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File: 1561560107603.jpg (849.58 KB, 1661x1465, deletingthispicfrommycomputeri…)

No. 673100

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>669385

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Umbranwitch starts leaving the picture but not after having sung moo's high praises like the most devout follower
>Also gave some of the milkiest candids seen in ages
>Stickers she commissioned look nothing like her, also speculated to be a low tier artist given how much limb hiding they had done. Once again moo overpays and gets scammed out unbeknownst to her
>Made a tiktok that lasted hardly under 48hrs. Immediately starts deleting comments and full deletes it after
>Shot a Pocacho set and went as bad as one would expect. Let everything hang out. Shot in her backyard despite multiple locations she had been at in the last week which would've given more scenic options
>Gets lipo days before photoshoots
>Said lipo is supposed to be this super quick healing type but even with that it should take 2 weeks MINIMUM to heal
>Has constantly been going out without the headstrap to help it heal
>Completely abandoned her diet that would allow her to keep off the fat she just got sucked out
>Tries to play the "everyone else does it why can't I?" card with lipo. Also tries to completely drop all responsibility she has a popular person because she can't handle responsibility and doesn't realize that responsibility is inherent with popularity. Perfect deconstruction by >>672118
>Etika's confirmed death is revealed and moo being moo hops on the train immediately to post one of the few pics they had together to show how much she "cares". Deletes post hours later

No. 673104

kek, nice filename, op

No. 673108

The update sounds so much more like opinion than actual fact.

>Umbran isnt going out.

>Her tiktok and those two vids are still upand were never gone.
>You dont have to wear compression clothing 24/7 until youre healed even with normal lipo.
>Its just opinion that it should take minimum 2 weeks to heal, but revert back to where I said you arent required to wear compression clothing 24/7 and she didnt even do normal invasive lipo

Can a mod ban opinion posts at this point? The other thread was filled with nonsense from rad anons who literally just dont think and fly off the handles.

No. 673115

File: 1561564804012.jpg (369.81 KB, 720x893, 20190626_085113.jpg)

I wanted to draw some attention to her Diner Betty - er, Nurse Pocacho costume that Cat just finished and delivered.

I circled three buttons that are obviously holding on for dear life. Check out the fabric, and how it's being pulled to one side. You can tell this outfit is way too small for Mariah, even though she's essentially suffocating herself with how tight that corset is.

She got all of this fat sucked out of her lazy ass body for nothing.

No. 673116

That hemming job though, boy it's good neither has any qualms about quality

No. 673122

So… is this a post about how bad cat’s sewing skills are (because, y’know, >>>/w/5855 exists) or just ‘muhh fat Mariah is fat’?

No. 673139

It's probably critique of both. A good seamstress shouldn't have those problems and moo refuses to recognise her actual weight and stop wearing things and getting commissions too small before those become projectiles.

No. 673141

I’m not sure what it is about her wrists here, but holy crap there is hardly any difference in size from her forearm, to her wrist, to her hand. They look more stubby than ever. I’m not even sure if you can get lipo there so maybe all of the fat she got sucked out will basically return to her forearms…

No. 673145

It's the perspective of the photo. She's got her elbows out behind her to hide her arms, so they're foreshortened, making her wrists look disproportionately wider. that's why her forearms look about 4 inches long. the only other explanation is wacky Photoshop because it is some serious fun-house mirror shit

No. 673146

I highly doubt she could push those ham arms far enough back that perspective would be an issue. She just has whatever the arm equivalent of cankles is.

No. 673151

frists, forearm wrists. plus the word sounds funny.

No. 673154

File: 1561579562346.png (5.04 MB, 1800x1339, ABA86F0F-AE02-4493-9A30-BEB4DA…)

The image on the left is obviously photoshopped but still the comparison from last May up until now is staggering. You can’t hide behind corsets, Photoshop and lipo forever Moo.

No. 673157

The puffy sleeves really don't help the fact that her head looks tiny next to those shoulders. Have her shoulders gotten bigger from weight or something (or seem bigger idk)? It looks not as bad in the before pic

No. 673160

yeah they have because she keeps getting lipo and eating like shit. the weight gained goes to places she hasn't had lipo, like her upper arms.

No. 673178

>places she hasn't had lipo
>upper arms
True, until the most recent procedure anyway (she just had some sucked out there); whether that will affect her shoulders or not though I suppose we will see in time lol

The best advice to offer her (aside from the obvious diet/exercise) is that she could probably benefit from bigger hair? Also picking different camera angles, shooting from slightly below like that probably also makes her head look smaller…

No. 673185

File: 1561591097913.png (676.38 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-06-26-16-13-22…)

No. 673187

File: 1561591182039.png (894.15 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-06-26-16-15-28…)

Cat posted a instastory that featured Moos hoarder house

No. 673188

File: 1561591865932.png (862.05 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-06-26-16-15-33…)

No. 673198


LOL awesome! Thank you for using my pic for your thread header. The file name is fucking hilarious! Glad I did that old moo justice and made her too disgustingly grotesque to save onto your computer.

No. 673210

File: 1561595698875.png (1.44 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-06-26-17-34-00…)

No. 673212

File: 1561595836197.png (1.42 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-06-26-17-34-05…)

No. 673214

From what? Realizing that lipo isn't helping at all because you keep eating it away? Maybe the fact you're not doing proper aftercare? Are you finally realizing that lipo isn't a quick fix?

No. 673220

Out of curiosity but the artist who did moos recent fan art, wasn’t he outed as a sexual predator? Also with the Poacho image wouldn’t it be illegal for them to sell those stickers and make the existing character as their own profit?

No. 673222

File: 1561596669725.png (756.36 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2019-06-26-17-47-46…)

She looks like Mr Smee from Peter Pan

No. 673224

Didn't she just have a wigmaker over that could of maybe cleaned up her trashy wigs. Seeing how that person is apparently head over heels for her anyway?

No. 673229

call me crazy, but isn't this recycled? I swear this is from something she posted ages ago.

No. 673230

Now that you mention it. It is old She doesn't have her rose tattoo.

No. 673232

>red nose

Thought this was some weird porky pig shoot.

No. 673233

>>673222 Same recycled A&E ads.

Same tendency to upload her ads shortly after Vamps posts A&E ads on her own IG page.

My favorite thing about this particular photo is her beet red nose, like she just got done snorting a line and decided to put on this ridiculous ensemble.

No. 673241

Putting on the glasses and her hairpin doesn’t make it Mei, Moo (that wig doesn’t even resemble the character) Jfc… I know it’s an absurdly old set but her laziness is on full display right now. If it weren’t for the shit cosplays she throws money at her slaves for, all she would be doing at this point is bikini “cosplay”. (I mean, that’s what 90% of it is right now but still)

Looks like someone spent a few minutes crying to get ready for that IG story to gain sympathy. Your crocodile tears are fooling no one Mariah.

No. 673244

Oh her old lewd Cuphead bullshit thing she tried to pulloff even though its a lewd firefighter.

No. 673251

File: 1561605998630.png (1.04 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-26-20-23-52…)

Miso and co are driving to Las Vegas again tonight so expect some ass kissing

No. 673254

File: 1561606665703.jpeg (63.76 KB, 750x201, 3DCA6A6E-2E8E-49A5-9437-53F4D5…)

No. 673272

Not going to lie, I sincerely thought this was sexy Grunkle Stan.

No. 673274

File: 1561614649024.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2208, 82C6E124-9765-4399-82D0-8679CE…)

Reiq hasn’t posted publicly on twitter about the Momokun “collab” for AX and the only pic referencing anything to do with her on that account is this pic. He’s a scumbag but even he knows that mentioning her there would most likely bring tons of negative attention his way. He’s a shitty person but Moo’s reputation is even shittier.

No. 673282

File: 1561618886988.jpeg (470.05 KB, 1242x2054, C4B9ECAA-A90F-4647-84F5-BA6685…)

Mariah has completely lost it in her IG stories over the Etika situation. I’d feel sorry for her if it weren’t for the fact that she’s proved to us before that she uses tragedies to her own advantage to garner sympathy.

>it takes no effort to be nice to people

Lead by example then you rotten imbecile.

No. 673283



here’s the crying rant from her insta story Incase she deletes it or for general prosperity. Sounds like it’s all hitting a little too close to home

No. 673284

she's riding the etika mourning train again, she posted a string of "boo-hoo" hear how sad my voice is videos

No. 673285

Who is she kidding this is all about her and those that dare go against her. That we just 'don't know' how she handles things. She's bawling about herself she couldn't care less about the poor guy.

No. 673287

>implied that Etika didn't do suicide baiting and said no one knew he was going through it and no one knew because he said nothing
What about being admitted to a mental hospital multiple times did you not get he had problems??? His streams where he was talking nonsense? The swatting? Is she this stupid?

No. 673288

You’re right. It’s extremely convenient that she’s posting this right now since it wasn’t too long since her last manic episode. Etika’s death is unfortunately just a cover for her to say shit that’s relevant to her without it /being/ about her.

It’s funny that she gets this worked up over social media but is too damn stubborn to leave it for fear of being forgotten.

No. 673289

Same old game. She bitched about Twitter being like this but only used the excuse because she got banned twice

No. 673290

Of course she didn’t know. She was too busy living in Mariah-land to actually give two shits about someone else’s life other than her own. Shows how much of a “friend” she was.

No. 673291

this coming from the sick fuck that doxxed nana and almost drove HER to suicide….fucking disgusting. shut the fuck up moo.

No. 673292


Skype acting classes, baby!

I think this is all one big smokescreen for her situation, and how she feels about herself. She has to feel pretty silly, driving around with pantyhose wrapped around her chin while crying and potentially searching for fast food.

She's the most insincere and least convincing person out there.

No. 673293

She GAVE TWO FLYING FUCKS when the AX controversy happened and people's mental health deteriorated but as soon as dick is involved she's on it faster than a fly on shit. I don't understand

No. 673296

And this was her SECOND bedroom.

I wonder how bad the old one looked when she moved out.

No. 673321

Wait hold the fuck on, did she mean that the room was not cleaned since the shoot?? Holy shit Mariah you lazy slob.

No. 673322

>he said nothing

….except for when he literally said he would do it. This bitch is 100% retarded.

No. 673331

It’s fucking tragic that etika took his own life because of mental health issues but I really don’t like the fact that this bitch is crying on Instagram like she was super close to him. Like, you really need to be this shit for a clout moo? You want to take time to heal? Stop trying to make it seem like you were buddy buddy with him when you knew you weren’t. If you want to be caring, how about you realize what you did to Nana? You know, the girl that you dumped and harassed, nearly had commit suicide? Christ, I can’t believe this bitch.

No. 673339

is moo missing the fact that etika not only threatened many times but was in a cult. it's tragic and his mental health was obviously bad, but ffs moo is like the only one who didn't realize. even keemstar tweeted at him to get help one of the times. i know moo is fake, but this is too much. it's like she's copypasta'd a wikihow article on how to act after someone commited suicide.

No. 673341

Honestly I really hope someone actually close to him calls her out. She literally met him once and confused his kindness with friendship. Starting to think this bitch is so needy and attention starved she'll think anyone who's slightly nice to her is a new bff. Seriously how nice he was to her is how he was to EVERYONE anybody can see that. Log off and do ur job moo ffs.

No. 673349

time to heal? she has been saying that for the past 3 months.

No. 673364

File: 1561666236313.png (1.79 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-06-27-12-55-57…)

These are just buzzwords for sympathy if you don't utilize them yourself Moo

No. 673373

Not to go all tinfoil but that doesn't include what was said in DMs either. Knowing Moo after he put that manicked "I want you." on her Hinata set. She probably made whatever state he was in even worse because she has no clue how to interact with functioning humans, let alone those going through stuff.

No. 673378

File: 1561669920095.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, 1457DF04-E37E-4C81-8876-322C60…)

She deleted all but one of her crying IG stories from last night. She’s back to being obnoxious.

No. 673380

>>673378 Looks like her face is melting. This could easily be one of the panels in the "This Is Fine" meme.

No. 673415

Is she supposed to have her headgear off already?

No. 673416

File: 1561681032040.jpeg (331.72 KB, 750x1088, 22897770-6E55-4E31-8333-6B0848…)

Her craftsmanship is terrible as always

No. 673417

holyshit, why use real leather when your skills are trash? foam would have worked fine. It looks like everything is hot glued together.

No. 673418

File: 1561681334416.jpeg (700.26 KB, 750x1032, CF9DD117-6662-4C82-AF06-3DC31B…)

She was moo’s inspiration for making this. Here you can see the difference between moo’s “craftsmanship” and hers

No. 673419


Because to her, the more expensive the materials = professional cosplay!!1!!1 Having expensive crafting materials doesn’t mean shit if you don’t have the skills required to use them, Moo. And that eye thing looks like total crap.

No. 673421

File: 1561681615234.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 31A2F183-FF7E-48FB-815B-6D688C…)

Samefag, she even included a step by step: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfhwtHGB39 but moo butchered up as always with whatever it is that she’s doing

No. 673422

No. 673423

File: 1561681759281.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, AB84BFDA-24F3-4AA8-B501-4702A4…)

No. 673425

File: 1561682440686.jpg (75 KB, 1080x598, 09404661388809fb3c08bdf281f63a…)

Calling the
>Eye patch made by me!!!! :3
self credits in every post now.

No. 673427

>that obvious chin blur that cuts off at her upper lip
Oh, sorry Moo, was your skin regime not working like you claim?

No. 673428


Okay, but why would you be out in the heat if you're allegedly a guest who's supposed to be at the booths of both Miso Tokki and Reiq?

I still don't think she'll make it to AX, but if she does go, she's gonna ghost it. She wasn't invited to shit.

No. 673429

She's just working the booths. She's not a guest but she made it sound like she had "big things" happening. Funny.

No. 673430

>>673429 There's no reason to doubt anything you said. I just think she accidentally slipped up by saying she was going to be out in the heat at AX, meaning she's not planning on spending time inside where it's air conditioned. So now I'm thinking there's a possibility that she's going to ghost it again.

No. 673432

I mean… I'm all for speculation but LA in July is hot. And there's like a million people at AX so it's gonna be warm whether you're inside or out. While I agree that yeah, she's probably gonna ghost, I doubt she had some kind of "slip" here lol.
(Sorry, forgot to sage)

No. 673435

honestly looks like she cut up an old purse/hand bag

No. 673436

It's like she wasn't even looking at the source material. Christ. How can you be this inaccurate

No. 673442

File: 1561689377954.png (389.22 KB, 2048x960, Screenshot_20190627-193427.png)

Besides the inaccuracies, I'm surprised other anons didn't notice how weirder than usual her lip looks. Turns out she got the fillers already. Kek I'm surprised she didn't make a bigger fuss about it.

No. 673444

It looks like nothing? I can't tell because her filters/blurring

No. 673447

Youd think her lip would get bigger but I guess nah

No. 673448

oh her lip got bigger…it just made her turtle lip more prominent

No. 673449

File: 1561690305657.jpg (707.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190627_214755.jpg)


No wonder she looked more uncanny that before

No. 673450

This reminds me of that shitty gold turd looking thing that other infamous cos cow made. It’s so bad… did she cut it with kids safety scissors??

No. 673451

I wonder how fresh the fillers are. Her upper lip just looks like it's in the middle of an allergic reaction that's been smoothed over by filters

No. 673459

The fraying, uneven edges on the eyepatch and those giant D-rings lmao, jesus. This is the first thing she's made herself in what, half a year? And it definitely shows.

No. 673461

yeah, the giant D rings are what kill me. She cant make a single accurate piece of cosplay ever, can she?

No. 673469

I sort of noticed it in the nurse picture she posted, but didn’t want to speculate. Especially since it seems like she didn’t get a lot. Her top lip barely looks any different t, while her lower lip does look a lot fuller. She might just slowly be adding more filler over the months, but still seems like a waste of money.

No. 673471

It's not even supposed to be that hot this year (~80 when last year was over 100). That's nothing when she's used to Vegas.
I think she's just name dropping AX and then will conveniently have an excuse not to go.

No. 673472

She also probably didn’t want to mention it too much after all the shit she got from her lipo. I’m curious to see if she’ll add more later.

No. 673477

File: 1561696772029.jpg (385.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190627-213609_Ins…)

She deleted the conversation seen in >>673442 where she admits to getting lip injections, so now she's using symbols to tell the world about it in a more vague manner.

They look like shit.

No. 673481

File: 1561697660203.jpeg (264.33 KB, 1818x1818, CE541C3B-94B8-497E-A788-0C895C…)

Might be a reach but, knowing moo who is as original as cheesestick I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 673482

It looks no different. Keep wasting your money, Moo.

No. 673483

She paid for her design, which is stupid as hell considering there's nothing special about it

No. 673484

she looks like a fucking frog here. how can one person get so much work done and still look so god damn ugly?

No. 673487

File: 1561698353672.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 0306F318-BF0A-42A2-848D-88F1E6…)

No. 673488

It doesn’t look very tinny.

No. 673489

She also posted that she’ll be posting the pearl panty try ons on Patreon and onlyfans

No. 673491

>>673487 Looking at her back above the bikini string, you can see all sorts of editing. There's an array of discoloration. She got lazy, picked one hue, and touched things up to hide her "flanks" that were supposed to be removed. She spent all of that money, and she's probably doing twice as much photoshopping as she was before.

No. 673492

File: 1561699107527.jpeg (594.86 KB, 750x1105, CF5E8C17-6E5D-493B-9B7D-AFE417…)

kek the blur

No. 673493

File: 1561699168867.png (Spoiler Image, 755.81 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-06-27-22-18-13…)

Holy shit

No. 673500

File: 1561700971532.png (1.06 MB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-06-27-22-48-06…)

It got WORSE

No. 673501

You think she’s going to regret this when she gets older?

No. 673502

>See you

I don't get it.

No. 673504

File: 1561702120334.png (Spoiler Image, 606.83 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-06-27-23-04-38…)

>invites people over to this dirty ass house

No. 673505

This is incredibly trashy, holy shit. Along with the IG following this one where she’s sucking her hand with as much enthusiasm as a pig at a trough.
How long before she pushes Patreon’s tos and gets reported since she keeps sinking to newer lower levels in a desperate attempt to keep her patrons? More people are leaving comments on her IG about her not doing cosplay anymore and only wearing outfits to chase money. The cucks are saying they’re leaving to get the sets for free on Reddit because it’s not worth it. So at least some of them are finally coming around.

No. 673506

File: 1561702539743.png (91.6 KB, 720x563, Screenshot_2019-06-27-23-12-36…)

I thought she was making a calendar? The last excuse she made

No. 673507

>i dont want to buy another wig

No. 673508

The lip thing honestly makes her look even older… Like some desperate for dick middle aged woman who had to get work done to compete with 20 and 30 something year olds.

She's ruining herself month by month and she will likely start nudes soon. I feel like 2019 is her final year as a "cosplayer".

No. 673509

She changed her idea from a calendar to a photobook several, several, MANY threads ago. Idk why anons keep bringing up the calendar still, makes us all look stupid. Either way, we have neither.

No. 673511

File: 1561703226842.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-06-27-23-22-48…)

Why does she have so much shit in her bathroom?

No. 673512

File: 1561703243143.png (2.3 MB, 1242x2208, B8F53D3C-43DB-424C-8AA5-8D0016…)

No. 673515

File: 1561703721074.gif (859.17 KB, 421x504, CA99E518-C3D6-4DEF-A4D5-BE0B61…)

tfw the filter kicks in, slowed it down so you can see the snapping. peep the chin bruise.

No. 673516

I know they're still swollen because she's just had them done but wow do those lips look terrible. as another anon said, they really just age her even more. I wonder how much more of her body she's going to ruin with surgery rather than just losing weight and maybe making an effort to get better at makeup. not that I want her to, watching her growing desperation lead her to these decisions is increasingly hilarious.

No. 673517

Moo really reminds me of that Franken Fran comic where everyone gets plastic surgery to look like what they desire. Moo will continue to skinwalk by getting surgeries or indirectly asking for shitty favors.

No. 673518

she's lazy and probably a hoarder

No. 673519

when you spend thousands on lipo and lip fillers to still look basically the same. What a waste of money

No. 673520

She literally went and blew who knows how many cuckbux on surgery and it only makes her look like a trout even more, god damn it moo stay classy lmao

No. 673521

File: 1561704173206.png (4.65 MB, 750x1334, 01CA26EE-EBDF-460B-B2DF-969384…)

oh this explains that breakdown

No. 673523

You know she’s just lamenting the loss of free cake right? Lol

No. 673524

File: 1561704551668.png (1.43 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-06-27-23-47-29…)

>when you realize Moo probably offered Miso and Squarecuck a place to stay until they found a house in Las Vegas

No. 673525

I wouldn't be surprised if she's been denied jobs since any self-respecting employer google searches her and pulls up half of this and the other troughs of bad rep that mooriah gets.

No. 673526

she makes it really obvious as to why she can't live alone. She needs live in servants and forced emotional support for her 3 am manic episodes

No. 673528

fuck, spoiler tag them shits.

her lips look like rolled vienna sausages

No. 673529

File: 1561705703091.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190627_235732.jpg)

Reupload with a spoiler.

