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File: 1694109796770.jpg (44.74 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-140472910-612x612.…)

No. 1690387

Confused monke edition.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1666376

No. 1690395

File: 1694110220988.jpg (55.26 KB, 1024x1024, aeea5126e3a13ccbf6352b71997c4b…)

Is Japanese mayo really all that different from other countries'? Just saw someone post that Hijikata was right all along.

No. 1690407

Is art education in the East, particularly in Japan and South-Korea differ from Western art education? This is obviously generalisation but to me it seems that the Japanese for instance seem to have a better grasp at drawing from an early age. Not sure if this is because of their different educational system or because their culture is places more focus on visual culture

No. 1690422

Yes it's really different. At least that brand is very different. It's good for fried food but I'd never use it in a salad.

No. 1690459

I just wanted you to know that I hid this thread because the OP image is ugly.

No. 1690474

it's a mirror

No. 1690475

idk abt any of that but its better dexterity maybe, from chopsticks. perhaps being raised in environments where children dont eat glue during art class also contributes. many parents (from personal experience) put their kids in art and music classes outside of school from kindergarten for enrichment. these arent serious private $60/hr classes, but more like group activities that other mothers and older women teach so its also that much more affordable and sets the status quo

No. 1690477

No. 1690479

same nona but also jsyk please dont hypenate South Korea thats just weird and incorrect

No. 1690480

It is, I don't like mayonnaise normally but I love Japanese mayo

No. 1690483

It has a lighter/more delicate taste. It's best for savory dishes or along with other sauces, like okonomiyaki sauce etc etc

I think it's because there's an emphasis on being "neat" from a young age. Also better looking media to copy from, and coloring books tend to be more detailed.

No. 1690488

File: 1694113450339.png (342.72 KB, 512x875, 1687808737141160.png)

there is a misconception by westerners that stuff like anime is all stylization and 0 knowledge, but it's not true. I have seen generic animu moeshit artists recommend Hampton and other academic drawing resources. Basically, the only difference is that Japanese artists actually practice and dont hide behind ''muh style''

No. 1690495

Idk how they even managed to convince themselves of that. It's Westerners who rely heavily on the "muh art style", whilst even the most uninspired coomer shit anime has great art that's aestheticly pleasing and anatomically correct. Anyone with eyes can tell they actually at least studied and practiced with a reference at least once, while western artists rely heavily on the calarts/low effort cartoon styling. If not, they badly emulate the anime art style. What a cope lol

No. 1690500

Does anyone else notice how their food kinda smells like plastic if microwaving it in a plastic container? Or am I just being paranoid?

No. 1690503

It does smell like plastic, that’s why it’s better to have glass containers even if they’re pricy.

No. 1690510

Wouldn't know, i never microwave food in plastic containers, although supposedly some plastic containers are ok to microwave.

No. 1690511

File: 1694114903236.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, jycMagS.png)

What the fuck kind of personality type falls into gendie bs? In b4 chronically online, most farmers are chronically online too but why aren't we retarded in that way. I literally have never ever thought about my "gender identity" or felt like basing my entire personality or online persona around screaming pronouns. What exactly is wrong with tifs and tims? I saw that tiktok of that frog/frogs idiot crying about being called a lady at a bar and it just had me wondering what the fuck kind of mental illness do these people have.

No. 1690516

narcissim and attention whoring

No. 1690524

It's really just a form of self-victimization that gets you pity points and validation. Most people grow out of that shit eventually once they develop an actual personality.

No. 1690540

>frog pronouns
Finally something I actually identify with

No. 1690544

Do men with long beards wash their beard with shampoo?

No. 1690553

My husband has a had many different lengths and he always uses shampoo, he even conditions it kek

No. 1690575

File: 1694119877717.jpeg (26.63 KB, 608x342, stock-video-agile-frog.jpeg)

yes and toad/toads and leap/leaps and croak/croaks (free new pronoun sets for the tif nonners out there)

No. 1690586

Why do I sleep talk? I also scream, and it’s completely unrelated to the dreams I have (Which I tend to remember clearly) why does that even happen?

No. 1690589

Samefag to add, I’m so scared of having a horny dream and saying my husbando’s name or something kek, how do I stop sleep talking?

No. 1690592

Does everyone in the US really owna/carry a gun?

No. 1690595

No but they/we should. Women in general should learn how to shoot guns and own some for self defense. I want to someday but for some reason it's more acceptable to do so if you're male, unless you come from a very conservative area in general.

No. 1690599

It depends on where you live, but no. I personally don't have one and don't want to, I know a lot of people who don't either. I also know some people who do own.

No. 1690629

File: 1694123282475.jpg (38.99 KB, 680x539, 1683725947069432.jpg)

Does any other ESL anon struggle with these things when speaking English?
>lack of breath, even on short sentences
>knowing how it's pronounced in your head but when saying it out-loud it's an incomprehensible mess
>struggling to speak with an intonation other than ''8th grade reading essay out loud'' voice
makes me feel tarded

No. 1690638

Don't have problems with the intonation, but the other two yes. My accent is horrible and I don't know how to breathe in English lmao.

No. 1690640

File: 1694123915766.jpg (971.2 KB, 1500x1500, 1663144714278.jpg)

Sleep happens when several cognitive centers get disconnected and your ego no longer maintains a connection between them and thus dissipates, but these cognitive centers by themselves always remain active, only connections dissipate. If several cognitive centers remain connected during sleep, dreaming happens, if all the centers are disconnected, deep, dreamless sleep happens. Although during dreaming state your ego has mostly dissipated it still manifests from connections between cognitive centers that have remained connected and you're able to remember what you dream, but since its disconnected from the other centers you cannot experience what they are doing during that time. In your case what they are doing is having a little nightmare of their own, with their own little dreaming ego that you don't remember, because only one you can exist at a time.

No. 1690652

File: 1694124714845.jpg (9.85 KB, 250x250, 1443225555130-0.jpg)

>tfw not ESL but have literally of all these problems

No. 1690664

File: 1694125337245.gif (7.96 MB, 404x640, fridge-cat.gif)

What drink should I get from the gas station?

No. 1690668

Arizona tea.

No. 1690672

Starbucks coffee.

No. 1690679

File: 1694126196366.jpeg (221.71 KB, 1728x1080, 4367D04C-C367-4C84-8854-8B0039…)

I’m born and die again during my sleep?

No. 1690697

Got one in honor of our queen PT, god bless

Will get Arizoner tomorrow ty

No. 1690719

File: 1694129513855.jpeg (30.13 KB, 350x239, 3EA0A06D-A1D7-45D9-8919-4D3538…)

God save the queen.

No. 1690758

Do scammers ever use ‘No Caller ID’ to scam? I get spoofed numbers and ‘Spam Risk’ a lot but this past week I’ve been getting No Caller IDs and I hear background noise but they never say anything. It’s getting creepy. The first two lasted 10 seconds exactly and the most recent one today was 7 seconds.

No. 1690933

Does he like me? I was eating some food one of my coworkers brought and said it was really yummy and delicious and generally complimented it. One of my other coworkers tells me he tastes like that too and giggles. They all giggle and he kinda quiets down and smiled a bit sorta looking at me quizzing for my reaction or something. I was just confused about why she said that about him to me

No. 1690958

Handle with caution. There's not enough info about your relationship with your coworkers, hard to tell if they're setting you up for a date or a prank. Do you have a crush on him? If they've picked up on that, they could also be reacting to it.

No. 1690968

File: 1694153341104.jpg (467.31 KB, 1920x1080, leaving-neverland-1920.jpg)

Just finished watching Leaving Neverland and I'm disturbed but also confused. Just wtf was MJ's sexual orientation? Was he straight, gay or bi? He seemed to be at least somewhat attracted to women with his crush on Diana Ross and Wade mentioning his obsession with Britney Spears (saying how 'sexy and beautiful' she was), but then again, all of his victims seemed to be boys, not girls. Both James and Wade mentioned MJ trying to move things to 'the next level', as they grew up to their teens with stuff like anal. Was he just a repressed and deeply warped and fucked up bisexual man from his years of abuse at the hand of his father?

No. 1690973

I know very few gay men who don’t idolise «the divas» and speak of them in terms that could be confused with sexual attraction, especially closeted ones. He was opportunistic when it came to his victims. Even if he wanted to assault girls, it would have been slightly more difficult to convince parents to let them come and stay at his compound with other boys. Sadly, I think some parents would have had no issue putting their daughters in harm's way to get close to him.

No. 1690975

Does a vegetarian diet really give you more energy or is this just bs?

No. 1690980

Been vegetarian for years. Not at first you'll feel weak and lil grouchy. Once I figured out proper meals without meat and portions I found that I was snacking more, way more than when I was eating meat which made me feel more energetic. Imo yes and no depends on what you fill up on. If you was only eating turkey which is known to make people feel sleepy then yeah you'll probably feel better.

No. 1690985

Turkey doesn't make you sleepy stupid that's just a myth

No. 1690992

Meat literally makes you tired. It's not a myth. It has small amounts of tryptophan. But like I said, if you're eating copious amount Of meat it will make you tired compared to the same amount in veggies

No. 1690993

You're making me tired by saying dumb shit

No. 1690994

Seems like a you problem tardy

No. 1690995

I might be retarded but at least I can enjoy a delicious hamburger

No. 1691155

Does anyone know a good antiperspirant that does not leave a yellow stain on white shirts?

No. 1691191

I mean kind of do now but wouldn’t say I did then. Plus I don’t think I’ve acted weird around them bc I’m shy. I’d like to think I act the same around everyone.

No. 1691266

File: 1694186870010.jpeg (57.6 KB, 318x320, IMG_1617.jpeg)

Does anyone have a pic of that one Allison Bechdel comic where in the background there’s a book called ‘inches’ with SpongeBob on the cover?

No. 1691401

Maybe try the Help Me Find thread?

No. 1691407

File: 1694198062358.jpg (352.98 KB, 981x1089, inches.jpg)

nvm found it

No. 1691412

Alison Bechdel is secretly Mephiles101

No. 1691415

what's worth watching on amazon prime atm?
either films or series. i don't watch a lot of TV but i do like movies, although im wary of a lot of amazon original movies

No. 1691460

Is coming unprompted to a place where somebody works considered stalking/harassment/creeping? Asking for a friend.

No. 1691463

Were men in the past more attractive somehow?? Or have they always been as ugly as they are today?

No. 1691468

so are saggy breasts genetic (i am 23) or the result of not wearing a bra most of my life and is it too late to you know… start bra wearing to have them not sag…

No. 1691473

they were, just the way they dressed was miles better

No. 1691480

Bras actually make boobs get saggier over the time, saggy breasts are genetic, they can also happen if you gained lots of weight and lost it quickly or just lost it, but you could maybe do some exercises to try and lift them by training your chest muscles.
If they’re not particularly annoying, then you could try accepting them as they are, but if they get on your way, you could try breast reduction or a boob lift surgery.

No. 1691481

saggy breasts are genetic. Most girls with saggy boobs have had saggy boobs since they had boobs

No. 1691548

Anyone know where to play the elouai candybar doll maker anymore? Or is it really gone for good? Really strange how the site just died randomly last year.

No. 1691566

>Bras actually make boobs get saggier over the time

No. 1691578

where does the term a-log come from

No. 1691583

Is it bad that I want my crush to break up with his gf? I don't even interact with him so it's not like I'm doing anything in the real world to get his attention or something. I just keep thinking about it, like how much I wish they broke up etc. I'm sure he thinks I don't even like him because I barely talk to him or look at him at work. It's been 2 years and I really can't force myself to be attracted to anyone else even though I tried. I got fixated on him. Does it mean I'm a bad person if those are just my thoughts and not my actions?

No. 1691593

File: 1694209328539.jpg (421.05 KB, 1079x1722, Screenshot_20230908_224510_Chr…)

this question gets asked a lot

it's comes from anthony logatto, a guy who posted a lot of vitriolic hate comments about chris chan iirc to the point where his name became synonymous with it. any actual christorians itt feel free to correct me lol

No. 1691599

interesting! thanks

No. 1691609

have you ever had a broken/injured arm or leg and noticed how skinny your arm or leg becomes because the muscles waste away from not being used? that's how it is for the muscles that hold your chest. the muscles and connective tissue become weak because the bras do all the heavy lifting (heh) so as soon as you take off your bras, your breasts sag because the muscles and tissue needed to uphold them have wasted away. you can do exercises to build muscles and counter some of the sagging but unfortunately you cannot restore the connective tissue.

No. 1691614

Nta but I have seen and know a couple of women who have said microneedling and lactic acid peel helped with sagging but im not sure if it's moreso weight loss? But I assume that tightening can help a lot of women with concerns. I also knew a woman who doused her tits in retinol like twice a week and it apparently changed her life. I've never seen any of these people's results so I can't confirm

No. 1691652

File: 1694214499188.jpg (43.46 KB, 500x423, 91005cc987589ccf31a99fac1a403d…)

Is having feminine decor on your car considered dangerous? I got a brand new car and I want to decorate inside it, kinda like picrel but less extreme.
I live in a very safe area but I still worry that if a creep or something saw a car decked out in pink stuff (on the inside, no bumper stickers) that would put me at way more risk.
I see some women just say to decorate it anyways and it's not additional risk, but others think it could be.
What do you nonnies think? Good or bad idea?

No. 1691660

Honestly, it depends on where you live, if you live in a zone that isn’t dangerous in general, then you could do it, but if you live in a dangerous area, or if you need to stop in dangerous areas, it could cause you trouble because having a flashy car attracts the attention of lots of people.

No. 1691668

Nonnie… Literally damn near everyone whos had a crush on someone whos taken has had that exact thought.
And. Who gives a shit about good thoughts or bad thoughts kek. Obviously youre not a bad person for having thoughts about your crush breaking up, because one at he end of the day theyre just thoughts, and two jealousy is a normal human emotion.

No. 1691695

File: 1694218429671.jpg (105.72 KB, 600x400, komaaaaaa.jpg)

bullshit, connective tissue doesnt get stronger with use and strengthening the muscles under your breasts isn't going to make them perky. boobs sag as you get older, it's the facts of life. you can never wear a bra if you want but time and gravity come for us all.

No. 1691701

Nta and yeah exercising the muscles under the breast tissue isn't going to help with sagging but I don't think the anon was claiming that breasts won't sag at all without a bra. Just that wearing bras can worsen sagging. Same with gaining and losing weight, aging, smoking, drug use that affects collagen loss, anachanning, multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding. Those women probably birthed and fed a lot of babies, but yeah that amount of sag is pretty normal for breasts to get over time.

No. 1691707

When someone says to not move in with a man that hasn't lived alone once in his life, do they actually mean alone or just without any women?

No. 1691713

honestly, sagging should be seen as normal and not as ugly. womens bodies change throughout life and we as a society somehow can't accept that? it's sad, really. i mean it's just a body part. i hate that patriarchy imposes such unrealistic standards for women. when my boobs will start to sag, i'm not gonna waste a second worrying about it and neither should any of you

No. 1691716

No. 1691718

I assume they mean literally alone with no one at all around to pick up the slack.

No. 1691723

He didn’t seem interested in girls/women, he sung about them but he friendzoned Tatiana Thumbzten who liked him and he said in an interview that when he was 23 his 19 year old gf called him over for sex and he just buried his face in his shirt until she went away. All his girlfriends and wives were beards and he saw and hooked up with some of the children he molested when they grew up. And no girls have come out even though I guess there were some at the ranch

Another stupid question: I too watched leaving neverland and I’m interested in talking about the documentary on this site. Where do you think I should make a thread in /m/ or like just discuss it in celebricows(hopefully not cause that thread is full of gay moids and twitterfags who talk like gay moids) or maybe in /ot/?

No. 1691749

No. 1691773

Genetic. I've never worn a bra either and mine still haven't sagged yet.

No. 1691792

I accidentally broke the washing machine that I share with my housemate and it will probably have to get repaired. My housemate wants me to pay for the repair, no idea how much it would be.

The thing is though he owes me over $$$ for emergency vet payments due to me having to get an uber there and back to a late night vet (which he admits the incident was his fault and he should pay) he's paid $25 and makes constant excuses to why he shouldn't pay but then orders uber eats pretty much every night. He says he doesn't have the money but then refuses to get a job (he had one but got fired due to pretending to be sick in the first 3 weeks) because he wants to become a famous twitch streamer despite having about 5 people maximum watching him at any time. Just about every week he asks me for extra money, won't say what it's for and then gets pissed because I refuse to give it to him and tell him to get a job.

Anyway I've just had a big chunk of money go because living with this man is an absolute nightmare that would take 50 years to write out, but basically he is one of the most disgusting people I've ever met and I need to move out. Even if I did have the money I think it's bullshit for me to pay for the machine when he has made constant excuses not to pay me, and when I move out I know for a fact there's no way in hell I'm getting my money. But at the same time it was me who broke the machine, but I'm out of here in a week so it's not my problem once I'm gone.

Should I pay for the repair? Or should I say fuck it and refuse to pay due to the money he owes me plus the absolute hell it has been to live with him?

No. 1691796


I said "due to me" having to get an uber, but just in case it's not clear the $$$ is not for the uber, it's for the emergency vet I had to pay suddenly due to him

No. 1691801

where the hell did the moovie night thread go? It was pinned until at least last night

No. 1691805

I just saw it so I thought that perhaps a farmhand accidentally unpinned it, but it seems like it was deleted. Strange. Here's the link to where it's supposed to be

No. 1691807

Oops sorry, let me link it like this


No. 1691810

Do food habits just change? I use to love sugar and caffeine. Lately I noticed I can't stomach things I use to love. I always choose caffeine or sugar free options. I've been choosing water and other alternatives to sweet beverages. I've been craving healthier foods too which seems odd considering how much I loved cake and sodas.

No. 1691815

What the fuck? I was looking forward to the thursday night streams.

No. 1691817

I mean the room is still there, the thread is just gone for some reason

No. 1691819

It’s normal for tastes and preferences to change like that. It’s nice that you’re preferring healthier things naturally though, usually people have to work to cut those things out so they stop craving it

No. 1691824

Could it have happened over time and you just didn't notice? I know people who had to have a bunch of sugar and milk in their coffee and tea and now find it way to sweet and only drink it black, and idk about everyone else but I know there's been times I've retried sweets I ate as a kid and realised how shit they tasted.
If you are actively choosing healthier options it may be that you've created a health habit around food choices, like how if someone were to create a habit around working out once a day at first its probably going to suck but as time goes on they find it more enjoyable and actively choose to work out

No. 1691830

I don't want to make a new one without being able to add the Google spreadsheet can someone help?

No. 1691831

Im pretty sure the spreadsheets links are on the channel banner

No. 1691833

it's been brought up in meta, I say we give farmhands a few hours to wake up and restore the thread before we panic and make a shit thread

No. 1691837

Will it be shit even if it's just temporary? They can lock it after the thread gets brought back?

No. 1691849

Both are possible I think. I realised a few months ago I have the same skin and hormonal issues my mother has and took it serious. It seems like whenever I consume sugar everything feels awful and my skin becomes so painful with breakouts. It's possible I started to associate sugar with feeling sluggish and bad skin and started to gravitate towards alternatives that might be more beneficial and feel better in the long-run.

No. 1691899

I have the thread copy I'll just post it, gimmie a minute.

No. 1691913

A mod deleted it on accident and it will be restored. It can be down for 12 hours or so just fine

No. 1691924

I'd say your body/tastebuds/mind is just more used to natural sugar now so added sugar either tastes worse or makes you feel worse. A lot of people say when they change to healthier alternatives after a while it happens to them and eating junk just doesn't feel worth it

It also could be a subconscious thing if you are serious about your hormonal issues, you don't want to feel and look like that therefore the junk food doesn't feel worth it

No. 1691938

Why do men hate pink? Inspired by this question >>1691652

Recently I used a pink umbrella to shade me from the sun and some old man poked fun at me… there was someone else near with a black one but I bet he wouldn’t have said anything. It seems like he targeted me only bc my umbrella was pink. Why does pink evoke such a negative reaction?

No. 1691940

12 hours is being generous but I'll just be optimistic and hope you're right.

No. 1691941

It's not about hating pink, it's about hating women and stereotypically women are associated with pink currently.

No. 1691949

But the person with the black umbrella was also a woman

No. 1691952

Old men are traditionally sexist and feel fine commenting about it unprompted, it’s happened to me recently. Probably chose to pick on you because pink is outwardly girly and it’s the first thing that came to mind

No. 1692000

Has anyone read books or essays by Sylvia Wynters? I'm curious about her views on episteme and scientific rationality

No. 1692016

Has anyone had success with finding friends on Bumble?

No. 1692017

bump. do these even exist?

No. 1692020

File: 1694238828505.jpg (24.36 KB, 485x436, AC_SL500_.jpg)

Iirc it's the aluminium interacting with your bacteria that stains, don't think they've invented aluminium free antipersps yet. You can get pit pads to put in your shirts though, picrel

No. 1692021

I use Gillette Cool Wave. It's a clear gel, haven't had a stained shirt yet.

No. 1692033

what happens if I ignore a medical bill from an urgent care clinic? they only have my old debit card and not credit card on file so this wont impact my credit right?
for context I was really sick with what I assumed to be strep, went to the closest walk in place that was open, they charged me $50 at the front desk which I paid, the doctor did nothing except quickly look in my throat and tell me to take over the counter meds (no strep test or anything, he saw me for less than 5 minutes total) and I was billed $200 like a week or two later. wtf. my bank thought it was fraud and canceled my debit card after the charge so now I have a new debit card number. can I just ignore them emailing me trying to get me to pay the $200?

No. 1692034

Are they private? Do they have your legal name and address? Do they have your health card number? What country are you in?

No. 1692040

I'm in the US, they do have my legal name and address and I think health card number also. idk if they are private - it's a chain urgent care place and the chains name is medexpress. after doing some digging on them it looks like they are known for having sketchy/scummy business practices to get as much money as possible out of patients.

No. 1692042

I wouldn't worry about it unless you get some kind of notice in your letter mail, if you do get one check back here and let us know what it says. They might just let it slide if they bill people like this regularly, it's probably like throwing spaghetti at a wall to them.

No. 1692043

Has anyone redeemed anything from Farmland or Fishland?

No. 1692047

I'm mainly worried about it affecting my good credit score, but I'm confused whether that's actually possible or not since all they have is my (now defunct) debit card number - I never gave them my credit card. the whole situation just seems sketchy to me

No. 1692056

They’re genetic. I have giant saggy boobs and I’ve had giant saggy boobs since I was like 12, it’s really not that bad, they never hurt or anything they just exist and they look like halfway filled water balloons, just remember comparison is the thief of joy.

No. 1692078

Sometimes if you wait a while, they get desperate and lower the bill amount. If you feel nervous about not paying at all, you can wait and see if they'll lower it or try to negotiate for a lower bill.

No. 1692084

yeah I guess I'll wait and see what happens, as long as my credit score is fine and I'm not being harassed by debt collectors I'll just not pay anything

No. 1692101

maybe not so helpful, but I resolved this problem by switching to deodorant without antiperspirant.

so I still sweat but it doesn't smell. Pits get wet sometimes, but no staining or odor.

No. 1692108

What is liking someone enough to be in a relationship supposed to feel like? I think there were times when I felt very intensely about people and then it just disappeared and looking back I feel like I didn't really like them. The person I like now, I feel like it's a more sustained interested but not as intense and I'm worried it will just go away. I think he likes me too. I wish I knew what love was meant to feel like, I feel like I barely feel anything toward anyone. I'm scared I'll stop liking him.

No. 1692121

I invited a friend over to play amnesia and eat popcorn tonight
But here's the problem : she's going to be sleeping over and all so
what if we get bored of the game? oir she doesn't like it? I haven't thought of a second activity at all. I have a PS2, I guess we could play that.. But what else could we do at a sleepover ?
I have some drugs but she's not a druggie at all so that's out of the question…. Irdk

No. 1692124

I'm jealous of your friend kek, I'd come over and do drugs with you. But if she gets bored you could watch a movie, go for a walk, or a drive, make cookies or something yummy, I don't know tbh I haven't had a sleepover in so long. Have fun Nona

No. 1692126

I might be similar to you in this regard. I just want to be liked without liking anyone back. I don't know what love is.

No. 1692130

If you've ever broken off a long friendship, was it worth it? Mine's a TiF and has become a stupid bitchall ever since

No. 1692377

Is there anything worse in a relationship than cheating?

No. 1692380

Emotionally I don't think there is.

No. 1692381

Murder?? Even then at least you don't have to think about it. So maybe attempted murder.

No. 1692383

I think I would be more fucked up if my partner physically abused me than if they cheated on me, so I'll say that.
This does bring a stupid question to mind though. If someone cheats on you and then gives you an STD, could that be considered abuse?

