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File: 1580722921552.jpeg (99.23 KB, 709x650, 1580036729381.jpeg)

No. 754981

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has <1 million (fake) followers on Instagram, 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (mostly fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snaffu and send her PR.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (private)

Other links are below milk update.

>Lillee claims to have an autoimmune "problem" that makes her get sick easily to explain away her red, splotchy face >>736633 She does assure her Jeaniez that she made sure to "drain out" the fever sores before applying make up >>736635 How does she manage such a debilitating problem? Collecting dolls! >>737966
>Lillee claims she is the victim of art theft because scam sites use her photos without credit >>736779 This despite the fact that she's been caught ripping off MUA's looks before >>737061 and widely recognized at that >>737365
>Voicemail anon talks to bffdees to try and reach Laur and get her to speak the truth about what happened >>736820
>The Rise of Pradip, a creepy Hindu nationalist who spams every tweet by LJ with suggestive comments >>736844 Laur and LJ eat it up since it increases their numbers >>736943 and >>737423 and >>737434 and >>743689 and >>746948
>Oomancer follow requests Laur and has a long conversation with her in the DMs, starts here >>738017 Laur is incredibly upset about Oomancer's memes and furious that bffdees tags brands which harms her chance of getting LJ that sweet sweet PR. She also continues the lie that Lillee has 80% real followers on her instagram and "everyone loses followers" even though LJ loses them at rates of 54,000 a day >>738008 The whole thing is worth a read to see Laur's insane logic for yourself, but she does claim that Lillee "lost several big brands thanks to [bffdees]" Later tweets from a sock account seem to confirm Laur thinks it was Colourpop >>739513 but Creepshow debunks this, making her freak out embarrassing >>739626
>After this convo, Laur makes @doodoomancer >>738861 She threatens to call the cops on Katie again >>738898 and then stumbles upon lolcow again and calls it a black website "where they all convene to plot" >>738955 then changes to @BishDone and sends a tweet at the US air force claiming one of their seargents is a cyberbully >>739141
>Katie (under the guise of JeaniezTechSupport) talks to Laur and tips her off on the names of her most hated foes: Danika and Michael Wazowski, Miriam al-Nesbitt, and Jayne-Lynne Portier. Laur sends this all to the police who regret to inform her that these are all Disney characters >>739200
>Lillee's latest PR is baby makeup >>740511 Her review video tries to sidestep all of this while failing to pronounce basic words like "opaque" >>741165
>Laur finally takes her twitter account public and tries to rally her sealions against Oomancer for being a pedo (for photoshopping images of baby Lillee that Laur posted herself) >>741865 She quickly goes back under the lock
>Laur buys a used Victoria's Secret shirt for Lillee >>742193 Oomancer spoils the Christmas surprise and tells Laur it was obtained by a reverse goatsie hack >>742562
>Lillee does a photoshoot with FashionHaunts, a pay-to-play magazine with a majority bot following to fool people into thinking it has a big readership >>742294 They plan a livestream with Lillee but cancel her participation at the last minute >>743154 Laur claims the "venue got messed up" >743230 The shoot is on with Lillee modeling fishing gear (fees apply) >>745453 Behind the scenes shots >>745515 It seems she paid $600 for the "opportunity" >>746764 And boy, is it worth it! >>749478
>Lillee drops below 1 million instagram followers for the first time since Laur began buying accounts >>745226 Though she buys them back, the numbers are fluctuating frequently due to bot crackdowns and reporting, making Laur's purchases more and more Sisyphean
>Lauren Elyse asks Laur to stop bothering her yet again and to tell the truth. Laur insists on discussing in DMs only, which LE smartly turns down >>745812
>Lillee goes private in preparation for Arpanet's stream >>748350 which is between Oomancer and a sealion >>748436 The sealion deactivates after the debate >>748503
>Youtube comments call out Lillee for faking the quality of her swatches >>748937 She lies and says she used a wet wipe and coconut oil in between, causing the swatches to look more vibrant >>748939 It gets the attention of Reddit, as well >>748943
>Someone asks Reddit about Lillee Jean's father playing with various rockstars as claimed in the FaishionHaunts piece, and it is quickly debunked >>749515
>Lillee offers a vague apology for her past gender comments, but still stands by that the "it" drama is based on a photoshop (it isn't) >>749658 She goes for a real beauty guru apology video with fake tears and everything >>749721 Laur immediately ruins any progress this could have made by standing by the claim that LE attacked Lillee >>749797
>Lillee goes right back under lockdown >>749746 seemingly in preparation for Creepshow's video about being taken to court >>749766
>Laur admits to issuing false copyright strikes on Arpanet and WTC for using "stolen video content" >>750024
>Arpanet plans to look into Brenda Wolf's murder, to the anger of LJ and Laur despite how this could bring renewed attention to the case >>750417
>Laur reports Creepshow's twitter and gets it suspended >>750676 Once it is unflagged, Creepshow claims the reports were filed after she refused to give Lillee airtime to give her side of the story >>750833
>Lillee goes on Instagram Live where she talks to random people about her haters and gets plenty of foreign men jerking off to her, all while Laur sits close by >>752478 She does a number of suggestive things for the camera like twerking and pushing her feet into frame >>752548 Oomancer joins at one point and Lillee is absolutely cringe-inducingly furious in how she reacts to him and eventually deletes that section of the recorded live >>752499 She also continues to tell numerous lies about what has happened to her thanks to THA HATURZ
>Laur and Lillee bully a teenager for daring to acknowledge that LJ has less than a million followers now >>752714
>>Lillee gets PR from "Now," a "unisex" nail polish brand run by NOH8, a well-known scammer >>753361
>>Illusive Man interviews Lillee and calls her out for her callous and over-the-top rudeness >>754316 A good watch if you ever forgot that Lillee is just as awful as her momager
>>Lillee gets a book from an antivaxxer and "health guru" who seems like another scam artist >>754607
>>BFFDees begins to post some DMs they had with Laur, starting with one where Laur continues to act as if their caricature accounts are real >>754656 and one where Laur says Colourpop dropped them because they breached their contract due to a too-young PR manager >>754690
>>Another successful Instagram Live where Lillee gets more dick pics >>754912 and uses that Live to… promote another one she plans to host next weekend >>754918

And as a bonus…

>LJ posting creepy feet pics: >>738438 and >>746817 and >>750360 and >>751277 and >>752548

>>>/snow/833840 #1
>>>/snow/847048 #2
>>>698862 #3
>>>707075 #4
>>>718259 #5
>>>724333 #6
>>>736259 #7

No. 754983

Sorry, messed up the previous thread links:
>>>/snow/833840 #1
>>>/snow/847048 #2
>>698862 #3
>>707075 #4
>>718259 #5
>>724333 #6
>>736259 #7

And this part was too long to fit in the OP:


Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/lillee.is.lyfe (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)
https://vero.co (verified)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (as Lilz, inactive)

Lillee Jean Cosmetics:

"Makeup for all genders, skin tones, and races– inspired by being unique, and embracing yourself. Produced by Lillee Jean exclusively. Launching 2020."

https://www.instagram.com/lilleejeancosmetics (inactive)
https://twitter.com/lilleecosmetics (inactive)
http://www.lilleejeancosmetics.com (registered anon)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:




Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)

Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)

https://www.docketbird.com/court-cases/Earl-D-Trueman-and-Laura-R-Trueman/nyeb-1:2018-bk-45768 (bankruptcy)


Jeaniez Management Inc:



Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change




Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/lennytradare (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/lillees.lil.jeanie (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)
https://twitter.com/TamyLov39567654 (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli

No. 754985

File: 1580723403671.jpg (374.42 KB, 925x1351, 1580720277538.jpg)

Sorry for the long OP and the even longer links. I tried to keep tabs on new updates as they happened and removed details that were no longer relevant afterwards, but every month brings a lot of milk. Should we move towards more concise OPs or try and keep close tabs on what transpires? I felt it was good for keeping everything in a timeline but it does feel a little overwhelming looking at it. The thread doesn't move very fast but every time we get new milk it's just as crazy as the last one and it feels like it has to be documented lol

Also bringing over the edit anon >>754976 made of Lillee with real teeth because it's great seeing our kween with Jonny Craig style fake veneers.

No. 754990

File: 1580724382847.jpg (89.66 KB, 500x500, Ua4hlYh.jpg)

One more. this one came out with a slightly less horsey shape. looks amazing tbh

No. 755006

She actually looks pretty and fresh-faced here. It's eye-opening how important teeth are to someone's overall look.

No. 755007

AMAZING new thread Anon, thanks.

No. 755009


Even with the more horsey version, she still looks exponentially better with straight, white, properly-spaced teeth. She looks wholesome and approachable, like someone who could be your friend and give you makeup advice, rather than someone with scurvy and a vitamin D deficiency who talks aloud to her Disney dolls.

No. 755013

See here Lar. You could have spent money on this, instead you bought fake followers, used makeup pallets and unuseable promos with C list has beens. Congrats you mental giant.

No. 755014

She’ll never do it because somehow her mother has convinced her that she is perfectly fine as she is. Never mind the fact that having teeth that spacey and browned when you’re only 18 years old is an oral health issue because they’re only going to get worse and worse. Imagine your own mother thinking that spending money on ever-disappearing bots for your failing media career is more important than your long term health and happiness

No. 755023

What a difference, holy shit. Laur herself has fairly straight teeth, nothing like LJ's. I can't fathom why she would waste all this money on followers when she could have given LJ veneers.

No. 755039

She thinks it gives her the charming look of french actresses/singers like Vanessa Paradis kek

No. 755058

It's crazy how much better she looks here. Normally I'm against veneers but they would make a big difference here.

No. 755072

Nuts! Usually you put these teeth on people and they look like clowns, but she looks good. Seems like she could be in a Disney channel low budget show that gets cancelled after a few episodes. too bad her personality can't be fixed like her teeth.

No. 755095

These have also changed her lip and mouth shape, keep in mind. Her lips are thin and strange looking and may not frame veneers as well as some mouth added on a "perfecting " app.

She looks way better either way!

No. 755116

File: 1580758228111.jpg (709.56 KB, 1080x2074, 20200203_133112.jpg)

No. 755118

File: 1580758332815.jpg (717 KB, 1080x2097, 20200203_133029.jpg)

No. 755119

Lillee Jean is not my lover

No. 755130

By”these people”, I really hope he means Laur and Lillee. Because BFFDees asked if Colour Pop knows Laur is saying that they breached their contract with Lillee and provides evidence of her saying that via dm.

Lilee cannot actually believe that they will be suing them, right? She does realize that even if they are able to identify the callout accounts, BFFDees can literally just pull up the messages sent by Laur.

No. 755138


I really hope Lillee and her mom keep trying to sue the wrong people and look even more stupid.

Dangerzone thinks just because he sits at home all day doing nothing thats what the callout accounts do, he is projecting so hard.

No. 755148

File: 1580766211846.jpeg (239.38 KB, 750x410, 15416170-A789-4A22-AFED-AF581C…)


This is why you don’t let children play $100 palettes. This palette is ruined and it makes me so sad.

Lillee also claims she’s on Natasha Denona PR even though Laur stated they bought this palette after the callout accounts tagged Natasha Denona in the fall.

No. 755150

It's absolutely disgusting. Imagine how bad it looks in person!!!

No. 755151

File: 1580766700263.jpeg (310.22 KB, 750x422, 6BF70172-5A3A-469C-9B2F-9F940C…)

How did she even manage to destroy it like this?

No. 755152

wtf does she stomp on it

No. 755157


she claims in the video that she "did her best" to clean this disgusting palette. there's no way that she even tried; there is kickback smeared everywhere that she could have easily cleaned up with a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol. those shiny patches in her pans where she transferred oils from her dirty-ass brushes could be removed, too, if she actually knew how to upkeep her shit.

she's so disheveled and nasty.

No. 755165

Yeah the texture of these shadows are ruined. They all have pigment and oil hammered into them, why do so many of them look like they got wet?? And they have beige crust smeared on them..

No. 755188

Maybe she bought a palette that was pulled from a dumpster since stores tend to try and wreck them in the process unless it didn’t look like that before… maybe her dolls used it

No. 755189

File: 1580778393456.jpeg (299.97 KB, 750x685, C47B85B7-6F08-43A5-8CF6-397FC1…)

No. 755194

>it's okay to call people's jobs and lie about them being a harasser/cyberbully in an attempt to get them fired
>tagging the brands who give me free makeup to let them know how horrible we are is just TOO FAR and SICK

No. 755208

File: 1580790496986.jpg (566.58 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200203-222715_You…)

Yay. More red/pink/purple looks incoming… wooo…

No. 755231

i am so incredibly confused at how absolutely gross this palette is. it almost looks like it was already absolutely filthy and then a wet brush with a beige still in it was just… spread everywhere. how does it even get this bad? it's like a toddler has been digging it up with their fingers.

No. 755245

Somewhere in the last thread, there's a cap where she admitted to rubbing her brushes in baby oil to swatch a whole palette. I bet she's not washing her brushes, so everything is probably a nasty greasy mess.

She also uses baby oil on her hair. I guess this is what completely unchecked narcissism does after two generations, people who can't even admit that they need a new grooming product.

No. 755257

Has it been told yet how much Laur has spent on buying the instagram followers? Cause I just calculated using a site that sells 5,000 for $40, and it would have been approx $8,000 over the course of 3 years.

No. 755261

She's also using oil in her face.
I doubt there's anything about Lillie that doesn't reek of oil.

No. 755267

I’m almost certain she noticed other beauty influencers using various oils as more natural replacements for other hair & skincare products, but only sprung for baby oil and thinks she’s a genius saving so much money.

No. 755281

Too bad no one has told her about this amazing, crazy cheap way to help with dry skin. It also promotes weight loss, improves skin tone and texture (and breakouts!), removes toxins from your system, increases kidney function, balances blood sugar, helps with headaches, is cruelty free, paraben free, can be locally sourced…

But naw, she just smothers herself in every oil and cream she gets in PR.

No. 755377

File: 1580865164331.jpg (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, goop_Moment.jpg)

From her newest video swatching the ND Love palette: more goo slopped around. Why is she so gross?

No. 755600

File: 1580929077140.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.36 KB, 1280x720, 0eDdF9E.jpg)

Ok what in the actual FUCK. Pic is how I imagine LJ must apply this shit.

Also why baby oil? Why not upgrade to something else budget friendly like grape seed oil. I buy it for a whopping $2-3

No. 755668


Are you fucking kidding me? How can you call yourself a beauty guru and think it's even a remotely okay idea to put baby oil in your hair?

No. 755694

she did an hour on ig live today and her hair was greasy af

wash your fucking hair, Lillee

No. 755713

Baby oil in hair is an old timey thing, like something your grandma might have done because there weren't as many hair products back then. I can definitely see Laur passing on this "wisdom" and laughing at people who waste money on actual self-care products.

No. 755753


Doesn't she also do the "100 strokes with a hairbrush" thing? Traditional nonsense that isn't actually good for your hair.

No. 755834

File: 1581002882911.jpg (88.29 KB, 549x824, 5094402.jpg)

Laur has gotten bold enough to take her sperg-out account off protected mode, now that she's got an unrepentant doxxer white knighting for her. Apparently, she also thinks Twitter is going to closely monitor the callouts for deep fakes of Lillee.

No. 755837

File: 1581003540529.jpg (85.35 KB, 579x704, 5094403.jpg)

Dangerzone dramatically feigns outrage and then posts screenshots (not included in pic) of some random person talking about unrelated drama involving a completely different Lauren, thinking they are talking about Laur. They're still up on his tl, even after people corrected him that he was wrong.

He's so bad at this; it's something like the third time he's gone after some random/wrong person while trying to dox or "expose" the callouts.

No. 755838

File: 1581003664969.jpg (97.03 KB, 580x822, 5094404.jpg)

Lillee comforting herself with delusions of grandeur again.

No. 755903

File: 1581022989298.jpeg (163.18 KB, 750x503, 45D4CDF8-C3C7-4D5D-BEC7-A9A539…)

Looks like Lillee’s following has dropped 4K since this morning.

No. 755923


we'll know the exact day that Laur snatches up Diamond Earl's tax refund, because Lillee's follower count will jump back up to 1 million overnight as soon as that deposit clears.

No. 755936

File: 1581030317239.jpg (649.83 KB, 1080x2052, 20200206_170548.jpg)

No. 755937

File: 1581030367514.jpg (539.72 KB, 1080x1818, 20200206_170607.jpg)

No. 755941


So, their family member dies, but somehow their main concern is making sure Twitter knows about what BFFDees supposedly did? Why aren't they focused on their aunt? Why do they have time to be crying on SM at all? Don't they need to prepare the house for shiva?

Once again Laur uses someone's death as a shield to deflect any criticism. She's such trash.

No. 755950

BFFdees just did a livestream saying she would release a video on laur and that she has been catfishing laur for a month. Laur was in chat freaking out


No. 755970

Holy Fucking Shit. I’m ready for this.

No. 755974

Dangerzone/manny/haxxxorelite is now acting like he totally meant to dox the wrong person to draw BFFDees out so they can dox her.

No. 755979

File: 1581039702302.jpeg (466 KB, 750x1008, 9DACCDA4-F88D-4426-90C0-C54782…)

Laur’s already doxxing whatever name Dees gave her.

No. 755982

Lillee’s ig live from tonight. In it she says that Colourpop took her back bc they breached a contract, talks a whole bunch of bullshit about her bullies, says that James Dee isn’t actually named James and he uses a pseudonym because he’s insanely wealthy. She also asks her army of pradips to report bffdees


No. 755999

Yes she dry brushes her curly hair 100 times a day.
No wonder it looks like that

No. 756000

some highlights:
>claims using the handle 'jamesdee' is mocking "someone in the lgbt community"
>brings up an influencer and says "im not mentioning her because she's nothing"
>claims shes "pursuing buzzfeed" for writing an "infactual" article (infactual isnt a word, lillee)
>proceeds to use mental health afflictions as insults again, describes "ms. strauss" as "manic," followed by saying "i don't know if she's schizophrenic, i don't know what she has"
>uses her terrible acting skills to act oh so disGUSTED! that someone would confront her on the night her great aunt died!
>refers to being called out for calling people's workplace, defending it by saying "hello! thats what you do when somebody is not listening and continue to harm you! you go to their employer and say can you talk to them, i dont want them fired uwu"
>claims the person who posted said phone recording was doing so illegally
>claims bffdees "looked about 54" in the video, "if you wanna be nice"
>"this type of harassment, this type of stalking is evil, inhumane, and purely disgusting"
>claims posting her purchases was illegal
>randomly goes off on nike, seemingly one of her only real fans that she didn't buy, saying "nike if you're looking to just get views or money i'm sorry, i cannot give you either. this is like really SERIOUS whats going on"
all the while nobody in the chat actually gives a flying fuck. laur and lillee against the world 2k20!

No. 756013

So I dmed creepshow about being doxxed to say I'm sorry she is going through this, and she let me know he didn't have her correct information and she was fine. But she thought it was funny he thought he had her full name, but now she posted this.

Seriously this guy can't dox to save his life.

No. 756014

File: 1581050168030.png (27.72 KB, 589x96, Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 8.35…)

same fag. didn't attach the picture

No. 756018

The more she live streams, the more it becomes obvious she doesn't interact with real people. It's all so cringy and over acted.

No. 756028

>you see eleven but after it’s done it’s all a thousand in an out
Oh wow so much engagement for an account with a million jeaniez, I’ve seen accounts with 35k get more than a thousand live viewers all at the same time, wtf. Also lol she’s had her aunt die and she’s wearing a red v-line blouse or pijama idk but rly wow so very Christian. Nasty bitch.

No. 756048

'Ahmed, go fuck off' was my favourite part

No. 756049

File: 1581081076845.jpeg (339.24 KB, 750x732, 102C7EC5-C13B-4688-BB4C-0344C4…)

Say goodbye to any potential future Kesha makeup PR. Also g8 job at silencing victims of abuse.

No. 756050

Lmfao Veronica sawyer is the main character from heathers

No. 756082

Unless auntie actually lived with Laur there's no reason to sit shiva at their house– shiva is usually at the home of the deceased, and observed by immediate family, not nieces/cousins etc. Then again Laur isn't really Jewish so not sure why I'd even expect her to know this

No. 756085


Given how often Laur and Lillee make up dumb lies, their aunt may well have died, but I doubt anyone asked them to have the shiva at their house. I suspect that this is a cover for the fact that they were never actually going to go to NYFW, because this has been a pattern for months. They were supposedly going to go to a Natasha Denona meet-and-greet; they never went. They were going to some "red carpet" thing for Halloween; they never went. They were going to finally leave the attic to do the photoshoot for Fashion Haunts; all the other models went to one location but Lillee for some reason did her shoot in Casa de 'Tiques?

They don't appear to have left their house since August.

No. 756091

Tinfoil: Lillee is actually agoraphobic

No. 756093

You're more generous than me; I doubt there was ever an aunt in the first place, Occam's razor and all that. I think >>756091 is actually not tinfoil, one of them (or both) has some mental issue keeping them from going outside.

No. 756101

I don't see this as a tinfoil, I think you're totally right. I've thought that for a while now.

No. 756111

A moment of silence for the family and friends that are being forced to listen to Laur and Lillee Jean cry about being cyber bullied while trying to pay their respects to the deceased.

No. 756124

"Her death is so sad, almost as sad as those who's been stalking me and my mom for over three years! Pathetic."

No. 756146

File: 1581122962062.webm (7.66 MB, 360x640, fakecrying.webm)

not sure if this was posted before but i was scrolling through lillee's twitter and saw this gem from january 28th. the fact that she thinks she's a good enough actress that this looks believable is honestly hilarious. why would she be randomly crying in the middle of an eye tutorial?

she captioned the tweet:
>And, that says it all. The pain. The imprint. Lifted. The lies spread, righted. The tears grew someone stronger.

whenever she tries to sound intelligent or deep it comes out sounding like word salad. i thought she was top of her class at the attic academy kek

No. 756147

File: 1581123461619.jpg (208 KB, 933x1080, Screenshot_20200207-185600_You…)

Her teeth dont fill out her mouth so shes constantly puffing out her lips and it's so weird

No. 756148


The forced chipmunk cheeks and exaggerated pouty lip poked out LOL. It's like when a spoiled toddler fake-cries in the grocery store to try to manipulate Mommy into buying candy.

Everything about this girl is so artificial and ham-fisted.

No. 756150


I dunno, to me it just looks like she has fat cheeks that sit weird on her face, which is why she's always sucking them in so hard for photos.

No. 756152

That's what she does when she wants cheekbones.
She also puffs her lips because when they sit regularly they're very thin.
When she does a combo of both she can't hold it so her slimy lips puff in and out.
I'm nitpicky because I've seen it in every vid I've seen

No. 756202

File: 1581133681705.jpg (175.66 KB, 810x1024, 20200207_214405.jpg)

Sharp drop today, she was sitting at 989k earlier today. How long till she vents about instagram bugging out because she lost 13k followers in a day?

No. 756208

Bffdee's video is live

No. 756215

G8 job by bffdees, I wish she had stayed anon tho, she could go full lolcow if she isn’t careful.

No. 756227

What has BFFDees even done that's lolcow worthy?

No. 756228

File: 1581145846709.jpg (378.73 KB, 1080x2064, 20200208_011047.jpg)

All of these are Laur. Lol

No. 756255

Not really though. She made a video which was a pretty good all-over summary of Laur's shenanigans. She didn't really show her face for most of the video and she made it clear that the only reason she showed her face is that the sealion decided to doxx someone unrelated and kept insisting that person was bffdees.

No. 756259


Also, the Diane Awesomelaser identity is a pseudonym and she's wearing a wig and big glasses, which could just be her normal aesthetic, or it could be to foil any attempts to use stills from the video to run a google image search on her face and find her actual social media account, employer, etc.

I don't think even micropeen's formidable h4xx0r skillz will be able to dox her using this video or any of the fake credentials she gave to Lillee and Laur. They'll probably just target someone else completely unrelated again and make themselves look stupid.

