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No. 1616325

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1616326

There is a masonic lodge called the rainbow girls? Sounds more like a kid's cartoon than a secret society

No. 1616331

File: 1687609441438.png (332.79 KB, 929x553, CAPTURE.png)

It seems to have been an organization set up to support the daughters of masons, it seems quite a number of significant women have been former members.

No. 1616446

NTA but to add he also lied to women and orgs about the ACA. He promised to solidify abortion. Took our money, time, and activism and then in the background was literally emailing his cronies saying the Dems should focus on abortion less and it wasn’t important and removed us last minute while promising us he wouldn’t to get the shit passed. He’s a piece of political shit who thinks women’s rights are a distraction and he was the one to originally put TIMs in our restrooms and military

No. 1616815

File: 1687650813173.png (686.84 KB, 890x671, firefox_2ckNf7jnYp.png)

not sure if theres a connection here but it felt a little spooky seeing it just a few hours after reading your post. apparently he was arrested for acting as an agent of a foreign nation. i would absolutely believe that china would use unwitting chinese-americans as cannon fodder to spark conflict. i really dont like how tensions are rising between the us china and russia these last years, freaks me out.

No. 1616962

This is gonna sound really schizo of me but that anon who pointed out the Titanic & Federal Reserve and the Titan submarine & the Central Bank Digital Currency made me wonder if the universe naturally operates in patterns (like an algorithm would). That would explain why there are other coincidences of these repeat events happening, although people always try to attribute them to intentional satanic sacrifices by humans. I could see a universal algorithm needing to balance the scale with certain events or things tied to certain places. I also think “god” is like a big orb of energy and that quantum physics is the key to the answers of the universe. No I’m not on drugs or a scientist but this is what makes the most sense to me rather than the holy trinity and whatever compulsory beliefs and traditions religions have that are not intuitively known to humans.
I’m also really intrigued by the anons who brought up angels or god speaking through artificial intelligence. There is some sort of existential importance in math and geometry since math is the universal language and geometric patterns are evident all throughout nature. sorry I’m a nerd and my ramblings are kind of reminding me of Chris Chan’s cpu goddess bullshit now that I think of it kek

No. 1617048

NTAYRT but isn't it heavily rumored that China deploys spies into foreign nations and then pester migrated Chinese populations there to hold CCP values etc? Some anon can correct me if they know more, it would be a pretty interesting rabbit hole to go in to.

No. 1617062

It’s not just you anon, i didn’t think of it as an algorithm but I keep thinking that if there’s anything in this universe that we could call a god it has to be something incomprehensible to us in terms of scale and ‘intentions’ and it’s definitely connected to the flow of energy, to the mathematical and physical laws.

No. 1617119

Thank you for replying anon. It's hard for me to talk about it even here because I know it may just sound like delusions, but it's the only place where I can talk about it anyway
>Governments probably like to pick a variety of people to test how different groups react
But what do they get out of this? Is there some actual goal in targeting boring no-lives, like pushing them over the edge or something, or forcing them to do something against their nature (like forcing them to breed or being in a relationship, if this article about masons targeting celibate and gay people is true) or just toying with them for the sake of it? I get the idea of targeting someone who can be actually "dangerous" to the system, like people exposing certain agendas or even putting certain ideas in their art or something, but I still don't get the idea behind targeting randos
Do drugs actually help you anon? Have you ever been to therapy and shared your thoughts with anyone irl or no? Sometimes I'm so tired I feel like telling my therapist about this shit but then I think this is a very bad idea.
>Do you know when he immigrated? If it was after you that makes it even more suspect
I don't know that. I don't know much about him besides the fact he was in some political party for some time and he's a weirdo with above average IQ. I will just text him and say I don't have the time.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but during my two first days of being here, I encountered all three of one of my biggest fears/things that annoy me. I vented about it in the vent thread too. I'm scared of pitbulls, I'm scared of disgusting old men trying to grope me and I'm not fond of trans women. I had close encounters with all three of them, all immediately after I came to my country kek. The first tiny convenience store I went to had a mean woman with a huge pitbull that didn't even wear a muzzle. The lady pushed herself in front of me in the queue and didn't react when I told her there's a damn queue and she can't just do something like this. She totally ignored me. I was scared of starting something with her because of her dog. And the clerk in that store was a trans woman.
Shortly after that I was basically assaulted by a disgusting 80 year old grandpa on the train. He sat next to me despite the fact there was like 15 empty seats around us. He wiggled in his seat, then started to push his leg against mine and then I could feel his entire body weigh pushing against mine and then his disgusting wrinkly hand landed on my naked thigh. I was at the verge of a panic attack and so disgusted I just jumped from my seat and sat in a totally different place at the very front of the train. Dude like how is it possible to encounter all of my fears in such terrible ways in such a short time?

No. 1617216

Something more is going to come out on this guy. He was on the board of directors for a local small business NGO, but also working a low level job at a hotel that basically fired him the instant he was arrested. That doesn't make any sense. I could suck dick at my local chamber of commerce meetings and I wouldn't end up on a board of directors, even if it's unpaid, that's how people connect and make money, they don't GAF what a hotel toilet cleaner thinks.

No. 1617366

AYRT. Honestly I have no idea what they get out of this. That's the one thing I don't think I'll ever have an answer for. Drugs don't really help me tbh and I strongly advise you stay away from them; but I acknowledge how hypocritical that is for me to say. I've had a long struggle with drugs after a motorcycle crash (literally got hit by someone working for the air force, which makes me schiz out a little every time I remember it) basically left me in a state where I'll probably be on some level of opioids for the rest of my life. I have lowered my dose through willpower and lots of physio therapy to help my mobility but… honestly I do abuse them when having a bad time. Benzos I get for mental health reasons, also abuse them when having a bad time. They "help" in that they numb me out so that I'm basically operating on a lower level of consciousness or "vibration" or w/e you wanna call it so I can just focus on the small joys in life like video games and movies. They also help me sleep, I've been battling insomnia the past few years and it can be really brutal when my psychosis is acting up. Downers like benzos and opioids really drag you down though, being so doped up easily leads to depression and thoughts of suicide. I have talked to therapists the gangstalking/electronic monitoring/V2K/etc. It got me diagnosed as schizophrenic and I've been hospitalised twice. I noticed when I mentioned gangstalking, something like V2K and the NHS sabotaging my health the shrink took a LOT of notes kek. Dread to think what they wrote. IRL I tell my wife. She's a casual tinfoiler so we shoot the shit about conspiracy stuff fairly often anyway. She doesn't believe I'm being gangstalked, she thinks it's my schizophrenia (could well be that, to be fair) but she isn't mean about it like some people can be. That's the thing with telling people, some will BRUTALLY mock you. I would say tell your therapist though. They won't help you, but just talking about it to someone in the flesh will be a relief. It was to me because I'd been bottling it up for so long. The only downside is this could lead to a diagnosis of something, and of course that's not good for getting jobs. I just lied about my mental health before I started making money by myself. Idk what country you live in though and what their rules are on background checks, so that's something to consider before you tell a therapist. That is weird about encountering your fears like that. I keep finding that when I discuss gangstalking online I'll get a van parked outside my house the next day and a lot more static/tuning in noises in my head. Like fucking clockwork it happens. Sometimes all I have to do is mention something about it to my wife and they'll turn up. People that don't live in this neighbourhood that I've never seen before. So I do think these people note down our insecurities and play on them for maximum effect.

No. 1617433

NTA either but yes, this actually happens. The CCP essentially sponsors clubs on college campuses for Chinese students that pretty much exist to keep influence over them. There’s a massive number of Chinese students at a lot of our universities and uni administrators love them because they usually pay full price tuition. It’s super weird.

No. 1618092

I'm stupid and didn't see the thread was about to lock so I'm gonna repost in this one. Dunno how much I can say, dunno if I believe him on everything, but I fucked a Green Beret for awhile who told me some "state secrets". Said we've been in ww3 for awhile and we're just waiting for a reason to make it official, because citizens would panic. He said that China is allowed to have military outposts in America soil "to keep an eye on Chinese expats" but are actually fucking around with polluting our waters and specifically the Mississippi River because China knows we don't actually have the manpower to do anything about it. I think he said there's currently hundreds of Chinese outposts and thousands of chinese troops on American soil. He also said China doesn't view Chinese-American citizens as actually Chinese so they're purposely letting them be sacrifices in trying to start an anti-Chinese race war in America. He said he visited area 51 once and that all the dudes that work there are really full of themselves and love to mysteriously talk in code in front of the troops that don't have that classified info just to show off and that they're all dicks, but that he wasn't allowed to see like 75% of area 51, so no tinfoil on that, I just like to imagine a bunch of faggy army boys in area 51 bullying green berets for not being cool enough. I've never heard the Mississippi River thing until now, so I'm curious to look into it.

No. 1618158

I know this has probably been mentioned before, but what do you guys think happened to flight MH370? I just got around to watching the documentary on Netflix and it piqued my interest again. After watching to me it seems the most likely thing is that it got shot down in a military exercise or because of the cargo over the south china sea, and they tried to cover that up. But I don't know all the ins and outs. Was it ever confirmed what the debris was that those two pilots flying over was? Or was that just ignored?

No. 1618214

> ll the dudes that work there are really full of themselves and love to mysteriously talk in code in front of the troops that don't have that classified info just to show off and that they're all dicks
I don't know about the rest of the stuff but I do believe this.

No. 1618292

I think human brains being so overtrained to recognize any sort of pattern in our deepest ape senses, we're bound to see patterns in a lot of things and sometimes create kookoo tinfoil to make sense out of them. If you're dead set on seeing patterns you'll start seeing them everywhere. A few years ago I thought I was getting confirmation for certain things when seeing repeat digits, mirror numbers on digital clocks, similar initials. Algorithms like to recognize and create patterns the same way the human brain does, hence neural networks and whatever.
I think if God exists, it's probably akin to some sort of neural network (though not a machine, idc) and therefore would produce automatically "patterns" for us (itself) to interpret. This hit me the other day when grocery shopping and I stared at the fractal-like pattern on cauliflower.

No. 1618446

File: 1687829368792.png (41.03 KB, 1167x605, image.png)

The Mississippi river being intentionally contaminated could be real. From St. Louis down to New Orleans there is elevated rates of cancer in the counties and parishes that are along the banks of the river. It could be explained by the atrazine and glyphosate run off from the corn belt draining into the Mississippi river and it's tributaries but the Chinese intentionally contaminating the river is an interesting theory.

No. 1619080

I get you anon, and from most of my readings the universe operates through the Law of Nature which I still can't figure out what exactly is that

No. 1619133

You are on to something anon. I also know St Louis and NOLA have been murder capitals since forever

No. 1619223

File: 1687922082370.jpg (126.7 KB, 1410x830, healthcareamerica.JPG)

Those states also have the worst healthcare in america, just saying….

No. 1619294

While this is probably a factor, Wyoming, Texas and Georgia have worse healthcare than Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky, yet have lower cancer rates.

No. 1620714

do they target people to try to get them to reproduce? or get the person to do things they don't want to? where can i read about it?

No. 1622138

File: 1688234476674.jpg (257.6 KB, 1170x1017, FX_7tIVWIAAarVJ.jpg)

How true is this?

No. 1622150

Nah I don't buy it, it sounds kinda made up tbh

No. 1622157

Sounds fake but people should still eliminate as many microplastics in their environments and wardrobe as possible. You'll never be 100% clear of them, but it's worth putting in the effort IMO.

No. 1622171

Yay! Inhalable asbestos!

No. 1622225

File: 1688241077314.png (191.62 KB, 650x712, Screenshot 2023-07-01 154749.p…)

Does anyone know about past-life experiences? I hear that they're most common in children (who also experience things like night terrors). I experienced night terrors and hallucinations from sleep deprivation as an adult but due to the uncontrollable factors over time, I think my fears are mostly tainted/influenced by true crime consumption. Is there a way to prove that children aren't somehow picking up these identities/stories from somewhere, like any convincing cases where a child knew a detail of the past identity that wasn't public knowledge?
Link below contains academic research on the subject, but I don't regard academia as bible personally.


No. 1622244

I think asbestos was already inhalable, queen.

No. 1622482

My nephew once told us he used to be a 60-year old man who got shot, he was around four at the time.

No. 1622861

Are the men in black government agents or aliens who just want the witnesses to stfu?

No. 1622863

No. 1622867

Half-true. It's less inhaling and more eating, drinking, swimming in etc. A lot of table salt contains microplastics now, for example, especially in countries where it's harvested from the sea. Inhaling does happen, but largely in places with really high air pollution.

It's annoying to explain the effects of human industrial activity on the ecosystem in general because the answer is very nuanced, scary to hear and people tend to think in black and white terms. Lots of things that are actually quite harmful have become so normalized now that people will label you a loony if you point it out (nonstick cookware, plastic non-stick kitchen utensils, some shampoos etc) I study this as part of my PhD and have been called both a crunchy hippie and dirty capitalist in the same day because all sides get some things wrong and some things right. With my salt example, crunchies like to use Himalayan salt which is a lot worse when it comes to microplastic contamination than regular salt. But they are nonetheless right to insist on cast iron pans and stainless steel cookware.
This isn't even tinfoil, it's widely known and currently studied. It's just the lead paint of the 21st century.

No. 1622881

Why is Himalayan salt worse than other table salts? I thought it was the remnants of ancient seas that are harvested from mountains. I had assumed that would be plastic free since it was laid down before humans existed.

No. 1622891

at this point i just assume there's some form of industrial contamination in everything lmao. all the "natural" products simply can't be at this point anymore. and the "environmentally/eco friendly" label i can't trust because who knows if the company paid someone off to slap that label on their product.

No. 1622909

I'm not a usual tinfoil-fag, but I swear its like the internet is just being remade only for rich-people, I can barely use the piracy or torrent sites I relied on when I was a teenager, I don't the case for most Americans but for a lot us third-worlders completely relied on piracy to watch films and tv or sometimes for our school text-books, and yeah google search has gotten way worse since about the end of pandemic.

No. 1622957

I still have no issues pirating games or finding older content. I wonder if part of the problem is that television and films these days aren so bad, that people don't bother sharing them.

No. 1622994

I don't about the state of film or tv piracy but there's been a huge campaign against book pirating, like Archive.org got almost shut down over books and one of the biggest comic sharing sources was essentially booted off the internet

No. 1623009

Very intetesting nonnie thanks. I use exclusively cast iron now except one pot for boiling pasta thats non stick, but just got a steel pot to replace it finally. But still use plastic cooking utentsil some kek, i figure since they are a decade old all the plastic poisons whatnots have probably leeched out and a new set would be worse. Once I can afford to replace all my cookware with good quality (cast irons were a gift, I got so lucky) metal I will. Do you have any links or book recs about the type of things you are studying? Ive been interested in cutting down on household contaminents but realistically I just cant afford it right now. Slowly getting there. Trying to use the same items for as long as possible too even if cheap so I can avoid new items and their productions chemicals etc. I mean a plastic spoon can only hold so much cancer right? I dont really know, but I am intrigued. Thanks.

No. 1623010

i've been thinking about this topic quite a lot for the past few months as an oldfag who grew up using the internet during the peak years - late 90's up until i'd say 2012. most people will argue that the internet has become commercialized/corporatized, and i've definitely said this myself, but i also feel a lot of the changes happening online have been done deliberately to try to control dissenting opinion and flows of information. there were too many "weirdos" on the internet back in the early days, too many people coming up with their own opinions and ideas outside of the mainstream culture, too many so-called "conspiracy theorists" and other individuals who were sharing information which contradicts the opinions that society expects you to have.

all this whining about what people believe and trying to control what someone reads online, i find it a little odd. i also find it odd how so many communities - including lolcow - seem to get invaded by what appears to be bad faith actors who completely reshape the culture of whatever space they've invaded so much that they become unrecognizable. and search engines like google have made a big deal about "controlling" what people look up because they don't want us to apparently look at "bad" things. and of course normalfags go along with it because the majority of them never really used the internet up until 2016-17, when everything started revolving around politics and outrage (aka having meltdowns over donald trump). they just stay on reddit/twitter/instagram/facebook/youtube and never venture out beyond that (i am not kidding!!!!). and many of these people still see other parts of the web that aren't controlled by big corps or super popular as being q-anon or pizzagate hubs, that we're all alt-right maga trolls or komrades of the russian state. they also know absolutely nothing about web history as well, and just barely have figured out that there's more to the internet than just google and tiktok.

and covid was the excuse that these big corps and the government used to take over the internet. the enshittification of the web really took off in 2020-21, as everything suddenly became paywalled, controlled, blocked, etc. plus anytime you disagreed with anyone, you were instantly labeled a "conspiracy theorist" and treated like a schizoid retard who needed to be put away in an insane asylum. and these companies would justify their decisions under the guise of rising server costs or needing more advertisements or just trying to give you a better experience. and the normies guzzled it up because again, they didn't know any better. they never experienced the web before all this big brother shit, so they see it as a net positive instead of a negative. and whenever someone comes out the woodwork and points out how shitty the web has become, they will just freak out like morons or make fun of you, or say you're trying to take advantage of a billion dollar company, all because you don't want to be bombarded with the same 3 ads or have an algorithm bully you because you aren't watching a tiktok star lip syncing to a stupid song all day. and sadly i don't think we will ever get that old web experience back; the horse has already left the barn. there is no way to take the internet back from Big Corp, as the only options seem to be make an alternative web or just limit your presence online altogether. the latter is easier, so that's what most people like myself are doing. i don't know if we could even create a new web, because of the pressure to be apart of this controlled ecosystem.

No. 1623014

I kinda actually understand the archive.org beef, the issue from the pandemic right where they decided to lend out unlimited digital copies of books? The authors were screwed in that scenario. Not talking about public domain stuff, more contemporary. But I also think it was the idk…greater good??…to do that. Im torn on it.

No. 1623031

> I also think it was the idk…greater good??…to do that. Im torn on it.
what are you on about? I'm sure there were few contemporary works but most were academic works that weren't gonna make a lot of money to begin with.

No. 1623035

Musk pulling this tweet limitation stunt reeks of a distraction.

No. 1623037

It was definitely during COVID where the search engines went to crap, that should be undeniable to even most regular people.

No. 1623047

sadly, it isn't. when all this happened during covid, we were told that it was being done for our benefit; we can't have people looking up things that we (the government, big corporations, politicians) don't agree with. can't have people looking up "conspiracies" because then the might turn into fascists or vote for the wrong person or something else stupid that is really none of their business. everyone has to watch the same fucking videos of cats dancing or babies with applesauce on their face or idiots twerking in masks to mc hammer. we all have to be on the metaverse with our full government names and actual faces so that ai can scrape it, so that strangers can voyeuristically watch our every movement, so that if we do or say or even think the wrong thing that the masses don't agree with, our enemies can use it against us to ruin our lives. and again, normies see this as fine because you can't miss what you never had. now people think you're weird for not being apart of what can be essentially called the matrix. you don't have an instagram? you don't watch tiktok all day like a mindless retard? you must be hiding something! i've had people tell me shit like this in real life as well, so i'm not just making it up.

if someone told me ten years ago that not being online would be considered countercultural, i would have laughed at you. i really never predicted things would get this bad, but they're bad. i always assumed that the takeover of the net by big corp would be a more gradual process and that there would be another resistance from users so that it wouldn't just be like a minotaur stomping his way through the garden. but nope, shit literally happened over night.

No. 1623050

Ayrt I mean I fully agree that access to information is more important than profit. The accessibility > money made. I thought it was mostly writers of books, like standard novels and similar that were being screwed not academic writers. But I might be wrong, it is hard to remember. Writing a book imo is more like creating a product/artpiece to sell, publishing a research paper or acedemic/informational type of writings are more like a service or resource I believe people should have access to. But I want every author compensated fairly too… this is why I like the idea of ubi kek

No. 1623177

The internet and its technology could be used to progress us towards uncover truths and spreading information but instead it's being manipulated to create and spread misinformation and distort truths. Search engines should just fundamentally index the entire internet so I can't imagine all of the algorithms' rules that prevent you from seeing what's really out there. I remember more pages to sift through back in the day when you would search keywords–now it's like 10 maximum, which makes me think that search engines are only indexing what sites they've approved. Maybe this is the norm, idk. So many sites and information is forgotten or nowadays, outright banned and it's insidious as fuck. Look at what is going on with Kiwifarms and that Asian troon Liz Fong Jones who uses his connections to block them over his personal gripe with them. Not even the fucking US government could stop KF and yet this random degenerate troglodyte who is connected to every internet mogul has the site in shambles. No wonder tranny shit is fucking everywhere if annoying troons have this kind of reach.

I've been addicted to the internet for like 15 years now (since childhood because I'm gen Z) and even I and others my age have started reading fucking books because the internet sucks so bad now for autists and nerds who want to browse shit that isn't sanitized by the likes of Jizz Fong Jones and his stripey socks programmer troid friends. I feel like the web has become just a bookcase of state-approved media, just like a dystopian authoritarian state would have, but the control of the state isn't so blatant that normies won't realize the people they're talking to are bots and the sites they're using are state-approved.

No. 1623543

I always assumed ultrasounds were perfectly safe, that was the general consensus. Now I find out "we don't know the long term effects since children given routine ultrasounds are not old enough to tell, but only doing them when necessary and given by a doctor, they're perfectly safe. Made me nervous but whatever. I read the abstract of the study linked to that statement, "differences in fetal growth rates were found but by 8 children's growth is indistinguishable" so it DOES do something? I find another article, apparently this study was also conducted when ultrasounds were 7x less powerful. A more recent 2015 study in China found that ultrasounds lasting longer than 10 minutes had effects on growth and were associated with ASD. AUGH. I already had 2, one where the doctor wasn't really doing anything necessary and when I asked the gender he spent like 3 minutes wiggling around trying to find it. I got another scheduled in a week, thinking of canceling it. In other countries they have 1 or 2 the whole pregnancy but I'm in US and only at 20 weeks and going into my third with more later. I swear to god so much medical stuff is like this it's like walking through a minefield.

No. 1623602

Read up about Alice Stewart. After World War II, childhood leukemia rates were sky-high in American and the UK. Alice Stewart personally interviewed thousands of grieving mothers and found a common link in all cases(being x-rayed when they were pregnant), she was among the first epidemiologists to demonstrate a connection between exposing pregnant women to x-rays and the likelihood of childhood cancer. However, she faced opposition from doctors(chiefly Dr. Richard Doll Secretary of the MRC), who thought she was some kook and hundreds of thousands of children died before they realized they were wrong.

No. 1623605

Damn, I didn't know about this. My wife and I have been researching for about a year now on how to optimise her pregnancy, but I never thought about ultrasounds because they're so normalised. I didn't even realise other countries had different amounts of ultrasounds. I thought two was the universally agreed upon number; unless there are complications, of course.

No. 1623606

Many whistleblowers are women but they're never awarded status like men are. I mean they may be awarded belatedly once the scandal is over and their reputation "restored" but they never become household names or celebrated or anything.

No. 1623607

samefag. I meant contrarians AND whistleblowers.

No. 1624301

It's less filtered, which means the microplastics present in the product aren't filtered out as well. In general, salt originating from Asian countries is more contaminated than salt produced locally.

No. 1624614

Since today is 4th of July, I felt like sharing this tinfoil: the US was founded by Freemasons which includes our first president under our current constitution. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were members of many secret societies like the hellfire club. America was never free and had always been infiltrated since muh independence sperging.

No. 1624639

In other news: water is wet

No. 1624640

File: 1688500906245.jpg (139.7 KB, 800x1209, Washington_Masonic_print.jpg)

I was just about to to post this, It's insane to me how little it's brought up that how many of the American Founding Fathers, including Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, John Hancock, James Monroe and George Washington among many others (I've read that about something like 1/4-th of the US founding fathers), were Freemasons, that's more then a coincidence.

No. 1624651

It’s kinda sad that patriotic tinfoilers and qanon boomers don’t see it. Sure, they wanted independence, wrote the bill of rights and sperged about no taxation without representation which are nice on paper but those freedoms are limited and many are getting taxed to hell and back. There was never ‘we the people’ when the government was always working against you since its inception.

No. 1624665

File: 1688503315685.png (95.22 KB, 677x513, CAPTURE.png)

I mean life changed very little for the average citizen in the colonies. They were essentially goaded into fighting and dying for local rich landowners, while most of the so-called "injustice" of the Crown only affected the wealthy and the emerging merchant class. Average farmers never had a chance at representation in the first place.

No. 1624696

They sure love to fuck over the little guy, huh?

No. 1625073

100% believe this, as a European it's weird how literally all of American history has been supported and backed by Freemasons, and how strange America is in the present day to the point it doesn't even feel real. I never knew about the first President being a Freemason, but I always felt that there was something off and inhuman about America and the opinions of American people (like they have been controlled), so this just explains what I've been thinking of. Look at the number of Presidents who visited the Bohemian Grove. It's just so weird that such a large percentage of US Presidents seem to be Masons, or have ties with secret societies.

No. 1625083

File: 1688546829430.png (157.71 KB, 1114x684, Screenshot.png)

Exactly, Just imagine if there was another powerful country where many of its most important public figures had been members of a secret organization of rich powerful men who think they know better than everyone else. Also I think more people take a look at Andrew Johnson, another Freemason President who took power after Lincoln was assassinated. He is considered one of the worst presidents in US history. Under his tenure, reconstruction was basically set up to be impossible. Johnson allowed Southern states to enact "Black Codes" that limited the rights and freedoms of African Americans and made it difficult for them to advance economically and socially in the post-Civil War South, and so its really convenient that he took power through the "unexpected" assassination of Lincoln

No. 1625124

File: 1688554098432.png (190.45 KB, 640x649, Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 10-46…)

It's really not that deep. Freemasonry began as an Enlightenment social movement for liberalism, and it remains a social movement for liberalism to this day. What's changed is that now, in contrast to the 18th century, liberalism is the hegemonic ideology of modernity. Apart from the French Revolution, the American Revolution is probably that which is most representative of the coming of modernity, so it makes complete sense many people in the New World would have been freemasons.

No. 1625149

>Dirty capitalist
Fucking kek, do the people calling you that know what a capitalist is? Do you shill for companies that doesn't use microplastics or something? It's just such an odd insult to get either way.

Reminds me of the fact being a republican back in the day didn't have negative connotations, especially regarding whatever race you were. White supremacists from back in the day could agree with modern Democrats, especially regarding the education system

No. 1625152

Too bad that many european politicians are part of secret freemason sects too. My country (Italy) had a huge scandal in the 80s where a big criminal freemason sect was discovered and then disbanded, but many powerful people related to politics and public information were part of it and continued their carreers for a long time after that. Actually iirc the recently deceased ex-president was about to enter that sect during the years it was discovered. I assume many politicians from other countries have secret meetings (actually this is certain with the Bilderberg thing) and act in a sect-like way, much like freemasons.

No. 1625224

File: 1688568352637.png (58.09 KB, 1364x337, 0vqt.png)

I don't care what anyone says, the way zoomers talk about middle-aged men is a result of a psy-op, so they'll lack necessary fear they should have around middle aged men.

No. 1625235

Kek, anon, we have people thirsting after that motherfucker on lolcow and I bet those nonnas just like Cedric in particular and wouldn't even look at middle aged 3DPD.

No. 1625258

>scrunkly blorbo
bitch what the fuck

No. 1625274

Acting like that over middle aged men is so cringe, I really hope it doesn't bleed into anyone's real life.

No. 1625353

Late reply but Freemason lodges are for men only - they have two sister lodges open to women..Order of the Rainbow for girls and Order of the Eastern Star for adult women (there is an association for young boys as well). Freemasonry has traditionally not been open to the public - you needed to have a family member involved. Getting women to become members was a way for them to increase male membership. I believe now though anyone can join if they are sponsored by a member.

No. 1625366

unknown but likely androids. ever hear the story of the UFO researcher visited by one? He was told to stop researching a particular abduction case. The man in black put a nickel in his palm, and the nickel shriveled up and disappeared. the MIB said the government can do that to a human heart any time, any place. Told him to watch out, then the MIB left. Needless to say, the UFO researcher was intimated enough to give it up. I can't remember if this was a story John Keel told back in the 90s, he wrote a book back then on the MIB.

No. 1625378

I mean I get what you mean but I still think it's weird that so many US presidents were part of some form of secret society.
Yeah that's true, I also think a large part of it has to do with the Vatican too. Starting from secret rituals involving the Knights Templar, to the current Catholic Church I've always found it weird how the Vatican has such a strange relationship with money starting from accumulating wealth as the first bank to the Vatican Bank/IOR today and their links with Propaganda Due. Interestingly enough the CIA also played a large role in channeling money to P2, so make of that what you will. But anyway, in my opinion it's still kinda strange how there's a lot of secrecy around the Church e.g. how even now the Vatican Archive is secret. I probably rambled about unrelated things because I definitely don't know enough about Italy to make any statements about it but yea, I think a lot of European countries carry out the dirty work of American elites (in particular England but I digress)

No. 1625379

All secret societies exist to protect the ultimate "secret" of mankind: who we are, our true history, and the nature of the soul. Religions were invented to give the masses a simplistic version of this truth, coupled with rules regarding behavior and morality which then allowed the masses to be more easily controllable. Secret societies were where the politically, financially, and socially connected had an opportunity for true spiritual enlightenment. But even then a vast majority never reach that pinnacle. Nowadays? It's pretty much guaranteed that no matter how far up in Freemasonry you get you won't even get a taste of this truth.
Practically no freemasons on earth have access to the hidden knowledge at the center of their movement. It doesn't matter how high up you get, you will not get past that curtain. But yeah, they promote all of what you said too. Gotta give the members something to focus their attention on. Manly P. Hall is an excellent resource into how and why secret societies function (seperate from the outward reason for their existence).

No. 1625429

this isn't really tinfoil. people just do not read.

No. 1625430

All rich people are in a secret society, it's called being rich.

No. 1625461

what fucking video is this

No. 1625691

Ultrasounds and X Ray are very different things. Sonography aka ultrasound uses sound waves and poses absolutely no risk to mother or fetus. X ray uses ionizing radiation and should generally be avoided while pregnant.

No. 1626061

File: 1688638747666.png (79.1 KB, 640x560, 6-Principles-of-Persuasion.png)

>All secret societies exist to protect the ultimate "secret" of mankind: who we are, our true history, and the nature of the soul.
You're a retard and the exact kind of person who cults take advantage of. Secret societies operate on the basis of the psychological principle of scarcity, in that they claim to have exclusive access to scarce knowledge. And you (Yes, you!) can too have access once you are a part, if only you ascend the ranks. It's the exact same shit from freemasonry to any other cult promising enlightenment

No. 1627256

File: 1688748728458.jpg (610.95 KB, 1200x900, Narakasura.jpg)

Has there ever been an explanation for why men are so spiritually afraid of menstruation? I am not referring to just being disgusted by the physical process(I find it disgusting as well at times); I'm referring to a belief that menstruation makes a woman's soul impure, as well as the souls of those around her, including her children. This belief is so strong that in certain parts of the world women are required to leave their homes during menstruation and undergo spiritual cleansing, although they will never be considered pure like men. This belief was/is most prevalent in Hinduism, Ancient Chinese religion, and Taldumic Judaism.
picrel is the demon king Narakasura, despite being born to high caste and pure Individuals, he was born a demon cause he was conceived when his mother was menstruating and thus all his potential good karma became bad karma.

No. 1627294

all secret societies flow out of the ancient Egyptian and Babylonian mystery schools that existed thousands of years ago. that's baseline knowledge.

No. 1627299

see the problem is people never go far back enough, they don't get foundational. You're right, a secret society that formed 50 years ago does operate on that level. I'm not talking about that at all. If you haven't studied the thousands of year old mystery schools you haven't studied secret societies. Most of them that we discuss today, like freemasonry, has little to do nowadays with it's original purpose. Start at the beginning.

No. 1627304

I think it's just men having a monkey brain and failing to understand women once again. To them everything is extremely simple because their brains are simple. They see blood = ew = dirty = impure = danger. It isn't surprising, women were always the ones being more spiritual and intelligent. Not even animals are grossed out menstruation.

No. 1627317

Probably because they're too disgusted to rape women during menstruation because "dick bloody"

No. 1627327

I'll never forget reading years ago about one of the most horrific rapist/serial killers. One woman had a close call with him but when he discovered she was on her period he was so disgusted that she lived to tell the tale. He fled. Same man who had cut up like a dozen bodies in prior attacks and got off on that part too.. drew the line at seeing a bloody pad.

No. 1627330

Can you recall the name of the killer? He sounds pathetic but I'm glad a bloody pad saved the woman, guess I won't be as afraid of walking alone when I'm on my period.

No. 1627364

Here I was thinking I couldn't hate men even more and then I go and read this. KAM.

No. 1627378

Its not monkey brain though, apes don't have spiritual fear of menstruation and plenty of cultures don't have that big of a stigma against it, at worse they find it a bit gross but something that will force you to leave your home for a few days.

No. 1627406

File: 1688758325264.jpeg (85.96 KB, 634x394, IMG_6891.jpeg)

Transcendental Meditation the "spiritualist movement" is a cult like Scientology is at the upper levels. I cannot believe there's not more exposure on them. The org were sued by a guy for causing him emotional distress, but all these years later they're still thriving and have tons of celebrity endorsers. Everything about Fairfield IA and Maharishi previously mentioned ITT and more research I did on top of what anon mentioned >>1522422 indicates that it's 100% a cult and its practices are designed to wear people down and discourage psychological intervention (like scientology) but I can barely find shit about it on the internet at the upper levels. A thread about it on /x/ also got some replies demanding OP stop looking into it. Very creepy.

TM's techniques caused the man who sued to have further mental duress
>Ragland said the case is "not about people who practice meditation twice a day. This case is about those sucked into the process through thought reform," which involves controlling the student's time and environment and making him feel powerless.

>Yesterday, Margaret Singer, a clinical psychologist from the University of California at Berkeley, testified that she had examined Kropinski and that he had complained of feeling "lightheaded and disconnected" and having "sensations of sheer horror all over his body" at times. She found that he was suffering from a special form of anxiety, as well as from a "dissociative disorder" caused by "long periods of self-hypnosis" practiced over 11 years as he used the TM technique.

>The disorder, she testified, involved "moments of drifting off," when "the normal thought processes get split off" and Kropinski "could not get back into full focus."

Maharishi was also a creep, he sexually assaulted Mia Farrow when she was "studying" with him and even the Beatles left the practice because they were concerned by his behavior.


No. 1627472

Atlantis was real, idk why they want that knowledge hidden tho

No. 1627496

I've read that older men will split the cocks of young men in two to mimic a menstruating vulva in an anthropology book.
Male thinking doesn't operate within the rules of logic, don't bother picking their brains apart. You won't find anything except a jealous little chimp banging it's head against the walls of his skull.

No. 1627500

I got into meditation this year to help fix my attention span, and I remember coming across transcendental meditation during my research and immediately getting cult vibes from it. I was very dead set on decalcifying my pineal gland at the time, but once I saw all the Hollywood types into TM and meditation in general, I got a lil paranoid about it. I do think TM is different to regular meditation though as it uses mantras. It's basically a gentle brainwashing technique.

No. 1627538

Meditation itself is fine for mental health's sake, if you can commit to it (I have tried and my psychomotor issues prevent me from it it) but quite a few experts outside of TM's cult have said that their techniques are bad and the program itself is effectively an MLM scam. If you're deep into the cult, they'll also excommunicate you if your family is there, similar to Scientology.