No. 1692393

What's wrong with negative canal tilt eyes? I keep seeing it bought up all over the internet but it's just rounded eyes? Why are they bad?

No. 1692402

They're easy to change with plastic surgery and make doctors good money. it's advertisement

No. 1692415

If any of you give birth to moids what are you gonna do? Drown him in the lake or what

No. 1692419

Eyes with a true full negative canthal tilt are just very ugly to look at, and usually only form on people who have poor facial posture or are constantly slackjawed. You most likely don’t have one but if your eyes truly are slipping off your face the way they do with a negative canthal tilt then my prayers go out to you

No. 1692426

Wtf is a canthal tilt. Why are people making shit up?

No. 1692428

I'm just not gonna give birth and adopt a little girl who is already alive and in need of care.

No. 1692449

File: 1694278857602.jpeg (329.45 KB, 828x1075, IMG_0581.jpeg)

it's basically the horizontal inclination of your eye. the term was originally coined for medical purposes - eg. for surgeries around the eye area, or to describe facial abnormalities
of course the tiktok phrenology retards took the term and ran with it because they love nothing more than giving people new insecurities they can't do anything to fix

No. 1692530

Is pixel art made like regular digital art, with a tablet? Or with a mouse?

No. 1692544

You can do it either way, nona, it's up to you. I really love the program aseprite if you're looking to get into it. Here is a list of programs you can check out: https://lospec.com/pixel-art-software-list/

No. 1692569

I've always used a mouse for pixel art. If you're doing small detailed pictures it can be easier that with a tablet.

No. 1692776

Why are poor and disadvantaged people (especially moids) so hostile towards people trying to get ahead in the world?

No. 1692788

File: 1694304982252.gif (2.6 MB, 498x280, mem-cho-oshi-no-ko.gif)

how bad is it to lie about your age on social media? I really like weebshit and tiktok but it feels weird posting on it as a 25 year old, I didn't really have the chance to have a normal having fun on social media experience when i was younger and i guess im trying to make up for the loss, i usually shave off six years oops.

No. 1692791

I don't know how old nonnie but there are lots of older fans into the nerd and anime scene on social media. You might just need to join their online circles and seek them out.

No. 1692792

Wouldn't this mean you're interacting with a bunch of children? How does that not get really annoying and tiresome? Sorry for answering your question with a question

No. 1692795

I know, I have some age-appropiate friends to go to cons with and whatnot but i like posting specifically on tiktok which isn't very popular with 25+
Not really, unless you go out of your way to dm someone there's very little one to one interaction, i just like comments and that's it, i hardly get aggravating comments on dumb tiktok cosplay dance videos.

No. 1692796

don't mention your age. Just say that you are over 18 if anyone aska

No. 1692797

Oh, I'm not familiar with ticktoc, myself, sorry.

No. 1692871

yeah I broke my 10+ year friendship off with my best friend because her bpd episodes were so bad it was negatively impacting my life too. it was worth it in the long run although I was sad about it for a little bit at first

No. 1692886

Six years is a bit much, you'll end up talking to teenagers. I'm 23 and I just put "20s" on my social media, that way I don't have to state my age but at the same time I'm not lying.

No. 1692889

pink = bimbo

No. 1692911

nonnies that have dealt with long-term energy issues, what has helped you? I've felt liked shit my whole life save for many a few days.
also I do have a sleep disorder but treatment has pretty much completely failed and I'm not sure if I'll ever succeed with it so I'm pretty much desperate for anything that'll help, even a little.

No. 1692937

I doubt anyone knows the answer to this, but I was recently told by a doctor (orthopedic specialist) that I might have very mild cerebral palsy. Is it really possible to make it this far in life (mid 20s) and NOT know you have cerebral palsy? Just how mild can cerebral palsy be? My issue is not being able to flex my feet upwards, which has led to issues walking and standing normally. That said, I've had doctors watch me walk and they say that my gait is screwed up on a technical level, but I've compensated for my limited range of motion shockingly well and look mostly normal at a glance. My family used to tell me on occasion that I walked sort of weird though, which hurt my feelings. Could I seriously have fucking cerebral palsy???

No. 1692942

Sorry in advance if I'm saying something obvious but have you played around with your diet? Most often anemia can have you feeling this way but that's not the only reason; in my case it's still fluctuating but the most noticeable improvement I've noticed was when I worked a bit with dietitian, started eating more regularly and more diversified meals. I don't have any allergy or obvious deficiencies/surpluses, but it still worked.
Also, is where you live ventilated well?

No. 1692960

eating healthier (lots of fruits, veggies, legumes, avoiding processed/junk food), drinking plenty of water, consistently going to bed early and getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, cutting down on screen time, trying to keep stress to a minimum.
low vitamin d and/or low iron can cause energy issues - if you are able to, go get a blood test to check if your levels are normal for everything or if you need supplements. it could be a thyroid issue too so you may want to get that checked out also.

No. 1692965

File: 1694327879835.png (348.66 KB, 743x456, goat.PNG)

Any other anons born in 1991 or 2003 feeling like they're unlucky? I never particularly read into chinese zodiac but recently I met other woman born in 1991 and she told me the chinese actually purposefully try to not have their children born in goat years since this is considered the most unlucky sign of all, that is most likely to struggle finding happiness; likely to be insecure and people pleasers.

No. 1692973

update : amnesia definitely flopped, she was really awkward with computers and I didn't feel like playing in front of her, plus the game made her nauseous

so we just ate my birthday cake with my family, did our nails, watched half of mission impossible until she fell asleep at 1 am.. I guess she had a tiring day

I feel like the sleepover sort of flopped and I might be too old for that stuff, and the fact my mom made my birthday party that night was even more childish and pathetic (I'm 21)

Idk I just feel so nostalgic of how fun sleepovers used to be when I was a kid

No. 1693019

I'm as childfree and misandrist as they come but I don't get how the "don't have sons only daughters" is supposed to work, it's not like you can choose right? And no don't answer with sex based abortion.

No. 1693020

that's a shame, i love goats and their devil association makes them cool as fuck kek

No. 1693022

I think abortion is the intended method though? Unless they wanna birth it and then abandon it in the woods for the wolves, like the good ol days

No. 1693023

>how bad is it to lie about your age on social media?
To specifically lie to interact with kids/teens is really gross nona, stop doing that shit. Just don't mention your age at all if you're that insecure, no one is forcing you.

No. 1693024

No. 1693026

I want to put my antiques up for an auction, any tips on how to do it and not get scammed?

No. 1693036

There are ways to circumvent unluckiness if you're into that, but that changes from year to year for all signs. You'll probably be fine though, my sign says I'm sweet and demure and I'm on lolcow with the rest of you lmao

No. 1693091

Is libgen down? The dot li host specifically. I've tried getting ebooks three times over the past week or so now and I ran into an error every time once I got to the actual downloading part.

No. 1693131

You can like whatever you like regardless of your age, it’s not a crime, no one will take you to the police for making cringe tiktoks and liking memes. You can also be immature online, I am, just don’t do it with your face and full name attached.
Like, I will be 28 years old very soon and I enjoy my weebshit, join weebshit servers on discord, play videogames and no one asks why, because there’s a bunch of people my age or older that are into weebshit too.

No. 1693184

How much clothes should someone have? I cleaned up my closet, but now I barely have any clothes left because most of my clothes were really old and irreparable, so I don’t want to fill up my closet again with random clothes that I just happened to like in a moment just to never wear them again or to barely wear them and feel uncomfortable by doing so.

No. 1693230

I have 5 shirts I wear and I get comments that I clearly have no clothes so like 10?

No. 1693236

As always, no love for Gen X, I see.

No. 1693238

That's literally how you do it though.

No. 1693266

It depends on your needs: where you work, whether you work out, what you like to wear, etc. Then how often you do laundry and weather where you live (whether you live in a place that has distinct seasons or not). This video talks about practical aspect of planning a wardrobe.

Before you tossed your poor quality clothes, What did you gravitate towards wearing? maybe go to the thrift store and buy some pieces and as you realize what you need then you can buy new pieces.


the video is not fucking embedding I give up

No. 1693325

I’m not sure if we have many south Asian anons but if so does anyone know if there’s a specific name for the plain sponge/fairy cakes that you sometimes see in Asian food shops? I think they are typically eaten with/dipped in tea. They taste kind of like madeleines?

No. 1693328

try and plan out your clothes for the week and then shop based on your needs. also there's no shame in buying multiples of the same thing if it's versatile. i have the same basic h&m shirts in black, white, gray and a handful of colors several times.

No. 1693346

If a male acquaintance whom you'd seen earlier that day texts you asking how your evening went at like midnight on a weekend, that probably means he's into you, right?

No. 1693353

I think most likely yes

No. 1693418

Would it be possible for me to buy some external hard drive to play games I don't have enough memory to run on my laptop?

No. 1693434

Uh memory as in RAM or ROM? You can use an external drive to store games, I have one on my PC and another for my PS4. But I think you'll need a decent amount of ram to play intensive games.

No. 1693473

A TIM transbian that I used to know told me that he sometimes looks at het porn because he still had "urges" which HRT couldn't completely get rid of. He feels disgusted about it because he's totes a true and honest woman lesbian.
But I don't get it. Why not just use your imagination if you hate it so much? I will never understand the male brain

No. 1693483

Anecdotally, I don’t find it especially uncommon among lesbian women to not strictly watch lesbian porn, if anything the reverse is more uncommon. I have no idea why he thought hrt would necessarily impact that though

No. 1693485

nona please I'm so dumb i don't even know the difference, I torrented the baldur's Gate game but I don't have the room to actually run it haha

No. 1693509

>lesbian women to not strictly watch lesbian porn
I'm not a lesbian so I can't comment on that. But this TIM would fantasize about using his dick because male urges, which made him feel guilty because he's supposed to be a lesbian and lesbians don't have dick lol
>if anything the reverse is more uncommon
Like straight women watching het porn to be uncommon?

No. 1693512

File: 1694365476812.jpeg (768.58 KB, 3055x4096, IMG_6481.jpeg)

Top is storage space, bottom is memory. BG3 requires at least 70GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. If your drive is full yes you can by an SSD and install it on that. If you lack RAM you should consider upgrading your potato.

No. 1693516

File: 1694365586029.jpg (76.09 KB, 768x768, sfdsd.jpg)


No. 1693522

You could also rent a “shadow pc” that mirrors the computer to yours, and it has the specs you need for gaming. Its 30 a month, but in my experience its worth it. i play my dork souls through it and love it

No. 1693539

Yeah I think in my experience finding a straight woman who only ever exclusively watches het porn or a lesbian who only ever watches lesbian porn is not like unheard of but not as common as people who occasionally watch some category other than their orientation. No idea about if it’s the same with men though bc I never really talk to them

No. 1693544

I've had my new gaming laptop for like 3 months and I barely used it, I didn't have the time to play video games or making art. Lately the laptop started making scratchy sounds whenever I turn it on and I'm scared it's some hardware issue. It's not super loud but you can still hear it and it definitely wasn't there before. What do I do?

No. 1693579

Is it a chiffon cake? I've never eaten one but I know that people eat it while drinking tea.

No. 1693613

File: 1694370498046.png (27.33 KB, 869x397, Screenshot (676).png)

Am I overreacting if I think this is an absolutely retarded reason to ban somebody? I posted this in response to someone getting banned for mentioning that Bulgarian guys are hairy or ugly or something. That anon got banned for racebait. Then I posted this, because it really is stupid that jannies think Bulgarians are a race, that anyone would take offense at Bulgarian males being made fun of, and that mentioning Bulgarian (MALES) at all in a negative way counts as racebait. Then this gets banned as bait? Are jannies all sensitive children or something? Does anyone else feel like this site is being painful to use because any and every shitpost gets banned for "bait"? And yet infighting will go on for hours because jannies are sleeping, but if you mention males from anywhere on earth it's racebaiting. Or if you make a post the jannies don't like it's bait. How is this bait? Baiting anons into saying what exactly? Baiting an argument? This is just baffling to me how jannies will ban this post and not ban anons who start infights and then continue them hours later. This site is going to shit. Summerfags gtfo, that includes summerfag jannies.

No. 1693615

I think you are semantic-ing too hard.

No. 1693616

>Does anyone else feel like this site is being painful to use

No. 1693633

File: 1694371371228.png (194.83 KB, 636x413, Screenshot (677).png)

Bulgarians are not a race. This is anon's original post that was banned, and I don't know if she's upset about it or not, but I personally am tired of seeing every innocuous shitpost on this site get banned for some random reason. Why are jannies personally offended on the behalf of a Bulgarian moid? It isn't even the race versus culture part that upsets me it's the no-fun-allowed moderation. God forbid some nobody Bulgarian male gets compared to a caveman.

No. 1693634

KEKKKK i'm sorry anon i'm on your side. i laughed at both your reply then, and this post's picrel alone now. it is baseless but it's just so funny that they actually banned you

No. 1693646

>Bulgarians are a nation and South Slavic ethnic group
I don't really blame the janny for assuming.

No. 1693647

I'm not 100% sure but to me this sounds like the hard drive is dying, it happened to my moms laptop although it took a lot longer. you'd need to find a repair shop because some parts may be soldered onto the motherboard

No. 1693649

No one on Lolcow is truly "racist" against Bulgarians tbh kek

No. 1693657

Yeah obviously it's not, but I feel like jannies have always used it as a broad term that can also include ethnicity or nationality. E.g. saying "Venezuelans are disgusting and need to die" would get you banned for racebait even though it's not a race.

No. 1693660

The jannies are being extra retarded with bans lately, also I'm starting to think there's only like 3 jannies, maybe 15 lc users and 1 admin. Shit's feeling pretty bleak lately

No. 1693670

I can guarantee there are more than 15 users at least kek

No. 1693672

Samefag, unless there really are only 15 and i just happen to know all of you

No. 1693677

But if an anon said Venezuelan males deserved to die I don't see why anyone should give a shit.

No. 1693680

I'm not talking about the male part, I was responding to the part about Bolivian not being a rice.

No. 1693681

>I was responding to the part about Bolivian not being a rice.
Nta but this made me laugh so ugly

No. 1693685

Sucks we can't do throw around some classic east euro bantz on lc honestly.

No. 1693694

She's right tho

No. 1693700

Kek, she is. They are indeed not a rice.

No. 1693702

Tbh, that statement wouldn’t be wrong, but I honestly just prefer saying that all men should die regardless of nationality.

No. 1693738

yeah it sucks ass, admins might actually be autistic

No. 1693787

Do you nonnies think troon stuff (genderneutral bathrooms etc.) will be considered normal in a few decades or will people look at it like a stupid time with stupid people?

No. 1693804

I think the tide will turn at some point soon and the gender divide will be even more strict, so yeah it will be seen as laughable shenanigans in the future

No. 1693809

File: 1694380630052.png (46.06 KB, 271x214, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)


No. 1693815

Really hope it'll be "females/males" and not "whoever identifies as a woman/whoever identifies as a man".

No. 1693821

Do you all think that surgeries like BBLs and boob jobs that only women and some gay men get are in the same league of nose jobs and jaw surgeries that both men and women get? I know they both are invasive surgeries that prey on insecurities but are nose jobs as sex based as a BBL? I don’t like any surgery but I dislike when people put them in the same league when attempting to lessen the evil of BBLs. A BBL is giving a woman surgery to make her look like a sex doll, a nose job or most types of facial surgeries are so you aren’t outcasted for being ugly IMO

No. 1693825

kinda weird but are there other nonas whose older sister never did anything older sisterly like cook, do the chores or idk, held your hand when you were little? I guess I'm trying to see if I just have a stereotypical image of being a little sister because I always felt like I was the big sister because I did everything and my sister didn't do shit

No. 1693830

Personally I think bbls and boob jobs are a lot worse. Both are major risks to your health, and I feel like while bbls being so deadly is talked about pretty often (thank god), boob jobs being an absolute nuisance to deal with isn't as common of a topic. A woman I know had a breast implant inserted after breast cancer and so far she has had to replace those implants twice in a span of 6 years. If this continues she'll be getting surgeries every few years for the rest of her life. Capsular contracture fucking sucks and it's crazy how society memes women into getting these incredibly inconvenient surgeries that imo don't even improve your body. At least nose jobs can actually fix an unfortunate potato of a nose, or jaw surgeries can fix absolutely scary fucked up jaws although I'm not a fan of these surgeries either.

No. 1693833

>held your hand
No they just beat me and locked me in the closet

No. 1693835

Are non-anonymous fandom communities like in twitter, tumblr, and discord servers overrun with troons now? Is there any place on the internet with normal non-terminally online people in it?

No. 1693837

that's insane, mine kept duct taping my face and hair, tried to tweeze all my eyebrows off and I don't feel like that many youngest sisters talk about the weird ass abuse big sisters can make us go through? I just kinda wanna see if I just have a very different view on what other big sisters were like, idk nona, hope we both can get therapy

No. 1693855

Yeah it's weird I don't hear people talking about it much either. She'd also hold me underwater as an infant and hold me down and tell me I am an alien and that I am not related to any of my family. She did the same sort of shit to my other sister who also tormented me a lot, would hit me and then tell our mom that I was the one who hit her despite me being 6 years younger. Very strange.

No. 1693862

That's actually way more dangerous, hope you're doing okay now? I have 5 year age difference which is also adding to the fact that people kinda seemed to expect her to be at least somewhat responsible but she was just a little fucking Psycho.

No. 1693909

There are some spaces on twitter

No. 1693914

It's fine I get along with both of my sisters now but I probably have some permanent issues from it

No. 1694156

Is there a way to put a bunch of gifs together into one big webm?

No. 1694157

I use Capcut, also found this on Google for you https://clideo.com/merge-video

No. 1694217

What are some satisfying revenge movies? Already know Kill Bill, I Spit On Your grave

No. 1694467

Would anyone else like a dance thread? I’m thinking all kinds of dance from ballroom to jazz. Would you rather it be in /ot/ or /g/?

No. 1694469

Should i send a moid i hate a fake anonymous std text? I want him to go insane

No. 1694473

Only with female protags or are moids acceptable?
Mr. Nobody - a family man seeks revenge after his family is robbed and assaulted, turns out he isn’t just an average guy. Pretty heavy on the macho shit.
Avengement - a man is betrayed by his brother and sent to a nightmarish prison, he escapes and seeks his brother out. Brutal fight sequences, very ufc inspired.
Hard Candy - a teenage girl seeks answers about her missing best friend, will she herself become a victim? No full on knock, down drag out fights but that’s because the protag is a tiny girl. Psychological torture.
Double Jeopardy - a woman is sentenced to prison for killing her husband, only she didn’t do it. Oldie but one of my favs, kind of a court drama/political intrigue.
Peppermint - a woman’s family is murdered and she’s the only survivor, when the court system fails her she takes matters into her own hands. Typical revenge movie that doesn’t have her pulling punches, still has her throwing them though.
Columbiana - a young girl watches as her family is killed by the local crime family, she escapes to America where she dedicates herself to becoming a contract killer in order to have her revenge. Male gaze heavy, leans more on the spectrum of punisher with its violence.
If you have time for a TV series I highly recommend Terminal List, military dude suspects a conspiracy after a mission goes wrong and his family is murdered.

No. 1694571

Found a dress that one of my favorite actresses wears in a movie that I love. It is $120, it's from the early 2000s and in very good condition. Does buying this make me a stan and should I do it

No. 1694575

Is it just me or does everyone claim to be traumatized nowadays regardless of their actual upbringing? It feels like a lot of people are choosing the symptoms of trauma to be ~different~? Ik some people who do this and they have good upbringings with loving parents that are talking about their “desperation to be loved” and their “fear of abandonment” like… I guess I’m just annoyed because I grew up with psychotic parents and I had to put in a ton of effort and money into therapy as an adult to be normal, but it seems like a lot of people with these vague core wounds don’t actually want to fix them like I did? Why?

No. 1694577

Any advice on how to ease the headaches from barometric pressure changes? It's gotten to the point of vomiting today, and an actual doctors appointment that isn't for treating the puking is still some time away.

No. 1694584

Cooking, chores, holding hands—why do those specific things matter? There’s not a manual or measure of how to be a good older sibling, either you guys are close or you’re not. Imo those are just things that you’re using to make yourself think that you were robbed of a relationship.
Don’t nitpick the past. Unless your sister abused you or something, my advice is to make use of the family relations and call her so that you can be close as adults.

No. 1694588

I am an older sister and would physically fight w my brother who’s 3 years younger than me but had to be a third parent to my brother who is 11 years younger than me the moment he was born. we all are very close though and honestly those things you described sound like parentified big sister things. i’m very happy to hear that your sister didn’t cook for u wtf.

No. 1694592

Wouldn't pinching your nose and blowing air into your closed mouth until you hear a light popping in your ears somewhat help? It's a standard thing divers learn to do to reduce the pressure in the inner ear after diving. I know I do this as soon as I'm traveling anywhere, plane, bus, train, doesn't matter where.

No. 1694606

Peoples upbringings aren’t the only ways they can be traumatised. They could be abused by someone outside the family, witness or be victim to a horrible accident, have someone they love die suddenly, get diagnosed with an illness or disease, or even getting bullied can be so severe it causes trauma. Sometimes trauma doesn’t happen until adulthood.

No. 1694616

File: 1694456902527.jpg (42.66 KB, 1080x1065, URETHRA.jpg)

nta but omg i absent mindedly read that as
>until you imagine a light popping into your head
"light" as in the object, like in cartoons whenever a character gets an idea. i was like kek that's so goofy do they really teach people to do that? sounds like it's effective anyway

No. 1694658

Revenge 2017, it's one of my faves

No. 1694672

>Is it just me or does everyone claim to be traumatized nowadays regardless of their actual upbringing?
No it's not just you. Blog but I was best friends with this girl all throughout highschool who was like a bpd type, constant dramatic stunts, ditching people for no reason, running away from her house to sleep downtown with homeless drug addicted men twice her age, half assed suicide attempts, trooning out first to nonbinary, then male, then trans masc/fem whatever the fuck that is. I'm not friends with her anymore, but now I see she identifies as a rat boy whatever that means. But anyway I see posts of hers talking about having a "narcissistic mother" which is hilarious because I knew her mom when we were friends and she talked about her alot, she was never "narcissistic" she was extremely kind, patient, and worried about her daughter. She would even call me sometimes to see if she was with me when she'd run away. Even in highschool she would complain about her being a bit overbearing out of concern but never what she claims about her now. I think it's a new trend for gendies or spoonies to want to have some tough upbringing or something. But I've noticed that a lot as well.

No. 1694771

does hrt really influence pelvic tilt in adults? there are lots of anecdotal reports of height changes but that could be caused by anything from posture to loss of bone density

No. 1694778

Anyone have good/bad experiences with their college's language courses? Its free here and I want to try Japanese. I feel like I might be more disciplined in learning if I have a teacher

No. 1694798

unprocessed emotion ends up as traumatic, and with all our societal issues (growing loneliness, role of internet, etc.) more people are probably not processing their emotions as well. i think for many of these types, there's a lot of insecurity and relational issues.

one thing about abusers is that they are commonly very good at hiding their issues, and can and do in fact love their victims. my mom loves us, but she did get violent with my sister as a teen and try to control us.

No. 1694802

I’m the op and I don’t mean parents who beat their kids. Most of the people I talked to never had any issue with their parents, never were raped or emotionally abused, and attribute their trauma to random childhood friends. Think of growing apart from a friend, except these people would claim that “everyone leaves me, I have an abandonment issue!!!” like dude everyone loses friends at some point. Just because they moved on doesn’t mean you’re on the same wavelength of codependency that someone with actual BPD has. Idk why these people want to be traumatized so bad but they also seem to ignore my suggestions to go to therapy so it’s likely just them wanting to be a victim and complain.

No. 1694805

No it's not that she was hiding abuse there literally was none, she says her mom is a narcissistic abuser because she was strict, stifled her creativity, was ~transphobic~, and controlling. But that was literally just her mom setting a curfew for her when we were teens, not letting her hangout with randoms until she met them, asking her not to wear things that would end up in a dress code violation at school, her not wanting her hanging out downtown with older men, her telling her not to smoke weed in her house, and not letting her get on testosterone until she was 18. Even in highschool her complaints were the same, if she was hitting her she would've been telling everyone about it. I remember her mom raised her voice with her twice and she wouldn't stop saying how her mom verbally abused her, I was with her on the phone during one of the times and it was literally just her mom crying and saying "please not in the house, I am begging you, if you're going to smoke just please not in the house" and it was because her room was next to her little sisters and the smoke would drift into her room, and that was what she considered "verbal abuse" kek

No. 1694813

I did a Japanese language course in college/University and although I myself am much better off doing self study I really enjoyed the class. The teacher was really nice, made me extra resources when I was struggling (there was an extra language barrier for me due to where I was taking this course) and yeah. I'd recommend knowing Hiragana and Katakana first. It's not too hard, should only take a few weeks.

