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File: 1582162054718.jpg (100.3 KB, 664x686, QTOsWeG.jpg)

No. 758822

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>745600

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), mariahthecatlady (used to be momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis and blog posting are against the rules.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>tried to laser her stomach stretch marks away, made them look worse
>has a meltdown about how much AbUsE she endured at the hands of her parents
>drops Anime Impulse booth for Japan
>postponed her book pre-order date 3 times
>went to Japan with squarecuck and Elizabethrage, deepthroats food for attention
>went to a love hotel, rents a bunny girl spandex leotard that is 3 times too small for her, tried to hide her bloated stomach
>also does a set where she tries to hide her stretchmarks with a uterus diagram temp tattoo
>original Instagram account "GoEs dOwN" while she's in Japan, has lawyers on it right away
>Katsucon happens, makes it apparent that Umbranwitch is the new ugly friend when she upstages her in their Steven Universe couple cosplays
>her Twitch apparently came back

No. 758824

File: 1582162198867.jpg (646.14 KB, 466x942, Cy2Gsnh.jpg)

More surgery. Wanna make bets on what area?

No. 758825

Momo you're always on vacation and you're always getting work done instead of working out or just drinking water. She's really rolling the dice with how many procedures she's doing

No. 758827

If she’s claiming to work out every day, can’t be that major. My guess is more Lipo.

No. 758842

File: 1582165324273.png (2.99 MB, 1786x1494, 9D76A4E3-5C6B-47EB-BAC2-F47883…)

So Mariah is being given a full booth for Lvl Up despite having grabbed people inappropriately in their venue. What the fuck? She’s not even a guest unlike her friends so why is she “hosting” them?

No. 758843

She always claims that she goes on a diet but in reality she doesn’t do anything but she had her way out through surgery.

No. 758855

>I just wanted to take March off as a little break…
Break from what? You literally do nothing but go on vacation and go out to eat and shop. You don't make your own costumes, you rarely shoot anything and don't even do the few things you promise in your patreon. You don't deserve a break, you deserve and swift kick into reality

No. 758860

File: 1582167734196.gif (11.19 MB, 350x308, 20200219_224814.gif)

I wanted to post this in the last thread but it 404'd. Umbran's cosplay looked so goofy, I can't believe how it looks like while she's jumping around. Girl get a fitted top.

No. 758861

Samefag but I just noticed she conveniently has both her main IG and the new IG account she made while her main was down in this. Did she rush order this backdrop? Because is seems fishy that she was having “panic attacks” about her account being supposedly gone but she still added it here. Maybe I’m just looking into it too hard.

No. 758863

File: 1582168445469.png (2.67 MB, 1217x1800, 7DC82A11-03BC-4B4E-AA56-CC5E04…)

No. 758864

No it's more like her friends are hosting her. She does this at most cons. Her friends are the one with the booth, but she pays them to sell her stuff and set up. It's to get around the rules

No. 758866

Man she has been ABUSING that art for years now. She can't commission someone to do something else?

No. 758868

File: 1582168853019.jpeg (62.13 KB, 975x191, 3F321263-A834-4AEB-8628-352E13…)

She’s in the exhibitor list… It would make sense if she were riding their coattails but this being on the site implies she bought the booths.

No. 758874

Oh, so she's trying to act like she was a guest when she just bought herself a table to sell
Don't see many cosplayers (at least around here) having to do that. She's gonna be sandwiched between actual vendors and shit

No. 758875

>tfw you never get invited to cons so you have to buy your own booth

No. 758898

Doesn't the LV community hate her? She won't make any money and will end up at a net loss while acting like she sold out and is sooooooo grateful!
Why is she making clothing designed for women? Women are not your audience Moo.

No. 758900

File: 1582174697217.gif (1.29 MB, 337x600, BD759E66-310B-489A-B246-0F4D27…)

No. 758907

Sadly the Vegas scene has plenty of neckbeards that will gladly kiss her flat ass. One girl that I’m acquaintances with actually worships her and didn’t listen when people showed her proof during the AX she was outed as a sexual predator.

What really bothers me is that Shine Con (another Vegas con) just announced they pulled Knite from their lineup (that cosplayer is known for coloring their skin and taping their eyes to appear Asian), due to pressure from Steff von Schweetz and attendees of the con. Where was that same amount of outrage when it comes to a local menace like Moo? I get the situation is different because Mariah isn’t a guest of the con but if she was really escorted out last year like it was rumored, why would they allow her to actually sell in their venue? The Vegas con scene needs to grow a backbone already. I guess we can expect some good candids at least…

No. 758914

The Vegas con scene is spineless, honestly. A cringe weeb I used to be friends with thinks she’s a “popular cosplayer” despite buying everything from China loves to name drop Momo at every chance she could get. Momo gives zero fucks about her but loves to try tagging along with her whenever she sees her. It’s saaaaaad, but that’s the Vegas con scene in a nutshell. It’s never gonna change.

No. 758916

Lol it’s funny because I feel like I know who you’re talking about but Vegas has so many phony, clout-chasing pseudo cosplayers that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were someone different.

No. 758920

File: 1582178196631.png (856.66 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-02-19-21-54-49…)

No. 758924

Why have merch with モモくん and モーモーくん? Why not be consistent? The banner underneath her “oc” is retarded too. If she’s such a great translator why does she default to dumb japanglish all the goddamn time?

No. 758925

So tell them. They made a tweet.
Moo gets a whole booth for herself while Knite is in Nippon doing Diastation. I dont even think they got booted due to complaints but I could be wrong

No. 758931

File: 1582185582525.jpg (87.59 KB, 1242x1140, IMG_20190902_095306.jpg)

Working out "every day" will change nothing. If it's not something you can support in your regular schedule, your changes will be temporary.
Why does she gym binge like this? Never works. I think she sees it more as a punishment for neglectful choices.
And damn…. More surgery. Her mouth is blown out. Bet it will be lipo under and behind her arms.
She is such a waste.

No. 758933

I’m betting she’s getting her tits done, lift and implants
Maybe more lipo/tummy tuck
I don’t think she’d take a full month off just for a little lipo…

No. 758936

God I hope it’s her tits. I can only hold my puke for so long whenever someone posts a pic of her floppy ass tits.


Accurate description of vegas cosplay scene, it’s a bad high school soap opera mentality.

No. 758937

You can’t just make a post on lolcow and expect something to happen

No. 758938

She’s not selling at shine con? She’s selling at lvl up?

No. 758943

I didn’t say she was selling at Shine Con (hence “another Vegas con”). I’m questioning why the Vegas crowd can get riled up enough to oust one problematic person from one con but can’t be bothered with Mariah at Lvl Up.

In any case, the most she’s going to get are glares because nobody ever confronts her and then brag on IG about all the love she received.

No. 758944

My bad, misread

I think the community is done trying to “take her down” to be honest. It hasn’t worked for the years that they’ve boycotted her at cons, events, etc, so most people figure “why bother”. She knows she’s hated so she just deals with going to these things and being hated by 90% of the people there and the community settles for that being good enough since so many places won’t actually ban her.

No. 758949

she said she's getting surgery AND working out/dieting for the full month. can't be a major operation. i would guess lipo around arms/shoulders/back or her neck/jaw, though she's probably gonna fuck it up too by not wearing the compression gear.

No. 758950

You really believe Moo when she says she's going to "work out"? You must be new here. Bitch will sit on her flat ass for a month recovering from multiple lipos and call it the gym.

No. 758958

My guess is she‘s gonna get a gastric bypass surgery.

She obviously tried losing weight the conventional way (i.e. dieting and working out) but - as expected - failed miserably because she’s an undisciplined slob. And why would she suddenly take time off for lipo or excerxising when she didn’t in the past, ever? She even shot right after getting lipo once.

I don’t buy this ‘I’m gonna work out and eat right uwu’ bullshit.
So either she’s getting another round of lipo (props to the irresponsible doctor that keeps sucking out her fat not caring about what it means for her health) and blowing it waaayyy out of proportion as an excuse, so she doesn’t have to do her fucking job, or it’s actually something bigger than just lipo and afterwards she’s gonna try to sell it as something she’s actually achieved by working out.

>Why is she making clothing designed for women? Women are not your audience Moo.
Actually, at this point I think her fan base consists rather of other fat women/wanna-be cosplayers who genuinely look up to her than neckbeards.
Especially merch as such is probably not something someone who’s jacking off to her shit would wear (publicly). The only men that would actually buy that kind of stuff are hardcore stans that want to buy it to support her and/or be noticed.

No. 758962

If she's not going on vacation she's getting work done.
It seems like she's getting something done to her body every two months, she must have an addiction or body dysmorphia

Every time I see this it's like the same concept of polishing a turd

No. 758993

I'm going to tinfoil that it's either her breasts, or lap band. Making the diet/exercise statement right afterwards is what made me think lap band. You can't be exercising much for a bit after getting your tits done.

No. 758998

that's fair, shouldn't be giving her the benefit of a doubt. sounds risky for her to be having lipo since she's had so much already. gastric bypass scars are pretty small, IF she's going that route.

No. 759004

Moo would never qualify for gastric bypass or lap band
They make you do a year of tests and weigh ins to see if you can commit to the lifestyle post-surgery
And we've all watched her hork down greasy plate after greasy plate. Unless Vegas doctors truly are Shit, she could never.

No. 759014

This. I’ve heard it takes a ton of doctor appointments and very strict dieting before. She’s most likely getting more lipo done or fixing her breasts.

No. 759028

This. Her surgery then working out everyday is just lipo. And the only weights she will be lifting afterwards are more burgers.

No. 759029

it isn't even really a gym binge. She takes a few videos and photos and lurks around the place. The "work outs" she does isn't enough. Maybe burning 200 calories compared to the 3500 calories she's shoveling down. She gets more of a work out from the walk to her car.

No. 759034


She could do medical tourism where she goes to mexico or something and throws enough money at them to not care about tests and qualifications.

No. 759035

the weird part about this is… she had countless rounds of lipo all over her body, unknown amounts of surgery, skin peels and other shit done… all before the age of 25. And she seems proud of it? But she still looks like she's 50 years old in candids. I don't get her priorities.
Surgeries aren't collectibles Moo

No. 759038

it's mental illness.

No. 759040

No it's not and I wish people would stop trying to excuse idiocy for mental illnesses.

No. 759041

Agreed. She's just has this dumb mindset she needs to spend her money and the fastest way is through expensive "Glam" surgeries. Even if she's currently botched it's still her current way of flexing.

No. 759044

What the fuck

No. 759045

relax anon. it's the only way she knows how to get attention.

No. 759047

No. She's just lazy and is trying to find the fastest way to lose weight. The only "mental illness" Moo has is her constant need for attention

No. 759052

Maybe she's finally getting that BBL. They typically transfer fat so that's probably why she mentioned working out.

No. 759056

File: 1582226790585.jpeg (1.63 MB, 4032x3024, 90E508C4-479D-420C-A83C-E85DA0…)

Found her gaudy sign.

No. 759058

Did she really buy a double sized booth or are the basic ones that big? It’s going to look so painfully empty

No. 759059

She bought two booths… because of course she did.

No. 759061

I mean… Moo is the size of two girls so two booths sounds about size appropriate, now if only she would make the same judgement when buying clothes and giving her measurements to her cosplay sweatshops…

No. 759070

you know… that's a rather blank canvas. Wish some brave soul would write something like "Cancel Momo"(do not encourage cowtipping/A-logging)

No. 759077

this, someone do it.(do not encourage cowtipping/A-logging)

No. 759080

As much as I wish this would happen, it would be vandalism and the con would be put at fault in some way.(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 759085

The con should be at fault for allowing her to be a vendor

No. 759086

Wouldn't that be considered cowtipping?

No. 759087

It would be. Moo would even know who did it since dumbasses decided to write it down on here too. Way to make moo look like the victim

No. 759096

She doesn’t technically qualify for lipo either. They usually only do that only after successfully having lost some weight. But there are enough doctors that don’t care as long as they’re getting their money. She wouldn’t even have to go to Mexico for that.

Money can buy you literally anything.

No. 759102

>thinking cons accept responsibility for anything
haha what a great joke! for real though, they don't. even dealers artists don't get comped if merch gets stolen. a local con had an issue where a few staffers would go in dealers room and AA after hours and steal stuff.

No. 759104

where are you getting this info from? there's no formal regulation for the surgery in the US, it's cosmetic and up to dr discretion. a bypass or lap band on the other hand isn't considered cosmetic.

No. 759106

This con is gonna be a mess tomorrow late morning to mid afternoon. Be safe out there, cosplayers. There’s gonna be a trump klan rally at the LVCC around noon. Moo is gonna have a bad time.

No. 759113

Where's the outrage that Vegas had for Knite cosplay? Steff literally got them removed from the con, but they all gonna be silent for Mariah ? Shitty community.

No. 759116

The Vegas con community has some pretty fucked up priorities. I guess if a cosplayer with a following doesn’t tell them to do something, then they just let it slide.

No. 759118

what a bunch of sheep

No. 759120

I mean East Coast can't boast they're any better. From what I can tell little to no one actually confronted Moo at Katsu.

No. 759126

Who gives a shit if she is going. It’s more milk for us.
Why are the American cosplayers always bringing their butthurt over here?
Let her make an ass of herself and shut up already

No. 759129

Maybe we don’t want her there because she brings down the mood of an event? Like, ffs, every time she’s on the floor of an event, there are constant whispers of “Momokun is here” “why is that bitch here?” “Why would the con let her in?”
It’s fucking tiring. Some of us would like to enjoy the con free of the drama she brings with her. Besides that, she’s loud and obnoxious as fuck when she’s around with her friends. I can hear her braying from across the dealers hall whenever she’s at a local con.

No. 759141

It is mental illness. I mean, I can't diagnose her and okay, I'm not, but look, do you really think someone who
>can't control their eating and is constantly scarfing down burgers
>can't stop getting surgeries and procedures now
>can't stop photoshopping herself
>constantly does shit that even puts others at stake/harm for attention or enjoyment
>keeps lying and lying
>can't make friends
Is a 100% mentally sane, adjusted, healthy person? Come the fuck on. I'm not telling you to pity her or that she's excused, I'm only explaining it in case you ask yourself "why". For the same reason anas starve themselves to death and narcissists only care about themselves even if that means harming others to put themselves first: mental illness.
If anything, if she chose to never acknowledge her issues and never get help, now it's up to her to deal with the consequences.

You don't need a round of lipo, Moo, you need a session of psychotherapy and many more.

No. 759143


Letting her mere presence "bring down the mood" of a big event sounds like a childish you problem tbh. You can easily avoid her.

No. 759145

Some people are just dumb and make bad choices.

No. 759154

You know you can just take the high road and ignore her bs, you getting your panties in a twist over her is what she loves moo loves pissing everyone off and when she can’t get the satisfaction she has to go fake it on ig. Another anon was right vegas is fucking high school.

No. 759159


Steff needs her own thread I'm tired of her high school drama mean girls club when she doesn't get what she wants. Rallied her whiteknights and making the Vegas com worse than it already is.

No. 759164

I didn’t know that getting a racist disowned as a guest made someone a bad person.

No. 759170

You can't avoid the people talking about her. Don't be ignorant.

No. 759171

Getting a person who does racist makeup to not be a guest makes the con scene worse? Lol okay then

No. 759174

So not only are cosplayers pussies for not standing up for themselves but are also letting one person ruin their animay convention experience??

No. 759177

That kinda sounds like a them problem?

No. 759178

It is though. Frankly I don't blame Momo simply because people won't stop feeding her attention. Can't blame her for what somebody else is doing. I feel like people should know by now to ignore her.

No. 759180

It’s not just steff, it’s all of vegas honey lol y’all are full of backstabbing clout chasers kissing the most popular girls ass getting nowhere haha

No. 759188


Out of the loop but that sounds like old milk? Or they came out and said sorry, did something happen recently unless I'm mistaken? Abuse photoshop to hell but idk

But to stay on topic Momokun should be removed from LVL Up then.

No. 759191


Hi steff!(hi cow)

No. 759192

God I would laugh if she were pathetic enough to post, all the other wannabes in vegas have.

Moo is friends with one of the organizers so that’s why she’s getting away with it. It was Sabakon that banned her not lvl up.(newfag)

No. 759198

File: 1582264840941.jpeg (55.68 KB, 1349x1080, received_507440190197101.jpeg)

I'm betting it's going to be a Brazilian Butt Lift

More and more, she becomes donkey Kong. I love it. Keep doing surgeries moo, they look so good!!!

No. 759199

God I hope so can you imagine that misshapen horror because she flat out refuses to do after care

No. 759201

I really don’t want to have to follow these threads forever but I’m morbidly curious how monstrous she’ll end up looking once she hits 30. She’s frightening to look at as it is.

No. 759203

She’s going to look like the lion lady in the next three years at this rate

No. 759204

And I’m sure there will still be enough depraved neckbeards that’ll continue to support her when she goes that far lol

No. 759206

Something stupid like more lipo or more fillers probably. She should get a gastric bypass, though.

No. 759212

Looks like Vamps will be at Lvl Up as well. She’ll probably avoid Moo’s booth altogether.

No. 759221


lol, no she shouldn't, don't be retarded. Gastric bypass is for people who are 500+ pounds, not for people who are 40 pounds overweight.

No. 759222

Momo wouldn't qualify for gastric but you're delusional if you think she's 40 pounds over weight
She's obese
unless you're retarded to believe the photoshop and that corset she has been wearing

No. 759228

it's harder to get gastric bypass at 500 pounds, to the point there's a TV show about it

Moo isn't as far off gastric bypass land as you think. This would be more obvious if it weren't for previous lipo.

No. 759229

As long as you are over a certain BMI, like over 40 and over the weight by 45kg or some shit like that, they will do the gastric op especially if you pay, which is what Moo can do. I mean, my sister was over the limit and she got the surgery easily cause she paid full.

Though, if Moo loves to excessively drink, she won't be able to get it done.

No. 759232

Did anyone notice Jessica was at Katsucon and had no interactions with moo or Umbran?

No. 759239

And? So what? Neither did any other popular thot, or even Elizabeth who had hung out with her just a week before (which I have a tinfoil theory as to why but that would be risking exposing myself).

No. 759251

Speaking from experience You can actually get it done if your BMI is over 39 IIIRC. My parents both had it done my mom had it done at 290 and dad at 356. Its not hard to qualify if you know what to say/do. The after surgery is rough. She will not be able to binge/eat certian foods because it will make her vomit and be extremely painful.

I actually qualify for the surgery but am making an effort to fix the issue myself because I have seen the bad side of the surgeries and work in a hospital and see the mess these surgeries does to people long term.(no1curr about ur fat surgery)

No. 759254

Aside from sneaky video and photos, I didn't hear of anyone outright confronting her aside from someone asking if she was Mariah Mallard.

No. 759272

Wouldn't a BBL require more than a month's convalescence? Also there's no way she'd be able to go to the gym for that first month if she did. You can't even sit down for at least a month afterwards. Maybe she's going to get the fat sucked out of her hammy arms and thighs and get them injected into her butt ala Kardashian style.

No. 759281

You’re not going to get exposed. No one cares what’s written on here.

No. 759291

Says online that it takes a month to recover. Two weeks after surgery you're even allowed to go back to work.

No. 759301

Bold of you to assume she’s actually gonna work out just because she said so.

Also, to everyone saying she’s probably gonna get lipo on her arms: She just did less than a year ago.
>>>/pt/671301 I don’t think it’s possible for her to get lipo again so soon.

No. 759302

I was really hoping she’d finally get an ass augmentation so she can look like even more of a clown. The results typically look terrible but lord knows she needs an ass more than new tits to give her tailbone some relief

No. 759303

Bbl requires 6 to 8 weeks recovery. Lipo and breast aug/lift are closer to 4 weeks so it's more likely on oof those.

Unless she goes to MX which has shitty docs who will let you remove garments after a month

No. 759309

She said herself she would no longer be going to Hispanic countries for racist reasons. There are A LOT of back alley "doctors" in Vegas alone. Even if an office turns her away she can always go to one of those infamous pumping parties and get shit done.
She might be smart enough not to do it now, but she will become desperate in the future when doctors start turning her down.

No. 759310

If she finds the right doctor and pays them enough they're not going to care if she had the procedure done before. They'll do whatever she wants them to do. Vegas has so many shady plastic surgeons she probably has her pick of who to go to.

No. 759311

Seems she gets lipo as soon as the doctor allows it. The maximum amount they can take out is 11 pounds. Safe to say that all her "progress" is only because she lipos 11 pounds of fat off her every 2 months. Isn't this very dangerous?

No. 759363

Saged for slight OT, but very, especially if her dr. is sketchy. I heard one horror story about a girl going in to some sketchy doctor to get a breast reduction and he convinced her to get lipo on her hip area and she agreed (she had loose skin, which he convinced her was a deformity that somehow could be removed with lipo, which is bogus). Once the doctor performed the procedure (or he let someone else do it while she was under anethesia, still wrong though) he went crazy by using the suction in random places no doctor should ever put it, like around her shin and butt area. Without the fat, the skin rubs against underlying muscle and scars easier, all of which causes pain. On top of that, the chunk of fat he removed from her butt made it so she could no longer sit down. He didn't even do a good job on her breast surgery either.

