlyfans and everything else under that sun.

You seen like the type of person that nights candles and gives themselves full mirror eye contact while masturbating.

No. 800171

Oh I have met victoria at the bovine in Toronto. She does smell( she smokes how could she not), her extensions are always old and she is over weight.

No. 800172

No. 800182

File: 1602856216042.jpeg (127.77 KB, 828x896, 52977DE9-1A77-4C49-8D97-8F514D…)

And according to the guy that’s “only here cause his floors are being redone”
Don’t sweep your floors until your cat has no fur left.

No. 800183

File: 1602856347217.jpeg (133.55 KB, 828x1015, D9F0202C-3033-42F7-8B22-1DBB5B…)

“I can be intimidating”
The only thing that’s intimidating about you is how little you care about yourself victoria.

No. 800184

Agree anon.

Hidden within this lengthy amount of word vomit, there were a couple of tidbits. Vic lives in squalor - no surprise. She is triggered by anyone who says the work narcissist - could have guessed that. She eats too many donuts - understandable.

This anon. should've toned done the first year university student level writing mixed with humble brags and just have gotten to the brass tax.

No. 800185

This poster sounds just as bad as Vicky. I love it when delusional narcs try to tear other narcs down for the same things they do.

No. 800188

Oh wow. I see what happened here. Dude went to Victoria's house to get layed, she fell asleep, he acted like a pig, so she made up a story to get away from him. He then begins to contact her desperately while she ignores and blocks him, he contacts her through her friends and family like a stalker. He shows up at bars where she hangs out and throws napkins at her.

Flash forward 6 years and this dude has obsessed and dwelled on this rejection to a fanatical level. Every shower thought, every delayed comeback is written out here in this epic fanfic where he paints himself the bodybuilding intellectual who is the victim of years of misunderstandings. No not stalking and obsessing over a girl you have no problem insulting, just misunderstandings.

In fact, this entire psychotic diatribe is a misunderstanding. You see it had to be done because his floors were getting replaced.

Fuck off chode. Thanks for the laughs. You didn't tell us anything we didn't already know about Victoria and we sure as fuck don't care about you and your pseudo-intellectual assessment of this website.

No. 800189

The way he tried to gloss over or explain away being a creep was the cherry on top of the intellectual sundae.

No. 800192

Yeah this whole rant just came across creepy on his part.

No. 800194

File: 1602857996342.jpg (328.69 KB, 1080x1194, Mary Mary Quite Contrary.jpg)

I'm going to assume this is his profile. A quick scroll through seems to check all the boxes. No sign of his friend Tristam The Barber but I doubt anyone would stay friends with this psycho for very long.

No. 800195

I've never seen anyone try to wank themselves off so hard verbally. I'm in tears. He's trying desperately to convince himself of his own sperg facade, while randomly lashing out about how his floors are being replaced (because he's so above us and doesn't care what we think!)

By the way did you ladies hear he's trained tons of women and is accepting of your extra weight? Jump on it girls

No. 800198

This is exactly the kind of guy I can imagine having standards so low they want to sleep with icky LMAO

No. 800199

>With my blood sugar now at dangerous lows, and my hunger becoming out of control, and it being 3:30 pm and I still haven’t slept; being a lifter who needs 8 hours of sleep and protein every 4-5 hours, my patience had run dry hours prior, and now I’m just fuming. My patience has always been one of my greatest virtues, and it was completely gone.

No. 800203

I dunno anons, I loved every second of this insanity. A lot threads on of Lolcow have been kind of dull lately (which is the fault of the cows, not the site or its users) and I love when cow-adjacent crazies show up with their own shit.

No. 800204

I love the huge bouquet of crazy.

No. 800205

How could that autist write so much

No. 800206

His Facebook is littered with predictable babble and shit posting about transgender folks. This was a fun distraction, but now I am ready for Vic to swing a sword around or for her tooth to fall out.

No. 800207

I didnt read any of his crap, but, fuck me, seeing all this made me feel like I am on reddit.

No. 800209

I read a few paragraphs and there were a couple tidbits that made me laugh mostly due to the sheer ridiculousness of how this is all written. It’s amazing when two narcs collide.

>” When I was at my gym, I even talked to my cardiologist friend to see what might be going on health wise with someone who snores, and he explained tonsils and adenoids only put pressure on the trachea, that removing them doesn’t cure snoring because pressure can be created in other ways, particularly by corsets as well as drinking heavily which relaxes the trachea, causing it to flap open, thus snoring.”

Lmao. Two pseudo-intelligent narcs trying to prove and disprove one’s snoring. Amazing

No. 800210

Someone needs to make a banner with the memorable quotes from this self awareness lacking sperg to end all spergs. I glossed through most of it and couldn't help cackling to myself on multiple occasions.

No. 800211

I saw the words "anti-thesis" and for reason "aristotle" and didn't read more

No. 800214

more like a fake fucking conversation with someone in his head.

No. 800215


met her at the bovine too, haha. which shows was it?

Was she dressed like a prostitute moonlighting as a pirate?

No. 800216

fun drinking game- every time in the first autist post he says fair and objective drink. Any time he contradicts himself drink. Every time he says in two paragraphs anything that could be said in a single sentence, drink. On second thought please don’t. Alcohol poisoning isn’t a good thing. Tbh at first I thought it was that old creepy guy with the one champagne bottle typing this crap up

No. 800222

I can’t believe this random guy just posted a his completely irrelevant manifesto to a fucking gossip site. And the only gossip was dirty floors. Seek help.

No. 800235

Thank you for your psychopathic novel, wherever you are. Shit like this is why I come here. This is better than anything about Vicky. Pure mental illness, hours of enjoyment

No. 800238

File: 1602879687414.jpeg (23.19 KB, 275x271, 9E7EF11C-7EE1-4E0B-8786-26B8AA…)

>drives for 10 hours to Vicks house
>”smfh there’s only a half eaten cracker in the fridge”
>muh proteinbar
>doesn’t even fuck vick
>FUMING because he needs protein every 5th hour
>mentions Sheldon Cooper
>vick fucks off
>messages her brother for some fucking reason like a weirdo
>goes on a decade long tirade about someone named Kayla

Bless this thread.

No. 800244

If anything this rant is just an inside look into the mind of the type of dude ick would bring home.
Good luck with the floors in your moms basement you friggen weirdo.

No. 800248

File: 1602883435179.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, my sides.gif)

I think its time for us to admit we were wrong about Vicky. We all thought Vicky was lying about having stalkers. We absolutely have to give her this one.

She definetly has one and his name is Cameron Anthony and somehow he manages to be more psychotic than Vick.

God bless this thread and thank you for visiting us autismo psycho madlad, I haven't laughed this hard in ages.

No. 800250

File: 1602883741123.jpg (45.52 KB, 720x720, vickys high iq lifter protein …)

He locked his fb down it seems. I guess he got embarassed of his spergout. He removed his wallpaper photo and changed the photo to one from 2015. Too bad it still has his face visible and his town.

No. 800253

Is it just me or does he look like he’s cosplaying Antonio banderas?

No. 800254

Thank fuck he changed dem floors

No. 800255

God, the two of them would make a perfect couple. Pretentious, greasy, dumb, and unhinged.

No. 800256

File: 1602886183352.jpeg (182.44 KB, 828x980, 6B8D1826-88C7-495E-B0A8-A4CA7A…)

I NEED MY PROTEIN BARSSSSS. Yeah we found our guy.
Doesn’t victoria only date and deal with the rockstars and doctors?
Between this guy, the old man and the 20 year old dishwasher ….. not a great track record

No. 800257

Also if you look at his favourite quotes, it appears two of them are his own “iM sO sMaRt” pretentious garbage much like Vicky

No. 800261

>muh bodybuilding and protein~
>ft. the narrow shoulders and thin legs of a young, emaciated amish boy
The cope is palpable.

No. 800266

He looks like a backup singer for nickelback

No. 800268

Lmao why is he so greasy in every photo? Types like an iamverysmart neckbeard and has the face of a 40 year old doughy bartender at a chain restaurant.

No. 800269


ot but the idea of nickelback having backup singers onstage is hilarious

No. 800271

“Welcome to the Olive garden, would you like to start off with some breadsticks” is what I can bear this photo say.
This guy is a stalker

No. 800274

You seriously think Schrödinger, babby's first paradox, is super obscure knowledge?
Wow, Dunning–Kruger indeed.

No. 800275

>The thing is, while I could sense that she felt like she was being judged for having nothing in her fridge, for having filth under her bed, two sinks filled over the top with dirty dishes, I started to see signs of lack of self-care, which may be signs of things like hidden depression where you’re happy around friends but at home you fall into a depression where you can’t be motivated to do anything except whatever gives you dopamine like videogames and art, you stop taking care of yourself.

For an intelleckshual, you have a serious penchant for run on sentences lmfao. I've seen better writing from 8th graders.

No. 800276

So I went back to the thread that Victoria came here in a drunk stupor talking about how this Cameron guy stole drugs. I couldn’t tell if she was talking about from herself or this Kayla character. Seems like Kayla and Vicky are friends.
If she’s socializing with people that do and steal drugs, chances are that why Victoria’s teeth are falling out. Or one of the reasons.

No. 800284

Trailer park boys was a documentary about average Canadians

No. 800286

Jesus this guy is the biggest lolcow there is.
> virtue signaler
> obsessed with their image of being rational and objective, but the only thing you’re good at is trying to rationalize your hurt feels, but you’re clearly overly emotional and it reeks from far away
> thinking you’re being intellectual but you’re spewing captain obvious things from YouTube videos about psychology that you pretend you don’t take your broscience from
> pretend you don’t gossip but you spill the tea, you wrote an entire novel about Victoria and pretending how unbothered you are, and you think you’re better than us who just lurk from time to time and write a comment on a toilet and move on with our days
> you have like 90 IQ and think you’re the shit
> you keep saying how Victoria is unhealthy but you keep busting your own health and pretend you’re the victim here and didn’t just bring that on yourself, you have no self control man, even your writing shows that
> the physics joke and watching Big Bang theory, congratulations, you know something a common 14 years old do, the fact that you think it’s something bragworthy, you are just as narcissistic and delusional as Victoria
> bro, maybe your parents said that you were special and so intelligent when you were 10 but that is long gone, and you’re severely stunted
> maybe if you write 10000 more times that you are objective and smart it will become reality
> absolute autism
> writing an essay about something that could be summed up in 2 sentences and a normal, 100 IQ person would not have to think about twice because it’s obvious
> so unbothered you kept trying to contact Victoria for whatever reason because you probably can’t let go of the gossip she did at you, because your narcissistic ass can’t stand that you’re not seen as you see yourself; you’re no intellectual, just a gymbro with unrealistically inflated ego and hidden insecurities that you project on others and yet scream projection when someone gossips about someone else.

Dude, you’re a cow. The worst kind. You and Victoria deserve each other.

No. 800288

Also I’ve never met anyone so fucking dramatic about themselves, get over yourself, we get it, you lift and you were hungry, no need to write it 1000 times in full essay every time. You’re a joke like ebony raven darkness dementia way.

You’re an absolute beta-cuck, clearly obsessing over Victoria as you pretend you’re unbothered.

But thanks, at least you’ll probably bait her here to spew drunk nonsense we can laugh at, that’s your only accomplishment here besides making an absolute autistic and racist idiot out of yourself.

Sage for samefagging.

No. 800289

That’s because it wasn’t really about Kayla, the guy just can’t stop talking about himself, and thinks his every retardation-level thought and action require immortalizing here. Kek.

No. 800291

I've been a long time lurker of Kayla and what this guy has said is unironically 100% correct. She's a noteworthy cow and any type of attention gets her fired up and provides good milk.

However, did you really need to write that long of an essay? Jesus Christ. Give us a tldr you fucking retard.

No. 800292

I reckon Vick has sprouted like 3 more calves. This thread is hilarious.

No. 800295


As others have said, that was abysmal, could have been summed up within a few paragraphs. Honestly hoping we can have a thread for this guy if he has enough content.

No. 800296

File: 1602918810286.jpg (913.42 KB, 1080x2340, inbound7135971373770259820.jpg)

Here is Camerons profile his real last name is Laranco
Also he doxxed Kayla her real phone number is in that text. It's illegal for him to contact her, and no with this rant you can tell she didn't waste the police time. I texted her number to see if it was her. Here's the tweaker.

No. 800297

File: 1602919038587.jpg (667.98 KB, 1080x2340, inbound6099065996812511851.jpg)

He likes his own post and is the only one who likes it

No. 800298

File: 1602919126362.jpg (520.48 KB, 1080x2340, inbound5307010286825855922.jpg)

No one likes his profile picture… I wonder why

No. 800300

Cameron must be the oldest looking cow in history..

No. 800302

Cameron pretending to be a lurker of Kayla when she deactivates her accounts all the time to have people leave her alone . She's always around friends too. I am glad she has a boyfriend she is around 24/7 she needs that protection from this obsessive behaviour. Cameron clearly pretended to be another anon.

No. 800304

>Tbh at first I thought it was that old creepy guy with the one champagne bottle typing this crap up

Holy shit I can't stop laughing. I thought the same thing but reading this comment made me lose it

No. 800306

Cameron is 34 and lives in his parents basement, I am not joking. Also those are not his floors it is his parents floors.

No. 800307

I really hope the Larancos are happy with their budget laminate flooring. Their son was proud enough to mention it 48 times in an hour.

No. 800312

No. 800314

Who has linkedin

Curious to see what Cameron posted on there

Cameron has no interaction on social media or he would be a hilarious cow, he's a loner narc kek

We should make a thread on him

I feel like he's projecting about this Kayla person with the whole wanting attention bullshit
Also lying about her sister rolling her eyes about her in ICU? You are unhinged
I hope Kayla finds this and let's the police know not only you abused her and not allowed to contact her you doxxed her number wtf dude

Let's focus on Victoria you creep

No. 800315

So glad Kayla is with her boyfriend 24/7
She needs a restraining order from this basment dweller

No. 800316

So this is the face of the smooth brained essay faggot! Taking the time out of constantly disappointing your family, avoiding mirrors/reality, blowing the xanax cooked brain of betaking Jordan Peterson just to prepare a long sperg for us. Bruh we laugh at people we think are funny. What in the entire fuck is hard about that. Even loser ass Vicky Builtlikeafridge-y could do better.

No. 800317

Can someone give me bullet points on what Cameron said? It's taking forever to read and he keeps adding unnecessary details about himself…but he claims everyone else it a narc kek
I skimmed through it
I feel bad for that Kayla girl wtf most of it sounds made up and he doxxed her number isn't that illegal? Isn't it already illegal for him to contact her? I don't think Kayla wasted resources at all. I hope she contacts the police about him this is disturbing. Why drag a girl into this who isn't vicky?

No. 800318

I am starting to think all the unsaged responses are Kayla.
Vick, Cameron and Kayla all sound like cows.

No. 800319

Right? And they keep repeating themselves lmao. None can unrustle the spergvium's jimmies

No. 800320

File: 1602924790181.jpg (221.31 KB, 1080x2340, inbound6399478893604242851.jpg)

Cameron's PROFILE PICTURES include the definition of saposexual

Also he has no dating history lives with his parents

Also Kayla doesn't shit talk anyone with appearances she shit talks screenshots, I haven't once seen that girl be negative about looks. Also from the little I know about Kayla is that she has her lips done, it's obvious vicky hasn't gotten anything done. She clearly wouldn't cosmetic surgery shame u nut.

This narc incel is insane
Also I'm sure you two had an argument and unfriended each other in snap but if your public people are still subbed to u. I've seen people I deleted stories all the time by mistake or maybe she knows you are crazy about her in your rants but inlove with Vicky you just want the two girls to fight so you pretend Kayla is a villain. I am sure those two girls have a lot of dirt on you.
They blocked you many years ago. Move on. I would say get laid but a face like that with no money would be hopeless.
You are more likely to die alone than any other cow I've read about Cameron
I feel like I wrote too much but at least it's not on larancos level
Enjoy pretending you are better than people on lolcow you anti social narc

No. 800321

>Also Kayla doesn't shit talk anyone with appearances she shit talks screenshots, I haven't once seen that girl be negative about looks

Not saying this is Kayla but cows tend to talk about themselves in third person. All these weird defensive posts remind me of when Vick was defending herself and saying she smelled like chewing gum and chanel kek

No. 800323

Cameron's link to his active Facebook is this he has multiple accounts

No. 800328

>For her mental health I hope she doesn't know about this page

Well you aren't really helping her by bringing her up every two minutes. I feel like had that Cameron bloke been the only one to mention her, no-one would care because he's obviously a creeper but now it's quite clear that it's Kayla or her boyfriend shitting up the thread with 'at least she has friends and a protective boyfriend' and 'omg poor Kayla'

I guess cows attract cows attract cows.

No. 800331

holly fuck, trying to convince Vicky he can give her the perfect body? Sounds like a desperate attempt to rekindle with her.

Still reading, This man child sounds like he is in love with vicky, he is so embarrassing its so painful to read this

No. 800332

Ewww this guy is so racist wtf(samefagging, spamming the thread pretending to be various people concerned about kayla)

No. 800334

Okay Kayla

No. 800336


The saga continues with more characters! Amazing.

No. 800340

This is what happens when you surround yourself with crazy people. Your fitness and last lovers are not helping your case vicktoria.

No. 800341

As an old Ontario hag, I was surprised ick is still a cow. Revenge autist last night was hilarious. I just figured she would have grown out of this phase.
Does she still hang out with Bunny? I remember them being clones but this is ten years ago.

No. 800345

Can mods confirm if this unsaged sperg is the same person? Things are getting weird in here.

No. 800359

So is victoria, so it makes sense they would find eachother

No. 800360

I’m starting to wonder if this thread has been linked or mentioned somewhere.

No. 800362

File: 1602954676777.jpeg (114.01 KB, 828x588, 07E8303B-BACA-4F14-B0EC-3ACE24…)

Well if you google victoria at all, there’s tons of links to her pages which probably get here eventually.

No. 800366

My sides

No. 800367

Where is this from anon? Tumblr? I didn’t think there was still tumblrs about her last I heard she intimidated anyone who made one into taking it down

No. 800368

File: 1602957068110.jpeg (158.31 KB, 762x1373, 1FDD2C0C-6E6E-4231-97E6-48338E…)

Ick reshared this tattoo she did awhile back. I’ve always been curious to who got this and what it looks like now

No. 800376

I like how all the mentally challenged losers on here can't help themselves but get butthurt for being called out for being obsessive losers. I was actually wondering if there were any educated, sophisticated people on here who might've actually read something for more than 30 minutes in their lives (like the introduction to any post secondary reading materials) but alas, you have failed. Your lack of reading comprehension shows you haven't graduated high school. You have outed yourselves for being the low brow retards you claim to hate. You are literally the embodiment of everything you claim to be against. Smug, snarky, condescending, self important, pseudo intellectual, insufferable, and love the smell of your own farts. The fedora wearing beta neckbeard energy on here is palpable.

You've all been 60-100 hours of free time over last 5 years posting and reading about a girl you've never met who has nothing to do with your life, while at the same time attempting to call me an obsessed stalker for spending 1 hour writing a 30 minute read. You can't seem to figure out that mentioning me by name and writing blatant lies about me would make we want to set the story straight. Not with lies and shit posting like all the vile, braindead insufferable vomits on here, but rather meeting lies with the harsh truth. If I'm going to write the harsh truth about Victoria, how could I do that amongst all the human garbage on here without calling out what I'm seeing for what it is? Hilarious.

The lack of self awareness is unfathomable. How can you losers read and post about a girl you've never met or have had very limited interactions with for 5 years? I've actually been to her house and even I couldn't get through the mindless drivel you idiots get off on.

The reason for this is simple - you're all projecting, and are just as bad as Victoria if not way worse. How is it possible that I explain the over-diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder, and you meet that with complaining about an armchair diagnosis even though I presented a ton of facts and information with specific behaviours, only for you to immediately armchair diagnose me with narcissism and autism? Kayla is projecting her insecurity of being poor by insulting about money. The sad pathetic people on here project their insecurities by calling me sad. The betas on here project their insecurities by calling me beta.

Meanwhile, could I really be insecure showing my own face and name on here plain as day? Even doing that you retards still thought I was Victoria 🙉

Kayla is on here plain as day, she usually ends sentences with very childish name-calling like "you goof" or "you creep" so you can easily spot her. She couldn't be more transparent and two faced as she compliments Victoria all the time and badmouths her on here.

No. 800377

How's this, all you insecure vulnerable narcissists, who are projecting so hard you could show off PowerPoint presentations, can prove you aren't be showing your fat ugly faces on here.

The people who talk like you always end up looking like a walrus fucked a manatee, only with more facial hair. Either that or a slug body with a fish's face. Happens every single time, no exceptions. I showed my identity because I couldn't give a shit what the retards on here think.

How about you all do the same? You're all the same as Victoria, you're just projecting your insecurities because Victoria brings that out of you, how else do you explain 5 years and God only knows how many wasted hours spent on these dumb posts? It takes hours just to get through one of them and there's 15.

No. 800378

File: 1602967857341.jpeg (105.32 KB, 861x750, 03904FAF-D875-4318-B11E-B36CDF…)


nobody is interested in your idiotic rambling, dumbass. Good luck getting over yourself.

No. 800379

File: 1602967872603.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

Please never take your meds, pic related. tl;dr though. Tell us more about Vic's lack of hygiene

No. 800380

While I have little to say about Victoria, did you think I would just let a bunch of scummy losers on the internet try to expose my workplace like cowards while blocking me, hoping I wouldn't fight back?

