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File: 1488601893662.png (960.62 KB, 706x690, 1488431024290.png)

No. 356684

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

MooMoo admits to creating fetish and softcore material, but doesn't like it being called porn. Supposedly hasn't been sending out physical patreon rewards since last November.

No. 356686

File: 1488602425941.jpg (442.27 KB, 1365x2048, 17097931_767461640098500_53685…)

Samefagging to start off the thread but Gabby posted this to Facebook yesterday. Apparently back in January Mariah and Gabby got together and did a MeMeMe shoot with Mariah as the photographer. Her photography skills are just as shitty as her cosplay craftsmanship. Iirc Mariah mentioned something about buying a Canon camera awhile ago, but it's obvious she has no clue how to adjust aperture/shutter/iso/color balance settings. Not sure which one photo edited it (but we can easily guess), but the editing on the face is just atrocious. I can't believe Gabby would even sell such a shoddy pic to her patrons.

No. 356689

It's so early that I guess not many people have found the thread yet BUT GAIS LUK WHAT I FOUND



First one is the recently updated Kiwi farms thread. Kind of creepy that someone posted her actual address in there but it's whatever at this point.

The second one is a profile of MooMoos when she wasn't a neckbeard pandering cow. Actually kiwi farms found it before I did. Kind of upset my sleuthing isn't as up to par haha. She looks so tiny in all of those pictures and her smile actually looked genuine. Wonder wot happened.

No. 356691

File: 1488604892841.jpg (59.7 KB, 640x640, M3rkat509dc249758ac.jpg)

Ah yes, this was back during her hardcore athlete days. I got to admit, she does look a lot better and her smile looks more genuine.

No. 356693


Jesus is that how the shot was composed as well? Fucking horrible composition…hey Mariah, ever heard of head room?

No. 356699

Why is the first picture on here a picture of Gabby? Why even bother starting the new thread if you don't have anything but a picture of a completely different cosplayer.

No. 356701

It's still related to Moomoo because she took the photos.

No. 356702

File: 1488609593268.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x2560, 17-03-03-02-46-57-039_deco.jpg)

Kind of OT, but in the last thread, an anon mentioned the rape accusation thing that Krissy made against Nathan. Likely it was crazy Loonie babble, but I actually found this on Krissy's Twitter. There may be some merit to her lying about Nathan raping her?

No. 356703

File: 1488609659849.png (103.31 KB, 721x775, IMG_9785.PNG)

anyone see this lol

No. 356705

Her response isn't included in your cap, but she replied with "i like it better long :) "
Jfc, SS is trying to help your dumbass. This cosplay is one that actually sort of suits her, and she could be looked at as "omg, canon!!!" By a lot of people. Too bad she can't be fucked to just get a short wig.

No. 356707

>>356691 This reminds me one of those "Rise and Fall" biopics of people when before fame they're happy and healthy. Then you see them fat and overweight then in rehab.

No. 356708

File: 1488611087468.png (34.08 KB, 596x328, 6b22f85f69c4157ac4bcd891ef63eb…)

Every time someone tries to help Mariah out she just blows them off. So fucking rude

No. 356709

It's kind of gross all the disrespectful comments on her Instagram. Literally all just "send nudes" "lemme see panties" "I have a raging boner".

I wonder if it bothers her that the people who are fans of hers don't even care about cosplay. It's all tits. Even when she talks about redoing Camilla and talking about techniques, no one actually cares. No one sees you as a respectable cosplayer. At the end of the day they just want tits.

Also in her Instagram story she's in a house full of dudes all by herself at least that's what it sounds like. Kind of lonely and sad.

No. 356710


Maybe this is why she doesn't give a shit about her cosplays. Doesnt matter if the cosplay is good quality or shitty she will make money regardless from the horny fan boys.

No. 356711

If Mariah actually cared about cosplaying she wouldn't be doing the sort of shoots she does. All those comments are completely warranted considering that's the sort of thing she caters to. If less horny dudebros gave people like her and JNig money then maybe Mariah would actually bother putting effort into her stuff to get attention.

No. 356714

Momo really would have looked great with a short wig for velma. I don't understand why she did long when that's not even close to what the actual character looks like. Momo could pull off a decent velma. This makes me sad. It's like self sabotage.

No. 356715

It's because a hair style like Velma's would show how fat her face is. This is why she is refusing to do a short wig, and labeling this "inspired" by Velma.

No. 356716

Her face really isnt that fat considering how much she weighs.

No. 356718


It's very possible that the two short haired doublechin pics from that lip synching video in her last thread struck a sore spot for her. She probably won't wear any short wigs now until she loses dat chub face lol


That's called strategic hair placement and major contouring. Even in her Mei videos at Katsu you can see she has a doublechin

No. 356720

I just want to thank OP for fixing the thread links. You're a goddess.

Anon, the comments are exactly what she wants. Those people pay for her Patreon moneys. Why else would she be doing softcore porn?

No. 356721

File: 1488617394151.png (62.55 KB, 1221x204, 2746033f03b34ac309552f95b5846a…)


When she makes stupid tweets like this I dont think it bothers her

No. 356722

so her nudes were posted in this thread and people are asking if it's really her. you can clearly see her actual name displayed in the background of the first picture where her face is censored. brilliant~

No. 356723

Talking about what you've flicking your bean to… what a respectable cosplayer she is.

No. 356726

I wouldn't have a problem with Momo being a sexual deviant but the way SHE has a problem with it is really annoying. Like if you're a goddamn pervert, then be one. Suit yourself. But don't try to add class with desperate measures like saying your porn shoots are "POV groping boudoir sets uwu". And stick to characters that are already sexy, not sexualize kids' show/game characters.

No. 356728

File: 1488619592987.png (94.51 KB, 192x255, tmp_29318-1480496706948-0-1955…)

She's the definition of blue balls man same with swimsuitsuccubus keep on (teasing) just to given them false hopes of potential nude shoots(Don't namefag)

No. 356740


A disgusting man is in our midst.

No. 356743

omg she is such an arrogant cunt. she responds to her hate comments by flaunting how popular she is and how well she is doing with patreon. that is the most childish thing I have ever seen.
I like that she has to make a long post on her fb to show the world she is 'a nice person'. I'm sorry momo real nice people don't need to prove themselves like that.

No. 356744

I still think SSS shades the fuck out of Mariah whenever she can tbh

No. 356745

She dug her own grave with that, I don't feel bad that thats all she gets. It would explain why she gives 0 shits, but Jnig gets the same responses but at least her shit is decent and has had the time put it into it.

All Mariah cares about is the $$$, she's admitted to such in the past.

No. 356746

Nah, she's just lazy and cheap and didn't want to buy a new wig.

Or probably what happened is she ran out of ideas for her shoots, and in a rush closet cosplayed Velma but didn't have time to get and style a wig.

No. 356749

People push "drama" between mariah and ss in the last like 3-4 threads. There's no shade and I dont get why people are so desperate for it.

No. 356750

She really could have used her own hair. It's short and dark like Velma's. The long wig is dumb.

No. 356755

Her nudes are already on the internet mate

No. 356757

How can she disrespect someone who seems nicer, cuter, more professional than her to me and really made an effort to write the friendliest, most respectful critique like that? My mind is blown
the fuq ur talking about. as far as I'm concerened sss is genuinely nice and pretty upfront. Not everyone is a petty bitch

No. 356762

Sry but SSS has made too much passive aggressive comments about Mariah and the way she presents herself for me to not think she low-key shades her.

No. 356763

samefag, but continuing my thought, if she isn't low-key shading Mariah then SSS just has 0 awareness of the people she hangs around with.

No. 356776


It seriously happens so often. If I was Mariah I'd be annoyed AF tbh. If they were friends she could just message or text her, but she likes to show how supiorior she is by commenting "critique" publicly. Momo is terrible, but I think SSS is probably a total elitist bitch irl. Sooo much supioriority complex and passive aggressive tweets come out of this girl. SSS you can stop coming on here to try to defend your innocense honey we can all see through you. <3 Got a feeling SSS haaates her but is playing friend so that she can use her and manipulate her. Cosplay community esp Patreon girl community is a fucked up place lol

No. 356779

I think is genuinely trying to help her out as a fellow sex worker, but honestly she's probably tired of mariah shit. Especially since she kinda disses sex workers by being so fussy with the label even though moomoo practically does porn.

No. 356782

Its not even just her comment on her Velma cosplay. SSS has made comments along the lines of "I hate when people say what they do isn't sex work, when it is" and "Boudoir shoots are actually artsy, classy photos, not just laying around half naked"

Obviously my words, not hers. There are caps in many of the recent threads of her saying this shit, and it all started around when her and Mariah were getting friendly.

No. 356783


Honestly that shit is getting annoying. If you have a problem with her and what she does, speak the fuck up and say something instead of lobbing bitchy passive-aggressive insults and hoping that people know who you are talking about so that you can have some sort of moral superiority over her. It makes you look equally as trashy and petty.

No. 356784

File: 1488649211219.jpg (688.73 KB, 1890x566, 20170304_123813.jpg)

I wanted to use a different picture for the comparison. Sorry anon but the last picture you used wasn't a perfect picture because she was wearing a corset (also wanted to include the picture when she was skinny)
It's actually interesting to see how much she gained like watching some sort of whale pregnancy documentary lol

No. 356787

She has no real job right? So what is stopping her from working out? She has the money, and time to workout and lose weight.

No. 356789

She's busy partying and screwing around with her friends, she only ever goes to the gym if she has Eric and even than she's too busy snapping selfies to work out. Most of the time she's traveling back and forth la and vegas to hang out with David. When she actually does make cosplay she works on it with no sleep that's why ontop of her having no talent, her work looks shittier. Back when she started she claimed people talked shit about her because all she had was her looks, well if that's even true THEY WERE RIGHT! Oh except she's losing her looks.

No. 356793

>When even laying on your back doesn't hide your gut
Her arms though, she's gotten massive so fast it's almost disturbing

No. 356804

File: 1488655824137.png (157.32 KB, 720x845, Screenshot_2017-03-04-11-25-06…)

Holy shit I just found this. I'm confused, did she force Vamplette to cosplay someone she hated just so she could have her shitty little pokemon group or did Vamplette cosplay someone she actually liked and MooMoo shit all over it? How can Vamp honestly be friends with that girl she's so rude and disrespectful.

No. 356808

File: 1488656662160.gif (517.48 KB, 147x162, wh.gif)

>Pokemon ahegao milf

No. 356810

With how much little effort Vamp put into her Lusamine, I'm leaning towards Moomoo forcing her to do it for the bux

No. 356812

File: 1488657789460.png (168.68 KB, 744x1106, IMG_2359.PNG)


No. 356816

What's the context of this tweet? I don't get it.

No. 356817

Why is she painting on a carpet with nothing put down for safety??

No. 356818

>wet paintbrushes
>exposed paint
>letting freshly painted surfaces to dry on carpet
>that fucking ziplock bag as a work-surface

This is worse than the hotel con selfies she was taking, with all her makeup brushes and palettes on the floor, next to dirty shoes. Why is she such a goddamn slob?

No. 356819

I can't believe she had normal human sized thighs at one point. I just… wat? how?… It blows my mind.

Are we 100% positive she does not have whale DNA and is just reverting back to her true size?

No. 356820

She's a retard anon.

No. 356823


Lol, this is so ugly. But it doesn't matter because her whale tits are gonna be spilling out of it while she's strapped in a corset underneath the corset. Oh yeah, that's sexy.

I would laugh if she tries this on and it falls apart. If she genuinely thinks the worbla is going to hold all that flab underneath it like a corset she is so wrong. It would if you maybe had two or three extra inches around your waist but girl that worbla ain't gonna hold a landwhale together

No. 356824

Yeah now that you mention it, those cup sizes do seem way too small for her. I imagine the quad book will be plenty

No. 356828

I still don't understand how tf she's going to fit into this
not even her waist cinchers can hold her fat gut in that tight anymore

No. 356839

This is going to be hideous. I can't wait.

No. 356849

20 bucks says she still wont wear it again after this

No. 356851

You're kind of coming across really mental here.

No. 356852

File: 1488668003633.jpg (919.81 KB, 1104x1940, 17-03-04-17-50-08-351_deco.jpg)

I know that this is a progress picture so not everything is perfect in anyones progress pictures but this shit ? Why wouldn't she at least paint EVERYTHING why these white spots thid is just another proof of her being super lazy
This is one of her better works even tho I doubt she did it all by herself why shitting it up with poor excuse of throwing paint all over it

No. 356855

I want to think those are highlight spots, anon. She has some that goes under the boob too (which makes no sense since light doesn't hit under the boob naturally). What's more triggering is she didn't paint some spots black near the bottom. It's a bit messy.

No. 356857

File: 1488668488624.png (118.82 KB, 640x1026, IMG_4369.PNG)

I didn't think her Camilla could be shittier than the first version she did but here it is! She still gets hair and ribbon side wrong!!!! Fucking seriously?

No. 356858


To be fair, photos can mirror a person's appearance. But I wouldn't expect perfection from Moomoo regardless

No. 356860

Maybe the video is flipped? I've had people tell me my shit is on the wrong side when taking phone selfies because it gets flipped.

No. 356862

File: 1488668853230.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, triggered.jpg)

>The gold trim on her cape
>The sloppy, unstyled wig
>Shitty heady ornament and horns
>Bra armor not even attached to her boobs are covered

No. 356867

Her face and boobs are two different colors as well.

No. 356869

Pretty sure that's a sealant or something drying

No. 356870

What's going to be great about this new Camilla is the tremendous difference in quality in the pieces of the costume…Someone else did her gauntlets which look to be pretty good, then here she is showing us the "progress" on the chest piece, which looks even worse than her first attempt.

No. 356871

File: 1488670147748.png (134.77 KB, 483x442, maximum ree.png)

Is that the cape she made last time, or did she just use the same shitty materials to remake it? And comb your wig, christ.

No. 356872

File: 1488670156200.png (174.62 KB, 632x777, IMG_4370.PNG)

Camilla's eyes…are not…fucking…red


No. 356873

She completely remade it. After Yaya posted progress pics of her Camilla, moomoo tried to butter up and tried to remake it out of ultrapreme 2 weeks before katsucon. except; Yaya had used craft foam with her trim pieces as a stabilizer, and didn't just fart it out in a week like momo tries to do.

No. 356874

File: 1488670657755.png (129.66 KB, 640x811, IMG_4371.PNG)

I can't believe I'm saying this.

The first attempt was better.

No. 356875

no she definitely tried to do fake highlights on it.

No. 356876

File: 1488672128815.jpg (26.05 KB, 477x891, breathclod.jpg)

same Wicke bra…please get new bras for fuck's sake

No. 356877

Sure, post tit shots, but what about a full body of the entire piece Moomoo?>

No. 356878

No. 356881


Because the rest of it looks horrible when you're fat as fuck lol.

Also these pics look like they're taken in someone's backyard is she gonna go to the con in this or nah? Hyping it up saying you're gonna wear it and then realize it's shit?

Also it looks like she is going to do a POV of this cosplay as well. Even though she's already done a boudoir shoot. Jesus Christ.

No. 356884

I didn't even realize the con is this weekend, usually she's butt blasting that all over Twitter with group shots and anything to she can be the center of attention with

No. 356885

She said she took off the costume because it fell apart after an hour
That's pathetic
What a waste of money

No. 356888


I like to think that Momo didn't bother to look up actual character reference and just copied Yaya.

"Yaya's Camillia has red contacts…okay I need red contacts!"

No. 356889

File: 1488674568227.jpg (129.53 KB, 900x1200, C6HM_S8UwAAWcwV.jpg)

For anons on mobile/don't want to follow the link

No. 356894

File: 1488676330318.png (70.11 KB, 337x647, IMG_4375.PNG)

Full body shot.

Learn to pose moomoo!

No. 356895


My guess is that if she makes any sudden moves that costume will explode.

No. 356896

She looks way fatter here than she did her old Camilla… And kek that discrepancy between gauntlets and hip claw things.

Is Momo self-conscious of her thighs now? Camilla should have a panty piece.

No. 356897

Maybe the con had strick rules about dress code.

No. 356898

Is this in the hotel room?? The carpet's way different from her new place.

No. 356899

Comes to show that she knows nothing about the character. Just trying to copy Yaya Han. Dumbass

No. 356900

File: 1488677187893.jpg (313.41 KB, 868x1200, C6HgHTAVUAApDbE.jpg)

A better shot of her armor

No. 356901

her fat really shows in this

No. 356902

File: 1488677377829.jpg (6.96 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4824.jpg)

This is from her Patreon. I think this one is the most recent? Either this or the V Day. I got access to it thanks to a friend, I'll post some more stuff.
It's beyond me why anyone would pay for this.

No. 356903

The gauntlets look great, did she credit whoever made them for her?

No. 356904

File: 1488677466286.jpg (7.01 MB, 5158x7728, DSC_4702.jpg)

I wish I hadn't seen this ;_; it hurts my eyes

No. 356905

This looks like complete shit but I'm actually impressed she at least tried this time. (And I use the word "tried" loosely)

It's prolly Vamp's work.

No. 356906


Good lord that is a huge bitch

No. 356907

She credited Landon for them on Twitter I think?

No. 356908

Looks like she's missing the elbow claw pieces too.

No. 356909

Where did she say that?

No. 356911

She looks like a granny modeling in a diaper.

No. 356912


Seriously, her thighs are enormous and flabby. How does someone let themselves get this fat?

No. 356913

I'm much taller than moo and when I got to 170 I just could not and got straight on a diet, she's disgusting and lazy and her only appeal is to feeders. Anyone else just holds on for the sake of her being ~thicc cosplay waifu~
I want a comparison between her and yaya, not only for quality but size too. she's so fucking fat jesus christ

No. 356916

Dat unhemmed everything
Didn't she know ECCC was soon? Why did she wait last minute…

No. 356918

File: 1488680550286.png (718.96 KB, 1213x724, new.png)


No. 356919

I'm honestly amazed someone actually paid for this. Even if you are a chubby chaser, she just looks RETARDED. Her face always looks like she's stuck perma scared/shitfaced. I know guys don't care about hair and makeup but it all looks TERRIBLE. And she doesn't even take care of herself from her shit hair, dry skin, hair in places she should be getting rid of since she's a ~''cosplay model''~… It's just pathetic.

No. 356921

File: 1488680984008.png (2.61 MB, 2029x776, 1.png)

How do you get worse at making cosplay?

No. 356923

File: 1488681031122.png (3.38 MB, 1897x1190, 2.png)

No. 356924

File: 1488681090815.png (3.07 MB, 1928x1288, 3.png)

The difference in quality is amazing

No. 356925


It's like a reality vs expectations meme

No. 356926


This is just sad

No. 356927

She has the worst fucking facial expressions in these. Mariah, work on your expressions so you don't look like someone caught you in the middle of taking a shit on the kitchen floor.

No. 356928


She does that retarded "quirky" faces to hide the fact that she is completely unsexy and has no idea what she is doing.

No. 356929

File: 1488681738694.png (764.82 KB, 663x514, size.png)

No. 356931

File: 1488682001902.png (121.96 KB, 221x226, daydreaming about donuts.png)

No. 356933

File: 1488682370100.jpg (3.41 MB, 3000x2399, RQYQ2yt.jpg)

No. 356934

Momo can't do nice facial expressions to have her life

No. 356935


Can't use that as a decent comparable image because that was a long time ago. Like 20 to 30 pounds ago.

No. 356937


Is that even her?

No. 356941

She low key used her as reference. Momo has retweeted a few other Camillas before but hasn't ever done so with Yaya Han's. The huge difference is Yaya was able to move around all day in her armor and meet fans, while Momo made hers almost impossible to wear with her poor craftsmanship so she ends up only wearing it for a photo shoot avoiding most of the con, just like last time.

No. 356942


?????? The picture on the right is her casual Mei from like months ago maybe even a year ago. I don't know what possessed someone to do a side by side with and old picture to compare her to Yaya. Yaya is like half her size now lol

No. 356943

tbh the only reason the first one looks better is because she obviously just glued golden strips to a ready made corset. She actually made the second one from scratch (I think?) Regardless, they're both pretty shit.

No. 356944


I'm just not sure what the comparison is supposed to be. They aren't cosplaying the same thing. If the point is that Yaya is thinner than her, congrats, you've proven that you aren't blind.

No. 356945

File: 1488684148176.png (449.02 KB, 720x420, Screenshot_2017-03-04-18-45-01…)

Wot is happening in this general area exactly? Did she just give up trying to heat form the rest of the corset to her body? I get that Camilla has hip flare things that are bent upwards along her hip bones but this is really funny lol

Also she says she's so proud of this considering how hard it was and it was a first try but BITCH YOU HAVE BEEN PAID FOR A WHOLE YEAR TO SIT AT HOME AND LEARN HOW TO DO THIS

Your "pride in your first attempt" is shit at this point. You sit around doing nothing and get paid for tits and ass the least you could do is sit around your house and learn how to craft armour pieces a year would have been a lot of practice time.

No. 356947

The corset and bra honestly looked better I agree.

No. 356948

Yeah, I don't really get it either, aside from the "size" filename. I guess it works to compare the two 'simple', pared down costumes with sporty aesthetics and how Momo can't even stitch a simple line down her yoga pants, whereas Yaya's handiwork is impeccable.

But to be honest, I feel like comparing Yaya to Momo on skill alone is unfair, seeing that Yaya has experience. But Momo just gives no fucks and is lazy. I'm even surprised she redid Camilla.

She probably only redid it because she can't fit into that corset anymore, tbh.

No. 356949

File: 1488684942416.jpg (134.94 KB, 500x750, tumblr_oly2lfhNqg1qj6gf8o1_500…)

You can't really compare Yaya and Momokun though, Yaya has had years of experience to develop talent and skills, but there are tons of Camillas out there who aren't making money like Momokun is off Patreon, who did it better.

I like this one a lot.