No. 756264

Probably the best video I have seen on this situation. It sums up the majority of the story (however is missing some parts like the transphobic and racist tweets and podcasts but it would have been a five hour video is BFFDees did it all). She gave Lillee some great advice but she will never listen.

I know BFFDees said she’s out for a while but I wonder if she is going to post the convos as I would love to read them.

Laur and Lillee have been very quiet so far but as the video has almost as many views as the video Lillee posted at the same time (BFF has 280ish while Lillee has just over 400 right now) I expect a Typical Laur reaction.

No. 756267

File: 1581171011728.jpg (307.48 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20200208_080919.jpg)

The photoshopped earrings really bring this look together. Without them, it could be any other pink look she's done.

No. 756278

I fucking lost it at Laur saying that she was close with the Bryant family and that she was helping them with funeral planning.

No. 756281

fucking kek she shopped the dress on as well. identical i tell you

No. 756282

This would have been an easy look to replicate, yet she didn’t put in half the effort to do so. Had she done her brows, bronzed, used a bolder (and more) blush, with proper placement and the proper shade/type of lip colour, she could then state it was inspired by Scarlet’s look.

No. 756283

did she explain why one earring is fucking magic?

No. 756287

I like how at one point in the DMs with Laur, she implies she wouldn't be surprised if old classmates were catfishing Lillee because they were jealous of how pretty Lillee was.

Lillee hasn't been to school in YEARS, but these middle school bullies are still obsessed with her? Nobody claiming to have gone to school with her, met her, or even know about her indirectly has posted in any of these 7 threads. This saga has been discussed on lolcow for over half a year. Even minor cows on /snow/ have someone claiming to know the person. This is really a testament to how isolated these two are. I've seen maybe two photos of Lillee in a normal social setting with someone other than her parents. They must have absolutely no social interaction besides the occasional cashier.

I highly doubt she was ever bullied or even noticed. It's more likely she didn't enjoy school because she wasn't popular and didn't receive the attention she thought she deserved.

No. 756295

File: 1581182962447.jpg (80.41 KB, 730x265, 7HTHTX5.jpg)

This guy is actually retarded. Comment on the BFFDees video

No. 756302

Laur thought the pillow was photoshopped? God she’s dumb.

I hope Laur realizes IIllusive Douche fucked her. I’d enjoy seeing Laur set her sights on someone who actually deserves her crazy fucking behavior.

No. 756303


How old is this guy? 30's? He legit seems mentally impaired in some way. He's barely literate and his thought processes are so scattered and underdeveloped; it's like he struggles to grasp any concept that isn't super simple.

No. 756307

File: 1581190943542.jpg (20.57 KB, 850x298, 94923-jee.jpg)

I've noticed that Lillee gets real arrogant and bitchy when she thinks she has attack dogs to sic on her cyberboolies, but falls back to posting fake-deep or vague "positivity" shit like this when she doesn't have anyone protecting her.

Dangerzone isn't coming through with the names and home addresses of her enemies like he promised, and now that she and Laur got into bed with him, the last of the remaining sealions have distanced themselves.

No. 756321

Genuine question - Does Lillee understand that its her mother with all of these fake accounts? Obv she knows she didnt meet any of the Insta fans who claim to have met her but its hard to imagine she KNOWS its her mother sitting in the same house writing all of these supportive comments when no one else is defending her. She should be embarassed or trying to interact more with any accounts she knows are not her mother to actual gain fans??

No. 756322

She knows and she's probably ok with it. Why wouldn't she when she herself runs the lilleejeanfp account. I think she runs the account who owns the Lilleejeanfp account too.

No. 756337

I'm not sure what that guy is up to. He seemed much smarter than this when Lillee went turbo cunt on his stream. He has to realize that her stats are all fake, and she's a prick. Maybe he's acting like an idiot just to get any attention at all.

No. 756342

I agree. Sometimes he seems too much like an unhinged / intellectually disabled conspiracy nut stereotype to be real. But then he has had a couple of moments where he seems to know what's up a bit more like you said. I can't tell if he's got some bigger gameplan that is gonna surprise us or if he's just a random internet nutter whose scattergun approach occasionally comes close to the right response. Guess we'll see

No. 756346

Looking through his timeline, it seems like he’s trying to connect the LJ trolls to Steve Mcrae. He mentioned this on the livestream with L&L too. He’s trying to prove they’re a coordinated group targeting the Boomer.

No. 756356

You’re giving him waaaay too much credit - he has an easily traceable history of jumping into online communities - being so obnoxious that he gets attention then going too far (like blackmailing people) before scurrying off somewhere else to wave his tiny dick around - he’s just an obnoxious failed gamer trying to find fame and keep his superchats flowing.

No. 756357

I think his motivation is Chestershire. He showed up after Oom's video of her and her dog. He's @'d her to be like "see what I did? I told you!!" She defends Steve, so he's jumped on the Steve train as well.

And at the end of the day, how many people are really talking about Steve McBoomer? If he hadn't stuck his nose into the LJ thing, the chance of ever hearing about Steve is basically obsolete. Any noise in a silent room is loud.

No. 756383

File: 1581225209868.jpeg (89.07 KB, 750x503, 61D14D4D-55C8-43FB-A12B-19B1B3…)

Good call, Lilz.

She assumed BFFdees was the chick she was doxxing based on the word of a transphobic neckbeard. They lost.

No. 756396

File: 1581229719305.png (166.12 KB, 602x560, 1234567876543543345.png)

Why does it seem like every time Laur has to make some kind of choice, she always makes the undoubtly most stupid desicion?

No. 756404

Her twitter account is gonna get whiplash from how much she's swapped settings on it tonight.

No. 756406

File: 1581236080384.jpeg (173.28 KB, 750x792, 896934FD-CB83-49B1-8801-F1A260…)

Laur filed a privacy claim on Dees’ video. They couldn’t DMCA it?

No. 756418

File: 1581246917016.jpg (222.38 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20200209-121510_Ope…)

Did Laur finally run out of money? Doesn't look like they're trying to get back to 1M

No. 756419


Sometimes when I look at the live follower count, I can see micro-dumps of a few hundred over the course of a several hours, but at the end of the day it's still a net loss. Pretty sure they are still buying bots, but now that they know people are watching and will clock huge jumps of tens of thousands of followers at once, they have to buy the sketchier cheap ones in smaller daily batches. Of course, the cheaper bots are super obvious and get snatched up by IG bot sweeps almost immediately.

No. 756449

File: 1581262329699.jpeg (284.95 KB, 750x1159, 3DD5C062-5F63-42A2-9A00-FE7476…)

Laur tweeted this as proof BFFDees is harassing her. She forgot to crop out her completely bizarre message at the bottom.

No. 756460

File: 1581267892730.jpeg (340.82 KB, 750x975, 035500C9-EE75-4D15-892B-4FEC5C…)

Laur is still claiming that BFFDees sat in front of weapons to intimidate her?

No. 756471

Have Lillee or Laur addressed any of the allegations or the proof they’re running numerous sock accounts provided in the video? Or are they just crying about being bullied by a Jedi?

No. 756477

File: 1581273197372.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 225CBE24-1477-45FA-9236-C14E58…)

No. 756483


Lillee mixing up the Grammys with the Oscars. I don't know why she's pretending that she's re-creating anyone's award show look, anyway…it's just going to be her normal fish belly foundation with either a smudgy pink, smudgy purple, or smudgy grey eye and a wet goatse mouth.

No. 756495

File: 1581278881335.jpg (701.23 KB, 1080x2082, 20200209_140119.jpg)

I'm dying over the fact Laur, who is consistantly on camera looking like Billy Bob's trashy,drunk, white trash aunt who just woke up from a 3 day bender wants to make fun of Dees actually looking put together. Or that she thinks she bought views because it has twice as many views as Lillee's anemic video posted at the same time.

No. 756498

She’s spent the last 16 hours tweeting only about BFFdees, who is ignoring her and just RTing other people’s stream and shit.

Laur is trying to portray herself as a victim but she just looks like an unhinged whacko.

No. 756506

File: 1581282651507.jpg (684.73 KB, 1032x1412, Screenshot_20200209-150701_Chr…)

This isn't a K beauty look. It's the same fucking look she always does with a Korean brand. I guess all of her looks with morphe are chinese looks as well?

No. 756512

I doubt they will say anything about the actual claims of the video. It's mostly what people have been saying for a while. As much as I appreciate Bffdees taking the time to make a comprehensive chronicle of this two idiots, and while it's obviously pretty damning to see all the evidence of Laur harassing people, the people who need to see these claims probably won't watch the video or address the points.

Laur, LJ, and their weird sealion echo chamber will flat out contradict themselves several times a day and run in circles without making any real points. Just look at >>756495 for the hypocrisy. Laur will attack someone's looks and accuse them of doing the very same thing she does (buying followers) while complaining about people saying the same shit to LJ. Zero self-awareness. Their only defense is "you're cyberbullying me!"

No. 756515

File: 1581286608068.jpeg (206.36 KB, 750x522, F2AF2445-CB35-4E46-AB21-003EC9…)

No. 756518


so, according to them, they've been getting death threats since july…but lillee is still opening video files emailed to her by randos?

lol ok laur

No. 756525


She probably got a phone call from a bill collector.

No one is playing with them today, Bffdee's video has a bunch of views, a BGC thread full of making fun of them on the main page.

No. 756526

File: 1581289591138.jpg (626.09 KB, 1079x2069, Screenshot_20200209-170500_Twi…)

So hysterical.

Please try again.

No. 756527

What happened to sitting shiva…?

No. 756529

Shitting on Shiva you mean?

No. 756584

File: 1581318829726.jpg (323.63 KB, 1079x1190, Screenshot_20200210-010440_Twi…)


You called it. Peach/orange blown out eyeshadow, pale skin.

My favorite part is her choice of emojis. "What fair white girl should I do?"

No. 756587

she genuinely looks like a muppet in that picture. this side-by-side just shows how bad she is at picking up on the important nuances that make makeup looks diverse and unique from one another.

it really irks me that she never does any contour/bronzer/noticeable blush. is she really that obsessed with being uwu porcelain snow white? or does she just know she's not skilled enough to do it correctly?

No. 756608

File: 1581342404837.jpeg (355.96 KB, 750x987, D6B4E263-0374-42B4-9505-89DE04…)

Down another couple of thousand bots.

No. 756623

It's a grader schoolers attempt. Her same make up with similar colors.

It's sad she's comparing herself to a candid of a beautiful starlet. It's a candid picture done by a professional artist while LJ looks like a potato and photoshopped.

No. 756644

File: 1581361928166.jpeg (393.19 KB, 2048x2048, 3D5EA92F-C7A6-46A6-A39E-957D7A…)

Didn’t Lillee & her mother spend the entire weekend shitting on some other woman wearing this exact same look?

BffDees wore it better, Lillee.

No. 756653


Jesus, she looks fucking grey when you compare her to people who actually go outside.

No. 756660


Other than the red lip, she didn't get any other part of the look right. No bronzer, her eyeshadow is too stark and unblended, her brows are dusty/ashy and undefined, foundation is too cakey and is accentuating the dry, flaky skin under her eyes, clumpy spider lashes. She just does not give a shit at all.

No. 756668

Her eyes are two different shapes/sizes. Maybe that’s why she looks deranged

No. 756675

Link to the BGC thread? I can't find it

No. 756679

No. 756684

In addition to all their other problems, they probably need to buy quality high CRI lighting. Most of their photos and videos have hideous color with a green or blue tint, I assume they bought regular Wal-Mart bulbs to go alongside the cheap ring light, and try to fix that ugly result with a digital filter. As long as they do that, flesh tones will always end up gray and washed out, because digital filters neutralize colors.

No. 756688

File: 1581371742879.jpg (28.13 KB, 481x175, blg-cri_index.jpg)

Forgot my pic.

No. 756781

File: 1581428109969.jpeg (63.92 KB, 600x1024, 7E631E3F-AF39-4E5A-B212-B940A9…)

Since the innocent woman they doxxed in PA didn’t pan out, Laur & Lillee are back to stalking Sonia…the 19yo pregnant woman.

Screenshot from Sonia’s twitter account

No. 756800

Defango claims to be a master researcher but after watching the videos put out yesterday, it’s obvious that he doesn’t even have a basic understanding of the Lillee Jean and Laur story, thinks that people were claiming that Ronnie Sawyer was Laur (that has always been BFFDees and she never claimed otherwise) and thinks that JamesDee5311 is a troll account created by BFFDees. He also included screenshots from an account that was sending Laur dm’s, yet I haven't heard of the account previously so it’s kind of shady that these messages came from some random account. This guy keeps making baseless accusations and doesn’t even have had the facts.

No. 756802

File: 1581436537325.jpeg (317.48 KB, 552x2048, 9664B116-2843-41AC-914A-5811B5…)

Defango has brain damage

No. 756807


I figured there was something off about him, mentally. It's not as obvious when he's just talking casually into a camera, but when you look at how he types, he's like subliterate and illogical to the point that it's hard to figure out what he's trying to say. That would track with possible head trauma that did damage to his frontal lobe, or something.

No. 756809

Also, damage to his pituitary gland might explain why his penis never grew beyond it’s child size.

No. 756814

"An appetite for reading book to high for his level" Yea, okay. He is clearly brain damaged but still pretending to be smart.

No. 756825

I noticed this too

No. 756826

God, I fucking hate Lillee, probably more than her mum.

No. 756841

File: 1581448049495.png (90.85 KB, 635x803, brokebroke.png)

The callouts discussing legal and financial shit about Laur. After multiple bankruptcies, Laur and Diamond Earl wouldn't be able to get credit cards, especially as they don't seem to have much income. I wouldn't be surprised if they applied for every CapitalOne and Petal Visa card that got mailed to Lillee as soon as she turned 18, and maxed them out buying IG bots from sketchy websites soon after.

Lillee is probably gonna have a low credit score and her identity stolen before she's old enough to buy a beer.

No. 756853

I suspect they were already opening cc or putting utilities in LJ’s name before she was 18. That’s why her age was popping up as 39 on searches. /pure tinfoil

No. 756864

File: 1581453859193.jpeg (315.56 KB, 1280x1920, BA75F1E4-D576-4B30-B5B6-655F9C…)

No. 756884

File: 1581456990155.jpg (899.91 KB, 2280x1079, Screenshot_20200211-004035_You…)

HUDA pronounced who-duh, not like Hootie and the blowfish. Even more annoying is the wierd pause she does before she says it. It's like she purposely mispronounced it like she did with Safiya's name, then claimed it was the French pronunciation.

Dumb. Lazy. Racist. 99% of her following is middle eastern or Indian, and she can't even get two of the largest names in makeup/beauty WHO SENT HER FREE SHIT correct. It would be worth sending her a J* palette and KVD eyeliner to watch her hawk neo-nazi products as a persecuted Jew.

No. 756898

At first I felt bad for Lillee. But she's shown herself to be an entitled brat who is full of herself. She's a cow just as much as Laur.

No. 756900

They also do this to Patricia Hartmann who is supposedly such a good friend. Like how hard is it to properly pronounce a name!?!?

No. 756927

Her hair looks like a rat's nest. I try not to comment on her looks because it pales in comparison to the shit she and her mom pull, but my god. Wavy or not, at least run a brush through it.

No. 756934

She doesn’t know how to take care of it and her hair colour looks gross with that ring light. She should really dye it a bit darker and get a haircut by someone who is not Laur.

No. 756943

File: 1581479584465.jpeg (528.69 KB, 1280x1920, 1581453859193-01.jpeg)

As much time as they spend shooping, they can't run a basic white balance correction to the whites of her eyes. This took about ten seconds on my phone.

No. 756956

File: 1581485207271.jpeg (395.5 KB, 750x992, FDCB53A3-3007-4CFC-8B49-4CB825…)

Laur: Sonia’s a liar. The DMs don’t exist.
Lillee: posts screenshots of DM

They share an attic. How do they not know what the other is doing?

No. 756963

it just seems like a pathetic power tactic to me. lillee is just too busy and important to remember how to pronounce everyone's terribly confusing and difficult names! you can't possibly expect her to dedicate more than a second of her time to you! it reminds me of movies where the boss calls the employee by the wrong name even if he's worked there for years, or when boomers passive aggressively mangle foreign words where you can tell it's not an honest mistake.

No. 756967

I am pretty sure that it is because that to Lillee being a ~uwu pale princess uwu~ is one of her trademarks and the more deceased she can look the better.

Like her eyes needs to be huge, which is why she always looks like a surprised sageserialkiller in her photos.

No. 756971

Robbie's lipstick is matte, Lillee's is glossy. Robbie's eyeshadow is a neutral brown, Lillee's is pink. Robbie's eyebrows are flattering, Lilee's are washed out. 0/10, atrocious work, couldn't even get the basics right.

No. 757088

File: 1581540281120.jpeg (288.99 KB, 750x637, 724FF2CE-D7A3-441D-84F0-3ABAB2…)

No one’s talking about them. The callout accounts have moved on to Defango.

No. 757149

Is it BFFDees, Oomancer, or Sonia that's the cyberbully? They seemingly cannot make up their minds.

No. 757180


micropeen is back to his normal MAGA/conspiracy programming and isn't really talking to Laur or Lillee anymore, so now Laur is doing what she always does when her chosen WK abandons her. Threatening people with the cyberpolice and lolsuits.

She'll get more and more irate until she blows up in another crazed freakout on Sunday night.

No. 757215

File: 1581563084338.jpeg (398.38 KB, 750x1052, 59255780-2609-4DC9-9F7D-825744…)

Dees flipped the script and told Laur call the cyber police or stfu. She has to be seething.

No. 757281

File: 1581594122506.png (280.98 KB, 596x595, inspiring.png)

Lillee might be the worst model who has ever had the privilege to model for a magazine, even if it's a unknown, scamming one.

No. 757283

File: 1581595705333.jpg (147.8 KB, 1322x606, bots.jpg)

They're back to buying cheap bots which make no attempt to look like real profiles. It's pretty sad they have nothing better to spend their money on.

No. 757288

File: 1581597496372.jpg (88.66 KB, 1329x873, 48943e2.jpg)


They are pissing into the wind. LJ's follower count has been in a fairly steady drop since the reddit post that shone a spotlight on their scam. The callouts are the most visible, but Laur and Lillee are assuming that those 20 people touching the poop on twitter are the only people watching them, emailing brands, or reporting their spambots on IG. They want to convince themselves that Shannon bought all the views for the videos she did on the whole situation, but literally hundreds of thousands of people have been introduced to Lillee Jean's content via both callout and "anti-bullying" support videos, and she's still dropped around 150,000 followers (if you take into account the bots they've bought and lost since July) and the needle hasn't moved significantly on her YT videos. The only people watching her hate her. She has two fans; a Disney-obsessed autist and a 50-year-old lady in a bathrobe who hasn't left her house since 2005.

No. 757311

This pose is so weird. Is she riding a horse?

No. 757321

they probably posed her that way in an attempt to give her body some shape. it's common to do the chest forward, waist sucked in, booty pushed out pose, especially for athletic wear. lj's flabby hog body has no shape, so she super exaggerated the pose.

god she looks so uncomfortable. she's focusing on sucking in her waist and cheeks so hard, she forget to do something wit her hands

No. 757339

No. 757344

Fucking brilliant! I knew he doxxed creepshow wrong but that's amazing

No. 757347

File: 1581622955847.jpeg (328.43 KB, 1242x546, E5962F3C-55A7-4EFA-9FE3-69D94D…)

That engagement pod getting her a lot of attention. I’m sure all 1 million Jeaniez that don’t follow LJ on Twitter will be sure to follow him too.

No. 757348


A large portion of Primink's fanbase seems to be middle/high school aged stans. Looks like Lillee is about to experience a concentrated dose of what she missed out on while locked away in the attic academy.

No. 757360

File: 1581626713189.jpg (111.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 757372

Unleash the nine year olds

No. 757389

Unprepared kids from Primink are flooding her Instagram with comments and obviously LJ is responding to every single one like the legit famous person she is. She's still claiming it's all lies and some massive boolying conspiracy so at this point she's got to be someone who's never ever going to change tack

No. 757390

File: 1581631257279.png (23.39 KB, 333x374, Screenshot_2020-02-13 Lillee J…)

did she mistook that person for a bot?

No. 757396

Probably not, she replies in a "Totally don't care anyway, mom!" way quite often to people's negative comments

No. 757399


When she last blew up with Creepshow, she replied similarly to those comments. Any comment (good or bad) boosts her engagement so she doesn't care.

No. 757404

File: 1581632877804.jpeg (157.9 KB, 750x674, 5CFD08F4-EF3D-4F44-91FF-25F680…)

Apparently she’s back to calling people “it”. She has learned nothing since using that term against another lgbtq+ person. She’s given the tools to do better but refuses to help herself.

No. 757417

File: 1581635031017.jpg (92 KB, 624x687, 00000-384784.jpg)


She's been going through and trying to clap back to each of Primink's fans commenting on her IG, which just further highlights how much of a fake she is.

At every turn during this whole saga, Lillee never fails to do the exact wrong thing.

No. 757431

Just as the milk was drying up, we get this gift from the cow gods, damn this feels like one of my happiest days in this year kek, waiting for laur to sperg.

No. 757432

File: 1581640379724.jpeg (47.32 KB, 750x484, D3655A37-B41F-4CBE-8A9C-8CAD46…)

Lillee’s claiming BFFDees creates the Shaniqua account.

No. 757434

why does she look like a midget!? is it how the photo is shot or does she really have such strange proportions???

No. 757459

File: 1581646221031.jpeg (214.41 KB, 750x662, 7BDE9B77-AB8F-44C9-A12A-119541…)

Lillee is trying to be woke. She doesn’t quite realize how this is completely unlike calling a member of the lgbtq community an it.

No. 757466

Does she mean sexist? Cause nothing about that was "genderphobic".

No. 757476

I'm just waiting for a Laur freakout. Also, a few other drama channels and YouTubers with decent following have tweeted about making videos on LJ now. This is gonna be good.

No. 757477

File: 1581650100562.png (199.26 KB, 895x1116, 948974672.png)

No. 757478

I made a point on a video about bffdees that bffdees should not have her appearance or age made fun of if lillee's hygiene is off limits. Lillee herself called me a sock account and lectured me that cyberstalking is illegal, and a minion made fun of my ages as if I were bffdees (I am a 20 year old female lmao)
Lillee is a bit unhinged

No. 757489

File: 1581652690156.jpg (40.98 KB, 1079x282, Screenshot_20200213-194923_You…)

Some of these comments are hysterical

No. 757490

File: 1581652901703.jpg (126.96 KB, 884x783, voltron.jpg)

What is this, a crossover episode?

No. 757492

the lawsuit isn't even pending. In the message venus's mom said she wanted to pursue a lawsuit in the furtur.

No. 757493

File: 1581653373769.jpg (53.44 KB, 884x613, r4390302.jpg)

Laur thinks black people existing visibly on the internet is racist, for some reason???

No. 757494

He's baiting the shit out of them and they're eating it up of course.

No. 757498

File: 1581654342494.jpeg (125.09 KB, 750x559, FE796B4B-0102-43AC-865F-0F6B29…)

And according to Laur, it’s racist to question Lillee using the word namaste (I mean not that there is anything wrong with her using a Sanskrit word but she doesn’t seem to actually understand its meaning).

No. 757522

A few of the callout accounts have had their accounts taken down. Laur is mass flagging again.

No. 757526

I wish he had at least brushed on the topic of Laur going after Queen of Blending thinking she was Lauren Elyse, simply because they had the same first name. It just shows so succinctly how insane and bloodthirsty Laur is. I mean for Christ's sake, her name is ALSO Laur, yet the irony is lost on her.

No. 757541

File: 1581668170145.jpeg (215.06 KB, 1242x923, 1AE5397C-20E0-42A6-B79F-A93221…)

Kind of sucks that she is now getting what can be interpreted as actual threats (even though this person still seems to be joking) gives Lillee’s precious false claims a bit of grounding

No. 757542


No. 757567


Which ones anon?

