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File: 1586071087637.png (1.13 MB, 979x682, 1583529399193.png)

No. 767645

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Used to have 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (now around 975k), 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (mostly fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (private)

Other relevant links are in first reply.


>Lillee continues ruining palettes like it's her job >>755148

>LJ teams up with Danger Zone to continue attacking the callout accounts with bogus accusations >>755116
>Laur says her aunt has passed away and uses that as a reason not to attend NYFW because they need to sit shiva at their home for some reason >>755936 She claims BFFDees has been harassing her over the loss >>755937
>Interestingly, the above comes just as BFFDees claims she has been catfishing Laur for a month and will be releasing a video with the gathered info >>755950 Laur goes into overdrive damage control and tries to beat BFFDees to the punch >>755979 BFFDees video drops with a goldmine of information and proof of Laur's hypocrisy and craziness >>756208
>Lillee posts a video of outtakes from a tutorial where she won't stop crying, TEH BULLIEZ >>756146
>Laur goes on a purge of DMs that BFFDees has already released and attempts to share a message from her shaming her for being so guilty and includes her insane reply as well >>756449 Said "daggers": >>756460 Laur claims Lillee received a ton of threats and that she is hysterical and they are going to the cops >>756515 Lillee tunes into another user's livestream not long after >>756526
>BFFDees finally snaps at Laur and tells her to cut contact or she will go to the cops, turning the tables on her >>757215
>Primink's video drops, gaining the whole story a lot more attention >>757339 Lillee continues responding to all the hate comments to continue rising her engagement >>757390 Primink claims he was blocked the moment he replied to LJ's video response on why he didn't interview her, and that Laur already had him blocked from the get-go >>757879 Repzion also claims he is working on a video on the Truemans >>757987
>LJ and Laur now claim that BFFDees was the one behind Shaniqua >>757432 despite this not making any sense in any timeline. They end up editing the profile with BFFDees' face which only makes them look even more guilty >>758422 She continues to lean on this lie >>758527 even if it
>Tired Lady creates a facebook group called Lillee Jean Army >>757609 and >>757617 She threatens to report all the cyberbully children to their parents as well >>757779 Despite LJ's hoard of Jeaniez, surprisingly the facebook group does not gain a lot of members >>758023 Instead, the group turns into a planning area for accounts to mass flag >>758685 and continue to spread lies >>758749
>An ASMR channel claims she has gotten bombarded with spam after leaving one comment on a video from LJ's channel >>758301 and >>758302
>"Officer Morgan" (Tired Lady's husband >>758517 ) tells BFFDees that Chris Hansen contacted him due to the "abuse" >>758373 He tries to walk back his initial claim >>758533 but also has no problem threatening people anyway >>758536
>Def Noodles releases a video on Lillee as well, which is much harsher than Primink's in tone >>758512 He makes another video not long after detailing the mass flagging and responses from her he's received >>761533
>The interview with Fashion Haunts goes live >>759695 (note: removed on this post, view here >>759998 ) and it's a disaster of a video. Lillee cries during the whole thing, brings up how she lost all her friends because of her internet fame, and commandeers the entire interview
>Someone makes an article summarizing Primink's video with a few inaccuracies >>760013 Laur gets it taken down quickly by harrassing the hosting service >>760031 and threatens the author for daring to reply to BFFDees >>760492 She also gets a t-shirt being sold by the callouts to be taken down for using her icon on it >>760575 The original author says they will take statements from public tweets and will not discuss in DMs, and Laur says she will sue >>760840
>Lillee claims she has been making a documentary a la Shane Dawson on her cyberbully adventures and posts a video of herself crying as proof she got death threats >>760963 BFFDees shoots her down immediately >>760977
>Someone signs LJ up for a bunch of college admissions email subscriptions >>761344
>Tired Lady is still trying to figure out how they reverse goatsed Laur's internet >>761770
>LJ is getting her own TV show!!! On a pay to play network called FNL, but she isn't getting any money or commission >>762608 The app is filled with fake reviews and stats >>762617 and a youtube channel to rival LJ's >>762674
>Lillee's 7th grade report on Andrew Jackson, an impeccable president >>762827
>Laur is running low on food and water thanks to the coronavirus >>763369 Her supermarket photos tell a horrifying tale of blurry food and only Scott-brand toilet paper >>7663566
>Tired Lady posts a long list detailing the current positions (mostly lies) the LJ Army is standing under, including that Shaniqua does not exist (despite both Lillee and Laur claiming to have met her) >>765966
>Laur releases an hour-long video responding to all the drama >>767277 (Summaries: >>767291 and >>767299)
>Lillee's hair is not red, guys, it is golden >>767525

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>>707075 #4
>>718259 #5
>>724333 #6
>>736259 #7
>>754981 #8

No. 767646


Lillee Jean Trueman:


Website domains:


Social Media:

(listed newest to oldest)

https://www.facebook.com/lillee.jean (inactive)
https://www.facebook.com/IngeniousIngenue (deleted)

https://www.instagram.com/sillylillee_ (inactive)
https://www.instagram.com/lillee.is.lyfe (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/truoo_ (deleted)

https://www.twitter.com/lil41801 (inactive)

https://plus.google.com/+LilleeJean (deleted)
https://vero.co (verified)


https://www.youtube.com/user/lil41801 (inactive)


Lilz Trueman:

https://plus.google.com/+LilzTrueman (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/queenlillee (inactive)



Acting, singing, booking profiles:


Art and gifs:



http://theyeballqueen.blogspot.com (as Lilz, inactive)

Lillee Jean Cosmetics:

"Makeup for all genders, skin tones, and races– inspired by being unique, and embracing yourself. Produced by Lillee Jean exclusively. Launching 2020."

https://www.instagram.com/lilleejeancosmetics (inactive)
https://twitter.com/lilleecosmetics (inactive)
http://www.lilleejeancosmetics.com (registered anon)



Model and MUA profiles:

https://www.beautylish.com/lil41801 (inactive)
https://vixennow.com/2019/07/08/new-colourpop-california-love-palette-ultra-blotted-lip-makeup-tutorial-lillee-jean (suspended)



Podcast and interviews:



Barbie's full name


Promotions on beauty sites:


Fake famous:




Laura "Laur" Rene Trueman:



https://www.instagram.com/lrtrueman (renamed)

https://www.twitter.com/rvt01 (renamed)

Lau Trueman


http://www.examiner.com/user-alkaia100 (deleted)
https://www.reddit.com/user/BeautyGuruChatter (deleted)

https://www.docketbird.com/court-cases/Earl-D-Trueman-and-Laura-R-Trueman/nyeb-1:2018-bk-45768 (bankruptcy)


Jeaniez Management Inc:



Rene, Publicist/PR representing @lilleejean and @1change4change




Ingenious Ingenue Management Group:

Laur and Oscar Benjamin (inactive)

Laura's Antique Businesses:

(dug in the first thread, deleted pages in archive.org)

https://www.instagram.com/leitiques (current)

https://www.facebook.com/Leitiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/TravelinTiques (deleted)
https://www.facebook.com/Truetiques (deleted)

http://www.travelintiques.com (no longer registered)
http://www.rvt01.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt (deleted)
http://www.rvt02.com (no longer registered)
http://www.goantiques.com/members/rvt2 (deleted)

http://rvt01.blogspot.com (deleted) | http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://rvt01.blogspot.com
https://www.blogger.com/profile/18048975528250722218 | http://reynehaines.blogspot.com/2011/12/huffington-post-blogging.html

https://www.ebay.com/str/travelintiques (deleted)






Earl Trueman:


Justice for Brenda:

Laur Trueman

http://www.justiceforbrenda.com (no longer registered)
http://www.brendaleemarkswolf.com (no longer registered)

Sock and shill accounts:



https://www.instagram.com/clevderobt (creator of @ljeanfp)
https://www.instagram.com/lennytradare (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/lillees.lil.jeanie (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/perry_cynda (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/raphael_01_butera (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/stohalodea (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/WilmaSwanson16 (deleted)

https://twitter.com/DeniaReeler (deleted)
https://twitter.com/TamyLov39567654 (deleted)

baby gold
Natalie DeHoff
Rachel M
Ryanna White
Sonia Gianelli

No. 767649

File: 1586072233735.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.04 KB, 1241x1791, E33B42E8-A0E5-411E-9142-4D9722…)

I want to puke

No. 767651

I'm so sorry but I must point out one more time that at 5:25 in this video she says she "doesn't think black is free", but catches herself and says "on the eyes" lmfao

No. 767652


her thigh looks like an easter ham

No. 767654

File: 1586073429132.png (37.09 KB, 1241x333, ll.png)

There's a lot to unpack here. First off, someone is trying to hook her up with her son? Lmao what. Second, she found out how to filter comments so she can't get hate anymore.

No. 767658


"my oldest son is single now"

great just give him an abusive manipulative MIL and a wife who will run to her mummy anytime something happens, Lillee couldn't function in a normal relationship I also don't see her mentioning her ~*totally real boyfriend*~ unless they "broke up" and I missed it

No. 767660

Laur will probably never let Lillee legitimately date or get married. She's stuck in that attic until Laur croaks.
Yeah I honestly think she just ignored the last line lol.

No. 767669

Gurl she a big gurl. Is she not too old for dressing like A Disney princess? I know its about the make up but i dont think its only for the make up for her. Why would u show ur ham leg if its only about the make up? Grow up girl cos this? This is cringe.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 767676

can we PLEASE put this in a doc next thread???

No. 767697

Next they'll say that Pheepy was another obsessive fan with depression and they just "played along" with him pretending to be LJ's boyfriend to make him feel better.

No. 767701

I didn’t think Lillee’s obsession with Disney and dolls in itself is that weird. Some of you guys might not know but there is a large community of adult Disney fanatics and doll collectors. For example some barbies are super expensive and made exclusively for collectors, not kids. There are also things like 10k Disney themed engagement rings. There’s even a dating site for disney fans https://www.mousemingle.com/toprated Lillee clearly belongs to this niche.

The difference is that these people don’t usually act like they’re 9, or play with the dolls or try to look like them. Imo her weird infantile character is a mix of having those type of interests + being socially underdeveloped for her age by her mother. If you mix those two things together you get something like Lillee.

No. 767702

File: 1586104873515.jpeg (198.79 KB, 1536x359, 95BC1F2B-5A46-4B61-8359-FBF867…)

Not any new milk. I just found this to be fucking terrifying. Why would she choose this to be the thumbnail…

No. 767703

You are somewhat right on that, anon, but there's something off about Lillee specifically that to me doesn't put her in line with other genuine collectors. Whenever I've seen photos of what she actually has most of them look on the more infantile, cheap and mass-produced end of the spectrum rather than anything actually collectible, and she also never seems to actually talk about what makes her collection special or interesting. She just seems like someone with arrested development and a child-age interest in Disney to me.

No. 767704

She seems to mostly have Funko Pops, which literally every parent is buying for their 10 year old for Christmas, then those toddler princess dolls for literally three year olds that have outsized heads, and then maybe a small handful of unimpressive vintage reproductions that you could get on eBay for around $20.
If it makes her happy so be it, but you couldn't really consider it in line with serious adult collectors.

No. 767706


Laur saying that they're "Collectables" or whatever made me laugh, mass produced plastic Baby Princess dolls? My niece has some but she's fucking 7 yrs old, not to mention even if they did become collectable they're out of the box and what looks to be regularly played with, honestly reminds me of when people thought those Disney Special Edition Videos were collectable and started listing them for extortionate prices on Ebay, Laur is so out of touch with absolutely everything I genuinely believe she doesn't have any friends/family she speaks to regularly it's just her and Lillee

No. 767707

OP here. I did that before and was told it hides them from searches in the future. Moving forward I'd be fine sticking it in a pastebin or something if that's no longer a concern (I think the old threads having them will do enough to get into search results).

No. 767712

Nah op, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s perfect. if that poster wants that, maybe they should do the thread next time. I appreciate your work.

No. 767713

File: 1586112932650.jpeg (200.6 KB, 750x673, 0DA63B65-657E-4FE5-A9F3-E9F7F2…)

Lillee trying to edgy is my favorite.

No. 767714


Gives me "Fellow kids" or "Girl from super religious family trying to relate to kids her age but not quite getting it" vibes

No. 767726

So you like smelling musty and damp. Attic dweller confirmed.

No. 767743

File: 1586130682992.png (21.49 KB, 744x219, 0128.png)

Stay tuned you guys, she's going to do Jasmine, but as her friend…to avoid blackface, you know?

No. 767749

if you could that would be great. i don't think it's a huge concern anymore. maybe keep the more recent/active ones in the OP.

calm down

No. 767813

File: 1586180730507.jpg (285.22 KB, 1080x1211, 20200406_084420.jpg)

Why is she flipping off her dedicated Jeaniez? Unless she knows her main viewers are just there to watch her make a fool of herself.

No. 767814

I am laughing so fucking hard

No. 767815

Them ingrown making you a lil snippy, anon

No. 767932

It's late for me, but I kept reading that as nightmare skin. That made more sense to me all things considered.

No. 767966

File: 1586269627933.jpg (704.92 KB, 1080x1628, 20200407_092334.jpg)

What is going on with her bottom lip in these photos?

No. 767967

Looks like extremely incompetent overlining with a lipstick finish that makes it look even worse

No. 767968

File: 1586270350710.jpg (649.52 KB, 1051x1028, Screenshot_20200407-093633_You…)

"What you bought on Wish vs What you get" Crazy Shut in Edition

No. 767981


What did she do to her hair? Usually it's oily ropes with bristly split ends, but here it looks kind of like taxidermied fur?

No. 767990

I bet she brushed it out to resemble a mane because "Leo is my rising sign"

No. 767991


She really needs to give up on the blonde brows. They look gray in every picture. when she does them darker, they look a thousand times better. They dont do her face any favors like this

No. 767993

Ol one look lillee strikes again!

No. 767996


She will never. She already smears her ashy foundation in them, and then uses blonde brow products because her identity is so tied up in being a light, pale, fair, blonde, blue-eyed European princess that she can't let herself appear on camera without them. She even refused to do the signature dark brown brows for her Elsa cosplay because she can't let that delusion go.

No. 768003

That lipstick is super patchy.

No. 768012

I truly think she gets off on showing everyone how ugly she is

No. 768015

I don't get why she's always trying to look topless. Is this supposed to be sexy?

No. 768053

File: 1586306189966.jpeg (907.27 KB, 1242x1738, 3D11C9E5-784A-400E-95F2-BD1BE9…)

LJ posted this on one of her alts trying to “prove” it’s not her. Except those fat pale fingers look painfully similar and whatever happened to her fans being depressed indian/latina/black teens?

No. 768055

That also looks a hell of a lot like her purple fingernail polish in the corner of her pinkie.

No. 768057

File: 1586309796862.jpg (61.71 KB, 1223x946, ljhands.jpg)


This is so weird and dumb for multiple reasons. First, why would they write that in the inside cover of a book instead of a piece of paper? Second, no one cares. The only people interacting with that account are Lillee and Laur's other fake fan pages; who are they proving anything to? Third, it proves exactly nothing, as the only thing visible is a pasty white hand with chewed-up cuticles. It could be anyone's hand.

Interesting to note: Lillee's most recent upload to YT is a swatch video with close-ups of her raggedy, bloody cuticles. The nails in this "proof" picture are shorter, but she could have trimmed them when she took off the nail polish.

No. 768061

Kek, it could be Laur. >>700467

But yeah, it doesn’t matter if it’s a “fan” or even a Diamond Earl cameo. After creating like 40 fan accounts of yourself, I would hope you’d get at least a couple of actual fans. I’m sure there are some younger people out there without critical thinking skills who buy into her cyberbullying whinefest.

No. 768067

Lol of course this "other person" wouldn't post an actual photo of their face, the only way to truly prove they aren't Lillee or her mom. Anyone can write on a piece of paper, she's so dumb.
I'm going to upload a photo to my Instagram with "This is the real profile of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson", because when you write it down it's 100% true, right?

No. 768088

File: 1586328746295.png (845.16 KB, 1141x581, oof.PNG)

No. 768091

File: 1586331014367.png (171.91 KB, 257x345, dsa.PNG)

I just watched defnoodles' video and man, this made me feel weirdly sorry for her. She and her mom are clearly mentally handicapped I don't even have the heart to say retarded, she still has her dolls, the entire thing is just so childish and shoddy. They should be in some mental institution making pasta collages, not dropping the pasta from their pockets.

No. 768096

File: 1586335721510.jpg (193.26 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20200408-034805_You…)

There is that Harvard worthy education folks.

No. 768113



wtf did she have a stoke writing this also what happened to poor sweet "just a child" pure Lillee who was uncomfortable talking about the better than sex mascara

No. 768117

So she doesn’t know how long a pregnancy lasts and she also believes that life begins at conception.

No. 768125

>In our parents stomach
Yeah that's definitely where babies grow Lillee.

No. 768127

Lillee's a retard for sure but wtf is that first comment even trying to say?

No. 768130

They’re saying that they want to change their zodiac because Lillee is also an Aries. Her weird reply was totally uncalled for kek

No. 768136

also if your real birthday is a year earlier… then it would still be the same birthday

No. 768137

That's really what's sending me with this whole thing

No. 768210

File: 1586395032052.jpg (64.74 KB, 1289x347, 9023823.jpg)

Laur has been frantically adding bots almost daily, trying to keep Lillee's follower count treading water around 975k since February. They finally lost that battle.

Happy early Birthday Lillee!

No. 768211

What does she think the "birth" in birthday refers to?

No. 768215

I'm fucking rekt, anons. Holy shit. I try not to check up on her threads too much because her unique brand of disgusting makes her like a horrorcow to me, but God this was worth it.

Tears in my eyes, my sides.

No. 768216

I only look here when Trailor Thot is dry, but goddamnit is this not the story of a mentally disabled little girl who wants to be a "beauty influencer" and mom is just pretending to be Kris Jenner and giving her special-needs daughter the opportunity to pretend to live the dream? Ive watched all the videos Creepshow Art did on them, I just cant believe this is real.

No. 768222

They’re back to quickly buying cheap bots. You look at one account, go back to the list and there are several more bots.

No. 768301

File: 1586462954140.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1805, A81A7EB3-9D1A-4B07-A5FA-0243B3…)

“Momanager” from hell recently made her private insta public again and it’s filled with insanity. Here she calls her toddler daughter minx. Her constant infantilisation of Lillee while simultaneously whoring her out is pure cringe.

No. 768309

yeah i never know how to phrase this because i don't want to make it sound like i'm accusing laur of something more but i fucking can't stand the way she sexualizes lillee. it's at least emotional incest or something. she really treats lillee like a possession and gives her no personal privacy or dignity.

No. 768317

File: 1586474623812.png (2.09 MB, 1872x1200, laur.png)

what the fuck

No. 768318

I think Laur might be legit mentally retarded.

No. 768326

wow this is the weirdest one. i get that sometimes if a little kid is doing a model pose or something like that parents can joke about them being a heart breaker or some shit as a joke, but what in this pic is there even to joke about? i can't even think of an innocent explanation for this caption if i try to be really generous. also, she sounds like one of their pajeets. "hair bob"?

No. 768334

Tinfoil but as disturbing as it may sound, this may be something more than just emotional incest. Laurs constant sexualisation of Lillee since she was a baby, her odd behavior when men jerk off during LJ’s live-streams and her posing LJ provocatively when she was a minor makes me think this is beyond an unhealthy codependency. She also called Lillee a whore in the background of a live-stream

No. 768335

^and that laur sends Lillee flowers pretending to be her boyfriend pheepy. That’s just not normal “mom” behavior

No. 768336

It's stuff like this that makes me feel bad for LJ. She might be a shitty, self-centered person, but she's grown up isolated with her mom having some creepy obsession with her. There are almost no photos of her with other family members. No grandparents or cousins, or friends. LJ is alone or with her mom even in childhood photos.

I think LJ's been isolated for almost her entire life, without any real family or support system other than mommy dearest.

No. 768346

How sad is it that a group of strangers on the internet seem to have a bigger issue with this than the people around them in their personal lives?

No. 768348


They don't have anyone in their personal lives

No. 768352

File: 1586487250167.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 768356

File: 1586488180997.jpg (419.29 KB, 1079x1624, Screenshot_20200409-230809_Ins…)

Not sure if this has been previously posted but just saw this on Laur's IG. Weren't they recently saying that black people needed to get over slavery?

No. 768358

yeah same. i find lillee annoying but i consider laur the actual lolcow, especially since we can never be sure which of lillee's posts were actually written by lillee.
at times lillee seems like she lacks empathy and only cares about herself, but i can't really blame her. why would she give a fuck about anyone else if she's never had a meaningful relationship with anyone irl? why wouldn't she become self obsessed being cooped up all the time?

No. 768360

I pity Lillee. Laur essentially handicapped Lillee in some sick need to replace her murdered baby sister. With all the sexually inappropriate stuff coming out and Lillee saying CPS came to their house, I can’t help but wonder why Laur really pulled Lillee out of school and locked Lillee in the attic.

No. 768362


While I do agree Lillee is under some amount of control and isolation by her mom, I really think being pulled out of school had to deal with Lillee throwing a fit that she didn't like it. And her mom finding her daughter to do no wrong and bend at her whim, I think she just complied because that's what Lillee wanted.

No. 768364

Both Lillee and Laur strike me as the type to believe that Lillee is above "normal" school, and Lillee is only worth taking the "Harvard-accredited online schooling".

No. 768367

Lillee said multiple times that she dislikes having set schedules and she has to do things her own way.

No. 768370

It's the Aries in her. Gag.

I fully expect James Dee to catch covid19 and pass away. Laur and Lillee will be "devastated" and bring it up at every turn, while avoiding showing showing proof he passed away due to his family's privacy. (Can't have Lillee Jean's crazy stalkers showing up to his funeral, ya kno)

Tie up that loose end, and gives Laur and LJ another sympathy card to slam down (along with the the long, long dead sister and old ass aunt).

Its really telling that LJ is counting down to her Birthday. If she was doing a big giveaway or something for a her birthday, that would be one thing. She's basically telling her followers to wish her happy birthday constantly because no one will remember or care without it being shoved in their face constantly.

No. 768373

File: 1586494461861.png (121.65 KB, 624x398, 2193-065.png)

Yeah what a bright idea to bring more attention to the very obviously staged photo of Lillee's stubby fingers so even more people can speculate.
And of course pair it with an absolute nightmare fuel of a gif.

No. 768376

File: 1586494652344.png (376.69 KB, 502x770, lf.png)

These are the same fingers just at slightly different angles.

No. 768377

Didn't she also say it was because she was being bullied for becoming "too famous"? Or am I misremembering that awful Fashion Haunts interview?

No. 768379

File: 1586495104803.png (232.21 KB, 503x505, 2020-04-10 010130.png)

She seriously looks so much better with contour and darker brows. Not to mention the darker hair isn't that bad either. But if she wants to keep fucking herself over with her Jeff The Killer cosplay, oh well.
Also kek at her fucking up her own watermark on the left.

No. 768384

Contouring really does wonders for her fat face.

The funny thing is that she's using contour products and blush, but then blends it until you can't see it anymore.

No. 768398

File: 1586508831189.png (76.12 KB, 802x442, tllt.png)

lollllll whaaaaat

is tired lady writing fan fiction now, or did laur run to her telling crazy lies because the callouts stopped talking to her and she needs attention?

No. 768400


Ironic that she looks the most normal when she’s literally “dressing up” as a character. That’s how you know your looks are fucked up.

No. 768409

What the fuck? And she didn't even tag Laur. It's like she's getting off to the thought of weird fantasy stories she played out in her head, but doesn't want Laur to know about it.

No. 768410

That, on top of having the ring light on the brightest setting so it washes out any trace of contouring.

No. 768411

> buldge
That's the Harvard level education showing.

No. 768413

>>768376 The one on the left has really short nail beds (possibly from bitten nails), LJs definitely aren't that short

No. 768416

Maybe they're Laurs kek.
But yeah even if Lillee super clipped her nails down, her nailbeds aren't that short. It is really sus the nails on the left have a speck of the lavender nail polish on the pinky which seem to be the same color of Lillee's.

No. 768430

File: 1586521812854.png (476.02 KB, 675x652, fingers.png)

It does look like Laur. Her nailbeds are similarly short.

No. 768445

File: 1586528218958.jpg (589.12 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20200410-053632_Twi…)

I thought maybe this was suppose to be a really terrible attempt at an April Fools joke, but… then the rest of these would be too?

Also added wtfness, Lillee Jean Liked it. She's agreeing with the old Betty's lies.

No. 768446

Why does she think anyone gives a fuck about Laur? "#LaurTruemanTruth"? I literally couldn't care less about her previous career.

No. 768449

The #leavelilleealone campaign failed because the callout accounts focus on Laur’s bad behavior. Boomer brigade created a hashtag campaign to protect Laur looooool

No. 768456

Sorry if this is something kind of lame to complain about, but it really bothers me how she has such bad skin, but doesn't ever have a set routine. Every single video she has a new moisturizer, serum, oil, etc. You would think with crappy skin you'd find holy grails and stick to them? Or don't switch it up so much, because that's probably what's irritating the hell out of her skin.

No. 768457


But Laur has said soooo many times that she doesn't care what anyone says about her, as long as they leave Lillee alone? The booomer army is only supposed to be concentrating on helping the "yOUnG gIrL jUSt sTArtInG hER cArEer." Someone should tell Laur that her narcissism is hanging out.

No. 768459


Yeah, but anon, one or two skincare brands are the only ones left that don't care about her scamming or shitty reputation and still send her free stuff. You can't expect her to just not slop on all the free product on camera so she can pretend she's a legitimate booty guru.

No. 768462

>youngest accounting manager/legal administrator
I know it was mentioned in the last thread, but these are basically fancy terms for administrative assistant/secretary. A lot of companies will even hire 18-19 year olds with no experience for these positions because the work is simple and the pay is low. It's hilarious how they try to exaggerate every meager effort as some kind of big, worldly accomplishment.

No. 768463

sage for useless but there's tons of cheap ways to have a good and consistent skincare routine that lillie could use, if she looked into it. you don't need a fancy serum or lotion to have good skin but i guess it's a pride thing for her. drugstores sell brandless versions of many skincare products for much cheaper, or she could even get creative and mix some essential oils like tea tree with a carrier oil and experiment with what works best with her skin. to have good skin it's extremely important to find a routine that works for you and stick to it. but what do we expect of lillie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ girl needs help(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 768468

That’s nice. You ever thought about starting a blog anon?

No. 768469

Those are definitely Laurs hands.

No. 768472

Lol yep they're super stubby fingers with short nail beds. Also that's the only other person Lillee knows.

No. 768476

same anon.
Her skin looks shitty because she's using new products every other video and it can't get used to one.

But because she's slapping fucking oil on her "dry" skin… she really knows nothing about anything.

No. 768567

File: 1586590419167.jpg (77.27 KB, 728x772, 9238r5-34.jpg)

Laur has her tweets protected so I can't see how she's responding, but it looks like Lillee's "fan" got locked out of their @lilleejeanarmy IG account. I think this usually happens when someone gets reported as spam and hasn't provided a valid mobile number for their account.

Still can't tell if this is a troll or someone who legitimately fixates on trash people (Chris Brown, Pedo Yaniv,) and has latched on to Lillee and Laur because they will asskiss anyone that gives them a crumb of positive attention.

No. 768630

She talks about one of the new fan accounts being a troll in her latest video.

