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File: 1567141574335.png (1.05 MB, 720x1190, 1566523127326.png)

No. 695389

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>685927

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

Previous Thread Highlights:

>Still pretending to eat healthy and exercise like a triathlete, and went as far as to reveal what's believed to be her actual weight and body mass index rating.

>Liquidated a good chunk of her cosplay collection on Depop, including the disastrous blue Tamamo outfit she claims to have paid thousands of dollars for.
>Behaved like a child while Umbranwitch and Weebking/Kevin were using her for free room and board.
>Conveniently avoided attending EVO, along with a costume event featuring Vamps and Aly Brazil, and never explained why she didn't attend, nor did she make the announcement she had teased.
>Worked on and/or released abysmal photo sets, including a water drinking slob, hairy Tsunade, a frightening Hooters girl set, something that looked like a Paula Deen tribute, and others.
>Insisted she would start doing gaming streams again, but backed out. Also considering making a Discord server.
>Posted some cryptic messages on Instagram, leading anons to speculate if she felt rejected by a man, or by her female friends who seem to do well without her.
>Taking her obsession with damaged hair to a whole new level by introducing a product she and Frogdresser supposedly collaborated on.
>Spent more money on pointless junk, such as an overpriced necklace, as well as a painting for the parlor Tattoo-kun works at.
>Started loitering around Sensei (circleofchiefs) at his workplace out of nowhere, where she participated in the world's worst sparring session, and somehow inspired him to bring her flowers days later.

No. 695391

>dont have proof Moo has a money making or partnership hand in this hair shit or if this is specifically what was being worked on since frog was in a perfume store
>The necklace was threads ago
>Umbran was invited there, of course its free and we don't know kevin isn't paying to stay there
>not even close to working out like a triathlete as she doesn't swim or bike

Come on anon. Are you the same that made the other thread. Tinfoil isn't a highlight and it was discussed last thread that the necklace was bought several threads ago.

No. 695392

>>695391 Quit bitching and derailing already. We don't need this again, especially from someone who fails to see the humor in the triathlete line.

There's no tinfoil in the highlights section. Now relax and make some quality posts.

No. 695393

There is tinfoil which is an issue and someone who isn't caught up on threads shouldn't be making a thread with 'recent' highlights when its been threads ago. If anything adjusting the tinfoil through greentext isn't a bad idea. Other threads do it too. It happens when threads are made with recent stuff thats not accurate.

No. 695394

>>695393 Reported for derailing.

No. 695403

>work the saggy breasts with an uppercut edition

Who the fuck is making these threads?

No. 695411

Whoever is making these threads needs to stop and leave it to someone who is actually capable of making a decent OP, holy shit…

No. 695430

The last two threads are so shit I'm starting to wonder if it isn't Mariah's idea of sabotage…

No. 695450


Legitimately though, can we lock this thread and let someone who actually knows how to make them do it? They get salty when no one praises their shit thread when the last one wasn’t even gonna lock for a while.

No. 695465

I second this

No. 695468

Agreed anon

No. 695502

File: 1567190635417.jpg (368.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190830-113754_Ins…)

>starting a training / exercise regimen which could go on for 12 weeks.

Cool, cool. More fake workout plans with more fake trainers.

No. 695504

No, this sounds like a thing called P2P. You pay a flat sum.and if you mert your goal, you get your money back. Its 12 weeks. Moo wont finish it in this heat. Its usually all outdoors. Not like she will misd the monry.

No. 695506

Her whole face looks swollen and fucked up. Also her right eye is droopy like… did she have a stroke? Or am I not use to her non edited face? (I know she has a filter on but bare with me)

Her philtrum is just so damn long for someone her age. I can't stress enough how bad she needs a lip lift.
But she just wants to inject her bottom lip to spite her haters but really she is just screwing herself over

No. 695512

her face looks so puffy.. workouts aren’t gonna do shit if you’re still eating like hell. this bitch doesn’t need a trainer she needs a therapist, she’s obviously using food to cope amongst other unhealthy things. lay off the sodium moo.

No. 695514

That should’ve been the thread pic, damn.
But I guess she‘s back to eating like shit now. She hasn’t posted about how healthy she‘s eating in a while. Not surprised she looks like that.

No. 695516

I just find it hilarious she made fun of Vamps nose when she has to basically edit hers to half the size.
She can't really make fun of anyone
pancake titts, big nose, thinning hair, obese despite numerous surgeries, poor skin, lazy eye. I could go on all day. But it's laughable she picks on others based on their appearance

No. 695530


Holy shit I didn't recognize her. Those fillers aren't doing her any favors. Her eyes look emptier and more crazed than usual. What a haggard mess.

No. 695532

File: 1567199680413.jpeg (370.56 KB, 1920x1920, 2388A080-3670-4F82-8E04-67D9A6…)

Okay I always dismissed this as bullshit and all but it legit looks like she might have gotten cheek fillers? Like, those dents, the fact that her cheeks are the size of a freaking ping pong ball and it seems to look like she’s gotten lip fillers again…
It just looks off and even with fat distribution being way fucked bc of her chin lipo, I don’t feel like fat wouldn’t look so unnaturally bulbous?

No. 695534

File: 1567199828633.jpg (448.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190830-140848_Ins…)


Quick follow up:

Apparently, she already went in for her first session. Couldn't have been that long of a workout, going off of the IG timestamps and the location of the business (taking the 215 to W. Flamingo on Labor Day weekend isn't as fast as it normally would be).

My guess is that she went in for a consultation that may have consisted of very light exercise to gauge where she should start. And you know she's serious about working out this time, because she has her gaudy ass gold chain on like the baller she is.

No. 695536

She's gonna quit. She can't stand being told how wrong her form is.

No. 695537

I’ve been saying it since she got the filler. She 100% for sure got cheek and a tiny bit at the base of her chin to help make her jaw look smaller. It’s what all the fat girls get to make it look like they’re naturally like that, since fat faces don’t have definition. Nikkitutorials is a good example.

No. 695552

This is it guys. She is officially addicted to plastic surgery. I don't know how else to explain why her face gets more fucked up. It's like she's getting stuff done every 1-2 weeks now.

No. 695556

File: 1567205452522.png (4.23 MB, 828x1792, 14FFAD61-666A-4DB0-9E39-07FE9F…)

No. 695557

Yeaaahh, she spent about what 4k all together for this to be the outcome. Not including all the people she used to pay for trips and booze.

No. 695560

Next time someone makes a shit OP, expect a 1 week ban on behalf of wasting everybody's time.

If there isn't a thread just wait and have someone else do it. And guess what? You don't need to make a new thread as soon as you get automatic notice, you can just wait until the thread actually locks.

No. 695562

That's already locked in since the only person who's gonna keep her relatively to the routine is him>>695556 and he's leaving soon to Florida. Unless he postpones again for hurricane Dorian. Once he's left there's no one to hold her accountable.

No. 695568

File: 1567212009034.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, A9FDDF15-D1A9-4562-9B89-39989A…)

No. 695570

He's going to be waiting for a long ass time.

No. 695572

File: 1567212851554.jpeg (652.68 KB, 828x1518, F9378C19-AEED-4A96-B300-4097F9…)


I think it’s crazy how much of a hypocrite she has become over the past few years. When she first entered the scene, she was all about ~body positivity~. She sure as hell knows that she meant it in terms of her “thicc” body build. She even went by “ThiccSamus” for a year. Now suddenly, after multiple call-outs for her surgery and being open with it, she still yells out ~body positivity~, even though she would have disagreed with getting work done back in her “ThiccSamus” days. Did people forget that she was so afraid of being exposed for surgery that she tried to market Fit Tea and post a sudden surge of gym selfies? She’s only using ~body positivity~ as an excuse to say “see guyz I’m still the same ambassador of body positivity!”

Even read this from back in 2016. She talks about accepting her flaws and being a proud plus sized woman. Look at her now. She never accepted her flaws. It was all a ruse for her to cash in on people who fell for her bullshit.

She’s a liar and always has been.

No. 695576

she's still lying about surgeries. She only told us about the one round of lipo this year and her lip injections. She is getting a shit ton of work done lately but is only mentioning what she admitted too.

Momo is hella ashamed about all the work she has been recently getting because she still looks wrecked no matter what she does

No. 695577

the only thing that will save moo now is if she swaps bodies with someone else.

No. 695579

So Kevin and his gf are currently making the trip to Florida so he's out. Cat is at Crunchy Roll Expo and Moo is doing what? Staying home? They were trekking trail the other day with Kevin and her cousin with a plastic tub so maybe she had a shoot? Who knows

No. 695582

File: 1567216633455.png (3.1 MB, 1738x2048, Screenshot_20190830-215635.png)

Don't mean to spoil anyone's fun speculating about her next plastic surgery disaster, but you can see these cheek indentations in lots of her photos. Might have to do with having grandma face, but who knows.

No. 695587

Too bad exercise isn't going to keep her eyes from going in two different directions.

She's about to start harassing Nick and his girlfriend more and sperging up a storm.

No. 695592

File: 1567219337122.jpg (146.46 KB, 1077x1077, 20190830_224212.jpg)

Went and had a look at the program offered by that trainer and the 12 Week Program she was talking about doesn't even begin until mid-September.

But they do offer a free consultation so…

No. 695596

File: 1567220211763.jpg (83.99 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20190830-195614_Chr…)

Says she is going to livestream on onlyfans. How? Ive been using it for a year and there isnt an option.

No. 695597

File: 1567220236411.jpg (111.87 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20190830-195629_Chr…)

No. 695604

She really has just become a rich housewife who has too much free time with no idea what to do with it who just gets scammed by snake oil salesmen.

No. 695605

File: 1567222563736.jpg (62.43 KB, 786x530, Veku.JPG)

You know she would fuck up the fusion dance, and end up looking like Veku. Oooh….cosplay opportunity, Moo?

No. 695606

File: 1567222747288.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.35 KB, 1024x473, Mariah-Mallad-Nipple-Slip-1024…)

Anybody care to record her onlyfans stream for tomorrow?

No. 695607

'Vekmoo'? One of our photoshop/drawing anons really needs to explore this idea (I have no talent in that area).

No. 695610

File: 1567226352889.jpeg (259.58 KB, 1241x1229, 6A74599B-06B7-4880-BE93-527BEF…)

No. 695611

File: 1567227254357.png (1.46 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-08-30-21-53-10…)

No. 695612

File: 1567227300651.png (964.45 KB, 720x1167, Screenshot_2019-08-30-21-53-16…)

No. 695613


Personal nitpick, but I’ve never understood why anyone would work out in expensive jewelry, ESPECIALLY a big, clunky necklace like that? I get having ‘fuck you’ money, but if you’re moving around and doing a lot of physical activity, that’s going to be flying around and being generally annoying/distracting, no? I guess depending on the material it may not tarnish, but I wouldn’t want my nice jewelry soaked in sweat.

No. 695614

why is this granny trying to cosplay a loli?

No. 695616

I cannot wait to see this train wreck

No. 695617

Because her "friend" did so she can borrow the props and bikini the rest

No. 695618

I think cat is hence her CAT IS NEZUKO sperg and she’s doing her brother

No. 695619

Trying to one up Vamps huh? Thats not surprising…

No. 695622

nice pool toy moo.

No. 695637

has she cosplayed men in the past? I genuinely can't remember. Or is this just going to be another genderbend?

No. 695642


If this is 12 weeks long, then it would conflict with the trip to Japan. She's not fooling anyone with this stunt.

No. 695662

Why the fuck is she holding it in her mouth like that? I know she’s a fake fan but literally if you look at any picture you’d know that it’s not supposed to be a fucking gag

No. 695671

to be fair her wiki says she "carries it in her mouth."
but still. this is going to be bad.

No. 695704

File: 1567262398204.jpg (342.91 KB, 498x518, IMG_20190509_231847.jpg)

She always picks shit that looks like curtains. I know research is never something she would do herself. But most of the traditional/japanese inspired outfits she picks should never really have embroidery or a woven texture like that. She must think since the fabric has this pattern that it's adding "detail." Looks like grandma's table cloth.

No. 695705

This will 1000% be another one of her lazy, slutty genderbends. IF she ever wears it, I wager her growing out of this costume before it is even finished, like Howl.

No. 695710

She‘s never gonna be able to make it not look like a gag or doggie chew toy simply because of those fillers. This is the one time her turtle lips would be beneficial.
Plus she doesn’t have a ‘cutesy’ anime/loli face with delicate features like a small pointy nose and all.

No. 695712

This, and also all those pics she posts on IG of her at the gym with her ratty hair loose makes it even less believable she's doing any sort of exercise. No one wants to work out and have their sweaty hair all over their face or in the way so they tie it up in a bun or ponytail

No. 695739

that's all they have to offer at the local fabric store!

No. 695758

File: 1567285800730.png (699.87 KB, 824x648, same.png)

looks like Moo wants to become a WoW streamer

>In case you didn't already hate me enough, lip smack, I'm also Alliance

>Not that I'm like one of those… [nerd voice] fuck the Horde [\nerd voice] peoples, cause I'm not, I like the Horde too, Sylvanas' a little bitch though [hood voice] she a stupid bitch, can't just be burnin' shit like that, thas craaazy [\hood voice]
>The Alliance is just so fucking drippy, so drippy, just like, click tongue, so drippy

No. 695759

File: 1567286297090.jpg (153.8 KB, 920x592, Woo.jpg)

What she really looks like vs with instagram filters

No. 695760

what the fuck does drippy mean

No. 695762

File: 1567287401353.png (613.2 KB, 692x614, drippy.png)

I haven't the foggiest, anon, maybe her brain is melting

lmao so good

No. 695768

This wont last longer than a week. Shes just into it cause vamp showed actual interest.

No. 695783

File: 1567293354871.jpg (401.64 KB, 1439x1932, Screenshot_20190901-091543_Chr…)



No. 695789

Looks like gamgam is off her meds again.

No. 695790

According to official OnlyFans twitter they have a service called "Fanscope" that allows you to stream from phone or desktop. However, on some other tweet responses, it sounds like its shit. The first tweet is January 02, 2019.

No. 695791

No dropbox this month?

No. 695800

File: 1567300542323.jpeg (441.21 KB, 2048x2048, 6AB8A342-2AE2-4E1B-AF46-5DB656…)

Like clockwork.

No. 695804

Seriously lol, I was just thinking: Hmm I know moo and vamps aren't really butt buddies anymore..I wonder which thot is going on about WoW..

And no surprise..it's vamps.

No. 695817

File: 1567304443907.jpeg (112.18 KB, 629x580, 0695F551-E3C5-433A-8F4D-D4806E…)

That’s doing Taurens dirty.

Think she’d fit more as Princess Theradras.

No. 695824

It’s slang for someone who is really fashionable and wears a lot of designer stuff. It’s synonymous with swag and another bit of AAVE that suburban white kids and hypebeasts co-opted from black people to try and sound cool while having no fucking idea how to properly use it in a sentence without sounding like a total tryhard. Which explains why no one here understands what the fuck Moo is trying to say.

No. 695825

That sounds like those 30 something that try to stay trendy with kids nowadays, really just shows how out of touch she is from society/people her age, she never goes out or have a hobby to meet new people, that's why she's so awkward in her streams or the videos she uploads to insta, her idea of socializing and interacting with people comes from series and movies, whats the latest new people she added to her repertoire? her hairdresser? pathetic

No. 695843

Anyone have her Twitch stream recorded after she pulled a bait and switch by having everyone sign up for onlyfans, only to get screwed out of the lewd stream she was supposed to do on there live?

No. 695850

To be honest, I dont think anyone cares.
She does this shit so often where she tries to get out of obligations she sets for herself/her fans that its not a surprise.
People have already said her OF isnt worth it. Hopefully the cucks listen this time.

No. 695855

File: 1567326468587.png (3.4 MB, 1062x1800, BED23420-9ACE-4697-AA23-54A8EF…)

She got more of those stupid lights because her cats “peed on the other ones”. I thought she broke them?

No. 695856

File: 1567327035813.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, A42BBCE9-BEC6-4CCE-8878-5B445F…)

Umbranbitch making empty threats like a lunatic and now doing her makeup to resemble her precious Moo.
Either Mariah is too dumb to realize how crazed this comes off as or she knows but has to keep appearances up to prove the haters wrong. Either way, I don’t see Maddie taking it well if Moo decides she’s no longer useful to her.

Mariah also needs to knock it off with the “I’m baby” bullshit. She keeps saying that to get people to do shit for her or fight her battles for her. Grow the fuck up.

No. 695857

Could you stop postinf shit about Umbran here. Nobody cares about her. Take it to the calves thread.
She‘s crazy and got a huge boner for moo. We got it.(mini-modding)

No. 695860

Pretty sure she's using drip in a retarded way. Drip is usually when someone has "swag" or "clout" from what I can tell.

No. 695861

File: 1567336892835.jpg (208.82 KB, 1280x720, Lady_Ashvane_(tactics).jpg)

No, this one's better. Gotta give those new lip fillers a chance to shine. Besides, Priscilla matches her personality to a T.

No. 695880

moo shared this you idiot. this thread is for posting what moo posts, especially about her shitty calves.

No. 695923

jfc is this the state of her jowls when she isn't using face tape?

I swear Momo heard a few teenagers use this phrase and didn't understand wtf they were talking about. I'm 100 percent sure she thought drippy was another way to say "this makes me wet"

No. 695935

The only thing “drippy” about Moo are her jowls. Yikes.

Also, not surprised Moo is getting on this WoW train after they released “WoW Classic”. I s2g she will ride anything popular as long as she can get some clout and money from doing so. Not mention doing it out of pure spite to one up former friends.

No. 695937

File: 1567371183749.jpeg (469.2 KB, 750x1055, 1484CE01-2C77-42E9-B903-2D7D9C…)

she’s relisting and repricing some things on her depop. this saber skirt she was constantly bursting out of was made for a 34 in waist

No. 695939

File: 1567371267377.jpeg (507.71 KB, 750x1168, 7D21BEFB-82F0-443D-916F-678AA7…)

almost forgot about that week when she loved lore Olympus

No. 695940

File: 1567371339139.jpeg (574.79 KB, 750x1130, B3884E11-6E8C-4714-A43D-752988…)

selling the ripped off riding hood skirt

No. 695941

I love how she thinks a regular xl who didn’t get a cool sculpt on their stomach/waist and wears tight ass corsets underneath everything would fit in those.

No. 695952

That's harsh. John Candy is waaaaaaay better looking than Moo.

No. 695955

File: 1567377942138.jpg (666 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190901-174612_Ins…)

Sorry for the quality but man. That's sad.

No. 695961

File: 1567379413098.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 7F85BDDA-6F3E-4B30-AA88-019972…)

Admits to using “tape in extensions” which tore her hair out apparently and is now lamenting the loss of thickness in her hair. Yeah, because all the other shit she did to her scalp didn’t contribute to hair loss at all. She still believes she can “bring it back to life”. She’s obsessed with having silver hair so I guess Granny Moo isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

No. 695962

Wasn't she just complaining about wanting to go dark haired again?

No. 695966

You forgot:
>admits to not brushing hair since she changed over to bead-in extensions because it's hard to brush out
>going to install them soon but chose to do cosplays using wigs this week because with her extensions, it's hard for her to put the hair in a wigcap

I find it funny she said the same about her pink hair earlier but now silver is her ~favorite~

No. 695967

File: 1567380955974.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1725, D610F477-B266-4D47-9FB7-60C591…)

Guess it’s official Umbran lurks here since some of these are the exact screenshots of videos that were posted here.
Well, makes sense seeing how obsessed she is with this ogre.

No. 695968

>>695961 It never ceases to amaze me how this bitch is friends with two hairdressers, and her hair is in worse shape than ever. Strong delusions with this one.

No. 695969

and sprinkled sweet n' low onto her scalp making her think it works

No. 695971

>hard to brush out

any stylist installing extensions will offer you the special brush that helps with that… either frogdresser is a hack or moo is just that fucking lazy. Maybe both.

No. 695973

File: 1567383904863.png (1.22 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-09-01-17-23-30…)

No. 695974

File: 1567383912846.gif (8.46 MB, 250x457, spasticity.gif)

really embracing that mania

No. 695977

File: 1567384152283.gif (4.33 MB, 250x457, madeyemoody.gif)

bonus clip

No. 695978

She's live, guys. Do we want to revive the livestream thread?

