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File: 1570237921479.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x2560, DBZCbGX.jpg)

No. 714228

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>695389

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>signed up for a 12 week exercise program, but soon after signing up she goes on various trips (Oregon, Florida, soon to Japan)
>claims she's lost "22 lbs since June" and plans to lose 20 more before the end of the year
>plans on doing Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Tsunade cosplay. Might be forgotten
>starts streaming on Twitch with her cousin and Umbranwitch.
>Honeydew!Mei finally emerges, says she has a discount code with the store but it doesn't work
>Slight relevancy: Squarecuck moves into Moo's house, Miso lives with her parents still. It is revealed later that Square and Miso broke up. Square now lives as a in house slave alongside Cat
>claims she is now Asian, can tan well because she is Middle Eastern and you cannot take that away from her!!!
>it was her birthday this month
>has streamed on OnlyFans but stuck to her usual routine of pasties, illfitting lingerie and sitting on her bed. Plans on making shitty custom content for horrendously high prices
>August 19th update states her physical rewards were delayed. Again.

No. 714233

pics following but:
>Moo got her lips done again
>has 1 1/2 vials of whatever Juvederm in her lips, is going up by 1/2 because she doesn't want huge lips
>says her confidence went up since she's had "flatter lips"

No. 714236

File: 1570238444328.png (896.74 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-10-04-17-37-54…)

No. 714245

Liposuction isn’t really a big thing to milk on, to be honest. I feel like she’s washed up and boring and just be a forgotten cow with a messed up body who eventually can’t get anymore lipo and will deeply regret it!

No. 714279

File: 1570243466059.png (2.41 MB, 1242x2208, E53D8D94-A3C7-47C5-9CE9-4B521F…)

She’s getting into sausage lip territory.

Not this shit again. Hide the thread then or at the very least sage your posts. No one cares if you think she’s boring.

No. 714282

She looks like my 55 year old Aunt

No. 714296

File: 1570245390122.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 32F7AD36-6321-4098-99EF-FA47A6…)


No. 714314

File: 1570247315299.png (577.4 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_2019-10-04-20-44-39…)

No. 714316

File: 1570247406951.png (849.88 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-10-04-20-44-01…)

Using custom molds for ~succubus teeth~

No. 714323

It looks like she's just breathing in and holding it

No. 714324

It looks like she's just breathing in and holding it

No. 714361

she still looks 252 lbs, just suckin it in and wearing compressed clothing isnt gonna fool anyone

No. 714378

Sadly her cucks are going to eat it up like they always do, but they're subhuman anyway.

No. 714381

I dunno why she's so proud of her "weight loss."
After her Hawaii trip and almost reaching 250 pounds she got lipo so there's 20 pounds right there. If she only lost 10 pounds on her own that's sad.

Her hinting she wants to loose more just screams she's just going to use more cosmetic surgery to loose the weight. She will feel good and over eat for the next 6 months, reach 300 pounds by the time summer comes again. Rinse, wash, repeat

No. 714384

File: 1570255959926.png (139.43 KB, 720x850, Screenshot_2019-10-04-23-11-00…)

No. 714385

File: 1570256080221.png (46.96 KB, 718x331, Screenshot_2019-10-04-23-11-35…)

No. 714392

God, she's so stupid. She literally lost enough weight after the first round of lipo that she started immediately peddling a slimtea scam before being outed. She only gained the weight back, plus more, because she's lazy and was eating take out all the time. You really can't say lipo doesn't make you lose weight when they are literally sucking multiple lbs of fat off your obese form, moo. She's obviously in denial as to why the lipo didn't work.

Honestly, at her weight, anything is progress at this point. Even just cutting out the junk and going for a walk will have results at her size. Of course she's acting like she's some kind of gym junkie now though. The cycle starts anew.

No. 714401

The fact that she still doesn't understand why she gained weight after multiple rounds of lipo makes me think that her doctor finally put her on some weight loss medication and now she's pretending to be a health guru who has totes changed her lifestyle.

No. 714411

File: 1570263064877.jpeg (953.18 KB, 1125x1950, A7B346FA-15C5-4BBF-84B4-2C581A…)

Recently liked by her

No. 714430

Why are those so uneven omg

No. 714445

CHRIST her skin is so fucking bad??? she brags about how nice her skin is but man those filters are working overtime. fuck

No. 714468

Jesus…This is real? I don't even know what's real anymore…

No. 714482

Well technically she is Asian, but a West asian

No. 714485

ok moo LOL

No. 714499

File: 1570296780408.jpg (308.33 KB, 1080x1563, 20191005_102335.jpg)

This just came up in my Instagram feed. They didn't put a link to her page but instead a link to a hentai page on twitter lmao

No. 714500

File: 1570296830101.jpg (509.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191005_102542.jpg)

Some of the best comments to it

No. 714520

Why do Americans think that only east Asians are Asian? It'd be like me saying that Italians aren't European because they're too dark
Middle Eastern = Asian
Asia is fucking huge guys ffs

No. 714523

no one was even talking about moo's ethnicity, anon, that's why. also continent and ethnicity aren't the same.

No. 714526

True, continent and ethnicity aren't the same and I'm sorry for ethnicity derailing but I really don't get why this is still debate? If your heritage is Asian, you're Asian. Just like if your ethnicity is European, you're European. The middle east is in Asia, therefore middle easterners, Indians, etc are Asian. It's not just the far east but it seems to me that most Americans think that only Chinese/Japanese/Korean etc are Asian and it's weird imo(derailing about race)

No. 714550

The crux of the issue is Mariah tries to play it off that she is East Asian to get more weeb money.
She is white-passing and therefore doesn't have any of the stigma of being "lebean" or "asian". But uses it for POC points and to defend her shitty actions.(stop)

No. 714557

Okay, I get where you're coming from. I don't disagree at all but I was more aiming my comment at people who think that anyone who says she's Asian is Mariah lurking lol

No. 714588

it wasn't someone saying it that sounded like moo/wk, it was the fact that literally no one was talking about it moo's heritage/ethnicity aren't asian, it's arab, even though she's on what's technically an asian continent, it's different. russians are slavic and live on the asian continent.

No. 714598

STFU. Moo has such a SMALL percentage of anything that she is a fucking mutt of genetics shes like 1/16th Labanese ffs. Shes NOT asian. STOP.

No. 714656

File: 1570328244416.png (3.53 MB, 1242x2208, 8EDFFC22-6676-4287-896B-583CDA…)

Are you guys done sperging about ethnicity now? Jfc…

>people apparently are commenting a lot about her weight on Patreon and it’s getting to her.

>admits in stories that she doesn’t create as much cosplay content lately due to “body dysmorphia”.
>claims she’s turned down tons of collaborations with other models because she’s not comfortable with herself.
>says things are “not okay” but she’s trying.

Boo fucking hoo

No. 714657

File: 1570328407367.png (3.85 MB, 1242x2208, 786E6209-37C6-4AAF-9BA5-26930D…)

Spraying fake blood everywhere again because she didn’t learn the first time.

No. 714660

>claims she’s turned down tons of collaborations with other models because she’s not comfortable with herself.

Moo, ain't no one trying to collab with you, shut up.

>admits in stories that she doesn’t create as much cosplay content lately due to “body dysmorphia”

Time for her monthly sob story to avoid dishing out rewards.

No. 714662

Right? Another sob story on IG. Which is ironic because I just sat through them and she says she rarely does these type of stories where she talks into the camera. Like… bitch, do you have Alzheimer’s or are you conveniently forgetting the multiple times you’ve gone on manic episodes over IG stories to the point where it’s littered with dots along the top of the screen.

Gotta wonder if the weight comments are finally starting to get to her since photoshop ain’t cutting it anymore.

No. 714665

idk sis, i'd have BDD too if i tripled body weight in 1 year.(blog)

No. 714667

is it bdd if you really look like shit? lmao like does she see herself weighing 550?

No. 714669


>rants on IG stories that she doesn't want people to know about personal matters

>spergs about personal matters 3 days later

Pick a stance, Moo

No. 714671


BDD?? Then why she keep showing her Hank ass on Instagram and sad pancakes on stream?

No. 714672

It's selective BDD lol. Only when she can refuse to give rewards.

No. 714677

Maybe you should've gotten an education and a real career Moo, then you wouldn't have had to make yourself constantly uncomfortable by trying to make it in a looks world when you cannot maintain your looks even with surgery.

She's only upset that she's losing money. If she were actually insecure she wouldn't be posting pictures of her body on the internet, unflattering pics at that.

No. 714679

Of course she's full of shit for trying to skirt her way around avoiding awards, but it's been pretty obvious about the BDD. Now I think she just made it up about herself to make people feel so sad for her, but I've always thought that of her. That she thinks she's this sexy curvy model that looks hot in anything she wears, and when the truth hits her, her pics look like she's a big flat ass dog lifting it's leg to pee. She's surrounded by a lot of people that will continue her delusion, because of free stuff. I hope she's looking at her pictures and having a moment of clarity, but all she's doing is delaying rewards, boohooing "I'm not in a good place" aka her pictures suck, and you're not getting them. Her pathetic lies are getting old.

No. 714680

What Moo is scared of is the fact she cannot manipulate the environment she's in if she allowed a new team with a model to collab with her.

She's afraid to do cosplay because she saw how her """"big build projects"""" were nothing short of a flex on her audience and other cosplayers who have done the same costumes. She BUYS her shit and expects the same reception as a team that competed at WCS in Umineko cosplay they made themselves.

She doesnt want to change, she wants to cherrypick what she "can change". Didn't she just sperge about people betraying her and keeping shit personal to herself a couple days ago?

When depression didn't work (and didn't we just have her say she "got over" her depression??), now she uses body dysphoria as a shitty veil for procrastination.

I am repeating shit we already know but here's some things Mariah can read and disregard lady.

No. 714682

> doesn't do cosplay (that could cover her body and flatter her figure if chosen correctly) because of bdd
> gets almost nude every single time

Makes sense to me

No. 714695

I don't think reverse BDD is clinically a thing. Thinking you're thin and then getting upset when confronted with the truth isn't a mental illness, it's just denial. Most fat girls have some level of denial when it comes to their appearance.

No. 714696

File: 1570344942458.png (867.38 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-05-23-53-04…)

No. 714699

Umbran confirming what we already know lol

No. 714700

File: 1570345525573.png (1.29 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-10-05-23-53-13…)

No. 714749

She said “I don’t do face videos anymore” on those IG stories, when just a few days ago she went on and on about her lips? Got a facial, now is onto her eyelashes. She’s constantly getting work done, and discussing it. She calls herself a goddess when she does get it done, and it doesn’t empty the hole she has and looks literally like a fucking clown and cries about all the “support” she’s getting.

Did the girl that lied about getting lipo to everyone for a year really think that she’s convincing about losing weight normally? And her not wanting to shoot with others, No one wants to shoot with you. When push comes to shove, they’re cancelling on you because you’re still cancelled

No. 714753

She‘s getting a lot of comments on her weight on ”patreon” … sure, Jan.
First of all, the feeder fetish cucks that pay for her shit are the last ones to call her out for her weight gain in a way that would warrant a meltdown like that. Secondly, why not address this on her Patreon then? Make a statement for the people it supposedly matters to. Not post a manic rant on an IG story that 90% of your cucks don’t watch anyway.

Also what >>714695 said. If she actually did have something along the lines of BDD she wouldn’t keep buying shit that’s several sizes too small. She just can’t stand the fact that even after all the facial products, lipo and lip fillers she still doesn’t look like her photoshopped-into-oblivion self. It’s called being delusional, not BDD.

Chances are she just stumbled upon this thread (because imo it’s obvious how she’s addressing all the points that were made over the past few days; lack of cosplay, weight critique, etc) and had a mental breakdown about it. I could also see her do that ‘boohoo I feel so bad about myself’ to keep her female followers that see her as some strange sort of inspiration.

Nothing she ever does is authentic or sincere. ‘Shit’s tough you guys’ for her every other week. But she’d never think about fixing her personality first so things will be like that for as long as she’s somehow relevant to someone.

No. 714755

Sorry, I haven’t read through all her threads fully, but she is(was?) unaware of this thread?

No. 714757

She's known about it for years, Idk what that anon is on about.

No. 714761

I never said she wasn’t aware of it until now. I just don’t think she lurks as frequently on here as others think.

No. 714808

File: 1570377317136.jpg (19.79 KB, 540x333, FB_IMG_1567830669153.jpg)

This is so random. Of all things to pick out to wear to katsu? This???

No. 714823

There's a new movie coming out. Moo trying to pull in cuckbucks in a fandom she knows nothing about and has no genuine interest in.

And no Mooriah, this isn't your cue to post bullshit about how you've always loved the DC/U and Harley.

No. 714872


your aunt really look like that?