No. 759364

File: 1582321283251.jpeg (178.35 KB, 1125x2120, AE868284-D30E-4BF0-A24F-06C7D7…)

Video in her tagged shows her overflowing back fat from ALA. can’t even imagine how bad it was in that pink sausage casing.

No. 759375

Being 40 pounds overweight IS being obese. The "overweight" range that separates healthy weight to obese is like 30lbs for most average height females.

No. 759385

Figuring out bmi is easy(wt x 703 ÷ ht squared) but you don't need that to see the bitch is obese. I was not disappointed by the amount of back fat pics out from the con this weekend.

No. 759411

File: 1582343033021.jpg (693.27 KB, 1042x1488, 20200221_194311.jpg)

She looks old af. Nice slippers moo.

No. 759414

File: 1582344664288.jpeg (1.5 MB, 4032x3024, 28A740B6-4F72-4A67-91A6-61C7A1…)

A post-it note isn’t going to stop kids from picking it up, Moo.

No. 759417

File: 1582346412803.png (832.06 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-02-21-15-59-28…)

No. 759419

>Her full on ass on display on the cover where minors can see it
Is this… allowed? I've never been to a con before. Either way it's gross, put a slip over it so they 1) can't open it and 2) the nude bits are fully covered

No. 759420

Is the con seriously letting her openly display that gross thing as-is? Fucking hell.

No. 759422

I'm pretty sure Vendors are suppose to cover NSFW merch. I'm surprised staff hasn't told her to cover it up.

No. 759427

It's mooriah, she can get away with everything.

No. 759429

Yeah idk, at least that is the custom at my local conventions.

No. 759432

Well she'll probably make a sob story about being oppressed as a stonk woman now since she lurks

No. 759433

File: 1582351670175.png (142.86 KB, 1072x753, Capture _2020-02-21-21-54-04.p…)

No. 759440

The comment seems to have been deleted by the con, very interesting.

No. 759447

Yeah, that's nasty af. she might as well not cover anything up if her ass is out. it's basically soft core porn at a convention. this bitch is gross

No. 759448

Seriously? that's bullshit. No one wants her there

No. 759464

File: 1582381029124.png (292.56 KB, 828x1792, 594B4626-2EFF-46A9-9E1D-D4E92C…)

Saw this pop up on Twitter. Not sure who this is or why they are shoehorning momos website in a post praising Yayahan. Anyone have any info on this?

No. 759469

File: 1582385871618.png (871.4 KB, 1730x1281, 05FCF62B-72B3-40FB-8810-781F8F…)

It’s still up. But I wouldn’t put it past them to delete it soon.

No. 759470

This is literally nothing. People post stupid tweets like this all the time, theres no milk in these.

No. 759471

File: 1582386832506.jpeg (151.04 KB, 768x1024, 49F8320C-65F7-4DBC-85A6-B209B1…)

Found on twitter.

No. 759475

Ew, wtf. (and i see her nasty porn books are still on full display in the bg)

No. 759482


What cosplay is this, gramma got up to get milk at 3am?

No. 759486

File: 1582391229659.png (6.97 MB, 1125x2436, 69A449D4-A1EB-47E7-82B0-215EF9…)

No. 759488

Yeah of course she stands behind Maddie, does she try to make her look smaller than Maddie? Both look hilariously bad though.

No. 759490

File: 1582394222031.png (133.82 KB, 200x473, Screenshot_20200222-115125.png)

Considering that both Aly and miso have let moo share a booth before it looks shitty that she couldn't or wouldn't get them a table cloth when the roles are switched

No. 759495

File: 1582396168089.jpeg (340.92 KB, 980x747, 6ED8FA29-E7FD-4E55-9619-99E009…)

No. 759496

File: 1582396224823.jpeg (259.84 KB, 997x748, DF9175F1-DDFB-4940-8DAB-336F85…)

No. 759497

Does dumbass ever look in a mirror? Because she looks like shit. And since when are softcore porn pics cosplay? She is so far gone that it’s really amazing that she would show up at cons anymore. But then again she never has had any self awareness so not surprising that she would think she still matters in the cosplay scene. If she ever really did to begin with.

No. 759501

Maddie should cosplay more villains. She's got the creepy smile down pat.

No. 759502

File: 1582401384374.jpeg (1.83 MB, 4032x3024, C10686CA-91C3-46EF-8359-5D983C…)

Aereolas Just out for the kiddies to see.

No. 759503

someone really needs to tell con staff lmao gross

No. 759504

How the fuck is the con just sitting on this? Most go apeshit if a bodypillow on display's post it falls off.

No. 759506

Time to boycott lvl up expo. As if anyone actually would, the con and the cosplay community in vegas have always let moo get away with shit like this. I don’t even understand why she still does cons moo isn’t even known for cosplay she’s known for being a nude troll.

No. 759507

seriously. at least the other communities there have had the good sense to kick her ass out of things.

No. 759510

It’s appalling how moo can act so disrespectful at every turn, and hurt dozens of people and absolutely no one holds her accountable.

Now she’s showing her nudes where everyone can see without covering bits with post it’s like some vendors do. Seriously lvl up wtf? Is moo boning Someone on the staff or something?

One can only wonder.

No. 759511

On top of having adult material out without censors, her table set up looks like babby's first convention. No displays for charms and stickers and prints. Just have them laying on the table
I've seen cons make vendors take down dakis that are just bikinis, meanwhile LvlUp is letting this happen

No. 759512

File: 1582406410080.jpeg (1.76 MB, 4032x3024, 26C031D7-002C-4918-BFD6-B876CB…)

No. 759516

Is the table even crowded? Can’t imagine anyone being impressed with the real thing standing In front of them with moo looking nothing like her pictures.

No. 759517

OMG please I hope someone gets a picture of her in front of her banner this weekend. I would love to see the shooped vs unshooped side by side irl

No. 759526

Squarecuck just posted a video on IG story and Moos mom is there. But abusive parents come out and support their kids, right?

No. 759533

Good god the autistic a-logs really need to get over themselves. She's doing a perfectly good job making a fool out of herself on her own, why do you really need to cowtip and harass her IRL?

Honestly this. Just let her be and let the rest of us enjoy the show. Her milk dried up immediately after some retard got her Twitter deleted. Why do you spergs have the obsession with ~canceling~ her over menial things instead of just watching the train wreck? Go outside more or something. Fuck.

No. 759540

Of course this is what her….. fffffeeeeeemale? Fans look like lmao.

No. 759559

File: 1582422848080.png (607.1 KB, 431x920, mslp.png)

No. 759561

File: 1582423074829.png (892.29 KB, 1023x829, msll.png)

No. 759562

How can you go into public looking like you got a fucking mustache? How embarrassing…

No. 759568

Jesus fuck you can see the stains on the skirt. Good thing she's just a sideshow freak.

No. 759571

File: 1582424758273.jpeg (438.02 KB, 1242x1806, 0C3C9619-0DFF-4D1C-AAB6-62DBA7…)


>OP in pic has unfortunately been across from her all weekend. Imagine the smell.

No. 759577


Shut the fuck up.

No. 759579

Because Steff is personal friends with the host of Shine-Con. Its a less official con than LVL UP

No. 759580

File: 1582427722594.jpg (1.21 MB, 3024x4032, 20200222_153840.jpg)

From kiwi

No. 759586

Her booth was busy when I walked by.

No. 759587

yeah I'm sure it's super busy when she barely has a dozen different things to sell. Even if a large amount of people are coming by her booth her stock is so minimal that they'll go straight past, hell even if they were buying stuff it couldnt take long to process customers since she barely has anything to sell.

It's obvious she's not doing great because in every picture we've seen of her (aside from ones actively taken with someone) she's totally checked out. She's on her phone or even in >>759580 she's drinking when she could be talking to customers.

No. 759588

These guys are literally the exact sort of people I picture when I think "paypig."

No. 759590

Yeah, fat tech nerds with expendable income because they don't have partners or children. Why would anyone be shocked? What do you want? How many rich hotties are hanging around conventions? I wouldn't be shocked if some pornsick fat fucks came just to see her in the flesh.

We can nitpick all we want but fat porn fetishists aren't looking that hard at the background of her photos thinking "I can't get off because the tiles are warped".

No. 759613

Oh nooooo.

No. 759621

File: 1582439981962.png (536.71 KB, 409x903, Screenshot_2020-02-22-22-37-08…)


No. 759623

her mouth is so disgusting

No. 759625

Who the fuck edited this in MS paint they cut all her wig hair off

No. 759628

File: 1582443943888.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, 3B2D1A02-C95A-4808-96B3-1B4FA3…)

Of course she’s at the party.

No. 759629

Theres a shirt right in front of the camera anon. But it’s understandable since it looks wonky at that angle.

No. 759631

Shes live on insta. Closed out when she started "deepthroating" random objects as a joke.

No. 759634

File: 1582447390258.jpeg (221.39 KB, 1125x942, 55D848DA-306A-40D7-9A96-9B4DD1…)

saw this in the comments of this post >>759571

No. 759635

Why does Moo have so many friends that are basically just slaves? I mean, yeah obviously people willing to be friends with her have no self-respect, but good lord. How badly do these people need money/clout that they're willing to act as her butlers all the time?

No. 759636

File: 1582447569249.jpeg (494.16 KB, 1125x2436, 7B4DE5D4-4317-4A25-95A8-6CFC4B…)

this was on twitter and I think these are teens posing with her as a joke but Christ is she wearing a fucking bodysuit under there? Why does it look like she has the thickest panty line in the front?

No. 759637

Thats her corset working overtime lol

Ha! I was there when he was packing up. It was just him and maybe one other person (?) but he was pushing the tables in and it looked fucking pathetic. She probably left him to do the work so she could stuff her face and fuck off to the rave. I get helping friends with table stuff at cons but she literally treats her friends like servants.

No. 759657

She's got the cuck bux to do it, wouldn't you?

No. 759660

Moo's mom must be the stupidest person alive to support this shit. it's really nasty af when you think about it

No. 759661


she looks like she is wearing a damn adult diaper ffs.

No. 759667

But she’s totally not a party person, my dudes!

No. 759676

Bold of you to assume everyone would be as corrupt as Moo once they happen upon disposable income. She was a shit person before she had money.

Today she’s going as a SU character to Lvl Up. Either Pink Diamond or Stevonnie that was teased in her IG. Stevonnie most likely because it gives her an excuse to halfass the outfit even further. No paint, no wig. Just her in a pink sausage casing with slippers.

No. 759679

File: 1582476524713.jpg (614.34 KB, 3975x2861, Noforgetti.jpg)

No. 759682

I think it's comical she completely avoided posting her ex best friend dancing on stage and getting lots of attention, only to suddenly appear on stage herself behind the computers with Umbra, Sniper and Holly, zooming in on the other cosplayers who were dancing too. Probably couldn't cope with not having the focus on her after how shit her guest booth was and had to waddle her way through to get on stage with her crew.

Nobody even acknowledged them, their eyes were on costhot tits and ass in their faces having a good time. The desperation really does show.

No. 759693

I know this isn't a Vamp thread, but sauce? I adored how much attention Vamp got in comparison to Moo on webcam because Vamp actually has social skills when she's not around Moo. I wonder how much Vamp loves not being a cow by association?

No. 759694

*when she's interacting with people other than Moo.

No. 759696

Inb4 imageboard since it’s not her thread but everyone’s instastories should be up from last night (miso, aly, even holly) and they all tag vamp and show her dancing so I’m sure momo is especially bitter

No. 759697

God the progressive faggot talk makes me want to puke! And the 0 awareness is laughable, willing to bet an arm and a leg that these cucks are just as bad as momokun!

No. 759698

Take your meds, bud

No. 759699

Did i hit a nerve cuck?

No. 759700

File: 1582487517214.jpg (558.42 KB, 993x1115, 20200223_115020.jpg)

Fucking yikes…

No. 759703

Nta but sage your bullshit, stop shitting up the thread unless you’re actually going to contribute

No. 759704

Where to even start with this picture…

No. 759705

I know the saturation is up but her knuckles look rather dark.

No. 759717

all she has is this one gag, nothing else
it's pretty sad

No. 759719

Usually dont follow Moo but I took a double take at that picture. Her lips look painful but maybe that's just from the red but still I dont know how someone can have lips look like they're ready to burst while simultaneously still looking thin still. It looks like a bad allergic reaction instead of fillers.

She should just let them dissolve and overline them / photoshop. There was nothing particularly wrong with them before.

No. 759721

She looks like she is in her 40s lol

No. 759723

That is actually pretty solid, anon. I don't know how long it usually takes these things to be ordered and made, but this all happened in 2 weeks right, so maybe thats enough time to plan, but she is shady and conveniently has her account gone to promote this other one just in time for the con booth? Hm..

No. 759725

I know breast lifts and implants usually require a month of bedrest, sports bras and other supportive bras to keep shape while everything heals and drains. Jesus, she's going to learn the hard way that she's ruining her chest in the long run due to augment upkeep.

No. 759726

File: 1582494885315.jpg (810.61 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200223_165155.jpg)

Nitpick but…Her lips, I just can't. It doesnt help that the corners of her mouth turn up in a weird way so she just looks like someone who ended up on Botched.

No. 759727

She looks like an older, fatter version of Jenna Meowri, but a lot of that might have to do with both commissioning Umbran did their wigs tbh

No. 759728

everything about this costume ages her. She thinks she looks like a milf, but she's not hot, just old-looking.

No. 759731

Anon, most of the merch is behind the tables and in a more protective area, especially the shit she is selling, and it not hard to process stuff. Moo even had someone make a checkout app thing for the con. It was in a story a few days ago. I shouldve capped it.

No. 759732


jesus, she really straight up looks like a fuckin' muppet at this point. I can't believe how much she's ruined herself when she's still so young.

No. 759734

Wanted to add really quick to this, if Moo is planning on losing weight she is going to fuck up any implants she gets because the natural fat around them will lose fat too and will possibly result in saggy looking rocks.

No. 759735

Omg thats what happens to people who get lip injections. The sides of their top lip sag after overusage and end up needing surgery to cut the skin away and pull it back into shape. Its really gross. They could always implant shit into her lips.

No. 759736

File: 1582496833074.png (917.82 KB, 608x1080, bad vibrations.png)

the more work she gets done the worse she looks, between the lips and the eyes she's starting to look kinda crazy

>Good Vibrations theremin part plays à la Vanilla Sky

No. 759738

File: 1582497585542.jpg (12.88 KB, 236x296, a4d3b5feaa7b47ce3be43b1f51d2e3…)

sorry jan.

No. 759750

Her lips are going to explode if she keeps injecting them

No. 759759

Holy shit she looks so bad. She looks like Big Ang.

I know everyone has bets on it being a BBL or her tits being done, but I have a feeling it’s her nose.
She’s been focused a lot on face procedures since her body procedures seem to be a waste of money. And she’s talked about a nose job before.

No. 759769

That's my guess too. You can't find a legit or good surgeon willing to do a bbl if you are even slightly overweight. BBLs are more risky than most any other procedure and are very new so only a handful of docs internationally know how to do it well. The cost is also outrageous for good work. A good bbl is 10k-20k usd so a lot of hoes who can't manage money go to cheaper alternatives who charge around 6k in the USA and 3.5k in central america. The only place that would touch someone her size would be out of the USA or some back alley sketchy doc. I hope she gets a bbl because at her size she will heal into a lumpy mess. Obese girls never look good because the stomach fat cells will reinflate over time unevenly if she gains even a little weight leaving her with giant lumps. They also have to go in for fat at bizarre places leaving visible lipo scars on her stomach,thighs,arm and back areas. There are good docs that will hide the scars under the butt shadow but I highly doubt she will be going to one or even able to afford it.

No. 759770

Is she really self conscious about her nose though? Honestly before the lip fillers she wasn't bad looking, she wasn't gorgeous but she had a cute face when she smiled. I think she's more self conscious about her body. I'd guess boob job or more lipo.

No. 759784

File: 1582503447714.png (1003.39 KB, 1039x512, jesuswtf.png)

i'm in complete awe at how much she has ruined her face within the past year.

No. 759787

Moo is a moron, she only needed filler on her top lip not bottom and top. Getting both filled ruined any looks she once had. What’s even more pathetic than moos face is her fans, one girl was actually crying when she met moo. Her fans are as retarded as she is.

No. 759790

File: 1582505341800.jpeg (502.52 KB, 750x989, 52134EF5-D05B-4583-B291-FC275F…)

well they got one thing right about her

No. 759793

File: 1582505719760.jpg (157.94 KB, 1908x1146, 12663890-0-image-a-59_15561177…)


Without a doubt Moo is going to look like a ghoul sooner than later. She honestly thinks she's hot shit, her face is fucked.

No. 759794

I can believe her neckbeard fanbase, but her having a female fanbase is so creepy.. Even after the assaults.

>crying when she met momo

wtf, that's pathetic

No. 759801

Oh my god, her hair. Why! Why won't Moo just condition it and comb it out! Why is she okay with being seen in public like this.

No. 759803

The only female 'fans' she has left are clout chasers thirsty for paypigbux and girls who are fatter and/or uglier than Moo who buy into her POSITIVITY WARRIOR, MUH DUDES smokescreen.

They look at Moo's sorry, nasty, ugly ass and feel that they can get easy money and fame for being a undateable mess too.

No. 759818

File: 1582510048500.jpg (1.86 MB, 1595x2836, 20200223_180229.jpg)

Spotted Moo shopping out in the wild

No. 759821

Yam body moo on her walkies.

No. 759822


It's the funniest thing when fat girls wear these and it makes the backpacks look tiny.

No. 759824

File: 1582511278546.jpg (616.03 KB, 1163x2750, 1582510048500.jpg)

Lightened to show them sad cheeks. Must feel good to finally take off that corset, kinda ruins that illusion she keeps trying to sell

No. 759830

Yikes is she wearing two bras AND a corset?

No. 759834

She gets bigger and bigger, and yet, her head stays small and her butt shrinks. She’s delusional if she thinks being wide equals a huge perky ass , but knowing of course she thinks her ass is as nice as j lo and Kim k. Who btw work out for their bodies moo! Not eat more

No. 759840

Maybe I'm losing my mind, but she looks like she lost some weight. She's still an absolute unit, but there were some threads back where her highs looked like the width of a large man.

I'm always surprised at how round Momokun's hips are and how flat her ass is. Injecting fat into her ass seems like the natural progression of things. I think her biggest flaws were always her turtle lips and flat ass. Fortunately for us, "fixing" those with her cheap vegas plastic surgery means it's going to look disgusting just like her lips.

No. 759849

it's like if she actually slimmed down, naturally, so that her hips matched the width of her butt she'd have one like she sorta did when she debuted her Samus

No. 759850

you'd think after all the lipo she'd gain fat in her ass eventually.

No. 759856

Body contouring with lipo only works as a permanent fix for non obese women. She will never be able to maintain an hourglass even with lipo/bbl unless she commits to a healthy lifestyle.

No. 759860

She lost no weight.

No. 759862


Got them Hank Hill cheeks.

No. 759864

i meant because lipo usually results in gaining weight in weird places where fat cells still exist.

No. 759880

Whenever I get reminded of what her ass truly looks like I just get depressed FOR her.

No. 759906

Is it any wonder she's drunk/high 24/7? Bitch can't live with her own foul personality or her own horrible body.

I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a vile piece of shit.

I never thought I'd live to see the day where I wished flannel-kun would make a comeback. Hide those sad lumps, Moo.

No. 759909

File: 1582525517930.png (4.52 MB, 1800x1021, F483597E-D2F3-43F6-9DAD-50FF77…)

No. 759910

File: 1582525634949.jpeg (431.7 KB, 1125x1885, C291899F-F930-4FF6-BF92-0D6AEF…)

Don’t know why no one is uploading insta stories anymore but here’s moo eating out as per usual, just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s not fattening mooriah.

No. 759911

File: 1582526474891.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 79B25AC7-50AF-4DC5-8B79-C43955…)

Here was the girl crying about meeting Mariah. How fucking pathetic do you have to be to get this emotional meeting a sexual predator?

No. 759912

Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is extremely fishy.

No. 759915


Where tf are her boobs in the left of this picture? Tripping me out.

No. 759920

not only that but it would be もも or 桃 since she's doing the whole peach thing, consistency, bitch.

No. 759922

They're pancakes. They only look big with she hoists them up with 3 bras and a corset
And we all know she refuses to wear real bras

No. 759928

She actually looks good in these candids, especially since they are candids. She is clearly fat but still has shape even with the baggy jumper. Somehow this messy hair casual look is the best she has looked in months. Her body looks pretty decent compared to usual and she looks better here than in her usual posed selfies.

No. 759960

Looks good? Are you blind or retarded?