No. 757569


Sonia and Harper Stanley both got banned last night

No. 757582

File: 1581686283819.jpeg (440.9 KB, 750x1004, 190948EF-CEA7-4941-9D9B-F3F37F…)

Creepshow & Primink’s audience is too young to criticize LJ. BFFDees, Nok & Redditors are too old. Only people between the ages of 18-25 can offer valid criticism of Lillee according to Laur.

No. 757596

at least he has a fanbase, Laur

No. 757600

File: 1581691992775.jpg (946.87 KB, 1242x1544, IMG_6754.jpg)

an IG audit company has joined the fight


No. 757601

File: 1581692280043.jpeg (113.39 KB, 750x598, 154C5512-2A9A-4C82-9573-B3132E…)

She doesn’t know what namaste means.

No. 757603


Doubling down on the cultural illiteracy, trying to invoke the name of someone waaaaaay out of her influencer tax bracket…it seems statistically improbable, but she always makes exactly the wrong decision, without fail. >>757417

No. 757609

File: 1581693959790.jpeg (648.85 KB, 828x3200, 3CEA9617-D682-4692-8726-0807CF…)

Tired Lady has jumped the shark

No. 757617

File: 1581696088046.jpg (69.4 KB, 861x969, Army.jpg)


It's got 4 whole members. I'm guessing Tired Lady, Lillee, Laur, and maybe Ed Falcon or that one guy who emailed the death threat to Arpanet.

No. 757619

File: 1581696465650.png (36.4 KB, 697x254, 8723.png)


Maybe not Ed Falcon

No. 757642

>which is it, that they are horrible people, or the fake accounts? It can’t be both

Right, we are only allowed to dislike Laur and LJ for one reason, got it

No. 757663

I genuinely can’t even theorise what the fuck she is going on about there. Anyway, LJ’s handful of supporters are all clinically sandwiches short of a picnic so I guess that’s why she’s confusing as hell

No. 757664

He must finally be realizing that Laur used him. I wonder how he went out of his way? Was he involved in mass reporting accounts that dated to speak of Lillee?

No. 757668

File: 1581708755697.jpeg (84.2 KB, 750x410, CEF45E85-9369-43B6-9273-A1A9AF…)

There’s a message exchange in BFFDees’ video where Laur admits he had something to do with Lauren Elyse getting her account suspended. Laur also says he was a pain in the ass.

No. 757675

Wasn't he starting to understand that this was a case a few weeks back, but then Laur needed him to do some of her bidding and he went crawling back and grovelling at her feet like nothing was wrong? All she has to do is say the word and he's back at her beck and call. Numbnuts can't think for himself at all.

No. 757682

It's a shame that she's so clueless, she won't realize that if LJ had even 100 genuine real live fans (let alone a million) that FB group would have at least a dozen members. Even random butthurt furry artists can rally a handful of angry fans when need be. LJ has never even tried to make any friends or mutual circle-jerkers online.

No. 757692

she's actually oing to get at least a few dozen genuine subscribers with this. i've seen many comments from people who are too nice and say "i know you're fucked up, but it's ok you seem nice, imma follow you"

No. 757708

File: 1581723485861.jpeg (383.96 KB, 750x882, 0B3C752A-FB2E-410E-8CB8-914A72…)

She just keeps digging herself a hole. Homeschooling really didn’t do Lillee any favours.

No. 757721

One of those profiles speaks only in Japanese unless they’re conversing with someone who speaks English.

I’m convinced Lillee doesn’t know there’s different countries in Asia. It’s just a glob of people who send her J/Kbeauty products.

No. 757765

File: 1581736533632.jpeg (880.07 KB, 3072x3072, DE432A5D-56F2-4A31-9DD0-82E7B2…)

I always find it interesting when Lillee acts like she’s an ally to the lgbt community. In her latest video she’s talking about how people don’t like Too Faced anymore (and doesn’t elaborate on why) and then states that you can’t deny when a brand blends well. How can she call herself an ally when she doesn’t callout the transphobic comments made by the founder’s sister who worked for the company at the time? How can you call yourself an ally when you laugh at transphobic jokes on your doxxing pal’s stream? Real influencers are starting to stand up against this trash behaviour, yet she’s letting it slide just so she can get free makeup.

No. 757773

File: 1581737987680.jpeg (340.33 KB, 750x992, E30B5E66-3738-40FC-AA75-438DE9…)

Laur’s pal is as bad at reading as she is. This guy said that influencers shouldn’t exist and she takes it to mean that he was specifically referring to Lillee. They seem to enjoy exaggerating what people say to fit their cyber bullying narrative.

No. 757779

File: 1581740477685.jpeg (191.46 KB, 750x677, 39EF20BD-BE15-48C5-8619-DA4B4F…)

Tired Lady is going to start calling parents

No. 757787

twitter and tumblr are that way, anon.

No. 757801

is this what lillie thinks blending is? also everything else you said was/is retarded. the toofaced dramu is because of that nikkie bitch who is lying about being trans as a marketing ploy (which has worked) there's tons of videos of her as a young girl and when they came out she lied and said she was on puberty blockers.

No. 757808


That sounds like some tinfoil bullshit you pulled directly out of your ass, anon. Even if it were true, this thread isn't about Nikkietutorials, so no one cares and it doesn't matter. Go bitch about her somewhere else.

No. 757811

You just made this thread go in a retarded ass direction. Stop it.
Everyone who supports LJ comes off as a complete moron which doesn't suprise me. You have to be gullible to believe their nonsense.

No. 757814

because, anon, lillee is NOT a protestor, she believes in NUDGING change, slowly uwu #1change4change

aka sitting on her ass and doing absolutely nothing because effort is hard

No. 757818

File: 1581752042563.png (108.99 KB, 1498x526, pheepy.png)

No. 757823

File: 1581754079946.jpeg (104.99 KB, 750x677, 0E64ADD4-6166-4CEB-B2D7-673F90…)

Laur playing victim and getting them to delete the tweet, smh

No. 757834

I can't believe that pheepy isn't man enough to defend his girl online. If he really cared for her, he'd commit and stick up for her.
Sage for pity

No. 757847

Just here to say fuck you Lillee, you heffer.

No. 757857

She considers people she interacts with online friends. The people in her verified engagement pod, SoundCloud rappers using her for clout, weird doxxer guy, the wannabe Australian beauty guru…this might be the saddest part of this whole mess.

No. 757863

Kinda disappointed that this wasn't talked about in any of the videos. Her having an imaginary boyfriend and her mother writing her love letters and buying her flowers so she can pretend they're from him is one of the most disturbing parts of this whole thing

No. 757879

File: 1581788817610.png (31.43 KB, 438x441, wtf.png)

primink's response to lillee's new video.

No. 757882

Lol the only terms of service is that you have to be over 13 years old. Like that retard knows how to find email addresses, full names, and their parents name and phone number based off a default profile icon and a username like “fairygurl123”. So embaressing when they pretend they will do things that they have no idea how to do.

No. 757897


Where is this from anon

No. 757943

File: 1581812480791.png (60.93 KB, 600x369, Screenshot_20200215-181913_kin…)

Lillee makes herself look more retarded every time she talks. Does she not understand it's not using a photo of an "ethnic person" for her sockpuppets that was the issue, but it was the stereotypical personas she made to go along with them? She is such an idiot and the only ones defending her seem just as, if not more, stupid than her.

No. 757974

File: 1581822005900.jpeg (190.04 KB, 750x616, A18ACF81-6908-4E8B-A905-8D8DB6…)

How long can they keep this up? Lillee’s already starting to crack.

I can understand a couple hundred or even a thousand people from the previous videos. Primink’s video will hit 1 mil views. The cons up. Constantly crying about the callout accounts and their 100 accounts, redirecting people to their hacked website…it’s not working. People are still calling them out on their bullshit.

I’m honestly just kind of baffled at their current plan of action.

No. 757979

>pushing and texting at the same time
Yikes, what is with the pregnancy jabs? These two really just say the most vitriolic shit that comes to mind. I can just see them looking up the profiles of anyone who criticizes them, searching desperately for any perceived flaw they can use to bully the person. Their attacks are always so specific and targeted towards the individual. Middle school bullies aren't this vile.

No. 757986

oh please. LJ and her mother are cringey try-hards who insult and threaten people like 12 year old edgelords. it's more funny than vile

No. 757987

File: 1581825966710.png (80.54 KB, 857x550, 668987r5723.png)


If Lillee had been even remotely normal, all of this bullying probably would have garnered her a decent-sized sympathy following. Unfortunately her grip on reality was tenuous at best even before anyone noticed her, and the wheels were already starting to come off when it was just a couple of people poking at her and her mom on twitter. Anyone who's coming to check her out now is only going see an unhinged persecution complex and massive delusions of grandeur.

Repzion has been making noises for a while that he's working on a deep-dive video on Lillee and Laur. His following is even bigger than Primink's and was built on covering Onion drama, so he for sure isn't scared of Laur and the cyberpolice. They really should have just deleted the socks back in July, issued a fake apology, and kept their mouths shut; there's no lemonade in these lemons anymore.

No. 757994

This is so funny. She was so freaked out about being "cyberbullied" by maybe, ten call out accounts who didn't even bully her. Now people are actually being mean because she dug herself in a deep hole. If we thought this mommy daughter duo was unhinged before, this is gonna be interesting. We went from a glass of milk to an entire dairy factory.

No. 758003


Do we know if she gained any substantial non-sealion fans since the whole thing blew up on Reddit last July? The only two I can think of are Tired Pink Lady and Kerri Disney.

You'd think if she was even slightly decent at makeup (lol) she'd gain at least a couple of pity-follows and a whole new cycle of white knights.

No. 758004

It doesn't seem like she's gained any fans besides that random old lady, the illiterate "YouTuber" Britters Bites Back who is riding Lillee's dick for clout, some random wannabe booty guru who seems dumber than a box of rocks, and of course her random neckbeard friends.

No. 758023

File: 1581839034760.jpg (327.8 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20200216-013951_Fac…)

The army seems to be having recruitment woes. She has tons of fans, the best fans, fans unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Her lack of cross platform engagement is astounding.

No. 758031

Does she really think that there's only bffdees living in Texas? It couldn't possibly be any other person from Texas.

No. 758052

File: 1581855933706.jpeg (437.99 KB, 750x982, 481F8678-E2B6-4B5C-B933-ADA9E8…)

The sealions are trying to give Lillee excuses for the fake racist/homophobic Instagram profiles but Lillee continues to double down.

No. 758066

I am from the Netherlands and there were rumours she was trans here for a few year, aswell as dutch youtube videos were people adressed the rumors before her public coming out

But back to Lillee, honestly this girl should go on Dr Phil already to boost her "carreer" and add to her wikipedia drafts

No. 758070

Wasn't 'shaniqua' one of her "bff's"?

No. 758071

Yes, all the sock accounts talked to each other at length about meeting up, even about going to James' wedding together and what they were going to wear. I think LJ has already tried to claim that the girl was a bit lonely or something and that her and her grown adult man best friend were roleplaying with her to make her feel better. Which is apparently easier for the sealions to believe than her mom being just a garden variety complete fucking wacko.

No. 758081

Shaniqua was also the one who Lillee invited over to play dolls and Lillee had done hers, her aunt’s and her daughter’s makeup. If the sealion even did a quick glance at the captions on some of these photos she would know within a few seconds that it’s Laur due to the frequent use of g8 and bytw.

No. 758093

She doesn't think it's BFFDees. She thinks it's Sonia.

No. 758098

The lonely girl was Romalette(sp) not Shaniqua. But they both posted about the wedding. Roma is the depressed goth kid that Lillee & Laur judt played along with.
Understandable mistake, all the lies and layers of lies.

No. 758100

Oh sorry, Lillie and her mom are exhausting to follow and I can't tell all of the new "Joes" apart.

No. 758101

BFFDees is currently on a live chat with Thee Oomancer and Anti Ordinary. Laur, talking to BFFDees but thinking it's just a random content creator, tells her that her bleeding ulcer is acting up from stress. Absolutely classic medical manipulation tactics from Laur as per usual

No. 758144

File: 1581883734245.jpeg (91.49 KB, 1704x295, 1195492A-8CB3-4DA9-BE59-DCF944…)

Why tf do Laur & Lillee think Dees is 60? It’s like they’ve never seen another human outside of filtered photos on Instagram.

No. 758145

This video was well worth the hour to watch it. I can’t wait to see the next stream to get more into the screen shots! Also, Oomancer is totally Sonia and not some British fella.

No. 758146

File: 1581884951455.png (304.65 KB, 481x753, Screenshot_20200216-142203_kin…)

This is from ThaEyeballQueen. They are still sticking to Sonia is Oomancer. The mental gymnastics it must take to equate a pregnant teen mom to a British male is retarded.

No. 758157


I just don't get how Lillee and her mom think the callout accounts are run by the same person. Obviously Oomancer, a British man isn't a pregnant young women aka Sonia. If Harper is BFFdees why does she wear a mask in her pictures. Obviously these accounts are different people but Lillee and Laur are too dense.

No. 758160

Interesting- they stated that they put up the purchases on JamesDee5311. Isn’t that Lillee’s bff? How do you make that mistake? Lilee is defaming her totally real, not made up, gbf.

What will they say about Oomancer now that he “took the mask off”?

No. 758163

Jamesdee5311 is a callout on twitter parodying lillee and laur's james dee

No. 758164

I mean yeah, they're thick as shit, but I think also sadly it works for them. They throw out such an endless and confusing stream of horseshit that I think sadly a handful of casual observers either start to think there must be some kind of conspiracy against LJ, or they at least assume that it's more of a he said/she said situation rather than the one-sided Laur's clown show that it actually is.

No. 758165

File: 1581889379320.jpeg (147.48 KB, 750x687, 43AC2178-E5BF-4531-A003-822011…)

The callout is JamesDee5310. JamesDee5311 is the one they claim is Lillee’s totally real, age appropriate friend and not Laur.

No. 758170

Oh shit, i didn't notice.
it's probably a mistake on their part, since they are probably refering to twitter james dee.
It's funny none the less

No. 758219

File: 1581913905992.jpeg (87.84 KB, 640x986, 5F05475A-3C89-411F-B87E-314A18…)

Proof about lillee lying about met gala

No. 758221

File: 1581915520689.jpeg (94.16 KB, 640x1038, 322471E5-9272-43B4-8297-942057…)

No. 758223

Lmao she’s really out here claiming in her livestream that she can get into Harvard if she applied.
Girl, learn to form a proper sentence and get a grip on basic grammar and pronunciation then maybeee you can get into a community college

No. 758232

watching through her first livestream, some highlights:
>talks about one account sending her graphic gore images, then proceeds to show them on the main part of the stream, uncensored, with no warning for an extended period of time
>claims everyone in the chat is 10-16, but keeps flashing the gore because "this is what i've had to deal with"
>claims theres no spikes in her followers when someone in the chat asked her to address it
>again says lolcow is owned by kiwifarms lol this fucking idiot
>randomly says "you're not skinny, shut up" while reading through the chat???
>reminds the chat that if she kills herself, anyone on the internet who has "irked" her into committing suicide WILL be found by the police and found culpable for her death
>"i'm not a typical influencer," says if someone comes for her, she'll come back every time
>says she interacting with every hate comment because "impressions!" and does the hand sign that she's making money
>"its not mentally healthy having an 'alt' account, its not mentally healthy to sit there online talking to your digital friends all day – they're not real" fucking rich coming from lillee
>she wont watch primink's video because she said he's lying about her
>keeps saying diane has over 100 accounts on twitter, that she probably made the reddit post, is shaniqua, and that she's the one who put the virus on her website, and has "hacked their banks"
>says diane's account is mocking hebrew?? so that's making fun of her being half jewish
>someone guested on the live and told her to ignore the hate because it's increasing the more she feeds into it. lillee gets snarky and replies that she's commenting back because "it makes her money" interesting contrast to when she said this bullying is traumatizing her
>says laur never doxxed anyone, and that the CPS comment to sonia wasn't a threat, it was just laur offering friendly advice uwu
>then confirms laur did in fact call someone's employer for saying mean things about lillee, but doesn’t think that that’s doxxing. perpetuates the lie that leaking the phone recording was illegal
>seeing lillee interact with a fellow 18 year old girl really highlights how weird lillee is. her behavior is strange, her movements and facial expressions are stilted, her voice and language is forced
>next a 16 year old girl comes on and again shows more wisdom than lillee OR laur, by telling her she really shouldn't read or react to comments. lillee is condescending to both her and the girl before her who were being supportive
>someone comes on actually asking tough questions and lillee tells her to “spread love,” and the girl points out she’s only asking questions. lillee says if you have over 500k on ig, 1.16% engagement rate is actually really good. the girl chuckles and leaves when she realizes lillee is delusional and lillee takes it as her not being able to handle it
>some guy comes on saying hes trying to look good and might get braces, lillee goes off on a rant about herself and how she doesnt believe in braces

the entire time she's got the same cocky bitchy attitude a la "THIS IS WHAT LILLEE JEAN WANTS.” she did another hour long livestream after this one because she’s a shut in with nothing better to do but honestly i couldn’t take any more of her talking.

No. 758246

Jesus, Lillee is as insane as Laur.

No. 758265


No. 758279

You missed the part where she was brushing her hair and you could hear how snarly and disgusting her oily and dirty hair is.

No. 758283

Can someone post video

No. 758285

it's still available on her instagram to view from what I've seen

No. 758287

File: 1581951265090.jpg (84.78 KB, 1080x1213, FB_IMG_1581950338447.jpg)

I've been trying to figure out what Lillee Jean's artwork reminds me of. This meme popped up on my feed today. And since she can't legally sell it as Disney, she has to use the typical knockoff names too!

No. 758297

Jesus christ.
Her channel truly is a cringe goldmine.

No. 758300

No. 758301

File: 1581957582814.png (66.99 KB, 595x272, 1.png)

An ASMR youtuber with almost 1 million subscribers commented on one of Lillee's videos and now they claim that they suddenly receive lots of spam emails.

No. 758302

File: 1581957636053.png (50.29 KB, 967x237, 2.png)

the comment in question

No. 758304

She thinks she's clapping back, but she meets the criteria of the fat, spoiled white girl in kid movies that treats the heroine like shit because she thinks she's more popular.

No. 758305

I’m not a native English speaker but in my language telling someone go in peace would be like saying go die, is there someone with a native domain in the English language who can tell me if it’s the same in English? Lol

No. 758307


LOL the sour grapes.

One million people have now heard of her, she's still hemorrhaging IG followers, and her YT channel has gained fewer than 300 followers since Primink's video dropped. I'd bet that at least 50% of those are just rubber-neckers, rather than real jEAniEz.

No. 758310


It's not a sentiment necessarily associated with death in American English, but it is kind of an old-fashioned phrase you'd expect to hear from the priest at the end of a church service or something. Very weird thing for an 18-year-old who has supposedly grown up online to say. It just highlights that she doesn't have any real friends and the only socialization she ever gets is from her 50-year-old mother.

No. 758311

Applying highlighter to the sides of your nose would have the opposite effect. She’s such a fucking idiot.

No. 758314

Every new sentence begins with a double space which indicates that Laur probably replied to that comment so that would explain the boomer-speak.

No. 758316

Plus ASMR is fucking huge with younger viewers. I wonder if LJ would even know what ASMR is, but Laur definitely wouldn't. Another reason why LJ will never be popular. She doesn't even understand her own generation or trends. She does the same look, tries to imitate the "yaaasss queen" attitude?

No. 758339

Someone posted Lillee’s latest live on YouTube. I may be reading into it but it seems like she admitted to being in an engaged pod at the end. Some guy she invited on said “do you know blah blah blah?” And Lillee replies with “oh yeah I think he’s in our groups.” Hmmm.

No. 758341


No. 758343

This longer one has the implication near the end that she is in an engagement pod

I also just watched this one where a wise 13 year old tries to give Lillee life advice and she just totally dismisses everything this person says.


No. 758344

This is so unbelievably bad and cringy. Lillee really is as delusional as her mother.


You can easily put two and two together too. Anyone who watches her insta-stories or lives seem to get blocked and anyone who speaks out gets harassed soon after. It's pathetic and shows that ever since that reddit post about Lillee's art a few years ago, she and her mother are still too busy smelling each other's assholes to accept criticism.

No. 758351

Watch them while you can, she and Laur will be all over getting them taken down ASAP.

No. 758352

It's not, it's similar to namaste. It's very weird to see an 18 year old say it though, I also think of it as a church thing like >>758310 said. So it probably is Laur responding to the hate.

No. 758357

In this context she's passive aggressively trying to sound "above it all" immediately after being a condescending cunt. It's the yin/yang of the Lillaura monster– desperate to be mean-spirited and sassy but also appear morally superior to everyone else.

No. 758370

So I watched the first link while doing other shit, and it was still awful, so thanks for your summary!
My fave quote "I'm (a/this) scrunchie and all these sharks are biting at me." Best. Metaphor. Ever. Sharks looooooooooves scrunchies (poofy hair ties).

No. 758371

cringe, in the second one she talks about her teeth and apparently she did lose most of her baby teeth, but two of them never fell out so two of her teeth are still baby teeth? what the fuck

she talks about being bullied throughout school and how everyone was horrible to her but honestly, after seeing lillee's bitchy stank attitude over and over i wouldnt be shocked if she was acting stuck up and thats the reason people didn't want to be friends with her. she can't even hold herself back from being a condescending cunt to the people who guest on her lives trying to be nice to her busted ass

she said when she was in 8th grade she lost a bunch of weight "bones sticking out of her back," dyed her hair platinum blonde "like elsa" and dressed skimpy so everyone called her a slut and said she had crack teeth. great parenting letting your 13 year old "dress skimpy" laur

oh and she says she totally DOES have friends! they're fellow "models" in new york, including patricia hartman kek

No. 758373

File: 1581986484743.jpeg (247.83 KB, 750x809, E94A2FB6-D3C9-4258-89ED-6DB6DC…)

Laur has some boomer impersonating a cop, threatening the callout accounts with Chris Hansen.

Where does she find these morons?

No. 758375

File: 1581987010531.jpeg (473.79 KB, 750x1082, 503EBDCA-F81F-4AAA-BD75-1A8BBE…)

Hmmm is original Nilsson finally catching on?

No. 758377

Sometimes I wonder if this is The Greatest Piece of Performance Art I've ever seen, including the thousands of dollars sunk into followers/likes. Because it is just…so real and surreal at the same time. No real artist could come close to the perfect parody of social media narcissism that is LJ & Laur.

No. 758378

Sheathed lightsabers? Jesus fucking Christ Laur. I honestly feel for the NYPD desk unit who has to deal with her crazy ranting.

No. 758390

That would be hilarious. Especially if Pradip was a planned element to keep the storyline fun.

No. 758417

Looks like Laur remembered the password of shaniqua. It is now on private with a profile picture of Diane.

No. 758420

So now Laur is trying to frame BFFDees for her racist account? Wow.

No. 758421

They weren’t “sheathed” Laur…they were just turned off lmao. My sides are in orbit.

No. 758422

File: 1582001732174.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.38 KB, 750x1148, AF8E0ED3-3934-4E9C-B56F-E2F042…)

Oh wow, this really doesn’t help their case, anyone with a working brain can see it’s fucking them

No. 758423

How does she not realize that is like a nail in the coffin that the account is her?!

No. 758431

File: 1582005649817.jpg (570.91 KB, 1079x2067, Screenshot_20200217-235406_Twi…)

Laur desperately wanted this guy to be FBI so she could try to woo him to her side. That's not how that works. The more unhinged she becomes, the dumber she reveals herself to be.

No. 758434

File: 1582006498029.png (55.1 KB, 1200x436, tiredlady.png)

Her new sealions are trying hard to give her ideas to prove she's real. This one is just hilarious. Imagine Lillee actually having IRL friends, let alone non-white ones.

No. 758435


>"especially if they're melanin blessed!"


Lillee really needs to find a peer her own age that aren't just Disney doll collectors. She can't and won't change her views if all her sealions and her "community" are just a collection of boomers.

No. 758437

Laur is such a boomer. This is almost as good as her cellphone (Or whatever she was claiming) being hacked with a goatse. Almost.