No. 356950

No. 356951

File: 1488685029280.png (78.58 KB, 640x389, IMG_1478.PNG)

whoops hit reply too soon

No. 356952

File: 1488685063742.png (162.69 KB, 750x1147, IMG_9788.PNG)

someone even asked her if the worbla morphed kek

sorry I'm on my phone, the part blocked out by the compose tweet button says "fine to me"

No. 356954


That should be a wake up call.

No. 356955

Someone please tell me she is NOT going to do another Camilla boudoir?! The fandom has suffered enough.

No. 356957

File: 1488686228926.png (1.16 MB, 720x997, Capture _2017-03-04-19-49-52.p…)

I was literally about to post this
Im pretty sure she was referencing this obviously morphed monstrosity

Is momo just avoiding it?? Why did she not edit these photos before posting. This is such a shit job. I'm embarrassed for her. I'd rather see her cheap one that looked better than an expensive trash

No. 356958

Arc first glance the bra looks good actually. But ooh no. Not when you look closely. Poor naive girl. Probably sugar coating it so Mariah doesn't try to destroy her like she does with anyone that opposes her

No. 356959

File: 1488687115717.jpg (98.67 KB, 540x960, 17155588_10209709687834017_339…)

I'll give her that it looks better than before. Upgrade from diarrhea to solid piece of shit.

No. 356961

it's so loose though. I'm just wondering how she thought this was supposed to stay on? I'm not a cosplayer just a fan of the craft I'll admit but figuring out how something you've spent ~hours on is going to stay attached to you seems like step one

No. 356962

usually they put eyelets in the back and corset it up to keep it
I've also seen girls sacrifice a old bra to make boob armor

No. 356963

I think the most amusing thing to me is how she painted the trim of the corset and then painted white around some edges to make it look like it's shiny gold instead of using gold fabric or something. She totally didn't think that would look like shit.

No. 356964

thanks for explaining it! the whole time she was making it I wondered why she didn't just use a bra as a base and then cover that. bam easy boob shaped canvas that fits you well and bonus straps (which would have been hidden by her caplet anyway)

No. 356966

shut your mouth you know momo only uses the most expensive gold trim…she just used the last of it to make wickes pockets(?)

No. 356968

Unless it was 120+ degrees outside, the worbla didn't morph. Momo can still fix that weird flare thing going on. But will she do it? Maybe not.

No. 356969

Oh dear lord she has got to put the brakes on this weight gain now. Outside of gross gainer Tumblrs this is the fastest weight gain I've ever seen and she's actually outpacing some of the demented girls who drink straight cream out of funnels to impress equally demented gainers.

Her skin is ruined if she ever loses weight - she's gained too fast. She's also in danger of wrecking her hips, knees and ankles with such rapid weight gain.

I just can't get over how fucking fast she porked out. I remember when she looked so fat the first time she played Mei. That was a good 40-50 pounds ago. Back when her waist trainer still fit.

No. 356971

File: 1488691169650.jpg (566.79 KB, 1111x1291, Screenshot_20170305-001444.jpg)

Why did she make it out of two pieces tho
Of course shit breaks when you wiggle your fat too much

No. 356973

I don't think she is going to try and cosplay Camilla again

No. 356975

This one looks like a pre-bought corset that she glued the gold to, so I can see why it looks better. She's also gained weight since then, which is probably why she can't fit it anymore.

No. 356978

Anyone else notice she wore her knee armor upside down? How can you claim to love a character if you can't even get that right?

No. 356979

I don't get 90% of this photo…

No. 356980


Their lard asses take up most of the space in this image.

No. 356981

No. 356982

File: 1488696450009.jpg (441.97 KB, 1342x744, 988b071a792c0208526a89eed56ee5…)

High def images of her cosplays are so baaaaaad

No. 356983

What is blotting papers and matte powder??

No. 356984

Good fucking god, they look so greasy.

No. 356985


Good god I think I'm going to be sick. Is she going to eat her? Because somehow that whale is even bigger than Moomoo.

No. 356986

Why is she so shiny…

No. 356987

because she didn't make the first one, its a premade corset and bra with the trim glued on.

No. 356988

Diaper Mei skin

No. 356990

Oh my god

No. 356995

File: 1488704472245.png (264.53 KB, 338x593, camilla.PNG)

But this one looks even more unrecognizable. That corset armor looks nothing like the reference image, the cape is fucked up, the hip armors still look like shit and she's still missing the knee armors AND HOLY SHIT THAT STRIP OF LOOSE ARMOR DETACHED FROM THE CORSET ARMOR. And the sash is on the wrong side of her chest AGAIN for fucks sake momo

No. 356996

From the thumbnail I thought she was wearing diapers at first and figured she found a new fetish audience to milk

She literally didn't even try with the shoes

No. 356998

I just realized that she's making a pt face here.

No. 357003

File: 1488709476987.jpg (70.74 KB, 960x640, 15492378_1204829549572090_5747…)

I can't fathom how momo looks better than the other whale…

No. 357006

Dear god that Morrigan looks just atrocious. The tangled wig, the sloppy makeup, the ill-fitting gloves and the bodysuit that just showcases her fatness instead of hiding it. She looks like a drag queen. It flatters Moomoo a lot in comparison.

No. 357008

File: 1488710487066.png (Spoiler Image, 103.87 KB, 255x220, tmp_29318-1488352532486-573449…)

The pants bro

No. 357018

she had to keep her arms down and tight to her boobs like that to stop them falling out. it's in literally every shot of her that day.

No. 357042

File: 1488716569501.png (191.92 KB, 376x346, mustache .png)

All I see

No. 357070

Because she got fat and fat people aren't known for their hard work and dedication.

No. 357072

ngl, I like this one more than Yaya's because she used a see through fabric for the bottom skirt part and Yaya used something cheap looking.

also, most people actually do cosplay for fun and for the hobby, believe it or not…

No. 357074

File: 1488729117789.jpg (173.26 KB, 360x360, photo.jpg)

Fat whales should not be cosplaying sexy characters. ffs

No. 357090

One of the only Camillas I've seen that got her costume's dimensions right, it's a shame the leather parts are so ill-fitting that it's distracting. Almost everyone makes the hip armor spikes too small and uses shitty fabric for the front part but at least she got them down.

No. 357092

fat whales like jontron right?

who are also nazis?

No. 357093


No. 357095

That's true, but not for Moomoo. Moomoo does it for the 15k a month Patreonbux to finance her lifestyle or savings or whatever; it certainly doesn't go into her cosplay. She's not even asking people to fund her hobby, she's halfassing her hobby to fund literally everything else.

No. 357096

rofl tumblr is in another site, anon

No. 357102


Well. Both those statements happen to be completely retarded. Good job, but Tumblr is just up the road. I'm sure they miss you.

No. 357103

Go back to your safe space

No. 357119

I do think this thread is being derailed with the fat comments, though. Let's not attack overweight people as a whole and focus on Momo. There's a lot more to her than just her weight.

>Some people cosplay just for fun
Considering MooMoo stated in her deviant art that she wants to be cosplay famous, and her Patreon is her career, she should be stepping up. You can't do cosplay "for fun" when you're charging people money for a professional service.

That's the problem with these Patreon girls. They ask for money and then turn around and say "oh it's for fun you're supporting my hobby"

Considering most of these girls rely on Patreon as their only source of income, you best BELIEVE that cosplay isn't just a hobby at that point. If someone is paying your way you owe it to them to be respectful and deliver.

Momo isn't doing that and I think since most patrons only go for the five dollar a month to ten dollar a month pledge they're just too lazy to or forget to cancel it. What's ten bucks a month being put on your credit card, it's like bank fees. She's lucky her neckbeards are fickle or i think with the way she's been treating them her numbers would drop immensely.

No. 357120

This girl makes profit on being a cosplayer but can't even finish a costume before a con and always ends up working on it in her hotel room & it falls apart in hours. Just look at the latest Camilla for example. What a joke.

No. 357134

File: 1488747950217.png (333.39 KB, 720x537, Screenshot_2017-03-05-13-00-19…)


Case in point towards my OP, first tweet of the day at one o clock in the afternoon, she probably just dragged her ass out of bed an hour ago because she spent the night before probably being a drunken mess as usual to every con she attends.

Is she going to wear cosplay today? Probably not because she's hungover. Just like every con.

Meanwhile, cosplayers who take their jobs seriously or lets call it a hobby for a lot of people, are up at eight or nine in the morning in full cosplay ready to take pictures for fans and photographers.

She's trash. Just a joke. But the neckbeards don't care because she flops her tits around and pretends to be this hpyersexual freak when she's probably not.

She doesn't deserve the money she gets to run the Momo Show. It's literally what she wants to do when she wants to do it and if it wasn't for the money and the "recognition as a talented cosplayer" from delusional losers on the internet I wouldn't be so mad. But she doesn't deserve any of it.

No. 357135

The person was referring to the other Camilla cosplayer doing it without patreon bucks

No. 357136


>In b4 someone says Nigri and other cosplayers all do the same thing she does, getting drunk and hungover.

Welp. Nigri busts out shit like her costumes from Katsucon that took weeks to grind. And they looked insane. Kind of think she deserves the break.

Yah other cosplayers party and have fun that's what cons are for. But not to get blackout drunk, make an ass of yourself and whine about ridiculous excuses the next day as to why they can't wear their cosplays. She literally has no dedication to her hobby. She gets attention for one day and decides to mail it in the rest of the weekend.


Oh my bad dude still won't apologize for the rant tho.

No. 357137


Sorry about the blog posts someone just pissed in my cheerios this morning and the first thing I saw on my timeline was some neckbeard praising this cunt for how talented her shitty Camilla was. She's TRASH.

No. 357144

On top of it, the last 3 or so cons she's worn the same 2 costumes. She's had plenty of times to make something new, yet all she's come up with is a shitty Camilla remake that she finished the night before and wore for an hour.

No. 357145

I feel like she's out of ideas? Which is bizarre because there are so many awesome characters in anime/ video games that she could do. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't mentioned anything about Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Or she isn't riding the Zelda hype train with Breath of the Wild now out.

But that would mean she actually pays attention and follows along with the gaming community.

No. 357146

SSS supports everyone who asks her to support them.

No. 357147

I was half expecting her to try and shit out an Eliza from the upcoming Tekken 7 game because she was acting like such a huuuuuge fan a couple of months ago when she was trying to get Yaya's attention (who already did an Eliza cosplay). Honestly, I won't be surprised if she craps out one when the Tekken hype train starts.

No. 357149

I was gonna say the same thing. Didn't she mention that she was a "Big" Zelda fan??? She hasn't said one word about Breath of the Wild

No. 357151

Why give her ideas.

No. 357152

I think she said months ago Wind Waker was her all time favorite game ever, or least least her favorite Zelda game. But also admitted to have never even finished it and watch playthroughs of it instead.

No. 357153

I mean, they're such basic ideas. Anyone with half a mind would come up with it.

No. 357161


Everything she does is just to be part of "the cool crowd" so drinking and partying is more important to her because she thinks that's networking.

It's like she still has a highschool mentality. Studying and having good grades doesn't matter as long as you're "cool"

Being in with the famous cosplayers makes her feel more important than actually having a good body of work.

No. 357162

She's a fake Zelda fan she straight up insulted some chick who was wearing a Zelda cosplay a year ago

No. 357191

Well I mean she IS a "big" fan.

No. 357200

No. 357204

I bet 20 bucks that she will try 2B from Nier Automata
And I will bet 100 that if she does it she will slut it up and it will look like shit

No. 357212

I would love to see that trainwreck

No. 357218

Considering the amount of sexy fanart she gets, I'd say it's pretty possible. 2B's outfit has a lot of detailing that Moomoo wouldn't be capable of making, though.

No. 357222

It would be fun trying to see her pull of a character that looks really slim and fit and wears a skin tight dress as well. she'll look like giant sausage.

No. 357279

Just ignore them. Just a samefag trying to push drama between momo and sss in nearly every momo thread.

No. 357287

File: 1488762861881.jpg (139.16 KB, 900x1200, C6L87zWU8AANMcO.jpg)

Oh look. MooMoo ate Gabby's soul. POV Lucoa anyone?

No. 357289


That's gonna be realllly healthy for your long term relationship.

No. 357298

Well it at least fits the character some what.

No. 357299

How did this pov shit get started? Who did it first? Doubt momo came up with it herself

No. 357301

SSS I think did one a long ass time ago.

No. 357313

Don't see how this is pov she's literally just leaning on a bed? I think it's a selfie? Did she call it pov or something I'm not even seeing this post on her Instagram or Facebook page.

No. 357314

If you look carefully, you'll see that she's leaning on a guy's torso since there's a hairy leg popping out from behind him.

No. 357318


Not only is there a leg in the left side of the picture but MooMoo quoted it and said "that pov shot" it's sad because I know Gabby's just doing it to get the money noooo don't let her take your sooouulll

No. 357319


POV is a porno term for when the camera is pointed at the chicks face from above while she's sucking dick.
Also from above when she's getting railed from behind. It's actually a very basic pronographic term.

Oh, but wait. What MooMoo does isn't porn uwu she's just borrowing the term to simulate sex with cosplay char- wait are you sure she doesn't do porn? Lol

I know I'm totally off topic but I'm saged.

No. 357320

POV just means point of view and is a term used for video games and movies. You're reaching.

No. 357321

At least it's in character.

No. 357323

While POV does just stand for "point of view", it is also a genre in porn.

No. 357324

Anon is right though. POV has been a type of porn for years, it's nothing new. Source: I watch a lot of porn

No. 357346

File: 1488778880466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1010.14 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20170305_211306.jpg)


>You're reaching.

Am I though?

POV porn is meant to completely take the other person's face out of the picture so it's focused on the girl and what she's doing to that person. It makes it so that whoever's watching it can easily imagine themselves in the position of the dude. MooMoo does the same thing. Her POV shots are meant for neckbeards to easily imagine that she's on her knees for them. Also the other pictures in the Wicke POV set, where she's sitting on the dudes crotch and her skirts hiked up, it's angled in a way that other guys can easily imagine her sitting on THEIR lap. That's how POV porn works. Sorry but it's not reaching.

No. 357350


Granted her shots aren't as hardcore as the girl on the right, but it is softcore POV porn. Don't try to justify it.

Maybe MooMoos dumb ass doesn't realize that that's what POV softcore is intended for. Maybe she doesn't realize people are imagining them being in the Guzma dudes position. Maybe she really is naive as fuck and that's why she defends herself so hard. But that's sure as hell how the neckbeards jerk off to it.

No. 357355

Given how she has openly admitted that she was doing boudoir shoots because she was aware that they made the most money, I doubt this. She has known since the start that sex sells, and can easily dissuade someone from fthe reality of her shitty cosplays by pushing the fantasy of her in a POV view.

Also this POV is used frequently in hentai and given her constant references and posing inspirations from it, she knows exactly what she is doing.

No. 357362

For a girl who recently boasted about 'watching so much hentai', asked to be tied up (forgot the name but it's the elaborate rope technique), and just shot a photo of her bending over a table with her pants down

I don't think she's naive anymore. She's just playing the dumb card and it's flopping hard.

No. 357368

Exactly… if anything pov is popular in doujin and hentai isn't it??? Like they always do a faceless mc just so neckbeards can insert themselves in the "scenario"
So what moomoo does is porn, she hides the face of the person doing the stuff to her so her gross fans can insert themselves in it, it's like others have said she's the most "attainable" nerd girl like lbr sss, jnig, and yaya aren't easier to insert yourself with like moomoo
Also why is there always someone trying to say what moomoo does isn't porn?? SSS even made that thread of tweets of the difference of boudoir and porn

No. 357369

So the person that Moomoo tagged in her "bedroom shoot time" tweet cosplayed Tiki at the con…

Even a shoot with Vamplette's shitty Charlotte would have been better. Tiki and Camilla don't have anything to do with each other, although I guess anything's possible with Heroes now.

No. 357378

Gabby is a smart girl and knows she is making money off this. If it's in demand, she is going to take the opportunity. Chances are that's her fiance. I know he took the photos/ is there for all her shoots. Gabby needs money for the cosplays she is trying to do, unlike Moomoo she isn't a huge party girl who wants to be sexy porno like.
Sorry for OT but I don't think lumping Gabby with momo and dating they're the same isn't fair. Gabby is working, engaged, and genuinely a nice, weird person. If anything, itd be dumb for her not to give in to demand

No. 357380

who is Gabby? what does she go by so I can look her up
thank you!

No. 357385

This is fucking ECCC did she even say she was going there?

No. 357386

yes, it says so on her name on Twitter

No. 357391

GabbyCCosplay on Twitter
Or Gabrielle Cooke cosplay on facebook

No. 357414

I feel like she would also be smart enough to make sure she only does shoots like this for characters it makes sense for, and not sexualize children's media like Moomoo.

No. 357423

Also because she doesn't have a boyfriend, like Gabby and Steff and JNigs and Yaya do. They're less "accessible" because they're dating than Momo who's single.

No. 357427

The ONLY reason why trash like Moomoo and Jngiri are popular is because of neckbeards. Normal people use cosplay as a creative outlet and hobby, but these banshee want to make money from literally copying someone else's work and these basement dwellers are more than ready to drain their wallets for any side titty action. It's pathetic.

No. 357443

File: 1488819488235.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2597.PNG)

The stache

No. 357445

Steff has a boyfriend?

No. 357446

I understand she wants to be cool and paint effects but why not just get proper gold paint that actually reflects light but its momo so

No. 357447

But she does hop on any dick she wants to use for fame

No. 357450

I haven't seen her talk about it often but I think so. I'm pretty certain she mentioned it on Twitter once or twice.

No. 357465


I have a feeling MooMoo doesn't have a boyfriend because she's probably extremely controlling and aggressive. Her boyfriends probably can't even LOOK at another girl or she goes on a rampage. MooMoo comes across as extremely toxic and unhealthy to have any relationships with.

Either that or she goes after fuckboys because she has daddy issues.

No. 357467

Is she highlighting her nasolabial folds or something? Why does it looks so dark? It makes her wrinkles more noticeable. Looks like she's starting pandering to gerontophylics aside from chubby chasers. Way to expand the market, girl. Well done.

No. 357471


She definitely strikes me as the super possessive bitchy type who goes apeshit if their boyfriend even mentions another girl and is constantly accusing them of cheating on her and is always looking to start drama with every female in his life. No sane man would want to put up with that kind of bullshit.

No. 357473

We already have proof of this when she went off on KBBQ's ex who made a comment about him being in her Wicke POV.

No. 357475


Was that the time when in a sea of dudes calling her a whore and trashy slut and talking about how much they want to fuck her, she singled out the one girl who made a comment about her?

No. 357481

Anyone have screenshots of this?

No. 357486

There should never be high quality photos of her face.

No. 357494

yea he's just very behind the scenes but they've been together for quite a while IIRC

No. 357495

They were posted a few threads back, after she announced her Wicke POV

No. 357497

They both look like fat cows. Yaya is a huge bitch I don't understand why anyone kisses her ass

No. 357498

That's a really bad paint job she doesn't seem to know shit about painting she can't just smudge the white paint on there without even blending of course it will look like shit

No. 357500

I was never interested in Yaya but I can see that she might be a bitch however her craftsmanship is really good so I'm guessing this is one of the big reasons why

No. 357501

Who cares it's like ladies competition for who makes the best pie at the county fair. Why don't they actually do something worthwhile with their lives

No. 357502


I think she's just jaded from her experience in the cosplay community. So many people dickride and pretend to be everyone else's friend just to climb ladders and play politics.

Honestly it's not about craftmanship anymore it's always about fame and who you know.

Nigri is too nice to tell people to fuck off. Yaya is just tired of it.

No. 357507


I mean if i was making thousands of dollars a month baking pies for the county fair I wouldn't really give a shit if it was "worthwhile" or not lol

The difference is though that Yaya is actually making pies that taste good and moo moo is just smearing some canned cherry pie filling all over her fat titties

And then you wonder what the point of baking is when all the neckbeards paying for the pie aren't actually eating it and appreciating the flavor profiles, they're just jerking off into them…

No. 357508

dang u ok there anon?

No. 357509

Idk it just bothers me how dudebros are with the gatekeeping bullshit like "YOUVE NEVER EVEN PLAYED THAT GAME! DO YOU EVEN READ COMICS? FAKE NERD GIRL!!!!!" when they pay thousands of dollars to this heiffer who probably can't even thread her own sewing machine because she sends them pictures of her ass every few weeks

No. 357514

could u imagine someone entering a pie baking contest, just smearing cherry filling on their tits and winning.
fucking kek anon, thanks for the visual haha

No. 357522

Yaya isn't one like moomoo/jnigs etc. Who crank out pov, boudoir lingerie shit every month to pander to neckbeards. Granted she may have done some before but barely, but obvi her focus is more different unlike popular cosplayers who rely entirely on selling sex and tease shots nowadays. It's feeding into the vicious cycle

No. 357525


Fuck I think I had a dream like this last week.

No. 357526

OT but moomoo and ash have literally helped me step up my cosplay game…

No. 357539

Yaya was the first fake ass bitch to get silicone and do nothing but sexy cosplay, paving the way for 'cosplayers' like Jnig and Moomoo. Are you kidding me? She made a living selling prints of herself and pandering to neckbeards. She isn't any better just because she can sew now and isn't harassing her old seamstress roommates to sew her costumes for her.

No. 357540

While yes, I agree that is all true. I think it's still not fair to say that someone like Yaya who may have done boobie cosplays to gain attention, is the same as whatever the hell these gross soft core porn shoots are… I mean, really? She's no saint, but she's clearly capable of making some impressive cosplay beyond just her tits too.

No. 357544

yaya had grown. She did boob based cosplays in the beginning but has improved her skill and shown focus towards accuracy rather than sex appeal. It's why I liked her after watching Heroes of Cosplay.

No. 357561

…If you wanna debate Yaya Han go find another thread please lmao.

No. 357567

Agreed. The yaya hateborners in the thread are OT and really random and feel like their trying to derail.