No. 1694834

How is your Japanese studying coming along now? I'm a total beginner but I want to stick to this for the long-run, I've had enough of relying on things to get translated for me

No. 1694857

>can and do in fact love their victims.
Bzzt—! Wrong.

No. 1694874

I took Japanese to get college credits and I wound up enjoying the class, the professor used genki and gave us enough work to study consistently without getting too overwhelmed. She was from Japan and emphasized that none of us would ever become fluent unless we were willing to go overseas so I think she intentionally didn’t go too hard on us. The other students were also very friendly.

No. 1694883

NTA, but she's right. Someone loving you doesn't mean they're correct, sane or gentle.

No. 1694886

is there any app to look at someone's deletd instagram without archive?

No. 1694890

you can make your arguments against it by how you define love or such, but both abusers and victims themselves will believe they love each other. we can't get into abusers' heads and say they don't feel love for their victims. removing this layer of understanding makes it harder for victims to recognize themselves.

losing childhood friends and not processing it is hard and can be traumatizing in that way of simply not being processed. in a lot of these cases it's probably more than simply that, but like i said it reflects more issues around insecurity and relationships they have in their lives. it's annoying people use psychiatric language and diagnoses to describe basic emotions, but that's the language that comes off as meaningful in society to communicate distress where distress is regularly pathologized.

i was going to add to >>1694798 that it may or may not be the case she was abused and i only wanted to make a reminder that how people treat others does not necessarily extend to how they treat other people. she does sound awful and immature don't get me wrong but i still would assume the mother failed as a parent or is disconnected from her daughter to end up like this. a lot of what therapists critical of the affirmation model mention is genuinely bettering and building stronger relationships with kids, regardless if they continue to identify as trans or not.

No. 1694896

No, she’s wrong. Forget love, they don’t even like you.

No. 1694899

File: 1694484022541.jpg (120.42 KB, 1920x1080, 2_20331029320-cowboybebop_112.…)

What is the best bebop episode and why is it Jupiter Jazz

No. 1694910

No. 1694913

My friend

No. 1694915

>but i still would assume the mother failed as a parent or is disconnected from her daughter to end up like this.
I don't know tbh it seems like a convenient scapegoat to just blame the mother. The fact is sometimes a parent can do everything right and their kid can still turn out shitty. She had 2 other kids who turned out just fine, my ex friend is the outlier and I think it's because she fell into so many shitty online communities when we were young, troonism, pro ana, pro self harm, pro drug communities, columbiners. I knew her and her family for 6 or 7 years and her mom was fine. Her dad could have caused some of her issues but again he wasn't mean, just distant. Some people just suck no matter who raises them or how.

No. 1694926

Is it okay to use a fake/disposable phone number for Facebook? I don't want to give them my real number, but they're demanding one.

No. 1694945

Yeh, I never gave them my real phone number.

No. 1694982

>Her dad could have caused some of her issues but again he wasn't mean, just distant.
This comes up so often in trans cases where mom really cares but dad is distant and disconnected, that's probably it then.

No. 1695051

Anyone gotten their bikini line hair lasered off? I want to do it but also want to know if the ass /crack hair will be taken off. I heard you have to shave before a treatment but I can definitely not reach all the way back because I’m afraid I’m going to cut myself with the razor. So the question is, will they shave you themselves right before the appt or what?
( id never wax myself so that’s not an option)

No. 1695075

I don't think they can shave you. Also make sure that you're clean, I know a few women who work in that industry and they talk about how most patients literally have skidmarks because they cant reach to clean their asses but have no idea

No. 1695077

You can use an eyebrow trimmer instead of a razor.

No. 1695086

Nose and jaw surgeries change the structure while both bbl and boobjobs insert different stuff inside your body in unsafe ways. Though jaw surgeries are also VERY dangerous and can leave you with serious complications and they're not recommended for aesthetic purposes unblessed you're malformed.
If anything nosejobs and fillers are I think the most safe compared to other operations.

No. 1695099

Fillers are also foreign material put into the body though, and it’s a loose liquid type material that gravitates around the entire body. Filler has been found behind peoples eyeballs before because it gets everywhere and it’s impossible to control or get rid of. I think part of the reason it makes people suddenly look 20 years older is because the body recognizes it as a foreign substance and it stresses and ages the body

No. 1695102

Oh shoot that’s really smart. Thank you for the idea!

That’s absolutely foul lmao yes I’m definitely clean, have a bidet. Thanks for the answer

No. 1695108

whats the discords invite link?? the one on the site is old and the link for the new one is broken

No. 1695113

Filler is dissolvable, you can't dissolve a bbl or boobjob though.
Also love how schizos here like to pretend that your body stresses over filler when it literally does not, by that logic youd also stress your bodies with vaccines because it's foreign material being injected to your body which is untrue.
Boobjobs and silicone implants in the nose does stress the body though because they can create a chronic immune response.

No. 1695116

Terrible, I moved country and didn't keep it up but I practice on the fly. Once I'm a bit more grounded in my current life path I'll start it up again.

No. 1695129

I thought filler created a chronic immune response too, since it’s foreign material?

No. 1695148

where do i get diagnosed for mental illness or like who am i supposed to go through? do i just go straight to a psychiatrist??? i've asked my gp for referral several times and i did get put through to a mental health team but one of the women i was talking to for 2 months straight over the phone (free counselling sort of…?) said i don't show any symptoms like what am i supposed to act like joker over the phone???

No. 1695180

File: 1694520725997.png (76.07 KB, 457x318, Screenshot_34_480x480.png)

Filler doesnt dissolve really, it migrates and disperses through the face and body. Just fyi.


No. 1695181

They can probably tell you WANT to get diagnosed. Ugh I hate people who want a mental illness official card to 1) get money, 2) be allowed to be assholes.

No. 1695185

Why are you trying to get a diagnosis? Most of the time, a diagnosis won't help you unless you really have that disorder and getting treatment (like behavioral theraphy for bpd) requires that diagnosis. If you're trying to get diagnosed for disability pay or something, it might be easier or harder depending on your country but even then, having a diagnosis like that can be a bad influence if you get in certain medical or legal situation where your disorder can and WILL be used against you.

I hope you don't have a serious condition and if you do, I hope you manage to get the medical attention you deserve. Take care.

You can get it dissolved, that's what I said. You can't do that for a bbl and a breast implant has to be taken out surgically which are both much more serious than dissolving a filler, even if its migrated.
I'm in Healthcare, trust me I know more than a person who thinks your body attacks filler and ages you, kek.

No. 1695186

I kinda want filler but this always makes me not get it, I also watched a video once about a woman's under eye filler that migrated behind an area in her under eye that the needle couldn't get to dissolve it

No. 1695187

It might in a minority of cases, but this is an anomaly as fillers are generally made out of substances found in our own bodies. Your own body can have an immune response against itself so it's not something that only happens with injections or foreign bodies.

I'm tired of the misinformation on fillers and plastic surgery that some anons like to scare others with. Nobody should get filler unless they absolutely 100% want to and it shouldn't be a prerequisite to feeling pretty but it's not like their face will melt if they get injections, and plastic surgery isn't inherently evil (unless you want acid attack and dog mauling victims to walk around being stared at like freaks for the rest of their lives).
>inb4 um ackshually it will because filler migrates
Improperly injected, bad quality filler in certain areas migrates. Not all filler ever. A proper doctor will not inject filler into places prone to migration.

No. 1695193

I’ve never heard anyone criticize reconstructive plastic surgery for victims of burns or disfiguring accidents though. Plastic surgery has been pushed on everyone and lauded as a magical way to turn back the clock, and people are only now starting to wake up to how dangerous it is, and it looks awful a lot of the time anyway. The plastic surgery industry and plastic surgeons themselves are predatory, manipulative, and misogynistic. Filler does age people, even plastic surgeons themselves admit to it. Everyone always looks worse with filler, unless they’re elderly and already experienced facial volume loss.

No. 1695197

>(unless you want acid attack and dog mauling victims to walk around being stared at like freaks for the rest of their lives).
NTA but those people are kind of outliers. the majority of people getting cosmetic surgery don't have those kind of problems.

No. 1695199

>Improperly injected, bad quality filler in certain areas migrates. Not all filler ever. A proper doctor will not inject filler into places prone to migration.
What confuses me about that is why celebrities and rich peoples filler always ends with them having large puffed up features like Kylie Jenner? You'd think they'd have access to the best surgeries, best professionals that wouldn't leave them botched. And they do because their fat transfers look pretty good for how large their getting them, and their breast augmentations look natural and non botched, they're skin is always clear and their hair perfect, but the filler always looks fucked. Makes me feel like the filler is the problem not the doctor doing it

No. 1695207

It's because it's a load of bullshit to say only badly administered fillers migrate they all do. The cells are getting injected and will expand, if you want to shrink them you'll need a face lift.

No. 1695214

File: 1694525918661.jpg (218.21 KB, 2000x2000, 4322-imageset_1-before.jpg)

I agree that it's being pushed too much but I'm talking about lolcow.
>Everyone always looks worse with filler
You only say this because prominent botched celebrities are the only ones that you know got it for sure. There's lots of people around you every day that have had filler but you can't tell. And it's not like they'll tell you, because you're going to call them a fake plastic bimbo anyway. Because as much as plastic surgery is pushed, people are still bullying those who do get it instead of the doctors for shilling it and there are social repercussions for admitting to having it.
Because 1) they inject too much in too short of a time period and the doctors they go to aren't very good at it, 2) they start too young, 3) there is a different standard wrt what is considered a good job in different parts of the world and Hollywood is a league of its own when it comes to beauty standards which is why so many perfectly beautiful stars go under the knife in the first place. Just like some people love "Russian lips", others find them awful looking.
If you want to see normal-looking filler, you can go to the photo gallery and testimonials page of a good clinic and look for what interests you. Lots of nice examples and lots of perfectly normal looking people.
"The cells" aren't getting injected lmao shut up, you'd need a microscopic needle for that. Filler is primarily administered to people who experience volume loss in the first place, like pic related

No. 1695219

Anons keep spreading so many misinfo about Healthcare it makes me genuinely mad. One even said prostate cancer is more serious and dangerous than breast cancer a while back and argued that getting check ups for female reproductive organ related cancers was useless.

That and the number of anons I've seen who told women with pcos to stop taking their treatments without any proof is worrisome because untreated pcos can literally cause diabetes and other very serious permanent issues in women.

They're probably highschool dropouts who read a few made up stuff on conspiracy theory websites and assume they know more than doctors.

No. 1695225

>using a gay moids asshole as comparison
Opinion discarded.

No. 1695227

Anybody can get fillers. They'll also have to pay to get them dissolved, then watch their faces and lips deflate like nikocado's asshole, kek. "Practitioners" will really have some poor (or rich) woman's shit collapsing, and charge her extra for the honor. All these industries love making people uglier, it mean they'll keep coming back. Even worse when they start victim blaming whenever other people notice the results, and give fake promises like "It won't happen to you, that person just went too far, they should've done xyz, trust me haha. Oh, another woman did xyz and the exact same terrible result happened to her? Well, you know, everyone's body is different! Don't blame us, that's the customer's choice (even though we purposely tried to mislead people at every turn for $$$)". I hate how scammy so many beauty procedures are, it's disgusting.

No. 1695228

We don't care. Stop fucking up women's faces and preying on moid-made, pickme-propagated insecurities.

No. 1695230

>believing your cells are larger than a needle and easily injectable
Anon ill genuinely ask you something, what's the formal education you received? Did you get home schooled because they taught about cells in middle school and every middle schooler would know this is impossible.

No. 1695232

I'll never get fillers but idc if someone else does. It's easily dissolvable, you guys itt are making stuff up about how it can go inside your cells or something, maybe instead of thinking of fillers you should get checked for mental disability

No. 1695235

No they look better because I haven’t let scrotes twist my brain into thinking uncanny shit looks good. Top looks better 100%. Her undereyes are darker there because her face has fucking shape. Now she’s given herself an unnatural moon face

No. 1695237

yeah doctors always know best even when they fuck up their patients and make them sicker

No. 1695238

>they inject too much in too short of a time period and the doctors they go to aren't very good at it
Ty for explaining, most of what you said makes a lot of sense. But I have to disagree with them going to doctors who aren't very good at it, there's no way people like the Kardashians or rich others are going to shitty doctors. The rest of their surgery is decent looking except the fillers, same with a lot of other celebrities. Although like you said it makes sense theirs looks fucked cause they started too young, got too much too fast, and you brought up the standards being different in Hollywood which makes a lot of sense, like they probably get a lot of filler to look good in shooped photos and on their tv show as opposed to looking good face to face or walking by on the street.

>If you want to see normal-looking filler, you can go to the photo gallery and testimonials page of a good clinic and look for what interests you. Lots of nice examples and lots of perfectly normal looking people.

The only thing makes me sus about that is they usually only use photos taken hours, days, or weeks after the filler is done and I've heard that it can look very different over the course of a month or so. Also because they're a business they're only going to show their best results as a sort of advertisement. That being said I probably will get filler eventually because I have pretty deep circles under my eyes that are sort of hollowing out already, and one of my eyes has a tear trough but not the other and it drives me nuts kek

No. 1695242

Samefag when did sus get redtexted, sorry I didn't know it was a cringey word to use

No. 1695243

You are reaching so hard to be contrarian here.

No. 1695250

To be fair though worst case scenario about the accidental spread of fear mongering or mis info about fillers would just result in some woman not getting filler. The other stuff is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse kek

No. 1695251

You could literally get the bottom result by using makeup and most women do use makeup to cover their undereye everyday. I understand hating fillers and eye and nose fillers imo aren't worth it but you really are trying to disagree just to infight.

No. 1695254

You're right but I'm sure it's the same anons doing all of those stuff. They're obviously people with bad or no education who love giving bad health advice to feel superior to doctors.

No. 1695256

Yeah you know it better, cell injector-chan.

No. 1695257

Nope. It also makes her eyes look smaller and higher up. It makes her look a little bit man-ish. I’m sorry you spent too much time on insta.

Actually I think concealer under eyes looks bad too for the same reasons. But at least with concealer you still have natural shadowing from the shape.

No. 1695258

>You could literally get the bottom result by using makeup
I wish nona, I really wish

No. 1695259

Whats wrong with smaller eyes? Kek.

No. 1695261

I have very bad undereyes and yeah you can get it but you need to use a color corrector and then a full coverage concealer which isn't really worth the time every day. I heard mesotherapy can work but before that, if you have bad dark circles please get checked for both allergies and anemia.

No. 1695262

Nothing, if they’re your natural eyes and not faked with filler. Since you wanna play that game what’s wrong with having undereyes??

No. 1695268

Ayrt. So anyone who disagrees with you is an Instagram addict? I don't use social media at all, but good try at the insult. Leave the projection to movie theaters.

No. 1695270

The doctors I went to literally google shit on webMD and perpetuate outdated myths about women's bodies kek

No. 1695271

But anyone who disagrees with you is reaching? Can’t take it don’t dish it!

No. 1695272

Oh shit thank you for the tips, I can't believe I've never tried a color corrector on my dark circles before. I've been checked for anemia and I wasn't anemic but had very low iron/ferritin stores, but I've supplementing and eating more meat so I think I'm okay now but I'm due for another blood test in a few months. And I don't think I have any allergies, I don't have any symptoms at least

No. 1695273

The undereyes are one of the worst possible places to get filler, you’re so ignorant. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate skin on the face, and expanding it by injecting a ton of shit beneath causes premature wrinkles and sagging. The weight of the filler pulls at and drags down the skin around the eyes. It’s funny that you used that as an example because a lot of plastic surgeons won’t inject the undereyes due to the risk involved. You’re fucking yourself over by messing with your face, and making rich surgeons richer. Everyone else can see how bloated and botched people with fillers look, you just can’t see it on yourself because you’re insecure and unintelligent.

No. 1695274

I never made up shit, I'm talking about how fucked the industry is. Maybe you should stop caring when we talk about that the same way you don't care if someone gets them.

No. 1695278

If you can't differentiate a mild critique versus an outright insult, then perhaps you need to revisit your social skills. But hey, keep on instigating with others, that's all you.

No. 1695279

Those comparison pictures are at different distances and angles. The people who fall for this bs are so dumb, they deserve to end up botched, bloated, and hundreds of dollars poorer.

No. 1695280

AYRT, I've never had undereye filler (and am kind of wary of it since it's a very tricky spot, so the wrong injector can really fuck it up) but I've had filler in other places and it looks good depending on which filler you get and how it's done, as well as your own bone structure, fat distribution etc.
My first time I got nasolabial filler which did migrate because it's soft tissue and an area that moves a lot. I got it redone at another clinic after a year and that time around the doctor injected the cheekbone only, but the filler was reabsorbed. Then I went to a third clinic and this time they did it right, it looked wonderful. This was all with one to 1,5 years in-between btw, and that was the only procedure I've ever had (so no Botox, surgeries and so on).
It's worth noting that all the ladies at the reception looked naturally gorgeous at the third clinic, as did the doctor treating me, which won me over after I commented on it and they listed all the things they had done kek.

No. 1695282

Ok autismachan you can run back to your plastic surgeon and sing kumbayah now

No. 1695285

Forgot to add also that it seems to be the norm to get filler every 6 months for some but that just seems too frequent to me. Either way, you know your face best and it's better to be conservative with it rather than go ham. Sometimes getting only one issue fixed will fix the whole face, too.

No. 1695287

Her eyes are naturally small though, that filler doesn't change eye size. Not very body positive of you anon

No. 1695290

lmao where's that pic of that guide sheet paper for doctors on how to deal with minority patients that said black people were more likely to be "overdramatic" or some shit and a bunch of other stereotypes. Some of the things doctors are taught are outright inaccurate and debunked, then they have the nerve to call everyone else uneducated. And they still don't take reproductive health seriously after all these years and unironically believe in the "hysteria" 1950s-tier memes, still doing the husband stitch towards mothers, etc.

No. 1695291

Do the doctors you go to also tell you they'll inject stuff into your cells? Is there any chance you've gotten scammed by con artists? kek

No. 1695293

NTA but filler does literally make the eyes look smaller, because it makes the face bigger. Same with puffiness from water retention and fat, the bigger the face looks the smaller the eyes will look. When people lose weight their eyes always look bigger and more proportional.

No. 1695294

I don't have fillers. Just because I think you guys are being dramatic by making stuff up about medical practices doesn't mean I had those practices done to me.
You should still get tested for allergies especially if you have eye dryness or other stuff.

No. 1695295

It gets injected to where the cells are you absolute spastic and will drift in and out of membranes. Some cells will become overfilled and rupture. Skin cells will expand. You explain to me then why filler migrates and why puffy filler faces are common

No. 1695296

You guys literally said these fillers are injected inside cells and make your body go under stress so you get older. Those are the arguments you had against fillers. You didn't even talk about common complications, just made up stuff

No. 1695297

Anon did you get highschool education? What do you work as?

No. 1695298

So where does filler go if not into cells?

No. 1695300

Good to know, I've been thinking about the nasolabial area as well but that's the one that scares me the most because of people like Kylie who have that sort of cat like puffy upper mouth and cheek area kek. But it's nice to hear about positive experiences with it, my cousin got hers done once as well and it looked awesome, very subtle too. But she didn't get any more after that and it sort of dissolved over time so I'm not sure if she wasn't happy with it or just didn't want to continue getting it done. Every 6 months seems really frequent to me too, if I were to get it done I'd probably let it dissolve almost completely before getting more just to avoid any potential migration or overfilling. And yeah I've heard about how difficult the eye area can be, and that tear troughs are especially difficult to treat and can actually make it worse sometimes so I probably wouldn't get any eye stuff done until much later in life. Thanks so much for explaining this to me and letting me know about your experience with it.
>It's worth noting that all the ladies at the reception looked naturally gorgeous at the third clinic, as did the doctor treating me
Kek I will definitely keep that in mind

No. 1695301

Exactly. They literally believe black people feel "less pain", and refuse to give them medication for pain. It's a cause of higher maternal mortality rates with black mothers specifically, too. It's even funnier when you remember those articles praising them for gallantly searching for ways to give MtFs uteruses, just ignoring all the uncured/untreated reproductive issues actual women face. Anyone who simps for the medical industry is a dumbass.

No. 1695303

I'm a med student and we never got taught that. You might hate doctors all you want and it's your choice not to visit hospitals but don't make stuff up. If anything, maybe they talked about how gaucher is more common in jews or how sickle anemia is morw common in African patients, thats the extent of race that got spoken to us in our faculty.

No. 1695304

Who is "you guys"? Do you realize there are multiple anons ITT who disagre with you?

No. 1695306

Yeah that's why I said you guys. It's the same two anons who always spread misinfo about health topics and then attack doctors as if you guys didn't claim you can put needles inside your cells and pop your cells, kek. Truly a genius, wonder why med school didn't pick you up

No. 1695307

i can understand where you're coming from nonnie but i'm not desperate to be labeled as fucked in the head for government money or for brownie sympathy points. the way in which i worded it, i get that it sounds like i'm desperate but the attempts at such were about once a year probably recorded, but a try none the less. ever since childhood i've had a myriad of fuckin issues and they've had a great impact on my life and still ongoing, i'm not self diagnosing but i just want to "get treated". i want to be better, that's about it.

No. 1695308

Most doctors don't believe that. If all medical info you get is from the ftm thread and botched plastic surgeries, maybe you should stop obsessing over those stuff. It's already hard enough to transplant organs that patients need to live, uterus transplants to men is impossible

No. 1695309

So again, where does filler go if not into cells?

No. 1695312

The anon you're replying to, anon have you tried visiting a therapist or a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist? It might be more helpful and more relaxed for you, although I don't know if it's costly in your area

No. 1695313

>Drawing on government data and published studies, they found Black and mixed race women of African descent face disadvantages rooted in racist assumptions in medical education, policymaking, and health service delivery.

>Medical textbooks, for example, teach childbirth based on a pelvic shape common to European women yet highly variable among women of other ethnicities, increasing their risk of obstetric intervention, the report said.

>Many doctors also learn, incorrectly, that Black people feel less pain because of thicker skin and are less likely to experience postpartum hemorrhage because their blood clots more quickly, the report added.

>In one study Trawalter and her collaborators designed, members of the NCAA Division I medical staff read a case concerning a student athlete with a torn ACL. Participants were randomly assigned either a Black student or a white one, with everything else about the case remaining the same. They then answered questions about the case (How painful was the injury, on a scale of 1-4?) and questions designed to measure their own racial attitudes (Do you agree or disagree? Irish, Italians, Jews, and other minorities overcame prejudice and worked their way up. Blacks should do the same without any special favors.)

>As the researchers predicted, participants generally assigned lower pain ratings to the Black students. Surprisingly, however, there was no correlation between participants’ answers to the questions about their racial attitudes and the pain ratings they gave Black patients (relative to white patients). In other words, “even participants who have very positive racial attitudes show this bias,” Trawalter said.

Maybe you weren't taught that, but it is a recognized problem. Ignoring and denying it helps no one. Tons of black women have talked about experiencing this from doctors, too.

No. 1695315


No. 1695316

All these responses are so blatantly low-effort and low-IQ, I feel like you must be baiting. I'll go back to the point: We don't care. Stop fucking up women's faces and preying on moid-made, pickme-propagated insecurities.

No. 1695317

You're getting to the answer nonnie and how do they get a fluid to be targeted to an area? They give it properties to be absorbed by cell membranes to enter cells. Bless you.

No. 1695318

This is false, even European women have all sorts of pelvis shapes and they're all taught in faculties. Pelvis shape depends more on a person's height and build(like as in tall and lean vs shorter - not weight) than race.
Though as you can see, most of these are probably American medical malpractices. Not hocking given Americans tend to be racist and opportunistic regardless of profession.

No. 1695323

And what the other anon and I said were saying about the medical industry having this issue of misinformation, ignorance, malpractice and bias is proven as true. Women of all races are fucked over by it in many different ways.

No. 1695324

>They give it properties to be absorbed by cell membranes to enter cells.
Kek. You really are retarded. Love how you never answer if you graduated highschool or even have a job. I bet you're an unemployed little neet screeching for hours.

No. 1695325

Depending on the filler used it goes inside the dermis, deep dermis or subcutis and sits there until it is dissolved by your body, which can take more or less time depending on the filler. Filler molecules are too big to penetrate cells.
What you just typed makes no sense.

No. 1695328

Just because American Healthcare is fucked because Americans are racist retards doesn't mean every doctor is shit. Why do Americans act like whole world revolves around them? There's a reason you guys have such bad stats when compared to European union country's medical stats.

No. 1695330

Nta but it's not just about race but how doctors treat women in general (poorly). Especially plastic surgeons.

