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File: 1531474440193.jpg (53.03 KB, 640x480, l9lcyIt.jpg)

No. 267697

No. 267729

glad you used a new pic of tokitama, the one I used for the old thread was my last funny one

No. 267742

overnight oats always taste like shit and anyone who says they're delicious is lying

No. 267765

Have you tried making them with banana, cinnamon and stuff like that? They're pretty refreshing while being filling when made the right way

No. 267766

People who can't cut out people from their lives are cowards who deserve no sympathy or respect.

No. 267768

if a close friend hates someone, you have to at least not interact with the person they hate.
if you do and are even friends with the person your good friend hates, then you're a shit friend.

No. 267769

Monkeys are not cute. They are hideous, gross, and terrifying.

No. 267771

Agree. I also have no respect for people who stay in shitty relationships because they're too afraid of being alone. Just fucking leave.

No. 267780

yeah I hate cunts that just can't be alone. Grow a fucking back bone

No. 267782

thicc bodies dont look good in any clothes & looks straight up retarded when exaggerated with surgery

No. 267783

This especially if said friend was abused by the person in question.
I fucking hate it when people are pals with abusers of their friends cause they don't want to pick sides and pretend like it's not their business. Fucking disgusting enablers

No. 267784

Depends. If a friend hates someone for a stupid reason, I'm not going to go avoid that person because my friend's being a baby.

Or if you have mutual friends that have a falling out over something stupid you shouldn't cut out one to appease the other. That would make you a shit friend.

No. 267793

File: 1531506054118.jpeg (82.63 KB, 600x460, C92E3F16-B71C-4202-AB15-9EAD8F…)

Super fat babies are REALLY unsettling to look at. I feel like everybody who wants a baby want them to be as fat and rolly as possible, but all of those rolls and folds creep me out for some reason.

No. 267794

babies are disturbing and disgusting in general, adding more fat makes it worse

No. 267796

i agree, all babies are gross but fat ones are worse. thin ones look like small old men though, which is creepy.

No. 267810

That's a very edgy way of saying that. I agree with the sentiment but these things aren't always patently clear. Life is complicated

No. 267830

Sometimes people can't do this because of trauma. It would hurt them much more to be alone, even if they're already suffering. Good for you that you don't have that problem, but it doesn't make you superior

No. 267837

Agree with both of these.

No. 267860

agreed. majority of babies are just ugly. from like newborn to 3 years old, they all look weird.

No. 267886

Saying "well no one is perfect" is almost always used as an excuse for abusive behavior. Prove me wrong.

No. 267887

not even just abusive, but any bad behavior, it's the shittest excuse in the book up there with "you have issues too!"

No. 267908

File: 1531523484058.jpeg (70.2 KB, 498x366, A681EE27-A9D0-4129-B736-EFC3CB…)

No. 267918

People that say or type "Y'all" sound borderline retarded.

No. 267920

I mean, fair. I take it you’re not from the southern half of the United States.

No. 267939

that only bothers me if you can tell it's not part of their accent. I know a few people who started saying "y'all" recently even though we're from the northwest and say "you guys" up here, and it sounds stupid as fuck kek.

No. 267940

Fair enough but thank you for spelling it correctly.

No. 267941

I kind of agree in some cases but it's just never that simple. I want to cut out my dad for instance but I still love my extended family and there's pretty much no way for me to cut him out and still be on good terms with the rest of my family (plus then things would be awkward for my siblings, etc). Sometimes it really is just an issue of the person who needs to do the cutting off having no spine, though, and it's hard to sympathize with someone who has the opportunity to cleanly break with a toxic person and won't take it.

agreed, one of my best friends is constantly making new """enemies""" because she's just kind of an asshole to people. I'm not cutting out all those people just because she doesn't get along with them, that's her problem.

No. 268122

Ugh, I also hate that so much…

The Himezawa thread is proof that no matter what a cow does, no matter how much they'll improve , it will never be enough for farmers.
She's young, she was never fat, she fixed her main problem (nose job) and still she's "beyond repair, every single of her features is ugly, her body looks like a mom's" etc.

No. 268123

cows aren't cows cause they're ugly, anon.

No. 268124

also, anons were supportive when she wasn't trying to be kawaii. it's her shit weeb attitude that's bad, when she was just doing her acoustic music before her fakeboi phase it was genuine and fine. now she's back on the same shit trying to be cute.

No. 268126

Then write about that and not how ugly you find her. I'm not following her too closely, but the last dozens of posts were all just about her looks, so anybody who doesn't know, will just get the impression that you're a bunch of harpies.

No. 268130

Himezawa gave me hope for my nose tbh

No. 268131

cause she just got a fucking nose job, you retard. if you don't follow the thread don't act like we're being shitty to be critical of her looks when she just got a nose job and is thinking that was the only think keeping her from the kawaii lyfe.

No. 268134

I don't know if this is an actual unpopular opinion but /ot/ is the only worthwhile board on this website

No. 268136

ot but I miss /manure/ :(
I feel like /ot/ and /g/ have too many men larping but besides that enjoy them more than following the cows themselves kek.

No. 268151

File: 1531611285961.jpg (54.14 KB, 500x355, squirrel monkey.jpg)

in what world is this ugly?????

No. 268155

File: 1531611562254.jpg (31.62 KB, 564x461, squirrel-monkey-1.jpg)

one more because i fail to see how they're anything but angelic

No. 268162

Even pugs are prettier than that

No. 268166

No. 268177

I think it's very stupid that every minority has its own social just movement these days. I'm asian and I know a thing or two about those circles and it's just a bunch of spoiled kids mad at white people.

No. 268178

I'm sick of motorcyclists acting like they own the line in-between lanes on the freeway. In California lane splitting is legal and they will cut through a shitload of cars if traffic is moderately backed up. Don't act like I'm responsible for your safety fuckhead when you're the one jettisoning yourself through walls of moving steel at 40 miles an hour.

No. 268199

pugs are best dogs and the monkey is adorbs too

No. 268210

Pugs are an abomination and breeders should be shot. Extant ones shouldn’t be put down but the breed should be banned and heavy fines for anyone who breeds one.
Bracycephalic, pop-eyed dogs are suffering.

No. 268216

anytime i see a pug over age like, 3, i feel fucking terrible bc they’re literally always visibly struggling to breathe properly. imo people who buy designer dogs like that are selfish as fuck.

No. 268221

Can anyone help put my mind at ease? So about a week ago I developed an infection in my gums. The dentist said it was probably due to stress and prescribed me antibiotics. I've been taking the antibiotics for 5 days and my period is 9 days late. My bf always wears condoms and is meticulous about checking them during sex but not getting my period always freaks me out.

Can someone please tell me that my period is being delayed due to stress/illness and antibiotics and that it'll come soon?

No. 268223

One time I got a severe dental infection and lost my period for four months afterwards. It’s never a bad idea to test, but there’s a good chance your body is just too busy fighting an infection.

No. 268227

Oh wow, that's crazy! Yeah I'm going to buy tests next chance I get. That makes me feel a little better to know that it could be for totally normal reasons. Thanks anon!

No. 268236

File: 1531660335907.jpg (6.4 KB, 235x242, bsE3Wmu.jpg)

I love noses like pic related.

No. 268238

I have a 7 year old pug and his breathing is fine, never had any issues. I think the major problem with the breed is weight. People get them fat because they look cuter with the rolls around their neck, but at the cost of their breathing. Pugs already have natural problems so they really need to be kept slim or yeah, you're just selfishly hurting them for a fucking aestethic.

No. 268271

men probably think more about sex then women
but women sure as fuck talk about it more than men

No. 268290

I agree. I wish I had one like that.

No. 268333

not at all in my experience.

No. 268338

Lol you guys made me feel a little better that some people might want a nose like mine. I find myself favoring larger/stronger/interesting noses on girls, esp the charming Saudi noses that they're so quick to get surgery on over there.

Been meaning to post this in one of these but: 99% of farmers' photoshop jokes made from cows' photos are super cringe and a convoluted mess of current cow events. It baffles me that people reply with "omg im dying next thread pic!!" to these really unfunny & weird pictures that anons make. IMO usually the cows post photos that speak for themselves in terms of cringe or uglyness. Same goes for when the thread pic is a compilation of screencaps - its ugly and makes it not as easy to find whatever cow I'm looking for bc their face isnt in it. Gifs are annoying too.

Idk, tl;dr farmer photoshops are cringier than the cow themself.

No. 268344

I honestly hate modern architecture so fucking much. Especially those fugly ass giant glass cages that are being erected everywhere. I hope people will come to their senses soon and knock them tf down. Even the soviet brutalist style concrete blocks look better because at least those don't blind you when you look in their general direction, and they also look quite cozy and homely in a way.

No. 268348

just bc yours isn’t obese doesn’t mean it’s not suffering in any way though? like you really can’t shit on those people when you yourself decided to also support the fucked up industry of designer dog breeds.

No. 268349

i hate these and also farmer "drawings" where the anon just traces the pic but uses thick black lines to over emphasis on ugly parts of them. we get it they're ugly.

No. 268360

File: 1531686108221.jpg (772.54 KB, 1809x3000, 2606280.jpg)

I miss bootcut (instead of skinny) jeans and having no ass being the norm. Sorry, but big butts disgust me.

No. 268377

>having no ass being the norm

Jesus Christ, where do you live where that was a norm?

No. 268387

Nayrt but 90s-early 00s U.S, white girls didnt want to have big butts. It was just as much of a trend as being thicc is in 2018, and being thicc is probably nearing its end. Lack of butt = the petite idealized figure back in that time frame.

No. 268390

Probably the Midwest. Yikes.

No. 268391

Sorry but having no ass will never be the norm again. Back then super thin women got the spotlight because the mainstream media pushed whatever they wanted.

"Thicc" women are more sexually appealing to men and they can gain fame through social media.

No. 268399

File: 1531692065189.jpg (467.81 KB, 1052x1068, 6XhLrpA.jpg)

yeah what >>268387 is 100% true. having a big butt used to not be desired since it was associated with being fat. big butts were only the norm for black and latina women since they are associated with being naturally curvy, but other women definitely wanted to be as thin as possible. that's why women like j.lo, kim kardashian, and nicki minaj became so known for their asses, having butts like theirs was not common. now that being #thicc is in, suddenly everyone wants a fat ass.

i don't think being super thin will be a trend again any time soon but the oversized butt thing will die out when women get tired of having to do ridiculous things like get fat tranfers/ass shots in order to maintain their dream butt. imo girls will start speaking out about loving their natural butt and not changing it to follow a trend which will create a movement of girls "accepting" having a smaller booty

No. 268401

Their faces are literally too short to breach properly. It’s breathing is not fine it’s just not snorting like a snorkel in a pudding cup. It’s eyes are too big for its skull, and it’s never not a struggle to breathe. They aren’t cute they’re tortured.

No. 268403

dont say never, trends always change. i wouldnt be surprised if "thicc" is seen as unappealing in some years.

No. 268404


I live in Europe and that was the norm and the thing everyone wanted, big butt was a pretty bad insult.

No. 268435

After browsing both KF and lolcow for a while, I realised that women are more hateful and aggressive than men, at least online.

No. 268438

truly, what kind of inceloid thought pattern and male worship mentality did you adopt to believe that to be true? men are so fucking nasty to each other and goad each other on to the point of death, doxx, harass innocent people, meanwhile, women calling someone "tubby" or some shit is "soooo horrible"

No. 268440

I like Tuna's cracked out art style and it's a shame I can't be openly interested because she's such a shit and leechy person.

No. 268446


I don't know, the tone in general. When women want to be offensive, they use "ugly" as an insult, while men attack the person/lolcow/whatever based on their intelligence

No. 268455

File: 1531699797748.jpg (40.79 KB, 474x356, 44868610d20ba0ae03dfb38243190f…)

>Probably the Midwest. Yikes.
Yes, the midwest of Europe.
Sorry if I offended your love for big arses, anon.

No. 268457

Men are just as guilty about attacking someone's looks. Kiwifarms is a great example of that.

No. 268462

They once jumped on one women for 'being fat'. Then somebody posted a full body image and it turns out she only had a round face. Awkward

No. 268463

How is that objectively worse? It just depends on what you're more insecure about. Personally I'd be much less upset that someone thinks I'm fat and ugly than if someone called me something like a worthless stupid fuckhole.

No. 268464

American discovers Europe and Asia, more at 11.
Just wait til China forces their beauty standards on you, burger.

No. 268465

File: 1531701235893.png (352.89 KB, 509x386, ohohoho.PNG)

>men don't attack looks
You're either an ebin cuckqueen, an incel or literally never met or observed a human male in your life.

No. 268468

Have you ever read YT comments? They always make the difference between fuckable and not fuckable, and they'll let the whole world know because they believe their opinions had any worth.

No. 268472

File: 1531702170083.jpg (471.48 KB, 640x8296, 4Az268G_d.jpg)

You should probably never venture towards male-dominated imageboards if a few "nasal labial fold" and "lol wut a fatass xDD" comments are that upsetting to you.
This is just 4chan's literature board.

No. 268486

I feel that as well. I don't browse image boards as much nowadays but lolcow posters seem to always be legit angry/negative at something, while on 4chan it's mostly the most populated boards, and the rest is just irony. When I read a "kill yourself" on 4chan, it just feels like banter.

It's not a very big difference, though.

No. 268511

that's interesting because for the most part,i assume a lot of girls here are just being extra vicious because of the nature of gossip, but probably aren't that mean spirited and critical irl, whereas when i see shit like >>268472 and worse, i tend to assume the men there really do hate women and/or think of them as subhuman.

I'm not saying your perception is wrong and mine is right, could definitely be the opposite, but I guess it's easy to project your biases onto anons when its impossible to know what individuals' tones and intentions really are. If you're sensitive about misogyny you're going to assume all those dudes are 100% serious, but if you're a happy go lucky boy's boy you're probably going to assume every single one of them is totally joking. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

No. 268512

File: 1531708871763.jpeg (251.27 KB, 776x404, word-image-164.jpeg)

Beards are disgusting. It's just pubes but on a face. It's disgusting.

No. 268516

I don't understand why anons blur out names on screencaps when the tweets or whatever are public. it just makes everything seem like a self post.

No. 268519

This is fuckin' hilarious. I forgot about that thread.

No. 268521

People have higher expectations for women with little to no standards for how men should behave. There are some cows who are really bad people but we can't laugh at them without being chastised for being "too mean" meanwhile those men harrassed an innocent woman off of youtube for posting videos about her hobby. Then they still get the benefit of the doubt for jus joking lulz xDD
That's just the tiptop of the iceberg.

No. 268522

I suspected that too and I also suspect people find women being mean more shocking. Like they didn't think we had it in us. Then instead of realizing that women have a full spectrum of kind to cruel behaviors just like men, they find our behavior WORSE than men's even if it's the same or milder, because they expected better than us! We were supposed to be nice!

No. 268523

>because of the nature of gossip
Yeah, that's probably the reason. CC doesn't feel like this at all, but for mental health reasons I try to avoid lolcow, /pol/, /tv/…

No. 268537

File: 1531711546205.jpeg (40.85 KB, 634x353, E61A622C-C9B2-4DCF-AF5D-A421A4…)

Commenting on videos about super deformed women being “so beautiful<3” is just as bad as commenting how ugly they are, because it’s so obvious that you KNOW they are ugly but you want to pat yourself on the back with karma points. By bringing up and drawing attention to looks when everybody is basically trying to avoid it, you are basically just calling them ugly.

No. 268538

I don't like the trend of equating beauty/ugliness to people we do or don't like in general. Like saying "homophobes are ugly" or whatever. You're still attaching a negative stigma to ugliness which will never become detached from its original meaning of being physically unappealing.

No. 268540

Maybe they're just saying "beautiful" in a broader aspect, taking in consideration the things these people have to go through and how positive they try to be despite being physically so ugly? Everybody knows she's not beautiful in the psysical sense. You're annoyed without reason imo.

No. 268543

Nah anon is pointing out a legitimately annoying phenomenon. "Most people" would like to warp reality to fit their warm cozy feels. If you saw this woman walking down the street you would be concerned because she's 4 feet tall and looks like an ork from LOTR. You wouldn't think, jesus look at how beautiful she is!!! You just wouldn't.

No. 268545

File: 1531713369317.jpg (7.8 KB, 216x234, last ned.jpg)

A woman wanting to be choked/slapped and otherwise dominated and humiliated isn't kinky or original at all and i don't think submissive women and dominant men belong in the "BDSM community" (though i think that whole community is toxic so that should be a good thing lol). It seems like that's the standard and tbh i blame porn for that.

No. 268547

dmc reboot wasn't even that bad

No. 268548

File: 1531713839682.jpg (30.78 KB, 271x377, 272.jpg)

Sims 4 is actually good, it has a much better CAS and house building system than the earlier games, with decent gameplay and i think it recieves an unfair amount of hate. You can't compare it to the sims 2 (the best sims game), it was a complete different time in gaming and it had this one guy working on it (cant remember his name) who resigned before sims 3 i think, but at least compared to sims 3 it's just as good if not better. Though i do agree that they overcharge for basic shit that should have been in the base game to begin with.

No. 268551

I agree with everything you said except that sims 2 was the better game. that is a lie. the original sims had the best expansion packs and quirkiest gameplay.

No. 268555

A lot of people complain that women choose career over family but I think most women would like to be stay at home moms and take care of families. I don't think women choose careers over families I think it is men who just don't want families or to take care of them. The same men bitching about women not wanting to stay at home is the same man who can't even be bothered to work more than part time and gets butt hurt if he has to pay for his dates meal.

No. 268556

I also think a lot of women would be comfortable being stay at home moms if they weren't uncomfortable with the idea of being totally financially dependent on a man and being eventually fucked over.

No. 268558

i blame porn for this too. there's nothing wrong with a woman genuinely enjoying a man being rougher. but i feel like it's become more popular because a lot of younger girls see violent sex gifs on tumblr and girls in trendy bondage chokers on insta and immediately latch onto it as their "kink". yet i'm sure if they weren't exposed to the ~aesthtic they wouldn't care for it. same goes for guys who watch a lot of porn; i've had partners assume that i wanted them so spit on me and yank my hair and shit, and i was just like dude stop. tbh when i was scrolling through the dolly shay + fupapa thread it made me feel really sad and sick.

No. 268563

tbh i think most men would prefer being home with the kids with their partner brining home the bacon as well. it's comfy and "easy" (put in quotation marks because childraising is not easy at all but most people consider it so)

No. 268566

I think almost anyone would prefer to be a stay at home parent, even men deep down. Everyone's fantasy is winning the lottery so they can quit work, and that's basically what marrying a well off person and being supported is. But unless you're fucking retarded you'll know that their support is conditional and easily cut off, and financial dependence is a very bad position to be in.

Most girls I know openly want it and I've met very few ambitious career women. Admittedly that's probably because I don't run in high flying, educated circles, but the fact remains that career women ruining traditional marriage is a fucking boogieman. There are still a massive number of women out there who'd love to stay home and look after kids. Men are delusional about what keeps women from being SAHMs, it's sure as fuck not the desire to work.

No. 268568

When people insist trans women can never pass, I like to make a game of posting pictures and videos of average/above average/attractive cis women and saying shit like "Not all". The person inevitably takes the bait and starts listing off non-existent masculine features and/or insisting on lighting in pic/vid or flattering angles being "dead giveaways".
I'm not even a tranny, I just think transphobes are tryhards. A lot of them talk about being supportive of "real" women, but when you do this, they demonstrate that either their standards for women's natural appearances are batshit insane and just as unrealistic as autogynephiles who are basically trying to become fantasies of women, or they're just very, very dishonest and/or delusional people (again, just like the trannies they hate).

No. 268569

Images are a poor measurement. Meet those average women irl and they will talk, act, sound like women. Meet visually passing trannies irl and there's always something off about them - usually act like flamboyant gay guys because they are.
Most women hate trannies for invading women's spaces and talking over us, ala men throughout the ages. The fact that you have devalued the argument down to looks shows how little you are involved in the issue. Trannies in women's sports, competition, bathrooms, silencing female words for excluding them, and attacking lesbians that deny them and serious problems. Maybe stop wasting time baiting and help push back on them?

No. 268570

>I like to make a game
Being this bored during the summer holidays… poor kid

No. 268572

>implying we're not all bored on Lolcow
Sounds like you fell for this sort of thing and are angry about it. Sad.

No. 268573

Pretty sure some trannies do pass, and anyways it's not the biggest deal about them. I agree that it's dumb to focus on that when there is a mountain a shit wrong with troons right now.

No. 268574

File: 1531724461964.jpeg (194.62 KB, 1362x2048, F0B75229-080D-4D7A-85A8-D4615C…)

I know a lot of women who should just honestly be SAHMs because they are either breaking even on their paycheck having their young children in daycare, or SEVERELY underpaying babysitters and nannys so that they can take home at least %5 of their shitty lowpaying paying.

Its just that a lot of SAHMs dont really try. Its ‘cool’ as a mom to have your house look like shit with laundry everywhere because thats what makes you ‘real’. They want babies but just plop them in front of the TV and let their kids binge watch peppa pig on Netflix instead of doing worthwhile things like taking them outside, maybe enrolling them in a playgroup, teaching them something, etc. They usually dont clean, their kids are always dirty somehow even though they never go outside, and they rarely cook fresh meals. These are also the same people that bitch about how hard it is to stay at home, while also saying they do the work of 20+ jobs combined (“I GAVE MY KID AN ASPIRIN AND A BANDAID THAT MEANS IM BASICALLY A DOCTOR”) This is just my experience of my friends aged 23~26 in the midwest though.

No. 268575

The same response is garnered with videos. They're just in denial, and dedicated to devaluing people they see as "the enemy" at all costs.
>Trannies in women's sports, competition, bathrooms, silencing female words for excluding them, and attacking lesbians that deny them
A lot of trans women are just regular people who hate themselves and want to live their life, not some mass anti-woman terrorist group. Maybe more people would take your side if you focused not on attacking collectives, but individuals and organizations directly threatening women.

No. 268576

Falling for what? TERFism?
It's disgusting that you compare women who are gendercritical to autogynephiles with very harmful fetishes…

No. 268578

>A lot of trans women are just regular people who hate themselves and want to live their life
Aw, poor them
Do you know what would help? Actually visiting a real therapist instead of immediately butchering their bodies.

No. 268579

You do realize therapy and psychiatric evaluation is usually required before HRT, right?
In any case, maybe note the advice and people will actually sympathize and stop seeing you as hateful, spiteful people targeting the mentally ill and disenfranchised.

No. 268582

Plenty of trannies are on HRT without any psychiatric evaluation right now.

No. 268584

No, the game.
>It's disgusting that you compare women who are gendercritical to autogynephiles with very harmful fetishes…
If it quacks like a duck…
It's hard to take someone seriously when they embody similar overbearing behaviors and attitudes as the group they oppose. I don't want to be around predatory sissies and hons, but I also don't want to be around cis women who can't stop blaming the troons for 9/11, and would literally even throw other cis women under the bus for their agenda.

No. 268585

sorry about your autism.

No. 268590

And you called me a poor kid. Summer really is in full swing.

No. 268592

>I also don't want to be around cis women who can't stop blaming the troons for 9/11, and would literally even throw other cis women under the bus for their agenda.
Writing "troons" won't make you look like any less of a handmaiden. Just fuck off.

No. 268593

this is my first post bby. you sound autistic. in fact anyone who is going to act like that probably is.

No. 268596

Ok, stay pissy

No. 268598

Keep proving my point and showing why people don't like you. Anyone who doesn't agree with vapid, incoherent obsession must be a handmaiden. You replied to me, not the other way around, so you can fuck off.

No. 268599

This is one of the only places there you're still allowed to hate on trannies. You could literally go anywhere else and not be the one with the unpopular opnon. Just face it, anybody who likes troons (or is one) is not welcome.

No. 268601

Trans people should go to therapy, and so should you, lmao.

No. 268606

>abloobloobloo why isn't this thread a hugbox!!!

No. 268609

>If I rewrite their comment in all caps I'll look more composed!
What are you doing? You're free to post your unpopular opinion, but as the majority of lolcow hates trannies you're going to get responses.

No. 268610

That's exactly what you're saying by screeching at anyone whose opinion you don't agree with.
Again, seek therapy, kek.

No. 268611

They can be pr.good if they aren't rammed full of food imo

No. 268614

You're free to not like trannies, but as this is an unpopular opinion thread, be aware that you might come across unpopular opinions.

No. 268615

If you are doing a non-political podcast, you need to fucking keep trump talk or whatever out of it because you hust ruin the whole thing by going on ~trump iz literal hitler~ rants when I’m only here to listen to you shit on old ass disney movies or recap episodes of tv shows. It just shits up the podcast when you have to listen to “ugh theres no poc in this show ever!” all the time

No. 268622

File: 1531727899103.jpg (63.24 KB, 1000x1000, blue-jeans.jpg)

Pic related is around the same size of the girl who's had the biggest butt in class. She was bullied relentlessly for it (fake facebook profile, called [insert name]'s ass, and so on). And that was just around 5 years ago.

No. 268624

The gag is, the boys who bullied her probably just did it because they were attracted to her and mad she wouldn't let them have a chance.
The girls were the only ones who probably actually found it bad.

No. 268636


Same. I thought I was the only one who doesn't like beards

No. 268638

I feel zero sympathy for adults with eating disorders. If you're already a grown ass women, but still go "I wish I looked like that" at thinspo or post some pro-ana shit, then you don't serve any better. If less adult women would spam the internet with shit like that, then maybe (pre)teens wouldn't even find such content and get influenced by it.

No. 268639

What if they had an eating disorder since they were younger? What if they're autistic or have some mental disability?

No. 268641

She looks like a caricature lol

No. 268644

I'm obviously talking about the ones who suddenly becme ana in their 20s.

No. 268661

If you think people really develop eating disorders because they saw thinspo pictures online, you are an idiot.
I can't even wrap my head around how stupid this line of thinking is.

No. 268667

Congratulations! Youre a giant piece of shit!

No. 268671

Not get one; but if you already have an ED and then get encouraged to go further by older women on the internet…

Thanks, ana-chan!

No. 268682

File: 1531748197899.jpg (158.28 KB, 800x800, img-4900_orig.jpg)

I hate eyelash extensions. They always look raggedy and unnatural, like a three day old mascara. I don't get why so many people get them done

No. 268686

not to mention how damaging they are to your natural lashes and also your wallet.

No. 268701

Yeah they look slutty

No. 268703

Overeating and thus obesity is an eating disorder too. They don't overeat because they looked at a picture. It's physiological and mental.

No. 268708

I'm sick of opening any random funny post and someone in the comments is like
>We should be thinking about women's rights, immigration and Trump

Wow sorry for taking a short break from immersing myself into every facet of world news to try and enjoy my life for a moment.

It's not even new, sometimes I find a post from 2014 and people are whinging about Obama in the comments (unrelated of course). Or just calling everyone who disagrees with them a republican. Please find deeper and more interesting ways of expressing your opinion, people

Also apologies for mentioning all the above in this thread and thus doing what I h8

No. 268714

I feel you anon. I’m current with the news but ffs I want to just enjoy something without it being linked to fucking politics

No. 268716

I hate how most men act like they need to watch porn. It's become so ingrained in our culture is kind of something that all women just accept their bfs/husbands will be looking at cam girls and porn stars by god forbid a woman lust after some random model or idol while in a relationship.

No. 268719

I agree. It's also why I stopped being openly political on my social media because people have this weird expectation that if you care about something, you need to be talking about it ALL THE TIME or else you don't actually give a fuck or you're not doing enough.
Easier for me to let people think I don't care about politics anymore than be exhausted from feeling pressured to talk about issues all the time and never share the joy in my life as it happens.

No. 268722

File: 1531753627958.jpg (170.68 KB, 997x997, 22637667_470578556648871_45601…)


i agree. on the other hand, i think eyelash lifting is legit. fake eyelashes looked odd on me. and when i considered eyelash extensions, the woman at the salon said my eyelashes were pretty long and that a lift would look better. basically my eyelashases don't curl well and look droopy, but they're fine. tbh i had no idea that i had long lashes till she and my family told me, bc they didn't hold a curl so they didn't look cute to me. so i tried it, thinking it wouldn't make a difference since it wasn't extensions. i now love it and do it for holidays and stuff. they don't look insane. they look like i have big eyelashes but it looks natural and they don't give me strict maintance rules and my eyelashes were fine. here they explain a bit https://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a19409536/what-is-lash-lift/

if any anons out there suffer because their lashes aren't short, they're just frumpy, i recommend it!! i could never do extensions now because i know they would be way too big and fake looking.

No. 268724

exactly. and all of these fucking male defenders come out of the woodwork to defend men against the invisible attack against them by a very very small percentage of women that actually enforce such boundaries. no one is demanding men to stay in relationships where their female partner requires they not watch porn.

being uncomfortable with your partner wanting to fuck other people and doing it regularly is normal and there's nothing wrong with not being okay with it in your relationship. it's all just down to what you personally want, and no one is forcing men to stay in porn-free relationships. i can't stand this "boys will be boys!!" shit and that women are "crazy and insecure", etc.