No. 357568

No. 357573

Ash is a shining example of how not to cosplay.

Relating to momo, has mooch released their milf ~cute bondage~ opening set? I want it to leak so bad. Momo could get absolutely shredded if the right people find out she made bondage porn of a game directed at children as young as eight

No. 357583

A user said on the previous thread said that it was on moochlettes patreon and that only 2(?) people purchased the sets, apparently, so as much I was looking forward to the cringe of the sets I doubt we'll see them unless someone knows the person who got them

And as for the yaya stuff I think she's only relevant to moomoo when moomoos trying to suck her ass, she's moved on to nigri now so let's see how much she'll namefag her

No. 357614

Apparently Moomoo was in Vancouver?? I'm kind of bummed I didn't catch her because I would wanna see her fake ass act in person. Anyone know why she was here? (I don't know if I missed something in this thread)

No. 357616

I think it was another vacation which she justified to herself as a "work trip" because she dressed up for one hour for con she didn't even guest or promote for.

No. 357623

Its amazing how she gives 0 shits about cons that don't have people she can suck up to. She spammed her shit with Katsucon stuff, leeching off of Jnig and anyone else. But these last few cons she's been so quit about them, and doesn't even fucking cosplay.

No. 357624


Kind of OT but I got excited knowing someone else is a fellow British Columbian in this thread lol. Funny how we dont even live in Vegas but the dramu is so good.

Also Ive had my own instance with her. Can't go into detail because she would probably remember me and I know she lurks. It happened awhile ago, I've known MooMoos online presence since 2014 and even back then I could see the desperation for attention. She would post pics of her tits all the time and be super psycho sexual "omg I'm this cute Starbucks barista waifu who loves DBZ and calls Vegeta daddy I'm so kinky and nerdy" bitch no gtfo.

No. 357626


Obviously not nude tits but there they were hanging down to the middle of her rib cage they're really floppy lol.

She got into online fights with girls all the time. She always seemed to single out the females. Always said they were jealous of her. Nah bitch you worked at Starbucks you worked minimum wage and begged for online validation.

No. 357632

It's amazing how someone so insecure and hostile to other women even managed to make one female friend (Moochlette). She sounds like she's insufferable to be around.

No. 357633

It's because Colette is a pushover which makes it easy for queen bee type girls like Mariah to take advantage of

No. 357635

Probably and, awful as it sounds, she's too ugly in the face for Moo to feel threatened by her. Moomoo probably considers her her ugly friend who makes her look better in comparison.

No. 357636

I think once Collette gets her nose job and her teeth fixed she will gain more popularity and Momo will distance herself. Collette isnt a popular cosplayer, she is literally only known as "Mariah's best friend" that's gonna suck since she works pretty hard on her cosplays and nothing to show for it.

No. 357639

It's also amazing that someone like her thinks she can present herself as a body positivity idol for other women. It's all a front. The only thing she truly stands for is Moomoo positivity, the movement (or lack thereof) of encouraging herself to sit on her ass and eat junk food while occasionally doing ~cute analingus sets uwu, totes not porn~ for the neckbeard bucks. She needs to learn to love herself and reevaluate her priorities and stop doing things solely for male attention.

No. 357641

Yeah, when Colette isn't being a lazy cow like Moomoo, her cosplays are really well done. But its clear with her dumbass twerking videos she's going to go down the route, which is sad. Mariah had 0 talent to begin with, but to see actual talent go down the drain sucks.

No. 357646

It's debatable if she was well-known in Vegas before momokun came into her life, but nowadays I just see her as momo's forgettable sidekick

source: seen vamplette at conventions like about 6 or 7 years ago, back when anime Vegas was a thing

No. 357651

File: 1488917463320.png (226.14 KB, 1242x792, IMG_5281.PNG)

Jesus…she should avoid armor. She looks like a boulder next to the other girls.

No. 357653

File: 1488917605570.png (5.84 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5283.PNG)

No. 357654

Is that one of those paperclip clamps on her thighs?

No. 357655

it looks like the original clip holding the armor broke and she had to safety pin it

No. 357656


she literally has to hold it on to prevent it from falling off. jesus.

No. 357657

She looks so uncomfortable in that cosplay…
As much as I love Moomoo Milk, it's almost sad to watch her weight gain to this extent. How many more warning signs do you need from your body to realize that your lifestyle is ruining you?

No. 357659

As long as neckbeards throw money at her she can remain oblivious to how her health is going to start deteriorating with such rapid weight growth.

No. 357660

Never in my life have I seen someone gain weight this quickly. It's honestly concerning.

No. 357662

Holy shit seeing her next to other girls really showcases how massive she is. She's like two times bigger than the chubby girl next to her.

No. 357664

it looks like the before video from a sad infomercial

No. 357665

Can't tell if you're talking about her breastplate or the bottom of her chestpiece, but I guess it doesn't matter

No. 357668

File: 1488919852516.jpg (362.62 KB, 757x757, moomoofigure.jpg)

Whatever she's doing, she needs to stop now. This comparison between her and the other girls' silhouettes will probably give a good idea of how big she's gotten and this is seriously unhealthy levels.

No. 357669

File: 1488919949312.gif (1.04 MB, 268x268, tumblr_olly9ysEvc1rtj3jho4_400…)

you can tell she's trying really hard to make sure it doesn't fall apart. Why the fuck would she even go outside if she can't even keep it from falling apart?

No. 357670

Can you make one of these for the banner in >>356784?

No. 357672

She looks like she is getting yelled at for peeing on the carpet

No. 357673

She's seriously gotten huge super quick. Wonder if there's something wrong medically with her.

No. 357674

Is being a spoiled twat a medical condition?

No. 357675

she could have something medically wrong with her, but it also may be the hallmark of a sedentary lifestyle. sitting on your ass all day dicking around and ordering takeout with patreon bucks can certainly expand an ass in no time.

No. 357676

Holy shit. I couldn't see it in the original but outlining the silhouettes makes it literally 2x worse. She is morbidly obese at this point. She isn't ~THICC~ or chubby anymore. I feel bad for her organs.

No. 357677

IIRC she used to be athletic in high school. When people are very active for a few years but then suddenly stop, they sometimes don't adjust their diet to their new lifestyle and balloon up very fast. If she's still eating like she did back in high school despite only sitting on her ass all day every day it will add up quickly.
>tl;dr she's lazy and she eats too much

No. 357678

I dunno I think the weight gaining thing might be a bit over exaggerated. But only because even ten extra pounds looks real big real quick. She might have gained maybe thirty to forty pounds since a year and a half ago, and she's always been chubby even since the start of her cosplay career. Her waist cincher just hid it really really well. I'd say when she first debuted in that zero suit considering her height (under 5") she was probably 130-140 and now she's probably 160-170, possibly getting close to 180. She only looks that big because of how short she is, lol. Which is very unfortunate.

No. 357679

There's no way she was 130-140 while wearing her ZSS. And there's no way she's 170lbs now. That's being awfully generous anon lol

No. 357680

Holy shit, it's like how she had to keep her arms up with Lilith because it'd fall apart otherwise… girl, you never learn, huh?

No. 357684

She's not under 5' though, she's around 5'5". She was probably around 150lbs last January.

No. 357685

She was probably 180 a year ago but she sure as hell isn't now. Unless she's a midget, there's no way she's 180.

No. 357687

if she's 5'5-ish she's definitely over 200 at this point.

No. 357688

She is most def at 200lbs. It may not look like it because she carries most of her weight in her thighs/ ass (no moomoo, you don't have a nice ass, its just flabby now) and her tits. She's lucky that her face doesn't look fat and she really doesn't have a BIG belly for someone at 200lbs.

No. 357689

File: 1488926668575.jpg (789.06 KB, 1080x992, streetbreakerx2-1488406279121_…)

Okay so I got this from Sierras Instagram as a comparison. Sierra posted on twitter about gaining a shit ton of weight in the past year. She weighs roughly around 220lbs? Maybe? And she is tall. Like 5'9
In this image you can see Moomoo looks larger than her despite being shorter than her.
So tldr Mariah def weighs 200+ pounds.

No. 357691

Isn't this from 2 months ago? After seeing Camilla isn't it safe to assume she gained more weight?

No. 357692


She's really uncomfortable in that costume. Everything about her posing that looks like she's holding it all in place to her fed up facial expression reeks of she wanted out instantly.

No. 357693

I use to weight 170, close to 180 and I did not look like that. Moomoo seems to be about the same height I am (5'4) she has to be 210 at the most

No. 357695

I have a friend who's around the same height and has the same body type. She's definitely over 200 at this point.

I wonder if MoMo actually thought the worbla would help control all that mass. People keep saying she doesn't care about how fat she's getting because she's getting money, but I feel like she's SOMEWHAT self-conscious and has a tiny bit of self awareness, which is why she keeps making her costumes so much smaller than she really is. But she doesn't want to actually do anything solve the problem.

No. 357696

She actually,totally, seriously thought she could use worbla as a corset. She was bragging about it on twitter when she posted the shitty work in progress. Tasha actually tried to tell her that would not work, Tasha tried to give her tips on working with worbla and was snubbed by moomoo with her usual "nah! It works I got this!!!" If moo moo won't take advice from more experienced cosplayers, no wonder everything she makes looks like shit.

No. 357697

OT but fatties that cosplay Zatanna piss me off.

No. 357698

File: 1488930882526.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

jfc stop with the fat Samus cosplayers.

No. 357699

She keeps saying that she wears shapewear to achieve a certain look/silhouette, but we all know the real reason is because she looks visibly fat and out of shape but she doesn't want to work out to fix the problem. Probably the reason she made the new Camilla is because she can't even fit into her old shapewear anymore. There's nothing stopping her from just wearing it underneath the current Camilla armor so the worbla doesn't have to work as hard holding her weight in.

No. 357701

I bet she was inspired by Moomoo.

No. 357706

I also want to point out moomoo knows nothing about worbla! How to shape it,prime it, sand it , paint it or even seal it! She doesn't even realize most girls that use worbla for armor; wear corsets or two bras even for bodice and and breast plates. That includes Nigri, master fabricators like Kamui cosplay would never be caught in public without proper support under her worbla pieces, as it could definitely fall apart if there isn't anything to help keep things where they should since worbla doesn't stretch once firm and painted.

But this is moomoo, the chick who tried to plastidip worbla as a primer.

No. 357709

Goddamn, stop trying to think of medical reasons for her gaining so much reason. The only reason she's gained so much is because she's lazy, eats shit, and parties a shit ton. Not to mention her neckbeards that fund all of this will kiss her ass no matter how much weight she's gained.

No. 357710

Tasha also buys 90% of her cosplays and just doesn't mention it so people assume she makes all her costumes lol

No. 357711

In fairness, at least now she has a lot more ass for them to kiss.

No. 357712


Keep the bullshit thyroid excuses to the Suzy thread. She is fat because she is a lazy slob who sits on her ass all day, eats like shit and parties all night.

No. 357718


Seriously! Moomoo eats out every single day. Her current obsession being pho, tons of sodium. God knows what she gobbles down when she's drunk or dropping acid.

No. 357728

Sure about that?

No. 357729

Ayyyye more British Columbians

But aside from that, as much as I hate Moomoo, I do hope it's just her eating too much and whatnot, rather than a medical condition that's making her gain weight because she might use that to try and gain sympathy from people saying how her medical condition is making her bigger and she needs treatment soon but can't afford it because American medical bills are a lot.
Therefore medical bills=no more "thicc" POV sets or boudoir or whatever the fuck she does

No. 357736


Completely irrelevant to the point. So what if she buys ninety percent of her costumes she's still a good seamstress and she knows what the fucked she's doing for the other so called "ten percent". Sounds like Moo is pretty salty.

Anyways, as to her weight gaining thing I was OP to the possibility of it being exaggerated. My bad I thought she was shorter like under five feet that's why I thought she was probably 170. But that means she's two inches shorter than me and at that point yah she's definitely 180-190 pounds.

No. 357737

OT but I fuckin love Pho, I don't blame momo for being obsessed with it. However, I do blame her for eating so much that she's turned into a noodle and broth filled balloon

No. 357779

But why?
People cosplay whatever they want it shouldn't matter their weight, race, whatever. Sorry but its annoying seeing this elitism. Unless they're like momo trying to make a career out of it or be "IRL______" it shouldn't matter
Sorry FOR OT but this shouldn't matter. We only shit on Mariah for being fat because she is in denial about it and thinks she is hot shit and is trying to be cosfamous. Whoever this chick is seems to just be a cosplayer.

No. 357780

She isn't even fat?

No. 357781

File: 1488945835613.jpg (465.72 KB, 3055x2255, 997571126819339770.jpg)

I feel like we've been throwing the word fat around a lot. Tbh I don't think any of the girls in this thread are that fat. Overweight? For sure. Unhealthy? Most likely. But this is what I think of when I think of fat or obese. Mariah is on a slippery slope for sure. The samus and yaya though are nowhere near fat? They're barely even "THICC".

No. 357782


So they are fat then. Overweight + Unhealthy = Fat. You're not bullshiting anyone.

No. 357783

Are you trying to say MooMoo isn't fat? And providing that picture for comparison? MooMoo is just as fat as the Sailor Moon on the left, and well on her way to being the hambeast on the right. Hell, she might even form her own orbit at the rate she's going.

No. 357784

>>357781 look at >>357651 and say again that she isn't a fatass

No. 357785

Moomoo's flattering fat distribution is misleading. Her face and stomach are looking pretty good for the estimated weight she's at, but she's definitely "fat", now.

Take a look at her weight gain in the past year (and a half? Minus the earliest photo of her in HS) >>356784 compared to now >>357653.

No. 357786

The only difference between these girls and Moomoo is that they have an unfortunate body shape and butterfaces making them look worse. I'd even say Moomoo is larger than the girl on the left.

No. 357787

I was mostly referring to the other people mentioned or called fat in the thread. I think gabby and sierra are chubby but I don't think they're fat. And yaya and that samus chick aren't fat either. I think Mariah is fat, especially for her height. But I feel like that word is being thrown around a lot especially when I feel like it doesn't apply to anyone other than momo

No. 357788

that samus is hot tbh.

No. 357796

Anyone else think Momo isn't posting much because of this thread?

No. 357797

File: 1488955094209.png (146.63 KB, 720x599, Screenshot_2017-03-07-17-07-52…)


I think a few posts in the previous thread did get to her because she's been quiet since then. I also think the fact that Kiwi Farms has their own thread that's just as lively is keeping her mouth shut as well.

Also it seems like she really is digging a hole with these other cosplayers. People aren't sucking up to her anymore, aren't retweeting her when she compliments them, etc…

Also people in her own private circle have been criticizing her a lot lately.

I don't know how to say that she deserves it without being an ass, because people don't deserve to be upset or feel bad. But she needs a wake up call and to pull her head out of her ass. Learn to be more open minded. She is an insecure little bitch who hides behind her so called "positivity only" tirade, I wasn't going to post this picture because Tasha retweeted it and I don't want MooMoo accusing her of throwing shade, but this post sums up Mariah quite nicely.

No. 357806

Kiwi farms did a bit of searching, the house moomoo and moochlette live in is indeed a rental at 1,300 a month. God help the homeowner. They look like shit tenants.

No. 357839

under rated

No. 357857


I feel like these tweet need to be required reading for these land whale bitches who constantly go on about "positivity" and constantly deflect blame to others and are always like "Never say anything negative about anyone. Only talk about positive things". It really is insufferable and these cows try to use it to maintain some sort of moral superiority. Girls like a Moomoo, Suzy and Chel always do this when they go on some sort of tirade about "How good a person they are and how they never do anything wrong" and "How I only spread positive messages to people, no more of this bullying negativity" when everyone with sense knows that's not true. It's like they all live in "I was minding my own business" land and that nothing is ever their fault.

No. 357862

Damn, $1300 a month for a house is a pretty good price tbh. Split between the both of them, thats actually reasonable rent.

And yet. Still no furniture.

No. 357864

A good reason why would be because they're going to so many cons lately and that takes prep time. But then you gotta remember Moomoo doesn't have a job. And a trip to Ikea really isn't that taxing.

No. 357867

Assuming moochlette actually pays for part of the rent.

No. 357869

the Mei/76 pov shoot goes live on patreon today, get ready everyone.

No. 357871

Considering how I'm able to furnish my $1900 a month (1bed 1 bath) apartment at a FRACTION of what moomoo makes, she has no excuse.

No. 357874

She has an actual job doesn't she? I remember her being a cashier when these threads first started popping up, not sure if she still works.

Even if she doesn't pay, $1300 a month for a house is still really good and Momo can easily afford it.

No. 357876

Got my barf bag ready, captian.

No. 357877

In vegas thats actually pretty expensive, but it also depends on the area. She either got a shitty deal or lives in summerlin/henderson.

No. 357879

She quit her job over a year ago, anon. To be a "professional cosplayer." Time well spent, right?

No. 357880

North Las Vegas apparently, in the shittier part near the old pig farms that got busted for shrooms.

No. 357881

File: 1488991625277.jpg (38.68 KB, 326x300, IMG_9812.JPG)

appropriate memes loaded?

No. 357882

She lives like a block or 2 away from it but the area and houses themselves are nice and relatively new. It's not that shit of an area.

No. 357890

File: 1488994444164.jpg (188.47 KB, 995x604, ss (2017-03-08 at 09.31.24).jp…)

No. 357892

Not a shit area but not exactly up and coming. their building a section 8 in that area.

No. 357894

What….is this…? I've never felt so insulted in my life as a hardcore Jojo fan.

No. 357896

With the cuts of her lewd pics in the background it's giving me a porn dvd cover vibe.

No. 357897

Idk why the artist even associates Mariah to JJBA, she's only ever done the most basic of references to it (the JoJo pose), and it doesn't seem like she's ever watched or read it.

No. 357901

She's going to post softcore porn of herself on international women's day…Hope her sister is proud

No. 357904

But anon it's not porn she's modeling lol

No. 357912

I'm not an hardcors Jojo fan but still offended by this shit
Let's just hope that she won't get any funny ideas and cosplay someone from jojo

No. 357915

You forgot the uwu

No. 357920

she cant even pose it would be a joke. jojo fandom includes good posing, which moomoo cannot ever do right.

No. 357921

File: 1489005667989.png (549.9 KB, 419x527, POLPO_FULL_COLOR.png)

I actually really hope she does a Jojo cosplay because
A) it will look like shit
B) she will get BTFO by other Jojo cosplayers
The only Jojo character she could cosplay well is Polpo

No. 357922

nah she is more like Shigechi. fat, greedy, and nobody likes her

No. 357923

And don't forget the only reason they have friends is because of money

No. 357924

She has been on this "jojo hype train" for like a year now. Ots bill shot. She has tweeted about only recently watching it. And she hates like all the Jojos except Joseph? Because(granted Joseph is great) he is the most popular/ most liked. She said she wants to cosplay Mariah from part 3 but I doubt that will ever happen.

No. 357925

And because they beat them down and ruin them if you're not their friend. Its genuinely easier to pretend to be her friend than deal with all the drama and bullshit of not being her friend. Aka what happened with Tasha and Gabby.

No. 357926

So far my favourite Moomoo hype train cosplay has been the terrible genderbent Yuuri from Yuri on Ice that she quickly shut up about after she realized that her neckbeard audience hates fujo stuff lmao

No. 357928

Wow I totally forgot that. It was just the long wog she wore for "velma" and some black clothes right?

No. 357930

That was crazy how fast she ditched YOI. One shitty long wig, one picture of her flailing on the ice and that was it. Not a peep after even when the show ended (from what I saw).

No. 357932

File: 1489008925356.png (183.48 KB, 1440x947, 20170308_163248.png)

No. 357933

She posted one thing for the YOI ending and it was the same Blades of Glory joke everyone else was doing. Tbh I think she only reason she bothered making a post about it was because people on the previous threads were pointing out how she wasn't making comments about it.

No. 357935

No. 357936

Did someone call her out on body positivity bs or what is this about?

No. 357937


Sounds like it was I respond to this:


Looks like she has been lurking again

No. 357939

File: 1489009515541.png (1.23 MB, 1439x1514, 20170308_134241.png)

That's pretty much all she posted from the finale from what I could quickly google. Which how much she posts everyday it's gonna be a bitch having to scroll through all her tweets just to get back to December.

No. 357940

Is there any pics of this? I remember her posting YOI stuff for like 2 mins

No. 357941

kek fatty be lurkin'.

No. 357942

No. 357948


Lol, at this point Lolcow is winning I don't care how hard she defends herself until she's blue in the face, or if she makes fun of us saying it's entertaining to read the rumours about her, or if she tries to hurt our feelings by making us feel bad about making fun of her by saying our lives are probably terrible and that's why we hate her.

Every single excuse she uses to defend herself and put down this thread, is an L for her.



Mkay. I'm good.

No. 357949


Is she's gotta keep repeating that shit over and over again on her Twitter it just looks like she's still trying to convince herself lol.

Also it looks like all of a sudden she's active again now that neckbeards and no name cosplayers are kissing her ass she's gotta retweet how special she is to the world.

No. 357951

It makes me want to gag that women (and dudes) are tweeting her as if she's worthy of their praise on national women's day

No. 357952


Not from people that matter though. People who used to be her friend or are in close circles with her haven't and that speaks volumes.

Also she hasn't bothered tweeting anything of her own but I can guarantee if she does the only people she would tweet about are Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han because she has no regards for the feelings of the people in her life only the people she is trying to pursue.

Oh wait. And Vamplette because she's her charity case.

No. 357954

File: 1489014478697.png (127.93 KB, 624x876, IMG_4385.PNG)

Yeah. Right, part 7? That's hilarious moomoo, Dio is her favorite character and she hates Jotaro. Fucking poser who can't even pose like Joestar, Why don't you actually like something that isn't popular for fucking once? Jojo fans can spot a fucking fake from far away. Maybe that's why she hates Jotaro, characters like Jotaro would be able to see through her fuckboi facade.