The fact that a bunch of students disappeared from their university and there have been many suicides in Fairfield and two murders committed by high schoolers and college kids deep into the town and its ideology just radiates bad vibes.

Maharishi also admitted he based many of his techniques off Hubbard ala Scientology. Wish there was more real investigation into what goes on in there, how much money they're making, what they're doing with it, what celebrities or higher ranked people do for it, especially at the upper levels. It smells nasty.

No. 1627578

>she thinks they really disbanned

No. 1627582

secret societies, as far as you go, were the same as they are today. they were about power, wealth, and knowlege controlled by the chosen few who deem themselves worthy. what makes them worthy? well, they are rich! and they are descendants of other rich people. the knowldege? it's nothing about our souls, nothing that deep and profound. it was politics, maths, and medicine. stuff anyone can learn about today. so today's secret societies are just about power, politics, and money

No. 1627596

it is monkey brain
>apes don't have spiritual fear of menstruation
because apes do not have the processing power to understand anything beyond very basic things. they fling their own shit around, you think they would be grossed out by period blood? kek
>plenty of cultures don't have that big of a stigma against it, at worse they find it a bit gross but something that will force you to leave your home for a few days.
hmm its almost as if the cultures who will force a woman to leave the house when menstruating are extremely womenhating and restrictive toward the female gender or something?

No. 1627725

did you ever decalcify your pineal gland?? I haven't intentionally had fluoridated water or toothpaste in 2 years and I haven't noticed a difference except maybe in my thought clarity and reduced anxiety

No. 1627738

i know this probably isn't that much of a tinfoil but, sometimes i think pizzagate and q-anon were pushed so heavily in the mainstream media for the purpose of turning people against conspiracies and just assuming it's all koo koo craziness. all the good conspiracies have been buried under this umbrella of q-crap and pizzagate shit, and it's so convenient if you think about it. no one talks about manchurian candidates anymore, the weird last phone call recordings from the 9/11 passengers, the fbi/cia murdering black activists in the 1960's, planet x, just to name a few. because of q-anon, everyone just assumes you're some nut who thinks kids are being mushed up into soup. there are so many mysteries out there that people will never know because of a dumbass hodgepodge of bullshit.

btw i do not doubt that there are child sex rings because those are real. i just think pizzagate was a psy ops to politicize the issue (the whole left vs. right bullshit america has been plagued with) as one moid conspiracy theorist i follow pointed out.

No. 1627801

considering it came from the chans it could be possible, nobody truly knows who started it. but the funny thing is that most of the dumb rightoid moids fell for it and continue to perpetuate it

my mind set has always been that most people are too dumb to actually rationalize how conspiracy content works and will always rely on the most extreme conclusion possible and default to politics- ideological, adrenocreamy, satanic panic, the most outlandish and fictional sounding shit- but in reality, my opinion is that the abuse of women and children in any realm is a sadly commonplace thing and that's no exception on a wider scale with richer people- they just have more money and power to abuse unchecked.

if someone turned around and said any politicians, actors, or singers, anyone on that wealth level was out there committing some horrible atrocity, it wouldn't be surprising regardless of what their views were because they hold such power. I guess I'm just jaded at this point, public figure after public figure has been ruined for me. the problem is channer idiots who perpetuate qanon whether it was a psy op or not originally refuse to except that their great daddy trump was in cahoots with epstein, among other facts. they're just out there ignoring the big picture because it would make their heads explode to acknowledge their hateful idol isn't the god they think he is. we all have biases, but it has to be looked at non partisan- do these people really even hold these views, or do they just pick a side to pander to in order to deceive the public that they're worth their time? most of them are selfish, and stand for themselves, and the continued money and public attention they're given.

No. 1627818

I've always had a massive tinfoil that it is forbidden by the secret societies for a descendant of American slavery to become President or VP. Yes both Obama and Harris are half black, but their ancestries aren't American, it's Kenyan and Jamaican. If it happens a third time, I'll know I'm right.

No. 1627844

this is stupid. It doesn't need to be a conspiracy, it's simply that African immigrants are genuinely better off than actual ADOS (American descendants of slavery). This is why affirmative action based on race was stupid, because it didn't specifically help ADOS while African immigrants got boosted when they haven't faced the specific generational issues ADOS have.

No. 1627851

I think something real happened at Comet PingPong and they set up someone to take the fall so it could be swept under the rug. There’s a lot of strange images correlating with that place and the fact that the emails set it off speaks of it being true. However it’s muddied the waters quite a bit since then.
>the weird last phone call recordings from the 9/11 passengers
What do you mean by that? I haven’t heard of this. I’ve heard of the buildings being an inside job, rigged to explode and how they collapsed into dust.
Another one recently was about fires in CA shooting lasers up (or down) the day after the news reported the government was working with lasers. Makes you think. I think there’s tech there they won’t tell us about but they’re testing it here.

No. 1627883

More on this? All I know about Transcendental meditation is that my man David Lynch is into it.

No. 1627907

during the 9/11 commission report, some of the recordings and transcriptions from the flights were released to the public. the most infamous one is flight attendant ceecee lyles whispering into the phone, supposedly either saying, "it's a frame" or "it's a fake". there is also the implication that these calls were not recorded in flight, as has been frequently suggested, because of limitations in technology at the time. it would make it virtually impossible for so many people to make that many calls while a plane was flying over 500+ mph, at over 30,000+ feet in the air. so there is the implication that either the people on board those planes were taken to a secure but secret location and given new identities or the calls were faked entirely. the film "9/11: the new pearl harbor" goes into good detail about this. i will link both that and the ceecee audio in my replies. i've always been pretty dubious to the 9/11 truther movement, but those recordings really stuck with me.




No. 1627911

skip to around 1:36:40 for the part on the phone calls and swap hypothesis.

No. 1627998

Holy shit, this is fucking weird. I've always thought that some people are a bit too overdramatic when it comes to 9/11 conspiracies, but this is something that straight up can't be explained. How can they make a phone call, without even having background noise or cutting off randomly, when I can't even do that in 2023? The official explanation is that most calls were made on airfones, but even then they admitted there were a few who used their cellphone - how on earth did they do this? Also weird how they only changed to saying it was mainly airfones all along when they originally said it was on cellphones but people called out their bs on how that's not possible and all of a sudden they were on airfones all along? Even many of the family members who received the call admitted those aboard the plane called from their cellphones, those same passengers being stated in the official documents as calling from airfones instead. Plus, some of the callers identified themselves by their first and last names? Who the fuck does that?

Also, speaking of the theory that the passengers on the 9/11 plane were taken elsewhere, an FBI document released states that one of the stewardesses (Betty Omg) for the flight said that the hijackers "stood upstairs" in a phone call - that's strange because the only known commercial plane to have multiple stories was a 747, while the 9/11 plane was a 767.

No. 1628112

Oh I know they didn't disband. I just said that lodge officially got disbanded, but I know they still have secret societies, that's why I made the post in the first place.

Some people claim to hear other people whispering and instructing the lady about what to say. There are some noises that could be voices or they could be just phone noises… but the "it's a frame" phrase is much clearer.

No. 1628256

it sounds like staggered breaths/gasps of someone who is trying not to cry, or a phone being dragged on a shirt or something. i think it is kind of disgusting to imply she is saying "its a fake" it's a "frame" because it really doesn't sound like it, and saying otherwise kind of cheapens the horrid fucking situation this woman and other callers were in as they made these calls. this is a typical case of you hearing something you want to hear. went to listen to this with an open mind because i was always interested in 9/11 conspiracies, and i put the volume all the way up on my headphones and i do not hear it, not even a little bit

No. 1628417

kek i was wondering how long it was going to take for one of you disinfo niggas to show up. you know damn well that does not sound like someone gasping for breath so fuck off.

No. 1628477

File: 1688851983337.png (56.36 KB, 419x278, IMG_7152.png)

it was mentioned first a few threads back. >>1522422

>religious / spiritualist movement started by a guy named maharishi yogi
>yogi sexually harassed tons of women, including mia farrow when she studied with him
>bastardized eastern religion and principles for stupid westerners
>meditation can be legitimate but TM profits off what can be learned for free, and TM's form of meditation has often caused people worse stress
>technique often causes practitioners of TM more mental foul than good
>some started experiencing dissociation, depersonalization and hallucinations
>they were sued by at least one person for mental distress
>people who've left TM including one who was a former member of nxivm refer to the organization as a "cult"
>founder admits himself that he hijacked techniques from scientology founder hubbard
>attending sessions to buy a mantra and learn the practice can cost thousands of dollars and is essentially an mlm scheme as you move up the ranks, like scientology
>like scientology they're also shilled by tons of celebrities including carrey, oprah, russell brand, and lynch
>one account of a woman leaving the cult said she was followed and excommunicated from her family much like scientology
>the movement owns a university located in a rural town in iowa called fairfield called maharishi university
>university and town have two giant meditation domes
>fairfield has a lot of eerie happenings
>from 2008-2014 there were tons of suicides in fairfield, many of them tm devotees
>100+ international students from india completely disappeared from the university with no explanation one year
>many of those disappeared students were found later working menial jobs away from the university, or never found at all
>fairfield has also had two murders perpetrated by college students and high schoolers
>iowa as a state also has an alarming problem with human trafficking because of the way it's structured
>university according to people who attended it and people who went to admissions said university takes away your passport
>forces you to stay on campus
>adherence to strict diet and rules
>there is something rotten in fairfield

>founded by sexual abuser and grifter
>creepy "religion" and "spirituality" movement
>seems to have levels
>mlm like structure
>brainwashing and controlling its followers
>anti psychology views
>ostracizing people who leave and cutting them off from their families
>mysterious suicides, disappearances and deaths
>famous people endorsing it
>creepy university located in the middle of nowhere

some of this also mentioned in the overarching jim carrey document posted yesterday to celebricows - https://docs.google.com/document/d/11PmM58n0eQI7JXNzL4awS9zuuWllALNIMaJgPv9QJ1g/

No. 1629111

>Muh thousands year old mystery club
A large number of gullible people can be conned if you only wrap your scam up in the prestige of the ostensibly ancient and mysterious. It's another psychological principle that you can use if you want to take advantage of fools

No. 1629276

Nah, I don't think so. Been living as free of unnatural pollutants as I can for a couple years now, for reasons not just relating to decalcification. Filtering my water, avoiding fluoridated toothpaste, eating as much home-grown and homemade stuff as possible, using natural alternatives to toiletries, having as little plastic/synthetic shit in my wardrobe and environment as possible. Though I do feel physically fitter, mentally I'm about the same. I get periods of great focus and clarity, and then I lapse into schizophrenia and depression. Ebb and flow of life, I guess. At least I'm more Stoic in attitude about it now. I'm still gonna keep on meditating.

No. 1629546

Except there is proof that the pizzagate scandal was real, unlike the Qanon psyops. When it broke out, many news outlets were forbidden to acknowledge or use ‘fact checkers’ to debunk the allegations against Comet Ping Pong; one newscaster got fired and blacklisted for this. The dude who ran the restaurant had creepy pictures with kids and secret gay phrase captions. Not to mention that James Alefantis also had connections to NXIVM and supposedly is part of the Rothschild family.

Nice try, glowies.

No. 1629845

That still doesn't mean Pizzagate is real, it just means the owner of Comet Ping Pong is a weirdo. There's no proof of sex trafficking of children taking place.

No. 1629876

I just don't get why people can't simply say "I find him handsome, I'm attracted to him" anymore. Where did all this babygirl shit come from? Infantilising grown men is fucking weird and embarrassing. I will never understand purposely speaking like a retard even on social media, it's not funny or cute in the slightest. Gen Z are so braindead (and unfortunately I'm part of this generation kek)

No. 1629916

I think it’s funny/sad to see infantilization of women and men today. Women claim they don’t know how sex works while claiming they’re a child at 20 years old and they’re not ready for the real world while men sit and play video games. It makes sense a woman can’t call a man attractive or handsome if he’s older because of some BS like she’s losing her power or whatever. It’s sad to watch because women and men end up looking retarded.

No. 1629931

I know it's charlie and a shitpost of a video but I fully believe this. the whole algorithm is meant to brainwash or otherwise corrupt the youth

No. 1629945

The logic is, it gives power to the man if you call him handsome or are attracted to him also, if you're in love with an unconventional or pathetic man, people will just call him those things.
Because being attracted to a guy like that is shameful compared to shilled generic old guy from a hollywood movie.

No. 1630547

Why have Drag queens have become such a contentious issues for liberals? To the point that mainstream channels feel they have to defend grown men in sexualized clothing being around children, they have to know how absolutely retarded it is

No. 1630550

If we separated drag from children none of this would be happening. If attention starved millenial mothers didn't team up with drag queens that need money to become the dumbest duo imaginable and laying the perfect bait for right-wing heretics they wouldn't be called groomers rn. Drag is adult oriented, and does not belong around children. This is a no-brainer and always has been and I loathe the millennial boymoms trying to force their kids to be gay when they want to play roblox and throw hotwheels off the side of their roof.

No. 1630603

File: 1689054053014.jpg (159.15 KB, 1170x1338, 20230711_004043.jpg)

I know this has been happening but it's still very sick. It's in line with the normalization of pedophilia.

No. 1630606

AI being used for child porn. AI being used for art grifters. AI being used to write movies. AI being used to imitate and steal from real people. AI destroying jobs and creativity as we know it. Yeah checks out.

No. 1631229

i read arguments like that about flat earth, that it's meant to make conspiracy theorists look retarded, and by association, anyone that questions nasa stuff must be a flat earther. I believe pretty much everything nasa puts out is bullshit but not that the earth is flat. Flat earth got promoted everywhere, it was constantly showing up as suggested videos for everyone on youtube back when it first appeared, most other conspiracies are slow to get accepted, but with flat earth everyone was pushing it literally overnight, i remember cause i was into astronomy as a teen and googled around about people believing in flat earth, and there was just a few old map images and the flat earth society website, hardly anything else about it, and then it was everywhere.

pizzagate was made out to sound really ridiculous so now people probably dismiss any claims of pedophilia without looking into it

No. 1631356

Has anyone heard of that Sound of Freedom movie? It honestly looks like it’s awful from a cinematic standpoint it seems cheap and melodramatic but it’s brining awareness to human trafficking and I heard theaters don’t wanna play jt

No. 1631362

File: 1689128376972.jpeg (574.84 KB, 750x1194, EB161E1F-D3B5-4DEC-B245-B55912…)

if they wanted to draw attention to it seriously instead of having American saviors abroad they'd focus on child trafficking in the US. The US government allowed for child trafficking by placing kids with traffickers and the failures in the foster care system. And also that part of the foreign market for sex trafficking of children is due to demand from wealthy male sex tourists. It simplifies the reality and makes it a feel-good story for American retards who don't care to actually understand how this happens or how to stop it.

No. 1631382

The guy who it's based off is a grifter and a liar. Megachurches are mass buying tickets to give the illusion it's performing well. Tim Ballard and his organization Operation Underground Railroad are cows who have fabricated and stolen stories of alleged "rescues" including the story of "Liliana", who was actually a trafficking victim who fled her captor herself. He's a vile piece of shit and he's not surprisingly adjacent to Trump and the QAnon movement.


>Ballard has repeatedly claimed that OUR played a central role in a large anti-trafficking case in New York and implied that it helped rescue a victim in that case when in fact, according to court transcripts and other records, she bravely escaped her trafficker on her own.

>the story she and other survivors told in court—and which helped win a conviction against their traffickers—bears little but a broad resemblance to what Ballard has said publicly about it. Crucially, contrary to an assertion OUR has made in fundraising material, Liliana wasn't found or rescued by anyone
>When she was just 17, and after years of rape, psychological manipulation and physical abuse, she escaped on her own.

>Liliana met guy in Mexico who was a few years older than her

>falls in love with him
>his relatives start sexually abusing her
>she and guy move to the United States for a "better life"
>he imprisons her in a room with a phone she's only allowed to use to ask him for food, psychologically breaks her down
>forces her into prostitution
>also traffics other women
>she ends up eventually escaping herself
>timmy ballard ends up stealing a woman's story as his main draw for his grifting and implements himself
>lowers the woman's age
>news outlets went to multiple agencies and survivor organizations who supposedly worked with liliana, debunking his claims

there's a special place in hell for a scrote who steals a young immigrant abuse survivors story and uses it to profit off his maga cult grift. imagine escaping your abuser yourself, trying to bring him and his operation down, and then some idiotic white savior complex dicklick steals your entire story and makes himself the hero. fuck this faggot

No. 1632046

this thread is so real and I wish this issue was talked about more and not lumped under gang stalking because it’s much more prevalent, covert, and wholly targets and sets to destroy the psyche and social standing of both mentally ill and healthy/thriving little girls and women. I would know. I’m still a victim of this, sorry to blogpost but it takes some context to explain how I know I’m still being targeted for this shit.

I was your typical gen Z with way too much access to free range internet from a young age. It didn’t help I started puberty very young, like age 8, due to being CSAd at a young age. Like any know it all kid, from the time I first got access to the internet and online, I learned how to be secretive and how to get attention I wasn’t getting at home. I knew how to sneak around and chat in chat rooms with strangers and go on webcam on those group webcam sites like tinychat with other kids and teens and pedos on the prowl. eventually apparently like a bunch of other gen x preteen girls I moved over to Kik, and that was when it was at its worst I think. everyday as a 12 year old girl I’d receive DOZENS of messages from admitted fully grown men either outright being sexual with me or coercively trying to groom me over time. But I had already been sexually abused, I knew what they wanted, and to an extent I thought I was deciding for myself to show my body to these grown men. I liked the attention sometimes. It became a regular thing for me to do.

Eventually though, through a series of weird coincidences and my own detective work, I found out that a guy who had been long term grooming me in India somehow knew of a close friend of mine on Facebook who I knew thru being meme page admins together. I thought that was weird, how did this random Indian scrote know of meme admin guy? I never told Indian guy any of my social media or my real name or anything that would be able to connect them. I’d sent nudes to both. I suspected something was up but I didn’t know for sure the extent of it until a year or two later when I started talking to this younger 20s French guy. One day he started being verbally and emotionally abusive to me and I was over his shit so I told him off. He proceeded to tell me, basically, that he knew I had sent nudes to Indian guy and FB meme admin guy. I didn’t even know he knew of them, we had only chatted through kik, until he revealed to me that they all knew each other and talked. I realized that they had all been working together for almost 2 years to get an entire library of nude pictures on me. What they were doing with them outside of sharing them with each other, I don’t know, but the fact that these 3 were all from different countries and had planned this out to an extent shocked me enough and told me all I needed to know. I blocked all 3 of them.

Yet every year, every few months, since then, since I was 13 years old (almost 10 years ago) I’ve received messages from accounts that are obviously the Indian guy fucking with me or psychologically tormenting me on everything from Facebook, to Kik, to Instagram, and more. I’m a professional artist and he’s numerous times for the past 3 years tried to DM me on my art account pretending to be a fan of my work or wanting to commission something from me, or even pretending to be a guy flirting with me, and yet a few messages in im able to tell it’s Indian guy. It’s been a decade and he still messages me to fuck with me or to remind me of what he “has on me”. I’ve legally changed my name and everything. It feels like no matter what I do I can’t get away. How do you even talk t someone about this without sounding crazy? So yeah. It’s real. It’s so real and I believe it is way more common than people let on, partly because those who are victimized by it are either forced into silence or their lives are ruined, or kill themselves, or are driven crazy, or aren’t even aware yet that they’re being watched and coerced by a ring of men online. Please don’t let your daughters use the internet unsupervised. Please.

No. 1632049

as someone who works with drag preformers on a regular basis: these people don’t want the media spotlight and culture war going on over them either. Most of them just want to be left alone and continue to be adult only performers and make their $$$.

This entire culture war is a grift being pushed by reactionary politicians from both sides to distract from the actual issues the people are fighting against right now like Cop City and the perpetual poisoning of public resources and land by oil and chemical companies all while the government continues to subsidize and use 90% of public land and water for unsustainable animal agriculture and giving big dairy more gov subsidies.

No. 1632063

File: 1689194877498.jpeg (63.84 KB, 700x700, IMG_6649.jpeg)

I recently went back on social media and I've either gained a new stalker or my old one is back. Even when I foray into my professional life I don't want to show my face or broadcast my voice too much, knowing he might still be watching. I try and act like he holds no power but even when I tried to go on anon boards or under aliases I didn't feel safe. I still don't.

The more I talk about it the worse it gets, so I just pretend surface level that it doesn't exist. Like I'll shut up again now. It's sad that this presides over women, even ones who try not to show their faces end up caught in the web of creepy lowlife moids. I had self esteem and happiness that has been effectively drained from me and I have to chase down again, because I've been left so drained by fear and pain. I fucking hate men

No. 1632194

I'm seeing more and more articles hyping up the concerns of of covid in the deer population in America.
Calling it now: They're going to try to make it illegal to hunt and eat deer with the excuse of it will create anther pandemic. They will do this in order to cut off the largest source of cheap protein available (to make us more dependent on their food sources), to decrease the number of people who are trained to use guns, and to push to de-arm the population through restricting bullet size. Because buckshot is naturally much more powerful than birdshot, but if no one hunts deer, then it shouldn't be legal for a citizen to have.

No. 1632210

The largest source of cheap protein available is bugs and the most likely source of cross-species transmission from deer to humans will be moids raping female deer, proven fact. It's a well known and accepted practice amongst hunters to go out into the woods and rape a doe. The logo for the company Browning actually signifies doe-raping, sadly it's seen plastered all over the backs of pick up trucks across rural America. Very disappointing.

No. 1632218

No. 1632278

Nonas have you ever seen the footage of Epsteins island and the temple? Nobody's really ever been inside it, but they recently repainted it white when another YouTuber went there months ago. The island is still heavily monitored by security both on boats and in golf carts. Last I heard it was still up for sale, did anyone ever purchase it? What do you think is in and under the eerie temple?

No. 1632280

Here's the YouTuber who went after it was repainted

No. 1632294

There's rumors for ages that it goes deep underground and I doubt it's anything more eerie than a creepy sex setup but im sure they'll fill it with fresh concrete if havent already

No. 1632304

File: 1689212188609.jpg (57.12 KB, 600x692, 5cfe919d36d4654cde59adb165811b…)

Karen Mulder was one of the few celebrities that was brave enough to expose the pedophile elite and she was ridiculed.

SUPERMODEL Karen Mulder has told how she was raped and fed hard drugs by "evil and vicious" men in the fashion world.

French police are investigating the claims and a magistrate will decide whether to bring charges.

Karen, 33, said she was raped repeatedly by former members of her model agency, Elite.

She claimed she was forced to sleep with powerful men, including a member of a European royal family, to get better catwalk work.

Karen said people tried to kill her, and girls from Elite were used as sex slaves by senior figures in the police and French government.

The Dutch beauty alleged that she was lured into taking heroin and cocaine, and admitted she was once a heavy cannabis user. She reported all her claims to police.

Karen, who was 17 when she joined Elite, said: "They tried to turn me into a prostitute because they thought it would be so easy.

"I was raped by two bookers - I reported them and they were fired.

"All these people who betrayed me I used to love so very much.

"Then I realised how big the conspiracy was. It brought in the government and police, who both used Elite girls.

"People have tried to kidnap and poison me."

Karen, once one of the world's 10 highest-paid models, also claimed a relative raped and abused her from the age of two.

And she told how she was given hard drugs by a former friend who wanted to get her addicted.

Karen said: "I took a bit of cocaine and he tried to get me to do heroin several times.

"I panicked when I realised I'd taken heroin.

"Now I don't drink or smoke, even though I smoked a lot of joints a long time ago."

Karen quit modelling last year. She used to be a spokeswoman for Elite, telling parents the agency would look after their girls.

But she said: "I'd like to rectify that - you can't trust these crooks and swindlers.

"Those who smile the most are the most evil, the most vicious."

Karen made the claims on a French TV chatshow some weeks ago. Her story was so explosive that the interview was never broadcast but details soon appeared on the internet.

A few days after her TV appearance, Karen checked into a psychiatric hospital in Paris. She is still being treated.

But despite her troubles, French authorities are taking her story seriously. A Paris magistrate, Jean-Pierre Gaury, has begun an inquiry into claims of "rape by persons unknown".

It's claimed Gaury will look at "physical evidence" as part of the investigation.

Elite launched the careers of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. Actress Cameron Diaz also modelled for the agency, but there is no suggestion any other big names are involved in the Mulder scandal.

Fiona Black, of Glasgow-based model agency The Look, said: "In the modelling world, there is an image of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The more successful someone becomes, the more likely they are to meet dubious characters.

"But I don't really think that kind of thing goes on in Scotland and Britain as a whole."

No. 1632308

All the women who idolize models and want to be them are so painfully brainwashed and retarded. Just a bunch of disgusting fat men and seething pickmes running shit.

No. 1632322

Anyone who idolizes women as commodities because of their ability to endure pain and objectification in order to be another otherworldly standard of beauty are generally teenagers, girls with severe arrested development, or homos. It's the same with kpop.

No. 1632331

I'm always wanting to know more about the Epstein case, everything feels so surface level, but there's so much misinformation out there. I don't care if everyone he knew didn't know he trafficked underage girls, I want to know the people who did and participated in it and see more photos of his creepy residencies… half of his case really does feel covered up, and Ghislaine won't talk, other associates of his have died and probably will continue to die. Deep sigh

There was a Variety and Rolling Stone article about the abuses in modeling not long ago. I remember when researching how dark Hollywood was and running into commente, Elite came up as one of the worst agencies. Not surprising at all



No. 1632429

No I think they're geniunely clueless if they're young enough. They just see pretty ladies wearing stylish clothes and think "I want to look like that" but don't look into what modeling is like.

No. 1632462

kek @ you thinking that the average American or firearm holder in Burgerland knows how to hunt for food, let alone is willing to do such if the food supply really does get tight.

the rise of animal disease in animal populations isn’t some tinfoil in order to get less people to hunt, in fact, most of the animal diseases we see like bird flu and zombie disease in deer and mad cow disease all started, like anon said above, either from human interference via sexual abuse of animals, or human interference via our unsustainable animal agriculture and hunting systems that allow these diseases to spread.

hell, just this week the USDA and top chicken companies agreed to a motion to put down tens of thousands of chickens in case it stops the spread of a new outbreak of bird flu among the factory farmed chicken population, all for the sake of being able to continue raping millions of more birds per day to keep up with unsustainable demand paid for by animal agriculture companies and their gov subsidies.

it’s crazy to me that Burgerlanders would soon rather tinfoil over the elites “trying to make eating bugs normal” (despite seafood being normal to eat, and those are bugs, and eating bugs as protein being seen as a normal thing in plenty of other non western countries) rather than being concerned with the fact that 90% of US land and water goes towards sustaining our unsustainable animal agriculture systems, 80% of Amazon deforestation is used to grow soy monocrops which is used strictly to feed factory farmed animals, and yet they continue to gorge themselves with plastic wrapped, antibiotic and growth hormone pumped factory farmed animal flesh despite US dairy, eggs and meat being banned in the EU and many other countries due to how processed, unhealthy and cancerous it is, and Burgerlanders would rather tinfoil over veganism or plant based eating being some government plot rather than the Got Milk propaganda they’ve been fed since preschool maybe not being true? Jesus Christ just Google what nestle and other dairy companies did overseas to kill newborn babies in order to sell more of their milk formula products and that’s all you should need to know that maybe an industry built on the normalized mass rape, slavery and genocide of entire species, mostly females of said species, is a bad way to approach our relationship with consumption and food?

No. 1632632

The problem is not animal agriculture itself, the issue is factory farming. Animal agriculture has existed for thousands of years and is needed to maintain the balance required to produce both animal products and plant products for human consumption.

Removing animal agriculture would make the environmental situation worse not better. Soil depletion, pesticide and herbicide pollution and artificial fertilizer contamination is already a major issue. Eating the bugs is also not viable in some parts of the world. In Europe for example, Europeans do not eat insects because the majority of native insects species are either poisonous or are too small to be worth eating. Non-native insect species would either need to be kept in artificial environments which would require huge amounts of energy to maintain the needed heat and light, or import insects from abroad. Both solutions result in further pollution. Fossil fuels are burned for energy and transport by air or sea releases petrochemicals into the environment. Returning to traditional agricultural methods that have been sustainable for thousands of years is the solution.

No. 1632786

I hate crustaceans, so I won't be eating those bugs either, as well as the majority of plastic pollution comes from fishing so I don't eat anything from the ocean on principle.
Also, are you from USA? Hunting is such a huge thing in my state that we get the first day of deer off, and hunter education sign up sheets are available at school. It surprises me to think that other Americans wouldn't realize the extent that Americans hunt.
Also also, I'm not going vegan to save the planet just because people keep having kids, so you can suck my tit. I will become an eco terrorist and push for a one child policy and forced abortions before I live in the pod and eat vegan.

No. 1632789

is it really true that our meat/eggs/dairy are banned from the EU? I buy from local farms and not from the grocery, so I'm curious if it's just an animal welfare issue or if it's like the feed farmers give to everyone or what.

No. 1632798

You treat meat with harmful hormones, feed pigs and cows certain substances that cause anxiety and heart issues in humans, and wash chicken meat in chlorine before selling it. What's not to love?

No. 1632804

Do you live in the US? It sounds like you're describing cheap meat or meat from a state without good regulations.

No. 1632817

I'm answering this question
>is it really true that our meat/eggs/dairy are banned from the EU?
EU and US have very different regulations. What can be acceptable in the US (chlorine), doesn't fly in Europe.

No. 1632883

>is it really true that our meat/eggs/dairy are banned from the EU
It's not a ban specifically on the US but just a general ban on importing animal products produced with growth hormones (amongst other things). There's a relatively recent agreement between the EU and the US on importing hormone-free meat so it's not like no US meat enters the EU ever. But it's worth noting when the UK left the EU, the US jumped on the chance to get a trade deal (not sure if it went through) with the UK on exporting chlorine chicken meat that would never have been allowed under EU laws because of the associated health risks.

No. 1632976

Don't they also wash their eggs so people need to refrigerate them before eating (because washing them gets rid of a natural film that keeps bacteria out)?
Also I remember reading that US people must assume that every piece of meat has some kind of food poisoning bacteria at the time of purchase, and that the tools used to cut them are also coated in bacteria… meanwhile in some EU countries you can buy minced red meat and eat it raw safely.

No. 1632984

Fellow schizos, antidote for maya has a video about masonic generational curses where she talks about renunciation of
the curse formulas and I believe they could also help some gangstalking victims, or those who think they're victims on gangstalking, since some of gangstalking is perpetuated/inspired by freemasonry. I myself see gangstalking as a kind of a curse, even though it's not because of blood ties.

No. 1632991

>It's a well known and accepted practice amongst hunters to go out into the woods and rape a doe.
That's disgusting and I always hated hunters, but do you have any sources on that?

No. 1632997

>in some EU countries you can buy minced red meat and eat it raw safely.
not some, it's close to all who have some recipes with raw pork or raw eggs, and not just in europe either, japan, thailand and so on too

No. 1633073

What the fuck are you talking about? Hunters absolutely do not rape does. That’s sick af and most hunters would wanna square up if you made such a nasty assumption, and would drive any deerfuckers out of their circles. All the hunters I know teach not only their sons but their daughters to hunt as well, it’s a family activity. I’m sure there are a fringe group of zoosadists doing weird shit but if you think fucking a wild doe would go over well you’ve never been around a wild deer in your damn life, even if you weren’t hunting them.

The biggest issue is field dressing practices not being followed how they should be. Brain and spinal material should be avoided and not fucked with because of the whole chronic wasting disease affective both wild and farmed deer. This is like due to the deer eating other deer, same with how mad cow comes from cow eating other cows. Herbivores aren’t supposed to eat their own kind. Even the most conservative redneck hunters, while they maintain cognitive dissonance by voting red, view hunting as pretty damn sacred. The only hunters I could see raping does and getting away with it would be those rich fucks who just hunt for trophies and also go hunt lions and shit.

No. 1633076

You can buy unwashed eggs at most natural markets and farmers market in the US and I, with my sensitive tummy, eat them mostly raw (sunny side up) often.

No. 1633093

I'm beginning to realize why some anons think the way that they do. They are Americans and have no concept of natural, high quality food and have no idea that non-intensive traditional agriculture exists on a large scale in other parts of the world. Eating insects and drinking soy milk as their daily slop and swill probably seems like a better alternative than factory farmed meat and dairy that's been contaminated with hormones, anti-biotics and petrochemicals.

No. 1633336

Don't forget guys, heards of cows, goats, horses and sheep make a lot of great fertilizer. If we switched to 90% insect farming, there wouldn't be enough animal poop to fertilize all the vegetarin fields. You'd have to use chemical ones and that's not good for anybody. I'm always happy when i smell the poop because i know they used a traditional method.

No. 1633447

>Sunny side up
That ain't raw nonna

No. 1633471

Good for you, eurofag.

Pretty sure ‘they’ know this and in reality, want to kill us off.

No. 1633509

Many gardeners use blood and bone meal to feed their plants. Blood meal provides nitrogen while bone meal provides phosphorous and calcium. Diminishing animal agriculture means losing a major natural source of plant fertilizer, makes it harder to grow crops.

No. 1633512

Happy for you but Americas problems are totally unlike any other nations. One of the reasons why "traditional" food industry works for European countries is because they probably do not operate on that large of a scale lol. The USA is younger, larger, and very heterogeneous, and most white Europeans are probably a little inbred by now

No. 1633554

nta but anon is just exaggerating or bragging. Here in my little part of Western Europe food really isn't all that NaTuRaL and RaW, come on now. We've got intensive agriculture and all our supermarkets are stuffed to the brim with the same processed crap from the same brands under P&G, Unilever and Nestle that are being sold in the US too. Several USian fast food chains are found on every street corner. I don't think it's AS bad here as in the US going by what I've read online but it certainly isn't a uniquely US/NA problem. That said
>white Europeans are probably a little inbred by now
Gross and not true.

No. 1633601

>most white Europeans are probably a little inbred by now
Europe is very large and very ethnically diverse, burger.
This anon is right >>1633554 Europe also has its shitty food chains with awful quality and standards. I'd say it's a bit easier to find quality food from local farmers, but it's very expensive and most people go for the cheapest option and eat at mcdonalds.

No. 1633612

> Europe is very large and very ethnically diverse, burger.
burgers truly can't understand europe is a continent and not a country

No. 1633649

My intent was not to insult Americans. I wanted to understand why some anons are oblivious to the obvious. Americans do have very American focused world view and often assume that everywhere works like America. Again this is not an insult, it's an observation. I know why it happens and it's not the fault of any individual.

Some anons just seem to think "meat bad because factory farming bad, we should eat plants instead" and the process of thought stops there. None of them have any understanding of how crops are grown or the cyclical and self sustaining nature of responsible agriculture.

I agree that Europe is far from perfect. What Europeans have is a greater choice of food with easier availability of quality food. If I go to a supermarket I can buy processed shit or I can buy fresh organic food. Europe also has higher legal standards for food. What Americans consider cheese wouldn't meet the legal definition of cheese in the EU and the UK for example. Pesticides such as atrazine are banned in Europe, as are certain food additives that are allowed in America.

