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File: 1560331923354.png (2.09 MB, 1234x2048, 1559242970035.png)

No. 669385

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>665349

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>Momo lands in Hawaii, immediately has issues with her airbnb and ends up in a hotel because "mama don't fuck around"
>Gets touchy-feely and flirty with the one guy in the group of hairdressers she's with, ignoring the fact that he's, y'know, gay
>The hairdressers do Moo's hair every day yet her ratty extensions continue to look like they're trying to escape from her head
>Face is beet red due to facial treatment, ignores basic skincare and bombards her face every product except sunscreen
>Goes on a boat tour with families and children wearing a too-small bikini, takes a video with her camera pointed at her tits and pushing them around like any normal person would in that situation
>Completely removed location shoots from her Patreon so the people paying her will stop harrassing her when she's on her well-deserved vacations with their money
>Starts using Kylie Skincare, doesn't understand the bad reviews because "I don't get any burning! My wipes aren't dry at all!" then complains that it's burning her skin four days later
>Commissions artist named Reiq, who coincidentally made stickers for BunnyAyumi, for stickers of her Cow character and Pochacho. Screenshots come out showing that they're in good company together
>Moo goes on Sensei's "podcast" and streams it live, Sensei confirms what farmers suspected and discusses wrangling her in Japan. Sensei's gf will also be moving in with Moo soon
>Has mental breakdown at 3am that night, says she didn't grow up in an ideal household, her mental health is up and down and "shit's been rough"
>Is having lip fillers and jaw/chin lipo done next month, says she loves herself and is beautiful but wants to improve
>Wants to do multiple BotW cosplays
>UmbranWitch just arrived in Las Vegas to visit
Solely posting in this thread to comment on Moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban

No. 669388

File: 1560332211812.jpg (675.01 KB, 1080x1921, 20190612_053712.jpg)

That lipo can't come soon enough huh

No. 669390

File: 1560333438529.png (5.26 MB, 1778x1800, 1783AE2F-E1A8-403B-B3B2-C2BD6B…)

I don’t get why she’s so proud of her lumpy midsection sometimes but tries her damnedest to shoop it out in pictures. She confuses me.

No. 669391

File: 1560333512157.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 98771152-3D50-4F01-8DEE-7A0E4E…)

That Pochacho dog-face vibe is strong here.

No. 669393

Really rocking that double chin I see

No. 669394

Why does she put male characters in her cosplans? We all know she's never going to crossplay, most likely because she thinks it's only something dykes do. She can only ever do fat, "lewd", female versions of characters. Why even put the characters in "cosplans" when you have no intention of doing them?

Moo probably at least has enough common sense to know that fat girls are terrible at crossplay. No one sees a 5'3" landwhale and thinks anything other than "fat girl", regardless of what you wear.

No. 669395

File: 1560335441346.gif (470.75 KB, 190x231, giphy.gif)

She's doing the Truffle Shuffle!

No. 669396


Lol that cool sculpt on her chin went down the drain so fast

No. 669418

What I was going to post before the the last thread exceeded post limits was imagine being so late into BoTW that we just even got a sequel announced.

Can't wait for her to not finish this one and go right for the sequel just to bandwagon claiming that she finished the first one.

No. 669420

File: 1560343438263.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 42B0DE6F-05F4-4857-9CFF-7CC270…)

The subtitle of this new thread gave me a good laugh. Good job anon.

Also, birds of a feather flock together. Thus bitch ugly.

No. 669425

>starla from Regular Show

No. 669435


>Can't wait for her to not finish this one and go right for the sequel

You mean when her cousin finishes this one. I also doubt that her attention span towards Zelda will last that long. By the time that game will be out (in maybe 2 or 3 years) she will god knows what kind of cosplay aka porn creating.

Also, what happened to her Uminineko passion or whatever the name was. She got her cheese rose tattoo and then nothing.

No. 669442

>>669388 Crazy how she gets in such an uproar over the photo that's being used as the thread header right now. I'd make the argument that this photo is just as bad.

No. 669445

I love how it's her friends that upload these too. They may not be great people but I thank them for these unflattering candids

No. 669448

Copying Nigiri, since Nigiri doesn't "Crossplay", just slutifies male characters.

No. 669455

I can’t wait to see how horrible she looks after she doesn’t take care of the new plastic surgery.

No. 669470

I wonder if the reason her lipo came out so lumpy is 1) she always wears tight clothes. If you do that during lipo you will form your body to wherever the clothes dig in.
2) She keeps gaining, making the lumps even bigger.

No. 669472


2-3k well spent

No. 669480

File: 1560360828172.jpg (782.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-123313_Ins…)

At this point just lipo the whole body. Shes gonna be so fucking disproportionate.

No. 669492


this is the body of a linebacker who let himself go after retiring from the nfl

jeez mariah, please just exercise. a little cardio, 30 minutes a day. why is that too much to do? you literally have no responsibilities in life and you're young–tap into the youthful energy before its gone

No. 669494

File: 1560365193080.png (2.61 MB, 1010x1800, 1EC33C63-110E-473B-AF0E-B3FD90…)

Anon didn’t mention she was attempting to play BotW without cousin support lol. And getting owned by a Lynel.

Is she so insecure that she has to wear her gaudy Gucci bag indoors now too?

No. 669502

She carrying gamer fuel in the pack so she can recharge after playing BotW.

No. 669504

And we think her head looks oddly disproportionate with her linebacker shoulders NOW. She's gonna look like a freak.

No. 669507

File: 1560366899048.jpeg (305.19 KB, 2390x1800, C362C8F2-9453-4C83-9FA9-8BE37D…)

I wonder why she chose to get lipo everywhere but her thighs.
I mean, now she can get away with it because it kinda works out with her arms and back boobs and everything. But once this is all gone she‘ll look like pic related, just with huge pancake tits.
And since she‘ll be packing on mainly on those areas afterwards (bc let’s be honest, she won’t change anything about her eating or exercising habits), it‘ll just get worse…

No. 669509

Her thighs and her gunt were the spots she originally got lipo on, a non. Her hammy arms should of been a part of the original round, but she wouldn't of been able to hide them during recovery and instead made a half-assed attempt at actually working out. Which failed rather quickly.

No. 669511

That’s the scary part… she DID lipo her legs the first time along with her original fupa. Imagine how huge she would be right now if she hadn’t.

I’m surprised none of the weight gain goes to her ass. Her back and arms seem to get the brunt of it. So bizarre.

No. 669514

her arms were still normal when she first got lipo. i think the huge arms and shoulders are a sideffect of the lipo tbh

No. 669521

File: 1560369865986.jpg (702.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-150451_Ins…)


No. 669523

nothing put in perspective how large she is more than this photo good lord. Lipo won't fix this in the long run. In a few months, she'll be back here.

No. 669529

>>669521 Holy fuck. This is incriminating!

>>669494 Need a BOTW anon in here to confirm, but this looks like she has fewer hearts than she did when "she" was trying to pull out the Master Sword a few days ago, right before she claimed "she" was going for her third beast. Does this picture contradict all of that?

No. 669533

File: 1560371760552.jpg (58.18 KB, 706x643, lipo.JPG)


You are right about the hearths. This is what jumped right into my eye when I looked at her screen. Also note that the Lynel is still a brown one, which means she is still super early in the game because during your progress they turn into more powerful ones. Also see that she still in a unlocked area because her map is black at the bottom, so she hasn't discovered all yet. (And doubt will)


Checked for lipo and long term risks and it says you shouldn't get it when you are overweight/obese lol


No. 669535

If you have the cash you will have no trouble finding a doctor who will do this procedure no questions asked. Especially in Vegas. By the time she is 30 this womans body is going to look like something from a horror movie.

No. 669542

You can also see she is getting her ass handed to her with just a brown Lynel. I’ll admit, they can be difficult, but only if you are at the start/early in the game. Once you get their attacks down they are pretty easy to take down. Obviously her cousin has been playing for her

No. 669545

I own that T-shirt. It’s supposed to be a T-shirt dress I think she bought it in XS

No. 669546

I think this is like the 3rd time in 3 years she’s worn clothes that weren’t athletic.

No. 669547

File: 1560373911643.jpg (931 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-161204_Ins…)

No. 669548

Regarding the hearts, it's possible to exchange hearts for more stamina (and the reverse), so the drop in hearts is somewhat moot if she knows about this trick.

No. 669550

Everyone is excited about the lipo disaster, but I need to see that lip injection fail. She hasn't mentioned it since that one time. She said she was getting two cosmetic surgeries this month, her chin and her arms. I'm assuming the lip injections are a no go??

No. 669552

She mentioned it in the same post about lipo on her chin/arms. She’s still getting it

No. 669553

she said she's getting 2 procedures done the first being the lip injections. the second one is more liposuction in her jaw, chin, arms, and flanks apparently.


No. 669554

File: 1560374647201.png (2.34 MB, 1800x900, 3068F833-7B66-4F4F-9ED6-F709DF…)


She has like, one additional heart since last we saw her play. Plus, I doubt she even knows how to exchange hearts and stamina yet.

Dear lord her backfat is eating her shirt! We’re getting all kinds of great unflattering images lately. Lol keep it up calf.

No. 669556


Did you get the full clip of her unhinging her jaw to eat the cat?

No. 669561

Cosmetic doctor's must love her. They see her surgery history and only see an undisciplined slob with money who's going to turn into a repeat customer

No. 669565

Oh my b, I must have misremembered. I’m excited all over again to see those fish lips.

No. 669568

Waiting for next year for Mariah @ 300 to show up on Botched.

No. 669569

She'd be just like penny underbust lol

No. 669571

I can't even remember who she is, but she's been around before, right?

No. 669573

god, that rats nest on her hair needs to go.

it looks like shes checking to make sure sensei isnt around so she can have munchies

No. 669576

File: 1560382826634.jpeg (323.94 KB, 1920x1920, 2603180A-2AA2-4789-9EF3-2B9792…)

I couldn’t help but think of the ‘how lil kids cough’ meme when I saw this…

No. 669577

File: 1560382876792.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 821CB543-AD39-41BD-ACAA-96EC3C…)

so you’re a tough guy chest always so puffed guy like it really rough guy just can’t get enough guy

No. 669580

File: 1560383309456.jpg (769.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-184843_Ins…)

No. 669581

File: 1560383321612.gif (1.4 MB, 245x320, giphy.gif)


No. 669583

Yes, she's been sniffing around Moo since Katsucon. She makes crappy, overpriced wigs for costhots like Nigri so it was only natural that Moo had to buy herself a new bestie for lifey. People have been digging into how shitty she is over in the calves thread.

No. 669584

umbranwitch is the best.

No. 669585

I'm that wide type
Gotta flat behind type
Get a stomach band type
Love to scam my fans type
I'm the baaaaad guy((Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban))

No. 669586

Her wig quality is extremely bad and so is Moo's. Maybe that's why they're friends now? They can talk about how everyone is so jealous of them and be delusional together.

How much you wanna bet Mariah made her write that? This sounds like the typical story that people put out when they visit Moo for the first time.

No. 669590

File: 1560384023228.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-190025_Ins…)

She literally looks like a grandma spoiling her granddaughter rn. Absolutely geriatric Mariah.

No. 669593

Moo has now officially surpassed thicc and is now massive.((Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban))

No. 669594

You can't buy love. But apparently you can rent it.

No. 669597

She tried to make the hairdressers her new crew, that failed. Gotta move onto a new clique.

No. 669599

File: 1560385204085.jpg (581.02 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20190612_201824.jpg)

But… they don't carry her size at Lulu??

No. 669600

lmao she's just as delusional as moo

No. 669601


moo officially surpassed thicc ages ago, kek

No. 669602


This is gold. I have been waiting g for her to start wearing girdles day to day.

No. 669603

File: 1560386424456.jpeg (8.17 KB, 178x284, download.jpeg)

No. 669604

I thought lipo made it so you don't get fat in the spots you had sucked out. Why is her waist so huge again?

No. 669606

I didn't actually click the generic cosplay pic till now, she legit looks like a Photoshop filter passed over her.

No. 669607

They remove some of the fat cells, so those cells don’t return. The remaining ones will still grow so then it becomes lumpy and uneven fat distribution.

No. 669611

>Tfw you're a 23 year old single chick who looks like she's in her late 30s, divorced and trying to ''be hip'' with your teenage daughter who just wants your credit card

No. 669620

Yeah, Lulu got a lot of shit for being honest about not catering to fat cows like Moo. why would she even go there?

No. 669623

>>669584 Seriously. I thought the hairdressers were the masters of taking unflattering pictures of Moo.

Umbranwitch is supplying free milk. I'm almost convinced it's intentional at this rate. This is easily the worst Moo has ever looked.

No. 669624

File: 1560390353157.jpg (832.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190612_184440.jpg)

>>669577 Same energy.

No. 669626

Wearing a juicy couture shirt. Are we back in 2005? That’s the ultimate fake-rich brand

No. 669628

If moo really does get lipo again she is going to have so much loose skin that she will look like a flying squirrel.

No. 669631

She's really banking on that lipo making her about 5 sizes smaller, I guess. It's sad that she really think she can use money to cheat herself into being skinny. Even celebrities who get cosmetic surgery still work out and eat well, even if they have to pay a personal trainer to hold their hand through the whole thing.

No. 669633

File: 1560392761871.jpg (432.73 KB, 720x1227, 20190612_192343.jpg)

>>669521 Seeing this and comparing it to the IG post she just put up is hilarious and sad.

No. 669636

This pic is old as hell, definitely a couple pounds ago. leave it to Moo to recycle ads

No. 669637

File: 1560394836138.jpeg (368.25 KB, 750x919, 83BA0D6A-3D10-48F1-8E77-8480C8…)

Compare bellybutton in >>669633 to pic related.

No. 669638

We don't even need to compare this. Any idiot can see this isn't right. Moo is mentally unwell trying to pass this off.

No. 669640

..why is it edited so high up?

No. 669641

It's not, my dude!

(because Mariah is incompetent at editing)

No. 669642

Neither lipo nor exercise will even make a dent on her size at this point. At her weight even walking at a normal level would burn a ton of calories if she consumed a normal amount of calories. She needs to do a complete overhaul of her eating and drinking habits or get a gastric bypass. If she keeps it up she'll be too big to even qualify for the bypass.

No. 669644

Every time she reposts this I giggle at the wonky window. It's all bent out of shape.

No. 669645


please don't suggest weight-loss surgery, moo would definitely overeat and bust her smaller stomach open. Plus the surgeries themselves can be prone to complications, if not lethal. a dead cow gives no milk…

No. 669650

honest answer: fat round bellies sag, it's a common trick to lift the belly button a little in photoshop to make the stomach look smaller and firmer … whatever idiot did this shoop just went way too far

No. 669664

File: 1560406154306.png (2.62 MB, 1242x2208, 32ED7B87-F283-4EDD-BEEF-AAAE3E…)

Couldn’t even spell the character’s (or the game’s) name right. Ffs Moo, could you be any more of a fake fan?

No. 669667

File: 1560407929333.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1921, 20190613_023927.jpg)

Either she's borrowing Moo's Balenciagas or Mariah really is buying her friendship

No. 669668

My guess is Momo is buying something for Umbree as part of the new henchman deal.

No. 669669

File: 1560408137940.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20190613-024157_Ins…)

Lots of things, I'm guessing. Mariah also took her to get her nails done. As far as I can tell Umbran's only income is wig commissions so there's no way she's footing the bill for all of this.

No. 669671

I don't know HOW it's possible… but did she gain weight since her Hawaii trip? I'm wondering if her thought process was "Well I'm going to get lipo anyway! Imma be proud and pig out!"

No. 669672

For someone trying to be one of those "not like other girls" type she sure does pick the most basic bitch brands ever. Gucci, American Eagle, H & M. It's like she never got out of her high school jock phase.

No. 669673

I know you guys are all shitting on her for looking terrible here, but honestly, the fact she was actually wearing a shirt that covers her 'abs' and not illfitting croptop #4890439 looks way more flattering than most of her pictures.

No. 669674

Did she change her outfit twice in one day?

No. 669675

You’re being extremely generous here, she still looks like someone’s frumpy grandma in the photos from today. She has no idea how to dress herself in things that aren’t ill-fitting (in)activewear.

No. 669676

I wonder why she bothers going to those places. They definitely don't carry her size.

No. 669681

Three times even, I think?
1 >>669521
2 >>669577

Allegedly she is dieting and cut out bread. Wondering what’s that supposed to do when she’s still eating other carbs like pasta. But it’s Moo so I shouldn’t be surprised.

No. 669682

File: 1560415543871.jpg (54.08 KB, 784x641, 6136b06451627ec99c798290c930ae…)

No. 669684

>It's like she never got out of her high school jock phase.

That's because she didn't.

No. 669685

Instead of dieting she should just take up coke, She has the attitude, face and hair of one.

No. 669686

She already abuses ADD meds.

No. 669688

wasn't it already tinfoiled that she's a drug user?

No. 669689

I'm starting to wonder if she's just purposely taking the most unflattering pics

No. 669692

She abuses weed, on stream she said that she smokes every night before bed

No. 669703

Ah yes, Major's Mask and Wind Wanker, my favorite Zaldo games.

No. 669716

To me Umbran looks like Mariah's old self before all that weight gain. It's like the past self is hanging out with her future self

No. 669726

How does someone choose to behave like that in public. It's disgusting. It's not even sexy in any way, shape or form, it's like she's trying to stick that straw down her throat to puke.

No. 669770

Is she not wearing a bra cause holy shit

No. 669771

People do dumb shit with friends. Can we not nitpick Moos dumb shit when shes with friends. Its not an exclusive thing to just her and her cronies.

No. 669773

File: 1560444642774.gif (7.94 MB, 600x1065, ezgif-2-4f86df56fcba.gif)

No. 669774

I doubt she has one that even fits cause that would mean facing the cold hard truth that she‘s passed xl a long time ago.
So she usually just settles for sports bras that really do her breasts (and probably her back) no favor.

No. 669775

I dunno about you, but I don't throw fabric and items around a store well into my 20's. Or scream and run around the store.
There's being goofy and being a child. She's definitely the latter

No. 669776

File: 1560445086901.gif (498.25 KB, 500x278, howyoudoinmoo.gif)

I'm loving how much she reminds me of a white Rasputia at this point!
Everything from the ridiculous nails to that ''thicc girl confidence''

No. 669782


Sunken cost fallacy.

Moo is a singular case of sunken cost fallacy.

No. 669785

I feel so sorry for those cats. They're so sweet and I hope Moo doesn't fucking overfeed them like she eats her own feelings.

No. 669802

Maybe it wasnt her belly button that was misplaced, seeing this pic gives the impression that her pancake tits have already reached past her nonexistent waist.

No. 669803


explain to me WHY she is wearing that belt bag. that bag is straight up material, i can tell there is nothing inside. it's not covering anything. she doesn't dress in streetwear style so it doesn't even make sense

she just looks like a morbidly obese old hag and all it does is look super tiny on her and make her look even fatter than she is (which is really, really fat)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 669806

Because it’s the only designer brand item that sorta fits her.
Plus those yoga pants don’t have pockets so she probably uses it just for her phone and keys.

The other day I was thinking that maybe she already has diabetes and is carrying around the shit she needs because of that and that’s why she‘s always having that fanny pack with her. But massive tinfoiling.

No. 669812

File: 1560451562381.gif (493.87 KB, 500x281, regular show starla.gif)

Mariah, please no!!!

No. 669816

>momokun x Circle of jerks GF

No. 669819

One of the reasons I sometimes wish lolcow had reactions or at least an up vote XD(xD)

No. 669824

Kek! Thank you for this anon
I mean considering her age she’s acting like a dipshit in public. She’s the epitome of being an attention whore

No. 669846

OT on Moo's weight. So most salon chairs can only hold up 300-350 pounds unless they are specially fitted for obese people. The chairs are EXPENSIVE. When do you guys think she will reach a weight where she can't go to a salon and just lets her hair go to shit?((Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban))

No. 669848

You mean she isn't already? Have you seen that rats nest lately?

No. 669850

>You must be over the age of 18 to post here.

No. 669851

She still sits in a salon once a week though. Maybe that's why she was trying to get a hair stylist crew. So they can do her hair at home

No. 669865

File: 1560457605779.jpg (700.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190613-152655_Ins…)

No. 669866

>>669851 But the bizarre thing about this is how she took a minimum of two hairdressers to Hawaii, and did nothing that was cosplay or modeling related. She made them work on her ratty hair on a daily basis while they were out there, and for what?

She paid for random ass people in the beautician industry to accompany her on a trip, and all she did on that trip was shove expensive food down her throat. If she mainly wanted to go to Hawaii for the food, then why didn't she make friends with two random ass personal chefs?

No. 669868

At this point she really needs a lot more than just lipo and lip fillers to fix this mess.

No. 669874

Oof not enough amount of lipo will save this tragedy. Put down the booze and fork moo and go for a walk for once(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 669876


i gasped out loud. absolutely massive….(Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban)

No. 669878

File: 1560460138324.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 0B0835F8-8883-4294-818C-E9DD82…)

No. 669880

i can not wait for her to plump up her lips. her upper lip and nose combo look so off to me, but she is only going to make it worse. also i'm super surprised she hasn't done it sooner since she is so bad with her money and lives in vegas, i really thought she'd be more plastic by now.

No. 669881

is umbranwitch an undercover farmer? she is getting the best candid shots of moo.

No. 669882

She is looking all kinds of busted right here. I thought I had accidentally wandered into the “people of Walmart” site for sec.

We keep asking how none of these photos were a wake-up call to her but I think they were. Which is why she’s getting the quick fix with lipo because she’s a lazy bitch.

No. 669883


. . . She’s gonna die before she hits 30, isn’t she?