Melted waffle iron lips from her recent IG stories.

No. 673530

File: 1561705728826.png (960.73 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-06-28-00-06-40…)

No. 673531

it looks just as goofy as mariah does all the time, so congrats?

No. 673532

Fastest way to ruin a friendship is by moving in with them.
Moo can’t seem to keep roomies that long.

No. 673535

Lmao this pose. I call it, "GYN's-eye-view"

No. 673536

You can literally make that exact design in line camera app in 5 minutes tops

No. 673537

File: 1561707363413.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190628-023130_Ins…)

No. 673538

How long have those two been dating? idk, seems quick – but I guess when you live with Moo and are probably poor, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This too, kek

>tfw you're about to burn the final bridges you have left

No. 673539

File: 1561707594648.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 1D491EB2-FDFE-48E7-8D9F-5B3B6B…)

Wanna bet how long until moo feels completely disgusted because maddie is seriously crushing her?

No. 673545

The correct answer is when this girl stops being useful to her.

No. 673546

File: 1561709403494.png (3.61 MB, 1222x1800, 164366DA-014C-4879-9864-2E0E42…)

Big fucking yikes.

No. 673547

There was some art of Pochako dressed as a dog. It was for Chinese New Year last year.

The 80's excercise theme was totally pulled out of Moo's ass though.

No. 673553

Can't blame him for moving out the first chance he got. He probably got tired of seeing Mariah walk around naked and her constantly flirting with him.

No. 673556

File: 1561715396053.png (Spoiler Image, 924.66 KB, 500x750, IMG_4838.PNG)

Tiniest thong preview from Patreon

No. 673557

File: 1561715429352.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 620x930, IMG_4840.PNG)

No. 673558

File: 1561715498565.png (Spoiler Image, 889.75 KB, 563x750, IMG_4839.PNG)

Pearl panties NSFL

No. 673559

Well, breakouts usually come from bacteria getting into the wound, not because of sensitive skin. So either the place she got it done at is awful and unhygienic or she kept touching it with her nasty ass fingers when she wasn’t supposed to.

I hope this will be another ‘shopped out anus’ mess.

Why do I feel like this will be an even more extreme version of her bodysuit-pochaco cameltoe…

No. 673560

lmao said so

No. 673562

Bro. Your entire vag is out. People with “innie” vulvas show less. I don’t wanna ever hear you say what you do isn’t porn, or lewds not nudes, ever again.

No. 673563

I've been reading Momokun threads almost from day one and I didn't think at that time it would end like this (it hasn't ended of course…)

No. 673564

The photoshop and liquify jobs here are atrocious, I will never understand why someone like her isn't investing in a good photographer and retoucher with all that money

No. 673565

Because of all that money.
If she invested in a decent photographer or editor, she would probably barely gain any new patrons. Instead, at the end of the day she’ll have significantly less money because decent photographers charge quite some money for what she does.

She wants to put the least possible effort and money into her work. That’s also why she only cosplays lewd pochaco. Lewding other characters would require actually doing the work she claimed to love about cosplay the other day.

No. 673569

The next Fri the 13th isn't until September, there's no way she's going to keep that friendship lasting between her not being able to take a fucking hint and all these manic breakdowns she's been having.

No. 673570

she is so blurry it made me rub my eyes

No. 673572

Isn’t that an innie or?

No. 673573

He's such a free spirit tho!

lol, Mariah – you got played. Stupid goose.

No. 673574

That's what anon is saying. That we've basically have seen it all already. We got nipnops, anus, and full vulva on display.

No. 673575

Her labia majora are probably just fat from her overall body being fat, but yeah, she's not showing labia minora in those pics do technically it is an "innie" (god I hate that term)

No. 673576

she has typical fat girl poon lol
it doesn't matter if she's originally innie or outie, because it is all warped by her flab which covers everything

No. 673579


looks like the neckbeards won this time.

I hate everything about this picture.

No. 673581

The fact she doesn’t even say her name just speaks volumes imo. Sensei is ready to gtfo.

Now let’s taje bets on who is moving in with her.

No. 673582

File: 1561730221017.jpeg (418.68 KB, 750x1195, B1CB6E25-6A1A-48D6-96FA-15EBF3…)

Did she delete the pic or it was removed by IG/reported?

No. 673589

File: 1561734027431.jpg (9.11 KB, 169x225, mf6C7y484zfERpvsaEfJAPw[1].jpg)

no it's not, she took the colors from the pink version of the 80s super sonico figure.

No. 673598

she also airbrushed the hell out of it.

No. 673603

That logo looks fucking retarded. She has loads of cash, why not actually comission someone good?

No. 673606

wtf is up w her feet in this one????

No. 673609


Honestly her skin looks like the outside of gammon steaks

No. 673612

I've just noticed that she edited in a "sun kissed tan" lol

No. 673613

lmao im dead

No. 673615


God, she looks dead inside. She hates herself, she hates what she is doing and hates the kind of people who likes this kind of content.

Her dream fuckboy is about to move out with his gf and she is sitting alone in the bathroom on her bare ass, posting those embarrassing pictures of herself for the quick money.

I think people would have at least a bit more respect of her if she would do some tasteful nudes of herself or some nude teasing shit and have at least some kind of dignity left in all this and not having this sex traffic victim look going on lol

Also, her face some Micheal Jackson vibe going on.

No. 673616

I remember whenever she goes to conventions, right before, she posts something that gets her account banned for a time being.

However, she SAYS that but speculations were she disables her account while at conventions because she can't handle the spam and can't delete comments fast enough while pretending to have fun.

Guess we'll see if her insta gets locked for AX.

No. 673617

Well, at least she's not milking herself again.

I wonder what she did with those. Throw them away? Resell them? … keep them?

No. 673620

File: 1561745181868.jpg (348.75 KB, 718x1222, Screenshot_20190628-140408_Fac…)

If my memory serves, this girl Alliecat had a Moo Moo OC way before Mariah. Did the cunt steal even THAT from somebody?

No. 673621

Read the old threads, she cosplayed the cow girl character from Waisetsu Missile, and later claimed the character as her OC. She commissioned someone to redesign her OC after the backlash.

No. 673623

I definitely think when she was being all flirty on her Instagram stories she hadn’t put them on yet and didn’t realize HOW lewd it would be but with her crew there gassing her up it’s a lot harder to back out or flounder around.

we’ve literally seen all of her body minus a spread pussy and asshole at this point. the bikini slip was just, pubes mostly… this is your labia my dude. I wonder how many images will actually be in the ~selfie set because the range of motion in these is TINy.

No. 673627

You can almost smell the hot fishy breeze waft in your face (I feel really bad for the photog who had to get low and get a face full of that lol)

I bet that blur effect wasn't a filter, she was just steaming the camera lense with her smelly clam.

No. 673629


Pretty sure tripodchan is immune to poison gas attacks

No. 673631


Ugh also ass pearls…
The cats are definitely going to steal this nasty thing and strew it around the house. I'm sure circleofcucks is glad he won't have to see that anymore.

No. 673632

I'm loving this
It seemed like just yesterday that Momo was spouting that she was too good and talented to have to take off her clothes for money yet here we are. She is everything she hates. The ugly fat chick who needs to do porn for attention.
But what was that Moo? Trying to cover up the pain by saying you feel "empowered"

No. 673633

I know that. I read the old threads. HOWEVER, the plain fuckin fact is in front of us that it appears as though that whiplash "wait no it's muh OC" bullshit was lifted from someone else with less visibility.

No history of her doing that before?

No. 673634

File: 1561747631870.jpg (21.66 KB, 677x375, aec28ce060ccab205936ad20b3a6b8…)


I can't help but think of Medusa putting lipstick on when I see that.

No. 673636

20/10 great observation

No. 673637

nta but that ain't Medusa fam

No. 673639

Looking at it, she’s just doing this around the house with tripod chan.
Could you imagine forgetting something at home, and walking in on that?
Must be nasty knowing Mariah’s naked body and fluids have been all over those floors. No wonder they’re moving out.

No. 673640

that's Ursula, you inbred swine.

No. 673641

agreed, it's just that Momo was caught blatantly stealing the Milk Party character and claiming it as hers. Why it was pretty dumb of her to commission that artist to basically draw her fan art of Poncho and Milk Party.
I wonder if Moo realizes you can have more than one OC? Or maybe she isn't creative enough to do something
Gee you reminded me that after her Japan trip with sensei she said she would be naked all the time in kimono because she's more comfy that way. No wonder he got fed up with it. more cringy when you take into account she doesn't shower frequently

No. 673642

get over it, susu(read the rules)

No. 673643


My bad. To my defense, when I searched for the pic, I typed Medusa and Google didn't even correct me. I'll be more careful next time. You still got the gist, that's what matters.(sage exists in /pt/ and should be used)

No. 673644

Mariah can barely handle owning two pairs of pants. Forget OCs.

No. 673645

File: 1561748682369.png (811.13 KB, 720x911, Screenshot_2019-06-28-12-02-59…)

She definitely darkened her skin via Photoshop for this

No. 673646

File: 1561748738703.png (Spoiler Image, 580.94 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-06-28-12-03-28…)

No. 673647

File: 1561748790736.jpg (216.84 KB, 1068x1252, 1561344140298.jpg)

lol @ the bad edit job on her gut

No. 673649

God, the harsh lines on her fake butt are almost as obnoxious as her. Is her butthole missing again.

No. 673651

I'm sure her cucks are loving the blow job lips look she tried to go for…

No. 673656

Funny how she didn't feel this way when she drove people to suicide in high school

No. 673657

The majority of the cosplay community usually go aggro about skin darkening for cosplay's sake. Typical Moo but cosplayers have got in hot water for this. I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up by anyone yet

No. 673658

I don't think it's a dark enough change to get heat for it tbh
Hell I barely noticed the change even with her bragging about that BIG TAN she got in Hawaii

No. 673659

Moreso she didn't even HAVE TO DO THIS. She was in fucking Hawaii and was always wearing long sleeves and pants.

Why put effort in to anything when you can just lazily photoshop it later?

No. 673660

while I agree with your statement when applied to Moo's work ethic in general, I think getting a tan is not really work, no? I feel like getting a real tan is less work than photoshopping one in later

No. 673663

so her nose … is she trying to highlight it? i don’t remember the Pochaco artwork having a strip of white on the nose. looks like she slathered sunscreen on it ugh

No. 673664

>>673663 nah, i think its just a shit contour/highlight job on her potato nose because she fucking sucks at makeup

No. 673665

I suppose that just shows how insecure, lazy, and, with weird priorities she really is.

She will photoshop something for hours, no doubt, or have someone else do it but can't be arsed to take off her jacket, sun hat, and leggins, to get a tan on a Hawaiian beach.

No. 673666

The other girl has the same thing on her nose but she’s not orange so it’s harder to see.

She looks orange. Like a bad spray tan. She probably had the contrast brought up but she doesn’t look “darker”. Just a different color. I doubt she will get backlash. Not really backlash worthy anyways.

No. 673667

god now i WISH it was sunscreen. the first thing i noticed in that picture was her damn nose!!! the shitty contour and highlight just makes it look even more massive

No. 673668

apologies if this has been pointed out before but… just look at sonico’s headphones… and then Moo’s.
I’m laughing my ass off, what is that shit??

No. 673669

Her shoulder to head ratio is horrifying in this image. And for work being done aren't you supposed to be in the compression stuff a majority of your 2 weeks?

No. 673672

Damn I’m disappointed, she still has turtle lips I legit don’t see a difference
Was hoping she would go full Big Ang

No. 673673

I think it's funny cuz she's trying to force a pout on her lips by sticking them out in a lot of her pictures but really her lips just look the same/slightly swollen at best.
But when she isn't forcing a pout she still doesn't have an upper lip

No. 673674

File: 1561755308359.jpeg (496.49 KB, 2048x2048, 9CA92EBD-DF27-4D8A-9E00-006810…)

I hope the twitter people who are hyper sensitive to skin darkening latch on to this one

No. 673675

but anon she's just faking a tan, that would be retarded for anyone to bitch about. even towards moo.

No. 673676

Chances are she'll go overboard with fillers soon enough when people keep pointing out her lips are just slightly swollen

No. 673680

File: 1561757327160.png (209.09 KB, 1440x903, Screenshot_2019-06-14-06-26-51…)

The big woke cosplayers say no 1 can even tan anymore

No. 673681

er, they're talking about for a non white character. you can get a tan tan for a character who has a tan…

No. 673682

File: 1561758110110.jpg (582.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190628-164128_Ins…)

Wide load coming thru

No. 673684

File: 1561758298295.jpeg (40.03 KB, 1242x318, 46AB3ED6-BC2A-42BA-9E89-F3AD27…)


No. 673686

saged for OT but she's not, Sheila is off and on pale/tan and used makeup to tan for Korra. Since moving out to Cali suddenly even tanning is bad, she throws these woke points out as her and her boytoy aren't that relevant outside AX. I believe Moo attempted to get in with them once but on average both are rather stuck up and didn't pay her much attention.

No. 673688

Her wig styling became undone so fast

It's just a shaggy mess again lmaooo

No. 673689

that's cause umbran is a hack.

No. 673692


Oh dear god, this is how she walks around the house? Bets on her not knocking first. this is genuinely fuckin gross

No. 673693

Imagine being her roommates, she probably interrupted any close time Sensei got with his gf.

No. 673694

File: 1561763571557.png (4.74 MB, 1125x2436, 0B7CFC5E-39ED-4592-AA8A-627464…)

No. 673695

File: 1561763695467.png (5.98 MB, 1125x2436, E6691288-FE11-4276-A566-36D375…)

No. 673696

We should do a countdown to the destruction of that wig. I'm giving it an afternoon of wearing before she tosses it without care and laments it being broken.

No. 673697

God, I hate when she wears these stupid ass glasses. Not only do they somehow age her more but the circle frames really make her face even more round looking and bring so much attention to her bulbous nose. She looks like a special needs granny.

No. 673699

hasn't he only been dating that chick for a few months? he must be absolutely desperate to get away from moo to already be moving in (or he's a freeloader, equally likely)

No. 673700

countdown until backlash at somersetsews for taking that commission…

No. 673701

Lmao these drapery tieback tassels. Why do people do this.

No. 673704

>>673700 funny enough somerset has been avoiding tweeting about this commission. She's only shown snippets of the costume, such as the braided cords or shoulder pads so I think she knows what would happen if she’s open about who it’s for…

No. 673706

File: 1561769497388.jpeg (569.52 KB, 750x1051, 847BD771-9B0C-4BBE-A949-793F8F…)

This HAS to be the widest she’s ever looked.

No. 673707

wtf kind of fabric is this sewn with?

No. 673708

How does her head seemingly get smaller every time

No. 673709

The blue vein really shows just how much circulation she's cutting off to attempt this disaster.

No. 673710

she wants those cartoon/hentai proportions. Who cares about the head when you just need to push out your boobs and have a waist. Though it looks like if she bent her back even more her spine would snap.

Honestly I wanna see some of her nudes without any editing. I wanna see how discolored and lumpy her skin really is

No. 673712

All that lipo and she still has no jawline. Money well spent.

Reiq also hasn’t tweeted about working with her either. They know they’ll catch shit for it so they aren’t tweeting about her to save face. Fucking cowards if you ask me. They know she has a shit reputation and is an all around terrible person but I guess the money is too good to pass up. I hope someone calls them out on twitter.

No. 673715

File: 1561770861375.png (1.22 MB, 750x750, post_file (1).png)

More photos of Baiken

No. 673717

File: 1561770925089.png (388.58 KB, 458x844, Screenshot_129.png)

No. 673719

File: 1561771065113.jpg (67.36 KB, 450x600, tumblr_inline_n4ackhoUq31rsbz8…)

I knew this looked somewhat familiar.

No. 673721


So in other words she never shot the video but needs more money to go back to Japan for the 4th(?) time to buy more useless shit and not shoot ANYTHING like she promised EACH AND EVERY TIME PREVIOUSLY. Lol wow, how does she constantly get away with this? Her patrons are paying her to go on year long vacations at this point.

No. 673728

I think this shot was taken after her arm lipo and it honestly looks like there was no difference. Did moo just get scammed out of a few grand because she was too far for this procedure to benefit her? Her lip fillers don't even look that good either.

No. 673729

Her head is going to look 200% smaller while wearing all these high styled wigs.

No. 673730


I have to wonder why the fuck shes shooting in her bathroom for this shitshow.

No. 673731

It looks like cheap polyester ,it's not silk or satin for sure but I think it's too shiny for cotton

No. 673733

File: 1561772631373.png (1004.08 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-41-33…)

No. 673734

File: 1561772706431.png (1.2 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-41-41…)

No. 673735

File: 1561772745872.png (913.42 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-41-55…)

She could've lost weight naturally and not make her shoulders look worse

No. 673737

Good god she really has massive cankles now

No. 673739

File: 1561772964652.png (1.26 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-46-28…)

No. 673740

File: 1561773073844.png (1.03 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-46-34…)

No. 673741

That's what you've said about literally everything you've ever cosplayed

No. 673742

File: 1561773194349.png (750.91 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-47-21…)

No. 673743

Guess it's her yearly "big build" cosplay she has other people make for her so she can pretend she is a cosplayer and not just peddling porn

No. 673744

She's gonna lewd her for the patreon bux anyway

She's hardly a cosplayer anymore anyway. She gets her slaves to crank out a hastily put together costume so she can ghost conventions for attention

She's attending way less conventions than she used to as well

No. 673745


Casuals put in more effort for once a year Halloween than she does as being a cosplayer as a full time job/career, when do you stop calling this cosplaying and modeling instead? Zero effort constantly while making money off of it = not a cosplayer.

No. 673746

File: 1561773429422.png (662.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-28-18-50-14…)

No. 673748

Something about this doesn't look right…

No. 673749

I know people get sick of patreon sperging, but how does she keep get these massive spikes in patreons? She was at 1450 a day or two ago, and now she's at 1680. How do people keep falling for her lies? Like >>673623 says, we've basically seen it all at this point

No. 673750

horny dudes who love fetishes

No. 673751

She's 100% getting a new wig bc Gabby redid her Tsunade wig for Akon(?) to have proper bangs
I also don't see ant styling of a wig surviving a "real onsen"

No. 673754

Simple the tier that sees the most activity is her 1$ one. Easy to justify paying a cow for her cheap ass shit if you're only out a few bucks (I don't know if there's fees for patrons never used)

No. 673755

I don't undestand the bullshit uncanny valley photoshop/makeup she uses. Her face looks ok in this picture.

No. 673757

Oh man, where to start? The Hobby Lobby curtain cords and tassels everywhere? All of the designs being ironed-on? The koshihimo that looks like it's made out of chair upholstery?

How much did Moo pay for this, dare I ask?

Yep, her ankles have officially vanished.

No. 673762


this picture really really makes her look like shes special- those eyes. And comparing her headset to Misos….yea thats horrible

No. 673764

>get lipo
>still look like this


No. 673765

File: 1561778661875.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x2060, A524ACA1-BB29-4D4C-9A4A-7D30DF…)

Obese Elf cosplay

No. 673769

File: 1561779137356.jpeg (556.44 KB, 750x1099, 8CC3DAF0-9186-43D9-8FE5-550D20…)

her lips really look the same to me

No. 673770

File: 1561779230993.jpeg (606.14 KB, 750x1075, 1681826C-7F9C-4655-80C6-E676D3…)

which makes me wonder if she’ll try going bigger for a more noticeable difference or just letting it go. The way she’s been pouting front and center is like a girl who gets a barely noticeable haircut flipping her hair in your face until you pay attention

No. 673771

She's an idiot and got filler in her lower lip as well as her top so it effectively did nothing. She still has a turtle mouth.

No. 673772

yeah- it makes her bottom lip look really bad

No. 673773

File: 1561779775294.png (955.71 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-06-28-20-39-45…)

She…hasn't read this manga has she

No. 673775

File: 1561780247720.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2057, 171FFE56-7F98-4731-9483-FAE849…)

Cunt punt her.

I’m sure as soon as we start criticizing her for not reading the manga, she’ll produce the book in an IG story pretending she’s actually read it.

No. 673776

It's so hilarious those lip fillers did absolutely nothing what a waste of $500

No. 673780

How is this smug???
She looks like she just farted and realized she pooped instead.

No. 673782

File: 1561780679222.jpg (17.25 KB, 278x353, b8d4cec53830816d780d46f76be3b2…)

Just saying.

No. 673783

over used wig, recycled ears, shirt ordered from amazon, fastfood, didn't even leave her living room.
"I'm a hard working business woman"

No. 673785

>smug look
This is the same fake sultry face you make in all your horrid shoots
Also I love that this outfit for Erufuda is the easiest shit, the only "work" is the wig… Which she just grab her Saber cat-toy wig off the floor to do.

No. 673788

Is she just going to pull a duck face on most of her selfies now to make herself feel better about her failed lip injections?

