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No. 665349

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>661550

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/4
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Announced changes to Patreon tiers, no more videos and location shoots, old content will not be accessible to patrons, and will charge more for the same amount of content
>No promised $75 topless tier, no one is surprised
>Promised to release snippets of Tsunade onsen video and Hinata cum lube video, then promised to release Bathtime Pochaco instead, and to “revisit” the cum lube idea in the future
>Claimed to be applying visa to Japan
>Cosplayed MHX bikini and Doggy Pochaco, looking as retarded as ever
>Reshot Cattleya
>Not a single Dragon Ball cosplay done despite planning May as DB month
>Cancelled London trip in her IG bio
>Moo and Vamps had a falling out and unfollowed each other on IG, Vamps hung out with other people and had fun
>Epic manic meltdowns ensued, including vague sperging for days about being victimized and being used, claim to be sick of being a golden goose, demanding a public apology, and being “depressed”, the bad bitch persona came into play
>A week and a half later they hung out again but still not certain if everything is indeed gucci
>With less and less people to socialize with, Moo befriended her hairdresser
>Bishoujoumom shared a cringey experience of co-hosting a con panel with an unnamed person, highly likely to be Moo
>Moo’s hairdresser did a horrible dominatrix photoshoot with Moo present, revealing herself as the frog to Moo’s turtle
>Wanting to cosplay Mei’s new skin and Cat’s the appointed seamstress yet again
>Got Cat to redesign Nurse Pochaco cosplay for AX
>About to get a lip augmentation next month
>Claimed to be Asian
>Got a chemical peel right before sunny Hawaii trip
>Got hair extensions, then got her hair bleached, gushed on IG about how her hair is silky smooth when her real hair didn’t even blend in the extensions and looked fried and crusty as fuck
>Called Urbosa a mommy, claim to ship her with Zelda, said the game is for the gays
>bought Gucci slippers because her feet was hurting and wanted comfy shoes to walk to the car in
>Clapbacked at an IG comment, claiming to be a workaholic and pays $200 for bikinis, despite only working 3 days a month, commissions everything, and chronicles her life lazing around most of the time
>About to get “sunkissed” in Hawaii for a Pochaco/Sonico collab shoot with Miso
>does shoutouts to her friends, Vamps got one too but with one shady comment of “puts up with all my shit a vice versa”
>Claimed that a cosmetics company finally got back to her for work
>Going to do a mother-daughter winter kitsune set with Miso
>Brought her hairdresser, another hairdresser and random girl to Hawaii with her
>AX plans: Pochaco, Azur Lane, Guilty Gear

No. 665351

Thank you >>665042 anon for the thread pic and title

No. 665358

File: 1559198715105.webm (3.22 MB, 2048x1365, 1559113102354.webm)

Not the anon before but managed to convert it to a webm at the request of one anon. Still thank you for the content.

No. 665369

File: 1559202185878.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 2A5A1066-BA66-4BE8-9F8C-9B2CD9…)

EVERYTIME she tries to go on a trip something fucked up happens…it’s almosf like karma

No. 665370

Who wants bets on it being a summer rental place that tends to be empty and just needs airing out.

No. 665371

c'mon, what a bullshitery, if something like that happens airbnb would help you, they always put the client first unless she went with the cheapest host available and definitely not a superhost, this bitch cuts corners in everything and then complains when it backfires

No. 665372

>>665369 What happened to being an empowered "cunt" that benefits from the radiant energy the universe puts off? I thought shit like this didn't happen to the almighty Mariah Mallad?

No. 665374

How fitting Mooriah, I hope you enjoy all the bug bites you'll half ass trying to cover up.

Funny enough, she'll probably end up bringing them home and having a full on infestation in her trap house. You know she's not that meticulous and careful.

No. 665376

'waging war on islands'

Terrible thing to say on the Island of Hawaii.

No. 665378


Very Insensitive and not cash money of her, she really IS retarded or something.

No. 665379

File: 1559206557554.png (9.57 MB, 1242x2688, 8B0B661E-F849-4DDC-86E5-237A0D…)

No. 665381

>>665379 So many things wrong with this.

Wasn't Vamps her girlfriend? Didn't she try to say she was pansexual for social clout? Does sitting around all day count as being too busy to date? When was she seeing anybody as of late, when it seems like she's been single since KBBQ left the scene?

The lack of dick from Sensei really has this bitch reaching in every direction, desperately grasping for straws.

No. 665383

She has a Tinder account, but … lol

No. 665389

inb4 she claims she's asexual so it's fine for her to grope people cus i dunt feel sexual attraction muh dudes

No. 665390

An asexual fetish model that apparently has a mommy kink! Wow! That's wacky!

No. 665396

Going through something is the understatement of the decade for Mariah

No. 665397


Weight loss anon here - used to be Mariah fat (265lbs at 5'8 last year and have lost 85 lbs in part thanks to her motivation) - I really think she has intense and increasing body dysmorphia, insecurity, and body hate for herself as she's been packing on the pounds so fast. She probably was rejected irl by some dick she wanted and that's made her self esteem and insecurity worse on top of how bad she looks and feels. She's not asexual, she just doesn't feel sexual because of what she's done to herself. Not to mention what obesity, poor diet and lack of physical activity does to your hormones. She can put on a tough bad bitch facade but I see right through it to her fat girl insecurities. I feel bad for her honestly, she's put herself on a fast track to diabetes. Her weight must be starting to hurt her joints. Going through something, yeah you're letting yourself go.(no1curr)

No. 665399

she always says that she's not interested in dating, that she's "too busy", or that she feels zero sexual attraction or w.e, but didn't she post in her ig story last week that she wanted a boyfriend? she goes through these motions of "i don't need to date, im a bad bitch me mates fuck boys" and then it's "i think i want a bf :(" like LMAO momo….absolutely just shut the fuck up

No. 665403

Can't wait to hear how all of the islands come together to help her get her money back from this terrible bnb and then personally tell her how they are such big fans and want her at their Hawaii cons asap.

Seriously though, the "waging war on islands" comment is atrocious and depressing to even read.

No. 665404

File: 1559224596901.png (2.66 MB, 1245x2048, Screenshot_20190530-065330.png)

Bitch, please. When have you ever photoshopped out your tattoos?! You only have three right now, and you still can't be arsed to hide out the ones on your goddamn forearms.

No. 665405


Who's going to make the collage disproving this obvious load of crap?

No. 665413


relaxing from your relaxing Moo? yea watch out for greenpeace while you are there. And war? bitch PLEASE I would LOVE to see you go up against a Pacific Islander of ANY size. Your ass would be spit roasted at a Luau. You aren't hard. You ARENT tough, and its an ISLAND so your whole running away would be..limited. But you do you ya fat lonely washed up neverwas

No. 665415

File: 1559228094913.jpg (Spoiler Image, 724.39 KB, 2896x2896, 20190530_095403.jpg)

Yup she tots photoshop out her tattoos

No. 665416

There's bugs on the beds and now she hates all of Hawaii, her first day there isn't even over and there's already milk spilling. No Sensei to reel her in, and newly bought friends that probably don't want to bother to tard wrangle, this already looks promising.

Bitch since when do you cover your tats? They're always in full view, bullshit.

No. 665417

That’s funny, she wasn’t too busy to date KBBQ and that was during the height of her career, when she actually was somewhat busy. At least more so then now.

No. 665424

>>665417 they were only boning, kkbq made it clear it was no strings attached but moo refused to accept that and pushed for a relationship, which he didn’t want with her. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free right?

No. 665425

She's going through the buffet

No. 665427

I doubt she's not dating because she's busy. She probably scares off every guy that comes her way. It's like anything bad that happens to her she covers it up with hostility and says she's a bad bitch when in reality that's just a coping mechanism for her not getting her way

No. 665429

Let's see, what would you get if you were Moos boyfriend…. Lets see.
Loud, Embarrassing, and very public sperging from her

Someone who's idea of hygiene is caked on everything

Periodic drunken rants about how tough and woke she is

a reputation as the fuckboy of a predator, and never a moment alone without a camera in your face, as she tries to skinwalk your interests.

No. 665431

True, but they still did a lot of stuff that two people dating would do, so even if he didn’t want to label it as such they still did that shit. So it’s still funny she’ll say she’s too busy now to date.

No. 665433

>"too busy for that ish."
Says the person who literally will throw money either at her costume slaves, frogdresser or paying for another couples date so she has someone to hang out with, It shows she can't even handle her own loneliness.

Side note: Even when she's alone she has to go on Instagram and receive validation from her followers

No. 665436

If she actually got any dick or a bf, the whole world would know including the moon by how much she broadcasts everything. Now more then ever to get Sensei to notice her.

No. 665437

As it's the 100th thread i thought i'd put the fact that Mariah has 100 threads (more if you count the livestream and calves threads) of criticism that she could use to better herself and in fact has made herself magnitudes worse.
I'm an anon thats been around since the 1st thread and Moo is just the gift that kept on giving. From a small "thicc" costhot to the dumpster fire she is today.

Thank u other anons for the hours of entertainment in these threads kek

No. 665438

File: 1559238152078.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 61B79B49-E222-4B40-9340-38EE97…)

No. 665439


that hair is a rats nest

No. 665440

curly? it looks like the hair off a troll doll

No. 665444

As someone with curly hair, I'm offended kek. She looks like someone's hippie grandma grew out their armpit hair and stuck it on her scalp.

How did she find out her Airbnb had bugs if she just landed? Wouldn't you need to see the place first beforehand?

No. 665445

With this mama shit she’s gonna be/is a fucking pedo

No. 665446

That doesn't look curly, it looks mated.

No. 665447

She traveled separately from frogdresser so I'm guessing they had found them first. Which is amazing cause that means moo is covering that part of the trip for them yet she was having an issue paying for everything just a couple of weeks ago?

No. 665448

I don't know why she has to phrase it like that >"waging war on islands" of Hawaii of all places. Is she that dense? Or is she being a dick on purpose?

No. 665449

Curious to see how this will hold up with Hawaii’s humidity. If the trade winds aren’t blowing is miserable.

No. 665450

H-as… has she ever seen curly hair?
Because I don’t see curls. All I see is fried hair that’s screaming for moisture.
Plus, fun fact, those curls are a sign of how incredibly damaged her hair is. I mean, not that it wasn’t obvious before. But it’s the same reason why they‘ll look like ramen noodles when wet.

But sure, Moo. Keep telling yourself your hair just randomly decided to get a nice, natural curl to it.

No. 665451

She always seems to be a bit more racist than usual when traveling anywhere. It just comes off she was just trying to be sneaky with the comment

No. 665452

Lol she should totally do the Moana cosplay she threatened a few threads ago. They would appreciate her attention to detial, and be flattered by it…

No. 665454

"I'm a total bad bitch I called airbnb to complain"
That's something worth gloating about? Pathetic lmao. Also her fried hair fully separated from her extensions and formed its own independent matted country.

No. 665456

File: 1559241914957.gif (334.88 KB, 245x187, tumblr_lstd8ecgsy1r2y5ovo6_250…)

It must be embarrassing to admit that irl guys swarm away from her. There is no photoshop to cover up all that ugly and odor from creeping up on people

No. 665458

Too busy to date. All of this month she laid around while everyone made her costumes for her. Spent days online bitching about Vamps. Didn't wash her hair once and let frogdresser do it for her. Mommy dearest cleaned her home for her and pulled her weeds. Had her friends cook at her house for her or went out to eat (didn't cook once). Doesn't go to the gym to maintain her "model" body.

She did do that puppy photoshoot though… but she was sitting down for most of the pictures sooooo… again what the fuck does she do all month? Moo, we see you

No. 665459

Her pics are catfishing af, and what if someone just Googled her name + location? They'd find her drama.

No. 665460

It looks like her extensions are trying to escape.

Also reminder she was just bragging about SOOO SMOOOOOTH SUCH A GOOOOD JOOOOB

No. 665461

It's because Momo doesn't do after care when not in the salon. I don't think she even brushes her hair and just ties it up in that crunch bun.

Momo! Did ja know you're suppose to brush your hair EVERY DAY and put in some leave in conditioner?

No. 665462

File: 1559242970035.png (2.09 MB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20190530-115731.png)

I'll never get over her weird attempts at looking sexy. This was the look she gave hairsenseiblaine before doing a kissy face at him.

Also it looks like maybe she resolved her AirBnB problem like a big bad bitch by getting a hotel room instead??

No. 665463


I always kek when I go back to the very first thread and read the description that says "Not technically a cow but a snowflake for sure". This bitch turned into one of the biggest cows ever, like literally.

I really wonder what the future of Moo will look like in 2 years from now down the road?


>newly bought friends that probably don't want to bother to tard wrangle

As seen in the calves thread, all three of them posted about going to Hawaii in their snapchat but without @ moo in it. It's like they are not part of the same travel group. And you only see moo alone in her pics as well lol.


Pics like this make me always forget how young moo actually is. I just recognize a face of a 30+ year old woman.

No. 665464

Holy shit those straps are being eaten up by those arms.

No. 665465

this has to be edited, right?
bitch looks MASSIVE and her head is so tiny
And of course she didn't resolve shit, she just threw money at it

No. 665466

She isn't dating anyone because she's looking for a guy from an anime. Her romance and sexuality posts are always about animes. She'll never be content.

No. 665467

File: 1559243319570.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x2641, 93CE61BB-FF9B-4459-8F9A-D49D91…)

Safe to say this is the largest she’s ever been. Who goes to Hawaii in hot ass weather and wears this? Also her clothes don’t fit, as usual.

No. 665468

i DoN't PhoToShOp My PiCtUrEs GaIz!!!

No. 665469

She really does put the “big” in “big bad bitch” right here. Even that tacky choker is stretched out around her neck. It really puts into perspective how big she is when it’s other people taking video of her and not her posting them herself with a million filters. Hopefully these people she’s traveling with provide even more unflattering shots lol She’s going to be miserable this whole trip.

No. 665470

Wait, didn't she say last week she was getting her lips done this week? Is she going to get them done in Hawaii? Or when she comes back? Or is she going to wait when Vamps gets surgery to try to outshine her?

No. 665471

At this point her friends are utter assholes. When are they going to hold an intervention and talk about her health?… oh wait… that would require real friends who actually cares

No. 665472

That poor Gucci fanny pack holdin' on for dear life, tho.

No. 665473

is she doing the amberlynn choker to prove i have a neck thing? or is it a common fatty trait

No. 665474

File: 1559243753011.jpg (833.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190530-141448_Ins…)

Those double sports bras cant even make them look slightly less saggy. Does she own anything that actually fits because those waistbands look like they dig in a lot.

No. 665475

Moo Moo coulda been cute and worn a Moo Moo dress with a flower in her hair but she has to be insecure an only wear active wear again because "I'm a buff athletic bitch."

She thinks by buying athletic clothes that are too small it will compress her fat. She also thinks because she got the fat sucked from her stomach she's fine. But as you can see here, the fat is spilling out because the clothes are just too small. I'm more concerned with her arms though, they are wider than her head. She doesn't want to face the facts that she's obese and really needs to see a doctor other than a cosmetic one. She hasn't seen an actual doctor in YEARS since she started gaining weight

No. 665477


Totally. Looks like her “mama don’t fuck around” bullshit simply involved her settling for a hotel room instead. Every time she travels she always has one of these stupid stories where she is slighted in some imagined way and tells these ridiculous tales of her using her clout to call up the manager and make demands of them because “she is a boss bitch who don’t play with being fucked with”.


Love how she is always going back and forth between “I’m a boss bitch too busy making money moves for a relationship and you’re all just fuckbois not worth my time” and her crying herself to sleep whining about how she doesn’t have a boyfriend. It obvious men who actually see her in real life in all her “glory” are repulsed by her and her cunty attitude only makes them run away faster. No guy wants any part of her so when she is questioned about “How come you don’t have a man” she needs to tell herself whatever retarded ego boosting lie she has cooked up in her head like “Being too busy for relationships” or “I’m not really sexually attracted to anyone anymore”.


Ok seriously, whatever “friends” she has left needs to sit her down and actually address her health. This is clearly the biggest she has ever been. She isn’t “thicc” she is straight up obese at this point. Also how pathetic that is what she shows up looking like in Hawaii of all places. I mean, it’s completely obvious she is too ashamed of her body to actually wear a bikini and that she is worried about others laughing at her and making snide comments behind her back.

No. 665478

Funny enough several tourists from the mainland wear stuff like this to Hawaii. But dear god, this guy’s instastory did her NO favors. I’m surprised it’s still up.

No. 665485

the fact her skin has no color/turning gray, the darkness around her eyes, how dry it looks and her obviously swollen joints and limbs is very concerning.
Momo keeps telling her fans who point out "wtf happened to you" with "I just aged man" is stupid too. It is very unusual to age 10 years for every 1 year. You're not a cat Momo, you shouldn't look 40+ years old when you're in your early 20's.

No. 665488


She looks to use every excuse she can other than her own laziness. It’s either: Genetics: “My dad was a big stronk body builder so I guess I inherited his genes”, “It’s because I don’t do athletics anymore” despite her claimed of going to the gym every week, or as you said “I just got older my dude lol”.

What happened was that she thought she could fuck off and do whatever she wanted and still look like she did when she was a jock bitch bully in high school. And now that she has completely ballooned up since then with no sign of stopping she tries to use whatever excuse she can for why it’s totally now, aka all the “I was miserable when I was thinner”, “My sad was abusing me so that I looked like that, “I’m happier than I have ever been at my current size” bullshit.

Seriously Moo, just go see a doctor. I know it’s because you don’t want to hear what they have to say, but you need to. I can tell she is one of those dumbasses who thinks that because they aren’t featured on an episode of “My 600lb Life0 that it clearly means they can’t be obese. But you are obese Moo, and will only get worse unless you actually do something about it.

No. 665495

File: 1559247896893.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190530-152423_Ins…)

No. 665496

File: 1559247928710.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190530-152424_Ins…)

No. 665497

Yea if she didn't get Lipo she'd be 290 at the least? Also that bowleggedness is horrifying her knee is completely inverted now. That can't feel comfortable walking around. Also not sure if just cause bad camera quality but her ankle looks completely swollen??

No. 665498

We all got a chuckle from her undeserved Hawaii trip but at the same time everyone is concerned about her health seeing her unshopped. Only Momo can make someone laugh and feel concerned for her all in one go

No. 665499

File: 1559248198690.jpeg (529.93 KB, 2048x2048, 3A10ED16-CB93-4473-8EF7-034076…)

How far we’ve come in 100 threads and 3 years

No. 665500

Sasquatch looking bitch right there. Someone needs to photoshop this quick into a forest backdrop!

These new people must secretly hate her to post these videos or Moo hasn’t laid down the ground rules to being in her crew.

No. 665502


She actually looks kinda cute on the left. A little chubby, but not the hamplanet she is now. Her hair also doesn’t look like a fried nest of cobwebs. She’d be a lot more successful and desired if she managed to stay that size.

No. 665503

It's impossible to catch Momo at a flattering angle, do you blame them? And if this is her new crew this is funny. Couldn't even get anyone associated with cosplay. But hey, she can still use these new friends since they are beauticians. Leave it to Moo to find new friends to take advantage of

But bitch needs to see a doctor god damn her joints must hurt. No wonder she's always smoking weed and drunk off her ass. Oh, but she isn't in pain due to her weight, she's just sick "cough cough."

She's successful now. She lost most of her original paetrons because "She's just too fat for me" but she got a lot of people into feeder porn and people with a fat fetish. She's aware of her audience, that's why she does fetish exclusive shoots

No. 665505

This is terrifying.

No. 665506

She looks genuinely cute on the left. Like some of the Israeli girls on IG who are all about "being natural". Her heavy eyes actually suit her on the left whereas on the right she just looks like she has those beady little pig eyes.

I don't mean to concerntroll, but >>665498 is exactly right. I'm more horrified than amused at the sight of her. She needs to put the fork down and stop binging. She looks like there is something wrong with her health, and I'm not just talking mental health.

No. 665507

It’s really sad when the site people use to document her failures and criticize her are more sympathetic than her actual “friends”.

No. 665508

we called her fat in that before pic. makes you reflect

No. 665509

File: 1559249290172.jpeg (435.36 KB, 2048x2048, BE2BDF00-1C33-46DD-9E04-FD8186…)

One more for good measure since technically I think that selfie was taken before she became a snowflake and got her thread

No. 665511

This was before her first round of lipo too and her gut was still smaller in the before pic.

No. 665512

Even so, the difference is insane. We went hard on her trying to cover up being fat/ gaining weight but even in that before pic its nothing compared to what she is now. She looks normal on the left and the one on the right is made of nightmares.

I wonder if another three years and at thread #200 we'll compare these two to what she is now and consider the right picture as good and not so bad. I have a feeling she's going to end up at beccabae levels.

That was waaay before lipo, she had already gained a solid 75lbs after that picture when she got her first bit of lipo. You can tell since her stomach looks normal and botched the fuck up from the lipo/ coolsculpt.

No. 665513

She doesn't even have shoulders anymore. It just all rolls into the arm fat. She's becoming a sphere.

No. 665518

File: 1559250129926.gif (2.53 MB, 337x600, BE954FE2-48B6-499C-B63F-4C510C…)

silverback gorilla attack caught live 2019

No. 665519

She blames her linebacker shoulders and back on her genetics too but her past photos prove she can have normal feminine proportions if she didn't eat her feelings

No. 665520

Her pants look like they are about to burst holding everything together. Momo, clothes don't equal compression wear

No. 665521

Oh man, can someone please edit the Dark Souls 'You Died' screen onto this? It's too perfect.

No. 665522

You’re not wrong, anon. I’ve seen her in person and she fucking waddles when she walks. Her joints are fucking ruined.

No. 665528

She looks like she's going to fucking kill them, stomping at them yelling (what looks like) 'stop'.

No. 665531

Her Hawaii vacation is proving to already be milkier than both her Japan trips, thanks to her new crew. They don’t know the ground rules about filming moo.

I’m guessing moo didn’t expect the humidity levels. She’s from one of the driest areas in the states. Who wants to bet she wears this exact outfit the whole trip?

No. 665533

File: 1559250801454.jpg (385.68 KB, 1280x720, therareandelusivenevadasasquat…)

No. 665534

File: 1559250861883.png (1 MB, 720x1185, 1526098262835.png)

I knew I recognized the outfit. It's a lot less see through 100 lbs ago.

No. 665535

So she has only been there a day and her freshly chemical peeled skin is already several shades darker than the rest of her skin. Tune in next week to see it a wrinkled leathery mess

No. 665536

Praise your work anon. This is beautiful

No. 665537


Do you guys think she washed it at least once since she bought it back then?

No. 665538

Probably just let it "air out" on the floor, gave it a sniff and figured it was good enough. But it really puts it in perspective how fast she gains weight and continues to eat

No. 665540

Thank you anon for this! A+ edit!

No. 665543

Looking at her seriously makes my bones ache. She’s in the sweltering heat and is packed into that outfit. It looks like she can barely move. How is she willing to torture herself like that, looking like her arms are having their circulation cut off for the sake of trying to hide her fat instead of just losing some weight the way regular people do? Stopping her insane binging would be way less uncomfortable than suffocating herself in compression leggings and bra, and she would actually get results that way instead of looking like an exploded marshmallow??? I’ll never understand her.

No. 665548

To be fair, she was always an annoying cunt.

But jesus christ. She'll be deathfat by next year.

No. 665550

jesus, even these is such a huge difference from what she is now. All that money and she can't even buy new shitty clothes.

No. 665552

she likely still thinks she looks like this too, which is sad. like she was still fat here, but she could have turned it around more easily. I still think she'll hit the big 300 this year with the rate she continues to gain. she goes back and forth so much between saying she feels more beautiful now than when she was thin and pining to get back into shape but like… if she truly does want the latter, she'd better start literally getting her ass in gear or she's going to reach the point of no return and it will be a much harder task.

No. 665554

She actually looks moderately sensual on the left side. She literally has only gotten worse at looking sexy, and it’s her JOB.

