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No. 33807

Most of you might not know this, but we actually have an entire board dedicated to international topics, right here:
The board was intially closed due to "lack of activity", but there's been a very big interest in making international threads on /ot/, to the point of clogging the front page with them.
My solution to this is: tweak the board a little, don't make it about cows only. Move all international threads from /ot/ there and delete the shit threads and duplicate threads on /int/ (there's some vandalism atm due to the board not being properly closed), replace them with the current ones.
I think this might help /ot/ stay focused on off-topic threads, and we already have an /int/ board for the threads that are bumped constantly and don't really belong on /ot/. My only request is, make the board visible so more traffic is guaranteed, and truly reinforce the no racebait rule-

Here's some threads from /ot/ that you can move there:

No. 33812

I don't think it should stay hidden, it will get very few new anons and it will be doomed to fail again.

No. 33833

Only if lack of moderation happens. If the racebait rule is enforced there's nothing to be afraid of.

No. 33840

Not the op but I like the idea of the board and I suggested it before and offered to mod it myself, I'm sure we can find others to mod too. It's just that most users still don't want it unfortunately.

No. 33854

Putting the idea on the table is the first step, so maybe it'll happen. I hope /int/ becomes a place of all nonnies to socialize in a healthy way.

No. 34088

Yeah worked out great for /m/ hey. What are you smoking lmao

No. 34108

The defeatism ITT, sheesh

No. 34241

No fuck off. /int/ scrotes are not welcomed. Back to your dogshit bongoloid thread and suck each other off.

No. 34616

We already have an /int/ board in here though, that's the whole point, it's not for scrotes it's just a thing that exists inside lolcow's weird assort of hidden boards

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