No. 758441

File: 1582007263431.gif (530.72 KB, 500x400, Disgust-Dislike-Ew-Eww-No-No-W…)

>melanin blessed

No. 758446

A whopping 5 likes in 8 hours. That says alot. Even with the amount of attention she has received, almost none of it is positive.

No. 758458


Laur is Streisand Effect-ing this to the max. She's just directing more traffic to the callouts. Looks like BFFDees has gone from 160 followers to about 180 this evening after LJ's livestream and Laur's panic edits on the Shaniqua profile.

No. 758459

File: 1582011027118.jpeg (97.63 KB, 1242x525, 19EDD7AA-2A33-4A48-B465-E4F616…)

This is killing me…a supposed MUA who doesn’t contour, or listen to any polite suggestions to do so

No. 758464

Truth. They don't pay attention to anything but themselves, so they don't know what other people even do, and Lillee's interest are stunted at about first grade level.

No. 758471


wtf are they thinking? This does not help their case at all.

No. 758483

File: 1582030792319.jpeg (112.39 KB, 750x396, 8CC85CAC-B655-4158-84A0-0141ED…)

There’s comments from people on BFFDees/Diane’s video saying Lillee sent them to watch. After watching they all agree L&L are crazy.

The callout accounts aren’t bullies. Lillee’s just linking people to more evidence of their scams

No. 758500

File: 1582041477833.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.34 KB, 1366x712, Untitled-1.jpg)

Was looking at a god awful vid from 6 months ago, with an equally disgusting thumbnail that LJ made about her teeth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phx-_Aq0fv0

He mental development seems to be as arrested as her baby teeth, as she rants that people tell her she needs to be more melanated (probs some covert racism on her part).

In the first picture she’s saying ‘If your teeth are twins and look like this, you've got problems’ ??? and smugly concludes that people are jealous of her shitty little teeth.

It’s been established that she is extremely unlikeable on camera (and off), and as she’s being outed as a fraud, I wonder what the endgame is for LJ and Laur - how long is she going to churn out content that people only hate watch now?

No. 758501

Surprise surprise. Lillee recorded a video in the middle of the night and specifically brings the change of profile pic up. So believable Lilz.

I am currently watching it but so far she has lied about never claiming that the Bite lipsticks were a collab or collection, that they never claimed she went to the met gala (complete with the photo caption of Laur’s where she yuans James and Mario for getting her ready) and that people were saying the cover girl billboard was fake (no one did- they just said that she didn’t have a photo shoot with Cover Girl as she claimed and that it was a fan submission campaign that anyone could participate in)

No. 758502


>as she rants that people tell her she needs to be more melanated (probs some covert racism on her part).

Just knowing how she operates, I'm almost positive that she inserted herself into someone else's online discussion of inadequate shade ranges in complexion products and the models used to advertise them and tried to make some comment about "ooh me too because pale princess uwu" and they dragged her for it.

No. 758503

I absolutely ADORE, like out and out ADORE how in this video Lillee tries to play-act her way through coyly wondering whether … GASP! … @Bffdees, her terrifying stalker could be … Shaniqua!
No wonder she hasn't picked up any acting roles. She can't even be convincing when her own professional and personal reputation depends on it.

No. 758508

Not so shocking, in the video she fails to address why Shaniqua, James, Romana and others type exactly like Laur. She also completely ignores the issue that the callouts have been especially focused on - such as, the contacting of workplaces (QoB, voicemail anon and Facebook Jenny), her podcasts which are still up, containing racist, transphobic and victim shaming content. She also still states that Sonia is Oomancer - I mean, he literally took the mask off and proved that he was not a 19 year old, pregnant woman from Texas.

No. 758510

File: 1582045295159.jpeg (317.01 KB, 746x1171, E8DE60CB-16CF-44A5-9001-16EB87…)

Laur is back to buying cheap, low quality bot followers. As I was looking at Lillee’s follower list about 5 of these had just followed her in a matter of seconds.

No. 758512

The floodgates have opened. Lillee will never be able to wash off the stink of her fakery at this point.

No. 758515

oh shit this is pretty severe.

No. 758517

File: 1582047816804.jpeg (424.95 KB, 750x892, E39C86B0-B1CE-40AC-9807-29F7D7…)

Fake police officer is TiredLady’s husband. They have the same last name and there’s photos of him on her IG. These boomers are idiots.

No. 758519


So this is the big plan of Lillee Jean Army? >>757609 >>757617 Send Tired Granddad to pretend to be the cyberpolice?


No. 758520

Great find! I wonder why they even thought that insinuating that he was a police officer was a good idea?

No. 758521

Occasionally I will assume that LJ and Laur have found someone naive, but otherwise pleasant and well-meaning, to fight their corner for them. But then, no, they always turn out to be certifiably insane

No. 758524

They dun goofed

No. 758527

File: 1582050220763.jpeg (219.08 KB, 750x728, D03AFFDE-3196-48A9-9B3B-918DDF…)

Lillee’s explanation for why Shaniqua was at James’ wedding and why they’ve claimed to have met her…since Shaniqua is now an account run by BFFDees

No. 758528

Tired Lady is, according to her YT videos and Facebook posts, a chronically ill shut-in who cycles between insomnia and hypersomnia. She is mentally and physically unwell, and I can only imagine how worked-up and obsessive she's been about all the internet drama surrounding Lillee for months in order to actually pull her husband into the mix.

She needs to take a break, go outside, and mind her business. It can't be good for her to be involving herself, and of course Laur doesn't care if she's manipulating and using this sick woman and causing her distress in the process. Laur is such a rancid dumpster of a person.

No. 758529

File: 1582050832519.jpg (101.09 KB, 750x824, 3928924789.jpg)


Okay, except Laur was on twitter in September talking to a callout when she claimed that Shaniqua came to see them at events a few times. They have told so many lies they can't keep anything straight.

No. 758530

it's super illegal to impersonate a police officer, even implied online like this.

No. 758533

File: 1582051610166.jpg (104.36 KB, 687x796, pettyofficer.jpg)


It is. He tried to claim that he was using the title of "officer" because of his rank as Petty Officer in the coast guard, but I'd bet it's not cool with the military to be pulling shit like this online, either.

No. 758534

File: 1582051612843.jpeg (213.67 KB, 750x701, 0D943728-C816-4483-A237-8412C4…)

Dees tagged the NYPD in his initial tweet and he immediately started walking his statement back. She’s not reporting him but warned everyone else.

No. 758536

File: 1582053936824.jpg (121.89 KB, 695x809, toughguy.jpg)

lol look at this hero

No. 758538

Lol what’s with the frail aging boomers, who have to wave around their military background, that end up in this thread? I guess I would expect men who played hero in their prime, to come in as a white knight to help poor helpless young maidens on the internet. I’m sure it makes them feel young and in shape again.

Grandpa GI Joe needs to take care of his mentally ill wife and accept that he’s just an aging old boomer.

No. 758541

If that had been said to Laur or LJ, we'd be hearing about the latest death threat for weeks. Instead the callouts are telling him he crossed a line and to delete it. Gonna score a sanity point to the callouts.

No. 758545

The thing is, the callout accounts also callout the threatening dms. If they’re real, they’re a dick move. Meanwhile, Laur encourages threats from the people that she associates with.

No. 758592

I'm amazed at the fact that this man is trying to flex about fighting in Bosnia, as if most Americans know or even give a shit about that.
also again, what is it with these threats to take things off the internet?

No. 758593

"if they did that to my kids"
Did what? The callouts have done nothing except draw attention to her own lies and misbehavior. Jesus Christ, I really despise these weak-minded men whose brains shut off as soon as they see some idiot woman blubbering complete nonsense.

No. 758605

File: 1582079590337.jpeg (520.45 KB, 750x1089, 9F945C11-C440-46ED-B88C-06DAB1…)

Laur took this one when Lillee was 16

No. 758607

File: 1582080622167.jpeg (306.45 KB, 750x640, 49C36E7F-45B2-407B-8B25-0D7B0F…)

No one is buying what you’re selling Laur.

No. 758608

It's so fucking weird that Laur takes risque photos of her own daughter, but underage too? Disgusting.

No. 758617

lol at the hashtags #celebs #wonderwoman #filthy sheets #thoroughly average looking minor

No. 758645

What? Does she think Shaniqua, the stereotype black woman Laura pretended to be, is BFFDees now?

No. 758646

She doesn’t actually believe it but it’s the story she’s pushing now
Even though they have previously claimed to have met Shaniqua at events

No. 758664

There's no way they actually believe that. Not for a second. Changing the Shaniqua profile to BFFDees made it glaringly obvious to everyone that the account is ran by Laur. Now she's trying to play it off and it's not working.

No. 758685

File: 1582121605838.jpeg (89.55 KB, 828x617, 5F518B47-20C3-4F6E-81F3-C7575F…)

Callout accounts infiltrated TiredLady’s Facebook group and are leaking screenshots on twitter. Lots of calling for mass reporting. Lillee also being a transphobic twat.

No. 758693

File: 1582123562324.jpeg (195.72 KB, 750x376, 66AD4B99-7346-46A7-B2DD-BC8D6E…)

No. 758695


Yikes she really can't make her mind up on the public/pr accounts she's very "I never said that i'm not transphobic!!1 I love the transgenders!" but on her more personal she's saying things like this she's legitimately only interested in making herself look good and appealing to the general MUA community

No. 758696

She really just can’t appreciate people trying to give her a chance to say sorry can she. She really is just doubling down.

No. 758704

Kek, milk is g8 today.

No. 758707

this tired lady cow's Reddit history is really something else
she wanted to be a mod for beautyguruchatter so she began harassing users and ended up being banned. Now she's having her ass handed to her in the LJ thread:


she's clearly off her rocker

No. 758708

I’m glad to read that BFFDees uses literate language. Beats the nonsense that comes from Lillee and Laur.

I really love how Lillee and Laur are totally not racist and transphobic yet, they have no problem sharing racist and transphobic views in a public setting.

No. 758710

File: 1582127838048.jpg (236.94 KB, 886x1538, ---000.jpg)

Now that their FB group's shenanigans have been exposed, this is how Laur is spending her morning. Trying to argue with teenagers and retweeting MAGA memes. I wonder if she's gonna start cosplaying as a Trump supporter, now that her only friends are these crazies she met through Defango. She can dig up the password for that "Liz Gardener" sock on twitter and blow the dust off it.

No. 758715


If LJ was pretty, I'm sure the far-right would be all for her. But, alas, she's no where near cute and her mom looks way too Jewish for the neo-nazis. Fact it Laur, no one wants to see your pet project

No. 758743

Post screen caps of the group anon?

No. 758749

File: 1582143460370.jpeg (274.3 KB, 750x1724, 5E911334-76CE-4E32-9012-9EFCEB…)

No. 758750

Laur is delusional. Attractive white women are still the majority of instathots and youtube hoes. Keyword is attractive. And they all had the sense to go to a salon and learn how to do their hair, learned makeup application, bought clothes that fit, went to the dentist, and got in shape. By not doing any of those things, Laur has permanently kept Lillee at about an awkward 7th grader's level of physical presence.

No. 758761

Gollum white knighting lillee
How can someone be so dumb? The proof is there

No. 758763

File: 1582146624198.jpeg (163.93 KB, 750x379, EE9CECCC-4D0A-442A-A381-412ADD…)

After everything blowing up over the last week, Laur still thinks she’s threatening kek

No. 758768


Imagine spending all day doing nothing but sitting on twitter threatening and doxxing people like you have any sort of sway, Imagine even when you know that if someone legitimately gets the court involved you're fucked since you have no money but still having the need to do the same thing you know you should not do. Scary isn't it.

No. 758773

File: 1582150730590.jpeg (127.54 KB, 480x556, Screenshot_2020-02-19-17-08-51…)

The complete mental gymnastics neccassary to believe this shit. They want us to believe some mystery person made an army of sock puppet accounts to interact with the dozen Rere/Laur accounts that get almost no other interaction from any other humans. And they just played along with this 3rd party for a year or more, but only realized it was a farce because the callouts accounts did what? And then the 3rd party is somehow involved with the callout accounts? But the 3rd party got into screeching twitter fights with the callout accounts?

No. 758777

Everyone who WK's her either comes across as 1) a complete tard 2) someone who is ignorant on the full extent of the situation or 3) someone chasing clout in hopes that some of her followers are real 4) a boomer who has no idea how anything works. I'm gonna say she fits category number two.

No. 758779

File: 1582151435508.jpeg (143.71 KB, 480x633, Screenshot_2020-02-19-17-22-39…)

Sorry, deleted and cropped so you don't have to look at my ugly top bar full of shit.

No. 758780

>Out of context
Steve McBoomBoom and all the other smart atheist autistics would be impressed.

No. 758781

File: 1582151649435.png (108.57 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2020-02-19-17-24-25…)

I feel a bit less charitable and feel like she's trying to exploit the situation herself a bit.

I'm so pissy that my phone can go back and mangle words like "necessary", but God it will not let me type out "Lillee".

No. 758783

I meant the girl in the video >>758761 linked. TIred lady is definitely nothing more than an attention seeking boomer who didn't need to point out she has a ton of free time. We can tell.

No. 758785

It's truly amazing. I hope it goes on forever. She's like a honeypot for people who don't have all their shit together.

No. 758788


I didn't watch the whole video, because it's obvious that she didn't do any research, and she kept going off on tangents. She doesn't say much of anything or add anything to the general Lillee Jean conversation.

This is an obvious grab for clout where she's trying to set herself up as kind and wholesome in the face of mean "cancel culture." She's clearly hoping that her video gets swept up into the algorithm in the wake of Primink's virality. Nothing to see here.

No. 758790

There’s actually something kind of amazing that links many of Lillee’s latest white knights:

Defango - Traumatic brain injury that he genuinely believes gave him super powers.

Original Nilson - Traumatic brain injury that makes her forget what she did yesterday.

Sara K - Traumatic brain injury that causes short term memory loss.

Tired Lady - IDK but I know where my money is.

No. 758791


Put a cork in it, anon. We know the attic crazies lurk here; we don't need Laur getting any ideas. She'll start bashing people over the head before forcing them to film a video in support of Lillee.

No. 758795

Laur learning to be more media savvy? I thought she claimed to have worked in PR?

“Out of context” = a picture from Lillee’s Instagram calling Lauren Elyse “it” with her name on the image.
“Out of context” = corrected “she not it” and Lillee doubles down stating “it is not a she”
“Out of context” = statements taken directly out of Lillee’s podcast regarding mental assessments and there being no such thing as non binary.
“Out of context” = stating Oomancer must be Demi because of the male hands
“Out of Context” = “Moon’s playing with Lauren’s balls”

No. 758800

>Refers to Lillee as a "little girl" several times
>Says the only time people are supportive is after somebody dies
>Random blabbering about how Dr. Phil is evil
>Says it's one thing for the creator to get involved but different when parents get involved
>"So what if someone's different? Watch my videos and you'll see there i something up with me too"
>Bashing Primink
>Lillee should get a round of applause for being on the CG billboard
>Talks about gossip forums made about her
>Twitter is evil
>The edits were "a joke"
>Says she loves watching Lillee's videos
>Lillee is a hard worker

I watched so y'all don't have to. There's more but it's just useless rambling about stupid, irrelevant shit. I feel just as brain damaged as Defango after listening to that garbage.

No. 758802

File: 1582156720212.png (394.7 KB, 1010x724, cloutchaser.png)

This girl Sara K is definitely clout-chasing. Her YT channel has 1.1 million subs, but she hasn't had a single person subscribe to her channel since September, and not one of her videos has gotten over 250,000 views in the past year.

1.1 million subscribers and the video you uploaded yesterday has 5k views? As our pal Manny likes to say: interestiiiiiing….

No. 758806

File: 1582157415712.jpeg (354.2 KB, 750x2191, 2C84AECA-00CA-41EC-AE49-E7EAE2…)

Tiredlady is an absolute psycho

No. 758808

File: 1582157591846.jpeg (281.74 KB, 750x861, BAD62A52-5347-4C68-9440-5BEE17…)

Lillee is once again using mental illness as an insult

No. 758810

File: 1582157824663.jpeg (289 KB, 750x733, E325457D-76C0-4996-80AC-088CA6…)

No. 758828

So a nobody defending a nobody in hopes of becoming a somebody. Sounds right up Lillee's alley.

Kek, what a rabid cunt.

No. 758831

Something about that post comes off more like Laur than Lillee IMO. Lillee is illiterate but not to that extent.

No. 758849

Why is she claiming on this video that someone put a bug on her website?

No. 758851

Because it’s easy to blame the malware on her site on some fictional hacker rather than admit that her site has been garbage and redirecting to spam since before this all started.

No. 758857

File: 1582167373069.jpg (116.26 KB, 750x805, jXY83NMN.jpg)


No. 758858

File: 1582167413664.jpg (105.07 KB, 750x893, 2.jpg)

2/2. She misgenders Anti-Ordinary. This cunt…

No. 758862

That is vile. If Lillee Jean and Laur were actually allies, they would call her out and cut ties with Tired Lady. Of course they won’t because trans rights only matter when it makes you look good, otherwise they let the transphobic language fly.

No. 758865

Laur thinks that trans people are mentally ill. Lillee is kind of accepting of them because she needs to keep her woke crown

No. 758872

File: 1582169900115.png (305.75 KB, 974x1615, lillee laur switch.png)

Reading the comments, I'm still of the opinion that LJ has some control over responding, so this sudden switch in her second reply to Laur's writing is even creepier. How do they decide who replies to what? Does Lillee try and be faux-nice, while Laur dishes out the insanity? They're like a shared husband-and-wife Facebook account.

No. 758876

That is DEFINITELY Laur writing as Lillee. That is not normal. I lost all pity for LJ awhile ago but seeing Laur basically sabotage LJ by acting like an incoherent baboon is almost making me reconsider how much control Laur has over what LJ says and does. I'm hoping this isn't a VenusAngelic abuse kind of situation because that will sour the milk. I don't get that impression though because of how she comes across in video and interview. She's so entitled and arrogant.

No. 758877


Even for Laur, this screed is extra crazy. They have subpoenas but no IP address? The FBI is involved but no one is getting arrested? If any newcomer to the drama had any doubts about the accusations that Laur is a nutjob and liar, this would clear things right up for them. Whew.

I want to send Primink a fruit basket or something to thank him for turning these two cows into a whole goddamn industrial dairy. The past week has been amazing.

No. 758879

This makes Laur sound extremely insane. There is no way someone hacked their wifi (They aren't important enough for the hassle) but it's extremely hilarious how little they know about technology and how hacking works yet they talk so much about it as if it's the truth.

I think it just goes to show how many moms out there are exactly like Margo and what happens to the daughter when they don't immediately run away from home. Lillee seemed more sane when she was younger and then out of nowhere she started getting crazy eyed.

No. 758885

I know this is off topic (sorry) but with Maego and VA, in videos and interviews you could tell something was seriously wrong. Venus looked afraid of Margo. Lillee however seems like she loves everything her mom does and drinks it right up. They seem to be in it together.

No. 758886

You have to watch the momager clip where Laur is trying to calm LJ down and LJ tells her own mother to stop it. LJ is a BIG part of her own misery. Laur and LJ feed off of each other and their horrible attitudes and behaviors.

I always wondered why LJ would block any real viewers of her story until LJ talked about her mother being a momager like the Kardasians and Laur's email to Oomancer. They don't want to fool people and somehow gain followers by boosting popularity. They just want to fool brands so they can get a partnership deal. LJ dreams of being famous and nothing more.

No. 758893

File: 1582173988798.jpeg (95.29 KB, 476x473, 380F8651-6AA4-4D59-9DF4-CAE22E…)

No. 758895

Level of harassment:
Voicemail anon - sends Lillee a message expressing her concern for Lillee’s well being
QoB - never heard of Lille
Facebook Jenny - has a name similar to a callout account so has her employer tagged in tweets by Laur

Wow VM anon, QoB and FB Jenny sure are awful harassers.

No. 758908

File: 1582176133888.png (1.32 MB, 1292x1000, beautyguru.png)

i cant help but cringe-watch our gorgeous prodigy beauty guru's videos so here's some shit LJ said for those who can't sit through her rambling
>she's recording this at 3:50am after a nose bleed (with blood still crusted in her nostril) because she isn't having a good night and has anxiety
this kind of makes me feel bad for lillee. if she were my daughter, i'd be advising her to step far away from the internet for a while. the only guidance she has is laur's crazy ass, and lillee's best instinct when kept awake by stress is to do a q&a addressing more of what has her stressed in the first place. kind of sad. anyway
>claims someone put a “bug” on her website which is why it isn’t working
>like >>758508 noted, she addresses the same old shit she always addresses, conveniently leaving out details (like bite beauty having to ask her to stop calling it a collab, and her mother claiming there was a photoshoot for the covergirl billboard) and the bigger issues
>says she went along with shaniqua saying she met her because celebrities do that kind of thing because its “tongue in cheek”
>says james dee invited shaniqua to his wedding to be “tongue in cheek” too
>like >>758503 said, she hilariously tries to act totally shocked and disturbed by the idea that shaniqua may be bffdees. you’ll need to take a few acting classes before that one sticks, lillee
side note but why the fuck does she put concealer directly into her eyebrow? annoys the shit out of me
>claims at any point, because she has a 3.8 GPA from attic online academy, she can go to Harvard
>says she believed by 7th grade, your communication skills and socialization are fully developed so being homeschooled after that point didn’t affect her
>if she wasn’t in makeup, she said she’d either be a vet or psychologist because she’s good at breaking down personalities
>“for example, all the little kids who comment on here are very jealous, are stuck in a shit situation where they’re going to school (ew!), and someone told them to do something so they’re following it because they’ve seen proof and they’re in that entitlement phase”
>thanks people who have commented nice things like they want her to do ASMR… wait a minute lillee! i thought you had no idea what ASMR was!
>debunks the claim that she traces her drawings (who the fuck thought that?) by showing replays of her drawings start to finish. the person who accused her was shocked that she did them herself and is actually just THAT good at art!
>says she’s known pheepy since she was 4 and he simply isn’t online because he hates people and doesn’t want an online presence
>if lillee went on dr phil she’s confident she’d be proven right
>debunks the claim that again, no one has made, that she runs the verified accounts that comment on her pics. no lillee, we know those are from the engagement pod you’re in.
>says they haven’t doxxed anyone
>continues making the same dumb ass claims that people hacked into their bank account, hacked their ebay, etc etc etc
>preaches that people just need to spread love! except for when lillee wants to clap back at every comment being a bratty cunt. then its okay for her to do that
while addressing all of this she takes forever to do a boring, washed out pastel rasta eye look. great content lilz

No. 758927

Thank you for that, anon. I don't care how milky a video of hers is, her voice alone makes them all unwatchable. Her eye makeup looks like she has a nasty eye infection going on.

No. 758932


>if lillee went on dr phil she’s confident she’d be proven right

Clipped here courtesy of BFFdees -

"If Dr. Phil was to invite me on the show, there would be a deep dive which means subpoenas would happen"

TIL that Dr. Phil takes people to court in his free time. Thanks LJ. The more you know.

No. 758940

File: 1582187527039.png (191.94 KB, 411x732, tired1.PNG)

No. 758941

File: 1582187778470.png (407.79 KB, 493x824, tired2.PNG)

No. 758942

File: 1582187889308.png (238.27 KB, 494x844, tired3.PNG)

No. 758961

TiredLady is being cyberbullied. Someone call the police, the real police not her husband impersonating one.

No. 758965

I think after watching some of the video that we can clear any doubt she's just as brain damaged as the rest of her WK's. I couldn't watch the whole thing, autism overload.

No. 758972

File: 1582208064889.jpeg (170.87 KB, 750x767, 9B34A953-7245-4AFF-8713-0CFC03…)

She threatening to call rando’s parents like a good boomer.

No. 758976

File: 1582208236740.png (111.99 KB, 1084x632, Whatamentaliodbitch.png)

She's clearly delusional accusing people in the comments who brought up her husband pretending to be a police officer of being in love with him the bitch is fucking laughable

No. 758978

This woman needs to have a bath and have her laptop taken away. She’s off the deep end hard.
Her popping off in the comments about calling people’s parents and how they are all sexually attracted to her husband is amazing and next level mental. Of course she can say whatever she likes to or about people and the second they respond negatively that’s bullying. She’s a wreck.