No. 357955

underrated comment

No. 357956


This post is kind of cringey. Kinda makes it sound like you're butthurt hipster trash.

MooMoo has stated before and there is a tweet somewhere if you dig far back enough where she says she goes out of her way to only talk about popular anime because that's what people want to hear about not obscure anime that no one knows.

Then again she doesn't talk about anime or video games at all anymore. Isn't that what you're supposed to be is a quirky anime nerd girl who likes video games? Even a simple wiki search or more memes could make it seem like she's not as fake but she just can't be bothered haha.

She's too consumed by what people say about her online and how to look sexy as a fat whale. Gotta research dem corset wearing tips and tricks

No. 357958


i'm not familiar with jojo's bizarre adventure, is the tongue a part of the pose she is trying to pull off?

No. 357962

Tell yourself that. The only reason she watched it was because gabby made her, she only liked dio, Mariah made her cringe ass comments of wanting dio to suck her blood and choke her. Kept talking about how much she hated Jotaro and how she cried every time she watched dio die. That was three months ago and she claims to be in part 7? Reading all the way up to part 7 takes a long time it's a 30 year old series that's taken its sweet time to get up to 7 part so yes I call bullshit.

No. 357963

The tongue is in the series, tongue is a thing in the series but it's fine in parody. It's an exaggerated gesture usually.

No. 357968

I don't think Gabby made her watch it but you're right about the rest. I am barely on part 6 and I started reading the manga around the same time she did

No. 357970

Girl. stop. Mariah is fat. Yaya isn't even in that great of shape, but she isn't fat, just very sloppy. Those two bitches on your thumbnail are obese and heading into morbidly obesity.

No. 357971

I don't know anon, her job is cosplay and she obviously isn't spending her time doing that, so it's not too farfetched to read all the way up to part 7 in that amount of time.
Not counting Jojolion, I think it took me around 2 months in total to read parts 1 - 6, with another month for part 7 once they finished translating it. It's all about being invested enough and having nothing better to do.

That said, I refuse to believe that she gives a shit about Jojo. Mainly because the fandom has become canerous enough since the new anime aired, so we don't need her to infect it even further.

No. 357974

Bitch is years late to the Jojo train…

No. 357975

Jojo is just now being super hype though because its on toonami or whatever
Its now accessable and common knowledge to casuals
Just remember. There are people out there that believe that Jojo COPIED the to be continued meme.. She is PANDERING to them

No. 357978

Compared to other cosplayers who make a living off their skill, Momo has nothing to show for her 'hard' work but badly made boudoir photoshoots. All of her actual hand made costumes are finished at the con hotel rooms in a rush every time despite all the free time she has. We hear nothing about her physical rewards her Patrons are meant to receive like prints, cards etc while other cosplayers always post about sending goodies to fans. In the time she's become 'famous' after she quit her job, she's become dangerously overweight fast which just shows how fucking lazy and irresponsible she is, constantly on Twitter obsessing over herself & her haters while sprouting positivity bs there instead of improving her career. She's completely shit at her job and just wants to make money doing next to nothing, while pretending to be a huge nerd to keep relevant and neckbeard bucks flowing. It's so sad.

No. 357979

Anybody know the scene in parks and rec where Leslie Knope says her stripper name would be "Equality"? Well, Moomoo's would be "Positivity" …

No. 357986

File: 1489027238555.gif (1.25 MB, 369x520, kurolaughing.gif)


No. 357996

pls no

No. 358002

In vegas her nickname at cons is "Moo Shoo cunt" because she is always fucking asian photographers for e famezzz

No. 358004

l m a o thank you for this tidbit

No. 358026

Oh god, and I know in fact that Mariah is attracted to Joseph on Part 3. It's gonna be like when she paied up Guzma with Wicke…..oh shit, I hope I'm not giving her any ideas, FML….

No. 358029

Drive update?

No. 358040

Every time I see her posing out of character like this, I can't help but think that she hides her lack of knowing anything about the actual character's poses or personality. She does the first shitty alt pose she can think of from any other fandom, then hide behind the, "I'm being silly dudes, can't I just have fun?"

And lmao Momo, you seriously don't know how to keep your trap shut. You just have to make a response.

No. 358065

I want to believe this by I'm pretty sure it's just loonie making up shit.

No. 358070

I don't think Moomoo has ever posed or acted in character as Wicke at any point, ever. Not as familiar with the other characters but it's probably the same there. She poses like an obnoxious turboslut with every character because that's all she knows. That's who she is, and she can't hide it even for the few seconds it takes to take a photograph.

No. 358075

It all goes back to these wise words

>>It's weird cause her "Velma" she looks decent but then you think about how it's supposed to be Velma and it's just her in Velma clothing, she's like jnig in terms of its her dressed up as x character, not she's x character

She plays dress up and is inconsistent about it, too. It's not cosplay, never was.

No. 358087


Fucking kek

No. 358091

Well at least she's not making her famous pageant speeches anymore so I guess short, passive aggressive vague tweets are an improvement lmao

No. 358114

File: 1489088400909.jpg (17.64 KB, 651x137, 1479276147980.jpg)

>I'm not here to bullshit you

Aren't you Momo? That's all you ever do

No. 358118

File: 1489089872495.jpg (25.59 KB, 400x462, 1408468454253.jpg)

>Jojo inspired art
>Not heavily inked with hatched facial shadows

What's the fucking point without using any aspect of araki's distinct style?

No. 358120

just make a jojo pose and it's jojo inspired, trust me.

No. 358132

So moomoo is working on Kimono Camilla…camilla from nohr. Hoshido is the place they'd likely wear kimonos.

No. 358134

File: 1489098370208.png (153 KB, 1242x797, IMG_2232.PNG)

No. 358135

File: 1489098404294.png (200.74 KB, 1242x1197, IMG_2233.PNG)

Holy shit what a cunty response

No. 358138

It's not even worth pretending to be her friend
holy shit
what a cunt

No. 358146

Oh, shut the fuck up Momo. Like you don't finish entire half-assed costumes the night before cons.
She probably doesn't have time because she doesn't like to rush through making awful cosplay that'll fall apart after an hour of wear.

No. 358147

File: 1489101329276.jpg (142.11 KB, 1025x576, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.14.55).jp…)

No. 358148

File: 1489101376911.jpg (175.82 KB, 1014x687, ss (2017-03-09 at 03.14.58).jp…)

No. 358149

Right? My first thought was that Momo literally has no right to talk here about making costumes last minute kek. She got so offended that this girl didn't want to do her shitty out of character costumes that she attacked her, so much for "muh positivity"

No. 358156

>ahoge hair

far more accurate tbh

No. 358160

> I really need to do more original designs
Bitch, are you serious? You cosplayed Velma with long hair. That's it. It's not a fucking "original design", it's just inaccurate. She can't be forreal…

No. 358161

>that ahoge face comment

I know that person meant to say "ahegao face" but idiot hair face sounds more like Mariah.

No. 358163

She only wants to do "original" designs so she doesn't have to put forth the effort of being accurate. "It's just my original design dude lol"

No. 358167

I could still see Camillar wearing it tho since Corrin comes from Hoshido.
Also Hoshido and Nohr make up in the end there is even an conversation with Elise and Sakura playing some of their national instruments together forgot which ones
So it can makes sense (hate to defend momo btw)

No. 358168

I don't know where the r at the end of Camilla came from sorry for that

No. 358170

I get what you're saying, but it just screams cop out since she hasn't been able to create the canon costume in two tries even with an expensive sewing machine, a dedicated craft room, plenty of $$$ to purchase all the supplies she would need and weeks of free time. Instead of slowing down and giving herself enough days to complete costumes, using new techniques and getting advice from more experienced cosplayers and tutorials she reverts to a lazy kimono design since she has sewed like 2-3 of them before and its what she's comfortable with. She isn't interested in improving her craftsmanship at all, just constantly redoing the same shit for whatever character she can slap it onto next.

No. 358172

Does moomoo criticise last minute costume making tho? I don't get that at all. It can be meant like a though best buddie comment along the lines of
>bitch, you have the ability to whip out a costume, so fucking do it!! -__- >.<''

In that case her style is still unfortunate and cunty tho and she could've avoided a misunderstanding.

No. 358175

Joke's on her though. Nicolette and her boyfriend were talking mad shit after our dear Momo made this response.

No. 358177

holyshit, what a bitch

No. 358178

Where? Do you have screenshots?

No. 358185

Will the milk flow?~~~

No. 358188

I would verbally beat the shit out of her if she had said that to me. Holy crap.

Does anyone else know if people are doing sticker designs? Nigri started doing them only recently and she's the only cosplayer I know that's doing them.

No. 358195

How do you know?

No. 358199

Nigri has been doing it for a while now. But she's the only cosplay I know of that's doing it.

No. 358201

Sheena sells stickers/shirts/charms of herself and often they have the cat that lead to Monty's anaphylaxis. While I don't blame the cat, it was really irresponsible to keep a cat all over an apartment knowing your husband is ridiculously allergic to them.

Most of her table at Hanadokicon last year was her selling her charms of herself.

I guess Momo believes she's popular enough when in reality they don't care about her just her gross body.

No. 358216

Her velma cosplay isn't even cosplay, she just threw on a sweater. The chibi looks like it was done by one of her thirsty fans for free so she can make a quick buck. Chibi also just looks like a random slutty anime nerd, like like velma or MooMoo.

As for her new Kimono cosplay. Prepare for her mewtwo cosplay all over again. No one will get it.
Also only reason she is doing Kimono is so she can lazily drape fabric over her chub body

No. 358221

It'd be hilarious if she reused her Mewtwo kimono since Camilla and Mewtwo both have a lot of purple going on kek

No. 358222

Like it would fit her anymore

No. 358223

even more keks

No. 358227

File: 1489122534372.png (257.53 KB, 1242x1446, IMG_2236.PNG)

Not original post anon but here you go. He made some other jokes about "only 5 yen i can't afford my overwatch account" and "it's so easy to buy a wig and lingerie for lewds"

No. 358232

You guys are being too uptight. It sounds like a fail attempt at complimenting quick and good sewing skills.

No. 358237

File: 1489126641569.png (69.71 KB, 640x469, IMG_1609.PNG)

Trying to show off your funds momo or prove you're sending out rewards?

No. 358238

I'm curious how on and off lesbian Nicolette doesn't have her own thread.

No. 358239

Probably both. She should have just plugged in the promo code but nope, show off the cart.

No. 358240

She did for a bit when she still had drama with Brinni Valverde but that was a while ago.

No. 358246


> what is bisexual

No. 358251

Looks like she took the picture with her phone too, gurl dosen't know how to screen cap

No. 358253


This wasn't actually a straight forward attack she was trying to get her to make a kimono Fire Emblem cosplay because she obviously doesn't want to be the only one who does a fire emblem kimono cosplay or she will just look retarded.

She meant "you don't think you have time but you're able to make cosplays literally in one day you could have time to do this" I mean I guess its a backhanded compliment but that's moomoo

She's trying to do group cosplays like Stella Chu's underwatch so bad but no body wants to be a part of them haha.

Also looks like she's warming up to SierraThorneXO which is funny because its like did she run out of friends? Lol. She used to never respond or acknowledge her shit but now all of a sudden she is?

No. 358256

you don't know what 'bisexual' is??

No. 358262

Different anon, but my problem isn't her being bisexual, it's her calling herself a lesbian and talking about how much she hates 3D men… until she gets a boyfriend then it's like she was never a lesbian to begin with. It's obvious it's just a way to make yourself stand out, and as an actual lesbian it frustrates me. I see the same shit with other popular cosplayers (mostflogged, takisiski) and it bugs me to no end

No. 358263

File: 1489135611026.png (74.31 KB, 1140x625, 1482856700846.png)

Felt like reposting the thread to give more context on Momo being a cunt for no reason (I know JP from the con scene)
So basically after being rude asf and going after Jay over KBQ, Jay literally started having anxiety attacks (They were posting about "shaking from anxiety") and Momo made Jay defend themselves instead of just making kbbq be honest (They talked til 6am according to jays post) Momo got screenshots from Jay and said "I'll confront david about it and get back to you" but never did, instead she was just sad cause posting all over Twitter obviously about kbbq, Jay never cared about it just doesn't want Momo's white knights to attack them, but I think it's shitty to tell someone "You should be ashamed of yourself" to make them show you evidence all night just to never get back to them….. after all that (Jay basically showing Momo kbbq is a fqboi) Momo was still all over him at ALA
Momo is a cunt
Kbbq is even more disgusting
They're a perfect match

No. 358266


I've known her for years and she's never once called herself a lesbian? She's always told people she's pansexual

No. 358284

File: 1489151838070.jpg (72.85 KB, 720x531, IMG_-tpmcuu.jpg)

I'm so sad that she deleted this tweet tbh

No. 358288

Nicole is already enough of a stuck up bitch on her own without having to make shit up.

Fae (takisiski) is the same, she's never said she was lesbian just bisexual I think.

No. 358292

It is a subtle attack though haha, a normal response would have been like "yeah I got you!" Or "haha I understand!!" Momo got insulted when she declined, and the "but you make full cosplays in a night!!" is pretty much her saying "that's not an excuse for you not wanting to do this" shittily disguised as a compliment. She's throwing a tantrum when someone says no, and has her head so far up her own ass she probably can't fathom why someone would deny doing a group or couple cosplay with her.

No. 358300

Yes, that makes sense! She's such a BRAT and doesn't even bother concealing it

No. 358309

LOL he screenshot this.

No. 358314

File: 1489163141488.jpg (120.73 KB, 608x847, 17126945_1444306225611215_1205…)

Four days old but the worst thing about this is her wig imo because she looks so lost in it. Wigs that cover parts of the face are a challenge (esp for her) and she wasn't ready and didn't put enough effort into it. Just went with the same expressions and all.

This is some good milk

Mallad reminds me of "malade" - sick / ill sometimes dumb / mad in French if I'm correct

No. 358318

Has she ever read Ranma or even knows the series?

No. 358319

File: 1489165260988.jpg (9.88 KB, 183x276, images (13).jpg)

Probably just wants to pay homage to the Queen

No. 358321

Oh no.

No. 358324

Too lazy to hide your identity Weebking?

No. 358327

She says Inuyasha is her favorite series, so it's not that far of a stretch to say she likes Rumiko Takahashi's other work as well. Though I would love to see her Shampoo next to Pixyteri's, which cow wears it better?

No. 358329


I wonder what Moomoo's gonna do when she finds out that Kevin's been talking shit about her on here

No. 358337

File: 1489171250418.jpeg (23.21 KB, 350x236, 1458617709768.jpeg)

No. 358353


LOL passive aggressive rampage incoming? I wonder if she will just bite her tongue instead or try to justify herself again.

Someone suggested she cosplay as Cotara from BOTW. A lot of people mention cosplays that could suit her body type well, curvier characters, but she never does them. She insists on hyper sexualizing skinny characters by stuffing her sausage body into spanx and corsets and letting her tits flop around instead.

You know you can actually die of blood clots by being forced to cut off your circulation that long?

No. 358355

hi nicolette whats your bf gonna say when he finds out you posted his screencaps here

No. 358367

For some reason I cannot screencap but:

"Some of you may not know this about me, but I was actually a college athlete fresh out of high school for UNLV, lacrosse goalie to be exact. Also fun note, I left lacrosse because they didn't like the Boudoir photos I was starting to do so I told them off angrily and just left which I wish I would have controlled my little attitude and temper I had there. But I know it was best for me, it wasn't healthy being apart of that team. There are days when I miss it a lot. But I realized sometimes you gotta give up things you love to pursue a different path in life, and I've found that I love cosplay and modeling even more so. But I'll never forget my roots. But I look at my life now and I smile. I live a wonderful life and I'm extremely thankful for it."


No. 358368

You gotta be fucking with me on this one

No. 358369

too many threads to search but, who she comissioned her mei and the gun? or she bought it out of aliexpress?

No. 358370

Cosplay was from one of the Taobao cosplay reseller websites, idk about gun

No. 358371

Does that mean she was actually a good enough athlete to be scouted? And she threw way all her fitness and her body for this shit? jfc

No. 358372

Holy shit thats sad. I wonder how her parents feel, watching their athletic daughter drop out of college to balloon up and sell half-naked photos of herself to strangers online

No. 358375


If that story was meant to inspire anyone or be uplifting, then it spectacularly failed. Because it sounds like she is a dumb bitch who gave up a promising athletic career to sell half naked pictures of her now land whale sized body to neckbeards to jack off to.

No. 358376

but she quit ages before she even started with the samus pictures

No. 358379

File: 1489177757330.png (1.42 MB, 1439x2337, 20170310_122305.png)

Capped before she decides to delete/edit in her favor. And so NOW she's saying her titty pics are what got het kicked off. In the beginning she was saying that it was her personal choice to leave and now apparently it's because she didnt have a good image for the team. The toppest of keks.

Honestly I don't know what she was trying to achieve by posting this, was it supposed to be uplifting? Because what I'm reading from this is "I had a promising athletic career while going to university and I threw it away so I can pursue being a softcore porn model". This is why you stay in school kids.

No. 358381

I think this is simply another one of her tactics. Trying to stir up emotional tax to salvage negativity spout against her. Poor me syndrome.

No one cares you gave up lacrosse for nudes. People can balance both. The fact you couldn't stand up for yourself is kind of dumb. You're quick to dismiss people who are ~haturz~ but in real life you literally squeal and run away.
Momo get the fuck out.

No. 358382


So she gave up a promising long career full of being fit, healthy and getting more cash then she is now to start softcore porn, get fat and fuck and get knocked out of the way when a better prettier cosplay girl comes along? Good job, momo.

No. 358383

Bitch please.

I remember shemade a similar post on Facebook months ago about her Starbucks job and she said the. Same. Exact. Shit. That they didn't like her doing cosplay/ boudoir and that she got fired for it after getting into an argument. Which makes no sense because all her stuff was super tame compared to know. If believe it if she was doing POV soft core right out the gate.

No. 358384

Samefagging to add Mariah could've balanced lacrosse and cosplay at the same time if she just didn't do the boudoir shoots. AND at the start she said she "didn't like doing the boudoir shoots but she had to because it's what made money". So no Mariah, you actively chose to leave lacrosse so you could take pictures with your clothes off and get online validation from people who honestly don't care about you beyond how much ass and titty you can show off. If you really cared about cosplaying and just being a nerd while also playing and possibly making a career as an athlete you could have done it without resorting to the nasty things you did instead. Fuck off with your faux inspirational bullshit.

No. 358386

This is what you get for attaching your real name to all your boudoir and softcore shoots, Momo. Online privacy 101.

No. 358387

How the fuck would Starbucks and her lacrosse team even know about it

No. 358392

Either they googled her name or a troll sent them to her coach/manager. Or one of her friends/coworkers ratted her out. Or she's making it up to start another pity party. I know back during the first couple of threads someone called up or messaged her old coach and asked about why she was no longer on the team and they said they couldn't disclose that information.

No. 358393


It sounds like it is all complete bullshit and she got fired for her bitchy, catty behavior. It looks like she has always been the "I can't be friends/work with other girls because they cause way too much drama and are way too catty" type. I doubt Starbucks even gave a shit about her cosplay and she more than likely got into it with a higher ranking female employee and got herself fired.

No. 358397

It's all bullshit, she quit Starbucks and bragged about it. She was even went back to that Starbucks to see her coworkers. She quit lacrosse because they asked her to tone it down, that it wasn't good for her or her team. She of course just quits because she doesn't want to listen to anyone. There was no jealousy non of it! 'Mariah wasn't even a good goalie she picked fights with opposing teams she was already a violent brat before patreon, once that took off she quit because she was too famous and that she was being alienated for being popular. That reality show was happening so of course she did everything in her power to play up the drama and the victim card.

No. 358404

But… She stopped playing lacrosse before she actually even did cosplay. Like before she even made a cosplay page. I think she went to college for less than a semester. Then she bragged about majoring in marketing. I think you have to actualy complete school before you brag about that.

No. 358409

File: 1489186564313.png (753.93 KB, 838x611, you didnt even try.png)

No. 358410

File: 1489187111504.jpg (66.46 KB, 600x688, Haters_gonna_hate.jpg)

Bahaha. These pathetic kiddos still all up in Momo's business thinking theyll somehow successfully bring her down? Keep giving her attention honeys. You'll never be the sweet wholesome and successful girl that she is. Keep talkin that shit too! Yall is just lonely faggot virgin thots who got nothing better to do with your lives while Momo gets to travel to Vancouver as well as around the mothafuckin world. Bahahaha and top keks too.

By the way, you losers just got trolled. Mariah will never give you attention so just keep beig pathetic

haha! hate her cuz u aint her you fucking rancid cunts

No. 358411

hi moomoo <3

No. 358412


Nah. This is more like Loonie's work. Isn't it about time she showed up and chimps out for attention?

No. 358413

Oh you're right, her thread got bumped 30 minutes ago

No. 358415

I wonder how fucked her tits are since she got the reduction then gained all the fat and then some back into them.

No. 358416

yeah they just revived jnigs thread too lol

No. 358419

File: 1489190770032.gif (735.2 KB, 250x206, 1472293817207.gif)


No. 358420

Everyone who replies to this thinking it's something else than a shitty bait to make people say "HI MOOMOO" is fucking retarded

And she didn't even get fired from Starbucks. She quit on her own. It was one of her fucking Patreon goals, it said x amount of money would allow her to quit work to become a full-time cosplayer. She's full of shit and loves to play the victim card like crazy.

And this. She's lying like hell.

No. 358421

…anyways thanks for that Mr troll keep fighting the good fight.

It isn't true that she quit lacrosse because of cosplay. She said she quit because there was drama and they didn't like the fact that her nudes were online. I know because I followed her once that long ago.

She quit Starbucks because of cosplay though, it was a pretty big gamble lol she quit Starbucks and launched her Patreon while she was living at home.