No. 268728

I vented last year about catching my bf watching camgirls and anons here acted like I was some controlling bitch because I was hurt he was watching that shit while we're not having sex between us, sometimes he watched while I was a room away.
He stopped after I talked to him about it, but holy shit if I had followed anons calling me insecure and shit he'd probably still be doing it. Men shouldn't get away with everything.

No. 268730

I agree with you. How is it not understandable that it's demeaning to your girlfriend to watch porn/camgirls?
Men get so offended when you point out attractive male models and actors but if you're uncomfortable with them watching porn you're a crazy controlling bitch.

No. 268764

File: 1531767623208.jpg (29.27 KB, 300x400, Mel-Gibson-Mullet.jpg)

I unironically dig mullets and wish they'd make a comeback

No. 268769

I don't think they're particularly slutty but deffo cheap and unflattering. Seeing girls with tangled and clumped extensions immediately puts me off

No. 268795

Spoken like someone who knows nothing about eating disorders.

No. 268837

right? i don't get why so many more guys are just not shaving anymore? it almost never looks good. also kissing a guy with a beard is just a bad time. what are the benefits to having a beard, i do not understand.

No. 268844

not having children and not getting married isnt a unfulfilled life

No. 268848

All award shows are shit

inb4 someone accuses me of being a butthurt army. I am a butthurt sza fan, but that's not the only reason why I hate them.

No. 268858

Yes! It’s so strange that people think you HAVE to follow the life script to be happy and have a sense of fulfillment.

No. 268859

tbh i love facial hair on men, especially 30+ guys. but when i say that I mean stubble, goatee, or even just a mustache (IF they can pull it off without looking creepy). beards are revolting, and i especially roll my eyes when i see a beard paired with an undercut.

mullets are hot too. i dig retro looks on men and many male stars of the 80s had pretty flattering haircuts. i think we just have an aversion to mullets because we are used to seeing cherry picked ~awkward photos from the era, so they seem foreign in this day and age.

No. 268861

Beards are fine unless the dude is just unclean.
Mullets are objectively hideous though. They’re so unflattering and so awkward.

No. 268862

guys see their ability to grow a beard as part of their masculine identity thanks to the retarded "every woman loves bearded men meme"

No. 268870

I’m tired of autists screeching about how kids movies have to be masterpieces. Yeah, a lot of kids movies are pure shit and don’t appeal to me as an adult with an actual attention span, but children like what they like. But yes, please go on for 30 minutes about how some direct to dvd disney movie is the worst thing you could ever show your kids.

No. 268871

Chances are he just hopped on a shitty trend thinking he looks manly and viking-esque. It's so fucking annoying because I constantly see guys I'd be into if not for the beard. It's such a small, easy change but you can't really tell someone that unless you're already dating, and even if you did a dude changing his facial hair for a girl would be pretty pathetic.

No. 268958

If you choose to get a liberal arts degree or major in any other worthless fields, you shouldn't complain about being poor and jobless. You made your choice and you have to take responsibility like an adult. You can't complain about salaries someone with a STEM degree gets while you're freelancing commissions on Tumblr. At least become a 3D modeler, an industrial/web designer or something of value. I fucking HATE entitled "artists" who bitch and moan about not getting 60k a year for drawing racebent cartoon character fanart.

And yes, I was an artist myself, then I realized that it's not going to pay the bills and got myself a real job. I salute people like Sakimichan who made an actual, profitable job out of being an online artist but often the ones moaning and bitching the most are the laziest, untalented pieces of garbage. You can be an adult and work a day job while keeping art a hobby.

No. 268960

Sex work is like customer service but 10x worse. Not only do you have to put up with asshole customers but they also get to see you naked. Idk why sex posi bitches would rather be sex workers than work at forever 21.

No. 268962

Amina is more of an entertaining cow than micky and himeka.

No. 268963

>You can't complain about salaries someone with a STEM degree gets
Within the next decade the influx of parents shipping their kids off to STEM schools is going to result in those salaries dropping a shitload

No. 268964

The only thing wrong with "slut shaming" is that most people only do it to women, sometimes women who aren't even sluts

No. 268965

men should be shamed for being slutty. imo promiscuity isn't a good thing, but women aren't shamed for it because they're actually promiscuous, they're usually called sluts when they really aren't slutty at all. MEN are the real sluts.

No. 268967


Pretty much this. I'm in the same situation.

No. 268968

Agree 100%. Most slut shaming is just misogyny under the guise of slut shaming.

No. 268969

What's wrong with being a slut?

No. 268974

you're taking the risk of becoming a serious disease vector. even with protection, it's very possible to catch and transmit something, or multiple things. it's not something to be normalized or trivialized, imo. and the solution isn't to try to achieve parity by women being as promiscuous and impulsive as men and risking your health and other people's health in the attempt to do so. the solution is to shame men for their impulse control problems and lack of foresight.

No. 268977

Because sex workers on IG/Twitter/Tumblr lie out their asses about how empowering and fun their jobs are and impressionable young women think it’s a viable, safe, and fun career, probably.

No. 268983

it's just gross. i wouldn't ever want to be with someone who has had tons of sex partners/one night stands. it gives off the impression that this person has really loose morals when it comes to intimacy. that is just my opinion, though.

No. 268991

File: 1531851711381.jpeg (94.07 KB, 400x612, 7C03F904-95A1-45FC-8BA9-6CB89A…)

whenever I see a guy with a really long scraggly beard I automatically think of Rasputin and how he allegedly never washed and used his beard to wipe food off of his face

No. 268993

this is a great argument tbh. the only time i get irritated by slut shaming is when a girl is called a slut for having sex with one or two guys in the context of a relationship, usually by a /r9k/ type guy who’s still a virgin and intimidated by a woman who’s had more sexual experience than him. not even from sleeping around, just from having a boyfriend or two. being loose is problematic, but not everyone is a permavirgin either.

No. 268995

I feel like it takes a person with a really thick skin to be a sex worker or cam girl. Imagine being a cashier and having to deal with your worst customer and then imagine that customer sticking their dick in you. Sounds awful.

No. 268996

Thin brows > Thick brows.

I think they're cute and feminine. Some people really do look better with thicker eyebrows though, it all comes down to facial features, but generally I prefer slimmer brows.

No. 268997

I was a cam girl when i was 19 and living abroad for a few months. Its so mentally draining, especially when you are freshly 18-19 years old, because of all of the old freaks.

No. 268998

Yeah I tried being a cam girl for a few months and didn't like people randomly insulting me or people trying to get too close. I'd rather work at McDonald's.

No. 269032

Men really do need to be shamed more.

>have sex thrown at them constantly
>can usually manage to fuck guys who are out of their league
>have to put in zero effort to get it
>can get tangible benefits off it (money, work etc)
>spend their whole lives being told that's all they're good for
>STILL far more discerning and less inclined towards casual sex than men
>gets called a slut if they occasionally give in to the neverending hounding from men for sex

>have to put in a lot of effort to get sex
>desperate and will fuck anything
>actively learn about the female psyche to better their chances
>change their lives, hobbies and personalities in order to get women
>attempt to persuade and cajole reluctant women into sleeping with them
>rape and take advantage of women
>never get called sluts

Their logic is always that they have to try harder, so they should get congratulated for managing to have sex. But my logic is that being so fucking obsessed with sex that their whole lives revolve around it makes them the sluts. Sporadically accepting advances because they're thrown in your face constantly and you might experience attraction to some men is nothing in comparison.

No. 269038

This is true.

No. 269095

Most of the people in pro Ana scum bags are ex Ana's and jelly fattys. They' call skinny/average girls fat, bash girls who look out of shape after recovery and mock people for eating too much. They're just as bad as the cows kek

No. 269098

Where's the lie tho

No. 269102

Sites like GG and PULL are filled with obsessive borderline stalkers who are basically just jealous and have nothing better to do with their lives than try to dictate how other people live their lives.

Its one thing to comment on a post just to say “yeah this content is pretty shitty!” But if you spend your free time on instagram obsessively checking their stories just to screencap them and post them to a forum thread, reach out to their family members about how problematic they are, and watch every single one of their youtube vids just to nitpick and write a novel on what they did in a 10 minute vlog…then you need reevaluate your own life.

No. 269104

wheredoyouthinkyouare.jpg, lolcow is the same. Less nitpicky but anyway.

I admit I like reading about cows and flakes sometimes but I almost never check up on them or watch their videos or anything. I'm glad obsessive people exist so I can skim read the entertaining shit with no effort.

No. 269106

sam hyde thread, momokun thread and the pro ana thread are literal fucking cesspools and if it wasn’t for momo sexually harassing people her thread should be in snow and on autosage. the anons in her thread are literally fucking retarded and it’s impossivle to read through.

No. 269113

File: 1531886295552.png (97.21 KB, 259x240, 1531049075254.png)

if you pick a thread picture and its SHIT, and we shame you for picking the shittiest of thread pictures you could have chosen, then you should delete the thread because you are a failure. if you fucked your post, delete, if you fuck your thread, delete. we all should wait for a non retarded anon to start a new and better thread with a GOOD thread picture, good summary and that actually links the old threads correctly. thanks for listening.

No. 269118

thiiiiis. i also hate when people whine about people bitching, stuff like "why didn't you make one then!" bitch, most of the time someone probably was putting more time into one and your shit one got made first cause it was easy.

No. 269126

There's something wrong with you if you desire to have a BMI in the underweight category or if you eat below 1200 calories. And no amount of
>I'm super short
>I have small bones
>I have low muscle mass
>Where I come from this is normal
will change that.
I can't believe that this board is supposed to be 18+, yet there are many anons, who's normal way of eating 'heathy' sounds like something out of a 13-year-old's "my ana" blog. I'm sure that most of the time they actually aren't dumb enough to really eat that little, they just think that for some reason this is something they could 'brag' about on here.

No. 269127

Part of it is laziness and looking for a quick solution. I’ve noticed that there’s something about eating disorders that fuck with peoples perceptions. Like I get they want spoopy bodies, but they all want that in 3 months. Therefore you get stupid diets like the abc diet. If they actually worked out and ate right, they would get bodies that they worked for. Its just weird how their mind fucks it all up for them.

I was once sick and had to deal with loads of vomiting for weeks on end followed by months of other stuff thrown in and didnt pay attention to my eating because it would stir up inflammations. Holy shit that was the worst time of my life. Cant imagine purposely doing that shit to my body just for the weightloss. I just want to take all of the amount of hair loss, fainting in public, and anemia and shove it in the faces of those fake anorexics you see posting online.

No. 269128

They only people who openly complain about catcalling online are all fat unattractive women who never get male attention and only wish they were viewed as sexy.

No. 269131

Semi-agree about Momo, I've been with her threads ever since the very first one and I hate how we get pulses of newfags every now and then who can't shut up about her being fat and le boob veinXDDD like we weren't aware already. Instead of actually reading through threads or lurking for a while people join in and make shit up, basically turning speculation into facts. The reachers are also cringy as shit, they dig way too deep into stalking and interpreting her every move to the tune of "she filmed herself in bikinis at a hotel with kids on the yard, what a fucking pedo!!!!". The backseat mods are the worst though, I've never seen anything as autistic as when they started demanding people to use "[redacted]" instead of "giving Momo advice" i.e. pointing out her mistakes. Like what the fuck kind of special ed did you go to? I don't care if she "gets advice" from /pt/, thank god mods started banning these retards.

However I do think she's absolutely /pt/ material and without doubt the biggest cow since Pixyteri that the cosplay community has ever seen. She's sociopathic, lazy, malicious, paranoid, spoiled, delirious, lying piece of shit. Her threads just get ruined by all the motherfuckers who can't behave themselves, at least we don't get bloggers writing about how much better they are than Mariah like the skin walkers in many other threads.

No. 269136

The ana-chan threads are a fucking mess and they make me nauseous whenever I pass them by while skimming through /snow/. People talking about someone in recovery becoming fat? That's fucking sick. I don't care what kind of a cow it is, calling a recovering ana fat is just way too obsessive and unhealthy.

This. It's macabre to see them gloat about what a glamorous life they lead as a sex worker, then turn around and cry about their depression, daddy issues and anxiety attacks. But of course that has nothing to do with sex work! Being a camgirl is soooo fun and my clients are sooo respectful by calling me a slut and leaving me degrading comments!

No. 269137

exactly. why does that ally girl even have a thread? they mock her for getting fat constantly.

No. 269139


Why would fatties complain about catcalling if it never happens to them? (Unless lo and behold, catcalling is usually meant to degrade any woman no matter how she looks).

Seems more like something women would do to humblebrag about males finding them sexy.

No. 269177


>Men have to put in a lot of effort to get sex

Kinda late, but this is what annoys me the most. Effort usually doesn't matter, in any other circumstance (like school or work or art). People will judge you by the results and only by the results. There shouldn't be an exception for men's sexual life, especially considering that women put effort too (ever heard the phrase "wife material"? there's effort to put to become a good wife too)

No. 269207

Cause women are just expected to maintain themselves and be approachable but the men who simply attempt to approach them no matter what deserves an honorary blowjob for atleast trying!!
Same with husbandry and how everyone will eat a mans ass over doing sub par house work but if a woman keeps a clean home its just expected however if its dirty shes a disorganized hobo but the man just hasnt grown out of his ~bachelor phase~ or some other asinine excuse.

No. 269213

Some people are oversensitive about the word "racist", and it's not because they're virulently anti-racist, but because they don't want to self-reflect too hard.
I read an article about this white online celebrity who used to make blatantly racist jokes/comments about black people in the past, and when confronted about it, he said "They were distasteful, and I'm a different person now, but were they racist? Really??". Like…Yes. That's why they were distasteful. Come out and admit your behavior if you've really changed. Almost all people are guilty of some level of racism, and if things are to change, it needs to be openly acknowledged and criticized. The whole "The only way to fix racism is to stop talking about it" meme is fucking retarded, and just allows racists to never change, while accusing people of "pulling the race card" or "making everything about race" whenever their actions get noticed and called out.

No. 269242

This. Anons also need to stop making threads the second they hit 1100 posts. We have one hundred posts left, no need to rush. Most of the threads they do it to are slow as fuck anyways.

No. 269243

Frozen yogurt is bland and gross

No. 269254

The thing that people refuse to grasp is that racism is a spectrum and that most people are at least a little racist. They think you're calling them Hitler for it every fucking time. Instead of resolving to do better, they try to maintain that THE ONLY RACISTS that exist are vocal neo-nazis and shit. They flip the fuck out if you say they're "kinda racist" or that doing this or that is racist, etc.

No. 269272

Add gummy bears anon.

No. 269279

>They think you're calling them Hitler for it
Does that mean you're telling people that they're racists? And if "most people are at least a little racist", then what gives anybody the right to call another person out for it, if they're one themself?

No. 269294


>then what gives anybody the right to call another person out for it, if they're one themself?

ntayrt, but wouldn't that depend on how much they let the racism/prejudice effect their life?

for example in high school i knew a girl whose mom wouldn't let her be friends with black people. like she was forbidden to interact with them despite going to school with them (the girl still did, just secretly without her mom knowing). compare that to a friend i had whose mom wasn't exactly the biggest fan of black people, but still had no problem letting her child hangout with them (her daughter's best friend was/is black) and still treated them like human beings. surely despite both of these women being prejudice/racist, one is clearly more respectful than the other and has the right to call the other on her bullshit? like >>269254 said racism is a spectrum, some people go way too far in letting their prejudice ideals dictate their actions and they deserve to be called out for it

No. 269336

True, and on the flip side it ALSO doesn't matter if someone enjoys things they don't need to put effort into. Men act like women are at fault if they have sex specifically because it is easy for them, like the fact that it takes no effort alone makes it the wrong thing to do. Their logic is literally 'women are sluts because they don't have to try to get sex, men are studs because they do'. But if you're lucky in certain areas of life, like you have well off parents or something, you aren't a bad person for benefiting off it and you don't have a moral obligation to avoid it.

No. 269380

It's ok to be white and be proud of where you're from. Also there's no reason to import loads of immigrants into the country just because. Maybe it's because I'm in Europe, but I think having a strong national identity isn't a bad thing. Places like Japan are praised for having a nationalist outlook, but white people aren't allowed to be proud of their countries?
Of course someone's going to call me racist for this, I just don't see why globalism is being enforced in white countries but nowhere else.

I love them on other people (especially men or women I'm interested in) but if my nose looked like that I'd look silly.

No. 269383

are you retarded? have you ever heard of imperial japan?

No. 269390

I absolutely agree.
Yesterday I saw this video: Korea is flipping their shit (petition of nearly 1 million) because there are 500(!) refugees - and surprise, everybody in the comments is totally understanding.
>Their cultures are just too different etc
But when over 1.5 million within a single year came to Germany and somebody dared to voice just tiny complaint, they were 'literally Hitler' again…

No. 269391

Yeah and? Are you? I wasn't talking about the past, I'm talking about today. Almost every country has a bloody history of some sort, if they've ever been in a war.

The Japanese are still allowed to be proud of their national identity, so I don't see the point you're trying to make.
Anyway this is the unpopular opinions thread, so I don't know why you're so shocked.

No. 269393

…When has anyone ever been yelled at for saying something like "I love being Italian" or "I love being Swedish"? When you say "national pride", are you using it as a euphemism for something else?

No. 269395

maybe because you don't know what you're talking about. sorry

No. 269396

NTA but
>then what gives anybody the right to call another person out for it, if they're one themself?
Because there's a difference between not feeling safe if you're alone with a big black guy as a woman, versus screeching online about how entire races are subhuman animals who need to be lynched. It's like >>269294 said.

No. 269398

I think the "being white and proud" concept gets bad rep because of America. I am very proud about where I'm from - the culture, language and folklore (I'm an Euroanon).
I think people online tend to forget the whole world is not USA.

No. 269400

Imagine being mad that someone has an unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 269401

File: 1531951143619.gif (3.27 MB, 450x253, VagueWhirlwindAss-size_restric…)

You're not allowed to be proud in Europe either

No. 269403

because there's a difference between being proud of where you're from and ethnic nationalism

No. 269405

Care to explain?

No. 269406

It seems like American white people are usually Euromutts who are completely divorced from any real white (European) culture, so they just unite around skin color, and apologism for a blood-soaked history. They somehow can't just say "I'm okay with being white, I like it" without adding "And FUCK non-white subhumans! Kill them all!" on top. No one would be mad if they just had, I don't know, meetups where they wear dirndls, dress up as pilgrims and get excited over traditional Norse mythology. Instead they get swastika tattoos, lmao.
Somehow, the bulk of other races and a large chunk of Europe can manage to focus on just being happy with their culture and keep others' names out their mouths, but not Americans. They really do fuck it up for everyone.

No. 269408

learn about how nationalism kills

No. 269411

So, waving your country's flag after getting elected is murder? kek

No. 269412

>thinking it's appropriate to tie your image as the nation's leader with your political party's celebrations at an election win
This is some Burger level thinking.

No. 269413

In what European country is it "not allowed" to wave a country's flag? Why are you playing dumb? Are you even European, or just some bitter American insisting all white people ever have your fucked up issues?

No. 269415

I posted the gif and you said
>because there's a difference between being proud of where you're from and ethnic nationalism
So I asked for an explaination, since I don't see how the flag thing is wrong or nationalistic.
And then you said
>learn about how nationalism kills

No. 269416

I'm not the same anon. That gif doesn't prove it's illegal or not allowed. Nice job dodging the question, though.

No. 269417

literally no one cares about a gif

No. 269418

How am dodging the question?
The person who responded to me made it sound as of what Merkel did was the right thing - which I disagree on. So I asked, what's so wrong about it and then she immediately pulled up the nationalism kills thing.

No. 269419

>How am dodging the question?
Are you even European, or just some bitter American insisting all white people ever have your fucked up issues?
inb4 "I'm from the European countryside"

No. 269420

>CDU is Germany

No. 269421

Yes, I am.
What fucked up issues do I have according to you? Liking flags?

No. 269422

google tells me that waving the german flag could be a display of nationalism. what's confusing about this?

No. 269423

Where are you from, anon?

No. 269427

File: 1531953754058.jpg (220.94 KB, 1300x955, pressione-atmosferica-sbandier…)

shit, time to make a few arrests i guess

No. 269433


I'm from Germany and this is definitely tricky. People are normally okay with it as long as it's the World Cup, but when you hang the German flag out of your window or wave it randomly on the street without any big event, people MIGHT think that you are far right. The reason is that Germany still hasn't worked through the whole WW2 trauma.

No. 269437

But that incident with Merkel was a bigger event, so it would have been totally okay.
Besides, every other country does too.

No. 269452

no one said anything about it being illegal, dumbass

No. 269469

You must be naive as hell if you don’t think Europe has nazis/skinheads/white supremacists/etc.

No. 269489

germany is never going to get over that.

No. 269491

I don't understand the popularity of drinking and alcohol. Thought I would understand in my twenties and I still don't get why its apparently so fun. Why drink something that messes with your ability to think clearly and has the potential to make you feel horrible the next day? I get drinking in small quantities for social lubrication, but.. why is being sloppy and wasted so great? Can't wrap my head around it.

No. 269502


i can't wrap my head around it because i'm dirt poor and i cannot imagine spending money on alcohol regularly. i've tried it, its fine, but spending money to build tolerance and start liking it… money that i could spend on my meals….. money that i need for my bus fares and therapy…. wasting it in a night of fun? yeah its a no for me dawg.

No. 269507

For a lot of people it makes them feel calm and in a good mood and be able to relax.

No. 269508

Most people don't actively like being sloppy/wasted. It's more often that you're very tipsy and it feels great so in your drunken stupidity you think drinking even more will make you feel even more great, when in actuality you just accidentally get blackout/unpleasantly drunk.

I like being tipsy but I fucking hate being stoned these days. I don't know what happened. I used to like it and smoke every day but something happened and now all it does is make me terrified, down on myself, sad, anxious, cold, and asthmatic if it doens't give me a full blown panic attack. I keep trying it once in a while thinking maybe it'll be different this time, but I always end up watching the clock hoping it'll be over soon.

No. 269510

File: 1531969653067.png (78.75 KB, 500x370, 5M15IDk.png)

This anon has it >>269507.
I'm a functioning alcoholic. I know I'm basically killing myself off with my lifestyle, but it's the only way I can tolerate my current situation. The amount of stress is so fucking high that I would probably do some serious harm to myself if I couldn't take the edge off. Thank god I don't do drugs, because I can see how easily someone could just fall into that trap. Booze is just a socially acceptable drug.

No. 269514

>They somehow can't just say "I'm okay with being white, I like it" without adding "And FUCK non-white subhumans! Kill them all!" on top. No one would be mad if they just had, I don't know, meetups where they wear dirndls, dress up as pilgrims and get excited over traditional Norse mythology. Instead they get swastika tattoos, lmao.
I agree 100%.

No. 269515

I feel for you anon, I don;t drink as much anymore but when I had to live a very high stress life I resorted to day drinking and all sorts of bad habits. its a gross feeling to be like that tbh

No. 269516

It does, but they're not the only fucking people who fit in the "proud to be white" umbrella, unlike in the US. "Normal" European people generally enjoy being white and appreciate their respective cultures without sperging out at literally everyone else, but Americans somehow can't figure that out. That's why no one likes this "white pride" shit, because they mess it up every time, not because "everyone hates whitey and wants white ppl to feel guilty >:(".

No. 269518

I think part of this is because in liberal areas of the country, white guilt is the norm and even saying something like "I like being white" or having a festival for your European culture would be considered a form of white supremacy and racism. It's difficult to publicly stand up for yourself without being massively misunderstood, so you're left with a huge number of white people falling over themselves to apologize and make sure everyone knows they have 0 white pride of any kind, and a small number of stubborn white people who get turned on to stormfront or similar, and because doing so makes you a social pariah, they get more and more extreme because the only people they can talk about cultural pride with are other social pariahs and actual racists.

No. 269519

No. 269521

It really is. I wish I wasn't this way, but I've tried being sober with everything going on and it just made me an angry person. I should just get away from it all, but it's hard since there's too much involved.

No. 269523

I really, really don't think a country run, mostly populated by and owned by white people has white guilt as the norm. I've never seen a white person get yelled at for getting hype over St. Patrick's Day, for example. Any kind of anti European pride rhetoric like that only happened after the spread of actual white supremacy, the KKK, etc, not before.
You kind of make it sound like Neo-Nazis only exist because somehow the much lower in number, not as socially powerful chunk of the population (eg non-white people) magically bullied white people and now they're like this, but that sounds pretty far-fetched.

No. 269524

>having a festival for your European culture would be considered a form of white supremacy and racism.

I live in the most liberal state in the US and we have tons of European cultural festivals every year. Idk where it is that people would find something like this necessarily racist.

Though, I get what you’re saying.

No. 269525

Anon what are you talking about. Even super lefties don't get bothered by things like Oktoberfest or Greek festivals. I'm from an American immigrant family and I don't really get white guilt as a thing but white people aren't persecuted either.

No. 269528

I hope things get better for you.. I know what you mean about feeling angry, I used to think I was always just one more bad thing happening away from completely breaking down, and drinking really took the edge off

No. 269529

You sound like you have no idea how racial politics actually work in America. Sure there are some idiot white Americans who spreg out on not having a white history month or whatever but there are a lot who are proud of being Italian/Irish/German/whatever without taking it to white supremacist levels. Europe and America both have their fair share of dumbasses and rational people. It’s not as black and white as you’re making it out to be.

No. 269531

>there are a lot who are proud of being Italian/Irish/German/whatever without taking it to white supremacist levels.
There's a reason why those people don't call it "white pride" unless they're actually racist, though.

No. 269538

If you're so insecure and jealous that you need to control every major aspect of you partner's life, you need to stay single and work on yourself before entering any relationship.

No. 269541

File: 1531980468543.png (510.5 KB, 821x463, 8AC1E550-F24B-4273-8CA3-AEC486…)

I hate how people in the makeup community act like you’re fucking satan himself if you use a brand with a limited shade range. If you dont like a brand dont use it, simple as that. But degrading and bycotting beauty youtubers for using it is stupid.

Also, we stfu about foundation shades? I feel like with every release these days the first thing people knitpick about are the shade options. You can always buy pigmentation to mix into a foundation to make it customizable to your own shade.

No. 269542

I think not eating at all is easier than eating 1200 calories a day to lose weight

No. 269543

>>there are a lot who are proud of being Italian/Irish/German/whatever
And that's what pisses most Europeans off. You can't be proud of something you aren't.

No. 269544

what is a 1st or 2nd generation immigrant?

No. 269547

I think it's ok for white people to have pride in their race. The real reason why people have a problem with white people expressing their pride is usually it's paired with hating someone else and putting others down. They can't simply just say "white features and blue eyes are beautiful", it always has to be something like "white features are beautiful that is why nigger apes aren't human and brown eyes look like poop". If white people could just learn that having pride in their race doesn't mean making everyone else feel like crap then no one would care. It isn't that people expect whites to feel guilty and hate themselves it's just they don't know how to express pride without being a hater.

No. 269548

I honestly have never witnessed anybody doing this irl.

No. 269549

this doesn't usually happen, it's usually POCs getting triggered when someone implies something is nice, that is a white feature or when someone talks about their own features that they dislike that also happen to be POC features.

No. 269550

But you have to admit that most "white pride" folks are usually the type who can't speak highly of white people without putting others down. They want to be able to talk shit about everyone else and no one can talk shit about them. They think not being able to treat anyone they want like shit means they're being oppressed.

No. 269551

There is no reason to go around saying you're proud to be white or black, it's just dumb and weird. You didn't do anything to be born this way.

No. 269553

I have never in my life seen someone get angry if someone says "I love blue eyes". European features are the most desired in the west, I hear people talking about how much they love white skin and light eyes all the time, I even hear poc saying it. Literally no one gives a shit about white people having pride, it's just they don't know how to have pride without being batshit crazy.

No. 269554

I remember a popular tumblr post way back about a "White people problems" comic where the artist expresses irritation with getting sunburnt so easy

Immediately turned into the goddamn oppression olympics with people calling racism towards POC and how dark people have it soooooo much harder

one of the most exasperating things id ever seen on that website

No. 269555

Exactly. There was the same discussion in another thread and I got called onision for telling them what the definition of pride is.

No. 269557

what is race without racism? racism created race unless you believe in scientific racism or that racism has roots in biology.

No. 269569

The people who do this remind me of the ones who say shit like ‘well there’s starving people in Africa’ or ‘well some people are living in a cardboard box’ in response to anyone being sad about something. You could tell them you’re depressed after a traumatic miscarriage and they’d just scoff and tell you about some lady they know who had ten so you aren’t allowed to be anything other than chipper about it.

Just totally invalidating someone’s suffering because someone out there has it worse.