No. 669884

Y’all ever look at her tagged photos on IG and see whose posting her shit? I see a lot of random stuff in there but it’s definitely getting her the followers and viewers

No. 669886

It's weirding me out how the dark circles on her eyes are getting worse. It looks like a recovering black eye

No. 669889

>>669865 This side angle of Moo while she's sitting down is crazy. If I didn't already know who was in the photo, and someone told me this was a woman who was 7 months pregnant, I would have believed it.

No. 669890

That is a diabetic symptom

No. 669892


She might be diabetic and not even know it since she refuses to go see a doctor.

No. 669917

I am starting to think so, she's going out of her way far more than other 'friends' to showcase Moo flaws. Even the hairdressers it was more just candid without really care.

No. 669920

She wears those Torrid bras or whatever for cosplay.

>tfw Luna is now rocking Mariah's old CK set

No. 669922

where did all these clothes come from

something must have happened if shes actually changing her clothes

No. 669925

When was the last time you‘ve seen her do an actual cosplay though?

No. 669929

I Honestly just assumed she was putting on the new stuff she was buying while out shopping?? Maybe to try to flex and show them off on IG. I don’t think even Mariah knows why she does this shit.

No. 669931

weird flex cuz even a poor fag has a larger wardrobe than her

No. 669937

Damn…Umbranwitch is slaughtering her. This one is next thread worthy with how middle-aged and pregnant she looks. Perfect for her breeder fans.

No. 669956

Seems like since she came back from Japan a couple months ago she's been rapidly deteriorating. Not really saying she looked good before Japan but something about her looked more alive. She's been looking like a husk for weeks. Getting dark around eyes, face being rounder, hair worst it's ever been, whatever sincerity that was left in her smile is gone.

No. 669964

She mentioned before (Can't find the screen shot) that if she's a shitty person she will still be okay. She still gets those bucks so she let herself go. The weight gain has been quicker, self care out the window, told her pay pigs she will no longer be cosplaying and doing just lewd shoots (no more big builds) told them they have to pay more for less. She is living consequence free.

She is only getting all these surgeries now because Senpai's girl friend and Vamps triggered her. Most people wanna be healthy and beautiful for themselves. Momo needs a reason like money or a man, otherwise she will devolve into… whatever the fuck she is now. But it's far too late for her to get her health back to the way it was 3 years ago.
She also shortened her life span greatly

No. 669965

You reap what you sow, I guess. Funny how if she wasn't so greedy, so egotistic, didn't hurt others, and didn't lie so much- She'd be in such a better place now. It's crazy. She could have actually been the next jnig if she had just been a decent person. It all came fucking full circle. But I guess we wouldn't have our cow, huh?

No. 669967

sensei moved in his girlfriend (despite being a free spirit who doesnt date) and vamps gtfo

she has literally nothing but men who want to degrade her.

No. 669969

File: 1560479355999.jpg (475.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190613-192436_Ins…)

Mariah, Kat, and Umbran appear to be in a California hotel room, meaning you'll likely see them appear in Tokki or Aly Brazil's IG stories in the near future.

Check out this beautiful acne free face! Man, those $50 bottles and tubes of face wash are working wonders!

If this shit really works like she claims it does, just imagine how bad her breakouts really get.

No. 669970

we watched this bitch dermaroll her nasty acne bacteria all over her face last week. not surprised it looks like this now tbh.

No. 669971

Damn she goes through new friends weekly now. But lately she is only picking the fugly people. It wont make you look better Momo, YOU'RE the ugly friend

No. 669985

Fucking MOOOOOO(non-contribution)

No. 669986

so it is basically confirmed now that she and hawknose aren’t friends anymore?

No. 669987

File: 1560484159694.jpg (582.09 KB, 1080x1349, Screenshot_20190613-224833_Ins…)

So, I'm unsure if this has been posted before but what in the fuck is she doing to her boobs!? They look RED.

No. 669988

is she wearing every bra she owns or something

christ that looks painful

No. 669993

She couldn't even get the red contacts? Or didnt even pay attention to the character design… probably the latter.

No. 670001

File: 1560488418026.png (5.49 MB, 1242x2208, 5862661F-553C-4220-BDC5-614F95…)

Was looking at her insta what is up with her lumpy boob bad editing i assume

No. 670002

Anon these have all been posted and discussed ages ago. You’re the only late one it seems.

No. 670017

File: 1560494034160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 556.87 KB, 963x1200, ACF36273-F087-4436-B27F-A86317…)

Newfag, sorry if I do this incorrectly. Here’s the stickers she commissioned from reiq.

No. 670018

File: 1560494085989.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 517.58 KB, 1039x1181, 38DCD64F-49E6-4E96-97E8-072F03…)

Second one

No. 670020

These are so cute Dx
Expectations vs reality kinda moment unfortunately(Dx)

No. 670021

she's reached a new level of delusion if she thinks she looks anything like this. even stylized this has taken some… liberties with her appearance.

No. 670022

File: 1560494669209.jpeg (173.31 KB, 1300x672, 2EBED52F-D14D-43D8-A1FE-F1F26B…)

It's like that Charlize Theron movie Tully except Mariah won't learn anything from this in the end

No. 670024

What the hell is wrong with that knee? And Moo looks nothing like this anymore, she left that body behind 100lbs ago. Reiq needs to get with the times.

This is pretty much typical Moo.

No. 670025

What is this rounded ass? and non deformed legs, though to be fair the underwear is shoved in the asscrack

No. 670027

the only thing that's accurate is the weird pose that makes her look like an amputee …

No. 670029

other than her """oc""" what the fuck is the point of drawing someone's cosplay. the pochaco is literally just pochaco.

No. 670031

So what happened to her camversity streams? Did she just sick and tired of it?

No. 670032

Love how even in the stylized art work her flat stomach is just as lumpy as irl

No. 670035

I'm with you anon, I don't get it at all. It doesn't make sense unless there's something that ties it to her. If she had done her "OC" cosplaying Pochaco, for instance. But she literally just paid a stupid amount of money for Pochaco fanart.

No. 670036

I think she was just doing it to get money for surgery or something like that. She'll have to return sooner or later though.

No. 670039

Now now, we all know that Mariah is snackin’, not crackin’.

The darkness around her eyes and varying parts of her body are rather worrying. Those don’t look like simply dark circles. Mariah is the only cow that manages to make me both laugh and concerned at the same time.

Great! Looks nothing like her. She’s even more delusional than the Queen Pixyteri was back when she was a fat ass before losing a megaton of weight.

No. 670040

i guess this dude can only draw 1 arm per pic or something? does a second hand increase cost?

No. 670042

this is the shit susu and her cunt squad are bitching about?

No. 670043

reiq has always been a shitty artist and obvious tracer. old news. hilarious they're working together.

No. 670047

File: 1560509321392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.6 KB, 1644x1429, Moose Knuckle Moo.jpg)

Hey bro I think your anatomy is way off…

Don't worry I fixed it for you free of charge. Go ahead and use it Moo. I'm cool wit it ;)

No. 670048


Excellent anon! Next thread pic.

No. 670049

This is actually header worthy but omg anon, great job

No. 670050

Only critique is her ankles are too small, other than that solid job

No. 670056

You can always tell someone's a lazy artist when they hide hands and feet like this. He's pulling a Rob Liefeld.

No. 670057

Nice work, but her foot is backwards.

Also, don't put stuff in the name field.

No. 670060

I mean… he‘s working for Moo. Can you really blame him? I wouldn’t put my best effort into something for this cow either.

No. 670065


I agree, definitely header worthy. Top tier work anon!

No. 670066



No. 670067

Nayrt, Bunny posted screenshots of Reiq asking her for nudes and people called him gross. just scroll a bit for it.

No. 670070

The only thing that makes it momo is that he used her photos as reference material for poses. She has as much a relationship with these as one of those posable art dolls.

No. 670079


She overpaid an artist to draw her as an amputee?

I'm under the impression she paid Reiq a lot more than she paid Will O Wisps for the keychain artwork, especially since Reiq did two different designs. And it doesn't seem like the keychains sold well at all. So what's the logic in paying somebody more money to create sticker artwork, when stickers won't sell well either?

It will never cease to amaze me how a self-proclaimed expert businesswoman thinks the best way to make money and salvage her career is by selling a dozen keychains and twenty stickers over the course of a year.

Speaking of bad business takes, she's practically giving away her Shera L. Greenwood set in her IG stories at the moment. A set she just charged people up the ass for a few months ago.

No. 670081

must have cost an arm and a leg

No. 670085

Jesus, even her tongue is fat. wtf?((Solely posting in this thread to comment on moo's weight will warrant a no contribution ban))

No. 670086

if moo put in even 1% of the effort she exerts into lying and being a cunt, into literally anything else. she would master whatever it was.

No. 670102

File: 1560530486396.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, C337349E-843A-4DD0-8242-A5A538…)

No. 670104

Fucking make one you lazy pig.

No. 670115

I just found a whole bunch of them super easily… or you know, you could just make one… or screech at cat to make one.
Is she really this retarded?

No. 670116


Take a closer look at the one hand he did draw. The index finger is longer than the middle finger. Even the most amateur artist wouldn’t do that. Mariah got conned, this guy draws hands like a middle schooler drawing naruto OCs in their notebook.

No. 670117

Honestly what was the last thing she's made by herself? And how shoddy was it?

No. 670121

>>670117 I think I can answer this.

The last thing she "made" was when she put that decal on the back of her green Tsundare jacket that she pretended she was sewing on a Camversity stream. And I'm not completely sure if she was actually the one who ironed or stitched it on, since Vamp would frequently stop by while she streamed.

Other than that, I think you'd have to go as far back as that styrofoam Black Widow belt she made on some web series, where you could clearly see how underwhelmed and unimpressed the host was with her pathetic efforts.

No. 670123

File: 1560535674519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 836.13 KB, 1692x1458, Moose Knuckle Moo(1).jpg)


Thank you guys for the suggestions!

I didn't realize it was Reiq that did her stickers. Compared to his other stuff, he looks like he did want to do these stickers and half assed them.

No. 670125

Mind if I make another? It needs the huge tattoos that Moo totally shops out in all her cosplay photos. And the feet look a bit too clean.

No. 670127

Tsunade's green hanten, people saw her fail at sewing straight lines on a camversity stream for hours, Vamps later came over and finished it for her. Before that would be the ugly helmet thing for Lancer Artoria that never saw the light of day, the one with stiff furs hanging out like sausages.

No. 670128

>>670127 That's right. I forgot about that Lancer catastrophe.

No. 670135


I'm on it! Gotta make this Moo accurate. Thank you for your input.

No. 670140

No. 670194

File: 1560554956299.jpg (344.66 KB, 1080x1921, 20190614_192931.jpg)

Umbran is fairly young, and still lives with her parents (who are from what I can tell, very well off.) She was dropped off at the airport by a limo driver her family has used before, and has a car any young e-girl would die for. My thoughts on her wanting to hang with moo is that shes needing those ig follows, since that's all shes really been talking about in her stories in between showing off that she's with moo

No. 670209

next op pls

she's probably paying him a lot. >>670056 is 100% correct, and if he is tracing that makes it even more pathetic kek

i guess i should go catch up on the calf thread

No. 670210

File: 1560558715929.png (4.56 MB, 2208x1242, 1509392258847.png)

I feel like she made some trash since this video, but damned if I can remember.

No. 670216

File: 1560562346521.gif (78.32 KB, 300x225, 1554639655217.gif)

Not bringing anything new to the table with this, but this show she did was the funniest shit. It 100% showcased that she has no skills.
She has totally given up on getting crafty gamer girl points. Guess I can't really blame her when she has the money. But she wants to be friends with people who she can take advantage of, so her commissions aren't even that great. Crafters with skill wouldn't put up with her shitty time slots or want to be associated with her name.

No. 670221

>>670210 I just tried to look for this video on YT. Seems CineFix, who's behind these Costume Squad segments, actually did the right thing and washed their hands of Mariah. She isn't on their playlist, and I couldn't find the video anywhere else on YT.

Providing the link in case anyone wants to see for themselves. I wonder if they made this decision based on the AX drama, or if they pulled the video sooner because she looked like shit throughout the video?


No. 670230

It's still on their Facebook page. I'd never seen it before. This is hilariously bad.

No. 670237


as someone whose a fan of reiq's art and seen what he's drawn for other costhots this looks…..like he cute coners and didnt put the usual effort in. Idk but you can definitly tell he rushed this

No. 670244

They never had it on their YT anyways.
It was straight released to FB

No. 670250

Probs because Mariah ordered them last minute as she always does with everything. But she threw a lot of money at him so it's all good.

No. 670258

File: 1560583450262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 849.58 KB, 1661x1465, Moose Knuckle Moo NEW.jpg)

Last one. I'm sorry for the multi-posts. I would delete them if I could.

Yeah you can tell Reiq didn't try very hard or enjoyed drawing the body but got lazy and gave up on the hands & feet. Also the one hand on Moo's OC is terrible (anon is right) it shows that he was just drawing it real quick to be done with the pic. I doubt he was anxious to do this request from Moo at all.

No. 670259

File: 1560584296577.png (1011.11 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-06-15-00-36-49…)

Mariah get some help jfc

No. 670265

He probably didn’t want to look at the reference images for too long

No. 670269

but why? he's a hack. always has been. only thing slightly redeeming about his shitty art is his coloring and even then..he's made little progress over the years.

No. 670280

Why bother to improve when you have shitty patrons like Mariah to fund your art career. I s2g it’s like I only see lazy controversial morons making bank, it’s extremely irritating.

No. 670284

For some reason I kind of hope to see Moo at Comiket, then I could time how long it takes for her to get arrested for breaking privacy laws.

No. 670288

I'd like to see her at a con in Asia, especially South East Asia, other than South America South East Asia has a large thirst incel crowd for her too, I'm surprised she hasn't thought of exploiting that.

No. 670293

I wonder how they’d react to seeing her without 20 layers of photoshop.

No. 670295


….why does her wig look greasy??

No. 670296

Probably cat piss, anon.
That or because she leaves all her costumes and materials on the floor and in horrible condition. I have yet to see a wig on her that wasn't a complete mess. However that wig still looks better then her current hair situation, which is saying A LOT.

No. 670299

Because she's a master wig stylist that always piles on pounds of styling product and is such an expert at what she does she never ever ever washes her wigs!

No. 670304

If there's one "skill" of Mariah's that I'm impressed by: it's her ability to make any wig she touches look greasy and matted like her own hair

No. 670306

Southeast Asians tend to be way less accepting of being overweight. I'm sure there are some guys who are still into it, but most of them would be disgusted by her size (even photoshopped). She might have been ok if she stayed the size she was when she started, but even that's questionable.
The irony is that no one bats an eye at massive amounts of photoshop being used and the cosplayer looking totally different, so if she fit into their tastes better she'd be just fine in that regard.

No. 670314

I just realized that she has the strap only around her arm because that is all she can fit into it.

No. 670317

The only people who think some stranger her size is hot are fetishists. I’m sure there are people who would be with morbidly obese people with great personalities and not care one way or the other about their weight, but that’s not Moo’s situation. She’s a sideshow freak in the camgirl universe all over the world.

No. 670323

File: 1560636999464.jpg (167.07 KB, 1080x1920, 61984529_148286469626584_32421…)

No. 670329

Umbran is doing amazing with these candids. I'm surprised moo hasnt lost her fucking mind yet.

No. 670343

File: 1560643444982.jpeg (389.83 KB, 1920x1920, 6504E97E-B5ED-4107-8AF3-8DEEC0…)

I hope her cucks at some point realize what they’re actually wasting their money on.

I mean, I can somehow see that someone with a feeding or fat chick fetish would get off to her photoshopped pictures and maybe even dream of actually getting with her. But even they can’t possibly be attracted to the actual mess she looks like without wig, photoshop, tons of make up, face tape and circle lenses?

No. 670359

Its not rocket science and we've discussed this before. No one cares, except others like us who know more about her than just photos. They care about end product. No one is jacking off to the real Moo. Thats why she makes money. They care about the end photoshop. YES, they can pay better looking girls, but thats not why people buy from ugly thots.

No. 670360

Different anon, but to be fair her paypigs are starting to wake up. The reddit was posting wasn't it, that she was getting to a point they couldn't take?

No. 670371

File: 1560656518996.png (635.46 KB, 556x918, 2019-06-15_23-41-37.png)

shes currently back home from california, which i thought she went because she had shoots to do there

No. 670373

girl is lucky she's rich, cause that face oof

if shes going with moo for the ig followers, i wonder what moo is. just lonely?

No. 670374

Bold of you to assume she was going to work when she has a friend visiting from out of state. (When was the last time she did a shoot now?)

No. 670408

File: 1560669730812.png (1.02 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2019-06-16-00-18-27…)

Taking some dude out to sushi. Again.

No. 670413

File: 1560670964428.jpg (232.49 KB, 1080x1920, 65014373_178006939873744_34761…)

No. 670416

The kind of Japanese dudes she’s after are all kinds of judgemental. Japan isn’t really known for having a big body pos crowd. Of course, to her, if they don’t want to fuck Jon Jafari in a bikini they must be racist!

No. 670418

black tar heroin? what?

No. 670419

File: 1560675458331.png (581.2 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-06-16-01-56-51…)

No. 670430

You're not going to go through with it though. You'll just buy some ears and a tail and do your standard bikini shoot. Besides could you imagine the odor that would be emanating from her in a fur-suit..
>>670374 june 7/8th, the pochaco dog thing and mystery hero x or whatever it was.

No. 670433

File: 1560685376250.jpeg (630.08 KB, 1242x1739, B8A454D7-7421-447A-A6C6-B55130…)

She has a tiktok now.
Not at all surprising she hasn’t posted any recent videos of herself. Just shows once more how unhappy she actually seems to be with her current weight.

No. 670440

>>670408 The guy deliberately says she's taking him to a sushi place. Can't wait for him to reject her advances so that she could go on another manic rant about frauds, liars, and being a golden goose again.

>>670413 I'm not sure if there's actual context behind what Umbran posted. It's probably nothing, although it's a very peculiar label.

>>670430 She hasn't actually shot anything so far in June. She just released sets on June 5th or whatever. This was supposed to be her busy month. We're more than halfway through it, and she hasn't done shit yet.

No. 670445

Is Umbran trying to tell people something? This is extremely odd

No. 670455

It’s probably nothing. Just her idea of lol so randumb.

No. 670466

If it’s actually her behind the account she’s really in for it. If she thought the comments and censorship on IG was bad.

No. 670470

Dunno why she is trying to get in good with the furry crowd. They kicked her out before she entered it when she was making fun of furries for just being furries

No. 670471

She posted proof it was hers on her insta so it's legit

No. 670472

File: 1560701941080.jpeg (508.97 KB, 1242x1443, 00AC1D3A-6813-47C1-BC5F-2A181D…)

Yeah the comments aren’t all too nice either

No. 670473

File: 1560702247708.jpg (229.32 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20190616-122409_Tik…)

Annndd shes already deleting comments

No. 670476

there were 26 comments, now there is only three. and this wont be a wake up call for her and she will still talk about all her love and support

No. 670477

File: 1560704173239.jpg (125.44 KB, 1080x1684, 20190616_125544.jpg)

Annndddd now everything is gone. That was quick

No. 670480

The 26 comments were on the other post, the ahegao one.

No. 670483

When even the furries won’t take you, that’s when you know you’re fucked.

Maybe OT? But I watched a video today of this has-been influencer who was making absolute bank for a while and bought a house and so much more. Renovated shit and just spent tons of money like it was nothing because she thought the income would last forever. She made a video recently about how she had to foreclose in house and was broke because the money ran dry and she didn’t have any other sort of prospects in place and didn’t have any savings. It was an opening video but more to the point: if this isn’t Mariah in like 2-3 years I’ll eat my own foot. How much money do you guys thinks she has in savings? Probably not much.

No. 670484

Still there for me.

No. 670495

None. We've all seen how irresponsible she is with money, and i can guarantee she doesn't have the foresight to think about her future

No. 670497

lmao tiktok hates/bullies fat people mercilessly so she's in for a bad time if she posts any more content.

No. 670503

you're looking at her likes, her posts are still there

No. 670515

Why momocunt hasn't posted anything about Ganesha from fate ? She looks really "thicc" to me… No doubt she's a big fan of fate.

No. 670525

I don’t think she’s actually a fan of anything she cosplays. She just looks up what’s popular and then tries to capitalize on it. Remember when the interviewers tried to ask her about what anime she was cosplaying and she couldn’t give a real answer? Or trying to explain Dragon Ball with nothing right despite being ~the biggest fan~

No. 670527

>implying she keeps up with jp updates
i bet moo doesn't even know who is jinako

No. 670528

I wonder whatever happened to that galapagos phone she brought a while back

No. 670540


Moo hops on fandom bandwagons and has done for a long time. She's currently such a HUGE Zelda fan at the moment, that phase will die out in no time if she ever finishes BOTW. It's obvious she's fake as they come as she's sperges so hard and acts like she's a living Wikipedia source.

She lacks passion and correct, only cosplays from whatever fandom is flavor of the month for easy money. Once she's made some bank she moves on to the next fandom, then the next.

No. 670541

Not only no savings but probably a lot of debt too.

No. 670547

File: 1560718767928.jpeg (96.34 KB, 1334x750, 864E1254-56C3-4B1B-ABCB-E6A2D2…)

Anyone got a link to this stream?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 670550

Fuck off, scrot. We’re not your porn directory.

No. 670552

She’s like a locust wait the aliens from Independence Day since those wear a costume too

No. 670555


B-but anon, she has been a huge zelda fan since forever! Wind Wanker and Major's Mask are her fave games and she totes re-played Ocarina of Time. Cremia is her fave character in OoT!!1 Her fave part is when Link saves Zelda, obviously.

Jokes aside, I started following Moo here when it was already a few threads in and I know she had already troubles to tell people the story line of Metroid during her Samas era, did she also pretend back then to play Metroid or was it just for the Smash points?

