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File: 1678457336154.jpg (64.39 KB, 534x359, Jimin in America.jpg)

No. 1520001

Previous thread >>1509454
None of us are really dumb and none of us are really smart. We're in the middle

No. 1520010

i am glad gay browser isnt here with us anymore so he doesnt have to share a world with people named jimin

No. 1520037

File: 1678461246959.jpg (46.73 KB, 431x800, 12.jpg)

>in 2012, 146 newborn girls in the United States were named "Khaleesi", the Dothraki term for the wife of a khal or ruler, and the title adopted in the series by Daenerys Targaryen


No. 1520038

Wtf is that threadpic, kpopfags get out

No. 1520039

this is making fun of kpopfags

No. 1520068

It’s a name like John or David, tons of Koreans have it, so yeah I also don’t see why it’s funny or who cares that a guy in BTS has it. Half the members of that group are Kim ffs.

No. 1520123

>in the US

No. 1520128

>the Korean-American community constituted about 0.56% of the United States population, or about 1.82 million people

No. 1520136

are you korean?

No. 1520177

I don't like this thread pic

No. 1520183

That male thread being the most active on /ot/ right now and getting bumped because of farmers instead of ignored says a lot about the users here. I'll leave it at that.

No. 1520184

I don't understand it I've just minimised it lol

No. 1520186

I always tried to stop them but they're like "muh fuuuun, muh bunkers". At least they're not flirting with the moid like that other time.

No. 1520193

I thought it was a meme thread tbh

No. 1520199

this reply
shows that it's not

No. 1520203

this would never happen on LC 2+ years ago

No. 1520211

Anons who keep saying that the male threads are bunkers really do not understand what the bunkers were. Using a male thread to shitpost is not a bunker, you just wanted to interact with a moid. Shitposting in general doesn't even make something a bunker.

No. 1520212

A lot of anons are just that dick hungry. Pathetic. Idk why they feel the need to reply instead of saving their energy making /g/ more active.

No. 1520213

File: 1678469099159.jpg (320.65 KB, 640x800, Huon.jpg)

My son will be called Dattebayo which means the righteous one sent by God.

No. 1520215

i am gonna call mine son so i dont forget his name

No. 1520231

its literally what the the dumbass shit thread is for btw

No. 1520254

I just pulled my first grey hair! Lmao sweet sweet oblivion is closer than I thought.

No. 1520267

It’s even more pathetic than how scrotes used to jizz their pants anytime anyone claiming to be female came along on the chans back in the day

No. 1520302

its just a fun shitposting thread, the point is making the moid look at his attention baiting thread and BAM see two anime guys banging. The shitposting thread and this thread dont have the same energy as bunkers and never will.

No. 1520303

They won't admit it but they are.

No. 1520304

everyone was ignoring the moid, retard

No. 1520310

It totally did though. Even in peak PP days, bait threads would get shitposted until deletion. I notice the spamming would only happen when the scrote poster keeps bumping his own thread so anons drown them out. People get bored on here sometimes. Most of the time everyone is a good girl who ignore and report.

No. 1520313

I noticed my first grey hair when I was 6. don't worry and take some copper.

No. 1520314

kill yourself moid

No. 1520319

File: 1678472935450.png (1.05 MB, 801x928, h.png)

There literally was just a discussion about how anons call anyone a moid a week ago in /meta/.

No. 1520320

>The shitposting thread and this thread dont have the same energy as bunkers
Neither does that thread. It literally can't be like the bunker threads. Learn to report and ignore, you're not some master troll for giving the male attention and repeatedly bumping his thread.

No. 1520327

Copper? Interesting I will look into that, thank you.

No. 1520331

i am pretty sure everyone that posted there also reported, its not my fault admins are MIA 90% of the time. Also, again, no one was giving the male attention we were all having fun n the only not dead thread on this site.

No. 1520333

The Futurama Comedy Central reboot is so bad

No. 1520334

Wait did they try and reboot it again, or are you talking about all the episodes after season 6

No. 1520335

I almost posted in it mistaking it for the dumbass shit thread, was it deleted or just locked? There was funny post about meathead gym pigs, I should have screenshot it.

No. 1520343

>There was funny post about meathead gym pigs, I should have screenshot it.
the bucktooth becky thing? that's a copypasta that was already capped ages ago

No. 1520344

yeah, those. It feels way more crude, or at least the first ep did for me. Though they ARE rebooting it again, because nothing can have a decent run and ending anymore.

No. 1520346

File: 1678474560300.jpg (345.98 KB, 738x1909, butthole.jpg)

Leggings like this are lewd as fuck. The ones with the butthole scrunch are even worse. If I can unironically see your pussy and asshole from behind when you're squatting please kys. Literal ape scrotes can't be trusted to treat you like a human being in normal clothes, much less OnlyFans leggings on a random Tuesday. I wish women didn't do this. It's not empowering. I can't imagine wearing these regularly to a public gym and not feeling like every man there isn't going to follow me to my car and murder me in order to wear my ass cheeks like a hat.

No. 1520348

Not again, jesus, you had your moment already

No. 1520350

? Girl I literally just woke up

No. 1520355

Oh, good to know, it made me laugh and it gave the only sensible explanation to like roided scrotes.

No. 1520358

Nta but more than one person disliking thot leggings?! Impossibru! God stfu

No. 1520359

>no one was giving the male attention
Sure anon. People were replying and engaging with him, and either way posting in his thread is enough to give him attention.

No. 1520365

yeah anon, i am pretty sure a moid enjoy his thread being hijacked by anons posting hot guys and fighting. Eveyone was having fun, stop being so boring all the time.

No. 1520368

File: 1678475264091.jpeg (1.19 MB, 4096x3072, 805E5EF0-4275-4356-9CA0-16489F…)


No. 1520371

beavis looks like the average zoomer male

No. 1520401

I hate spelling my own middle name because there's two letters in it that trip me up and it takes me a minute to remember the order.

No. 1520428

File: 1678480277103.jpg (32.57 KB, 320x531, 34eaa894e3794d86b317e74499bfbb…)

Didn't have any money left so my cousin gifted me his last deodorant from his store, its for men but meh ig

And y'know what? This shit smells sexy as hell, in fact, I think my husbando smells like this: fresh but hella sexy. Such an attractive aroma, I literally smell better than every moid I've interacted with rn. This is so weird

No. 1520429

File: 1678480349963.jpg (36.39 KB, 600x600, heart eyes, motherfucker.jpg)

I didn't pay too much attention to Ari Lennox in terms of her appearance, but I saw a video of her performing a few days ago and she looked so good. I literally cannot stop thinking of it.

No. 1520446

Ignoring the series Khaleesi spawned from, I hate it when redditors complain about that not even being Daenerys name, just her title. Like, tell me more about it, Eric. Really interested in what you think about it, too, Richard. Anything you wanna say, Aubrey?

No. 1520466

I love scraping my tongue so much. Feels so nice and clean.

No. 1520471

No. 1520475

File: 1678482744746.jpg (36.38 KB, 563x666, 43e016a520f3cc00387d8c4e07fc57…)

same! I dont like just brushing my teeth, my whole mouth gotta be minty fresh or i go insane

No. 1520497

aubrey is a nice name though

No. 1520506

I keep having a recurring dream that I'm living in a mini-mansion with Dylan Mulvaney. It's so detailed and crazy, his family and company representatives who shill products via him through social media need a tour and I'm always giving a walk-through of the property. Every time, the place grows larger with extra rooms and detailed items that I need to rearrange in order to surprise possible clients or random people coming in to visit. It's a beautiful house though so I hate waking up like "what the fuck just happened?"

I just moved into a new apartment. Maybe seeing his videos about renovating is reminding me to finish decorating. Maybe I hate my roommate because I pay for everything to make it a solid place to live. Maybe I need to stop reading threads before falling asleep. I hate having vivid dreams sometimes, because they don't totally make sense.

No. 1520508

How am I supposed to find this thread with this shitty ass thread pic

No. 1520512

Anon I was discussing dreams with my sisters today and literally every dream has one detail that has a meaning to it. I know someone who explains dreams and it’s always sth true or real. I’ll ask her about your dream.

No. 1520518

nta but what does it mean if i have recurring end-of-the-world, apocalyptic-like dreams, dreams where i'm dying in general, and sexual dreams involving people i have zero attraction towards (and am even disgusted by, including relatives)

No. 1520524

File: 1678485912732.jpg (34.44 KB, 300x400, md22410856583.jpg)

in Naples Italy they are big into dream interpretation, la smorfia, many things have a number associated with it, and they use the numbers as lotto numbers

No. 1520525

can't stop replaying this kek

No. 1520529

Well anon it depends on multiple things. Are you single? Were you afraid in the dream that it’s the end of the world? Were you crying?

I can definitely interpret this.

No. 1520532

why do braindead anons think posting hot men "ownz teh the moids" like most moids arent closeted fags getting off to every hole they see, you're just supplying the retard with porn and attention for muh funsies. its a middle schooler mentality to think men will somehow be shocked by any porn, how fucking retarded can you get to think porn puts moids in their place instead of giving them self esteem about their ugly knobs and crumbling Y chromosome

No. 1520533

>Are you single?
yes. in these dreams there's usually other people around tho
>Were you afraid in the dream that it’s the end of the world?
yes but only right as it happens. it's not like i was worrying or thinking about it beforehand
>Were you crying?

No. 1520538

Recurring dreams about the end of the world means that there’s sth you blame yourself on repeatedly even if you don’t admit it verbally.

The fact that you had other people around means that there’s sth you’re about to be the best in, whether it’s a job or an exam,etc.

If you saw the world ending by water such as heavy rain or tsunamis it means that there’s upcoming opportunities that you should take advantage of.

World ending by fire it means that you might lose someone dear to your heart or that your life will change drastically upside down.

No. 1520542

Not everyone, just you

No. 1520543

File: 1678488599645.webm (2.88 MB, 1280x720, 1678467624074.webm)

I have to post this amazing webm from the moid thread earlier today

No. 1520547

Not this time, it's literally just a baiting moid from

No. 1520552

This just in: site full of shut-in autists who have threads upon threads about yaio boy's love or qhatever the fuck, and multiple running husbando threads can't resist interacting with a man, more at 11(bait)

No. 1520560

Would love to watch this and laugh but I don't have the patience to wait 15 minutes for it to load

No. 1520566

go back

No. 1520570

Kek my sides. What the fuck is the story behind this, was this made ironically?

No. 1520572

Back to where? Amazingly this website is still the least offensive out of all the other ones. Not my fault your stupid ass came from Twitter or facebook or wherever retards congregate

No. 1520586

There's this one twitch streamer who I really like, I think she's funny and she streams a lot of the stuff I also like, but she also says pickme shit sometimes (a lot of both sides in the name of being equal or whatever) so it makes me side-eye her a little. I still will continue to watch her but it does turn me off a lot when she does say something stupid.

No. 1520598

It is 12:30am and I just finished a coffee. I will probably regret this when I actually want to sleep but I have an essay due on Monday which I’m only about halfway through, so needs must I suppose. I do think coffee tastes better in the middle of the night tbh.

No. 1520618

File: 1678499190751.gif (967.07 KB, 498x277, clermont-twins.gif)

Usually I don't mind the IG baddie girls, but the Clermont twins unsettle me so much because I remember them from BGC and now whenever I see them they're like soulless dolls. I don't even just mean how they look, I saw a video of them dancing at some kind of party and it was weird. Maybe they're just trying to hard to be cute whenever they're in front of a camera.

No. 1520620

File: 1678499225250.jpg (198.46 KB, 1024x759, 9f013494-709f-4c30-bcd0-d79ef1…)

Samefag, here's a pic of them now. Literally like breathing blowup dolls

No. 1520624

you're telling me this isn't photoshop?

No. 1520627

I mean yeah obviously they photoshop but for the most part they do look a lot like that.

No. 1520638

A few days ago I posted here asking what Kate Bush/Fiona Apple/Bjork song our lad Morrissey should cover as a joke except now I can't stop thinking about how perfect his cover of Pale September would be. Moz singing this while remembering Johnny Marr and trying not to would be very chef's kiss indeed

No. 1520640

I'm only a consoomer when it comes to a few things, but honestly I feel no shame about it. I like spending money on things that make me happy, and I like doing huge hauls of stuff. Maybe it's a side effect of growing up broke.

No. 1520648

yes, I think the reason I own a lot of shoes and clothing is because I grew up poor and was scared to ask my parents for new items when I really needed them, because I knew they didn't have money. when I finally got a job, there was so much freedom in having money to spend, or save, but a fear deep down about not having anything that wasn't stained and full of holes anymore.

No. 1520672

nta but some of you really need to stop being so terminally online

No. 1520675

File: 1678509456817.jpg (67.19 KB, 723x717, E9wfJGWXMAUKWT_.jpg)


these posts are so weird, you guys tinfoil that women are thirsty for dick than the trolling moids do. Embarrassing.

No. 1520691

She's kind of right tho, men online aren't going to be shocked by anime guy pics. the moid OP of that thread made a few replies and wasn't really bothered by what was posted

No. 1520697

>>i am pretty sure everyone that posted there also reported
We did

I added that gym one. I mean isn't the thread to post moid's take on women, I added posts from 4chan. What's the problem?

No. 1520700

>I mean isn't the thread to post moid's take on women, I added posts from 4chan. What's the problem?
i think you're getting threads mixed up anon

No. 1520701

oh, sorry I thought you meant moidtakes? That's the one I posted screen caps from 4chan because that places is a gold mind. Also I'm seethe lurkering on there.

No. 1520704

I mean say what you want, but if you think he didn't enjoy seeing anons engage with his thread and keep it bumped to the top of /ot/ then whatever. I will not argue with the mentally deficient.

No. 1520705

i think the gym post that anon is talking about is the copypasta made on here about bucktooth beckies and chum buckets or whatever it said, which was posted in the deleted moid thread

No. 1520707

That sounds pretty milky, sorry I missed it!

No. 1520708

Nonnie, they were literally vying for a moids attention. I don't care care if they are husbando fags, i wasn't judging them for it. There was nothing stopping them from taking it to /g/ and talking amongst themselves about it. The only way to own a male troll on lolcow is to ignore them.

No. 1520709

File: 1678512452469.jpg (337.57 KB, 1080x1204, 1671236199650.jpg)

found the original cap kek
the text was directly copypasted in the thread rather than the screencap itself

No. 1520711

Whoa, and it IS milky. Thank you so much nonnie!

No. 1520719

File: 1678514772010.jpg (106.47 KB, 800x647, home_about-us.jpg)

Little everything at Dominos sucks so bad. Hands down the worst fast food restaurant, there's not a single good item. Not the pizza, not the pasta, not the sandwiches, not the wings. Nothing. It's not even about it being cheap because Little Ceasers and Pizza Hut are both better.

No. 1520723

You have to be a fatty to even know what the differences are between those 3 brands its all the same shit, shitty ass sauce, shitty ass pepperoni, shitty ass crust

No. 1520725

Anon, if I'm a fatty for having had food from 3 pizza chains then so are you for also having had food from them.

No. 1520734

I haven't had it since 2007 but I used to think the Domino's philly cheesesteak pizza was peak junk food. It tasted just like the photos made it look. Mmm.
Pizza Hut salad bar buffets were great until they got rid of them (reeeeee) and I liked the silly cinnamon-sugar pizza they always had on the line as dessert. But I didn't think their pizza was good.
I've never had little caesars. I always hear it's nasty frozen strip mall food.

No. 1520736

Shut up saucy bonehilda, you know pizza hut is better

No. 1520737

File: 1678517078102.jpg (41.67 KB, 766x590, 777.jpg)

I almost agreed with you until you mentioned little ceasers

No. 1520778

considering that more and more youtubers are becoming parents, what do you think it will be like for their children? what would YOU do if your dad made a living revieweing videogames

No. 1520780

Beg him for video games.

No. 1520781

what if you want to play a game but he says ''thats a 4/10 my child aint gonna play garbage''

No. 1520789

I haven't had a best friend since high-school. I have friends and a boyfriend. Every so often people will ask if so and so is my best friend if we're hanging out a lot but I don't really have a bestie to tell everything too.

No. 1520821

i don't think most adults have that, their partner takes the role of the bestie. most friendships i've seen (and been in) are fairly shallow.

No. 1520822

If you grow up seeing your dad review videogames you'll think that's normal. Also your specific example is no different than someone from older generation being a movie critic for a journal or whatever so it's not necessarily that weird even?

No. 1520826

File: 1678532510382.png (3.65 MB, 1584x3138, gR5AgT9RozB6tg.png)

what the hell is this. i clicked on one vid and it's just a text-to-speech giving a biography

No. 1520828

can someone give me love advice? how do i stop being so mentally ill about this shit?
i have had a crush on an online for a while now but i've had trouble getting to spend time alone with him because i'm too shy, sometimes we do stuff together alone but then he does other stuff and i've been too shy to make a move.
yesterday this other girl who's been in a discord server we're in mutually joined a game of cards against humanity me, him and some friends played, and he seemed totally interested in her.. after that she started talking about her d&d sessions and he's a big d&d fan, and i saw they ended up staying together in the server's voice channel for a whopping 5 hours talking about god knows what.
she has a boyfriend so i wasn't that worried at first but i'm stupid and obsessive and this has made my heart hurt a bit, because i really liked him and was hoping we were going somewhere slowly because we've been hanging out more and more. but he's never shown that much interest to someone nor even stayed up late in a vc channel like he did with her
just how do i stop making it hurt?

No. 1520832

content farm for ad revenue, AI text + text to speech. there's a lot of these for media reviews

No. 1520863

File: 1678539042736.jpg (16.75 KB, 259x320, 277e4066aee4d6222e32d43f83a777…)

lolcow is so dead… hello? can anynonny hear me?

No. 1520864

I'm here but your right, in the last 2 years site activity has gone down due to the cp raids and the reign of shaymin, new mods have most of the issues and we are hoping to invite more users so the site can get back on its feet

No. 1520865

I wonder if my bunny would tolerate head pancakes…

No. 1520866

File: 1678539827843.gif (2.28 MB, 480x259, giphy.gif)

I love the Howl's Moving Castle dub. God bless Christian Bale, fuck.

No. 1520867

some dubs can be good

No. 1520870

I’d rather site be fucking dead than desperately grasping for underage users from tiktok and twitter

No. 1520919

This isn’t going to make sense but I feel like pewdiepie and marzia have been alive for too long, like they should be 45/50 by now

No. 1520923

I'm clueless how you even came up with this idea, but I am sure you are right somehow.

No. 1520973

Every time I read some dumbass post about horoscopes I struggle against the urge to reply

No. 1520999

kind of weird that in the upcoming generation it's going to be far more common for kids to have "famous" parents

No. 1521002

File: 1678553690042.jpeg (23.58 KB, 319x217, DF47A19B-1072-44E6-91A7-039667…)

Here’s hoping for your spiritual awakening to occur soon nonny

No. 1521006

This is like the real life equivalent of that youtube guy antoons that just made animations of cartoon characters dying

No. 1521017

File: 1678554611028.png (7.59 KB, 337x166, why.png)

No. 1521020

i thought my post didn't go through, so that happened

No. 1521129

File: 1678563189949.jpg (1.29 MB, 4000x3000, 1678465122231.jpg)

what the hell is going on in eastern europe

No. 1521144

I had these on a cruise to Sweden. They were okay. I'm not a big fan of potato chips though.

No. 1521154

Did they really taste like pussy and dick?

No. 1521160

I'm 100% straight but "dick flavour" is one of the most unappetizing things I've ever heard kek

No. 1521164

What would that even look like? How do you make potatoes taste like a dick?

No. 1521169

I guess smegma is cheesy

No. 1521173

Eating contests are crazy. I remember being weirded by them even as a child when I'd see them in films and cartoons, I guess some Hey Arnold episode was the first time I learned about it. I can't comprehend how people can willingly do this to their bodies, it's like self-harm that's also a game. WILD. Recently, for example, a woman in Russia died during pancake-eating competition because she choked but continued eating. It's fucked up.

No. 1521179

The last few years I've been thinking about trying competitive eating as a hobby, because I have one of those superhuman metabolisms and I can to shovel back a lot of food in one sitting, especially if I eat fast. It would be cool to do it for a few years while I'm still relatively young. I haven't really come across any in my area tho, and I don't want to do eating challenges for youtube because as a woman it's basically fetish content whether you like it or not/I don't want to show my face. Idk it's kind of a dumb dream anyway

No. 1521229

Not at all, just meat/herby flavors.

No. 1521241

File: 1678571272147.jpg (21.96 KB, 367x367, lain0.jpg)

>make reddit account to ask an innocent question
>get downvoted
This made me unreaonably upset

No. 1521242

I was at walmart and this guy with his baby son was babystalking me (loudly talking to his baby to try and get me to say something or compliment his parenting and baby)
I ran into him like 4 times in the store and he'd go from silent to loudly cooing at his kid and I'd just walk past him avoiding eye contact.
I feel bad for parents they must be so lonely

No. 1521252

Yeah, I've had this happen too. Once someone down votes you on there, others always follow. It's why I avoid there nowadays. It used to be less hivemindy. Who knows why it happens.

No. 1521253

Why are Chinese store sites always kind of busy looking? Like 100 things going on on one page.

No. 1521259

One person took it the wrong way like a retard and the rest followed suit, like other anon said. Don't take it personally. Just ask somewhere else, like another similar sub or here instead.

No. 1521260

Kind of sounds like he was just being a general creep.

No. 1521262

How come every time I go in /meta/ there's some anons having a full blown discussion about some milk in /w/. Why can't they just go to their cow's thread and do that.

No. 1521267

it's so spergy too. they're typing out full-blown essays about who they think is wking.

No. 1521269

I found lolcow trying to find people shit talking Arin from game grumps wife,when I first saw it I didn't know how spoilers worked so I thought the spoiler picture was the picture that nonnies were talking about. Until I actually clicked it (remember when you could click a picture and instantly see it? Not a mintue of load up? Noni remembers.).
I'd constantly every few months Google Suzy name, end up on lolcow and read the thread looking for new info. I stayed because I peaked and I cannot remember what else

No. 1521271

It's funny watching 4chan scrotes go through the phases of seethe when a woman posts. First insults, then arguing, then trying to armchair psych, then dismissing the woman as a tranny to soothe their ego

No. 1521272

My favorite tinfoil is that bots are far more rampant on reddit than we assume. When it came to insulting celebrities on there I thoroughly believe a lot of those celebrities pay for bots, that's common astroturfing. I also believe a lot of celebrities are on reddit themselves and may argue with their fans and detractors, several have all but confirmed or implied they use it. Same with any other social media.

Back to general bots, I would buy that some terminally online redditors programmed them or have multiple accounts to downvote things more than once or are testing bots on reddit and may magnify unpopular posts as targets. Governments and such may do this as well. My favorite tinfoil about the internet, especially popular sites, is that we're underestimating how much interaction is fake.