Vulnerable narcissists usually are the biggest cowards. Always projecting.

I guess the difference is, I'm the only one who actually had the balls not only to show his face and name, but also call myself out on my own bullshit. This is not a trait capable by the childish vulnerable narcissists, which seemingly populate most of this entire thread.

How does it feel to be the very embodiment of everything you claim to hate?

No. 800382

Wow this guy is still here? I actually feel kind of bad for Vick if she has to deal with people like this. I skimmed through some of his "reading material" and this guy is clearly unhinged.

No. 800383

You are brilliant please show your writings to a psychologist they would surely guide you into publication of your work. Maybe even an honorary degree

No. 800384


You doxxed yourself by accident, but please go on about your balls. You sound like a basement dwelling loser with a porn addiction. Enjoy your moms grilled cheese dinner tonight, remember to ask her to cut the crusts off for you.

No. 800385

Great advice. You should definitely talk to your intellectual equals (psychotherapists) who I'm sure would appreciate your huge 149 IQ brain kek

No. 800386

Don’t you have to supervise the new floor getting put in at your parents’ house?

Imagine thinking you’re an intellectual when you dox yourself AND forget to make your profile private lmao it’s over dude

No. 800387

You went to college dude, not even university so slow your roll.

I also read the entire sperge you posted and talk about projecting. You‘ve spent more time here than most of us do in months and then have the gall to say we are the ones wasting our time?

I know her. I’ve dealt with her. We post on here to warn others about her and enjoy a few laughs because she is an awful human being.

No. 800388

>The fedora wearing beta neckbeard energy on here is palpable.

No. 800389

File: 1602970485484.png (189.99 KB, 497x279, 20200711_222926.png)

Holy shit he's back! Based milk gods.
Schitzo-chan is my new favorite cow.
>I'm the only one who actually had the balls not only to show his face and name
Uh, anon posted your full name and ugly mug, how are you going to claim ~muh iq~ with such horrible short term memory?
Don't you have fb posts to write and be the only sad "like" on?

No. 800390

Yep we're alllll dumb and ugly and oh we're vulnerable narcissists too? All of us? Geez doc, thought you just said it was highly over diagnosed. Silly me though, you obv def know what you're talking ab working in a gym and living in a basement and all.

I love that he emphasized the idea of "getting his floors done" so many times bc truly he wishes he were. He wishes he was known as The Contrarian: hip but a little dangerous writer and internationally known intellectual and that he lived in his own home and could afford the luxury of remodeling on a whim. Instead, he is him, a smooth brained neck beard vendetta chan dork raging over ol rot tooth vic. Life's unfair, huh bud?

No. 800391

I went back to the part where he goes to ick's house, and complains about:
>it was SOOOOO hot I had no choice but to go into Vick's room
>No food in fridge and starving, blood sugar dropping to dangerously low levels!
>Can't get any sleep at all for hours!!!

I was thinking why a galaxy brain like this guy wouldn't just leave, he said he drove there. But I guess guys like him are just that desperate to get laid lol

No. 800392

I was thinking the same thing. He didn't only not leave though, he stared at the ceiling for hours waiting until three pm for her to wake up. Idgi.

No. 800393

dude you’re the one who’s circumventing a ban to keep posting novels here, thank you for gracing this thread again with your mind-boggling autism

No. 800395

I'm going to enjoy this manic episode while I can lol welcome back

No. 800396

Yeah I was thinking that too kek literally any normal human in this situation would've noped out way earlier. Dude really went all the way home to print out some google maps directions? He had his car with him? Any discomfort or misfortune is 100% on him. Hilarious shit

No. 800398

>when butt hurt cry babies claim we spend all day here
>post a novel that takes 30 fucking minutes to read like we have 30 minutes to piss away
>wahhhhh you didn’t read my autistic ramblings and I worked so hard on it. I even used big words and pull out a thesaurus.

No. 800399

Lol fucking retards, my name was already posted on here by Victoria which is what I was answering, the fact I made mention of it is what have it away, much to the chagrin of the mentally challenged people who repeatedly insisted I must be Victoria.

No. 800400

File: 1602973381778.png (100.04 KB, 594x576, cameronlol.png)

Cameron's facebook and instagram are fucking hilarious. Pic related is from his about page on fb. He's obsessed with that quote about the lottery numbers, he has it TWICE in his facebook bio and it's in his insta bio too.

So thankful for this milk to liven up my Saturday.

No. 800401

File: 1602973426822.jpg (696.06 KB, 4096x3072, quality flooring.jpg)

>The lack of self awareness is unfathomable

No. 800403

I'm fully aware people are on here all day. Literally after one minute people reply, you all have nothing better to do?

If you've gone through even one of these threads you've spent more time on here than anything I could stomach. Only human walruses waste their time photoshopping other girls to try to make them look fatter and uglier, I see you.

The insufferable rage from all the losers on here just screams "no one wants to fuck me and my life is shit, so spending 5 years of my life reading and posting about a girl I have nothing to do with is how I get my jollies"

You're all obsessed and projecting your obsession about someone you have nothing to do with onto me.

Additionally, if you're going to equate your dumb hoola hoop ears with war piercings and disrespect the military, any soldier would blow the cobwebs out of that giant space between your ears.

No. 800404

Kek you’re so mad 99% of us didn’t read your word vomit you worked so hard on.
You came here looking for praise and an opportunity for us to lap up milk from your hands. When all you did was out yourself as a pathetic loser who is just as caddy as us, but even more so as you enrich yourself in the drama of vick (and a bitch named Kayla) and then spill your purse here.

>ThE LaCk oF SelF AwArEneSs iS UnFaThuMAbLe

No. 800405

I guarantee you've made more posts in this thread than any other single poster. But yeah, we are all dumb losers who no one wants to fuck and sit here all day photoshopping Vick fatter to feel better about ourselves. Now excuse me while i go bang my hot boyfriend in our bedroom that isn't in his parents' basement.

No. 800407

>“you’re all fat and I wouldn’t have sex with you”

last refuge of the incel

No. 800408

The fact is there’s about 20+ people here and one of you. So who’s really posting the most? Is it a competition? Fact of the matter is youre still here. Still talking about Victoria years later. You’re one of us.
And here you are, throwing insults.
Living in your moms basement, clinging to your history with Kayla and Victoria like a scared lonely little boy.
You don’t know us, but now we know you.

No. 800409

File: 1602974289812.jpeg (248.9 KB, 1125x573, 7A8E58CA-B954-4A97-9D0C-77CBC8…)


Honestly this might be one of my fave cow moments this year.

No. 800410

Dude I've been on this site years and I guarantee you if you counted all my posts it wouldn't be even half of what you've written here in a matter of DAYS. Who the fuck has that kind of time? It's not us that have nothing better to do my man

No. 800411

Cameron, man. Have a protein bar. Your blood sugar is getting low and you’re getting cranky.

No. 800412

god its like you saw right to my core cameroon!! tell us more

No. 800416

I hope this guy never leaves, the seething is so satisfying. Keep telling all of the anonymous people how ugly they are because the only other thought keeping you warm is when your next protein shake will be ready

No. 800417

I mean, 1% of the people on here actually have legitimate grievances, the rest of you spent 5 years obsessing over whether Victoria made her thighs smaller to this week.

I can't imagine how sad the lives are of the human garbage on here

But, damaged girls will be damaged girls, beta neckbeards will be beta neckbeards ‍♂️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800419

File: 1602976260493.jpg (26.54 KB, 480x720, beauty starts at home, at mom'…)

Your "how do you do fellow humans" use of emojis aside, you need to buy a bottle of this and use it every few days. No need to thank us. I really don't think you're capable.

No. 800420

This is the funniest Vic’s thread has been since she originally sperged out.

No. 800421

If I were Vick I would've cut the breakfast date short too.

By the way, what the fuck were you doing looking through her fridge and scouring her bathroom for evidence of a toothbrush? Creep.

Also love how you assumed you'd be cooked for. Adulthood means feeding yourself without the help of a mommy figure. Do you even know how to use a big boy spoon?

Your entire neckbeard manifesto was a cringe festival. None of us give a shit about your "beta" male bullshit (by the way, that theory has been debunked and now only incels use it). Just the fact that you think random people would want your insane, long winded diatribe is a sign of some seriously embarrassing male entitlement. Good luck in your search for female companionship

No. 800422

Thanks for your completely batshit posts Cameron, I was cracking up just skimming through it. What drugs are you on btw? I have an essay to write

No. 800424

La la something something spergfest. That’s my only takeaway from this. But please continue to talk in circles saying the exact same thing over and over again. Also someone we make fun of for being thirsty as fuck and having low expectations of what she puts in her vagina and you STILL couldn’t get any? Also you look like you should be in a nickleback tribute band.

No. 800425

File: 1602980162214.png (204.39 KB, 293x293, talldarknwavy.png)

>Instagram: TallDarkNWavy

Of course this dude also has a negative karma reddit account with more pseudointellectual ramblings.

No. 800428

File: 1602981189510.jpeg (111.21 KB, 828x1026, 15658926-2040-4A4C-838C-516D9F…)

Holy! This guys Instagram is a mess. This is exactly the type of guy Vicky would bring home.
He has a video of himself rubbing lotion onto his acne-ridden back.

No. 800433

It is "brass tacks" like a tack/nail in furniture and construction, not "tax" as in $ taxes. I wouldn't normally say anything but you didn't sage, are making a dig at someone else about their education, AND making a pretty basic error at same time.
This is lolcow so it is an understandable ESL error but otherwise is a "people who don't read" error.

With milk so dry on other fronts, thank goodness for this sperg!

No. 800436

…For someone who claims to have "Never touched a drug in their life," this guy's Instagram sure is chock full of cocaine and marijuana references…

No. 800437


This skinnyfat incel reeee’ing about needing protein is the funniest thing to happen to the farm in months.

Bless you, cuntrarian. You unhinged, delusional creep.

No. 800438

He has to be doing some type of shit to think he's somehow above anons after typing out nonsense sperg-a-thons

No. 800439

Oh my god the shirt.

I don't think he has an ounce of self awareness.

No. 800443

File: 1602985461489.jpg (280.93 KB, 1041x1824, 20201017_192301.jpg)

He's got a cute little troon pic in mobile uploads on fb mixed with multiple gender crit statuses lol

No. 800444

Creepy and odd highlights from his weirdo manifesto

>Complaining about the place being too hot, creating an excuse to sleep in drunk Vick's room

>Not fucking her, however doing questionable things WHILE she's drunk
>Looking under her bed, in her fridge, store room and bathroom while she slept
>Complains like a man-baby about lack of food until 3PM the next day, a normal person would have dipped out and either gone home, or brought back some takeaway for breakfast, yet he complains the entire time
>instead of ignoring her being embarrassed about snoring, goes on to refute her lie about having her addenoids out like it's a big deal
>Complains about messy apartment to the point he offers to spend a day cleaning it with her
>Gets ghosted by Vick for being a creep, can't let it go so he starts bothering her brother and orbiting girls who know/ex friends of Vick
>Starts creeping on other girl
>mentions that he could of made them both look amaaazing with his super gym skillz
>Bitches about every little thing in Vick's house/physical attributes, yet gets butthurt when she rejects his lack of tattoos or whatever
>Not only went through Vick's fridge but also Kayla's and stole a fucking candy bar in a fit of nerd rage

We all know Vicky and this Kayla bitch are unstable loonies as much as the next cow, but honestly if I woke up with some weird incel bitching about protein and trying to go through my shit and clean my apartment while im hungover as shit, I'd ghost him too. The way he goes on about training them to look better and controlling what they eat is fucking weird. His whole story is red flags for who to avoid on dates.

No. 800445

Yet Here you are fighting with anons on a fucking gossip site making a total ass of yourself at 34. If you actually read, there ARE people on here who know Victoria personally including former friends and clients of hers. You bitched about Victoria judging your lack of tattoos yet here you are throwing self righteous tantrums about tattooed people cause you can’t get laid by one. Also the fact that you not only stayed at a drunk bitch’s house and rifled through her shit despite having low blood sugar makes you look like a predator. Fuck off already you autistic muppet

No. 800446

Just to add to this. Another anon here. I have met her. This doofus doesn’t want to go too deep into how bad she smells, how stupid she is or how disgusting she really is Because he doesn’t want to admit he went home with a completely loser mess.

No. 800448

File: 1602986595780.jpg (351.03 KB, 1080x1996, 20201017_220349.jpg)

Another gem from this #intellectualbeast. Seems he actually had some friends three years ago, people were interacting with him.

No. 800449

Give stock tips? He looks like the guy you see at the local bar from 11am - 11 pm Monday through Sunday. Fuck off

No. 800451

I feel like he was a creep to every girl in this story, probably also to Kayla's sister whom he gave a lift home in his recollection.
He must be a real creep if even Vick ghosted him. She fucked old champagne bottle bloke before him.

No. 800452

>The insufferable rage from all the losers on here just screams "no one wants to fuck me and my life is shit, so spending 5 years of my life reading and posting about a girl I have nothing to do with is how I get my jollies"

You just described yourself. Notice how none of the women in the story wanted to fuck you?
It also seems like you were pretty friendly towards them until they ghosted your creepy oily ass.
Go do some creatine shits and wash your greasy hair lol

No. 800454

Why did he go home to print off directions to get home, I'm confused. Doesn't Google maps work on a phone? Why did he need to print that shit off.

No. 800457

No way. That guy is off living best life posing with a new Facebook girl and his trusty friend, Champagne-chan. New city, new girl, same champagne!

NPC that plays an old dude hitting on some teen girl in 90s teen comedy?

No. 800460

Right?! He says his phone wasn't charged so he went home and printed off directions like a fucking boomer instead of just grabbing his phone charger while he was home.

Maybe it's a part of his shtick. "Only intellectuals can read hard copy directions. The betas have their directions read to them by that bitch Siri".

No. 800461

I'm sad to say it but champagne guy has probably fucked more women than the protein incel has. I mean, highly likely they were all escorts, but I get the vibe he has a better social life than onision with glasses over here.

No. 800462

All this Cameron chat and Vicky is just sitting at home wondering how to make her new face tattoo compatible with 1000000 filters.

No. 800463

No. 800464

One of these is me, so it’s not Kayla. Saged for your pleasure.

No. 800465


Kek, right? It doesn't take a particularly attractive woman to have her nightly pick of 3000 losers on Tinder. But most of us would rather not. Case in point: Cameron.

Guys like this are so hilarious to me. Hundreds of hours at the gym and hours researching pick up methods. Why not try being a tolerable human being instead?

No. 800466

Does anyone know what Vick got tattooed on her face? I'm guessing a heart so she can larp as an irl Harley Quinn. Either that or dated scrolled font like Jeffree star. Probably misspelt as well.

No. 800467

I actually am relieved that Vicky didn’t bed this creep. As gross as she is, no woman deserves to have one of these deranged fucks in their life. Props for ghosting this wannabe gym rat faggot

No. 800469

His hours supposedly spent at the gym aren't very noticeable. For someone that complains about women's diet, he doesn't look that healthy or attractive himself. The part where he stole the candy bar from the fridge to 'teach her a lesson' had me fucking rolling. Had he not sperged out about their diet or messy places on the first date, he may of been able to actually land a root. From his photos he looks like the type of guy that boasts about being an alpha chad dom in the bedroom, but has sweaty clammy hands that shakes when he tries to 'hug'

No. 800470

For someone that claims to be a trainer too, his instagram is hilarious
Dude straight up films and photographs people without their knowledge and makes fun of them, but he’s such a nice guy and he wouldn’t dare comment on vickies appearance or scent, as he’s not as low as us

No. 800472

Hoverhand premature ejaculator extraordinaire, I promise

No. 800473

Imagine how much more obsessive and weird he would have gotten if she did fuck him. If simply ghosting him results in long winded rants like this online, I'm sure fucking him and ghosting him would have resulted with him wearing her skin or her ending up under his basement floorboards.

No. 800474

Exactly. These unhinged edgelords are dangerous as fuck. I’d say these spergouts are close to sounding like a manifesto, but that would be giving this idiot too much credit; it all looks like it was written by a special ed flunkie.
You know that you’re an insufferable chode if even dead-toothed Vicky won’t ride your smegma crusted baby dick.

No. 800475

She wouldn't even fuck him while drunk. That's saying something since the girl reposts conversations with random thirsty Indian men and gushes about it. She also thinks old scaley dudes that catcall her in a pool hall are sweet. He must have really given off a bad impression if even drunk Vick didn't fuck him.

No. 800477

Cameron reminds me of Greg in a way. Capable of getting a girl, however ends up ruining it because he can't keep his mouth shut. Had he not bitched about food, her snoring or state of her apartment, he probably would have been able to fuck her. Same goes for the Kayla girl. You can see in his screenshot to Vick, she found him funny. However he goes on to screech about her failure to keep the diet he assigns her to the point he steals chocolate from her fridge.
He strikes me as the type of guy that is cluelessly rude on a date. Like for some reason I imagine him sitting across from a girl and asking her if her false eyelashes are real or shitting on random women whilst he's on the date, hoping it makes him look good. Doing small annoying things that you'd cringe at and never call him again.

No. 800479

Wow Anon, you hit me right in the early 20’s dating life. How many of these fucking morons are actually out there? Gross

No. 800480

One thing that’s really cracking me up is he seems to have written all this drivel in response to the one line that Vic said about him, a whole 5 months ago: >>769627

Nobody even replied to that particular line. Did anyone even know this guy before? Dude is trying to “set the record straight” when nobody knows or cares who he is.

No. 800483

No-one she mentioned in that post has sperged here except Bunny and this guy.
Imagine thinking you are that important because you are mentioned once. I wonder if he has crazy grudges against every woman who ever turned him down. Imagine going on a date with this clown and suggesting to go get icecream or someshit and he suddenly goes on a massive rant about how many calories are in icecream. Then he'd probably seeth when he doesn't get a call back. It sounds like they went on this one encounter and that was enough for Vick to nope the fuck out. Imagine getting that pressed about ONE interaction from SIX years ago. Jesus Christ.

No. 800485

All this time simmering about women who blew him off could have been used treating that beastly bacne.
Gotta learn to manage your time, Cameron.

No. 800486

I have to keep reminding myself that this guy’s autistic essay is entirely about one night from six years ago where he didn’t even have sex.

Who the fuck remembers some person they went out with one time where nothing happened? In this much detail? Really dude, the contents of her fridge? This one uneventful night must have been really eventful for him.

No. 800487

>Even though you are lacking any long term thinking to do this to yourself, you still have to have some sense of humour about yourself and find it funny, kind of like all the whores who got tramp stamps when it was a fad. The same goes for people who get neck and face tattoos; do you have any idea what an asshole you look like wearing a suit and tie? I have never met a forward-thinking person with any impulse control who has done this to themselves, but if you disagree it’s fine to be wrong, just know you’re wrong with a desperate childish need to be seen as edgy, and it’s pathetic

Says the greasy bloke who turns up to the gym unironically in a joker t Shirt. He basically insults people's appearances and tells them to have humour about it but when anyone here points out his weird incel behaviour he gets so triggered

No. 800489

Lol not just the contents of her fridge but what under her bed looked like. I repeat-UNDER HER BED. Im so confused as to why this faggot complained he couldn't sleep but waited until 3pm for her to wake up. Was he expecting her to wake up, suck his dick and cook him eggs or something? I don't understand his reason for doing this. He must of paid attention to all of Vick's bullshit posts about being an amazing chef and sucking gamer dick. Also he remembered the contents of her utility closet like a freak. 'SHe DiDnT hAvE a MoP aNd BuCkeT'
Other creepy things he remembered include the exact temperature of Vick's apartment and the state of her bathroom. He probably went looking for her toothbrush to smell it. Wouldn't be surprised if he nabbed himself a pair of her panties from the bathtub that she kept her clothes in.

It's so weird some of the shit he remembered. He was so descriptive about certain things but it was all shit that no-one cares about. He didn't mention her tacky faux marble decorated place or detailed any cringey stories Vick may have told him (except the snoring thing) He didn't talk about her fake accent… like literally the whole story was about him being creepy and hungry.

No. 800491

Just had a laugh reading his comments on Reddit.
Almost ALL of his responses are angry. It's all hurling insults and calling others incels, losers and idiots while he tries to come off as intelligent.
Seriously, I can't find a single reply where he's not angry.
Really explains why he got all obsessed and researched Vick's lie about the snoring.
What a freak lol

No. 800493

It’s so obvious that he takes his life advice from reddit. ‘Hit the gym and maybe you’ll feel better’ is like the go-to advice for losers there. He just hasn’t figured out step 2 yet. Congrats, you’re a creep with muscles. Just what we all need.

No. 800494

He's not even impressive though.
Like he looks like an average middle aged greasy dude. Guy is acting like he's Dwayne the rock Johnson or something. He's no chad no matter how much he tries.

No. 800497

For someone who claims to be "an intellectual," kek, he writes like an unhinged high school student. And he tries throwing in "humor", to sound … Natural? Or entertaining? Just comes off like an awkward wannabe America Psycho. This could have been an interesting story, maybe, if he hadn't rambled like a crackhead.

Dunning-Krueger is strong with this one. And I'm actually feeling secondhand embarrassment. JFC

No. 800503

>I even ask her if she moisturizes, and she says no, which shouldn’t surprise since she apparently doesn’t know what coconut oil looks like, it’s not grease and it’s great for your hair and skin. I explained her lack of moisturizing and smoking will break down the collagen and elastin in her skin causing it to age faster and sag. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, she thought less of me for this comment. As I’m leaving her bedroom she mutters in a disappointed tone “You don’t even smoke, you have no tattoos….” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Busting my balls for not being a smoker and not having tattoos? Are you 13? The sheer hypocrisy and childish arrested development was astounding. More on this later.