No. 759969


It's funny and sad that she is obviously alone

No. 759986

Hilarious that moo is posting sad dance vids to her stories and timeline (inb4 imageboard, I'm at work rn) after Vamplette got all that attention and love for her dancing last night. Transparent as fuck, I know this isn't a Vamp thread but I bet she felt amazing that night, with all her old friends cheering her on despite moo's probable narc rage. Especially since moo got so jealous that she had to get on the same stage but just ended up skulking around being awkward with her pet cretin Maddie. Poetry.

No. 759994

File: 1582557069000.jpeg (521.22 KB, 1177x665, FB4C7417-1CAB-4E32-855C-F05379…)

She … what?
Yeah, the baggy hoodie kinda hides how lumpy and sad-looking her upper body is, but her back boobs are still swallowing up those Backpack straps. Not to mention the yoga pants doing her ass no favor whatsoever, even though it’s black.
Her ‘messy ponytail’ just really emphasizes how bad the breakage is and that the extensions are the only thing going up into that hair tie. All the way around there’s short hair because half of it broke off. Not to mention how incredibly matted the actual ponytail looks. I can’t even tell if she tried to tease it to make it look fuller, or if it’s just her usual self being too lazy to pick up a hairbrush and thinking tieing up her hair will hide that.

She looks horrendous.

No. 760005

These photos cropped out Maddie who was with her (in the orange coat)

Honestly thought this post was meant to be sarcastic until I finished reading. She is looking fuckin rough anon.

No. 760008

No she doesn't look decent at all. Stop trying to suck up to her because you know she reads here.

No. 760015

She looks smaller here, I wonder why. She needs to ACTUALLY hit the gym and stop stuffing her face with food to cope with her problems, otherwise she can she'll be adding diabetic to that list.

No. 760021

>1:44 D Piddy pretends to grab Mariah’s breasts, she jokingly slaps it away.

I’m sure he’s aware of her history of grabbing people without consent (and at Lvl Up specifically where she did it in the past) so them joking about it is especially moronic.

No. 760052

ugh the fact that her character is from a kid's game makes this even more gross

No. 760055

She looks smaller cause she's wearing lululemon leggings. They're infamously really good at being really good compression leggings that would even let a hambeast like her look smaller especially since a lot of her issue is being flabby/having looser fat because of all of the lipo. I follow several weight loss youtubers who have excess fat and they've shown how much lululemon leggings can suck everything in.

Look at the size of her legs in >>759636 >>759471 you can see how hammy her legs are compared to the people beside her. even the asuka who is obviously very large has smaller ankles than her.

No. 760060

File: 1582587498964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.83 KB, 468x624, 20200224_152250.jpg)

No. 760061

File: 1582587523597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.52 KB, 468x624, 20200224_152119.jpg)

No. 760062

Moo is fucking vile and definitely DPiddy because he knows full well what she's done in the past yet he continues to feature her in his content. Because touching without someone's consent is so funny you gaiz!

Trash the lot of them.

No. 760064

Hilarious that she has to look up at the ceiling to get a jawline and hide her face

No. 760067

File: 1582589011895.jpeg (634.81 KB, 828x1114, 28329C81-A67D-4615-8C19-2CA752…)

Guess who got on my tik tok fyp …
did anyone know before that she has one?

No. 760069

File: 1582589618886.jpg (140.39 KB, 1072x1491, _20200225_001211.JPG)

Such hard work there Moo. How she sells herself on her website is just hilarious.

No. 760071

Her body looks inhumane, wtf

No. 760072

Lol bitch where? She publicly stated she wasn’t a body positivity role model when she got called out for lipo. And when was the last time she’s ever been an active participant in the cosplay community? All she does is buy outfits and peddle her porn.

No. 760075

Deadpool cosplayers have always been the most obnoxious, attention-seeking creepers, even before the movies came out. I make it a point to ignore them.

No. 760076

Wearing custom corsets, double bras, compression leggings, face tape, Photoshopping to hell and back, having procedures done to change her appearance-is such inspirational body positivity. She is the most insecure & self loathing bitch possible in the real world and yet she still rides that train to fool cucks & aspiring chubby costhots who idolise her.

No. 760077

Right up Moo's street then, no wonder they get along just fine.

No. 760078


Love her ratatouille rip-off line here. (Was going to make a rats nest hair joke but she looks more like chef gusteau then remy)

No. 760095

her lips stick out from her face more than her butt sticks out from her back smh

No. 760097

She’s not seriously still using this promo? She wrote it 4 years ago when she got invited to a con and has never updated it.

No. 760177

It was brought up in a previous thread, my guess is that she won’t use tiktok much because she can’t photoshop her body to hell and back on it

No. 760178

Moo's laziness knows no bounds.

No. 760182

File: 1582615802905.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 063E72EE-56BE-4567-9CB9-721602…)

She has another video with SSSniper and some random fatty doing garbage "junko posing" at the lvlup expo party. It’s so cringe and sad, Sniper looks so fucking done with Moo.

No. 760238

Just a general be careful for anyone who plan to lurk, tiktok tattles if you’re logged in and look at their profile. Make sure to swap to a throwaway or log out.

No. 760240

SSSniperWolf is just as much of a cow as Moo. That's why she's friends with her, they're mutually disliked in the gaming/cosplay community for being fucking snakes.

No. 760249

Random fatty is umbran. I'm fucking wheezing right now.

No. 760259


Vamps was in the main stage dancing right?

No. 760284

Yup and you know full well Moo didn't like that shit at all. She's like of those little attention seeking kids who hops on stage shrieking "Look at me! LOOK AT ME!" at the end of a show. Moo had no business being up there acting like a dumbass, the dancers did because obviously it's a con party.

No. 760416

File: 1582707611689.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1992, 415DE219-9F0F-4E01-B86C-CEB04B…)

Let me guess, Moo is going to be Jasper. How fitting…

No. 760428

They made a bullshit post years ago saying they didn’t know it was racist because they live in Australia (which has its own racist history) and said they wouldn’t tape their eyes again but continues to do it to look like asian men and uses it outside of cosplay to look like a “natural bishie guy”

No. 760435

Yeah and she’s gonna find some way to let her cow udders flop in the breeze

No. 760444

Jasper is like a muscular Amazonian woman. Moo is doughy and short. Plus she hates body paint, which would literally be necessary for Jasper.

What happened to her doing Rose? At least that's somewhat the right body type, and she wouldn't have to wear body paint. Amethyst would also be an appropriate choice because she's a loud dumpy slob, but Moo doesn't have the self-awareness to admit that.

Also Maddie is way too fat for petite little Peridot.

Ordinarily body type isn't hugely relevant, but if you're a "professional" cosplayer, you do have an obligation to pick characters you look good as.

No. 760502

File: 1582748746386.jpeg (600.15 KB, 750x1204, D868B568-A300-4ACE-A78D-E95553…)

No. 760509


Do you guys think she will use these toys or just use it as a prop?

No. 760512

File: 1582750771260.jpg (654.36 KB, 1078x1374, Screenshot_20200226-145852_Chr…)

"I'll be wearing the butt plug the whole time!" Doesn't matter tbh if your cucks wont getto see it

No. 760513

Probably as a prop tbh. I'm already expecting the butt plug she mentioned here >>760512 to not be visible whatsoever. Likely just mentioning it to get her cucks riled up for now.

No. 760514

She's going to keep her panties on so it's not visible, calling it.

No. 760515

For Jasper she'd also have to wear a gem as a nose, which would look kinda goofy.

No. 760517

doesnt she hate buthcy/buff characters too? this is a really weird pick for her lmao.

No. 760518


Wow a tableful of shit she doesn’t know how to use properly and will of course never be seen by her paypigs again. Hopefully like her drive last year to get to 2k patreons her paypigs are starting to see the bait and switch here

No. 760520

File: 1582756995962.png (625.57 KB, 522x909, Screenshot_156.png)

No. 760521

File: 1582757033283.png (441.26 KB, 502x754, Screenshot_157.png)

No. 760522

File: 1582757071117.png (688.92 KB, 523x896, Screenshot_158.png)

No. 760523

File: 1582757114490.png (483.11 KB, 499x779, Screenshot_159.png)

No. 760524

File: 1582757156510.png (607.05 KB, 514x744, Screenshot_160.png)

No. 760525

File: 1582757203093.png (511.17 KB, 531x810, Screenshot_161.png)

No. 760526

File: 1582757233580.png (540.79 KB, 514x773, Screenshot_162.png)

No. 760528

File: 1582757746137.jpg (482.43 KB, 1242x1245, Adjustments.jpg)

No. 760529

is she allowed to make money off of reposted unsourced art being used on her patreon? fuck girl, dont enough people hate you already?

No. 760530

Not my girl…she doesn’t deserve this…

No. 760531

Wait since when was she a Steven Universe fan??

No. 760533

File: 1582758013089.png (502.53 KB, 525x790, Screenshot_163.png)

No. 760534

Didn’t she even make a post a while ago about how she’ll make clips/pictures of herself touching dildos etc, giving them handjobs and stuff like that?
I think it was supposed to be an exclusively high-tier patron thing or something. Don’t have enough time to search for it, but it should be in the previous threads somewhere.

No. 760535

Such a simple hair style and Dumbra fucked that up too
Also kek at using the art of the dude who called her out for stealing his sister's cosplay

No. 760536

File: 1582758123041.jpeg (67.75 KB, 642x700, 122BAB11-169C-4CDC-A8EF-3EA36B…)

No. 760537

I mean Mariah is lazy af soooo…

No. 760540

File: 1582758613829.png (623.32 KB, 545x869, Screenshot_164.png)

Forgot about this

No. 760541

Yep. Why USE sex toys when you can just TOUCH THEM and lick them like a carrot?

Quote me on this:

When the time comes, she's going to do 1 of 3 things:

1. She'll "forget/be too busy because of all my other projects my dudes" after she gets paid
2. She'll have panties on to hide it the entire time. (Re: butt plug)
3. She'll switch it to something else "as an apology" and try to sell you sets instead.

She really has no concept of what nude is.

No. 760545


Sounds like she's paying Jez Roth to teach her to sew, afaik he's the only cosplayer in Vegas with a standalone studio who teaches lessons

No. 760547

I highly doubt even one of these cosplays gets fully made and worn. Or maybe she'll waste her cash on them to never see the light of day again. Moo is far too lazy to do any of this, even commissioning one is too much. Why is she trying so desperately now to get back into cosplay? Her Patrons only give a fuck about her nudes, she should know this.

No. 760548

Sooo why is she suddenly calling commissioning other people a production like she has anything to do with it? It's called buying a costume Moo. Anything to seem like she's involved.

Also what's up with her commissioning like 5 different costumes on the same day? Did Moo have a mental break down after realizing she isn't a cosplayer anymore and is just making porn?

Like all these random unannounced characters seems like a panic move. Like she HAS to prove she cosplays

No. 760549

Some random on IG made a post telling people to boycott lewd/nude cosplayers bc it's not"real cosplay" it went around &a big name she follows/sucks up to recently made a legit big build &went mini viral for being talented and hot not just another lazy thot. My guess is simple jealously,she needs to try to outshine everyone. Anons ready to compare early thread, pre lipo pre botched Diane with the Tumblr art mess she's gonna dump out? She's for sure gonna try to make that corset waist her "real" size with more surgery

No. 760551

Mariah has never known what shes wanted, she's always gone back and forth between bragging about being some talented big build cosplayer (uhm) and wanting validation from being talented, to just taking her clothes off and making money that way.

Lately she's been riding the nude shit because thats whats making her money but actually being at cons these last couple of weekends has probably made her realize people don't give a shit about her or ugly ass cosplays so now she's pushing that angle again.

No. 760554

How is she not banned off ig yet for pornography? Accounts get removed for less.

No. 760555

File: 1582763920316.jpeg (598.54 KB, 1125x606, DB2BF7F8-22AE-4C89-B4B5-03C89A…)

She ended up in the BEST COSPLAYS OF KATSUCON 2020 video….excuse me while I go gag.

https://youtu.be/xwhixaPSiBs >7:32

No. 760557

File: 1582764808622.png (450.01 KB, 524x745, Screenshot_165.png)

She posted some more

No. 760558

File: 1582764840779.png (606.14 KB, 519x758, Screenshot_166.png)

No. 760562

File: 1582764940041.png (421.64 KB, 526x724, Screenshot_167.png)

No. 760563

Yeah she's in meltdown mode lol.

No. 760564

File: 1582765048813.png (534.85 KB, 527x709, Screenshot_168.png)

No. 760565


No no proof rather this- she did that shit a couple years ago to get to 2k only to show off her stupid net Adam and Eve suit with nipples. Iirc she said everyone would get that then changed mid drive to “50 dollar tier”. Then this November or December she tried that again and didn’t take in a lot of new patreons. In fact seemed to be totally ineffective. That’s what I meant by thinking even the thirstiest of them aren’t really buying her shit promises anymore

No. 760566

That wig looks disgusting. So much crimping… I hate how Umbran has "taught" people this is the right way to make wigs.

No. 760567


Any bets this has to do with Vamps getting way better attention while she sat on the sidelines trying to force people to notice her?

No. 760568

File: 1582765315563.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1825, 2F7859A2-000B-4E22-A4E0-ED3D39…)

That moose knuckle, god damn

No. 760569

I can feel it. She spent thousands of dollars in one day ordering and commissioning 10+ cosplays. Girl is frantic
But the fact she ordered so many she's going to forget most

At this point a plastic helmet would be better quality than these messes. At least the plastic would be smoothed out

No. 760571

honestly the fact that mostly everyone hated her guts but the staff were kissing her ass was hella suspect. Tinfoil for her throwing her cash or udders around

No. 760573

bro i was gonna say that. figured she was rly shoehorning to be important or sumn.

No. 760576


Sorry for deleting, but I re-read your post and saw that you said "hopefully" they're starting to see and not that they ARE starting to see. My bad. I do hope you're right though.

No. 760580

Not for weak stomachs but here's the plug https://m.imgur.com/a/a1BIogy

No. 760581

Everyone loses their shit whenever Nezuko gets the NSFW treatment and you just know Mariah is going to lewd the shit out of her for attention. But y’know, it wouldn’t be the first time she did lewds of a character who is a minor to cause controversy.

No. 760582

JFC anon! I just ate! She’s for sure getting desperate by the looks of it…

No. 760583

If you would have asked me even two years ago if I thought Mariah would stoop this low I honestly would never have thought so, and yet we are.

No. 760585

File: 1582768113613.jpg (1.14 MB, 4000x3000, Theyhateyoumoo (1).jpg)

No. 760586

Someone please stop her from doing these awful Fate cosplays. I want to die every time I see these.

No. 760587

File: 1582768170212.jpg (456.26 KB, 2577x2702, Youajokebitch.jpg)

Hasn't been up long, these are just early comments

No. 760588

File: 1582768401292.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>Nezuko is 14

No. 760589

File: 1582768482471.png (1.2 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-02-26-17-52-51…)

No. 760590

I image her trying to describe stuff like how the main character tried to describe fuckibg in the 40 year old virgin.

No. 760591

Are any of these cosplay commission photos any of the ACTUAL outfits/wigs she’ll be receiving? Or are they just screenshots of other people’s work that’s she’s trying to pass of as stuff she has prepared

No. 760593

Funny she wants to cosplay SU characters all of a sudden when A.we all know that she doesn't even watch the damn show and B. The show is ending for good next month, so milk it while she can (thou she kinda late).

No. 760594

File: 1582769786335.jpg (696.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200226-201555_Ins…)

Dont know how to screen grab but its fucking VILE and I never thought she'd go that far

No. 760600

File: 1582770482584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 672.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200226-202749_Chr…)


No. 760601

File: 1582770684323.png (Spoiler Image, 789.8 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20200226-202710.png)

No. 760604

goddamn did she make a huge leap from showing off her pepperonis to this. i genuinely thought there were years of circling the drain to come before she went this far. i wonder what triggered her this hard? money or jealousy?

No. 760606

Next time maybe actually read the thread before posting.
The whole clip has been posted already.

She genuinely does not know how to pose. Neither as a ‘cosplayer’ nor as a lewd model. I know she always just awkwardly stands/lies somewhere and you can just tell how uncomfortable she is. For some reason, it really pisses me off an awful lot in this pic though.

No. 760607

Lmao she wants to do Rhea??? Kind of a perfect character for her since if you betrayed her, she treats you like trash.

No. 760608

File: 1582771502230.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 52BEF939-30C9-474C-9814-B2CF06…)

Nobody but gross neckbeards will take you up on that offer, I guarantee it.

No. 760609

lol I will never be over her pinhead and turtle lips, her face is fucking tragic. Also looks like she's about back to pre-lipo weight, again. she is never going to be thin again and I really think she'll hit 300 in the next 6-8 months.

No. 760611

that anal plug must smell real nice

No. 760612


This is honestly less revealing than those pics of her wearing a pearl thong.

No. 760613

So commissioned 15 cosplay and made a sudden jump to full on porn. What has her so worried? Or am I over thinking this and she just took a cocktail of drugs and booze tonight thus making her manic

No. 760614

Ew wtf to do anal stuff you need to fast the day of and use an enema kit. I highly doubt she can control herself to not eat a whole day

No. 760615


As opposed to what? The rose smelling used butt plugs?


She's not doing hardcore anal porn though? She's wearing a tiny butt plug for some pics and a short video.

No. 760616

It’s simple, really.

She took a video of her with something shoved up her ass for money.

She bought a shit ton of costumes to make herself feel like a real cosplay content creator. She’s sunk to a new low and she wants to delude herself that she’s more than just a sex worker rather than swallowing her pride and admitting she’s a straight up porn star

No. 760617


I don't understand how walking around at cons with her boobs and pussy out in front of minors is somehow more acceptable to her than selling nudes to her consenting adult fans.

No. 760618

She’s got a pretty weird moral code. She was so up in arms for such a long time about NOT being a sex worker just because her nipples used to remain barely covered in her lewds.
I’m not saying it makes sense, but she does a lot of mental gymnastics to convince herself she’s not like those other camwhores

No. 760620

she doesn't get off to selling nudes.

No. 760622

Not to be super gross, but you should make sure the inner most of your asshole isn't dirty even with plugs. Especially with how piss poor she cleans her things.
Knowing what Moo eats and how she can't be bothered to wipe her own ass, I have big fears about her taking it out. How Shayna of her.
I don't give a shit that she's moved onto being an e-girl/cam girl, it's just funny how she shit on these people for so long. Now here she is because she needs to afford her ridiculous lifestyle

No. 760623

After stagnating at 1400 for over a month she needs the boost. Her nekkid onsen didn't bring in the beta bucks. Side note she has hidden her patreon count.

No. 760625

File: 1582775482028.jpg (Spoiler Image, 435.85 KB, 1250x1250, 2BE594CE-158F-4F99-A0CA-6E4243…)

She released some of the set on patreon

No. 760626

File: 1582775535854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.36 KB, 1250x1666, Facetune_26-02-2020-16-53-23.j…)


She didn't even rename the filenames on some…

No. 760627

I knew it’d be a slippery slope once she full-on showed her titties, but I did NOT think it’s be this fast downhill lmao. Yikes.

No. 760628

File: 1582775560558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 544.39 KB, 1250x1666, Facetune_26-02-2020-16-52-09.j…)

No. 760629

File: 1582775657642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 647.64 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_6644.jpg)

No. 760630

File: 1582775766258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 714.26 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_6646.jpg)

No. 760631

File: 1582775923268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.83 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_6630.jpg)

No. 760632

I doubt she will reach 2k on paetron again and she's aware. But she fully makes up for it through only fans.
To be honest the more cash she gets the dumber she is with the cosmetic procedures. I'm just so excited to see her get closer to carnival freak show levels of botched.

No. 760633


Why not though? I thought she'd get off on any kind of "positive" attention.


Is she really this deep in denial when it comes to what kind of cosplayer she is? Does Moo think she's a "pretty" cosplayer and not an overtly sexual one?

No. 760635

File: 1582776113391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 673.01 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_6632.jpg)

No. 760636

>Is she really this deep in denial when it comes to what kind of cosplayer she is? Does Moo think she's a "pretty" cosplayer and not an overtly sexual one?

She still thinks she's a cosplay star on the same levels of Nigiri. She thinks she can dig herself out of the porn hole. Though she's also aware that if she stops doing lewds for one month her career is over

No. 760637


I was going to say that I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't a sexual predator, but if she hadn't sexually assaulted several people and refused to apologize she wouldn't really be in this position. Either way she's making ridiculous amounts of money, so I'll save my pity.

No. 760639

Is there a reason the numbers on her bottoms are flipped? Like did she do that on purpose or did she just flip every image??

No. 760640


She probably liked how she looked flipped that way better and if she's the one editing she either doesn't know how to reposition the numbers or doesn't care enough to fix it.

No. 760648

Stage accurate? What stage? Raikou hasn't been in any of the stage shows….