No. 1521273

File: 1678573364662.png (5.58 KB, 818x393, farmhands.png)

anyone else seeing this?

No. 1521279

No. 1521282

I kind of want to be farmhand but I know I'd never be able to deal with seeing anons being retarded and having the ability to ban them. I'd go rogue within a week. and my post history is probably an automatic rejection

No. 1521288

I would do it but I'm moving and don't have the time or internet connection right now

No. 1521290

File: 1678574273810.png (5.15 KB, 1306x322, Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 2.37.…)

oh shit I can't answer this one lol

No. 1521298

I'm gonna be the little devil on your shoulder and say just cheat, they won't know nonny.

No. 1521303

erm they contain chocolate chips,

No. 1521319

WHAT do I have to DO to get a tall lanky awkward girlfriend that I can CUDDLE and FAWN OVER?????????????????????

No. 1521330

File: 1678576087443.png (2.8 KB, 654x152, grrr.PNG)

same with post history. i hope the new crop of farmhands is good

No. 1521331

File: 1678576159647.jpeg (520.41 KB, 1881x1623, 1665725647327.jpeg)

kek i kind of relate to that

No. 1521332

It’s the most popular way of advertising in China. The more info crammed in, the better. Way more maximalist in style generally but luxury still trends slightly more minimalist/western style ads.

No. 1521335

File: 1678576704990.png (32.88 KB, 640x786, G0480_100_KolinskyAcrylicBrush…)

I really want to try kolinsky brushes for nail art because I see so many people raving about them but I refuse to support little weasels dying just for a brush. I don't get why they can't be sheared like sheep at least.

No. 1521339

Banning emoji posters would honestly be my favourite thing as a farm hand. (Don't worry I don't wanna be one)

No. 1521346

it's cheaper to kill them. just like egg laying hens. it's cheaper to kill them after two years and bring in more than it is to keep then around

No. 1521354

american idpol is weird. Just saw a video of a guy saying "a person in a plus size body" just say a fat person, dude Calling someone "a person with a body" and general idea of separating a body and from a person is so dehumanizing

No. 1521367

It always reminds me of when a person goes missing and when their corpse is found it stops being referred to by their name, just as 'the remains'.

No. 1521414

I used to think Kirby was really cute, but now it's hard for me to see anything Kirby and feel anything but uncomfortable because of Kirdede-anon. Not that I have anything against her, I actually think she's quite funny, but she made Kirby so sexual.

No. 1521418

so grateful i havent seen her posts they sound highly disturbing.

No. 1521420

i guarantee she'll be here in 15 minutes

No. 1521421

haven't been able to forget her description of kirby's kirpussy

No. 1521432

I genuinely apologize for that, I truly do. I hope that you can look at Kirby in a way that doesn't bring you discomfort someday.

No. 1521438

called it

No. 1521441

>Why can't they just go to their cow's thread and do that.
because they know they'll get banned for it kek

No. 1521446

File: 1678586429891.jpg (44.97 KB, 716x668, lanza.jpg)

Deserved ban

No. 1521455

I’ve been stuck in traffic with my car in park for a whole fucking HOURRRRRR

No. 1521459

>check Amazon order
>One of my items is coming tomorrow
Wtf, I forgot the Amazon employees have to work on Sundays. Bezos really is abusing them.

No. 1521471

File: 1678588715021.jpg (11.99 KB, 480x360, that other ball with legs that…)

Same, I hate Kirby now. I can't even look at it without being disgusted.

No. 1521473

I used to not give a crap but now I love kirby especially after finishing the forgotten land. The music is nostalgic and the character designs are based. I got the club nintendo kirby keychain. Kirby is based autists can lick the sour side of my bhole they can't taint what is wholesome and good

No. 1521477

Alex Jones is nodding at me from the banner. He actually looked kind of good then, before he grew that awful beard. But young Alex Jones are uncanny. Those pics of him at the gym make him look like a DARPA-sponsored man-ape hybrid. Anyway I'm on the toilet.

No. 1521478

>finishing the forgotten land
That's one of my favorites as of now, I really think Hal did a good job when making the switch from 2.5D to 3D. I found the game absolutely perfect. Did you 100%? What did you think of the story and final boss, I felt it was a very interesting theme this time around definitely a more interesting jump from Star Allies. Are you planning on playing Return to Dreamland Deluxe?

No. 1521481

plenty of people have to work on sundays.

No. 1521496

>did you 100%
No I play on wild mode and there are like a handful of challenges I just CAN'T do and some level waddledees I can't get either. I won't go on spring breeze to get it because I'd feel like a cheat though.
I agree I love the game. I would compare it to the recent Yoshi game in terms of side content and atmosphere. Really loved it and the couch coop was fun too and GREATLY surpassed yoshi.
>what did you think of the story
Interesting though I thought the Clawroline and Leon story was confusing just my opinion
>final boss
Amazing and so cool especially when shit went trippy
I might get return to dreamland but it's not really drawing me in like forgotten land did

No. 1521498

Yeah, but it feels bad when it's Amazon employees. Anyway, I can't wait for my package.

No. 1521502

I had a harmless old scrote come up and talk to me and I got to use my fake name. I haven't used my fake name in a while so I was glad I can bring it out again. Idk why but when I tell a scrote my fake name I feel superior and it's a huge boost.

No. 1521509

restaurants, retail, tourist attractions, gas stations, public transportation, lots of businesses are staffed on Sundays in the US.

No. 1521513

File: 1678591284353.jpg (385.25 KB, 1000x2264, 1678302514590.jpg)

This is so fucking funny HOLY FUCK HAHAHAHAHA

Moids are so goddamn stupid HAHAHAHA

No. 1521515

I'm aware nonna.

No. 1521517

with the amount of times i've seen stories similar to this, i'm convinced that men are literally blind

No. 1521520

Disney has all these movies where they lift up the rock and show beautiful shining gummy bugs and say to eat them

No. 1521523

>No I play on wild mode and there are like a handful of challenges
I completely get that, while I did force myself to collect the Waddle Dees (both out of virtue and because they're so darn cute) I couldn't bring myself to max out all of my copy abilities or complete all Treasure Roads or collect all the figurines and such. Couch co-op was super fun, admittedly I wish Bandee had a bit more variation and the bosses actively noticed him when fighting Morpho Knight P2 could just attack him while he was focused on Kirby.
>Clawroline and Leon story was confusing just my opinion
Really? I thought it was super straight forward. Clawroline was friends with Leongar who ended up getting controlled by Forgo which causes Clawroline to want the real Leongar back.
>Amazing and so cool especially when shit went trippy
Agreed! I really hope we get more and cooler looking interesting bosses Elfilis looked so cool and I really loved his boss fight. He's probably one of my favorite looking bosses next to 02 and DDD's KSSU Revenge of the King fight.
>I might get return to dreamland
I'd be quick to shill it but I'd suggest you'd check out trailers and gameplay. There's not really much different from the original RtDL on the Wii besides a slew of new minigames and a special mode for Magolor specifically.

No. 1521531

this wasn't loading for me at all and was missing the sound so i tracked down the youtube video

youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6i5hdqX_8s
video is age restricted so here's another link to bypass that: https://nsfwyoutube.com/watchmore?v=P6i5hdqX_8s

absolutely worth watching, hilarious shit

thanks for sharing, nonna

No. 1521532

slimy yet satisfying

No. 1521534

No. 1521539

another video from this channel
pretty based editor, they're producing some high quality shit tbh

No. 1521540

It’s not the same, none of those names are titles. Naming your daughter Khalessi would be like naming her Queen.

No. 1521541

File: 1678593881568.jpg (39.75 KB, 625x469, cat.jpg)

I just heard the most worst corporate feminist song ever. Ooooh my god girlboss and pop punk are two genres that should never ever mix.

No. 1521543

was it the Le Tigre I'm with her son

No. 1521545

No it was this. I guess the main message is okay, but it feels like the most basic (performative?) feminism ever and this woman's voice is grating. And the lyric
>Tiana went and got a bio-medical degree
Made no fucking sense. Tiana literally owns her own restaurant, why would she need to get a bio-medical degree? Mind you the lyrics literally talk about being a CEO. And why would Jasmine and Mulan be making out?

No. 1521546

Samefag but this woman also has a song about being ok with her man giving her a ring pop instead of an actual ring. This might singlehandedly be the worst singer ever.

No. 1521547

>why would Jasmine and Mulan be making out?
trendy lesbianism but I'm betting the singer only ever dates the worst types of moids IRL

No. 1521549

Of course it’s the Victoria’s Secret woman. You just know she wears pleather jackets and has a lilo and stitch tattoo.

No. 1521550

The entire comment section is a massive embarrassment

No. 1521551

I know disturbing is where this video was aiming and it didn't need anything else after Kent/Alice to achieve it. I like Hades and Jasmine though, for some reason.
Kek this is so well done and hilarious… and they fucking had a baby????? Oh God

All I have to offer is old Hercules/Ramses vid

No. 1521554

i got really annoyed with the lyric: "Tiana went and got a biomedical degree"
did they even watch the movie? It was Tiana's dream to be a restaurant entrepreneur.

No. 1521556

I think I just had a religious experience, I was really upset and this phrase in a language I don't know came into my head and I kept saying it for like 10 minutes and I calmed down a lot. I've had this happen a few times in my life, not much but it's such a strange experience every time, like you can't stop saying it even though you don't know what it means.

No. 1521561

I hate to fucking spring forward. Fuck daylight savings time. Give me my hour back!!

No. 1521564

I like kirby more now because of her. I already liked kirby just fine, it was my favorite game as a kid so I have nice memories. now I have new nice memories of loling at kirbynona (no offense to her but it's such a specific & unexpected obsession plus she's so shameless about it, it's funny / I support her triggering people). she isn't tainting kirby for me.

No. 1521568

dont forget there is already a superior cinderella.

No. 1521600

Kris Jenner is unironically a better stage parent than people like Joe Jackson and Tina and Matthew Knowles, because unlike those other people her children had no discernable talent and she still managed to make something out of ALL of them. Though, you could argue that the Jacksons weren't really born with talent and Joe just beat it into them…
And before anons get mad at me, yeah I know all stage parents suck. Just something I was thinking about

No. 1521610

i love how the german language sounds its simultaneously the funniest sounding and yet most attractive language ever. i don't even care much about german culture, german language content just does something to me idk. sorry to any german anons reading this

No. 1521611

It's ok, not really your fault. I'm sure I'll get over it someday and be able to enjoy Kirby again.

No. 1521622

i'm not trying to cause infighting, i actually like kirbyanon, but in this case it kind of is her fault lmao. granted its better to see kirby hornyposting coming from kirbyanon and not some deranged moid inflation fetishist on deviantart or something

No. 1521627

I don't know about German, bit I think Scandinavian English accents are really sexy

No. 1521628

to me it's the least attractive. always sounding like they have something in their throat.

No. 1521642

File: 1678607430440.jpg (94.54 KB, 720x895, c7e3f73a8b94146f9740005f1a3d64…)

2 days ago I complained that I felt bad for having spent $24 on nail supplies that I didn't need, but I kept going back for more stuff and now I've spent nearly $100

No. 1521646


No. 1521663

you dun goofed anon

No. 1521665

File: 1678608719910.jpg (152.88 KB, 1600x1397, blackcatsedited.jpg)

Oh nonnie

No. 1521666

File: 1678608814745.png (38.94 KB, 250x347, dorner].png)

No. 1521680

File: 1678610167783.jpg (98.88 KB, 970x600, oooo sparklyyy don't think abo…)

I know nonnas… Whenever I do stuff like this I just tell myself that in a few months I won't remember how much this stuff cost Which I know isn't that much but it was still too much but I will remember how much I love the products and how happy they make me.
Anyway, look at the cat eye polish I bought. You use a magnet to move the glitter around in different patterns. I bought huge space charms to do a galaxy type of set too.

No. 1521687

what the FUCK
Where’s the rest of him????

No. 1521729

File: 1678625131098.jpg (95.36 KB, 850x830, dollmaster.jpg)

Been using my nigels 3D printer to make a BJD since I've always wanted one but never had the money and I'm almost done printing all the parts. I'm so excited.

No. 1521731

Guess I’m fully vegetarian now. Meat puts me off completely. Didn’t expect it to happen.

No. 1521734

That’s so cool nonna! I’d love to see pics when you are finished

No. 1521735

File: 1678626890842.jpg (216.53 KB, 3368x1142, SiLvx0BDVf7mm.jpg)

This is the percent of marriages that are arranged in India. Over 90% of them arranged and many were nonconseual. I genuinely believe that if it weren't for arranged marriages 90% of south asian, african and MENA men would die Incels

No. 1521736

I always thought that after the initial investment on the doll, while expensive, really the expensive part is the customisation

No. 1521756

omg i just looked at bjd printing patterns on thingaverse. gonna ask my brother to print me bjd wolf

No. 1521763

What do you think the names Eric, Richard and Aubrey mean?

No. 1521845

File: 1678637861013.jpeg (81.05 KB, 960x720, 00.jpeg)

who else had their posts show up 4 times in a row raise your hand

No. 1521847


No. 1521851

Right?? I was just thinking that. Either it's one anon accidentally messing up or there's something going on

No. 1521855

it happened both to my and other anons posts so it seems to be a site issue

No. 1521858

also whenever it does happen the new reply button is stuck on "posting…100%"

No. 1521876


No. 1521877


No. 1521878

File: 1678639525357.gif (72.6 KB, 498x405, 1658656585436.gif)


No. 1521954

U should be allowed to a log men

No. 1521971

What the hell happened to wordpress? I thought it was just your run of the mill blogging service, when did it get all shit up with all these payment plans and site hosting services and shit?

No. 1521985

File: 1678646628242.jpg (96.69 KB, 455x599, 455px-Wain_Cats_--_The_Fire_of…)

My dream is to be locked up inside a mental ward and just draw and paint pictures of cats FOREVER but that will never happen because I'm too sane.

No. 1521989

I think it only counts as a-logging if it's towards a specific person, if you're just saying all men generally should die in horrific ways you should be ok

No. 1521995

File: 1678647411967.jpg (269.44 KB, 2400x2400, Vicks-VapoRub-Ointment-Deconge…)

I love you so much, you're the best

No. 1521998

I always had a fear of being locked up in one but then one day it finally happened and.. it was kinda nice. I had no responsibilities on me. I'd had a shitty stressful upbringing and had to move out at barely 18 so never got a break from having alot on my shoulders. Everyone else there hated it and wanted to go home but I was like.. damn this is nice. Never felt so unburdened in my life.

No. 1522006

they've been webhosting and had payment plans for special blogs and stuff for a while now, nonna. i haven't used wordpress in years but i remember them pushing that on me when i tried blogging a few years back in the 2010's.

No. 1522022

File: 1678648923143.jpg (16.98 KB, 473x476, devilish hehe.jpg)

one of my tumblr mutuals got called out for reblogging from radfems that i also follow and she said she reblogged those posts from the for you tab and didn't know…i'm a crypto so my likes must be ending up on my mutuals' fyp hehe, the thought crimes are coming from inside the house

No. 1522026

This is fucking hilarious lmfaoooo
I wonder if you can peak people this way.
Or LARP as a troon online following other troons while liking radfem posts. Would ruin their day seeing terfy posts on their fyp. Then it will be a game of amogus who's the crypto lmfao

No. 1522028

Mexicananon detected

No. 1522033

My mums dad used to eat Vicks when he got a cold.

No. 1522044

What a retard

No. 1522049

I want a prominent breadtuber to be cancelled or create some controversy or drama. The breadtuber thread has been so dry lately.

No. 1522222

File: 1678661910513.jpeg (66.53 KB, 486x561, F1456811-A9A5-4BC2-9A1A-4E70E5…)

>I have a crush on my cousin
>yeah well I can’t fuck my cousins anymore because they got the Covid vaccine!!!

No. 1522235

That’s just the meaning, no one uses those as titles.

No. 1522270

File: 1678667533755.jpeg (185.33 KB, 1170x1788, 1F6924E5-07EB-4553-8C8B-1F0F6A…)

Saw this funny post by some kid who was too concerned with making an instagram reel to take the cap off her medication injection, wasted the entirety of it, and then tried to make it about the ‘realities of being disabled in America, where medication is just unreasonably expensive’…
As a disabled female Amerifag I can say with full confidence: No. Just medication is expensive doesn’t mean you can’t read the instructions before administering it to yourself, and it also doesn’t mean you need to make a whole social media song and dance broadway production to attention whore about how you’re just seww sick. Sure, medicine costs a lot. Which is why you should be focused while giving it to yourself and not making instagram videos about it. Take the cap off your syringe, shoot yourself up, and go back to what you were doing.
And of course when I looked at her instagram profile I noticed she’s pro-AGP and thinks that transphobia is ‘deadly’ kek
Clearly didn’t deserve her chronic migraine medication! That’s what you get for being retarded

No. 1522272

I talk to strangers in a polite and kinda formal (but friendly) manner and I think it's a normal way to do it but many don't communicate like that and it sometimes seem like people see it as weird and fake, and I feel like fucking C3PO

No. 1522274

i miss when it was just spoonies looking for attention online and not the uwu i so dwisabwed ewwrything is so hard donate to my patreon in abundance now. or the hartley hooligan style of attention from parents about their crippled children, using their issues for their own emotional fulfillment

No. 1522285

That’s the term I couldn’t remember! Spoonie

No. 1522306

Was recently painting and stuff in my bathroom and managed to get some green paint on my toilet lid I haven't cleaned up yet. Babysat my toddler niece today and had to take her into the bathroom to clean her up. The second I get her home she says "anon has a really dirty toilet." Damn why she do me like that.

No. 1522331

I was just listening to this the other day, it's an ear worm. The comments on the lyric video were all like "yes, it's for the kids! Such a good role model!"
>song says fuck
>song about burning down prince's house
>bastardizing beloved children's characters
All I could imagine is kids being confused while the female-equivalent to those gaping-mawed soyjacks - a group of fat white women with winged eyeliner and black wannabe-pin-up hair, or shaved heads, all with bad personal hygiene - scream that WoMeN aReN't Ur PrOpErTy!!!!1!1! while they wait for Allister to come home from his datefriend's house with Applebee's leftovers for her to gorge on. I like when my boyfriend calls me baby, die mad.

No. 1522335

I love kids and my friend commented 'you always smile at kids, do you have baby fever or something?' and honestly I don't think I'd be a good mother but I still love kids, when a kid smiles or is excited it make me so happy. I should just work at a daycare or something.

No. 1522341

Someone make a god damn unpopular opinion thread before I make one with a shitty threadpic

No. 1522344

File: 1678673852263.jpeg (19.36 KB, 275x198, 56465256161.jpeg)

My boss accidentally referred to himself as my "friend" today, he corrected himself but it gave me such strong secondhand embarrassment kek I hope it didn't show on my face too much.

No. 1522354

I wish beer came in plastic bottles you can close. I always have to finish half a liter just because I like how it goes with food, I guess they might have this in other countries but not mine. Sucks.

No. 1522364

Not sure if finally cauliflower rice pilled or relapsing

No. 1522372

File: 1678676996139.jpg (36.67 KB, 657x649, huh.JPG)

estonian nonas is this real?

No. 1522410

I remember one time I got banned for responding to bait with a "this is bait" pic, and now that I think about it that was kinda fucked up.

No. 1522412

I really want a new phone because I haven't had one in 5 years but I'm probably not buying until fall and I want one of the new colors because my phone has always been basic black or white. Fuck.

No. 1522437

File: 1678680778042.png (120.46 KB, 1260x2011, world record.png)

Out of the recent doubleposting this is probably a record

No. 1522448

Just a random thought, but calling male significant others "daddy" has been around for so long idk why people act like it's new. Even my grandmother's generation did it. Perhaps it's just more widespread these days.

No. 1522456

File: 1678681736688.png (106.05 KB, 883x1702, g_girl_talk.png)

here's the runner up

No. 1522476

Samefag It would be like complaining ‘Why can’t I name my son Stone, when other parents get to call their sons Peter?’

No. 1522545

File: 1678689739770.jpg (37.52 KB, 500x818, 1667599248171.jpg)

My mom always states she """barely""" got into the graduating class she was in because of her birth month. She was a december baby and my dad is a may baby. She is about 5 months older than my father. They both graduated the same year. I'm confused as hell why she keeps stating that she barely made it into her graduating class based on these facts. Am I missing something???

No. 1522551

because the cutoff for the previous year graduating class may have been November or so, so she was born late enough in the year that she was put in the next graduating class

No. 1522552

If your birthday is after mid-October, they will typically enroll you in the same class as those born in the earlier months of the following year. Obviously I don't know your mom but it sounds like she may have tested out, sometimes they'll do that if you do really well on a placement test.

No. 1522553

A May baby and a December baby don't have to be in the same graduating class. I'm not sure why she thinks of it as "barely" making it but it definitely could have gone a different way. Her parents probably waited to start her at school so she wasn't younger than everyone. I guess it depends on the advice of the school district and what's normal for where you live.

So basically when she started 1st grade she was 6 years old and your dad was six years old but she turned 7 pretty soon after the school year started. Some districts might have advised her parents to start her in 1st grade when she was technically 5 (turning 6 soon) –which I think is a horrible idea because the younger children were total baby outcasts in my 1st grade class, props to her parents honestly.

No. 1522559

Thank you nonnies! I was always so confused and now I get it. Thanks for clarifying.

No. 1522621

File: 1678705680496.png (7.66 KB, 324x296, 15414544@2x.png)

maybe it was because you responded to it? if you just posted the reaction pic without it linking back to the bait post and still got reported, then i'd agree that it's fucked up

No. 1522625

File: 1678706130157.jpg (46.98 KB, 736x705, 198fd501381bec2fd657d3c20b6611…)

I've been eating more fiber and it's making me insanely gassy.

No. 1522685

File: 1678715047426.jpg (54.04 KB, 360x540, 81824663c5e674b8fa66f8ef24dac4…)

I realized you can just make rice in the microwave a few days ago. I hate making rice so it's been good.

No. 1522686

ibs a bitch, fart with me queen

No. 1522736

I wish there were campgrounds that didn't allow children. There are cabins with privacy but you have to hike to them from the road. Otherwise kidfree places are unaffordable
I like glamping and not having to rough it so hard but I hate kids walking through my campsite when I'm drunk and high

No. 1522820

Get a rice cooker, top 5 kitchen essential thing to have

No. 1522826

I am the emoji miser. I break the rules(emoji)

No. 1522841

Going out of your way to pronounce the T in panties? faggit alert

No. 1522842

At first I was gonna boomer out and be like “the world is full of kids get used to it” but being intoxicated in the woods and then seeing what is essentially a baby (even when they’re like 7) sounds jarring

No. 1522889

that word makes me shrivel up it's such a tranny word

No. 1522896

I do not eat rice that often, so I don't really feel like I need one.