No. 714911

These look like juggalo outfits

No. 714922

Right? At this point just do a Harley cosplay
Probably knowing her she doesn't do cosplays because people kept pointing out how inaccurate her costumes were and her not knowing a thing about the character she was playing as.

Serves her right for giving cosplayers hell for "being mindless cash grabs who aren't real fans. only TRUE fans of a show should cosplay it!!!"

No. 714933

SHe can't do a Harlequin's cosplay because not only would she have to put all of her lumps and bumps on display with a costume like that, she would be at katsu where people hate her as the worst looking iteration of the character there. Like girls who buy a party store version of a Harley costume would have better quality than the shit she gets

No. 714969

File: 1570398993244.jpg (687.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191006-165625_Ins…)

No. 714974

Ah yes, this reeks of body dysmorphia

No. 714978


>boo hoo BDD so I don’t make as much content anymore

>posts photo in lingerie with her nipple in plain sight

Yeah not buying it. She’s done this song and dance multiple times in the past. She used this as an excuse for why she got lipo. Her first lipo procedure was like 2 years ago. She had 2 years, if not more time, to get her act together. She’s had more than enough money to hire a personal trainer and possibly even a chef to help her meal prep. She clearly has enough time to go on trips multiple times a month, which could’ve been used to go to the gym. Hell, she doesn’t even make cosplays anymore or send her awards out on time, so she should have all the free time in the world.

No excuses Mariah. Just be an adult and grow up.

No. 714979

File: 1570399786226.png (812.37 KB, 720x1075, Screenshot_2019-10-06-15-07-48…)

Bitch what the fuck
What the fuck

No. 714982

She's wearing the bra too low (probably because it's too small and she would be spilling out even more if it were sitting in the right place) and the strap isn't long enough,so it's pulling and warping the bra.

No. 714985

File: 1570400839657.jpeg (48.78 KB, 338x600, 11334060-D242-43A8-987B-D0E33B…)

Her forearm is like four inches long with a little chicken foot attached.

No. 714987

What are you on about? The clown outfit has no relation to DC. Umbran has a clown fetish, she roped Moo in.

No. 714998

I know we all get chubby when we sit but compared to literally every other picture shes 3 times the size here and somehow still looks poorly photoshopped. Sage for nitpicking, but damn.

No. 715001

File: 1570401888044.jpg (711 KB, 1080x2220, 20191006_174441.jpg)

No. 715006

Yes, but backwards. She thinks that things three or four sizes too small will fit.

No. 715011


The arm fat being shopped to half it’s size LMAO you got lazy cucknoodles? It looks hideous and obvious

No. 715013

Oh wow that is so heavily shopped, and i seriously question she has BDD. No way would she be comfortable posing almost naked for photos and such.

No. 715042

File: 1570404320316.jpeg (117.96 KB, 750x658, DD446DF3-2B34-4A47-A9F0-5F4A4C…)

she’s aware of the grim reality

No. 715050

I love when Moomoo gets snappy like this. It's when she says the stupidest shit.

No. 715107

File: 1570412153844.png (264.87 KB, 720x490, Capture _2019-10-06-20-34-02~2…)

Zoomed and lightened, is that a part of the bra? Like a strap that was supposed to go around the brand too or is it the fricken clasp because she couldn't close it?

No. 715127

What a fucking mess. She literally looks like a melting marshmallow. And what’s up with the editing around her lips? You’d think her patrons would get fed up with the lack of care or effort put into her sets but they’re gluttons for punishment.

No. 715137

I think its more the moustache that all her little zits and scars form around her mouth than photoshop

>>714411 is an example of what i'm talking about

No. 715159

She's using the body dysmorphia to slowly slink out of the cosplay and the video game scene. In a year time she wont have to pretend to be into nerdy stuff.
She's wants to be a lazy insta "model" so bad

No. 715201

File: 1570423700993.png (410.46 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-10-07-01-44-55…)

Sage for non milk but wtf does this mean? Soon what? Japan? A boyfriend? Fucking?
She even said that the joke went through a lot of people's heads, but she didn't care to explain what the joke was.

No. 715202

File: 1570423907501.png (735.4 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-10-06-21-50-56…)

No. 715204

Yamanote line is a hardrail in tokyo. She's referring to her japan trip later this month.

No. 715246

File: 1570430118390.jpg (36.08 KB, 314x445, 71XRqWnxs8L._SY445_.jpg)

Is she making some kind of allusion to chikan/train groping being hot? I thought you learned your lesson, Mariah.

No. 715266

I have some other theories, though I wouldn’t put yours past her
original tweet appears to be a woman sitting on a man’s lap with a romantic caption
>hinting at her relationship with whoever she’s going to japan with I mostly skim these threads so I didn’t catch who it was
>train line/time are photo shoot time and location
>train line/time for an event (probably fate related) they’re going to

No. 715272

Lmao I wouldn’t be surprised. She’s so desperate for any kind of sexual touch. “Oh no I hope -I- don’t get molested on the train” then you hear complaints from Japanese men about this white American cow backing her ass up against them.

No. 715300

I think she is referencing that. Since her knowledge of Japan, basically comes from Anime, Hentai, and Porn. Who is going on her trip to Japan at this point? Is she going to try to recreate that picture with someone?

No. 715301

This joke was originally about overcrowding on a train line in London, so it’s not necessarily referring to chikans as much as it is being cramped together during rush hour. But Mariah might have interpreted it that way

No. 715303

B-but, Anon… she‘s asexual!!! /s

No. 715348

Not by choice.

No. 715356

Nice stumpy midget limbs. Also, this makes her look like an amputee, kek.

She's really been going all out with the EXTREME smoothing lately.

She's an asexual who's into breastfeeding (as a kink), cuckholding, molestation, degenerate hentai… but totally asexual, though OwO. I'm not even skeptical of her not experiencing sexual desire since she's the size of a fucking mammoth and being that fat kills your sex drive, but the nasty pandering to her neckbeards is fucking ridiculous.

No. 715375

Oh yeah, they seem to be at least partly unhooked, if she even got them closed in the first place. That bra's not supposed to look like that anyways, she got a way too small size, tragic.

No. 715376

according to the site there's clasps that are part of the ornamental backing of the bra but they wouldn't be too loose.
She probably unclasped it for being so illfitting.

No. 715390


Even in a crowded train, her ripe B.O. funk is enough to keep anyone away. I had the displeasure of standing next to her when she was cosplaying Roadhog and she smells like an overweight dude (a mildew smell with a musk of B.O.). I really do feel bad for the poor people who have to be crammed in a small space next to her.

No. 715406

I guess she realized it doesn't matter how much photoshop she uses, people are still going to throw money at her
It looks so uncanny though. like those korean chicks who turn themselves into aliens

No. 715414

It's funny but I had a similar experience and a lot of people don't believe it, but she is more than ripe and I saw her on the first day.

I find it weird people don't believe the odor rumors when she herself admits she doesn't feel like she has to bathe every day, change her clothes or even wash her fucking hair (she can't even brush it on her own).

No. 715439

I definitely vouch for you. She had a bad smell, even if it wasn't entirely her fault. Some girls whether they're skinny or fat emit a strong B.O. or sweat heavily any time they do activities. This is the case unfortunately for Momo. She can be clean and sweat then immediately smell ripe. But the fact that she doesn't shower everyday or take care of her personal hygiene just makes it all the more gross. Her old sweat and mildew smell (ontop of the fresh B.O. smell) that I experienced next to her is an indication of her poor hygiene habits.

No. 715444

I wonder who would even pay for photos of an obese granny taking a bath in fake blood. Idk what she was thinking, i mean it'd be ok-ish if she was styled well. But yeah nope.

No. 715460


What the fuck is with her neck? It's really elongated in this shot and the amount of PS for this selfie doesn't help. She looks way thinner in this photo than anything she's posted in a long time.

No. 715466

She looks like a fat Usagi Kou

No. 715469

File: 1570482704994.png (509.45 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_2019-10-07-14-07-51…)

No. 715470

File: 1570482808598.png (744.56 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-07-14-08-30…)

No. 715471

File: 1570482832090.jpg (525.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191007-181154.jpg)

OH GOD This is so fucking creepy and disgusting

No. 715473

File: 1570483039063.jpeg (26.76 KB, 360x270, E6653A10-53FE-4B5B-8A36-418873…)

Love the Kathy Bates cosplay. 10/10

No. 715479

sage but I knew it before in the first bath pic, but she's def using some face tune/asian app to make herself look better lmao

nice bandaide moo

No. 715484

Hmmm looking like the tail of the my little pony at the bottom of the church daycare toy bin

No. 715487

No shit, Sherlock. It’s been proven several times that she’s using face tune in her photos and videos.
Plus, writing sage won’t sage the post.

No. 715496

No shit, Sherlock. It’s been proven several times that she’s using face tune in her photos and videos.
Plus, writing sage won’t sage the post.

No. 715498

File: 1570487464964.png (1.1 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-10-07-15-28-45…)

No. 715499

File: 1570487540771.png (434.35 KB, 720x917, Screenshot_2019-10-07-15-29-14…)

>when you hear the McDonald's bag rustle
Also is Cat living there fulltime? Is that why she bought a storage bed?

No. 715501

File: 1570487800688.png (979.33 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-10-07-15-34-18…)

>says her armpits and feet were dyed red but not her hair
>sperges about stalker's NeW sTiCkErS

No. 715503

Is she getting more work done than just lips? She looks like she had cheek fillers and Botox in her forehead. Or maybe she's just greasy I don't know.

No. 715506

File: 1570488994775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.96 KB, 2100x1396, queen-of-the-damned-21.jpg)

I get the bathtub set but lately she doesn't even leave her own house for "photoshoots" and now that Square lives with her she doesn't even need to look for a photographer, she just yells his name.

She didn't need a costume, but she could have rented a place out to do something similar to the image below and it still would have been minimal effort. What Moo did wasn't even effort.

No. 715509

I wouldn't be surprised if she did. She said she got a facial.
Her face always looked a bit off, but without photoshop her face and body just looks botched

No. 715517

I wish you anons would read shit instead of unsaging shit and peope have to go back and repeat:

Shes been living with her since before May. Shes been shipping ears with Moos address on the packages.

No. 715561

>not her hair
Damn her hair is so beyond damaged that it can’t even hold color properly anymore

And red is one of the hardest stains to get out

No. 715595

Isnt that the lipo headband she used to hold her face together after her operation


No. 715918

File: 1570515740482.png (822.88 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_2019-10-07-23-19-53…)

No. 715920

File: 1570515900961.png (1.45 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-10-07-23-20-11…)

No. 715932

I can't even imagine how terrible this is going to turn out.

No. 715944

Aww cute she's planning more shit she wont get done. How much shit that she planned from 2018, claimed was going to get done in 2019 and we havent fucking heard of… Also why would she need to plan this Istar when it's something that even she could make and finish within a month…

No. 715977

She needs to blow even the most low-effort shit like that or the blood bath shoot way out of proportion so she can continue claiming to be such a workaholic and make it seem like she isn’t sitting on her ass most of the day while others do everything for her.

But tbf all that shit probably does seem like a lot of work to her at this point.

No. 716012

Apparently her main IG page is down.

No. 716041

apparently you're wrong. It's still up just fine, learn to sage.

No. 716042

Don't be a dumbass, it was indeed down earlier. Learn to not assume shit.

No. 716044

No one cared because this is her typical pattern, it never stays down long.

No. 716073

File: 1570545845061.png (21.65 KB, 1340x682, down.png)

it's still down (or down again) for me, at the time of this post

No. 716088

File: 1570547732706.png (13.72 KB, 1070x433, Screenshot_2019-10-08 Content …)

Down for me as well.

No. 716091

>a ratpack of high class lawyers pack into a van on the way to Instagram headquarters

No. 716105

File: 1570549652482.jpg (532.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191008-104724_Ins…)

She's only interested to spite vamps.

No. 716136

File: 1570551680468.jpg (26.75 KB, 400x593, 08b46fcf20e95d76e6b3b914bff2d0…)

She's going to look like her old rival, or worse. Love Nier but looking forward to this monstrosity.

No. 716163

For sure suspended, her @mariahmallad in her bts bio isn’t clickable either and she doesn’t have me blocked.

No. 716185


Skirts going to be hiked up to her tits so her “ass” can hang out for the Patreon bux. Gonna call it thick somewhere no doubt as well. Emphasis on pumped up chappy lips since her eyes won’t be showing.

No. 716247

Didn't she commission that Succubusfrom Overlord and a pair of expensive wings? She didn't already out grow the costume before the shoot right?

No. 716253

If her insta is down for more than 3 days and she starts breaking down then we know it's gone for good. I dunno how it could be down though, they didn't care about the porn before, mystery.
(skip for tinfoil)
She threatened someone in her DM's because she's a bad bitch and thought since it wasn't a public post she would be safe.