No. 670585

Her like for Higurashi and DBZ is genuine, but it's still base level knowledge with her.

My only source for those being legit is she was a fangirl before money was involved.

No. 670589

File: 1560765879965.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190616-195739_Ins…)

No. 670591

File: 1560766254513.jpg (639.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190616-213430_Ins…)

No. 670594

File: 1560766474421.jpg (821.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190617-051008_Ins…)

No. 670595

File: 1560766546174.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190617-051015_Ins…)

No. 670596

File: 1560766628725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 447.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190617-051025_Ins…)

No. 670597

File: 1560766764222.jpg (Spoiler Image, 753.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190617-051031_Ins…)

No. 670598

>surgery and shooting in the same week

Wow she really didn’t think this through at all did she? I mean, even if it’s just the lip injections, there‘s gonna be swelling.

This is gonna be great.

No. 670601

File: 1560768087358.gif (1.6 MB, 500x519, 1487304189_3ddaba55facc14227de…)

Either she's getting her own Blaire parts done (since the ones pictures aren't hers iirc) or she's doing Tsubaki.

I would bet actual money she's never seen or read Soul Eater. She probably just saw some merch of it with Blaire or Tsubaki, then googled, "big boobs Soul Eater".

No. 670610

Surgery in two days but people are coming out for a week of shooting? This doesn’t make sense. Is she gonna shoot as a sexy war casualty?

No. 670626


Traffic cones she has to put out when she backs up?

No. 670648

File: 1560780072333.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1619, 6D2A54A7-A80F-4760-ACA0-8393FA…)

I think those might be spikes for her Bowsette cosplay.

No. 670654

Wait, what? She claims she's shooting all week but then has surgery in two days? How does that work???????

No. 670660

What the actual fuck are those darts at the neckline? This seamstress is a joke.

No. 670664

THAT is a freakin Eva 01 shirt, I thought she hated eva …

No. 670666

Um… she‘s just pinning down the fabric… it will look way different once it’s sewn down and those ‘darts’ will most likely be gone.

She’s not the best seamstress by far but, come on. That’s just nitpicking now.

No. 670673

Is she having both procedures done at the same time? If so she's in for a bad time. Get the popcorn ready for her to be a crying, swollen, disgusting mess.

No. 670675

File: 1560784161645.gif (1.19 MB, 232x400, 0792D549-C2EF-4DAB-AE64-B54E09…)

I’m so ready for this.

No. 670676

TF, but you think the reason she’s hanging with this girl is because people kept giving her shit about her wigs?

But now they’re going to nit pick the shitty wig styling. Because wew lad. I suspect after criticism about the wig quality we won’t see much of this calf anymore.

No. 670677

Oh anon dont you know she’s mature now and totes understands Eva and all it’s complexity and symbolism.

Cant wait to see this heafer try to do a Mari cosplay. Because you know that’s who she’d do. An underage girl with big boobs. “That’s totally me!”

No. 670679

File: 1560786044952.jpg (42.05 KB, 602x900, FA05-1__Post-Surgical-Chin-Str…)

I may be wrong, but facial liposuction still requires a compression garment that essentially looks like a chinstrap. She's going to have to wear it 24/7 for one to two weeks minimum. Not to mention her lips will still be swollen. How does she expect to shoot anything?

No. 670691

I thought the exact same thing, honestly. Theres no way she is just looking for a friendship that she cant get something out of.

No. 670693

Simple. She'll wear the surgery stuff for maybe 2 days tops, then she'll stop wearing them because she's totes recoverd my guys.
I think your guys are overthinking it. It looks like the shirt that came with the one of the loot anime crates a few months ago

No. 670697

iirc she couldn’t be bothered to wear the recommended attire after her last lipo either so she sure as hell won’t care about wearing that shit this time. Especially with people around.

All of this just shows perfectly how fucking immature she is. She only sees what she wants now but doesn’t think ahead more than 24hrs. I actually start thinking she’s straight incapable of it, literally like a child.

Which is also why she has so many cosplans that will never happen, why she’s incapable of losing weight, why she didn’t pack proper clothing for her trip to Hawaii, why she has surgery in her busiest work week in probably months. Because she only sees what she wants now but never thinks about the long-term effects or consequences.

No. 670706

Nah I have the same hoodie from hot topic she went out of her way to buy it

No. 670707

So after over two months of being on vacation she is going to work for a week and recycle these sets for as long as she can. Woooow, such a hard worker.

No. 670711

Just because you can buy it at HT doesn’t mean it wasn’t in a loot crate box.

No. 670729

Silly anons, she knows exactly what she's doing. She planned the surgeries and photoshoots at the same time so she can say she can't do anything because her recovery is ~harder than expected sowwy guys, guess you'll have to wait another month before you get your fix~.

No. 670735

it wasnt you moron. I get that shitty box and it was a different shirt. Are you the same anon who was defending her slave?

No. 670744

Guys, lets not sperg about aftercare. In fact I THINK we should totally tell her how aftercare isn't important really- its just to keep the doctors from being sued by people if they get a scratch on the skin and all that stuff. That aftercare compression stuff isnt necessary! go lipo everything and get right back to life Moo!

No. 670759

No cow tipping, jackass. You kill the cow you end the milk.

No. 670761

Anon isn't saying to actually tell her, just to post it here.

No. 670762

What you need to know about lipo, is that it removes cells that store fat, when they are removed the fat still deposits but in other places where tissues can contain the fat: legs, arms, but the worse is in internal organs, it will literally bloat her from the inside and no amount of lipo will fix that, because all that fat will be literally IN her guts.

She's going to look grotesque, which I can't wait for.

No. 670763

But that's scary if the fat is attaching to her organs then. Wont she just die faster at this rate?

No. 670764

File: 1560808250489.png (1.02 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-17-14-47-54…)

Shooting today. Miso and co are also on their way to Vegas

No. 670765

File: 1560808278722.png (1.41 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-06-17-14-48-08…)

No. 670773

Can’t wait for how terrible her tan pochaco will look.

No. 670775

So she did just completely forget about Mei again. Bets on that costume she posted not even being hers?

No. 670780

It all makes sense now. She only hangs out with her family and friends when she wants something. Now she has people to cook, clean, wipe her ass, and take care of her cats while she recovers. Oh, and take "sexy" photos.

No. 670782

I can only imagine caring for someone as bossy and vile as her would be pure hell. lmfao. "Cat! Get me food now! or I'll drag you on insta!"

No. 670784

Yes, visceral fat is more dangerous to your metabolism than peripherial fat

also, what was the point for all her trips then? just to flex and try to buy new friends? this cow never delivers to her patreons not even when she went to mexico took the opportunity to get some great in-location shoots for lucoa and even then she looked great compared to nowadays… i wonder for how long her incels are gonna stick to her

No. 670788

wow, so tan. this is the kind of tan line I'd get after doing some yard work for like 2 hours on a sunny day. definitely not reflective of a week long island vacation she was allegedly using to get so "sun kissed" for pochaco. what a joke, can't wait to see this disaster in action.

No. 670802

She's talking about getting lipo on her face? Is that even a thing?

No. 670804

Lmao. What is this? Lube?

No. 670809

Ewwww just looked it up so this is a sticky snot appearance lube from Japan. Like extremely thick clear cum. So not white, but clear like snot or girl cum. Feel gross just explaining that.

No. 670812

File: 1560814471845.jpg (26.37 KB, 600x216, LnhsbLn.jpg)

No. 670816

File: 1560814627182.png (1.42 MB, 1127x2048, Screenshot_20190617-163531.png)

She never stops surprising me with how trashy and gross she is

No. 670820


Not sure if someone shared the photo or not, but she wanted a bottle specifically shaped like this, because "sunkissed Pocacho" was squatting over something that looked like a phallic object in a photo from an earlier IG story. So get your barf bags ready.

No. 670840

Do we know where her corset is from? I want to say she has an orbiter with corsetry in the name (I don't follow the calves) did she con them into making it for free? Or is it her usual amazon garbage? If the latter, I'm genuinely surprised it's holding up so well.

No. 670843

File: 1560817375145.jpg (112.92 KB, 800x1143, __super_pochaco_nitroplus_draw…)

Good memory, anon! Can't wait to see how trashy this turns out.

No. 670845

that looks like someone copypasta'd a head from a completely different character on to the body. belongs in the shitty art thread. I can't believe moo thinks she looks like this.

No. 670846

The thought of having to breathe in that close of proximity to her while fitting her seems awful. She looks and acts like the type of person who would belch on you and chuckle about it.

No. 670847

I mean there's an insta video of her just burbing on screen. I don't know if it's been posted before…probably has

No. 670848

this goddamn pose makes anyone look like they're taking a shit so this set will be extra gross

No. 670849

File: 1560819319094.jpg (205.38 KB, 1080x1350, 61727736_120839715829150_77351…)

No. 670851

Oh GOD, it's all hanging out. Jesus. That needs a spoiler.

No. 670852

Why are the bubbles coming from her fupa

No. 670855

Christ, it looks like she's queefing a bubble

No. 670858

There is so much cringe…from the entire pelvic area + razor burn, the fupa, and the wig that somehow managed to actually be worse than her last one. What are those bangs?

No. 670861

>was just at a beach in Hawaii
>was just in California which has beaches
>shoots this in her backyard

No. 670862

It legit looks like she has no undies on. Absolutely disgusting

No. 670866

What happened to the styling umbrian just did?? Did she really mess it up that quickly?
Also what happened to the tan?

No. 670868

wouldn't be surprised if she just photoshops herself to look tan at this point

No. 670869

I'm going to assume that it's a combination of Umbran not properly setting the style along with Moo's autistic man handling. It's not like she's ever taken care of her wigs in general, so she probably just threw it on the ground after she initially tried it on and picked it up 3 minutes before the shoot.

No. 670870

File: 1560821838216.png (215.6 KB, 262x385, Capture.PNG)

Jesus christ, looks like her arms also have fupas. Why is she doing this to herself?

No. 670874

File: 1560822205833.png (170.45 KB, 273x294, whareyoudoingthis.png)

The headset literally looks like flipped earcuffs with toilet paper rolls inside them

No. 670879

you think moo will set foot outside her house in a swimsuit?

No. 670882

File: 1560823430956.png (Spoiler Image, 841.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-06-17-19-00-37…)

Whoa nice tan lines Mariah!!!!

No. 670884


Please use it.

No. 670885

File: 1560823623912.jpg (48.42 KB, 750x624, be2ef07931d8ddac33413f3e82342d…)

Anon…. I think u right.

No. 670887

i'm not using it until our autist admin announces it, instead of just not saying anything and letting her retard band of mods ban everyone for not saging.(lrn2sage :^))

No. 670890

tbh i dont even care

her mom is her foreign slave, all without actually costing anything. i bet having sensei and gf means stuff gets cleaned sometimes due to their disgust

No. 670896

just assume corsets are made by…. corsetcastle… or something. fuck i forget her name.

but yes, the corset is almost 100% from her "friend" and past experiences imply she overpays (as the girl literally burned bridges over the riding hood dress incident )


No. 670897


She did announce it.

Where have mods banned anons for not using it?

No. 670900

is it the image compression or is something seriously wrong with her left boob

No. 670901

she didn't announce it yet she said on /meta/ an announcement will be posted later.

i'm just thinking ahead. the mods can barely rub two brain cells together. i've gotten shitty 4 hour temp bans for posting in threads that "were supposed to be on /m/" that hadn't been moved from /ot/.

No. 670902

is she gonna claim her nips are the fake ones?

this is just a normal bikini by the way.

No. 670904

File: 1560824985630.jpeg (563.66 KB, 3840x5760, 2B435588-77CC-4905-A5B0-21AFD2…)

Sorry about the randomness but I just found this off a link on PULL and I had to share LOL I dunno what pose this is

No. 670906


No. 670907

She wore one on a boat in Hawaii if I remember correctly

No. 670909

File: 1560825321494.png (3.35 MB, 1242x1864, 50813A0E-7F04-4F32-845F-D21887…)

No. 670912

It's honestly really sad that this is all Mariah knows how to do. Parade her body around and eventually succumb to the feeders and foot lovers on patreon. Do you think she ever reflects on her behavior and feels shame or just shuts it out completely now?

No. 670913

No. 670914

Is this not all old shit? Did she just send out April rewards or are you randomly reposting?

No. 670915

Nawh someone on PULL shared their all the April stuff dunno if you already looked at everything

No. 670918

It’s like Hinata, Shera, Pochaco and some other “cosplay”

No. 670919

File: 1560826806478.jpeg (190.39 KB, 883x1318, EE0ADD71-BFCF-4470-A8DB-F348BE…)

Am I seeing this correctly? Gotta love the ham arms.

No. 670922

There’s way less flattering photos in that file tbh >>>/pt/670913

No. 670925

I can't believe I'm going to say this but… she's getting to fat to even cosplay this character

No. 670927


Nobody advocating cowtipping- rather we all know she reads our stuff religiously, so what would happen if we all stopped giving her sound advice?

No. 670928

>>670927 Mariah doesn't take advice from farmers. Otherwise, she would have changed her ways within the first handful of threads, and we wouldn't have ever come this far.

No. 670929

This. If she ever did take our advice she'd show it. Why do you think she gained 100 more lbs and became more bitter?

No. 670930


true that, but we have seen her change some things as a way to prove us wrong. That might apply to aftercare. Personally can't wait to see her horrid aftermath

No. 670931

File: 1560827880903.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, FDBEAB06-CE84-4CAC-8D90-EA6609…)

I’m sure it ain’t smellin like a melon

No. 670932

What the ever loving fuck is that expression?

No. 670934

when in doubt, over expose and brighten your pic so much you erase half your flaws and half the image! Bonus, it also erases most photoshopping mistakes

No. 670935

She kind of looks like Jay Leno..

No. 670936

File: 1560828414881.png (Spoiler Image, 375.03 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-06-17-22-12-35.p…)

It was posted in a previous thread but here it is, one edited pic with the original right next to it. Also proof she only did Hinata with with fake nipples despite claims to shooting with and without. All the real nipnop ones are just the some fishnet and not the exact "costume" even without headbands,jacket&wig

No. 670939

I honestly don’t know why people pay $50 for shitty photos of a person who constantly rips them off edits poorly and redoes the same cosplay to death that’s with her terrible character aside why would anyone do that?

No. 670940

Holy fucking shit. It looks like she brushed the wig, judging by how fucking frizzy it is. No, Mariah, you don't run a comb through a styled wig and destroy the styling.

She's so sloppy. She's posting these pics left and right like she hasn't gained 100lbs since the last time she actually made a photoset.

No. 670941

File: 1560828581784.png (754.97 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-06-17-20-25-55…)

We know. Stop

No. 670942

File: 1560828603719.png (Spoiler Image, 856.34 KB, 720x1020, Screenshot_2019-06-17-20-26-35…)

No. 670943

File: 1560828655748.png (1013.34 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-06-17-20-26-46…)

No. 670944

her head is so small it looks copy-pasted on so I guess she got that part of the cosplay correct

No. 670945

The stupid "I just ripped a bubbling queef and you're still paying $50 a month to see these awful, stinky pictures" expression alongside the fresh stretch marks near her grotch all make this an awful picture. How does she post this shit? Has she truly stopped giving a single fuck?

No. 670946

File: 1560828862977.png (Spoiler Image, 838.75 KB, 563x750, IMG_4830.PNG)

Beware NSFL

No. 670947

File: 1560828886114.jpeg (70.21 KB, 750x164, 35C1477A-5125-49F2-949F-5F557A…)

nta, but already receiving gold star comments. someone save this for next time she’s whining about a serious career

No. 670949

her vag is so blurry…

No. 670950

File: 1560828980487.gif (649.02 KB, 250x250, 5515D78E-E57D-4970-B060-9E1C9F…)

No. 670953

Holy crap, the shoop on her labia… Just get a wax and bleach treatment next time, dummy!

No. 670955

Is this the first minora slip?

No. 670956

I dont think thats a labia slip, I think its badly edited skin. Kinda gross but im overweight and I have tiny stretch marks there.

No. 670959

Yeah, that's too close to the asshole anyway.

No. 670960

I honestly at first glance thought she had a genital wart but its literally part of her labia manora hanging out and I wanna barf

No. 670962

File: 1560830184699.png (425.34 KB, 414x700, Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 11.5…)

No. 670965

With how deep red those stretch marks are, they must be huge. No wonder she didnt wanna show herself in Hawaii.

No. 670967

They airbrushed her within an inch of her life but left the STRETCHMARKS in?

No. 670968

File: 1560830663692.png (540.03 KB, 947x489, lazycow.png)


How can she be this lazy? She couldn't fucking pin it on so the safety pin was hidden?!

No. 670969

there’s no “they” yet, this is one of her “selfies” shot/edited with beautycam or whatever. just a general all over beauty blurring

No. 670970

In genuinely looks like she has a genital wart or something at the bottom of her crotch

No. 670971

File: 1560831270128.png (Spoiler Image, 635.44 KB, 563x750, nightmare_from_weebstreet.png)

Enhanced so you can see the badly edited everything. Fair warning…

No. 670972

the real sun kissed pochacho

No. 670974


HOLY SHIT I'm gonna throw up my dinner.

No. 670977

File: 1560832264866.gif (2.63 MB, 439x380, 156083165755212223.gif)



No. 670979

>>670971 This makes it look like someone pushed her into a volcano to appease the gods while she was in Hawaii. My stomach is in knots now.

No. 670981

I'm really shocked she didn't meitu those out or something.

No. 670983

File: 1560833031491.png (1.03 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-17-21-41-36…)

I thought she had new keychain/merch? Why is she reprinting these?

No. 670988

i think that's the point. if we keep pushing the aftercare she will do the exact opposite.

No. 670989

I'm pretty sure it's genital acne. A very very bad one.
She's got fat girl coochie so her labia wouldn't be sticking out like that. Plus you can see the dry skin on top of the acne

No. 670995

File: 1560837034139.png (957.62 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-17-22-48-50…)

No. 670996

That's…. definitely a genital wart. The only other thing filled with a clear viscous fluid like that would be an INFECTED ingrown hair or razor bump.

But this image also makes me a little sad for Mariah. Not in an empathetic way where I feel bad for her… but sad because it's somehow… disappointing? Like, if you look on the outside of her right thigh, you can see old/faded stretchmarks; clear evidence that at one point she let herself go, but then at least MAINTAINED that particular size for a while. Now… you see all these new, red, inflamed stretchmarks (of which you can tell half are actually shooped out… so this is only part of them) which means at some point she COMPLETELY lost control of her weight gain and is avalanche-ing towards full blown Amberlynn Reid status with no sign of regaining control any time soon.

Though, I am curious as to why we are NOW seeing stretchmarks whereas she's clearly always shooped them out before? I can't tell if she was just lazy here or if she's trying to be more "body positive"…?

No. 670997

Wow, Vamp and Moo in the same group since when? Hurry up Moo, post a pic of you guys to prove to “the haters” that you’re totes BFFs and not at all avoiding each other since you broke TF down and vague-posted about Vamp taking advantage of you during a manic episode.

No. 671000

sis got a cyst down there….. you know that can’t be feeling too good.

and how rough her skin looks on her thigh from them rubbing together for so many years. i can see why she lightened and smoothed so hardcore, the skin there is probably hyper pigmented to shit.
moo really needs to turn it around soon, those stretch marks are slowly creeping up her foop and her stomach will be covered with them in 6 months if she keeps at this rate.

side note: anyone notice how every time she posts about her diet or going to the gym, or humble bragging about being humble, we magically stop seeing efforts being made? i swear every time she talks about ‘how well she’s doing and how great life is desu’ she gets a dopamine spike like she actually did something and we never hear about it again. this chick genuinely doesn’t know what’s good for her.

No. 671001

File: 1560838534652.png (769.24 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_2019-06-17-23-14-34…)

No. 671002

As if on cue

No. 671003

Not even sitting next to each other, much bff

No. 671004

That lump doesn’t look like any kind of wart or std from what I can tell. Looks very similar to what’s called a bartholin gland cyst. Would explain why we can see her labia hanging out. Foul none the less.

No. 671005


Look at all these leeches. I’m sure she paid for the whole table and now expects their unquestioned loyalty to her from now on and will shit exactly like this thrown back in their face whenever they try to call her out.

No. 671006

File: 1560839236812.png (503.3 KB, 546x757, 0fcc53d40fa1d29e9ca6147668acc8…)

A kiwi on kiwifarms spotted something that i completely forgotten about. I remember mariah had blue eyes on these keychains and i thought i was having a fever dream about this. But thanks to the kiwi, they confirmed mariah had these keychains with a different eye color back in April 2018. She posted on Instagram advertising they'd go live pretty soon, which i'm sure they didn't. They also pointed out how she was selling stickers of this same drawing which also had pink eyes. I have no idea why Mariah is trying to sell this keychain with pink eyes when she posted them last year with a new eye color.

No. 671008

Does anyone know if lipo surgery has the same pre-surgery food requirements as a normal surgery? Like an all liquid diet or something?

No. 671009

laziness, she probably couldn't see them on her phone when editing this pic.

No. 671012

File: 1560842577016.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1833, ED3A67E3-39AE-4754-A952-705F7C…)

Here’s the post with the initial design for reference. Where are those pins and mousepads? Forgotten like the elusive calendar.

No. 671016

They didn’t happen because only a few people gave a shit about her merchandise. And she doesn’t want to spend the money.

Plus, wasn’t that keychain like $15 after shipping? Complete rip off. Can’t imagine how much a mousepad would be.

No. 671018

She said she bought like 100 mousepads with the original design lol

No. 671019

Notice the lack of ass lmao. She really does had a hank hill butt.theres like, nothing she’s sitting on.

No. 671020

Its an ingrown hair whitehead. Jfc.

