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File: 1597024612623.jpg (158.5 KB, 472x664, gimmegimmegimme.jpg)

No. 1020582

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1018448

Recent milk:

>Still orders pink shit in size small even it clearly doesn't fit >>1010488

>Makes up things for attention such as being recognized in public >>1010852
>Video of her oh so amazing acting >>1010917
>Says she's now recognizing signs of mania >>1011085
>Her body goals >>1011303 vs her real body >>1011383
>"Am I wet? Oh nope, that's toilet paper >>1011401
>Twerking? Maybe? >>1011463 >>1016557
>Still buying high-quality costumes like this nurse one >>1011741
>The saddest strip tease in history >>1011796
>2015 vs 2020 challenge >>1011926
>"I live to love to suffer" explains why she's still with Fupa >>1012140
>Claims (again) that she started eating healthy >>1012322 (such as smoothie king >>1014347 and also started diet pills >>1012564
>Makes a pornhub exclusive vid and never mentions PH again >>1013236
>(Probably) caught self-posting >>1013681
>Says she's not craving shit food anymore >>1014081 but continuous to eat it
>Still says she is planning to get back on cam >>1014231 (Last Broadcast:Thu, Dec 19 2019)
>Admits to struggling on OF >>1014411
>"Clean eating" >>1014589 >>1014793 >>1015176 >>1016406 >>1018789 >>1020158
>Got locked out of her 40k account and switched to her sfw account >>1014865 and buys promos from others >>1015813
>Loves being away from her home town and the 'uninspired' people who live normal and happy lives >>1015186
>Small twitter drama with someone being kicked out of a group for following Shay >>1015392
>Takes nudes in a doctors office >>1017424 (no respect for herself or others huh?)
>"I don't know anyone on the internet who gets treated as badly as I do" >>1018448
>Can't believe I'm missing her huge wings >>1019146
>And the BIG FINALE she's still with Fupa. His cat jumped in during her stream and she quickly ended it >>1019787 >>1019811

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← she got locked out and transformed her SFW twitter
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1020592

you're missing that it's a Shayna Clifford/dolly Mattel/Nathan Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma thread in the title & a few of your thread links are broke but nj anon.

No. 1020594

Oop…my bad, I meant Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

No. 1020620

F for effort, OP.

No. 1020647

It's better than nothing

No. 1020648

File: 1597032854797.jpg (232.57 KB, 1080x713, Screenshot_20200809-231433_Twi…)

Oh pleeeeeaase Shay. You've been having nothing but "medicated" snacks

No. 1020662

She think that icecream and cookies and shit are dairy free???
She really acts like shes been actually clean eating. Like shes been eating only greens and lean meat and shit. Shut the fuck up Shay. You've been eating freezer meals, thc junk food, and smoothie king. Less greasy fast food take out isnt healthy clean eating. It's just slightly better than eating actual garbage.

No. 1020675

Shay…unless you're lactose-intolerant I really don't think it's the dairy making you feel bad. More like copious amounts of weed and junk food

No. 1020676

Wouldn’t her weed pizza have cheese?

No. 1020682

You should sage, but yeah, that too. Everything shes shown shes been eating has dairy in it. Especially that icecream (I assume). The cookies, the chocolates, the pizza, that frozen pasta meal, etc.

No. 1020689

Yeah, the particular Halo Top she was eating isn't dairy-free

No. 1020721

She probably thinks that the junk food snacks she eats get a pass since they are ''medicated'' - ''oh, I need them, they are MeDiCaTeD so they are good for my health guys!! They dont count! I'm still on a diet and eating clean, many people use medicines and THEY don't get shit for it, boo hoo I'm being bullied for having to use medicine!!''

No. 1020804


Yeah she clearly isn't lactose intolerant because she'd realize that dairy is in a lot of surprising shit. But I thought cookies and pizza would be super obvious sources…lmao Have to agree with anons that it's more likely the excessive weed oh and drinking since she clearly isn't sober

No. 1020807

Skipping the fact that every food item she talks about eating that isn’t alcohol has dairy in it and “in a while” is apparently “since this morning” in her mind…
What the fuck does the cheat meal of someone who eats brownies and ice cream every day, sometimes even for breakfast look like? A lard injection straight to the gunt???? Her every day allocation of snacks looks like a regular persons cheat meal.

No. 1020906

File: 1597091465107.jpeg (242.64 KB, 828x767, 94FB7C56-573B-4371-96A9-989A2A…)

Nobody needs to know that

No. 1020914

She's the butt stuff barbie, can't she just tuck in her tampon string and shove something up her ass?

No. 1020921

For once Shay has a real excuse bc I know on my period I don't want anything down there
Granted she could do more horrible blowjob vids

No. 1020926

just had a nasty thought, wonder how many dudes are going to hit her up for period porn and when Shayna will sink that low.
It'd get her the attention she's always been craving gag

No. 1020927

If shaytard was smart she could just take a bunch of pics and videos beforehand then she can post them later throughout the week so she doesn’t “lose” customers. But of course that would mean taking effort and changing outfits for multiple photoshoots. Her lazy ass cant even look decent and shower for one photo set .

No. 1020934

That’s called “work”. Shay wants to only do the bare minimum.

No. 1020945

she could rly do a lot as long as she wore a tampon and kept her underwear on/pushed to the side to hide the string. she’s just lazy and unimaginative

No. 1020975

I feel like this is her first time using this excuse, surprisingly

No. 1020982

Yeah its weird because she doesnt always iirc. But its probs her birth control. A lot of them make you skip periods for a month or even a few.

No. 1020993

Yeah it is possible to literally tuck a tampon string inside (not far ofc). The bartholin glands are at the entrance so wetness can still happen (not that she gets wet…) to facilitate masturbation that is clean and sneaky.
To each her own, but this is the opposite for me.
But regardless, it's her JOB and she can easily do SOMETHING to make pictures work. The string tucking wouldn't be absolutely necessary. She can work angles or shoop. which honestly would be amusing to see.

Does she do this shit every month? This is the first I've seen her post this, but I've only been in these threads for a few threads now (def over a month or two though).

No. 1020997

Isn’t she on the depo shot? That literally makes your period stop. She probably doesn’t get a period at all and it’s justNother excuse to not work.

No. 1021013

File: 1597106652025.png (Spoiler Image, 2.46 MB, 828x1792, 4160D193-D755-402E-ABE2-126999…)

An anon posted this on the old thread so I’m posting on here.

No. 1021015

bobby hill shirtless
do better shatna

No. 1021025

Cause you're sucking in Shay

No. 1021039

It's not the same for everyone. For some people it might stop but for others they may get it every few months irregularly, or still get it every month. It really depends.

No. 1021043

File: 1597113443462.jpeg (294.03 KB, 828x991, 2B96CBA1-24C1-4FDE-B808-40EEEE…)

Hey shaytard, whenever you stalk this site again make sure to not smoke weed 24 hours before your appointment

No. 1021053

If she gets them taken out, she's definitely going to get dry socket because she won't be able to stop eating garbage and smoking. Big no-nos.

No. 1021057

Lmao no one loses noticeable weight in 1 week Shay. Literally even if you went down an ED route. It takes at least a month to start seeing results. Its gonna take a lot longer without an exercise routine. Eating less cheemsburgners for a week is just going to curve the weight gain for now.
Shoop and suck in harder.
Maybe eating candy edibles and shit all the time without brushing your teeth ain't helping

No. 1021061

I just wanna know if it’s so hard for her to eat due to her teeth how did she get so fucking fat lmao

No. 1021065

Right? Maybe she meant “coming to terms with my body” because she looks the exact same, just with a stiffer pose because she’s sucking the shit out of her stomach. I wonder if she’s truly tricked herself into thinking this a body worth feeling good about.

No. 1021103

Use a Diva Cup with the stem trimmed off like every other person who poses nude, dumb cluck.

No. 1021233

Why would she make that the description on OnlyFans… no porn sick scrote is gonna give two shits about your self esteem

No. 1021248

if you feel so much better about it then post the unshooped version

No. 1021335

Fishing for compliments from orbiters basically. Pretending she's actually changing anything, fooling herself and others.

No. 1021519

File: 1597190408232.png (720.99 KB, 1945x2048, Screenshot_20200811-195946.png)

Oh honey I guess you forgot that no one bought the last shitty merch

No. 1021520


I would buy a lolcow shirt with her face on it, does that count

No. 1021536

She posts this every couple months. Literally no one wants it Shay. I swear that ONE girl had one at that festival when she was a teen and now Shay just thinks that means everyone would want that. No. People dont want an ugly now fat sex worker on their shirt. You're not popular, funny, or cute retard.

No. 1021541

File: 1597193395467.jpeg (541.35 KB, 750x727, 043EFA1C-BE63-4F02-A5E0-55B62F…)

shay(not milk)

No. 1021553

File: 1597195832357.jpg (391.48 KB, 1079x1179, Screenshot_20200811-203000_Twi…)

Yeah, okay Shay

No. 1021554

why does she always ask this despite her engagement never rising beyond what it is right now? Literally nobody wants that. You’re not famous or notable.

No. 1021560

These tweets scream: my dad/family talked about taking a trip to either of these places so I will now pretend I'm planning for my own trip

No. 1021568

File: 1597197418173.jpeg (214.01 KB, 1242x1468, 4985DE28-82F5-464C-819A-A408DE…)

No. 1021572

File: 1597198391260.jpeg (123.37 KB, 1792x1792, BFA796E6-21D9-440F-9C72-5C7C4B…)

No. 1021585

perfect lol. her thinking she's someone enough for ppl to want to wear her image on a shirt is one of my favorite delusions. her face isn't photogenic at all, could you imagine having it plastered across your chest and someone asks who that is.

No. 1021596

She’s always mentioning that girl at the festival and I’ve only known her from here, but what was the deal with her first/only successful mercy drop? Was it really so popular that she must wax nostalgic on it every six months?

No. 1021602

File: 1597202725445.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3464x3464, C8A26DA4-BE39-42E4-B10A-3E4FD3…)

Delusion vs reality

No. 1021603

I'm fucking crying. Shes so far from that lifestyle it's almost not funny. This bitch. Getting your hair and nails done at Walmart or a school salon, sure. But just getting on a plane to the tropics or Europe? Hahaha omg. She could never afford or especially manage that for herself tbh. And shes too fat and ugly for a good sugar daddy now. Best she can hope for is tagging along on another Fupa business trip a couple states away kek

No. 1021605

File: 1597202805600.jpeg (172.03 KB, 734x1020, C293B90C-2703-4423-994F-844C8C…)

Shayna you can barely afford taking the bus/uber because you’re too incompetent to work

No. 1021607

Keep dreaming Shay. God it's sad how delusional she is.

No. 1021621

You could start by showering, Shay. Sharpay smells like salon products and scented lip gloss, not weed, BO, and pussy sweat.

No. 1021653

>where I can relax
All this bitch has ever done in her life is relax. She doesn’t need a vacation to do that.

God, I hope she comes to France. Can you imagine her sperging like a fat retard on the streets of Paris in some trailer trash outfit and bumbling through the metro? The French would absolutely eviscerate her with laughter. She’d wind up being trafficked and getting a taste of what actual sEx WoRk is.

No. 1021676

So, with OnlyFans getting caught up in tax fraud, how long does Shay's account have left?

We all know how she is when she looses her twitter, now imagine her losing her OF.

No. 1021681


deets nigga

No. 1021683

The sensible SWers have been cashing out and edging their business elsewhere but Shay's entire business is OnlyFans. She's got nowhere else to go.

No. 1021710

kek @ her telling fupa's ex that she's a graphic designer. she took one design class in high school, enough to make a shitty t-shirt that only she will buy

oh her hair has finally started to grow past her shoulders and she wants another chemical cut

her "first merch drop" was some rando on Twitter putting some highly edited images of her on shirts/hoodies in an online store, and making absolutely 0 sales. she freaked out and was talking about it for days and literally no one bought one. it was only success in Shatna's mind, and nowhere else.

this was an baseless rumor I thought. OF is randomly shutting down SW accounts, but not because of tax fraud, just because that's how it goes on these platforms. they allow all kinds of content, SWs make the site grow in popularity, then once they have enough users they start banning NSFW content. basically what Patreon did. she should still be cashing out frequently because she could get banned for nothing.

No. 1021789

No. 1021807

Didn't they also file for bankruptcy because of that? What a mess.

No. 1021859

File: 1597252896465.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.64 KB, 1788x1006, D90121B6-01DC-43CC-AB16-49CDE9…)

That wig is tragic

No. 1021861

File: 1597253032988.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 418.98 KB, 1536x2048, 5FCA6B32-AEF7-4BEA-9D9C-AB8F43…)

No. 1021862

File: 1597253072525.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 404.91 KB, 1536x2048, F788DACF-0899-48E3-BD04-9025AD…)

No. 1021865

TBH the wig doesn't look bad, looks better then her normal hair. Have no idea what she has agaisnt trying new make up styles and LIP GLOSS, CHAP or LIPSTICK

No. 1021870

Oof. Its one thing to not know shit about actual wigs and buy those shitty Amazon ones that are shiny and shed everywhere, but fucks sake with this lardass: put some damned powder on your wig and brush it and it will look like hair and not a retard $10 Party City cap wig.

No. 1021874

It is, but it looks soo much better than the rats nest she's been running around with for weeks.

Especially for being a 'bimbo barbie doll' her aversion to lip products is just weird.

No. 1021895

Lol at that fat roll under her arm. edited so it's just a smooth protruding lump

No. 1021900

it looks like there's a tonsil stone in her mouth. reminds me of the video where Ted Cruz swallows his tonsil stone while speaking

No. 1021904

For a sec I thought this was tana mongeau

No. 1021912

File: 1597259719702.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 1072x1430, Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 3.13…)

NSFL, fresh from OF. It's her "closeup gape".

No. 1021913

What the absolute fuck I regret unspoilering that so much who the hell finds this attractive

No. 1021923

Literally where the fuck is her clit

No. 1021926

Just looks like she’s showing us the literal shit in her colon…. and her quad chin and lack of clit.

No. 1021934

Jessica Yaniv realness slay kween

No. 1021937

File: 1597263306896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.01 KB, 640x780, a1R2BpG_700b.jpg)

No. 1021938

I can't wait for the holidays to be here. Not sure if her parents ever video chat with her ever, but I can just picture the first time they see her in person for the holidays. Horrible hair, double her weight, chipped tooth… All queezed into an outfit meant for people half her size.

No. 1021940

Next holiday Shay won’t be able to fit in any of her shopaholic mom’s clothes that she gives her.

No. 1021941

Girl at least watch a tutorial on how to style and wear a wig properly. This looks like you took it out of the bag and slapped it on your head

No. 1021942

prolapse mattel.

Keep on not using lube Shayna, it's doing wonders for you clearly. /Sarcasm/

No. 1021943

File: 1597264529534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 580.42 KB, 1074x1367, 2020-08-12 16_34_40.430-0400.j…)

looking more and more yaniv-y by the day.

No. 1021945

File: 1597264927034.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 2048x1986, Screenshot_20200812-164153.png)

So she posts this on her PAID page, but then she posts this on her free page. Wtf? (I'm not posting the upclose because barf)

No. 1021948

It’s literally prolapsing

No. 1021949

I swear to God, it's like she TRIES to hustle in reverse. She can't stand the thought of missing out on those sweet Twitter likes, so she just goes ahead and posts her ~totally exclusive~ OF shit right to her public page.

No. 1021965

i cannot stress enough how better she'd look if she added some fucking color to her face, she looks like mayo with some fries on top of it or something.
Then she makes these weird as faces and looks like she has no neck. Shayna is not that hard

No. 1021966

Okay if she hadn’t already before, she has officially reached horrorcow status. My god

No. 1021971

Nobody wants to associate her with Barbie or Barbie with…..gaping her asshole…..ew

No. 1022006

File: 1597272672183.gif (624.79 KB, 360x244, 3299BAA8-A264-4369-A0FE-91B189…)

No. 1022008

top kek

No. 1022009

Is she trying to wear a headband with this wig or is their just a weird gap?? I thought it was her doing an Alice in Wonderland thing (yucky) but since she clarified it was barbie, I'm more confused.

No. 1022018

File: 1597273652584.jpg (354.19 KB, 1079x1533, Screenshot_20200812-180719_Twi…)

No. 1022019

tbh the blonde shade of the wig looks a lot better than the brown filthy rats nest. if only her hair could take bleaching again

No. 1022035

that veiny tit gives me goosebumps, it looks like one of those zombie snails

No. 1022076

Do not start sperging about her tit

No. 1022089

The second pic is just Jessica Yaniv, I'm convinced

No. 1022101

That shit is why its important to diversify your income. I work in seattle as a bikini barista but I also cam and am a professional dog walker. I'm not reliant on one job AND I make WAY more money than she does…Most sex workers are so fucking stupid

No. 1022105

How many threads do you try to casually brag about being a bikini barista because you still suck just as badly as Shayna at finding work that pays. Talk about Shayna not your pathetic similarities.

No. 1022106

WTF?? Trust me, it pays.

No. 1022108

I stg you come in every new shay thread and tell everyone how much money you make by serving coffee in bikini. We get it. Jesus Christ. No one cares lmao.

Also, if you have to work multiple jobs, you’re not making that much money.

No. 1022111

Agreed about lip product. If she’s going to be a “bimbo barbie” idk why she doesn’t get lip filler or plastic surgery to match that aesthetic?

No. 1022113

God shayna has been so fucking boring since the fake psych ward fiasco. Cmon Bessie be a good cow and give us some milk

No. 1022116

lmao you make soooooo much money that you need 3 jobs? If you were actually making so much you'd have enough in savings to catch you when you eventually get too ugly and fat to wear a bikini all day. You're barely better than Shay and its pitiful that not only have you commented multiple times to brag, but you dont even sage.
Begone thot. Sex work isnt real work

No. 1022117

Bitch stop coming up in the threads trying to brag, you look dumb as fuck. At least sage your bullshit.

No. 1022118

She's too much of a pussy to commit. I stg she has an aversion to any lip product, and water.

No. 1022123

>eventually get too ugly and fat
Nope, I'm naturally petite and all of the women in my family are too

I make over 40000 a year, So…
Sage(you didn't sage)

No. 1022128

Just. Stop digging yourself into holes ma’am. You didn’t even sage….

No. 1022132

>40k with 3 jobs
>It pays

More like Tacoma/Tukwila whore.

No. 1022133

40k is beans in Seattle homegirl unless you live in like Lake City which you probably do

No. 1022135

40k for working 3 jobs???? God no wonder you work 3 jobs. And in Seattle no less. Imagine bragging about having 3 jobs for such a small income

No. 1022140

>40k a year in Seattle
Oh nice I'll stop in and say hi next time I go to taco bell

No. 1022141

Bragging about 40k in Seattle where first year software engineering grads make 150k lmaoooo

No. 1022142

Retail managers make twice that much in Seattle too

No. 1022143

why does shays thread always bring out the stupid "sex workers" who think they're better than actual workers because they show their butthole online. sex work isn't real work and taking nudes isn't a job you dumb whores. enjoy your fucked future.

No. 1022144

why are you speds falling for the shitty bait and giving the tard whore attention

No. 1022147

For real. This dumb asss troll comes in almost every shayna thread and says this shit and everyone ignores it. Corona got everyone bored I guess.

No. 1022169

Her new video. I almost lost it when she shit the plugs out


No. 1022172

Ok but why tf she wearing that cheap ass wig??
And her preview pretty much shows it all. The description says the last one us almost as big as her face… lol barely as big as her hand, open. But hey, she finally did an actual anal fetish vid. Now she has like 3.

No. 1022178


I guess rockbottom for this cow will be when the inevitable rosebud fetish saga begins

No. 1022201

citizen kane hits different now

No. 1022208

nice seeing you again

No. 1022306

I think she'll be doing rosebud stuff pretty soon. Maybe it would be good for her, apparently the girls who can and will do that are popular in porn industry. Just join the horrorshow lmao

No. 1022365

Literally all of the "highlights" people pay for are in the preview. I don't know how she keeps surprising me with how stupid she is but damn

No. 1022391

Isn't it also really harmful to your health and can cause irreversible consequences? I don't think there's a "safe way" to pull a bit of your intestines out of your body…

No. 1022406

>And soon enough
>But soon enough
Swear to God she uses that term in every damn description. These are literally back to back in this one.

No. 1022414

Yes, prolapses need to be surgically fixed. After having one, especially if you're young, it can mess up your colon in the long run.

No. 1022447

File: 1597339358762.png (55.26 KB, 949x587, Screenshot_20200813-181717~2.p…)

Finally she confirms she is still hooking up with Fupapa

No. 1022453

File: 1597339724134.jpeg (214.07 KB, 1242x1233, FDDE02C2-E920-4860-8EE6-E5FA6A…)

I don’t doubt that she’s still with fupa but I think the tweet is a reference to her video idea.