No. 269571

I only tasted beer a few times and no matter the brand or flavor it all tastes like fucked up medicine, for obvious reasons. Then again, the disgusting smell makes it obvious how it's going to taste. I don't get how people actually like it in general, regardless of whether they want to get drunk.

No. 269579

Have you tried it? Not being condescending, but it's a pretty distinctly pleasant feeling as long as you don't get sick. I hate the process of drinking (that much expensive, bad tasting liquid in my system is horrible), but getting drunk has been enjoyed by humanity forever for good reason. The lack of inhibition, everything being funnier than usual, being more sociable and confident, etc. It's not worth it for me in the end so I rarely ever drink, but I often wish I could be drunk without the drinking part.

No. 269587

I hate polyamory.

No. 269609

I can't stand seeing black people be K-pop fans. The entire country essentially hates black people whilst ripping off their music because they literally can't make anything original without borrowing from either Japan, Europe or the US. The gag is their music isn't even innovative, well-written or good. Most of them literally just take recycled pop songs American artists didn't want. They all look the same, get the same surgery, and are "trained" since childhood by the same soulless companies. No creativity or true artistry. There isn't much to like.
The type of black person who stans these generic bands always seems happy to accept blatant hatred and disrespect toward them, both from pop stars and normal Korean people. They make endless excuses for their "oppas" being blatantly racist, and it makes me sad/grosses me out. Self-hatred is depressing.
I'd even say being a weeaboo is better. Japan can be racist, too, but they're not nearly as disgustingly rude about it as Korea (also, Japanese people actually create their own aesthetics, fashion, music genres and content, lmao).

No. 269612

I'm black and I use to like Kpop. I'm not really into it anymore because id feel retarded stanning kids who are like 10 years younger than me and the music is just boring now. I don't care about the racism because it's not like rap/hiphop isn't any less racist towards black women(probably even more). I really don't care if Koreans are racist towards black people, everyone is racist towards black people and everyone prefers light skin, Koreans are just honest about it I guess. If I stopped consuming media because the majority of the people are racist towards towards black people I wouldn't consume any media at all lol

No. 269613

this isnt an unpopular opinion, more sane adults realise that polyamory is retarded.

No. 269617

I don't think many women really enjoy bdsm and all that "muh daddy" shit, I think the majority of women into that stuff just want to be not like other girls but are too stupid/boring to do it any other way other than sex.

No. 269622

Daddy issues (as in real abuse) are quite common from what I see, but I agree that most girls aren't "really" into the kink

No. 269626

File: 1532006195843.jpg (15.51 KB, 570x325, blackface11.jpg)

Nah, not everyone is as shitty as Koreans (and light skin is generally preferred, but not to that extent. Notice how so many rich westerners purposely darken their skin, plump up their lips/asses, etc to look more "exotic"?). They just have a heavy inferiority complex that they take out on the same black people they mindlessly copy. Everyone is racist, but racism is a spectrum. Case in point, visit Japan and visit Korea. The treatment is fucking worlds apart, because Japanese people actually have some degree of manners. And at least in the US and some parts of Europe, there are black female artists, models, musicians and general creators flourishing in spite of racism (and colorism) existing. That could never happen in Korea, even if 13% of their population were to be black, because their entire culture is just backward.
These people pull shit like pic related (which would never pass in the west), refuse to let black people into clubs but allow other foreigners, happily put up "No black people (because ebola)" signs on restaurants, and outright spit on/steal from/scream at black people in public, but then screech because one (1) rapper said "Smoke got my eyes looking Korean" and start calling us "chimpanzees", "niggers", etc in "retaliation".
Not even the most annoying white "culture vultures" in the west are as blatantly racist as Koreans.

No. 269628

The only reason why anyone likes kpop is because the idols are hot/cute and do a lot of fanservice, no one really cares about all that shit.


No. 269634

I guess that's subjective, they literally all look similar and have the same plastic surgery look, except some are more botched than others.
>no one cares
Uh, except when they go full damage control to defend oppa calling people darkies. See: the K-pop threads now lmao

No. 269635

Maybe not in nationality but ethnically they are. Sure some Americans can get fucking obnoxious about it but I don’t know why Europeans care so much, especially since it usually doesn’t directly affect them aside from some annoyance. Everyone knows there’s a major difference between a person from Ireland and a American who is of Irish decent.

No. 269638

Kpop is just fun because it is cute/happy. Idols are just objects and they know it. No one really sees them as people. Japanese idols have done black face and made fun of dark skin too. Black people should be able to enjoy Kpop too but they should also be realistic and not think Korea is going to be some fairy tale land and that they can become idols as well(this applies to white fans too).They should just enjoy idols as cute and fun entertainment when they're bored. As a black person there really is no form of media you can go to to avoid racism, especially as a black women. Ya go to look at movies for black people?oh all the main female black characters are mixed!, want to get into hophop culture?oh all the men hate black women and blame them for everything. Kpop is just care free, sometimes a person just wants to listen to some retarded 16 year old sing songs about love and not think too deeply into it. I don't think Korea or idols being racist sometimes is a good reason for black people not to listen to Kpop.

No. 269639

>Uh, except when they go full damage control to defend oppa calling people darkies.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Generally speaking, no1curr about raycist shit in kpop unless they're pretending to for an ulterior motive at this point. I'm assuming you are too considering this post: >>269626 and the way you followed your rant about it with "literally all asians look the same." kekeke

No. 269640

Who said all Asians look the same? All K-pop idols look the same, because they get the exact same surgical procedures, probably from the same handful of surgeons and follow the same facial templates.
Your favorite pop star thinks you're a fat, ugly ape. Whiteknighting them is embarrassing, pls stop.

No. 269641

Hum most celebrities would think I'm fat and ugly. You think Beyoncé or Ariana grande would hangout with me and wouldn't think I'm ugly/fat?lol. Going by your logic I shouldn't like anything because the person might not find me attractive, which is stupid.

No. 269642

No, but at least those two have a certain degree of talent and individuality, and they won't gleefully shit on you out in the open. It's cringy to accept literally anything because "Uhh they're cute".

No. 269643

If you say so, nonnie. Until they call me a fat, ugly ape to my face, I'm going to continue to not give a fuck. Your sjw tripe is embarrassing.

No. 269644

It's funny you say that, considering black koreaboos are the biggest SJWs alive. Hope your yellow fever gets cured, sis.

No. 269645

…If you say so, nonnie. Hope you remember to pick up your xanax prescription tomorrow, sis.

No. 269646

Xanax? Sounds like you're projecting now. I'm not the one who has to make essays of excuses on why white people are terrible but oppa didn't mean to call you a slave. Keep on keeping on.

No. 269647

Most idols haven't really done anything besides make racist jokes and make fun of dark skin and black people do this to each other….have you ever been around black people and seen how racist/colorist we are towards are each other?Yes I know oppa would never fuck me or find me attractive but I don't care kek only a crazy person would think they have a chance with fucking anyone famous.

No. 269648

Um… The only one who's written any essays on raycism ITT is you. Where in my posts did I ree about le white devils or try to justify an idol using racial slurs?

No. 269649

It seems like you're following this "It's okay for others to do it to us if we do it to ourselves [as a result of internalized racism]" logic, and it just doesn't work. It's still heinous when other black people do it, and it doesn't make it okay coming from others.
It's not a matter of finding you attractive, it's a matter of respecting your humanity as a fan and supporter, which none of them ever seem to do. Even Beyonce gives back to her fans sometimes.

No. 269650

Literally everyone has seen hypocritical black kpop stans go on about how [x] white person is bad for [y], but try to find ways to rationalize Koreans doing worse because "POC solidarity" or whatever, lol. There's no point in pretending it doesn't exist, just give it up, "nonnie".

No. 269651

Many corporations supported slavery, didn't let black people come into their establishments…I guess I'll stop eating at Denny's, I guess I'll just live in a cave because everyone has been racist at some point. Almost every black celebrity has said something racist towards black people at some point or shown preference for lighter skin, especially the males. Would you have a problem with me listening to Kanye west?whats the difference between listening to some racist as black singer or a racist ass Korean one? Everyone always tries to shame lack people out of doing certain things because "omg they were racist!". News flash black people are easy targets and most groups hate us.

No. 269652

I'm not doing it and I never denied that people like that exist, so why are you telling me this? Are just grasping at straws because you want to get the last word?

No. 269653

Did you read my post at all? Denny's isn't doing that anymore, and that's the difference. Them doing it in the past doesn't make it okay if a Korean restaurant literally, openly bans black people in 2018. You're not reaching Korea from a time machine, anon. They know what they're doing, there's no justifying it, and it's gross.
>Would you have a problem with me listening to Kanye west?
Kanye West fans are usually retarded, and so are other black people who just tolerate black celebrities being racist against the same people who uplifted them. So, probably.
>whats the difference between listening to some racist as black singer or a racist ass Korean one?
If they're both fucking racist, none. I don't get why you're making these false double standards.

No. 269654

>dennys isn't doing that anymore
And not all idols make racist/colorist comments. You're saying black people should stop listening to Kpop because some of them were racist. For one idol that has said something racist there are 100s of them who never have. Why can't I just listen to the ones who haven't?

No. 269655

>I never denied that
>…If you say so, nonnie.
Alrighty, then.
>Are just grasping at straws because you want to get the last word?
Again, you're projecting. Feel free to respond with another faux-snarky post about xanax if you'd like, I can tell this is important to you.

No. 269660

>not all idols make racist/colorist comments
Too many of them do, go unchecked and get whiteknighted. Stan culture is like an endless stream of whiteknighting and apologism for disgusting behavior that wouldn't fly if literally anyone else did it, and it's sickening. No one should have to put up with being attacked and even defend it, especially when all that's being offered is mediocre, derivative pop dreck.
>Why can't I just listen to the ones who haven't?
All my posts thus far have been specifically targeted at the obviously shitty, racist ones who copy black culture, bring nothing to the table and shit on actual black people (including the "normal" Korean people who do that).

No. 269668

>Americans would never get away with that!

There are plenty of American celebrities who made racist comments and it didn't ruin their careers and they have tons of fans there to white knight them anytime it is mentioned…because the thing is most people don't actually care about racism unless it effects them. Kpop idols aren't checked because most of their fans are Koreans, why would Koreans care about someone making dark skin jokes or making fun of black people?theyd care if someone was trash talking Koreans because that is just how humans are.

No. 269673

Do you honestly think all or even most black people who enjoy kpop act exactly the same way? Take your #woke chimping back to black twitter where it belongs, you're shitting up the thread.

No. 269674

The issue is that the black fans are the main ones defending them.

No. 269678

Your entire fandom is black Twitter. Stop the projection and fuck off back there to squeal about BTS or whatever the fuck. Using terms like "chimping" when you've already admitted to being a braindead kpop stan who probably unironically uses "#woke" won't make you look less Tumblr.

No. 269687

You're throwing around the term "projection" an awful lot, but it seems like the only one actually doing it is you, my nigger. You can call me tumblr all you want, but I'm not the one bitching about imaginary racism and stupid jokes.

>Your entire fandom is black Twitter

What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not even a fan of bts, retard lmao

Unpopular opinion to stay on topic: (most) blacktivists are retarded

No. 269689

>I used the nigger word! Am I no longer SJW yet? I'm fitting in so well! I swear!
You tried, and I'm not "yours" (lmao). I'm using the term "projection" because I call it as I see it.
>What the fuck are you talking about?
Do you have dementia? Reread the conversation, I'm not holding your hand.
>I-I-I-I don't even like BTS
No1curr, all these shitty pop groups are the same. Hence, "or whatever the fuck".
Unpopular opinion: Not all black people have to be coons like you who would drag themselves through glass to suck the shit out of yellow assholes. Go cry about it on your Twitter some more, it's obvious you have one.

No. 269694

Quick question: how am I an sjw? Also, how can one be an sjw and a coon at the same time? You're pretty shit at arguing.

>Reread the conversation, I'm not holding your hand.

?? What? You didn't explain your conspiracy theory about how all armies are "woke" black people in any of your posts?

>Anyone who doesn't spend every waking moment obsessing over (potential) racism is a coon

This is what makes blacktivists so retarded.

No. 269700

>Quick question: how am I an sjw? Also, how can one be an sjw and a coon at the same time? You're pretty shit at arguing.
Easy: Be a koreaboo who thinks their tasteless objects of obsession can do no wrong, but screeches at everyone else. It's understandable that you wouldn't see this, that'd make you too self-aware to continue being a stan.
You haven't made a single argument thus far, just projected your mental illness, called people "nonnie" like a classic black #woke #savage Tumblrina and yelled at people for thinking black koreaboos are cringy.
That's how literally all koreaboos are, and you've already admitted to being one of them.
>c-conspiracy theory
You seriously can't read?
>I'm not doing it and I never denied that people like that exist,
But now I guess you are denying it. All the K-pop must have rotted your brain cells.
>This is what makes blacktivists so retarded.
>If I greentext my strawman, I can pretend it's what the other person said!
I'm glad to not be this stupid. Point out where I said anything about "potential" or "imaginary" racism. You think calling people chimps and niggers is an appropriate response to them thinking your embarrassing hobbies are, well, embarrassing. You don't need to be a "blacktivist" to see it, either. Even white koreaboos find you people annoying and cringy. Only a self-hating retard stans for people who literally hate them. Hence, coon.

No. 269710

>Be a koreaboo who thinks their tasteless objects of obsession can do no wrong, but screeches at everyone else
I have literally never done either of those things

>You haven't made a single argument thus far

Kind of good point, actually. All I originally said was I didn't care about baseless claims of racism against idols or idols making racist jokes and neither do a lot of black k-pop fans, then you started flinging shit at me.

>You just projected your mental illness, called people "nonnie" like a classic black #woke #savage Tumblrina and yelled at people for thinking black koreaboos are cringy.


>But now I guess you are denying it

You guessed wrong. Some people do, but they aren't majority. Why on earth would most or even a significant minority of k-pop fans be black?

>Point out where I said anything about "potential" or "imaginary" racism

You did here: >>269640 and both of these posts are full of it: >>269609 >>269626

Here's an example of you preteding like literally every korean/idol ever is raycist!!1! in this same post
>Even white koreaboos find you people annoying and cringy. Only a self-hating retard stans for people who literally hate them. Hence, coon.

>You think calling people chimps and niggers is an appropriate response to them thinking your embarrassing hobbies are, well, embarrassing

I called you a chimp and a nigger because you literally are a chimping nigger, dude lol. I don't know what to tell you.

No. 269712

>I have literally never done either of those things
All your posts ITT have been nothing but incoherent screeching. Take your own advice and get your Xanax.
>Good point, actually. All I originally said was I didn't care about baseless claims of racism against idols or idols making racist jokes and then you started flinging shit at me.
You seem to care a lot, and you're the one who's been crying and flinging shit all this time. This isn't a hugbox, it's an unpopular opinions thread.
>You guessed wrong.
But I didn't. You literally denied it until I jogged your memory, and now you're moving the goalposts to "W-Well, some do….Not all!". Pathetic.
>Why on earth would most or even a significant minority of k-pop fans be black?
When did I say this? This is why I'm asking if you have dementia. You literally imagine shit.
>Here's an example of you preteding like literally every korean/idol ever is raycist!!1! in this same post
Quote exactly where I said "All Korean idols are racist". Your sperging and strawmanning doesn't count as proof, even if it works for you on Tumblr.
>I called you a chimp and a nigger because you literally are a chimping nigger, dude lol. I don't know what to tell you.
For thinking your yellow fever and anger at anyone who rightfully looks down on it is fucking embarrassing? Yeah, alright. Doesn't sound like projection at all. You literally chimped out at me for thinking you're cringy, lmao. I'd hate to see how insane you must be on your social media accounts if you're this unhinged on anon.

No. 269713

oh my fucking god, you really are shit at arguing. this is a mess, i'm tapping out.

No. 269716

>You said [x], you chimping nigger!
>Where? And why are you flinging insults?
>OMG you are literally so shit at arguing!!!1 I'm out >:(
Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, "my nigger". Yellow fever is a hell of a drug. Should've just kept your psychosis on Twitter/Tumblr where it belongs from the start.
Now maybe the thread will get back on track.

No. 269718

File: 1532019544569.png (267.52 KB, 1391x1920, 2018-07-19-11-56-34-1.png)

how many more times are you going to rewrite this lame post? really need to make that last word count, huh, spergy?

No. 269723

>i'm tapping out
>but not before i sperg out more and screencap to prove that this person used the delete post function to finish their thought! REKT
You really are psychotic, lmao. You just demonstrated how autistic you really are by obsessing this hard (one more edit for you, since I know how much it triggers you). Do you need the last word that badly?

No. 269771

The K-pop threads here have made me hate Korea. North, South, they're just two sides of the same shitty coin. I've never seen a more culturally vacant society with a bigger superiority complex. They call all other races ugly yet they run to the surgeon to shave their whole face. Their sense of nationalism is way too strong for a country that has contributed literally nothing to the world. I don't want K-pop to get any bigger because I don't want to give them any more reason to gloat, because it doesn't mean anything to them that their music is bought and stolen from the West, they still think it's a national treasure. I don't want to hate them so maybe I need a break from reading those threads, idk.

No. 269772

And they copy Japan on top of that

No. 269790

I think you do need a break. nobody really gives that much of a fuck about korea outside of fans of their media and the fact that their pop music is all they're known for is a testament to that.

No. 269792

South Korean culture shocks me, honestly. I don't "hate" an entire country, but I do think their social and work culture is toxic as fuck. There's a reason why people kill themselves at record pace.
Not an unpopular opinion though.

Actual unpopular opinion: Kpop is garbage both in terms of music and how the idols are treated.

No. 269823

/pt/ and /snow/ lost their appeal since people started interacting with the cows. Alot of the threads have a weird vibe now imo

No. 269829

sarah is still uglier than lainey. and don't get me wrong, lainey is ugly, but anons pretending sarah got hot are delusional. fucking gingerbeck was better looking than sarah, and beck got torn to shreds because of her looks.

No. 269851

They won't get bigger because
1. Theyre Asian which means people won't take them seriously
2. Engrish
3. Americans don't like boy bands and girlgroupsnthat much

No. 269853

/pt/ has been unbearable to me for about a year or so now. I think it's because of all the underage anons in the onion thread leaking out. I had to dip when they started writing fanfiction about him.

No. 269864

People who vehemently hate k-pop are just as obnoxious and cringey as k-pop fans, even more so on this site

No. 269866

as if people who hate kpop are trending shit on twitter everyday and getting vogue to write thinkpieces on why its shit

No. 269877

I think because it's a fandom that revolves around real people instead of characters or whatever, people (especially here, on a website dedicated to following cows) are more likely to get "invested" in hating it.

No. 269880

How I Met Your Mother is a better show than Friends.

No. 269895

holy shit yes. I agree. it's gotten so beyond ridiculous now. I think it's awesome that brands are coming out with more shades but it's absolutely unnecessary to boycott brands or youtubers because there aren't 100 different shades with 20 different undertones available in every release.

Related unpopular opinion:
People who demand Korean make up brands to come out with the same shade range as American/western brands are retarded. Korea isn't nearly as racially diverse as the US so it wouldn't make sense for the brands at all.

Fair-skinned people who complain about not being able to find a shade match in foundation - stop. There are TONS of options and if you still can't find anything, use a white pigment to mix in, they are available at the damn drugstore. It doesn't work the same way with darkening shades because the undertone might get completely messed up.

No. 269898

Cheating is understandable and forgivable in some situations.

No. 269906

Huh. Why not just break up with the person if committing is too inconvenient?

No. 269908

File: 1532087533778.jpg (8.91 KB, 236x236, bait.jpg)

No. 269909

I understand people cheating because they're in a deadbedroom situation but don't want to leave because they wish to save their marriage one day and / or have kids with their partners.

No. 269915

Sorry, but no. If you have a dead bedroom and it's so hard on you that you feel you need to cheat instead of just buying sex toys like a normal person, you need to let go of that relationship or talk to your partner about opening it.

No. 269920

Cheating is okay if your boyfriend is rich and giving you a great lifestyle that you don't want to miss.

No. 269922

You're not wrong.

No. 269923

>t. one of the anons who's been shitting up /ot/ with anti k-pop sperging in every thread

No. 269927

NAYRT, but there's definitely lots of people on this board who can't stand you shitposting your generic bands all over. You couldn't even let the reaction image thread go free. You have entire forums just for your autism and two designated threads here, can't you just keep it there? No one is opposed to anyone telling K-pop posters to fuck off except K-pop posters themselves, so it's not even sperging at this point.

No. 269931

The reaction thread is the only one people were shitposting in, and it was on topic. In every other thread on the site (including this one) it's always started by a triggered anti sperg.

>No one is opposed to anyone telling K-pop posters to fuck off except K-pop posters themselves

Speak for yourself, I'm sick of seeing essays about how evil kpop and korea is outside of the anti kpop thread.

No. 269933

I fucking hate Rick and Morty and if I could eliminate an entire fan base it would be the Rick and Morty fan base.

No. 269934

Where exactly has any anti K-pop "sperging" without K-pop fags starting it with their own sperging happened outside of this, the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 269935

Where exactly has any anti K-pop "sperging" without K-pop fags starting it with their own sperging happened outside of this, the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 269936

This and also I wish what has become of the cancerous GoT fanbase would die in a mass extinction.

No. 269938

The pull thread, the vent thread, the stupid questions thread, etc. the anti spergs are also the ones still at it in the reaction thread. Where exactly have kpop fags started it outside of the reaction images thread, where they were posting reaction images? The anti threads have way more posters than the kpop general does, it's no surprise they're leaking out.

This. I fucking hate everything reddit beta males enjoy.

No. 269943

The PULL thread is just laughing at koreaboo users, I don't see any sperging there. Also checked the stupid questions and vent thread, there was nothing except "PULL users are swagless and they like kpop", and nothing in the vent thread but some anon's little sister looking at k-pop thinspo and it worrying her, a k-pop fan saying they're getting a bad body image from k-pop, and like two anons neutrally questioning the k-pop/asian obsession on this board.
It sounds like you're just against anyone saying anything bad about K-pop or koreaboos (and maybe PULL). Try another site, I guess.

No. 269945

No. 269946

Kanye fanboys are more delusional than any other fan base, but get overlooked because they’re male.

No. 269947

Yeah, right. Anyways, this thread is the worst about it. It's hardly even an unpopular opinion since most people are indifferent to it at best outside of korea.

>It sounds like you're just against anyone saying anything bad about K-pop or koreaboos (and maybe PULL)

I'm not, chill. I'm just against seeing it outside of its containment thread. It's getting annoying.

No. 269948

I believe anachan should get bans just like male users do. They derail /g threads with thinspo and then infighting, they have the need to state that they’re anachan in /snow, they nitpick to the point of derailing threads on every board. And it’s obvious they’re here because mpa died, so I’d love to see them banned. Like any user, if they can’t integrate, they should be shown the door.

No. 269949

>Yeah, right.
??? If you disagree, maybe post some counter-evidence. It really does seem like you're just mad that people on Lolcow aren't into K-pop, or even hate it. No one else cares that much.
Even the anti K-pop is mostly fans giving updates on bands/artists they listen to but don't like the aesthetic or personalities of, kek.

No. 269959

File: 1532101594387.gif (2.93 MB, 480x242, C3839E5F-271F-41A0-A3E1-B8FF95…)

No. 269969


i don't agree that it should lead to banning in g and ot, since i think those boards are fair grounds to tell random shit about your life, but

>they have the need to state that they’re anachan in /snow/

FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT TOO! NO ONE FUCKING CARES!! every fucking cow is2g gets at least one comment that's like "well, i had an ED when i was 2 years old, and as an expert on the subject, i think cow has (or doesn't have) an ED. we are not allowed to judge her shitty behavior, cause i have an ED, and i struggle with my relationship with food and i have it really bad, okay…. so we should have a hugbox now for cow cause ED's are serious business guys <3 let's stop talking about the things i don't like talking about, we should only discuss the things i find interesting. so yeah. i had an ED!"… please don't contribute to the threads ever again.

No. 270013

This is really an unpopular opinion but I don’t think eugenics would necessarily be bad thing. Not like ugly people getting sterilized, but if we could eradicate genes that make people mentally handicapped it would not be a bad thing. People with down’s and autistics breeding disgusts me.

No. 270016

I think that secretly a lot of people think it wouldn’t be so bad. Could you imagine a world without autism?

No. 270024

I'd feel the same if the people who actually wanted it weren't dumb (like you guys) You realize autism doesn't have a genetic link at all, so there's no way to determine who would have autistic children. Not to mention autists don't actually have a higher chance of producing children with autism.

Ffs, atleast know what you're talking about.

No. 270028

I think it's hard to enforce because most adults with those genes getting pregnant aren't developmentally deficient themselves (they're just carriers), so they don't want to be told their babies will not be normal, and I doubt you could equally force them to abort.

It's not fair and I feel for those people, but I also understand that it's not fair to bring in babies who are destined to physically and mentally suffer.
Not sure about autism though, it truly is a spectrum and most people turn out fine. Whereas Downs is debilitating.

No. 270050

Autisim is caused by having children with old men. Eugenics won't do shit, you just have to remind men that their junk goes bad just like ours does and remind women with low self esteem and older men fetishes that they should fuck men their own age.

No. 270059

the gender critical threads have made me into a TERF. i was pretty neutral towards trans people but now i cannot fucking stand mtf. ftm are still alright in my eyes, probably because i havent seen as much stupid shit from them (aside from transtrenders, but for the most part those are just dumb kids in high school)

No. 270060

You’re dumb as fuck, anon. That’s Down syndrome.

Same. I spent the past few days slowly reading through the gender critical subreddit after reading the gc threads here over time

No. 270061

Are you really calling people 'dumb as fuck' when you haven't bothered to google what I'm talking about? Do you actually think downs is the ONLY problem that can arise from advanced age parents?

>Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. Autism rates were 28 percent higher when dads were in their 40s versus 20s.
>The higher risk associated with fathers over 50 is consistent with the idea that genetic mutations in sperm increase with a man’s age and that these mutations can contribute to the development of autism.

No. 270062

alright then, let's sterilize old men. problem solved.

No. 270068

yes please

No. 270089

this past year or so i've seen anons get into petty fights and call anons dykes. and i don't think calling people that is the same as calling out ana chans, fatties, etc, cause some bitches just gay, and its not like those others insults where people call you that if you shit a thread. anons just call each other dykes for no reason now. most users are female anyway so we are bound to have a lot of lesbians here, and i don't think its something funny or even worth mentioning. unlike insulting someone for being spergy, obviously anachan, etc where you derail the thread and shit, calling anons dykes just feels completely uncalled for everytime to me. why do you care if anons are fucking women anyway. anyways, i've notices the typying pattern is usually similar so its probably the same bitch calling people dykes anyway

No. 270092

I hate when fat/dumpy/ugly girls take pics or vlogs with their face super close and unflattering. Tons of cows/flakes seem to do this and it's just so gross and cringe. You can tell they do it because cute and quirky girls do it, but cute girls still look cute, albeit goofy, when they do. Ugly fatties do not.

No. 270110

Same. Before I used to think "do whatever you want, it doesn't affect me so what do I care," didn't know any trans people irl, and believed they were victims of religious/conservative bigotry. I honestly didn't think much about them at all before going through those threads. It really opened my eyes to how fucked up the concept of transgenderism actually is.

It's infuriating that after all the progression feminism has made, men now feel entitled to women's-only spaces, wearing our gender like a costume, and then claim that they're more oppressed. Their autogynephilia and obsession with passing as teenage girls is disgusting. I think what pisses me off the most though is the erasure of women's anatomy as I am very passionate about women's reproductive rights. Them claiming things like the pussy hats worn at protests were exclusive, fetishizing menstruation, reducing women to terms like uterus-owner, ignoring biology to say "some women have penises," and being more concerned about getting their penises turned inside out than being denied an abortion, birth control, etc., are all examples of transwomen deliberately shutting down issues genuine women face. My sympathy for them is gone, their plight is self-inflicted and infinitesimal compared to other minorities.

No. 270128

i think adults should be allowed to kill themselves if they want to, for pretty much any reason.

No. 270129

Imo men like so with victim complexes over made up matter deserved to be choked and punched, they're so annoying how they insist they're oppressed and all men should mgtow, same men glorify the 50s where this supposed "hypergamy and trading up" was even more common, also a fucking presentation just to scream about evil wominnins? Pathetic, I'm surprised more women arent WGTOWing from how god damn annoying, bitchy, spoilt and delusional these "men" are

No. 270130

I support this.

No. 270134

Their obsession with hypergamy is so bizarre. If women are hypergamous, what does it make their desire for exclusive access to the vag and womb of any and all women they want, and their expectation that literally all women strive to cater to their tastes? To use an exaggerated example, a hypergamous woman wants to be with a king. A man wants to be the king, own a harem of underage virgin breeding sows with no rights, and conquer other kingdoms to take all their women to add to the harem. How the fuck did they become so convinced that a woman wanting a high value man is so evil? They want high value women too, but in far greater quantities and for their own personal use. They just have more trouble getting what they want than women do, because there is heavy competition when you want every attractive woman for yourself.