No. 671043


uhh not defending her but this is for the shoot, the pochaco pic she's referencing has her squatting over a bottle of pepee lube.


you have to be over 18 to post on lolcow

No. 671053

We already covered that ages ago, chill.

No. 671063

File: 1560873380143.png (895.89 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-18-08-53-37…)

No. 671064

File: 1560873435914.png (1.07 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-18-08-53-53…)

>stalks Bishoujomom
>acts like she just discovered this

No. 671070

You know in Japanese, Momo means peach. Kun however is generally reserved for guys.(derailing)

No. 671071

>>671016 The keychains were $21 after shipping and "handling", which is even more absurd than $15. She probably only sold about 6 of them. Pretty laughable statistic for someone who has over 600k Instagram followers.

>>671001 I'm sure the only reason Mariah decided to include Vamps was at the request of Miso and Aly. The expressions on everyone's faces in these photos gives me the impression that the only one who's excited to be there is Mariah, and I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the food, rather than the company.

>>671004 I think you're right on the cyst speculation, anon. A cyst like this can appear for a variety of reasons, including not cleaning well enough down there, or irritation caused by a bad reaction to fabric. Or you can also get one by sharing undergarments with friends, which makes me think back to the Dragon Ball Z bikini shoot she did with that one chick from California and "GOTMP" a few months back.

No. 671075

File: 1560875717056.jpg (1023.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190618-104603_Ins…)

No. 671088

she's been posting high calorie take out meals multiple times a day. High fat, salt and sugar. I guess now that she decided that lipo is the way she's completely shameless about killing herself. I don't feel bad, I just wanna she her botch her body more.

No. 671089

Ah good, bikini shoot with her Saber wig and downsy elf ears incoming. She's always ages late to these things except when she wants to snipe a cosplay from an ex-calf, it is wild.

No. 671090

Are we supposed to believe she's JUST now heard of Miss Elf Cannot lose weight?

No. 671091

Momo is probably in love because she thinks she looks like this "Average American girl" because she has a little bit of chub. Momo, you don't look like this, you're way past obesity and heading towards morbid.

No. 671092

Not going to give out my source but the creator of the Plus-Sized Elf manga knows of Mariah and even he thinks she has a flat ass. The world is smaller than you think Moo.

No. 671097

File: 1560882898071.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 2CFD0448-1295-49AE-90F2-D24798…)

marked up and ready to go

No. 671098

Those types of cysts tend to occur whenever someone wears too tight of clothing, (or clothing that hasnt been washed properly), after shaving. I stg she needs to get rid of those rancid leggings

No. 671099

File: 1560883005653.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, 11B62913-1D7A-4EBA-97EE-F3186D…)

No. 671100

>>671097 I can't believe she's so smug about getting more liposuction after completely rendering her previous procedures useless with her gluttony, laziness, and addictive personality.

On a positive note, I think this is the first time she has ever consumed fruit juice that wasn't already mixed with vodka.

No. 671101

this bitch just ate less than an hour ago, and right before lipo… she's having another snack? MOMO! You don't need to consume calories every minute! This is why you're getting lipo!

No. 671102

File: 1560883188346.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, tumblr_inline_of81l7X9sJ1qebw9…)


What body part is this? Leg or arm? I can't tell…

Anyways, I'm excited for this mess!!! >>671097

No. 671103

it’s okay anon, it’s the size of most people’s leg but it’s her arms

No. 671104

didn't she get rid of the fat under there already but the results were not effective because she gained 20 pounds in a month? Because she was prancing around like "I got rid of my double chin so I can eat 4000 calories a day!"

No. 671105

she did try to do a coolsculpt on it which is generally not very effective i guess.

ugh what killed me is as recently as her cam steams she was talking about how awful and painful the lipo was because was awake for it etc and that was one of the biggest factors in not doing it again now she’s literally going to have them jabbing and sucking right under her head

No. 671107

File: 1560883981216.png (951.16 KB, 997x887, jhnjk.png)

maybe a reach but they're copying bunny with this holding bubble tea with your boobs thing (she posted it 3 days ago)
nice moo, nice

No. 671108

It's currently a fad in Japan and in Manga to drink it this way with your titts. Except Momo isn't doing it right and the cup looks like it's just hanging there

But knowing Momo she doesn't get the reference and copied it from her

No. 671109

File: 1560884491479.jpeg (568.34 KB, 750x1098, 62219C9D-FAE3-4E01-A830-11D34E…)

No. 671110

File: 1560884593448.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 337x600, 0ABD1C5A-251F-449C-83A7-83E676…)

spoiling a procedure gif just in case, any anons know if this is the fat sucker or just a machine they’re using to break it down? she doesn’t look uncomfortable

No. 671111


Mariah why the fuck would you post this

No. 671112

>Wearing falsies to your lipo procedure
Why are her priorities so wack?

No. 671113

because she reached a new level of shameless

No. 671114

Cant say for sure, but are these those free procedures she was talking about. Tbh they give you juice to help you not passout. Its not just 'a snack' and people wear makeup all the time to this type of shit. Stop nitpicking things. Everything about this is normal. If its free, she probably HAS to tag and post about the place. Thats how those places agree upon free cosmetic procedures.

No. 671115

>>671109 I'm morbidly curious as to why she's not getting lipo done on her abdominal region. I wonder if the consultation resulted in some sort of a refusal?

This reminds me of her first procedure, when she got the cool sculpting done on her abs, but she still had the fat arms and tried to tell everyone they they were fat because she only did exercises for her torso region.

This is already a disaster. She's still going to look like Dr. Robotnik if she isn't addressing every problem area.

No. 671116

She may not be able to do her abdomen again if she already got work done there already. They can't leave you with too few fat cells because that can be harmful so they may not be willing to redo areas.
Also her abdomen is easiest for her to hide with forest-kun and high wasted pants that are drawn too tightly which she usually does. But her ham arms are always out, she can't hide her turkey neck in most outfits, and she needs a bra for her back flaps which also hang over her corset and bra straps. So personally I think she may have picked the most strategic spots. Or the surgeon looked at her and went "if we don't fix these spots there is no point at all"

No. 671117

When did she say it was free? She literally JUST talked about paying for her surgeries the other day.

No. 671118

Not original Anon, maybe the office gave her a discount? So she's not paying for the whole thing and still needs to do some promotion. This is just speculation.

No. 671121

File: 1560886249603.jpg (32.98 KB, 542x540, 1480340452945.jpg)

way to go, mariah

No. 671122

So she actually is getting lipo RIGHT before a photo shoot is planned, huh?

>Liposuction can cause significant swelling. In some cases, this lasts a few months, and your final result will not be visible until then.

>Expect some pain, swelling and bruising after the procedure.
>During this time, expect some contour irregularities as the remaining fat settles into position.

Either she’s just gonna do what >>670729 said or we’re in for a huge treat.

No. 671124

It's possible but I'm still wondering when/if she talked about the procedures being free or discounted? I don't remember that at all.

No. 671125

Those are eyelash extensions. From what I understand they're falsies more permanently glued to her eyelid.

No. 671126

i cant believe shes editing her chin at chin lipo lol

No. 671127

Shit looks so bizarre too- like her chin is just dripping off of her face. lmao

No. 671129

If she can't do any photoshoot for weeks, she won't have a lot of content for her paypigs next month. I mean, aside from all of her false promises, she only did Pochaco with the weird lube this month, right ? Will she get away with only one set of photos and old pics ?

No. 671130


She already deleted >>671109.

No. 671131

I'm pretty sure they'll do shoots anyway and she'll just do a disastrous amount of editing. I very much look forward to that.

No. 671132

It's an exciting time for milk. Also I feel like it's almost guaranteed now she's not going to do AX, aside from not talking about the con at all now she has an easy out to complain about 'the healing process'.

I'm honestly wondering how much she's going to get sucked out. We already can tell these doctors didn't have the ethics to say no to her, how far are they going to let her go. I just don't see this looking good with her current proportions

No. 671135

I think I can answer your question, this is probably laser lipo which is far less invase and risky than regular lipo, they numb thr skin so it's not that painful and they use water to suck the fat out (I had it done a few years ago and it does look a little lumpy afterwards but the recover time is pretty short)

No. 671137

I don't understand. Like, she knows that the last several times she got lipo it didn't do anything in the long run. She blew out of her first, most invasive round on her thighs and stomach. cool sculpting on her chin did absolutely nothing. She's never bothered to change her diet and in fact eats worse and works out less than ever. So what is she expecting to happen with arms and back? Does she just go "this time ill finally be happy and I'll eat better this time I swear"?

No. 671138

The website for that medical office says they specialize in 'HD Body Sculpting' so she's for sure not doing traditional lipo. It's supposed to be minimally invasive and not leave a bunch of bruising (websites words not mine). Only local anesthesia too. Seems kinda sketch considering they allow for consultations to be done over Skype and you don't have to physically go to the office until surgery day.

No. 671139

Yeah. And it’s always a good idea to have a really high sodium bowl of miso right before a surgical procedure. What a dumbass.

No. 671140

This is the stuff nightmares are made up of. How can she post this and think its all right?

No. 671141

Yeah… that sounds sketchy and scary as fuck. Knowing our fine bovine, she used camera angles on Skype to make herself look smaller (as she always does but the candids and seeing her IRL don’t lie). The office obviously gives zero fucks and decided to go in and do it anyway. This is the stupidest thing Mariah has ever done next to the domino effect that killed her career after attacking Janet. All of this could’ve been avoided if she dieted and exercised, but she has no restraint. Even if she had a lap band put in, she’d fuck that up too. I mean, look at Raven FFS.

No. 671142

>>671138 The website description makes it sound like they do the minimal invasive work. I could see laser treatment being effective for minor cosmetic repairs, such as removing skin tags, or reducing the appearance of a scar. But after seeing what you posted, she might come out of this looking 8, maybe 12 pounds thinner, and that's if she's lucky. Doesn't seem like this will change her appearance drastically. And even if it were to help, Mariah is the type of person who can easily gain 12 pounds in just a couple of weeks, like she's trying to make a weight class before a big fight.

No. 671143

does she even realize getting lip fillers is literally just going to make her face look even fatter

No. 671146

I have seriously never seen anyone pull off lip fillers. They just make people look like uncomfortable baby-adults.

No. 671148

She's so idiotic. This is a character maybe 10 lbs overweight. Mariah is in obesity territory. rofl

wtf is this her back? what am i looking at here? This is gonna blow up in her face. She's gonna blow up in a few months without proper diet and a workout routine…

No. 671150

It’s her arm.
They pumped water into it to dissolve(? sorry, not a native speaker) the fat cells so they can suck them out.

No. 671151

File: 1560894212414.png (727.51 KB, 1080x2160, 1559106510608.png)

Keep up. This was 3 threads ago.

No. 671155

that doesn't say free or discounted, just that she shopped around and they got back to her?

No. 671157

File: 1560895176580.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, D4922E05-93D7-4C62-A2F6-B338D7…)

3 hours later and ??? pounds of liquid fat sucked out later…

No. 671161

She's going to look like a thumb-head if they left her fat neck the same.

No. 671162

does this mean she had to shop around for a surgeon that wouldn't say no? lol.

No. 671163

File: 1560895716460.jpeg (875.66 KB, 907x1641, 60B11FE0-4208-49C2-A632-5B74E3…)

Edited the lip fillers just to complete the look.

No. 671164

sheesh, plump lips with those jowls are gonna be lookin all sorts of wonky

No. 671165


>they allow for consultations to be done over Skype

Looks like that UNLV Skype theater class was worth every penny!

No. 671172

It's not hard to find a plastic surgeon with no ethics. Twice as easy in Vegas. She is going to look like that shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice.

No. 671174

File: 1560900598372.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 5DDDC005-C484-4F15-9947-8E4F13…)

from cos slave to nursemaid, cat earns her keep

No. 671178

Botched body, botched hair and botched face. This is what happens when you don't fix your personality.

She's going to be looking extra ridiculous with her tiny head and gigantic body. Even worse now that she's going to have an even slimmer face.

No. 671179

She got the least invasive procedure ever and still has to be babied like a kid who got their tonsils removed.

No. 671180

this picture makes me feel kinda sick. both of them are fugly.

No. 671188

soooo if she removed fat cells from her neck won't the next place go to her neck and her already fat jowls? I can't wait. You keep over eating Moo

No. 671189

Fat cells don’t migrate. These procedures kill them.

But when you gain weight, it shows more in the spots where you haven’t had fat cells removed (and lumpy in the places where you have, because they don’t kill them all).

No. 671199

So wtf was her laseraway procedure? It didn't kill the cells or??

No. 671200

File: 1560912461859.jpg (522.16 KB, 1069x1559, Screenshot_20190618-224601_Ins…)

Really looking like she paid for it, but that still seems so cheap for three fucking procedures

No. 671201

It does, laser loop is a less invasive procedure that’s great for people who are already pretty slim but have a couple stubborn spots. It’s outpatient and not actually a surgery. To be a good candidate and have it work you have to be within normal weight range, full Lopo is more recommended for over weight patients or patients with loose skin (since it’s often done in conjunction with tightening procedures. Laser can’t be done with tightening and if you have poor skin leaf ivory it’s made worse by this procedure (like carrying around rocks in a sock for 10 years and then taking all of them out).

No. 671202

Laser is pretty inexpensive, for waist and flanks it’s like 1.2k only

No. 671204

i think that's what anon is saying, nothing was said about migrating but her other fat cells are gonna get bigger.

No. 671207

File: 1560914172893.png (1.28 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-06-18-20-13-58…)

Lemme get this straight:
You have people over. You got a surgery that probably required you to take it easy. You go out to eat with friends looking like a mummy?

No. 671209

Is it her arm? Looks like the shadowy bump at the bottom is either an elbow or knee.

No. 671210

File: 1560914379004.png (131.62 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_2019-06-18-20-17-44…)

Its her arm

No. 671211

more excuses to not work. Last month it was depression, the month before she was "sick". Yuh surgery is a legit reason, but not when she was taking this whole year off.

No. 671212

File: 1560914598864.png (133 KB, 720x851, Screenshot_2019-06-18-20-18-07…)

No. 671213

Her entire body is a problem area, jesus moo at least be honest and say you're just a lazy fucking slob who would rather stuff her face than exercise.

No. 671214

But she hates working out??? That Rico guy pussed out and shoulda called her out. She hasn't worked out since last year and even then she just flipped a tire for a minute like an obese gorilla

She keeps going back and forth. One post she says she's a big girl who loves mac and cheese and snacks and the next she lies and says she's a fitness queen.

No. 671215

inside and out, yes.

does cat have a single redeeming quality jfc

No. 671216

File: 1560915655071.jpeg (644.19 KB, 750x1078, F028FFAF-B547-41C6-AF0C-93D812…)

No. 671217


So, she basically has no chin right now, just a fat neck.

No. 671219

File: 1560917853065.png (429.42 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2019-06-18-21-16-10…)

No. 671221

why does she ham up everything she does? The only people who do this are people putting on an act or a show. I remember she hammed up someone just giving her a snack, it just isn't genuine.

But sage for cat rants
Ya buy a new kitten every 8 months because you get bored of the old one and want attention for a new kitten. You don't groom them. You have others care for them for you. The only reason you're not using chemicals near them now is cuz you don't craft. These cats are more like your glorified stuffed animals

No. 671223


First, it was "my dude(s)".

Then it was "mate(s)".

Now she's on this kick where she calls everyone "angel(s)". The four examples I pulled are from this thread alone. Probably a lot more, come to think of it.

No. 671224

You're looking right at the fucking camera. Not looking, right.

No. 671225

Would you look at that, she DID pay for her surgery. Looks like "gonna do a bunch of cosmetic stuff" literally means exactly that and not "these people are giving me free surgery"

No. 671226


the only journey shes on is to 400 pounds and zero friends when shes broke. Yea her stupid ass "spiritual" shit is just that- shit.

So did ol scratchersensei move out finally? Wish he would cause then she will go into overdrive milk production

No. 671234

EBay shows she bought two different pairs of striped pants for this cosplay.

No. 671241

“God has blessed me”

So Muslim

No. 671243

File: 1560926599777.jpeg (274.81 KB, 1200x900, EF2AD7F7-1A1F-4AF8-914D-FA6B0C…)

No. 671245

File: 1560926704873.png (884.9 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190619-144400.png)

No. 671246

File: 1560926731281.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190619-144521.png)

No. 671247

File: 1560926839846.png (110.39 KB, 1010x794, Screenshot_20190619-144618.png)

Confirmed body sculpting. She's not gonna follow through with her 'diet' and working out. Oh boy she's gonna look more like the marshmallow man

No. 671249

wow… she's actually not hostile when responding for once? Maybe she's just doped up from the procedure.

lmao "you get a gold star! That means you get to be my new bestie, cat! You're so lucky!" also god she looks horrible right now.

we stan a muslim queen, masha'allah

No. 671250

Lol “220” my ass. More like 250-280.

She really is spiraling out of control judging from the way she posts shit like this. You only love your cats because they don’t judge/criticize you the way everyone else does. She sure got over her depression real fast, very convenient considering now she can use her lipo as an excuse not to do shit.

No. 671251

good lord she so manic right now. she’s riding the high of “omg i can’t wait to see my new body i’m gonna be sooo confident and such a bad bitch!!” but once she gets those dressings off and sees shes still relatively the same person, this whole spiel about “i’m gonna do this! i’m gonna do that!” will fly straight out the window. she’ll go back to her old habits of eating her feelings and being lazy because that’s what’s happened every other time.

when you don’t have discipline or values, bipolar takes over and it’s SUPER obvious what stage of a cycle she’s in if you’re paying attention. she swears these cosmetic procedures are going to change her life, her mindset, her habits like it’s just a given. but if anything, it’ll make her more miserable than ever.

No. 671252

Moo this is backwards as fuck you do cosmetic procedures after you lose weight to help the problem areas. Also now 175 is her favorite weight? I could have sworn that weight was atleast 3 years ago when she still looked normal and she said wasn't happy with it. This girl is on some shit right now.

No. 671254

Momo claiming to be only 220

No. 671259

"That's like my favorite weight!" Who tf talks like this? It feels like she's projecting from all the times we've called her out claiming she was 175 and calling it her magic number

No. 671262

File: 1560929907967.png (2.54 KB, 180x50, the only truth posted.PNG)

she said she weighed like 250 when she weighed less than now.

bitch is 300+

>more time in the gym

>cleaner eating

bitch where

No. 671268

220lbs. my ass. Not with the way she waddles around and shakes the ground when she walks. She’s even bigger in person than her (candid) photos suggest. There is no clean eating or spending time in the gym or else she wouldn’t have such a shitty diet and would actually monitor her macros. Idk why her lying about dumb shit like her gargantuan weight make me so mad.

No. 671271

She was claiming to be 220 months ago when she was camming. She's at least 20lbs more than that now (or until she got more fat sucked out I guess).

No. 671272

What gets me is like…why lie? You're already admitting to getting liposuction, what's the point of lying about your weight at that point.

Also I love how she says her arms and back have always been problem areas; no, they weren't a problem until you got fat, lipo'd your stomach, then got fat again so it all went to other parts of your body. Before she got over 200lbs her arms and back weren't "problems" at all.

No. 671273

a couple years ago she took a photo with my friend calling him an “angel” so I think she’s just recycling all her unoriginal old terms for people.

No. 671274

I think she’s ‘lying’ about her weight because she’s actually delusional enough to believe she’s still 220lbs.
I could see her not stepping foot on a scale in months but at the same time not seeing a difference between now and 3 months ago.(weight sperging)

No. 671281

How fucking delusional and attention-seeking does someone need to be to post a tiddy selfie when they're covered in bandages. She changed her shirt for this picture.

Also I agree with anons upthread saying that it's fucking bizarre she wore false eyelashes to a medical procedure.

No. 671286

File: 1560942932253.jpeg (350.33 KB, 1920x1920, 4F0D413D-A219-4406-96EF-CF88D5…)

Okay call me a WK or ban me for commenting on her weight or whatever but maybe she actually isn’t as far past 220 as we think she is?

I mean, she‘s thrown around so many numbers at so many different sizes of hers, that it’s hard to tell. But I made this comparison picture. The woman is 5‘3‘‘ and 220lbs.
I‘d say the thighs are about the same as Moo‘s. The woman has for sure a bigger stomach than Moo (who‘s had lipo). However, Moo has very large breasts - actually her breasts are even bigger than that woman‘s stomach. But then again, the woman is 5‘3 and Moo is 5‘4 I think?

I mean, it’s really really hard to tell considering things like >>>/pt/629038 and >>>/pt/629062
Which also maybe play a role in this whole thing is that at some point she did have quite a lot of muscle tissue, which weighs more than fat. So she might have looked smaller at a certain point but still weighed the same as when she looked bigger. She doesn’t work out anymore so obviously she lost muscle tissue over time and gained fat in return.

tl;dr Maybe she‘s not lying as much about her weight after all?
It would be easier to tell if she wasn’t lying about literally everything.(weight sperging)

No. 671289

you're using the most edited pics of her body to compare. she's far more fucked up, body-wise, in person. without all the shop. there is no way the left's legs are the size of moo's.

can we stop sperging about her weight once again? we all know the bitch lies her ass off and has always lied about her weight. this "procedure" won't do anything as we all know she's not never going back to the gym or going to eat better. she's far closer to 250+.

No. 671293

Not trying to defend this vote, but others pointed out that she has eyelash extensions. You can't take those offs like normal falsies, so this is just nitpicking.

Anon, why did you choose those two pictures? They're so heavily shopped. Your argument would be a whole lot more convincing if you used candid shots. It's already been pointed out in other threads that she almost always makes her waistline smaller. Plus she smoothens out her stomach like hell to seem a lot flatter. Your comparison pic is very minimally edited if at all and it looks like that woman isn't trying to pose whatsoever.