No. 768637

is anyone going to tl;dr this because listening to her more than a minute gives me a headache

No. 768644

File: 1586643139599.jpeg (171.97 KB, 750x394, FDFE6098-25FD-454F-A002-5AB2BD…)

She took questions from her IG followers.

“Who was your favorite WW2 leader?”
Lillee says FDR and states she knows a lot about history because her mom sells vintage items.

“How did you get into makeup?”
Claims here (and 2 more times later in the video) that Queen of Blending & Jaclyn Hill were her inspiration. Even though her momager’s video released last week defames QoB by saying she started the reddit threads.

She talks about her what she looks for in a boyfriend, about not being able to hang out with friends in quarantine even though there’s no proof Lillee has had physical contact with anyone outside their home since Sept 2019, a cat that died of brain cancer because the previous owner (Laur’s ex best friend) smoked and dropped the cat on it’s head, talks about getting 70 hate comments a day and her mom helping her go through them, talks about her teeth being “gapped” but normal, once again talks about quitting school to focus on her career, pulls up troll fan page and says they seem “young” but doesn’t censor out any of their info and says she won’t go to events until they can afford security because of the threats made on her life.

No. 768645

lillee jean is the embodiment of skinny legend

No. 768647

Sorry, Laur. Still not going to fat shame your goblin spawn.(hi cow)

No. 768648

>fat shame

No. 768669

Kind of unrelated, but how do you drop a cat on its head? I know not every single cat lands on their feet, but I've never seen or heard of a cat legitimately landing on its head?

No. 768697


Some notes before you read this:
Yes, I hate myself for doing this, quarantine boredom got the best of me.
I apologize for the horrible mispellings of the usernames, she doesn't put some of the screenshots of the questions on screen, so I'm only going by ear.
I separated the paragraphs based on the questions. The questions are inbetween hyphens ('). If she's imitating what someone said, what she said in the past, or is talking in a character outside of her own sentence I put it in quotation marks ("). If I am typing out an action that she is doing in the video I use aterisks (*/italicized font on here). If she left out information that is needed I put them in brackets ([]). If she emphasized something I put it inbetween tildes (~). If I couldn't understand what she said, and interpreted it as best I could, I put a question mark in parenthesis ((?)/(???)). My own thoughts as I'm going along are in parentheses (()).
Any video she says she linked in the description, is not linked in the description.
I saved everyone the multitude of "ums" and "uhs". Also, take a shot every time she says like, I should have edited those out too to be honest, I'm so sorry.

Hello Jeaniez and welcome back to my channel! I am currently freaking maimed. I tried taking some really cute photos with Silky but she like dug her nails in, scratched me. She’s just, she’s having a moment today okay. And really, I’m intruding on her but I really wanted the photo but– …maimed. Slaps collarbone Ow!
So with that being said, yeah I’m a little bit like snaps HMPH. We are going to be doing a Q&A today, so a few days ago I put on my Instagram like "Ask me questions", and we are going to go through those questions alongside some Youtube questions, I hope you guys enjoy. Hit that subscribe button and comment down below your thoughts on my answers. We’re going to begin with the Instagram and then go to the Youtube.
Alright so the first one was from YaMan420 'Follow Me Back': (She doesn’t respond to this)
The next one is from DrawnsAndConcepts (?) 'What do you look for in a guy?': Well in peep (?) Okay, loyalty. Can handle mood swings; one minute breaking up, one minute "I love you", but like not really meaning it. Compassion and passion. Somebody who leaves me to do my stuff and like is not stuck up my ass. So like, I’m doing my makeup, I don’t want you next to me. You might be so hot and like I melt, but sweetie go be hot somewhere else right now. That’s how that is. So, not stuck up my ass, has like their own hobbies. Understands the word debate. Is hot, nice eyes, dreamy. And overall a good soul.
Oh this one is from bubbalmony. He said ‘Proud of you!’: He’s so sweet.
This is from YaMan again. He said ‘When did you start doing what you are doing, I really love you.’ Visibly gushes oo! ‘And please follow me!’ Alright, so I started this when I was like air quotes MMPH 8 if you will. And then I kind of went into the makeupbloggers.blogspot.com and got really immersed into makeup and you know stealing mommy’s makeup, that sort of thing. Below I’m going to link my blog, so it’s kind of fun revisiting it and seeing like where I began. I used to watch Jaclyn Hill, Queen of Blending, stuff like that, and yeah just kind of grew a love for it. I mean, art does run in my family (lol). So it’s not something totally far-fetched, but I watch and I just pick up (again lol).
This is from FCSudoTimeStretch_E (I’m trying my best). They said, ‘What’s your fav vegetable?’: Broccoli starts fantasizing about it ohh, I love broccoli. You could put cheese on it, you can put it in chicken, chicken and broccoli and cheese, mmmmm…..
Moving along, from HDSamir, he said: ‘Hi, my name is HD Samir, much love from India, and advance happy birthday to you.” Aww! Thank you Samir, so sweet!
Actor_deepanshu_goyal says ‘What do you do nowadays in lockdown?’: I mean okay, I can’t go to events, I can’t socialize with people I love. But, you know, it’s not much different than like me just recording and like pulls up phone to face “Hi, speak, Facetime.” It really didn’t impact me like ~that~.
Stevie says ‘How did you originally get into makeup?': So much like YaMan, Yuhman, Yem… Pulls up old photos of herself to the left side of the screen It just was something that sort of like kindled and fired in me, like I’ve always loved makeup, it’s just something that I used it as an escape for a really long time to kind of change myself. And then as I got older I kind of used it more as just artistic and this is what I love.
Alright, so Geezeland says ‘Did you try the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss yet? Please try them.”: I think I’ve only tried her holiday set lip kit, so it was Mary Jo K and Charmer. Charmer is AMAZING and so is Mary Jo K, I really like the texture on the lips, and despite popular belief, it actually is a little bit different than Colourpop. It doesn’t crack and it just feels kind of like, smooth. So, I haven’t tried her High Glosses yet, but I don’t know, let me know in the comments below if you guys think they’re worth it to invest in.
Lovely.lillee says ‘What’s the first thing you plan to do when quarantine is over? Love you by the way!’: Well I love you too, thank you! So, events. Unquarantining from my boyfriend; that’s definitely a priority. Remeeting up with friends because you know, Facetime is great, but there are some letbacks because you can’t physically talk with them, hug them, stuff like that. (No I didn’t have typos, she made up the words unquarantining, remeeting, and letbacks instead of setbacks) Definitely going out and shopping again because I LOVE to shop. Makes wind sound
Veil says ‘Hi Lillee Jean’: Well, hi Veil!
HoneyClown says ‘Do you like history and if so, who is your favorite WWII leader?’: Definitely would say FDR, he really gave the people encouragement during that time, which is definitely what they need. You know, my mom sells vintage sort of items, so it’s kind of like I’ve been around this since I was little. Like history and vintage items, so it’s not unfamiliar to me in many ways.
Gabrielle says ‘Tell me about your pets. They’re so cute!’: Gabrielle, Gabrielle, Gabrielle. Violently smacks collarbone again THIS is the mark of not cuteness. I want you to go check out my “I am Silky" video. Okay, so I set Silky up as like a Super Spy. It is so funny (it’s probably not). I’m gonna link that below! My cats, well, Bella is an older tabby. Inserts another photo of her as a fat kid I think she’s like 15 now, but that girl still has jump and spry. Bella Marie is just mmm, my everything. She’s so unique and pretty with her orange stripes. When I originally got her, I went for her brother, who was orange, like totally orange, but he was taken from somebody already. So I was like “Bella’s better!” We went to the animal shelter, got her, brought her home, and the first thing I did, don’t judge me, she kept hiding under tables, I like tried pulling her out, like THIS aggressive claw hands like imagine a loaf of bread. Yeah, I tried pulling her out aggressive claw hands again and like I felt like Bella hated me, but I felt like it actually built a bonding experience (No, your cat fucking hated you). Like, Bella and I now understand each other on such deep levels (Oh, that you’re a complete psycho?). Like, when I’m sick, Bella’s there snaps finger, she’s my spirit animal. When I’m crying snaps finger, Bella’s there, she will sit on top of me. After that, we had Grandma Wrinkles. Grandma Wrinkles was a tabby that my mom took in from her EX-FRIEND (she says this in a really loud whisper). And she was a runt. She was really, really tiny, but so soft. And, she died from brain cancer. I think it’s because my mom’s ex-best friend was a smoker and her kids kept dropping Grandma Wrinkles on her head. Speeds up the video for some reason for like 2 seconds showing nothing, she does this multiple times through the video I’m not a doctor, but I’m just letting you know, it was horrible, and when she was put down, she literally peed on the floor in the kitchen, and you could hear this, this meow that was so painful. Like, imitates cat screeching, pray for my ears. It was like the worst thing ever to hear. And then my mom had to put her down. But as my mom was putting her down, Silky actually came out of the pen. Where she went was a vet that also kind of cared for lost cats, and somehow the door, and it was like a really big glass door, was open, and Silky came out and jumped in my mom’s lap. Her paws were on her chest and she just looked up and started purring, and that was Silky. Sold. I think Silky was 3. I don’t believe they’re correct that she was 3 because she has gray hairs now and we’ve only had her like 4 years, so I don’t really know about that (My personal input, I have a black cat that is currently 2 years old with gray/silver hairs. I think that’s just black cats sometimes). I do know that she is a Burmese which is pretty amazing as a find, so in sunlight, she is this beautiful mahogany brown color, it’s like gorgeous.
Gabrielle also wants to know ‘How I’m dealing with quarantine’: I’m okay actually. Like I said earlier, I haven’t really been like emotionally impacted that much. I mean, I do have anxiety, but actually not from quarantine. I am getting more anxiety because, you know, when you log on and see all these hate comments, it’s like “Girl, step in your lane, what the heck?” (I think she meant stay in your lane, but ok) And when you just wake up and then you see like 70 [comments] held for review, it’s like slumps in her chair and pouts. So I am having my mom help me with that now. So like, she’s just going through the held for review and people who write nice things, I got you guys, I’m responding because it’s not good for me mentally. It’s really, really toxic. On Instagram I have a spam filter, but I don’t have to see your shit, it just, snaps it goes away. Not the same on Youtube. Though I think it should kind of be the same. How are YOU doing?
Lastly Gabrielle would like to know ‘Who inspired me to be a Youtuber’: So, that one is easy. Jaclyn Hill. I used to love her tutorials so, so much. I liked Queen of Blending too, more on Beautylish for like her blending and vibrancy of color. But for the actual construct of tutorials I just love Jaclyn’s videos so much.
Ashley would like to know ‘What advice can you give about doubting yourself’: Euf. I don’t think I’m the best person to give you advice on that. I know I seem very confident (no you don’t), but I am queen of doubt and worry (we know). I mean if you look up Aries, Leo, Pisces moon…yeah…shrugs. It’s like hand and hand, girl. Doubting yourself, I think that for me I haven’t myself gotten to the point where I could say advice other than the people around me have helped me work through it. So when I’m having a moment where I’m like “Does my hair look weird to you? It’s not good enough.” Well my family, friends, boyfriend will be like “Girl, that mane is on fire” (they’re fucking lying to you). And I’ll be like “Okay I feel better”. I mean personally I think about doubt, hmm. Okay, everyday I’m told “Your makeup sucks!” (it does) I’m very determined so I go back and I go starts blending eyeshadow with eyeshadow brush “Yeah? What you talking about, girl?” So, doubt for me is like really hard, and I just turn it into…lemonade without sugar. (This whole answer was so much fucking word vomit)
Lilleejeansicle who I love, oh my God, Jordan who owns Lilleejeansicle (sure he does) was being attacked by these freaking monsters, high-pitched voice “You must be Lillee! No, you must be Lillee!” and he was like clicks tongue and pulls up the middle finger photo again and their finger is clearly very different from mine (But not from Laur’s though). And, you know, they want silence. Okay, Jordan does not have thy beauty mark points at beauty mark that you can’t see because of the ring light washing her skin out, nor…where is my other beauty mark? Hold on. Keeps looking for beauty mark Beauty mark, where’d you go? I swear I have a beauty mark somewhere. Cuts to her pointing at beauty mark on her pinky Nor do they have a pinky beauty mark. So yeah that was hysterical. (Define hysterical)
Okay anyways, ‘What are some favorite TV shows you can recommend?’: I’m a huge cartoon girl. So Bam & Beyond (?) I love (I couldn’t understand what she said here, and even tried googling it, no idea what she said or what she’s talking about). I love Teen Titans Go, I can’t watch it like a binge otherwise it’s so annoying, but like a few episodes: Hysterical. Big Hero 6’s series: Amazing. Tangled, The Adventurers. What else? Lilo and Stitch the series. Did you know somebody called me Myrtle, oh my God. Pfft. (You are Myrtle, Lillee). Okay moving on, I definitely really think you guys should look into Batman the Animated series. Young Justice is really good. Gargoyles is really good. Hmm, I have more I’ll get back to you- OH I used to love Teen Wolf, that’s until they like made Scott go with hyena-girl whatever, that was like totally weird, and then eh, it kind of like lost ~the fizzle~.
Rita would like to say ‘Hi’. Hi Rita!
LordofSkies808 ‘fav color’: PURPLE. But it has to be a specific purple. Like lilac or lavender. I’ll accept both.
OmarSumar says ‘You are shooting Lillee’ (Lol another Indian guy): Oh, the heart!
GabrielleFousheeFitness gave me a flex arm [emoji]: Well thank you, stay fit guys!
StillLatinoSophie says ‘When are you going to get braces?’: Now, inspects Sophie’s profile picture Sophie looks 10. So I don’t really want to be mean here, but I like my teeth the way they are (you shouldn’t). You know, there’s no cavities, there’s nothing going on (sure looks like there is), there’s no crowding, they’re just gapped. I mean, shows teeth they’re just gapped. And it’s really not that bad (yes it is). I mean people make it out like I’m a monster (you are) and it’s like “Jesus Christ I’m more beautiful than you’ll ever be” (I audibly scoffed out loud, yes she literally fucking said this, 11:25).
Anyways, Ella says ‘fav ice cream?’: Oh that’s easy. Mint chocolate chip. Oh so good! I also really fancy chocolate with brownie chunks. wind sounds again
Ella would like to know ‘if I’m scared of the Corona’: Yeah, I’m a little worried about my mom going out on trips because it’s dangerous. I mean they have made some improvements in stores, like only 4 people at once, cleansing every 2 days (shouldn’t it be every night?), but I am really, really worried (as opposed to you being only a little worried 5 seconds ago?). It’s scary, highly contagious and ugh puts hands in face.
[This next part I think she cut out the question of what her zodiac sign is because she just jumps right into an answer]: My zodiac sign is Aries, my rising is Leo, my birthday is April 18th, and my rising sign is Pisces. So basically I have two fire. I have my Aries which is my dominant personality, my Leo which is my spotlight, and my Pisces which kind of tones down any Aries that can be a little bit like…irrational?
Volkin, this is in Turkish, says ‘Merhaba ozelle misage gunder' (Sorry if that was offensive, I just typed what I heard). I totally murdered that, but thank you!
Sandra says ‘Could you please talk to me’: Aww… makes sad face Sandra I’m sending you lots of love!
Princess in (???) says ‘I want to talk to you’: Okay. Now this one will make you guys laugh. Okay, so I had this person restricted because I don’t block people, I just restrict them, unless you say like “Go kill yourself”, you’re restricted, because most of you guys come back and follow (no we don’t) and it’s like “No hard feelings! Okay!” You know, that’s just how I am, I really don’t hold grudges. So, I had this person blocked because a while ago they said something really just disgusting but like, not blockable, just like tosses hand, okay. And, get ready, they turned their page into a fan page called “Lilleesjeaniezz_” with two z’s and an underscore. And before they changed shit over to that, get ready, shows screenshots of all messages from this person “I bet your breath smells disgusting lmao”, “Why are your teeth ugly like that”, “Why is your hair so greasy?” I mean I didn’t know this was greasy it’s just beautiful (HA), “Why are your followers fake?”, “Why do you fake your life gram?” (She misreads this, it actually says “Why do you fake your life for the gram?”) laughs, so what I did was I dmed anybody who has a fan page of me (so you messaged yourself multiple times?) like “Don’t follow them” and besides that, I head on dmed them and they blocked me. I’m just going to assume they’re really young.
One of my besties Kerri says ‘No question just I love who you are and proud of what you have done’: She is so, so sweet. You guys should definitely give her a follow. She loves Disney, she loves a lot of Le Manuel (?) stuff like that. (So, yourself? Cool.)
Lilleejeanqueen ‘What is your top 3 makeup brands?’: Two Faced, Tarte, Huda.
Eduardo Rubio (his name is Edgar lmfao) says ‘I know your favorite movie! Which is your favorite hobby during this quarantine?’: Okay, Eduardo, are you asking me what my favorite movie is because that is like hard. I cannot pick one. Like I could tell you House Bunny, I could tell you Pocahontas, I could tell you Mulan, like it’s like I have a lot of favorites. Hobby, besides makeup right now, movies.
ItsRomy says ‘Hi!’: Waves Hi!
IfYouFeelCity says ‘Hi, have you rated my new poem?’: I’m sorry, where is your poem?
MaggieSecrets says ‘Are you okayyy?’: Yeah, this weird concept that I’m Rapunzel in a tower is getting a little…interesting, I might just play with it because it's like throws hands back, becomes dramatic “OH WOAH IS ME gasps I’m locked in a tower inhales creating accounts holds up phone. My evil mom is telling me what to do like a puppet woooOOOooOOO witch sounds” I mean I might have fun with that because, girl, that is the most hysterical thing I’ve ever heard, but I [can] get why somebody would really believe that? (I think she meant to say can't) I’m my own woman, I’m my own person. And my mom if you view her debunking video literally tells you that she has let me do everything including when I lost weight when I was prediabetic. It’s just, that’s our relationship. People are making it out to be very disgusting and it’s like “I’m sorry you don’t have a good bond”. But I’m back to being Rapunzel. Please shower me with gifts and feel the sympathy. (Sounds like you're a bit insecure about the secrets cracking, considering you just spouted off about it to the question “are you okay”)
GigiHaseeb (?) says ‘Favorite friend’: Guys, check him out on YouTube, he does some cool dubstep.
StyleTopGringo says ‘[Thumbs up emoji]’: Thumbs up back
RobertOmille says ‘What is your favorite nonwork or makeup thing to do under this health crisis?’: So yeah, binge-watching movies, working out, regular art; you know traditional, digital. Playing with my dolls, dressing them up, cleaning them, tending to them (Lillee you are a fucking adult), cleaning my makeup, dressing up. What are you doing?
SpicyNoodle wants to know ‘what got me into makeup’: Jaclyn Hill, Queen of Blending, and loving makeup.
MakeupbyYounique (Hahahaha, this might be Unique idk she doesn’t put the screenshots, but if it’s someone from an MLM I’m cackling) ‘Favorite Netflix show or movie?’: So, favorite Netflix show…Castlevania. I don’t like the second season at all. It’s kind of like “Where did that vision go?”, but I really love that and Disenchantment, oh my God, cake smacks hands together (what the fuck?) Movie right now…mmm, I’ve actually been binge-watching TV shows now that I think of it.
NarienKadam says ‘YFK’: What does that mean? You Fuck Kadam? (LOL she’s off the deep end)
KashiqueMiquona (I’m so sorry I’m butchering these) says ‘I love you Lillee baby, one time reply to me’: Well, I’m replying to you here, hi!
Saiko says ‘What’s your favorite makeup look from 2019?’: OOOO. 2019, okay so 2019 I started to kind of get like more into my YouTube again. Eh, I don’t really think I had any looks I really liked (We didn’t either). AND, I was starting to get back into actual like ~makeup~, because I went through my green phase, and like when I hit 18 is when I started to like go back into like “I like color”. I go through phases shrugs.
NotGun says ‘favorite makeup look’: Okay so favorite look would definitely have to be this cranberry look I did, it was November I think (Oh, so November 2019? The year you just said you didn't like any looks from? Ok). Cranberry on the eyes, lips, oh so beautiful. I’m gonna link it below. I just, I love it. And my eyes really pop with it.
BurtelniniLisa says ‘Hi!’: Hi Lisa! waves
DJ Alex says ‘Let’s make a movie’: Ooo, we’re gonna film? What are we filming? Or, do you mean we’re watching something?
Chrisna says ‘change your profile pic’: And as soon as he said that, I actually did change my profile picture on Instagram. But he says he likes my eyes, with the eyeball emojis. Well thank you! Anybody who ever criticized my eyes, like including gouging them out when I was 15. Which is like, traumatic, okay? I say this all the time, “You wish”. I have amazing Ukrainian eyes snaps.
SlattEdits wants to know 'my favorite beverage': I’m a water or tea person. And tea without sugar. Like…plain.
There’s a little bit more on Instagram but I want to kind of go onto YouTube because Persia had really, really good questions.
Okay, so her first one, ‘How old are you?’: I am 18, I’m going to be 19 in…8 days.
‘Do you have a TikTok?’: I do. So a lot of you guys are discovering it like “Is this real?”, it’s @LilleeJean. I kind of use TikTok as like a placeholder for storage. So, what my phone can’t hold, I just put on there, and like resave it if I need it, and then crop out the TikTok. Yeah, that’s what I do. I really should invest more time in it because it’s becoming so popular.
‘What music do you like?’: So, I like Disney songs. I like…okay so I’m just going to read you off my playlist. Fire by Caspian, Warriors by Imagine Dragons, Firewoman by The Cult, Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones, Paint it Black by Rolling Stones, Begging for Threads by Banks, Sugar by Robin Schulz, Win Some Lose Some by You Me At 6 (Calls them You Meet Me at 6 lmfao), Feeling Good by Avicii and Muse, Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye Kygo Remix, Fake It by Seether, so like my taste is like dubstep and rock and also house.
‘When corona is over will you consider going on tour?’ (LMFAO): No. Not until I can afford having bodyguards, there are way too many threats that happened on my life that I just will never feel safe again. But I will feel safer when I can afford people standing by me who are like way taller, way buffier, that’s not a word but you know what I mean (yes, you meant buffer Lillee). No. Not until I can afford.
‘Do you go to public school, private school, charter school, or are you homeschooled?’: I graduated. So what happened was I was in regular like public school air quotes puts photo of her popping her butt out in 9th grade, all the way until I was in 10th grade. 10th grade I decided we’re doing online just because everything got way too busy for me with my career (lol what career?) and I went to Keystone online (it failed you), and then graduated like wow, a year ago I think? (Lillee you're not old, at all. You can remember when you graduated.)
‘What’s your favorite color?’: Purple.
‘Dogs or cats?’: Cats. I’m impartial, they’re just so clean, and so fuzzy and cute. And not that a dog isn’t, but like squeals purr kisses.
‘Do you have any pets?’: Two.
‘Siblings?’: None. Only me. (Yeah that’s why your mom is obsessed with you).
I am losing my voice guys.
The rest is an annoying outro I don’t feel like typing

No. 768700

She’s insufferable, lol at she saying she will go to events once she can afford security as if that’s ever happening. G8 job based anon, I hate myself for reading that but thanks for your sacrifice.

No. 768705


Act like "air quotes puts photo of her popping her butt out in 9th grade" is in italics. Apologies, added that after the fact.

No. 768733

>Jesus Christ I’m more beautiful than you’ll ever be
Can't imagine why she ever had to buy followers with a glowing personality like this.

No. 768776

The other really terrible part:
>On Instagram I have a spam filter, but I don’t have to see your shit, it just, snaps it goes away.
That bitch just lumped whoever asked her a question in with the "trolls". I don't know how it's possible to be so smug and unappreciative of any positive or neutral attention.

No. 768777

File: 1586714978863.jpg (455.81 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200412-130823_You…)

Maybe don't tell people they are ugly inside and out when you look like this and tell people you are more beautiful than they will ever be.

No. 768778

No. 768779

Her foundation is soooo light. She is not a clown she’s the whole goddamn circus

No. 768781

My poor eyes. This is terrible. It's so out of sync wtf.

No. 768785

Honestly this is the cringiest thing I've ever witnessed. Holy. Shit. How does she post this and not feel a cosmic sense of embarrassment?

No. 768786

i'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a racist and homophobic bitch. how embarrassing.

No. 768787

She must be slow. There is no other explanation.

No. 768791

Isolation and coddling by her bff Mommy Dearest in an attic since being pulled out of school. Arrested development because she wasn't around her peers long enough to learn socially acceptable behavior, and experience embarrassment/shame for outrageous attitudes (racist, homophobic, narcissistic) and behaviors (making plays with toddler dolls, this video) explain it just fine without giving her a pass for her cringe behavior because she is "slow".

No. 768792

Is she drunk

No. 768794


She is in them goddamn pajama pants again. Does she only have two pieces of non-cosplay clothing?

No. 768795

Her mom hasn't found any good deals recently on Ebay for used, stretched out clothes.

No. 768800

File: 1586729691426.png (25.44 KB, 530x343, comment.png)

Replying to her own pinned comment to up the engagement.

No. 768801

File: 1586729736805.png (943.33 KB, 1280x720, ljsmall.png)

She hasn't changed at all.

No. 768802

Her teeth are the exact same lmfao. She said her mom "let her" lose weight when she was pre-diabetic, um, she needed to lose weight. There should have never been debate for that. Imagine if she still had that hair.

No. 768803

Oh yeah and I also want to point out she's holding Bella, who claims "She’s so unique and pretty with her orange stripes" >>768697
That cat is gray. With gray stripes. There is no orange on Bella.

No. 768804


It seems that Lillee has picked up on Laur's habit of just lying for no reason about shit that no one even cares about.

No. 768805

File: 1586730411633.png (16.18 KB, 842x179, e8fc2.png)

Her and Laur are going to have an absolute field day making up an outrageous "love" story for her and Phillipe. You know they're going to have met in some completely rare way, like Lillee was dying in the hospital and Phillipe was her doctor that fell in love with her. Or some bullshit like that.

No. 768806

File: 1586730524979.webm (4.02 MB, 576x1024, Lillee_Jean_on_TikTok-68147502…)

She has to have 0 grip on reality to actually upload this to the internet and feel no shame. My poor eyes. She really thinks she's hot shit.


No. 768807

Exactly like Anon said in >>768791 she's being told she's absolute hot shit by her mom since 10th grade when she was locked in the attic. Lillee tries to say she's not a damsel in distress with an evil mom, but her mom is living vicariously through her (or trying to), resulting in this…monstrosity. You know her mom is off to the side probably clapping her on too. They're all the saddest and most delusional people I've genuinely ever seen, it's horrifying.

No. 768809

She reminds me of like 10 year olds who find their older sibling's phone and start recording cringey, embarrassing videos on it. Except unironically.

No. 768814

File: 1586731432366.jpeg (239.38 KB, 750x410, 1580766211846.jpeg)

>cleaning my makeup
Insert John Cena meme asking "Are you sure about that?"

No. 768825

i'm excited to hear what kind of bs they will come up with

No. 768827


Whatever story they make up will be full of traps of their own making. They've been lying about Pheepy for years, with no attempt at any real continuity because it was mostly just Laur and Lillee playing make-believe with each other knowing that they had no actual audience (at the time.)

Now everything they've posted to social media has been documented and screenshotted by hundreds of people. No matter what sort of meet-cute fairytale they come up with, some callout or other is gonna be waiting to pounce on it with receipts to point out that "oh, how could you have been in Paris with Pheepy on this date when you were doing an audition for the new Supergirl show in LA?!"