No. 665555

What idiot gets a CHEMICAL face peel and less then a week later exposes their skin to extended periods of sunlight to get tan? Same thing with getting Laser Away treatments. They flat out tell you to wait 1 week before exposing skin to direct sunlight. She's going to get cancer. Lasers, chemical exposure and then UV rays on sensitive skin? Straight up cancer.

No. 665556

Craziest thing is she makes enough to hire a decent personal trainer. But she can't handle anyone telling her what to do.

No. 665560

This is shocking. I had no idea she gained that much weight. Tbh, it is a bit concerning, she's going to be the next Tess Holiday soon.

No. 665561


The problem is working out and eating healthy is fat too much work for someone like her who demands instant gratification and results. If she isn’t magically shedding 10 to 15 lbs for simply stepping into the gym after a week then it’s not worth it to her. It’s actually hard work maintaining your health and it sometimes won’t be easy. But the important thing is that you stick with it. A concept completely foreign to Moo, who has consistently looked to take the easy way out, hence her getting lipo. And of course surprising no one she complete undid all the work the lipo was supposed to have done, because again it’s way too hard for her to simply put the work in, despite her bullshit claims of being “such a workaholic” and “I always have my nose to the grindstone and put in all the hard work”. Or why instead of actually building her cosplays she has them commissioned, or settles for cheap bikini versions.She figured now that all the fat was sucked out, she could go right back to pigging out.

She has no one to hold her accountable. Not just with her health but life in general. But strictly speaking health wise, she has no one who doesn’t let her off the hook with her bullshit. No excuses about being “too tired”, or how she has “earned a cheat day”. When she was doing athletics, it was her dad. He didn’t let her just sit on her ass and give excuses, which according to her was “abusive”. Her friends are all just leeches who stick around only for the expensive trips and dinners. They only tell her exactly what she wants to hear and nothing else, because if they step out of line she will literally attempt to unperson them. It’s why having a trainer didn’t work out for her. She absolutely can’t handle being told what to do and the second he tells her something she doesn’t like or doesn’t want to hear she assumes he’s out to get like everyone else and that “IM THE ONE WHO PAYS YOU, YOU CANT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!!”

No. 665563

File: 1559254602711.jpg (820.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190530-171346_Ins…)

They're getting ALL of the most unflattering videos

No. 665564

Any trainer who remotely cares about his/her (who am I kidding… I doubt she'd ever get a female trainer kek) would agree to work with Moo for very long. I'm sure if she got triggered enough, she'd try to drag them and blame them for any additional weight gain and/or "problems."

No. 665565

is that a fucking huge rip on the elastic?

No. 665566

the real reason she don't got a man

No. 665568

File: 1559255025899.png (3.65 MB, 1242x2208, EE70A0F7-1628-458B-8A62-48B33C…)

Holy shit. Did she tear the elastic by pulling it down too much to hide her love handles?

No. 665569


If it was a female, she’d be too busy feeling insecure and jealous to actually get any work done. If it was a guy, she’d be too busy trying to fuck him and if he refused she’d accuse him of being sexist or a creep. Point is she wouldn’t take any of it seriously and the second she hears something she doesn’t like she’d go off about not needing them, accusing them of not knowing what they are doing or imply incompetence, or being “so rude and unprofessional”.

No. 665570

It's not their fault, that's just the way she looks. No such thing as unflattering angles/light, when you look like that.

No. 665571

File: 1559255809145.jpg (466.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190530-173622_Chr…)

Possibly not since it looks like you can pull a little but not that far. Maybe it got stuck on some fat and ripped.

No. 665572

File: 1559255838742.png (538.89 KB, 503x894, Screenshot_122.png)

No. 665575

Such an unfortunate shop job on that sad ass. Is she editing these by herself at this point? I know squarecuck is bad but this is terrible on a whole other level. Her fans will still eat it up but damn, you’d think a few of them would get tired of seeing her hack job sets at some point.

No. 665578

Every time she reuses this pose, her ass gets smaller.

No. 665580

File: 1559258078031.png (1.42 MB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-12-40…)

She was rubbing him with her thumb like they were dating so gross

No. 665581

File: 1559258122077.png (995.33 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-12-07…)

No. 665582

File: 1559258345432.png (809.55 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-18-27…)

No. 665583


I haven't seen the news yet, has there been any reports of this earthquake?

No. 665584

File: 1559258607722.png (854.17 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-22-44…)

No. 665585

File: 1559258628244.png (964.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-30-16-22-38…)

No. 665587

would seriously hope she doesn't have any ideas since that dude is gay and has a boyfriend.

No. 665588


I’m sure that won’t stop her at all. Any guy that is taken is on her radar. Wouldn’t be shocked if she thinks she can “turn” him. She pretty much thinks that she is God’s gift to men and that every man is practically tripping over themselves to get a shot a her.

No. 665590

She was a complete asshole to her last personal trainer. Her trainer gave her a simple diet plan of low sugar, low carbs and 4 small meals and to the poor mans face made fun of him and told him all the crap she was eating while he was looking pissed and done. It's probably one of the reasons why he dropped her as a client and why eventually she got banned from her last gym. She never was actually there to work out (most gyms don't let you lurk around the machines and equipment. Other people wanna use it too so it's really rude.

No. 665591

okay, I know her legs are being compressed to hell and back but HOW is it possible her arms are almost as thick? And I've never seen so much bumpy cellulite on someone's ARMS!

No. 665593

No dude! She's literally popping out of it! The outfit couldn't hold it together! She's going to have to throw the whole outfit away by the end of this trip since it will be a shredded mess! Wake up Momo! For the love of god loose some weight

No. 665594

i love this one because the other girl asks Mariah "have you done this trail before?" and this is when Mariah turns around and you can see the panic in her face and then turns into smugness with "no i've just done a lot of hiking and i know about inaudible elevation." I imagine she's been acting like she knows everything about hiking because of that one time she went with Jessic Nigri and probably acts like she's been to Hawaii a million times, even though I think she's just been once. Which was three years ago.

I am more and more convinced this was going to be a friend trip between the three and Mariah invited herself. I know we want to say she's paying for them to be her friends, but I think whats more likely is that she literally has to push her way into new friend groups.

No. 665595

First look at this and I could swear her legs were backwards and I can't tell what is back of the knee or front anymore

No. 665596

>started our day with a hike
Doubt it. They probably did while you sat at the bottom fucking about.
What's the bet she just put her hand on the ground to make it dirty instead of "falling"

No. 665597

Didn't she just meet this guy too? That's gross. If Momo was a guy people wouldn't find this cute at all.
And she claims she's basically asexual… well she is, but not by choice

No. 665598

It's easy, anon: She never got lipo on her arms because she wouldn't of been able to hide it like she did with her gut and her legs. Dumb cow ought to have done it after the lipo lie was exposed, but now she has back tits and thunder arms.

No. 665600

It would be a reverse James Charles then
"You idiot! You're not gay! You just haven't slept with ME! yet. I paid for this trip! You owe me!"

No. 665601

I'm willing to believe. It'd be strange(and sad) if she had to invite her hairdresser instead of the usual suspects.
Atleast with these guys we're getting a tonne(literally) of unflattering, unedited candids

No. 665602

I felt more like she was needing him to physically help drag her up the path, packmule style.

No. 665603

I have this same outfit. The elastic is bands, not fully connected the whole way around. You can pull it down for that cutout look, or in Moo's case hold a fat roll up with it.

No. 665604

if that was the case she didn't need to caress his neck with her thumb

And when the girl asked "Have you done this trail before?" note the slight concern in the girls voice. What she was really asking Momo was "Are you sure you should be hiking in your… condition?"

No. 665607

I thought her hairdresser, the balayage person, was coming with?

No. 665608

To add to this, it doesnt stay down of you are a normal weight. Moving around pushes it right back up to the other band. But she's gor enough roll there it'll sit till she moves it her damn self.

No. 665610

>>665607 She's there. You can see screenshots from her IG stories within this thread.

The only things that are missing are the bikini we assumed she'd wear for her "sunkissed Pocacho", and her pride.

No. 665611

Moo is kind of an involuntary asexual. She's a textbook narc, probably a psychopath. Has major daddy issues and is shockingly immature. She may someday find some poor dude who is so damaged that he might get into a relationship with her. But that relationship is going to be god level crazy and weird and probably violent with most of the abuse coming from moo.

No. 665612

File: 1559260461143.gif (1.73 MB, 337x337, you died.gif)

I couldn't help myself

No. 665615

Those ruffles really made it look like she was sporting a huge butt crack sweat stain.
For once I was glad I had clicked the picture to view it full size.

No. 665616

Wasn’t square noodles going to go with her? I guess he dropped when vamp did

No. 665617

lmao this is perfect, thank you anon.

No. 665619

To be fair; she did use to hike and somewhat rock clime when she was in shape and had a hot boyfriend but that was three years and 120 pounds ago.

No. 665620


Damn, look at her arms. She’s like a fridge with limbs.

No. 665621

The thing that really sold it to me was the separate flights. I hope they lied about the BnB before she even got there to get her to cough up some money for a hotel.

No. 665623

File: 1559262370330.jpg (254.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-172337_Ins…)

I'm assuming she's footing the bill for the car they're using, since she's the one driving?

Also, check out those totally buff, all muscle, fat free arms, mate.

No. 665624

tbh it just seemed like mariah was trying to brag and act like she knows everything (as she does about every fucking thing) before the video. so then girl asks if she's done the trail before just as frogdresser starts to record. instert classic mariah panic look.

No. 665625

I'm high af and this is the greatest gif i've seen all night. bless you, anon.

She is seriously a pathological liar.

No. 665627

File: 1559263781488.jpg (448.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-174715_Ins…)

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Moo and her huge zits look at dessert.

No. 665628

She's an incel in almost the worst way.

No. 665631

How's that new skincare working out for you?

No. 665635

I know it's early, but this is already my pick for next thread pic. One of the only images in these threads to ever make me laugh as loud as I did.

No. 665636

I am crying.

For some reason , I just realized how huge she’s really gotten. I mean I’ve obviously noticed how much she’s gained…but I used to think she looked huuuuuge here. And now…compared to her weight currently, she has to be at least 100lbs heavier. And this was when she was claiming 177 my dudes.

No. 665638

This is the first truly candid pic of her we’ve seen in a long time that isn’t in a costume or completely covered. I knew she was still gaining but this is a lot bigger than I was thinking.

No. 665640

File: 1559272256305.png (Spoiler Image, 8.43 MB, 1242x2688, 09AAF6EB-F9C8-48CD-B773-F8B7E6…)

She looks like a mentally challenged kid with ice cream all over her face. Disgusting.

No. 665641

File: 1559273136093.gif (236.52 KB, 500x280, hulk clint laugh.gif)

Is this supposed to be sexy? I'm crying

No. 665643

File: 1559273733769.gif (4.26 MB, 337x600, D0D6EA3F-1A9A-4201-9BE5-E70488…)

I hope this is her eating ice cream on with your grandma in Hawaii POV video

No. 665645


No. 665646

I wonder if she thinks she looks like her photoshoped pics all the time? Because this just looks like a regular obese chick pigging out but trying to be sexy.

No. 665647

Holy shit anon I legit loled at work

I get the feeling the relationship dynamic will be like Norbit and Rasputia.

This Hawaiian trip is absolutely magical, it already made up for the milk drought from the first Japan trip.

No. 665648

>>665584 Shoutout to the old "invisible hat" pose she used to do, except she's actually wearing a hat this time around.

No. 665653

i would subscribe to her patreon if she posted pictures of her unshopped profile so we could get a good look at that neck/permanent double chin

No. 665654

In Moo World, all relationships are open relationships and gay men don't exist.

No. 665655

She looks miserable

No. 665656

File: 1559276365779.jpg (409.92 KB, 1080x1681, 1529023320277.jpg)

she's gained so much in a year it's absolutely mindblowing. and we thought her proportions were bad then….

No. 665657

She's already obese, why is she demonstrably eating an ice-cream? Is it a call for help or something? Is she trying to get the 'MORBIDLY' title?

No. 665658

It's just self destructive behavior. She hates herself and knows she shouldn't be eating like this. Maybe she's trying to eat herself to death? Who knows

No. 665659

File: 1559276825550.gif (2.03 MB, 337x600, B7610D38-A0E0-4BA5-A551-5C4E41…)

she’s having a great time!!!

No. 665660

I feel bad for the smucks who thought they were getting a "free" trip. Hanging out with Momo must be torture. She sexualizes every small thing like eating and a simple hike. Girl has no off switch for someone with the sexual appeal of a warthog

No. 665663

Back when lipo chan was still trying her best

No. 665665

Imagine being so sad you fly a couple thousand miles to one of the prettier places on earth, just to sit around filming yourself eating fuckin icecream. Alone. with no friends.
My Loves , My Dudes, Me Mates. Bitch please they are none of the above. I hope senseicuck is doin his actually pretty girlfriend on your bed.
this should be two threads pics, this is good.

No. 665667

guarantee the neckbeards are fappin away.

No. 665668

File: 1559282372980.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, 4E4D25B2-B5CA-44F6-9735-D5AC2D…)

No. 665669

The gay said "oh sugoi" and they laughed gross

No. 665671

Anon I'm guessing you're going back through the threads like I am. I noticed that sensei did a tattoo cover up for Vamp around thread #4. I never realized they'd all known him that long.

No. 665672

I would get annoyed with the constant liveblogging. She takes pictures and posts like 20 times a day. Jfc she can't just relax and enjoy something- she has to posture for the internet.

I hate when gay guys enable this sort of shit. Most gay guys don't want to be the accessory of an obnoxious straight girl, but they have to put up with straight girls soliciting them for "a fun sassy gay friend uwu" because the hyper-femme guys have to get all chummy with Beckies.

Also, I wonder if Moo's new gay friend knows about the homophobic things she's said in the past.

No. 665675

No. These fools aren’t cosplay weebs. All they know is that this obnoxious bitch has money and they are down for that. She tells them how famous she is and runs through all the old lies that everybody else in the world already knows are bullshit and they just smile and say I need another drink and she buys it.

No. 665676

It was about that time where her OC was so important enough to be buddy buddy with the Fakku mascot as if she were the next zone-tan.

No. 665677

Didn’t she call it a fakku collaboration? Trying to insinuate they were working with her but they actually had nothing to do with it.

No. 665678

File: 1559286557077.png (869.7 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-31-00-08-13…)

This is sick considering her background. Why are you touching someone who is drunk? She's hitting on him so hard and he's fucking gay I cant

No. 665680

File: 1559287732819.png (725.99 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-05-31-00-27-35…)

"Blaine and I got snacks instead of going to the gay club. Best night everrrr"

No. 665681

Will sexual assault Moo strike this vacation?

It's looking highly likely.

No. 665682

File: 1559288343203.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, 53D77456-BD85-42BE-BFF4-CCEACD…)

All of these stories of them being overly flirty with each other is extremely uncomfortable considering her past of sexual harassment and the fact she barely knows this guy (I’m assuming because I don’t think he’s ever been mentioned before) Maybe she’s trying to get shit out of her system because no straight guy in her circle will let her touch them.

No. 665683

She’s being so creepy with this dude and I don’t think he has any idea what’s going on.
She totally thinks she can get him to “turn”.
Totally not sexually attracted to anyone but I don’t think it’s about attraction. It’s about her getting a gay guy to fuck her. Some weird fucked up ego shit.

No. 665684

Obviously she’d be more excited to have snacks than to actually go out.
Imagine going on vacation just to do the exact same thing you’re doing at home.
But then again… going out she’d just have to watch her ‘friend’ get some while she’s surrounded by no one that’s even remotely attracted to her, so basically the same thing that she’s having at home, so…

And hairsensei probably only does it because he things it’s tumblr-kind of quirky. ‘Oh look at me, I’m so socially awkward I’m staying in snacking instead of going clubbing haha so introverted’ while Moo just wants to eat up her feelings as per usual.

No. 665685

I'm more surprised she did not pull the gay card and went to the gay club. You'd think such a "umU gay POC" persona would take that chance

No. 665686

And with “pride month” coming up, you’d think so right?

Man, she’s been there barely a day and there’s so much milk already. This 100th thread is in for some good shit if it keeps up.

No. 665687

That is definitely the face of a predator. It'll be interesting to see what happens if someone makes a sexual harassment complaint

No. 665691

Stop giving her ideas lmao

No. 665692

File: 1559294576033.jpg (595.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190531-021945_Ins…)

The Tiki gods are doing overtime trying to ward off this evil spirit.

Also, in one of her IG clips, she says that "Can't Help Falling In Love (With You" is her favorite song. This is only amusing to me because she said her favorite song was "Hooked On A Feeling" in at least one CamV stream. She lies so much, she can't even tell the truth about something as simple as a song.

No. 665694

god i want to fuck miso(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665695

Dude she just met the poor guy, can she stop harassing the poor guy? He's gay Moo! They exist

No. 665696

Is this chick really trying to turn a taken gay man? What miserable cunt can't focus on being happy in a Hawaii trip and tries to hop on gay dick? I bet she will call him out just like James Charles did. Bitch is trying to get the award for scummiest person ever.

No. 665697

File: 1559296983942.png (8.16 MB, 1242x2208, CA78DDAD-AF91-457D-BE46-3B6FAE…)

You can barely tell but she has to sit on her side so all 3 of them can fit in the back seat.
She really needs help.

No. 665699

Prediction, all her new friends are going to bail after the Hawaii trip and she's going to screech in Frogdressers salon seat about all the dirty snakes "those fake friends! I bought them a trip to Hawaii and they avoid me?!"
We will know the friendship is over when she picks a new stylist. Then everyone will nod and go "Ooooh! So this is why she paid total strangers to go on a trip with her. This crazy bitch has no friends."

No. 665711

She's a scammer and a liar but I doubt finding a new favorite song is that.

Also, what is her deal with taking pictures of random people? It's enough that she keeps filming and posting her friends every few minutes, and I understand people ending up in photos of monuments or other sights, but she keeps just taking pictures of… locals. That's wholly unnecessary. Can't she just put the phone down for fifteen minutes?

No. 665727

File: 1559316020998.gif (1.99 MB, 245x217, ilWLmnb.gif)

it's been said before but her idea of "sexy" is seriously what middle school kids think is sexy

No. 665731

Mariah I am begging you please exfoliate.

No. 665734

I don’t think she even regularly removes her make up before bed so I highly doubt she’d exfoliate properly.

No. 665737

The Paula Deen is strong with this image. Good lord is her face wide.

No. 665739

She's going to need more than exfoliating by the time she comes back home to get rid of those acne scars that are just going to get darker from being out in the sun with what I'm going to guess is little to no sunscreen

No. 665740

File: 1559322061297.jpg (339.44 KB, 950x1198, 1559287732819.jpg)

No. 665741

She only has barely her fingertips on his arm and HE was the one in the video saying flirty shit. Calm the fuck down guys. Youre putting a narrative out there that makes no sense just because you want to nitpick these instastories. Nothing in any of these shows moo actively trying to get on the gay dick. If anything, she wants that stereotypical gay best friend.

No. 665742

Okay, Mariah.("hi cow")

No. 665747

I agree, idk how some ppl came to the conclusion she’s trying to get at him. It wouldn’t surprise if she was really trying to but I just see it as her trying to be friendly with friendly touches. Maybe she thinks she gets a pass because…he’s gay/taken.

No. 665750

She sent nudes to a gay photographer before so it’s not totally out of character for her.

No. 665753

Yeah, I always rub the necks of people I have basically just met met like that >>665580 hold hands with them and call them my love.

She has a history of sexually harassing people plus she isn’t NEARLY as touchy with any of the girls she’s there.

But yeah sure it’s probably all exclusively platonic.

No. 665761

She may not be trying to get with him but it’s incredibly naive of you to assume it’s just “friendly touches”. I’m sure Mariah thinks what she was doing to those girls she harassed were “friendly touches” too. In any case, her choosing to be this handsy with a gay guy she probably barely knows is extremely unsettling. She is incapable of keeping her hands to herself and will never learn if she keeps getting enabled like this.

No. 665763

She didn't keep her hands to herself when she was caught in the sexual assault scandal. I'm not sure what will make her stop. She's like a mentally slow kid

No. 665773

File: 1559329854603.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1242x2030, 8E44006E-49A5-4ED3-9937-C58D73…)

Okay I take back what I said.
Her new friends seem to be just as bad as her and over-sexualize anything. Frogdresser posted a video of the other female riding on hairsensei.

Can’t wait for Moo to use this to justify any future sexual harassment.
>but my fRiEnDs were okay with what I did too
>don’t overreact my dude
>I was just grinding on you platonically!

No. 665776

File: 1559330509148.png (382.89 KB, 516x750, post_file.png)

No. 665784

File: 1559331663920.jpg (398.69 KB, 1500x1500, Chicken_Legs.jpg)

No. 665788

It's a miracle her feet look clean. did one of the new calves scrub them?

No. 665791

you're giving her too much credit. Likely just Photoshop, since i think these were taken before her trip

No. 665806

people who make sex jokes 24/7 are cringy and exhausting to be around, moo really hit the jackpot with her new friends

No. 665812

File: 1559336429750.png (1.17 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-05-31-13-59-41…)

No. 665820

Don't jet ski's have a weight limit?

It's amazing to me, how for someone who's supposed to be on "holiday" all she's seemingly done is eat and sit on her phone. Maybe once her "cosplay career" ends she could be like amberlyn reid

No. 665824

File: 1559338785142.png (885.45 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-05-31-14-37-36…)

this is a "I paid for your trip blow my hair" situation

No. 665829

Somehow this makes me think she thinks the damage comes from her not blow drying properly so she makes the hair dressers do it.
Or they actually want to save their own asses by saying it‘s her fault because she doesn’t blow dry it properly so they just straight it out now which makes it appear slightly less damaged.

But it’s funny how convenient that typo is
> (…) so you don’t even [blank] to blow dry your own hair

No. 665831

lordt that hair looks rough as shit

No. 665838

Typical moo, seeing persons as things, instead of saying that shit she coul've said something like "learning how to correctly dry my hair by pro's" or "being thaught how to take care of my hair uwu" or whatever, she always has to talk of other people as being at her disposition… fricking narc

No. 665839

Jet ski weight limits are over 300 pounds, so she’s fine.

No. 665841

For now. This is going to be the last time she gets to ride on one the rate she's going

No. 665846

>>665824 Can a stylist or hair anon explain the risk of swimming in salt water bodies for someone who recently underwent her brutal hair procedure and chemical peel on her face?

I'm having a hard time believing Mariah would have actually rode on a jet ski, especially since we don't have any video or photographic evidence. But I can't imagine anyone with crispy ass hair and sensitive skin wanting to set foot in or above water, really.

No. 665848

As with everything else a alt water dehydrates and therefore dries out your hair massively. It’s no problem for healthy-ish hair and can even give it some nice texture (which sometimes results in those beach waves).
For someone with hair as damaged as Moo‘s it’s the worst you could do. The sun will suck out the color in no time which makes her hair look more dead already, but combined with salt water it‘ll just be a crusty, matted mess. There will very likely be a ton of breakage and if she doesn’t use some very rich hair mask or at least conditioner soon, her hair will look even worse.

No. 665851

File: 1559344085128.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2205, 3DFE9BE9-B73E-4C21-AC9E-77BF19…)

Those people are just as bad as her.
It‘s hard to believe they’re all in their 20‘s considering they’re behaving like hormone-ridden teenagers that have to demonstrate they’re sexually active 24/7.

Also - but that might just be me being the germophobe that I am - licking the outside of a glass is so fucking gross. I’ve waitered and know how poorly glasses are taken care off.
But whatever floats your boat I guess?

No. 665852

File: 1559344465445.png (882.94 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-05-31-16-14-02…)

No. 665856


I'm absolutely flabbergasted that she actually brought a second shirt with her.

But I'm also curious if the sports bra gave out and she wears this her whole trip.

Sorry for no real contribution.

