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No. 890095

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24 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/882127

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk
>“Logs back onto” social media after disappearing for over a month >>882137
>Obligatory munchie update. She has another temp heart monitor, this time gunning for a POTS diagnosis. Her heart is so bad she “might end up in a wheelchair” >>882138 >>882976
>Still hanging with new bff Cassie >>882156
>Cassie was dating a meth head who lives in a shed >>882142 >>882144 (Taylor at the bar with the shed meth head >>882147 )
>Goes on a full bender, posting shaky bar videos and selfies night after night while being “too sick” to sit down and film >>882278 >>882492 >>883091 >>882980 >>883294 >>883351
>Says Cassie has been sober “longer than her” >>882499 anon posts a picture of Cassie with actual heroin from march >>882595 meaning Taylor has been sober for 4 months at most, not 11+ months like she was claiming.
>Jonny exposes texts between him and Taylor on his instagram, the messages make it sound like she isn't sober and hasn’t been for years >>882980 he quickly deletes the story.
>Her heart is apparently so bad she picks up a plastic tub and almost dies >>883266 completely ignoring the fact she's been posting herself partying for a week straight, I guess her heart only acts up when it's convenient for her.
>Admitting she hasn't been sleeping >>883315 >>883474 super sober queen behavior.
>Taylor and Cassie live stream >>883405 generous recap (ty livestream anon) >>883513 and video archive >>884016 >>884035
>Says on stream she pissed in fast food cups and kept them in her room because of depression
>Goes on multiple rants addressing the haters, seems almost manic >>883362 >>883365 >>883367 >>883464 >>883465 >>883466 ect…
>Accidentally confirms her relapse by saying she's “several months sober” in july when in february she was almost 10 months sober >>883769 If she didn’t relapse she would be well over one year sober, not just a few months.
>Promises more videos after saying she wouldn't do that anymore >>883872 that sure lasted long.
>Proving she still lurks >>883879 >>883886
>More lying about editing and uploading videos that don't exist >>884126 >>884183 Same old self sabotaging cycle
>Manically rants at haters AGAIN >>884183 >>884212 >>884223 >>884243 >>884246 (she interacts with this thread more than her actual fans)
>Gnarly meth sores peaking through filters >>882292 >>885556 >>889737 >>889738
>Anons solve an age-old cryptozoology mystery! >>886599
>Even more empty video promises >>887241 >>887242
>Coincidently rants about losing weight and posts a creepy wannarexic vid after JCs new gf being skinny is brought up >>889102 >>889161
>Goes on a narc rant after dying her hair, says she's going to reveal the new amazing, innovative, color in her comeback video >>888429 >>888430 >>888431 this doesn't make any sense because according to her the videos were already filmed and edited weeks earlier.
>Reveals part of her hair hours later on instagram >>889258
>Says a new video will be up “this week” >>889148 then “just a few days” >>889259
>Aaaaand to nobody's surprise the upload date changed from just a few days to the end of august or the beginning of september >>889740

Old Milk:
>Last video uploaded 6 months ago “my snake is genetically his own twin” >>866225
>11 months since she first talked about the zen habitat video >>852040
>I guess she forgot about the moth video >>863239 >>862884
>Admitted she has no idea where tate got re-homed to >>866833
>Talks about moving out >>867511 >>866325
>Claims 9 months sober on February 2nd ‘22 >>866921
>Out drinking while “sober” >>868797
>Gifted her clout chasing friend her spam account >>868821
>Tits out 4 turning 25 >>871384
>Deleted her JC call out video >>872667
>Befriended JC her self proclaimed abuser and rapist for “closure” >>875532
>Fans upset she let her abuser back into her life >>875660
>Reconnected with her drug pal Cassie >>876592
>Meth ranted about having “five pages of video ideas” and making a filming schedule (obviously nothing came of it) >>876600 >>876601

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No. 890096

File: 1661827530896.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3464x3196, D6CC2BB3-ABB3-45AD-963A-F07D10…)

Sorry it took so long. Also I couldn’t decide on the thread pic so im just gunna leave this one here.

No. 890099

Ty anon!

Still no upload at the end of August, so surprising

No. 890135

Fucking excellent recap anon. You so sassy. Best thread thank you for making it I'm addicted to her milk.

No. 890181

In before she can't post in September because the ~algorithm~ tells her it's a bad time

No. 890190

I cba to go looking for the proof, but hasn't she claimed in the past that September (or October) is the worst month for her migraines? Sorry if I'm confusing my cow lore.

No. 890197

I spit out my coffee and nearly choked on it when I saw the thread pic. Beautiful work anon.

No. 890200

Tinfoil: she keeps pushing back the videos date because she stopped using meth a few weeks ago (she’s probably still using less destructive drugs) and is waiting for her meth face to clear up before filming. She hasn’t uploaded in 6 months so I think she’ll try and squeeze a video out before the end of the year just for extra $$, probably one of her stupid ranting update videos.

No. 890205

Gah I m so bored that I actually want her to drop her video asap so we can have some milk to talk about !

No. 890209

File: 1661967268741.png (963.58 KB, 1170x2532, 72C30ECC-5E13-4FFE-9723-9B5750…)

>>890190 yep that’s her who complained about migraines in September/October. Here’s some tweets. I looked through and the last time she tweeted about migraines was in February of 2020. Now that it’s been brought up again, let’s see if she posts about “muh awful migraines” being the reason she’s pushing back her already filmed and edited videos she claims she has.

No. 890212

I actually have a theory that her cycle is based on payday. She gets paid then meth binge for "productivity", goes out a bunch, spirals ends up depressed in bed no usable content created and then the next few weeks she can only afford the fent, or is sick/barely staying well or mama dean is funding or some shit like that. I haven't gone through and checked but she has a pretty consistent pattern at this point

No. 890229

Agreed. It's too consistent of a cycle.
How often does YouTube pay? The cycle I also think is
1. Come back from a long hiatus and promise us she's "still there"
2. Explain she's suffering from ___ < (insert multiple conditions she made up or have convinced herself she has that always immobilize her when she has to film)
3. Discuss extremely inconsequential self important narc information that NOONE cares about (her hair, her piercings, her weight, never her pets)
4. Swears she will be getting back to a schedule soon and she's found the key to unlock all the motivation/ has multiple videos filmed/ has someone helping her.
5. Hypes up the videos that she clearly hasn't created
6. ????
7. ???????
8. Profit

Aaaaand disappear

I think we've all mentioned that we'd watch her content even if it was just junkie rambling. Some content better than no content. If she just patched over to "daily vlogs"
Or "get ready with me" or "going to a grocery store" or "filming at the bar with friends" she won't have to fancy edit it and attest will have some viewership.

She's useless

No. 890244

YouTube pays monthly. They pay for ads watched on a video, so as long as people keep watching her old videos she doesn’t need to raise a finger and she’s still going to get a little money from YouTube. That’s why anons think she hypes up “new videos” so fans watch her old ones in anticipation, her views go up, and she makes more money with barely any additional effort.

No. 890305

I remember last year she promised a video the first week of September, I think she said it would be uploaded on the 4th and that never happened. My bets are this will be a repeat of last yr.

No. 890354

incredible job anon! the title… the picture… the recap! chefs kiss

she's probably waiting for her meth face to clear up as well as attempt to drop weight and look skeletal before she uploads. she's really a wannarexic, it's so weird.

No. 890415

She has been completely radio silent for the past two days. I wonder if she'll disappear again and ghost everyone after pretending she was actually going to upload a video in September. She's such a joke.

No. 890418

I know Taylor is a pretty boring cow but her ability to lie to and manipulate her fans and treat them like complete shit with seemingly no remorse makes her one of my favourites. She really is a heartless bitch who only cares about herself and getting high.

No. 890423

This has got to be the most hilarious thread pic I’ve ever seen for her threads. A plus anon. I commend you. Unless anyone knows of a funnier one from TND’s threads

No. 890488

funny how the thread before last, the thread was literally about to be locked and we figured taylor may graduate lolcow. but of course once she lurked, she freaked out about not being talked about so she started being more active. now look…. everyone knows she gained massive amounts of weight/has edema whatever and is similar to a thumb-thumb/big foot. if only she wasn't such a desperate attention whore, she coulda got away with mysteriously disappearing. now she's probably on myproana asking "tips" on how to develop anorexia because she's insecure and wants to be tiny and sick

No. 890506

Not to nitpick but I agree with the weightloss thing. She has a good bit of fat right where her halsey tattoo is that wasn't there before which just doesn’t seem proportional with her arm. I’ve never seen bra straps cut into her like that so im also guessing just like with everything else she’s trying to speak the weightloss into reality

No. 890562

This has been the longest radio silence we’ve had from her since she randomly returned back to instagram hanging out with tinytweaker. Did she croak? Rehab? Hiding from her video promises? What are we thinking here’s

No. 890563

I still can’t believe that’s Taylor in the thread pic. Like damn she let herself GO. I know a lot of anons in here think she’s always been ugly, but I actually thought she was very pretty pre Jonny and even for a little bit while they were dating. And the fact that she was high enough to think she looked okay to get on a livestream looking like this…. Yikes

No. 890564

The state of her calves tho… is what shocked me the most. They have never been that swollen and puffy, so she must be shooting up only in her legs. They literally look like they need to be amputated, and they WILL be very soon if she doesn’t stop destroying her entire body.