No. 1695333

You mean like osmosis?

No. 1695340

>it's another "europe has no problems with racism or sexism, everything is all americans blahblahblah" episode

>Racism operates through complex mechanisms, compromising social support which has an effect on health status and access to health care (Karlsen & Nazroo, 2002b). Institutional racism can also lead to the identification and reification of ethnic minority groups as different (Miles, 1989), as well as their social and economic exclusion (Paradies et al., 2015). In health care, racism has been shown to be associated with health service use outcomes such as lack of adherence to treatment uptake and delay in receiving adequate health care (Ben et al., 2017). In Sweden, for example, foreign-born patients have been shown to be less likely to receive adequate care in regard to heart failure medications as well as receiving lower rates of beta blockers than medically recommended (National Board of Health and Welfare, 2008). Asian and Black patients were found to be less likely to receive kidney transplant compared with White patients in a study in 36 European countries (Tjaden et al., 2016). Perceived racism is associated with lack of trust in health care and with refraining from seeking health care (Wamala et al., 2007).

>The conundrum of accessibility to health care resources was described by another participant, a Swedish woman of Somali origin who discussed how her labor pain was not taken seriously, leading to the worst sort of outcome, despite her repeated efforts to get help.

>Sometime back I was pregnant and I went to the maternity/delivery hospital because of severe pains and they sent me back home, saying that I was not ready (to give birth). The next day I stopped feeling the baby’s movement and the contractions stopped, so I was worried (. . .) I went to the hospital that evening again, this time I had excruciating pains and they told me that the baby is asleep and you are only 5 centimetres open. They called the doctor and they ran some tests and told me that they think the baby is either dead in my stomach or it is sleeping. So we will check to confirm and then see what to do, either to operate you when the baby is sleeping and/or do a procedure if the baby is dead.

>The participant also spoke of other women with Somali background in Sweden who had lost their babies, as they were not offered adequate antenatal care. Even though it is not possible to prove that this rationing of care is a result of “race” as it is often veiled, it works through invisible processes of (non)selection, with tangible effects on individuals. Often minority ethnic women’s expressions of pain in health care encounters are seen as exaggerated and overly emotional (Bowler, 1993) and therefore rationed as a non-priority. We argue that experience such as that described by the above-mentioned participant should not merely be seen as an isolated case but should be situated in the broader context in Sweden where it has been shown that women from Sub-Saharan African countries have statistically significant higher perinatal mortality rate compared with the general population (Essén et al., 2000).

And as the other anon said, this isn't even about race alone. Women all over the world have had fucked up experiences. Plastic surgery is one of the worst, it's often where you go if you want to get lied to, botched, and then gaslit.

No. 1695359

No they obviously brainwash the particles of filler to invade your cells so they can explode you from inside out

No. 1695563

I’m a dummie I don’t understand how filler works but I understand that it always looks like shit.

No. 1695589

What are easy and balanced vegan recipes to feed 3 people? I used to just cook for myself if I was hungry so I'm not completely dumb when it comes to cooking but it was usually just potatoes, rice or garlic pasta. Don't want to feed them rice/potatoes with vegetables and some beans or fake meat every day. I hate soup btw.

No. 1695611

Have you looked into tofu scrambles or tofu stir fry? I love tofu and make basically every food with it, casseroles, wraps, pasta bakes and soups (you don't want soups) but even just rice, veggies and marinanted crispy air fryer tofu is lovely.

No. 1695612

Doesn't help but thanks

No. 1695716

I don't really like variety in food, so I'm trying find some superfood that I can eat daily while still getting all nutritions. Is there some site that lets you look for recipes by their nutrition content instead of the other way round? I'm too lazy to look it up ingredient by ingredient.

No. 1695821

One recipe my non-vegan family (myself included) is lentil bolognese. Really easy and cheap to make plus it's really tasty!

No. 1695923

What should I ask for my birthday? My aunt wants to give me a birthday gift, but she’s going through something rough right now, and I’m in general terrible at saying what I want.
I tried asking for courses and lessons but she told me that she could just pay for them, and that I should ask for something else for my birthday.
I also told her that she could pay for the birthday cake but she also said that it doesn’t count.
I really don’t want clothes or accessories tbh, I already have enough of them, and I usually ask for her to gift me socks during Christmas.
So I really don’t want to ask for something expensive, but I don’t want something insignificant either. I don’t know what to do.

No. 1695924

File: 1694554321092.jpg (40.71 KB, 960x720, Home-Theater-Gear-GettyImages-…)

No. 1695932

Which one would you personally find worse, your best friend trooning out or being a pick me and choosing male attention over yours?

No. 1695939

the latter, former is self hate but the latter is being ditched

No. 1695941

ask for her to gift you a sum of money (any amount that she's able to gift you right now/what feels right for her) and buy whatever you want with it
the former because there's a possibility the nuTIF will only hang out with women (of whatever gender identity they believe in, but still women) and not getting abused by moids

No. 1695991

The former, because its a fate i wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.
The later is completely normal and would simply make me glad for my friends happiness.

No. 1695993

So, do other countries make a mockery out of extreme tragedies that killed thousands of their own to try to look edgy online, or is that strictly popular in America only? It has been 22 years, the age of a lot of these retards actually, and they think its the peak of humor to make edgefag jokes about it. I get that it can be ridiculous when people are too intense about it, but why is being a jaded tard considered so cool right now? Do they do this on such a large scale anywhere else lol

No. 1695994

doubleposting, just noticed nona asked for what you find worse. sorry for being retarded, i meant that the latter is much worse

No. 1696021

File: 1694558148694.jpg (288.3 KB, 1702x957, 9.11.meme_.jpg)

No. 1696076

At least in my country it’s not like that, nobody makes fun of the tragic events that has killed many. If anything, most of the people I know think that it’s very shitty to make fun of something like the 9/11.

No. 1696095

You mistake me for being someone that is offended rather than someone pointing out how genuinely retarded and autistic American internet culture is

No. 1696097

Right, like that's your country. Those are your people. Your whole life sucks and making edgy teenage jokes about the excruciating death of almost three thousand people is the highlight of your life. You won't own property, won't have a family, wont have a purpose, but you have the sense of humor of a 12 year old so there's that

No. 1696112

And not only that, while I get that it’s kind of bizarre how there’s people like, obsessed with the 9/11, making art about it in very autistic ways and whatnot. It wasn’t really an event that only affected the usa if you think about it, the whole world changed because of the way that people travel now, the controls needed to enter an airport and all that stuff.
I remember asking my parents about the 9/11, I was a child so I didn’t understand a thing, specially why it was so important even to us, a country that’s really far away from the usa, and the issue is that now everyone jokes about it because of ignorance, they think that they’re just talking about some silly thing that happened once.

No. 1696177

how do i make insertion feel good? i'm always sore after and i hate it. i even use that stupid overpriced astroglide lube. using a vibrator feels so much better to me but i feel like i need to enjoy insertion or something idk lol.

No. 1696259

idk which country does it the most but i remember seeing those jokes and edgy edits decades ago since around the late 2000s. i think it started with 30-something year olds on the somethingawful forum, there was a popular thread there for making 9/11 edits

No. 1696353

where can I get business casual clothes (like some nice pairs of pants and some button-up shirts) that isn't low quality polyester garbage? I'm starting a new job and need a more work appropriate wardrobe but currently I only ever buy alt fashion stuff so idk where to shop.

No. 1696365

Who the fuck is listening to this shit

No. 1696367

Don't scroll nonnies

No. 1696372

I wonder why they try so hard with that shit

No. 1696376

File: 1694587088120.jpg (196.1 KB, 943x1255, 02.jpg)

bump for gore

No. 1696485

When you drink how do you position your tongue? I always pull my tongue up/back because touching the glass/mug/whatever with my tongue feels gross, I don't know if that's normal

No. 1696492

It's kind of a tricky question to answer. I think we do it here too (northern europe), but we do it less and people are also less offended over it too.
It usually just gets the same reaction as a bad pun, people go "oh jeez" and maybe roll their eyes and occasionally media will try to make a deal out of it but no one really cares. It's seen as a tasteless joke, but still just a joke.

No. 1696500

File: 1694604587446.jpg (25.75 KB, 400x400, 77655_54433.jpg)

ok what is going on with this small bag of cheetos i opened? it had these little black dots sprinkled on them which I've never seen before on regular plain cheetos but I figured it must be some new seasoning they added. but when I started eating them they tasted weird, idk how to describe it. like there was a slight hint of chemical taste? but not that strong enough. is it still ok to eat? does your own cheetos (again original default flavor, no special kind) have this? it's the crunchy kind too if that matters.

No. 1696502

What does it mean if Discord doesn't have my second account on it anymore and it won't let me make a new one

No. 1696503

Mold dont eat

No. 1696504

That you need to use another ip or stop making so many alts. If you make too many alts and use them suspiciously, it won't let you make more accounts on that ip without connecting it to a phone number

No. 1696505

It was one alt I had for like a year

No. 1696506

Then someone else in your house might have accounts. My friend and his brothers had a lot of accounts so the same happened to them

No. 1696509

No, nobody else in my house has a discord kek. Could it be that I cleared my cache recently?

No. 1696827

Anynonny tried to sign up for a reality TV show? Why’d you do it?

No. 1696843

How do I tell someone I'm into what they like without coming around as a NLOG?

No. 1696958

Say "oh cool i like that too" the end, what even are you asking lmao

No. 1697014

Can somebody explain Taylor Swift's success to me? Her songs are incredibly bland, her live performances are okay I guess, nothing spectacular, and she seems like a very harmless but boring person in general. I read that she recently surpassed Madonna in terms of earnings and concert tickets sold and I don't get it, I'm not a pop music amateur but at least Madonna was pushing boundaries and had some bangers. Why are people losing their minds over her???

No. 1697017

her music is digestible and not too raunchy, she writes her own music, is good at building a brand identity and relationship to fans, releases music regularly, and clearly seems very professional.

No. 1697064

File: 1694640880597.jpg (60 KB, 1080x461, Ana-Luisa-Bracelet.jpg)

How do I make something like picrel? I want a bracelet like that but don't want to spend 100 € on it while it's only some made in China bracelet and I already have a stone at home I want to use. So, amazing, crafty Nonnas, tell me, what do I need and how to I make it.

No. 1697068

You need chinese thread and to learn how to either do macramé or tie knots. And you will need something like a very strong glue to glue the ends to the thread.

No. 1697083

You could maybe make something similar with a low weight yarn (anywhere from super fine to light) and using it to make either a crochet or knit chain. The Ana Luisa site says the cord is nylon, and nylon yarn is easily findable. For the charm, I was able to find ones similar to that on Amazon by searching " rhinestone pendant link" and "rhinestone connector". I was able to find those the little cylinder in the middle by searching "barrel clasp". If I were to do this, I would make two chains and just tie them into the pendant.

No. 1697095

Samefag, but if you do this, it doesn't necessarily have to be yarn. If you can find something that's sturdy and comfortable on the skin, that could also work.

No. 1697112

Nepotism baby

No. 1697279

It will be more expensive for you to buy the macrame than it will be for you to buy a $1 bracelet on temu, you can even modify the little pendant to something else but thats you're call

No. 1697360

It's like 90$ from Ana Luisa. Anon even said the price in her post.

No. 1697371


No. 1697384

I just don't want it seem like I'm pretending to like it because i want to be with him.

No. 1697390

Why do pubes grow faster than the hair on your head?

No. 1697393

I once did try to apply for an MTV reality show, won't tell why but let's say i was "qualified" to be part of it (at least during that point of my life) but i met someone and i wanted to be with him so I didn't ended up in the show.

No. 1697395

And im saying there are at least 30 knockoffs from China that look nearly the same

It's been established so many times that typos are generally autocorrect and this was, I'm not retarded but you are for going grammar nazi karen on something innocuous kek

No. 1697404

They don't?

No. 1697445

File: 1694659999390.jpeg (364.96 KB, 640x720, 1694657771954.jpeg)

Maisie Williams, Jill, or (You)?

No. 1697460

I keep thinking this is a pic of Null somebody used an editing app on kek

No. 1697473

She has a beautiful hirsute smile

No. 1697478

I'm voting Jill

No. 1697483

I'm mad anon won't tell us. I went to the Jill thread thinking there was a prediction I missed.

No. 1697532

It’s Daniel radclife kek, it does look like null, I made him a woman then made him chubby and added a beard.

No. 1697537

You are diabolical. Please link image he's my tulpa

No. 1697548

I'm fucking dying

No. 1697552

Hes 5'4.5" btw, get your facts straight.

No. 1697556

go back

No. 1697558

File: 1694662729004.jpeg (45.8 KB, 197x220, F432D587-2A62-4357-9FAD-72594D…)

I also put the baby face filter

No. 1697570

Well I think he's handsome and gorgeous and I would tell him height ain't nothing but a number

No. 1697572

Never been, please describe a better term for such a random and unnecessary act of condescension tho please

No. 1697573

That's 164cm

No. 1697574


No. 1697577

Good list, I like the lack of bitch and cunt I don't like those ones

No. 1697579

No something more specific. I don't actually call women Karen when their rage is justified but I don't know what else to call chimp outs of that specifically annoying degree

No. 1697583

Hmm how about shitface

No. 1697588

*you're, retard

No. 1697591

File: 1694663694421.jpeg (82 KB, 437x288, C90468A8-B98B-4EEC-A3F9-74FC25…)

No. 1697592

Wait you guys are watching PLL for real?

No. 1697601

"a condescending idiot"/"entitled person"

No. 1697661

thank you, I will have a closer look into macrame and the stuff I will need

I'm okay with spending a little more money than 1€, I just can't justify buying a bracelet that was made in China for that price. And I looked at Aliexpress and couldn't find anything as I don't want it in red (doesn't suit my skin tone; reminds me too much of pro ana bracelets), but I will have a look at Temu and Shein, maybe they have something I can wear until I made one myself.

No. 1697775

How do you tell someone you've been going on dates with that you don't want to continue because of their alcohol/drug problems? I would love to keep being friends but she needs to get fucked up every night. The dates we have start off fine until she starts drinking

No. 1697790

Tell her exactly that, don't sugar coat it

No. 1697798

"how do you wipe your ass with nails that long" I don't. Your teen son makes out with my ass, shit running down his chin and all. Wipes me clean with his pink tongue(wrong thread)

No. 1697814

Kys for sharing that imagery

No. 1697816

…wrong thread?

No. 1697818

File: 1694695767606.jpg (67.93 KB, 957x556, alien.jpg)

the fuck? Aliens are real? are they gonna lower the rent?

No. 1697823

No. It's the perfect thread.

No. 1697847

Nah, they're made by a known scammer who has stolen bodies from archeological sites before. First hint is that they look exactly like what humans, who don't know anything about irl aliens, have made aliens out to be.

No. 1697854

They're real I have a friend who met them recently and now he's pregnant

No. 1697855

wtf? is SOMEBODY gonna lower the rent at least?

No. 1697857

Those aliens can’t be real, if aliens were real, they would be hot as fuck, with huge bodies, beautiful faces, long hair and sexy voices.

No. 1697861

Are same-sex marriages recognized in countries where same-sex marriage isn't possible? Like, let's say two Dutch women marry and move to Romania, are they still considered married or are they ~just really good friends~ now?

No. 1697869

Let's not give up, anon. I believe the girl reading this will step in to help.

No. 1697870

>I believe the girl reading this will step in to help.
No the fuck I'm not

No. 1697881

File: 1694700649625.png (1.11 MB, 1482x884, the girl reading this.png)

No. 1697944

what setting on my phone's brave browser is wiping my settings everytime i come back to lc? i just want my theme and hidden threads.

No. 1697981

depends on the country, some do and some do not. iirc Romania still does not

No. 1697982

it probably deletes cookies on site exit. check that setting

No. 1698179

How can I tell my therapist that I want to terminate therapy? I've been seeing her for about half a year now and we barely have topics to discuss anymore and she resorts to asking me pointless cliche questions that lead nowhere

No. 1698208

Could I get away with scanning personal books and doujins (not explicit) at my college? I can use the computer lab and there are tons of scanners just sitting in here.

No. 1698215

send an email saying you are ending your sessions and will stop going. you are the consumer and they are here to meet your needs ultimately. not every therapist is a fit for everyone.

No. 1698222

Should I be concerned about my period not happening at all? Like, it's 10 days late. I haven't had any signs of it popping up any time soon. It seems like I'm starting to lose weight and I'm randomly hungry late at night(like 3am /4am).

No. 1698225

Take a pregnancy test if its causing you stress, but there are so many variables that can mess up your cycle

No. 1698233

Thanks, I was gonna hold off bc when I looked into it there were sites saying to wait a week or two but I don't wanna take chances. Hopefully, I'm not but then it means my meds fucked me up.

No. 1698251

So I looked this guy up I’m seeing’s criminal records. It shows domestic violence on there but no description of what happened or anything. Does a domestic violence charge always mean literally domestic violence between someone they had an intimate relationship with? Or could it have been like a brawl on the street..?

No. 1698254

Domestic abuse usual means someone they've had a relationship with somehow, hence the word "domestic" if it was a random it would have just been assault or something.

No. 1698258

Domestic abuse is stuff like your romantic partners or family members. Think of it as something that happens within the home.

No. 1698290

Girl, get out now.

No. 1698330

it means famiky or partner were the victim. "domestic" means within the home
ghost him and run. now

No. 1698338

Should I buy my lunch from the grocery store tomorrow (thinking of getting those deli sandwiches) or should I just make something at home and bring it to work?

No. 1698456

I've searched everywhere but tumblr seems pretty vague on this. Do the posts of password locked blogs show up on tags?

No. 1698463

Can any ESL nonny who's fluent speaking in english (and started late in life), give me some tips?

No. 1698491

A post made by an anon asking if she's still a virgin after being eaten out made me wonder… At what point do lesbians consider having lost their virginity?

No. 1698533

I think it's the same across all sexualities. There's usually a delineation where manual sex (handjobs, fingering) and oral sex (blowjobs, cunnilingus, anilingus) do not constitute loss of virginity, but intercourse or frotting do. Once you get into less common sex acts (figging, mammary intercourse, etc), or conservative/Christian couples who specifically use intercrural sex to "stay virginal", is where it gets a little hazy. Essentially, two schools of thought: the first is that only "genital to genital contact" results in loss of virginity. The second is engaging in any sex acts means someone is no longer a virgin.
So for lesbians, either any form of sex is a loss of virginity (including getting eaten out as in your example), or she is no longer a virgin once she engages in tribadism or vaginal penetration with a strap-on. Pick your poison.

No. 1698540

are sanrio adults worse than disney adults?

No. 1698550

Why is it whenever an anon writes about having insert attractive feature, other anons go ballistic accusing said anon of lying and is actually ugly? is it insecurity? Why care so much even if it is a lie over an anonymous post about being hot?

No. 1698574

Crabs in a bucket with nothing better to do. They MUST project their insecurities onto other people for all they're worth.

No. 1698576

All excessive consumerism is excessive consumerism.

No. 1698903

I stopped using conditioner a few years ago. Is it possible it fucked my hair without repair? I stopped using it because i have a really oily hair. Should i go back to it?

No. 1698904

File: 1694796818867.jpeg (87.28 KB, 800x800, candle-warmer-lamp-1674768774.…)

How well do candle warmers actually work? I can't imagine them dispersing scent that well, but I also don't really like lighting my candles.

No. 1698918

They work really well tbh, I have one in my dining room and another in my living room/den. They’re nice and there are some v aesthetically pleasing ones out there!

No. 1698936

You can use conditioner with oily hair, just don't put it directly onto your roots or bangs if you have them—just put it on the ends to help avoid excess oil. I don't think conditioner can actually damage your hair if that's what you mean, iirc it just coats the hair strands. Only deep conditioners and hair masks actually penetrate deeper than the outside cuticle layer of the hair.

No. 1698978

File: 1694802281245.jpeg (34.3 KB, 496x618, IMG_3314.jpeg)

I hate Kate Beckinsale, Is there a celeb you hate for no particular reason?

No. 1698982

no, i was asking if the lack of conditioner could damage my hair. I think stopped using conditer 5 years ago. Thanks though nonna, i will try to find one for oily hair.

No. 1698985

Did not know these were a thing but I think you just gave me a gift idea for the holidays

No. 1698986

All of them

No. 1698993

I'll see guys screech about the wall and how women will loose all fertility by the age of 30 or other such things but I wonder, what's their argument for women who're infertile since birth or a really young age? What then?

No. 1699008

What's the easiest way to keep bathwater hot for longer? Wish we had that Japanese oidaki function here…

No. 1699012

Not necessarily temperature wise but in bathhouses it’s common to add epsom salt and ginger as it keeps the skin warm by increasing blood flow once you’re out.

No. 1699014

ohhhh I see, and it depends I guess? If you hair is really dry at the ends it could cause weakness in the strands which would lead to breakage and split ends so there could be some damage. I doubt lack of conditioner would cause anything major though.

No. 1699015

Sadie Sink, I don't know what it is about her but seeing her face anywhere irritates me kek

No. 1699023

Emma Watson. Her face makes me immediately disgusted. Can’t watch anything with her in it.

No. 1699038

all of a sudden everything tastes salty to me. Wtf can someone help explain? All I had today was a banana, half of a kombucha, a half cup of grapes, a cheese stick, and a small piece of bread. Suddenly the cheese stick started tasting salty in the middle of eating it.

No. 1699041

samefag my breakfast was the banana and kombucha and my lunch was the second half of my post. a little later on I had another piece of bread and it tasted salty too

No. 1699069

Arigato Grande, she always felt like a massive bitch to me. Every girl I've ever met who did the petite innocent bbygirl thing ended up being a nasty bully who hides behind feminism and her looks when called out on her bullshit ("girls are supposed to support each other"/"you're just jealous because I'm prettier than you"). Grande is the final boss of uwu smol beans and reminds me of every such person who picked on me.

No. 1699070

Samefag but just to clarify, this is long before her cheating scandal. She just looked extremely sus and I had a bad feeling about her. I hated the main character from Gilmore Girls for the same reason (not the actress), she also put on a baby voice and played innocent when caught doing bad things like sleeping with her married ex and not giving a fuck about it. Then everyone would defend her because she's a sweet innocent baby who could do no wrong.

No. 1699137

What is the difference between emotional and mental abuse? I keep hearing it in the same sentence but it sounds like the same thing to me

No. 1699156

I am not totally sure (hilarious since I was so badly abused by an ex scrote) but I THINK the difference is that emotional abuse is cheating, saying things about your appearance and abilities, telling you you are being manipulative when you cry at their abuse, humiliating you etc, where mental is hard gaslighting and things like keeping you awake for hours to fuck with your perception of reality, forcing you to go off meds you need etc. Or maybe I am retarded and emotional/mental abuse is the same thing kek

No. 1699175

I fucking hate Jim from the office and his actor. I know why I hate Jim but not his actor though.

No. 1699192

I don’t watch the office but I feel like his character is meant to be a massive dick. Maybe the actor is just too good at it? Doesn’t he constantly bully the autistic one and homewrecked pams relationship? Hate how I’ve never watched a single episode and I know this.

No. 1699194

Pedro Pascal.

No. 1699216

I’d say emotional abuse is emotional neglect, invalidation, negging, causing emotional pains in general. Emotional abuse is more in personal relationships. Mental abuse can be unpersonal, from school/work, society, like relentless pressure and demands. Mental abuse can include terrorizing and torture. Physical violence is a form of mental abuse.

No. 1699268

Has anyone here done a triple major? I want to get into Economy after doing some work associated with it. I am already studying two other majors online.

No. 1699358

File: 1694842538030.jpeg (53.67 KB, 550x581, IMG_4124.jpeg)

Does anyone else have an ex from a toxic relationship that moved on and is thriving with someone new? I know this moid isn’t getting therapy to fix his issues so how is it that they’re still dating this long? Was I really the problem all along? Was it just our relationship that made him fucked up? I guess his new gf is into being strangled and being hurt during sex. I don’t think he’d be happy with it being all consensual though. He always pushed my boundaries, ignored my “no” and “stop” because he got a kick out of me fighting back. I can’t really see a moid stopping that?

No. 1699374

I feel like picrel too with my recent breakup especially since my ex still manages to maintain close long-term friendships with other people. But whatever you see from social media, just know that it's not as perfect as it seems. Most likely this woman is naive and ignores the red flags, which abusers love to prey on.

No. 1699390

nonitas i feel this too… he's dumb but he has a shitload of long term friends and he can't explain how he got them, while i have zero. he's really lucky to have them.

No. 1699395

What is red flags?

No. 1699411

File: 1694849161230.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.36 KB, 1087x800, 1694845138092852.jpg)

You wake up one day and open lc and every elsie graphic has been replaced with this mascot. Do you continue posting?