But there is a bigger percentage that it's just Momo hiding her account again for stupid reasons

No. 716260

She usually does this before a big trip when she can't be on her phone 24/7 to quickly delete the hate.

No. 716265

I honestly wouldn’t doubt she’s hiding it again because of “muh depression” since she’s been on a victim kick lately judging from her recent IG stories. And she’s probably trying to dodge questions about her months late Patreon rewards lol.

You’re right though, in a few days we’ll know what’s up if her “crack team of Instagram lawyers” don’t manage to restore her account. I still find it funny though, every time one of her thot buddies gets the ban on IG and she promises to have her “lawyers” get their account back, they don’t. (Like Belle Delphine last I checked)

No. 716267

I don’t recall her disabling it for her last trip to Japan, unless I’m mistaken.

No. 716304

She posted on btsmomokun's stories that her account got taken down.

Also for future reference when she allegedly 'takes her own account down' it's usually a day or two before the trip.

No. 716308

File: 1570566514664.png (876.83 KB, 1242x2208, DDF16495-93A6-42C5-B9D1-1D89D3…)

>wrongfully targeted


No. 716312

Why is she pretending she didn't do it herself?

No. 716313

>>716308 cant she ask for help from her lawyers??

No. 716318

Gotta love how cocky she was before whenever her account was disabled. Where’s your team of lawyers now, Mariah? She’s never had to beg for help getting it back.

No. 716339

I wouldn't be suprised if it actually got deleted tho. Same for her hiding her acc.

No. 716348

I can't decide. Would this be delicious milk, or less milk pouring in? I'm not sure

No. 716351

She kept pushing her luck tbh. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the recent posts with the nipples showing that was the straw that broke the camels back or like another anon said, she probably harassed someone in DMs.

No. 716366

Hilarious how anons were saying we should stop beating a dead horse for Mariah, but this happens.
Tinfoil but maybe she got reported for posting that artwork?
She didn't credit the artist from what I can tell, maybe some people got pissed at her for it. Though the other alternatives are just as likely.

No. 716374

>her main account got suspended this was posted on her side
>it's obviously concept art from one of the art books so no one is going to be salty about her not tagging an artist as it's not fanart.

No. 716631

Her even bothering to ask her side account fans makes it seem like she isn't able to get the account back. Its not shocking since to even have someone look at her account again they have to scroll through borderline nude photos. Her breakdowns will be milky for sure.

No. 716644

File: 1570587432429.png (180.99 KB, 500x916, 099.png)

No. 716771

Pretty sure it was the nudity and suggestive elements. Showing nip nops to any degree is considered a violation I thought.

No. 716772

She still has them down? Or is it just her main account?

No. 716778

It’s just her main account that’s been taken down. She’s been silent the whole day other than the IG story trying to get people to help her reinstate the account.

No. 716837

File: 1570635849418.png (Spoiler Image, 917.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-09-08-41-13…)

Apparently someone linked dropboxes on Reddit too but they timed out

No. 716840

The smoothing on that just makes it look like some shitty 3D render, in no way shape or form does that look like a real human. I really wonder how bad the pre-shoop photos are if they require all of this.

No. 716849

holy fuck that bra looks SO uncomfortable. her back fat is just spilling all over. i didn't think that it was THAT small?? holy shit did she think this was a good look? she can lie to everybody and the world about her weight, but why can't she just at least be honest with herself and buy the right sizes? bad look moo

No. 716855

File: 1570640007842.png (845.09 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-10-09-09-49-33…)

She's sperging about pro-Hong Kong stuff. I guess Mei is involved so she feels the need to be

No. 716856

File: 1570640046582.png (711.53 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-10-09-09-49-37…)

No. 716857

File: 1570640167058.png (691.33 KB, 720x1019, Screenshot_2019-10-09-09-54-53…)

No. 716858

lol mariah just get your tits out no one cares what you think

No. 716860

This coming from someone who had nothing to say on the Hong Kong issues until now

Also posting images like this only promotes Blizzard. even her caption doesnt directly say 'fuck Blizzard for caring more about money' she makes a vague post about 'companies' which could just mean in general companies in Hong Kong.

No. 716862

She actually had a screen that had the Blizzard logo x'd out

No. 716863

File: 1570640739015.png (89.32 KB, 720x602, Screenshot_2019-10-09-10-05-04…)

No. 716864

File: 1570640868096.png (440.5 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2019-10-09-10-06-27…)

No. 716865

I just busted out laughing…this bitch is so dumb. Posting up pictures of Mei while in the same breath posting that…this made my day.

No. 716871

File: 1570641563332.jpeg (495.32 KB, 1242x1807, 72D8AB46-0376-454D-A52F-643A94…)

Guess she’s gotta go apeshit about something to bring attention to the fact her account is still down lol. I doubt she gives a crap about what’s happening in HK right now. If she did, she should have done so earlier to make it somewhat believable. Instead, she spams images of Mei and parrots what she sees.

No. 716875

I had to do a double take here because her backfat looked like her arms for a sec. But the spill of backfat is HIDING her arms completely! Jesus Christ this is appalling. It boggles my mind that she can look at these photos and not feel shame.

No. 716879

The only cosplay she did last month was of Mei. She can't pretend to give a fuck now. Even before that she said she wouldn't support Blizzard because of the KDA designs. She's still going to cosplay Mei for quick bucks because she owns the wig. Sit down Momo, you don't give a shit

No. 716886

File: 1570643107502.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1463, 82B77A43-3C99-4EB6-AF5F-EA1360…)

From her FB profile. She looks less like a succubus and more like the fat kid from Matilda with the chocolate cake smeared on his face.

No. 716888

I'd give her a pass on being aware of these things if it wasn't for her always talking out the side of her neck about her Muslim faith or Arab background. Chinese Muslims have been in death camps for nearly a decade and she was silent about that but talked about herself having an imaginary confrontation at a Trump rally while wearing a hijab. John Boyega was diminished on the Star Wars poster because Chinese officials felt it would add moviegoers not go see it because he's black and she said nothing. An NBA official criticised China recently and had to issue an apology after pressured by the NBA because they just signed a steaming deal with China which if she's gonna complain about companies who only care for money than she can stop wearing all that sports gear too.

No. 716889

I thought she was going for a vampire, not a succubus. She can't even get her mythical creatures right

No. 716894

That poor rental house moo has no respect.

No. 716895

It's neither. It's her sitting her ass in a tub filled with fake blood.
Putting on fake fangs and calling it a costume might be the laziest she's ever been

No. 716897

File: 1570644711669.jpg (432.74 KB, 804x592, yuumeiart.jpg)

not to defend her, but people made Mei edits in order to highlight how Blizzard fucked up

No. 716898

Did she say she was going to BlizzCon this year? I hear tickets aren't refundable at this point. A lot of people are planning on protesting. I wonder if she'll go.

A lot of people are posting pics of Mei with HK supportive slogans to try and "get her removed" or "banned" from OW. Kinda stupid, but I'm sure to her it makes sense.

What? KDA is Riot, not Blizzard. Two totally different companies.

No. 716899

ot but kda is riot not blizzard

No. 716901

No shit Anon. We are talking about her using 'IRL MEI' to prove she even gives a shit about whats happening. She probably has no hard dip in it herself. Clout and clown is all she is.

No. 716905

human rights?
human rights.

mariah we know you read here so listen carefully: posting this shit isn’t helping anyone’s human rights. you know what does? actual action. praxis. literally fucking anything BUT sitting on yout ass about it. mariah, you have a lot of fucking money. try putting it where your mouth is and doing more to help than the average citizen could ever dream about.

she only wants to pretend to be politically aware when it suits her but has absolutely no understanding of politics, the history of china or its government.

No. 716906

slightly OT, but they're not trying to get any character banned from OW, just from the Chinese client by pissing off the government. moo probably doesn't really get that or understand anything that's going on and just used it as an excuse to tag her cosplay.

No. 716909

So……. how long before she starts a fundraiser for gas masks for Hong Kong which will somehow end up in her pocket?

No. 716912

Tbh she indirectly did something on accident. They can't delete the images off of Moo's thread so Hong Kong Mei could disappear off the social medias but stay here forever
because it's milk she only cares cause Mei.
I bet she lied and is going to pretend she is sick or use this as an excuse.

No. 716916

Lol People totally will fall for this and think that’s all her ass when her tiny little butt is hidden under layers and layers of blur. Moo wishes all that was her ass.

Anything for a drop of clout.

No. 716941

Does Mariah source her cosplay? She buys from Chinese companies that pump out costumes every single day.
Does she source her electronics? I bet half her equipment comes from China. I bet half her WARDROBE comes from China. She buys from fast fashion sites.
How does she fight alongside human rights when most of these companies people are the companies she's mad about? Is she going to watch another documentary and swear off something she'll backpedal about later? Whatever happened to not eating beef because of the treatment of animals? You stopped doing that too lol

No. 716943

File: 1570652080508.png (858.28 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-09-13-03-01…)

Btw they're in California and might go to a Ren Fair, according to Cat's twitter

No. 716950

The ren faire in Vegas is this weekend so I wouldn’t be surprised if she waddled her way over there for a few hours before getting winded.

No. 716952

Moo says 'fight for human rights' while still not crediting the artists who made the edits

Keep it up moo

No. 717022

> John Boyega was diminished on the Star Wars poster because Chinese officials felt it would add moviegoers not go see it because he's black and she said nothing.

Finn's actor?? I didnt know that. that's actually beyond fucked up. And yes, Moo pretending to care about HK and human rights is such a joke.

No. 717023

How is she gonna get rid of all that fake blood? just drain it and clog the bathroom pipes?

No. 717039

Does this fool only care about video games or anime? also this is some kony shit

No. 717043

File: 1570663427350.jpg (978.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191009-182352_Ins…)


No. 717045

File: 1570663540193.jpg (805.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191009-182337_Ins…)


No. 717046

File: 1570663641751.jpg (988.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191009-182343_Ins…)


No. 717049


Lol soccer mom jeggings aren’t supposed to be see through mookunt. Why not try a better size…

No. 717054

File: 1570664115361.png (2.49 MB, 1242x2208, 8AC3A0F8-7974-45E4-993A-19AE92…)

No. 717055

File: 1570664209057.png (2.92 MB, 1242x2208, 47A22D2A-FD6E-471B-8A15-20C472…)

No. 717058

File: 1570664417782.png (2.34 MB, 1242x2208, 7E7EB7AD-80C5-457B-B916-265849…)

No. 717060

File: 1570664545709.png (3.91 MB, 1242x2208, 3ACCDCC2-0E37-4EDA-A0E2-06012C…)

No. 717063

Holy shit. This set is going to look even more pathetic once it’s photoshopped into oblivion to give Mariah some semblance of shape. It’s clear from these shots that the “exercise” and “clean eating” she keeps spouting are still bullshit (since she was eating ramen AGAIN just yesterday and more meat before out in Red Rock Canyon with Cat)
Also, I thought her “body dysmorphia” was preventing her from doing shoots with other models? Its so uncomfortable to see two reasonably fit models in the same scene as this lumbering ogre. Did they agree to this out of pity?

No. 717064

You are absolutely not wrong. Square has been editing muscles on people like Aly for a while too for her Zarya cosplay. Its going to look really bad because his edits look super faked lol God she makes one obese Hibiki and Umbrans wig looks so bad too. Hibiki's hair literally flies around and isn't at all stiff. Her bangs go everywhere while working out and Moo has… Gravity bangs that look stuff of pillow stuffing.

No. 717066

File: 1570665310563.png (731.05 KB, 650x831, lagadje075831.png)

wtf is this peach wig?? Hibiki's hair looks fucking nothing like that at all.

Also holy shit her tits are completely below her armpits they're basically at her elbows at this point.

Funfact: the character is literally 100lbs lighter than moo. She starts off at 55.4kg which i about 122lbs.

No. 717071

That’s supposed to be the character?! That wig is completely inaccurate! It does look like a Peach wig! Umbran continues to prove that she’s a fucking hack.

No. 717072


Going to the ren faire instead of going to LACC which is going on this weekend? Cool MOO cool. At least you know not to show your ass up

No. 717076

So much for BDD amirite?

No. 717079

Wait what?!

I legit thought this was Peach, WiiFit trainer and someone else doing WiiFit holy shit.

The pink really ties in with the whole looking like Peach. >>717060

No. 717080

she's going to tell the editor to make her appear juts as thin as the other girls but enhance her titts and ass. She did it before in other shoots, for example Vamps.
Too lazy to go through over 100 threads but there is even a screen cap of her telling past photogs to edit her to be thinner.

No. 717086

Momo is going to be so salty that people are going to think this is a nitendo shoot. It's going to be her MewTwo cosplay all over again

No. 717102

File: 1570667961999.png (267.79 KB, 567x496, that weight loss.png)

The difference that very specific posing and sucking it in and probably laxative teas can make. She's such a fraud.