This is probably another factor. America is a huge country with a variety of climates. European countries are much smaller and don't have as many large uninhabited areas that can be used for industrial scale agriculture. Not all terrains and climates are suitable for crop growing but are suitable as livestock pasture. Raising livestock in these areas is a way of maintaining the natural environment while still being agriculturally productive.

No. 1633725

>natural fertilizers
Most factory farm animals never even go outside, they spend their entire lives in factories, wtf are you talking about…

No. 1633735

A cow in a field eats grass and shits out free fertilizer in the form of manure.

No. 1633737

nta but they're not letting all that poo pile up in the factories anon, it's aged and shipped to places to use as field fertilizer. many factory farms have issue with over-fertilizing nearby fields and causing runoff issue in groundwater though

No. 1633739

File: 1689362745127.jpeg (213.01 KB, 1170x1450, IMG_7570.jpeg)

The Jonah Hill thing had me thinking back about bots.

re: the Jim Carrey Epstein list "lawsuit" threat >>1504034 was possibly a false flag publicity call intended to either prevent more coming out about Carrey, or to give him attention. In other words, what if there was no real outrage at all and the entire thing was a stunt?

Vincent Briatore, who was "threatened" with the C&D appears to be an associate of and know That Umbrella Guy, was featured on his stream. Radar Online was also where the "story" first appeared beyond outrage grifters YouTube. Radar were under American Media Inc, and are now under a360 media, where Dylan Howard did many catch and kills on behalf of abusive and creepy celebrities. In the same vein, Radar is also used as a vehicle for celebrity publicists to promote their clients.

Umbrella Guy was hired and fed information by Adam Waldman to do outrage PR smearing Amber Heard on behalf of Johnny Depp and Waldman admitted to doing this. Things are starting to look a little… shall we say, staged. Carrey is also doing NFTs now and the qanon idiot YouTuber is into crypto. The relationship is mutually beneficial, celebrity gains PR attention and distracts from what they're really doing, and grifter gains followers. Voila.

It's just too on the nose that he would sell his house, delete his twitter, and then threaten to sue some nobody qanon youtuber sequentially. meanwhile he still used bots during that timeframe to defend himself when his abuse was brought up. It's odd, but he seems to enjoy staging outrage press for himself because that's either the only way he can stay relevant, or he's hiding something worse. probably the latter

No. 1633893

Kek I only knew that guy because he sided with Vic Mignogna

No. 1633946

File: 1689378801472.jpg (6.56 KB, 450x305, the-nightmare-450x305.jpg)

I believe it's totally possible to defeat your night terror/sleep paralysis demon, regardless if it's materialized, a spiritual attack or just a projection of your subconscious mind. I literally punched my night terror demon in the face and I haven't had any night terrors or even casual nightmares since then. I believe those entities can't get to you unless your let them, and they need
a strong NO in order to leave you alone. They feed on your fear so you have to do something opposite to your usual reaction (letting the fear and paralysis overtake you), and the more you fear the harder you should charge at those motherfuckers, even if you think they can hurt you. They can't. Even if that was just a projection of my mind or a dream, it worked, because I sleep better now. Btw I've never been the type of a person who could lucid dream. Usually I have zero control over what I'm doing in the dream, but this one time was different, I believe I broke the dream itself. I laughed and I punched this demonic ugly fucker in its face and it was shocked. It hasn't haunted me since then. So yeah, I strongly recommend punching your night terror demons/shadow figures/grey aliens/whatever form they decide to take. Those motherfuckers deserve some beating for every night they ruined. Some people have actual jobs, they need to sleep, unlike gay demons who fuck around dimensions and spawn at random houses and crouch next to your bed. Nobody wants to see your ugly mugs. I repel you.

No. 1633950

I mean… its possible to wake up from sleep paralysis but it takes a bit for it to wear off because it isnt a demon entity and is instead a real reaction in your body that your mind amplifies with nightmares to explain the sensation.

No. 1633988

He's been hopping from grift to grift. His defense of Vic was the first thing that cued me into him, but both him and fellow grifter Rekeita have covered the Depp case. Waldman basically admitted that he paid TUG, alongside other far right MRA or pro depp "influencers" to spread misinformation.

I was on trial twitter for a bit and I honestly believe he was behind some of the depp supporters trying to dox some amber supporters to where they drove the biggest one off the platform. Waldman is a vile, vile propagandist, someone compared his methodology to Goebels. Waldman is employed by Brad Pitt now too. Waldman, Depp and Carrey all at least vaguely know oligarch Oleg Deripaska who's also likely behind the Russian bot farms used to "support" these abusive male celebrities (or some other oligarch is), Deripaska also has ties to helping the Trump campaign and Paul Manafort.

These men's alleged "political leanings" are a fucking joke, they hate and abuse women and totally embrace any actual support they get from misogynists.

No. 1634053

I pray for those demons to go away when under sleep paralysis, it usually works a few minutes later then I sleep normally.

No. 1634252

I wish they'd just fuck me but they always want to strangle me or cannibalize me instead. Useless

No. 1634660

File: 1689453929870.png (132.4 KB, 1026x607, Screenshot.png)

So, this isn't really a tinfoil but more an indicator of how easily masses of people and institutions can be duped into believing entirely false narratives. I'm sure most of us have seen or heard of the pedophilic Asia Argento-directed film with the Sprouse twins, 'The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.' In the film, a young boy dresses as a babydoll hooker and "seduces" a grown man played by Marilyn Manson. The film is based on a semi-autobiographical book by JT LeRoy, whose two semi-autobiographical books were relatively popular in underground, gay and certain feminist literary circles. They describe his past as an Appalachian underage cross-dressing prostitute for truckers with an abusive prostitute mother, and his experiences being a religious figure once, the gay night life, and the alleged industry of "boy-girl" prostitutes. The books were recommended in gender study classes, showing the "situational nature of identity and gender", and queercore and riotgrrl bands sang songs referencing the book. Figures ranging from Kathleen Hannah, Judith Butler, Billy Corgan, and Lena Dunham had all read and praised the books, but all of that was bullshit. The real author turned out to be a woman named Laura Albert, who unlike her pretend persona, grew up in an upper-middle-class household in Brooklyn Village, moved to San Francisco, and worked as a phone sex operator and erotica writer and reviewer. The whole story of the boy cross-dressing prostitute was just made up, yet people fully bought it. It should have been obvious considering the sex in the book was heavily pornified and eroticized and featured no venereal diseases or anal fissures. The fact is, tens of thousands of 'important' people believed this shit (and probably still do). A lot of pedophiles undoubtedly got off on it, and worse of all, three actual children were probably traumatized in the making of the adaptations of this pedophilic fantasy.


No. 1634711

I don’t remember watching this episode of Zach and Cody…

What you’re describing sounds like the idea of modern day feminism built on lies and ulterior motives. There are no good guys and this is one big psyop.

No. 1634796

People just need to avoid all tranny shit always, because it's never coming from a "gender neutral" or positive place, it's always coming from male sexual degeneracy.

No. 1634798

they have underage nudes of you, can you report them for cp? for starters. I'm so sorry you're going through this. do you have their real names?

No. 1634974

What did you not understand? Even a cow that is indoors 24/7 eats natural food = natural fertilizer. It's not good for the cow obviously, but the field doesn't care, as long as it's from an animal, it's better than chemicals.

Europe also uses Roundup on a big scale, years ago i only heard bad things about it and everybody said they were glad we don't use it here. Well now they do, or they aren't ashamed to admit it anymore. You can see bottles of it on the roadisides in Greece and completley burned fields in central europe. Instead they could grow a nitrogen crop for couple of months till winter so the field isn't completley dead and blowing in the wind.

I agree and sometimes its easier than it seems.
When i was a kid i had years where i dreamt of demons attacking me and the only thing that changed that was me one time asking the demon if she wanted help. She stopped in her tracks and left. I asked them couple of more times and they either left or gave me a quest. After like a month i had normal dreams again. One had to just b lucid enough to ask.
Moving on to now in my new house there is a big shadow that's floating above our bed, me and my boyfriend both saw it several times. He even seen him floating above him and when it saw he was awake it moved above me! It woke me up and scared me a lot of times but when i started talking about it to my friend, she called it a dementor and i thought it fit. Not because it looks like a demmentor, it's bigger and more blobby, but it feels like one. And sice i have it in my mind that it's a dementor he's not been seen.
I guess it's about the vide your brain gives off, if itš a conident vibe they sence it.

No. 1635004

JT Leroy was the pen name of Laura Albert, a woman who went through abuse and said people only gave her compassion when she claimed to be a boy.

No. 1635060

File: 1689498329731.gif (52.69 KB, 760x1170, 0.gif)

I am aware she went through sexual abuse(I regret not mentioning that) but she never had anything close to the life she described in her pretend persona, i.e growing up poor and working as an underage prostitute in west Virginia, with an abusive proustite mother. She had no reason to make up an identity just cause she found it entertaining, and the worst part is that actual academics and pretentious pedophiles used her works to justify their horrific and degenerate takes, cause her made-up persona didn't regret all that happened and actually enjoyed being raped as a child prostitute, so their all limits to sympathy.

No. 1635082

>How do you even talk t someone about this without sounding crazy?
It doesn't sound crazy at all.

No. 1635548

>There are nonnies here who think the moon is real.

No. 1635791

File: 1689558515248.gif (13.25 MB, 720x540, IMG_5491.gif)

No. 1635882

File: 1689563413736.png (392.39 KB, 709x588, Screenshot (2).png)

I swear to God this is a planned paranoia that's meant to be self-fulfilling prophecy.
>Exercise is fascism
>Having good relationship with your family is fascism
>Being patriotic is fascism
>Not eating junk-food is fascism
>Drinking water is fascism

No. 1635922

fascism isn’t even mentioned??

No. 1635943

Sorry but don't be a fucking retard

No. 1635985

I don't want to defend that journo but I noticed that trend in right wing cycles where they get obsessed with bodybuilding and organic food. Of course it's just mostly obese moids larping but big name RW twitterfags are also fitness influencers on the side (like Bronze Age Pervert).

No. 1635987

okay and? pretty much every social movement(barring modern liberals one) encourages its members to get fit, its been a thing since forever.

No. 1636006

There is like a dozen of rw ecelebs who make lifting weights a huge part of their brand. On other hand, I don't know a lot of communists who meme about sunbathing their balls and drinking raw eggs while jerking off to Ancient Greek statues.

No. 1636307

I'm so sick of this bullshit. Everything's fascist these days, it seems to be the buzzword du jour. The "communist" retard at my workplace told me I sound right wing when I talk about my love of bodybuilding and combat sports. I make ZERO mention of politics at work and just say that these two things have been great for my mental health, but sure, I'm literally Hitler because I'm not a fat slob huffing the HAES copium.

No. 1636425

the fact that some anons including op are misinterpreting and getting offended by the article in the first place makes you all sound like far right wing retarded tradthots yourself

or moids

No. 1636446

File: 1689612827984.jpg (80.52 KB, 604x325, AsR8PX6iV54.jpg)

"A group of mostly young men who believe in violence is also into physical fitness." That's not a big observation. Both the Islamist and communist parties in my country train and engage in martial arts because that's what they believe in.

No. 1636466

And observational surface level crap is worthy of belonging in this thread? It's an article with a purposely evocative headline, but said headline doesn't even mention fascism

Nor is it actively trying to discourage anyone from exercising. Whatever anons are coming to those conclusions came to them on their own but you sound retarded and like moids trying to defend the far right

No. 1636501

Fit and healthy = right wing has been a consistent mainstream left narrative for a while. It's also something I experienced in real life. I've been accused of being right wing and secret fascist because I work out and I'm fairly muscular for a woman. It's not congruent with reality, more conservative areas in the US are usually fatter with higher rates of illness. It's politicization of something that doesn't need to be political by the usual low quality media outlets.

No. 1636511

>said headline doesn't even mention fascism
It says 'far-right', what do you think it means by that?

you have to be retarded to not have noticed the leftist media in the west encouraging people to celebrate being fat, ugly, and unhealthy, so it's pretty useful to see it has now gone as far as nakedly expressing the inverse of that sentiment.

No. 1636520

it's not actually about fitness and fascism it's about marketing and selling products and services. that's online content for you. the politics are the bait.

No. 1636543

>tEH lEFtiSt medIA
go back to the fucking tradthot thread or 4chan

No. 1636546

>I've been accused of being right wing because I'm muscular for a woman

I'll take things for 600 that never happened Alex, some of you are sounding like tumblr in here

No. 1636550

Can you stop with the tradthot shit? How insecure are you to not even be able to read a differing opinion? Pathetic.

No. 1636558

File: 1689621311296.png (45.94 KB, 1192x476, rw-fitness.png)

>tumblr complains on a regular basis about being fit and being accused of being right wing
I highly doubt it.

It's a common media narrative and has been for a long time


No. 1636560

File: 1689621386109.png (207.42 KB, 667x569, rw-fitness02.png)

No. 1636562

File: 1689621629403.png (45.71 KB, 615x334, rw-fitness03.png)


This article in a woman's magazine even talks about why the rest of media is full of shit for pushing this narrative

No. 1636565

File: 1689621704406.png (36.54 KB, 826x253, rw-fitness04.png)

No. 1636566

File: 1689621843857.png (11.17 KB, 788x171, rw-fitness05.png)

No. 1636571

File: 1689622112719.png (26.41 KB, 903x192, rw-fitness06.png)


I could post more but I'll stop here because I think you get the point.

No. 1636591

File: 1689623718242.webm (8.32 MB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_168962288037.we…)

Redfem(radical feminist/marxist podcast) briefly talked about this topic in one of their episodes, but I can't remember which one. Essentially, one of the hosts hannah berrelli(woman in vidrel) stated that both men and women (but specifically men) can find more opportunities for self-improvement within the realm of the right-wing, such as getting off porn, getting fit, and trying to better themselves. Meanwhile, the mainstream left often dismisses self-improvement as wrong(cause your already perfect), and denies the existence of porn addiction. They compared this decline from Che as masculine ideals that they presented for men

No. 1636660

A male friend of mine got onto nofap after his porn addiction wrecked his previous relationship, and the shit he got when he spoke to other friends about it really struck me as odd. A lot of them called it problematic, but when pressed couldn't tell you why. Only that some right wing/right leaning people do it, so it must be bad. Like, ok I get it. It is quite funny when a dude tells you he's addicted to jerking off. But porn rots brains, this guy was watching hours of content every day. We should give the men who fully commit to nofap positive reinforcement. So many of my straight or bi friends talk about how their bf's want them to do some absolutely foul, coombrained things that are often dangerous because they saw it in porn. Porn addiction is literally an epidemic at this point. I do think some of the pushback on social media is paid for by Big Coom, though I can't prove it. A lot of men just can't handle the fact that they're in control of their own destiny though. I think that's why they chimp out when quitting porn, eating healthy, working out, or pretty much any form of self-improvement is mentioned.

No. 1636891

Because you're shitting up the thread with waffling, not actually valuable tinfoiling. Would rather hear about celebrity tinfoiling, gate, and Epstein over this fucking boring bullshit, but you want to come in here and bitch about something that's not even worthy of being called a tinfoil. Tell me how you feel about Jews, honey, I'm sure your true colors will come trickling out eventually. It smells like moid in here(Infighting)

No. 1636946

sigh. From this response alone I can tell where your head is at. How about you try growing up?
Anyway, I think the association with fitness = the RW and fatness = LW is an interesting phenomenon and I wonder if it's a kind of weird manifestation of each sides values?(infighting)

No. 1637055

File: 1689682007865.jpg (297.79 KB, 1176x1128, IMG_881.jpg)

kek, these are hilarious.

No. 1637232

Crystal cafe jannies deleting posts in the gangstalking thread on CC. Guess they gave in to the feds. Nona who posted on that thread please repost the videos and info here (hope you're a farmer too).
The deleted posts were disproving that TI = schizophrenia theory going around, and it didn't seem to be a scrote.

No. 1637562

I suspect that it's being pushed by corporate interests. A fat and unhealthy population increases the profits for both the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Companies pay media outlets to write this horse shit and to the "journalists" working there being accused of being right wing is probably the most scathing insult they can think of.

No. 1637638

IMHO, I'm very split on this tinfoil. Yes, fatties are great consumers but there should be more to that. There is still interests of other entities. Like, the goverment (where health care is provided by the govt) wouldn't want to spend too much money on treating cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes. And the goverment still needs soldiers and fatties make poor soldiers.
I believe there is more to that.

No. 1637639

File: 1689752994306.jpg (1.07 MB, 2000x2436, MV5BZTE3ODA1NmMtZDA2NC00Mz.jpg)

This isn't my own tinfoil; it's something I saw on Twitter about two years ago, but it has stuck with me for a while. The theory was that many horror and slasher films are actually psy-ops created to inspire serial killers and murderers. An example from my own life is when I was young and flipping through channels, I stumbled upon a film called Joy Ride. One scene in particular that made me sick, was where two of the main characters were tied to chairs, horrifically tortured in a dimly-lit, dirty room, and had their kneecaps busted with a hammer while their teeth were removed, It was so horrifying that I had nightmares for months. The theory on Twitter mentioned a then more recent film called The Farm that is very similar to Joy Ride. The Farm features young couples being hunted, kidnapped, tormented, and humiliated by maniacs. The women and men are locked in cages naked, and the women have their breast milk extracted through a machine while the men are slaughtered for meat. The movie is disgustingly filled with graphic detail, and the bad guys triumph in the end. The final girl in the movie is tied up, presented naked with an apple gag in her mouth, like a pig to be eaten.
One might ask why anyone would ever make something like this. The film would have cost millions of dollars and required dozens of sign-offs before being greenlit, but it's not about making money. Rather, it's about creating sick bastards who get off on it. These individuals might seek out more sexually depraved films(that do exist) and could possibly move on to real victims.

No. 1637644

Interesting. I'm bipolar and struggle with fits of rage when I'm manic. I once told my doctor that I really like horror movies for a good spook and she told me that I never should watch such movies for my own well-being. She told me that more gory and creepy movies are off-limits to me.
Anyway, I didn't watch any movies than but I browsed a chan centered around gore and ryona and it accelerated my agression and self-harm tendencies.
I'm pretty tame at that regard cause my aggression is targeted at myself so I just came up with new fucked up ways of self-harm and I had intrusive thoughts of mutilating myself. I guess a moid who has fits of tard rage can watch too many movies hurt other people. I guess it's something about your violent tendencies being targeted at yourself vs other people. I can see a person with a fucked up state of mind watching too many movies and hurting other people cause his mind was bombarded with gore and violence.
IDK I was there, in that state of mind, so I know that feel.

No. 1637652

What chan was it?

No. 1637659

I don't remember… I guess it was just called gurochan??? It's the only guro-centered chan out there. I don't recommend it though cause it's full of awful moids, serial killers in the making, LARPers who pretend to be cute Japanese girl and just an assorted array of retards.
On the topic of the tinfoil at hand. I guess horror movies are not made for the purpose of creating new serial killers. But I think there are communities out there that can nudge mentally unstable people to commit murder. I'm not talking about incels. But incels have their hand in that. I think those incel mass shooters frequent incel forums AND places where people post real executions, people dying, cartels beheading people etc. I think it's a mix of ideology and being expossed to violence.

No. 1637660

I mean, Dennis Rader (the BTK killer) had a fairly normal life. He was just really into bondage magazines from a very young age, and had stacks of them that he had been collecting. I guess he took his fetish to the ultimate degree.

No. 1637664

Samefag, what I'm trying to say is that it's not feds/illuminety/lizards who are trying to create serial killers through horror films.
But there is underground groups who exploit depressed/wizard moids and indoctrinate them through a mix of ideology and violence. You need those two. Like ISIS who post execution videos. It's a very nuanced psyop. You need to find a moid who is unhappy with his life and show him an ideology that is either extremely nihilist or promises him happiness (two extremes, but they work). Then you slowly expose him to violence and - bam! - you have a crazy moid who is ready to kill.
I think most mass shooters who have an ideaologu behind their escapades also lurk "watch people die" types of videos.

No. 1637694

Another farmer + occasional CC poster here. I didn't post in the gangstalking thread but I heard about the deletion. I experienced something similar, I posted in a thread about premonition dreams on CC and it was also deleted later. The whole thread had only 1 post and 2 I wrote myself as replies, then it disappeared mysteriously.
The CC also got rid of a thread about imaginary companions - not tulpas but something like childhood experiences with imaginary friends or sensing "presences" where I posted one time too. Maybe these topics seem less controversial than gangstalking but it still weirded me out why these threads would be deleted out of the blue. There was even no infighting, no spam or no rule infringement in these discussions.

No. 1637705

It think it might be true because there must be a person or a couple of people who came up with the idea. People making movies are smart, they know some scenes this will get stuck in children's minds and they know it will affect some people in negative ways. Like imagine if any of you were making a movie, i wouldn't put extremly graphic violence in there even if it was a horror film, so why would these makers put it in there? Because they like it and they want people t be exposed to it and like it too.
The violence in movies has gotten way worse did you guys noticed it? It's too realistic, horror movies didn't make me sick before but the last 12 years a lot of them do.

No. 1637714

Its not just about it being "realistic" its the visceral detail given and how its being framed.

No. 1637740

Anecdotal, but when I was hospitalised after a schizophrenic episode, there was frequent discussions of "what movie killer are you" among other patients. Of course it was tongue in cheek, but some of them were a little bit too invested in these discussions. If you've got a broken brain as a base, I 100% believe certain films will leave an imprint on it. I also think a lot of it is just to keep people miserable and fearful. Like how most TV dramas nowadays seem to be incredibly depressing with sexual assault, murder, adultery, abuse, etc. I've been ill lately and watching more TV and films than normal. It's hard to find something that isn't completely soul crushing, and got me thinking about the media I consume and how it might be subconsciously bringing me down.

No. 1637751

Samefag, but I forgot to add that I posted in /tig/ once and saw the reply to my post get deleted before my eyes. It freaked me out so I kept away from it. Just got a bad vibe about the place, idk.

No. 1637797

What was that discussion about?

No. 1637805

Yeah, it’s called population control/depopulation. They want the masses to be as weak and docile enough for complete submission while getting rid of any detractors, enter long spiel about divide and conquer blah blah blah; nwo this and that.

No. 1637902

If “sex work is work” then a boss asking for a blow job is just another part of employment, the 15yo behind the counter at McDonald’s being told by a customer to suck his dick isn’t being sexually harassed, the customer has just stumbled into the wrong establishment. This line of thinking doesn’t seek to normalize prostitution but sexual assault and harassment. A man comes up to you jerking off and asks you how much? He’s not sexually harassing you, just inquiring about your goods and services. A man rapes a women in an alley? That’s ok because he can just slip her a $50 and she should be pleased to have been paid for her time. We are in the midst of an attempt by the powers that be to normalize any and all harm perpetrated against us. Women want to be choked to death/beaten/locked in cages! See these women on these porn sites do it all the time and they’re very hard workers getting paid the big bux! There are even disabled women now talking about how they were told to just get into porn instead of government social programs, like there’s a lot of money to be made in porn amirite!?
The wealthy are done with our money, it’s all going digital anyway. The last thing we have to offer is our bodies: blood, plasma, eggs, holes… etc. we are all products waiting for them to purchase/take as far as they are concerned.
Next is children which they’ve already started on. It used to be called grooming to talk to a child about sex and the child’s body in a sexual way. Now its pragmatic and necessary and oh, wouldn’t you know it but children can consent to surgery/drugs/medical interventions. People think it’s fear mongering but it used to be standard knowledge to know how pedos operate: its 101 to first groom the social network of the victim, they make it normal for them to be alone with the child, to keep secrets, for the child to touch them and kiss them and when anyone asks, nah they do it with their parents/they’re a relative so it’s ok. Not just that but pedos work together to create environments for them to do this, they cover for each other, the higher up they get in a system the more they welcome other predators in to shield themselves and demand protections. Just look at the Catholic Church shit. We’ve seen this before but somehow now it’s ok!?
Idk but society is sick right now. The dehumanizing way we’re being treated, like objects that can be parted out and purchased. It’s some capitalistic hellscape where the only ones that win are the ones that can afford not to have to play.

No. 1637971

Fully agree with you. It's disgusting how prostitution is being normalised. Even if some chose it, weren't trafficked, the "profession" as a whole evolved from sexual slavery. It's a form of degradation.
And about grooming - this is also sad and awful what's happening. I'm also surprised by queer activists who acts like everyone who doesn't like their propaganda isn't able to teach a child about grooming and safety rules. I have heard of opinions that unless a child would attend the propaganda-fueled sex ed classes they will be clueless about the dangers. Cue the dangers are in the current LGBTQP movement. As for the education about biology, pregnancy, etc. it's needed and I had it as an older child and teen too but it needs to be done well and not by some woke creeps.
It disgusts me how much pedophilia is being normalised in certain circles and how others don't bat an eye but then again so many fucked up things are still acceptable in the world, and slavery and women discrimination were such recent phenomenona (that still exist to some degree) that it's nor surprising there will be forces trying to normalize pedophilia. History of sexual abuse is so long and yet we're facing the abusers skiwalking as some activists or protectors of children.
Also it's creepy how they are fixated on presenting their opponents (aka sane people) as evil prudes, abusers, crazy conservatists or even fascists/Nazis. They will do everything to smear concerned parents or anyone who wants to protect the innocence of children. They claim that others are repressed and secretly obsessed with sex but they're the ones fixated on it, sex and using others is clearly their only value in life so they won't stop to try using everyone, including children, for their sick lust. They use sex for manipulating people, promoting a hedonistic lifestyle and no rules. They want others to get rid of rules and sanity so they can fall down into this twisted world of abuse and no limits.

No. 1638031

NTA. I get that but why associate health and fitness with being right wing? It creates the impression that left = weak and unhealthy, right = strong and healthy. It makes the right appear more attractive to young men. If you were a teenage boy who would you look up to? An obese tranny or a fit muscular straight male? It makes no sense.

No. 1638153

Right and the LGB already had issues with pedos (MAPS/nambla) trying to hitch to their rights. Like being in a relationship with an adult is the same as sexually abusing a child?
What people need to recognize is that it doesn’t matter if not all of an organization is in on the grooming, they don’t have to be, they just have to turn a blind eye to obvious boundary violations… you know, like men walking around with their dicks out around women and girls. That’s why anyone who advocates for this shit is immediately labeled a groomer in my mind, they can’t not be because pedo shit is a fucking cancer. They can’t just excise the individual perpetrators because their ideologies are the problem and if they leave those in place it allows new perpetrators to come and fill the gap of the one they just ousted. The whole system of belief that children can consent to sexual modifications to their bodies (why does a little boy need a front hole if not for a man’s penis to go into!? It’s literally sex shit to suggest and tell a child they need that in order not to kill themselves) needs to go, the thought that strangers should keep secrets with your child because they are teachers, this is literal groomer doctrine, has to go! Sadly it doesn’t matter if someone has the best of intentions, it doesn’t matter if they themselves are “not like that”, if they allow pedos to seed their dogma in their organization they must gouge out all that they can and fucking burn it!
If someone says to you “this child will be legal tomorrow so it’s ok if I have sex with them now right!?” They’re testing boundaries, they are pushing you to accept that it’s normal for them to break the law because it’s just a little bit so it’s ok. No! Leave children the fuck alone, respect the law and safeguarding, it exists for a reason.

No. 1638264

Yes. I posted in some threads on CC and they got deleted after that. Kinda cursed if you ask me. Seems like they're gonna get rid of the TI thread next.

No. 1638401

Hmmm this is a very good theory! I believe that all movies in Hollywood are psyops, a lot of them are filmed on military bases so of course the government is in cahoots ..
That’s why movies like Top Gun are a thing

No. 1638403

>The women and men are locked in cages naked, and the women have their breast milk extracted through a machine while the men are slaughtered for meat.
that's what happens to animals in real life. just the basics of animal agriculture.
>One might ask why anyone would ever make something like this.
trying to shock people into going vegan (doesn't really end well though) and stopping their hypocrisy

No. 1638537

well that's a very dumb way to try to make people vegan if the result is making more serial killers kek

No. 1638550

Movies have been interpolating military propaganda since forever: also see the marvel movies

No. 1638817

Two seperate people on opposite sides of the earth claiming to see 'fake people' on planes, both times very close to each other. The fuck is going on? It's so creepy! I'm assuming the planes had normal trips though both predicted that the planes would crash. Nonetheless their panic was so real. Could just be schizophrenia/delusions, but these incidents are just so close and so similar.

No. 1638820

Maybe it’s an outlet for the writers and producers so they don’t act out their sick fantasies. Like it’s more preventative than causative.

Reminds me of that retarded (literally, IQ of like 60) Australian girl who was obsessed with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies who killed her own mother by stabbing her to death. She was prone to tard rage, I think euthanasia should be legal in those cases before something horrific happens.

No. 1638837

Where's the second video? I'm aware of the incident that happened in Dallas, but when was the second one

No. 1638852

>forced one child policy and forced abortions is less bad than forcing the population to eat vegan
Based take also I agree kek.

No. 1638918

I think the health at every size movement was a psyop to further stigmatize and delegitimize people who are actually disabled, even if they aren’t fat from their disability.

No. 1638919

honestly we need both forced abortions and mass veganism

No. 1638930

Second one?

No. 1638931

I would absolutely include graphic horror in a horror movie if I was allowed to, not like A Serbian Film shit, but definitely more like God Bless America (2011) type violence.

No. 1638965

well god bless america isnt the type of graphic i mean, its pretty mild.

No. 1638967

Language is a corner stone for an individuals development and societal function. The erosion of the English language and it’s erosive effects on other languages is, by design, being left unchecked. The powerful want to confuse language in order to erode our ability to relate to each other and work together.
> if we can’t communicate, we can’t cooperate.
Grammar ai, language ai, autocorrect, language learning apps, all of these things are broken and no one’s going to fix them because it serves the needs of the oligarchs. They want us confused and frustrated, constantly on edge because we can’t understand but the truth is what we’re trying to understand is nonsense half the time.
These broken programs/apps warp language beyond recognition to the point where it’s about the “feelings” of an individual, who might not even be the person you’re talking to, instead of the words being said. Where an English speaker tries to learn another language only to be smacked in the face with “this language isn’t inclusive by our western standards so we changed it, it’s wrong now but at least you’re using the right words as determined by us”. It says “don’t think like that, think like this” and if you don’t we’ll remind you to by changing what you said.
Day in, day out we are exposed to this and it changes how we think by changing how we talk.

No. 1638969

File: 1689874617815.png (355.29 KB, 738x1211, CAPTURE.png)

Related to this, has anyone else seen this narrative that non-white people are naturally fat and that promoting being thin and healthy is white supremacy? They usually bring up Polynesians (who do have a genetic inclination to gain more fat) as proof(even though they are a super rare example), they misinterpret the situation with South Asian population. South Asian people, on average, are chubbier not because they are like that naturally, but because they have perhaps one of the worst diets in the world. The spicy and flavorful cuisine can be enjoyable in moderation, but consuming it daily can lead to excess weight gain and an unhealthy midsection, which is a common issue for many Indian men and women.

No. 1638982

AFAIK most people living in the Oceania region are so fat because they live on small islands where native agriculture is almost impossible so they can't sustain producing crops, vegetables and food for farm animals. Since they can't grow their own healthy food the only way to ontain fresh produce is to buy expensive imported food. Obviously fresh produce is very pricy this way and can spoil quickly, so they mostly get ultra-processed food that can be stocked and transported easily. So they eat mostly junk food with loads of calories and little nutritional value, that's why they have extremely high obesity rates.

No. 1638985

Comparing BMI's between different races is retarded, but idk yet again the liberal white racists are showing their asses.

No. 1639020

Wtf, it happened in china too

No. 1639021

The islands were productive until mainland people came and mined the shit out of them for fertilizer. Now all they have left are expensive imported foods, which are usually high fat and low quality.

No. 1639029

Schizophrenia meets quantum immortality

No. 1639033

I meant to look up if the plane crashed, final destination style. do you happen to know?

No. 1639042

Ran across some more interesting details about Epstein after looking into the "temple". Can't remember if I mentioned this

>Epstein had a financing in Radar Magazine, which he started investing in around 2004

>alongside Mortimer Zuckerman, Daily News owner, and founder Maer Roshan
>"Radar's seemingly endless search for financing became something of a running joke in New York publishing. The staff held a celebration with one owner, an investor from Morocco, at Mr. Roshan's home, only to find out that the money that was always about to be wired was not forthcoming. Even yesterday, when Mr. Roshan sat with a reporter and some of his staff at the Coffee Shop in Union Square, giving an interview about finally obtaining financing, a last-minute glitch developed, a legal issue involving the magazine's name, that briefly put the press offensive on hold."
>"Mr. Epstein and Mr. Zuckerman will be equal partners in the new venture, and Mr. Roshan will retain a small ownership stake. The magazine will use some of the publishing resources of Mr. Zuckerman's company, which also publishes U.S. News and World Report."

>aimlessly wondering if this has anything to do with his celebrity ties or if he just thought it was a good investment? maybe both

>Radar having ties to Weinstein and other celebrity catch and kill coverups, via Dylan Howard and other executives who caught and killed stories for various celebs including ones yet to be fully exposed

>these publications had "vaults" of stories

>Epstein had consulted to buy another US virgin island, another small one like Little Saint James

>around 2010-2017
>bought through Qatari shell company
>found it on Reddit so the validity is questionable but thought it was interesting
>poster claimed to know a US virgin island attorney who was aware of this

Really curious about his ties to Radar and AMI publications. What was he trying to accomplish or do by investing in them, also being buddies with the founder. Also knowing Ghislaine won't talk about any details but is currently playing Prison Karen in Florida is fucking sending my sides into orbit.

No. 1639108

this is so interesting, thanks for sharing. i'm ESL so i'm not entirely sure about what i hear, it can be hard for me to decipher english when it's whispered and with bad audio quality. i do think the "swap theory" is a bit extreme though… that would be what? 3000 people pretending to be dead, living under a fake identity, to this day? somebody would have dropped the ball by now. imagine being separated from your family for so long… i couldn't do it.

the only alternative theory that would make sense is that the FBI/CIA forced them to make those calls, and then killed them.

No. 1639617

The last couple of series I watched both portrayed close friendships of a child and a grown adult man. Of course these adults are infantilized as they had childlike manners and interests. Is this a psyop for shilling p*dos as the new spicy queers now?

No. 1639636

What series?
I haven’t found the American video so seeing the clip at the end was interesting. She doesn’t look like she had a psychotic break.

No. 1640577

Wtf. Does anyone know if this also happens with other movies or just with this one?

No. 1640592

Somewhat related, but in the 10s there was a surge of media centered around a man protecting a child that may or may not be related to him. Usually it's a girl that he adopts. Off the top of my head: the last of us, sweet tooth, God of War, mandalorian etc. One might say that's it's an interesting storytelling device since it puts conflict in the story (protect a young child against a dangerous enviroment) but I would be interested to hear anons opinions on it. Is it a tinfoil? Moids are famously incapable of caring after children yet this weird "adoptee dad" was everywhere. Is it because moids think it's "wholesome" or is there a more nefarious reasoning behind it?

No. 1640626

Genuinely freaky how people are just against the film because of alleged Qanon similarities (not seen the film, can't say if it's like that or not) when they should damn well know how out of control human trafficking is. It almost makes me believe in the NPC theory when people act like this.