No. 760649

Anyone wanna place bets on how much longer it is til she’s doing full on porn? She accelerated down the slippery slope- her neckbeard fans have now seen everything and I’m sure more gross full nudity is coming but even the thirstiest of them will not be happy with that . My belief is still she’s trying to wedge her way back into cosplay because she doesn’t wanna admit she’s nothing more now than a substandard porn model. I’d love to know how much she made at her booth.

No. 760651

If she posts any of that anal stuff or sex at all on Patreon she is banned. They don't go for that at least.

No. 760652

I can’t tell if she looks like a cheap blow up doll or a billy bass.

>filename: Facetune

Lmao. Nice.

No. 760657

"Muh asexuality"

No. 760658


Don’t give her advice.,

No. 760659

So she'll show off something stuck up her cavernous ass, but the nips your gross betas have seen a million times already are a no for this? Moo, you're silly.

No. 760673

Is she just remaking her old cosplays cause she can't fit them anymore??

No. 760678

I agree with you anon, what surprised me is that Mooo always raves about getting anal bleaching.

No. 760679

>>760520 > My guess is Kevin/Weebking is helping
>>760521 > Wisperia Workshop, 850.00 or 25 for photo tutorial
>>760522 ??
>>760523 > Rentchan
>>760524 > Rentchan
>>760525 > ZyunkaCosplayCostume, 280.00

Disposable income is great and all but why wouldn't she just make half of these? Also, I guess since Cat is moving out she won't be her asian slave #1 anymore

No. 760681

oh my god gross, i feel like she has a shit ton of breast lumps that need to be surgically removed

No. 760704

If she does a "lewd" shoot of Sypha my sides will be in orbit. Sypha is practically a nun, and her cloak makes her look almost like a boy. Not really the type of thot anime tiddy waifu bait character Moo normally goes for.

I wouldn't be surprised if she cancelled/forgot about this "cosplan" like she has with half the other ones she's made over the years.

Yeah knowing Moo's hygiene she probably just shoved it up there with no preparation and shat everywhere when she pulled it out.

Has Nigiri ever done something on the level of shoving something up her butt and pressing her anus against a camera?

Remember how Moo said she "doesn't think what she does is porn?" Fucking kek at that.

No. 760706


Lmao what? Why would she have "a shit ton of breast lumps that need to be surgically removed"?

I swear some of the anons in this thread are 12 year olds.

No. 760727

Netflix castlevania was a fucking mistake. She would have no clue who Sypha was without it. i hate fake fans so much

No. 760732

In the manga Nezuko has more screen time (vague for spoilers) but I don’t think she’s read the that so she’ll be lewding a 14 year old.

No. 760735

holy shit? I didn't expect this, I didn't expect her to flash her entire vag gd

No. 760738

How do you download OnlyFans videos?(thirsty male)

No. 760740

Good job not crediting artists as-usual. Look forward to these being forgotten in a week or two, and whatever happened to "fixing tamaomao and that howl costume?

Funny how she conveniently covers her face. Guess you don't want to admit this is how far you've fallen.

No. 760742

She's not going to do that version, she already posted about not posting Demon Slayer spoilers because "some people like the anime" or some shit. And even in that case I think people would be mad if she lewded her. Do Daki if you want to lewd someone up

No. 760743

What the fuck is this pose? She looks like a dog with a chew toy.

No. 760754

File: 1582823696571.png (429.91 KB, 361x646, disgusting.png)


Except that depending on the route Rhea can learn from her mistakes, apologize for the shit she's pulled, and MEAN IT when she says she's sorry. Mariah will never ever learn to do such things.

I also bet she'll desecrate Rhea just because she has DEM HIPS and, being an older woman, she can try invoking her mommy kink in her shots. UGH.

No. 760755

She's definitely gonna lewd her just based on the art she used in the post. She's gross. Reminds me of Kanna.

No. 760758

which cow will be the first to contract coronavirus? my bet's on moo, she was in japan just recently and is traveling all over to cons, etc.(no1curr)

No. 760759

Also considering her not taking care of hygiene and being very unhealthy, my bet is on moo too.

No. 760760

It's not that wide in Japan though.

No. 760762

well, that's what they say. they did just close all the schools down till april so there's that. i think moo's been on the most airplanes, flying globally. that's why i picked her.

No. 760763

I don't know shit about circle lenses/colored contacts because I have glasses, but you're definitely not supposed to be able to see THAT much brown through the "pupil", are you? Is she wearing shit quality lenses or just didn't get them fitted properly like a lazy bitch?

No. 760765

Interesting how she's commissioning Wisperia/Rent for most of these. I know she's obviously not afraid to spend stupid amounts of money on stupid shit, but I would have assumed she'd just have CrimpyMcGee make it for free bc more money to spend on more retarded procedures.

Either way, there's a good chance that half these will probably never be brought up again. That Rose wig would/will make her pin head look so much more smaller.

No. 760769

File: 1582829425787.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1606, BF1598DA-6B27-4995-9DB1-56FC42…)

What is happening with this entire top lip? FaceTune home rogue? Wthw

No. 760771

It’s just a style anon. It makes your eyes look massive from far away. Moo is an dolt but that’s just how the contacts work.

No. 760774

Lip injections, anon.

No. 760779

So you don’t see the way the glass from the anal plug is leaking on to where her lips are? Okay, anon.

No. 760780

Any one have the vid from the onlyfans, it's for a friend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760783

i mean it's possible though. lots of girls especially with big chests have lumps. she might wanna get it checked.

No. 760789

it's light refracting off the glass. It looks weird, but it's not because of facetune fucking up this time.

No. 760790

Look closer. there's a blatant line on her upper lip where it looks like something was blatantly copy and pasted without blending it out.

No. 760791

Comparing the triangles on the bikini I think she may have it on wrong like upside down maybe. How does Sakimichan feel about this? Is she ever gonna actually use all these full sized dildos or keep brushing her teeth pretending to blow them?

No. 760797

File: 1582837291270.png (14.73 KB, 521x458, Screenshot_169.png)

No. 760799

It’s shitty lip injections and the glass reflecting. She’s got botched lips and half of her lip filler is above her actual lip. Go look at past photos. It’s been commented about several times in the last couple days.

No. 760800

She legit wearing that tsunade shit out.

No. 760801

Bravo, Mariah. You finally did it, straight-up porn. To be totally honest i did not expect for it to happen this fast but was absolutely sure she would end up doing it down the line. "Nudes before Lewds" this pig, i swear…

No. 760802

File: 1582839138783.png (218.7 KB, 699x294, shoop.png)

There is a line where there is no way the dildo could reflect around the bulbous lip as well as the lighting is too drastic to be caused by the injection.
The Blue arrows are what me and the other anon are talking about. the green arrow is possible reflections from the dildo. It looks to me like she didnt like how her lips looked actually around the dildo so she attempted to photoshop a pair of top lips from another photo.

No. 760803

File: 1582839617092.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.11 KB, 306x411, E6845949-FE2C-4926-BCE4-44B987…)


spoiler for gross image and sage for lip injections sperging but this is a common occurrence for people who abuse lip fillers and overfill

they get a weird lip flap where the filler migrates or some shit and settles

and it makes the area beyond the lips protrude and look like a bill/bulbous skin

now please hush photoshop theory-chan

No. 760806

she's also been highlighting over her lip because she's a moron. you're supposed to highlight the center of the cupids bow, so it's accentuating her overfill.

No. 760809

File: 1582842234457.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.58 KB, 640x852, nzm9h2f84jj41.jpg)


No. 760810

I promise Anteras is the 'renown vegas seamstress'. She gassed her up like this before.

No. 760811

That plug looks absolutely tiny and also accentuates how tiny her cheeks are. She’s just hips

No. 760812

She wouldn't be the first thot to lewd her, so no one is going to give a fuck that Moo does it except the small voices on Twitter who no one gives a damn about. Hidori Rose was one of the first to do it. The only reason a stink would be brought up is because its Moo, but overall no one cares. It's 2D.

No. 760815

She went to town on the cottage cheese on her thighs. A lot of cosplayers have been doing less editing, not the overly smooth look [at least the ones Ive been following because the top thots have been saying shit about less editing, more natural], and here is Moo editing the fuck out of everything, smoothing to where she might as well just cut a new body in. Yeah, take that month 'off', Moo. You hate yourself enough to still add on to your botched surgeries. Keep it going. Maybe one day you will show everyone how you look in your bad lighting, unediting, poses with overfilled with fat bikini.

No. 760816

I mean I understand it's Momokun, so minimal effort at all times. But can she not at least pick up? Or spend some money creating a set for her photos?

Like why take it in your bedroom… half blur the shit and call it a day….

No. 760817

File: 1582844088450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1125x1490, 1580351008465.jpg)

Can't wait to see that disgusting tattoo again.

No. 760818

her behavior is predictable too. After her next round of surgeries she thinks she looks good, she's going to binge eat (even though she was binging all of LV up). Get a touch up around summer, still gain 30 pounds and make a teary eyed post about working out harder for a week.

No. 760819

Yeah. I keep forgetting about that cheese tattoo. The womb one is pretty disgusting too.

No. 760820

Never once has she taken advantage she lives in Vegas of all places. They have so many studios, hotels, clubs that would make some stunning shoots. But she chooses to stay in her house so she doesn't have to walk.

No. 760821

don't they have a fairly nice cosplayer friendly photo studio?

No. 760822


The important factor we're ignoring:
She doesn't HAVE to do it because she's rolling in money being lazy as is. Why put in effort?

No. 760823

I think she's worried about someone snapping secret photos of her because if she is as hated in LV as a lot of anons say, someone will be out there trying to snap unedited fat saggy Moo photos around. You can only rent a place and make it so private with the owners and other staff around who probably will google her ass and be like, "nah'.

No. 760827

Lv the kinda place u have to know ppl and be really into the social scene to do anything. I doubt she networks in the modeling/adult scene at all and she's hated in the cosplayer scene already

No. 760832

File: 1582848162161.png (1 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-02-27-15-54-57…)

Excited to have bangs. Apparently her combover were not bangs

No. 760842

Her hair looks so thin from all the breakage

No. 760846


I honestly thought this was Blair White for a second. These lip fillers look awful

No. 760851

Did she get a fucking fake tan or is that really all shade from the roof of the car? She looks orange unless Its foundation, but the knuckles on her hands look orange too.

No. 760857


I'm curious can her patreon be reported for using fanart that's not hers? Especially if those artist are on patreon themselves.

No. 760858

No. She's not selling the work as her own. References can't be monotized, so they wont care. If she posts sexual activity, like the buttplug thing though, it is reportable and you have to pledge in order to report. Patreon didn't even care about the blatant scam situation. They won't remove her.

No. 760860

Holy fuck she looks plastic (or..waxy??)

this pic really shows the extent of all her surgeries

No. 760861

The way she talks makes it look like she got something in her cheeks. Its like nothing nose down moves the way it should. Just lips alone don't do that shit.

No. 760867

It’s not the reflection of the dildo, it IS the dildo. If you follow the outline I don’t think it was under her lip at all in the original photo. She did photoshop lips from another photo and made them semi transparent, I guess hoping it looked like a reflection, but it’s clearly just a shit job. I doubt the guys jacking off to her are going to look that closely though.

No. 760871

The plug looks so tiny it almost makes me wonder if she took a normal photo of her ass and photoshopped the plug in. I know she didn’t but god… is she really that huge?

No. 760872

It's the filter she's using on IG. Vibe thins the jaw line, smooths the skin, and giving a "dewy" look to the nose/lip area. Nothing she posts in her story is how she actually looks. Hell, outside of candids, Moo doesn't really look like any of her pics.

No. 760875

So she bleached her ass for this?

No. 760877

No but I'm waiting for her Patreon to get suspended because her links to her OnlyFans.
Some people have been getting hit for linking to it and her's is in her About

No. 760884

She'll be fine given how much money she makes them.

No. 760892

File: 1582860860525.jpg (34 KB, 337x498, 51rxHqXkB0L._AC_.jpg)

No. 760894


Are her lips permanently fucked up or could they return to normal if she dissolved the fillers? I know she's chosen this, but her before and after pics give me anxiety and I hope she can and will go back to having a normal face, at least.

No. 760895

yes if she lets them recover. Honestly all she needed was a lip lift as a perma fix. Her face just looks swollen

No. 760896

And she STILL looks like a frog after all that

No. 760898

I’m glad I’m not the only one. Seriously thought this was Blair White being mistakenly posted in moo’s thread.

No. 760902


STOP helping her.

No. 760908

well, that escalated quickly

No. 760922

this picture really does show how low she's come and how lazy she actually is…the Christmas Tree is still up and it's almost March

No. 760929

Ntayt but you're definitely not the only one. She's treading into some dangerous territory, all the while getting even lazier with her shops.

No. 760936

i would be so happy if this could somehow be incorporated into the next thread pic

No. 760941

I find moo pretty hot except her face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 760952

this is the beginning of the end. it's going to be an ugly race to the bottom.

No. 760957


Nice unintentional pun there actually. Yea the Christmas tree still up and her doing this shit outside makes you wonder if because she doesn’t know how shit works she pulled the plug and shit all over the inside of the house. One can hope.

No. 760966

File: 1582900941405.png (772.03 KB, 533x708, Capture.PNG)


No. 760973

i am hollering. maybe edit the text to say cow instead of cat to really dot the i?

No. 760974

File: 1582903015639.png (939.7 KB, 595x789, Capture.PNG)

No. 760979


lmao moo really wishes that a cheap spendex suit would still get her as much attention as it did back in the hey day. Absolutely hilarious kek.

btw, this whole anal plug thing reminds of this other thot, MidnaAsh (???), that also did costhotery but always said that it isn't porn because anal isn't sexual or shit like this and I feel that moo has the same line of reasoning.

No. 760981

It's perfect anon. Thank you for editing it.

No. 760999


MidnaAsh defended Mariah through and after her bullshit, she’s just as big of a piece of shit.

No. 761001

I nominate for next thread pic pls

No. 761036

Too, too fabulous.

No. 761039

The leap from nipple to anal seems really quick. I've always assumed the progression is boob out, cheeks out, pubic mound out, pussy out, THEN and only THEN, asshole out. She really is like Shayna, cutting straight to the chase with the asshole.

Where do you go from there?

No. 761040

Masturbation videos obviously
But she will throw on a wig and say "it's not porn! It's cosplay gaiz!"

No. 761044

Lmao I swear to god why does she keep fooling herself. Which one is it Mariah? Are you a cosplayer or a pornstar? CHOOSE.

No. 761045

She should become a sugar baby and make friends with the ones on Instagram. I mean let's be real she's already got the botched body for it.

No. 761050

The only people willing to sugar her are her Splenda pay pigs who live with their parents. She has the appeal and odor of a barn yard animal. That's why she has been mooing about being the "Golden goose" and "Sugar mama".

No. 761053

Shes admitted 2 years ago that she regrets that she said csoplay she does isn't porn. She said she definitely does porn.

No. 761054

She changes her mind constantly depending on what people are saying and what’s convenient at the moment. She also claimed she was no longer a body positivity role model but still has it up on her website.

She says whatever she needs to say in an attempt to keep herself on top

No. 761056

She hasn't back tracked on that though from what Ive seen since I've been on these threads. She admitted that what she does is porn and not just softcore even. I bet Ivy Doomkitty is laughing her ass off at Moo right about now though since she's one of the people that called Moo out originally saying that all cosplayers do sex work and now look at you, Moo!

No. 761067

From just the icon she looks like that troon blair white with her shitty lip fillers.

No. 761071

Not the same anon but she did post in a response to someone on her IG a while back that she didn’t view herself as a body positive role model anymore. It was after she got outted for lipo and was trying to play it off.

No. 761075

Oh thats right. During all that Q&A bullshit she did. She looks like she copy pasted what she sent that one con she was going to be a guest at to put in their bio for her.

No. 761078

Yes, but why does she still have a Christmas tree up in February?

No. 761079

Her mom hasn't come and taken it down for her

No. 761085

So many lazy cows. Isn't it a fake tree?

No. 761091

Maybe it’s her Ramadan tree, since she’s super Muslim (when convenient)?

No. 761103

She just sperged and bought a bunch of "cat safe" plants for her home.

No. 761107


There’s no such thing as a Ramadan tree and she doesn’t observe Ramadan as was evidenced in past threads. She’s a fucking fatass and only plays Muslim for victim points.

No. 761108


No. 761110

Holy shit you're fucking retarded

No. 761115

Man these Melony pictures, everytime I'm more astounded she has no idea how to do an alluring face, its either dead eyed or well whatever the hell shes trying to attempt

No. 761121

it's a temporary tattoo

No. 761148

Does Moo know about this thread lmao

No. 761163

She’s known about it since thread #1 and she checks here regularly. Where the fuck have you been.

No. 761166

File: 1582988655782.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 405x720, Momokun Cosplay Buttplug.webm)

No. 761169

not gonna click that.

No. 761170

imagine the smell

No. 761175

I don't think she realizes that she's partly showing her cooch as well. Or she probably just doesn't care.

No. 761176

if you havent been following things recently, shes basically been getting more and more okay with showing more of her body. shes already basically shown her whole pussy and asshole with that bead underwear and now this

No. 761178

File: 1582993505673.png (5.48 KB, 193x200, 1582086051450.png)

No. 761182

why is her asscrack bright red, holy shit. hope it's just the filter's doing.

No. 761183

Most people get their anus and genitals bleached just 1 or 2 times. Moo regularly goes in for a waxing and bleaching session. The skin is irritated

No. 761185

Honestly it just looks like the filter making it red

No. 761193

There's literally trash flopping around at the bottom of the frame. Did moo see that and literally go "eh fuck it" and just post it instead of refilming? God she is lazy

No. 761197

Like fish and cheese, yummy

No. 761199

Oh how far we have come from “my sister doesn’t do porn because she’s not disgusting” can’t help but wonder if moos mom puts the butt plug pictures in next years birthday collage.

No. 761202

I don’t know what you’re seeing but I only see her heel and her synthetic vine plant.

No. 761205

File: 1583007347864.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, E6442C72-9078-4FF8-9E43-B04AB5…)

I imagine this is the same face she used when she demanded a cake of her own at her sister’s birthday party lol

No. 761206

That and "I don't need to take my clothes off sweetie" should be on her next butthole image, but her full moose knuckle might be exposed next.

No. 761208

We've all been saying it, but she finally picked a character that fits her personality.
Childish, violent, liar and all around shit person.

No. 761210

Oh, it's her heel, you're right. I thought it was a plastic wrapper because I wasn't paying close enough attention.
Though to be fair, would anyone be surprised if there was trash in the shot?

No. 761213

File: 1583012265585.png (48.64 KB, 300x100, 1488851208514.png)


Never forget "lewds before nudes"

No. 761216

File: 1583015178513.png (3.3 MB, 966x1800, 7DEB2749-DAC7-4401-88A2-F77772…)

I’ve never seen a “professional cosplay model” look as dead inside as Mariah does. It’s funny that she will never stop doing this shit for money/attention and it goes further into porn territory each month because she admitted a while ago that people would forget her if she took a break for even a month. Even she knows how useless and forgettable she is.

No. 761217

that tattoo, oof.
I really, really wonder why she thought that was a good idea. I was hoping it was temporary.

No. 761218

it is temporary though, she did it for this shoot, which she's getting around to releasing now

No. 761219

okay, nevermind me, then.
regardless, why did she ever think that looked good? is it a case of just her surrounding herself with sycophants?

No. 761223

Cuz anime succubus.

It looks good (design) in anime, on succubus given what the fucking symbol (not a god damn uterus) is supposed to be.

But all she's doing is proving she can do ANYTHING and make bank. That's why she continues to do it

No. 761224

File: 1583016747499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.54 KB, 746x897, twinkletoosh.jpg)

sage for bad art

No. 761227

Kek, nice anon. 24/7 smug Mariah was the best supply of milk. Every week was a whole new supply of drama.

No. 761232

So it has nothing to do with those stupid hentai x-ray shots?

No. 761241

File: 1583032503852.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 440.18 KB, 2048x2048, F28F13F4-A2C7-4930-A08D-E8AE12…)

Nta but she’s going for the succubus tattoo look in hentai which is supposed to look like this, spoiler for nsfw weeb shit.
But of course she can’t even get that right.

No. 761242

A+ acting, Moo. It might actually be worse than porn acting.

No. 761244

File: 1583034408557.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 6656BE72-F8EB-43FC-AAD9-327A36…)

No. 761246

I was wondering when this animal hoarder was going to get another cat. She's def way over the legal limit of cats she can have in a house unless she got rid of some.

No. 761247


She's had that cat for a while

No. 761248

File: 1583036169343.jpeg (530.08 KB, 1242x2569, F5428281-DB79-412F-A332-22310F…)

What’s wrong with her eye?

No. 761249

looks like shadow from the lashes

No. 761256

Her behind is so wide moo is really being true to her cow status. Ot but why does she think this is attractive kek? She looks like she's spreading her butt cheeks before she even started spreading them. How does one become as wide as a cow, make a butt plug look like it's made for ants and still managed to have not much of an ass?