No. 695979

Might as well we shouldn't spam this thread

No. 695985

sorry for the wait
new livestream thread >>>/pt/695983

No. 695988

Heads up, worth going to the stream. Umbran is on voice with her and has already said some stuff that made her panic like making jokes about loving getting cancelled. From what I can tell it can’t be screen recorded on mobile.

No. 695989

I‘m recording the stream in the background while doing shit at the house. Not sure if I caught the canceling part though as I was figuring out how the screen recording stuff works.

No. 695990

Are you positive it’s recording audio though? I tried on an iPhone and android and neither got the audio.

No. 695991

Doing it on pc, it records the audio from what I could tell.
(Please use sage. That’s not something bumping the thread for.)

No. 696035

Jesus. Its been like 15 minutes that I've been watching and she's doing that typical thing people who stream and don't know how to actually have a personality do: eat constantly.

You can hear her chewing through her cheeks into the mic and that's not saying much considering she's doing it with her mouth open too. She can't wait to talk before finishing. She tried, when she looked at the counter and saw she went under 80 watchers, flashing her tits a little by pulling back her flannel.

She's just.. This is bad. So bad. Maddie just complains the whole time too. Its not that fucking hard of a game, Umbran. She is making it clear she's really not interested.

No. 696036

Every time Umbran says something Moo doesn't like Moo interrupts her with something about the game. Like she just said she's turning into a neckbeard and cut her off right before she went on about how she can 'already feel my-'. She also tried to joke with someone in chat and instead insulted them.

No. 696049

The only time she had hair to show off and others envied was when she wasn't a cosplay wannabe. She thinks she has to have silver hair like an anime character. But honestly her thick, long black hair was impressive once upon a time. It's laughable if she thinks she can have it back. That will take at least 6 years to recover if she stops fucking with it and care for it.

But she can't handle looking POC at all, even if it's just black hair.

No. 696050

More like a Jersey shore reject than poc.

No. 696051

This uncanny looks like a gorilla doing a call. But I know why she always pulls faces. It's so she can say "I'm not REALLY ugly gaiz. I was just pulling a face"

No. 696064

If anyone would be kind enough to share the cash amount of Twitch donations she earned tonight, I could use a good laugh before I hit the sack.

No. 696066

She has no donation meter set. She didn't even have a ~cute pink layout~ made for her channel.

No. 696070

She's off for the night. It's kind of odd she put up an insta story about being live on Twitch again and then logged off 15 minutes later? No one missed much. Just references that all her and umbran talk about is the hate she gets and shit we say about her. She seemed to think she could get by just talking with Umbran and not meaningfully interacting with chat. Said she'd be live again tomorrow afternoon but didn't specify a time. Also didn't know how to play the game, her cousin stepped in to show her basic stuff.

No. 696096

File: 1567406438274.png (Spoiler Image,557.49 KB, 720x824, Screenshot_2019-09-01-23-40-23…)

Reddit/KF posted these

No. 696097

File: 1567406471037.png (Spoiler Image,968.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-01-23-37-39…)

No. 696098

File: 1567406584642.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-01-23-38-02…)

No. 696112

Cat hair on sport bra, pube stubble. Classy. She’s completely let herself go at this point and no amount of lipo can help her. I’m looking forward to the end result of her “12 week training sessions” because she’ll look either the same or more bloated because she’s lying about working out… again.

No. 696121

the multiple cans/bottles of fabreeze really ties this whole trainwreck together.

No. 696124

Wouldn’t be surprised if her whole place smelled of cat piss (additionally to her own stench). She can’t be bothered to take care of her cats (hence having her groomed at a salon) or her place. Combine this with cats that apparently pee on things and just imagine the smell.

I’m surprised people actually manage to live there longer than a week.

No. 696125

>>696096 I wonder if her Instagram lawyers can recommend some affordable OnlyFans lawyers?

No. 696161

File: 1567441649509.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1438, wiilomuw23k31.jpg)

No. 696190

Excuse me if this is autistic, but the fact that she wears a $500 necklace the wrong way in literally every picture is so confusing to me. Why is the clasp and chain in the front? Is she that retarded that she thinks the chain is some sort of pendant/charm?

So lazy that she can't even move the (multiple?) Febreeze bottles off the dresser. Wow.

No. 696191

File: 1567449351436.png (125.63 KB, 274x287, 20190902_203621.png)

Is this tit spillage or is this something else what am I looking at

No. 696192

I'm just surprised she keeps having lipo and cool sculpting and hasn't suffered complications. She's really pushing her luck

No. 696193


No. 696194

No sir

No. 696198

the cool-sculpted “abs” just become more and more of a joke lmao

No. 696213

Well, there is bound to be a certain amount of visceral fat at this point, so she will very likely suffer some severe problems in the long run.

No. 696220

>>696213 Not only that, but she has to be in rough shape internally. That lipo isn't going to help with gastroenteritis, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, strained joints and muscles, etc.

She might have a few people convinced that she's a picture of acceptable health, but I bet her innards are wrecked.

No. 696229

File: 1567460326407.png (430.92 KB, 640x614, muh exercise routine.png)

seems moo herself was quite, uh, drippy today

>dat skincare

No. 696268

It's kind of weird anons already discovered her training doesn't start until mid September. Like we know she lies every day but to catch her lying so blatantly.

I think what she means is "Talking to my cosmetic surgeon is making me sweat buckets because he keeps telling me liposuction isn't a method of weight loss"

No. 696270

File: 1567471478293.jpg (329.64 KB, 419x397, IAzWGtk.jpg)

She's live with cousin and Umbran again


No. 696288

Did anyone save/upload the stream from the other night? I want to see Maddie in all her glory

No. 696290

Stop. Youre not doctors. This shit derails the thread all the time. We do not know her medical shit so its useless tinfoil and fills up the thread with nothing useful. Its on par with just mentioning shes fat.

No. 696295

I’m on it, uploading just takes forever.
(I only got the first 2 hours or so though)

No. 696296

She is back streaming on twitch. I thought she was banned from the platform.

No. 696330

File: 1567485347859.png (655.36 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-09-02-21-29-23…)

No. 696334

Vamps stopped following her on this account but not sure about main. These passive aggressive attacks are sure to trigger one of them eventually to snap

No. 696339

I just checked. She’s not following Mariah’s main either. Mariah took her off her IG on both accounts too. Guess it’s finally over.

No. 696340

It's almost like they're doing the on again off again long term couple thing. Wouldn't doubt it'd be a couple more times of this before they finally end it

No. 696341

That’s such a cunty thing to post. This “I have the power to crush you but I’m too benevolent to do so uwu” bullshit reads more like a threat than anything. It’s no wonder Moo is lacking friends. Her bootlicker, Maddie, doesn’t count.

No. 696343

This is such a hypocritical thing to say considering she's used her "powers" many times to crush and bully people

No. 696348

File: 1567490754187.png (857.61 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-09-02-23-05-26…)

Comments are limited

No. 696352

Holy hannah. Did her extensions do that to her hair or all the constant dying and bleaching finally making her bald?

No. 696353

File: 1567491578266.jpg (149.98 KB, 1160x1494, jnpikachu.jpg)

still taking pages out of Nigri's book I see

No. 696357

File: 1567492423610.png (25.81 KB, 720x198, Screenshot_2019-09-02-23-32-18…)

No. 696358

File: 1567492706072.png (45.56 KB, 720x209, Screenshot_2019-09-02-23-37-46…)

Following this. She wants to look like the unnies, muh dudes

No. 696359

Jesus, did you edit this at all? It’s like some creepy edits I’ve seen where they take footage of the eyes out of sync so it’s almost chameleon-like.

No. 696366

File: 1567495116769.jpeg (99.46 KB, 750x493, 02AA63BA-9285-4738-BEA6-DE9F7F…)

umbran commented this under momos newest pic and momo didnt respond or even like it. she liked all the comments around it, but not this one lol

No. 696370

Mariah has met crazier/trashier than her and she's getting fed up it seems. Can't wait for the fall out!

No. 696380

File: 1567501631828.jpeg (222.82 KB, 1200x881, 3BA0D0B5-A882-42DB-B49A-CC1FC4…)

New kpop idol confirmed

No. 696383

Brilliant. Next OP pic.

No. 696399

I need this to be the next OP. this is brilliant

No. 696401

This is brilliant. This needs to be the next OP pic.

No. 696404

Were looking at the next OP pic, anons. This is sheer brilliance.

No. 696407

I think we all agree that this is worthy of being the next op pic. This is pretty damn brilliant.(samefagging)

No. 696410

Stop praising your own mspaint shit

No. 696416

She labeled this one "dumpling" on FB. More like, body made by dumplings.

No. 696420

Seconded. It’s really not that good.
We have more OP-worthy pictures posted by Moo herself.

No. 696425


That’s a bald spot up there. And it’s not from extensions because you don’t attach extensions that high or obvious.

No. 696445

it's likely a mix of dyeing and the extensions pulling the dead hair. i guess if she's naturally bald it will be easier for her to wear wigs.

No. 696460

Pro tip next time you’re praising your own work don’t make it too obvious by using only one adjective for each post

No. 696510

But it’s BRILLIANT(sage)

No. 696515

At the very least she could combover her hair to hide it since that’s how she styles her wigs to begin with.

No. 696593

File: 1567545695782.jpg (57.77 KB, 795x595, BRILLIANT_.jpg)

No. 696624

I can't help but wonder if it was Maddie. Complete tinfoil of course but she certainly is living for roasting Moo in stream.

No. 696641

File: 1567554225879.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.84 KB, 1200x881, C5BFCD4A-D8E6-443F-89CD-8D1E0F…)

Im the OP

Like it’s an edit I made in 5 seconds on meitu chill wierdo
I’m not doing the “admin check my IP lol” but wtf why would someone be so pushy about it.

Has she said anything about the hurricane relief fund for vegas or is she still avoiding it?

No. 696678

Anon, are you high? Also, Las Vegas doesn’t get hurricanes…

No. 696681

I think he meant florida …i want to believe.

No. 696691

Moo never announced anything for Hurricane Dorian, maybe they were referring to the Las Vegas shooting where she held off on donating until she was pressured and fucked up the link to the charity multiple times. I honestly think that anon is trying to deflect attention from their shit edit lol

No. 696742

File: 1567560558246.jpeg (612.47 KB, 750x1028, 947FD866-CB39-40D3-81D5-141DC1…)

No. 696748

File: 1567560894329.jpeg (793.73 KB, 750x1087, A2B926B1-723D-4545-A9E3-44FF1D…)

No. 696755

Her desperate attempt to be the quirky-cute but also hot gamer gurl is so embarrassing, yet hilarious lmao.

No. 696759

Announced she got her lips refilled.
Still has no upper lip.

No. 696775

These look like a very poor attempt at a knock-off of Bunny’s “streaming right now” twitch thot posts… not saying that they’re super unique or anything before that sperg with the bunny hate boner goes off again, but we’ve seen Moo do this time and time again…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 696797

Really, what's up with those compression shorts?
Is she using them prominently for when she gets done some lipo and no one notices?
A new way to conceal that she can't find clothes that fit her?
Follow this walking dumpster fire to find out! ! !

No. 696920

Maybe lipo soon or recently on her lower abdomen, but could also just be one of the only shapewear she can wear and still dress scantily in them. They pack everything in so she looks like she has less of a fupa and some semblance of a waist.

No. 697024

Getting some real Dolly vibes from the pig tails, fake round glasses and laughably bad expression. How the fuck did she think this was a good look lmao

No. 697068

File: 1567596718298.png (10.28 MB, 1242x2208, 1AEC0DD2-FDF6-42EF-92FE-93A4C6…)

Apparently still doesn’t know what the ahegao face is about

No. 697085

>live for the direct
doing what? reactions? people want to see the direct, not this dumb bitch making up shit about her interest in vidya. even her precious neckbeards.

No. 697159

She looks like a deranged elderly woman trying desperately to be youthful and sexy.

No. 697177

Does she have a photo album this month?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697189

File: 1567618792845.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, 4B7854EF-9890-4C44-8E58-7070FF…)

No. 697242

9am is really not that early of a start… it’s just that the majority of the population don’t have the luxury of sleeping in til 3pm every day like you do, moo

No. 697290

Why does she always do this shit without makeup and while wearing a slob outfit. Literally bothers the hell out of me that people eat it up while she looks gangrene(nitpicking)

No. 697300

This dude is pretty aggressive about trying to get people to sign up with him. He's a student his profile says, but does he have a training degree or does he just call himself a person trainer.

No. 697304

File: 1567633721082.png (864.07 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-09-04-14-46-41…)

Streaming soon

No. 697343

Refuse to give her the view, but I wonder how dreadfully boring it must be to watch someone hype over games who doesn't even play games. Playing smash twice a year must add so much to her infinite gamer knowledge.

No. 697400

Whats with Moo's sudden interest in WoW anyways besides Vamp?

No. 697413

WoW Classic just came out and it's giving everyone nostalgia, it's also just a good place to jump in without being overwhelmed with what WoW has become.

No. 697417


It's the newest BIG thing. So she's hopping on to appear like a fan and can't be called out for it cause it is technically the start of WoW

No. 697577

How much work has she had done to her face? There's a lot she's hiding. That combined with photoshopping and it doesn't even look like molesterkun. The grin and cheeks actually seem to age her to look like she's in her 40's.(sage)

No. 697585

She definitely needs to stop. There's nothing wrong with her face except the fat and no amount of filler or lipo is going to make her look 100lbs lighter.

No. 697646

She still has her old twitch streams up on her channel from 2 and 3 years ago. It’s crazy to see the difference from then to now.

No. 697657

She cant even keep up her wholesome uwu geek charade anymore. She only cared because of the attention.

No. 697704

So talking to a few obese friends who abuse shape wear like Moo. They say they feel like wearing the compression gear and corsets will permanently shape their bodies if they wear it long enough

This may be the case with Moo. But she might also be doing more cool sculpting or lipo on her legs and stomach again. With her, you never know

No. 697765

Putting down the fork once in a while will permanently reshape their bodies.

Did anyone watch?

No. 697774

well fat displacement is a thing, but it's going to make them look fucked up. the fat doesn't just shape into the shape you want it, it moves to weird places where it is above the shapewear. even people who are only a little chubby get back boobs and chubby areas under their breasts like what moo has from her really tight bras. the fat tends to pouch up too which looks proper awful.

No. 697800

File: 1567720964921.jpeg (678.99 KB, 750x1168, DF7548B2-14F9-4A69-AFB5-8821E5…)

No. 697804

I love how her friendships are always about ~quirky violence~

No. 697806

File: 1567722293330.png (209.59 KB, 320x277, pancake titties.PNG)

Did this bra-less bitch really edit her boob higher? It's so uncanny

No. 697810

Jesus christ that looks like a misplaced fat roll, not a boob. She needs a lift(nitpicking)

No. 697850

Can you unsaging anons sage for christ sake? Your nitpicks are seriously so samefaggy at this point.

No. 697854

File: 1567728596676.jpeg (629.93 KB, 744x1081, D02FED34-1583-4411-BCEA-A5A6D7…)

only almost a year late!

No. 697856

File: 1567728641128.jpeg (517.67 KB, 750x867, 1A7C59A8-C5B1-4DC3-960B-148F4B…)

No. 697857

This wig is fucked

No. 697860

That wig is a fucking disaster

No. 697861

I've never seen a wig so crispy and fried before. It looks like if you even touched it that it would break off in your hand.

No. 697866

File: 1567729604733.jpg (Spoiler Image,635.61 KB, 1441x2160, CxzL5KX.jpg)

onlyfans pic, from reddit

No. 697868

I mean, it's Moo's first Mei wig restyled, and we all know how she takes care of her things…

No. 697874

no but thats umbrans fault actually. her crimping technique is shitty

No. 697880

Moo, please, stop wearing these clay like wigs, they do nothing for you.

No. 697886

Her hair is so sad.

No. 697891

Agreed, but the wig was probably pretty rough already.

No. 697892

This is the closest she’s looked to her size in a while, guess whoever shopped this one gave up. Obviously still fixed in some ways but she looks as wide as she actually is here

No. 697916

Didn't you know, Anon? That's just how IRL anime characters are!

No. 697919

>>697854 Anyone remember the lie she told where she said was going to shoot this on site at some local business?

This is going to be another illogical disaster in the same vein as her kitchen Hooters set that makes no fucking sense.

No. 697923

It looks like shit on her head, like actual shit just plopped on her head. I know a complete nitpick but Umbran actually does wigs for prices??

No. 697929

File: 1567738973982.jpeg (942.05 KB, 1225x1233, F926EE2E-4321-4D43-A08B-F6B67D…)

She’s been skinwalking BunnyAyu and Vamps extra hard these last couple of weeks. Same sponsorship and costume, out of all of the taobao costumes they sell, and vamps with the WoW.

No. 697934

legit thought same person for a second

No. 697938

How? She always jumps at the chance to cosplay Mei skins. And has been talking about this one for a while. Took this long and it still looks bad.

No. 697940

You said it yourself she usually jumps at the chance.

It took her 3+ months to buy a cosplay and get a shitty wig made? When it dropped she said Cat was 'totally already making it for her' so why hadnt she done it before now?

She was bragging about how it was almost ready and how she had already found a cute bubble tea place to shoot it at months ago so what happened to that?

Time and time again she skin walks people and people brush it off despite clear evidence.

No. 697949

So she just so happened to get the exact same costume from the same place and have a sponsorship code from just like bunny months after her all by coincidence?

No. 697951

Moo removed the top button because she couldn't close it.

No. 697954

File: 1567744200320.jpg (317.77 KB, 1080x607, 20190906_002938.jpg)

No. 697955

File: 1567744240890.jpg (277.86 KB, 1061x569, 20190906_002950.jpg)

Looking lit.. of course she didn't even play overwatch.

No. 697956

File: 1567744269715.jpg (314.9 KB, 1066x593, 20190906_002928.jpg)

No. 697959

File: 1567744475317.jpeg (194.74 KB, 1242x965, A4CA7F9C-4ABA-4189-9AE6-1F5D2A…)

Keep random screencap spam to the livestream thread

Posting this one here because it’s actually worth laughing at.

No. 697962

The combo of huge lashes and lip injections just make me think Tana Mougeau. Except not even the Walmart version, she looks like the knock-off you'd find in the discount bin at a dollar store.

No. 697968

I actually think that this is just an example of Moo not caring about Mei at all any more. That hype ship sailed and obviously she only did this new skin because her dumb fanbase ate up the stuff about her being THE Mei and they actually expected Mariah to, y'know, be ineterested in new stuff about Mei.

I also tinfoil that this is just Bunny trying to keep herself relevant around here lmao we all know her and Susu loved the attention many threads ago.

No. 697970

what's with the cheeto dust look around her lips?

in the same vein, is there a reason she does her lips like this for this character specifically? i googled the character and i still don't understand.

No. 697994

File: 1567759250189.jpeg (260.78 KB, 1152x2048, 62B97EAD-BAAE-4403-8FFF-0EE808…)

>>697956("briliant" samefagging)

No. 698003

I cannot get over the bridge of her glasses lining up perfectly with her eyebrows like this…if there’s was one more additional thing she could have done to make her look retarded, she’s found it.

No. 698004

Clever! I know it’s early, but here’s my vote for the next OP pic.

No. 698006

This is op pic worthy. I’m voting for this too

No. 698007

Momokunyalada would make for a worthy Pokémon, and an even better op pic

No. 698008

momokunyalada does have a nice ring to it

thanks for providing us with the next thread pic anon

No. 698009


A wild Momokunya appeared!

No. 698011

All of you fagugaplexidern really need to save your posts. Don’t make us ask you again.

This made me chuckle. You have my vote.

No. 698012

Pretty sure you mean sage, right?

Funny, but >>696380 still has my vote. Not that this one isn’t brilliant.("brilliant" samefagging)

No. 698014

injection ridge on top lip + filters + lighting, maybe? whole picture looking a little orange.

No. 698016

Funny that her lips still look like that pretty much right after her 3rd(?) time getting injections.