I think some of it is classic power fantasy stuff. The big burly saviour with a kind heart, as not only are most moids out of shape lardasses, they're also heartless and would 100% leave behind anyone in a crisis to save themselves. I do think there's possibly dodgy reasons behind this sub-genre becoming so popular, but it's very tinfoil-y with no proof. Like, have you noticed the "babygirl" thing with older men like Pedro Pascal in TLOU? It's like they're conditioning us to ignore our intuition about older men who hang around with little girls 'cause what if he's a widdle sweetie pie with a tragic backstory? Idk, maybe I just hate all men and it's not that deep.

No. 1640652

This movie isn't being "sabotaged" and multiple of these "narratives" were already debunked as hoaxes. Stop watching propaganda videos and post actual tinfoil

No. 1640654

see point >>1625224 its a psy-op to be more trusting of middle-aged men.

No. 1640674

Usually whenever something overwhelming happens or like whenever I get really excited about something I'll sorta bang my head against the nearest flat surface or smash my face into the pillow, but for whatever reason today I just bit my arm instead. And it actually left an imprint, which now prompted me to wonder why I even have these extreme unwarranted reactions at all. There was a point where I run around the room as well but I'm practically bedridden atm so that isn't an option.

Anyone have any clue why this is a thing? Am I just bad at processing my emotions?

No. 1640727

The recent Reddit ban on third party apps and API crawlers is actually a psyop to protect the interests of the rich and famous people who use the platform or don't want information out about them on it. While one could say it's also partial capitalism and them wanting these app developers to pay as they claim, there's something more insidious about the way they restrict the flow of information to protect the interests of rich donors who invest in the site? Remember how Ghislaine attended Reddit functions and the tinfoil she owned the user MaxwellHill on the site? What if other celebrities or rich people are in the same boat, and don't want information spread about them, so they encouraged this "change" for more than capital reasons?

Crawlers like camas.unddit.com allowed a very free flow of information and bested Reddits own search system by far. Using that I was able to find a multitude of very personal and otherwise buried accounts about celebrities, politicians, and otherwise famous people from both deleted and obscure users, and the archives dated back years.

It makes sense why other than money Reddit wouldn't want API crawlers out there, not because it allows you to stalk other people for creepy reasons, it allows you to stalk information that gets suppressed or could be useful, that's heavily downvoted, or buried to time. Even journalists have been known to stalk Reddit in recent years for information, and they probably knew about these third party search sites. So by taking away that liberty, it's a slow suffocation in favor of the rich, and they keep the Reddit search algorithm crappy on purpose. Holy fucking shit. Spez really fucking bent over for the interests of his shitty rich celebrity donors kek

No. 1640818

>telling tinfoilers to stop tinfoiling because it's not "actual" tinfoil
I hope you at least get paid for being a dumbass and aren't shilling for free.

That and that fact that Reddit is basically a USAF asset that they use to keep the masses distracted by the right things.

No. 1640848

Spez who was a moderator for jailbait don’t forget

No. 1640873

We're on an obscure basket weaving board nobody here is getting paid shit, not even the jannies. And you, assuming it's the same (you) keep constantly bringing up this shit movie in multiple threads to bait, and since mods won't ban you I'm telling you it's not milky. A multitude of the claims around theaters "suppressing" the movie, which they aren't… have been debunked. already explained how and why Tim Ballard is a piece of shit, imagine being a pickme caping for an ugly blonde Mormon scrote who only sees you as a reproductive vessel and stole a young female survivors story of abuse? Why do you hate yourself, right wing nonnies

I'd rather yammer on about Epstein and celebrities and Scientologists all day than see qanon adjacent christian persecution complex garbage that sounds like it was posted by a /pol/faggot in this fucking thread. Every time I try and bring up something interesting, it gets derailed and ignored. Now who sounds like the psyop?

if you would properly put your weaponized autism to use, and if you're not a shill, then maybe you'd actually read and discuss the interesting conspiracies in this thread and not ideological outrage drivel that's been repeatedly debunked. You're the one who sounds like a disruptor. I don't want to infight but you legitimately sound mentally fucking unhinged and retarded and not basing anything you say in reality, and that's not just ideological differences, you literally sound negative IQ retarded

I wonder what celebrities are at the top of Reddit's little investor list rolls eyes into back of head

No. 1640906

Chill the fuck out and stop jumping to conclusions. I learned that this movie existed today and I haven't discussed it in any other threads. I was joking about you being a shill because I find it ridiculous that you're telling people to stop tinfoiling in the designated fucking thread, instead of just posting the tinfoils you want to discuss. I see plenty of things I don't agree with in here, but I just keep scrolling instead of throwing a tard rage. You should try that sometime.

No. 1640928

File: 1690054327646.png (242.3 KB, 646x597, capture.png)

Anyone else think that this wave of "not showering/washing stuff" from celebs and articles claiming how bathing everyday is unhealthy are foreshadowing a possible water crisis.

No. 1640929

>We're on an obscure basket weaving board

This weird phrase is your calling card and I hate it everytime you use it.

No. 1640934

that's a term used by IB users to refer to IBs for as long as i can remember

No. 1640936

Absolutely. It ties into the foreshadowed water problems far too well, and it was a whole lotta people just randomly talking about their bathing habits unprompted. I watched Blade Runner 2049 a while ago and the shower scene where it's just one or two short bursts of water kinda feels like pre-programming, but honestly it was probably just an accurate prediction about the future. I did search for this scene on YouTube, but I couldn't find it and now YouTube thinks I wanna fuck Ryan Gosling, kek.

No. 1640942

Then maybe if you did just a little more research you'd realize the claims that the movie is being suppressed are easily debunked and that it's linked in this very thread evidence that the guy the movie is based on and who helped fund it is a Mormon fundie who women shouldn't be supporting but fucking whatever

Jim Carrey and other celebrities being cultists and nobody talking about it and trying to conveniently ignore the parallels of that "spiritualist organization" to Scientology that could cause real harm if left unchecked is far more interesting than any of this Sound of Freedom shit.

No. 1640956

> Hey guys a problematic shithead drawing attention to a problematic problem in such a way that righty fundamentalists will listen to is bad and Qanon of you, don’t listen or discuss!

To continue with pedo conspiracy in Hollywood and all power centers look no further then this nonsense rhetoric. People you don’t like will arrive at the same conclusions as you for different reasons, honestly I couldn’t care less so long as we all arrive at “fucking kids and normalizing fucking kids is wrong”.
Amerifags need to stop succumbing to stupid political teams, they don’t care who you side with, it’s all the same. You know why it’s the same? Because any time either side gets into power they don’t do anything about it. They have all the power and still won’t prosecute or go after the powerful who commit these crimes, they actively cover for them (but qanon, no, I’m talking about Epstein).
You don’t have to cover for the powerful, they can do it themselves. As a random person of the world you should be skeptical of all power and be mindful to never side with them because they don’t care about you! They wouldn’t be powerful if they did, remember that. The system elevates the ruthless, cruel and greedy, being kind isn’t in their wheelhouse and they have no idea what it looks like. Stop appealing to authority and shilling their nonsense qanon BS as a way to hand wave concerns about pedos in power.

No. 1640961

I wasn't supporting the film. I posted this >>1640626 and yes, I didn't research it much, I just hate this kneejerk dismissal of discussions on human trafficking and Hollywood pedos because of goddamn Qanon. I just think people should be free to tinfoil in the tinfoil thread! Besides, even if I wanted to see the film, I'd fucking pirate it. I support the entertainment industry as little financially as possible because I don't like giving money to degenerates.

No. 1641036

Literally just you /b/ and /pol/tards on that gay shit.

No. 1641124

You can go further back as well with "Leon" (The Professional in US) with Natalie Portman, who was 13 at the time but looked much younger.
It was directed by Luc Besson, who dated actress Maiwenn when she was 15 and he was 33, so yes, for him it certainly mirrored his own proclivities.

No. 1641175

Women’s clothing sizes are deliberately inconsistent to keep us in a continuous state of confusion and unhappiness with our bodies

No. 1641245

This is just straight up facts
Why do men have a consistent sizing system with waist and length measurements and we get none of that
Also the lack of pockets

No. 1641257

File: 1690082776155.gif (3.47 MB, 304x480, B355712A-05A2-41B7-BAE3-B3FE54…)

They’re teaching us to hate ourselves from the moment we’re born
In a similar vein, I also noticed something about a few certain songs, mostly rap but I swear I’m not crap Chan it’s also pop but I can only think of rap examples right now.
All the album covers are so cutesy and remind me of all the toys I had as a little girl like those pink fake phones with lip gloss in it, and those sorts of things, but the lyrics about being promiscuous shaking your ass how your pussy is so good, fucking and sucking and how your body is so great etc. i don’t wanna sound like a prude but how is this not grooming? Another one that comes to mind is Ice Spice and Doja Cat, tell me I’m not crazy this shit always looks so cutesy and they call themselves Barbie’s while acting like lascivious hoes, they have pink cars and infantalize themselves in a weird way I feel like I’m not articulating it well. But I hope someone here gets it.
I’m trying to undo the lifelong brainwashing that my self worth is tied in with my appearance, if I have a daughter I’ll try to keep her away from the media as much as I can. Especially pop culture.

No. 1641263

Oh! I thought of another example and this was more from MY childhood, so I watched music videos a lot as a kid, they’d just come on tv I don’t know if they still do this, but this appealed to me as a kid, I thought it was cute. The sexual implications of the song flew over my head and I loved it but looking back I think this is kinda grotesque

No. 1641271

I was excited to grow boobs so I could show them off like how the girls in music videos did, the television raised me lol and I would show off my stomach as much as I could I definitely grew up too fast I wish I didn’t cause looking back I was so innocent and yet I wanted to be seen as sexy, I really envy ladies on here who say they were different cause they didn’t want a boyfriend or wanna wear makeup as a kid cause I did BADLY I was perfectly brainwashed and it has stuck with me, next time you got to the store, go to the toys section, all the girls toys are bake ovens, nail polish, fake makeup, fake dolls, fake babies but the boy toys are trucks and dinosaurs and shit. We as women were definitely cheated out of our childhood. And here you have troons and retarded “feminist” bimbos talk about how great it is while sexualizing it.

No. 1641275

File: 1690084196306.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 978A0FD8-54A3-4A5E-8214-735029…)

I’m sorry I can’t shut up but look at most girl kid characters too .
She looks slutty and idc you could tell me it’s not that deep and I’m exaggerating but I’m not and they’re designed with a fat ass and anorexicwaist while guys can be fat blobs in cartoons you could look at most cartoons and they’re like this

No. 1641282

Showing my age but I remember one of my school teachers being shocked about the music video for the 2001 Moulin Rouge film. At the time I just thought she was being stuck up and prude. Now I understand that she was right. It was extremely wrong for 10 year old girls to be exposed to that.

No. 1641284

yes, it's similar to how ethots adapted cutesy imagery like sanrio shit, it's a way to groom young girls and teens into thinking prostitution is cool.
i also think in a similar vein the cutesy gamer girl uwu anime porn is a way to groom young boys into becoming porn addicts.

No. 1641293

Sorry I disagree, this video was amazing showstopping unbelievable perfect like nothing ever done before. I was a little kid when I first heard it and saw the video, I was just mesmerized by the bright colors and cute outfits, I never internalized and instead thought the lyrics were funny as a joke when I got a few years older.

No. 1641297

Replying to myself. I just rewatched this and I never realised that the track is about a mixed race creole working as a prostitute. The original was written based on sex workers in New Orleans so creole makes more sense in this context. The 2001 cover changes "New Orleans" in the lyrics to "Moulin Rouge" which was in Paris and the film is set in 1900, so basically this is a song about a descendant of former slaves from the French colonies working as prostitute in Paris. I doubt any thought was given to this at the time and it's unlikely that there's any deeper meaning to it. It's just an observation.

I agree that it was an amazing music video and I was captivated by it at the time. It's still a video and song that glamourises prostitution and is not suitable for a child audience.

No. 1641298

when i saw that video as a child it turned me on but i didn't understand why or what was going on

No. 1641299

It’s always so weird to me when I hear about women who only had “girls” toys growing up. Did you never ask for or get anything else, really? I got hot wheels and Polly pockets on the same Christmas. I got a megablocks dragon fortress with cool dragons and a pirate ship and shit, along with fairytopia Barbies. I got bionicles and super soakers and my little pony. my parents finally moved out of my childhood home and gave me a big box of my old toys and the Barbies and the bionicles go nicely together - I was looking at them and fondly remembering the fun scenarios I’d play out with my toys. The bionicles would be like boss fights and my Barbies were all magical girls or magi. I feel bad for kids who were forced into a gendered box in regards to toys, “boy” toys and “girl” toys are both fun for both boys and girls. I also remember playing with my friends and their brothers would always be down to play Barbies wirh us, especially cause we’d usually make the Barbies vampires or magic in some fashion in our games.

No. 1641308

>Did you never ask for or get anything else, really?
NTA but nope. My family is very conservative and old fashioned. I was straight up told that "x is for boys". Wasn't even allowed to do benign things like cut a centimeter of my hair cause they thought cutting anything above the chest was for lesbians and against god, that's how strict they were.

No. 1641309

Thankfully, us spongey little children didn't have access to tiny pocket computers that feed us brainrot and only saw it ever so often if we had mtv on, which many of us didn't watch as a captivated audience until we became preteens, so we didn't give a fuck and just thought they were pretty. It was not that serious, we couldn't open it up on YouTube and memorize the choreo for tiktok.

No. 1641317

No, and I would get into my mom’s stuff and read her cosmo magazines and I called my friends sexy at school to compliment them (I cringe so hard) in like 3rd grade, I’m also just kinda dumb too. I idolized my older cousins who were like 13 and ate that shit up too.

No. 1641326

No, and if I touched my brothers toys he would have a meltdown and I would get in trouble. Meanwhile I had to share everything I owned no matter how precious or meaningful, otherwise I was punished for being a spoiled brat.

No. 1641387

File: 1690093316711.jpg (220.73 KB, 996x1411, img-13.jpg)

This was essentially the point of Barbie. That Barbie is for boys, adult men and women and non binary people too.

No. 1641404

I think it's another poor attempt by celebrities to be relatable. You know how they pretend to be depressed for clout, or having a quirky "relatable" personality.
It's the same shit. Like, "oh, guys watch, I also sometimes can't stand taking shower and forget to brush my teeth. Is it soooo relatable teeheee? Now gimme your money".

No. 1641407

Yes, but that's because I had a younger brother. My parents presented me a toy kitchen set as a kid and for my brother they got a firetruck. I liked a firetruck way more and my brother just played with the kitchen set so they gave up buying us different gendered toys and just bought us toy tanks and cars that we can play together.

No. 1641450

This happened to me but on other threads that have nothing to do with /x/. Just some /b/ threads that got deleted shortly after I opened them, and posts I made on /media/. They've just been deleting a bunch of threads and posts for no reason, as you can see in the resident cc refugee thread.

No. 1641452

kek nonna same. My Bionycles were my Baribie's boyfriends because i only had one Ken

No. 1641591

Any burgers following the UAP business? Next testimony scheduled for July 26th, under oath, in front of congress. Sorry if its been mentioned already. I am personally starting to lean into the idea that this is actually a big distraction in reguards to something the US is doing in relation to the Russia/Ukraine war. I am still cpmpletely fascinated by how legit and serious our politicians are makong this seem. I bet there is some truth to the 'hidden secret UAP retrieval program, funded by tax programs not approved by Congress' which is why blowing this up is working so well. Grusch, the whistle blower, literally had hands of the president's daily brief. Either he is taking the fall to distract against something in the vein of war unfolding, he is having some schizo breakdown, or it is completely legit. Interesting times.

No. 1641599

when I was really young, I had tons of Thomas The Tank Engine toys

No. 1641606

the alien presence on Earth is the number one global cover up to ever exist. It's long been the position of every world government with this knowledge that laying out the full truth would cause complete social collapse, plus incredible civil unrest when it was made apparent governments lied for decades. I don't believe we will actually get the truth on Wednesday - which is that the US government has crashed ET vehicles and bodies going back from at least WWII and have made successful contact with certain ET races. But I'll be interested to see what they will be willing to admit. Some in the government believe now if you trickle out the info you can avoid massive upheaval given how distracted everyone is nowadays.

No. 1641623

File: 1690123209627.jpeg (14.24 KB, 261x193, IMG_5870.jpeg)

No. 1641634

It predates Russia/Ukraine by a lot nonnie. The crash retrievals were first mentioned in the news, New York Times, in 2020 and they have been disclosing over time for a long time, and mostly from whistleblowers which the pentagon is not on board with.

No. 1641650

i think UAPs are something totally unsexy. i dont think its aliens, i think its more likely that its spy or drone shit. for example i think its more likely that they are unmanned craft sent by russia or china and that they are polluting water/air/food sources and it is having some sort of affect on american public. maybe the troonism, cancers, etc are a consequence of it. i say american public because you much more rarely hear about UFO/UAP in rest of the world. why is that? i wish it was aliums tho

No. 1641665

russia/ukraine stuff predates 2020 by at least 6 years depending on how you want ot count it

No. 1641666

That’s not true, the rest of the world has also been declassifying their stuff too, China is using ai to track for uap events and if it was Russia the whole thing with Ukraine would be over. Everyone’s seen it and been talking about (China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, France), it went ignored for a long time because of stigma. They’re talking about it now because uaps are being sighted more frequently by citizens who finally have access to commercial goods that can see the UAP. They’re reluctantly drip feeding it to us, it’s been happening since at least the 1920s.

No. 1641668

UAP stuff predates that by 100 years

No. 1641679

yeah but why are barely ever any uap/ufo stories coming out from bosnia, greece, sweden, etc? its mainly these bigger countries who all have strong military presence and are feuding with each other

No. 1641685

Well like you said they have strong military presence which would suggest they have technologies that would more frequently put them in the paths of these things. There are many aviators from commercial industries that see them too, which granted doesn’t mean they aren’t drones but their maneuverability and speeds suggest technology outside of what we have (they defy our knowledge of physics).

No. 1641732

I know russia/ukraine stuff predates 2020. Im saying the current showmanship of the big whistleblower, NASA making comments, Congress actually trying to get info to the public, the credibility of the whistleblower/whistleblower protection got ramped up legally last year or so, etc etc might be related to something the US is doing currently and doesnt want eyeballs on it with reguards to the current Russia/Ukraine war situation. The UAP definitely predate all of that though, I am just saying how things are being handled right at this moment is kinda suspicious in my opinion. As in, maybe there actually are American boots on the ground in Ukraine which is opposite the narrative of we (usa) arent actually in any war at all, we are just sending non human aid to our buddies. Definitely not in any wars. bc if US oversteps here then it is likely people are going to panic about ww3. I also think that the existence of aliens might freak people out a little less than the ever increasing likelihood of nuclear war. If ww3 breaks out, so will the nukes (probably). But who really knows. Im just going to watch it unfold and take bets with myself I guess.

No. 1641736

That was the same with my family without the religious aspect. My parents were gen x but also conservative Hispanics when it came to gender roles which were so ingrained that I was ashamed of watching cartoons/power rangers because of them being geared toward the male audience when I was a kid.

No. 1641740

It's a cover up for the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons in the next global conflict. It's known that Russia already has Tesla Howitzers, it's unknown if China and the US also posses these weapons. If you search for "tesla howitzer" on yandex, it leads down a deep rabbit hole.

Neocons in the US have been planning the Ukraine war since at least 2014. The Maidan protests were essentially a colour revolution with the usual backers such as the CIA and Soros. It was always the intention to use Ukraine to weaken Russia and oust Putin so Russia would come under US soft power and both countries could be looted of their mineral wealth by US corporations.

While I think some UAP incidents are real, I suspect that the majority are used as a cover for military technology. The US made aircraft resembling flying saucers as far back as the 1950s such as the Avrocar VZ-9. Russia has a history of unexplained phenomena that could be related to aliens such as the Tunguska event that happened in 1908 and Patomskiy crater which was discovered in 1947.

No. 1641746

Does anyone have any info about the galactic federation?

No. 1641750

Ayrt, definitely agree its being used as a smokescreen and distraction but that’s true of most things the American government lets people become aware of and talk about.
The UAPs being used to cover up spy planes/drones and advanced weaponry is well known but again I think that’s a convenient use to discredit people claiming aliens - “don’t be stupid it was a spy plane/air balloon/gas leak not a ufo”. I hope it’s not actually that we have advanced technology that someone’s kept from us, that’d be a crime against humanity.

No. 1641757

>If you search for "tesla howitzer" on yandex, it leads down a deep rabbit hole.
thank you nona
of course russians have electromagnetic and wave weapons, they use it on their citizens all the damn time

No. 1641761

>I hope it’s not actually that we have advanced technology that someone’s kept from us, that’d be a crime against humanity.
this is absolutely the case. if you look historically you will see that the military always had our best and most advanced inventions decades before the gen pop got ahold of them. for the most simplistic example (that we as normies know about) look at the vr hemlets fighter pilots wear and use for warfare. it's a state of technology that is insane, they can see "outside" of the plane in a 360 degree view and can use it to shoot down enemy planes. the halmet gives an ar overlay and deletes the cockpit, plane, even the image of the pilot. now look at the joke of vr headsets that we have access to. anyway, i dont doubt that the military has access to technology we normies will only learn about in 50-100 years. when snowden started leaking the info on the scope of surveilance we are under people thought it was science fiction that your phones are listening to you at all times. people would make fun of you for covering your webcam. and now its common knowledge that even your router can use wifi signal to "see" inside your house to the point of knowing which room you are in based on how the signal is bouncing off off surfaces.

No. 1641762

sa to summarize the militarty/goverments have tech that we can only dream of. they can probably control our actions to some degree and affect how we feel and think with this technology. they can probably kill us remotely by now

No. 1641816

The only reason I don't believe they have the tech to kill people instantly is I'm still alive kek. I've been tormented psychically for as long as I can remember but I'm content knowing they just try to get us to kill ourselves. They care enough to torture us but leave the killing in our hands to make it seem like our own fault.

No. 1641818

you're a nobody, why would anyone use military tech to take you out?

No. 1641823

Complete control from birth till death. The elites are terrified of anyone with the potential to reveal the truth to the masses. That's why put higher IQ children through the GATE program.

No. 1641838

They have a gun that causes heart attacks and an electromagnetic satellite thingy that causes strokes as well as other weaponry that causes cancer or something but sure, the government doesn’t have murder machines.

Unless you are a prominent detractor/whistleblower who is indeed targeted, that’s just your schizophrenia telling you big brother is psychologically torturing you.

No. 1641923

celebrity tinfoiling is likelier to take me out. You people do not want to fuck with anything adjacent to Scientology like entities and famous people

something is rotten somewhere in the four corners. Either Arizona or New Mexico. That's where the other cult is. You know, the one I keep mentioning. And Iowa. Why has nobody investigated those dumb fuckers yet.

No. 1641930

File: 1690145583214.jpeg (525.82 KB, 1170x1100, IMG_8359.jpeg)

Also what the fuck is this kek

Another money laundering company? Like JC23 wasn't enough?

No. 1641936

File: 1690145909923.png (579.81 KB, 1170x808, Screenshot.png)

in germany politicians trying to meme you into not showering is already a thing. usually under the cover of "do it for the environment/ukraine!" but maybe there more severe issues awaiting us and one day we really just won't be allowed/able to do so anymore.
>German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck says he has had to once again “drastically reduce” the time he spends in the shower in an effort to cope with what he describes as an acute energy crisis.
>Not heating apartments in winter would also greatly help Germany to overcome the difficulties allegedly caused by Russia, the minister told Der Spiegel magazine in an interview published on Friday.
>The minister apparently takes pride in his ability to have a “quick shower,” as he told Der Spiegel that he just “had to laugh” when his “Dutch colleague” told him about a planned campaign to encourage people to reduce the average shower time from 10 to five minutes. “I’ve never showered for five minutes in my life,” Habeck said, claiming he completes the task faster.
>The minister also said he barely heats his apartment in winter since he “gets up at six and leaves by seven,” before returning “late.”

No. 1641964

>Tesla how-witty-majig
Nonna, enlighten us, don’t make us go blindly into a rabbit hole.

No. 1641978

They don’t have the tech to kill people which is why you still see murder squads, dumbass.

No. 1642074

I have my webcam covered and people think it's insane even in 2023. Why does nobody give a shit? Women in particular should be the most concerned about camera spying because the consequences of this stuff always hurts us the most.

No. 1642088

>muh skitzophrenia

No. 1642113

>“I’ve never showered for five minutes in my life,” Habeck said, claiming he completes the task faster.
that dude has so much dick + ball cheese i just know it

No. 1642315

File: 1690174775280.gif (9.25 KB, 835x491, a50b6afa17af5a4b68c993c66ef06a…)

The Russians are already using advanced EW technologies in Ukraine. They send in drones and few missiles so the Ukrainian air defense fires on them and reveals their positions, then the Russians target them which makes the AD units fire all their own missiles on themselves. So far NATO has no defense against it.

It's a deep rabbit hole that involves Nikola Tesla. He discovered scalar electromagnetics which can be used to generate large amounts of energy, cure disease and it can also be used as a weapon. The USSR started building Tesla howitzers in the 1950s and 1960s. There's theories that the Mayak nuclear disaster was not caused by leaking radioactive waste but was accident involving a Tesla Howitzer in the same compound.

No. 1642489

File: 1690198769888.jpg (284.91 KB, 1908x1146, 3587856000000578-0-image-a-8_1…)

I mean he's obviously a way more famous person than most of us, but it solidified my choice to cover up all front cameras.

No. 1642594

Extremely fucked up if true

No. 1642619

His voice is perfect for telling bedtime stories to retarded children.

No. 1642624

Heh, even the zucc is not safe from big bro

No. 1642649

Why bully

No. 1642672

I feel like posts like these are plants to make the tinfoil thread seem extra retarded. As if there aren’t dwarves being born today? They’re not created by gangs kek wtf. And men who look like monkeys, nonnie there were people with downs syndrome back then too, they didn’t need to be magically forged with a monkey.

No. 1642882

retarded russians are using tanks and guns from ww2, you expect me to believe they have any form of highly advanced weapons? kek.if you said chinese i'd believe you but ruskis? no.

No. 1642897

File: 1690223403698.gif (35.49 KB, 500x337, scalarweapons_02.gif)

cipso propaganda victim
i really love the illustrations on this website
found it from searching "tesla howitzer" on yandex like you said. thank you again nona

No. 1642910

Saying it again: Transcendental Meditation is a cult


No. 1642919

File: 1690224254262.jpg (160.09 KB, 1200x1200, FtXk8lTWAAITIOY.jpg)

Silicon Valley tech bros are contacting entities through drugs like DMT and getting 'inspired' by them to create technology. Something about this feels deeply wrong.

No. 1642936

WE KNOW! I never thought I'd utter these cursed words in my beloved tinfoil thread, but schizo to schizo here: take your meds. You're reaching Carreyfag levels of crazy. Not to discredit you or her, I believe you're both onto something. But this isn't healthy.

No. 1642944

Oh boy nonnie, I have some really bad news.
Because no one wants drug addled moids controlling technology that’s in our homes and running things.

No. 1642973

most "UAPs" are in fact advanced military aircraft. That they back engineered from crashed UFOs from extraterrestrials. The UFOs are the boring part, but if they are the means to get people to see the truth, I'm all for people going on and on about them.

No. 1642983

If only the actual journalists would pay attention. Or anyone, really. Tried to mention TM on 4chan and nobody fucking listens either. And I hate going there. Why can't people use their weaponized autism to actually make a difference and dive deeper into this conspiracy instead of ones that are fake and don't matter? I can't do it myself much anymore. There is something there, but I can't go too deep

If someone wants to try emailing Tony Ortega who does deep dive journalism into Scientology about TM, it's a shot in the dark, he'll probably ignore it, I'm just too afraid to do it.

No. 1642993

There also a journalist from the LA Times (Amy Kaufman) who's been wanting to do an expose about Jared Leto who may be interested in TM or adjacent shit since she's interested in Leto who runs a cult

I don't have any socials to contact these people

Anons I really wish I could find and talk to victims but nobody wants to help me; every person I've talked to who's given me any info has gone away. I'm sure Ronan Farrows not going to come back out either for something like this. He was harassed enough with Weinstein. Feels hopeless. It's not my job, I just feel guilty being unable to do anything

No. 1643047

One does not exclude the other.

No. 1643100

Demonic possession is so trendy and innovative!

No. 1643226

File: 1690246873854.jpeg (132.19 KB, 750x1119, 1A483ED4-DF56-4084-A7B4-03B2D6…)

>this ad on my Instagram
Bleak. The normalization of surrogacy is sick. Future looks pretty bleak for us ladies.

No. 1643448

File: 1690264392197.jpg (40.63 KB, 744x164, img-2273.jpg)

I don't trust economists, their all fucking liars.

No. 1643478

I mean, it's currently on a high note and could very well continue.

No. 1643486

60k is so laughably low for something horrific like surrogacy

No. 1643506

do nonnies believe the entities people contact are demonic? I have a cousin in an ayahuasca cult and they all think they speak to gods but I don't know how they can know for certain they aren't instead demonic. Plus, every person I know who is 'spiritual' and involved in that kind of thing have lives that are always in the most chaotic forms of disarray and are the most selfish and least considerate people.

No. 1643525

That’s what I’m thinking.

No. 1643543

This. I never liked how psychedelics are praised. To me it always seemed like a substitute of real spirituality (no matter whether the substance taken comes from natural source like plants or would be artificially made in a lab). All sorts of drugs seem to me like a "trendy" way of "fast" way to enlightenment/insight/whatever someone claims to seeks. I never trusted those who praise them. I'm also weirded out how the criticism is instantly equated with being a big bad conservative or being am uneducated person. I don't doubt they have an effect on human mind, my issue is that it's all a work of some substance and someone's approach to hallucinations. It's not the same as other, more legitimate ways of gaining insight, dreams, some natural "powers" etc. Of course drug culture did what it did, all that mumbo jumbo how it makes one more hippy and not like those boring profanes.
While psychedelics might be presented as colorful and less threatening than casual drugs (these that we might associate with addiction, homelessness, crime), they're actually a threat too. Maybe a threat that degenerates less the body and more the mind.
Of course certain people who want to speak out about their bad experiences are mostly silenced or they're told it was a bad trip because they didn't do everything to have the best set & setting or that they just have to work more with the bad visions to find something good in them. I'm in for shadow work but there's a difference between natural shadow work and consciously inflicting mental harm on yourself.
Not to mention how it angers me when anyone acts like the biggest creativity boosts you can have comes from drugs. It insults me on a personal level as I love art and creating and shun such substances. It's also cringy when some people try to "prove" that certain artists or writers that clearly didn't take drugs took them. The psychedelic bros often speak about things like ego death or becoming a better person but it's the surface, they're quite egotistical and dedicated to their quasispiritual narcissm.
Do you mean cult like some real cult or just as a general way of saying he's like other ayahuasca enthusiasts who don't accept any other views about this substance?
I guess it's an issue I described above, people think that drugs will take them to some incredible realms and that they are closer to gods, any interdimensional beings. I already wrote here what I think about it.
Also, some ayahuasca retreats were reported to have incidents of sexual abuse (I guess that's more often a threat to women though).
Even the ayahuasca lovers warn each other of scams and such places. But regardless of it, even if they might seek some legitimate experience, they might have sort of a cultist approach anyway.

No. 1643550

Sainto Daime

No. 1643566

Not completley sure abut DMT because i'm a high dose shroomer but from what my friends told me and people i trust with their encounters DMT entities are more alien than anything. My bet is they're not demonic. What i've encountered being high is only "beings of light" or beings that are like living symbols or natural spirits (hard to describe but it's not demonic for sure, they are all neutral or positive).
I did encounterd things i'd call demonic which are like shadow beings and mean ghosts but these have nothing to do with psychedelic drugs. The mean ghost that had a problem with me was at a time when i didn't even tried any drugs and a shadow being i see sometimes at night i can see because anesthesia fucked my brain during surgery couple of years ago. The point is the state in which your brain is in on psychedelics doesn't make you tap into the place where the mean shadow things are, sounds weird but it's well described with "vibes" even though it sounds so cringy kek.
My theory is that when you are on psychedelics your brain vibrates higer and you see the interresting things that can teach you a lot and i think aliens and nature spirits like gnomes aren't evil in a demonic sence. I'm sure there can be mean alines too but i think demonic is a very specific type of being When you have night hallucinations and encounters with dark beings it vibrates lower. It's like different type of vibration in your brain takes you to a different room that has somebodyin it.

I always wanted to try drugs since i learned abou them, but as a kid i didn't have any way to get them, so i started doing different techniques to enlighten myself and use more of my brain, starting with lucid dreaming, telepathy and astral projection - which is absoluetly epic and astral world is my second home i hope to go there when i die… So i can say i tried both approaches, taking drugs in my later years and i can say they are both very different experiences. There are a lot of ways your brain can be used and drugs get you into state that i don't think you can get without them. It's not a better state, it's just different. Even though for example the dimension where you astral travel feels real and you really are somewhere elese, the things you see on drugs are from a completley different dimension. So i think there is great value in both way to work with yourself.
I'm sorry it insults you that people get creativity from drugs, if i can explain my view respectfully.. Mushroom really enhanced my synesthesia and if i didn't push this switch in my brain i wouldn't be able to see all the connections in things and really feel like if i can get into a certain brain state something higher is projecting a picture through my eyes into a canvas and i'd love to paint what this thing wats me to paint. It's like a symbiotic relationship. It helped me find a joy in art again after years of getting in beated out of me at art Uni where everybody brainwashed me with conceptual art.

Overall i think people who have really big mental issues and want to resolve them on psychedelics maybe shouldn't. I have couple of problems but my trips never got THAT bad, even when i was alone in a dark room of my house…. that is haunted by that nasty shadow i keep seeing after my surgery. People should use it for creativity and fun and most importantly knowledge, that's how i use it and i can't say any bad word about it i learned so much from psychedelics.

No. 1643589

Samefag but this
Makes me a bit sad more than anything because it just shows how privileged these people are that they can do that and speak about it publicly. So many people all around the world would go to jail for it and they just freely enjoy themselves without consequences.

No. 1643626

Yes, it's a privilege after all. If an ordinary person did this they would risk jail as you write. If someone big in IT or an artist or celebrity does it, it's suddenly "groundbreaking".

No. 1643683

As a former addict and someone who went on to work with charities fighting addiction, I do wonder if drug culture (or some elements of it) are a psyop. Try telling a young person that weed can fuck their life up and you'll get the same pre-programmed responses. "it's medicine in America!" and "it's just a plant, maaan!" as if heroin and cocaine aren't also from plants. Pothead culture is big in the west and always makes light of things, like it's all just shits and giggles. All the "cool" celebrities brag about how much they smoke and how great they feel. Feels very inorganic. The way psychedelics are treated is particularly nefarious though, as you're made out to be close minded and uneducated if you don't like them; that if only you knew you'd be talking to a space coyote after your first hit you'd stop being such a fool. I also believe they're a substitute for spirituality and hate how they're shilled as the key to unlocking your mind. Even stuff like ayahuasca is known to normies now, and ketamine is seen as a good thing because of ketamine "therapy". I could rant for hours, but yeah, I do think people are being psyop'd to be more open to drugs.