No. 673797

why does she take so many photos just in her house? lamest locations ever

that blue vein is the only thing i notice every time i see her boobs

No. 673800

pretty sure she at one point said that's her favorite movie, didn't she? kek

the look more says to me "i ate a bunch of fries and now i'm tired", also peep those pants pockets lmao wrong size momo

No. 673803

File: 1561781328913.png (470.08 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-06-28-21-06-21…)

Just in case anyone wants to see this wreck in person on Friday!

No. 673807

I can imagine all the backlash she'll soon be facing.

No. 673810

I’ll do my best to try and get some photos of Moo as i’ll be at AX Wednesday-Sunday. Can’t wait to see the moo in person

No. 673813

If Moo fans are going, has Miso encountered them before? I'd imagine they'd be the only ones eagerly going to the booth. And most look about on par for greasy neckbeard

No. 673814

File: 1561781977524.png (411.15 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-28-21-18-35…)

No. 673818

I thought umbranwitch was making her wig?

No. 673877

Umbran has been making a tamamo cat wig for meowry but they do look pretty similar. she is sending her an old lucoa wig she had though

No. 673937

All these bought and commissioned pieces, but she's still wearing the butchered wig and the toilet paper tube headphones. Which look even worse next to tokki's accurate ones.

No. 673946

shed cry shes potc or whatever the term is

No. 673948

The girl moved in to the house like a week ago, and they're already bouncing

No. 673949

didnt she claim she already did that shoot wysiwyg?

No. 673950

Does McDonald's wrap burgers like that? I eat basic bitch cheeseburgers, so I'm familiar with any other wrappers.

But to me, it looks like they went to two places.

sage cause this is kind of autistic to ask/notice

No. 673951

File: 1561797212788.png (183.47 KB, 602x720, 1519361924988.png)

Oh man, Cat really doesn't know how to make collars, does she? And it looks like the costume isn't even properly ironed, everything flares up and makes Moo look even bigger.

No. 673953


I thought the chubby elf chick ate only fries not burgers. Isn't that her thing?

Also >>673773 she has some weird crooked bottom teeth. It looks like someone knocked one out. Or she wore it down scraping them on rocks, Jesus. Here I thought she had perfect straight teeth.

No. 673956

anon, the cheeseburger isn’t real.

No. 673960

File: 1561800140505.png (167.1 KB, 433x479, Always_Remember_to_be_nice_wit…)

Well, I'm retarded.

No. 673975


She does, it's explained pretty early on that elves don't eat meat hence the fries only.

No. 674015

File: 1561818621158.jpeg (172.21 KB, 1242x635, 4C8546FC-1CF4-46AB-AD23-523A22…)

Queen of prevaricating.

No. 674028

Because it's cheaper and practically free when her "set ups" are pieced together with ebay tat. Moo forking out money to make her trash sets look a bit better isn't on the agenda. Long gone are her con hotel bed shoot days or outside while she ghosted most of the events she went to, it's all about the comfort of her own house.

No. 674029

moo's only bought like 800$ worth of stuff at best, i used to work for the company that imports all the shit she's got. it's cheap, mass produced crap.

No. 674031

File: 1561823026364.jpg (70.44 KB, 664x537, headphones.jpg)

she did at one point have a more accurate pair. putting them side by side makes it even more funny how low effort they are

No. 674032

If I can be autistic for one moment:
The first pair were a painted pair of Sonico's headset. Sonico's and Pochaco's headset are different but, yes, she could've just painted or added craft foam to cover the Sonico set to make it way better. She made these ""new headphones" from a headband, actual foam from a headset but decided to place it on a flimsy craftfoam base. It looks bad and I'm sure if she wanted to she could commission someone else to make NICE and NOT FLIMSY headphones for Pochaco

No. 674036

i'm getting flashbacks to tamamo

No. 674093

sorry for weeb sperg but Elfuda is vegetarian, there was even a bit where the character was freaking out because some old man said the fries might be cooked in animal oil. Mariah is probably gonna backtrack and be like "omg it's a veggie burger, my dudes!". Considering how much she "loves" this character, she might as well read the manga…

No. 674094

She already did, just scroll up

No. 674119

She "loves" this character about as much as she loves any random Big tit character. So a very shallow and surface level appeal.
She'll get over her and forget in a few weeks

No. 674120

jesus christ, just admit you haven't read the manga. admit you know nothing about the character other than "hehe she thicc". it's so annoying how she always has to be the best at everything, the biggest fan, the most knowledgeable, but then puts zero effort into actually doing that and comes up with all these stupid excuses to walk it back when she fucks up details about the characters. sorry for sperg, i'm not even mad about this character in particular, she just does this every time and it's so obnoxious how stupid she is.

No. 674124

File: 1561829784934.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x3107, you never shine if you don't g…)

Old habits never die

No. 674128

she didn't. in the comic she doesn't even eat a veggie burger. Momo just saw the cover art and thought "Fattie that loves fast food! I can do this!"
it's blatantly obvious she didn't read it. Now she is panic reading the manga online and is about to give us a big speech about it

No. 674130


I'm beginning to think she is being inaccurate in all her cosplays on purpose (she always has to change one thing about everything she does) to piss people off and because she thinks she's being funny/cute. She isn't about cosplay, manga or anime, she's just one dimensional about memes and crusty bikinis.

No. 674131

She backtracked by saying it's a "vegan boigaaaaa" because someone in the comments called her out

No. 674132

she's still a tard who got caught. If it really was and that important to the character she would have noted it was a veg burger in the original post

No. 674134


Oh, I wasn't defending her. She is a major tard. She is probably binge reading wiki on that character.

No. 674159

Judging by what was written above about the fries, is it safe to say the character likely would balk at a veggie burger for resemblance to meat?

No. 674171

She did mention in her IG post it's a cheese burger and not a veggie cheese burger.

She got OWNED and put in her place real fast lol

No. 674184

I follow her twitter and she doesn't always post full things on every one of her commissions, so it's easy for her to post snippets as she did and no one really question it. But I'm not surprised she'd want to hide who this is for. No one wants to be associated with Moo.

Her work is always iffy for me. I don't mind the cords/tassels. But she makes some crazy fabric choices sometimes and she clearly knows how to sew.

No. 674188

I almost wish someone didn’t say anything because she would have taken burger pics for her set like a dumb ass

No. 674203

File: 1561843681907.png (4.44 MB, 750x1334, 18AD7B3D-45DC-4A8C-9C45-1BF0BF…)

No. 674205

Is she mocking her? What is it with those nails?

No. 674211

Whose badges is she borrowing for this pic? lol

You’re still going to hide in your hotel room regardless, Moo. I’m sure she’ll bail on her friend’s table to fuck off someplace else.

No. 674212

I mean she's suppose to be at Miso's booth so her badge may of been comped by the people behind it. It'd explain why unlike every other con she was supposedly going to recently, she's actually going to. She likely thinks she's safe to return because Miso likely had to ask them for her badge. But she's totally a booth babe and a legit cosplayer again mates!

No. 674234

is this practically the first time she even showed off badges before the con starts?

No. 674236

The overcompensating by posting all 3 (Her's, Miso's and whoever else) is laughable

No. 674261

Didn’t she mention selling Moo’s prints at her table? Or am I mistaken?

No. 674280

File: 1561860191805.jpg (1.97 MB, 720x10376, IMG_20190629_185831.jpg)

FYI since there seems to be a misunderstanding, it's not "Miso's booth". She's going to be featured at Offset SHWA's booth, a large print/car shop who's featuring like a shitton of different cosplay guests (see pic attached) and selling the stuff of way more featured artists. They're the ones that posted about Moo's new keychains (although they middle-manned it, since I know they don't make them in shop).

If Mariah was actually officially "appearing" and getting her badge comped and all this other stuff by Offset, they would have announced her as a guest the same way as Miso and all these other girls. They publicly posted about the keychains so it's not like they're afraid to work with her and they historically have had no issue working closely with controversial figures (currently collab'ing with an artist who took everyone's money and bailed because she couldn't handle it). I doubt she's appearing or working the offset booth in any official capacity.

No. 674295

I can already see Mariah exploiting the fuck out of this. Getting in everyone’s photos, and interviews. Probably going to act like she’s the main guest as she always does.

No. 674297

I would not be surprised if there would be any Twitter protesting just like last year but with since it’s Miso who got invited and not her then chances are slim for momo to get axed. Just you wait she’ll do anything to make it about her and push her friend out of the spotlight like a bitch friend she is.

No. 674298

Can we make a chart on The things that Mariah lost in one year since it’s the first anniversary of her being out it as a sexual predator And it was definitely a downhill from there.

No. 674309

I’m waiting for the eventual call out on this booth over twitter. I’d be interested to see if Miso gets into hot water for letting Moo tag along for the ride. It’d be amazing to see Moo have a repeat of last year and have her hole up in the hotel room eating all day and drinking all night with Miso as her emotional hostage.

No. 674312

Offset doesn't have a twitter and doesn't service that type of crowd/audience at all so any protesting or bitching a) likely would barely make it to them at all and b) would probably not hurt their business at all. They service theif sticker stores that trace official art and their followers who only really care about big anime and cosplay tits. They absolutely do not have the kind of following that would care about Momokun appearing or a twitter outrage. The itasha scene is decently disconnected from the con scene as a whole. This is why I genuinely believe that they wouldn't care about announcing Momokun as a guest, had they actually been sponsoring her or promoting her at their booth in any manner.

No. 674313

their twitter is @shwainc, actually

No. 674314

Well shit, you proved me wrong anon. I've never seen them promote it and didn't see it when I did a brief google search. My bad. Most of what I said still stands though because
>1 post a month
>0-3 likes a tweet
It's definitely not their community.

No. 674322

File: 1561867178211.png (646.58 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-06-29-20-31-23…)

No. 674323

File: 1561867345939.png (577.75 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2019-06-29-20-31-34…)

No. 674327

The headphones are so uneven… and orange instead of gold.
I don’t get it, she cosplays thing character a lot so why did she cheap out on the one part of the costume that stays?

No. 674329

Those nachos still looking cheesy

Also >>674322 what the hell, looks like everything is spilling out of that dress, she really needs clothes/cosplays that suit her better

No. 674334


No. 674335

Jesus the masses at her knees that can't be comfortable to kneel on whatsoever.

No. 674340

lol, are you literally retarded?

No. 674341

nyat but i think they meant momo, not the elf

No. 674344

So do I, it sounds like they believe she read it.

No. 674345


Lol well she apparently still has that weird side boob roll of fat. The doc couldn't fix ALL those inevitable fat deposits. Can't wait to see where the fat decides to gather now.

No. 674347

Her nose is almost as fucked up as vamps

No. 674352

I think they're referring to her backtracking and saying it's a veggie burger??? I don't think they think she read the manga. They said "scroll up" as in "find the post where she claims it's a veggie burger"

No. 674373

File: 1561892181170.jpeg (167.27 KB, 750x646, 757054F7-76C6-495F-B659-70672B…)

No. 674381

I find it incredibly odd she goes from 1400 ish patrions to 1700ish in a span of 3 days. July will tell the real numbers though.

No. 674388

File: 1561896579699.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 9AB2ADAF-B3E3-4AE8-9644-8F77B7…)

No. 674389

It happens every time she teases actual nudity. I’m sure they’re all just $1 patreons. I’m just surprised there are people who still fall for it.

No. 674393

and she /really/ ain't the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 674398

Those lip fillers just make her look like a disabled kid even more than she already did. Her constant habit of putting food in places it doesn’t belong doesn’t help either and neither do her (what she thinks are sexy) faces…
god she’s a train wreck.
Also just goes to show HOW braindead scrotes get when some thot’s waving her tits at them. Not like anyone was questioning it, I know. It just perplexes me once again.

No. 674403

They’re saying she already used the exact veggie backpedal anon said she would.

No. 674407

I was referring to momo already backpedaling(screenshot anon posted) . No need for name calling

No. 674425

>I don't like the content this person ""creates""
Not like we didn't already know but Momo's fans have more than a few screws loose

No. 674427

File: 1561906763071.jpg (896.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190630-075837_Ins…)

She had him add 'Momokun' so that it actually says its her. Otherwise its just a character sticker that in no way resembles her.

No. 674431

People are going to mistake it for something else Like a signature.

No. 674443

I apologize.

No. 674457

Damn, gotta love that burn though. Can't believe some people think she "works hard" when all she seems to do is take time off and have other people do shit for her. Are they really that blind?

No. 674467

Everytime I see these stickers I’m in shock, she sincerely believes this is what she looks like.

No. 674468

They captured her lack of ass accurately, that’s really it. This landwhale looks nothing like these otherwise. She’s even more delusional than the Queen used to be.

No. 674473

So over 10k isn't enough for Momo to buy a new wig?

No. 674474

I find it impressive Momo has the paetrons she does. However she can never seem to break 2k paetrons. The only time she did is when she promised full on nudity that she never provided. This is really the limit of how much she can squeeze out of people and the fact of the matter is she is throwing away all her money on the dumbest things ever.

Even if she did have a savings account, once she quits porn her money wouldn't last her a year with the way she spends it. She can't even look for a high paying job because she simply isn't qualified. Being a collage drop out she has to work a mundane job and she isn't willing to do that

No. 674476

That's assuming they don't search her name, anon. I don't even think she can do a regular job since the retard got cocky and plastered her real name all over her porn and internet.

No. 674478


But anon, she wanted to change her name when she stops doing lewd cosporn, so she could become a teacher!

No. 674493


place your bets on this pile being exactly the same when the con is over. Any AX goers tell us how much they are trying to charge for this shit?

No. 674496


You underestimate Moo's cucks anon, they love anything with their queen on it, even if it's badly drawn. I do hope we get some fine milk during AX, I really can't see her lasting long at Miso's booth or anywhere else. She's too afraid of being called out on the spot and likes to hide.

No. 674499

I'm doubting she'll even make an appearance outside of her room (as is the norm by now) now that her no.1 attack dog is out of the picture

No. 674500

Gosh I really can’t wait to witness the dumpster fire moo would create during AX. I’m really curious how would the cosplay community treat her when she shows up, especially after last year’s madness. I’ve been seeing people tweeting about her too considering it’s getting close to AX and how it’s “one year ago today” for her monumental cancellation

No. 674509

Most of her cucks are ESL and won't even be at this event.

No. 674510

>>674499 This booth is going to be occupied by women whom were specifically chosen to represent the company, and from what I can tell, they're all much more attractive than Mariah. So it wouldn't surprise me if she did hide in her hotel room, or made up an excuse to avoid wearing her costumes she announced. She hates being outshined, which is why she resorts to doing all of her shots in her own house, free of face to face criticism.

No. 674524

>now that her no.1 attack dog is out of the picture
Speaking of. Shouldn't she be at AX too? Pretty sure I saw something in the calves thread about her working on some cosplays as well. Imagine the milk if they run into each other (which would be none since Momo talks tough shit but never acts).

No. 674527

Not only is Colette going to AX, she's going with her other friend group AANNDD cosplaying Broly with a guy, to match her Cheelai. I can imagine that this makes Moo livid

No. 674532

Someone should ask if her cow sticker is the chick from the hentai she stole from. That would be epic.(Encouraging cowtip)

No. 674535

Its better to ask the guy instead of her since she thrives on the attention and by talking to the artist only she wont get the attention and it'll give her the idea that she's not that important. Also you can ask if the momokun name is a signature or something like that.

No. 674537

She would probably delete the comment, block the person, or say some lie.

No. 674570

File: 1561938860871.png (9.42 MB, 1242x2208, 35A6D06F-6A8C-4032-B097-57A71C…)

The only way I could see her actually pull this off is by choosing an object big enough to cover 80% of the screen in which case it’s not even a challenge anymore, or she’d have to be so far away from the camera that even a slip wouldn’t matter.
Or… now that I come to think of it… would it even be possible for having anything but a nip slip?

No. 674571

File: 1561939521593.png (761 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-06-30-17-02-15…)

No. 674573

Yeah, that's have to be some pretty big items, and she'd have to be very far from the screen. Though, she'd have to be fully naked, no corset…just the fat…everywhere….

Why doesn't just just sell nudes as a living instead of pretending to be a cosplayer!? FFS!

No. 674575

Omfg she is holding a goddamn turkey baster..

No. 674576

She really should just sell nudes bc she misses important details. Her videos never include the music or sound samples from the actual game or anime. her costume, location choices etc are always fucking innacurate.

No. 674578

I think the funniest thing about this set is that she doesn't want to expose her stomach in any of these pictures when it's the main appeal of the character she's cosplaying as.

No. 674580

Well, of course she'd not going to show it, unless she can shoop the hell out of it.

No. 674593

Not able to grab a cap right now, but this company, the car people, mass produced her original keychains again [she isn't doing the fixed, not stolen OC ones for some reason]. Thats why we keep seeing the pink eyes and armband one. She's trying to say this is her again. Probably why she was able to get her ticket as well. Spending $$$ and being friends with Miso who is an actual booth babe hired for AX.

No. 674597

File: 1561944146901.png (1.43 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-06-30-18-19-22…)

>instead of a cute pose she does this

No. 674602

File: 1561944407141.png (1.08 MB, 720x1032, Screenshot_2019-06-30-18-24-46…)

No. 674606

omg these things. fucking kill whoever invented perler beads and the weebs who work with them.

No. 674609

Is she capable of doing cute poses? /s

No. 674614

Looking at her compared to Miso is insane, my eyes have no idea where to look. Either her rolls of fat and cottage cheese tits or her horrendous nose contour that looks like a slab of sunscreen

No. 674618

You'd think she'd sit up straight at the very least? That hunched posture isn't doing her stomach or shoulders any favors.

No. 674647

File: 1561947966773.png (625.11 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2019-06-30-19-24-06…)

>bought actual fast food
>pretending to eat fake fast food

No. 674649

I can hear her defending herself in the comments because of the cheeseburger.
We know you can't keep up to a diet Moo. Tell us something we don't know cow.

No. 674665

Is….is that burger in the orange box photoshopped into the photo?

No. 674682

Is that a veggie hotdog too?

No. 674691

I’m hoping those are pinecones or something in the background….cause I’m pretty sure Momo doesn’t have a dog around

No. 674694

It looks like there's dog shit or something in the background.

No. 674700

I thought Sensei had a dog?

No. 674703

Thought so too. He had 2 at his dad's house but im under the impression he left them there

No. 674716

File: 1561951242942.jpeg (472.74 KB, 750x1041, AD05BC22-A24F-440C-9099-2D8174…)

There’s literally no difference between the two shut the fuck up

No. 674719


The procedure she had done on her arms didn't work. They still look just as flabby and hammy as ever.

No. 674721

If I was Miso's patron I'd feel ripped off lmao. Miso looks like a normal cute girl, but having that shrunken headed linebacker right next to her would ruin the set for me.

No. 674727

Is it?? I just had to go back and look… I don’t know what else it could be. Yikes… get rid of the shit first if you’re taking photos.

No. 674733


The one time she’d have a valid excuse to be eating junk food, and she buys fake food props she’ll most likely never use again.

No. 674742

>"guys it's a vegan boiga!!"
>buys burger with actual meat

is she actually retarded or…

No. 674749

File: 1561957521074.png (1.2 MB, 1237x2048, Screenshot_20190630-220039.png)

Annnd the umbranwitch saga continues with this gem…

No. 674751

File: 1561957576285.png (23.07 KB, 757x212, imcrying.png)

Fellas, im fucking crying rn. These comments are already digging right into this bitch.

No. 674766

File: 1561960683708.jpeg (266.45 KB, 750x782, BE51BFBE-827B-4BF8-A0F2-7FAA0C…)

No. 674768

she's reaching new levels of creepy. I'm sure Momo is looking for a new "friend" who makes wigs so she can tell her to fuck off

No. 674771

So other than her just assuming Elfuda is just some fat chick that shovels down McDonalds, anyone notice her sudden Zelda phase is over? Didn't she plan like 5 cosplays around it but never did them? Also she forgot to pretend to finish BOTW and windwaker.

Speaking of Fandoms she ditched I guess she stopped liking fate as well since she didn't get attention for being "real life Lancer"

No. 674779

Not defending her but nobody can get 5 Zelda cosplays done in a month. Rather, her sweatshop can't get that many done in a month. Shes probably planning 1 Zelda that's expensive from Antares for later then 3 microbikinis.

No. 674780

Maybe she just has extra skin left over.

No. 674796

File: 1561966614282.jpg (11.21 KB, 600x200, 879Erj3.jpg)

No, pic related is what loose skin from being formerly obese looks like. If it was just skin you'd see it hanging off like that in this pic >>673769

No. 674797

what about this is "campus life"
Still think its funny she edited in her tan too

No. 674798

>i'm so bad at staying on my diet
well at least she's telling the truth for once

No. 674804

Does lipo "failing" happen? Like, can it just not take or did they not remove enough fat?

No. 674809

The elf wig doesn’t even have the braid and the bun’s falling apart :/

No. 674814

File: 1561970527501.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1730, 12992FA0-86C8-40EE-8555-7B322E…)

Not to be too OT but what exactly did she put a month worth of work into? This is one of the easiest cosplays ever.