About the bunny skinwalking tinfoil: I personally think it’s the same as with the Adam and Eve stuff; Companies reach out to people and oftentimes ask them to make a post at a certain time. Especially with the discount code it makes sense to have several people compete to be able to tell, which sales were generated by whom.
Judging from their website, the mei cosplay gets pushed a lot by them so I wouldn’t be surprised if they both got told to use that.
You need to chill.

The glasses legit make it look like unibrow

No. 698031

your paint collages aren't as good as you think anon

No. 698048

File: 1567782314462.png (356.92 KB, 616x400, mooster of disguise.png)

absolutely killing that dana carvey cosplay, 8/10

No. 698056

Actually Cat was making her one and she posted a picture of her in the top. So she must’ve reached out to syndrome to get sponsored because she has to copy what everyone else is doing.

No. 698065

I've noticed whenever a cosplayer she has had a "history" with posts a new cosplay, which happens to be a back-burner idea she's had in mind, she suddenly panics because she HAS to be the better version of that character and then not long after posts what she believes is far better work.

Mei is meant to look cute and plump. Moo looks like complete shit and just makes Bunny look even better which is quite amusing. She tries so hard to ride that Overwatch train and always fails.

No. 698068

File: 1567790576286.jpg (574.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190906-122307_Ins…)

No. 698071

Saged for confusion but how does this app work? Is it bluetoothed to a scale or can she just type her desired results

No. 698077


There is absolutely no way at 252 and that height that she is only 33% body fat

No. 698081


Absolutely. A YouTuber that did a weight loss video some time ago was 5’2”ish and 130 something pounds. She started out at 31% body fat. So there’s absolutely no fucking way. Not sure if moo didn’t put her stats in right or if she fudged them on purpose but it’s physically impossible

No. 698089

Don’t want to sperg too much about her weight but what should the BF% be at these stats?

No. 698093

The only way to sure fire measure body fat % is in person with the right tools. So many factors can affect it. No app can give you an accurate reading based on stats you input and (in mariah’s case) lie about

No. 698098


She's easily above 40% Body Fat.

No. 698100

I tried putting in momo’s code and no discount popped up. Code is invalid.

Bunny’s code worked though. Does this mean moo is lying about working with syndrome or that i’m just a retard? Can anyone else try the codes?

No. 698104


Only just now streaming after talking about it like 10 times in the past. Also what the fuck is with her shiny nose

No. 698106

File: 1567798874894.jpg (15.37 KB, 210x240, simon-alvin-and-the-chipmunks-…)

She really out here looking like Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks

No. 698116

File: 1567800349948.jpeg (352.7 KB, 2048x2048, 7BF53763-F000-49E9-99A1-555575…)

Proof Momokun is lying about working for syndrome. Look what happens when I put in bunny’s code vs moo’s.

No. 698120

File: 1567800999886.jpg (827.02 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190906_161520.jpg)

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people usually not wear compression shorts and dance tights when showing off weight loss progress? Also, sucking in pretty hardcore.

No. 698122

And you have to become an affiliate of theirs to get a special link to begin with, once you reach a minimum of 15 sales made through your own code by followers, they then email you about sponsorship. Moo has never mentioned them before, so she's definitely full of shit.

No. 698126

Bc her skin is absolutely disgusting. Anyone who has seen her in person can tell you. Her thighs are really cottage cheesy and in general she has this weird look like she has bruises and faint veins all over.

The last pics on lolcow that showed just how bad it iis were the Cindy at the beach candids and that was about 50 lbs ago. There was also that picnic meetup pic from like 2 years ago and her thighs looked disgusting there as well. Can only imagine just how bad it all looks now. There’s a reason why everything she uploads is smoothed to oblivion

No. 698139

Another way to tell she's also lying is because the code you get for discounts is based on your Instagram handle. It'd be MariahMallad if legit not "Momo" which is why it doesn't work. Imagine being that pathetic and having to bullshit about THAT.

No. 698144

She has to stop pretending she has a big round ass when she posts a sideview showing how exactly flat it is.

No. 698146

File: 1567807176629.jpg (104.88 KB, 1080x707, 20190906_235944.jpg)

This is hilarious. How desperate do you have to be to fake discount codes?

Pic just in case she says she just messed up the code my dudes.

No. 698147

LOL and not even her username works. Moo's sorry ass bought the costume clearly and made it look like she was graced with sponsorship instead like it's an honor. It's so sad…

No. 698176

File: 1567810607153.jpg (125.75 KB, 1080x1007, 20190907_085744.jpg)

Momokun doesn't count either, which is amusing lol

No. 698188

Mariah, sucking in isn't the same as losing weight lmao

No. 698204

Did she draw on abs? Cause her actual abs are under at least six inches of body fat. You can't see ab definition with a high BF percentage.

No. 698205

Worth noting that Bunny's code still works and it's been months
So it's not a time limit thing

No. 698207

She had her abs cool-sculpted at one point, but the horizontal crease is probably also where her fat folds when she is sitting down, of which she does a lot.

No. 698211

File: 1567817685731.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 461B6681-2DB6-41E7-A1A5-7654BB…)

Side pic on its own just to showcase exactly how damn flat her ass is

No. 698220

Holy shit, her fucking thighs protrude further out than her butt.

No. 698221


Shouldn't the ridge of fat right under her bellybutton, the bit that sticks out under the waistband of her shorts, be lower? It looks really strange to me, and the way it goes straight down after that almost makes it look like she's hiding a dick.

Nothing about this woman's body is natural

No. 698227

It’s where the tights waistband is sitting, pushing the fat down there instead.

No. 698229

That’s the cool sculpting she did a long time ago. Literally the worst thing (I think) that she did to herself.
I always get the best laughs when her neckbeard followers think they are her actual abs.

No. 698236

No. 698238

No. 698240

thanks anon

No. 698253

File: 1567828963889.jpg (136.26 KB, 458x474, 20190906_235921.jpg)

Oof, the entire Aggretsuko set is a mess. She looks so lumpy and disproportionate. When she sits on the office chair, her upper thighs look like a drag queen who has used way too much foam to shape their body and that skirt and vest both look like they are gonna bust wide open. And then of course there is the ridiculous amount of face tape and photoshopped. Just yikes.

No. 698257

File: 1567830425477.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3088x2316, B168F926-CF7E-435A-AB2F-9A32E7…)

What the fuck even is this?

No. 698258

File: 1567830966813.png (1.35 MB, 720x1033, Screenshot_2019-09-06-21-31-32…)

Didn't fit Mariah?

No. 698261

Is this set supposed to imply that Retsuko is cheating on a husband???
Admittedly I haven't watched the second season yet so maybe she does get engaged but judging from what I've seen her whole shtick is that she is independent and doesn't care what people think about her. I find it hard to believe she randomly turned submissive and got engaged

No. 698262

why would people pay for these? Its exactly the same as what she posts on instagram, except you can get it for free there.

Uncomfortable, just uncomfortable

No. 698264

File: 1567833696804.jpeg (16.3 MB, 5760x3840, 062058F1-05D9-47EE-B7C4-5984EB…)

This….was it included in the set. She literally charged for this… it’s not a cropped pic or anything just a pic of her arm? Wtf

No. 698271

Is this the same anon that kept calling their own crappy edit "brilliant"?

Or are there two different anons samefagging because they have an autistic obsession with their shitty collage being the thread pic?

No. 698273

>>698264 Normally her sets cost an arm and a leg, but it looks like she's reimbursing people on the arm part.

>>698257 Looks like she tried to stuff her bra with cantaloupes, couldn't find a second cantaloupe, and settled for a tangerine to fill out the other side.

No. 698275

It is literally impossible to lose 20+ pounds in a single month in a healthy way. This bitch is going to another back alley quack to get the fat sucked out of her

No. 698277

She's had almost 3 months now since june and while that's a believable weightloss with diets such as keto, she's probably still going to get lipo again as you said.

No. 698281

My guess she thought it as Aesthetic but backpedaled the moment her cucks disliked

No. 698282

File: 1567841151756.jpeg (873.78 KB, 750x1162, 0A5F9831-80E9-4843-B092-9515F8…)

her face looks like she can’t breathe because she’s trying to tuck in all the fat with the corset…

No. 698283

Jesus fuck how can she look at this picture and say, “Yup, this one is good enough to upload to the internet”?!

No. 698284

This looks a lot like a smart scale. I have one, but I like it just for the progress recording. They're supposed to work by sending an electro current through your body you read other information. How far accurate it is who knows.

No. 698286

She's gotten too big to sit properly in a chair, her ass is literally sitting on the other handle

No. 698288

At least shes losing weight. She should be at most 150 to 160 pounds for her thiccness

No. 698291

now that >>698286 mentions it, it looks like someone shopped out the other arm rest, especially with the way her hand is positioned and the fact that there's a very noticeable glow around it

No. 698302

She kinda looks like Pialoof here.. But in a negative way. Like some feeder fetishist on deviantart took her picture and made her balloon up in photoshop.

No. 698327

File: 1567856747280.jpg (202.5 KB, 720x526, 20190907_044105.jpg)

>>698282 I'm trying to figure out what's going on with her thigh fat distribution above the stockings. Look at these two bumps. It's a miracle that she was actually able to pull her stockings up that high, considering the excess skin that's seeping out the top part on both sides.

No. 698328


It's definitely the same person.

Tinfoil: It's Umbran. She knows Moo reads these thread, so she picks things she knows Moo is insecure about to make fun off. Then she can be there to console a sad and insecure Moo and get a chance to fuck her.

I know its - s u p e r - tinfoil but she gives me crazy bitch vibes like no one else.

No. 698329

Moo is royally fucking up her body and her circulation. There's no way in hell this must have been a comfortable photoshoot. Those stockings are cutting into her thighs, let alone the waist clincher she's wearing along with it and a already too tight of a costume. What a fucking idiot.

No. 698331

Honestly wouldn't be surprised. I've never known anyone to be so far up her vagina, even more so than Vamp when she was the top doormat. She's literally obsessed with Moo to the point it's just unsettling and cringe. She practically worships the cow and looks like she'll be staying around for a long time with her shit tier dried out wigs.

No. 698332

I was thinking it was Umbran too, but rather with Moo’s blessing. Like, they’ll post this shit and rave on about how they’ve totally trolled us and think they’re the funniest people on the Internet, like they do on their streams.

No. 698339

>bust dart but also dart in middle for a vest??

No. 698365

Can a mod address not saging in here please? People keep bumping for useless shit.

No. 698366

Wasn't the selfie set or whatever supposed to have nips in it lol.

I'll never understand how this cow gets away with this BS, there's so much better free porn out there or if you MUST toss your money at someone there's many better (more reasonable) thots out there.

No. 698367

No. 698396

File: 1567876823114.jpg (162.78 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20190907_192101.jpg)

No. 698397

File: 1567876874928.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.67 MB, 4982x3321, Uy2BX_y_.jpeg)


No. 698403

>>696759 >>697866
Not going to lie I figured more people would be ripp'n on her heavily shopped granny slingkining set

And is it me or did she PS her head smaller ?

No. 698405

If it's the one she made originally, it was last year so she gained weight and probably is about to bust out of it. All I can see is the terrible sewing on it.
Her hips and thighs definitely look smaller to me, although it may just be the angles and her not wearing a corset to skew how her body looks. But with the compression shorts she's been wearing, I'm wondering if some of the weight loss wasn't more lipo.

No. 698408

File: 1567879766949.jpeg (391.27 KB, 1242x2196, 8B6108AA-6F1C-413B-A469-02C0F0…)

She didn’t really wear compression stuff right after she got her last round, so why wear it so much now?

Also this story in her IG was especially troubling looking

No. 698412

wtf, she looks like she's wearing that hollywood fat suit makeup.

No. 698417


her face looks like it's melting

No. 698419

This made me laugh for some reason. It cracks me up to think that some neckbeards payed actual money to see 1/16th of Moo's asscrack.

Why is her face so red? Is she constipated? Did she just eat something really spicey? Is her skin irritated from one of the million different skin products she tries once and never uses?

The color difference is so stark that it looks like someone photoshopped her head onto someone else's body.

No. 698421

That’s a ridiculous nitpick now though.
She (supposedly) worked out. Like… imight be just me but is it really that unusual to flush as bad from doing really intense exercise?

No. 698423

>implying she did really intense exercise.


No. 698424


I swear to fucking god if I didn’t know who she was and someone told me this was a 45 mother of 3 kids I would believe them.

No. 698430

I mean, to be fair, 10min of cardio would be an intense workout for her.

No. 698443

File: 1567890351462.jpg (436.39 KB, 1080x1106, 20190907_140249.jpg)

This is all I see when I look at her Mei cosplay lol

No. 698457

She’s deleting comments that mention her code not working. Lmao trying to cover her lie.

No. 698461

What'd you mean 1/16th that's her entire ass right there.
But is seriousness, the hemming is completely busted she's popped the entire lower seam

No. 698462

Underrated edit

No. 698465


it’s not hard to button up your cuffs to look even a bit more professional. retsuko wouldn’t be caught dead looking like a slob at work.

No. 698490

they probably don't button closed on her

No. 698505

Sage bc only semi related but it looks like Aly and moo aren’t friends anymore - she’s in Vegas atm at sabakon with vamp, hasn’t been a peep about her from moo.

No. 698515

No, sage because it is absolutely worthless info not because of any other reason. You anons need to understand that and can we stop saying because Moo doesn't hang out with someone for two weeks or a month that she is no longer friends? She is at a convention with a lot of other people and not just Vamp. Anteras is there too, Sabrina, a lot of people. She doesn't live in NV like Moo does. Vamp does, but Aly is from Cali and everyone else in Moo's reach is too besides Anteras who has been a dumbass and sending out her new ears to people from Moo's address since they are mooching while looking somewhere to live in NV.

These people still hang with Moo sans Vamp and Sabrina. They aren't going anywhere.

No. 698525

Catch up before you sperg. this is the second time in a couple of weeks aly has gone to Vegas to see vamp and not moo.

No. 698646

>BMI of 40

how is she even alive.

No. 698648

Finally a good shot of her feet

No. 698649

God i wanna fuck her so bad bros how much do you think she would charge(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698665

also not sure why youre mentioning sabrina at all

No. 698731

That stitching… what is going on? This reminds me of my first 2 or so cosplays when I was learning how to sew. It's so easy to edit out too, I don't understand.

No. 698745

Because they are attending cons, not seeing Moo and they are in a hotel. Square and Antares are there too. Its not sperg, you just literally dont know how their circle works and would rather jump to conclusions. These girls do this shit all the time. Vamp is the only one distancing herself and thats after MONTHS of back and forth, so unless months pass stfu about her losing her circle to Vamp.

No. 698746


If you're asian and taken? Free.

No. 698815

File: 1567982590768.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1769, 5F385280-CA1D-46DB-BD6E-DBB981…)

Our fitness queen is planning a new cosplay that’s perfect for her body type

No. 698818

Is that another teenage character?

No. 698820

File: 1567983594011.png (60.19 KB, 200x200, 48C8AA1A-679B-4529-A7C8-A0E69C…)

>disgustingly lewd

I can’t imagine anything more disgustingly lewd than pearl string panties (although that wasn’t cosplay).
Also … bets on just a bikini yet again. Not too familiar with her wig collection, but could she even try to recycle an existing one for this?

>A second year high school girl who decides to go to the Silverman Gym in order to slim down. Unfortunately, due to a lack of regular exercise and her own terrible eating habits, she tends to tire out easily and any progress she does achieve is quickly reverted.

Seems like it.
But at least the first part of the character arc fits perfectly. Eccept the character eventually seems to get somewhere at some point.

No. 698841

File: 1567989334426.jpeg (562.34 KB, 750x1032, DCE473F6-1660-4763-A1ED-F8A169…)

No. 698842

The difference here is that Hibiki keeps trying and is determined to achieve her goals. Moo gives up ten minutes in and calls her surgeon.
I can't wait for her to injure herself trying to take gymthot photos with a bar though, since the show is all about weightlifting specifically.

No. 698852

File: 1567991017659.png (1.01 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-09-08-17-34-51…)

>go to gym
>record new trainer instead of doing workouts
>come home and shower just in time to crank out shit content!

No. 698853

File: 1567991171167.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 720x1157, Screenshot_2019-09-08-17-35-38…)

Reddit pic

No. 698855

File: 1567991242930.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2019-09-08-17-35-49…)

No. 698856


What are you implying anon?

No. 698858

File: 1567991771398.png (615.39 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-09-08-18-13-11…)

No. 699422

I feel like her tits are two COMPLETELY different sizes. Like on a really noticeable scale.

No. 699426

File: 1567993538065.jpeg (6.01 KB, 210x240, download.jpeg)

No. 699526

Well, we can definitely be certain about the "disgusting" part.

No. 699554

File: 1568001526014.jpeg (26.99 KB, 450x334, 79CE62D8-2563-497E-95E9-B67651…)

No. 699555

No. 699560

File: 1568001720615.jpg (127.44 KB, 938x1250, xr9lpdnosgl31.jpg)

No. 699577

What the hell is this mouth breathing/duckface thing she's doing recently? Is it because she thinks she has lips now? Or did she just discover Liz Katz, and thinks that shit looks sexy?

No. 699579

File: 1568003157690.jpg (Spoiler Image,980.33 KB, 4032x2688, B6JrkOB.jpg)

Another with her face cut off, I really think she thinks it's aesthetic. The brightness ratio though in attempts to hide the smoothing is painful

No. 699584

Are these pasties? Under a slingkini? What's that weird edge on her left nipple?

No. 699593

Yes. She did this in the see through bra thing and people ate it up as being topless. She is wearing fake nipples in everything because she says she liks huge areolas and extra pointed nipples that you can see through clothing. Moo doesnt do it for aesthetic purposes because she 'likes it'. She does it for cuck bucks and these dumbasses can't tell a pasty from real skin. For fucks sake, the ripple on the plastic is obvious on the edges.

No. 699686

At least she's shooping her titty veins out

No. 699737

File: 1568029127453.png (1.21 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-09-09-04-35-02…)

No. 699738

File: 1568029233748.png (1.1 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-09-09-04-35-25…)

No. 699740

Of course she does, skank

No. 699776

Lol, "lawsuit"? She uses other people shit without permission all the time.

No. 699778

File: 1568038213798.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1250x938, 76b69c0.png)

From reddit

No. 699782

She could of just said no thanks or sorry I don't feel comfortable.

She's so dramatic and nasty.
>NoT uNLesS yOu wAnT a LaWsUiT

>yOu Do NoT hAVe mY pErMissIon

That's why they asked, you rude bitch.

No. 699783

Why does it look like she has a star shaped mark on her butt? Is she cosplaying MLP?

No. 699809


Well, she DOES constantly throw herself at taken guys and then try take them away from their girlfriends… Of course she "loves" the NTR tag, she likes to imagine herself as a female version of the "hot bastard" that seduces people away!

What a bitch.

No. 699836

it looks like a mark you'd get from sitting/laying on something for a while. maybe her undies have star embroidery on the buttcheek

No. 699843

File: 1568044520380.png (Spoiler Image,81.09 KB, 300x156, breast-reduction-incisions-2-1…)

The "plastic" looks like scarring from her breast reduction imo.

Or she's a lying liar who lies and she invested in much more realistic pasties after the Hinata debacle. I'd put my money on the former, but eh, who knows?

No. 699859

I agree, I think it's scarring from her reduction. While I wouldn't at all be surprised if she was wearing pasties, the ones she bought for hinata were more reddish and pretty upraised.

No. 699873

I swear it's always the psychos who are into NTR…

No. 699898

Those are her actual nips. You guys don’t remember her literal pepperonis from the camversity days? And the fake nipples were huge and obviously fake.
The ring around her nipple is from her reduction. Are you all new fags or something?

No. 699904

>lightened her inner ass discoloration

No. 699920

Holy shit this LAND WHALE deserves the Bianca Devins treatment!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699922

But then again she chooses to leave in her pubes and asshair.

No. 699923

Fuck, She just won't let go of the fact that she has no ass despite having the thighs of 2 small children together. These are getting depressing.

No. 699940

At this point she should do a fat transfer from her thighs to her ass.

No. 699962

We saw her real aerolas in old photos. These are pasties.

No. 699970

Those look less star shaped, more crinkled bedding folds imprinted onto her silly putty ass cheeks.