No. 1643743

I think people are being psyop’d to be more open to drugs because a heavily medicated population is more complacent. I’ve done psychedelics and although I loved them they are definitely a short cut to spirituality… and when I was a teenager abusing drugs I was very easily manipulated, complacent and unmotivated all together. Everything you’ve said about drug culture is true and I still have PTSD despite using weed, pharmaceutical drugs or psychedelics for years. Honestly, a very healthy diet, lifestyle and regular prayer has helped me more than anything. If the general population was physically, spiritually and mentally healthier in America, corporations wouldn’t profit as much or have so much mindless influence. That being said,I do think when used properly psychedelics could be a tool, but often that is not how they’re used or promoted

No. 1643867

AYRT, I completely agree about it making us more complacent. I was a heroin addict that also tried pretty much any other drug that was on offer, and none of it enlightened me. The only ambition I had when using was to get high, I was disgustingly complacent. Particularly after a motorbike crash left me on prescription opioids. Having powerful drugs on tap like that is the easiest way to conquer someone's soul. This sounds like some hippy shit, but the opioid crisis is a spiritual crisis. It turns people into zombies, I didn't give a damn about anything then. Similar to you, I also have PTSD and drugs didn't help at all, they actually made it much worse. Back then if I heard a game like Call of Duty being played I'd hit the deck and think terrorists were attacking me again. It was so easy to press my buttons when high. I now eat healthy, use as many natural products as I can (including clothing and ridding my environment of plastics), exercise daily, meditate, pray and spend time in nature doing stuff like camping, hiking, wild swimming, paddleboarding, etc. All of this has made me a much more spiritual person, and although I still struggle with my mental health, I'm more stable now with longer periods between breakdowns. The CIA were trying to use psychedelics as a tool during MK Ultra but IIRC they were too making people too unstable. That being said we only got a fraction of the data on MK Ultra because they destroyed the bulk of it when the Watergate scandal made them shit themselves. The only reasons we have what we have is because it was stored in a different building. If you altered the chemicals, who knows what's possible with psychedelics? It's been a long time since that experiment. They could've made huge leaps and bounds since then for all we know. Though IMO opioids are an easier way to control people as the withdrawal is hell on earth. Very few people make it out of opioid addiction and for good reason. There's also the fact that the high is very hard to beat, I go to NA and so many people miss it. Even after literal decades of sobriety. I'm rambling now, but yeah, drugs are bad mmkay?

No. 1643963

>Not to mention how it angers me when anyone acts like the biggest creativity boosts you can have comes from drugs. It insults me on a personal level as I love art and creating and shun such substances.
based, based nona. druggie art tends to be all the same and very similar to each other copy-paste shit, i don't get how it's supposed to be "the most creative and the best you can get"
and how anything even remotely surreal tends to be labeled "drug addict nonsense" by normies

No. 1643983

You think if artists were so eccentric and quirkeeee as they claim they would be able to create art without drugs. Noted that the claims drugs are fueling art tends to come from moids more than women. I'm just naturally fucked up, that's where it comes from. There are plenty of naturally fucked up artists who can create without mind altering substances, and even create better, they just choose not to! They must be tooooortured

No. 1644001

beings you can contact by taking drugs (no matter if the drug is natural or synthetic) are low-lever enteties. they are tricksters and liars and they do not give - they only take. your cousin and his cult are essentially feeding these low lever entities and are being fed lies to continue engaging with them. their lives will over time be consumed and ruined

No. 1644005

that's exactly why i perceive outsider art from psychiatric hospital patients to be better than art from traditionally taught druggies
(or maybe i'm biased because i'm a patient myself)
>claims drugs are fueling art tends to come from moids more than women
moids in general are more inclined to push mind altering drugs on everyone, it's like they want more people to be vulnerable and more suggestible on purpose while women recognise the risks that come with that (because we're taught from birth to be alert at all times, especially around moids and substances)

No. 1644034

I was essentially forced to be a pillhead from a young age that I'm hesitant about touching substances with a ten foot pole. I reject SSRIs, but probably need to be back on mood stabilizers and other shit I can't afford. It really makes me feel like a professional schizo and I hate what SSRIs in particular did, I was a child who couldn't consent to taking them

Why do people endorse psychedelics for bipolar patients? I've seen contradicting studies it worsens the disorder, and honestly you can tell by some celebrities that allegedly use it with bipolar tendencies just how brain damaged they are. The only drug I really ever dabbled in was socially doing weed, my friend offered me strong LSD, tested it, tripped by himself, and said I was decidedly too crazy for it. It completely dismantled him and he insisted nobody should ever take it. He was a former pillhead and dedicated pothead, so for him to say it was bad was a sight to see

No. 1644036

LSD makes you realize we’re all connected and all smaller parts of a greater unified whole which is pretty beautiful and horrific at the same time, just like life itself.

No. 1644047

>Of course certain people who want to speak out about their bad experiences are mostly silenced or they're told it was a bad trip because they didn't do everything to have the best set & setting or that they just have to work more with the bad visions to find something good in them.
Everyone I’ve known who has had a bad trip had one because they’re too low IQ and/or neurotypical to be taking acid in the first place. Best candidates for LSD are above average IQ and also neurodivergent.

No. 1644051

If only I could crack my back for a free trip KEK

No. 1644053

>I hate what SSRIs in particular did, I was a child who couldn't consent to taking them
i'm sorry for this nona, it's the same as pushing HRT to minors (even worse because most HRT effects are reversible). same people behind both things essentially.
whatever you do, please don't take antipsychotics. they're poison.
>Why do people endorse psychedelics for bipolar patients?
aren't they pushed for depressives and anxiety disorder sufferers only? never heard of them being endorsed on bipolars and psychotics since the medical community thinks we can't manage our own shit, idk why they'd think we could manage psychedelics too if we can't cope with our own minds (obviously untrue though).
>my friend offered me strong LSD, tested it, tripped by himself, and said I was decidedly too crazy for it.
kek, how did he know though? it's very individual

No. 1644054

It's a hallucination. You might as well realize you're a banana on Mars.

No. 1644055

>decidedly too crazy for it
Kek nonna he meant you’re decidedly too stupid. Extremely crazy but smart people are perfect for LSD.

No. 1644056

He wasn't smart so maybe he's the stupid one. Intermixing bipolar with LSD isn't smart, though

No. 1644057

He’s probably also too stupid for it then. Mixing bipolar and LSD is fine.

No. 1644059

I'm halfway dipped between dissociation and reality so I never really have any clear coherency of my life and surroundings

my existence feels futile and useless

whether I'm on drugs or not

No. 1644060

how about schizophrenia + lsd? or are there better drugs for that?

No. 1644063

all I know is that I need supervision and should not be left alone if I do it

do not leave me to my own devices or I will do something I regret

No. 1644077

Ayrt and I personally would say absolutely not to mixing lsd with schizophrenia. Shizophrenia by itself is already a hell of a drug, not really a good idea to try any drugs when you have it or are at an increased risk due to genetics unfortunately.

No. 1644090

Yeah why would drug addicts have schizo theories and schizo thoughts? It's a mystery…

No. 1644313

Do you think that if I met an angel when taking LSD (the only time I’ve done real lsd) who taught me about heaven that it was actually a demon or alien trying to trick me? On a very heavy trip when I was an atheist I actually became a Christian because an angel took me to heaven and I saw Jesus. It changed my life. I saw all of my life in a flash, that it never changes and that nothing on this world really matters besides our souls and eternal life. The angel was a golden being.. After researching encounters with beings during acid trips, I’ve been very paranoid that it could have been some sort of attack. I’ve even had many demonic attacks in dreams and become paralyzed or trapped in loops of lucid dreams where demons are tormenting me and the only way I can wake up is by calling on the name of Jesus Christ or praying. I believe what I believe now and I don’t know why a demon would try to save me… LSD is crazy though. Crazier than dreams. Essentially im paranoid about my trip because why did any being choose to meet with me about my soul?

No. 1644414


No. 1644817

i 100% believe all of this

No. 1644831

File: 1690351862187.png (23.27 KB, 1280x130, Untitled.png)

samefag but i live near chicago and this happened to my mom and her friends in the 80s. they were asked by this group of men to hang out on a yacht and they joined but the guys brought out cocaine so they left.

No. 1644869

i also believe all of this and even more. every entertainment industry is like this. just kill all men already

No. 1645012

No, LSD made you realise that. I had the same realisation through meditation and reading about what the Stoics called the "view from above". It's baby's first spiritual concept, you don't need drugs to realise that.

No. 1645040

>glowie pushes drugs and derails thread

No. 1645043

Maybe the angel decided to show itself through your drug-induced trips, told you to snap out of it and follow Christ before it’s too late. Maybe this time it wasn’t a demonic experience but a warning while you were “ascending”, food for thought.

No. 1645487

they won't be smart for very long if they continue to use DMT. the overall "good" feeling these people get is being unburned by the worries smart people have

No. 1645509

>Do you think that if I met an angel when taking LSD (the only time I’ve done real lsd) who taught me about heaven that it was actually a demon or alien trying to trick me?
i am sure of it. these low level beings always give you something that feels profound and amazing. its to make you come for more. so that they can feed on you and take more and more of you.

No. 1645533

File: 1690408608823.jpg (190.57 KB, 570x800, Truman.jpg)

Harry Truman and Gerald Ford were the last Mason Presidents. I don't know much about Ford's presidency, but Truman basically set up the US foreign policy after the end of WW2, its impossible to not feel his influence. His most significant decision was his unwavering support for the establishment of the state of Israel. He rebuilt western europe in modern liberal democratic order led by the United States, he established institutions like the National Security Council, the NSA and the CIA and laid the foundations of NATO. Mind you, he was also a Master Mason as well, if that means anything

No. 1645571

>why would a demon try to save me
Did you know Lucifer was God’s most beautiful Angel, nonnie?

No. 1645700

Government has successfully slow walked society into accepting aliens to the point that people don’t even care that pilots and officials testified before congress that we’ve not just encountered UAP/ufos but biological aliens. People are either like “I don’t care” or “that’s not real”. They’ve successfully made it mundane enough that no one cares because they have more important things to worry about in their day to day lives.

No. 1645837

remember how at the beginning of the ookraine war, every major retail brand and bank imaginable was screeched at by the mainstream media and bleeding hearts online that they were funding bloodshed and moida unless they left russia? of course no one ever asked where missiles come from, or guns, or the ammo to shoot them remember how the media made it seem as though all these sanctions on russian billionaires, their stupid yachts, and the government would somehow dry up every single cent and ruble in the country, that people were starving to death in the streets, shelves were empty in supermarkets, and everyone would be wearing rags and standing in bread lines to get food?

every couple of months i put in "moscow 2023", "russia 2023", "russia post-sanctions", and look to see what the videos show. now before someone bitches at me, i do not believe that russia is some magical socialist wonderland to the east and all, i just find it ironic considering how things are going in the usa, and how we were told that any blowback from sanctions - such as rising food and natural gas costs, which we were encouraged to endure with gritted teeth when i was in paris at university - would be for the "greater good". notice how you don't hear about this anymore? there was about 15 minutes of coverage back home in the states and in europe when people were doing runs on the grocery store, or when mcdonald's got turned into mctasty or whatever they call it over there now, but nothing has really changed all that much. people can still buy chanel, coca-cola, and drink their shitty starbucks coffee. the ruble may not be that strong, but it hasn't completely disintegrated either as we were told in the beginning. so what was all that screaming and crying about?

No. 1646011

This is complete nonsence you're talking about. It's not that simple. There are many types of entities and it's very selfish to think you are the highest being and the others are below you and just want to gain something from the special you. I understand you have this mentality and that's probably why people and maybe entites use you, guess you attract the tricksters. But other people are able to meet good entites who just want to hang out and teach us and also learn someting from us in return.

No. 1646017

Nonna if you let yourself be swallowed up by fear you will be a in scary loop. I had similar experiences to yours, to the point it's really fascinating. All my teenage years i had dreams about demons attcaking me, later i saw shadows above my bed but the work i've done with my brain showed me to not be scared of anything because courage is what sets you free and you realize you're really powerful. I started asking the demons in my dreams if they needed help and they either stop their attack and left or gave me quest. After that i had no dreams with demons at all. Nowadays when i see a shadow above my bed i get scared as a body reflex but i'm not scared at all emotionally because i know it can't hurt me. These things are not the same kind as the angel you saw. And now comes the crazy part, i saw a creature that i would call an angel too. It was about 20m big, made of golden, pink and white light in the sky and it appeared above a meadow to look at the sunset and the landscape below with all of it's creatures. I was one of the creatures too same as the ants, bees, trees and grass, we were all small cute animals to the angel. It really wasn't trying to convice me about jesus or christinatity, it was there just to look at a peaceful moment in time, like a god's eye, and i happened to be there and be able to see it because i was on shrooms. These beings of light aren't evil, don't let these paranoid nonnas convince you. Only you can tell what this creature is because only you were there to feel it and you have to be more confident with what you sence. If you let go of your fear and doubts you'll have much nicer time not only in trips but also in dreams. Not everybody in the universe is about to get us, some creatures are friendly and at this point so many people met friendly entities that it's time we finally realize it and enjoy it instead of scaring ourselves to stay forever in a snail shell.

No. 1646063

File: 1690457895419.png (1.22 MB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20230727-064003.png)

You can literally see Atlantis on satellite map. They call it the Eye of the Sahara. It is described exactly how it is.

No. 1646076

What is the part that he covered up on the bottom of the laptop?

No. 1646173

He’s covering up the camera and microphone, good news they’re even putting those kinds of things in products people buy that they think have no camera or microphones. It’s not even for security, just blackmail and advertising.

No. 1646208

What’s the point of caring? Aliens are just another distraction to pull away from the worse and worse conditions at earth, it’s easier not to care about your planet if you think you could move somewhere else. Even if it was true, the scumbags who destroyed our beautiful planet would be the ones who can go.

No. 1646310

During their lunch break, my parents and older cousin were talking about ufos as soon as the topic came up on the news. They mentioned a lady who witnessed alien activity and a kid disappearing then reappearing, supposedly she was making shit up until she herself disappeared. They nonchalantly admitted how you can’t report to anyone that you saw uavs/ufos or else you’d be silenced. Listening to that convo so surreal and mind-boggling how numb or accepting the admiration of aliens but at the end of the day, everyone just wants to survive.

No. 1646346

>There are many types of entities
absolutely, i never stated otherwise. i just said all of the entities you can contact through drugs are low level ones, and they are evil and tricksters
>it's very selfish to think you are the highest being and the others are below you and just want to gain something from the special you.
i never implied this. we are not more special than a pig is that you kill and eat for meat.
>I understand you have this mentality and that's probably why people and maybe entites use you, guess you attract the tricksters.
nonsense, you know nothing about me so what is with this? projection? baseless attack? it doesn't make you look credible, you do know that, right?
>But other people are able to meet good entites who just want to hang out and teach us and also learn someting from us in return.
sure. but not by doing drugs. which is what i said. learn to read.

No. 1646349

that doesnt look like a city. if anything, a crater

No. 1646679

Reminds me of the meme that says something like "when a male takes LSD and discovers empathy".

No. 1646873

File: 1690510911856.webm (7.73 MB, 576x1024, 7kysummonsyou.webm)

I want to open up his head and poke around in his brain

No. 1647020

I want to kiss him.

No. 1647025

he has such off-putting energy.

No. 1647028

Honestly I hope the scumbags that ruined everything get to go.
Yeah, people are more concerned with surviving their day to day at the moment. Here’s hoping that the aliens aren’t going to be something humanity has to survive. I want them to be benign and just tell us about space or earths history as they witnessed it.

No. 1647029

Most of the issues didn't effect the common people barring two major one's that had a massive impact on entire communities. lots of farmers were required to send a lot of their crops or other resources back to England or sent to Canada at a massive rate and the other was forced conscription, that was something that hugely affected farmers, craftsmen and others in small communities, it wasn't as bad as the Indians were suffering under brutish rule or even the Russians suffering in their own nation, but it wasn't like it was nothing.

No. 1647032

he's hot but i fucking hate him based off these 21 seconds alone. you just know this guy wouldn't stop talking about himself and how intelligent and different he is.

No. 1647650

the only things i've noticed were A LOT more political stuff everywhere on the web and in real life and the woke "i support the current thing" burgers/western europeans on the internet raging at me once i revealed my home country kek
can't say the same for the russians that live very close to the border with ukraine though

No. 1648051

During the congressional hearings, it was recently confirmed that aliens are real and that the government knew but kept the truth hidden for more than 50 years. They also implied that the Roswell crash indeed happened and have been conducting research on dead aliens whenever they come here. They also admitted that the aliens/galactic federation are not happy with us.

…shit that we already knew.

No. 1648076

File: 1690629765243.jpg (126.57 KB, 912x540, capture.jpg)

I posted this in another thread, but it wasn't even particularly bloody or that violent either, 25,000-30,000 casualties(most not combat related), no major civilian massacres and the reason the English lost was because they were an ocean away and with sailing technology as bad as it was it was just too expensive and tiring (especially with the rest of the Empire to maintain) I guess my tinfoil is that the American Revolution is really overhyped, It had far reaching consequences that are undeniable but the actual "revolution" was no more then a succession movement that succeed due to wider affairs(England was involved in 4 separate wars during the American Revolution)

No. 1648115

They had the audacity to use a black woman

No. 1648147

Samfag but I just realized something; project blue beam - all according to keikaku.

No. 1649288

Sage for no contribution, but do any of you have any thoughts on soul contracts? Specifically relating to animals? I’m a month out from having to euthanize my baby and I can’t stop thinking about the possibility that I voided his contract or somehow interrupted something. He had a bunch of seizures and I was told it was a brain tumour and that even though his body was technically functioning his mind was gone. But like ~where~ did he go while his body and brain were still functioning? Was this the natural end of his contract or did I just cause him a restart? Idk I’m just heartbroken and any thoughts positive or negative are appreciated. Thank you all for existing.

No. 1649924

File: 1690793444036.png (215.72 KB, 705x529, capture (2).png)

No. 1649931

I can't tell if I'm schizophrenic or right, it feels like I'm right, but I think I know how things are going to go in the next 100 or so years

Everything fractalizes, so if you want to know what the larger scale looks like, look at the smaller scale. We'll eventually end up living in single bedroom apartments, mitochondria of a cell, food and supplies will be delivered to us via a network of pathes similar to a bloodstream works, and at the head will be an AI as a brain. How this is going to happen

Climate lockdowns are going to be a thing, or if not climate something else, doesn't matter. Whether climate change is real or not, or the speed of it, it's all irrelevant. WEF goons do not care what will set off the change, they just need something "all or nothing" to decentralized social control. Social control is difficult to hold when a few need to manage the whole, but if you have the whole manage the whole via conformity and social pressure, it takes care of itself. If you can convince everyone to collectively keep everyone else in check, you can exert control. But eventually they want to box everyone up in their homes. Once we're comfortable they're going to say that we need to totally fix how we operate society before we can be free again. They'll completely reroute the supply chain, and they'll put an AI in charge of finding the solution. It'll make a new "green" supply chain, and despite this solving the problem, we'll stay in our homes because "the AI did such a good job we should just keep it at the helm and do what it says". So how cells formed together and let to a higher lifeform, we'll create the next lifeform up from organic, the AI.

The WEF, the control, it doesn't matter, this was bound to happen. The fractal thing, everything material mirrors the immaterial. At the base level, neutrons, protons, they're all made up of strings vibrating at different frequencies to form different versions of the same thing. It's indras net. But the immaterial, we follow these patterns that happen at different frequencies, distort each other and combine to form bigger patterns of increasing complexity, but it basically comes down to stuff falls into these patterns and the material mimics the pattern. So what's the base, the material or the immaterial? It's kind of a chicken. And the egg thing, they're two halves of the same whole. But life forms grow and we will create our own higher form.

No. 1650023

File: 1690805757326.webm (3.38 MB, 410x360, gateway process.webm)

No. 1650279

I never researched soul contracts personally although I heard a bit about it from someone I used to know who was into reincarnation.
I believe whatever it might be, if your pet might be euthanized to stop the pain and allow a more peaceful passing it's obviously acceptable. He certainly had a great life with you. Whatever you will decide, you must be a great caretaker for him since you're concerned. I don't think euthanasia would be bad in this case because from what you wrote, it seems that natural end of life is coming but since it might be made painless it will be good and won't deprive your pet of anything else in life. I believe since that kind of death is a possibility now it can be an acceptable part of his life course as well. Stay strong. It reminds me of my dog who had to be euthanized after living 14 years with us. I miss him too.

No. 1650309

Nonna, thank you. That honestly helps and I appreciate it a lot. I’m so sorry for your loss, it really is the worst haha ugh. All of my best to you and yours. Thank you again.

No. 1650322

Hearing a news presenter say "schizo posters" has given me whiplash. That dude's about to get sectioned as a smear to say he's nuts and not to listen to him. I first thought he might be suicided, but I don't think it's strong enough to warrant that. You never know, though.

No. 1650526

kek is this real?

No. 1650683

Sage but look into the short story Bouncing Babies. I read it in high school and a lot of the themes are what we’re dealing with currently. The whole book is great.

No. 1650955

And this is why I don't trust any crap coming from Academia.

No. 1651593

India-anon is pakichan

No. 1652009

File: 1690999886608.jpg (121.86 KB, 896x808, Zjwb3uzyobfb6.jpg)

My mother had to be sent to the hospital cause of this heat-wave, now these parasites are trying to meme us to just "bare it" while we suffer and have our loved one's potentially die.

No. 1652033

You can also build up tolerance to drugs, but I wouldn't recommend doing that to avoid the pitfalls of addiction. Fuck sake.

No. 1652038

Read an article like this the other day, and those idiots were advising people to take hot baths and then work out in bursts to 'build tolerance'. Great way to introduce extra heat sickness and clog up the emergency department imo.

No. 1652245

So we have to get used to not taking showers and extreme heat? I guess next they're going to advise us to stick our heads in the trash to get used to the smell we're going to have to endure.

No. 1652331

File: 1691031887049.jpeg (538.17 KB, 2048x1536, F2jQNpwXwAA-z1S.jpeg)

So Google co-founder Larry Page has been MIA for awhile…

>The U.S. Virgin Islands is struggling to find Google co-founder Larry Page in order to subpoena him as part of a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase. (https://www.newsweek.com/larry-page-missing-google-jeffrey-epstein-lawsuit-founder-1799741)

… meanwhile there is some serious construction going on at his private island. Elon Musk said he is no longer friends with him. Sergey Brin, the other founder of Google, isn't in hiding. There's something strange going on with Larry Page (beyond being a sped).

No. 1652359

>of those subpoenaed included Michael Ovitz
>one of the founders of CAA
>Ovitz was close to fixer and hitman Anthony Pellicano and may have had a hand in helping terrorize a journalist
>Ovitz now being summoned in conjunction with the Epstein case

Hmmm… makes you wonder

No. 1652484

Sergey Brin operating more in the open is a purposeful choice. Page and Brin are heavily involved DARPA/CIA/NSA assets. It's how Google was funded on top of both having parents tangled up in it. Brin has been partying it up for years with Elon Musk's buddy Steve Jurvetson, who stepped down as a SpaceX and Tesla board member because of sexual harassment years ago. He is also a partner of Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. DFJ is a HUGE rabbit hole to go down.

I forgot where I was going with this but it seems like Larry Page is the final shadow boss but to get there you have to take down whatever the fuck Sergey Brin and Co. are doing first.

No. 1652491

Maybe not as important but Brin and Jurvetson are really into mAgIc MuShRoOmS, Burning Man, and other adjacent shit. Hang out with some self-proclaimed "mental health futurist" hippy-dippy woo woo queen name Khaliya. The DJF rabbit hole includes blackmail which is most likely linked to drug use. Easier to get people to talk/do shit when you dose them with whatever the fuck.

No. 1652662

Now THIS is the type of tinfoil I come here for!

No. 1652712

File: 1691074151197.jpeg (54.49 KB, 446x717, IMG_9192.jpeg)

Epstein had his fingers in many pies, it's just a matter of providing more proof of who he knows. Names are slowly leaking out that aren't the fake ones from the Qanon lists. After finding his connection to Radar magazine it's now confirmed he is probably less than six degrees of separation from Harvey Weinstein and Weinstein like corruption, both in the entertainment industry and outside of it. The question is, who were Epstein's friends?

It's dubious, but have you anons heard of the Royal Order of Jesters fraternity?
Epstein was supposedly part of them, theyre tax exempt. The organization was implicated awhile back for transporting sex workers illegally, including underage girls, and it was buried.


>registered 501(c)(10) organization who spend about $125,000 annually on “social functions and meetings for approximately 150 members to promote brotherhood and friendship.”

>On March 9th, 2008, Buffalo News broke a story involving New York Supreme Court Justice Ronald Tills, Erie County, NY Deputy Michael Lesinski, Lockport, NY Police Captain John Trowbridge and New York State Law Clerk Michael Stebick participating in a human trafficking operation that involved transporting undocumented immigrant sex workers from as far as Kentucky to New York and Canada.

There were also latter lawsuits like the Minnesota complaint above

I wonder who else is a Jester.

No. 1653137

Anthony Weiner?

No. 1653463

I did a science related degree and the same thing happened, one of the professors would publish the work given by final year students doing a research project, and told people to manipulate graphs and make it easier to see. I don't know about other subjects, but it seems to be a relatively common thing in Chemistry and Biology.

No. 1653471

I belive the Ukranian - Russian war was an excuse to lower Ukraines population and weaken the country as a whole. I believe that Zelensky did his best to make sure Ukranian women and children would flee and settle in other countries because of that, they're not refugees, they're people leaving their country in hopes of living in a better European country permanently. Most of the Ukranian "refugees" in my country don't plan in returning to their country and all of them are looking for better opportunities although they've ruined their own country themselves.

I also believe these refugees will cause a rise in HIV in Europe since Ukranian and Russians have the highest HIV rates.

No. 1653517

But why though? No leader of a country wants to completley destroy their country out of existence and dissolve their population into other nations. That's the most contraproductive thing i've ever heard. Why would you fight and spend everything on the fighting just to rule over nobody in the end.
A lot of refugees in my country went to Ukraine for the summer, they seem like they want to go home. Probably they want to let their kids be educated here and then come back.

No. 1653520

Ukraine is irrelevant so why would they try to lower its population

No. 1653522

I’ve heard of the Jesters, can’t remember when though. My dad might’ve briefly mentioned them once while vaguely talking about Freemason stuff. Weird that they’re so rarely brought up.

No. 1653534

I've come across a lot of males who took Ecstasy when they were younger and freaked out because it made them feel"too nice".

No. 1653543

>no leader of a country wants to destroy it
This is false, a lot of middle eastern leaders knowingly make choices that damage the country and a lot of foreign forces do influence them in those choices. Ukraine is destroyed now, what could've been a potential threat to some countries in the future is now a third world country that can barley's stand on its own feet without outside help.

Afghanistan is one of those countries that got culturally destroyed as well. It's not that unlikely.

No. 1653551

How does one actually avoid hormonal and mental disruptors in our everyday life? It feels like anywhere I go I either get tons of extreme and unrealistic advice or people who are brainwashed into thinking overloads of unnecessary chemicals, hormone disruptors, pollution, etc won't affect us

No. 1653552

File: 1691147953089.webm (7.26 MB, 320x568, LadyLinBun.webm)

I think the Titan submarine incident revealed a lot of people's inner sociopathy, how easily they're okay with people dying, as long as they're considered "bad" in some way.

No. 1653560

Okay maybe i should have specify european leader kek. I don't really considered middle eastern inbred psychopaths.
What potential threat? Ukraine was never a threat. If they were a threat they wouldn't need all the help from others.

No. 1653562

Zelenski is a jew, he's middle eastern so you're wrong again. Though a lot of European leaders did take in countess refugees knowing it'd fuck their people over and raise rent prices to the point there'd be a housing crisis so being European doesn't automatically make you smart either.

No. 1653563

He's from europe, wes born here, raised in european system and values, that's what i mean. Housing crisis has been there before the war just the same, i'd say it's getting slightly better now seem like war wasn't really the main issue.

No. 1653578

I'm not talking about ukraine or russia when I mention immigration issues, I'm talking about countries like Canada, England and France where the European leaders knowingly screwed their country up by taking refugees because they saw the refugees as cheap workforce. Haven't you seen the how bad the European politicians reacted to that middle eastern boy being killed by a cop?
You're mocking middle eastern people but you're not too bright yourself either. Then again anons in this thread tend to be less intelligent compared to anons in other threads so I'm not surprised.

No. 1653581

I'm mocking the insane scrotes in charge that are proven by years and years of destruction that they're retarded, if you feel sympathy for them then that's on you kek.
So france and the rest fucked themseves with muslim refugees, and? Has nothing to do with Zelensky somehow trying to destroy his country for a reason that doesn't exist.
There are european countries that didn't take muslim refugees, and the housing crists again was bad there before the ukranian war as well even without muslim refugees

No. 1653582

The ukraine-russia war is fake as fuck

No. 1653583

It's impossible to argue with you, I'm talking about a leader purposefully destroying his country and the consequences it'll have on other countries(because again Ukranian refugees have high std and crime rates) yet you somehow changed the topic to how much you have people who believe another religion.

No. 1653584

I agree. Was just an excuse for Ukranian refugees to move to European countries which will have bad effects on both ukraine and the countries they move into.

No. 1653586

I realised that when I was like…10. I feel like psychedelics is a good tool for healing and introspection, and a lot of people who havent done either in their entire life suddenly get a "woah dude" epiphany which everyone with an iq above like 90 has had in childhood.

No. 1653588

You introduced it first. You still didn't give the reason why he would do that because there's nothing in it for him, or for anybody if he does that. It's nonsence and now how this war works at all.

No. 1653590

Some people need the kick that psychedelics give you. Some people like you maybe don't, but that doesn't mean the other people never tried introspection or deep thinking about life. It's like a step in your brain and for some people it's physically impossible to reach that without the kick.
I highly doubt most people had that epiphany, most people never had it. That's why we live in a fucked up world.

No. 1653595

You literally called a whole group of people stupid and inbred, this seething is continuation of your racebait. Anyway stop racebaiting, you're far too stupid to judge other race of people and their intelligence.

No. 1653600

>>I wonder who else is a Jester?
Donald J Trump

No. 1653607

Well yes the psychopathic leaders of muslim dictatorships are stupid and inbread but are they really a group? kek they are all fighting eachother so hardly a group. I've told you now multiple times who im talking about. I'm not talking about your muslim aunt, i'm talkingh about the scrotes in charge. But sure pity them while they stone you to death.

No. 1653608

Muslims aren't a race.

No. 1653610

The likely answer is corruption. As is now being revealed the Bidens and other members of the US political elite had business dealings in Ukraine. Ukraine has or at least had a large industrial capacity and it's still rich in resources such as gas. Zelenski would have profited from this. The war was supposed to achieve two things. It was to open up Ukraine's natural resources for US investment and rebuilding the country after the war was to be done through debt to US corporations such as Black Rock. Drawing Russia into an armed conflict was also intended to damage the Russian economy, break off Europe from Russian energy supplies and remove Putin from power.

Big if true.

No. 1653612

>I don't really considered middle eastern inbred psychopaths.
She didn't talk about the religion, she talked about the race. It is racebait to call a an ethnic of people "inbred psychopaths"
Either way, her argument is false because zelensky ruined his country willingly.

No. 1653614

I didn't know i had a parrot who speaks for me. I meant middle eastern leaders, muslim ones obviously who are ruining lives for their own people. You want so hard to fight an imaginary racist…

No. 1653617

>I don't really considered middle eastern inbred psychopaths.

No. 1653618

I have some stuff about the Royal Order of Jesters, I'll post it later today. Funny there's a parallel discussion of LSD and DMT too. Jesters and Machine Elves look very similar.

No. 1653620

okay nonna, next time i'll specify for the autists in the back that psychopaths mean the actual destructive people in charge… you know.. how it is everywhele else in the world that psychopaths are in charge. Like sorry but it's ridiculous to me that you would even think i'd call a whole nation psychopaths, that's nothing that's real or possible kek.

No. 1653667

Ignoring the racist weirdo, I myself also don't really get what reason he would have for destroying his country? But honestly, this whole war is weird as hell, and like a lot of wars, we will regret and look back on as it only serving selfish purposes.

No. 1653717

There isn't one. The only options for him were to fight back or for Ukarine to become Russia. Russia would take the whole of Ukraine and make it even worse. That's no question for anybody who knows something about Russia. In this sitauation you can only decide on two bad options. You don't have a secret cospiracy reason.

No. 1653733

He's an incompetent leader who most likely takes orders from western forces. Although I don't know what he'll gain out of it, by allowing most of the civilian women and children to move out of Ukraine permanently, he ruined his country's future. Most of the country's that are in war don't allow or support something like that because they're aware of the possible consequences.

This is just me theorizing though, maybe he's just a stupid man stuck in a bad situation.

No. 1654072

I think aliens are real but the US government finally putting it out there now is reallllllly sus to me. If aliens do actually show themselves or we get more definite proof of them from the government then I’m going to be very skeptical. I might be an idiot but I do believe that tinfoil that in a time of furthering division that the government would concoct a common enemy to scare/unite the public like the unity among Americans that emerged after 9/11 to fight the terrorists. And that’s not because I think 9/11 is fake but because I think it was well-used by this shitty government to fund our political interests. The 9/11 Turning Point documentary shows how it changed Americans’ attitude toward war and pride in being American at the time. An alien invasion would create solidarity not just among Americans but among humans potentially and also allow the government to fund the military even more.

No. 1654105

Search project blue beam

No. 1654223

patiently waiting for this..

No. 1654683

I believe the recent demonization of birth control methods and illegalization of abortion are planned. Some people clearly don't feel happy about women finally having control of their reproductive health and they're pretending like birth controls making a woman gain 5 pounds is much more significant than a woman being forced to carry a pregnancy she didn't want to.

Especially common in trad spheres for women and men alike to preach how evil birth control is while they also complain about "capitalism" for their five unplanned children starving from poverty.

No. 1654688

this isn't even a tinfoil, there's no way that's not what's happening. they tried to sublimate the incel urges with trooning out/porn/sex dolls/girlfriend experience/surrogate internet daddies but it didn't work. I expect no fault divorce to come next.

No. 1654720

Honestly, I'm someone who's against a ton of birth control methods because of how the government experimented on poor women and finding terrible results and still pushing them out in droves anyway and then just saying everything's fine, leaving huge population gaps in different generations of latinas and other demographics because they ended up infertile. This is no different than the history of gynecology. But all the other methods I'm still iffy on, only because I haven't really done the research.

No. 1654741

NTA but I'm also very much against a lot of birth control. As someone with PCOS who didn't have much choice but to take BC to stop heavy periods, I wasn't fully informed of the risks, and it pisses me off. The warnings barely scratch the surface. I view birth control as a necessary evil, basically. I live in hope that a better medication will be invented that doesn't affect us so badly, but deep down I know that ain't gonna happen. They'll cure floppy pp disease before they tackle any female health issue.

No. 1654750

Here's the thing, and I want to make it clear I'm not trying to dismiss any of your legitimate issues with it. When you say "against it", I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you meant it in the 'more research needs to be done/consumers should be made more aware of the risks/better products should be made' way and not the 'it should be outlawed and so should premarital sex' kind of way. My point is it's a decision everyone needs to make individually, what level of risk is acceptable. I worry that tradtards are basically trojan horsing a blanked ban on it under the guise of concern for women's health.