No. 1022455

Ah doh! Hadn't seen that. Ignore me then.

No. 1022495

Lurking and suddenly afraid of prolapsing tinfoil?

No. 1022499

She fingers herself most of the time anyway. Did her wand finally give out?

She doesn't know how to rub and touch herself in a sexy way and the fingering thing is boring imo.

No. 1022560

This might be her worse idea yet. I mean I’m glad she’s finally not using the vibrator but she has NO idea how to touch herself. It’s going to be an awkward mess. Can’t wait.
(Also, big doubt this video will see the light of day)
>inb4 too cloudy outside to film in my bathtub uwu

No. 1022567

Another messy video. And her body looks like a fridge


No. 1022570

File: 1597356124181.jpg (210.86 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_20200813-170221_Twi…)

Back to talking about her mommy issues

No. 1022571

File: 1597356159014.jpg (573.14 KB, 1079x1734, Screenshot_20200813-170158_Twi…)

What is she talking about?

No. 1022572

File: 1597356191020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 499.57 KB, 1073x1164, Screenshot_20200813-170126_Twi…)

Yikes. Where is her upper lip?

No. 1022575

File: 1597356348512.jpeg (1001.48 KB, 3464x3464, 135E44F4-545D-4FA4-A647-F89759…)

this just looks uncomfortable at this point

No. 1022577

Trailer trash realness. I see her diet is really paying off.

No. 1022584

she used to be skinny like a year ago, but now.. oh my

No. 1022585

can‘t be about herself because she isn‘t popular on the internet and doesn‘t have a boyfriend, just a fat manlet fucking her occasionally

No. 1022588

lmao. we know.

No. 1022591

Did she get multiple cheap wigs instead of 1 good one? Or did she actually style the Halloween party store one from yesterday?

No. 1022593

This is a different one, looks like a lace front with darker roots

It also looks like she bought a new pair of shorts, but they’re still the wrong size. Shay honey, you need to go up at least two sizes. The split sausage casing look ain’t cute.

No. 1022596


Also did she suck the finger that just went on her asshole. Noice…

It's funny that her great idea was just A fingering video, the most basic thing ever. She's gonna do a stupid fake orgasm as usual but most women would struggle to climax from just fingers. She gonna do her eyes roll into head bullshit lol.

No. 1022603

I can't unsee the fatass edit from the last thread

No. 1022607

Holy shit, she really does look like a fridge. Those shorts are clearly multiple sizes too small.
I can't even muster any secondhand embarrassment for this girl, though.

No. 1022610

File: 1597360481662.png (Spoiler Image, 3.23 MB, 828x1792, CE3E6B72-9A22-410A-A844-CD8EE8…)

Again if she worked her angles more she could look semi decent

No. 1022612

Incredible. She looks perfectly fine (for Shay) here. That fingering video was just embarrassing, who does she expect to pay for her boring, basic shit?

No. 1022618

Oof that apple body. No hips at all and her gut goes out further than her tits..

No. 1022619

it'd be better if i couldn't see her double chin through her tank top strap

No. 1022622

File: 1597362133891.jpg (91.43 KB, 1078x289, Screenshot_20200813-184109_Twi…)

Funny that she turned the comments off

No. 1022625

You hate your huge gut as much as we do Shayna

No. 1022628


Fupa fight incoming…?

No. 1022631

it's not that deep, she's just making a joke by pretending that everyone loves her by turning off the replies so nobody can reply

No. 1022634

Lmao she looks like a sad child walking out of the dressing room wearing an outfit her mom picked out, and it was 3 sizes too small and itchy.

No. 1022642

It's like she's wearing a reverse corset. constricting her tits and hips so the fat migrates to her waist.

No. 1022657

Mom can you come pick me up? I'm scared.

No. 1022660

her miserable scowling fake smile is insufferable. legit looks like a pissed off broke 40 year old trailer park mom of 5 who's raging over her 3 different baby daddies not paying child support.

No. 1022667

File: 1597372239574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 425.09 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20200813-213055_Twi…)

Peek that ballsack

No. 1022668

Why does she look so afraid in these

No. 1022671

you can tell she thinks up these shitty lines on the spot and truly thinks they're witty and funny and well acted. just shows even more how little work she puts into her videos, that she can't even reshoot a simple line. stupid bitch probably couldn't remember it after it came out of her mouth. This doesn't sound bratty or sexy. It sounds like a retard speaking.


No. 1022672

anon, i’m dead. i didn’t notice it at first but she honestly looks like she saw a ghost in the second pic lmao.

No. 1022675

Oof yeah wtf was that. Lay off the edibles before filming Shay and maybe cut retarded lines like that.

No. 1022676

But anon this is her "sexy" face!

No. 1022677

i am convinced it's just a copypasta at this point…

No. 1022685

Oh Shay, much creativity. Much funny

No. 1022686

Kek what the fuck? Is this how she talks to Fupa since he’s her uwu daddy

No. 1022689

that first pic… one of her legs is so blurred it looks like she has half an ass. did blurring the cellulite remove what little ass she did have?

No. 1022704

She needs a friend to tell her when she’s not funny or clever or when her clothes don’t fit (Shay it’s all your clothes btw)

No. 1022705

File: 1597375799282.jpg (130.12 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20200813-223043_Twi…)

No. 1022707

Wtf does this mean

No. 1022708

on im shook…she looks like someone's drunk dad wearing a wig

No. 1022710

She doesn’t look good, but the blonde hair suits her so much better

No. 1022716

We've come full circle on her hair. When she had the bleach, people said she should go darker, brunette. Then we had the random pinks saga. Then purple. Then we ended up where she is now with brown hair that's starting to grow out and anons say she looks better blonde lmao

No. 1022718

Darker hair does tend to make people look younger. And with how she's looking like an overweight 40-year-old trailer park auntie, maybe she should stick with the brunette look. I think anons say she looks better with blonde hair due to it being something fresh since she's been brunette for awhile now. Maybe the weight gain may have something to do with it too

No. 1022727

I think it comes off as better because, despite it being a Halloween wig, it's brushed and clean
Something Shay's hair never is

No. 1022732

File: 1597383701050.jpg (551.19 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20200814-004208_Twi…)

This what made her tweet these

No. 1022733

she's such a retard. the phrase is "peep", as in "peep this". no one says "peek this". why does she have so much trouble using modern slang, she's like a fucking boomer

No. 1022738

I love when she shoops her ass 2D from smudging out the cottage cheese texture. Looking like someone drew in the bottom part of a middle aged dude on her on photoshop.

No. 1022751

40k for 3 jobs. That’s sad, get a job or at least be a student while doing SW and do something valuable with your life. You’re clearly insecure since you have to brag about being a bikini barista in the US.

40K is barely anything outside of the US. That’s still scraping by you’re just a cam whore that serves coffee OOH SO TALENTED.(stop taking bait)

No. 1022792

File: 1597403117597.jpeg (24.53 KB, 594x556, 2428E214-2DDA-45D4-B3AA-E1A759…)

No. 1022800


what an unfortunate body shape

No. 1022806

jfc I didn't notice that and now it's all I can see lmao

she sounds like she's actually missing half a brain. you can see the cogs trying to turn in her brain when she's thinking. maybe the kink is to humiliate daddy by being a tard. quick, get back under the stairs before the neighbors see you!

No. 1022825

File: 1597412444785.jpeg (112.13 KB, 720x1280, 7F4B6C8B-03C8-4F1F-B87F-415148…)

The reddish tones look like ass with her pink undertone. This was the best haircolor she ever had.

No. 1022836

remember when she couldn’t stop saying “my pussy is leaking out of my shorts” for some reason?
she can change that to “my stomach rolls are leaking out of my shorts” now…the pressure from both pieces of clothing is immense. if you told me this person had 2 kids and was a few months along with the third I’d believe you

No. 1022849

I would truly fucking die if I went from looking like this to what she does now. Holy shit Shayna, it only took like a year.

No. 1022866

That pic isn't from last year anon, it's from when she was about 17-18 on Tumblr. Even still, her intense body change is insane to see. I'd love to see someone make a timeline of her porking up.

No. 1022869

Keep in mind this was also before her hair was irreversibly damaged from over bleaching and straightening it with heat, to which she would then braid them back while the hair is wet to get curls again. Girl has ruined her hair, I don't even think it grows properly anymore. Her hair seems to stay the same length even though she hasn't been getting it cut.

No. 1022891

Video removed. Please upload again

No. 1022901

Would she have to shave her head and restart to get her curl pattern back, or is it forever fucked?

No. 1022904

Pretty sure things like diet affect it. Eat like crap and ya curls go crap

No. 1022912

Kinda, but not really. Frying your hair affects your curl pattern more than eating like shit, and shatna eats like shit. But her problem is from dying her hair constantly, and just generally taking poor care of it.

No. 1022914

Yeah, I wouldn't think she uses leave-in conditioner or any products. Have never seen her talk about wash day ever either

No. 1022959

I'm sure if she stopped straightening it and braiding it, and started using curly hair products regularly (and washing on a decent basis) then her hair could bounce back in maybe 6 months. but she's too lazy for that.

For Shayna everything has to be on the easiest mode possible or it's not worth it. It's very confusing why she would want to be a bimbo, something that requires tons of upkeep and routine to maintain, when she's so inherently lazy and whiny about having to do the bare minimum. She can't even be bothered to wash or style a wig, instead choosing to slap a handband over it and call it beautiful. It's pathetic, really.

No. 1022961

File: 1597432884022.png (2.04 MB, 1291x2048, Screenshot_20200814-152112.png)

I guess it's back to the shitty Snapchat filters instead of doing any decent makeup, huh Shay?

No. 1022962

File: 1597433073803.png (304.72 KB, 2048x830, Screenshot_20200814-152412.png)

Is she so fucking dumb that she doesn't realize Buck was the dude who was allowing people to rape Beatrix while she was in a coma for money? Are you really that fucked up Shayna, or are you just severely retarded?

No. 1022963

didnt she do this minus the wig less than a month ago? >>1012169

No. 1022968

I really hate this face she makes.

No. 1022971

she obviously has never seen the movie.

No. 1022974

he literally makes this joke in the movie, and Beatrix remembers it and gets even angrier before killing him. dumbass is making the same joke as the rapist. I wonder if she's ever seen it

No. 1022975

Not even, she did it like a week ago

No. 1022976


This is giving me Momo-kun vibes.. Not the best angle to use when you've put on 50 pounds.

No. 1022977

File: 1597435081848.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 2008x2048, Screenshot_20200814-155720.png)

it's a nurse cosplay, you fucking imbecile. You're supposed to be a sexy nurse, not showing your ballsack and asking to get your prostate checked.

No. 1022981

Jesus. I know she’s trying to hide her width with her arm but we can see that girth. You can’t hide it anymore shay

No. 1022998

she probably hasn't seen it, but she's also such a desperate pick me i wouldn't be surprised if she ignores the context and genuinely finds it that funny anyway

she really needs to realise that smoothing out her labia so much genuinely does make her look just like she has a pair of astoundingly smooth testicles

No. 1023002

So what happened to like a day or two ago she said she couldnt go live or film because of her period and now shes doing multiple customs and live?

No. 1023008

2 days her period lasted lol. It can happen but rare and Shay is the type to overshare like omg super short period, go me!

No. 1023023

File: 1597440339331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 273.32 KB, 828x532, ABD7B2C6-5E18-442F-8E18-5FFB3F…)

…she even knows

No. 1023025

why is the texture of her ass like sandpaper jfc

No. 1023027

it looks like she bought it two sizes too small even before she gained weight again, or what, was this in shipping limbo for half a year?

No. 1023036

No she's had this. She wore it in her Trump vid.

No. 1023046

She’s such an expert at sucking in you’d think she’d be able to hide the gut. That shit hangs like someone who just had a kid.

No. 1023061

ooh i misunderstood the post. damn that video was a long ass time ago though.

No. 1023079

Damn that's a low hanging gut. At this point she could fake pregnancy porn for fetish guys and at least get something out of her shitty edible diet.

No. 1023094

File: 1597448270986.jpeg (409.7 KB, 1536x2048, FB29634F-FBE2-425B-94D9-EF8C98…)

Look at all the LINT all over her shorts!?! Just looks gross. Also what is it about her face that just looks off here? The yellow teeth? Or the weird shape of her fat neck? I can’t figure it out. It just looks off. Is she trying to snow her jawline (or lack there of)?

No. 1023102

File: 1597449916463.jpg (403.04 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20200814-190448_Twi…)


No. 1023103

She looks so uncomfortable

No. 1023105

File: 1597450057436.jpg (158.45 KB, 1080x496, Screenshot_20200814-190739_Twi…)

Someone please document this

No. 1023107

File: 1597450108846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.59 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20200814-190754_Twi…)

By "clean" you mean you got wet, took pics, and got out

No. 1023108

File: 1597450131950.jpg (934.47 KB, 1080x1442, Screenshot_20200814-190820_Twi…)

No. 1023110

How often does she go to the dispensary a week, jeez

No. 1023120

conveniently zero soap anywhere whatsoever

anyone else taking sexy shower pics where the whole thing is "so clean and fresh!" would soap up their tits and ass but not filthy shay nasty.

No. 1023121

Shayna this is for people with medical needs, number one. Number two, you don't put it on your wrist like that you retard.

No. 1023122

Her skin literally looks gray here.

No. 1023123

This pose stopped being cute 40 pounds ago Shayna. Give it up fatty.

No. 1023132

The weird, droopy faced tongue biting like she’s a stroke victim is such a choice. Why does she do it so much? Are her teeth too fucked for her to close her mouth properly?

No. 1023138

I wonder that too. It weirds me out that her and TND do that same thing. It looks so weird and uncomfortable is it supposed to be ~seductive~ or what?!

No. 1023142

why does she think this bootleg starbuck logo pose is so sexy? i don't get it?

No. 1023150

She looks like she is being held at gunpoint.
I know people say you can't get addicted to weed, but Jesus Christ. She's at the point that if she isn't eating an edible or smoking, she still HAS to find a way to get high. Is it even fun at this point?

No. 1023152

she looks like an uncooked chicken here

No. 1023154

File: 1597457337249.png (3.49 MB, 2266x1038, 5C4EBAF2-7AC4-4C0A-BC0F-0BDC95…)

stumbled across an old Shayna photo and god she’s so different. she used to be pretty it’s so sad. maybe she’ll actually stick to her diet but probably not.

No. 1023157

she did actually look really good in that lock screen photo era. i can’t believe she got fat for Fupa.

No. 1023158

File: 1597457575908.png (Spoiler Image, 18.71 MB, 4720x3348, A7ADCA0F-590C-48D7-BEF1-6141DD…)

No. 1023160

She only got ugly once she started believing the world revolves around her and she can do no wrong. Her personality got ugly so she turned even uglier in the face. Grim.

No. 1023162

File: 1597458243183.jpg (221.4 KB, 1641x2048, EOR0-2LW4AEoYDo.jpg_large.jpg)

Unfortunately the thicc trend made pretty thin girls think they need to gain weight by eating like shit to impress men

I just hope women stop falling for the meme and let fat fetishists rest their bitter asses

No. 1023164

lol it's not the thicc trend that made her fat. it was mostly fupa.

No. 1023166

She's already not sticking to her diet

No. 1023176

sometimes i wonder if she really knows what being a bimbo means. she takes is as being dumb, barbie/pink stuff and getting spoiled but doesn't maintain any part of the aesthetic.

No. 1023177

That's what I'm saying, fupa probably gassed her up which is why she kept insisting she's thick

No. 1023180

When she said that she always knew she was destined for bigger things, I didn’t think she meant being 175lbs kek

No. 1023181

damn Linty Mattel
lmao she's STRUGGLING to hold those shoes together

No. 1023193

File: 1597464412256.jpg (151.43 KB, 1080x917, 20200814_230710.jpg)

Someone please document this shit show

No. 1023194

File: 1597464434868.jpg (850.26 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20200814-230651_Twi…)

No. 1023195

looking like she dusted the house with those shorts lmao

No. 1023202

I don’t think thc absorbed through the skin even has psychoactive effects ?

No. 1023214

Hard to shoop an ass when theres tiles behind you and water drops on your skin, huh Shay?

No. 1023216

Yeah, girls can have light and short periods,but I don't think I'd be risking finger banging myself 2 days after saying I was on my period. Seems it was a made up excuse not to work after all. Surprising no one.

Kek. My sides anon

And the greasy rat nest returns. I thought she bathed?? Shes so gross she literally takes a bath to wade in her own musty deluge and doesnt wash her hair tf

No. 1023224

File: 1597473428534.jpg (220.58 KB, 1079x636, Screenshot_20200815-013724_Twi…)

Nice Shay, trying to make mania "cute" and "quirky"

No. 1023226

File: 1597473475935.jpg (438.89 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20200815-013821_Twi…)

And now we wait for her depression crash

No. 1023228

No wonder she’s been wearing the wig everyday look at those dreads

No. 1023235

lol wtf… i don't think manic episodes work like that. is she even bipolar?

No. 1023240

Hypomania does, which you get in bipolar II. A lot of bipolar people find short episodes of hypomania productive, but inevitably they crash when it ends.

No. 1023253

Can’t sleep bc she’s manic uhhuh sounds like meth

No. 1023256

People with untreated mania often do stay up for days.

No. 1023257

Fupa Meltdown coming to theaters near you…

No. 1023258

well ya but i mean in what world is a bipolar person going to think "i didn't sleep much this weekend and i was super productive…must be mania! teehee" i feel like that requires a level of self awareness that shay clearly doesn't have.

No. 1023259

Could she have cyclothymia? She doesn't seem to have prolonged periods of depression or mania. Also as far as I know people who have manic episodes are not really happy with them: even though it can bring euphoric feelings, it's also quite exhausting and might be dangerous if there are psychotic symptoms.

No. 1023262

holy shit her HAIR

No. 1023279


Looks like it’s starting to form dreads….

No. 1023280

is it braided or something?

No. 1023283

I don't think so, but it looks like it has dye in it? It has that wet/clumped look. It's Shay so she's probably just cultivating a swamp up there.

No. 1023285

Lets just hope it’s still wet from her “shower” and not starting to dread

No. 1023314

She has the most unfortunate fridge/wide body

No. 1023373

This is actually one of the few pics I’ve seen where she objectively looks cute (IMO) and there isn’t some element that’s just “off”. I doubt she will ever be near this weight (even though she was in her teens still) again. Sucks for her, she could have held off the cottage cheese, stretch marks and fupa from getting to the point she’s at now. But that would take effort. 100% sure that she has to be shithoused to “accept her body” in any capacity these days.

No. 1023388

File: 1597507775795.png (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 828x1792, 6A26DA97-4B54-4102-A9A1-49827B…)

No. 1023391

Didn’t ask for it thanks

No. 1023392

File: 1597508317048.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, EB7EC4C3-9347-4DA0-A658-94A5B2…)

Shaytard can’t go one day without being a pick me ass bitch. They are losers and simps. And you’re a loser as well.

No. 1023393

Also kek at “fanbase” she thinks she is pokimane

No. 1023396

This statement could be applied to any (customer service) job. You could work at a grocery store and this would still apply. That’s the whole point of a job?? People show up and pay and leave. Everyone technically gets their electricity bill “paid for” by someone else. People pretend to care about your problems. But most people don’t want to hear about your struggles.
You think People at the grocery store want to hear the clerk go on and on about wanting to milk themselves because their boyfriend dumped them? Or that they hate their fat body?

Her fake woke shit is the dumbest crap that spews from her mouth I stg

No. 1023397

*kill themselves not milk themselves but I refuse to fix it cause kek she really does milk herself for all she’s worth

No. 1023399

underrated comment kek

No. 1023410

I know it's kind of moot now since it locked her out, but @IRLbarbie was suspended

No. 1023422

File: 1597515019684.jpg (21.27 KB, 620x350, download (7).jpg)

This is not flattering and just makes her thighs look massive.

She still hasn't realised that her biggest fan base is this thread.

No. 1023438

>"so next time u go 2 to insult my fanbase, know that ur insulting me too"

yeah, that's, like, the whole point

No. 1023444

Not to blogpost but I’m bipolar and I definitely do recognise the signs by my behaviour. However, her self-awareness is more likely motivated by drawing attention to herself/shifting responsibility for her behaviour, rather than managing it properly.

No. 1023446


>these ppl are the driving force behind what I do & without them I wouldn't be where I am today

lol she really acts as if she has achieved anything. She has any kind of ''driving force'' only because she sells her subpar content for a price less than that of 6 McNuggets.

The only thing she is right about is that yeah, the handful of simps that keep up her delusion of being wanted has contributed to where she is today. Wouldn't brag about being there, though.

No. 1023478

She thinks she’s such a martyr for putting things up her ass and posting the pictures online for pennies each.