No. 1522897

Holy fuck, go outside.

No. 1522899

File: 1678731902928.jpg (67.4 KB, 671x1024, 2cb.jpg)

I want to cut my hair really short and do layers or something short but edgy but it's curly so I'm afraid I'll end up looking like a zoomer boy

No. 1522900

I once got so drunk on a date I started vomiting, so my date took me home and made me plain rice to regain energy and soothe the stomach. I realised when I woke up the next morning he made it in my kettle. He made rice in the coffe kettle. Wtf who does that

No. 1522925

Good question, did the rice taste good?

No. 1522933

Honestly idk, I was too drunk to evaluate
I ate the whole bowl tho
But "a drunk person found it edible" isn't a shining recommendation

No. 1522947

I’m sick as a dog but thankfully I have the farm to keep me company ♥ time to do some picrews

No. 1522954

Yes. But you'll be cute! The best thing to remember is that hair always grows back and then you can keep experimenting with new cuts!
I'm still having trouble with short, curly hair but I don't go to salons since 12 years ago so cutting it alone is hard. I accidentally, usually go for Whitney Houston or RnB singers who get the short black auntie cuts lol. Find a great and trusted stylist and enjoy the freedom!

No. 1522963

Lol, maybe that was his way of taking revenge for having to take care of drunk you.

No. 1522975

Hope you feel better nonnie

No. 1522981

What are the other four?

No. 1522988

File: 1678738642557.png (38.41 KB, 1022x677, sleepdemon.PNG)

god i wish that were me

No. 1522995

I've never seen ghosts, only vague shadows once, and sometimes I'd get auditory hallucinations (most likely sounds from real life that got distorted and much louder but it was demonic). Nothing really interesting in overall, you just lie not being able to move and you're fucking terrified for a minute or a bit more. You can try and induce it yourself, there are guides online. I don't remember if I wanted to induce sleep paralysis or a lucid dream but I'd get both a few times. If I remember correctly, you just have to lie on your back almost like a star, nothing has to touch your legs or arms? and it has to be quiet so you won't get distracted. Close your eyes and try not to think about anything, don't change a position and try to fall asleep. I did it taking a daytime nap.

No. 1523034

I ain't got no pannies on on the dance flo

No. 1523051

I had such a weird situation today, to preface I live in a foreign country where I'm not fluent (or even good tbh) yet.

Anyway I'm walking and see some boys (about 10 years old), two walking towards one on the path, and one of the two twists the arm of boy they approached and it looks like he's in pain, one of the pair keeps saying something about money and i'm trying to gauge if it's a boys roughhousing thing or a full on bullying thing, but it didn't look like the attacked boy was fighting back and seemed to really be in pain. Eventually I get to pass them and the bully is fully grabbing and pulling on this boys head and I say "Hey! What is this??" and the bully immediately lets go and they all look at me. But I said it in my native language and I was just standing next to the three of them realising I couldn't elaborate on anything because they wouldn't understand me kek

But then the victim makes no move to leave? And it was a full 5 seconds or so of silence and I figured there was nothing else I could do so I walked on, and all 3 stayed in the same place? I'm just thinking what the fuck was that. Were they really friends? Why did the boy being hurt so badly stay, even after I walked off? There was no way it was just good natured playing. God I'm so confused about the whole situation and this is pretty self centred of me to say but it was SO awkward.

No. 1523059

bullied children don't always run away if there is a chance. it could be they would find him later and be 10x worse to him, especially if it's something about money that they're after. he doesn't really have an escape.
i was bullied in school by one girl often and i just sat there and did nothing about it until it finally escalated one day where i started sobbing and the teacher next door saw me.

No. 1523083

File: 1678771744947.jpeg (491.66 KB, 1084x1600, Joseph-Arthur-comte-de-Gobinea…)

so apparently the originator of Nordic/Aryan supremacy theory was a Frenchman by the name of Arthur de Gobineau and he was most likely 1/8th or 1/16th black and was even noted for his "swarthy" complexation and Its funny that I expected that
like has there ever a proppant of Aryan supremacy who actually fit the ideal and looked like Dolph Lundgren or Travis Fimmel, you know tall, blonde, muscular and square jawed

No. 1523092

File: 1678773649279.png (6.27 KB, 405x205, bella says.png)

God I hate how you can't scroll down anymore a few posts on tumblr and that shit goes "whoa get an account right now to continue!!!!" With that giant ass warning to sign in, like shut the fuck up, I've been there and seen all you have to offer and it's all bullshit I just want to read some details about a fucking if game and maybe get some harry potter art but they won't allow me and I won't be making a new account just to follow these games, God only knows how much gender politics these retarded writers will put on my dash. Same shit with instagram but instagram isn't even fun. I only wanted to look at some posts of this university and then BAM! "sign in please, we're desperate!!" Yeah no shit! Internet nowadays is fucking shit. You can't go nowhere without them wanting to know who you are.

No. 1523118

File: 1678780360651.jpg (32.02 KB, 474x612, istockphoto-119679327-612x612.…)

"I've been doing great mentally lately, maybe I should re-read Oyasumi Punpun!"

No. 1523120

as an asian i whole heartedly disagree. it's not that hard to cook rice in a pot

No. 1523127

Which rapper do you nonnas think is not gay/bisexual? Too many of them are hardly straight imo.

No. 1523133

I bought one and felt like a goon. It's a pot with an electric plug, process compared to cooking on the stovetop is the exact same

No. 1523134

Turn down the stove.

No. 1523137

If you get a non-shit rice cooker (the pots with loose lids you can completely take off are cheap trash) it steams rice way better and there is a quality difference to normal pot cooking. Most rice cookers also come with several features including keeping your rice warm for up to 12hours, its about whats convenient for you and not buying the cheap western versions that suck ass.

No. 1523151

I got booty called by a guy I hooked up with once or twice months and months ago. He was very fit and good looking and quite charming but a total covert asshole, not to mention his dick game was weak af. Anyway, I rejected him and he got so upset about it it's hilarious. I bet he's never gotten rejected before. After I said no he told me it wasn't a booty call but hello, we hadn't talked for months and all of a sudden you invite me over? It's a booty call alright. He then asked if we can stay in touch anyways which I also declined kekk. I hope I managed to take him down a notch or two cause he deserves it for having a y chromosome.

No. 1523157

File: 1678789731038.jpg (791.38 KB, 2500x3756, emma-roberts-today-180112-inli…)

Short blunt bangs are so fucking ugly and look good on NO ONE. Ironically I only see them on genderspecials and their handmaidens so I have no idea where the name "terf bangs" came from.

No. 1523161

>being 100% euro-white mutt watching these fools fight over this shit
kek, lmao even
pull the race card harder instead of working on yourself as a person
(not racebait, the opposite) also who tf is dumb enough to give zucc's wife their DNA? cringe

No. 1523187

File: 1678792954052.jpg (63.2 KB, 1024x576, Hayao-Miyazakis-thoughts-on-an…)

I always thought Hayao Miyazaki saying that anime was a mistake was just a joke in that he said something completely different and someone put funny subtitles on that particular video. I was shocked when I learned that he actually said that and much more kek

No. 1523193

uncontrollably based, considering it's from a moid

No. 1523203

I'm struggling so hard in speaking with people. Sometimes my answer is totally unrelated to what they're asking. I stutter so much. I think my sentence structure is out of order because when I'm talking, sometimes I end up repeating the same thing until I think it makes sense. Sometimes people ask me multiple times because they're confused. My English sucks and I'm forgetting how to speak in my first language.

No. 1523220

File: 1678796643794.jpg (61.87 KB, 1072x1080, 20230308_150009.jpg)

I had such a good dream where I was a witch and turning people into bees to be useful, and I had a personal manwhore who kissed my hand and begged me for help

No. 1523230

File: 1678797295301.png (64.71 KB, 738x637, miyazaki.png)

what a cool guy, here's another great quote!

No. 1523234

>considering it's from a moid
see >>1523230

No. 1523251

File: 1678798621792.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1440, x920ezqtsha81.png)

Just found this on reddit
>Pokéboy fans
My sister in Christ, it's called "women". Gachashit never panders to women as much as it panders to men.

Just more proof that no real life moid can be trusted. They'll all disappoint you tremendously somehow.

No. 1523252

File: 1678798747051.png (20.66 KB, 577x557, moids.png)

Also this
I fucking hate scrotes so much it's unreal

No. 1523256

They do the same shit with women's day, god forbid we have a day where women get flowers or chocolate

No. 1523258

File: 1678799724419.jpeg (113.53 KB, 1200x900, left_right_tattoo.jpeg)

Had a video pop up on Instagram of a girl who got this tattooed and a lot of the comments were people saying they had trouble telling their left from their right. How much of a retard do you have to be to get this tattooed to remind you which is which?

No. 1523263

File: 1678800009987.jpg (30.26 KB, 600x600, 7f5.jpg)

Had a dream last night I was speaking with my doctor casually during a check up and happened to mention autism. Not in terms of my personal health, just for some reason mentioned autism. My doctor suddenly snaps to attention and says "Oh yeah you're totally autistic, let me add that to your diagnosis." To which I was shocked and asked if they were absolutely certain. Doctor said without a doubt. So I went home and told my family/friends that I, indeed, have autism to which they all responded with "wow you're sooooo brave telling us" or "yeah we totally knew, makes perfect sense". The rest of the dream I spent being treated like a legitimate retard/invalid and I was bewildered the entire damn time. Am I autistic, nonnies? This was technically a fever dream as I've had a raging stomach virus for two days now.

No. 1523264

I think it's caused by some disorder that's similar to dislexya? I'm 100% sure I misspelled it…

No. 1523275

I had this happen but irl. I don't have 3/4 grand to go get assessed (also at my age I don't see how it'd really pay off to make it official at the cost of 3/4 grand) I had a psych appt a few years back where they randomly brought up autism. Looked through my file, saw a few things on there, asked me a few questions and while it wasn't a diagnosis they pretty much made it clear that I likely have it. I told my dad afterwards and he was like
> yeah I thought so.. also I think I have it too, also btw here's a list of relatives who have it but keep it private
Turned out there's a bunch of tism on his side of the family and they're just very hush hush about it. He was pretty unphased by it coming up. Meanwhile I'm questioning my whole life and seeing shit from my past in a new light.

There's always convos in the autism thread about whether its worth getting assessed after a certain age. With mixed opinions.

No. 1523281

ayrt Oh wow. I didn't think it could actually go down like that. Are you at least comforted to have an answer?

No. 1523296

I always had this vague 'wtf is up with me' feeling from a young age. A frustratingly vague feeling that I waited to hopefully grow out of but never did. Its been useful to keep that in mind now when I look back on times where I couldn't explain what I was dealing with. But keeping in theme with the other tists in my family.. I've told my dad and nobody else. Life hasn't changed. Its mostly been useful for self reflection. Things add up.

No. 1523304

Anyone else realize how such NPCs moids are? The terminally online moids tend to put on anime girl avatars in front of political flags whether that's a Nazi flag, an arm and sickle symbol or some brand of obscure leftist movement. Do moids not have a sense of identity or something? At least terminally online women from what I've seen have varied interests and don't need to announce their alliance by putting on quirky avatars. No wonder moids are so susceptible to trooning out.

No. 1523306

>don't need to announce their alliance by putting on quirky avatars
Huh, this is true. Whilst there are women online who are pretty politics-oriented in their posts, they don't tend to announce it with their avatars, and their avatars don't all look the same unlike troons who put on anime girls. At most, they'll have a radfem flag or something.

No. 1523307

Stupid people are boring and those without accomplishments seek identity in meaningless tribes with no material grounding.

No. 1523325

File: 1678805925529.jpg (11.26 KB, 261x275, 1659024472387.jpg)

bumping gore from front page…

No. 1523326

File: 1678805971784.png (40.83 KB, 275x206, 1654799887624.png)

No. 1523338

File: 1678806580093.jpg (368.22 KB, 1437x1916, FrIhblZWAAIy0Rz.jpg)

>blocks your path and lectures you on why women are subhuman
what do you do?

No. 1523342

Ask toes why he’s wearing women’s jeans

No. 1523343

I know a guy with flappy ears like that, kids in school joked he could fly off with them so they gave him the nickname Icarus and it stuck for life.
He got lucky imo, it could have been Dumbo

No. 1523362

I actually have this literal disorder and it's called spatial dyslexia, it would genuinely help me out. Though yeah I guess I'm a retard for getting left and right confused all the time.

No. 1523363

They are all so incredibly ugly I am speechless. And where tf are Dumbo's shoes?

No. 1523369

I thought left vs right is purely a human distinction, and was shocked to find out Nature discriminates between left-handed and right-handed molecules

No. 1523372

File: 1678808583446.jpeg (45.46 KB, 417x578, 5BF0038B-A67B-428F-B44B-0F13A8…)

ask dude on the left if it’s hard to exist on land with his flipper feet, ask Alfred e Newman in the middle if he’s not wearing shoes because he’s a pinhead and can’t tie his shoe laces, and tell right guy that his watch is fake and ask how it feels to be the manlet of the group.

No. 1523379

How bad is it to isolate yourself? Not because i'm angry or sad with the outside world but because i feel like it's the best choice. Anyone that isolates has any problems that are not about feeling alone, sad etc for having to isolate? Does distracting yourself solves any emotional problem that may surface?

No. 1523387

That neanderthal looking guy is the exact type of creepy shit I tend to see when I'm having weird dreams. Faces that start out looking human and then slowly distort.

No. 1523410

laugh in their faces, go home flick my bean and then laugh again

No. 1523416

There's something very primeval looking about the white guy. like he'd bash my head in and eat my organs raw

No. 1523423

Why are you ugly? Why aren't you working in the fields or dying in a war?

No. 1523424

he has the phenotype of both, he'll do all the above then fuck the least appealing organ. your spleen is Timothy's favourite treat (he just looks like a timothy tbh, degenerates)

No. 1523438

Someone tell me how to get into David Lynch. I've seen Twin Peaks (very good) and Eraserhead (very good) but I cannot get into his early 2000's stuff. When there isn't something to distract from his weirdness (like visuals/cinematography or story) I just cannot sit through it.

No. 1523440

why do you wanna get into something you dislike? don't do it for a moid
my nigel wants me to watch twin peaks but I wont until he watches Six Feet Under with me hehe
only advice is smoke a big fat doobie or eat a tab then make a night of it. that or wine if you can't access something trippy.
is there a reason you can't sit through it? besides the "weirdness" is there anything you find compelling? if not, just don't watch it. watch something you like, life's too short

No. 1523443

The only thing about this video that bothered me is that the reason they are mixed to begin with was because of rape during colonization. Generations afterwards are all mixed. Nobody in Latin America is 100% one type. This is why it's hard to apply any kind of race to these people. The US doesn't even know how to categorize them accordingly. Hispanic, but they don't all speak Spanish, Latino, but…not everybody accepts the term because it's not true for them. These people are so mixed that I don't think any other place has this much mixture. It's not so much that they don't want to be white, they are rejecting the obvious rape in their blood. Nobody wants to identify as the oppressor. I mean if Europe got mass pillaged by the Chinese would anybody want their children to align their identity with Chinese? I'd say for the most part no. They'd be mixed if it continued and everyone in Europe intermingled to the point of Latin America today. There wouldn't be white Europeans anymore, they'd be Chineans or some shit kek.

No. 1523458

File: 1678813278123.png (14.84 KB, 314x277, sandability.png)

I'm like this with east and west so I understand..

No. 1523462

I used to as well and still do sometimes, but I remembered which is which by remembering that I live on the East coast of the US. Perhaps if you live in the east or west of anything that could help.

No. 1523466

kek i have this issue but its because im autistic

No. 1523473

It always seems kind of backwards to me when someone commits to getting halfway decent tatts where they dedicate hours to getting something detailed.. and then they add on lil tatts that look like they could've been a home stick n poke job

No. 1523477

My special interest is knowing my left from my right.

No. 1523485

Sometimes I really want to hit men. Like very violently, I want to leave them with fractures and scars. I fucking hate the way they mumble with their low voices, I hate that they spew bullshit and act like they're clever, I hate that they're not even people but still want the priviledges of people. I fucking want to hurt them so bad.

No. 1523491

File: 1678815640272.jpg (69.77 KB, 1023x768, 06_TPB_Prop_CooperRecorder_Pan…)

At least twin peaks has cooper who is qt, but otherwise Lynch gives me very moidy vibes with his portrayal of women and glorifying bdsm

No. 1523493

File: 1678815761893.jpeg (446.27 KB, 1365x2048, 1661818731618.jpeg)

I really want to know who trump-chan is. I imagine her as picrel

No. 1523495

File: 1678816132027.jpg (109.01 KB, 1024x1024, blonde-farm-girls-v0-90defckt2…)

Who's your favorite farmer?
Mine is either the one farmer who kept posting pictures of nervous subject from the sims or the other farmer who posted her clay figurines and got told off.

No. 1523499

The one who makes birthday cakes for her lizard.

No. 1523501

Anonymous, of course.
She has a bit of a split personality and can be retarded at times, but her posts are what keeps me coming back

No. 1523515

It's a fight between The Brendan Fraser lesbian and the anon who makes aesthetic Napoleon edits.

No. 1523521

The anon who appears randomly to state that it's hot when moids get raped in the ass.

No. 1523523

lawrence of arabia-chan. made me actually watch loa (it was good).

No. 1523557

Ayrt, no it's not for a moid. My boyfriend would definitely not like Lynch's stuff. I just hear my artsy-fartsy friends go on about Lynch's genius and I can understand their opinion with a few of his works but a lot of his stuff just seems like a giant shitpost, like a long Tim and Eric sketch with like 85% of the humor cut. I just want to know wtf my friends are on about.

No. 1523570

>The Brendan Fraser lesbian
who was this

No. 1523589

NTA but I guess it depends on your taste. My experience was that I liked the visuals and absurdity which could keep me on my toes and some cute male actors, but other jokes were too dragged out and the plotlines of the teenagers were just painfully annoying.

I like entertainment that can surprise me, since a lot of new writers default to patterns they've seen by other people. But from a critical standpoint it seems like one of those things where
>oooh I am so quirky for liking this, you just wouldn't get it

No. 1523590

Anon who made against women brand list and anon who makes little outfits for her calico critters or something

No. 1523604

File: 1678823683020.jpg (123.57 KB, 940x1024, male gamer.jpg)

picrel has always been so right in every simple circumstance of my life it's insane.

No. 1523611

just finished watching star wars again and damn….darth vader is a cluster b fag lmao

No. 1523613

I will always love the Gus Fring anon. She is the best.

No. 1523659

Don't know if I would call her my favorite farmer, but everytime I eat pizza I think of the eyecrust pizza boyfriend anon, so she certainly has a place in my heart, if not at least in my mind.

No. 1523682

File: 1678828636601.jpeg (239.63 KB, 1125x2150, 2B73EBCC-6D09-4115-A11D-456CCF…)

I wonder if anons posting in the fetish threads on /g/ know degen kf users are watching and archiving every post. And well, every other thread too.

No. 1523693

Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised of sites like 44chins and kiwifats being obsessed with lolcow.

No. 1523699

Honestly, who cares what they think? Most of those fetishes or turn ons will forever just exist in the minds of the nonnies or in their art. As long as it stays there and nobody wants to be abused or fuck children it's fine. I've seen segments of the thread in question, they are butthurt because we all say mean things about men and that we have a space to speak our minds without moids telling us off or trying to shame us. Most of them are racist, angry, bitter and misogynistic men mad that they don't have a whore to worship their cocks 24/7 while they waste their miserable lives playing shit video games and directly interacting with lolcows to gain internet fame. The anons in those caps will never be as low of these scrotes who can't have a simple discussion without reeing about jews and black people. The whole thread reeks of cope and projection and they should kill themselves.

No. 1523702

Based nonnie.

No. 1523706

Exactly. Half of them suffer from porn induced erectile dysfunction, the rest are already suicidal. Their opinions are irrelevant, kek.

No. 1523722

I like making men uncomfortable on the internet by making edits of their faces with transparent hearts and anime blush and everything

No. 1523743

Link the thread, retard

No. 1523765

calling kf users 'degens' when most of the posters on the lc board on there are women and when they're making fun of retards from here who get off to anime men puking on themselves just sounds like a total cope, kek. don't act autistic in public and you won't get made fun of. it's really that simple.

No. 1523776

My fetishes aren't weird or gross enough for them to notice or care.

No. 1523778

>Mine is either the one farmer who kept posting pictures of nervous subject from the sims or the other farmer who posted her clay figurines and got told off.

No. 1523780

Everything you post on lolcow is public for anybody to see and reply to. If you expect this to be some safe space where you can say anything you like without being made fun of, you're in the wrong place

No. 1523787

With all the troon chasing, racist, woman hating weirdos on kiwifarms who cares? If you post something online I think it's best to always think, "this shit may show up somewhere else" especailly if it's kind of off the wall or sexual.
Men love seeing women with fetishes or doing shit that men normally do, Notice how kiwifarms has cows who are overwhemingly white men and a lot of these white men actually fuck & kill dogs, yet they'll always scream that "White girls fuck dogs" meme. The meme Josh only stopped doing because he said some shit about not wanting men to think white girls fuck does because he wants more white babies or some retarded shit.
Nobody thinks that but retards, we know some scrote is more likely to have fetishes, act on them and possibly harm others indirectly or directly to get off.

No. 1523793

File: 1678834494869.png (436.11 KB, 1135x960, MTS_MickeyPotatoes-1943296-ner…)

Samefag, wait actually I think I remember Nervous Subject-chan but who's the anon who was posting clay figurines?

No. 1523798

It was a seamless fucking action figure I know I'm right, I just got called a coomer bc all those freaks visit coomer 4chan threads. All I'm guilty of is autistically scrolling google for my creative hobbies

No. 1523799

It was a user in the old papercrafts thread who started posting photos of some homemade anime figures and got accused of being a baiting tranny

No. 1523801

File: 1678834848444.png (21.88 KB, 228x398, NervousSubjectFace.png)

Demanding more nervoussubjectposting

No. 1523807

Ok I just read the thread and tbh I don't see what anon did wrong except make ugly figures, I feel kinda bad for them kek.

No. 1523815

File: 1678835862824.jpg (20.87 KB, 512x512, 681a77b1ce09c91465765e8f097d9b…)

>mfw the moids on the sister farms didn't find my fetishes funny or cool enough to share

No. 1523819

This post smells off

No. 1523822

Just say what's on your mind

No. 1523823

Not another "W-We on KF are actually mostly women, not sad pathetic men!" cope lmao

No. 1523826

cringe starved for male attention and kiwifats of all people at that

No. 1523828

it was a JOKE, in the DUMBASS SHIT thread

No. 1523854

I know it's bad to get fast food late at night but I'm about to order Taco Bell cause I wanna eat it while I watch a movie.