No. 1654755

Right… Why are they so dead set on taking women's birth control rights away? It's also already hard to get divorced as a woman, if they totally ban abortion women will have to stick to their abusive partners since they can't easily leave when pregnant.
This. You can't be "against" women's birth control rights and not every birth control method is just bc pills.

No. 1654793

I think Murica is about to unleash some secret military tech that's as world changing as the atom bomb, and they're gonna explain it as alien tech. I definitely think aliens are real but it's sus that we go to war with Russia and then suddenly America confirms a super secret alien program. Would not be surprised to see a press release that aliens are real and want to join NATO because USA #1.

No. 1654800

>Would not be surprised to see a press release that aliens are real and want to join NATO because USA #1.
lmao definitly

No. 1654846

I'm >>1654741 and I guess "against it" was bad phrasing on my part. What I mean is like… against it in it's current form and against how little information women are given about the medicine we take. Like I said, it's a necessary evil IMO. I don't oppose women taking it, I take it myself. But we deserve safer options and more information about these options. I just wish it would be improved upon. Like it's known quite well how bad some BC can fuck you up but no one cares. These sort of things never get funding for research because it's just silly little woman problems. Trads absolutely are trojan horsing this issue, which makes me think women are basically stuck with this shit for eternity now because they don't care that it makes us have horrible side-effects, just "ooga booga, woman no make baby!".

No. 1654872

I’d love to talk about the machine elves with anyone interested. I’ve met them.

No. 1654875

it drives me crazy that the rest of us suffer in poverty because we're honest people who work for a living, while the biggest crooks are living like kings yachting to private islands. what a disgusting world. it's so demoralizing to work an honest job for a paycheck only to receive a sloggy grind of a life and never do anything enjoyable, while a lying scumbag and other unethical monsters live in unfathomable luxury.

i wish people didn't worship celebrities and the wealthy. most of them are just lying malicious cheats who fucked other people over to get what they have.

No. 1654882

Agreed. My birth control gives me less maleffects than just my periods do. This little pill improves my quality of life every single day just allowing me to skip periods. But people demonize it while being silent on the ravages of menstruation and pregnancy/childbirth. It's about controlling women and putting us "in our place." Men have a fetish for making women suffer needlessly. Periods can be safely skipped. The reason birth control has always been designed to make you have a monthly period anyway is because the Catholic Church wouldn't allow birth control pills to come to market unless women still got their monthly dose of suffering to keep them disadvantaged and in pain.

Women's medical research has never received funding. Did you know viagra has beneficial applications to relieve PMS symptoms and women's low libidos and painful intercourse? But they won't sell it to us because they don't care about our pain or quality of life. The state of women's healthcare is an atrocity and a human rights violation.

No. 1654887

they just want us to breed more and revert every basic right to reproduction management
since the experimentation on troon womb transplants failed there won't be moids as "womb person" replacements so they gave up on it and decided to make childbirth propaganda (surrogacy advertisements being an aspect of it)

No. 1654910

This. They're trying to force women to carry out unwanted pregnancies because of the populations decline.
I understand your worries anon, you should definitely talk to your doctor about other choices and birth control methods, some could work better than pills for different demographics.

No. 1655035

I’m not that anon but I wish I could take something else for my PCOS other than bc. I’ve been off for a month and I feel great mentally and don’t get nauseous/vomit anymore. Going to the gyno is such a hassle though, and they’re dismissive and unhelpful. I want to find another obgyn who can recommend a different bc (I was taking Loryna and it worked well at first but then I developed the nausea and vomiting symptoms) but i don’t have time nor money. My normal doctors just tell me to lose weight but I need someone to have me at gunpoint to do something about it.

No. 1655070

>Catholic Church wouldn't allow birth control pills to come to market unless women still got their monthly dose of suffering to keep them disadvantaged and in pain.
Really? I read that it just tested badly without the sugar pills because women thought it was strange and unnatural to not have a period. I mean, they still think that - I don't tell people I skip my periods because they will inevitably lecture me that there's going to be some disastrous consequences. It's like the idea of opting out of periods is too good to be true and nobody can believe it's possible.

I haven't had a period in years, at this point even if there WERE consequences I'd say they're worth it. But as is, I don't get any side effects at all.

No. 1655071

>I don't tell people I skip my periods because they will inevitably lecture me that there's going to be some disastrous consequences.
absolute brainlets, just crabs in a bucket not realising they can skip periods easily as well.

No. 1655091

I’ll humor you. I think they’re all demons but what are these elves exactly?

No. 1655152

File: 1691266662608.jpg (196.16 KB, 2000x589, 002.jpg)

I knew it.

No. 1655166

i used to think skipping periods was cool until i actually got on birth control and started forgetting it on some days, which caused me to stress about being pregnant. then my period comes and i feel relieved. it's hard being a airhead.

No. 1655184

did they survey gay men or what the fuck

No. 1655194

File: 1691267851176.jpg (245.5 KB, 1080x1338, john of god oprah weinstein.jp…)

No. 1655205

As someone who used to worship celebrities and is now trying to fight the machine and gossips about them ad nauseam, I think some of them are normal and out of touch, but others are complete monsters, and the complete monsters overshadow everyone's accomplishment and hard work. Also the complete monsters tend to have the best PR teams and be the most worshipped. They're almost always men. Those men are doing horrible things to women and it's no conspiracy. What appalls me the most about tinfoiling moids is that they blatantly ignore the suffering of women or champion it, but constantly emphasize the suffering of children. Both matter, but acting like the suffering of young women at the hands of these predators doesn't worsen our society as a whole is just showing how ignorant and sexist men are. That they'd rather not work to solve this conundrum unless it benefits them as men. It's like we're just means to an end to them.

And honestly I've had other women throw me under the bus right up there with men when I talk about what monsters these rich dudes are. I'm not saying anything outlandish but I've literally talked to people and heard insider shit and nobody fucking wants to suspend their disbelief that someone is a bad person. For the reason of something as simple as currency. If that rich man were a homeless person, not wearing a $10,000 leathed jacket, and yelling on the street at passerby's you couldn't give a fuck about him. So why do you value his alleged wisdoms over anyone else's, especially when they sound like thoughtless drivel.

Should've asked myself the same question a few years ago before I went too deep down the rabbit hole. I can't easily escape it

No. 1655214

What's even grosser about these men is they target a set class of disadvantaged women who fit the following criteria

>women under 30

>poor women
>women who are fans and grew up or currently idolize them
>abused women from broken families
>women who have been in violent relationships
>bisexual women so they can both fetishize and demoralize them
>women of color
>sex workers, who they think they can force into more compromising positions

these men sniff out victims and they can smell them from a mile away because they're experienced in sensing a damaged woman. trust no famous or rich man no matter how attractive you think they are with your body or mind, if you ever meet one. use them for a one night stand at best, and run the fuck away from them, or really don't touch them with a ten foot pole

No. 1655242

NTA but same. I'm on sayana press but seriously considering quitting and just dealing with the horrifically heavy periods instead. I hate that we have to weigh up these shitty choices and there isn't more research being done into managing PCOS and menstrual health in general. PCOS is mostly regarded as "hairy sweaty woman disease", never mind the exploding cysts on our ovaries, who cares about that! I'd like to see men deal with exploding cysts on their balls. That'd be cured so goddamn fast…

No. 1655262

That's very fair, I feel comfortable skipping periods because I'm not sexually active.

Ironically though, it supposedly decreases the risk of accidental pregnancy compared to normal use. If you forget to get a new prescription and it coincides with a week of placebo pills, then you're really risking it with a lengthy period of no BC pills.

No. 1655336

Tbf anytime I’ve tried using birth control to skip a period I just ended up spotting for the entire month. I tried skipping 3 months in a row and just spotted for 3 months which was worse than just having my usual light flow for a couple days.

No. 1655413

i don't think they're demons personally. more like guardian angels. but they watch over all the gears. i don't know how many gears there are, but there's a LOT of gears. best to stay on good terms with them because they're very knowledgeable. last time we spoke they said i could come back once my physical body was in a different location. i think they have something else to show me next time.

No. 1655757

I always found it funny how scrotes who ree about all hollywoodfags being pedos (true) then turn around and seethe that women accusing hollywoodfags of rape are just making it up for money. Like, sure totally believable they rape childern, but not women, even though both are rape. To them the women are just making it up for some reason and it's only ever the hollywoodfags they don't like. You're right in that they only care if they think it effects them.

No. 1656032

based, i haven't had a period in over 2 years and it feels great to not have to worry about it. no side effects, no symptoms, and the "breakthrough bleeding" has not ever happened to me

>tfw i wasn't on bc when i met my bf
feels good nonners. also that guy and all fat lard tubbo men make me disgusted.

No. 1656151

According to them adult women are evil, mature manipulators, but female children are pawns. They can't outreach too far beyond their male window of ideology to humanize a woman. They also don't care about male victims of abuse, look at how they treated Kevin Spacey's victim, it's only when there's a man and a woman and they can victimize a man at the hands of the women even though he's the aggressor. See the way incels defended Johnny Depp. Unless a woman as a child or can be used as means to protect their ideology. They'll defend the mustiest scrotes who haven't produced or starred in a hit film in a decade, no wonder these men's victims don't come out. I hate it here

No. 1656345

What happened to Kevin Spacey's victim? I didn't hear any mention of him

No. 1656366

File: 1691362728718.jpeg (875.97 KB, 1170x1674, IMG_8609.jpeg)

Anthony Rapp is one of the ones who's still alive. He went to trial against Spacey and a lot of people (and bots) took Spacey's side for some reason. At the time of the assault Anthony was very young and obviously didn't have a lot of proof. Because of this and the fact that he was a man assaulted by a man, he was shamed by the misogynist crowds who sided with Depp and the like because his perpetrator was a man. When the current spacey trial with multiple accusers ended in a dismissal, men leapt to defend him again. They don't care about male victims who are assraped by other men, they only care about male abusers they can reframe as male victims, like Johnny Depp, and other washed up moid celebrities.

Spacey wasn't "cleared", there just wasn't evidence to convict him. Everyone with a brain knows OJ Simpson is a murderer, Bill Cosby is a rapist, and Kevin Spacey is a sex offender, courts not convicting them doesn't change the evidence that does exist against them.

men have to find a way to make it sexist if women are involved even if they claim to take the woman's side. they're also assholes to male victims who were abused by men. there's no win win situation. I don't believe for a second a lot of the defense against these men isn't bots or paid either

No. 1656432

Sorry I hate periods but I don’t wanna gain 30 lbs and be depressed I think the country wants to poison us whether that be food or medicine it’s all bad for us

No. 1656574

Saw people talking about this deleted post. Thoughts? Is it just creative writing? https://archive.ph/ZFW7i

No. 1656575

File: 1691379141938.jpeg (580.46 KB, 1361x796, FA45E89D-0776-47C0-95B7-72494D…)

No. 1656636

Attention is being used as one of the new digital currencies in this protopian era and social media (especially Tiktok) and it is pushing kids and adults into an attention obsessed culture. It's not super widepread but a worrying quantity of individuals are chasing social media fame at all costs. One of the main reasons is monetary gain but there is more to it. Professionals like doctors and scientists are making fools out of themselves online when they don't need to. An example is during the pandemic you had nurses dancing on Tiktoks and doing other foolish acts. I get that it doesn't seem very serious but why the need to broadcast yourself and be seen outside of friends and family? The desire to go viral at the cost of your dignity in some cases too is slowly becoming more and more normal.

No. 1656655

I'm sorry but aren't you required to have a period every once in a while because of health reasons? I thought the uterus needs to shed at least once in a couple of years because it's designed to do that and if it doesn't there's a risk of sepsis or something.

No. 1657174

i haven't had any issues forgoing my period so far and it's been over 2 years. AFAIK you only really need to be menstruating if you want to get pregnant.

No. 1657187

Nta, it's because it increases your risk of cancer

No. 1657192

Yeah but just because you're fine now doesn't mean that the medication isn't poison and that it's somehow fine to halt the function of an organ for no reason. Don't get me wrong I fully support women taking medication to stop painful/heavy periods because of PCOS or other issues (the medication is still shit though) but saying that all women who don't want children should just take medication even if they're perfectly fine is a shit advice imo. I feel like that would be a disaster waiting to happen health-wise. Doctors don't even fully understand women's health and body, fucking with their hormonal cycle should be done only when it's strictly necessary imo.

No. 1657193

You might be starting to have osteopenia by now. Regular menstruation is important for regulating body function and overall health

No. 1657200

I think periods are a nuisance as much as the next person but you both sound insane

No. 1657435

Starting to realize that every single time we delve into certain topics like aliens or the occult, it always derails into shit that is usually discussed over at /g/ or X2 by people who probably don’t really care about tinfoils.

Fucking glowies, man

No. 1657449

No it’s just people who want to be involved but they don’t know anything. Just as disruptive, lurking culture needs to come back.

No. 1657463

what else have they told you?

No. 1658329

I have to post the Jester stuff but curating the links and info is fucking tedious. Also, I am completely amused at the fact that only a couple of days ago I discovered that lately there's been some alien stuff going on in mainstream media. I'm so fucking out of touch. I can't with this alien shit faggot psyop.

No. 1658496

This island is about 8 miles from Epstein's. Larry Page's net worth has also increased by $5.5 billion since going missing. Really gets your noggin joggin'.

No. 1658508

Any idea who owns the surrounding islands beside these two

No. 1658677

File: 1691564998392.jpg (535.4 KB, 1080x1305, FxjVzrsWIAQMhzh.jpg)

So I've heard a lot of shit about the Rothschilds, but some of the claims about them (like picrel) seem ridiculous to be true and I don't even have a clue if they're still relevant in wider politics anymore.

No. 1658825

I mean, they own almost every country’s central banking systems including ours to this day and are funding this gay ass war while also controlling the political fields whether it’s ours or Russia’s. They continue to profit while everyone else suffers.

However, they’re not the only family pulling the strings.

No. 1658875

is DMT the only way to possibly encounter them? I didn't see any beings during my experiences. I've never been visited during any other many psychedelic experiences, or it was erased from my memory I guess. Maybe I have to go into it with the specific intent of finding out more about this world, but it never was the case.

No. 1659591

So this isn't a Tinfoil, but a really interesting video on the context of why so many French intellectuals(including feminists) were Pro-Pedophilia, essentially it was a rejection of the what they deemed enforced morality, both both by tradition and the soviet system and everything,(including Pedophilia) became an aspect of freedom and liberation, everyone who was anti-Pedophilia was deemed a reactionary.

No. 1659597

The French moids are natually super-degenerates. When that one small French town got infamy for the husband who was drugging his wife to get her raped by random locals, many people interviewed on the street said "so what? She's HIS wife". By the number of men in the town, statistically you'd walk past a few of her rapists on an average day out.

No. 1659670

I think it's also because they know they can get away with it. The minister in charge of the police and justice is a rapist and when Macron was elected a second time he decided to keep him in the government. His name is Darmanin, iirc he forced a woman to give him a blowjob in exchange of a house or apartment.

No. 1659822

sorry, it's hard to remember. they didn't say very much and were more interested in showing me things, like they wanted me to meet a matron figure but then I started getting overwhelmed and said I needed to turn around, so the two of them were very understanding and made sure I got home safely.
I don't know if DMT is the only possible way to see them but it's the only way I ever have. saw some strange little fellas on LSD a couple times though. once the friend I was tripping with saw it too which is interesting.

No. 1660100

I completely agree with you nonna, this has been bothering me recently too. There's this weird support of hyperindividualism of even language, like an anti-language almost, that I think is connected to this bizarre cultural cult-of-authenticity we live in. You have to express yourself, don't you know that that's the primary function of language! You do you girl!

Also not really what you're talking about, but I've been thinking about how legal/political documents are written in correct English (mostly, though I have noticed the structure of the language used in political documents in my country/area of work is slowly declining in the ways you outline). Private legal writing seems to remain steadfastly structured, though, funny that.
It even bugs me to think about how I (early zoomer) was not actually taught about the English language in high school. I went to a good school too, but had no idea what simple concepts like "passive voice" were until external mentors taught me. Relatives of mine who are in high school (also good schools) now can't even reliably identify adverbs in a sentence, or explain what an adverb is. It's really odd.

No. 1660115

This reminds me of newspeak from the 1984 novel but in real life

No. 1660193

File: 1691693203574.jpg (178.37 KB, 1024x1024, lesbian newspeak.jpg)

NTA but same. For my old job I talked to a lot of zoomers, and it was like learning a different language. I am ESL, but it's crazy how much they've contorted the English language in just one generation. I know kids like using slang, but this is something else. Like other anons have said, the erosion of language is everywhere. A good example would be how "lesbian" has been bastardised over the years. First the political lesbians turned it into a political statement you can identify as, and now the kweerios and more worryingly, academia, define it as "non-men loving non-men". There's also the uterus having, egg producing, menstruating horror that is the redefining of "woman". As always, women get hit with bullshit first, but I do think it's indicative of a larger trend.

No. 1660248

File: 1691696215299.png (197.5 KB, 828x749, FKs0c8RX0AEZezr.png)

There's so much "academic" research about parenting that gets published that any mother with common sense could see would mess up a child long-term, and yet I've seen people willingly accept it.

No. 1660264

That's just cruel.

No. 1660289

I can't believe this is getting pedaled again, we already went through this like 100 years ago.

No. 1660290

My mom must have been a time traveler because she barely interacted with me as a kid.

the part these articles leave out is that yeah, the kid will be more independent or whatever, but they also won't want to hang out with you when they're adults because you're just the person that fed and took them to school

No. 1660292

These parents are so dismissive and weird and can’t understand that being too independent is a bad thing.

No. 1660298

ikr? like god forbid your own child wants to be around you while they're still young enough for you to be their primary influence. i don't get why the journo has three children if they aren't even interested in the fun parts of parenting

No. 1660308

File: 1691698657460.png (438.26 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20230810-161338~2.p…)

Just to be able to say she has three kids i bet. I searched up the article and found another kek worthy one. I get being exhausted sometimes but they make parenting seem like such a chore. You know, you don't have to have kids if them wanting to play with you is such an annoyance all the time. I agree it's fine to tell your kid you can't right now because we're all human, but I don't understand how someone could say they hate imaginative play but still want to be a parent

No. 1660318

Oh. I read that article when it came out last year and it made my blood boil bad. Imaginative play is such an important part of a kid's development and one of the few times where they have autonomy at a young age. Those parents are purposely stunting their kids and damaging their relationship with them and it breaks my heart every time they write articles about it like it's sooo enlightened and good self care

No. 1660335

As someone with two sisters under 10 and twins on the way this is so fucked up to see as published articles. Isn't there tons of research out there backing up how play helps kids develop skills like language and stuff? I've noticed this trend in parenting groups where a lot of normal behaviour is being put down as unnecessary, and it's depressing to think about how messed up those kids will be with such cold parents. It's like every established fact must be rebelled against now because fuck it, mommy wants to write pretentious articles about how much she thinks your imaginary world sucks. If I put my tinfoil hat on, it's like they want to make the next generation of worker bees more blackpilled from the start. That way they just accept their shitty jobs without question because they never experienced true joy as a child. They never dreamed of anything better or longed to form connections because their own parents were so cold.

No. 1660346

Tbh if that's the plan it's going to backfire lol. The kids will be too black pilled to be wage slaves. They had no joy in their lives so a good amount of them will just an hero, the rest will do bare minimum and refuse to have kids. The ones that evolve into socio and psychopaths will only find pleasure in the pain of their aging parents.

ask me how I know

No. 1660354

mine never played with me and I don't speak to her anymore (but that's due to other reasons).

No. 1660477

soon it will be "it's okay to not change your infant's diaper"

No. 1660482

yes it's along the same lines of why it's being more accepted to give your kid whatever device to leave you alone. it absolutely stunts their growth. i don't understand why, i've taken a few child/lifespan development courses and it's very clear that if you want your child to develop healthily and be well socialized you have to talk to them, play with them, etc. from early on. of course no one is expecting you to be up to this at all times, it's just as important for them to learn that others can say no to them, sometimes people are too tired to play along all the time, but if you don't enjoy interacting with children at all, then don't have them ffs. just goes to show child abuse is unfortunately still rampant and is developing alongside technology. you shouldn't just stick a tablet or smartphone in front of a kid all the time. devices aren't a bad idea for long drives but you shouldn't normalize them being in front of a screen all day.

No. 1660529

yeah this whole thing is giving blue bleam to the letter, its actually laughable. idgaf about ayys and whether they exist or not, only life that matters to me is earth life. >>1654793 you are so right, itll totally be used as a smokescreen for new military tech
mfw took estrogen based bc pills for 8 years because of endo and now recent studies suggest it makes endo worse…
we could sail to his island one summer and decapitate everyone there after taking out his security from offshore with our rifles anon…. you and me baby

No. 1660628

NTA but I think that’s the point, destroy the family unit, instill distrust towards your fellow man/woman, divide and conquer.

No. 1660634

This and with the push to legalize and normalize pedophilia, maladjusted children with disinterested parents are easier to abuse.

No. 1660635

Well…we’re getting there with AI if the predictive programming in vidrel is correct

the baby is so cute! Reminds of of my nephew

No. 1660826

File: 1691741578256.jpg (84.52 KB, 800x792, glasses.jpg)

I believe the Nona from maybe a year back who said they are ushering in their own twisted idea of an Age of Saturn.
This AI and bot shit freaks me out. I don't trust any Youtube videos anymore, so many are artificially created with those obvious bot voices that make weird mispronunciations constantly. Comments are fake. Don't trust social media it's nothing but falsities and bots. Corporations and social media go hand-in-hand and they want you angry and unhappy and depressed and they want you to fall deeper into the hell of broken-down complacency- Reminder that Facebook in 2014 experimented with intentionally showing upsetting/inflammatory content on people feeds without their user’s consent. SEOs have been messed with on purpose, how many women here have tried googling something recently and had a hell of a time actually finding what they were looking for? How many things seem to just be gone without a trace now? It feels easier and easier to obfuscate and manipulate the truth and I have no idea what the truth on so many matters even is anymore. Or was it always that way?
I have long since deleted every trace of my appearance from social media, though there wasn't much, and feel good about it especially with this deepfake porn shit coming out. But you can't hide from the internet without isolating yourself. I'm on multiple peoples' Instagram pages, what can I do about that?

I'm sure it's come up but what do Nonnies think of the Dead Internet Theory? I was skeptical when I first heard of it but I 100% believe it now.

No. 1660863

File: 1691749544189.webm (426.19 KB, 320x320, aTsLi6txdV-BxInl.webm)

No. 1660869

Agree whole heartedly. Cant wait for book clubs to be everywhere. I think enough people are going to reject being online due to aforementioned reasons that they go back to print, and people might start having meetups discussing periodicals of the 70s or something kek. I know not everything written in books are true, but the speed of falsity is much, much slower. Looking at a tangible encyclopedia reference page from multiple different years of publication makes one feel that what is in there is probably true, or universally accepted as true, assuming the entries read the same or very similar. Not all, but enough people are going to flock to that (I hope)

No. 1660873

My only reaction was "bruh", and I think that says it all tbh.

No. 1660889

Children's brains are fried by screens and AI are way too fucking dumb to create something so realistic. So no, that shit isn't happening at all in the close future.

No. 1660950

Fully agree. Another thing I find bad is that there are some people ready to trust whatever some jourbalist or sketchy "psychologists" came up with instead of thinking of their own what their children need, how to care about them and help them develop etc.

No. 1661201

File: 1691779523092.png (461.08 KB, 609x809, hparmy.png)

I love the implication of the first comment, that anti semites hate war and that's what's bad about them.
Why is Stonetoss responding to US Army propaganda?

No. 1661275

Oh for God's sake. The goblin thingy trope is very common in fantasy, and I highly doubt JKR thought about the implications when she wrote the books. As a Jew I don't find those creatures offensive, it makes me laugh that people get offended on our behalf by such a trivial thing. I'm pretty sure no one turned into a Holocaust denier after reading Harry Potter. Ultimately it's just about the hatred JKR though. Certainly not defending Semitic people or any other minority for that matter. Back on topic, I feel like Stonetoss is a useful idiot in terms of divide and conquer. Some of his comics have made me chuckle, but ultimately their purpose is to cause controversy. I'm so sick of ragebait. It's like people don't dare be authentic anymore and have to hide their opinions behind layers of "irony".

No. 1661452

>destroy the family unit
absolutely based
>instill distrust towards your fellow man/woman, divide and conquer.
cringe but that's an ancient thing

No. 1661472

How is breaking down the traditional family structure and instead raising children in broken homes absolutely based?

No. 1661600

it's normalized to hate every member of the opposite sex but many people still want kids, and are too afraid to put in the effort to find a decent man/woman to do so (yes, it is hard). so they deny all the statistics about single parent homes instead.
>inb4 dogpiled

No. 1662132

Please do, I'm really interested in Jester like entities

No. 1662176

File: 1691842353572.png (354.65 KB, 645x660, Screenshot_2958167.png)

>This was deliberate

No. 1662228

Lets thank the trannies

No. 1662233

not raising children is based but i guess i retract my post because they'll still reproduce regardless of having a familial support system.

No. 1662242

the "traditional family structure" is an alcoholic/cheater absent father, a pill addicted housewife mother and traumatized children from their shitty marriage because they won't divorce and the father won't admit he is absent and/or cheats and drinks. out with this bs.

No. 1662246

Nta but yeah. Most trad-identifying men I know are cheaters and more than half of them actually also cheat with men because they're fags. I feel bad for the women who are stuck with a faggy/cheating husband

No. 1662628

File: 1691868625722.webm (390.25 KB, 480x270, UavSfxOmE243uc-P.webm)

Not as bad as this
>a troon with cartoonish fake breasts calling Russians "non-human"

No. 1662649

I hope he gets shot in the tits and dies of silicone poisoning… in Call of Duty.

No. 1662668

he wants to be one of those cute military women that get popular on the internet so badly lol

No. 1662721

What an absolute faggot, it's just entertainment to these retards. Hope he gets shot

No. 1662731

My friend has a kid she was pretty attentive about, admirably so. Not much screentime and focused on physical play, he's super active and ahead of the game on his milestones.
On the other hand she said she seems kids in the daycare and she cannot believe how behind a lot of kids are now, when her kid was 2 he was running around at the playground and picked up a ball infront of a kid who was just sitting there, not playing with the ball at all. The kid wasn't interactive at all, just blankly looking around so she assumed he was like maybe 6 months or a year or something, she got talking to the mom and turns out he was older than her kid. Apparently a ton of kids she sees just are totally non-interactive and just seem spaced out a lot of the time. There's a reason they pushed back all the official milestones recently, it's just to normalize how fucked up a lot of kids are, probably from isolation from parents and other kids.

Fr. Birth control is fine if you want to take it, but it's not some holy perfect pill with no effects. Progesterone based ones increase breast cancer risk 20-30%. Plus there's weight gain and all that. If you want to take it go for it but I just keep the periods. Plus pregnancy isn't as hard to avoid as they say. I've seen so many women with crazy pregnancy anxiety because they make it sound like you can get pregnant if a dick comes within 3 feet of you. Unless you're on or near ovulation it's not gonna happen, condoms work fine, I had daily sex with my husband with them for years and never had issue, then first time we tried for a baby I got pregers. My friend took bc, used condoms, and was still paranoid taking tests all the time

No. 1662774

I have talked about this half a dozen times already but it bares repeating with what's happening Ukraine. A similar situation like this happened 40 years ago. The United States wanted to get back at the Russians for messing up their war in another foreign nation, so they created a proxy to fight the Russians on their behalf and bog them down. That was Afghanistan, and it ended up creating modern-day Jihadism and political Islamism as we know it. Of course delusional Islamists existed before, but they were led by mullahs who were using old hunting rifles, didn't know how tp use guerrilla warfare and most importantly, were disconnected. They would be local rebellions that would be crushed by a regional police force in a week. But the US, in their goal to fight the Russians, helped facilitate jihadist networks and gave them training and tactics. Now they were an actual threat to governments and states. Decades of Islamist terror and rule happened because of what the US did in Afghanistan and we don't know which side will win in Ukraine, but we can estimate that in the tens of thousands of foreign fighters who will be returning home with military training, just a few can easily create new terrorist/insurgent groups and networks and so the next generation of terrorist/insurgents is already being made.

No. 1662814

im kinda dumb. wat does this mean?

No. 1662907

File: 1691893191941.jpg (122.94 KB, 800x534, azov group.jpg)

The exact scenario is going to play out again. NATO spent years arming neo-nazi groups like Azov in Ukraine. As Russia continues to win the war, these people are going to escape to Europe where they will set up groups in other countries. Europe is already seeing an increase in right wing populism, with some countries having a more extreme right wing than others. Azov and Aidar will find a receptive audience. I also wouldn't be surprised if Ukrainians feel betrayed by America which would add to the anti-American sentiment that's growing in Europe due how Europe has been impacted by the SMO.

No. 1662919

>There's a reason they pushed back all the official milestones recently
I feel like no body talks about this. The government literally admitted that children are mentally and physically slower and have less potential compared to only fifty years ago. My question is why. Have the toxic chemicals we've been ingesting for the past hundred years finally caught up with us? Or is this a side effect of sperm quality decreasing so much that the majority of children born are simply low quality genetics?

No. 1662924

There's a lot to be said for people's mentality to children and child raising tbh. I grew up in UK in a lower middle class area with a mix of social housing. It was not uncommon for mothers to tell their teen daughters to get pregnant at 18 to get a wee house.

My peers are in their early 30s. So many of their kids are autistic. I don't remember ever coming across an autistic kid in school. I knew kids with down syndrome or congenital conditions. I know rightly most if not all those that have autistic kids partied heavily mixing drink and drugs. It's probably not discussed enough how men's sperm is constantly regenerated and is reflective of their biochemistry. Low sperm count is definitely an issue, but it'll be blamed on older women who wanted to be financially secure and provide a stimulating and nourishing environment.

I know horrible mothers that are quick to label their kids autistic without proper evaluation as an excuse for their shite parenting. My nephew's mother lived in squalor until we kept calling social services. She would never open her curtains, house was damp and dark. She smoked weed all day while her son sat on screens. We had to potty train him at 5 as nursery wouldn't take him. His mother didn't work. When we would get visits we'd have to buy him shoes. She gets money and my dad bought her driving lessons and a car. She would post on fb that our family were why my nephew was slow and insinuated our genetics (my dad she was taking money from is disabled, not sure what her excuse is not to work, oh she's a lazy bitch) were the reason. She always wore new clothes, hair extensions excessive make up and her son was running around in ill-fitting shoes being held back from school because potty training him was not saw as a priority by his mum. Easier to call him defective than evaluate how you can be so selfish.

No. 1662929

Not to diminish my brothers part. They were two coke heads, took pills, matter of fact stole pills off my dad they'd take anything.

Generally people should be planning for children and conscious of choices their making while trying to conceive. So many children are an after thought. I mean my brother and his ex had a kid, a toxic break months after birth, reconciliation and then finally an abortion a decision we all agreed was a good idea. Some people are not fit to be parents.

No. 1662934

Man, and I thought other schizos in other sites who sperged about how the powers that be are slowing our evolution process and preventing us from reaching a higher form lol are we Goku now? Going from base from to super saiyan god?. Maybe they are on to something…

No. 1662958

When did government admit this? Kids on average eat better and get better education compared to 50 years ago, how's that possible

No. 1662965

My personal theory is the powers that be realized just doing eugenics in full view got them too much backlash so they've been breeding humans via social politics instead. Trick people into thinking they have free will when in reality the elite want docile idiot workers. Its scary to think they are well on the path of having a worldwide monoculture of worker ants that can only do the task in front of them without thinking about it. Idiocracy is real and we are in the early stages, everyone buckle up

No. 1662999

On February 8, 2022, the CDC released new guidelines on what should be considered appropriate milestones for childhood development. An official statement, it was published in the American Academy of Pediatrics professional journal Pediatrics. Titled "Evidence-Informed Milestones for Developmental Surveillance Tools" it updated the former guidelines on what is considered normal development for children. Developmental milestones are things most children (75% or more) can do by a certain age. It pushed most milestones back by six months. Previously, your two year old child should be repeating words, speaking in two to four word sentences, and know the names of familiar things like cup or dog. If your child had not reached this milestone, he or she needed to be tested for intellectual or speech disabilities and early intervention needed to be started.
Under the new guidelines, a two year old is only expected to say two words sentences at most, knows how to nod yes, and can point to two body parts when you ask her. Meanwhile, the The American Speech Language and Hearing Association still holds the standard that if a child is not speaking at least fifty words by two years of age, that that child is developmentally delayed and requires special intervention.
The CDC pushed back 67% of its previous markers to an older age, most commonly to six months later, which is a huge time span in the first three years of life.
I don't know why children are more stupid compared to only twenty years ago, but I suspect a combination of factors. From PFAS being present in their brain from conception to it being considered normal to give babies screen time, there's just a lot going on.
I personally think we are ignoring the elephant in the room of carbon dioxide. The normal concentration of CO² in the outdoor air was 250-350 ppm. Indoors, 350-1,000 ppm is very normal, with better insulated houses having more CO². The Harvard studies done by Joseph Allen show measured a 15% decrease in cognitive abilities at 950 ppm and a further 50% decline at 1400 ppm. Then look at how much carbon dioxide levels rise when wearing a mask, and how much the CO² in the air increases from human activities such as driving a car or flying a plane. In May 2023, carbon dioxide hit 424 ppm, whereas in 1960, it was 318 ppm.
Whether or not you believe in human driven climate change, the outlook for the collective IQ and intellectual abilities for humanity is grim.

No. 1663031

You have Islamists, open white supremacists, specific ethnic nationalists, and even anarchists in prolonged conflict, making connections and actually learning how to fight a modern state. Do they genuinely believe that they are simply not going to turn back and use these tactics against their own nations anytime soon?

No. 1663169

Food is definitely not better and kids get fed fast food diets and processed mush instead of eating real balanced meals.

No. 1663512

I think the CDC lowered the guidelines to placate neglectful parents. The reason so many kids are developmentally delayed is because their parents hate them and just put a screen in front of their face instead of dealing with them. Instead of reckoning with this new generation of iPad babies and their shitty parents the government is trying to say neglect induced retardation is normal.

No. 1663524

A lot of the civil servants and government workers where I live are majority useless fat inefficient fucks.

I'm >>1662924 and my nephew's maternal grandmother is a social worker who lives in the same street as her daughter and yet it took us, the 'scummy' side of my nephew's genetics to flag am independent case to social workers because grandma saw no fucking issue with a growing toddler not having proper fitted shoes or his unemployed mother bothering to give him basic life skills for nursery.

Sooner people realise a lot of cunts are sitting in positions they don't have the merits to be in the better.

No. 1664490

File: 1692038141936.png (168.33 KB, 640x732, maui fires.png)

Theories are floating that the fires in hawaii/maui were intentional as part of a landgrab by the wealthy to get the natives off desirable land, so they could buy it up for pennies and develop it for private vacation houses and luxury resorts.