No. 665857

Why is she wording it so awkwardly. He just dried your hair. She's making this small physical contact into such a big thing. But I guess she has to document every time a guy touches her

No. 665858

With her face starting to get more round and bulbous and her hair getting more limp by the day she’s starting to look like BayleeJay
It literally looks so greasy here

No. 665863

It’s something she does a lot actually. She likes to brag and show off stuff that’s actually really not a big deal. Not because she wants to show appreciation, but because it makes her feel special and to boost her ego.
Like instead of seeing the blow drying as just a nice friendly gesture she blows it way out of proportion so she can put it like she’s being blessed with absolutely amazing gifts of friendship all the time because she’s just that special.

It happens for the stupidest reasons also, like with sensei:

No. 665865

i just woke up and am too lazy to shop, im begging someone please do this

No. 665867

Imagine travel with a group of hairdressers and you still end up looking like shit. Embarrassing for all of them.

No. 665877

I’d be seething deep down if I had to work on some obnoxious pig on my vacation, tbh.

Salonfag here. Salt water (or even chlorine) on hair that has gone through a traumatic process such as either bleach or relaxer is your hair’s worst enemy. It’s going to dry it out like Moo’s sex life. Same goes for skin that recently had a chemical peel. It’s going to feel fucking awful since those treatments basically make your skin brand new once it’s done peeling.

No. 665880

File: 1559348694746.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x2039, 13F8C032-EFDA-4358-97F8-C9AF8B…)

Most likely bought it along with the swimsuit she just got apparently. And that necklace too lol. I think the only thing she packed was her too small athletic gear.

No. 665883

I'm pretty sure it's the shirt she wore backwards for her one of her hashtagspon photos on insta a few threads back

No. 665884

File: 1559349274862.jpg (212 KB, 516x750, saynomorefam.jpg)

I got you covered! kek

No. 665892

chef kiss Magnificent anon!

No. 665902

File: 1559352725445.png (928.03 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-31-18-31-14…)

>wears a bag

No. 665906

I don't know why, but this picture, out of all the pictures just seems so…depressing. Someone needs to sit down and tell her that this weight and lifestyle is hitting her like a fucking train. No vacation with random yes men is gonna fix that.

No. 665909

Yes. It's actually quite sad.>>665906

No. 665916

File: 1559354723923.png (972.99 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-31-19-02-28…)

They went paddleboarding. She is not showing the swimsuit because she is obviously embarrassed. Notice how frogdresser and the other friend walk ahead of her during this trip.

No. 665919

The only reason they walk ahead of her is because she’s so fucking big and ballooned up that she literally waddles and slows the rest of the group down. Can someone edit her on a fat duck?

No. 665920

File: 1559355377553.jpg (26.5 KB, 720x468, FB_IMG_1559355377368.jpg)

From FB

No. 665923

File: 1559356439459.png (654.84 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-31-19-30-58…)

O lawd she comin

No. 665925

File: 1559356574951.gif (3.84 MB, 337x600, 739D5F90-D7AC-485D-BBB2-FC5D25…)


No. 665931

Is whale watching in Hawaii a thing or is everyone just as amazed as I am of such a massive mammal making an appearance?

No. 665934

File: 1559357944130.png (905.4 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-05-31-19-55-51…)

No. 665935

File: 1559357979978.png (720.35 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-31-19-56-45…)

No. 665937

>slightly yandere

No. 665943

I really hope her pay pigs see through her shit. She went to Japan twice, no photoshoot, now Hawaii? They are paying for her to eat like a fucking pig and that's it. It's now the end of the month and she didn't do jack shit other than that dog photoshoot. She isn't worth over 10k and they need to report her paetron cuz this is straight up theft/scammin

No. 665944

wants to be a mommy type despite being a screeching child and a nasty bitch if you say no. Add on ZERO domestic skills. Sure Moo

No. 665946

Soft spoken
smells very good
yea okay moo you tell yourself that

No. 665947

This bitch is only 23 years old and she honestly think she's a Milf? She's more like a 15 year old weeaboo who never grew up. Just because she has big boobs and a big butt doesn't mean she's mature. jfc

No. 665949

She’s literally in tucking hawaii right now and has so many unflattering pics already why haven’t any of you photoshop fags morphed her into a turtle

No. 665950

She doesn't even have either of those things, anon. Those are mostly shopped and the tits are because she's fat. lmao

No. 665951

Seriously. She only done 2 things this month and she wants us to believe that she's a work-a-holic. At this rate they ain't gonna see her nipnops and might as well take their donations to other models who actually does their job.

No. 665952

She isn't a milf, she's just mad because she looks middle aged. She isn't above 35 nor does she have a baby

No. 665953

The fact that she thinks she applies to ANY of these things listed here despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary just proves how delusional she really is. Mariah really is living in her own little world.

No. 665959

I feel like the delusion with Momo is real. She thinks she really does look like her extreme PS. But once in a while when she's silver she realizes she's a fat turtle and freaks out; aka her manic phases

No. 665968

File: 1559361124078.png (250.69 KB, 500x574, flat-earth.png)

Unfortunately, men are stupid and can't recognize photo shopped.

No. 665975

They are. I showed Momo's current Hawaii pics and told them this girl wants to be the next Momokun. They legit said she's too fat and doesn't have the face to be anywhere near Momo's league. Telling them it was Momokun made him back pedal so fast

No. 665981

File: 1559362419863.png (1.22 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-05-31-21-11-15…)

I wonder why she isnt touching the females in her group?

No. 665983

File: 1559362445833.png (981.18 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-05-31-21-11-34…)

No. 665985

>>665983 No self-respecting person would constantly behave like this in restaurants, bars, etc.

I honestly think the only reason this guy fell asleep is because his body told him that the only way he could escape this nightmare is to fall into a self-induced coma.

No. 665989

he prolly faking tbh. anyone would.

No. 665992

And even if he isn’t faking, she’s still touching him without consent because he IS asleep. Way to go, Moo, don’t ever change.

No. 665993

File: 1559363868744.jpg (46.21 KB, 634x431, 259EF74F00000578-2951504-image…)

She's getting those fat lady jowls, holy shit.Is she not posting any of those half ass gym workouts anymore?

No. 665994

she hasnt for, like, a year.

No. 665995

didn't she recently stop giving a fuck and admit she just loves eating?

No. 665996

It's apparent she let a lot of shit go. Before she was proud in the fact she was skinnyfat but I guess she realized she truly can do minimal work for max profits. As a result, her body grew to 100 lbs or more

No. 665997

Took a break from Moo threads, come back, and she looks 20 years older. Not even laughing, this is sad.

No. 665998

But was it worth it? It cost her everything. Her health, her looks, her dignity, her ability to have a career outside of porn, her friends, respect

No. 666003

Are you somehow confusing her with Chantal/FB?

Anyway, everything she says is a lie. The only thing you can almost count as real is when she's being manic.

No. 666004

File: 1559366857628.png (885.87 KB, 720x982, Screenshot_2019-05-31-22-26-54…)

Dat stretch

No. 666006

She’s…. as wide as both of them……

No. 666008

just as wide and she still had to edit in a waist

No. 666009

File: 1559367562965.jpeg (368.65 KB, 1753x1148, 9A375DAE-3E8D-4313-835A-14404F…)

Sometimes I check the reddit to see what the cucks are saying. She’s getting closer to the point where her non-feeder fans are going to lose interest. She’s already pushing photoshop to its limits, she’s not going to be able to fool anyone anymore

Her head is so red and tiny it almost looks shooped on

No. 666010

File: 1559367642013.png (284.8 KB, 327x559, 1559366857628~2.png)

Does it hurt yanking her pants up to her tits like that all the time?

No. 666011

I forgot which anon predicted it, but her face is red and extra damage because she got a chemical peel and decided to go to Hawaii with no sun screen. So she just reversed the effects of the peel. If anything her skin is now worse than it was before

No. 666013

File: 1559368026179.png (611.95 KB, 568x586, wide.png)

No. 666015

Yeesh I remember when we made fun of her for being "fat" in the before pics. She looked well-proportioned in comparison to her current self.

No. 666017


Seriously can't get over how damaged her face and her hair look in this photo. And it's really sad that she has to resort to unnatural poses like this for a slimming effect, and it just isn't working.

I can't wait for the hairdresser crew to kick her to the curb once they're back on the mainland. No amount of free food, free drinks, and free lodging is worth giving Moo an opportunity to ruin a vacation to Hawaii. This is sad on so many levels.

No. 666022

The hair dressers are even dressed relatively nice and she just looks like she rolled out of bed and was ready to go to Walmart. Seriously I’d be embarrassed to be seen with her

No. 666023

What scares me is the caption. This was only 6 months of weight gain. There's gotta be some serious health repercussions for that.

No. 666030

is this the shirt she wore backwards to show off her prior skin peel after care stuff? christ, i hope someone with a better memory knows what i'm talking about. the material looks the same.

No. 666031

Yes, I know the one. She was basically marketing her sad saggy tits instead of the medical office. I forget if it was for cool sculpting or laseraway?

No. 666032

oh honey. it's really time to stop with the crop tops.

No. 666033

i know they're stood more sideways/overlapping than her but this legit looks like some dumb optical illusion where my brain refuses to accept that the bracktes are both the same size, hers HAS to be smaller.

mariah, damn girl. lay off the sushi, get back to the gym, you're 23 years old, how badly you wanna ruin your joints/organs/etc by the time you're 30 when your body doesn't just regenerate as quickly?

No. 666038

I see the nice saltwater and tropical weather is doing great work on that chemical peel. Wasnt she also claiming to get tanned for her shoot? She's wearing layer after layer

No. 666040

Didn't she post a pic of the new gym she was going to, like a week or two ago?

No. 666043

Can't believe that this cow is actually on my island. For some info, this is known as the star of honolulu. It's a cruise that easily costs about 100$ per person. Nice to see that's cheap enough for her to look like shit lmao(no1curr)

No. 666045

It's not the humid, Moo.

She cancelled location shoots as part of her tier rewards just to shut the paypigs up about doing no work during vacations, absolute scammer.

That Chanel fanny pack is holding on for dear life, look at how stretched it is.

No. 666047

Haven't seen any thing about a new gym but I hope you're right. It won't do as much as changing her diet but it's a start.

No. 666049

this pork queen only wears gucci

No. 666050

She posted a picture of the outside of one, yes.

No. 666056

i can't believe this isn't photoshopped. her head is so small in comparison to her massive body.

No. 666059


This could have been such a nice picture of those two in the back but with moo in the front it looks like they have been disturbed by some random drunk lady that didn't bothered to move out of the picture.

But seriously, why not a normal group pic without some weird ass stretch pose? This is awkward as fuck.

No. 666069

She stretching so her stomach doesn't look like a crumpled Walmart bag because she insists on wearing croptops she outgrew 40lbs ago, instead of just wearing some Spanx and a black blouse like normal fat girls do.

No. 666070


I get the feeling they are already done with moomoos ass. every thing they do, heres moo, screechin.

their smiles in this pic look fake af- the ones you do for grandma when its her birthday and she smells like hotdog water…

No. 666082


Yet when she is clapping back at people who call out her lazy work ethic she still claims that location shoots are part of the “hard work” she does.

No. 666085

Um, was she even meant to be in the picture? They're posed so oddly, like a couple on vacation photo, and she's just there. Wtf. I'd be embarrassed to post this because it just looks so fucking awkward

No. 666095


She obviously doesn’t like feeing that she is the “third wheel” during public outings that are obviously meant for couples. So she always has to insert herself in the photo and be a part of the moment. Same with Sensei and his girlfriend. They were obviously on a date and and she didn’t want to feel left out so she kept forcing herself in all their photos alongside desperately trying to get him to notice her instead of his girlfriend.

No. 666101

Every picture of her next to normal people is jarring, but this is worst yet. She's so fat. She only has a semblance of shape left because of all the lipo she's gotten

No. 666106

File: 1559404762697.jpeg (561.67 KB, 1920x1920, D47F407D-DA27-453D-9BAB-D64486…)

Oh oh, trouble in paradise?

No. 666108

Real people? She’s known them for like a month!

No. 666110

ohh, sounds like it. The part about 'bringing up stuff they did for you' definitely sounds like moos work

No. 666111

Yep, seems not everyone will fall for moo's bs.

No. 666112


maybe I've missed it but for how long are the there? I can't recall seeing any dates when they arrive and when they go back home? How many days do they have left with moo? Also, no updates from mariah? lol

No. 666113

File: 1559405931953.png (1.07 MB, 720x1211, Screenshot_2019-06-01-09-15-58…)

She apparently used "vegan sunscreen"

No. 666114

She last posted 5hrs ago about a stupid fight or something happening on the street in front of their hotel.
I guess she was still been up while the others were already fast asleep.

No. 666124

Wow, she couldn't even keep her new friends for a week. Does that mean she has to get a new stylist soon?

No. 666128


she's not following mariah on instagram anymore, mariah is still following her though

No. 666133

Bless this shipment of fresh milk, Summer is truly the Season of The Cow.

I'm loving this new saga of Moo away from her usual calves and mootchers, and AX is going to be a bop, my dudes. I can only hope we finally get that crazy bitch rumble between her and Usagi Kou that #MooToo delayed last year.

No. 666134


Couldn’t even last a week? Damn Moo. This sounds exactly like what she does, where if you dare speak against her or question her she’ll throw all the expensive gifts and vacations she has paid for back in your face as if you owe her now.

No. 666136

File: 1559408184405.png (60.55 KB, 207x143, 6C3E1243-E6F0-44B7-9791-2E6250…)

Can’t wait for Moo to wake up and whine about how she’s treated like a golden goose again.

No. 666141

Pfft Moo loves being the golden goose. She thinks if she throws money at people she doesn't have to act like a decent human being. She's basically paying to abuse people

No. 666145


Yup. I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about “snakes” and “not knowing who to trust”.

Funny thing is, I’m sure in Moo’s warped head, she frames at as people taking advantage of her “charity and good will”, when it’s more than likely that she proposes these expensive trips she knows her friends can’t actually afford and guilts them enough by offering to pay knowing that some may be hesitant to call her out after paying for such an expensive thing.

No. 666147

Of course she does. But anytime she realizes that you simply can’t buy friends and treat them as slaves, she goes on these ‘wHy Do PeOpLe KeEp TaKiNg AdVaNtAgE oF mY gEnErOsItY?!’-rants and acts like people tried to manipulate her instead of the other way around.
She just loves to paint herself as the victim.

No. 666148

I'm surprised after all the years of friends leaving her she would be shocked at herself "Wow! Not even all the money in the world and free vacations can make people stay around me, maybe I should change."
Nope, instead she just tries to trick new people to hang out with her

No. 666149

Im confused.. I checked and they don’t follow moo anymore but they still have stories up with her from 5 hours ago?

No. 666151


maybe they don't want to make it too obvious that they distance themselves from her?

No. 666152

This is all recent. They are all slowly realizing Momo sucks. Since they are not cos thots this happened much faster than it normally would

No. 666155

Just checked out her insta and the comments have been set to “limited” for recent uploads

No. 666156

TBH If I had the threat of "if you don't do x, I'm turning this van around" looming over my head I'd wait it out too

No. 666157

This is my favorite game, putting the clues together to see what happened behind the scenes and how moo fucked up! My guess:

>moo self inserts herself into a Hawaii trip for the three

>the original bnb flops, so Mariah swoops on and saved the day and gets them all a nice hotel, probably buys other stuff as well
>Hawaii group is grateful, maybe even expresses they may not be able to pay her back right away. Mariah continues to play savior and tells them to not to worry
>Mariah asks fir something in return, I have a feeling it’s something like “don’t associate with those people” or something on that level. Not neccassirly monetary
>Hawaii trio is like “what no” and Mariah flips out, throwing all the expenses back into they faces demanding blind loyalty.
>Hawaii trio doesn’t take shit, is over it in just a few days

No. 666160

what we need is a momo bingo chart now

No. 666161

Don't forget touching people who barely know her. Before anyone says they were touching each other, yuh, because they know each other!
inappropriate photo bombing to be the center of attention. Ruining planned out events because she wants to stay in the hotel room and eat and doesn't want to be alone "You can't go to that gay club! I bought x and x for you!" The gay club was sad since the clubs in Hawaii are absolutely lit

No. 666165

I somehow feel like it has something to do with hairsensei. Maybe she was jealous of this as.airotciv girl and tried to manipulate frogdresser and hairsensei to spend time doing what Moo wanted and leave her out.
She was the only one mentioning kayaking, even though she said ‘we are going kayaking’.
It would also explain why she self-inserted herself in >>666004 like that.

She just can’t stand not being the center of any male’s attention.

No. 666168

File: 1559411219494.jpg (47.04 KB, 449x750, 0e1.jpg)

Holy shit. She looks like squart man.

No. 666172

File: 1559412185054.jpg (203.52 KB, 449x750, moosquad.jpg)

No. 666173


No. 666174

lol you beat me to it anon! well done.

No. 666177

KEK nice detail with the jpg archiving on her face. Moo should use this for her Tinder profile, it’s much more accurate to her true physique and personality

No. 666178

Next thread pic please. This is already predicting what she said that she would be all covered up with tattoos once she is done with “modeling”.

No. 666181

This thread has the best anon-made pics.
Between this and the You Died gif…I can’t handle it anymore.

No. 666182

This could have been a really cute souvenir photo. Here you have two well dressed people doing a couples pose and there’s… there’s Moo. I’d be embarrassed of myself if I were our luau pig here.

Aaaand that did not last long. This is why most stylists would never think of mixing business with pleasure like this. Keep your clients separate from your personal life. Inviting the glazed ham along on what’s typically a super rare vacation only for her to try ruining it. Better sooner than later, I guess?

Imagine being the third (technically fourth) wheel in all this. Oof

Having a phone recording your every move. I bet they’re going to laugh about this shit later on and Moo will be in one of the most beautiful parts of the world with no one to enjoy it with. Living.

No. 666186

Why do people keep saying “couples pose” about the hairdressers? hairsenseiblaine has a boyfriend and they seem serious, don’t know what goddessofbalayage relationship status is, but she has a kid.

No. 666188

Chill. Nobody implied there’s something going on. It’s just a very couple-y pose, that’s all there is to people saying that.

No. 666192

nothing on this trip speaks well of any of the participants. Moo being moo, we get that, but goddessofshithair is…Shit at hair. Walking around with moo screeching that she got her hair did by this woman isn't great advertising. And I am sure they are going to crop ol moo outta the prints for that picture
I dunno nor care about the rest of them.

No. 666195

We all know he’s gay, that’s been well established. It’s just a pose that two people are doing, hence couples pose.

No. 666196

I wonder if momo will be going on a rant about how her ex-friend ruined her hair and tricked her just like the client who called out on her.

No. 666197

Just checked her patreon, and she's lost atleast 200. was at about 1600, now its dropped to 1490. and sounds like she's back on the 4th

No. 666200

From what I‘ve heard it’s normal for the number to drop at the end of the month and that it will go up slightly again a few days in because some people will re-subscribe.

But I don’t really know how patreon numbers work for sure. It’s just what I think happens, based on past threads.

No. 666203

She was in the 1700s a few days ago and people are unpledging before being charged on the 5th of this month. I do notice she hasn't been gaining a lot of patrons since the nip nops hintata incident. I remember she was around the 1900s at her peak, and then she lost 300 patrons which dropped her to 1600, after that, went up by 100 to go around the 1700s last month and now lost about 200 patrons. She's sitting at 1,488 and after refreshing 3 minutes later puts her at 1,485. I think she has lost way more patrons then she's had in a few months. If she keeps up at this rate, she'll be sitting at 1200 or hell, 900 patrons pretty soon.

No. 666205

I really wish we didn't have to go over this every. single. month. She always drops a few hundred around this time. it's nothing unusual, she'll get them back after promising some other bullshit she isn't going to deliver on.

No. 666209

Sunkissed Pochaco indeed. I don't believe she's using sunscreen at all, she would've been dragging the brand in multiple IG stories and tagging them if they have an IG account. She's too lazy and cheap to buy and slather sunscreen in Hawaii of all places.

No. 666214

I think what makes her look worse is how she won't buy any plus size clothes or clothes suited to being curvy (I know she past curvy) like buy some dresses or smth stop wearing crop tops and leggings it looks awful

No. 666220

I'm shitting myself with laughter A+ work anon

No. 666221

Someone photoshop that with a "her smile and enthusiasm:gone" caption I'm begging you

No. 666259

Tess Holliday is on vacation in Mexico, Moo is on vacation in Hawaii. Staying tuned for any news updates on earthquakes

No. 666264

File: 1559424694135.png (7.11 MB, 1242x2208, 45C35713-A0A8-4E5B-A75A-79C837…)

Apparently she’s with hairsensei and the other girl.
He looks rough though.
So, apparently shit went down just between Moo and frogdresser.

No. 666272

How much you wanna bet that because all us anons commented on the shitty quality of her hair, she finally got the balls to confront frogdresser on how gross the job was and they went at it?

No. 666276

Reminder she even ruined a pic with Vamp (Bayo) and a fan when she was fat Samus.

This bitch has been doing it her entire life, probably. The fact she got cake on her sisters birthday backs this up for me. Rude fat pig.

No. 666278

Moo didn't post this, the hairdresser friend did.

No. 666282

There's no point in removing stories before they automatically do, unless you're trying to hide something. Leaving them up, then showing a picture without the fat girl makes it fairly obvious who the latter posts are referring to.

No. 666284

It's only annoying when they keep going on about it. Having a before/after number check is good, imo.

So, does her unmodded reddit follow her on insta at all, or what?

No. 666297

Man am I glad the tard wrangler Sensei found a gf. He strikes me as the type to leap at a trip to Hawaii and certainly woulda told her not to start shit.

No. 666339

>>666157 Moo is outnumbered three to one on this trip.

To add to the speculation, I think she's unhappy that she's on the losing end of the votes here. This is beginning to look more and more like something the hairdresser group planned out, and Moo threw herself into the mix. But she can't bully and purchase everyone, so I'm sure some sort of fallout is happening as we speak. The IG unfollowing speaks volumes.

No. 666343

how the fuck do people that are fat and are aware that they're fat get even fatter? I seriously can't wrap my head around it. I once weighted 70 kilos, decided that this is the limit and went back to 60 in a span of a month. Do they just not care?

No. 666352

it's moo, this lazy cunt doesn't care at all. working out on a regular basis and healthy eating is way harder than making photoshoots with tripod-san and abusing photoshop, as long as cucks pay her hoping to see her nip nops

No. 666353

With real food disorders/addictions, it takes a lot to be able to completely change their lifestyle, some are so bad that they need the threat of death to change. You see it all the time on my 600lb life where they are so large and close to death before it finally wakes them up. Even then, you’ll still have those few who say they’ll change eventually but never do or they give up if they don’t get approved for WLS quick enough. With Moo, I think she’s lazy, stubborn and it’s too much work and commitment. That and she would have to admit she’s obese which I honestly don’t think she can do.

No. 666379

Momo looks like absolute shit in her IG story, and it shows with this last one.

It's never not name brands with her lmao

No. 666393

She's absolutely in denial about her weight. She thinks she's curvy and "thicc" because she has a relatively "small" waist from lipo. She wears nothing but workout leggings and crop tops because to wear anything else would mean shopping in the plus size section, which would mean admitting she's big and having to know her pants size. It's all over when you have to involve numbers and see proof of how big you are. And she's too dumb to realise that you actually look smaller when you wear clothes that fit you.

No. 666402

A doctor diagnosed me as obese at 200lbs which moo frankly passed ages ago. She's admitted to being heavier than this and she's shorter and it's over such a short period of time, she must be approaching morbid obesity levels at this point.(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 666413

Food addiction and feeling comfortable in long-time habits. In Moo's case, she also makes a lot of money off of being fatter than most costhots since she stands out.

No. 666429

File: 1559439572216.jpg (504.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-183713_Ins…)

Notice anyone missing?

Think Mariah bought these two off after a disagreement?

No. 666434

hmm, I doubt it. Probably just playing nice till the trips over

No. 666438

does anyone know how long it is?

No. 666443

I wonder if Momo is gonna find out that they've unfollowed her on instagram and demands that they re-followed her just like she did with Vamp.

No. 666449

I think she's back on the 4th, or atleast that's what her last patreon post said
Maybe she did and that's what the issue was? it'll be interesting to see what happens when they all get back

No. 666469

god her hair literally looks like gray spaghetti though. why did she think was a good idea???