No. 1523855

File: 1678839625956.png (96.8 KB, 446x616, 54y3536u.png)

anime nikocado

No. 1523865

there's something off about Lynch. i tried doing the transcendental meditation that he swears by (see vidrel) which involves the repeated incantation of specific words in your head and i felt an extremely demonic energy in my room afterwards. 10/10 would not recommend

No. 1523898

I want to show you guys something

No. 1523900

what is it nona

No. 1523901

This literally just confirms that KF scrotes go in those threads to post the most unhinged shit possible to farm whatever their autistic equivalent of reddit gold is

No. 1523903

File: 1678846130224.jpg (68.13 KB, 540x789, 20230314_210741.jpg)

Muntjacs have these facial scent glands that they can express by forcing them open. It looks like something out of a sci fi movie.

No. 1523904

File: 1678846172214.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.36 KB, 877x1000, tellytubby boots.jpg)


No. 1523905

But then again I kind of want to stick my finger in it.

No. 1523906

these things make me uncomfortable and I think they should go extinct

No. 1523907

the filename gives it away so the suspense was softened

No. 1523908

TM sounds like a cult. It makes you pay to take classes, they claim the mantras don't mean anything when they do, and it's basically gentrified eastern religion, similar to kundalini. You can practice eastern religious mantras or meditation without paying a scam guru or teacher.

The TM school in Iowa, named after the founder Maharishi, also has some seriously weird stuff going on, and Lynch, as you mentioned, Oprah, the Beatles, Beach Boys and Jim Carrey have all been connected to the TM school or been to Maharishi. The town of Fairfield had over 20 suicides in 6 years between 2008-2014, some of which were originally unreported, and in 2014, 160+ immigrant students of 1000 at the school were reported missing. In 2004 the school had a murderous stabbing after a student snapped and had a psychotic break. The school forces you to meditate, vegan diet, and confiscates your passport if you are an international student. Though it's a tinfoil, wonder if the upper levels are similar to a cult. The conformity and capitalism makes it sound like a new age woo woo scientology.

Here it is in the tinfoil thread (hope this links correctly)

No. 1523909

I didn't want it to be too surprising, you may have gone into shock.

No. 1523910

I love the fraserfag

No. 1523911


I'm a fucking idiot, this should be the right link

here's the TM skeptic blog as well

No. 1523912

Was afraid this was going to be gore or something, kek.

No. 1523914

File: 1678846913117.jpg (39.74 KB, 643x1024, download (6).jpg)

I'm trying to eat while watching The Whale but I'm only 3 mins in and idk if I can do this and enjoy my meal at the same thing. Really huge super duper important spoiler but First he was jacking off, but he caught a chest cramp and immediately started reading Moby Dick after
See, this is why I had to use that filename.

No. 1523915

ntayrt but I hope the schizo that sperged about trannies for a week and entirely killed that thread gets a pickaxe to the back of the head (in minecraft)

No. 1523920

that explains the weird racebait that temporarily happened in that thread
some kf users are troon chasers so i'd say that's pretty degen yes

No. 1523931

where is hand anon i need to hear her reaction to this scene kekkkkkkk

No. 1523935

I have a cystic pimple and it's so itchy. I wish it would go down already.

No. 1523941

as a teenager i'd always try to lance those fuckers with a rusty dull clothespin kek and it worked 0% of the time but I just kept doing it thinking next time it would work. I'm surprised I survived

No. 1523947

you are so brave, since I first read that triangle of death shit I stopped outright

No. 1523948

File: 1678851278153.jpg (42.9 KB, 720x716, cat (2).jpg)

This is why tetanus shots are important.

No. 1523951

File: 1678851666464.jpg (1.25 MB, 3264x2448, axU7WZvH39mvXfhkMe86Rf.jpg)

I'm the anon you replied to, another thing is one time i was away at an academic field school and got stabbed by a 30+ year old rusty nail while working. I called went to find cell service to call my mom and asked her "hey do you remember if i've been tetanus vaccinated recently?" and she was like "yeah you're good" so i was like yayy phew.
Then when I got back home I went to the doctor for a checkup and they mentioned I needed my tetanus shot because i was way out of date. I lived though!

No. 1523983

Tifs are the crustiest looking people ever. The gross acne, the dry skin, greasy hair, the frog voice that constantly sounds like she just got out of bed, the fucking pubeneckbeard, everything. I have never seen a tif that actually looks like she smells good. They all look like they haven't showered in a week.

No. 1523989

File: 1678859107469.jpg (21.59 KB, 422x316, a291a6f6e9b05ccfe5bdc12a3448dc…)


No. 1524004

I have no idea what I was doing ages 15-recently. It’s like where was I? Like I’m just now starting to catch up with stuff, like I was sleeping but I know for a fact I was very wide awake and engaging/interacting and observing like usual. So how did I miss, things happening? It was just all of a sudden, boom, things have changed oh and also here are these new things. I don’t even know if it’s worth beginning to unravel the why’s of anything or not. I need to begin listing things I need to research. But then while I start looking into things like Korean skincare, there will probably be other stuff happening and I’ll miss it again and I’ll always be behind and asking myself this same question. Because there’s so much. I wish I could keep up like I could before. Prob won’t die from not keeping up with things but idk, seems important at the same time. Maybe I wanna go back to sleep in my own little world

No. 1524007

I can't believe we need to have a new banner thread on /meta/ after 7 years soon

No. 1524013

No. 1524014

T makes them sweat uncontrollably so they smell even when they have showered.

No. 1524022

ALL TITS ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Small huge floppy I just want boobs in my mouth some titties to kiss nipples to suck god why did you make women so beautiful I've been so horny I need to be shut in because I cant stop looking at those bosoms
God gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers but I'm a weak, pathetic woman

No. 1524023

I love chatgpt. I will never write an essay, summary, resume, self-introduction, or anything that involves using my brain again!

No. 1524045

File: 1678870653140.jpg (31.83 KB, 640x360, _117549422_d9ab3a6b-3fa9-4797-…)

What was the secret magic word?

No. 1524071

File: 1678877506265.jpg (109.56 KB, 540x720, tumblr_e60e11ce0250ac53752a94f…)

Today I will not fuck around and, after mate for breakfast, i will do all the small but important things and chores that make my life better and wholesome. Im in control of my life and time and I choose to spend it wisely. Wish me luck

No. 1524076

File: 1678878288940.jpg (45.17 KB, 640x640, minale.jpg)

I photoshopped Mina Le with normal eyebrows

No. 1524077

Good luck nona! Doing chores and being able to check them off feels great. I beleive in you and also wanna wish you a pleasant day

No. 1524078

Or are they still too high up idk I'm high

No. 1524086

Can you photoshop her fugly hair next.

No. 1524093

thank you so much anona! I wish you too a pleasant day

No. 1524112

The celebricows thread right now is like a portal into a weird facebook group

No. 1524116

File: 1678882712333.jpg (689.43 KB, 3024x4032, cat (3).jpg)

>anons fighting about women's sexual preferences again
Being here for like 6/7 years and seeing the same infights get recycled is really starting to wear on me

No. 1524137

I wish gel nail products from sites like Aliexpress were actually safe, they're so ridiculously cheap.

No. 1524191

I'm working from home, or rather, I'm not doing ANYTHING because nobody will ever know what I'm doing and I'm not late in my tasks so I don't give a fuck. I'm in my pjs in front of my laptop in case someone sends me an email and just relaxing. Fuck work! That's their punishment for giving me way more work as soon as I came back after surgery to avoid getting cancer because they needed someone to replace a pregnant coworker for a whole fucking month while she was sick just a few months ago. I don't care if they gave me a bonus after that, it's not enough.

No. 1524273

In a way it makes lc timeless I guess, but it’s also a harsh reminder that not much has changed

No. 1524278

People actually go days or weeks without eating a vegetable wtf how do they do that? My body just starts to reject any other food by day 2

No. 1524279

I want to bait my coworker into saying something really stupid. She keeps trying to sound smarter and better than everyone else despite not knowing what she's talking about, for instance claiming taking six college classes + working is nothing despite her not being in college at all. I'm not concerned about making myself look good or anything I just want to troll her a little. What should I say? She tries to one-up everyone about everything.

No. 1524288

i have ibs and mast cell so veggies give me the shits or allergic reaction

No. 1524384

File: 1678894530386.gif (1.64 MB, 500x281, 7y44345.gif)

Wednesdays are so fucking wild. it's always on Wednesdays.

No. 1524389

I have really persistent instrusive thoughts and thought rituals that dominate like 70-80% of my thoughts everyday but recently I've found that when it gets really bad and I find myself stuck in a loop of anxiety, it's helps to just simply lay down for a few minutes. I've been tired a lot little so it gives me a moment of rest but also just a minute to calm down.

No. 1524394

I was casually scrolling down /ot/ and read a part of the conversation in the Amerifag thread about Korean men being predatory etc. now I'm concerned for my friend. She moved to S-Korea a year or so ago after meeting her Korean boyfriend abroad (not in Korea). We fell out of contact when she moved.. we already hadn't been in contact much because she moved away for a job and I don't use any social media so I guess contact just watered down to meeting up a few times a year., but we'd been friends since we were young teens. Maybe I should ask her how she's doing.

No. 1524400

Oh nooo I was just attacked with this flashback of when I was a 14-15 year old weeb and in the morning I’d deliberately hold a piece of toast and jam in my mouth to go to school because I guess it was cute? But the school is a fucking 20+ minute walk away and I would walk to school just holding a piece of toast in my mouth and then eat the ice cold toast only once I got to the school gates.

Lord, and I’d wait at the traffic lights too for maybe a few minutes sometimes just holding it in my mouth, ow what a moron kek

No. 1524410

that's really autistic, if it makes you feel any better I used to squat on chairs like L and claim to the teachers that it made me smarter

No. 1524412

I used to add nya to every single sentence I said, no matter who I spoke to, and kept it up for about half a year or something.

No. 1524413

That's fucking great anon, you should be proud

No. 1524487

Oh I used to squat like L too, and I ate the big slabs of chocolate by just biting into the whole thing like mello, oh my god. I don't want to remember anymore, I'm just grateful there was no anime club at my school or it could've been so much worse.

How did the nya thing work?

No. 1524501

Hahaha nonnas you made me laugh. Maybe you'll feel better if you know there're 20+ y.o. people that still act like anime characters, I know a couple of such women. I remember walking with one of them (25 y.o.) and she would act like a mad scientist with adhd whenever she saw something interesting. She would almost bend in half and make her way to this thing quickly, and it seemed like she was about to take out her giant handheld magnifying glass to study it. And just generally expressed her emotions in this unnatural overexaggerated way.

No. 1524510

File: 1678907360284.jpg (305.99 KB, 1920x1200, k-on3.jpg)

In middle school, I would
>Naruto run without realising that sometimes
But somehow, the most embarrasing thing that still pops in my head throughout this day was
>I had to go give some papers to our teacher together with my female classmate, and after we done that I yelled 'Sorry for disturbing!' (idk if that makes sense in English, but i've always been watching anime with my native language subs as a kid, and i REMEMBER almost the same thing happened in K-on, so i said this quote!! I was a huge fan of K-on and watched the last season while it was ongoing.)
And so, when we closed the door and left I said
>That's just like in anime!!
And i was geniunely happy about it, all with a wide smile and jumped like a silly kid.
I also thought that hiding my face with my hands when I am feeling shy was 'super cute and moe' becuase that worked in anime…
I am still happy that I mainly watched stuff like Lucky Star, K-on and other oldschool 'cute girls doing cute things' that never had any fanservice (k-on of guilty doing that once in the first season, it was so dumb, but later that never appeared).

No. 1524514

There is nothing worse than adults with child mentality. To base your personality around fictional character trope wtf, that's pure cringe.

No. 1524516

I know one exactly like this but it's especially jarring as she is at least 180cm tall, it feels like an impro show

No. 1524524

Anon… The point of these characters doing this was so that they could eat the toast WHILE going to school. You dumbass. I still love you anon.

No. 1524605

That's actually hilarious. I love when people act like over the top cringe cartoon characters. Life is more fun when you act stupid instead of serious (outside of the workplace, of course).

No. 1524681

File: 1678926956867.jpg (58.61 KB, 591x591, FiHRTmEXEAMKhjr.jpg)

I just read a post I made in 2019, and I'm cringing so fucking much. I wanna kill my past self, why was she so fuckin stupid and gross?? Thank god reality slapped me hard in the face when I turned 20, I really needed that.

No. 1524726

File: 1678930065500.jpeg (195.04 KB, 617x868, 2CB67532-5B23-427D-89B1-B87149…)

I literally don’t get how buttholes are attractive to some people(mostly moids) It’s literally such a weird looking body part, with wrinkles and it stinks, and the coloration is weird how it gets darker, I don’t mind the coloration on vaginas but idk, butthole as a whole (lol) are so odd and unattractive to me. Not trying to start an infight but I personally just don’t get it.

No. 1524739

>Not trying to start an infight
Trust me, nobody but faggots think buttholes are hot. Nobody's going to infight over this

No. 1524744

Im only saying that because I keep like those nonnas with like femdom fetishes or something like that in mind lol. But even then I’m not sure, they could be attracted to it on their Nigel or something, idk. I personally just think it’s so strange kek. It’s literally so weird looking

No. 1524752

there was one poster in /g/ obsessing over "bubblegum pink" buttholes once, tho considering the thread the post was in had confirmed and banned males well..

No. 1524758

Wasn't that the anorectal violence guy?

No. 1524760

no he was already banned about 2 years ago. the post i'm thinking of was in the butt thread weeks ago

No. 1524762

File: 1678933459891.gif (788.34 KB, 498x278, rilakumma-bear.gif)

I'm listening music and it sounds like I'm in an empty arena cause of the program I use

No. 1524763

What was the anorectal violence guy's deal? He wasn't just making threads on lolcow, he was making them on multiple altchans. One altchan even has a board called 'anorectal violence' in memory of him. Was it just typical scrote fetish degeneracy? I'm curious about what he's like in real life

No. 1524764

He's an anal crusader.
A rare breed in any Epoch.
A unique insight into… no yeah, he's just another degenerate

No. 1524793

>Was it just typical scrote fetish degeneracy?
That's right, he's just a huge autist who became so (sexually) obsessed with anuses on women that he made it his mission in life to stop people from hurting them.
I don't think the femdomfags on here think about the buttholes in detail, if they even want to peg a guy at all. They aren't attracted to anuses, they just like the thought of violating a man. And yeah I agree it's such a disgusting body part

No. 1524797

I was watching a video earlier and the woman narrating had such a nice voice, like a slight British accent mixed with a slight Indian accent

No. 1524799

im so unattracted to british men. they're so fucking ugly anons, with the worst personalities too. the sad thing is im a britbong myself lol im surrounded by these guys

No. 1524801

It would've been more like anime if you had actually been running late lmao.

When I was 14-15 I conditioned my parents into responding to "tousan" and "kaasan" and would often call them that instead of dad and mom respectively. My dad still reacts when I accidentally utter the Japanese word in front of him

No. 1524805

File: 1678939374643.png (24.76 KB, 480x423, dac1qs1-e876cb12-8f22-4e75-b4b…)

I used to call midgets chibis, and now when my mom sees a little person she still calls them chibis.

No. 1524812

File: 1678940233177.jpg (47.51 KB, 816x1160, paulmescal23.jpg)

i know he's irish but this is why i don't get the appeal of paul mescal either. go into any nandos and you will see 10 of this man.

No. 1524826

You're telling me this is the new internet boyfriend? I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was hideous but at least I remember his face. This dude could literally be anyone

No. 1524850

File: 1678944067544.jpg (57.74 KB, 800x450, WAT.jpg)

>Go on 2X for the first time in who knows how long
>There's a right winger thread

No. 1524853

containment thread

No. 1524882

I keep passing by the manifestation thread and thinking "aww that's great anon" while scrolling but then realizing what thread it is kek I'm so retarded

No. 1524900

Paki chan made it.

No. 1524901

my sleep schedule is fucked rn and i keep going to work with no sleep. what's funny is though i swear i have like x2 more charisma and personality when im sleep deprived, at least before the inevitable crash when the heavy fatigue sets in. its like my inhibitions are lowered for a bit. is this what coke addicts feel like 24/7 lmao

No. 1524902

/2x/ is like the training board on how to recognise pakichans posts in the wild, she has so many obvious posts there at this point the whole place is basically her containment board

No. 1524912

i would post this in the vent thread but it's dumb so it's going here. i don't understand my roommate at all. she treated me like absolute dog shit last month, so much so that i had to schedule mediation between her and myself and a third party from the the university because she was blowing up on me over the dumbest things. after slagging me off to everyone who would listen, making herself look like an absolute ass in front of the university staff, and getting called out for being a hypocritical jerk, she went on a long vacation for spring break and after coming back, she seems to have thought we would just go back to being friendly like all that she said and did to me would just magically disappear? like girl, it doesn't work like that. you don't get to call me names, make fun of me behind my back, belittle me to my face, get angry with me when you decide to backtrack on everything we agreed on, and then expect me to be your best friend or forgive you after a two week break. if i had done any of the things she did and said to me i don't think she would be as nice, nor would she forgive me, nor would she want to be bothered with me. and i know this because she was practically abusive when i first spoke up about how she was acting. she would stay up all night talking and laughing loud in spanish on the phone with her sister, she would try to leave the lights on all night knowing i have to get up earlier than her to go to class…i mean she was a right dick and all i did was ask a counselor to reach out to her to let her know that we would be having a meeting to ease some of the tension. she tried to start another fight after she came back and i wouldn't speak to her, slamming doors and throwing things around, but i just ignored her. i am not angry with her, but i have to draw boundaries with her because she's spoiled and used to bossing people around and everyone either tells her she's cute (like her family) or kowtows to her brattiness to keep her happy. she's younger than me as well, so that isn't happening.

No. 1524933

File: 1678956091436.png (1.36 MB, 1169x1600, celebrity number 6.png)

No. 1524996

File: 1678969293914.jpeg (43.43 KB, 600x695, 600.jpeg)

is everyone asleep? almost thought the site went down again

No. 1524998

File: 1678970015934.jpg (78.72 KB, 750x1041, 1663656986092.jpg)

site feels dead in EU hours lately

No. 1525046

File: 1678976033299.jpg (157.65 KB, 750x1123, 1609265110569.jpg)

I compliment strangers in my head all the time and I wish they could somehow know that I'm thinking something nice about them. Like I'll be walking outside and thinking 'wow girl I love your outfit you look really cool in those shoes' or 'your hair looks so beautiful, I see what you did there with the colors and updo' or other spergy shit like that. Obviously it would be weird to say stuff like that to complete strangers on the street but I still wish they would know that I was thinking that about them because it might make their day a little better.

No. 1525049

When I was younger i used to actually say epic win and fml out loud in public to my classmates and this was never questioned by them. Like if someone scored a goal when we played football “yesss epic win!”. These days I’d rightly get smacked for that behaviour. I wonder whats the cutoff point for saying internet slang is these days. It might be a little more complicated for those under 20 because their life is so intertwined with the internet i guess it’s impossible to avoid.

No. 1525062

I'm sorry but that's just adorable nonny

No. 1525067

Nonna, saying Internet speak is not nearly as cringe as teenagers filming themselves doing cringe little dances for tiktok and ugly boys with floppy hair biting their lips. I'd be a massive bully if I was a teen today I would not be able to not slag off my peers nonw of their tiktoks seem ironic either their all very earnest in being cringelords

No. 1525075

Holy fuck the celebricows thread is actually like dangerously autistic and nigh unreadable what the fuck happened?? The fucking boomer facebook posts. God it's a steaming pile of fucking shit in there.

No. 1525085

Oh god, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna send the text apologizing and cancelling the date. I want to jump off a cliff, telling myself it's the best for both of us. I need to learn to do this. Here it goes, here it fucking goes… it's not gonna be so bad, it's fine, it's fine. Here goes nothing… fuck.

No. 1525093

KEK when I was 10 I said 'BTW' out loud and my friend's 8 yr old sister told me I was being lame and you're not meant to say internet words like that in real life. I was so humiliated.

No. 1525095

I feel this way about the tinfoil thread
It's the only thread on this website where it feels like I'm talking to middle aged conservative boomers or poltards. Very strange

No. 1525099

I feel like every time I try and bring up something worthy in either the celebricow thread or the tinfoil thread it's ignored of favor of some superficial bait argument

farmers used to be smarter

No. 1525100

I think it’s kinda retarted when people complain about like 60/70 year old people look ugly. Like yeah they’re old, who cares. That’s kinda what happens when you age.

No. 1525101

I feel like those threads are so off because maybe only 1 in 3 posters there are farmers. Tinfoil / Celeb threads attract a really different crowd than the rest of the site. Ditto the Pro Ana thread, it feels like all the posters there know the cows personally.

No. 1525110

File: 1678982067770.jpeg (99.64 KB, 1472x1062, 115A4808-88DF-4CDD-9978-D37BC6…)

It used to be better but then along came trumpchan and whoever is doing the uglybaiting. I'd rather it be less active than have to deal with that. Post milk, don't be extra about it or get the fuck out

Tinfoil thread attracted transvegitation anon and random derailing /pol/ moids. There's a potential spiritualist cult in Iowa, everyone ignores that, but pointless arguments about natalism and religion can go on for posts

No. 1525113

Nta but it's a gossip thread, of course there will be anons in there sperging about ugly celebs. We can all do the "but this is /ot/ not /snow/!!!" song and dance but that thread is basically just a /snow/ diaspora and there will be anons talking about who's the fugliest.

No. 1525119

well we've had this before with the billie eilish sperging and the lana sperging but at least they were relevant to current events. lana had gained weight and billie was undergoing an image change. the sperging shouldn't have gone on for as long as it did though

bringing up a celebrity who isn't relevant to current events just to dunk on their looks is derailing. it's more interesting to discuss and analyze what celebs have done wrong instead of physical optics

we really just need bigger and better scandals too, the well has been so dry. cmon hollywood do something drastic

No. 1525126

>/snow/ diaspora
Truly a phrase kek almost every farmer was a cow board immigrant but I expect them to act different in off boards. I imagine celebricow fags have gotten too used to a certain standard of low quality unsaged shitposting that most of them will be banned if it got moved into cow board lol

No. 1525139

Im so offended Mr Salad Fingers is even affiliated in memes with celebs, eww. Leave him with some rusty spoons instead

No. 1525148

Wait I don’t get it. What are you trying to convey nona?

No. 1525149

File: 1678984892610.jpg (56.67 KB, 634x846, 4129A03300000578-4577460-image…)

I have had a violent, apocalyptic level event in my bowels for the past five days. Shitting bile water by the pint/quart SEVERAL times per day. Today though, today is different. I woke to peace in my gut, sore yet non-cramping abdominals and the welcome return of appetite. I thought I might die, nonnas. I truly believed I may pass from this realm. Instead I survived, I managed and endured the vicious colonic holocaust. The only remnants are a few ass-shredding toot toots. Not yet, Death, not yet.