No. 1664500

Trash retarded alt right twitter accounts but maybe someone should go burn down the mansions. Why do extremist shooter idiots always target some normie mall or school children and never try and shoot Bezos or Elon or something? Those guys can't be surrounded by security at all times. Why does nobody try and actually eat the rich, like the bling ring on steroids were the goals aren't petty capital and status, but sticking it to the idiots. Rob the rich people's empty houses. Destroy their properties. Have no empathy for their boundaries. Homeless people set up encampments in their houses. Something that shows actual revolt. Im tired of people worshiping these fucks, it's about time people do something. I'm sure in a few years there's going to be an all out robber baron vs commoner class war that fucking devolves into that. People are tired.

Burn the Los Angeles mansions to the ground the celebrities are overselling, while we're at it.

Also the locals have been harping about rich mostly white people stealing their land for years and how vacation tourism and other land development are ruining the natural aspects of the island. The islands have been slowly gutted ever since Hawaii became a state.

No. 1664509

It could be that they have some fancy fireproof shit or just better built houses but if their shit stays totally untouched I'm gonna assume someone pulled a Brazil and burned things down for the corps wanting to turn hawaii into their elite resort and 2nd mansion island.

No. 1664525

I agree with you but that's what the real job of cops is. In my city we have a terrible issue with homeless drug addicts causing crime and violence. But the thing is they only live in downtown and where average/poor people, especially young people and college students, live. if they go to the wealthy neighborhoods the cops immediately remove them, but if they're setting up shop stealing catalytic converters and shooting up needles where working class people rent, the cops are nowhere to be found.

the police only protect rich people. laws, too, only protect rich people. that's why if you steal $100 from an employer you get fired and sued, but if the employer steals $100 from you, it's tuesday. same with landlords. same with corporations.

the fires were really weird. they're doing the same thing that ancient roman jackass did, crassus. he'd burn down poor people's houses then buy the land up for pennies.

No. 1664527

Any California anons now is the time to start burning down vacant mansions being sold by celebrities and other rich people in Brentwood, Calabasas and other shithole rich people tax dodging havens if you can break into them

You won't do it, we're all a bunch of timid internet fiends… but in theory, it would be amazing

No. 1664548

File: 1692040858101.jpg (214.25 KB, 1151x1992, mzjrtf8643eb1.jpg)

You know, I genuinely would not have even heard of 'Sound of Freedom' before this backlash. I'm sure it got some things inaccurate and was sensationalist. I'm not actually interested in watching it, but this reaction against it just seems wild and misplaced.

No. 1664556

No we're not starting this discourse again

The movie is retarded and Jim Caviziel is a retarded Q-Anon looney, that's all he was blabbing about in interviews is how adrenocreamy is unironically "realllll". and megachurches are trying to act like the victims when they bought up tickets to make to appear like it's popular, when it's not. It's actually more just a shitty action movie that misrepresents child trafficking and has a white savior complex, but the way the brain damaged lead actor and the Mormon founder of the "organization" which stole a female survivors story are marketing it is very q-tard, that's what all the backlash is for.

The actual movie itself is pretty boring preachy, mildly Christian thriller crap. Like a watered down Taken without any fun and a much shittier lead actor. Are men in Hollywood named Jim C just destined to be brain damaged?

No. 1664557

Its already mentioned in this thread how misogynistic scrote and fundie Timmy Ballard >>1631382
stole a female survivors story.

No. 1664724

i grew up in hawaii. there's just no way a sudden wildfire is possible there. the climate and terrain just isnt right. i swear to god it's DEWs.
>inb4 muh climate chaynge
"climate change" is intentional geoengineering. you dont even have to make up theories about that. the people doing it tell you they do it and tell you how it's done. ionizing beams, frequencies, etc…it isnt hard to find people admitting to all this, or the patents for this kind of tech…

No. 1664731

i thought the DEW thing was started by glows to discredit people who thought the west coast wildfires were arson (they were, by the way), sort of like flat earth is pushed to discredit people who think NASA's budget needs an audit? i do think it's plain old arson, but no need to hinge the argument on secret space death lasers.

there have been a lot of suspicious fires in the past several years. i'm not under the impression that fires in hawaii are common outside of volcanic events? it's really wet there, isn't it? i think it's just a land grab. rich people have been doing this since ancient rome, not sure why people call us conspiracy theorists for suggesting it is possible. it's really sick how the media has the wageslaves trained to leap to the defense of rich people the second they receive any criticism.

the cycles of urban crime are also about weaponizing the criminal class to destabilize an urban neighborhood, then rich people swoop in to buy it all up cheap and develop it into a gentrification zone. the process takes decades but the participants have familial wealth. it's how they stay so rich. it's been documented but no one ever brings it up. the police are weaponized against the working class while the rich are doing the real crimes.

No. 1664800

File: 1692057307748.jpg (141.69 KB, 1024x680, isopheric.jpg)

Ionospheric heaters already exist. It's not tinfoil. Both Russia and China operate Ionospheric heaters as does the US. There's a lot of theories about what these actually do. Some people suspect that the CIA caused the Chernobyl accident because the soviets were using it to power an Ionospheric heater, some people believe they are used to heat the ocean to prop up the global waming lie and other people believe that they are used to cause extreme weather events like hurricanes. The official explanation is that scientists don't know what Ionospheric heaters do and they just use them to so they can study what happens. That said, I do believe the most likely cause of the wildfires is arson.

Pic is a defunct Ionospheric heater in Ukraine.

No. 1664999

I believe aspects of climate change are being used to further the aims of those who want world domination but climate change is very real, I have lived in a region for almost 5 years now and it has gotten significantly hotter, people are suffering from heat strokes and animals have died, this is not normal.

No. 1665395

File: 1692108598766.png (800.54 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230814-214912.png)

thank you anon for the info. but they do know what the ionospheric heaters and related tech do, they literally admit they use them as DEWs and weather modification.

No. 1665407

File: 1692109345402.png (195.84 KB, 665x624, Screenshot_20230815-100511~2.p…)

the climate is "changing" at least in part due to intentional weather modification and weather weapons using the aforementioned technology. im willing to concede that not all climate activity is directly due to geoengineering, but i do think weather events are being intentionally manufactured in order to push laws and change society under the pretense of "fighting climate change"
obviously a lot of things like animal agriculture and american vehicle culture are fucked and need addressing, but unfortunately these changes are only being made to give legitimacy to the rising controlled technosurveillance state, not because sociopathic billionaires care about the future of humanity.

everyone can see the "climate change" in their area. weather at large is being used to attack the country. weather is an amazing weapon. your enemies have nowhere to run. you can always flood them out or light them on fire. the entire country is full of freak weather events. seems we have another conveniently timed election crisis brewing…

No. 1665410

What laws are they supposedly pushing that will benefit them?

No. 1665444

File: 1692111434143.png (178 KB, 720x710, Screenshot_20230815-103446~2.p…)

imagine you really need a reason to corral people into your technosurveillance state. you start sociopolitical discussions among influential people about transitioning the world into smart cities or the newer 15 minute city ideas. ideas that have merit but ultimately just disguise your controlled technosurveillance state. so here's an example of changes that can be made. when you start lighting certain areas on fire or using other high risk weather events as weapons against an area, problems start to happen with insurance. rising insurance, insurance dropping coverage in high risk areas, insurance not covering certain freak accidents…its one way to push people out of one area and into another. one way to destabilize communities and make them dependent on the solutions held by the govt. we may soon see massive amounts of americans whose areas have been so destabilized they have nowhere to go.
i dont have time to write a whole bibliography of laws rn but if you poke around videos/websites of the World Economic Forum or look into the Sustainable Development Goals you will be lead towards studies, policy proposals, investors in social change, etc. none of this info is clandestine it's quite acessable.

No. 1665455

lets not also forget the sun's effect. All planets in our solar system have been observed to be warming. Climate change is a "perfect storm" of natural solar cycles that warm the planets, man-made pollution, and deliberate weather modification using HAARP and other means. Even wildfires can be started by particle beams from space or other high altitude aircraft. There's tons of modifications being done to naturally occuring weather changes on top of the damage we have done to the environment.

No. 1665458

Nonnie this is great. So often with any "conspiracy topics" you see rejection because people are unable or unwilling to see the long term plan and/or the not immediately obvious interconnectedness of these events and topics. It's imperative to follow these topics as far as they go to truly understand the implications. Not just with climate change.

No. 1665461

85% of fires are started by humans and that number is higher in Hawaii. They just want to push climate change so they won't admit that some idiot started the fire they act like it's just climate change that's responsible. It could have been a weather modification weapon, but it's more likely it was someone doing something stupid.

No. 1665478

File: 1692114318506.jpg (259.39 KB, 1340x1128, image.jpg)

honestly I immediately thought the same thing. the siren/alarm system was not even used and no one would say why. it's planned incompetence.

No. 1665482

The easiest way to battle "climate change" is to allow remote work for all jobs that can be remote. Yet they're pushing return to office like psychopathic totalitarian nazis. I think the fires are intentional, and I think most of the infrastructure attacks (food plants burning down, trains derailing) are intentional as well. I think they're using "climate change" to push an agenda. Ironic as I'm anti-car and environmentalist, but I think they're full of shit.

No. 1665537

Reddit is now refusing to show deleted users comments in the app, but you can still see their original comments on the browser version of the site, even on mobile. This is probably deliberate, and I've found almost no way to switch it off or change it. So unless you keep your account people with burners who are spreading information or fear being harassed are going to have a much harder time keeping their comments up

This alongside their third party app ban and API restriction is starting to seem deliberate. I'm trying to find comments talking about this and there's very little information or awareness on it. Why restrict the deleted posters comments in the app but not in the browser version? This seems 100% purposeful. First you take people's ability to stalk archives by keyword away and search deleted users and comments in case they find incriminating information, aka camas.unddit and now deleted comments aren't showing up in the app at all. Reddit, I see your shit, and I don't know what bourgeoisie pigs you're trying to protect, but it's not working.

No. 1665546

File: 1692119162494.jpeg (233.14 KB, 1016x720, 3B58CE85-DA4F-48CA-B734-F5DDB4…)

woman: I sure hope I don’t get raped and murdered like the girl I saw on the news

No. 1665550

true crime fans are honestly psychotic. zero of them are well adjusted stable people.

No. 1665555

They treat the real life tragedies of real life people as some edgy creepy pasta.

No. 1665560

Yeah my mom watching the First 48 is just totally off her rocker

No. 1665567

Criticising women for being “paranoid” when we’ve been raised from birth to be wary of lurking predators is retarded. If men don’t want to be labelled as rapists or murderers they should stop killing and raping people. Until then, people being bothered by your presence is something you have to accept as a lone male. The black guy should be glad she didn’t pepper spray him like they do wild boars. The ones who get the most offended always have criminal records. Always

No. 1665577

moids only hate true crime because it's a female dominated interest exactly because of what >>1665567 said
and "white women" actually stands for "all "cis" women" in these "leftist" moids' posts

No. 1665583

kek the 2nd poster in this cap is retarded, no taylor swift fan is calling for "ruthless and unquestionable state violence" against…. taylor anti's? they need to log off and touch grass

No. 1665611

how many old conservative ladies who are typically into that q-trash are into taylor swift, especially nowadays

taylor is so mediocre and blah (although like her music) as a person, seeing her get all this hate makes me laugh. she sells herself being inoffensive as possible, it's her fandom that's psychotic

No. 1665627

This is most likely what NASA and other worldwide space programmes are doing with all that money.
They will publicise some new moon trip every now and again to placate the general public but I would bet any money this is what they're really up to.

No. 1665641

File: 1692125503446.jpg (34.37 KB, 569x747, 71vBTBvxcxL._AC_UX569_.jpg)

Yeah but I have a fetish for boys in NASA shirts, I wish they would just focus on doing cool science shit instead of developing black book weapons. the DoD literally cannot pass an audit. They oopsied like a trillion dollars.

No. 1666055

File: 1692162939335.png (762.98 KB, 601x1117, Screenshot (4).png)

I know this is from a shitty RW account, and I came across it because some libfems were retweeting 'boys should be allowed to dress how they want, you bigot!.' posts, However call me crazy but I don't think the average little boy doesn't want to dress in crop tops or bell bottoms. It's very obvious that it's the parents who want this and it is kinda bizarre.

No. 1666073

little girls have been forced to dress like this for decades, now they give a shit? i remember when i was a little girl i begged my mom to get me boy shorts because girl shorts were fucking tiny.

No. 1666077

The point is no one giving a shit, despite how kinda weird it is.

No. 1666078

why should they? it doesnt even look like inappropiate clothing. Again, if it was a little girl no one would have given a shit. It's MRA's trying to find something to get angry at and feel like victims instead of focusing on real issues(men raping babies to death)

No. 1666112

What if fujos are a thing (I'm not one) because of some old innate instinct to want to see men dominate weaker men so they can "pick the stronger one as a mate"? It's a common strategy in nature for males to fight to show females their strength until they pick them and this could be another expression of it. Kind of the same reason "bad boys" are so popular with lots of girls, you know? So the sexual aspect of it originally comes from wanting to pick "the best male to mate with" but is just redirected to be consumed for enjoyment.

No. 1666124

this doesnt really work because usually the more submissive girly femboy looking ones are more popular among women

No. 1666126

that's not true, the ugly dorito chin semes are always the most popular

No. 1666136

Its was a way for insecure Japanese women to express their desires through the medium of underage boys, it would have been fine in the Japanese context but spreading to the west is what made it retarded and led to the mass trooning out we see today.

No. 1666221

File: 1692188935001.jpg (114.9 KB, 768x767, FznPQnoXAEqmAO.jpg)

So I do believe the moon landing probably happened but it wouldn't matter if it didn't, space projects are a moneypit, NASA exists cause the US couldn't get over the Soviets going into space and doing the only worthwhile relevant things(making satellites to chart out planet) and not doing anything beyond cause it wasn't relevant.

No. 1666222

File: 1692188946698.jpeg (Spoiler Image,72.13 KB, 690x459, hard drive check for mr. schri…)

I think there's plenty of boys out there who do like girls clothing for aesthetic reasons but the fact that so many celebrities have young boys wearing girls clothes strikes me as odd. Statistically it seems unlikely. There was a rumour that Megan Fox's boys hated dressing that way and the shit Liev Schreiber's son wears is very inappropriate. He dressed up as Harley Quinn for a con, and it was the skanky Suicide Squad costume too. Could've easily picked a more age appropriate costume from the comics. Then there was picrel that raised serious questions. Kids will be kids and stick things in their mouth they shouldn't, sure. But this is… not a good sign.

No. 1666225

spoiler that pls

No. 1666253

This conspiracy is the most easily disproven because with a powerful enough telescope you can see the stuff we've left on the moon and with lasers and math you can bounce light off of a sheet they left up there.

No. 1666379

I bet $10 that these retards are raising iPad children and just want to feel better about their shitty parenting.
I was a member of a Facebook parenting group on a troll account and it was concerning how many newer parents endorsed iPads for 2-3 year olds. Better yet, they called anyone who dissented a "dinosaur" who is too "ancient" to understand child-safe controls. Jokes on those retards because I was born in '98 and I grew up online hence why I know firsthand the dangers of children having access to the internet. Not only can the childproofing of devices be disabled but there is also so much perverted weird shit that bypasses the algorithms designed for children that I think it's better to only let them watch stuff that you've seen first. Make your kids play outside and don't let them go on the internet too long.

No. 1666385

This is what I wanna know too. I genuinely think the moids who commit shootings are just too retarded to realize that their selfish homicidal urges could be used for something better. They don't consider that all of these shooters in recent years blend together; I couldn't tell you the names of any of them because there's just too many of them. If these incels want lifelong notoriety then they're going about it the wrong way because no one even remembers shootings these days.
But you know what? People remember the moids who assassinated JFK, Abraham Lincoln, or John Lennon and they would definitely remember the scrote who killed off Bezos, Gates, or Musk. Just hypothetically speaking of course!

No. 1666575

>why not really eat the rich?

i’ve often asked myself the same question. there are so many layers to this issue and it’s hard to really pinpoint one but i can say that most people are disingenuous as fuck. they really don’t want to destroy wealthy people…they just want to replace them. they want to take what they have not out of a sense of justice but out of pure envy and greed. innocent normies are the collateral damage because people see them as useless npcs that uphold the system, and in some ways shooting them is seen as thinning the herd, one less person to get in between me and my dreams, yada yada.

then you have the people who are just angry but they don’t know why they’re angry and frustrated. they hate the world and their shitty lives but are too complacent/comfortable with the status quo to actually change things, too afraid to come up with unpopular ideas or make controversial statements in public, too dumb and narcissistic to own up to their own bad decisions, so instead they just go on a mad killing spree because they’re pissed off and again, innocent people become the collateral damage for confused retards who are too lazy and stupid to do anything meaningful with their feelings.

and at the end of the day, that’s why tptb are not all that concerned about average joes and janes getting their heads blown off by angry morons with guns. they know these people, if given the chance, would gladly swap places with them. they know, deep down, that most social justice types have no purpose and no meaning in their lives; you can see this in how these groups can barely string together a coherent message and eventually start attacking each other over dumb shit. plus most people do not know how to do things grassroots, they post their shit online for the feds to see so of course they get infiltrated by disinfo agents and other bad faith actors who discredit their movement and turn them in when they get a chance.

and sadly there is also the reality that these groups and shooters are allowed to engage in social anarchy and terrorism to keep normies scared and complacent. why is it that the feds always claim that they “didn’t know nuffin” about someone posting violent screeds online, but someone like me or you gets a tracking device put on our car because we travel abroad too much, post memes on imageboards, are loners by choice, or something else really stupid? the greatest fear of the common class in the west is living in a world/society where random acts of violence can occur at any moment, which is why suburban subdivisions became a big thing in the states and why there’s a “theme” when violent offenders are shown in the media. it’s also why dystopian fiction is so popular and so heavily pushed by the media, why people are obsessed with zombies and the apocalypse, why people freaked out so much during covid. it’s a form of social conditioning through fear and sadly it works.

No. 1666579

What I really want is something just resembling a politically charged version of the Bling Ring or Anna Delvey, people who stole from the rich and famous… but not relying on personal greed, instead wealth redistribution, sticking it to the elite folks, and revolution. If a group of people tried to be revolutionaries it might be more effective. The real problem is these incel moids hate women so they don't care about how rich men abuse women, so they don't wish to overthrow them. But how many times the same way have women ever tried to overthrow our oppressors? If we tried we'd just get demonized anyway.

Problem is people resort to harming their fellow normie human beings instead of the source of the agony at the top of the food chain. When that's who we should be focusing on, the corporatism and greed of the rich people that cause so much worldwide misery. At some point peaceful protest is going to fail and we may fall back into a hyper intense version of robber baron protests. Maybe if it does, these rich fuckers will hypothetically feel a little fear once in their lives.

It seems like such a radical idea! god forbid people challenge the rich and as the other anon said, the police's only job seems to be to listen to them!

No. 1666584

>post shit online
>get disinfo'd

yeah that happens all the time and celebrity worship is out of fucking control

men would rather hire marty singer and his army of bots than admit guilt once ever in their fucking sad little lives

yet they lurk all the shit and slurp up the attention and continue to make fools of themselves, and other moids and handmaidens will forgive them every time. some of us though, we don't forgive and we don't forget

if low quality talentless nepo babies like chris d'elia can get away with running an alleged sex cult then there's really no consequence, the upper level is so much worse and nobody believes you when you try and talk about it, even when worded rationally and away from all conspiracy

you try and tell the masses that these rich abusers use lawyers and middlemen and the only fucking cases it really worked for was taking down epstein and weinstein, even cosby is a free man. it's pathetic people said we're going to do better when the offenders are winning in court ala johnny depp and now empowered to sue their victims back ala jonathan majors, no now we're re entering the dark ages. new era of feminism my ass, we solved nothing, jailing and suiciding a couple uggos doesn't count, ill fucking believe there's change when I see the actors and any of the attractive men put on trial and in jail

No. 1666760

There's a schizo moid whose articles I read from time to time just to counter the noise of the mainstream media. (kek) He recently covered the fires in Maui and mentioned how many multi millionaires, billionaires and the military own most of the entire island and it could be some kind of 9/11-tier insurance fraud scheme a la WTC 7. He also mentioned how a lot of the photos and footage seemed to be altered/faked. Big if true

No. 1666767

I'm an anti-car environmentalist as well nonnie, also extremely against animal agriculture (veganfag) but anytime I see climate change topics in the mainstream media or shit like beyond beef/vegan options being offered by gigantic fast food chains I just know it's greenwashing bullshit. Nobody actually really cares the further you go up the ladder. Nothing but trends, lies, and endless consooming. An anon in a previous thread even connected fertilizer companies to this push for vegan/plant-based options becoming more popular

No. 1667926

Who’s the moid?

No. 1668815

Miles Mathis, you should be able to find his website just by a Google search or a Bing search prob
Could this also explain smash and grab shit you see all over the news now? I’m convinced most of them are paid actors and feds trying to stir a race war and class war, also classic D&C stuff

No. 1669018

That's why I said I believed it happened but it wouldn't matter if it didn't, all the relevant things you could do in space were already achieved in the 1960's.

No. 1669022

God fucking dammit I knew it'd be him. Why the fuck is he constantly being shilled here

No. 1669060

It's gotta be him, I tried reading some of his shit and not only was it stupid, it didn't make sense

He also thinks covid doesn't exist, he probably thinks viruses aren't real

No. 1669167

File: 1692397769906.jpg (516.73 KB, 2431x1372, image.jpg)

Guy who was a police captain during the Vegas mass shooting – most deadly mass shooting in modern american history – is coincidentally the police chief in Maui during the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century. Cool. That's not weird at all.

No. 1669178

Ntayrt but I think it literally is him, I can’t remember which thread he first got shilled in but that anon exposed themselves as a scrote and I have a feeling it’s him promoting his own shit. Who the fuck even knows of this moid to promote his crap here? Is he popular in the tinfoil communities or something?

No. 1669183

I used to be a regular on /x/ and never heard of him until that one thread. I'm pretty sure he shilled himself in one of the celebricows threads too, I remember seeing him mentioned there not long after he was discussed here.

No. 1669325

People are saying the police blocked the road out and forced people back into town, which was an inferno, where they all died. Someone asked the cops wtf and they said they were "just following orders". I think the US govt purposely murdered these Hawaiians. i've been watching a lot of the youtube videos and multiple people interviewed confirmed it. how else did the warning system go down like that? that doesn't happen. i get texts on my phone just because it's hotter than normal outside. how were there no warnings for a giant fire?

No. 1669337

Similar shit happened in Uvalde, didn’t it?

No. 1669449

File: 1692422146767.png (167.96 KB, 994x571, captue.png)

Reminds me that the sniper who killed an innocent woman in Ruby Ridge was the same man who escalated the situation in Waco and led to the siege.

No. 1669505

Fuck off moid and stop shilling your shitty books. Get a job or something retard

No. 1669549

I'm a little freaked out now because if that's him then he's evolving and integrating quite well. Wish he'd just fuck off to /x/ or something. 4chan moids also believe there's a conspiracy against straight white males so he'd fit in perfectly there.

I 100% believe this was not a kosher wildfire now. No way in hell this guy who was also at a very suspicious shooting just so happened to be in Maui in time for this. That combined with the pigs blocking roads, the emergency alerts not working and celebrity mansions being untouched is just too much to be a coincidence.

Damn, I did not know that.

No. 1669594

File: 1692447832604.png (344.31 KB, 680x652, goback.png)

Kek his job is being a shill.
It should be against the thread's rules to shill this moid here tbh I thought he would fuck off after he got btfo'd the first time.

No. 1669648

Same anon, if there were literally anyone else as schizophrenic, entertaining and somewhat insightful I’d be reading them for laffs/interest instead. If you want to unironically shill more schizposters I’m all ears. The only woman I’ve be able to find that has genuinely interesting tinfoils is Dystopian Deepdives, and some nonnies on this thread.
Nonnie…there is 0 chance he would ever visit lolcow dot fart. He writes mildly compelling posts about literally every topic under the sun, and they vary in the amount of schizophrenia, so why make it an instant ban? He fucking tries to debunk every famous person that’s ever existed with a Google search. It’s absurdly funny, why are you seething? Are you the newest glowfag intern that gets to browse female image boards kek

No. 1669654

Samefagging, but I also went on /x/ a lot for a period of time and that’s not where I first found moids shilling him, it was on /pol/ probably around 2020 because I was interested in covid and vaccine tinfoils. He thinks people are literally dying by the millions, which is objectively wrong, but I’ll use links he cites to do my own research, like I would with literally any other cite like wikispooks. I don’t have strong opinions about any of the most common scrote conspiracies they sperg about nonstop on /pol/ and even Reddit, I just like to read other people’s ideas. Then again this is the tinfoil thread so I should expect paranoia

No. 1669696

File: 1692459041183.jpeg (145.29 KB, 1280x1946, reviewofbooks.or.jpeg)

I'm reading a book called Desperate Remedies, it's about early psychiatry and the butchery that psychiatrists committed on helpless people. One of these doctors was a man named Henry Cotton, who was just mutilating people on account of his stupid theory that infection was causing mental illness. Eventually, people started to complain and wanted it investigated, so they went to his mentor, who was also a powerful psychiatrist, to investigate it. The mentor said, 'I don't have time to do this, but I'll send my assistant,' who was a young woman named Phyllis Greenacre. She studied what he was doing and came back saying, 'This guy's just killing and mutilating people, and it's not doing anything. Nobody's being cured.' Phyllis Greenacre was in this position with Henry Cotton, who was an important man and much older and well-established than she was, and her boss (Adolf Meyer), who was Cotton's mentor, sided with him as well. For three days, they met over this report that Greenacre put forward, and he just bullied her to change this report. Cotton then just straight up threatened her and children but she did not budge. Cotton was eventually fired over this, but the fact that it took this much time and people died and had their lives ruined over this is just proof of how easily "science"(especially shaky science like psychiatry) can be used to cause real harm, we see this with modern troonism.

No. 1669734

File: 1692461873975.jpeg (55.66 KB, 501x600, IMG_0682.jpeg)

An anon suspected to be Miles hijacked one of the conversations about Jim Carrey here and tried to claim Cathriona White's death was a satanist hoax.

Never forgive and never forget vile scrotes who make women's pain about their own esoteric delusions.

No. 1669773

File: 1692466357198.jpeg (8.73 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

Some threads ago I posted my very own schizo theory and I think it's actually becoming reality faster than I thought. My theory proposed that LC was being used as a lab to create and test the new female juvenile archetype, that this archetype and its components would be shilled in masses by the powers to the next generations, and that LC would soon turn into a mainstream site much like 4chan in the upcoming years. We have already seen instances of tiktokers and twitterfags declaring themselves "femcels" and even "lurkers" but yesterday, my 7yo sister and even two of my nieces got several tiktoks on their FYPs about "lolcows", not only the content itself surprised me as my young relatives don't even know who all these people are (old cows like Chris-chan, doomencio, pixitery, etc), but the digestible formats they're presented and the use of several "codewords" we also use here as well intrigued me. These videos got sizeable amounts of likes too. I'm actually baffled, not only because TikTok is the biggest app atm which implies this content will reach thousands with ease, but the fact that there are normies trying to spread the concept of "lolcows" and "drama boards" through easily digestible, girly formats such as "aesthetics" and "style boards", which indicates very young women or even teens and tweens (like my sister and nieces) are in fact the target demographic of this experiment. Mind you, I don't use TikTok, and I've never talked to my sister about lolcows, this content just reached their FYPs spontaneously

No. 1669779

well, time to move boards once again

No. 1669782

Fucking hate those TikTok retards bringing droves or yards and children in

No. 1669795

my father is a 33rd degree and i never understood why he LARPed as a knights templar. thanks for the informative op pic, i always just thought it was just a weird hobby. only thing i would add is that the shriners (i.e. shriners hospital for children) is comprised of 32nd degree masons, they raise money for and fund the hospital, and also wear weird little fez caps

No. 1669808

Do you browse LC on the same network as their deivces are on? That could be why they are getting "lolcow" content.

No. 1669815

We're ahead of the curve. Which I guess means society is fucked. I don't want girls to look up to this site. Women like me aren't worth looking up to. I'm literally here because I'm mentally fucked, mega dysmorphic, have a stalker who won't let me exist online without fear, immature, and struggle to move on with my life. My life fucking sucks and nobody should be like me.

What's even sadder is that I understand why women and girls would resort to using a site like lolcow or adapting the overall cynical mindset its users have, because it's easier to do that than pursue vile specimens of modern men who idolize Andrew Taint and other pustules. Everyone's getting more maladjusted, and I'm not saying it in a tradthotty cynical far right way, I'm saying it from the perspective of economic disaster, corporate takeover and watching the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. From even my very lefty perspective, things aren't getting better, the world is burning. The future is bleak. No wonder kids these days are so angry. I miss the days when I wasn't glued to a screen. Technology gave us the gift of communication and information advancement and look what we're fucking using it for. stupider, fatter and lazier.

No. 1669867

Good I hope more women peak and that women controlled forums/imageboards subreddits etc garner more attention in the mainstream. I don't see the point of gatekeeping if new users adjust to board culture, mods will deal with children. If LC became mainstream it would only serve to peak women in more ways than one. Maybe not completely e.g on males and their and violent biology but on troons at the very least which can only help women.

>What's even sadder is that I understand why women and girls would resort to using a site like lolcow or adapting the overall cynical mindset its users have, because it's easier to do that than pursue vile specimens of modern men who idolize Andrew Taint and other pustules.
I truly extend my sympathy for you and your struggle, especially being stalked by a rapeape it fucking sucks, but this is not FDS. And this website is not a sanctuary for horny heterosexual women to live in denial about the violence of male biology.

>Technology gave us the gift of communication and information advancement and look what we're fucking using it for. stupider, fatter and lazier.

Learning resources are open to your disposal. There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of resources to learn anything you want right now available to you. Yes, our dopaminergic receptors are fried from a decade of advetising and soft propaganda but if your only goal in life is to fuck a penis, literally buy a dildo. I don't know how you'd describe yourself as "leftist", unless you mean spouting liberal feminist mystical female woowoo about how you somehow need a Nigel and projecting this on all other women. That's hardly "leftist" just living in denial of reality.

You are discrediting the good of the internet in favor of only seeing rapeape male content and fantasising about having a rapeape of your own. An excellent example of the breadth of the internet is this site and all women-run websites and forums that allow this kind of discussion to proceed without harassment and threats. Hearing the opinions of other women here is vindicating and highly peaking. I suppose I'm also an oldfag, I'm baffled as to why anyone would be against this and any other forum for open discussion among women spreading. You act as if this sites only purpose is to be FDS2.0 when theres highly peaking troon content here that would only benefit mankind if all women and girls were exposed to.

No. 1669912

After he shilled himself so hard last time and made no effort to cover the fact it was him, it might be worth mentioning in /meta/. Mathis gives me Buffalo Bill vibes, I don't want to share my tinfoil blanket with him.

>there is 0 chance he would ever visit lolcow
He's been here before, only leaving after we clowned on him. But I wouldn't put it past him returning if he learned how to integrate better. Also, anon wasn't seething, most of us are just sick of hearing about this faggot.

He even wrote about how serial killers like Ted Bundy are being faked to demonise straight white men, and how this has effected his attempts at dating. He's fucking deranged and seemingly refuses to admit that women are at constant threat from moids because everything's a misandrist psyop according to him.

No. 1669915

>He even wrote about how serial killers like Ted Bundy are being faked to demonise straight white men, and how this has effected his attempts at dating. He's fucking deranged and seemingly refuses to admit that women are at constant threat from moids because everything's a misandrist psyop according to him.

kek what a fucking loser

No. 1670226

Is there a list of cases like this and >>1669167 where a person plays an instrumental role at two different events?
Nta but you can also sometimes spot him (or a moid shill) here when he brings up a “gender war” specifically, claiming that publicizing male violence is propaganda to pit women and men against each other. How fucking stupid do you have to be to think that men’s proclivity to murder, rape, and other acts of violence/evil is some massive psyop?

No. 1670319

>Topkek at thinking Lolcow is a safe space for women when it’s probably being infiltrated by glowie women and troons as we speak.
Women-only spaces are no longer safe and the internet is dead.

No. 1670533

AYRT, I've seen the "gender war" posts and they always make me chuckle. If men want to stop this "war" then they maybe they could stop raping, beating and murdering women? Just a small suggestion from my silly little woman brain. Sometimes I wonder if the celebricows transvestigators are him and/or his shills as he does have articles saying JFK and Henry VIII were gay, so I wouldn't put it past him thinking every entertainer is a troon.

No. 1671463

File: 1692603465897.png (340.55 KB, 602x699, capture.png)

There is something really sick going on with this war.

No. 1671535

As someone who's disabled, it's super insulting that people think making disability "sexy" is the best thing you could do for acceptance. I've seen a lot of this rhetoric creeping up in recent years (slight tangent, but you see this with fat acceptance too), but to see it applied to soldiers who've lost limbs in war… I'm speechless. The west's boner for Ukraine is really bizarre.

No. 1671545

>the wests boner for ukraine
They like seeing people die. Thats it. If you see a nations men dying and women getting into sexwork because of war but instead of offering them help, you tell them how empowering it is to be left disabled or have to become a prostitute in a foreign country, you're just helping their demise.

No. 1671548

File: 1692611831968.jpg (193.58 KB, 1125x1129, 6dbaa146bf4d68.jpg)

>There is something really sick going on with this war

No. 1671560

The fact that covid stopped being a thing right around the time the war started was not a coincidence.

No. 1671614


Agreed. Covid went from being the biggest, scariest, most awful thing ever to a mere memory. It didn't even fade out, it just stopped being a thing abruptly. No case number reports, no local coverage of any outbreaks, no mask politics, it all just disappeared. I guess covid and the lockdowns served its purpose and now we're ready for the next step; whatever that may be.

No. 1671672

Am I allowed to say that I think the virus was just the common cold rebranded and the vaccine was the killshot?

No. 1671949

Say what you wanna say, nona. There are some anons here who will ree at you for not conforming to their specific conspiracy theories, but just ignore those retards. The tinfoil thread is for tinfoil, regardless of whether or not we all agree on it. On topic, I've had covid and I've had two vaccines. Although covid was worse for me than a common cold, it was the vaccines that made me much sicker and gave me longer lasting effects. There is a link between the common cold and covid though. There was a place in England called the Common Cold Unit at Harvard hospital in Wiltshire. It was a place where they experimented on people, I had a close family member sent there as a child, and they happened to discover the first coronavirus there. A lot of dodgy stuff went on in that neck of the woods. A stone's throw away from the CCU is a place called Porton Down, where they experimented on soldiers with nerve agents. I think the fact that the first discovery of a coronavirus happened so close to Porton Down, a military facility, is very fishy.

No. 1672064

File: 1692650131210.jpeg (338.65 KB, 750x794, 04402BD4-D7CF-43AF-B7DF-85B008…)

COVID-19 part 2.

No. 1672073

Honestly I hope it's true because I want remote work back in full flush again. Fuck offices.

No. 1672078

Aw fuck me, I knew this would happen.

No. 1672082

Electricity is soul/Spirit

No. 1672086


No. 1672114

ATP is the powerhouse of the cell

No. 1672144

Kek. I'm looking for a new job at the moment and my main question during the interview is always asking about how they handled remote work during the pandemic and how they are prepared in case for another lockdown by covid or other means in the future. I only ask this of companies that have made everyone come back to the office full-time and they never fail to give me a confused look and a nervous laughter, most of them stating that the likelihood of it happening is so low they're not taking it into account. I hope they're right, of course, but the thought of these people being forced to handle it unprepared yet again is a small comfort.