No. 1023493

why does she simp this hard for pornsick men when they don't care about anything other than her prolapsed ass, including her sad as fuck pick me tweets? all this for a combined seven likes. good god get a grip girl

No. 1023508

File: 1597531264920.jpg (287.93 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20200815-174046_Twi…)

No. 1023510

File: 1597531291215.jpg (523.61 KB, 1080x1175, Screenshot_20200815-174007_Twi…)

Get ready for this mess

No. 1023515

wow. dried pasta. a culinary genius. worthy of a dinner party.

No. 1023520

ok, so let them and just live your life? she posts this shit monthly, why even keep bringing it up instead of just ignoring it and doing whatever.

No. 1023524

Pretty sure she’s talking about us. She tries so hard to be unbothered but she knows damn well our comments get to her. Hey shaytard go take a run you’re fat.

No. 1023528

File: 1597534358118.jpg (422.2 KB, 1536x2048, 20200815_163158.jpg)

This is sort of a nitpick, but legitimately bothered by how none of her kitchen accessories actually match. They all look like they were ordered on Amazon

No. 1023530

I always have a chuckle at how she tries to group all of the 10 -15 items she has in each room into the purposely limited photo angles to look as if she’s got a ton going on. Every time it just looks forced and sad because the items look like unused dollar store props but you always get a glipse of her true living situation from other angles..

No. 1023531

Yeah like the tea set I'm sure she never uses is cute on its own, the pink pan set is cursed but cute on its own, but together with other pink kitchenware, its just really ugly and dumb. Because they're all different pinks. I know some colors are hard to match, but she just cant get it right with pink and yet she wont let it go.

No. 1023533

Why is the small pot all wavy like that

No. 1023536

kek why would she need oven mitts to cook pasta

No. 1023538

uh yeah that's one of the reasons why people laugh at you which of course you twist into "brutal hate :((", you do nothing but pack on the pounds laying drunk and high on your dirty, barely furnished sad living room floor either ripping open your dry asshole or playing games for hours. your life is cringe, hence why people are ""hating"" aka mocking you shayna. learn this

No. 1023566

>Genuinely cared for my well being
Fucking kek They actually don't fucking care.
Also. It's FEMALE SEX WORKERS who are keeping you afloat, Shayna. Not actual men who found you attractive.

No. 1023567

Also for someone who bitches about girls who take messy pics (icky mirrors and trashed backgrounds) her cupboards and stove look pretty gross. I mean theres worse out there but I'm js she could wiped it down/edited it. And on that note, her mirror pics are as bad as the ones she calls out. Get a rag and some cleaner, Shay.

No. 1023571

she really thinks the men giving her $3 care about her well being? She thinks if she disappeared they'd give a shit?
she has the nerve to talk about backgrounds meanwhile SHE looks messy and unprofessional in her pictures. Her backgrounds are identical and so is shayna's looks, sloppy and not put togeather. she act like her porn is 100% perfect.

No. 1023572

did this fat bitch really go out of her way to reset the clocks to 4:20 to take these

No. 1023574

File: 1597542601601.png (3.13 MB, 1473x2048, Screenshot_20200815-214953.png)

how are you so fat you look squeezed into an APRON?

No. 1023587

I love the fat girl “sit on the very very very edge of the bed so I can basically stand and stretch out my torso so my rolls are minimized” pose. The haggard droopy blobfish face, the hammy arms she doesn’t know how to situate, the weird plastic wig, the apron struggling for dear life…this is starting to be less and less funny and more horrorcow.

No. 1023589

the timestamp on twitter says 4:23 so she probabaly waited all day if it's not just a coincidence

No. 1023602

That hairline she gave herself is tragic. Learn how to wear wigs Shayna, this is a mess. You look like a baby tranny trying to pass.

No. 1023604

Her facial expression reminds me of the fat, dopey Sanderson sister in “Hocus Pocus”.

No. 1023618

File: 1597549761071.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.37 KB, 1080x1920, CCE2E6FB-86EA-4032-8900-931CB4…)

NSFL, wtf is going her with her body. Why does she looks like a porky middle age man into sissy stuff??

No. 1023619

is this it? have we finally reached the feedee gainer porn saga?

No. 1023621

FEEDER PORN!!! Finally! It’s the first time she’s looked happy in a pic in months

No. 1023623

File: 1597550834290.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.82 KB, 1071x1092, Screenshot_20200815-215254_Twi…)

No. 1023624

File: 1597550859025.jpg (485.91 KB, 1079x1158, Screenshot_20200815-215308_Twi…)

Cooking pasta isn't hard or an accomplishment Shay

No. 1023626

no sauce or anything this looks depressing

No. 1023627

She absolutely waited for 4:20 to take the pic because FoUr TwEnTy hurr hurr BlAzE iT is still so funny when you're in your 20s. Peak humor!! Qween Stoner!!

No. 1023628

Grandma please we have guests put your trousers back on nana please

No. 1023629

File: 1597551359239.jpg (380.96 KB, 1079x1333, Screenshot_20200815-231630_Twi…)

Yikes. Did anyone catch the horror show?

No. 1023630

File: 1597551382825.jpg (Spoiler Image, 815.03 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20200815-231614_Twi…)

No. 1023631

Shooped herself pretty hard in this but why does she keep wearing that tiny headband thing with these cheap wigs?? It makes it look more obvious like a wig because it makes a weird gap and wedges the fake hair part I dont get why she wears it. It adds nothing.

No. 1023632

First of all…wow this is legit feeder/mukbang. Amazing that we have actually gotten this far down.

Second, who the fuck eats plain pasta??? No cheese or sauce? Couldnt have bought a can of pre made spaghetti sauce? Fuckin weird. I know it's for porn and not actually to eat, but plain pasta… lol

No. 1023634

Remember Anon, she's on a DiEt. Maybe sauce is too fAtTeNiNg

No. 1023646

I'm almost positive if you look at the picture that's just a close up of the pasta, it has Kraft Parmesan sprinkled on it only, which seems sadder than eating it just plain for some reason, lmao.

No. 1023651

Yeah it would totally be the sauce, not the huge bowl of carbs that is pasta noodles. But it seems like Shay thinks pasta is "clean eating" since that's the only thing we've seen her post about eating besides candy and junk food edibles. Her body sure reflects her clean, healthy living, huh? She can see the changes and feels better about herself already!

No. 1023655

File: 1597558577433.jpg (Spoiler Image, 613.45 KB, 1078x1441, Screenshot_20200816-011634_Twi…)

Funny that she watermarked this

No. 1023658

idk about hating her guts since she has none, more like hating her gut

No. 1023687

She fucked herself with… a spoon? Am I reading this right??

No. 1023701

Yes Shayna I'm sure they care endlessly about you. So much so that when your anus finally prolapses I'm sure they'll send funds to cover the surgery to fix it without wanting anything in return since you don't have health insurance and they totally just really care about you and your body and making sure you want for nothing /s

No. 1023708

this bitch really be out here wearing a wig so she doesn’t have to wash her hair.

No. 1023721

Oh my god, spot on about her looking like a man in sissy clothes. The poorly placed CHEAP wig and shit makeup, fat fridge body, lamest caricature of girly clothing. It’s exactly what they do. Hilarious.

No. 1023737

tfw you realise she probably only bought those pots and pans to make porn with. she literally can't do anything without making it about porn. sad.

No. 1023747

She fucked herself with a pan handle too

No. 1023751

I think she means like one of those bigger plastic cooking spoons. They have a name but I'm dumb lol. But yeah, it's still not ok.

No. 1023771

Tinfoil: She can't smoke blunts or hit the bong anymore for health reasons, that's why she's spending on edibles. When is the last time she mentioned smoking?

No. 1023774

That wig has weird Ready to Glare vibes and doesn't go with the Barbie thing at all.

No. 1023788

Don't bring poor Giulia into this

No. 1023792

She’s posted a video of herself smoking a bowl just a week or two ago. So she still does smoke.
My guesses:
- She’s either too broke to still get high from smoking only. We’ve seen how much she wastes when she smokes and we can also tell she must have an insane tolerance by how highly some of those edibles are dosed. So to get high on a daily basis with her tolerance and her wasteful consumption she’d need massive amounts of buds. So edibles as a baseline and additional smoking to boost it is probably more affordable.
- She needs to be absolutely stoned 24/7 to cope. The effect of edibles lasts way longer than when you smoke, so she won’t have to worry about smoking every hour or so.

I was assuming (as others have also mentioned) that it’s her way now of getting away with stuffing her face with candy while ‘dieting’ since it’s ‘muuhh medication’. And while I still think it applies to some extent, it doesn’t seem to be the main motivator since she used a patch now, too.

No. 1023811

I don't think she's capable of making a video or taking pics where she's not completely high as shit. It's why her videos are so half ass and she thinks she's putting so much effort in, because she's so damn high that even the bare minimum feels like maximum effort. Plus those retard open mouth faces she thinks are sexy. I bet if she was sober she wouldnt ever think those are attractive, but she's never sober so.

No. 1023828

Nitpick but if you go to her page and look at any of these pictures full screen, you can see shit all over every surface. From dog hair on her sink, stove, counters, and the pasta, to food and grease all over the stove top, oven, microwave, and cupboards. This bitch can't even wipe shit down real quick before taking her pics. And we know how little she cooks, so I bet that food/grease has been there for weeks

No. 1023841

she mentioned taking a bong rip while waiting on hold with customer service yesterday on Twitter. not every tweet gets posted here because not everything is milk.

No. 1023847

>>1023623 Honestly this is the best she's looked in a while. Don't get me wrong, it's still total nightmare fuel, but she seems happier than she's been in a while. I agree with the rest of you though – oncoming feeder porn/disgusting mukbang saga. Hold on to yer butts, ladies.

No. 1023849

File: 1597605670838.jpeg (169.68 KB, 1242x625, 120B4C67-A4BA-4D44-A3EF-DC4372…)

She did. But then again, she constantly tweets about shit that never happened so I wouldn’t take anything she says as facts.

Speaking of… I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted here? Like, why would she proudly announce pissing herself while (or even worse; before) masturbating? She could just be smart and sell it as squirting as everyone in porn does. But she really chose to go for the ‘sat in her pee like an actual retard or toddler’? She sure is speeding down that degradation porn route. What’s next? ‘Played with the shit on my buttplug heehee’?
(Also incontinence Barbie confirmed? After the video of her peeing while pushing out her anal plug I wouldn’t be surprised if this had nothing to do with sexual pleasure.)

No. 1023851


Those greasy hand prints all over the microwave expose the tragic reality kek

No. 1023870

She really seems to thing everything she posts is perfect with no effort. The kitchen is disgusting and she might have noticed that if she wasnt being so quirky with it being '4:20"'.

No. 1023875

Wonder if she goes the Luna route and end up drinking her own pee or go further into feeder porn. I’d feel bad if it wasn’t shaytard.

No. 1023886

She's licked her own piss off her fingers before so we're already there

No. 1023920

While in a public bathroom, without a toilet liner. I feel like that’s a big distinction too.
And you think she washed her hands before going back out and eating/drinking? The public bathroom saga still haunts me.

No. 1023988

i can't help but be reminded of aggy when i see this. so weird/funny how degenerate cows crossover like this

i'm sure once she decides covid isn't a concern for her the public bathroom horror will return

No. 1024006

File: 1597627291456.jpg (189.55 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20200816-202147_Twi…)

No. 1024007

File: 1597627322396.jpg (182.05 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20200816-202203_Twi…)

Oof, imagine this video

No. 1024010

ok shatna if your dreams consist of being a fat e-whore with dyed hair and a piercing struggling to pick up bowling balls with fake nails then just go. maybe losing some weight and stopping the online whining would be more helpful for getting your life in check but whatever

No. 1024016

File: 1597628037262.png (Spoiler Image, 234.11 KB, 307x642, 1502549086883.png)

god how…
(old pic for posterity)

No. 1024040

Tbh she always had kind of an ugly clown face lmao

No. 1024051

Shes always been ugly. Her face is just relaxed. She always had a nice body (from the front and minus the vag horror) and I think she could have done a lot better had she just kept her face hidden and not shaved her pus.
She should have stuck with the “hippie” stoner vibe. Those dudes don’t mind a hairy muff.

No. 1024056

Yeah, we hear it every thread, she used to look better. Old news. It’s much more interesting now Yaniv looking she gets every day so let’s focus on that kek

No. 1024075

imagine having to lurk here because this is the only place anyone pays attention to you and having to see pictures of yourself looking 50x better than how you currently do
the secondhand embarrassment is making me shudder, i hope she doesn’t check these threads as often as it seems she does because I’d be crushed if I saw how bad I’d gotten in comparison

or maybe it would be a wake up call, one would hope at least

No. 1024086

File: 1597638770240.jpg (203.01 KB, 1079x685, Screenshot_20200816-233305_Twi…)

What big dick have you had up your ass Shay? We've seen Fupa's and the one you sucked on OF

No. 1024090

That was still fupa on OF

No. 1024107

i'm pretty sure that line was referring to prison rape, not enjoyment of anal sex…

No. 1024207

She’s been doing piss porn for years
cf. puppy pads >>401025 and the child’s potty she would piss in

No. 1024315

It was for a piss porn vid, but it's still not cute.

No. 1024352

File: 1597681727154.jpeg (201.01 KB, 828x460, 691F3FFC-54CC-4762-9085-9F24C8…)

Irony that she retweeted this.

No. 1024354

She literally posts about her trips to the dispensary weekly and "social distance" restaurants
She thinks bc she can't get her nails done or her mop dyed that she's quarantining and being responsible

No. 1024369

she barely left the house anyway. Remember her weekly hilarous "sex workers have no friends and stay at home all day, amIrite?" tweets?

The most she used to do was take the dog out to eat and she used to go out every friday, saturday or sunday when Fupa would throw her a bone.
That eventually stopped and she lived exactly like she did now. Getting weed, food, eating out, walking the dog and staying inside.
She's not suffering at all from this. Not like she was seeing anyone but Fupa anyway.

No. 1024393

File: 1597687138797.png (865.39 KB, 1541x2048, Screenshot_20200817-135807.png)

Shayna you have no place to give any sort of advice like this. You moved your entire life for one dude, and have nothing to show for it. You don't even have friends in the middle of huge ass Tulsa Oklahoma. You whine about not having enough followers and base your self worth on numbers.

Maybe look at yourself and fix yourself first before you try and give anyone advice

No. 1024406

"much more incredibly important" lol

No. 1024517

File: 1597700304949.jpeg (191.14 KB, 750x543, CC32BEAD-1799-4CB5-8E44-8A0CEA…)


No. 1024519

If she thinks people are mean on twitter, Instagram, and Lolcow, just wait for reddit people

No. 1024528

I mean, if she posted on subs like r/godpussy or r/simps, never showed her face and didn’t use a name that indicates it’s her, she might actually be well-received, as her pussy (when shaved) does meet incel standards to some extent.

But since we know how dumb she is, she’ll probably gonna try to push her whole baby bimbo Barbie shtick and be laughed at. It’s gonna be fun.

No. 1024538

She did post in a thread before and it didn't do that well

No. 1024549

what did she post?

No. 1024551

A pussy pic. A few threads back

No. 1024580

File: 1597705190776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 705.21 KB, 828x1337, 02D4376A-D6BB-41B3-94C9-E482BE…)

She’s posting on Reddit

No. 1024582

File: 1597705246026.jpeg (131.25 KB, 828x530, 2972F6A2-3AF4-49B0-9476-489EC7…)

No. 1024584

No. 1024585

File: 1597705307054.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 942.18 KB, 828x1361, CF4483DC-2836-4AD8-9864-39E65F…)

No. 1024586

File: 1597705314014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 794.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200817-160218_rif…)

she's posting everywhere.

No. 1024598

File: 1597705920607.jpg (Spoiler Image, 843.73 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20200817-181229_Twi…)

How does she think this is attractive

No. 1024600

is it just me or does this picture look particularly grey? like she color edited it.

No. 1024616


what the actual fuck am i looking at? the blurry pussy lips with that hairy skin sack behind it is disgusting. why would she post this? does she think it looks good because holy shit, she would be torn apart in some subs like godpussy for this.

also between her legs, the couch looks like an ass crack from her flat ass that someone shooped in lol


No. 1024622

File: 1597706744542.png (986.33 KB, 828x1792, B1E4EE91-1DE0-4F78-B05B-448255…)

She’s claiming to be pan now? (For context this post was supporting people who identify as pan)

No. 1024625

she's absolutely gonna have her posts deleted on some of the subs she's posting in since so many places have X amount of karma minimum to get through the filters in the first place. i wonder if the OF tax evasion rumours or whatever have her nervous, lmao

No. 1024626


Why does she keep trying to be bi and now pan? Bitch is straighter than a ruler. I guess being a cishet girl doesn't get her enough clout. All her content is directed towards a "daddy" and men. It doesn't cater towards women at all and all the times she's actually worked with women she is so obviously uncomfortable.

No. 1024627

samefag but what a surprise that little miss special snowflake, tooootally into girls but has never ever had a girlfriend and actively shits all over women at any chance is pansexual now. just say you're bi but severely lacking in brain cells like every other pansexual and go

No. 1024629

She only has like four orbiters that I can think of off the top of my head so why would she make a subreddit for her “fans”. She has none. She’s so annoying with her dollhaus.

No. 1024633

this dumb bitch JUST said she was bisexual, she talks about men and cock ALL fucking day. However she'd fit into the pan/troon world amazingly, they all run on validation so she'll get a lot of it.

No. 1024634

don't forget, she was in a throuple with a guy and a girl for like a month, but left because she got jealous when the other girl got any attention

No. 1024635

Funny how she's posting pictures when she was less chubs. She's so thristy for attention it's crazy.
Just empty ass upboats, likes and retweets, anything will do if it makes Shayna feel like she's famous and wanted.

No. 1024642

File: 1597708091682.png (Spoiler Image, 19.76 KB, 771x73, rrr.PNG)

she's going to forget all about reddit just like she's going to forget all about being 'pansexual", twitch and everything else.

No. 1024644

File: 1597708210117.jpg (Spoiler Image, 506.76 KB, 1079x1865, Screenshot_20200817-185008_Red…)

No. 1024648

The only reason it was poorly recieved was because she didn't edit out her nasty pussy pimples. As long as she blurs everything the way she is doing now, the coomers will eat it up and not notice anything.

No. 1024649

Hope that's not a farmer.

No. 1024651

Just as i made this retarded post >>1024648

No. 1024653

File: 1597708506550.png (Spoiler Image, 132.94 KB, 789x485, dnd.PNG)

I found it funny that Shayna decided she was pansexual today but this account starts spamming her picture everywhere, Shayna sees it (I'll post screenshots next) and the user is a moderator of r/shemalebabes.

No. 1024654

File: 1597708550093.png (7.95 KB, 411x156, kdk.PNG)

No. 1024656

up until 14 hours ago that account has been posting the same picture of Shayna to different subs kek

No. 1024657

File: 1597708675123.jpeg (110.27 KB, 828x570, 48BDBFEC-4B81-42F1-8E7B-BDCB04…)

No. 1024658

No. 1024661

File: 1597708805444.jpeg (336.42 KB, 828x648, CE5FB5C3-37D0-463B-93E5-62C870…)

Shay isn’t cut out to be a SW on Reddit they are ruthless

No. 1024664

Worst part is that the potential cowtipper is a cam hoe themselves; embarrassing and cringe

No. 1024666

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a cowtipper at all, to be honest.
People on reddit really are that blunt hahaha

No. 1024667

cowtipping is cringe and why is she even agruing with that bait?People on reddit would probably like the picture more if it was a ball sack tbh.

No. 1024669

I went on the girls reddit who made the ballsack comment and she doesnt even really have a "following" if thats who shay is referring to… dang she gets butthurt so easily

No. 1024674

Shayna is not going to last on reddit at this rate

No. 1024679

Ballsack reddit poster does not seem to have a following, but maybe she does, either way they are obviously a farmer. We've see the "it looks like a ballsack!" every single day on here.

No. 1024680

2 fat girls calling each other fat kek I cannot with SW. Also Shayna has 0 backbone she won’t be able to handle the scrotes/whores comments from reddit

No. 1024681

File: 1597709565807.png (27.6 KB, 1019x369, fhfh.PNG)

i don't wanna give shayna any ammo but the girl who just called her fat was whining about someone saying she had "Fatness", these sex workers are all the same.
I won't talk about the bitch anymore because she does not matter. I have no idea who shayna is talking about having a huge following though.

No. 1024682


So, it isn't alright when other girls call shay fat and ugly but it's okay if she does it? alright then.

No. 1024683

her response to being told she has "fatness" is still nowhere near a shay level freakout, I'll give her that lmao

I'm not gonna lie I checked out her reddit page and followed her, girl has nice bewbs and I appreciate that xD

anyway. Where is this anger when men make comments towards her nasty looking pussy and fat body? She only ever calls out other women(integrate better)

No. 1024684

File: 1597709847692.jpeg (71.01 KB, 750x475, D824429E-52A5-4B11-9FAE-E46393…)

bisexual shayna kek. Always generalizing when it comes to evil females

No. 1024685

She is PRESSED about that one comment from another female… damn…

No. 1024686

I thought that was shay lmao. I swear she's made almost an exact comment like this.