I like how no one noticed the horrible ass hairs poking out to say "Hi" lol

No. 699976

File: 1568062591664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.1 KB, 929x1132, 63CC040F-4057-49BC-AAE5-00E8A2…)

It’s literally been mentioned 5 posts above yours…

I’d opt for saying those are her nipples, but really bad photoshop. Plus, we’ve only ever seen her actual nipples in low-res phone selfies, never in a setting like this.
But imo shape/size/color etc match hers perfectly, if you take the circumstances (different lighting, color edit, quality, …) into consideration.

No. 699990

Scrote detected

she really need to. It's insane she has such a flat ass for someone so fat.

No. 700051

Should prob not mention where each one is from, she was suddenly active on Reddit for the first time in ~40 days to delete this posts

No. 700057

File: 1568078389397.png (352.6 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2019-09-09-22-15-50…)

How many times is she going to tell this lie about shooting in Japan?

No. 700075

bible black? i thought she forgot that was a thing? she always mentions her 'FAVORITE COSPLAY EVER' once and never again. How long ago was the BB cosplay mention?

No. 700076

3rd times the charm. If any of her cucks believe her still. The milk that came from salty patreons after last time was good

No. 700080

O look a shit skin cuck fanboy!
Bitch if you defend ntr or cucking in any way you are the equivalent of zoofiles and pedophiles! Pure and utter scum that need t o get the bullet!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700082

File: 1568083273309.png (66.41 KB, 720x416, Screenshot_2019-09-09-19-36-19…)

No. 700083

File: 1568083713448.png (89.62 KB, 720x568, Screenshot_2019-09-09-19-38-50…)

No. 700152

From Italian, Muslim, Lebanese, Asian and back to Lebanese. I don't know why she just doesn't identify as a straight white chick. Maybe to seem more exotic and special

No. 700168

File: 1568095699144.png (Spoiler Image,2.42 MB, 1250x938, Image you can smell.png)

No. 700170

Christ, a spoiler would've been nice.

No. 700172


What in the fuck is that

No. 700174

For how much money she throws to 'quick' fix her body you'd think she'd invest in a breast lift at least. Her tits are national geographic village levels of sag. I'm guessing a result of ruining her previous reduction?

No. 700194

File: 1568099219247.png (Spoiler Image,2.16 MB, 1617x664, notpasties.png)

They are her real nipples, just super poorly shopped which as seen when you zoom in.

No. 700236

In what fucking universe is she "olive skinned"? Olive is not a shade of white, Moo. You're practically transparent.

No. 700259

olive skin is a tone anon, you can be pale and olive. she is definitely olive skinned. weird nitpick to make.

No. 700263

Sage for knitpicking.
I fucking hate how she uses obviously fake plants in her photoshoots, but I also don’t know if she’d actually be able to take care of any real plants.

No. 700273

Olive skinned is generally considered to be a mediterranean/light brown complexion. No one who had to describe her would use the term olive-skinned. 10/10 people would describe her as white.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 700282

olive refers to a green undertone in the skin, it's not distinct from white. that's like saying italians or eastern europeans are non-white. is this an american race thing?

No. 700307

She can’t even be bothered to groom her cats properly, so I doubt she could be arsed to read up on the specific plants‘ needs like level of humidity, light, soil, not to mention repotting etc.

Then again it might be because of her cats and a lot of very decorative/popular and blooming plants are poisonous for cats.

No. 700349

Someone should explain that to Moo then, because she was using the word as basically a synonym for tanned.

No. 700503

File: 1568153280186.png (1.38 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-09-10-15-01-39…)

For the sake of being able to read it (Moo did repost this)

No. 700506

File: 1568153468193.png (917.89 KB, 720x1204, Screenshot_2019-09-10-15-02-19…)

No. 700514

jesus christ she looks like jim carrey in the mask.

No. 700530

This girl needs to chill. Or get some other friends.

No. 700545

Not trying to be mean, but shouldn't all of this be in the calves thread? Not sure why we have to be subjected to horse face being clingy and creepy every time she freaks over moo and calves on here.

No. 700558

Mariah's strategy of surrounding herself with less attractive women is so subtle /s

No. 700561

File: 1568158980374.jpeg (378.97 KB, 750x1041, 5FD2E59F-DB76-41E1-B73D-5E568D…)

No. 700563

File: 1568159080017.jpeg (466.12 KB, 750x1091, 3142ED53-FC2F-4945-BE40-3180BB…)

No. 700564

File: 1568159195489.jpeg (552.02 KB, 750x1103, 78849F98-D015-4C74-B3D2-7C48BD…)

can someone collage all the times she’s used her pink background at home? every month is always pink, red, or if she needs the heavy shop white

No. 700566

Well spent money on chin sculpting my dudes

No. 700568


This caption reads like someone who speaks English as a second language, there are so many fucking mistakes.

No. 700575

so much for "totally taking pics at a real bubble tea shop!!!"

No. 700587

TBF she probably forgot

No. 700590

File: 1568161244600.jpg (455.91 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20190910_223729.jpg)

Sure captures Mariah's unhinged personality and Cat's cunt energy

No. 700594

I think she’s just as delusional as moo. Look how she draws Mariah with toned, sculpted arms. Like, you dumb horse-face bitch, that’s all flab. Talk about rose tinted glasses.

No. 700597

she also drew herself with a kawaii square head when she's got the longest horse-face i've ever seen. umbran is fucking loopy and while i don't feel bad for moo, she should tread carefully with this one. she acts like crazy, rich girls in anime who get obsessed with an MC but it's played as comedy because no one is like that irl. i wouldn't be surprised if she showed up at moo's unannounced sometime despite being a plane ride away.

No. 700618

I think I mentioned it in the last thread, but Moo is claiming she’ll be in Japan during Animate Girls Fest, but I’m guessing she forgot the name lmao
Anyway, she’ll probably do her usual stalking and taking people’s pictures without permission, that’ll go down just great!

No. 700619

who do u think she drew under the white censor? i bet it was something unflattering. maybe of nick or vamp??

No. 700631

File: 1568165552462.jpg (512.8 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20190910_223657.jpg)

No. 700636

File: 1568166376117.jpg (308.78 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20190911_023711.jpg)

Sage for Dumbran

I don't think this was ever posted but it was from last week

No. 700646

Surprised this idiot hasn't posted how it's World Suicide Prevention day with how close she was to Etika

No. 700648

Really gotta wonder why Mariah's hand and whatever she was holding is censored though. Gotta be pretty fucked up to warrant such a major censor.

No. 700652


She put the most flattery/detail into Momo’s portrait there. I like how she did her backwards necklace too because Mariah is too incompetent to understand the clasp should go in the back. Glad even umbran notices it.

No. 700669

Maybe a gun? She's mentioned she had one and a top notch security system before. Unless it's something like "career ending" screenshots of dirt on vamp &victims

No. 700698

>>700669 probably strangling Vamps if I had to take a guess.

No. 700705

guys please, she drew 4 friends on the first page and another friend on a clean sheet of paper in that same spot where the blur is. she probably just scribbled out the other friend that isn’t part of the crackhouse since it was an unrelated cosplayer

No. 700706

File: 1568173215098.jpeg (349.48 KB, 1080x1913, 2C312961-64DF-46D5-94AF-13634C…)

weird overlay but you can see where it matches up to the position on the paper

No. 700708

These unnecessary HDR pics are banned in Onision threads, can we get them banned here before it gets annoying? Momo does enough to make a fool of herself on her own…do you not agree, sweet salty-chan?

No. 700715

Yeah totally the cats are always around you that's why they're never around in any of your other selfies or shoots or when other people are taking pictures of you.
Why does she lie about obvious stuff when we get so many 'BTS' pics where the cats arent around at all. Yeah of course they're gonna sniff around the backdrop because it's something new that a cat is going to want to explore. Has nothing to do with them wanting to be around you

No. 700736

She should focus on her art instead of her wigs, the style is kind of cute and she could probably make money if she polished stuff up and marketed it with popular series.
Too bad she's drawing trash people instead

No. 700737

Jfc I didn't think she could get any creepier. Even someone with no standards like Moo has to be weirded out by this, right??

No. 700742

File: 1568181626700.png (633.1 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_2019-09-10-22-54-24…)

No. 701061

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Moo appeases Umbran and pretends to like all her weird obsessive shit because she's terrified that, if they stop being friends, Umbran will angrily stalk her lmao. If I knew someone like that who obsessed over me enough to photoshop their screaming face on my tit, I would fear for my life if I said something remotely mean to them.

No. 701311

…why would you self post that.

No. 701375

File: 1568257609496.png (4.45 MB, 1125x2436, DF5DCFED-BBC1-4771-B13B-C222BF…)

Can’t wait for this train wreck

No. 701388

File: 1568259257444.jpg (298.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190911-200557_Ins…)

>>701375 She already cancelled. Probably forgot to look stuff up on YouTube to get an idea of how to play. Pretended she was busy.

No. 701393

File: 1568259845215.png (828.04 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_2019-09-11-20-37-45…)

No. 701395

File: 1568259953106.png (79.13 KB, 720x469, Screenshot_2019-09-11-20-37-56…)

So, like, did Squarecuck move in and Miso stay at her parents? Moo is isolating the people she works with literally

No. 701405

>>701395 Not sure. Might be worth looking into and discussing on the calves thread, although Square still shoots with Tokki by the looks of things.

I'm just laughing over how badly she butchered the quote. She must have pulled this line from Sensei's spiritual guidance book.

No. 701413

I'm just laughing that this coward compared herself to a lion when she hides at every con she goes to for fear of a confrontation

No. 701427


>fire embelem

The least you could have done was spell the name of the game right to pretend you give a fuck about it.


Which one of her toadies stepped out of line this time?

No. 701490

File: 1568268374869.png (5.26 MB, 1800x1421, CC16045A-8E86-47D1-B47B-6F840C…)

She is literally incapable of taking care of herself. It’ll be interesting to see how she’d fare once she’s burned all bridges with her current friends. She’d probably have Maddie move in to be her slave- er… I mean take care of her.

No. 701514

File: 1568269982265.jpg (193.64 KB, 716x1146, 20190911_232426.jpg)

Found this. More neckbeard bait.

>Uh, hey guyz. Maybe I'll show my boobs lulz.

Not sure if she's serious or not. Somehow I doubt it, considering her highly visible scarring from that breast reduction she had years ago.

Of course, this could also lead to the resurrection of girlonthemoonpro.

No. 701518

Tbh Im thinking it's Anteras sister who was GotM. Ant is at Moo's house making ears for what seems like a few months now and her sister is there helping her since it's half her 'company'. We never figured out who that other asian chick was in those photos all last holiday and it makes sense when you put it all together. She probably didn't feel comfortable shooting Moo's vagina and ass all the time that or it's just another selfie lie Moo told again, so it can go either way. Both make sense.

No. 701572

This is a GOT reference no?

No. 701622

By holiday, do you mean the Hawaii trip? If so, then she’s a friend of frogdresser and the other stylist and I think she works at the same salon.

No. 701632

File: 1568289918450.jpg (338.93 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20190912_130336.jpg)

Maddie seems to outdo her creepy obsession posts every time

No. 701661

File: 1568295318831.jpeg (564.13 KB, 750x1063, 0C1678AE-D382-499D-8BF2-ABE883…)

invisible ???? pose

No. 701662

File: 1568295660798.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 5B5FB21B-AA08-4798-A533-731CD6…)


No. 701675

this is so depressing. it's literally just chicken and vegetables with probably some spices for flavor. Common moo you can do this
yeah that's correct, but can we really assume that moo knows anything about GoT?
invisible water bottle pose

No. 701695

Invisible urine sample?

No. 701699

File: 1568302145829.png (2.17 MB, 1244x2048, Screenshot_20190912-112849.png)

Still making incorrect quotes, I see. God she's so dumb.

No. 701834

Holiday season. When this FotM first showed up.

No. 701839

I swear she purposely fucks with phrases to be 'quirky'

In unrelated is she not doing a halloween passion project this year?

No. 701853

just a few runs to her local Spirits, slap on an autum leaf from hobby lobby and claim she made the whole thing most likely

No. 701855

so is she just wearing this necklace backwards because her arms are too swollen to reach around to the back of her neck?

No. 701871

Lowkey think this is her trying to hint that she's cosplaying Nero soon or she's having it commissioned and she's to excited to not try and make 'related quotes'. Tinfoil but it wouldnt surprise me as she's rambled about cosplaying the character before.

No. 701906

They do have a full Ashe costume now wouldn't be surprised if 'irl' Mei goes for it

No. 702030

What is this cringy ass bitch on about? This is so embarrassing, did her Little Caesars order get cancelled?

No. 702069

why the fuck are her eyes so droopy is this bitch getting high before getting up in the morning now?

No. 702074

She probably did just get up and snapped these photos to show her neckbeards how 'naturally beautiful' she is

No. 702097

I'm confused….are you mad because she capitalized the T in "tu"?

Et tu, Brute? is the literal quote or is she saying someone else other then Julius Caesar said this?

No. 702106

Thats what Im thinking. She quoted it right, so idk wtf some anons are going on about.

No. 702155

just hardcore nitpick tbh. There is nothing wrong with the quote. Moo is dumb and all but it's not milk

No. 702166

File: 1568341746383.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190912-212959_Red…)

From reddit.

No. 702170

File: 1568342885761.jpg (204.58 KB, 595x470, 20190912_194441.jpg)

>>702166 Not only did she do another poor photoshop job (the blinds are curved on both sides), she forgot to slim down one area of her neck, and now it looks like she has swollen lymph nodes.

No. 702188

Still desperately holding them up so you won't see they land by her belly button.

No. 702240

I’ll never understand how she thinks these make her look good. Her chest looks like a droopy nutsack.

No. 702298

Not the same anon, but the quote is supposed to be “Tu quoque, Brute, fili mi?” In which “tu quoque” could be translated as “and you”, but it’s not ET TU, I’ve never heard it quoted that way in my entire life.

No. 702303

File: 1568353454737.jpg (525.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190913-004431_Ins…)

We all know this is a like. If you had it bleached, the surrounding area wouldnt look like you didnt know how to wipe.

No. 702306

caesar actually said it in Greek according to Suetonius (καὶ σύ, τέκνον;) so any translation is fine, personally I've seen it mostly quoted as "et tu, Brute ?"
sage for sperg.

No. 702309

File: 1568354025918.png (1.3 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-09-12-22-48-06…)

>Umbran uploads her comics about going to Moo's
>first comic is her talking to Moo about wrestling together. Moo says she "doesn't wrestle with cute girls"
>second is with Kevin. They mess around as he is cooking in the kitchen. He accidentally steps on Guzma's tail. Moo apparently gets so angry with rage she grabs Kevin by the throat and lifts him into the air

No. 702315

File: 1568354550561.png (Spoiler Image,963.8 KB, 715x962, Screenshot_2019-09-12-22-56-35…)

Reminder: Moo is working at Sensei's tomorrow

No. 702319

>>702170 why does she make her head look so tiny??

No. 702326

How'd you even find this? Not even Moo has made mention or interaction with this page and they literally have no followers.

No. 702330

It's in her "tagged" section of her profile. I don't even think Reddit has posted it yet. Maybe it came from her onlyfans?

No. 702362

File: 1568375685785.png (17.79 KB, 810x333, duh.png)


Anon you need to read more. You guys are being nitpicky as hell and a 2 second google would show you that(et tu derailing)

No. 702363


the narrative umbran keeps putting out there that moo is really strong and not just fat is really funny honestly

No. 702378

It also highlights how she believes it's a-okay to physically assault people if Mariah's the one doing it. Guess she wouldn't say the same if one of her victims confronted her exactly the same way…

No. 702390

not to mention this shows him as knocked out? Like she choked him out over this. Maddie has some serious issues if this is what she deems hot. I shudder to think what edgy nonsense of Moo she draws and doesn't share.

No. 702403

Its a fucking comic drawn by a deranged weeb who has mental issues and cant socially act normal because she was a spoiled rich kid. Umbran probably sees all that, but come on. Him being piledrived and kickedout isnt actually happening. The tinfoil and nitpick on this one is as spergy as Et tu, brute.

No. 702405

I wouldn't say it's so much nitpicking as speculation on how far the mental goes. Remember Moo's last stalker was just a leech she barely acknowledged. Umbran is a whole other level, and we saw via stream Moo get uncomfortable with the level of shit she spews. It's just looking at it from the possibility of a rather milky endeavour. Maybe she'll chase Moo to Japan who knows, it's just looking at the possibilities. Stop mini modding.

No. 702416


This is especially creepy since umbran mentioned how wet it makes her to think of Mariah beating people up.

No. 702431

Then keep it all in the calves thread. Stop spamming umbran here and discussing her mentality. Post the panels of moo but stop spamming about everuthing maddie does and how she feels about moo in here. Its so derailing and no one fucking cares about umbran. Just because moos feed is slow doesnt mean we care about what maddie obsesses over.

No. 702438

Wtf does et tu derailing mean. is everyone on this board thick as shit or just the mods(et tu )

No. 702446

File: 1568396173502.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 33564A4D-4B12-4F98-B121-5CA597…)

I hate UmbranWitch with a passion but she literally did Mariah wrong with this sketch…next thread pic please

No. 702448

I really disagree, Umbran is weird as fuck and I find her extremely entertaining. Her interactions with Mariah belong here imo.

No. 702453

Then make a thread dedicated to Umbran herself. Tbh, a thread for her alone in W wouldn't be a bad idea, but this is the Moo thread and not the MooxUmbran thread. I don't think its bad to talk about Umbran here as long as it related to Moo only, but when you specifically talk about Umbran for posts on end it needs to be in the calves or her own thread. I think thats what the anon meant.

No. 702454

Jeez it’s like an illustration out of a Junji Ito Manga. Terrifying.

No. 702458

Dont give her that credit. It is standard Tumblr face when stuff happens and her art is standard tumblr weeb too. Nothing even remotely close to Junji Ito.

No. 702464

I would say more Kakegurui face reaction but to each their own.

No. 702465

Don’t do Junji Ito dirty like that. At least he has the decency not to draw on fucking lined paper lol

Sleep paralysis demon Moo.

No. 702509

I'm sorry, this is actually terrifying. This is like some thriller horror novel shit right here

No. 702510

File: 1568405052685.jpg (968.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190913-150446_Ins…)

Moo is doing the social media for his tattoo shop and the grammar shows….

No. 702612

File: 1568410731986.jpeg (10.44 KB, 195x259, download (1).jpeg)


>Go get lunch and a some starbucks

No. 702624

Great Job Moo, putting forth the effort we all thought you would.

No. 702658

File: 1568418067674.jpg (383.15 KB, 1080x1535, 20190913_193737.jpg)

Never thought to look in the tagged photos but there are some gems in there. Like this drawing of her in her wario outfit

No. 702659

Linguistics major at it's finest.

No. 702677

No. 702679

No. 702709

>>702677 Every single photo has warped blinds in the background. Every single one.

The poor use of facetuning is on full display.

No. 702718

At least now we have more leakers for onlyfans since shes been flaunting it so much

No. 702824

she makes the dumbest faces

No. 702848

File: 1568446398688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1620x2160, 395CCADD-EFC9-4A0D-A071-C3CB72…)

Mentally challenged and demented grandma misplaced her bra again.

No. 702850


Do the lip fillers make her think she's hot? She's been making stranger faces than ever since she got them

No. 702852

lmao, nice one anon

No. 702878

File: 1568460933567.jpg (674.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190914_022315.jpg)

Is she dying her hair again? I found this on Twitter.

No. 702909

Looks like it. Nothing unusual/milky about that though. Silver dye fades extremely quickly and re-dyeing that doesn’t damage the hair. Most brands like manic panic, overtone (which I think she’s using), crazy color etc are actually rather a pigmented conditioner.
It’s the bleach that fucks up her hair.

No. 702926

File: 1568472953332.png (312.27 KB, 1079x1878, Capture _2019-09-14-07-56-21.p…)

No. 702942

A "LEBANESE AND PROUD" version of the Navy seals copypasta. Jfc moo it was a yes or no question

No. 702945

anon she's clearly dying her hair with a darker dye of some kind.

No. 702952

I mean, she really does look Lebanese and Mallad is a Lebanese name. I don’t know what all y’all who are all “how dare she call herself Arab” are thinking.