No. 666471

File: 1559444535169.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, AA31E372-0ACC-4043-ACE7-4D9CC3…)

Can anyone tell me how a beached whale made it into a hotel room?

She’s also currently doing Moo’s hair in an IG story.

No. 666473

What the fuck is her arm oh my God Mariah get help

No. 666476

It looks like its her DBZ Bikini. Are these two friends again?

No. 666481

for the love of god, visit a doctor moo. no-ones arm should look that red and round.
Sidenote, whats the bet she's looking through lolcow there?

No. 666485


Well, you know how pathetic her leeches are. All she has to do is toss even more money in their face and suddenly all is forgiven. Which is why I call bullshit whenever one “leaves”. All she has to do is announce an all expense paid trip to their destination of choice and they hop right back on her dick.

No. 666487

tan's lookin' great for the fat sonico friend, mates

No. 666489

File: 1559447324620.png (789.99 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-06-01-20-46-53…)

No. 666491

This must be the photo she promised her patrons.

No. 666494

10/10 location shot, best quality money can buy! Spot on, mate!

No. 666495

10/10 location shot, best quality money can buy! Spot on, mate!

No. 666496

10/10 location shot, best quality money can buy! Spot on, mate!

No. 666498

site took a shit lol

No. 666513

File: 1559452749771.jpeg (707.52 KB, 750x1100, 4B16094F-9347-449D-9654-9D494A…)

at this point I’m pretty sure she could go to the North Pole and would compare it to Japan somehow

No. 666514

The more you stare at that smile the more unsettling it becomes

No. 666516

>Goes to Hawaii
>Oinks out on nothing but Japanese food and sweets

Damn Moo, this is like how you always go pig out at Piroshky Piroshky every time you're in Seattle. Expand your horizons and stop expanding your waistline with nonstop carbs.

No. 666517

she can't be this ignorant, can she? yikes lmfao.

No. 666518

she’s got so much blubber in her cheeks her smile doesn’t even look normal.

No. 666519

She cannot be this fucking oblivious

No. 666520

Why does she have to wear her hair like that? Draping it over your shoulders isn’t going to make them look smaller lol.

If she can’t live in Japan like she was hoping, then Hawaii is her next best bet. No one is going to bat an eye at another lardass white chick there. At least this way she has an excuse for always being “on island time” when she never delivers on Patreon rewards.

No. 666522

>visits and poke/sushi restaurant that can be found anywhere
"Omg Honolulu is just like Japan!"

No. 666525

she really doesn't own a single top that isn't cropped huh

No. 666526


But Anon! She has to show off the last minutes she has left of her lipo!

No. 666532

Aside from that sports bra thing on the first day she’s been wearing long sleeves. Isn’t it hot? Can you imagine the stench coming off of her from stewing in her sweat. I wonder if she’s even bathing. Probably figures since she’s in the ocean water she’s clean. Lol

No. 666534

>>666471 This unkempt bitch invites herself on a vacation that appears to have been planned by the hairdressers and that other girl, and is taking away from their vacation time by constantly having them fix her ratty fucking hair that she can't take care of on her own.

No. 666536

God, this is awkward. Plus Moo’s face looks rounder than the moon. No hand tricks are going to magically delete that double chin.

Uuuggghhhh my god if I didn’t know better I’d think this was a fat man due to the severe lack of curves. Moo’s hair is a great example of why you shouldn’t go bleached platinum if you aren’t already naturally in the blonde family. She went from having beautiful thick dark brown hair to this ugly thin ratty soba noodle shit. Her hair is a mop.

JNig’s dull ass dimensionless haystack looks better than this. And Jesus, Moo! Can you be anymore culturally ignorant?! How many times has she actually eaten Hawaiian food while there? It’s like she’s pulling a Pixielocks.

No. 666538

She… She has no curves at all, her back just melts into her ass… What a sad reality to look at in the mirror, even more when you compare it to what she sells to her rabid fanbase.

No. 666545

I have a feeling the goddess is being passive aggressive with momo as she use the facepalm emoji when she got a clip of her talking about socks and then having to do her hair after the went to the water is making this a longest day

No. 666555

File: 1559464764951.png (5.71 MB, 1242x2208, 3DFCF6EA-22C8-40DA-95AC-BBD359…)

Oh yeah she definitely is. I bet her real friends told her to pull her shit together and okay along just until they’re back home just so Mooriah doesn’t ruin the trip for them entirely.
Hairsensei-guy seems quite fed up with her at this point, too

Plus: Seems like she has a new target audience now that a bunch of people jump off because she‘s getting too fat for their taste.

No. 666556

At least she's actually washing her feet, I guess…. in theory….

No. 666558

File: 1559465467530.jpeg (251.09 KB, 1920x1076, A33AABCD-24ED-4BC6-ACE1-7FBA69…)

Yeah, keep telling yourself this helps.
Worst product placement ever.

Also, I doubt any of her cucks care about her beauty routine (maybe except for the foot part). Especially when it comes with such unflattering shots.
And all that while she’s been to VS and would’ve had the chance to tease and bait them massively with lingerie that she’ll never buy does VS even sell stuff in her size? - even if they don’t, those cucks for sure wouldn’t know nor shoot in.

No. 666559

well were still waiting for that bead thong to arrive, so theres that..

No. 666567

She's still a hideous kraken, but her skin does look better and her eyebags aren't as puffy since she's around people that know hair and skincare. She's such a dumbshit to ruin this gravytrain.

No. 666570

I think the real fun is going to happen when they get back. They just seem like they’re being somewhat cordial with each other right now, but it’s clear frogdresser is over it to some degree. And Mariah seems oblivious to it.

No. 666571

>her skin does look better and her eyebags aren't as puffy since she's around people that know hair and skincare

You really sure about that?

I also doubt that people who actually know about hair and skin care would bleach her hair to death and let her get a chemical peel right before a beach holiday.
What they’re doing right now is damage control to save their own asses. And her facial skin is ruined.
And her eyes are possibly less puffy (if they even are) because she‘s being as close to being sober as she hasn’t been in weeks. Plus the amount of exercise her body is getting atm is more than in the last couple of months combined.

Putting masks on your face once every few days and ignoring its care the rest of the time is gonna do shit in the long run.

No. 666572

I'm not talking about the frogdresser. Hair sensei seems to atleast beable to do a decent blowout. Besides you can be a shit cosmetologist hair shill wise, but know skincare. Out of the 3 there

No. 666594

Nope. it's really as simple as her skin looks more healthy and moisturized because of the humidity. Her skin is used to dry ass Vegas so of course you get to a humid island your skin is gonna look more plump and healthy.

No. 666616

That actually makes sense. I'm just wondering how her skin didnt flake from the chemical peel.

No. 666618

This was Moos trip? Why are you all acting like these three salon dumbasses planned hawaii??

No. 666626

Mostly because they all seem awkward around her and the fact she took a sepetate flight out there. I’ll be curious to see if she flies out seperately on the way back.

No. 666633

This, everything people talk about her inserting herself into this trip I‘m like ??? but always thought I just had missed when anyone of them dropped that.

They probably seem awkward around her because she‘s obnoxious as fuck and they feel uncomfortable. And because they’re on a trip with and paid by a person they barely even know. How would you feel if someone you work for suddenly invited you to go on vacation with them?

And for the traveling alone part; wouldn’t be surprised if Moo traveled business class while the hair dressers only got tickets for economy.

No. 666695

I don't really believe that last bit. She was quick to brag about her "first class tickets" she got for vamp and sensei on their first Japan trip. If this trip was her buying the three of them she'd have done the same thing.

No. 666701

I don’t believe that either. Their interactions are way too awkward. A co-worker offered to take me on an international trip once and it was to a destination I wanted to check out, but turned it down since I knew I’d be uncomfortable around her and her family the whole time. Moo really doesn’t seem like she bought this trip for those three, it looks more like she tagged along after her whole blow up at Colette and tattoo sensei.

No. 666702

Probably right. She overheard them talking about their trip and glommed on. And I bet they were all like, uh, yeah, OK I guess, and have been regretting it ever since. This is where moo is at today. Trying to buy some randos as friends and just making an ass of herself.

No. 666703

can a makeup fag tell me why this mask appears to be applied over make up?

No. 666706

File: 1559507990896.png (615.42 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-06-02-13-37-55…)

My assumption is they'll head back Tuesday/Wednesday according to Frogdresser

No. 666708

File: 1559509270402.jpeg (365.34 KB, 1125x1229, 388D685A-9CFF-464D-A1F2-BD2C4F…)

Japanese is the best culture, everything else doesn’t matter

No. 666709

>I don't eat pig
>goes to KBBQ and other meat-oriented resteraunts all the time
Like not saying you can't omit it but I call bullshit

No. 666711

It's too cannibalistic for her to eat pig now.

No. 666712

>I don’t eat pig
So Muslim uwu

No. 666713

Such a good muslim my guys

No. 666714

These poor bastards had a trip planned. Hawaii in the off season but still not cheap. They got a budget airbnb to save money. Moo inserts herself at the last minute. The airbnb isn't up to her high standards so she demands that they all move to a hotel. She's paying. Then she starts taking over. Somebody says no to her at some point so drama ensues. All downhill after that as what could have been a rare fun time for some semi-normies who probably could barely afford it gets jacked by mariah. I do not think these will still be her friends when they all get home. Everything mariah touches turns to shit once again.

No. 666715

File: 1559510152615.png (1.05 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-06-02-14-14-59…)

No. 666716

This does not look like the image of a woman on vacation in Hawaii in June.

No. 666717

What’s that? Soap? A snack? She can’t be hungry again this soon… oh wait, it’s Moo. She can.

No. 666718

i guess a ricecake. this was from yesterday

No. 666719


She must smell absolutely horrid with all the sweat she’s baking in while wrapped in all that athletic wear and hoodies. It’s obvious she doesn’t own any summer wear at all and is too ashamed of her hamplanet body to wear anything that isn’t concealing her st all times.

No. 666721

yeah who the fuck wears HOODIES in hawaii? Don't people who weight more also get hot way more easily? She's probably dying in those clothes all because she's so ashamed of how fat she is now lol

No. 666724

She could get a cute muumuu from Hilo Hati with a wrap for her arm and shoulders but no, this is how she presents herself.

No. 666726

File: 1559512289139.jpg (31.2 KB, 614x430, weather.JPG)


God, this bitch will get a heatstroke at some point. You can't tell me that she isn't all sweaty wet underneath this hoodie fuck


No. 666734

Because moo is an ugly dumb idiot who can stand her bare face as little was we can.

No. 666738

File: 1559514627177.png (7.23 MB, 1242x2208, B3739B7F-DC95-473C-843A-47A074…)

Looks like Moo and her hair dresser minions are at the beach while our self-proclaimed goddess is telling everyone how great of a time she‘s having (possibly on her own).

I don’t know if Moo is just too oblivious of what’s going on or…
Really curious if shit will hit the fan once they’re back. Frogdresser seems to be just as immature and passive aggressive as Moo. Hoping for some rich and creamy milk.

No. 666777

Looks like she has false eyelashes on, which may give the illusion of a made up face. I'm on mobile but her face as a whole doesn't appear to have any foundation on.

No. 666781

File: 1559519759840.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 5E70B034-C5BA-410C-8854-B925A4…)

That….that isn’t even the Wind Waker sailing music…..

No. 666782

Oh my god I also just realized she said Wind Wanker ffs

No. 666783

>>666721 It’s really not common to see tourists in hoodies. Locals, yes because we’re used to the heat with the trade winds and it can get cool enough at night to warrant them. Moo ain’t used to our weather so she’s probably got some ripe swamp back/ass.

No. 666787

File: 1559520427407.jpeg (340.95 KB, 750x910, 46D7A70C-72C4-419E-BF3E-FF97D0…)

I’m going to assume with all that sunlight she can’t see what the picture looks like on the screen cause OOF

No. 666792

Out there looking like she's from whoville.

No. 666793

>>666787 She's on what appears to be a tour. There are a ton of people on that boat, including children/teens from what I gathered from the stories. And this is what she wears? Looks like that bikini isn't doing a good job of keeping everything in place. This is one of those times where she should have her stupid cropped hoodie on.

And her little pal Goddess is on the beach by herself once again, kicking sand.

No. 666794

File: 1559521174341.jpg (200.73 KB, 683x1024, 31169283550_a3f85f8a29_b.jpg)

Cant even tell the difference

No. 666795

Wondering if she realized there's almost a nip slip too. At this point I can't tell what she does on purpose anymore.

No. 666796

Look! At! Those! Pepperonis!(nitpicking; non-contribution)

No. 666803

He at least has a full head of hair vs Moo's last few strands clinging to life + unblended extensions.

No. 666805

File: 1559523422725.png (1.54 MB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20190602-174339.png)

Considering that she posted this, I'm inclined to say she probably knows what she's doing, but it's pretty dang trashy, especially if kids are around.

Just keep lying to yourself, Mariah. If this was the bikini she just bought after arriving in Hawaii, she's got her head so far up her ass about what size she is. This was straight up not the right fit, but she still decided to try and wear it….

No. 666807

doesn't it not fit in part because she's fat? lmao shit kills me. why is she bragging about lard tits? theyre not that hard to achieve. I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't fit an xl if we started pushing 300 lbs.

No. 666810

this is such a confusing image

No. 666812


She of course thinks it’s because “muh big anime tiddies”. You honestly expect her to actually admit how fat she really is?

No. 666813

the wording is so weird on this and it’s like she’s trying to push the miniJapan angle again. “Their” tops. Okay well who is they? Hawaii? That’s America. are you saying all the XL tops are small now (yes to her at her size but you know what I mean)

Hawaii is an amazing place to visit I’m sure but you’re not WORLDS AWAY from home Mariah. It’s not like Hawaii has the same reputation as Japan when it comes the the whole tee hee sizes thing.

No. 666815

I’m saying a prayer for the people that have to suffer the view of Moo from behind. The straps to that bikini are most likely cutting into or hidden under her back tits right now. If people weren’t seasick when they got onboard, I’m sure they are now having seen this sea cow.

No. 666816

Yeah she should have NO issue finding a bikini top that fits. Sizes down there commonly go up to the 6X range and sometimes beyond. She’s just delusional.

No. 666818

it also took me a while to figure out why her tit was pointy. but then i realized those are ruffles being blown up by the wind

No. 666819

that's because you're well passed an XL at this point you fat twit. these kinds of posts are always both hilarious and frustrating to me, because when she was smaller she was 100% that catty bitch who said that fat chicks with big boobs had no room to brag because they only had them because they're fat, and now she is that fat chick. your tits are only kinda big because you're big everywhere mariah, and they're not even that huge in comparison to the rest of your girth so please shut the fuck up and just buy the right fucking size.

No. 666821

This image is hard to look at asides from her gross tits. She looks like a goddamn sausage with how she’s ballooned up lately, the sunburn isn’t helping matters either.

Theres no doubt she’s delusional but I also wouldn’t put it past her to do this on purpose to bait guys on her IG.

No. 666822

This is incredibly obscene for a public cruise and she knows it. What a pig.

No. 666823

Her head looks so disproportionately small compared to the rest of her

No. 666827

She's burning to a crisp and about to flash her nips to everyone on the boat. Fucks sakes Moo put on some sun screen and then put your nasty hoodie back on.

It blows my mind how she can be both ashamed her body and proud of it at the most inappropriate moments.
Going out in hot weather or a tropical place? Hoodie.
Going on a non-swimming boat tour with families on vacation? Ill fitting bikini.

No. 666831

Honestly I’d be so embarrassed to be seen out with her like this in public. It’s one thing to be at a quiet hotel hot tub wearing some Ill fitting because you forgot a bikini or something but it’s literally a micro bikini on her with her areolas slipping out in a public vacation spot. this is trashy, even for her.

No. 666838

>>666787 Possibly the least flattering angle for a larger woman. I fully appreciate the attempt at an optical illusion from her overall size to focusing on the size of her chest but Moo, this really does not flatter your face.

No. 666839

I feel like irl she is deeply ashamed, or at least underneath it all, and she knows the only place people think she's hot is the internet so she's still gotta cling to that

No. 666859

Tiny Headed Kingdom Moo

No. 666862

the closest to nip nops the cucks will get

No. 666863

This picture is hard to understand because her body is so fucked.

No. 666864

My unfocused eyes thought this was lava on a wet sand beach or something, I had no idea it was HER until I saw the tattoo.

No. 666866

A little off topic but I was going through the thread description and saw the part about bishoujoumom having a bad con experience and i can confirm that it was not moo as i was there. Happened at a Texas con a couple years back so sadly no milk there

No. 666867

File: 1559533563675.jpg (380 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190602-224548_Ins…)

No. 666868

File: 1559533604921.png (851.55 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-02-20-43-41…)

>using a snake oil dermaroller on a hard ass mask

No. 666869

do these dermarollers even do anything? how the fuck does rolling a smooth rock even do anything

No. 666870

Reminder when she was a jock bitch, she said fat girls breasts didn't count.

No. 666873

Small research for jade rollers tell me that it's basically sold as a serum steam roller. It just spreads shit and claims to reduce inflammation.

No. 666881


They're usually used for serums, yeah. The inflammation reduction is just because the stone is usually cold to the touch. It's the same idea as putting a cold spoon over your eye to reduce puffiness

Which is all to so that it's doing fuck all on top of a mask

No. 666888

>>666805 Now that I think about it, the girl who applied the color and the extensions to Moo's hair should probably thank God that she hasn't been included in these outings for the past two days now. It has to suck for her a little to see everyone going along with Moo, but she isn't missing out on much.

No. 666890

File: 1559538916752.jpeg (623.31 KB, 750x946, 77A3A4F8-61CA-4CB9-BF97-130DB4…)

still no frog at dinner

No. 666891

Is it possible she's the one taking the picture?

No. 666892

could be but the table is right up against the railing on one side leaving only three seats available

No. 666893

She looks like she's dying, sure he's wearing a jacket too but he has worn t shirts in the trip too. She looks like she's about to pass out from overheating.

No. 666896

I think it's possible that all four are there together. Behind the other chick, you can see another chair.

It may just be that Moo was too wide so hairsensei had to sit at the side of the table. kek

No. 666899

File: 1559541322101.png (5.98 MB, 1800x1609, 9A5085F1-9F3E-43E8-8396-10D6AA…)

Frogdresser isn’t at the dinner with them. Moo posted several stories of the food and table and she isn’t in any of them, just these two.

No. 666901

I’ve noticed the guy hasn’t posted a single Instagram story since frogdresser made that post and unfollowed moo. The day before and the first day he was posting every tiny little thing they did, and suddenly nothing now.

No. 666902

I wonder if frogdresser feels like this vacation has been nothing but a waste of time since she can't even seem to hang out with her friends thanks to Moo.

No. 666903

If I were her I would pissed off especially if it’s suppose to be the three of them. Momo had definitely tried to get those two away from the hairdresser after the fight and I’m wondering if she’s gonna get mad at her friends for not hanging out with her. Goes to show that this cow is a cunt.

No. 666906

File: 1559542794139.png (5.02 MB, 1242x2208, 3387CEBF-5B6C-489E-AF61-F27A5E…)

Which makes this IG story she posted around when they arrived all the more ironic.

Ngl her friends look as if they would dump you the second they had the opportunity to score free shit. Moo is willing to provide all of that in order to maintain the illusion that she has people still willing to be around her. She’s pulled this shit in the past so it’s not unlikely she paid for their loyalty, however brief it might be.

No. 666907

File: 1559543326459.png (2.54 MB, 1800x1595, 5326863D-36D8-4C7F-BC6A-C9F41B…)

These stories were taken around the same time today just 3 hours ago. Moo has definitely hijacked her friends from the looks of it. Frogdresser is in a car going somewhere while the others are with Moo at the hotel.

No. 666908

What’s gonna happen in the end is that as soon as the trip is over either those 3 will have nothing to do with momo again or that she’ll ruin the friendship between three and have the ones who hung out with her turned against hairdresser.

No. 666909

She doesn't care if the whole pic looks like shit because her tits are out. Also her nipple is showing a little. Showing it for free when she made her pay pigs cough up 20k for it over a month ago and still didn't deliver

No. 666910

Really, if frogdresser had to really save a lot of money to go to hawaii its a fucking waste to spend it like moo just around the hotel and tourists traps, somehow i think it was better for her to have a fight with moo and really get to know such a fantastic place

No. 666911

She suddenly cares about her face. Too bad doing 10 treatments at once will damage it further. All she needs is a routine. I noticed all these treatments after she met sensei's naturally young looking GF

No. 666912

It's so weird since Frogdresser was suppose to be her BFF. But I notice in every new friend group Momo HAS to convince the rest to alienate an existing member as a power move. I've only seen middle/high schoolers do this dumb shit. I dunno how grown ass adults tolerate this

No. 666913

So that was super fast, the color is almost completely faded out. Shocking to no one

No. 666916

Moo is a physical manifestation of Ursela to these insecure Ariels. How mentally sick do you need to be to prey on girl's insecurities so you can mentally manipulate them into submission. Nana was right. I know Frogdresser is a dumb bitch but Moo took over her vacation with her friends and pushed her aside. These bitches never learn and lets hope Moo is so immobile these next years that she can't bother anyone else

No. 666921

She’s such a toxic waste of DNA, but the people around her aren’t any better. The fact that they’ll ditch a friend because this mammoth waved a couple hundred dollar bills in their faces is so scummy. She deserves every single one of her calves and her calves deserve her.

No. 666922

File: 1559547251457.jpeg (222.53 KB, 750x857, 617D070D-DB71-4852-9008-F31147…)

No. 666924

christ, she is looking so rough. there's not one good photo of her from this entire trip. i would be mortified if a picture of me looking this bad ever surfaced i don't know how she let's this stuff see the light of day.

No. 666926

File: 1559548223084.jpeg (233.13 KB, 640x911, 4E1068A7-29E7-45DC-A063-6FCF88…)

I still can’t believe she went from looking like this to looking like the moon. Ducking tragic.

Those are the only two possible outcomes to this milky shit show of a vacation lmfao. Frog learned the hard way not to mix business with pleasure. A ton of stylists are catty as fuck so I’m not surprised both of her friends were so easy to stab her in the back. Can you imagine how awkward it’s going to be at work thanks to the kiss of Moo?

No. 666936

That ass is extremely photoshopped lol

No. 666937

File: 1559553868426.jpg (504.09 KB, 1077x1914, 20190603_022351.jpg)

Moo making it clear for us, so anons can stop arguing, that she no longer follows Vamp. Also, with how much she stories MPB, she doesnt follow her?

No. 666939

What’s fake? Idgi

No. 666940

It’s a fake account

No. 666943

Ah i get it woops im fucking retarded. Also why do they immediately unfollow each other when they’re fighting lmfao

No. 666945

File: 1559554645941.jpg (585.18 KB, 1430x2542, 20190603_023450.jpg)

She's still following her on both accounts. At least for me she still is

No. 666946

File: 1559554753839.jpg (553 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190603-023516_Ins…)


I've been fucking off and doing absolutely nothing, so I need to give a shout out to Kat so that she'll feel less bitter about the slave work I'm about to throw in her direction."

For those who don't already know, Antares recently changed her IG handle to this.

Funny how she doesn't mention how much she misses the girls who don't make her cosplays on a more consistent basis. Anyone can see right through this.

No. 666961

Wait, so she isn't following Collette again btw? Just looking at the follow suggestions

No. 666962


read the fucking thread before commenting. she's still following her >>666945

No. 666963

I have read the fucking thread, it was confusing because her BTSmomokun account is flipflopping between following and unfollowing her account, jfc.

No. 666965

I can confirm earlier today vamp and her weren’t following each other, I noted it when I checked if hairdresser refollowed.

No. 666969

i have a theory that frogdreser was the one that opted out of the dinner because either
A) she didn’t want moo to pay for more shit for her to give her more of a foothold to guilt trip and throw back in her face later like shes already done or
B) moo is making her pay for all her own shit now after she dare have someone betray her or have a problem with her manipulating people by buying their friendship and compliance

the dinner looks like it would be a bit expensive so i could see frogdresser not wanting to be a part for either reasons, the other two just look like they’re acting civil and milking as much money out of the experience in the moment. i couldn’t see the three of them hanging out with moo after this trip, not even at the salon. moos gonna have to find someone else to tame that gray rats nest once she gets back to the mainland.