They might still be swollen, though.
Plus, she did get a version that’s less invasive but also makes for a less drastic change. >>>/pt/671142

She did post a video of BOTW gameplay the other day where she finally got the sword. But her cousin(? the guy we suspected plays for her) was there too. She probably stopped talking about it because she has less time to have her cousin come over and play for her, now that she has ‘friends’ over so regularly.

No. 674817

File: 1561971874439.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, D32FC1F5-26CA-4B2B-B25E-935CD0…)

No. 674819

I thought she changed the eyes to blue and said that was the final change. Now they're pink again.

No. 674825

She's using the original/stolen design.

No. 674841

This is cuter than moo and the weight is more accurate to the manga. Not a fat ass bitch like Mariah

No. 674849

Iirc she doesn't do cosplay as a full-time job. So it was done in spare time.
I can't get over the fake hotdog just loose on the table

No. 674850

moo is never going to be the type of fat that is considered hot in japan. she's always just going to look like a weird extreme fetish.

No. 674857

Let’s see
If it’s all done by herself then there’s wig styling, silk screening the shirt, sewing the pants and making the ears.
It could take a month if you’re working on it among other obligations like work or school.

It’s definitely an easy cosplay though, and momo didn’t even do it really. I can see reusing the shera ears, but the wig so off.. and is she wearing the track pants?
For such a simple costume you gotta nail the details, this is long hair Velma all over again.

No. 674860

It could be she doesn't wear that compression stuff whatsoever too. Pretty sure it's suppose to be 2 weeks.

No. 674861

looks like pine cones to me

No. 674881

If moo had the pants at all we would have seen them. She doesn’t have them.

No. 674907

The wig is obviously her Saber wig that she just threw on with no restyling

No. 674993


I said that a while ago. >>674593

I think WoW probably said she doesn't want Moo using her design anymore. Probably because of Moo's shit reputation after AX.

No. 675036

File: 1562005612258.png (1.16 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-07-01-11-24-30…)

No. 675046

File: 1562006071214.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, A6D33EF5-C208-478E-AD12-47771C…)


No. 675057

yikes- what the hell is wrong with her?

No. 675065

Jesus… Moo looks like she can barely keep herself up on her legs or her shoes are about to give in any second.
This is frightening.
She looks like that weird, insecure kid in the crappy low budget cosplay at a con that took a picture with her professional cosplay idol.

No. 675068

File: 1562008208860.jpg (49.72 KB, 960x640, FB_IMG_1562008114116.jpg)

Wtf is this pose?

No. 675069

File: 1562008402939.jpg (43.98 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1562008100141.jpg)

Can she not wear clothes that actually fit?

No. 675075

You think she's purposely doing this crazed fan thing because Moo told her to? To make her seem beloved by female friends?

I just have a hard time believing she could seriously think Moo is cute, hardworking, sexy, smart, etc…

No. 675077

I doubt it. Have any of her former friends done that like UW is right now? If she really has caught feelings for Moomoo…

No. 675079

these are old

No. 675080

trying not to tinfoil she TRIED to do this with vamp, so I'm not overlooking it at all.

No. 675082

I know these are old, but damn, look at the size of those bats on Moo's legs when compared to Miso's.

And she weighed less then than now . What the fuck.

No. 675085

The flesh heart never ceases to amuse.

No. 675086

Do you really think Umbranwitch wants to be her ~true friend~ (or girlfriend)? Umbran has this weird obsession with numbers and her social media. She was recently dumped by her ex-boyfriend a couple months ago. She just wants some sort of validation. Why do you think she tags "popular cosplayers" for brownie points?

No. 675101

Maddie is actually just as retarded as Moo, so I either option is realistic; her actually having a crush on Moo and her using moo for followers the same way Moo uses her.

No. 675102

When she was first mentioned in these threads, anons said she was part of Nigri’s inner circle. Why would a clout-chaser with access to Nigri latch onto a pariah like Moo instead, especially in such a cloying way? Were anons exaggerating their relationship or has there been a falling out?

Anyway I want to put her and that one munchie stan in a room and have them fight for Mariah’s affections. Of course they’ll both lose in the end because they’re not taken men.

No. 675104

so basically only crushin on Moo for her numbers

No. 675107

I can see how she could have fallen out of Nigiri's inner circle. I'm sure they didn't tell her to go away, just let it happen naturally by not inviting her to places and leaving her out. She probably caught the hint and went for the next person she could leech off of, which is Moo

No. 675109

I don't think it's a exaggeration but I do think Umbran is the type of leech that will beg for attention from any popular cosplayer that is willing to let her on. Moo used to do this whole "UMu I WUV DIS WOMAN SO GOOD OMG" shit when she started out.
I will say that if there is a fallout it'll be interesting. Moo will get sick of this shit because it's not HER begging for attention?

No. 675111

if Momo keeps ignoring Umbran's spazzy posts about her, yeah you know she's annoyed and doing her best to ignore it.
If it was a big named cosplayer being cringy with her Momo woulda joined in on it

No. 675121

Wasn't she going to cosplay Akagi from Azur Lane in AX? Or do i remember wrong? Guess she's still having the easiest way out.

No. 675125

Because Nigri‘s cucks aren’t really the same kind of people that go for someone like Umbran.
She‘s chubby, ugly and plays quirky characters, while Nigri is just doing whatever is sexy and appeals to scrotes. So obviously she wouldn’t really benefit from Nigris clout.

Mooriah on the other hand is fat and also ‘cosplays‘ more childish or at least quirky characters. She does lewd them, but it still doesn’t have the same ‘I’m a sexy bimbo’-vibe Nigri’s giving off, so Umbran has a much better chance that Moo’s cucks would also at least check her out. Plus, there are a lot of insecure fat girls following Moo that genuinely care about the little cosplay aspect that’s left, so… those would probably care about ANYONE Moo associated with because ~bOdY aCcEpTaNcE

No. 675127

Nigri never wore a single wig Umbran made her, so I suspect that has something to do with it.

No. 675131


You're not wrong. Her announced lineup was Baiken, some Azur Lane cosplay, and nurse Pochaco.

If she does attend, her lineup will suddenly turn into nurse Pochaco for 30 minutes, Nike elastic pants, flannel-kun, and sweatshirt covered in cat hair.

No. 675135

This thread isn’t about other ppl, take this shit to the costhot thread or something.

No. 675136

Yeah oh dear. I used to look up to her but i don't even know why anymore. There's some actually good plus size cosplayers out there, who don't scam as much. Meanwhile Moo just either orders al her things from amazon or commissions someone to do it for her. Has she even done any cosplay completely by herself?

No. 675137

I don’t think she was ever “in” with jnig. Meowri commissioned her for a few wigs over the last year, and then Jessica did too probably based off meowris suggestion. She was just being included as a commission slave, they took a single selfie at a con and that’s it. Then moo latched to umbran that same weekend (when she also tried to get meowris attention) and umbran stuck because she wasn’t in with anyone else.

No. 675139

Lol, nevermind that that looks nothing like Mooriah's actual face…

No. 675155

sage for nitpick but it legit looks like a damn tumor on an old dog

No. 675156

File: 1562018592578.png (870.22 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-07-01-15-01-02…)

She looks like those dogs that get stun by bees in their mouth

No. 675157

File: 1562018592489.png (11.36 MB, 2208x1242, 86F34AB2-BE7A-45E4-A032-3C9B40…)

I mean… we have this gem.

No. 675161

That looks so fucking uneven.
Plus, I‘ve never seen anyone break out this bad from just the injections.

No. 675162

>smile lines

No. 675165

Even though she lipoed her chin for a better jawline, she still has a fat person face from eating like shit

She actually has some kind of body dysmorphia if she thinks she looks GOOD

No. 675177

she should not have gotten the lip injection in her bottom lip, it looks so bad
her top lip isn't even noticable

No. 675181

geez what the hell Moo, you're in your early 20's and you're getting stuff done that women get during their mid life crisis. Is she really going to spend every cent she has left on cosmetic surgery?

No. 675182

File: 1562021873117.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, A9520393-839D-4FE6-8AF7-B79119…)

No. 675186

Oh so she’s scammed scammed

No. 675187

Barely into her 20s and she’s doing shit that 40 year old women do to their faces.

If you have to lipo your face and zap away wrinkles and lines when you’re 24…you need to rethink your direction in life. Jesus Christ.

No. 675188

Why can't she just stick to one skin care routine like a normal person

No. 675190

she doesn't know what discipline is

No. 675195


I mean, the Tatcha shit literally spells out the routine for her and takes, like, 5 minutes to do.

God she's so lazy.

No. 675198

This is how many product she uses for her "face routine"? Number 23?

No. 675199

File: 1562023308814.jpeg (190.77 KB, 750x1247, 0DD2649B-3618-41B0-8034-609654…)

Lord the price tag, this is very scammy

No. 675200

she usually uses a product one time and adds it to her bathroom hoard

No. 675203

Yeah, cause that one steam wand thingy disappear after 3 uses? Not like exercise can solve half her weight problems or anything…

No. 675204

We also haven't seen that jade face roller since Hawaii.

No. 675205

Kek in the last thread you could spy it on the counter with all her other face junk. her one countertop in her bathroom is a skincare graveyard. she still has all the expensive stuff holly told her about, her whole set of Kylie that burned her skin, everything.

No. 675212

Congrats moo. You have your first stalker.

No. 675214

God yes lmao she even bought kylie skin and sperged about how good it was after just literally one try and then we don’t hear none of them ~~goodness~~ again

No. 675225

It is actually disturbing. Can't wait for Moo to jump ship and abandon her. I recall she had another fangirl who obsessed over her when they happened to be cosplaying Fate characters, she tries to Moo's attention all the time and never gets acknowledged by her, so I think she's finally given up. The bitch don't care and likes to one up on everyone to make insecure & dumb wannabe costhots who idolise her feel special or like they're such good friends.

No. 675228

I hope she bought that Sapphire from the actual people and not 3rd party.
These things break after like 5 uses and the company basically says if you buy from Amazon or anywhere else they don't care about you.
They also aren't accredited by the Better Business Bureau

No. 675232

File: 1562026419297.png (756.29 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-07-01-17-11-32…)

Gear up, boys

No. 675243

Quick question since I’m not from USA, is it allowed for “non-officials” to use the logo of something for them (unless it’s obviously a parody)? Because in my country you’d get sued if you’re not officially related (as in part of the company, endorsed by, affiliated by, etc) to the owner of the logo (aka the company) in some way and then using the logo for something because it’d be perceived that the company would endorse the user of the logo. And here I see moo using AX’s logo for her promo pic. Idk how it works in USA, maybe American anons can help?

No. 675245

Considering her rapid weight gain, the effects the lipo could have on her internal organs, her lifestyle, her mental health… this probably is her midlife crisis.

No. 675246

Her name isnt even on the meet and greet shes just high jacking it from others lmao

No. 675253

is she allowed to do this? This feels kind of loop-hole-y

No. 675255

I know what you mean but she’s not using the logo in a way she could be charged with. She’s basically just posting a kind of flyer-collage next to her picture.

If she, however, used the logo in a way that would make people think her content is part of AX (like, in a sense that they hired/sponsored a photo shoot of hers or similar because she put a logo on one of her photos) that would be problematic.

No. 675258

Ah I see! I understand it now, thanks for the explanation anon

No. 675259

Her munchie stalker still obsesses over her and comments regularly. Probably pissed Umbranwitch is getting Moo’s attention.

I don’t know much about this but it is certainly misrepresentation and the con should take action since she’s not a part of the con in ANY official capacity. (One of the peeps over at Kiwi mentioned her being on thin ice with the staff so who knows, she could be close to getting outright banned. One can hope.)

No. 675260

That’s what I initially thought too because in my country the moment you’re using the logo of something even though you’re not officially affiliated to it, bam you’re sued. But kek I would be lying if I said I’m not waiting for AX staff to ban her altogether

No. 675263

She did, but WoW went back to kissing Moo's ass after a few months.

No. 675269

JFC GUYS THE CAR COMPANY REPRODUCED MOOS KEYCHAINS. Shes ALLOWED to be at their booth because she she spent $$$$ with them. They hooked her up with the ticket too. Read the thread. Stop tinfoiling when theres proof of shit about the AX m&g being official.

No. 675286

Not to mention, just because you get perks does NOT mean you have to be an official guest. Yes, they hooked her up with stuff, and yes, she isn't one of their OFFICIAL guests
There is no need to tinfoil, alot of these things dont contradict each other

No. 675289

No. 675292

they both look like shit anyway so whatever

No. 675293

she does, you can see them in the instastorie but they are innacurate

No. 675296

File: 1562032417946.jpeg (559.1 KB, 750x1048, 90EE6031-5C05-4AD5-9043-16067C…)

it’s time for our yearly charity scam!

No. 675299

Ahh milking Etikas death even more, to frame herself as such a good person.
It’s not like she wanted to recreate a suicide for fun, or told people to get over their issues or anything…
That’s just so gross.

No. 675300

File: 1562033349684.jpeg (76.19 KB, 750x336, 455905A6-0DFE-4FC0-BE92-017927…)

from the comments, I’m sure it’s probably nothing and she could have simply said “no I won’t be there on Sunday but personal reasons!

No. 675303

Those glazed over eyes, the half open mouth…she truly looks special needs to me In this pic. Does anyone actually find this facial expression sexy because I really can’t see it. She just looks so vacant haha

No. 675307

So momokun is going to scam people by milking Etika's death? Holy fuck can twitter get ahold of this?(We aren’t your personal army)

No. 675310

Lets add on
Not caring when a friend of a girl Momo bullied to suicide confronted her and told her friend it wasn't her fault she was mentally weak and the other girls momo picked on so much they almost did it themselves. Who the hell promotes themselves on a suicide post? And then uses it as a charity scam?

No. 675312

File: 1562034503837.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, FF8A709D-2D60-4267-9259-BB8415…)

Insinuating that she broke down because of etika’s death

No. 675318

Her sausage fingers are disgusting, you can imagine how stubby and gross they’d look without those fake claws.(nitpicking)

No. 675324

>>675296 While it's supposed to be a nice gesture on her behalf, I really don't think she's going to end up donating more than $36 from keychain sales. She's in for a rude awakening at AX. She doesn't have the local support she thinks she does.

No. 675352

You think that’s bad?
The price tag on the sapphire machine STARTS at 2700$ out to 7000$
This bitch is out of her mind

No. 675354

Her wig is way more accurate than moos, the logo is in the right size, ears arent droopy and she got the little fitbit thing … idk even with a simple cosplay like that u can really tell that moo has no eye for details or love for any of the characters she cosplays

No. 675355

No. 675374

File: 1562041059416.jpeg (170.36 KB, 1200x628, 189B09A6-4DAE-4AED-985E-BE7249…)

She’s using a cropped version of the splash AX used to announce guests.. she’s really trying to pretend she’s relevant

No. 675378


There's no way in hell this bitch got anything for free either. She hasn't done any promotional work for a cosmetic product/company since her disastrous Laseraway photo where she had her orange top on backwards to show off her nasty tits.

How much money has she spent on bullshit and trips in 2019 already? This gizmo and her cool sculpting that isn't helping are roughly just under $10,000 alone.

No. 675388

Momo is proof that just because something is ridiculously expensive doesn't mean it will work. She spent thousands on surgeries and gimmicks to still look old and busted.

When honestly she could have just ate like a human, drink water and do 30 minutes of cardio a day… for free. She is like a poor fag who instantly found a bunch of money and is throwing it at her problems.

No. 675436

With a Frankenstein monster like her, how could she NOT have body dysmorphia?

I'm not trying to armchair her. I'm just saying she's physically and mentally a monster.

No. 675437

>please be nice and don't bully me about last year

No. 675438

She’s kind of strange that way, she swings between doing mediocre waifu cosplays and obscure characters that her fans dont care about, both with a similar level of quality. I don’t know why she doesn’t just stick to what her fans want when she doesn’t care about the characters she cosplays.

No. 675440

File: 1562057583929.png (3.84 MB, 1800x1527, B7AA61E0-9465-459C-B3E3-5802D5…)

I seriously doubt she’s getting sponsored for this shit.

No. 675441

she might as well put that pic in her selfie set for patreon this month

No. 675445

I just looked this stuff up because reasons. Holy shit, Mariah got scammed bad. This is that chain of mall scam artists pushing their bullshit skincare under different names (Oceane, Dead Sea Minerals, Forever Flawless, Orogold etc.). She got taken for a huge ride for a lot of $$$$ because this shit doesn’t work and works no better than drug store shit. There’s blogs about this shit lmfao. You know what they say about a fool and their money. It’ll be in her skincare graveyard by next week.

No. 675451

Another scummy tactic to give the appearance that she is still relevant

No. 675455

I went through her stories for products she mentioned and tried to figure out what's in that pic. Here's how much she's just spent on skincare products:

Sapphire by Zero Gravity: $4400
Volcanic Activating Serum: $1500
Volcanic Perfecting Cream: $1000
Volcanic Thermal Mask: $2500
White Truffle Cleansing Set: $248
White Truffle Facial Peeling: $400
Plus one extra item in the White Truffle series that I can't identify but based on box shape is gonna be one of the ones that goes for $300 or $400.

Grand total:
Approximately $10,350

There's no way the clinic she only spent a few thousand at for lipo and fillers would be giving 10k worth of product out as a sponsorship deal.

No. 675456

Wow she’s that type of stupid richfag who are gullible enough to be lured by “exclusive” expensive products that’s claimed to work wonder just because they’re expensive huh

No. 675457

File: 1562067484764.png (952.85 KB, 750x1334, BF5DDFF8-B15F-4474-AD3B-F014AF…)

No. 675458

File: 1562067516605.png (816.69 KB, 750x1334, D0B361B3-1909-401F-8895-2B00D9…)

No. 675459

File: 1562067548150.png (858.62 KB, 750x1334, 1F93A131-B85C-41F7-A8E2-365646…)

No. 675460

File: 1562067597729.png (719.99 KB, 750x1334, 60DBD8E4-C83B-43FF-B7AF-7E8243…)

No. 675461

File: 1562067633699.png (639.16 KB, 750x1334, 15BAE592-F857-4DEB-B0C4-82F4BE…)

No. 675462

File: 1562067674095.png (858.87 KB, 750x1334, F36952CD-D453-41FF-809A-0B9F58…)

No. 675463

File: 1562067708588.jpeg (48.5 KB, 750x267, 4A68F818-969B-4DD0-ABC8-3B061B…)

No. 675464

File: 1562067788011.jpeg (72.54 KB, 750x246, 22ACEFD9-389E-46A4-B479-1BDD28…)

Her fans are eating her bs up every single time

No. 675465

File: 1562067825938.jpeg (157.1 KB, 750x363, 17183C14-AEDD-4F3F-818A-661232…)

No. 675466

Lolcow has the caps of her saying you should just "get over it". But sure moo, keep trying to ride a dead kids e fame into relevancy.

No. 675467

File: 1562067987470.jpeg (237.15 KB, 750x960, 63BBB61A-D115-4594-8CB0-C6BF69…)

No. 675468


Imagine milking someone else's suicide this much and making it about yourself. You weren't even friends with him. Stay classy, Mariah.

No. 675469

File: 1562068093222.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 6DBFED6E-DCBA-4219-A0DF-358C36…)

This is her lineup. Let’s see whether she keeps up with it or not

No. 675472

>>675462 I don't buy the therapy story. The last time she said she was seeing a therapist, it turned out to be Tattoo-kun shortly after they started hanging out together.

I'd say she's even worse now than she was around AX last year. A therapist would have helped her address and correct her issues. She hasn't shown signs of growth. If anything, she's regressing.

Furthermore, she has no qualms about showing off various skin care products, along with any vitamins and supplements she gets from her mom whenever she claims she's sick. And yet we don't have a single shred of evidence that she takes medication for depression or ADHD, which are two things she claims to be dealing with.

How nice of her to turn the death of an acquaintance into a marketing opportunity. You're a wonderful human being, Mariah.

No. 675478

>have not been ok these past two months

because tattoocuck got a girlfriend. You’re pathetic, moo.

No. 675479

If she was really going to therapy and realizing her faults, maybe she should apologize to Nana and anyone else she made suicidal.
It's only fair Moo. Being sad about a "celebrity suicide" is pointless.

No. 675484

To be honest she's very crocodilian as she goes from her woe is me moment into something different and short seconds. I'm surprised there's no outrage yet on Twitter since she's literally milking someone else's death for her profit. We could all tell that she's not doing this so-called charity out of Goodwill but rather than to gain exposure and to find a way to get people off her back for her controversies. Sorry my dear but we see right through you.

No. 675485


No. 675486

She doesn't have a Twitter, she's basically irrelevant there unless another thot brings her up (or until people see her at AX).

I hate to defend Mariah, but without distractions, it's very easy to go in to "woe is me" mode. Whether those modes are legit or not is a whole other issue, however.

No. 675489

>I have not been well these last two months.

She's been on vacation the past two months and got cosmetic surgeries. Either she's got memory problems or she can't keep track of her lies.