This paragraph KILLED me. I can't stop laughing. 'Coconut oil is great for the skin and hair'

No. 800504

I love in the story how he thinks Victoria is pissed off because they didn't have sex but it's obvious it's because he acted like an autist. He literally says in the story she put her hand on his chest when they woke up and he goes on to tell her he hasn't slept because she snored and then bitches about collagen breaking down from smoking and not moisturizing. Like can you imagine anything less sexier?

No. 800506

>Coconut oil is great for the skin and hair
Look how great that's working out for him lmao >>800428

No. 800509

Ahahahah exactly, he’s the kind of guy who will regurgitate stuff he reads on reddit and thinks negging girls and explaining stuff like a 5th grade retard will make them want to impress him when at the end of the day, it’s plain rude to say “Hey you know, smoking is bad for your skin and might make you age faster” to a friend or a date. You could say that MAYBE to a family member.

I truly feel like Vicky deserve a well earned apology on this one. I’m sorry Vicky, you’re a giant twat yourself but you truly met your match in this unhinged creepo. You were right when you said you had stalkers, but it’s not girls trying to copy you.

No wonder she wanna avoid mentioning his name. I’d feel so embarrassed too if I woke up late and found this autist roaming around my house hungry as fuck.

No. 800513

File: 1603019426652.jpeg (27.67 KB, 498x400, 432FF2C9-A0C5-40DA-A523-41E30E…)

>of course he has a joker shirt
>#intellectual beast, #ialsoread
> It rubs the lotion on its skin
Or else it gets the hose again

It’s too much, imma need cpr after this

No. 800514

>I’d feel so embarrassed too if I woke up late and found this autist roaming around my house hungry as fuck.

It's so funny because he waits until 3pm in the story for her to wake up and lectures her about cleaning up/smoking/moisturising but at the end, he ends up going home at 6PM after a 2 hour feed at the pub. 6 fucking pm. Then he gets pissy because she doesnt want him back at her place and can't read her signs.

>She didn’t even want me back in her house, and made up a story about needing to go to her brother’s place to see if she left a bunch of stuff at his place. I wasn’t going to argue as I could barely form sentences at that point, it was 6 pm and still no sleep, so I left.

He FINALLY leaves at 6PM. He gets sooo pissy at her excuses to the point he fucking questions her snoring story AND the 'I gotta pick stuff up from my brother's house' story the very next fucking day.
Doesn't he understand she was lying to be nice? Like he literally hung around until 6pm the next day waiting to be fed and entertained by a hungover Vick. Im suprised she didnt have the balls to just tell him to fuck off, he sounds annoying.

No. 800515


Lmao sorry about your small peen rage but next time you get the floors done why don't you get out of the basement for a few hours and tell it to a therapist. You give off school shooter vibes so I hope you get some help and that you never come in contact with a woman again.

No. 800516


This part makes no sense

>I agreed, but then phones died, there was no charger in my car, so no GPS. I then drove her back to my place where I printed off directions, and got lost with the terrible road sign placement in Elora trying to get to her place. Being 6:30 in the morning by the time we were near her place, I was freaking out trying to remember what the map looked like on my computer. Eventually by some miracle of my own directional genius I found it, at 7am

He says he printed off the directions in one sentence but then says he was panicking about trying to mentally memorize it from his computer. There so many random lies in this story.

No. 800521

File: 1603022277919.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 05F30DDB-B35A-4822-B1BE-C74F52…)

Ladies, there are tears in my eyes this morning from laughing so fucking hard at this cracked out incel and some of your comments. This is the best an Vicky thread has been in a long long time.

Pic related. Whoever said this stalker seems dangerous is right. He has multiple photos and videos of other gym goers on his IG highlights that were obviously taken without permission where he is making tasteless sexual jokes and speaking casually about physical and sexual violence. School shooter vibes is right.

No. 800524


>I printed off directions

>I was freaking out trying to remember what the map looked like on my computer
>my own directional genius

lol, is this a real person? are we sure "cameron" is not someone's incel parody online character or something? did canada's "objectively superior western culture" really produce this ignorant, entitled assclown without an ounce of self or otherwise awareness? how can two people fail in this specific way as parents?

cameron, you're a flabby idiot and i wouldn't have sex with you.

No. 800525

Well he did say that vulnerable narcissists lie because they can't face reality.

No. 800526

Correction: three lines. >>769646
>predator with issues
>greasy ass
She wasn’t wrong.

No. 800527

Another thing I find funny is how many people he ends up talking about Victoria to. Correct me if I miss anybody, but after his interaction with her he speaks to:

-Her brother
-His friend Tristam he goes to the bar with
-Apparently the whole bar as well who enjoyed his 'riveting' bitching
-Two friends that go to his gym, Megan and Quinton
-Another unnamed 'friend' (who is probably made up) who is apparently a cardiologist.

I don't doubt some of these interactions were made up like the 'friends' apparently sending Victoria messages while he was drunk from his phone and the cardiologist friend.
He makes up scenarios to drive his points, none of which make any fucking sense.

No. 800529

I would be upset if I blew my chance with a glamorous ninja tattoo artist supermodel. She really is a heart breaker, the one who got away….

No. 800536

He also mentions some chick named Sam who knew Victoria through her boyfriend or some shit.

No. 800537

I think its the same person who had the Edward Scissorhands tattoo, she was posted a few threads ago and had an OF, the autist mentions her OF here.

No. 800540

He really gives off early onision vibes. Lots of slut shaming, preachy about health and diet stuff, claiming he knows what's best, delusions of grandeur. He so obviously thinks he's attractive.
The way he explains shit is really Greg-ish too. Like instead of straight out saying he was bitching about Vick, he rationalizes it by saying she was randomly brought up or makes up a bullshit excuse to talk about her. He is like the embodiment of one of Greg's characters in his shitty novel. He even makes fun of vegetarians like the incel character in the book.

He also does that childish thing that Greg does when a girl does something he doesn't like or when he feels rejected, he lashes out at her.
All the faux gym shit is reminiscent of Greg and the way he mentions he lifts shit constantly is similar to how Greg flexes that he was in the army.
Peas in a pod.

No. 800557

If Vick hadn't made up the lie about needing to pick up shit from her brother's house the next day and Cameron only just decided to leave at 6pm, I wonder how long he would have spent at her place.

Some dudes would maybe stay for breakfast together the next day if they really liked the girl but I'm pretty sure most would leave before midday so they could get home and shower/shit/sleep, especially after drinking. Hell, most people want to leave first thing in the morning after just sleeping at their friend's house, let alone a date.

If he really thought he was going to hang around like a bad smell the entire next day with Vick, the least he could have done is brought a toothbrush and some stuff along in the car when he went back to his to get the directions.

Vick is a fucking idiot with low standards, but I can't imagine anything worse waking up next to this guy. It would be 500 times worse if she woke up hungover. Bitches about not getting sleep and says you snore and don't moisturize, lectures the dangers of smoking, then opens your fucking closet looking for cleaning supplies because you should 'spend the day cleaning together'
Then he gets shitty and demands a lint roller for his clothes TWICE until she gives him one.

He also sounds really dangerous when he reeees about his blood sugar being low. He seems to think this is an okay to excuse to lose his temper and patience. Vick offers him donuts which aren't exactly a proper meal, but it sounds like he wouldn't shut the fuck up about being hungry. He declines and continues to complain anyway.

No. 800561

>I did joke that I would punch her in the face if I saw her, for being such a trash human being after everything I did for her

>At this point she tried to claim I was a dangerous stalker predator

Lol I wonder why.
Also, these posts screeching about BPD and being overly interested in details of girl's rape are very Greg-ish. He's Greg if Greg visited bodybuildingforum or /fit on 4chan.
They have the same school shooter small dick energy. Greg is like the bandcamp emo version of him but they have the same creepy vibe.

No. 800565

It was kind of nice for Vick to tell Kayla that he was a creeper.
Too bad the dumb bitch sent the screenshot to him. He pulled an onionboy and now has a massive paragraph on her life story haha

No. 800566

why did he take a photo of her back?

No. 800576

Congrats to the dude who made himself more discussable than who the thread was originally for.

No. 800595

>I was dying of exhaustion and starvation

How long did this guy not sleep and eat for prior to going to Vic's?
Did he not have any money to stop at any food establishment or grocery store to get something to eat?
He's getting so butthurt and trying to show ANONS up. So unbothered.

No. 800597

File: 1603066148696.jpeg (236.01 KB, 826x1341, D540CDF7-4FBE-42AA-849D-9DAA26…)

“Wasn’t about to leave a town when my printed directions failed to get me there”…..
You did end up going home eventually, yes?
And Kayla was so smelly, crazy and gross yet she’s still up on your profile “going out with Friendster couldn’t have been too bad.

If people here are so beneath you and stupid why do you keep coming back? You’ve been here for at least 10-20 hours at this point. Nobody cares that you touched Vicky’s tits, I promise you.

Why would you go home with someone that smokes if you’re so against it? Where that strong man energy?

You, Cameron Anthony, want to attack people for their weight? How about get a job and move out of your moms place. You’re almost 40.

No. 800598

He looks like the main guy from office space three days after he died

No. 800599

File: 1603066413720.jpeg (167.96 KB, 1080x2004, 7D37B359-20D1-47AA-8B29-F19D41…)

Wow Cameron…. this is really fucking creepy. You wanna be a sexual predator keep the babies out of it ya?

No. 800600

At least 10 hours if you believe his recollection, but he was lifting heavy you know and was in danger of dropping in a diabetic coma. Although that wasn't enough to drop his standards and accept some presumably shitty donuts. Self imposed sorrow I would say.

Aww, his post was deleted. I wanted to tell him there are no alpha and beta wolves in nature. The study it orginated from was done on captivated wolves in a sanctuary. Usually packs are family units and not a bunch of unrelated animals of various age.

No. 800605

File: 1603072540272.jpeg (350.95 KB, 827x1396, 8BB9F40C-CC22-4421-8452-8A54D6…)

Just a matter of time before this welfare case found this and posted about it. Can’t wait for victoria and her new face tattoo to chime in

No. 800609

literally the dude who popularized the alpha theory in the English-speaking world has “it’s wrong, don’t believe it, we were wrong, I can’t get the publisher to stop reprinting that book” as the front page of his website

No. 800611

File: 1603075002605.jpeg (41.96 KB, 828x202, 84F4F154-5D1F-4A86-9224-EB6F64…)

Not Cameron. You’re getting money from the government because you “can’t work”

No. 800612

File: 1603075039833.jpeg (45.75 KB, 828x248, EC71F826-8C22-4D4A-B3F0-C3ABB5…)

Icky begging for clients again.

No. 800622


This thread has about 35k words (including all the names, timestamps, filenames, etc) which means his spergfest makes up at least 5% of all the words in this thread.

No. 800623

Isn't she kinda shooting herself in the foot here? The guy is a creep and all but if everything he said was all lies then how did he get access to the screenshot of her and Vic's private convo in >>800090 that he claimed she sent him? He said he has more of them too, so how would she explain that?

No. 800624

I thought that too.

No. 800625

'Should I do a my stalker storytime on YouTube?'

This bitch wants clout. Getting it from a creepy incel or by pretending to be mates with Vick isn't exactly a good way to launch your YouTube.

No. 800626

File: 1603082192208.jpeg (141.06 KB, 945x2048, EkqkEJ6XEAAGOBE.jpeg)

She's monitoring this thread pretty closely.

No. 800627

I was about to say what's the bet she claims he went through her phone while she was drunk or something.
While I definitely think he's the type to do that, I also think she's lying. All of them are cows.

No. 800628

Jesus. He wasn't lying when he called her a dollar store Trisha Paytas. Just checked out her YouTube linked on Twitter. Embarrassing.

No. 800630

File: 1603084060726.png (638.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201018-235313.png)

She's sperging tf out on Facebook. I love this thread so much.

Kayla, honey. You gotta stop going on about not being on welfare and getting extension and a manicure. It sounds trashy af and it's basic maintenance anyone can afford even—gasp–people on welfare. Only poor people brag about that, bby. It was the 15th a few days ago, so enjoy your welfare check and get them eyelash extensions, I guess?

No. 800631

File: 1603084339170.png (339.4 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20201018-235552~2.p…)

Because I figure the heifer is going to tfa soon, here's a few things worth a chuckle.

No. 800632

Request to have a thread about Victoria's calves.
Cameron, Kayla and there's other weird orbiters like that privataboni chick who likes all of Vick's posts.
I feel like anyone Vick is around, friends or neckbeards end up being milky.

No. 800633

This is cringe. Also for someone so apparently rich, she has really bad lash extensions. Watch any of her YouTube shit and she is sitting there with botched eyelashes, eyefucking herself. She forgets halfway through a sentence what she's talking about because she keeps looking at herself.

No. 800640

this threads move fairly slow and doubtful they will fill up a thread on their own.

No. 800642


Hello Victoria, I recognize your smug condescension and proclamations of "male entitlement" anywhere.
I don't need anyone to make food for me, but could you at least have something more than a broke alcoholic's fridge so your guests aren't starving? Not everyone lives on Tim Hortons donuts and whatever it was that made you use up 100 rolls of toilet paper in a week. How can you be butthurt about someone looking in your fridge when you just offered to buy them fucking donuts? No one but a vulnerable narcissist is THAT insecure about their fridge, it's not your fucking panty drawer. I was looking in your cupboards for mouthwash you refused to just give me, because unlike you I actually take care of my teeth and don't care for morning breath. It's called basic hygiene and courtesy, something those with arrested development on here can't seem to grasp.
I'm also fully aware that beta and alpha males don't reflect beta and alpha wolves' behaviour. What we stereotype as beta and alpha humans does exist in humans, we all know people who fit that stereotype. What doesn't exist is the false binary that you can only be one or the other, humans are far more complex. Sit your pseudo intellectual ass down, you read one article and think you have the whole world figured out.
Since people here are repeatedly showing they are mentally challenged with no reading comprehension, I'll explain yet again, this time in more detail so the retards will understand, apparently the enormous detail I gave before wasn't enough.
When I was in bed with Victoria, her move is to grab your hand and put it in between her tits. With Kayla I was literally trying to escape from her disgusting stench filled place as she was desperately trying to undo my pants to suck my dick. Kayla just smells like a dumpster, it's just not happening. I didn't fuck Victoria because I was dying of exhaustion and starvation. Something the fat ugly fucks on here know nothing about, I know a human walrus when I hear one. They usually whine about "controlling women's diets and bodies". Shit head, Kayla was screaming and crying in my car about how she hated her body and how obese she was. I told her what she needed to hear, which was that she needs to remove reward mechanisms inside her house, which was all sugar candy. No, you will not lose weight eating sugar candy all day. Didn't want to hear that? Stay a human walrus, it's not my business 🤷🏻‍♂️
At Victoria's I didn't have a car charger for my phone, wasn't about to leave her place when I'm dying from exhaustion,in a town where my printed directions failed me getting there. How is this that difficult to figure out? God people on here are fucking dumb…
For those who don't understand why I would bring up smoking, you're probably used to flacid, spineless men with no principles, no boundaries, who you can just walk all over. That's not me, nor any other man of principle. Letting girls get away with whatever shitty behaviour they want is for lame beta cucks, too bad if you can't handle a strong man 🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm on here because a friend pointed out to me Victoria was STILL mentioning my name on her social media and claiming I'm a "dangerous predator". She can't stop mentioning my name. Look on my Facebook and you won't find a single mention of Victoria's name anywhere.
Did you cowards really think I would just sit like you chumps and allow people to badmouth me on the internet unanswered?
The people calling me a faggot - if you have a problem with gay people because you're a closet homosexual, prove yourself right and come find me to kick my ass. I'm totally weak and skinny fat, you're right. The 1216 pound leg press, 425 squat, and 11 reps of 120 pound dumbbells was all witchcraft. Bring your retarded friends too so they can hate you as well for getting their faces broken because of your shit talking.
Oh yeah, and I was right, the people on here are fish faced sea urchins. Good god was I right…

No. 800643

File: 1603088232648.png (1.55 MB, 1440x2580, Fish Face shit talker.png)

Good god… the sea urchin fish faces I have stalking me online….

No. 800644

File: 1603088299371.png (67.44 KB, 1440x330, Another Fish Face sea urchin.p…)

Fish face sea urchins stalking my social media and blocking me hoping I won't notice, I see your creepy asses.

No. 800646

Pretty sure it's rude to go through people's fridges. Also bring your own mouthwash you weird cunt.
Kayla and Victoria are lolcows like yourself but they are definitely correct when they called you a predator.

No. 800647

>> I'll explain yet again, this time in more detail so the retards will understand, apparently the enormous detail I gave before wasn't enough.
Omfg here we go again- the continuing saga of a beta cuck and a Camaro riding the open roads and dying of starvation. Dollar says it’s cause mommy didn’t have any allowance for him to buy tendies. Dude. Bro. Dawg. Victoria has fucked old men with champagne bottles and every small band in Canada. For free. And you still couldn’t seal the deal? Yep go alpha ya filthy animal ya

No. 800648

Kek, I am so happy this sperg is coming back.

No. 800649

Give it a rest you fucking simp. You went to her place after a drunken night you were hardly a guest the fuck? A normal person would order a pizza or something when they stay the night at someone’s house after drinking. Your overuse of arrested development is getting old kinda like you fat shaming and calling people retards at 35 kek.

No. 800650

Ikr? He’s funny. And educational. I’m curious though brodog alpha- why go home with her if she smells of oxiclean and cigarettes anyway? Please keep responses to under 483 repetitive paragraphs please we haven’t the time for all that. Also your numbers are pretty pathetic- my kid sister can do that on a leg press, and I’m pretty sure Victoria’s ninja ass has ya beat she once lifted a car off an old lady while punching an Isis operative and doing calculus. You gotta come more correct if you want any of that.

No. 800651

You got it genius! Tons of pizza places are open at 7am. What a masterful use of logic you have! What clown college did you graduate from? Fucking idiot

No. 800653

Victoria is definitely a narcissist, but all these weird examples you have given of her being a 'vulnerable narcissist'

Just because someone is annoyed you keep looking in their fridge or going through their stuff, it doesn't make them a vulnerable narcissist, it just means they are getting uncomfortable about you going through their shit. It doesn't matter if it's 'just a fridge' you really shouldn't go through their stuff like a fucking autist. Read the room.

God. I can't believe I'm even defending Vick right now but you sound 1000 times worse.

No. 800654

1216 lbs is the max a typical leg press can go, shit head. You'd need a special leg press to fit more than 12 plates per side, although I'd pay good money to watch you or your walrus sister to attempt even half that at full range of motion, no half rep bullshit.

No. 800655

>>The 1216 pound leg press, 425 squat, and 11 reps of 120 pound dumbbells was all witchcraft.

Go and get validation somewhere else, maybe tell your mom those numbers kek she'll be proud.


I mean, this dude really thinks he's doing something and hurting people's feelings on here, my sides. I never thought I would feel kinda bad for a cow but if Vicky had to deal with this? And that kayla girl? Poor girls.

Also, please stay, this is entertaining. If you keep going you may have your own thread!

No. 800656

And Timmy Hortons open that hour. Excuses excuses. You just didn’t steal any money from moms purse before ya left the house. So tell us seriously why stick arounf until 3pm or so just to bag on your totally not conquest? Also you look like a nickleback knockoff. Cut it out that isn’t and never was cool.

No. 800657

We were talking about getting food and so I looked in her fridge, not her panty drawer, fucking retard -_-

I opened one door in the bathroom looking for the mouthwash I was being denied, because icky doesn't think hygiene is important (obviously)

No. 800658


Thank god, this sped freak is back!
Your heroic lack of self awareness has truly brightened up my days! Please keep talking

No. 800659

My phone was dead and I didn't know Elora, how fucking dense can you be? I needed to fucking SLEEP, SHIT HEAD. I didn't need to drive around an unfamiliar town while my gas is on empty, I needed to try and eventually fall ASLEEP. Do you not have a brain? I'm not roaming around a town at 2pm if I haven't even slept yet.

Use that giant space between your ears, fuck nut.

No. 800661

Didn't your mom told you not to disrespect other's people property? You can't just go and open random fridges. Unless they tell you to check out that's super rude.

No. 800662

You looked in her fridge, you went into her room because it was 'too hot', you looked under her bed, you went into her bathroom, you looked in the furnace room (whatever the fuck that is) you bitched about being hungry and needing a lint roller.

Just stop. It's embarrassing.
Even if you are talking about food, you don't go and open someone's fridge. Especially someone's fridge when you've only been to their place ONCE. It's rude as fuck.

No. 800663

File: 1603089720934.jpeg (2.98 MB, 2008x2008, 5E190716-8BF5-4D2F-A238-33DD48…)

She obviously doesn’t care about hygiene but you are still bitter she didn’t fuck you.

No. 800664

You're the fish face sea urchin aren't you… you seem like the type.
Or maybe I found out your IP address and confirmed…

No. 800665

>>mouthwash denied…. this has to be the primest example of entitled I have ever seen. I think I will use this as a catchphrase any time I feel mommy didn’t love me enough or something. God this thread got hilarious fast. And I agree- never thought I’d have to defend Vicky ever but man she sure had you pegged. All this talk about her hygiene and ya STILL went home with her AND didn’t get any. How sad for you. And to think you spent extra on coconut oil just to change your hair lube. Pathetic.

No. 800666

Omg super hacker skillz over here.