No. 666974

“Happy bean” shit the fuck up mariah, your not a bean you’re a whole ass jackfruit, stank and all.

No. 666976

I don't think this had anything to do with moo. Seems frog has her own scandal happening right now, she wants everyone in Hawaii to feel bad for her and be there to coddle. They want to actually do shit in Hawaii, so shes the odd one out. Just like moo at ax.

No. 666978


It's definitely strange that she doesn't mention her BFF forever waifu my dudes Vamp here.

No. 666980

If it doesn’t have anything to do with Moo though, how come frogdresser isn’t following her anymore since that post about ~real friends?

Plus, this whole ‘throwing things up they have done for you’ is something Moo does all the damn time. Hence the whole ‘I’M NOT A GOLDEN GOOSE!!’ ordeal because it just translates into ‘I gave you (x) now you have to do (y) for me in return!!’, which basically is Mooriah’s idea of how friendship works in a nutshell.

I mean, it could be about something else, but it would be a crazy coincidence.

No. 666981

>don't eat pig
Well, at least she draws the line at cannibalism.

No. 667003

I think it's the other way around. Frog has been driving and going places. Moo seems to be eating dinner and lurking around hotel/tourist attractions.

No. 667019

Mariah looks like she smells like stale sage.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 667035

For the past three months she has been painfully blatant that she isn't going to work at all for the money her cucks throw at her. She just makes stories going on vacations, eating and buying shit she doesn't even want/need. I don't know when her desperate fans will realize she's just a fat cunt who wants life handed to her

No. 667037

Frog is following none of them though. Shes throwing her own pity party. Its not Moo

No. 667038

Frog is following none of them though. Shes throwing her own pity party. Its not Moo

No. 667043

Well no shit. It's just like with Nana Bear. Some bitch who pretended to be your best friend, gave you all these nice things suddenly steals your friends and convinces them they don't need you anymore during a vacation you planned months for. Ya find out your friends are fake as fuck.

But I don't feel too bad. Perhaps this is karma for all the hair frogdresser ruined these past few years

No. 667044

Whatever you say, newfag.

No. 667057

Do you think frogdresser got irritated because Moo might've asked her to constantly fix her fried hair when it frizzed? Maybe she complained a bit and said she was there on vacation and didn't want to work. Then Moo said something like "I bought this trip and I vouch for you when people didn't think you were a good hairdresser. I'm practically sponsoring you now." To which the Hairdresser was like "Hey if you guys want to do her hair fine. But I came here to check out the Island and have fun." And Moo was like "Whatever honey. You do you ok? We're going to have fun here" (Moo sticking to only one tourist area like she tends to do).

No. 667058

Moo seems more interested in stuffing her face and being a lazy arse in the hotel while goddess wants to actually do things. They started the whole trip hiking, paddle-boarding and activities but it seems since the despute, Moo is just eating and the others are just there. I checked insta this morning and the 3 amigos were all following each other except Moo?

No. 667059

So I'm guessing she chickened out of that stupid ass tattoo? Its not there.

No. 667060

She also chickened out of her lip surgery to

No. 667061

Not too sure about that, since we’ve seen shots of frogdresser re-dying her hair just yesterday(?).

And I also don’t think it’s because frogdresser wants to do things and moo doesn’t since when they were kayaking, FD was just chilling at the beach.

Option B of what >>666969 said seems most plausible to me at this point. Something like frogdresser voicing an opinion on something and Moo in response stopping to pay for anything. And maybe she’s treating the other two minions to fancy dinners etc just to keep them away from FD.

No. 667062

Yeah it doesn't actually look like anyone is fighting with anyone else to me. Just that they're wanting to do different things. I don't think Moo would do this caption if they were fighting. >>666922

No. 667063

I thought Moo's tagging her to gloat in her face that she's snagged her friends away.

No. 667065

Almost like how she did the whole Vamp ''vice versa'' thing which isn't too big of a stretch to think

No. 667074

Idk the whole IG post plus her unfollowing moo really seems suspicious

No. 667106

she said her lip augmentation would be next month some time. i believe she mentioned it right before she left for Hawaii.

No. 667109

It's an almost exact copy of the Nana situation. All Moo needs to do is pull up frogdresser's skirt in front of everyone and we'd have the same thing.

No. 667143

File: 1559595366706.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, DB795285-7562-456B-A2AB-693F10…)

No. 667144

File: 1559595414982.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, F1E0285B-DF17-42B4-84FF-09ADA3…)

No. 667161

There's a lot of busted skin going on in this image
It's amazing how much she screams "I don't belong here, I am paying to be here"

No. 667163

What's in her right hand?

No. 667164

a drink???

No. 667173


her phone

No. 667176

That should've been obvious, but it is angled at such a way I legit couldn't tell. Thanks.

No. 667188

File: 1559603042117.jpg (406.59 KB, 1252x643, 6bf38f3d8fb2438d6e099d75ce9a91…)

If you guys remember those Kitsune tails that Mariah said she'll do with Miso, apparently, she didn't buy the tails at all. A Kiwi on Kiwi Farms said they recognize the tails on Etsy and saw the listing says they're on hold for Mariah at this moment. Seems like she's so busy in Hawaii, she hasn't had time to buy it.


No. 667192

Oh hell no you better not, bitch

Also hopefully she gave a deposit to that maker to hold them so she isn't missing out on an actual sale but with the way Moo gets manic with her sudden spur of the moment cosplans, I wouldn't be surprised if when she got back that she suddenly backs out of purchasing it.

No. 667193

Weird, in that screenshot it says the tail is $179.19 and when I went to the listing just now, it says $180.48. Huh.

No. 667194

I don't know why it's even reserved, I'm sure the cost of it means nothing to her and the shipping takes like 3 weeks.

No. 667196

It’s just because of the current exchange rate anon, CatzoClub ships from Russia and the original price was probably not in USD.

No. 667199

Yeah it's Moo rolling in the cuckbucks right now? This is around the price of those Gucci sandals and she couldn't be fucked to purchase it but is throwing who knows how much money around in Hawaii

No. 667203

Maybe frogdresser is just a normal person who got tired of moo ruining a vacation that she could barely afford and was really looking forward to and also realized quickly what a piece of shit mariah is after about, I dunno, about an hour? The other two are probably just broke ass dumb fucks who are digging all the free drinks and meals.

No. 667204

To be fair, at least frogdresser isn't around Moo constantly like the other 2 are and can actually enjoy the sights and what Hawaii has to offer. Although I can't imagine how much she can really enjoy it knowing her 2 friends are greedy backstabbers

No. 667207

File: 1559606333723.png (296.23 KB, 311x644, Screenshot_2019-06-03-16-54-44…)


No. 667208

File: 1559606393593.png (320.29 KB, 568x474, Screenshot_2019-06-03-16-55-08…)

Which one is froggy, which is Moo? LOL

No. 667210

Clearly the one who looks more like a human and a decent ass and not the WIDE LOAD on the left

No. 667211

honestly moo is way bigger than froggy LMAO

No. 667215

File: 1559606966174.png (258.09 KB, 311x644, Screenshot_2019-06-03-16-54-44…)


different angle.

No. 667216

File: 1559607019599.png (491.64 KB, 681x559, 1559367642013.png)

I knew I recognized something familiar about this pose and it's been bugging me. Well I found it….I cannot believe this is 3 years apart.

No. 667217

Covered head to toe and most likely browsing lolcow on the phone. Okay Moo

No. 667218

Working hard on her tan.

No. 667219

Cuckbucks being put to good use as always

No. 667220


They're just used to help blood circulation, puffiness due to water retention etc.

They're great to use rolling ontop of a mask, as it gets the mask to adhere to your face very well and presses in the serums of the mask.

No. 667226

Covered head to toe, wearing all black.

Must be some new tanning method I’ve never heard of.

No. 667237

I wish we could see a version of this without the sun hat, it makes her look a little more proportionate.

No. 667245

Who the hell goes to a beach covered head to toe in black? This reeks of someone with absolute crippling self consciousness of their body. People who “love their curves uwu~” don’t hide them in all black in direct sunlight in SUMMER on a BEACH

No. 667246

File: 1559611966175.jpg (394.32 KB, 1079x1282, Screenshot_20190603-183124_Chr…)


This was literally terrifying to draw over. I really feel bad for the kids and civilians that saw this in a bikini.

Sorry for no real contribution

No. 667251

File: 1559612428520.png (869.39 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-03-18-38-54…)

No. 667259

It's not a project if she threw money at you and you had to accept it because she ruined your reputation through association. It's a pity commission

No. 667261

File: 1559613155560.png (2.14 MB, 1242x2208, 9EA05006-55EF-4BA9-A0D5-0D4A0D…)

I’m sorry, I still can’t get over the name of her cat account. “Momo scats” is all I see.

No. 667278

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me anymore.

No. 667287

I immediately read "momo scats" and got highly concerned.

No. 667302

Maybe she's in all black because she decided to look through her first thread in celebration of thread #100 and was confronted with how big she grew

No. 667310

Didn't know they made Burkinis in her size

No. 667328

File: 1559623126509.png (886.38 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-06-03-21-36-12…)

No. 667335

Omg they've just bern doing her hair this whole time like slaves

No. 667338

And it's still looked like shit
Imagine taking a vacation and some hog makes you be her personal hair dresser the whole time.

No. 667339


fuck her hair looks like Smegol

No. 667340

these photos are always so shocking to me as she continues to grow, but this is especially bad. she's still chubby in the first picture but like… she still had a figure and was recognizably human. this looks like a pretty solid 100 pound weight gain at this point and that is truly terrifying. moo, you need serious help.

No. 667341

watch, now that they are "friends" she will invite them over to her house but she will expect free hair care from professional.

And why is she calling it a blowout? He's drying your hair. I assume a Blowout is like a Brazilian blowout

No. 667343

Look how far her arm is from her head, she can't even make the same pose she's become so big

No. 667344

Goddamn, how many blowouts is she gonna get before that sad excuse of hair crumbles??

No. 667345

A landwhale covered in black, under the sun, on a beach in Hawaii, she must stink to high heavens, it's a miracle she didn't get a heat stroke, considering she rarely drinks water. She was confident enough to wear a bikini on a boat ride with her pepperonis slipping out but not on the beach? Was she finally conscious about the photo comparisons and how hard she was roasted here?

Maybe she'll make them cut her wigs too lmao.

No. 667347

>putting all this heat on hair that’s one milligram away from being over processed gum

Jesus. Her hair is going to turn into pubes in no time.

No. 667350

God what a spoiled baby. I bet sensei's gonna be relieved as soon as he gets back that she don't have to do this bitch's hair anymore

Now it makes me wonder if those two didnt have a fallout and that Frog likes to be independent on her own trip.

No. 667351

God I don't know which is more tragic, Umbran's eyebrows or her teeth. She looks so inbred.

No. 667356

Praying that next time she does a touch up most of her hair breaks straight off.

No. 667357


Why the fuck in this bitch in hawaii, in 90F heat wearing black head to toe? Its hilarious how ashamed of her body she is when she cant minupulated angles and use photshop. All the money in the world and she doesn't even have cute clothes.

No. 667361

in the beach no less. So much for muh ~BoDy PoSiTiViTy~
There are THOUSANDS of plus sized cute clothing you can wear in hot weather but she clearly has issues.

No. 667363

File: 1559629519526.png (202.07 KB, 491x499, wide.png)

it's only horrifying because you traced it wrong anon.

you gave her a weird anime girl waist when in reality she has a danny devito body

No. 667364

Wearing cute plus sized clothes means she would actually have to accept she's plus sized.

No. 667368

>The last time someone will take care of my hair

No. 667369

I'm still surprised she took her hair dresser and her two friends to Hawaii. She took three strangers on a trip

No. 667370

Who else is she going to take on a trip?

No. 667380

File: 1559638006946.jpg (411.13 KB, 720x1222, 20190604_013918.jpg)

>>664765 Quick update on the ludicrous "workaholic" claims she made on this post (pic included).

She officially deleted all of her responses that she left up there after blocking those who disputed her work ethic, and appears to have deleted and/or blocked all of the additional commenters who later chimed in near the start of her Hawaiian vacation.

And it's pathetic how she's been shamelessly pandering to Kat and Tokki, because they're both stupid enough to make costumes for this leech.

No. 667381

Oh, it probably will. Moo found herself a Vegas version of Brad Mondo to do her color, not a Guy Tang to be her hairdresser lmao

Of course she did. Whenever our fine bovine is cornered, her immediate reaction is to either block and delete or go into an IG story rant that swiftly backfires. You can set a watch to her bullshit.

No. 667384

Her mom lol

No. 667390

>>667384 Mariah probably has her mom on landscaping duty once again, since Mariah is clearly too depressed to wear proper swimwear in Hawaii.

No. 667392

I don't get why she went on vacation to an island if she's too insecure to wear swimwear. Just go skiing or some shit.

No. 667394

Because the hairdressers went there and she just inserted herself into this trip, so she didn’t choose the destination.

No. 667396

>implying ski wear comes in her size

No. 667401

>>667392 You bring up a good point here. A winter vacation would be perfect for Moo.

That way, the extra layers she's used to wearing would actually serve a real purpose. She could hide her jowls with a scarf. And since she waddles due to the extra weight she's carrying, it'll look much less awkward if she's waddling through a foot of snow, because everybody else will be waddling through a foot of snow as well.

No. 667406

That's ok, she could just put on all 50 pairs of leggings she owns and just go snow tubing.

No. 667411

>implying she’d actually go skiing and not just sit inside and sip hot cocoa and talk about how cozy it is

Let’s face it. Her ideal holiday would probably to go somewhere, sit inside wearing her yoga or sweat pants all day and just watch an anime or play a game she pretends to love.

No. 667413

I can realistically see this happening

No. 667420

If Moo went on a ski trip, doncha think she would be confused for a snowman and decorated accordingly? we all know she wouldnt move.

No. 667425

Yeti sighting reports would skyrocket probably

No. 667428

>implying Moo will willingly exercise for fun

No. 667444

File: 1559667712000.png (1.04 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-06-04-10-00-24…)

Shes also home

No. 667466

Didn't she say that the Albedo costume was in the works like last year or early this year? And she's stalling till NEXT YEAR, fucking 2020. Albedo's cosplay isn't so complicated that it'll take a whole ass year to make, she hasn't even commissioned someone. It's just another spur of the moment plan to attempt to upstage another costhot (Bunny Ayumi), and she's too lazy to actually do it.

It's not even that much effort on her part, she commissions everything and all she had to do is dress up and take photos, literally her job, yet she's still isn't arsed to do it, and was just fibbing to keep neckbeards happy.

No. 667473

The problem is her fluctuating weight. Even if she got it commissioned now, she probably wouldn’t fit into it anymore once it’s finished.

No. 667474

Not a problem for her since no matter how ill-fitting her costumes or clothes are she'd squeeze herself in regardless, plus she'll definitely fit a corset in. The result would be horrendous but it never stopped Moo before. I think other than laziness she's too cheap to shell out the money, why commission an actual cosplay when you can wear a bikini and wig and call it a day?

No. 667477


lol how many years has she been saying she'd make a calendar for her neckbeard cucks? yea I don't forsee her doing this either.

No. 667486

Kinda surprised she didn’t post a series of IG stories announcing her return like she usually does. Now that she’s back, she can resume not doing shit as usual and get paid for it.
Seriously, none of her dumbass patrons are going to demand she fulfill the rewards she promised in, what, April?

No. 667487

File: 1559677469241.png (364.61 KB, 487x901, Screenshot_125.png)

No. 667488

>>667487 Once managers/owners loom up her name on the internet and see numerous articles and videos about her sexual assault escapades, they'll turn her down two seconds later.

This will be shot in her kitchen. Because that's where Overwatch characters spend all of their time. In kitchens. Totally canon.

No. 667492

I find it odd that Moo traveled with "normies". She constantly tries to make it seem like she's the nerdiest of nerds everywhere she goes and always reps it. On this trip she seemd to not spurge about anime or video games aside from one Wind Waker reference.

It's either 1. (Previously mentioned) She's being that desperate for friends or 2. She's not keeping the front up outside of choosing characters to cosplay and pretending she's into the series they're from.

Just seems off to me

No. 667495

Those sleeves are gonna look horrendous on her hammy arms completely stretched out.

No. 667498

She would just roll down the slope and see how big of a snowball she could form

No. 667499

File: 1559679204049.png (16.06 KB, 280x392, d3a4948d3b79042a94c11424dac6e1…)

I know we talk about Mariah's Patreon on and off, but this is the first time i've seen her goal sitting under 100%. I'm positive this was at 100% the other day.

After posting this, i wouldn't be surprised if Mariah lurks lolcow and goes back and changes the goal back to 100% since she has done this in the past. If she does, that means Mariah decreased the earnings or patrons (Depending on what she chose) that she received just to give the illusion she met the goal.

No. 667500

File: 1559679278218.jpg (87.83 KB, 500x750, bpsNT81.jpg)

Wow so original Moo

No. 667502

File: 1559679404621.png (39.38 KB, 698x561, b295e9dc4160e9135c3e9e9efe8ac0…)

Screenshot of what it looks like on the goals page on Patreon. Very easy to manipulate if you want to give the effect that you're doing so much when it's the opposite.

No. 667503

Let's be fair anon, probably a few Honeydew cosplayers are gonna go see if they can shoot in a local tea shop. No different than that Flower Aisle challenge that Isntagram went wild for a year back.

No. 667504


We all know that this will end up being a trashy looking shoot in her kitchen looking like a housewife cowering in fear before her husband beats her since she has no idea on earth how to be sexy.

No. 667506

i've pointed this out alot so thanks for the screenshot.

No. 667515

True, but this is Mariah, someone who is known for being a cunt who copies other cosplayers because she has no originality.

No. 667528

File: 1559686795679.png (1.17 MB, 720x1211, Screenshot_2019-06-04-15-18-05…)


No. 667529

we all know Moo is just gonna use another unfurnished room in her gigantic house

No. 667551

it's not like there's a ton of options. the skin is literally bubble tea themed.

No. 667557

File: 1559692095761.jpeg (592.9 KB, 1920x1438, 83EA85DA-65A6-49EA-804D-D392AF…)

This kind of makes me think her and Moo‘s fight was indeed about her hair. Like, I could totally see Mariah blame frog for how damaged her hair is and demand that frog fixes it somehow.

No. 667558

I would be pretty shocked if a company allows her to pose with all but a strip of her pussy out in their store. And sucks wont want a dressed Moo. Plus they'll google her and see nothing but controversy and bad publicity. Not that I actually thing she will leave her home, especially since a store would want to be paid to use their space and Moo doesn't believe in paying.

No. 667574

Implying that she won’t just show up at a tea shop and expect to be able to shoot right away

No. 667581

if you read the calves thread you'd know it was the opposite

No. 667586

I'd be furious if I was any one of these hairdressers. Traveling stylists are a luxury service. Providing flights, lodging, and per-diem - in addition to compensation for services - is how this works in the industry. She's an inconsiderate pig for trying to hold the things she has paid for over their heads, when she's using them as her personal traveling hairstylists and not even paying them.

No. 667591

Since it seems relevant for this thread: Would you care to elaborate?

No. 667592

Go to the calves thread

No. 667598

File: 1559701145217.png (1.11 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-06-04-19-09-46…)

Do you think Moo sits and pretends to exercise at the gym much like old ladies loitering at Kmart, waiting for the Blue Light Special announcement?

No. 667603

Froggy confirmed she and the other two hairdressers are going to London, as well

No. 667604

I did but I couldn’t find anything (new) about their fight or how it was frogdresser blaming Moo. Just some feud she has with another client of hers.
So again, how do you know the opposite is the case?

No. 667605

She has been pushing Albedo back for over a year now. She hasn't watched the series and the cosplay is too revealing. She will never do it because by the end of this year she will be 300 pounds. She has to retire, she's getting too big

No. 667607

So is she going to say where she bought this or who made it?

No. 667608

Naw she'll prob get work done again, Moo is a huge fan of instant gratification

No. 667609


And when they kick her lard ass out for trying to film without permission or permits she’ll accuse them of “being so rude and unprofessional”.

No. 667610

Start here >>>/w/50988

Looks like she's been going on about this client for over a week and is still getting heat for it

No. 667611

Her default is bullying everyone, even "nerds". She herself admitted back when she was the hot popular chick she relentlessly bullied nerds and otakus. I personally think she wanted to be a nerd because "oh no! I'm gaining weight! Welp I guess I'm a chubby nerd… but I still wanna bully em." And now we have the Momo we have today. A self hating being who is deep down, a high school jock.

No. 667613


I’m sure she just stands around waiting for some fuckboi to get a glance at her and she’ll pretend like she just finished some intense workout. It’s all just for her ego and wanting attention without actually doing the hard work. Anybody with eyes can see she clearly doesn’t work out at all.

Funny how she never shows her actual routine in these instastories, just vague posts about how “tired” she is. Even the laziest of Instagram thots actually show themselves working out. Moo just shares a couple of snapshots from inside and then whines about being “soooo tired”.

No. 667616

It's speculated that was one of the reasons she was banned from her last gym. Loitering on the machines and snapping pics in the bathroom

No. 667617


to be fair, she did used to show her "weightlifting" until she got absolutely dunked on here and on instagram for having terrible form and lifting very little weight despite her bragging. it's just to give the impression to her neckbeards that she's going and working hard, we all know she's not going to stick it out or lose any weight.

No. 667618

Obviously she wouldn't be gaining 100 pounds a year if she was working out. She's going to be the next Amber. By the time she's in her late 20's she will be almost 600 pounds talking about her epic weight loss

No. 667622

File: 1559705641773.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 1A98433E-4838-485B-9F6E-5D43C0…)

Really wasting those neckbeard money on plans that are never gonna happen.

No. 667624

Moo you have, historically, never shot anything at all on your many vacations. Seriously it's been like 3 vacations with planned shoots that got shirked last minute. Who does this bitch think she's kidding

No. 667625

If I was one of her neck beards I would be pissed. 2019 is just her going on vacations and lying saying it's for cosplay when she didn't do a single one in Japan or Hawaii. She must really hate her fans this year "Soo listen here retards. I'm not going to do a single cosplay and I'm going on vacation on your dime mmn kay? Thanks nerds"

No. 667626

I dunno what's worse. her taking vacations and not working at all for what feels like the better part of the year, or her paypigs still giving her money. She hasn't done a single photoshoot on 'vacation' yet.

No. 667632

Recent instastory >>667622
>said she's thriving and "do good, good comes to you", is not bothered by people stirring up shit apparently
>thanks her paypigs for the love and support
>is focusing on dieting and gym time "because she hasn't been eating well these past few weeks"
>said she is not doing "big builds" anymore because it's stressing her out. Is opting to make smaller pieces because costume making "takes alot out of you" (translation: she has reached a level of lazy)
>said no Fate cosplay at AX, hopes to get in shape by AX (it's July btw)
>photo releases happen tomorrow, is working on BTS stuff
>is having squarecuck, miso, tenderbro, and "maddie" come over for usual shitshow photoshoot
>said Hawaii rejuvenated her and made her want to work again, is not burned out anymore
>is collaborating with a company for honeydew!Mei

No. 667634

Soooooo she wants more money for… less work? Bitch didn't even make any of her big builds? Or is it her "friends" refuse to do it for her anymore

No. 667639

Good, the Fate community doesn't want her.

Bets on if she actually shows her face at AX or just hides in her hotel room and Little Tokyo

No. 667640

Wait a minute, didnt she get kicked out of AX last year? I'm surprised she's allowed back tbh

No. 667641

who does she think she's kidding? Blizzard may not be in the best place right now. But there's no way they'd let some 3rd party company use their character or use her as a cosplayer

No. 667642

I recorded her IG stories in the event anyone needs it for reference when she completely contradicts herself, and she will. What’s the best way to upload it here though? I’ve never posted video before.