No. 758981

This boomer seems like a cow in her own right, even without LJ being involved

No. 758982


Tired Lady is really trying to make herself a main character in this story, and she's just…not. She's obviously very lonely and feeling isolated in her hoarder house. Inserting herself into the drama is clearly not good for her mental health, she seems really upset and angry in this video over shit that isn't even about her at all.

No. 758987

Sadly I didn’t screenshot this before it changed but the one comment in support on Tired Lady’s video who claims to be a fan of Lillee Jean only gave itself a profile picture after they commented. Shady as fuck, definitely Laur

No. 758988

I hope she keeps on going. At this rate, with her ramblings about everyone being in love with her husband, her cyberbullying claims, and dirty house, she might just end up worthy of having her own thread.

No. 758991

Tired Lady is definitely insane. She has a video on her YouTube of her doing nothing but following and yelling at her cat for two minutes straight for no reason. I can see why she is attracted to Laur's craziness. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pjxGWOogeDw

No. 758994

Poor cat probably just wants to go outside where it won’t be screamed at or have some hoarder detritus fall on it every five seconds.
Who calls their pet ‘cat’ anyway? Does it not have a name?
Looking more and more like a snow thread is incoming

No. 759000

She is bullying her cat. Someone call the cyber police.

No. 759003


And with a member of law enforcement in the home turning a blind eye, too. Officer Richard should be ashamed. I bet his cronies in the FBI cybersquad are covering everything up.

No. 759006

>debunks the claim that she traces her drawings (who the fuck thought that?)

serious question.. what the fuck is wrong with her? i've heard of dunning kruger, but this is Chris Chan level of delusion. All the mommy coddling in the world can't make anyone with common sense think those drawings are good

No. 759023

They look like they are based off the dollar store disney knock offs. And she HAS made progress. But she's not the second coming of Di Vinci or Monet, she could desperately use a few classes or even follow like Pub Draw to learn proportions, angles, how lighting works. But selling her work online as a professional artist? That's how you end up on delusion artists

No. 759027

we found evidence a few threads back that she does trace art.

No. 759030

Wait really??

No. 759031


The proportions and perspective on her art are so wonky, though. I wonder if she traces over her previous traces or traces from multiple pieces of source material for each individual picture.

No. 759039

File: 1582221029542.jpg (68.86 KB, 883x449, CueL4bG.jpg)

it's only some of them. this one of Mulan is traced from some disney artist on instagram, while the one of Ariel is her actual drawing skills

No. 759042

File: 1582222093616.png (35.16 KB, 1030x188, STFUP.png)

yep, certainly makes boomeresque typos like laur.

apparently telling someone "shut the fuck up and sit down bitch" isn't bullying

No. 759043

The whole "this is stalking1!!!1" concept is so funny, especially when "people" (mostly Laur and clout chasers) are saying it earnestly (or faux-earnestly) considering this is no worse than keeping up with the "drama" on one of those janky, "real people" reality shows like 90 Day Fiance.
But in reality, Laur and LJ will take any attention they can get to stay relevant.

Also, what's with all these anons itt so hung up on the twansphobia? kek

No. 759050

I find it just more ammo to use against LJ's image of a ~*~*picture perfect princess makeup guru*~*~. They can believe whatever they want, but the fact is that the beauty community is (or at least tries/projects the image of) being all inclusive of all races/genders/whatever. It looks bad to make transphobic remarks when big names like Nikki have come out as trans, and that so many looks are inspired by that caked on drag makeup look. It's like biting the hands that feed.

No. 759051


Feel free to go hop on one of the many threads laughing at "troons" instead if it bothers you, anon.

No. 759054

Because if you know anything at all about the beauty community, transphobes aren't welcome and are fast to be cancelled so it makes Lillee look like shit. It's relevant to the discussion so if you just wanna laugh at trannies go find another thread.

No. 759064

if she were a real beauty guru with just 200k followers, any of these phobic screenshots would have ended her, and all the tea channels would be cashing in on it

No. 759066

I'm much more interested in laughing at LJ and her momster but was just wondering why so many anons are taking the trans thing so seriously. But, what >>759050 said makes sense. Just another shovel full of dirt as she digs her own grave.

No. 759068

File: 1582228429793.png (23.65 KB, 1024x122, tl1.PNG)

Now Tired Lady is saying her husband battles major depression. Didn't Laur make fun of people for mental illness not to long ago.

No. 759128

>It'd be a shame if I stalked you and harassed your parents with a bunch of lies to make you look bad
Laur and her ilk are such stereotypical middle school bullies, holy shit. Always threatening to tattle to someone's parents/job at the slightest confrontation.

No. 759130

File: 1582246776931.jpg (116.71 KB, 1244x572, EEEEEEEEWWWWWW.jpg)


i play this video and the first image i see is hunting

No. 759131


No. 759140

File: 1582249486170.jpg (131.81 KB, 700x700, love-is-love-lgbtq-rainbow-mak…)

I can't speak for any of them, but LJ's behavior just shows that they don't give one shit about the various minorities they used to make sock accounts, or any of the other positivity woo woo bs they spout. People probably wouldn't care so much if she hadn't pretend to be an LGBT advocate. Laur is inevitably going to say something horrible about regular gays and then shit will really blow up.

No. 759144

File: 1582250627160.jpg (166.35 KB, 720x611, 20200220_205727.jpg)

Why would anyone hire a private investigator from their own pocket to investigate the alleged harassment of a Youtuber they don't know? Laur really is so stupid that she doesn't even know what to comment, she should be thankful that for the first time Lillee has real views on her channel

No. 759182

Thomas Halbert (Shitty MUA with a large following) just said he was watching her. He didnt name her, but the fans all do on his Twitter. It has about 400 likes in about an hour so let's see how they get to assault him.

No. 759186


Thomas Halbert had multiple public feuds with Jeffree Star, who is like the Trump of booty gurus, including calling him a racist and refusing to walk back the statement. I don't think he is scared of Laur and her little band of boomers.

No. 759189

Super late to this but his brother somehow picked up a twenty pound rock when they were kids? Tops 5#.

No. 759190

File: 1582262453457.png (32.07 KB, 879x156, h.png)

This is an image board.

No. 759196

File: 1582264289263.jpeg (311 KB, 750x1044, B67D8DCD-4651-4E5E-9C54-34BA4B…)

Lillee and Pheepy have been dating since at least 2016, or the year after Laur pulled Lillee out of school.

No. 759202

File: 1582265761381.jpg (22.49 KB, 586x223, Capture.JPG)


I think even maybe even before that? This is from LJ's old twitter @lil41801.


She looks/sounds more like a normal teenager on her lil41801 accounts, so the change after her pull from school is JARRING.

No. 759231

File: 1582277284143.jpeg (115.29 KB, 1476x867, A74BF301-6F27-4C9E-A4D5-21C408…)

Sage for irrelevant but I always crack up at the way Lillee spells “pallet.” Spelled like that it means pic related. For makeup it’s PALETTE.

No. 759245


I feel like Laur isn't going to try her usual alt account harassment here (if she did it wouldn't go well) considering Thomas has a large fanbase and is directly involved with bigger names in the community

No. 759248


What teenager talks like this??

I truly think that >>759196 is around when Laur took over all the accounts and started posing as LJ under the guise of “helping”

No. 759273

Lillee’s latest YT video shows how she heavily edits her finished makeup looks. Claims it’s not photoshop so it’s fine.

No. 759280

Yikes. In this video she talk about using Facetune skin smoothing because "Sometimes I have boogers."
We know that ofc from previous videos, but why wouldn't you just regularly clean your damn nose instead of having to edit snot out?
A lot of the editing she does just seems to be making herself look as luminously white as a sheet as she possibly can, which is telling.

No. 759284


I'm trying to remember which video she posted semi-recently where she had a glob of snot running down her upper lip and she just rubbed it into her skin along with her moisturizer. Help me out, anons.

No. 759286

People have accused her of editing her poorly applied eyeshadow/liner/foundation in photos and Lillee called them liars.Who the fuck thought this video was a good idea?

No. 759288

File: 1582299091744.jpeg (331.29 KB, 750x771, 3B6EBE5F-9057-4F6D-8074-2E1291…)

It was the K-beauty skin tutorial. I tried to grab a link but I don’t see it on her channel anymore. The callout accounts have recordings.

She edited a booger out of this photo and left a weird, very noticeable black hole in her nostril.

No. 759297

File: 1582304071499.jpg (828.71 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20200221-105251_Twi…)

She went hard for the skin lightening in this shot. She's ghost level.

No. 759299

File: 1582304260053.jpg (394.01 KB, 1079x1493, Screenshot_20200221-105508_You…)

#5 will 100% be another video about how she doesnt want to talk about being cyber bullied, but here we go! Followed by 8 minutes of her digging her own grave that the callouts already more than happy to fill in for her.

No. 759300

god she looks so much like laur here. not just her face, but her whole expression/vibe just emanates craziness…nothing new i guess, but it's wild to watch her slowly transform into her insane mother.

No. 759308

>A lot of the editing she does just seems to be making herself look as luminously white as a sheet as she possibly can, which is telling.
THIS. it's no secret that LJ fetishizes being worshipped for being white, the Shaniqua comments made that glaringly obviously. But it's so gross how obnoxiously hard she portrays being all inclusive and not caring about anyone's race, when this is what's behind the mask. It comes off as white guilt.

saged tinfoil autism ahead; but i suspect that the reason she opens her eyes so wide while taking super up-close selfies is to get comments on her eye color. I also think the bullshit rants about being told she needs to be "melanated" by racist bullies are another attempt to draw unnecessary attention to her white-ness. I really wonder whether it's Laur the one who instilled these beliefs in her, since Laur herself is white but not nordic princess white like LJ. I just have a feeling that's 90% of the reason she thinks LJ is such a holy beauty.

No. 759314


>I really wonder whether it's Laur the one who instilled these beliefs in her, since Laur herself is white but not nordic princess white like LJ. I just have a feeling that's 90% of the reason she thinks LJ is such a holy beauty.

Honestly, I would not be surprised. Religiously, they seem to be some denomination of christian. If Laur was raised in a religiously/ethnically mixed family where most of her relatives were WASPY white or super-fair Irish catholics or something, and she was made to feel like the swarthy outlier, she probably built up an inferiority complex. If that's how it went down, it would explain how possessive she is of Lillee and why she's so focused on insisting that Lillee is a "tiny blonde" with "amazing blue eyes," when she's actually dumpy with muddy auburn hair and crazy eyes.

No. 759322

This tweet has now been deleted. I wonder if it was mass reported or if someone called the cyber police?

No. 759340

Boomer culture, too. Laur was probably part of the scene where white blondes were all the rage or a status symbol. Laur always describes LJs eyes are blue when they're more green and hair as blonde despite it being more brown/red. With LJ's doll obsession it's hilarious they want her to be a real barbie. LJ and Laur also mention that POC are over represented. LJ wants to be special because of her skin which is hilarious she had a fight with Lauren Elyse who is known for her unique skin condition and being able to represent a very unrepresented group.

No. 759360

the ironic thing is that lj isn't even that pale and has warm toned skin which makes her look healthier.

No. 759371

I think the entire pale white girl persecution complex is from Laur. She grew up in the seventies and eighties, when everybody placed a huge value on being tan all year, and northern yuppies would stuff their pale children into tanning booths. But that's been on a 20 year decline, and nobody recommends baking yourself in UV rays anymore except leather-skinned boomers.

No. 759378

I think LJ is pretty pale. However, her skin is unhealthy and thin so not only does she have that red glow that pale skin shows off, but her skin is incredibly sensitive. She puts on whatever PR she can get which irritates her skin. Any of her videos makes me cringe because she talks about how wonderful a moisturizer is and her skin reacts immediately to it. The redness can't even be hid with her foundation.

No. 759384

File: 1582328131959.jpg (115.34 KB, 1624x1028, 40-3689.jpg)


She gets so red, especially at the sides of her nose. Everywhere except for a section of her upper lip, so it looks like she's got a grey mustache.

No. 759392

LJ also never leaves their house. Most white people are gonna look fairly pale when they never see the light of day.

Laur absolutely seems like the type to obsess over her kid's hair and eye color. She's probably been blubbering on about this ~uwu pale princess~ shit since LJ was born and she's internalized it as a personality trait, undoubtedly wondering why the internet doesn't give her as much attention as her mom does for her ~aryan eyes~

No. 759441

She has got to be scrubbing acid on her nasolabial folds. Jfc.

No. 759467

File: 1582383743833.jpeg (198.79 KB, 750x657, A5F7CA96-AB94-4D8C-922A-65CE6D…)

BFFDees is a psychotic stalker who hacked Laur’s bank accounts and sent Lillee death threats filled with pictures of gore but Laur’s DMs are open if Dees wants to talk.

No. 759472

She's fair under studio lights but often has commented some makeup is too dark for her.
I'd say shes fair but not "white foundation mixer pale" like she tries to portray.

Also on what planet is she blonde, laur?

No. 759478

Lillee is as white as a caucasian can be. Idk why you're trying to push that she's not, it sounds like it's only you who's doing it. Most people with reddish undertoned hair tend to be especially fair, and she's got that. It's the whole reason they harp on it so much.

No. 759484

There are literally people paler than her lmao. Calm down

No. 759487

her eyes aren't even blue either. they're hazel/brown

No. 759532

It's a fact people paler than her exist? Imagine sperging this hard. She's obviously not blonde either if you're also offended about that

No. 759538

There are, but that doesn't change the fact that she is pale. Almost everything about her is fake and dumb as fuck but that is actually true. Maybe the only honest thing about her appearance.

No. 759539

exactly. i don't know what that weirdo is trying to do, then calls other people spergs, like ??

No. 759550

Who in this thread is saying she isn't pale/fair? ?

No. 759555

File: 1582422010281.jpeg (456.63 KB, 750x1045, CD30D81A-7B84-41DA-9206-DDC7E6…)

Laur is blaming her boomer tech guy’s incompetence on BffDees again

No. 759557


oh man, if OrdinaryGamers/Mutahar got a hold of this case he'd rip them a new one, he's a thorough dude, I couldn't wait if he got his attention on this

No. 759564

i think their point is that yes, she is objectively pale, but she has a weird obsession with being absolutely porcelain to the point that she seems to purposefully avoid contour, bronzer, and blush to liven up the tone of her skin, and purposefully edits any shadows out of her selfies so she looks even brighter and whiter.

that really isn't a reach considering how much she and laur fetishize her being a "creamy white girl" on the alt accounts.

No. 759640

No. 759656

‘Your employer is gonna know who you are, your family is gonna know who you are.’
My sides lmfao.

No. 759662

they’re threatening to dox random Mcrae followers. This is g8.

No. 759670

Where did this even come from? Who was this Nat person and how did they get involved with Laur and Lillee Jean? This is honestly a super bizarre rant.

No. 759672

26 minute interview with Lillee

No. 759673


Also, when did this supposed teen-fishing happen? I thought Tired Husband ran away and protected his tweets after the callouts roasted him for (badly) impersonating law enforcement to try to threaten them.

No. 759677

Now that’s the quality we know and love from Fashion Haunts! I find it interesting that she mentions people were making fun of her appearance- that actually didn’t happen until Lillee and Laur drug this out by not apologizing for their shitty behaviour. I have been following this since reddit and only heard of lolcow from Laur’s twitter. Even on this site the mentions of her looks are pretty minimal and people focus on their actions.

No. 759678


This video is comedy gold. The interviewer asked her one introductory question, and Lillee goes on a 30-minute narcissistic rant about American Girl dolls and her mom's green eyeshadow and Tha Eyeball Queen and Sephora and hashtagging on Instagram and how all her friends got jealous of her in middle school because she was getting too famous. The background music gets really loud at one point and completely drowns out her babbling, which they should have continued for the entire "interview."

She spends most of the time talking about herself in the third person and lying about several things, including claiming to have dabbled with eco-terrorism with Greenpeace until they went "too far" with a banana costume in a grocery store, and how all her school haters tried to come crawling back to befriend her after she became a celebrity.

If you can translate all of her nonsense from narc to English, it's pretty obvious that she became obnoxious and self-aggrandizing when she hit her tweens, alienated her peers (probably by talking down to them, like she still does now) and they dropped her. It seems like everything she's done since then has been motivated by a desire to make them all regret icing her out, which is why she spent so much time building a collection of fake friends to make herself look "popular." It would be a sad story if she weren't an otherwise trash person.

No. 759680

Does anyone know exactly at what age she was pulled out of school? I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t interacted with other people since she was 12-13

No. 759681

I have a feeling they will take this down once it starts getting hate

No. 759683

Lmaooo they just removed it

No. 759689

i missed it.. but i seriously doubt LJ even went to middle school. her speech, interests and view of the world are so incredibly stunted, like a 9 year old.

if she did then she was probably bullied out of it for less self-flattering reasons than "they were jealous of me". Maybe they called her an obese midget and made fun of her teeth

No. 759691

In the rant video before this, she starst talking about 9th grade and she was bulied for her teeth and being heavier. But then she also mentioned that in 8th grade she wore full makeup and lashes to school and people made fun of her for it. Tha Eyeball Queen started when she was 15.
So I believe she was pulled out in 8th grade, or right before she started 9th.

No. 759695

Interview is back up, now without that obnoxious music. >>759691 she says in the video that she was homeschooled from grade 10

No. 759701

After the primink video dropped someone from her middle school had tweeted about her, so she definitely had gone for some of it.

No. 759708

Sara K deleted her video lol now all the boomers are in her community comments begging her to listen to “their side”

No. 759709

No. 759710

File: 1582490874383.png (654.71 KB, 596x860, wtf do i do.png)

jesus christ this so weird and awkward to watch. its clear the only "person" she talks to on a regular basis is her camera lens. this was a monologue, not a conversation.

fucking kek at the interviewers face when lillee starts fake crying out of nowhere about being so popular that everyone was jealous and blocked her

No. 759715

File: 1582492285320.png (76.91 KB, 1138x284, keystone review.png)

by the way, lillee mentions in this video that her online school is actually harder than irl school. i didn't use keystone but i was homeschooled most of my life and that absolutely isnt true. its much easier.

i looked up keystone and found pretty mixed reviews across websites, but even the higher ratings complained the material didn't prepare them enough for college and wasn't very challenging. low reviews talked about how lessons would be filled with typos. hardly harvard material like lilz boasts about.

No. 759730

File: 1582496053341.jpeg (167.16 KB, 750x875, 8901915D-C54C-4943-BA53-696A5C…)

The women Laur’s streaming with run Teen Mom Drama channels and get their twitter accounts suspended every few weeks for threatening people. Bottom of the barrel trash.

No. 759743

So dramatic and such a huge liar. She refers to herself in 3rd person a lot…even filthy rich celebrities don't do that.

No. 759748

Woshingo, a youtuber from Mexico, posted a video on Lillee Jean a couple of hours ago. It already has over 55K views.

Congratulations, Lils! You're an international celebrity!

No. 759754

Anyone speak Spanish? I'd love a quick breakdown on what this video is like

No. 759755

Guh both of their voices are just nauseating. Also, can someone give LJ a fuckin Oscar for that award winning cry scene?? Lmao.
That was actually painful to watch. She’s completely unrelatable and her whole demeanor comes off as unnatural or forced? She would be someone I would give a forced smile, and nod every few seconds while she yammered on about herself, but otherwise be completely checked out and waiting for my opportunity to leave.

LJ is completely delusional, holy shit.

No. 759761

This is painful to watch. I don't know what is worse… the smacking sounds, referring to herself in 3rd person, or the terrible acting skills. She had practiced this way too many times and it shows. Nothing flowed naturally.

No. 759765

I noticed this chick left multiple comments on Thomas Halberts tweet about LJ. I didn't get a screenshot before it was taken down. Thomas didn't mention her name or tag her in any way so I suspect this "Britters" lurks here.

No. 759771

It’s a basic run-down of everything we know. The followers are fake, the fake friend accounts, the fake photoshopped images of her in magazines. Same as the Primick video but much less entertaining. Just him explaining things.

At the end he says she’s just a sad person who has no one in her life who worries about her enough to tell her what she’s doing is wrong.

No. 759773


If she does lurk here, then she's seen Laur and Lillee's lying and scamming documented pretty thoroughly. She, like her buddy Defango, are probably just leeching off of the drama for YT views. They were so excited when Sara K popped in with her video because they thought they were going to ride the coattails of a youtuber with 1 million subs, which is why they're so desperate for her to put the deleted support video back up.

No. 759774


"They blocked me because I was becoming too much."

The hard heave into the crying sounds like someone starting a really long laugh.

7:30 for those of you that don't want to sit through this shit.

No. 759776

So not only does LJ have an obnoxious and super condescending tone when she speaks to literally anybody, miss full time celebrity thinks it's professional to be barefoot for an interview? that's so nasty

No. 759783

soooo das me in a nutshell! ~ :3

also what the fuck is up with her trying to imitate disney princess voice/intonations as her natural voice? it must be very exhausting

No. 759797

I’m about a half hour into this and so far it’s laughable. Laur has so far allowed these two to state several times that BFFDees was involved with the deviant art reddit thread, has completely avoided explaining why people are calling her and Lillee out, keeps saying that BFFDees won’t stop (despite her saying several times that they just need to apologize for their shitty behaviour and remove the offensive content) and my personal favourite, that Laur has remained calm during this (I guess attempting to dox people of reddit, trying to get people fired, trying to get a lawyer disbarred and tagging some random person’s workplace is considered calm to her?)

No. 759798

Gotta give a little fanservice for her only possible audience, foot fetishists.

Maybe if she started packing on the pounds she could attract some feeder bux. She never leaves her house anyway.

No. 759810

OMG that muffin top! Girl, get some spanx or some jeans that fit. You looked better in your photoshoots ffs. I think this is why later she is sitting with her leg up, torso twisted and arms trying to cover her body. She can feel her "pre-diabetic" rolls spilling out.

The way she keeps interrupting the host is just so rude major example around 22:35. "OK Stop!"

Also makes fun of her "zombie followers" on Insta around 20:27. She acts like they are brainless idiots, so it shows what contempt she really has for anyone else. Or she just knows they al are "zombie" fake accounts and DGAF.

No. 759816

Laur was asked why the callouts thing she and Lillee are racist and transphobic. She mentions parts of the podcasts but not the actual problematic stuff. Laur has also added in a new lie stating that the person who took over the rvt01 handle has been texting prop masters laur has worked with. How is that even possible? She claims that Bffdee put the bankruptcy records online and she must have paid for them- but you can literally find them when you google Laur and earl. Laur once again badmouths LE stating that the only way to get accounts suspended is by mass reporting and that LE must have had other claims that she didn’t pay attention to (despite twitter confirming to buzzfeed that LE had no violations). Britters tells people that they should do their research but clearly didn’t do her own (however she definitely is biased in this situation and is taking everything at Laur’s word without doing the research). Laur claims that she knew Diane Awesomelaser was BFFDees all along haha.

No. 759825

Britters also claims to be the cousin of Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who killed herself after being blackmailed with her nudes (it was a huge story). Something tells me that she may be lying.

No. 759827

They are Jews

No. 759828

File: 1582512207936.jpeg (189.48 KB, 750x424, 24E85020-CBF6-4516-8478-AFA67C…)

How would the callout accounts find these propmasters to text? It’s not like people are advertising they’re working with Laur, like Lillee advertises she works with certain brands.

One of the callout accounts put up negative reviews of Laur’s antique businesses (under their numerous different business names). Laur sperged out and said they were doxing her. This is where this calling Hollywood propmasters bullshit is coming from.

No. 759835

They also claimed the periscope account, that I believe has damning voice evidence, is a fake.

No. 759837

I haven't seen a muffin top like this since the 90s. I'm not trying to insult her weight, just her choice in jeans for her $600 interview. Even her shirt is poorly fitted and it's just a plain ole long sleeved shirt.