No. 800667

'REEEEEE, I couldn't get what I wanted, so I, a guest in someone's home, took it upon myself to start going through someone's stuff to find what I WANTED!'

Someone was nice enough to offer you Tim Hortons and you turned it down? Alsoz at 7am, I would bet those donuts were still pretty fresh. Who the fuck has stale donuts at 7am?

>you read one article and think you have the whole world figured out

Pot? I would like to introduce you to my friend, Kettle.

Since you're still here, I have a question: why didn't you just, I don't know, charge your phone when you were printing out directions? Why didn't you leave when you couldn't sleep, go to a grocery store, buy something to eat, then drive home? I mean, you were "dying" of hunger.

Also, could you unprivate your Instagram? I want to see how ugly and fat I get called!

No. 800668

Watch out, he’s a master haxxor too.

No. 800669

I could've easily fucked her, I was too tired and too hungry, wasn't worth it.

But out of it I have her repeatedly mentioning my name on her social media to her thousands of friends, I wasn't about to roll over and just let it happen.

No. 800670

You need a diary, dude.

No. 800671

Try harder. Also, while you're on it please take your protein bar.

No. 800672

Can we hear more about your printed directions?
What font did you use? I'm guessing papyrus.

No. 800673

Did she hurt your feelings? Go and tell your mom upstairs.

No. 800674

Too tired and hungry to fuck?
Beta cuck confirmed.

Her “thousands” of friends are thirsty Pradips but still probably has a healthier social life than you.
Jesus fuck man.

No. 800675

The lack of reading comprehension here is unfathomable… no wonder you retards spent the last 5 years on here trying to find out if icky's thighs are smaller this week…

Charging my phone in 5 minutes? Really? It would die on the road, fucking idiot. No GPS, no car phone charger as my old one didn't work, so stuck printing directions. How is this that difficult to figure out with all the fucking detail I gave, you're still mentally challenged looking at a 1+2 formula and can't figure it out?

No. 800676

I want to help you here, buddy. Ready for it? Okay!

You ARE allowed to bring your charger places! You could have charged your phone at your place, while looking up directions, then brought the charger along with you.

No need to thank me, you're welcome!

No. 800677

This dude couldn't take a charger with him and charge his phone while Vicky was snoring, kek. But mastermind printed a map he couldn't read.

No. 800678

You have a PRINTER at home but you don’t have a car charger?

What kind of fucking human are you, Cameron? Jesus Christ

No. 800679

Consequences will never be the same. I’ll tell ya straight out I’m in Reno Nevada. Come at me broseph. Actually you and Vicky really are sorta peas in the pod- with your 1337 haxxor skillz and her many mansions and phds you two shoulda been set. Lol using a printer. Ever heard of a fucking map? You expect us to believe you are a haxxor but can’t google? Still using a flip phone then? And i second all that- why not pack snacks if you are obviously so weak and pathetic you can’t find a grocery, 7-11, or anything open to fix the issue? Yea you go alpha male- hunting gathering skills are maxed out on your stat sheet. Yep.

No. 800680

Any cowards on here want to say any of this shit to my face, you know where to find me.

I'll even pay your bus fair, or gas money for the 2 people on here who might own a car.

BTW who actually believes lying Kayla when she claims the most retarded bullshit about me stealing her phone to compliment myself… or whatever bullshit she claims? That is seriously retarded bullshit… I can't even imagine how stupid you need to be to believe her lies.

The fucking text showed she lied about being raped. How in the name of fuck do you believe anything she says after that?

No. 800682

Nobody cares about Kayla, you're the cow here. And go find you? No thanks, we all know what kind of fucking creep you are.

No. 800683

Broken clocks are still right twice a day. You are clearly a crazed incel who would do exactly the kind of creepy shit she claimed.

God damn dude, go eat a protein bar and neg some skanks on Tinder from your mommy’s basement.

No. 800684

Hope you got your free meter btw. Wouldn't want you to have a blood sugar crisis at another luxurious Guelph estate.

No. 800685

Kek dude. Nobody’s saying they believe her either, but bagging on you is like shooting fish in a barrel. And why pay gas money when you could drive your bad ass around and kick everyone’s asses? Granted you’ll die of starvation before you hit Kitchener cause low blood sugar, but hey, I have faith in you! Grab your samurai sword too and show us some sick moves bro.

No. 800687

It's bus fare, not fair. I think the grease from your hair has seeped into your brain and brought down your super mega 150 IQ.

No. 800688

I guess the difference is I'm not desperate to get laid and would rather do it while I'm at least fed and well rested – you on the other hand are still a virgin who couldn't pay a hooker to touch you much less fuck you, so of course you would be desperate right away lol

The desperation neck beard beta cuck energy is absolutely emanating off of you.

Come find me and we'll see what your coward ass is made of, ass wipe.

No. 800689

Lol she had stuff in her vagina and it wasn’t your soy seed . Wow couldn’t even bag her either? Wow. So so alpha.

No. 800690

No problem, where do you want to meet up and when?

Let me know, chicken shit. I'll post the results on here for everyone to enjoy.

No. 800691

Somebody missed the part where aer made fun of Kayla too. As for the phone charger: I actually own a good phone, so it would charge a little bit in 5 minutes and not die within a half hour. I also would, y'know, grab my charger on the way out.

Make your Instagram public again! Stop being a little bitch about this.

No. 800692

dude, Kayla's vagina reeked worse than a Taco Bell bathroom on 2 dollar Taco night.

Her all sugar candy diet has thrown off her PH… either that or she has an STD.

No. 800693

You mad bro? You’re like a banty rooster- only tough until an actual rooster shows up. I’m betting the next time you go on a date if mommy packs you a nutritious lunch and tucks you in first you’ll totally have sex with the next girl. Yep. Totally.

No. 800694

>>you on the other hand are still a virgin who couldn't pay a hooker to touch you much less fuck you, so of course you would be desperate right away lol

At least we can pay our own houses and not be losers living in our parents basements. But hey, if you prefer to spend your money on hookers, that's fine, just don't stalk them.

No. 800695

This was 6 years ago, fuck face. Didn't have 5 minute charging back then. Victoria doesn't even have a place to plug in a charger at her house except her laptop which I wasn't planning on fiddling with and turning on. That would be an invasion of privacy, not the fucking opening of a fridge like the mentally challenged autistic losers on here keep insisting.

No. 800696

What the fuck are you still talking for? Give me a fucking place and time and I'll be there, or shut your dumb fucking face.

No. 800697

So you are an expert on fast food bathrooms? Tsk tsk not very healthy foods there unless that’s where you meet your grinder dates for a little one on one. I find the irony of you talking even more shit than us fitting. Alpha soyboy away!

No. 800698

I gave you a follow on your pathetic IG just to throw you a bone. Since you’re scanning through your socials to see who’s there to laugh at you, rest assured one of them is definitely me.

Wash your fucking hair.

No. 800699

Why were you close enough to her vagina to smell it? You're big mad that you ate her out and then she left you hanging.

No. 800700

That's where I fucked your mom before she gave you a kiss, didn't you know?

No. 800701

So you know the scent of someone you never did anything with? So you’re a trainer, a cardiologist assistant and now a gynaecologist? You must get all the hoessss

No. 800702

I didn't eat anything out, my face literally repelled away, she got mad, I left, she started texting me with 10 different phone numbers, which is precisely why I asked her about having 10 phone numbers still.

How is your reading comprehension this bad?

No. 800703

Yeah, let's not talk about invasion of privacy. Not the fridge or the bathroom or the storage room, or the way he had to sleep in victoria's room, or all that. Yeah, no way he could find a place to charge his phone.

No. 800704

Kayla desperately wanted to fuck and I was like nope… don't stick your dick in crazy.

Although I don't have to tell you that. You aren't sticking your dick in anything but a flesh light.

No. 800705

So you WERE going to go down on her?

No. 800706

Let's not stick my crazy dick in crazy.

No. 800707

He can’t comprehend that he’s being roasted this hard by a bunch of women. Still has to resort to neckbeard COD insults.
Fucking kek

No. 800708

Since most of you are virgins, I can sense that energy here, I'll give you this tip for free.

If a girl gets naked and gets on her bed, and you move your head over her body and catch a whiff of what smells like sewage, there's an even chance she has an STD she's lying about not having.

There's also a chance she has an atrocious diet, which is what Kayla does indeed have.

If you smell her vag from more than 2 feet from it, RUN! Don't let her suck your dick, Don't even bother looking for a condom, it probably won't protect you from the bacteria you're about to come into contact with. Just run.

Who am I kidding… no one here is getting laid, I'm wasting my time.

No. 800709

Does your mother approve of you sneaking out of the house at this hour running the streets fighting like a teenaged hooligan?

No. 800710

Literally repelled away? Like rappelled? As in jumped off your head with ropes attached? God damned you’re truly a man of action! I bet ya you’re a real hit when hookers refund your toonies cause even they have standards. Anyone wanna send him the navy seal copypasta so he can throw that at us too? 5 or 6 years ago. And yet still bitter over his inability to have sex with substandard women. Amazing. Don’t worry kid- they’ll never be as good as mommy’s kisses.

No. 800711

Wisdom girls! Listen up! The dude sleeping in his parent's home is giving you advice!

No. 800712

Are you the fish face? Another fish face liked one of my instagram pics and I didn't catch it in time to screenshot.

The women on here… good god I can't imagine how miserable your lives must be, being that heinous. None of the virgin neck beards on here want to fuck you, some of you defend sex workers which is the only way you can get laid, some of you are gender studies majors and so you're dumber than when you went into gender studies with even less critical thinking skills… I just can't imagine what that life must be like.

No. 800713

does he really think a bunch of men are on here talking about vicky’s fuckin thighs lmao

No. 800714

Dude the only thing you’re smelling on the women that allow you near them is DESPERATION.

Fuck outta here

No. 800715

>Don't stick your dick in crazy
>Who am I kidding…no one here is getting laid

What is this? 2014? You keep calling us virgins, but no dude who's consistently getting laid needs to talk about how many times he's rejected people. It comes off like deluded projection. Yes! You're wasting your time! Everyone already told you that. Please clean the cum out of your brain and go back to working out for no one who cares.

No. 800716

Kek at anyone on this farm in a gender studies class. This dude truly doesn’t know his audience.

No. 800717

>>no one here is getting laid.

Yea including you. Still upset over something from 6 YEARS ago. Wow she’s the one that got away and now you’re sad. It’s ok someday you’ll find a nice boy to settle down with.

No. 800718

It's hilarious the bitter cunts on here think anyone cares what they think - you're all WAAAYYYYY worse than Victoria. Not even close. The most bitter, hate filled damaged girls who spent years of their life hating a girl they've never met and don't even live in the same country as.

No. 800719

Hey at least it’s a degree and can get more jobs than a useless business diploma. Also since you like hygiene so much what’s with the bacne? You should probably invest in a dermatologist

No. 800720

I'm upset over the current shit talking Victoria has been doing literally within the last few months, mentioning me on her profile, shit head.

I set the record straight so she could finally read it and know the truth, then perhaps she could fuck off and stop making up lies about me.

How fucking dumb are you that you can't figure this out? No wonder no man can get hard around any of you, you're all dumb and annoying as fuck.

No. 800721

Tell us more, just go upstairs and ask your mom for a protein bar first.

No. 800722

I don't have bacne. Those are chicken pox scars I've had since I was 7, long before puberty.

But sure, whine about body shaming while you continue to body shame! The lack of self awareness on here and sheer hypocrisy boggles the mind.

No. 800723

Tfw you're also on here, so you must be a bitter cunt too. Your hatred for women is so palpable. We get it. Women find you repulsive. They can't get past your smegma ridden dick because your personality is no better. Try crying. It's cathartic.

No. 800724

Who is whining about body shaming..?

Have… have you read anything here? It’s mostly body shaming you blind bacne’d faggot

No. 800725

Maybe, just maybe, you and your life partner can go to the gym and pump each other! What a glorious day for you that will be! He will smell like coconut oil and have fresh breath, be able to pump whatever your chubby pale ass weighs, and have mouthwash and a toothbrush IN HIS BAG so you can wash anything you can’t swallow right out of there! Truly you are the manliest man who ever manned! You seem to have a hate on for women and none of us obviously are worthy of a good ol fashioned stalking so maybe you should open the idea that you might be trying to get on the wrong team! I mean when you watch porn you don’t look for women fucking small dicks you look at huge dicks. This means by proxy you like big dicks. It’s ok- this is normal and acceptable for you to have these feelings! Let them out!

No. 800726

A gender studies degree qualifies you to be a blogger, and serve coffee. That's it. lol anyone else getting a job with that degree was a diversity hire, total tokenism from men who feel bad for you and want to virtue signal to their bosses.

But sure, badmouth people who actually make the world run with our "Useless business degrees"

I have a diploma and a degree, applied plus theory, I used to live with my parents years ago and no longer do, but sure you'll all believe whatever you please.

No wonder Victoria was wishing death on all of you. You're all scum of the earth, and it makes me understand the female suicide rate all that much more from all the online bullying vile little vomits like all of you engage in on the regular.

How many girls did you all get to kill themselves with your online bullying? Got their faces on your walls like the only trophy you'll ever win in your useless lives?

No. 800727

“Chicken pox scars” don’t resemble cystic acne. No denial of pushing 40, living in moms basement crying about a girl he couldn’t lay 6 years ago saying mean things about him online waaaahhhh.

No. 800728

Somebody’s feewings are hurt.
Go get a good pump on, it helps cope with emotions that you lack the verbal skills to express.

No. 800729

My sister has cystic acne, I know what it looks like, fuck face.

No. 800730

Successful suicide rates are higher in men. Try again. Once again, you're projecting.

No. 800731

The roid rage is strong with this one. I’m sorry your mother didn’t hug you enough and you got rejected to much you hate women now.

No. 800732

And your degree entitles you to blogpost on here, live in mommies basement, and not get laid. By easy pickings. So,so alpha. And since you mentioned it if you weren’t still all butthurt about not getting any of that sweet ninja ass, why take so long to whine errr defend yourself? And where’s the proof that she has mentioned your name anytime in the last 5 years? Come now little boy, take a protein enema and tell us your tale in under 35k words. Show us where the bad man touched you.

No. 800733

So this is how you like to spend your precious time? At 3 am in a gossip forum full of "scum of the earth"? Trying to make a point? Is it working?

No. 800734

Typical feminists always crying about anyone who calls them out on their bullshit as "hating women", meanwhile I love women, I just hate losers who spend all their days trying to put people they don't know down anonymously on the internet. I called out the disgusting behaviour, now I'm a "woman hater"

No, I'm a bully hater. I beat the shit out of my fair share of bullies. The people on here all act exactly like them - despicable, zero class, always making up lies, always vulnerable narcissists with seriously deep insecurities, never calling themselves out on their own bullshit.

At least I was able to call myself out on my own stupid decisions, nothing anyone here is capable of. That's called being a fucking adult. If you're an adult and can't do this you have arrested development, so seek help from a counselor with a PHD who can prescribe you meds.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800735

He can’t even get himself off. Cause the acne and it would wake mom up. Hell hes prolly too weak from hunger . Betcha if you wait mommy will make breakfast and you can have some choad

No. 800736

But Anon! Ole Cams here can't get it up when his blood sugar is "dangerously low." He could have passed out!

Did you eat your protein bar yet, Cameron? We're concerned about you.

No. 800737

Says the loser spending all his last two days talking shit….oh irony.

No. 800738

Pack it up, guys. He did the meme! We've been vanquished by this Chad!

No. 800739

Um…. if you bully the bullies wouldn’t that make you a bully? You should kick your own ass now. Monetize that any YouTube it. I’ll watch that shitshow. “Look everyone this crazy stalker cuck was gonna totally kick his own ass but passed out from low blood sugar!”

No. 800740

Implying that this scrote’s capable of obtaining and using gas without killing himself like the moron that he is.

His physique suggests that the rage comes from not enough tendies in the freezer. I hate these wannabe gym rats. Hopefully someone reports all his creeper videos on his IG to his gym

No. 800741

Pssst, as an femnazi who only has a gender studies degree, I want to help you out a bit. A psychologist is a person with a PhD and licensed to practice counseling. They cannot prescribe medication. A psychiatrist, however, can since they are a medical doctor.

No. 800742

Man I never saw my imminent pwning coming. Truly this man is too much intellect for the likes of us! Woe is us! The internet’s over now we can all go back to sleep!

No. 800744

You posted this already. Are you getting a little too excited?

No. 800745

You did this one already. Might need that protein bar keyboard warrior! You know what’s really funny? Victoria is probably reading all this and laughing at your pathetic woe is me ass along with the rest of us! Truly this is a weird development but I’d bet it’s true.

No. 800746

He’s becoming more unglued as time goes on

No. 800747


Cameron, you already posted that. Are you ok? Need another protein bar? mouthwash?

No. 800748

And you still didn't fix the part >>800741

No. 800749

He's so close tho! He just needs to post it one more time while thinking about Kayla's vagina before he can cum.

No. 800750

>No wonder no man can get hard around any of you

Meanwhile, posting on lolcow is the only thing Cameron has looked forward to in 18 hours.

No. 800751

I really wish Victoria was here roasting this dude with us. Vicky! Time for another jack daniels bottle please! We're kinda on your side right now!

No. 800752

I hope she is. Vicky is a vapid scammer but this whole angle is a W for her. This baby dicked freak is pathetic enough for everyone to chuckle at.

No. 800753

Maybe he does have one but it belongs to his mom and she wouldn’t let him take it.

No. 800754

Coming this fall to fox- the harrowing tale of a closeted gay gym rat and his quest for a girl with a toothbrush and a protein bar! Tune in every week as we watch our hero scour every apartment looking for the mouthwash that he was denied. Chad Kroger of nickleback stars as Cameron- a man on the edge hiding from Taco Bell smelling vaginas in moms basement lair and driving his sports car around until he finds the shitposters who done him wrong! Every episode he prints a new map to adventure! And maybe someday that handsome chad will spot him on free weights (if you know what we mean) coming soon! (Unlike our hero who can’t get any)

No. 800755

Reeeee MUH PROTEIN BARS AND PUSSY, MOOOOOOOM. I need to go back and tell this femoid to moisturize so she’ll suck my peenus

No. 800756

File: 1603093645511.jpeg (32.77 KB, 320x294, EB7F48FF-3F82-472E-BB7A-741538…)


No. 800757

God damn this is excellent. When do we get to the point where he’s caught wearing a skin suit of a love unrequited

No. 800758

Aw come on Cameron don’t puss out now! I’m sure you’re swooning and probably passed out now from this strenuous activity of typing and being all mad, but if you keep bumping the thread vickys bound to come see how wrong she was! Senpai will notice you again and give you another chance! She has mouthwash and everything!
2020 couldn’t get much weirder. Then we get this soy cuck latte sucking idiot. Mods please don’t ban him this is the hardest I’ve laughed in months.

No. 800759

Saving that for second season. The cliffhanger ending of first season will be him getting his moms floors replaced because the bodies under it smell like a Taco Bell bathroom.

No. 800760

My sides, anon. Don't forget the part where everyone looks like a caricature/Wojak. He has to carry his business degree on hand too, like a scroll.

No. 800761

Hey Cameron have you heard of Onision

No. 800762

I think Cameron either passed out from low blood sugar, or mom heard him gently sobbing downstairs and turned off the internet and told him to go to bed. His stained waifu pillow in hand and a bag of vickys hairs he plucked while looking through her stuff.

No. 800763

My fave part was when someone was fighting about the freshness of Tim Hortons. I haven't laughed like that in a long time.

No. 800764

>every episode he prints out a new map to adventure
Anon, my sides.

No. 800765

>I beat the shit out of my fair share of bullies
Oh boy, oh boy, this really is the male equivalent of Victoria!

No. 800767

jesus fucking christ, the small dick energy is strong with this one

No. 800768

Holy shit I'm calling it now this will get a lolcow award 10/10

>I'll be gone after 'my' floors are done

>Still replying in an unhinged manner 3 days later

>I wasn't desperate to fuck

>Goes home to print directions instead of just.. asking the hag in question

And Christ if anyone has misrepresented your totally water tight novel, it's not down to reading comprehension, it's just the fact no one could get through the whole thing and skipped parts in a vain hope for milk. Like honestly I tried but it reads like every other pseudo intellectual Reddit post written by a man with an unwarranted sense of self importance

Please remind me what you studied for your countless degrees, I didn't catch that part

Honestly this guy and Vicky would be an absolute match made in heaven, how do we reconcile them

No. 800769

I really love how he keeps trying to justify his retardation about the printed directions. A phone from 6 years ago absolutely would have charged a decent amount in 5 minutes, and you don't need to "fiddle with" anything to charge a phone on a laptop, any laptop will charge a phone without you needing to log in. And Vic has no outlets in her entire house? Just ask where you can charge your phone like any non-moron would kek. Dude's whole story makes no sense and he just keeps coming back with more.

No. 800771

He justifies everything. I'm pretty sure he's autistic.

No. 800772

File: 1603103735768.jpeg (21.22 KB, 261x193, 6C991763-E0F6-4AD1-9A1A-4B0E37…)

Mate I get it this is probably the most attention you’ve gotten in the past decade but holy shit you’re the weirdest fucken incel/fedora neckbeard fusion I’ve laid my eyes on.

No. 800776

Kek this guy is still here?! Amazing.

No. 800777

Well this is why you don't give autistic people meth

No. 800778

> “Look everyone this crazy stalker cuck was gonna totally kick his own ass but passed out from low blood sugar!”