Praying mama Dean finally out her foot down (that part is very doubtful tho)
My guess is she caught Taylor and/or Kassi doing drugs finally, or found their drugs or needles or spoons, a meth pipe, anything. Cuz you can only hide the kind of severe drug abuse and crazy antics for so long. I’m almost positive she got caught. She was out of her mind. I hope she kicked that nasty leech Kassi out and forced Taylor into rehab. (Even tho forcing someone to get clean never works) or she probably gave her an ultimatum and said go to rehab or get the fuck out. So it’s possible she’s living on the streets now, also possible mama Dean took her phone away or turned it off so she can’t contact her dealers. I’m just wondering what the hell she was doing/is possibly still doing to pay for her drugs. Prostitution? Kassi has always given me prostitute vibes, maybe Kassi has shown her the ways. Idk who would willingly fuck Taylor now tho, I hope she doesn’t mention she didn’t shower for MONTHS. That can cause so many different bacteria or fungal infections, like BV or yeast infection. Barf.

And lastly… and hopefully what happened is they got arrested. Maybe Taylor needs that for her rock bottom. Does anyone know how to look up San Antonio mug shots? Has anyone seen Kassi or Betsy posting on instagram?

No. 890572

my best guess is taylor is feeling very insecure that anons caught wind of her tree trunk legs and hunchback body. i seriously think she'll return after she "lost weight". she's probably on a meth binge right now trying to get skinny

No. 890574

But I thought she was so excited about her new hair.

No. 890599

File: 1662342653881.jpeg (135.47 KB, 946x2048, B8303613-15C1-4C69-94B0-0DBBAA…)

POV: you're taylor asking Kassi if she has any drugs to make you lose weight fast

No. 890600

File: 1662343989733.jpeg (95.42 KB, 828x1234, 48111F50-86EE-4C9C-98E0-F79D49…)

Is this a recent picture? Because there’s a syringe on the counter behind her.

No. 890602

Lol that’s a cig.

No. 890613

Adderall 20mg extended release

No. 890615


No. 890621

Are you fo real? my god, it’s a cig 1000%

No. 890625

Where/when was this posted?

No. 890626

Putting bets that Taytay will announce another fake return for halloween now at this point..

No. 890629

I feel like we (farmers) are pretty much the only people who pay attention to her at this point. I also feel like if she was on a meth binge right now she’d be manically sperging on instagram stories, she’s probably doing heroin
I’m one of the anons who think she was very pretty before the fat ginger hobbit got his grubby paws on her, this thread pic simultaneously has me cackling and depressed, she truly is a walking anti-drug PSA

No. 890647

that's honestly pretty bleak. imagine going from being a family-friendly almost household name in the pet tube world to your only audience being farmers that you try to impress by frying your hair different colors

No. 890650

That’s the reality of heavy drug use.

No. 890657

5 days into the new month and she's radio silent. Who could have seen this coming?

No. 890710

File: 1662452150784.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 084A50E1-8136-4BBA-8E2C-84F10F…)

So here’s Betsey with Louis. So Taylor is alive, and she’s gonna fucking die if her parents keep enabling her and letting her use in their house. I remember when we all thought JC would die, but now it’s Taylor. I’m sure all those infections that she had in the hospital from using have came back.

No. 890711


So yesterday Becky posted that photo then both her and Taylor followed a band and its four members. The band played last night at the same small venue they have gone to before. So obviously Taylor's feeling good enough to go party just not upload vids.

No. 890712

File: 1662452612892.png (1.61 MB, 864x1381, Screenshots_2022-09-06-04-23-0…)

Moocher Kassi just posted this. If this chick is still allowed to live with Taylor, then Mama Dean is out of her fucking mind. Look at that hand.

No. 890715

File: 1662454754284.jpeg (43.09 KB, 750x190, 755E5CEA-3F33-45A2-9868-E4F6C8…)

LMAOOO. Taylor is already high as a kite when she logs in, that is the only time she logs in. Fans calling her out on enabling her. It’s fans like these who keep letting Taylor think her current behavior is totally okay, is enabling.

No. 890717

At first I thought she wasn’t posting vids cuz she’s insecure about her looks, but she’s secure enough to do her makeup and go out partying dressed like a prostitute. Taylor is such a lazy liar. There probably isn’t even any videos filmed, her wanting to have two ready before she uploads just another excuse and buys her time. I can’t even believe she has any fans left, commenting positive things on her last post. How are they that dense that they can’t see what’s really going on?

No. 890718

Fans calling her out are NOT* enabling her

No. 890739

File: 1662480397450.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1402, BE0EBA9E-E5ED-45AF-BDAC-121226…)

why is this chick taking pics in a hoe outfit with a child? seriously what the fuck(off-topic )

No. 890740

File: 1662480428075.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1115x1397, F13FB738-A11C-4B65-B373-E5D184…)

brooo…. who's gonna tell her that a snaggle tooth does not mean she's a vampire lol

No. 890741

Don't start with the Anthea crap

No. 890746

I don’t think that’s a picture of Cassie, it looks like one of her friends. It’s still super suspicious that a “clean” addict is hanging around somebody who’s obviously still using, I think Cassie’s just tired of keeping up the sober act.
Just report it and move on she always self posts in this thread and the Jonny one.

No. 890750

it is a photo of her though. tattoos match up.

No. 890753

Holy shit you’re right. Damn, those are some nasty tracks.

No. 890764

It's from a long time ago. Look at the beginning of her Instagram photos… that was when she was using she was tiny and had an eating disorder.
She's either doing it to get a rise out of the farms or she's feeling nostalgic.

No. 890765

I check the tats as well, because beyond the awful tracks I thought this chick was too thin to be kassie. She’s got the junkie version of the warped tour tan..

No. 890766

This is what I figured, no way would she be able to lose that much weight thag quickly.

No. 890767

That’s honestly so upsetting. Many people who recover from eating disorders end up putting on a ton of weight. With everyone in the thread making fun of her for being big I could imagine that severely triggered her. Maybe her and Tay will end up restricting together. Honestly a huge shame, she doesn’t even look bad while big, she has a very pretty face.

No. 890769

before checking if the tattoos matched up i honestly thought it was a new meth head boyfriend of hers. she’s so much prettier now?

No. 890771

Jesus Christ

No. 890772

Athena stop self posting. No one cares about you. Why do you try so hard to be a cow? It’s pathetic.
I wish mods would reveal all her posts like they did with Emzotic, we already have that one post for proof where she posted tweets from her own twitter account. What a dumbass attention whore.

No. 890773

Notice how as soon as someone brought up Kassi and Betsey haven’t been posting, they both posted. I suppose they are reading the threads now.

No. 890774

File: 1662496253857.jpeg (420.28 KB, 1936x1936, 57A43A4C-5BAF-45F7-9265-789A8B…)

“Very pretty face”

….where? She looks like the junkie version of the wicked with of the west.

No. 890775

File: 1662497161028.jpeg (15.73 KB, 241x224, BE586BEC-0759-4754-B681-9987C7…)

Probably bait, I get the vibe she loves the attention she gets from this site.
I actually think she’s really cute, in like a retarded child kind of way.

No. 890781

Obviously cherry picking 2 horrible photos of someone means they are definitely -100/10. True anon.

No. 890783

nta but she filters the absolute fuck out of her posted pictures, so using two candids is pretty fair. and she literally looks like shit throughout that whole live stream it’s not like it’s just one bad frame kek?

No. 890784

Clearly they are both drinking/using coke/using meth that night and are coming down or way too high to care what they look like. Kassi looks like she was on molly or something she was all red under her makeup and her eye makeup was very very smudged. She's pretty for sure, but it was a bad bad look. She seems to use makeup to obscure her looks to something less desirable as we've all discussed before. She has to know it doesn't do any favors.

No. 890791

Dude stop posting this photo edit of Cassie any time someone has a different opinion than you.

No. 890792

Not even worth fighting them anon, they lose their shit and spam the thread if you think she’s pretty. Imagine going crazy over anons thinking an addict is pretty.

She’s pretty get over it.

No. 890798

pretty people can’t be addicts, duh anon

No. 890801

Does anyone have the original tree trunk legs pic or a link to the post? I skimmed the last couple threads and couldn't find it

No. 890803

>they lose their shit and spam the thread if you think she’s pretty
This is exactly what YOU’RE doing . You’re all autistically spamming the thread with your own useless opinions on this crack heads appearance, it’s not one sides fault. Idk how many times we have to go in this circle before anons realize arguing over beauty on lolcow is like trying to herd cats.

No. 890804

I made one post pointing out they repost that pic, boo hoo. Good job doing the same thing.

No. 890806

Nah girl some of you are real mad she’s prettier than you AND a fat junkie.

No. 890810

It’s so annoying, it happens like clock work every time she’s posted. They all sound so retarded going back and forth like it’s some sped debate club.

No. 890811

Cry about it

No. 890812

I hope taylor starts lying again soon because i cant stand these bitches when the milk dries up. I even removed JC's thread link from this op in hopes the weirdos who infight 24/7 would stay over there but to no avail apparently.

No. 890813

“Prettier than us” oh my god LOOOOL

No. 890824

the milk only dries because the cow tipping retards itt scares them away. They’re milky as hell and then get y’all shitting up their comments and dms.

No. 890905

It’s just fucking bothersome to see your diy edit that you happen to post on a number of occasions. It would be nice if you printed and framed your edit so you can stare at it all day, instead of make us all see it over and over.

No. 890907

Why the fuck is kassie even posted when it has nothing to do with Tay tay. If they are at the bar togther i get it, but some anons bring her up so randomly

No. 890913

Self posting likely, gotta get that sweet sweet anon attention!

No. 890929

livestream nona here - im fairly certain her or taylor posted the screenshots about the two livestreams they did. No one else ever reported on the first stream and no one at all reported on the second one despite someone posting about each when it was happening. I’m not the one that posted the ss announcing. It could be a lazy farmer ots just that there was several sus posts then as well

No. 890976

File: 1662645442072.jpeg (257.94 KB, 828x1544, AE7051AC-2F77-498D-B430-60E113…)

Can we all just silently have a mutual agreement to ignore posts about debating cows and their circle friends’s “beauty” and any mention of athena? (Ironically this post too) Yes. Great. Lets move on.