No. 702956

Because she is a basic white bitch trying to get brownie points by being “POC”. She use to claim she was Italian too

No. 702958

File: 1568477171693.jpg (141.82 KB, 713x1280, photo_2019-09-14_12-04-03.jpg)

But anon, you missed the best part, her reply where she says she tanned and is ASIAN

No. 702974

She’s white passing though. She claims to have been harassed about her “culture” when she was in middle school. But I can guarantee you, she’s never faced any kind of discrimination as an adult that dark-skinned middle easterners deal with on the daily. Sure she looks a little Lebanese, but the bitch is white and grabbing for POC points. And now she’s apparently labeling herself also as Asian

No. 702976

Yeah she isn't doing this for Arab points, she wants to trick people into thinking she's East Asian. Which most people, even Arabs, don't consider the Middle East to be part of East Asia.
She did the same with Italian when Jersey Shore was hot shit.

No. 702978

And thats a big thing right now in the copslay scene where white passing or light skinned POC need to accept their privilege. Im actually shocked that her asian friends, Ant and Miso, aren't offended by Moo really pushing the whole 'IM ASIAN' thing. You're not fucking Asian, Moo. There is a difference between decendants and a stand alone race/nationality now. She's a fucking dumbass through and through and her claiming poc points when its convenient for her might be another fuck up on the horizon because she's really pushing it.

All this chick asked was if she was going to tan. White passing or light skinned girls get shamed by other poc for tanning to get darker, so good luck Moo. Can't wait to see how orange you are again, or wait.. That's natural. That's right. Orange is natural. Totally olive.

No. 702980

This is the second time she's spelled it "LEBEANSE" jesus christ.

But tbh she obviously comes from darker-skinned family roots (its blatant in her high school pics, straight up tan-skinned with her mom's face features). She was never white passing until she started cosplaying and editing her pics to be SUPER pale, which seems like an insult in itself to her heritage that she parades around so much. She's failed at a body-posi fat woman (the lipo) and now is failing at being a body-posi POC (the pale skin editing). She could've been so much.

…and I think that Mariah thinks "being Muslim" is some kind of race/skin thing. I'm not actually sure if she knows that being Muslim just means you're part of the religion of Islam. I don't know if I've ever seen her even use the name of it.

No. 702987

File: 1568480812050.png (1.53 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-09-14-10-05-10…)

Why us she going to Oregon with Squarecuck?

No. 703006

Probably rose city comic Con.

No. 703025

Hope more people see this and she gets clapped for it.

No. 703034

File: 1568484280453.jpeg (653.91 KB, 1920x1920, 7CCB2A1F-2D45-4915-B756-80B6B8…)

>when I was in Hawaii I tanned immensely
Sure, Jan.

No. 703045

Oh god she's screeching she's asian again. She is reaching Mira levels of crazy. She also didn't tan at all while she was in Hawaii. Anyone with eyes can she she's white. I guess she's mad she looks more like an ugly kardashian than a…. "asian"

Also her claiming she's muslim this hard is going to bite her in the ass. When she hasn't practice any holidays these past years, only celebrates Christian holidays, her wearing crosses in the past.

Can someone explain why she's obsessed with this? Is it just so she can go around saying she's asian for weeb points?

No. 703206

Also why the fuck would you brag about being raised muslim?

But I do think her only saying "being raised" means she isn't practicing, so celebrating American holidays isn't that odd.

No. 703208

Pretty accurate representation of Moo tbh.

No. 703214

File: 1568499236647.jpeg (660.86 KB, 2048x2048, 12E1EA1E-56D9-42E0-83A5-B9A1BA…)

“I tanned like crazy in Hawaii!!”

No, moo, you photoshopped yourself orange after Hawaii

No. 703215

she used it for pity points, claiming that she stopped wearing hijab cause people would grab it off her head. as if she'd have been the only one in her class/school. as if she'd have been allowed not to wear it. as if she didn't brag about being an italian bitch in all of those cringy twitter posts from HS.

it's gross because she's clearly not muslim, just arabic.

No. 703241

Not this I’m Arab/Muslim bullshit again.

Just because you’re from that region, or partially, doesn’t make you olive skinned. She’s definitely white. Lebanon is also half Christian and French. It isn’t the same as the gulf countries with darker people, or North Africa.

I hate this play for diversity. Also Italian isn’t a PoC ethnicity, it’s WHITE and European.(racebait)

No. 703281

Moo is from Dearborn Michigan which has the largest population of Arab people in the USA. There are also a lot of racist assholes that think they are all terrorist so it would explain why she tried to pretend she was Italian back in high school. I definitely believe her family is from the middle east.

No. 703289

File: 1568508422177.jpg (9.62 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

She only pulls this out when she's getting backlash about it please dont fall for her BS.

The fact that she was able to lie about being italian shows that she was light skinned enough to pull that off and please remember than she's not that old so when she was growing up was in the prime 'jersey shore everyone tan' days so she wouldnt have gotten shit for having a slightly darker skin tone.

She was super pasty when she was obese when she was younger and if you ignore the quality of the photo, even when she was skinny and doing sports she was never that dark skinned (the only reason she looks darker there is because of the bad photo quality.)

She has always been lighter skinned so dont even try giving her excuses especially since back then moo was even more of an insufferable cunt who constantly posted about how much of a 'bad bitch' she was and also bullied other people viciously.

No. 703306

She’s absolutely majority Lebanese heritage. If she never got any shit for being Arab from her classmates or whoever, lucky her. Do y’all not live in places where people ask “What kind of name is that?” and the like? Must be nice.

No. 703319

she never got any shit because her family isn't traditional.

No. 703345

That's not how bigotry works

No. 703364

A last name =/= your ethnicity. Shes light skinned, maybe 1/13th Labanese. Her parents arent full either. Maybe one of her grandparents is full Labanese. Dont defend her reaching ass.

No. 703370

Stfu. Neither parent came from the Middle East. We dont even have proof her grandparents did. Shes not full, shes not half, shes 3rd generation at least which makes her have Labanese features, but everything else about her is white as fuck. She uses her genetic background to make herself seem more POC that she is.

No. 703387

holy warped headboard, batman

No. 703426


Is that you Moo? Yea no she is a white girl trying to fit some fucktarded delusion. For the umpteenth time.

No. 703429

I for one do believe she got shit about her last name. But that’s about it and that’s something anyone with an unusual last name will experience, regardless of its origins.
That‘s not what discrimination is.

No. 703447

Mallad isn’t an Arab or Muslim
name. Neither is Mariah.

No. 703464

She never showed to RCCC. Besides last time she was in Portland for Wizard World, she didn't even spend more than 2hrs at her booth. This bitch wouldn't dare show her face at Rose City.

No. 703473

Stop derailing about her heritage. You will get a 4 day ban.

No. 703490

File: 1568525670839.png (1018.23 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-09-14-22-26-23…)

Went to Oregon to overeat…

No. 703491

File: 1568525717861.png (1.1 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-09-14-22-26-46…)

No. 703493

File: 1568525778954.png (870.55 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-09-14-22-25-47…)

Another cosplayer she's with posted this

No. 703546

This is an old picture, right? There's no way this cosplay is wearable again after two years of marinating in cat piss and weed smoke.

No. 703613

Of course it is. Just look at her body and it’s more than obvious.

No. 703663

The more stuff like this happens in this thread, the more I actually believe that MamoKONyah is the one who’s behind most of the derailing.

Come on famiante, were better than this. Every time we derail, she wins.

No. 703725

Where’s Miso? Did they broke up or something?

No. 703820

File: 1568564497380.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1715, 5E5E5410-8CF8-43F1-A5A9-417317…)

No. 703856

Stop asking this. Unless her calves disappear for months, don't assume they aren't friends. She even is still friends with Holly, they just meetup only when they go to the same place, so stop asking this.

No. 703858


Drunken grandmas wanna talk to you about your lifechoices (or hit on you in portland bars)

No. 703860

She followed a "Only Fans Recruiter" instagram account that teaches people how to monetize their content. Maybe she's coming back because she's hard up?

No. 703865

Shes not hard up at all. She has almost 1k fans on OnlyFans now and that's, whats her content, $15 a sub? I deal with OF and they take, probably from $15, $4 for processing. For $5, you get even $1 taken out, and that's not including the taxes you have to take out.

Tbh, this and combined with Patreon, she is making crazy bank. I dont want to get into this too much because people like to think 'she's hard on money' all the time, but Moo knows how to get cuckbucks. Anyone with a subpar editor and shitty poses and a literal team behind them because they can't do shit themselves, can make easy money. Moo does this shit for free promo or paid promo. She follows all these surgery, spa, and now recruiter accounts to help boost her shit and it works. Even leaking shit gets her more fans somehow even though its there, free.

No. 703922

Said in a previous thread but, even if her making bank Moo is terrible at her finances and even if she makes a ton, she wastes a good amount on stupid shit. Such as her Oregan trip. She's probably paying for the entire trip. Plus whatever stupid shit she sees there that's a tourist trap price. My biggest milk flow wish is the IRS coming for her as she likely ignores tax season.

No. 703933

Dont start this tax stuff again. Most of the girls do quarterly and we have zero proof of her evading anything.

No. 704012

File: 1568579493889.jpg (92.33 KB, 1079x444, Screenshot_20190915-133212_Ins…)

inch arresting

No. 704027

Momo anyone with eyes can see you're white.

But she really needs to be more honest. It's 10's of thousands of rounds of lipo suction and cosmetic surgery. Her body has nothing to do with her genetics

No. 704063

File: 1568581918284.jpeg (859.13 KB, 745x1105, AB5AA69A-EA20-4DAA-B5CC-2146FB…)

this is the most “normal” she’s looked in awhile

No. 704068

File: 1568582050489.jpeg (822.26 KB, 750x1096, C5F6B937-C7A6-4BFB-97A5-2EF6ED…)

A early birthday, last slide is just her food

No. 704083

I don't know anon, if she was waddling about in Australia, a lot of people would say she looks like a fat wog or leb bogan.
I get that she's white, but you can tell she's mixed with something.
That person's comment on Insta was cringe though.

No. 704144

Marvin and Miso broke up a few weeks ago

No. 704145

Shes not in Australia so no one cares. Anon.

No. 704150

When? Hes still shooting all the thots, so seems weird he'd still shoot Miso unless they had a normal friend breakup which is a thing.

No. 704164

Can you imagine going all the way to Portland for your birthday to eat Japanese food. No matter where Moo travels she finds a way to be a weeb. Remember her "Hawaii is basically Japan"

No. 704167

why does she keep wearing rings on her wedding finger

No. 704168

Showed a lot of Lebanese friends in my community her pic, none of them see her as "mixed." Why are you so set on defending this cow?

No. 704318


What annoys me most is that she draws on lined paper. Like… if you're going to show off your shitty art at least use printer paper.

No. 704320

File: 1568599667277.jpeg (360.43 KB, 1125x1244, BEA9C18D-51CE-4353-9FCE-F8F9FA…)

No. 704336

Oh, so this is why moo is all up on his crotch. lmao

No. 704345

That is a L for Cucknoodles tbh. Moo could buy me a new computer and a Nintendo Switch and I would still not deal with her hot dog water smelling ass. Sooner than later Moo’s neet bucks will run dry and then he is stuck with nothing.

No. 704347

File: 1568602977427.jpg (663.98 KB, 720x987, 20190915_195937.jpg)

This isn't milky. It's merely an observation.

Anybody else notice how much this particular shot resembles at least one of the photos she took during her first trip to Japan? Same pose. Same clothes. Same aesthetic.

No. 704365

Thought this is what happened. He’s been spending a lot of time with Mariah, I have no doubt she’s trying to get in there with him. I’m curious how her friendship with misotoki will go

No. 704372

What bothers me is the fact she can’t dress like a normal woman her age in public. It’s all compression leggings and athletic gear. I guess taking a Lyft around Portland and walking a short distance from restaurant to restaurant is considered a tough workout for her.

No. 704374

The leggings aren't that weird honestly. Lots of people wear them.
But most people don't wear hoodies when it's 100+ degrees outside (referring to when she's in Vegas, not Oregon)

No. 704382

I mean this is a dream come true for her, an Asian guy who already has filmed all her flabby bits. And for once unattached? I'm not gonna tinfoil saying she had a hand in their fallout. But she's likely giddy right now, Sensei gets a break at least.

No. 704428

He has to be the biggest dumbass on Earth for chasing Momokun’s money. That money has strings attached and we know how it will probably not end well one for him. And to let the money wreck a relationship for him. Miso has seemed kind of depressed lately so I wonder if they had a further falling out?

No. 704439

Isn't it interesting how she hangs around the "boyfriend" in a failed relationship seconds after they break up with their actual s.o.'s? She did this with Kevin when he broke it with Nicoletters. she didn't go on this trip with her cousin AND squarecuck, it's JUST SQUARECUCK

No. 704462

>>704320 It's no surprise that Mariah is taking a bigger shine to Squarecuck than Miso, since Square provides a service that Miso cannot.

Seems like ages ago when Miso and Square were supposed to move to Vegas together. Makes me wonder if Mariah would still theoretically want that to happen, since it could pose a threat to the seemingly intimate connection she's trying to establish with her photographer.

No. 704478

Miso is not moving to Vegas anymore. She has said this on her Onlyfans livestream. Cucknoodles can move in with Momokun then. They deserve each other haha.

No. 704502

He already has. He's been there for a couple days unless he decided to come over a couple days early before Portland??

No. 704506

Yeah she’s been bragging about his cooking for nearly a week

No. 704561

File: 1568612018916.png (1.86 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-09-15-22-23-41…)

No. 704566

File: 1568612276395.png (797.51 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-09-15-22-23-59…)

The way she eats the dessert brownie in the next instastory, saying "Emiyyaaaa" tells how plastered she is

No. 704568

File: 1568612337050.png (908.99 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-09-15-22-24-16…)

No. 704572

Lol I'm not 'set' on defending her. I rarely even post in the Moo thread. All I said is she looks like a fat leb/wog. It's just an opinion anon, no need to show your entire Lebanese community

>someone on the Moo thread made an offhand comment saying she kinda does look leb to them, better screech that she DOES NOT and show all my lebanese friends for their opinion!

Lol(calm down)

No. 704576

File: 1568612968119.png (755.22 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2019-09-15-22-48-56…)

No. 704577

File: 1568613002725.png (1.16 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-09-15-22-48-42…)


No. 704585

I dunno how Miso is keeping it together right now. But it's kind of funny in a way. She followed Moo for clout and made squarenoodles befriend Momo even though he hated her.

But Momo proving once again she isn't a class act

No. 704593

They breakup was mutual. Adults do have chill breakups and they both still see and hang with Moo. Miso, however, can get other photogs to shoot her, but Moo rarely has anyone else do it because shes scared of showing her unedited body. Cucks knows Moo has money and Ive seen nothing of Moo trying to get with him. Its really bad tinfoil to think Moo is trying to lay him. She has never shown interest and neither does he. They both just use each other for money/photos.

No. 704605

>>704593 If this were true, you wouldn't have complete radio silence on Miso Tokki's end. She has to be stewing in anger. Mariah isn't posting about her in IG stories anymore, gushing about how much she loves Miso and shit.

But I'll tell you what the real deciding factor will be in this equation, and that's Maddie. If Maddie stops obsessively posting cringy shit, then it's fair to assume she's aware of a deepening connection between Square and Moo.

Don't take this as an argument, as I won't be on to do any back and forth. But I think there's more than enough reason to speculate and keep a close watch on any developments and patterns.

No. 704641

Easy answer, because she's an idiot and she doesn't know what it means. Or she thinks she's "being totes rebellious" (not that she could spell rebellious)

No. 704650

>If Maddie stops obsessively posting cringy shit, then it's fair to assume she's aware of a deepening connection between Square and Moo.

Bold of you to assume Maddie is mentally stable and mature enough to act like that. I feel like she’d more likely become even more obsessive/possessive.

No. 704906

File: 1568652715139.png (90.24 KB, 564x414, shitty.png)

By the way, physical rewards are delayed, but Moo could send out her stickers and keychains LOL

I have zero idea why she bothered doing physical again when she was behind for 1.5 years last time.

No. 704922

Uh, wasn’t she supposed to be doing some kind of intensive month long workout routine right now?

No. 704925

No its vacation and as anyone knows on vacation, even though she just took one-two months ago, every day is cheat day! Brownies, fried foods, liquor. I think her trainer follows her, so I wonder what he thinks about he working out like 4 days for two weeks and then binge eating.

No. 705142


you mean those 6 week lose 20 lbs and get the whole session free if you do? Yeah seems like someone once again burned their money. Nothing new for Mariah.

No. 705179

Funny how she did one instastory of her trainer like she was doing a "first meet feeler" rather than participating in a group workout. Her trainer hasn't even recorded her participating in the group workouts at all.

No. 705225


These work out deals are exactly that - group HIIT workouts with certain times they meet. Mariah doesn’t keep a schedule, or her word, so no surprise she dropped out of this because she has zero sense of responsibility or maturity or accountability

No. 705227

I’m on mobile and can’t cap but Moo is having a meltdown (text only) in her insta stories rn

No. 705228


No. 705230

File: 1568700581429.png (463.71 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-09-16-23-03-38…)

No. 705232

File: 1568700626826.png (469.04 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-09-16-23-03-41…)

No. 705233

File: 1568700721578.png (631.19 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2019-09-16-23-03-46…)

No. 705234

That's what you get when you think you can buy friends with shit

No. 705236

File: 1568701014293.png (388.12 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-09-16-23-04-26…)

No. 705237

My guess is noodles rejected her advances and she gets pissed about it as usual.

No. 705238

File: 1568701208590.png (490.33 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-09-16-23-04-32…)

No. 705239

I’m laughing at this shit so hard. So what kinda creepy “favors” was she asking for? And wtf did she really expect when she takes people everywhere because the sound of her actual life of alone is scary to her? Fuck off moo you’ve been ripping off patrons and charity for a long time. Nobody will feel bad for your stupid ass lol

No. 705244

File: 1568702896684.png (2.31 MB, 1125x2436, 753C250C-19A8-48BA-B776-D0A479…)

she’s freaking out right now

No. 705245

File: 1568702941078.png (2.33 MB, 1125x2436, EAF14D16-4CB7-4F96-8992-206924…)


No. 705247

File: 1568703084793.png (3.24 MB, 1125x2436, F2C846A5-05D7-43C2-AC16-A1AF80…)


No. 705251

No. 705252


I'm with >>705237. Solid guess. She was supposed to fly back from Portland tonight, so the timing is peculiar.

At least Moo can always fall into the arms of Umbrantwitch, after telling Maddie she wasn't interested in anybody whenever Maddie first "caught feelings" for Moo. Guess Maddie didn't look enough like an Asian guy for Mariah's liking.

No. 705274

No. 705499

All this is rich considering all the shit she makes other people do for her just to acknowledge them as her friends. Of course, a friendship is never a friendship to her, it's a transaction. Normal people don't do nice things for their friends expecting to be paid back. She is the epitome of a toxic "friend".

No. 705614


She is the type of friend who will literally insist you take her money, buys things for you "as a surprise" and holds it over your head like you're the one who wants all of it

If you don't want to feel used stop trying to buy all your friends

No. 705684

can someone correct me if I'm wrong… but didn't she have like 2k when she first announced she was going to show her titts?

No. 705712

File: 1568757988835.jpg (23.13 KB, 720x407, FB_IMG_1568376404892.jpg)

She is so uncreative. This is something she can just stick her tits or ass crack out for a quick buck before she heads out for ramen.
At least we'll have proof she bathed recently.

No. 705748

holyshit, this is glorious. thank you for the caps. She's losing her shit. Who is it for this time?

Yup! this is exactly her type. She'll get you a gift and say no strings attached, but have a breakdown and back talk the person when they dont reciprocate .

No. 705790

square i'd assume. bitch is so delusional she probably thought he and miso breaking up was cause he fell in love with her or something.

No. 705997

File: 1568785607477.png (Spoiler Image,212.2 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2019-09-17-22-40-49…)

Bought a new lingerie set from Honey Birdette. Bra goes up to 38G and bottoms is XL.

No. 705998

File: 1568785695454.png (557.86 KB, 720x1138, Screenshot_2019-09-17-22-40-24…)

Actual model photo

No. 705999

File: 1568785706816.png (2.67 MB, 1242x2208, FF146D9D-ECFC-496A-9449-49F1F5…)

She posted the pic on IG.