No. 1699413

if he had a nose: maybe
right now? no

No. 1699415

that would require the man to recognize rare cases as such but given they're unable to see women as individuals, it is impossible.

No. 1699418

how do i get a narcissistic person to stop treating me like shit and start helping me instead?

No. 1699419

Seth Rogan. I groaned when I heard him in Mario. I cannot escape this fucker.

No. 1699486

i would leave the site immediately and probably report it to the fbi

No. 1699584

dump the narc and help yourself, or find someone else who can help you instead of the narc

No. 1699588

Is it better to have friends who aren't good people but understand you emotionally or friends who don't fully get you but make you want to be better? I cut contact with my best friend of a long time because of moral differences and it felt nice to have space at first but now I just feel lonely.
Sorry nonna, there is no cure for narcissism. They abuse you until they're bored of it, get out while you can.

No. 1699639

I'd say the latter. Friends don't have to understand you fully to be good friends imo, we all go through life differently.

No. 1699692

File: 1694880989941.gif (974.48 KB, 400x222, sea-turtle.gif)

several dumb questions

Has anyone else starting becoming very sensitive to loudness and/or flinching more often? My family is really big and therefore pretty loud. It seems only recently that the littlest things make me flinch and its pretty annoying.

Do you guys get that thing when its cold in the morning and your noise hurts or stings for a bit? It happens all the time to me but my siblings dont get it at all.

No. 1699696

No. 1699705

is period underwear any good?

No. 1699724

Yes, but look up the brand before buying. Some contain harmful chemicals.

No. 1699764

How true is the "there are some women who like doing sex work" as a way to support sex work because it's a ~woman's choice~? I refuse to believe that there are women out there who willingly like to have their body used like a sex doll unless they're mentally ill or something.

No. 1699772

Why do we have two concurrent Sonic Totem threads?

No. 1699789

One always lies and one always tells the truth

No. 1699793

Kek I like this answer. I just wish I knew which was which

No. 1699817

Is there truth to the 'hundreds of years ago there was no such thing as depression, because people were busy waking up at 5am and working on the fields until the evening and they didn't have time to feel sorry for themselves' narrative?

No. 1699822

Not very. Majority start underage and iirc something like 90% would leave in an instant if given the opportunity.

No. 1699837

Not really, the concept of melancholia has been around since Ancient Greece as a way of attempting to explain depression-like symptoms and basically many cultures historically have some evidence of people committing suicide and experiencing lethargy/low moods, with all sorts of different explanations as to why. I imagine the way that people interpret their own feelings of depression changed after things like the DSM were invented and the concept of 'mental disorders' became public knowledge, but the idea that depression is purely some modern problem that can always be solved by doing manual labor and not thinking too hard about it doesn't seem to be accurate imo. Having some structure to your life and keeping busy can definitely be helpful but lots of people living today are rural farmers and there's no way all of them are thriving mentally.

No. 1699844

Turkish nonitas, do you have any tips or recommendations for learning your language?

No. 1699851

the current medicalized understanding is specific to today, but alcoholism and addiction have existed for a long time in response to misery. and religion was and is also still a cope.

No. 1699906

File: 1694900443070.jpg (93.85 KB, 1200x675, red turtleneck.jpg)

What is a cutesy couple halloween costume that's low effort? Him as picrel and for me to be the witch lady would be cool but I doubt anyone would get it. We're going to a party don't judge me kek
They drank beer instead of water because of contamination risk, must have helped. People were probably sad back then too but just hid it better.

No. 1699921

Is elouai dead for real now or is there some other site hosting the games? I need to make a profile picture.

No. 1699933

>>1699921 it still works on the internet archive!

No. 1699936

is 2x gone? i cant find it

No. 1699937

No. 1699960

Anons what does it mean if a moid said that Factotum by Charles Bukowski reminded him of me?… I am NOT an alcoholic btw.

No. 1699963

Does anyone else think it's reasonable to threaten suicide if somebody cheats on you. For context I think it's wrong 99% of the time and it's definitely wrong to threaten suicide if your significant other wants to break up with you, but is it really wrong to say oh if you cheat on me I'll kill myself? Am I just schizo

No. 1699965

>Am I just schizo

No. 1699969

Fair but can anybody tell me why it’s wrong? For example, if your boyfriend cheats on you and you tell him you’ll kill yourself why is that bad? He’s the one who cheated and should’ve just broken up with you (and threatening suicide over breakup is wrong). Speaking purely from a hypothetical standpoint, I’ve never been cheated on or worried about it.

No. 1699973

Oh for more additional context I think it’s reasonable for women in physically/financially/etc abusive relationships to cheat to get away if they can’t escape their abuser. In that case I don’t think the abuser threatening suicide is ok. But that’s not the situation I mean in my question

No. 1699974

>is it really wrong to say oh if you cheat on me I'll kill myself?
I don't know about wrong, but it can give the other person an ego trip if they're already a cheating pos. They already cheated, don't give them the satisfaction of believing that it bothered you enough to suicide.

No. 1699976

NTA, it's insanely pathetic to commit suicide over a moid (like they're such a fucking loss lmao) and a complete and utter overreaction, it indicates the person is not of sound mind. It's unreasonable and manipulative to place blame on another person when really the suicide is clearly a result of whatever personality disorder and mental illness they have, not whatever they choose to pin it on.

No. 1699982

That's a very reasonable way to think about it.

Not to derail too much from my initial question or to twist your words, but don't people commit suicide over trauma, like sexual assault, CSA or wartime PTSD? Wouldn't their suicide be a result of whoever caused it? I don't think that would be manipulative or unreasonable. Unless you mean for this context exclusively

No. 1700028

when tightening a piercing ive been told to follow righty tighty lefty loosy. is it meant to be my right, or right right? i ask bc i thought i was tightening my fresh helix by turning it right but it ended up falling out… pls help anons i feel like a dumbass

No. 1700034

I want to buy a button pressing machine, the ones with cool shapes are 650 bucks… that can’t be, can it? The circle ones don’t even reach 200. Can someone who knows more about this guide me or give me a rec?

No. 1700060

If a person has a gift registry can they see who bought the items for them? I’m going to a party and they’re already getting like $4000 worth of stuff, I don’t want to buy anything

No. 1700064

File: 1694916429094.jpg (60.53 KB, 531x800, FIG-MOE-0571_05.jpg)

I wanna do stop-motion. Does anyone know where i can find bootleg figmas that i can easily use as a base? i tried wish but i couldnt find that many, what keywords do i need to use?

No. 1700106

I got diarrhea a couple hours after eating a poke bowl for dinner. Tomorrow should I eat other half of the bowl that i stuck in the fridge or should I toss it?

No. 1700125

I used to use the liv dolls. They come with changeable wings and are pose-able, but are meant for kids and aren’t very expensive. You might be able to find them second hand if you look which would be even better. Otherwise certain Barbie dolls have pose-able joints too.

No. 1700129

thanks for the rec but i am looking specifically for anime dolls

No. 1700130

you could do obitsu or other 1/6 doll bodies, then buy anime or bjd doll heads off aliexpress and make doll wigs or buy them.

No. 1700131

File: 1694924524338.png (8.66 KB, 502x388, 1687329483716872.png)

thanks nonny!!!! i had no idea about aliexpress, but i was checking and they had tons of bootlegs there. I will also check into obitsu, i was mostly asking for figmas because you can change their faceplates fairly easy, plus i feel less bad destroying a trashy bootleg. I will also check if i can import stuff from mandrake

No. 1700133

Toss it. Wasting food sucks but food poisoning is worse.

No. 1700143

Don't shoot me I don't care about streamers but is xqc retarded or esl

No. 1700144

toss it you silly billy

No. 1700147

he's from quebec

No. 1700148

File: 1694928195938.jpg (124.09 KB, 1071x1076, 1667232718015.jpg)

is fibromyalgia a real illness or is it just muchies malingering ?

No. 1700150

You posted this to incite infighting, didn't you?

No. 1700154

File: 1694929798528.gif (1.44 MB, 544x326, MEN.gif)

both probably lul

No. 1700157

nope i'm confused and i know the internet won't give me a straight answer, guess i'll never know if even here it's infighty and controversial OTL

No. 1700161

Yes, probably. The registry will generate a list for them to help with writing thank you notes. Don't worry about spending more money than you can afford, people understand unless they're huge jerks.

No. 1700168

it's like autism, it's real and debilitating for those who actually have it but munchies will say they have those and emulate the symptoms. also just like autism, if someone I know told me they have it, I would believe, but if their entire personality was about it, I would think it's sus.

No. 1700172

thank you nonnie that seems reasonable

No. 1700254

Do you put on petticoats just like normal or is there some long, annoying process where you have to be careful of x and y involved? Never even saw one irl.

No. 1700268

File: 1694951557734.png (1.04 MB, 693x870, xqcs slut body.png)

He is both

No. 1700272

and also quebecois to boot

No. 1700273

Thanks, didn't even think about checking there because I assumed they wouldn't load.

No. 1700318

File: 1694955229949.png (103.55 KB, 1901x910, zfhf.PNG)

Is lolcow nekkid for anyone else

No. 1700335

No, I use keekweek and it's working fine.

No. 1700344

Anyone here know the url of that Marie? twitter account that travels around the world and takes pictures of strangers and then tweets them with weird assumptions made about them?

Asking because she's a great parody of the average lolcow user (i think that's the point)

No. 1700359

Huh, weird. Inormally use girl talk but can't even change the theme anymore, anything not directy embedded, is the right word I think, in the site is gone for me.

No. 1700400

What are socially acceptable reasons to not have any social media?

No. 1700406

I literally only have Snapchat because my abuser stalked me on everything else, seemed like a good reason to finally delete Facebook/Instagram/etc. Not having insta has been really good for my BDD and self image issues tbh.

No. 1700409

Am I the only one who can't change themes anymore? I miss girltalk.

No. 1700410

Nevermind just read the replies above. Can't delete, sorry.

No. 1700415

I'm on mobile right now and I'm using gorltalk just fine. Idk about computer, haven't been on today.

No. 1700416

I think its the other way around, one should rather have a reason for having/doing something. Either way, no one has an obligation to explain oneself to others.

No. 1700417

Cheating isn't violence like those other things you listed. Nobody generally is in the position to say "if you rape me I'll kill myself!" Even if they were, there's no threat there. Feeling suicidal after being cheated on is common and understandable but you still can't reasonably threaten another person with suicide when you're cheated on, it's an overreaction.

No. 1700419

Do you anons use antivirus programs? Or is the firewall that comes with Windows enough?

No. 1700425

-You’re dodging a stalker
-You’re in the witness protection program
-You’re a recovering shopping addict and the ads compell you to buy things
-Social media is a river of garbage

No. 1700428

You had an ex that stalked you, your account was hacked once and it was a really scary experience, you forgot your password and then you realized you don't miss social media

No. 1700433

Yeah, my parents scared me into it but not gonna lie I'm not sure how necessary it is. I don't click shady links, browse shady links or use public networks.

No. 1700434

Every social media platform is addictive, so most people understand if you quit using them for that reason.

No. 1700453

say you hypothetically wake up on a sunday morning and there is a seagull stuck in your garden, what would you do? hes been flapping his wings but hasnt made any air time so i dont think he has the strength to fly over the 7 metre tall wall around the garden. one of his feet is missing (just a stump, looks fairly healed), the other leg looks fine but has a string wrapped tightly around it. also are you allowed to feed them technically? ive been giving him bread, some veggies and a can of tuna. gotta get my boys strength up

No. 1700456

shopping addiction or getting hacked before are the most socially acceptable and least invasive imo

No. 1700458

i don't think bread is the best but also not as bad for birds as some make it out to be. have you tried getting close to it? try and look up some volunteer orgs that take care of injured birds and see if they can help you out

No. 1700460

Call animal control who could give it vet care or at least remove him.

No. 1700463

How do you keep yourself from hating yourself if you lived in a toxic family where they either didn't pay attention to you or treated you like a child and made you feel like you're the worst person in the world even though did everything to minimize yourself/hide and not give them ammunition? And let's say you've been in therapy but the feeling of you not being good enough or being the worst person in the world persists

No. 1700465

I usually have the Darkcow theme but this happens to me sometimes, it's as if my browser sometimes forgets that I've set it and I have to set it again

No. 1700468

How do I overlay some music on top of a gaming clip without downloading some huge editing software?

No. 1700471

I'm gonna sound harsh and like it's so simple but after an awful childhood, a rocky 20s and now pretty chill 30s, you do that out of spite. Who is gonna suffer if I put myself down? Me. Those awful things my family said and did to me, or when they ignored me and I still feel like I need to ignore my own needs and sometimes think back to how they made it sound like I was a piece of shit even as a kid? OK, that's just like your opinion man and that shit wasn't true, isn't true and that situation cannot happen again and I am my own fucking person, who is responsible of my own emotions and future, past wasn't my fault, it doesn't benefit me in any way to slip into the depression trauma spiral. Yeah I'm not at the same place in life as my peers but hey, they didn't go through what I did and I live for myself and put myself first always. It took over a decade to get to where I am now but I think the main things are: It cannot happen again, the awful things done and said have already been done, even though it feels illogical to you, it wasn't your fault, they shouldn't have done that, it wasn't normal. The only one who suffers from you feeling worse than others is you, fake it till you make it if you must, but your brain telling you you somehow suck because others treated you like shit? Doesn't really make sense, sounds like sabotage, you know what you are. Hugs to you nona, it can get so much better and you're okay.

No. 1700476

I was born as a contrarian so if my objectively failures of parents would insult me I knew not to listen to them. I only listen to constructive criticism, not to people who think punching and strangling their physically disabled 10 years old daughter because she talked next to the TV is normal.

No. 1700502

Samefag, on my computer now and themes are still working fine for me

No. 1700543

That’s fair too. I also think it’s not comparable to violence, but cheating in majority of cases is still manipulation and a horrible breach of trust. Imagine being married for X amount of decades and they cheat. Why would threatening suicide be an overreaction? Especially if someone who thinks committing suicide over a moid is pathetic. If you don’t commit suicide, shouldn’t he still be the one more at fault and deserve such a response?

No. 1700568

oh my god it's a fucking seagull. kill the fucker and make a roast out of it. skree skree ass motherfucker

No. 1700589

with the type of petticoat they wear for dancing and lolita etc, no. it literally is just a very poofy underskirt you put on, the waist is usually elasticated so no need for buttons or anything.
I believe with actual historical petticoats it would be more complicated though

No. 1700593

dp you guys have any opinions on septum piercings?
been thinking of getting mine done but i realise they're very popular rn & so there might be some kind of connotation that im not aware of

No. 1700595

I think they look cool

No. 1700597

This is really random, but has crossed my mind today. Why do most, if not 99% of porn artists, color pink nipples regardless of skintone? It's uncanny seeing pink nipples on dark skin too and I don't even think it's possible?

No. 1700600

i kinda associate it with woke genderfucks but honestly i think small minimalist ones are cute, depending on the person.

No. 1700605

I think they look stupid and pointless but if you like it go for it, no bad connotation that I know of

No. 1700612

File: 1694988998004.png (1.93 MB, 1200x1200, septumfauxpiercingsimple-_1_12…)

i associate them with edgy middle schoolers, especially if that's their only piercing. but i think it'd fit a farmer since it also reminds me of cows on a farm.
septum + cow apparel would be nice kek, it needs to be a full ring though.
picrel is a fake septum but i really like how it looks, the woman certainly doesn't look like a gendie and/or a middle schooler.

No. 1700613

they can look nice if they're not too thick and the jewelry isn't dark, I have a piggy nose and have allergies so I can't get one, blowing my nose would be way too hard

No. 1700619

hate them; they're ugly as shit and never, ever make your face look better.
i associate them with annoying people bbut even that aside i think they're hideous from a purely aesthetic standpoint. there's a lot of cooler piercings you could be getting instead of some cattle ring

No. 1700624

You can always just take it out later on if you decide you dislike it, nobody will be the wiser. It's not like you see the piercing hole. You'll just be out of the money you spent on it.

No. 1700634

File: 1694992895379.jpg (Spoiler Image,543.42 KB, 2048x1067, xray.jpg)

They look unflattering on most people and I hate what they represent. It's a commodified "safe" edgy look that got popularized thanks to social media. There's something corporate about to me idk.
It's still very popular but its status as a fashion statement peaked in 2015-2016 so to me it looks dated and I associate it with people who can't dress very well but that's a more personal opinion I guess.

No. 1700650

they trigger the most uptight busybodies looking to turboseethe about the most miniscule things in their path to bring a modicum of joy to their life, so getting one is a great way to have a litmus test against those people on your person. i dont have one but women look cute with them

No. 1700660

They can be super cute but depends on the jewelery

No. 1700668

Are graduate programs at Universities in Europe less expensive than MA’s in the States even for foreigners?

No. 1700674

File: 1694998188468.jpg (164.33 KB, 1000x1000, 2485736-qotsqx.jpg)

There is a frog hiding in my living room. Does anyone know the best way to catch it? One of my cats wants to chase it and I don't want it to die. I tried catching it with wet gloves but it slipped out of my hand and it's now underneath the furniture.

No. 1700678

wet unpowdered gloves or wet clean hands for more friction (frogs are usually slippery themselves though)
please don't let them die. if you can't catch them for shit, place a water bowl on the floor so they at least have hydration, and then capture them once they get in the bowl

No. 1700680

One time a frog snuck into my kitchen, I used a broom and a plastic basin to catch it then quickly ran outside to release it.

No. 1700689

How can I look up a mugshot

No. 1700702

Thank's anon. I've shut the cat out of the room and I've turned the lights off as well as put a bowl of fresh water on the floor.

No. 1700718

that's good, please report back when you catch them and release them outside, frogs are really not suited well for big arid bright dusty rooms

No. 1700722

File: 1695000450390.jpg (219.21 KB, 820x1024, british-museum-finals-slide-IC…)

This may make me sound ignorant, but genuinely, why doesn't the British museum just display their own artifacts and history? Over 90% of the museum is from other countries. I understand that imperialism and colonialism was a big part of British history, but they hang onto these artifacts super hard while not displaying any actual British history

No. 1700754

It worked. When I went back in the room the frog was in the bowl of water. I placed a sheet of paper over the bowl and took the frog outside. I put the bowl down on some wet soil underneath some plants.

>frogs are really not suited well for big arid bright dusty rooms

It's 95% humidity where I live right now and it's cold. I think the frog may have come inside because it's damp and warm. I initially thought that one of the cats had brought it in but the frog was completely unharmed.

No. 1700786

i'm really glad you saved the little guy nona! what kind of frog was it?
and yes, they could've been seeking warmth too

No. 1700793

how did my post even remind you of him kek

No. 1700808

bri'ish history is boring to most, simple as

No. 1700860

File: 1695011736049.gif (508.18 KB, 400x322, 783062931_1784948.gif)


No. 1700878

Ctrl f in catalog

No. 1701011

File: 1695026454445.jpg (2.14 MB, 1920x1200, common_frog.jpg)

It was a European common frog.

No. 1701025

Is it normal for me to find it weird when my sisters tell me how much their boyfriends remind them of me? I know they usually say that because they're weaboos (but they're shonentards so it's insulting) but they insist so much. My older sister even went to me, asked me a shit ton of questions about shitty shonen jump manga to impress her bf and wouldn't stfu about it.

No. 1701033

Is it weird the guy I’m talking to said now he knows I know I’m “sexy” because I have Snapchat? I’ve always used it for the goofy filters

No. 1701041

save the photo and use reverse image search

No. 1701044

Are most anons here European?

I always miss the movie "night" watchalongs because all seem to happen at European or I guess Asian times.
I wish we had more events at the Americas night time…

No. 1701045

Girl, stop talking with weirdos making assumptions about you. I don't understand why so many women spend time speaking to peanut brained scrotes

No. 1701047

Basicaly because of actual non-ironic cultural appropriation.

No. 1701062

I mean there's so many fuckin museums in Britain despite it being a pretty small country so they may as well diversify what they show. And like there's so many museums in Britain that go hard on specifics of British history, a lot of area history so it's actually kinda rare in my experience to have a museum that focuses on anything else.

It sounds silly because it's called "The British Museum" but it's purposefully multicultural, that much is clear on its website. A giant collection, constant exhibitions. It's its USP in the most tourist heavy areas of Britain.

No. 1701184

File: 1695051492408.png (2.92 MB, 1802x2364, Page_40_illustration_in_The_Re…)

In your opinions, would a visual novel/interactive fiction mimicking the illustrations from the Victorian era, entirely in black & white, be harsh on the eyes? maybe with one or two accent colors for highlighting stuff

No. 1701185

Sounds bloody brilliant tbh.

No. 1701192

it sounds fantastic. you might not even need an accent color, look at return of the obra dinn.

No. 1701194

No it sounds amazing please do it and share it

No. 1701216

The House in Fata Morgana has a similar theme but it's not all black and white.

No. 1701218

It has a different taste because they use rice vinegar and egg yolks without the whites.

No. 1701255

I honestly do not notice a big flavor difference.

No. 1701268

im retarded and cant find the newest vent thread. also are there any threads on here for radfem/choosing to stay away from men and discussing that? i dont go on /ot/ often

No. 1701281

thanks lovely nonnas!!

No. 1701316

File: 1695063322472.png (241.58 KB, 400x400, tumblr_p4cf2aHdjo1ugs0mgo5_400…)

I'm turning 20 soon, what should I do to celebrate? I don't have any friends and my parents live in another country, but I'm not torn up about it, just dunno what to do on my own that would be fun and special. I thought about maybe getting a pedi (can't do mani since I work with my hands) or going to a spa, any other suggestions?
I don't drink or use drugs, people keep suggesting that online.

No. 1701331

does anyone else have friends who never go to a therapist but then always talk about the same traumas like you're their therapist? every time i tell them therapy would be helpful they brush me off. what do i do anons.

No. 1701332

Is a lie made by the intention or by the lack of truth?

No. 1701341

Splurge and go to a spa and get a cake from a fancy bakery.

No. 1701344

File: 1695065296879.jpg (15.79 KB, 354x354, pink_highlights_gothic_punk_eg…)

ayo anons i want to get highlights like picrel, thoughts?

No. 1701350

Day trip to the sea/ocean (if it's still nice weather where you are)

No. 1701352

Just two steps:

1. Buy a ticket to Dubai.
2. Spend 1000$.

Note: Final result it's not going to going to be as the picture.

(Sorry for shitposting, but that hair only works in expensive and very well experienced hair salons).

No. 1701353

Get a wigs that's what she is wearing

No. 1701358

I've always thought of it as the intention to deceive. I knew someone who'd constantly accuse me of lying for things like
>"how many boxes do you have"
>wait, I just found another one, it's 9
>"Oh so you fucking lied?"
which is ridiculous.
But if someone unwittingly misinforms in a dangerous way out of unreasonable ignorance, like a politician announcing something incorrect when they should've done more research first, that's still bad even if it's not really lying.

No. 1701367

File: 1695067472628.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1920, Photo-Jul-15-2023-2-08-04-PM-s…)

Do they hire midgets to play Toad at universal studios?

No. 1701373

I truly, truly hope so, anon.

No. 1701406

Are "manic eyes" a thing? Can you really recognise a deeply disturbed person by the look in their eyes? What gives it away?

No. 1701409

File: 1695072813202.jpg (23.22 KB, 450x325, stewie-gun-in-mouth-3649361927…)

>knowing how it's pronounced in your head but when saying it out-loud it's an incomprehensible mess
>struggling to speak with an intonation other than ''8th grade reading essay out loud'' voice
yes. i can fake the intonation for a short while. anything other than small talk fucks me up though. i start sounding retarded. pronunciation may never be entirely correct because i can barely hear myself and i can't even say some words no matter how much i practice. i still have these problems even though i have been speaking english for 10 years.

No. 1701412

I would think it's the intention. It reminds me of people who make a mistake in their speech or otherwise and go "whoops I lied" but they didn't really lie, or at least they didn't mean to. They just made a mistake.

No. 1701609

How tall could they possibly be?

No. 1701783

Why do drug users have such a weird look/facial appearance? I know the usual explanation is that they are simply malnourished and unwashed, but it looks like their bone structure is changing and their eyes have this almost alien vibe

No. 1701788

Depends on the drug, but stuff like cocaine will make you clench your jaw a lot so I think part of it is the jaw muscles getting stronger and subtly changing that aspect of the face.