I finally watched the interview with the 13 year old and it was the saddest thing I've ever heard. She wasn't necessarily articulate, but pretty kind and astute for a 13 year old. I kek'd hard when the young girl was trying to tell LJ that she should probably get friends that are more on level since she couldn't stop mentioning she had model friends. She kept saying she didn't want to be insulting, but it was definitely trying to tell LJ she isn't model material and she should hang out with normal girls her own age. Once LJ figured out the girl was 13 she immediately started talking down to her and she noped out of the conversation since she knew it was going nowhere.

No. 759846

They really paid $600 to sit in some lady's kitchen and do an interview filmed with an iphone in portrait mode… Absolutely incredible.

It makes me curious why her friends really did dump her ass. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they did, though I can't imagine it was because she was too popular online.

This poor woman having to give her awkward support when she cries in the middle of a paid interview… I feel bad for her. Even the people off camera offer to cut and Lillee decides that no, it's definitely professional and fine to cry over middle school friendships in a magazine interview.

No. 759854

Laur claimed in the live with Britters that Fashion Haunts paid Lillee, not the other way around.

No. 759882

I don’t know why I subjected myself to this but I watched the Cameo Lillee made for Shaniqua again. Apparently Shaniqua has followed Lillee since 2013. So if they want us to believe BFFDees is Shaniqua and not Laur, that means that she had just been following Lillee for 6 years just waiting until Laur and her began putting out disgusting content and harassing people so she could finally make her move? Super believable story.

No. 759902

You’d think Laur would put up more of a stink about her minor child being stalked by an internet weirdo for 6 years. Cause, you know how Jewish mothers are. Or…whatever.

No. 759914

The interview is laughably bad. Lillee is fake crying multiple times, she doesn't give any space for the interviewer to respond (just rambles on) and has a weird sitting pose (probably to mask her muffin top). But the interviewer is also sitting weird, it looks like Lillee has no space to sit normal? They are really hunched together. Also the few times the interviewer talks, r.i.p. headphone users.

Also it is weird how Lillee talks about herself in third person a lot of times, maybe we can pick out some lies from this. She switched constantly between Lille Jean and I.

No. 759917

Samefag as above, but Lillee admits in the interview she got verified on instagram from the hate articles.

So basically she admits she doesn't have any fans from her 1 million following? Otherwise they got her verified instead of the few hate articles/websites.

No. 759939

My summary after suffering through this interview: she bursts into tears two separate times. Very professional! It’s also super awkward watching her quiz the interviewer on hashtags, directly asking “what would you hashtag a photo of me?” in such a condescending tone. She says Patricia Hartman invited her to NYFW. Isn’t there evidence that Laur bought tickets/entered some sort of charity raffle? The end of the video is a hilarious unintentional nod to Laur/callouts when the credits say “Geat thanks to Lillee Jean” lmfao

No. 759959

Laur also says BFFDees is a serial murderer and leaving context clues in her tweets threatening to murder Laur & Lillee.

No. 759972

Laur/Lillee getting the tickets to nyfw from a charity auction was never proven but was something everyone speculated about.

No. 759974

They got Oomancer’s account suspended. My guess is that because they lied and said he made “bloodied infant pictures of Lillee” which never happened that their new sealions mass reported his account.

No. 759980

The interview is gone.

No. 759998

https://youtu.be/ZFkLQ391jaw they reuploaded it again. It's shorter then before (but I did notice before that at the beginning there was a loop with the upload before)

No. 759999

Wow, what a professional publishing house. It took them just three attempts at uploading this piece of crap to make it audible and without ludicrous spelling errors. I'm sure insane narcissistic soccer moms from across the land are lining up to fill their pockets!

No. 760000


Oh god, I watched it twice yesterday. I don't think I can bear another time through Lillee fake-crying about how literally every person who spends time around her IRL hates her.

It looks like they removed around 2 minutes of footage. Which part did they cut out? This is all very professional and worth every penny spent (whichever way the money was passed.)

No. 760006

Spare yourself, it isn't different. There was something looped in the beginning. I think they removed that.

No. 760013

File: 1582567365826.jpeg (459.76 KB, 750x1089, 813039A2-845A-4108-B0C6-6211F5…)

Laur honestly has the worst grasp of the English language. Infactual isn’t a word, despite her and Lillee’s constant use of it, no and know are different words and her grammar is atrocious. Laur also tags some unrelated profile which is very typical of her.

This article is basically a summary of the Primink video so unfortunately omits all the issues with Lillee and Laur. There is also an error - Lillee wasn’t accused of photoshopping the cover girl billboard (until very recently because people who didn’t fully know the situation jumped in) just using language that made it seem like she had a photo shoot with the company rather than just submitting a photo that was included with every other fan submitted photo.

No. 760016

"no the facts" - laur

No. 760029

File: 1582575009765.jpeg (431.46 KB, 750x1001, B9AD9467-7024-4799-8B19-CF872D…)

BFFDees has commented on the tweet and has briefly told the author about the untrue accusations that Laur has made.

No. 760031

File: 1582575124456.jpeg (278.02 KB, 750x641, B8E13C78-15E2-4858-8798-D399D2…)

Laur has deleted the “no your facts” comment and is instead tweeting the unrelated account and the author.

No. 760034

File: 1582575577674.jpeg (586.96 KB, 750x1196, 09752BA8-3477-40E7-9170-E5ED2B…)

Laur is starting to get in a tizzy, responding from all of her accounts (my phone cut off the same screen shots from BFFDees that were posted above). She still hasn’t given any evidence of these police and fbi reports though?

No. 760043

That Britters person who hosted a stream with Laur yesterday lied about being related to Amanda Todd

No. 760047

That’s honestly beyond disgustingly vile. Amanda’s death was tragic and she was extorted and bullied beyond belief. The fact that Britters would lie about being related and compare what happened to Amanda to people calling out a scam is horrific.

No. 760049

The memorial for Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center just finished up. I wonder if "close family friends" Laur and Lillee >>756208 will stay in LA for a few days or fly back to New York right away, so Lillee can get back to work on her next smudgy pink eyeshadow tutorial.

No. 760051

This is kind of what I hate most about these two. They don't respond to actual criticism of their scam, or their racist accounts, they just defame anyone who brings up the truth as a cYbErBuLlY.

Using actual people who have committed suicide as a shield to get away with some weird ig scam is fucking low.

No. 760068

File: 1582589244561.jpeg (169.36 KB, 750x444, 304A4D56-338C-4553-B251-23D5AF…)

She’s doing a great job of exposing evil people like people who lie about knowing a suicide victim.

No. 760079

File: 1582592840512.jpeg (239.84 KB, 606x343, 48E245DA-ADCE-4DDE-861D-97E633…)

No. 760082

she looks like she has full on fucking downs, are we sure she's all there mentally?

No. 760086


Has everyone forgotten about Williams Syndrome?

No. 760103

But people with Williams syndrome are nice, that's one of the actual features of the syndrome.

No. 760106

That for real looks like some glossy paper stapled together lengthwise- like, not an actual bound magazine, just sheets of printed paper stapled together like a grade school project.

No. 760108

I thought it was all online. She probably went to Kinkos to get herself a copy.

No. 760113

File: 1582602537683.jpeg (584.62 KB, 750x1116, FDF44311-CCFC-4CF9-A7CB-D79206…)

Lillee’s magazine cover is now being recycled in Paris

No. 760119


lol in one of the fashion capitals in the world, probably poorly-translated to french using google…every copy of that shit is definitely gonna wind up blowing into some parisian gutter full of cigarette butts.

No. 760168


Hilariously, Paris City Fashion week is right up their alley. It's a cheap knockoff of the real thing (PFW), and their website/designers are pretty average. Their Instagram engagement smells familiar.


No. 760171

Literally every sea lion is either insane or an idiot. Or both.

No. 760180

Lillee has already been in talks about having a show with FNL Network, who pops up on that Instagram page. All the fakes orbit one another lol

No. 760188

Calm down anon. She has no features of someone with downs.

No. 760212

The main callout accounts have founded a company parodying Defango/Dangerzonelive’s company Shadowbox Strategies which was mentioned in the Daily Beast article he’s bragging about. They’re claiming it’s a real company specializing in crowdsourcing trolling.

No. 760232

I don't think they literally meant that she had down syndrome

No. 760236

File: 1582643885789.jpeg (109.08 KB, 750x256, E8605881-19C1-4B21-BFF5-272A7B…)

It looks like Laur was successful in getting the article taken down. I guess if you have no true defence you can just silence your critics.

No. 760278

Just some garbage site. I think the youtubers that have spoken out already damaged LJ's reputation beyond repair.

Not like it mattered, since Laur's goal is getting LJ some collaboration deal with a make up brand. She doesn't give a fuck about real followers. And LJ seems to be focused on sticking it to the bullies by become a famous star. They both act out of vindictiveness. Like shit head middle school kids are worth thinking about after high school.

No. 760281


Even if a brand was willing to overlook her general mediocrity in deference to her "following," Lillee Jean's name will now permanently be associated with fakery because of all the YT callout videos and the exposé articles.

No. 760291

Well a brand would have to overlook a lot more than talent. She's unattractive, overweight, short, practices poor hygiene, has no social skills and is generally unlikable with no ability to come off as genuine. I think PR got to their heads thinking that it was an avenue when anyone can get PR. I mean it's free advertising for a company for make they distribute. It costs them nothing to hand out products to casuals and famous youtubers alike. A collab is out of this world delusion. But Onion, Vicky, Margo, Moo are all delusional. I always said that being part of /pt/ rather than snow needs a healthy amount of delusion to cut you above random snowflakes and on par with the Queen.

No. 760340

File: 1582674228408.png (280.47 KB, 587x663, Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.43…)

callouts are selling tshirts for charity and laur is sperging about it already https://teespring.com/reverse-goatse-unisex?pid=2&cid=2122

No. 760347

File: 1582676619914.jpeg (323.27 KB, 750x878, 62A3BA93-8F9D-4D6F-A699-DDDDE2…)

BFFDees is not really talking about this situation anymore so laur has to stir up drama by replying to two week old tweets.

No. 760349

because that's what you do when you're being stalked, seek the attention of your stalkers

No. 760356

Dees made a comment in her livestream with Anti-Ordinary & Oomancer that Laur can’t let Dees move on. Laur & Lillee will end up talking to their fake accounts again if the callout accounts stop paying attention to them.

No. 760366

Lillee is coming for Creepshow's gig. She just posted this video of how she makes her wonky copies of Disney princesses. I'm sure a Patreon is imminent.

No. 760370

File: 1582684577172.jpg (43.73 KB, 919x229, 2622020.jpg)


Trying to head the haters off at the pass. If you think her art is shitty, it's only because you don't understand art. Not because it's actually shitty.

No. 760381


Haven't posted in this thread before but after seeing this I just couldn't hold back. Wtf is that red blob that looks nothing like hair? This is 'art' lmao, maybe for art class in kindergarten…
You can't defend shitty art by calling it a style. Shittiness is not a style. An art style is something one develops over years of practice, and with an ability to take criticism and learn from it. Which is obviously never going to happen with her. What an unbelievably delusional, narcissistic creature, with a mind of a small child.

No. 760442

File: 1582727848150.png (329.37 KB, 625x481, Screenshot.png)

This is literally a scene from the movie. It's one of the first google image results for "Ariel screencap."

I guess she's eager to show off her artistic prowess since Primink roasted her wonky armed girl, but making a whole video from poorly tracing a screencap ain't it.

No. 760452

File: 1582731249464.png (621.79 KB, 846x571, FAD2BA20-428D-4F7F-8871-474BFB…)

No. 760454

I will never understand 'art' attempts like this. Even if it was more competent or stylized, you're still just doing a worse version of someone else's work and bringing nothing new to the table whatsoever. She doesn't even have the creativity to imagine a new scenario or try a new take on the characters. It's just C-grade school art at its most mediocre.

No. 760456

Did she just whitewash Ariel ? /s
Btw she drew the same hairstyle as the screencap but then added more hair to make it seem different lol

No. 760457

She did that to cover the neck i think

No. 760458

File: 1582732969830.jpeg (425.98 KB, 750x946, A2D1A284-9487-40D1-B6CE-8DF932…)

Laur has spent much of the morning arguing with the blogger who had posted about Lillee (the post was revived yesterday but has now been reposted). Instead of providing a statement, Laur is insisting on a phone interview. Super professional management company.

No. 760460

Yeah I agree. To cover up for the fact that she made the shoulders too narrow and also a weird amorphous blob shape instead of correcting her mistake, which we all know she will never do.

No. 760492

File: 1582747753175.jpeg (219.05 KB, 748x993, F00EC98E-6F53-4739-9BB7-4F371B…)

Laur is now threatening to arrest/sue anyone who speaks with bffdees


No. 760493

File: 1582747787924.jpeg (217.09 KB, 750x1068, 715714C8-95BA-4122-AEF9-168D41…)

No. 760503

Laur is ridiculous. She’s been given the opportunity to provide a statement yet refuses to do so and will only defend her daughter via a phone interview. Seriously, no PR or management company would refuse to give a statement.

No. 760504

the vanellope profile picture along her tweets kills me

No. 760506

File: 1582749093981.jpeg (371.33 KB, 750x830, 7CBDC2B4-39F7-406F-BBC1-72B7D0…)

She’s losing her shit on at least two accounts

No. 760507


She and the sealions are acting like asking for a public interview is some kind of ultimate violation of journalistic integrity. Lillee Jean is a dummy who films herself putting on makeup, not a government whistleblower who might end up assassinated if anyone found out she was spilling state secrets to the media.

No. 760510

File: 1582749876899.jpeg (288.79 KB, 750x640, AF79F975-16A6-4E61-A722-FF5031…)

BffDees just pointed out she’s tweeting at a company unrelated to Blasting News, who published the story.

No. 760516

File: 1582753984752.jpeg (356.74 KB, 750x858, DA636A84-04BE-437B-859D-32AB6C…)

Laur managed to get a tshirt pulled which was an image of a public tweet between her and influencers-e. That isn’t intellectual property theft. And no one was profiting - any profits were being donated to a First Nation who is currently protesting a pipeline being built on their land.

No. 760546

Callouts keep making money for charity while Lillee thinks that using metal straws will solve climate change.

No. 760550

File: 1582762193885.png (294.03 KB, 1194x1130, image.png)

once again, laur is throwing out her sisters murder in a conversation where it doesn't belong to manipulate and gain sympathy. the last tweet made me laugh. yeah, laur would NEVER be so unprofessional as to deal with any of this publicly on twitter!

No. 760552

File: 1582762606266.jpeg (107.78 KB, 828x547, 993470E4-28C8-4909-B466-87CFA0…)

Callout accounts are leaking screenshots from the private army again.

Laur’s accusing Creepshow of being the reporter.

No. 760559


It's all a conspiracy masterminded by a single Joe. Who the actual Joe is changes from one moment to the next, but it's always definitely one lone person who has it out for Laur. She's been focused on BFFDees for a while now, but she can't scare Dees into silence, so she's gearing up to tilt at a different windmill.

Laur is like psychologically incapable of grasping the fact that, at this point, literally thousands of people are gleefully watching her make an ass of herself, and that the callouts and the other handful of people who have touched the poop are just the tip of the iceberg.

Even her brain-damaged sealions would probably forget all about her if she disappeared from social media for a few weeks.

No. 760570

File: 1582765400360.jpeg (81.26 KB, 1080x1080, B5292C95-17F9-4357-8DBF-6C7D05…)

No. 760575

File: 1582766255980.jpeg (232.19 KB, 750x643, 30FCF780-1D50-4FD7-923C-0DE243…)

No. 760578


LOL today just isn't Laur's day.

No. 760596

File: 1582769884214.jpg (136.06 KB, 822x1534, ERvJe07XsAAnMa2.jpg)

This lady is apparently "stirring up trouble" by asking an influencer's manager to communicate with her publicly, kek. Why do they act like such children? Someone asks you a question so you shittalk them on a private facebook group?

No. 760603

File: 1582770880950.jpeg (279.04 KB, 750x879, 9723C5DE-BA06-4BF3-8676-521EEB…)

Laur is doing a bad job at making Diane look like a stalker.

No. 760610

Holy shit. I bet Laur knew the last women they were doxing was the wrong woman but didn’t care because she was a bitch who was following mean twitter accounts.

No. 760624

Fuck genuine apologies for doxxing unrelated people! She was a bitch! She deserves it! I wonder how the rest of the army feels about this.

So their business model is to get desperately wanna-be "models" who have awful dental hygiene/no access to dental care and…exploit them for dollars? I mean, wtg for finding your niche FH, but that's gross. Nobody wants to see chubby girls with bad teeth in print. Particularly chubby girls with bad teeth and gross feet.

No. 760722

File: 1582811788082.png (1.69 MB, 750x2545, 69DE35A3-636B-4BE4-8C16-444F3B…)

Lillee’s got herself a new dress

No. 760725

File: 1582813431500.jpeg (456.19 KB, 750x1025, 07EF392D-18CE-427F-8943-DF5FDA…)

Rather than providing a statement, Laur, along with some sealions, spent the whole night arguing with this blogger. I really hope that she has taken screenshots of the tweets for official statements to be used in a future post. The whole exchange just shows what an awful manager and unhinged person Laur is.

I think this is my favourite exchange though. Laur is “so not hostile just factual and very corporate”, while she tags the wrong company, lies about the blogger exchanging dms with callouts (and in fact she told BFFDees that any info shared would have to be done so publicly for transparency), apparently forgets that she has been extremely hostile towards the blogger for the past couple of days and uses the stellar grammar that she is known for.

No. 760726

Goddamn. This is what happens when a family of ugly people produce one unexpected girl with average looks. holds up butterfly is this a sUpErModEl???

No. 760751

>average looks
That's way too kind

No. 760753

Why can’t she wear dresses her own size? It just makes her look even more obese as out of shape than she already is with her “26 inch waist and size 2”

No. 760757

Is this company trolling her with their Met Gala dress?

No. 760761

I doubt Lillee is buying a $56 dress and she’s definitely not self aware enough to find it funny. This company is definitely trolling her. Good for them.

No. 760840

File: 1582848642073.jpeg (166.5 KB, 749x846, 4298F522-AFDC-4A61-B596-BEE39A…)

Laur is now suing the reporter

No. 760849


Lol she’s been threatening people with legal jargon for several months. That’s all she has in her arsenal. It’s old and stale. Just like her #ThiSEnDsNow and #Sheiscoming
It’s just a meme at this point.

(Deleted and reposted because talk to text autism)

No. 760879

File: 1582856474030.jpg (697.13 KB, 810x2567, Screenshot_20200227-201833_Ins…)


I doubt the company is trying to troll LJ–especially because the website has other names for dresses, like these. She probably thought the dress because of the name.

No. 760886

File: 1582857653689.jpeg (239.13 KB, 750x744, F31A6F3F-BB2A-4B36-8368-BA3E06…)

Laur’s just threatening everyone tonight

No. 760887

File: 1582857707748.jpeg (257.45 KB, 750x683, B53435DC-3346-4B74-96BA-2E890A…)

No. 760891

File: 1582860446761.jpeg (226.91 KB, 750x560, C9C4C96A-3133-4FE4-97CD-52BAFD…)

Laur is back to victim shaming. Sick.

No. 760905

File: 1582871066798.jpeg (2.71 MB, 750x16488, 51BBD6BE-E02B-44FF-A817-73750D…)

Not real milk but in case laur deletes her Twitter sperging or you farmers are too lazy to go on Twitter, sorry if you don’t like long screenshots but I find them better to read. I like that the writer of the article sees right through laur’a bullshit.


No. 760907

File: 1582871135806.jpeg (1.38 MB, 750x6886, 2C83C31B-873B-4F49-BF10-8DAF05…)


No. 760927

Laur is being a psycho as usual. I also, however, found Chelsea's article shallow and uninteresting. She's of course welcome to deal with Laur as she likes because Laur is Laur, but I also think she's just giving them ammo to claim unfair/biased treatment. Her article also wasn't well written or deep-diving enough to be convincing one way or another. Just think it's a bit of a cop-out.

No. 760943

I haven’t read the article so idk about that. I disagree she’s giving them ammo (except according to the retarded sea lions) because Laur’s insistence on controlling the interview makes her look shady to anyone with half a brain.

Classic narc tactic to try to isolate their victim to gain control. Too bad if this blogger sucks at writing, but her being clear about her boundaries and laur throwing a temper tantrum over it like a 3 year old who doesn’t get her way is lulzy as hell.

No. 760954

The article is pretty surface level and doesn’t reach out to anybody or do much fresh research to substantiate anything, so it reads like she has no idea, basically. It’s fine for a casual blog post but because she says she’s a crime journalist I would expect more. Laur is still a piece of shit ofc, and I wouldn’t blame the writer for not wanting to give her phone number. But there are ways she could do it and protect herself if she wanted the scoop.

No. 760958

File: 1582898298008.jpeg (66.6 KB, 406x302, 9037C0CD-E3F7-4CB7-8DF6-0E2F29…)

Even Laur & Lillee “receipts” directly contradict themselves. BFFDees posted pictures as Oomancer but Oomancer isn’t BFFDees, he’s a woman from Texas who has been sending the threatening emails & calling which they’re accusing BFFDees of.


No. 760963

File: 1582899370647.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 7A421F77-835D-4A9B-ABD7-2B8630…)

Lillee just shared video of herself crying claiming it was from when she received death threats. Says she was creating a documentary on cyberbullying. Stops crying at one point, looks at the camera and then continues crying. These bitches are insane.

No. 760964


With this, she exposes the lie they told for months, because they had been claiming that they started receiving death threats and gore images immediately after the first post to reddit back in July. They refused to show proof of any of that for months, but as soon as real gore or anything vaguely close to an actual threat came from Primink fans, they spammed those screenshots everywhere.

Now we have Lillee admitting that the "death threats" started in February. I'm still not convinced they didn't send the gore to themselves, since Lillee was supposedly extremely upset by it but somehow she wasn't scared enough to stop her from staring at it for hours as she posted it all over twitter to anyone who talked about her. I think the only legit bullying was that one kid who told Lillee to "kys."

No. 760977

File: 1582903257083.jpeg (346.38 KB, 750x680, 9562CC0B-6663-4657-A77C-3D6338…)

Dees has receipts

No. 760980

File: 1582904423070.jpg (550.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200228-093854_Twi…)

How can they plan so hard and be so bad at it at time? This is such an attention grab to be told how strong she is.

No. 760986

when are either of these dumb bitches going to learn their first language? i can't understand half of what they post.

No. 760993

File: 1582909100052.png (1.08 MB, 750x2113, E06133A4-1519-4A65-9437-8F903E…)

No. 761021

This gives me second hand embarrassment. Imagine being a wholeass woman and crying in front of your mommy like that for some internet clout. Their relationship is disturbing

No. 761049

So originalnilson and trash goblin have learned nothing and are continuing to make asses of themselves. Fantastic. The milk will never stop as long as these two idiots are rammed up Laur’s ass.

No. 761055

I think she wants to get viral lile that Australian kid who was bullied

No. 761060

File: 1582936430041.png (704.05 KB, 750x2215, 3D5F6FC4-BB09-4EA2-A03A-5EACA9…)

No. 761062

Where is this from anon?

No. 761065

File: 1582937165817.jpeg (275.02 KB, 750x775, 08A2423A-67FC-4695-9EB8-E59F1D…)

Jeaniez Crisis Management just posted them on this tweet from Capcomm2020/ImmortalVK

No. 761069

So Laur finally admits to mass reporting people’s twitter accounts

No. 761073

I think this might be it, but he's a child, not a scummy adult NEET. LJ seems like one of those girls who thinks being short makes her petite and young looking (and thus vulnerable and sympathetic).

Wasn't this in Bffdees' video? I'm sure he's super creepy and weird, but Laur and LJ's claim to fame is talking to themselves while larping as gay men and sassy black women, so it's hardly a surprise when crazy people gravitate towards them. I wonder what he did that was so bad.

No. 761074

Dees also showed all of their messages in Anti-Ordinary’s livestream, I believe.

No. 761081

Kek at Laur calling Steve annoying while still utilizing his white knight services.