Also on an important side note.. JC is in texas.. I love for them to meet up and rekindle their relationshit.

Brownie points that it spiral into causing milk between syd and layna would be a chef’s kiss of drama.

On an

No. 890989

ohhh they are sooo meeting up and getting high together lmaooo damn taylor ur retarded as fuck

No. 891221

They are not doing either of these things, stop spreading false information. They are not even meeting up together

No. 891238

How the fuck would you know kek. You know one of them irl?

No. 891251

why not? they're probably shooting up heroin as we speak kek

No. 891255

He’s states away from texas now. It looks like him and his gang were just driving through. He doesn’t even have texas dates on his tour.

No. 891271

Chill the fuck out Kassi

No. 891301

File: 1662861476082.jpeg (196.21 KB, 750x1334, 39EB0985-87A5-4A2E-8772-A10874…)

on her latest IG post (which is still a very old post) … wtf is this

No. 891322

Yup they’re fucking as we speak. Like 2 beach whales wrestling.

No. 891324

This is a picture of the mountain in El Paso so he was absolutely nowhere near Taylor.

No. 891327

File: 1662870505398.jpeg (385.76 KB, 1428x1656, 127B8E53-1B26-4CE9-8457-781227…)

This whole interaction is gross. It's just a
stupid jc fan trying to suck Jonny's ass.
Pretty sure he’s just passed through Texas. Either way he's in Florida right now so I doubt they're hooking up lol.

No. 891391

Jonny is sober.. he’s on the Vivitrol shot. You cannot relapse on it. It blocks opiates. I’ve been on it. Taylor may not be sober but that doesn’t mean Jonny is gonna pay her a visit way out of his way to do a drug he can’t even feel? The whole “they are meeting up to fuck and get high” is so stupid, ignorant logic but y’all have fun believing that .

No. 891434

Absolut Kek

No. 891453

Taylor, I know you read here:

Your vid's don't have to be perfect.
Plz don't worry about editing
I've been on lolcow for like 5 years and it's probably only 5-7 anons that need to get laid and I'll take my bant for saying that's.

You have the opportunity to come the fuck back hard. Don't lose it!! Dontbget discouraged. Focus on your positive YouTube comments. Every week you don't post a video is another few hundred followers you lose. Just post a simple video.
Doesn't even need to be monetized yet.

Damnit just post a vid. You promised you had something. Atleast one person thinks you might be sober

Don't let these bitches keep you down.("hi cow" level: pathetic)

No. 891455


No. 891474

This was probably Jonny, did y’all see what was posted in his thread about him standing up to her haturz commenting under her recent photo?

No. 891479

Dude it totally is omfg

No. 891482

>Every week you don't post a video is another few hundred followers you lose. Just post a simple video.
>Damnit just post a vid. You promised you had something
Absolute gold. Even the people going out their way to encourage her are calling out her gross behaviour.

No. 891496

File: 1662986670292.jpeg (191.56 KB, 1242x848, 41F00CBC-605B-44DA-AA42-F70877…)

The comment has changed?

No. 891497

For me the whole comment thread is still there, that’s just another reply. He’s really going back and forth with haters in his exs comments now kek.

No. 891510

Listen to your mommy, Taylor. Bills gotta be paid at the Dean household

No. 891575

File: 1663055827160.jpeg (416.51 KB, 750x938, 96D5F25E-426D-47DB-AA5C-1E083A…)

Kassi looking better than Taylor (posted on her IG a few days ago)(derailing)

No. 891576

File: 1663056257448.jpeg (212.42 KB, 741x1144, A27378FF-F620-48DD-AF03-61F9E1…)

Taylor and Kassi about to be high as fuckkkkk

No. 891577

File: 1663056407394.jpeg (70.13 KB, 750x266, 9E33F9E4-BA48-40D8-A96B-BB488B…)

Yikes, she was at 300k followers just last week when I checked

No. 891594

Yuup pretty.

No. 891608

Can we all agree to report the non milky Cassie posts. The pattern of her coming here posting her selfies, and derailing with the whole pretty/ugly debate is clear as day. She’s just as hungry for attention as that junkie sloth looking bitch who’s always self posting here.

No. 891609

File: 1663085124359.jpeg (58.03 KB, 828x344, 91A2A449-E727-4E45-9B46-86582A…)

she lost 23k followed this year according to social blade. she’s probably been losing her most dedicated fans first because those are those ones that are going to remember the dates she promises be most upset when she ghosts like this. I wonder when shell finally slither back from her “internet break” and what fun excuse she’ll have this time. I’ll never forget the time she tried to use a shooting a few blocks away as a reason to why she couldn’t upload her already filmed video, like hearing distant gunshots somehow prevented her from hitting a button kek

No. 891612

Just ignore

No. 891687

File: 1663112974239.jpeg (344.58 KB, 1242x1852, AD972068-748A-4761-8CC4-B6DD76…)

She also posted a photo with track marks all over her hands and wrists. Gotta wonder what Taylor’s look like rn(derailing)

No. 891820

I gotta say now that I’ve been forced to view the kassie photos I am somewhat impressed by how quickly she’s managed to lose weight. I guess that’s what literally injecting meth will do to you…
yow wee taylor has really jumped the shark yall

No. 891846

taylor isn't returning until she's smoked enough meth to lose all her tub, that's what's going on right now guaranteed.

No. 891898

File: 1663259032378.jpeg (611.04 KB, 1125x2000, 351C3030-65A6-431F-A6BE-BA5F43…)

Tay makes an appearance on Betsy’s story

No. 891899

She looks like a fucking clown. The hair does nothing for her

No. 891900

I like how she made a big deal about how she had never seen this hair color combo before and how original it is. It’s literally just red and blonde split.

No. 891902

She looks so flat chested. And not to mention that hideous hair that's "never been done before." Gee, i wonder why? She looks like a female Ronald McDonald

No. 891903

wow, this ruins the hair reveal everyone is waiting for (sarcasm)

But I would like If Taylor could turn her life around and care for her pets, But it's weird that she thinks we are invested in her new hair instead of her animals. She literally wanted to make her hair a "reveal"?

No. 891909

Red and blonde was her super unique never been done before hair moment? Wow I’m shaking it’s so innovative. Good to know she’s out having fun while her fans are keeping themselves up at night wondering where tf she is. I’ve been following her shenanigans for at least 4 years and I’m still dumbfounded that she acts like this huge mental health advocate then turns around and treats her fans like NPCs who’s concerns and emotions don’t matter. She’s a massive narcissist that’s been surrounded by enablers for so long she can’t even feign being a considerate human anymore.

No. 891911

Good.. god.. the fucking hair.. taylor.. why… is like a new form of self-harm kek such a disaster. Like she needs new friends that will stop gassing her up to make poor fashion choices like this

No. 891914

Do you think she's disappeared because of her hair disaster or because she's on a meth binge? It's probably both.

No. 891915

She’s fluffing up her hair like kassie, who called skin walking 4.0 ?

No. 891916

She’s always been flat chested

No. 891921

Ikr, you can find a million examples on google images. She said she could only find two.

No. 891929

If she had an ounce of sense, she'd dye it black with some dark brown low lights, buy elf ears and cosplay the fairy from Ferngully. That would be such a cute aesthetic for her with her big blue eyes. Crysta didnt do meth,but she did fall in love with a basic bitch, loser human who's literal job was to destroy her entire life.

No. 891930

Dark blue, not brown.

No. 891941

does anyone else feel secondhand embarrassment from her desperate attempt to prove she's alternative? no matter how many times she dyes her hair, does weird makeup or wear dolls kill clothes, we all know she never had an emo/scene phase and was the driest most basic bitch growing up. it's just so weird i don't get it

No. 891951

betsy posted a pic of her and lil aaron… i guess he opened for sueco at a show last night. was that who was going to “help” taylor back in the atrium house days, or was that a diff “lil” sound cloud guy?

No. 891983

tbh i think when she gets a few dollars to buy herself drugs is when she gets online. Probably goes home to do them cuz she doesn't want to share. When she's broke i'm sure she tags along with friends to get her fix for free so she's not really worried about being online and facing her fans. The bitch has no ounce of shame in her. Her whole life is embarrassing

No. 892002

File: 1663351417454.jpeg (359.72 KB, 1294x2048, 6899AE3A-BF9A-4183-B833-456FAC…)

When Taylor said there were only “like two other examples” of her new hair on google pretty sure this was it

No. 892255

Just dropping in to say I think she’s faking celiac disease.

She apparently eats whataburger all the time. Wtf does this bitch eat at whataburger? Whataburger uses a shared fryer for their fries, so those aren’t celiac safe. Basically nothing at whataburger is celiac safe. The burgers can be served plain or on some lettuce but most celiacs wouldn’t risk getting cross contaminated just to eat a lettuce burger. Something tells me she’s not just getting a drink and some apple slices.

Also, YEARS ago, many threads back, homegirl claimed to have gotten glutened while at Disney world. I believe this was her excuse for missing a planned fan meet and greet at a con. I call fucking BULLSHIT because you would have to fucking go out of your way to get glutened at Disney world. There’s not a single place on earth that is more celiac/food allergy friendly than Disney.

Sage cause sour milk but fuck this lying bitch. If she had celiac she’d talk about it way fucking more and milk it for attention and pity.

No. 892260

It came out she was dope sick at Disney.

No. 892261

if I remember right I think anons looked into it and found that one of the fast food places she frequently got fries from used the same oil to deep fry nuggies and fries, meaning they’re contaminated because of the breading on the nuggies. She tends to lie a lot but the lies are based in very small truths, she probably has a mild allergy and exaggerated it to life threatening, if she even eats a molecule of gluten she’ll die, Celiac disease because that’s her M.O.