No. 1701835

File: 1695133948885.jpg (61.82 KB, 625x513, After Looking At These Photos …)

Do people actually hire UX/UI designers? I was considering studying it because I already have a certain background in design but then I thout to myself " if people actually hired them, why would everything be so shit?" which leads me to believe it's not worth it for work

No. 1701837

Think we are slightly past the peak for UX designer demand, but they definitely are. There's quite a bit of competition in the field at the entry level, as is everywhere.
The reason everything looks so shit is because tech illiterate suits try to hold the wheel in development.
>t. software dev

No. 1701915

Someone please give me their best explanation as to why sooooo many fat women (and especially FOUL SMELLING FAT WOMEN) LOVE halloween? Is it just because of the candy?? Seriously what the fuck is the reason for this phenomenon. You meet one fat girl with died hair or tattoos and 9/10 times they'll tell you their favorite movie is a nightmare before christmas. What's the deal? (I know fat smelly guys love halloween too but I've only seen fat stinky women go hard for the holiday) I'm not a scrote I'm just a retail worker who hates having to go near the halloween section bc of all the smelly fat people there.

No. 1701919

a Farmer fatty here, I'm not a raging Halloween fan who gets stuff for it, but I do know many people like that, my theory is that for many childhood/teenager fatties being alternative or gothic was a shield and for many, they never grow out of it. Now they have the money and shein shit to match with the obsession, that's one of my theories at least.

No. 1701920

*a fucking former, but also a farmer sí

No. 1701933

Maybe you just live in an area where fat smelly girls are common? Here it's a pretty decent mix of healthy and fat people and you have the stereotypical alt girls that like Halloween, not really a specific body type/smell though

No. 1701937

this whole post is making me die kek. I notice it here too, but like >>1701933 said, in my area its a mixture of both healthy and fat women. I'm not sure why Halloween / NBC becomes a personality for some people

No. 1701957

Looking for recommendation for cooking/baking with apples. Went apple picking and got a shitload of apples (it was a fixed price regardless of the amount you get)
So far I've made
>Apple Pies
>Apple Butter
>Apple juice
Can't eat them raw because Oral Allergy Syndrome, but I'm looking for ideas! I've been given the butter to my friends and family.

No. 1701978

apple Jam/sauce is extremely easy to make

No. 1701981

>make a fall sheet pan dinner with sausage/squash/sweet potato/apple with a simple dressing or seasonings
>apple salad with blue cheese chicken and ginger dressing
>sauteed apples and pork chops
>fruit salsa (chop up apples, strawberries, etc) with cinnamon chips

No. 1701985

Would you say it's somewhat reasonable that I had a panic attack after almost crashing the car three times during driving lessons yesterday? I hate driving and I was really upset the entire day, just crying on and off but my family is saying my response is beyond irrational.

No. 1701992

Apple bread, apple crumble, apple tart, apple strudel using either phyllo pastry or puff pastry, mcdonalds style fried apple pie, vanilla pudding/jelly flavored with apples by cooking it in apple juice, baked apples stuffed with jam and walnuts, friend apple slices.

No. 1702010

apple chips!

No. 1702013

I vented already about this but I wanted to ask something since I’m a new gym goer (ok i’m not but i used to be morbidely obese)
Why are women at the gym so rude to fat girls or chubby girls who are working their ass off?! They just take over whatever their boyfriend taught them admittedly look fit and gorgeous after training for a “short time” (ahum years) and then look down on fat girls who are doing their work out good. Why do that when you look good? Everyone begins somewhere and if you had the privilege to be fit as a kid ok good for you.
Am i the only one who deals with this or..?

No. 1702015

It's probably in your head anon. What are these fit women doing to you, specifically?

No. 1702016

what do you think they're doing or saying to you and is there any way it's in your head? like really think about it

No. 1702021

Because most of them use people like you as a means to make themselves feel better and as a confidence boost. It's sad, but unfortunately true.

No. 1702030

Anon, I think it might all be in your head. I get frustrated with little gym bunny girls constantly taking videos in their cute outfits sometimes because I’m an athlete and I go to the gym to train hard for several hours wearing non-cute stuff lmao but they aren’t paying attn to me and I have to brush it off bc it’s not hurting me that they exist. They wanna take selfies, check their “pump” in the mirror, and do lower body exercise only kek. I can promise they’re not thinking about anyone but themselves and maybe their bf if they came w him. As someone who is in the “extreme fit” (I feel like such a douchelady saying that I’m so sorry) category myself, I personally don’t have any hate or judgment for chubby/big girls at the gym. I genuinely love seeing women get after it. If you are being legit treated poorly at your gym tho, maybe find a different one!

No. 1702031

It is in my head if I said I live rent free in their heads. I don’t. But fat women that are fit live rent free in their heads. Like legit.
I got into a conversation with a beautiful fit woman and she seems so nice, but she tbh gave bad advice about form of squatting, like that i shouldnt have my knees over toes (even though my torso is short as fuck). And then the less fit woman (but not fat at least) butted in and said i should buy an elastic band etc…and i was grateful about that. Until she said shit like “ur squat isnt the worst” (even though it was good) and “you’re probs not flexible enough for a squat” (even though i can squat and do the split?…) and then contradicts herself when she said she squats differently from the other girl because every body is different…idk, her tone of voice was also just rude. I also dislike the stares from fit women.
I think it’s because they were never truly fat a as a kid. If I ever become fit I will NEVER be arrogant. never. EVER.

No. 1702040

Apple galette.

No. 1702082

>she tbh gave bad advice about form of squatting, like that i shouldnt have my knees over toes
Isn't this like squatting 101? This is what I was taught for my whole life. Not saying it's the 100% right way of doing it because I'm not a fitness pro but this is the most common tip people receive about squatting, back straight and knees not going over toes.

No. 1702097

nayrt but it seems more to be a general guideline like the "bend your knees to 90°" instead of a hard and fast rule. i see people whose knees go over their toes all the time but it's by 10-20° or so, which seems to be accepted as ok

No. 1702099

File: 1695152351404.jpeg (45.27 KB, 500x680, IMG_3563.jpeg)

What is the deal with those women who are seX wOrKerS who have other options, but complain about how hard it is constantly? Like just do something else if you hate it so much?? For example I know a number of women at uni who do it. They have a student loan, and could easily get a part time job in retail or food service or a bar rather than stripping or ewhoring, but choose “sex work” and complain about how hard it is. I simply do not understand this logic

No. 1702101

If they got a part time job in retail or food service they would still complain because all of those jobs (sex work included) are shitty jobs that no one wants to do.

No. 1702103

What do I do when I’m at the goth club and a troon rolls up trying to chat?
How can I tell a troon from a goth guy in makeup?

No. 1702104

I get they’re not great but I think working in retail is preferable to whoring, and less dangerous. I don’t understand voluntarily putting yourself at risk when you have another option

No. 1702117

The voice. A troon will try to alter their voice usually, a guy that’s just wearing makeup will still speak normally. Usually.

No. 1702140

ESL question here: why do people compliment pregnant women by saying they're "glowing" specifically? I just noticed now that this word is always used with pregnant women as opposed to just saying they look beautiful or happy, what's the nuance?

No. 1702141

Esl too but I think it's the way sometimes women's skin gets better, hair thicker and they all around look healthier when pregnant. Some go the opposite way but honestly I kinda think it's just something nice to say to a woman who is almost certain to feel kinda shitty, kinda bloated, kinda like a human aquarium

No. 1702155

Like >>1702141 said, but "glowing" can also be more than just referring to physical attributes, so it's also complimenting the women's general aura. Sort of like "you're beautiful inside and out."

No. 1702176

I'm planning on buying the iphone 15, should I get the regular iPhone 15 with 256gb storage or iPhone pro with 128gb storage?
Don't try to convince me to not buy an iPhone, just help me choose.

No. 1702180

they're trying to be nice out of pity and social obligation.
"glowing" is also used to refer to young women whose skin is clear (especially in skincare communities) and they're looking happy and bubbly in general.

No. 1702187

I'm a single mom who has a special needs baby with intense medical bills, personally it's a way to get tons of money, in a short amount of time, and on your own schedule with no form of licensing or anything. I'm middle Eastern and live in a work at will state (basically means you can get fired for any reason whenever) so holding down a job is super hard and getting an interview is harder since my legal name is blantantly mid eastern. I don't like it or think it's great or anything but if you're wondering that's why

No. 1702198

You can compare specs on apple's website but unless there's a reason why you want the slightly better chip or camera, I'd go for the regular 15 with more storage.

No. 1702209

Who, toad or the actors?

No. 1702224

nta but you're not the kind of well-off woman who doesn't need to do survival sex work she's talking about. i'm sorry you're in this situation i hope you can get some help from like a local mosque or something, those new york muzzies should be rich.

No. 1702235

Can you ever have enough simple dresses? I have quite a few but they're basically the only thing I wear anymore.

No. 1702305

A lot of university students are in similar situations though. This innocent looking Asian girl I worked with started stripping to make money since she was living on her own in this expensive city. I'm not going to judge other women for it unless they're like Shayna.

No. 1702306

Please get out of this line of work for the sake of your baby!

No. 1702341

Nta but, you gonna pay her bills while she finds something else?

No. 1702347

Is it normal to romantically fantasize about someone you will never be with and never talk to again, and not go down a weird path where you feel as if your life is worthless without that person? I have such a weird attachment to this ex friend that’s so far detached from the real her. It’s gone on for like 3 years. Talking to her makes it worse, but I’ve lost contact with her. I’ve recently felt as if I’ve gotten over everything, but the feelings still linger. Yet, I don’t take them as seriously or treat them as if they’re some sort of epitome of happiness.

No. 1702358

No. 1702363

This seemed dumber when I was thinking it for some reason

No. 1702383

File: 1695183180534.jpg (77.52 KB, 1080x1088, tumblr_31544dc0c905f5b5455c9bf…)

opened a can of tuna and there was this small yellow stain on top. ate it anyways because im a hungry idiot, am i gonna get sick? it smelled and tasted fine, no weird texture either

No. 1702385

Be honest, it was cat food wasn't it…

No. 1702387

no… i just like eating canned tuna

No. 1702400

I have super hooded eyes, like so hooded there is no eyelid space. anyone have makeup recommendations/tutorials for eyes like mine? I've been wearing alt fashion/jfashion and trying to get into cosplay - so makeup looks for hooded eyes that are suited for those purposes would be very helpful.

No. 1702405

Makeup thread in g

No. 1702591

Which country is better to live in, Ireland, Sweden or the Netherlands?

No. 1702617

do not move to Ireland. it's a shit hole.

No. 1702626

do clit orgasms and vaginal orgasms feel different or the same?

No. 1702633

Anons, is it okay to tell each other I love you in a relationship at the four month mark if you have been friends for four years prior? I was just wondering if it was too soon or if it was alright because we've already known each other for a while.

No. 1702640

It's okay if you feel like it's okay. There's no one fixed timeline. My bf told me he loved me like two months into our relationship and it didn't feel too soon cause the feelings were genuinely there.

No. 1702644

The same imo

No. 1702647

The same but for me if I don’t finish vag I’m just horny again after 2 seconds

No. 1702649

Too soon? 4 months is too long

No. 1702706

>mfw the proposal was at the four month mark

No. 1702736

i saw someone post this boy from an otome game who was really androgynous, had long white hair and carried around a skull, does anyone know who i'm talking about?

No. 1702739

File: 1695230928878.jpeg (215.97 KB, 1284x931, IMG_5289.jpeg)

What does this mean. I think I know what it means but also for some reason it’s not registering in my brain

No. 1702742

Can anyone rec me friendfinding apps? I'm a eurofag

No. 1702747

It means "work and get paid, instead of thinking about what others do" aka, do something for yourself and don't think about what other people say or do

No. 1702872

Any experiences with NA? My parents and friends say I shouldn't because I might meet sketchy people and I understand that but they have a womens' only one pretty close. No one in my life has experienced addiction and it would feel really nice to be understood by people, I never did street drugs either. I don't know nonnies I just feel lonely and the one time I've mentioned me struggling to a friend she started talking about a fucking tv show.

No. 1702874


No. 1703035

I have had two incidents with imaginary bugs they scared me so bad I gasped but there was nothing there
Once when I was cooking tortillas I was balling up dough and saw a roach crawl on the cutting board I stepped back and it was gone there was nowhere it could have went. It just vanished I checked under the cutting board and looked around but nothing.
Another time was just now I FELT something crawl or tickle my leg but there was nothing there, I immediately thought bug on you but it might’ve been a clothes string
Am i going crazy or has anyone else had this

No. 1703083

File: 1695262996485.jpeg (31.78 KB, 223x224, AA4A65A2-6EE6-489C-9241-D170F2…)

This is a retardo question but I feel like this would be the only place to ask it. If you answer I’d like to read some like official medical research papers (?) or whatever those are called relating to this. So my question: When people have grown up not getting a lot of positive reinforcement, or praise for anything, do they become a bit narcissistic later on in life? Like, loving praise from others, doing things just to hear that praise. If not narcissism, but turning to people pleasing? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m curious. Thanks

No. 1703093

Yeah when I don’t sleep well

No. 1703138

Is there a meditation/mindfulness thread on /ot/?

No. 1703140

seconding what >>1703093 says about sleep. when I'm low on sleep and/or haven't been taking care of myself (such as poor nutrition) I will sometimes hallucinate like how you described. staring at screens for too long can cause it too for me at least.

No. 1703141

yes, when i'm stressed really hard. i also hear voices and stuff then. not full blown dialogues but my name here and there, and sometimes, incoherent garbling.

No. 1703144

Netherlands is the most walkable places on Earth so if you want a carfree lifestyle and want to go anywhere by bike, Netherlands. Not sure about Sweden. In terms of the housing situation, both countries are declining the same way as the rest of the Western world.

No. 1703145

It might just be the fish fat?

No. 1703182

File: 1695275093120.jpeg (56.45 KB, 735x795, _.jpeg)

does anyone have the kiwifarms tor link

No. 1703197

Ok glad to hear I’m not the only one My sleep schedule is messed up cause of screens probably thanks nonnies

No. 1703275

File: 1695284385135.jpg (7.58 KB, 275x265, 1681403145048.jpg)

Do all men eventually cheat? Based on my personal experience and what i hear from other women, it seems like they do. Just wanting more opinions on this to see if I really should give up on the idea of finding an actual good scrote

No. 1703284

Like 50% of married men admit that they cheat, and there’s probably a lot more who refused to admit to it. The number of unmarried men in serious relationships who admit to cheating is way higher, and then there’s the fact that men don’t count buying strippers and hookers as cheating, and buy them regularly. I assume that they all cheat unless they’re asexual or something.

No. 1703297

Mine hasn't, but if ever does it's the last thing he will ever do

No. 1703310

kf is up as kiwifarms.st I think

No. 1703316

I will be waiting for the next 5+ asking about this same thing kek

No. 1703377

File: 1695307743224.jpg (18.88 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

Is mod anon on /meta/ angry because they lost mod privileges from an earlier version of lolcow and now wants to mínimod everything she doesn't like out of this website? This discussion has been going on for ages and I'm surprised they haven't let it go, every time I go on meta is the same discussion and I wonder if they were ever a mod to begin with

No. 1703380

I’m gonna get shit for this but here we go. It’s common for both sexes. Even other long-term monogamous animals (birds) of both genders have been shown to frequently cheat on each other. Males might do it at a higher rate than us, but with women’s increased sexual and socio-echonomical freedom we are catching up with them. It sucks, but working on your co-dependency and internalizing that all humans have the capability of acting selfish helps.

I used to be in a relationship where the sex was mediocre but I stoically held on, while he ended up cheating on me. Right now I have a new moid where sex is off the charts good and he’s an all around great person, but honestly now that I am no longer with my oneitis, even I feel kind of intimidated by the prospect of only being with this guy for the rest of my life. Like I love good sex and it’s not something that keeps me up at night, but will it be as good 20 years down the road kek. Who knows. Maybe it keeps on giving, maybe we lose the passion. I think it’s better to have realistic expectations, patience with your partner and communicate your needs, but even then one of us might still end up cheating one day or falling in love with someone else. Of course people should be held accountable for their actions and cheating is selfish and wrong, but no matter how much it sucks it’s also super normal. I think you become more pragmatic about these things as you age.

No. 1703419

people are freaking out about birthrates, and i don't get the problem really. of course i know that elderly people need to be taken care of, so people are concerned that there's not enough offspring to support the eldery, especially in Japan. but it's not like there are no solutions. we've reached the age that I've always predicted to come, where robots are capable of many tasks normally given to human entities. why not just embrace the robots and allow the potato peelers care for old people? wages in that sort of work should be increased of course, but overall it just seems like a natural progression society doesn't want to accept. for Japan particularly, they have almost 40,000 orphans in their system. I don't think a declining birthrate is a problem when it's evident that so many Japanese people do not want children to begin with, forcing those who are born anyway into a difficult life. so my question is, am i stupid for thinking like this?

No. 1703422

Is the metal community still as nuts as it used to be? The people I interacted with as a teenager are enough to make a whole /snow/ thread out of kek, geeks or edgelords who'd crucify you for listening to any other genre.

No. 1703429

Are there actually any legit side hustle jobs that are shown on pinterest, or is it all bs?

No. 1703466

I mean the idea that there's not enough to look after all the oldies is false, there's just not enough incentive. Working in the care sector is bleak asf, low pay and residents are essentially allowed to assault you in certain places. If there was more pay, these oldies would be golden.

But no you're not dumb to think like this, the "birthrate low bad" is only applicable to politicians really because it means they either have give higher incentive to make babies or burn in the long run. No matter where they lean, they don't want to do it, they don't want to face reality so they blame feminism or the current generation and so on so forth.

No. 1703468

is nitter dead?

No. 1703500

is troon an imageboard thing? this is the only imageboard i use and ive only ever heard it said on here. been talking to a guy and he said it, now im wondering if im talking to a male imageboard user

No. 1703506

It’s pretty much all bs. Those pins are just designed to drive traffic to the creator’s blog or website, which earns them ad revenue. Sorry nonna.

No. 1703507

Funny because I used to be a care worker and people who don't know me well always try to argue with
>but who will care for you when you're old!
>we need more babies!
etc when I say I won't have kids. In my country they import people from the Philippines and Africa to care for the elderly because supposedly there aren't enough people here to care for them. Except there are, the job just pays extremely poorly. You get treated like shit by everyone: families of the customer, managers, the customer themselves. Lots of them are super racist and difficult and act like little kids, and the carers aren't taught our local language well at all. The demands people make are crazy and we had very little to work with since whoever owns these companies just wants to make money.
I got out of there as soon as I could, the hours, the shit salary and abuse weren't worth it. My ex who I dated at the time was a software engineer and his company gave him so many things for fucking free. I was extremely jealous because we got nothing.
The families and the patients are super ungrateful and bossy, and most families won't give a shit about their mother or grandma or visit very often at all. Women had friends in the home, those who weren't super demented at least. Old men were lonely and some were really disgusting towards the workers.
I don't care that we're having less babies, frankly. I'll go in peace when I get there, I'd never stay in a care home like that ever again or put another human through having to deal with my runny geriatric shits.

No. 1703556

it first started on somethingawful where users called themselves "goons" but trannies even then felt the need to be special so they called themselves "troons" (trans goons) and i guess it also spread to imageboards and kiwifarms (and also gender critical communities because of the lolcow overlap kek) and so it gained a more negative connotation

No. 1703573

Anons who have had them / know people who have had them, do C-sections hurt?

No. 1703627

Why do I get cold so fast? It's 17C and I'm freezing, not an anachan btw.

No. 1703634

Yes. I know a woman whose intestines came out I think a week after c-section. Just burst through the stitches.

No. 1703652

Why does /g/ keep getting an influx of new retarded threads lately? Did someone link lc somewhere?

No. 1703721

File: 1695338531502.jpg (25.5 KB, 431x447, 201fae21dc7eb666bb4e280538b80e…)

What are some women's wellness blogs or websites you recommend? With 0 tranny inclusion at all?

No. 1703816

File: 1695344196740.jpg (109.43 KB, 850x478, __zagreus_hades_and_1_more_dra…)

Is Kiwi still up?

No. 1703840

File: 1695344940156.jpg (55.33 KB, 848x480, 76.jpg)

You guys have to be trolling at this point >>1703310

No. 1703846

It changes like everyday calm down

No. 1703848

ccfags who can't understand not to make a new thread for everything

No. 1703868

It does, for now it’s kiwifarms.st on the clear net. It’s legit

No. 1703869

nobody cares about your dead gay forum

No. 1703873

File: 1695346985754.jpeg (400.01 KB, 750x723, 2262E741-E14B-4C3F-AD18-35DFFB…)

I don’t even have an account on there I just like reading about newgrounds users drama

No. 1703874

lmao sorry

No. 1703875

It’s a fair response to be quite honest

No. 1703879

kinda a nothingburger to put fredrik knudsen on the front page. He's cringe or whatever but its not really milk.

No. 1703880

i dont have anything to vent about but this place is so dead pokes

No. 1703882

sometimes i sit around on the front page refreshing and then i realize other nonas could be doing the exact same thing and we're just waiting for each other to say something interesting

No. 1703884

File: 1695347442284.jpeg (55.51 KB, 400x398, BCDED62A-3AB7-4C7D-9642-157707…)

This ain’t the vent thread retarda!!

No. 1703886

i think it's just me and you….

No. 1703887

oh my god you are completely correct

No. 1703890

le empty internet theory, except no chatbot would even bother messing around in here

No. 1703903

It’s 3 of us I think

No. 1703904

some instances are. you can check which ones are working there: https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/wiki/Instances

No. 1703905

no for real tho what happened did this place get ddosed too or did all the gay men get banned or smth

No. 1703943

was it ever any busier than this? It's been like this since i've been here (like a year) at least

No. 1703946

ot used to be super busy lol there were new posts in every thread every 4 minutes but i guess the quality of posts was different too (way more infighting)

No. 1703949

Should we fight about okra again?

No. 1703950


No. 1703953

i don't think it's exclusive to this site. this sentiment keeps echoing across many sites.

No. 1703997

i dont know them

No. 1704016

there was a time when the board was faster and there was less retarded infighting. deeply miss those times.

No. 1704022

I stopped posting and lurking for a while because the infighting was getting annoying, I couldn’t make 1 post without someone replying something aggressive for no reason. I get the banter but lately it seems like nonnies are just mad and looking for an argument, the banter isn’t fun anymore.

No. 1704227

Does anyone here use nootropics? What do you take? I'm thinking about trying Lion's Mane for its cognitive benefits

No. 1704228

File: 1695371422059.jpg (689.85 KB, 1079x1440, Screenshot_20230922_102854_Gal…)

How could I give these trousers a more feminine touch? Planning on wearing them with the same style Mary Janes

No. 1704229

anon… it's sabotaging lunatic moids, obviously

No. 1704230

Samefag, also, might be massively overthinking this kek, but am I right in thinking that flat Mary Janes look better with wide/straight trousers that end below the ankle? I have the impression that sometimes MJs can make your feet look big if you either pair them with culottes that end above the ankle or tight fitting pants

No. 1704240

I have dark hair and some facial features that make people assume I'm a foreigner, I've had it in school where only muslim girls wanted to be friends until they found out I wasn't muslim to people in stores speaking English to me out of the random. People can think what they want but I'm so sick of being treated like a minority when I'm not and also be rejected by minorities once they see my last name. This is so stupid but does anyone experience this as well?
Cute nonna! I think it will never look super feminine but adding a cute belt and a white top like a turtleneck or a cropped frilly one though the latter might make it a bit too sadbbydoll. Also some layered necklaces, a fuzzy jacket with it would look nice too for when it's colder. Best of luck!

No. 1704273

I would change the style of the top. Either a tighter sweater, or a buttoned shirt with a sweater vest (yes this can look feminine - like a cute bookish feminine). Personally I like jewel tones, white, cream, or earthy colors with khakis. Anything too bright ends up looking strange or like a uniform imo. So maybe maroon, navy, grassy green (this could be brighter), a dark mahogany brown, or black. Then add a delicate necklace, maybe?

I don't think you need to add pastels or frills to make it feminine but of course those are other options. I struggle wearing pastel colors because they make me look ill, but if you have the undertones for it, maybe a newborn duck yellow would be interesting.

No. 1704292

File: 1695387226261.png (334.83 KB, 400x832, outfit.png)

I think a fitted, v-neck cardigan like picrel would be nice. The tight top + loose bottoms creates a nice silhouette on most people as well

No. 1704319

the cardigan is kind of the only salvageable thing in this outfit, kek.

No. 1704332

I don't like the sandals but those pants are great

No. 1704352

KEK yea it's a weird mix but the only photo I could find that showed what I meant and had similar-ish trousers. The sandals are fug but I like the cardigan and pants, maybe not together though

No. 1704398

File: 1695397694029.jpg (51.42 KB, 474x671, OIP (13).jpg)

I need to answer the question 'Think of a time you have encouraged someone. What communication methods did you use with them and what was the outcome?'. Any ideas for what I could write?

No. 1704399

Dunno but the last time I had to do something like this, I asked an ai to bullshit someething for me.