No. 270137

>How the fuck did they become so convinced that a woman wanting a high value man is so evil? They want high value women too, but in far greater quantities and for their own personal use. They just have more trouble getting what they want than women do, because there is heavy competition when you want every attractive woman for yourself.

I've noticed this to
Millions of men expect all women to be virgins begging for their dick = perfectly fine and its actually the evil womens fault for having such high standards! Men deserve all the pussy they want for being born men!!

Sadly, chances are, they'll never have a drop of self awareness or see their own hypocrisy, they'll just keep living in their male oppression fantasies where because 1 or 2 women wanted to fuck chads, men are oppressed but men are entitled to all the women they want for being born male by chance

No. 270146

>don't marry down
Good advice, for men and women,marriage is a forever type thing for most people unless you rather spend tons on divorce,better to choose someone you know you can be with, for a long time anyway, but just like if you marry someone you've only been with for a few months. Don't be shocked when it ends badly, and don't expect perfect pure virgin with hentai body baby face wives who do nothing but cook, clean and pop out babies all day and somehow never age and funnel daddys money into your account and wonder why you can't get married

>women reserve the right to change their mind at anytime

That's right except it applies for both genders, no one is obligated to stay in a relationship that makes them miserable, some of these men will treat their SOs like complete shit and sit around scratching their heads and screaming about female privilege when women decide to leave, guess negging and all that horseshit didn't grant them magical powers like they thought
>men are the disposable sex
This is what I don't get. Never in my life have I saw a woman divorce a man for getting a serious illness, meanwhile men pull that shit all the time, breaking up with women for getting mastectomies when they had breast cancer, breaking up with women for having PCOS or reproductive issues, these same men always scream about hitting the wall, first they mock women for having careers then cry gold digger when women can't support themselves, if men work hard jobs they get asspatted and told they deserve the world to suck their dick, if a woman does they get the "LOL U STUPID UGLY BITCH U WANTED EQUALITY HERE IT IS U STUPID UNBEARABLE CUNT GET BEAT UP LIKE MEN OR GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS" shit, their hypocrisy is astounding, I WISH men were the disposable gender, they're so god damn caught up in the lie of MGTOW they'll never even acknowledge men now have it easier than ever but cry male oppression any chance they get, a bunch of god damn pussy crybabies

No. 270239

File: 1532192029865.png (143.14 KB, 800x1000, 1481949407972.png)

>be disgusting manipulative scrot
>systemically deprive women of economic independence to maintain sexual leverage
>why wamen go after monay???

No. 270638

Why do some anons act so cunty? We get it, this is a gossip board, but you aren't a 'bad tough bitch' because you frequent here.

No. 270660

Imagine standing unashamedly in front of that screen. Like how is this even something to bother making a presentation about. Maybe if they focused on being a good friend and companion to women they wouldn't have to worry about impressing them in other ways. We are social beings. We're even mostly nice when we're anonymous, see: this board. Friendship and intelligence is worth more than your paycheck.

No. 270670

They're just sociopaths who refuse to hide it, so instead of blaming the fact they do nothing but cry about women all day and claim all women are these horrible picky whores, they rather just insist they're not getting women because they're not rich chads, and another thing is that a lot of them expect beautiful women to drop everything and serve them and wonder where all the good women gone(ironic consider they claim thats what women they dont like will say in the future)

Even trailer park dudes get laid, and by who? Other trailer park girls, hood dudes get laid by hood girls, these men probably work at mcdonalds and expect Victoria secret models

No. 270697

Wish WGTOW was more vocal. Less women on the dating scene, more women not giving a fuck about men and living their own happy lives.
But men will just whine and scream louder about revoking womens rights just so they'll have a wife to hate for being so useless.

No. 270701

I think because most women like that aren't bitter towards men. They just don't want relationship, their confidence is too low to try to and get a bf or they were sexually abused. They aren't "forever alone" to be spiteful to men which is why we don't hear about it much. There are plenty of women who are like this but they aren't angry at men.

No. 270713

I really don't understand why people have a problem with affirmative action. They claim it is a bad thing because unqualified people will get jobs in certain feilds. Ok let's say there's a black woman who gets into medical school because of her race and gender, she still has to pass her exams and do well in her classes and she's not going to get hired at a hospital just because she's black.

People against affirmative action act like hood rats off the street who can't read or write will be working as their doctor lol…uh no the person still has to be educated. Uneducated white men just use affirmative action as an excuse to explain why they're failures…"omg all the niggers and women are taking my spot in university because of affirmative action!". Sorry hunny even without those niggers and women around you still would be a failure. Also, people seem to forget why affirmative action exists, not to give a free pass to minorities but because schools literally would not let anyone who wasn't a white male go to school so they had to be forced to do it.

No. 270714

Instead of bitching everywhere about annoying threads you don't like just fucking hide them.

No. 270715

And don't announce that you're hiding it lol

No. 270718

most of the people i know who complain about affirmative action aren't even white males though, they are east and south asians who think they don't get anything because they're "too smart"

i personally don't like affirmative action, for race or gender. and not just because i think it's unfair to other races (or men), but because it undermines the hard work someone of a benefited minority actually puts into getting into a good college. for example, a black or hispanic student (and/or female) could bust their ass to have straights A's, SAT/ACT scores through the roof, and and extensive resume, but some average to slightly above average person is still going to bitch about how they benefited from AA.

also i hate it when someone who can benefit from AA tells people they don't want to apply to a certain school, or want to do something else besides college, and the response they get is "oh well you're (insert minority here) so you could probably get in without even trying! i'm (insert here) and admissions would look past me, unlike YOU" lol honestly it just makes people act so bitter.

>also, people seem to forget why affirmative action exists, not to give a free pass to minorities but because schools literally would not let anyone who wasn't a white male go to school so they had to be forced to do it.

this is true and was necessary at one point in time. i don't know why it's still around though, i wish that college apps were blind and only considered academic merits. but whatever.

oh and please don't guillotine me for saying any of this.

No. 270722

Yeah, I'm insecure about affirmative action for the same reason. If anything it makes minorities look like fucking idiots who can't do it on our own, it's like a backhanded compliment. I'd like to achieve things based on my own merit and hard work rather than be a poor widdle brown woman who needed help from white men to succeed.

I believe equality of opportunity is the way to go with this. Maybe have campaigns to encourage enrollment to certain groups (STEM for women, etc.), but if they won't bite then just accept it. Lowering the bar just makes the general population see us as even more incapable.

No. 270731

I honestly and wholeheartedly believe a significant minority of this imageboard are composed of roleplaying men, this includes tranny infiltrators.

I'm alway second-guessing way too many posts here because of that.

No. 270740

>i'd like to achieve things based on my own merit and hard work rather than be a poor widdle brown woman who needed help from white men to succeed.
you've got a good head on your shoulders, anon.

i'm not brown i'm white but i completely understand what you're saying. i literally got into the closest state school i could with like a 50% acceptance rate. some of my black and latina classmates, on the other hand, got into noteworthy schools and programs because they really kicked ass in high school (especially compared to me haha). i'd never pull the affirmative action card on them, ever.

and on the topic of campaigns, there are already a lot of programs pushing STEM on women it seems. even kid's shows and toys are doing that. my ex was in a honors program for STEM majors at his uni, and the cohort that came after his was like 75% women.


i second all of this anon. i also went to a wealthy suburban school where 99% of students went off to college, regardless of their race. i don't even think the people i went to school with realize how good we had it compared to most of our state or even the country. i also think poor, rural whites are an overlooked group when it comes to this topic.

No. 270743

Nah, we get away with talking way too much shit about men and trannies. They would NOT be able to resist arguing 24/7, they're too fragile to ignore it.

No. 270744

I lurk on their boards for anthropological reasons and you'd be surprised about how much they know about us from lurking and RP'ing as well.

No. 270746

I'm intrigued, can you expand more on that? I always try to lurk male boards and it's funny for a few minutes until it's too depressing.

No. 270747

There is at least one scrote thread commenting on our activities as we speak. I'm not going to dignify them with a shoutout.

No. 270761

i know everyone hates him but i have a guilty pleasure for watching jeffree star’s youtube videos and snapchat stories. i used to be completely turned off by him. his dogs and his bf are so cute and idk i just like seeing their happy little family thing every morning when jeffree posts snaps of them. recently he’s seemed so much more positive than i remember. it’s a nice change and i think it probably has something to do with him switching up his friends to more stable and self-sufficient people.

maybe it’s all bullshit and 100% for the cameras but honestly i don’t care. he’s out here every morning telling his audience to let go of negativity and take a minute to breathe. as cheesy and generic as it is, he still does it every day and i get the sense he actually does care about the wellbeing of his loved ones. it’s just kinda nice.

sage for no1curr (inb4 i’m called a whiteknight, i posted this here bc it doesn’t belong in the beauty guru thread)

No. 270769

>because schools literally would not let anyone who wasn't a white male go to school so they had to be forced to do it
No, it's bullshit.

Without affirmative action we would have plenty of minorities going to med school. They just wouldn't be the ones that white people care about. (Asians) It's supposed to be about equity or whatever.

Look at the University of California system which was forced to get rid of affirmative action. There are still plenty of minorities. Except I met a girl who had the gall to complain that her school had no PoC except it was majority Asian.

Being discriminated against for university selection is hardly the end of the world. But imo if universities want to practice affirmative action, they should be willing to cut more white applicants instead of punishing Asian ones. As it stands Asian people have to get higher SAT scores and a higher GPA to get into college compared to white people.

No. 270774


out of all the people to hatewatch, he's so fucking boring. i'd take a mess like trisha paytas anyway.

only """so woke""" types hate him anyway, he's super popular because teenage girls love being faghags. guy is not special in any way tbh, people out there really have never talked to a basic gay man before

No. 270886

If you’re a stay at home mom and your house is filthy with laundry piles everywhere and your kids are lagging behind in learning and development, you are just lazy. Period.

A lot of it is just excuses too. Your kid makes a mess? Teach them to clean up. Your kid bringing his toys out is not an excuse for the dishes that have been untouched for days, the laundry on the floor, and your crusted hardwood floors that you haven’t wiped down since before you even had kids.

And I’m sick of seeing kids living off macaroni and cheese with chicken nugget diets because poor little johnny wont eat anything else. Give your kid some nutrition. A kid will eat when they are hungry.

No. 270889

>jelly fattys
Sorry, the only people calling anorexic girls fat are anorexics and ""recovered"" anorexic farmers.
Nobody with a sound mind, not even fatties, wish for the mental and physical hell that is anorexia.

No. 270909

Imo this isn't unpopular, just not something people say out loud because nobody wants to discredit stay at home moms as a whole bc many people would dogpile the criticism and extrapolate that even the very committed and organized moms are lazy too for not having jobs.

Imo I think having a stay at home mother is best for a child's development and I'm very much willing to support it as long as the mother isn't a lazy bitch. Unfortunately, the bum mothers give a bad reputation for them all and demand to be respected as equally for not doing shit in comparison.

No. 270911

I generally don't like stay at home moms just because I've seen so many of this type. I wonder how they don't get bored of being lazy as they literally have nothing else to do.

No. 271034

my guess for these specific types would be that they’re not bored because instead of taking proper care of their kids, they’re busy peddling younique or lularoe on facebook

yeah, he is pretty boring drama-wise these days. i know teen girls love him, but that’s not my age group so i don’t really know of anyone in my friend circle who watches him (and admits it i guess?) he isn’t that special but he is entertaining

No. 271046

it's popular because it makes (most) people happier and creates more enjoyable social situations. it releases endorphins. dont play dumb. there's a reason humans have been getting drunk for ages.

No. 271050

imo being controlled by your genitatia will never be understandable

No. 271052

lots of women are technically wgtow (the "spinster" title is not a new thing), we just dont spew vitriol at men constantly so we're not notived.

No. 271059

Lol, my friend’s mom was like this. She would do drugs instead of housework and mothering. She didn’t even cook for her kids. She made the older siblings do it.

She still thinks she was a good mom, btw.

No. 271090

I don't think being fat necessarily makes someone unnatractive, I see plenty of cute chubby girls everywhere, if their hair is done, they have nice makeup and dress well I think they can look very beautiful. I honestly think face is 95% of what makes someone attractive.

No. 271092


i mean sure but its almost universal that a 6/10 chubby could easily turn to a 10/10 if they got fit or skinny. its not so much that they're all hideous, some overweight or chubby people look fine (obese are all uggos though imo). but theres always that "they'd be hotter if they lost weight" which is true most of the time, and that people always point out.

No. 271230

File: 1532417019939.png (104.15 KB, 460x678, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.22…)

lesbians who say shit like this deserve to get hate crimed

No. 271235

Welp, found myself looking at baby clothes and furniture, yet again, watching cute baby videos, making a cute family with me, my bf and future kids on sims yet again, reading cute parenting stories, babying my dog, reading to her, etc etc, I was thinking about buying a reborn doll so i dont look like a freak in public if i were to take it out

I hate myself, I want to be a mom so badly but I can't, we need to make a living and finish school and whatnot until we're financially stable, and Im wayy to young and poor to bring another life into the world

Anons how do I deal with these nesting instincts? Should I buy a baby doll or apply at a nursery or something? Or am I just hysterical?

No. 271242

Get a hobby, ideally one expensive and/or time consuming enough that you start to dread having to give it up for the sake of a kid

No. 271243

Start babysitting actual infants. I get those feelings too, but ever since watching my brothers kids (3 year old and 5 month old) its kind of set aside those feelings to more of a “I can wait a bit longer to actually prepare for this shit and raise them right”. But my brothers house is a shithole and his kids are miles away from how I’d like mine to turn out, so you’ll probably need a similar situation.

Also try picking up knitting/sewing/crocheting since the pieces can take long to make right and perfect, and it will pretty much take care of the nesting feeling if you just make baby stuff.

No. 271245

Bisexuals who complain about being oppressed or act like they are need to be dragged by a semi for a couple of miles until they realise its the most represented sexuality and the ratio of characters is like 1 gay character to 30 bi ones. Erasure isn't a thing just bc one cunt in hs told you 'omg u cant decide' when you peaked.

No. 271257

Having a boyfriend is unironically being a gender traitor.

No. 271274

I'm ashamed of being bisexual myself because of retards who whine about erasure while simultaniously calling themselves "gay af".
Erasure is about the pettiest thing to complain about anyway.
Most bis are only romantically involved with the other sex anyway so they have nothing to be oppressed about… Even those who face oppression do so bexause of their attraction to the same sex and not because they like both.
And I want to punch those who deny our considerable privilege over gay people or even dare to whine about "monosexual privilege".

No. 271288

The problem about being bi is less about representation erasure and more about hostility from the rest of the gay/lesbian community. Too many will still consider you straight, expect you to cheat or won't even touch you because you've touched the opposite sex before.

No. 271298

This, I think it's fair to say bisexuals don't face the same kind of oppression that lesbians or gay men do, but they do face a lot of other hurdles. There's a stigma about bisexuals being whores, men often want to engage in threesomes or don't take the relationship seriously, women don't want to date girls who have been in heterosexual relationships, they get accused of cheating/wanting to cheat by partners of both genders. They're not as bad off by any means, but they're not treated like heterosexuals either.

No. 271309

>won't even touch you because you've touched the opposite sex before
I honestly don't see anything wrong with this

No. 271321

this is just as gross as guys who sperg about wanting a pure, untouched virgin

No. 271330

this. it just reads bitter and cringy.

No. 271431

this whole "daddy" trend makes my skin crawl I wish people would stop using that word.

No. 271439

its like a scourge, its everywhere. it makes my skin crawl. i really hope this isnt an unpopular opinion

No. 271442

I just found out that there’s people who are mad about other people having trypophobia because it’s not in the dsm.

It’s so dumb to be mad about some people having a visceral reaction to shit like lotus seed pods. Maybe I’m biased because I get the reaction, but of all the things to get in a shit mood over, a few hundred people have picked this.

No. 271443

My lesbian friends are the only ones to ever give shit about being bi and with a man.
Hasbian is their go-to, because they insist that ‘no you chose to be straight after dating girls you’re a fake lesbian quitter’

Straight people either assume it’s slutty or fake, lesbians sneer and deny your sexuality exists (whilst aggressively ignoring the irony)

No. 271445

I've never been mad about it and this is probably the most thought I've put into it, but it is kinda silly that apparently soo many people on the internet are trypophobic. It seems like a trend people bandwagon on and then use an 'official' name to sound more legit, being grossed out by certain weird looking things isn't a big deal.

No. 271458

If you say so. Daily reminder that bisexual women are 8x more likely to carry stds than lesbian women.

No. 271469

that's only because they're 8x more likely to have sex at all.

No. 271482



dude i find those things gross as hell sure, but i would absolutely not use it as a personality trait or claim it as a mental illness LMAO what kinda tumblr shit. this is like someone afraid of spiders getting mad that their arachnophobia isn't being taking seriously. DUDE almost no one likes spiders no one cares you're not special or quirky.

No. 271484

I definitely think people make way too big a deal out of it, like the people who say they have it but also follow a subreddit specifically to expose themselves to things that cause the revulsion. People treat it like it’s a big deal when really it’s just ‘nah closeups of beehives give me the heebie-jeebies’
It’s sort of nice to know that other people experience it because it’s a relief to find out it’s normal. The people who make it a meme are weird tho.

I’d never heard this statistic before. Could you link to the source? I’m curious if it’s specific to one country or an international figure.

No. 271485

phobias aren't mental illnesses you nut.

No. 271487

Trypophobia isn't a mental illness but agoraphobia is. Certain phobias are because they're considered panic disorders.

No. 271488

the lesbians on this site are cunts. most lesbians are, actually. i'd rather hang out with the most flaming misogynistic gay man than listen to a lesbian whine about how straight women are gender traitors for sleeping with men.

No. 271490

Nobody’s here claiming it’s akin to a personality disorder or defending the meme. I’m not even saying it belongs in the dsm, just that people scream and stamp their feet over it not being real because it’s not listed there. You’re making so many assumptions here it’s a little alarming.

Just saying it’s weird to get mad that some people shudder over holey things.

No. 271491

Political lesbians are the most retarded people after incels imo.

Denying your own sexuality and performing sexually to please your community as a act of feminism. That’s hilarious.

No. 271492

OK june

No. 271493

tinfoil: the man-hate and tranny hate seeping into every thread is just the same few cunty lesbians on the site.

No. 271494

isn't trypophobia an internet phenomenon? i think a lot of people were persuaded into having it, if that makes any sense. i put it in the same category as tumblr triggers, as in it's something that makes people uncomfortable but is not a genuine phobia. i say this as someone who probably got brainwashed into having it by one of those "DO YOU HAVE TRYPOPHOBIA?" videos.

No. 271496

Basically, I actually have a few real phobias claustrophobia and acrophobia and they are not just feeling icky or uncomfortable, they are fucking debilitating.

No. 271497

I went to my lesbian friend's house some time ago and they put a playlist with only female artists on

They really are getting out of hand

No. 271501

Wow, how horrific. /s

That isn't even notable or odd. You lot are super whiny, damn

No. 271508

Bi women are gender traitors too according to them. I'd rather be a handmaid than an ironbox like them IMO

No. 271509

As much as I hate to generalize, I’ve noticed that a lot of lesbians have this really aggressive demeanor that puts me off. Especially when it comes to speaking.

No. 271512


No. 271513

i used to follow a lesbian irl acquaintance on tumblr but had to unfollow because she kept reblogging and posting horrible shit about straight women and how fake and homophobic we all are. it just came off as exceptionally petty, like she'd been rejected by one too many of them and then developed a superiority complex to cope with the embarrassment.

i absolutely pity lesbians for having to deal with psycho transbians, though.

No. 271515

I’m the original trypophobia anon; I think it’s not a real phobia, just a popular name for a strong revulsion reaction. I wouldn’t ever class it in the same category as agoraphobia or other phobias that have an impact on day to day living.

Sorry for the blog but I’ve had the reaction since I was little and have always associated the texture as something full of parasites, and while it’s absolutely not a mental illness or actual phobia it’s an interesting phenomenon. It’s been blown way out of proportion, online it’s a mountain when irl it’s a molehill.

It’s weird to aggressively deny it could possibly exist and it’s weird to make it a part of your personality or general conversation.

Sorry anon but June isn’t the only person in the world to think forcing oneself to act like a lesbian becaus they started thinking heterosexuality is a meme invented by society and not y’know, part of how we reproduce.

Idc about actual lesbians or people who dislike men. It’s a whole different kettle of fish to force a sexual identity you don’t have to gain the approval of a community.

No. 271517

It is. They don't even want to hear male artists anymore, there was a collab song with Nicky Minaj and some rapper and they cut his part immediatly saying 'ew the disgusting guy is gonna sing now'. It's just ridiculous.

No. 271519

They try to act like men, that's why. I know a lesbian who burps and acts like a pig all the time.

No. 271523

Eh, if it’s the song she did with that 69 guy it makes sense. He’s a child molester so it’s disgusting that anyone works with him.

If they’re mad about him being a guy and not about being a piece of shit it’s really petty of them.

No. 271525

The most rabid man-hating lesbian I know gets treated like complete garbage by her lesbian love interests, but she won't stop talking shit about the relationships of hetero women who are 10x happier than her.

Like the girl you love makes fun of your race and tells you that you could never be as pretty as a white girl and you're here saying hetero and bi women are disgusting for dating men.

No. 271531

I wish it was legally possible to sue/fine a spouse for cheating. The closest thing I know of is alienation of affection laws, but those seem to target the third party lover rather than the cheating spouse.

No. 271533

Honestly I kind of think it's refreshing to hang out with those types, it's so rare to see women who just completely reject the concept of "femininity". Some do go a bit too far though.

No. 271540

you can add an infidelity clause to your post or prenup. i know they're legally sound in the US, but not sure where else.

No. 271546

People in the west are so use to everyone being obese that they think anyone who weighs less than 200 lbs is anorexic or has aids. I'm 109 lbs and that's actually a healthy weight for my height and my step mother keeps telling people I have a disease because I'm so thin and she even has my younger siblings frightened of me….it doesn't help that I shaved all my hair off which probably makes me look even more sick. My uncle died from hiv and she keeps telling people I got hiv from him(does she even know how hiv is spread?).Seriously fat people need to fuck off and stop trying to shove their body type down everyone's throats. I seriously feel no sympathy for the fat hogs.

No. 271548


My opinion is that you cannot claim to support women's rights and LGBT rights and respect Islam in its current state at the same time

No. 271549

It's mainly amerifat tbh. Literally 38% of their adult population is obese, it's absolutely insane and completely skew their standards of what is fat and what is a normal weight.

No. 271550

I've seen amerifats saying girls who are like 150 are tiny and need to gain weight.

No. 271551

"I have a shit family so everyone who lives in a certain area are obese"
Uh anon…
Im 120 and can relate however, I'm not gonna take the "blame the west" approach, especially since there's definitely eating disorder issues here too (don't american college students get mocked for the uwu vegan yoga fitness uwu thing?)

I think it has to do with fat fetishism

No. 271552

This, thats also why they think women who don't have H tits or bigger are flat, or if their asses aren't the size of a bean bag chair they have no ass, or the ones that lie to themselves claiming its more fertile they're morbidly obese

I miss the days when people like healthy propotional women

No. 271555

>Self-reported viral STD rates were significantly higher among bisexual women (15.0% to 17.2%) than among lesbians (2.3% to 6.7%)

No. 271556

thisss. another thing that pisses me off is when anons call anyone who recognizes fat for what it is anachan. see: the celebricow thread right now. if demi lovato is thin i look like i survived a famine

No. 271557

In America of you have the ability to move without the use of a wheel chair then you aren't considered fat

No. 271558

I think there is a spectrum when it comes to weight that a lot of people here fail to take to account. Sure, Demi Lovato isn’t thin but I wouldn’t call her a fatass either. Chubby might a more appropriate term for her.

No. 271559

Absolutely nowhere in this thread did people call demi thin unless they were referring to when she starved herself. Do you think that there's only thin, fat and no inbetween? I'm not even American or western and don't consider her fat

This, imo anachans who think any woman who isn't thin are fat are just like fattychans who think anyone who isn't fat, is anorexic
Get a grip

No. 271560

She's clearly bigger than what should be her ideal weight, that makes her fat.

No. 271561

I disagree with the fetishism tbh. It seems to be more related to the general populations weight going steadily up. If the majority of the population is twenty kilos overweight or more, and you’re raised seeing mostly these overweight people as a normal size, healthy people probably do look very thin.

If you never knew that it’s normal to see some ribs you’d probably find it alarming.

The body positivity thing has just kind of aggregated these skewed perceptions, added in a bunch of ‘you’re so beautiful and perfect and everyone’s jealous’ and now it’s turned into this club that admonishes any interest in health as severe anorexia and applauds shamelessness.

Most fat people aren’t part of the movement but the very insecure loud ones are and they have taken it upon themselves to speak for all fat people.

No. 271563

And how much is muscle? And how much (supposedly) overweight she is? Fat is referred to people who are obese and have high fat %, being a few pounds about the "ideal weight" isn't fat, you're really delusional if you think anyone who isn't at or below their ideal weight is fat no other factors given

No. 271564

Not fat is referring to people having excess flesh / fat which she definitely have.

No. 271565

>If you never knew that it’s normal to see some ribs

It's not. Get help ana-chan.

No. 271566

32 inch waist chan brag right here.

You think the bottom two ribs being just visible is anorexia? Sorry you’ve never seen women with a healthy bmi.

No. 271567

You're not supposed to put fat on your ribcage wtf seriously. It's very unhealthy.

No. 271568

I'm 130 and my ribs are visible

No. 271569

It's hard to tell, to me at least since her texture looks similar to what athletic but big girls look like, like a combo of muscle and fat, if she somehow lost a lot of muscle she wouldnt look at big, vice versa with fat

>mfw users here think seeing ribs are healthy and anyone who disagrees is fat

I need a break, please please never go in the medical career field

No. 271570

Some people do have bigger ribcages and they will show at a healthy weight. However if you think ribcage showing is a standard for healthy weight you are mentally ill.

No. 271573

It's not standard for a healthy weight, it depend of people's bone structure but it's also not the hallmark of anorexia.

No. 271576

Well yeah but its not usual to see people with huge rib cages, and you certainly shouldn't be claiming anyone who doesn't think its normal "have never seen anyone with a healthy bmi", or that its dangerously unhealthy to have fat on your ribcage(???)

No. 271578

If you have fat on your ribcage and stomach you're at higher risk of developing heart disease, having a stroke and plenty of other health problems, it's well know anon.

No. 271579

having a layer of fat on your ribcage that's thick enough to hide your ribs doesn't = having visceral fat

No. 271580

Everyone, even healthy people, have fat on their ribcage, you probably do to, if you have EXCESSIVE fat on your ribcage and stomach you are, but just having fat is healthy and it is actually unhealthy and puts you at risk if you don't have fat, please take an anatomy course

No. 271581

but I thought you said bisexuals weren't whores. what is the truth?

also, you do know how much higher mens std rates are than womens, right? this excuse makes no sense.

No. 271583

File: 1532500372033.jpeg (24.07 KB, 313x470, 9572AECB-10B0-46B5-BBEB-920B75…)

Lmao okay then doctor. Thanks for the diagnosis, and again, sorry you’ve never seen someone with less than 40 pounds of body fat.

Healthy people do not have fat deposits on their ribs. It’s a thin wall of muscle. Nobody is saying every rib should be visible or you’re a fatty, just that it’s pretty normal to see a general outline of the floating ribs.

If pic related, which perfectly illustrates my point, is anorexic, I’ll eat the queen.

No. 271586

The anorexic sperg from the plastic surgery thread is back
What gets me is that, the person even said that there are cases where ribs will show at the healthy weight but you keep insisting they're just a fatty who thinks everyone is anorexic

You literally just repeated their point in assholish terms, and i knew women with BMIs of less than 19 who didnt have "outlines of floating ribs" the fuck, like everyone is saying it depends on the person, but lots of skinny women even models dont have that so whats your point about how supposeldy common it is and anyone who disagrees is fat

No. 271587

File: 1532500711870.jpg (86.47 KB, 1300x1390, yoga-woman-young-beautiful-pos…)

"fat deposits" don't equal the normal layer of fat that is on the ribs that conceals them at a normal weight. this woman is pretty slim but her ribcage is fully covered by the normal layer of fat that covers our ribcages. she just has a small ribcage, unlike the woman in your pic.

No. 271589

Anon probably thinks that woman is chubby and anyone who thinks shes slim is a landwhale with 100 lbs of fat and lard

No. 271590

They clearly photoshopped out her ribcage and collarbones. They do that a lot even in modelling pics because people get triggered by it kek.

No. 271594

File: 1532501022777.jpg (127.2 KB, 683x1024, rib.jpg)

jesus christ, no they didn't. normal people have a layer of fat on their ribcage, and it depends on the size of your ribcage.

this is a candid of miley, AND she's stretching, and yet, no ribcage.