Not aure if I want to see her flat ass blasted at the con or ignored.

No. 675496


Blasted. Part of the problem with moo is that she does harm to people (sometimes GREAT harm) and nobody thinks to turn it around and make her ass uncomfortable. Sure maturity, not lowering yourself to the level of Moo, But she is somehow allowed to forget that shes scum.

Ignored bothers her a lot though, as she casts about for any shred of relevance and fame.

No. 675501

But anon, she went on vacation because she was so unwell! Don’t you know hard-working she is? She really needed some time off!

No. 675534

File: 1562086097332.webm (16.53 MB, 1208x680, 1534540933714.webm)

We all had flashbacks to this clip but I'm not sure if its been reposted (needs to be blasted everywhere right now)

Momo telling those with depression that other people have it worse than you and that you need to work through it in ordse to get over it.

No. 675535

>recreate suicide of cosplay character
>but the word suicide triggers her
>wants to recreate rape of character because its a growing moment
>wants to recreate sexual molestation of character after brainwashed from rape
>get over depression
>wants to cosplay and recreate bestality/loli rape/incest/shotacon/lolicon Eiphoria too

Moo is fucked up. She likes dark shit. That doesnt mean you need therapy moo. You can like that shit and NOT want to recreate or romanticize rape/suicide. What a pos. She is NOT in therapy. She is NOT triggered by suicide.

No. 675561

I have a feeling that all of this fake mourning shit is all part of a bigger plan to cancel hanging out at AX for an extended length of time.

Think about it. On Friday, she's supposed to spend a total of four hours at two separate booths. When's the last time Moo tolerated wearing a costume at an actual convention for that long? La Mole Con? And that was prior to the sexual assault scandal, not to mention she was easily 60 pounds lighter back then.

My prediction: the pressure gets to her, she has a mini panic attack in public, and uses Etika's death as a reason to run and hide in her hotel room because she's "so hurt, my dudes". But I absolutely guaran-fucking-tee you she's going to be out drinking every night, because she's not too upset to fuck around like that.

No. 675563

This is actually a very plausible theory, her setting up little things to snowball for her to have a valid reason to bail AX. I have a feeling that this is the type of shit she's trying to pull

No. 675585

File: 1562097180506.png (1.08 MB, 750x500, post_file (2).png)

No. 675587

File: 1562097498602.png (1.49 MB, 1257x2253, Screenshot_20190702-155716~2.p…)

Fridge mode activated
Something went wrong with editing here

No. 675588


And she will use the excuse of her being so charitable and in mourning all weekend as a way to make people forget what happened during AX just last year when it all came to light about her sexual harassment of other cosplayers.

Poor Moo is very sad and is doing her best for a friend she barely knew, lets focus on her great work she's doing for mental health this weekend instead, she's changed so much since then!

No. 675589

Oh stfu you insufferable child. Therapy! kek. Once again moo shows that there is nothing she won’t lie about. Nothing!

No. 675591


So much shoop here it's actually painful, yet she uploads the non-edits all the time, so everyone already knows she doesn't look like this at all. That chin surgery was pointless.

No. 675592

File: 1562097844494.jpeg (378.22 KB, 474x1030, 16943971-F143-4892-99E0-8C2011…)

3/6 photos are basically the same pose on her end

No. 675593


Moo honestly expects money for these? They're so shit and boring, nice reflection of the character there. Even Miso looks dull as fuck.

No. 675595

She's probably trying to do this shoot as quick as possible to get the fuck away.

No. 675596

From the bts shots she apparently had to constantly be careful with her movements so her ‘nip nops’ don’t show. So it makes sense that she wouldn’t move a lot.
Not like she’s usually offering more variety in posing. But, y’know.

No. 675597

It looks more like she didn't wanna stand up for photos

No. 675598

File: 1562099168616.jpeg (473.88 KB, 860x904, 24DA7EB5-CAE0-4232-AB26-562859…)

Is this a part that’s left of her areola Post photoshop …?

No. 675599

i think so. you could see her nips in the unedited photos.

No. 675600

Professional cosplay professional doesn’t know about toupee glue. She’s a delight.

No. 675602

Look at Miso's thigh gap vs Moo's legs, also their shoulder difference. It becomes largely noticeable alongside a normal size person like Miso, why she agrees to these kinds of shoots? Ill never guess.

No. 675603

At that price you may as well just get fillers or a face lift and actually get instant results

No. 675604

File: 1562100333516.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.3 MB, 3840x5760, MARV0121.jpg)


Her tits look like a big blob of fat with a cleavage shooped on? Everything is just so odd and fake looking wtf

No. 675605

she's really pushing this hua? I remember when she was making fun of the topic and when called out she claimed she use to be a cutter but you can't see her scars because they all faded away.

No. 675609


how the turntables, mooriah

That first thread is hilarious to read in comparison to now. She's so cocky in it, and knowing that her career basically takes a massive nosedive due to her own ego is SO satisfying retrospectively.

No. 675611


Well it is the work of CuckNoodles who isn't exactly amazing in the photography department and is firmly up Moo's ass because his girlfriend is super buddies with her.

No. 675626

Yeah, she’s not getting sponsored for this at all. It’s one of those scam brands that operates primarily at mall kiosks with pushy trafficked Israeli sales people lmfao I don’t get why she would lie about this sponsoring her of all things. They love to tell you you look like shit to make a sale so of course Mariah fell for this bait.

No. 675635

She may not have been paid, but it's realistic to assume the products and treatment were free. 90% of the pictures on Spoiled Laser's Instagram are "influencers" with 100k+ followers (and they're all holding goodie bags with these products). Mariah may not be pretty enough to be featured on their account, but she has over half a million followers, which is enough to throw some overpriced shit her way in exchange for promo pics.

No. 675655

Etika was depressed. She should have told him this, so he got better.

No. 675673

looked at what that $4400 thing is and it's a scam. not because it doesn't work (it might) but because its manufacturing cost would be under $10

No. 675675

>blue light and heat

also it's like 2k on amazon sooooo

No. 675721

That makes a lot of sense actually, like >>675673 said the products themselves probably were really cheap to manufacture, that’s why they would have no problem (if they were actually) sending moo with products, because the actual value is probably not as high as 10 grands (and could possibly be much lower than that)

No. 675817

File: 1562139573786.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, C972467B-F846-4BDB-84AC-643C3B…)

Who pissed her off this time in her friend group?

No. 675821


more like "pay close attention when I clapback cause I'm confronted"

Was there a Beymax cosplay contest somewhere? I can see her winning that…

No. 675827

They really forgot to edit the tan shoop onto her legs

This is such a halfassed edit. All they did was make her look like a bloated oompa loompa

No. 675840

File: 1562147777714.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 08AF3E68-841C-40C6-ADFD-5C3825…)

No. 675842

File: 1562150015619.jpg (996.24 KB, 1080x1815, 20190703_031845.jpg)

Reiq posted momo's stickers and the comments were not happy.

No. 675843

File: 1562150107466.jpg (320.37 KB, 1080x1705, 20190703_032141.jpg)

(Comments part 1)
Looks like a lot of people still think of her as a sexual harasser and treat her like cosplay cancer.

No. 675844

File: 1562150141130.jpg (309.02 KB, 1564x1497, 20190703_032604.jpg)

(Comments part 2)

No. 675845

File: 1562150192020.jpg (318.97 KB, 1080x1717, 20190703_032124.jpg)

(Comments part 3)

They remember where her "OC" came from too.

No. 675856

Like the coward he is he turned off comments on the momokun stickers already, what an idiot.

No. 675859

If anything, Reiq got the head size right on the moocow sticker.

No. 675909

People in artists alley tend to be pretty aware of artist drama and definitely know about moo's rep. He's gonna be hearing a lot of those comments irl this weekend lol

No. 675914

File: 1562168090523.jpeg (265.78 KB, 607x835, 9E0FCCEF-6ECD-4913-92C2-532F33…)

he either turned them back on or has you blocked from commenting

No. 675930

File: 1562171041264.jpg (247.08 KB, 1080x1305, 20190703_091941.jpg)

More reiq pic comments
(Comments part 4)

No. 675932

File: 1562171080871.jpg (142.72 KB, 1080x703, 20190703_092009.jpg)

(Comments part 5)

No. 675936

I noticed Instagram has this weird bug since they changed the way you can view people's pics (you can now scroll down to view the next image). For me it'll look like the latest pic they posted doesn't allow comments but if you click the bubble icon like you're going to comment, all the comments will appear again.

No. 675944

File: 1562172661696.gif (6.74 MB, 253x450, videotogif_2019.07.03_12.48.58…)

Galloping around like an overweight horse and sniffing women…

No. 675945

Guess she hasn't learned how not to be creepy. On the anniversary of her getting called out for sexual harassment, she should be controlling herself.

No. 675947

again if Momo was a guy it would not be okay. It's more disgusting realizing she isn't attracted to girls, she just loves being creepy to other girls as a power move.
This just makes my skin crawl because I have a guy do this exact same thing to me. It isn't quirky at all.

No. 675962


she really has that gorillas in the mist shit down pat. What a fuckin creep and nobody said anything?

No. 675965

Please, some attendee either call her out publically or make it a living hell for her to provide a late night milk fest, itd be nice ti have a bit of reading material. She is so completely unaware and its embarressing and frightening at the same time.(cowtipping)

No. 675970

I'd ask if she were autistic but that'd be an insult to actual autistic people. This is so embarrassing, not to mention it gives her fans the idea that doing this shit is 'cute' and 'quirky'.

No. 675972

File: 1562175954419.png (1.15 MB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-07-03-12-43-25.p…)

Looks like these were from last year

No. 675976


I noticed her hair is shorter and she looks smaller in the sniffing ig story, but she reposted it to her story today. Probably from last year.

No. 675982

If both are from last year on the anniversary of her sexual assault scandal then there is only one logical explanation. Momo is gunning for infamy instead of fame. Any attention is good attention I suppose

No. 675992

Guys this is 2 years old. Not even recent. Stop posting old shit and saying she hasn't learned since last year. Not that she has, but this isn't recent at all. LOOK at the hair ande her size.

No. 675994

They posted it because Moo did on her Insta, but it seems to be deleted now. I watched it before I went to bed last night and can confirm it was there. She reposted it from miikachu. Which brings the question, if this is a year old, why in the hell is it being brought up again? To make her look more like a creepy old gorilla?

No. 675998

File: 1562181256767.png (327.12 KB, 357x427, 5BBE3FC8-E5F6-4124-9DBB-8BD810…)

She reposted them to her account. Even I could tell they were old. But those just reminded me that this pic exists and that there is no god.

No. 676012

They acted like it was current content though. Also what’s the point of posting something just because she’s posted it when it has zero value for this thread? Like, wow she’s reposted someone reposting old stuff of her. So what.

No. 676038


It is current content, she reposted it yesterday and added "I love to sniff" which is pretty creepy. Value is subjective, I thought it was relevant.

No. 676039

File: 1562190882894.jpg (27.18 KB, 311x422, IMG_20190703_165135.jpg)

Forgive the shitty screenshot, I'm using my phone but… Those fat rolls are basically boobs. Just wear a fucking bra your size and it won't look like that. I'm not gonna rip on Moo for being fat, but she makes it worse with how she dresses herself. Wear things that fit you girl, you'll look less obese.

No. 676041

File: 1562191412234.jpeg (386.89 KB, 1242x905, 6A86E354-0187-441E-B29E-37CE67…)

They’re not wrong.

No. 676042

I don't understand why she would attempt this again after her history of scamming via charities.
Even if she was genuine this time, noone will believe her. She should have kept quiet about it until after she actually donated.
But then she would have to wait for the asspats

No. 676056

Of course she would donate, not only does it make her look good but she can get it all back at tax time, how convenient

No. 676066

Just wondering what kind of meltdown she will have this weekend. Talk online is already ramping up about what a disgusting sack of shit she is and how no one has forgotten what she did. Negative comments are flooding the page of the artist who was stupid enough to agree to wok with her. People tweeting directly at AX about letting a known sexual predator on the premises. Any hope she had of simply quiet coasting by this weekend has been effectively nuked. And since we all know she can’t ever just sit down and shut the fuck up she is bound to to inevitably clap back at whatever comment gets under her skin the most.

I bet she was thinking this will have all been forgotten about by now and that everyone would be cheering her return. She’s about to live her worst nightmare all over again.

No. 676073

Did he delete her sticker post?

No. 676077


Yep. Looks like it. Crazy how associating with a known sexual abuser might bring some negative attention. Ain’t that funny?

No. 676092

I think it was around thread 70ish, it was last year, almost exactly a year

No. 676098

Checked twitter and there are a definitely some posts floating around for people to keep their eyes peeled and upset she isn't banned.

No. 676099

>>676056 I'm using your post to put things in perspective regarding her previous charitable efforts based on merch sales (I'm excluding anything she may have done related to the October 1st shooting).

To my recollection, the first scam was the Bee-kini Mei photo sets that sold for about $30 at the time. They didn't sell well, as she only ended up donating somewhere between $200-$250 altogether (and forgive me if my figures aren't exact, as I'm going on memory to the best of my ability).

Right around that time, there was a Twitch stream planned, but she made up an excuse as to why she couldn't continue. I still have no idea if or how that whole mess concluded, and if the little bit of money she raised in the short amount of time actually went towards a cause.

Then there was the Red Riding Hood "Save The Wolves" fiasco. Not only did she allegedly not donate proceeds of her sales to the organization she worked with (the blonde wolf handler was an employee for said organization, and it seems like Mariah didn't do what she said she would do), but Mariah also ripped off the MyOppa design around this time.

To sum things up, she doesn't sell nearly enough merchandise to make sizable contributions to the charities she mentions. Worse yet, she doesn't donate as much as she originally claims she intends on donating. So she definitely has a habit of tarnishing her name whenever charities are brought up, because she's pocketing more money than she wants you to believe.

As for AX, I doubt she'll end up selling more than $170 worth of stickers and keychains, because nobody wants to actually own her merch. They just want to see her nasty tits and vagina.

No. 676108

I think her first charity thing was the Las Vegas shooting. She also made that about her. I remember there being an issue about that but can’t remember what. I think she kept linking the wrong charity site or something and wouldn’t shut up about all the money she was donating. It was embarrassing.

Interesting the character has pink eyes and not blue. I thought moo’s revised” OC “was blue-eyed

No. 676110


>(I'm excluding anything she may have done related to the October 1st shooting).

Literally in the first paragraph.

No. 676147

>Interesting the character has pink eyes and not blue. I thought moo’s revised” OC “was blue-eyed

Yeah we‘ve been over this several times now already. If you don’t want to read the whole thread at least do a quick keyword search or something before you post. Jesus…

No. 676148


How long before she begs him to put it back up

No. 676150


I cannot wait to see how this all plays out, and just see her whining and complaining the people can't just seem to forget and that her ADHD caused her to do that.

No. 676155

She just doesn't understand why people are still mad at her after her half assed apology. It always worked with her parents.

No. 676163

File: 1562209366408.jpg (70.78 KB, 590x616, uhoh.jpg)

Checked twitter and this post seems to be picking up some traction, about 40 likes atm. Did we cover this topic/event?

No. 676165

I definitely remember her showing them a few times but I’ve never heard about this part. knowing her and seeing as how if you were a well put together group you’d want nice photos…sounds about right

No. 676167

File: 1562210072909.jpg (67.56 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20190703_231401.jpg)

One of them posted this and in dying over her terrified expression

No. 676175

File: 1562211077327.png (861.25 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-07-03-20-23-25…)

No. 676178

File: 1562211134911.png (934.54 KB, 1189x720, Screenshot_2019-07-03-20-24-15…)

Wearing a blanket in public like a homeless person

No. 676186

Trying to make sure she doesn't get recognized. But that's giving her too much credit.

No. 676209

Can you look up the age of reposts when you keep posting old stuff please? This ALSO isn't new. This is two years ago.

No. 676215

This is literally from today lol

No. 676217

Oh man the neckbeards are not going to appreciate seeing a chad in Moo's stories kek

No. 676218

File: 1562219892852.jpeg (897.92 KB, 1242x1833, 38E38AE5-F036-4F04-9C7C-4C7E3D…)

It’s from today dude. Chill.

I’m seeing lots of anti-groping PSAs on twitter now that more people are becoming aware Moo is in the vicinity. This one from Bunny because obviously.

I know probably nothing eventful will come from this weekend because people are too chickenshit to confront her and she’s adept at slithering away when things get dicey but I’m hoping for a milky weekend regardless lol

No. 676221

File: 1562223715008.png (7.37 MB, 1125x2436, C18ACC09-4E13-4E23-A65E-DB427F…)

Moo posted a video showing off an FGO ad that’s playing on the side of the hotel I’m staying in and it boggles my mind that she’s down there somewhere below me waddling around.

No. 676222

File: 1562224012076.gif (523.87 KB, 480x270, 1499197749671.gif)

>calling that character "Alter Drake"
>biggest Fate fan my dudes!

No. 676226

Can you maybe explain what’s so weird/funny about is, since not everyone on here watches Fate?

No. 676229

bunny and susu were going to post it regardless. they leap at every chance given to acquire sympathy points among their little twitter echo chamber

No. 676230

It's literally a super common phrase/speech among cosplayers dude it's not that deep/personal.

No. 676236

Nayrt but another Fate autist. In the series there are "alters", corrupted servants. Saber Alter, Cú Alter, Jeanne Alter, etc.
Mariah specifically loves to sperg over the character Frances Drake, the big titty pink-haired pirate she cosplayed, and pretend she knows everything about her, and Fate in general ofc.
But the character she's mentioning isn't an alter at all, she's a different character completely, Pirate Princess Dahut. When she was first seen, there was speculation and joking that she was Francis Drake Alter, but if you actually play the game it straight up tells you she's not. If Mariah were the actual lore master she claims to be, she'd know that, and it'd be one of those little things she freaks out about.

Also saying "Alter Drake" is weird and no one else in the fandom refers to them like that. It's just like when she called Musashi "Miyamoto" - it's not /technically/ incorrect, but it's uncomfortable as hell and if she actually talked to other Fate fans or did anything other than just read the Wiki, she'd know that.

Tldr it's dumb Fate details that prove she doesn't actually know shit about her favowite sewies, like always.

No. 676240

She looks great compared to the sea cow.

No. 676243

it's like she's a fat cow in a man's body. She has no concept of personal space or boundaries, esp with other women. wtf is wrong with her? No wonder she is losing friends fast. i can't imagine the hellscape the hairdressers went through on the Hawaii trip.

No. 676265

Apparently the twitch donations were being directly deposited into her account as opposed to going to the organization she said and people noticed when it hit their bank statements?

No. 676267

this is uncanny. It's like someone put clothes on a titan

No. 676273

Ah yes, she didn't donate to the bees and that is why there was so much drama and low sales. Momo made up the BS that she was going to use the donations for something else, why people stopped buying. (I believe it was hurricane relief but there was still no proof of donation and she kept linking a weird website. I think she did show proof but it didn't add up to what was actually donated. When confronted she changed her story and said "Well not ALL sales will be donated like I said. Just 20 percent.")

The vegas shooting thing was a mess as well but I don't think she showed proof of donation, or it was the wrong site (scam)

The wolves was a mess, she kept the donations for that 100 percent. One of her ex friends admitted she used the money to buy her designer kitten, accessories and a pet hotel to throw him in. When that came into light she used some of her money to cover it up, but it def wasn't the value of the sales made.
She also lost some money by paying MyOppa hush money and Momo isn't allowed to sell the set again.

There was another donation scam around x mas but I can't remember. But nothing she does is genuine. All donations is for attention and extra pocket change. Why the Ekita thing is awful seeing as how they only met once for a few pics and gucci goods. Momo gave up when she couldn't buy friendship.

It's a good thing Momo wasn't close enough to know where his wake and funeral was. you know she would have taken pics for clout

No. 676274

She will never understand because she deleted all proof of the apology and the whole scandal. That and she victim blamed saying if they were upset they should have told her the moment she was molesting them or else it doesn't count. Then she said it was a witch hunt because she's popular and they want attention. So yuh, no. She never actually said she was sorry

No. 676276

File: 1562257815145.gif (1.2 MB, 340x204, F7A2C86F-0B35-4FC0-9E33-3E621C…)

No. 676281

Whoa boy. I forgot about how awful her skin was then. Glad to see things never change for the vile Moo!

No. 676282

I stand by what I said. She never really said it cuz she didn't mean it and deleted all apologies

No. 676283

To add to the Beekini Mei charity scam, she first said that proceedings from that set would go to the hurrican relief, linking to her Patreon, then later said that only sales of prints bought from her website would be donated, not the earnings she got from patrons' pledges.

No. 676285

aaah yes, Momo changing up the rules when she sees the cash rolling in so she can have an excuse to pocket the money

No. 676292

This is unbelievable. I know this is old news at this point but her facial expressions do not line up with her words whatsoever. She is incapable of taking anything seriously unless she can victimize herself somehow. Mariah, you're disgusting.

No. 676301

I love that your post adds onto the paranoia she had previous AX: that so many people around her know exactly who she is and for all the wrong reasons. She can't even hide in the hotel without being surrounded.