No. 1024687

Fuck I forgot to sage sorry for that

No. 1024689

She's a very similar size to Shay, just carries it a bit better. I'm kinda on Shay's side with this solely because it's absurd for one fat chick to insult another girl for being equally fat.

It doesn't warrant a 'girls are evil' generalization but it sure does deserve a 'camwhores are competitive, petty and nasty to other women' generalization.

No. 1024690

how has she been on the internet this long being so fucking weak? a girl called her fat, big deal.

No. 1024691

Why do these bitches post their body if they're so insecure about it? All they want is attention and ass pats for their insecurities and it's obvious. At this point I don't think Shayna even wants the money, she just wants likes and approval from literal neckbeards so she can feel good about herself. Her onlyfans price is low just because she gets high off the number of subscribers she has, probably more so than the money she is making. She also gets cured of her mental illness when she gets attention from fupa. She needs big help.

No. 1024693


yet never acknowledges any of the men on her twitter who make comments about her weight

No. 1024696

In b4-
"I wasn't going to say anything, but I think this persons fanbase needs to know the type of girl they are following. She says she's curvy, but she called me fat, this is toxic bullying behavior…"

It only bothers her that someone she knows posts nudes at least is calling her fat, men do and have said worst.

No. 1024698

File: 1597710449944.png (6.83 KB, 508x187, djdjd.PNG)

she's really mad about that comment kek.
(other girl deleted her post btw), she said nothing about the MTF post, I guess because the person isn't posting nudes and she can't tell right away if they are female.

No. 1024700

also that girl seemed to have deleted her account

No. 1024704

File: 1597710699881.jpeg (87.34 KB, 750x467, 0071F0EB-7FFF-49C8-A914-5E0007…)

Shayna! Welcome to the gang, you’re the same as them !

No. 1024705

I don't think that girl is even a sex worker, she doesn't have any mentions of any other social media or onlyfans or anything. Most people who post on reddit aren't sex workers, they just post for the thrill/for fun. The ones who are sexworkers make it obvious cause they all try to shill their OnlyFans accounts
Sorry, I'm a big reddit lurker lol

No. 1024706

File: 1597710979285.jpeg (518.67 KB, 828x1435, B11D9314-599A-49AD-99CA-20774E…)

Quit cow tipping it’s cringe.

No. 1024707

File: 1597711011855.png (19.66 KB, 598x185, lolcow.png)

She really thinks no one out there has it worse than her, huh?

No. 1024708

I love how she uses ‘girls’ and ‘sex workers’ completely interchangeably. They’re the only type of woman she’s aware of.

No. 1024709

it's probably reddit girl

No. 1024710

File: 1597711109173.png (21.17 KB, 590x182, 38740298.PNG)

Ngl, the meltdowns are top tier entertainment for me.
can someone PLEASE get this video

No. 1024711

>how dare a competing business do what is best for them and not me
If you consider sex work real work then maybe you should accept the reality of the free market

No. 1024712

yeah my first thought too

No. 1024713

a girl posts nudes calls her fat and now shayna is losing her shit

No. 1024715

File: 1597711329467.jpg (54.96 KB, 1079x286, Screenshot_20200817-194229_Red…)

No. 1024718

Shayna- "Don't judge sex workers because x, y and z"
also shayna- "a girl called me fat, people on tumblr stopped liking me and posting a mean picture, what kind of "community" is this! All sex workers are the same and only want to bully me!"

No. 1024719

File: 1597711885706.png (43.94 KB, 597x395, 564554.PNG)

aaaand the tweets are gone.

No. 1024720

>girls with a following
>I don't want to give them clout

dumbass, they're giving you clout just by acknowledging you. you have nothing to bring to the table with you 4 orbiters.

wow she's really this triggered after 3 hours on reddit? please keep trying to be someone on that site Shatna, the meltdown is hilarious. topkek at that last one. it's not just women who think you look like shit

No. 1024722

Didn’t shayna took pride in being “the Regina George” of SW? Kek. Shayna you’re just a gross NPC if anything.

No. 1024724

I love how she's screaming at manyvids about that shit like they care..they didnt care before i doubt they care now.
When she changes everyone is supposed to move on, never bring it up and she should face no consequences, but other people?
She STILL wants them to suffer, what if that leaker changed shayna?

No. 1024729


No. 1024730

meanwhile shayna has

>tried to call out another sw for copying her "style" even though it's common and was 100% okay with orbiters going after her

>spoke over a former fssw about dangers of sex work
>accused yet another sw of being a farmer when that wasn't the case. the girl posted proof and shay didn't acknowledge it
>tried to get another girl kicked off sextpanther for "doxxing" (shared a screenshot of search results for "dolly mattel" with lolcow threads at the top)

shay is just as capable of being a cunt to other sw.

No. 1024734

Wait, when did that Sextpanther thing happen with the lolcow tabs?

No. 1024738

File: 1597713030429.jpg (252.14 KB, 1079x776, Screenshot_20200817-201110_Twi…)

No. 1024744

looks like she's opened up an anonymous ask profile, surely this won't end in a dollhaus™️ brand breakdown/farmers being retards

No. 1024752

Imagine her trying to post into r/bimbofication. They’d laugh her off lmao.

No. 1024760

Do you think she’ll send hate mail to herself; seems like something she’d do

No. 1024761

please, please, lolcow gods, let her try this in a moment of delusion. she'd get her ass handed to her and it'd be amazing

No. 1024778

Yeah exactly, that’d be hilarious at least, since it seems that it’s mostly girls who actually do the bimbo thing well who post there.

No. 1024782

Barbie is slim and rich and has had a million careers from astronaut to fashion model

Shayna, not so much

No. 1024789

this post was only four hours ago lmao

Shay you were literally warned you sensitive oaf

No. 1024796

40,000 a year LOL WOW(non-contribution)

No. 1024824

Yeah that’s how it works, you’re all competitors. Did you think the all play pretend friendships are real? Kek, she truly doesn’t have one hustler bone in her body and that’s why she fails

No. 1024828

File: 1597718245749.jpeg (250.3 KB, 750x635, F7A9A9A2-2931-4970-951E-4246DC…)

so heartbreaking

No. 1024829

File: 1597718326776.jpeg (259.32 KB, 750x634, 3B4D0875-9A89-4E4D-9587-7F4E5B…)

can you retards fucking cut it out and stop cowtipping it's not that hard

No. 1024843

File: 1597719210765.png (52.54 KB, 601x386, 234234234.png)

More suicide baiting over…Reddit girl calling her fat I guess?
And I guess that and people calling her out on her hypocrisy and etc. is GENUINELY TRAUMATIZING.

No. 1024845

I can't believe she honestly thinks no one has gotten worse hate than her

No. 1024846

File: 1597719359809.jpg (271.05 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20200817-215632_Twi…)

We got a shout out everyone!

No. 1024849

that's what happens when you broadcast your retardation to the internet, dumbass. people talk.

No. 1024850

Yeah we're the pathetic ones as she sits there talking about how she's GENUINELY TRAUMATIZED and SUICIDAL over a girl on Reddit calling her fat

No. 1024851

SEX WORK IS NOT FOR YOU. Everyone has always known how bitchy and competitive sex work is, it doesn’t shock me but irritates me how Shayna expects a horrible and exploitive industry to be a huge cuddlebox for girl power

No. 1024852

damn, i forget how often she stalks this page, she's probably reading right now. you'd think she'd learn to close her eyes and turn away from the screen by now

No. 1024853

Tweets deleted already, damn

No. 1024855

It's truly baffling to me how she thinks she really has it that bad

No. 1024859

maybe she'd care as much about what guys say if she actually had to sleep with the ones who say deranged shit in her comments instead of navel gazing about what some random camgirl thinks about her ass, but all sex work is work~~

No. 1024862

She’s always lurking on this website but never takes our advice. Her moaning and whining over and over is getting annoyed and she wonders why nobody likes her. Ps shaytard this website isn’t dedicated to you, you are such a narcissistic cunt. This forum is the closest thing you’ll have to a fan club/dollhaus and we hate you.

No. 1024864

the truth is she loves the attention, she loves the opportunity to throw a pity party. its the only real spice in her life. she feeds off of her *~~haturz~~* just as much as she throws a fit over them. she just wants pity and sympathy and people doting on her and crying on twitter is the only way she can get that validation because she hasn't formed any true meaningful bonds

No. 1024865

File: 1597720333318.jpg (38.95 KB, 537x399, 1556300788117.jpg)

No. 1024867

thing is you ARE NOT DOLLY MATTEL you are Shayna. A girl who never learned who she was because she was whatever got her the most attention. Dolly Mattel is lterally whatever sex trend, personality that gets Shayna attention.
Shayna has no personality, if this thread did not exist Shayna would be doing the same thing and possibly worst because there would'nt be a bunch of bitches watching her and talking about what she's doing.
I actually want to see Shayna get out of sex work and find herself, but she won't, because she thinks herself is this Dolly persona, which is just a bunch of attention hungry bullshit she latches onto.

Also this site is not dedicated to you Shayna and you know that.

No. 1024868

I mean you can but only if youre going from super bloated to dehydrated. But thats not real weight lmao

No. 1024871

tbh i feel bad for her about the account, why would a dumb ass cowtipper make a post with her real name just to say some bullshit they could've said here and that's been said here millions of times?

Thats retarded, agaisnt the rules and creepy.

No. 1024872

File: 1597720908917.png (1.59 MB, 847x7184, Screenshot_20200817-231147~2.p…)

No. 1024873

She's pushing it, "me being called fat is a slap to the face for people bigger then me"
How? and why? someone called you fat because they feel that way. She seems more mad at being called fat then anything else ging on, i'm starting to feel less bad for her.

No. 1024874

guaranteed even the people responding to her are on here too, at least 50% of that server

No. 1024875

Shouldn't she go all the way and just shave her head off and commit to the wigs? Maybe then she can bleach her hair again

No. 1024876

I'm fairly new here so forgive me, but why is it always assumed that any hate is a cowtipper? I'm sure she has plenty of "haters" who don't read here too but I genuinely don't know if there's a way to tell or??

No. 1024878

"I was once a troll" Shay, you still are

No. 1024880

usually you can spot them because all the stuff they say is verbatim what the threads been talking about recently. insults/slang that normal ' haturz' wouldn't really fixate on, also nobody else cares enough

No. 1024882

"being mean to people has only ever made me hate myself"

Fucking KEK

No. 1024883

Okay, thank you! That's good to know haha, reading through all the old threads now so hopefully it'll be easier to make the distinction

No. 1024884

It just pisses me off because it fuels her so much, it makes her out to be the victim she craves to be so desperately.

No. 1024886

I love how she totally ignored her orbiter when they said they got bullied. She literally only cares about herself and doesn’t even acknowledge what they are saying.

No. 1024887

File: 1597721704789.jpg (175.82 KB, 1079x589, Screenshot_20200817-223556_Twi…)

No. 1024888

>I smoked weed, I'm fine now
Totes healthy and thriving guiz!~

No. 1024889

she reacts the same way to genuine advice and honest criticism that anyone in their 20s should be able to handle like "take pride in your appearance when you literally profit from that" and "stop dating some failed tumblr famous pedo" that she does to a woman calling her fat. she doesn't consider that there are reasons that people haven't left her alone or lost interest, it's because she keeps broadcasting her sad fucking life on the internet and acting unhinged toward anyone who isn't actively kissing her ass.

No. 1024897

it would get better but it would never be actually healthy looking again. She would have to cut all of the over processed and damaged hair off and start fresh

No. 1024898

what kind of response is that even. she can call herself barbie all she wants, doesn't make it so.

>no one will ever understand what it's like to go through what i go through
omf, she really thinks fucking internet ~bullying~ is worse than ppl being killed for dumb shit but she's so alone b/c no one knows what it's like to be a chunky 'barbie' showing off their body online and getting mean comments.

No. 1024900


you're free entertainment, shay. a lot of us get a good laugh watching you make a clown of yourself on the internet. for free or a measly $3. what's more pathetic is how you're so bothered by pixels on a screen when you've been on the internet for how long? get a grip.

No. 1024904

File: 1597723839873.jpeg (64.59 KB, 750x462, FFA6D37B-1551-47E2-875E-409ED7…)

Incontinence Barbie confirmed?

No. 1024906

It’s always so funny when they claim it’s an entire webpage, bitch you can’t even make it to PT.

No. 1024908

File: 1597724752777.jpg (187.01 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20200817-232609_Twi…)

No. 1024911

File: 1597725039181.png (Spoiler Image, 5.7 MB, 1242x2208, 0E574BCC-F313-4FF6-A0D2-DD0EAA…)

Thanks for ruining my favorite page on reddit shatna

No. 1024912

Oh hunny… you tried.

She REALLY going feral over 1 fucking comment on reddit omg. And absolute meltdown over some random. She really thinks she can post completely naked and dumb all over the internet and never get any hate? Get tf over it and yourself while you're at it Shay. Good lord.

No. 1024916

R/thicker is filled with disgusting fat sagging blobs of women who look like they're suffering from 5 different types of illnesses. It's no surprise a festering mess fits in just well with it. Get better taste in women and this wouldn't happen

No. 1024917

does shayna seriously think these men love her? Shit no wonder she's caught up on fupa, she thinks men being sexually interested in her and paying enough attention to her just in time to get a nut means they "love" her.

No. 1024923

Currently 426 upboats with those nasty ass feet on display. Men have no standards, I'm sorry

No. 1024924

Wow, after looking at the posts this weirdo is posting all over porn subs, there is a lot of people calling her gross and ugly and they’re def not farmers lol. I don’t know if it’s relevant enough to screencap but it’s easy to find. She’s on a lot of fat girls and older women subreddits kek

No. 1024929

she's really spamming reddit, ngl i've seen trannies with photoshopped pictures getting more attention.

No. 1024931

File: 1597727181626.png (Spoiler Image, 144.71 KB, 510x562, bbb.PNG)

On that bimbo sub she stands out so bad.

No. 1024934

File: 1597727622044.png (39.81 KB, 820x401, highlight reel reddit.png)

some replies to the autist spamming shay's pic all over reddit

No. 1024935

File: 1597727656007.png (Spoiler Image, 98.68 KB, 628x455, spam4.PNG)

still spamming, looks like she's having a lot of fun with reddit. Even using old ass pictures.

No. 1024937

She's not even posting new pics

No. 1024940

>Danny DeVito
Fucking KEK.

So pressed about that one girl calling her fat but all those comments are ok. Whatever Shay.

No. 1024941

>my favorite page on reddit
You deserved it chubby chaser

No. 1024942

Did she delete the comments? I don't see them

No. 1024943

they're over different subreddits, they're replies to the same post u/aishnayn was spamming of her.

No. 1024944

File: 1597728457351.png (Spoiler Image, 21.33 KB, 604x80, Capture.PNG)

yo that account got reddit gold for posting that picture in r/mombod kek

No. 1024958


tinfoil but i wonder if shay asked or paid this person to post her pics in all these diff subs on reddit since she doesn't seem pissed about someone reuploading her content like she usually is. especially the fat/milf pandering subs because that isn't the direction she goes with her content.

No. 1024966

File: 1597730475591.jpg (537.82 KB, 1079x1167, Screenshot_20200818-004825_Twi…)

Nice job using a pic that has Barbie's with disabilities

No. 1024973

File: 1597731376945.jpg (200.6 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20200818-011645_Twi…)

Wtf Shay

No. 1024981

the weirdest things bother her, i mean i get being upset about being called fat but the way she went off about it, now hours later she's posting about some dumb ass "u not barbie" post?

She does not look like a barbie, shit most women don't, even women who take on the basic "barbie" bullshit look.
At least they attempt, Shayna does not, but still, why show this small thing bothers her so much?

No. 1024989

Off topic but is that a Santa Cruz Ken or a mtf pre op Barbie? Lol

I could believe this. Not the worst idea She’s had honestly. But any new fans she gets, they’re in for a rude awakening when she does a Live unfiltered with no make up. She looks nothing like her photos. But men are gross and have no standards and might not care. Especially if they’re coming from places like r/mombod kek

No. 1025001

But Shay, weren't you raped in HS? Hmm?

No. 1025015

jfc she's so S T U P I D. The hypocrisy is so fucking thick it could be cut with a knife.

You're not a tragic survivor! You had every chance in life to do better! Yet here you are, voluntarily bumbling in a pool of piss and shit because you thought it would be cool, and then crying about how you were pushed there. Feeling suicidal, traumatized? Then fucking do something about it. But nah, you'd rather wallow in the crap and shit in there some more, so you can tweet about the bullies doing so when everyone with more than 2 brain cells can see it's your own doing.

prime example, she's splashing around in her own pool of crap and crying about how people who see it are talking about her, and just shits in there some more instead of even thinking about getting out.

I'd throw in a lifebelt if it wasn't so entertaining to see her drown in knee-deep sewage.

No. 1025031

God these fucking Twitwhores are so disgusting. Doubt they'd say shit like this if they actually experienced it…


Exactly. I've been following these threads since the beginning and countless times have people tried to give this dumb bitch actual legitimate advice every thread. She chooses not to do anything for herself but blame everything else and continue to be a cheap joke. Grow up Shayna

No. 1025035

Funny enough there still isn’t one doll in this pic that looks like her.
Maybe if one day they are gonna make an ‘overweight alcohol & weed-addict that lacks basic hygiene and bladder controls-Barbie, with blown out asshole and cheap greasy hair pieces & wigs, she’ll be able to fit the brand though.

No. 1025038

Honestly, all this talk of her nasty ass not bathing makes me seriously shudder at the thought of how much smegma she probably has built up. Ugh. I bet you can smell that grease ball from a fucking block away.

No. 1025043

god i need to stop reading these threads while eating, and i thought not opening the spoilered images would be enough.

No. 1025045

No. 1025047

Lol @ fake orgasm

No. 1025050

I feel like I’m watching a robot trying to recreate human emotions after someone made it watch 60 hours of porn. Yikes.

No. 1025051

No. 1025052

File: 1597747248481.png (41.81 KB, 740x379, 1587049958850.png)

Few months ago >>>959868
tl;dr one of Shay's orbiters went out of her way to reply to tweets made by SWers that were weeks/months old to 'defend' Shay and one of them clapped back and Shay got involved in her weed-induced paranoia and it ended with SWer googling Shay and seeing her name. Shay tried to get her banned but apparently nothing happened.

No. 1025070

>takes 2 bites of pasta
>dildo comes out of her pussy
> claims it’s coz she came so hard

She sucks at porn, her sounds and faces are fucking ugly and stupid kek. She’s so lazy that when the fuck machine came out instead of fixing and enjoying/finishing, shes just like “ope I guess that’s when my fake orgasm happened” oh my god she sucks

No. 1025076

I mean it’s a common sexual fantasy but it’s obviously one that has consent beforehand. I don’t think they would actually want to be assaulted. shay is hypocritical bc she likes to pretend that this kink isn’t problematic plus there was no trigger warning for her followers? What if one of them got assaulted and saw that on their feed bc she liked it? Again she’s lacks decency.

No. 1025086

The fact that she acts like her eyeballs are attached to her fucking clit so that her eyes intrinsically roll in the back of her head every cum is so hilarious fake. Ha. Her whole SW career is such a fucking staged joke.

No. 1025089

File: 1597752428335.jpeg (97.75 KB, 1023x682, 23DC8574-0731-4702-BD47-4A7D07…)

>webpage dedicated talking about me

Don‘t flatter yourself this website isn’t for/about you, we talk about COWS like you, you are just a dime in a dozen.

No. 1025097

And she isn't even famous on here. She got rejected from /pt/ at least twice. She's not even the biggest "pornstar" on this site now, that's Momokun.

No. 1025114

This is so unsettling and eerie. The creepy little voice shes doing. The rhythmic in and out of the fuck machine sounding like a clock. The silence in the background. Her extremely loud wand. I feel like this is a horror film. Like she's gonna start melting or something.

No. 1025125

You're right, her porn is eerie. It's never actually sexy, it's just weird and unsettling, there's no other way to put it. The bad acting that isn't even porn quality bad acting, just this lost, confused quality to it, the absolute detachment and lack of enjoyment and passion while performing sex. It's so bizarre and disconnected to watch.

No. 1025137


Damn, watching this feels so unocomfortable & weird and I realized that it's the same kind of weird as some of the videos where criminals or something are being interviewed and they're trying to act cool (eg. Chris Watts, Stephen McDaniel). Like, you know they are faking and kinda out of it but not enough to immediately give them away. lmao

No. 1025176

No. 1025185

Omg exactly.