No. 271595

yeah i'm way fatter than miley or >>271587 but you can see the outline of my ribs. >>271586 is right.

No. 271596

Sorry, not that sperg. I’m not talking about anorexia anyway.
Responding like an asshole to someone being an asshole is pretty standard procedure.

The original point about ribs was a single sentence in a much larger point that some anon decided to nitpick because they saw an opportunity to cry anachan, despite the actual anachan wandering around calling Demi Moore a land whale.
You’re whining about nothing.

thought that was clever or scathing or something?

No. 271597

Well guess I was blindsided because I'm at an healthy weight and my ribcage shows quite a lot, but I guess it really depends on bone structure.

No. 271598

>that backpedaling
Do you have Alzheimer's? Did you completely forget everything you said ?

No. 271599

I’m the rib anon and even I think that’s dumb. Stock photos aren’t edited to please the two angry ladies who got upset over a vogue editorial or karlie kloss.

No. 271600

File: 1532501426679.jpg (41.46 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o808jcoXxx1vtco6uo1_500…)

Stop being dumb. Some people have naturally bigger ribcages (and bigger bones in general), others don't.

No. 271601

I already said that I was wrong. >>271597 it's easy to think every body is like yours.

No. 271602

File: 1532501747587.jpg (1.45 MB, 1398x2041, IMG_4065.JPG)

They show in more hd photos

No. 271604

she's inhaling here while running, and she has slimmed down here. your photo is from january of 2018 and mine was from 2012.

No. 271605

Here’s the original comment made about ribs.

Anon got inexplicably pissy in response and started armchair diagnosing like a wanker, and in response got a standard ‘ur fat and only see fatties’ because why bother discussing anything with someone who diagnoses anorexia over a comment?

Seriously though, where the hell did you pull the Demi Lovato sperg accusation from?

No. 271609

Ah yes, this site is totally not known for having people who think someone with 150lbs is morbidly obese.

No. 271610

File: 1532503458077.jpeg (173.39 KB, 1024x765, AF1F824F-D85A-474B-A93D-DD90C6…)

Kota milk has dried up and left us years ago. Kiki has been more of a cow anyways, yet people keep sucking the kota teat for some reason. Most anons in her thread are obviously holding some kind of grudge because they knitpick everything, its not even fun anymore.

Its the same old “she wont last long!! Anyday now she’ll go back home!!” we’ve been seeing for years. Or sperging about how she ‘tricks’ every employer that hires her with her shoops, despite still getting work.

Honestly I never found her that milk-y. The weird alien edits put her on the edge and it was fun to see her first appearances vs her original tumblr shoops, but honestly she never looked at horrible as some anons say she did.

No. 271611

People who give this much of a shit about bodies that aren't theirs probably have serious insecurities about their own.

This isn't unpopular, some of you just needed to be told this.

No. 271612

cool, but that’s got nothing to do with my points. Tell the salty anon who’s diagnosing people as anorexic over the Internet or whichever mongo decided to try and make this thread about anachans arguing about demi lovatos weight as well.

No. 271613

Jelly homegirls over on /snow/ think having a white monkey job in an asian country is hard to maintain.
It's not. Kota's been irrelevant for years, they're just pissed she's been in Japan for so long, living their gaijin fantasies.

No. 271615

this. her normal face is the kind of plain jane japan likes, and japan is notorious for egregious shoop in all of their magazines. i think she's creepy as hell and is an idiot, but that's it. All of the "gaijin in japan" type threads about gals or idolshit are all the same kind of bitter weebs acting better than other weebs.

No. 271617

Completely agree. And this is coming from someone who fucking LOATHED Dakota in the early 2010's. I hated her so goddamn much. But after she moved to Japan and got her shit together I had to admit that she's maturing and becoming a professional, and her edits don't bother me that much. She's really pretty even in the IRL videos and photos and I have to admire her learning Japanese so fluently. I'm still sure that it was Kiki's and her messed up family's influence that made her a cow before her escape.

The thread is just full of skin walkers who want to eat Dakota to become her. It's embarrassing how high the a-logging levels are in there, people screeching about how she's getting fat (what?) and how all the agencies are dropping her, she's not getting work etc. All shit that doesn't hold water at all. And when they run out of things to nitpick, they start bringing up age-old drama from around 10 years ago.

No. 271620


Nobody needs to diagnose the ana-chans here. They out themselves all the time. For example on the vent thread there is one who posted a few hours ago. They keep nitpicking on many people's weight on this site when their weight have nothing to do with their milky antics and derailing everything to weight discussions. The discussions on the threads >>271615 cited and Dakota's threads are another example of how much some Ana-chans spend of their time nitpicking other people's weight. To mentally healthy people, that's not interesting or funny at all. Sure, fat people can be hilariously cringy and disgusting, but the level of obsession I see here is not healthy at all. The fact you are super defensive someone got called ana-chan because she said all healthy people should have showing ribcages or some shit like that makes me think you're perhaps that person.

No. 271622

Sorry to disappoint but I don’t care about cow or celebrity bodies and I don’t think Demi is fat either.

No. 271624

My favorite part about Dakota drama is that in the past 5 or so years she hasnt really said anything of value social media wise or shown much of her personal life, yet /snow/ and PULL have constructed the vision of what her life is and how everybody in her life hates her and thinks shes trash.

No. 271654

I would not hesitate to report parents to child protection for neglect and food deprivation if they raised a baby vegan.

No. 271719

I babysat for a family once that did the paleo diet, and made their kids do it too. They pulled the kids from school to be homeschooled because they were getting depressed seeing the lunches their classmates got to eat. I brought a sandwich over once and you should have seen the sadness in the kids eyes. Parents who impose their issues with food on perfectly healthy and happy children should seek help.

No. 271731

I don't understand why people WANT to be teachers. So many of my friends want to be elementary/middle school teachers and I don't get it. The pay is typically shit and you have to deal with children all day, and even worse their parents. All of the people I know who are becoming teachers are stupid too, so it doesn't take much to become one I guess.

No. 271740

I suppose it can be very rewarding? If you enjoy playing with and teaching children, and you get to guide them and teach them morals and about the world (idk) and the brats can be reasonable controlled just threaten to ring their parents, but middle school 0h G0d that's another story.

No. 271741

But I agree with you most teachers are stupid and have anger management issues.

No. 271776

i agree. her bad shoops are somewhat entertaining but the shock has worn off. i read some of the kiki threads for the first time last night and holy shit, what a trip. i find her and her mom much more milky than koots.

what really bothers me is when farmers will watch a cow's camgirl videos just to make fun of them. hatewatching someone's porn is a new level of obsessive, creepy and low.

No. 271801

Missionaries, charity workers and most other "aid" people should be banned from Haiti and all of West Africa. Not only do they not actually do shit, too many of them are gross, virtue-signalling troglodytes at best, and literal pedophiles at worst.

No. 271803

i think you meant to say "male charity workers, male missionaries, etc"

No. 271816

File: 1532546363110.png (1.1 MB, 1272x676, Screen-Shot-2015-12-14-at-11.5…)

every time I see someone post on social media with a picture of them with a crowd of black/brown kids with some bullshit caption about how their life is changed FOREVER my eyes roll so fucking hard. Voluntourism is such fucking bullshit, all it is is a way for white people to give themselves a pat on the back for… interacting with poor black people?


No. 271875

People you surround yourself with reflect who you are as a person. Having shitty friends or shitty partners (as in them being shitty in general), probably means you're kinda shitty too.

No. 271879

you know what anon that's fair.
I will say that it is possible that the reason people keep their shit friends to avoid isolation or being ostracized.
but yeah, if you don't like your friends/partner you need to get the fuck outta there and get some new ones that deserve you.

No. 271913

>reason people keep their shit friends to avoid isolation or being ostracized

i will never understand people who do this after highschool/college. i'd way rather be alone than waste my time and energy on people i don't even like. life is short and there aren't enough hours in the day.

No. 271960

Exactly. The adults can choose to follow whatever diet they please. Be a vegan or eat keto or paleo or vegetarian or whatever.
Restricting a kids diet beyond reasonable things like daily fruit and veg no you can’t eat candy every day is one thing, but refusing to give them an entire class of nutrients is psychotic.

No. 272001

So I'm an Elementary Education major. Academics is a skill just like cooking, construction, business… Some people are just good at academics. Some are only good at academics with no other skills, really. That's what it is for me. Also America's education system is a mess, like it's actual fucking trash. That's another reason why I want to be a teacher to like… help fix it. And that's probably a huge reason many become teachers, just trying to fix a broken system. Hope this helps? I have tons of friends who don't get why I'd want to be in school for the rest of my life so I get it lol

No. 272061

File: 1532592235071.jpg (39.29 KB, 415x282, tumblr_inline_nsqnf5YY5E1rixcy…)

I find 50 shades of grey disturbing. Anybody who hurts a person he pretends to love is sick. I wish there would be ways to make this illegal.


No. 272064

thank you for this. women being gaslit into romanticizing exploitative and abusive power structures that already exist in every other part of our lives is not normal or a normally developed 'kink' like the way sub men have had the freedom to develop their kinks or interests. 50 shades is disgusting and disturbing and so is all female submissive shit.

i wish all of it was illegal. i wish it was a more common viewpoint as well. so many men get away with literal murder of their female partners because of the 'consensual bdsm' excuse

No. 272094


Plus having a shitty partner doesn't make the other person shitty.
It's probably more the case that they have a personality ie. forgiving, generous, likes to fight for the underdogs, etc. that can get taken advantage of by manipulators and abusers.

Being naive or wanting to see the good in people doesn't make someone a shit person.

Because people are lonely and don't have a personality like yours.

No. 272100

I think being proud of hating your ex is pretty gross and immature. Might be justified in some cases, but overall, no. This shouldn't even be an unpopular opinion.

No. 272106

I see it more as making apologies for abusers. This very much goes for having such people as friends. If you're sheltered and naive and have been subjected to love-bombing and the abuse seeps in, in a relationship, sure. That's different.

No. 272112

I wish women didn't buy this shit.

No. 272140


I'm so conflicted about 50 Shades. One one hand, I do believe the likes of 50 Shades and Twilight glamorise controlling, abusive relationships and I'm happy when people call them out. I tried reading 50 Shades and the plot really did read like a fanfic, the sex scenes usually made me laugh and there was nothing likable about Christian. The part where Christian admits to seeking out women who look like his mother to abuse them was disgusting and I'm genuinely surprised people still supported the series and pined for Christian after that.

But I can appreciate that some women did enjoy the series and I'm not going to judge people for having a guilty pleasure when I have plenty of my own. I also feel like the majority of the critics of the two series have a problem with the fact that they're books written by women, for women. They're dismissed as "mommy porn" or "chicklit" without getting into any of the reasons they actually disliked the two (and in a lot of cases I've found, it's men who have never even read the books saying this who are just jumping on a bandwagon). People find the idea of marketing books towards teen girls or moms or just women in general as offensive, it's a real teen boy mentality when people think it's "icky" that women over 30 have a sex life or to shun anything "girly". You don't see John Green getting the same criticism for his books as Stephanie Meyer and you don't see anyone writing off cheesy fantasy or sci-fi books as "trash" without reading them first.

I wish we had better YA fiction or erotica make it to the bestsellers list but I feel like until we do it's almost a duty of mine to support what's out there to promote more being published, if that makes sense.

No. 272164

John Green and Stephanie both got shit on and loved though?
They both got movie deals and big fandoms that people both hate and love.
They're both atrocious authors who made it, John is just coveted more since he is known for xyz other things so ofc just by notoriety hes gonna get more reviews (atleast of the positive kind)
50SOG started out as a Twilight fanfiction and envisioning a grown woman writing about a highschool girl getting slammed by her centuries old bf is revolting and from what i've experienced internet&irl it's been a generational split in who found fault in 50SOG not male reviewers calling it mommy porn with no viable evidence.

I mean everyone and their mom made "articles" about how unhealthy 50sog when it peaked and the authors we're a mixed bag yet nobody i saw reduced it down to 'yuck mommy porn!'

(also i can't get behind anybody supporting the literature, the women who do support this are the women who give power to terms like chicklit and even greater leverage to the men who use the terms)

No. 272278

Babies made through IVF and other fertility drugs arent ‘miracle babies’. It’d be a miracle if your busted parts could actually manage to create a human without the intervention of medicine.

No. 272297

But you as an outsider would have no idea if the excusing was due to being a willful apologist or being lovebombed, gaslighted, or straight up abuse behind closed doors.

No. 272364

If there is a god I assume he's a sadist who only put humans on earth to watch us suffer. All tastey foods are high in calories and will make you fat and kill you, drugs will kill you, you only get yo be young for a short period of time then you die a slow painful death.

No. 272368

Make some mashed potato and cheese.
Eat some watermelon. Bananas. Soya milk. Chick peas. Lentils. Pinto beans. Egg noodles. Wholemeal bread. This is just stuff I eat nowadays but there's a world of options.

High calorie things happen when things are old, processed, full of ingredients, oil, sugar and preservatives. Go for one or two ingredients of fresh stuff and the calories are minimal.
Adulthood is not "dying a slow painful death" wtf. Stop fetishizing youth, that is just something you picked up from men who want to shag teenagers. You can be beautiful and healthy from 20-80 if you want to be.

No. 272369

I actually love it when anons get triggered, start infighting about something and completely derail threads. Especially when you can tell it's the same anons that already sperged out about the same topic in another thread, shit's hilarious.
Except when it's about k-pop, ugh

No. 272382


ban all kfags tbh

No. 272397

ban the fucking weebs first

No. 272398

Agree. I’m not big on IVF and think a lot of people who pursue it are actually quite selfish.

No. 272405

well, cos they are. most people should be adopting anyways. anyone who doesn't adopt in 2018 has already shown to be too selfish enough to be a good parent tbqh

No. 272419


your reasoning is fucking retarded. people don't have children cause they want to take care of something, but because they want to make their kid. it's about wanting to create a life with your partner. wanting a child in the first place is about selfishness. living your own life is about selfishness, so nitpicking this is super dumb. it's no one's job to take in kids that are a result of someone else's mistake. you can apply this to anything else and it sounds just as dumb.

No. 272424

that's not true. there ARE people that purely want to nurture life, and those people adopt. i agree that it's largely predicated on selfishness, but many people claim they want to help innocent children blossom into good people. the reasoning for having "your own kid" in 2018 when humans are facing serious existential threat because of climate change inaction, pollution, etc, is fucking retarded. idc that they want their kid to have their eyes. if they're that petty and prioritize "muh genes!!" over the well being of their children (which is inarguable at this point because earth is soon to become inhabitable thanks to overpopulation, pollution, and climate change) then they shouldn't be parents. children that are already born deserve a good life. it's not about "taking care of other people's mistakes" (how callous are you?), it's about sparing innocent children that are already born from terrible lives.

if people WANT to nurture children, they should adopt. and there's a difference between being selfish, and being too selfish to be a good parent. good parents wouldn't choose to have their own children.

No. 272425

tbh. they're always the ones that sperg the hardest about it.

No. 272426

i mean it's both? i was very specifically talking about people who do IVF, but okay. they're obviously doing it cause they're selfish and want their own kid.

No. 272428

>banning weebs on a shitty site made because a shitty 4chan board about cosplaying anime characters wouldn't allow drama

are you guys okay?

No. 272431


>kfags are saying we should ban weebs in lolcow, a place created for lolita weebs,

you have to go back. never even seen a weeb sperg, armchair sperg and anachans and fattie spergs sure, but weebs? c'mon. i've for sure seen kpop spergs though…

No. 272437

this. kpop fags are so spergy they need 2 threads, one which is disguised as an anti thread so they can sperg all "i'm so not bitter" PULL style.

No. 272451

I hope you don't/never have kids… You would either fuck them up or resent them because they aren't exactly how you imagined them to be.

No. 272470

Motherfucking this. The anti-k-pop thread was made to criticize and discuss the unethical practices in the K-pop industry but the underage k-fag spergs took it over to bitch about Generic Idol Girl #67 being fat and ugly and how Generic Idol Boy #95 can't dance AND he's ugly. Being a casual K-pop listener I would've been interested in the thread it was supposed to be like but I have no tolerance for the PULL tier "ew look at this fat fuck who actually looks like a goddamn model" a-logging. And of course they also shoehorn in some retarded SJW discourse shilling with stupid ass statements like "G-Dragon is a racist because he wears dreads". Can't you take your this shit over to Twitter and Tumblr instead?

These kind of nutty bitches are the reason why k-pop idols are being pushed through numerous surgeries and starvation diets as people would call them ugly and fat otherwise.

No. 272476

who cares about idols starving themselves? they signed up for it even with the knowledge of what idols go through because they're narcissistic rich kids with no talent who want to be famous for being famous

No. 272481

You being ignorant about the difficulties of adoption doesn’t make other people bad. Find a better hill to die on fam.

No. 272483

They’re called mommy porn or chicklit because they ARE trash though. Jodi picoult and her ilk aren’t writing anything groundbreaking or particularly amazing.
Romanctic erotica is called mommy porn because it’s written for no purpose other than wish fulfilment fantasy and getting off. The name is perfectly apt.

There’s plenty of female writers with excellent works and they’re highly respected for it, without ever being called chick lit.

No. 272490

lmao, that's not why they don't adopt. they don't adopt because they're selfish. again, as i explained, if they were actually conscientious and capable emotionally and mentally of being a good parent, they wouldn't be having their own children. it doesn't matter how long it takes to adopt or how frustrating it may be, because it's unethical and dangerous for the child, at this point, to give birth. if you can't put the well-being of your potential child first during a time in human history that is very uncertain, you're a shit person that shouldn't be a parent. the complications of adoption are basically irrelevant.

No. 272493

You do realize that genes and biology are innately selfish, right? You sperging all over the place about people wanting to pass on their genes isn't going to make people not want to carry on their blood line so that the species actually CAN survive. Adopting crack babies and dumpster kids while sacrificing the ability to have biological children would be disastrous.

You can happily have kids and still be able to adopt them too.

No. 272496

I think men are best looking at age 14-22. After that it all goes down hill. I wish I could just be young forever so I can fuck young men for the rest of my life.

No. 272502

Agree. I just saw a guy who used to be a cutie and who I dumped when we were 15-16. I used to regret dumping him but now he's 23 and he lost ALL his charm. His features used to be cute but once they matured he looks just… busted. Say what you want, women age a lot better than men and the only reason people think it's the other way around is because they 1. judge men's attractiveness by their wealth and achievements, and 2. have strict as fuck standards for women that automatically disqualify anyone above 30 from being attractive.

Looks-wise, we remain pretty a lot longer. Softer features just look better, and most men only have soft features until they turn 24.

No. 272518

Whatever man. You think what you like. Sperging isn’t gonna make anyone agree tho.

No. 272520

14 year old boys..
You need to be over 18 to post here.

No. 272521


The 14-22 assertion sounds like a pedo trying to get validation.
Guys look best 21-26 and after that they hit the wall real fast

No. 272525

Korean dramas are an abomination. Is this even an unpopular opinion though?

No. 272540

Lol most dudes are all ready fat and balding at 26

No. 272542

Lol you need to stop. When you’re old enough to vote you might understand how silly this is.

No. 272544

I am old enough to vote because I'm 21 and I wouldn't date anyone under 18. I only date guys in my age group and I'm just not looking forward to them balding and their beer bellies. My brother is 26 and is already complaining about balding and because of americas fat acceptance most men will be fat by 30.

No. 272545

Try looking at men other than your brother.

Fat is a choice and plenty of adults choose to be fit. Not every man balds. Dating someone fresh out of highschool is creepy when you’re older. Either you’re exceptionally immature or a predator. Given how dumb your posts are, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you’re just really childish and don’t get along well with people your own age who kept developing socially.

No. 272546

I do get along with men my own age. Just because they start looking like shit after a certain age doesn't mean I don't get along with them.

No. 272551

Why are you getting angry on behalf of men? Most guys look like shit 26 onwards because too many of them don't take care of themselves. Maybe they'll exercise and won't go bald, but how many guys do you know who have a skincare routine or use sunscreen?

No. 272553

I get what anon is saying but I wonder where all these wks are when men are openly lusting after teen Japanese/Korean idols, chasing after younger women and telling everyone women over 24 look ugly and fat. If anyone says anything then they're just "jealous".

No. 272561

Who’s angry?
It’s not about men really, it’s about dating teenagers. What is anon going to do when she’s 25? 30? If she doesn’t marry one of these kids ASAP she’s either gonna have to settle or be a predator.

No. 272565

I'll settle because looks aren't everything and everyone gets old one day, and mentally I'd have nothing in common with someone that much younger. I'm sure most people can admit that a 18 year olds male model is more attractive than their 40 year old husband but that doesn't mean they don't love their husband.

No. 272570

I'm always highly suspicious of men who want to do charity work, especially charity work to help women and children and be around them. I never see men in real life interested in helping anyone they don't know…so it makes me wonder what's the real reason they're doing it.

No. 272571

You know exactly why, anon.

No. 272572

>> I'm sure most people can admit that a 18 year old male model is more attractive
Anon you sound like a predator

No. 272574

I feel like some anons on this site are becoming cows themselves, and if we weren't all anonymous and our post were tagged there would be a lot of threads about farmers.

No. 272577

NAYRT, but I'm assuming most of Lolcow's userbase is in the 18 (or younger) to 25-ish range. What is predatory about liking men in our age group? I'd understand if she said 16 or younger, but 18 is too young? Come on, this isn't a forum for wine moms and cougars in their 30s-50s. We don't all need to seek out older guys.

No. 272581

Trust me, you can still fuck them. I've never dated a guy who wasn't at least 3 years younger than me. My bf is 9 years younger.

No. 272584

Well it seems like that anon was referring to older women which is why she said more attracted than their 40 y.o husbands. Which is why I think that is creepy.

No. 272597

I also don't really trust men who want to adopt and they don't have a wife. Maybe if it were a gay couple adopting a girl it wouldn't be so bad but if they're adopting a little boy I'd be questioning it…

No. 272600

Aren't 18-25 year olds kind of always considered more attractive than 40 year olds, even when you yourself (as the onlooker) are much older? It's not really fair, but youth is associated with beauty and all. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
Actually pursuing them when you're a lot older is pretty creepy/predatory because of the imbalance in mental state and maturity, though.

No. 272601

Agreed, but there are some times where the thread goes back to its original purpose and good points are raised, so I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of a thread. The kp general thread should be far more active and include all gossip, even negative. The anti kp thread should be much less active ideally.

No. 272610

>soy milk

No. 272611

Part of being a being with higher conciousness is not bending over for whatever biological impulses we have. And it doesnt matter if it's a "crack baby" or a "normal" baby, how it turns out depends on how it's raised, who its parents are, not their genes.

No. 272613

>implying people over 18 cant find 14 year olds attractive
im not saying it's morally justified, but it does happen probably more often than people think

No. 272615

just because we get older doesnt mean we start finding other older people attractive (or AS attractive as people who biologically are in their physical peak)

No. 272617

I’d raher the kpop anti thread be a place where you can criticize idols and shit on their plastic surgery. Im tired if the cringeworthy armchair diagnoses of korean societ through anons eho have never lived there, never interacted with actul korean people, and get all of their info through allkpop and selective comments on netizen buzz.

No. 272621

I feel zero sympathy for drug addicts. People excusing them because "he/she had a difficult childhood, etc." also wouldn't excuse somebody being violent because of a bad past either, so why with druggies? They're also making the life of their close ones hell.

The thing with Demi Lovato pissed me off so much. Yes, I get it she, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and co. got famous too early blah blah, but does that mean they deserve to get supported (as in: let's throw millons at them)? Isn't it more of a sign that they actually aren't suited for being in the spotlight at all?

My little sister is a fan of them and then I asked her if she heard about Demi, she told me that "she drank too much and took other stuff and had to go the hospital, but now she's fine". Like no, this is not the same as normal adults sometimes overdoing it with alcohol, it's not even the same as weed, heroin is bottom of the barrel, the shit bums die of.
Why is anybody giving them work?

I know that this is not possible, but I wish there was a way to stop people like her, especially if their fan base is on average 13 years old, from getting so big.
There would be so many people in this world who'd deserve fame, but instead the entertainment industry is made up of talentless little shits who're bad influence on top of it.

No. 272627

people who buy pure bred animals are fucking idiots and inhumane. there are so many cats and dogs in animal shelters that will end up being euthanized because there are too many, but god forbid someone not buy their 100% purebred chocolate lab. i am a firm believer that most people who buy specific breeds of pets use them more as accessories to show off then because they like animals or they want a furry friend. the true can for sure be said about pet owners in general (whether adopted or bought) but i feel like it is more intense among purebred owners

No. 272636

> They're also making the life of their close ones hell.
thats not always the case

No. 272639

That might be true, but why risk that in the first place?

No. 272643

I wholeheartedly agree about not having sympathy for drug addicts but even as much as I despise celebrities doing drugs at least they aren't out in the streets robbing people like your regular druggies who should be either euthanized or force to some remote wildlife location with no abusable substances available. Drug users don't only ruin their own lives, they ruin everyone else's around them. And that's why they're scum.

Are you the anti-breeder sperg from the Pet thread who's guilttripping people into adoption without understanding a goddamn thing about the details of a.) breeding b.) adoption?

No. 272652

ntayrt but this is the stupidest shit i've ever read. "i-it's just too complicated for your feeble mind to understand!!". stop trying to justify your selfishness by acting like it's more complex than it actually is. a good percentage of these purebred dogs are suffering from our tinkering, anyways, on top of the fact that there are countless animals in need of homes.

keep defending literal abuse tho because you want a designer dog!

No. 272656

I swear most people on the internet, when talking about mental health issues, has to include that their issues are 'severe'. I'm tired of it. Of course their issues are 'severe' because they have no grasp or reference and of course their case is THE WORST EVER. Not being able to get out of bed is not 'severe' depression, it's just depression. Get some fucking perspective.

No. 272657

you need to do some research. there are very few breeds that suffer any kind of issues. also very obvious samefag there.

No. 272659

are you retarded? i was talking about people who do IVF. i hope you never have kids cause you get so worked up over shit on the internet you're obviously nut.

No. 272662

you're an actual idiot. you need to do research. purebred dogs suffer from the most health issues because they've been inbred for 200+ years and were bred with ideal appearances or certain functions in mind with 0 regard for their genetics or how inbreeding would affect them.

please stop trying to deny reality in a pathetic and embarrassing attempt to justify or excuse your unethical pet ownership.

No. 272664

How did I get worked up? You're the one that sounds triggered by my comment lol

No. 272665

most of them don't. and you realize that mutts, which are offspring of dogs related to/that are purebred aren't suddenly not going to inherit those issues. "hybrid vigor" is very rare. they just have a slightly less chance, and with some mutts the chances are infact higher. sit the fuck down.

it's not my or anyone else's responsibility to get pets that other people neglected. people only get pets for themselves and people trying to push their own ideals on them, like you, are fucking stupid.

people have no moral obligations to you, and you screaming about PUREBREDS ARE LITERALLY ANIMAL ABUSE!!! just makes you seem crazy. not only are you not educating anyone, but you are infact doing the opposite and using fear/shaming tactics against people who have no reason to give a fuck about your opinion.

No. 272666

So people who love a specific breed and want to preserve it and keep papers and lineage are making more unhealthy puppies than two random mutts the owner didn't care enough to spay?


No. 272667

also sorry to rain on your parade, but i have a shelter animal. i just don't think that telling people who don't want them that they're abusive pieces of trash is positive.

No. 272669

I agree wholeheartedly. I grew up around addicts, and they absolutely should never be trusted.

No. 272670

not really, it's just really ironic that someone who insults randos on the internet is telling anyone else about how their parenting should go.

if you think that people choosing to have kids aren't doing it cause they want to create a life with their partner, you're stupid. and if you think that me pointing that out will somehow make me a bad parent, you're even more stupid.

No. 272679

>someone who insults randos on the internet
You literally started by calling me retarded, and I don't know why you care so much about what a rando on the internet says. Stop projecting, you're insane.

No. 272683

>it's not my or anyone else's responsibility to get pets that other people neglected. people only get pets for themselves and people trying to push their own ideals on them, like you, are fucking stupid.
holy shit, what's wrong with you? animals aren't property liens. people want animals for company more often than not, and lots of people like saving animals, unlike you, i guess. are you the same retard upthread that sees abandoned children as nothing more than "other people's responsibility"? you're fucked in the head, dude. these are living, breathing, feeling beings.

No. 272695

lol not everyone wants that. people who do want it will do it and don't need you trying to "shame" them. you're the one acting like it's people's responsibility to change what they want. if someone wants a shelter pet, they don't need you to tell them to get one.