She still sometimes mentions that she's doing online courses for college but I dunno I honestly get the impression she's just living off this neckbeard money doing fuck all. She's too lazy lol

No. 358427

Anyone find anything off her Patreon yet?

No. 358428

she can't even complete her costumes she gets funded to make on time i highly doubt she can keep up with college classwork online or not

No. 358429

Also why does she try to victimize herself so much? Is she self aware that she's a compulsive liar? It would be interesting to have an actual therapist study her because her behavior screams mental disorder and I think she needs help :( I can't even see how lying about this would benefit her it just screams insanity to me.

No. 358431

She has zero mental disorders, put your tumblr away. She's just a fat, lying, selfish brat.

No. 358437



She actually has admitted to being bipolar. The way she is adds up, but on top of being bipolar; she is spoiled, self righteous, and needs attention no matter what. Her parents enabled her and I can bet you anything moomoo grew up hearing "there's nothing wrong with the way you act your perfect the way you are" which if not said in the proper contexts creates the vapid attention whore, who is chronically in denial about everything cam whore we have today.

No. 358438

Has she shown any proof that she's bipolar?

No. 358440

File: 1489194671272.jpg (164.24 KB, 1037x708, ss (2017-03-10 at 05.10.54).jp…)

No. 358443

>lol fuck bastion see i kno overwatch

No. 358445


If her parents actually did get divorced it would explain a lot. Might be just a theory tho.

She was fat as fuck as a kid and her dad made her go to the gym to lose that weight he's a body builder he's probably shamed her for her health her entire life.

If her parents are separated her mom probably tells her everyday she's perfect and beautiful the way she is to try and make up for her dad body shaming her.

Kind of makes me feel bad for making fun of how fat she's gotten but its turned her into a very delusional young woman who honestly thinks she can do no wrong, because her mom tells her that everyday.

People who have narcissistic qualities like this who genuinely believe they're perfect and everyone else is wrong is because their parents lift them up no matter how much dumb shit they do.

No. 358446

She posted it back last January about her bipolar issues. Her parents divorced over her Dad cheating. They're still domestic partners for money and child custody

No. 358448

Bastion is one of the best heroes right now.

No. 358449


Well then this is exactly what happened. Moomoo took her moms side because her mom doesn't make her feel bad for being a whale. Dunno why her mom accepts the porno tho that's kind of off. I can guarantee her dad isn't okay with it

No. 358450


Moo called someone cancer for playing with Bastion in a video lol I think it was that same video where she shrugged off the dva cosplayer. She's always hated him but why insist everyone who plays him sucks its just a video game

No. 358451

Lol, Bastion as cancer? Doesn't this tubby bitch main Mei?

No. 358453

Well she has a fanfic profile where she has two sisters have parents divorce over infidelity so it fits since she wrote it around 14. She has sisters obviously with one older and I think a younger one.

No. 358460

One if them is an obnoxious vegan.

No. 358461

She also hates Tracer even though she cosplayed her

No. 358465

Do you know how many people claim to have bipolar disorder? Just because someone says it, it doesn't make it true.

No. 358466


I've met her, she's definitely bipolar.

No. 358467

Sage for OT, but is that mother fucking David Bowie on a Japanese tv show?

No. 358471

>>BUT I know it was best for me, it wasn't healthy being apart of that team. There are days when I miss it a lot. BUT I realized sometimes you gotta give up things you love to pursue a different path in life, and I've found that I love cosplay and modeling even more so. BUT I'll never forget my roots. BUT I look at my life now and I smile
>Super convincing and certain
>Sure, Jen
>I'm internally screaming because of the buts
>actual tl;dr: but but but but

No. 358489

No. 358492

>"I have like 100 hours on Mei!" - Mariah
>Total time played with Mei: 1 day
Is there nothing this bitch won't lie about just for the nerd cred?

No. 358555

how has she played mei for 24hrs and only have 11.5 kills and 6 deaths…

No. 358557

Those are averages per match, not totals.

No. 358567

File: 1489255903848.jpg (257.04 KB, 1076x730, ss (2017-03-11 at 10.11.30).jp…)

No. 358571

Wow she actually looks pretty normal when she's not trying to shove her fat ass into every picture in ill-fitting costumes.

No. 358575

She looks so much better without circle lenses and concealer on her lips.

No. 358581

Damn, her stats are fucking trash.

No. 358584

I could say she even looks really cute here.

No. 358587

This is actually rather cute for her.

>michinomiya's comment

sadly sounds legit

No. 358588

Definitely seems like it anon!

No. 358590

Momo and Krissy told others at Katsucon about the rape. Quite sad how people who are aware of the rape are still friends with Nathan DeLuca.

No. 358597

She still looks kind of derpy imo but in a much cuter way. Take notes, Moomoo, this looks a lot better than your ridiculous attempts at slut faces.

No. 358606

she cosplayed tracer? any pics of that?

No. 358607

It was posted back a couple of threads. It was just one of those zentai suits. She never finished it.

No. 358614

File: 1489271175706.jpg (41.74 KB, 500x667, 700d9b2c268028c29bc26723aa1a01…)

She bought it and claimed to make it . shocking no one. She posted the leggings folded up so it looked like just fabric as if she sewed it herself. Its so obviously store bought. The jacket isn't even the right color either. She probably looked so bad she decided against finishing it. She supposedly was commissioned to do it. I'm surprised she didn't resell it since she knows people who want to cosplay tracer

No. 358617

File: 1489271485609.jpg (181.6 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0304.JPG)


What is it with land whales like her and Chel trying to cosplay Tracer?

No. 358618

jesus christ how horrifying

No. 358622

Didn't she do it in spite of one of the girls she knows? Some other chick started making tracer and people started freaking out and calling that other girl "THICC tracer" and shit so momo was like "I'm the only one allowed to be THICC anyone" and bought this like immediately after

No. 358623

Ew, Chel tried to do tracer? Her thread hasnt updated in aeons so I dont know what that cow is up to.

No. 358624


From the looks of it she gave up on doing it for the time being because she fucked up the pistols and it costs too much money to keep trying, also, she kept getting comments about how shit it was and she kept giving the usual "It's just a hobby! Unfollow me if you aren't going to kiss my ass no matter what!" horseshit. Right now he s spouting some bullshit about how she is apparently too busy to do any kind of cosplay/ass shots.

But yeah, this is probably better suited for her own thread, although it is pretty dry these days.

No. 358625


Its sad because eventually when she wants to try and be normal all the creeps she's attracted in the last couple of years will try to make everything super sexual even if its just a picture of her cat.

Its her own doing though, you can't complain about the weirdos who objectify you when you've become an object on purpose.

But then again she might really like that kind of attention because of daddy issues lol.

No. 358627

>>358624 haha I just commented about this for MooMoo right when you said this. Chel can't complain and be bitchy about guys expecting her to be a slut because that's how she's built her brand. If she didn't show her asshole all the time maybe guys would respect her and not expect porn 24/7

No. 358628

Was it chel?

No. 358632


Now she is all buttmad that people are expecting ass shots of her. Not even in cosplay. You're right. Can't get pissy when people treat you like a trashy whore when you have pretty much exclusively branded yourself that way.

No. 358633

thank you anon! exactly as terrible as i had hoped.

No. 358634


I don't think it was. She was too busy kissing Moomoo's ass at the time

No. 358638

tbh, a lot of the stuff she's "commissioned" to do she posts WIP once and then never talks about it again.

No. 358646


Seriously, how has this bitch not been reported for fraud? It's seems like there is a shit ton of stuff she is financially obligated to do yet she hasn't delivered on it at all. Are people really giving her a pass because "omg she is my thicc waifu!"?

No. 358651

File: 1489276146622.jpg (35.88 KB, 480x480, 15624738_343715949344545_27752…)

I think it was this chick?
She hasn't finished the costume yet still

No. 358668

File: 1489277774141.jpg (1.51 MB, 1104x1534, pt2017_03_11_16_14_58.jpg)

No. 358669

There's no saving it anon. Even shrunk down to human-sized, Momo is just a terrible Camilla. that's all there is to it

You didn't do bad shooping tho so gj

No. 358670

chances are she gives a photo or two to whoever commissioned the cosplay and thats it. and you know she rushes that shit, so they probably look god awful so she doesn't want to show her followers the final product

No. 358675

she make sure if you can't see her face at least you can see her titties

No. 358677

File: 1489280030920.png (109.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6355.PNG)

Really confused as to if this is moomoocunt??

No. 358680

I'm sure she's pulling a Jnig, which is dumb because if people want free shit they can find it/ ask for it easily on 4chan or other image boards.

No. 358692


Does this retarded not realize that it will still get posted for free no matter what she does? Also, what dipshit says "I'll create content for you guys, but it won't be as good as my other stuff. Get fucked if you don't like it"?

No. 358693

File: 1489282344280.jpg (190.83 KB, 1439x736, 20170311_172348.jpg)

One of the comments from the thread. If enough guys pay for nudity maybe she might consider it since showing off her body for money is all she's ever been into cosplay for.

No. 358697

Sage but I'm pretty sure if she did nudes the same thing would happen. People would just scramble to beg for it and steal it rather than pay. All the cosplayers doing nudes make way less than momo anyway. Nudes seem to be in less demand than sexy pin up

No. 358701

Lol i fucked up the sage.

No. 358704


I just think it's fun to see her chimp out on her own subreddit. Please keep commenting on it, I want to see her lose her shit.

No. 358713

it's petty but I enjoyed downvoting her posts.

whoever is Mmmmmmmno19, A+.

No. 358716


Yeah as if the link that andrew7 guy has isn't going to be posted on 4chan. Cmon moomoo the Internet's gonna steal your fap material no matter what you do because its not worth paying for. If you had a nicer pinup body and your shoots were clean it would be fine but you're a chubbo posting cheap lewds. They're not worth 50$ lol.

No. 358720

I'd understand her point if she was doing anything to protect her content, like even a little "Momokun @ Patreon" watermark on her pics or something, but she doesn't so it's pretty fair game tbh. Also, ditto what >>358716 said, $50 is way too fucking much for 15-20 poorly shooped photos a month.

No. 358721

if you mean the mega link, she already got it taken down. but this is just going to make them want to share her photos more so I'm gonna enjoy watching her sperg.

No. 358725

I'm wondering what her last Patron count was in this thread because if it dropped that's probably why she did it and that would be hilarious.
Its at 600 now.

The whole point is everyone who jumped on her patreon and gave her all that money was because they honestly thought she was going to start shooting porn. Now that they've seen that she's not going to do it a few high paying patrons probably opted out and now she's worried, haha.

But honestly its not worth paying that much money to someone who keeps forgetting to send people their rewards and is over photo shopping all of her shit.

Ive said it since thread one, the moomoo hype is finally dying down because people are seeing what a lazy sack of shit she is, and the only saving quality she had was that she might get naked.

I give her maybe six months to one more year. Then she will either wind up like Chel being a straight up desperate ho bag or Looney doing "artistic nudes" and swearing up and down that makes her different from the rest of the Patreon hoes.

No. 358727

I wonder if Momocunt has been handing out rewards. Beside the dumb ass shoots does she deliver on her other awards?

No. 358728


Can a mod delete comments on reddit? If so how long before she deletes the ones telling the truth

No. 358729

Sorry for samefagging, but right after I posted this Momocunt locks the thread lmao

No. 358730

She fucking locked the thread HAHAHA HOLY SHITTTTT.

Anon, I'm sure that there are people out there who are screencapping them.

No. 358732

File: 1489287319353.png (124.33 KB, 720x1125, Screenshot_2017-03-11-18-52-44…)

Booboo I gotchu

No. 358733

File: 1489287342162.png (126.1 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_2017-03-11-18-52-51…)

No. 358734

File: 1489287372702.png (191.77 KB, 720x1125, Screenshot_2017-03-11-18-52-58…)


And this is my favorite. Lmao savage.

No. 358737


Lol. Holy shit. Way too go Moomoo. Your sperging never fails to entertain me. Now for the incoming Twitter essay about how "she is such a good person and only preaches positivity" and "you guys are such losers wasting your time hating me".

No. 358741

Twitter meltdown incoming. I wonder if she's starting to get that her fans don't actually respect her and only give a shit about her lewds.

No. 358742

Also MooMoo is being a pile of trash jumping on the Zelda bandwagon by talking about the fictional characters she wants to bang…even though I highly doubt she knew who they were she's just going off of what memes are popular right now.

One of her friends is doing a Zora prince cosplay and she mentioned she wanted to dress up as a gerudo link for him but…that requires showing that big jiggly gut of yours…so how much we bet she's gonna do an "inspired" version that requires a corset and lots of tits :D

No. 358743


I would love it if she did. People are getting so sick of her drama and its awesome lol.


No. 358745

File: 1489288423696.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1902, 20170311_221304.png)

No. 358746

LMAOOOO I'm mmmmmmmmmmno19 or however I spelt it and she fucking banned me from the thread what a coward

No. 358747

yeah except apparently the whole thing was made up. someone posted krissy's apology about how spreading rumours can be so hurtful or some shit. also how would they spread shit around katsu when momo blew off all her friends for jnig the entire con

No. 358748

Hahahaha she is butthurt as hell! I loved your comments anon, Good work!

No. 358750

Is it a boudoir thing or just cosplaying together at the con?

No. 358753

>inbe4 drama-sama anon

No. 358757

I think TheAmazingSpyder might be a farmer… I've seen them in GG/Rantgrumps threads, as well.

No. 358766


Well that's no fun. Looks like she banned me. Oh well

No. 358770

File: 1489294049064.png (46.99 KB, 499x484, 428627062c9f4760972cdc7b0a561c…)

Why're these neckbeards in such denial

No. 358771

If it was budoir I think momo would have mentioned it.

No. 358772

File: 1489294336897.jpg (64.31 KB, 618x490, whiteknight.jpg)

No. 358773


It is interesting though that now suddenly that theory is disproven. Someone wouldn't shut up about them being catty so they wanna prove them wrong.

No I am not drama anon, what I'm actually saying is that I think a few people still lurk this thread.

No. 358775

Why would they need to do that though? No one has ever taken that bait even though drama-sama has been going on about it for several threads.

No. 358776


I'll never understand these losers who think that being nice to girls they never met/will meet will somehow make them want to fuck them just for being nice. Like these girls are utterly helpless and need them to swoop in and save the the day from the big bad guy internet.

No. 358777

Did anyone check out that mods post history? LMAO most of his posts are to momo and vamps subreddits, the one I saw that wasn't was to jap porn

No. 358778

I find it funny that was the most attention her subreddit had gotten since ever other than when she releases a new set.

Yep, her chimping out at people releasing her shitty, trashy photos for free is the most notable thing attached to her name there.

No. 358779


Lol. It looks like he spends most of his time lurking porn subreddits. This is just too damn funny. This is the exact type of champion you deserve Moomoo.

No. 358781

Anons in these very threads talked about how she's not controlling the distribution of her own content. She took the hint obviously.

No. 358782


I'm just going to laugh when her trashy POV Mei set gets posted in the next couple of days on 4chan or some shit.

No. 358783

yes a mod can delete comments or take whole posts of a subreddit. the posts still exist somewhere but only if you have the link.

No. 358784

It's most likely why she lost so many patrons. She didnt even try to keep the content they paid for exclusive.

No. 358792

File: 1489297608878.png (321.41 KB, 514x530, Capture.PNG)

Is it just me or did she put the lower lashes on upside down reeeeeee

No. 358793

>posts about how she is a fake jojo fan
>she immediately does jojo makeup on her weird fuckboi

No. 358798


this is fugly af

No. 358799


Looks like the thread was deleted

No. 358801

File: 1489301081432.png (155.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-11-22-43-25…)



No. 358802

Is he having erotic roleplays with other men pretending to be women???

No. 358804

for those who missed it if the link still works:


A lot of the comments got deleted and stuff on top of the actual thread

No. 358812

File: 1489305664412.png (144.33 KB, 750x1191, IMG_2364.PNG)

I'm gonna need bleach

No. 358814

She needs to lay off the blur tool. Everything is so ridiculously airbrush looking.

No. 358816

File: 1489307773201.png (Spoiler Image, 1021.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3096.PNG)

How is this not considered porn?

No. 358817

Those photoshop skills…. Is she trying to make herself look thinner now?? We know she's too fat and lazy to be dieting and working out kek

No. 358818

She has been working out though. Maybe she realized her health was nose diving and her looks were going down the drain and decided to do something about it. If she keeps getting huge she wont ever get back to 15k.

No. 358820

it's a trend (in drag) to put the cut lashes on the bottom

No. 358821

Since when lol

No. 358822

I get so triggered every time I see that goddamn carpeted bathroom floor.

No. 358823

File: 1489310940700.jpg (283.08 KB, 768x1024, 2599849972_fa02f2691b_b.jpg)

Black long nails are hideous moomole

No. 358824

Are you really going to make fun of her nail polish lol

There's nothing wrong with black nails

No. 358825

I gotta give her credit that she's pretty good at hiding how goddamn fat she is.

No. 358826


Oh wait guyz my self esteem is really low and neckbeardz aren't paying 4 Patreon anymore Lemme just grab some attention real quick to boost my numbers

No. 358827


Master of the clever angle. With the lens below and aiming up like that it makes her tits look bigger and less floppy too

No. 358834

Everytime her Patreon numbers are decline she shows more skin, talk about desperate. What a sad person she is.

No. 358836

she tweeted about jogging once, perhaps anon means that

No. 358837

Kek this is why you don't trust pics online, ever.
I have to agree tho, it's not so bad

No. 358847


The cunt barely games so not surprised she's hopped on the Zelda bandwagon to get more noticed, just like she did with Pokémon Sun & Moon with Wicke and Guzma. Decides on what male characters are her daddy and who'd she fuck if they were real. She's got serious issues and is so fake it actually burns.

No. 358850

Except there would be no significant difference in her weight from the time she posted this to last week when she was wearing Camilla and looking like a boulder. This is just clever angles. So even if she is working out, no.

No. 358851

ugh I wish these chicks would stop sexualizing shit from my childhood.

No one from any of the Zelda series should ever be considered "daddy".

Shit is weird and cringey as fuck.

No. 358856


"But this isn't porn u guize! Stop trying to shame me! I hate drama lol. I'm just trying to have fun lol. I don't care lol"

No. 358867

File: 1489329253347.jpg (29.26 KB, 450x350, 859228096_f09917943e.jpg)

I think she is lucky that her belly button doesn't look like she is obese
Her's is still kinda vertical.
I'm more than half the size of her but since my belly button is more horizontal I look fatter than I am.
Sorry for the blogpost but I think if her belly button looked more like the one in the picture she wouldn't be so fortunate.

No. 358874

jsyk there have been multiple people that have speculated that SSS may not 100% like mariah, me being one of them. i still think she throws shade at momo on a passive level, that doesn't suddenly mean they won't hang with each other though

No. 358875

Fucking hell Mariah, why are you so obvious when you lurk here? Just a few days ago people were asking what happened to her virgin killer sweater.

I'm curious if this is the same one she posted a WIP of or if she just ended up buying one.

No. 358877


I guess that's why she stopped talking about it. She was waiting for it to gt delivered.

No. 358878

Shade or no shade, if I were SSS I'd happily cosplay alongside Mariah for the exposure to her fanbase and because she's guaranteed to look amazing in comparison.

No. 358879


It's clearly bought lol. Aliexpress and all the resale shops are selling them like hotcakes now.

No. 358881


It's easier to pretend to be her friend than to having to deal with her sending her neckbeard virgins after you if you say you don't like her.

No. 358882

File: 1489330547604.jpg (32.75 KB, 600x600, 4e3.jpg)

It's a bought one, note the identical pattern. I think it's pretty obvious that she fucked up her self-made one so she had to wait for the actual one to get delivered.

No. 358886

Why does it look like she's throwing shade at those "awesome gals that do"? You're not better than them, Moo. And it's only a matter of time until you do actual porn, so get off your high horse.

No. 358890

File: 1489331100624.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 1486161500507.png)

I found her WIP one and yeah, for sure a different sweater. Dying at her not even able to make a fucking sleeveless sweater

No. 358891


Anything to make her think she is better than someone. She is just like Chel, except with her it's "At least I don't do nudity!" Because to her retarded mind, that's what porn is. Not any of the shit she has done already. It doesn't count as potn to her if there isn't any nudity or sex.

No. 358892

…Wow, her fans really love her don't they

No. 358893

That, too.

"I don't do porn! You know who does do porn? These people! Go call THEM whores and leave me alone!"

No. 358895

Yeah sorry for blogpost, but I'm underweight and my bellybutton is still horizontal so she's very fortunate and it's probably the reason people call her thick instead of obese.

No. 358896


I take issue with being accused of being a fan of hers

No. 358903

Mama Moo Cow gained 18 patrons overnight. Enough to pay the bills I guess.

It's so disgustingly sad that you have to shock people with your gross naked body just to get attention.

No. 358908

Yet the cycle will repeat again, where she fails to deliver patreon rewards or fucks up by either her costume falling apart or causing drama, where she'll lose patrons

No. 358909

I agree with anon. there's no way anyone could lose weight that fast unless they had work done or develop a eating disorder. I am pretty sure it's angles and photoshop unless moomoo decided to use her patreon money for lipo.

No. 358910

Moomoo is talking about Zelda:breath of the wild. Yet, everyone knows she doesn't even have a fucking copy. This is what she did with wind waker, she pretended to play it, couldn't talk her way out of a paper bag with it than actually bought a Wiiu to drunk stream it and she still couldn't finish the game while sober! Moomoo is the biggest fake when it comes to games, she tried to claim to love Fire emblem(though she had never played any title) got called out, so she bought conquest and tried to claim she
finished it all in a week-which is a lie because even hardcore fans and gamers were having trouble with conquest. If moomoo was an actual gamer, getting through some of the story would be believable except she's proven time and time again on her streams that she's fucking shit with video games.

Watch her go out and buy a copy of breath of the wild or a switch because of this post.