No. 761179

Now that the scam is revealed are they trying to find a new gimmick? She stole CreepArt's gig for a video and now she @ Shane Dawson to do documentary type stuff. Now one is going to care that about her stupid pity party and fake crying about receiving criticism over the net.

No. 761258

>fake crying about receiving criticism over the net.
That's what makes it so funny to me. She's a grown ass adult melting down like a 12 year old who just got babby's first critical comment on Deviantart. I still can't get over how she's less socialized than 70 IQ autistic furries.

No. 761269

File: 1583056762282.jpeg (376.68 KB, 828x1180, 0AC83BB2-6EBF-4449-BE3E-807716…)


No. 761272


LOL is she trying to half-ass her way onto the egirl bandwagon now? I thought she was above trendy makeup, and does the same face every time on purpose because that's her "signature style?"

No. 761279

File: 1583066091380.png (4.39 MB, 2048x1365, A90031C7-455E-42F3-96AE-46ABE8…)

she honestly reminds me of the ugly stepsisters from cinderella in this pic

guess she got her wish of wanting to be disney

No. 761281


Lmao spot on, anon

No. 761282

Even in B&W, it looks like every other look shes done. She's useless. Shes doing any thing she can do try to capitalize on people paying attention to her, not realizing they dont actually give a crap about her, they are all there to see the Laur Trueman Show

No. 761338

I'm already cringing.

No. 761344

File: 1583115254335.jpg (233.49 KB, 720x875, 20200301_211139.jpg)

This is hilarous. At least someone is trying to get Lillee an actual education.

No. 761354


Kek she deleted the tweet.

No. 761378

TFW when your "cyber bullies"/callout accounts care more about your future than your narc momager.

It's like twins who develop their own language.
Or like that (real/fictional) brother and sister that were sequestered in the attic and neglected by their parents and developed their own communication patterns. Only, make it boomer with a Queens accent.

I think there was another "evil stepsister" compare in one of the first few threads! Spot on, anon!

No. 761379

File: 1583120992351.jpeg (307.22 KB, 750x701, CE558865-4198-4CBC-8C92-38ABE3…)

BFFDees is a content creator. Her video has close to 9k views. She’s been on numerous live-streams. She probably has a larger legitimate following than Lillee does at this point.

No. 761418

File: 1583150896772.png (873.31 KB, 750x844, 523C1666-3BFD-4441-A2DA-16CD58…)

Makeup genius

No. 761435

No. 761444


Because she's lazy and very clearly uninterested in applying herself to learn even the basics of modern makeup artistry, so she doesn't actually know what purpose a cut crease technique serves and she doesn't have the skill to execute a look using it.

It's actually a theme for her: just mimic and ape things she's seen and heard other people do and say with no actual understanding of what they mean. That's why she doesn't understand why people think she's racist/transphobic. She makes vaguely "social justice-y" sounds with her mouth and thinks that's the same as being empathetic and inclusive.

No. 761445

Even if LJ was talented at make-up and could do more than 1 look, her creepy thin lips and little pug-teeth are so distracting and jarring.

No. 761448

I need to know where this crazy chick thinks she would go looking like that, and what she would wear with it. Her excessive dumb eye makeup with 0 other grooming is like those girls who buy ott lolita dresses and then don't do any grooming at all, just roll out of bed into a $200 dress and nothing else.

No. 761449

Pink looks so bad on her too. Makes the red on her face more noticeable. She doesn't wear dresses right, doesn't wash her hair…I bet she could never survive going to get a bachelors (kek) in makeups. She's get so condescending when she's told she's doing everything wrong by a cosmetologist.

No. 761451

even if she did go to school, she'd have to get a whole doctrine so 8 years at least before doing anything but working at sephora. can you picture it? Dr. LJ.

No. 761453


Good thing BFFDees as already put her in touch with admissions at the Harvard School of Makeups and Booty

No. 761463

She said herself that she could easily get into Harvard.

No. 761468

File: 1583172806156.png (2.97 MB, 750x3961, 0E7DA596-CA53-4CB7-891E-A610E0…)

one of the sealions is now peddling lipsense so it’s just a matter of time before she’s going to try and recruit lj and laur

No. 761473

File: 1583174195816.jpeg (110.21 KB, 750x394, 092BEF89-3652-4A31-A2E1-31E263…)

But Oomancer isn’t a British man, he’s a 19 year old woman from Texas.

No. 761481

>orbit the brainlet internet skeptic club
>joining a pyramid scheme
Lord have mercy. I want to see her burn her lips off with Lipsense's signature lip gloss made from theatrical body paint in an alcohol base, but no way Lillee is going to pay $40 for a single 2-part lip gloss.

No. 761492

i'm sure harvard admissions would love to know she took a gap year or two to sperg about in the the beauty guru scene.

No. 761533

Def Noodles reacting to the mass flagging on his video and her comment/video reply to him, still watching

No. 761537

I appreciate these larger Youtubers making videos on her. It's funny how threatened she feels from them. What about your million followers, LJ? These guys have less followers than you, yet you're getting so flustered over it. What a lousy community you have, LJ.

No. 761571

I get joy every single time somebody points out that nobody owes anything to Laur or Lilleeee.

No. 761583

this is always extra funny to me since it implies that no one knew who tf LJ was before she got called out (which is true) but i don't think laur wants people to think that.

No. 761595

File: 1583255992991.jpg (353.11 KB, 1079x1733, Screenshot_20200303-111828_You…)

It is like all she does….

These new anti bullying idiots are even dumber than the sea lions.

No. 761597


This is a pretty good indication that all these new "fans" calling her "beautiful" and "talented" aren't actually new people investigating her content, because new fans usually binge a few videos before deciding they like a creator. If any of these dummies had even glanced at her channel page, there are nothing but peach/pink looks all over her uploads.

These are probably socks created by people from the Lillee Jean Army group who are only commenting fake positivity as a performance to show "tHE haTErZ" and will disappear in a few weeks as soon as they go back to teen mom drama, or whatever it is they usually do.

No. 761715

File: 1583304466864.jpeg (163.9 KB, 1242x500, 73596002-FC9D-46A1-B8E6-457070…)

Literally no one would ever say this. The post has nothing to do with trans rights lol

No. 761716

File: 1583304702687.jpeg (208.69 KB, 1242x1537, 32C359E9-2021-45CD-AA16-1BF07A…)

Looked at some of the people who comment on Lillee’s posts and of course she comments back on theirs. This comment section looks incredibly fake and obvious - people with real fans don’t get comments only from verified people. A fan is usually a non-famous “normal” person who isn’t verified. Everyone in this circle is pathetic

No. 761741

File: 1583334323993.jpg (487.68 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200304-090333_Twi…)

She must sit around just searching lillee jean and Laur. Its creepy

No. 761742


What are you talking about, anon? Don't you know it's always "a fan" that notifies Laur whenever someone utters Lillee's name with even a whiff of criticism? Jeaniez are everywhere, alllllways watching and snitching…but for some reason never actually defending Lillee or Laur in public. Maybe they can't move if you're looking directly at them.

No. 761744

The toxic.soupspoon account has already had its name changed, and wasn't prolific enough of a commenter to have any of its comments picked up by Google.

No. 761768

File: 1583344498428.png (51.51 KB, 445x308, goatseed.png)

Been sitting on some funny caps from the facebook group for a while now. (Sage for semi-old milk)

No. 761769

File: 1583344511396.png (1013.75 KB, 750x1813, 7959E85A-A356-48FC-A96C-6801AD…)

No. 761770

File: 1583344606797.png (119.91 KB, 423x447, goatseed2.png)

No. 761771

File: 1583344700528.png (218.36 KB, 442x376, boomercore.png)

No. 761773

These dumb idiots

No. 761789

>reverse goatee

No. 761792

File: 1583356417908.gif (346.44 KB, 320x217, giphy.gif)

>but thank goodness they are dumb

No. 761810

Lmao they’re trying to figure out what a reverse goatse is still? Why don’t you bring it to the cyber crimes detectives and ask them?

No. 761812

fucking boomers.

No. 761899

File: 1583403203117.png (524.53 KB, 646x435, Untitled.png)

No. 761905

She should do a tutorial on that look kek

No. 761908

File: 1583419240567.jpg (294.33 KB, 1079x701, Screenshot_20200305-084022_Twi…)

She shouldn't be worried, she never leaves the house to catch it.

No. 761922

if she does tho she will immediately die due to lack of exposure to anything.

No. 761923

The resemblance is UNCANNY

No. 761927

Never noticed how strangely her jaw juts out when she talks

No. 761940

Thanks now I can't unsee it. Makes me think that even if she got veneers, she'd look odd because of the way she is used to talking. The baby teeth make her look so methy, but I think it's also the weird jaw placement when she talks.

Everyone is spot on with the hatchet face comparisons but she also reminds me of that actress Dale Dickey who always plays meth heads.
She was in breaking bad and my name is earl as the hooker.
Obviously she's got like harsh lines on her face, but the way she moves her mouth when she talks is the same as Lilee.

No. 761941

This happens to normal people with an overbite, she probably can't get her miniature teeth aligned to speak properly unless she distorts her jaw to compensate.

No. 761948

jesus christ its hatchet face reincarnated

No. 761951

Why does she do this to herself. She doesn't put lipstick on straight. She opens her eyes super wide to make them bigger, but LJ has normal sized eyes so it makes her look like a psycho. You can't see her eye make up when she opens her eyes like that because of her application methods. No blush for a washed out face. Greasy hair. And her teeth are terrible. What's worse is that she has a round wide moon face and the teeth don't match so they look even smaller. We've all seen youtubers with terrible cystic acne, small eyes, no lashes put on make up and look gorgeous. LJ does the opposite. She doesn't even hide the redness with her too pale foundation.

No. 762042

She’s so gross. What’s with all the new “fans” rushing to defend and praise her in her new videos? I can’t tell if they’re more sock puppets or just dummies who believe her obvious lies

No. 762132

File: 1583508544803.png (2.19 MB, 1334x750, 6B5D49F4-60CC-40FE-8F7C-A2FCAD…)

According to Lillee’s new video goths can only be pale white

No. 762140

File: 1583512771794.jpg (55.23 KB, 767x726, ljarmy.jpg)


I guarantee they're socks for people from their private FB group. Their boomerish attempts to troll the callouts into silence and mass flag all the critical YT videos have failed, so now they're back to Laur's old tactic of surrounding Lillee with fake admiration and engagement from people who don't exist.

No. 762141


The world really needed this "tutorial" where Lillee smears black around her eyes and on her mouth, slaps on a synthetic Morticia wig, and calls it a day?

That chalk-white foundation looks terrrrrrible. It's streaky/cakey and it's already cracking on her forehead and in the lines around her mouth. The redness on her face is peeking through, as usual. This whole look is so "my mom made my halloween costume." What a fucking joke.

No. 762142

Got to love that her 'goth' look is literally the exact same look she always does, just with black instead of glittery pink.
She could have done one of a million things to make this more interesting. Do some research on the subculture. Add some tattoo/corpse paint style details in black liner. Conceal and then draw a different, more extreme eyebrow shape. Wear coloured contacts.

Nothing about this looks like what a goth would actually wear. It looks like what a suburban mom would attempt on their 12 year old daughter to make her a dime store witch for Halloween.

No. 762146

File: 1583515570923.jpg (218.27 KB, 990x1268, theshittiestwitch.jpg)

No. 762147

Anon this is amazing.

No. 762148

next thread pic pls

No. 762156

Fucking lol.
Her 'look' also makes me think of a really uncool, dated male mall goth. The kind of dude that wants to look like a Jeff the Killer fanfic but can't do makeup to save his life so ends up looking like a bloated drowned corpse. Complete with leather Matrix coat, ofc.

No. 762160

It’s even more obvious that she’s too lazy to blend her foundation down to her neck when she adds white to her already too pale foundation. She really should have put in some more effort of understanding goth culture before attempting this look. It just looks very lazy even when compared to the look she used as inspiration.

No. 762163

File: 1583521449888.jpg (42.83 KB, 500x667, c1921653a14b1157b511862c14b04b…)

Yeah, LJ shared her inspiration pic in the comments and as usual they're nothing alike. This other girl has thick, graphic, heavily defined brows. LJ just scrubbed some black on her eyebrow hairs. The other girl has slightly overlined, cupids bow lips that defines the shape. LJ's lips look like one circuitous black line. She hasn't even attempted the inner corner wing that is common in goth looks. It's just not even close, despite picking one of the most conventional and boring makeup looks you could try for a goth.

No. 762165

I hope she gets some catty goths on her tail. Even 20+ years ago black lipstick and clown foundation was already a joke, it's something that only looks good in photos. Of course Lillee doesn't even have any comprehension that there are daily looks and "art" looks, and a daily look isn't just a lazier version of an art look.

No. 762172

Lmao that file name got me hard

This is legitimately haunting and hilarious. Pls, more goffic looks LJ.

No. 762174

File: 1583525211888.png (338.35 KB, 496x374, rawr.png)

No. 762176

What a freakin difference. Amazing. This woman actually thinks goth make up is meant to be put on to look nice instead of a clown like LJ.

No. 762184

File: 1583529399193.png (1.13 MB, 979x682, 23949.png)


>This is legitimately haunting and hilarious

No. 762185

>interviewer gets to ask TWO questions
Top kek anon. Next thread pic plz

No. 762188

File: 1583529988134.png (185.62 KB, 269x394, Capture.PNG)

No. 762190


She looks like she trusted a fart on live tv

No. 762193

File: 1583532374101.jpeg (143.3 KB, 1049x1049, FC799CCF-F4A7-4788-94E1-DBF2A7…)

The black lipstick makes her teeth look even worse, oh my lord. Also she doesn’t look goth at all…I mean I’ve seen soccer moms give more thought to their Wednesday Addams costumes

No. 762228

My sides are in orbit. Good job anon! Next thread pic please.

No. 762244

Sad thing is that it looks pretty legit. G8 job anon. I leave my vote for next thread pic.

No. 762259

File: 1583560358683.jpg (85.24 KB, 967x735, 3-44.jpg)

Lillee did a bad job on purpose anons. I guess that means we can't make fun…

No. 762268

>Patchy eyeshadow is what embodies goth

No. 762294

File: 1583584878676.jpeg (108.79 KB, 750x756, 59FFEA3E-E569-4854-92C8-21692C…)

Keep it classy, Laur.

No. 762299

Meanwhile, Laur doesn’t question what her money is being used for when purchasing followers and likes.

No. 762300

File: 1583588632488.jpeg (168.37 KB, 750x324, 8764846A-5FEB-4BEB-BCAE-9D24E0…)

Laur didn’t want to provide a statement so somehow Chelsea Hoffman is the bad guy.

No. 762338

Did she just ethnically insult someone what kek

No. 762342

>i don't know what they said
>lets insult them with ignorant /pol/ shit!

No. 762345

These are so clearly written by Laur. First one has the double spacing, second one has the weird lack of commas.

No. 762355

File: 1583605249439.jpeg (100.59 KB, 749x495, 41B9F9AB-CF86-4D70-8EC1-981C5C…)

Laur’s working overtime on these slightly racist YouTube comments and threatening random twitter users who engage with the callouts with lawsuits.

No. 762377

>literally lied
Also, learn how to use commas, you dumb cunt.

No. 762422

File: 1583624790347.jpeg (331.3 KB, 750x768, 93A569E2-A3A5-4C4B-A911-64F0F0…)


No. 762429

Imagine not even bothering to spell check the word "grammar" while insulting somebody else's.
It is even funnier because a common mnemonic to remember "Grammar" is spelled with an "a" and not an "e" is by remembering "grammar/grandma". I am astounded by the lack of education, class and general humanity of Laur, but I probably shouldn't be at this point.

No. 762455

File: 1583632558500.png (672.47 KB, 750x1386, 593F837D-BDE2-41D0-A93E-B07D32…)

No. 762463

File: 1583636889579.jpg (26.36 KB, 600x404, 949acc4f-a006-4b8c-90f5-1913e5…)

No. 762469

Wow, she actually posted this after I called out the double spacing. Kek.

I know why some older people still use the double space, it's a style at choice at best and nothing to do with "grammer." The weird thing is it shows she's clearly writing on LJ's account since no one under 40 uses it. LJ's posts sound ESL, but at least she uses commas. Laur's shit is illegible.

No. 762502

Its also 12 years olds after watching Priminks video and they have some weird urge to get lilees attention like some cowtippers so she not cyberbullied awwww

No. 762504

File: 1583677393250.jpeg (316.75 KB, 744x991, 88DB0E36-CFF9-44FD-9E23-B1A401…)

darn I didn’t realize this was a paying gig!

No. 762517


Now it's Brenda's husband paying people to troll them? They are spiralling. If they latch onto this idea, I wonder how many of their current "army" will follow them over that cliff of crazy.

No. 762608

File: 1583726390926.jpg (461.88 KB, 1080x1634, 20200308_235916.jpg)

Another place for her to spew her transphobic/racist opinions?

No. 762617

File: 1583730346730.png (421.74 KB, 2766x2146, fnl.png)


Whose idea is this? What's the game, here? This FNL network seems to be a failed endeavor with sketchy analytics across all platforms. They're launching an app that's free to download, but costs $1.99 per month for a subscription to access content that literally NO ONE is watching on youtube for free? That makes no sense. Is this whole think being bankrolled by someone who is independently wealthy? Is it a front for something else? They have to have figured out by now that Lillee doesn't actually have any fans either…so are they really giving this fraud a whole show? Or is Lillee misrepresenting things as per usual, and really she's just going to do one interview, or a guest spot on one episode, or whatever.

I have so many questions.

No. 762622

File: 1583732715985.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1868, 5CE074D9-FAF6-4F63-837E-C16201…)

It was posted about in a previous thread but I’m not sure which one. The app only has one review and it seems fake

No. 762631

I wonder how this played out. Did Laur instruct Lillee to climb on him or was it his idea?
>Rocco: Imma just grab this teenage girl’s ass
>Laur: wha-
>Rocco: I’ll give her her own TV show
>Laur: yes go right ahead, I’ll take pictures

Honestly it’s probably best for Lillee that she’s not cute because Laur seems like she’s happy to pimp her daughter out to anyone who claims to have something to offer.

No. 762673

As if Laur would ever question a grown man grabbing Lillee in any way, lol.

They had to have paid to be on this thing. Too bad we'll never find out what her "own show" contains, I can't imagine giving $2 a month for something so clearly fake.

No. 762674

File: 1583773505827.jpg (365.75 KB, 1705x631, screenshot.jpg)

This is even worse than what LJ gets on her videos. She sure is moving up in the world!

No. 762677

File: 1583773802689.jpg (216.1 KB, 1185x670, screenshot(2).jpg)


I checked their website for an idea of what kind of shows they already do, and they can't even be assed to proofread. Great gig, Lillee!

No. 762679

File: 1583774317953.jpg (179.95 KB, 714x659, 20200309_111416.jpg)

Saw this on lillees goth video, responding to def noodles in which she states that the police told her "house lady" was a stage right before becoming a "stalker" and then goes on to homophobicly refer to primink as a "woman" in an attempt to insult him.

No. 762686

File: 1583777067585.jpg (132.17 KB, 1423x848, 3nidfn89.jpg)

Is she still using the same Titanium Hwite foundation she put on for the "goth" tutorial? How is it that her looks are becoming more outdated as time passes? She literally looks like a corpse from the 1980s.

No. 762692


So their biggest draw, content-wise, is a reality show about a woman who was only "famous" for 5 minutes a decade ago for being the plastic surgery disaster/child-bride of a washed-up actor more than 3x her age?

Lillee will be right at home with that kind of trash programming. Laur better not ever let this network talk her into flying Lils out to LA. She'll disappear into some rich old perv's pool house and never be seen again.

No. 762702

> A video simply titled "#CourtneyStodden #Courtney Courtney Stodden"
Holy shit I'm dead. How can this channel somehow be even worse managed than Lillee's?

No. 762715

all of her looks are "i woke up late and did my makeup on the way to work" tier.

No. 762740

Lillee posted this to twitter. It's from her first YT channel from 8 years ago.

Literally no difference from what she's doing now. No growth. No improvement (some of it is actually better than the messy shit she does now.) She will never be able to keep an audience.

No. 762755

File: 1583789129195.jpeg (63.08 KB, 750x257, C6DF764A-4B16-4505-AF9E-6387E1…)

Doesn’t Lillee claim her 1 million Instagram followers came from her previous blogs & YT channels?

No. 762763


I don't think they ever explicitly said that Lillee's IG followers came to her directly from her YT channels/blogs, they just say shit like "Lillee's worked hard for years, she didn't gain 1 million followers overnight, she took a break from youtube to concentrate on IG, she's been blogging since she was 10;" juxtaposing those individual true(ish) statements and then letting people draw their own conclusions, even though they have nothing to do with each other.

Because they're both fully aware that their following isn't real, they're always using weasely statements, so they can claim that they "never said that" whenever they get accused of misrepresenting things.

No. 762827

File: 1583801088644.jpeg (229.98 KB, 750x1333, F505F778-34BD-4140-855F-6B5AE9…)

No. 762828


there is no way that this got an A, it is barely coherent or comprehensive. I was lost trying to read this nonsense

No. 762832

File: 1583804335836.jpeg (34.11 KB, 581x330, DB9A1948-4311-4497-A7CA-DD9BF7…)

>with his impeccable job as a president

No. 762833

Bragging about an essay she wrote in 7th grade? Pathetic.

No. 762838

of course she would choose to write a laudatory essay about a president native americans call the white devil because he was a genocidal pos. but lj's ancestors were burned in ovens you guys so she wins the oppression olympics

No. 762843

Please spoil the close ups on her face, it's disgusting.

No. 762844

File: 1583809683509.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.58 KB, 249x275, 1583809532080.jpg)

Is it just fallout on her face here? What the fuck was she thinking posting this, at first glance it legitimately looks like half of a 5 o'clock shadow. But blue, I guess. She looks like a tranny smurf.

No. 762845

She wrote this while being homeschooled, right? Shows what a great education that got her.

No. 762846

File: 1583812094539.jpeg (114.3 KB, 745x672, 1583777067585-01.jpeg)

It looks like she fucked with the color levels, because more blue is more gooder.

No. 762848

Lj must have lost her dollarshaveclub.com PR.

No. 762871

> run on sentences
> several spelling errors (surly, loosing)
> “do stuff around his town”
> poor essay structure overall

Did Laur mark this or

No. 762883

She was only homeschooled in high school so this was written while she still went to school

No. 762889

>Nobody's vanilla, which president Jackson surly was not, however he did to some positive things thats led a legacy for the rest of us today.

Who gave this a 92? I bet if this was before Laur pulled her out of school, the teacher just did it because Laur was the type of parent to roll up to the school and harass teachers any time LJ didn't get a good grade. Also who brags about grades from the 7th grade? No one gives a fuck LJ lol. Even high school kids don't care about how good they scored in middle school, much less adults who are old enough to be in college.

No. 762892

File: 1583847851017.png (1.18 MB, 750x2259, A1683984-398A-454D-B6BA-BE9C3A…)

No. 762893

File: 1583847874456.png (2.35 MB, 750x4302, 4BAE8B56-6BA8-467F-80B7-08B681…)

No. 762894

File: 1583847930397.png (820.19 KB, 750x1746, B5070214-9438-4083-A072-13E90A…)

No. 762901

These rants really make things look worse for Laur and Lillee. Rather than calling people grannies, drunks and paid to call out their shitty behaviour, they could be rational and address what they have done. All the evidence of their harassment, racism and transphobic comments is out there. The con is up and instead of admitting to it and apologizing they are just making themselves look ridiculous.

No. 762904

We all have eyes and ears. Other than the weird disguise and the annoying cats, Dees/Diane seems normal and likable. I’ve watched most of her content, check her twitter regularly and never have I thought Dees was inebriated. Shouting she’s an old drunk when she’s probably in her 30s, well spoken and always put together is bizarre even by Laur standards.

No. 762919

File: 1583858556442.jpeg (328.41 KB, 750x670, 0F1F47BD-A179-40CB-AEBA-7F7745…)

No. 762923


Lillee is really sensitive about this 7th grade essay. Hours later and she's still steaming.