No. 717113

File: 1570668913859.jpg (1.15 MB, 1728x2394, 2021451_English_ShowDetailHero…)

woof girl, not even close

No. 717157

I mean, tape your boobs or something. She is too lazy to do the basics of her job.

No. 717169

My theory is she just added pig tail clips to a Bowsette wig she never used. She’s super lazy after all.

No. 717199

This is so infuriating, how stupid does she think people are? Even her most dedicated of ass lickers have to be catching on by now.

No. 717200

File: 1570676187344.jpeg (566.46 KB, 750x1033, 7AFF172D-07D1-4836-A816-3E7653…)

>lives in Las Vegas

No. 717220

When you do a simple cosplay, it's so important to get the little details.
She couldn't even be bothered to get the right shorts or mod some?? It's beyond lazy

No. 717229

Lol, "one of these things is not like the others…". She looks like a workout version of the Trolls dolls.

No. 717232

umbran need to stop making wigs good god. all of her wigs look like the helmet hair shitty prize figures have because they're made poorly.

No. 717236

Nothing like a beautiful sunset picture with bird shit decorating in front of you.

No. 717247

File: 1570683790621.jpg (566.3 KB, 2363x2115, Lol~2.jpg)

Definitely repurposed that Bowsette wig

No. 717248

File: 1570683824905.jpg (262.35 KB, 1951x2032, Kek~2.jpg)

Can afford Gucci but not accurate cosplay

No. 717250

she doesn't need either one tho, kek.

No. 717258

No, fuck no, as a Hong Konger I'm disgusted.

No. 717259

I'm so confused, does she just not wear a bra during shoots? Or it that supposed to be her bra? No wonder her breasts always looks so droopy.

No. 717268


Probably those fake pasties she wears trying to get the cuck bux by being “sexy” and “teasing “

No. 717277

Lmfao like looks like someone's dad in a bad wig. Is this the same dumpy middle-aged looking guy from the Umineko videos?

Jfc the kinds of dick Moo is willing to jump on…

No. 717278

Yup, same guy. I swear it’s like his chin takes up 90% of his face.

At least it’s not a secret anymore that she’s pandering to the feeder fetish crowd with this garbage.

No. 717285

since when has moo been dubbed a "child molester" ?? Am I retarded? I can't find anything on this.

No. 717287


Just molester which is proven true

No. 717290

You’re a retard for adding the word “child” for no reason.

No. 717291

Omg what I would do to be a fly on the wall for this shoot, do you think she was self conscious the whole time with those girls ? Lol the one girl is stretching and it gives me a flash black to that “workout vid” she did a while back lol

No. 717330

"Child" is thrown in because of her unhealthy obsession for wanting to lewd children cosplay (and loli/shota obsession and taking creepy candids of children when she go on trips) - Usually not a far stretch from considering her a child molester.

No. 717355

Which anime is this again? She picks up and drops so many I don’t remember this one.

And lol at the pink weights. No one there looks like they lift.

No. 717367

Because she didnt even pretend to be actually into it.
It's called how heavy are the dumbbells you lift and it's an educational ecchi manga/anime that actually has good healthy work out and weight loss tips.

It's literally the antithesis to Moo's hedonistic lifestyle.

No. 717370

Anon shut up. DOnt' start this shit again. Moo is neither a pedophile or a child molester. Stop trying to say that shit in these threads. Animated and cartoon kids are NOT even slightly the same as real children and go after actual cosplayers who lewd people like Cardcaptor Sakura and shit. Moo cosplayed a fucking 5000 year old dragon. There is no relation to that and molesting children. Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 717375

While she is no child molester, she has recorded children with no parental consent. She wears clothing with loli themes on it

No. 717377

Anon please just stop. That in no way makes her a pedophile or child molester either. Go after Japan is you are hell bent on this shit. Everyone in the community knows how far of a reach and dumb they sound when trying to compare real life to people wearing loli motifs and enough of her taping kids. She is not taking this shit home to jack off too. These are one off stories where SHE MAKES FUN OF CHILDREN. She's a fucking cunt and thats it. That stretch for Moo being a molester for children or wanting to fuck real kids is super sickening and shouldn't be something that is allowed to be talked about anyway.

Can a mod add this to a list of things that are bannable in Moo's threads?

No. 717378

Welp. Tsunade isn't a terrible choice for someone with Mariah's figure, but I don't even know that much about cosplay and I can see that's a pretty poor take on it. I don't get why every single wig of hers I have seen looks like she was dragged through a bush.

No. 717403

Thanks anon. The pics looked cute and I was wanting to learn more about it. Barring the ecchi stuff I’m all about women lifting weights and it’s neat to see Japan encouraging women to do that was well.

No. 717405

It's Maddie's amateur wig styling where yes the wig style wise is a close approximate to the character's hair but it's not tailored or tapered to the shape of the person's head so it gives a look like a Lego

No. 717406

stop bitching about people bringing it up. we need to acknowledge that she baits neckbeards by acting like a pedo. sincere or not it's a huge issue among many. people like moo are normalizing it because then pedo guys can go "see girls like pedoshit too!".

No. 717436

Not to sound like I’m defending her at all, but there are other cosplayers who are way more blatant with their pedobait than Moo, some that have been defended in these threads before also. This is such a tired argument against Momokun that, while she did do lewd Kanna back in the day, isn’t true in her current content and hasn’t been for a while.

No. 717470

It looks like she ditched her extremely expensive shitty Tsunade wig from before- the one made by the same wig maker who did her baikan wig for a more "natural" looking one lmao. Mariah it's not the wig that makes your cosplay look terrible and try-hard, it's just you.

No. 717471

wtf is even that dirty tarp they're sitting on?

Why would she even do such a fit character? It's really baffling she has no shame

No. 717474

Said character is the most popular one, so she wants to 'lewd' it purely for that reason.

No. 717498

File: 1570747060349.jpg (44.59 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1570746814008.jpg)

Is this some kind of new Halloween shoot?

No. 717500

oh. my. god.

She's gone off the deep end to look at this and think she looks good.

No. 717502

File: 1570747298809.jpg (53.14 KB, 720x960, 72677319_10156374973042007_468…)

Kelton is extremely talented, but even he couldn't do anything with her face.

No. 717504

Does anyone attempt to direct Moo with posing or does she do her own thing anyway because she's stubborn? I'm not saying there's any technique to make her look sub 200 pounds, but there's definitely more flattering poses that could have been had here instead of posing dead-on to emphasize her saggy boobs and lack of waist.
Blueball there did it like…?

No. 717510

File: 1570747735791.jpg (20.75 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 717515

File: 1570748142166.gif (1.02 MB, 337x600, 284296A1-BF2A-48C7-A12B-0A4287…)

me looking at this cosplay

No. 717516


I'm ascending did they just look at vaguely japanese things and go 'oh yeah lets wear that with our oni'

Also their so ignorant. The way they have the tape on their boobs is obviously meant to look like Shide which is used for purification and is usually used by Miko and Priests in Shinto rituals to ward off evil spirits and bestow blessings so it makes literally no sense for oni to be wearing it taped onto their tits.

I was actually kinda hoping to see moo whip out some of her 'super expensive legit kimono' that arent just tourist bait yukata AT ALL for this shoot but we get the minimum effort. Hairline showing, already splotchy makeup on the both of them, no interesting features cept for the weird bull horns, random stone jewelry which is the closest thing to being any semblance of a design thought.

Maybe it would have been cool if the shide were black to maybe be like 'oh it's a mockery of the shinto priests that have tried to ward them off' but this is just tacky and lazy and moo looks bigger and lumpier and saggier than ever.

No. 717517

File: 1570748568330.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, CACFC59F-E757-4375-859E-21081F…)

No. 717519

File: 1570748693075.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, C2DC5753-0448-490D-A60D-1D6A47…)

No. 717527

She does her own thing because she "doesn't like to take orders."

No. 717529

Looking like an orangutan in a wig

No. 717535

File: 1570750872404.jpeg (15.51 KB, 300x500, images (1).jpeg)

No. 717536

File: 1570750903662.jpeg (349.94 KB, 1012x1800, 60CE3C56-FF8C-4CA5-872A-240716…)

how does it look so much worse than the last time?

No. 717538

Wtf? kelton did this work? Her face is really fucked up. I thought she did this herself tbh.

No. 717542

It's patchy and sloppy like her usual work, so maybe her lack of effort has become infectious.

Lack of clothes, bigger weight, chin lipo and fillers. You can't tell how gross she looked on the left because the clothes covered up most of her body.

No. 717550

a non-prettified monster costume was really such a bad pick for her because it makes her read intentionally ugly and grotesque instead of incidentally so. it makes her flaws (flabbiness, rolls, flat/sagging/deflated breasts) more noticeable because it reads like a hideous creature instead of a cute/seductive devil. it looks good on neither of them, really, both would have been greatly improved with the addition of some kind of kimono-jacket-coverlet at feminine accessories to make them look succubus-y instead of like two monsters squatting and sweating in a firelit cave while waiting for an anime protag to come slay them for eating the local village's children. this shit was doomed to fail even on a girl with a cute figure, they should have just straight up embraced the ugly and called it a halloween prank.

No. 717589

I think thats the point. Oni are supposed to be ugly demons.

No. 717591

Dont read into it too much, Anon. This is a huge thng amongst thots right now. Using body tape and taping off places as their 'outfit' by concealing genitals and nipples and using the rest as a suit as if it were natural. Nana actually started this trend.

No. 717596

All of that money on lipo and she still had a gunt that eats her bottoms. Shouldnt she worry about fixing her sad pendulous grandma beasts before even considering a BBL too? Fillers and lipo havent done the rest of her any favors. The red makes it alllllllll more obvious.

No. 717597

she does want to fix her breasts but she might fuck up the recovery.

In these recent shoots it's like she accepted her fate and is pandering to the feeder fetishists and the chubby chasers. But at the same time she hates being one of the fat girls she use to make fun of so she gets lipo.

She wants to have that hot skinny body but no one gave a shit about her back then. Who whole thing was being "thicc." She doesn't know what to do with her body anymore

No. 717600

yoooo no way, why does she think she fits these cosplays? Hibiki is a bmi of around 21 when she starts trying to lose weight. She doesn't watch these shows at all right?

No. 717605

File: 1570760239428.jpg (1.23 MB, 3840x5760, 64dde9e.jpg)

From reddit

No. 717606

File: 1570760493504.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1402x739, cringe.PNG)

A bit off topic, but Hibiki in the show was 5'3", 122 lbs (22 BMI), and 35% body fat. I don't really understand the logic between her stats and how she's drawn, but 35% is considered obese or nearly. And somehow, even though Hibiki is the most unfit character in the anime, Momo outdoes her by a staggering amount– fucking 40 BMI, according to last thread. (Although allegedly her body fat is 33% somehow, so I'm assuming that's been fudged.)
It would be a miracle if she actually took away from the anime/manga instead of just cosplaying her for clout. I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't watch it before just jumping on the "cosplay," if you can even call it that.

No. 717610

File: 1570761077855.jpg (198.2 KB, 829x596, Shide_Shinto.jpg)

if it was a random pattern or even a simple piece of straight white tape I could see it as that but the placement is obviously a reference to Shide. She probably saw it in a random anime or on a character in Fate and figured it would 'look cool'

If they had done tiger stripes with black tape it would have made more sense both aesthetically and lore wise.

No. 717623

It's because that is technically "fat" in Japan (standard wise), any girls you see visibly chubby by say, american standards, are beyond average in fatness. She's drawn as a typical chubby girl, that's the only 'logic' in it.

No. 717626

Not going to sit on this for too long, but the joke is that all her fat is in Hibiki's tits. Watch the show.

No. 717627

on the reflection of the door that shows the side of her back, what the hell is that on her shoulder? looks like a giant patch of some kind? i dont think its part of the bathing suit…

No. 717629

Its white tile reflecting. Its not on her body.

No. 717634

Lmao exactly.

Remember when we thought she was huge at this stage? She's the size of two bitches.

No. 717637

File: 1570765180166.jpeg (822.03 KB, 1242x1824, 9244CC9C-7602-4B81-92D6-270B12…)

Someone in the comments of her recent post tagged artist of the character Moo is (sloppily) cosplaying. Leave it to Mariah to never fucking credit, not in the posts or IG stories. The character design is just as uninspired so it figures she would choose this.

No. 717639

File: 1570765345579.jpeg (475.09 KB, 750x1076, 38BCA5D4-E89C-430E-BA0E-B5B682…)

No. 717643

How did she ruin such a simple design. The white arm wrappings, shide on the bottoms and sealing ring/band/whatever on their arms make the outfit make so much more sense and balance the design out so much more.

thank you anon for finding this. It's recent too so you can tell she just went into the oni tag on insta and picked one of the first things she saw. How many times is she going to continue to be a blatant art thief now?