No. 761271

they edited her eye and forgot to add shadows so the undereye shadow looks out of place as the sole survivor

No. 761285

That's what i noticed long ago, the tattoo she got it's fucking disgusting.

No. 761293

The lighting is showing that cellulite even thru those compression tights. Also looks like her back tits weren't completely lipoed out or she already gained it back/still doesn't wear the correct size
"Largest breeds" but looks like a fucking normal ass cat next to giant self

No. 761300

it's weird but I think her body would have been better to look at without the lipo making her body botched and lumpy. Yeah she would have an over hanging belly but's it's better than whatever her stomach is now

No. 761309

Sorry to be a noob but how do open this file?

No. 761312

NTA but open from a web browser on a computer or android.

Webms don’t open in safari on iPhone.

No. 761315


It has been uploaded already to imgur


No. 761321

She’s really a dense fuck saying Ragdoll is the biggest breed of cat. All she does is know the things only she knows because she’s too stupid

No. 761322

relax she said it is one of the largest breeds, not that it is. They are on the top 10 biggest breeds list.

No. 761330

TBH I don't think she's going for that tattoo, knowing her past hentai interests. I think she's trying to go for that internal view of the uterus some hentais do when the female is fucked. I actually really hope it is as I suspect, because that is gonna be the stupidest looks and poses she possible can do.

No. 761342


Wasn't she hating on Fire Emblem due to the new rep in Smash? LMAO

No. 761356

File: 1583116175242.jpeg (498.96 KB, 1242x2026, 1579227494024.jpeg)


Yeah. But Moo has always been contradictory with her opinions when she's trying to ride the hype. My guess is she's probably seen how the fanbase likes to call Rhea thicc over the shape of her dress. Or the usual hype-riding.

No. 761357

She was just trying to sound "in" with the Byleth Hate.

Then she looked at Four Houses, seen Rhea is "thicc milf" so now she needs to lewd her.

No. 761373

I'm surprised she's not cosplaying Camilla.

No. 761374

She did (badly) a few years ago

No. 761377

I mean, literally you got Photoshop for that, knowing she uses that af with her pictures, she should do that if that was the case.

No. 761382

File: 1583123127102.jpg (525.77 KB, 1874x1250, marv1494.jpg)

No. 761383

I think the character traumatized her at this point. The first "cosplay" was her putting black tape on a corset that fell apart on the same day. The second time she did it she was out shined by Yaya.
She only does a cosplay if she thinks she can be the best "irl" version of the character. If not, she bails.

No. 761384

File: 1583123242612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 425.44 KB, 1874x1250, marv1555.jpg)

No. 761385

File: 1583123339307.jpg (691.26 KB, 1250x1874, marv2422.jpg)

No. 761386

File: 1583123476213.jpg (765.78 KB, 1250x1874, marv2516.jpg)

No. 761387

File: 1583123648545.jpg (Spoiler Image, 850.71 KB, 1250x1874, marv1626.jpg)

No. 761388

You're expecting Moo of all people to think of that when she can't even be bothered to shop her tattoos.

No. 761391

File: 1583125467680.jpg (167.51 KB, 399x348, X6BLdys.jpg)

All that editing just to have the shower tv? show her lumpiness in full.

No. 761394

can someone tweet this to her
all i want is for her to realize how much of a cunt she is(read the rules)

No. 761396

what is that supposed to be? someone from resident evil?

No. 761400

Yea, Claire Redfield and she managed to not get that right as usual

No. 761404

lol at those fucking Santa shorts. It’s amazing how Mariah seems to go out of her way to get every cosplay as inaccurate/unrecognizable as possible. That in itself is the only thing she can accomplish.

No. 761407

The 'seductive'-mouthbreather facial expression she has going on in all of her last pics together with her lazy eye always make it look like she's about to sneeze.

No. 761411

What confuses me more is her body fat eating that belt. Why does she insist on doing that to her waist. Is she that delusional to think she's not fat? Does she think it makes her look slimmer? The whole outfit is too small. All of her "costumes" have been way to small lately

No. 761412

To me it just looks like she’s on her last wheeze before her heart blows out after having to shift her heft for a photo.

She’s always been delusional about her weight, nothing new there. She will never get clothes that accentuate her body because that means admitting she let herself go.

No. 761415

grandma's getting frisky at the thanksgiving dinner again

No. 761439

sage for being a weeb fag but that is a TEA CUP not a sake cup …

No. 761450


Her yellow feet she insists on showing off for foot fetish points from her cuck army… Does she think they're into that?

No. 761462

Isn’t skin turning yellow part of the symptoms of alcoholism or fatty liver?

No. 761469

We will never know since Momo is scared of actual doctors.

No. 761470

Feet can yellow with calluses if you don't properly wash them, lotion them and such.
Altho I don't doubt Moo is at the very least pre-diabetic

No. 761471

This is so weird and off topic but I literally had deja Vu about this comment and these pictures of her along with it… I literally thought I was reading an old thread

No. 761497

i still don't understand why she incorporated the ugly vag diagram tattoo whens she's wearing a basic bathing suit and not cosplaying a succubus…

No. 761499

It probably has nothing to do with a succubus, I never understood why people are hanging onto that. She is probably doing it to simulate impregnating or having one of her gross cucks imagining what it’s like to fuck her and see her “womb” while they do it.

No. 761500

because she's a fucking hack and moron.

No. 761503

iirc when she was shooting it in Japan she kept calling it a succubus tattoo in her stories

No. 761505

File: 1583192051874.jpg (426.5 KB, 714x1269, 20200302_173034.jpg)

So Vamp and Moo started following each other again. Moo has liked some of Vamp's pics but Vamp hasn't liked any of our cow's. Isn't this all too weird and coincidental? Vamp being the center of attention at LvlUp, then Moo going on a cosplay commission manic, making dancing TikToks to insist she can dance, and now she starts following Vamps again? Something is up

No. 761510


Moo only crawls back to people when she has something to gain. Instead of just hating people in the shadows for being “successful” and focusing on herself, she’d rather be beside them and chase the clout that others give off. But maybe Vamps apologized even? Who knows, but her friendships never seem genuine at all.

No. 761512


Some options

1. Vamps is a dumbass who took pity on Moo

2. Vamps sees how much Moo went downhill since she left her ass and is now refriending Moo bc now the tables have turned and Moo's thr ugly friend–not her. Like Vamps is petty enough to get a thrill out of this shit

No. 761520

Because that type of tattoo (not necessarily design) is primarily linked to succubi in anime/hentai, which she kept calling it.

Moo tossed a ton of money at vamps most likely.

If you're reading this vamps like I know you do occasionally, don't do it. It's not worth it, you're doing so much better without her lol.

No. 761521

went back a thread to check and she has an insta post on her newest ig calling it a womb tattoo but doesnt look like it has any relation to succubus. so my bad there, but doesn't erase the fact that the tattoo is ugly as sin
lets see how long this last. can't imagine they would continue the same dynamic they had before

No. 761522

That thing looks like some abstract elephant from afar lol

No. 761539

What probably happened was that LVLUP happened, mutual friends came to talk to them and Vamps felt pressured knowing this bitch will stalk her to every event.
I find it interesting that Moo said she doesn't like the people Vamps hangs out with but she is literally always there when Vamps hangs out with these people?

No. 761540

This isn’t hard to figure- Vamps outclassed Moo at lvl up moo got jelly AF and now is trying to sniff Vamps ass and put her back in her place which as far as moo is concerned is under her thumb. We all know moo hates being upstaged And I think we called it last thread. Moo is no cosplayer she’s a shit tier manipulative porn thot. No more than that. And I hope Vamps is at least smart enough to not fall for the obvious bait.

No. 761544

why fallopian tubes for a tattoo tho?

No. 761545

oh that’s what she’s going for. again. they look like fallopian tubes lmao

No. 761551

Well vamps is getting all the attention so moo can't deal with that, wonder what is she thinking about vamps new house

No. 761569

File: 1583240844015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 321.06 KB, 1242x1606, JESUS.jpg)

..viewers beware my go d

No. 761570

parts of her fuckin ass or thighs areNt even shaved like is she too fat to even reach those parts of her body fuckK

No. 761572

Her body is so blurred, it literally took me about a half a minute to realize she was holding her ass. I thought this was some weird and gross edit to make her stomach look huge/pregnant and she was holding it.

No. 761574


this. I was immediately disgusted cuz i thought she was finally getting into feeder porn. Imagine if that was actually her gross gut

No. 761575

She has the facial expression of someone getting an enema or rectal exam rather than someone doing something sexual or sensual.
Can’t blame her though, can I, considering the amount of effort she has to put into holding all those pounds in place.

No. 761576

If Vamps ever crawls back you know Moo is going to destroy her. I can understand why Moo is fuming however. Vamps doesn't have to shove things up her ass for attention.

No. 761578

Ewww why does it look like she has aureoles, one darker than other.

No. 761580

Don't forget Vamp has a new cosplay man in her life who's Moo's type. That's probably pissed her off even more. She can't be having that.

No. 761582

We need a new calves thread to catch up on this shit with Vamps.

No. 761586

This 100% explains why moo is trying to drag vamps back to her now.

No. 761587


This. Please update in the calves thread bc this could be interesting.

No. 761588

i was gonna pity the poor soul who had to photograph this but honestly, they made their bed associating with her

No. 761591

I'm lost on vamps aside from the fact she dropped Moo a while back, but yeah, please, i dont wanna derail here.

No. 761600

Nah Collette just has to shake it awkwardly as her sad excuse she likes to call twerking and cry when her videos get uploaded on thothub. Miss the two pieces of shit together they are both talentless thots.

No. 761609

Wow she actually flashed her asshole before waxing it. Oh look freckles! As her neck beards call the Lipo marks, moos probably had her Fupa sucked out or is trying to get a thigh gap via lip again

No. 761621

Remember the days when we thought her flashing her tits and doing fake cum face shots was the point of no turning back?

No. 761632

Gotta love her matching lipo scars around her fucking lady bits lol where hasn't she had work done

No. 761637

File: 1583270793692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 617.88 KB, 1242x1351, 193B5B68-98F5-4C7A-9C04-0F5771…)

What probably disgusts me most about this is the yellow/orange-ish discoloration around her entire genital region.(nitpicking mariahs assholes color)

No. 761641

Why does she have it like that, could it be the bleaching?

No. 761645

Think it's just cause that part of her body is always touching and rubbing against itself

No. 761662

File: 1583277706733.jpg (1013.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200303-172116_Dep…)

Shes selling a lot of cats custom cosplays she made for momo

No. 761669

File: 1583280375149.png (397.26 KB, 496x566, Screenshot_20200303-174624.png)

It's strange that someone who brags about buying Gucci and shit would even resell anything when she went on about how much she's always just donates "so many" clothes in the past. Some are cosplays she never worn Misty, Jessie, Sango, Kikiyo, Obito, Moth OC. Plans fall thru or she just got too fucking huge to fit them?

No. 761670

Seeing how she's always about to burst seams in her outfits, we can say she is out growing them despite the weight loss.

No. 761676

She’s selling the Shinobu kimono/coat thingy even though she just said she’s really excited about how she’s making the cosplay herself? Jesus

No. 761678

Momo is lying about that as well. The person already applied the pattern to the kimono, cut all the pieces and is going to do the sewing. Momo is just going to watch so she can "Learn"
However what Momo is going to do is make the person take a picture of her holding a needle to the kimono so she can pretend she did it all herself.

No. 761679

Moo jumps on the cosplay bandwagon all the time. She drops whatever isn't "hot" anymore and moves on to another character that is in trend.

No. 761680

Yeah that is true. It’s odd how she even thinks that she can fool people into thinking she actually can make something on her own. Especially since she’s too lazy to even brush her own hair.

No. 761693

Probably acanthosis nigricans. Would explain her dirty looking knuckles too.(medfagging mariahs assholes color)

No. 761701

The caption under it said she "accidentally bought 3"

No. 761702

I don't think it was an accident. I think she bought a medium being delusional, didn't fit. She bought a large, it didn't fit. So she went up to the last size and it still didn't fit

No. 761712

Are… are those lipo scars? Is crotch lipo a thing?

No. 761719

File: 1583305234821.png (958.36 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-03-03-20-48-06…)

No. 761735

I would change my name if moo endorsed me when her skin looks like THAT

No. 761743

I dont understand. Her cheeks have glue residue? how is that possible when you glue wigs at the forehead area

No. 761748

She probably meant glue from all the face taping she has to do to keep her jowls from showing. She has shit hair and skin so her advertising these people can’t be doing them any favors since she turns right around and undoes everything they do

No. 761761

All I'm hearing from this is "I'm to lazy to wash/exfoliate my skin so I pay for a lady to do it for me"
She really acts like she's so disabled she can't do anything
This also includes wiping her own ass, brushing her hair, cleaning her home, cooking for her damn self and showering on a regular biases.

No. 761776

Gluing wigs to your cheeks so that bangs don't move is pretty common. It allows you to make your wig look more natural (probably not why Moo is doing it) and sculpt your face a bit by choosing the most flattering exact position (why she will be doing it).

No. 761777

she shouldn't have "build up" unless she literally doesn't wash her face thoroughly

No. 761791

Calling bullshit on her gluing her wigs down
half of her wigs are helmets with no movement and when they're not like this one >>761205 you can tell she doesnt have anything glued down even though with pale wigs you definitely should.

It's 100% residue from constant face taping

No. 761838

That's fucking gross. Moo, you cosplay maybe like twice a month for Patreon shit, how much "build up" can you possibly accumulate in the few short hours that you actually wear a wig/tape/cosplay? Just wash your fucking face, it's not hard.

No. 761839

File: 1583373166495.png (204.07 KB, 444x234, moooooooooooooooo.PNG)

Her recent one Melony casts a shadow on her forehead.

No. 761852

File: 1583380558055.png (73.87 KB, 720x843, Screenshot_2020-03-04-19-49-23…)

At least her paypigs aren't too dumb. Didnt she claim this set was her best because she was fucking her manprop? I wonder how different this set will be from her older Wicke?

No. 761870

File: 1583383533796.jpg (149.27 KB, 1242x2208, 87644909_1062089697471045_6843…)

no stories from moo or janinesartistry yesterday or today on this (unless i missed them?), but apparently moo's getting lipo tomorrow (1/4)

No. 761871

File: 1583383601542.jpg (132.76 KB, 1242x2208, 88187931_194563805108703_53764…)

No. 761872

File: 1583383713942.jpg (108.63 KB, 1242x2208, 88772146_839409326486069_86043…)

No. 761874

File: 1583383818314.jpg (130.68 KB, 1242x2208, 89370851_595091847740870_24276…)

No. 761877

File: 1583384168957.jpg (214.61 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20200304-215429_Ins…)

Follow up to the previous 4 stories. It's the most hilarious.

No. 761878

Holy shit, she is literally rehashing everything that has been posted here about lipo and has the nerve at the end to throw other models under the bus (much like when she did the same to other cosplayers saying their boudoir shoots were porn). The kicker is her boasting about being transparent about it when the reason she’s talking about it now is because her friend at the time outed her by accident! If she hadn’t done that, Moo would still try to hide the fact she’s had work done. What a pathetic cunt.

No. 761879

calling hard bullshit. She's never taken a full month off after lipo despite getting it several times. The place she's going also advertises fat transfers big and bold on their front page.

I think it's the only reason she's going on and on about how you dont lose weight so that she doesnt get caught having 'gained weight' in certain areas (probably her boobs and/or butt) It would also explain how she's saying she's gonna 'go to the gym' but be gone for a month.
We'll probably get a couple posts about her 'totally working out' with baggy clothes on and then a miraculous 'omg look how much nicer and firmer my boobs and butt have gotten since I've been working out uwu'

Cant wait to see messed up she'll look when she fucks up the aftercare this time though.

No. 761881

File: 1583385468783.webm (1.64 MB, 720x1280, 77255047_138697370777906_50637…)

…and following up from that, here's Moo's new "pout"

No. 761885

I foresee either a breast lift or implants or both.
Getting surgery because you gained weight and your boobs are saggy isn't fixing a botched surgery. Her boobs looked fine until she gained 100+ pounds

No. 761886

I love how she regurgitated a bunch of shit trainers and medical professionals told her. This is just another lazy excuse because if she practiced what she preached years ago she'd be her lacrosse weight without lipo.

No. 761896

If the staff at a plastic surgery center have become as close as your family you might have a problem Moo

No. 761898

Tbh they’re probably closer. She sees her in-home facial lady and lipo/cool sculpting people more than her own family lol

No. 761901

File: 1583410789548.jpeg (732.26 KB, 1920x1920, 7F5D6C93-0FA5-4831-99D6-AAAD76…)

I might be wrong about that, but don’t you gradually lose the fluid that’s in the lipo-ed areas?

Possibly tinfoil but to me it looks like she got her cheeks filled, too.

No. 761906

All these surgeries and 'touch ups' make her look like she's approaching 45. Girl is busted. This has been an adventure

No. 761907

This. She’s just now trying to fix the botched procedures but probably will only end up looking more ridiculous.

No. 761909

loving the fact she had to keep pouting to get her lips to look how she intended. i know the filler industry is shamelessly money hungry but you'd think there would at least be one person telling fat girls like her that putting more in the cheeks wont make the cheeks look any smaller?

No. 761915

hmm, you might be right. Her cheeks do look suspiciously rounder

No. 761916

File: 1583423856960.png (149.89 KB, 360x450, EFA3CBDC-F1A6-4546-AD8C-B3A3C8…)

The longer I keep looking at her cheeks the more they remind me of Billy the Puppet.

No. 761917

now she's going to pretend it's all thanks to working out.
Momo, if you suck out 10-15 pounds of fat, yes you lost weight thanks to Lipo

No. 761918

wtf is she talking about? Her first lipo was when she was around 180 and she has been gaining ever since. She has been more agressive about lipo since however. Who does this dumb bitch think she's fooling?

No. 761919

Ive been saying it for a while because I have them myself - she has had cheek filler a couple of times since summer. She’s trying to make her face look less fat by adding definition but it’s just making her look even more bloated

No. 761925


I agree- her cheeks filling out is due to her working out (at the buffet across town). I’m wondering if her liposuction family keeps doing this knowing she’s just gonna fuck up the aftercare and requiring more lipo to fix it and thus keeping themselves on the gravy train for life? The place she’s going seems kinda shady.

No. 761929

File: 1583431976007.jpg (933.8 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200305_131231.jpg)

Man, what a pout for real.

No. 761930

If it’s not for weight loss then why the fuck does she keep doing it? No normal person makes lipo part of their regular routine. There’s nothing to sculpt if your entire body is all fat moo.

No. 761932

File: 1583432259237.jpg (386.25 KB, 974x2051, Screenshot_20200305_101343.jpg)

>>761929 you got there before I did haha. Adding to it. I really hope this is just sweeping but this looks terrible. She's ruining her face.

No. 761933

File: 1583432310381.jpg (395.17 KB, 951x1987, Screenshot_20200305_101413.jpg)


No. 761934

Swelling from what? This is just how she looks before her surgery?? She looks revolting, she isn’t even the same person anymore.

No. 761937

oh… my god… and she's still using a beauty filter in this. wtf did they do to her face?! She always did look like Droopy but holy fuck! Those ladies have no shame in botching her up for cash

No. 761938

File: 1583433967702.jpg (962.44 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200305_134506.jpg)

Has to have been done but here's first thread til now. What a slippery slope she hopped onto.

No. 761939

She looks like she suffered from a stroke, but her face is melting from gaining 150 pounds and the surgeries

No. 761942


Is she going for permanent duck face ? It’s starting to look like that .

No. 761943

Jesus, those jowls…. She looks like Droopy The Dog in drag.

No. 761944

Usually when people get fillers their philtrum is suppose to look shorter, thus making a more youthful appearance. But hers just seems to be longer. I dunno how she aged 25 years in just 5

No. 761945


She is starting to look like wendy Williams

No. 761955

The cheeks need botox at this point, not more fillers
They’re too heavy as it is

No. 761964

I know she lurks from time to time, but I genuinely wonder if she sees stuff like this and like… regrets everything she's done to her face and body. because this is a really good example of the stark difference in her appearance in just a couple short years. Maybe unpopular opinion, but she's legitimately cute in the first photo, and she'll probably never be able to look like that again.

No. 761967

File: 1583440119564.png (2.4 MB, 740x1800, D02E6A9C-0BF8-4D40-94E1-FCF680…)

Currently oversharing in IG stories.

No. 761968

Can someone please explain why her cheeks are drooping down like that? Drinking? Dehydrated? Diet? Or is is the medical procedures? This looks too extreme.

No. 761979

Out of all the work she’s gotten done, I never understood why she hasn’t just gotten a nose job for her bulbous nose, it’s the most distracting thing (before she got those huge lip fillers) and was only exacerbated by her terrible contour.

No. 761986

What baffles me is she's blaming models for why she's doing this. But I don't think models need as much work as she does
Bonus, she is not a model. She sells nudes on the internet.

No. 761987

Ffs, thats a fucking lot of damage, she became Shrek.