We know she reads here and I honestly don't know how i would feel if I had something like this dedicated to my fuck ups. I'd probably be so so embarrassed id wipe my social media presence or at least, I would actually listen to all this advice. Her porn is bad. If I were her I'd rebrand as parody porn. Then be weird and goofy like she is. At least then it would be at least more on brand. How long is she going to continue this unfortunate streak?

No. 1025200

She really thinks lolcow was created for her. Aww sweaty this is just a thread on a big site, your really not that special.

No. 1025206

All of her "cum shows" are literally 2 minutes long. It's pathetic. I guess you get what you pay for though, and when you pay 3.50 what do you really expect?

No. 1025207

Why does she always rub the top of her pussy like she's looking for the clit and can't find it? It looks so weird and uncomfortable. You've been doing this years Shayna, you'd think you would know how to touch yourself on camera by now but it seems to get worse each time.

No. 1025210

Either parody or at this point feeder porn would be a viable option as well.

But tbh being consistent with anything would help her a ton already. She needs to let go of that whole bimbo/barbie thing and commit to literally anything else.

No. 1025214

File: 1597770974713.jpeg (77.44 KB, 828x312, 3846F738-AC32-424A-AE7D-59DC7D…)

No. 1025217

File: 1597771124616.jpeg (35.74 KB, 828x212, 57D034E2-C1BA-45FA-9D39-237611…)


No. 1025225

i'm not a chubby chaser so are people that are actually into fatties actually…into FUPAs? or is this a retarded farmer? which if it is stop it already.

my fucking sides. nothing will ever be funnier than a rando just calling her ugly.

No. 1025226

Some dudes are weird and think fupas are hot.

No. 1025228

If you fat you gonna have a fupa so yes they are.

Belly is worse looking than fupa unless it's so big it develops its own roll.

No. 1025239

I'm sure a lot of dudes are into it because men are gross, but I think most of them would have the sense to realize that women find that insulting. Guys who are into fat girls don't necessarily say "I love your fat rolls!" they usually just say like, sexy body or whatever.

No. 1025244

Wtf is it with these degenerate ddgl accounts on twitter in general like snuffvictlm. They talk like uwu retards yet retweet rape gifs

She's poorly playing pretend and have been for years. Shays admitted to not be turned on by sex, just attention. But even then, masturbating on camera is the simplest thing you can do and she still fails

No. 1025272

i genuinely feel like these comments must be from people who know who she is. my reasoning for this being I have posted pictures on reddit, and to be totally honest shayna is probably better looking than I am. But i've never encountered vitriol like this. I really don't think she looks that bad, especially by male standards.

No. 1025276

Degenerate feeder guys are into fupas, and overall fatness.

No. 1025285

i'm also suspicious that they are farmers, but anon be honest with yourself, if you practice basic hygiene, wear clothes your size and ones that flatter your figure, and don't let your hair become a rat's nest than you are already better looking than shayna.

No. 1025287

I know faking an orgasm is common in porn but legitimately I have never seen someone fake so badly

No. 1025292

If you look at the accounts the Fupa comment is legit from a horny man, but the ugly comment is a farmer as it’s their only comment

No. 1025293

I mean she has a few things on me, perky boobs, facially better when not pulling her troll faces. But you are right I at least practice those things and realise when something really is too nightmare fuel to post.

still though. Shes definitely not this bad. Some right trolls get endless validation on reddit. I'd expect this from 4chan instead tbh.

No. 1025313

I know it’s a ban for saying this but There’s no way in hell her tits are real, she got so fat in less than a year and her nipples just magically stay facing straight up??? In what world.

No. 1025315

Do not start about her tits

1. We all know she can't afford implants

2. If she did get them done, she wouldn't stop bragging about it

No. 1025321

Lmao literally all boobs ever bc that’s how they work. Just because you gain weight doesn’t mean your naturally upturned nipples will just like….magically start pointing a different way…..

No. 1025322

She has banana boobs
Unless she get morbidly obese, her tits will have a "perky" look bc all the fat is on the underside of the breast.
Also they're what, a solid A cup now? Of course they're gonna look perky, they aren't DDDs

No. 1025323

1. We all know she can't afford implants
insurance pays for implants if you have things wrong (tubular, extremely uneven, etc)

2. If she did get them done, she wouldn't stop bragging about it
bad excuse because scrots tend to abandon camgirls who come forward with their body surgeries

No. 1025324

>Also they're what, a solid A cup now?
the fuck kind of A cups have you seen?

No. 1025329

an A cup? are you a man or are you just dumb? they're B's if that, and even that is pushing it.

No. 1025330


Please anon, learn the difference between worse and worst, this has been driving me nuts for a few threads already.

No. 1025331

ok shayna sperg but she could probably fit a 38A because her actual cup volume is tiny for a fat girl. she's probably more likely or not a sister size, like a 36B.

she literally looks like gibby with a vagina and it makes me ill

No. 1025333

its hard to eyeball boob sizes, even when you know what to look for. But shes definitely nto an A cup, I wouldnt say b either.

No. 1025334

I will never understand why she blurs the everloving fuck out of her face, ass, thighs and vagina, but keeps her veiny boob untouched. Why is it so important to normalize veiny boobs, but not cellulite, dark circles pimples, or like…skin texture?

No. 1025335

Well, for one thing she seems to consider it a bit of a trademark. But its also possible the heavy filters dont actually get rid of it as its too prominent

No. 1025338

She weirdly wants attention from it I think. It's the lesser of "unattractive" traits and she likes to make a thing out of it when someone comments on it. Maybe it's something she actually likes about herself who knows. But yeah it makes it stand out 10× more when she blurs and smooths literally everything else its retarded

No. 1025340

I'm gonna weigh in and say shes def not an A cup. A cup is tiny. Shes in B most likely, if not Cs.

No. 1025342

frankly its pretty difficult to even work out what qualifies as an irrelevant "rant" at this point

No. 1025350

File: 1597786668579.jpg (175.2 KB, 1280x720, breast-size-measurement.jpg)

lolcow exaggerating aside, plus what place sells 38As?? unless you're seriously flat with zero tits

in a usual bra size I'd say she was a 36C, but in actual bra fittings I'd say, 34D
>inb4 she's fat with no tits!!!
oh shut up anons, all of you bitches in ot love to brag about your 28HHs and how "it totally doesn't look like it, scrots don't get bra sizes!!" but when it comes to an unlikable cows bra size you want to play dumb

No. 1025353

yikes she pulled out the infographic , sorry i was wrong about bra sizes please forgive me

No. 1025357

File: 1597787396004.jpeg (149.15 KB, 1024x768, 8F68554F-C4CC-4427-B334-BF75F0…)

Jesus Christ you’re on a fucking anon bored. Get over it and move on. Who fucking cares??

No. 1025359

>everyones guessing shays bra size
>I guess shays bra size and point out the fact everywhere else anons act like bra size experts but act ignorant when it comes to shay
>now I'm the bad guy
alrighty then

No. 1025360

You don't think Shayna is that bad? Have you seen the same photos the rest of us have?!

No. 1025363

You would think that agency site or one of the cam profiles would have her bust size or that we would have heard straight from the cows mouth what her bra size is?

No. 1025365

Lol right. Anon, please take a look at the thread's pic. Shayna is legitimately ugly and downright terrifying without makeup, filters, and poses. And even with those three things, she still fucking ugly kek

No. 1025382

I just dont think she knows how to make herself look good, not that she has the worst face or the worst body. she is just clueless. and the pictures she posted on reddit are more than acceptable to men in general tbh. they are far less picky than lolcow

No. 1025389

yeah because the photos she posted to reddit are the ones strategically posed and heavily edited.

Her body is quite honestly one of the worst body types I've ever personally seen. Her gut protrudes further than her boobs, her shoulders are wide, she has zero hips/curves, a flat ass, and massive arms. As someone else said, she is built like a fridge. Her face was average at best in her stoner tumblr days, but there's no denying she looks like a rat.

I guess everyone has different standards but.. yuck

No. 1025397

Do anons think she is inverted triangle, apple or ruler?

No. 1025398

Yikes anon, that’s embarrassing. You should go back to her discord.

No. 1025404

She's definitely a ruler, imo. When she's skinny, it looks fine because it's just straight up and down, and that can still be a good look. Most models are rulers. It's just when she got fat as hell, of course nothing really filled out so she ended up still being straight up and down, except with a gut. She's not even an apple, because apples tend to be top/gut heavy with relatively slender legs, and her legs are trunks.

I really have to know what she was thinking when she decided to start posting to reddit. Reddit is infamously nasty, and she's not cute in any way to appeal to most of them. She was probably trying to run away from all the other SW who would call her out constantly, but just ended up getting dunked on by a bunch of incels.

No. 1025429

File: 1597795574740.jpg (317.04 KB, 1080x1010, Screenshot_20200818-190649_Twi…)

Shay, everyday is your day off

No. 1025439

she says this every other day, she gets boring because she constantly says the same shit every other day.

No. 1025463

to the anon who said it was parm you won. kraft parm and butter


No. 1025468

File: 1597801051855.png (Spoiler Image, 403.04 KB, 466x676, shay.png)

No. 1025469

eyyy, that was me. knew she'd do something that low effort, kek.

No. 1025471

It's just funny as hell to me that she's been on the internet for so long and gets so damn pressed about the lamest insults. Imagine if this thin-skinned bitch was actually popular. Does she not know there's several women who had to straight up leave the internet and delete all their profiles due to death threats and the constant TRULY NASTY bullying? But this chick flips out on getting the smallest of criticism? Kek
Some random: "lul ur fat"
Shayna: "WOW. I'm just gonna go fucking kill myself now cause that's what anyone would do by now! I'm just so heart broken uwu No other female in the history of ever has is worse than MEEE. I just wish all those FEEEEEEMALES would die cause they're so meannn!"

No. 1025472

So T H I C C, Shayna. Curves for days. So sexy.

No. 1025473

Why did she cut out the vast majority of her kitchen? Is it that messy?

No. 1025475

Holy shit, is she drinking water!? Very good!
Also. Why does she laugh at literally everything she says?

>It's just pasta HURKHURKHURK

>Maybe I should boil some water HURKHURKHURK
>I Know how to put a plug up my butt HURKHURKHURK

Jesus Christ, please shut up

No. 1025482

For a girl who brags about her "good taste" in music, why not play some for back ground noise for lives like these? There were so many awkward silences where she just literally stood there looking stupid. Have some fun while the water boils. Not look like you'd rather order DoorDash for the 38th time this week.

No. 1025489

No. 1025490

For a self-proclaimed attention seeker, Shayna's tone really makes her sound like she couldn't care less when interacting with people in these lives.
It makes me wonder how she'd fair if her entire "audience" just evaporated one day. If being locked out of her other Twitter already sent her into a fit, what would full on obscurity do to her?

No. 1025493

dryest vagina ever

Also dying at how she keeps going back and forth between regular and baby voice in her cooking live. But damn that ass is unfortunate. Do some squats.

No. 1025496

The forum has been telling her to do squats for at least a year now. Fatty Mattle just prefers to cry about how bad she looks vs doing something about it.

No. 1025498

Shes playing Apex instead of working. But it's funny that last time she took a day off to play video games she wanted people to send her $200 so she would feel comfortable not working that day. Shes done that several other times too. This is the first time shes been self aware about her "job" and privilege but I feel like shes low key trying to flex

No. 1025499


No. 1025500

el refrigerador goblino…

No. 1025502

No. 1025511

File: 1597804902170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 544 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20200818-214118_Dro…)

She looks like she's in pain pulling the butt plug

No. 1025524

It is so jarring and unsexy how she goes from high pitched, breathy “moaning” from “fingering her butthole” for a few seconds to going back to normal shit and talking in her regular voice. Takes you out of the moments entirely. I noticed it scrubbing in 15 second intervals through the vid bc who would watch this garbage. She sucks so bad.

Also, nice healthy butter and powder pasta dish, Shayna. Much diet.

No. 1025526

Why is one buttcheek bigger than the other

No. 1025528

Oh dude ew

No. 1025531

unpopular opinion but i really do feel like shay could pull off the chubby girl look if she just put forth even the tiniest bit of effort. i know anons on here like to repost the same old pics of her where she looked decent while skinny to act like she was so much cuter a few years ago but i’ve been going through some older threads and she looked like shit then. her face had a gaunt like quality to it, her eyes were always sunken in, she had a deep ass forehead wrinkle at the age of 19, and her body was just as shapeless and untoned as it is now, only thinner. all this together made her look a good ten years older than her age and i feel like gaining weight at least helped her face appear a bit more youthful.

really all she needs to do is some basic strength training workouts 3-4 days a week for like half an hour to build some muscle/tone everything up/hopefully give her body a little bit of shape and i feel like she could pull off the chubby look. she wouldn’t even need to stick to any sort of super strict diet if she went down this route. it’s shay though so i guess even the bare minimum would be asking too much

No. 1025535

Eh, I think the blonde hair washed her out, it wasn't the weight.

No. 1025542

Her natural voice is a bit nasally, but so much more pleasant to listen to than her forced baby voice. It's always so jarring, because she has a lower timbre to her voice that a lot of guys find attractive, but she insists on that stupid baby voice and it's such a huge turnoff.

No. 1025545

File: 1597809346077.jpg (323.55 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20200818-225537_Twi…)

No. 1025546

File: 1597809376690.jpg (320.02 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20200818-225513_Twi…)

No. 1025548

File: 1597809493059.jpg (188.23 KB, 1079x768, Screenshot_20200818-225757_Twi…)

And today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1025549

If its real, you know she will sell it on manyvids. She never keeps her customs private.

No. 1025550

File: 1597809674587.jpg (256.02 KB, 1079x877, Screenshot_20200818-225828_Twi…)

If you like dabs so much, why all the edibles?

No. 1025551

Either yesterday or the day before when she was having a breakdown about how hard her life is, she mentioned she was being bullied by a 30 year old. Does anyone have any idea who she was referring to?

No. 1025552

>the sad, empty dish cabinet
Too poor from wasting money on plastic cutlery and takeaway to buy actual china.

No. 1025574

It is so disgusting how she fingers her asshole and keeps cooking without washing her hands. She then sucks her finger again.

No. 1025577

File: 1597814861115.jpeg (318.79 KB, 2048x2048, 37CB95B5-E07F-4510-8CE4-2E2993…)

The many disgusting faces of Shayna Clifford. Jesus who can get off to this shit? Does she really watch this and think it looks good?

No. 1025601

File: 1597817442806.jpg (261.01 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20200819-011054_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1025616

File: 1597819655920.jpg (282.2 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20200819-011125_Twi…)

No. 1025620

oh lord shayna please do not go down the espikvlt route.

No. 1025650

File: 1597831825249.gif (499.42 KB, 500x295, Boil-water-what-am-i-a-chemist…)

Shay cooking

No. 1025652


Wash your skin daily with any cleanser, moisturize with anything, drink water, avoid alcohol, smoking and greasy foods. But no, she's probably going to buy some super expensive gadget that she'll use once and forget about in a week.

No. 1025654

I hate saying this but in the beginning, when she was just being kinda relaxed and accidentally turned on the wand, she was pretty ok and tolerable.
Def looked like she was in pain when putting the plug in, the weird forced smile and exaggerated moaning is gross.

She was nervous as fuck, the whole thing was a wreck but idk good for her for trying something new.

No. 1025659

i'm only going to say this ONCE shayna so open your ears.

you ARE fat. its your OWN fault. you could LOSE WEIGHT but you're lazy. if you called yourself fat nobody would bother saying 'ohhh noo you're not!' because you're overweight visably, you're chubby, and i know your egotastical world view doesn't allow you to accept that, but it doesn't mean you aren't still fat, stop being in denial

No. 1025708

i truly don't think she can even orgasm

No. 1025716

File: 1597852985296.jpeg (402.05 KB, 2048x2048, B5DC507C-1DB4-4557-A200-2EB6EA…)

No. 1025719

Literally 0 photos or videos of her that I've seen have been sexy. I will give her cute once or twice, but NEVER sexy. May explain the bitchiness though kek.

No. 1025720

Shayna are you so retarded that you forgot about that horrifying porn you made featuring a clit sucking toy? The playing with dolls one.

No. 1025725

The teeny tiny amount of lube she uses is just depressing

No. 1025727

that's not what they're talking about. the clit pump that destroyed her vulva is different. they're talking about something like the Womanizer, a masturbation toy that uses light suction in a rhythmic pattern as an alternative to a vibrator

No. 1025758

when I look at Shayna pics I usually take off my glasses

No. 1025787

thanks 4 the kek

No. 1025791

File: 1597864787241.jpg (10.89 KB, 320x232, 8f4036bf792ea9fda94fd0bf521024…)

Scrolling through her threads is truly suffering

No. 1025825

File: 1597869250598.jpg (4.81 KB, 200x200, 1592506848991.jpg)

>"i'm only going to say this ONCE shayna"
>repeats what gets said several hundred times per thread for the last 40 threads in a row

No. 1025890

File: 1597881448064.jpeg (571 KB, 818x1243, 9F0AB6BE-CFB7-437A-BC16-2A1890…)

suicide baiting alert

No. 1025896

I hate how she's trying to paint it like "I'm just such a tender soul and can't bear to see the hate in the world". Bullshit, you just want attention like usual.

No. 1025899

every week or two she says she's not happy with her life, and does absolutely nothing to change it. she cycles as predictably as ALR at this point. I think she did go to inpatient treatment, but she might as well not have for all the good it did her. she hasn't tried to make one healthy change.

No. 1025914

she's pretending she's havin a breakdown over "people being mean on twitter" but this is fupa kylie scented

No. 1025917

Then log off dumbass.

Nah obviously that’s not actually the probable, but come on, Shayna, doesn’t this get boring? If you’re feewing too much then smoke another bowl since you refuse to do anything else.

No. 1025921

File: 1597885394610.jpeg (124.02 KB, 828x265, 4EB52EA2-DEAF-445A-AA19-0CA15F…)

Taking bets how long this break lasts

No. 1025922

File: 1597885463326.jpeg (154.8 KB, 1242x1380, 60CF21B8-30EF-41A8-8F93-A3E0D6…)

No. 1025924

it didn't work when her therapist suggested it, it didn't work after she supposedly got back from inpatient treatment, it certainly won't work if she does it on her own. she's nothing without validation from twitter and i'm certain these tweets will be deleted soon with the hope that everyone forgets.

No. 1025925

How about you start by being nice to other people then? You reap what you sow. You've bullied and were (and still) nasty to other people (mostly women/sex workers). You've always been a cunt to people and would actively use the Anon feature on Tumblr to attack others. Stop with this "I just wants rainbows and butterflys for everyone uwu I'm just so nice" because it's bullshit. You're a fucking bitch and that's why you deserve all the hate you get.

No. 1025929

Lol Yup. She always "hates her life" when he's not giving her enough attention. Soon she'll start talking about moving out of state or wanting to off herself then it'll be for sure a Battle of the Fupas: Round 265

No. 1025931

File: 1597886753066.png (509.52 KB, 2048x1573, Screenshot_20200819-212445.png)

Awwww Is Fupa out with friends, or spending time with his kids, or literally doing ANYTHING ELSE that isn't all about you? Awwww life is hard for ol shayfucktard over here.

No. 1025934

File: 1597886972089.jpg (41.45 KB, 600x449, get_a_job.jpg)

No. 1025938

Hate to break it to you, Shayna, but you don't get a thread on lolcow for being a genuinely nice person. You're here for a reason and you know those reasons considering you've lurked all 58 threads.

No. 1025940

I hate all this “I’m fragile and deep and seeing people be mean…I…c-can’t take it!!” shit she always spews when someone is mildly unkind to her

She’s a genuinely unkind person. She starts shit on purpose and loves it even when she’s in the wrong because she knows at the end of the day some gullible fool will send her asspats and “no PWEASE don’t kill yourself I love u” messages, which she seems to live off of. She’s always snide and bitchy when she’s not talking about herself, and the only time I’ve seen her muster up enough courage to fake being nice is when she hung out with those other Twitter SW girls. She doesn’t say anything nice about anyone besides herself; not her boyfriend, not her friends, nobody. Just about how she looks and how she feels. She even shit talks her animals more than she calls them cute, kek

The last “nice” thing she did was that cheesy last minute blm donation, and even then she was bitching and whining through the whole thing, saying how unappreciated she was.

Maybe she counts fucking her supposedly abusive manlet of a boyfriend as charity work and is therefore something of a saint in her own eyes, who fucking knows

No. 1025944


It’s always the meanest, most toxic POS girls that act like they just are soOo heartbroken by all the “mean” people. The irony.

No. 1025951

Anon called it in the last thread, that once her mania was over she'd be in a spiraling depression

No. 1025957

File: 1597891475117.jpeg (788.13 KB, 1125x1764, 4DA02709-DC4A-4F5F-99AD-C4B83A…)

No. 1025962

She claimed to have mania for like, 2 days though which isn't how it works. you don't just go manic for a day or two, then depressed for a day or two.