No. 272697

i honestly have no idea what the fuck youre talking about, so im gonna go with no.

i just dont understand why people feel the need to buy dogs or cats that are known to have health issues all their lives. its even more hilarious when people who are self animal lovers and ethical vegetarians/vegans buy pure bred animals

No. 272718

File: 1532716279491.jpeg (121.65 KB, 642x800, 6A81B548-F6D1-408B-81F3-AEA53E…)

>I honestly hate modern architecture so fucking much. Especially those fugly ass giant glass cages that are being erected everywhere. I hope people will come to their senses soon and knock them tf down. Even the soviet brutalist style concrete blocks look better because at least those don't blind you when you look in their general direction, and they also look quite cozy and homely in a way.
I was walking yesterday and noticed how fond I was of the brutalism of the hospital on the right in pic related surrounded by all the new, glass boxes going up around it.
This isnt the view I had but its as close sd I could find.
Im sure those round towers wont last forever.

No. 272720

File: 1532716396856.jpeg (113.49 KB, 730x734, 8A0F4658-3C20-4EDB-A75A-352E82…)

Wrong pic. But thats the building.
Heres more of a comparison.

No. 272725

I agree I actually like the 70's style brutalist buildings in my city a lot.

No. 272749

The most obnoxious vegan I know spent hundreds of dollars on a brachycephalic kitten from a kitten mill that already has trouble breathing and doesn’t groom itself, so she now has to wash urine and feces out of its fur on a biweekly basis. All because she “needed” a purebred and regular cats weren’t aesthetic enough. Her words.

I have no horse in this purebred/shelter debate but every time I think about this girl and that poor creature I get a bit angry.

No. 272771

Idk im speaking from the drug addict perspective. But i do agree it's generally a bad idea to become attached to someone abusing drugs or alcohol. Im curious though, what do you mean by "making their lives hell"? Is it indirect, like how their loved ones will worry and fret about them or were you thinking direct consequences?

No. 272773

a lot of bumfuck places in europe dont have shelters though, and breeders are usually the only option, at least thats why i have a "designer" dog (a labrador lol). if i wanted to go to a shelter i'd have to travel to a big city. sage for blogpost.

No. 272776

Sounds like an american issue tbh. In europe breeders are very wary of inbreeding and even travel long distances to find good mating partners for their dogs.

No. 272785

>Idk im speaking from the drug addict perspective.
Meaning you're addicted?

No. 272787

No. 272805

Inbreeding isn't directly unhealthy for dogs, dogs are regularly line bred in the shooting and fieldwork breeds because a tight line is better than risking using another dog if you have a very good field dog. Purebreds and their health issues are a direct result of the kennel club pushing for extremes.
If you buy a mutt you're just teaching poor people that they can breed irresponsibly and make quick cash out of it imo.

No. 272806

So, you're a druggie and honestly believe that your addiction isn't affecting your family/friends…?

No. 272812

Yep. I'm a functional alcoholic and also dependent on benzos. My friends like to party but arent addicts so they don't notice. Im always sober in front of family and have never stolen or lied to them.

No. 272842

When someone cares more about what papers their dog has than the crippling health issues from being inbred, they’re a bad person.

No. 272846

You’re not as functional or as good at hiding it as you think anon. No addict ever has been.

No. 272851

Ok buddy i'll trust that you know me better than myself! I bet you know/have known someone struggling with substance abuse without you knowing. Confirmation bias.

No. 272856

Regardless, if people somehow can magically smell my addictions despite me function like everyone else, how am i hurting anybody except myself with these issues? How am i making my famlily/friends lives hell with my existance? Cause they seem fine to me. I dont expect sympathy, just to not be called scum.

No. 272874

>Cause they seem fine to me.
Ok buddy i'll trust that you know them better than they themselves! kek

You're simply pathetic.
Just the fact that you were so triggered that you felt the need to samefag just to make sure that we know that your family totally isn't having a hard time because of you…
How about therapy instead of being a proud, super functioning adult who "only hurts herself"?

No. 272879

No thanks lol keep thinking you're morally superior because you're sober.

No. 272897

I’m a rehab clinician. People say the same thing you’re saying everyday and every meeting with their families reveals someone knows and is scared for their loved one.

It’s not moral superiority, addiction is a disease not a personal failing. Good people get addicted to substances just as much as bad people do.

No. 272901

You fucking dumbass, part of having a brain this massive is that we have the ability of predictive thinking and cause an effect. If a huge chunk of people gave up their ability to pass on their genes then we as a species would be royally fucked. We wouldn't have the numbers down the road to be able to avoid inbreeding, let alone one wide spread health issue like anti-biotic resistance, or a terrible natural disaster could easily wipe out a bunch of humankind.

If you're too stupidly pissy about doing the ONE thing we are actually put on this planet to then maybe you should give that brain of yours to science or some shit.

No. 272902

If im hurting them so bad, can someone say any CONCRETE ways im hurting them? They havent changed from when i was "normal", and i struggle to see how they would know i drink every night and pop benzos when, from my supposedly diseased perspective, i havent changed the way i act around them at all. And i thing the people who go to rehab have issues a bit more severe than mine.

No. 272905

Watching someone slowly poison themselves is painful. You see this person who you love, and even if you don’t see them drunk or slurring and stumbling, you see the premature aging, that their eyes are dull, that they are not happy.

You see how their reactions slow down and they become less pleasant as their addiction takes over and their emotions are blunted. They appear snippy, bored, or impatient with loved ones because they are preoccupied with when they can next use their drug of choice.

Alcohol and benzos are an excellent combination for death and accidental overdoses are common.

No. 272906

It doesnt sound like "making their lives hell" though. My addiction isn't "taking over" either, i've been using at the same amounts for over a year. And i never use benz and booze together unless it's a very small amount of alcohol. I've learned my lesson from that. I guess it sucks for them that im prematurely aging and that my eyes are dull, but im not less happy, and i dont think people get seriously fucked up emotionally from seeing these things. It seems you think addict = miserable shell of a human being.

No. 272910

That was a different anon. I’m not the one saying it’s scummy or whatever. Sorry, thought you knew that posts ago, my bad.

No. 272912

Okay but you still seem to have this idea that an addict has to be a miserable person that can't possibly function normally or even in a way that is beneficial to society and the people around them.

No. 272914

100% this. Most people I know who care about the breed of their dog, don't even take good care of their dogs. "Cockapoos" and "Cavaliers" and "Huskies" or whatever is trending will go out of fashion and it's the reason shelters are inundated with senior dogs.

No. 272915

thanks for saying most people and not all people at least. I have a finnish lapphund because my family owns renideer and she's excellent at herding them and guarding the house. it just wouldnt be as efficient with a mutt. plus, she's gorgeous i have to admit there was a bit of superficial bias towards this breed.

No. 272922

No, I don’t have that idea at all.
I’m aware that a large proportion of addicts are self-medicating themselves for trauma, depression, personality disorders, or anxiety and that a lot of them are aware that their addiction has a negative impact on their lives.
Some become physically dependent after being medicated for pain or anxiety because they are very addictive drugs.

Not every addict is miserable but addiction and misery are still close bedfellows.

I can also see that you’re not interested whatsoever in anything outside of justifying your addiction and that it reeks of denial. Whatever, you do you.

No. 272932

yeah i totally understand the practical reasons for getting specific breeds of dogs, in which the dogs needs to be a pure bred like herding dogs or hunting dogs, truffle dogs, etc.

i dont understand the need of people who work in say, a typical office job, to have a purebred dog.

No. 272957

No. 273023

This entire site is getting so depressing and stale.

No. 273076

You know what's funny to me? Back yard breeders and puppy mills dump sick dogs at the shelters quite often. So do people who didn't care enough to get their dogs spayed so the puppies just keep having more puppies. I'm not sure why you think shelter dogs are morally superior to contacting a legitimate breeder, but it seems that you've decided in your own head that all breeders are actually puppy mills. Interesting. Interesting since a lot of these puppy mill dogs end up being the shelter dogs you want everyone to own.

No. 273081

Proof that humans should stop existing

No. 273105

If it wasn’t for the artcows id never come here again(though they’re getting old as well). Honestly, focusing on your own life and ditching this place is for the best.

No. 273183

File: 1532808683574.png (107.81 KB, 700x700, Bi majority infographic.png)

i hate when some cow is clearly fake gay being part of the LGBT and anons go "well as a bisexual person," like shut the fuck up lmao. there are plenty of bisexuals literally everywhere. you don't need to announce that you're bisexual for your hot take, bisexuals are everywhere and they're LGBT awkward sibling because gay men don't like bi men and lesbians usually don't like bi women either. cause y'all annoying. and you feel the need to announce your bisexual when no one asks. shut up lmao.

god, bisexuals are so obnoxious about being bisexual. literally can't think of a more meaningless label, especially since a lot of them never date the same sex anyway. source am lesbian, never have asked for a bisexual's hot take in LGBT issues ever.

altough, absolute worst sexuality HAS to be polysexuals. nuke them.

No. 273185


What a weird graph. I mean, of course there are going to be more bisexuals, since they are both female and male.

No. 273192

Yeah, bi people can be annoying.

Also, polys just want to act immature without consequences. Honestly, I used to think that polys are mostly rich attractive people (models, actors), but I found out they're ugly married people in their 40s. What a plot twist.

No. 273217

Basically swingers with a LGBTQIA+ approved veneer

No. 273220

I feel bad for the anons that get completely ignored in the venting thread

No. 273226

You could answer them, anon

No. 273228

polyamory isn't a sexuality anyway, it's just a tactic for immature people and emotional abusers to cheat on their partners. hearing people call it a sexual orientation is cringey and repulsive.

also >>273192 is right. if you ever want a laugh go to the r/polyamory selfies thread and look at the absolute state of these people.

No. 273230

Kinkshaming is absolutely acceptable and even necessary if someone's fetish involves hurting themselves or others either physically or mentally, and we should get rid of this idea that everything is ok as long as it's between two consenting adults. If you notice that you're getting off to the thought (or worse, act) of beating the shit out of your partner until they're crying, your first thought should be "wow I need help", not "well this is completely normal and healthy, I want to go find like-minded people and get some validation". I'm so tired of seeing people enable those edgy doms that write about how much they love tying down and gagging their girlfriends and slapping them around until they're bruised. Link in >>272061 is relevant.
Also 24/7 BDSM relationships are trash. If your whole relationship revolves around sex, you need to rethink your life.

Apparently an unpopular opinion in the BDSM circles: gentledom is 100000 times better than any of the violent and degrading shit. It's so much better when you're told how beautiful you look and how much you're loved while being handled gently and lovingly, instead of all the violence, humiliation, spitting and slapping and "choke on my cock you worthless, dirty fucking whore"-tier dirty talk.

No. 273231

not every girl likes either of those things

No. 273233

File: 1532818056339.jpg (42.85 KB, 500x376, 1519592802762.jpg)


>mfw i always get completely ignored in the venting thread and i just have to see anons flock to respond to whoever posted after me.

No. 273240

Who said that?

No. 273247

I agree with this. My opinion, I have this feeling the anons complaining about dom guys are the ones posting about wanting to punch men and make them cry. It's valid for both sides. You can't complain about something when you do it yourself. I really dislike this agressive dom trend.

No. 273324

ive lamented about dom guys on here multiple times and no, i don't want to punch men in the face, wtf. i'm really over this false equivalency that is thrown at women that have a vocal distaste for dom men.

No. 273360

I think people who are vocal about being anti-filter and anti-makeup are secretly salty they can't pull it off and look as nice on the internet.
Yeah, people know filters aren't real.
Yes, makeup hides blemishes and accentuates features.
Right, angles make someone's face and body more appealing.
Everyone knows this by now in the year 2018. Why are they so mad about it still?

Nobody should have to ugly down to prove they're real people when the truth is it's completely normal to want beautiful, flattering pictures of themselves. Also considering the power of archiving, it makes complete sense why people don't want their uggo candids floating on the internet for forever.

Obviously this is different from people who shoop themselves into downs looking aliens due to body dysmorphia and claim that's what they look like 24/7 irl.

I'm just saying, if they're gonna treat photo filters and makeup like "cheats," then maybe we ought to address how other products set up unreal expectations too.
Skincare products? AHA! Trying to trick people into thinking you have supple, healthy skin hmmmmm?
Oh wait no, that's fucking stupid. Because putting down things that make people look and feel better is fucking stupid.

No. 273362

Is it directed at someone from the boards?

No. 273364

Nah, something I saw on reddit. Although I've seen people nitpick dumb shit on /snow/ like that, but at least those are partially deserved because most cows and flakes legit do try to pass themselves off as looking that way all the time.

No. 273365

Agreed, I have never understood why people on one hand will condemn self harming, talk about serious mental health issues then turn around and get their ass beat in bed and thats ok? Because "consenting adults"?
People who cut themselves are consenting too but that we equate to self harm.
Yet nobody questions if an adult wants to get beat up, cut up, choked out and left bruised during sexual acts because for some twisted ass reason since they're fucking its somehow ok?
I find it ridiculous too this whole notion that "sub space" is a thing when its called dissociating and people think thats a coveted experience when its just an unhealthy as fuck practice.
Thanks to this 'no kinkshame' bs its helped pedo's gain traction with DDLG and people out here dare say things like
"Im a CSA victim it helps me cope!!"
Age 'regressing' while getting pounded by your "daddy" isnt a coping mechanism, its a tool for you to continue living in a perpetual state of romanticising what happened to you and relive the victimhood surrounded by your "aesthetic" even though I legitimately feel 99% of the people who do claim CSA victimhood and are into DDLG are profuse ass liars since I truly can't picture someone dumb enough to be perpetuating pedophilia while saying they're a csa victim.

No. 273367

If you ask your boyfriend not to watch porn, expect him to actually do it and also not be angry at you just for asking, you are foolish.
All men are porn addicts in 2018.

No. 273368

I hate all men then

No. 273370

almost all of them are addicted, but what's your solution? you just recommend not asking even if it makes you uncomfortable?

No. 273372

Agreed. They will also resent your for it.

No. 273374

I feel like porn and video games were the worse thing to ever happen to the male gender

No. 273385

This, i don't mind video games, I even enjoy a few myself, men just get extremely into them, even make "jokes" about luring their girlfriend and ignoring her for video games, or even worse, men who have limited time with their gf when they meet just for the guy to spend the entire time they're together playing video games, I wish the whole "video gamers dont get girlfriends" shit was true, many of them are entitled and grrr gamer handmaidens and league thots only fuel their behavior

For porn, it's always been shit, the industry has been filled with pedophiles and now they're more honest and open about it, they condition mens minds to believe that making the women as uncomfortable and as painful as possible its actually sexy and fun and women who dont want their tits to turn purple from rope and be anally fisted are boring prudes who are gonna hit the wall and wonder where all the good men gone, they dont even foreplay either, which I dont get because they beg for perfect tits and asses but dont even bother playing with them most of the time, whats the point of demanding a woman to have a perfect body if all you're gonna do is just kiss 3 times and shove it in dry?

Plastic surgery has gave men insane expectations of womens bodies, they expect boobs to look like perfect globes, pussies to look like that of a child, and asses that stick 4 feet out, it has fueled their ego to believe they all deserve submissive 4 feet subs with paper white skin and porn star tits, when you even dare hint porn is toxic they go on rants about how youre a gross prude

No. 273386


No. 273387

Just tell him his dick game is trash. Strongly imply that all the porn is fucking up his stamina or skill during actual sex, and compare him to exes. He'll stop on his own, if he actually values sex and feels inadequate enough.
Beware that he might want you to get into whatever shit he was jacking off to, though, in which case, dump the whole man (if you're not into any of it yourself).

No. 273390

The gag is, these same guys will start getting upset if you so much as say another guy in a movie or show is hot.

No. 273395

Just show them some super skilled male porn actor and watch their self esteem explode before they call you a size queen slut.

No. 273418

File: 1532869661582.png (71.36 KB, 275x246, keke.png)

>thinking we need a dyke's permission to talk about issues which impact our community

No. 273420

>guys can watch another woman being pounded, chummed on while he fantasizes about fucking her and this is all healthy and normal
>he can spend his money on cam girls instead of taking you out for a nice dinner and that's healthy
>even imply another male is ok looking and he will flip shit on his gf and accuse her of cheating

No. 273423

File: 1532870633845.png (213.2 KB, 373x373, g1GCaUaD_400x400.png)

i love rats. i just think they're so adorable and sweet but people always act grossed out when i mention i like them.

No. 273430

How come submissive women are allowed and do complain about submissive men all the time then?

No. 273432

That graph is showing that there's almost as many gay men and lesbians (48%) as there are bisexual men and women (52%), which makes sense imo. That's why you have this impression I guess, because there's no distinction between bisexual men and women in the graph and because someone could say "as someone who's bi" without disclosing their gender?

>altough, absolute worst sexuality HAS to be polysexuals. nuke them.

That's not even a sexual orientation so whenever I see straight people calling themselves queer for being polyamory or whatever I just cringe. Didn't they used to be called swingers before?

Same, it's frustrating.

No. 273433

>bisexual calling other women dyke

No. 273434

But it's 100% okay for lesbians to completely shit on bisexuals, right?

No. 273442

I don't understand couples who have nothing in common. My sister is getting married to her fiance soon and they literally have no common interests. He sits on his computer playing video games all day while she sits on the couch and watches tv all day, and that's what they do "together". I don't think you should share all interests with your partner but you should have some sort of commonality. Granted both of them are struggling with depression but it's still bizarre to me because they're completely opposite people.

Rats are the cutest. I really want one but can't because I have cats.

No. 273443

This. I'm tired of lesbians calling bi people every name under the sun, but the moment they themselves get a taste of their own medicine, they're innocent babu victims uwu.
Fuck biphobic bullshit.

No. 273449

I'm bi and honestly, I see bisexuals complain about lesbians (or gay guys) more than I see lesbians shit on bisexuals. A lot of bis have a victim complex tbh it's kind of annoying.

No. 273451

Weird, it's been the exact opposite in my experience. It's always "bisluts" this and that, "Not a real part of the LGBT", "Pick one", "You're all promiscuous", "straight-passing privilege", etc etc. Just people being very bitter for no reason.

No. 273455

Bisexuals complain about lesbians because loud lesbian activists keep shitting on them and ostracizing them. I don't know if those assholes are just political lesbians and afraid of being found out or if their ex-gf chose a man instead or why the fuck they would have this deep-rooted hatred against bis. "Straight-passing privilege" is the stupidest fucking thing ever, you mean there aren't bi people in homosexual relationships or bi people looking for one?

Sexuality in general is rarely a static, non-fluctuating thing, you might go decades as a straight/gay person and then fall in love with the opposite/same gender. If the society wasn't so traditionally homophobic and if the LGBT community wouldn't pressure people to choose a side I'm pretty sure we would have a lot more bisexual people around.

No. 273456


This while Dom/sub shit is so fucking cringy anyways.

No. 273485

Japanese horror films are praised so much for how scary they are but they're actually not. Even American remakes of Japanese horror movies are better. The grunge was scarier than ju-on, I actually fell asleep on the Japanese ver. Horrible special effects, boring, not scary. Japan is a first world country…I don't understand why all their movies and shows suck.

No. 273486

File: 1532879872392.png (1.52 MB, 680x873, 78957538975.PNG)

I used to find recovery influencers like Jen Bretty inspirational a year or more ago but now that all she does is sperg about her ass and thighs being "killer/thicc" on social media she seems like a huge hypocrite. What's the point in promoting recovery when you just jumped from a disordered focus on being skinny and revolving your life around it to having a disordered focus on having a giant ass and revolving your life around it?

In my opinion it does nothing to encourage people to face the root issue of body dysmorphia and it's irresponsible to use ED recovery content as a vehicle to generate literal ass pats.

No. 273497

it should be illegal to give your child made up names like ''kulture'', ''Sir'' or ''north'', even if they are celebrities. what the fuck is wrong with this world.

No. 273498

arent all names made up though

No. 273499

Yep I noticed the same thing about recovery and body positivity accounts. Their lives still revolve around peer approval and people thinking they're attractive. Feeding off the same body obsession they were before is not healthy. They should learn their value outside of their physical appearance

No. 273501

Wow LARPers are getting worse and worse by the day.

No. 273502

Modern feminism does more harm than good for women, and I don't mean this in an edgy male teenager way.
Basically, I hate this whole sex appeals & nothing else = empowerment bullshit that so many women are pushing, especially female rappers. It's not an achievement and it's nothing to boast about. Producing a music video about how big your ass is isn't ''empowering'' imo.

No. 273504

>prefering death over getting raped
Man, those feminazis again… What's so bad about rape anyways??
classic roasties

No. 273505


What's so bad about death/suicide?

No. 273507


Life is nice, but "death" isn't bad. It's neutral.

No. 273509

>Urrr duurrr people focusing on one issue is because they don't value this other issue


No. 273511

>hey guys show off your big ass, twerk and be dependent on men for money! That will show men we are independent and empowered
>why make your own money girl?show that pussy off and be fap material!that will show him for slut shaming ;) pussy pohwa
>being a cam girl is so much more empowering than having a job. Only an idiot would work at Walmart instead of sex work. You have a pussy! Use it girl!

It's like they don't even think about what they're saying

No. 273513

You shouldn't even compare those things. Imagine how rape victims feel when people say it's worse than death/suicide, should they just kill themselves then?

No. 273515

So death is bad because you'll be sad?
If someone I love dies it will be horrible for me, not them. If someone I love gets raped it will be horrible for THEM and they have to continue living with it.

No. 273517


Literally, so much of this garbage all over Twitter and Instagram

No. 273518

No, the logical solution is all would-be rapists should suicide before committing rape > net benefit

No. 273519

No you should suicide for being born without a functioning brain and being an edgy retard.

No. 273520

I have honestly never heard anyone, feminist or not, compare rape to death and suicide. They're completely different things and it's very insensitive to use it push your ''le triggered feminazis xD'' shit.

>If someone I love dies it will be horrible for me, not them.

No. 273521

i miss when we could say "hi cow!" tbh

i know it was stupid and i get why people get banned when they do it, but they're legit moments when its a witty reply to make.

No. 273522


Can everyone shut the fuck up about suicide? What kind of shitty derail is this.

please be aware there are people reading who don't want to see this shit


No. 273526

People say Americans are too patriotic but I think Canadians are more patriotic. When I'm in Canada there's always something there to remind you that you're in Canada and how fucking great Canada is.
>go to the movies! Oh there's a quirky ad about how fucking amazing it is to be in Canada
>ads everywhere with the Canadian flag everywhere
>Canada Canada Canada!

No. 273529

And look at asian countries like China and Japan. You’re telling me they aren’t just as patriotic as well?

Also I don’t see the hate boner over patriotism. Let people be proud ffs.

No. 273531

After living in both countries I have to agree with you on this tbh. Americans put up more flags/seem to know their national history better on average, but Canadians often tend to be masturbatory about the whole "hehe Canadian!! we have free health care nice try sweaty" thing.

No. 273559

my only gripe with canadian patriotism is the idea that it is some sort of racial paradise where racism doesnt exist, even though I'm pretty sure there have been multiple cases of cops leaving indigenous people out in the freezing cold way in the boonies to die. pretty anecdotal, but there are a lot of canadians in florida (old and young) and some of my white canadian friends are ~so shocked~ by how racist this country is. don't get me wrong, america is racist. but so is just about everywhere else

No. 273578

Canada is basically the 51st state. If you want to piss off a Canadian, just tell them this.

No. 273590

The fact that Canadians are shocked at anything cultural about america is laugh worthy. Minus the political shit and healthcare we are culturally the same.

No. 273607

I love when women into age play stuff start getting older. They literally can't handle it.

No. 273617

File: 1532904960220.jpg (54.87 KB, 640x480, milk.jpg)

how could you forget the most important cultural difference

No. 273619

tbh I think Canadians try to overcompensate since we live next to the biggest cultural influence in the world, so we play up any minor culture differences in an attempt to set us apart. I kinda wish it extended beyond "teehee maple syrup and poutine"

No. 273646

This happens to me everytime I post there, too


No. 273649

So would you rather have sex with a virgin guy or a player?

No. 273653

I feel like this about the supposedly feminist movements making sure everyone ever is called beautiful and gorgeous and perfect.
Instead of empowering anyone, they’re reducing people to a single trait that has no value outside of attracting a partner.

It’s such a coddled and ignorant mindset to have and some of the people doing act like they are heroic revolutionaries because they drew a cute person in a wheelchair or called someone with crouzons pretty.

I thought the point was to remind women that they are more than pretty little objects and that beauty is a trivial thing pressed upon women by old fashioned gender norms, blah blah patriarchy.

No. 273689

I feel like a lot of the girls posted in the Cute Girls thread are dull looking white girls. Like they’re cute but kinda plain cute. They all kind of look the same too. Like a basic girl next door look but not stunning.
>Inb4 bitter nonwhite SJW
I’m white myself and I know they’re plenty of gorgeous white women. Also I am aware that uggos can exist in all races. But then again, it’s called the “Cute Girls” thread not the “Gorgeous Girls” thread.

No. 273694

Gay male couples and single men should never be allowed to adopt

No. 273697

i agree with. you have a point about it only being the "cute" girls thread, not the "gorgeous" one, though. but even still i personally found myself thinking the cutest girls in the thread were the ones from previous eras (like '90s and back), regardless of their race. most of the current day faces in the thread are just safe looking instagram aesthetic white girls that are good at taking photos. lol no bitter feelings, i'm just kind of like mehhhhh

No. 273699

No. 273700

File: 1532926419457.jpg (75.25 KB, 794x896, b49a1b4866a3d5c0b5964601dfcd84…)

kpop girls wearing push up bras, another set of boob padding, hip padding and butt pads are nothing to admire

No. 273712

do they wear hip padding often?

No. 273723

File: 1532927910750.png (330.48 KB, 428x782, sana hip pads.png)

yes and they're very obvious once you notice them. a kpop girl getting skinnier and yet her boobs and hips are larger, pointy hips in stage outfits and shorts and skirts that are tight around the hips but awkwardly loose at the leg. ie every sana fancam where she's not wearing them, her shoulders look very wide and she has narrow hips, compared to a more balanced look when she is wearing them.

No. 273724

You can be left-wing, and to certain extant a SJW without being completely insane. E.g. I fully accept genuinely trans people or asexual folks, but draw the line at made up shit like demisexuals and fictionkin etc. I'm not a racist. I support left-wing economic policies.
But I feel like a unicorn sometimes.

No. 273771

i agree with the single male part for sure! Idk about male gay couples though. I mean, I don't see why a gay female couple would be any better. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/27/us/hart-family-crash.html

No. 273774

I think it's one of those things where you feel like a unicorn online because it's mostly the insane ones who are posting and have a huge following, but I'm sure irl you're far from the only one who have these beliefs, but the people who agree with you are less visible.

No. 273796

>I feel like a lot of the girls posted in the Cute Girls thread are dull looking white girls.
i see so many plain asian girls too. cute but plain.
imo the ''plain/average'' look is the most enjoyable because the girls are beautiful, but not in an over-the-top way. that's a pretty unpopular opinion since I feel like a lot of people on lolcow have really high standards lol

No. 273801

unpopular opinion but I don't really care that much about poachers. Like, yes, its horrible and I prefer rich dentists wouldn't do it but the way people make them out to be the literal worst human beings on the planet and try to ruin their life is so retarded, all while they eat slaughtered animals like steak and chicken. Whats weird is the most reeeeing I see about this is from the right wing people I follow. I guess they care more about animals in Africa than actual human Africans.

No. 273803

Yeah, the yellow fever runs strong… Remember that survey thread? Max 3 girls said they're Asian, yet half of the girls posted in there are.

No. 273804

I like people who are unconventionally attractive, like they have a kind of beauty that makes you uncomfortable. They have a certain magnetism to them.

No. 273809

>all while they eat slaughtered animals like steak and chicken
It's more about the animals being endangered than just the hunting itself. I'm not completely opposed to hunting, as long as it's done according to regulations. Also it makes more sense to kill animals for food than for some "medicine" for some Chinese businessman to get his dick hard.

No. 273810

I relate to this.
To add my own related unpopular opinion, I have a real preference for ugly-cute people. People who have some "ugly" features (big nose, ears that stick out, close set eyes, crooked teeth or tooth gap, etc.) but they work together in a way that makes them look goofy and sweet. Most of the men I find attractive have this sort of look going on, I find it so endearing.

No. 273812

> I guess they care more about animals in Africa than actual human Africans.

Who doesn't? Animals are actually endangered. Africans breed and spread like plague.(racebaiting)

No. 273813

So rude but it's true

No. 273844

Agreed. I'm veg and I think an animal living in its natural habitat and getting killed in a way that's similar to how they'd die in the wild is better than keeping animals in shit conditions and mass slaughtering them.

In my ideal world, neither would happen but it pisses me off that people get upset about poachers or the Yulin dog festival or people eating animals that are cooked live (lobsters, frogs, snails, octopus w.e) while tucking into a big meaty feast three times a day and denying that their food suffered the same amount.