No. 761988

Are they removing her back fat?

No. 761989

File: 1583443443577.jpg (716.79 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200305-232012_Ins…)

If this were actually true she wouldn't be doing this, except maybe fixing her tits since she undid the reduction by gaining weight. She's so young she could easily sculpt and fix her body by working out, it's so baffling she's willing to risk getting botched (which those lips actually are already tbf) because she can't deal with the delayed gratification of having to do work in order to improve her appearance.

No. 761990

yeah, her back tiddies

No. 761992

If that were true she wouldn't be getting plastic surgery every month

No. 761993

Holy shit lmao. She looks fucking awful. Even being an awful beast for so many years, i couldn't say her face was ugly, but now? She looks like a gorilla. Face botched to match the inside.

No. 762002

File: 1583446234564.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200305_150928106.j…)

Even surgeons have no say in being on camera with Moo around.

No. 762017

I would be pissed if my patient kept yammering to her paypigs via insta while I try to suction out her back tits
I would hope she asks before she does this

No. 762020

File: 1583448379930.jpg (622.79 KB, 1063x1645, 20200305_144600.jpg)

Looking like a Christmas ham…

No. 762029

years of face tape to make her face appear slimmer, most likely. The longer you tape your face, the more your skin will start to sag when it's not pulled taut.

No. 762030

I mean, while I don't trust this bitch as far as I can throw her, it's perfectly plausible. Doing a few sets of deadlifts or 15 min on a treadmill wouldn't come close to making up for her overeating. The only thing that makes me know she isn't going is bc there's no way she wouldn't be posting gym selfies all the time.

No. 762031

Transcript anon here
A brief summary from ~guru Moo~ about her botched surgery~
>says you'll need to eat a hour before the procedure, reduce liquids and wear loose dark clothing because of the numbing fluid that leaks out. She emphasized that its not blood but the fluid they numb you with. It also can be peed out
>got her arms done in June
>says her recovery time involves walking around, doesn't give a timeline. Says you're not hurting, just sore.
>scarring will be small circles, go away in a year or two but they're not "notable"
>says for a "Calorie deficit" diet you need to stay away salty foods, eat whole foods
>says her extra uniboob is being sucked out (fat sac under her boobs). Says her breasts were underdeveloped as soon as she did the first reduction so her uniboob formed
>she did her jawline and shaped it

No. 762032

She's just going to use this excuse to binge eat and gain 50 pounds before the summer like she always does. I just don't understand how she can feel proud about having so much plastic surgery and she isn't even 25 yet. It's not something to be proud of.

No. 762035

Classy, Moo. You should have added a spoiler anon, shits gross.

No. 762036

please spoiler this shit, anon

No. 762038

File: 1583452171213.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 707.4 KB, 750x1087, EC06CBDC-E453-4E67-9B11-00E402…)

Reposting to spoiler, momo holding her fat jug

No. 762041

thank you for the spoiler. also… just, jesus christ moo. just fucking lose weight and "sculpt" your body the normal way. what the fuck is wrong with her.

No. 762043

reminding anons, this is the lipo we know about and playing to the game of "Half truths" she got more lipo done before. She just went full honest today because her friend was stupid and outed her.

I just don't know why she's so proud of standing next to her sucked out fat like she accomplished something

No. 762044

This is so disgusting, what the hell is wrong with her?

No. 762046

>favorite procedure was her lip fillers. Says it gave her a boost in self esteem
>says her procedures through Belle Medical are cheaper because they're not putting you under.
>4th time sculpting. 2 in 2017, 1 in 2019 and 1 in 2020
>says as she loses weight, she can lipo places, form the body she wants and have the fat distributed in the places she wants
>chose this clinic because her prior lipo was botched and she wanted it fixed. They did require her to lose weight in some places first

No. 762048

>chose this clinic because her prior lipo was botched and she wanted it fixed. They did require her to lose weight in some places first

She can't blame the clinic if she doesn't follow after care and gains 30 pounds in two months.

No. 762052

>They did require her to lose weight in some places first

Which we know she didn't do and you can't spot reduce so this sounds like bullshit.

No. 762054

File: 1583455813060.png (1.04 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-03-05-15-57-32…)

No. 762055

Ew jesus christ what the fuck is wrong with her posting this

No. 762056

File: 1583455941320.png (136.63 KB, 720x830, Screenshot_2020-03-05-16-04-17…)

No. 762057

File: 1583456212002.png (1.18 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-03-05-16-42-52…)

>says if you take things seriously you're not having fun

No. 762058


She seriously looks spechul needs here

No. 762059

File: 1583456443796.png (Spoiler Image, 561.04 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2020-03-05-16-44-52…)

Her ""spicy video""

No. 762060

File: 1583456572514.jpg (25.91 KB, 512x384, Chucky__s_Child_Glen_Ray_by_Ch…)

No. 762062

that isn't what body positivity means though. There she goes changing the definition of shit again

No. 762066

>says her extra uniboob is being sucked out (fat sac under her boobs). Says her breasts were underdeveloped as soon as she did the first reduction so her uniboob formed

This might be a titpick, but doesnt this mean since she had fat taken out from her underboob, that her already pancakey tits will be extra flat?

No. 762076

Probably not because I'm 100% this bitch gonna get a boob job and not suck out anything

No. 762081

File: 1583465015600.png (497.2 KB, 1136x628, plow_sow.PNG)

omg anon you're totally right!!

No. 762085

I don't understand why she started fucking with her face. There was never anything wrong with it, even after gaining weight she has always had a pretty face and nice features, so why did she wreck it?

No. 762086

File: 1583471326177.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.77 KB, 1096x651, E14CA4A5-DBA6-4D14-8BA2-64366D…)

Those lips are gonna blow !!!

No. 762087

The only thing she could have fixed was her bulbous nose but she decided to fuck with everything on her face besides that one feature lol. Her lips look as if they’ll split like an overcooked hot dog.

Lol nice work anon!

No. 762091

Is her goal just to look as fake as possible? Is there a fetish for that too? Cuck boys have mentioned that they can jerk off to her body alone but its shocking how she doesn't see how awful the lip and cheek thing look.

No. 762094

File: 1583475875863.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 232.78 KB, 1124x656, A06DA444-14F5-4900-BB18-AC9154…)

She only got the side-boobs under her arm pits removed, so I don’t think it will affect her main-boobs.

I just call bullshit on her whole ‘it’s because I got breast reduction too early’-bullshit. I mean, obviously I’m not an expert but why would other parts of your body suddenly start growing instead of your breasts? It makes sense with lipo since it’s affected by your overall weight gain, but with breast growth you’d only gain weight there to begin with. And it’s not like she had no fat cells left in her boobs.
She’s just having a fat person’s body, but due to lipo, cool sculpt etc things like her back fat and side boobs stand out more and look off.

(Also looking forward to the massive amount of flabby skin that will replace the side-lumps kek.

No. 762096

I don't think it's from breast reduction, I know people who have them who've never had work done.
Number one cause: being obese.

It's possible, like you said, the lipo and such have made them more noticeable though.

No. 762097

Half of her filler isn’t even in her lip. It’s disgusting…I’ve never seen fillers done like this. Just get a fucking lip lift? I don’t get it. What’s the point if half of it isn’t even in your lip? Bleh!

Like another anon said…her face really wasn’t all that bad. Hell her body wasn’t that bad in the beginning. Her weight was just a cheap shot most anons took at her. Her garbage personality is what made her a cow. Now she’s completely wrecked her face and body. This kind of surgery is done for women in their 40s. She’s half way into her 20s…blows my mind. It’s only down hill from here…she’s going to look like absolutely garbage by the time she’s 30.

My money was on a nose job but honestly…if she ever touches her nose it’s over. I’d bet she would get it done multiple times until she had a nose like Charlotte Crosby’s

No. 762103

Holy shit, this has to be the next thread pic.

No. 762104

Tbh when she first got the fillers and they weren't as prominent as they are now I liked them.
She always had very small lips but a very big everything so it didn't look bad in my opinion.
But now… she looks really bad.
Especially here eyes right now. She should stop getting those weird lashes she looks even more tired and gross all the time.
And those lips.. man I wonder what she'll look like next year kek

No. 762108


She’ll look like a jersey shore reject- her true and final form!

No. 762109

File: 1583485682132.png (4.41 MB, 1800x1614, 0A34ABF5-A351-4766-8CAC-FFC296…)

How much do you want to bet that Squarecuck is taking up the task of getting this botched mess in/out of the shower?

No. 762110

This. I never really thought her turtle lips looked that awful - but it’s probably mostly just in comparison.

I think her main problems are
1) She apparently keeps going to really shitty places to get shit done. Even after the first injections anons pointed out how her lips were filled in the wrong places. She also keeps going to places that will do work to her no matter what. As said several times before: Lipo is a last resort near the end of your weight loss journey and supposed to help with those really stubborn areas. It’s not a quick fix to make you get results faster. I also feel like any reputable place wouldn’t advertise through a porn model as their main target audience is men (at least at first sight, obv Moo has a bunch of other fatties kissing her ass, but that’s only really apparent if you actually follow what she does).

2) She’s seeing herself in both extremes; She’s at the same time seriously unhappy with the way she looks but at the same time has a completely distorted idea of what all those procedures do to her and thinks they make her look good. It’s like schrodingers BDD; she despises the way she looks and at the same time thinks she’s this IRL hentai fantasy that’s so above and beyond everyone else. (You’ll only know which one it is atm if you open her stories.)

But oh well. She should definitely keep ruining her body with more surgery etc. It’s amusing.

No. 762111

Ever since someone else mentioned it I can’t unsee the Blaire White similarities.

No. 762115

File: 1583496614174.jpg (774.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200306-060944_Ins…)

She wants a boob job after 30 more lbs another round of lipo.

No. 762116

I can't imagine how she's going to smell after marinating in all that gauze and compression gear for 24hrs.

Though, the dude's taken photos right up to her stubbly asshole. If it's that horrifying heavily edited, I can't imagine the kind of shit he's smelled/seen while doing shoots with her. I guess anything for that sweet sweet 2nd hand beta bux.

No. 762117

>working out can't fix these areas

It absolutely could if she would stop eating like a pig

No. 762119

>since after my breast reduction it‘s kinda messed up their shape so I wanna get them lifted UwU

No. What’s messed up their shape is doubling your body weight and never wearing anything that actually fits you. Keep telling yourself it’s anyone’s fault but yours, though.

No. 762122

She loves her body, but has the money to fix it so she will. Spoken like someone who truly loves herself and isn’t revolted by how she looks in the mirror. Keep telling yourself you love yourself moo, your actions say otherwise. People who get round after round of plastic surgery and say their lips made themself conscious isn’t someone who loves how they look. She contradicts her own self time after time.

No. 762124

File: 1583503099433.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 886x1920, Momokun foot job.png)

No. 762125

This is the very last thing a person suffering a stroke sees.

No. 762131

She looks like a 40 year old NJ mom trying to raise money for her next alcohol binge. So she films herself giving a foot job to her cheap musty dildo on the floor of her cheap apartment bedroom.

No. 762143

watching her try to articulate her hammy feet is really pathetic, not surprised she can't even give a good footjob

No. 762145

The problem is she doesn't work out or diet at all. Even if she takes a picture of a salad she also took a picture of hamburgers and multiple take out in one day.

I 1000 percent know that Moo isn't trying to convince us or her fans she's healthy. She's trying to convince herself. When she reached 200 pounds that should have been a wake up call. She should have her athletic body back by now

No. 762149

anyone noticed that Momo was "watching" (She wasn't paying attention) Castlevania season three in the lipo office?

I wonder if she will drop her Sypha cosplay now that the show has a bunch of lgbt characters or if she wont care since Sypha and Trevor are still straight. I just mention this since she lost her shit with Devilman

No. 762150

Why the fuck does she keep doing the "sucking out of a straw" look on the left. Has she literally never seen a woman do a sexy pout look. She's so fucking awkward it's painful to look at. I've never experienced someone so utterly clueless.

No. 762152

She has to pull a duck face to make her botched fillers look decent. If she rests her face you can tell half the fillers aren't even in her lips and looks like swollen tubes on her face.

No. 762159

How in the damn fuck there's people that pays for this. My fucking god, literally you can get a hooker to do this irl for you with that money.

No. 762161

They are sexually attracted to her because she is a female neck beard who pretends to like anime and video games

No. 762162

It's been said before but the reason is she seems 'attainable' Like if they pay enough maybe one day she'll grace them with dates. Regular porn and escorts feel impersonal to the paypigs.And besides anon she's totally into animu and games!

No. 762175

File: 1583525737503.jpeg (877.5 KB, 2998x2051, 406535F6-1912-4243-AA82-ED2552…)

The difference is actually grotesque. She can’t possibly believe she actually looks good with these lips.

No. 762177

This isn't shade at all in case she reads this. She needs to let that shit deflate and get a lip lift. But boo wants to be stupid

No. 762179

What if moo is getting all this work for the Bimbofication kink?

No. 762187

Sage for tinfoil. Moo has always gotten plastic surgery, but she started to really fuck up her face when Sensei got a naturally cute and youthful looking girl friend. She tried bringing him gifts, grinding up against him, making posts about how much she loved him, but compared to a real life cutie Moo can't really compete.
Remember, after she lost to the cute girl she has been getting lip fillers, lipo her neck, steamed her face, bought a bunch of face creams blah blah. She seems really insecure about how old she looks despite her true age

No. 762191

Yeah it really seems like she has an addiction to plastic surgery and the instant gratification. But once the rush is gone she has to run back
Also she seems to be getting a rush from posting her super lewds now. She's desperate for anything to make her feel something

No. 762196

I think the anons who says she was naturally cute before surgery forget how much makeup she wears and how much she abuses photoshop.

Moo has never been a natural beauty, you might be on to something. She can trick people online with good angles and caked on foundation but she has to look at her REAL face every time she looks in the mirror.

No. 762223

File: 1583544812905.png (1007.32 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-03-06-17-25-41…)

>says she took a mile walk and showered, can see the results
>stomach is "as flat as ever" and uniboob is gone. The change is so drastic it makes her want to cry

No. 762224

File: 1583544911811.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-03-06-17-26-10…)

Warning: Lipo marks and her underboob looks blistered for some reason, from old scarring?

No. 762225

File: 1583544972623.png (Spoiler Image, 975.04 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2020-03-06-17-26-30…)

No. 762226

File: 1583545040252.png (Spoiler Image, 759.85 KB, 1193x720, Screenshot_2020-03-06-17-26-50…)

Flipped to avoid confusion

No. 762227

File: 1583545153820.png (Spoiler Image, 977.55 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2020-03-06-17-27-06…)

No. 762229

when you use 10+ beauty filters but you still look like a bloated fish carcass

No. 762231


Bloated fish carcass smells better

No. 762245

Bitch looks like a pufferfish

No. 762249

Did she get those horrible cool sculpted abs fixed? maybe this time she will actually keep up with aftercare. But I’m not holding my breath.

No. 762251

Is she going to start making thosereally sad "strip tease/dance" videos that Trish Paytas does, to complete her transformation/fall to rock bottom?

No. 762253

what rock have you been under? Moo sprinted past strip tease videos. Her current rock bottom is pushing her anal play videos

No. 762256

she is gonna end on botched im telling you all

No. 762262

Moo really has no idea how to pose. She may as well just be showing holes at this point, because tits and object insertion sure as hell no longer count as "lewds before nudes".

No. 762265

Lipo takes 1 year to see final results. You are literally swollen for like 8months.
How does she not know this yet, after so many rounds already.

No. 762269

>Although many liposuction patients will see some slimming results immediately after treatment, the full results will take three to six months to develop.


No. 762270

i can't screenshot right now, but she also posted a story clip about wearing the compression garment. she said you have to wear it for 24 hours at first. i thought it was for way longer?

No. 762271

>To help reduce swelling, patients should continue to wear compression garments for several days to several weeks, depending on the extent of treatment.

There's a reason she's still fat, anon.

No. 762276

Who the fuck is this quack doctor who keeps giving her lipo again and again? Aren't you supposed to remove 10 pounds max per lipo? And this woman is going around just getting her fat sucked out on the regular instead of losing weight the natural way?

No. 762278

How did no one acknowledge that she spelled nauseous as nausea's like I knew she was dumb as fuck but she's getting worse somehow. I have never seen anyone make that mistake in my life.

No. 762285

Relax, autocorrect is a bitch to everyone

No. 762287

when this all started she was actually legit sexy thicc, we had her posted in snow because of that, even if lipo, somehow brings her back to OG Samus days, she didn’t earn it, and she got this big in no time at all, what a waste

No. 762288

>>762285 nta, but I actually cannot tell if you're joking or not, she's legitimately retarded and uses " 's " wrong constantly

No. 762290

No amount of surgery can undo the damage done. Just look at >>761938

She's completely ruined herself and relies entirely on heavy editing/filters to make her shoots anywhere near presentable. The sad part is she's only what, 24? Imagine what this train wreck is going to look like at 30.

No. 762291

I imagine she’s gonna look like any one of hundreds of plastithots with swollen pufferfish lips, bolt on tits and too much time in a tanning booth. And a cheese tattoo…

No. 762302

Especially her boobs.
She got a breast reduction as a teen, completely ruined them herself by ballooning up, gets them lifted now, in her mid twenties and while (supposedly) still in the process of losing weight … They’re gonna look even worse than now in a few years. A lift isn’t gonna stop gravity and aging. Her boobs are gonna end up sagging either way, especially with her lifestyle. So getting them lifted now will make it way worse in the end. And we all know she‘s gonna get it fixed by yet another surgery and keep making it worse and worse.

But bitch won‘t learn so I‘m all here for Frankenstein‘s monster Peachass-Edition.

No. 762314

all plastic surgery clinics are like this, i wish you guys would stop asking. since it's a cosmetic procedure they can basically give it to whoever will pay. general guidelines aren't enforced rules. moo will be able to get it as long as she can pay.

No. 762322

sage for bullshit but youre reading into that typo a little too much, theres plenty of other things that say shes retarded(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 762326

You know that just saying "sage" doesn't sage your post right? Anyway, correct, there's plenty of ways Mariah shows her lack of IQ, this particular one was just exceptionally dumb.

No. 762332

You're supposed to wait a year between invasive surgeries but in vegas there's more corrupt surgeons than miami. They'll operate even though she won't stay sober or drug free for the 30 day minimum, so they certainly won't make her wait the full year.

No. 762333

You are mostly done with swelling after 6-8 weeks and have a good idea of your final results. There will be residual swelling up to 12 months but it will be minimal.

No. 762335

The residual swelling is only for a few months.

No. 762362

It seems like she doesn't consider them invasive surgeries because she doesn't get put under. I've heard that liposuction is incredibly painful so I can't imagine how many pain killers she's hopped up on

No. 762369

Can we have a timeline to highlight all her lipos and surgeries? She had so much in the past few years that it’s hard to catch on at this point.

No. 762372

File: 1583612220516.jpg (100.89 KB, 512x767, Capture.JPG)

lol no

No. 762380

Manning a Kinfold booth?

No. 762381

This is factually incorrect. My clinic advises up to 12 months for full swelling to disappear in liposuction/body contouring patients. The majority is gone within 8 weeks and compression garments can be removed as early as 6 weeks. Guideline vary country to country but the conservative approach is highly reccomended.

No. 762393

File: 1583615688743.png (190.01 KB, 496x949, 1048628601540631785.PNG)

I thought moo hated lesbians, especially butch ones. Additionally, do you think she's befriended Vamp again so she can use her as her Pearl? I mean, if the schnoz fits…

No one is "reading into" her inability to spell or use grammar. Also sage your comments, retard.

No. 762396

uhh yikes signs she doesnt understand the source material yet again, even if its just su. classic moo

No. 762406

Moo's relationship with the gays is confusing, so let me explain.
Moo isn't threatened by lesbians since they aren't chasing the men she wants. She also thinks that since she's a fake lesbian, so is every other chick.
She only goes ape shit if you hint two men she finds attractive are gay since she can't self insert.

No. 762411

File: 1583621909143.png (131.15 KB, 777x729, dyke.png)

No. 762414

“I obsess over my hair to much” LMAO

No. 762416

It's pretty funny now since she has none and has Umbra's butch ass, licking at her asshole.

No. 762466

she looks like a pokémon character, but one of the animals. she's gone downhill so fast with plastic surgery. jesus

No. 762474


Jynx?? lmao

No. 762480

nta but probably snubbull lol

No. 762489

Can't imagine how fucked her face looks irl. Even with the IG filters she looks kind of botched.

No. 762510

File: 1583680812184.png (751.7 KB, 786x618, momo.PNG)

Did anon get this image from Reddit or did Reddit get this image from here

No. 762511

posted on r/botchedsurgeries, i should add

No. 762513

>2 days ago
>14 hours ago
idk anon, you tell me.