No. 768892

No but you don't understand Anon, she was with Pheepy in Paris at 4:30pm, while the event ended at 3:30pm, so she totally had enough time to take a plane there.
I'm so ready for her to wiggle her way around it.

No. 768897

File: 1586769520508.png (1.59 MB, 1912x971, code.png)

GUYS. She got someone to give her a fucking discount code.
She says she currently doesn't make a percentage, it's only to get her foot in the door with the company so they might want to collab with her in the future

No. 768899

File: 1586770000550.jpg (929.31 KB, 1672x3264, c.jpg)

No. 768900

I swear she lives in these black and red buffalo plaid pj pants at this point. Invest in more pants than fake followers.

No. 768901

File: 1586770652854.jpg (353.78 KB, 1383x1648, lookfantastic.jpg)


That directly contradicts the partnership information from their website, so either Lillee is lying about the commission, or it's a scam and they use this bait-and-switch tactic to get dummy wannabe "infulencers" to do advertising for them for free.

No. 768902

My personal bet is that it's a scam. The "collab" she is talking about is probably when the influencer starts making commission, but she will never get enough purchases from fans for them to even consider it. Or, they are a complete and total scam where they never give the commission promise even if the influencer makes enough.
Only sketchy ass companies like this would give Lillee the time of day.

No. 768903

This screenshot proves she emailed them for a discount code, they didn't approach her.

No. 768908

Definitely looks like she pestered them for one but I’m still surprised any company would even want to do unpaid work with her fake ass

No. 768910

The language she uses in her video makes me think she had to purchase the items from Look Fantastic. Lillee bought items from them in order to make free advertising in hopes of getting an affiliate code that generates a commission, kek.

No. 768924

File: 1586787332791.jpeg (425.76 KB, 1242x1509, FB7414F7-CB06-4F77-AF4F-1798FB…)

Back at it again claiming she has “autoimmune diseases”’

No. 768926


She says she has eczema, which is considered an autoimmune disorder. However, rather than just say "I have eczema (that I self diagnosed with Google)", she calls it an autoimmune disorder because eczema isn't special or interesting. Same thing as being "prediabetic". She was an obese child.

No. 768931

This will end up the same way as the Colourpop code.. with them dropping her because she wasn't bringing in any sales because all her fans are fake.

No. 768934


she's really going to end up posted in a tiktok "cringe compilation" or someone will post that on twitter making fun of her

No. 768935

If they have low enough standards they might stick around to get that free publicity from her 2 real fans. Doubt it though

No. 768939

I don't understand how she constantly gets everyday words and phrases wrong. The song is called Boss Bitch. Pretty sure Bitch Boss just means you're a shitty boss.

No. 768943

Or she's trying to be eDgY and think it makes her look cool to call herself a bitch

No. 768956

A few times it has been mentioned that we don't know if it's Lillee or Laur responding to people. In her most recent Q&A video she mentions that Laur is the one who reads the "Held for review" messages, so it must be Laur that responds to the hateful ones underneath Lillee's video.

No. 768981

I wonder if this collab (or more importantly, the chance to make money from it) is the reason Laur is being quiet and her comments are being filtered? Can't have them checking up on her video and seeing how insane she and her mother are.

No. 768984

Or the fact that several comments pop up stating that her followers are fake lol

No. 768995

All they have to do is look her up on YouTube and they’ll see all the videos about her fake followers

No. 768999

This is what's so bizarre to me, she obviously approached them, and they didn't even find one article/video/post about the clusterfuck of her social media career? Or they did and somehow still don't give a shit?

No. 769001

I've never even heard of this brand before. I doubt they really looked into it or watched the drama videos. Her instagram looks like a normal influencer nowadays. The engagement pods definitely helped her comments a lot, since it's not just Laur on 40 different sock accounts typing "yaaaasss gurrrlll"

No. 769009

What is wrong with her face. Every single shot she gets is always fucking awful no matter what.

No. 769010

guys, this is probably not a collab, some brands have a form that just plugs in your IG or twitter info and they will auto-email you a code based on your numbers.

No. 769013

Ah, so no interaction or research from the brand at all probably. I didn't know this was a thing, thank you for informing.

No. 769014

np, the site looks like it says you just sign up through their "trusted partner network" so chances are it's just that. laur is probably combing the web for sites that do that.

No. 769015

Oh yeah now that you've brought that up, there's no doubt. Any brand that won't research before giving a code is their jackpot.

No. 769022

File: 1586835329894.png (3.39 MB, 1242x2208, 9A0F9776-4630-42E9-90CC-F656B2…)

Nit picky af but I absolutely CANNOT with her facial expressions throughout the horrendous Tik Tok kek like wtf is this

No. 769029

File: 1586849646551.png (185.66 KB, 772x531, 0ir3.png)

She is so desperate for somebody besides her mom and two thirsty neckbeards to care.

No. 769045

On this other one >>768806 it looks like she has something in her mouth the entire time and it's making me irrationally angry.

No. 769095

surprised she's not whining about not being able to go out due to pandemic, but then, she wouldn't be going anywhere normally expect to maybe a chain steakhouse with her mom.

No. 769139

File: 1586920487896.jpeg (328.41 KB, 1242x2057, 41183B0B-CFB6-429B-B6D9-6BE386…)

Oh noooo is it sweet innocent baby jane showing her middle finger :0 the cyberbooolies have corrupted the 19 year old CHILD

No. 769140

Also judging by her newest Tik Toks and weirdly sexual workouts/foot fetish shit, me thinks she’s in the middle of another personality revamp into a full blown trailer trash, dollar store version internet thot

No. 769143


She keeps "accidentally" almost flashing her tits. When that doesn't keep the bobvagenes coming back, she's going to escalate to actual nudity, and Laur will be right there on the sidelines, with no pants on, laughing at all the dicks on IG live.

No. 769149

File: 1586923388711.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean.webm)

What does this even mean? No inbetween what? The song doesn't help.

No. 769152

just exhibiting how pathetically illiterate she is once again. Probably picked up the phrase from the internet without having the fucking brain to realize how to use it correctly. Also, she needs to wash her hair jfc

No. 769158

This is 100% one of the places that makes you purchase items in order to become an "ambassador" and promote them. No reputable company gives out affiliate links without vetting people, but there are tons of "pay to play" ig sponsors out there.

No. 769173

File: 1586951795322.png (485.82 KB, 822x691, Capture.PNG)

Can she stop pretending she has the faintest idea of how exercise works? How in the fuck are half-assed starjumps with an occasional half-squat going to do anything for your abs? And she can't do mountain climbers to save her life

No. 769182

File: 1586960505482.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 433.05 KB, 750x1184, A69503AC-7257-4D3F-9E95-02C53A…)

Lillee has a sore throat and has posted numerous pictures of her tonsils to her IG stories asking Dr Instagram to diagnose.

No. 769185

Omfg she has the posting maturity of a literal 11 year old. No one anywhere near her age would think it was a good idea to post a picture of their throat, or that anyone would give a shit.

No. 769192

Fucking hell, thank you for slapping a spoiler on that - absolutely harrowing.

No. 769309

Lillee’s Princess Jasmine inspired tutorial is out.

-Starts off with terrible signing.
-Lillee’s oily hair is matted to her head like usual.
-Lillee doesn’t want to “harm anyone’s feelings” or “destroy their culture” with her Disney Princess inspired makeup look.
-Makes up a “skit” about her Jasmine doll doing her makeup to get around any cultural appropriation issues. Brings doll on camera.
-Smears eyeliner & eyeshadows all over face with dirty fingers.
-Says Jasmine would go cruelty free, so she’s picking products that don’t have “animal byproducts”. Still uses a ton of products that aren’t cruelty free.
-Says Jasmine would use lots of Huda Beauty products. ?!?!?
-Attempts to style her oily, dirty hair.
-Says people are requesting Mulan as man look but Lillee doesn’t think it’s appropriate. Thinking about creating another “skit” with Mulan. Yay!
-Ends video with more terrible singing.

No. 769320

>Says Jasmine would use lots of Huda Beauty products. ?!?!?
So I looked it up and apparently Jasmine was originally supposed to be set in Baghdad, an Iraqi city, but changed to the fictional city, Agrabah. Huda Kattan is Iraqi. I guess she felt smart combining those two, but still a weird claim nonetheless. Like just because someone is from a certain place doesn't mean they'll unconditionally support the makeup from that place?

No. 769321

She claims once again that her hair is "Dark blonde with golden reflects".

No. 769323

File: 1587055172935.png (426.97 KB, 1236x675, Ljj.png)

Some screenshots I feel are worthy to be shared

No. 769324

File: 1587055234079.png (439.73 KB, 1214x674, ljj2.png)

No. 769325

File: 1587055273364.png (510.32 KB, 1214x676, ljj3.png)

No. 769326

File: 1587055294762.png (484.06 KB, 1210x680, ljj4.png)

last one

No. 769327

Nah she's been using a lot of different Huda products in her most recent video so she's probably received them as a PR package and she's trying to plug their brand. I doubt she would be bothered to look into Huda's nationality when in the past she hasn't been bothered to check the pronunciation of other brands and makeup artists.

No. 769331

Or she's trying to get PR from them. I doubt she's getting PR from Huda, but I could be wrong.

No. 769333

It's like almost every other cosplay she looks topless.

No. 769337

I think it's jarring she so desperately wants to be seen as a Disney princess but she looks and acts like a typical Disney villain instead

No. 769338


I feel like Huda Beauty is one of the more coveted brands where influencers with skill and an actual following have to wait ages to make it onto their PR list.

They're not giving a spot on the list to Lillee.

No. 769339

I still don't get why she tenses up her neck when she grins like that. Combined with the bug eyes and ear-to-ear grin, it's why she looks so off-putting in all of these pictures. If she just smiled normally it wouldn't look half as bad.

No. 769341

I second what Anon said here >>769338
If anything, she actually did randomly do a little research because she loves Disney and it's the only thing she can be bothered to look up.

No. 769343

She got a massive PR package from Huda 1-2 weeks ago. It was on her ig stories

No. 769344

File: 1587059597552.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, C67C9B5C-2255-4A3C-BDC0-FC9E1A…)

Her neck looks like it belongs to a horse

No. 769346

I’m guessing she bought it. Before she stopped mentioning brands sending her PR in her YouTube description, she would lie all the time about brands like maybelline, Natasha Denona and karity etc sending her “goodies” when it was just her mom buying that shit for her. Also, one of the ways I can tell she’s lying is that she gets these supposed PR packages weeks or even months after the initial launch when other influencers I follow either get them before the product is released or days after. She lies all the fucking time and no brands other than shady ass ones are giving her the time of day

No. 769347

File: 1587060409587.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1037, huda.png)


I mean, Lillee has been caught buying used PR off Poshmark before. Unless the IG story included something like a letter from the PR team addressed to her, I wouldn't assume that anything she claims as PR is legit.

Her Huda palette swatch video from a couple weeks ago showed a close-up of the pans and it was clear that they'd been used. Lillee tried to say that she was "so excited" (about this basic-ass palette?) that she couldn't wait and had already swatched it off-camera. She used that excuse before, I think on the Natasha Denona palette that she very obviously bought used.

No. 769350

"dark blonde" AKA "brown"

No. 769351

She resells all this used PR too I’m pretty sure. There’s no way she gets so much shit in “PR” and then proceeds to use the same beat up essence palette

No. 769353

and you believed her?

No. 769356

I'd like to hope she's not getting it from them direct but she's definitely trying to act like she is.

I checked the Look Fantastic website and they don't stock Huda anyway so the other anon's are probably right that she's brought it from somewhere like Poshmark

No. 769395

“harm anyone’s feelings” “destroy their culture”
So annoying how she doesn’t really understand cultural appropriation and mixes everything up. You can cosplay a character of color without doing black face, and a poc can cosplay white characters too. No need to create a « concept » with her doll… it’s even more revealing that she has to create a concept when confronted to an Arabic character. And regarding cultural appropriation her lazy cheap plastic costume is as offensive as cheap Native American Halloween costume. She doesn’t even understand how to cosplay (I know she isn’t a cosplayer but she does kind of cosplay in her princess makeup series).

No. 769396

File: 1587082216101.jpeg (520.43 KB, 640x900, F3279A25-713B-4C8D-82B4-6DA8D1…)

Oh and btw, this is for you all disling her teeth
She does it on purpose

No. 769397


It seems like every other photo/video/tiktok she posts has her giving the middle finger to her "haters" even when no one is talking about her. She knows full well that no one watching her actually likes her, and she definitely lurks here (hi Lillee!) I think at this point, she just does purposefully cringey stuff to keep our attention because she doesn't have anyone else.

Laur promised her a hoarde of adoring fans, and all she's got is a few farmers who laugh at her as she fails over and over.

No. 769399

File: 1587084098156.webm (8.5 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean (1).webm)


What I find really weird about this video is that her teeth don't look as spaced out as usual? But yeah, she proves she can smile somewhat "normally" in this.
But absolute gag at her kissy face close up; vomit-inducing.

No. 769401

File: 1587084494293.png (489.31 KB, 544x691, Annotation 2020-04-16 204759.p…)

Like this is still kind of jarring to look at, but it's not as jarring.

No. 769402

she really looks like a hamster here

No. 769403

I'm surprised she even knows how to navigate here, considering this is a "black website".

No. 769404

if you look closely, shes pushing her tongue against her teeth to make them less spacey. Kind of hilarious she feels the need to do that in a video dissing the cyberboolies

No. 769405

She's shoving her tongue behind them.

What's up with the weird pose in the beginning? And everytime she moves her mouth her saliva makes so much noise jfc

No. 769415

File: 1587093826939.jpeg (480.22 KB, 750x1053, 821C960D-0099-4C92-9CFD-F8ED50…)

Lillee doesn’t understand making such a big deal about this look NOT being Princess Jasmine because she didn’t paint herself brown is actually kinda racist.

No. 769418

We can't expect much from Lillee for being trapped in an attic and not having any experiences outside of her mom and fake personas that she created. I'm not surprised she doesn't understand you can recreate a look without doing blackface and it's okay, even without not claiming to be that person.

No. 769420


Lillee looks 32 years old in this photo.

No. 769431

She seems to be the kind of person who thinks the real offense is the people being offended by her racist behaviour, so she anticipates backlash but in doing so shows how bad she misunderstand the problem.
She thinks she can not identify to jasmine or recreate her look because jasmine is not white, and that’s a problem. Also this come out as an even more low effort not jasmine/jasmine look. Lillee doesn’t have black hair but wore black wig for Wonder Woman, she could have used the same wig to style jasmine hair but no. She doesn’t understand what would be acceptable or not for her to do regarding the race issues

No. 769434


She knows that her little podcast about "the proper way" to do blackface got her in trouble and lost her PR, but because Laur is Lillee's only source of cultural awareness, she is still baffled about which part of what she said was the source of the ruckus.

Instead of, oh, reading a book on the history of raceface or asking a patient black/brown person to explain it…she just draws the laziest Attic Academy conclusion of "welp! guess you're only allowed to cosplay characters within your own race!"

I can't wait until she inevitably finds one of those "black cosplayer appreciation" threads on twitter and tries to scold all the black people for cosplaying non-black characters and throwing a tantrum about how if she's not allowed to do Brownface Bellydance Jasmine, no one else should be allowed to have any fun either.

No. 769435

I like that she flips off the wall behind her.

No. 769442

It took me a while to figure out why her videos are always so offputting. She always has the tone of voice of an elementary or middle school bully. I think that's part of why nobody sticks around her online except foreign men and people with brain damage. Even if you can't remember what seems off, you don't want any part of it.

No. 769455

She’s basically Cinderella’s wicked stepsister, minus the ball invitation.
>sing, sweet nightingale

No. 769471

If I had any faith in lillee's intelligence, i would say that her comment about being jasmine's "friend" was a reference to face character actors who work at Disney parks, who have to say they are "friends with" the character they portray. when asked about your job you are not allowed to say that you are/play/dress as/whatever a certain character, you HAVE to say that you are "friends" with them. If Lillee wasn't actually dumb as shit i would say she was subtly trying to imply that she works for Disney in some capacity, but she's way too stupid for that.

No. 769486

She tried to say that she lowered her voice back when she was normal (around 15-16), but the reality is she's raising her voice now to try and sound more like a Disney Princess

No. 769487

File: 1587140219493.png (202.48 KB, 615x386, 298sc.png)

Why do I have a feeling tomorrow she's going to cry about "not being able to hang out with her friends" or "her Philippe" when we all know she wasn't going to be doing that anyway.
Also I can't get over that she made hundreds of her own gifs, the chick is either scarily obsessed with herself, or sad enough to be aware no one would actually make a gif of her so she has to do it herself. Or both.

No. 769491

File: 1587140602589.png (729.95 KB, 596x869, Annotation 2020-04-17 122033.p…)

This is absolutely hysterical. You know she placed herself in this collage. No one asked her. She wasn't invited. You can tell because she didn't tag anyone, and she's the only photo under "#kerridisney". Wow she is so fucking sad.

No. 769499

File: 1587144263332.jpeg (646.92 KB, 750x1173, 4AD826A3-20AF-4BF1-A3F7-95F2A9…)

Dry skin flaking off, cakey foundation…she should stick to editing her shit.

No. 769500


the creasing under her eyes and on her chin LOL and you know that's freshly-applied makeup because she never wears it for longer than it takes to record a video and snap some pics. get a chemical exfoliant and stop smearing oil all over your face, lillee!

No. 769508

Like Carl Tanzler!
Lillee being held together by wax would actually explain why she always looks like she’s melting

No. 769513

why does it look like there's drool coming out between her lips?

No. 769539

File: 1587157742457.png (37.44 KB, 604x383, runwayrogue.png)

Lillee somehow sucked up enough to a brand to not only give her PR, but defend her on Twitter. The brand only has 444 followers on Twitter, so I assume they're trying to get any clout they can, but little do they know Lillee is the last person that can give them clout.

No. 769541

File: 1587157962723.png (119.21 KB, 634x564, runwayrogue2.png)

Going to the brand owner's page, Patricia Hartmann, the most recent tweet she made was Sept. 6th, 2019 about meeting Lillee and Laur as VIP guests of "Runway Rogue". I assume now that Laur paid for VIP tickets, so Patricia feels indebted to them for being beginning supporters.

No. 769542

File: 1587158986844.png (520.67 KB, 1050x601, Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 22.2…)

In news that will surprise precisely no one, the Patricia Hartmann instagram post that features Lillee has been absolutely bloated with dodgy verified accounts spamming dull positive comments at LJ.

No. 769545

File: 1587159611784.jpeg (428.48 KB, 1242x1700, 76FD75F0-BC69-4503-8FDB-E182A7…)

Nah they’re a brand just as, if not more, fake and desperate than Lillee. Of course they want to hold on to their revenue stream because only Laur is a big enough dumb bitch to pay a washed up model $400 so that her daughter can frolic around in a rented dress playing pretend celebrity. Im pretty sure they don’t send them any PR either. It’s probably just Lillee buying their shit and churning out constant free advertising for no return. If you look at runway rogues instagram, the comments look exactly the same as Lillee before mommy bought her some engagement pod friends. It’s just Patricia replying over and over with emojis to up her engagement. Of course they want to reward their one supporter because let’s be real, if they were a real brand with a customer base, they wouldn’t be shooting themselves in the foot by publicly supporting a known racist faker

No. 769546

After having a bit more of a look at Runway Rogue's Instagram page, it would appear she does a lot of the same crap LJ does. Her engagement doesn't look natural, with far too many comments for how few likes her posts get. A lot of the comments are from random verified accounts or are spammy, meaningless and vague comments like 'kiss' or 'love this' or heart emojis. I know everyone will get some of that, but it seems that's all she really gets. So in other words, she's protective of LJ because she knows she plays the same fake it 'til you make it game.

No. 769547

Considering that Lillee joined her pod shortly after she met patreeesha, I won’t be surprised if she was the one who hooked her up with the pods. Fakes helping fakes

No. 769552


We been knew about ol' washed-up Patreesha and her strugglebrand. This milk is so old that I can grate it over my pasta dinner. Pls read all threads and sage stuff that isn't fresh info.

No. 769554

Was that comment to anyone in particular? I haven’t seen any of the callout accounts mention RR in months. Is Patricia taking a play from Laur’s playbook and antagonizing the callout accounts to boost her engagement?

No. 769556

No, Lillee posted today about the lipsticks she got from them, so I assume the brand started having people try to inform them of Lillee's true engagement, which resulted in those tweets.

No. 769569

>meaningless and vague comments like 'kiss' or 'love this' or heart emojis
Kek I just had a look at their Instagram and noticed this too. It's so funny looking at the comments and they're all so glaringly empty and fake. They're dumb enough to buy Lillee's ridiculous cyberbullying sob story, so it's not too surprising.

No. 769603


i used to be in an engagement pod with one of those dodgy verified accounts back 2-3 years when ig algorithms hadn't caught on to them yet. i just had a good laugh. I hope they've gotten a few good bots and a Pradeep from all the trouble of having to look at her photos!

No. 769611

File: 1587189147222.png (1.84 MB, 750x8750, happy birthday lils.png)

No. 769615


Ray Carl, the trans boi uwu and Turni, the totally real Indian teen who claimed she was bullied by the callout accounts got the axe. Wonder how Laur & Lillee will spin this.

No. 769618

File: 1587197207773.jpeg (198.87 KB, 1242x982, 7DFFA6DF-1628-4D2F-93D7-B093A8…)

Was her old old Twitter account always suspended or is this new too? OP indicated that it was inactive, not suspended

No. 769619

File: 1587197274978.jpeg (229.03 KB, 1242x1033, 36D1E4FD-B070-484F-AB58-083B66…)

This one too

No. 769620


If that was Lillee's old account from when she was in middle school, it wasn't suspended the last time I looked at it, which was around January, I think.

No. 769633

Minimilk today on her birthday, how g8 are things! Can't wait to see her mum downplay this, or even better, blow her top over this !

No. 769654

File: 1587209202142.jpg (240.55 KB, 738x595, BANNED.jpg)

I think Twitter has finally IP banned Laur and Lillee a majority of the accounts they've created are gone, Laur will probably have a complete FIT

No. 769655

Saged for samefagging but one of the call outs has the full list of accounts that were banned in a thread


No. 769659

Happy birthday lilleh, twitter gave u a gift also!

No. 769660

They’ll probably claim that the callouts used black website haxxors to mass-report fans of Lillee.

No. 769708

Oh I absolutely cannot wait to see Laur blow a gasket.

No. 769717

File: 1587220678460.jpeg (155.43 KB, 750x407, 89E2CDE0-C8D2-4CA1-90C9-DAD529…)

It’s business as usual for Lillee even though her empire of fake accounts is crumbling.

She released a birthday makeup tutorial. Wearing the VS nightshirt we’ve seen in her TikTok’s for the last 2 days. Same shit - rubs oil all over her face, smears every shadow in 3 palettes on her eyelids, uneven wings, completes the look with cakey, not shade matched foundation. She added some birthday flair with a plastic crown in her disgusting greasy hair.

No. 769729

File: 1587223472867.jpg (398.31 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-04-18-17-23-14…)

Why does she always enlarge her eyes. It looks unnatural and her whole face stiffens.

No. 769739

File: 1587226331054.png (2.76 MB, 1536x2048, 5CC67CE4-DCBD-4653-9D37-3A72CB…)

Lilleejeanarmy is a real person apparently. Seems like she’s up to around 10 real fans. Not bad for 980,000 followers.

No. 769741


No. 769744

File: 1587227009409.jpeg (159.64 KB, 750x846, D8511243-758E-424A-B5A4-2546D3…)

One of the newer fan accounts apparently stumbled upon Lillee’s old podcasts or tweets calling LE an it or fake accounts pretending to be trans teens…there’s so much.

No. 769747

I’m surprised lilleejeansicle is real. I thought that was one of lillees early sock puppets. The lulz keep coming

No. 769749

File: 1587229744015.jpg (252.87 KB, 1080x1823, 20200418_120634.jpg)

She definitely follows on here. She lost the nasty pants. BFFDEES will have to buy her another pair.

No. 769753

File: 1587231295238.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, DDB3F81A-742F-4812-A143-D6922D…)

Lillee is currently live doing makeup for her birthday! 21 whole Jeaniez out 980k have shown up. She’s still not vetting the men she adds, exposing her underage fans to random dicks.

No. 769768

Peak trailer trash

No. 769773

She’s pretending on her insta stories that the personal codes Tarte and Nyx send everyone and their mom on their birthday are influencer codes her followers can use, even though they are single use and everyone gets them on their birthday. She wants to be a booty gooroo so desperately but too bad she looks like a toad and has the personality of warm porridge. All she can do is exaggerate her relationship with brands and buy used PR

No. 769774

no way to tell this is real or not, it just didn't get taken down.

No. 769775

She is claiming Pheepy is 9 years older than her and she started dating him when she was 14. Laur allowed it. She got passed because people started questioning it.

No. 769780

So Pheepy was 23 dating a 14 year old, with her mom's blessing?

She probably thinks this makes her seem cool and mature, but it's disgusting to even lie about that. There are dumbass kids following her who shouldn't think it's cool to date an adult when you're barely a teenager.

No. 769781

The lie keeps getting deeper and deeper. Just say he’s a Ken doll and go

No. 769782

Pheepy is almost 30 now lmao and they used to call Arpanet a pedo

No. 769788


someone should archive this, I give it three days before she starts backtracking about her obliviously fake boyfriend once people start talking about it

No. 769790

So at 18 she’s too young to be criticised on the internet but at 14 she was old enough to be dating a grown ass adult man. I’m actually glad for Lillee that Pheepy is fake.

No. 769791

Ew this entire situation is so disgusting. Even though Pheepy is very well a fake person, the fact that Laur is completely okay with Lillee ratting her out about letting her 14 year old daughter date a 23 year old, this entire family is fucked. Laur should have either not been okay from the beginning if this is real, or should not be okay with Lillee lying about it because it makes her look really bad.

No. 769793

She’s so illiterate and bad with words jfc imagine if she had an actual fucking platform

No. 769794

File: 1587242212930.png (10.26 KB, 658x83, ljny.png)

She never claimed she had sex with him, but these are the NY laws, at least dealing with sex. I honestly can't find anything about dating in NY without sexual relations, but I'm sure it's still illegal. I mean 14 and 23? Come on.

No. 769797


No. 769798


I feel like A) Laur either doesn't know she said this or B) Is completely okay with it, I'm thinking more the latter with her weird sexualisation of Lillee since she was young

No. 769799

Even if she somehow didn't know it, I doubt Laur would actually do anything. She supports Lillee in all of her awful endeavours, and I bet that includes making Laur look like shit.
But I completely agree, Laur has been weirdly sexualizing Lillee since she was well underage, not to mention she lives vicariously through her, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was Laur's fantasy to have been swept up by a 23 year old man at 14. Gag.

No. 769800


Laur probably thinks it's okay "Because Elvis did it!11!!"

No. 769802

Holding my breath for lillees crying video about pheepy breaking up because of the cyberbooolies

No. 769803

File: 1587244455222.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1786, 1562723940008.jpeg)

>LJ yet again being smug about her mom working in law, so she clearly knows how the law works
God she is so abhorrent and completely misses the point. A parent letting their 14 year old child date an adult who's old enough to have graduated a 4 year college and have a job is fucking weird. "Pheepy" has been sending her romantic Valentine's cards for years. Combined with the fact we know Laur took LJ out of school around this time, I'd say this looks like textbook abuse/grooming if I thought it were true. This would have been a call to CPS at minimum if a teacher knew about it.