No. 892263

I agree 100% I really think she just over exaggerates for attention. Being “sick” is also a way people in active use make excuses to not show up for things or do things because they’re too busy being dopesick or high af. Or doing whatever they need to in order to get the drugs. If you’re “sick” all the time you don’t need to show up for anyone.

No. 892271

lmao sour milk or not your whole response here cracked me up nonnie. i think it's safe to say taylor is giving up on her "comeback" esp after outing herself for looking like a beached beluga whale

No. 892285

I'm still confused as to how doing meth made her get fatter.

No. 892293

She's likely always faked medical issues to compete with her brother (one-sidedly) for the parents' attention. As much as I think Mama Dean is a narc, she didn't need that much extra burden on her from Taylor's self-imposed (then fictious and now real) medical issues.

No. 892294

If you’ve ever heard of coke bloat, taking stimulants in general such as Meth causes blood pressure to rise which for some results in edema (or water retention). She hasnt become directly fat cause its not distributed over her entire body but key points like her ankles (legs in general). She most likely has been on her feet alot during the throes of a meth high cause where you swell depends on where the water ends up pooling in your body.
Then when she suddenly starts sleeping for days on end the water might migrate to other places making her face or arms swell, dehydration will also exacerbate the symptoms and our girl chooses vodka over water.

No. 892296

I guess none of us should be surprised that she’s been faking celiac disease this whole time. I guess she assumed nobody who actually has celiac would ever call her out on her shit.

I’m also not surprised that she has half assed her celiac ruse this whole time. If she actually had celiac she would have gone on a rant about her brother eating her gluten free snacks, or her family cross contaminating her, or how she got glutened by Jonny cause he ate a pizza and didn’t brush his teeth/wash his hands before kissing her or sharing a joint with her or whatever the fuck. Celiac is serious and she would have shown off her special gluten free toaster and gone on and on about how haaaard it is to be a special snowflake who can’t have gluten and how sad she is to watch her friends eat fast food without her.

I guess a reason she didn’t lean into this harder is because in addition to not thinking anyone would realize, leaning into celiac without actually having celiac would be a COLOSSAL pain in the ass.

No. 892298

There's more than celiac as well, like her EDS that magically only appears when she's on a drug binge. She has a whole list of diagnoses that she randomly brings up and alternates between whenever convenient: migraines, PMDD, I think even CRPS at one point, and many many others. And that's just the physical ones, she's gone through the list of popular mental illnesses as well, now mostly inching for that ADHD dx to get legal stimulants. It's hard to keep up with her insane amount of lies.

No. 892299

Taylor being a munchie is not a revelation of any kind

No. 892301

You're right nonna, just wanted to give the summary to original celiac anon who seems a bit behind on the lore, or for any newfag disgruntled ex-fans who wander here from her sporadic ig spams. Her current saga has overshadowed her old antics (the munching and animal neglect), but I feel like those were what made her a cow, not so much the drug stuff. A lot of her remaining stans seem to think that if she would just stay sober, she could "go back to normal", but they don't realize that her "normal" was never good to begin with.

No. 892371


I think that brings up the question of if Taylor is a Munchie, or if her mommy gave her the idea that she's so sick uwu. Like, did this behaviour originate with Taylor, or is her mom the one to blame for the start of it?

No. 892443

Would explain, not excuse.
She is an adult woman now, time to grow up and actually go to therapy. But our Taytay would never.
Also someone said they thought meth addicts were skinny. Only when they have to choose between food and meth. Taylor doesn't, she is fed and warm and well doped up. What a life.

No. 892467

It’s a big appetite suppressant for some, but when you do eat, it’s shitty, carby food with no nutritional value and you can still put away 2k+ calories worth of soda while geeked out of your mind

No. 892486

This would make sense for EDS but not really for celiac disease? EDS is pretty easy to fake or convince yourself you have it if you’re a munchie, but celiac is a physical reaction to gluten and anything that’s been cross contaminated with gluten. Maybe tay’s even more retarded than I’m assuming and literally never did any research into her supposed condition. If her mom is the one who told her she’s celiac, you’d think mama dean would have done some research and would take the chance to be seen as a martyr for all the sacrifices she has made to ensure Taylor doesn’t get glutened. When you are living with someone who actually has celiac, the ENTIRE household has to be conscientious about it. Many times if someone in a family has celiac, the entire family will go gluten free because it’s just easier than dealing with the constant worry of cross contaminating your loved one. Is there even a gluten free section of the kitchen for Taylor?

If she actually had celiac disease homegirl would, at the very least, be immensely uncomfortable anytime she ate her beloved Whataburger fries.

I think the biggest tell is that her munchie ass has never ONCE shown us her gluten bloat belly. That’s something even non munchie celiacs are known for showing off simply due to the inherent shock factor of it. I also feel like she’d be the kind of person who would take a pic of a handful of hair she lost due to being glutened. If someone actually has celiac and is a munchie there are so many opportunities to munch on about celiac symptoms.

No. 892529

Remember in her “I got kicked out of rehab” video where she said she ordered a non gluten pizza cuz she was craving it and ate the whole thing? Yeah seems sus

No. 892552

Meant to say NOT non gluten

No. 892589

Oh fucking kek.

No. 892915

I’ve always known Taylor doesn’t have it because I live with someone who does. Gluten free house baby, I hate it. She’s eaten wheat and would make out with Jonny after his wheat beers.

No. 893066

Maybe she meant September 2023? Kek. She’s been gone over month now, same old same old useless junkie bs.

No. 893102

My guess is that her super cool and original hair faded bc she was too lazy to maintain it and now she can’t film.

No. 893194

cow(unsaged shitpost)

No. 893666

So after saying she wasn't going to promote any more upload dates because she doesn't stick to them, she gives another range of dates and misses them all… kek, give it up?

No. 893707

File: 1664670448046.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, B542446E-BC6C-4EDA-A0A5-13F23C…)

Is her hair red and blonde like Taylor’s?!

No. 893747

That is honestly so fucking funny. Yeah Taylor your hair is real original

No. 893821

the “one and only” example taylor was talking about

No. 894256

Anyone in TX check the obituary to make sure our tay tay kins is still alive?

No. 894262

sad that at this point the thread has been reduced to a waiting game of taylor’s overdose. every junkie thinks they’ll never od, and they always do. our poor delusional cow thinks as long as she can keep “convincing” people that she’s sober by dropping off the face of the earth to leave nothing to speculate about she will be fine. she needs to wake up soon or else we will be looking at an obituary.

No. 894267

Jonny said she took the medication that stops her from getting high in H? I assume that she is just tuck away alive somewhere just miserable in her own thoughts.

No. 894311

>believing things that narc junkies say online
OK …
Even if she did take the shot, she's been getting drunk and doing speed. It's obvious. The shot they (allegedly) took doesn't keep you from getting shitfaced and tweaked out on meth 'til your heart go boom.

No. 894337

He never said she took the shot. He was trying to convince her to because that’s what HE takes. Reading comprehension.

No. 894355

He never said she got it and neither did she. I think it was just something she thought about while on a bender and used it as an excuse to talk to him. Either way, she's clearly switched to meth.

No. 894358

she probably sees meth as not using… because she calls heroin her "drug of choice" sadly you can overdose on meth easily

No. 894405

File: 1665064346879.jpeg (202.19 KB, 828x1221, 5A1360DA-53AC-49B3-A327-0F26EF…)

Sage for ancient milk but I found this old sc(2017). I kinda forgot about this saga and it made me think at this point her family isn’t enabling her they’re just too scared to fight her manipulative ass anymore. They cared enough early on to call the authorities to get her away from drugs and her abusive bf and she turned around and tried to paint them as monsters to her massive following, I can’t blame them for doing nothing anymore. Taylor has made it clear she’s going to do whatever she wants whenever she wants and if anyone tries to stop her she’ll just play her victim card and twist the situation.

No. 894435

Woahhh i was never aware of this. Kudos to mama and papa dean for parenting? I always wondered why they were such enablers. They most likely have a nice life insurance plan on her so if she bottoms up they can at least help pay tanner’s medical bills etc

No. 894461

Oh yeah this was a thing. When she first got on drugs her mom went on live and sat in the parking lot waiting for her spilling all her business.

No. 894465

Do you read the threads before attempting to integrate? Her parents literally stalked her and Jonny and would secretly spy on them in person. Well known era of their relationship.

No. 894505

She could at least get some Adderall every now and again, and try to be productive, kek. Even if she did recover (which she won't, because she doesn't want to), she has nothing left. No career, back at home with her parents, no education, nothing.

No. 894717

Lol so Taylor is lazy bc she has nothing going for her yet Layna is the exact same way, except in the Jonny thread her stans are coming to defend her for being a lazy pos. Saying “she doesn’t have responsibilities” “she’s not a mother” so that doesn’t mean she’s lazy.

I just can’t with this logic lol

No. 894718

File: 1665313529432.png (310.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221009-120447.png)

No. 894719

File: 1665320920949.jpeg (401.22 KB, 828x1266, 41B5BE8D-5AD2-47E6-B45C-4BBAC4…)

No. 894720

imo her parents are trash. Papa Dean is in old threads spilling milk about her, he generally gives me really bad vibes. He's never there and doesn't seem to help out with her brother at all, Jen's social media makes her seem like a single mom. I'm not going through all the all threads, but it was around this time >>684033.
I think they let her do whatever she wants as long as it's not public knowledge, then they massively overpunish her too late/once people know. They didn't care about her being high, they cared about her posting it on the internet where people could see it. They only stepped in once it was extremely obvious to people online she had a heroin addiction. They tried to control the narrative by throwing their daughter under the bus, while shitposting on gossip sites and letting her get away with murder. There's no way they were unaware of TND's constant animal murder and coverup stories, but that wasn't incriminating enough for them to step in.
TND's drug usage didn't start with Jonny and a lot of people forget that she was a cokehead before they even met. The parents only got involved because they were being called scumbags for letting their 18 year old daughter run off with an abusive asshole.
I still WK Jen though lol, she's absolutely crazy but it's hard not to sympathise with how neglected she is in the family dynamic.