No. 671295

You picked shop'd photos and got tricked by her stomach lipo. You're an idiot.

No. 671301

File: 1560946960814.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 63E0F8EF-70A4-42AE-9D97-693AE6…)

No. 671302

Jfc read the thread before posting

No. 671305

Is… Is that a giant stain on the elbow of the bandages? Is it supposed to do that? Is the wound weeping or something gross?

No. 671332

Yes. Its drainage. She possible has drain tubes in places but shes not showing it off. Can we fucking stop nitpicking her weight and shit and literally being autistic arguing about her 'real weight' while we are talking about nitpicking?

No. 671337

if she's gonna shoot this week with these on, it would be a good opportunity to do the nurse from silent hill

No. 671339

Well she already had the waddling walk down before surgery so this is actually a perfect suggestion.

No. 671344

Oh fuck off Mariah. The only reason you were “transparent” this go around is because you knew people would figure it out/ spill the beans just like last time. Anons speculated her last lipo almost straight out of the gate, and your dumb friends kept mentioning it despite you trying to keep quiet. You knew it wouldn’t work this time and if you tried and got found out your ass would be dragged all across the internet.

No. 671372

File: 1560963629201.gif (1.98 MB, 600x336, 56Z7iOt.gif)

gif related: mariah when she won't magically lose 100+ pounds in two weeks(non-contribution)

No. 671379

File: 1560964793207.jpeg (768.49 KB, 2918x1617, 1560942932253.jpeg)

tried to make a more objective comparison, anon.

her weight aside, she's gonna have some serious sagging issues if she didn't also get a tuck(weight sperging)

No. 671382

File: 1560965571210.jpg (218.99 KB, 500x666, ptDgmw1.jpg)

I think she's closer to 240-250. This one is 240lbs from MBG and the legs and hips look much more like Mooriah. Obviously the waist is a bit thicker because of the lipo, but I still think it's much more similar than the 220 one.

No. 671385

It does not. They even tell you to eat something light the day of if you get local anesthesia.

No. 671386

Also remember that Moo had Lipo on her thighs. So the fat distribution will be off there too.

No. 671387

She didn’t get a tuck because they most likely would’ve put her under if she did.

Her body is gonna be a mess.

No. 671393

I don't want to contribute to the weight sperging but you can't guess someones weight by looking at them. remember, she has had lipo so shes disproportioned, she is short, and muscle weighs more than fat
220 is honestly her rounding down but its also very likely

>>671301 >>671216 anyways i cant wait to see how lumpy she looks after she takes the bandages off

No. 671401

Lumpykun is going to play the bandage thing for sympathy now that she doesn’t have to keep it a secret anymore. Always the victim uwu.

No. 671412

File: 1560980518887.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, 06C943F1-A18D-406C-9584-74B56B…)

she’s supposed to be shooting Sonico and pochaco tomorrow with miso and the gang, uhh how does she plan to shoot this? would all swelling/bruising be done???

No. 671414

I think if she didn't have to wear all this really obvious shit, she wouldn't have said a damn thing.

She doesn't eat McDonald's, newfag.

No. 671416

Her first round of lipo, she did a pool side shoot and anons pointed out her skin tone looked weird, possibly from the bruising. Lipo was pure speculation at this point in time. Of course this was also after photo editing. So it’s totally possible she will shoot without bandages like a moron and just edit her skin. She practically makes her whole body and skin disappear anyways. And if this is the “sun kissed” shoot, just another excuse to darken her skin tone.

“I was super bruised so I edited my skin darker to hide it. Totally not racist my dudes. I’m Asian~”

No. 671417

I agree with this. I think the anons saying she’s “300+” are a little delusional, but she definitely isn’t 220. If you took this woman, sucked some fat out of her waist, and redistributed it to her breasts/back/arms she would probably look a lot like Mooriah. Except Moo has even bigger thighs and calves, so maybe she’s closer to that 250-255.(weight sperging)

No. 671419

File: 1560981581285.jpeg (102.91 KB, 640x428, A9D2634C-E8F8-438B-8310-D7F0FE…)

She’s such an idiot. She’s probably going to bitch when it heals incorrectly too.

No. 671420

File: 1560981745626.jpeg (550.44 KB, 750x1104, 5A723AF7-28AF-4062-AD00-8C09FF…)

feeling like a damn sculpture

No. 671422

File: 1560981934396.jpeg (124.06 KB, 1242x650, 90F77FF4-9026-4B08-A58C-E3C533…)

Guess she’s limiting commenting on her surgery post lmao

No. 671423

File: 1560981939733.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 701A6A27-219E-456B-A138-1C2BF9…)

No. 671425

Holy shit her skin looks AWFUL! If you showed me this picture on the street, I would think it was a 45yo woman at her doctor's office. Wow.

No. 671426

File: 1560982080445.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, D8C1D2F8-922F-42AF-86C6-41DF91…)

No. 671433

I'm this close to just ripping those ugly talons off of her fat fingers.

No. 671437

What is she, 13? What kind of grown ass person posts constantly about how close they are to "snapping"?

No. 671438

Lol more of the "bad ass bitch" routine. We should throw a lolcow fight and see her and Vicky go at it.

No. 671439

Who would you cheer for in a Momoo vs. Sticky Vicky slapfight?

No. 671440

File: 1560983440162.jpg (489.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190619-172837_Ins…)

Considering all of this DEPENDS on her consistently wearing this and shes already taking it off tomorrow for shoots, this is gonna be a disaster.

No. 671443

Moo is a fucking idiot. I see that comment about her double chin being gone, but like another anon said its about her inside more than her outside. Her organs must be choking to death in fat. No amount of lipo can fix that. But this is moo, sonce when did she care about a person on the inside, nout outside. Literally and figuratively.

No. 671444


Why moo? find out nobody really likes you, you're an insufferable twatwaffle, and no amount of quick fixing is gonna fix ya? snap away poseur

No. 671445

who do you think is changing her bandages? mom?

No. 671446

Even just skimming comments, you see a mix of ''I thought she loved her body?" "This feels like cheating :/" and other negative comments. Probably what is about to set her off and I'm fucking ready for 5 instastories about it

No. 671447


But anon, she's such an edgy independent queen who doesn't take shit from no one!

It hurt to type that.

No. 671448


How old is she again? She acts like some dumb bitch still in high school. Every other week she is in a “mood” and talking about how she wants to fight someone or sticking her chest out about what a “bad bitch” she is.

You’d think she’d realize by now that she is the asshole in all of this.

No. 671449

almost 24

No. 671450

Uhh excuse you anon, her mantra is “better not bitter”

No. 671454

Her fans seem excited to no longer see that face fupa.

No. 671462

File: 1560986292922.png (125.36 KB, 720x865, Capture _2019-06-19-18-09-31~2…)


No. 671463

File: 1560986387655.png (115.94 KB, 720x834, Capture _2019-06-19-18-09-21~2…)


No. 671464

>she goes to the gym and eats healthy…she posts it on her main

No. 671465

She's either going to fuck up her face/arms/lips by not performing proper aftercare or her small head will take a break from jowls for a couple months + add some temporary balloon lips.

Both roads lead to milk.
Her body is too fucked up now for this face maintenance to matter.

No. 671466

File: 1560986479189.png (Spoiler Image, 114.6 KB, 720x865, Capture _2019-06-19-18-10-11~2…)


No. 671472

Yeah, Moomoo's metabolism is fuckign magic and ignores the laws of physics. Despite eating only 1 Brussels sprout a day and spending 3 hours in the gym she keeps on packing pounds.
Apparently she's a fucking filter feeder and extracts calories from thin air.

No. 671474

Neither, I want our Queen PT to dive bomb them.

No. 671479

she’s literally shaking with rage in this story holy crap. Wonder what she’s trying not to sperg about.

No. 671486


Just to correct this idiot, lipo isn’t supposed to be for anybody with an obese BMI, so there’s no fucking way it “saves lives.”

No. 671488

why does it look like shes in a store?

No. 671489

Calling it now, she is gonna use surgery shit as a reason to either not go or not cosplay to AX, which is 3 weeks away.

No. 671490

Probably at all the people truth bombing her, that lipo was a bad choice

No. 671498

File: 1560991958817.jpg (429.57 KB, 1080x2159, Momoinstacomments.jpg)

Yeah, I screened through the comments and some people were not very happy about it. I saw some that were talking about how she's an influencer and that this is a bad message for young girls.
Like she cares about anyone else but herself.

No. 671508

She is now losing her god damn mind. I bet she saw those Hawaii candids and realized she wasn't the hot thin bitch she was, so she went with a quick "fix" to instantly make things better. Not going to happen. I can't believe how fast this has gotten with her.

No. 671509

File: 1560993979538.png (4.6 MB, 750x1334, AC987227-4FC5-489A-9393-80F365…)

She’s now trying to show off that she’s ‘trying to eat healthy’ right after her posts doing lipo. Of course with the intention to please her followers and proving the haturz wrong

“I’m eating healthy you gaiz! See, I’m doing lipo not because I’m lazy and want quick fix or anything!”

No. 671516

Cabbage is hardly a start to being health. shes a fucking idiot with food and whats actually good for her, and of course its an asian cabbage, never change mariah.

No. 671521


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she didn’t actually buy this and if she did, it’d simply rot in the fridge as she settles for eating out every day.


This person is absolutely right. This isn’t going to have the effect she hopes it will have and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if she ended up fatter than when she got the procedure done. She has absolutely no self control or discipline and will simply go back to overeating the second she gets stressed out or depressed, which is often. She could have simply changed her diet and stayed committed to getting in the gym but that of course is way too much hard work for her and she always only wants quick solutions and results.

No. 671523

>>671509 Who does this bitch think she's kidding? She has all of her California mice in town. She's not going to eat cabbage and alfalfa sprouts while she has company around, especially when her little buddies love their booze and fattening foods.

This shit is just for show. It's the celery juice sequel.

No. 671525

File: 1560996939227.png (1.27 MB, 720x1192, 1537491809455.png)

she already removed all her shit lol

i luv u mariah, keep doin wat ur doin

No. 671526


Exactly. She might as well throw that shit in the trash. She is going to be way too busy wanting to flex for her leeches paying for stupidly expensive dinners in order to buy their loyalty.

No. 671527

File: 1560997110923.jpg (404.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190619-191232_Ins…)

>>671526 Speaking of pretentious flexing, here's some more Zelda footage, on her entertainment setup.

No. 671529

Notice the strategically placed Lonlon milk candles on the coffee table.

>biggest fan ever my dudes

No. 671530

All she has to do is ask her dad what to eat.

No. 671532

It is all still there anon. You realize that if you report her, her stories indefinitely disappear for you on the ones you report.

No. 671536

I think they're talking about the face bandages, not the posts themselves.

No. 671543

Well daddy moo was making meal plans for her to lose weight but she threw that away to eat herself to the monster she is now!

No. 671554

yes, i meant the bandages. i refuse to follow her on ig

she was eating sushi the night he allegedly did that for her

No. 671563

File: 1561003960476.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2208, 6B0A6363-1302-4225-BEAC-989DC5…)

Is she just holding everyone hostage there until she recovers to do her shoots?

No. 671564

Still there?

No. 671565

proving us wrong by cooking >>671509 in tonight's meal kek

No. 671569


is this her house??? that's a $500+ zelda statue just sitting on the dining room table what the fuck

No. 671573

Holy fuck! it's true is from f4f worth $449 usd if it's not the limited edition one, fucking careless bitch

No. 671574


So much for 'true fan', if it were truly a prized possession she would've treasured it. Apparently it's not

No. 671575

I doubt it was her, the guy in her story said ''You wanted healthy'' so I think she's just having her slaves cook for her

No. 671576

she said squarecuck cooked it

No. 671577

She has to prove what a big fan of “Wind Wanker” she is. It’s sad how hard she tries to convince others that she give a crap about the series other than trying to one-up other cosplayers who are genuine fans.

This image still haunts my nightmares. We haven’t seen her try to squeeze into that banana monstrosity in a while. (Probably can’t fit in it anymore)

No. 671579

File: 1561006984159.jpg (1014.34 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190620-080240.jpg)

No. 671580

this bitch got hella acorns in her cheeks. it ain’t even winter yet

No. 671583

sorry anons, i didn't mean to imply that she cooked it herself, just that it was cooked (and thus would not rot in her fridge as expected)

No. 671585

I can't say I miss it.

Maybe she can't fit the fucking gucchi (iirc) headband either.

No. 671586

How is that going to look if (and that's a big ass if) she ever decides to lose weight??? With the amount of surgery she's getting she's going to look like a fucking scp by 40.

No. 671587

yeah I know anons were saying it would look weird but you never know until you actually see it. is she just going to have a tight jaw but a fat face and big cheeks or will that settle down?

No. 671588

I just wonder if she'll eventually go for a bypass/sleeve, and how many more failed lipos she'll get before that

No. 671589

File: 1561007642988.gif (4.96 MB, 337x600, B5DA9C89-1FFF-4D34-BDB5-7F3836…)

chin in motion

No. 671591


An SCP kek definitely reminds me of this >>665612

No. 671592

I don't think she's supposed to have her compression stuff off this early but w/e

It would look so much better if she lost the weight with diet and exercise like a normal person. The fat cheelk/face with the thin neck makes her look like Mr. Mackey.

No. 671593

>>671589 Even though it looks like she's down to one chin again, all this does is makes her other flaws stand out even more. Now her nose looks completely out of place, and lip fillers are going to make this look like an even bigger circus attraction.

And the swelling in her cheeks will eventually pass, but those jowls are like anchors, just weighing everything down. Guess she should enjoy it while it lasts. I give it four months before she looks like she's "220 pounds" again.

No. 671594

It’s so unnatural looking it almost has an uncanny valley feel to it. Now she really looks like a turtle

No. 671598

Etika is trending on twitter right now (again) over a supposed suicide note he left on YouTube (probably another stunt but nothing certain yet). Inb4 Moo uses what’s going on with him to bring attention to herself as she usually does when he has public mental breakdowns.

No. 671599

She’s straining so hard in this, it’s embarrassing. Even if you get rid of one chin, the rest of her face still looks bloated. When she gets those lip fillers, it’s going to look even more ridiculous.

No. 671600

>Not natural anymore. Bye
When was she natural in the first place??

No. 671602

Bold of you to assume that her neckbeard fans would be intelligent enough to clock the excessive shoopping done by her

No. 671605

These are the same fans who thought her rolls of stomach fat were abs. Shit still makes me laugh.

I get that she’s still swollen but her face looks so fat and bloated. Her neck looks fat too. Losing the weight would have been better. Her fat is all going to go to her hands and face. Can’t wait for those prolapsed anus lips.

No. 671606

i cant wait for her fillers

i love how she made her small head more small

this kid should a-log intensifies

No. 671617

If she's had no work done on her face besides the lip fillers to come. Fat is gonna pool there even more.

No. 671622

the picture at disneyland is from ages ago

No. 671624

i know? everyone knows? i just wanted to post it because she looks miserable.

No. 671629

Hmmm no sperging out about the Erika situation from moo? I'm surprised she's not milking the fuck out of it for clout since they're "sUcH gOoD fRiEnDs My DuDeS!"

No. 671630

Etika ** my bad

No. 671632

So she rages one day and is super happy the next, no armchairing but has she ever mentioned being bi polar or manic before? All the emotional spectrums she goes through in a short span of time is almost nauseating.(armchairing)

No. 671637

Is curious to see it after the swelling goes down. I just feel like this is going to make her droopy cheeks so much worse in the long term.

No. 671639

Uhmm, does she realize that once the swealling is gone her jowls are gonna be more noticeable?
They're gonna look like two hanging pieces of skin

No. 671644

But she‘s totally going to live the healthy fit life now, me mate! Those howls are gonna be gone in no time!

No. 671648

Pfft what is this. Is she just grabbing a bunch of the same veggie without knowing what it does? "This thing is green! This will shut them up! Now lemme buy 10 and let them rot in the fridge like I did when I stuffed my fridge with celery"

If she knew what she was doing she would fill her cart with varies fruits, veg and lean meats… ya know… like a normal person. Vet she's trying another fad diet

No. 671650

File: 1561037002819.jpg (37.53 KB, 641x452, lipo.JPG)

Wondered what her cucks on reddit say about her recent lipo and yeah, they hate it too. Also saying that gym and diet would be better for her lmao


No. 671653

This is what we call that instant gratification high. She sees the results from getting fat sucked out of her chin and she is excited, happy, borderline manic about it. But once reality hits and everything else still looks like trash she will crash harder than ever before. This won’t take away your shitty habits, all the fat absorbing your organs and of course her personality will be even more insufferable than before.

No. 671668

File: 1561040033491.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 3403FCD6-0BA1-4D67-B046-2B2802…)

No. 671672

File: 1561041003677.jpeg (306.08 KB, 1920x1920, 5A7360EC-7444-456A-A928-DC3D5E…)

Judging by the hair she didn’t even take a recent pic. It was much worse than in the pic she posted.
Even now that she’s fixed it she can’t look the ugly truth in the face. But she totally did love herself before! Body positivity, my dudes!

No. 671673

File: 1561041041095.png (74.93 KB, 211x173, 1554612831822 (1).png)

You did that to yourself. It cost you tons of money to fix something that you caused by your own shitty habits.

No. 671682

Her Middle Eastern…erm 'Asian'…features are really standing out now. Wow them eye bags for days and her nose is fucking huge

No. 671684

great, no moo looks like a middle aged mom who probably doesn't drink, rather than one who's a lush.

No. 671685

That grey mop on her head needs to go. Why is she keeping something that makes her look so much older then she is? If she went back to a darker color, it would make such a difference.

No. 671686

You're right anon, she legit looks like a granny with that raggedy ass grey hair

No. 671687


lol it isn't just her hair makes her look like shes 60 and down for bingo at ho-chuks casino.

No. 671689

Wouldn't it be easier for her to have pink hair? Like her OC?
Its LITERALLY her brand?

No. 671690

Slight blogpost/armchair, but I can definitely imagine she’s probably bipolar at least. I know someone who acts very similar to Moo who is manic, but she has constant breakdowns and gets paranoid easily enough that she’s not afraid to call people out for making her feel that way. I think Moo is too conceited to lean towards manic, but bpd seems more likely considering just how drastically and quickly her episodes change.(armchair blogging)

No. 671692

Because she looks more middle eastern with dark hair and she can’t handle that lol

No. 671693

I agree. BPD 2 wouldn't be that far off with her patterns. She seriously needs to see a psychiatrist and therapist, even get on some medication. As much as Moo pisses me off with her idiotic choices and irresponsible spending, she needs to get some fucking help.

No. 671696


I say fuck it. Every time someone has offered her help she has spat in their face telling them how that they don’t pay her bills so she doesn’t have to listen to them or she throws expensive gifts and trips back in their face calling them ungrateful.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m more than happy to sit back and watch her spiral further into more depression and anger. She doesn’t have anyone else to blame but her self at this point. Anyone who has legit tried to help her at some point have abandoned her already and all that’s left are the spineless leeches who are more than happy to sit around and collect a paycheck or let her pay for expensive dinners and hotel rooms.

She doesn’t want any help so don’t give her any.

No. 671697

this, everyone who has said something to moo just gets called "fake friends" or "snakes" and she cuts them off immediately. even her online friends, question her once and you're blocked.

No. 671724

File: 1561057295516.png (845.99 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2019-06-20-11-52-33…)

No. 671725

Her arms definitely look smaller, but that doesn't hide how massive she is in general.

I feel like her friends don't like her much if they post stuff like this… she always looks awful in their posts

No. 671726

No amount of lipo will fix those linebacker shoulders. Bitch still looks massive.

No. 671728

My 69 year old grandma has a shirt almost exactly like that
Damn Moo, forget MILF, we going straight for the GILF lovers aren't we?

No. 671730

Because Momo wants to be trendy, but she missed the silver hair trend years ago but now she doesn't want to let go of it.

No. 671733

File: 1561058970432.png (291.38 KB, 345x548, 173541153b194d8e6c1fe0d52930bf…)


This is all I see.

No. 671738

>>671724 I know one of the anons said her arms look smaller (I personally don't see any difference, but that's neither here nor there).

But let's say her arms actually are smaller. Her proportions are still out of whack. Now she'll have a tiny head, and slightly smaller arms on a frame that includes broad shoulders and a beer barrel belly.

What was Fruity Yummy Mummy thinking?

No. 671740

File: 1561059775360.png (366.17 KB, 400x555, 36C28B51-B988-4F85-8BEC-FF44E2…)

Just bringing this back because of how relevant it is again.

Her friends just don’t bother editing her pictures. They often don’t even post purposely unflattering pictures, they just show the true, unedited version of her. Which just isn’t pretty. The alternatives are not taking/posting pictures of he at all or editing them the exact same way Moo does.

No. 671741

File: 1561059794722.jpg (535.01 KB, 1242x1676, 20190620_124109.jpg)


Apologies for the shitty crop job, but this immediately came to mind:

No. 671743

All of us here wondering when she will post fast food pics again. I have a huge feeling she already ate out or at least went to starbucks but she just isn't posting it right now because she's pissed

No. 671746

I dunno why she's so paranoid about it. With dark hair she looks like she could be Snooki's ugly cousin or something. I am still a firm believer she is more Italian like she use to claim. She is just pretending to be more POC than she really is because a couple years ago people called her out for being racist. She doesn't celebrate any Muslim holidays and only does Christian holidays.