No. 706006

XL MIGHT fit if she hikes them all the way up, but she is NOT a 38. At least a 42, pushing it with a 40. She's going to be squeezing into the bra and pushups already run slightly tighter to add more lift.

I dont know why she doesnt buy customized, sexy indie brand lingerie from places like Etsy.

No. 706010

Can't flex a no-name Etsy artist set on insta. Plus she's too ashamed to give anyone her real measurements.
There are plenty of plus sized lingerie sites, even fucking Torrid. I don't understand why she makes herself look even worse by squeezing into sizes from 3 years ago

No. 706034

This will not fit HB runs small

No. 706130

Cause she’s delusional. Also she’s one of those chicks who think if they squeeze their udders into a smaller size bra they think it makes them look like overflowing anime boobs. Only that NEVER translates well irl.

No. 706155

Bet we never see her back in this set bc she will be using one of those hook & eye bra extenders.

No. 706217

File: 1568835231529.png (Spoiler Image,782.56 KB, 720x972, Screenshot_2019-09-18-12-30-44…)

Posted her boba set

No. 706219

File: 1568835295906.png (Spoiler Image,465 KB, 551x815, Screenshot_2019-09-18-12-30-56…)

Hilarious ass edit

No. 706236

File: 1568835960930.png (202.04 KB, 553x553, why.png)

Whenever I CAN notice the chin lipo is just makes her chin look like a shitty 'fat makeup'
This might be the worst she's looked in a set for me

Also moo what happened to your totally legit sponsorship/partnership? Just because you couldnt get away with lying about getting paid doesnt mean you can post this without giving credit…

No. 706260

She is editing her pics so much she may as well use cgi at this point.
Even Momo wishes she looks like PS Momo.

No. 706319

File: 1568853570529.png (1.23 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-09-18-17-35-27…)

No. 706320

File: 1568853643635.png (775.52 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-09-18-17-35-33…)

Hairsenseiblaine is over with Froggie, I assume

No. 706322

File: 1568854031719.png (744.47 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_2019-09-18-17-43-08…)

She's been liking alot of recycled costume ideas and lingerie on Etsy but not even a second after Bishoujomom posts Poison Ivy does she put it on her wishlist

No. 706332

Bishoujo Mom hasn't done poison ivy lately, thats reaching
Altho I can think of a couple other people she'd be copying

No. 706404

File: 1568866067079.png (800.87 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-09-18-21-05-30…)

I guess Square is living there as a roommate.

No. 706406

File: 1568866204972.jpg (Spoiler Image,415.94 KB, 720x1096, 20190918_210441.jpg)

>>706332 Are you trying to say that Mariah isn't blatantly ripping her off with that wishlist addition? Look at the outfit. Definitely not a reach. Juliette is one of Mariah's main plagiarism targets. Always has been.

No. 706413

I know she's squishing her arms together to appear smaller but damn that head to shoulder ratio

No. 706427

Miso Tokki is in the hospital and it seems like Momokun and Squarecuck could care less. You would think they would at least visit it her.

No. 706437

So many thots have this bodysuit. You type in green lingerie or bodysuit on Amazon and this is a first page result.

No. 706487

The wig doesn't even look like hair, it looks like it's made of kitchen sponges.

No. 706503

File: 1568881116312.png (Spoiler Image,2.06 MB, 938x1250, lyedljdscin31.png)

No. 706505


I'm so confused. What the fuck did she do to the bra that it looks completely different?? This looks so wrong?

No. 706506

it looks like maybe the bra is two layers, the main cup, then a band or strap kind of thing behind and above it, and Moo put the band part over the top of her tits instead of where it sits on the model? …maybe it didn't fit?

eyes look asymmetric and droopy again, or is that just the makeup?

No. 706509

File: 1568882142430.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.46 KB, 1440x1138, edit.jpg)

It looks like its two straps.
Also interesting to see she's not wearing the garter belt

No. 706511

Does she sleep with that necklace on? She's always wearing it.

No. 706514

The fact that she has to keep holding the sides of her panties up and out to keep it from eating into her flab is hilarious. It’s in literally EVERY one of her sets. She’s just too delusional to buy shit in her actual size. The bra holding on for dear life is killing me!

This photo also looks like it was shot in some serial killer’s sex dungeon…

No. 706524

That bra is straight up struggling to make sense of her pancake tits. The straps are folding/laying across her chest really oddly and the actual cups are sitting super low on her torso, offering no support. She's both using her hands to hold her tits up as well as keeping the undie straps from exposing her heft. kek.

Spot on. The texture is so bizarre. It's like they crimped the hair and brushed it out before plastering it into shape with too much hairspray? That wig is wrecked.

No. 706526

Moo cannot dress herself. Remember the backwards and inside out garter belt? Or that one Adam&Eve slutty maids skirt that she wore around her waist? Bitch is legit special needs.

She can keep riding them beta cuck bucks into obscurity, it's hilarious. Although at this point they aren't cucks because she isn't getting laid.

No. 706527

Her cheeks look really weird here. I don't think it has to do with weight gain either.

No. 706528

Terrible bra fit aside, where are the bottom straps of those panty? Did she cut them out?

No. 706531

orange hair and a green outfit doesnt mean its poison ivy
She literally never says its a cosplay

No. 706534

dumbran doesn't know how to wigs.

No. 706535


Okay, this looks just sad.

No. 706540

>push up bra

>moo's tits are halfway down her torso still
Imagine what she'd look like if she hadn't had the multiple rounds of lipo and boob lift/reduction.

No. 706545

She always wears those cheap Primark thigh highs. They're like what, 4 dollars?

No. 706556

that necklace is never gonna be the right way round, huh

No. 706560

If you look close you can see the lower straps cutting into her fat

No. 706566

File: 1568899367207.jpeg (545.09 KB, 750x1099, 86750C46-CB8D-4CEE-BC05-73BBE3…)

No. 706569

I swear after every photo shoot, she always has to lie down in bed cause "it's hard work"
It's only 20 photos Mariah not a 8-hour shift

No. 706587

TBH the fact taking low effort photos exhausts her is very telling. She's winded like a 400 pound person going up 15 steps

No. 706593

She absolutely thinks that's the right way round. She's dumb as a bag of rocks.

No. 706620

And the backwards shirts.

She always does these blow-up doll blank faces that make her look maximum retarded. And how is sitting around a long day? There are 24 hours in a day and the only thing she did was take a few pictures in 30 minutes.

No. 706633

File: 1568908576791.jpg (1.73 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190919-085441_Ins…)

The difference says 40. But warmup was prob 10 mins.

THOSE ARENT EVEN LIKE HILL HILLS. Jfc Moo. Those are soft green grass humps of land. You barely did SHIT. I assumed like a dumbass he was taking her hiking.

No. 706637

File: 1568908681832.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190919-085447_Ins…)

No. 706640

Shit looks like it's the knockoff version of the real thing. Did she cut straps on both the bra and the panties??

No. 706661

she had to. The straps are barely adjustable. I think she assumed she could. I believe the sizes only go up to an XL. But Momo is pushing morbid obesity when she isn't photoshopping a new body. She had to order a custom or go to a plus sized shop. But she doesn't want to admit she's fat, even to herself

No. 706662

Moo's mom posted a birthday video of Moo but it's all skinny photos of her. How embarrassing

No. 706663

skinny and before she did all the porn.

No. 706664

yeah I noticed that too. The oldest pic was her Samus con pics? And mostly her AOT cosplay??

No. 706666

File: 1568911945065.jpeg (550.8 KB, 750x1084, 645C9FCC-DF39-467C-BE75-D212E0…)

No. 706667

230 is about an XXL or size 18/20 for pants, so her fitting into an XL is a joke which is why she's trying to shard to pull the straps away from her.

Im really really confused about whats happening with the top though. I dont understand where those over boob straps came from. They make zero sense from a style standpoint too because they would be pressing down on the boobs while her wire is pushing her up.. Moo is so dumb. Illfitting clothes aren't cute unless they are usually bottoms.

No. 706668

File: 1568912161629.jpg (1.06 MB, 1620x2160, IT DONT FIT.jpg)

No. 706674

Are those triangle cuts normal for the bra or did she "alter" her bra to fit?

No. 706676


She’s stealing Sabrina Nichole’s look. lol not a single original bone in this bitchs body.

No. 706677

Stop saying she is stealing people's shit. Cuck started doing boudoir and lingerie shoots lately, she's hopping on his dick for those as thats how thots sell shit now, not just cosplay.

Can you stop sperging about Bishoujo and Bunny and the other thots that havent had contact with Moo in two years? All 3 of them have her blocked just so you know. Not saying she doesn't have side accounts, but the anons reaching over every thing and saying another thot does is.. There are 1000s of thots doing the same shit.

No. 706681

Even under the graininess of the photo you can just see how red her boobs are from being shoved in. Do we know if she bought the garter too or no? Cause that sure in hell wouldn't fit

No. 706685

the toilet paper in the background tho

It hurts my crotch just to look at her pulling those strings up to her waist when they’re supposed to be on her hip. And just imagine how terrible this wedgie must look at the back…

No. 706688

File: 1568913906013.jpg (51.03 KB, 780x1020, 1_924992f5-4daf-43ff-9458-1b84…)

Judging by the bottoms, she went for the Bra+Thong set that didn't come with the garter

No. 706689

Dear god, my chest hurts looking at this. What the hell is happening with her left tit? I'm gonna be sick.

No. 706691

it's weird. She doesn't look that fat here. She looks like 170 or something but I know how big she is. Like what is this witch craft? I know it's editing cuz I've seen the candids but it's still scary.

No. 706692

Its called angles, sucking in, standing with one foot planted and the other far with a pointed toe, sucking it in and hiding boxy figure with hands and arms behind body. From onr chick who used to be over 230 to you anon, its literal angles and some clothing can suck in and hide fat which helps when taking photos. Those are some bright red, fresh stretchmarks on her stomach though. Someone got too fat too fast and bothed their lipo and looks like her skin is growing again.

No. 706697

Why do you think she's leaning on one leg, legs ajar and holding her fupa up?

No. 706702

Exactly. She's hoping that is her thighs don't touch and she hides the overflow on the sides that show how rectangular she is and holds up her stomach, she can look skinnier and from the other anon, obviously it works.

No. 706714

I’m losing my shit lol that’s Desert Breeze Park, aka the place kids go to play soccer and where most on that side of town go to play Pokémon Go. But I get how it could be hard for Moo to navigate a children’s park when she gets exhausted shooting a set for half and hour and calls it a day.

No. 706715

If you think she looks 170 here at all you really dont know body sizes. Note the fat hanging out by his armpit. look how small her hands are on her stomach. Even ignoring the angles she still looks easily over 200.

She looks so garbage in this. Look where the underwear is supposed to sit and how she has to have it hiked up. She really has no idea how to get good pictures huh? It looks like she took this thing with a old Nokia flip phone

No. 706747

Of what, being on your phone and buying costumes online?

No. 706755

>the new red stretch marks

I don't fucking get it.
She has the money to lipo fat cells out of her body on a whim (she'd be touching 300 pounds by now without it). She does fuck all throughout the day and has free time to do anything since she doesn't work. Including taking her ass for a walk.
She could thereotically eat healthy meals every day because she can afford to eat out, and even if she didn't want to she can buy anything to cook and had the time.

HOW is she still fucking up so badly?!

No. 706759

It’s not news that she has zero self control. She’s like a child who instantly blows through any money they’re given. I’m for just sitting back and watching her destroy herself because she’s great at accomplishing that on her own, it’s literally the only thing she’s successful at.

No. 706787

Momokun recently brought up how Miso Tokki was in the hospital and that she will try to visit her soon. This just shows how she lurks in the thread since she did not bring it up until today.

No. 706822

File: 1568934704638.png (1.42 MB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-02-38…)

Must be nice to have slaves

No. 706823

File: 1568934740124.png (641.74 KB, 720x815, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-05-54…)

No. 706824

File: 1568934781471.png (1.3 MB, 720x1173, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-08-31…)


No. 706825

File: 1568934896643.png (1.01 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-08-38…)

>says it's been a hard year muh doods

No. 706826

File: 1568934964412.png (1.25 MB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-08-43…)

No. 706827

File: 1568935011813.png (1.28 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-08-52…)

Why does she pretend to have suicidal tendencies

No. 706835

File: 1568935506878.png (719.4 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-23-30…)

No. 706840

File: 1568935710718.png (1.2 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-09-19-16-23-39…)

No. 706851

File: 1568936226087.jpeg (985.63 KB, 1125x1822, 67D7DCC4-B9D5-413E-B7D2-06AEA8…)

No. 706869

well…you guys called that bra wouldn't fit. my boobs ache looking at this.

No. 706871

>>706827 okay, but didn't she buy a bunch of "drippy" swag and take a ton of vacations since her 23rd birthday? How can she realistically say it was a rough year? She spent more money on junk, food, and travel arrangements than most people with real jobs!

No. 706877

Can you imagine if she had to work a regular job like everyone else? She’d completely fall apart.

It doesn’t even matter how much money she has to blow anymore, she’s always going to be a miserable cunt who doesn’t appreciate how good she has it.

No. 706895

File: 1568943709715.png (669.49 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-09-19-18-40-21…)

No. 706898


I wish I could like/fav this message. This is the complete EPITOME of Mariah. She'll always be a miserable, superficial cunt who takes her cushy life for granted no matter how much she lies about it. She's too stupid to function as a real person in society so being a dumb bimbo who can take her clothes off is all she knows how to do to get by. Seeing her try to hold a real job (like her receptionist gig) is like watching a child play with a grownup telephone pretending to type on a computer. Hilarious and a bit sad.

No. 706899

She looks uniquely bad here

No. 706902

i legit dont get how she has so many dudes who are willing to do so much for her. she's selfish and doesnt even fuck them. they get zero in return, not even a real friendship. so why?

No. 706904

Idk why she insists on wearing black strappy lingerie that makes her look like a pot roast. She'd look cute lingerie that's frilly or pink satin.

No. 706922

she buys their friendship

No. 706925

File: 1568950664317.png (560.83 KB, 638x732, oh lawd she comin.png)

out for food with antares, square, aly, brandon, brandon's friend that was there for the nerf night, sniperwolf, digitalnex, and two others i didn't recognize

No. 706928


Is this some emo thing where she's posting a photo of a prayer for Vamps to make a point that they don't hang out anymore?

No. 706929

File: 1568951016077.jpg (320.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190919-204019_Ins…)

>>706925 Wish someone could record this clip. The way her arms ripple after she claps is horrifying.

No. 706930

Storiesig works wonders for that

No. 706945

Looks like she has some fresh stretch marks around her lower abdomen/panty line. Maybe that's why she's been pulling up her thongs? She clearly didn't edit them out all the way.

No. 706948

She pulls up her thongs to create the illusion of a waist. Same reason she always keeps her arms/hands plastered to her sides. So no one can actually see that she doesn't have a waist at all.

No. 706951

Oof, her arms are something else. She knows her angles and poses, but when her friends clock her unintentionally (or intentionally) on these candids, that illusion is hurled out the window.

No. 706952

I thought she lost 20lbs or whatever. Why is she rocking new stretchmarks?

She'd look good in any lingerie that actually fit her. I remember she did a set in purple lacy stuff with the shitty Samus wig not too long ago and it looked nice.

No. 706966

File: 1568958905673.png (919.16 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-09-19-22-51-24…)

Did she get lipo on one arm?

No. 706968

what a waste. She only eats one or two of these and eats out the rest of the time.

No. 706969

but Momo you went on a vacation every other month and you don't work. wtf are you talking about? What can you possibly bitch about? How you cant trick a guy into dating you? Vamps finally ditching you? The fact you sank so low you accepted Maddie as a friend?

No. 706971

I think he's weirded out being in a house with no decor Momo. It really has nothing to do with doing you a favor.

No. 706975

It's suspected she had more secret rounds of cool sculpting done since her more recent round of lipo was already undone. So the weight lost was actually lipo+cool sculpting.

I don't know what kind of quacks Momo is going to at this point. No ethical doctor would give Momo lipo with her levels of visceral fat. But soon not even they will do shit for her and she will be in some back alley doctor in Mexico

No. 706984

Jfc she looks like one of the hobos that loiter around Starbucks. Is that the look she’s going for because she nailed it.

No. 707002

Why is she dressed up like a tourist all the time. This size 22 woman needs proper fashion sense

No. 707003

did anyone call for an order of large mashed pedo with a side of christmas hams? Damn that't tragic.

No. 707031

Give it a few days or weeks to go on bitch mode on her for being the golden goose.

No. 707035

Can you imagine what’s gonna happen 5 years from now where some of her friends may want to settle down in life and get a good job with possibly some kids while Mariah’s gonna be in her Peter Pan lifestyle where it’s party time 24/7? That’s gonna be a huge reality check for her since her friends has not been brought down on this earth to serve her demands.

No. 707073

Shes not a pedo. Please dont try to make that a thing.

No. 707074

nta but she claims to love shota hentai and being a mommy, wouldn't be surprised

No. 707080

File: 1569000389141.jpg (299.4 KB, 1360x521, how.jpg)

Amazing this was once the same person

No. 707088

She didn't look all that great back then either but at least she looked like a normal person. Whoever edited her older photos was also way better.

No. 707089

can we stop dismissing it? even if she's not actually into it she definitely acts like it for neckbeard bux which is just as bad because it normalizes the behavior. she needs to be held accountable!

No. 707106

Prove it and show she's being an actual pedo in person to actual kids or leave it

No. 707126

Relax, they were just saying she isn't actually a pedo, but she normalizes the behavior which is kinda fucked up. But on a long list of fucked up shit Momo does this is relatively small. But when she first started to say she was into shota and loli's she did take pics of kids around parks. She stopped doing that thank god but yuh… Momo does a lot of weird shit for neckbeard approval

No. 707168


She normalizes it by also lewding lolis. Are have you forgotten?

No. 707215

File: 1569024967036.png (1.22 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-09-20-17-05-55…)

No. 707229

The recent photos beg to differ

No. 707238

How would she know she's down 25 pounds right after a workout? This makes no sense. Show us a side by side moo. Sure you'll photoshop and angle it but anyone who is seriously trying to lose weight, especially if they lost 20+ pounds would be posting progress pictures from the front and side.

I bet you're really excited for that next lipo session.

I honest to god dont understand why she doesnt just get a weight loss surgery, she's big enough for it and it would make her actually lose weight.

No. 707243

Even if she did that, she’d end up like those patients who break their bands (or stretch out their stomachs after the fact) because she wouldn’t follow post-op instructions - which are for life if you get WLS.

Yeah it might be for the better at this point but there’s no way she’d listen to her doctor if she’s not listening to them now for how many procedures she’s getting done.

No. 707250

Her boobs are bulging out of those holes so bad that it looks like they're wearing a muzzle

No. 707258

File: 1569031188562.png (749.65 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-09-20-18-53-35…)

Her proof was "posing" in her gym bathroom

No. 707259

File: 1569031230940.png (606.89 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_2019-09-20-18-53-12…)

No. 707261

>high waisted compression pants pulled up to her ribs

oh yeah SO much weight loss.

No. 707265

ik all kinds of bathrooms exits but lol ew

No. 707270

File: 1569033062080.jpg (16.22 KB, 309x309, 1K2aVAw2_400x400.jpg)

I see no difference

No. 707272

I can't tell if she's actually lost weight or not (25lbs isn't much visually when you're down from 250) but god damn those coolsculpted abs were the worst choice. Is that reversible?

No. 707306

She's following livejasmin's instagram account. Please don't tell me she's thinking about streaming ~no n00dz~ again

No. 707320

Fiona likely smells better

No. 707325

File: 1569040191500.png (732.47 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-09-20-21-27-42…)

No. 707326

File: 1569040284617.png (713.89 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-09-20-21-29-32…)

No. 707332

She's either asleep or she is letting/just let out a fart

No. 707344


coolsculpting doesn't last usually. only time it really lasts is when someone has gone from a really fat body to a healthy one that they maintain, and the coolsculpting helps rid the body of leftover, empty fat cells that dont disappear naturally even though they literally have no use anymore (i.e will never be refilled)

thats not whats happened here. this chick has coolsculpted regular fat cells that were likely still 'in use', which only works temporarily. even if she doesn't overeat from here on in (and is that likely anyway?) and stays the same weight, those fat cells she got rid of will end up developing again due to natural process. and if she loses weight, her body will change shape and the effect will disappear anyway(as the surroundeding fat cells deflate).

so no this wont last, no matter what she does.