I realize she probably made it up because young girls that age often fantasize about dating someone older who is more mature, can take them on nice dates, buy them presents, etc., but this is a ridiculously irresponsible lie to tell now that she's 19. She has a handful of impressionable kids following her who are going to hear that it's totally fine and cool to date an adult as long as your mom agrees.

No. 769805

>She has a handful of impressionable kids following her
…Really? Did I miss something?

No. 769811

I wouldn’t worry about that. She has exactly 0 people following her who are ya paid pod people or those just revealing at her making a fool out of herself.
That being said, someone should alert tired lady about the antics of her precious little child

No. 769812

Just going off the Tiktok comments, some of them look very young. It wouldn't be surprising if she got a few "fans" from the tea videos. Her Youtube subs are a lot higher as well.

No. 769814


She'll most likely defend it she's defended some pretty fucked up shit in the past

No. 769815

File: 1587245651387.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1738, 8719D7C1-BCD3-4384-A782-F631EA…)


No. 769816

Or he dies from coronavirus.

No. 769817

I can assure you that most of them just want to see her make a fool of herself. Also I think she is in a Tik Tok and youtube pod. If you click on the accounts of some of the commenters, Lillee also comments on their shit

No. 769818

One is different. One doesn't belong.

No. 769819

It's because she's incedibly sheltered. I do completely believe that obviously responsibility is held to her for even saying bullshit like that, but being pulled out of school and only having contact with like maybe 3 other people at most really skews your reality and how you'd act. And she has a "platform" now, so her sheltered bullshit is on full blast.

No. 769820


Saged for nitpick but why do cows always have shit everywhere in the background? at least clean if you're going to tag a brand in an attempt to gain their attention, I wonder how long that cereal bowl has been there

No. 769821

I'm also going to nitpick but she has such a deep bellybutton what the hell.

No. 769823

Ew and you know her mom took this photo. Laur whores her out at any chance she can get, you know she's totally fine with a 14 year old dating a 23 year old, even if the story isn't true. They're all fucking gross.

No. 769824

I'm ready to see Laur try to dig herself out of this one. IF this is somehow true, she's complicit in a crime that has been committed. She's probably going to try and pull out her "knowledge in law" that she received as a legal secretary and just spout absolute nonsense and think she won the argument. She's literally the exact definition of that "playing chess with a pigeon" where she just shits all over the board, kicks the pieces off, and declares she won.

No. 769826

honestly as gross as it is, unfortunately there's no law about teenagers dating older men/women. sex, sure, but that's why things like statutory rape and romeo and juliet laws exist. unless there's proof of sexual conduct or the person isn't allowed around children, there's nothing that can be done, even social services related. i'm not going to blogpost but this is based on a friend's personal incident with his sister and what we learned during that.

No. 769827

Lillee couldn’t keep her lies about Pheepy straight. First, she said he just turned 26, then when she was trying to think about how old he was when she was 9, she thought long trying to remember but couldn’t, and then the last two times in the live, said he was 9 years older.

No. 769828


it's more Lillee trying to say it's morally okay and implying since her mother consented to the relationship the statutory rape law wouldn't apply

No. 769830

i mean that's fucking dumb anyway because statutory rape in most states is only for minors and other minors.

No. 769832

Stepping away from the legal standpoint, she's also going to have to answer for the fact that she's perfectly okay with her 14 year old daughter dating a 23 year old.

No. 769835

Ugh, Lillee Jean's manner is so incredibly unlikeable and condescending, it's a miracle she has even a small handful of people who bat for her.
Is it just me imagining things or does she seem really high/slurred in these videos?

No. 769837

File: 1587248428296.png (179.56 KB, 467x315, ljl.png)

Nitpick but it's bothering the hell out of me that her lash is coming off her left eye.

No. 769839


Wait a minute, anons. In Laur's narc-out video from two weeks ago, she said that Lillee had a boyfriend at 13, (not 14,) and that she let him spend time alone with Lillee in her bedroom. She said "with door open," but still…

Was that story supposed to be about Pheepy there, or will they invent another, age-appropriate boyfriend? I hope someone downloaded a copy of Laur's video, in case they try to baleet or make it private.

No. 769840

LOL she tries to say she keeps him out of her videos and her stories because being 9 years apart is a "problem for people". No, not because he's not real, that's definitely not the reason. Oh and people SHOULD be having a problem with them being 9 years apart with them starting to date at 14, Lillee needs to get out of her delusional fantasyland.

No. 769845

Yep I know exactly what you're talking about Anon. It's just another screw up in their timeline. Like this Anon was saying >>769827 she can't keep her lies straight. Laur starts pulling shit out of her ass about Lillee having a boyfriend at 13. It's all them living in a world full of lies that they want to live.

No. 769846

I realize Pheepy is fake but this entire thing makes me feel so gross. If she’s dating a predator, her purposely acting immature, playing with dolls, doing Disney cosplay takes a very sinister turn. How do we know Lillee isn’t doing these things on purpose to attract a young audience for her predator boyfriend? Laur & Lillee have been able to slip out of some precarious situations before but this is a fucking disaster.

No. 769848

It takes an even darker turn to think about that being the reason she infantilizes herself now. Everyone says she turned 18 and she went horribly (and confusingly) downhill. What if it's because Pheepy wants to keep her young because that's what he's attracted to? This is so fucking gross.

No. 769849

I wouldn't bother playing into her delusional fantasyland and entertaining the idea that 'PHEEPY' exists.

No. 769851

Assuming she's telling the truth, it puts LJ's weird life in a much darker context. Laur took her out of school (which would have had mandated reporters) and then she started dating some adult man when she was only 14. She has no real friends or outside influence beyond her mom and her alleged "boyfriend."

I do think Pheepy's always been a lie, but if it is true, Laur would have to be in a cult or whoring her daughter out for money. No normal parent would allow this shit.

No. 769853

This is true. It's not good to tinfoil too hard on something that is 99% probably fake. But it gives a creepy perspective for sure.

No. 769854

The only one whoring her daughter is laur. Pheepy doesn’t exist and by telling her daughter it’s ok to date an old ass adult as a minor and filling her head up with pheepy fantasies, sending her flowers etc she’s just inculcating a very gross idea of romance in her head, possibly to whore her out to the horny men who seem to be Lilleeee only consistent audience

No. 769855

This is seriously the worst part. Lillee is somehow getting this idea in her head that a 23 year old is fine dating a 14 year old. We know she has barely any outside contact, so it's clear her mom is the one that skewed her view on this.
There's part of me that believes Lillee is responsible for spreading horrible ideals like this, but the other part feels kind of bad for her because she really has been sheltered and seemingly brainwashed into thinking this is okay. Because even if she learned it through being on the internet, her mom would say that it's not okay, but for her to be so adamant about it being acceptable, it proves her mom has a piece in this.

No. 769862

Yeah she has a different demeanor. She's trying to act really matter of fact but keeps fucking up her words like saying "this is perfectly why" instead of "this is exactly why". She seems drunk.

No. 769869

Isn’t her own dad a good 20 years older than laur? Maybe that’s why they think it’s normal

No. 769875

Considering how many older men populate the jeaniezverse(Mario, James and now pheepy) it truly seems like laur has been priming lillee to be a hot target for them all her life by normalising their presence even in her imagination. That coupled with her referring to Lillee as a minx and sexy when she was a fucking toddler is truly disturbing

No. 769878

Exactly. Even if Pheepy is fake, there's some more sinister stuff surfacing with what Laur is imposing on Lillee.

No. 769880

In today’s ig live she said that she met Pheepy when she was 9 years old. Why would an 18 year old man and a 9 year old girl become friends?

No. 769882

Does anyone have an actual video of this?

No. 769890

Don’t have a full video but here’s a clip of her saying that they’ve known each other since she was 9 (or possibly 8).


No. 769894

File: 1587264556154.jpeg (133.52 KB, 1200x670, 3F62634E-2CD2-42C0-8B99-B0959B…)

Someone posted this on Twitter lmao
Also don’t know if this was posted here but it’s cringe af (it’s a video, If someone can archive it here I’d appreciate it, I’m phone posting and can’t convert to webm)

No. 769900

No. 769904

Lillee claiming she never said she started dating pheepy at 14

No. 769905

File: 1587266756232.png (361.13 KB, 1242x2208, F266C97C-B004-4DF6-8F96-A6BBE2…)

Forgot to attach pic oops

No. 769908

She's talking about this video but the one in the twitter thread makes it pretty obvious that she's lying lol

No. 769912


This is what happens when you tell completely outrageous lies over a long period of time, Lillee. You lose track, not only of what you said years/months/weeks ago, but it gets so jumbled up in your mind that you lose track of what you said just hours ago.

This lie 1) doesn't make any sense (why would she bring up legality and Laur giving their relationship her explicit approval if Pheepy was just some man she vaguely knew when she was a kid?) and 2) doesn't actually change anything. An adult man lingering around waiting to date someone he met when she was in elementary school and he was already a grown man is still highly nasty pedo behavior.

There are screenshots of Laur and Lillee calling Pheepy her boyfriend and then her fiancé when she was 16 years old, so he would have been 25 at the time. That's still a felony.

No. 769915

lmfao she just doesn't know when to stop, does she

No. 769916

Who wants to bet that pheepy is a depressed fan and Lillee went along with his fantasies out of the goodness of her heart and said everything “tongue in cheek?”
Or better yet, this is all part of Dianes elaborate plan where she dressed up as a man to lure Lillee in

No. 769918

File: 1587272754758.jpg (215.55 KB, 1066x860, 940.jpg)

An excerpt from her Valentine's Day 2017 blog post to ThaEyeballQueen. She would have been 15 years old at the time, already "dating" Pheepy. She claims that she took a break from dating for 4 years before getting together with him but that they were talking with each other the whole time, so even if they started dating on the exact day she wrote that blog post, that would still mean that a grown man was having frequent conversations with a 12/13/14-year-old child not related to him.


No. 769919

Here’s a good chunk of the stream starting at the time when she reveals Pheepy’s age and ends with a shout out to James Dee.

No. 769921


Lillee is so dumb. If Philippe is 9 years older than her with a birthday in December, he would be 27 or 28, depending on how you interpret "9 years older." She can't do simple addition in her head?

No. 769932

Wow she really said she doesn't see anything wrong with a 17 year old dating a 12 year old. Also interesting that she kept on repeating "love is love" when trying to justify dating a man 9 years her senior while she was underaged. Still trying to pander to the LGBTQ crowd, huh lillee?

I'm sure that's common among most people that qualify for Harvard admission lol

No. 769933

File: 1587278663441.png (2.32 MB, 1536x2048, E5017EDA-003D-4409-B0A1-CE0862…)

She posted a clip of her dad on tiktok. It is a really creepy clip because her dad makes a move when de song goes like : get the fuck off my dick. You can also see her mom in the background.

No. 769946


I'm surprised he's still around I remember Anons in the older threads tinfoiling if he was even still living with them since we saw almost nothing about him

No. 769950

Dees put out a video with all the clips from Instagram. Laur is fucked.

No. 769952

Twitter is going crazy about this right now I've seen at least 4 different threads about her live, it's even bringing in people who didn't know about the whole situation before this with people who did explaining it to them

Lillee has MASSIVELY fucked up, Unless she and Laur properly address this even then I doubt that they'd go about it the right way, there's almost no way people will forget this

No. 769957

File: 1587304824718.jpeg (202.96 KB, 750x433, 7B7EC847-7899-4113-A8AB-9C45DD…)

The terms “child grooming” and “pedophile” are like blood in the water to these drama channels. Laur thinks she’s invalidated the callout accounts with her crazy allegations of FBI reports and police investigations but no one takes Laur serious. The callout accounts have created a good network with Creepshow/Def Noodles/Primink who seem to engage with them and take them serious. At this point, even coming out and saying Pheepy is fake will lead to serious consequences for LJ’s career. Laur always seems to slip out of every mess unscathed but this will be the one that does them in for good.

Added for lols…Def Noodles isn’t playing with Laur

No. 769961

I hope Lillee Jean drops Laur and pretends to be a victim of CSA.

No. 769965

It's sad that LJ doesn't see anything wrong with what she said. It obviously looks like grooming since she's been isolated and homeschooled by her mom for so long.

Even if the story's not true, she clearly thinks a 14 year dating a 23 year old is perfectly fine and acceptable.

No. 769972

Aren't Laur and Diamond Earl in an even larger age gap relationship? Do we know when they got together? Of course LJ would think a 14 y/o dating an adult nearly a decade older than her is normal. Whether she was groomed or not, she's witnessed those dynamics in her own family.

No. 769973


also as I was typing this

Tinfoilish but do we know How long Laur has been married to Earl for? someone earlier in the thread mentioned that there's roughly a 20 year age gap, If Laur got together with Earl when she was underage she's most likely "seen" that as acceptable and told/taught Lillee that, if that's the case its no wonder she didn't understand the reactions during the live since she's most likely had the "Age is just a number" shit drilled into her life since she was young

No. 769977

Saged for samefag but math

The only marriage year I can find online is 1986 the year after Laur graduated highschool if that is correct Laur would of been 18-19 and Earl would of been 35

It's no wonder Lillee thinks this is okay, going off of the timeline Earl was in his 30s and most likely in a Relationship with Laur when she was still in highschool

Fucking disgusting

No. 769980

She said they were dating for five years. That would mean she was 13/14. Thank goodness Pheepy is not a real person.

No. 769985

File: 1587313170449.jpg (105.66 KB, 750x1181, EV-p47uXQAEJV4T.jpg)

BFFDees just posted this

Messages between Them and Laur herself according to this she was 16 when she married Earl

No. 769987

Everything makes sense now, I guess.

No. 769990

Yikes, so that would've made Laur 16 and Earl 31, and that's just when they got married. Assuming they were dating for a year or so, it's even more gross.

It looks like Lillee took the story of her parents and morphed it into her own love story about Pheepy.

No. 769991

Kinda of off subject but who called Earl a liar. People said Laur was lying about Earl. When accounts release Laur’s DMs, I’m always floored by the levels of manipulation she sinks too.

No. 769992

This whole family is nuts. No wonder they look like inbred trolls

No. 769994


Laur mentioned in her "I'm telling my story" video that she was ok with Lillee having a boyfriend at 13 because that's how old Laur was, herself, when she first started dating. If that was Earl she was dating…YIKES.

She also said in that video that she didn't have a good home life growing up and was "out on the streets" at 17. There are any number of things that a statement like that could mean, but children who have been sexually abused at a very young age are often easily spotted by other predators that will groom them for further abuse in their early teens. If Laur grew up in a house where she was victimized and then started acting out and attracted the attention of 30-year-old pedo Diamond Earl, her relationship with him could be the reason she left home and was "on the streets" at what she clearly considered to be a premature age.

She's had this nasty mindset that young girls are supposed to make themselves appealing and available to the attentions of adult men for her whole life, probably. This would be the reason for the sexy photoshoots with Lillee falling out of her clothes at age 15.

No. 769996

that's also why she's completely okay with lillee showing her feet to guys that are jerking off on ig live

No. 769997

Honestly stop excusing her behavior. She may have been preyed on but she’s an adult now who should know better than whoring her own daughter out on the internet

No. 769999

We're not condoning her actions, just trying to understand them.

No. 770000


Not excusing her behavior, just tinfoiling about why Laur would go out of her way for years to sell her own daughter as some kind of "sexy baby." The whole thing is disgusting, but this kind of fucked-up cycle is textbook behavior.

No. 770002

Also funny to note that one of Laur's frequent insults is using someone's age, like Bffdees. "People who criticize Lillee are attacking a child," "why is x old person so interested in Lillee," "reddit is full of old has child people," etc.

So while sexualizing her underage daughter and thinking she's mature enough to date an adult man, she's also been acting like Lillee's an innocent child who should be immune from criticism.

No. 770004

File: 1587316433420.jpeg (485.6 KB, 750x1063, F41AC6A7-B897-462F-83D3-B3BAAC…)

Someone new is asking questions and Laur is panicking.

No. 770005

File: 1587316534797.jpeg (278.55 KB, 750x670, AA4B9CE4-CB1B-4EDF-AECD-17D08D…)

Laur is continuing to perpetuate lies

No. 770007

File: 1587316774567.png (64.51 KB, 1222x210, ljd.png)

Ironic how she thinks every single person who negatively comments to her is BFFDees, meanwhile she's the only person here with a plethora of accounts. I know it's already been pointed out, but I still can't over the insane amount of hypocrisy.

No. 770009

File: 1587317731149.jpeg (413.15 KB, 750x916, AAAF2AA3-7CEC-4A1D-9310-172CF9…)

No. 770012

What a weak defense she's grasping at. "She seems to hang out with people who like to say the world pedophile a lot". That's the saddest excuse of a comeback I've seen, even considering the fact that she has nothing else to go on. Good god.

No. 770013

File: 1587317950112.jpeg (354.97 KB, 750x992, 7CFBB4D9-8E97-444C-AB08-CF8E0C…)

Lillee’s lying about Diane again to try to deflect this person’s attention from her and Laur.

No. 770017

Laur protected her tweets again. Guess the fire is getting to hot for her to handle.

No. 770018

She's taken down the insta lives to try and hide. Too bad they have all been captured.

No. 770021

Of course she did. Honestly, the only way they can fix this one is to come clean about everything.

No. 770022

File: 1587319678405.jpeg (339.23 KB, 750x761, 4F22B0BF-928C-4694-8578-F6EB5D…)

Laur’s unlocked again. Lillee might not have specifically said the word groomed but that is exactly what it is

No. 770023

File: 1587319906017.png (69.9 KB, 612x526, ljt.png)

Can someone help me decipher this? What the hell is Lillee saying in her first comment and what account of Oomancer's can Laur take down?

No. 770024

She should get better at lying or shut up.

No. 770025

They're locked again.

No. 770026

Basically she's saying that BFFDees is twisting her words.

No. 770027

Laur just said she's 52 and they've been married 36 years. I guess she could have been 17, but that's hardly much different when you account for the time they must have spent dating. At best, Earl was in his 30s pursuing a 15-16 year old girl (although she says they "knew each other" for longer) and Laur won't even admit that's wrong?

No. 770029

so… she was married to Earl at 16 but "out on the streets" at 17? Is this woman ever saying anything even remotely truthful? It's frustrating bc I feel like a lot of the callouts on Twitter are letting her wriggle out of these contradictions, I assume bc they haven't seen all the screenshots of Laur's various self-contradictions.

No. 770031

I could understand that part, but I didn't understand the specifics about the white sheet thing? Like I don't understand the analogy at all.

No. 770033

There's nothing to understand, she's retarded.

No. 770034


Do you really expect LJ to make sense when she tries to sound clever? She screws up everytime. She and Laur are so cloistered they have almost their own language of misquoted things.

No. 770035

Unless, like this anon was saying >>770027 she could have married him at 17 if you take into consideration birthdays, and maybe she was out on the streets at 17 before the marriage, like within a certain month window? Idk.

No. 770036


Yeah I assumed it made absolutely no sense, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

No. 770039

File: 1587321738123.jpeg (104.98 KB, 750x382, 36927C7F-7F5D-4357-9DE1-48593B…)

Laur thinks BFFDees/Diane is a professional football player

No. 770040

I'm crying. Has Tim Ream even responded to anything, or was he just drug into this?

No. 770042

I guess, but it's pretty sad that the only explanation that makes sense somehow makes the whole situation look even worse, since it means at age 17 she was kicked out of her home and so she immediately married a man in his 30s while she was in those dire straits.

No. 770043

Yeah pretty much. There isn't anyway around this narrative that puts either of them in a good light. They're fucked.

No. 770045

File: 1587323674758.jpg (201.95 KB, 1080x2175, 1562822577261.jpg)

LJ used to claim that Pheepy was French. I'm surprised she's not claiming it's okay because France's age of consent laws are lower and they're more ~open minded~ or something.

I wonder how they're even supposed to have met if he lives in France but they've known each other several years.

No. 770047

Did someone already point out that it's not pronounced 'coo-coo' in french (noix de coco)?

No. 770048

No she just wanted to brag about her ken doll bf. Literally no one gives a shit

No. 770049


LOL, French people pronounce it "koh-koh" just like everyone else.

No. 770050

this is one of the funniest things i've read all day. didn't laur used to think one of her enemies was an unrelated dude that hosted a podcast? now he/she's a football player.

No. 770053

Who knew, after everything, all the drama and the doxxing and the boxed-wine tantrums…Pheepy would be the one to topple the Jeaniez empire? Laur can't spin this. She can't change the subject to teespring pillows and reddit threads and Joshua CONNOR Moon. People get real serious about sexual predation on children. No one will care about Bffdees when Laur and Lillee are both on camera extolling the romance of adult men pursuing little girls.

No. 770057

Omg this is sick beyond words… Even if it's fake, it's still horrible. I hope this gets more exposure.

No. 770059

File: 1587327879430.png (172.85 KB, 596x706, kjfnkjnsdkjnf.png)

honestly for someone who claims to have worked with the law she sure can't speak english for shit

No. 770062

Lol what a psychotic cunt.

No. 770064

File: 1587329796747.jpeg (496.98 KB, 1242x1175, 51F2E180-5F39-449D-8B5B-75520F…)

Oh no you guys were wrong to accuse pheepy of pedophilia. Lillee was 15.5 years old, not 1411!!!1!1!!1!
I want this bitch to run out of money already to keep this scam running.

No. 770065

She locked her Twitter again after this spat. I didn't get screenshots, but the person kept trying to call her out on her lies, and Laur kept changing the subject, because she knows she can't fight this legitimately.

No. 770068

Whenever anyone argues with Laur or Lil with a "You said X" statement, their rhetorical gambit is always "I never said Y!" They create just enough obfuscation due to their inability to English properly to try to distract their opponent into clarifying what was all ready said. Unforch they've said enough clearly damning things at this point that no amount of obfuscation or goalpost moving is going to help them.

No. 770069

Not that it matters… they were never really not-fucked, in that everyone always knew they were fakes; the few people who stood up for them or were on their side were doing it for ulterior motives, not because they really believe Lillee is an innocent child who is also a super popular Insta influencer with a sophisticated, totally real French boyfriend.

No. 770074

How is Laur still trashing the pregnant 19 year old after all this? They use pregnant like it's an insult. Yes, Laur, women get pregnant. You were also pregnant. Getting pregnant as an adult is a lot different than dating adult men when you're too young to drive. 14 or "15 and a half" matters little when you're dating someone in their mid 20s. None of this random deflecting makes you any less of a pedo apologist.

No. 770082

i think i understand her tard logic a little bit. "white sheet" is just a stand in for anything completely mundane and innocuous. so she's saying you could mention something completely uncontroversial and her haterz would read into it and call it evil. which obviously makes no sense because her statements were controversial at best, nothing like talking about a sheet.

No. 770086

They’re probably both in the same room yet they’re tweeting each other. So dumb

No. 770087

Tinfoil but what if pheepy does exist, he’s just not a handsome french guy? What if Laur has been pimping out her daughter to older men and they use the term Pheepy as code for one of them? Also can explain why laur was dressing lj up as more provocative when she was a minor but now that she’s an adult, she seems to act like a child, possibly to pander to pedophiles
Wild tinfoil but I can except anything from them at this point

No. 770089

Everything laur does is projection. She got pregnant with lj years after marriage and has called it a miracle so she is probably just jealous

No. 770091

File: 1587336420453.png (157.61 KB, 605x594, lp1.png)

The person that got in the spat posted a longer screenshot of that interaction on Dees Twitter. Saged because no new milk.

No. 770095

The reason she would pimp her out would be for money right? They're pretty poor, while it's not a bad tinfoil, it would need to have results like them not having to buy used makeup from Poshmark, her having to buy used PJs off Ebay. Unless it would be some sort of sick gratification from Laur, I don't think she's hoeing her out to old men for seemingly no reason.

No. 770096

lol, just like I said in >>770068 she completely ignores the mathematical fact of 52-36=16 to write some gibberish about a "keyboard warrior" and pregnant people. I hope the person arguing with her continued to hammer her on the screenshotted proof and not Laur's deliberately incomprehensible reply.

No. 770100

The person did. I watched it go down, the person kept saying "stop deflecting" and "stop changing the subject" and redirecting it to the point they were making that Lillee was a minor when they started dating and that she claimed he was 9 years older on her own live. Once Laur saw she wasn't able to deflect them, she locked her Twitter again.

No. 770101

G8. Laur can seethe privately all she wants but she knows she's been cornered.

No. 770103

im just surprised NO ONE ever called CPS and Laur still continues to have full custody over her daughter. We are all just strangers, looking from the outside. Surely people closer to them irl, teachers, parents of friends etc would have witnessed the full crazy? Maybe that's why Laur whisked her out of school but it still amazes me how the only people who seem to care are onlookers on the internet.
I would wonder about Earl too and how he doesn't seem to give a shit. Him being a pedophile himself just explains everything

No. 770105

they have tons and tons of spare money to buy her tix to NYFW, engagement pods, views, likes and followers every few days. That money is going somewhere and the only way they have so much disposable income is that they have a constant source for the cash. She uploads to insta/youtube almost daily and Laur buys her tons of likes and views. Similarly, Laur never ceases to try and replenish her follower count every single day pretty much. That's a lot of money and is coming from somewhere, keeping in mind that all 3 of them are unemployed

No. 770107

Laur, and I think Lillee, mentioned that CPS investigated after she was taken out of school. They claim it's because she was missing school and they wanted to check on her and found nothing wrong, but who knows what the real reason was. Could have easily been suspicion about her "love life with Pheepy". Laur also said she was called into Lillee's principal's office because her Insta was too provocative and concerning. Seems like the puzzle pieces are starting to match up.

No. 770108


I don't remember the details of how Diamond Earl got that back injury that bankrupted them, but if it was an accident and there was any kind of insurance/workman's comp settlement that finally came in, that plus Social Security/SSI could be where the funding for the fake followers is coming from.

No. 770109

Oops, sorry Anon, I was a complete idiot and forgot about the buying of followers, even though that's what started this whole Lillee fiasco. I guess because it's such old milk it just went right over my head. You're completely correct Anon, it would make absolute sense if Lillee was being whored out for money and that money is being used to buy their followers. Because we know Laur's vintage antique business isn't bringing in that much. And Lillee's "sponsorships" are never paid.

No. 770110

You have to think, all of the engagement pods, fake followers, all that stuff is just additional. They live in NY which is wildly expensive for cost of living. They're paying NY prices for rent, groceries, etc. NY is NOT cheap.

No. 770114

would also explain LJ's "better than love" and innocent uwu princess act. They're covering for something

No. 770116

They’re not poor. They live in a nice area of queens in a decent sized house. The taxes alone would be exorbitant ( at least a grand a month and that’s on the low side). I know this for a fact. Even if they rent, they’re looking at at the very absolute least 2,800$ a month since they’re renting a house in queens. It’s probably much higher. And they also seem to have a endless supply of money to fund their sock puppet army and used make up palettes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they are rich but they are absolutely not poor either

No. 770118

Laur is unemployed but she scams people online frequently

No. 770121


Combo everything. Laur scamming people with her "business", and Lillee getting pimped out to old dudes. And hey we'll throw Pheepy in as a real person and maybe has a lot of money as a "French Diplomat" and can provide for Lillee and her family. That's definitely not real, but the first two together are plausible on how they have enough money to live in Queens AND throw away loads of money on her Instagram/Youtube

No. 770122

Also would explain why they seem to not have any care or reaction, except for laughing, when Indian men come over her stream showing their dick. They must be exposed enough.