No. 1025971

I think there's something called rapid cycling in which the manic-depressive cycle happen really quickly, but I doubt Shayna has that.
She's playing everything up for internet asspats and it looks pathetic.

No. 1025972

File: 1597894451243.jpg (147.06 KB, 1079x519, Screenshot_20200819-223417_Twi…)

Ummm is your water turned off? You can get water from your sink Shay

No. 1025978

File: 1597895029395.jpg (121.71 KB, 1024x427, OtnMUIz.jpg)

Y'all know what that means.

No. 1025981

File: 1597895893889.jpeg (192.35 KB, 828x814, 84001586-4ED3-4020-BC8B-3523AB…)

No. 1025982

File: 1597895951286.jpg (280.63 KB, 1079x957, Screenshot_20200819-225953_Twi…)

Nice Shay

No. 1025983

File: 1597895995818.jpg (382.96 KB, 1079x1464, Screenshot_20200819-230035_Twi…)

The comments

No. 1026004

even her supporters don't support her

No. 1026007

She really has no personality outside of Twitter and sex work. All her answers to these questions are stupid and uninteresting. It’s the number one thing about her that drives me nuts. How do you go your entire life without your own genuine personality?
Just answer the questions like an interesting person your orbiters wish you were. Dig deep and find that personality, Shay.

No. 1026008

File: 1597903596072.jpg (240.68 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20200820-010651_Chr…)

Definitely a Fupa related episode kek

No. 1026013

File: 1597906681444.jpg (126.13 KB, 1079x522, Screenshot_20200820-015823_Twi…)


No. 1026015

she 100% sent this to herself. why would anyone ask a random question like that?

No. 1026023

Some of these apps have some
sort of daily question that’s sent to everyone by a bot. Maybe it was something like that, not sure how curiouscat works.
But if it’s not that, yeah, she definitely sent this herself.

No. 1026024

Yes, my friend uses curiouscat and had the same question by the app itself

No. 1026026

they support her but they dont enable her for once which is an odd occurrence imo

No. 1026027

Who the hell bullied her? I wanna know

No. 1026072

No. 1026084

Because even they are sick of her psychotic episodes when she drinks. They don't want to see their sleep paralysis demon trying to open up a package of weed naked on their feed again. It's fucking embarrassing.

No. 1026112


the irony of her last tweet:


No. 1026114

Why does this bitch even use Twitter if she just dirty deletes almost everything she posts? All she's doing is publicly making an ass out of herself from the comfort of her own home. I can't see how she's not constantly embarrassed.

No. 1026116

God that was horrifying. Honestly one of the most uncomfortable things shes posted. She was an actual retarded mess. The fact that she did post it. Big yikes.
That was her Fupa fueled bender, huh?

No. 1026142

"I just want my weeeheheeed"

No. 1026144

Because she wants the attention from the meltdown but not have it be documented forever.
Or she deletes them as soon as Fupa messages her about it or otherwise indicates that he‘s seen it. Since we now know almost all of these meltdowns are caused by him not giving her the attention and validation she wants.

No. 1026186

Lol Yup. When he broke up with her for the 286th time.

No. 1026218

actually sort of kek'd at this
i'll see myself out

No. 1026222

If Shayna is too mentally unstable for him to be around, he should get a fleshlight because that's all she is to him

No. 1026230

It's CointreAu Shay. Drinking french spirits does not make you less white trash, especially if you can't spell them.

No. 1026239

It was disturbing on many levels. Especially since she was just naked sitting there being special needs, high and drunk off her ass. Idk if she thought it was funny or cute but it really wasnt either. It haunts me tbh. It was her lowest for non porn post imo.

No. 1026289

Bet she meant “liqueur” when she posted “liquor” before, if she was drinking Cointreau straight (ugh).

No. 1026313

File: 1597964123953.jpg (172.97 KB, 1074x596, Screenshot_20200820-175618_Twi…)

No. 1026316

Another exhibit of why her stupid ass is always broke. $2 capri suns be costing her $20 now.

No. 1026318

Wow such a necessity!
I can tell she really cares about putting herself and others at risk during the pandemic.

No. 1026326

What a lazy inconsiderate cow.

Shay, it's for people who are medically vulnerable who can't risk going out to buy food.

"Muh asthma" she'll say but not once has she took this seriously and it's obviously not actually asthma, it's years of smoking weed and doing bongs. You fucked your own lungs girl.

No. 1026371

Can an art anon photoshop Shay beating a dead horse?

No. 1026398

File: 1597972752499.png (368.93 KB, 1280x720, dead-horse.png)

No. 1026404

I need to see this kek, can someone point me in the right direction? Like which thread it was in?

No. 1026409

I mean it’s good bc a lot of people are jobless and do doordash to make ends meet. But she’s a lazy piece of shit and doesn’t spend her money wisely which is why she’s always begging for pennies. Shaytard better tip these people well. Smh since she is always begging for tips.

No. 1026411

File: 1597974576421.jpeg (795.78 KB, 3464x3464, B31F83EB-CAFD-463A-87A6-B8D05E…)

My Starbucks order costs more than your wank material shaytard

No. 1026415

File: 1597975275433.jpeg (1 MB, 3464x3464, E6082CC0-9A90-479D-81CC-0A51C7…)

samefag but it was hilarious to go back on shays old threads and seeing how obese she’s gotten. The year is almost over it was so groundbreaking, right Shay?

No. 1026419

File: 1597976269523.jpeg (101.18 KB, 1196x426, 645CDD6B-C879-4978-B537-FF511F…)

She’s still got 1 month to live up to this promise. Tweeted 6/27

No. 1026435

File: 1597977484748.jpg (38.82 KB, 720x310, 20200820_193449.jpg)

Obviously a farmer and that's why she didn't answer (she doesn't want us to know her bra size for some reason) but who tf doesn't know their bra size?? I know she hardly wears them, but she has a couple and she buys cheap lingerie sets. Idk why she's so avoidant on telling her "fans" and customers her bra size. Even us. Like theres not much to make fun of. We've established her tits are/were her only decent feature kek

No. 1026438

>We've established her tits are/were her only decent feature kek
Just the other day there was a fight about if Shay, who clearly has a good amount of breast fat, is an A or B cup (which means her busy would be 1-2 inches bigger than her ribcage). It's also the internet and she doesn't have noticeably gigantic tits so even if she were to say something believable like 36C everyone would spam about "there is no way in hell she isn't a 45A cup!"

No. 1026440


it's a weird stance to take for a sex worker… where your product is literally your body. you see measurements for escorts and such listed on websites all the time, it's a really normal measurement to list for customers.

No. 1026465

If she never wears bras and only wears bralettes and cheap lingerie/bodysuits, she might not keep track anymore, especially since she buys shit in the wrong size anyways.

No. 1026469

File: 1597982769417.jpg (103.32 KB, 1079x416, Screenshot_20200820-230648_Twi…)

Haha get some help Shay

No. 1026519

will she ever get sick of the fupa drama? It's literally the same thing everytime, what is going to be the grand finale this time if he decides he's truly done?

No. 1026614

Its amazing that adults still act like this. This is high school drama shit where your brain hasnt matured and you dont have experiences or good comprehension so you get stuck in a toxic or meaningless relationship. But when you're in your 20s you should know better. Its time to move tf on and seek other experiences with other people. Shes just too lazy and codependent. And Fupa is in his 30s and stringing her along so hes also a piece of shit. Theres no future for their fucked up secret "relationship" and they both need to let it go or commit to the shit show and try to enjoy it in the now. Doing neither is the dumbest thing people do.

No. 1026620

This is purely anecdotal, but a lot of people I know that have smoked heavily since adolescence tend to be sort of stunted. It doesn't help that Shayna hit her peak in her teens, so she never really matured past what got her popular. We already know Fupa's dick game is weak, so for a grown ass woman to still be acting like this is most embarrassing behaviour.

No. 1026682

this will never not be funny. now she says it's b/c ppl tip well or ask for custom content and having a low monthly subscription makes them want to spend more or whatever bs she came up with.

No. 1026711

This is a really good point anon. Some people whove smoked heavily during their developmental years have told me they feel like they have some sort of mental block they just can’t get over. Definitely seems to be the case with her.

No. 1026767

File: 1598043315615.png (2.14 MB, 2048x1131, Screenshot_20200821-165536.png)

No. 1026768

Is this an edit, an unrelated to porn vid, or, god forbid, something she put on OF? Apologies for the retarded question but with her I have no idea.

No. 1026770

She started to go to therapy once a month Last year for a couple months and felt like she needed to be a therapy influencer for one whole day. Or some shit. She thinks she’s interesting and it’s cringe.

No. 1026781

How do new people go to therapy once a month and get anything out of it kek she can’t even do therapy right

No. 1026796

File: 1598046454804.jpg (352.61 KB, 1079x1332, Screenshot_20200821-164813_Twi…)

Shay, this is your typical work load

No. 1026824

"Dolly Mattelvision" lasted a whole 2 videos.

No. 1026830

File: 1598053247737.jpg (217.48 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20200821-184124_Twi…)

Can't work, but can play video games

No. 1026873

No. 1026879

File: 1598063697841.jpg (874.63 KB, 1078x1869, Screenshot_20200821-213500_Twi…)

Why does she think this face is sexy? It makes her look depressed af

No. 1026880

File: 1598063832178.jpg (804.02 KB, 1079x1860, Screenshot_20200821-213512_Twi…)

No. 1026882

what filter is she abusing the fuck out of today?

No. 1026883

Oh wow, cute name for a sfw channel. Shame she can’t commit to anything kek

No. 1026885

A snapchat filter like always

No. 1026899

the same awkward pose to force some semblance of an ass

No. 1026906

Its tired af now because she always does it, but I will say it does work for her. It's one pose she figured out that is actually somewhat flattering. That combined with the editing kek

No. 1026907

File: 1598068484856.jpg (222.96 KB, 1079x772, Screenshot_20200821-225527_Twi…)

No. 1026918

File: 1598070368780.jpg (168.28 KB, 1079x598, Screenshot_20200821-232649_Twi…)

Just begging for Fupa's attention

No. 1026919

File: 1598070456194.jpg (170.16 KB, 1070x677, Screenshot_20200821-232633_Twi…)

Soooo a prostitute?

No. 1026930

God shes insufferable. Yesterday it was capri sun,now fruit snacks. So we can see the diet is going great and this bitch is just wasting money, being a lazy shit and having other people risk their health so she can have 1 fucking snack. Fuckin stupid bitch.

No. 1026952

Why doesn’t she go grocery shopping like a normal person??? Her eating habits alone sound depressing

No. 1026956

or at least use a grocery delivery service instead of getting a daily $40 munchie run??

No. 1026959

Tinfoil but I think she's legally quarantined. She's stupid with her finances but she's following quarantine orders better than most cows

No. 1026963

She still goes to dispensary, she went to that Asian food market to "show support" (when in reality it was to get pink junk food), and Fupa took her two bars

No. 1026979

How’s that diet going Shay?

No. 1026985

File: 1598084136395.jpeg (35.76 KB, 750x205, B23DC331-7792-4D68-B338-97544E…)

Yes Shayna, you’re so retarded I can always count on your pathetic ass to get a good laugh!

No. 1027048

>"""someone""" wants to talk to me
she's got a discord server full of sycophants who will tell her everything she wants to hear, but she's hung up on a nasty creep who doesn't give a shit about her beyond getting his rocks off

fruit snacks are made with real fruit though right?? this is probably her logic. she's such a mess

No. 1027055

File: 1598104843513.jpeg (122.07 KB, 1400x1400, 5DA18F0D-4042-40CD-8393-EAC7E7…)


All I see.


lmao how fucking pathetic. She let the cat out of the bag about Fupa and she STILL is so obvious when they aren’t on good terms. At least save yourself some face and hide the fact you didn’t run back to someone you cried so hard about treating you badly on social media.

No. 1027056

File: 1598105369202.jpeg (893.85 KB, 1242x1600, C0A3BFB9-A677-4835-B6D5-8D6E83…)

She’s delusional if she thinks she’ll actually follow through with this

No. 1027063

"Cumshows" are just probably 5 mins of her pretending to masturbate and climax, at the end of the daycehen shes high and drunk and done fuck all anyway. Its really not a lot of work. It's just like going live on any social media. Doesnt take much effort and you know the quality of her fake cumshows.
Shes focusing on pics and these short cumshows on OF (and free nudes for twitter of course) because OF is her main source of income and all she cares about is numbers. Hence why she keeps making excuses not to film vids and shit. Also probably because vids would show us all how fat she still is because her diet has been a joke.

No. 1027065

*day when

It's not like camming where she actually has to put in effort, interact with people in the chat to entice them, and be there for an hour or two. She just turns on the OF live and touches herself for a couple mins, pulls the wand out, and fakes orgasm. Then it's done.

No. 1027071

File: 1598108740060.jpg (273.78 KB, 1079x1083, Screenshot_20200822-110156_Twi…)

On today's episode of things that didn't happen…

No. 1027074

This is so fucking pathetic.

No. 1027079

Except her "cum shows" are literally max 5 minutes and she doesn't ever cum???

No. 1027092

You took the words out of my mouth! She literally had someone trying to interact with her yesterday on discord and she didn't even bother to respond. If it's not her trying to talk herself or gain pity points, she's not interested. Girl is so transparent lol

No. 1027103

she looks like a mom here tbh
that harness is so unflattering

No. 1027104

File: 1598111619214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1125x1845, C618ED45-872B-425C-917C-8BEC1A…)

video incoming, not even a two minute cum show

No. 1027118

File: 1598112891441.jpg (99.45 KB, 1300x957, smoked-sausage-isolated-white-…)

No. 1027120

No. 1027134

I see no difference, except the other sausage looks a bit fattier.

No. 1027137

This is so boring and unarousing, she calls this porn?

No. 1027138

Why would they enforce a quarantine when the can’t even tell the difference between a cold and covid? This corona till foil is retard shayna is not sick if she was she’d be posting about it. Her fatass is just too lazy to get up and get snacks.

No. 1027141

Jesus god she’s so gross and low effort. So she can squeeze herself into that harness but can’t bother to dirty talk or put any other effort in? And her pubes are nasty. Buy a trimmer or something if you don’t want to shave but do something about it.

No. 1027151

Exactly. She’s not in a fanatical city like NYC or similar. She’s been living the delivery life pre-COVID for sure. There’s just expanded options now, kek.

No. 1027158

How does she look at herself in this and not want to die especially after having worked as a SW skinnier and cuter (for her kek) she looks SO BAD and doesn’t try to flatter herself. Her fupa is absolutely highlighted by the harness. You don’t have to match your daddy, Shay.

No. 1027160

File: 1598118163136.jpg (27.68 KB, 720x718, 86292968_10216024611228568_594…)

even if you are that ugly, there is no excuse to having no class

No. 1027161

File: 1598118244164.jpeg (9.76 KB, 225x147, 65F3CB30-81E3-4DB0-BEFB-5493B6…)

1) you can still see her double chin when her face is out of frame + dem neck rolls. she doesn’t try to pose or look flattering or put makeup on for her cumshows, and no, Snapchat filters don’t count.

No. 1027162

File: 1598118267381.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.57 KB, 321x571, AEF05C4B-1216-424E-970F-EBA1EF…)

2) special needs Barbie as fuck

No. 1027164

Those are some lopsided titties damn. And I dont think it's her posture causing them to look that way.

No. 1027165

File: 1598118701702.png (Spoiler Image, 3.47 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-08-22_01-51-50_PM.p…)

What you wanted vs. what the dumpster behind Walmart provided

No. 1027167

File: 1598118750471.jpg (163.35 KB, 1838x943, 1592770565494.jpg)

The Lillie Jean of sex work.

No. 1027169

I was about to say that. She always had asymmetrical tits but the weight gain made it even worse. Congrats on ruining your only nice feature, Shay. Really can't have anything without you fucking it up, huh.

No. 1027170

File: 1598118934971.jpg (138.98 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20200822-185549_Twi…)

She dirty deleted this.

No. 1027171

God that harness looks so cheap and just awful. It's gotta be cutting off the circulation in her legs, look how damn tight it is around her thighs

No. 1027172

KEK You always know when her and Kyle Nathan Perkins break up when she starts talking about moving out of state. Then they'll get baaaaaack together and it's like nothing ever happened. Like clockwork with these morons. Same fucking thing for YEARS. Definition of insanity.

No. 1027179

Fupa broke it off so she's talking about moving. Funny that all the shit she talks about is regular shit Kylie does not want her doing.
"I'm hanging with friends! I want to get a car! I want to move closer to my dad!" like imagine using these things to shame your man into getting back with you.
Shit you should BE doing anyway.

No. 1027185

Imagine being a "man" and this type of stuff upsets you tho. I'm not surprised he's the type of beta fuck to get mad about her having friends and wanting to get any type of semblance of independence like having her own car. Gotta keep ol porky under your thumb, huh, Fupa? But it's okay y'all cause he's a total dADdY DoM and knows what's best.

No. 1027188

File: 1598120876675.png (306.18 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_20200807-233215.png)

This didn't age well kek

No. 1027189


They both are retarded. Fupa does not want her to do better, yet he gets mad and begs her to take her medicine thinking it'd cam her down enough so he won't have to deal with the fucking co-dependant retard he helped sink lower.
So when Shayna cries abuse, she'll have a one leg to stand on, but the other leg will be proof of her wanting this abusive man back and constantly suicide and "im going to do this" baiting to get him back.

No. 1027192

Exactly. They're both manipulative, toxic, and abusive. Maybe they should stay together so they won't subject any other people to their negative ways and destroy those people in the process. Keep believing y'all BeLoNg tOgEthEr, Family Fupa.

No. 1027194

File: 1598121233591.jpg (21.2 KB, 281x238, ew.jpg)

the faces she starts making at 1:24 is truly eye gouging material

No. 1027195

It's ironic, he wanted a girlfriend that acted like a child for kink, instead he got a mentally ill woman child who can't do shit without him and suicide baits his controlling ass.

All whie being an ACTUAL dad.

No. 1027198

It still baffles me he's a father and in his 30s. There's no end game with this "relationship" with Shayna. This is not a person to bring around your children, no matter how old they are. Or your family. She can't even be around her own family. This is not a person to rely on when it comes to ANYTHING. You can't even rely on her to look nice anymore. She's completely given up even doing her hair and makeup. I guess Shay got her wish in only being a fuck toy to someone. Sad that she probably gives him money too. She can't even prostitute right lol Just fucking depressing. I guess rely on her to order fucking take out or have the DoorDash people get gummy bears. If that's what you want to do for the rest of your fucking life goddamn

No. 1027213

File: 1598124473331.jpg (131.08 KB, 1080x869, Screenshot_20200822_202818.jpg)

No. 1027221

Shayna "I just exude sexual energy" Clifford

No. 1027252

OT but god this gremlin makes me feel gross every fucking time i see her

No. 1027264

wtf is she on b/c that would require actually doing something besides sitting around getting high, eating crap and expecting to be handed money for just existing.

No. 1027265

File: 1598129888113.jpg (47.81 KB, 714x641, lbmwe7q9atg51.jpg)

Shayna do this challenge

No. 1027291

She isn’t quarantined, she goes to cheap little restaurants and bars and dispensaries all the time. She’s just broke and doesn’t have a car so she ubers food to her at a 50% upcharge because if not she’d have to walk her lazy ass somewhere for once. She’s shown that she’s struggling, but is far too lazy to avoid paying that Uber eats fee.

No. 1027297

This bitch really think she's famous?

No. 1027306

this headband thing of hers is very 2008 of her. She needs to cut that shit out. At least the shitty wig covers up her nasty hair.

No. 1027329

Yeah it's both pointless and retarded looking. It makes it more obvious that it's a wig because it makes a weird gap and shit.

No. 1027331

File: 1598138860513.jpg (286.94 KB, 1079x898, Screenshot_20200822-182728_Twi…)

Funny that she liked this. I thought you were fAmOuS Shay

No. 1027336

Lol right. She was never famous. She just got a bit popular on Tumblr like THOUSANDS of other hippie/hipster/alternative/stoner girls. She's a dime a dozen. Nothing about her was special. Fucking MySpace scene queens were/are more relevant and famous than she ever was. No one thinks about retard Tumblrinas the same nostalgic way either.

No. 1027363

God, don't give her any more vomit-inducing ideas

No. 1027371

ot but why are twitter sex workers so whiny and annoying that men don’t want to buy their content ? It’s an ongoing thing.They bash men for not wanting to buy content and saying they are sexist and disgusting for not supporting their degenerate lifestyle. Like sis…. some guys actually have a life and have a gf or get laid regularly, and don’t have the need to buy porn. And why would you be hateful towards the audience you cater to??? Also for the amount of male ass shayna kisses daily she should have lots of subscribers but she doesn’t realize men don’t want to buy porn from a chick that looks like a trailer park streetwalker who would fuck for a McDouble kek

No. 1027392

ot reply but at this moment i think it has to do w covid and the fact that every girl ever with some amount of twitter following got an onlyfans

surprise a few months later its not optimal money anymore when every girl is selling her vagina for less then a starbucks drink

No. 1027400

File: 1598152013426.jpg (180.26 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20200822-220723_Twi…)

Don't forget

Beg for money
Suicide bait
Dirty delete tweets
Shit on women

No. 1027401

how would this video be different from any of your others shay?