Fucking kek

No. 800781

File: 1603111699889.jpeg (22.33 KB, 400x225, AF455FB2-4F42-4639-9AA5-20A9C0…)

This guy is a ringer for Geoffrey Jellineck from Strangers with Candy

No. 800782

I’m not a virgin, but if I had a choice between virgin and the type of sloths get naked in your presence, I’m picking virgin.

Also, your phone charger can travel with you and finding a store / grocery store in Elora isn’t that hard.

No. 800783

Victoria didn’t have a wall plug? You’re telling us that Victoria didn’t have a place to plug in besides her computer? And you knew this before leaving your house… so you didn’t bring a charger?

No. 800784

You want to talk about reading and comprehension when people have said here that they have met Vicky. I also live in the same country, but you keep saying nobody here has to make your point.

No. 800786

File: 1603113030904.jpeg (313.22 KB, 828x1390, 09EB7E29-A9AC-4C49-B8C9-7C5916…)

Sorry officer, a dude is talking about me on the internet.

No. 800787

I was thinking of Prince Humperdinck but now that I’ve looked him up again, I’ve realised that would be a grave insult to Chris Sarandon.

No. 800788

Don't forget he also had never been to her house before, so even if by some small chance Vic's house is the only house in Elora without power outlets, how would he have known that? Literally any excuse to not admit he's a complete dumbass for not bringing a fucking phone charger and not getting himself something to eat.

If you don't where the convenience store is, why not just ask Vic? He said it was 7am when they got there, just say you're hungry and you want to get something to eat. Or, yeah, just cry about how hungry you were on the internet 6 years later.

Tbh this guy is unhinged and delusional as fuck. She might be a cow, but I'd be scared too. Dude clearly has nothing going on in his life and is absolutely obsessed with this one night from 6 years ago.

No. 800789

He's so full of shit and tries to make up shit instead of admitting fault. Victoria had a fridge and a place to plug her phone in apparently so of course she'd have a power outlet. He writes so much word diarrehea that he ends up contradicting himself in the same sentence.

No. 800796

Aw anons let’s cut the little guy some slack. It’s disorienting to suddenly be expected to care for yourself in a strange town when you’re used to your mom taking care of you and doing the housekeeping. She must have forgotten to pack his sleepover bag with a charger and snacks.

No. 800797


How are you going to pay for our gas when you can’t even afford to fill your own tank, babe?

Imagine being so broke you drive around with an empty gas tank in a car with no built-in navigational system or wireless charger. Maybe spend less time here and more time at work so you can escape poverty lol

No. 800798

File: 1603117785446.jpg (133.12 KB, 1180x663, second hand embarrassment.jpg)

I feel like I'm looking at the Grand Canyon, the awe-inspiring landscape of humiliation goes on for so much longer than you expect, and the way down is so very deep.
Come anons, let's go abseiling.

No. 800801

Vicky thread continues to be the best thread.
The funniest thing about this guy coming here is that he definitely thought that we will all love his drivel, it must have hurt his ego when he was slated. Love to see it.
Another thing was his stupid attempts at insulting the anonymous users here? Like, you have no idea who is posting so how are you going to get under their skin? And how he thought we are all scrotes, kek.
He is such an amazing specimen, such a reddit tier "we live in a society" neckbeard pseudo intellectual. Oh girls, I am so happy that he came to grace us with his musings. I sincerely hope he will come back.

No. 800803

what gets me about this absolute mong is that he had printed directions that would tell him where to go to get back as well, just look at it in reverse. big brain play

No. 800806

Looks like she untagged victoria and took her out of any of her posts. Even icky wants no part in this shit storm Kayla and Cameron are playing in

No. 800807

KEK it really seems this way. Like, you've never been in another town before? You didn't notice any gas stations or convenience stores on the way over? How do you have such shitty life skills that you can't find basic necessities in a neighboring town? Fergus is like 10 minutes away. It's not like you're in rural Cambodia, you're like a half hour away from home in the same fucking province.

No. 800808

No fucking way this guy unironically dropped how much he can bench as a brag ahhahaha holy shit men are so embarrassing

No. 800809

Yeah I noticed that. He was insulting people even before anyone here responded. The funny thing is that I think he really thought Vick would read here and thank him for white knighting her or something.
The problem is he can't keep his nerd rage under control and found himself switching between bitching about her and bitching at the users. It all got out of control once he realised no-one found him 'riveting' as he likes to put it.

No. 800810

Looks like she deleted that sperg out along with another where even her fb friends were calling her out for being overdramatic, always saying she’s poor yet claims to have 7 grand and another dude calling her out for collecting cerb. Girl if you’re that rich why haven’t you invested in a car or a therapist since you claim to spend 4 grand a month?

No. 800811

I don't really blame her. Not only did she warn Kayla about autismo, but she then got the conversation leaked to him. Kayla seems like the type of toxic friend to act different when a dude is around.

No. 800812

Bless this thread, this is the funniest shit I have ever seen

No. 800814

I just really hope more don’t ban him- tbh sitting up watching him sperg out really was hilarious and a breathe of fresh stupid. I dunno if he knows to sage or stop name fagging but rules aren’t meant for such a manly man.
At least we got to hear from kaylas dumb ass today too. Peas in a pod. Now all we need is Victoria to show up and the singularity is complete.
>> doesn’t believe in wasting police officers time, goes ahead and wastes police officers time…
Kayla make sure you put “he said my vagina smelled like a Taco Bell bathroom” in your police report. That’s the only way to make sure you get the protection order. It has a certain ring to it.

No. 800816

File: 1603121866833.jpeg (278.27 KB, 828x1232, F0F11EF2-21C7-4850-A8E8-3196F1…)

There’s Cameron’s story, kaylas story and the truth. All very different things, that’s what I’m assuming. They’re are screenshots of her saying “he’s a funny dude” when Vicky tries to warn her, that doesn’t sound like someone that’s scared. So scared she took photos with him.
And I thought she said Cameron would steal her phone to compliment himself and now it was to talk to victoria?
And Vicky was kind to him for the ride? So kind she let him sleep in her bed? If he’s such a creep why would she get in the car with him? Cause she’s looking to fuck probably, both your standards seem pretty low.
Cameron is most definitely a creep

No. 800817

Kayla is now saying in a new status that Cameron has shown up at her place to knock on windows. Guy is a creep but he doesn’t have great directional skills

No. 800818

Maybe his mom drove him that time.

No. 800819

File: 1603122850604.jpeg (44.45 KB, 612x408, 82830C3E-1B01-44B1-B9D2-4BAC72…)

Cameron and his mom driving over to kaylas to knock on the windows.

No. 800820

He's a creep and would probably do this. He threw napkins at Vick in public like a sperg and films randoms at the gym. He also seems to have violent outburst like an autist. However I don't believe much of what Kayla says. She's trying to backtrack now. If she was a decent person, she'd admit to Vicky that she didn't listen to her advice about the creeper and apologise for bitching about her. But instead she's making tweets and statuses about it all like a Tamara.

No. 800821

File: 1603123153878.jpeg (49.73 KB, 357x280, 7FF9F43A-70F7-4884-B2C7-A9BB52…)

>sTrOnGeR tHaN yOu
>SmArTeR tHaN yOu ToO

No. 800822

File: 1603123230966.jpg (356.56 KB, 1080x1012, 20201020_000124.jpg)

No. 800824

She’s also going off on a live video.

No. 800825

She's trying to make it seem like she saved Vick from evil lolcow or something.
Girl. If you really wanted to help Vick you would have paid for her to get home somehow instead of letting your friend go home with a sketchy guy from a club. Not only that but you continued to hang around and message said sketchy guy.
No-one here suddenly LOVES Victoria. She's an idiot, so are you and so is Cameron.
Grow a personality and quit pretending to be Trisha Paytas, it's sad.

No. 800826

Honestly. The only thing this entire thread is showing right now is victoria has no close friends, any that will help her out. She’ll stay delusional because everyone she surrounds herself with are … well you guys. Nice try, Kayla

No. 800827

He's also
oN mOrE sPeEd ThAn YoU

No. 800828

Facebook? YouTube? Be specific.
What more could she even have to say? It's all the same shit. She sounds super insecure as well because she keeps talking about her ammaaaaazing boyfriend of 2 years and how he's going to protect her and they are going to have babies.
It's lame and boring.

No. 800829

Sorry, Facebook

No. 800832

If the only people she surrounds herself with are Camerons and Kaylas, then it's really really sad.

No. 800833

She’s not on cerb but has been out of work and collecting disability? People with full time jobs don’t even have 7 grand in the bank. When cerb came out a lot of people got 2 payments of the 2 grand at once. Unless you live in fucking Manhattan you’re not spending 4 grand a month especially when you don’t even have a car and live in a shitty small town. Spending tax payers money on hair extensions and nails and freeloading off the government is nothing to brag about girl

No. 800835

She’s still having a mental breakdown on her live on Facebook talking to herself. There’s literally nobody watching. She might wanna log off

No. 800836

She's weirdly obsessed with mentioning her lashes and nails.
I tried to watch one of her YouTube videos about quitting smoking and she sounds stoned as fuck. She goes on about the nails and lashes in the video. I stopped watching a few minutes in because she has the editing aesthetic of a 9 year old on movie maker. In another video she boasts about a modelling interview in one of those pay to play magazines like Lillee Jean.

If Victoria is a poor man's Kat von D, then Kayla is a wannabe Trisha Paytas. She even tries to do the same faces and hand movements.
She keeps trying to pull her fat tits up in frame and its so embarrassing. Royal Black vibes.

No. 800837

I'll bite. I want to see this pussy crushing alpha chad leg press all that weight. Vids or it didn't happen.

No. 800838

>7 grand
Does this mean something different in Canada? Is she really bragging about only having seven thousand dollars?

No. 800839

The absolute cringe in this thread. This was more fun than a Vicky Jack Daniels sperg.

Thanks Cameron, you fucking reject, I needed this laugh today.

No. 800841

I was wondering that too? I have about that much in savings and I'm def poor lol

No. 800842

I am having the best and the worst time at the same time.
On one hand epic comedy that are this autist’s spergs, on the other hand people like Cameron exist. Full of drama, self-importance, delusions, and walking Dunning-Kruger’s effects. The embarrassment is so strong, I know it’s his own dumbassery that protects him from seeing just how embarrassing he is, but I am still impressed he dares to leave his parents basement and open his mouth.

No. 800843

She doesn’t just have 7 grand anon that’s after she spends 4000 a month on lashes, hair extensions “boujee” makeup, nails, “fabulous clothing” and whatever she wants all without a job, the rest of us all are peasants

No. 800846

File: 1603126315882.jpeg (194.63 KB, 1440x1440, 1036CE50-2050-4E13-BBBC-62D877…)

This is Kayla guys. She has an onlyfans or something like that. I wonder how she feels knowing victoria makes fun of her for being a online pornstar

No. 800848

She's reading all the comments in the thread in realtime.
She keeps bringing up photos of some girl to get a personal army.
she thinks some chick is trying to steal her boyfriend.

No. 800849

Is that the hot russian dude she keeps going on about?
I thought she said she was going to have cute blonde babies. He looks like a ranga to me.

No. 800850

She doesnt have an onlyfans, she pops her tits out on twitter for free. She wishes she could do onlyfans. Her boyfriend looks special ed and whoah she needs to go somewhere else for her fillers. Bitch looks like the joker.

No. 800852

Lmfaooooo of course vick would hang out with this type of girl they're two peas in a pod

No. 800853

Omg lol no- we will get back to roasting vickys dumb ass when it’s worthwhile. Kaylas got the white hat on now? Lol at that. It isn’t a Cameron thread you silly bint but you’ve definitely proven the idea that Vicky is surrounded by stupid backstabbing birds of a feather, bent on being oh so much better than everyone at the expense of reality. Some of us last night had to give
Icky a point for kicking this sperg to the curb, but one good thing doesn’t cover the 500 bad tattoos or shitty things. Sit the fuck back down Taco Bell vagina- you aren’t the hero here.

No. 800854

Omg it’s like she ate Anna Nicole smith

No. 800855

Not only did he post his stats he's completely, utterly lying about them. This asshole is padding his numbers like crazy.
Nobody cares about leg press because the machine takes half the weight and you don't waste any strength on stabilization. That's like saying your benchpress in the Smith machine is worth anything: it's not.
He probably has 60lb in each hand for his shoulder press, >>800448 the photo conveniently cuts off so you can't read the weight on the dumbbells.
Am I supposed to believe this little coconut oiled manbaby with low blood sugar can squat 425lb? After lying about everything else? Bitch better post his weight class so I can make fun of him even more.
In conclusion, his numbers are fake and he's a windowlicker. He can call me ugly all he wants, but he better post videos from the past 3 months hitting all these benchmarks.

No. 800856

The whole time she's slurring about how she's fat but not ugly and showing some photo of a girl saying she's trying to steal her boyfriend. She also reckons she's not obsessed with Trisha paytas AS she plays trisha's music. She claims that she met Trisha Paytas and Trisha's own mother thinks she looks like a younger version of Trish. She also said that only bougie model girls get lashes and extensions in her town.
She really likes the sound of her own voice. She's basically Vick except she doesn't lie about being a ninja.

No. 800857

ProteinAnon, I'm the one who triggered you to the point of threatening violence. I'm not Vicky, just an FYI. But congrats on the new floors, I'm sure they'll look great with all the holes you punched in your mom's basement wall.

Your hatred of women is evident in every one of your posts. It's repulsive. Men like you are living proof that sexual orientation isn't a choice. Every woman alive would choose lesbianism instead.

No. 800858

>coconut oiled manbaby

Anon I'm fucking wheezing

No. 800859

I don't think any of these responses have been Vick tbh.
I definitely think Kayla was in the thread like early early on, but I'm not getting the Vick vibe from any new posts.

No. 800861

Vicky is the woman who gave it up to some random septuagenarian who made her pose outside in the Ontario winter with the same $14.95 bottle of Prosecco all night.

And she couldn't bring herself, even drunk, to fuck Cameron. I can't imagine how disgusting he must be in person to be rejected by her.

No. 800862

Man. Partaking in the evisceration of this demented faggot has been the highlight of my week. 10/10 thread.

No. 800864

Fucking kek.

No. 800865

I found it creepy in the story that he said she went to bed pissed off at something he said and he still moved from the couch to the bedroom. Like she was pissy and not only did he not get the hint but he got into her bed.
Also there's a part where he makes up the excuse of not wearing clothes because they are covered in cat hair.
Dude opens people's fridges and gets into their beds unclothed after an argument. Wow what a winner.

No. 800866

If you’re really that hungry, knowing she has no food, wouldn’t you just chance it and get the hell out of there? You don’t have directions and no way to plug in your phone. Like was he planning on moving in?
So just take your chances and get the fuck out of it was that bad. Jesus Christ. His mom must really make all his life choices.

No. 800867

She’s been on live for almost two hours talking about this thread. Kek

No. 800868

It sounds like he was a fucking lingerer.
Lingers around sober to find drunk chicks to give lifts home.
The interaction was probably way worse than he lets on. The amount of times he justifies his weird behaviour and doesn't see it as creepy is astounding. He was at her place until 6pm the next night.

No. 800869

I was listening for a while but it got really boring. She's stoned or something and thinks the site layout is 'boring' and can't read.
She's also bragging about really menial things.

From an anon who is not from Canada, is Guelph a shit hole or something? The quality of people is terrible. Like….Vick, Kayla, Cameron and various others. Is it a meth head town? Genuinely interested.

No. 800870

Everything he said was a justification for something else retarded.
He couldn't drive home he needed sleep waaaah.
He couldn't fuck Vick not because she probably rejected him but because of low blood sugar waaaaah.
It wasn't him that sent Vick a heap of messages, it was his magical friend Tristam.

No. 800874

>I really didn’t know how to describe this relationship, we were friends for 10 months but we did things that I wouldn’t exactly do with friends, we kissed at her place when she was sitting on the couch and I had to stand up straight again because I was passing out bending over from low blood sugar. So instead of using that word “friendship” I used the word “relationship” in a general sense, as I have done here many times

So apparently he announced himself as her boyfriend and she freaked out.

>When I was in bed with Victoria, her move is to grab your hand and put it in between her tits

But apparently didn't get very far because he was too exhausted and hungry. What's with the blood sugar thing anyway? A lot of fitness models and bodybuilders fast for a few days before the competitions/shoots, he's acting like he's diabetic or something.
He goes on to say after the first night with Vick he goes out drinking again on an empty stomach.
Does he not eat except when mommy packs him protein bars?

No. 800875

I don't get it, why didn't he order food, or go to a damn wendys? You expected her to cook for you? What low class. Who goes to a girl's house for the first time at 7 AM with a dead phone? You didn't bring a charger? She didn't have a charger? Why take your clothes off and sneak in her bed? Why so defensive about not having sex? I have so many questions… It sounds like the super creepy kind of guy who preys on mentally ill girls because he knows no one will believe them.

No. 800876

Victoria's secrets models go without food 2 days before a show and 1 day without water.
This dude can't a couple hours without muh protein and when he finally does get food he starts bitching about muh sleep again.

No. 800877

This asshole is going to be so indignant when he finally gets accused of rape or harassment, if he hasn't been already.
Surely no high IQ gentleman such as himself would ever sully the virtue of a lady. He must DEFEND HIS REPUTATION, repeatedly, compulsively, very publicly.
>It sounds like the super creepy kind of guy who preys on mentally ill girls because he knows no one will believe them
100% this

No. 800878

>The interaction was probably way worse than he lets on.
Oh abso-fucking-lutely. It kinda seems like Vic just wanted a ride home. He even says she went to sleep in her room without him, but he followed her, took his clothes off, and jumped in her bed uninvited when she was drunk, then hung around her for the rest of the day until she finally made up some excuse for him to leave. Idk, take the fucking hint? If she's so awful, why do you even care?

He's cringey and obnoxious even in his own goddamn story. I can't tell if his actions make no sense because a lot of it is fake or he just really has rocks for brains, but I'm guessing most of it is exaggerated. Who the fuck remembers that they ate a low sugar protein bar 6 fucking years ago? Is he fucking Rain Man?

No. 800880

>Eventually I got her into the car

This part when he finally gets food sounds like she tried to sleep in on purpose and hoped he would just fuck off and go home. 'I finally got her into my car' sounds so different to 'we then headed out to get food'
He thinks she was sick of him when he mentioned big bang theory but I get the vibe she was over him the second he set foot in her place.

No. 800881


Vick's a narc and has never come her without announcing it was her in some way. Her post are incredibly hard not to notice.


He probably hurt his ego even more coming here and being rejected by what he assumes is a "bunch of fat ugly whales" online. This dude actually made me for a hot minute feel bad for Vick. The fact that he came here 5 months after Vick made that post and lost his shit about it, damn. But yeah, how nasty of a musty lingering fart was he for even Vick to reject him. Like I'd be pretty fucking terrified if a dude I argued with slinked into my bed naked and hyperventilating behind me all night/day. I feel like Vick was either out cold or silent out of fear when he was ramming his hand into her cleavage. I feel like we certainly got a sugar-coated story from him which still ended up being creepy and heinous. I sorta hope we get to hear Vicks take on the events.

No. 800882

>he's acting like he's diabetic or something

Bingo. He posted another Kayla screenshot last night that must have been deleted, but his phone had an ad for a free Accu-Chek glucose meter.

No. 800884

Well Vicky was almost 30 at this point. There comes a point meeting guys in Facebook and getting in a car with them alone is not only ignorance, it’s stupidity.
I couldn’t imagine being that age and letting a stranger into my own home I didn’t want to be there. This only tells me she’s lonely and not as sharp as she wants everyone to believe. Which isn’t really news.

No. 800885

I’ve never met a diabetic adult who didn’t carry some kind of food with them for emergencies. He really must depend on mommy for everything.

No. 800886

Same here. As much as Vick is a tragic cringefest and a hoot to laugh at, I actually felt awful for her too. It sounds like she may have been drunk enough to go through with it but he became insufferable. According to him they kissed on the couch and then he reckons he had to ramble about shit to stop fainting and then he pissed her off, she went to the bedroom and he followed her in, left his clothes at the end of the bed. I'm guessing he probably tried to spoon her awkwardly and she hugged his arms to her chest or some shit.
Being the autistic dead fish that he is, he probably stayed in that position while she passed out sleeping. He stayed awake waiting for her to wake up and give him some action but instead bitches about her snoring when she wakes up.

No. 800887

I’ll bring the protein bars!

No. 800890

Yet another weird and stupid justification on his end.
Instead of just saying I have the beetus, he makes up some stupid lie about needing protein every other hour because he liftssss.
He really just wanted a reason to mention he lifts. So sad.

No. 800891

I really think he is that delusional that he thought Vick would read all his bullshit and agree with him. He tried insulting everyone here and sprinkled in small compliments about Vick saying she doesn't smell bad and she's above average but still manages to come off like an absolute asshole.

No. 800892

I think it’s just his own ego. He can’t help but insult everyone but at the same time he obviously wanted to fuck Vicky so he couldn’t say she was ugly and stinky without dragging himself. He has to tell it so that she’s obviously below him, yet not so far below him that sleeping with her would reflect badly on him.

No. 800904


Guelph is literally the Anus of Ontario. The quality of humans coming out of that shit hole is piss poor at best. Every dude I've dated out of there has been just like Onion JR here, Creepily obsessive Incels.

No. 800905

Wow, I almost feel sorry for Vicky. She's a pick-me beyond belief, but even she pales in comparison to the hot flaming mess Cameron is.

No. 800908

File: 1603137257060.jpg (28.98 KB, 680x386, 042.jpg)

>anus of ontario

yet you still announce you willingly dated people from there. anon pls

No. 800915


It's just farms and meth and drunk driving and Walmart. Inbred AF because nobody wants to move there and help diversify the gene pool.