No. 770124

i mean laur has been sexualizing her daughter shamelessly ever since she was a baby. It is not very hard to believe that she would go the extra mile and actually whore her out

No. 770125

File: 1587340171151.png (46 KB, 862x457, philippe1.png)

Apologies if this has already been done, but I went ahead and Googled French Diplomats, and it took me to a Wiki listing all of them. There's only one Philippe and he's a guy who lived from 1758-1806. A French Diplomat would have an online presence. Even if it's just them being a list of French Diplomats.

No. 770126

File: 1587340372790.png (73.45 KB, 448x346, ljp.png)

Unless he's this fucking old guy lmfao

No. 770127

File: 1587340385904.jpeg (162.3 KB, 691x774, 003BE873-3BB4-4413-8B73-CD4B68…)

They spent at least $250 on followers alone in the past two weeks.

No. 770129

File: 1587340653301.png (192.05 KB, 615x891, ljtwitter.png)

You can see just the person's replies if you go to their profile, which I think gives a good idea that they weren't backing down or letting Laur deviate.

No. 770140

This is the reason they're having to buy used pajamas off of Ebay and used palettes off Poshmark. Every ounce of money, whether it be from scams by Laur or money from pimped out Lillee or both, is being drained into her Instagram followers.

No. 770142

Honestly, even without Lillee's phantom pedo boyfriend, her life has all the hallmarks of someone who's been groomed/abused. Her mom took her out of school, posed her in "sexy" pictures when she was underage, and completely isolated her to the point that she sounds ESL and can't use everyday phrases correctly. Children who are abused are often taken out of school and isolated from family members or teachers who can help them. Lillee's odd hobbies like playing with dolls could even be some kind of cope. She's clearly not a well-adjusted adult.

I've mentioned before on these threads that it's odd with all the pictures they post, there are almost none with other family members or friends, or even in other places besides their house. No pictures or mentions of family gatherings or holidays. No vacations or trips.

Laur is either a super narc who thinks Lillee is thriving and living her best life alone in her room all day, or an abuser who purposely isolated her to not get caught. Seeing their views on 14 year olds dating adults, it really ties everything together. There's no way they paid for all the fake followers on just disability/SSI while paying other bills.

No. 770143

Don't forget they have filed for bankruptcy twice

No. 770147

This is an incredibly sound tinfoil, and I honestly believe you hit the nail on the head. When she was 15/16/17 she was being posed as an adult with a lot of "sexy pictures". Perfect for the old men who want an actual underage girl. Then she hit 18 and started acting like a little girl with dolls and a higher pitched voice. Perfect for the old men who don't want an actual underage girl, but want one that acts like it.

No. 770151

I honestly don't know that much about finances, but can't you still file for bankruptcy even if you aren't broke?
Not to say that doesn't damper the tinfoil, it would be crazy if they were getting old man money and still needing to file, but at the same time, how are they able to afford the followers?

No. 770152

There is literally no other explanation for her odd regression

No. 770155

Don't get wrong, I really love this milk, but Lillee keeps crying about how much anxiety she has and how bad her mental health has gotten, why doesn't she just get off the internet? Like, she keeps putting herself in the exact situation to get anxiety and harm her mental health. Just seems counter-intuitive.
But please Lillee, stay on the internet, it's so easy to make fun of you.

No. 770159

This actually kinda makes sense. If they were getting money through illicit means, bankruptcy court obviously isn't going to know about that. They just see "official" income like disability or social security. They could have racked up a bunch of credit card debt and then declared bankruptcy to avoid paying it, while still having their side money. It explains why they have thousands of dollars to blow on fake followers.

No. 770163

I know this is a tinfoil, but it's all creepily coming together and fitting into place…

No. 770164

the more i look at it the more I realize that there really is no other explanation for the several oddities surrounding lillee

No. 770165

This would also explain why someone with little stable income would be fine constantly sinking money into fake followers without feeling nauseated. I mean, other than being crazy. She has motivation to rack up credit card debt and she has motivation to move/get rid of money that could look suspicious if discovered.

No. 770167

I honestly think they just made up Pheepy to give a cool girl aura to Lillee, that’s it. I guess they pretended he was French to make it more fancy and easier to hide (Oh no you can’t meet my boyfriend, he’s in France).

He obviously doesn’t even exist because if she ever interacted with real French people, she’d pick up on the accent a lot and wouldn’t have to pull out “coo-coonut” out of her ass because it’s absolutely not pronounced like that in French.

Just like the fake events and distorting and stretching the truth out of everything to make it seem like Lillee has a real glam life, like the lipstick thing they tried to pass off as a collab, she just probably saw how some celebrities have foreign partners and thought it would give her image some celeb vibes.

Laur and Lillee cant stop showing off everything they can, they’d be showing texts or could ask Pheepy for a short vocal message they could record.
I don’t think they ever pimped Lillee for real. IMO Laur has probably no problems taking suggestives pics of Lillee because she probably thinks it’ll help her career and it’s innocent enough.

The age thing is because they can’t keep track of their lies to save their ass and constantly contradict themselves. Like with Shaniqa, at first they pretended they totally met her and interacted with her, before switching to “She was just one fan that came to greet Lillee in person” to “She’s a troll account and we never met her”. I bet that years ago when Lillee first started writing about Pheepy, they’d have said he was a bit older than her, but nothing unreasonable. Now that she’s legal and suddenly decided he’s late 20s, that makes their previous lies super dubious.

It’s very very obvious that none of them are very smart. They write like they’re ESL, can’t keep track of their lies and can’t even realise Lillee isn’t getting anytime famous despite being at it for years. I’m honestly shocked they didn’t go on fiver or something just to pay somebody to record a short message pretending to be Roma late or Bff James.

No. 770169

I definitely don't believe Pheepy is real at all, but with them being completely okay with basically preteens dating men who are in their 20s, along with them not being phased by Indian men showing them their dicks, seems suspicious to me. It also makes sense as to why they can continue paying for followers seemingly everyday.
I do agree with pretty much everything you stated about Pheepy though. It is a ruse to make Lillee look cooler than she is, and called him older without realizing she would have to stick to that claim. If you catch in her live stream, she says she meets him at 9, and pauses claiming she's bad at math, and refuses to say that he would have been 18. She realizes she's catching herself in the lie, and then says "We're gonna let that one sit" because she absolutely refuses to say he was 18 and she was 9.
The only thing I can say trumps the "pimping out Lillee" theory is that she is truly ugly. And I know ugly people can get people to fuck them, but she's just not desirable enough to have someone pay for her, imo anyway.

No. 770170

Laur could have easily hired someone to pretend to be James except she’s now claiming he’s a famous “Elton John” status celebrity using a pseudonym. Laur & Lillee constantly fuck themselves over.

No. 770171

yeah i came up with the initial theory but I honestly cant imagine anyone paying to fuck lillee kek
However, that still doesn't exclude that possibility. They still look like trailer trash so they're probably just not attracting many high profile clients

No. 770172

I did initially believe this, but there are too many weird parts of this story. Watch the clip (in Bffdees' video) where Lillee is discussing Pheepy and she says she "personally doesn't see anything wrong with a 12 year old dating a 17 year old" and defends herself dating Pheepy because her parents consented to it.

Her own mother married someone almost twice her age when she was 16. Lillee was very quick with the "it's not illegal if parents consent" line. She's very obviously been taught this stuff before. Where would she get this incorrect line otherwise?

It's not just that she's claiming to have a much older boyfriend, it's how vehemently and easily she defends it. Why bring up the 12 year old and 17 year old hypothetical? She has clearly heard this stuff from the only person she talks to, which is her mother. Pheepy is almost certainly fake, but her views on this are not, and that's scary considering everything we know about how isolated she was. We know she was removed from school, has zero friends, never leaves her house, and sees nothing wrong with a child dating an adult. It's absolutely believable she was abused.

No. 770173

Yes, it's particularly ominous now with how Lillee is completely isolated from the world and has regressed into a childlike demeanor.

No. 770174

File: 1587350108992.jpeg (164.69 KB, 750x344, C9CBA98E-8FE3-4E0D-81C5-3EDC36…)

Dees shared a screenshot from last year of Laur tweeting song lyrics about child prostitution at Lillee. This shit just seems so much weirder now.

No. 770175

also sidenote but Lillee's code for lookfantastic deosn't work anymore kek
probably why laur was sperging out about losing wages and a brand campaign

No. 770176

happy 19th birthday lilz

No. 770177

LOL didn't take long for them to get notified of Lillee's bullshit. Good for them.

No. 770178

nope, it still seems to work on some things but not others. Similar to how it did with colorpop before they stopped fucking with her

No. 770179

Didnt take long for these conspiracies to blast off already and theres still more weird incestuous pedophilic screenshots coming out

No. 770180

Oh, bummer. I'm ready for it to officially quit working and Laur and Lillee blow a gasket.

No. 770181

This has been posted >>769950

No. 770187

People that fiddle kids usually care more about the kids being underage than how attractive they are. And her teeth (which are a substantial factor in how ugly she looks) make her look even younger.

No. 770188

I hate that I completely agree with something so gross, but it is true. Just her being under 18 and being up for grabs is enough to get their rocks off. No pretty visuals needed.

No. 770189


Don't forget that Lillee is so short she almost qualifies as a dwarf. It's nasty to say, but that, coupled with her chubby-cheeked face and those baby teeth…

No. 770199

i completely agree with you, anon. it's obvious that both have some sort of learning/mental disability and just struggle to see cosequences to their lies until all is said and done. that on top of not knowing when to stop. right now the best thing for lillee would be to backtrack and confess that peepee is only her imaginary bf, which would not only release the grip on her now pedo-grooming-pimp-momager, but also get her some pity points from haters because she's just so trying to fit in uwu but she keeps so vehemently defending her claims about peepee that it's no longer plain stupid, it's actually scary lmao

No. 770200

Lmfao why has it taken this long to call him Peepee. I love it, I'm adopting it.
To be honest idk if she truly can back out of this now even if she tried. She's defending it so hard, said multiple times that it's fine for a minor to date an adult, and Laur not helping her case by bringing up the fact that she got married at 16. I think they're in this hole for good.

No. 770201

And if they admit Pheepy is pretend after faking gifts & dates etc with him for years then it becomes more likely they did the same thing with James Dee & Shaniqua.

Of course anyone who’s followed this mess for any amount of time already knows this but some of her new followers may flee.

No. 770202

LOL her 3 new followers.
But you're correct, once one lie is outed, the entire cookie crumbles.

No. 770208

My boyfriend said: maybe they are in some kind of sect? Or a cult maybe. And it got me thinking…

Somehow I got strong feelings back to the Dr Phil episode where a girl was sold as a slave to rich man. In that episode she said there was a whole ring of it and a different world wherein young girls where pimped out.

I am not saying that Lillee is being sold, but maybe there in something (something like a sect) whereas it's completely normal for a minor to date someone who is mature. Of course this started with the mother of Laur and Earl being the mature male. Maybe they even got something like a dowry? (If what they are saying is true)

If it's not true, then maybe they are making up this lie also for other members of the sect so Lillee won't stand out. And with P.P. being in Europe and being a diplomat, he can't easily get here to show himself. But him being a diplomat would gave him some kind of status (hence the Dr Phil episode).

No. 770216

File: 1587373615684.jpg (60.64 KB, 1080x353, IMG_20200420_105559.jpg)

I was checking out some sites and came across a site where Lillee Jean her age is 40. It also stated Earl age, 68, and Laur age, 52.

Is there any proof somewhere that she is actually 19? Some have speculated she may be older, because of some pictures years ago. Her mother posting old pictures of lillee isn't proof.

No. 770221


This was discussed in the old threads multiple times

Also the info from those sites isn't very accurate

No. 770244

File: 1587392040815.jpeg (213.32 KB, 750x531, 1D7AE945-63F3-4EB5-A659-AFEED8…)

Lillee still wants to play this cyber bullying angle. She’s tweeted and verbally made transphobic and racist comments, Laur has phoned two workplaces trying to get people fired, tagged a university that a commenter had attended several years prior, tagged a business that an unrelated person works for (after messaging that same person multiple times) and now Lillee is telling her young, teenager audience that it’s perfectly acceptable for a young teenager to be in a relationship with an adult man. Tell me, who’s problematic here? Lillee and Laur need to give up this narrative and own up to/apologize for everything that they have done in the last year and delete the offensive content. Lillee especially needs to tell her few real fans that it is unacceptable for an adult to be in a relationship with a child.

No. 770248

Don't hold your breath, anon. You're better off just enjoying the clown show that is Lillee and Laur.

No. 770252

File: 1587394951201.jpeg (251.03 KB, 750x593, DA891AC2-A0E5-4E2B-88F2-8A4553…)

Lillee’s going to have a hard time drumming up sympathy against people bullying her for being a MAP advocate. This angle may have worked before Friday but she’s legit fucked at this point.

Who is this idiot bringing her on his podcast? His twitter profile says he works in personal security. He’s about to end his whole career. No one wants a guy who sympathizes with pedophiles & child groomers guarding their family.

No. 770290

File: 1587401182689.jpg (241.13 KB, 625x1043, Screenshot_20200420-114015_You…)

Pretty sure she recorded this prior to her birthday. She references doing the live and how much fun she had with her fans picking out her makeup for her. It is super vague and, atleast the part I caught, she picked her own products. I did just tune in when she dropped a product and was talking about picking it up with her feet rather than standing up to pick it up because she didn't want to flash her vag at the camera.

In low effort style, she wears the same mermaid top we've seen her stuff herself in for a year, and she has no idea how to wear or style a wig for anything other than playing with her dolls and front shots to correct later.

No. 770305

File: 1587408000790.jpeg (915.36 KB, 1242x1699, B91C923A-3D08-4C9E-B49A-99CBAD…)

Playing semantics with her boomer brigade again. How fucking sick does one have to be to let pedophilia slide just to win an internet war??
Also don’t worry Lillee, plenty of people saved your live and when they try commenting links to it on your YouTube, you block them. I’m fucking done with this bitch

No. 770308

Can someone screen record her live that's currently up on her Instagram? I tried but it wont work

No. 770309

She mentioned having sex with Philippe and some other things relating to their relationship

No. 770310

>chopping clips
Is she trying to use the old "my words were taken out of context" line? As if a groomer not explicitly saying "I am a groomer" means they're totally innocent.

No. 770316

Tatiana posted her video about the child grooming/pedo apologia. It's good, I like her style. I'm kind of hoping that Lillee and Laur decide to bite the bullet and admit that Pheepy isn't real, so that she can release her full series of videos on Lillee Jean.

No. 770320

Just another person who doesn't do any research. I bet he saw the big follower count and just assumed he was going to get some exposure. Maybe even thought he was honored that a person with almost 1mil followers would give his small podcast the time of day.

No. 770335

>I was checking some sites
You mean you were looking for their dox. Weirdo.
>could she be 40 instead of 19, and Laur had her when she was 12?

No. 770336

Her full live from earlier today

No. 770339

thank you anon

>Sal Fisher


No. 770341

>Using my baby photos with blood and you're gonna tell me you're not a pedophile?
And the way she says interaction lmao. Absolute retard.

No. 770350

I did a shitty tl;dr. It's mostly her saying that Bffdees is stalking and slandering and cyberbullying her.

>says everyone has a different level of maturity, and she's pretty mature so the 9 year age difference was fine for her (reminder: she still plays with dolls)

>she didn't encourage minors to be with adults
>implies Bffdees is stalking her because she's jealous of LJ being younger
>says she didn't have sex until she was 18 and a half
>pronounces interaction as "interreaction"
>says Bffdees is actually the pedophile and her kids should be taken away
>says Bffdees made a fake Asian profile to stalk her
>one of Bffdees' friends is a substance abuser with CHILDREN, because that is very relevant the discussion
>Bffdees also hacked Laur's computer to see her ebay history, so they have a report with the FBI ~cyber crimes district~
>Bffdees made a t-shirt with LJ's baby photos with blood on them
>Bffdees creates accounts to talk back and forth with each other (sounds familiar!)
>she has PTSD and nightmares from the mental strain
>LJ had a nightmare where she was Batman chasing Clayface with Harley Quinn
>wonders if Bffdees has sexual fantasies about her (?????)
>goes between saying Bffdees has been stalking her for years and then says 5 months
>pronounces "sleuth" as "snooth"
>compares Bffdees to Charles Manson (kek)
>Bffdees might have OCD or DID
>Bffdees "invested money" in bankruptcy papers (even though bankruptcy is public information)

She really doesn't answer or explain anything. No explanation on how she met 18 year old Pheepy when she was 9. It just keeps going back to "Bffdees bad." Apparently, dating a 23 year old when you're 14 is fine as long as you're as mature as LJ. Reminds me of the groomers who tell every underage girl "you're so mature for your age."

No. 770351


- Talks about Dees "stalking" her since she was 15, saying she's creating stories, has threatened to stab her, and tried to sell tshirts with her baby photos with blood on them. Question Dees mental health (does that through the whole video).
- Reiterates that her and Pheepy are 9 years apart and says it's not a huge age difference because "everyone has a different level of maturity".
- Talks about how Dees has a multitude of other fake accounts where she talks back and forth to herself (the irony).
- Talks about how Dees chopped up the live video to make it look like she encouraged younger people to date older people. Says that's not true, and she doesn't condone that.
- Says there wasn't sexual interaction between her and Pheepy until she was "of age".
- Reiterates again that she doesn't condone minors dating people who are older, Pheepy and her relationship just "fell that way".
- Claims she's mature for her age so it's fine, especially because there was no sexual interaction (she keeps pronouncing this inter-ee-action, idk how to type it out, but she's not pronouncing it correct)
- Claims she was never raped.
- Says she didn't have sex with Pheepy until she was 18 and a half (again with the half thing?)
- Says she's in pain from all the rumors.
- Wishes she saved her live video because it would be proof she didn't say these things.
- Says Dees started to create multiple accounts on the live DURING the live, all the exact same time, screaming "rape" at her
- Says Dees called her dad a pedophile
- Claims Dees is the pedophile because she has photos of Lillee with blood on them and because she's been "stalking" her since she was 15.
- Says Dees children should be taken away from her.
- Says all hate is from Dees, no one else.
- Talks about how Dees created the "asian influenced" profile, explains the "debunking" of it.
- Claims she has police reports on Dees.
- Brings up that someone posted her Ebay purchases, says she doesn't understand how they got them, and says it's illegal to post them.
- Claims they have a report with the cyber unit of the FBI dealing with the Ebay listings because whoever did that "hacked into their computer".
- Talks more about how she was completely taken out of context, how what she said wasn't the full statement.
- Claims she's retained a lawyer recently.
- Says again that any account claiming that it was rape was Dees. Literally every single one.
- Says she doesn't put her bf on her stories, because people would jump on him, and "just like famous celebrities and actors", the "celebrity" (talking about herself here) shows their significant other and they break up because things gets misconstrued.
- Says anti-bullying campaigns need to do more and be more active. Said she contacted Stomp Out Bullying and they didn't do anything for her (Lol wonder why).
- Plugs her malware infested blog.
- Questions Dees mental health again, asking if she's schizophrenic.
- Says she cried on her birthday.
- Mocks Dees in saying that her boyfriend is fake, and says that all of a sudden when she mentions their age difference that Dees is claiming he's real.
- Says the courts are closed so she can legally fight anyone right now.
- Says Dees got people to call the DA to investigate her boyfriend. Says the DA is meant for minors in bad relationships, and says she's 19.
- Mocks about how "there's a statute and that she (Lillee) must have been raped", and says that people are speaking for her and they need to stop.
- Asks if Dees has a fantasy of Lillee being raped (wtf?)
- Says she has PTSD from Dees.
- Tells some stupid nightmare she had last night about how she was Batman, blaming it on Dees.
- Says she doesn't know if Dees has sexual fantasies of her (again, ew wtf)
- Claims she started all the Reddits
- Claims she's worried to go to events because of her safety (lmfao)
- Says Laur spoke to Dees in a long PM
"working things out" but it was all a set up, again
- Says anyone that does a video on her is doing it for profit, because she is so profitable (lmfao)
- Claims she's a celebrity again.
- Claims Laur had a Skype call with Dees, and claimed Dees was screaming at Laur until Laur said "who the fuck do you think you are?" and hung up
- Claims Dees has OCD and needs to be fixated on her and Laur.
- Claims Dees has multiple personalities because she has multiple accounts, and is baffled at the amount of accounts she is able to have.
- Says people think all her Youtube subs are fake, and then says "How can I be on 5600 accounts at once"
- Says people must think highly of her to think she's capable of creating multiple accounts. Then says she think Dees is capable.
- Claims Dees has invested money in making all of these accounts, in Lillee's daily stats, getting personal information, getting bankruptcy papers.
- States they went bankrupt because her dad had emergency surgery on his spine and now he "wobbles".
- Lillee says this live is her voice and her truth.
- Has the completely ironic statement of "I want people to hear what I say, hear ME say, ME, that I didn't say that" (Lmfao, so the other things that you also said, you somehow didn't say? Ok)
- Says again that people claiming she was raped didn't ask her if she was and is speaking for her (yeah because that's how rape victims are, they outright tell people they were raped)
- Reiterates again that she didn't say that minors should be with adults.
- Again claims that every single hate account is Dees, and is somehow no one else.
- Claims again that the fake accounts Lillee made, Dees made.

No. 770352

Oh nooo I just finished mine lol sorry

No. 770353

Yours is better, anon. Thanks!

No. 770356

I never watch her videos because they’re cringe, but I watched a bit of this and wow. This girl lives in a whole ass fantasy land. Every other thing she says is a lie. The Batman dream (which she didn’t have) is an example of her sprouting random bullshit for no reason.

No. 770357

damn i guess every one of us has an awesome twitter following.

No. 770358

The Batman dream was my favorite part. She says Bffdees is simultaneously Harley and Clayface because she's always changing accounts kek. She really just makes up anything and says it like it's a fact.

No. 770360


These are my personal favorite ones:

> Claims she's mature for her age so it's fine, especially because there was no sexual interaction

> Says she didn't have sex with Pheepy until she was 18 and a half
> Claims they have a report with the cyber unit of the FBI dealing with the Ebay listings because whoever did that "hacked into their computer".
> Says again that any account claiming that it was rape was Dees. Literally every single one.
> Says she doesn't put her bf on her stories, because people would jump on him, and "just like famous celebrities and actors", the "celebrity" (talking about herself here) shows their significant other and they break up because things gets misconstrued.
> Said she contacted Stomp Out Bullying and they didn't do anything for her
> Asks if Dees has a fantasy of Lillee being raped
> Says she doesn't know if Dees has sexual fantasies of her

What an absolute whackjob. She is so out of touch with reality, it's mind boggling.

No. 770361

She talks like a valley girl from an american high school movie because of her lack of interaction with other people. Her voice, including her attempt of vocal fry, is so fucking annoying, her 'real' followers must be completely brain dead

No. 770362


Omg this is so accurate. You can tell she wants to be the high school mean girl, but fails on every mark.

No. 770364

> Apparently, dating a 23 year old when you're 14 is fine as long as you're as mature as LJ. Reminds me of the groomers who tell every underage girl "you're so mature for your age."
Yeah this is the part that really stood out to me. She made no attempt to clear up the fact that she started dating Pheepy at 14, completely ignored it. She only has to say that "it's fine because she's mature". Like you said, sounds exactly like when the older one in the relationship says that creepy "you're so mature for your age". This video, again, is all deflection and doesn't explain anything.

No. 770365

it does explain that laur is a moron.

No. 770367

Yeah that too. You should know your daughter isn't mature enough as a teenager to be dating someone 9 years older, but she did get married at 16, so it's just a reflection of how her mindset has always been.

No. 770370

it's not as if laur is even that old that it would have been okay. even in the 50s there were PSAs warning against fucking your life up by marrying young.

No. 770373

i love when lillee's raging narc ego comes out and she starts referring to herself on the same level as actual celebrities

she says her and prince peepee didn't have sex until she was 18 and a half (you know, how all mature-for-their-age women mention "and a half" like a toddler does). so if lillee is locked in the house with laur and diamond earl 24/7 and pheepy lives in france where exactly did this romantic sexcapade occur? real quiet in the attic? did the dolls watch? fucking kek

No. 770374

Lmfao she'll make up some "romantic" story about how he crawled through her window at night, watched her sleep, woke her up, lit some candles, and then made love to her. And then she sang a song as he scaled back down the side of her house.

No. 770375

Honestly I’m 900% sure she’s never had a bf but laur said in her video that “she always knew what her daughter was doing because she would keep the door open”
I wouldn’t be surprised if she has laur watching her all the fucking time

No. 770376

>And then she sang a song as he scaled back down the side of her house.
holy shit anon my sides.

No. 770377

This is what's so creepy, is both of them are trying really hard to convince people that Lillee fucks. Or, in Laur's case, that Lillee has the option to fuck. Like, no one cares or believes that Lillee is getting any dick.

No. 770379

there's also the creepy implication that laur knows for a fact because she saw it happen.

No. 770387

Laur's Twitter is reopened

No. 770392

Off topic but I was watching Julia Mazzucato today who is YOUNGER than LJ and so much more well spoken and mature. It really puts into perspective how deranged and stunted Lillee is compared to others her age

No. 770399

File: 1587426021986.png (20.39 KB, 469x212, victimblaming.png)

They really just dance around the topic. Nobody is blaming Lillee for potentially being groomed. She clearly has a fucked up view of this because of her upbringing.

And yes, Lillee did say she personally doesn't see anything wrong with a 12 year old dating a 17 year old. She's encouraging it by saying it's all fine and dandy as long as you're ~mature for your age~ like she was.

No. 770401

File: 1587426332059.jpeg (892.67 KB, 1242x2076, 73B77DF4-BE21-498E-AFE8-070811…)

Runway Rogue is doing crazy sponsored posts on FB and I ran into one where there are many comments complaining about never receiving anything. I found this one particularly hilarious. Looks like Ms. Hartmann, 90s supermodel nobody knows with 400 twitter followers and no clout whatsoever, has the same tendency of going off on tangents about how great and beautiful she is just like another nobody influencer we know. No wonder she’s so up Lille’s ass

No. 770402

She literally said it verbatim, in context, with no editing. There was no chopping. She says "I don't think it's weird somebody 12 dating someboy 17, that's just me".

No. 770403

Did she just learn how to use her middle finger? She's doing it so much lately and it only makes it more obvious that the fan account proof was just her doing.

No. 770404

Wow. Literally no one asked. That was so much more detail than anyone ever cared to hear.

No. 770405

>as a school girl she was often taunted for her fish lips

No. 770410

File: 1587428555474.jpg (12.16 KB, 150x207, Kumiko_Fukada_Galerie.jpg)

Bitch straight up looks like Fukada from GTO.

No. 770417

Laur had claimed that earl had played back up for Hendrix but that was debunked by someone who used to be a superfan or something and had all the line ups ever of supporting back up etc for Hendrix and earl was (shock horror) not named.
‘She ruined my birthday’ - pretty sure lillee ruined it herself by opening stating she has been a victim of a pedo for the past 5 years & whored out by her own mother who also appears to have been victim to pedo earl & she also now realises she has a pedo father.
Their only way out of this is to come clean that they have been lying about ‘pheepy’ being real but part of me is starting to think this actually is all real now (if not pheepy then other creepy dudes) and the reason he’s been so hidden is because of the age thing.
It would legitimately be sad if she really was getting anxiety or mental health issues from this but it’s more than likely lies to make people feel sorry for her, just like the constant exaggerations of bullying and death threats etc.
If it were true then staying offline would be the thing to do, not fuelling the arguments with their constant rebuttals and fbi report threats.
18 AND A HALF!!!! Learning from the onision school of grooming denial I see.