No. 894721

I saw this too LMAOOOO

No. 894722

Is that SoundCloud? Is that a song of hers? BRB gonna go try to listen

No. 894725

AYRT. You do know there's more than one person in these threads, yeah? The logic isn't consistent because people in these threads aren't a hivemind, retard. Layna is also useless, cute (for now, as Taylor was back in the day), but lazy. However, she's seemingly always been a pathetic loser, unlike Taylor, who was very successful and lost it all because of Goiter. Layna doesn't have anything to lose, kek.

They just refuse to stop promising these non-existent videos, huh? I'd love for this to be true because I miss one of my favorite cows, but come the fuck on…

No. 894737

Nonnie Taylor sits around and smokes meth and shoots heroin. Supposedly Layna is in university and works a job and doesn’t do any drugs.

No. 894738

She’s been about to post a video for 3-5yrs straight we could even argue her entire career was empty promises. Damn drugs really fuck up your ability to accurately comprehend reality and yet they know this but insist they live in reality

No. 894741

So she collabed with Brokencyde???? Kek.
Honestly it's bad but not as bad as I expected, I'll give her that.

No. 894764

im confused. is taylor attempting a music career now?

No. 894767

She can’t feel close to her man JC through heroin anymore so she’s re-routing kek.

No. 894770

She doesn’t work or go to university and canadian anons proved that because university there started a LONG time ago and she JUST got back home. She’s been with Jonny for over three months before she flew home. You obviously haven’t been reading the other thread. She has no job. Her job is “twitch”, which she takes major breaks from to go see Jonny. And just because she streams for a night doesn’t mean she makes money, she needs viewers when she’s streaming.

You can’t compare her and Taylor at all, Taylor had a major downfall, and like anon above said, Layna has nothing to lose cuz she HAS nothing.

No. 894771

How did you listen to this? I searched SoundCloud and couldn’t, could you link it?

No. 894773

I’m from the other thread and like nonnies keep telling you, we have no real information about her private life pretty much at all. She could very easily be doing an online semester while she travels or took a semester off. She said she has a job and no where did she say her job is twitch so it’s safe to assume she works somewhere when she goes home. especially since it’s obvious she makes no money streaming and she’s talked about making money at her job. Unless she’s a massive liar, she really don’t seem lazy from my point of view and other anons.
Is she lazy because she doesn’t work while in america? Unless she has dual citizenship OR works under the table she’s not allowed. Sorry for the soft white-knighting but you just sound vendetta-y. Why are you even talking about her in this thread in the first place.

No. 894774

No. 894776

Bless u.

No. 894782

How many YEARS it has been now she has been promising a video "soon"? Bet she doesn't have any fans left, its just us.

No. 894783

“She doesn’t seem lazy from me and other anons”

Lol you’re in the minority on that opinion but go off. What kind of job let’s someone leave for months and weeks on end? She’s a job less lazy fuck get over it. And definitely not in any classes. You’re gonna look so stupid for defending this calf. ~halfway to cow status~

No. 894784

Lmao when Kassi can put a whole song account and Taylor can’t be bothered to make a video

No. 894788

For anyone wondering, Taylor is not on the track and there's no milk, only shit tier one take SoundCloud garbage.
Sorry Kassie even putting Taylor's face in your album art won't help you crack 60 plays on this uh "music" . Try putting in a little more effort than screaming out of tune and out of time on top of a free Beatstar track next time?
inb4 but Kassie is prettier than Taylor REEEE

No. 894789

She /is/ prettier REEE

No. 894794

Jfc… this is so bad.. i m getting secondhand embarrassment listening to it and had to lower down the volume so that my partner doesn't asked me what monstrosity i m listening to. Kek

No. 894803

bump for cp on front page

No. 894878

kassi fucked up. she shouldn't have added taylor's face to the song or else i woulda shared it , now i won't because taylor is so ugly

No. 894899

i truly think that "she's uploading a video now!!!" is an inside joke with taylor and her friends now lmao

No. 894914

File: 1665473518139.jpeg (140.22 KB, 828x1462, 601215B9-47F0-439C-A368-F43C50…)

Funny people mentioned the live stream, god those early days were so milky. Tay tay did wise up and realize that lack of posting = no milk. I never visit anymore, but felt compelled to post kassi smoking cigarettes in Taylor’s room. Apologies if this is old news but god damn the disrespect is unreal… blowing it on the dog too. So trashy. Can’t post video otherwise I would, someone may want to clip it from her insta story. Chick is fucking revolting. And tay is nowhere to be seen??(unsaged derail)

No. 894915

File: 1665473570003.jpeg (141.64 KB, 828x1456, 24F36E95-9C77-4161-AE67-0A4326…)

Sorry for bad quality. No way this bitch pays rent yet she feels entitled to smoke inside

No. 894916

First of all… that is not taylor’s room.. second of all, sage your derailing shit. This is why there are new fags who don’t bother to read the threads, other new fags clogging up useless screenshots that has nothing to do with the cow.

No. 894922

Wow she's a cool smoker with tiny lungs. Once the cancer kicks in you get all the good drugs and none of the judgement. Good for you

No. 894924

File: 1665489260492.png (710.32 KB, 989x669, 11A990DA-B22F-48E4-AB1E-E61BED…)

To the anons that think lelayna is bagging groceries:

She’s a cam girl, camming in her childhood bedroom while her parents are next door.(derailing)

No. 894939

The copium, kek.

No. 895012

That is way too clean to be Taylor's room. It looks gross, but it doesn't look like it smells like clinically depressed lizard, you know?

No. 895058

Can we ban this person admins? They do this in multiple other threads and its fucking obnoxious

No. 895072

nta but there’s a troll (most likely a bot tbh) that sometimes spams this site with child porn, it was on the front page so nonnie bumped a bunch of threads to get it off. farmhands aren’t here 24/7, they can’t always remove posts immediately so a lot of times farmers try to at least bump it off the front page.

No. 895207

haven’t been here in a long time! is tayter still living at home?

No. 895245

Yea and still getting high and not posting any videos

No. 895328

No. 895444

File: 1665863721273.jpeg (713.23 KB, 1125x778, F16B950E-63B6-4D38-BB90-1CC098…)

Is this Taylor’s room?

No. 895470


looks like it might be the enclosures in the background

No. 895475


Agreed with previous anon. The room's layout looks just like the room where they did that stream.

I doubt Tay will ever post a YouTube video while she's besties with Kassie. Post-Jonny Tay hasn't uploaded any videos while she's high despite trying to (the clip in her first comeback video revealing her meth face with green hair being the most obvious example). Idk if that's with the genuine intent that a new video will help her turn over a new leaf or prompted by fear that she could get her banned from YouTube. But either way Tay needs no encouragement to spend all of her free time getting high so it's inevitable she would make friends who enable her. Especially ones who make themselves right at home at Tay's parents' house by (probably) taking 50 selfies before they find the right one.(learn2sage)

No. 895480

She has no incentive to post anything on social media or YouTube, she’s getting all the validation (and enablement, freedom from responsibility and accountability, etc) she needs irl from the goblin and friends. It takes far less effort to spend 24/7 in a junkie circle jerk than it does to make content or answer to people who are genuinely concerned about her and her animals. She won’t post while she’s around Kassi because every time she has she’s copped backlash, her audience has made it abundantly clear they hate Kassi because she’s a “bad influence” on Taylor. Tinfoil but I honestly believe that the only way she’ll ever post another video is if she gets properly sober, as in complete life overhaul, no contact whatsoever with people from her past (such as bridge troll Kassi, crackwhore Betsy, Lil Job the ginger hobbit et al) and there’s more chance of hell freezing over than that happening, so

No. 895562

Shame on mama dean for allowing Taylor to live there still. She would rather watch Taylor die in her home than force her to confront the reality of her addiction without a soft place to land. No wonder Taylor is so messed up.

No. 895614

So this was just a straight up lie, her friends are lying to her fans for her now.

No. 896160

File: 1666579959644.jpeg (493.87 KB, 1779x2851, 36649603-0FD8-4A1A-9F4C-0F9176…)

Taylor continues to be a lying piece of shit, but now she’s using the fat junkie as a proxy so she doesn’t have to take any kind of responsibility for her blatant lies.

No. 896211

File: 1666641842921.png (299.9 KB, 864x1261, Screenshots_2022-10-24-15-57-5…)

Recent updates: Mama D has reactivated her twitter, revamped her insta and has begun peddling a bunch of crap on ebay. Funny enough, she took Taylor's name out of both her twit and insta bios lol

Apparently ohmytinylungs is suddenly hell bent on shitting on all us mean haters trying to keep her and Tay down. She picrel and pic posted by an different nonni yesterday. Taylor also took the opportunity to log into insta and like a bunch of ass-kissing comments but didn't do anything else besides that.

Tay's life 1/10
Tay's animal's lives -1000000/10

No. 896213

I feel like kassi is trolling now at this point lol is getting really boring. And good on mama dean finally growing a backbone, I feel bad for her sometimes

No. 896256

How the fuck do you manifest the best life for yourself before you quit using drugs? What a fucking moron. Let her die, I hope she takes a hot shot on accident.