No. 800919

Did no one manage to get some highlights for the rest of us?

Also I love that Cammy boy only briefly denied currently living at mommy's when that's been a big part of our dunking. Yall know he'd be listing off square footage and market value if he actually had his own place kek

No. 800923

lol guelph isn't a shithole per se but it's basically a university town… any young person (who isn't drifting/doing nothing) is there for school and leaves asap after afaik. apart from that typical small city in ontario, people stuck in dead end jobs etc.

No. 800924

File: 1603141084576.jpeg (50.65 KB, 590x447, 2C7344F4-96A6-45EF-BCAB-649D2E…)


11/10 best thread all year. Definitely getting nominated for a cow award

People who act like they’re famous influencers and do this kind of histrionic shit are the worst. No one fucking cares girl. And it’s a known FACT that anyone who has to brag about their income (especially to a bunch of anons lmao) is just a loser who LARPS that they have it big. Congrats on your fake everything I guess. You’ll always be miserable tho.

No. 800926

The more I think about it, the more this really pisses me off. Based on Cameron's version of events, he took a drunk woman home, then waited for her to fall asleep before entering her bedroom and taking off his clothes. He also went through her belongings in a blatant invasion of privacy. Then he has the fucking gall to come here and act like we will be more horrified by snoring, dust bunnies and him not being cooked for.

Victoria is ridiculous but no woman deserves to be treated like that. You fucking creep.

No. 800929

Jfc is anyone in Vickys orbit NOT a cow?

No. 800940

Not only did he think we'd be impressed with the information, he spoke down the entire time like he's above it. He took how many paragraphs to tell a story that took 2 minutes. You basically just described what happened in one sentence. All those random insults and other shit peppered in there made him look like the biggest incel.

No. 800941

There will always be cows sweetie.

No. 800943

Yeah I thought the same thing. He definitely still lives at home, otherwise he would have screeched about it more like he did with the directions thing. Besides he gave himself away. If he had lived by himself, he would have charged his phone at his house and invited Vick in while it charged before taking her home. Or he would of just had her stay over and taken her home in the morning. For some reason I can see him telling her to be quiet or telling her he'll just be a moment while he runs inside to use the printer while his parents sleep.

No. 800944

Highlights of her stream included

>her deleting her dramatic posts

>her saying Vick only met him once but she met him a few times
>going on about being pretty but fat and once she loses weight it's all over for us
>She's not trying to be Trisha Paytas because if she was she'd do more YouTube apparently, but then goes on to suck Trisha's hole and says that Trisha's mom said she looked just like her from when she met her one time
>Vocal fry the entire time like literally trying to emulate Trisha's voice
>thinking there's only 3 of us on lolcow because of the slow replies and only a few watching her stream.
>thinks one of them is Cameron
>seemed pleased she was being talked about
>kept flashing a photo of some fat chick on screen saying she was trying to steal her boyfriend
>flashes the woman's photo up on screen several times trying to bait lolcow
>goes on about her Omfg hot Russian boyfriend who is supposedly rich
>someone posts picture of them both on here and she gets low key annoyed no-one thinks he's hot
>keeps saying she can have kids whenever she wants to him because he has money and she's not dumb like other people who just spit out a kid straight away
>starts feeling bad about her picture being roasted and says it's just a bad photo because of the spray tan and its not a good photo of her boyfriend.
>says one of her friends says he's hot tho
>keeps slurring and trying to read the thread and saying it's soooo boring

No. 800945

She also kept laughing at the onision comparisons and said it's so true except Cameron isn't famous like him.

I bet this bitch was an onion stan up until the chris hansen shit.

No. 800946

Yes Kayla…the spray tan is the only reason you look bad KEK

No. 800947

Look on the bright side. It's only a few more hours before Big Cam tops up his prepaid phone and has enough data to school lolcow again.

No. 800952

>I'm totally weak and skinny fat, you're right. The 1216 pound leg press, 425 squat, and 11 reps of 120 pound dumbbells was all witchcraft.

Also >>800448

lmfao who would've thought vicky has a perfect male equivalent, and that he is actually right here in her thread posting non-stop for all of us

No. 800953

>I'm the only one who actually had the balls not only to show his face and name
Literally what? You are so lost dude, do you have any idea where you are?

No. 800962

Seriously, dude. How has this guy not found /fit/ yet?

No. 800973

He probably did and the even the other incels there booed him off.
Like when Elliot Rodgers got booed from the bodybuilding forums for being too weird.

No. 800977

bless this thread, I'm gone for two days and come back to all this madness

brings a tear to my fish face sea urchin eye

No. 800978

File: 1603163981929.jpg (91.32 KB, 1280x720, lurchin.jpg)

>fish face sea urchin eye

it's hours later since i first read this unique term of incel spergology and i can't get over it. what face does a sea urchin have? why are all of his insults undersea themed? why is his go-to definition of ugly different sea creatures?

No. 800980

It's because he's made up of 80% coconut oil.
Oil and water don't mix. Of course he hates anything sea related.

No. 800981

It's really sad because you'd hope that she learns from this experience. If I ever met a person like Cameron and had this dating nightmare, I'd be scared of sharing anything online anymore. Like I get that some people want to thirst trap but the online validation is really not worth having weird guys like Cameron around. She won't pay attention to it though and it'll be a repeat thing. That's why all the dudes she attracts are dangerous and weird. I remember there was that other one that was aggressively insulting her in her Facebook comments and she was all teehee it's just banter.
God forbid a girl corrects her on anything though, that is an instant block and delete. Creepy incels are fine though because they tell her she's hot.

No. 800982

File: 1603168463320.jpg (607.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201020_123119.jpg)

I've seen botched lumpy fillers before but I've never seen it where they overfill the outer edges of the lips. Like I've seen it where they've overfilled the middle part but this is next level botched.

It's also obvious she was posting here.
>>800320 is definitely one of her posts. She does that thing Vick does where she says stuff like 'anyone who knows insert name here knows that she insert really specific thing'
Like there are people here who know Vick but the majority are just anon randoms probably not even from the same country. Way to give yourself away lol

No. 800986

File: 1603171203986.gif (2.13 MB, 468x200, CCABCD52-A331-4E08-8CF4-A56CD0…)

>starts feeling bad about her picture being roasted and says it's just a bad photo because of the spray tan and its not a good photo of her boyfriend.

I’m crying. Help me

No. 800988

I was losing it too.
Reminds me of when one of your friends is trying to show you a photo of their new 'hot' boyfriend and they keep saying 'it's not a good photo of him!' while scrolling through their phone frantically.

Seriously though,there was no reason to mention her boyfriend on here. Last night on stream she said it was 'to scare away Cameron' but all it did was make her more of a target. Like she already supposedly called the cops, why even make mention of your boyfriend here. He's going to protect you? Good. No need to advertise it here like everyone cares lol
It makes me think she's done more with Cameron/kept in contact more than she lets on and feels like she needs to validate that she has a boyfriend when literally noone cares except Cameron.

No. 800991

File: 1603173728141.jpeg (52.75 KB, 400x400, B61A2DB5-59DD-42A7-850F-A72EBA…)

Dude straight up looks like a ginger version of Officer Doofy.

I think it’s just projection and creating more drama. Big fucking doubt any farmer is lusting after that doofy ass looking dude.
What are the odds he has a fake accent like vicky? Lol

No. 801022

File: 1603198616842.jpeg (334.47 KB, 828x1306, 41CF45FA-ED4A-4BC5-8F9C-8FCF7B…)

I can’t feel sorry for Vicky. How many times has this girl said she’s been attacked by Uber drivers or taxis drivers? She was kidnapped another time. She’s had stalkers break into her house. Yet she’s still willing to get in a car with a stranger dude she met on Facebook at 30 years old after partying and drinking until like 4am.

Vicky literally went on a rant in a Facebook group saying she hired a person driver to avoid getting into cars with weirdos?
Maybe if she got her life together as well as she’d like her neckbeards to believe it is, she wouldn’t end up in these dangerous situations.
But she’ll probably say she’s a ninja and can fight off anyone.
LARPing online as an adult isn’t enough anymore Vick

No. 801023

File: 1603198902675.jpeg (219.07 KB, 828x790, AE6DE26B-D7FB-487F-97CF-2B3E2D…)

>>but we got none

Starting to sound like Cameron. Get off your ass and go get some if it’s that bad?
Not like you’re doing anything else. These three deserve eachother. We should just change this thread to the three amigos. I feel like Kayla would enjoy that too much, though.

No. 801030


Reading this is nauseating. How hard is it to add a "." in between sentences. Wtf is cmolie tea and how tf is it suppose to help the heat rash between her layers/flaps.

No. 801033

a late but hearty kek

No. 801038


>apparently he’s not too picky

A little too honest

No. 801046

Is she a drug addict or just a complete moron?

Go buy some Claritin with your 8 grand you dumb bitch. She must be as insufferable as vicky in real life.

No. 801050

Pisses me off how people this big get benefits. If she's that size, she's obviously getting far too much. I've been obese and it is not a cheap lifestyle. Absolute waste of Canadian tax money.

No. 801052

she means “chamomile tea,” kek

it is supposed to soothe irritated skin

No. 801056

Chafing from being fat? I am sure her foot problems would suddenly go away if she lost weight. Colloidal oatmeal or a fucking benadryl is a lot more affordable than whatever she'll be paying for her hair appointment. Which, by the way, is sooc important in spite of having a rash.

No. 801060

File: 1603211735686.jpeg (168.04 KB, 828x976, 70F9A13B-D47C-4DB8-8EF2-5DFF67…)

And she’s tipping a whole $20 for probably a 5 hour service. But yeah don’t go to the store and buy something for your rash.
Hopefully it’s just from being fat or whatever and it’s nothing contagious.

No. 801063

File: 1603212027115.jpg (120.92 KB, 1280x976, a.jpg)

>I've been obese and it is not a cheap lifestyle.
Really? Fast food is cheap af where I live. Also, it seems crazy but I think there are studies on this that show the more well off you are, the more likely you are to be of a healthy weight.

No. 801065

File: 1603212115329.jpeg (166.01 KB, 828x672, BB59A856-38AC-4FFA-A551-D6FE2E…)

Kayla seems obsessed with calling herself fat but doing nothing about it, Cameron likes to talk about everyone else’s weight but has nothing to show for his own life and Victoria photoshops herself into a completely different body all together.
Have these people ever thought of maybe starting a three some

No. 801067

she's a pip, she is. I've heard tell of this oplex that all the cebrelies gush over. what's life without long, liscus hair?

No. 801070

Thank you for pointing this one out of I would have gone back to look for it, that was the moment I lost it

No. 801076

File: 1603213785411.jpeg (153.34 KB, 828x902, 72A21947-4E25-4990-98A1-E2B25F…)

All of these things do make you gain weight, so is correct, but they don’t MAKE you morbidly obese. If you aren’t lazy and eat properly this shouldnt be a huge problem, just a hurtle.
Remember when victoria came here to white knight for this girl? If Vicky actually gave a shit about this girl she’d tell her to go to a therapist cause coming here to tell us to kill ourselves clearly wasn’t the route to go

No. 801093

Kayla, I know you read this, watch an episode of “secret eaters” and you’ll know why “you just eat salads and you’re still fat”.

No. 801094

All you have to do is scroll down her page to see thats a lie. Girl is not just eating salad

No. 801095

File: 1603217140707.jpg (708.5 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20201020-154624_You…)

She goes on about people attacking her for her looks when last night she said on her stream that the ugliest people are the worst people and she kept showing that photo and full name of that random woman. Like don't dish it out if you can't take it.

No. 801096

That's not the stream by the way, she didn't show her face last night. Pic unrelated

No. 801097

Prisha Taytas

No. 801104

Like putting eyelashes on a potato. Nice toddlers & tiaras aesthetic.

No. 801105

File: 1603219347698.jpeg (321.15 KB, 828x1554, 43D1CEB8-7672-4550-8BD3-7F2D92…)

Weird that this was just posted about victoria and now fatty is posting the same thing or close to it?
This girl and Victoria are the same shitty person. I don’t believe this for a second, she’s an attention whore.
Is this a Kayla and Vick page now? They’re the same fucking loser.
Why would Kayla get off her ass and work for herself! That’s absurd. This is why you’re fat girl. You have no goals or motivation.

No. 801106

Meanwhile she constantly refers to her and Vicky as hot big tittied blondes. Also her saying it’s over for us once she loses weight, good luck. losing weight when you have thyroid issues is very very difficult. She may lose some weight for a short period of time but she’ll gain it all back and then some as quickly as she lost it.

No. 801109

File: 1603219731038.jpeg (274.15 KB, 807x1418, DC35D714-90E8-49FC-9364-5AB17B…)

This is exactly what victoria said “I was dressed like a boy” this girl wants Victoria’s attention and I guess she’s getting it. I guess you’ll take any attention for excitement when you don’t work and have no life.

No. 801111

She’s now saying the Uber driver groped her…. Jesus Christ.

No. 801112

That’s a great goal to have! Just get a rich man while you sit at home milking the government and stuffing your face with chocolate bars then trap him with a kid so you can be a stay at home mom collecting baby bonus you’re set! Let’s all get on this cows level y’all

No. 801120

I can't believe that picture upthread is actually her boyfriend and she thought we'd think he was hot ahhaaha fucking fuck. He literally looks like a parody of a gross neckbeard. Im dying

No. 801124

File: 1603223007845.jpeg (32.57 KB, 500x483, 2B1079B0-DE21-41BB-B559-B69588…)

Someone really wants their own thread. She’s only sucking Vicky’s taint for that sweet lolcow clout.

No. 801125

fibromyalgia is not real. bitch is fat and it makes her hurt. lose some weight, youll be fine

No. 801126

File: 1603223338130.jpeg (46.25 KB, 828x271, A21258D9-8779-441D-984F-5881E5…)

Imagine getting groped by an Uber but getting your extensions are too important. So if he story is true, she’s just going to let the guy continue to pick up potential victims so she can get her trash weave updated. Imagine being this self centered. Makes sense her and Vick are friends.

No. 801127

She’s not fat, she’s morbidly obese. We will have to agree to disagree about fibromyalgia, but I don’t think she has it. She’s very unhealthy of course she’s going to be in pain. I don’t think I’ve seen someone as big as her in real life

No. 801128

File: 1603223622735.jpeg (54.15 KB, 500x661, 21EF0ECE-DFB7-414A-8628-884402…)

>I OnLy EaT SaLaD aNd AiR

No. 801130

File: 1603223930027.jpeg (37.92 KB, 378x510, 1B853DCC-D560-48C3-BE90-A451A9…)

Salad air AND soup, guys

No. 801132

She’s so fucking ugly, and her man is repulsive too. Is she trying to charm reality by claiming to be hot people on the internet? She posts pictures, how the hell does she think those lies are believable?

No. 801133

I think this is the longest Victoria has gone without putting up a selfie or retarded video of herself. Like this is a record. She must realize how hard she fucked up getting a face tattoo and trying to figure out how to filter the fuck out of her face now.

No. 801136

Unevenly bloated lips, crossed eye, ghetto talons. Yup I completed my thread bingo card!

No. 801137





No. 801144

$20?! My stylist owns the salon and I, of modest income, tip waaay more than that! But Kayla is so rich that she thinks her stylist deserves a mere $20!

Fibromyalgia seems like such a munchie diagnosis. Has anyone met someone with fibromyalgia that isn't a drug seeker or attention whore? Her hormones are fucked up because she's obese and is experiencing chronic pain from the obesity. I am willing to bet $20 CAD that if she lost the weight, her fat girl health "conduhtions" would disappear.

No. 801145

I just can't with the retards on here. I was actually hoping there'd be someone on here who had a brain, and wasn't just an ugly or fat fuck who was just jealous of Victoria, enough to spend 5 years of their life stalking her social media and posting about it on here. And you idiots think 1 hour over 2 days is "obsessive", the projection here is just unreal.

The girls who call men faggots are always, without exception, disgustingly ugly and use this to make themselves feel better when no one can get hard around them. After seeing 6 of you on here I can confirm this to be true. You're all jealous of Victoria, you're all either a 0, 1, 2, and if I'm being generous a 3.5, and it's painfully obvious after a light ribbing and calling the people here out on their bullshit that they are vulnerable narcissists who see Victoria as everything they hate about themselves, thus the visceral reaction to everything Victoria does, thus these pages continue to exist.

None of you are even fun talking to because you continually make up lies and your own facts about my story, and try to insult the story you made up. I don't know if it's that you just have low reading comprehension, but based on the misshapen fish faces I've seen it looks more like fetal alcohol syndrome. Even the Orcs from the Lord of the Rings wouldn't fuck any of you, no wonder you're all miserable. You even had to make disgusting jokes about my cousin's baby, and so my Instagram will remain private, you had to go and ruin it for yourselves! You have no one but your heinous selves to blame.

Since all the pathetic cowards on here reported every comment I made, the site is no longer readable as it has flipped itself horizontally. I suspect given Victoria's bans it has done the same for her as well, which is why she doesn't read or write anything on here - she can't. If you're going to badmouth someone, isn't doing so with the idea that the person you're doing it against will actually read it? Otherwise you're just screeching into the void with each other. Enjoy your miserable, cunty lives I guess. If you all died in a fire or killed yourselves tomorrow, the world would be a slightly happier place, and the sun would shine just a little bit brighter.

Bye cunts

No. 801146

File: 1603229577405.jpg (288.91 KB, 1080x1851, 20201020_172733.jpg)

I'm we're p much over our sperg hero Ron Ron but just wanted to add that apparently he not only lives at home but is also unemployed kek

No. 801147

> The girls who call men faggots are always, without exception, disgustingly ugly and use this to make themselves feel better when no one can get hard around them.

>ThE LaCk oF SelF AwArEneSs iS UnFaThuMAbLe

Glad you came back here one more time to literally repeat everything you already said two times before. You’re already boring. Next.

No. 801150

One more time lol anon don't be so generous. This forum represents 95% of his current social interaction, I highly doubt hell have the self control to stay away.

But goddamn Cameron, so repetitive! Usually intellectual ppl can find new things to say even about the same old things. Guess you've over estimated yourself once again, but that's nothing new for you.

No. 801152

I did forget to mention.
Kayla's screenshot of Victoria's text to her was sent to her BEFORE I even met Kayla, I was literally driving on the way to Kayla's house, which makes her story about stealing her phone impossible. Victoria also mentioned to Kayla in a video chat about it, and Kayla had nothing to say.

If I stole Kayla's phone, why would we have remained friends for a long time after that? Why would Kayla never make a status update about someone stealing her phone and using it to compliment themselves (like really?), why wouldn't she tell Victoria IMMEDIATELY that someone stole her phone to message her? Why would our message history after that date go on for 2 years, why would she speak to someone again after it was obvious they were using her phone to message people? Kayla's lies are so retarded, just like Victoria's.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801154

Dude said he wasn’t coming back and came back 3 minutes later. The lack of self control is unbearable.

No. 801156

Shut the fuck up you repugnant little shithead. I would hate to know you in real life if you’re this retarded and cringey on an anonymous image board. Which, by the way, you posted in first. You were a non-factor in this thread until then. At this point you’re only making yourself mad.

No. 801157

Yay, the gods have blessed us with this "final" ahem, message from our intellectual superior!

Please don't let this be goodbye. Please. We need more of your wisdom. And to know about your mighty muscles.

No. 801158

aw hell, I'm here for his spergs for once

why the hell are you even here, my man? why feel the need to correct us, the fish face losers? surely we're below you and your incredibly valuable time


No. 801159

>flipped itself horizontally
>thinks this is because of a ban
???? Lmfao what

No. 801164

It’s clearly the most attention he’s gotten from a bunch of women, ever. He keeps coming back for more. He’s probably getting off on the humiliation since all he gets from women is rejection.

No. 801165

Still sore over the roasting you got before huh? Well tough guy if you can’t even afford to leave mommies house you certainly will never make good on your ass kicking crusade. Which is funny cause since you think everyone here is a fat Uggo retard, it stands to figure you like trying to beat up girls, who are fat and mentally retarded. SO ALPHA! No wonder Kayla pretends to be afraid of you as she fits all the criteria for you to be a bad ass. Why not try fighting a man? Oh cause for men you’re a lover not a fighter right? It’s 2020 you don’t have to stay in the closet sniffing mommy’s panties and wondering why daddy doesn’t love you! Come on out- you could settle down with your “lifting partner “

No. 801169

So he got so mad he accidentally locked screen rotation? Omfg the big brain here. And how would he know about Victoria’s phone?

No. 801181

File: 1603233392975.jpeg (115.51 KB, 540x661, 8E80C8C9-DEB1-443E-8E32-21925D…)

She’s on Facebook live again talking about victoria, Cameron and how he sexually assaulted her. And the proof is that he was talking about her vagina?

No. 801184

I think he got redirected to farmcow.lol and he's too retarded to figure out how to fix it.

No. 801187

Holy shit man I tuned in for a second and she is off the wall. And those eyelashes…i do not understand. But the fact that she is using this opportunity to shill her merch lol why does she have merch? Vic calves are fucking wild.