No. 770426

File: 1587436287219.png (23.89 KB, 595x159, lt.png)

Any idea what this is about?

No. 770427

nothing, she’s just having a Franzia freak out. No one cares about her deranged rants, especially not the FBI or NYPD. If anything, law enforcement is coming after her now so she better stop dialling the police every second of the day.

No. 770428

LJ is showing another “goody” on her insta stories. She’s taking off the plastic cover from the shadows but most of them look already swatches and used, especially that pink/peach shade

No. 770429

File: 1587436525260.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, AFEC9D0D-A461-4AE4-9A36-146E2B…)

No. 770430

File: 1587436660374.png (566.19 KB, 484x802, ljswatch.png)

Lol oh yeah absolutely, that is has been dug into with someone's finger

No. 770434

Also miss slowly nudging change is back to
sending her elderly mom out to buy makeup after shaming people for missing friends in quarantine. She says so in her insta story

No. 770439

Bi-monthly doxing of some random person who’s never interacted with Laur or Lillee? What are the odds they found someone with last name Awesomelaser?

No. 770442

the way she pronounces words fucking annoy the shit out of me “mario badouche” did u wag all of ur english classes

No. 770445

I googled how it is suppose to me pronounced (bad ess kew) and it makes her butchery(Bad da douche) so much worse.

No. 770448

Justice for lj? So Pheepy's been arrested? G8 news!

No. 770458

Yeah, she just admitted to her mom going out in a pandemic to buy her something nonessential, but wants to cry about needing people to stay home. She's so fucking annoying.

No. 770461

On her newest Ariel video, at like 0:20 she admits to wearing the same clothes for 4 days, and tries to say "don't lie, you do it too". No we fucking don't Lillee because we know how to shower and not be gross.

No. 770463

File: 1587445199461.jpeg (449.2 KB, 750x1200, 12EB7DE2-D994-4C6A-B754-DDB954…)

Lillee is doing a makeup collab livestream the guy in her birthday stream begging for attention. He has 15k followers with very suspect engagement. Absolutely no makeup content on his page, just phone cases and electronics.

He also appears to be 16-17 years old. Lilllee should stay away from teenagers with her most recent crisis still fresh in everyone’s mind.

No. 770465

This is so bizarre. It's like she's so desperate for attention that she's taking collabs with anyone that seems to "love" her. Is she genuinely this naive and think this guy is interested in her work and not trying to bang her, or does she know exactly what his motives are and is willing to give him to the time of day?

No. 770467

This is genuinely hilarious to me. Nicol Concilio, Chloe Morello etc have roughly the same follower count but so many influencer friends, they get invited to parties and vacations by brands all the time and you see them all commenting on each other’s stuff. Whereas this toad only gets any attention from horny Indian men or that white diamond guy she did a YouTube collab with who has less than a 100 followers.
Heck even small influencers like Smokey glow, Julia Mazzucato, Robert welsh etc have friends in the industry while she’s just hungry for any sort of clout, with no one who matters in the industry ever acknowledging her

No. 770468

She has literally been wearing her god awful pink shirt for at least two months straight in every video. The state of her hair and just her grimy appearance is enough to show that she never showers

No. 770469

File: 1587448550419.png (4.67 MB, 3492x1272, lillees shartistry.png)

jesus christ this look is particularly tacky and hideous. anytime she tries to do anything outside her peachy-pink comfort zone it comes out looking like the type of makeup cougars in vegas do to show they're fun on their "wild" night out

No. 770470

Those plaid pants must smell like a gross unwashed dog mixed with stale Cheeze Its.

No. 770471

Anybody got a link to a video where Laur is by herself talking? I came across it on YouTube a few days ago but it was super long so I left it for later, but now I can’t find it anywhere. I wasn’t logged in to the YouTube app so I don’t have it in my histories. I think the title was something like “Laur Trueman speaks out”. It came from an account with her name, which I found but it doesn’t have the video. The video was about Lillee but I remember I skipped to the middle of it and she was rambling about her sisters murder

No. 770472

Lol she said nothing sexual happened until she was 18 and a half.
Just like Greg she emphasises 'and a half' realllly showing your mental maturity there Lillee.
No-one does that except children and stunted adults.

No. 770480

File: 1587455347692.png (51.14 KB, 596x269, jadkdnkkfdn.png)

lmfao i wonder how they'll fake this

No. 770481


I can't find it either. Maybe she deleted it? I know it was posted somewhere in the thread but I can't find it.

No. 770482


that colour scheme looks like a child's drawing


probably one of those cheap "beauty brands" that pop up and as soon as they start getting bad reviews delete and appear under a new name selling the same products

No. 770485

"top brand at Amazon" more like "scammer who resells cheap, probably harmful products from taobao and aliexpress at a 200% markup". Have fun getting lead poisoning from your $1 foundation, Lillee!

No. 770486

a link to the post is literally right at the end of this thread summary… learn to ctrl+f

No. 770494

her eye area is so dark and puffy the green looks shoop'd on. at first i thought anon drew it on to point something out. does she know you can put concealer over that? she could even just use tinted primer to fix it.

No. 770498

File: 1587473186863.jpg (507.04 KB, 1079x1656, Screenshot_20200421-074434_Twi…)

She pulls this "I've said my piece, I won't speak on it again" thing every time she gets busted. She thought she was clever deleting the lives, but not that the callouts have proven they have recordings of it and can produce it so her comments are in full context, she's acting like she is above it.

No. 770502

She calls the Better than Sex mascara "Better than Love", my sides

No. 770505

File: 1587476365542.jpg (106.88 KB, 1079x441, Screenshot_20200421-083836_Twi…)

Add poet and philosopher to her (pretend) job titles.

No. 770507

File: 1587476687888.jpeg (119 KB, 830x348, F2F9D20C-792F-4D09-B30F-26AB5A…)

“be a blight”

No. 770508

Wouldn't it better fit the rhyming scheme to say "be a blight, and see karma's might?"

That home school degree though.

No. 770509

>rhyming light with light

same energy as when Pittbull rhymed koda with kodak

No. 770510

Animorph cover vibes

No. 770512

File: 1587480444613.jpg (72.89 KB, 787x541, 209355.jpg)

I thought Lillee hated contouring, and that's why she stopped doing it? This is like the third or fourth time in the past month that I've seen her doing it, and I don't even regularly watch her tutorials.

No. 770513

there's absolutely no way she's had sex when she can't even say the word "sex". as if anyone had any doubt anyway. the girl still plays with dolls, she's a virgin and pheepy the pedo is fake…although the whole concept of him is very unnerving.

No. 770514

It says a lot about Lillee and Laur's collective intellect that when they can make up literally anything they want, they decide to catch themselves in a lie that makes them pedo apologists.

No. 770519


It's just like the fake followers and fake fans on IG. If they had just purchased enough bots to put Lillee between 50-100k and used bland sock accounts to comment generic positive support, literally no one would have noticed and they could have kept on scamming companies out of PR until enough real disney weirdos found her content and replaced the spambots.

But no. They had to do 1 million, and they had to make up such complicated, nonsense backstories for their sockpuppets that it became super obvious and made them look like crazy people.

No. 770521

Man, the saying "give an inch, take a mile" never rang more true. They saw they had the opportunity to buy her a following and went the whole 9 miles to 1 million because why not?

No. 770522

She’s used primarily drugstore makeup since being dropped from PR by reputable brands but she still states she’s mixing up her content by using drugstore products. There’s nothing wrong with drugstore makeup but it’s funny she’s still trying to pretend she’s a successful influencer.

No. 770524

I honestly don’t think she was ever getting that much pr. This bitch lied about a wholeass collab. No one cares about her

No. 770526

She's definitely had some random stuff from companies that don't do their research, or maybe from those influencer hubs that probably just go off of raw numbers and little else. But yeah, she gets far less than would be expected for someone with her follow count legitimately.

No. 770527


I think she bought her expensive stuff off Poshmark or other resell sites and then resold them, because we never see those expensive palettes again, she always goes back to using drug store.
Maybe she quit because she wasn't able to afford it anymore and maybe was failing at reselling it back.
The sad part is she still gets used shit, even if it's drugstore, like here >>770430

No. 770528

File: 1587489695329.png (310.91 KB, 509x942, beakeyblender.png)

She has a code with Beakey Blender, which are knockoff Beauty Blenders. Even when you type Beakey Blender into Google, it asks if you meant Beauty Blender.

No. 770529

File: 1587489721450.png (215.95 KB, 529x952, beakeyblender2.png)

But once again, she doesn't make any money, it's just for the company to "keep track"

No. 770531

it took me like 5 minutes to make google find their site. their site doesn't have an affiliate sign up so she likely emailed them directly. i wonder if callouts will @ them, she'd probably get taken off if so.

No. 770532

File: 1587490805791.webm (7.89 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_1_.webm)

Lillee's being weird on Tiktok again

No. 770533

File: 1587490834364.webm (12.63 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_2_.webm)

No. 770534

File: 1587490973737.webm (4.93 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_3_.webm)

No. 770535

Poor toad wants to look sexy so bad with her junk food belly spilling out of her second hand walmart jeans

No. 770536

File: 1587491088936.webm (507.29 KB, 576x1024, lillee-jean (4).webm)

No. 770537

Is she trying to look like the other girl? Because it looks like the other girl is just doing a dance and Lillee's on the left having a stroke.

No. 770538

File: 1587491508939.jpg (87.19 KB, 1080x698, 20200421_125102.jpg)

No. 770539

It's kinda wild comparing these two side by side like this. The girl on the right has a genuine smile and light in her eyes, and is actually doing a proper dance, while Lillee looks completely vacant with what looks like bizarre and out of time muscle spasm dancing.

No. 770540


oh noooo

it just looked like your average awkward white girl when she was flailing around on her own, but she of course had to duet (because she really believes that her mediocrity is just as good as anything anyone else does, especially poc)

next to that girl who looks cute while effortlessly doing the dance properly, lillee's "dancing" is so bad that it has crossed over into looking like she's exaggerating and purposely fucking up to make a parody.

No. 770543

She wants to act like she is in shape, but she is super out of breath half way into that dance.

No. 770544

wow these sexy tiktoks have proved us all wrong about pheepy. after all, could a homeschooled attic-dwelling virgin with no human interaction pull off a seductive dance like THAT? i think not

this girl obviously fucks

No. 770545

wow what a high end collab she sure showed us! these have to be at least $1 more than a F21 set!

No. 770546

Very sax and bob Vagene sweet baby Lillee

No. 770547


she's going to end up in a tweet along the lines of "White people can't dance"

It's like watching a child fling themselves about not knowing anything about rhythm

No. 770549

"Top brand" at Amazon, I'm cackling.

No. 770550

Her code isn't working for me lol

No. 770551

It only works on the keyboards lmao
I added a bunch of shit in my cart to test and that’s all it works on

No. 770553

I figured out what’s up with these codes. I was watching Taylor Wynn and Robert Welsh and both of them mentioned buying stuff off of websites to test but then emailing the brand to give them a temporary code for their followers to use. They keep emphasising that it’s not paid or sponsored and it’s just a little incentive for their followers which means nothing in terms of the influencer’s relationship with the brand. This is likely what she’s doing. No brand is dumb enough to give her a proper code or a collaboration. Except maybe runway rogue but the more I look into it, the more I realize that Patreesha is the one scamming Laur and Lillee through fashion haunts and fnl.

No. 770554

File: 1587501398417.jpeg (377.3 KB, 750x749, 5DBAC99A-4668-437F-872F-F608C3…)

BFFDees has been throwing shade at Lillee & Laur by testing that theory. This is the 2nd code/link she’s made terrible sponsored posts for. Proving the theory that these brands will give anyone a code and it doesn’t mean shit.

No. 770558

You can't pretend to be all in for body positivity and at the same time claim that you are a size 2 Lillee

No. 770559

some of these brands don't even check follower count, you can just send them an email saying you're an influencer and they'll throw a code your way.

No. 770560

File: 1587504725988.jpeg (532.61 KB, 1242x1404, AA70D4D0-EF4F-409F-A3F5-A36D75…)

Laur just never stops…
Back to reporting her Russian bots

No. 770562

File: 1587505243169.jpg (474.26 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20200421-163923_Chr…)

They are pushing hard to get back to one Mill do she can celebrate her victory "despite how much hate she got on her birthday"

No. 770563


Tinfoil, but I have a theory. We know she's in engagement pods, considering all the comments of just "pretty" or kissy faces. What if someone in the pod has like a website they know of that you can get followers for free. I'm not sure how that'd work, I'm assuming they would need something in return, but I mean, I don't see how they're keeping up with the payments of buying followers unless Lillee was being pimped out.

No. 770566

Nah. No one does that shit for free. There are follow for follow sites but there’s no way to gain hundreds of thousands of followers through those. Laur is burning all her retirement savings if she’s not pimping out her daughter and honestly, I can’t wait for her to run out of money. They are so caught up in this lie. Before redditgate last year, both had more than one shirt to wear and used to go to events. You typically need money to attend those and buy shit like Lillee used to do for her “goodies.” Now, they are shut inside the house because they don’t want to spend their precious follower coin on uber, buying their way into events, rented dresses etc. We saw their degradation into buying used nighties for Christmas and second hand drugstore makeup. It’s only going the get worse

No. 770567

some paid follower sites have what is called a "retention guarantee" which means they will make sure your follower count stays at what you paid for for x amount of time (usually 30 days) so if they buy 50k likes even if they keep getting wiped, the company will keep pumping the likes up to 50k until the retention guarantee runs out.

No. 770569

Wouldn't surprise me if they had to move because they lost their house due to never giving up the buying of followers.

No. 770570

File: 1587507454273.png (59.21 KB, 863x263, 1m.png)

She's back to 1mil.

No. 770571

It is theoretically possible to get thousands of extremely low-quality followers for free on follow-for-follow sites by using dummy accounts to follow accounts to gain 'points' and then siphoning all those points to Lillee's account. It would be extremely time-heavy, but they obviously do nothing else with their lives so who knows.

No. 770572

File: 1587507924071.png (336.09 KB, 483x862, ljb.png)

Slightly old milk, but for her birthday, someone chose the photo of her playing dress up outside in her backyard that she used to photoshop on to Katy Perry kek

No. 770573

see >>770567 she's probably doing that and only paying out every month or so.

No. 770574

File: 1587508614381.png (29.67 KB, 1191x102, braces.png)

This just in: Getting braces changes your voice!

No. 770576

No. 770584

Miley never had creepy baby teeth tho

No. 770586

lillee you don't have a singing voice

No. 770589

i always imagine lj staring out her attic window "singing" soon from that don bluth thumbelina movie waiting for her pheepy as her mom rageposts in the background.

No. 770601

I just watched the live count jump up by three thousand in minutes. Checked her Instagram - cheapest of cheap bots. I wonder how long until they’re all removed by Instagram?

No. 770603

yea no, there's no way they are constantly paying to replenish those. they must be using one of those super cheap services with retention guarantee and tacked on a few likes and comments to try to get real reach.

No. 770607

She’s under 1M again and they are currently buying bots like crazy.

No. 770609

Under 1mil for me, too. And I've never been on her page so it's not cached on my computer.

No. 770610

File: 1587521641118.jpeg (357.23 KB, 2048x2048, 68BBB009-0C35-465C-95B5-0F3C89…)

I took these 15 minutes apart.

+9k followers in 15 minutes

No. 770611

File: 1587521696352.jpg (18.74 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Can you even get braces when you only have baby teeth? She's literally missing incisor teeth, she only has baby canins in the space where they should be. I seriously doubt any orthodontist would have gone as far as to have made her a mold. Closing the spaces would have left her a lot of empty spaced gums in her mouth.

Yeah, calling bullshit. She never went to any dental office for braces. A lot people think her mouth problem would be fixed with braces, but it really wouldn't. That's not the real problem

No. 770612

Idk how Instagram's bot removal works, but I could imagine once Lillee got flagged for having a ton of fake accounts, it would make it a lot harder to continue buying them because her account is under suspicion? Or because it has been flagged before, it's on high watch? Just an assumption.

No. 770613


Every refresh for me has the number jump around. it's going from 1mil to 997k back to 1mil.

No. 770614

what the fuck. there should be an automatic spoiler in this fucking thread

No. 770615

They will do braces on someone with some baby teeth if they expect them to fall out and be replaced by an adult tooth. They would have done x-rays beforehand and realized she didn't have adult teeth to replace her by teeth. IF she was getting a mold done, it was most likely for dentures/a bridge. And I think the embarrassment of having to wear dentures at 15 would be worse for her than tiny teeth.

No. 770617

Guys, it's bot retention. Please just google instagram likes, they buy at the beginning of the month and the site guarantees their numbers won't dip for the rest of the month.

No. 770618

probably spot-on. i'd agree that it wouldn't be worth it tbh, so now she has no choice but to embrace them.

the other alternative is veneers, but in another thread someone calculated Laur has spent around 8k on bots in a year, and that would just barely get you 6 low-end veneers. that would only be her top row. i guess there's the answer, Lillee's teeth will probably never get fixed because they can't afford it.

No. 770619

she might as well just pull them all out and get dentures. if her hair is any indication, her oral hygiene is probably lacking anyway.

No. 770621

Because the big increase came today, I wonder if they bought a bunch to try and divert attention from the Pheepy situation. And of course now it’s bouncing up and down because of deletions and replenishments. But I definitely think they’re now hoping that people go back to talking about the followers and their other crappy behaviour.

No. 770622

>"medical reasons"
Having jacked up teeth is a medical reason. She's going to be SOL in ten years when those teeth start crumbling apart in her mouth. One of the worst things to do is ignore a child's dental issues, because you might be able to beg for some help with the bills. Nobody gives one single fuck about helping adults.

No. 770624

Nah. I have a few baby teeth. I don't have the situation that's anywhere near LJs, but I was recommended to remove them and get braces. I'm guessing LJ would have gotten extensive work done, but braces would have been fine and when wisdom teeth come in they'd help fill in the spaces. I'm guess she would have started with braces and caps. If she loses any of those baby teeth, she could probably get a tooth or two drilled in with hardware. That's worst case. A few caps and braces would have made her look fine.

No. 770637

I looked at the other people doing this dance and…Lillee Jean isn't just the worst. She gets straight upstaged by a like 6 year old. I can't stop watching it tho.

No. 770651

File: 1587560331167.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, D01BEF41-1617-4496-9E50-9409EE…)

Trying to rally the foot fetish crowd for her makeup collab livestream with random Indian guy.

No. 770657

She just keeps rolling her fucking hips from side to side the WHOLE time. You can see when the girl next to her actually stops in time to the music but this bitch keeps flapping her stomach around like she's Shakira the entire time.
When she tries to copy the moves she's one beat off and gives up all together towards the end.
She doesn't even listen to the music to get an idea of when to stop and start, just rocks around like an autist trying to be sexy the entire time.

No. 770659

ikr? i hope she keeps doing these lmao

No. 770660

Lillee's dancing reminds me of those little kids who dance at a wedding. It's so awkward. Why does she always kiss at the end too? It's so weird. You now cannot tell me that she isn't an actual retard.

No. 770662

A child at a wedding is an apt description anon.
I've never seen someone this uncoordinated. It's like she tried to duet it in one take. I don't know why she reminds me of the meme of those two little boys dancing.
I can't find the gif right now but one of them has glasses.

I agree that she may actually be slightly retarded. I've seen horse girls dance better than this.

No. 770663

File: 1587566735201.gif (1.65 MB, 334x251, WateryMindlessBedlingtonterrie…)

No. 770668

File: 1587567979476.png (20.71 KB, 609x178, vdc4.png)

Ah, yes, we all hate Lillee for "no reason". I believe her charm comment was sarcastic, but knowing her, she probably 100% believes she's actually charming. Gag.

No. 770671

The funny thing about the tiktok dancing is that she picked such an easy dance to duet and she still fucked it up. There's like 5 and 6 year olds doing the renegade and that doja cat 'say so' dance, both of which require a lot of steps and coordination yet they pull it off almost exactly like the original dance, not forgetting a single arm movement.

Then there's Lillee doing….whatever this is.

No. 770676

veneers don't work in adults with baby teeth. she needs extraction and implants or a partial denture.

her mouth situation is actually really difficult and expensive to treat. i guess they're banking on making it big someday, and these bots are an "investment." fucking dumbasses. they could have afforded to replace just some of the front teeth if they didn't spend all their coin on stupid shit

No. 770689

Hopefully someone uploads the live she just did because it was so awkward and cringey. It was a dual video where he did his makeup as she was doing it, trying to copy her. There were several times she couldn't understand his accent so she responded with something completely unrelated, nodded her head and acted like she knew what he said, or just ignored him completely. He called her beautiful a couple of times, and looked miserable putting makeup on because he had never done it before, the poor sap just wanted to impress her. The whole thing was so embarrassing and weird.

No. 770692

File: 1587575261445.jpg (523.7 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20200422-120144_Vid…)

LJ went live on her insta with Nikhill. She started about 20 minutes earlier (without him) than her agreed start time and spent more time preening and reading the comments than actually interacting and being a host. He kept trying to engage with her and she just let it fall flat. The chat was really nice Nd rooting for him and you could see her getting annoyed at how much attention he was getting. He is charasmatic enough he made her look wooden. Laur was moderating the chat and flipping out over NY perceived threat. At one point they were talking about the Qtips he was using being individually wrapped in plastic and being wasteful. Someone commented "plastic" and laur started flipping out.

No. 770693

It is recorded, just need to review and make sure no personal info crept in.

No. 770695

You can not tell me this bitch doesn’t look full blown crazy

No. 770696

Literally several times throughout it went:
Nikhill: -Says something to try and engage in conversation-
Lillee: -Doesn't understand his accent- Put on your makeup!
And then several times throughout he said something like his cousin helps run his Instagram, or something about his personal life and all she could respond with was "Awww cute!!"
She also couldn't understand him when he was talking about how his Q-tips weren't eco-friendly.
He said about 5 different times that he needed to clean his lipstick lines with a Q-tip and she was just not grasping what he said at all. He asked specifically if he needed a pointier product or would the rounded end of the Q-tip work, and she just goes "Yep!" and then proceeds to mimick the Q-tip motion. This whole thing was a trainwreck.

No. 770697

File: 1587575998879.png (262.37 KB, 595x898, lll.png)

Dees points out how Lillee purchased views for her Instagram, pointing out how there were around 500 the entire time but only the same few were commenting, and when she reconnects only 40 people max came back in to watch.

No. 770705

File: 1587580945350.jpg (691.88 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200422-133226_Ins…)

Why does she always have to call herself fuzzy

No. 770707

all this posts are disturbing bc you know she’s trying to be sexy but looks just like the attic dweller psycho with 0 understanding of social behaviour that she is

No. 770708

Does no one in the attic wear pants

No. 770714

I don't understand what I'm seeing. Is that her stomach?

No. 770718

no, those are her "marks", can't you read? /s

yes that's a mole on her stomach

No. 770732

File: 1587588118639.webm (2.67 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_1_.webm)

This TikTok was flagged on Twitter for having "potentially sensitive content"

No. 770733

File: 1587588177024.png (22.74 KB, 632x175, Annotation 2020-04-22 164020.p…)

No. 770735

why does she make them super fast each time? and why is she doing the wakanda forever salute again?

No. 770736

Yasss queen, giving us some seizure realness.

No. 770738

She's trying to be woke and body positive by showing off her stretch marks, body hair and bad teeth, all of which there's nothing wrong with having, but there's just something so stanky about her. I imagine she smells like cat piss and dirty scalp. She also gives off the vibe she'd have real poo breath.

Again, nothing wrong with the message she's trying to get across but with her it seems very virtue signally and mostly an excuse to show off parts of her body to her creepy Indian men fans.
She reminds me a lot of this young young girl on YouTube who's whole channel revolved around feminine sanitary products (I don't remember her name) and the channel was meant to be there for 'education' and at first glance, it seemed like a good idea, but apon review there was something off about it, like she was catering to old weirdos or something.

Same goes for her weird childlike obsessions with dolls and the way she won't contour anymore because it makes her look 'old' yet she does these weird thirst trap tiktok dances and shows her feet off constantly.

I'm not sure if Laur is trying to do a Margo and pull the whole 'barely legal' thing with Lillee, but her content sure feels like it sometimes.

No. 770742

You're right Anon, there isn't anything wrong with having any of those, but it's the way she presents herself as holier than thou, better than everyone else, and above everybody that makes those things 100x more undesirable. If she wasn't so insufferable, a lot of people could look past her horrid traits.

No. 770746

Lmao do y’all remember her chastising people for uploading “sexy” photos on tinder
Just say your mommy doesn’t allow you to leave the attic and you have 0 personal skills to ever date successfully and go

No. 770758

maybe i'm being unfair but i find it almost insulting that she's trying to be body positive about being "tremendously fuzzy" when it looks like she just has the absolute minimum amount of pale peach fuzz? you can't really get LESS fuzzy without having literally no hairs. no one but small children and insane people would make fun of a woman for having short pale peach fuzz but we do get made fun of for having actual visible body hair.

No. 770760

This is something I find weird, is she is purposefully pointing out things that no one would give a shit about if she didn't point them out? Reading through previous threads on her here, I don't recall ever seeing anything about stretch marks or peach fuzz? It's possible this anon was right about it being for creepy Indian fans >>770738 but I genuinely believe she's just trying to find things to feel oppressed about and hope her "Jeaniez" make her feel better about it or something, idk what her goal is

No. 770761

maybe she's humblebragging and fishing for compliments, but what an odd compliment to fish for. "oh no lillee you're so very hairless! not fuzzy at all!" she really needs to hear that? lol

No. 770765

File: 1587602531280.png (229.86 KB, 457x827, Screenshot_20200421-110109_1.p…)

I was really trying not to comment but as a fair-skinned woman with a TON of dark body hair, I got really frustrated by this fake body positivity. Nitpicky with everything else she has done, but ugh.

So I'm not just blogging, kek @ this accidental pause moment in her duet tiktok where she looks legitimately (genetically) retarded, not just sheltered and stupid, gross & grimey like normal.

No. 770771

She has a lot of dark hair on her arms. I was surprised how hairy she is. And I mean whatever, she shouldn’t be put down for being hairy. She has plenty of other shitty qualities that she can control. I was just surprised.

No. 770844

File: 1587657540133.png (54 KB, 213x197, thumbnail.png)

What a flattering thumbnail. It's like she's not even trying anymore.

No. 770846

File: 1587657598106.jpeg (207.55 KB, 750x411, B1CA69B9-DF47-4357-82BE-496E0A…)

Lillee has a new video testing Huda skin products and manages to make a routine first impression video creepy as fuck.

No. 770855

she really doesn't know anything about these kinds of face masks, huh?

No. 770873

lmao nope. also gross she said she was going to keep the chin lift one to reuse.

No. 770874

File: 1587671143927.jpg (817.65 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20200423-144509_Ins…)

And now she's rewording Disney songs to be about corvid19.

No. 770876

No way Huda sent her exactly 2 masks in PR lmao

No. 770888

Lol exactly. PR packages have loads of stuff and are huge boxes. No company sends out 1 of an item. She bought it off Poshmark I'm sure. Especially considering she wants to reuse it, so you know she's trying to get her money's worth lol

No. 770891

What gets me with Lil Genes is th

No. 770892

File: 1587678099164.png (12.66 KB, 594x92, collab.png)

I assume this is the knock off Beauty Blenders? Or did she get another poor Indian man to agree to a video somehow?