She isn’t inspiring Taylor in ANY way creatively, she’s doing the exact opposite, sucking the life and funds out of her and the willpower to do ANYTHING creative. She’s bring tay down with her while acting like she’s the best thing to ever happen to her. Sounds like something Jonny used to do while actively isolating her from us. This is NO different.

No. 896571

File: 1666971849804.jpeg (219.72 KB, 1125x892, 9ABCA664-9B8B-4E84-BFC1-A9A12E…)

Saged because not milk just related meth-head beef

No. 896572

I am so bored of this thread and this is actually rather funny and entertaining. Thanks nonnie

No. 896642

Bump to push CP down.

No. 897250

Is this the longest she’s been completely MIA?

No. 897257

I think it's time to start considering the possibility that Kassi ate her

No. 897260

Middle school problems lol. How catty.

No. 897276

Kek. Ngl I thought she’d pop back up to mourn the death of Aaron Carter. Thought I remembered her bragging about being in contact with him awhile back on Twitter.

No. 897326

Has Taylor's mom said anything on twitter? She blocked me years ago.

No. 897336

Nothing noteworthy, she's just been sharing links to Disney crap from ebay

No. 897341

I have this thought that Taylor got kicked out and she's too embarrassed to come forward.

No. 897367

I was so bored that I actually check mama dean’s ebay to see if she was selling any of tay’s stuff lol. like I feel the ugly furby and funko pop would fetch more money than all of mama dean’s disney dvds and merch

No. 897390

The whole family is literally retarded but adults who like Disney are a special brand of retard, no wonder Taylor is the way she is

No. 897669

File: 1668186253604.png (4.22 MB, 1125x2436, 1D47C38F-C7D8-4CBC-AFD8-67058E…)

She changed her name on YouTube.

No. 897701

If she was really confident that she could keep this promise she would be plastering it all over her social medias. This is another attempt to gain views/money but less publicly, because pretty much everyone’s caught on to her manipulative bullshit at this point.

No. 897768

I'm gonna have to agree with you. The lack of a date really makes it seem like it's just a attention grab for more views. Wouldn't you announce it all over your other socials though? Even if there are no new videos, expand the grift reach. Who knows, maybe she finally smoked enough meth to lose her bigfoot figure.
Atleast we know she's not dead. My money is still on she got kicked out.

No. 897852

I can't wait for her youtube bucks to dry up. If she starts uploading again then that would more so confirm to me she was kicked out because there is no way she can afford anything without staying with her parents or them paying for things.
Still, I don't know how much a washed up youtuber can possibly make.

No. 897870


Who falls for this at this point?

It's too late girl… Just move on with your life. I feel like the best thing she can do for herself is to just stay away.

No. 897895

She didn’t specify when, so this is sus. She could mean Monday, Friday, what days did she normally upload in the past?

No. 897915

It’s the only reason why she keeps “teasing” a comeback, she knows what if she “officially” quit she’d hemorrhage subs and views like never before, she’s giving people some crumbs purely to avoid completely flatlining

No. 898009

What do you mean what day did she usually upload? This bitch has been so flaky that she never had a normal schedule. How many come backs has this washed up junkie tried to make? She makes the crack heads downtown look reliable

No. 898026


Every week is next week if you never change the title (insert man tapping head gif in your imagination cos idk how to do it)

Also I’m sad we never got to see her debut her ‘super speshul so unique it can’t be found anywhere on the internet’ Ronald CrackDonald hair bc it’s for sure washed out and raggety by now. Not that it’s ever not.

No. 898043

Ronald CrackDonald KEK

No. 898046

File: 1668569415248.jpeg (265.73 KB, 750x656, D45DBC65-4FAF-4937-B275-8FEA20…)

Is Taylor really a women’s right advocate lmao

No. 898071

No, and she's not in recovery either

No. 898090

How did this article get published without any fact checking?

No. 898108

someone wrote it on Wikipedia and it's not sourced

No. 898158

Seeing this article reminded me how sad it is that having Jonny in her life really fucked her up. Immediate downward spiral.

No. 898165

Possibly Taylor herself

No. 898186

If this was posted last Friday then it was probably referring to this week… which is almost over lol. But I’m sure absolutely no one is shocked.

No. 898191

She’s just gonna keep it there and never upload, No one will know what week she is talking about.

No. 898198

at BEST it's going to be next year. When she's feeling like "changing" cause of new years resolutions and stuff.

She's going to take a "break" until then and pat herself on the back for putting it up there. She won't do anything during the holidays.

No. 898254

Welp, it's Friday, and still no sign of an upload. I don't know why she keeps doing this. Does she believe her own bullshit? Your career is dead, Taylor. Let it go.

No. 898322

I used to love the Taylor milk but at this point I only check here periodically to see if she’s still alive. I become more and more surprised each time I visit.

No. 898344

This might become a lil bo weep situation…

No. 898666

Yeah… Next week

No. 898743

She even fools me with these sometimes.

No. 899194

Is she just waiting for all her critics to get bored and move on before she starts posting stupid shit again or what(learn2sage)

No. 899236

Honestly, it's just sad to watch how she says she makes a comeback and then she doesn't.

I think YouTube would be easier for her, If she didn't discuss her personal problems in her videos, didn't explain why she didn't make any new videos.

Just upload something about her animals and get money from YouTube.

People follow her for animal content and they like her, but they are not interested in all the reasons why she doesn't upload. She has over 200 million views on youtube, a crazy amount for somebody who uploads so little. She could just make a video where she feeds all her animals and get views.

Honestly, she really had luck with the algorithm because most youtube need to upload weekly to get YouTube to recommend their videos at all.

No. 899306

Am I retarded or does anybody else think Taytay might have secret social media accounts? No way she's keeping this quiet for so long. Her need for attention could never.

No. 899318

She's probably getting attention from irl brodicks and drug contacts ("friends") right now. IMO her attention-seeking was never only an online thing (e.g. bringing hedgehogs to school, snakes to parties, taking/sending nudes while teenaged, etc.), part of why she's not posting right now must be that she's getting her fix (both drugs and attention) irl.

No. 899352

I wonder how broke she is by now, there's no way her old videos are generating enough revenue at this point to keep her afloat. Maybe she's getting the moids to buy her drugs.

No. 899356

This is why I laugh at the idiots thinking she's pulling 5k a month off old views. This is not how it works.

No. 899366

She still has a small window to resurrect herself. And I'm confident she could with TikTok or YouTube shorts.
TikTok would be so easy. So easy.

The idea I've gathered over the years from her own admissions is that she has hundreds of hours of content she constantly videos but where she gets all flakey is the editing and splicing. She's holding herself to too high of a standard that she clearly can't master anymore. (Blog: I was demotivated and a different person with different mature humor after I quit drugs also, no shame) she wants to be the cute quirky sarcastic sound effect animal girl . But maybe she just isn't that person anymore. She forged a unique path for herself in the past, no one was doing what she was back then exactly how she was.

Everyone loves a redemption story.
She could stitch and lip synch and do audio trends and just re establish herself with the youth of today. She just has to let go of that old image of who she was.

Her releasing nothing is a pure giveaway she is still struggling with drugs. I believe if she was sober she'd be able to release small things or simply Instagram posts. I don't think she'd have to notepad-narc-sperg-over-explain like she has the past few years periodically . She'd just move on and show her animals. And make mature content. But she isn't. She's trapped in the cycles of her past.

No. 899382

File: 1669782277572.jpeg (101.45 KB, 1169x2324, BAEF1687-83BA-4352-9EFB-8DB945…)

No. 899383

File: 1669782771089.jpeg (34.57 KB, 170x173, 75611097-83F7-486C-BC44-C88392…)

New pfp too

No. 899384

File: 1669782951665.png (1.42 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221129-233350.png)

Betty is at a bar dancing ratchet and posted this

No. 899385

File: 1669783968566.png (806.59 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221129-235123.png)


Aww now they are chilling at a bar together, really sticking to crafting a new and improved image of herself…

No. 899386

File: 1669786080285.jpeg (668.54 KB, 1169x2178, D64628CF-11A7-422C-BEB4-1AAA1E…)

She claims she’s “done isolating” and has a new video coming out tomorrow explaining everything. AKA an entire post saying she’s been sober and thriving since June. I don’t think we’ve heard this one before

No. 899387

casually goes back to the posts from June 2022 on here

But wait… he’ll nah. There’s no way. That mean she was sober during all those YouNow streams with Kassi?

No. 899388

her most insane behavior of all time was in july lmfao i just don't know about that one

No. 899390

That means she was sober during this >>882137
This >>882138
And This >>882139

How come this post is from May and then the next one skips to July? >>882128

No. 899393

she’s so retarded but emzotic is actually the biggest ass kissing pathetic piece of shit on the planet. she tries so hard still … and for what? we all remember the crazy stuff you did lmao and i’m sure taylor does too

No. 899394

OF saga annoucement? Lol

No. 899395

"Here's what the future looks like for me"
First big achievement: septum piercing. Almost everything else: appearance based.

I just can't believe this gal is in her mid 20s.

No. 899396


Taylor is promising a new video? Like she’s been doing for the past several YEARS

On the bright side, while I do know she’s just doing meth now, the silence must be from someone in her life, maybe mom or therapist, keeping her away from social media. I hate Taylor and she’s a useless waste of oxygen, but of being boring for us is better for her, then good.