I still can’t believe this bitch has the audacity to plan more trips and lie about location shoots when there’s a track record now of her not doing ANYTHING on each trip. I want to believe that her patrons will wise up at some point and pull out but they really are too dumb to see that she’s scamming them.

Anyone want to place any bets on when the company she’s collaborating with gets released, they’ll be flooded with negative attention for partnering with her?

No. 667645

Streamable is good and making a webm is good too but yeah especially since the instagram stories archive doesn’t seem to save all her stories at times
God she really works like clockwork doesn’t she?? I really can’t wait to see this shitshow in person at AX, I hope she does the same thing she did when she went after that European cosplayer, jeanette?? And everyone came at her during the height of her sexual harassment scandal

No. 667646

I think you guys are forgetting that she removed the location shoots from her patreon last month. She has even less reason to "work" while she's on vaction

No. 667647

She's just ridiculously dumb.
I think this cinches that she doesn't pay taxes. The reason all the costhots do shoots on vacation is that then they can claim all the expenses on their taxes. So they basically get to write off their vacation by spending a couple hours doing a photoshoot. But Moo doesn't seem to realize this or doesn't care because she doesn't pay taxes.

Either way, it baffles my mind how anyone is still willing to give her money

No. 667648

I'd be interested to see a comprehensive list of all the plans she's made and the ones that she's actually fulfilled

No. 667649

The only 'big build' her fans care about is that dumpster fire she calls a body. If she had normal fans, like a normal cosplayer, her cosplay plans would matter. They only want to see the shit show bikinis. They're not exactly quality fans.

No. 667650

Thanks anon, I’ll definitely try those! I’m going to try to record any relevant stories from now on for documentations sake. They are slightly out of sync by a second but it should be fine. It’s just hard to watch her while I’m recording it because she’s just so goddamn obnoxious with the way she talks and her hand gestures.

No. 667652

Let me correct that
> she’s not doing “big builds” anymore because it stresses out her slaves
When was the last time she made ANYTHING? She’s gotten a million times lazier in the past year, and I didn’t even think that was possible.

No. 667653

The overheads and return on posing in a $10 bikini are far better. The rest you can just talk about for free.

No. 667654

File: 1559717210631.png (5.77 MB, 1242x2688, 23935D52-01DD-4612-AA49-015DF8…)

No. 667656


Also, great "sun kissed" skin you've got there, Moo

No. 667657


its all hidden under her chins.

No. 667658

>the face you make after the scale registers 300

also that hair, my god. she should just shave it and start over, i don't know if i've ever seen hair more fried.

No. 667659

>>667632 Watched these a little while ago. It came off as another manic episode, which she tries to pass off as a passionate tribute to cosplay.

The part where she started talking about the people who actually make their own shit was telling. I think she knows she's on the verge of getting left in the dust. So she has to put on her fake smile, share fake announcements, and pray that others don't see her for the lying con artist she truly is.

No. 667666

She doesn't even make costumes anymore, she commissions everything, "oh paying someone else and scrolling Etsy is sooooo stressful uwu", the laziness of it all. Then again she couldn't even fulfill the simplest of plans and just resorts to shitting out bikini shoots at the last minute.

I would say though I've missed seeing her fail at making anything, last time I laughed at her handiwork was seeing her fail at sewing straight lines for 4 hours straight during a camversity stream.

Who's going to shoot them? Your new normie "friends"? Lmao her reputation stinks so much she couldn't even make friends within the cosplay community, let alone find a photog that isn't Squarenoodles.

Speaking of which, didn't she say she'll be going to Japan with Squarenoodles for photoshoots? What happened to that?

No. 667667

Pretty sure she just means a bubble tea shop

No. 667671

No she wasn’t she just freaked out and hide in her hotel room, also dragged some of her crew for hotel hug box, ruining not only her AX, but theirs too.

No. 667675

File: 1559731914079.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2208, 842EA825-FB58-4A13-BE38-4B4237…)

That dude hasn’t interacted with you since last year(?) Give up Moo, he isn’t interested in you.

No. 667677

File: 1559732618677.png (74.93 KB, 211x173, 1554612831822 (1).png)

Did she even actually end up making any "content" from this trip to Hawaii?
>Sorry my dudes! This trip just made me realize how stressed out I was and I spent the whole trip giving myself some much needed self care! I'm back and ready to give you my lewdest content yet.

No. 667678

Moo justified Hawaii as a way to get tanned for a Pochaco cosplay, but she didn't even get tanned. She never planned on making content out of this. If she wanted she could've hired a professional photog on the island for a shoot if she can't find any cosplay photogs willing to work with her, it's still the US she can speak the language and should know how to look for and hire photogs in the area online, but nope, she's splurging too much on new friends already, she doesn't want to spend an extra dime on doing her job.

No. 667679


OT but the new tax law pretty much eliminated the ability to do this. A friend who does commissions for a living paid way more this year because she couldn't deduct cons etc as expenses anymore.

Which I think cinches that she really doesn't pay her taxes - she would have been bitching about how fucked over independent creators got by the changes.

No. 667681

I read through it and it still didn’t explain shit about what happened between her and moo.

(Not the same anon btw)

No. 667682

The island certainly has no shortage of photographers (cosplay and otherwise). Many hotels even have photographers on staff for all sorts of weddings and events.
The sheer laziness in this chick never ceases to amaze me.

No. 667683

>>667682 This is where her lies come back to bite her in the ass all of the time.

I know she said Squarecuck is going to be with her on her next Japan trip, but I also thought that she was bringing him to Hawaii long before she updated her IG bio with the Maui trip in August.

Second, for a woman who tries so hard to score points with the SJW crowd, she sure does a piss poor job of hiring her female photographers pal Girlonthemoonpro. I'm sure Tripod-San would have enjoyed getting all three of her legs sunkissed under the Honolulu sun.

No. 667685

File: 1559736150176.jpg (156.58 KB, 553x737, 20190605_045823.jpg)

>>667683 Samefag. Found the original post >>657010. Included a screencap if you don't feel like jumping threads.

I'm under the impression that this was supposed to be her way of rewarding her loyal calves, by doing projects in Hawaii where everyone had a chance to shine.

How in the fuck did this suddenly turn into a trip with 3 random hair stylists, without doing a single fucking thing that actually resembles her idea of work?

No. 667691

She needs to stop making promises she'll never fulfill. How anyone continues to support her despite the fact that she's become so lazy that she outright doesn't even create any content for her Patreon astounds me. I guess that's why she's bleeding subs though. Can't wait until it hits her that she actually needs to provide a service if she wants to continue to leach her paypigs of every dime they've got.

No. 667698


I think moo should just stop pretending to care about cosplay and shit and just go full feeder fetish. That's the majority of her current "fan base". All they want to see is this overweight chick in little to no clothes.

They don't give a fuck about her for pretending to like a game/movie/anime etc etc. They just want her naked, stuffed with food. She could get all the money for her vocations and do the bare minimum by eating and do a shoot once or twice a month for the big cash.

I know she clings on that nerd girl imagine because as long she isn't showing her clit and asshole, it's not porn and pretending to love shit makes her ~relatable~, my dudes.

No. 667709


It doesn't exist. All these threads have turned into 80% tinfoil and reaching that it's derailing from what's actually happening. Go sperg about it somewhere else

No. 667712

She has another Hawaii trip planned for later in the summer, chances are she pushed her original plan back and then saw froggy and the other two were going to Hawaii so she invited herself because she needed some “rest” after a month of ~depression~

No. 667716

Did she take out her extensions already? Were they seriously only for the week long vacation? And her normal hair… holy fuck, it's all damaged, from tip to root

No. 667717

So at this point she's in full scam mode. Does anyone else feel like she's going on as many vacations as possible before her fame dries up. You know, like her last shameless horah before she reaches morbid obesity? I also feel like when she retires in the next year she's just going to be brutally honest with her dumb fans "It's not my fault you guys paid me for nothing lol. seriously, but thanks for the free ride anyway!"

No. 667720

So Mariah has been sending out dmca take down notices on her Reddit pages for anyone posting this image >>665462 or similar. I think the only reason she's going back to the gym now is because her feelings got hurt from all her fanboy realizing how much weight she's packing on.

No. 667723

too bad she only likes quick fixes. She thinks 5-10 curls per week will solve her problems with zero cardio. And as a reward she's going to eat 800+ calories after her work out

No. 667729

File: 1559751673189.jpg (51.13 KB, 878x648, reddit1.JPG)


Looks like >>666009 is still up but according to the cucks it is something that happens pretty frequently.

No. 667730

File: 1559751809472.jpg (29.05 KB, 805x88, reddit2.JPG)


I also scrolled through the posts out boredom and I feel this post is pretty accurate how her fans see her. They wouldn't be sad if she suddenly dies, they would only care about the possible unreleased nudes of her.

No. 667731

That's because nothing happened between frogdresser and moo. The instastory was in response to an unhappy client of frogdresser's. At this time we still do not know 100% why Moo was with the other two without frogdresser during Hawaii.

No. 667733

File: 1559752417208.jpg (775.59 KB, 976x1620, 1559242970035_mr1559752200945.…)

I just needed to try a quick natural edit of this pic. Idk why she posts images she doesn't want online or even let her friends post them. A lot of media personas check that shit, especially if they have an image they want to maintain. That would mean being less lazy though so.

No. 667735

Then why did frogdresser also unfollow Mariah the same time she posted that story?? I think it is somehow connected to that client but her and moo totally got into it. And the fact she isn’t blowing up social media about it tells me she did something fucked and knows it.

No. 667745

Excuse but, what is that infront of the backpack strap? On the rose tattoo arm, is that side fat or her tit?

No. 667746

underarm fat/tit. the top is too small and has been for a while.

No. 667747

tit and side fat are the same thing on her at this point, aren't they?

No. 667769

If this doesn't strike her to the darkest and deepest core of her being, nothing will. There are people flat out admitting they do NOT give a flying fuck about her as a person and only for the object she has made herself into. Mariah, we know you read these posts, please get some fucking help and own up to your bullshit for once. Stop pretending to be this big hardass, get off social media for a while and see a therapist. You can afford one. Fucking christ.

No. 667770

She always redirects her hate the wrong way. I'd be surprised if she actually took a step back and said "hey I'm sorry I'll see a psych and I'll get help"
I feel like she would die before she'd get help but this is just me being around since thread 20 and she always being full of herself.

No. 667773

I've been around since early 90s of the threads and read some of the previous and I can't believe she would allow her ego become not only bigger then herself but big enough to where she is allowing herself down the path of no return when it comes to health problems. You know it's bad when anons on the internet are starting to say ''This was funny at first but now…"

No. 667794

She has always had an insane ego. Just reading her first few threads where the golden quote "that spandex suit has gotten me more attention than you'll ever get" really showcases her true feelings, even three years later.

No. 667795

My mind keeps going back to when girls from her high school came forward about her bullying history and how she was the typical ''hot mean girl'' and it wouldn't surprise me if she still believed that.

No. 667802

Moo, what did I say about putting all that heat on highly processed hair fresh after a service?

We all know that’s not going to last long. Moo has zero self-control and even with all the money she’s making from her paypigs, she won’t bother with a personal trainer because controlling herself is too hard. It’s all another scam she’s pulling for show to get her piggies to think she’s putting effort in then they’ll think she’s lost weight when she really hasn’t. This sea cow already has delusional obese girls admiring her body and want her “workout routine.”

No. 667811


As of Moo can handle having a personal trainer. She hates being told what to do or even implying that she isn’t a complete genius at everything she does who doesn’t need anyone’s help. The second they tell her something she doesn’t want to hear she’ll immediately tune them out and accuse them of being “rude and unprofessional” or imply they are completely incompetent and have no idea what they are talking about. She’s much rather take the easy route again and get the fat sucked out and just let everyone think it was because “she worked out and dieted soooo hard my dude”.

No. 667837

100 threads in and has anyone thought what Mariahs endgame going to be?
I don't think she'll ever be a good/happy person and will keep spiraling unless she gets a normie boyfriend

No. 667840


I gotta say, there is no scenario where this ends peacefully into the sunset for her. People like Mariah don’t suddenly realize the error of their ways and change for the better. They usually only spiral further and further into an early grave. Despite her bullshit claims of being “surrounded by people who live and support me and look out for me and call me out for being an idiot”, that absolutely isn’t the case. She has no one there to hold her accountable, no one who simply doesn’t let her get away with any of her bullshit. Otherwise they wouldn’t be hand waving her sexual abuse and bullying as “jealous bitches looking to ruin her out of personal vendettas”. She is surrounded by nothing but leeches and enablers who will leave the second a bigger meal ticket comes along or when they see her milk has run dry. Even her parents refuse to actually keep her accountable, especially her mom who simply just lets her do whatever she wants because Moo is just such a “special little snowflake who shouldn’t have her creativity contained”. And her dad seems to have completely given up on her.

Also, there’s no way she’ll settle for a “normie” boyfriend. Because that isn’t nearly exotic enough for someone like her. She needs the smol, Asian fuckboi with the six pack abs who loves anime and video games and Japan as much as she does. Also, any normal guy isn’t going to put up with any of her bullshit and would run for the hills in an instant.

All her life she has been surrounded by nothing but people telling her she is right all the time and that anyone who disagrees is just a jealous hater who can’t handle someone as stonk and beautiful as her living her best life while you wallow in misery. Anyone who dared checked her was promptly shown the door and subsequently unpersoned. She doesn’t have anyone there who will actually sit her down and tell her what a fuckup she is being, and she thinks as long as she has money to flaunt in all her haters faces she has nothing to worry about.

I guarantee this only gets worse and worse for her and doesn’t end pretty.

No. 667841

moo's head is so far up her ass she cuts out anyone who doesn't constantly kiss it.

though it really must suck to try to buy love. especially since she has nothing to offer but money.

No. 667842


And even that’s not working as well as it used to for her. As it turns out, people don’t like having expensive gifts and favors thrown back in their face everytime they try to question their friend that is obviously doing something wrong. They don’t like having to constantly pass “purity tests” to see whether or not they are her true friend. She expects them to be nothing more than lapdogs who bark her orders because they “owe” her for all the nice things she has paid for them. She doesn’t know how to interact with or connect with anyone outside of how much money she can throw around. And when that doesn’t work she goes apeshit about being “used and betrayed”. She genuinely doesn’t get that people don’t like being around her and only put up with her because of the obscene amount of money she throws around.

No. 667844

She owns like 5 pairs of leggings, and probably 2 are actually wearable. So I can't.

No. 667845

I was reading the boba Mei posts, and was just thinking – remember how Mariah used to say she doesnt like sweets? But was doing her "sexy ice cream". Christ, what a dumb thing to lie about.

No. 667846

File: 1559778799606.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, F93A25F4-39E5-4BDC-9DE5-DB00CF…)

No. 667848

It's like looking at the Nile from space.

No. 667849

>get in shape by AX

She's going to get more than her lips done.

No. 667850

Lol anon its okay to do food porn for neckbeard bucks without even liking the food. But tbh the only sweet thing ive seen her hoard is Mikes Hard Lemonade, shes more of a savory/greasy/fish & meat binge-eater from all the kbbq and sushi outings. Its actually one of her claims that makes sense, unlike the "I barely even drink!!" claim.

No. 667851

File: 1559779060883.png (2.54 MB, 1242x2208, 78BBA07B-68FE-4196-955C-76093D…)

No. 667854

Fair enough. She just always words it like they're disgusting, because liking sugar = that's why you're fat.

I guess I shouldn't expect too much from our linguist expert.

Who the fuck gets blood drawn from their weird tit vein? Also, she looks like she's disgusted to even touch the product.

No. 667856

tbh I wonder if Mariah has ever legitly had her breasts examined, she always says it is fine but we know she has been no where near a doctor in the last 3 years because they would lose their shit about her weight gran.

but honestly vein-chan boob is always more red/swollen and sometimes bruised underneath. never looks right and not just cause of vein-chan.

seriously Mariah go to a doctor.

No. 667858

>>667851 When Mariah and Vamps weren't following each other, I posted pics earlier, revealing how Mariah only drops these Adam & Eve ads shortly after Vamps posts her own on her personal page.

Sure enough, today is no different. Vamps posted an A&E ad on her account, and Mariah followed suit just a couple of hours later.

She's so petty about everything Vamps does, even though they're both trying to sell everyone on the idea that they've reconciled.

No. 667859

File: 1559780772884.jpg (445.72 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190605_172316.jpg)

>>667858 Samefag.

Here's a pic to support my observation. Doesn't seem like a coincidence at this point. She's so unoriginal, she has to plagiarize people for something as simple as a meaningless advertisement.

No. 667860

Oh look it's the one bra she owns and surprise surprise it doesn't fit her

No. 667862

Thats usually what A&E makes people post when they do ADs. This isnt Moo copying. Its the actual company. Look at others. The only thing that usually changes is the code based on who's advertising.

No. 667863

>>667862 You missed the entire point. It's the timing, not the phrasing. I said nothing about the phrasing at all.

No. 667869

nta but nice backpedal. she can't be plagiarizing the timing.

No. 667870

Nta, but how exactly did they backpedal?
They made a statement, statement was misread, anon corrected it. That’s not backpedaling.

I swear y’all get salty about the weirdest posts

No. 667872

Stop going off on these tangents

No. 667874

> tangents
> my first post today
Well someone’s upset they’re wrong and is lashing out at everyone.
Stop already, unless you’re going to actually contribute.

No. 667875

>>667869 I'm the anon you accused of backpedaling, and I'm the same one who just posted >>667858 >>667859 not long ago.

In thread 99, I also posted these: >>661688 >>661689.

So now there's more than enough proof to support my claim that Mariah has a habit of creating A&E ads shortly after Vamps makes one on her own account.

Check out the timestamps. And lurk harder next time.

No. 667884

No. 667885

File: 1559786338910.png (1.02 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-06-05-18-56-59…)

No. 667887

File: 1559786469811.png (882.01 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-06-05-18-57-04…)

No. 667891

Could she at least put some makeup on when doing these kinds of ads? Aren't the models suppose to be presentable when doing these kinds of ads?

No. 667897

This nitpick tho

No. 667903

lmfao catch moo trying to get on PR lists. There's been a TON of people complaining about the wipes being dry af so if there's inconsistency in the product that's actually worse than it just being a bit dry. Also those are makeup remover wipes and she's obviously not wiped off any makeup with that so wtf is she talking about.

No. 667909

Wow it's almost like people have different skin types and sensitivities you stupid cow

No. 667912

It's not a nitpick when it's something you're being paid for. She's consistently looked like shit every time she does an ad like this and promoted her steams. Hell even IN her streams she looked bad 50% of the time. It'd be one thing if these were of her own volition but when it's advertisement for a company it's common decency to at least look presentable.

No. 667917

Isn't this the 20th product change she did this month? Are you suppose to do different shift to your face daily? It obviously isn't working since she still looks like a 40 year old mom

No. 667918

>>667917 Dieting, proper hydration (meaning no booze or Monster), and steady exercise would do wonders. But she probably sees herself as a lost cause now, so she's just gonna shell out money on skin products that won't work, surgical procedures that will be irrelevant in three months, harmful hair treatments… you get the picture.

No. 667924

Selling third-rate sex toys on Instagram, wow. I would love to know just how disappointed her father is.

Lmfao use a different product every day. Don't give your skin any time to adjust- just haphazardly use random shit in selfies because the computer people need to know how much effort you're like, totally putting into skincare, my dudes.

No. 667931

File: 1559811782844.jpg (322.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190606-020050_Ins…)

Bitch, you just said that your trip to Hawaii made everything better and reinvigorated your passion for cosplay.

Now you're going to pretend you're depressed to get out of doing what you (and only you) call work?

No. 667934

>posts 20+ instastories per day
>distant or introverted
lmao Mariah pick one

No. 667936

>>667934 She makes it sound like not having friends to talk to or hang out with is her choice!

No. 667940

>if I ever seem unenthusiastic or uninterested
>trust me I am

freudian slip

No. 667943

Scammers endorsing scammers. Nice.

No. 667954


Quite the hard and fast fall from her manic episode yesterday when she said on her ig stories that she was thriving, my dudes

No. 667967


She’s constantly flip flopping between “I’m a stronk warrior woman who is living her best life and wont let you haters bring me down” and “pwease feel bad for me, I’m soooo depressed right now and just want to focus on my mental health”

No. 667972

Now if only she’d work on her physical health. Though from the way she’s been talking lately, Mariah seems genuinely spooked from seeing all the unflattering candids from Hawaii.

No. 667974

SSS literally just said this the other day on Twitter. Why does Moo feel the need to mock her? Not WKing SSS but it seems all too coincidental

No. 667975


Sorry if my reading comprehension is lacking, what did susu say on Twitter that moo is mocking?

No. 667976

Susu always trying to stay relevant by using Momo. Keep it in the calves thread.

No. 667984

she's not a calf.

No. 667998

Not many people here like Susu, but I think we can all agree she never needed Moo for anything. In earlier threads there are screen shots of Susu trying to be the voice of reason

No. 668007

File: 1559852128841.png (1.24 MB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-06-06-13-13-48…)

No. 668010

Sure Jan >>667143 >>665983 >>665916
Her acne is still just as bad. She's just been caking on more make up and filters.

No. 668015

File: 1559854233136.jpeg (422.7 KB, 1125x1428, B679F6B6-3243-4CDB-9ABB-BCC247…)

she removed her vacation plans from her bio

No. 668017

June Sets.

These are the laziest ones yet and the selfie set isn't even out yet.


No. 668020

File: 1559856062795.jpg (7.84 MB, 5736x3824, IMG_5159.jpg)


This is some uncanny valley shit

No. 668021

File: 1559856157237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.46 MB, 3840x5760, NOOD9463.jpg)

No. 668023

You're right, these are hella lazy. The MHX bedroom set has a bunch of repeats with such minor changes in them like her flexing her toes, then the next no flex and she moves her hand. Those are the only differences.

No. 668024

File: 1559856288164.png (610.43 KB, 819x700, JesusTakeTheWheel.PNG)

excuse me but wtf is this. On the Cattleya set she looks like a walking nightmare. Also the puppy pochaco is her poorest attempt at faking a shapely body.

No. 668025

File: 1559856336303.png (Spoiler Image, 6.87 MB, 3840x5760, badshoopisbad.png)

and once again we've seen more than half of these just on her instagram for free. I really hope no one actually paid 50 bucks for that catteleya… yikes. her photoshopping is getting lazier and lazier but this photo is particularly egregious.

No. 668026

her shoop is always a mess but that bellybutton placement is one of the worst things I've ever seen …

No. 668028


I thought the bellybutton was supposed to go BELOW the waist, not at the same level… Makes you wonder how much skin they had to shoop upwards in order to make her "flat"

No. 668029

pancake titties.
Throw some syrup on meee~

No don't, she doesn't need the calories.

No. 668030

Is she seriously promoting Halobeauty right now after all that shitty drama? Or is that the ONLY reason she's promoting those shitty pills that don't do a thing?

No. 668031

That isn't even a new set. She's fluffing up her rewards for past shit she already did.

No. 668032

Jesus, did she seriously use belts for a 'leash' in that Pochaco set?! WOW that cost for props is really showing!

No. 668034

I didn’t even notice that at first, I think it’s actually a camera bag/messenger bag strap which is even worse

No. 668035

File: 1559858416790.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 5760x3840, shefall.jpeg)

What is this pose, I can't. I've fallen and I can't get up!

No. 668037

Oh honey…gravity is a thing and it is NOT your friend.

No. 668042

File: 1559859311904.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.43 MB, 8464x5760, oofer.jpeg)

you poor thing, look at what you've done to yourself.

No. 668043

File: 1559859688421.png (1 MB, 720x1097, Screenshot_2019-06-06-15-16-12…)

How is her moonface still smaller proportion wise???

No. 668044

looks like she’s ready to charge at me

No. 668045

That is the face of someone who is dead inside

No. 668047

File: 1559860039682.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1046, 897CE619-643C-49F2-99E8-D4A301…)

What is even going on with her side boob/back here? I’m so confused as to what belongs where and… how… ??