No. 770896

are you ok

No. 770904

File: 1587683975905.jpg (746.35 KB, 1080x2066, Screenshot_20200423-181707_Twi…)

Oh, surprise surprise. Her affiliation with Runway Rogue has netted her a creeper. And ofcourse she's eating up the attention. He use to work with REAL models you know.

No. 770920

I've never seen a more iconic post on this website. Thank you.

No. 770922

File: 1587688198028.jpg (187.24 KB, 1206x803, 0e3.jpg)

what is this engagement? Did the stimulus check money run out already?

No. 770924

Most of them are also probably from her pod.

No. 770928

she got posted to shit makeup thread on /cgl/ they're talking about her over there kek.

No. 770929

There's nothing wrong with having bad teeth 'cept when you're trying to be a beauty guru and take closeups of your mouth. That's like trying to be a pro chef that serves fine dishes, but on cracked plates, with bent cutlery, and on filthy tables.

No. 770930


No. 770935

No. 770939

My pizza bagel finished cooking before I could finish.
What gets me with her is that she could so easily have made a niche for herself on YouTube by playing up the Disney thing. Doing Disney makeup, reviewing Disney products. She might have gotten a few thousand prepubescent girls following her for it.
But instead she’s so weirdly obsessed with being the next ~booty guru~
And everything she does to emulate the Big Girls falls flat because she has the demeanour and skill of a 2006 Disney channel star (only with less likability)

No. 770942

>skill of a 2006 Disney channel star (only with less likability)
This is the problem. She has zero charisma and is rude to anyone who comments constructive criticism. Even if she dedicated her channel to her crappy cosplays from eBay, it doesn't change the other problematic shit like buying followers, making sock accounts, condoning pedo relationships, or having her mom attack anyone who talks about her.

It would be even weirder if she targeted her channel to younger girls now that we know she thinks 14 year olds dating adults is totally normal.

No. 770943

File: 1587693657078.jpeg (61.67 KB, 1210x680, 02C329B0-A28A-42EC-96B4-9755B6…)

No. 770945

That’s kinda what I mean
If she had started out like that, instead of diving head first into crazy, things might have worked out and her bullshit might have stayed hidden

No. 770946

It is so fucking horrifying. Thank you for this.

No. 770948

File: 1587694126616.jpeg (112.84 KB, 1210x680, 1587693657078-01.jpeg)

Is this the new Jeff the Killer?

No. 770951

reminder to self: don't come to this thread before sleeping

No. 770952

This is what sleep paralysis demons see at the end of their beds

No. 770953

Fucking hell put a fucking spoiler on that anon!

No. 770955

Inb4 laur and lillee start claiming she was edited into a corpse by evil cyber boolies

No. 770956


Too bad Lillee is barely literate, she could make a name for herself doing spooky on-camera reading of creepypastas

No. 770959

Does anyone have the live saved

No. 770971

Late bday gift for Lillee - seems her code for look fantastic has finally stopped working. tried it on a bunch of non sale items just now.
Word of advice Lillee: don’t pretend you have a paying relationship with a brand because people WILL notify them

No. 770973

i'm sure the callouts had a field day with that.

No. 770974

Holy shit anon my sides

Legit thought I was on /x/ for a second

No. 770991

File: 1587714648414.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.43 KB, 750x411, 1587657598106-01.jpeg)

I didn't add anything to this image, just fucked with the contrast.

No. 770992


jesus fuck, it's horrendous. next thread pic?

No. 771002

She looks so much like her disgusting mother thanks for this

No. 771020

File: 1587748972015.jpeg (282.14 KB, 1242x644, 23E4A980-5C66-451D-8ED9-06E0FD…)

No. 771021

her hair is so visibly greasy it looks wet.

No. 771022

File: 1587750505537.jpeg (167.94 KB, 750x404, FFCBB89D-05E6-490F-B5ED-8C94A6…)

The eyeliner is all over the place and she only filled one eyebrow. Epitome of lazy. Get it the fuck together Lillee.

No. 771025

File: 1587754277891.jpeg (298.13 KB, 750x804, 1867CF78-D279-460E-AA51-CCB227…)

Dees/Diane is pushing to have Lillee’s access to children removed since they’re doubling down on Pheepy being real and a pedophile.

No. 771028

File: 1587756306748.png (74.96 KB, 1092x410, Screenshot 2020-04-24 at 20.25…)

According to the youtube comments she's doing an egirl look next lmao, I refuse to believe the commenter isn't fucking with her

No. 771029

does lj even know what an egirl is? i am so curious.

No. 771030


don't worry, anon. she'll do 30 seconds of extensive research on yt, watch exactly one video, then try (and fail) to copy the exact same look without giving credit.

No. 771043

Am I having deja vu? I could have swore she already uploaded the Twiggy tutorial?

No. 771057

tbh at this point i'm starting to feel like this dumbass moral/legal battle is so unnecessary. best would be to leave lj and laur alone and just not give them the 5 minutes of fame and attention they so obviously strive for. we all know peepee is fake. it just seems kinda pointless to try and argue with these people. i'm just surprised dees has so much time and energy to waste

No. 771059


But…people arguing with Laur and Lillee and causing them to flip out is where all the milk comes from. Anon, I'm starting to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, here.

No. 771061

Dees is backing Laur into a corner. Either they admit peepee is fake which means they probably faked James & Shaniqua or Lillee is a dating a predator and possibly grooming her teen audience for him. It’s smart.

The callout accounts illicit the milkiest meltdowns from Laur when they refuse to give in to Laur’s intimidation tactics. The realization that their lie about Lillee’s pedophile boyfriend may cost them the Instagram account they’ve invested loads of money in will make Laur flip. This weeks Sunday Franzia freakout will be g8!

No. 771063

100%, instead she could be doing doll unboxings, disney and funko content etc. Toy unboxings do relativly well and it would fit her distorted voice a lot better

No. 771065

it would fit her distorted voice a lot better
ya toy unboxers always have weird fucking voices.

No. 771067

Like honestly the problem now is that she can’t start over bc she’s got way too much bullshit under her belt
She really has ruined her career before it even started
And also her teeth would scare kids so…

No. 771104

File: 1587788620478.jpeg (251.75 KB, 750x741, FE712102-0646-471B-A51E-6F5D14…)

laur can’t call creepshow a pedo this round

No. 771137

boy i would love to hear this one….we all know pheepy is fake but maybe it will open up the discussion for laur being a weirdo groomer to her daughter since she was underage. which laur definitely is.

No. 771146

petition to start calling lillee jean "lil genes".

No. 771150

File: 1587831578276.jpg (7.38 KB, 209x200, Forgot this my favorite laughi…)

No. 771154

File: 1587832459257.gif (3.86 MB, 500x390, thumb.gif)

please let this happen fuckin lel

No. 771162

It's hilarious that one of Laur's go-to insults is to dismiss the callouts as being pedos, but she's fine with her literal child dating an adult.

I still don't think they realize the grooming implications of their relationship timeline. They probably won't learn or admit to lying, but they deserve to get called out for this. Lillee saying it was different for her because she was "mature" makes me think she really was groomed. I truly hope she wakes up and gets away from her parents.

No. 771165

if she shut the fuck up, laid low for a few years, and only used her voice in the unboxing (no face), changed alias, she could potentially rebrand and make money, but it's doubtful at this rate that she'd do any of those things. she's too busy parading her bloated cabbage patch kid face all over the internet to ever relinquish showing it to do unboxing videos

No. 771169

She would either do a face reveal within minutes or have a sock account ‘accidentally’ reveal her identity bc obviously a celebrity of her status can’t lie low for very long

No. 771189

i definitely don't think she was really groomed, her mom is just feeding her this stuff and she has no frame of reference. she is too naive but it's also obvious she never experienced anything serious. laur isn't exactly alone in dressing her underage daughter in a promiscuous way for attention (not that it's okay, just not unique) and laur loves doubling down on whatever she says even if it makes her sound stupid.

No. 771190

I don't think that she was groomed by Peepee either but she definitely was groomed by Laur. Laur called Lillee as a fucking toddler "sexy", that's some pedo shit

No. 771198

Lillee is super naive, but Laur definitely helped with that. Why take your daughter out of school and let her basically become a NEET before she's even 18? Why make several sock accounts to act as friends for your daughter? This whole shit is fucking weird as hell. Lillee acts so socially stunted it's hard to believe there's not some abuse going on.

No. 771199

you're not using the word groom correctly. (not to sperg out) but there's a difference between being made ignorant by your dumbass mom and a man trying to sleep with you.

No. 771200


I would argue that purposefully isolating your child and normalizing their sexualization through repetition and reinforcement from fake sock puppet "friends" with the goal of monetizing said sexualization is a form of grooming and abuse. It's just soft pimping.

No. 771203

Agreed. This goes beyond just being made ignorant because Laur is a dumbass, Laur has deliberately been isolating and sexualizing Lillee since she was a child. It's like setting the foundation for letting her actually get groomed, which may or may not have happened since who knows whether a Peepee-like character actually exists in Lillees life.

No. 771204

sure it's abuse but it's not the same thing as grooming.

No. 771209

As disgusting as it may sound, I think laur may be sexually attracted to her own daughter. NOTHING explains pretending to be her boyfriend and sexualising her in this manner . Either this or she’s pimping her out
Saged for tinfoil

No. 771210

She is also utterly obsessed with her

No. 771212


Okay not to like excuse anything, but wasn't that because Laur took forever to get pregnant and Lillee ended up being her only child? Don't get me wrong, Laur and Lil Gene's relationship is incredibly strange, I definitely think there's something more sinister going on, but I think the obsession is because she's Laur's one and only child and she wasn't able to have anymore.

No. 771214

Also this is just my personal opinion, but I think Lillee buys and sends the flowers to herself, or Lillee is at least aware and in on it. I don't believe Laur is sending flowers without Lillee knowing anything about it, or believing it's actually from Pheepy.

No. 771219

This is where I'm on the fence about Lillee actually believing anything she's saying. Like you said, Laur doubles down even if it makes her look stupid. I honestly have a feeling that's what Lillee does too. The whole "Yeah, what's wrong with a 14 year old dating a 23 year old?" just sounded like she realized she had to roll with him being 9 years older, or admit she lied, and we know neither of them will ever admit to lying. I'm pretty sure Lillee just doubled down like she did when she was like "When I was 9 Pheepy was…..I'm bad at math". She caught herself once realizing she would have to admit Pheepy was 18 in the hole she dug herself into.
Overall, yes I think she's stunted in several ways from being taken out of school, and seemingly only having contact with her parents with no legitimate friends, besides the ones her and her mom made up themselves, but I do think it's very possible she doesn't actually believe it's okay for a 14 year old to date a 23 year old, she just had to say that to double down because it was her only way out of lying. Maybe I'm giving too much credit, but that seems to be the pattern I'm witnessing.

No. 771221

Oh for sure. I just think it’s strange that her mom is so involved in her daughters fantasy bf that she talks publicly on social media about him

No. 771232

That's fair. I agree completely, which is why I said I do think something more sinister is going on for sure. A mom condoning and playing along in her daughters' fantasy life that now has thousands to hundreds of thousands of people watching it, without even entertaining the idea of coming clean, is a whole world of fucked. I still think Laur is just living vicariously through Lillee, making Lillee into something she could never be herself, and Lillee is just there to play along.

No. 771233

To explain what I mean when I said hundreds of thousands, I'm talking about people watching Primink's video or reading the Reddit thread that went viral, etc. Not people who actually follow Lillee lmfao

No. 771234

I think it's more like Laur wants to live through her like those crazy pageant moms
She sexualizes lillee because SHE wants to be seen as sexy

No. 771245

I'm starting to think that Laur and Lil Genes is doing this for an ultimate "movie/tv" deal. Insanity makes for great TV. Heck, if this was on TV, I may attempt to watch an episode or two.

No. 771253

Tatiana did a livestream showing Lil Gene’s recordings and people were absolutely tearing her apart in the comments. Living for how she’s getting a concentrated dose of the bullying she keeps blathering about

No. 771258

the best they can hope for is getting picked up for an episode of some TLC show.

No. 771262

File: 1587880178394.webm (6.78 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_2_.webm)

Lillee in her egirl look with her torn black top that she thinks looks sexy.
She hasn't uploaded her egirl look to Youtube yet but this is what it looks like lol

No. 771263

i really don't understand how she thinks this looks good, yikes. that wig is not it. also, homegirl needs to put a damn bra on. this isn't a cute look.

No. 771265

Honestly taking a realistic guess, she ripped up her shirt so far that she might not even have a bra that holds that far out without showing lol

No. 771266

oh noooo her tiktoks remind me of foreverkailyns tiktoks, bad dancing and out of time lipsyncing and all

No. 771267

I honestly do not understand why and how she thinks ripping up her shirt was the move. Looks like trailer trash and her saggy boobs make her look like she is 45

No. 771270

Please, stop dancing for the love of God. I've seen actual retards in a school play dance better than you. Retire those jeans too. Nothing about this screams egirl.

No. 771278

why does she make these to songs that she literally knows zero of the words to? on top of that this looks like every other makeup look she's done, i cant even see heavy blush/nose blush like every e-girl tutorial has. everything she does is so fucking low effort

No. 771285

i actually prefer the wig to her real hair. at least it's clean and not drenched in baby oil

No. 771297

Is she doing El Cucaracha? Mom, jeans, sloppy shirt and wig. WTF is this anyways?

She definitely looked cleaner.

No. 771300

“Seduce your dad type”

g8 song choice for someone being accused of advocating for child/adult relationships.

No. 771304

File: 1587913293089.png (48.44 KB, 954x147, what.png)

on her egirl makeup tutorial. is this photoshopped laur ?

No. 771306

Does she realize her hips/lower half can do other things than wiggle side to side of of beat?

No. 771307

File: 1587913553553.jpg (67.35 KB, 915x549, muchedge.jpg)

here is her egirl look.
again, lookin' nekked.
love how the wig covers her eyelids so you can't even see the makeup. kek

No. 771308

I love how her wig is an untouched shake and go.
Jfc at least brush and trim before you fuse it to your oil Lillee

No. 771309

that's NOT how you spell Philippe lmao, it has only one L. that's the way someone used to the english spelling of the name would spell it. she could have at least checked.

No. 771311

Lol at doing an e girl make up and not even putting bluch on your nose. Do better Lillie.

No. 771321


her greasy brown hair is falling out from under her wig. does she not use a wig cap?

No. 771329

There's so much more she could have done with this. It just looks like her regular shit but with hearts added on the cheeks.
The hearts are the only thing she even got right.
Like others have pointed out she needs blush on her nose, with like a pink anime style nose contour or fake freckles. Even her outfit and hair is wrong. She needs striped/fishnet sleeves with some chains or jewellery. The wig was a terrible choice, she should have gotten something with dyed bangs, or split dye or even if she wanted to use the one in the video, she could have gone and bought those 2 dollar hairclips they wear along the edge. Or tried to style it into spacebuns or someshit.

She probably watched like one person's video on what an e girl is. I can't believe how much horse girl energy she exudes for her age.
There are like 30 year old women on tiktok who have more knowledge on trends than Lilleee and she is basically raised on the internet.
Everything she likes and does is behind. Even the girls online who like childish things the same age as Lillee have a better style or aesthetic. Like it's cringey to be a Disneyfag, but that mixed with her whole American doll thing just gives off really not quite right vibes.

Like I said, she's like a horse girl without the horses.

No. 771330

Agreed the wig looks better than her real hair because it looks cleaner and it's a nicer colour, but it's not styled 'e girl' in any way and she's put it on so quickly that you can see her actual hair showing and it's crooked.

No. 771339

All of her "looks" are just a handful of different eye shadows with the same pink lip gloss. I think she purposely does this because it's a universally flattering look without making her appear different.

She clearly thinks she's the most naturally beautiful girl in the world, so she wears the same super minimal makeup in every video to showcase her ~natural beauty~ while maybe adding a wig or other small details. She doesn't even attempt different techniques or styles anymore.

No. 771353

File: 1587925761451.jpeg (197.75 KB, 828x1082, E42CF0B6-6816-45CA-B102-D4E135…)

Lillee cant show off all her secondhand bought makeup collection because shes afraid she gonna get burglarized in her attic

No. 771357

File: 1587925927961.jpeg (345.5 KB, 828x1552, D07CFC07-F5CC-4CEB-B33B-BED94D…)

samefag, heres lillee giving dental advice

No. 771358

File: 1587926001892.jpeg (486.42 KB, 828x1513, 32AA58FA-5DBE-4D49-A17C-04F943…)

No. 771366


Anyone else getting a vibe like AmethystEyes is toying with Lil Genes?

No. 771369

how long til laur spams vocal with legal threats to get it taken down?

No. 771373


Ooh, she'll have to come out from behind her protected account to do it. She's been locked down since pedogate last week, when she got steamrolled by the callouts armed with screenshots, video receipts, and simple math.

No. 771375

No. 771391


This author has had other blogs written about LJ & Laur taken down so I wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes down too. Especially since it’s got a few inconsistencies regarding PeePee’s age that Laur can latch onto.

No. 771395

I LOL at every time you guys use "LIL GENES". This nickname is so fitting. I hope BFFDEES uses it in her tweets. It will totally make my day. Have a g8 day. ←LOLLLL(newfaggotry)

No. 771399

File: 1587937437925.webm (2.79 MB, 640x1136, wtfsquidward.webm)

This has to be a troll. I cannot believe that this crazy shit is coming from sincere admiration of Lil Genes.


No. 771403

File: 1587938540871.png (25.54 KB, 350x356, Lna03ES9.png)

trying to fit in with the cool kidz. kinda surprised she didnt use YASSS!!

No. 771419

‘I know you have a busy schedule so you don’t have to get back to me right away’

Isn’t it amazing how lillee was able to take time out of her incredibly busy life to answer these YouTube questions at exactly the same time as they were asked. She’s so dedicated to her fans.

Funnily enough those inconsistencies were from lillee herself in her livestream

No. 771422

File: 1587955664145.jpeg (178.01 KB, 750x443, EC7A66F5-0F48-42D9-90D5-E553A6…)

The article is still up but Laur’s trying.

No. 771426

>Legal for the response
? What?

No. 771427

File: 1587960832895.webm (1.3 MB, 720x1280, JVwopSyqSgaYF0JZ.webm)

Oh no, is she going to try ASMR? For the love of god, please no. I can't even imagine her saliva filled, cat teeth mouth making kissy faces at the mic thinking that it's somehow relaxing.

No. 771428

File: 1587960953637.png (280.28 KB, 582x385, Annotation 2020-04-27 001545.p…)

Oh fuck it is, I already want to barf. Some other anon will have to take one for the team and tell us how bad it is, I really don't think I can watch this one.

No. 771432

File: 1587965224776.jpeg (373.09 KB, 1242x673, DD76F2DF-FA50-438B-A4CB-6B1A94…)

She is booty she is grace

No. 771438

File: 1587969205567.png (128.71 KB, 2492x494, operatic range.png)

i was watching her elsa vid to bask in the embarrassingly bad singing and noticed this in the comments. lilz' singing just sounds tentative because she's scared people will make fun of her natural operatic range uwu

she also commented "Lmaof"

does lillee really also use that retarded mixed up abbreviation or is laur enjoying some franzia play pretend time on lillee's accounts again?

No. 771445

Really hypocritical of her to do asmr. Karuna Satori (an asmr cow with 1 million subs) recently called Lillee out for buying followers on one of Lillee' s videos, and Lillee responded something like I don't know how you built a subscriber base of one mil off 'noise'.

Pretty sure someone screencapped or last thread.

No. 771446

Not only that but everytime people would ask or talk about asmr on her live, she was always like 'I don't really get it/understand' and act like it was weird or like she was uninterested. I know bigger YouTubers 'try' asmr on their channels as a joke, which is what I'm hoping she's trying to do, because holy shit if she does it as a regular thing, it would be nightmare fuel.

No. 771450

LMAO that is god tier if it's a troll.

That page is really confusing though. Last two posts are… very weird, but all the previous ones look like any other posts from their sockpuppets. Also the stories spell JEANOLD?

No. 771457

God, why is the skin around her nose so red??? It looks like she has a permanent rash or something

No. 771462

It’s probably dermatitis caused by eczema that is flaring up because of all the makeup she uses. Source: I once had a similar thing.

I also one time tried to give her advice because I got rid of it and she replied and told me she was actually happy with it and not to prescribe things to other people Lmao.

No. 771469

Wow. How dare you try to give advice to beautiful perfect angel goddess Lil Genes about her very stylish and sexy allergic reaction couture skin :///(:///)

No. 771476


Eczema is the new Vitiligo.

No. 771477

>scared people will make fun of her natural operatic range uwu
of course, how could we have been so silly. not only does she have an "operatic range", which is totally what that means, but people often make fun of it!
seriously wtf does she think that means? it would take all of 5 seconds for her to check what it means.

No. 771481

Yeah it's definitely dermatitis or eczema that causes the dry red lines around her mouth.
Probably makes it worse since she never has a set routine and just uses all different products all the time. I understand sometimes people use different products like after a change in season or when the skin gets used to it, but she probably doesn't even do anything unless she's filming a video. Then she uses a different moisturiser and product in every video.
She strikes me as the type to sit around unshowered in her tartan pajama pants with greasy hair until she films something. Then when she does shower, she probably just stands under hot water without soap and doesn't even bother washing her asshole.
I know it's a nitpick but she just looks smelly.

No. 771484

File: 1588004667034.png (50.29 KB, 967x237, 1581957636053.png)

So, yes, ASMR, aka "noise"…

No. 771485

>does ASMR vid
>insults another ASMR channel
okay. it's fine to not like ASMR but people who don't aren't out here trying to make videos of it. it's not as if i expect any more from her at this point i just wish she wouldn't be so disappointing sometimes.

No. 771487


Don't know where her superior attitude even comes from. It's not like putting on makeup in front of a camera is any more difficult than "making noise."

No. 771489

File: 1588006032672.jpeg (481.98 KB, 750x1106, B4C0A52A-F304-443B-8214-9E43C0…)

Huda posted her ASMR skincare video on Instagram 4 hours before Lillee posted her previews. Does Lillee even have a microphone?

No. 771491

Just saying, an Asmrist decent microphone worth at least 400$ (for the basic ones!)!

I am already horrified on how much she spends on make up (several hundred of $ for each videos, that's easy to calculate, she put the price on her insta posts), cosmetics and other very unecessary stuff, while not working at all.
(and oh fake followers)

Does she lives on loans? SMH

No. 771494

She will never understand why qualify asmr as "noise" is very insulting for any asmrist and asmr fans…

Moreover, she bashes where youtube trends are. She does not care at posting any quality content, sincere content, not crazyscaryawkward content etc.

Greeeeeeat strategy indeed…

No. 771500

that's why it's so hypocritical of her to be bashing it so hard after recording her own asmr vid she's clearly just following a trend to the point that she can't contain her butthurt at someone with almost 1mill subs when she has a measly 5k.

No. 771502

The noise comment was before her own attempt at ASMR.

No. 771504

No it wasn't.

No. 771505

A lot of theories have been thrown out regarding their income. The consensus is that Lil Genes buys used makeup and PR off Poshmark, uses it once, and sells it again. Laur has a long history of scamming, so it wouldn't surprise me if they sold one item multiple times and hoped nobody caught on.

No. 771509


Yeah, I figure the only reason she kept and continues to use that disgusting ND Metropolis palette is because she ruined it swatching with coconut oil. That shit is selling for around $100 used ($155 new) on Poshmark.

No. 771519

The interaction with the ASMR YTer was back in February.

No. 771529

idk if anybody has done this or discussed this, but i'm seriously considering reporting pheepy and laur to ny authorities. yeah, he might be made up, but what if he isn't? grooming has lifelong mental impacts on victims and the fact that lillee's mother apparently encouraged and accepted such predation on her own daughter is absolutely fucking disgusting(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 771536

A creator bigger than Tatiana calling LJ out


No. 771537

I’m lovong how harsh she is. Unlike Diane and tati, she isn’t entertaining the possibility that she is a victim because of her lies about peepee but is straight up call Lil Genes out for putting harmful legal information

No. 771538

I honestly don’t give a shit about Lillee. Sounds harsh but she’s so annoying and narcissistic I just don’t feel sorry for her. I’m 800% sure there is no pheepy and she will never get a bf. Probably good for her that she looks like such a troll considering how ardently laur has been trying to whore her out all her life. That being said, laur should definitely face consequences and should be reported to the police. I sometimes wish people has found out about LJ before she was 18 as that would have left open the chance for CPS to intervene and probably stop her from becoming the insufferable troll she is now

No. 771551

even if pheepy is fake, which i'm leaning towards, laur is absolutely somebody the authorities should be made aware of. best case scenario is that she's actively encouraging her daughter to lie about being groomed as a child, worst case scenario is that she encouraged such grooming. pheepy or no pheepy, it's an awful situation

No. 771552

Put YT links in the YT box when you are posting retard, you've already been told.

No. 771557

I really think someone should too. I’m not condoning cowtipping, I just mean generally it should be done. She has some outrageously dangerous ideas she thinks are okay to share, so it’s quite possible there are more sinister things going on behind closed doors. Laur has shown she will do ANYTHING for Lil Genes to have a chance at fame.

No. 771559

It's a constant back and forth battle of "Is Lillee actually being groomed, legitimately condoning adult/children relationships, and is Laur involved in the entire thing?" and "They're just caught in their lies and instead of being caught lying they're just doubling down even if they don't believe anything they're saying".
All in all, I think most can agree that:
- Her and her mom need to be held accountable for condoning adult/child relationships even if they don't personally believe it and just doubled down because they didn't want to be caught lying. Because even if they don't believe it, Lillee came over live and actively defended it over and over again, to her minor audience.
- Lillee constantly referring back to her mom working in law and that they know the laws of adult/child relationships (which they clearly don't lol) is definitely suspect. However, it's possible her mom never spoke to her about it, and Lillee was talking out of her ass the entire time and just used her mom's background as false backup. And having her mom feel she can do no wrong and backing everything she ever says and does, she just goes with what Lillee says even if Lillee completely made it up, and apparently even if it makes herself look like she was involved in criminal activity of condoning an adult/child relationship.
- Pheepy isn't real. With all of the previous lies on top of the inconsistencies and him having no social media presence, it's like 99.9% possible that he's not real. But Laur and Lillee know that once one lie comes out, the entire kingdom of lies comes falling down.
I am not completely opposed to the theory/tinfoil that Lillee was groomed by someone, maybe not Pheepy, or at least learned that behaviour from her mom considering her mom married her husband at 16 and he is 15 years her senior. I'm also not completely opposed to the theory/tinfoil that she was being pimped out as a minor to older men who would pay for her, which funded the follower money among other potential things. But, realistically, as juicy as those theories/tinfoils would be, the reality is that she probably created this lie about being with an older man because she thinks it makes her look cool, and the inconsistencies come from her telling lies, living in her head, and hoping no one follows the tracks. She's just lying as she goes along, especially if you notice how she pauses when she realizes she has to admit he was 18 when she was 9, and she refused and just shrugged it off that she was "bad at math". She knew exactly the hole she dug herself into. And that's what Pheepy's entire existence is, a giant hole that she dug and realizes she now has to keep up with because she can't let any of her lies crumble. But both her and Laur are being backed into a corner and eventually they're going to have to come out that he's fake, and I can't wait to see the day.