No. 762522

Lipo is not that painful. The recovery can be uncomfortable. Most of the discomfort of recovery depends on what areas were targeted. If your back or buttock areas are targeted then your doctoe will likely recommend you to sleel on your stomach for 6 weeks. The compression garments can be difficult to breathe in especially for overweight patients. Patients are typically prescribed 3 days of low strength pain killers and antibiotica although some less careful doctors will ignore this and prescribe at request

No. 762525

They should have included her entire body.

No. 762527

File: 1583691090711.jpg (465.04 KB, 2172x3862, 20200308_191121.jpg)

I'm honestly impressed with how thoroughly she destroyed both herself and any future she may have had since then, all by herself.

No. 762528

She should do Zero Suit Samus again for before and after lmao

No. 762537


She won’t do it again because it would incite comparisons of what blew her up in the first place.

No. 762538

Plus there’s no hype around Metroid right now. No point in pretending to be a huge fan of the game or Samus.

No. 762571

She was going to redo Samus, bought another ebay Samus suit but never updated her cucks on when or where it'd happen since she also said she was going to make the armor suit.
This was months ago (maybe even a year ago?) when she did this so it probably didn't fit. Again.

No. 762603

Lol. Given that statement, I wonder how she feels now that she's almost universally reviled in the community.

No. 762626

No joke. She's only 24 too. While she does have a lot of money filtering in right now due to patreon, if that source of income dries up, she's really screwed. Her reputation, her looks, have all been dragged through the mud. And with how she spends money? It'll be really interesting to see where she ends up in another few years. It's been such a rapid decline already.

No. 762682

Honestly if she lost her paetron it wont be a huge hit for her. She already decided she wants to do porn for attention now. She seems to like only fans more since she can actually post whatever she wants.
And lets be honest, she can post a video of her masturbating and paetron wont take her down. She makes them too much money. She will claim it as art even though it's against their rules. Hell, she already broke so many of their rules and they haven't done shit before.

No. 762684

File: 1583776400777.png (56.46 KB, 612x299, Screenshot (15).png)

sage for paetron BS
She has her onlyfans linked on her bio and her insta which promotes it and she has promoted her webcam sessions in the past. Trust me, paetron doesn't give a fuck

No. 762685

She needs to stop sucking more fat out of her stomach to "flatten" it. She's not keeping her weight down and the result is her comically enormous linebacker shoulders. The last thing she needs to do is artificially remove even more fat from areas that draw attention to her gigantic upper back and arms. The self-sabotage going on here is nuts, her body is just becoming more and more disgustingly warped along with her filler inflated face.

No. 762691

File: 1583778482011.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.62 KB, 640x833, 2C7F4945-1195-424A-A221-D2CB0E…)

Someone have this

No. 762694

spoiler that shit jesus christ

No. 762703

Pls spoiler those pepperonis

No. 762713


u gotta spoiler that stuff man.

No. 762717

File: 1583783503938.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.71 MB, 3731x5597, MARV1626.jpg)

Forgot to post her super shitty womb tattoo

No. 762718

File: 1583783549079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.45 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1643.jpg)

No. 762719

File: 1583783692355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.94 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1649.jpg)

No. 762720

I gotta laugh at the people pissed over her making so much cash. I mean.. you all KNOW she doesn't invest any of it. Well, she has a ton of surgeries and calls it an investment. She's going to become accustomed to this lifestyle and it will either hard crash or peeter out. Either way, funny as fuck. Give her til ooohhhhh 25 to 27… with how haggard she's been looking in the candids, closer to 25.

No. 762721

File: 1583783773525.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1664.jpg)


Only lasted 3 photos

No. 762722

File: 1583783932034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.88 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1665.jpg)

No. 762723

File: 1583783976407.jpg (1.22 MB, 1498x1386, 20200309_215832.jpg)

Why do these idiots never learn not to stand next to reflective surfaces if they're going to photoshop away that pregnancy belly realness

No. 762724

File: 1583784123553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.19 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1694.jpg)

No. 762727

File: 1583784279461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.33 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1873.jpg)

No. 762728

File: 1583784378575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1242x1578, Photo Feb 12, 9 25 02 AM.jpg)

No. 762729

File: 1583784547700.jpg (Spoiler Image, 815.75 KB, 1242x2688, Photo Feb 12, 2 15 22 AM.jpg)

No. 762730

File: 1583784622392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1242x1422, Photo Feb 12, 2 13 51 AM.jpg)

No. 762731

lol I love her tiny little square butt. it never fails to amuse me. idk why the hell she thinks this angle/pose does her any favors.

No. 762733

File: 1583784976034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.84 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1815.jpg)

Fat or boob?

No. 762734

por que no los dos?

No. 762737

File: 1583785439622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.93 MB, 2880x3840, Photo Feb 03, 11 32 33 PM.jpg)

No. 762738

Looks like her back fat has melted together with her pancake boobs, kinda nasty

No. 762741

she's got a fucking inner tube boob now.

No. 762742

This one is pure cringe perfection. The awkward spread leg pose. The expression… putting the shower head stream up her vag, low and unflattering bottoms. The way her breasts just sit flat against her chest. The tattoo already starting to come off. Every time I look I notice new things.


Whenever edited this did they other girl dirty. Her teeth are practically glowing

No. 762743

File: 1583786685087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.22 MB, 5760x3840, MARV1712.jpg)

No. 762744

what's going on with her eyes here, she looks like a fucking bug

No. 762745

File: 1583786841386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.56 MB, 3840x5760, MARV1830.jpg)

She should really avoid sitting positions

No. 762746

Really working that dead fish expression, Moo. I'd say she looks like a sex doll, but even the cheapest plastic sex doll is far more appealing.

No. 762747

If you gotta pee that bad, Mariah, just go. You're in the shower.

No. 762748

Her eyes are legit going in two completely different directions. wtf…

No. 762750

File: 1583788477808.jpg (216.32 KB, 819x750, 47b84f28c95d57c23b60f05adbaf26…)

It's her "blue steel" at this point
Invisible hat is dead, wandering eye is in

No. 762752

File: 1583788980020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.35 MB, 3840x5760, MARV2647sm.jpg)

Her Claire set is boring and like one she'd release pre pepperonis

No. 762753

File: 1583789071933.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.62 MB, 3840x5760, MARV2653sm.jpg)

No. 762756

File: 1583789166539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.28 MB, 5760x3840, MARV2686sm.jpg)

Ahegao for some reason?

No. 762757

She's just so fucking ugly. I get it, cucks don't want women who are too beautiful because in their mind, those kind of girls would never fuck them. But Moo still looks like a disaster with with piles of photoshop. It's just… wtf?!

No. 762759

She is claiming this is a cosplay but there is nothing in this that shows this is Claire. She didn't even get a wig, it's just her crispy balding head, a Christmas outfit and lashes. Then she wonders why the community tells her she isn't a cosplayer.

No. 762765

She looks like she’s tryna fucking cough on the viewer to get them sick. Holy shit.

No. 762775

If you don't cover your mouth when you cough, Coronavirus-tan will come for you.

No. 762791


The red lighting on the left side is making her look like she has pink eye. Should have fixed that afterwards because it’s strange.

No. 762793

File: 1583794241273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.54 KB, 1050x523, 6c0ef46f5b513a68dcae4adecabeef…)

God this looks painful and not sexy. Her skin looks like it belongs on a 50-year mother

No. 762800


I thought the idea of a glory hole was so you couldn't see who was sucking? This is nightmare material

No. 762802

Are there any pussy/asshole pics of her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 762805

File: 1583796871393.jpeg (23.73 KB, 512x249, 0B910F0B-C7AF-4A0E-AB1C-F3476D…)

All I see is this…

No. 762807

She looks likes she doing a desperation fetish photo ew what the fuck?

No. 762808

Revolting…like a cat vomiting up a hairball.

Is she having sex with the fence? I don’t understand the context of this at all.

No. 762829

File: 1583802968636.jpeg (118.93 KB, 933x703, silence male.jpeg)

No. 762851

Looking at this makes my boobs hurt.

No. 762866

Is that creasing normal for large breasts? I don't think I've seen them on her before.

No. 762867

Pochaco is literally just a thick, blonde haired girl with headphones. The fact that she manages to fuck up such a simple character astounds me, why can't she just buy some good cosplay headphones?

It was probably her ex who edited it, he did her dirty

No. 762870

If you're talking about at the top of her breasts, those are stretch marks. That's how old white stretch marks on breasts behave when you lean forward with no support.

No. 762884

This is the face you do when you get home and release that fat turd that was raping you from inside.

No. 762886

I was wondering if we would see her DIY Paper Towel tube headphones again.

Looks so was next to someone with legit headphones on.

No. 762913

I'm surprised Moo didn't take advantage of world obesity day and flaunt her bod for body positivty points. But then she would have to admit she's obese.

No. 762914


FFS she was in fucking Japan, was there no cosplay store that actually sold the headphones?

No. 762917

She prefer these because she can say she made something. But she didn't. I don't think getting an old pair of headphones and sticking toilet paper rolls on the inside count

No. 762920

File: 1583859480105.png (4.08 MB, 1512x2048, Screenshot_20200310-095308.png)

No. 762921

I'm trying really hard to figure out what the fuck is going on with her feet/shoe, but I can't. It look like shes wearing shoes 4 sizes too big with how far her heel extends?

No. 762925

it's fairly common for over weight people to wear shoes that are too big so they can wear their inserts to help with ankle support. I can't say this is true in Momo's case.
I'm just in a chuckle because I 1000 percent know Momo thinks she looks thin wearing all black and a bulky jacket

No. 762926

lmao, is he trying to use this as a portfolio piece? It's so out of focus and the rain makes it look like he whipped out a dirty-ass camera without any forethought. What a professional.

No. 762929

This wig's so fucked, and those contacts make her look like a mental patient. Add me to the list of people who don't understand how people find this sexy.

No. 762931

kek squarecuck shooped the tv this time

No. 762949

Shopped the fat leg down and didn't fix the foot it seems

No. 762952

File: 1583874985384.png (449.26 KB, 621x699, 1583867748695.png)

You can now stop fatshaming.

No. 762953

File: 1583875324212.png (109.57 KB, 728x546, baitharder.png)

No. 762954

Fake and gay

No. 762958

No. 762965

File: 1583881763851.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1226x2056, DA74A250-F82E-45A7-B645-4B6690…)

Her eyes legit creep me out.

No. 762967

File: 1583881816338.jpeg (908.85 KB, 1242x2020, 01E19672-75DE-4420-AFE5-FE39D3…)

No. 762968

Yo wtf….

No. 762971

File: 1583882900334.jpg (10.66 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Mariah out here looking like

No. 762973

it looks like her circle lens slid underneath her upper lid.

No. 762974

this is just straight up depressing, i'm sorry. not a moo fan by any means but how the fuck did she do this to herself so quickly?

No. 762988

Drugs and no self-control on or off of them, more or less.

No. 763006

Stupidity mostly, but good old fashioned arrogance played a decent role

No. 763019

top kek, underrated comment

No. 763022

File: 1583898247436.jpg (130.22 KB, 728x1044, 51d.jpg)

Her eyes be like

No. 763026

I mean that looks like her whole mf face at this point. Esp the lips and jowls lmao

No. 763042

I was actually wondering if she is high in all her photoshoots, because of the dumb mouthbreather face she always has on photos.

No. 763067

File: 1583923777971.png (1.1 MB, 1077x1902, Capture _2020-03-11-03-47-00.p…)

No. 763070

File: 1583924003471.png (1.11 MB, 1072x1908, Capture _2020-03-11-03-47-15.p…)

No. 763071

File: 1583924138012.png (1.21 MB, 1066x1806, Capture _2020-03-11-03-47-31.p…)

No. 763074

Hmmmmmmm, it's almost like most of the creativity and collaborative spirit of the cosplay community evaporated when ethots started using cosplay as a way to get rich off of sad nerds with more disposable income than social skills by buying and commissioning more things than they make.

No. 763079

Yes, that's normal. They're stretch marks, not creases. You've been able to see them on basically every image she leans forward in since OnsenGate.

No. 763114

File: 1583939429510.png (856.05 KB, 955x624, therange.png)

5 days post-lipo out playing with guns to show the haters moo tang clan ain't nothin' to fuck with forgive me anons

you'd think that all that recoil from, you know, firing a gun would be bad for healing tissue being shaped by compression gear, but, hey, what do i know?

also, from her caption, seems she bought a gun?

>Comments on this post have been limited.

No. 763119


Wow it’s almost like we have come back to like thread 3 or something with this fake ass preachy bullshit of hers. I seriously thought someone bumped a necro thread.

I thought she’d already said she had a gun or two. Taken with the above preachy shit I’m left to wonder who told her off this time since now she’s trying (again) to project positive and badass bullshit.

No. 763125

Her outfit is really bad. The striped socks, white shoes and tiny Gucci bag throw it off. A more aesthetically pleasing outfit would be all white or black. Not to mention the pose is very bad too.

No. 763134

This sounds like she convinced one of her friends not to spill the tea when she pissed them off
you mean the hurt and anger you spread in the community? Do what I say, not what I do am I right?

No. 763135

Ah yes, god bless America where anyone, including this person >>762967
can casually buy and learn to use a gun despite contributing nothing to society. Someone who doesn't hunt, and someone stupid enough to kill herself or others should she every try to use one in a desperate situation.

No. 763137

She wants to do Striga? Seriously?

No. 763138

I will laugh if she starts threatening "Fuck boys" with a gun. But really, Momo is the last person who needs a gun. I can't believe they don't do phyc or drug tests. Girl is mixing booze, medication and drugs and loses her shit when someone approaches her. Fuckin America

No. 763147

Guess she's going to try to pretend to be a lesbian again because paypigs think it's hot.

I doubt she'll follow through on this. By the time her slaves make all the shit necessary, Netflix Castlevania won't be trending anymore.

No. 763160

well at least she has the wild unkempt hair part down.

she always gravitates toward characters like this because she thinks she's 'buff' and 'stronk' instead of just fat as shit. this most likely won't actually manifest as the castlevania hype dies down and she no longer feels the need to prove what a big fan she is. but if it does it's guaranteed to be a disaster for us to laugh at, so no worries anon. it would be hilarious to see her try and work with another model again so we can see how visibly disgusted she is at even pretending to touch another woman sexually.

No. 763161

She’s spouted this same fucking nonsense before, word for word. And it’s ALWAYS whenever she feels like she’s been slighted. It just sounds like a not-so-thinly-veiled threat at this point to whichever toadie stepped out of line.

No. 763164

this exactly. she's using pseudo-positive messages as a thinly veiled way of saying 'i have all the power, if you don't learn your place i'll fucking ruin you'. she's so fucking petty and controlling and gross.

No. 763165


In Nevada the only thing they check for is that you aren’t a felon. Or domestic abuser. Aside from all that technically anyone can open carry on their hip like the Wild West. Of course her threatening anyone even online would get her guns pulled from her but yea…I do love the idea of her trying to be a badass and shooting herself in the leg trying to cosplay as IRL Wyatt Earp. Also love that her targets are really close and she hasn’t started or better hasn’t hit shit.

No. 763187

This is literally so easy to pattern and make out of foam…. jesus

No. 763194

File: 1583956811033.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1992, 1E062AF6-86BB-4BB1-8E70-00433F…)

Maddie is just as uninspired and devoid of any originality as Mariah. They deserve each other.

No. 763195


Nitpik because I’m a gem collector fag. Why the plural. It’s eye.

Yeah they belong with each other. Fugly and illiterate.

No. 763196

File: 1583957387105.png (470.34 KB, 2000x3496, FAEC537B-C4D3-4AFA-A27C-F176BF…)

Isn’t this just literally basically jasper

No. 763198

Lol it is just Jasper, but with bigger tits… because Moo. She didn’t even bother changing the color scheme.

No. 763220

Ugggh why is this bitch pretending to give a shit about castlevania. That is easy to make from [redacted], but as someone who dosnt sew and ONLY commissions, she wouldnt know

No. 763225

I hope she tries to make it herself. It’s always funny to see her face the reality that she has no actual talent
I’ll never forget her garbage can lid beekeeper Mei or that Camila corset with foam glued on it or the time her fate armor was falling apart so she had to change lol

Does anyone remember when she was trying to call herself the bodysuit senpaii?

No. 763229

Couldn't have said it better myself. Famewhores inject themselves into communities like HIV, and then they get pissy when everybody else's hobby prerogative isn't ass kissing some professional leech who only makes things worse.

No. 763230

Lol remember her stupid ass black widow that was about a perfect video right there.

No. 763248

When she made Camilla a second time she flat out tried to make a corset out of thermoplastic. Despite being told it wouldn’t hold, Camilla 2.0 fell apart an hour after being worn to a con.

No. 763267

File: 1583979854419.png (591.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-03-11-19-23-17…)

Wow Mariah I thought you couldnt get it and people were wildly blowing out of proportion

No. 763276

Sak hasn't even been canceled yet. They made a FB post saying that they were in contact with government officials. Its in April and for now ONLY the month of March events have been canceled. Like ECCC that was suppose to be this weekend.

No. 763280

Quartzes are warriors. Why the fuck would they have impractical platform shoes and boob windows? Also, where's her gem? Did this dumb bitch seriously make a gemsona for Moo and forget to give her a gem?

Pfft you just know Moo looked at all these coronavirus cancellations and though, "Perfect! An excuse not to work!"

No. 763287

Since Steven universe designs look like Gorillas can we instead have moo's gemsona as a orange uhohstinky monkey?

No. 763297

Anon the gem is in her butt, obviously /s

No. 763301

I think the funniest part is the fact that she drew moo curvy and muscular. Umbran has this weird “buff mommy” fantasy of Mariah that is so far off from real life, it’s absurd.

No. 763307

Coachella has been moved to the fall and it was in April. Sakuracon is literally in the epicenter of one of the worst outbreaks in the country and generally a shitshow for organization the past couple of years. There's no way it's happening.

No. 763346

I just think its funny she's jumping ship already, even though it hasn't been canceled yet. Sheer laziness and probably no fucking lineup either. Did she have a booth she was sharing? Last time she was in the PNW as a guest she wasn't even at her booth for more than two hours each day.

No. 763349

File: 1584024251879.png (Spoiler Image, 784.5 KB, 640x852, gem placement .png)


wish you hadn't given her the idea, it would actually make sense too, she's going to re-use the plug now, washed or unwashed.

No. 763354

Mariah is going to unironically love this

No. 763370

File: 1584031969590.png (1.09 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-03-12-09-50-29…)

No. 763384

I know Gems can look alike and even have the same color schemes(pearls and Rubys) but i still wish she used a different color scheme

No. 763386

This, for the millionth time, from the woman that has literally never taken her own advice.

No. 763388

Someone’s still mad that people haven’t forgotten her sexual assaulting people I guess. That’s going to stay with you as long as you live Mariah, the internet never forgets.

No. 763391

people wont forget. It's a meme at this point. That and the fact she didn't face any real punishment is another slap in the face. Besides, if you can hold it over a mans head forever, they can do it to Moo

No. 763399

File: 1584039968306.gif (699.02 KB, 500x281, rs_500x281-150209094336-prince…)

Oh wow, totally does look like a gorilla.
I've noticed that umbran has that weird thing with moo too! But I think when she does have commissions done of herself that she does try to have herself passed off as being a bulky muscle type.
Like, this is obviously fat. Nothing about the cartoon versions of her are close to her fantasy or her ideal.

No. 763403


Keep telling yourself this, Moo. Maybe one day you’ll actually believe you’re not a shit person.

No. 763405

Mariah, you’re a bullly who sexually assaulted others for a power trip. If you were a man you would have been banned everywhere. Piss off.

No. 763412

The list of fucked up shit Moo did is so long it's exhausting to list them all. Art theft, doxxing BBQ cuz he got tired of fuckin her, bullying people out of cosplay, fake charity, claiming vacations as a business expense on her taxes, fat shaming other girls (kek)

No. 763428

Quartzes actually come in a bunch of different colors in the show. They can be pink (rose quartz) red (carnelian) purple (amethyst) rainbow (crazy lace agate) blue (agate) grey (smoky quartz) and orange (jasper)

Maddie is just creatively bankrupt.

No. 763461

Tigereyes are yellow and brown based off Google. Why not just call it a Jasper? Exact oranges and everything. My bet is her gem is under her bangs (left eye)

No. 763512

Can't save her IG stories, but some highlights from her videos:

>Stopped smoking weed 5 weeks ago cold turkey and feels amazing

>Also quit drinking Monster and if taking B12 vitamins which has the same effect
>Addresses the brown hair and admits that it's because she destroyed her hair by bleaching it to death
>Claims she was looking forward to Sakuracon and had been planning on doing Jasper, Wicke, Diane, Yoshiette
>Says these cosplays will be done and released in April and May
>Is planning for another book

No. 763533

File: 1584108606347.jpg (44.79 KB, 1080x319, IMG_20200313_110931.jpg)


No. 763534

File: 1584108774403.jpg (43.44 KB, 1080x324, IMG_20200313_110946.jpg)

Also, looks like she started to control and hide everything she doesn't like on her thread.