No. 676302

File: 1562268174252.jpg (429.3 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190704-142242_Ins…)

It's the first official day of AX and Miso is already at her booth. No stories or updates from our cow. While Aly and Miso are already in costume, she's having drinks with Holly.

No. 676306

Lately if predators attend events people from twitter will make warning posts name dropping them and get 1000s of retweets. Did no one post one for moo that's not just a subtweet?

No. 676313

Not everything needs to end in crucifixion, anon. People know.

No. 676319

I was one post on twitter referring to her but refusing to use her name so she doesnt get attention

No. 676322

File: 1562275465782.jpeg (476.94 KB, 1440x1920, D-qGiCzW4AETHS4.jpg-large.jpeg)

They have this in AX, not sure if in previous years they also had this but alas. I hope moo feels called out kek

No. 676323

File: 1562275481385.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, A952321B-CE25-4557-926C-B63B1E…)

No. 676326

File: 1562275929714.png (4.31 MB, 750x1334, DCAB8180-4723-432E-8D08-BDC014…)

No. 676327

File: 1562276439795.jpg (1.08 MB, 1440x1920, axmoo.jpg)

No. 676329

Kek this is glorious anon I love it

No. 676330

File: 1562277081028.jpg (112.4 KB, 720x540, 20190704_144745.jpg)

>>676326 She posted a video on her BTS account where she's wearing this getup.

Apparently, she's going to loiter around where the horseshoe area is. If anyone actually sees her inside today, it'll be a miracle.

I don't think any of those passes she showed off were intended for her.

No. 676335

File: 1562278438065.png (1.25 MB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-07-04-15-11-07…)

No. 676336

File: 1562278522954.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 8EEB7E72-FE28-4507-A539-22EF03…)

That bathroom is absolutely filthy and it’s only been one day

No. 676337

I know that bathroom! They are staying at the jw

No. 676338


>4 hour process and 3 people assisting

Then maybe you should lay off the cosmic brownies.

No. 676341

Shes already proving shes gonna ghost. She wont even be at misos booth today.

No. 676346

Yes, they've had this in previous years. It's a common staple at most cons now, big or small.

No. 676349

File: 1562280187065.jpeg (62.8 KB, 554x554, 02BCB6AF-0A89-4BE6-A1FA-F5F6F0…)

God she reminds me so much of this ugly bitch it’s uncanny.(no1curr)

No. 676356

File: 1562280546378.jpg (685.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190704-174826_Ins…)

No. 676362


Nice to see she is so labor intensive nobody else in that room can enjoy the con for themselves. She has to take up all their time being a poseur.

No. 676409

File: 1562285305267.png (1.25 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-07-04-17-06-50…)

Please get pics I need to see them in the wild

No. 676412

Doubt it, she showed off the passes weeks after they were mailed to buyers. If she bought her pass she would have shown it off as soon as it came in. She's just sharing passes again like she always does. So much for loving the industry so much but she can't actually financially support it. But ofc she makes plenty of money to get fat sucked out of her time and time again

No. 676414

That's a point, I don't think we've ever seen Moo without Vamp at a con hotel. She's always been her hotel buddy and they're now in separate groups. Doormat evolved a little.

No. 676420

File: 1562287176249.jpg (224.73 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20190704_173721.jpg)

Stolen from a Twitter user.

No badge. Not technically inside.

No. 676421

Day 1 and face already looking rough.

No. 676422

So much for those fading smile lines. Woof.

No. 676423

The lip filler is completely nonexistent kek. Also the veins on her boobs tho jesus christ I’ve never seen something like that before

No. 676424

She looks like a god damn idiot.

No. 676425

File: 1562287542346.jpeg (185.21 KB, 750x483, 73E14A00-ABF7-489A-971E-BB0C63…)

No. 676426

Lipo literally did nothing for her melting jowls. She looks no better than before.

No. 676427

Her face looks like she's melting. Jesus…

No. 676428

She looks like a Planet of the Apes standin. The way her fillers were placed makes it worse.
Did anyone else find her today? She's been quiet

No. 676429

nobody can convince me this isn't a 45 year old mom of 3

No. 676432

DShe hiding the badge in her fat flaps.

No. 676433

Is she wearing more than one bra? Because something about her chest area is off

No. 676435


I know that some con attendees in cosplay will hide their badges or have someone else hold it during photos so it doesn't take away from the costume. Then again this is Moo so I'm doubtful

No. 676437

You can see the one too-small beige bra a bit. It amazes me how she stuffs/double bras, yet her tits are still at her belly button

No. 676440

jeez, her AND Cat look rough as fuck. Moo's jaw is fucking melting

No. 676441

They both look so rough, jesus. Mariah looks like she's trying to to a duckface, but I've never seen such sad lip fillers. And Anatres… that dirty chest contour, really? They act so haughty for such slobs.

No. 676442

They really do look bad. Moo's photos are seriously way more edited than before, and it's obvious as to why. This is how she truly looks without phone filters, Photoshop and blinding lights. If she was wearing her usual casual attire it'd be x10 worse. Hopefully a few of her cucks will wake up and realize it's time they save their money.

No. 676452

oof. 23 ladies and gentlemen. 2643 different skin treatments plus various cosmetic procedures and still coming out looking like a haggard mid-40's mom. that turtleneck isn't doing anything for her jowls and her tits looking like she ain't even wearing a bra. just oof.

No. 676454

File: 1562291241697.jpeg (750.04 KB, 2048x1536, 8110E225-2724-4363-AC17-46B489…)

there’s just no emotion

No. 676462

>>676454 You can see it in her eyes. She's fearful of taking photos with the general public on account of how hideous she looks. Tomorrow's booth appearances are going to crush her soul.

Even the neckbeard looks disappointed with her appearance in this photo.

No. 676465

Every thread, I think 'this is the worst she's ever looked' and damned if she doesn't top it every time. so much for the skin care routine.

No. 676467

You can't get into the con center this year without a badge and it's not required to be on display once you're inside. She is inside, though - you can't get into that area without going through a bag check or scan area.

No. 676471

File: 1562292198937.jpg (411.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-190005_Ins…)

For those speculating on whether or not she managed to get inside, perhaps this would explain how she may have gotten past the main entry.

Seems likely that the badges are being passed around like a lit joint.

No. 676472

Is it just my eyes or do her boobs look really grayish in both photos? It’s almost creepy tbh

No. 676474

File: 1562292294460.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, 26706C70-B6B5-4A65-8657-0B6F40…)

No. 676475

File: 1562292303451.png (2.49 MB, 1417x2048, Screenshot_20190704-190310.png)

It looks like she ended up going into the exhibit hall for at least a hot minute at some point today. This was in her tagged photos section on IG.

I can't get over how uncomfortable her expression is in all these photos. Kek

No. 676476

At least the deku and agretsko look amazing not even posing for the picture but the look amazing unlike moo. 3 years later and she still refuses to learn how to pose

No. 676477

The comment section tho kek

No. 676478

File: 1562292534209.jpeg (143.31 KB, 750x634, CD2F5689-25CE-4D17-8F2C-F04B35…)

Sorry forgot to attach pic

No. 676479

I agree, it looks like she doesn't even want to be there. I guess she'd rather be in her room eating.

No. 676481


It's probably because she's in pain from how tight that fucking corset is. That side pose isn't doing her any favors. She looks so…uneven. she's sagging everywhere.

No. 676482

>swipe for better people

No. 676485

File: 1562292850010.jpeg (484.96 KB, 842x818, 8F2B10D6-7FF5-4C38-9EB8-465E1D…)

Girl, me too.

No. 676490

Does anyone else think she got more than just the lip fillers done to her face and lipo on her neck?? Her face just looks so off, around the cheek area.

No. 676499

It's the face tape making a comeback

No. 676504

nah, i bet it's because she only had her double chin and jawline lipo'd so her cheeks and jowls are still fat. as she continues to eat like shit, the stuff that would have gone to her double chin, will instead go to the jowls and cheeks so it should be hilarious as time passes.

but something about her tits look weird af in the pic to me. like, what a weird sag.

No. 676506

samefag, but the lipo didn't even manage to snatch her jawline anyway so now it just does this weird kind of sloping off her jaw to her neck. looks like it's melting into itself.

No. 676508

File: 1562294801436.png (743.38 KB, 575x531, ooooooof.png)

No. 676509

Actual question: does she look wider? Or is it just me? You think sucking her arm fat and whatever else would allow her to grow smaller in the shoulders? I don't understand

No. 676514

Her face looks suuuuper puffy, way more than normal. It’s actually shocking to see. She can’t still be swollen this bad from the lipo. Something else is going on.

No. 676518

File: 1562295848768.png (663.28 KB, 568x560, instaran1.png)

No. 676523

Is something going on with her left eye??

No. 676527

File: 1562296583616.png (800 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-07-04-20-13-13…)

No. 676528

File: 1562296642766.png (68.34 KB, 173x204, Screenshot_2019-07-04-20-13-13…)

No. 676530

her tails look nice. did she bribe mowky into submission by now?

No. 676531

why does she keep doing this three year old meme gesture

No. 676533

I wonder if it could be to do with not wearing the compression gear/general poor post-op care?

No. 676535

Ax anon here, a few things:
You can’t get into the main lobby w/o the rfid badge. All normal ghosting entrances are walled off, chained up or have security outside OR have turned into priority entrances for the talent. Everyone looks rough because AX is a huge concrete building with blaring fluorescent lights that makes even the young people look puffy and sad, it’s also responsible for the grey cast in the pictures. You need to adjust your phone to this lighting to get anything half decent. Did see her in the exhibit hall, she has her own rfid badge. I’m a regular here for the last 10 years, it’s almost impossible to sneak in at all now.

No. 676536

But she still looks like shit in pictures taken outside. Not about to blame lighting for how shit her face looks when everyone looks fine.

No. 676565

File: 1562299702214.png (96.16 KB, 192x241, 218748574.png)

No. 676567

Her tits are either sagging lower than they ever have before, or she tried to pad them/wear extra bras and it’s all… hanging off the bottom? idk but it sure is unfortunate and odd looking

No. 676581

File: 1562300569679.png (615.02 KB, 508x528, BzhW7aYDhyA.png)

No. 676597

File: 1562301889672.jpg (194.69 KB, 834x631, Screenshot_20190704-214030_Chr…)

She's definitely padding. The outline of her tit doesnt match the shape from the outside on the white portions

Makes her udders look so much saggier than they already are

The bras shes padding with dont even fit

No. 676605

File: 1562302453974.jpg (430.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190704-214939_Ins…)

>>676597 It looks really bad. This pic may be the worst one of her boobs from AX. The cylindrical shape in the front of her breast resembles a chewing tobacco container. Her lumpy breasts ruined the entire outfit, and that's pretty sad when you take into consideration the money she spent to get this and the tail commissioned. You can't buy skill, and you sure as hell can't always buy beauty.

No. 676607

Random question, but isn't she suppose to still be technically wearing the bandages/wraps or whatever from lipo????

No. 676611

I did a quick google and it looks like you're supposed to wear the compression wraps 24/7 for 3 weeks and then the following 3 weeks you can wear the compression wraps during the day, but take them off at night. obviously she is doing none of that lmao

>2.) It prevents collections of fluid: when fat is removed, a space is left behind. The same forces that cause swelling will tend to cause fluid to collect in this space leading to pockets of clear fluid known as seromas. These can be uncomfortable and require repeat drainage with a needle to eliminate them. By applying external compression with a garment the space is kept closed while the tissues heal, allowing the skin to adhere to the underlying structures and preventing these fluid collections.

this could explain why she is so swollen looking

No. 676634

Lmao I dont think the average person is familiar with the shape of a chew tobacco container, anon

No. 676644

She’s trying to make her boobs look bigger and create the illusion of cleavage by padding out the sides of her chest to push her actual boobs towards the center. You can do this if you use a bra big enough to contain both the padding and real boobs, but she just used regular bras, making her boobs spill out the sides into the center and giving the look like she has 2 sets of tits. It also just makes her look bigger in general, not a good idea Moo!

No. 676650

File: 1562309765408.png (3.12 MB, 1800x1584, 27758530-8C24-4EC4-82B9-8AF770…)

Says the girl that got so piss drunk at the Lvl Up Expo party she was playing with a plant the entire time.

No. 676651

File: 1562309849378.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, FB7C57EF-1845-4540-B4D0-6250F5…)

These are the idiots she surrounds herself with.

No. 676663

Why are you at a party then you dumb hippo?

No. 676667

File: 1562314057810.jpeg (199.79 KB, 750x946, 05EBA671-288E-4782-BB75-44D982…)

The comment under this photo

No. 676668

Part of the reason it looks so bizarre to me is the fabric around her neck. It hit me instantly when I first saw her dressed in this get up.

No. 676670


Definitely can't see Moo following the after surgery care she needs to do. She wants a quick fix and not deal with the tedious things that will prevent any fuck ups to her body, but here we are where she looks like lumpy & bloated. One of these days it will backfire completely and go really wrong. She'll never learn.

No. 676672

Shouldn't she be more concerned? If I got plastic surgery I would follow my doctors post surgery instructions to a T. Would be worried that my face would get messed up or something if I dont. But then again we are talking about Mariah, who lacks any common sense.

No. 676682

That’s fucking Christopher Columbus. Even more proof that she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

No. 676687

she took them off immediately.

No. 676689

I wonder how momo feels knowing vamps can end up in leonchiros IG story while she sits outside. Hes kind of shitty but hes more popular than momo. Maybe if you werent such a pussy to go inside moo

No. 676693

Didn't Momo suck up to him at that convention in Mexico and he pretty much ignored her?

No. 676694

File: 1562329129601.png (679.08 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-07-05-05-15-02…)

>not much of a party person

No. 676695

File: 1562329155005.png (972.47 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_2019-07-05-05-14-06…)

No. 676698

It looks comical almost how her gucci bag looks really teeny tiny worn by moo. Really puts into perspective just how wide she actually is…

No. 676700

No. 676702

lol the cosmic brownies are in a ziploc bag with MOMO written on it

No. 676703

Good news guys, the glorious 'you died' gif from >>>/pt/665612 will be added as a header soon.

Thanks again to the anon that thought of it and the one that made the gif!

No. 676707

what happened to totally eating right after surgery my dudes

No. 676710

File: 1562338491667.jpeg (484.54 KB, 750x739, 48339753-87CC-45A5-BA0F-67F9E0…)

No. 676712


The way she's padded her bra make her tits look like saggy torpedoes.

No. 676714

>>676694 If you thought this bitch looked like she got smacked in the face by every penis in Los Angeles before, wait until you see how haggard she's going to look during her booth sessions after staying up late and drinking.

Remember, the last time she did this (Katsucon), she completely stiffed the third day, which was supposed to be Howl. Watch this bitch weasel her way out of her "scheduled appearances".

No. 676718

>implying she'd even go there looking that bad

lbr if she actually ends up looking that bad and not even make up can't hide it, she'd opt for staying in because all that mental baggage hit her after having so much fun the day before, my dudes.

No. 676721

Tinfoil but I think since her appearance isn’t announced anywhere officially by the shwainc instagram, she wouldn’t have to worry about bailing out anyway

No. 676722

>>676718 She'll use this excuse:

>>675561 could be prophetic.

No. 676728

Y'know this is one of the times she's just fucking with us, I'm 105% certain she says certain things that she doesnt actually believe to specifically make us rage at the hypocrisy. Is that insta story of her a while back partying as casual Mei still in her Instagram story highlights?

No. 676736

I agree with other anons that something about her face just looks really off putting. I’m not one to enjoy nitpicking but there’s something about her cheeks and jawline areas that looks very plastic, like many people with bad or too much surgery have you know? It ages her so, so bad… damn, I hate to say it but I actually kinda pity her

No. 676740

Its because she doesnt realize that gaining weight shows up first on your face

And she can't suck that fat out, so she's left with a lipoed jaw and the face of an obese middle aged woman

No. 676744


She reminds me of emilia fart here. Also, those long ass toenails tho. Looks like they were about to crack through the tights.


Didn't she always taped the fuck out of her face when she wore a cosplay in the past? Maybe it's also a reason why her face is the way it is now.

No. 676746

I think what were seeing is all the sagging she was pulling back with the face tape. Sucking out her turkey neck may have made her feel like she no longer needed to use it.

But she does.

She really really does.

No. 676748

Tbh i'm not sure it's that her face is puffy, she just has a short stubby neck and that while turtleneck going all the way up under her chin is super unflattering. She should have taken a few inches off the height of that

No. 676755

File: 1562349964017.png (431.79 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2019-07-05-11-04-04…)

Booth 3931

No. 676756

Considering she‘s at AX the next few days, did she say something about when she‘s going to release this month‘s sets?

No. 676757

she doesn't like partying with loud music, she likes getting black out drunk

how often does she go to loud parties?

No. 676759

This should be interesting…I'm still expecting a very last minute cancellation or not staying for as long as planned at the booth.

No. 676761

she won't even be out of bed by then

No. 676766

File: 1562355516499.jpeg (1.49 MB, 2306x4096, 478C3C91-6C3A-4300-96A8-AB0FC4…)

According to shwainc miso would be at 4030. Let’s see how it is for moo

No. 676769

I am waiting with baited breath that some random congoer confronts her and puts her in her fucking place, but in reality it wont happen and she probably wont even show. People who talk shit about confronting online never actually follow through with it anyways. I'd be petrified if i was her.

No. 676778

File: 1562357181238.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, EA2E693F-06F2-494E-BEEF-7F34C9…)

No. 676797

An hour late?

No. 676825

God those fucking toilet roll headphones drive me insane. They're such an integral part of the costume, Idk why she couldn't get her troupe of slaves to come up with something better.

No. 676847

Taking her sweet time and probably won't last there long either. So predictable.

No. 676871

Over 2 hours late. Is it really that surprising guys?

No. 676872

They’re so awful and aren’t even even.
It makes the rest of her costume look way worse.

No. 676874

i know some people IRL who will beat her ass if she comes in our area. real hood weebs will beat the shit out of fake ass white girls trying to act hood.(a-logging, no1curr)

No. 676875

Can she even breathe with how tight that corset is on her? Also, it's hilarious that even though she got lipo on her chin, she's still editing her face like crazy. That's what happens when you don't do proper post-op care Mariah.

No. 676876

>>676871 Her lack of consideration for her friends and her fans drives me nuts. She specifically said that she'd be with Miso Tokki from 1 to about 3 or so, and then she was supposed to do the ReiQ booth from 3 to 5.

So not only did Miso likely have to deal with "where's Mariah" questions, but now ReiQ is going to get the same thing. Not that I feel sorry for anyone, since they're stupid enough to associate with Mariah. But there's no denying that Mariah managed to make everyone else around her look unprofessional by default, since they seemingly made arrangements to have Mariah appear at each booth.

Two hours late. I hope a jaded fan farts in her mouth.

No. 676877

Wouldn’t it be ironic at this con if she passed out because of the corset and was abandoned the same way she did to Nana? One can hope.

No. 676878

That would be sweet justice and a total possibility.

No. 676879

File: 1562367830258.jpeg (259.44 KB, 1133x1200, 6B553055-D4D9-4E40-AC4C-722184…)

To be fair, she’s doing the Rieq booth tomorrow but she said “around 1pm” on her IG for Miso’s booth so you know she did that to give her leeway into being late regardless. Either way, she’s still an inconsiderate bitch when it comes to showing up to her one obligation, for a friend no less. She literally has no other responsibilities so you’d think she would be on time, but no.

No. 676880

>>676879 Shit. My bad, everyone. Thought she was doing both booths today, even though the proof was in front of my face for about a week now.

Well, at least she shows up to the bars and nightclubs on time.

No. 676883


While it is annoying, they chose to support such a shit person so they really don't deserve sympathy for how she treats them.

No. 676894

File: 1562370015119.jpg (4.09 MB, 4032x3024, 20190705_153554.jpg)

She was posing standing for a min then sat down behind the table when more people showed up.

No. 676897

Is that reiq with the blue shirt?

No. 676898

File: 1562370448392.jpg (627.35 KB, 1076x1145, 20190705_164546.jpg)

This chicks expression tho…

No. 676900


No, it's not him.

No. 676914

That close up of the headphones…yikes it looks like a squished toilet paper roll glued on to janky high school quality headphones. Most likely the only thing she made for Pochaco.

No. 676926

This is honestly one of the best shots of her shooting just showing how truly big she is. It is easy to look a bit smaller from the front but a side shot usually tells the REAL STORY. That corset is also not going to last long at all…especially sitting down if it is (and looks as such) super tight. Honestly as big as she is, I see no point in the corset at all…she would look the same with/without it and could just wear a push up bra that fucking fits her figure properly…

No. 676928


If one of those heels breaks shes gonna kill three people with the debris. jeez. This whole costume is shit. Easier to see just how bad from the side

No. 676943

Her knees are completely inverted, that cannot feel good on a normal walking day let alone in heels. I'm not surprised she sits down right away.