No. 771560

File: 1588034332301.png (179.11 KB, 782x895, abuse.png)

I don't think there's any way Lillee hasn't been abused. I think Laur has purposely isolated her, but whether it was because of narcissism or grooming is hard to say. Laur did remove her from school, and teachers are obviously one of the typical avenues that a child has to report mistreatment. Laur did say before that a teacher called her in to talk about inappropriate content on her blog/IG before she was taken out of school, which is pretty fucking suspicious. There's not much data online, but many child abuse victims are indeed homeschooled to cover up abuse.

The whole situation and Lillee's demeanor isn't right. It's not just that she was homeschooled, sounds ESL, only spends time with her mom, has no friends, never leaves the house, and also has a ridiculously older boyfriend, it's all those things together. There's too many red flags.

No. 771561

Cps also visited their house before Lillee was frisked out of school

No. 771562

I do believe that Laur is isolating her and living vicariously through her. I think this entire thing about buying followers, Lillee being able to do no wrong, Laur standing behind each and every thing she says, is Laur's obsession and honestly probably Laur's idea. They are quite the duo, and I'm not saying Lillee didn't have any part of it, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was all initiated by her mom, especially considering she posted pictures of her as a child calling her sexy. Her mom being married at 16 probably feels she threw her life away, and she can now live the life she always wanted to through Lillee. Which lead to the isolation and abuse. She strikes me as the mom where if Lillee ever tried to break away, Laur would go absolutely psycho.
Another point to make is Laur's excuse for pulling Lillee out of school is different than Lillee's reason. Laur says that Lillee complained all the time and didn't want to go, so Laur just gave in. Lillee said it was because she was too busy focusing on her career. I think maybe Lillee just said that because she doesn't want to look like a brat, but Laur's excuse isn't much better or valid either. Several, honestly pretty much almost all kids, don't want to attend school. To have Laur just "give in" to her complaints just doesn't sound right to me. I know Laur is obsessed with her and she can do no wrong, but I don't think Laur would bend over backwards that much in my opinion.

No. 771566

I do want to add that she's mentally and emotionally stunted. I mean, she's a grown adult playing with dolls. Laur in her video tried to pass it off as they were collector, but several of them you can find at Walmart.
Also, she has zero self-awareness and is completely delusional. You can tell her mom has praised her in every single aspect because she posts singing videos, acting videos, and subpar makeup looks and thinks it's the greatest thing to ever grace the earth. She went to a regular online high school and thinks she can go to Harvard. She apparently think people will be afraid of her natural operatic range??? >>771438 All of these on top of what you listed scream isolated and abused in an attic. No one has this much delusion of perfection without being trapped and brainwashed into thinking that every single day of your life.
And Lillee probably would never think or feel she's been abused because her mom is clearly the most perfect specimen and has imposed Lillee is perfect too, and she'd probably say something like "How can I be abused when I'm called perfect every single day?" When people tried to point out how unhealthy and creepy her relationship with her mom is, she tried to bark back with "Sorry your relationship sucks". Like she completely doesn't understand or grasp that her relationship with her mom is absolutely abnormal. Lillee is going to be stuck in that attic until her mom dies.

No. 771572

This Pheepy storyline will end with police involvement. There’s video evidence of Lillee implicating Laur in a crime and people can easily leave anonymous tips for the NYPD. The case won’t go anywhere because Pheepy is 100% fake but they will send a detective to question them (possibly call because of the current COVID situation in NYC).Laur will have no choice but to spill the truth (or maybe she’ll lie and end up in jail). The NYPD will get social services involved in some way after these 2 admit they created a fake pedophile boyfriend. I really hope this is what it takes to get Lillee the psychiatric help she needs.

No. 771578

Laur posted Lillee’s 2nd live in which she deflects blame and states she’s mature for her age. In the comments Laur says someone called the NYPD and said they were Dees.

No. 771579

File: 1588039211764.jpeg (240.16 KB, 750x732, BB0266FB-F58F-466E-BE58-911A1C…)

Laur’s comment

No. 771580

They're just trying to cover their ass by telling people the authorities have already been alerted and they were spoken to. No one has spoken to them yet, and they're trying to get people off their back.

No. 771581

File: 1588039516807.jpeg (805.72 KB, 1242x1838, 3590A8EB-8532-499E-907D-EAF3F0…)

Lmao her description is riddled with inconsistencies. Lillee said she was 14 when he was 23. Laur tweeted she was fifteen and a hAlF. Where is 16 coming from? Also kek at the cervical cancer story. Now I’m 900% sure Lillee has amd will never get d. She can just get horny on her live-streams for the rest of her life

No. 771586

>mature for her age
JFC. She's 19 and has no job, no education lined up, no driver's license, no friends. She doesn't read books, has no apparent intellectual interests, she watches media for children, and acts like a bratty 3rd grader.

No. 771596

Highly doubt Dees identified herself by her fake name to a police officer. She seems smarter than that.

No. 771598

People are also mentioning on Twitter that Lillee and Pheepy would have never been spoken to together, AND they would have never told who tipped them off (which Laur is claiming was Dees). For someone who worked in law, she really fucking sucks at making up a criminal investigation story. Kek

No. 771602

>it has been instilled in Lillee to not have sex at a young age due to the cancer I have suffered over the years.
pls someone explain to me what this means

No. 771603

I read it as maybe her mom got cancer from having sex too young and wanted to make sure Lillee didn't follow in her steps? Idk that's the best I've got.

No. 771604

she reminds me of gypsy rose SO MUCH

No. 771605

This is a Laurism Belief. I hate that I think I understand the logic…
LJ (Lil Genes is stupid fyi) is around the age when HPV vaccines started being pushed in school/media. HPV is spread through sex with people who are asymptomatic (mostly men). HPV can increase your risk of cervical cancer.
So, having early sex = cancer.

Worth noting this tinfoil means Laur had sex with more than one person before she was 16.

No. 771606

File: 1588043310312.png (15.94 KB, 328x149, wig.png)

I know there's better milk happening right now, but her purple wig is one she got from a website that gave her a discount code, but again makes no money.
For trying to get your foot in the door with brands, I would think you would at least try to attempt to style it, or ffs just BRUSH it to look somewhat decent.

No. 771610

File: 1588045322636.jpeg (249.94 KB, 750x657, D6197F29-4A88-4ABD-9FA3-626BB5…)

Tired lady compared the struggles LJ and Laur’s stupidity caused to the trauma of the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims

No. 771615

Jfc button up your shirt laur. No one wanted to see your saggy tits

No. 771618

Well that was believable. “Lillee Jean doesn’t condone minors dating adults.” So a 14 year old dating a 23 year old is what then? And Laur is now apparently implying that she’s 55 (she says she’s been married for 37 years and got married when she was 18) but she told BFFDees that she was 52 and married for 36 years (which would mean she was 16). They lie so much they don’t even know what’s real.

No. 771619

“I know everything my kid does”
Can’t even keep track of her lies lol

No. 771622

Why the hell do they both keep saying “interreaction”?

No. 771627

I find it weird she does the same thing as Lillee and Onion by emphasising the half at the end of ages. She says Lillee was '15 and a half' to make her seem older, but at the same time keeps referring to Lillee as 'a kid' or says 'my kid' a lot. Which is it Laur? Is she a grown woman at 19 or is she your kid?

No. 771629

to no one's surprise, she's actively deleting any comments/blocking people that are bringing up inconsistencies with her story or questioning her retarded logic. so much for "really looking forward to anyone who has comments" and promising to address people's questions and concerns.

No. 771630

>Anonymous tip made by Diane

Laur probably doesn't even know how fucking stupid she come across

No. 771631

Saging for tinfoil. I've been following this saga since the start of the original Reddit beauty guru thread and, given that LJ lives her entire life online, there is extremely scant proof that she ever leaves the house, and if she has on one or two occassions it's absolutely always with her mom. That is without a shadow of a doubt severely abnormal for even children, let alone adults. I don't know if it's the kind of thing that falls into a gray area but combined with everything else it does make me wonder if adult social services would be at least interested.

No. 771633


Exactly! She doesn't even take some pictures outside where the light is better even in a nearly sunny day!

Also in most of her videos, when you can see the background, the windows always have closed stores and articial lights.

It seems that not only she never goes out, or go outside very nearby her house, but also inside the attics she does not seems to see the daylight!

Has it something to do with her "white porcelain skin" obsession?
Super weird.

No. 771634

File: 1588066413972.jpg (126.24 KB, 1000x600, neckbeard-nest-pc-master-race-…)

Have you really never heard of neet before? An adult who doesn't do anything productive, lives with their parents, live their entire lives online, rarely goes out, and when they do it's with said parents because they have no friends? Cause I got news for you, there's an enormous group of 30+ year olds who do exactly what you described.

No. 771635

There is no French boyfriend. She's a dumpy virgin hobgoblin who will forever live with her mom unless she pulls a gypsy rose.

No. 771638


Discount code appears to be working, however this (ridiculously overpriced plastic wigs) company has quite a lot of negative reviews:

#scam #notagreatdeal #terriblerolemodel #soniceforyourfewrealfollowers

No. 771639

Laur is 53.

No. 771642


Are they constantly labelling themselves as "makeup guru, actress, motivational speaker, prodigy artist, singer, dancer, defenser of the minorities, environmentalist and whateveresle" ?

Nope, that' why it is so shocking with LJ and her mother behaviour.

No. 771643

There's a big difference between the kind of guy in your picture, a person who has chosen to isolate themselves due to factors like low self esteem and being antisocial, and someone like Lillee Jean.
LJ's chosen 'career' path and personality type should regularly put her into situations where she's leaving the house, meeting and collaborating with other people. It would be normal for her to do any one of the video types that are going around at the moment that would involve leaving the home or collaborating in person with someone else. She lives in New York, for god's sake. Even hauls where she would clearly have to leave the home in order to carry them out. There is no, and I mean no, evidence that she has had physical contact with anyone other than her parents in months.
You add to that her extremely domineering and overly involved mother, and it does not paint a pretty picture. I'm not going to claim to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, but I don't think it's normal, usual or has an innocent explanation.

No. 771645

Absolutely. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing ANY pictures of her EVER with anyone other than her parents (besides those two or three “events”). There was one from when she was like, 12, but besides that, we have no evidence she’s even gone to Walmart in the past year, or has had any contact w/ non-immediate family.

No. 771646

There is some wackass arrested development going on here. You have an attic child that lives in some creepy fucking princess fantasy world, while having discussions of inappropriate sexual matters. She's like some non weeb uWu sexyloli, it's all really off and shit's disturbing as fuck. She swears almost as much as I do. It comes out jarring.
Between the obsession with disney princesses and the creppy skirting around sexual innuendo.. It almost reeks of her being molested/sexually abused as a kid. While we are down this dark alley, she's only at home all the time.. so… who did/is doing it? Dad? Uncle? ….. Lar?

No. 771648

>It almost reeks of her being molested/sexually abused as a kid. While we are down this dark alley, she's only at home all the time.. so… who did/is doing it? Dad? Uncle? ….. Lar?
lmao. aight. i'm heading out. this is becoming one of those gross threads where weirdos like this start writing fucked up fanfiction with no credibility. projection? usually.

No. 771650

Yeah I don't think we need to imagine child sexual abuse, her life is already weird and fucked up enough on its own merits.
Not to say it's not possible, but let's not over-extend ourselves here.

No. 771651

Does Laur still think Diane is making all of this?
LJ always refers to "the girls who has been stalking me since I was 15", yet a lot of videos shows up everyday since pedogate, so far even in russian, portugese, spanish!

No. 771653

No, but it suits her to pretend that she is. She is not very good at deflection, but it tends to work on a small subsection of mentally deranged morons like Tired Lady so she continues to do it.

No. 771655

Laur believes because Dees/Diane brought attention to their scam she is personally responsible for the thousands of people weighing in on the situation. We’ve seen Laur tweet at people numerous times threatening them with lawsuits over talking to Dees because she claims a court of law will find them liable for communicating with their “stalker”. She can’t take any personal responsibility for the mess she’s landed Lillee in.

No. 771657

>Not to say it's not possible
you're already doing it with this, sis. just stop. spreading this topic as a baseless rumor about anyone is disgusting. it's not just bitchy gossip anymore.

Yes, but Laur also believes that PULL, kiwifarms and lolcow are all ran by Josh Moon.

No. 771658

File: 1588078782113.jpg (527.26 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200428-075644_You…)

Oh God, her ASMR is up and even at 3 minutes in, I'm having a really hard time watching. Between her caressing the candles and matches, her bad mic and spittle sounds, mispronouncing words, and her nails are still dirty even though she repainted them, my skin is trying to remove itself from my body.

No. 771659


Ah. Not very surprising. Thank you for the take one for the team though.
I love ASMR, I know that if I watch this, she will ruin it for me.

No. 771661

this. please stop with the CSA tinfoil shit. hell, the part where they accidentally advocated grooming relationships is only funny because of how dumb they are, it's not concerning. laur and lj are just dumb and trying to make lj seem cool by having an ~older boyfriend~, they didn't think of the implications, that's why it's funny.

No. 771662

She just did ASMR because she thinks it is sooo easy to make "noise" and thinking youtubers doing it don't deserve their success, when she deserve all of her fake followers.
Aaaand truth is actually: NOT everyone can do quality ASMR.

No. 771671

Lillee is so fucking vile. Even if someone would be new to the drama, the way she talks about her “haters” is just so skeevy and full of inconsistencies.

I love how her and Laur basically just throw back whatever accusation even if it makes NO SENSE. She says Diane accused Pheepy of being a pedophile but answers by saying she’s the pedophile by being obsessed with her. That’s not even close to the definition of the word.
Or She says she has a network of people but then mention that this network is all her. So which is it??

Exactly. No way in hell Lillee is anything but a virgin. First of all before having the chance of getting a real boyfriend she’d need to have real friends or get out of the house without her mom. Since she’s not shy about being photographed with people are the rare events or taking sexy pics for Pheepy, she’d already have, in several years, posted at least 1 body shot with a face obscured. Or Pheepy at Xmas with her family, since clearly Laur is ok with their relationship.

Of course Laur was ok with Pheepy, whatever age he’d be. He’s imaginary so it’s not like it was going to do any real harm to Lillee. If someone had asked when she was 16 she’d have said he was 18 or something.

They fucking took the name from the horse from Beauty and the Beast and ran with it.

No. 771673

On one hand, it’s pretty cringe that the callout accounts suddenly switched to mega sjw “believe victims” mode as soon as Gene said Pheep was older. Everyone knows he doesn’t exist, it’s not necessary to virtue signal. I get what they’re doing and why, but it just takes the fun out of it. Even Lillee herself pointed that out.

On the other hand, it is really milky to watch Laur flip out and lie in defense. I don’t think there’s any sexual abuse, they’re just idiots who operate at a 3rd grade level. Someone once said on here that LJ is like a dog- she knows a few things she’s picked up on, but she doesn’t understand why they’re that way, or any nuance. She’s seen characters in Disney movies that have older boyfriends, but she doesn’t understand where to draw the line or why. She knows 18 is a significant age, and that’s all.

It is dangerous for her to be spreading her pedo ideology, but she only has a small handful of young fans that may possibly be influenced by her. I do think maybe APS should perhaps look into them, but not for sexual abuse.

No. 771674

File: 1588083987098.png (89.62 KB, 595x449, ndakjncakca.png)

what do you do if there's no law to help your case?
you try to create one!

No. 771675

I don’t believe Pheepy is real or that Lillee is a csa victim, but considering her parents’ history I do think that her family sees no real problem with minor/adult relationships. They’re only stressing the eighteen and a half because they want to maintain the lie without getting in trouble. Like >>771673 mentioned, Disney princess movies are full of 14-17 year old girls being swept off their feet by older men. Lillee has no frame of reference outside of her parents and Disney movies so while Pheepy isn’t real I’m sure she wishes he was, age gap and all.

No. 771676


That doesn't make sense, anon. If you get that the callouts are using Laur's and Lillee's lies to back them into a corner how does that ruin any fun? It's fucking hilarious. They had two options: admit that the bf is a pedo or admit that he's fake and that they're liars. They have opted for the way funnier route of clinging to the lie that peepee is real, so now they have no choice but to put their sjw fake causes, like 1change4change and Lillee Jean: Queen of the Gays and Other Unfortunates, on the back-burner and start advocating for pedos 24-7. That's now their brand.

No. 771679


Actually, I would love to see someone in the law force taking a look at their whole case!

No. 771681

From the outside looking in, it probably appears rather disingenuous to treat Lillee as a victim of a serious crime facilitated by her mother while simultaneously memeing them. But upon further reflection, it does seem like everyone is in on it, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

No. 771687

File: 1588090310428.jpg (92.83 KB, 1286x789, lj.JPG)

i really wanted to take one for the team, but i couldn't pull through. looks like lj thought this was going to be easy, but why bother rubbing her hands, face, taking deep breaths, etc when you literally can't hear anythnig except lillee spitting in her mouth whenever she talks. and that with your volume on high.

pic above is her pulling out her gunky greasy hair out of the hairbrush. nearly made me barf

No. 771689

File: 1588091098784.png (462.85 KB, 785x1945, lja.png)

Waaaaaait. I really thought this person was trolling, but now they've made a perfectly reasonable, insightful statement about the whole pedopeepee thing.

Laur and Lillee have, of course, not responded to any of these tweets, after having been up this person's ass for the past couple of weeks, talking about "we love you, you're in our tribe, you're amazing" and gassing up those weird fanvids.

No. 771691

This was cringe as fuck.
I like asmr but this is definitely not her forte.

The expressions she makes are so punchable. Like the way she'll purse her mouth or caress things like her glasses before she takes them off. I know she's trying to come across as 'relaxing' but the video induces so much anger.

She also says shit like 'pat that in' in reference to the Mario badescu spray yet she mostly rubs it in and only 'pats' towards the end when she realises what she's said.

Her facial expressions when she sprays herself are really retarded too. It's like she's trying to come across as everything is relaxed but she just looks special needs or like a weird grandma smelling perfume.

No. 771692

File: 1588091417311.jpeg (334.06 KB, 750x1083, 9A6BDAB8-E883-42F3-A79C-75CB4A…)

The callout accounts are pedophiles for REAL

No. 771693

T minus a few hours before they're called Diane

No. 771695

File: 1588092348385.jpeg (223.43 KB, 750x446, AED25537-8B87-4C15-8514-67153A…)

Lillee is still claiming they’re victim shaming her even though everyone left Lillee out of it and went after Laur.

No. 771697

A summary

>rubs instead of pats like she states she's doing

>uses a serum from a dropper bottle and smears it against her face skin instead of dropping it, meaning there's bacteria in the bottle now as well as not making an asmr sound from traditionally using the dropper
>Puts an advertisement in the middle and end of the video (something that is not a good idea for asmr)
>keeps caressing products whilst making zero asmr sounds except static from her camera
>constantly closes her eyes and exhales omg sooo relaxing not
>rubs like 4 different products on her face even though it's supposedly a sensitive skin routine
>exhales a whole bunch whilst trying to seem sensual while rubbing more shit on her face
>visible greasy hair with dandruff
>lovely closeups of her creepy dolphin teeth

Also does anyone notice how Lillee only talks with the bottom half of her face? I have a feeling she wasn't always that confident of the dolphin teeth and it's a weird thing Laur has brainwashed her to believe is beautiful and unusual.

There's always people who seems to talk out the side of their mouth when they have a gap tooth or weird shaped teeth and they tend to not show the tops of their teeth before when they talk. Or I'm sure some of you have witnessed someone cover their mouth before because they are self conscious of their smile.

The way that she doesn't open her mouth to pronounce things makes me think it's a learned habit.
Either that or she's retarded, but her manner of mouth movement is really weird in my opinion.

No. 771702

The weird speaking style is even more apparent if you watch her old YouTube videos. She was definitely trying to hide them then.

No. 771703

Holy shit she said Badescu right for once lmao. Also is it normal in ASMR videos to caress everything?

No. 771704

It looks like she has an underbite that could also be why she talks to weirdly. Along with hiding her teeth

It depends on the content creator who makes the video, it is done when introducing a new object for tingles

No. 771705

It's normal to caress and tap things yeah, but she barely makes any noise when she does and the static covers the sounds she does make. I understand asmr can also have visual triggers as well as sound, but her movements were weird as hell and came off like she was trying to larp a bizarre combination of a life with mak and whispers red video.

No. 771706

She said it right after being finally called out on Instagram live for pronouncing it badouche.

No. 771713

File: 1588097501710.jpeg (599.26 KB, 750x983, 0BFA2092-7D66-496A-9702-677C1F…)

This lovely piece of fanart was tweeted at lil genes

No. 771714

Bit cringe tbh

No. 771718

They got the teeth wrong.
The need to be tinier and facing up not down.

No. 771720

File: 1588104485278.jpeg (985.46 KB, 1242x1882, 66B9B9A3-DA7D-4840-BEE3-EB069D…)

What’s up with her likes these days? She takes breaks between posting and her likes stagger a lot. Is lil genes running out of money

No. 771721

This company hounds makeup IGers to take their shitty wigs for promo.
They contacted me years ago and wanted 6-9 posts with their ONE overpriced wig. I told them no and did one just bc i was bored and wanted to see quality. Wig is shiny and you could see the cap through the back.

Sage for personal info, but I thought it was relevant.

Everyday wigs omg is scammy

No. 771722

Dot com, not OMG.

No. 771734

File: 1588112229366.png (288.96 KB, 755x411, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 5.14…)

Does anyone else notice how much she tries to suck in her cheeks whenever she's not talking? It forces her tongue to stick out and it just looks gross. Its just like the weird disney voice she does. She thinks we haven't heard her real voice/ can see her real face

No. 771739

It makes me so mad that she reiterates that she married her husband at 18, like that somehow doesn't mean she met him BEFORE 18. So she married a man 15 years her senior who took a liking to her as a minor, unless they met when she was 18 and they got married in the same year, which rarely happens. And she says she's so proud of it, like she's so oblivious to how creepy and wrong that is.

No. 771742

i was waiting for some other anon to bring it up, because i can't stand this dumb smug face she makes in her videos by sucking in her cheeks. it wouldn't at least look so fake if she didn't open her mouth to reveal those dolphin t e e t h the next second

No. 771745

File: 1588116824101.png (26.11 KB, 618x275, Annotation 2020-04-28 193126.p…)

Lillee trying to seem "woke" with keeping up with France because her totally real boyfriend is from there.

No. 771748

File: 1588117085322.png (9.54 KB, 88x65, Annotation 2020-04-28 193804.p…)

It's also complete with her snot filled nostril. Mmm.

No. 771751


She does it in her IG lives, while searching her tens of viewers for flattering questions to answer. It makes her look like someone's toothless gran sucking a lozenge. The smacking mouth sounds are terrible.

No. 771767

She didn't marry him at 18 though, there's all ready solid proof of Laur saying she was 16 (or at best, 17– or maybe 16 AnD a HaLF) >>769985 She's a pathological liar who obviously hopes all her haydurs have the memory of goldfish.

No. 771768

I've known a few people who talk with an underbite when they're trying to sound "classy"; that's always how LJ sounds to me. Like this is her princess voice or smth. But trying to hide her teeth makes sense too.

No. 771770

File: 1588128570033.png (131.45 KB, 750x344, C7049D0D-C4BB-4305-A42E-023CC9…)


Once again, it’s our fault for repeating the statements Laur puts out there.

No. 771774

now, not to split hairs but i wish people would quit using the word pedo. not like "huurduur it's okay cause they're not 10 years old" but it's giving laur ammo like in >>771770. even if she was 15 or whatever and got groomed in the 70s, the callouts are going to lower their validity by using the word pedo like that.

No. 771775


no they fucking aren't. the only people who care about pedantry like paedo- vs. ephebo- are pedos and pedo-apologists. go do one, anon.

No. 771782

bitch you know damn well that's not true.

No. 771783


It's absolutely true, which is why the only people defending Lillee about pedopheepy are Laur and Tired Lady. Even one of Lillee's own fans told her to apologize and then stfu about the whole thing because she's making herself look bad.

No. 771785

Dees never called Earl a pedo. Laur did. The only ones throwing pedophile around is Laur & Lillee.

No. 771786

>which is why the only people defending Lillee about pedopheepy are Laur and Tired Lady.
Nah, the reason for that is because no one else cares about those two. In any case, anon is kind of right, normies think of something very specific when they see pedo, and Laur's relationship at least to a lot of older normies isn't extremely weird. If the callouts aren't doing it, that's fine, but there's no doubt that using the term would affect how people receive callout claims. And not for some dumb reason like you think, but because people want to have a to catch a predator style witch hunt, and they'd feel cheated atleast when it comes to laurs old ass.

No. 771787

File: 1588141953469.png (406.04 KB, 2570x1148, screenshot.png)

when confronted with her own lies laur deflects, resorts to name calling, and doesn't address a single point

lillee exudes theater kid energy despite not seeming to have any musical theater experience. she just embodies that weird inflated sense of self and constant forced try-hard bravado.

No. 771788


>In any case, anon is kind of right, normies think of something very specific when they see pedo, and Laur's relationship at least to a lot of older normies isn't extremely weird. If the callouts aren't doing it, that's fine, but there's no doubt that using the term would affect how people receive callout claims. And not for some dumb reason like you think, but because people want to have a to catch a predator style witch hunt, and they'd feel cheated atleast when it comes to laurs old ass.

Not sure what you're talking about here, anon. Situations like a 14-year-old Lillee getting groomed by a 23-year-old man is exactly what To Catch a Predator built it's empire on. Onision is a pariah and gets so much hate for actually doing what Lillee and Laur were pretending her fake bf was doing.

Not sure who you're thinking about when you say "normies," but literally no one cares if old people who used to normalize that kind of grown man/little girl shit don't understand the issue. Old people aren't the target audience for the callouts.

No. 771801

She honestly looks a lot better in a wig. If she can't be bothered to learn how to properly wash and style her hair, she should just stick with wigs. Even the cheap ones are better than her usual stringy, greasy, frazzled limp mess.

No. 771802

That's probably only for a photo though. I'm sure in real life it'd look like a fright night Halloween wig with the lace showing and her hair coming out the bottom.

No. 771803

The photo looked okay but in the video, the wig was really ratty and she should have styled and trimmed the bangs.

No. 771804

File: 1588159289293.png (5.13 MB, 2208x1242, 3BE757D3-A88C-42B8-808D-2AA573…)

She looks like she’s being forced to smile at gunpoint.

No. 771805

I think you might be right. John Maclean talks like that and it drives me nuts

No. 771806

>"Hi officer I consented to my beautiful, talented, blonde haired, mature daughter enter a relationship with a fake mid-20 year old French man, who she's known since she was a sexy 4 year old btw, when she was only 14 and now boolies online are calling it creepy. What do we do?"

No. 771809

Their lies are so insane that people like Tired Lady must be clinically retarded to believe them.
A French Diplomat who is much older than Lillee, but of course not as old as the average diplomat actually is, is able to spend considerable time with and groom a minor Lillee who is then totally fine to publicly show off their relationship which would definitely not get Pheepy in masses of very serious trouble.
They consummated their relationship beautifully and legally at some point in the last six months, despite there being no evidence of LJ ever even leaving the attic.
It all makes perfect sense.

No. 771810

lmao she really looks like she has a mustache here

No. 771811

I'm a little confused about where Philllllipppppe is supposed to live? She's said he lives in Paris but is also a US citizen, but she's also saying she's sad because she can't see him at the moment because of lockdown so…he lives in NY?