No. 717647

File: 1570766511572.png (784.81 KB, 1800x855, 6CF87758-A94C-48CB-8DB9-5FDBAA…)

The artist has a somewhat larger following on their twitter than IG but goddamn, Mariah, fucking credit the artist. Especially since it’s not from a big IP. People are going to assume it’s something she came up with and she’s more than happy to let them think that.

No. 717648

Let's be clear here. Kelton is a talentless hack, just like Umbran. These wannabe professionals-but-stuck-as-a-cosplayers flock to Moo and she eats up their BS.

This makeup is straight out of the store bought palet. It wasn't applied correctly and it wasn't sealed, look at the filthy backdrop from all their body paint rubbing off. He did zero visible contor or highlight and just painted them full saturation red and blue, so they look like blobs.

If he had any real knowledge he would have airbrushed them with a higher quality makeup in a custom mix of a less saturated color, or at least tried to get better coverage and seal the damn paint.

His work never looks good up close, but this is a new low. She deserves him.

No. 717649

File: 1570767461078.jpeg (378.1 KB, 750x1099, 4E0D046C-B72C-4866-A48D-478287…)

it’s literally just her laziness and probably so she can play it off as “not 100% copying the art.” the girl in blue looks like she made the necklaces and earrings for them both so what did momo even do? pay the bill for everything as usual I guess

No. 717650

File: 1570767585243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.58 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1570767186703.jpg)

She posted these on Facebook and I noticed her side boob on our right side has a fucking fold in it???? Higher than a normal boob should

No. 717651

Samefag. I doubt the artist knows this is happening or the fact that she probably intends to sell these on her Patreon. Because let’s face it, Mariah doesn’t get off her lazy ass to do anything unless she can profit from it. I’d be pissed if I was a smalltime creator and some thot was selling shit tier lewd sets of my intellectual property without permission or a contact in place for royalties. I hope this bites her in the ass because she never learns. Gonna be My Oppa all over again.

No. 717652


wooow, this looks 100x worse up close. Did she just slap some white Playdoh on her tits? I thought maybe it was actually paper but this is hilarious.

No. 717653

This fucking body paint job is horrendous. How is it that 12 y/o Homestuck fans do better than some bitch who supposedly does this shit for a living?

No. 717654

I'm assuming the incredible "makeup artist" made these to flex his crap prosthetic making skills.

The fact that his paint job looks like basic slapped on paint from far away, and a full body rash covered in paint closeup is mind boggling.

No. 717655

Is she dressed as an eczema demon or something because that paint looks more like a severe skin irritation than anything else. I’m rolling at the Model Magic looking white shit Kelton made and the FUCKING BOOB DENT. Mariah, just stop. The art was as simple as it gets and you still managed to fuck up those details jfc.

No. 717656

Looks like she slapped some sticky putty on her tits

No. 717657

File: 1570768213041.png (598.89 KB, 1022x766, PiantaCaptainSMS.png)

Her boobs remind me of pinata noses from super mario sunshine.

No. 717665

this is what happens to boobs when you wear the wrong bra size, kids.

No. 717671

Seeing this up close makes it look like she has some really severe sunburn

No. 717676

File: 1570772830145.jpeg (309.19 KB, 1242x1015, B67BE6D9-5391-4967-8190-121982…)

Found her “credit” to the artist within the comments on her FB post, not even on the post itself. No link or anything when it’s obvious she could have taken an extra few seconds to link to his active IG or Twitter instead of some site most of her followers don’t even know about or use. What a fucking cunt.

No. 717719

and even those are perkier.

No. 717741

Moo's "33% body fat" number is from a bioimpedence scale, which are wildly inaccurate at calculating body fat. I have the exact same one she does (I recognize the app she uses) and it puts me at 13% body fat, which is like…bodybuilder status, and i'm definitely not that. It's safe to assume her body fat % is at least 40 or higher.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717742

File: 1570789043585.png (250.45 KB, 464x337, wtf.png)

What even is this?

No. 717747

it's her side fat joining her breast fat and peaking out the side because her side fat is larger than her actual tit.


No. 717751

But 88cm (34") is not that busty lol? That's a B cup– the literal average.Is B considered big in Japan?

Also, the anime looks like moe-blob trash for fat neckbeards. No thanks.

Yeesh, this looks bad. I know people are focusing on Mariah's awful hot-cheeto body paint, but the left girl's somehow looks even worse. there are so many uncovered spots and the makeup looks like tempera paint.

I can't believe I'm advocating this sort of laziness, but doing everything accurate IRL except for the paint and just editing the skin color might have been the best way to go. Body paint is just more effort for an end result that looks worse. Also it ruins the wigs (though those wigs are trash anyway).

No. 717754

So is this fat bitch culturally appropriating yet? Or is she pretending to be a fat uWu weeb?

No. 717762

Jeezus, Kelton wtf is wrong. He could of gone with a pax paint for the body too if airbrush isn't viable, at least with that there'd be no transferring on any surface. This just looks so thinly applied that the tattoos are pretty visible despite the paint. Disappointing for someone who's supposedly a professional

No. 717763

Part of me feels like he did a shoddy job because of who it was for. We all know how quickly she wears on people, I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case for this as well. That or she chose the cheapest route for bodypaint, as again, we know that she always goes the cheap route when cosplay is involved.

This is peak lazy though, that paint job is embarrassing and I would not want my name connected to this at all..

No. 717771

>That's a B cup

that's not how bras work, retard.

No. 717785

All of his work relies on hiding his flawed work with embellishments to distract from his lack of real skill. Unfortunately for him, painting Moo's monstrous naked body not only gives him no where to hide but amplifies his mediocrity.

No. 717788

Funfact anon: Unless you know someone's underbust you cant know what their cup size is.

Also that person isnt completely accurate because there's even a scene where Hibiki's fat busts open her school skirt so no it's not 'all in her boobs'

To call a show that is actually teaching people how to work out and lose weight especially as a beginner and even giving at-home alternatives and that also shows main characters with abs and arm muscles 'moe-blob trash' is also hella ignorant.

Also with the same level of bodypaint the blue girl was always going to look worse. Moo's red will always blend more naturally with her skin since skin can go an actual 'red' but blue does not blend with a natural skintone. That's why boob vein-chan tends to be so obvious.

No. 717805


I dunno. Didn't she have breast reduction surgery some years ago? Maybe that is where the original scar is, and her boobs have grown around it, because scar tissue doesn't stretch properly.

No. 717818

Shes barely in his stories like Akemi is.

No. 717823

Thats where it is from.

Can we fucking stop nitpicking her tits. They are big tits and flat, but big. She had surgery. She has fucked up scaring from losing and gaining weight. She has translucent skin so you see veins.

Jfc just stop being fuck all about TITS. Hers arent ANY different from millions of tits around the world. Tits arent meant to be perky and do go below the armpit even on petite, small chested women. The sperging about them is so irritating at this point. Just shut up.

No. 717831

I noticed this too, both of them even took a solo selfie with akemi and not with momo. a lot of her ex calves/and other thots follow him so you know he avoided her for the grief she’d cause

No. 717833

oos tits are nearly touching her navel because like every other surgery, she doesn’t take care. We all know big tits are subject to gravity but she’s well beyond normal sagging for a fat girl, and she makes money off her gross deflated udders and STILL refuses to wear bras properly, so it’s absolutely relevant. But yeah, normal, totally! Are you feeling insecure because yours are somehow that bad too?(tit sperg)

No. 717838

You must have some issues anon or be too new to see her old nudes. Moo's tits are not normal. ALR's tits arent even as bad and she's near 600lbs and 5 years older.

You're right there are tons of tits that look like moo's, on people 10+ years older than her. Moo is in her mid 20s and when she started off she had plenty of elasticity in her boobs and they were perky.

Her flapjacks are 100% her own fault for mistreating them along with her ballooning weight.(tit sperg)

No. 717841

Shup up. You guys are way too invested in her tits. Nitpicking is bannable btw. Just because she uses them for money doesnt mean nitpicking is allowed. Read the fucking op.

No. 717842

Tits arent milk.

No. 717853

Guess who didn't seal her low quality blotchy body paint. What a shit tier shoot.

No. 717859

All that body paint and her nipples are STILL visible. Jfc.

No. 717864

An areola isn't a nipple holy shit you guys are literally this fucking stupid. You have got to be kidding me and of course square is going to go over and fix all the shitty paint. I dont know why everyone is nitpicking this shit. The only milk out of this is that Moo didn't credit until people called her out. Otherwise all that is happening is the nitpicking about her tits and paint job. Where the fuck are the mods to stop the excessive nitpcking in this thread lately?

No. 717868

How dare we point out easy to fix and obvious flaws in photos that someone who makes a living off of their appearance. You shouldnt have to retouch areola or this level of blotchiness with a bodypaint job. All she needed to do was use an adhesive bra that can easily be painted over and both the areola and saggy flat boobs issues would be fixed.

If you really think this is nitpicking then you should really look at other threads.

Nitpicking would be to point out where the underwear slipped and you can see bare skin. Any worthwhile makeup artist knows how to cover things like tattoos and areolas. At the rate you're talking about they might as well have not done the bodypaint at all and should have just photoshopped themselves blue and red because 'square is going to go over and fix all of it'

No. 717870

This level of autistic range

Anyway this random oni thing was obviously last minute. Seems a lot of her recent shoots are last minute things she slapped together. I wonder what has her worried? Probably needs extra cash for her vacation that's coming up

No. 717871


That and her main account hasn’t been reinstated (lol) so I’m sure she’s trying to lure what people she can to her bts account with this hot garbage.

No. 717875

That’s… actually not where it’s from. At all.
She showed off her scars from the reduction in a stream just recently; they’re below her nipples, not on the side of her boob.

No. 717880

Just to be clear: she does have scars on the side of her boobs. They look like puncture scars. Whether it was the reduction or not, I think she said a long time ago she had those as a result of reduction. I think they first appeared to us in the "Moo Moo" arc

No. 717882

Wow, even with her arm lifted up you can still see her side back fat overlap on it self. Another reason she needs to wear the right bra size. It always looks like she has a band on kek

No. 717883

I think it’s from her wearing two small bras like 24/7 I think she just fucked up her tits and they were permanently indented by the underwire

No. 717895

>pointing out shitty rushed photoshoot is nitpicking

Uh. Who the fuck are you? We’ve been pointing out her shitty low quality cosplays and shit tier content for years. Sure the tit thing is annoying but her threads are. It only about her garbage personality but also her garbage career. Fuck off with your ~editing will cover the flaws~

No. 717922

Bitch really out here stealing art AGAIN. Wow. what's gonna be her excuse this time?

No. 717925


Isn't it too late to 'credit' the artist when she already stole their work and cosplaying from it? she's making money from someone else's art without their permission. It's still theft

No. 717930

Any further tit nitpicking and pedophilia tinfoiling will result in an instant ban.

No. 717991

File: 1570844043660.jpeg (199 KB, 1242x582, 72366AA8-6539-4081-ACA8-F528BC…)

I know Japanese artists are overly polite and all but it gets tiring seeing them give Mariah a pass every time she does this shit. Just like with her MooMoo/Milk Party. She’s going to profit from your creation dude and didn’t even bother to credit you properly. Again.

I feel like she knows they won’t do anything and that’s why she keeps stealing.

No. 718000

Homegirl looking like Trisha.

No. 718013

File: 1570847810770.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2037, 2D25287C-BBEE-400D-A288-E67C8C…)

No. 718018

Anon, would you expand on this in the calves' thread? As someone who's pretty easily fooled by gaudiness/good photography and impressed by a blizzcon win, I'm 100% interested to hear more about what up-close details reveal his actual skill level. Just don't want to derail here.

No. 718034

Did she finally realize her hair is fucked and is going to wear this wig now?

No. 718048

Done. It may seem nit picky, because his work really is average cosplaying, but since he wants to be treated like a professional fx artist I'm going to judge his work as one.

No. 718054

This is old but your post made me kek anyways.

Same experience. I met her ages ago when she was still cosplaying Samus and Silk and I remember her smelling bad. At the time she didn’t have the sweaty fat person smell, but she noticeably smelled like mold/mildew and I could smell it from several feet away.

No. 718104

Sad. I know japanese artists dont like to stir shit up, especially with the language barrier, but this pig is a scammy ho who straight up stole his stuff. It's sad she'll get away with this again.

No. 718126

idk if any anons can type fluent japanese because someone probably went and told the artist 'this person is cosplaying your design' without explaining that she's stolen designs before without giving credit and was obviously planning on taking credit for their design as well.