No. 1027419

Fucking kekkkk. Early but please include both of these in the next thread.

No. 1027423

Why must she grip the vibrating head everytime

No. 1027428

Tits look ok but she really needed to loosen that middle and bottom torso straps so they didnt boost her rolls perfectly lol

No. 1027433


The fatter she's gotten really showcases how much she looks like Gypsy Rose Blanchard in these totally authentic and definitely not fake "cumshows." Her faces are painful to watch, especially the "orgasm" face. Nothing about that could be considered appealing.

No. 1027440

File: 1598160905371.jpg (218.8 KB, 1077x704, Screenshot_20200823-003426_Twi…)

Does she not realize so many people can do this? This doesn't make you "special" or "quirky" Shay

No. 1027442

i'm surprised the answer didn't involve something about her asshole

No. 1027500

Nothing about her asshole is hidden anon

No. 1027555

Must say I'm actually glad she didn't answer this with something like "getting fucked while eating cheemsburgers". I don't like her but I sometimes really wonder if she does even think about something else than sex work, Fupa and eating

No. 1027562

File: 1598181383467.gif (443.59 KB, 827x831, 1598124473331-SE.gif)

No. 1027566

I come to lolcow for fine art and anons don’t disappoint.

No. 1027567

You can tell she's been sending these asks to herself because the lack of capitalisation and saying "u".

No. 1027628

File: 1598194366089.png (196.35 KB, 760x667, Screenshot_20200823-105019.png)

someone asks what she prefers in the women she's attracted to, and she makes it about herself instead. but guys she's totally pansexual!!1!

just fishing for people to tell her that her weight gain is definitely totally attractive

No. 1027638

What ass though?

No. 1027642

File: 1598196421760.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.55 KB, 466x550, AB8509EA-10A5-4445-9EEE-8677E6…)

Shayna do you watch your own videos or see your photos unshooped? Let us remind you.

No. 1027655

it's actually kind of scary how easily some of these cows believe their own delusions

No. 1027741

she can't very well say she loves her tits now that she's gained weight since only one of them is starting to sag. saggy boobs are one thing, but asymmetrically saggy boobs are a lot harder to make look good as a ~pron star~

No. 1027752

Yeah the question wasn't "do you like your boobs or ass more?" It was a preference question in regards to general attraction with the underlying assumption that she is pan/bi like she likes to claim.

And yeah why throw in the "since I've gained weight" like self awareness is good but you dont have to drag yourself or show how unhappy you are about it lol. There were a lot better ways to phrase it if she was gonna make it about herself anyway.

No. 1027848

This was definitely her trying to imply she's good at kissing/with her tongue though. She couldn't write something completely unrelated to sex.

No. 1027861

File: 1598230500710.jpg (21.43 KB, 500x339, 7816f14685abfb4c60604d5a5afee1…)

I mean if this is true why has she never done it on camera? That's actually a mildly interesting talent not just "I fuk my butt".

I imagine this is what she's talking about but with a blunt.

No. 1027868

File: 1598231971464.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 694.73 KB, 828x1080, 77FDD440-F5BE-42D3-81E0-3280C0…)

anyone else see the cellulite on her legs.

No. 1027871

Bitch got cankles

No. 1027876

Wut I didn't even know you could get cellulite on your calf??

No. 1027878

File: 1598233836978.jpeg (165.71 KB, 828x986, B0C54108-EFF3-4734-A3AD-C56276…)

No. 1027879

File: 1598233978102.jpeg (210.78 KB, 828x814, D9D14D74-CF02-49B8-9ABD-D61455…)

No. 1027888

>It's fine, I'll just disappear
Lol Please fucking do. That'll be the one right thing she'd ever do.

No. 1027889

Fupa's not falling for this bait and she already did something super drastic last time. I feel like she's confused on how to get fupa back because suicide baiting/mental health baiting isn't working like it used to.
Imagine begging ugly father of 3 to be with you every other week. Imagine spending this much time and effort on him.

No. 1027890

Lol She can't one up her stunt last time of outing their relationship. He probably caught on that she'll never off herself.

No. 1027891

File: 1598236121115.jpg (222.61 KB, 1078x848, Screenshot_20200823-212929_Twi…)

Back to talking about streaming

No. 1027892

File: 1598236215227.jpg (371.52 KB, 1079x1168, Screenshot_20200823-212912_Twi…)

Just go home Shay

No. 1027893

Do it do it do it

No. 1027894

File: 1598236403877.png (687.35 KB, 760x710, Screenshot_20200823-222147.png)

looking like a wrinkled old overstuffed leather chair

yikes. she acted enlightened for like 3 days and is right back to her old ways. I would say never change Shatna but I don't think you can (this is a joke, please do change, it's getting pathetic)

No. 1027897

If no one likes you and you have no friends and should just "disappear" why do you also want to do something as social as MMO gaming and game streaming???

No. 1027899

It happens when you gain fat quickly. It's not real cellulite yet but it's kind of like, how it starts sort of. It's why you don't see it 24/7, that and the bad blurring she does. If she gains more weight it'll become way more noticable and dimpled.

No. 1027944

File: 1598245927546.jpeg (116.1 KB, 744x546, A7CD2076-91EE-4221-963D-AEC980…)

I feel like she often forget how she doesn’t have a “teen” body anymore. She really looks like the stupid fat American stereotype. This is what happens to women that think they were hot shit in high school and never bothered to improve themselves kek.

No. 1027984

… All she did was retweet some girls tennis photos

No. 1027991

no girl who plays tennis is gonna wear that oversized sweater while playing this is retarded lol

No. 1027995

"Neglecting my mental health" really?? because it seems like just a few days ago she was boasting about how she loves her "manic episodes" because they make her productive and all this shit glorifying mental illness. Shes only been blowing off working because she wants to play video games and be stoned all day begging for a crumb of Fupa attention.

No. 1028001

File: 1598258991889.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1242x1731, 17238D5A-9016-4F8F-B1CA-429176…)

Okay, so, at first I thought this pic was super funny because she edited it so much but didn’t bother with the cellulite. Then I noticed her back looked wonky as fuck. She literally edited the back curve. In the other pic in the tweet you can see where she fucked up real bad. I thought it looked crazy cause you can tell her gut is becoming a spare tire. she can’t even break her back to make it look like she has an ass anymore LOL. I know this is not milk but fuck these shops get funnier and funnier as her body declines. I just kek’d pretty hard.

There is a chunk of teddy bear in her back LOL sloppy

No. 1028009

Seething anons need to relax themselves.

No. 1028021


what the actual fuck is this vendetta/ana-chan ultimate combo on about in the shay thread of all places

No. 1028047

Saged for no milk, but yeesh, she's not THAT fat. She's gained weight because she's depressed and eats like shit + she's aging - and quickly, but you guys are acting as if she's the new Amberlynn Reid.
Can we discuss actual milk instead of sperging about her being a fat cow every 2-3 posts or so?

No. 1028063

File: 1598274307107.jpg (15.13 KB, 318x159, download.jpg)


I always thought her back/ass looked so weird, but that makes sense. She looks like she has some weird scoliosis back + a man bubble butt ass.

No. 1028065

File: 1598274366261.jpg (135.15 KB, 1500x1000, download (8).jpg)

She edited this so hard that it no longer looks like an ass crack.

No. 1028125

File: 1598283564699.jpg (442.15 KB, 1079x1334, Screenshot_20200824-104009_Twi…)

No. 1028126

File: 1598283619408.jpg (228.6 KB, 1079x746, Screenshot_20200824-104055_Twi…)

You never had a big interaction on your other Twitter to begin with

No. 1028128

File: 1598283683712.jpg (204.24 KB, 1073x841, Screenshot_20200824-104201_Twi…)

Why did you call Fupa instead of your dad?

No. 1028133

But, anon, her p*rents are horribly abusive and EVIL. She has NOBODY else!


No. 1028137

Tell a therapist, not Twitter? She posts this shit because she wants attention SO bad, but literally no one cares. And bringing attention to the fact that no one cares will not get people to care, Shay.

She's not done, she's probably ecstatic that he answered the phone kek.

No. 1028145

>under 25

No. 1028147

Because her dad wouldnt want to hear her complain about stupid shit relating to sex work and not being cool to society’s most undesirable men/mentally unstable ex tumblr girls.

Now Kyle, he wants that clout and knows he may get free sex and maybe some tickets to see more comedians he likes paid for by Shayna again, if he bullshits around pretending to listen to her.

No. 1028153

First of all Fupa is the only person you CHOOSE to have in your life. Second of all, I love how no matter what peope are supposed to give a fuck.
Fuck fupa, but with all the shit she admits she does, all the suicide baiting, all the, "I'm so sad and lonely", all the shit she does, Is he or anyone supposed to care for ever?

Does she not get the more shit she pulls, the less serious he'll take her? Is everyone supposed to take everything shayna throws at them but always come back and be with her even if they are unhappy?
That makes little to no sense.
I know Fupa is a shitty dude, but damn, shayna can't get a clue can she?

No. 1028156

You're on lolcow. Farmers think that if you're over 25, you're middle-aged.

No. 1028157

Wow, imagine doing the same thing over and over, just to do it again next week when you fuck up and your fuck boy breaks it off with you.
Imagine harming yourself to have someone who obviously does not even like you come back.

No. 1028167

has she ever though? it's also her fault for buying followers just to see a big number and then she constantly bitches about a lack of engagement. she does nothing to build it b/c she expects ppl to just like/retweet/comment for her existing.

that's what makes her "done" lol. she claimed that he was so abusive and made her have no friends or whatever and pushed her mental health so much she ~went inpatient~ but this is the final straw, ok.

No. 1028171

>be fupa
>go to mediocre job, starting out the day, annoyed to be at work
>get call from your greasy fat heifer gf at 10 am
>probably drunk and high and begging for you to come home or whining about some dumbass twitter drama
>answer phone, preparing self to hear shayna snorting and sobbing about how you didn’t call her a sexy Barbie princess today and how she can’t stop eating cheamsborgers
>stressed as fuck, preparing for the worst
>immediately roasted on twitter

what a relationship

No. 1028172

File: 1598289149716.gif (2.36 MB, 500x282, C34D9CA4-5F90-409D-986E-F77C03…)

10/10 anon.

No. 1028174

I mean, when you get older it is considered aging I guess? But yeah it's not like she's going through menopause or some shit, she's just going through her early 20s looking like an unfortunate dumptruck.

No. 1028178

all that editing and she couldn't get rid of the black hair sprouting from her anus? smh

No. 1028181

hasn't she done this like five times now? i swear she's said she's done this multiple times this year alone

No. 1028183

1) It isn't really and 2) even so, anons were saying her weight gain is because of her "aging" despite being sub-25, not anything about her sex work.

No. 1028199

love this

No. 1028200

It's not. At all.

No. 1028202

Im DoNe

What, time to kill yourself???

Jfc get a grip on something besides a fast food take out box Shay.

No. 1028209

>>1028128 This is honestly such an embarrassing thing to admit. Idk what it is, 'cause god knows we've seen her say and do far worse, but this tweet in particular is so painfully pathetic.

And Fupa is such a retard for putting up with shit like this. Like it was one thing when she weighed 100lbs and Tumblr still allowed porn and she had somewhat of a following. She looked ratchet then but now that she's been fully Tulsafied and looks like the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, WTF is the appeal? We already know he ain't staying for good pussy. She's a chunky nobody and she's STILL dragging him on the TL lmao.

Scrotes are so desperate.

No. 1028212

found the old camwhore

No. 1028216

Even as bad as she looks, she's still out of his league. He must know.

No. 1028225

All the talk about her wanting to be a streamer gotta stem from fupa whacking it off to twitch thots.

No. 1028226

No, I assume she means she's "done" with fupa. Which she's not of course, but

No. 1028234

Ummm didn’t she just “go to inpatient” to get better like a month ago? And they changed her meds then, she already freaked and decided not to take them

Also man I don’t even think she’s bipolar tbh. She is only having these episodes because Fupa doesn’t love her anymore uwu

No. 1028253

this is could be straight from a textbook about borderline personality disorder lmao

No. 1028279

Missed opportunity for Shay-Puft kek

No. 1028285

>>1028279 Gdi anon, my sides. Well done. I'm mad I didn't think of it.

>>1028253 This. Like, this tweet could be a meme on one of those bpd facebook groups Luna Slater hangs out in.

No. 1028308

Yes Shay, it is possible for people with BPD to live without medication. If they have regular therapy sessions and actually work on their mental health

No. 1028312

But anon, she wanted to stop taking them because iTs tHe mEds that made her and keep her fat! Obviously it's the meds because shes stopped taking them and shes seeing changes in her body already! Shes totally losing weight guys!

This bitch is so lazy she just didnt want to keep up on meds anymore and probably really thought it would help her lose weight. Shes not ashamed to take them, she brings it up all the time for uwu ~mentally ill~ points. She's more ashamed of how much she let herself go and thinks meds are the one and only cause.

I mean it's the same difference really in her world kek

No. 1028316

File: 1598312347982.jpg (307.55 KB, 1079x1059, Screenshot_20200824-183949_Twi…)

No. 1028317

She's so dumb. Like she wasn't even handling things ok on the meds, and you not gonna lose weight Shay.

But the main issue is just randomly deciding to stop meds is incredibly stupid and dangerous. You don't fuck around with brain chemistry.. no matter how fat you are kek.

No. 1028325

Ahh, so she finally figured out the StreamDeck is not a capture card

No. 1028326

Imagine stopping meds instead of not gorging yourself on weed-infused candy several times a day. She is an imbecile.

No. 1028331

File: 1598319927308.jpg (581.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200824-204604_Twi…)

No. 1028332

that art is really cute

No. 1028347

damn she’s really moving up in the world, inspired a weeb coomer to draw her as an “ùwú wittol chibi”. kek

No. 1028349

This is one of the things I’m super confused about with her. She went to inpatient, right? Or allegedly she did. Where I live, marijuana isn’t legal even medicinally, but every and any psychiatric doctor I’ve met has said they will not prescribe or see a client who smokes weed because it’s psychoactive and doesn’t interact with most meds well… so, wouldn’t any of the doctors she saw in the hospital tell her to fucking quit smoking? The fact that she can’t go one day without being stoned out of her mind is just nuts to me considering she’s been diagnosed with BIPOLAR and prescribed bipolar meds?? I feel like most medical professionals would tell her immediately to stop such an immense intake of weed and alcohol…

Not trying to armchair, just trying to figure it all out. Unless they did tell her this and she just thinks it doesn’t apply to her or she lied to them about her substance abuse.

No. 1028350

She paid for it, it wasn't done randomly

No. 1028352

You're assuming that she actually tells her doctors about her egregious marijuana usage that even the average pothead would find over the top. she doesn't care to realize that THC is psychoactive and can physically affect your brain chemistry, meaning meds aren't going to fix what's going on.

No. 1028353

Well Anon, its because, she didn't go inpatient.

No. 1028361

Where it’s legal, psychiatrists don’t necessarily have a blanket “no marijuana ever” stance, but it’s irrelevant because she didn’t actually go impatient.

No. 1028364

I really honestly believe this

Yeah my running theory is that she maybe says she has a medical card but doesn’t tell them “I’m quite literally stoned stupid 24/7”

Well, really my running theory is that she didn’t fucking to go inpatient. She would have posted the socks. I think Fupa cut her phone off and that’s why she was gone.

No. 1028371

Right, every psychiatrist you've ever "met" would refuse to treat someone with a substance abuse disorder, which is a lot of people with mental illness.

Of course she isn't completely honest about her drug/alcohol use. Most addicts aren't but either you're stupid or just lying anon.

No. 1028379

She absolutely commissioned this and it doesnt look like her really but tbh it is really cute

No. 1028380

I don’t like Shayna, but I fucking hate men so much. So, so much.

No. 1028381

Well, combination of met (like nobody ever meets doctors? What?) and websites for psychiatrists ive read for research - where I live specifically will say they will not prescribe to people who rely on WEED heavily for drug interaction reasons specifically. I’m not saying it’s right Or correct I’m just fucking observing and asking if it’s normal?? Moar snark tho

No. 1028391

willing to bet she watched that random video about halsey saying she makes her best work while manic.

No. 1028523

File: 1598365238226.jpg (213.19 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20200825-092106_Twi…)

Doesn't she realize there's more to being a bimbo than just "uww I'm so dumb"

No. 1028525

File: 1598365316137.jpg (296.37 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20200825-092202_Twi…)

Lol this does not require bRaInS. It's the basics to her "job"

No. 1028543

Any chick can take pictures of her hairy asshole and cottage cheese thighs. Incels will pay/fuck anyone. Her pictures aren’t even flattering that guy is such a loser he’s always up shayna’s ass. He probably lives in his moms basement

No. 1028547

Of course her only simp is some absolutely disgusting old man with no standards. Joking about spanking her for not taking her meds and then lying about being smart kek.

No. 1028560

The most social interaction she gets other than suicidebaiting Fupa into fucking her and occasionally bitching into her void of orbiters is when she talks to these degenerate creeps. I don't know if she's motivated to do it as part of her "job" or if she just genuinely likes old men more than her peers, her family, etc, but it's fucking miserable to witness.

No. 1028623

File: 1598382961564.jpeg (101.22 KB, 750x282, 30B65996-1FED-4BFB-AE51-4D0B2B…)

a comment on her nudes today, LOL
wonder if she'll unleash the floodgates on this guy like she did to evil girl dolphin bully (but we know she won't because he is a man)

No. 1028624

Lol I was betting that she was on a “Shameless” streak but you might be right

No. 1028628

File: 1598383461316.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, A9D00079-727C-4EA2-848C-3A813B…)

She says her eyeliner is perfect and she spent 45 minutes on this shit but it doesn’t even look good what the fuck is that little block on the end I thought winged liner is supposed to end in a point not whatever this is and you can see how shitty her lashes are glued not sure how you can look at this and gas yourself up(nitpicking eyeliner)

No. 1028648

File: 1598385445958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.74 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20200825-145436_Chr…)

Yikes, there are multiples. I thought these were farmers with throwaway account, but they're all pretty active. No meltdown from her yet, surprise surprise cuz they're men 1/2

No. 1028649

File: 1598385467868.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.03 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20200825-145520_Chr…)

No. 1028651

I was just about to post these kek

They can't all be farmers which makes it hilarious. Her vag just looks like an aquatic creature theres no getting around it. With the weight gain her whole mound and everything just look so unappealing. Not that the boil covered deflated ballsack was good either. Good thing dudes have such low standards because it's pretty sad to be a SWer and have such ugly genitals all the time.

No. 1028653

Who tf spends 45 minutes on eyeliner? That's more than I spend on my everyday make up, disgusting.

No. 1028654

well we have two options; she is either lying about how long it took to seem like a "perfectionist". Or it really did take that long because her stoned ass couldn't function properly enough to color in the lines.

No. 1028656

She just thinks if she says she spent 45 minutes on her liner then it automatically makes it perfect. But honestly, anyone who spends 45 minutes on eyeliner is either a 12 year old learning how for the first time, or a stoned and drunk retard.

You can say you spent 5 minutes on this shay. It would be more believable and make you look less like a barely functioning idiot.

No. 1028669

the only way this could have taken her 45 minutes is if she had to redo it several times

No. 1028675

File: 1598389703370.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200825-160654_Twi…)

Can spend 45 mins on eyeliner, but can't keep her eyelash fully attached(nitpicking eyelashes)

No. 1028678

Dat cavemen head shape

No. 1028688

I just wanna know what Shaytard has against lip color. This bitch is so fucking unattractive, the mind boggles

No. 1028693

Why does she draw her eyebrows like this? What possesses her to draw that angle at the beginning? Im glad the eyeliner brows are gone tho jfc that was a horrible saga.

No. 1028706

you'd think someone who does literally nothing all day every day would at some point learn how to do makeup, since it is the one singular thing she actually does constantly, yet all we still get is a dead-white foundaion covered face with no bronzer no blush no nothing, bare dead dry lips and just a huge shitty wing and some half on falling off heavy lashes and some mediocre mascara on the bottom…. atrocious. she really thinks she can just cake white foundation/concealer all over and never needs any actual color or definition (especially now that she's way fatter and rounder, she really needs it)

No. 1028709

is the jane bee person another onlyfans twitter girl or something? looks like they don't even follow her, just found her through a retweet and are dunking on her that way. you have to laugh

No. 1028712

tinfoil, but could this guy be the guy she hooked up with once to do that blowjob vid? i think he commented on her stuff back then too, and i wouldn't be surprised if she found another "daddy" over the internet like she did initially with fupa.