No. 707433

File: 1569063616920.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, ACAAD238-A7CE-4FA0-B450-79DD09…)

i thought she was muslim

No. 707443

This is a Fate character. Please stop.

No. 707490

Stop nitpicking every thing she does. Its a cosplay shes sperged about for over a year now.

No. 707531

I have to get on moos weight loss plan. You can eat and drink whatever you want. Go to the gym maybe twice and lose 25 lbs.

No. 707578

If she brushed her hair and washed herself, that's another 20 pounds of matted extensions and filth she could lose!

No. 707595

File: 1569101968468.jpg (33.89 KB, 720x960, 71381794_1739566806188261_1702…)

No. 707613

Genuinely scared the shit out of me when I tabbed into the page. she looks like one of those freaky, soulless androids.

No. 707622

File: 1569107204381.jpg (14.98 KB, 480x480, 201700018962.jpg)


No. 707643

File: 1569108927645.png (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 938x1250, 413962c.png)

It's almost the same as the censored.

No. 707649


Jesus, you could fit 5 of her heads on those shoulders

No. 707655

File: 1569111551763.jpg (93.44 KB, 938x1250, 1569108927645.jpg)

No. 707656

LOL, oh god

No. 707657

Are her legs different colors from her arms because she’s wearing tights or is it just the weird lighting? This looks like a weird fetish Photoshop you’d find on DA.

No. 707665

File: 1569113375955.jpeg (399.07 KB, 750x1008, 7088A38C-E577-435C-816C-FEB1D8…)

No. 707679

File: 1569114007490.jpg (471.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190921-175146_Ins…)

>>707665 Looks like this ugly one-piece bikini is going to be directly involved with the OnlyFans shower set she's been hyping up lately. And these Polaroids look terrible.

No. 707689

File: 1569114450707.png (Spoiler Image,860.01 KB, 720x1240, Screenshot_2019-09-21-18-00-16…)

Reddit incoming

No. 707690

File: 1569114492986.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 720x949, Screenshot_2019-09-21-18-00-23…)

No. 707691

File: 1569114583074.jpeg (160.42 KB, 750x391, F24804A6-22E9-49B6-8B4C-34A985…)

grandma slips in the tub again

No. 707692

File: 1569114663443.png (Spoiler Image,418.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-21-18-00-34…)

1 dollar tier, apparently

No. 707696

File: 1569114822739.png (1.51 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-09-21-17-58-48…)

No. 707699


This lighting is extremely unforgiving on her gunt in the top right

No. 707700

File: 1569115017215.png (1.44 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-09-21-17-59-07…)

No. 707701

aw, c'mon man, Fiona's cute and has a good personality unlike Moo

No. 707707


Moo has no "fulfillment team". It's limited to fifty because Moo knows she can't sell much more than that, and having it "fill up" makes it looks like there's more demand than there actually is. In fact, I really doubt anyone even asked the question she's answering.

No. 707708

I thought she only paid friends to be around her, didn't expect her to pay family too

No. 707710

Remember when she was bragging about having a whole team of people? what happened to her mommy mod and Miso/Aly/Cat?

No. 707726

How should those be separate tiers and unless she stops wearing the fake nipples she should not sell 'topless'

No. 707806

>>707700 Fill me in, anons. Since she has a "team", and she recently applied for a LLC business license back in April, then any work that's being done by said team would have to be paid, taxable work in compliance with state operating laws, right?

No. 707829

Seems like the back lipo was the only procedure to take. Her back boobies don’t look like DDs anymore.
Also, girl, those blisters on your feet are rough. Get some better running shoes cause…damn.

No. 707837

Her arms are up, probably purposely to stretch out her back so that her back fat doesn't look as bad. And in other pics where her arms are down, she has her body strategically angled to hide where her back tits would be.

No. 707851

File: 1569127591875.png (1.11 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-09-21-21-41-43…)

Aly posted these. This is Moo's filthy room

No. 707852

File: 1569127617449.png (964.02 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2019-09-21-21-41-52…)

No. 707879

File: 1569132604959.jpg (3.34 MB, 4128x3096, 20190921_230520.jpg)

Always ready to mingle so shoot your shots.

No. 707881

Well yea I mean I can see they are still there. But they don’t seem as pronounced as before. Them bitches were huge before.

She should be ashamed of those extensions.

No. 707885

No wonder why they call it the 'crackhouse'

No. 707888

Getting some Pixyteri vibes from these

Also, we all know moo isn't smart enough for any of the puzzles in Catherine.

No. 707890


No. 707904

Yeah wtf is up with her feet constantly being covered in blisters? Is that a side effect of being 250lbs and working out?

No. 707907

Facebook dating

No. 707909

Imagine the disappointment of seeing her in person. You'd assume you've been catfished

No. 707939

File: 1569151551443.jpg (186.68 KB, 1024x1821, 71044544_377132536558111_24678…)

how many times is she going to celebrate her birthday this year?

No. 707949

here come those "25lbs" back again

No. 707989

Until she feels validated and important.

No. 708020

If this bitch is trying to get into Madoka it seems very late. But hey, cosplaying Mami she could wear her obvious corset on the outside for once.

No. 708022

File: 1569170961842.jpg (9.5 KB, 320x180, slot.jpg)

It looks more like Catherine since she is a blonde succubus

No. 708026


Pretty sure it's Catherine and also pretty sure it's Aly who is doing it, not Mariah. She is just working on it while she is at Moo's place.

No. 708108

Just hope so, Moo would look just horrible as Catherine

No. 708123

File: 1569189675789.png (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1076x1399, C294F74A-A9E3-4036-865E-39D287…)

didn’t see this posted yet

No. 708124

File: 1569189614773.png (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1076x1399, C294F74A-A9E3-4036-865E-39D287…)

didn’t see this posted yet

No. 708127

I remember we talked about catharine a few threads earlier. Yikes

No. 708129

Oh god I wish I hadn’t clicked that! How can she be so proud of such sad saggy tits? Her nipple is sliding out of her ahegao bikini like a runny egg yolk. Fucking degenerate.

No. 708133

File: 1569193117899.png (1.36 MB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-09-22-15-54-17…)

No. 708136

File: 1569193237331.png (440.19 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-09-22-15-54-42…)

No. 708143

File: 1569193704461.png (1.17 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-09-22-16-04-03…)

No. 708145

How come she's supposedly lost weight, when she has all new bright red stretch marks on her stomach and thighs? Huh, way to go with lying mooriah.

No. 708146

File: 1569193749834.png (493.07 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-09-22-16-04-30…)

No. 708166

We already knew this but I guess we all know why Momo is so aggressive about having someone live with her rent free. The friend who lives with her basically has to be her house slave AND basically do her rewards for her.

It's baffling that Momo thinks she's a golden goose. Without her friends doing all the work for her she would still be a barista

No. 708168

any excuse to eat cake anon.
She's feeling giddy cuz she went through her yearly rounds of lipo and cool sculpting she she's shoving everything down her maw. that and it forces her "friends" to be around her

No. 708170

guess her tummy lipo finally took. her stomach doesn't over hang anymore. but give it a few months of her binge eating. But man those new stretch marks. Getting repeated rounds of lipo, gaining the weight back and repeating this cycle is ruining the skin

No. 708171

God those panty strings must be hanging on for dear life.

No. 708191

File: 1569197262287.jpg (670.33 KB, 977x517, gross slam piggy.jpg)

Wait, Did she wear that underneath for her birthday??

No. 708224

The shape of her breasts makes me feel sick.

No. 708245

File: 1569203939040.png (1.01 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-09-22-18-56-08…)


No. 708255

Someone's still mad about Vamp.

No. 708265

>A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect

this bitch is salty

No. 708311

Why would you think that? She’s just wearing the same hoodie in both and chances are it’s just the only clean one she has/fits in. She probably wore it for the shoot to make the look more quirky/hide her arm flabs and how badly the bikini strings are cutting into her skin (if she was able to tie them up, which is questionable).

Her last round of lipo didn’t include her stomach. Just face/arms/back boobs. She either genuinely lost weight or it’s again positioning/angles/sucking in/editing which imo is more likely.

No. 708321

fyi you can get stretch marks from losing weight and all kinds of other shit, it's from hormones not weight gain specifically
sage for nothing

No. 708342

File: 1569220660429.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.55 KB, 1145x922, of2.jpg)

I fucking told you anons. She;'s using the fucking pasties still. You couldn't see them well in the slingkini shoot thing, but she's even doing it on livetsream too. Holy fuck.

No. 708343

File: 1569220794944.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.23 KB, 1039x930, of1.jpg)

No. 708348

her tits are looking particularly tragic

No. 708351

File: 1569224166758.jpg (238.04 KB, 1960x1080, shes the final boss.jpg)

No. 708354

SoooOOoooO drippy anon

No. 708355

again with that mouth thing. close it, it doesn't make you look better

those tits look sad and deflated. Hard to beleive she's 24

why you gotta do my boy kratos like that

No. 708358

No point in having big boobs when they sag so much you could use them as a belt

No. 708362

File: 1569231382441.png (1.21 MB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2019-09-23-02-31-09…)

No. 708363

File: 1569231568663.png (1.04 MB, 720x1203, Screenshot_2019-09-23-02-31-15…)

No. 708366

File: 1569231689457.png (1.3 MB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2019-09-23-02-31-40…)

No. 708367

File: 1569231725630.png (1.15 MB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-09-23-02-31-45…)

No. 708402

Wasn't it within 3 months ago Kevin and Maddie cleaned her house with her?

No. 708406

Well, I guess she really is losing weight. Too bad she can’t choose where to lose it…

No. 708409

Those are the tits of a 24 year old? And not a middle-aged Soccer Mom with three kids? That is fucking tragic. Those may be the worst pancake titties I've seen in my whole life. They look like stretched out socks full of nickels.

No. 708412

incoming cat sperg but holy shit, one day her cat is gonna swallow something and get bowel obstruction. Cats are fucking dumb, they'll eat string or floss or shit like tthat and surgery is dangerous and expensive. Clean your fucking room, Mariah, you're actively endangering your ~oh so beloved baby animal~

No. 708425

No. 708435

File: 1569253308406.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.83 KB, 1082x1776, trg1o0uy1do31.jpg)

No. 708437

Her cosplay room has been a mess since the dawn of time but I'm mostly anally triggered that she has so many cube shelves but didn't buy any of the little cloth bins that you're supposed to put in them. It makes being lazy and throwing shit in them so much easier.

No. 708438

oh god i wasn't ready!

No. 708442

Please, where's the stream?

No. 708443

Oh god, that's just tragic. She has tits of a 50 year old mother.

No. 708445

wtf that needs a warning attached

No. 708446

Jesus Christ 1 spoiler warning wasn't enough for that yikes

No. 708450

Why did she upload this? Just… why? Terrible pose, terrible quality, terrible everything.

No. 708451

Why did she upload this? Just… why? Terrible pose, terrible quality, terrible everything.

No. 708468

File: 1569257171523.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.61 KB, 2400x1080, 1af2baf.jpg)


No. 708470

File: 1569257215504.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.04 KB, 2400x1080, 369f3fd.jpg)

No. 708471

File: 1569257308052.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.61 KB, 2400x1080, e11cdef.jpg)

No. 708473

File: 1569257408458.jpg (Spoiler Image,121.67 KB, 1080x2400, 2cabcff.jpg)

No. 708475

Tube socks full of egg salad. I'll give her this, shes got a lot of confidence, unwarranted though it may be.

No. 708482

uuh, is her underwear hiked up into her labia? it looks shoop'd on lmao.

No. 708483

Its wedged probably from pulling too tight on the back to hike them

No. 708485

No. 708487

Oh this is beyond tragic, I have no words

No. 708489

Why is her only butt pose lifting her leg like a dog that is peeing?

No. 708490

They're pearl panties meant to have the black part over the front like normal and the pearls along the crotch. She's simply too fat for them and bought 2 of them under the assumption she broke the first pair.

Popular "gravure" sex pose.

Also does anyone notice in the "pearl1.mp4" clip she has a weird scar or ripple on her stomach where the stretch marks are? Is it botched?

No. 708492

File: 1569259779300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,238.33 KB, 750x421, B1EEF489-3312-4D13-B1C1-DD962A…)

this is actually horrifying

No. 708494

If only she would learn from the sex workers she shunned, Moo would not look as cringey and awkward as she does.

No. 708495

Her doing a pose or whatever then turning around, leaning over, and asking if it was "good" is cringy.

No. 708496

File: 1569260161928.jpg (294.06 KB, 500x276, IMG_20190921_231217.jpg)

Mariah seems to have no problem showing 95% of her coochie and "bleached" asshole, but still feels the need to wear pasties. I don't get it. Also lol at her trying to spread her ass when there's no ass to spread.

No. 708501

Regardless of how blurry it is we have a relatively clear view of her asshole and her vagina. Does she think slightly blurring a picture makes this “lewd”? Because I’m pretty sure even slight nudity ruins the “lewd” aspect of what she’s done.

No. 708502

File: 1569261298346.jpg (352.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190923-105417_Twi…)

No. 708504

File: 1569261632501.jpg (Spoiler Image,480.16 KB, 1080x1495, endmylife.jpg)

I watched the clip and I really don't get what the face she's making is supposed to be. Sexy??? Though her face really is the least of her worries here. Just horrifying.

No. 708520

jfc I had no idea she fucked her shit up this badly.

No. 708545

don't compare her to those sluts. She doesn't do porn, she's a cosplayer
Before anyone gets mad, read the above with sarcasm

No. 708552

Her limp hand is really fucking funny too. She was probably high/tipsy to get through showing her asshole to people online.

No. 708554

So we now know why she wears her panties so high. Shes trying to hide that red scaring/stretch marks

No. 708555

As other anons have mentioned before that’s certainly not the only reason. It also helps to prevent the strings on the sides to cut into her hips and also allows her to wear 1-2 sizes smaller than she actually is.

Not like any of this was a secret up until now.

No. 708561


Boobs are supposed be muscles, not . . . sad sacks that look like they're full of tiny beads.

Those stretch marks are just terrifying, is it common for obese women?

No. 708563

Its common in most women, hers are for sure from quick weight gain though

No. 708570

Anybody with tits that size are gonna have stretch marks, even if youre healthy weight. Theyre probably saggy because of her quickly gaining and losing significant amounts of weight

No. 708573


Day 1374: Moo still never wears clothes that fit her

No. 708574


Is it possible to smell pics? I feel like I just discovered that.

No. 708575

Don't let her see this, she'll just respond with "that ain't me no more fam".

No. 708584

Next surgery will be on her breasts, for sure.

No. 708585

they're not supposed to be muscles lol. breast fat you get during puberty is just more dense than fat you gain from weight gain. however moo's boobs are very saggy and shallow from the breast reduction she had.

she has stretch marks because she keeps getting lipo and gaining it all right back. but i disagree with some people ITT, not everyone gets stretch marks.

No. 708595

We are talking about her stomach. Follow the discussion or dont comment on it.

Boobs ARE sacks of fat you dumbass. They are not muscles.

Are these dudes asking and saying dumb shit??

No. 708596

File: 1569283594994.png (737.54 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2019-09-23-17-03-32…)

No. 708598

File: 1569283700570.png (200.33 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-09-23-17-03-41…)

No. 708599

File: 1569283809408.png (684.9 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-09-23-17-03-46…)

No. 708602

Stop pushing the narrative that you have a big ass, Mariah. You have a wide, flat pancake ass, not a bubble butt.

No. 708603

She did such an incredibly poor job on photoshopping her breasts bigger. Especially the left (our right) breast. It looks like it's drooping hard to the side and out of the photo instead of holding a shape that looks normal.

No. 708604


Shit, you're right.

I meant that they look too deflated to be full of anything. Deflated american footballs maybe?

No. 708607


This looks like she photoshoped her boobs in.

She's only calling it "cringe" because other people would call her out if she didn't. She probably thinks they're super kawaii

No. 708615

File: 1569286625119.png (473.84 KB, 720x1052, untitled.png)

sage for shitpost

No. 708617

File: 1569287031405.png (501.54 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-09-23-17-52-57…)

No. 708619

File: 1569287164910.png (196.45 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-09-23-17-53-33…)

No. 708621


Seeing these makes me wish she stuck with her terrible Twitch stream. Never thought I would advocate for Mariah staying on Twitch until these OF screencaps surfaced. Holy anal bleaching.

No. 708623

Yeah… no shit, Mariah. Just about anything will be ill-fitting if it’s several sizes too small for your body.
You know what might help? Admitting your actual size to yourself. And give up on shit that doesn’t cater to your ‘morbidly obese’ measurements.

No. 708629

Info from a user on dA fArMs:

"Last night Momo did a livestream for her fans, it was planned for 9 pst but in spectacular fashion it was almost an hour late and had to be restarted three times. I'm new to all of this so i'm not sure if there was a way to archive it or anything but I still remember the interesting things she said. Sorry if any of this is already known.

First things first, she made at least $900 in the hour long stream
She charged $5 for people to send her dick pics, a lot of people appearently jumped at this.
She had some goals for how much she made: at $300 she put on pasties, at $500 she put lube on her tits, at $700 she showed off her biggest dildo which was about the size of her forearm, and at $800 she put on her pearl panties, the first pair she tried didnt fit so she had to go get another.
Now for things that's been said:
>She doesn't know how to twerk but plans on having someone teach her.
>She wants to have another surgery on her breast to make them not hang as much.
>She talked about how men should be more open to using sex toys on themselves and how she loves using them on men.
>She appearently loves cuckolding and has cucked a guy before.
>She also likes hentai where guys fuck girls armpits.
>Black guys, mexicans, and asian guys are the nicest to her while shes had bad experiences with white men, specifically famous/twitter checkmarked guys. She appearently gets a lot of famous djs in her DMs.
That's about all I could really remember that stood out, she will be streaming again this Tuesday and i'll probably catch it for anymore information, hopefully this one doesn't make me start falling asleep towards the end again."

No. 708630

I find it ironic that she posts how much she loves sending messages but only when it’s convenient for her or when she’s motivated to do so for more money. Because fuck all the other people on her Patreon giving her money and not responding when they question where the rewards are. Either that or she throws the biggest bitch-fit at her patrons.

No. 708636


yeah, 25 pound weight loss. absolutely.


No. 708641

A big ole doubt on her getting with blue checkmarks. She barely could contain her glee over Sensei bringing her thrift store arrangement flowers. If she did screw some 'famous' white guys she'd be blowing up about it. She said that for clout, My guess is her first and only real sexual encounters are with the ex she left to pursue her cosplay career and KBBQ. And even then she's as vanilla as it gets.

No. 708661

I legitimately thought this was a picture of a pregnant lady for a second

No. 708686

She lies about the dumbest shit for clout. I'm just happy it's about fantasy dick and not school cuz that was annoying as hell while it lasted

No. 708703

File: 1569299128429.png (558.08 KB, 589x423, aa986b040d61f38374914165e40e86…)

HOW does anyone find that attractive? Her boob is literally melting into her waist and goes BELOW it. I don't get how she isn't insanely embarrassed at how disgusting she looks. If she doesn't get a boob job + boob lift this year or next year, I'll be shocked, because they look like sad soggy pancakes.

No. 708706

remember when she swore off the entire country of Peru when her phone was supposedly stolen? lol

No. 708719


>she's had bad experiences with white men

Is this because Tattoo-kun and Kevin wouldn't leave their girlfriends to be with her disgusting ass?

No. 708726

No. 708730

Seriously. I laughed reading this list. Who is she trying to kid? Is this her “on cam” persona? Cause ok I guess putting on an act for cam makes sense but she’s just straight up making shit up for clout.
>loves using sex toys on men
Kek her funniest lie.

No. 708731

Forgot to add, this is her whole stream and you can hear her talking too, so if you wanted to hear replies to shit its on this video.

No. 708735

If she ever had bad experiences from such men she would've blasted them during she twitter doxxing days

No. 708737

File: 1569305316320.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.59 KB, 986x544, pendulous.jpg)

that thumbnail is something else

No. 708738

Maybe the goal is to send signals to a specific white guy she's interested in?