No. 718132

Quit this sperg shit. The artists obviously understands, doesn’t care, and is happy moo is cosplaying his art. At least one semi-attractive girl is doing it with her so I’m sure he’s more than happy to let it happen. the way some anons in here look wayyyyy too much in to shit and are so concerned for the poor japanese :( is embarrassing. He understands fine. He doesn’t care. Moo gets away with more shit. It happens.

No. 718152

You don't know anything about JP artists/musicians if you think this is accepted. It's called being nice, if they knew who mooriah was they would not be happy with it because most JP artists (especially in the industry) aren't keen on molesters and shitty people, and a lot can make you be viewed as shitty.

Do you know of the Judge Eyes controversy? You're ousted if you get caught with drugs, which technically hurts no one (unless bad trip) but yourself, now imagine thinking the people from the same country would be happy to have their work showcased by such a shitty person like mooriah.

You're the only one sperging here.(stahp)

No. 718164

You don’t know this artist personally so you don’t know shit. I’m sure your precious nippon artist can and will stand up for himself if he wants to, or start shit talking her on Japanese forums elsewhere. Japanese people aren’t stupid infantile babies and don’t need your protection from moo, she will burn the bridge with this guy all by herself, stop cow tipping for fucks sake

No. 718179

File: 1570898525329.png (1.01 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-10-12-09-39-15…)

Traveling to Vancouver

No. 718180

Oh what an opportunity to talk shit about Miso just like she did with Nicolette.

No. 718185

Vancouver anon here, I'll keep my eyes peeled

No. 718192

Is there any reason why you think Momokun and Cuck Noodles would talk trash about Miso? They recently did a shoot together this week.

No. 718193

Because he's asian, single, and she likes to go after guys her friends had/have feelings for.

No. 718195

Cuck Noodles takes a mega L for breaking up with Miso and then sucking up to Momokun’s hot dog water smelling ass. What a downgrade haha.(autism)

No. 718196

She did it with Nicolette and Kevin where she talks shit about her and tried to hookup with him.

No. 718198

File: 1570906523654.jpeg (509.14 KB, 1242x1164, CC239F5D-AE32-493C-B075-BEC655…)

No. 718200

File: 1570906905083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.6 KB, 736x919, 72418146_2564112297010147_6257…)

Momo fits everything on this list. But honestly… makes me wonder about her friends as well. They are equally as shitty in my opinion since their morality and happiness can be bought(autism)

No. 718201

you forgot he's a shitty person. He can get more attention if he dates Moo and more attention means more business. Free home, free food, gifts. All of Moo's friends are only friends with her for the things she can give them, not because she's an awesome person.

No. 718204

She gets some sort of high thinking she’s “taking somthing” belonging to someone else. Thinking yes I’m the best pig in the county fair.

Can’t wait for the half naked “look what you’re missing” selfies when she gets rejected.

No. 718205

Did we ever get proof this was about Moo though? They both follow each other and never stopped on socials. That makes no sense with this tinfoil.

No. 718213

Just realized guys. Moo isnt friends with anyone high in cosplay anymore. She literally has no one to boost her now. She might lose patrons because she has no other social media to promote her stuff on and barely anyone shares her besides Umbran, but her fanbase are Homestucks and mostly girls.

No. 718218

Small tinfoil, but does anyone know if this was about Moo? Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if it was about Kevin’s current girlfriend. I

No. 718238

So is her main IG nuked for good? What happened to her TeAm Of LAWyErS???

No. 718253

honestly I still believe that she is the one shutting down her own ig account. Beyond hat by this point I don't worry too much about moo decreasing in following, she hasn't had any hard hits to her subs in a while. Those cucks will pay until they see her getting fucked on camera and no sooner.

No. 718277


I dunno man, IG was her main source of teasing/luring cucks into her scams so who knows how it’ll affect her Patreon/OF from here on out. Plus, she’s never had to beg her followers for help reinstating her account before whenever it was conveniently disabled.
We know how much she hates FB too so I doubt she can utilize that to peddle her porn.

OT but it seems like a lot of thots are losing accounts lately on multiple platforms. Bunny posted earlier about SSS getting suspended from Twitter.

No. 718282

Hopefully Bunny is next, it was only a matter of time before that ss thot lost her shit lol.

As for moocow, basically it could also be her 'plan' to make it seem like she lost her account when she deactivated it herself, so in a few days she'll reactivate it making it seem like:

"The outpouring of support from the community makes me feel so loved and shows how much people love me."

All thots do this eventually when they start losing everything that isn't money.

No. 718291

File: 1570933443965.png (922.06 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-12-19-21-42…)

Cucknoodles and Moo are with Nyaomaruu. Cat didn't come so it's literally just Cuck with Moo.

No. 718295

If you threaten them with legal action they absolutely dont give it back. When you sign up the ToS state that as well as your account disappearing according to their discretion with warning and dont have to reinstate it.

No. 718314

File: 1570937463021.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x600, 38349.jpg)

>tit nitpicking

No. 718318

File: 1570938266189.gif (3.76 MB, 640x360, tenor.gif)

>Implying any human being in this history of this planet was motivated to exercise and/or learned how to from an anime

It's got a majority-female *~*kawaii*~* cast, there are ass and titty shots, and all of the recommendations for "similar" anime on MAL are moe blob garbage. It's fap fodder for fat neckbeards, anon, and nothing proves that more than the fact that Moo wants to cosplay a character from it.

No. 718455

File: 1570990721186.png (95.77 KB, 720x877, Screenshot_2019-10-13-09-35-31…)

No. 718460

File: 1570993275271.jpeg (603.38 KB, 1242x1868, E3BD9546-6099-42A2-B353-166F1A…)

That guy isn’t technically wrong. She did brag about getting her “lawyers” to help Belle but her account is still gone lol

No. 718470

She’s a special kind of stupid. What “lawyer” would try to fight one of the biggest image sharing platforms to defend a 23 year old thot who takes her clothes off for money and pretends to suck dick in all her photos? She’s trying to convince herself, not her cucks.

No. 718486

>What “lawyer” would try to fight one of the biggest image sharing platforms to defend a 23 year old thot

Why wouldn’t they though? They get paid either way. Sure, maybe the more reputable ones would refrain from fighting a company like that or at least advise their client not to sue. But Moo a) hates being told what to do and b) has enough money to convince most lawyers to work for her no matter how likely they are to succeed.
For the lawyer, at the end of the day, it’s just their job.

No. 718510

File: 1571007129504.png (552.76 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-10-13-15-49-18…)

They're currently walking around a Chinese garden.

No. 718511

But Mariah, I thought you were a sexless virgin? Lmao.

No. 718524

This isn't even a lucrative endeavor. Wasting time to comb through IGs ToS just to have the Facebook law team tell them off after a single email isn't going to net much even by the hour. Plus, it's not like there is anything to prove one way or another since her IG isn't up.

No. 718525

File: 1571011535751.jpeg (545.41 KB, 750x1066, 2C8D7E03-4805-4750-B9F8-25A0AB…)

No. 718528

File: 1571011670005.jpeg (589.27 KB, 750x1072, E2E9DBD5-EFCE-4600-8C63-05DCA9…)

No. 718530

holy cow she looks gorgeous

No. 718533

Ew anon. Raise your standards. Snow and Instagram filters can save anyone.

No. 718535

Except her hair. That shit always looks disgusting

No. 718538

If only that was what she really looked like and not her face filtered and edited to death.

No. 718539

File: 1571012525527.jpeg (239.56 KB, 1178x1424, 1532016193874.jpeg)

lmao ok mariah

No. 718540

File: 1571012650390.jpg (45.32 KB, 958x480, separatedatbirth.jpg)

No. 718570

It’s mind boggling to think about the amount of filters she must have on these photos to make her look somewhat semi-presentable. Even that’s not enough to save the rats nest she calls her hair.
Remind me why she’s over there to begin with?

No. 718571

Where the fuck do you see presentable? She looks like a spastic 50 year old mom trying tinder for the first time.

No. 718579

She looks like that overly smoothed out Adam Sandler meme
I wish she had gotten a wig that wasn't grey, it doesn't help with her aged face. I don't get the obsession

No. 718580

Really? You like that "dead-eyed sexdoll head on an NFL linebacker body" look? Besides, you KNOW (if you've been paying attention to these threads) that she looks nothing like that in real life.

No. 718582

Don't self compliment.

No. 718584

>>Remind me why she’s over there to begin with?

To desecrate my memories of my hometown, apparently. It'll probably still smell like hotdog water when I go back for Xmas.(no1curr)

No. 718607

File: 1571019518681.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2205, 5F088548-E844-494C-A5A9-FDA23E…)

No. 718616

File: 1571021099236.png (769.7 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_2019-10-13-19-42-05…)

No. 718617

File: 1571021209853.png (1023.59 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-10-13-19-42-13…)

No. 718618

File: 1571021393247.jpg (170.95 KB, 1000x600, dwayne-fanny-pack.jpg)


Wow most accurate cosplay she done in a while, sage for autism

No. 718620

Lmaoooo this looks like it was supposed to make her look artsy and smart but she just looks massive

No. 718621


She has normal head-shoulder proportions here, at least.

No. 718625

Normal? You might wanna get your eyes checked out, if anything it's the pose that makes her look just a tiny bit smaller. At least the sign next to her is accurate.

No. 718632


oh no, I understand it’s all an illusion. Maybe because the jacket is buttoned and squeezing everything in, just interesting to see her not looking like a COMPLETE pinhead for once.

No. 718634

omfg of course she went to the Richmond Night Market, it's perfect for her;
fucking overpriced cheap garbage

No. 718636


>overpriced cheap garbage

Like her sets lol

Every time she posts shit pretending that she’s “cultured”, it makes me laugh.

No. 718638


Why is she in Vancouver? There are no anime cons going on right now.

No. 718640

File: 1571024454237.jpeg (935.91 KB, 1125x1685, 84BDD408-2F50-4F0B-A85B-17420D…)

I feel like she’s trying to fuck with us with that caption

No. 718645

Lips lookin’ like a prolapsed anus… How can any sane person think this looks attractive?

No. 718651

File: 1571027099046.png (813.2 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-10-13-21-21-57…)

No. 718654

Interesting how she’s suddenly super horny when she’s on a trip alone with a guy, but she is totes asexual my dudes

No. 718655

KBBQ part 2 lets get this milk fellas. When hes not gonna smash it'll be good.

No. 718659

My favorite Moo phases are always when she's scheming to get dick. For a rich chick whose business is being desirable she sucks at getting anyone to actually fuck her.

No. 718660

File: 1571028349883.gif (1.37 MB, 421x750, AC9D43A4-3EC8-471B-9856-1A11D0…)

truly sorry

No. 718664


>asexual, my dudes.

She's going for simulated dick sucking but it just looks like an overweight woman getting aroused by food. It's very ALR.

No. 718667

File: 1571029499674.jpg (349.63 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20191014-000446_Ins…)

No. 718670

Looks like she’s turned comments off now

No. 718675

I came

No. 718679

That pic text and her response made me feel queasy. It’s not a joke if there isn’t anything implying it is and if you have to add a “LOL ITS JUST A JOKE BRAH” to only avoid any backlash it might have gotten

No. 718680

does cucknoodles have family up here? it's canadian thanksgiving this weekend. she might be tagging along to a family event.

No. 718681

Momokun is a fine example of wealth doesn't get you laid.
Oh yeah Thanksgiving is tomorrow,kek.

No. 718683

File: 1571031392791.jpg (395.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191013-222822_Chr…)

Her lawyers cant do shit even if she had any. You waive ALL rights to content via Instagram. Moo is full of fucking shit. I cant find it right now but here is another spot on Instagram that basically says you cant be a part of suing Instagram. Its on there somewhere, where you have to go into the report error system when you get the message that your account doesnt exist where is states individually you cannot sue or you forfeit your rights even further and CAN be sued back.

No. 718684


lmao anon

No. 718691

File: 1571034247199.png (413.45 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-10-13-23-22-34…)

No. 718692

File: 1571034301636.png (411.74 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-13-23-22-40…)

I thought Moo had the ability to fend off danger

No. 718702

weird, I can’t find any posts about this

No. 718706

Is she ever not a rude piece of shit?

No. 718707

Always magically where danger is yet no one can ever find news stories about this shit.

No. 718722


Not a single thing posted by the news, not even a single tweet about it from anyone else. And this is in canada where people don't just randomly have guns

No. 718742

They can if they're registered. If moo isn't lying it's probably mafia/gang related.

No. 718744

She is straight up lying, it WOULD be posted. Just like when we get mass shootings or even gun related violence/potential violence here in Japan it gets reported immediately.

No. 718753

No one cares about what happens in japan. Moo is in Canada.

No. 718754

Different anon the point I believe is if this happened in canada, somewhere events like this is rare, it would have a fuckton more people talking about it, just like people go off the deepend when mass stabbings happen in Japan because unlike America mass killings or threats of such are rare.