No. 273849

Holy shit this. I hate meat taboos. Because at the end of the day, whether its cow, dog, goat, horse, etc. youre still eating an animal so you arent better than other people becaus you eat cows and not cats

No. 273853

There was a study that people prefer plain cute faces over super flamed up above average faces

No. 273854

Related to the anons above: I can't bring myself to feel bad for cows,
chickens, pigs and other livestock animals. I don't believe them to be intelligent enough to appreciate what we consider a humane "happy life" i.e. not be killed for food. I also hate when people start claiming that I should accept eating dogs/cats/other pets if I accept eating livestock, pet animals have been socialized as a part of day to day human interaction so yes, it's more inhumane to eat companion pets than livestock animals bred for centuries to produce food.

Of course I believe the livestock animals should be treated well and slaughtered under anesthesia, but I simply don't feel bad for eating them. I get the criticizing of the meat industry for environmental reasons though.

No. 273862

>I don't believe them to be intelligent enough to appreciate what we consider a humane "happy life"
Have you ever seen any videos of domesticated animals? A pig has the same intelligence level as a cat or dog (or from what I heard is more intelligent). So is this something you tell yourself to make yourself feel better about eating intelligent animals or do you genuinely believe something that's untrue? Why would you decide what's worth eating based on intelligence level anyway?

No. 273864

Pigs are smarter than dogs, Anon.

No. 273867

They're probably smarter than all these anons that think poaching is ok.

No. 273912

t. Pig internet defense force
Sure a pig might have the cognitive ability of a toddler, but that does not in fact let it even hold a candle to a dog. A dog can infer human emotions from our faces and the tone and intonation of our language, as a matter of fact a dog can UNDERSTAND us way better than bacon next to my eggs.

No. 273913

If we're okay with eating animals because they're less intelligent, I don't see why we give severely retarded humans any respect or regard.
An average pig, a chicken or a cow are 100x more lucid, capable and useful than a Hartley Hooligan, so maybe the latter and others like them should be used for meat, materials, etc.

No. 273916

Yes Anon, a living animal that has spent time with you for years can understand you better than a piece of dead tissue that was cooked in oil and put on your plate, you are sooo smart for figuring that out!

No. 273918

No one who reasons properly (without a bleeding heart that is) would ever argue that Hartley Hooligans shouldn't have been aborted, or even euthanized at this point. Not only do they seem to lack any cognitive abilities they doubtfully will even reach 20 years.

No. 273921


Novelty Seeking, Inquisitiveness and Play
Play is found most predominantly in the most cognitively complex and adaptable nonhuman species, such as primates (Bencke, 2015), dogs (Bekoff, 2015), dolphins (Janik, 2015) and birds (Emery & Clayton,
2015). However, play behavior also exists in fish and reptiles (Burghardt, 2015), and the most cognitively complex invertebrates, such as the octopus (Zylinski, 2015). Therefore, play appears to be a marker of cognitive complexity.
Pigs, too, are playful animals (Donaldson, Newberry, Spinka, & Cloutier, 2002; Olsen, Simonsen, & Dybkjaer, 2002; Newberry, et al. 1988; Wood-Gush and Vestergaard, 1991, 1993), exhibiting a wide range of behaviors in this domain. A recent study of play behavior in pigs shows that they engage in quite complex types of play that include social play and object play (Horback, 2014). Common object play behaviors in pigs include shaking or carrying an object such as a ball or stick or tossing straw (Bolhuis, Schouten, Schrama, & Wiegant, 2005; Dudink, Simonse, Marks, de Jonge,& Spruijt, 2006; Newberryet al.,1988). Locomotor play includes waving/tossing of the head, scampering, jumping, hopping, pawing, pivoting, and gamboling (energetic running), flopping on the ground, and hopping around (Martin, Ison, & Baxter, 2015). Social play in pigs includes play fighting, pushing and running after each other (Horback, 2014). Many of these categories of play are combined and the behaviors are similar to play behavior in dogs and other mammals.

Social Cognition and Complexity
Dogs can not only discriminate among humans but they can tell the difference between a smiling human face and a neutral expression (Nagasawa, Murai, Mogi, & Kikusui, 2011). These kinds of capacities are not surprising in a species with a history of domestication that involved sensitivity to human cues. Yet pigs, too, can discriminate familiar and unfamiliar humans (Koba &Tanida, 1999; Tanida &Nagano, 1998), though perhaps not with the same degree of subtlety. In a study by Tanida and Nagano(1998), young miniature pigs were handled gently and fed treats for five weeks and then allowed to choose between the handler and a stranger in a Y-maze. The results showed that these pigs were able to discriminate between the handler and a stranger and there were a range of individual differences in the kinds of cues (e.g., olfactory, visual and auditory) each pig used. Surprisingly, olfaction appeared to be the least useful for the pigs in differentiating stranger from familiar handler. In general, this study showed that the pigs were able to use prior experience to discriminate between two humans.

No. 273922

who or what in the hell is a Hartley hooligan?

No. 273925

You're posting on Lolcow but have not way to use google?

No. 273928

Yeah, but tell that to the vast population of people like >>273854 who think they're "logical" when they make the "Uhh they're just dumb animals" argument, and they want to call you "evil", "inhumane", "edgy", etc for not treating brain-dead(yet breathing) tards like miracle babies.
From their own logical standpoint, every time you DON'T make use of a severely deformed/retarded human's body for scientific testing, leather, or even just your very first man-kebab, you're creating waste. We shouldn't even euthanize them unless we plan to use their bodies.

No. 273932

My bf has uses far less logic than a dog or a pig.

No. 273937

Anon is trying to convince herself of this because it helps her sleep at night. I used to say the same things when I ate meat ("It's okay, they're stupid!" "They're ugly!" "They serve no other purpose than being food for other animals!" "My meat/milk comes from a good farm!"). It's hard to say those things when you see a pig playing with your dog or when a chicken gets excited to see you because they remember when you hand raised them or when a cow asks you for a scratch, they're all things our pets do. So you keep telling yourself these little lies because "muh bacon", you try to see that shrink wrap meat as a "product" and not a beautiful animal who had a family, its own personality and just wanted to sit on the grass and enjoy the sun on its skin like we all do. Yeah I've been there and it hurts when you turn veg and look back at all the excuses you made over the years.

No. 273958

Break up then

No. 274004

If I wasn't already vegetarian this post would've helped convince me. Intelligence should not be a marker for how something is treated. And animal intelligence shouldn't be measured in human terms. They are more complex and spiritual than us, they impart wisdom to each other in ?unknown? Ways, they know things without learning them.

They just can't vocalise the way we can therefore they're judged as stupid. Or they disobey orders because free will, and that too is judged as stupidity. So being "silent" and disobedient means we should eat them. Troubling thought process

No. 274013

Seeings posts like this really reminds me of the every time pet owners are told explicitly not to humanize their pets and wonder if you people have ever even been in contact with animals, goddamn. This honestly sounds like the people who want to go pet tigers or other apex predators because they watched too many disney movies as a kid and ~totally understand the animals on a spiritual level~. No, they don't care about you and would kill you without question. Get in the pen with that cow and do something harmless that spooks it, it'll ram into you or impale you with its horn.

No. 274014

Every 2nd post in the Annoying Friends thread is anons complaining that their "friend" annoys them because, well, because they're fat. Nobody deserves to believe somebody's their friend, when said person actually secretly despises them just because of the way they look.

No. 274019


No. 274030

>Get in the pen with that cow and do something harmless that spooks it, it'll ram into you or impale you with its horn.
The exact same shit is true for humans.
>be literally any animal, like, say, a black bear
>go into human-occupied space
>don't do anything to harm them
>get killed on sight because surprise, they don't fucking know you or what you're capable of
You're just making any excuse to defend looking down on other living creatures, and it's sad. It's one thing to eat meat. Hell, animals eat animals. It's the circle of life (though whether we humans need to do it is a debate in itself). But, it's a special kind of shitty to try and rob the animals you eat of their status as beings on this planet that feel pain, can reason and are/were just trying to survive. We're not the exact same, but we all have sex, take shits, feel the urge to survive and love our own kind. When we die, we all sink into the ground, get eaten by the same worms and mix with the exact same shit, dirt and water. Nature doesn't care about your technological advancements, or that you used to browse Lolcow. Humans are not special, lmao.
Maybe none of this would be happening if people were forced to hunt and kill their own meat instead of just picking up bacon at the supermarket. I bet you wouldn't even be able to stick your hands into a dead cow's guts without fainting, or last one hour in a slaughterhouse without puking, but you want to harp about "muh burgers".

No. 274032

you guys are all nuts. moralfag vegans are super annoying. some of us really don't give a shit about the animals dying. they should be kept and treated better tho cause it makes the meat better. i don't even think humans dying is that big of a deal. cynics aren't vegans for a reason.

No. 274035

anon you're talking about domesticated animals here. aside from pigs, livestock was bred by humans for humans they cant survive in the wild. they don't really have status as beings.

No. 274042

Most humans can't survive in the wild, either. Also, the same is true of cats and dogs, but some people lose their shit about others eating them because _______.

No. 274045

Give a human a course in survival for three months or half a year and they will, while probably not ideally, but they will. A cow is essentially a neutered creature that won't even try to escape a field if it's surrounded by a thin copper wire that gives a small electric zap, and would also die if not given water for several days. Most cow breeds have their animalistic instincts bred out of them thanks to hundreds of generations of selective breeding. Just because hogs are less removed from boars doesn't in the slightest mean that their adaptability to a wild environment is ideal. Pigs and such would be an ideal prey to any larger predator which would just increase wild predator population.

No. 274046

How many humans would actually take that course or follow it instead of dying pitifully when left to the elements because they have depression, a low attention span, ADHD, etc?
Regardless of how far removed humans have tried to breed them to be, pigs, cows and other livestock still feel pain, physical sensation, fear, urge to survive and understanding of death. Face it, we're not special.

No. 274047

>Maybe none of this would be happening if people were forced to hunt and kill their own meat instead of just picking up bacon at the supermarket.

Why do you always assume people are as sheltered as you are?
I'm not even the anon you're replying to, but I gut, candle, and clean my own fish all the time. I used to do venison with my relatives until I moved to a city and couldn't afford to get a permit and gun to hunt myself. No less being able to find the time now that I work 40+ hours.

People would butcher and eat their own meat if they all had the land, time, and permission to do so. Take a look at the third world.
You're jumping to an awful lot of conclusions about what humans are incapable of just because modern meat consumption is industrialized and convenient.

No. 274048

1. I am a third worlder. Funny you talk about assumptions.
2. I'm saying people who kill their own meat generally don't think "Hurr animal dumb and not even real xd". They at least comprehend that the thing they're eating was a living thing, and not just a walking burger.

No. 274049

>understanding of death
Literally not true, biologically every animal has an instinctual mechanism for self preservation as pain is just a response to a negative stimuli. Animals of the same species are more than willing to hurt each other for various reasons such as territory or mating privileges, so it's not like animals will never be in pain if people are out of the picture. Also to understand death you need cognition (and not the level of a toddler that most "cognitive" animals posses), as most children only begin to grasp that concept at 5 and don't fully understand it until they're between 8 or 10.

No. 274050

Cows cry when their calves are killed. Also
>using human milestones to measure animals' cognitive ability when you've been trying to maintain that humans and animals are not the same
>Animals of the same species are more than willing to hurt each other for various reasons such as territory or mating privileges, so it's not like animals will never be in pain if people are out of the picture.
I already covered that here >>274030. Circle of life. Everything eats everything, survival of the fittest, etc. My point is that it's shitty and retarded to downplay that a living creature is still a living creature. It's not logical or even really intelligent, it's just trying to protect your own feelings and spare yourself guilt.

No. 274051

>Muh living creature
What if, get this, people just don't give that much of a shit about animals as they are but that - animals. Sure we need to protect flora and fauna and biodiversity is important, but the argument that "it lives" doesn't bother most people nor that it really should.

No. 274052

I don't know how many of you are Texas anons (Texanons?), but…


Fight me.

HEB doesn't have self-check out and their bakery bread loaves are meh.

No. 274053

>I-I-I don't give a fuck!!1
If that were the case, you wouldn't be here trying to argue why it's okay. You would just go about your business instead of trying to rationalize shit and getting pissy whenever someone bothers to point out that contrary to your shitty coping mechanism, a pig is smarter than a Hartley hooligan.

No. 274057

>Harley Hooligan
Most people would be okay with them being aborted or euthanized even right now as they are a drain on medical system and take money away from people that might actually need the money. Life isn't inherently precious, get over it.
>If you don't care why argue
Not an argument, I'm just stating a counterpoint to what I perceive as an irrational stance, just because you perceive your stance as an absolute moral doesn't make it so, because you're not, in any way shape or form, some sort of an arbiter of morals.

No. 274059

When have morals or life being precious ever been brought up? I never argued "Animals are lucid creatures who have feelings and drives, so we shouldn't kill them", just "Animals are lucid creatures who have feelings and drives". You've been trying to argue down that simple fact, and there's really no reason to do so other than that you do give a fuck, and it's more comfortable for you to think they don't really have feelings.

No. 274064

The implication that they are "feeling, thinking, smart" creatures already has a moral presupposition, stop being a twit

No. 274066

To you, because it makes you feel bad, not because there's any inherent moral message there.

No. 274067

>I am a third worlder
What country?
Your neighbors should be shining examples of what they do to obtain meat if what you say is true and you don't exactly have access to/can't afford supermarket meat.

Oh and people who kill their own meat do, in fact, tend to think animals are pretty dumb. Tasty and dumb. Not their fault though.

No. 274068

It makes me feel bad yes, in a way that halfwits like you devalue human intelligence and emotion and just slab them to animals, who mostly function purely on instinct.

No. 274069

Doesn't really matter what country. Whenever I answer in truth, I get called a liar and the thread gets derailed because first worlders are convinced we all must live in mud huts with no internet. Just know it's a Certified Shithole.
Pretty much none of the people I know who kill their own meat actually think of the animals they hunt as "dumb", because it takes actual effort to get them.

No. 274070

>I don't give a FUCK if they have feelings!
>Btw, there's no way they have feelings like WE do! We humans are special snowflakes!

No. 274071

cows wouldn't even be able to learn like that.

humans have a different level of logic. just get over it.

No. 274072


No. 274074

>humans are no different than other animals!!!

okay, then please point out the other animals that jumped the food chain to not only become but control apex predators.

>b-but anon humans use tools

yes, because humans are different than other animals.

No. 274076

No. 274077


i didn't ask for a list of apex predators, i asked for a list of animals that are smart enough to domesticate other apex predators.

No. 274078

No. 274079

a goat feeding dog pups isn't domestication

No. 274080

>i-i don't have any so i'm just going to not read your question and then adhom!

anon get over it. it's just plain stupid to think that other animals and humans are on the same level. feel for them or whatever, but don't be an idiot. you can put your life on the same level as them, but thinking they are equal is stupid.

No. 274081

>thinks modern humans who have much higher problem solving and reasoning skills than cows can't survive in the wild

>thinks cows have short term adaptability


No. 274082

Not everyone who disagrees with you must be the same anon, lmao. Besides, moving the goalposts doesn't really change much. Who actually gives a fuck about apex predators? You can and will be killed and/or eaten by something, someone or the other if disease doesn't get you first. Stop being a snowflake already.

No. 274083

>still no source to back up their own claims

No. 274084

ffs, anon, most vegans don't believe humans and animals are on the same level of intelligence, they just believe that animal's lives deserve the same kind of respect, you've gone off the deep end.

and if anyone is moving the goalposts it's you.

No. 274087

All that's been argued is: We eat, shit and die. It's 100% not that deep. You tried to attack that and made dumb points like "Oh yeah?! Well we keep pets and make tools!" because that simple fact of life triggered your moral feels and you realized going "I don't even care" didn't work.
I'm not even vegan, you're just insincere and sad. A true cynic gives no fucks.

No. 274090

I don't think their lives deserve the same kind of respect

We raise these animals and give them protection and food and in return for letting them pass on their genes in safety we slaughter them. It's not a bad deal considering a wild animal's main goal is to pass on its genes.

No. 274092

>that's all that's been argued

are you okay? most of the argument was anon (you, or maybe not cause you're clearly too stupid to read) asserting that HUMANS AREN'T SPECIAL!!! etc. from the beginning.

No. 274094

samefag but who the fuck said anything about being a "true" cynic?

No. 274095

>doesn't really matter what country

But it mattered enough for you to bring it up as if it counterargued anything I said. What are you hiding? Unless you're bullshitting.

No. 274097

Nta but you're fucking nuts. No one's arguing with you anymore so just stop.

No. 274099

All those fitbits and data gathering are ridiculous for a regular person.
No one needs 20 data points just to lose weight or 5 pills to sleep normally.
People, specially upper middle class murricans, are embracing an hyper surveillance dystopia in order to look more smart and in control an it absolutely disgusts me.

No. 274100

a "true cynic" is a follower cynicism, a philosophical school of thought as started by Diogenes. You're talking about either a moral relativist or some form of egoist.

No. 274102

agreed, it's really fucking weird. people are so anal about controlling and monitoring every detail of their lives it makes them seem like neurotic messes. like some of those blogs have people trying to tell you how to micromanage taking a shit ffs.

No. 274106

>calls others too stupid to read
>literally repeats what has been said but insists it's different
Glad to not be this unhinged.

No. 274109

No. 274110

anon, no one even responded to that post except you now.

No. 274111

You asked who said that, and I showed you the post.

No. 274112

how tf is a random anon's post relevant? they weren't even in the conversation, you just used it as a weird insult for some reason despite the fact that you never even addressed them. you're fucking crazy.

No. 274113

NTA, but are you autistic?

No. 274114

Holy fuck, seek help.
>"Who was even talking about [x]?"
>"This person here was, they were the one being referred to"
>"No one replied to them"
>"You asked who was talking about [x]"

No. 274116

Anon, it's clear that >>274094 meant who in the context of the conversation not literally who.

Why even bring it up if the cynic anon wasn't even in who you were talking to? You just used some random thing another anon said as an insult to someone else.

I said it already but you seem actually autistic.

No. 274118

File: 1532999046481.jpg (20.38 KB, 222x227, 87e.jpg)

i have a sister that moved to texas and she was so excited to try HEB. boy was she disappointed.

idk if you've ever been to florida/georgia, but we have publix here and absolutely everyone looses their fucking shit over their food. while i will admit, their baked loaves are fucking delicious everything else is mediocre at best. their fried chicken is 60% breading, their subs taste like a typical sandwich, all their premade sides are shit, their sushi is shit…with the exception of the bakery i will never understand the hype

No. 274119

Who was being insulted exactly? It was a reference to another post that you obviously didn't read, so you took offense to what was said and are now refusing to accept what was actually meant.
Misinterpreting social situations is an actual sign of autism.

No. 274121

I don't think that those "modern feminists" really represent the majority, especially those edgy ones.

No. 274122

Do you realize I'm not even the same anon? I've just been lurking and you seem pretty mentally off. It's really bizarre to reference an unrelated post while talking to someone else.

No. 274124

Sorry meant to quote >>274087 (I wasn't even in that conversation).

No. 274126

Sorry but no it's not that deep I just misclicked.

No. 274127


Samefag but stop deleting your posts.

No. 274128

Regardless of whether you're the same anon, you're sperging for no reason, and clearly took something innocuous as an insult (even though you're now claiming it wasn't even directed at you) when it was actually a reference to a previous post made.
Seriously, for someone so concerned about autism and mental illness, it sounds like you need to get yourself checked.

No. 274131

can you stop shitting up the thread already so we can move on with our lives?

no you can't because you're just going to respond to everything and say that it's everyone else's fault that you're doing it. you shit up this thread once a month.

No. 274132

I had this thread open at the same time these posts were made, but none of the quoted posts (>>274123, >>274125) were there. What is going on?

No. 274133

I deleted my posts because I didn't see your initial one, and deleted it both times because you admitted your mistake.
It'll be fine.

No. 274134

>that spoiler text
Alright, I'm convinced you're batshit insane. You've gotten into so many arguments here that you think it's all one person who shows up once a month.
Therapy is always an option.

No. 274135

i'm >>274131 and was reading the thread it looks like someone was pissed that they were told off accidentally.

obviously not if people are asking about it. don't be rude.

No. 274136

I'm not being rude, I'm being matter of fact. Anon could have saved herself a lot of trouble by deleting the "accidental" post, and it's good board etiquette to delete posts that are made out of misunderstandings that would cause more derailment.

No. 274137

>You've gotten into so many arguments here that you think it's all one person who shows up once a month.

i'm not even the same anon, calm down. i just lurk the unpopular opinions thread and for the past few months like clockwork this same weird kind of infighting happens that devolves into some anons calling eachother nuts/autistic and accusing everyone of samefagging and telling them to get help.

it's not even that ridiculous considering anons have admitted to shitposting/infighting on purpose.

you mentioned in an hour after they posted, they only have 30 minutes and probably didn't see it.

No. 274138

You're both shitting up the thread. Fucking stop.

No. 274140

>proceeds to shit up the thread more with mini modding statement that never works

No. 274141

If you're not the same anon, maybe mention that first thing with a "NTA" next time (and also try not to hypocritically accuse people of the very thing you tell them to "chill" over, especially when your reasoning is shaky as fuck).
It doesn't really matter in the end, though. Please, just take your own advice, let this die and allow us all to move on.
>inb4 you respond anyway because you need the last word

No. 274142

you're fucking nuts.

No. 274144

Dude stop shitting up the thread.

No. 274145

>proceeds to do the exact same thing they were complaining about others doing

No. 274146

File: 1533000699955.jpg (145.03 KB, 1280x720, tanoshii.jpg)

No. 274147

Why do you always assume the same person is talking to you? I don't think anon boards are for you, try reddit maybe?

No. 274148

Moral grandstanding is really fucking obnoxious and turns people into psychos.

No. 274149

Stop shitting up the thread

No. 274150

I didn't see >>274142 before I commented. Sorry I'm not fucking policing the thread like a hawk. FFS.

No. 274151

Stop minimodding.

Bitch obviously can't follow conversations properly without names and avatars.

No. 274152

Why do you keep assuming every anon is the exact same person? Are you okay?

No. 274153

my unpopular opinion is that you can't shit up/derail the thread because this thread is garbage to begin with and it's become an obvious past time to just infight until it maxes out.

No. 274154

No. 274155

Dude stop shitting up the thread.

No. 274156

all sides of the argument above are equally retarded. some of you take this site way too seriously.

>inb4 “you’re so and so!!” this is my first post ITT in several days

No. 274157

>inb4 dude stop shitting up the thread!

No. 274165

I see you come here every month to make this same complaint. Fuck off with the "This is my first post ITT". Stop fucking minimodding.

No. 274170

File: 1533001830623.jpg (24.42 KB, 534x400, 0b3[1].jpg)

No. 274171

I think parents who have to insert their kids into every facet of their life are really boring and attention seeking people.

Bf asked people to post pictures of their cats, and a few SAHMs couldn't help but post a tiny picture of their cat with their baby/infant front and center of it.
It's like yes, we get it, you reproduced. Congrats. Now go be happy with your choice alone with your family (if you can handle the lack of outside validation).

No. 274173

try having kids and having those people judge you for not posting 5000 pictures of your kids a day.

No. 274174

sorry! part of my post got deleted!

>i hate it too it's so tiring. sometimes i just want to see a photo of your christmas tree or your new hair, but the child is always in frame.

No. 274175

People judge you for not posting 5000 pictures of your kids?
We call those heroes without capes.
Nobody except for pesky relatives wants to see pictures of other peoples' kids lol.
It's one of the top reasons people hate facebook.

No. 274178

YEEES yes they do. every parent friend i have on fb posts every time their kid takes a dump practically, and expects me to do the same. then i'll get passive aggressive messages like "oh your hike this weekend looked fun but was little devin there? what was he up to" no my 5 year old son didn't go on our mountain climb, he was doing fuck all cause i wasn't with him.

No. 274183

File: 1533002842317.jpeg (1006.73 KB, 1242x1002, 51E9F6BB-B878-4D27-B3F0-17A959…)

Semi-related but this goes for dogs too. I hate going on instagram or other social media to check out reviews for subscription bags and other makeup stuff and have every other post be “hehe and Fluffy decided she liked it too and wanted to get into shot!” This happens a lot on reddit, so much that there are butthurt “well sorry you guys didnt like my cat…” posts to follow when they get downvotes.

For the love of god keep kids and animals out of the shot.

No. 274188

I find that really annoying too.

No. 274190

i wouldn't mind if the cat actually just happened to come over and sit next to you while you're taking the photo, but placing makeup on top of the confused cat pretending it cares about ipsy is retardo

No. 274203

but like in OP's pic it always looks like the cat has no clue where the fuck it is and what all that stuff ontop of it is.

No. 274205

File: 1533006005988.jpeg (53.44 KB, 800x450, 28F9BDC9-AD3B-4D21-9E6E-4E34D9…)

lol anon, thanks for proving me right

No. 274206

File: 1533006905619.jpg (20.24 KB, 489x408, DWlWu2GX4AAqCYJ.jpg)

fellow texanon here, and i agree that HEB is overrated. however i do like its offspring company central market (when i have enough money to go lel).
i mostly shop at kroger, sometimes whole foods and trader joes, asian and hispanic markets, and occasionally aldi. there is no HEB near me, but the first time i went to one in another city i was like…. oh, okay.

No. 274207

Tell them you don’t post because of all the chomos on sm. Maybe make up a story to get them to shut it and feel guilty for being broadcasters.

No. 274211

File: 1533009858967.png (89.29 KB, 639x918, IMG_2765.PNG)

Anon stop you look retarded.

No. 274218

It pisses me off that my sister in law does this with my nephew. She must post a photo of him at least once a day, and sometimes several if they went out to a zoo/McDonalds/somewhere outside the house.
I love my nephew but I get tired of seeing endless pictures of him so I ended up unfollowing her on my facebook.
I feel bad for him too because it is obvious his mother is only doing this for her own validation and attention seeking, yet these photos of him with what looks like feces smeared over his face and him sitting on filthy kitchen tiles that need to be mopped will be floating around on the internet forever. He never got a choice whether he wanted his life documented for all to see or not.

No. 274300

Lets hope it’s chocolate.
Maybe you should make a fake account and tell her to mop her floors.
If I was gonna be take the time and be addicted to curating scenes of my life for all to see, best believe it’s gonna look tip top.

No. 274347

The people who post 40+ photo albums of selfies with their kids who have no idea what the fuck is going on is the most annoying to me. I have a cousin like this. "Oh my girlie just loves taking selfies!" no she doesn't, she's too young to even have a word for a photo, fuck off.

No. 274392

Lol, I have a high school friend on fb and this is how she treats her son who is currently 10. She got away with taking a million pictures of her and him years prior because he literally had no say.
But now that he's more grown up he obviously thinks it's lame to stage fake photos all the time. Nearly every picture she posts of him is his fake grin with cringey eyes because he doesn't want to be doing it.
(Un)fortunately she had a second kid a couple years ago so she can get her forced selfie fix for attention from her daughter.

I was laughing because she pretended to be bisexual and dated a woman LDR for an entire two months. I was enjoying seeing her kids get dressed up in Pride attire and her exclaiming on fb about how her kids support it so much. As of a 3 year old understands sexuality lmao.

No. 274396

File: 1533068007799.gif (320.59 KB, 493x200, 200_d.gif)

Shape Of You is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Sounds like it was co written by the ark music factory. Like I'm no music snob and I enjoy a lot of cheap pop music but the success of that song utterly baffles me.
It cancels itself out as music. After 30 seconds I dont even hear the song, just too preoccupied imagining how a woman could possibly react to a man she just met in a bar saying her love was handmade for him.

No. 274405

tbh i also hate how that doughy, round ruddyfaced little ginger spends like 4 minutes singing that shit song entirely about some woman's body/body shape/superficial shit, while looking the way he does. idk, ugly male musicians should at least have something more to say in their songs/bring to the table, even if they're cheap little pop numbers. i mean, shit, even conventionally attractive young guy singers put out plenty of cute little ditties about how beautiful the object of their affection is because of her personality and how smart and sweet she is, etc. idk, it's just extra lame coming from some doughy little meatball

No. 274410

I feel the same about just any popular pop song nowadays. It's nice when you're inside a store and can recognize a song but whenever I download them on my cellphone I delete them after 2 hours maximum. I hate Despacito and anything by Justin Bieber.

Another opinion: I dislike all the past thread's pics with this big mouth thing, I have no idea what it's supposed to be.

No. 274421

lol some fwb japanese guy i used to see back when i was studying abroad last year was obsessed with ed fucking sheeran to the point that he would put on shape of you on repeat every time we had sex and now i cant help but cringe everytime i hear it because of the association with that weirdo.

He also ruined “I feel it coming” by TheWeeknd because he was also obsessed with that song and played it over and over. While climaxing he once said word for word in his horrible English “I fEeL iT cOmInG”

No. 274422

File: 1533071258179.jpeg (188.22 KB, 800x600, F3880A6A-F868-45A6-BB7F-C72C44…)

You take that back tokitama did thing wrong

No. 274433

File: 1533072405531.jpg (7.94 KB, 480x360, wiseaukeks.jpg)

damn that sounds like a wild ride

No. 274477

>Another opinion: I dislike all the past thread's pics with this big mouth thing, I have no idea what it's supposed to be.
Fucking agreed. The OP pics for this thread and the vent one as well.