No. 899397

her constant taylor ass kissing is absolutely so fucking insane. aren't you embarrassed?? you got all your shit laid out home girl, the lack of social awareness is astounding

No. 899398

LMAO how much do you want to bet she’s been binging on meth to get her weight down before revealing the “new” Taylor?
All those “pet tube” retards are two faced drama mongering shitbags

No. 899402

So she’s been sober since June, the time where no one posted a new thread on her for about a month? Interesting

No. 899403

Meth is no doubt what made her “lose 30 pounds from heroin”, we know she doesn’t work out. Also when I was on heroin I was actually losing weight which makes me think she’s referring to the big foot comments. I guess some bodies on drugs are different tho

No. 899404

Yeah some people gain weight during heroin and some people lose. Everyone I know who did it had issues shitting and most of their weight was from being constipated kek

No. 899405

Ah, the return of her make it Mc tonight chin.

No. 899407

File: 1669802214995.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1452, 457DF315-4576-45A7-8C45-E16129…)

I cannot look at these images and seriously believe she is sober. What Is this.

No. 899408

File: 1669802337177.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1461, 1603E341-D541-454B-B910-B743CB…)

The extremely chopped up bangs… the horrible makeup. She used to be amazing at makeup. There’s just no way.

No. 899411

remember when she claimed this new hair was such a rare color combo that she could barely find any reference pics online? kek it's literally just a basic ass red and blonde split dye this girl is something else

No. 899412

She is letting kassi use a nail clipper to cut her bangs I reckon.. she truly has no personality, just morphing into whoever she is hanging out with

No. 899413

File: 1669814573156.png (614.38 KB, 828x1792, 51EF53E2-8716-48CF-9385-A4CE39…)

she’s been manic (meth) posting all night

No. 899414


Truly. Her shitty make-up is like a carbon copy of Kassi’s

No. 899418

It was just a riveting social experiment guise

Nah but I recently looked back at her revealed posts and had a laugh. The way she would gossip about herself in first person too… what is wrong with these people. I’d like a full on psych analysis to read and study, please and thank you

No. 899419

Nitpick but that random strip of red hair is bothering me

No. 899420

Omg she took six whole hours on this video y’all, she’s such a hard worker

Sounds like it’s gonna be a personal/munchie video. I can’t wait. And sober since June my ass. Why can’t she be honest about ANYTHING

No. 899430

to be honest, she’s right this is the best she has looked in a long time. the meth binge she went on really melted any of the excess dope weight on her face. she actually looks feminine for once but this girl still has no personality

No. 899431

tinfoil but she has obviously become a coke girly now. with her stripper friend, and kassis friends, i’m sure she’s opened a whole new world of hookups

No. 899432

I'm sure the blonde was meant to be gray or silver. When I Googled it that combo was the only one without millions of results. But it never came out right because Kassie is a meth head who doesn't know color theory.
>lost 30 heroin lbs
Wasn't she posting before and afters when she broke up with Jonny, saying she was sooo thin on heroin and now she's thick and healthy again? She needs to check her threads before coming up with new lies lol

No. 899441

This is verbatim the same old "I'm so healthy, I'm the best I've ever been, I'm ready to comeback this time" bullshit that she always spews
Lilboweep levels of shopping in these pics, like whose face is that? Fucking kek at her trying to look smol and sucking her cheeks in, I guess the chubby Bigfoot comments got to her. And did she cut her bangs in the dark with children's safety scissors…..or???
So did it take her 9 months to film the video?
Or has she just been constantly lying about all those other times she totally filmed and edited? she never addresses her mistakes, she just comes back and moves on like she didn't fuck over her fans for like a whole year, the nerve on this woman is insane lol.

No. 899442

File: 1669834917383.jpeg (976.84 KB, 1179x1409, 23B27513-A1B6-440C-872F-D0EA99…)

A little weird how this looks like the porch our newly revamped Tay-Tay is on!

No. 899447

I'm convinced she saw this…..

and realized she's a piece of shit for promising things and being silent and worrying everyone.

This post particularly because she immediately defended herself related to the post. She said she's been sober, that she struggled for hours with editing the video, that she's been isolating on purpose, that she doesn't want to keep talking about the same things….

Still feel like she will be unable to post because the sun exploded in that small part of Texas, because she has sun burns all over and somehow all her potassium leaked out of her body so she had to get more out in and that's what's been "wrong, making me so tired" with her for months. And that she lost every electronic in her house becaus of the event.

No. 899450

It’s not, Taylor’s pic is from her front porch (you can tell by the shutters and comparing to her video on Vice) and who knows where Jonny is. Taylor’s house doesn’t have those railings

No. 899451

Those pictures and the video give me such weird vibes. She’s sitting alone laughing really expressively - at nothing - for the camera?

No. 899453

id bet money on the fact that she doesnt have anything in the queue to post, were gonna get another excuse.

No. 899457

File: 1669844974488.jpeg (1022.7 KB, 3464x3464, 2130B6BF-38B2-45C4-8DF4-B6D11F…)

I’m with you on this one nonnie. I won’t believe she’s filmed a video until I see it uploaded on YouTube, you can’t believe anything Taylor says.

No. 899458

yeah i was kind of looking forward to "what she's been up to" as she said, but i feel like she was high on meth when she posted this and is probably gonna sleep the comedown off for days. also there's no way she's been sober since june.

No. 899460

File: 1669848395057.jpeg (174.8 KB, 828x1400, 3C11D729-07D3-4436-AC37-738B19…)

there’s still a twinge of hope we’ll get to see the meth head in action.

No. 899462

how does she not know when its gonna be ready

No. 899469

File: 1669852614485.jpeg (114.95 KB, 750x220, E6F27FCC-CC9C-4961-ABAF-1A8AD1…)

Changed her bio too

No. 899471

The first pic is so unhinged, why is she manically laughing. The anons ( >>890572 >>890354 ) who guessed she was gunna come back pretending to loose weight again were right.
>first photo set I've ever posted without any filters or editing
Her shoulder tattoo is blurred to shit and her arms are a wonky mess from editing herself thinner, it’s very blatant when you zoom in on any of the pics. She’s been talking about how she’s lost weight for years now but always looks the exact same. Also fat chance I’d believe she lost 30 pounds in just under 3 months (that’s 10 pounds a month) doing nothing but sitting around doing drugs and eating fast food.

No. 899472

File: 1669853041855.png (210.18 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20221130-183342~2.p…)

Thought this was interesting, she is still following the dude too. Last pic he posted is him flashing devil horns with cat shit on the carpet behind him…fucking gross.

No. 899495

It's 9:20 in Texas now and no video. Who would have guessed? kek She's such a fucking waste, my god.

No. 899501

File: 1669865982838.png (387.91 KB, 1079x1084, Screenshot_20221130-223848.png)


Classic Taylor

No. 899502

File: 1669866018053.png (915.73 KB, 1079x1178, Screenshot_20221130-223915.png)

But in the meantime we got this humorous lil tweet

No. 899503

File: 1669866055792.jpeg (191.43 KB, 1192x1587, Fi3IeO9XkAA4H7c.jpeg)

No. 899505

Still sounds like it will be live tonight

No. 899506

Inb4 “they reviewed it and wouldn’t let it be posted!! So here’s my new nails and earrings instead”

No. 899507

Everyone is talking about the pics but what even is the last video in this post?? I’m howling from the cringe I get watching it oh my god
(Sorry for being retarded but I don’t know how to upload video properly on here. Someone should make a GIF of this nightmare fuel)

No. 899509

Not the obvious self posting…

No. 899510

File: 1669868389342.jpeg (436.57 KB, 1170x2080, C5C6ACA7-2CD0-490E-B1F2-FF8C4A…)

This is obviously only a snippet of this combo but it’s honestly SO rich seeing Em literally kiss ass and WK Taylor any chance she gets. I mean, she may have literally said vile things about TND on an anonymous forum while simultaneously talking nice to her face, but that was like half a decade ago! So she’s a different person now and is all about love and light.

Lmfao I seriously don’t see how she can’t see the hypocrisy of her involvement with Taylor, it’s cringe as fuck to watch. She should have just apologized and moved on, kept her distance and do her own thing. Jumping to her defense with every post confirming she’s been lying about her sobriety is fr embarrassing girly

No. 899511

File: 1669868976422.jpeg (744.61 KB, 3464x2391, 34DF71EF-28FC-4BBE-988E-32CF80…)

A+ cringe. I nearly spit out my drink when she attempted to pull what I can only describe as a sexy fish pout??? literally died of second hand embarrassment. Wut is this autistic shit.

No. 899512


That snake is so fucking fat Jesus Christ.

No. 899513

I’m the one that said it could still be live tonight, you’re pretty quick to jump to such assumptions.

No. 899514

It’s a fat tail python, like I’m not a wk, I don’t even think Taylor will post tonight. Her ball pythons are indeed overweight, but that snake is not and will get way larger even.

No. 899516


lol nonny i am not miss tay i was making fun of her constantly qUIrKy humor she pumps out when she is not following through on her promises

No. 899517

She's gotta laugh maniacally at nothing to prove how healthy cool and sober she is. Not like the other times. This time is real. Definitely not meth brain behavior. Every sober person does a cackle pivot duckface selfie on their porch in the dark every so often, right?
She's also doing a weird Hayley Williams skinwalk which definitely has nothing to do with the Paramore resurgence that's been going on online the past few years, and is definitely because Taylor has a real personality all of her own.

No. 899520

I don’t understand why she can’t just move on, mature, and grow a thicker skin. Why did she decide to put her life online so publicly? Clearly this is not the right lifestyle for her. All of her problems are made worse by her “high standards” for herself AKA what small amount of attention she has. She doesn’t seem healthy mentally at all, and hasn’t for years

No. 899521

Like why make your life so public and continue to do so if you’re clearly unstable and can’t handle the expectations that comes with that choice. There’s grace in stepping away from something that isn’t right for you, maybe it once was but obv it’s not doing her any good rn. Maybe she’s just unhireable now and doesn’t have any other prospects due to her many scandals and alleged health issues? Talk about beating a dead horse though, geez

No. 899522

after watching the video she posted it is clear that she took screenshots of videos of herself posing. i don’t know why i thought these were some candids out on a bar patio

No. 899524

makes the whole thing just that much sadder. everything is just one big meth delusion.