No. 801188

File: 1603234968120.png (4.81 MB, 828x1792, 189F7668-36D8-4159-AA07-F148A7…)

This girl needs to stop spending money on hair extensions, take these things off of her eyes and go on a diet. Her skin looks like deli meat from the unhealthy lifestyle

No. 801189

File: 1603235337656.jpeg (180.92 KB, 828x1521, E34ECC35-14DD-409F-AF41-861740…)

Her ugly Russian boyfriend works all day so this yard can sit on live smoking drugs all day. This is the girl Victoria is such great friends with she came her to tell us all off. Vicky’s friends are WILD

No. 801190

She’s still talking about this website and how we’re all irrelevant.
She said she old cares what her boyfriend and Arron carter think about her. Because he follows her on Twitter. Huh?
This just proves Vicky only came her to white knight for her to make herself a hero when Kayla tried to “kill herself” or she’s be stepping into this breakdown she’s clearly having

No. 801192

Anon, you just blew my mind

No. 801194


This breakdown is so raw. Thou doth protest too much you basement dwelling virgin.

Good luck with your Oedipus complex. I suspect your mother had to replace them because you masturbated to your own fantasies of intellectual superiority so often that your ~protein loads~ were rotting out the floorboards, not to mention preventing you from obtaining stable employment.

Wild how most of us check in here while we’re taking a shit and you seem to have made a career out of coming back to defend your fragile and long suffering ego. Time better spent looking for a job, no?

No. 801196

Holy shit she is repulsive

No. 801199

Apparently Kayla is saying in her live that Cameron molested her that’s how he knows what her vagina looks like, and then in the same breath says he’s never seen her vagina because he never once saw her naked or took her pants off.
She’s also claiming she told him to stop, and he did. That’s how you stop a rapist. What? This bitch is crazier than Vicky and cam put together.
She’s also claiming that Cameron just called her.

All of this and she was also assaulted today in an Uber. For someone that was suppose to be getting her hair done and talking to the cops she sure has a lot of time to be on live

No. 801200

Wow all these people sure have a LOT to say about almost nothing. They fucked, or didn't, or nearly did, and people are out here writing novels and making endless livestreams about it.
Everybody spill new milk or shut up.

No. 801203

these two self-important spergs ARE the milk anon. Quit griping when the thread is the funniest it’s been in months.

No. 801206

You can tell she's crazier just by looking at her

No. 801209


With all this assaultin going on up dere… is it whaling season in Canada? Cause that’s about the only people I could think that would try assaulting dis here hamhock eh?

No. 801212

I never thought that out of all the bullshit I’ve seen itt Vicky would seem the sanest of all her orbiters.

Coming this fall- chunks and muscles are not cops- they’re cop callers! Fox televisions based on a true story series about a walking welfare case and her thirsty bohunk sidekick Cameron. Both Ivy League graduates in drama. In the riveting pilot watch chunks get assaulted by an Uber driver while her sidekick passes out from lack of protein! See how rcmp doesn’t respond before an elite ninja force of one (special guest star Vicky Shingles) comes in to save them both before the credits roll! It’s a thrill a minute as you wonder who did what to whom and my god why?

No. 801213

File: 1603242081855.jpeg (45.38 KB, 1000x643, 569C8482-BB33-41D1-9F26-DEFE8F…)


>deli meat

This thread has given me the most keks than any thread in a while. Love u nonnies

No. 801214

kayla and vick are allergic to proofreading lol.

>i made a quitting smoking video but if u watch i tell y'all how to go without it longest i gone was 5

five what? seconds? days? months? between the two of them and that dude who keeps leaving word vomit here, reading is a struggle.

No. 801227


Everything said here is so cliche that it should be turned into copypasta for future use.

No. 801230

He's the one who posted a pic of his baby niece with the caption about nudes. No-one here even made fun of the baby, someone said that it was creepy or something.
Why are all these people professional victims?

No. 801231

File: 1603246840200.gif (Spoiler Image,3.85 MB, 480x360, ǝๅɓɓnɹʇs sˌuoɹǝɯɐɔ.gif)

>the site is no longer readable as it has flipped itself horizontally

No. 801234

It also sounds super familiar because he sounds exactly like every other incel ever. Love how he has the nerve to rate women /10 when he looks like somebody microwaved him for 15 seconds

No. 801235

File: 1603247649253.jpeg (76.68 KB, 1104x729, A065F248-924B-4890-9D5E-7206A1…)

No. 801237

Fucking kek.

Cameron! I’m still following your Instagram! Rate me pls daddy! Can’t wait to hear your alpha negging

No. 801240

It’s like meeting Dennis from It’s Always Sunny. He is a golden god.

No. 801241

anon this got me good

No. 801242

This reference really brings me back to the old days, thank you anon.

No. 801245

He's a one star guy

No. 801247

He is untethered and his rage knows no bounds..

No. 801256

File: 1603262470477.png (137.33 KB, 1534x712, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 1.24…)

I can see why Cam-Cam is so upset though. These are the hottest women he could've ever fucked, and he blew it.

Also, this guy only has a Bachelor's in business, and it really shows. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameronlourenco/

No. 801258

>Debate Team
hearty kek

No. 801263

Making fun of a funeral? That's pretty disgusting.

No. 801264

File: 1603267810826.png (844.18 KB, 568x1512, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 3.45…)

Who dresses like this for their grandfather's funeral?

No. 801265

I mean what were you trying to do, prove his point?

No. 801266

Don't be cruel, those were his mourning legs.

No. 801267

His blood sugar was dangerously low!

No. 801270

I must say, Victoria is practically an Einstein-brain, Victoria's Secret model next to Mr Cameron Goblino and Mrs Kayla Goblina, joint owners of half a braincell between them. And as annoying and stupid Vicky can be, I can't imagine willingly bearing the company of the toxic landwhale that is Kayla.

No. 801271

I cant believe I am saying this… Vicky is a genius Mensa smart beautiful funny talented tattoo artist compared to these two. If cameron and Kayla are the average person in guelph, I can see why Vicky thinks so highly of herself. She's more lucid than those two combined on their best days.


Btw, Cameron please please come back and explain how you failed to read a map, was it due to the low blood sugar, lack of protein or…?

No. 801272

What is it referencing? Sorry for newfaggotry

No. 801274

Strong sperg for a man-child who would be maybe a solid 3, if not for the fact that his lack of intelligence and self awareness makes him barely a 2. No one cares about your insults because not only you’re sperging at possibly hundreds of anons, but nobody cares to impress a throwaway like you. It’s like all those fat virgin losers with neck beards and acne living in their moms basements (no offense, Cam), who comment on VS models “her nose is too big”.

No. 801280

File: 1603284062453.jpeg (127.1 KB, 828x1077, D2BB2205-65B6-4EBB-8C22-CCB12F…)

So while her friend Kayla is having a massive mental breakdown about her weight Victoria is chining in Online about her “figure”
I guess when you feel like you have no control over your life as a whole, trying to obsessively control your weight is one way to feel empowered. These three deserve eachother.

No. 801282

pic on the right is painfully photoshopped

No. 801301

File: 1603291541617.jpeg (39.55 KB, 554x554, images (1).jpeg)

I'm convinced both Kayla and Trisha Paytas are inspired by Miss Piggy. It's all starting to make sense.

No. 801305

Good goddamn, this has been glorious. I love the new additions. Also, as someone very familiar with Guelph and Icky herself (unfortunately) I can say with honesty that Guelph in and of itself isn't terrible, you just have to be really fucking miserable to find the same kind of company she apparently keeps. How embarrassing.

No. 801314

Clearly; They look pretty damn mournful for someone who can allegedly leg press half a ton.

No. 801316

This weak-jawed manchild wore cargo shorts to a funeral??

No. 801317

Lulz always fun reading the spergout of an incel

No. 801319

File: 1603304571931.jpeg (205.59 KB, 828x1011, 72F80CE7-D596-4EAB-B355-2EFF6E…)

Well at least victoria is getting more realistic about her future.

No. 801322

Ah, the classic shorts, socks, and autist shoe combo.

No. 801327

File: 1603307540593.png (111.33 KB, 1356x486, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 3.13…)

Shit take from our intellectual superior.

No. 801329

So by his own post he’s not lonely picking up on fattys and drunks, he’s trying to make a perfect world by abstinence ?

No. 801334

File: 1603309463060.png (504.49 KB, 906x1340, 20201021_154457.png)

No. 801336

Anon I’m fucking wheezing

No. 801347

File: 1603313668501.jpeg (64.57 KB, 960x540, 03FC095A-6ECF-4C9F-8FB4-4AACAB…)

No. 801360

the virgin cameron

No. 801362

Got any tea to spill about Vick?

No. 801364

best post of the year. youre a madwoman lmao

No. 801371

Anon, this is so good! I love that the banner on farmcow is Vicky too!

No. 801377

File: 1603329557260.jpeg (80.92 KB, 828x581, 6CA69436-60E2-4E33-AA23-778B3F…)

Kayla needs to fire this woman. All three of these fools living off of the government to keep up their appearances. Tax dollars going to good use.

No. 801387

You should rant to her what a an absolute shit job she’s doing at eyelashes and she should find a new career.

No. 801389

I'm sure the sun is shining bright for you as you read this comment sideways or upside down or whatever.

No. 801390

She really is venting to anyone that will hear her out about this, huh?
Didn't she also vent to her hair stylist as well?

No. 801396

I noticed that her bf replied to her multiple times in the link to one of her Facebook lives the other day.

I've seen other interactions between them on her FB. I think the guy works at least 2 jobs and can't be there every time she freaks out so he tries to calm her in other ways like validating her on Facebook and stuff.

No. 801403

So….rich is relative then. Mans busting his ass possibly for this ham wallet. I’d feel bad for him but I can’t.

No. 801404

Yeah it's pretty nuts. She is super immature. The way she acts you'd think she's 14-15 with her first boyfriend but no. She has many exes and she is nearing 30. She keeps deactivating her Facebook account and then reactivating it the next day.

No. 801405

File: 1603346356969.png (1016.63 KB, 1280x2435, Kaylas_Russian_Bf.png)

This was posted on a picture of Kayla and the Russian together. The guy is some random internet friend of Kayla's.

No. 801408

File: 1603349475924.jpeg (151.26 KB, 1056x2047, Ek3uP_BW0AA4OMt.jpeg)

Kayla posted this to her Twitter. Text from Cameron. Sounds just like him lol. I still can't believe this guy is real.

No. 801409

The parallels between this guy and Onision are glaring.

No. 801418

>p-pls stob tewing the police about my cwepy behavior, I habbened to tawk to you 2 years ago!
Yet he brings up dirt from 6 years ago that got exaggerated to hell and back, Cumeron needs some protein bars because his brain isn’t working properly.

No. 801419

Kayla, if you’re reading this - this manchild can go to court all he wants, if you show them the screenshots from lolcow of his sperging they will see he’s an obsessed autist and can’t do shit lol. Plus no offense but none of the 3 of you are smart or aware enough to know how to deal with the legal system.

No. 801422

>the site is no longer readable as it has flipped itself horizontally.
Someone please make a banner of this I laughed so fucking hard at it

No. 801424

Oh let’s not try stopping them from doing this- I mean granted that much sperg in one courthouse might cause a wormhole to form and all life to cease as they try to outdo each other in the big daddy theater of the retarded, and I don’t know that 2020 can handle the terms “Taco Bell bathroom vagina” and “I printed a map and am entitled to mouthwash” in the same courtroom along with Kaylas obvious bullshit. The country might collapse.
Let them run headlong into each other in court. The stories we will hear will be glorious.

No. 801428

File: 1603371018829.jpeg (94.92 KB, 828x1211, 3C14E789-6FFB-4520-8229-287F62…)

Quietly in the background, Victoria still searching for a man to call her pretty and enable her alcoholism.

No. 801429

File: 1603371170934.jpeg (249.5 KB, 828x1129, 781AEDED-BD0F-49C8-AC2D-764730…)

Tattoo by Victoria Bella morte. That butterfly. That’s …. a lot of white. She needs an apprenticeship to learn about detail, because this ain’t it

No. 801430

Same i can't believe he just got the url wrong and thought we banished him to the negaverse

No. 801455

aren't permabanned people redirected there automatically? What's the point of the site otherwise

No. 801457


Cheap blue ink and lots of white is her trademark. This tattoo will be faded to hell soon

No. 801460

File: 1603379465535.jpeg (115.59 KB, 1326x461, CF3A0C08-42CD-4C65-9FA9-5274F1…)


I wonder if vic will hook him up with the internet bullying lawyer she came in here with a few years ago, I believe his email was legal.report@outlook.com. Or perhaps the crown attorney of Canada will intervene, as adults being unhinged on the internet is a totally criminal offence and the first priority of the law.

>vickys totally real lawyer below

No. 801465

Why do pseudo-intellectuals always use "as there are," "as I was," "as I had." Both Cameron and Vick abuse the fuck out of it.

Cameron and Kayla shitting up Victoria's useless thread has been absolutely top tier milk. Kayla endlessly whines and brags while Cameron threatens an entire thread of anonymous women with his chicken legs. It's been glorious anons. And we can owe it all to Cameron's mom finally getting her floors redone.

No. 801469

Oh are they? I never knew that

No. 801473

>My name, it disappears off your social media
This guy's writing cracks me the fuck up. He tries soooo hard to sound smart in every post.

One of my favorite little morsels:
>We talked for 2 hours about science, interesting topics from things we had read, until I mention something related to physics and the show The Big Bang Theory, where I mention Sheldon is an intellectual narcissist
Yeah dude, you guys talked about generic, unspecific ~science~ for two hours, but the only distinct thing you mention is psychoanalyzing a fictional character from a sitcom my great-grandma watches.

I bet he also rants on Facebook about how other people are so boring and it's so hard to find someone to have deep conversations with.

No. 801481

File: 1603388540921.jpeg (384.3 KB, 826x2339, D39761C4-46FE-473B-A504-E4E64A…)

>baby am I fat?
>no babe your tits are fine

No. 801482

If you read her description on this screenshot, this is some ex of hers that she still keeps in contact with. Not even her Russian boyfriend lol.

No. 801485

LMAO this is the guy she thought we were jealous of her for

No. 801486

Who the fuck posts stuff like this? This is the biggest attention whore I’ve ever seen. Bitches about being fat one minute then the next doing lingerie photo shoots for attention. You have a supposedly “hot Russian boyfriend” yet you need validation from your ex and the internet that you’re not fat? I’d expect this from a 13-14 year old not a woman pushing 30. 115lbs? Kek shell never be 115 unless she sticks to a super strict diet and exercise plan and/or gets Lipo. As mentioned earlier, trying to lose weight with all her health issues she’s got is gonna be next to impossible. Not to mention she’s probably on a shit ton of meds for her fibromyalgia and thyroid issues which would also cause weight gain

No. 801489

File: 1603391449056.jpg (102.99 KB, 1280x1086, IMG_20201022_112601_402.jpg)

Lol this a comment exchange on that post above. Claims to love her hot Russian boyfriend but still talks to dudes she fucked a long time ago and gushes on Facebook about how attractive they are. And yeah she is really immature. I'm the anon who said she acts like a 15 year old. Who is pushing 30 but still has interactions like this?

No. 801494

File: 1603392929159.jpg (106.37 KB, 1077x1912, 20201022_145541.jpg)

"Some of us are just deeper than others"

Fucked up and had to delete to crop out my icon

No. 801502

220 weeks ago… damn you have some serious free time on your hands.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801503

read all of this, I think Kayla is insane I went to high school with her so I find all this humorous. Though you're cringy as fuck at the same time.

You type and have the cadence of an 18 year old who thinks he's the smartest in the room. Clearly not "148 IQ" if you even talk to girls like this. Also, for being all about fitness like you seem to proclaim, you don't even look like you lift lmao great progress dude!

No. 801504

Lol just scrolled through and clicked one of the few posts with comments. There wasn't a ton on the profile.

Or sure, you got me. Spent an entire Saturday, morning to night, reading through thousands of posts and every comment from his many many friends until I finally found something entertaining.

You can decide which is true.

No. 801506

I go to this clowns gym. Or at least one of the gyms he has frequented in the past. Lmao take some pics of me while I'm working out you incel autist. watch me push some real weights not your fake numbers and lanky body

No. 801507

Anon, STAHP!!! I cannot breathe, I can’t!

No. 801509

How disrespectful to her ~super hot Russian bf.

You’re right tho. You ain’t fat, you’re fucking OBESE. And no amount of internet or ex boyfriend validation is going to change the fact that you’re a size 30 landwhale.

No. 801510

File: 1603404107812.jpeg (166.04 KB, 828x1414, 2732058E-C2D8-4B06-B9E2-5EDB17…)

Kayla is now on Facebook live saying how she’s not safe when’s she’s not on Facebook live. She’s crying and smoking telling her mom to call her. This is a blatant cry for attention, and she needs to be locked up.
Of course Vicky is nowhere to be found, and I doubt she’ll even reach out. Cause you know… it won’t get victoria the attention she needs.

No. 801511

File: 1603404366792.png (1.47 MB, 1280x2828, Fred_Mundy.png)

This was my fav thing I found on Kayla's bf's Facebook the other day. This Fred guy is one of Victoria's old man Facebook friends lmao. He comments on her shit all the time.

No. 801520

I was feeling bad for Kayla for a minute but now she’s on live calling her boyfriend and idiot, retarded and is weighing herself.

No. 801524

File: 1603411397303.jpeg (98.4 KB, 828x817, B5800DF4-780B-4362-861B-691D4E…)

Kayla made a video on twitter dating Cameron smashed her windows.
She also has a video up saying the Uber driver grabbed her by the forearm and now she has a bruise. She does have a bruise, but it looks more like she hit her arm.

First the Uber was trying to get her to work at a massage parlour, then he groped her and now he beat her up
Girl get your stories straight if you’re going to try and ruin people’s lives

No. 801527

very cool comment bubblezmcdonald1. any high school stories?

No. 801529

You say you should impower woman up but you belittle woman. You call every Non-pretty girls ugly. that you dont talk to them. you're selfish and ignorant. Like shut the hell up. You'll never lose that weight with all your issues and pills you take. they make you fatter so good luck being the physco b!tch that you are…… You will get your kids taken away and I HOPE so CAS would take them from you. I hope your boyfriend leaves your fat ignorant ass someday.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801530

ya bubblezmcdonald1 what stories?
Im pretty sure that person is maddie cause her name is Maddie Mcdonald.
i do wanna know some of these stories

No. 801533

File: 1603412289082.jpeg (165.93 KB, 828x1473, B5617933-69FD-4D1C-9FAE-67912A…)

She’s been screaming “I’m so ugly” into the camera for like 10 mins while her boyfriend has been writing “please let me in” on her live. Kek he’s just out in the rain while she screams at one person about how nasty she is

No. 801534

There was this one day I seen her in class, she was always shy but one day I heard people saying they were gonna go try Coke for the first time nad if she would wanna try, she said she was unsure but they convinced her to try it once. Ever since than shes been hyper and always on the go so wouldn't suprise me if she stopped and thats why she gained weight too not just the pills and birth control she took.
I thought she was a decent girl, yes my name is Maddie but changed my last name to my moms after my dad left our lives to Wessel though.

No. 801536

Doesn't suprise me none since she must have seen him comment that he was there and acted like she didn't see it but has. Seems like the type of shit she'd do

No. 801537


No. 801538

Seems like she’s pretty high on coke in her latest live. Jesus Christ. Someone call the cops. This mental breakdown is fucking intense(no1curr, derailing)

No. 801539

She def has a mole on her left side of the face almost near her ear, shes stupid I swear.

No. 801540

To No. 801538

I agree with you.

No. 801541

Seems like a lot of comments are being deleted here

No. 801542

telling her boyfriend that shes embrassed to have him around while on live? like why? you hiding something? wouldn't surpise me if she goes and flirts with her and she flirts back than deletes the messages

No. 801543

Her boyfriend has called her three times and messaged her on her live abunch if times asking to let him in. She’s too far up her own ass and becoming a crack out trisha paytras or what the fuck ever to let him in. It’s cold in Canada guys

No. 801544

with her guy friends*

No. 801545

He should just leave. she is using him for his money while she sits on her ass and doesnt give a rats ass about if he is outside than says "oh your mad at me?" like ya he should be….. you left him outside for what 10 mins? like fuck that shit i'd be done with her if I was him.

No. 801546

He’s using her for attention that he’s not getting else where. If he really cared about her, he’d stop enabling her and get her some well needed help. This girl is on drugs. The fact that she’s on her live chugging a whole jug of juice saying she never eats and has an eating disorder is wild.
She only eats once a day but is 250 pounds because of a thyroid problem?

No. 801547

File: 1603413925058.jpeg (147.95 KB, 640x1386, 045152EC-FEB0-42B0-AB0C-A808FA…)

It’s never ending milk with this girl. She was suppose to have a part in a neckbeards movie and she’s saying he won’t because she’s talking about abuse. ITS CAUSE YOURE A LIABILITY

No. 801551

File: 1603414269820.jpg (740.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201022-204541_Bra…)

Ugghhhh in the one from an hour ago she keeps spasticly saying "they said you look retarded!!!" to her boyfriend and I'm having like a visceral reaction to it. She's the worst. Also, Trisha paytas style pupil check? Trish did meth for a little while, maybe she thinks it's cool bc her idol did it.

No. 801552

I've heard Kayla has done Meth before and that she stopped and that is why she also gained weight? I know her ex Tadd has done Meth back in high school but hasn't done it for a bit now too

No. 801553

Vicky is probably so relieved right now, kek.