No. 1028718

Kek how she claims to have "fat pussy" when's it's this deflated dolphin mouth. How she managed to become a chunk but her pussy lips still so empty looking I don't know.

No. 1028758


Did… Did she just put foundation over her babyhair and roots around her face?

No. 1028765

> Her vag just looks like an aquatic creature theres no getting around it.
Top kek
45 minutes and the bitch can’t even tightline

No. 1028769

File: 1598397782346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 435.82 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20200825-182330_Twi…)

So she's making puppy play content with these again?

No. 1028771

File: 1598397874132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.86 KB, 1079x1675, Screenshot_20200825-182445_Gal…)

Why does her hand look so pruney?

No. 1028772

File: 1598397899898.jpg (160.82 KB, 1079x355, Screenshot_20200825-182500_Gal…)


No. 1028775

I cackled. the dog panties are the worst they don’t even fit her. Kek.

No. 1028778

File: 1598398150900.jpeg (196.63 KB, 1242x1313, ED8CC6A7-809F-4760-ABDB-0295D0…)

Nitpick but geez does this guy have a life? He’s probably at an elderly home which is how he’s always replying to her tweets.(nitpicking and non contribution in general)

No. 1028795

She doesn't drink alot of water so that's probably why.

No. 1028813

No water and 14 bong hits a day will dry out your skin. Hence the finger wrinkles and severe dark circles coming up on crow’s feet at 23 kek

No. 1028857

File: 1598404794737.png (408.23 KB, 1079x249, nnnnnnnn.png)

No. 1028866

File: 1598405871248.jpg (155.2 KB, 1080x523, Screenshot_20200825-203619_Twi…)

Someone catch the horror show

No. 1028874

No new tricks, though. Wand, anal, retard faces, less than 5 minutes if she’s generous. Bets anyone?

No. 1028914

File: 1598414025064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 435.91 KB, 1079x1060, Screenshot_20200825-225428_Twi…)

No. 1028915

File: 1598414072016.jpg (278.88 KB, 1079x882, Screenshot_20200825-225527_Twi…)

No. 1028963

Why is her nose so red?

No. 1028967

Alcoholism? Oh she took our suggestions and decided toy use blush lmao

No. 1028970

Back on cam?? Going live for 5 mins on OF isn't camming Shay. Nice try.

Her eyes look really off. Like what are the white lines below her eyelashes? And the liner itself looks wonky. She looks deranged.

No. 1029031

Because the stupid bitch doesn't know how to tightline. She's literally been doing the same makeup since high school, and even though this site gives her plenty of suggestions and advice, she's still too stupid to step out of her box and simply learn to fucking tightline. For someone so obsessed about drag queen culture, they'd drag her ugly ass on her mediocre makeup skills.

No. 1029034

Does she have some sort of snapchat filter on? Or maybe some shoop fails? Because her eyes look all glitchy and weird - not just bad makeup

No. 1029096

Yeah and the tip of her nose looks weird. Its definitely some really bad filtering and editing. In top of bad makeup and her just having a goblin rat face.(constant noncontribution and nitpicking)

No. 1029115

File: 1598455169367.jpeg (565.25 KB, 2304x3072, 5D6D1E0B-0A5E-4942-86DE-7B458E…)

No. 1029170

Oh honey if this makeup took you 45 minutes to do then you have more problems than I thought. A bitch with Parkinson's could do tighter eyeliner, quicker.(nitpicking)

No. 1029237

Whoever admins these posts is a fucking dumb fuck annoying loser(>>>/meta/)

No. 1029259

take your compaints to /meta/

No. 1029262

Kek @ the mod. Are all these nitpicks one anon? Jesus.
Her boobs look surprisingly large in this photo.

Did anyone catch the live? It seemed pretty sudden compared to her others. She's usually hyping them up days in advance because she knows they're so damn rare.

No. 1029381

Not the nitpicker, but jesus. Nazi mods are gonna ruin this thread. Isn't everything on this site technically nitpicking? Let people talk about what they wanna talk about, if it's related to Shayna it really shouldn't matter. Ya'll ban over the dumbest shit.(>>>/meta/)

No. 1029388

no i agree with the nitpicking bans, maybe not so much the ban for posting the actual image since it is shaytard content but its not interesting to read 5 different people (prolly the SWers again lmao) say "but MY makeup takes 5 minutes; shes SUCH a fucking retard"

like wow, cool, shayna put her fucking liner to her brows as usual and called it makeup. this trend started either last thread or the one before. who cares. move on.

No. 1029502


everything she post is the same old shit, you wanna see the same dolphin pussy everyday from the same angle ? she must be getting low on cash because she’s begging everyday for a few dollars for the same pussy picture

No. 1029508

mentioning your own cam 'career' should be a banable offense tbh

No. 1029527

it is. report it and read the rules while you're at it too

No. 1029554

half the time people don't get banned for shit, don't go minimodding and slapping people with "read the rules", if a farmhand doesn't enforce it might as well not be a rule.

No. 1029561

>like wow, cool, shayna put her fucking liner to her brows as usual and called it makeup. this trend started either last thread or the one before
this 'trend' started the moment the threads started. she's always been horrible at eyeliner (thinking back to the horns she used to draw in high school) and anons will never shut up about it.

I really wanna know where she sees the growth in her life because it's definitely not obvious to anyone else. not shown in her personality, her environment, her ~makeup skillz~, her 'job', her relationships… point to the growth, Shatna, and not just your waistline

No. 1029581

how would you even know what gets banned and what doesn't? brainworms(derailing)

No. 1029588

File: 1598547985919.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 770.72 KB, 1242x1086, EC08BF93-2636-430D-9DFF-EF0E44…)

To get back on topic I just took a peek at her Twitter. Here’s what she’s been up to.

Not sure if this pic set is brand new or just recycled but she posted it on Twitter last night. It didn’t pop up in a cursory scroll of her media tab. She has mostly been posting more of the godawful puppy set and some thots and prayers for the hurricane victims. I guess she and Fupa made up because she hasn’t sperged out since what was posted up thread. I can post some more caps if y’all want but it’s not super interesting so far. Anyway, have at it.

No. 1029619


What's up with the right photo? She did some pretty bad editing to make her tits look so lumpy/square.

No. 1029694

File: 1598565182424.jpg (169.98 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20200827-165402_Twi…)

No. 1029735

I truly don't understand how she can afford so much weed, and how she can go through weed so fast. How does she actually function/ get through a day?

No. 1029753

She doesn’t.

No. 1029758

File: 1598574648052.jpg (437.46 KB, 1077x1980, Screenshot_20200827-193127_Twi…)

Funny she deleted this. She's just mad that Bella Thorn is making hell of a lot more than she is

No. 1029761

Bella Thorne supposedly sent out a $200 ppv and people thought it was nude, but it wasn't. Because of that there were so many chargebacks that onlyfans changed the limit you can tip to $50 and the price limit of ppvs to $50. I think they also changed claiming the money from every seven days to every 30 days, so the Twitter swers are pissed. She deleted it because she knew they'd come for her again if they saw it.
Of course she isn't mad, she sells her content for cheap and she rarely gets tips over $20

No. 1029776

Lmao I was surprised she didn’t address the Bella thing earlier. I knew she would be fuming and be like “nOt a rEAl sW this is so unfair!” I’m glad Bella is taking the money from these sad hoes tbh

No. 1029777

im glad a bunch of celebrities are hopping onto onlyfans and reducing it to subscription instagram. hopefully it'll take the pressure of "making literally THOUSANDS a day" away from the OF "experience" and girls like shay quit exploiting themselves.

i really do wonder if shayna would be as mentally ill/high out of her mind all the time if she hadnt gone so far w sex work and quit awhile ago. she probably wouldnt be as depressed and fat

No. 1029813

Lol Someone's mad they can't make a million in a week.

No. 1029825

Shayna stfu already why do you always tweet about things that have nothing to do with you?? I thought you were focusing on yourself

No. 1029838

File: 1598587566739.jpg (185.08 KB, 1070x1071, Screenshot_20200827-230636_Twi…)

Wow Shay is really bothered lol

No. 1029839

File: 1598587608778.jpg (289.24 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20200827-230652_Twi…)

No. 1029841

Lmaoooo Damn, she BIG MAD that she has to take off her clothes and show case them fat rolls and completely humiliate herself for pennies and has nothing to show for it while smarter business women that are easier to look at make mad money without even taking off clothes. All these flavors, and you still so salty over women more successful than you, Shayna.
Just go ahead and say you mad Bella played desperate SIMPs and OnlyFans to win in her favor.

No. 1029844

Wow! I love Bella Thorne now! We stan a skinny legend stoner queen! With her 1milli bag and her own weed strains!

No. 1029858

she has to block her to keep up the "I'm so famous, everyone's obsessed with me, Dolphin Mattel is a household name" delusion. can't be confronted with someone who's actually more relevant than she is

No. 1029890

File: 1598596467555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 344.61 KB, 1079x1050, Screenshot_20200828-013303_Twi…)

These socks look like they've seen some shit

No. 1029923

Guess she already abandoned her Reddit account kek

No. 1029924

Did it even last a week? As isolated as she claims to be, she could have joined the big SW subreddit but we all know why she wouldn't..

No. 1029925

That big sore is making my crotch hurt, if she is gonna shoop her cunt she might as well shoop that out while she's at it.(nitpick)

No. 1029928

thats a sore??
and her pussy looks like bad twitter art it's so edited now.

No. 1029930

i'm still waiting on her to pick up the streaming idea again, if she does it just once it's gonna be a hilarious failure i really want to see.

No. 1029933

What sore? Am I blind?

No. 1029944

anon might be thinking her pussy hole is a sore? i also can't tell, any sores she might have are blurred the fuck out.

No. 1029952

Is that seriously her vagina hole??? Why does it look so low and off center?(nitpick)

No. 1029953

You a scrote? That's just how real vaginas are some times.

No. 1029959

Are you being serious?
You do not only sound like a scrote, but a 14 y.o. virgin at that. ‘Why is it so far down???’ is such a typical thing males say when they see or touch a vagina for the first time.
Also this is Shayna. She’s posted hundreds of pics of it and that’s the one that throws you off? The one in which it looks half decent due to all the blurring?
Also lol @the ‘off-center’ … dude, you really need to stop watching so much porn and/or hentai. Real vaginas aren’t perfect.

No. 1029962

NTAYRT but her vagina really does look off… for some reason. it's just really small???. you can't deny it looks weird

No. 1029987

She def shooped her snatch into a new one lol. Kind of too late when everyone saw it already and she’s so inconsistent.

No. 1029988

are you actually twelve with the billion question marks? no it's not too small, and not off center, i'm not even trying to defend shayna because you can smell the built up smegma from her pictures since she doesn't bathe, but her vagina in this picture is in no way weird, it's corrected the absolute hell out of.

No. 1030025


How can she be a SW this long and not understand that men are depraved pervs who want to see HD pictures of a woman’s pussy/ass/tits. They wanna see all the horrifying (im being dramatic) details and that’s what they’re going to pay money for. Make ‘em feel more intimate and like they could almost taste it.

Sad her confidence is so low she is reduced to mobile app editing her pussy and taint when she is trying build an audience.

No. 1030031

File: 1598628020338.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 493.69 KB, 1050x1458, 97029982-E66F-49A0-A24A-FDB73A…)

No, I’m neither of these things. I just don’t have an ugly vag. Here’s a pic from the screengrab of her onlyfans. The other anon is probably right that she edited herself to look deformed because here is her hole, centered and higher up

No. 1030035

Aww look it's a cranky camwhore who wants to compare vaginas.

No. 1030036

Oh honey her vag is in the same place, you're just retarded. All she did was smooth and blur it with photo apps multiple times. She didn't change the position of her pussy hole you fucking idiot.

No. 1030043

Yeah you’re a literal retard and this vagina sperg is stupid as fuck.

But omg. We haven’t seen it without editing for a while and this is… not pleasant. Tarantula maw is back.

No. 1030064

Ughhhh “spread your wallet”

Shaytard you are not a findom.

No. 1030065

I know I'm derailing but I love watching all of these salty ewhores throw a shitfit over Bella Thorne. Maybe try getting a real job instead of flashing your pussy online for money?

No. 1030081

I find it funny that this triggered shayna SO much she can't even talk about it much. With Fupa she will overshare and even run to discord. She got so mad at Fupa she shared the one thing he told her not to, to hurt him.
Yet Bella fucking Thorne is where Shayna is says, "Nope, this is too emotional for me..I don't even want to see this bitches name"

She cares more about this shit then the man she claims she wanted to die over kek.

This is one of the few times Shayna could actually join the dogpile, it's someone famous as well, but nope. It's too much for her, she'd rather focus on throwing shots are low level sex workers and judging them.

No. 1030084

It's really crazy that she keeps recycling not only ideas but outfits, I looked back a month ago and she was taking pictures in these SAME clothes (and they were a little more fitting), she rather spend money on weed/edibles and bullshit then buying new clothes to make new content.
Her content is a scam, every month or sometimes weeks she pulls the same outfits out for the same themes or mix and matches them.

No. 1030098

That’s because she wants and gets attention from the Fupa breakdowns.
She won’t join the other raging SWers cause she gets nothing out of it. And she blacklists it because by seeing it she gets reminded of how terrible she’s doing. Not just in comparison to Bella, but in general.

No. 1030106

It’s funny that she’s so assmad about this; a pretty girl with a nice body had people paying out the ass to see a simple video of her, not even naked. Meanwhile Shay has to BEG people to buy her horrid ass and pussy pics, pleads for all 10 of her camshow viewers to show up and watch her flap her hands and sit in her phone, crying when she inevitably gets zero attention. Reality hurts, but…no shit people wanna see a pretty girl do things and not her. Why is she so shocked and shaken?

No. 1030107

File: 1598636626661.jpeg (114.5 KB, 828x255, C10B6BB1-1E57-48B7-8882-E75D98…)

you mean lazy?

No. 1030125

Nah you just wear the same clothes over and over for everything.

No. 1030127

those pictures are still smoothed to hell

No. 1030140

What I don’t understand is how she can afford the constant Uber rides to and fro the dispensary where she blows at least $50-$70 per trip.
Like just get a fucking car you neet. Or better yet- walk there!

No. 1030143

There's nothing wrong with reusing outfits or pieces from outfits, the problem is that she never does anything different with it. she does the same crap in the same outfits and it's just boring. Actual creative sex workers can use 3 outfits and have a multitude of different videos and fetishes with just that. She's just boring and uncreative.

No. 1030153

First of all, no one cares. Literally no one. Stop trying to low key flex about your retarded vice. It's not cute. Smoking and eating wasteful amounts of thc isnt a personality trait.

This. Tbf yeah her wardrobe selection is kinda small, but people can wear the same clothes, you just have to wear them differently. Accessorize, different themes, different captions. It's better than her buying stupid shit to use once then it's never seen again, but like anon said, she doesnt have the creativity and is too lazy to re-use outfits but still change it up.

No. 1030267

I've lurked on the Shayna threads for a long time but I'm still stunned on where all this money for ubering to the dispensary and back is even coming from? Her prices are so low and she drools over 20 dollar tips, how can she possibly afford rent let alone all that crap she eats?

No. 1030279

There cannot be any genuine subscribers who actually lust after Shayna left.

It's got to all be perverts into watching her slowly degrade into a mentally broken, retarded, dirty, addicted blob, just waiting for the day she starts doing the REALLY weird shit.

No. 1030294

This site gives scrotes & incels way too much credit tbh. We all really do nitpick on things a lot of low to mid standard dudes don't notice and honestly wouldn't care about. Like some of what she posts I can see dudes getting off to. The kind that comment on all her posts thirsting and paying for porn from these trainwreck twitter whores. Old guys, socially inept fuck boys, neck beards, etc. Yeah shes a fat goblin and I'm not trying to WK her or what few gross followers she has. But really, she edits the fuck out of her pics and shes catering to bottom of the barrel dudes.

She does have 800 whatever subs on OF. Now when you offer thousands of pics and content for a measly 3 bucks, that definitely helps. But she only cares about numbers anyway.

And so she gets her payout from OF and a few vid sales and tips and blows it. This is why she doesnt have a car, cant move, buys the cheapest shit and hardly has anything at all. Nothing valuable or useful. She scrapes by and will always live that way because she has problems she wont actually try to fix because it takes actually admitting to them and taking responsibility and then a lot of effort to fix it. Shay will always be minimum effort, minimum pay out.

Sorry for wall of text

No. 1030314

She does this, but throws a fit when someone blocks her or calls her out

No. 1030322

this, some men will fuck anything and get off to anything. Shayna is offering shit, they'll take it.

No. 1030342

Right? She boo hoos all the time about how everyone has her blocked and she just wants to be friends. Then posts this absolute petty shit. As if Bella Thorne would interact with her or anything. So dumb.

No. 1030380

we've seen how genuinely ugly and undesirable a lot of her subs/twitter followers are so i personally think it's just straight up ugly scrotes who have been following her for years already, ugly no life scrotes who found her recently and like how she's fat and more "on their level" instead of some glamorous gorgeous unattainable chick, and then a smaller portion of scrotes into trashy degrading low quality amateur porn stuff. but also yeah, her onlyfans being so dirt cheap means she also brings in some of those scrotes who sub to dozens and dozens of 3$ hoes aka the ones who folow hundreds or thousands of sex work twitter whores and have kind of/a full blown porn addiction.

No. 1030405

File: 1598674747031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 549.01 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20200828-231934_Twi…)

Yikes, the backrolls

No. 1030407

File: 1598674774697.jpg (203.74 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20200828-231953_Twi…)

No. 1030412

Oh yes. I'd love to see the absolute shitfit she'd have if a fellow sex worker posted a screen cap of the words "Dolly Mattel" that are muted forever.
She'd go on a whole ass rampage about how women are evil and the sex work community is toxic and how it BrEaKs HeR hEArt that people aren't "allowed" to interact with her.
Fuck, she does it every fucking week. Always bitch and whine about how "all the sex workers hate Meeee uwu" and most of them probably went the same route of muting her forever.
As long it's not happening to her, it's totally okay. Of all the the things I hate Shayna for, her hypocrisy is the number 1.

No. 1030414

The shoes are cute. Must be new cause I haven't seen em.
Too bad she ruined the pics with that classic rat face she always pulls.

No. 1030419

Those sanrio shoes are adorable her musty ass will ruin them in an hour. She’s so crusty. I feel bad for those heels

No. 1030428

…this is so sad…who the fuck admits that nobody wants to retweet pics of them, let alone talk to them…and then also publicly admit they want to buy fake interactions with their measly savings? this is pathetic, get a grip and a job jfc

No. 1030431

They're not new. She's had them for a long time. Just hasn't made new content with them

No. 1030432

Im actually impressed she took care of them.

No. 1030445

>tfw her backrolls like exactly like her dolphin flaps

She is just so inherently unsexy. Even when she has her bits on full display, she still manages to be bland and unremarkable. Even pornsick men must just scroll over her holes without a second glance.

No. 1030446

Cause she's rarely worn them. Give her a week to dirty them up

No. 1030600

Let's be real though, I don't think Shayna can walk in heels like that, kek. Her fat ass and cankles would be rolling

No. 1030619

File: 1598720386752.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, F578CD0E-20B8-4096-A990-D71801…)

Seeing sex workers get upset over Bella Thorne making more than them is funny. Of course she’s going to have more subscribers she’s a celebrity and has fame. If you rely on one source of income you’re a fucking retard. Men aren’t going to subscribe for the rest of your life especially if you get old, they like young woman not fat old hags like shaytard(derailing)

No. 1030628

Lol Of course these misogynistic waste of spaces would blame the woman who made serious money rather than blame the stupid, desperate simps that bought into it and the platform for doing all the chargebacks.
But please. Tell us more about how the sex work community is so empowering to all women. The minute any single woman cashes out mad money they flip their shit and complain about it being unFaiR. Maybe try to be productive members of society rather than getting big mad over successful women.(derailing)

No. 1030668

Can't wait til OF gets taken down completely tbh then these bitches will really be losing their shit.

Yeah Bella kinda tricked these incels but like, OF doesnt mean it has to be sex and nudes. These hoes just made it that way because nudity is allowed on it and other platforms cracked down on sw.
I dont care enough to look into the details, but they should be more concerned with OF doing the limits and the owners legal situation which I could tinfoil has more to do with said limits than you'd think and Bella is just the scape goat kek(derailing)

No. 1030675

File: 1598734089677.png (Spoiler Image, 649.92 KB, 912x525, noname-side.png)

She looks like a fat, awkward tween trying to check out her crotch for the first time on the bathroom floor and not liking what she sees.

No. 1030678

what am i looking at here? her pussy looks like