No. 358912

No. 358913

she is definitely going to fuck it up boudoir or not. Ranma is the show that got me onto the weeaboo bandwagon. I'm actually tempted to go to Wonder con as Shampoo to show her up.

No. 358923


Wanna is a beloved series, but not cosplayed often, when someone does cosplay from ranma however; photographers and con goers aren't really interested in taking pictures. I find it odd she's cosplaying from an anime that has simple costumes to a non anime convention where almost everyone is going to be decked out in superhero garb. My own experience at Wondercon, anime cosplays don't get much attention and you know it's going to piss her off that no one knows who she's cosplaying because it's DC Marvel crowd there mainly. Fire emblem does well because it's a game, but cosplaying just Camilla in a kimono absolutely no one is going to give a shit and ask for pictures, unless they are her nevkbeards or piggybacking, drama buzzard cosplay Lewd girls.

No. 358926

Because Shampoo has a tight dress she can use to hide her shapewear and she's known for being a persuasive waifu character so she can have a porn shoot and milk neckbeard money.

No. 358947

Apparently that creep photographer Yeti ordered a bunch for his pals to do shoots in. I mean, for him to do shoots for them, since sexy shoots seem to be all he does anymore. I'm pretty sure she ordered it through him.

No. 358948

Lol I'll also be at Wondercon, I wish I'd known earlier that she'd wear Shampoo or I'd fix mine up and upstage her. I want to see her shitty craftsmanship in person.

No. 358958

People tryint so hard to reach for drama between momo and ss really dont make sense. With all the actual drama and actual shade what is the point of reaching so hard? Ss doesnt even need mariah for exposure or to look good considering she has over a thousand patrons and the few cosplays she's done all looked well done.

No. 358959

operation: Everyone Go To Wondercon As Shampoo
is a go!

No. 358961

I think it's someone with a vendetta against swim trying to have a reason to talk trash. Best to just ignore it.

No. 358972

File: 1489354298412.png (88.62 KB, 540x480, IMG_4395.PNG)

Just going to leave this here.

No. 358973

File: 1489354428576.jpg (111.36 KB, 333x500, Erdy92L.jpg)

Found this of her d.va from PAX West '16

No. 358974


Good lord she was a land whale even back then.

No. 358975

I genuinely don't understand how she looks so awful as D.va. aside from the fucked up wig. I've seen plenty of "fat" d.vas that look good.

No. 358977

File: 1489354947634.jpg (88.21 KB, 333x500, xTD8uoe.jpg)

I'm sure someone has posted this but sloppy spots on her jacket and girl didn't use sealing spray for her makeup like r.i.p. fur

No. 358978

is that Ashley next to her? I don't even get how she can feel comfortable standing next to cosplayers and shooting with them when there is such a DRASTIC difference in skill and effort put into it…like…if that's Ashley I think she actually won best armour build for her Mercy at Blizzcon last year or the year prior.

No. 358981

She'll never mention this again and hope no one will remember

No. 358982

No. 358985

File: 1489356505087.jpg (270.33 KB, 941x1482, IMG_0305.JPG)


Ugh. Yet again her and Chel decided to attempt to stuff their fat land whale bodies into a cheap zentai suit. It's like they are twins or some shit.

No. 358987

Has anyone got a google drive off all her stuff?

No. 358988


The original poster of the drive dumped all of it because of the bitch fit Moomoo threw on her subreddit. He basically said tough shit and go look for it somewhere else.

No. 358989

Moo posted a bunch of Instastories listing off…life tips, or some shit. In her last one she states:
"And finally, lewds before nudes….bro"
Really, Moomoo? But I thought you didn't slut shame sex workers! I thought your good friends were sex workers! But not you though! /s

No. 358990


That's funny. Because that trashy sweater she posted with her tits hanging out is pretty much nudity.

No. 358991

Now I wish I had saved them myself, dame.

Although I'm confused as to why the OP of the drive suddenly cares so much just because Momo chimped out.

No. 358992

a.) not showing off tits
b.) too much work and effort
c.) can't buy it from aliexpress
she's not going to make this one for sure

No. 358994


Scratch that. Looks like someone else already posted a link to download them again.


Unfortunately, it looks like you might hae to download some new software as it's not a GDrive. Although I'm sure someone will get around to it.

No. 358996

File: 1489358109165.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 1481955744293.jpg)

You would think people would know by now that when you freak about this sort of thing people just do it more.

Will wait for a Gdrive and will download it for prosperity.

No. 358997


Downloading them now as we speak, Will post later

No. 358998

Late but those rose petals look like discarded tissues. And that blanket is like a dollar store fleece. This girl is so cheap it's baffling.

And why didn't she crop out the light and window? It's right above her head, why?!

No. 359002

She looks like child in a onesie. Stay away from bodysuits Moomoo. You don't look good in them as you think you do.

No. 359006

Bless u

No. 359008

File: 1489361286565.jpg (69.92 KB, 720x899, FB_IMG_1489355047231.jpg)

I dunno I think its more than just being a land whale because gabby looks good as D.va and she is hefty?
Sorry for a not professional photo I couldn't find another full body

No. 359014

Just remember to spoiler, her stuff is so vomitworthy.

No. 359016

File: 1489361606717.jpg (57.1 KB, 720x714, FB_IMG_1489361397115.jpg)

This triggers me as much as the d.va that cosplayed with her and nana
Speaking of scuba Steph does she have her own thread?

No. 359017

It looks like she's having a heart attack.

No. 359020

>gabby looks good as d.va
Are you kidding??

No. 359021

I wouldn't necessarily say she looked good, but her proportions are definitely better than Mariah's. While Gabby is still hefty, she's got skinnier arms, average enough looking legs, and her hip to waist ratio is pretty nice, even if it's just shapewear. Mariah has such massive upper thighs, stubby legs, huge fatty upper arms, and the shapewear can't even do much for her waistline anymore, she's gotten so big…

No. 359023

Whhhy do fat people want to cosplay characters with body suits? I will never understand this.

No. 359024

Just want to point out that every cut picture of her is incredibly blurry. Every one.

No. 359027

jfc, Moomoo's thighs are enormous.

No. 359072

>gained 18 patrons overnight.
probably all desperate subs from reddit

No. 359073

How does everyone ruin D.Va cosplays consistently without fail? There are so many cuter D.Va cosplayers out there but everyone is paying attention to these girls. I don't get it

No. 359084

go back to reddit and suck up to Moomoo.

No. 359085

Yeah that is Ashley. I THINK she won the cosplay contest at Blizzcon last year with her Genderbend Varian wrynn cosplay. I saw it up close at the con and it was definitely legit. Her mercy is gorgeous too. Idk how moomoo can stand near someone at Ashley's level

No. 359088

Nice work, anon! I hope you have backups in case she DMCAs these.

No. 359089


My bad. Posted too many links. But as I was saying. Moomoo in all her flabby, soft core glory, her chimping out made undone in a matter of hours.

No. 359102

File: 1489373216719.png (Spoiler Image, 115.89 KB, 750x1008, IMG_9835.PNG)

SPOILERING but wow this thumbnail really made me think this was vag

No. 359110


I think that's supposed to be her ass. Which if it is, that is even sadder.

No. 359117

File: 1489374621514.jpg (17.9 KB, 168x301, classymoo.jpg)


No. 359118

Yikes those stretch marks she tried to blur.

No. 359119

you can see all the stretch marks on her sides she's gotten from growing too fast. And hey, a lot of us have stretch marks (I do), but mine don't look that bad in dim light-I bet they look hideous in good/normal lighting.

No. 359121

Holy hell, she's sporting at least five layers of rolls down her one side…

No. 359123

LMAO at the Mei POV. her face man she's so ugly now that she's fat and she's trying so hard to add more facial expressions but she looks retarded lmao. There's four terrible pictures that are exactly the same of her staring at the camera with that brain dead wide eyed expression

I REALLY hope one of those girls she mentioned does nudes on Reddit hears about the shade she threw.

Somehow this cunt actually thinks she's better than the other girls because she's not nude but she's so trashy she might as well be. Simulating blowjobs and mouth wide open waiting for bukkake expression like Moo, get your fucking head out of your ass you trashy skank lol

No. 359126

Looks like she is becoming more active on her subreddit. Unfortunately, it has now become an ass kissing hugbox for all her virgin neckbeards to flock to now that they have an avenue to reach her.

No. 359127

File: 1489376302267.jpg (16.92 MB, 3456x5184, mei-pov-40.jpg)

I feel bad for anyone who paid for this

No. 359128

She has nudes??? And she's basically nude in several shoots

No. 359129

Lmfao, holy shit. I stared in confusion for a solid minute before I realized that was her side.

No. 359130

Because they can do whatever they want regardless of your opinion?

No. 359134

File: 1489377427676.jpg (801.09 KB, 810x1080, Photo Mar 12, 12 43 48 AM (1)_…)

She literally could have fixed it and made it look half decent.

No. 359136

File: 1489377560067.png (64.1 KB, 747x922, IMG_9836.PNG)

that would mean doing actual work anon

No. 359138

File: 1489377602500.jpg (15.34 MB, 5184x3456, 2.jpg)

They paid for 3 images of her back. Not even her ass or her naked. Just.. This

No. 359144

File: 1489377851475.png (432.59 KB, 728x578, PMB5Ohlg.png)

I think she actually looks cute here. If she toned down her make up and stopped trying to be jnig she would improve so much

No. 359146

Ngl, I think she looks really cute in all the old Samus pics. Her body didn't look that bad and her face was decent. I don't know what the fuck happened. Obviously she's gained weight, but her face has just gotten…uglier.

No. 359149

File: 1489378295994.jpg (1.12 MB, 960x1280, Photo Mar 11, 11 49 28 PM.jpg)

She's too stupid to realize you're supposed to fold the turtle neck over, or maybe she's purposefully keeping it up to hide her fat neck.

No. 359150

It's probably all the con drinking and awful diet.

No. 359153

Sage for OT but Ashely got in second place at Blizzcon. First place winner was someone who cosplay an amazing Grom Hellscream. Her cosplay was well crafted though.

No. 359156

I don't get it…

No. 359157

No. 359158

She announced that she's cosplaying moana awhile ago. Zach Fischer, who designs some of jnigs armored stuff, is designing an armored moana for moomoo. despite the fact that moana is a Polynesian princess and they don't wear armor. Yeaaaah. Moana kind of looks like a headhunter here and it's borderline offensive.

No. 359164

File: 1489382267195.jpeg (140.08 KB, 1920x800, 002858b2.jpeg)

This reminds me of the tribesmen from Ace Ventura.
I don't know a lot about Polynesian culture, but this design seems dumb and inauthentic.

No. 359165


It would look a lot less offensive without the mask/headdress….

No. 359167


I'm so excited for Momo to cosplay this. Can't wait to see how horrible she looks. She can't can't even make a sweater, so i'm excited to see this disaster

No. 359168

Dude is probably just trying to do us all a favor by covering her face…

No. 359172

As someone who actually is of Polynesian descent, I'm both offended and amused as fuck. This is a dumb caricature of what can only be described as a stereotypical cannibal/headhunter. She's gonna get so much shit for this and I can't wait.

No. 359176

File: 1489385209895.jpg (399.92 KB, 1701x422, 702d96ab1702965816bf252d2de545…)

This is literally all the pics in her Mei POV set. Are you fucking kidding me? She fucking jipped her patreons.

No. 359177


Can't wait to see her back ot when she gets called out for how offensive it is and what kind of bullshit excuses she will have. "I'm just trying to have fun lol. We should all learn to love each other and preach positivity."

No. 359178

>That blue blob of an ass
Is someone actually turned on by this?

>~actually Polynesian descent~
Your tumblr is showing anon, don't bring this here. Unless you were born and raised in Polynesia, then you're not Polynesian.

No. 359179

Yeah seriously she HAS nudes that she has spread around and anyone can find online and just because you censor the nipples moomoo they're still nudes >>358816 . That's honestly her bare tits. I don't know why she acts so high and mighty when she has photos of herself in bondage gear and being pretty much fingered by a guy while wearing only a thong.

No. 359181

File: 1489385940978.jpg (720.15 KB, 1663x909, 3451ebb758d7f4898783f0f4338317…)

Maybe someone will post the full pics later, but these are boring and I don't wanna waste time posting them one by one right now

No. 359182

Wow. Nice. Camgirls even do this shit better why cant she be creative..

No. 359183

Not that anon, but no, that's not really how that works anon. You can be a 2nd/3rd generation Filipino/Korean/Polynesian/etc. in the United States and still identify as as such and be raised within that culture. Same goes for other cultural backgrounds. This isn't a tumblr thing, this is a basic reality to anyone with immigrant parents or grandparents. Sage for off-topic and responding to bait.

No. 359184

No. 359185

File: 1489386131151.jpg (939.89 KB, 960x1280, Photo Mar 11, 11 47 38 PM.jpg)

Momo has no ass. Just a back with a crack

No. 359187

Holy shit, those shots are atrocious, boring, and repetitive, I still can't believe people pay for this shit

No. 359188

File: 1489386216916.gif (857.54 KB, 245x152, tumblr_n1sfgpNQkg1r5gkxho4_250…)

holy shit she's really fucking big now. she wasn't too bad as samus but wow… makes me stay on the treadmill even longer now…

No. 359189

Holy shit, those shots are atrocious, boring, and repetitive, I still can't believe people pay for this shit

No. 359190

File: 1489386264066.png (243.37 KB, 519x307, soflat.png)

No joke, look at pov shot #33. She literally has the world's flattest ass for being such a big girl…

No. 359191

File: 1489386593733.jpg (694.37 KB, 1657x859, 42df761858a0e152e1e27263a31396…)


I know. Posting a shot of the whole set here to discuss Momo's atrociousness.

Anyway Momo's photos are so boring, repetitive and uncreative.

No. 359192


It's abundantly clear that she has no training in modeling nor does she even have the creativity to fake it.

No. 359194


She definitely needs to take a modeling class as well get a gym membership and a photographer/editor who isn't complete trash. But I guess that's waaay too much work for Moomoo.

No. 359195

I can't believe so many ppl just signed up for her Patreon just to get 3 different angles of the same 4 poses. All these photos look the same. People are paying for this content, at least put some damn effort into it.

No. 359196

You'd think that it'd be obvious how much shit she is going to get but the masses of uneducated or ignorant people will not notice or care and think its amazing, accurate and cultural. It'll drown out the people who actually try to call her out cause they're just "haters"

No. 359199


Momo can sell photo sets that are 30 pics of the same 5 poses becauae thats pretty much what all the other patreon hoes do. None of them even try to have variety.

No. 359200


Her photos make me think of what you'd find on some awkward teenage girl's phone.

Photos you might just keep for yourself but never share with anyone else.

No. 359209

are her patrons 13 or what? I can't see any other way…

No. 359214

What the hell is going on with her hair? She has such an unfortunate face that I won't even ask what happened there. Bad choices happened to that face.

No. 359236

She clearly blurred the fuck out of this one, but for some reason she didn't with the other one that clearly showed rolls and stretch marks.


No. 359239

all the beauty filters in the world couldn't help this cow.

I am so sick of seeing people blur the hell out of themselves. just stop.

No. 359244

ah ok. Either way…someone who can actually craft stuff worthy of competeing vs. Moomoo who buys all her shit online and from huge retailers vs. someone talented to commission…idk

No. 359253

I don't even know why I bothered looking since it's the same boring shit all over again. Yuck.

Also, why Soldier of all characters? Besides Momo having a perpetual boner for Kbbq. It isn't even all that popular. I mean, if you want attention at least pick a ship that gets attention.

No. 359257

Ok, hold up. She's OK using her short, gross, fried hair for this set but couldn't be bothered to use her short hair for her Velma "cosplay."

No. 359262

I wondered the same, I know soldier himself is pretty popular of a character, but I personally have never seen anyone ship those two???

her photoshoot is so cringy, her patreon money should go to some modeling classes and she can take some lessons in flattering facial expressions.

No. 359264

right? i thought the legit ship was actually soldier 76 and ana???

like if there's already an existing ship why make a new one up that makes zero sense

No. 359267

Same with Guzma and wicke, she's too self serving. says she hates doing lewds but theyre what sells, don't you think she could very easily maximize profit by at least going for lewd stuff people want to see instead of her crackships? maybe I'm biased because I don't really see a "logical" ship for Mei in the ow cast but ugh

No. 359286

So does anyone have the link for her Mei pov? Or all those down for good.

No. 359288

Read the thread. >>359089

No. 359289

The only character I see people in the fandom shipping Mei with is Zarya really, and Soldier 76 is usually shipped with Reaper, Ana, or Mercy. Mariah seems like she plays the games she cosplays from enough to know the important aspects of the character, but she's not involved with the fandom enough that she could actually hold a decent conversation about said characters.

No. 359291

Ah thanks

No. 359294

File: 1489422385616.jpg (226.47 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_9700.JPG)

I forgot about zarya! at least she isn't doing junkrat and Mei….

>>in b4 im trash

No. 359299

I forever ship Mercy and Genji.
I ship Reaper and Widowmaker.
We know Tracer has a gf outside of OW
We know Soldier 76 and Ana were hinted at (and Pharah is possibly Soldier 76s daughter)
idk…I know so many fandoms throw some weird ships together, but I would just NEVER go to Soldier 76 for Mei.

at least she isn't doing any weird ass ships with Winston? lol

No. 359300

thanks bro, my dumbass missed this complelty

No. 359303

She has a gym membership it looks like or did because she used to go to the gym with Eric, aka the ex she keeps around. She's not going to put the effort into going to the gym when she can't even put in effort to make her own cosplays.
What she needs to do with her money is first get lipo and a tummy tuck. Fix that weird nose. And then take modeling classes so she can learn more then 2 poses.

No. 359313

Lol she tweeted Jon Tron telling him to not post political content because it fucks with your brand.

No, MooMoo, playing the Arab card for sympathy and then trying to sound political when you're dumb as fuck messes with your brand there's a difference.

As if any of these big name YouTubers will ever notice this stupid bitch, she's trying too hard with Game Grumps and Rooster Teeth and PewDiePie and now Jon Tron. What's the point are you trying to bone a YouTuber so you can get your own promoted Twitch stream? Tryna get YouTubers to back a channel for you by sending whale body nudes? You have zero personality and you're dumber than a stick. No one is going to fall for the bait.

Sometimes I wonder if all the gross pictures she posts online are her attempts at reeling in a big YouTube star but she's so fat and gross and there are hotter bitches out there that are all over those people's dicks first. Granted they're just as vapid and obnoxious but as far as looks go your competition is out of your league.

No. 359316


That's why she tried so hard with Bardock Obama and that other idiot with a YouTube stream who took her shopping all the time but something tells me he hit it and quit it lmao. Thing is those numbers aren't good enough for her she doesn't care about 100k subscribers she wants to be seen on a YouTube channel with 20 million subscribers but Moo you're just not cut out for that

No. 359317

File: 1489427271622.png (320.59 KB, 1439x1052, 20170313_104713.png)

Caps would be nice, anon.

No. 359321


Someone took her shopping in a YouTube stream? Can I have a link? I really wonder how she was in it. I just have this bland and completely un-interesting image in my head.

No. 359322


As if Jon gives a shit what this dumb bitch thinks. And telling him to stay out of politics when you try to play up the Arab card for sympathy points makes you look even fucking stupider Moomoo. Maybe you should just stick to selling overpriced photos of your flabby landwhale body that will be uploaded for free after a few hours anyways you dumb cow.

No. 359324

I don't have a link, but they basically went out and bought a ton of streaming equipment and a PS4 I think. I can't remember if it was all just for him or what. But she was just obnoxious the entire time and shoving her ass into the camera at the parking lot.

No. 359334

Holy shit I had to see it to believe it. That picture of her roosterteeth profile where she's flat as a cutting board has slain me.

No. 359336


You just made me curiouser and curiouser.

No. 359353

Okay cool they still look disgusting regardless of if anyone says it or not. People like moomoo and chell need to not delude themselves into thinking they look anything other than foul. Also fuck off to tumblr because it's barely an opinion they look foul, it's almost fact at this point.

No. 359357

File: 1489431494693.png (153.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-13-11-56-15…)

Lmao. More lies. Holy girl, delete all your previous platforms, it's only proof you've been living on the internet since you were like 12. No wonder she's so Tumblr-esque and always needing her safe space.

No. 359361

Dame. I know my shit from when I was 15 or 16 is probably just as embarrassing but I cringed reading this. Also I have never heard her talk about Halo before. Wasn't there a new Halo Wars game that released recently? I know it's not a true Halo game but you'd think someone that was so obsessed with it would mention it.

No. 359362

Says the one that pulls the Arab card and had a meltdown when Trump won.

No. 359367

What the hell is she talking about? JonTron has never made a political video. The only thing he does political is he may tweet something but that has nothing to do with his content.

No. 359373


Exactly. She is the one who had a total meltdown after Trump won and was like "Literally shaking. Afraid me or my parents will get deported by Trump. Give me asspats for being a brave Muslim girl in America!"

No. 359376


i think u mean 'give me asspats for pretending to be the most trendy oppressed person lately!'

bitch isn't even muslim

No. 359379

She doesn't have an xbone so she hasn't even played halo 5
Granted it was awful
But if you're "the most obsessed girl" I think you'd play one of the final games?

No. 359382

Not to defend momo, because she's my most disliked cow, but maybe…she just doesn't care about Halo anymore? I mean, I'm sure she's got the free time, but I'm not obsessed with the same things I was when I was 18 anymore either.

No. 359385

Except this is the same girl who did stuff like claim to love Higurashi "back on the old rp forums and translation groups" and wanted to do Higurashi cosplay "properly" and ended up turning that into a sluttified costume and then barely talking about it after she got her moneys worth for it. I think Mariah just train hopped to Halo when it was popular and then stopped obsessing over it when she realized she was just another attention whore in the sea of other gamer gurls.