No. 668048

File: 1559860070085.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2019-06-06-15-24-34…)

Added "tan Pochaco" to her patreon stash. Also: Nurse!Pochaco, Bowsette, Akagi (Azur Lane)

No. 668049


marvin shooped her titty to look pointy but left all the sexy rolls in

No. 668050

File: 1559860155466.png (1.33 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-06-06-15-25-01…)

She wants perky tits when they're not

No. 668051

File: 1559860176222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 3840x5760, FBB06FD8-00FE-42E8-AD99-325999…)

imagine paying for this shit. just the pose… everything about this picture screams misery

No. 668052

File: 1559860237791.png (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 2035x2887, terrifying.png)

a terrifying chin and zig zag ass crack combo

No. 668055

for someone who supposedly hates yanderes so much, she sure does cosplay a lot of them

No. 668056

well, it's not like she ever has any knowledge on the characters she cosplays does she

No. 668057

Oh my GOD I cannot wait to see her shitty spray-tan attempt to be this dark, she's about to look like the Annoying Orange.

No. 668059

File: 1559861559337.png (424.48 KB, 525x825, Screenshot_126.png)

No. 668060

File: 1559861711594.png (235.44 KB, 497x914, Screenshot_127.png)

No. 668061

File: 1559861789394.png (15.64 KB, 440x156, Screenshot_128.png)

No. 668062

Even in drawings she hikes her underwear way up. Those look nothing like her either, can't wait to find out who the artist is

No. 668063

weren't those just what she usually posts on her instagrams/snapchat? Who keeps falling for this shit!?

No. 668064

I'm kind of surprised that Mariah hasn't gone back for more lipo at this point, or even swindled her way into weight loss surgery. She had the money and is clearly uncomfortable with how she looks now.

No. 668065

It almost looks like Slugbox who is known for these type of proportions but I can't be 100% sure. Also didn't Nigri just get stickers or merch done by Slugbox?

No. 668066

She's playing dumb. She knows exactly what they meant.

No. 668067

It's not Slugbox's art. The proportions are similar but it's not his art style. The eyes and the use of black for shadows are a major giveaway.

No. 668068

It looks more like reiq's style tbh, he also does work for Bunny/Susu and he commented on one of her posts when she was looking for artists for future projects in the past threads iirc.
Disappointed but not surprised that he's looking to work with her.

No. 668070

Either Reiq or Bokuman(sp?) that has been her artist since she stole the MooMoo design

No. 668071

File: 1559863766557.jpg (Spoiler Image, 787.12 KB, 3840x5760, ahsrnp36.jpeg.jpg)

Lmaoooooo wtf is this pose????

No. 668072

It would be easier to identify if she fucking credited artists for once. I think it is reiq though because the style is extremely similar. And what’s the point of making the Pochaco art when it doesn’t look anything like her? It’s basically fanart of the character (even though it looks nothing like the character either)

Not surprised she’d flat out lie at this point just so she doesn’t have to do anything that was promised.

The pose someone does when they just don’t give a shit and are going through the motions so they can collect money for another month while putting in 0 effort.

No. 668073

File: 1559864210600.png (474.39 KB, 750x1334, FC187A9F-846E-4BC4-B3D5-423148…)

This person has obviously not seen the Hawaii photos. Looks like she’s trying to feel better about herself, even though it’s pretty obvious this person thinks Moo actually looks like the over the top photoshopped fakery she shills. I wish people weren’t so stupid.

Sorry, Mariah. But when you come for your daily dose of lolcow, those comparison pics are reality. You can fool the internet but there’s a reason men don’t approach you in real life

No. 668075

She's really pushing for those cuckbucks with that weak ass nip slip. Also good job trying to slim your left arm and in the process making it obviously by the sudden dent in your tits, Moo. There is so much wrong here, it's hard to start.

No. 668077

File: 1559864561952.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3072x2620, 4EBB06ED-EFA8-429B-A82E-76A28B…)

Truly amazing

No. 668079

I really have to wonder sometimes if she ever mentions the farms or anywhere else that posts about her to any of her ''friends''. If she does, I can only imagine it being ''These haters are just sad little boys who wish they could hit this and jelly girls who wish they could be this" cause that's the ego she has about everything

No. 668080

It's definitely not reiq. She couldn't afford him.

No. 668081

imho she wore pasties she had in her cum lube hinata thing

No. 668083

HA she wishes she looked like that. What a delusional skank. Where’s that body positivity? If you loved your body you’d let that artist draw you like the fat fuck you are.

No. 668084

Question is why is she wearing the hentai nips in some photos but not others of the same outfit? It's like she started the shoot with them and then just ditched them later

No. 668089

She probably also doesn't know what pose she's doing. It looks like a mix between wanting to be quirky and sexy yet "not wanting to do this anymore but she has to because not even McDonald's might want to hire her for her infamy" sort of pose.

Boy, I can't wait for the shitty photoshop tanning on this one. I have ten bucks on her attempting to copy this pose. Joking aside, I think she's only doing Pochaco because it fits her body type and still somehow "socially acceptable".

No. 668090

Why is her belly button near her throat?

No. 668091

Seriously this belly button is so high up

No. 668092

File: 1559869143861.jpg (171.71 KB, 1080x2220, PhotoshoppedMoo.jpg)


I tried to make it more realistic but I think it's still too pretty to be her.

No. 668093

There was an attempt. The shoulders aren’t wide enough lol.

I’m never going to get over the amount of unflattering pics they took of her in Hawaii. It’s like Christmas came early.

No. 668094

Not enough side-to-back boob

No. 668095

File: 1559870486862.png (329.6 KB, 750x1334, 7FDCA6CF-9942-4DF5-8B23-F0A834…)

This is gonna be a rough time for her

No. 668096

File: 1559870659390.png (412.7 KB, 510x881, reiq.png)

Snippet of the convo between him and Bunny

No. 668097

File: 1559870704417.jpg (421.49 KB, 808x1610, Screenshot_20190606-212433_Twi…)


Oh boy

No. 668098

File: 1559872319987.png (350.54 KB, 1198x1364, Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.51…)

from yj's twitter

No. 668099

File: 1559872700621.jpg (172.29 KB, 1080x2220, sketch-1559872310756.jpg)


There, I tried to fix it accordingly. Also sorry, I'm doing this on my phone so its not the best.

No. 668100

I know English isn't his first language but…yikes?

No. 668101

Nta but it's a new set, she reshot Cattleya last month, updated moonface and all.

Creeps of a feather flock together, oof.

No. 668102


These dumb hoes put themselves out online to be gawked at by horny men and make money off their desires, then turn around and act disgusted by their comments? Their hypocrisy is headache inducing.

Also, trying to publicly drag an artist for working with her is so petty and childish. They seem incredibly immature and unprofessional - they're obviously looking for drama. Susu and her inbred gf should just ignore Moo.

Ugh they annoy me so much

No. 668107

Here comes the obligatory moo apologist.

When you do business with someone they should keep their comments professional and not incel-tier. Funny how on here we all agree that people who willingly work with moo deserve a dragging and here you come to defend.

No. 668108

it's called having a professional attitude when you work with someone. That's like saying women at Hooters deserve to be harassed

No. 668109

I don’t see why they shouldn’t call him out. People know already that he’s a creep in the art scene, more so now for collaborating with a known sexual predator like Moo.

>ignore Moo

Lol that’s funny, you’re funny anon.

No. 668111

File: 1559874906268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.57 KB, 795x960, 61756684_2373918176264457_8575…)

OT but Nike now makes XXXL sizes for women so Momo has zero excuse to not wear things her size other than utter denial

No. 668113

bdd is a hell of a drug bb.

No. 668116

In Mariah's mind she is a US Large and not an inch bigger. I'm sure it would kill her inside to breakdown and buy an 2X or 3X that she actually is.

No. 668119

that mannequin is her exact body, too

No. 668120

File: 1559878183798.png (1.2 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2019-06-06-19-29-53…)

No. 668122

File: 1559878206031.jpg (527.02 KB, 472x597, FtScskt.jpg)


No. 668123

Those arm pieces are not gonna fit whatsoever.

No. 668124

File: 1559878307263.png (898.19 KB, 709x1201, Screenshot_2019-06-06-19-29-58…)

No. 668126

File: 1559878440706.png (1.19 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-06-06-19-30-05…)

Anyone remember when she said she organized her cosplays, a couple threads ago? Well now she's reorganizing I guess

No. 668128

File: 1559878496086.png (1.2 MB, 715x1184, Screenshot_2019-06-06-19-30-15…)

No. 668132

File: 1559879084331.jpg (409.18 KB, 1280x740, 862cd99c450401e73f087d281a360d…)

I checked that listing of that fox tail that was reserved for Mariah. Looks like she bought it today.

No. 668133

File: 1559879129244.png (1.09 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-06-20-44-07…)

Instagram live

No. 668134

Circleofchiefs instalive

No. 668135

File: 1559879268264.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 1D3EBE4C-E703-4B03-95D2-6D2C40…)

Apparently she got high last night and ate loads of crackers. (That’s what she said.)

No. 668137

File: 1559879533424.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 0361679B-2834-4DB5-B554-8287D2…)

No. 668138

>those profile pictures
I couldn't be less surprised.

No. 668139

Thank you for the caps. This dude is 100% TRASH. No wonder he's working so easily with Moo, despite the milk and scandals.

No. 668140

what is her fucking hair though. It looks like a straight up troll doll…

No. 668141

Meh, anons can bitch at me for it but I agree on the susu-bunny hate. They're petty and annoying regardless of if that artist and moo are creeps. And I've long suspected them of both self posting and posting here, especially with the weird cringy circlejerking that was going on last time they came up.

They're flakes in their own right and I think their garbage shouldn't be overlooked just because they also dislike moo.

No. 668142


ok then make a thread for them and take it there

No. 668143

File: 1559880625601.gif (134.13 KB, 287x344, 2ee.gif)

>i know you have a gf, but my goal was to get you naked.

>my apologies


No. 668145

>still chubby in the first picture
you cant be fucking with me

No. 668146

I 100% agree with you, but it's probably best to take it to >>/w/33300 to avoid further shitting up the moo thread with discussion about them. Whenever they're brought up, the thread gets clogged up with all the asslicking/possible selfposting, so it's best not to fan the flames.

No. 668148

Kinda late into it but:
>broke her charcoal, "it's okay, things that broke can be mended again", says it's a meme
>admits she looks like a turtle, like Crush from Finding Nemo
>is drawing Sensei
>Sensei tapes her phone to hold it up, says "ya-my-tie", says its "yamete" when someone asks what she said
>says she's better at the little details while drawing
>she "almost got ghosted once"; story is Sensei said he wanted to be free and only had a backpack for luggage. Vamps, Moo and another person all had multiple bags for multiple purchases/personal items. Vamps is struggling up the stairs with her luggage and Sensei took it up the stairs 3 flights. Sensei then decided he didn't want to hold anyone else's bags after that. Moo asked Sensei to hold her garbage in Nara but Sensei told her to find a garbage. Sensei butt in to say it happened multiple times where Moo (and others) asked him to hold shit and he felt obligated to take care of other people's shit. Holly and Vamps wanted a picture and Moo asked him to hold the bag while taking a photo. Sensei gave a look while holding it, Moo backpedals that he didn't need to hold it. They all go back to the Airbnb, something else happened where Moo gave attitude, Moo begged Sensei to stay in the room when he didn't want to.
>Moo promised a bunch of things she wouldn't do on the Japan trip but did it anyways, according to Sensei. Sensei apparently had to talk to everyone in the room and everyone was taken aback.
>Sensei admits he paid for his own ticket but Moo paid for everyone else. (Brandon was paid for but apparently "worked" for Holly so it's okay he asked for favors.)
>said she was too overbearing, didn't know what boundaries were, took 2 weeks until she texted Sensei about disrespecting him and "putting [her] baggage on [him]"
>bought a toilet bidet
>someone asked for her to do Toriel (Undertale) cosplay and she said "10/10 would bang" but didn't want people to hate her when she lewded the character
>saw Doctor Strange "about 80 times"
>Sensei was talking about Japan and "having restraint" when Holly was lying in a closet in the Airbnb and Moo paused the live
>AirBnb was super small
>Sensei said what he likes about Mariah is that if she doesn't get what he says all the way it takes her a couple days to weeks to realize whats right and wrong ((LOL))
>says she has alot of eyes on her and doesn't think its beneficial to continuously fuck up. Contradicts herself when she says she doesn't like it when someone keeps fucking up and never apologizes

No. 668149

RIP to that mop on her head she calls hair jfc

No. 668150

File: 1559882517576.png (885.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190607-124004.png)

Frogdresser in!

No. 668153

Jfc what a fucking mess, so much for her passion for cosplay, she just treats her stuff like trash, I can't believe she'd let people see this. After cosplaying she'd just throw them in a pile, not even washing any of them. The wigs aren't even inside the bags.

No. 668156

maybe she came home and sensei was fucking his gf and triggered her

No. 668157

shes gonna kill that man

No. 668158

are these the etsy items she was late buying

No. 668159

>tries in every way to be mindful of her actions to others; catches herself being negative
>Sensei says she does too much and overextends, says she doesn't have real friends who tell her its too much to give
>Sensei keeps bitching about how a delivery dude, who looked dehydrated, took two waters from the fridge instead of one after he offered water. Was mad he had to take time from a tattoo to get up and grab the second water from him. Delivery driver apparently didn't speak clear English.
>commentators say Sensei is being rude and both Moo/Sensei didn't know why he was rude
>said she and Blaine look alike
>someone asked why she didn't involve them in her instalive and Moo said its not about the viewers and its a podcast about mindfulness
>someone said Moo didnt like Mexicans and she flipped saying why they have to be so stupid in the chat
>is going to work at Sensei's shop "working" on her birthday as a receptionist (Friday the 13th tattoo day)
>apparently she scuba dived while in Hawaii
>whenever Sensei was in a situation where Moo met a fan he was disapproving. Has yet to meet anyone irl who was mean.
>someone touched Moo's hair and she almost broke his wrist ((when Moo said she'd rip the spine out of someone's asshole if they were mean and Sensei said that's what he liked about her. I don't understand how he is so supportive of "mindfulness", to ignore negatives but approves of her verbal threats))
>apparently her new roommate is named "Caitlyn"
>Sensei apparently has a whole armory including crossbows in the house. He also breaks alot of lamps and doors in the house?

And I'm out. She's too fucking boring and they aren't talking about anything lmao

No. 668160

File: 1559885235209.png (1014.79 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-06-06-21-57-47…)

No. 668161

she did a beautiful drawing of keemstar!

No. 668162

Wait another new roommate? Is she low on cash or did sensei move out?

No. 668163

no sensei is still there

No. 668164

>went scuba diving in hawaii
I refuse to believe that, no way she could be away from her phone for that long

No. 668165

Link Dead, anyone got a reupload?

No. 668166

File: 1559889072385.png (8.96 MB, 1242x2688, 57B10AF1-220E-4A02-946E-2ACFB2…)

No. 668167

File: 1559889502381.png (1013.05 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_2019-06-06-23-31-18…)

Some Etsy listings

No. 668168

File: 1559889715202.png (134.89 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_2019-06-06-23-33-23…)

Bought a Naruto cloak and another pair of these panties, probably broke the other ones. Only goes up to XL

No. 668170

File: 1559890351293.png (1.09 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-06-06-23-51-17…)


No. 668171

>>668166 Nothing quite like bragging about mindfulness on a podcast, and doing something like this to mock indigenous people around the world.

No. 668172

>spends all her time stalking ex-friends and being on lolcow
No drama at all for this cow. Not one ounce.

No. 668173

Does she not realize she posted not even a couple weeks ago on IG about getting fed up with being taken advantage of? Being the “golden goose” as she stated and demanding that the person apologize to her publicly? I know she’s a fucking idiot but c’mon, people can use the internet to see that she’s contradicting herself.

She certainly wasn’t having fun dodging accusations of sexual harassment and pretending it didn’t exist until it got blasted all over the internet. She’s going to have less fun at AX this year when people notice she’s there (if she bothers to leave her hotel that is) and take photos of “that fat cosplay chick that sexually harasses people”.

No. 668174

File: 1559897494796.jpg (324.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190607-014915_Ins…)

>>668007 Your face looks like the constellation of Orion in the skies of hell.

No. 668176

no skin care regimen on this earth is going to be enough if you eat your body weight in takeout every night.

No. 668177

>life changing for my skin
>insane changes in my acne

Her face is sickening. She has the facial expression/proportions of a literal toddler. With hormonal acne.

No. 668178

>no artist credit

The only thing semi accurate is the fucked up gut on Bowsette.

Otherwise it just looks like fanart.

No. 668180

Why is she so obsessed about skin care lately?

No. 668181

The comments about Sensei's girlfriend looking clean, fresh, and cute with little makeup while she looks like a hag must have gotten to her.

No. 668182

File: 1559900802581.jpg (302.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190607-024437_Ins…)

Currently crying in her IG stories at the moment. Another late night manic episode. Doesn't really state a reason for crying. Just more of the same "I'm grateful - I love you guys - I'm trying to be better" bullshit.

She eats one salad, and has an epiphany.

No. 668183

Oh she's so stupid with this bullshit. She just read a bunch of some stuff on websites, bought a load of products, but I can guarantee she won't keep it up for long. Especially microneedle, that takes awhile to see any results.

No. 668186

>>668182 She's been going on for about 20 minutes now. Still hasn't sad anything of substance that we haven't heard before. Typical Momokun tropes. Even threw her family members under the bus, saying she loves what she does, and somehow tied it in with not growing up in an ideal household.

She knows her career is spiraling down at a rate that's beyond her control at this point. That's what I'm getting out of these stories. She fucked up, and it's too late.

No. 668187


Oh my man Reiq, I'm so disappointed.

No. 668188

Thanks for confirming Sensei really was tard wrangling the whole time. And she didn't even pay for him. We all went first class my ass kek

No. 668189

File: 1559904478238.png (8.11 MB, 1242x2208, F74E4D78-5098-4CB6-94AA-5E0FEA…)

Wait, isn’t that sensei’s girlfriend?
Would kinda explain that massive breakdown she’s having.

No. 668191

She probably read she was getting dragged on Twitter again when she finished that fucked up "podcast".

No. 668192

people are missing the other dangerous thing is that since momo is a blatant art thief this could end up rippling. She's stolen multiple designs and tried to get away with it, posted uncredited art on social media so a larger artist like reiq working with her can set a precedent of 'well if this artist doesnt care that she's a known art thief then these lesser known artists shouldn't either.

I doubt that reiq is directly aware of this or that he cares cause he obviously seems more interested with lining his pockets than working with reputable clients but if he was doing any reference hunting at all typing in 'momokun art' automatically fills in 'Momokun Art Thief'

No. 668193

why the fuck did she edit her belly button so far up, that looks bizarre

No. 668198


Can anyone archive these stories? She has totally snapped

No. 668201

It’s obvious from her Etsy listings that she’s going to try to copy jelly edens kimono outfit or whatever it is

No. 668202

File: 1559908577956.jpeg (618.12 KB, 1242x2070, 52930DC3-0146-4DE0-B49B-01ACA4…)

Samefagging but look who liked it

No. 668203

too bad moo is braindead and didn't get a kimono fitting done in japan. that's what kelly has done here. moo is going to look like the bargain bin version of this.

No. 668205

>implying there are kimonos moo's size in Japan

No. 668206

>someone touched Moo's hair and she almost broke his wrist ((when Moo said she'd rip the spine out of someone's asshole if they were mean and Sensei said that's what he liked about her. I don't understand how he is so supportive of "mindfulness", to ignore negatives but approves of her verbal threats))

Here we go again. Moo being a bad ass, but she's allowed to assault and harass others.

No. 668207

File: 1559912582724.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, D69221AD-C616-452C-8564-5D2C46…)

No. 668208

Senseicunt isn't any better than our cow either. Most of what I heard was his empowering her…to be a cunt. That thing about the two waters? Yea Moo and sensei are two of a kind- one of them just hides it a little better, but they are both daft cunts

No. 668213

They're probably used to fat Americans asking to be fitted. She's just too much of a coward to do it.

No. 668214


backup pls? file is gone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668215

It’s good to know sensei is just as much of a dick that moo is, no wonder theyre stuck by each other

No. 668216

there are, those shops that do tourist fittings have them made for that purpose.

No. 668223

….? Is.. she microneding her lips? I dont watch her videos because reasons but is that what she was doing? Does she think it’ll give her bigger lips? Lol.

No. 668224

She has been desperate to regain some semblance of youth lately. What caused her ego to shatter and make her see the old woman she has become?

No. 668225

If you've been crying weekly how you're a better person for the past three years guess what Momo? You're not becoming a better person

No. 668226

next she'll be injecting herself with wasp venom.

also protip moo, dermarolling doesn't help if your skin is covered with active acne.

No. 668228

I might be a noob at beauty regimes, but is it me or are those gold under-eye patches on backwards? Shouldn't the bigger part go under the eye where there are more bags, rather than on the cheekbones?

No. 668229

I get a little bit of a grin here cause
1) it looks like Moo is this big ass toddler fingerpainting in preschool
2) mentally ill old woman looking in the mirror and putting lipstick all over her face

Then we have Sensei’s cutie right there looking like she’s taking a picture next to someone with special needs

No. 668231

Am I the only one who think it's desperate how she's finger painting Sensei to impress him while brown nosing him in front of his confident GF

No. 668232

Women who are secure with themselves, don't have to worry about sneaky bitches like Moo. Not that Sensei is that big of a fantastic catch, but still.

No. 668237

Oh shit you're right lmao good job Moo

No. 668238

I wonder if she is crying because sensei is fucking his gf in the next room.

No. 668239

>>668238 I honestly think it's how Sensei was telling her the truth that she doesn't want to hear and finally realize that he will never be into her.

No. 668240

File: 1559928628872.jpeg (450.44 KB, 1920x1920, C1A5770E-C082-404A-A4E6-B7BF81…)

That (boob sweat?) stain though.
Also ugh @ her lifting her arms up to make them look smaller all the time. Feeling really bad for those next to her. Can you imagine someone exposing their sweaty pits right next to your face every time someone‘s taking a picture of them?

No. 668242

>said that she's not having a good time and it's obvious her mental health is fluctuating
>usually she allows people to see her life but she doesnt want people's 2 cents and doesn't want to show personal things off
>says people get the know about what's going on and doesn't want them to fuck it up
>trying to handle things maturely and progressively as she possibly can. Trying to not instantly react to things negatively
>loves what she does and didn't grow up in the best circumstances where she had a supportive household so when she has supportive followers it makes her happy
>smiles and laughs when she cries because it's a coping mechanism. Does it because she wants to laugh instead of crying

No. 668249

>didn't grow up in a supportive household
>mother literally prints out her slutty cosplays and puts them on a poster for her birthday


No. 668250

Imagine the smell

No. 668254

I recorded the IG stories but the files are too large. Need to condense them and find a temp site to host them.

It’s literally 5 minutes of her crying and repeating “I don’t like to cry”. Might as well spill the tea Moo because I’m sure whatever it is is going to come out eventually. I dunno about you guys but I’m looking forward AX and the potential milk it brings.

No. 668255

Right now, I’m suspecting she’s going to drop out of Anime Expo. I doubt we will see her there.

No. 668256

the constant victimization of herself is so tired. what i hear from her having an “unsupportive family” is that they were the last people to actually love her enough to instill some boundaries and morals in her. tough love for her in her bipolar narc brain is abuse, and obviously no parent that loves their child is going to be okay with them doing the shit that she does. her parents were the OG tard wranglers, and now that they’re not in her life 24/7 pointing out right from wrong, she’s just drifting through life thinking every decision she makes is the right one with no self awareness or reflection. she has no buisness being awake at 3am, nothing good ever happens in a bipolar narcissistic mind in the middle of the night. this cycle of “life is great y’all!” to having a breakdown on her stories is getting very ALR-y. won’t take anyone’s advice but her own, so it’s really just down to her to wake the fuck up and do the shit that she knows she has to do for herself. moos discipline, boundaries and morals are WAY off, and until she gets herself in check she’ll be forever stuck in this miserable cycle.