No. 1525155

I mean I think it’s cute in a way, I remember at that age I was making choreographed dances with my friends from grease kek. I think it’s a little more insidious that they’re uploading it online for the world to see, and doing it for the likes. Who’s to say we’d be any less cringe, I know I was doing it to practise before becoming the 6th spice girl.

No. 1525159

I usually don’t advocate this kind of thing but why not just start telling her she’s crazy, like it’s fact? Because it is. She sounds BPD. I think that would cement your stance towards her without going to extreme lengths.

No. 1525166

kek i wish. we are having more meetings with someone from the housing department sometime in the coming weeks so i am just playing it cool and letting her make herself look like the flaming retard that she is. the university is on my side and they've given her a big reality check that she wasn't expecting and i want to keep it that way. but i definitely call her a fucking psycho nut to my mom when i am venting about her attitude. it's funny you mention calling her crazy because she's one of those people who grew up being told that any and everyone who doesn't kiss her ass is a "nut" and that she is always right and perfect. she opened her big mouth when we first moved in and spilled all this so i figured that's why she was acting like an ass. i don't know if it is bpd so much as she is just ignorant…that's what i get from her. she's just ignorant. she says a lot of dumb stuff that someone who has never been anywhere would say and it shows a lot too in how she reacted to finding out i am a flexitarian (she acted like i said i am a cannibal) and some of the weird comments she made about my race when she found out i wasn't hispanic. not my problem! but it's been fun watching her get dressed down every time we do these meetings because she was just so certain she was going to get me kicked out of the room and that everyone was going to side with her. she was literally squirming the last time we met so i am getting a kind of cruel amusement out of her own discomfort.

No. 1525176

it's probably anon in >>1525041

No. 1525178

Going through my course modules and getting whiplash at the word "womxn"
How the fuck does this even make any sense

No. 1525179

if you're a woman complimenting another woman, it's totally normal and would probably be appreciated. but if it looks like she's busy or walking fast it's not a good time.

No. 1525189

I am surprised that there isn't a Pedro Pascal thirst thread yet with everything going on with the internet at the moment. He would fit with the lolcow sexymen like Adam Driver, Paul Dano and Napoleon.

No. 1525209

Those aren't thirst threads, they're containment threads because, at least in Dr*vers case, it at some point became an bannable offense to post him. No idea why Dano got a thread, I feel like there were like two anons posting about him and anons bf for maybe two weeks. Can't make a containment thread if we apparently all as a collective have decided he isn't special enough to autistically sperg over.

No. 1525256

I got a CD stuck in my computer a few days ago and right now I can hear it making those sounds it makes when you put a CD in. It's irritating the fuck out of me and I wish it would be quiet.

No. 1525344

Twitterfags censoring 'porn' in celebricows. that entire thread needs to be autosaged

No. 1525345

I don't think I have seen any farmers fangirling over him at all, but for anyone into him: contact me and I'll mail you a generic aging latin-american moid of your own, I won't even charge.

No. 1525347

File: 1679002081764.png (653.32 KB, 1300x977, image (2).png)

This is literally a fashion crime

No. 1525349

Samefag, but how come every time I try to resize a pic it comes out with this shitty quality AAAHUTGHGUH

No. 1525362

I drink and eat while laying down all the time. I choke a lot, but it won't stop me

No. 1525363

File: 1679002865105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.12 KB, 720x405, B1M7-2rnELV.jpg)

There's this guy (a huge asshole, actually) that owns a nail supplies company and his face is just so scary. He has to be a weeb. He's a latino btw, I know Mexicans can looks Asian as fuck but this is too far.

No. 1525364

File: 1679002907271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

Like wtf. Can you say skin bleach

No. 1525365

nose job and asian-style makeup definitely

No. 1525369

File: 1679003134170.jpg (124.9 KB, 795x1200, personal_photo-120.jpg)

No. 1525370

he resembles the white oily guy who got plastic surgery to look korean

No. 1525376

I don't really feel like we should have containment threads for that sort of thing, but that's just a personal opinion.

No. 1525380

Can you aquire cheek dimples by cosmetic surgery? I'm not interested in doing it, but I'd like to do it to some guys to make them cuter

No. 1525382

File: 1679003658638.png (2.32 MB, 1658x2048, Screenshot_20230316-165356.png)

looks like a wholly different person in 2012

No. 1525383

yes it's called dimpleplasty

No. 1525394

Oh no site just froze and I can tell every post is about to get posted multiple times and a bug just flew on ym keyboard AHHHH

No. 1525399

File: 1679004441681.jpg (27.19 KB, 430x540, Cr1TiKaL_in_2022.jpg)

He looks like he smells like fart I hate when I see him anywhere, click any video and it's this unwashed uncombed hair hair retard going-
>today we are going to talk about this dirty dildo of a person, I'm talking about someone who is like the shit, cum and lube dripping off of a freshly used buttplug of a person. Someone with no self awareness
Shut the fuck up. I hate his voice, I hate his face, nothing he says is ever new or an interesting take. I get so fucking sick of people finger wagging someone doing obviously retarded shit and acting so above it.
I'd rather watch someone just tell me the dumb ass drama. Just like fucking H3H3, I hate that shit so much.
And I used to watch Charlie, when he did streams of random shit on YouTube, he'd sit there not saying anything then would over react to bullshit that was tame.
Oh my God some rich scrote likes airplanes a lot! Oh my God a woman dresses a certain way from a certain time?
And he'd constantly hate on cats

No. 1525407

File: 1679004521214.png (6.39 KB, 761x188, 1.png)

uh oh, even the automated messages are doubleposting now

No. 1525410

Doesn't he have cats?

No. 1525411

I'm having so much shit with the site lately, I love the moderation now but I was permanently banned and I appealed, I wasn't given a reason, I could only post on my computer via the reversed site qnd even got a page saying I wasn't banned and it was a glitch

No. 1525413

Maybe he does now or it was some inside joke I'm not aware of. But when I watched him on twitch he'd be weird towards cats.

No. 1525422

I have a biblical name and I hate when I tell someone that I'm not religious and they're like " But you're name is Anonymous!". Girl, I know.

No. 1525439

This reminds me that I used to know a girl named Bethlehem. She went by Beth for obvious reasons.

No. 1525453

My name isn't that bad but my mom also named all her kids after Bible characters (in her native language) and it makes me cringe.

No. 1525459

I like when I take my hair out of a style and it's all stretched out and my coils are looser, but then I wet it and get to watch it go back to my default texture

No. 1525470

i saw a selfie of an internet friend (the nonbinary lesbian tif kind, sadly) with her gf and for a hot second i thought she as dating a transbian. turns out she's just really short so her transbian looking gf looks like a hulking troon kek

No. 1525476

Gifs and webms were loading perfectly fine for once yesterday and now it loads like shit.

No. 1525481

okay christina/kristen

No. 1525482

how the fuck do you comfort people kek i have the emotional range of an amoeba

No. 1525488

same i always just flee the room quietly or impersonate a statue.

No. 1525490

you stand there and go "oh aw" "oh man"

No. 1525503

Not even close.

No. 1525507

I was feeling frustrated about this today. Sometimes people want you just to listen and get mad if you offer advice. Sometimes people want you to offer advice and will get mad if you don't. Sometimes people want you to read their mind and ask them to go out for a drink or to do something . You honestly have to ask what a person wants because you'll never figure it out by guessing.

No. 1525517

best strategy tbh
throw in a couple damn that sucks and perfect. unfortunately can't do that over text without sounding like a bitch kek
I'm shit at giving advice so I either just nod and listen, or say something brutally honest because I can't bring myself to lie kek
my boyfriend's mum is really sick and will probably die soon, what do you even say in this situation? other than I'm sorry and I'm here if you need anything? At 1st I tried to be positive and tried telling him it was probably nothing serious, but now the situation just looks… really bad, I can't go "oh it's probably just a stomach virus, she'll get better" kek

No. 1525531

File: 1679011368161.jpeg (33.29 KB, 706x395, 4C42DCC9-1DBD-41D2-A0F3-1A0131…)

Swayvo Twain is a good example of having hot parents doesn’t mean you’ll be hot

No. 1525533

Jesus nona, don't scare me like that! I thought somehow D'angelo looked like that now!

No. 1525534

Nope that’s his son. His son is only 24 and looks like that.

No. 1525567

to be fair, he'd most likely be as good looking as his dad face-wise if he wasn't a borderline deathfat - bet he was raised fat and just stayed that way, shit's lowkey child abuse tbh

No. 1525570

Leah, Rebekah, Rachael, Sarah, esther ?

No. 1525572

Oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god

No. 1525590

File: 1679016083594.jpg (72.6 KB, 666x728, 5af.jpg)

gonna spend the next six weeks finding out if you can safely bleach your dark anus with Cosrx vitamin C serum

No. 1525594

File: 1679016313022.jpg (133.69 KB, 1200x800, FGTNGDVXMAQbC2_.jpg)

>be me
>got a computer in elementary and immediately dive deep into internet culture
>find out about hatsune miku and gets really into vocaloids
>ask mom to buy me lots of figurines, posters and cosplay stuff
>mom watches anime with me because she thinks its better than cartoons, further accelerating my weebness, makes me think all this shit is normal
>mom buys me a flip phone so i can call her in case of emergencies
>get all my friend's numbers
>have a friend in 4th grade, we play pokemon together
>one day i text him about miku and send him a 240p video of a miku song
>move to a different town for middle school

fast forward to high school
>move back to hometown, be fairly normal and made sure to never reveal weeb side of me
>see my old pokemon friend during orientation, he's obviously a super disgusting self-proclaimed otaku
>we both take japanese class together
>overhear him only talk about shitty monthly shounen anime and hatsune miku
>mfw i ruined him

No. 1525600

File: 1679017126532.webm (1.15 MB, 320x240, Worst Line Reading Ever.webm)

No. 1525615

The foam covers on my noise cancelling headphones were breaking so I replaced it, but now the noise cancelling doesn't work half as good. I bought the covers from the official site. Fuck skull candy, money grubbing shits.

No. 1525618

>check friend finder thread
>see someone posted who sounds cool and cute
>oh no i can never message her she's too cool for me what if she doesn't like me
>rinse and repeat

No. 1525621

Ugh my boyfie is using a chat bot to write his resume and i just lost so much respect for him

No. 1525623

Please post an update on your experiment… I am intrigued and also tempted to do the same….

No. 1525625

File: 1679018077794.png (38.69 KB, 607x953, A79E03D8-D642-4C94-9C95-547F3D…)

No. 1525642

why do you guys need a light butthole

No. 1525647

I like to look at my own genitalia and anus up close in the mirror to make sure I'm healthy and everything looks normal
I used to get in-grown hairs really, really bad
now I just compulsively scan all of my skin for anything wrong, cancer or whatever
it's hard to tell with my asshole, it's so dark
If I could get it down to the same base-layer color as the surrounding skin, I could see how my skin topography is looking
I have OCD real bad but I can't get a doctor to believe me, so here we are
I'm gonna put it on my armpits too probably

No. 1525666

None of these and I'm not going to reveal my name..

No. 1525676

File: 1679023773019.jpg (124.05 KB, 1152x739, AA603SztRwa1.jpg)

paki-chan, what are your thoughts on me who look like picrel?

No. 1525694


No. 1525708

Meat smells so bad, especially when its cooking. Idk how meat-eaters can't smell it.

No. 1525710

Not Pakchan, but blanddd

No. 1525711

The fact that some of y'all care about what your butt and pussy lips look like concerns me

No. 1525714

I can smell it and I love it, I want to work at a butchers.

No. 1525717

The sight does nothing to me, it's the smell and texture and the idea that I'm going to undercook it because I'm terrible at cooking

No. 1525723

it really is disgusting

No. 1525727

One of my biggest fears is having to live in America for my entire life

No. 1525731

Me but with fish. I want to like it so badly because it's healthier but I just can't get over the smell and texture.

No. 1525753

People who do installments on want buys scare me. If you have to use Afterpay or Klarna on clothes perhaps you don't exactly need them, but other people's pockets aren't my business.

No. 1525756

I usually just sit there quiet and go "yeah i get it, i understand, thats understandable, you're trying, you'll make it work out, im glad you're out of that now, you're doing amazing" something like that. If they start crying i offer a hug and lightly rub their back. People have randomly trauma dumped on me their molestation, abuse, exs abuse, terrible parents, alcohol problems and all though i really wish it would stop i guess there's something about me that says "its ok if i tell her the worst shit thats happened in my life"

No. 1525757

do people really use those?

No. 1525760

A hearty kek was had by me.

No. 1525763


It makes sense for higher ticket items, like if you want to buy a very nice pair of boots and don't want to pay the full amount immediately for your wallets sake. for some lower priced items you just have to question why they offer it.

No. 1525790

one time at this school event thing years ago, this random girl i didn't know came up to me and she was like 'do you take x bus route' and i said yeah sometimes, why? and she said she recognised me bc i have a 'distinctive face'. but she said it so shadily, sometimes i think back and im like wtf did she mean by that. was she calling me ugly or what kek

No. 1525792

That one anon in /g/ who likes Batman is so cute kek

No. 1525864

I'm about to sign up for Crumbl cookies and say my birthday is in a week so I can try a cookie and see what the hype is about without spending my money

No. 1525865

File: 1679052400207.jpg (112.7 KB, 512x640, 7595576.jpg)

toad home (home of the toad)

No. 1525868

Why are we still naming things like it's 2005

No. 1525880

How come every time I see something about France it's just the people rioting. Like that's all they do, I literally never see any other news.

No. 1525881

File: 1679054951623.jpg (31.29 KB, 540x540, db4a4e104a33616299748479efcccd…)

>Talks to scrote and it seems like we're hitting it off really well, methinks i could potentially date him
>Says terfs are ugly
Gotta go on a nigel quest again, sisters. Or maybe i should just be done with them completely.

No. 1525887

what was your reply nonna, did you chew him out or ghost him after that

No. 1525919

Godspeed anon. Never trust men against terfs and abortions.

No. 1525933

It's because Macron is a fag.

No. 1525935

Get in your inner Rena, and end him

No. 1525937

I had a dream some anon posted a picture of Shayna's blood sister in her thread which shocked anons as nobody knew she had a biological sister who ALSO did sex work. The picture looked just like Shayna except she was slightly thinner, had bad short sperm brows, and was slightly cleaner looking. The anon's post said "Shayna's sister blocks you if you're following other whores".

No. 1525939

Hopefully a precognition.

No. 1525964

I've been trying to learn how to lucid dream for over a year now and frankly I'm getting SICK of it. I will have a lucid dream and I WILL hug a bear in it. Idfc how difficult it is, I need to do it!

No. 1525977

File: 1679065891409.jpg (12.32 KB, 236x236, eeebe84aed6fbbab70750b7198b0bb…)

>follow up that nobody wanted
It came back with a vengeance, nonnas. I woke at 2:00am with my guts in agony, bloated. Toddling to the toilet, I slammed myself down and proceeded to unleash wind and fury into that unsuspecting porcelain bowl. Belching included. After twenty minutes of sounding the horns, I managed to toddle back to bed. Woke again around 6:00am and unleashed liquid hell. Then again at 8:00am. My hubris has angered Death, it now comes for me.

No. 1525997

File: 1679067749290.gif (2.85 MB, 320x320, a.gif)

woke up with lucy lucy lucy stuck in my head

No. 1526013

isn't there anyone that downloaded that song and can upload it

No. 1526050

I had a successful lucid dream a few days back where I met my kpop husbando I hope my luck can transfer to you, it was really fun.
Have you had them before? My issue was despite knowing I was dreaming, I had a hard time controlling the dream, if you face that, try to 'scream' what you want to happen in the dream.

No. 1526058

I don't know what to eat this evening. I'm going to a brunch tomorrow so I can't eat too much. Should I go back to the same chinese noodle restaurant for the 1000th time alone or should I go get korean fried chicken? I doubt other restaurants will accept me as a single customer easily, last time I was straight up ignored and people who arrived after me got served first.

No. 1526060

good luck sister! I had the most luck turning nightmares into lucid dreams. also nicotine patches will give you weird dreams and some people say that helps but for me they were too weird and I think I liked them too much to try to influence them lol

No. 1526142

People are lying when they say they think the food reviews guy in the oversized suit is cute. They are being funny or saying it for the meme. He's a rat faced skinny neck thin wristed fag boy. If you find that hot you have something up with your cranium

No. 1526152

Not attracted to him, but do you know what "subjective" means?

No. 1526154

what's wrong with finding skinny ratmen cute

No. 1526158

I feel like I could find him cute if he was another person entirely, but I really don't dig his persona, but I might have a thing for sickly looking men perhaps.

No. 1526160

I think he has kind of interesting facial features that kind of remind me of the weird people they use in high fashion runways but his voice and overall demeanor really creep me out.

No. 1526181

anyone else notice that the Effina Hyatt thread gets bumped almost everyday but there's barely any activity, what's up with that ?

No. 1526186

7chan's using AI to moderate their boards now, not sure what to think of this.

No. 1526200

how does that work?

No. 1526206

Yeah! Whenever I have a dream in which I'm aware that I'm dreaming (usually happens if I wake up for a moment and then fall asleep again) I just act like I would in any other dream and do things that don't make sense. If I say that I want x person to appear they will but my sleeping ass will pick the most random person instead of any husbandos or bears to hug kek I had this happen to me this morning when I summoned a random politician from the 2000s
Haven't tried nicotine patches but wormwood gave me very intense dreams. I mean they were very boring and mundane but just holding a pen put on a emotional rollecoaster and I got so overwhelmed I woke up crying

No. 1526207

I don’t find him sexually attractive but I find him really cute and lovable
I am a danofag though so I probably just have bad taste

No. 1526242

File: 1679089535801.jpg (169.27 KB, 840x1200, IMG_6476.jpg)

Yay I had my first autistic tranny come into my lane at work today! At least I'm 56% sure he was a tranny because he had the long stringy tranny hair. He kind of looked like Uncle Bibby. Anyway immediately he goes
>*silly hand gestures
Haha yes
>stares at me
>looks away bashfully when i look him in the eye
>it's a credit card
>while i'm scanning shit he randomly says: "haha hehe I don't want that woman behind me getting mad she looks like the type who gets impatient"
>the woman is black
>she gets upset and says 'wtf does that mean'
>he doubles down
>she says 'sometimes you just shouldn't say anything'
>he goes "hrrmmmm" all sassy
>when he leaves he says goodbye to me by name
Regardless of whether or not he was trans it's still a really random interaction. And yes I always attract crazy people into my line, I expect to see him again someday.

No. 1526244

Bibby for context:

No. 1526245

Even though I do a couple vegetarian days during the week I’ve been eating a little bit of meat every Friday because I was raised catholic and it was awful

No. 1526248

holy shit, this sounds terrifying. godspeed nonna, hope you don't meet him again anytime soon.

No. 1526281

Doing erotic BL roleplay as our OCs with my friend is better, sexier and more arousing than any form of IRL sex can ever be and I'm not ashamed of feeling this way

No. 1526284

File: 1679092777259.png (242.41 KB, 900x474, lolirock.png)

haven't seen it – I'm sure it's a normal show I don't know – but what an unfortunate name.

No. 1526295

This is like as if witch and winx had a baby and the baby has a band.

No. 1526296

Hated that for you, sorry anon
That’s totally on purpose

No. 1526303

Allegedly the "loli" stands for "lollipop". But I've just noticed that there's no double "L" so it does look suspicious.
Autistic males are all trannies these day, so yeah, he was a tranny.
I would never ever be able to ERP with a friend. What the fuck. Maybe with a stranger fujo but not my friends.

No. 1526309

File: 1679094904761.png (409.36 KB, 640x526, ggg.png)

reminds me of the girlsgogames mascots sort of

No. 1526322

how long until the celebricows thread gets the same fate as the kpop general bc it only attracts retards and newfags?

No. 1526325

I posted a complaint about all my posts being deleted on cc's /meta/. Who wants to bet on how long it'll take before it's deleted and I'm banned? I'm betting 20 minutes, what about you anons?

No. 1526328

A celebrity liked a tweet I made. Was kinda surprised they saw it tbh.

No. 1526332

File: 1679096639867.jpg (7.15 KB, 232x217, kachow.jpg)

>coochie itches
>when i pee, there is literally steam (in a cold bathroom in the morning)
>coochie almost MOLTEN
>maybe i should see a doctor, probably yeast infection (not an std im a virgin)
>fan of cars franchise
>like pretending to be a car in my head
>wear braids sometimes so i can also pretend to be a motorbike and the braids are handlebars
>think of coochie as my 'engine'
>the molten heat of my coochie makes my cars dreams feel more realistic, i feel closer to my carsona than ever with an overly hot coochie, or a 'hot engine'
i don't want to see a doctor anymore

No. 1526333

No. 1526336

This is an anonymous website, why would I answer this

No. 1526339

Video essays like these are not only ridiculously generalized and offer zero special/new information but they're also so oversaturated. And just pathetic. Like no, there's actually not that much thats "dystopian" about the way that most people have continually prized clear and youthful looking skin or smaller bodied women. If you only now are noticing that these opinions are possessed by others than maybe you're retarded and should get help for that before producing some humiliating wannabe intellectual 'content' such as this(racebaiting with file name. Deleted file.)

No. 1526342

video essays or whatever they’re called make me irrationally angry and idk why

No. 1526344

i don't understand how that would remove anonymity if it's a celebrity

No. 1526345

Well, if she tells us the celebrity, you can see what tweets that celeb has liked and from there connect the dots to find the account…

No. 1526346

My anonymity. Twitter likes are public and it would just be dumb of me to do.

No. 1526347

I sat down and watched one of these and she never got to the point she just kept joking

No. 1526349

I don’t think anyone is interested in the nonnie who’s tweet got liked, also most people have at least 1k tweets liked so how are we magically gonna fish out which user from this website it was kek? A lot of you think you’re more special than you actually are

No. 1526350

but if it's hundreds of likes from different accounts i don't think it'll be that easy

No. 1526351


Please do drive to the doctor before your coochie blows a gasket

No. 1526352

nta but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t asking because she wants to find your twitter, sorry to burst your bubble

No. 1526354

i just wanna know who the celebrity is i'm not interested in anon's tweet. there's always anons talking about interacting with someone famous in some way but they never ever ever elaborate, the curiosity kills me.

No. 1526355

It's not about me thinking I'm special anon and I don't think that anon wants to find my twitter, but it would still be dumb of me to do. I post about similar things here and on social media so I'm not risking it. There are some anons who like finding the personal twitters of farmers, I know cause I literally used to as well.