I'm surprised she didn't feign some danger in her Hawaiian Trip.


I mean, EVERY one of my ace friends posts picture like this with a caption about dick sucking, literally EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM because being ace is all about sucking dick. Stop pretending to be asexual moo.

No. 718755

Chill bruh im Canadian, kek. Vancouver has lots of gang activity and I was saying that if it turns out she isn't lying.

No. 718756

Jessica Nigri is also down, a lot of better cosplayers than Momo got taken down. It's the thot apocalypse since they're all using their backups now(emoji)

No. 718757

I've been studying moos patreon trends. Either they changed how a persons patreon numbers, or she's in deep shit. She's still at her beginning of the month numbers, normally she's 1500 to 1600 and ends the month getting closer to 1700. I don't see that happening with her being still in the low 1400s.

No. 718758

Nigiri will get her stuff back, but this will just further fuel that moo will likely get hers too. Nigiri though, unlike moomoo, has a career and her foot in other things so she'll survive.

No. 718759

Shut up. Shes fine. Patreon hasnt changed how numbers work. Even when she was in the 700s she was fine. This isnt milk unless she loses 400+ in a month at this point.

No. 718762

None of Nigri's accounts are down anywhere and she hasnt been affiliated with Moo in 2 years.

No. 718765

Her hair is upsetting because it's so damaged and thin from over-processing. However, the FaceTune here is also embarrassing. She made one eye bigger than another and slimmed her nose too much. She looks like a turtle; I wish she would just smile normally, because at least her teeth are nice (imo, at least).

Moo, it's not a very funny joke when reality and your porn star "humor" are indistinguishable.

No. 718769


i'm from vancouver, and someone pulling a gun at the richmond night market would be something people would talk about, especially if "a lot of police were heading there" like moo said.

No. 718774

Is it just the angle she's holding the skewer but are her fingers really that bulbous now? That can't be good given her diet?

No. 718775

Bit o both. She's definitely not supposed to be eating skewers of any kind and she is definitely sausaged up.

No. 718782

File: 1571079155588.jpg (81.98 KB, 900x505, D4dNkCiVUAEGlCM.jpg_large.jpg)


When I went back to look they remind me of baby Sinclair fingers. He just needs those God awful press-ons lol

No. 718788


anon no ones tits sit above their armpits. Yes, shes saggy but l2anatomy



No. 718825

File: 1571087443113.jpeg (661.63 KB, 741x1102, 99913BBC-8424-497C-AA8B-AE146C…)

her main account is back

No. 718827

File: 1571087874297.png (35.25 KB, 764x400, gun.PNG)


spotted in r/vancouver, but both users are new members as of today so take it with a grain of salt i guess

No. 718828

yeah…could be a reach but i wouldnt put it past her crazy ass to do damage control…

No. 718829

imagine if moo is still plastered to the thread during her vacation and made fake accounts to seem legit.

No. 718837

The video where she played tsunade was posted on pierrestepz IG. Cringiest shit on the planet, bad editing etc, I'd share if I could screengrab.

No. 718867

File: 1571092444447.png (89.33 KB, 500x280, tumblr_m9qhttdTHd1qhqybro4_r1_…)

Is this supposed to be sexy? Funny? I mean I guess it's funny in that it's so goddamn gross and bizarre.

Also imagine all the grease and red body paint under her acrylics. I can't even tell what she's eating. It looks like a greasy blob of roasted pig parts on a stick.

No. 718869

Some proof she disabled it herself. Because this trash wasn't getting the attention she hoped for on her backup account, so now her main account magically reappears now that her trip is winding down.

This always happens, so don't know why anyone even reports when her IG is down.

No. 718873

It’s no wonder she kept quiet about her trip on her backup until she was there because we always speculate she disables her main before a vacation. She’s so fucking predictable. If she eventually does get her account permanently removed, I hope people will be sick of her crying wolf when it happens. It’s such a cunty thing to do to manipulate your fans like this just so you can tear your eyes off of IG for a few hours from blocking and deleting comments that aren’t kissing her ass.

No. 718882

Notice how she put on make up and attempted to dress nice by putting a tarp… I mean coat over her fucked up body when usually she looks like a homeless lady on vacations.
No transparency

No. 718884

she doesn't realize it's not the dumb joke that is grossing people out. it's her anus lips

No. 718885

I dont understand why'd she lie about the shooter and polices though. But there haven't been anything about such in the news sites or in twitter, or anywhere, except gor moo's ig story.

No. 718889

She also does it because she's insecure. She likes to pretend she is more "powerful" than Instagram's rules and her crack team of lawyers can always help her. However it didn't help her get her twitter back.
She wants to create the illusion she's untouchable and if you side with her, you can be untouchable as well.

No. 718890

It didn’t work for Belle Delphine when Moo promised her lawyers were on it when she got suspended lol It’s amazing (and a bit sad) how stupid her fans are to believe the bullshit she constantly spews.

No. 718898

File: 1571102301612.png (1.42 MB, 2000x2000, moo.png)

Crossposting this from Kiwifarms.

No. 718903

this thing is cringe as shit, but yet still better than her umineko project and the other one she made, forgot

No. 718904

File: 1571104844327.gif (2.08 MB, 600x324, A5160008-5AF5-41E6-867D-0C50F3…)

caption this

No. 718909

File: 1571105660747.jpg (626.69 KB, 1071x1739, 20191014_144232.jpg)

Can someone confirm this?

No. 718911

sage this next time, its not milk. She's had a tinder for a while now, especially when she went to Japan

No. 718913

She looks disgusting in every frame of this, she doesn’t even look like the same person she used to be anymore. Tragic.

No. 718914

I dug through my mutuals since I figured he knows someone in the cosplay scene. I'm assuming hes staying/visiting this other photographer who does a lot of stuff in the local cosplay community. I'm curious as to why Moo tagged along tho. Maybe she bought the tickets lol

No. 718916

she looks so red in every shot too. whoever did the editing did her no favors.

No. 718917

Probably for the same reason she went to a wedding with Nick knowing damn well that he doesn't want her. She was hoping to get laid.

No. 718923

File: 1571108445367.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2208, 30EF83C7-98DB-4352-8B96-93E21F…)

Any ideas on what her next steaming pile of hot garbage will be?

No. 718927

cool more Reiq stickers i guess

No. 718976

File: 1571119561357.png (4.36 MB, 1242x2208, 8EE3C283-B6C3-4C46-8ABA-670B9F…)

All I see is a pig slathered in BBQ sauce.

No. 718989

OK so a woman who is obese is marketing vore tier shit now?

No. 719019


Anon who redrew the first Reiq sticker of her moomoo character here. Can't wait to "Truth-proof" her next sticker release. Bring it on you sad sack of sag flaps lol

No. 719027

She must know she has a lot of feeder fetish fans, really catering to them now i see.

No. 719078

This is way too flattering

No. 719079

No one cares who you are and sage your posts.

No. 719089

File: 1571158988309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 358.5 KB, 1079x1080, momokun_vore_by_knwish_ddb2u3w…)

https://www.deviantart.com/knwish on DA makes Vore of Moo.

No. 719097

File: 1571160568901.jpg (99.69 KB, 486x458, Screenshot_20191015-101801.jpg)

Moo's stories are so thirsty. She's always next to Square, looking at him or filming him.

No. 719113

Obviously you do. Stop trying to in fight. No one cares.

No. 719125

Lmao I was thinking the same thing. She doesn’t look nearly massive enough

No. 719133

File: 1571170525575.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1728, 20191015_131255.jpg)


No. 719183

File: 1571180687622.jpeg (601.31 KB, 1242x989, 4BE57886-CD01-45A6-B09A-F57520…)

Seen on Kiwi.

If this is to be believed, and I think so since I haven’t seen any reports or articles after looking it up, Moo of course lied about the supposed person with a gun. What kind of psycho do you have to be to make up shit like this and frighten people for clout?
Like, what kind of sick pleasure does she get from doing this?

No. 719196


This is so embarrassing — I was really hoping this was published during the 90s-00s when something this cringey might be acceptable due to the lack of Internet forums catering to travel tips, but no. 2018. Why.

No. 719255

File: 1571194879071.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1360, F32C8B6C-08C9-4FB0-8F29-B1BC1C…)

BBQ bath

God this looks nasty

No. 719256

File: 1571195428501.png (499.84 KB, 1018x755, who said it first.png)

enjoying your vacation Moo? totally not keeping up with the threads here, amirite?

No. 719257

Kek it does look like BBQ sauce. I dunno why she smeared it all over her face- looking like she just finished a whole rack of ribs. A couple smears and some dripping on her face would have been fine.
Anything to make editing her moon face easier I guess.

No. 719259

File: 1571195906170.png (901.95 KB, 1242x2208, 982B3D80-DE3D-4E1A-846B-D52480…)

Did someone in her crew step out of line again? lol

No. 719260

She wants to be some obese super hero. It's her fantasy. Like trouble just happens in front of her but somehow her just being there stops a tragic event from happening.

Nothing happens around Moo. Makes fake gun sounds with her mouth and whispers under her breath "Momo saves the day. Can I get attention for saving lives?"

No. 719262

Sounds like its getting around she fabricated a gun threat in a crowded area where no one else saw anything happen. If the kiwi thing is true and that person is friends with someone who hung out with Moo and they asked about it and even they confirmed nothing? Yeah. Thatd be a bad time when they start telling Moo's other aquiaintences.

No. 719264

File: 1571197468214.jpeg (560.72 KB, 750x1080, FE0AB8A6-F0F0-4570-86EF-7FFE14…)

seems like it!

No. 719265

She also more than likely got denied that cucknoodle dick.

No. 719272

Lol. The photoshop enlargement of her eyes makes her look like an extra from that Johnny Depp version of Alice In Wonderland.

No. 719276

Sage for non-contribution, but she is a dumbass. It's 'don't compete where you don't compare'

No. 719277

why would she post this you can see the crust all over her nose/face. Moo the only thing you could compete with anyone in is an eating contest.

No. 719279

I found her flex weird when she is the most talent-less "cosplayer" in the community and had to resort to cheap porn. In her eyes, you can only compare based on numbers. But she is the most hated thing in multiple communities.

No. 719283

File: 1571201001722.png (60.08 KB, 720x387, Screenshot_2019-10-15-21-40-10…)

For a bad bitch you sure are stupid and illiterate.

No. 719284

And we were just talking about how we want to put her in the /snow/ category. Keep up with the passive aggressive posting then someone will chew you out on the internet and you’ll be too chicken shit to face them.

No. 719286

I guess since she isn't chasing sensei's dick she doesn't wanna pretend to be a spiritual self improving being of love. I hate how she's basically untouchable and goes unchecked. She STILL acts like she did when she was in high school

No. 719289

Pretty rich coming from someone who's family has stopped defending and interacting with them to the point of not even physically being there on their birthday. Guess paying for a car and medical bills doesn't smooth over invalidating them entirely by making them look stupid on IG where they said she didn't do porn but do that exact thing within 2 years. If this is a competition to be just like one's abusive father then cheers mate.

No. 719293

File: 1571202024092.jpeg (207.6 KB, 1242x916, 43F86468-EA97-42FE-B2D1-4687AB…)

Let’s see if she’ll conveniently disable her account once again in time for her, what, 3rd? 4th trip to Japan? Not to mention she won’t do any of the shit she’s promised her patrons either on the last few times she fucked off over there to stuff her face and buy shit solely to flex.
And yet they still throw away their money to fund her hedonistic lifestyle.

No. 719309


wow she actually looks better when you can't see her fucking workout gear

No. 719315

That’s mighty big talk from someone who puts ZERO effort into anything but still expects to get paid.
It’s going to be fun once she eventually pisses off the wrong person, again, and gets put in her place.

No. 719321

Cat did just make a bunch of tweets about shitty friends, maybe it set her off?

No. 719329

File: 1571219218892.jpg (527.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191016_024252.jpg)

Some good responses to her pic.

No. 719331

Pretty vile stuff when she acted so distraught about the Vegas shooting, then turns around and makes up a gun story for attention.

No. 719358

No she doesnt

No. 719419

In case anyone was wondering, moo replaced jnig with the fantastic nami as her cosmom. It's where she gets her sudden bad bitch attitude& flex inspo from. Missed the chance to screenshot it but nami had moo at the top of her ig inbox &was on about how online bullies (farmers) give her free publicity&keep her relevant in her stories. Also how moo copies her ghetto confident speech, they are always in each others comments too for anyone who wants to confirm it further

No. 719609

File: 1571275917257.jpg (750.56 KB, 1064x1461, 20191016_213042.jpg)

She weighs so much her shoes are leaning. That is not how those expensive ass shoes are made to look

Saged for no actual milk

No. 719618

lol this bitch thinks she's fresh off the runway

No. 719622

The shoes are mostly soft canvas. The canvas stretches whichever way you lean. Shes more forward to its stretched/pointed forward.