No. 274484

hot weather is much better than cold weather. probably because i associate heat with late spring/summer and therefore positive memories but i can function 20 times better in the heat than i can in the cold

No. 274493

Shape of you made me asexual

No. 274516

I agree with this, and I hate how if I were to say it out loud then I would get shunned by my peers.

No. 274525

tbh i think bread is disgusting

No. 274527

>thinks bread is disgusting

I wish I could be you

No. 274530

Bacon is an overrated meat

No. 274533

I don't post there anymore but sometimes I lurk in both Kpop threads. I saw some anons saying they went to shit but I'd say the Anti thread is standart lolcow nitpicking while the General Kpop one has turned into a cringefest with anons posting which idols they'd like to fuck. Which is absolutely worse.

No. 274539

Extreme knitpicking I’m okay with, just as long as the OP has a sense of humor and is funny about it. Knitpicking is annoying when everyone is serious and has a holier than thou attitude a la the kooter thread.

No. 274540

File: 1533096797444.jpg (15.81 KB, 400x260, extreme knit.jpg)

>Extreme knitpicking

No. 274545

Every fat woman (and I mean fat, not "I could lose 15 lbs") I have befriended or worked with has been nothing but a hateful bitch.

If you are a youtuber or have a patreon as your main source of income, that is not a real job.

If you have a decent sized following, whining about self-diagnosed cliché mental health issues in a completely unproductive way makes you a shit person.

E-begging should be shamed into oblivion.

The whole "White people" thing is just buzz hate.

Raising minimum wage will not ultimately change anything. If you want a raise, do something about it or earn it.

Most dog owners are shit at training their dogs.

Similarly, most parents are shit parents.

Weed laws are too lax. (People drive while smoking all the time, kids smoke at bus stops, etc.)

A magical global law should be passed that only allows families to have up to 2 children in certain countries due to overpopulation.

If you abuse an animal or person, you should lose a body part.

No. 274548

>A magical global law should be passed that only allows families to have up to 2 children in certain countries due to overpopulation.

Agree, also people on SSI or welfare shouldn't be allowed to have kids or continue having kids after they start receiving benefits

No. 274550

I'm sorry but why isn't youtube/patreon a real job if it pays the bills? As far as I know it does involve some work anyways…
I agree that e-begging is gross but some situations are more understandable than others.
Minimum wage used to be a lot higher compared to the cost of life… it's probably not sustainable for small businesses though so I'm a bit ambiguous about it.
I fucking hate weed smokers in general but eh. I'd still rather have high people driving than drunk ones.

No. 274551

I used to think I loved heat but then I started working at a tiny place that's either hot or freezing and no in between everm and always hella humid. Yeah I'll take the cold anytime now, at least I'm not sweating my tits off and can wear a few sweaters or something.

No. 274553

Unpopular opinions, or just autism.

No. 274556

File: 1533101543389.jpg (205.97 KB, 700x700, 1460411897771.jpg)

I think the modern designs of most video games are unhealthy in that they take advantage of peoples' addictive tendencies.
Not even though lootboxes, but also through limited trophies/events/progression. How they turn it into virtual sport and make people wait around for dlc.

I hate how I can't say anything negative against video game use without people getting up in arms over it.
There's been plenty of false equivalencies in the past (first person shooters=making kids more violent), but I do think video game addiction is real and does harm people.

No. 274560

I agree with most of these but you sound jealous of youtubers. Like why do you care if someone has a real job or not.

No. 274562

this. it's not a sustainable job but how is it not a real job? you get money from a company for doing a service. what else do you need to qualify?

No. 274617

Cosplay is not for everyone. If you are morbidly obsessed pls don't cosplay your "smol loli waifu".

No. 274699


I hope the picture is unrelated because bloodborne was a very good game

No. 274725

It doesn't seem like the point was about which games are good or not.

No. 274798

you sound like a fuckwit. (doubt this is an unpopular opinion.)

No. 274822

Heterosexual radical feminists/terfs are hypocrites

No. 274823

Actual unpopular opinion: Cosplay isn't serious business and nobody cares that fatty fedora ruined your smol anime waifu.

Cosplayers need to get over themselves and the glorified Halloween parties that are conventions.

No. 274831

political lesbian spotted

No. 274838

File: 1533158552628.jpg (30.3 KB, 500x375, DATS-A-GOOD.jpg)

So, just because I find guys cute I'm not allowed to criticize misogyny…?

No. 274841

Shane Dawson's videos are shit. The editing and camerawork are fucking atrocious, the memes are stale, his face looks like a foot, and he looks like he smells like vinegar.

I also don't understand why people think his cameramen is hot. He's extremely average to me, maybe even a bit below.

No. 274866

Why would someone have to be a lesbian to realize lesbians shouldn't be erased and gaslighted into sleeping with male troons?

No. 274869

nta but that's not what radical feminism is about

The rift between het and lesbian radfems is pretty shameful. That's no way to get anywhere.

No. 274901

agree though the rift is a reason why I laugh any time the topic of female only utopia gets brought up.
How do you wish to live in this peaceful and nurturing community when you can't even stop sperging at your ~sisters~ just cause they had or had not some dick in them?

Also lol at lesbians crying lesbophobia any time someone disagrees with them or ~bihets~ don't include the in conversation about dating men.

No. 274905

Everyone is so against "racism uwu" but they still make fun of immigrants - not talking about refugees, but in general. I see things like " bitch ur an immgrant", mocking accents and overall people ranting about foreigners stealing their job.
Double standards are totally a thing

No. 274938

I think otherkins, trans people who claim to be genderfluid/genderqueer/etc are just mentally ill.

Seriously every person who identifies as this that I have met, portrays some underlying depression, and/or anxiety, and other issues. Possibly a shit family or childhood too. You are either female or male. That's it. You're not a fairy. You're not an animal. You're not both genders, you're not genderless. (I have nothing against trans people who are MTF or FTM.) I swear they're all a cult with their butch haircuts, obnoxious thick rim glasses, and oversized clothing. I don't care if SJWs think I'm prejudice.

I love seeing how Twitter bios are just fluttered with descriptions like "lvl 24 genderqueer THEY/THEM smol plantkin UwU. INFJ. GAY. Did i tell u 4 the millionth time I'm GAY??????!!!!!! ~ Single ~ NEET ~ Otaku (insert gay flag emoji) ~

No. 274944

The Luna thread should be demoted back to /snow/ I kept up with it when they moved it to /pt/ but the milk dried up shortly after. She's a dirty junkie who never leaves the house, and ebegs all day. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. If you read one tuna thread you've read them all at this point. The only milky thing that happened lately is she got evicted and began mooching off her mom, and that's no even new at this point

No. 274946

>>267697 I think that this whole fucking "gay gay gay" thing on Twitter and IG needs to go away.

No. 275004

This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's a fact that trannies (including ftms and mtfs) are batshit. Posts like this belong in the gc thread.

No. 275032

Posts like yours belong in the gc thread, however that anon was making a point about people who are deriving their identity from fiction, not people who are mutilating their body to conform to one out of two traditional social roles that they identify with.

Nonbinary/Demigender/Otherkin/Furry people shouldn't even be associated with the queer movement. They're too consumed in their own fantasy to actually challenge the traditional gender roles that queers and feminists alike are out to free humanity from. Transsexuals are kind of the useful idiots of the queer movement in this regard, but that's tangential and I only replied to you so this discussion wouldn't get derailed ffs.

No. 275074

nta but lol anon
>i don’t want to derail
>writes an unsaged paragraph that belongs in the gender critical thread

No. 275096

It belongs on tumblr tbh, along with anyone else who uses the term "queer movement" unironically.

No. 275116

Because the topic of "blackfacing" is surfacing again and the topic will just not die, here's my unpopular opinion: black cosplayers who complain about blackface are just jealous they don't get automatic asspats for making shitty cosplays and it's incredibly petty and entitled to start whining over the amount of white characters vs. black characters to stop people from tanning their skin to cosplay their favourite character. Why are black people always victimizing themselves and being overall aggressive? They can't shut up about the "racism in cosplay" which usually means that they didn't get as much instagram likes as a white cosplayer or some photographer didn't take their photo. I hate how someone like me living in a 100% white country on the other side of the world has to abide by the rules set by American blacks and care about their issues.

No. 275125

Always a pleasure to run into another Krautchan refugee :)

No. 275131

They're a thing but nobody wants to admit they have prejudices and that they could even be a little racist. I see people irl who I could definitely call SJW who are occasionally like that it's amazing how they have no self-awareness. They're also like that with people who were born and raised in our country and whose parents or grandparents were immigrants, which is even worse. They're huge hypocrites.

No. 275151

Cheese is fucking gross. The texture, the smell, the taste, basically everything, and I cringe so bad every time I see my family pick up pieces of it with their bare hands. Funnily enough though, I love pizza.

No. 275155

Cheese has actually many textures and some don't smell at all.

No. 275176

I hate soft cheeses that don’t go on crackers. I know a girl who will just eat brie in chunks and I hate it.

No. 275218

>i have nothing against trans people who are MTF or FTM
as if they aren't just as mentally ill and misogynistic as the other genderqueers

No. 275220

NTA but myself personally, I'm not offended or going to attack someone because of how they dress, its weird yes but not necessarily hateable, if you hate them for being misogynistic then hate them for that, not the act itself

No. 275224

Agreed. It's mostly the the texture ad how it sticks to the roof of your mouth. Melting it changes the texture and makes it great.
I know surprisingly many people who feel the same way. In psychological experiments on the emotion of disgust they use cheese as a stimulus because it's pretty universally loathed by a large proportion of people.

No. 275246

File: 1533222426789.jpeg (83.58 KB, 602x569, main-qimg-22e82b8423b905c510b5…)

people who dye their hair blonde but leave their eyebrows dark af look stupid. your brows don't need to be bleached to oblivion, just a tad lighter. It looks so dumb seeing brows that stick out like a sore thumb contrasted against the hair colorr

No. 275268

I sometimes find it weird how white women act when men compare them to Asian women. I'm black so I'm use to it so I don't really show that I'm offended when I'm being compared to other women.

Another thing I find…weird is how a lot of white women act when they go to countries like Japan/Korea. They go crazy with low self esteem that they just aren't the standard of beauty(thin, tiny, short etc) because they're use to being "normal". When I went to east Asia I didn't really care about not being attractive or whatever because it is what I'm use to lol

Like I have friends who get so angry about the asian girl thing and I don't get it. If a guy doesn't find white women attractive just move on lol

No. 275269

File: 1533228069041.jpeg (27.04 KB, 320x480, 142CCEC1-9606-4B6B-ADA6-9E86E4…)

Inverted is also ugly.

No. 275275

white women's femininity is #sofragile

No. 275276

i have nothing against people who crossdress but when men claim to be women because they liked dolls and the feminine gender role i just get a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 275282

Thats just ugly white women tho. Places like PULL hate to admit it, but being white and attractive can get your far as a woman. As a thin attractive white woman you can basically get any guy in Asia, as long as your speak the native language well enough. The men who compare white women to asian women are stupid too, because it mustly boils down to “white women are fat ugly whores, not the ugu waifus that will stay pure for me” while also ignoring the fact that asian girls sleep around, and that they are ignoring all of the fat asian girls because they have more balls approaching thin asian women because they dont intimidate them like skinny pretty white women.

If anything i see more ugly asian americans complaining about white men preferring them over their own women. Thats when they play the whole fetishizing card.

No. 275285

You're doing God's work anon. Thank you.
Didn't know this was a thing. I just died a little inside.

No. 275292

I’m so tired of hearing about representation of actors in hollywood films. I follow a movie podcast and yesterday they released an episode discussing Philadelphia, the movie Tom Hanks starred in. I swear they spent half the movie discussing how uncomfortable they were they Tom Hanks character wasnt played by a REAL gay man and that #representationmatters.

Isnt that the whole fucking point of acting? To be something you arent? And yeah, in the year 1993 lets hire some nobody gay actor over Tom fucking Hanks. That makes sense.

No. 275295

How many actors were even openly gay in 1993? How many actors could play a gay dude with HIV and still be America's darling? Mind-bogglingly stupid

No. 275301

Hell, I'm half white and half asian and I used to envy my Japanese friend, but not because all 'pure asian girls are so cute uwu' just she was too fucking cute and small. Glad it was just a phase.

>can basically get any guy in Asia
Yeah but not in the way they want to, I reckon. Being fuckable isn't something to brag about. I've seen white women with no interest in Asian men saying they felt 'too big' in Japan, it was mostly Americans.

No. 275307


No. 275342

No one will ever see trans women as real women but unfortunately tranwomen will be allowed into female spaces, they will be allowed into women's sports and legally they will be allowed to identify as women and there's nothing anyone can do about it. They have won and that's is that. They have too much backing socially and politically.(take it to gender crit)

No. 275343

Labyrinth was a terrible movie

No. 275383

the majority of the world isn't a liberal hugbox, anon, don't be so quick to take the blackpill. most regular people think trannies are attention-seeking clowns or just repressed gays. they can barely bother to call bruce jenner by his 'girl' name, let alone be arsed to remember the 76 pronouns of some 'nonbinary' dipshit on the street. i know it seems hopeless but the trans racket is going to destroy itself, it makes millions reach peak trans every day by the sheer nature of its own absurdity(take it to gender crit)

No. 275491

yeah, as a white women i definitely feel that some of us are too accustomed to being pedestalised and as such are more sensitive to such things (men who criticise and denigrate other races of women are still trash, however).

seconding this. the more you looksmax/improve yourself, the less this kind of thing bothers you.

No. 275549

I don't think American Dad is that bad of a show–in fact, I think it's really funny. It has a charm to it that Family Guy never had and though there's hit and miss episodes, I've relatively enjoyed all of it.

No. 275560

imo American Dad is far superior to Family Guy

No. 275561

I like American Dad too.

Family Guy lost its charm a decade ago. They ran it into the ground.

No. 275574

i agree. i think it's because it's being more in your face ironic. family guy seems like it's trying to genuinely rope in a certain kind of viewer.

No. 275590

So by that logic, Neil Patrick Harris can’t play a womanizer in How I Met Your Mother? That’s so stupid and doesn’t make sense.

No. 275631

2nd gen immigrants, regardless of where their parents are from, are always the most insufferable cunts

No. 275690

There are so many people who claim they were sexually abused, on the internet. Imo there are two possibilities, either it was kept under the rug and people feel more comfortable talking about it… or they're lying. Everyone is abused on the internet.

No. 275691

Are you talking from personal experience?

No. 275694

Sexual abuse is just that prevalent.
I think people are more prone to admit it online for the fact that they are less likely to be stigmatized.
Admitting this sort of thing irl rarely comes up in discussion (I mean what casual conversations have you ever been in where people talk about their past abuses just like that?), and also because it's putting themselves in a vulnerable position to be judged.
I'd rather be called a liar by some anonymous who on the internet than called a liar irl by someone I trusted like a friend or family member. People not believing abuse stories just makes the person who legitimately told the truth suffer twice.

No. 275700

I know, but usually with someone who's been abused you can see it in their behaviour. There would be signs of trauma. Everyone, everyone I know is healthy, rich and have a succesful social life. Most of them bully other people if anything.

No. 275713

>I know, but usually with someone who's been abused you can see it in their behaviour.

I disagree.

No. 275723

Therapists are always recommended for any kind of mental issue no matter how minor, but I just don't think these "professionals" are all that good with helping people anymore. The market is saturated with therapists who bring their biases to work, are just there to collect a paycheck, and legitimately don't care about their clients. Sometimes they even make it worse or ward people off from seeking any kind of help again.

In truth I think most people are better off getting prescribed meds by their physicians and maybe seeking out online help or group meetups if anything. Individual therapy seems low bar and a ripoff.

No. 275799

The most unempathetic, gossipy bitch I ever knew became a therapist and it turned me off of therapy for years.

When I finally started going, my therapist was really self-centered. Like, she would hijack conversation to talk about her own issues. Bitch, get your own therapist. That's not what I'm paying you for.

No. 275835

tbh i think most people "support" them in a way you'd support a child saying they're a dragon or a pirate, you just humor them. sadly this humoring has led to them being allowed to do whatever they want to make them shut up, just like rich spoiled kids.

No. 275837

Seconded. They almost always have this smug, "better than you" attitude about them.

No. 275879


No. 275906

i agree anon. i’ve only ever had one good therapist, it was a man who completely refused to mollycoddle me or my sick thought processes. he really helped whip me into shape at the time. the therapists i’ve had after him i’ve always left after a few months because i feel like they allow me to get too comfortable in my illness. this seems to be a common thing from what i understand.

No. 275944

File: 1533329014645.jpg (683.73 KB, 936x1401, Q2zmb8NQ4OZquDvs322p_james-fra…)

I think James Franco is ugly and untalented. He used to be kinda cute when he was younger, back in the freaks and geeks days, but now I can't stand him. His stupid wrinkly face just gets more and more punchable each time I look at it. He should've played the chimp in the Planet of the Apes movies cause he looks like an evil monkey.

No. 275955

I hate when asian/black/latin people dye their hair(piss) blonde.
I don't mean it in a racist way…but it just looks horrible

No. 275958

Darn I was just thinking of doing this. I think when you've been a black haired brunette your whole life blonde is like the complete opposite 180 degree change and lots of people want to do something dramatic. I figure red hair would look bad on me and a lighter brunette too much damage for little change. You ever seen a good example of this? I just wanna do something different with my hair that is appropriate for work :(

No. 275963

I think some lighter skinned black people can pull it off but other than that, it usually looks pretty terrible.

No. 275965

honestly i agree, virtually nobody can pull it off.

No. 275969

Inception is a shit movie.

No. 275979

Correct, I was talking about this yesterday. I think people love it just because they love Bowie, there's nothing else good about it

No. 276010

Yeah, nothing against Bowie as a musician. The movie is just fucking horrible and uninteresting. Anyone who says they like it is probably lying.

No. 276023

I think it's nostalgic for a lot of people too

(Also Jennifer Connelly's acting in it is pretty terrible)

No. 276024

i've seen a lot of people that like it admit that it's camp or they call it "so bad it's good." people who think it's a sincerely good movie probably have shit taste in movies in general and don't know what makes a traditionally good movie.

No. 276025

This is a truly unpopular opinion.
I have some for movies too: The Green Mile was horseshit. Gran Torino is the worst movie that graced the IMDB top 100. Temple of Doom is the best Indiana Jones. 10,000 BC is a misunderstood masterpiece. Shakespeare in Love is a bad example for "bad movies" that won Best Picture.

No. 276028

>10,000 BC is a misunderstood masterpiece
I’m extremely intrigued by this. Explain, please?
It’s been a really long time since I saw 10,000 BC (like eight years ago), but I remember it being really stylistic schlock like Suckerpunch, which I admittedly enjoyed just for the visuals. Also, minor tangent, but I had no idea Roland Emmerich was gay until just now.

No. 276046

I thought you meant Pan's Labyrinth for some reason and I was pissed at you until other anons started talking about Bowie's Labyrinth. Lmao

No. 276047

I disagree with all of this so yeah that's a pretty unpopular opinion. Why?

No. 276062

I find it really hard to believe that the climate change is 100% due to humans. Earth has gone through massive climate changes on its own for all of its existence and 95% of human populace is centered to 10% of the land mass. How can we ever produce enough shit to cause a planet of 510 100 000 square kilometers to be ruined?

I care about the environment of course and wish that there would be more solutions to getting rid of all the plastic waste and pollution, but telling me that the modern industry has fucked the planet completely in just 50 years sounds uncanny to me. And even if it is true, I'm still mad over the climate change organizations shaming your regular average person for it when it's the massive companies producing all the waste and/or not getting rid of it. And don't get me wrong, I really do believe that humans have affected the climate, but over 100% of it? What?

Also I hate it when I see people running in to sperg out with their "hurrr making children is the worst thing you could do to our planet hurr" when discussing this. it's so fucking edgy it makes me cringe myself to death

No. 276064

I was always a firm believer of the climate change, but then I learned in a history class that during the middle ages you were able to grow wine grapes in Norway. Fast forward 400 years and it was so cold that it snowed in July in Germany.
So yeah, climate is always changing and back then it was even a lot more extreme than nowadays. This year is simply especially hot, it happens, but that doesn't mean the end of the world is near.

No. 276067

>as if Norwegian vineyards don’t still exist

No. 276068

It was used as an example of 'the weather nearly was what we nowadays would call "mediterranean"'.

No. 276073

>hurrr making children is the worst thing you could do to our planet hurr
That shit is so annoying and I say that as someone who will not be having kids. There's not much point protecting the planet if there are no humans left to populate it.

No. 276078

>if humans aren't here then the planet is worthless and not worth saving

I agree, it's unrealistic that the whole "stop having so many kids for the sake of the planet" narrative is going to have any significant impact on people whose brains can't comprehend a world without themselves in it.

No. 276081

It's almost like some people just want for a better planet or something and believe humans are part of the problem.

Wow. Insanity.

No. 276082

Honestly, this is what therapists should do. I have a ton of friends who have been to therapy and if the therapist has been a coddling piece of shit that enables and validates their sick behavior, they're never getting anywhere. If the therapist just shuts them up and tells them that their behavior is not acceptable and they need to get their shit together, they'll be making process. I know people who have been in therapy for 10 years with no signs of improving because their therapists have just been a dumping ground of emotions, not interactive people who want to see their patients get better.

They're bitching at people who would have one or two (or none at all) kids anyway when they should be hammering it in to the white trash families who give birth to 5 kids and counting. They completely misunderstand the point and causes of overpopulation and usually spew it just to be edgy and an ~intellectual~.

No. 276084

Heresy! Every human life is special and we were put on this planet specifically to reproduce as our religious overlords demanded!

No. 276085

I find it extremely hard to believe that folks who advocate for childfree are going after single child parents more than the fucking quiverfull religious nutjobs and welfare breeders. I've never seen this happen, did someone attack you?

No. 276253

getting pissed off about people who use the word retarded is the ultimate virtue signaling. people who are actually retarded aren't aware enough to care about that kind of thing, so retarded people are the ultimate group to speak for since they literally cannot have any say. you notice the same people don't care about other words like stupid or slow, just retarded.

No. 276259

no matter what you call a retarded person it will always be considered a slur. slow, mentally handicapped, whatever. tumblrtards were even rallying for the word "stupid" to be banned from the english language for being ableist

No. 276262

I cant help but laugh when i hear the phrase “the R word” used unironically.

No. 276286

Fat acceptance is a cancerous movement. It’s not because I care about your health, I find you unsightly. A bit of chub doesn’t bother me, but these obese swamp donkeys talking about curves drives me up the wall. Curves are not the same as rolls and you have no right to delude yourself you are curvy and desirable. When you begin to make others uncomfortable around you by taking up half of the person sat next to you’s seat while your moist thigh engulfs their leg, you should probably quit being selfish and lose some weight.

Also homeless people should be stuck on a rocket and launched in to the sun. I hate how they ask me for the money I’ve worked hard for doing a job I don’t enjoy while they expect me to give it to them to buy smack out of pity. How much of a shitty fuck up of a person must you be where not one single person you’ve met in your life will spare you a sofa until you get a job and your own home to live. You are telling me not one single person, friend or family wants to lend you a hand? Did you do something bad? Steal from them? Not bother looking for a job? Spend all day drinking or doing drugs, being aggressive or violent when they lended you a hand so they gave up and now you expect me to pity you??? Do some community service, pick up some litter, WORK! Be a credit to your community other than an absolute aesthetically unpleasant waste of space and I might spare some change. Better yet, one way ticket to the sun m8.

Ah, glad to get that off my chest…

No. 276293

>It's not because I care about your health
You're the first person who's honest about this. Anyway, you don't get to dictate what is unsightly and what's not. What is beautiful is what every person in particular likes, and preferences are different.

No. 276301

That's not entirely true. People who are actually retarded are just slower than normal, not totally braindead. They can still understand what's being said to them. I don't say anything when people call stuff retarded cause it's really not that big of a deal, but I do think people should be more careful about who they say it around. My neighbor's little brother is autistic. I'm not sure if he'd be considered low-functioning or whatever, but he's pretty slow intellectually. But it still hurts his feelings when the other kids call him retarded cause it's clearly meant to be derogatory towards him. Calling it the R-word is a bit dramatic, but I can see why many people find it hurtful.

No. 276304

I got banned from makeupalley for using the word "retarded" once. Lol.

No. 276305

socihutys beuhtuh standhurds is not something invented by the patriarchy. It’s because the majority of us find you unsightly because it’s human nature to be repulsed. Those who find morbidly obese women attractive have psychological issues (especially feeders).
And it’s not just you’re unsigtly - you are greedy and selfish. You bump in to people, you demand more space, you take up more than one seat and expect those around you to stand or be squished under your rolls, you smell more potent and you expect everyone else to accommodate for you and shops to accommodate for your life choices. You make those you cross paths with more miserable than opposed to if you were half the size. It’s not just my retinas suffering here, I’m sick of having my personal space invaded because you demand more and being stuck to your sweaty meat rolls in the middle of summer whenever I go out in public.

No. 276311

Realistically, how much of a problem is that really? Do you live in a city full of rude fatties or something? I could count on one hand the number of times I've been inconvenienced by someone else's fatness. I get finding them unattractive, but acting like they're some sort of menace to society, bumping into everybody all the time and stinking up everywhere they go, is being really melodramatic.

No. 276312

Issues or not, people have different preferences. And I'm not talking about just physical appearance, but I've been always made fun of because I liked unconventional or unpopular things. I'm tired of being told what to like. Just accept it. People won't like what you want them to like.

No. 276317

autistic people aren't retarded though, and he'd be just as sad if people called him stupid.

No. 276330

Lmao, and I totally agree. I'm also pressed that his #metoo moments were forgotten so quickly.

No. 276332

I think sunflowers are ugly

No. 276342

Haha, so "masterpiece" was maaaybe hyperbolic. Stylistically it is no better or worse than other Emmerich movies, so it's a low standard, but most criticisms against it have relied on it being anachronistic, historically inaccurate and portraying a super-unrealistic plot. Like no shit. It's not a movie about history, it's a movie about how legends and myths are created. The whole plot is a legend, and it's spelled out pretty blatantly, it doesn't have to be realistic in any way.
On top of that I have my own sperg theory about how it ties into the Stargate universe (lol), so it doesn't have to actually portray OUR human history 10,000 BC).
Fun fact, mammoths existed up until ~6,000 years ago.

Million Dollar Baby was a way worse movie than Shakespeare in Love. It didn't find a tone and had an undecipherable moral message. Clint Eastwood is massively overrated as a filmmaker, the only thing that ever semi-rescues any of his movies is when he has an excellent cast (excepting himself because he only ever plays the same character). Every aspect of Gran Torino was dilettantish (tone, dialogue, message, acting) and it showed because here he couldn't rely on the cast.

I haven't seen the Green Mile in ages so I can't really defend that opinion well, I just remember hating it because the plot felt so tropey and the supernatural aspect was kind of shoehorned in and unnecessary.

For Indiana Jones I guess I'm just contrarian.

No. 276344

I know autistic people aren't retarded. I was trying to make the point that the word retarded isn't only directed at actually retarded people. People would just call him that as a synonym for stupid or freak, even though he didn't suffer from mental retardation. That's generally the main qualm people have with using the word retarded - they're not using it as a descriptor for a retarded person, but they just use it as an insult. It doesn't only affect retarded people, but it can be especially hurtful and confusing to them when the word for their condition is the same as a childish insult.

Basically if people ask you to stop calling them something or to stop saying a certain word around them (within reason and yes I think retarded is within reason), you should stop. No it's not the worst word ever, but using it just makes you look like an edgy middle schooler.

No. 276350

I think some of the lolcows here don't deserve the amount of hate they get. For example, if someone gets a thread for doing X, I understand being shamed for X, but usuallt nitpicking on other stuff about them is unnecessary. And some threads are forced despite little to milk.

No. 276356

I agree. Threads for flakey behavior is one thing, but its fucking annoying having to read things like “Whaaaaah, so and sos a terrible person because she never tells followers where I can get my hair done to look like hers!! Probably because she thinks shes better than all of us!!!!”

No. 276357

Homeless people are often mentally ill and untreated, and the homeless kids have typically escaped a violent/rapey homelife.

There’s no family or friends around with a couch to sleep on.

Unless they’re just meth heads in which case they can all jump because all meth users are disgusting trash.

No. 276363

I miss Craigslist casual encounters.

No. 276374

I don't trust posters who say they go to places like r9k or any incel forums, even if it's ironically for screencapping or whatever.
I hate those places, looking at their content infuriates me, I don't understand how someone who claims to have problems with male behavior goes there and reads all that toxic shit and stores it on their computers even. Unless…they low key are up to doing other things on those sites or enjoy some aspect of them.

I can't help but wonder.