No. 1526360

Never elaborate cause they’re lying most likely. The only kind of people who brag about passing celebrity attention are the types who don’t actually receive it, cause for them it’s a fantasy to have your tweet liked by a normal person kekk

No. 1526382

File: 1679099240596.jpg (88.41 KB, 655x490, Db1W05pVAAAU4DH.jpg)

One of the creators of LoliRock is one of the creators of Totally Spies! so it wouldn't be a stretch for it to be something sus considering how fetishy Totally Spies! was.

No. 1526384

I hate having to grin in photos, it makes me feel so fucking awkward. I don't know how to do a full, all teeth smile because I'm insecure of my teeth and I had to train myself to not smile as a kid.

No. 1526390

Are you people dumb or just trolling? Anyone reading the thread could find the poster's social media if they are obsessive enough. Try to cancel her for posting on an evil TERF site, sending her dick pics or something. You should never post anything here that might lead to your identity being found out.
Besides, even if she said who the celebrity was, you might not know who it is or care about them and would be disappointed since there are hundreds of thousands of celebs out there.
And if anon were lying about it wouldn't it make more sense to mention a specific celebrity that everyone here cares about to get more attention?

No. 1526391

I'm speaking for myself but I'd want to find out what her twitter is if I could, just out of curiosity.

No. 1526392

This is satirical right

No. 1526393

Not the original celebrity poster anon but it's been more and more common for newfags to beg you to reveal possibly identifying details about you. People would post vents like "this one guy drives me insane because.." and people would be like "omg who". None of your business, I left the person's name out for a purpose. This is an anonymous board and we have enough insane posters who would take it as a challenge to figure your identity out.

No. 1526394

What the fuck

No. 1526396

lol same

No. 1526397

>Try to cancel her for posting on an evil TERF site, sending her dick pics or something

I love how this is the first fantasy that you pull out your ass kek you’re not joan of arc chill out that persecution complex

No. 1526398

What indicates that it could be satirical? That anon speaks truth. You should never post anything that has even a small chance of revealing yourself on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 1526400

I could've written this post, down to the same experience. Plus I look psychotic when I show my teeth, one time I was told I look downright evil lol

No. 1526402

Thank you for proving my point anon! Like I'm not crazy, I've been on this site for years and I know that if someone could they would try to find out the personal social media accounts of farmers. Like I said, I've literally found farmer twitter accounts before and I've seen other anons talk about doing it too. This is LOLCOW ffs, if you came from any of the drama boards then you're probably nosy and like sleuthing like the rest of us.

Anons are just going to have to think I'm lying I guess kek. I probably should've expected someone to ask who the celebrity was so I shouldn't have posted it, but honestly I posted that right after seeing the notification not really thinking that anyone would even care to reply.

No. 1526405

They're obviously newfags, probably from tiktok. God I fucking hate newfags

No. 1526408

Nta but I think it's different when it's a random person compared to someone famous, obviously anyone will be curious when it's the latter. I'm gonna headcanon it's some random z-lister.

No. 1526409

>it must be a newfag because they find your paragraph about how petrified you are of getting burned at the stake and raked through the coals for being an outed lolcow user is funny

most definitely, ma’am

No. 1526411

Kek we’re gonna find out it’s actually some microcelebrity with a mullet

No. 1526417

nope i asked which celebs were being referred to even years ago and have never used tiktok in my entire life. i'm just nosy. i'm not interested in random vent posts.

No. 1526420

NTA but ignore it. It's obviously someone baiting because they're bored. Your post was not a big deal deserving of such a long reply chain kek. And I think it's pretty cool that a celebrity liked your tweet, this may sound pathetic but it is pretty cool when someone who's famous notices you even for a few seconds.

AYRT, you're not a newfag for asking who it is, it's normal to be curious. The newfag in question is the one who doesn't understand why someone here would not want to reveal that, other than it being a fake story.

No. 1526456

Thanks anon! And yeah I was pretty surprised to see it, I forget that they see what people say about them.

No. 1526457

File: 1679104114856.jpg (33 KB, 599x592, 7rei2ui6uuq61.jpg)

I went on Instagram for the first time in forever, and the first thing I see is a video of some girl pretending to get fucked by Joe Biden in a see through shirt that very clearly shows her nipples because an account tagged an ART account that I follow in it.

No. 1526461

i can't help but wonder about zachfags even tho i'm not into him myself. it seems like everyone bullied them too hard out of the various attraction threads

No. 1526491

File: 1679107630627.png (297.55 KB, 1074x794, potatoquality.png)

Nonnas who would you fuck/marry/kill from picrel? The artists not the wojaks

No. 1526493

Marry FKA Twigs, Fuck Fiona Apple, kill Arca I guess. I wish Florence or Marina were here, I would marry them too but I love Twigs so it's ok.

No. 1526505

god i hate wojaks

No. 1526507

I want to move in

No. 1526509

hatefuck phoebe (sorry), marry carly for the canadian citizenship, kill taylor to stop her making more boring music, peak kate, fiona and bjork

No. 1526518

fuck twigs, marry st. vincent, kill grimes

No. 1526526

I would poo poo and pee pee over every singe one of those fagjaks.

No. 1526529

I suddenly remember a high profile start-up company who was advertising an unpaid internship towards students. The company apparently got a whole bunch of awards, had huge media coverage, and their founders were grad students who recently graduated from some big name ivy league school. Anyway they had some FAQ about it on their page, on why it was an unpaid position, and their reasoning was essentially like "well if you're truly passionate about this job you would do it for free wouldn't you!" The position also expected the employee to work 50+ hours per week. Fucking lmao.

Like, excuse me??? What makes you so fucking cocky just because you're some hotshot startup? The fucking nerve of this company, holy shit. Anyway, this was a couple of years ago so I don't remember the company name or how I even stumbled upon it. This was an American company so I don't know how common unpaid internships are there?

No. 1526531

but many men including wojak gay men have a fetish for pee pee, some even for poo poo

No. 1526548

I bought regular ice cream because an employee put it in the dairy free section and i wasnt paying attention. Now i have a tub of ice cream i cant eat without problems fuck.

No. 1526556

fuck Lana Del Rey, marry Bjork, kill Taylor Swift.

No. 1526575

Most of my friends are dating or married to men with hard beer bellies and that's fucked up

No. 1526589

my cat keeps trying to lay on my computer

No. 1526602

Can I just say I had the worst st Patrick's

Nightshift. Heated argument with annoying moid coworker. Finish shift at 6am. 6.40am annoying moid coworker no.2 texts group chat "why didn't u do this thing??" Even tho I never rat him out for anything and I didn't need to do anything. My team leader diffused the situation but god he hasn't even heard the real tea of St pats

It was shit

No. 1526606

I'm convinced there's a scrote in the mod team, or at least a really retarded and powertripping mod who gets easily pissed off at any opinion that differs even slightly from the average post on there. Why do you think they deleted you posts?

No. 1526612

LC is so slow, even in the cow thrrwds. I have become so dried and thirsty of milk I started browsing scrotefarm

No. 1526616

File: 1679130516284.jpg (14.51 KB, 736x202, IMG_20230318_100718.jpg)

Furries pls go away ewww

No. 1526619


No. 1526636

Ever since I learned that a lot of schools in America (and other countries but mostly there) stopped teaching kids to read phonetically, and instead teach whole words, (basically they show the word and make kids guess what it is based on context clues) so many things started making sense. In particular the severe lack of reading comprehension displayed by people online.

No. 1526643

File: 1679137492489.jpg (95.33 KB, 736x890, e5ca260235243126afbea69b8d7449…)

I love being 5'3 and looking short because it just means I have an excuse to wear huge chunky shoes

No. 1526645

No idea how they teach them but a lot of children are almost illiterate. And I get it they are kids and they cannot do it perfectly yet but it’s always a what the fuck experience when a 10 yo child proudly presents their self written story and I have to guess what it means

No. 1526651

Punctuation is completely out the window now. I’ve had people pissed that I put apostrophes in words, as if that’s pomposity.

No. 1526658

File: 1679140913094.jpg (32.86 KB, 564x752, 2abd8f9228f82cc6b236c3a67f396e…)

those are so pretty! i wish i didn't value practicality so much all the time, i just want to wear sneakers and nothing else kek. but i love shoes like those. it's impossible finding stuff like picrel in my shitty eastern euro country anyway so i might as well just dream forever

No. 1526660

Those are the perfect Bratz shoes

No. 1526662

File: 1679141361718.jpg (22.96 KB, 564x534, 2c0b2a1a69530a251fe1aed85014a0…)

Ikr. I loved Bratz as a kid, so it's no surprise I love shoes like these.

No. 1526666

German seems like a super easy language to learn. If I was interested in Germany I would do it. Just take English words and add a few ichtzel schnitzels and hagen fragens and make sure every word has a z or an 'ie" or two of the same letter.

No. 1526668

Badabinchtzel bie daz boomgen!

No. 1526696

My temples felt weird while I was eating corn and I didn't understand why until I realized that I had corn on both sides of my mouth so I was trying to chew on both sides. At least I think that's what it was.

No. 1526700

File: 1679146222136.jpeg (55.86 KB, 1024x1365, 6FE1FB97-70E7-47E6-91F5-21E113…)

Deutsch scheems leike super eachy languagichtzel-schnitzels zu Leinz. If Ich wäch interestedagen ein Deutschland Ich woüüld döö ittz. Jüüst takie englische wordz und add aa fiew ichtzel schnitzels und hagen fragens und määkë süüre evierie woörd haz uun z ör uun ie" orz zwei oof thez zaame letter.

No. 1526705

Kek. I'm praying you stay innocent and never learn about everything being gendered completely randomly

No. 1526714

I learned Portuguese and now I’m learning French and it’s basically the same lol It’s so easy learning languages you just learn one language and go from there

No. 1526717

File: 1679147893110.png (149.11 KB, 1094x664, Screenshot (1303).png)

dont know anything about astrology but thought this was funny and wanted to show the nonnies

No. 1526718

fuck taylor, marry kate bush, kill grimes

No. 1526730

I'm e-mailing this company's customer support, and they're telling me to destroy my item and send pictures of it so I can be sent a replacement kek. I appreciate companies that do this because I hate sending items back.

No. 1526734

What the fuck??? What's the product?? Like just imagine emailing a skincare company that your cleanser has a wonky pump and they demand that you smash it with a hammer and send pics of it kek.

No. 1526736

It's a pair of wireless earbuds. I need to cut the cord on the case and then soak them in water.

No. 1526742

force the earbuds to read negative reviews about itself and then send a pic of them dangling from a noose

No. 1526749

I was about to order from Uber Eats because I have a coupon for $20+ off, but I just realized how weird I feel about that and how someone could fuck with your food. People working at the restaurants and making your food can also do that too though so idk.

No. 1526763

File: 1679152992170.jpg (68.95 KB, 1075x697, ab11302d556314dcaad3ffef8c9a71…)

I've been obsessively hitting the "track" button on all of my orders, and two of them haven't had an update since 5/7 days ago. Where's my goddamn package..

No. 1526771

File: 1679154171502.jpg (80.33 KB, 750x481, tumblr_493033c64674d5f975539e2…)

No. 1526785

What are you up to this saturday, nonnies? I'm holding myself back from joining infights in the vent thread.

No. 1526789

I think you should infight all day nonny. I might even infight with you.

No. 1526795

Probably avoid LC more
Feels like this place has gotten more vitriolic and retarded lately

No. 1526830

I'll discourage you from doing it, anon. Do literally anything else. And I'm just feeling really sad, it's pms, I keep tearing up and crying at things, people with late stage cancer, kids with illnesses, children in general you know, I wish I could protect them from everything, I'm crying typing this, very overwhelmed, might watch some makeup videos to distract myself.
It really has. I feel so fucking sad about it, again might be pms but I miss the times I had fun with farmers. It so much rage these days.

No. 1526843

Emailed an old internet friend since I was going to be visiting the country he is from (but doesn't live anymore) and in response I got an email from his wife (didn't know he was married) telling me it's been 13 years and I need to get over it and her husband doesn't think about me AT ALL. It caught me so off guard lol but then I felt bad cause he probably a shithead husband if she had to email me and tell me to back off so aggressively. I just apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.

No. 1526847

feeling sad and being full of food

No. 1526849

holy shit, that's some real life drama outta nowhere

No. 1526857

File: 1679160726447.png (32.66 KB, 919x611, Screenshot (28).png)

Is there are a name name for this phenomena? cause I have some cousins who have gone through the exact same thing, they can't speak their native language anymore but still speak english with a heavy accent.

No. 1526858

kek the same thing happened to me once, except it was a friend from university and he was the one who reached out to me. His wife also kicked me from of our alumni group chat. A brief but fascinating glimpse into their marriage tbh.

No. 1526864

Was it really 13 years since you spoke?

No. 1526865

low iq

No. 1526871

Outside of a couple "Happy new year, have a good one!" "you too!" emails yeah. No real convo with the man for over a decade.

No. 1526872

There probably is but you'd have to study some linguistics to know the technical term

No. 1526880

spending hours making a terrible collage of my husbando because i don't know where to place the images

No. 1526888

sorting rocks in my yard to make cute gardens. this is the first time in my adult life i've had a yard and i'm going wild

No. 1526911

Aella's thread needs some powerwashing

No. 1526927

It's more telling about the scrote than the wife tbh

No. 1526949

I saw the cringiest shit ever today
>mid 30's couple start jogging a bit from their car towards the entrance of the store (because it's chilly?)
>the male runs way far ahead of the woman who slows to a walk
>she calls out his name several times asking him to wait
>he keeps running like forrest gump
>turns around sees her and keeps running
>she looks embarrassed and keeps walking now extremely far behind him
What a fucking asshole lol

No. 1526964

now i'm going to the hospital for possible stitches because I was holding my cat when my bf dumped a wheelbarrow of stones which scared him and caused him to flip out and leave a huge gash on my wrist rip

No. 1526976

Some of my seeds aren't germinating boo

No. 1526985

I wouldn't have apologised, personally. It's like you validated her paranoid delusion that you did in fact feel something extra for the moid you haven't spoken to in more than a decade.
I would have just ignored the email and blocked it, sad that the wife is needing to religiously check his emails and reply. Clearly he is a cheat and she cannot escape the situation for greener pastures so she does that to damage control.

No. 1526990

File: 1679165629972.jpg (82.69 KB, 827x668, 336143452_773345943938849_2493…)

No. 1527014

I hope he finds a worthy mate.

No. 1527019

No. 1527040

>gay immigrant Muslim furry
Miss the days when book recommendations didn't read like a 14-year-old's Tumblr bio.

No. 1527150

nothing gave me more joy today than this video. The absolute mental breakdown you can see when she tells him he has no hair kekkk

No. 1527162

i hope he trips and dies

No. 1527202

that is such a common thing in mysoginistic countries, you'll see the (usually fat) moid walk 4-5 meters in front of the woman, i hate it. protip: a man starts doing that and you turn around and keep walking kek

No. 1527226

It's sad that the only time lolcow is active is when anons are infighting

No. 1527234

i got my hair done finally (have been too busy to get into the salon) and went shopping for spring clothes. walked around for a bit, got some coffee, then did some work for university once i got back to my apartment. all in all, a nice and pleasant day.

No. 1527287

Downloading a free otome game where I'm an aspiring maid, about to end up with one of the six princes as far as I see. It's got 28 endings, so I hope I'll be kept entertained for the next three hours or so.

No. 1527307

File: 1679176446188.png (69.98 KB, 1000x563, Hawzel-X_29.png)

Born a biological woman, cursed with the interests and personality of a moid. Why must life be this cruel? Just because i'm an autist?

No. 1527343

I want to take estrogen, weed, and various antifungals to see if i can become a normalfag

No. 1527350

>various antifungals
Yeah the cosmic death fungus is keeping us from being a normalfags that's it haha..
I'm a slave to the mushroom I'm never going to make it

No. 1527352

stop whining, I'm grateful for my autism, it's so much easier to go your own way and be a free thinker, not getting attached, not taking bullshit, not lying. normalfags need to take various kinds of copium just to survive another day

No. 1527354

isn't autism comorbid with depression

No. 1527362

As long as you’re not a misogynistic creep like almost all moids then who cares? Some of my main interests and hobbies are considered moid things and I often get compared to male autist characters but I don’t care. I enjoy my life and love who I am, I’m proud of who I am and think I’m cool. I think that we can be cool, interesting, and good people even with some overlap with things that people happen to associate with moids, since gender roles are regressive bullshit anyway.

No. 1527537

File: 1679183583480.png (64.01 KB, 559x371, 1673938739506.png)

Can anons just collectively agree to stop infighting? It's been HOURS. HOURS. No infight ever goes anywhere or leads to a conclusion.

No. 1527550

Yeah, because you constantly need to work extremely hard to get along with normalfags who will waste no second on trying to understand you and will go out of their way to screw with you because they think it's funny to see you flail around. But one word of truth spoken by you at the wrong moment and they will explode and you have an enemy for life.

No. 1527554

it's a /pol/ raid

No. 1527555


No. 1527560

The way normies have enjoyed relentlessly teasing me my entire life but the second I say one tiny thing out of line they hate me forever had always baffled me and then I learned I’m autistic and it finally made sense, kek. I only befriend other autistics and mentally ill people who understand the autistic plight, I can’t stand interacting with neurotypicals for longer than a few minutes.

No. 1527581

Drop the name nonnie.

No. 1527587

This is so fucking accurate kek. Normies will act legitimately and relentlessly evil and incessantly wear you down over every last little thing about you and when you finally stop being so palatable and charitable to them and say something mildly critical in return or draw any boundaries whatsoever they throw an enormous fit, hate you, even cry. Due to my justice sensitivity I believed so strongly in being lenient and kind, and trying to forgive others for their slights, but that kind of extreme people pleasing only brought me misery. People just exploit whatever they can get out of you and will keep going farther with cruelty if they believe they can (even just subconsciously, if they’re inclined to do it and there’s no significant resistance or punishment, they simply blithely continue).
I really, genuinely like and trust most of my new autistic/sympathetic ND friends now. They have more clear boundaries and standards about things like bullying and what is okay to say to people and are able to do friendly comedic roasts of me and others without it being actually cruel or a thin veil for bad intentions.

No. 1527589

File: 1679184768136.png (49.4 KB, 499x499, transparent.png)

I hate that I try to not eat fastfood closer to their closing hours, but then fast food cravings always strike me between 8 and 12 PM

No. 1527619

I second you anons. I was so fucking obsessed with being a normie all my life prior to my diagnosis. I've done numerous rounds of therapy thinking i only had anxiety that literally made me worse, dealt with my mother putting my into situations i do not have the capacity to engage with and dealing with her throwing a fit when i act like… an autist. I am so sick of being at the feet of normies begging for their approval. That chapter is finally 100% done.

No. 1527636

File: 1679187181205.png (Spoiler Image, 608.48 KB, 1018x635, 1679001438442.png)

Do you guys have anymore pictures where the English text is written with Japanese characters? Not talking about that electroharmonix font, really just レ being L, の being O, 乃 being B, ら being S and the like, kinda like some bastardized gyarumoji. Excuse the pic choice lol.

No. 1527649

Hell is that supposed to say? I only see Love.

No. 1527652

Can anyone tell me its going to be ok?

No. 1527653

love knows no bounds

No. 1527656

File: 1679188691012.jpg (41.97 KB, 800x800, transprt.jpg)

i see it done in greek all the time, never noticed it done in japanese before. i would like to see some too

No. 1527658

I missed the stream on Leprechaun in The Hood in the movie room and I'm still very sad about it.

No. 1527663

File: 1679188816151.png (1.98 KB, 76x488, BRIET-logo.png)

No. 1527675

that looks like it says BIDET

No. 1527684

spent five minutes trying to figure out what it said until i read the filename. i was nowhere close

No. 1527686

Opa-locka is such a funny name for a city

No. 1527709

File: 1679192377465.jpeg (193.4 KB, 1179x1580, 5AA28CE9-CC96-413A-B264-A229D7…)

No. 1527722

Why do so many nonas across all boards think bi men are ugly? I want and desperately need a gc bi bf

No. 1527728

enjoy your STDs

No. 1527747

I used to know/be sexting friends with a bihet man who was a total coomer but he was also some form of OCD and terrified of getting any kind of STD and got tested regularly. He'd never even fucked another man either because he was bihet, he was just obsessed with things like frotting or sharing a sex toy with another man and would always bring it up in the context of a hypothetical threesome

No. 1527749

Turkeys are really scary IRL. One blocked my car once.

No. 1527761

i like turkeys they are pretty and cute

No. 1527772

I am taking the bold stance of neutral on turkeys!

No. 1527802

File: 1679201949659.jpeg (27.1 KB, 681x450, 5ED84D3F-C2A7-4175-9F30-7A736D…)

I’m reading Bunny by Mona Awad and the way the Bunnies refer to each other as ‘Bunny’ reminds me of how anons on here call each other ‘nona’ and ‘nonnie’.

No. 1527816

This is so cute and now I am interested in reading this

No. 1527817

But do they use the pronouns bun/buns/bunself

No. 1527839

Lmao that’s cute but also damning

No. 1527840

File: 1679206306399.jpeg (126.96 KB, 1179x1103, 0C00726F-8137-478C-93FB-7C9C0B…)


I was googling something unrelated and this quora came up and I’m so fucked up by it

No. 1527844

File: 1679207563147.png (25.98 KB, 1352x404, 1671658812607.png)

This was posted in the bunkers (I think?) and I found it hysterical

No. 1527848

>Metokour is kill
>Forbidden dog man's streams are 10% actual funny worth watching stuff 90% tsundere homosexual sperging about the gunt
I need a replacement. Most youtubers and streamers who talk about lolcows and internet stuff are so boring because they are scared of being politically incorrect despite bullying literal autists. I just want something to listen to while i draw.

No. 1527852

I sent that to my mailman lol

No. 1527867

Because of shit like:
>sharing a sex toy
it's like double the amount of usual male grossness. i also don't want a man into anal and/or thinking of someone else.

No. 1527871

File: 1679210755058.jpg (26.21 KB, 406x400, 3a4cd1c89cb54dfb225ac2b8a1ad71…)

My bunny is so cute it's unbelievable pic related is not my bunny

No. 1527872

File: 1679210825199.jpg (38.36 KB, 750x562, faygo clown.jpg)

lops should be eradicated though. giant medical disasters.

No. 1527889

File: 1679211864605.png (392.95 KB, 1346x872, my little nony.png)

No. 1527895

How long has lolcow been around I feel like I found this place in 2015 maybe earlier I started uni in 2015 I think I posted during my access course too maybe 2014? How old is this board How popular is it really irl do people recognise long term posters How often have I doxxed myself

No. 1527896

File: 1679212514732.jpeg (81.45 KB, 1278x1920, 98CF0A3D-16D4-4C6C-896F-A139E9…)

Same i love these and will buy them as soon as some pop up preowned

No. 1527901

File: 1679212942371.png (36.88 KB, 610x283, nony.png)

my little nony

No. 1527902

iirc it started in 2014

No. 1527919

File: 1679214742940.jpg (77.2 KB, 640x1136, rodger.jpg)

i like to think about how how often the chances are that, in one thread there will be anons going at each others throat over something stupid, and in another thread they will be "oh shit anon you're awesome we should be friends"
and never know

No. 1527922

Please do not let anyone try to fool you into thinking that doing your nails at home is cheaper. Been doing mine for 2/3 years and have spent at least like $300-400+. Same goes for making clothing.