No. 676970

File: 1562381309086.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2183, 2538E9E5-C7F7-46B8-B502-49572D…)

damn, when she talks on her stories I definitely can see the lip fillers now. Well, I guess I can’t see the fillers really.. but I can see the effects it’s having on her face. Her face is super swollen from either jaw or lip stuff or both and it’s affecting the way she talks. definitely not like she used to, that’s for sure.

I always felt like she gives up early instead of staying in costume all day not only because she’s paranoid people will give her shit, but because she has to wear SO much uncomfortable shit just to look half decent. Big cosplayers will stay out all day promoting themselves at booths or in the halls and they’re already wearing lots of uncomfortable shit. The heavy pancake makeup and hot wigs in that heat… but Mariah has it even worse. She has to wear dance tights, a horrid tightly laced corset, etc just to be presentable. I wouldn’t be able to last all day either. I’d be irritated and ready to rip it off two hours later if I were her too. Gone are the days of her being able to do multiple costumes a day like other cod players who don’t have to overload on shapewear.

No. 676975

An anon already explained this. She only wore her compression stuff for a day and took it off. Because her loose skin has a pocket underneath from where the fat used to be it's filling with fluids that will later need to be sucked out with a needle.
The purpose of the compression stuff is to remove the pocket and give the skin time to attach to the flesh underneath.

So in other words, she is going to undo all her lipo in a couple of months but it will be more gross because it will be a mix of fat and fluids

No. 676977

Yeah, I know. I read the post too but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m commenting that she has fucked herself up because even the way she talks now is so fucked and uncanny looking too. Nothing to do with compression garments or healing, I’m sayin even if she healed “right” she’d still looked fucked. she just keeps doing more and more shit to her body and face that makes her look so haggard and in some ways she looks nothing like she did even a year ago.

No. 676979

Ah I see
I'm one of those anons who is just enjoying the shit show since she deserves it and all of Momo's pain and woes is self inflicted. Can feel bad about her disfiguring her body if she's the one who paid to fuck it up

No. 676982

File: 1562383143756.jpg (807.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190705-201750_Ins…)

Lol his hands on Miso vs on Moo. I'm dying over this!

No. 676983

File: 1562383194149.png (1.91 MB, 872x1167, untitled.png)

same energy

No. 676994

Damn why you gotta insult miss piggy like that anon lol

No. 676997

she only wishes she could be piggy.

No. 677000

File: 1562385024100.png (831.91 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-43-30…)

No. 677002

File: 1562385095082.png (1.17 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-46-55…)

>the move she uses to get black men to fuck her
Rip Etika tho

No. 677003

File: 1562385123649.png (1.05 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-47-00…)

No. 677012

Surprised no one here has joked about Mariah based on the huge earthquakes we've been experiencing lol

No. 677014

Surprised no one here has joked about Mariah based on the huge earthquakes we've been experiencing lol

No. 677015

File: 1562385782171.png (1.32 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-47-14…)

No. 677018

File: 1562386124351.png (534.15 KB, 438x1067, Screenshot_20190706-000602_1.p…)

someone i follow on instagram got a picture with her (cropped them out for privacy) but you can tell how caked on her makeup is in this one

No. 677019

File: 1562386184964.png (786.99 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-07-05-21-08-10…)

You spent less than a hour at a fucking booth lmao

No. 677027

File: 1562386502331.png (507.71 KB, 387x751, Screenshot_2019-07-05-21-13-33…)

No. 677029

File: 1562386723413.png (585.12 KB, 473x518, Bzj6Y3uhDEV.png)

No. 677030

that wig already needs to be retired. Did she chop the bangs even more?

No. 677044

Pink and blonde hair really doesn't do Moo any favors, she would look less dirty if she wore more dark colors.

No. 677047

File: 1562388434283.gif (873.18 KB, 337x600, 95B6F48D-389C-49C9-B495-86A618…)

No. 677049

File: 1562388613620.jpg (137.69 KB, 828x1472, 65847787_157718032022698_88919…)

No. 677052

there is a lot going on in this photo
First, her flexing her fat rolls pretending it's muscle again. I know this has been said 100x before but I'm sure there is a rash/bruise developing from how tight that corset is. The whole damn outfit is too tight. You can see how limited her movement is. She can stand and MAYBE sit. That's it.

No. 677060


whole damn snaccbar


Not your friends and they succeed because they dont touch people and they work harder than 1 day every 6 months ya vapid cunt.

I hate how she makes it sound like shes successful or somehow mentored these people/helped them be successful

No. 677066

this is actual nightmare fuel. How can anyone stand to be around her for more than 30 seconds?

No. 677067

This is what caused the 7.1 earthquake

No. 677068

seriously who does shit like this? It's like a male incel suddenly had a sex change and thinks "oh yuh! This is how real girls act!"

No. 677069

File: 1562391173957.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, ACB6DC4D-119A-4901-8153-23BE8F…)

The first one you’re showing on camera

No. 677070

I was waiting for this joke lol

No. 677071

exactly. But wtf is she eating? Looks like a pastry? Whatever it is, I'm sure she isn't suppose to be eating this

No. 677073

I'm almost positive that's a riceball

No. 677075

Ok I just watched her story and yeah, it's a riceball, but she also posted not too long ago about eating an entire cup of dragon fruit so like???

No. 677078

hell no, ms piggy at least has good hygiene, and loves herself

No. 677084

I was trying to work out why the choker looked so out of place, but its because she used so much blur that it just cuts off and now her jaw blends into her neck

No. 677090

Surprised shes not at the Fakku party since she pretended to be sponsered by them slash/she loves to gloat about hentai. Fakku is totally her brand, but she's not there its so odd. Must be hiding from Susu and Bunny

No. 677091

She has been hanging around her friends and avoiding the bigger names per usual. You think she has the balls to go to that event and try to make amends with those two? She's too chicken shit for that.

No. 677093

File: 1562395618852.png (5.1 MB, 1242x2208, 2194BF90-279B-4F02-B638-F56A19…)

Yeah I‘m sure it’s a great idea to hold a cup to your face with suction so early after getting lip fillers. What could possibly go wrong?
She really is a special kind of stupid.

No. 677098

File: 1562396476764.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 498EC3D8-E1A2-44A2-960F-E48D1C…)

Holyshit FOUR riceballs? Those things are pure carbs with just a little protein (tuna, salmon). This can’t be good for her “diet”, surely. She’s already freaking obese; keep throwing carbs in and all she got would be diabetes

No. 677099

Samefag, also based on what’s shown in >>677069, those riceballs are huge (at least compared to the size of onigiri here, idk if that’s just American thing?)

No. 677100

File: 1562396784725.jpeg (441.6 KB, 750x734, 72430E8B-D57D-4874-875E-6AA09F…)

Shitty makeup as per usual

No. 677101


i'm confused. does she only eat asian food, or does she only share evidence of her consuming things if they're asian products?

is she from a family that ate mostly asian foods and it's natural to her or is this something she adopted on her own after many trips to asia and falling in love with asian cuisine? i'm so confused, anyone have an ideas?

No. 677103

You serious? She's not Asian. There's your clue.

She's like every other otaku obsessed with anything remotely Asian inspired.

No. 677104

She's been binging on sashimi and sushis long before her Japan trips, it's just her being a weeb.

No. 677105

In my opinion as an asianfag anon, she’s just being a weeb. All of the food posted are just Japanese. She has shown zero interest in immersing in any of other asian cultures. Hell, from what I’ve observed in her social media she doesn’t even immerse in other Japanese culture besides anime & manga. The food she posted are the literal surface of Japanese food as well; yknow the most mainstream like onigiri, sashimi, sushi, ramen, miso soup. I mean let’s say that yeah she might be real interested in Japanese food as part of the culture… but she doesn’t even bother to explore other type of food. Her worldview of Japan is limited to what she’s seen in anime & manga thus putting Japan in a pedestal and seen as “the perfect country”. She’s not even a wapanese, she’s purely a fucking weeaboo.

No. 677107

She’s been doing this horrible nose “contour” and I’m all about it. She looks like a blob fish.

No. 677110

my vote for next thread pic

No. 677112

It’s probably weird but I have no idea what her voice sounds like because I refuse to listen to her stories lmao

No. 677113

it's annoying as hell, thrown in random screaming and once in a while a ghetto accent and you have Moo. Why anons who transcribe her videos are well appreciated

No. 677120

Basic white girl who tries to sound ghetto for funny points with a little bit of nasal from her big snout.

No. 677124

File: 1562402777283.png (6.36 MB, 1242x2688, A38E4DB6-9BB1-449C-9E69-5A372F…)

This photo kills me. Looks like the girl wanted only a pic with miso but Mariah thought she wanted both and tried to get in on it. Now Mariah is standing awkwardly on the side while miso and the girl stand close by, the main message is all about how the girl loves her friend (miso) and then in small letters as an afterthought is moo’s handle down by her leg lmao. This looks sooooo awkward for poor moo

No. 677127

She looks so big, not just her girth but she looks tall too. She's not that tall is she? Pretty average? She is wearing heels but so is Miso (who's also bending her knees) so is Miso and her friend just small?

No. 677130

>unofficial guest of an actual guest

lol congrats mariah you sure showed all those other thots

No. 677131

I think people say she's under 5'5, but I honestly have no idea.

Does she turn 25 this year?

No. 677132

I love the fact that he reffers to her as "CHARACTER", like trying to avoid an insult

No. 677133

File: 1562407957916.jpg (33.14 KB, 599x626, ae0ee790f336747a3c128bcfde0152…)

No. 677134

File: 1562408435070.gif (1.05 MB, 480x360, PotableSoupyIbadanmalimbe-size…)

Her expression is what gets me. That's the face someone makes as they smell something really horrible and start to gag.

Also, she's literally acting like Peter Griffin. Does she seriously think this looks sexy?

Lmao this random girl in shorts and a sweatshirt is way cuter than either of them.

No. 677136

File: 1562408770101.png (630.7 KB, 1092x612, Screen_Shot_2018-12-12_at_1.02…)

No. 677138

Is her corset giving out? I’m seeing some sagging that wasn’t there before.
It’s not going to be wearable after today,

No. 677143

The only reason the earthquakes are happening is because this is the most legit walking Momo has had to do in awhile. Those waddles easily hit the 7 scale lol

No. 677147

I think you're right about that. She doesn't even immerse that deep into their culture besides anime, manga and common foods. It's very evident in the way she decorates her house. The last time I saw her attempt at decorating her livingroom table by her tv and bathroom it looked very tacky like a 13-year old's (even pre teen) idea of what Japanese decore looks like. It's so cheesy and ugly looking. It also shows how bad she is at creativity when she does anything herself. Really you at least have to be creative to call yourself a "creator".

No. 677149

Yeah, this contouring is shit. It makes it look like she has a weird hooked nose. Everything she does is so half-assed.

No. 677151

Is she trying to lay her head on someone's chest?

No. 677156

She's demonstrating her blowjob technique. Just like in hentai her tits have to be involved because her face looking that way will make them soft half way into it . She only sees Pochaco as a hentai titty monster anyway

No. 677159

File: 1562420624007.png (1.03 MB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-07-06-08-42-16.p…)

No. 677161

Yep, with the same person in >>677029 trashy attracts trashy

No. 677162

File: 1562420916777.gif (5.81 MB, 253x450, videotogif_2019.07.06_09.43.42…)

I know a shorter version was posted up thread but I wanted to contribute the full thing for effect.

No. 677167

this is by far the best she's looked in any picture I've seen of her this weekend


No. 677178

Miso isn't wearing Sonico's headset &moo's vanish in half of the pics

No. 677180

Lmao she's such a stalker jesus

No. 677183

I remember she's 5'2

No. 677192

The more i look at this, the more disturbed i am. the more questions I have. She's so gross

No. 677194

This is typical ugly/fat girl tactics where you have to act like a dumbass and have people laugh AT you to get any attention
Moo truly never left high school

No. 677196

Mariah is 5’4”. I’ve had the unfortunate luck to stand behind her in a couple lines at cons and she tends to block anything you try to get to.

No. 677204

File: 1562428935731.jpg (915.25 KB, 1075x1748, Screenshot_20190706-115756_Ins…)

Of course she would have to get her obligatory pic with Leon cuz Vamps did

And of course she would give "ALL OF HER LOVE TO THIS LITERAL ANGEL"

No. 677207

Is it just me but with her smiling like that she looks scarily like Auress Cosplay

No. 677209

File: 1562429816911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.71 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190706_091226.jpg)


This paints a very clear picture of how wide and misshapen this cow really is. Imagine if she didn't have that corset on.

She is nearly three times as big as Miso Tokki.

No. 677211

Miso is the size of one Moo thigh. Thats hilarious.

No. 677212

Looks like the lipo was effective on her back boobs a bit. Turned them from DDs to little Bs. Guess time will tell.

No. 677213

>Imagine if she didn't have that corset on.
Imagine if she didn't benefit from the multiple liposuctions, cool sculpts, and breast implants that most obese women don't get.
She'd be looking like a Tess Holiday with a giant fupa, small boobs in proportion to her body, and way flabbier limbs.

No. 677214

I regret clicking this, that's a huge bitch.
Also is she not wearing shoes?? Why wouldn't she bring a spare like Miso? Or is that just too much thinking ahead for our cow

No. 677215


She legit looks like a dude dressed as a chick here. Miso makes her even bigger than usual in comparison.

No. 677216

Mariah. Walking down the streets of California at an anime con in the hot weather heat. Dressed in the most bizarrely proportioned costume ever made, held together by corset lacings a prayer. Sweating buckets that’s trapped in that corset and under that wig, her makeup melting off her face and contoured nose. Wig ratty and sweaty. Barefoot. White stockings black as coal. Walking home from charity banking off of friends’ booths because she couldn’t get one of her own. Her favorite lap dog no where to be found.

This image is truly a sight to fucking behold. If this isn’t next thread pic what’s the point.

No. 677217

>>677159 this isnt momo. Umbran is at Anime MidWest and being a creep. It's a snap of two random cosplayers dressed the same as moo and Umbran saying 'Mariah, I didn't know you were at anime midwest'

No. 677222


Because drilling for oil without a permit is illegal.

No. 677227

Those are the saddest butts I've seen yet.

No. 677228

I am very invested in this Umbran storyline and where it will go tbh. I was just thinking she's probably freaking out that Mariah is having a grand ol' time at AX.

No. 677236

She used to make Vamp hold them for her, and apparently tried to make Sensei do so in Japan.

No. 677239

File: 1562434015340.png (472.53 KB, 576x1024, take-me-home.png)

No. 677240


Is she not wearing any shoes?

No. 677248

she doesn't have implants, anon. she had a reduction when she was a teenager.
the funniest thing about it is that her cheeks are about the size of miso's. it's her hips and thighs that have taken on all the fat, she still has a teeny tiny hank hill butt despite her girth. her proportions are so fucked up.

No. 677249

File: 1562436433309.jpeg (280.39 KB, 750x709, EA9CD5B2-8634-4ED9-B2DF-09845D…)

I’m almost certain that this is about Momo 1/2

No. 677250

File: 1562436474382.jpeg (207.11 KB, 750x554, EFF9E6DC-6843-40A8-B69C-0C3A85…)

No. 677262

She really looks like she's not wearing any shoes at all. I thought, "Maybe flats"? but they'd have to me white to make sense.
She's going to be in so much pain and it'll be funny to hear her whine about it.

No. 677264

Ayy mama Gucci
I’d be face deep inside dat pussy
If only it weren’t attached to fucking moochie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 677265

I’m so glad I revived saging here after being told that it couldn’t be done.

You forgot your sage btw.(samefagging)

No. 677267

how is this proof though
I mean, I see how it’s likely she’s talking about Moo. But just ‘is ‘famous’ cosplayer’ and ‘is 24’ isn’t really proof of anything.

No. 677269

File: 1562440528564.jpg (472.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190706-120626_Ins…)

She straight up tried to sell her own prints and stickers at a booth that she was invited to by Tokki, who was an actual guest.

Doesn't seem like she's selling anything. Nobody wants her dumb shit. Imagine seeing her in person, and having her try to sell you a heavily photoshopped Lilith picture for $20 while her hideous unkempt ass is right in front of your face.

>>677250 Moo is almost 24. A few months away. While I don't think it's outside of the realm of possibility to assume this is about Moo, I'm inclined to believe this is about someone else. My best guess is that her little buddies are secretly supervising her to make sure she doesn't get in hot water this year. I could be wrong though.

No. 677270


Look at those old ass pictures she tried to sell damn

No. 677280

i think she's carrying her shoes in the other hand? Man, barefoot in DTLA is a bold choice.

No. 677305

OMG I just checked the picture and you're right! She's fucking barefoot!!! I guess she's planning on getting rid of those stockings because trying to clean out that dirt is just…I don't even think it's going to be possible.

No. 677306

I hope Miso got her permission from the booth owners to do so. Pretty sure even as vendors at an anime con you have to have the go ahead on anything planned to be sold at booth.

No. 677309

She probably doesn’t even have a permit to sell there either. Which pisses me off because everyone else has to jump through hoops to obtain a CA sales permit to make transactions at conventions in California but knowing this bitch, she gets away with everything.

No. 677316

Damn that corset is making her look like a barrel from the side. I think she would be better off without it.

No. 677325

I didn't see any IG stories of her in the Baiken getup she was supposed to be wearing for day 3. Also, can any AX anons confirm if she made her way to the booth for her 3-5 timeslot?

No. 677329

File: 1562451362289.png (4.04 MB, 1242x2208, 99FFD3EB-1C93-48F6-96EF-DC82E5…)

Reiq hasn’t posted any IG stories of her at the booth yet and so far nothing on her end either.

No. 677341

This looks way better than I'd expect from her tbh, they look cute!

No. 677347

File: 1562454484212.gif (1.27 MB, 244x272, 42AB4538-62ED-45FB-943E-21C6FC…)

I‘m … you okay anon?
I mean, first of all those outfits aren’t new in any way so your surprise about how ‘cute’ they are is weird already.
But how on earth do you see this 250lbs mess walk around without shoes and white stockings, this ratty wig and literal toilet paper roll headset and think

Seriously, are you okay?

No. 677349

File: 1562455116051.jpg (179.24 KB, 720x951, IMG_j706vk.jpg)


Boy, this isn't good for Mariah.

If she ended up flaking out on her scheduled appearance after using Etika's name for attention over the past week, then she really need to be exiled from the cosplay and gaming community. She was supposed to sell everything for a mental health organization. If she slept through this because she was drinking or doing whatever else last night, then she shouldn't show her face at a con ever again.

Tinfoil, but I also wonder if she got banned today, hence the lack of updates from everyone.

No. 677355

File: 1562455620818.jpg (2.65 MB, 4032x1960, 20190706_162020.jpg)

No. 677356

Only the owners of the booth need a permit. The sales are going through Offset and they get paid from there; the models are only there as faces. She has so many legitimate criticisms that this isn't even close to a valid nitpick. If she needed a permit, she wouldn't have been allowed to get this far. California cons are super strict about that sort of shit.

No. 677357

She tries to sound like SSSniperwolf/Jenna Marbles almost ALL the time. If you know how fucking awful and annoying SSSniperwolf sounds… just imagine that but 10x louder and more obnoxious.

No. 677363


Holy shit this is rough… I don’t know where to begin. Just proves it doesn’t matter how much money you can blow on a cosplay, it doesn’t mean it’ll make you look good.

No. 677364

Holy shit, is that really her?!
Her face looks like what I’d expect her to look after two botched surgeries and a crack addiction.

No. 677366

Okay, after looking at this again, LOOK AT HER THIGH. It’s being squeezed by those shorts holy shit she is beyond delusional about her size! Like a fucking sausage casing. And again, her is bra hanging out, stay classy Moo.

No. 677368

I guess Antares feels chill enough to let her gut hang out next to Moo looking like a sausage about burst from its casing. Even her forehead zit looks ready to pop.

No. 677369

Did her nose grow? Jesus. She looks fuckin rough. I wonder if all the alcohol she drank last night bloated her already traumatized face.

No. 677370

File: 1562457986227.png (466.92 KB, 537x749, absoluteunit.png)

Good God what a fucking mess, the oopsies are endless on this one..
Also kek for spending ungodly amounts of money on skincare yet she parades around with a zit almost as big as her ego because she cakes so much shit on her face

No. 677372

File: 1562458169418.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 8539EA47-9D78-4700-A6BA-ACB3A1…)


No. 677376

Literally where in the fuck is her knee?

No. 677377

She literally looks like a fucking man in this. WTF?

No. 677378

File: 1562458632196.jpg (80.73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Please note that she's not even wearing the costume properly. She has the yukata open more to have her tits more out. You can tell because you can see where there's room in the leather part for her boob to properly sit in but instead we have to see her blue bra which… why not wear a black one?

her 'tattoo' color is also wrong as it should be closer to the salmon color of the wig as well as she straight up forgot Baiken's scar. But she's SUCH a big fan my dudes.

You can also really see how that wig would look best on someone with a normal sized head because how wide her face is makes the wig the wrong length and she tried to pull it down further to make it work so she has like 2 inches of forehead.