No. 1704411

nta but same kek. my professor asked me some stupid ass question like wwyd if your friends said something racist but you didn't want to vex them and be outcasted. like i don't know, i wouldn't be in that situation or i would be a doormat and take it. i'm against ai but it did help me come up with bullshit answers to reformat with my own style for assignments kek

No. 1704427

It stinks so badly that it makes me nauseous and I have to leave the room while it's being eaten. My friend loves it though and it's her favorite snack.

This inspires me to post more. From what I've read, you'll actually have 100 lurkers for every poster, and that only 55% of people who use the internet have left a comment on something.

No. 1704428

what a stupid fucking question.

No. 1704429

Are you applying for a job or college? Type your question into chat gpt like this:

Pretend you are applying for Harvard and they ask the question
"Think of a time you have encouraged someone. What communication methods did you use with them and what was the outcome?" Answer as if you are a kind and empathetic 17 year old girl.

It will spit out an answer, and then you can tailor it further depending on what attributes they are looking for.

No. 1704443

So, how does one wear a period cup if they have a tilted uterus? I just purchased one today and I boiled it as per instructions but it doesn't feel "right" Maybe it's cause I'm not used to it.

No. 1704449

I'm trying to add something from aliexpress but when I click the add to cart button I get a popup that says it's been succesfully added but when I go to the cart it isn't there, why is that?

No. 1704455

Saw this while scrolling and thought you were referring to a question asked itt. Made me legit upset lol

No. 1704467

If my housemate brought sweets and offered it to me should I take it or not? How do I act? What is considered polite?

No. 1704475

yes you should accept it's a small and thoughtful gift. if you see something you think they might like or around the holidays you can give them something nice too. even if you don't like it be polite

No. 1704495

how do i embed videos, every time i grab a youtube link either from the app or my browser lolcor says it doesn't work? like what do i do to this video link to embed it? i assume this question is extremely embarrassing but i'm extremely lazy.


No. 1704579

I've been smoking weed pretty much every day the past 4 months but I'm quitting, 4 months is not a long time but what can I expect?

No. 1704580

you might have some insomnia, nightsweats, and lack of appetite. 4 months isnt a big deal for tolerance tho so you'll be fine

No. 1704584

Thanks nonna, that doesn't sound too bad! I looked it up and it says withdrawal lasts for 1-2 weeks so I should be fine, I'll just smoke cigarettes to still get the nicotine so I don't fall back into it. I don't want to quit forever but I don't want to be forced to smoke out in the cold and spend all my money on something so useless.

No. 1704585

>I’ll just smoke cigarettes to still get the nicotine
Help am I retarded? What does nicotine have to do with weed

No. 1704587

Nvm I am a retard never knew nicotine was in weed interesting

No. 1704591

Ayrt, I put tobacco in my joints plus you will miss the sensation of smoking itself. Where did you find that there is nicotine in weed?

No. 1704601

Oh my bad it’s the wrappers used for blunts that have the nicotine

No. 1704711

I want to treat myself since it’s Friday. Should I drink beer or eat dessert? Can’t do both or it’ll fuck up my stomach.

No. 1704720

File: 1695428795212.jpg (88.69 KB, 650x975, Apples-13.jpg)


No. 1704727

You are so right. Thank you nona

No. 1704729

Enjoy your Friday treat ♥ What are you having?

No. 1704739

I think I will get a croiffle (or a regular waffle depending on what’s open right now). You should get some dessert too!

No. 1704741

File: 1695430558383.jpg (45.35 KB, 715x124, 23-09-2220-16-10-203.jpg)

Is this actually true? Should I even bother dating someone more attractive than me?

No. 1704744

I feel like the whole "more or less attractive guy" conversation revolving around who's likely to treat you better is just damned if you do, damned if you don't. Yeah you could make the argument of your picrel, but I've seen just as often the argument that dating a less attractive guy than yourself is going to give him a big head and cause him to think you two actually ARE on the same level. So I think the real answer is that all guys are shit, if you're going to date one you may as well date a hot one

No. 1704760

There are many different ways scrotes are shit towards women and this is just one of them. Like >>1704744 says dating down only inflates moid ego and tends to make them think that they can do better because they can’t appreciate the fact that it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to punch up again kek. All you can really do is learn to vet individual moid’s characters really well before you get too attached. Dating is really hard but individual people are complex and there can be many reasons why they get together, some of which are genuine.

No. 1704784


No. 1704788

Just date someone as attractive as you. Problem solved. But if that means he'd be ugly because you yourself are ugly then give up on dating or lower your standards.

No. 1704798

That sounds fucking tiresome.
Justo convert to husbandoism.

No. 1704869

men are delusional about their attractiveness, moids will literally think someone like theamazingatheist and threemilk are a looksmatch

No. 1704885

i'm so dumb, as a mobile user you have to request desktop website link. fucking idiot.

No. 1704916

For a regular vid you just cut it off right before the ? In the url
And for shorts you replace the /shorts/ with /watch?v=

No. 1705019

File: 1695470090298.png (33.83 KB, 857x872, apple.png)

why did my phone randomly load up the apple logo loading screen when i picked it up after putting it to charge, and then immediately started overheating?

No. 1705033

they found you

No. 1705037

it could be updating

No. 1705048

are you trolling

No. 1705050

Downloading trojan virus

No. 1705051

nooooo fucking moid cyber hackers infected a nonny i hope i wont get it from lolcor dot harm too

No. 1705058

wait wtf really i'm retarded i genuinely can't tell if you're joking

No. 1705061

I assume it was installing an update it had been waiting on because you plugged it in and apple phones wait until they're plugged in to do auto updates.

No. 1705107

File: 1695477483780.jpg (507.23 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20230923_155435_Ins…)

What is this kind of style called? I'm trying to find myself some inspiration as someone in late 20s, this kind of clothing looks mature enough

No. 1705110

What does tripfagging mean as a redtext for a thread? I've seen it a few times recently and I have no idea what's wrong with the threads created.

No. 1705112

boring af

No. 1705121

It's namefagging basically. Does lc even have tripcodes? 4chan does. A tripcode makes it so that nobody can steal your identity on imageboards, since you can create an unique tripcode to go along your username. It's a string of characters next to your name.

No. 1705142

maybe ryousangata? or normcore?

No. 1705146

i wish i was as cool as you

No. 1705263

File: 1695487298940.jpg (166.95 KB, 850x861, __hayami_tetsu_ao_no_roku_gou_…)

what was that anonymous audio recorder? I remember it being green and having a green robot mascot

No. 1705267


No. 1705269

I mean this doesn't really look like one style in particular and if it was, not everything has a name. What do you need more inspiration for anyway, surely you can go out and buy bell bottom jeans, skintight maxi dresses and fitted scoop and v-neck tops? Nothing about this is elaborate enough to need more inspiration.

No. 1705409

I just need an inspo to dress like a respectable adult tbh because I tend to combine my clothes like someone younger. I just need to look more "boring" and respectable for work occasions. But when i search for more adult formal inspiration I usually find stuff that looks like someone's auntie in her 50s, fashion for a bit overweight Gen Xers. I think lolcow isn't the place to ask though as we have more younger zoomers now that can dress however they want and not get shit for it

No. 1705426

Why do people name their cats shit like Charlie, Luna, Oreo etc. but they never name them things like Aiden, Neveah, Breighlynn, Addisyn, or Kymberleigh?

No. 1705434

File: 1695495852970.jpg (7.96 KB, 200x150, luna.jpg)

Don't know why you'd ever not call a black cat Luna.

No. 1705437

Cats are allowed to be "generic" because they're "just cats" but humans need "speshul" names to stand out. also I bet your average Aidyn mommy would get pretty damn offended if you called your cat that kek

No. 1705515

I named my cat after cigarettes

No. 1705522

Lucky strikes? Kek

Those names seem too human I think, names like Charlie sort of sound cuter and more pet like. I call my cat weird nicknames that change over time. I called my old cat Missy Moo cause she reminded me of a little cow for some reason kek

No. 1705619

look up successful people in your field and see what they wear. Look at conference photos or work event photos and note what people tend to wear. That can help.

Best not to show cleavage or wear very short miniskirts to work stuff, but that's self-explanatory. I do wear skirts above the knee but they aren't inappropriate and I usually would pair them with high denier tights. I'm extremely careful with the tops I wear bc I have a large chest for my frame (hate it). I wear shells and camisoles under cardigans. I'd never go to work showing off my chest, even if I'm not super conservative about skirt length or bare legs.

No. 1705646

File: 1695512244588.png (240.62 KB, 600x315, 119142771_10157448757495736_45…)

how did you guys learn excel? did you pay for any courses or do you have any websites to practice? I started a new job and everyone around me is so proficient in excel and my dumbass knows nothing!

No. 1705667

I'd argue its because human names sound uncanny. Theres people who name their pets human names but most are given nicknames or should we say, "pet names" typically if someone names their pet with a human name its after someone. I knew a couple on yt who named their old dog Jerry after Jerry Seinfeld. Also, it's more fun to name your pet something playful or just plain stupid, as they're an animal and dont care. Apparently strumpet was a name used for dogs in the 17th century, someone said that's basically calling your dog whore. Not to mention hp lovecraft's cat. I also remember a dog in a comedy movie being named shithead.

No. 1705707

I looked at the excel spreadsheets the last person left on the work computer I used and I edited them for whatever I needed. It got to the point that a senior woman I was friends with was getting railed over not knowing excel and having to do classes while the boss said I was good at it… I didn't know until she asked me and I said I literally copy paste shit. I felt kinda bad. She didn't know how to Ctrl C + Ctrl V but I did and that was literally the only difference between our knowledge. Desk jobs are such bullshit.

No. 1705718

It should be taught in any basic computing class but also you can just follow textbooks on your own, I've done a few classes but never needed a teacher's input.

I highly recommend learning, excel is a tank of a program and you can do so much useful shit with it, even outside work.

No. 1705727

Youtube tutorials honestly. Most of them get to the point. i am also very novice excel and learning to make a better impression. And kek, that photo. I love that music video.

No. 1705747

I learned mostly on the job. really the best method is just to learn from prior spreadsheets like >>1705707 and google when I have a vague idea of what I want a spreadsheet or formula to do but no clue how to execute it.
for basic stuff, lookup keyboard shortcuts for excel as a start
for more advanced stuff, learn how to do lookup formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and maybe macros to impress.
If you get stuck on a formula, you can use the Evaluate Formula button to help you out too.
also people like and appreciate aesthetically pleasant documents even if they don't necessarily demand it. some of them may think you're a total excel genius even if you just did something as simple as making a spreadsheet look clean lol. Try to make your font and color choices look nice, coherent, and consistent. If you have the time or inclination, play around a bit with colors when making your tables and graphics.

No. 1705805

When did you guys realize you could wear an undershirt under a scratchy sweater or a top that made you sweat, in order to be more comfortable? And am I an idiot for only figuring this out in my late 20s?

No. 1705923

This is such a half baked thought about a niche subject so thanks to anyone who reads it kek

I don’t know how many nonas follow women’s soccer or watched the World Cup etc, but the level of standom for some of the players is off the charts. The phenomenon I’m talking about is obsessive fangirling from lesbians. The thing that gets me is that the hardcore fans of any given player are often like 250lbs and as non athletic as can be. What kind of cognitive dissonance to insert yourself into that world- stop a player for a photo and autograph, tag them in the photo where you look like a dreadful mess and they look like… well… an athlete? What kind of gratification do stans get? To me it would be humiliating. I wouldn’t want to be seen, let alone if what I value is peak performance, beauty, athleticism etc- then how come they are not trying to aspire to that for themselves? Do they have no concept of self? I don’t get it. Any nonas with experience of fandoms in general care to shed any light?

No. 1705926

I have never seen that kind of stanning before. It makes sense if if they're stanning idols since idols are just meant to be eyecandies and look pretty for fans irregardless of the fan's appearances but stanning athletes when they don't even play sports, be fit, or work out is something else…

No. 1705935

That’s what I’m trying to make sense of, and not in a scornful way- but more how can you value something in someone else without wanting to value the same thing for yourself. Admiring from afar, can understand that a bit more, but stopping an athlete in public, commenting on all their posts etc etc

No. 1705976

It sounds like you only thought about this because it's female fans… fat gross moids have been fans of hot women and athletic men for eternity so I don't think it's weird if the occasional woman is too. Maybe they're attracted to the soccer players but just as an unattainable fantasy, maybe they used to be sporty in their youth and got fat later, maybe they just dgaf or lack self awareness.

Personally I don't see how anyone could be truly happy while fat but I don't think women should hold back from enjoying things because of how they might look in photos.

No. 1705993

What are you talking about, fat and unathletic is the vast majority of moids who're sports fanatics too. All men I know who're super into watching football and formula racing are either young men who spend most of their free time gaming or fat old men with beer bellies. Basically the whole idea of watching sports is that it's entertainment for people who don't lead active lifestyles, because you know those people are outdoors instead of being glued to screens watching matches on their weekends.

This is only a problem for you because it's women's sports.

No. 1705998

File: 1695550830031.jpg (22.29 KB, 400x508, 1_VV_RToKhFQQppWdhMgls_A.jpg)

Anons who used to take stimulants, do you know any OTC alternatives? I'm financially not really well at the moment and the consultations with the shrink and the price of Ritalin along with the prices of the psychologist I'm seeing is just too much. I heard good things about picrel, has anyone tried it?

No. 1706001

I keep meaning to get more dried "Chinese herb" (ephedra) because it really can get me just a little more awake than coffee alone. I don't know if that would help you or just blow up your head.

No. 1706017

>To me it would be humiliating. I wouldn’t want to be seen, let alone if what I value is peak performance, beauty, athleticism etc- then how come they are not trying to aspire to that for themselves? Do they have no concept of self? I don’t get it.
The obsession with fatness as some specifically horrible and degrading state on this website, to the point farmers on /g/ regularly admit to fantasies and shame regarding fat fetishism makes me roll my eyes, Not to mention all the women with EDs here too. I am not saying you are one of those women but your language around being fat as so degrading doesn't seem so far off from their understanding.

These fans are fat and probably do have food addiction and control issues, but being fat is not uncommon nowadays. Obsessive fan behavior and being fat is common among both sexes, it's simply seeing sports as another game and hobby and then the element of sexual attraction/waifuism for some. Beauty is not a specific value for the fans, but the players and their skill are the focus for these kind of superfans; the actual attractiveness of the players is a minimum requirement. Plenty of these people, male and female, will have autistic traits and lack self-awareness. Or hell, simply not care how they look, watching sports is a hobby and they can live vicariously through the players without desiring to play that sport or be fit themselves.

No. 1706018

Does anyone know good motion design courses?

No. 1706039

The rattling is coming from inside the house

No. 1706070

what can i use to mass download stuff from a tumblr blog?

No. 1706121

>The obsession with fatness as some specifically horrible and degrading state on this website, to the point farmers on /g/ regularly admit to fantasies and shame regarding fat fetishism makes me roll my eyes
ot but God same. The amount of subtle to outright transparent anachan posting on this site is unreal and it gets so weird sometimes, the unhinged disgust and seething some anons exude is borderline autisitc. It's everywhere even for the most minute thing. I don't even understand it at times, like one Anon genuinely believing you can't be happy if you're fat. It gets so unhinged.

No. 1706174

If I've got a stuffy, runny nose, does that also mean I have a productive cough, or is it unrelated and I could still have a dry cough?

No. 1706211

not entirely the point of your post but I find it funny how it's so easy to get insulted for being either a fatty or an ana-chan on here and if it's neither of those then you're just at an average weight and should shut up because your skinnyfat ass isn't pretty enough to have an opinion. Like you can't win on here whatever weight you are at. But I guess that's true for a woman on or offline in general.

No. 1706317

File: 1695582103725.png (22.62 KB, 283x178, sigh.png)

how do I find someone's Facebook profile if the only thing I have is a tiny, blurry version of their profile picture? I have a screenshot from Messenger, just like in the pic attached. Reverse image search and enchancing quality of it don't work.

No. 1706325

Do we have a thread for all Elsie/Board-tan art? I found one that was abandoned. Or just a lc original memes thread?

No. 1706327

Search up these on pinterest:
>90s model outfits
>90s model off duty
>model off duty
>80s model outfits

No. 1706340

No. 1706342

Thanks anon, so the semi-inactive one really is the only one huh.

No. 1706343

There’s an Elsie media thread on /m/ but it needs people compiling things to stay active. There are a lot of Elsie drawing in the doodle board archives too

No. 1706408

will people think i'm racist if i say wiggers? i'm not white for context but i am asian so idk. the resemblance to the actual n word skeeves me out so i would understand if they did but like what else can you call them

No. 1706419

I dunno about the new online social scene but wiggers isn’t a slur and never has been as far as I know

No. 1706523

ive seen a lot of fake nose hoops, but can you get regular fake stick on piercings so you can preview how certain piercing placements will look?
ive seen a few on amazon but the reviews were frankly horrible – the better reviewed ones tend to be stuff like diamontes, but i just want a really basic ball stud

No. 1706540

Just buy a cheap labret bar and glue the balls to your face with lash glue.

No. 1706544

actually a great idea, thanks nonny ily

No. 1706554

NAYRT, but I don't believe it is possible to be truly happy and fat. Or at least not obese and happy. I don’t see it as a moral failing or grotesque etc, more sadness manifest.

No. 1706652

I've asked this before but never saw the reply. Us XQC super autistic or foreign?

No. 1706654

No. 1706657

I never saw the reply and couldn't remember where I asked or if I had just replied to someone else talking about it. Thanks.

No. 1706785

Are duvet covers not a thing everywhere??

No. 1706829

Why is being overqualified for a job a bad thing?? Shouldn't that be good? The more someone knows, the more productive they'll work right? So why is it seen as bad?

No. 1706834

They worry they will need to pay you more or that you will leave soon for something better / higher paid. Yes, it is stupid. I fucking hate the world.

No. 1706835

pseudoephedrine (like in allergy or cold medicine). It works pretty well. You have to ask a pharmacist for meds containing it

No. 1706843

some people use sheets+ blankets instead of duvets

No. 1706856

Does anyone else get this feeling that cats are capable of judging character? I consider it a superstition of mine, being a big cat lover. I once had an abusive man come into my life when I was a child and my beloved cat that I had had since I was a toddler immediately turned aggressive and snarled at this man and never fully settled in with him. With other people he was normally just a big cuddly dope. Even long after the abusive man was gone another man moved in and got along really well with him and this man turned out to be trustworthy. Problem is, I have no logical explanation as to how a cat can judge a human's moral integrity, nor do I even have enough evidence to establish any connections. It's all just anecdotal. Still though, could there be any truth to it? Or could there possibly be any way a cat could assess someone's character, and if so, by what metric are they measuring their character? Is this an instinct they developed in order to better select a household of caring humans to ensure their survival? This is such a crazy belief.

No. 1706858

My boyfriend is starting to bald and I don’t like it. If I dermaroll his hairline will it stop, maybe even grow back in a bit again? I hate it

No. 1706929

where did this notion women weren't visual creatures come from? maybe I'm biased, but I could care less if a dude's some rich ceo or a firefighter, if he winds up looking like pile of sapient trash.

No. 1706930

There are a bunch of things you can do to slow balding and derma rolling is one of them. Start now, it's much easier to slow and prevent balding than to regrow hair once it's gone. He'll also want a biotin and collagen supplement, and rosemary extract to work into the hair.

No. 1706933

Bumping bc of cp

No. 1706935

thank you nonnie

No. 1706937

Was the cat aggressive from the amount he saw him? Because often aggressive men will hurt cats in secret since they hate them.
Being both prey and predator makes cats very sensitive to reading body language and situations, so if someone is bad, they'll react long before humans pick up on the subtle signals.

No. 1706949

He was immediately aggressive upon meeting him as well as maintaining his aggression. The man hated the cat a lot too. He always had this thinly veiled spite for him because he was a fucking man baby. But good point. It stands to reason that cats can read human or other animal body language and have to be alert, especially around new people. So they might be hypersensitive to little cues. I wonder what kind of body language it is that sets them off. Maybe it's a certain tension in the person who is faking an amicable persona. Lying causes stress, and when a person is tense or stressed as well as unfamiliar that might be what sets off the alarm bells.

No. 1706966

So are people who freebleed just unemployed or something? Or do they go in public freebleeding?

No. 1707046

Do people actually? The closest I'll get to free bleeding is I'll sit on a clean towel without pants/underwear on but that's because some months I'll be so swollen and painful that any type of clothing restriction makes the cramps more painful. But I've never actually known anyone to truly free bleed.

No. 1707063

Yeah I think so. I was dating a guy that turned out to be an evil piece of shit and my cat never liked him. Should have paid attention.

No. 1707080

Who is rhiannon?

No. 1707128

Did boys watch The Suite Life of Zack & Cody? What about Drake and Josh? I doubt they watched Zoey 101 or Wizards of Waverly Place. My cousin watched Hannah Montana because he had a crush on Miley. Also, what about iCarly, Victorious and Big Time Rush?

No. 1707139

My gay boy friends watched all of the shows but they’re gays. I knew some straight men who said they watched Victorious while it was airing but all they would comment is who’s the hottest female character. But they also seemed to genuinely have watched iCarly and Drake and Josh but those probably came out before they became coomers. Most men I’ve talked to said they mainly used to watch cartoons. I bonded with the nicest boy I met in highschool over H2O Just Add Water.

No. 1707152

My brother watched those all with me because we thought they were really cringe and liked to make fun of them/meme them as kids. Mitchel Musso was a household meme for us for years lmao we still make fun of that weird show he was in where he was some kind of island king??? What even was that kek

No. 1707205

Drkae and Josh and Suite life, probbaly because the mainest of the proags were male but probably less on the other ones. I made my brother watch all of them so he's cultured.

No. 1707206

File: 1695668429438.gif (18.25 MB, 600x600, ocelot.gif)

Does anyone know the origin of this gif?

No. 1707208

No. 1707232

Does being cute make you a target for sadistic people? If so, why?

No. 1707244

Why do fat people who become normal weight get loose skin, but not normal weight people who become underweight?

No. 1707259

The amount of skin and lost weight tends to be less in normal-to-underweight. If you have shit tissue genes you can get slightly saggy skin from that too though, it just won't be as visible.

No. 1707261

What the anon above said. When I lost muscle due to depression I got some loose skin on my quads bc mine had been very defined/big. Took awhile to fill them back out, guess my genes are a bit shit kek

No. 1707275

>Does being cute make you a target for sadistic people?
>If so, why?
You appear approachable/vulnerable/easy to hurt, much like a bunny or a baby

No. 1707280

i asked my bf this once when i was scrolling through disney+ and he said he watched zack & cody, drake & josh and zoey 101. he said he only watched zoey101 because of the cool shit they had

No. 1707281

Idk, that's what I'm trying to figure out. I'm just not sure how you could free bleed unless you're home all day.

No. 1707317

Is it normal to get cramps when eating mac n cheese? I don’t think it’s gluten allergy cause I eat pasta alone without problems all the time. Shitty Kraft doesn’t hurt but it tastes bad. Idk what’s wrong with me but it feels like I’m on my period

No. 1707319

I have saggy skin above my knees, or rather I always assumed it was sagging fat since all my weight goes to my thighs. I've oscillated between high and low end of a healthy BMI over the past 10+ years, and had periods of lots of exercise and no exercise, could that be why? It's the bane of my existence, I can't even wear shorts while women much fatter than me often can because the fat is smooth. I'm lifting weights now and praying to God it makes a difference when I've lost a bit more fat.

No. 1707324

I freebleed but I'm NEET adjacent so yeah, I'm just at home or somewhere comfortable/private when I do it. I've tried to do it in public but it's really not practical - preventing it from getting on surfaces is a chore but doable if it's not super heavy but it's next to impossible to mask the blood smell. It's not comfortable to do around the general public so when I see people talking about I just assume they mean at home or when they're in female centric spaces.

No. 1707326

Honestly it could factor in. I’m the anon who lost muscle bc I laid around deeply depressed for a year (sad kek) and before then I had been a swimmer and done English riding for years which had made my quads and hips very strong and kinda buff tbh. I did run as well before my hiatus. I couldn’t believe how much sagging above my knees there were when the muscle was gone. I also tend to gain weight in my thighs. Luckily it is coming back since I lost the 15lbs I had gained and have been training hard for a year or so. (I’m 5’10 and have basically no torso for reference lmao) Wishing you luck on your fitness journey nonna! We can beat the saggy knees lmao

No. 1707330

Primarily I think freebleeding is what you say like alone at home, I think it was kinda a "gotcha" to feminists like a few years ago to act as if they're all crazy bitches who bleed everywhere where in reality, that's not the case.
Just pushed around during the times that "feminist owned" comps were popular to discredit feminism.