No. 1527927

>Same goes for making clothing.
Idk about nails but holy fuck yes. Fabric is SO expensive, even just regular shit polyester. You're paying premium if you want nice natural fabrics. And that's not even taking all the tools, supplies and time put into it into account.

No. 1527932

It is surreal nonnie, in one thread I was both agreed with in my feminist views and also accused of getting enjoyment in other womens failures (which I don’t obviously)

No. 1527938

Kek the mental shut down when she says it, that's fucking hilarious

No. 1527939

File: 1679219166094.jpg (55.16 KB, 600x600, 1676648979321154.jpg)

I feel so happy that they finally found a way to stop artwork from being used without permission to feed AI learning. The AI retard tears are delicious. Apparently it also fucks up the AI results too which is extra delicious.

No. 1527940

do tell me more anon. i tried searching but I'm dumb and not using proper keywords or something..how did they manage it

No. 1527941

File: 1679219458625.jpg (242.63 KB, 1125x1979, 1679202081297835.jpg)

its called glaze. The amount of troons, furries and techmoids crying over how we are gatekeeping their ugly pinups of big titty anime girls with baby faces is hilarious.

No. 1527942

File: 1679219535530.jpg (112.42 KB, 828x902, 1679202426900685.jpg)

god i hope this is true. It's a shame every art site cucked out, it would be cool for art sites to have automatic anti-AI measures.

No. 1527953

How does it work? Can it also be applied to non-art like text?

No. 1527974

as a writer, how can you recognize how bad chatgpt is for writers and then refuse to apply that exact same logic to visual arts? what the fuck is wrong with people?

No. 1527995

I'll say it: If your writing is so bland and shit and uninformative trash that a chatbot can do it better than you, I will shed no tears about you being replaced by it. Adding reddit to google searches has been mandatory to find relevant and concise write ups for a long time and I genuinely cannot tell whether the trash that floods the search results these days is algorithm generated or written by those roaches.

Artists and trash blurb writers are not the same, never have been, never will be, and the algorithms they compete against have completely different issues. One is specifically trained on illegally used copyright protected work, the other is merely taught to generate human language. Nobody has to steal your magnum opus two page copy pasted "article" filled with wrong information on the latest twitch nothingburger, or your paragraph description of a lawn chair, or that fearmongering opinion peace on how buying magic wands is transgender genocide in order to replace you. You are simply that useless and a waste of everyone's time.

No. 1527996

As an artist I'm pretty close to just accepting ai as an inevitability, but nah the meltdowns this is gonna produce are fucking hilarious

No. 1528011

Found a satash of free home improvement magazines and am having fun reading them

No. 1528097

what if Gabe Newell became a TERF and changed the company name to Vulva Software

No. 1528104

Girlies I've been too busy lazy to go to the shop and buy toner for my face so I've just been using cold water as a toner and i think my skin prefers it. What the hell is toner

No. 1528116

I like how these people feel entitled to create things without having the necessary skills to create things. Not everyone is a creator, I don't know why people like this are suddenly uncomfortable with this fact of life, AI art feels like a cope for the terminally uncreative.
>"AI art is bringing a whole new revolution for us who cannot draw"
So why isn't it "ChatGPT is bringing a whole new revolution for us who cannot write?" too? kek

No. 1528117

I like how these people feel entitled to create things without having the necessary skills to create things. Not everyone is a creator, I don't know why people like this are suddenly uncomfortable with this fact of life, AI art feels like a cope for the terminally uncreative.
>"AI art is bringing a whole new revolution for us who cannot draw"
So why isn't it "ChatGPT is bringing a whole new revolution for us who cannot write?" too? kek

No. 1528121

Do that thing you're procrastinating on. It'll be easy.

No. 1528129

I mean, what kinda toner were you using? I only use toner in the AM, the cosrx vitamin c kiwi toner or whatever. I use it cause other vitamin c containing actives like serums made me break out, but I really wanted to feed my skin some vitamin c for my AM routine, and the toner in question delivers vit c but doesn’t break me out so it’s perfect.

No. 1528133

If you’re using witch hazel or some shit then your face prefers water because you’re drying it out and irritating it with that kek

No. 1528140

If your art is so bland and shit and soulless trash that an ai can do it better than you, I will shed absolutely no tears about you being replaced by it. Finding actual quality art while wading through thousands of bland, samey mspaint anime girls is a nightmare, and I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if most trashy flavor of the month fandom art accounts were just a network of clout-farming ai.

Shitty mentally ill coomer "artists" and writers are not the same, never have been, never will be, and the algorithms they compete against have completely different issues. One is specifically trained on existing information and protected work, the other is merely taught to copy old classic art, soulless modern art made to promote video games and crappy derivative/traced fan art. Nobody has to steal your magnum opus big tiddy waifu/husbando vtuber with shitty anatomy on your 500-follower twitter account, or your MS paint scribble of Hatsune Miku eating a hamburger, or that shitty doodle of a morbidly obese FNAF character saying "trans righs". You are simply that useless and a waste of everyone's time. Go back to making strip games on Twitter to farm for likes.

No. 1528151

I unironically agree with both of these kek but I also think people who use AI for this stuff are pathetic

No. 1528171

I mean. Someone who gets them done on a salon in the us would spend that in a year probably so that’s a good deal still

No. 1528248

it’s the reality of being a third culture kid. a broken english is only broken english and not a dialect because it’s not spoken by a big population. when you are a third culture kid you will have weird english the same way britbongs have a British accent and amerifags have an american accent. And if you don’t put effort into keeping your first language alive then you will lose that too. That’s why I’ve been watching shitty TV dramas and reading bad romance books in my first language a lot, because I know my English is beyond fixing, so I at least try to preserve my mother tongue. So many people immigrate thinking their kids will miraculously adapt to the country they moved to. That’s just the sad truth people will avoid talking about kek

No. 1528257

File: 1679252549157.png (185.25 KB, 1080x810, 926-1.png)

Kill, marry, FUCK

No. 1528258

No. 1528262

File: 1679253072960.gif (5.78 MB, 640x640, loj.gif)

the guilt of not responding to anons posts after they answered my question or helped with something or complimented something is eating me alive, but sometimes i truly can't think of anything else to say or feel like i'm faking a response. and sometimes i'm just in a shit mood because of unrelated real life issues. but i appreciate every given advice so thank you all in advance ily

No. 1528264

the pasty guy looks like a less autistic version of my philosophy professor and that's not saying much because i mean, look at him. they even both have the same giant hips KEK. sorry

No. 1528270

File: 1679253792271.jpg (97.86 KB, 1200x1200, CP43067227.jpg)

I miss my late dad and I want everyone here to know that he was the real life version of the Dolmio Man and I'm very proud of that

No. 1528272

I dont like bland shit art either but you dont get to choose who deserves to get replaced or not just because YOU dont like their artstyle. Reminds me of AI retards believing in their ''all artist are troon leftists blah blah'' boogeyman to justify AI. Fuck you, retard. Same goes for writting, AI is just techbros trying to re-invent the wheel and sell people a solution that wasnt even a problem to begin with. Anyways, BEHEAD ALL AI RETARDS, KICK AN AI RETARD IN THE HEAD, etc, etc

No. 1528273

File: 1679253986044.jpg (14.32 KB, 370x320, a95e1e34159f1004d4eeddd6a1e364…)

Been making angsty RP scenarios with a game character i am deeply obsessed with now. It is so much fun, being able to text roleplay with a chatbot and manipulate it into acting/having thoughts/doing stuff the way you want to, and the bot also imagining some random npcs too for the funs of it. Can always pick the answer you liked the most.
I can't play the game now that my pc is dead, so i am rping that him and the in-game characters have not seen me in a long time because i disappeared. Cute…

No. 1528274

How can men with okay bodies be so fricking ugly? They look like neanderthals. I'd kill them all

No. 1528276

we need to start bullying men into shaving, that's gross. Anyways i want to manhandle the manlet, he cute and has a pretty smile

No. 1528277

men look so deformed. even the hottest ones it’s so weird. i want to have a kid one day but what if i get a son? that looks like this? i would kill myself.

No. 1528283

I think the Asian dude is actually six feet fall

No. 1528285

holy crap how tall are the other guys that they make the asian guy look like he's taking a photo at chuck e cheese with the animatronics

No. 1528289

File: 1679255120007.gif (308.51 KB, 220x174, thurston-waffles-meow.gif)

the more ao3 subscriptions i have, the less updates i get in my inbox
i need those updates, I NEED THEM

No. 1528303

I just tried signing up for Instagram with a proton mail and I got insta-banned. I knew they were insta-banning throw away emails but proton? holy fuck I hate facebook.

Are there any e-mail providers left you can sign up with on instagram that don't require a phone number to create the e-mail account?

No. 1528304

Consider this contact. Give me a Pedro doppleganger.

No. 1528308

you need to find small, unknown ones. i used to use auti.st which was a version of sharklasers, but it shut down a few years ago. now i pay for a service and use the ones i get with it.

No. 1528311

you can try cock.li too. i don't know if they're banned or not though

No. 1528312

I'll try that, thanks! I just realized I'm shadow banned because they auto-banned me with a gmail account just now too ugh

No. 1528315

File: 1679257271303.png (29.28 KB, 2048x813, Screenshot_20230319-152017.png)

samefagging, apparently they went invite only. i have like 50 accounts so plenty of invites. if you need one let me know I'll share.

No. 1528319

Yeah if you could share an invite that'd be awesome!

No. 1528321

Can I please have one too, anon? I want to make a FB to follow the page of my favorite band.

No. 1528329

Nice, I got it! Thanks a lot!

No. 1528331

deleted the first comment because both were used.

No. 1528332

np anon. hope it works for you.

No. 1528333

used, ty!!

No. 1528335

>utterly nonsensical no u
As expected from "professional writers" lol. Next time use a GPT prompt, it will write a far better response than you will ever be capable of producing.

No. 1528337

Quit crying, no one wants to see your drawing of Garfield in front of the trans flag.

No. 1528338

dont fight, writers and artist should stick together. We are both unemployed and have mental issues

No. 1528341

File: 1679258314083.jpg (92.68 KB, 720x960, clown world.jpg)

No. 1528344

Idk how to prove it but >>1528333 isn't me and I didn't get to use the invite. This is why I hate going AFK for any reason lol. Could you make a new one if you're still around, anon? It's ok if not

No. 1528345

File: 1679258447380.png (161.67 KB, 566x434, mpg.png)

wholly unrelated but fun fact, mariopaintgirl is pregnant with a little garfield of her own.

No. 1528346

sure anon standby

No. 1528347

The issue with "AI art" is copyright. The algorithms need to be trained on copyright protected art or they can't produce anything anyone would give a shit about. It's a real issue and I'm reasonably certain law enforcement will nuke that sort of thing into the "cracked media" scene at some point and people risk being sued if they're found out to be using it for commercial work.

That doesn't apply to text bots because there's an infinite amount of copyright free language and data for them to train on and the results that are requested of them are very general. "Write a sentence using correct English grammar using information pulled from public databases" is not legally questionable, "Scan all art produced by person x and produce something in their style" is a completely different beast, and one that big media corporations will start to care about at one point.

No. 1528348

Thank you!!

No. 1528351

Thank you so much!!

No. 1528352

you be very welcome. hope it works out for you too!

No. 1528354

kek sorry, though you took the first two

No. 1528356

Draw better.

No. 1528358


No. 1528368

File: 1679260385282.png (213.76 KB, 410x436, 56b.png)

No. 1528381

me 3 plz

No. 1528393

I don't know about the others but the guy standing left to the asian guy is 6'3

No. 1528394

File: 1679262908462.jpg (12.52 KB, 437x388, 6cd6217dfea1faadd57d27f4dd55b6…)

for real, the only man I can ever respect or love is jesus christ. literally every other male is a scum an can die and I don't want him anywhere near me. I look at the moids in my family and at work, at the street, anywhere, and I can't consider then anything worthy. they're so bad to the point that only a god wearing a male body suit can be acceptable

No. 1528411

File: 1679263942087.jpg (57.44 KB, 540x551, FG0BN62WUAEuVV2.jpg)

Can't believe artists and writers are itt fighting. Don't let tech bros pit two queens against each other.

No. 1528416

File: 1679264384548.jpeg (40.49 KB, 749x421, 2411657C-0779-4DE1-8D38-9C00FB…)

my bones hurt

No. 1528425

Whenever someone compliments something I made or did myself I always instinctively start talking about how easy and quick it was to do, even if it wasn't, with hopes that they won't ask me to make something for them (it doesn't work).

No. 1528439

I’m basically atheist but I always thought of Jesus as a good guy. I would pray to him and not god. If I had to be religious I would be all about Jesus. Jesus fed the hungry, clothed the naked and healed the lame and the blind. I would have pictures and wooden crucifix carvings and statuettes all of his ripped physique and glorious mane and modest beard. I don’t like beards, but I imagine his beard as the most incredible beard ever Not thick and bushy or scraggly and pubic like most beards, almost as soft and sleek as the rich brown hair on his head, which, in the sun, glows golden like honey. His eyes are a similar rich brown, his skin is golden olive bronze. Soft as a woman’s and taught with muscle, his ample pectorals thick with his soft hair. His features strong and masculine but with a breathtaking and otherworldly beauty; his delicately shaped yet full lips and his tapered cheekbones and jaw. Jesus would hold me in his arms and shield me from all the devils in the world and forgive me of my sins and carry me to heaven. His penis

No. 1528445

His penis what

No. 1528447

NTA I'm too scared to ask what's next

No. 1528450

I'm not. I want to hear all about Jesus penis.

No. 1528454

Calm down Judas

No. 1528460

File: 1679267490949.png (67.44 KB, 700x700, elsie noose.png)

>scroll past the dog hate thread
>someone's telling people to poison dogs again, and other posters in the thread are just laughing about it
I really don't understand how that thread harbors those kinds of people and is still up. It's one thing to not personally like dogs, but it seems like there are legitimately unhinged people in there.

No. 1528463

File: 1679267659497.jpg (284.85 KB, 1600x900, 1629893123-1371ae650e854c4e12a…)

Anon stop it I want to be a good christian, I don't want to have horny thoughts about Jesus

No. 1528465

Nice hyperbole loser

No. 1528466

It's what He would have Truly Wanted

No. 1528468

Nta, but the last few posts in that thread are literally anons talking about how they want to kill their dogs

No. 1528470

Anyone can go there and check it themselves lol. Go back to your containment thread, wanting to kill animals = mental illness.

No. 1528472

I don't like dogs but the dog hate anons are so unhinged.

No. 1528475

why is he so sweaty and sexy

No. 1528477

Nooooo I must repent FUCK

No. 1528478

He's about to get crucified

No. 1528480

So unhinged to get stressed about repetitive 90 decibels noise for hours on end

No. 1528482

File: 1679268388930.png (17.27 KB, 242x304, 37cfb33cc4dbc61c484078194e8943…)

No. 1528484

File: 1679268490898.jpg (116.01 KB, 1080x848, IMG_20230320_045707.jpg)

Nta but it's not a hyperbole to call unhinged people unhinged

No. 1528486

File: 1679268582951.png (26.08 KB, 1822x330, doghate_.png)

And are you actually that retarded? Are you so much of an absolute subhuman buffoon that you lack object permanence and cannot understand that anyone can check a thread and read the posts? Classic 65 iq doghating mongoloid.

No. 1528491

This is like how everyone reacts when a dog barks 24/7, people, get mad and fantasize about killing it, so what.

No. 1528492

Nta but this is insane amounts of cope. No that's not a normal reaction, most people just get annoyed.

No. 1528493

And what about actually advising others to act on that "fantasy"?

No. 1528495

Should I get taco bell or a sub sandwich?

No. 1528496

I'm not sure if Jesus even had a penis, like what would he need it for

No. 1528498

File: 1679268795708.png (766.38 KB, 1439x1427, Cutie.png)


No. 1528499

File: 1679268895715.jpg (161.2 KB, 2048x1058, 335e6751cb49137704580a552c24d1…)

I think both sides of the dog hate argument are dumb. Dog haters want to poison their neighbor's dog for barking all day and dog lovers are obnoxious and think their little pompom can do no wrong.

No. 1528503

File: 1679269059568.jpg (15.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

No. 1528504

Posters like this be like
>Sorry my bf sent you graphic murder threats and said he'd fuck your corpse, he was really stwessed fwum work and you were being really noisy in your apartment??? uwu

No. 1528506

This is blasphemy that can only be punished with death.

No. 1528507

File: 1679269233912.jpg (37.61 KB, 970x406, Jesus_Christ_Superstar_(5).jpg)

dogs are evil, I think it's no coincidence that 'dog' is 'god' spelled backwards, can we focus on our lord and savior sexy cute jesus christ instead

No. 1528508

Not everyone who thinks the posters in those thread are insane is a "mai little pompom" person. Some don't even own dogs, let's not pretend being normal is "just as bad" kek.

No. 1528509

File: 1679269320471.png (116.22 KB, 600x849, 6a52c79f9eadd189d3f4a33b84d9ed…)

No. 1528510

File: 1679269371499.jpg (124.44 KB, 1500x1500, Sleeping-Dog-God-Loves-Dog-Jes…)

Jesus loves dogs. Cope and seethe, heathen.

No. 1528512


No. 1528513

File: 1679269480522.jpg (5.66 KB, 185x273, images.jpg)

No. 1528515

Yeah, but if it happened, he wouldn't want to kill the dog. He'd be a better owner.

No. 1528516

Why is Jesus all over the place?

No. 1528519

Because He is Hot and Sexy Bless

No. 1528520

File: 1679269630832.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.47 MB, 498x272, kysoojin-jake.gif)

only dog i am going to kill

No. 1528521

He’s come to save our souls hallelujah thank you Jesús

No. 1528522

Yeah, but the owners of bappers don't do anything

No. 1528524

Then they deserve the homicidal urges, not the dogs.

No. 1528525

File: 1679269799056.gif (580.81 KB, 400x399, 860139730_1651617-2403744937.g…)

Do not kill thy neighbor

No. 1528526

File: 1679269825105.jpeg (33.54 KB, 854x480, 879A8D02-EA45-4F3F-A43F-73C964…)

Did Jesus have a cat?

No. 1528532

File: 1679269950220.jpg (30.1 KB, 500x420, s-l500 (1).jpg)

No. 1528534

File: 1679269979530.jpg (188.81 KB, 996x1459, b4ac84db3d6329c0ea2aa7e6069bd6…)

he had many, probably each for every apostle, except for Judas, who was a dog owner

No. 1528537

WRONG! I'm getting a sub. I only posted hoping someone would confirm my sinful sandwich greed but looks like I just have to take matters into my own hands.

No. 1528538

File: 1679270087252.jpg (30 KB, 380x504, Jesus-and-dogs-1.jpg)

Wrong. Judas was a dog hater who had no heart or brain, so cats and all other animals hated him too.

No. 1528539

File: 1679270114987.jpg (73.97 KB, 600x448, jesus-kitty.jpg)

No. 1528542

Posting Jesus in dumbass shit sounds ironic to me.

No. 1528547

Since we're on the topic, is anyone else participating in lenten sacrifice? I have nothing to give up, as I do not sin. I don't eat flesh meat Fridays.

No. 1528548

Two best feelings:
>headache going away after you've taken paracetamol
>sleeping without pants (under the sheet/blanket)

No. 1528549

File: 1679270445950.jpg (51.97 KB, 768x576, jesuschristsuperstar_Image7.jp…)

What about Jesus' feet

No. 1528551

thanks for reminding me to catch a fish fry before easter

No. 1528553

File: 1679270485477.png (493.59 KB, 892x593, fairydog.png)

No. 1528554

He is so beautiful. I wish I could wash his feet for him

No. 1528556

File: 1679270794283.jpg (107.95 KB, 750x1125, Fried-Catfish-2.jpg)

Oh anon now I'm craving fried catfish. I want catfish with hushpuppies or white bread and slaw so bad.

No. 1528621

File: 1679279055342.png (6.18 KB, 1075x178, Screenshot_20230319-192143_(1)…)

Uhh, based?

No. 1528622


No. 1528623

File: 1679279194838.jpeg (177.5 KB, 1170x1424, 3BFD2493-11F5-4337-A869-8EA6A9…)

tfw there's more kangroos in Australia than your country's population

No. 1528625

If only same sex attracted women could say the same without receiving rape threats

No. 1528627

r/AskMiddleEast is one of the most openly homophobic and misogynistic subreddits and yet it still exists meanwhile anything related to gender critical gets banned. Make it make sense.

No. 1528632

File: 1679280170034.png (6.99 KB, 860x267, atrgie.png)

if my country got invaded by kangaroos each citizen would have to fight at least one, i am so ready

No. 1528641

File: 1679281086672.jpeg (116.94 KB, 721x960, D6A94AE3-2218-4593-8ECB-670416…)

kek it's actually so crazy I think the kangroos might take over and win these fuckers know how to throw a punch

No. 1528649

File: 1679282470772.jpg (178.02 KB, 1200x1200, 132996.jpg)

Our national animal and we eat them because they are a pest.

No. 1528650

i hope so, i hate australians so goddam much

No. 1528654

what do they taste like

No. 1528657

That certain brand of terminally online where it's really obvious that they only talk to their family in real life and all of their interactions are based around fake online friendships where people kiss their ass and convince them they are more funny than they actually are. Just condescending and cringe and pushing 30 offering nothing except shady asf comebacks.

No. 1528658

Just like a leaner beef to me, haven't had it in a while but I do remember they made for good burgers.

No. 1528660

I want to try it

No. 1528664

Just weirdly combative and hypocritical and so deep in their little vacuum that they have no idea that they don't actually look cunty and above it, they look autistic and unfunny

No. 1528666

Wait what did the australians do

No. 1528679

File: 1679285095649.gif (11.85 MB, 836x852, 47A3AA08-2A08-49B0-9BB6-2F397B…)

real life footage of me finding out out I have a class with the bitch cunt professor from my second year

No. 1528680

File: 1679285035798.gif (11.85 MB, 836x852, E59AE117-1911-4A63-8C60-05458F…)

real life footage of me finding out out I have a class with the bitch cunt professor from my second year

No. 1528682

File: 1679285597187.jpg (1.66 MB, 3200x2806, Christ_in_the_Desert.jpg)

Its funny to think some irrelevant Galilean preacher died and became a God, who knows what his original message was but it doesn't even matter cause people could project whatever wanted upon him

No. 1528691

My dumbass lost one of my cards. I mean it's not completely lost because it's definitely somewhere in my house, but I can't find it.