No. 668258

Life could easily be so much different and perhaps 10x better if she admitted she has a problem, takes a break from ''cosplay'', seeks professional help and perhaps get on medication to give her some stability. But then again, this is Moo and there's clearly nothing wrong with Moo /s

No. 668259

True enough. It could go 50/50, she will either go there to spite “the haters” while dodging any and all confrontation by hiding in her hotel room until it’s time to drink or she will come up with a bullshit excuse as to why she won’t make it (“I’m doing an extra lewd shoot rn gais!”, “I need to focus on myself, I’m so emotional!”)

No. 668262


I’m tired of hearing the weak ass “my background isn’t supportive.” If you’re Arab or Muslim or some of your family is Muslim, this is 100% not a fucking surprise. What did you expect? An ethnicity and faith that has always prided itself on modesty to suddenly accept you parading like legit a whore in their eyes? You’re pawning off lingerie, sex toys, and have shown literally every inch of your body to the Internet. You’re an e-prostitute. And a real life one too since you fuck your photographers and cosplay friends with when they shoot you. Your family wants nothing to do with you, it’s a miracle that her mom interacts with her at all. And a shame. She probably gets trashed by family constantly and has to live with the forever guilt and shame that her daughter turned out like this. Eastern families love to show off their kids. How do you show this off? I hope Mariah reads this. Your laziness is ugly. You only sex because it’s literally the easiest thing to do. Washed up trash at 23. Soak it in with the money you have left and dwindling.

No. 668263


*sells sex. Part of that is actually maintaining appearances, and putting your body to work, not the photoshop tools. Jesus.

No. 668264


So what is it Moo? Were they super abusive assholes who didn’t love you enough or were they perfect supportive angels who made sure you had a good head on your shoulders? Because it sounds like you make up whatever shit makes you sound more like a pathetic victim when you get called on your shit.

Seriously though, these manic flip flops are just getting annoying at this point. It’s always fine extreme to the other with her. With her parents it’s “loving support” to “abusive assholes”. With her personal life it’s “living my best life and don’t bother with the haters” to “soooo depressed right now”. Just shut the fuck up and actually go get some help instead of thinking you have to dunk on anyone who says something you don’t like.

But since I know she won’t I’m more than happy to sit and watch her spiral even further into sadness and depression. Least she serves after what she has done to other people.


I’m sure she is going to duck out with some bullshit evacuee about “Focusing on my mental health right now and can’t deal with being around people right now”. When really we all know it’s because she would be utterly despised there and would spend the whole weekend shitting her pants over someone actually calling her out. That is if she want too busy hiding in her hotel room and getting shitfaced drunk with her friends.

No. 668265

>>They were abusive!
Literally had how many twitter posts talking about killing her mother?

No. 668266

moo's dad wasn't even the typical arabic dad. he was just a sports bro-dude who wanted a son and used moo as a proxy. which sucks, but fuck, moo acts like she was abused. plus her lies about having her hijab ripped off as a child, if her dad wanted her to be hijabi she'd be lucky to not have been beaten to death.

No. 668270


According to her, him not letting her sit on her lazy fat ass and making her do some sort of athletics made him “abusive”. The only reason she isn’t even more of a lard ass now is because like a good parent he actually tried to get her involved in sports and didn’t let her sit on her ass all day stuffing her face and watching anime. And low and behold, the second he isn’t in her life anymore she is fatter than she has ever been, even before she started doing sports. Now that daddy isn’t there to make her put down the fork she has no self restraint whatsoever and pigs out whenever she can.

It’s obvious her idea of “abuse” is them not being lazy parents and letting her do whatever the fuck she wanted.

No. 668272


Also of course that hijab being pulled of her head story is all bullshit. When she is looking for “woke poc” points she always trots out the same “abused Muslim in America starter pack:

- hijab ripped off head

- gets called “sand nigger”

- gets called a terrorist

- told to go back to “insert middle eastern country here”

It’s practically the same script she throws out whenever she is getting shit and needs some kind of defense or wants to insert herself into some political talk.

No. 668273


She still has yet to release her May Selfie sets that were suppose to be released lastnight.

No. 668274

She's probably still sleeping. Manic breakdowns at 3am take a lot out of you, anon!

No. 668276

Exactly, she lies about the dumbest shit. In all her childhood pics she isn't wearing one. None of her family members even owns one. She just doesn't want to admit she's a basic girl. The most exotic thing about her is her Italian features.

She chickens out when people call her racist. I remember when people called her out on fat shaming and she lied about anorexia (lol). Then when people called her out on bullying people to death and making light of suicide by saying she use to self harm despite having zero scars "my scars faded by now gaiz"

She lies about everything so people can be sorry, but she knows she's just a bully

No. 668277

i mean the most blatant part of the lie is that children don't wear them. soooooo.

No. 668278

>- gets called “sand nigger”
place my bets she called someone else this in high school and not the other way around

No. 668280

Oh totally, people have attested to her being a mean popular girl already. Wouldn't be surprised if she's gotten in trouble for racist slurs in school.

No. 668281


Pretty much assume she is transferring EVERYTHING she says happens to her from shit she pulled herself to others. We have all the evidence to point to that as being factual.

>>Sexually Assaults people

"But But I was assaulted!"

>>Acts like the racist dumbass white girl she is and calls someone (insert slur here)

"But I cant be racist I'm (insert race/religion/marginalize sexual preference here)"

>> Fat Shames someone

" I am a big boned girl too I would never do this!" (or some such shit.

and so on and so forth

No. 668284

don't forget her lying about getting her phone stolen

No. 668286

Most of this is amusing cause all the spite she threw at those girls in high school, has come back to bite her in her flat flabby ass. She wonders why she is miserable? It's because she never learned how to think of more then just herself. She has to buy other people's companionship, has to spend money on ridiculous items to fill the void she's trying to pretend isn't there, she has to convince herself nothing and no one will EVER bring her to her knees cause she's totes only needs herself. These days, she's convincing herself of the lie more then anyone else. We already saw that the cucks don't give a flying a fuck about her as a person, only what she's photoshopping good enough to stomach.

No. 668288

I'm still not sure about that story, it was confusing. First she claimed it was stolen, then she said she broke it? Then something about storming out of the police station because everyone laughed at her? Who the fuck knows the truth when it comes to Momo. But I 100 percent believe they laughed at her

No. 668290

She claimed her phone broke so she was using her mom’s phone to post to IG then it was stolen. Then the epic “I chased the thief and all the locals cheered for me” story came.

No. 668291

File: 1559940165234.webm (19.3 MB, 640x1136, Crying.webm)

Heres a recording of all her crying instagram story lastnight

No. 668292

Someone cut that rat nest off her fucking head, it's so gross. Also why is her skin looking so shiny? Like sweaty or slimy almost?

Also take a shot each time she says ''right now''

No. 668293

Probably a mix of tears and residue of her face care products >>668174

No. 668294

Her skin is shiny because she wasn't gentle at all after a chemical peel. In fact she was rather aggressive with it. Exposing it to tropical sun, rubbing, poking, putting all these harsh chemicals on it.

Anons were screaming at her to just use a gentle cleanser, sunscreen and drink water. But Momo knows best.

No. 668297

This was already posted earlier. Keep up

No. 668298

someone already posted this yesterday >>668111

No. 668299

File: 1559942397936.png (780.95 KB, 536x942, 2019-06-07 17_19_39-_pt_ - Mar…)

jfc she was really on one

No. 668303

Jesus, this is triggering flashbacks to her totally genuine and heartfelt apology. Its like she has never felt sorry in her life, just blurting the same crap every time.

No. 668304


She doesn’t apologize, she simply says whatever it is she thinks people want to hear from her and shits out a couple of crocodile tears and thinks that’s enough to let her off the hook and she’ll go right back to what she was doing before.

No. 668305

she sounds so drunk

No. 668306

geez Momo needs heavy medication other than add ones

No. 668307


I’m sure she is. She’s always getting high or completely shitfaced drunk to combat all her desperation and self loathing at what a shit human being she is which brings on these manic 3am crying “Omg I love you guys sooo much” sperg outs.

No. 668309

Checked the first thread and in some profile she called herself an Italian girl. Really makes you think.

No. 668312

God, it took her like 8 videos to say the same exact thing multiple times.
We get it, you're emotional, your childhood was rough because your parents wouldn't let you eat two cakes instead of just one.
Also I like how she says she loves what she does and loves the messages she gets when 80% of her fanbase just wants to see her tits or are there for the drama.

No. 668313

File: 1559946711769.jpeg (658.55 KB, 2828x2828, F6467C36-5189-4655-9359-32BFC5…)

Something isn’t right here

No. 668314

She used her Italian heritage when being Italian was cool and then when POC points became a thing she forced that she's Muslim/"lebeanse"

No. 668316

hahaha. when has she has ever appeared in a magazine or dvd, fucking lol

No. 668317

Let‘s not forget she‘s Asian as well!
Whenever it fits her current narrative, that is.

No. 668319

Did some digging and sensei's gf is called Caitlyn like someone mentioned earlier but I think it was with a K. Moo's new roommate IS sensei's gf. What a hoot

No. 668323

Holyshit, she did mention a room mate and that she was a woman. How is this creepy Three's Company shit gonna work?

No. 668324

Sensei and gf gonna ride Moo’s gravy train for as long as it suits them or at least til Moo tries to put a gap between them

Either way, if gf is moving in, we’re gonna see a whole new wave of milk

No. 668327

So we‘re gonna have those ‘Moo is hearing them fuck’-3 am-mental breakdowns on the regular now?

No. 668328

We might even see some cop calls over her losing her shit about them. Tinfoil of course, but Moo flies off the handle instantly nowadays. Sensei's gf from what I can see seems like a normal person and manic Moo is probably gonna freak her out.

No. 668329

His girlfriend is moving in? B-But Mariah said he's a free spirit who isn't seriously into dating!

No. 668330

senseis gf

No. 668331

File: 1559951443517.png (5.23 MB, 1800x1688, A218860E-D191-4227-B6FF-445524…)

It’s infuriating that she treats things as expensive as those ears like trash. Just like her heaps of broken anime figurines, wigs, costumes and everything else she buys on impulse. I hope she loses her Patreon at some point soon because it’ll be great to see her flounder without access to thousands of undeserved dollars a month.

No. 668333

>mother bakes you a cake for YOUR SISTERS birthday cause you feel left out
>you threaten to murder her because she bought you the wrong car

No. 668335

Casual reminder she said she just "gets over depression" and other people should do the same.

(cause she's not actually depressed, obv)

No. 668336

Allegedly made her a meal plan, but she was crushing the sushi within 24hrs.

Such an abusive dad.

No. 668337

I remember back in her old place (do I call it a McMansion?), I think just before Vamp moved out, she was saying how no one would be having sex in her home so she wanted to live alone or some weird ass shit.

Now she has two roommates?

I have a feeling the second one is the gf.

No. 668340

Holy shit, this is the first time I've heard her speak …. normal? Not the whole time, but there's a large chunk of her speaking in what seems like her normal tone.

No. 668343

File: 1559952478170.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x2179, FA4F4A6F-C445-4D83-BFD8-16C8E7…)

Getting more plastic surgery. What the hell is the point when she doesn’t workout? And what the fuck is this face?

No. 668345

>And what the fuck is this face?


No. 668347

File: 1559952634684.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1242x2186, A20C9524-720C-4C6E-9109-FA6195…)

No. 668348

Those are some PTSD Vietnam flashback eyes! Something has REALLY fucked her up!

No. 668349

File: 1559952736529.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2191, 8C06B56D-F3C4-45FC-A512-8071B7…)

Good job paypigs, you’ve ruined her. If she didn’t have shit money to spend she could’ve started working out instead of a quick temporary fix.

No. 668350

Straight up "lights on but no one's home" lol

No. 668351

I thought she was wearing a matted bath rug over her shoulder before I realized it was her hair/extensions. Jesus Christ just shave your head already and start over. Her cat piss stained floor wigs would look better in comparison lol
So is it her lip procedure and…? Is she getting more lipo done?

Fucking kek!

No. 668352

I'm confused why she mentions her arms. Are those next?

No. 668353

Tess just got lip fillers and she looks so fucking awful in her pics now. Her face looks like a scrunched blowup doll and there's no going back.

Moo stop, you have issues now with your body image? You're about to get yourself to a whole new level of botched that never would have happened if you'd get of your fucking ass and put in WORK!

No. 668354

Just a little bit up anons were saying she lied about self harming but the I think deforming yourself like this definitely counts as self harm. All the resources in the world to do things the right way and you choose to distort yourself more. I wonder what sketchy doctor agreed to this

No. 668356

Does anyone think she's trying to be a bimbo now? She came out of nowhere with the feet, DDLG and mommy dom shit, so who knows?

No. 668357

Eating your body weight in food every day is a form of self harm as well. We know she's miserable. She knows she's miserable.
Everyone is born with that little switch in their head that once in a while clicks on and makes them go ''You know…maybe not" but not for this cow. She's gonna cut up, pull up, suck out, fill in, stitch together everything til she's a disfigured image of her former self.

No. 668358

This is gonna look so terrible, I’m living for it.

I don’t think she even realizes what she’s doing to herself.

>Because the fat cells in the treated area of the body are removed permanently, there are little to no fat cells in the treated area to absorb the newly formed fat. Fat is then deposited into cells in untreated areas of the body. This new weight gain will cause the remaining fat cells to grow, wherever they may be in your body.

>Weight gain is even more of a risk if you are inactive. The fat may return as visceral fat, the type that settles around the organs and increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So basically her tits will end up becoming even bigger and saggier while she’ll also probably become diabetic.
Unless she’s delusional enough to actually believe she’s living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

No. 668359

the plastic surgery bothers me so much. like, dude, why don't you just workout? burn more calories than you eat? she's so irresponsible

No. 668362

Are any of her friends even trying to stop her? Cause this is really dangerous and the fact random anons on the net are expressing more concern then her so called ''friends'' says a lot about her circle. Just like the reddit idiots said, nobody gives a shit as long as she keeps putting out content that keeps their fantasy of her as a jizz rag alive or she is handing out money like free samples.

No. 668363

We think her body already looks stupid with not much fat going to the waist, now it won't even go to the arms anymore. And we all know she's going to keep gaining.

I couldn't find it in the thread but recently on an Instagram story she said she was working on looking good for AX by working out. She was fully prepared to lie out of her ass again. Someone probably convinced her out of it because there's no way to lie about those massive arms disappearing. I don't believe she wants to tell people she's getting lipo AGAIN

No. 668364

She would accuse them of being jealous and wouldn't listen to a word any of them had to say.

No. 668366

what friends?

No. 668367

This though. Like, sensei actually said just that night that she doesn’t have any friends outside this whole online cosplay community. >>668159

No. 668371


This woman is about to get lipo..for the 3rd time. She needs to stop and actually lose weight because all she is doing is pigging down to gain it all back. Is she going to keep doing this until she stops getting cuckbucks?

No. 668373


It stops being body positive when you keep going in for multiple procedures that can be remedied by being healthy. That’s just called lazy and a quick fix, my dude.

Breast reduction, eye surgery (she won’t admit to it but I’ve heard from multiple sources, take it or leave it) , lipo on stomach, lipo on left leg, lipo on right leg, cold sculpt on chin, new: lip filler, lipo on chin, lipo on left arm, lipo on right arm, lipo on .. flanks? Are those her legs? That would be two more, and twice for the legs. Twice.

No. 668375

Is it just me or does Sensei always seem passive aggressive or just subtly throws shade at Moo all the time? Like the whole ''its just a joke'' type of comments and yet everyone knows it's not a joke

No. 668376


I lived near a few Somali families and the little girls wear hijabs, but that's the only time I've seen children wear them though.

No. 668378

File: 1559956377465.png (773.13 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-06-07-17-32-42…)

In addition

No. 668379

File: 1559956442545.png (989.29 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-06-07-17-32-53…)

No. 668380

Trisha paytas 2.0! She's nearly there already.

No. 668381

Yep, she’s the next Trish. All she’s missing are mukbang streams. She’s pretty stupid for not catering to her feeder fetish pigs since we all know what her audience is.

No. 668382

her skin be glowing so much she looks like having a 5 o’clock shadow

No. 668383

So body positive~

No. 668385

Saw the story on Sensei's profile of her during that ''tribe pride'' thing……she was either using the charcoal or ink from a previous enzo painting session. Either way, I think I know why her face looks like a coal miners right now

No. 668387

surgery is what you do after you attempt it via healthy options, dumb cow

No. 668390

Considering where she's getting the lipo done when she gains weight again her jowls are going to look fucking insane since the fat can't develop where they used to.

This is going to be hilarious.

No. 668391

There she goes again changing the definition of things to suit her needs. If you love your body so much why you getting procedures done? Defeats the purpose eh?

Either way it'll be glorious. She will look more like donkey kong as this will further emphasize those linebacker shoulders of hers.

No. 668392


It’s stupid sentiments like this that make me lose all sympathy for her and enjoy watching her mangle her body into an unrecognizable mess because of her own insecurities. She literally tries to change the meaning of words just so that she be right and get to dunk on all the haters for calling out her stupidity and hypocrisy.

Remember, “Body positivity and love yourself and be happy with what you were born with, but also change anything you happen to not like about yourself with plastic surgery and lie about it if any tries to call you out”.

No. 668396


Maybe she can shave that stache while shes at it.

No. 668398

The weirdest thing is this- I don't think Moo moved senseifucks girlfriend in- I bet cuckboy there did that himself. Moo doesnt need his money and the first best thing she could do is kick them both to the fuckin curb and live alone, with her cats.

Lets NOT try telling her all the shit we know about the horrid side effects of spur of the moment cheap ass surgeries. We have done that COUNTLESS times and yet here we are. Lets all cheer her on and when it collapses into laughable, we can say told ya so.

CoC, Moo, ALL of these people are scumbags. He's just another leach and I wouldnt be surprised if he was somewhat behind the fallout with vamps (not proven but come on she has never been less visible.) just so he could suck the fat errr money outta Moos ass, and bring his "g/f" along with.

No. 668399

I guess it’s safe to assume that Moo and Vamps aren’t on speaking terms at the moment? I remember the last time they were together after Moo’s manic episode was when Vamps was going through the closet but nothing since huh? I’m sure Moo will do some vague mention of her after reading this to keep appearances up.

I’m honestly not surprised she’s getting more shit done to herself. She’s been spiraling for a while now but is too fucking lazy to correct it the right way. She only knows how to throw money at her problems. It’s gonna be funny in a few months to see the results because she doesn’t believe in proper aftercare.

No. 668400

She knows she looks like a turtle and saw bad candids of herself in Hawaii. So she does the podcast, heard some truth about herself, goes home, then cries for an hour on camera. THEN announced she's having work done on areas that were not shopped out of her Hawaii pics. So all of a sudden jumps into having all of this work done. But love yourself, body positivity, right? Butcher yourself because people judge you and you have the sads, but it's ok. She's going to look ridiculous. But whatever treats your depression I guess.

No. 668401

Could you blame him tho?

No. 668402

Vamps is currently making Cheelai (DBZ) and is going to AX. If it's on Mariah's dime is yet to be confirmed. I remember Moo said a loooong time ago she was cosplaying Broly to match Vamp's Cheelai but Moo hasn't mentioned it as of late?

I think both of them were "bullies"that want to seem wholesome and over their aggressive behavior. His instastories don't give off such a aggressive vibe like it did last night when Moo was there. I imagine Japan was Hell for him because she was equally matching bullshit for bullshit and he got angry. Either way, moving the g/f in will be a mistake. When it'll come to fruition that Moo will not appreciate extra pussy in the house is, we shall eventually know.

No. 668403

You forgot cold sculpt on her stomach or w/e "abs"

What kind of eye surgery?

No. 668404

I forgot the term but she wanted a "eyelift" for her undereyes way back. I don't think she actually got it, she just posted on Facebook about it

No. 668408

>>668349 This girl had liposuction twice - TWICE - and looks like shit, and refuses to change her lifestyle, which is why she constantly repeats her mistakes.

Sure, she may look about 25 pounds thinner when this next wave of procedures is in the books, but she'll still be the same unhealthy, unmotivated, unlikable piece of shit on the inside. She'll still suffer from fatigue whenever she does something as simple as climbing the stairs to get from the ground floor to the second floor. Her body is basically trained to behave a certain way now, which is why we see all of the weird fatty deposits in her face, arms, and back in particular.

This will probably make her feel better about herself for a couple of months, but she'll probably still be over 215 lbs. once the doctors finish up. Then what will her excuse be?

No. 668412

File: 1559962857573.jpg (219.98 KB, 475x797, lookatthoselushuslips.jpg)

photoshop-anon back again, I tried changing her lips and her jaw. Sorry about the hack-job

No. 668414

well she'd get her PoC points this way, this looks like an old chola

No. 668416


From what little was reported here in what he said about her (and she didn’t save that live stream) she broke down.

Can you imagine how delusional she is to keep telling herself that we’re all just haters and dismiss what we’re saying? If she had an ounce of maturity she could’ve grown from the criticism here. Instead, she literally eats her way through the pain. This is why she’s so big.

No. 668417

This lipo round is gonna be even more amazing. She's gonna look huge when this is over. Her eating habits have gotten worse over the years and she's a lot lazier. My sister thought lipo was the answer, got it done at like 200 lbs. She's now over 400 lbs and no amount of exercise helps her lose it. I'd post pics but pretty sure that's not allowed. Lipo doesn't fix anything unless you take care of yourself afterwards and Mariah is completely incapable of that. 600 lbs Life, here we come!

2019, the year of the cow and the flood of milk!(no one cares about your sister)

No. 668418

She looks like pepe the frog here

No. 668419

except the lips aren't going to look that flat and smooth. it's going to be a weird puffy top lip that disappears when she smiles like plasticnproud.

No. 668422

File: 1559965263067.jpeg (179.63 KB, 680x553, E8596771-749A-4865-BD4B-29B7F0…)

No. 668423

Holy shit, her Middle Eastern features are REALLY showing now if this is even close to the end result.

No. 668427

You mean you will look more like a botched monster? Love it

No. 668428

File: 1559967441796.jpg (43.67 KB, 400x411, 1528516420807.jpg)

Please, Moo. Learn how to spell. At least turn on autocorrect.

No. 668429

But all the things you're doing is not needed if you just put the fork down. You will undo everything in just 3 months. You can't just lipo 30 pounds of fat off yourself to gain 80 pounds in the same year. Someone stop her. Who's the negligent doctor who agreed to do this?

No. 668434

She really does look very Middle
Eastern there. Honestly, she looks like JonTron in a wig.

No. 668439

I just find it so interesting she goes about twoish years with no real intention of getting any other surgeries done, but when vamp is finally getting her nose done mariah goes hog (kek) wild with the lipo again. I know she’s had cool sculpting but nothing really invasive like lipo. This is going to be glorious.

No. 668440

Moo said she'll be cosplaying Pochaco with Miso, and Azur Lane and Guilty Gear with Cat, I doubt she'd add another cosplan in there, in fact I think it'd be a miracle if she actually does any of them, given how lazy and flakey she is. Vamps might hang out with Moo though, hiding in the hotel room together.

She was going to do one on Camversity, but she ate like a burger and stopped because she ate before the stream started and she was too full. She was either too much of a glutton and couldn't keep her paws off the food, or she was ashamed of the comments lol.

No. 668441

So because she's getting more lipo in different areas but won't actually eat right or exercise, her fat is just going to go to the craziest places. Lots of back fat in her future, her legs are going to become tree trunks and her forearms are going to look like Trisha Paytas' back before she got lipo.

No. 668443

File: 1559972964396.png (506.72 KB, 2048x1065, Screenshot_20190607-224712.png)

I got curious about what lipo for her "flanks" meant. (I'm so uneducated af about plastic surgery.) Sounds like she's trying to get the hourglass figure she has shopped into her photos.

No. 668444

oh no thanks I hate it

No. 668454

if she's getting actual surgical lipo she's gonna be bruised for at least a couple of months after, do you think she'd take time off for that?

No. 668455

time off what? her "work"? She'll do what she usually does and just re-release old sets and/or photoshopkun can make them disappear..like her rolls