No. 708743

File: 1569307602143.png (1.21 MB, 1337x753, thigh sized calf.png)

No. 708745

File: 1569307885828.png (885.44 KB, 1338x748, doob.png)

No. 708752

File: 1569309170251.png (Spoiler Image,743.04 KB, 834x521, ss (2019-09-24 at 03.12.21).pn…)

No. 708759

all Hispanic/spanish speaking people = Mexicans
okay Momo

No. 708763

So she does drugs, heading towards morbid obesity, drinks, never works out and is now smoking cigs?
Guess she wants to sprint towards a shitter body and the grave. Girl is already having breathing problems from just a few steps.

No. 708771

She doesn't smoke cigarettes, she vapes which isn't really any better but if you're referring to one of the last pics posted that's a joint homie

No. 708773

File: 1569312407954.png (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 947x1074, godwhy.png)

What a horror show. Highlights for those who don't want to see the beast in action.
>points out her lipo scars and laughs about it
>brags about popular DJs sliding into her DMs
>calls her saggy udders "cute" multiple times
>keeps making awkward duckfaces
>shows off her hitachi and tells dudes to try one on their balls

Also, her boobs are getting farther and father away from each other as she gains. Very "cute" mooriah.

No. 708775

File: 1569312609905.png (Spoiler Image,706.69 KB, 815x536, awful.png)

Bonus pic of the unshopped back end of the cow. I'm sorry.

No. 708800

her ugly body between the unnaturally fit dbz figs is *chef's kiss especially with that titty dribbling like a raindrop down her bod

>She charged $5 for people to send her dick pics, a lot of people appearently jumped at this.

if men continue to be this retarded she'll last forever

No. 708804

I am definitely older than her, with less perky large breasts, probably her size, and they are nowhere near as saggy as that. That's really sad. When you see the pics of them looking like they're just two huge balls, I know that trick you do with your arms to lift them up and out. But whatever, the men seem to want to pay for them.(no1curr about your flapjacks)

No. 708811

I think the craziest part is that she's previously had a reduction and lift done on her boobs. It was years ago, but just imagine what those poor things would look like if she hadn't. Plastic surgery isn't enough. Even the lipo is struggling to give her body some kind of form.

No. 708816

Sweet jesus fuck, barely 24 and her tits look like they came from a 1980s National Geographic.
I'm super confused as to why showing your asshole is ok, but puts pasties on her nips? If she's so embarrassed, why flop out those sandbags?

On another note, sing along with me.. do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro…(tit nitpick)

No. 708819

As long as she doesn’t show her bare asshole or nipples it’s not porn, me mates!

No. 708822

If she has the money to get multiple lipo sessions a year I don't get why she doesn't get a lift. Even if she does lose a lot of weight it won't change their shape.

No. 708833

She might be afraid of that type of surgery. A lift with tits like that is an extensive, scarring procedure. Shes already had her nipples removed and replaced once. Usually with lifts they do that again and she could lose sensation the second time around. Its not crazy as to why she hasnt.

No. 708843

File: 1569333342397.jpeg (315.69 KB, 700x700, DC2ADFC1-5D04-45D2-8DE6-602A6B…)

With the current hype around Borderlands 3 I just thought of the perfect character for her to cosplay. It would match her actual proportions for once.

No. 708846

absolutely losing it lmao

No. 708848

dolly mattel in 3 years

No. 708906

This joke has been made soooomany times. Its not milk or funny at this point. Unless there is milk dont spam with useless images saying who she should cosplay. Its a waste of time.

No. 708914

Oh, welp. I wasn’t aware. I‘m sorry. Would delete it now if it was possible.

No. 708916

I don't understand why you guys want her to get surgery on her boobs. Somebody has said she reads these forums? If that's true, we shouldn't encourage her to keep piling surgeries on her body. Yes her tits look very bad rn but surgery shouldn't have to be the answer. As much as it's fun to make fun of her, I don't see the point in wishing her more physical harm, and like the other anon said she's probably avoiding it with good reason.

No. 708918

If Mariah gets surgery it’s her decision alone. If she wants to ruin her body more in attempt to fix what she’s already done it’s all her own doing. She’s a big girl anon (no pun intended) She’s gonna get surgery whether we (or her fans) say to or not

No. 708919

She literally said she was getting one on her own accord.

No. 708922

Tbh y’all must be used to looking at smaller boobs or a lot plastic ones. She has natural tits get over it. It’s just boob nitpicking lately and idk what y’all think huge NATURAL tits are supposed to look like other than that. Let’s talk about actual milk please

No. 708925

Anon there's a huge difference between large heavier boobs and pancake flat saggy used up tits. Her reduction made it worse and it's not without merit to point out how awful they look at 24.

No. 708926

She's already had surgery on them once before, that's not natural. Seems like the boob talk struck a nerve, anon.

No. 708928

Perky tits above a DD are not a unicorn anon, keep your body issues to yourself

No. 708939

I think people are just shocked that her tits look like they do when only 2-3 years ago, they were perky and fine looking. Everyone is just in awe with how much she’s destroyed her body. If her tits had always looked like that then ok yea stfu. But it’s really amazing just how bad she ruined herself and then talks about how oh I’m just going to fix it with surgery.

No. 708947

Unless you're mooriah herself, even you have to understand the shock of people wondering how an early 20 year old can look like her.

An early 20 year who hasn't worked hard a day in her life.

No. 708954

Well damn I didn’t know she had already had all that surgery and shit on them I thought they were just natural big boobs

No. 708955

cool, now fuck off with your insecurity somewhere else, newfag.

No. 708980

Read the threads before posting. Read up on the cows before posting. It even says her surgeries in the info.

No. 708984

Hypothetically, could she improve her tit hang with pushups and similar exercise? Not like she'll make the effort, but still.

No. 708991

Not really at this point. The skin lost all the elasticity. If she loses weight they will sag more, if she gains the weight will still make the skin head south. It's a lose lose situation for her.
She needs a breast lift however she risks something getting botched since she already had a lift and reduction.

She's on her final days. She doesn't even do cosplay anymore. Everything she does is lewd since actual cosplay doesn't pull in any cash for her. The only people she pulls in is fat fetishist and feeders.

No. 709000

You can’t train breasts, especially not that big. You can only train the muscle underneath the fat tissue which does very little to the actual boob.

No. 709052

No one "wanted" her to get surgery, anon. Way back when she was still "thicc Samus" and begun rapidly gaining, many anons were saying she should just watch what she eats and hit the gym. Instead she kept gaining and tried to cover it up with multiple rounds of lipo and shitty ab sculpting. She's already had a boob lift and reduction done in the past, she's the sole reason her body looks the way it does now and if she keeps relying on surgery to try to counteract her unhealthy lifestyle, she's only going to keep morphing more and more into a sad lumpy blob.

Exactly this.

Yeah, unfortunately for her, she's too far gone at this point and would have to get another lift to fix it. She's gained so much now that if she ever did lose the weight, she'd have to get loose skin removed.

No. 709093

I thought I was the only one lol

No. 709218

File: 1569389881048.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 70C220E6-263D-4038-B018-4C17F0…)

She has people over to do her hair, clean her house for her, assemble furniture, make her outfits, now spa treatments? Pretty soon she’ll need someone over to dress her and wipe her ass.

No. 709221

She's so lazy but tbh she does have the money for it even if anons want to keep tinfoiling she doesn't. She's making bank right now. Height of her shit, so why go out when you can bring everything you need to you?

No. 709222

Looks like all the weight she lost was on her breast area. She should save all the cash she can and look for a A+ surgeon if she wants to keep losing weight and working with her body.

No. 709245

Because with the state of her physical and mental health it would be better for her to leave the house more regularly to do things.
As someone else said: At this rate it won’t be long before she lets people come over to do even more basic things than brushing her own fucking hair for her. She’s not only letting people doing those things for her because she can, but also because she’s to an extent incapable of doing them herself.

She admitted to not combing her hair regularly. It’s evident from her pictures that she simply can’t feed herself proper food.
She’s literally baby. And that’s not really something to be proud of, mad bank or not.

No. 709247

>>708502 Now wait just a minute! Did she not follow through on her Tuesday stream? She's getting facials of the non-pornographic variety. Wasn't she supposed to pretend she's a top level camgirl again?

No. 709290

File: 1569413499042.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, FD69647E-2DD4-459D-ACF0-D5C771…)

She’s made a half a dozen stories about skincare and this one… no wonder her skin is a mess. If this is true it explains everything.

No. 709321

File: 1569417069588.jpg (679.9 KB, 1069x1518, aQB6MVV.jpg)


No. 709323

Holy crap, yeah. Nothing being said is a sudden revelation but, yes. Washing your face 3xs a day is not going to solve your hormonal acne, Moo. You've got money to dump on all this shit, go to the damn doctor. She won't do that though because she knows they will tell her to stop eating and drinking garbage to help her skin and we just can't have that My DUdeS.

No. 709324

Good lord there are models who charge half the price then what she’s charging. You might as well go to the brothel and get laid with that kind of money.

No. 709329

This bitch…really thinks she's worth this kind of money? There's other thots who charge only $10-45 tiers that ACTUALLY USE the sex toys. Hell you can probably pay a friend to do all she's asking for way less lol.

"Kiss and touch"

Why the fuck would I pay up to 800 to see you TOUCH a sex toy?

No. 709339

Save the armchair stuff anon. No one here actually cares about if she goes out of the house to make it better on her or her health and btw, leaving your house or not /=/ bad health/mental health. Moo is just a lazy sack of shit who has money where she doesn't need to leave. She's a spoiled, fat internet cow who has a large following and thats all she will ever be

And ha at her giving skincare advice. No one with dry, senstive skin shold ever wash their face 3 times a day. Moo is giving out shitty skincare advice on top of using a mask on her face daily which is so bad for you. Moo doesn't have any right to be giving out advice on this shit when she has the worst skin out there as thots go.

No. 709340

To the anon on her onlyfans, post all her shit. There are two photos here, so whats the other slide? Show comments and shit.

No. 709354

File: 1569421356939.png (118.4 KB, 496x481, bdRFOaw1pAF4SZXz7-dqKguOLUciGS…)

To the anon on her onlyfans, post all her shit. There are two photos here, so whats the other slide? Show comments and shit. >>709321

No. 709426


As someone posted in her reddit, there are plenty of people who pay for her nudes because they want to see HER naked, not a rando. They are really desperate for her to do porn and paying these fees will probably lead her in that direction in their minds. Her fans have been trying to nudge her that way and she's so retarded it's been working. She went from "big builds" (that sucked but were still cosplay) to what we have now, which is sex toys, flashing labia and performing sex acts (handjob to a dildo). I'm pretty confident she will do porn. It's the only positive response she gets from fans and despite her blowing money, I truly believe she needs validation more than money and she'll only get that validation by doing more and more sexual content.

No. 709434

Besides the prudish nonsense, is she really gonna be doing a certain amount of custom shit? She gets winded from a 2 outfit change shoot. She's just gonna do generic shit and hope they don't realize they all got the same

No. 709441

I'm pretty sure she'll just not honor the custom requests in the end.

No. 709461

I can understand people wanting to specifically see her naked (well, in theory, I don't actually get why they would want to), which is why they subscribe to her onlyfans. To get nudes. I can't see anyone actually paying these prices though. Hell, she doesn't even say she'll be nude, just in pasties. There are actual sex workers who will do a custom video, nude, where they're fucking themselves with a dildo, not just touching it, for far less than what she's asking for. Plus if she's already posting selfie sets in pasties, why pay for custom ones?

No. 709479


She must be really desperate and running out of money at this point

No. 709481

I don't think she's running out of money. She has over 1000 people on her onlyfans. How much is she charging for it, $10? That's $10k a month just from onlyfans, not counting her patreon and all. Even if you account for taxes, that's at least $5k.
At this point I think she's just money hungry. She wants to spend more on flashy designer stuff and try to buy more friends. She thinks she's worth ridiculous prices.

No. 709482

If she was desperate, she would pull a Shayna and do dollar menu videos and nudes. She sets these prices because she knows if she goes too low, people will buy them up. And that’s just more work for her to do. And we know she hates work.

So if she sets her prices high, that’s just less work for her but a bigger payout.

No. 709527

>$350 and it's not even really nude
lol get the fuck out of here.

No. 709536

File: 1569450650428.png (264.02 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20190925-152810_1.p…)

So she hasn't sent the physical rewards for two months in a row, how does this bitch still getting out just fine scamming people like that?

No. 709544

Because Square broke up with his gf is Momo going to try and rope him to be the one to fondle her for her sets like kbbq did?

No. 709570

I’m not sure how Miso would be okay with that since he’s literally her ex and it’s can be upsetting seeing your friend take him away. Maybe that’s what Mariah meant when she said that she had cucked someone before.

No. 709593

File: 1569457587929.jpg (149.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190925-172125_Ins…)

I thought this upcoming trip to Japan was supposed to be with Square and Miso?

Who da fook is that guy?

(I know who he is. I'm just shocked by the constant shifting of passengers when the tickets were allegedly bought several months ago).

No. 709609

Ssssniper and nex have been on the plane for awhile, last trip sniper had left Japan a few days before momo and crew arrived so they ~vowed to go together this trip

No. 709620


She’s a quitter. Plain and simple. She’s a leech who latches onto whatever makes her money and whatever is the easiest way. Her evolution to what she is now is hilarious:

Body positivity cosplayer —> seamstress (Weeb with a sewing machine) —> armorer/ “big builds” (taking credit from the actual craftspeople) —> boudoir/ lewds (but totally not a sex worker) —> groping photos (claiming to be a sex worker) —> ~business woman~ —> basically doing porn now

I think it’s sad that she became this way. She’s nothing like who she was when she started. She used to talk about how she will never take off her clothes. She was all about body positivity and against plastic surgery. She used to make fun of Luna Lainey for her plastic surgery. She now is doing nudes and trying to use “art” as an excuse. Sure, she’s making money, but at the cost of whatever morals she once had. She really won’t last much longer. More talented and better looking people are making a name for themselves everyday. There’s nothing she can do to keep up besides doing porn. As soon as she does full on porn, you know she is done for.

No. 709639

Sage goes in the email.field. any time there isnt milk and just personal opinion needs to be saged. Saying 'sage' doesnt sage anything.

No. 709646

Vamp is also going around the same time but probably not together

No. 709650

Hooters Set????

Has anyone got a link/pics to her Hooters set??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709657

i can almost guarantee no one is gonna provide that for you here. try again somewhere else

No. 709690

she doesn't have a name in the cosplay community. She is just that scamming fat chick who does porn now

No. 709826

File: 1569517237626.jpg (53.26 KB, 475x955, hdfeg.JPG)

So what's become of her topless/nipple/pasty set that she was releasing for $50+ pledgers?? Have you all forgotten this or have I just missed something? Last time I heard about it she was saying she shot some videos but didn't like them, so she'll reshoot, and maybe post the gifs.

No. 709831

Holy shit anon that is the face of fucking nightmares! I wished you put on a spoiler on that shit! Bitch look like she has been choked to death.

No. 709835

This has to be edited. I cant imagine anyone looking so terrifying irl. Spoiler that, jesus…

No. 709870

>>709826 It was supposed to be a $75 tier with topless content. She scrapped that idea, much like she scrapped the OnlyFans streams she advertised for both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

No. 709892

File: 1569523518957.png (630.7 KB, 1092x612, yikes.png)


The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 709894

File: 1569523760562.jpg (Spoiler Image,512.71 KB, 1080x1710, 20190926_194812.jpg)

Whatever is on her leg doesn't look like bubbles, fucking grim

No. 709897


I guess because they got smoothed out to oblivion just like the rest of her body, distorting all normal texture that bubbles have.

No. 709899

Now I usually have terrible eye sight when it comes to photoshop work but for Christ sakes this looks like utter shit. Her front looks all kinds of fucked up. I can not even tell if it is cause her knee area is naturally that lumpy looking or what. They made her glow and smoothed so much that you can barely tell that there is any water on her besides the 'bubbles' and her suit being wet. I can not even call this half-assed work, she didn't even try to get her hair wet. Also a suit???? Why not at least a fucking towel since it is a shower?? So many questions that will never be answered.

No. 709908

lol the tile lines are warped so they tilted the pic.

No. 709915

You'd think all these instahoes who do these bad photoshop jobs on their images would buy houses that don't have tiles everywhere, but no. If I knew I had to edit the shit out of my body to look somewhat presentable I'd buy a house with zero straight lines/tiles/blinds, but Moo's house seems covered in them to the point where it's almost comical how much warping happens.

No. 710053

dude, the fuck is happening to her right leg? it looks like it’s backwards

No. 710066

File: 1569542989866.jpg (134.33 KB, 1092x612, wtf.jpg)

It's a perfect match

No. 710085

File: 1569544409007.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.35 KB, 1080x1710, momo.jpg)

i mean ffs she didn't even try to keep the tile lines straight

No. 710099

C'mon… Her legs look like some PS2-era CG texture, it's not even funny anymore how much photoshop she's using…

No. 710130

The fact that she holds so much fat in the front of her thighs make her look like she has horse hocked legs. Maybe she should fix that next before she looks like even more of an abomination.

No. 710131

she thinks the collected fat there looks like muscles. Trust me
when she's in full delusional mode she thinks all fer fat is muscle

No. 710146

>>709894 I don't understand the use of the arms here. Her hair isn't wet, so she can't possibly pretend she's applying shampoo or conditioner.

The angle makes it look like a paraplegic is trying to grab a can of beans from the top shelf with their stumps.

No. 710148

it looks like she is pissing herself

No. 710191

I gotta agree, along with everyone else going on about the INTENSE shop job with blur/smooth. The only water detail that was kept is her piss water effect, and it just looks odd too. Wow this is just… Yikes. Her knees.

No. 710202

File: 1569559053375.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 720x1159, Screenshot_2019-09-26-21-30-05…)

Ass bleaching is working so well that Squarecuck blasted it out in PS
This is from Reddit btw

No. 710208

It looks like she has a ballsack growing, christ.

No. 710231

I feel like people aren't taking this as seriously as they should

No. 710240

>>710231 Her subscribers aren't the brightest people. Gluttons for abuse, especially if that abuse comes from Mariah. She gets away with lying and being lazy because of the fetishists with tunnel vision and selective memories.

No. 710257

The sheer amount of blur makes her cheeks look even flatter than they already do.

No. 710272

Is this even allowed on Instagram? Why does she cover up her boobs with stickers when she's wearing pasties, but leaves the pepperonis out in the open if she's wearing a transparent shirt? Is she wearing the pasties that look like nipples again?

Also the weirdness of this is unfathomable. She's wearing a leotard in the shower, and only her left leg has soap and water on it. Her hair is dry and ironically it's filthy-looking despite this being a shower shoot. Her legs look disgusting here, even in spite of how shooped they are.

No. 710273

In all seriousness, what the fuck is that on her leg? Is that overly photoshopped water or fake jizz? Neither would suprise me.

No. 710284

Looks like running water to me

No. 710288

File: 1569586409819.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x2560, PhotoGrid_1569586343026.jpg)

I had to do this. I honestly cant get over this face.

No. 710290


next thread pic nominee for sure

No. 710298

well, knowing her audience, theyre probably into that

No. 710556

File: 1569618448574.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190927-140243.png)

I'm curious to know if Mariah had announced that she would be going to Florida. I don't recall any mention of any plans to go there, so it seems rather sudden that she's there and hitting up Disney World with Kevin.

No. 710592

Try to steal a man again?

No. 710594

Well fuck. I could've seen a Momo in the wild.
I don't know how she'll manage to squeeze onto some of the rides at this rate. Not to mention after an hour in the Florida sun she'll be stinking worse than the swamp ape.

No. 710612

Another unearned self care vacation on her Patreon/OnlyFans dime. Why am I not surprised by this?

No. 710683

Even going by her delusional measurements she provided for the cosplay she was selling I am smaller than her and do not comfortably fit in some rides seats.
On the other hand walking around Disney will probably be the most exercise she has done at one time.

No. 710698

he and miso broke up, he announced a few days ago

No. 710701

Kevin isn't squarenoodles, he has a girlfriend that he's moving/moved to Florida to be with.