No. 359389

What happened to her sponsorship by FitTea? Or was she never sponsored and lied about it to look special like JNig?
Because that shit clearly isn't doing anything for her now

No. 359392


She still constantly posts stuff about red vs blue so I'd assume she still likes halo, but fair point

No. 359393


From what I've seen, nobody actually drinks the FitTea they're given for a sponsorship. I could be wrong though.

No. 359395

actually Ana and Reinhardt - there's minor hints at their relationship
Soldier hasn't really had any hints at romantic relationships with other characters

No. 359401

Can we stop derailing with all the Overwatch shipping shit and get back onto the fat granny-faced cow, please.

No. 359408

File: 1489437851053.png (210.76 KB, 1124x1352, IMG_5393.PNG)

It looks like her right nipple is cockeyed better get that and your disgusting fat fixed.

No. 359409

I dont see how it looks "cockeyed" with 2 big emojis covering them.

No. 359410

Probably because of the placement of them.

No. 359411

She made one post it, which is probably all they asked her to do, and then got called out for doing basic as fuck sponserships and never talked about it again.

No. 359412

I don't see how its crooked either, HOWEVER, he tits have to be some sort of jacked up after getting that reduction only to gain all the fat back.

No. 359415

what's wrong, Loonie? Did you get sick of people calling your ugly pug eyed nips out so you're gonna come shit up Moomoo's thread now?

No. 359416

Loonie is currently sperging in her own thread sonitnwouldnt be surprising if she was here too

No. 359417

Just because you paid extra money to have cockeyed nips Loonie…Moomoo's tits are, saggy, but at the least, real.

No. 359422

Wow, next time someone makes a Moomoo Bingo they should include "dude" and "man" used in the same sentence. She's trying so hard to be ~one of the boyz~

No. 359427


It's so embarrassing with her 'bro' talk. She's like that in her Instagram and Snapchat videos as well. Lately she's been saying 'lewds b4 nudes' in some of her social media. Living trainwreck seriously.

No. 359429


She sounds like a desperate mom that's trying to remain hip and cool with the kids. Ifs cringey as fuck hearing her talk like a total dudebro frat boy. All because she thinks that she is "one of the guys". She is really the girl everyone has to be nice to because her ego can't handle not having her ass kissed constantly. As well as the girl who says she can't be friends with other girls because they are too catty and cause way too much drama when she is usually always the one who starts it. And the guys stupidly believe that if they trade in enough "nice guy tokens" that she will want to fuck them. They aren't nice to you because why like you Moomoo. It's because they think you will put out.

No. 359433

Really not trying to stir up drama like some idiots have been but isn't "no nudes just lewds" susu's catchphrase? It's on her website as the header and I'm pretty sure she was the first to call sexy non-nudes "lewds"

No. 359439

If she wasn't such a fucking whale this would be an upskirt too. She's so fat it's preventing her from taking nudes

No. 359443


Not sure, but as it's Momo she'll copy anything and make it her own to bring more attention to herself. Just noticed how her Patreon has sky rocketed in the last couple of days too on that note, shows how simple minded her fans are. She posts selfies in a virgin killer sweater and that's all it takes now. Her next set being Velma will just be terrible no doubt.

No. 359445

Pure cringe.

No. 359456


that fittea shit is just a laxative anyways, you can't rely on that to lose any weight. the most you could get out if it is temporary relief from bloating.

No. 359474

I fucking cringed at that first paragraph. "One of the most obsessed girls". Mariah has always been the same.

No. 359486

man 11 threads? don't you all get tired of being on the same person?

No. 359489


she's had a reduction?
um… then where are her scars?

Dont reductions give you those T scars…??

No. 359491

No Moomoo, we don't.

No. 359493


Not at all Moomoo

No. 359494

>first get lipo and a tummy tuck.
you're kidding right? she's a young woman who just got fat recently. she is perfectly capable of losing that weight without and need for an invasive surgery.

No. 359495

I mean, don't you get tired of being the same shitty person and pulling the same shitty tricks?

No. 359496

We would if she wasn't constantly pulling this bullshit

No. 359497


If you stop giving material moomoo, then we will stop as well.

No. 359499

This is old, but I was looking at her stuff and she talks about loving Shion and Beatrice right? She always says they're the "best yandere"
But a while ago she was giving people shit for liking yanderes?
And how much she hates yuno and other yanderes?

No. 359500

She's been fat for a while, where have you been?

No. 359501

There are some photos where you can see her scars, but if you look at >>359408 you can actually see she blurred her tits quit a bit where her scars would be.

No. 359503

My theory is that when you start the game in the practice range, you start as Soldier76. He's also a hero that's pretty much the sort of can-do-all so he's OW's Protag.

When Momo does these shoots with 76, it's pretty much like those visual hentai games where the generic protag is suppose to be you or in this case, her neckbeards. That's the only reason I can really see her continuously using 76 rather than actual pairings from the game; more men can fantasize about being with HER than seeing a popular ship that have better cosplayers and fanart.

I really hope these lackluster photos are enough to get people to realize they should stop supporting her and just wait for people to upload them because they're really not worth the money she's being thrown.

She literally could have used her real hair for her Velma shoot but no, instead she went with a long wig and called it 'inspired'.

No. 359505

Nah, she was being an elitist. She meant that Yuno was like an entry-level yandere, and that Shion and Beato are better.
I'm not very familiar with higurashi, but I'm not sure I would call Beato a yandere.

No. 359509

Nana got married recently, correct me here. But why couldn't moomoo make it a besties wedding??? Was she not invited at all? Or she just made up shit to not go? The day nana got married moomoo was literally doing nothing all day,releasing those crappy virgin sweater photos. It's your friends wedding. Not like moomoo couldn't afford to go, or was held back from going!

No. 359510

Yeah apparently she got married over the weekend it looks like.

No. 359539

With Mariah's history of acting extremely embarassing any time she drinks, I wouldn't want her to come to my weebing, besties or not, either. I can just imagine the snapchats of her twerking, flashing her ass, etc…

No. 359540

It was a private family wedding you dip just look at the photos
Not a single convention person is in them

No. 359541

Oh wow. Wedding* I'm dying.

No. 359543


She is absolutely the type of person that can't hold their liquor and always gets blackout drunk and makes an ass of themselves in public whenever there is alcohol involved. She'd be constantly shouting in people faces and trying to act all sexy while sloppy drunk and end up puking on some guy she tried to flirt with.

No. 359550

This is true. It was family only. But also, I haven't seen them talking or being all "bestie" with each other. Hell, or even commenting on each others posts. I don't think theyre friends anymore

No. 359554

Really? Cuz I saw a few convention friends in the cosplay scene in her pics

No. 359555

And they're probably extremely close friends?
Seriously there was maybe 15 people there judging by the photos

Stop trying to make milk out of nothing. It makes the thread lose credibility and look stupid.

No. 359558

So I did some research on Patreon and it turns out that people are capable of making fake pledges or "scam accounts" in which fake donations can be pledged, and people can also have access to locked content through those fake accounts, and that people have been doing that to a few content creators to steal their uploads and linking them online.

I just hope Momo is too dumb to go through each pledge and make sure their accounts aren't blank with fake emails :)

No. 359562

Besides the tattoo design, this doesn't look remotely Polynesian…. it's also ugly.

No. 359563

I wasn't you cunt. I was pointing out that moomoo who couldn't be bothered to attend when she tweeted months ago that she WAS going.

No. 359564

it's definitely offensive and not even remotely a nice design aesthetically

No. 359573

Lol the neckbeards are angery at their precious Moomoo for banning leaked sets on Reddit. Now suddenly people are coming forward calling her a landwhale and saying they paid top tier to her for months and didn't receive shit. I hope she can't delete them but considering she's a mod they'll probably disappear soon

No. 359574

I hope someone gets screencaps so she can't backpedal her way out of this that way there's evidence and can be tweeted at her lying ass.

No. 359576

Lol then why didn't you post a cap of that in the first place genius

No. 359577


is this on twitter?

No. 359579


Momokuns Reddit. The threads after her "hey it's me" bullshit.

No. 359581

Not that anon, but she's been fat for a while, she just didn't get morbidly obese until recently. I agree though, lip isn't the answer. She'd be better off getting a gastric bypass because she clearly can't control her eating on her own. At this rate, if she ever does lose the weight and get reasonably sized again, she's going to have a pretty serious excess skin issue too. If she wasn't such a cunt, I'd legitimately feel bad for her messing herself up so bad, so quickly.

No. 359584

File: 1489472253160.jpg (53.82 KB, 655x960, 17310277_1766765563640167_3447…)

No. 359586


Her reddit has gone back to virgin neckbeards talking about how hot she is and how much they jerk off to her. As well as trying out virtue signal each other in regards to her sets being re-uploaded online for free, calling anyone who wants to see them (for whatever retarded reason) "entitled freaks".

Any comments calling out how fat she has let herself become are downvoted into oblivion and it seems now she also blocks you from ever posting there again as well.

And there is that one beta faggot, Kanor91, whose past history indicates that he spends all day lurking on porn subreddits, who keeps trying to white knight her so fucking hard. It's extra cringey to see him try to play hero for Moomoo in hopes that she'll want to fuck him for protecting her from all those mean comments.

No. 359606


You can still re-stretch your stomach after a gastric bypass, if she can't control her eating now then surgery won't help, she'll just regain the weight.

No. 359608

I know people like Raven think weight loss surgery will magically solve all their problems, but that's not the case. If you eat too much, or nothing but garbage, you will gain weight either way. She is obese, but she's not 600 pounds or anything. If, and I mean if, she was determined to improve herself, she could easily lose the weight and get fit. She would probably have to have some loose skin removed after the fact, but that's a different story.

Tl;dr: Wls is a waste of time and money if you are a glutton. Go eat a salad.

No. 359627

This. Sage for blog, but someone in my family got the surgery and ended up re-stretching their stomach and gaining all the weight back because they didn't change their eating habits. Surgery is not a solution most of the time, you still need to change your lifestyle

No. 359663

You should see the Onion threads then

No. 359673

if she ever did her surgery she would be a hypocrite. she talks about body positivity all the time and is supposedly against fat shaming. if she ever got work done it would be physical proof that she is bullshit.

No. 359694


a lot of body positive people are ok with weight loss & even surgery if it's for health reasons. you can have a positive attitude about your body while still wanting to be healthier.

No. 359696

File: 1489515155540.png (153.47 KB, 750x1196, IMG_2367.PNG)

Cringey as fuck. Tired of these girls trying to be "one of the guys"

No. 359698

But losing weight and especially getting weight loss surgery for health reasons implies that being ~thicc~ is unhealthy, which is fatphobic! I guess it depends on whether her body positivity followers are sane or if they're crazy HAES types. Because in those circles, weight loss is seen as a betrayal to the cause.

Not that her neckbeards will care as long as her boobs don't deflate too much and she continues to shove her flat ass at a camera.

No. 359703

dear god, i thought this was one of the guys. she looks like a tranny. i mean it 100% since i dont even follow this thread, i was just scrolling down pt and saw this

No. 359705

Vamplette badly needs a nose job. The saddest part about her is that she has some actual talent with make-up and cosplay but is getting too influenced by Moomoo and is resorting to lewds.

No. 359709


>Writes she's having apple pie

I was wondering what that chunk was in the center of her face.

No. 359727

File: 1489523272727.png (33.71 KB, 455x508, momo bingo.png)

Has there been a Momo bingo card before?

I made a shitty one.

Nah, this cow is kinda fun to watch in this PT drought.

No. 359731

File: 1489523738315.png (121.11 KB, 616x620, IMG_9509.PNG)

Here's an old one someone made for prosperity

No. 359735

Ayyy, I like that one too.
>Pictures with messy/dirty room in BG
>"blah blah body confidence"
Should have thought of those, but there are just too many options. kek

No. 359745

It's sad to see Vamplette go down Momo's lewd path, she's pretty talented yet chooses to be a sell out.

No. 359754

You can still be lewd and have good quality costumes for cosplay though. For some reason Vamplette's quality goes down the shitter whenever it comes to cosplaying with momo. I still cant erase that cardboard cut out Charlotte cosplay from my mind.

No. 359762

Yeah the problem I have with Vamp isn't the lewds, its the fact she lets her actual talent at costume making take a shit because she's becoming lazy like Mariah. Her Mercy she did over the summer was super well done, and then you have the Lusamine she threw together this fall, which is obviously just done to pander.

No. 359763

Part of me feels like she half asses those cosplays because Mariah asks her to do them with her not because she actually cares about them. Like look at the difference betweeb when she did Charlotte to Witch Mercy and they were a month apart. Colette also doesn't seem to post wips of the cosplays she does with Mariah or wears them outside of being in a cosplay group with her friend.

No. 359766

I've noticed that too. Momo probably throws these plans at her out of nowhere and Vamp isn't very passionate about the characters she gets that go alongside hers; so they're rushed and never worn again unless she's teaming up with Momo again.

No. 359771

Oh, this was the one I made. Still regret not putting some embarrassing pic of Moomoo in the free space.

No. 359773

The only time I've noticed this was the opposite is when Colette asked Mariah to be Silk when she was Spider Gwen, and then Mariah pulls the whole "ohmigad I looove Silk she's the best and definitely deserves her own movie."

No. 359776

Like the drawing with the stained underwear kek

No. 359784

File: 1489532365108.png (109.56 KB, 750x1189, IMG_2368.PNG)

So tacky. Like I actually hate this. She is just gonna do what she did to samus last year. Just wear out one cosplay all year and do nothing but dumb boudoir shoots in a cheap ass motel.

No. 359786

Is she just sending out Christmas Poloroids now or is that like some late as fuck post of old shit she's already done?

No. 359818

That's even the same dress she wore as Samus
Her Wicke and Mei especially are being overdone a dragged through the mud like her samus.
Wonder what'll be the end of the years "trademarked" character will be

No. 359824


Seriously. How lazy can she get? Isn't that literally the same dress form her Mei and Samus photoshoots?

No. 359829

For some reason…I feel like she is JUST now shooting her Christmas polaroids for her Patreon.

No. 359848


Wouldn't surprise me at al if that were true. She spends so much time getting drunk at cons and working on her cosplay last minute in her hotel room it is a wonder she ever gets anything done if she does.

No. 359872

She couldn't even put up some garlands or lights behind her to make it look more Christmasy?

This looks like a photo a serial killer would take of a victim. Her eyes are so dead, the pose is bland and the white background just doesn't fit.

I can't believe people shell out money for this.

No. 359874

She couldn't make it anymore obvious she lurks here obsessively now that she's posted a FitTea selfie. That hasn't been spoken about for months until hours ago now she's back at it again trying to get healthy.

No. 359877

*FlatTummyTea I mean, either way it's the same as any other sponsored diet tea.

No. 359879

File: 1489549179283.png (1.04 MB, 1012x665, moo-gains.png)

This dress is a perfect example of just how much weight she's been gaining and fast. Just two months ago she could still lace it up tight…

No. 359880

Kek! Well while she's watching…. Hi, MooMookunt! Please remember to shower once or twice a day and take care of your poor body before you die from the weight and poor health of it.

Oh right, please get some dignity!

No. 359881

Those whale arms on the last two pictures. Kek

No. 359882

File: 1489549242957.jpg (84.88 KB, 810x595, Screenshot_13.jpg)

I don't think she even tries to deny anymore. Someone posted this guy here and then she did it too.

No. 359883

LMAO holy shit, thats embarrassing as fuck

No. 359884

Also the obviously late asf Christmas Patreon rewards, just as talk happened of how there's been no photos of the things she sends fans each month depending on the tier. Fucking lol.

No. 359886


"It's just a cute serial killer victim set!"

No. 359887

lmao goddamn

No. 359888


Lol. Holy fuck Moomoo. Could you make it even more obvious that you lurk here? You aren't fooling anyone.

No. 359889


Jesus fucking christ Moomoo, put down the fork

No. 359891

This is fucking dangerous. She must turn a blind eye to her health and pile on the weight to keep looking thicc for her neckbeards who have a fat fetish.

No. 359894


She is definitely a comfort eater. She takes any kind of criticism as a personal attack or insult and that makes her feel bad so she tries to drown it out with junk food and alcohol. And then she tries to justify it with "But I am their thicc goddess! They'll love me more if I get bigger!" when they really don't give a shit about her health or well being. They are just waiting for her to show her tits and pussy and then they'll find someone else to rub one out to.

I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a shitty person.

No. 359895

File: 1489551078518.png (922.37 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20170314-210617~2.p…)

I just caught up on this thread yesterday and all the things mentioned: patreon rewards, how shes a fake 'nerd gurl', Fittea (or whatever), The fucking picture of the guy wearing the half sweater!!!
She goes and posts all about this stuff on her insta like immediately.
She probably has this thread book marked and checks every night and morning lmao how narcissistic

No. 359896

Don't forget yuri on ice shark

No. 359897


She definitely can't help but pay attention to everything people say about her and desperately wanting everyone to like her. She is so goddamn insecure

No. 359900

Maybe she'll post about taking a god damn shower soon. At the very least wearing a face mask to show effort in taking care of her nasty ass skin.

No. 359904


In another couple of months she'll have start cosplaying "BBW Mei" and "Feedee Samus"

No. 359905

Also why the fuck is she reuploading someone else's image to Instagram? Did he give her permission to do that because he has the same image on hus own Instagram. She at least credites him but I know some people dislike it when other people reupload their stuff and gets more attention than the original because Kawaiibro's original set got like 200 likes when Mariah's repost gets 1k.

No. 359906

Goddamn that's like over 6 inches more on her waist. Weight trainers would be jealous of Moo's ability to gain weight so fast.

No. 359909

File: 1489557457416.jpg (192.62 KB, 438x542, IMG_7547.JPG)

OT sine it isn't moomoo but moochlette would be so much prettier if she got a nose job. Her Louise Griffin half sandwich snout is doing her no favors and I think if she had it shaved down it would look so much better. Pic related

No. 359910

She still looks ugly. Maybe it's just the bad shoop but the shaved down nose did didn't make her look any better

No. 359911


The fuck are you talking about? Bitch still be ugly

No. 359912

File: 1489558068522.jpg (566.17 KB, 2048x2048, 2218DB83-2168-4C8B-A480-847E6C…)

Sage for OT. The person who shooped Vamps nose sucks at shooping and missed the myriade of other factors that make Vamps face unphotogenic. She needs that hump shaved off and the droopy tip of her nose brought up so it's not so hooked. If she got her chin reduced and some fat transfer to her cheeks her face wouldnt look as long and that would help. Here's a quick shoop I did on a beauty app.

No. 359914

Yeah I usually don't judge people for their faces since there's not much you can do about bone structure but Vamp definitely would need a lot more than just a nose job. I can't quite put my finger into it but she always looks like a drag queen. She also looks like she doesn't have lips at all but instead painted on lines. It's unsettling really. And she needs to stop doing the winged eye liner, it only brings out her puffy eyelids.

No. 359918

File: 1489559775070.jpg (17.05 KB, 236x319, detoxnose.jpg)

let me get that finger for you right quick

No. 359919

oh god she is detox's daughter

No. 359926

She looks a lot better in your shoop. Even just the fat transfer in her cheeks softened up her face and makes her look refreshed and less haggard.

No. 359928

well, anon did make her chin smaller, but her cheeks are the same

No. 359929

No one cares as long as they get credit

No. 359930

I made her cheek less sunken in and shrunk the chin. At least Vamps body is nice. Usually good facial plastic surgery looks better and more natural than getting implants in your body even from the best doctors.

No. 359955

File: 1489597282832.jpg (106.9 KB, 640x213, PicsArt_03-15-04.34.06.jpg)

Crush turtle idea from >>353427

No. 359957

File: 1489597536205.gif (264.08 KB, 640x213, PicsArt_03-15-05.15.32.gif)

No. 359963

No read anons explanation. They clearly shooped the cheeks even just slightly
Her body is good but she's a total butterface. Sage for OT because not mono related.

No. 359968

This would be a 10 with the phrase "It's just a cute groping set" or her sister's quote "My sister doesn't do porn because she isn't disgusting"

No. 359970

welp, it doesn't let me save as 300x100 so fuck it anyways

No. 359983


No. 359987

Definitely the sister one so moomoo can feel a little shame.

No. 360000


Love how momo is all about ~ positivity~ yet her sister thinks people who do porn are digusting. Wonder how he followers would react seeing this kek

No. 360032

She's gross in both, but god damn she is a landwhale now.

No. 360067

Old news, anon.

Vamplette's face looks like a fish in that twerk video.

No. 360068


. . . Who gives a fuck

No. 360070

Call her a prude/virgin or judgmental/mean/unsupportive lol. And write tl;drs

No. 360077

Someone on Kiwifarms found Mariah's old Youtube and Twitter accounts from when she was in the 7th grade.


She used to go by Mariah Novak as well.

No. 360081

cringe in 5…..

No. 360082

>went ta ice rink 2 days ago
>broke up with boyfran
>he was making out with another gril right afta we broke up
>were gona go back out watch

im crying

No. 360085

File: 1489620828243.gif (354.02 KB, 275x273, IMG_0692.GIF)

No. 360093


I think those are pretty adorable. The tweet about the breakup, and the dancing video after consuming massive amounts of candy made me laugh pretty hard. 13/14 year old Mariah and her friends were pretty cute.

No. 360117

She's in 7th grade we all did dumb shit.

No. 360123

this looks exactly like something a bunch of 7th grade girls would do.

No. 360125

Yeah although moomoo herself is in bad taste, shitting on tweens isn't cool at all. 6-8th grade was cringe for everyone, if anything it makes her look more like an actual weeaboo instead of a fake nerd girl

No. 360141

Kill me…

No. 360142

File: 1489634930824.png (127.92 KB, 750x1178, IMG_2374.PNG)


No. 360143

That blurry asscrack is sad. Why the yellow contacts with Mei? Whose eyes are brown? You know, your natural eye color, moo?