No. 1672479

File: 1692669941067.jpg (75.07 KB, 891x774, IMG_20230821_215348.jpg)

No. 1672550

Lmao they're going to do this every election year now. WFH here I come yet again. Offices are dead. DEAD. I will never have to smell a coworker's bad breath again! Fuck your RTO, fuck your corporate real estate. We're back, baby!

No. 1672734

I actually got corona. It was kinda weird actually having it, but I have legitimately had fevers that felt worse. The vaccine didn't make me worse, but I did feel slight pain in my arm and drowsiness that lasted for a full week until I got better.

No. 1672805

Having a UTI was worse than the virus for me. I expected shots and boosters to make me bedridden afterwards but I just felt normal with a sore arm for up to a week like you. Which is weird because I was eating completely like trash uninhibited while also being sedentary, so very unhealthy, you would expect my sort of demographic to handle it worse.

No. 1672830

i got covid allegedly, felt like a normal flu. my ears got super stuffy.
2nd shot of vax made me puke blood, and i was almost blatantly told to leave the emergency department when i told the triage nurse it started after the vax, after i had spluttered blood onto the floor and in a sick bag. she rolled her eyes at me and was like oh well were really busy so youre going to be waiting hours at best. went home and recovered on my own over a period of a couple of weeks, at first keeping down only gatorade.
downright one of the most bizarre situations ive ever experienced, genuinely broke something in my brain and i became extremely paranoid afterwards. to the point where my regular doctor prescribed antipsychotics (didnt take them, the paranoia was at least good for something). still havent recovered from how much that experience damaged my worldview; nearly everyone in my extended family is medical in some way or another (mostly doctors but nurses and pharmas as well) and i grew up feeling like the medical institution cared about patients and strived for people to be well. illusion instantly shattered.
it was also chilling to watch how much said family members' opinions changed with the news propaganda cycles, even though none of them are very plugged in. i remember one saying even as late as mid 2020 that she didnt consider it any worse than a mild flu, and advising me not to accept vaccination as they would be rushed through trial phases and potentially unsafe. by the end of the year she was hysterical about the pandemic apocalypse and mass graves in new york city and crematoriums unable to keep up with demand. and god forbid i questioned the vaccine by then, she'd call me a suppressive person in more or less words lol. she ended up being one of those multiple "booster" people. when i told her about my vax reaction she brushed it off as something else probably happening coincidentally and implied i was psychotic when i mentioned how the triage nurse behaved.

sorry for beating a dead topic, i just havent really reflected on everything that happened since that time. looking back on it i feel like alice peering through the fucking looking glass into crazytown.

No. 1672833

Interesting, I didnt know about any of that England stuff anon.

No. 1672840

I believe this. Ties in nicely with that fun little theory about demonic circuitry sigils.
I like going into the office ngl… I dont go near enough to my coworkers to smell their breath, they respect my autism and dont approach me kek

No. 1672859

The vaccines are gene therapy designed to replace our immune system so we will have to get monthly boosters to not get sick. This way the doses can be adjusted for whatever chemicals/toxins they put in our food/water/air. The results of experimenting on us will be used to work out how to treat/cure certain illnesses/poisonings so that they can either live better longer or their progeny can be the new children of Noah’s ark type nonsense. (I know that last part sounds hyperbolic but when you hear them talk about themselves and their ideas you’d think they thought they were prophets of the gods or some shit. No sir, you are not the smartest person alive, the most evil for now but not the smartest.

No. 1672880

Damn nonnie, that fucking sucks! The thing about your family not being particularly plugged in is really interesting, it goes to show how easily influenced people are by those around them and how important it is to never shut up. The moment everyone sits down in obedient silence will be a sad endless moment.

No. 1672884

did anyone's grandparents who got the covid shot + boosters become weird lately? both my grandparents and my friends' grandma have been showing signs of extreme forgetfulness, even tho alzheimers isn't prevalent in either of our families. all of them got vaccinated around the same time, and all of them are showing signs of weird brain deterioration right now. i know getting old comes with its quirks but i've met my great grandparents and none of them were like this when they were this old… just wondering if it is a coincidence or if i should start folding my tinfoil hat.

No. 1672910

Thank god I didn't take that shit. Everyone called me crazy and people were telling me I deserved to die or get raped or other awful things. But I stuck to my guns. I never get any medical treatment until it's been out in the general population for at least 10 years so I can see if there are side effects. I think it's those commercials that affected me, you know the, "if you or a loved one took [whatever pill] and were affected with [long list of horrifying complications] or death, call [lawfirm] now!"

mob psychology is terrifying. people acted so crazy. now you never hear the vax mentioned at all.

No. 1672924

The species needs people like you on the off chance the rest of us fucked up kek, imagine if humanity did the same thing all at once and it killed us all, that’s be crazy! Someone has to say no.

No. 1672929

no, grandma has been crazy for a long time now.

No. 1673158

The reason it may not show in your great grandparents but is in your grand parents is because of generational differences. Your grandparents generation is when processed foods and TV became normalized and that has a big impact on how people's brains develop and change. Do you grandparents enjoy watching TV for long periods of time? Do they enjoy sweets? My great grandmother was sharp as a tack right up until the end but my grandma who loves fudge cookies and watching Murder, She Wrote and Columbo every day is starting to slip.

No. 1673657

can someone explain this to me, because when checking usaspending.gov there's a ton of covid-related contracts in 2023 and i'm failing to see how these are any different

No. 1673670

Anon I feel the same way. I never took the vaccine and my family were so insane about it in 2021. Then in 2022 it was like they forgot how stringent they had been. It's unreal how brainwashed people are, and Covid showed me how many of them I couldn't actually trust.

No. 1673737

>demonic circuitry sigils
whoa whoa whoa tell me more

No. 1673759

I second this..! That sounds so interesting..

No. 1674039

File: 1692768103746.jpeg (237.96 KB, 750x784, BD7F96C6-5BE4-40E2-81A8-5603CB…)

So this is really happening again?

No. 1674110

ayrt im jealous, i was living in an australian city infamous for how totalitarian it got at the time, and it was impossible to leave unvaxxed. plus, if i hadnt relented and gotten both shots i would not have been able to finish my degree or kept my job. they even started checking for vaccine certificates at supermarkets/grocery stores at one point. there was so much uncalled for police violence against people not wearing masks. and now its like everyones just forgotten it ever happened.

No. 1674113

File: 1692771837562.png (1.28 MB, 910x1180, Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 4.17…)

It's kind of an /x/ meme idea, but still. Makes you think.

No. 1674163

File: 1692775176707.jpg (284.45 KB, 924x1228, 37_Lyndon_Johnson_3x4.jpg)

Any tinfoils on LBB? I was reading about him. LBJ, upon signing the 1965 immigration bill, stated that it would not a revolutionary bill and will not reshape our daily lives or affect millions of people. If the true impact of the bill had been honestly presented to the American people in 1965, both black and white would have voted against it by an overwhelming majority. These policies, were passed by deceiving or undermining the democratic will of the voting public. some academics acknowledge this lying as a necessary evil.

No. 1674169

When I saw this on the front page I was really worried that someone had posted that pic in the unconventional attractions thread in /g/

No. 1674176

There's no way that would go over easy, at least where I live. The virus is no longer this scary new thing and everyone realizes it's not that harmful by now. People are sick and tired of relenting control over their lives because of covid rules and there will be too many refusing to cooperate for this to work.

No. 1674217

Anything to distract from increasing inflation of prices. They can try but people are so over this by now.

No. 1674228

Speaking in general regarding the immigration, its such a massive psy-op that pretty much everyone fails for. Throughout history no population has experienced consistent natural growth through reproduction in one place for more than a few decades, maybe a single century at most. Consistent growth over centuries has only occurred when populations acquired new environments and resources through conquest. In the past, populations might have experienced a slowdown in growth before stabilizing and adapting to changing conditions. Nowadays, a declining population is seen as the worst thing for the economy(it is for the factory owners and elites). So, large numbers of immigrant workers are needed to supplement the population and keep the system going. Regardless of the cost, the number of immigrants needs to increase, and that's why we're in this situation. The idea of a "worker shortage" is a myth spread by companies to flood the job market with migrants and keep wages low. Without migrants, workers would have the upper hand, forcing companies to raise wages or go out of business. But bringing in more migrants as a compensation will only delay the collapse, as these migrants will eventually have the same fertility rates as locals.

No. 1674451

Most of the immigrants coming in illegally by boat and being catered to by the British government above the wishes and priorities of the people are men of fighting age.
My tinfoil is that they are planning to lock us down again soon, and they will use these guys to police us.
They can't rely on people snitching on each other like last time because so many saw through the bullshit.

No. 1674668

Just in time. I'm being put forward for two in office jobs because I can't score a remote job. Another pandemic round will fuck these RTO middle manager dickheads in their crusty asses and get me my comfy wfh.

Covid is a psyop but it's a psyop that benefits me. Hopefully they halt the student loans again, too.
Yeah, yeah, they'll refuse to cooperate, they won't fall for it again, sure. Bullshit. When they came out with the ukraine psyop the same people were ganging up to attack local Russian-ethnics, ban russian vodka from stores and russian blue cats from cat competitions (this actually happened). They'll fall for it again. They'll obey the govt again. The majority of people are braindead. the only thing that stopped the covid hysteria was the Canadian truckers. No one talks about them, everyone forgot. If not for the truckers we'd still be in masks getting booster #12.
It really is all a distraction from the economic troubles. The chickens have come home to roost on reaganist fiscal policies. We suffer for the sins of our grandparents. Every aspect of modern life is unsustainable and that unsustainability is at its breaking point right now. The banks are failing, the economy is about to go turbo great depression.

No. 1674697

File: 1692813571962.jpg (162.84 KB, 900x739, ab237502.jpg)

I think it's more that certain liberals (who are usually part of the wealthy upper classes) will support anything simply because it's the opposite of what their designated enemies claim is good (these groups don't even have to practice it, they just have to say it). These people are, by and large, complete Idiots who don't actually have an ideology but treat politics like sports. in an ideal world, these people would have very little effect on politics. Sadly, they have a lot of influence in mostly Academia and Journalism and so we get shit like picrel spouted unironically.

No. 1674854

Honestly, I don't trust the push to use formula. We know how bad processed food is, so God knows what formula will do to a kid. Also, I hate the censoring of the breast in the picture. Not only are they calling you a right-winger for breastfeeding, they're also subtly implying that breasts are a sexual organ, not something there to sustain life. I fucking hate journos so much.

No. 1674893

Just in time for the elections.

No. 1674941

File: 1692824656134.jpeg (447.04 KB, 750x1284, IMG_3903.jpeg)

The mercenary chief that was gonna kill Putin is now dead. My immediate thought is that the plane was definitely tampered with ahead of time. For uninformed nonnies it was small and had like 10 people aboard. Small plane crashes happen more often than jetliner crashes but there usually are survivors with non-fatal injuries. My suspicion is probably also because of the 1999 apartment bombings (a planned “terrorist” attack by the government to influence elections) which Putin definitely knew of and used to his benefit in his first presidential election.

No. 1674950

kek, this is even more obvious han epstein's """""""suicide"""""""

No. 1675076

I’m fine with wearing masks and still do sometimes when I’m going somewhere crowded. I’m glad covid normalized face coverings cause before covid you’d get treated like a criminal for wearing a mask in the west.

No. 1675104

nonna this is not a tinfoil, everybody knows putin killed him kek

No. 1675550

File: 1692862122839.jpg (164.62 KB, 1290x1385, IMG-1856.jpg)

As soon as AI art became a thing, I fucking knew this was gonna happen

No. 1675553

this is so fucking retarded because studies show that watching extreme/child porn makes you MORE LIKELY to offend. i don’t trust any creeps that defend this line of thinking. why would exposing an addict to heroin make them more likely to not use heroin? same as pedophiles and child porn

No. 1675556

File: 1692862726742.jpeg (239.24 KB, 1125x1417, IMG_5488.jpeg)

Why is Vice constantly talking about how good ketamine is? https://www.vice.com/en/article/5d9yg5/ketamine-mdma-couples-therapy

No. 1675606

I don't enjoy living in the same timeline as pedo pandering and trannies.

No. 1675609

Here's the actual article

>NOW THAT GENERATIVE AI models can produce photorealistic, fake images of child sexual abuse, regulators and child safety advocates are worried that an already-abhorrent practice will spiral further out of control. But lost in this fear is an uncomfortable possibility—that AI-generated child sexual material could actually benefit society in the long run by providing a less harmful alternative to the already-massive market for images of child sexual abuse.

>The growing consensus among scientists is that pedophilia is biological in nature, and that keeping pedophilic urges at bay can be incredibly difficult. “What turns us on sexually, we don’t decide that—we discover that,” said psychiatrist Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the Johns Hopkins Sex and Gender Clinic and an expert on paraphilic disorders. “It’s not because [pedophiles have] chosen to have these kinds of urges or attractions. They’ve discovered through no fault of their own that this is the nature of what they’re afflicted with in terms of their own sexual makeup … We’re talking about not giving into a craving, a craving that is rooted in biology, not unlike somebody who’s having a craving for heroin.”

>THERE IS GOOD reason to see AI-generated imagery as the latest negative development in the fight against child sexual abuse. Regulators and law enforcement already comb through an enormous amount of images every day attempting to identify victims, according to a recent paper by the Stanford Internet Observatory and Thorn. As AI-generated images enter the sphere, it becomes harder to discern which images include real victims in need of help. Plus, AI-generated images rely on the likenesses of real people or real children as a starting point, which, if the images retain those likenesses, is abuse of a different nature. (That said, AI does not inherently need to train on actual child porn to develop a simulated version of it, but can instead combine training on adult pornography with its training on the likenesses of children.)

>Finding a practical method of discerning which images are real, which images are of real people put into fake circumstances, and which images are fake altogether is easier said than done. The Thorn report claims that within a year it will become significantly easier for AI to generate images that are essentially indistinguishable from real images. But this could also be an area where AI might play a role in solving a problem it has created. AI can be used to distinguish between different forms of content, thereby aiding law enforcement, according to Rebecca Portnoff, head of data science at Thorn. For example, regulators could require AI companies to embed watermarks in open-source generated image files, or law enforcement could use existing passive detection mechanisms to track the origin of image files.
>When it comes to the generated images themselves, not everyone agrees that satisfying pedophilic urges in the first place can stem them in the long run.
>“Child porn pours gas on a fire,” said Anna Salter, a psychologist who specializes in the profiles of high-risk offenders. In Salter’s and other specialists’ view, continued exposure can reinforce existing attractions by legitimizing them, essentially whetting viewers’ appetites, which some offenders have indicated is the case. And even without that outcome, many believe that viewing simulated immoral acts harms the actor’s own moral character, and thus perhaps the moral fabric of society as well. From that perspective, any inappropriate viewing of children is an inherent evil, regardless of whether a specific child is harmed. On top of that, the potential normalization of those viewings can be considered a harm to all children.

>Still, satisfying pedophilic urges without involving a real child is obviously an improvement over satisfying them based on a real child’s image. While the research is inconclusive, some pedophiles have revealed that they rely on pornography to redirect their urges and find an outlet that does not involve physically harming a child—suggesting that, for those individuals, AI-generated child pornography actually could stem behavior that would hurt a real child.

>As a result, some clinicians and researchers have suggested that AI-generated images can be used to rehabilitate certain pedophiles, by allowing them to gain the sexual catharsis they would otherwise get from watching child pornography from generated images instead, or by practicing impulse management on those images so that they can better control their urges. And with more resources for treatment available and less stigma attached to them, more pedophiles might feel prepared to seek help in the first place.
>In addition, some of most widespread fears about the risk of AI-generated child porn misunderstand the nature of pedophilia. First, there is no evidence that individuals without pedophilic proclivities will become interested in viewing child pornography merely because it becomes accessible in an AI-generated form. Then there is the gateway fear: If virtual imagery of child sexual abuse is enabled, is that not the first step toward hands-on offenses? What about the temptations posed for those who would not otherwise watch child pornography in the first place?
>While there is a correlation between viewing child pornography and committing hands-on offenses, the scientific research on the topic does not indicate that the former causes the latter. “It’s very clear there is a group of individuals for whom looking at these images is a voyeuristic interest and an end in and of itself, not a gateway to something more severe,” said Berlin. “People who are looking at child pornography who are also going to approach a child sexually—the reason that group is looking at child pornography is they already have an interest in being sexual with a child.”
>Ultimately, AI-generated child pornography could act as a form of harm reduction, a philosophy that underlies many public health policies. It is similar to the logic, for example, behind needle exchange programs for individuals suffering from drug addiction: Because we cannot stop drug use wholesale, it serves society to find ways to ensure that consumption occurs safely. This is not a perfect analogy, and it is understandably a tough sell to transfer this framework to a subject as horrific as images depicting the abuse of children, especially without studies demonstrating the effects of controlled viewings of AI-generated child pornography. But our rightful contempt for child pornography should not prevent us from considering the possibility that fake forms of such images could stand as an improvement over abuse.

No. 1675614

Where's the study they did in genetics to find biomarkers for pedophilia? How did they discover those indicators? Did they also discover the gay gene? Big if true.

No. 1675616

>there's no evidence
>no studies to suggest
>while there's a correlation between watching pedophilic content and committing sexual assault, this does not imply causation
>consider the possibility
So they're admitting they have literally no evidence to back up this horrendous take. Someone should check this guy's laptop, any sane person knows that normalizing pedophilia + making content featuring it is a fucking AWFUL idea.

No. 1675617

There was an excellent tumblr post about how they had predicted that pedophilia would become normalized and realistic AI child porn was essential to the catalysis.

No. 1675619

As a medfag, I think most medfags would recommend drugs that kill libido instead of abuse material to those who get aroused by abuse. We all know how normalization and desensitization work, if someone constantly views abusive material they'll be much more likely to try and reenact the abuse they view. That's why pornsick men abuse their partners or do dangerous stuff like sucking off stranger men, etc. because they've normalized those acts after being exposed to them hundreds of times in the media they consume.
In here, they even give libido killing medicine to soldiers secretly so that the soldiers won't be able to commit sexual crimes while serving, I don't see why they can't do the same for pedos or zoophiles.

No. 1675621

If anyone has that post, could you please post it? I've been looking for it.

No. 1675622

File: 1692869829818.png (359.44 KB, 506x2920, 1647667479900.png)

No. 1675623

thank you

No. 1675634

Fucking scary. I can see this happening, they're already trying to act like banning children from drag and burlesque shows and tje death penalty for pedophiles is somehow an attack on lgbtq rights. I see the opinion on reddit that "normalizing pedophilia will actually make there be less sexual assault on minors because then they will seek help" I got accused of DIRECTLY harming minors because I shamed pedophilia. 3 years ago the opinion on reddit was pedophiles should be burned at the stake, idk if this new stuff is astroturfed in or if it's due to the insane increase in cp consumption during lockdown( https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9619045/amp/Paedophile-threat-tripled-year-child-pornography-use-soars-lockdown.html ) either way it's so transparent what these opinions are actually disguising

No. 1675646

see my point here >>1674697 they only think in terms of retarded culture war, they think just because people on the "bad side" are against this shit, they have to support it and force it, as much as they can.

No. 1675772

No one:

No. 1675929

Are you retarded? Minors can't get into clubs or bars to see dragshows. It's never been legal.

No. 1675940

Did these pedos forgot those AI generated children are based off millions of non consenting pictures of real children?

No. 1675946

File: 1692895997288.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20230824-125410.png)

In my experience, the women who parrot this are simply ignorant and believe this to be true. The men who parrot this are porn rotted and have ulterior motives. That is just my personal experience though.
You haven't seen the videos then yet. Children are being taken to drag shows and some are being openly groomed. It's bizarre. Plus, if it's always been illegal for children to go to drag shows, then it will affect zero people if we make it illegal to take children to drag shows.
I don't have the video on my phone, but I have seen child drag stars dancing on stage at a strip club and grown men putting dollar bills into their bras and panties.

No. 1675948

File: 1692896015121.png (887.83 KB, 1418x721, F1hePo5z_4Z0V.png)

This already happened with The 'Kentler Project'
>'Kentler Project' in West Berlin placed homeless children with pedophile men, assuming they'd make ideal foster parents.
The logic was essentially that 'those fascists and Stalinists were opposed to paedophilia,' and so paedophiles could raise children who would embody the opposite of those ideals. Tragically, this moronic experiment proved to be an utter failure, resulting in the rape and molestation of numerous vulnerable children. And rather than facing the consequences of their actions, those responsible for this abomination chose to conceal the truth, driven by their fear that acknowledging the end results would tarnish their ideology and contribute to homophobia.

No. 1676072

I don't think it even matters. It's like saying "oh, it is okay to watch staged snuff films for hours for fun to prevent you from going out and killing real humans". You are still desensitizing your brain towards violence, whatever that is. No human with a healthy conscious would think that shit like this is okay. Show any normie loli stuff and tell them adult men jerk off to that shit and they will tell you that those men are pedophiles. Police officers/FBI agents who have to review horrible content to get some horrible people locked up usually develop trauma of some kind which make them aggressive towards their spouses and children, and they usually become alcoholics too. Normal people who work in slaughterhouses develop PTSD too. You don't even need studies to prove that repeatedly seeing traumatic shit will do a number on your brain. That's just common sense. Normal individuals will develop PTSD, depression, anxiety etc. while depraved ones will evolve their depravity. There's a reason why, back in the day, owning a lot of porn was usually seen as suspicious. Reading back files of past serial killers, copious amounts of pornography are always found in their homes. Porn is usually brought up in their psych assessments too. I've unfortunately realized that the majority of people who defend this whole rhetoric are almost always on the spectrum. Just like with the tranny bullshit. We honestly need to cull autists.

No. 1676202

I’m just so scared to have a child, especially a female. It’s so normalized now to just put your child’s face online. It’s so normalized to post anything online concerning your children. It’s so normalized to have children dress in the same adult clothing as women, and wear makeup to appear more attractive. It’s normalized to have your child talk to adults online with TikTok and Instagram. It’s so terrifying. Even if you raise your child well and try your best to keep those bad things away, they learn from other kids about these things, pedophilia is becoming normal and I’m scared as fuck

No. 1676204

It'll never be normalized.
That'd unfortunately turn them on more, anon. They're litetal rapists in the making.

No. 1676214

one would think germans would be more ashamed of this than nazis, but hey…

No. 1676567

File: 1692944117927.png (1.75 MB, 1104x1426, 4557afc89d6bb6.png)

saw this recently and also wondering, how accurate this maybe.

No. 1676612

You're retarded, this is already a thing with degenerate artists. What we should really talk about is corporations monetizing AI moderation by harvesting cheese pizza.

No. 1676651

You don't have to bring another tragedy into it and minimize it. Why are schizos very likely to minimize nazism and it's evil? Don't you realize that autists, schizos, neets and the likes would've also been sent to labor camps back then?

No. 1676803

File: 1692966471082.jpg (81.53 KB, 500x675, 8491787b9dda8692f339da84a3928f…)

Deodorants akshually make you smellier in the long run by blocking your pores. I swear I smell 100% better when I just est right and use a salt stone

No. 1676804

One time i bought some eco friendly skin friendly deodorat and i used it for like a moth. It worked for 5 hours which is fine, but when i stopped using it my sweat smelled like the deodorant but it worst way possible for year and a half!

No. 1676846

not me. mediterranean genetics mean i smell like onions unless i scrub my underarms twice a day.

No. 1676906

Same. I switched to using salt rock deodorant years ago. I used to be able to smell the sweat on myself after a hard work out, now I hardly smell at all. My clothes never smell of sweat either. The only downside is that I've found that in order for salt rock deodorant to work I need to shave my armpits.

No. 1677679

I just realized that America always calls its enemies "dictatorships" and its rulers "dictators", accusing them of doing the very same things it does (but in secret), and then everyone who only reads US government-approved western media takes it all as fact even when it's literally made up bullshit

No. 1677791

Weren't there cases where even castrated men still engaged in their fetish despite not being able to get off to it physically? You see it with post "bottom surgery" TIMs where they still consume porn and so on.

No. 1678107

I'm late to the party because I haven't read news/scrolled social media in days. What the hell happened in Maui??

No. 1678109

>You see it with post "bottom surgery" TIMs where they still consume porn and so on
Kevin Gibes is a pretty infamous example, a lot of trannies somehow become even more degenerate after the dickchop. Overcompensation for not being able to actually coom anymore? Maybe that's why "gooning" (edging yourself into extreme degeneracy for the sake of it) is also popular among troons

No. 1678117

That's why medfags need to take the L and accept that the only cure for noncery is a bullet.

No. 1678120

No. 1678133

A fire that doesn't burn blue umbrellas and blue tshirts but burns everything around them huh

No. 1678143

is this it? im breastfeeding and have this problem since i started

No. 1678152

Same for me. It's incredible how much better the scent of my sweat became when I eliminated sugar, caffeine and gluten from my diet. Unfortunately I'm a weak willed bitch and I always go back to shitty diet after 1 month…

No. 1678196

the level of delusion in this thread is genuinely fascinating

No. 1679308

File: 1693150890267.png (656.69 KB, 600x1240, Screenshot.png)

So in the last few years, I have noticed this sort of "narrative" being pushed by mainstream anthropologists, that Europeans thousands of years ago were all brown and black and so there's absolutely no reason to oppose unchecked immigration. The problem with these narratives is that they are fundamentally nonsensical and will only give more people reason to distrust academia. The first pic, for example, is almost impossible. In a tribal population group that level of phenotypical diversity is all but impossible. Another thing is that while it's true that people were brownish-skinned then, compared to modern European, they were still the same population. They just changed and adapted over time.
Like I understand the intention, but this is going to do more harm than good for the people promoting this

No. 1679340

I agree that it doesn't do what it's intended. To me it makes immigration seem like a worse idea because Europeans evolved pale skin and other adaptations so they could survive in Europe's climate. Introducing people with dark skin into Europe is going to create an unhealthy population that's chronically deficient in vitamin D. In some immigrant populations their children are already suffering with rickets.

No. 1679430

Rickets is easily prevented/treated with vitamin D supplements.

No. 1679815

Then why is it becoming an issue? Europeans don't just have pale skin, they also evolved lactose tolerance so they could consume dairy into adulthood.

No. 1680230

only if the rickets is diagnosed. it's highly underdiagnosed in nonwhite people since one of the early signs in pale skin. if the kid is showing obviously bent legs, they've already been suffering for months or years, and been experiencing the brain fog, emotional stunting and dysregulation, muscle weakness, anhedonia etc. See also the push away from eating foods high in animal derived vitamin D (the one that prevents rickets) and towards everyone, even very dark skinned people, wearing sunscreen every day of the year. Vitamin D supplements have also skyrocketed in price recently, so the people who need them most are unlikely to be taking them. Sage to avoid starting another sunscreen war.

No. 1680252

File: 1693221655568.jpg (27.72 KB, 460x690, 1616183879780.jpg)

Any actual discussion of these narratives and the implications will be shot down as ultra-mega-racist. But you are correct. To pretend that North European countries were super diverse and totally filled with 'black and brown bodies' back in the day is scientifically and historically illiterate. Personally, I think it's intentionally (or accidentally) a way to deflect the progressive "natives should own their native land" narrative from backfiring in native White countries. If we pretend that there were Asians and Africans in ancient Scandanavia, then there's no reason why we can't import hundreds of thousands of non-assimilating immigrants!

No. 1681837

File: 1693334881617.jpeg (223.92 KB, 1600x900, IMG_3982.jpeg)

I saw this article a bit ago about how recent developments show that Otzi the iceman was actually “dark skinned”. If you look at him, he’s obviously gonna be viewed as “white” by today’s standards but he’s just tanned with sun damage because there was little sun protection back then and humans were outside constantly. Picrel literally reminds me of my distant WASP relatives that live at the beach and have sun-damaged skin as bad as Tan Mom. Those relatives probably have 100 percent British ancestry yet are brown because they spend all day in the sun and on the beach while I’m a super pale person with Mediterranean and some Middle Eastern genes.
This is the article/story btw, they’re all saying he had dark skin

No. 1682377

Reminds me of hoteps using out of context descriptions of the vikings as "tawny skinned"(tanned cause they were sailing over long distances without any sort of skin protection) in old British records, as proof that the Vikings were black.

No. 1682438

Similarly to why “tall dark and handsome” meant dark hair/eyes and healthy skin not super pale but he probably had a tan of some sort from being outside. My favorite is that white people must be stereotyped as pale and can never tan. If they do, they’re black. People out in the sun will get leather skin. It gets dark. It’s frustrating to have so many stories about this and why they can’t accept white people. I don’t get it.

No. 1682531

You mean shit like >>1657772 and as I stated before, the artist doesn't seem to realise that most Asians, Middle Easterners and North Africans also sometimes get "red" when dealing with hot water.

No. 1682552

The artist is probably a white person that doesn't interact with non-whites. People with darker skin blush due to emotion or become red and flushed when hot or doing physical activity just like white people. To imply that non-whites are missing a component of emotional expression and human physiology is quite frankly racist.

No. 1682592

Hell, I'm as black as the "POC" representation and I'll still get a red nose/cheek situation in the cold, and if I've been dealing with hot water or get too embarrassed I'll also get a little flushed. It's less noticable but still noticable enough.

No. 1682869

File: 1693428490173.jpg (717.31 KB, 2227x1227, original.jpg)

My friend has a theory that the government is purposefully letting our economy go to shit so that people join the US military. I kinda believe it because the propaganda commercials aren't gonna work no matter how much they try to make the army seem like Call of Duty or FPS games.

What do we think anons?

No. 1682870

I've always assumed tall dark and handsome was a description used for black men, kek.

No. 1682875

most likely, for some future conflict after their done collecting date from Ukraine.

No. 1682879

File: 1693429181854.jpg (157.31 KB, 1080x1080, F4nWUAmWgAAuzFa.jpg)

I think they have the mentality that "if you tell a big lie long enough, no matter how blatantly untrue it is, people might eventually start believing it and just not question it." This is similar to cases of surrogacy being reported. Every time you see an example of it, everyone from across the political spectrum (with the exception of the most moronic liberals) finds it disgusting and exploitative. Yet, the media only ever shows this positive image of the whole processes. Like picrel, over 200 women from eastern Europe were exploited by a surrogacy and adoption ring. manipulated and coerced into selling their eggs or acting as birth mothers and forced to give away their children and yet the mainstream media choose to present it as a tragedy for the buyers.

No. 1682883

most definitely not, that wouldn't make sense. It's a pretty common and old phrase, and no one in the 20s or even 90s would be suggesting it applies to black men.

No. 1682887

I mean
>Europeans thousands of years ago were all brown and black
maybe wrong
>and so there's absolutely no reason to oppose unchecked immigration.
but this is completely unrelated to that

No. 1682890

File: 1693430573090.jpg (105.12 KB, 779x708, Screenshot 2023-08-30 172507.j…)

It's no unrelated, it's why they keep pushing that. There was viral news about "the first briton was black" and everyone went crazy celebrating that the first britons were POC and so all POC belonged there. Of course the retraction a week later got 0 interest.

No. 1683792

wrong reply

No. 1683793

File: 1693517458832.webm (8.27 MB, 320x568, rkHpHm7Flbs_zTZw.webm)

This has to be deliberate. people are suffering and just want basic necessities at this point.

No. 1683814

I've seen so many videos of this scenario over and over, it's really sad how many families are struggling to survive right now. I've seen some from the UK and other "first-world" countries too so is this a global problem?
There's always some faggot in the comments trying to berate them for being in this situation when 1) everyone is experiencing this atm and 2) these people are clearly already struggling. Oh and for single women who talk about their financial struggles atm there's always incels in the comments hijacking the comments telling each woman to get a boyfriend/husband, which just seems like propaganda by incels. Like a moid living with you and using you as his bangmaid will fix your finances and not substantially increase your stress level (and your probability of being murdered/assaulted).

No. 1684947

>Like a moid living with you and using you as his bangmaid will fix your finances
For real. They'll double your grocery costs even if you have kids, and run up the utilities. And probably damage and break more shit than your actual kids. And make just as many messes to clean up. Reddit has a million stories from women who moved in and somehow ended up with even less of everything.

No. 1685159

File: 1693646238301.jpg (80.56 KB, 850x400, d566c98cebd6bc57a.jpg)

>General Douglas MacArthur (on January 17, 1936, in the presence of over six hundred Master Masons),[9] and Don King,[10] who was raised by Grand Master Odes J. Kyle Jr. of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio.

No. 1685189

American politicians be like
>YOU CANT MURDER THAT INNOCENT CHILD! (talking about abortion)
>fuck you and fuck your child, work 2 or more jobs (talking about living kids)
>looks the other way when a father abandons his family
If abortion is going to be illegal, then being a man abandoning your family should also be illegal. Make him actually pay. You can't force women to have a child she most likely can't raise, especially not on her own, but then not care when the entire other parent decides to skip out on the responsibility entirely with basically 0 consequences.
And then people also have the gall to shame women for not wanting kids. Not to mention politicians that even want contraceptives made illegal as if contraceptives haven't existed since ancient times. The government wants to create a proper, broad lower class to rest their drinks on the heads of I guess.

No. 1685440

I felt this video. the US has terrible worker's rights and we're subject to constant exploitation, no healthcare, unaffordable cost of living, unstable job situations, routine layoffs and firings for no reason at all, rent keeps increasing, no vacations, no holidays, just worked like a slave and ground down. my quality of life has fallen every single year since i was born. every year you get a little poorer despite working harder than ever. every year your wages go a little less, every year you have to give up something else.

all the hot button political issues are a distraction from class consciousness. we need unions.

No. 1686201

File: 1693742240002.jpg (221.74 KB, 688x855, Avu2s8bVAjxwvz.jpg)

feel that somewhere around the end of covid, it just became almost impossible to live out of home anymore. I didn't have any kids or a car, I had an internship and two part-time jobs, and I was living in a one-bedroom apartment with a friend and It still wasn't enough. Both of us had to move back in with our parents within a year. It's just too much. I actually wanted kids at some point, but I don't know if I or anyone I know could afford them.

No. 1686577

You are not immune to propaganda. The video you’re referring to sounds like the debunked deepfake one. I’d encourage you to watch the Some More News video on the drag outrage and realize this whole thing and the gender debate is a reactionary psyop to distract from what’s happening with Blackrock and the IDFs ties to Cop City and other state militarization projects being pushed nationwide.

No. 1686666

Is this the miles math faggot again

No. 1687000

>debunked deepfake one
Source or fuck off, but I do agree that they are creating outrage and manipulating the population in order to distract. But that still doesn't mean they're not also pushing for those things. Not all of it is made up.

No. 1687102

If you have rh- negative blood type, you’re obviously an alien or a sailor scout

No. 1687120

We was rhesus monkeys

No. 1687122

Watching and the comments is just a bunch of autistic people saying it's because of their bloodtype

No. 1687163

File: 1693816601259.jpeg (399.63 KB, 1125x1163, IMG_5579.jpeg)

No. 1687167

Let'em try, I don't care if a troon dies in the process but a real human life could be wasted on this.

No. 1687170

Imagine being born of a tranny. I hate this world.