No. 763565

I know that. I said since gems can come in similar colors and looks that its possible a character with a similar color scheme could exist but since theyre making “ocs “ doing it is just unoriginal

No. 763578

File: 1584121770535.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200313-174748.png)

needling her way back in
don't do it vamp

No. 763582

File: 1584122739633.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2024, F543CFF9-6347-4CB7-B48B-DAACF7…)


Uploaded the stories.

I don’t believe for a second that she’s quit abusing weed and Monster energy drinks “cold turkey” judging by these stories. But her mannerisms are always shitty and obnoxious so it’s hard to tell tbh.

No. 763584

Whelp there goes vamp's pseudo redemption arc lol.

No. 763610

Honestly it's hard to feel bad for Vamps since she's letting Moo BUY her way back into her life even after everything that happened.

No. 763615

Neither of them are good people. What did you expect?

Lolcow gives vamp too much credit and sympathy.

No. 763633

Not surprised but still a bit disappointed. These people need to learn to love themselves more and enjoy not having a toxic twat in their lives.

seeing her face in motion gives me the chills

No. 763636

It's more because vamp broke away from this toxic piece of shit. She's not a good person but she DOES get props for knowing when to finally step away.

Too bad money buys happiness.

No. 763645

dug up the calves thread for vamp discussion >>>/w/5855

No. 763682

>b12 having the same effect as a Monster

okay which boss babe Karen got to moo?

No. 763683

I would laugh so hard if she started supporting MLM's. Just icing on the piece of shit cake

No. 763704


Honestly surprised she hasn't started fronting all the MLMs, her shitty attitude fits so well

No. 763715

Her face looks like shit holy fuck, when she talks she looks like a fucked up muppet

No. 763732

She totally got cheek fillers when they went in and did her lips. I love this horror show.

No. 763744

Looks like it is time to start a new calves thread, who all are her main lackies right now outside of Maddie and Marvin?

No. 763748

Miso maybe? Elizabeth Rage? Maybe Alex Drastal.

No. 763749

Umbranwitch, Leon

No. 763751

if Miso then also Aly, they both seem to be around a bit less recently but still on good terms with Moo, can maybe also include Holly by that same token. Cat seems to be on the way out, and we haven't seen Moo's cousin Brandon as much lately either but they both were around lots this year. Sssniperwolf also on occasion, usually with Nex or Virivanity.

It's hard to say with Moo because she's always burning bridges kek, like Elizabeth Rage was on the last Japan trip but they haven't interacted since? There's also frogdresser and hairsensei but not so much lately. Chiefs we haven't seen or heard about in quite a while so he's probably not worth including. But Moo hung out with Miso, Aly, Holly and Sssniperwolf as recently as last con (last couple weeks)

No. 763752

samefag, another to consider is Kevin (weebking)

No. 763778

what i ould give to see the absolute trainwreck that would happen if she went on trisha paytas' podcast. i know she idolizes trisha so its no wonder shes trying to botch her fast as hard and as fast as she can

No. 763815

File: 1584227909224.png (140.53 KB, 280x352, Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 1.02…)

this was so painful to watch, seems like shes on drugs
and her face is so out of proportion wow just stop with the fillers

No. 763821

Plot twist (tinfoil here obviously), she quit weed and Monster because she's doing coke or something else stronger

No. 763845

File: 1584236917926.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2073, ABF80CE2-046D-440F-A2D7-6A89DA…)

No. 763854

aww look she even remembered to add Moo's sculpted abs for her. And made sure Moo's Jasper has no boob support and hers nice and high.

No. 763861

These are soooooo ugly…. They look like Lisa Frank gorillas.

No. 763865

If I saw moo and umbran waddling around in these I’d be more likely to think they were homestuck trash than SU oc designs. What a hot mess this will be (if it ever happens).

No. 763873

wow this is some real self delusion right here, I don't usually like to poke fun at cows' weight (and imo moo has a slightly better bod than umbran) but THE ABS HAHAHAHA - if umbran thinks she and mo look like this then damn the delusion is strong

No. 763952

File: 1584310543373.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2208, 291745AB-DED2-48C0-B0AF-C77DC2…)

Why is she so damn proud of herself? However she looks now isn’t going to last since she’s famous for undoing all her lipo/cool sculpting in a matter of weeks.

No. 763955

Doing all of this at the age of 24 sure as fuck ain't nothing to be proud over. It's not even laughable anymore, it's just fucking sad. She already doesn't look her age anymore either, tbh. The plastic surgery look really ages people and the only people who find it attractive are other ps hoes and cumbrains. Just sad.

No. 763968

Tinfoil, so saging, but Moo doesn't have an armor builder anymore. Vamp isnt half bad and she's improved a lot.

How much you want to bet Moo is on Vamp to make the shit she's been begging in stories for people to send her commissioners for armor and fabricated pieces? Cozying up to her to try and get Vamp to want to be her friend again. Moo is so obvious.

No. 763975

File: 1584323102764.jpg (894.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200315-204442_Ins…)

"Totally hiking." Also totally still a fuckin unit after surgery

No. 763978

File: 1584325038456.jpeg (42.33 KB, 599x599, F118784D-B83D-4ED3-B4CA-1A3B66…)

there was a screenshot of that pikachu bikini video but it was never fully posted, anyone got that atrocity? I still have nightmares of that OF stream

No. 763983

I saw a few of the stories and had a good laugh because she’s not necessarily on a “hike”, that would imply she’s doing something strenuous. She’s following a trail, same ones old people walk… I’ve been there and it’s literally zero effort lol

No. 763985

File: 1584327828117.png (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 828x1792, 4D8AACDA-506D-4806-8D98-C99DC1…)

Pulled from reddit.

No. 763986

File: 1584327867079.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.86 KB, 624x1105, A8AC97EE-9D52-4529-8591-6FEF2A…)

Again from reddit.

No. 763987

File: 1584327900191.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.56 KB, 607x1092, 8ACEADC5-A7DD-4F82-9E6F-6E04A8…)

Ass as flat as ever.

No. 763989

I'm laughing bc she went on a hike with sensei and vamps last year-ish and there was a pic identical to this of Moo beached on a rock while everyone else is further up the trail

No. 763991


She can suck out all the fat she wants, but it’s apparent how huge her body is when you see her tiny head.

No. 763992

This is almost certainly shopped too. She always applies filters and knows how to pose to make herself appear smaller. All of her fat rolls appear when we get videos from other people in her life.

And she also remains w i d e

No. 763993

Imagine spending thousands and thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and still look like this. Square tiddies, hammy arms, backrolls, thighs thicker than your ass and all. I'm honestly kind of in awe. She's really out here struggling to lipo herself into a decent shape.

No. 763994

She didnt even try to hide the fact that shes sucking in…

No. 763997

File: 1584331884480.jpeg (85.04 KB, 1024x741, 67CFCD88-F555-49F0-B582-3A8702…)

I know it’s been memed to death at this point but she truly has morphed herself closer to thicc Kong than any actual desirable body shape.

No. 764000

Did she really drive out to the dessert, find a rock, find a spot on said rock to sit on and called that a hike? Does she really think sitting outside is working out? I don't feel bad at all for this bitch

No. 764001

she deflated her back boobs but the excess skin is sagging, making it worse than it was. She's covered in lipo scars and sagging skin now

No. 764002

so these pics really helped me understand why her body just looks so blatantly messed up.

She's getting all this lipo but because she's not getting any skin removal all of her skin is just too low. Her boobs dont start until way below her arm pit and generally your elbow should horizontally line up with your belly button but instead it's lining up with her boobs . Everything on the front of her torso is just sagging lower than it should because there was supposed to be fat supporting all of it and despite being young her shit diet and shit habits means her skin elasticity and ability to heal is probably that of someone in their 30s

No. 764010

Am I the only one who think she actually looks worse? She looks like a string cheese that was left in someone’s pocket.
The only thing I can see that -appears- to be improved are her boobs and those terrible cool-sculpted abs are gone. Her boobs seem to have more of a shape.

No. 764014

should she be out of her compression wear this soon??

No. 764015

fuck off cumbrain

No. 764017

wth is up with her right leg up by the underwear? looks like a bad shoop.

No. 764023

Moo wishes her waist was as snatched as thicc kong. The arms and legs are about spot on though. Just shrink the head to about 50%.

No. 764025

Duuuude, why does look like she has a suit like thor on avengers to look fat. LMAO

No. 764040

File: 1584373590902.jpg (86.19 KB, 601x417, sad.JPG)


she looks like those deflated pool toys. Her skin just hangs on her, there nothing perky about it, no shape. Just those weird Propositions that do not fit together. It's so weird, if she would have a normal fatty body, she could look at least more feminin and "soft, if you know what I mean. She either starts to really work out to give her body a shape or invest in some implants …

No. 764065

Imagine spending thousands for plastic surgery just to have the body and hard dark stretch marks of a 40 year old mom of 4 and seem proud of it. We get closer everyday to her ending up on Botched.

No. 764066

I'm guessing her cheeks sag down so dramatically because of the lipo on her chin to prevent her face from showing her weight gain. Removing fat from your face is like a death sentence to your youth. I think fat distribution is fucked once you start going in around your face and fat deposits are redeposited.

Absolutely unfortunate. Her breasts, shoulders and arms look like they belong on a different prson.

No. 764086

File: 1584380183584.jpeg (88.05 KB, 464x640, A50B3FF1-7E8E-4005-B34B-FE24BA…)

So is she suddenly making enamel pins now?

No. 764088

good to know which artists to avoid

No. 764089

File: 1584380568026.jpeg (61.29 KB, 586x435, EDD3128B-ACA8-4DA0-8CAE-B2EE66…)

Double post but apparently she talks about her income in this video

No. 764095

Except she doesn't make money with cosplay. She makes money with porn

No. 764100

What's with all these people calling her "miss mariahmallad" as opposed to just momokun?

No. 764105

“Miss Mariah” is literally what every clout chaser has been referring to her as for a while now.
I’ve seen some of the artists tagged in her IG stories for the pins. I hope she reposts it so I know who to avoid. Fucking leeches.

No. 764107

Guess we have our ballpark for her earnings. Any volunteers to be the poor fuck to sit through it for milk?

No. 764110

I imagine it avoid people realizing it's Momokun and rightfully calling them out for working with a sexual predator and overall bad person

No. 764129

Don’t know why you didn’t just post the link. But yeah, I hate hearing her voice and this seems to be a pretty conservative radio show so I automatically don’t care to listen.
I guess this was her “big interview” she was bragging about before but never mentioned anything about it afterward. Lol because no one gives a shit about it. Has almost as many dislikes as it does likes.

No. 764132

Samefag but pretty close to the beginning she does confirm to make $20k-$40k a month. Keep in mind this was 4 months ago.
Also, the questions being asked are extremely fucking gross. But these are the types of people she panders to so…

No. 764140

File: 1584388921532.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.6 KB, 1242x1860, 437b01c.jpg)

That reddit has everything. I only have one question though, why does her hand have so many wrinkles?

No. 764141

Skin folds when bent that way, you have hands don’t you? I know you’re used to her airbrushing the shit out of her skin but that’s honestly a stupid question to ask.

No. 764143

Man that wig looks crunchy as fuck. And of course she's giving her classic dead fish expression.

No. 764147

>moo has never lied ever!

No. 764150


The hand on the table looks like a rat paw

No. 764165

I was just confirming what she said in the video. I don’t doubt she’s lying about what she actually makes a month.

No. 764171

It was a pretty stupid question by that anon, but I think I can sorta get at what they’re dishing. She’s so horribly airbrushed everywhere and then there’s her hand with sharp skin folding. It stands out a bit.

Speaking of hands, her nails remind me of a chain smoking 60 year old cat lady. The fuck is that brown ombré?

No. 764172

I don't doubt she makes around 20k a month. But most of her money is going towards stupid shit like cosmetic surgeries, drugs, food and vacations. Lipo on one area of the body alone is around 2-3k. Not including the cost of garments, medication, blah blah. And she gets her whole body done and gets it done regularly.
Then her lips cost around 600 every time, then her cheek fillers and skin peels. Half her income goes towards plastic surgery.

No. 764173

Probably why she can't flex expensive shit like other thots do. Her house is an over sized empty box. She doesn't have a fancy car. She's flexes the same Gucci accessories for years at a time, doesn't have a wardrobe. For someone so "rich" to live such a dull empty life in Vegas is beyond sad. She lives like a poor fag.

No. 764185

That's the thing, she could make 100k a month and still live like a micro-influencer who only gets filler because of shady sponsorships

Things she confirmed spends money on regularly:
-rent and bills (obviously)
-overpriced leggings (lululemon leggings are around $100 each)
-'flex' accessories that she forgets to wear after a while and only digs them out when someone in the thread brings it up
-Let's not forget she's confirmed that she basically pays her friends to be there with her with her constant 'ugh people only want me for my money and what I can do for them,' posts every few weeks.
-Also even wasting money on a huge double booth at that one con when she barely had anything to sell.
Her constant unnecessary trips where she claims they're for photos when only the last one actually was (never forget Hawaii)
Buying a bunch of stuff she obviously wastes (when she bought a fridge full of coconut water to impress tattoo-senpai)

-Also she obviously blows through food money. There's no way she's gaining weight at the rate she is and not burning through hundreds if not thousands of dollars on food every month, especially with how much she eats out and that she's proven that she cant cook for herself. Without all the lipo she would have been gaining weight faster than ALR

She's easily blowing through the money she brings in every month so that's why even if she was 'raking in the bucks' I wouldnt care because with her it doesnt actually matter.

No. 764216

It's like she's about to squeeze cheese out of her tiddy. Nachos anyone?

No. 764234

she refuses to get nothing other than ugly baby boomer nails

No. 764241

so she literally went to her local radio station and lied through her teeth that's a big oof there fam especially the "I don't get naked." statement

No. 764243

she doesn't look human.

No. 764248

I'm looking forward to when she starts cosplaying again with her new botched face + Umbran's wigs. She's going to look like a top-notch clown with the bulbous features and big crunchy wigs.

No. 764250

>Published Oct 21, 2019

This video is old af. I saw it a couple of months ago and didn't think to post it because it's from October. I don't follow this thread much, but I'm surprised this is new to some of you. How quickly she went from "uwu I'm just a shy, humble fetish model but I don't get naked!" to butt plugs and pepperonis out.

No. 764266

Who the fuck would actually wear something like this with huge anime boobs on it in public? Ironic weeaboo clothes are the worst

No. 764270

I know a few people with ahegao hoodies and such, but they’re neckbeards/incels. No suprise, i think most of Moos fans are either or both.

No. 764294

It’s weird, I follow these threads pretty close since Momo is my favorite cow but I don’t remember this getting posted here at all.

I’m assuming she didn’t want to promo it since during this exact timeframe she was starting to get naked and show her tits. Surprised she had enough self awareness to realize it would be bad to bring attention to it.

No. 764298

In October to current she desperately clings to the idea that she doesn't sell porn and nudes. She's a cosplay model. Two words she knows she's not, a cosplayer and model.

No. 764319

Just thinking out loud here but with the Corona Virus, people are practicing social distancing and most local restaurants are going to delivery/carry out only (soon if it already hasn’t been implemented), do you think she’ll practice what she preaches and stay home? I shudder to think what her Uber Eats bills will come to since we know she’s incapable of cooking something sensible for herself. Moo literally has no self control and having easy access to that app means she’ll undo her lipo in a matter of weeks.

No. 764320

She already gets food delivered to her house AND she goes out to eat. Maybe she will get more food delivered but she will def try to get her friends to dine out. If they don't join her I'm not sure if she will dine alone? Unless she pays them a very pretty penny.

No. 764331

in her situation I think we're going to see her income dip hugely since damn near everyone isn't working right now and that is going to cut in people paying for her content. Same thing in the macro sense of costhots where we are going to see a huge dip and more than likely more cosplayers cave into sexual content for revenue.

No. 764360

Who's ready for moo's mom to come by and spoon feed her for the next few months?

No. 764375

File: 1584507995615.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 6072FCB7-77E7-40B8-B799-4C734F…)

our quarantine queen is doing a great job self isolating in vegas! it’s digitalnex’s gfs bday and sssniper, momo, and umbran rented a limo with the birthday girl and are out and about

Don’t worry they know what they’re doing they keep making jokes about this being “the best quarantine” ever

No. 764378

File: 1584508972083.gif (373.03 KB, 280x158, knife.gif)

I would joke about this being natural selection but the fact of the matter is that people like Moo and her shithead friends will get by fine while spreading it to vulnerable people.

If the world were fair, the people who disregarded the safety guidelines the most would be the ones dropping dead.

Sorry, I'm being mad on the internet again. I'm sure Moo is posting this just to piss us off and this is precisely the reaction she wants. What a fantastic person, endangering actual human beings for the sake of pissing people off online.

No. 764379

Most states are doing no gatherings over 25 people and bars and restaurants closed or take out only the fuck are they gonna do?

No. 764380

Catch coronavrius.

No. 764384

Probably. Moo is obese so i bet she belongs in the risk groups anyways.

No. 764399

then she will really be doing granny porn. oxygen tank and all!

No. 764400

Actually because of her poor diet, recent lipo and the fact that we have no proof she's actually being healthier?

Also are we forgetting that she barely knows how to wash herself so she's probably not washing her hands.

She's putting herself into vulnerability zone. She'll also probably keep going out to as crowded places as she can because she craves human contact as much as she can.

No. 764410

I'm with you, anon. people like moo, under 30 who think they are invulnerable, but spread it to others with compromised immune systems are disgusting. This world isnt fair, but i know moo will get her just desserts soon enough.

No. 764412

File: 1584545735815.jpeg (747.37 KB, 750x1109, BEB8749B-DD65-4375-8F46-4EA07B…)

Oh boy

No. 764417

Why do Lucky Star? It's old and not popular. Plus there's no sexy character or anything, it's super wholesome.

No. 764428

Lucky Star and many older anime/manga still have good sized and active fandoms.

However, Mooriah's reasoning is to lewd children characters, as always. That's it. And lucky star is an 'accepted' series that stars underaged kids, not necessarily lewd but compared to Kanna, people would think "generic school girl" before they think lucky star so she's trying to get away with it.

No. 764465

I find it funny that Umbran is the new ugly friend to make Moo look better in comparison. But it's sad because there is no one uglier than Umbran. She's not going to have options after this

No. 764486


Nothing can be wholesome if Moo has anything to do with it.

No. 764496

File: 1584562968568.jpg (498 KB, 1080x1080, 24f48fe5bfbd61aa9c181c9556e61b…)

The girls in lucky star are TINY, why would she even..

No. 764498

Probably to be the busty pink hair mommy-type waifu of the group. I think the series even had the character dressed like a cow at some point? Nasty.

No. 764508

Or she'll be Patricia but I doubt Moo has watched Lucky Star so she probably didn't even consider her. Plus she has short "dyke" hair

No. 764509

File: 1584565845864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.35 KB, 405x388, 90452781_2833414276753365_2666…)

There isn't a new thread for it yet, but Did Sabrina buy up Moo's dog thing after it was on depop? Moo sold it and then Sabrina came out with this set. I tried finding this bikini/lingerie by itself online and nothing. They both have one cuff, the ears are on the same side, both same type bikini's, and both fur. The cuffs even have the same raw edges.

Sabrina is one hell of a fucked up friend to the girls you pretended to support who she harassed.

No. 764510

File: 1584565891445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.38 KB, 270x373, 90345634_221049215626154_11623…)

No. 764511

File: 1584567619343.jpeg (133.64 KB, 750x1295, 913D7CE5-C87A-44CC-98F8-260FD7…)

I managed to find it pretty easily

No. 764512


Didnt even think about adding 'cosplay' into the tag. Okay, maybe its just a coincidence then. My bad. The timing seemed right on though, so it made sense to me if she bought it.

No. 764514

so its racism, now its fatshaming, now its revolving to people ultimtely redpilling themselves before they realize the validity of their statements?

No. 764515

File: 1584568605959.jpg (90.16 KB, 700x700, j1iAiGA.jpg)

The first result when you put in dalmatian

No. 764516

I didn't add cosplay into the tag was my issue I realized. I went to Google and typed in 'Dalmation bikini' and yeah. That didn't work.

No. 764519

I just put in Dalmatian lingerie? it was the first result.

No. 764522

When people tell you to grind anatomy before stylizing this is why.

No. 764530

File: 1584575215887.jpeg (582.49 KB, 750x1048, A3647EA7-C9BF-4929-88AB-C415CB…)

I thought she was holding a weirdly photoshopped bottle of wine

No. 764531

File: 1584575302595.jpeg (653.73 KB, 750x1048, EA2E9443-9641-4A22-A49F-D03790…)

No. 764532

This is legitimately the most horrible looking shit. That hair looks like a cheap ass wig. She looks airbrushed to whiteout levels. And her tiny ass head. She… she actually posted this?!?! I can't even. Jfc moo, all that money on lypo, fillers, cosmologist
appts, dermatologists and you look like shit. You look like a big friggin joke.

No. 764534

The only wierdly photoshopped thing in that picture is Moo