To further prove my point, she went from "I'm white" to "I'm middle eastern" to "I'm Asian mix"

No. 671749

The smaller arms actually make her torso/legs look even bigger. Her body has no balance. Yeah her arms were fucking big before but so was the rest of herself. And other anons are right, her issue is her massive shoulders. Can't wait to see how her shoot today turns out

No. 671751

Just because she eats enough sushi amd chinese every day to feed an asian village, doesn't mean she's asian. Kek

No. 671756

holy fuck, i'm wheezing. i can't wait until she does her photoshoots and we see just how out of proportion she really is. you might have gotten rid of the batwings and the double chin, but eveyrthing else is huge still, mariah. now imagine this with lip fillers. what a milk fest

No. 671759

i need to see her arms actually down at her side like op picture >>669385

thats when you can really see the fat in her arms. the fact she's holding them out like that just screams she's trying to make it seem like they're smaller than they actually are

No. 671760

Why does her chest look more prominent now? Did we miss a procedure…

No. 671761

i think she might just be wearing a bra for once. time will tell.

No. 671762

Pretty sure it's the brace she's wearing for her arms, it crosses over her chest and gives them a bit of a lift. Easier to see in >>671301

No. 671763

Does anyone else feel like this is making her proportions worse? Skinny arms, little head on that absolute unit frame.

No. 671764

I feel like she thinks she can legit get >>670843 proportions.

No. 671771

Yeah no you’re definitely the only one…

No. 671777

File: 1561066130225.jpg (295.85 KB, 844x556, moomysilenthill.jpg)


I felt inspired and obligated to do this.

No. 671778

Iirc didn’t she say she wanted anime/hentai proportions cause her dumbass mommy fetish ?? Cause I think she said that when she was cosplaying Lucoa

No. 671814

File: 1561078360120.jpg (362.44 KB, 1080x2039, Screenshot_20190620_204741.jpg)

Moo can't even iron her own transfer paper? Wow.

No. 671817

Why bother when you've already bought a slave to do it for you? Whoops, I mean a PERFECT ANGEL, MARIAH IS SO BLESSED, MATES!

No. 671822

File: 1561079987164.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 07D01A17-2DB3-42F3-955C-7F8145…)

alright everyone who won the bet line up for your prize money

No. 671823

File: 1561080031205.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 6DCB153B-AA8A-40FF-A07C-566FE7…)

super human boss bitch mommy

No. 671824

File: 1561080079526.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 5E7A6C60-C0B0-4D60-85AD-91103C…)

if I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?

No. 671825

Notice how she says this but I guarantee that someone in the group told her to stop being a dumbass and get better?

No. 671826

File: 1561080306666.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, 776736E6-0853-4E9D-9805-D6DA06…)

maybe she just wants to be in top shape for the concert!

No. 671829

>>671825 They probably could have told Moo over the phone that this was overly ambitious. They wasted time and resources trying to appease to their mentally imbalanced leader, so they deserve to get burned.

>>671826 I'm assuming she's going with Vamps, since Vamps mentioned she was attending this concert in an IG story about a week ago.

No. 671830

Wouldn't she just drop them? I mean, she blocks people online who disagree with her.

No. 671831

>Sonico and Pochaco

That’s so original Mariah! You’re such a trailblazer, it’s not like you haven’t done that same set nearly every month or anything.

No. 671837

OT but it kind of frightens me that this character is what Japan considers to be "overweight". This looks like a normal girl to me… maybe 15 pounds overweight?

It also makes me laugh that Moo thinks this is even remotely her body type.

No. 671838

This isn't really a shock to me considering Japanese society and expectations in general. Moo can try her best but she's just going to be a hyper fat version of this elf.

No. 671839

File: 1561084956888.jpg (570.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190620-194045_Ins…)

No. 671840

File: 1561085013119.jpg (528.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190620-194047_Ins…)

Mama Bear is trying to act like a big bad bitch again.

Who wants to tell her to be better, not bitter?

No. 671841


No. 671842

No. 671843

Its astonishing that she still has fans with how she treats them, what a vile cunt. What the fuck did she expect to happen after posting her personal, "transparent" photos and videos?

No. 671845

File: 1561085761921.jpg (22.03 KB, 444x322, eddy why.jpg)

…You're the one who posted about your surgery forty times? If you don't want to talk about it, don't fucking post it. My god.

Also she wants a "thank you" from random strangers in her DMs? What the fuck would they be thanking you for? Making everyone else look better by comparison?

No. 671846

File: 1561085856746.jpeg (74.86 KB, 1400x648, 38C0DE35-1A0B-470C-8B2C-333D8D…)

That random figure kind of sucks, she literally has rolls in the actual art\manga tho

No. 671849

im amazed that in the same breath of cancelling and acknowledging the fact shes been a dumbass for attempting to rush her healing process she thinks "no, standing in one place for a shoot would be too demanding on my healing, ill just go to a fucking concert instead". what is she THINKING

No. 671853

She was even telling other fatties to DM her, INVITING THEM TO TALK ABOUT HER SURGERY? I don't understand what her problem is. She's obviously learned nothing if she's still trying this shit

No. 671854

I’m like 80% sure some of her fans get off on it, nothing else makes sense

No. 671855

Maybe she forgot lol

No. 671856

Her priorities have always been fucked. She never ceases to amaze me with how lazy a cunt she can be. Doesn’t want to “work” but is always down to treat herself for doing absolutely nothing. It’s no wonder she’s where she is, physically and mentally.

No. 671857

Is there a chubby girl she has not tried to cash in on cosplaying yet and pretending she is actually into the character?

No. 671859

But Elfuda isn't even obese. She isn't even over weight. She just has a spare tire

No. 671861

>isnt obese
>isnt overweight
Her (and other monster girls) being "overweight" is literally what the manga is about

No. 671862

She hasn’t done any bnha
So Inko and Midnight and Uravity

No. 671865

Watch her lewd Uraraka and let the Kanna situation happen all over again

No. 671869

Lewding Uraraka isnt even remotely the same as her lewding Kanna, a literal loli character, especially when she explicitly said she wouldn't. And to be fair, most people lewd anime characters who are schoolgirls so it isnt even remotely new territory, nor particularly controversial.

No. 671870

sage for ot but i wonder if moo's fans are going to do what belle's fans are doing; stop paying her until she finally goes nude.

No. 671873

Moo's fans are a special kind of stupid and we all suspect they have a weird kink to be abused by middle aged mothers

No. 671875

true that. she has the body of those gross lumpy moms they draw in some hentai. so i'm sure that's what they want.

No. 671876

ot, but the banner for her 2016 christmas vid was at the top and I literally had to stop and marvel at how absolutely different she looks and acts now. im not even talking about her weight, her entire demeanor has shifted, you can really tell how much she hates her life right now in comparison

No. 671879

File: 1561091966108.png (407.48 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_2019-06-20-21-38-15…)

No. 671883

File: 1561095118815.png (1.34 MB, 1242x2208, A7489B45-57D2-4AFE-8D08-020C87…)

Who has bets she’ll cancel AX because of the lipo recovery?

No. 671885

Not just society. Asians and Indians don't become obese as easily as some other populations do, it has to do with adipocyte growth, etc. They also develop diabetes at much lower weights, as well. Not to say it's impossible, just genetically less likely.

No. 671889

File: 1561097280276.jpg (180.44 KB, 715x953, 20190620_230537.jpg)

Oh, boy…

No. 671891

File: 1561097432013.jpg (184.08 KB, 720x933, 20190620_230559.jpg)


She talks about growth, but contradicts her development after only a few hours.

No. 671892

What song is it?

No. 671894

>>671892 I believe it's called "Changes" from the dead rapper xxxtension (spelling is probably wrong on my end).

No. 671895


She already deleted these comments from IG. Probably had lolcow up in another tab, and noticed we were talking about her inability to act like a decent woman for once.

No. 671896

What a sad existence having to monitor and delete every single comment that you don’t like. I couldn’t imagine how miserable a person must be to care so much about someone not liking the song they chose.

No. 671897

Ironic that she would defend the use of a song in her video made by an alleged abuser. The way she’s snapping at fans in the comments is completely uncalled for if she wants to keep some semblance of a “businesswoman” appearance.

No. 671898

She literally has moments like this daily and her fans still call her "kind"
Saying shit like this has ruined smaller names. Bitch gets away with too much

No. 671899

She wants to be popular in Japan but talks like this to people PUBLICLY. This milk is so nutritious!

No. 671901

Imagine sperging ANGERY to your fans – the ones who support you and quite possibly the same ones who give you money to live off from

No. 671905

Poor prince, Mariah never sticks to a single grain of salt.

No. 671908

Be better, not bitter my dudes!

She’s been on one today and this poor fella got a taste of the miserable moo.

No. 671913

is it so difficult to comment with "well, i like it, but you're entitled to your opinion!"

like why does she HAVE to be needlessly hostile?

No. 671914

Wow thank you so much

No. 671927

her pain medication would be wearing off from time to time I guess. fun times

No. 671938

i’m a little bit confused as to how she didn’t yet comment on etika’s disappearance, the dude’s been actually missing for 2 days and the police is involved… yet when he had a breakdown that was way smaller than this one, she was all over that clout and dickriding him with her dumb ~uwu mental health~ sperg

No. 671939

It's early, but this is thread picture tier!

No. 671940


My vote for the next thread image.

No. 671943

Stop bringing up fucking Etika, he has nothing to do with this thread and nobody cares.

No. 671966

Moo tried to buy his friendship with Gucci shit and has acted like his bestie on a few occasions, running her turtle mouth like she's actually in his circle when she's not.

Don't worry, if that crazy attention where does turn up dead, Moo will milk it until well after it runs dry.

No. 671969

This doesnt look any different than the beggining of a cheap porno. Why does she need to sexualize everything? Cattleya is a relatively poised and elegant character, not a prostitute.

No. 671970

To be fair, she probably hasn't caught up on the threads yet so she probably doesn't even know
She doesn't ACTUALLY know him so there is no way someone would tell her whats going on, and she is permabanned on twitter

I just can't wait to see her make it about herself

No. 671973

File: 1561131292179.jpg (506.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190621-083129_Ins…)


This feeds into the popular belief that she isn't really playing BOTW or any other video games that she claims she's into.

No. 671975

File: 1561131384922.jpg (363.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190621-083150_Ins…)



Also, I don't understand her excitement for a series she's been calling trash for three years.

The fakest of fake fans.

No. 671980

she looks like a fat, genderbent Rocky Balboa

No. 671981

Wasn't there a story where she was twerking to theme song too? It was so gross lmao.

No. 671985


If you tried to call her out on it I’m sure she’ll give you her usual bullshit about how “people can change my dude. You should try it sometime”.

It’s so transparent that she is simply looking to get in on the hype right now. I’m sure she’ll announce a “dream cosplay that she has had plans of for months now” of Rei or Asuka

No. 671986

A concert is the worst place to be for her surgery recovery. She's so predictable, cosplay work is always bottom of her list, every time and anytime is Moo self care time. I've never seen anyone do the bare minimum like she does and treats it asif she does a 9-5,7 days a week job. She's absolutely useless.

No. 671997

Oh great. Who wants to bet she's going to do a half-assed Vivi or Shiromori now?

No. 672007

File: 1561143877999.jpeg (16.86 KB, 400x451, received_416821592209773.jpeg)

I dare Moo to make a post of her god awful Misato costime about how much she loves Eva.

No. 672009

File: 1561144435227.jpg (103.56 KB, 634x764, mooin20years.jpg)

Kek I see it, at this rate she'll end up looking like Sylvester Stallone's mom very soon

No. 672010


those are like some of the most popular Zelda videos on YouTube, like the basic bitch shit for basic bitches just like Moo.


>I'm finally doing my absolute dream cosplay of (insert eva character name here) because she is an absolute angel. I watched the series so many times and always wanted to do a shoot for years and now it's finally happening! @(slave's name here) is working really hard to help me to create this costume. I love her so much!!

>etsy list has suddenly tons of eva shit to buy

No. 672014

YIKES. How can you get to this point and not realize that you have severely fucked up?

No. 672019


Moo's future if she keeps taking the easy way out instead of actually working towards losing weight the natural way. She's had god knows how many lipo procedures done and she's only in her early 20's. She acts like her chin was always there causing "problems" for her, but when she was much thinner, it definitely wasn't an issue.

Moo just gained far too much weight and gained a double chin that she realized she wouldn't lose any time soon so resorted to a quick fix solution that won't do her any favors in the long term. She already looks deformed as it is.

No. 672020

So awkward to be suggested Mother's Basement videos when he's been public about his distaste for her. How do you think it feels to be such a pariah in the cosplay/anime community that no matter what platform you go on, you can't escape people who dislike you?

No. 672024

Yeah, actually most people lose weight really easily around the face/jaw/chin, it's usually one of the first places you notice someone has slimmed down. Sure some people have weak jaws or stubborn chin fat and they're the people who are prime candidates for lipo/sculpting. We've all seen Moo with a perfectly decent jawline and no double chin when she was thinner. She simply has no tolerance for delayed gratification or any self control whatsoever.

No. 672030

File: 1561151281112.jpg (860.53 KB, 1060x1716, 20190621_170728.jpg)

When you go on lolcow, realize everyone knows you can't style a wig for shit, so you befriend a wig commissioner to do even THAT for you too.

At this point she's got a slave for every spectrum of crafting. Might as well have her own lil sweatshop at this point.

No. 672031


At this rate she pretty much does have a "team". She posted recently about being grateful that her chosen slaves can travel to her so often to get projects done like the lick ass she is. Even other big time costhots can at least do SOME of their own work, Moo has reached 0% effort.

No. 672032

I give this wig 3 minutes tops in Moo's care before it looks like absolute shit, just like the other wig.

No. 672033


It's a general idea for cosplayers to be able to do SOMETHING in the craft, I mean, that's why they do what they do right? Some might know how to sew, but need help with prop building, and vice versa. But to see someone who puts in zero effort in anything to do with cosplay be continually be given a pass to still be shitty, has to be at least kind of disrespectful towards other cosplayers. It really surprises me to see any cosplayer at all stick up for her when she has nothing to show for it

No. 672034

I've seen umbran's work first hand, and when I saw that Pochako shoot with the "fixed" wig it left me gobsmacked on how the hell moo fucked up a wig of hers so quickly. Those wig commissions are practically helmets when she's done with him, so moo would of had to of stomped (or sat, heh) on that wig to get the texture to be ruined like that.

No. 672036

I don’t know if this is true or not, but is her main insta account shadowbanned? Every time I go to look her up recently, she never appears. I have to go to her bts account to follow her shenanigans on her main account. Could just be my phone though.

No. 672038

The bangs look meh but the back/underside is a literal rats nest…

No. 672039


LMAO how long till she pulls the shit she pulled with Devilman Crybaby cause Netflix changed the "I love you" dialogue?


Or claim she ships it yet makes one of them a girl? Again: similar to when she finally found out Ryo had a form with boobs and hinted she'd cosplay the series or how she totes supports gays yet did fem!Yuri.

No. 672042

Boy who's ready for Moo's deep thoughts after she binge watches eva thesis stuff on youtube because the anime made no sense to her.

No. 672045


I just simply laugh whenever she attempts to speak like an intellectual with any sort of informed opinion on a subject. It’s incredibly obvious that she is just talking out her ass and is just looking for asspats from stupid neckbeard fans and wants to be seen as more than just a pair of tits.

No. 672054

I never watched Eva dubbed. What did they change exactly with the dialouge?

We're gonna be bombarded with IG stories about her being the 'biggest EVA fan.'

No. 672055

Most people who really get into Eva go on a SO DEEP sperg at least once… then again most of them also make sense and get it right. I don’t have the same confidence in Moo.
Hoo boy, this is gonna be a ride.

No. 672056

They changed one of Kaworu's lines from "I love you" to "I like you", making it more ambiguous what he meant by it.

No. 672058

And for some reason refused to pay for Fly me to the Moon so it's gone. Also changed "I'm fucked up." to "I'm the lowest of the low." Just netflix execs being stupid about things they don't need to be. It's stuff hardcore fans are gonna sperg about, so Moo will in time cause she's tots a hardcore fan now my dudes

No. 672059

I mean I'm the lowest of the low is at least closer to the Japanese translation apparently but yeah. Muh Nostalgia Moo coming in less than a week along with I'm so deep now I can understant everything. Let me tell you how to watch the series + all the movies and the Gakuen manga my du—angels.

No. 672064


Heh Moo's faux nostalgia is so frequent it should be called "Moostalgia". The only thing faker then her intelligence.

No. 672066

I fully expect her to gush about how well done everything is until someone points out the usual consensus about the EVA timeline.

No. 672067

Aw really? That sucks, I love that song.

There's a big difference between "I love you" and "I like you", and I feel like changing it might have some homophobic undertones. But it really doesn't matter in the greater scheme of things. Dubs suck, and most people who watched the dub of Eva at all watched the original.

Yeah, it really doesn't matter. Subs master race.

I can't wait for Moo to start insisting that there's nothing gay about Kaworu, though. Kaworu and Shinji were actually inspired by Ryo and Akira from Devilman, and we all know what Moo thinks of them.

No. 672075

File: 1561167131505.jpg (512.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190621-182640_Ins…)

>"Don't be anyone but you, honey."

>Plagiarizes everyone under the sun and is notorious for being a phony.

All of the people she's bitching about probably reached out and expressed concern over her recent quick fix attempts that are certain to backfire, and this is how she treats them.

She also doesn't like being called out for her body positive hypocrisy.

As for the other women who have had cosmetic work done, I can assure you that they actually eat right and exercise for the most part, unlike this lazy slob.

No. 672076

She probably pissed off all her fat female followers. I’ve seen fatties attack model fatties because they have thinner faces. So I’m sure her fat female fan base is pissed.

I also think it’s funny that, even tho she was open about it this time, that people should just be cool with it. And that as long as she’s “transparent” about shit, everyone should be ok with it and she doesn’t have to deal with the consequences.

Spoiled brat.

No. 672077

There she goes throwing other models under the bus again. Just like when she stated that all other cosplayers that did boudoir did porn.

No. 672078


She said this same shit last time when she got outed for getting lipo done. “Lots of other models do it and they don’t say anything about it so why are you all coming at me?” Same as when she got shit for sexualizing child characters “Where’s all the outrage at all the Misty cosplayers?” Same as when she tried to say all boudoir models do porn.

She can’t ever just accept responsibility and admit to fucking up. Nope, she always has to drag everyone else down to her level to make herself feel better.

No. 672079

except people are legit worried for your current and future health because you obviously have an issue with food

No. 672081

It's fascinating seeing her flip out over what's likely concerned fans pointing out the dangers of her quick fixes.

No. 672082

File: 1561170867800.jpg (693.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190621-213331_Ins…)

I thought she was supposed to be to at Mystery skull concert tonight?

No. 672083

I already know that whole bunt cake will be gone before tomorrow morning.

No. 672084

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you suppose to be on light foods after lipo surgeries?

No. 672085

Actually, a lot of cosplay models get work done. Eating right helps but I know many that have gotten work done. You’d honestly be surprised.

She’s just honest about it but also really defensive so it makes me feel like she’s inside ashamed of it ? The way she snaps is because she’s probably ashamed and is slightly disgust by her own actions.

No. 672086

>>672082 Here we go. She pretended to eat vegetables for two days, and now she's getting horny over a cake that she'll probably eat all by herself.

No. 672088

File: 1561171912339.jpg (519.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190621_194759.jpg)

I thought your target weight was somewhere in the range of 175 lbs. Mariah? Why do you want to be this skinny, when you're always ranting about how much you love your bigger body?

No. 672089

File: 1561172104639.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, BFB41B4F-EB9D-4824-8124-4A79ED…)

She literally was at Coldstone before the cake IG story was posted. She claimed before that she hates sweets but was practically salivating over the goddamn cake. I’m gonna just assume that thing will be gone by morning.

No. 672090

No different than her android 21 shoot where she said how much she loathed cookies and sweets. Betting she scarfed them all down afterwards too.

No. 672091

It's a joke

No. 672101

File: 1561176858438.png (791.74 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-06-21-21-06-51…)

>Miso and Square are moving out to Vegas and were house hunting "in the area"
>said they don't shoot as much because they wanted Moo to heal so they're coming up next week as well

No. 672102

Countdown to nerv logo tattoo, lmao

No. 672103

Also multiple people including Cat and Vamps are at Mystery Skullz but no Moo mummy

No. 672104

Absolutely bonkers that this bitch made a name for herself pretending to be a role model. Fuck off.

No. 672105

"Body Positivity!"
"Better not bitter!"
"NOT a role model."

No. 672106

>having to bring home sweets that your roommate "totally hates" so she can be distracted while you have sex with your boyfriend who she is in love with


No. 672109

That happens to me too, anon. I thought it was only me! Maybe you were right about her main insta being shadowbanned? Maybe other anons can confirm it also?

No. 672110

Had to go through her side account just now, so possibly?

No. 672113

Her main is still up for me. I don’t know how it’s not working for you guys unless you’re banned from her page.

No. 672116


I think she is. I noticed yesterday she wouldn’t show up right away, thought I was the only one!! I wonder what happened

No. 672118


>B-b-but a lot of models have gotten PS

Yeah, but those girls aren't trying to shill for body positivity as part of their "brand". Moo's audience is 70% neckbeards and 30% insecure fat girls. She acquired the latter in the first place by talking about being "thicc" and "plus size."

Moo is quite the purveyor of What-about-ism. "Other people do the thing, so why is it a problem when I do the thing?" 1) Other people are under different circumstances and 2) those people still experience repercussions, and even if they don't it doesn't give you a free pass by proxy to act like a dumbass.

>I'm not a role model11!!1!

No one said that you were. They're just calling you out on being a hypocrite. "Body positive" and "cosmetic surgery" are mutually exclusive for a fucking reason. The whole idea with body positivity is that women shouldn't have to change their bodies to appeal to male-oriented aesthetuc standards. Plastic surgery is literally that.

>Don't be anyone but you

Actually, I would encourage you to be literally anyone else, Moo. Because the person you are sort of sucks.

No. 672120

You can still see the account, you’re not blocked from seeing it. But Instagram has been doing “shadowbanning” where they make it very difficult to find people who post more sexual content, depending on the user. Mariah’s insta has been taken down multiple times for sexual content so I wouldn’t be surprised if insta made it so she doesn’t appear in searches.