No. 762927

File: 1583863333284.jpeg (391 KB, 750x893, 011CEF99-5730-47C7-BC63-77FE54…)

Laur is a 52 year old woman. She just needs to stay in the spotlight so much that she uses childish insults on Twitter. Great example for your daughter there.

No. 762932


I don't understand how someone makes it to the ass-end of middle age and still has the mentality of a teenage attention whore. The only "friends" she has are crazy people she met online in the past 6 months; she has no room to be mocking anyone about how "nobody likes you."

No. 762937

File: 1583868585281.jpg (212.01 KB, 1241x1203, ESxPxmZXsAEjkAS.jpg)


Lilz re-did that terrible PPG look. She definitely lurks here.

No. 762956

File: 1583877105710.jpeg (223.85 KB, 750x1276, D978C58C-3111-44F5-A23C-53082C…)

This was posted on her Bite Beauty video from when she made the lipsticks. She is still claiming to have done a photo shoot with Cover Girl. I mean we all know that she was actually on the billboard but the photos were fan submitted. Why is she still lying (actually why is Laur lying since it is obviously her using Lillee’s account)?

No. 762957

File: 1583878642067.jpg (215.98 KB, 942x867, disclaim.jpg)

The past 7 of Lillee's videos have had no specific brands listed in her "goodies" disclaimer, and the section about how some of the free products she mentions may have been gifted to her "months ago" is completely missing.

The ColourPop ambassador code hasn't made a comeback either, so it looks like Laur's attempt to publicly shame the brand by tweeting that lie that they are "in breach of contract" >>754690 by taking Lillee off their PR list didn't pan out.

No. 762962

kek that is just a redo of the pink look she stole from one of the callouts.

Lillee is literally so unimaginative that she has to copy a look she has already copied once.

No. 762982

File: 1583886518315.jpeg (210.13 KB, 746x584, 75E57EF7-EB95-43B4-8106-716C43…)

Lillee responds to a question asking about whether her “collection” is still available for purchase with this response. She is still trying to pass it off as she didn’t correct them and say it wasn’t a collection. I wonder if anyone recorded that video she had on her Instagram of her badmouthing Bite after they told her to stop claiming it was a collab…

No. 763047

I will occasionally text my mom when she’s in the next room, but it’s so bizarre to me that they’re having an entire conversation on Twitter while they’re probably sitting right next to each other in their cramped attic

No. 763109

File: 1583938253718.jpeg (111.02 KB, 750x1333, E0EEF47C-811C-48CC-AA32-DA9801…)

No. 763128


Of all the possibilities to use for an art commission, why the shapeless Fake Date with Pheepy outfit?

No. 763155

Sometimes I convince myself to try to read through these and gather the information myself instead of reading the rundown from other anons. Then I remember 1/3rd of the way through why I don't since their train of thought and ramblings are so confusing it gives me a headache. How do these people function?

No. 763177

File: 1583950589631.jpg (57.29 KB, 750x604, blackfishlaur.jpg)


Laur protected her tweets on that account again…possibly because of this LOLOLOL

No. 763178

Tinfoiling, but I think that this is part of that instagram circle thing. The one where you like each other posts and shit. I think artist who created this, did it because he thinks he'll get followers.
If you visit his IG, he has a bunch of pics that look familiar.

No. 763238

File: 1583972807498.png (347.31 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2020-03-11-19-59-01…)

This account is so embarrassing. The DeviantArt worthy celebrity crossovers are bad enough, but I can't imagine why anybody would pay money for "original" art.

No. 763305

ot but holy shit this dude literally just traces people's photos and tries to "Simpson-ify" them by giving them yellow skin and vague Simpson's features. It's so creepy lmao
Of course Lillee says it's "soo adorable". I wonder if she really thinks that or only thinks so because it's fan art of her.

No. 763309

was it fanart or did she commission it? idk why but LJ and Laur keep commissioning bad artists to draw her. Her shitty disney princess banner was a commission she paid $70 for. for that amount you could get a wayyyyyyyyy better artist

No. 763333

File: 1584018752474.jpg (747.04 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20200312-081043_Twi…)

Because shes too fucking lazy to do any research herself. Talentless hack.

No. 763336


Yeah, I'm sure this last desperate Bob Vagene, who's been clinging on in hopes that she might one day show him a titty, knows a whole lot about makeup. Even Pradip has moved on by now.

No. 763338

it's literally her style of doing heavier makeup vs her style of doing lighter makeup

No. 763364

File: 1584029097906.jpeg (626.3 KB, 947x1024, 72C8AB18-DCB4-4BFE-9DF8-36C137…)

No. 763365


She attempted outdated makeup trends from 4-6 years ago on both sides wow, she's such a failure at this. The combination of her always using the chalkiest white complexion products she can get her hands on, plus her lighting/camera contrast washing her out, means you can't even really see the difference between sides, besides the fake lash and that improperly-placed, unblended line of contour on her cheek.

Also, she's back to saying "ethernal"

No. 763368

Why isn't her skin a lighter yellow than the normal, regular skinned people in the Simpsons?

No. 763369

File: 1584031872346.jpeg (353.02 KB, 750x830, 4515C46A-C2EF-43AA-90B3-7AA150…)

Laur sounds like she lives in fucking Madagascar and not Queens, NY

No. 763372


Guess Laur can't afford Amazon Fresh

No. 763373


>water is low

in what reality? just buy a brita or drink the tap and stfu.

No. 763394

What a joke, does she even know the size of the USA in relation to any European country with similair counts, the USA's corona ratio per citizen head is super low

No. 763426

NY also has pretty clean tap water so she should just suck it up and drink that like the rest of us instead of her precious Fiji.

The ratio per citizen in NYC alone is pretty low atm, but given that it's NYC, a really bad outbreak is to be expected eventually. Though, Laur and LJ never leave the attic so I don't think they have to really worry all too much.

No. 763479


With respect to them living out in like fucking Whitestone, or Bay Ridge, it's like they live in a dense suburban area than what most people think of when they think of New York City.

No. 763480

kek, yeah coronavirus can't be transmitted by instagram lives featuring Bob Vagene Pls, the truemans can breathe a sigh of relief

No. 763566

File: 1584120299236.jpeg (442.58 KB, 750x796, 97A03CC7-C198-4D68-9711-D1B77A…)

No. 763569

the power of blurry frozen foods

No. 763571


I am always amazed at how they feel their corner reflects the entire city.

No. 763605

No. 763608

>empty shelves
I see toilet paper and frozen food? The fuck is she going on about? People in my area are literally buying napkins and paper towels because there’s zero toilet paper anywhere. She’s acting like she has NOTHING and is grasping for bits of sympathy.

No. 763617


A lot of this video is an overview of stuff that has already been documented here and by the callouts, but as of yet hasn't really been mentioned by any of the commentary youtubers who have covered LJ and Laur's shenanigans.

One thing that I think is brand new information is mentioned at around the 9-minute mark of the video. Shannon mentions that, after she tweeted about her plans to do her first LJ video, a drama/tea channel contacted her to try to convince Shannon to squash the story.

As far as I know, the only major dedicated tea channel to have gotten involved prior to Shannon's video was Petty Paige. Could it have been Paige who tried to shut Shannon up? Why would she (or whoever) do that, I wonder?

No. 763618

Most Walmart shelves are usually like that these days. Now that they have pushed most of the competition out of business, the WMs deliberately don't order enough stock of the cheaper brands, to force you to buy the more expensive products.

No. 763623

Lillee posted this travesty at around the same time as CreepShow posted her newest video, today. It's so fucking hilarious how she does everything in the worst possible way.

No. 763624

File: 1584129950685.jpg (119.65 KB, 721x819, petty.jpg)

No. 763625

File: 1584130771797.jpg (121.11 KB, 893x719, bunbun.jpg)

Lillee, or more likely Laur posting from Lillee's account, trying to hint that Shannon is some kind of child predator because…some of her fans are teenagers?

She's already deleted this tweet.

No. 763629

File: 1584131729975.jpg (91.87 KB, 883x566, hypocrite.jpg)

This is really rich, coming from her…

Also, Lillee never pays attention to anyone else's problems without an ulterior motive. I wonder if she and Laur are fishing for new white knights, now that Defango, McSteve and Friends have failed to slay their enemies.

No. 763632

File: 1584132059908.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 7B2B941F-2DE7-4A97-9710-438B5D…)

Lillee did an ig live today where she was showing her feet to her followers again

No. 763634

File: 1584132376688.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, C9E08BDA-4197-402C-8953-6D3AE4…)

No. 763637

They’re going to have a hard time finding someone now. I haven’t seen it mentioned here but Dees/Oomancer/Nok’s side project is destroying Defango. They tipped off Pod Awful, who went on Defango’s show and trolled him for an hour and a half straight. Pod Awful kept asking Defango about eggs.

No. 763639

ew what the fuck

No. 763646

it would appear that oomancer has had their twitter account suspended - is that recent?

No. 763647

File: 1584134900995.jpg (116.19 KB, 888x615, oomegg.jpg)


That was a while ago. This is his latest twitter account

No. 763692

File: 1584151503171.jpeg (207.44 KB, 750x417, BA2A99AC-6B7E-47A1-92D4-51FE48…)

I’m so confused by this. Is she saying she treats people of Asian descent horribly and gave something to a Caucasian man?

No. 763695

I think it was her. I remember when creep was talking about the first video PP said something along the lines of I was going to make a video in response to something. I'm going to see if I can find the screenshot

No. 763697

By "By me" she means "in my area," I think, or "I've noticed that (etc)." As in she sees people discriminating against asians. And then says that the only person she's known to get it is white.

Guessing she means Tom Hanks since she doesn't go outside… Unless Pheepy fell prey?!

No. 763700

Thanks for the translation, seriously it reads like english isn't her first language kek

No. 763702

Over the summer, PP said she was doing a video on the situation and Laur sent her something insane like 200 pages of “evidence”. PP never made the video. Then BFFDees said PP contacted her during the Lauren Elyse/QoB stuff and asked for evidence. BFFDees stated PP said she wasn’t going to follow through with the video because she was afraid Lillee would get hate instead of Laur.

So now PP’s channel is a dumpster fire she’s sniffing around again?

No. 763734

File: 1584193794656.jpeg (357.75 KB, 750x934, 050FA93D-8FEA-4CE7-A71D-7D8F00…)

Laur and Lillee can claim Creepshow is a predator using discord to prey on her underage fans because someone said L&L have an emotionally incestuous relationship. Exactly the same.

No. 763738


The evidence of Laur's disgusting behavior with Lillee; laughing at the bob-vagenes flashing their dicks on IG Live, photoshoots of LiLs with no pants on or her tits barely covered by a gaped-open robe, all the implied nudity, thanking and encouraging the thirsty middle-aged creeps that comment on her IG, even when Lillee was underage, all of it is still up for everyone to see. Now miss "hot child in the city" wants to feign outrage that people noticed her being gross?

No. 763743

File: 1584196927740.png (875.74 KB, 1080x1920, 3CF87B92-35A8-4C12-A89A-5E1FD0…)

Today is the 25th anniversary of Brenda’s, Laur’s sister, suspicious murder. Arpanet & BFFDees tweeted something respectful. Laur is passive aggressively trying to argue with them.

No. 763746

The photoshoots where LJ is clearly topless or provocatively posed are weird enough (there's also THAT gif of Laur putting a bra on LJ), but the weirdest thing is how she has no identity outside of her mom. Her friends and boyfriend are all socks made by Laur. Laur posts on LJ's accounts pretty frequently pretending to be her daughter. Laur was obviously the one who sent the flowers from "Pheepy." LJ herself seems to have no problem with any of this.

I don't know what you'd call that, but "emotional incest" sounds pretty accurate. I still wonder what Diamond Earl thinks of his wife and adult daughter never leaving the house and spending all their time together.

No. 763747

Stop plugging your shite videos Shannon

No. 763750


Not Shannon. Also, sage your retarded tinfoil, dummy.

No. 763753


Manuel, how’s it feel knowing Cheshire chose to fuck her dog over you?

No. 763754

File: 1584205381438.jpg (84.54 KB, 1360x748, kekekeke.jpg)

No. 763758

File: 1584207279041.jpg (723.19 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200314-123301_Twi…)

Somehow the fashion Haunts website looks even worse, to the point randos are pointing out how grade school it looks.

No. 763765

File: 1584209350678.jpeg (315.61 KB, 750x638, B6F8F725-51FE-4F36-85BF-C61A73…)

A social media analytics company replied to old tweets from the callout accounts. Laur’s claiming everyone is bullying her on Brenda’s sacred death day.

No. 763767

File: 1584209711939.jpg (130.56 KB, 1242x2208, 89442161_2516166658604853_5385…)

I think the reason the magazine is such a weird shape is that FH chose to print inexpensive advertising brochures instead of glossy magazines. In my experience, print shops have a handful of set formats, and that type of sideways booklet is the very cheapest. Not that I blame them, since they do give it away for free, which is the expected use of ad booklets.

No. 763768

File: 1584209732521.jpeg (478.24 KB, 750x1052, 960F1733-D70F-40DE-8320-5E1F07…)

Threatening another analytics company with legal action

No. 763773


>Dennis you are a liar but Dees who is also the Cheese you are heinous

Wtf does this even mean? Laur's brain is so weird.

No. 763775

File: 1584212331580.jpeg (238.64 KB, 1152x2048, 8DC5C20A-318E-4C38-837D-918A9E…)

Laur’s reporting the company’s tweets and posted a screenshot of it.

No. 763798

Booklets are usually printed on really big pages and later cut up into sizes, it seems to be a standard bookletsize but rotated. Its probably the standard size that would fill out the big sheets which is sorta a midway between a5 and a4, considering adding just a few centimeters would already make it 30 procent as expensive. Idk why but they switched from vertical to a horizontal "design" but it seems similair size. Maybe its rotated because its available in those remote tourist information stands where they put in flyers, or maybe its cheaper to (glue?) bind this way, either way it looks like one of those 00s office word templates to invite kids to your birthday party

No. 763814

she kind of looks like that gun girl Kaitlin Bennett

No. 763888

File: 1584270096055.jpg (928.07 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200315-120036_Ope…)

Her palettes look disgusting

No. 763894

File: 1584273577150.jpg (362.93 KB, 1366x768, lj nd.jpg)

she's featured this filthy palette before (3rd Feb) and she's somehow made it even more disgusting than it already was.

No. 763900

Laur always says stupid shit like that when she's talks about the people she hates. She called Rekieta "riccota" and so on.

No. 763901

There's something I find hilarious about her powerleveling in this cap.

No. 763902

it looks like she dropped this shit out a window…

No. 763903

She's imitating Donald Trump.

No. 763910

Maybe if you REALLY squint your eyes. Kinda sorta? IMO not really tho, sorry anon.

Lillee could pass for a deranged cousin of hers who’s been kept in the attic her whole life.
At least Bennett looks like a normal person.
Lillee Jean looks like something out of a fucking horror movie.

No. 763912

File: 1584287047034.png (607.65 KB, 800x458, Bennett-header-800x458.png)

maybe if kaitlin bennet stooped taking care of her appearance and had decayed teeth we would see that they look alike.
Imo both look inbreed.

No. 763930

File: 1584302593096.jpg (130.6 KB, 856x793, 9932d.jpg)

BFFDees tweeted this yesterday, Laur took her @iamlaur67 account private, and Lillee has only made a single vague reference about this while tweeting at her mom.

This is such a dramatic difference in behavior from their over-the-top, performative victimhood with the gore that they first claimed was sent to them by a Primink fan and then later said was sent to them on Febuary 9th (4 days before the Primink video even went up.)

Since we've seen time and again that Laur and Lillee don't actually ever learn from their mistakes and alter their behavior accordingly, this makes me think that they sent that original gore to themselves, and this is actually the first time that what they've been lying about has actually happened to them for real. Brenda's anniversary or not, I still don't feel bad for them. They never would have had something like this happen to them if they had just…not tried to blow up the lives of every single person who dared criticized them.

No. 763931

File: 1584302623655.png (13.29 KB, 368x102, Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 3.02.…)

why does laur have this on her twitter??

No. 763932


I think it might be left over from a few months back, when some trolls were spoofing her account, so she changed her banner and pfp to photos of Lillee as a baby in hopes that the trolls would use those pics to imitate her, and then she could claim that the callouts were pedos.

No. 763938


The callout accounts help Laur identify someone who sent her death threats and Laur will probably thank them by sending another incel boomer after them. They did the right thing but Laur’s not going to stop. Fighting with the callout accounts is the only thing she has in her miserable life.

No. 763963

File: 1584316298297.jpeg (914.12 KB, 2678x2654, 2013AC8C-E42B-4020-8A77-C319FD…)

It backfired

No. 763976

I wouldn't have trusted the authenticity of a double forwarded email in the first place. For all anybody knows, that's just another person Laur wanted to defame. Though they didn't name the woman, so maybe they considered this as well.

No. 764011

Is she really 18?

No. 764012


you must be new here. read the previous threads.

No. 764027

This was better than her other art, I don't think its horrible it reminds me of that other eunuch cow on Deviantart. If she stuck to this instead of trying to make makeup videos with basic skills, bad personality and her unfortunate face maybe she could get somewhere.

No. 764146

are you kidding? it looks like a pile of shit. if she was 11 maybe this would be mildly impressive lol

No. 764161

please say psyche. the eunuch sisters are actually good and can draw decent anatomy without a direct reference. lj's shit is barely passable when she copies something directly and when she doesn't it's absolute bottom tier.

No. 764175

File: 1584394812737.jpg (107.85 KB, 859x600, 11111111111.jpg)

We really need a tutorial for this? It's an uneven liquid liner wing, pink lip gloss, clumpy mascara, and a synthetic cosplay wig from aliexpress.

The bar was already on the floor, but even for Lillee this is low skill and low effort. She couldn't even bother to do a red or black brow in keeping with the character?

No. 764193

That hashtag though. How low do you have to sink to use a hashtag about the pandemic to promote your youtube.

No. 764205

I can’t get over how sameface she is in EVERY picture, including cosplays. She does the exact same look with slightly different eye liner or eye shadow. Never any contour or brow powder. The whole makeup angle is just an excuse for her to post selfies and get compliments from socks and random thirsty Indian men. She gives no fucks about makeup artistry.

There’s so many talented MUAs who put effort into their looks. This shit is embarrassing.

No. 764215

Right. She has no talent or skills. Nor does she have any desire to actually learn. Shes lazy af.

She's deleting all negative/critical comments. I went to one of her recent "Buttercup Tutorial" and saw comments that were calling her out for doing the same fucking look every time and just swapping out the colors.
They were getting a bunch of likes.
When I went back later those comments were deleted.
Now the only comments that are left are her sock puppets and the retarded "anti-bullying" crowd, i.e a bunch of 13 year olds. They're the only ones are falling for her phony "sweet lil girl" facade. Because instead of blowing up on people like her lunatic mother, Lillee has been playing innocent victum "all these mean bullies online are picking on me for no reason guyz!!!" shtick. And unfortunately, it's recruiting some naive tweens.
Plus, they're the only ones dumb enough to think her make-up skills are any good.

Maybe this is one cow we should have ignored.

No. 764246

I piss myself laughing every time she posts photos sucking in her cheeks like she's some angular looking model with cheekbones, when in reality she's a short, doughy grandma-baby hybrid with really unfortunate teeth.

No. 764247

I know what my problem with her make up now..the eyebrows. Why cant she do them too? It looks so out of place.

No. 764255

File: 1584436811551.png (107.03 KB, 310x669, Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 3.30…)

Laur tried to buy CSA's information

No. 764267

Where’d you get this?

No. 764272


What is this, anon? Is this you? Did you try to set up some kind of poop-touching sting operation? Do you actually have proof that Laur herself responded to this offer and paid the requested price for Shannon's dox?

No. 764275


This looks fishy as fuck, to me. Manny is that you? Are you trying to plant false milk in hopes that one of the callouts will take it public and then you can "debunk" it?

Chesh is still never gonna fuck you, bro.

No. 764278


Yeah, no. Outside of the obvious rancid stink of bullshit floating off the body of that email, does anyone really think our dear old boomer would know what a bitcoin is, it's worth, or how to use it?

Someone is just fishing for attention.

No. 764284

$2k dollars? Kek they can’t even afford drugstore makeup. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time, Manny.

No. 764303

Lillee goes on a weird rant about Black Widow and the corona virus. She’s trying to co-opt a global pandemic as a premise for her tutorial.

No. 764308

File: 1584471632037.jpeg (181.83 KB, 750x404, 890CFED0-3208-43A1-B103-88658A…)

Lookin’ g8 Lillee. Keep giving us uneven graphic eyeliner looks.

No. 764313

File: 1584474695245.jpeg (48.98 KB, 750x402, 1FED8A9B-0433-446A-BC72-37C29E…)

No. 764333

File: 1584481777903.png (247.71 KB, 854x480, screenshot.png)

Why is she naked?

No. 764335

File: 1584482329278.png (471.93 KB, 1004x2546, lilleereply.png)

Someone gave Lillee a nice comment urging her to own up to her actions in the nicest tone I've seen in awhile. How do you think Lillee replied, everyone?

If you guessed by lying that she's been told to kill herself daily since she was 15, then you're right.

No. 764336

Wtf is she doing…drawing on a mustache with a sharpie?

No. 764356

What an obnoxious response. She really thinks everyone is stupid and can’t see thru her bullshit.

No. 764358

File: 1584493927266.jpeg (240.63 KB, 750x644, A86C9CC9-8C82-4B02-9F67-E1D2F2…)

Primink blocked Lillee after he released his video because she was posting gory photos on his twitter timeline. She previously claimed Prim blocked her because she tweeted he needed to pay her royalties. It’s so infuriating how she just fucking lies about everything.

No. 764359

She's talking about comments from here like the hatchet face comparisons

No. 764362

>hatchet face
Hi Lillee!

No. 764363

Anon are you fucking retarded, learn2read.

This image is surreal. Between the random dips and bumps in her lashline eyeliner, the uneven liner of her lids, the bucktoothed ogre-esqu expression, forever unfilled eyebrows, peach eyeshadow, and whatever weird shit she's doing to her lips…
Truly, the gift that keeps on giving. These kinds of things are why I feel like Laur is actively sabotaging lille, not trying to help her. What kind of mother lets her daughter look like a fucking loon as a "career?" As her momager, she even encourages it. Seriously bizarre.

No. 764376

> I feel like Laur is actively sabotaging lille
I think the same, sabotage mixed with infantilization. It's so incongruous, because you usually see that kind of deliberate destruction from people with religious fixations, not from a woman who's trying to whore her daughter out for a media career.

No. 764383

It's because anon just compared them a few days ago. Chill out and read the thread: >>761899

No. 764493

some retard made a video defending Lillee Jean while driving on a busy street

No. 764499

File: 1584564085534.jpg (148.9 KB, 1636x659, 20200318.jpg)


This braintrust is also subscribed to Dr. Phil, daytime television's version of a freakshow barker, so it's funny that she's trying to stand on some kind of morality soapbox, given what kind of exploitative things entertain her.

She's just another literal mouth-breather who admits from the start that she didn't bother to do even the least bit of research. She likes Lillee because she sees herself in Lillee, and she wants to believe that the only thing standing between a talentless snaggletooth and big fame is "dA haTUrZ."

Apparently Lillee has quite a bit of appeal to dumpy, emotionally-stunted older women with low/slow cognition.

No. 764501

File: 1584564979724.jpg (335.19 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20200318-145327_You…)

Lillees latest tutorial is exactly the caliber of expertise that I would expect from any other booty guru with 1mil followers and not at all reminiscent of a toddler that got a hold of a sharpie.

No. 764502

File: 1584565150992.jpg (247.09 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20200318-130431_You…)

I mean just look at how clean and symmetrical her line work is!

No. 764503

File: 1584565209536.jpg (548.91 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200318-215911_Ope…)

Makeup genius

No. 764504

Why does she tense her neck so much all the damn time? Does she think it makes her look skinnier having a neck like a 90 year old woman?