No. 1707333

Why are men so attracted to e-girl and baddie makeup? They always claim they hate makeup and I could believe this if they only went for girls with "natural makeup", but the e-girl and baddie look is honestly very clownish and obvious even to a child. E-girl makeup goes into uncanny valley and is too shiny while the baddie look is very similar to drag makeup (and they hate drag queens). So why are they not turned off and actually seem to have a preference for it, judging by the amount of hardcore simps?

No. 1707335

They like it on a screen when they want something to jack off to. Pornstars used to have that over the top airbrushed/photoshop look with black smokey eyes, e-girl and baddie makeup is just the today version of that.

No. 1707336

Is it just my computer or has KF recently been lagging and unusable for anyone else? Everytime I open it my computer fans start working really hard.

No. 1707337

Well, men are stupid, what else can we say. They see a woman with blue eyeliner but as long as she doesn't have a red lip they call her natural. They're only '''visual creatures''' when they're defending staring at breasts.

But don't worry, if they land a gf with that aethstetic, they'll soon be asking her to tone it down. Men only want a free bird to cage it.

No. 1707346

Usually if a man says he hates something or finds it trashy he actually loves to jerk off to it and will go behind his partners back to do so. But also moids just see all women as objects and will judge them for anything they see as whorish or vain.

No. 1707361

But a lot of them admit they don't like it. They just associate it with being easy

No. 1707399

Kek you saw the Rhiannon Galloway post too? It's probably just some annoying schizo looking for attention

No. 1707428

wasn't free bleeding a trolling campaign started on 4chan?

No. 1707435

was it are you the one?

No. 1707535

I'm seeing a therapist next week, and I really really need it. But I don't know how weird I can get with what I admit to her. Because I have weird and stupid problems, and I need help with them, but at the same time I don't want to do a kirbyanon (not that I have anything quite that bad but it's still weird). Do any of you have therapists? How much detail about your issues do you share? Or how do you talk "around" the real topic while still getting the point across?

No. 1707550

If I don’t want to share something specific I tell them I’m not going to share the specifics because it’s something too personal (or maybe I’ll say I’m not ready to yet but then they always ask about it like every session and I feel pressured to spill.) I think it’s fine to just have a hard line for some stuff and talk about it only as much as you want to and ask for help with any aspects of it that you feel are a problem (which is what a therapist can hopefully help with anyway.) They don’t need to know all your personal secrets, some things are just for you. But they get confused if you lie so that’s no good either.

No. 1707553

full honesty is best in therapeutic relationships, but you should get a feel for how useful and intelligent they are first. they might not be a good fit at all unfortunately, but don't get discouraged. i tried being honest when i had one, but as an autist i had trouble understanding myself and communicating, and she still never fully got me. our sessions became vent sessions that contributed to me never making major life changes i needed to. you will probably have better luck if you have specific goals in mind. I like to recommend this article on therapy.

No. 1707557

yeah that's the problem, by work schedule and poorness really prevent me from "shopping around" so I'm just hoping the only one I found will be okay. And I wish I could go in with goals but I am unable to come up with any, since I have so many problems that are sort of inherent to living. I'm honestly not expecting this to help me very much, but this is my last idea before an hero so I figured I needed to at least try it before hitting the nuclear option.

No. 1707564

also, sameanon, but what I find hilariously stupid is to be accepted into therapy I had to promise that I was not actively suicidal with a plan, and if I reveal that I can be sent o an inpatient facility. But If I went to an inpatient facility I would lose my job and not be able to get another one due to a red flagged resume (thru no fault of my own, i got scammed at my last job but that's another story) and acquire so much medical debt (I live in a terrible state for hospital and medical debt) that my life would be ruined anyway. So it's like, if you want to kill yourself, we can't help you even though we would probably do better at helping you than inpatient, and instead we will send you inpatient which will guarantee you will kill yourself. Makes sense. makes so much sense.

No. 1707576

>I'm honestly not expecting this to help me very much, but this is my last idea before an hero so I figured I needed to at least try it before hitting the nuclear option.
I'm sorry to hear that nonna. I don't like to tell suicidal anons to please not kill yourself, because it feels like it minimizes your pain as we don't know all the details, but I hope you find some peace. I see why you don't want to say anything about your current levels of ideation. I hope in a roundabout you can express how you feel. I'm glad you're giving it a try. There's a book recently released about suicide research called "When it is Darkest", it's on libgen and you might find it reflects your own experience of being suicidal.
>And I wish I could go in with goals but I am unable to come up with any, since I have so many problems that are sort of inherent to living.
That can be something you bring up, learning how to manage and cope in the context of your life, to figure out what changes you can make and accept what you can't. I hope it doesn't sound like I am minimizing your suffering but making peace with a shit situation is often all people can do.

No. 1707582

>I hope it doesn't sound like I am minimizing your suffering but making peace with a shit situation is often all people can do.
Not at all, i appreciate your response, I feel the same way about "making peace" with a shit situation. I sort of want to lay something like that out as The Goal to my therapy, specifically
>I am here because I need to figure out how to continue living without killing myself for at least a few more decades. Outliving my parents is how I would define success.
but I have a a bad feeling that most therapists won't jive with such a "negative" goal, even though it's genuine, probably also because it suggests that I am actively suicidal and ruh-roh we can't help you if you say that!
I might check out that book, but I don't know how to work libgen, so I might find another book. If I just keep reading books I guess that will keep me busy at least

No. 1707591

File: 1695701094126.jpeg (440.29 KB, 750x1116, IMG_2511.jpeg)

maybe you can rephrase it as planning for a future you can be content with, or learning to take things one day at a time.
>I might check out that book, but I don't know how to work libgen, so I might find another book. If I just keep reading books I guess that will keep me busy at least
on libgen when you look up a book, after clicking on the title in the search results you should see the mirrors list of links. click one and then you'll get to a page like this, to download click on the word get.

No. 1707612

File: 1695704344240.jpg (7.74 KB, 239x211, Untitled.jpg)

one time my most recent ex and i were in his car with his mother in the backseat and he opened his browser on his phone to look up an alternate restaurant to the one we wanted to go to. i believe he'd been looking at porn the night before because he suddenly jumped to turn the volume in the car down and that caused me to look up from my phone and see "MOTHERLESS.COM - …" on the car's display for a couple seconds before he quickly (i assume) swiped the tab away.

i hate porn and refuse to look up the site. i didn't even know he watched it, because he'd told me early on that he didn't. my best friend looked it up and simply told me "do. not. look it up." and that she wiped her browser history after she did so, and she never does that. i hung out with my guy friend of 2 years today and when i told him about the situation in the car, he grimaced and said, "like the revenge porn site?" he's 30 and said he used that site infrequently when he was 16, and it was sketchy. lots of omegle camshow reuploads, etc. my best friend told me the other day that MOTHERLESS is "a favorite with 4chan users because it's easy to find CP on there."

can any anons with pornsick exes or more internet experience than me confirm? i refuse to look it up.

No. 1707617

yeah, it incredibly deranged and horrible, trust your friend

No. 1707618

Visited my sister in New York and I died with all the walking. I am so ashamed of my physical condition. How do I get fit if I work a sedentary job all day and do night school? Do I have to go to the gym? How do people start from the very beginning getting into shape? I look it up and it's telling me to do jumping jacks and planks daily. Does it really work just like that?

No. 1707619

To make matters worse, men often use motherless to try to find content about women in their region

No. 1707623

>can any anons with pornsick exes or more internet experience than me confirm? i refuse to look it up.
Your blasé reaction and acceptance of this behavior is part of the problem. What is wrong with you? This is not "pornsick" males this is all males. How does anyone's opinion come back from this. Living in absolute denial can't be respected or pleasant.

No. 1707723

when i was a coomerfag i used to jump from weird porn site to weird porn site and that one is definetly one of the worsts

No. 1707730

just walking a lot and stretching is a great start, get one of them office walking mats if you don't have the time or area to go on long walks

No. 1707735

File: 1695719106790.png (12.94 KB, 284x284, 1645284839148.png)

is sex as a woman actually pleasurable? i have only ever schlicked to gay porn, but i've always imagined straight sex was only pleasurable for the men. i am 22 and still a virgin.

No. 1707742

Sex is enjoyable if you and your partner know what you're doing. Guess I'm lucky I can orgasm from penetration too in fact I prefer to orgasm while penetrated.

No. 1707744

File: 1695719714524.jpg (25.98 KB, 281x331, 1646513137329.jpg)

wait most women dont orgasm while being penetrated? what the fuck

No. 1707748

What’s up with men with low libidos? I was talking to this guy who was a /fit/ nofap dude (honestly sort of a catch imo) but we’d kiss and dry hump but we’d stop and that would be it. He told me he’s had girl throw themselves at him but he found that behavior offputting

No. 1707749

It’s pleasurable but I don’t orgasm from it, get a dildo.

No. 1707754

please don't transition

No. 1707756

never, i am happy being a woman i just like gay porn

No. 1707774

Do you mean PIV? Imo, not really, unless you are really, really into the idea of being penetrated or feeling vulnerable towards a moid.

No. 1707775

Porn addiction + madonna/whore complex
He uses imageboards, so he's ruined

No. 1707776

I think a lot about nofap dudes, these are men who went so far in their porn addiction that they had to start nofap and often they're either fucked forever or have constant """relapses""" into watching porn

No. 1707840

I had sex for the first time (24) a night ago and It was pleasurable after the initial pain. I felt like I was going to pee and had him stop and sat in the toilet but no pee came out so maybe I was going to cum. I have no idea because it felt so much different from when I masturbate (clit only). I didn’t pee so he said it was an orgasm

No. 1707961

You would know if you had an orgasm, anon. The moid just wanted to feel good about himself by suggesting that. Some women describe the build up of an orgasm as “needing to pee” (not for me personally though) but the actual orgasm feels like, well, not just that.

No. 1707962

You might’ve been close but stopped it before you reached that point. I don’t think you came though sorry kek

No. 1707964

If you’re asking if it’s possible to get off to penetration, yes, but not for everyone since different women are wired differently. And even if you have the wiring to enjoy it, most moids are too lazy and unskilled to make it happen.

No. 1707969

File: 1695746543926.png (135.95 KB, 1264x720, burning.png)

Your home caught on fire and you only have time to save three things. What are they?

No. 1707974

My phone, my wallet, and my car keys. Unless this is a besides practical answers type of question, in that case I'm taking the drawer that has my yarn stash, still my phone, and my mini fan. I have no reason except those are the things I use often.

No. 1707985

Oh I know I didn’t cum he just meant like that would’ve been an orgasm. I was just convinced it wasn’t because it felt like I was going to pee. When I masturbate the build up never feels like pee

No. 1707989

Whats a decent windows laptop that will let me play steam games/VNs and emulate old console games without burning on fire? I don't have the space for a proper pc so I'll just work with a laptop for now

No. 1707991

cat #1, cat #2, and cat #3. thankfully I only have three cats.

No. 1707995

File: 1695748881349.jpg (107.29 KB, 1045x856, F1OTLgfXsAAa0tr.jpg)

What's the point of twin tail wigs? Can't you put existing cosplay wigs into twintails?

No. 1708023

It's because penetration pushes up against your bladder.

No. 1708030

If I'm counting people and animals. My mother my dog and my phone.
If I'm not counting them. My phone, my bra (expensive) and car keys.
If it's not limited to carry capacity. My PC, my phone, my switch.

No. 1708032

Technically, yes. It involves a lot of work though, I know people cut out wefts and sew it back in a certain way. It's been a minute since I've cosplayed, but I think the reason why normal wigs cannot is due to wefts showing.
There's also those clip ins, but they're heavy and kinda ugly.

No. 1708035

styling wigs and making sure it looks good is a pain in the arse. at least with a pre styled one the hairstyle stays in place and looks the way it's supposed to

No. 1708082

So it wasn’t going to be an orgasm?

No. 1708092

Will food prices ever go back down? I've seen things increase price multiple times the past two years alone so why would they bother lowering prices once the "economy is stable" or whatever?

No. 1708128

No. Food has the ability to go down, but farmers work together to elevate prices and will destroy excess stock before lowering prices. So unless you made it illegal to destroy good food, it won't happen.

No. 1708137

The only type of men I attract are unattractive nerds, what does that say about me? And no I'm not ugly, I just put zero effort in my appearance.

No. 1708159

I'm the opposite: i take a lot of care of my looks (i think it's fun) and i repel nerds, which are my type, they act like i'm a cryptid or something

No. 1708161

How do you guys wind down after work/college? I’m always so exhausted that I cant focus any hobbies like games or reading, but if I nap then it fucks with my sleep schedule

No. 1708163

how do women gain baby weight when they're pregnant when so much of pregnancy is throwing up all the time?

No. 1708172

Nausea is supposed to last for the first trimester. However that can be different for some women as one can feel nauseous in their secound trimester or even throughout their whole pregnancy. So if a woman feels contiously nauseous she can get medicine that's safe for pregnancy or she only gets nauseous in the morning, hence morning sickness.
A side note a pregnant woman may even feel nauseous around certain odors, due to stress and/or fatigue

No. 1708173

so is kiwifarms down forever or what?

No. 1708177

that's what I just came to ask. I've not been on it in a few weeks so idk if they still have a special tor address I'll never be able to remember but the dramatic fucking quote on the regular kf.net homepage is so…??? I just wish it was easier to find out wtf is going on

No. 1708211

yeah i know, it's so annoying. i only have like 2 threads i keep up with on there and i can't be assed to download tor just for that.

No. 1708214

No. 1708217

File: 1695772677931.jpg (210.86 KB, 1179x1202, tumblr_0f5e10660a25c814065ca91…)

What are some jobs that I can get with 0 degree that requires very little social interaction? It needs to be temporary because I plan on moving very shortly (like a month). I need something to distract me while waiting from my family in the mean time.

No. 1708233

Night stocker or graveyard shifts at retail places.

No. 1708234

Would iced cinnamon tea be any good?

No. 1708237

i had it at a korean place and it was really good imho

No. 1708258

Any overnight stocker or warehouse job. A lot of jobs are desperate for over night people.

No. 1708284

Look for some temp security jobs. Some places got you stashed in an electrical closet lol.

No. 1708433

Can someone help me figure out if my nose is unsalvageable? The past few days I've been freaking out about how it looks and it's messing up my whole perception of myself. I don't hate myself enough to post a picture right on here but I can show a picture via my discord: bubble.buddy3
This is a weird as fuck way to get an opinion but I tried reddit of all places a few days ago and got no feedback

No. 1708453

Why are so many muscular moids gay?

No. 1708457

To anon moms, do ever worry about your kids eventually becoming lolcows themselves? Do you take any life lessons from the cows you follow on what to avoid in your parenting to avoid the possible scenario?

No. 1708462

Gachimuchi and malemaxxing

No. 1708479

File: 1695807743292.png (1.24 MB, 1197x694, 34624957.png)

How do you move to another country when you have two cats and a shitload of stuff? No house or car though.

How do you actually integrate and make local friends and social circles?

No. 1708532

What would cause diarrhea after eating chicken and rice. I think it's the rice causing it, am I putting in too much oil or salt maybe?

No. 1708546

Doesn't seem like you'd be ready to move before figuring that stuff out.

No. 1708563

I'm in thailand and my phone (samsung) is constantly telling me it detected moisture in the charging port and can't charge it. Had to buy a wireless charger. Is this a samsung problem because the air is so humid? My friends with iphones don't have this issue, but another friend with a samsung also can't charge her phone

No. 1708568

How do you start cleaning? I'm having a hard time sorting out all of my stuff, I started yesterday and half of it is on the floor. I want to keep everything but I have no room.

No. 1708574

Diarrhea is usually the result of food infection if your talking about food-borne disease. Chicken can carry Salmonella if its tainted which causes food sickness. "Food sickness" is caused by the endo/exo toxin of the bacteria, usually people have diarrhea and purge all the excess bad bacteria with infection but sickness is more dangerous. Sickness is more serious and usually causes serious abdominal pains and vomiting, it usually takes much longer to pass up to a week, while infection takes a few hours to a day. "Food infection" is caused by too much of symbiotic bacteria that is present in a healthy gut microbiome. Too much symbiotic bacteria leads to a build up of metabolic waste of those symbiotic species and as a result inflammation and discomfort in the GI tract/diarrhea.

Of course there could also be other causes; if your having your period that can cause GI cramps and diarrhea. Oil and salt isn't going to cause diarrhea on its own unless your really glugging down the oil and brining your rice in the dead sea.

No. 1708591

File: 1695827652668.jpg (57.27 KB, 1001x1001, s-l1600.jpg)

Bought this tshirt a couple years ago because I thought it was pretty. Still haven't worn it to the gym because now I feel like maybe it's cringey and people would think that I think I'm so good at gym I could be on the olympic team? lol nonas would you wear this tshirt to the gym?

No. 1708595

I don't go to the gym but I would probably think that anyone in a random shirt is just wearing something they don't care about getting gross and sweaty in

No. 1708596

Samefag but in regards to that specific shirt, I probably would assume you just like sports

No. 1708599

no one would care

No. 1708615

All I would think is that you were once a spectator at some Olympics.

No. 1708619

That logo is small, no one will even look at you long enough to know what it is.

No. 1708620

File: 1695829766186.jpg (25.31 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

Reposting from /g/
I think I might have vulvodynia. My entrance flares up from time to time and it's never a yeast infection. It's been happening since after I started menstruating and it goes away easily but then if I'm stressed out or taking hormonal medication it flares up again. Anyone else here has it? What are your symptoms?

No. 1708638

Do other people's nipple colour change when they get hard?

No. 1708642

Mine do but I’m a redhead so idk how it is for anyone else. Mine are naturally super pale pink/peach and when I’m turned on properly they get very flushed.

No. 1708647

I think you were close, but no cigar.

No. 1708648

I never got diagnosed with vulvodynia or vaginismus because when I went to the gynecologist she laughed at me that I was too young to have these things, but…
Basically I'll just have a burning or agitated like pain that will either just be inside or outside of my vagina. I think mine might be partially psychological because stress does make my pain worse. Everyone advises you to wear cotton underwear, used water based lubes, don't rub soap on your labia, etc… And I follow all those rules but sometimes I still have bad days. I think the thing that helped me the most was not using an "all natural" lube that was actually burning slightly. I switched to sliquid so I could try putting a diva cup in and it worked out okay. Other than that I don't have a lot of advice. Sorry nonna.

No. 1708664

Why are we not all naturally ambidextrous?

No. 1708667

How do some stray dogs learn how to cross the road according to traffic lights considering dogs do not see colors the way humans do nor do they have the same understanding of technology or social conventions that humans do? Is it just dog see dog do? I've seen stray dogs knowing how to cross the road correctly even without following humans.

No. 1708677

How often do employers do background checks for your CVs? Let's say, pretending you finished college. Do they really ask for you to send your degree or something?

No. 1708680

idk where you live or what kind of job are you trying to apply for but speaking for myself I was requested to e-mail them a scan of my bachelor's diploma after the interview

No. 1708682

So I won't be taking any risks. I guess I could but then I'd just ghost them if they asked me to send them anything. Thanks though.

No. 1708688

I worry more about them getting becoming evil

No. 1708703

We could be if right handedness wasn't the norm

No. 1708706

Thank you nonas. I guess I was way overthinking it.

No. 1708738

So when I had sex my boyfriend was all sweet smiling during foreplay but then during the deed he changed expression to completely serious. I should probably ask him why but I’d like to hear you guy’s explanation

No. 1708741

Moid monkey brain got fried

No. 1708748

How screwed am I if I'm sitting in the back of the stadium for miku expo?

No. 1708752

File: 1695841184663.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.34 KB, 480x640, 1d51572081ba1c9761fd0238a019f6…)

Miku is gonna come and kill you

No. 1708768

If she comes within two feet of me I'm selling her on ebay

No. 1708825

What would you wear to your boyfriend's major movie premiere? It's out of country in the US, and I'm so insecure lol. I don't want to ruin his "energy" when I stand next to him

No. 1708836

Just dont pick anything from Shein

No. 1708843

idk I'd look at outfits from similiar events, I'm sure you can find them online.

No. 1708848

wear a tshirt with his face on it

No. 1708864

File: 1695850601351.jpeg (259.24 KB, 820x1200, F37C151D-9857-454C-AF66-322258…)

No. 1708874

> boyfriend's major movie premiere
do u have an actor bf?

No. 1708877

File: 1695851593437.jpeg (49.44 KB, 600x600, IMG_3449.jpeg)

No. 1708878

File: 1695851711720.png (5.86 MB, 1494x1992, 636133715810995589.png)

No. 1708879


All great ideas, I might just go with the "I'm with stupid shirt".
In all honesty though, It might be insecurity talking, but I'm ready to just not go at all.
Nah, he's director/producer/editor. It's not TOO major, but there are some big names

No. 1708881

you should go nona it'll be fun to people watch at a big fancy gathering like that even if it's not your scene. if you see a famous person acting drunk and stupid you can post about it

No. 1708885

I'd wear a nice evening dress or a suit, I don't think you need to look too flashy but should probably be a bit dressed up

No. 1708887

Do you believe in manifesting?

No. 1708888

File: 1695852335919.jpg (55.12 KB, 476x714, 123e2fb7152fc6f415128cc6e57280…)

Wearing a dress that points at everyone else but you will draw attention to everyone else but you, so mission accomplished.

No. 1708890

File: 1695852519085.png (295.16 KB, 378x375, Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 6.01.…)

when and how do you think the tranny shit will end

No. 1708892

File: 1695853003778.gif (640.09 KB, 498x448, dnce.gif)

You should go to represent us.

No. 1708921

I remember back in like 2007, buying a cosplay instead of sewing it yourself was seen as shameful and embarrassing. When did that change? With the rise of commercially succesful costhots?

No. 1708933

Girl you have to go. Pick up a nice dress and have fun! This moment seems important for your special someone too

No. 1708950

Do some families actually just sit down together for dinner?

No. 1708993

It's probably because in 2007 cosplay was more of a niche hobby and was harder to find premade costumes online, compared to now when it's mainstream in popularity and you can buy anime cosplay at Party City.

No. 1708994

File: 1695866079247.jpeg (149.76 KB, 1024x683, C64B0B98-CFCE-420F-8588-B61300…)

Why do some people’s jowls get really big when they put on a small amount of weight? I’m talking max like 10 lbs. Is it weight or are they just bloated from something? Is it alcohol usually?

No. 1709008

can i pack storebought roasted sunflower seeds in a plastic container?

No. 1709020

when does personal suffering outweigh responsibility to one's parents? I didn't ask to be created, that was their decision and I didn't have a say. So then me, who was put here by two other people, has to endure immense and unending personal suffering to avoid upsetting the same people who brought me here in the first place just because they wanted to? It just doesn't seem fair to me. You can just decide to have a baby because you want one and then it's de-facto forced to prolong a life of suffering just to keep you happy.

No. 1709026

Yes. My family does. We watch the news on tv or talk about how our day was or dumb/interesting stuff we saw on the internet or the latest celebrity gossip. Nothing gets the family together like mocking shakira's ex husband or discussing the american music scene during the 60/70/80/90s and sharing some hairy scandal that the younger gens might not know about their decrepit idols. No phones on the table.

No. 1709030

it's always been considered ok in japan from what I know. overseas I think it shifted when liking nerdy/weeby stuff started becoming mainstream and due to that it became easy to buy premade cosplay of basically any character. before it was just mega autist weebs into cosplaying so they were gatekeepy and took pride and enjoyment in making their own cosplay. costhots definitely aided in the shift since most of them are really only hopping on the trend to make money and could care less about weebshit.

No. 1709038

Genetics. I gain a lot of weight in my face immediately unless I'm pretty thin regardless of whatever diet or how healthy I ate, it just be like that for some people

No. 1709103

what about one of those services where you rent a dress for an evening? I could see this being an occasion where that might make sense. Rent the Runway is one of them, but there are others in Asia and Europe specifically. They send you a few styles you pick out in a couple sizes iirc.

If you don't want to stand out too much, just pick a less flashy dress in a solid color. Personally I sort of hate wearing jewelry, so I like to pick dresses with a bit of embellishment. That way I don't need to wear a necklace to look polished.

No. 1709110

File: 1695883478857.png (96.8 KB, 275x262, 1676734527603.png)

Okay I have some questions
What is the best way to get rid of eye bags? What's the best way to get rid of acne scars? How do you lose a double chin, even if you're skinny? What is closer to what you actually look like: your selfie from your phone camera, or your reflection in a mirror?

If you went on discord nitro to change your username and tag, will any users from the servers you used to be on still see the changes you made to your discord username?

No. 1709111

How do you help when a man is making another woman uncomfortable near you? I was at a cafe today and at my table, this guy was trying to covertly hit on a woman. The situation didn't escalate or anything, but looking back on it, I wish I'd supported her somehow. What do you say in situations like that where you don't want to escalate things by calling him out directly but you want to show her you're the