No. 672121

File: 1561186620964.jpg (248.76 KB, 810x1665, Screenshot_20190621-235459_Ins…)

I was looking for her profile yesterday as well and when typing her username into the search, only some other fan/fake page came up. Her's was there too, but further down. Not sure how shadowbanning works but I thought it was weird that someone with so many followers wouldnt be the first find when literally typing her name in

No. 672127

File: 1561190348788.jpeg (286.09 KB, 1242x2208, 0449AC60-0BE0-4226-89C7-97A180…)

Yikes. The fake page was tagged by her photog

No. 672130

Fuck, that's good shit.

No. 672136

nta but i check up on her every day but i don't follow her. she used to be in my suggested but now only her bts is there

No. 672138

Reminds me of those 40 year old moms who shill that MLM makeup. Inb4 #bossbabe moo in <10 years.

No. 672139

It's too annoying to fly to Cali or fly people from there so Moo's moving her slaves to Vegas lmao. Sick of enlisting the help of Tripod-san all the time?

No. 672140


tripod-san, citing "artistic differences" quit. behind the scenes leaks however said it was the smell, the work environs, and her constant harrassment for the relationship to "go to the next level" that caused the split.

No. 672144

Liposuction 2: Electric Boogaloo is giving such great content. Hopefully she realises all the health problems she's causing herself by doing this because in the end other larger people will probably try and do the same thing.

No. 672150

Except this is round 3…… not even 25 yet. She's gonna look like an English bulldog at this rate

No. 672157


>I'm not your fucking mother

Well, so much for her mommy fetish angle.

No. 672161

She‘s only mommy if she can earn money from it.

No. 672162

nah, anon, it all makes sense. the grey hair, the saggy jowls and titties, the bad fashion sense, she's going for a granny fetish! and all her pay pigs, i mean fans, get to be the doting grandchildren helping granny stay out of a home.

No. 672163

"I'm not your fucking role model" what a vile, vapid and piece of shit cunt she is. People DO look up to her as a public figure and many younger girls have commented saying they want lipo now because she has. Her choices affect people whether she likes it or not. Fame is a two way street you fucking cow.

No. 672165

Moo's MO from day 1 was desiring all of the perks of being 'famous' and taking none of the responsibility inherent from that. Her screeching that she's 'just a weeb with a sewing machine muh dudes' when called out like acting like an unprofessional cow at cons is the biggest example of that.

No. 672166

She didn't go to the concert cause Vamps was too busy with her new friends

I actually think pariah was supposed to go with vamp but vamp brought someone else instead

No. 672168

Possible. During the depression episode she had recently she made some kind of comment about this traitor person (which we assume is vamp) hanging out with people she “talked shit about” before? Maybe it’s these people and moo is too chickenshit to see them.

No. 672170


This is exactly why I don't think AX is happening. Mariah has all of her friends in town, and she was still too cowardly to go to a concert because her detractors were there. And she thinks she's going to be a booth babe at AX? Ha!

No. 672174

She hasn’t mentioned AX in a while iirc and removed it from her bio as well. I think at this point it’s pretty much a given that she’s not gonna go.

No. 672175


As time goes by, Moo's lack of convention appearances becomes more and more pleasing to see. She's clearly too afraid to go these days and not even her new close knit group of doormats can protect her from being called out or reported at these events.

No. 672176


She was pretty unenthusiastic when she mentioned AX here >>671883 . No @Vamps or so, normally she spammed the fuck out how excited she is for this event but nope

No. 672186

Preparing for some form of milk during AX weekend, Moo always delivers in some way when things don't look so humble for the cow.

No. 672209

I've been away from these threads for a sec and I think I missed what happened to Vamps. Are she and Moo not friends anymore?

No. 672218

Check calves thread and lurk past threads. Dont come expecting to be spoonfed milk.

No. 672227

File: 1561258904993.jpeg (72.09 KB, 1077x674, received_2175404456013642.jpeg)

From Umbranwitch spam account, she has been going ballistic there apparently about Momo.

No. 672229

yikes. Who's gonna tell her she only likes asian dick, money, and clout? She can't be this retarded can she? There are much better women in the community, especially in the not being a cunt department.

No. 672230

Vamps not gonna like this…

No. 672231

To be fair, Moo would probably leap at this, she gets to pretend to be gay and turn her neckbeards on without the pushback Vamp gave her.

No. 672234

File: 1561260071548.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 3B3E0F18-94B3-4204-9504-7BF884…)

I guess we can expect Moo to pretend she’s an expert on BotW lore now. I was seriously hoping she’d try to jump the EVA train and offer her (Wikipedia researched) insight on the anime because she’s totes a huge fan since forever.

Moo sure does know how to pick the most deranged people to associate with. I honestly thought I was reading a message from one of her diehard cuck fanboys here. Does she not read this back to herself and realize how fucking idiotic she sounds. But good to know Moo opened up to her on their little excursion about being betrayed and how everyone uses her lol always the victim, Mariah.

No. 672235

Maybe but at least Vamps has a "hot" enough body that dudes who were ok with the land whale that is Moo could jackoff to it. Umbranwitch could get hit by a mac truck and come out better looking than she is now. She's the only person I've ever seen who is uglier that Mariah.

No. 672236

>I'm so scared to do her wrong because she makes it sound so intense
honestly terrifying

No. 672237



No. 672238

This honestly sounds like the terrified testimony of a domestic abuse survivor in denial than a friend. She has to be aware by now that Mariah is extremely petty and vindictive to anyone that crosses her, that includes former friends.

Hey Umbranwitch, if you read this, just know if your relationship with Moo goes in the shitter somewhere in the near future, she won’t credit you for those hideous wigs. Just thought I’d add that because you’re after clout more than anything.

No. 672239

Welp that’s going to end bad

No. 672240

I was wondering why Umbran was so energetic about meeting someone for the second time in her life. Imagine if she did hook up with Moo. I bet Moo would make her into another fat instathot

No. 672243

>>672227 Reading between the lines, it sounds like Mariah is talking mad shit about Vamps to anyone who's willing to listen. Now it seems more evident that the mutual Instagram adds were strictly for appearances, and the dinner outing with Vamps was probably orchestrated by Tokki and Aly.

As for this Umbranwitch mutant, she's in way over her head if she thinks this is going to bode well for her. Mariah's not the type of person who makes friends. Rather, she makes connections with people who can provide her a service. Umbran is the wig girl, Squarecuck is the photog, and everyone else is just a cosplay making slave. Friendship isn't a concept that Mariah can grasp.

No. 672245

And the biggest thing about this is, Momo is straight. Gotta be efamous dick for Moo to be interested. Or at least be a taken man

No. 672248

How do we know this is about Moo?
i mean like its safe to assume but is it confirmed?

No. 672250

mariah would never even pretend to be a real pillow princess. girls barely got a chance if shes just one of those cuddler types

No. 672252

Because Moo is the only one we know that is "light years away" and has gone through this. If it was another girl, I'd assume she'd say this earlier, not today. Umbran seems like she'd make a good doormat.

No. 672265

What’s ironic about this is that I personally saw Those three together at Katsucon and to see Those two talking mad shit about vamps going to make things a lot interesting. I hope she does read this thread And call her out on it as it will bring a lot of milk to drink!

No. 672276


It’s not surprising to see as she tried to pull the same stunt by having Kbbq make commissions for her even after their falling out. It’s the most ass backwards hypocritical thing I have seen. She talks about hating backstabbers but she behaves in the same way.

After a while she has to realize that she is the problem. Everyone who has “betrayed” or “backstabbed” her this far were people who were close to her and knew about her. Bunny and Susu apparently gave her Patreon tips and even Moo’s catchphrase. Sabrina was close enough to Moo to know about her lipo before she admitted to it. Nana and Moo used to work a lot together. Vamps was her lapdog ever since she started cosplaying. At this point it’s safe to assume they witnessed her bullshit and realized her toxicity and chose to leave her. Tokki and Cuck are likely too blinded by the money and benefits to leave her just yet. After all it took Vamps like 4 years to finally leave her.

No. 672282

File: 1561279737240.jpg (51.73 KB, 430x279, 20190623_024453.jpg)

>Ganondorf team up and maybe discovering a dark side of the Hyrule royals.
Ganon and Ganondorf are the same fucking person you retard. Ganondorf is literally just Ganon's humanoid form.

Also what "royals"? They're all dead except for the princess. Do you honestly think the fucking princess is going to team up with Ganon against Link?

Good lord.

No. 672284

Yeah, not sure what's funnier, her being "totes a long time fan, my du-angles" or the supersmashbros tag on a BOTW game. All I can say is she is so fucking thirsty for attention it's almost sad.

I'm waiting for the umbranwich obsessiveness to blow up. That chick is way to mentally unbalanced to take being a used cast off in stride.

No. 672287

This girl is doomed if she actually “caught feels” for sexual assaulter Mariah fucking Mallad. How anyone could be attracted to this walking dumpster is mind boggling in the first place, she’s disgusting physically and as a person.

No. 672293

File: 1561292176172.jpeg (699.77 KB, 1242x786, 7EB93035-6DE5-47C1-9058-8460A2…)

The tags weren’t added by her. It’s a screenshot from someone else‘s post. And it’s not unusual (especially for smaller accounts) to use tags that are only somewhat related to the actual topic to increase visability.

I hate Moo as much as everyone else but can we stop the insane nitpicking?

No. 672294


Oof. That was really fast.

No. 672295


Moo, the tru bi-sexual girl, will totally love to hear this lol

btw are you following this account? Bc I wanted to check this post for myself but it's a private one, did she made it private after being posted here or nah?


the only thing that sucks here is your fake fangirling about a franchise you don't give a fuck about, moo.

No. 672297


Well this is disturbing.

No. 672302

Yeah, Umbranwitch sounds crazy and kinda creepy on top of damn dumb. Momo found herself a potential bunny boiler / yandere type of “fan”.

No. 672304

With all the shit happening with Etika right now, I’m surprised our cow hasn’t jumped in to comment about it. She probably knows that this time somethings serious and doesn’t dare to comment cause she doesn’t know him that well.

No. 672305

You’ve commented this exact same thing 3 times in the thread already, who fucking cares

No. 672306

Actually, this kind of brings up a different point. Why is she putting other peoples' posts in her stories and writing on top of them? I can understand saving and using the picture (though that's art theft), but including the text part of the post?

It's not a huge deal, but I'm kind of wondering why she does it. Is it just something other people do on Instagram?

I guess it's a more interesting background than a dimly lit wall, her hand, or her forehead.

No. 672308

IG lets you directly share a post with a link back.

I don't think she uses it.

No. 672313

File: 1561309723459.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, B053E3C3-F28A-44E4-959B-0F4BCB…)

No. 672314

File: 1561309852561.png (734.83 KB, 750x1334, 52DF9C05-E6CE-4FD4-8D94-F553B0…)

wow totally unique branding, never seen before, 100% recognizable as MOMOKUN

No. 672316


Wait, she paid somebody to make this? Like you can create this shit in photoshop in less than a minute? I'm confused wtf

No. 672318

this should be written in katakana unless she is actually going for the little peach boy vibe

No. 672321

File: 1561311418779.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

damn, how detailed, what an amazing logo

No. 672322


I still don't understand the reasoning behind her dumb name. But I think it's hilarious she had to actually commission to have this made. She literally doesn't know how to anything on her own does she?

Artists must see her coming a mile away and easily chump her out of her money.

No. 672324

She is in such severe denial over what her "career" is anymore. Shes not invited to cons, events, doesn't make her own things, and everyone hates her. This feels like a last ditch effort to convince herself shes still legitimate, not her shitty fans.

No. 672325

File: 1561311766443.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 5133F8B5-19C1-42F3-9E9B-2EA979…)

yes, she paid someone to make this

No. 672326

File: 1561311841320.jpg (67.88 KB, 500x708, top nep.jpg)


tbh, it's too late for her to change it, unless she wants to lose what name she's built up. So yeah, she should fucking change it.

No. 672328

Really it's her boobs keeping her afloat and her cash coming in. She's no different then the thousands of other dumb bimbos out there flashing their tits for money. Business woman? Laughably no. Entrepreneur? Fuck no. If she was a real business she'd hemorrhage money from her own company because she'd probably be her own accountant lol

No. 672329


LMAO then it was definitely an inside joke that her sensei didn't let her in on. Typically Kun isn't used for women but if it's her superior saying it, it can be used instead of chan when superior (male) addresses it to an inferior (woman).

No. 672330

If that's really what happened, that makes her name 50x more funny cause if she was an arrogant little shit even back then, it's like the ultimate subtle dunk

No. 672331

she said he gave her the name because she acted more like oNe of ThE bOYz

No. 672336

It was because the teacher said she was so rude/ill-mannered like an american boy (spreading legs, burping out loud without saying excuse me, generally a bunch of stuff that japanese people hate) and addressed her as -kun once or twice because of it

It wasn't an inside joke with her teacher like she says it was, and it wasn't because she was "big strong muscular girl who is one of the boys"

She also didn't even know "momo" meant peach when she picked it out, so its not a clever pun off her "having an ass" either

No. 672337


Either way it's really inappropriate especially from a teacher. It's considered impolite. If she used it in Japan, she'd probably get a few weird looks. Women use it only for friends. If she's one of the boys the sensei probably meant she was an otemba a, a tomboy.

No. 672339

it was probably just some beginning white chick who said it. dont expect her to have done anything but basic ass shit in hs

No. 672342


Oh ok that definitely makes more sense. He was making fun of her then. Burping? That's very rude. She sounds like she was insensitive to Japanese customs. He should've kicked her out, she sounds disrespectful instead of taking the class seriously.

No. 672343

It's pretty damn obvious from the trailer that Ganon is sealed somewhere and thats why the green hand is holding his human corpse down. You don't need to translate the runes to figure out that yes, Ganon is going to be the villain in a Zelda game.

No. 672344

"our cow" what

No. 672347


sage for being a weeb but most likely her teacher was just using 君/kun and not くん/kun … the former is used for professional settings, like school or office and is used for both genders, cause it'd be super inappropriate to use くん/kun for someone older than elementary school age

one of my Japanese teachers used 君/kun for all the students, instead of さん/san

she's just a special dumb fuck and didn't get it

No. 672350

File: 1561320883252.jpg (407.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190623-131128_Ins…)

>>672248 I think it's more than safe to assume Mariah is the object of affection here.

Mariah brainwashed Umbran so much in the time they've spent together, she even has Umbran praising her for her work ethic, when she witnessed the laziness firsthand.

No. 672351


Holy shit, that's a powerful brainwashing.

No. 672352

Did she really bring this girl out to do nothing but ass kiss her on instagram so her cucks would be like ''Dang she is a hard worker cause this rando says so!"

No. 672354


Lets not forget this bitch said she "caught feels" for Mariah and is sucking up to her big time possibly to get in her good graces and be her girlfriend. Why anyone would want to be with momo is baffling, but what a blow to her fat ego. Can't get the hot, built asian men, or any man for that matter, but has 100% gaydar to crazy obsessive women. Fucking kek.

No. 672355

That means all those milky candids she got of her, she likely genuinely thought Moo looked good.

No. 672356

Do y'all think she's gonna go crazy if moo rejects her? Or if they date and she cheats/breaks it off? That'll be milky as fuck

No. 672361

Well, considering how much of a homophobe Moo is, they‘ll never actually date. I don’t even think Moo would date her for attention, as umbran apparently genuinely fell for her. So she‘d probably want to do actual couple stuff and text all lovey-dovey and even be sexual to some extent. And that’s where Moo‘s homophobia gets in the way big time.

No. 672362

Q&A (not posting all of them since some are repeats):
What would you say was the toughest hardship in your entrepreneurial venture?
>said there were so many hardships, but each one allows her to grow stronger and better. Is very excited for them

Favorite hentai?
>loves Euphoria, "Kuno Inu"

Favorite cosplay you have done?
>Favorite cosplay is now beekeeper!Mei. People ask her if she's selling it but she doesn't think she could. Probably wont wear it again but loves the costume

What's the best way to get over someone?
>says she's not too experienced in "getting over people" because she had to get over "like 2 people". Said you will always have love for that person but you're not wild about them everyday

No. 672364

File: 1561323821495.png (837.17 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-06-23-13-56-04…)

No. 672366

Guys it was just a public highschool beginners japanese class, its not that deep. Our teacher said it to her once or twice as a joke about her being rude, which is what i meant

The teacher isn't even an actual japanese person they just know about their customs (obviously) and commented on it

No. 672367

Considering her vast knowledge of the Japanese language I'm sure she was a top student. kek

No. 672368


Those pictures are even funnier now with that statement >>672227


I hope so. They both deserve each other lol

No. 672370

I also want to add that she took it and tried turning it into an inside joke with the teacher who didn't reciprocate it so after the class (she never moved on to japanese 2 btw) she told everyone that it was a thing when it wasnt

You could see her do the same thing with other cosplayers like JNig or whoever where she keeps dragging on bad inside jokes

No. 672372


Any thoughts on what can happen in BOTW2
>wants to see in BOTW2 the "dark side" of the royal family/history of the royal family

Favorite non-BOTW Zelda game
>favorite is Windwaker, she has "statues of it all around her house". Said it's nostalgic and reminds her of a better time in her life

What do you enjoy most about doing cosplays and shoots?
>said she likes the planning. Likes throwing multiple ideas to people and seeing "what sticks"

What's your daily routine? How do you stay creative and productive when you work for yourself?
>is a naturally creative and productive person. Not so much into making cosplays because it makes her stressed out. Heavily involved in things she doesn't want people associating her cosplay with. Mostly community stuff, working on "a thing" that's secret and doesn't want her lewds cosplay interacting with it. Wakes up, feed/play with cats, watching anime/playing games, goes outside.

How do you save money for surgery?
>didn't need to save for the surgery because "she make'a the money" (reacted with a retarded turtle face implying something else)

If you weren't doing cosplay, what do you think your life would be like?
>is she wasn't doing cosplay she'd work in a cat sanctuary taking care of cats

Someone asked her opinion on the Etika situation
>hopes he gets found and safe. Said it's a "fucked up situation"

No. 672375

File: 1561324934064.png (1 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-06-23-14-16-55…)

Anyone want to webm this? She got butthurt, acknowledged us as a "entertainment forum" (didn't actually say our name) and said there's never haters just "die hard fans for life". Also licked her chops like The Joker and talked like a black lady. Its impressive how she doesn't care but does this

No. 672378

File: 1561325139913.png (967.93 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-06-23-14-23-00…)

No. 672379

big think
pretty sure you dont do several stories just to say you dont care about le haters

No. 672381

She actually said ‘they need to talk about it as an entertainment form’.

Also love how obvious it is this actually really annoys her, because all those other answers were super calm and her usual staged smiling ‘I’m so tame and so at peace’ but once her haters are mentioned her entire presentation changes from black to white; she’s gesturing SO much, her exaggerated facial expressions, voice changes, sarcasm, etc.
She’s so butthurt.

No. 672382


>Someone asked about shibari and Moo credits Cat as her "shibari expert", says she is so precise with her work

>blew raspberries when someone asked if she's going to AX next year. Made a weird sound and pointed to her cowlick when someone asked if she's doing AX meetups. Is manning two booths at AX (one is a artist collab and another is with Misotokki)
>someone asked if she was single. She said she is but doesn't know why the person cares and she wouldn't date them (blowing more raspberries)

Sorry, I must've misheard. Either way isn't the best PR just not saying anything at all? She doesn't understand that.

No. 672383

>>672375 She hates this "entertainment forum" because it's the only thing that truly reflects what kind of a monster she really is.

No. 672386

She already did the same thing with MooMoo

No. 672387

A smart cow would utilize this all as advice. She refuses and plays victim instead. Happy Thread 101, y'all. Let the milk flow.

No. 672392

That jawline and jowls are looking RUGGED

No. 672393

No an autist kept calling her MooMoo and got banned for attempting to troll. She didnt try to make it a real thing. She said MooMoo in reference to her attempts at saying the Milk Party girl was HER OG OC.

No. 672401

The idea of Moo literally refreshing her own threads constantly every single hour and every single day of the week is amusing. Imagine being that self obsessed and knowing full well everything written here pisses you off, but there's nothing that can be done about it. It's so sad lol.

No. 672404

Her hair has so much breakage. Muh strong hair tho.

Threw all that money on chin lipo and still has a fat moon face. Losing 50lbs is free and would have had a better result.

No. 672405

She looks lumpy, like she's had a botched facial surgery done. Her idiotic faces she pulls when she's annoyed certainly don't help the new chin look.

No. 672413

NTA but I acutally feel the same way. Her not even COMMENTING on the Etika situation is a GLARING example of how she only gave a shit when it was for clout… not when he actually might be in trouble. Moo would ABSOLUTELY be posting all about it if she knew anything was going on - but the fact that she hasn't posted is just pure evidence that she doesn't even bother to check on him once in a while unless the public is watching.

No. 672414

File: 1561333530531.jpg (193.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190623-164108_Ins…)

From her BTS account.

She's lip synching. The excess skin on her face is rippling as she's moving, like somebody threw a heavy rock into a lake.

Also, spectacular work on those chins, Mariah. I thought that turkey neck wouldn't have appeared this many months ahead of Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble, bitch!

No. 672415

this is a photograph of Paula Deen and nothing can convince me otherwise

No. 672416

Imagine how much better this is going to look with blown up fish lips. Can’t wait.

No. 672419

btw if anyone cares, here’a the first half of the q&a with time stamps

Maybe I’ll upload the rest of the questions too. I’m not sure there was anything relevant though

No. 672420

that progressed to insanity so quickly.