No. 801554

right? I mean Kayla is more crazy than Vicky is lol

No. 801556

She posted this on the pictures:

A DIFFERENT Cameron hurt me not this guy omg fml
The Cameron who hurt me (in the past) is in my post
I don't care about the random Cameron who wanted me to be in his film in 2021
If you don't want me I don't care
Normal people would ask me why I am saying their name
I don't care. Have a good life, I hope you heal from your own life. Have a good one dude.
Have fun hiring people to work for free, I really don't care I wasn't getting paid anyways I just like being in films. However, it isn't the right time for me to be an "actress" because I want people to believe what I say. I have more important things to do. I prefer modelling but if someone wants me to act for them I will
But I guess it's a blessing in disguise if I was an "actress" people would think I can pretend stuff. Whatever I know I can be in films and have a lot of emotion
Karen Wilson was in the movie mall cop and she's my moms best friend if I want to be an actress I will but I prefer to start off as an "extra" which is people in the background for relevant movies. No one (in my life) will notice your movie unless I am in it. I don't care about your random movie. It's not a real one like Karen does anyway.
I have real connections to get paid she actually is an actress !

But B!tch where????? I just looked to see if she was in it and her name was NO WHERE to be found LOOOOOOL(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 801557

Dude there's no way her IQ is more than 60. Look at her writing. I can't even make fun of her because she needs adult supervision for the rest of her ife.

No. 801559

File: 1603415965826.jpeg (63.21 KB, 828x270, A7ACBEDE-CEBA-460A-B29E-650BB4…)

The only name “Karen” and “Wilson” I could find in mall cop was mall cop two, and it’s two separate people. There’s no Karen Wilson. And why does Kayla say “I like being in film”? This girl wouldn’t know… she’s never been in one.
How high is she?
And “no one will notice your movie unless I’m in it” bitch you have 0-2 people liking your statuses. They cant even show up to your feed, let alone subject themselves to 2 hours of movie.

No. 801569

File: 1603418767561.jpeg (89.76 KB, 828x1352, 6D356CAE-E821-4D5A-8CEA-75CAAA…)

Kaylas proof that she was abused.

No. 801577

What gym does he go to?

No. 801579

Seemingly his most recent gym is crunch in Waterloo. Another older picture looks like LA Fitness on Victoria. Will have to keep an eye out for this absolute clown at crunch lol

No. 801580

You're a girl at Crunch Waterloo lifting super heavy weights?

No. 801581


No. 801582

Ah, I see. Inked by Victoria?

No. 801585

It's nice that Cammy has something to get him out of his mom's house from time to time <3

No. 801588

Mentally ill. Literally bounced her forearm off her dresser or something. That makes no sense whatsoever as a grab mark bruise lmao. Her rapist punched her forearms?

No. 801589

File: 1603424946214.jpeg (69.41 KB, 828x808, 762F50ED-1128-4F31-BBF8-4DD565…)

She’s going on a twitter rant about how she can’t sleep because of her creepy Uber driver.
This girl is just fishing for attention, if you need anymore proof of that… she’s selling drawings of herself on mugs and shirts. This girl is insane, but in the way she wants to be “famous” and will do whatever

No. 801590

I noticed she had merch as well and cackled. Like girl work on your editing or some shit first.
She just stares at herself in the camera. Oh and her 'editing' is like star-wipes and funky transitions. Why is it that white trash fat chicks use the same sparkly pink fonts?
She has merch but only 3 videos on YouTube. Trisha Paytas is a fat greedy asshole but at least she uploads everyday.
There's nothing stopping Kayla if she wants to be a trash YouTuber.
She fucked her leg and her boyfriend is working all day, plenty of time to make 'content'

No. 801596

I mean, how does a gym goer in Waterloo even become associated with Victoria? Victim of her horrible inking skills?

No. 801598

Her Facebook is down, twitter still up. She posted a string of videos describing how Cameron broke into her window, and that's why she needs it replaced. Oh, and she never lies, people.

No. 801599

Kayla lies so much she can't keep any of her multiple stories straight.

First there's a guy who never saw her naked.
Then he did see her naked but he sexually assaulted her.
Then he stopped just because she said so, as if that's how sexual assaulters behave.
Then she claims her home address was posted which it clearly wasn't.
Then she claims her windows were broken, but only her screen needed replacing, but when a truck shows up she changed to her screen plus her windows were all broken.
Then to make this more melodramatic she claims her life is being threatened when all there is is a text message saying to take the guy's name down from her social media.
Then she says if she dies it's definitely Cameron, but then lists other people who she has serious beef with who know where she lives.

The fake rape accusations, now this. This girl is the female Jussie Smollet, and I'm glad he has become a noun for melodramatic staging of one's own demise for attention.(no1curr)

No. 801600

I wanna say it's crack but she's so fat it can't be. Unless she's just smoking weed during the day and crack is for special occasions.
I bet she stinks like an ashtray made of ham.

No. 801615

>You will get your kids taken away and I HOPE so CAS would take them from you. I hope your boyfriend leaves your fat ignorant ass someday.
What? You're replying to a video Vicky posted? She doesn't have a boyfriend or a child?

Where the fuck have all these newfags come from lmfao, you don't need to give us your email address. Click on the post numbers to reply, and for the love of god write sage in the email field.

>her ex Tadd
lmfao the other anon Im replying to is using a "Tadd1990@hotmail.com" email address - are you telling me Kayla's methed out ex can't tell the difference between Kayla and Vicky?

No. 801618

They’re probably coming from Kayla’s Facebook since she has shouted us out a few times now.

No. 801632

File: 1603457449528.jpeg (59.43 KB, 457x600, B1867680-018C-4803-9B2D-5370DB…)

This girl.
You should be embarrassed and feel shame.
You’re a liar. Work on yourself. You got fired from the “film” because you’re a master manipulator .. or at least you think you are. How do you expect to get any work? Anyone would be on guard thinking you’re going to make yourself the victim and say they molested you.
I wouldn’t want to be alone with you, you’re a liability and you ruin people’s life's for clout.

No. 801634

She is now saying in her Twitter that if someone’s talking sexually to you and asks you to work at their massage parlour in an Uber to report it. And that it doesn’t need to be a scary story to be reported.
That was her first story she told.

And then at the very end showed her bruise but didn’t really say it was from her Uber.

I don’t think think girl should be left by herself, she needs to be locked up. She’s trying so hard to be Vicky it’s sad

No. 801636

Disagree that's she's trying to be Vick. I think she wants to be friends with her or something but ultimately she wants to be Trisha Paytas

No. 801637

I don’t know if she’s trying to be Vick, Trisha or whomever but she definitely doesn’t know who she is.
And when icky came to white knight for Kayla here saying “I called the cops to her place to check on her” after Kayla downed some pills but Kayla was just in a live saying “ I’ve never met victoria and I barely know her”
Seems like these two should be friends.

No. 801639

I mean, you should report Uber drivers talking sex shit to passengers. To Uber. That’s not right.

No. 801640

100%. You should. It’s creepy. What you shouldn’t do is then change your story back in forth to sex talk, groping, assaulted, back to just sex talk then to assaulted and left marks.

No. 801642

File: 1603465946377.jpeg (98.88 KB, 828x467, 1350E9FB-D67B-415F-A04E-103528…)

Constantly telling people you have mental disordered on social media platforms and not actually getting any help and saying every man you come in contact with when you’re not on live sexually assaults you? Probably …. lying.

No. 801644

File: 1603466864121.jpg (138.77 KB, 1080x1214, 20201023_082503.jpg)

Ahaha I just looked at her Twitter and her pinned tweet is her flipping through a photo book of herself and all the photos are just godawful. She also has only 500 followers. This cow is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 801645

Oops sorry I typo'd an entire number. 700 followers

No. 801646

She’s honestly sickening. Women like her are the ones who give the me too movement a bad rep and a lot of sexual assault stories are dismissed. She’s the type who would meet a male celebrity, accuse them of sexual assault and then try to settle out of court for a million dollars

No. 801647

File: 1603467380675.gif (467.31 KB, 206x200, 200.gif)


I like how she goes on and on about "doxxing" but lists her friends full names, shows videos of her apartment, posts pictures of her address, etc. Kayla is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, she's probably religiously checking in on this page. In a way, I feel bad for this girl because she's clearly mentally ill and dumb as a bag of hammers, but if she actually went to therapy like she claimed she wouldn't be soaking up the attention and relaying it back to the farms. Congratulations Kayla, you're getting ~famous~.

Also big congratulations to Vicky for getting her thunder stolen. She's probably thrilled the attention is off her - should we make a new thread for Kayla specifically to keep this Vick centered?

No. 801651

Can we just have a Kayla thread in snow?

No. 801652

Could just do a vicky and the Guelph calves. I think she’s trying really hard to get her own thread and is realizing what gets her attention. Eventually she will calm the cow antics down and won’t be as milky.

No. 801655

I worry that making a separate thread too early may spoil the fun.

>>801533 my favorite cow trait is that most of their problems are caused by oversharing on social media and they always respond by…making more posts and recording more lives lmao

No. 801660

Yeah, Cameron might be able to print himself a map to a VPN

No. 801664

He’ll pass out long before he reaches the shores of Nord… and besides I’d bet mom has net nanny on there to prevent him from once again downloading muscle beach gay porn.

No. 801681

File: 1603482975663.jpeg (164.41 KB, 828x880, FF3B0EE9-7B8C-4F4F-8BB1-19082E…)

“He knows where I live, I’m so scared”
So she’s moved from Cameron to this guy. I wonder who the next guy is going to be?
The whole please call me Uber just seems like a desperate cry for attention.

No. 801684

no one does that. scrote detected

No. 801687

this is literally a cope that men who commit sex crimes use to comfort their conscience. Women don't do this.

No. 801689

Kayla has fictitious disease. This is where someone makes up ailments about themselves in order to garner attention and sympathy.

I know she doesn't have a thyroid problem or fibromyalgia at her age. At most a thyroid condition decreases your metabolism where you can eat 100-200 fewer calories and maintain your weight. Kayla is a pig who sits around all day smoking weed which she likely gets for free medically after making up all these problems, since she's on disability she can get medication free. Perhaps selling all the extra medical weed is how she got over 7K in the bank while on disability. Perhaps she's abusing CERB when she's never worked and adding that to her disability, which is why she affords the worst hair and makeup job anyone has ever seen.

This fat little pig faced troll needs her own thread.(no1curr)

No. 801692

File: 1603488932331.jpg (53.69 KB, 405x569, fals52f53zi41.jpg)

big ed from 90 day fiance does this too. what is it with seriously deluded ugly people and their self branding? maybe they convinced themselves that there's no real differences between themselves and famous people so all they have to do is try

No. 801694

My Sister and Dad has fibromyalgia and shes 30. sometimes she cant even get out of bed, and feels pain a lot but doesnt talk about it cause she isn't an attention seeking twat like Kayla. Seems like Kayla doesn't have it but I know you can get it at any age. my sister also weights 210 pounds. So weight can also effect your health but Kayla is just stupid……(no1curr)

No. 801695

Kayla- “ so I was minding my own business and the lolcow bus came by my house and 400 people got out , broke all my windows, then cut all my screens then they tried to get me to work in a massage parlor before doxing me to show Cameron one and Cameron two where I lived. Then they totally beat me up and touched my no no square before stealing all my fruit pies and driving away laughing. Mah fibromyalgia!

No. 801696

This thread is full of Kayla self posting and random integrated newfags from her circle. This is a Vicky thread, nobody cares about Kayla other than her tiny tangential relevance to the hilarious Cameron story. Sorry Kayla but you're uninteresting and will never have your own thread here, fuck off.

No. 801697

the one about my sister and dad isn't Kayla.
i'm a person who used to be friends with Kayla and just telling my side that it can happen to any age with Fibromyalgia.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801701

Once again, no1cur about your family's fictional disorder used to get drugs and be lazy. Also, sage your shit.

No. 801709

Lmao she is like 99 cents version of Trisha Paytas.

No. 801710

File: 1603496456429.jpeg (107.66 KB, 828x541, 26ECCDCF-71B4-4BAC-878D-056910…)

The bruise on her arm that the Uber driver allegedly gave her, reminds her that Cameron called her on the phone? Hopefully her boyfriend has taken her phone away and called a professional.

No. 801713

Victoria hasn’t posted a selfie in like two weeks. How bad do you think she fucked up her face tattoo? This is the girl that been posting 1-10 selfies a day since she was a teenager. Wouldn’t it be a bit of karma that she infected / trashed her own face with a tattoo and literally had to see if for the rest of her life?

No. 801728

shes probably just busy adding a little more white before she shows it off

No. 801736

you know shes fucked it. she loves to prove how 2edgy4me and nlog she is. i cant wait to peep it. the madwoman finally did it. shes butchered herself so much shes willingly left the internet.

No. 801741

File: 1603507371972.jpeg (86.57 KB, 828x612, C0922607-9C86-49DE-B821-711141…)

Victoria: angel of death now with flaming swords

No. 801745

I hope that’s what she got on her face. A flaming sword. It might salvage the year.

I’m already bored of psycho Kayla. She’s just as bad as Cameron recycling the same fucking shit over and over and over again. Except Kayla is just going the extra route of wearing her hilariously sad merchandise in hopes that she’s going to go viral (you’re not).

No. 801760

I think she used to brag about doing all her own tattoos. Does anyone know if she did the face tat herself?

No. 801773

If this is true I will die laughing

No. 801775

Is it even possible to do a face tat yourself? Youd have to do it in the mirror and that sounds disastrous

No. 801781

She did her neck that way…. and well… it’s a disaster. I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s the best in her mind

No. 801784

Omgggg I never knew that. I'm so worried about what she did to her face now

No. 801788


As mush as I’m truly hoping that she gave herself one of her own terrible tattoos on her face, its probably something like she tattooed her giant overdrawn lipstick moustache on or gave herself permanent eyeliner and now her eyes are swollen shut.

No. 801795

Agreed. I think Vicky knows by now that putting a tattoo on her face would make it harder and more obvious to shoop. Same as the tattoo on her stomach.

No. 801802

lol you identified yourself as a male? Didn't you look up the Urban Dictionary definition of lolcow? This is for radical feminists and angry adult women only. This is their safe space for bashing men and pretending women never falsely accuse men of anything.

I was hoping for some icky milk on here but all I'm seeing are lame insults and dumb women who claim everything under the sun is "creepy"

Drove a girl home to save her a ton of money on a cab? Creepy.

Went to a drunk girl's house? Creepy.

After spending money on gas to get her home and being offered stale Tim Hortons donuts, going to look in her fridge? Creepy, how do you know that isn't where she stores her underwear and bras?

Need mouthwash and look in a bathroom cupboard? Creepy.

Feel entitled to 12 cents of mouthwash after driving a girl home? Entitle male.

Open a door in a hallway? Creepy.

What's next, don't feel entitled to use the bathroom and wash your hands, you're not entitled to any of the water in the house? lol are you that broke or do you just hate men?

I could've come up with far better insults but watching you all make a fool of yourselves is way funnier. Maybe someone will make fun of you at your family member's funeral some day too!(this is getting sad)

No. 801803


No. 801804

The urban dictionary definition. Kek. Is that where you get all of your information and do all your fact checking? Your moms floors sure are taking a long time.

No. 801807

File: 1603573348379.jpeg (99.28 KB, 750x743, 2C4DC6C8-7BA7-4779-A9A4-DC5932…)

> feeling entitled to some mouthwash”

No. 801809

File: 1603575296715.gif (944.63 KB, 500x533, giphy.gif)

No. 801810

>Went to a drunk girl's house? Creepy.
>goes to drunk girl's house, undresses, jumps into her bed at the first opportunity
People think that's creepy? No way! Tell me more of the injustices you've faced from the mean radical feminists uwu

No. 801812

File: 1603577776973.jpeg (87.19 KB, 828x405, 967E20CA-C880-417B-880F-320233…)

Pretty sure if you go into a hospital and say I want to die they aren’t going to just send you home.
This girl needs to do something and it’s not hip on Twitter

No. 801813

Two different ankles? What is she trying to say here?

No. 801815

File: 1603578733479.gif (7.23 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

holy shit this is so entretaining

No. 801816

File: 1603579869065.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1542, sketch-1603579936088.png)

No. 801817

Cameron, did your fleshlight wear out again? Sorry to hear you're having such a bad day.

No. 801818

I can't believe this guy is still coming to the lolcow Vic thread. I haven't read his first series of spergouts fully yet but some of his highlights happened after he got roasted here. I love that he thought we were all dudes and was threatening to kick all our asses and did the whole "Don't say it behind a screen; say it to my face" shit lmao. Then when he found out we were all women he totally changed his tactics and insults. I loved the "Maybe someone will make fun of you at your family member's funeral some day too!" at the end of this post. Absolute lol

No. 801819

It's funny you assume that anyone who criticizes any of you, or feminism in general, must be either Victoria or another male. The lame gossip and poorly done insults, anyone criticizing them MUST be male right?

There's a reason only 7% of women in the UK identify as feminists. We are seeing through your lunacy. Stay angry and alone, stupid cunts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801822

Great to see incel culture is alive and kicking!

No. 801824

Oh right. I forgot that it was feminism's fault nobody wants to have sex with you or cook you protein-rich meals. I must be on my period today

No. 801826

File: 1603586506579.jpeg (52.98 KB, 828x300, 34D5B483-F782-4B15-9B85-FDDCEE…)

Kayla is having another mental breakdown saying she’s going to kill herself and thanking victoria for caring about her. Their friendship makes so much sense. Honestly if this is all for show so Kayla can get more followers it’s gross. And I kinda think it is. She’s so desperate to be Trisha she’ll say anything. Too bad the world barely needs one Trisha let alone two.
Work places google people or check facebooks, so no reputable place is ever going to hire her. And if she’s not lying and her man has some money he’s never going to stay with this mess. She’s abusive and crazy.

No. 801828

File: 1603587156113.jpeg (463.04 KB, 1137x1360, DC8E2639-8A3A-46A7-858D-AA5738…)

He has no money

No. 801832

She looks legit special needs.

No. 801835

File: 1603593280273.jpeg (241.37 KB, 1505x828, 013F5BD0-932A-4D10-84BA-FADAE0…)

She’d have to be. She just uploaded this 70 times and made it her Facebook banner to show her 3 friends on social media she’s in extreme pain.
Wouldn’t the extreme pain part just be what she told the hospital? And she has a flat foot… wouldn’t that just be from being fat? It seems like a lot of her problems(not all of them) could be fixed if she didn’t treat her body like shit

No. 801836

It's crazy that this is real and not a gag photo from a sitcom

No. 801837

I am LOSING it at ‘two different ankles’

No. 801838

Lol her Facebook header ? Jesus. I wonder if she’s a junkie and a munchie.


No. 801839

this photo is just incredible. She looks so very mentally retarded, it's like a parody.

No. 801840

Right foot is normal

Left foot: Flat foot and has a bone cyst from something like, idk, weakening bones because she's fat. She's probably getting a cyst removed on her foot and is being a little bitch about it.

No. 801841

File: 1603598257950.jpeg (133.41 KB, 828x782, C4DB2A26-F179-4B38-9974-642F55…)

Ick is back playing but making sure not to show her face. I wonder if she’ll get an apprenticeship now that she jacked her own face. Victoria Bella morte tattoos: infection 100% of the time.

No. 801849

File: 1603606424629.jpg (29.42 KB, 375x448, IMG_20201025_021428_462.jpg)

No. 801851

File: 1603609574354.png (1.77 MB, 1056x1590, no.png)

No. 801852

>I’m not Cameron, I’m my girlfriend who lives in the UK!

All of them are basically sitcom characters. They’re too ridiculous to be real.

No. 801853

> I can't believe this guy is still coming to the lolcow Vic thread.

Dudes like Cam will continually return to try to “debate”. Waiting for the inevitable a priori/ad hominem mic drop and some shit about Hegelian dialetics lol. He already started on the brollectual rant about radfems since we aren’t trying to jump on his dick.

No. 801862

No fucking WAY.

I feel bad for her boyfriend though. She brags about how he's super rich, but someone else mentioned he works two jobs. One of those jobs is a cook at a general store. It sounds like this cow thinks 'rich' means having a couple hundred dollars left over on his paycheck after bills. That's nice, but it ain't rich. And on top of that, she treats him like shit.

Then again, anyone involved with these people obviously has problems.

No. 801863


No. 801864

Holy fucking shit that's hilarious.

No. 801872

He looks just lIke an average neckbeard, not terrible but nothing to write home about. She is utterly disgusting. He deserves so much better, maybe a normal girl who’s not a cow and who puts into the relationship equally, and has a job. She looks like a disgusting blob, worthy of infinifat thread. She’s shapeless, her boobs are saggy sacks of fat and cellulite, and her face looks like jabba the hut. Not to mention the cheap and trashy lashes and extensions and fillers. Dead Christmas fish looks more appealing.

No. 801873

he is a dead ringer for Prince Harry and some girls are into that shit (or is that royal money? kek)

No. 801880

File: 1603638878471.png (4.8 KB, 225x225, download.png)

>dead ringer for Prince Harry

nonny…what's the furthest you can read down this chart? jw.

No. 801882

I think Vicky has gotten boring def not as milky. But I am wondering if she is having work done because she doesn’t look 35 and I know a lot of her photos have filters but when she does video clips I mean u can only fake lookin good to a certain extent.

No. 801886

Holy fucking shit this pic is one of the funniest things ive ever seen
They're both so comically gross like how is this even real

No. 801887

I hope this is immortalized it’s really like those bad family photos from the 80s, just modernized it’s honestly art.

No. 801893

>>having work done

Like she has the money to have anything actually done.

No. 801898

> worthy of infinifat thread
Yes. We should be dumping Kayla in the infinifat thread. She’s fucking massive and goes on about how she doesn’t eat for 3 days but is 400lbs because muh thyroid

No. 801910

Clearly you didn’t see the photos from her birthday, cause she looks like a 40 year old dressed as a 15 year old mall goth.