Her Azurlane cosplay really proves again that she looks best with dark hair though. I wish she would stop dying her hair cause her natural hair color looks so much better on her and her hair would have time to heal.

No. 677383


Almost diabetes

No. 677385

File: 1562460597869.jpg (884.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190706-194945_Ins…)

I'm scared

No. 677386

File: 1562460616022.png (158.71 KB, 429x301, yikers.png)

samefag but I also just noticed her claws and holy shit that is just unholy

No. 677387

File: 1562460983862.png (512.84 KB, 399x539, it just gets worse.png)

No. 677393

>>677385 How could she possibly believe she looks good in this? The photographer should have walked right past her to grab a photo of the cosplayer in the background to the right of this pic.

No. 677394

Oh gosh, why would she wear a black short underneath the white short?
and she's doing the fat girl thing only showing off her tits to distract from the mess that is her face/body

i can't believe that even her knees are sagging

No. 677401

She really needs a reality check. She should take a break from her trashy lifestyle and exercise to drop some weight. Her cosplays would look miles better and her mental health will improve and she'd probably have less manic moments.

No. 677406

File: 1562464046137.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, F2EA4D4E-79E0-4CAA-8FA8-BE403D…)


No. 677407

>>677406 What a terrible hill to die on.

No. 677409

"She was always nice to me!! Get over being bullied and sexually harassed by her :/"
What an absolute tool

No. 677410

People who think like this need to be slapped. What a fucking cuck.

No. 677411

File: 1562465578783.jpeg (695.73 KB, 750x1096, 9E6AB28D-5A0D-4BBF-9391-3753DE…)

No. 677412

File: 1562465652414.jpeg (734.33 KB, 750x1039, 73C924E9-BB18-4A96-826C-20871D…)

I’m sorry but she looks so bad

No. 677413

File: 1562465701857.jpeg (672.69 KB, 750x1098, 72F74EB8-BA20-4ACB-847E-145678…)

Best for last, great chin lipo

No. 677414

File: 1562465804663.png (709.62 KB, 887x524, ew.png)

No. 677415

File: 1562465820213.jpeg (535.72 KB, 750x882, 6A5E41A7-552C-4374-8665-36CAC3…)

No. 677416

All these cucks who have met her for a maximum of less than five minutes for a photo op automatically assume she’s a sweet angel and deserves sympathy. Why don’t they get to know her for an extended period of time and they’ll eventually leave as Vamp and Sensei have after being exposed to the literal woman-child bully she is.

No. 677418

She looks double her age and far more lumpy in the face than she should. Nothing about this cosplay looks good on her and we know for a fact when she does a photoshoot it'll be edited to death. Moo is a joke.

No. 677419

File: 1562465953560.png (493.06 KB, 405x499, dead inside.png)

No. 677421

She doesn’t credit the commissioner in this. Surprise surprise.

No. 677424

I know it’s been said on here before, but she really really looks like the BOTDF guy it’s uncanny.(non-contribution)

No. 677427

The nose contour makes her extra dirty.

No. 677430

she still takes the sheets off at hotels? oof

No. 677432

Honest to god question…

Did she use pink highlighter/marker to draw the tattoo? I've seen LOTS of colored eyeliners (typically what I see cosplayers use for face tattoos) and NEVER have any of them been this slightly translucent neon highlighter pink…

No. 677434

Okay, I'll concede that there are SOME costumes that she looks PASSABLE, though inaccurate, while wearing… (the recent chubby elf comes to mind)

But holy fucking shit. This is just a nightmare to look at. Somehow every single part of his costume looks unflattering and miserably tight. NOTHING is enhanced in a positive way and even that beautiful wig looks horrifically out of place in conjunction with everything else that's going on. I'll even concede that her first day's costume (the brown fox one) is at least not a travesty to behold like this one is. God damn.

No. 677436

My tits hurt just SEEING this.

Also, there's a steamer in the room and yet the wrinkles in this costume? And I know the wig is actually super impressive but the crimping is super distracting.

No. 677440


Sage to not defend the cow but:

A couple of brands now make bright pink brow products. It could be this.

There are also a couple of bargain (think: sub $5) brands sold at big-box stores that have jumped on the neon trend.

Or it's children's makeup. I err to this being the case because of the lack of pigmentation.

Sage for non-contrib.

No. 677441

File: 1562468909273.gif (3.82 MB, 337x600, B36EFC63-6A7C-42F7-B9EF-ADE4B2…)

this whole situation in motion

No. 677442

oh my god she rotates like a barbie

No. 677443

File: 1562469047366.gif (4.68 MB, 337x600, 1CDAC076-F390-41FF-B3AF-A6BF0D…)

No. 677450

sorry if this is a dumb question as i've seen sheets off her home bed, but this is something she does purposely? her sheets don't just come off and she's too lazy to put them back on? the hell is the reasoning?

No. 677452

cows are universally filthy. she's just a filthy person.

No. 677453


So outing rightfully outing her as a sexual abuser and bully is “giving her a hard time”? Jesus Christ what a useless fucking cuck. New flash dipshit, just because she didn’t do it to you doesn’t mean she isn’t still a garbage person. You’re just as much trash as she is for trying to downplay any of this as “giving her a hard time and we never to be giving love and support in this community uwu”. Christ if I didn’t know any better I could swear she wrote this herself, it’s the same kind of garbage she has been spewing for months since she was outed.

No. 677454

yeah, she always takes them off but I don't think she's ever given an actual reason as for why. the only times we've seen her sheets on for a good couple of days was back in her camversity era

No. 677456

Why do you think they're off? It just looks like her comforter is messed up, maybe something else like a pillow on the bed. I've been lurking for a while and didn't know about the sheets thing.

No. 677457

Her skin looks the same color as her wig. What a disaster.

No. 677459

I personally like to have loose sheets because I don't like being constricted, I usually end up untucking everything but if I'm a guest I always reassemble the bed.

It looks like she has taken the covers off the comforter. Probably just a neurotic thing but it reinforces her lack of self care and manners.

No. 677461

ntayr and IDK if she is taking them off deliberately but the sheets aren't on right, you can see the mattress pad elastic under the quilt. they are probably all bunched up under the blankets and they probably aren't getting service every day either for someone to fix it. and I would get my next two checks that gross monster isn't leaving the girl cleaning it a tip either. the state of that bathroom on the first day was horrific and i can only imagine what they leave the tub looking like.

No. 677462

File: 1562472163773.jpg (343.88 KB, 630x1051, 20190706_230138.jpg)

Her leg is just a sausage roll at the point

No. 677465

Hope they never expect to get anywhere in the cosplay community hanging with momo. The smart ones have blacklisted her

No. 677467

Why do people think this wig looks good? Looks like foam. And why is she trying to smile like that, she looks grossed out.

No. 677468

can someone post the character?

also from first pic, i thought that pink shit on her face was a red mark from wearing something or sleeping weird on something

No. 677470

File: 1562473798340.png (1.04 MB, 1200x1200, Baiken_Rev2_(HD).png)

Baiken from Guilty Gear

No. 677471

File: 1562473880790.jpg (662.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190706-233022_Chr…)

When your knee evolves into a fat roll I think you need to see a doctor

No. 677472

The one time she doesn’t have to wear shorts she does but for ducking chichi it was all coochie out huh

No. 677473

Why is she scowling like she's taking a dank dump

No. 677474

She's been doing it since she lived at home. I can repost a pic if you need to see that badly.

It's never been brought up.

No. 677475

The tub is clean because it wasn't used, lbr anon

No. 677478

I think the reason why she's wearing shorts could be the fact that she's simply too much of a wide load for the costume so it spreads much more than it was originally intended to when she comissioned it.

No. 677482

so pink hair + tits out = dream cosplay

i cant believe she thought she could pull this off. its too complicated for a beginner bitch like her.

stick to dumb waifu bait like fat pochacho next time, moo

No. 677484

Remember anon, she's uwu biggest Baiken fan!

No. 677487

Yeah she should just stop trying to do bad ass chicks. She's used to morphing her Play-Doh body into something that's supposed to be sexy and alluring. Seeing her try to act tough looks so weak.

And I just realized she's trying to look mean lmao I saw the other picture where she's showing teeth and I was like "what the hell is that face?" Then I realized that's her trying to look intimidating. Moo stop, you don't know how to be a bad ass. Or embody the attitude of a gruff hardened samurai-esque character. Hey bad bitch, just stick to your slobbish thot routine. Baiken is too hard of a role for you to play.

And the only thing working harder then that face are those shorts struggling to contain those Pillsbury rolls.

No. 677490

i agree, it looks like foam or play doh. i understand trying to mimic the animu hair but for baiken it just doesnt work. and the color is way wrong

No. 677491

File: 1562475727793.png (1.12 MB, 748x924, itwasworthitmariah.png)

I'm sorry

No. 677492

She has the most bizarre proportions, 5'4" is more or less average height for a woman yet she looks like a dumpy midget. She basically has no midriff at all even with the corset, so she just looks like a pair of tits with legs. I'm sure there would be ways of fixing the proportions, but since she always has to have her tits so comically exaggerated it's always going to detract from her (nonexistent) waist. Sure anime girls usually have the most ridiculous proportions but I see bigger cosplayers to manage to make costumes suit their proportions, why can't her slaves?

No. 677495

File: 1562477477694.jpeg (453.89 KB, 750x739, EC23528E-CA0B-47A9-AC87-439B89…)

No. 677496

>>677475 looking at the pic in >>676336, probably only miso
used the

No. 677497

File: 1562477627988.jpeg (472.2 KB, 750x725, E406231B-E054-4361-A3A6-2418DD…)

disgusted face is such a boring downgrade from imaginary hat

No. 677498

Her cousin looks like he checked out before AX even started lmao
I know she's probably paying for all of his expenses while he's there but jfc I wonder if all of this is worth what he's getting in return.

No. 677499

File: 1562477871545.jpg (62.54 KB, 853x655, Capture.JPG)

No. 677504

File: 1562478540946.jpg (719.83 KB, 810x1080, hehadtodoittoher.jpg)

No. 677508

she legit looks like she has edema in her legs.

No. 677511

The fucking overlap of her shoes must be cutting off all circulation

No. 677513

Kek do it with the $2000 machine as well anon!

No. 677514

Why are the bottom half of her tits a different color than the top in thos pic? Didnt go all the way down with make up, or… ? I know they're normally veiny but this is some weird chameleon tits

No. 677515

I think it's shadow, anon

No. 677516


A part of me hopes her slaves fuck up the proportions of her cosplays on purpose for forcing them to make a full cosplay in practically one night.

The enormous anime waifu tits are the worst and physically make a gag. She might think they look good but in reality they're such a disaster and make her look like a 40 yr old mom who breast fed all 5 of her kids.

No. 677518

Didn't she use this same bra in her pajama!Mei or "grey romper/blonde long hair" set? No wonder her boobs look swollen. The bra is probably from 2 cups ago

No. 677520

All that money and she can't afford footless nude tights to smooth out those leg lumps? For some who is so concerned with looking fat she Photoshops herself into oblivion it's blowing my mind.

No. 677521

maybe she saw her in some hentai doujin art

No. 677524

>>677518 Good eye, anon. I remember this bra from the kitchen set she did about a year and a half ago, or 70 pounds ago if we're using the Momokun time measurement system.

No. 677525

so ever since her lipo she hasn't changed her diet. Does she really think getting 15 pounds of fat sucked out of her is her golden ticket to binge eat?

No. 677526

I think she gave her a excuse TO binge eat. Instead of actually spending months til AX to diet and go to the gym, she's been depression binge eating.
I think she's lying when she says she does x, y, and z outside in the real world because she wouldn't be this big.

No. 677530

she takes pics of everything.

no pic = didnt happen

No. 677532

If you told me that this is a photo of a 50 year old Arab man in a pink wig, I’d believe it. Holy fuck, she looks busted. How is this real?!

LMAO @ cat wearing three bras and a seagull on her chest and those titties are still flat.

No. 677538

What’s the black shit on her legs?

I thought the one on the knee might be a shadow since there looks like a hint of a shadow there in some of the gifs, but it is hella dark

No. 677540

File: 1562482256566.png (42.04 KB, 128x144, Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 1.50…)

Holy SHIT that is indeed THREE whole bras kek

No. 677541

I from overseas so I don't know, but do they really allow people to go around cons dressed the way cat and miso are? both their characters don't wear clothes that small, it's just thothery at this point

No. 677549

kek i think he deleted this

No. 677553

File: 1562485444642.jpg (461.62 KB, 4000x3000, Shame.jpg)

No. 677554

File: 1562485467076.jpg (516.73 KB, 4000x3000, Dishonor.jpg)

No. 677555

File: 1562485494338.jpeg (693.13 KB, 750x995, C68A2EB3-7E87-4EA0-82D6-A9DCE0…)

No. 677556

File: 1562485502592.jpg (857.38 KB, 4000x3000, Mistake.jpg)

No. 677557

File: 1562485507881.gif (15.79 MB, 480x852, ezgif-2-fcec8b2159e4.gif)

she's absolutely loving this lmao look at her face

No. 677558

File: 1562485560654.jpeg (587.12 KB, 750x738, 032C0EA9-D807-4394-B5AA-A9DB9D…)

No. 677559

File: 1562485607728.jpeg (551.3 KB, 750x736, 3C77A95C-0FF4-4134-89F6-737203…)

No. 677560

didn't she recently get lip injections?? bitch still has turtle lips you seriously can't tell anything was done, way to waste your money Moo

No. 677562

File: 1562485710429.jpeg (384.61 KB, 750x548, B0607290-D3D6-4BD9-A1C3-773D77…)

No. 677563

File: 1562485771018.jpeg (387.67 KB, 750x732, DB80D110-CF2D-461B-A5C4-031229…)

No. 677564

Probably physically the closest she's been to a guy she finds attractive in a looong time kek

No. 677565

File: 1562485842580.jpeg (574.29 KB, 750x736, AF401DEE-1C78-4DDD-97F0-02394B…)

No. 677567

File: 1562485879979.jpeg (471.35 KB, 750x737, 7D38C42F-65C6-4699-AFF5-FE2A00…)

No. 677568

File: 1562485942593.jpeg (661.25 KB, 750x920, 6E505A72-BA5B-4C7E-9E07-E7ACD9…)

No. 677569

File: 1562486089917.jpeg (168.6 KB, 750x524, 79F23441-552D-4C62-B065-C1F11F…)

No. 677572

Today’s wig is pretty great actually.
I don’t know how you’d do that hair without it looking a little like foam tbh

No. 677573

See >>677556
It's ok but still inaccurate and no where near long enough

No. 677574

The nurse cosplay is so inaccurate.
No garters, no slits in the skirt, that white collar… plus the weird choice of puffy sleeves. Why would you do that when you have broad shoulders?

No. 677575

She also wore the star necklace in promo pics and added that weird syringe and logo on the hat. Plus her nails never match

No. 677579

Elizabeth rages boyfriend would of course back moo, they all really want to fill vamplettes vacated role of head lapdog who gets free trips to japan

No. 677581

why the fuck is she wearing a wedding band

No. 677584

People got in trouble for cosplaying Yoko when Gurren was relevant at the con I used to go to.

I feel like AX is too large to enforce that kind of stuff unless it's VERY obnoxious.

No. 677585

File: 1562488880281.jpg (609.8 KB, 1477x1108, 19-07-07-01-37-57-218_deco.jpg)

Found her at the soju gang trifecta party at AX. She's at this hot ass, crowded party in leggings and a sweater

No. 677586

anon you are appreciated but pls learn to crop/resize (4kx3k is nuts!!)

No. 677587

She still can't do this shit right, can she.

Someone tell her to stop with the white power meme shit already.

No. 677588

turkey baster

No. 677591

File: 1562490486587.png (4.21 MB, 750x1334, CEE7F208-F3D4-435C-B59A-D14E4B…)

All while miso and aly wore this

No. 677592

Of course they’re the type of people who wear this garbage in public.

Honestly, I’m surprised no one called her out for that already. It wouldn’t be a stretch for her to be accused of racism lol

No. 677598

Good lord what are these two fucking thinking

No. 677603

He must‘ve gotten quite some backlash on this cause I think it’s gone.

This picture literally speaks volumes though. Not like it was ever questioned but this picture is so telling of the fact that the people she surrounds herself with are the same kind of trash that she is.
The same low-effort trash cosplay, the same loud, obnoxious personality, …
The hair stylists™ were/are trashy, too. But obviously not nearly on the same level because for how close they supposedly were on the trip it’s telling how little they’ve publicly talked to/showed of each other since then (unlike i.e. Umbran)

Also, if you saw that group of people at a con, you’d just KNOW those are people you don’t want to be associated with.

No. 677607

File: 1562496165531.png (5.11 MB, 750x1334, A5A0B30A-9CB5-47CF-8223-90CDE5…)

No. 677608

File: 1562496266689.png (5.32 MB, 750x1334, 19A61C59-3CA5-4932-BCFA-5ECFAA…)

No. 677609

Genuinely disappointed that she was able to make an appearance on the floor and no one complained or did anything

Idk, the dude on the right and the asian chick/dude to the left of moo are probably alright. But I agree about avoiding the rest

Her leg is just one solid log. There's no definition between thigh, knee or calve. Speaking of her knee, It's lumpy as fuck.
For Christ's sake moo, get some help.

No. 677615

File: 1562498012634.png (3.22 MB, 1800x1092, 08A514BF-38F0-4B78-9235-5004A7…)

What’s more disappointing is the amount of women that were genuinely happy to see Moo. How does one, especially a woman, know of Mariah and her reputation and think “yeah, that’s someone I need to stan”? It’s disgusting and they should be ashamed.

No. 677616

File: 1562498167929.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, 869CAEBB-2B94-4752-8210-05A67F…)

Of course she’s hanging out with this douchebag. Trash attracts trash.

No. 677617

File: 1562498343130.png (6.38 MB, 1242x2208, 0592CE9E-5B41-4F20-B665-BE2729…)

No. 677620

It‘s mostly women that are fat themselves and therefore will basically stan anyone that shows off their bodies online because of how ~bold and ~brave it is.

No. 677627

stupid douche. hope he gets called out and canceled.

>she didn't sexually harass or assault me. give her a chance, you big meanies!

i hate male cosplayers so much.

No. 677628

File: 1562503013001.jpeg (85.8 KB, 800x450, DB4387A1-3F0D-4186-94DC-12BD49…)

I just can’t stop laughing about her supposed ‘badass samurai bitch’ face. What it looks like instead:
>one-sided paralysis
>painful fart
>hide the pain harold
>literally anything but intimidating/badass

No. 677630

File: 1562503242013.png (1.04 MB, 1224x733, Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 7.40…)

She looks like that damned Chrissy Teigen disgust face

No. 677631

I think it's Moomoo fucking it up for herself. Considering how she refuses to believe she has gained a substantial amount of weight in a year. She is probably giving costume makers her old measurements, I seriously doubt she's remeasured herself in a long time and figures "Its fine. I'm not fat so I can just squeeze into my old proportions."

Her legs are where the fat is going to store. If she's already gotten lipo on her whole torso but continues whatever habits that have caused her to gain that much weight in a year, she's going to get cottage cheese legs. I've seen this happen to a neighbor who was 4/5xl and decided to get liposuction. That's one of the reasons doctors refuse to do this procedure on people who aren't healthy or commited to exercise. Fat has to deposit somewhere. My neighbor continued to eat badly and not exercise, her weight gain was extreme. And because she had the surgery on her torso, the fat had no where to go but her legs and arms. They became shapeless blobs of fat, like tree trunks. It's horrifying to see people fail their liposuction.

No. 677632

This is why people like mariah thrive online and continue to make money. No matter how much of a terrible person she is, toxic, disgusting, and has potentially physically harmed people, she will have girls like this (and men of course) ready to support her because they think she can walk on water. It would be the greatest milk of the century if her income was taken away, but with people like this, it will never happen.

No. 677634

This is dumb. Unless there was actual proof of moo molesting people or actual charges made the con cant legally do anything. There aren't enough people who would complain to the con to get her banned from something like AX.

She's a shitty person but that doesnt get someone banned from cons.

As >>677632 said no matter what as long as she CLAIMS that she's body posi/fat and proud even if it's obvious that she isnt there are people who will white knight and support her in droves. The quality of her fanbase will always be shit but she'll keep getting people who will support her just because she's morbidly obese.

to compare
Look at Tess Holiday, Trisha Paytas, ALR etc
a lot of big names in the 'uwu i'm a big gorl you better respect me,' are PROVEN scammers, abusers, shitty people etc. and they all have white knights and dedicated fanbases but all you have to say is 'People should love me becuase I'm not just a generic skinny bitch I'm totally healthy uwu' and you've got a guaranteed fanbase of self-hating lazy bitches (and disgusting chubby chaser men)

No. 677635

File: 1562504808977.jpeg (115.16 KB, 1080x1920, received_1193507454162299.jpeg)

The girl in the back lmao. Have a few follow up pics coming

No. 677636

File: 1562504830286.jpeg (205.03 KB, 1080x1920, received_460274894518277.jpeg)