No. 672421

"It would drive one nuts in awhile"
ya… looks like it did…>>672419

No. 672422

File: 1561335875045.jpg (202.85 KB, 1072x1118, 20190623_192210.jpg)

I think it's hilarious that there is someone else on Maddie's spam that's a lurker besides me. Here's another post confirming that it's Mariah. Really sad with what Maddie has become, this isn't even the worse thing Ive seen her post by far. So disappointed in her.

No. 672426

File: 1561337043444.jpg (16.18 KB, 552x414, Futurama-Fry.jpg)

Bunch of bust body cunts have so dull of lives all you do is stick your nose into others buusnesess. Fuck all you sad pathetic fucks.(wk)

No. 672427

I actually totally forgot she got lipo donebon her face looking at those pictures. She may still be swollen but it doesn’t look all that great so far.

No. 672429

This chick seems like an actual psycho tbh. Her and Mariah are perfect for each other.

No. 672430

Maddie is umbranwitch , the wig stylist moo had visiting a few days ago. Apparently she wants to munch moo’s carpet and is also apparently emotionally unstable. Perfect match.

No. 672433

>>672422 Well, isn't this rather convenient of Mariah to post, most likely after she lurked here and saw >>672227.

Funny how she posts this as a smokescreen in order to get Umbranwitch off of her ass, but she'd drop the incompatibility act the exact second some good looking Asian dude has a conversation with her.

No. 672434

hi umbranwhiteknight

No. 672438

File: 1561339165115.jpg (80.81 KB, 375x500, 4EEB2E95-9727-4066-B012-62415E…)

>bust body cunts

Funny coming from the bust body cunt herself

No. 672440

Careful anon. There is only 3 likes and yours is sad. Youre going to give yourself away. Might want to fix that before she goes on a snake rampage

No. 672443

I've never heard her voice before, but she sounds exactly like how I thought she would - a middle aged mom.

No. 672444

File: 1561340557011.png (75.85 KB, 240x208, Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8.42…)

What's going on with her nose here?

No. 672445

Think Meg Griffin who tries to be badass

No. 672449

Noses move with mouths

No. 672450

File: 1561342008745.png (803.58 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_2019-06-23-19-02-44…)

I wonder why she doesnt care about her parents caring about her sex work but when it has to do with her "community work" she suddenly cares

No. 672451

Now with double the busts

Front and back

No. 672452

That’s not anons screencap, that’s umbranwitchs screenshot of Mariah’s post that umbranwitch then posted on her own Instagram. Whole other level of pathetic.

No. 672455

i honestly thought she was wearing a veil and got a shock to work out this is the back of her

No. 672456

She got cool sculpting on her chin right? That's not something that permanent? And i'm pretty sure it actually fucks up her chin in the long run. It's hilarious how we talked about her chin getting fat and she went and got cool sculpting lmao

Keep pretending we don't bother you Mariah

No. 672459

File: 1561344140298.jpg (216.84 KB, 1068x1252, IMG_20190624_104019_571.jpg)


No. 672460

File: 1561344177338.png (894.74 KB, 1065x1418, Screenshot_20190624-104157.png)

No. 672462


Her arms are looking weird omygod

No. 672463

File: 1561344266694.png (974.29 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-06-23-19-03-04…)

No. 672465

She looks like she's trying to keep her nips from slipping by holding her top like that. Learn proper sizing Mariah.

No. 672468

Why does she have to be so rude? The way this person talks it sounds like they’re a fan, but when she says ‘Good thing I live by my fucking self’ it comes off as mean. She needs to be more aware of her tone of voice.

No. 672472

You have to understand, anon, her hot Italian, oops, I mean Muslim blood makes it so she can't help but clap back!!! BIG BOSS BITCH KWEEN, YASSSSSSSSSSSS

Moo doesn't realize that her vile personality is what drives people away, ensuring that the milk never stops flowing.

No. 672474

Anon, moo doesn’t even care about her fans that pay her living, let alone some randos. Remember that she’d “act” nice in order to gain something from you, only for her to turn around and shun you for “taking advantage of her” when you’re fed up with her antics kek

No. 672478

She looks like a big fat baby. Idk why she insists on wearing these micro bikinis when all they do is maximise her flaws. Just wear a normal one in your size, geeze.

No. 672480

File: 1561349217863.png (1.42 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-06-23-21-04-54…)

No. 672481

File: 1561349242747.jpeg (14.78 KB, 225x225, C77EE4C5-39C6-44C3-9991-9C87F0…)

I will never understand why she’s so hell bent on being pochaco when Taruco is right there. Fatter, with grey hair and all.

No. 672483

Uh… No?
It literally translates to attack titan/attacking titan but literal translations are rarely the official English title… which is still Attack on Titan. It’s not “wrong”, Moo. Stop trying to one up on every damn thing, jesus.

No. 672484

But Taruco doesn't have massive tits, anon! Moo is physically incapable of cosplaying characters that aren't big tiddy hentai waifus.

No one cares, Moo.

No. 672485

File: 1561350210334.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, 16339BEE-AEB0-4F32-8862-AD1A65…)

Maddie really got the hots for moo huh

No. 672486

Isayama himself said “attack on titan” just sounds better. Go tell him he fucked up.

No. 672487

Wasn't she coat-tail riding with Meowri and Nigri? What makes her go to the bottom of the barrel to hang with this monster?

No. 672488

I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say that weird indent on her arm is from the compression garment. But holy shit she spent 6k on lipo and it did NOTHING. her arms are still huge and flabby and instead of a double chin she has a turkey neck. How fucking embarrassing for her.

No. 672489

read her post. She said these photos are pre surgery…

No. 672490

after watching all these i feel like her face looks so weird with the fat sucked out of her neck, like she's having an allergic reaction or something and her cheeks have swelled up beyond the size they're supposed to be lmao

these were taken before the surgery

No. 672491

why tf does she keep wearing those awful micro bikinis?? they're so unflattering on her and don't do anything but make her boobs look saggy and put that cursed vein on full display. she'd look much better if she actually wore something supportive & in her correct size

No. 672492

Now I feel silly.

No. 672493

But anon, micro bikinis would make her bewbz look even bigger! Aka moo logic

No. 672494

No. 672496

File: 1561353869778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 513.36 KB, 1920x1920, 0B904CE4-7F10-4A49-8EB0-11AA14…)

Because she’s hella delusional about her weight. She just doesn’t want to be the fattest. Plus what >>672484 said.

I think it’s a combination of the character(s) actually wearing way too small bikinis and her still believing she’s an XL

No. 672497

when you're so fat your fans cant tell what pre or post surgery looks like cuz you're still fat as fuck no matter what you do

No. 672524

She gonna tell us she speaks japanese now? Bet she can’t even read hiragana lmao

No. 672527

wait, i thought she was using some filter to make her cheeks look like that
now y'all tellin me those are real

No. 672528

Anon, you forgot she already translated manga.

No. 672530

I find that hard to believe, especially on her own, as others have pointed out she didn’t even move on past her first language course.

No. 672532

You should probably lurk moar, you are painfully new.

No. 672534

File: 1561378797164.jpeg (205.64 KB, 750x593, 30E04976-4F4C-4D14-A789-DFFF7D…)

No. 672539

Nah, just find it hard to believe she speaks the language fluently. If there’s some good videos or examples of her speaking fluently then I retract my statement.

No. 672541

it's not even a png, peach boy.

nta but what's so confusing about this? "Our cow" means momo

No. 672544


She can't fucking speak Japanese at all, she bragged about translating manga but it was a lie like everything else and its been proven many, many times. Anon was being sarcastic. Stop being retarded or read the previous threads.

No. 672545

When that anon said you need to lurk more it’s because moo claiming she “totes uses to translate manga and could speak moonspeak” is from one of the very early threads and is discussed in subsequent ones. It’s old news. We all know she doesn’t speak Japanese and that was the joke before you took it too seriously

There’s no way Mariah hasn’t seen umbran thirsting after her kek. She’s trying to play it cool and act like she’s not bothered by it (positively or negatively) to make herself look cooler, play hard to get. It’s probably feeding her ego so, so good.

I can’t be the only one who is still hung up on what vamps did to Mariah (or vice versa) to cause this rift and sudden clinging to a new brown noser… I guess we will never know

No. 672546


it's unfortunate, because Taruco just looks more appropriate, and isn't even super popular so she could be super unique doing it, she could be "known" as the real-life Taruco. Perfect for her dedicated feeder fetish fans, including >>672534

No. 672547

My bad lol. I was only here in recent months and never saw it brought up, apologies for being a newfag. I genuinely can’t tell when it’s white knights or sarcasm anymore.

No. 672568

Moo latched onto Pochaco a long time ago because Nigri is the ~offishul~ Sonico. She was hoping to cosplay with Niggles forever and ever, like with every other cosplay she planned to dickride Mommy with like the BNA shit.

Now all she has is that dipshit Misotokki to hang off of and she's stuck with the character anyway because she's under the delusion she has monster tits. She would never do the character more appropriate for her body type because that would mean being honest with herself.

And we all know the only thing Moo hates more than herself is being honest.

No. 672573

kind of ot, but do moo and sabrina still talk? the one who leaked her lipo? i know they were still talking after it happened when moo had to fess up, but she seems to have faded off the grid.

No. 672574

Nope. In fact Sabrina made a call out Twitter post with the canceled hashtag once Momo was doing cam shows. I believe the tweet is on the calves thread.

No. 672575

File: 1561394468654.jpeg (339.17 KB, 750x950, 8D24D803-17BC-45FB-9339-4708F8…)


No. 672576

It's amazing how she used to look compared to now. Even in her early Samus suit days she actually looked "healthier".

No. 672578

To think this was only 4 years ago.

No. 672581

Did she do porn already, or at least go full nude?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 672582

She still looks like a 40-year-old mom, but more of a yoga wine mom who goes to painting classes with the girls on Thursday nights.
If she styled herself a certain way, she could make herself look more youthful but she's beyond screwed now with the weight gain and rounds of lipo. Curious to see how her lip procedure goes.

No. 672585


is she self aware about her size in this picture? Why wouldn’t she post it on her main account? I find it odd.

No. 672587

File: 1561399573963.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190624-115857_Ins…)

No. 672588

Give it two years and we'll be talking about how much smaller she was in 2019. I feel like the only chance at a turning point for her would be losing someone like vamps, but we see how that's going, only doubling down on herself and introducing new enablers.

No. 672589

Pushing aside her usual fake nerd girl woke points, it makes me laugh that she thinks because Toriyama didn’t make it big until 500 drafts later, that it was all a failure until he made it big. Said a lot about her character.

Hey, moo, some people just enjoy what they do and aren’t always looking for success.

No. 672591

File: 1561401732644.png (2.11 MB, 1429x2104, Screenshot_20190624-134002.png)

So is she still going to AX, or I'd this Baiken wig for a location shoot/in her house?

No. 672592

File: 1561401780031.png (298.37 KB, 1440x2187, Screenshot_20190624-134019.png)

No. 672593

Is she actually comparing her sorry pampered ass to the likes of a top but once struggling manga artist? Lmao Moo just shut the fuck up, this is embarrassing. She just has to compare her life to anything that can get her a bit of sympathy.

No. 672594

Oh god I know that guy who commented irl and he’s an all-around HUGE FUCKIN WEEB. Doesn’t surprise me at all he hangs around moo yikes

No. 672597

he's an expensive pro photographer who lives off that income and moo pays him for a lot of her shoots so that's probably why he deals with it.

No. 672599

This is truly shocking. People tend to "fill out" around age 25-30 but she's not even that old and yet appears to have put on like 150 lbs since high school. I'm just amazed.

No. 672603

She can pull that "body positive" card all she wants and how she loves her "thicc" self compared to her high school days but we all know she's incredibly insecure and hates it. Overkill with editing her photos, countless lipo procedures done and constantly going through phases of "dieting and exercise" to be her so called happy weight that never works. She doubles in size each year and her lack of drive to do anything has reached a whole new level of lazy. Moo must be one unhappy lump deep inside.

No. 672604


if there was a degree in reciting Wikipedia articles in attempt to establish a false sense of dominance, she'd have a major, finally.

No. 672609

File: 1561409057860.jpeg (27.1 KB, 750x144, 66B8CEF0-8C52-4FE9-9ADD-85C0EA…)

This is the comment under >>672459

Imagine thinking obvious lumps of fat as muscle. Moo got some headass fans kek

No. 672611


To think these are the sort of dumbasses that keep her loaded with Patreon bucks each month. They're a special kind of stupid…

No. 672616

To be fair most like >>672575 have never seen her healthier. She started ballooning the moment she left home. And they're willing to take any lies in hopes she'll finally show her nudes despite them being on cam shows.

No. 672644

Don't forget these were the geniuses who thought that Moo's OG lipo scars were 'thigh and tummy freckles' and believe anything she screeches at them.

No. 672653

File: 1561419384650.jpg (72.38 KB, 800x1536, Popeye.jpg)


Is that you Popeye?

No. 672661

File: 1561420901923.jpg (123.2 KB, 623x718, Screenshot_20190624-200100_Chr…)

Yo wtf is this?(Nitpicking)

No. 672662

Sorry for double posting but didn't she do Pochaco before her surgery?

No. 672679

File: 1561423293583.jpg (451.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190624-194050_Ins…)

Yes Momo, uppercut all your neckbeard fans.

No. 672689

Bad photoshop

No. 672694

I remember Moo was supposed to cosplay Azur Lane with Cat at AX? They probably wanted to crash the booth and try to one-up the booth babes, hence all the surgery to try to boost her self esteem. Lmao I'd love to see her try, but it seems like she won't be going to AX at all.

No. 672698


Isn't this someone who has had breast reduction and lipo? What the hell?

No. 672699

pure muscle

No. 672708

File: 1561432918024.webm (2.24 MB, 479x852, 65844077_651654418642494_59577…)

wtf did i just watch? moo if you're that tired from just standing it's probably time to make some changes

No. 672709

File: 1561433079738.jpg (90.35 KB, 960x1706, 64731125_451802335611285_10967…)

also she posted this lmao the audacity

sorry i can't grab it with her name over the story like anons usually do because i don't follow her insta, i use storiesig

No. 672712

That's an impressive wig. It's too bad Moo won't take care of it

No. 672714

File: 1561435753836.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 80CCF44B-354A-490C-A30A-240408…)

I got you fam.

It’ll be the next thing to take up residence on her trash strewn floor after she’s worn it for the 5 minutes it takes to shoot a set.

No. 672723

Her lineup for AX is Nurse Pochaco and that Baiken chick or whatever right?

No. 672724

Doesn't seem like she's sweating at all

No. 672725

I know we all hate her, but I think she just means she's tired in general.

No. 672728

It'll look so crunchy after 5-10 min of wear, no doubt. No matter who styles her wigs, Moo always finds a way to somehow ruin them.

No. 672729

Imagine being a wigmaker and being willing to make something for this slob lol. Like have they not all seen how she treats her shit? Is the money really worth putting your name on a piece that she's going to fucking destroy in 5 seconds?

No. 672734

At this point I won’t be surprised that people who are willing to work with moo and having their name attached to her—if she ever credits them lol—won’t hesitate throwing away their reputation and credibility for money tbh; birds of a feather flock together

No. 672752

She blocked a dude on her cam stream that asked if she can read kanji and claimed he was being annoying and when a guy on tinder wrote to her in Hiragana she asked if he could speak in English, I think she said on her first trip that she couldn't speak it much yet still claimed she translated manga

No. 672799


This delusional lard ass is really trying to compare herself to one of the most influential mangaka of all time? I guess to a lazy sack of shit like her having to lift a finger for more than two seconds is comparable to busting your ass for years in an industry that is already hard enough to get into and actually putting in the hard work despite constant rejection.

Maybe if she wasn’t so busy constantly whining and self loathing about her lack of success and actually got up off her lazy fat ass and did something she might actually get somewhere. But of course that takes way too much time and effort for her and she demands instant results. So in order to justify her own laziness she tries to compare herself to one of the all time greats as if she is facing similar scrutiny and struggles and that her time and “hard work” will pay off and she’ll be looking at the same kind of success.

It’d be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic. Instead of accepting the reality that she is a washed up neverwas who torpedoed any chance of a career with her shitty behavior and actions she has to delude herself into thinking she is simply a struggling rising star artist who’s moment simply hasn’t come yet.

You know what Moo, keep thinking that. It was will make it so much funnier when you finally fall back to earth.

No. 672807

File: 1561481808750.jpeg (352.86 KB, 1125x1723, 10C2C680-B252-4FC1-9193-C8E696…)

God I hope Mariah has one ounce of class left in her body to not make this situation about her. Fuck.

No. 672809

I JUST found out and immediately thought the same thing. Behold the wave of “sad and depressed uwu” shit incoming.

No. 672810

Was just about to post about this. She's so predictable expect her to milk about how 'close' they were and how much she uwu cares about mental health. I know people here don't care but Desmond was huge both online and in the Nintendo community so you can expect Moo's clout chasing ass trying to associate with anyone trending no matter how tragic the circumstances.

No. 672811


Who are we kidding here? Of course she will. I’m sure we’ll be getting a hundred Instagram sob stories about how she is “literally shaking right now” and how “mental health is no joke”. This is the same person who takes mass shootings and makes them all about herself and how “strong” she is. Who after being outed as a sexual abuser spent the whole weekend crying about how sad she was and blamed her accusers as clout chasers and attention whores.

She absolutely will make it all about herself and “muh mental health muh dudes so plz stop bullying me or maybe I’ll end up like him”.

No. 672812

I immediately thought of that faggot spamming here every day. Mariah's gonna have a hard time spinning how close they were after only one fucking day of pics.

No. 672813

The very thought actually makes me feel ill but unfortunately that's how narcissists thrive off attention. Doesn't matter how tragic the situation is, if they can worm their way in to bring light to themselves, it will be done. She has a few photos with him from not long ago, I expect she'll be reposting them for clout asif they were the closest of friends.

No. 672814


The backlash of her trying to write her sorry ass into this and talk about how close they were and so forth will be epic, because nobody thinks that. Momo will continue digging herself a hole in every community, if you can dig below "nobody cares who you are, you are spank fodder for third world losers"

No. 672816


Even after his actual family and friends told her to fuck off and stop pretending like she knew or cared about him at all. All she has of him is a day of photos of her using him to flex on her haters and nothing else. If she even thinks she’ll be able to away with some sob story about how they were the closest of friends she’s actually retarded. She will get absolutely buried.

No. 672817

+ every other post about this: is it really necessary to repeat the same shit over and fucking over again just slightly different phrasing? we get it. she’s going to milk it. jfc these threads wouldn’t be so numerous if people actually worried more about milk than sharing their opinion

No. 672818

That was the guy with Usagikou I thought

No. 672819

Don't get pissy because very recent news happened to have multiple posts that happen to be all similar. If anything this will cause Moo milk to flow because she's a fucking parasite, so watching her reach will be entertaining.

No. 672820


Who else remembers when Etika and Mariah were shopping in Vegas, and Mariah was trying to get Etika to run into a clothing store and do a bunch of juvenile, disruptive shit?

As far as I'm concerned, Mariah is complicit in his downfall. I'm under the impression that he hung out with her for edgelord points more than anything else. And what did she do? She tried to get him to act like a big ass clown, so that SHE could get more clout from her IG followers and the gaming community.

RIP, Etika.

Eat shit, Mariah.

No. 672821

Mariah, since you don't have Twitter, it's very likely that lolcow will be the source that you found this from. Please just keep your hypocritical shitty mouth shut. You who went on about how depression is a "choice" fuck off.

No. 672822

Yup remember how donee those dudes were with her trying to be so WACKY too. Rip etika, you may not have been right but no one deserves to be milked

No. 672824

File: 1561486147687.jpeg (553.91 KB, 750x1098, 1F99A713-B121-4C22-9944-86F8E1…)

No. 672825

Lol she’s at the Red Rock Buffet. I expect nothing less from her. Probably eating her feelings away. So much for that post lipo diet.

No. 672826


Not even a week after lipo and she is already back to stuffing her fat face. I’m interested in seeing what kind of damage she is going to do to her body this time around.

No. 672827

I'm hollering. What a fucking fatass. I don't understand why she does this but doesn't she see that she'll Frankenstein her body through constant eating/fat sucking? I don't understand

No. 672829

complicit in his fucking downfall? so which is it, did she only spend 2 seconds with him like everyone is claiming or did she have some huge dramatic effect on his life by trying to get him to do dumb shit in a mall? what a fucking ridiculous overstatement. mariah is human garbage but to say she had anything to do with what led to someone’s suicide when you don’t even know them is pants on head fucking retarded. they barely even interacted ffs.

No. 672831

The overuse of hyped up I'M SHAKING caps is such cringe. They act like they've just met royalty.

No. 672834

this is the exact reason people don't take lolcow seriously, people sperg over shit that hasn't even happened or start making things up to coax or bait the cow into talking about something. She hung out with the guy for a single day, if she talks about it fine, it's milk, But stop making 30 fucking posts a day about it. This is a momokun thread, not Etika.

No. 672835

Kek anon I’m not American so I have zero idea about the place, but now that you mentioned that it’s a buffet restaurant I’m laughing on the inside—just a few days ago she literally posted photos of her trying to eat healthy and all, and now she’s back to shoving buffet food to her face. Dear lord, I’ve genuinely never seen someone giving up on things they’re trying to achieve so damn quickly

No. 672836

File: 1561488358086.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, D9C856AA-4C08-4718-8D0E-4FAF0C…)

maybe she actually realizes the severity of the situation and won't make things about her self for once

No. 672838


Still a hypocritical cunt though. Anytime her friends have tried to help her she told them to fuck off and tried to ruin their lives so they couldn’t speak out against her. So she can go fuck off really.

No. 672839

File: 1561488713898.jpg (174.52 KB, 1148x649, Buffet.JPG)


>eating clean, my dudes!

This is the kind of food that comes up when you look up the place she went eating.