No. 360145

I don't cosplay but I really feel for the people who work their asses off crafting impressive elborate costumes getting overshadowed by this nasty heifer. I wouldn't even be as rustled as I am if she didn't deny the fact that she's just a hoe who could care less about the hobby.

No. 360146

I can't get a picture at the moment, but in one of her latest posts on Instagram wearing the sweater, you can already see her makeup on the collar. Not shocking.

No. 360147

Her eyes look more pretty with this makeup I think she used different lashes
Maybe she threw her old ones out, you know the ones she used for 2 years in a row, everyday …

No. 360148

File: 1489636901448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1078x1427, IMG_20170310_1.jpg)

No. 360149


I've never regretted seeing something so much before

No. 360150

She's trying to show she has a "butt from the front" however she really doesn't. She is pushing her pelvis forward and leaning back it doesn't really count lol

No. 360153


No. 360154

File: 1489637805103.png (90.34 KB, 500x373, datass.png)

No. 360156

Bets on if she'll bother hiding her back tattoo for these pictures?

No. 360157


. . . fucking ewww

No. 360159


So fucking obvious she shooped this. She has way more fat rolls than that.

No. 360161

Bitch needs to stop triggering me with this cracky chan nose shit.

You look weird enough already why the red nose.

No. 360164

LOL she's got the dark spots that fat people get around her crotch.

No. 360165

HAHA, this fucking photo. Holy molly this trash is too much.

No. 360166


Lmao makes a comment about her having no ass for the millionth time. Almost breaks her spine trying to arc the ass she doesn't have out. Ayyyy Momo what up

No. 360167

File: 1489639261170.jpg (154.88 KB, 721x927, IMG_5278.JPG)

Yo but like.. from the sweater being rolled up over her caked face, there's what looks to be makeup on the neck of the sweater.

No. 360168

She remembered to put the neck down tho. Just because someone here said so.

No. 360169

MooMoo please for the love of god stop showing pictures of your negative ass because it is sadder then Bambi's mom getting shot.

No. 360177

What a coincidence, anon. I literally just finished watching Bambi.

No. 360179

Why does she always do that thing with her mouth? It's like a retarded deer in the headlights meets poorly applied makeup. I love how she is stretching her shoulder out to make it look less fat, too. It ends up just looking deformed. Kek. Pull your fucking glasses up idiot.

No. 360182

Is that a skin tag in her armpit? Is she getting to disgusting enough levels of fat that she's developing skin tags from chub rub?

No. 360189

Ewww I just noticed it. It looks more like a whitehead to me, aren't skin tags usually a bit darker than the skin around it?

No. 360195

She has a back tattoo?

No. 360196

It's kinda on her neck, some dbz junk

No. 360200

Her make up looks not too bad because she doesn't have dry concealer lips and she actually bought decent looking lashes.

Maybe she realized effort keeps your pledges.

No. 360206

has anyone pointed out the irony/tragedy of the order of these events: Has giant tits… gets a breast reduction ….decides to start a glamor model/porn career

No. 360207

Wtf was she thinking posting this one? Honestly you can just see the huge amounts of undercarriage she has on her thighs, especially her right thigh where the fat is drooping to the floor.

Also Momo, just so you know, vagina wedgies are not cute or sexy.

No. 360210

Sage for OT but does anyone know what kind of lashes those are? I like the shape

No. 360213

Oh my god. I clicked to unspoiler and the first thing I see is her crotch since the photo is so large.

No. 360215

I'm seriously surprised that she would even post that with all those dark spots. "Yeah this looks good, they'll really jerk their meat to my gross looking crotch".

She always seems to make herself look smelly. Turtle ass looks like she hasn't showered in days.

No. 360217

Yeah, but her boobs before were probably rather saggy (especially if you consider how her weight has fluctuated so much over the years), whereas the reduction gave them a lift. She's kind of undoing all the work by getting ridiculously fat though.

No. 360228


She's trying to like pull her panties up seductively but it just looks like she's showing off a fupa???

No. 360239

is that butt acne

No. 360242

that blur where her gut and rest of her breasts should be meeting…

No. 360255

I thought she said she was 'obese' when she was younger??

No. 360261

… why did I click.

No. 360263

File: 1489668066877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.23 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20170316_093853.jpg)

Why does she think this is sexy, exactly?

No. 360264

holy blur-tool

No. 360265

Mei has warm light brown eyes, not yellow. Why would she use yellow lenses. Also Mei is super awkward, the overly sexual ahegao bullshit is so OOC.

No. 360266


I don't know. A lot of girls seem to think everyone wants to see their tongue. Miley Cyrus has a lot to answer for (and yes, I know Momo is doing ahegao like a fricking weeb). I still blame Miley Cyrus.

No. 360268

Because she watches too much hentai and doesn't understand that what looks okay-ish on a cute Anime girl looks retarded on an actual person. She looks like she's the third Hartley Hooligan in that photo.

No. 360269

Her lashes are cute at least.

But seriously momo, this isn't ahegao and just looks like a gross feeding fetish. Why just not make it a decent normally posed sweater set? Why is it MEI, the most OOC out of all characers she sluts up? Why can she never get this face right? Why does this look like something some pathetic clingy fat girl would send to her nerdy boyfriend in a sad attempt to appeal to his fetishes?

No. 360270


Wow, she really doesn't have an upper lip either

No. 360281

Young Mariah holds so much potential to be a fun, charismatic cosplayer star of the show! Look at her expressions in this video! Flash forward 8 years and it makes it rather sad to watch those old videos

No. 360283

>"My sister doesn't do pooorn because she is not disgustiiiing" echoing from a distance

No. 360292

File: 1489682316634.png (84.74 KB, 750x810, IMG_0746.PNG)

>I want to lick and suck your tongue

No. 360293

File: 1489682363760.png (85.11 KB, 750x714, IMG_0744.PNG)

No. 360295

She must be wet from all this validation she's getting.

No. 360300

I'd be so embarrassed if men were writing these comments about me. Ugh.

Why do some girls like this?

No. 360302


"Don't touch me, or I will lay your ass out. But please, continue to talk about how much you want to fuck me and all the other perverted thing you want me to do"

No. 360307


Because they love the attention no matter how vile it sounds. Until of course fanboys begin to stalk them in the real world then it's a different story.

No. 360308

Ikr, disgusting
She probably doesn't even read them…. I hope

No. 360316


Of course she fucking does. Because it all gives her validation. Like "See?! These guys think I'm hot and not a gross, flabby land whale! So you can all go fuck yourselves!" No matter how much they objectify her and treat her like fuck meat, she still only cares that people find her attractive enough to have sex with.

No. 360317

She's just having fun lmao. Dude just let people do what they want with their body man. Why so negative? Lol /s

No. 360320

Cuck alert

No. 360325

you're unfamiliar with reddit, aren't you?

/s is shorthand for sarcasm. lrn 2 read

No. 360326

>But remember I'm not a sex worker! uwu

No. 360329


"lol I hate drama. Why can't we all just get along lol. I don't really care dude lol."

No. 360334

File: 1489689863636.png (85.39 KB, 1180x344, Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.4…)

No. 360340


I swear her and Chel are too alike. Say something they don't like and it's "If you hate me so much then just unfollow me!"

No. 360341


No. 360382

go back 2 plebbit, fag

No. 360388

This is kind of adorable. Reminds me of my 7th grade days too. I liked Katy Perry as well.

No. 360399

Are those carpets usual in America, in where I live they are considered gross…. and that color omg. It must be full of germs.

No. 360402

Aren't you the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 360403

File: 1489701676797.png (206.25 KB, 1242x966, IMG_2301.PNG)

>"I don't do porn!!"
>porn account retweets her pictures and she likes it on twitter

No. 360407

At this point she's riding a tidal wave of fake denial. She's doing soft core/fetish stuff and she knows. She's trying so hard to continue being the 'uguuu im innocent and cute you guys like cute groping sets right???' Girl while yelling how she randomly watches hentai. She's gone cam girl status for the approval from others. Good work.

No. 360414

With a breast reduction, don't you get a large scar. Maybe that's why she hasn't done full on nudity yet.

No. 360439

File: 1489710363794.png (121.08 KB, 741x840, IMG_0309.PNG)

I'm calling bullshit until I see it, but sounds like she might actually make an attempt to better herself after seeing what a massive shitshow she has become and not just writing off any criticism about her as just "haters". Next is getting her fat ass in the gym and working on making her cosplay not total shit.

No. 360440

It does create scars, and while with some people they fade very well and in the end are thin and unnoticeable, other people are more unfortunate and can retain large, dark scarring usually around their nipples and/or in a line down the bottom half of their breast.

No. 360444

She only does 3-4 poses because she needs to hide how huge she is.

I certainly hope she actually takes this advice.

No. 360445

>Dually noted


No. 360452

I can almost promise that there isn't a single dictionary in her house.

No. 360461

Yes but lets ignore the shitty fucking cosplays you produce, whats important is you're lack of posing.

No. 360463

She's smart enough to realize that if she pisses off her reddit fans she'll lose a good chunk of her white knights. Her "taking their suggestion" is just a front to seem like she actually gives a fuck.

No. 360468

Considering it's a rental it's probably not high end carpet. It looks like a typical carpet color and of course it's nasty, Moomoo is disgusting. She probably doesn't even own a vacuum.

No. 360475

Is there even a bookshelf at her house? Does Mariah own books?

No. 360482

I don't think she has owned a book since elementary school when they were being read to her.

No. 360485

In b4 a tweet of a picture of a vacuum exclaiming she needs to clean.

No. 360486

Jumping on the Sidon bandwagon because other gamergurlz turned him into a meme is annoying because she hasn't even played or mentioned the game.

Also why do these chicks have to go out of their way to be weird and say dumb shit like "Sidon is daddy"? He doesn't even have human characteristics in his face that makes him attractive he just has muscles it's probably the weirdest stupidest cry for attention I've seen yet from gamergurlz.

No. 360488

Samefag because separate rant. Those Mei pictures are so gross on the outdated carpet in her empty living room. She looks like she's living in a crack shack. Serious ghetto.

Also lol I wonder how Vamplette felt watching her fat ass roll around on the carpet with her tongue out. She looks like a dog anyways, might as well drag her asshole along the carpet too. Bad MooMoo.

No. 360501

>acting as if just because one form of slang is common in another website it's common here.

You're fucking stupid.

No. 360506

That's just words anon. She always promises things to improve her content and never fulfills them, you should know it by thread #11. Even her replies here are passive aggressive as fuck.

Also this. She has a limited array of poses she can do because she needs to hide her fat.

underrated post

No. 360508

I don't get it either….Sidon's literally a fucking shark

No. 360511

The gay furry community is jumping onto Sidon, too, unsurprisingly.

I can see the appeal (I'm a fucking degenerate) but you know these same normie bandwagoners would turn their noses up at the idea of a furry.

No. 360512

>the dog reference

No. 360513

Honestly Mariah is a fucking asshole for reposting someone's content. It doesn't matter if you tag him or not, reposting someone else's work is shitty as fuck and I doubt she had his permission. She's gotten over 1000 likes for someone else's content. And she's done it before too. She's one to whine about her patreon content getting spread for free when she does shit like this herself.

No. 360514

not owning a bookshelf is not her problem. Paris Hilton didn't need one to be clever and market herself

No. 360515

Yeah, but that's doesnt mean Mariah isn't a illiterate fucking slut

No. 360517

Are you stupid?
By reposting his content she's directing potential new followers to his page

Obviously no one thinks it's Mariah

The few dumb girls who follow her thinking she's such an inspiration for body positivity will follow this guy because of the post. She's just giving him more publicity.

Why do you think share4shares were a thing lmfao

No. 360520

>Why is it MEI, the most OOC out of all characers she sluts up?

Mei, being the only fat female Overwatch character, attracts fat-fetishists. Moomoo is giving the chubby-chasers what they want.

If you dig through the old threads, there are a few pictures where the scars are slightly visible. They either faded really well or were smoothed out digitally.

No. 360526

Do you live under a rock? Reposting has been a huge issue within artistic community (Fanart and Cosplay mostly) and it's been frowned upon a lot, there are tons of PSAs about not reposting someone else's work without permission. It's grabbing traffic for yourself on someone else's expense. Share4Share is a completely different thing than reposting.

No. 360530

Do you think she contacted him first to ask permission, though? I somehow doubt it. She probably believes she doesn't need permission because she's doing him a favour, and he should be grateful to her for her kindness in exposing him to her highly cultured and distinguished audience.

No. 360580

Hush, Moomoo. You don't know how to market yourself, go back to your turtle shell.

No. 360581

Zarya is a larger female character but shes too muscular to slut up. Honestly overwatch cosplays stretch from the moon and back, so many dumb variations like it was cool for a while but so fucking old now. We all know moomoo's going to milk her 'cosplays' to death with 10000000 different variations until they're irrelevant again. I'm so triggered by this shit.

No. 360661

Hush, tinfoil hat retard

No. 360665

Nah there's people into muscular women like Zarya. Is just taste.

Sage for it really contributing

No. 360669


LOL no one gives a shit as long as proper credit is given

They're directing new followers to the person

They're not "stealing" anything

If they repost WITHOUT credit, that's an issue. But when credit is given nobody gives a flying fuck

Stop trying to make milk out of nothing AGAIN you guys do it all the time here and it rots my brain to watch

There's so much ACTUAL MILK on her just stick to that shit

No. 360699

Wow, I am actually surprised how good she looked when she was at a healthy weight and obviously had a helathier lifestyle. She seems to have that really nice curvy bodytype which is sadly completely ruined at this point with her not taking care pf herself… Sad.

No. 360701

You're an idiot who owns a repost account, aren't you?

No. 360713

Go read a book.

No. 360714

She gave up those nice curves for some sad curves.

No. 360722

I have a really good friend who really likes Moomoo. She believes all of her bullshit, supports her and even want to do a virgin killer sweater shoot with her Mei. I don't know how to break it to her that Moomoo is uterly shit. I know if I sent this thread to her she would ignore it.

No. 360723

I have friends who are the same way about her, anon. Best thing to do is ignore it, let it all out here and hope they wise up if they ever actually meet her.

No. 360724

>They're directing new followers to the person
You can't honestly believe that the kind of people who follow Momo would want to follow a dude who takes selfies in a virgin killer sweater.

No. 360725

For the best or worst they will never meet. Different countries.

No. 360826


Do you not realize how many dumb girls follow her because she's so "inspirational" with her "body positivity"? She RTs it all the time on twitter, pull your head out of your ass

No. 360827


No I'm just not a stupid OC DONUT STEEEEEL from tumblr

No. 360850

all I pointed out was that if they had used reddit, they'd know. Never said it was lolcow shorthand. Wash the sand out of your vagina and sage you cuntiness like I have

No. 360868

wish i could down vote you here though har har

No. 360917

Can we kindly stop trying to scratch each other's eyes out over dumb shit? The milk is currently a little dry but I'm sure it will start flowing again soon. Chill out lol my dudes.

No. 360991

kek, she's not a good example for that tea schtick, seeing as she's GAINING consistency, rather than losing.

No. 360999

incoming kawaii uwu housewife set in the same vein as >>>/snow/100305

>ending post with "Sad."
Trump plz go.

No. 361041


Her Velma set was just released. And good god is it tragic. I warn you that it is not for the weak of heart.

No. 361042


Magnefying glass on her pussy W H Y

No. 361043

File: 1489871111052.jpg (9.74 MB, 7728x5158, Mariah_Mallad_20171925.jpg)

she looks like she's about to take a piss.

all in all the set is massively boring. most of the photos are just dupes of the same pose.

No. 361044


I know that you lurk here Momo, so I'll say this:

Seriously, put down the fucking fork and go to the gym. This isn't "sexy" or "thicc". You are just plain fat and overweight and no amount of shapewear and photoshop will change that. You aren't even near 30 and you have the body of a worn out mom who has had 2 kids already. Those neckbeards virgins who all talk about how much they want to fuck you don't give a shit about your health or well being, they are just waiting for the moment you show your tits and they will move on to the next fap material. Seriously, take a break from the internet and get help.

No. 361046

The setting and colors actually look really cool for once. Big step up from in her bedroom or garage. She just needs to get her looks in order and learn to pose.

No. 361047

File: 1489871339382.jpg (14.3 MB, 7728x5158, Mariah_Mallad_20172081.jpg)

Also noticed she doesn't even remove any of her clothes in this set, and actually hides the shape wear she wears for the entire shoot by having her skirt cover her stomach up to her tits

No. 361048

I have a feeling the set is the same one she did her Higurashi set in, which is essentially just themed rooms anyone can "rent" for photography. Which isn't a bad thing because these sets actually work well for the character. And I agree whoever did the photography of this is leaps and bound above her usual hotel bedroom sets.. but there is nothing anyone can do about her shit modeling and obvious attempts to hide her fat

No. 361049


You can tell just from her thighs alone that she has put on a massive amount a weight that she simply just can't hide anymore.

No. 361050

God this pisses me off in so many ways because it has every bad thing momo does. Incorrect cosplay, hiding her fat, ooc sexualisation, dumb posing, lazy and typical images. Velma is great. Velma does not deserve the Moocunt treatment.

>nb4 ~cute raped by ghosts set~ with mooch as daphne

No. 361052

The background looks great. That's the only good thing I can say about these photos.
Her face looks so gross and derpy in most of these. I can't believe people are paying actual money for this shit.

No. 361053

The background looks nice.
Then there's Moomoo ruining the photo.

No. 361056


It's not even the retarded faces that bother anymore. Really it's how fat she has gotten. Her thighs are massive and gross and her ass is flat and nonexistent.

No. 361061


LOL I'm crying

No. 361063

What annoys me most about this pic is how the bra doesn't fit correctly because her shapewear is pushing her boobs so far up.

No. 361064

File: 1489874476160.jpg (7.84 MB, 5158x7728, Mariah_Mallad_20171965.jpg)

She really shouldn't have released this photo because it just looks like she broke the chair under her massive weight. Hell she looks even bigger than the chair. At this rate she's gonna be needing to buy 2 plane tickets to travel anywhere.

No. 361066

Getting mad PT vibes from this, jesus

No. 361067

I think this is the most unflattering shot of her I've ever seen. Her thighs are so huge that it's disgusting. She's trying to be sexy by lifting her skirt but all it does is show off how fat her ass is… this is really sad.

No. 361068


No. 361069

How come her "Calvin Klein" shoot is so much more tasteful than her cosplay shoots? She genuinely poses well in those shots and has cute expressions, was it an actual professional photographer directing her or something? She's always so tacky and trashy in her cosplay shoots that I'm way over my head trying to figure out why this one is so much better than the awkward cosplay porn sets.

No. 361070

I actually give props to her for the setting which is really cool. Her on the other hand…

No. 361072

File: 1489876239289.jpg (9.08 MB, 5158x7728, lookhowdrymyassis.jpg)

What is she even DOING here? "You can almost see the bullshit coming out of my ass."

No. 361073

it looks like she's stretching her bra as far down as possible to cover up the shapewear peeking through

No. 361074

that was always one of my favorite sets of hers, and i fucking hate the twat. but you're right, she looks cute and genuine in it and it isn't at all trashy

No. 361077

she has a magnifying class why not do an upskirt of Velma looking at some evidence with that thing instead magnifying the dark gaping chasm that is her vagina????

No. 361078

I will never understand the people that tell her she has a nice ass, its just wide and flabby

No. 361079

Holy shit. She's a literal refrigerator.

No. 361080

how does someone get this bog and have no ass?? WHAT?

No. 361081

fuck me

No. 361082

**magnifying glass

No. 361089

File: 1489878973079.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2560, 17-03-18-19-13-32-331_deco.jpg)

Anyways these are my favourites kek

No. 361090

File: 1489879092182.jpg (776.75 KB, 1830x1813, Mariah_Mallad_20172028-1.jpg)

What the actual fuck

No. 361092

I swear she should use the blur tool more often

No. 361093


Holy shit she has grandma knees

No. 361096

This FB page posted a pic from Momo's overwatch groping set and some of the comments are beautiful.

So many people think it's from a porn video.


No. 361097


No. 361099

Her gross fat legs look so ashy.

She must really hate herself to allow this stuff to be posted.

No. 361100


Looks like the same neckbeard virgin comments about how much they want to fuck her that she usually gets.

No. 361102

She doesn't care that people think its from a porno as long as she gets the cringing as fuck memelords praising her.

No. 361103

It's more like Momo doesn't care if people think it's from a porno she just doesn't want what she does to be called porn just because she's not doing ~full nudity~.

No. 361112


And yet she constantly tries to preach her "Us ladies need to stick together" and "only preach positivity" bullshit. Yeah, ok Moomoo. Like, do you not see how much of a hypocrite you are? She is like: "Sure, talk about how much you want to fuck me and and the degrating, perverted things you want to do to me and generally treat me like fuck meat. But don't you ever fucking dare say that what I do is porn! I'm not like those trashy hoes who get fucked on camera so that makes me better!"

No. 361118

File: 1489882950860.jpg (467.28 KB, 1500x1100, stock-photo-goat-bleating-with…)

No. 361121

File: 1489884151469.jpg (41.76 KB, 448x621, Screenshot_1.jpg)

How delusional can you be…

No. 361122

File: 1489884261734.jpg (13.6 KB, 330x92, Screenshot_2.jpg)

Forgot to include this in the print. keks

No. 361123

File: 1489884955269.jpg (39.95 KB, 500x289, blowup-doll-5.jpg)

No. 361125

As someone who had cosplayed Velma in the past I am triggered. This is just so bad, if she didn't just do her stale "sexy poses" it could have been a really fun shoot

No. 361126

Holy shit these files size- I zoomed in to full resolution and you can see her ass is like crusty or something

No. 361127


No. 361129

Am I the only one having trouble finding the Velma shoot? I can't find it here

No. 361132


Me too. I have Google drive and it's not there.

No. 361134

File: 1489888610737.png (22.75 KB, 621x509, moomoo.png)

It shows up for me here