No. 1528715

Woke up from my slumber because I've barely ate anything today, so I got up and microwaved some canned chili with cheese and a little sugar on top with a side of two dill pickles.

No. 1528725

My cat was being annoying, probably because I'm still up working on things I put off and not in bed, so I made a little nest for him out of a blanket on the couch and he went right to sleep.

No. 1528739

I dreamt i had sex with a giant rock salt golem.
I need to stop licking my salt lamp

No. 1528740


Price includes all costs related to one attempt at an in-vitro fertilization. (A $50,000 value) If the first attempt at in vitro fertilization is unsuccessful, purchaser of sperm must pay all medical costs related to additional attempts. Mr. Gallo will supply sperm for as many attempts as it takes to complete a successful fertilization and successful delivery. Sperm is 100% guaranteed to be donated by Mr. Gallo who is drug, alcohol and disease free. If the purchaser of the sperm chooses the option of natural insemination, there is an additional charge of $500,000. However, if after being presented detailed photographs of the purchaser, Mr. Gallo may be willing to waive the natural insemination fee and charge only for the sperm itself. Those of you who have found this merchandise page are very well aware of Mr. Gallo's multiple talents, but to add further insight into the value of Mr. Gallo's sperm, aside from being multi talented in all creative fields, he was also multi talented as an athlete, winning several awards for performing in the games of baseball, football and hockey and making it to the professional level of grand prix motorcycle racing. Mr. Gallo is 5'11" and has blue eyes. There are no known genetic deformities in his ancestry (no cripples) and no history of congenital diseases. If you have seen The Brown Bunny, you know the potential size of the genitals if it's a boy. (8 inches if he's like his father.) I don't know exactly how a well hung father can enhance the physical makeup of a female baby, but it can't hurt. Mr. Gallo also presently maintains a distinctively full head of hair and at the age of 43 has surprisingly few gray hairs. Though his features are sharp and extreme, they would probably blend well with a softer, more subtly featured female. Mr. Gallo maintains the right to refuse sale of his sperm to those of extremely dark complexions. Though a fan of Franco Harris, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz and Lena Horne, Mr. Gallo does not want to be part of that type of integration. In fact, for the next 30 days, he is offering a $50,000 discount to any potential female purchaser who can prove she has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who can prove a direct family link to any of the German soldiers of the mid-century will also receive this discount. Under the laws of the Jewish faith, a Jewish mother would qualify a baby to be deemed a member of the Jewish religion. This would be added incentive for Mr. Gallo to sell his sperm to a Jew mother, his reasoning being with the slim chance that his child moved into the profession of motion picture acting or became a musical performer, this connection to the Jewish faith would guarantee his offspring a better chance at good reviews and maybe even a prize at the Sundance Film Festival or an Oscar. To be clear, the purchase of Mr. Gallo's sperm does not include the use of the name Gallo. The purchaser must find another surname for the child.

No. 1528764

i'm really sleep deprived and annoyed by everything but especially the anon that types like trump in celebricows and refuses to integrate

No. 1528784

i don't think i can ever go back to working a traditional 9-5 job again. i was reading people's personal experiences with the current job market last night and all this anxiety from all my past shitty jobs came rushing back to me. i hate doing interviews. i hate writing up cv's and trying to make your other shitty jobs sound much better than they were. i hate all the smoke and mirrors that you have to wade through and how recruiters expect the moon and stars for even the most basic of retail jobs and then wonder why people quit in droves. of course then the inevitable question comes up of what else am i going to do? i don't know but i don't think i can ever deal with that kind of stress again. even the better jobs i had ended up falling apart after a while.

No. 1528785

File: 1679305792971.png (137.28 KB, 1278x355, w001.png)

hear me out, i think he could be one of them

No. 1528788

Omg she pisses me the fuck off. everyone's retarded in celebricows but she's the worst offender

No. 1528793

test test test why are my posts not posting

No. 1528820

Who is this guy in the middle?

No. 1528853

Seeing girls on LSA calling trannies "transformers" will always make me laugh, I don't even know why.

No. 1528867

>it was actually the donald all along.

if she suddenly stops posting next week we will know the truth.

No. 1528868

No. 1528885

File: 1679318933888.jpg (285.25 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20230320_010902.jpg)

he died for this

No. 1528892

Makes me think of the time I had to explain to my friends that I wanted to fuck the sexy giant robots that turn into cars, planes, trains, boats, motorcycles, helicopters and so on. That I didn’t want to fuck weird ass delusional assholes.

No. 1528894

if she doesn't then I know who else she might be

No. 1528955

that's a very trumpchan typing style…

No. 1528996

The other day some enby woman posted in one of my hobby subs about her boobs being an issue and said something like she doesn’t want to feel like her “massive anime jugs are jiggling everywhere” or something. That part really grossed me out but frankly whole thing reeked of NLOG. So to spite this woman I played that part up and called her out for making me personally uncomfortable as a large chested woman and said that she was sexualizing other women’s large chests to redirect victimhood elsewhere in her self-victimizing NLOG pity fest. Surprisingly I got upvotes too HAHAHA.

No. 1528997

Well done nona! I love it when we play by their own rules and end up winning still

No. 1529005

File: 1679331728897.jpg (131.68 KB, 1000x1000, s-l1600.jpg)

>the final update that no one wanted
Ended up in the ER with colitis and an inguinal hernia, which is not typical in women. Kek. At least the antibiotics are working and I had my first normal BM today. Celebrate the little things.

No. 1529030

I’m so glad you went to the ER. I actually thought your vents were nonsense and that somebody just wanted to shitpost about shit. I’m sad for you that you had to go through GI Hell.

Remember, don’t pay the ER bill when they send it to you! Throw it in the garbage where it belongs. You do not have to pay medical bills after the fact (I’m not memeing this is fr).

No. 1529037

>“massive anime jugs are jiggling everywhere”
Kek what the fuck. It's not surprising that so many young women want to lop their breasts off if this is how they have been groomed to conceptualize them.

No. 1529038

NTA but won't this ruin my credit
They just sent me a fucking bill for the urgent care I went to last November I'm aghast at the amount

No. 1529061

Dont hesitate to reach out to the financial dept and request forgiveness on the amount. Ask for programs/applications/grant like things.

No. 1529077

Aww thanks sweet nonna, I really appreciate your kind words. Indeed it was hell but after fluids, steroids and toradol plus a shitload of antibiotics I'm feeling a lot better. That was all Friday.

Fortunately I'm on state insurance which is actually quite good. I pay nothing out of pocket, I'm in the process of disability due to RA and whatnot so the local government hooked me up with this insurance. Thank God for the American taxpayers otherwise I would literally be dead.

No. 1529096

I didn't realize regularly drinking by yourself on the computer or while playing games was a pathetic thing to do, that's how socially inept I am kek

No. 1529098

Medical debt does not affect your credit score.

No. 1529110

How often do you consider to be regular and how many drinks do you have? If it’s a couple drinks a couple nights a week it’s nbd but if you’re consuming more than 3 drinks in a single night or drinking more than 7 drinks total a week it’s an issue

No. 1529119

It's enough to be a problem unfortunately

No. 1529126

Nonna I do the same thing, it's pretty cringe and I wanna stop. Not to mention a waste of money.

No. 1529129

I think it's an enjoyable thing to do

No. 1529137

I feel ya. Yeah, anything that’s making you consistently drink over the recommended limit for women (7 drinks total in a week and no more than 3 drinks in a single day) isn’t good for you. Maybe try cutting back, have a couple drinks 2-3 times a week or have 3 drinks a couple nights a week?

No. 1529139

This is why I regularly smoke weed while playing videogames, so people think I'm normal

No. 1529140

Her baby giggling at her doing dumb poses at 5:13 is so cute I almost got baby fever

No. 1529150

I was skeptical but yeah damn that was a cute baby noise.

No. 1529185

I feel nonnas. I like to buy nail deco from those cheap Chinese stores, but I never purchase things like nail polish because obviously those could have any and everything in them. Well I bought some holo nail powders and it took me recieving them to realize that they probably could also have some crazy shit in them like lead or asbestos. They don't even look holographic so I won't feel bad if I throw them out, so I guess it's okay.

No. 1529188

*I feel retarded, nonnas

No. 1529272

god i hate seeing the butt thread at the top of the catalog. when will anons stop bumping it and giving selfposters attention

No. 1529275

I think it's cute when babies laugh at their mother's weirdness. Reminds me of when nicoletv put on a little comedy show for her baby and it was so cute, he was laughing so hard.

No. 1529290

I saw a girl wearing this and there was a dude behind her staring at it, tbh so was I, I could see the cellulit and the wobbles. I saw the whole ass.

No. 1529296

Freddy carter, his face just reminded me of those 2 from arcane.

No. 1529304

You weren't supposed to respond to that post it was likely bait lmao. I didn't think they were popular outside fitness thots tbh, I've only seen two people irl wear them, some random lady in the grocery store who was very fit and my aunty of all people kek. At least she only wears them indoors.

No. 1529356

File: 1679365593337.jpg (159.55 KB, 1280x1081, 1678441274678.jpg)

I lurk on the dating app Feeld and it's crazy how picrel is every single couple's profile within a 300 mile radius of me (bongland)

No. 1529380

Say it with me nonnies

No. 1529388

Turned in 15 assignments including an essay, went to a 2 hour lecture, then worked a shift today. I should be tired but it's so hard to sleep when I have a busy day, the momentum is carrying over

No. 1529390


No. 1529393

I had completed most of them during the weekend and just needed to scan but yeah fifteen, it was across two classes as well

No. 1529394

File: 1679373491020.jpg (29.87 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.3553411353_5uzf.jpg)

i was doomscrolling instagram and, of course, because i was talking about planning on visiting japan on whatsapp now 27 out of every 30 posts i see on instagram are about japan or korea (just a short flight afterall), whereas previous it was 0.
one of the videos was some white influencer living in korea that filmed herself standing in the store and rotating her body, i guess as a fit check, and as she was backing up she ran into a cart a man was pushing. caption and comments from her on the post were about how she was so embarrassed because he was so handsome, omg omg i am so embarrassed…
well in the comments it is pointed out the man is her husband. she's just screwing around making a fake scenario and really pushing the OwO
is this funny? people find this funny? clearly she must think it's funny, but it looked completely retarded with her comments about how she 'can't believe i did that especially since he was so handsome omg im embarrassed'
the internet was a mistake

No. 1529395

I know what vid you're talking about! Showed up on my yt shorts. It was pretty cringe..basically another account of "using my asian boyfriend/husband for clout look at him!" ordeal

No. 1529400

I opened up some airdry clay a while ago, and after a failed project I ended up putting it in a plastic bag with the rest of the clay still wrapped in it's original wrapper. The unwrapped clay is dry as a rock and the wrapper clay is still soft. I feel dumb for not noticing earlier but I really thought it would be fine in the bag.

No. 1529403

I think the type of ridiculously long titles that trashy japanese manga use are fucking hilarious and if i ever wind up drawing the NSFW lesbian one shot comics i dream about I'm gonna use that naming convention because it amuses me so much. First I gotta get better at drawing sexy, and then catch me creating masterpieces such as My super cool suit-wearing coworker is actually a horny maiden for strap-on sex?! and I'm being haunted every night by a rookie succubus who only likes pussy!

No. 1529440

File: 1679382003206.png (19.12 KB, 1160x378, bigscarynonas.png)

kek. lmao, even.

No. 1529442

KEK anon I'm glad I'm not the only one amused by this naming fad, I'd read your manga. Also, don't forget to add "in a dungeon" to the title.

No. 1529446

File: 1679382573801.jpeg (36.69 KB, 1041x1022, 1643477749904.jpeg)

ah yes… the MALEVOLENT SPOOKY DARK WATERS of lolcor.com…

No. 1529450

File: 1679382920165.png (3.63 KB, 373x178, kek.png)

I'm cackling, I never read GG/CC but damn they are SOFT. or are we just unhinged?
eitherway lolcor supremacy lets fucking go my stacies

No. 1529454

They are, all the while being fucking hypocrites following PPP's and other e-celebs every move. They have hundres of pages of discussion on her, but we are the bad guys bc we say "retard" kek.

No. 1529458

ayrt as well as that, they mostly target women under the guise of "I'm so worried abt her" fake bullshit. reeks of normie in there.
their obsession with Marzia is the most bizarre, very sour grapes. her and Hila Klien are art thieves, focus on that not the fact that they're millionares and you're bitter.
I like lolcow for the scrapping (not infighting obviously) but the freedom we have to talk utter shit here is just that, freedom.
the community here is weirdly better for it imo
(love you nonas, fuck you make me laugh)

No. 1529474

File: 1679385718883.png (12.47 KB, 234x268, holyE.png)

terfs have the right to shoot any mtf that yells at her

No. 1529482

File: 1679388260118.png (1.05 MB, 1078x1073, 1678499845329552.png)

beautifully said my terven sister


No. 1529498

It's been ~a month since a thread on a cow I was interested in finally dropped and it was raided by moids threatening to rape her and was later revealed that the tranny himself made the thread because she blocked him kek
So disappointing. It was a good OP until you got to the "rules of discussion."
And now it's dead because she keeps privating/unprivating her Tumblr and relocking it when she feels she's testing her luck
I hate moids so much. I just want to laugh at a fatty who thinks she's an incel and runs a blog larping as one.

No. 1529522

File: 1679394410969.png (62.68 KB, 351x156, izzzyzzz.PNG)

I'm watching an Izzzyzzz video and the fake lashes sticking out are bothering me SO MUCH kek. Some girls have this happen irl too and I can't look away if I talk to them.

No. 1529543

I'm that anon. Still proud of being who I am (autistic)

No. 1529557

I love izzy her voice is so calming

No. 1529578

consider yourself dubbed bubblegum bunghole-chan, champion of autists (and proud)
same though cause bungholes are kawaii and I love bubblegum. I wanna pop a big bubble into kirbyanon's bunghole

No. 1529593

File: 1679403049958.jpg (150.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

I tried to do an amethyst design on my nails, but it's not as gemstone-y as I would like because one of the decorations I added makes it look really busy and muddy. I would remove it but it's gel polish and idk where my electric nail file is and I've already glued rhinestones to them. Oh well, maybe I'll warm up to them.

No. 1529599

What the hell is wrong with you?

No. 1529607

same, she's so nice and likable i can even overlook her retarded sjw nonsense on the rare occasions it emerges.

No. 1529608

nothing near as what is wrong with kirby-anon

speaking of which, if I ever met this moid IRL and he hit me up for weed (he would) and I smoked him up (I would) I would just repeat his own retarded lyrics (vidrel) related until he left me alone meantime I have his wallet and phone I would also ask this sort of asshole what their fave book is (I will already know and have researched it) and pick apart everything they have to say about it.
for a treat, and the treat is for me.

because moids ain't shit

spoiler again just to be annoying. kirby anon don't take it personally, I would have said paki-chan but she would take it personally lmao

No. 1529610

File: 1679405294994.jpg (39.1 KB, 720x725, 20220511_162344.jpg)

I have my 1st driving lesson later today. I told my cats I loved them very much before leaving just in case I either die or end up in jail after losing control of the car and causing a massive crash that ends with lots of casualties kek I'm very excited though, hopefully everything goes well

No. 1529618

File: 1679406039092.gif (3 MB, 640x640, 1562579007.gif)

how come people obsessed with butts always act so creepy

No. 1529621

I call my grandma nonnie and when i first started using this site it threw me off that the nonnies here would refer to each other as such, kek.

No. 1529642

it's just retard humour keep up

No. 1529644

elite behaviour I hope it will come true and it will be everything you imagined it to be

No. 1529663

No, no, it's fine. I've kinda accepted my reputation here and I only really get fired up when someone spreads misinformation, asserts wrongly or someone shows an interest. Though the latter is more of a positive kind of fired up.

No. 1529664

File: 1679410677464.gif (1.07 MB, 220x276, E53F4B19-9DF8-4745-8AF3-91A81C…)

I’ve spent hours analyzing Matty, attempting to understand what people see in him, his looks, his music… anything, really. Because I truly don’t get how he has a career. This video was cringe-inducing. All of these people are just smiling and vibing along to the music and his Jared Leto joker damaged impression? Ouch

No. 1529666

he is so god damn ugly just the look at him makes me rage. hideous talentless pretentious hack. same with morrissey with his huge faggot breasts only he has more talent than the other retard. i'm not even joking in the slightest when i say i genuinely hate him

No. 1529669

No. 1529702

kirby anon, how much time do you spend on lc on various boards? genuinely just curious bc you've definitely gotten a reputation for responding anytime someone mentions you in a thread, unlike other more elusive posters

No. 1529707

ayrt and I love and respect you. I fangirl you replying kirby-chan hope you are doing wonderful
sends you kirby kisses

hard agree, also ayrt. this festering opioid fiend gets to slosh and slur around on stage when better more talented people (women) would get absolutely destroyed for doing the same. disgustang intitled male behaviour.
I'll always remember this gross video of him smoking bongs on the street with his fans
male pickme, almost if not worse than harry styles cause he admitted they got album art inspo from tumblr

No. 1529738

happy to announce im still alive
it's way harder than I expected but I had fun

No. 1529741

File: 1679416648417.png (283.56 KB, 1105x784, 1647971559317.png)

yes nona congrats!! what was your favourite part?
dw it gets easier every time. so proud of and for you!

No. 1529745

fuck yeah anon

No. 1529747


No. 1529756

I accidentally popped a pimple looking pimple under my eye/next to my nose. Fuck. It was huge and already came to a head though, so hopefully it will be fine.
Also, does anyone else who struggles with hyperpigmentation notice that even if you don't pop a pimple it will leave a spot? It's like just the inflammation is enough to cause a spot.

No. 1529760

I would be pissed if someone told me that they made me a cookie BUT…

>Yes, I am fat. You can't do that to fat people. It's rude already to do that to anyone but C'MON NOW!

No. 1529766

I looove the rare occasion where I pull out a hair, usually a pube, and it has a huge plug on the end. So satisfying.

No. 1529767


No. 1529769

i occasionally have a bald spot on my head as a result of liking that sensation and going overboard kek. if you pull at the root it doesn't hurt at all but you get every ounce of satisfaction. doesn't work on pubes so i don't pull them out it hurts like a mofo every time

No. 1529783

I was cooking eggs and I ended up pouring too much olive oil on the pan. So I poured some back into the container but because of the heat of the oil it melted the rubber stopper. I tried to fix it but I just ripped off the rubber stopper and now the lid looks like a mess. Now I can't stop thinking about microplastics, if some had gotten inside the container, and how I'm going to be responsible for causing cancer on my entire family

No. 1529799

Nonnie there’s no need to worry, all of us are already full of microplastics and cancer.

No. 1529812

File: 1679422211553.jpg (17.88 KB, 445x391, 1671485285738.jpg)

I know I'm gonna sound stupid as fuck but Mexican, Spanish, and African accents (like the people speaking in English with these accents) all sound to me like if a cat was turned into a human. Like if a cat could speak english they would have a Mexican, Spanish, or African accent.

No. 1529815

i think you're nyamazing

No. 1529816

this is really cute, nona. I wish i had your mind

No. 1529824

Thank you nonnies ♡
I only got to drive for 15 minutes today because the rest of the class was just about explaining buttons, mirrors, how to sit etc I got super confused with the pedals and kept trying to press the clutch and the accelerator at the same time so the car kept making super weird noises kekk
I have a 90 minute class booked for tomorrow though, so hopefully I'll get the hang of it quickly and can start driving properly without the teacher having to fix my pedal errors and holding the wheel, praying for little traffic and no people crossing the road wherever the fuck they want

No. 1529865

Lmao what a bizarre thought

No. 1529879

> Like if a cat could speak english
I saw a clip lately where a cat could say hello and it sounded like an old man was speaking. Fuck I need to find it again..

No. 1529883

To me all cats would sound like Luna does in the English sailor moon dub because I am simply not creative

No. 1529895

I feel like a lot of anons will vent about their bf but instead replace everything with female pronouns to get more sound advice

No. 1529935

Idk but I definitely see this tactic used so much on reddit relationship posts. People think that if they talk about abusing a woman but claim it's a lesbian relationship they won't get called out (while having the most obvious moid writing style).

No. 1529940

Laputa overall was a disturbing movie for me as a kid (never could watch it without my big sister), but the scene with the old guy in the cave while all the stones were lighting up really did somthing to me.

No. 1529942

Really? Do you have examples?

No. 1529948

I just want a leo man. Stop giving me aries and pisces whores and psychos and just give me a warm leo man

No. 1529950

Leo men are also massive whores ime

No. 1529951

my dad was a leo man and he was the worst type of husband imaginable (like the thought of what my mother went through with him turns my stomach and fills me with rage) …in many ways he was a textbook Leo but like a dark and evil version

No. 1529952

idk, those I know have been in stable relationships for at least 3 years and they're great boyfriends from what I've heard from their girlfriends, very helpful and kind people to be around too

No. 1529961

Leo women are insufferable, what makes you think a Leo man won’t be worse?

No. 1529962

File: 1679438524033.jpeg (23.08 KB, 512x384, liono.jpeg)

Everytime someone says 'leo man' I picture liono from thundercats. Is he even a leo?

No. 1529963

Ew the worst species

No. 1529965

File: 1679438750715.jpg (34.07 KB, 494x370, 1671610936871.jpg)

>leo men are "warm"
>well leo women are insufferable
>actually I heard leo men have stable relationships and are great boyfriends
>well my dad was leo and he was an asshole
Wow, it's almost like horoscopes aren't applicable to personalities.

No. 1529971

Btw, Taurus men are trash, don’t even bother with those either. Libra will always be the best option in general. t.Libra.

No. 1529972

since we are on the topic of zodiacs where are so many pisces men gay?

No. 1529973

i still love them though. Even though they are homos and like dick.

No. 1529974

My sourdough starter smells really good, like almost too good and it makes me tempted to just start eating it.

No. 1529975

Coz they were born that way baby.. My mama told me when I was young, Pisces men are all born fags

No. 1529978

why though, it makes me sad because they tend to be attractive and then you find out they are hooking up with more than 100 men on grindr.

Other than pisces what other sign to be homos?

No. 1529980

listen I don't even want to believe in this shit but somehow I always attract aries and pisces men. I'm telling myself it's bullshit and then I ask them for their birthday date for teh lulz, and turns out they're another aries/pisces guy again. this is just weird. I'm an aquarius btw

No. 1529981

Virgos are uptight closeted homos

No. 1529983

File: 1679440119932.jpg (96.82 KB, 720x646, asthetic academia nyserum.jpg)

I like astrology in theory but I read one book that was admittedly sensationalist but it basically said taurus women had mommy issue, where their mom was overbearing and the dad was passive and I resent that description since it felt wildly inaccurate. Also it's weird how it kept calling taurus sun women sexy, even though I feel unattractive