It IS how those shoes work. Youre right. Its not milk and just a shitty nitpick. Again.

No. 719630

what she thinks when she looks at herself in this picture: mafia boss, rich queen flanked by cute knights, hardass street bitch who will get you whacked
what she looks like: grandma going for an evening walk in the ghetto with her pot dealers

No. 719636

she's using that brown tarp to cover her body to give the illusion she's thin since she can't edit every candid. but it's fooling no one

Momo we all know you're going to be 300 pounds by Febuary. Just accept it and go into feeder porn

No. 719637

File: 1571285035134.png (1.28 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-10-16-20-54-10…)

>is going on a strict meal prep so she can eat well before Japan, so she can eat rice
>is going to do "many" photo shoots
>rented a studio plus is going to onsens for photos
>tenderbro and Miso are going apparently
>says this time squarecuck is going and her photoshoots will go more smoothly because he apparently keeps her in line
>advertises some dumbass bra that keeps her "F cup" boobs in line

No. 719638

File: 1571285066126.png (341.96 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-10-16-20-56-14…)

No. 719640

File: 1571285197384.png (276.94 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-10-16-13-02-55…)

Slight OT but squarecuck posted about the gun incident too. No proof however? No article? I wonder if only he and Moo conjured this up for attention?

No. 719641

Momo probably forced his arm
"no one believed me! So you write about it too!"
he is a clout chaser too after all

No. 719650

Or Moo just came to him like ‘omg did you see that? I think that guy had a gun!!’
If a friend comes up to you, panicky, saying something like that, your first impulse usually wouldn’t be to look for said gunman to verify if what they’re saying is true.

No. 719651

Unfortunately I didn’t screencap it for proof and maybe moo waited till it expired but yesterday vamp posted the exact same thing in her stories

No. 719653

At best it was an airsoft gun

Sounds like locals are saying it's a hoax

No. 719660

File: 1571293241426.png (1.27 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-10-16-23-17-22…)

She's selling swimsuits

No. 719663

Wonder how many dolphins were accidentally caught in those trawler net bottoms

No. 719673

More money on helping your damn skin, LESS money on lip injections and ugly status shit. Drink some water and actually adopt a skincare routine, maybe with some of the spendy shit you just HAD to have.

No. 719675

why should she take your skincare advice when she has photoshop?
it's frustrating because we've been screaming this advice for years. I feel you

No. 719678


How is she not getting dragged for making up this shit? Not to mention having Squarecuck feebly reenforce the lie to try and make her seem somewhat credible despite everyone knowing it’s false. With everything going on in the states regarding gun violence, it’s a disgusting thing to do… But honestly I’m not surprised by this since she used the October 1st tragedy for self promotion. And hey, she pulled this lie in the same month so it's kind of like a shitty anniversary. Mariah, when you eventually lurk here and see this, fuck you.

No. 719679

Her voice when she yells about eating rice in Japan. Oof. Her voice is just…cringe. What an idiot thinking 1 week of her "clean" eating is going to save her from all that bloat in time for her shoots (which will either be garbage or non-existent). She's one of those people that think drinking a Diet Coke will make all the difference when eating an entire pizza.

Considering who all is going this time, please be a wreck and bless us with milk. Don't be a boring Japan trip again. Though that's a fat chance because all she will do is eat, creep, repeat.

No. 719682

No. 719686

File: 1571309951783.jpg (31.68 KB, 300x455, 8926_184831487094_569537094_43…)

She's dressing more and more like some Jewish retiree from Boca.

No. 719716

File: 1571326902505.jpg (546.43 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20191017-114035_Ins…)

Changed the caption after getting shit on about it in the comments. I'm surprised she didnt delete most of them.

No. 719720

She doesn't understand how diets work. Pretty much like everyone expected of her, she thinks weightloss plans are quick fixes for the week instead of long term effort. She handles her responsibilities like a child. Honestly that just summarizes what type of attitude she has towards every aspect of her life. If I put a quick second of effort, then I'm already doing my best. Even with a team of people putting in more work for your weightloss then you are and you STILL can't commit to putting in the effort; you deserve to feel miserable about your body "dysmorphia". You're not doing anything to help yourself.

No. 719722

File: 1571328360121.png (649.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-17-09-02-03…)

Why did she post this??

No. 719723

File: 1571328423193.png (286.78 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_2019-10-17-09-02-20…)

No. 719724

One, these numbers are BS and two, even so 15-20 of these pounds was due to the lipo we know about and shit we don't know. So 10-15 pounds lost on her own? Hell at her size? Is just water weight.

I haven't seen this level of stupid since Trisha Paytas

No. 719726

File: 1571328951460.png (807.25 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2019-10-17-09-12-53…)

Never remember seeing this when she had he booth but

No. 719727

When you think about it, she gets more fitness help then actual celebrities do and it's their job to stay fit. Multiple trainers, a pit crew that babysits you 24/7 and makes all your healthy meals for each week and your anytime access to expensive plastic surgery procedures. There's absolutely NO excuse why she's struggling to lose weight so much. She should be the epitome of perfect health.

No. 719728

File: 1571329889152.jpeg (247.68 KB, 750x1018, 069159A3-C329-4FE4-B0FC-8B0729…)

No. 719730

It's so bad, why even post this??

No. 719733

1, because it isn't on her main
2, she can make the excuse she is being ugly on purpose because she's an oni and pulling a silly face

No. 719735

I thought she became self aware of her terrible life decisions.

No. 719746

That's so bad. I like Akemi but even she looks bad in this shoot. What the fuck even was that idea.

No. 719753

File: 1571337372707.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, F55F9745-5A79-4C35-8800-272F2D…)

Sure Jan. She probably realized she’d catch shit for cosplaying this particular character or she couldn’t fit in it anymore. Workout clothes my ass.

If I had to interpret this, it would be a reflection of how she sees herself. Because Mariah ALWAYS goes out of her way for friends and fans to the point where she feels like she relates to the pic, amirite? She’s just that self involved so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why she posted it. Either way, it’s fucking disturbing.

No. 719756



>252 pounds

Oh Mariah lol. Never change.

No. 719774

File: 1571345994512.jpeg (430.87 KB, 750x1107, 79CA9150-50D3-49BA-8548-66AF9A…)


No. 719775

File: 1571346081278.jpeg (386.2 KB, 750x811, 0FD9A691-77A0-4FF7-80E9-41FA3F…)

Close up on her face

No. 719777

She looks like she just finished a whole thanksgiving buffet by herself and is regretting it.
Her eye make up looks like trash.

No. 719782

This is just sad. From the droopy face, lazy shop job, halfassed decorations, uninspired pose to her gross saggy/bloated body… How can she post this without feeling extreme shame. It still amazes me people still find this sentient lump of shit attractive or creative.

No. 719784

I've never seen her look more retarded

No. 719789

Her attempts to look sultry/sexy never fail to crack me up. That’s the look of someone who has just been taken off life support.

No. 719796

File: 1571348748556.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 9A0941FA-7B1C-4858-AA54-111F46…)

No. 719797

Samefag but with all the shopping they had to do you’re telling me he couldn’t clean off the red paint on the white parts of her chest things?

No. 719799

File: 1571348938997.jpeg (665.56 KB, 750x1042, FF8F8830-92CE-43B9-8620-1ABA2E…)

No. 719800


wow uh… y i k e s

No. 719803

there's bad ideas, then there's this. Why on earth would you get that tattooed on you, just why?

No. 719804

there's bad ideas, then there's this. Why on earth would you get that tattooed on you, just why?

No. 719805

there's bad ideas, then there's this. Why on earth would you get that tattooed on you, just why?

No. 719809

I’m not 100% but from the picture it looks like it’s taking up this whole mans thigh too. What a waste of skin, “talent”, and time for everyone involved

No. 719813

Noticing he removed her logo though, probably so he can pretend it's just the character he likes. Did he actually tag her or is she just fishing for asspats?

No. 719814

i'm wondering more why moo didn't just wear pasties while getting painted or paint her boobs herself if she was that shy. the costume didn't need to be on.

No. 719816

File: 1571351990991.jpeg (652.32 KB, 750x1048, B4DA10BD-DB5C-4BB8-96AD-546AC3…)

Nope the guy who got it didn’t tag her and neither did the shop, curious as to how she even saw it in the first place but someone might have sent it to her

No. 719820

She probably either follows or looks through the pochaco tag to take ideas, or someone sent it to her

No. 719825

So it's possible this is a random neckbeard who just likes the character and art style. Still cringe but possible doesn't know or care who she is.

No. 719826

I mean, it's not even mooriah herself, she just stole/adapted it to begin with.

It's like because of how that thot sssuccubus adapts things people would stray from those characters.

No. 719828

We get that you hate sssuccubus. Stop bringing her up this isn't about her
She looks like those bright red hot dogs. Why go through all this body paint to do nothing poses

No. 719832

Jfc bitch looking like some mini boss from Sekiro. Can someone please shop her into the game?

No. 719847

Yeah it's not a tattoo of Moo or anything, she just likes Pochaco and cosplays different versions of her or her own things. There IS an official nurse design of the the character, which this tattoo is of, so we might see this in the future since she loves doing this pose

No. 719848

Nta and I understand what you’re saying but IMO this was literally drawn for her by an artist for her own merchandise no matter what. It doesn’t look like her, but it’s still her

No. 719854

there's also a possibility the tattoo artist stole the artwork.

No. 719857

The guy who got it probably just looked up "sexy anime nurse" or something and brought the artwork to the tattoo artist

No. 719898

If that was the search used and anything close to moomoo came up as a result, that search engine should be turned off

No. 719905

File: 1571368856648.jpg (664.34 KB, 1386x884, allogrenow.jpg)

No. 719922

my vote for next thread pic already ty anon

No. 719927

All that photoshop and they still didn’t cover the bottom of her feet and the unpainted skin along her underwear. Nor did they remove the paint from the rock necklace, underwear and the white on her breasts.
I’m surprised she even stood up for these photos because usually that just too much effort for Moo.

No. 719941

File: 1571386655821.jpg (810.77 KB, 2828x3000, Oniwhore~2.jpg)

Slimmed her arms and sides but made her tits fuller, usual ps &low effort

No. 719947

The original design isn’t even cute.. lmao

No. 719979

rofl anon, i love you. Great work . Vote for next thread pic

No. 719980

Slight OT, but whoever makes the next thread, please fix the general cost thot link in the description, it takes to an Ashley thread instead and it’s jarring.

No. 719999

Fatty spotted

No. 720005

It's funny how little the original character wears and Mariah still couldn't be accurate. Laziness is her best skill. She's really good at it.

No. 720006

Same with adding back in mod rules. Idk why OP took them off 3 threads ago.

Needs to be added nitpicking about her weight, tots, and baseless animal abuse/pedo/tax talk is all bannable below the links.

No. 720008

Learn how the shoes work. You can post a photo without an autistic caption based on what they shoes are accurately doing based on what they are made of.

No. 720011

nta but she's right. canvas shoes aren't supposed to move around like that under your weight your feet need to be in the sole of the shoe.

No. 720035

I haven't seen the original shot, but why does the top look like a ribbed dildo?

No. 720043

wtf those are her abs

No. 720048

How the fuck are those abs? r/badwomensanatomy might be a better place for you.

No. 720049

Anon that is not how abs work…usually when there are rolls on the sides THAT IS FAT.

No. 720055

Pretty sure anon was making an abs joke since Moo tries to play off her Hawaiian rolls as abs

No. 720065

*workout lines

No. 720111

>In this episode, anon makes a joke these intrepid posters don't get

No. 720118

File: 1571448443714.png (1.01 MB, 720x1149, Screenshot_2019-10-18-18-20-14…)

She posted a teaser on Reddit. Funny, posts that critiqued her including that parody sketch >>718898 are now gone. She also reposted some photos that were posted by users days ago

No. 720119

File: 1571448537095.png (715.71 KB, 720x921, Screenshot_2019-10-18-18-21-08…)

No. 720120

File: 1571448724020.png (934.28 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-10-18-18-21-42…)

No. 720123

My vote for the next thread pic!

No. 720148

What, is moo so lazy that she had Brandon to ship her parcels? Might be nitpicking but i find that pretty strange.

No. 720154

You're welcome…Now go make some more stuff slave!

No. 720174

I don't even know why she did the splotchy red body paint if the editor had to completely re edit her skin to the correct shade of red and correct every inch of her.

No. 720186

are you pretending to be retarded? maybe read up on the threads and you'll be able to pick up on obvious jokes.

No. 720217

sage for irrelevant, but the ass and torso really does look like a penis. yikes.

No. 720333

So you dont have to edit everything 100%. Its no different from adding in emblems. Its to help the editor.

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