No. 899525

LOL nope just alone on her moms porch laughing at her imaginary friends and ogling herself

No. 899526

she’s unhireable because she’s an active methhead or junkie nonnie.

No. 899527

The way she had it made by way of an easy as fuck job that could have kept her in a very comfortable lifestyle but burned it all to the ground for junkie dick and a habit of her own absolutely fascinates me, like it takes a special breed of retard to fuck that up. You literally had one fucking job, Taylor. One.

No. 899528

nitpick i fucking hate when people say shit like “half a decade ago” do you mean four years ago? stop trying to make it sound like it was just fOrEvEr ago. as annoying as taylor is i don’t even hate her, but i despise emzotic from the bottom of my heart

No. 899529

25 min past midnight her time, what a shockkkk the video never released. It’s crazy that every time she does this, I have a shred of belief she’ll actually follow through because I always think to myself there’s no way she’s willing to damage her word and reputation more than she already has. It’s not just in the ground at this point, it’s in HELL.

I was scrolling through comments on her Insta post for shits and gigs and I’m honestly surprised how much it’s still split with people who blindly support her with the “recovery isn’t linear uwu stop h8ing on her!!” but there’s definitely a rising number of people calling her out about talking to Jonny, hanging with people who clearly aren’t sober and lying about YouTube videos and her sobriety. Most of the faithful fans she once had are in their 20s now, how can you still blindly support someone’s self-destruction like this? I seriously can’t believe she can’t just admit to her fanbase she is a pathological liar. Just admit you I guess get off on disappointing people that literally support you and get off the internet to heal. And not fake heal, like actually put in real work to better yourself. It’s almost more sad than entertaining to watch at this point.

No. 899530

She’s probably with her unwashed junkie whore “besties”

No. 899541

Me too nona, I don’t even dislike Taylor. I don’t think she’s an inherently bad person, she’s just a mess, much of which is a direct result of her family. I think that’s what makes her so infuriating as a cow, she could easily be likeable if she just sorted herself out. But we all know that’s not going to happen, at least not while she’s still being enabled by her psychotic mother and junkie whore grifter “friends”.

No. 899552

Agreed. She’s such a pathetic person now and the worst part of it is that nobody else at the point can be blamed. It’s all her fault that her life is ruined, she fucks up over and over again. So frustrating and disappointing. She is the worst kind of person to care about, always lying and letting people down. Every time she does this shit it digs her grave deeper.

No. 899553

Exactly. And there’s no reason for the lies, she’s shown that she is capable of demonstrating self-awareness, if she was just completely transparent about her drug use and relapses no one would begrudge her for it. Her audience is mostly terminally online woketard zoomers, they’re the last people to “shame” anyone for struggling with addiction and mental health, she dug her own fucking hole for literally no reason

No. 899571

Yea, I'd say she's more: self-absorbed, immature, and avoidant. She's not "bad" per-se.

It doesn't excuse what she did tho, she's caused alot of damage to herself and others. The attention seeking/drugs are the result of weak character, bad judgement, and poor personal boundaries.

She will not improve while she's on the internet imo. She gets too much validation for her bad habits. If she "got better" she wouldn't get as much attention.

No. 899574

video has been posted. miracles happen guys

No. 899575

File: 1669912587922.png (1.84 MB, 1792x828, 88FDB560-3B32-4508-8F55-5E65FE…)

already starting off with more text

No. 899578

Which nonnita is gonna bless us with a write up

No. 899579

File: 1669912845508.png (343.39 KB, 1440x1984, Screenshot_20221201-163602~3.p…)

It's kinda sad that if anyone shows concern it becomes a joke I feel for some of her followers

No. 899584

i saw your first post. You’re very pretty nonna be careful next time

No. 899585

File: 1669913289790.png (1.36 MB, 1310x663, gross.PNG)

Just sad really..

No. 899586

damn bitch you live like this

No. 899589

10 months in the making nonnies. Don’t give the clown any views, watch here If you so desire: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ahb-T-UTzGg

No. 899590

File: 1669913784415.png (4.78 MB, 828x1792, D1DEFE8F-5045-4AF9-B071-CAAC88…)

she looks… something alright.

No. 899591

She doesn’t seem high in this video at least. Definitely don’t get the vibe that that’s her normal though

No. 899592

She looks like a guy with a gun just walked into the gas station she’s at

No. 899593

she doesn't strike me as someone who is currently on meth at that moment, but like someone does meth. like when you walk into a gas station and a random person gives you Tweaker Vibes.

No. 899594

I always think this after a few month too, “she’s not a bad person” but she’s has definitely done some horrible things to real individuals. Basically mini smear campaigns.

No. 899595

love how we all getting gas station energy

No. 899597

she deleted the Jonny video bc "i didn't like it" okay sis

No. 899598

The weird b roll footage at the beginning literally looks like an addict/hoarder documentary. Where does the floor start, the trash end and her bed start? theres SO MUCH garbage everywhere you can’t even see the furniture. At least she’s living in a giant trash can just like she deserves. Also it’s so unbelievable that she’s so depressed she cant clean herself or her living space but is adequately taking care of her 15+ animals. Sure okay. Those babies should’ve been rehomed months ago before she went into her drug hibernation.

No. 899599

The shitty music in the beginning of her video is Kassi's weird SoundCloud stuff kek. Lucky Kass getting a free promo

No. 899602

Lmao did her parents get that big ol garbage can for her to clear out her nest(learn2sage)

No. 899607

File: 1669917902413.png (1.8 MB, 1366x768, 3A33333333333.png)

her video kind of hit home for me in a way because i've been dealing with a very similar kind of depression. i admire her admitting she's not "better" and isn't going to pretend she is anymore. also, i actually enjoyed her art, she should get into it more, it could be a positive/creative outlet for her.

sorry for not having anything negative to say, im just also newly sober and dealing with depression so i feel for her rn. i don't agree with how she's gone about it, and the over promises and lying about sobriety, but yeah. this was just my personal take from her video pls don't crucify me. i'm not an ignorant stan that will defend her ruthlessly, but she is human and i am rooting for her to straighten her life out. she HAS to drop kassi and betsy though, im very concerned that she mentioned in the video those are the only two ppl she talks to or hangs out with.

No. 899609

Did she got back with Johnny? I had not realized that she had deleted the video about him and now that at the end of the video she is backtracking about everything she said is weird

No. 899610

no she didnt get back with him, she said she deleted the video because she didnt want it up there anymore, she didnt want people to watch her talk about a very painful experience in her life, she didnt want it to be the only thing people remembered her for.

she said in the video they started talking again this year just to clear the air and not leave things on a negative/hateful note. she said she still stands by everyth8ing she said in the video, and that she doesnt take any of it back, those things still happened to her. she just didnt want it to be such a big public thing anymore for everyone to access.

jonny has had a girlfriend from canada for like 6 months now.

No. 899611

Jonny is currently dating a new streamer girl. He and Taylor are just friends.

No. 899612

File: 1669919944412.jpeg (77.11 KB, 828x571, AA179F6A-FEEB-4C5D-82BB-243A9B…)

if they did it didn’t work, it looks like she cleared a small space so she could sit to film but there’s still things piled up behind her in the video. I hope the cats aren’t still confined to just her bedroom, it’s honestly horrific.

the video is just one of her useless rants but super long and in video form.
>I’ve been stuck in depression for 3 years
of course the title is a pity grab, I couldn’t finish it but I already know she didn’t address all the lying shes done. It’s the same as always, she comes back and puts her issues front and centre so people feel bad for her, hopefully forget all the lying/ manipulating she’s done and give her ass pats and validation for finally uploading through all her “hardships”.

No. 899613

Did she address her pets care at all? (Don't want to give her views)

There's no way she kept her animals cages spotless while her room looked like this. And even then, her cats have to live in that filth

No. 899615

File: 1669920953831.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x2023, A26879C1-50E8-4CFB-BF69-38EDA2…)

I’m really wondering how fried her brain is for her to think she looks like she’s been sober for 6 months here.

No. 899617

If her eyeliner wasn’t so unhinged she’d look vaguely normal but what is that whacko little flick

Either she’s uploading pics from weeks ago or she’s filmed and edited this vid in the space of a couple days which makes all of her past excuses even more obviously bullshit

No. 899618

She said she reached out and talked to him this year. Said she found "comfort" cause he wasn't mad at her.

Now they're on "good terms" and "he's still important to me"

No. 899619

She never said she didn’t want it to be the only thing everyone remembers her for, but it seems like she’s on good terms with him, was very jealous about syd situation, and is still lookin for her own closer.

She really opened up in this video tho

No. 899620

Her hair is pretty gruesome. And it really looks like she’s filmed/edited/taken all these pics in the span of a night or two.

No. 899622

No besides a typed note at the start basically saying they are the only thing that gets her up, yet in the same video she said she wouldn’t leave her bed for days, pee in cups (on the bed I’m assuming) and toss them when she has a bathroom less than 2 feet away (guessing it’s like 5-15ft in real life). I’m sure all of us know what it’s like to pee in cups, so that’s like some crazy complicated gymnastics to avoid the bathroom imo, she wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth, bc she didn’t brush them for 8 months. Does she have veneer’s? Maybe that helped keep her teeth healthy?

No. 899624

>>899622 lmao I haven’t and probably won’t watch the vid but saying shit like “I peed in a cup in my bed to avoid going to the bathroom” is what gives her zero credibility. Home girl really trying to make us believe she’s doing advanced gymnastics in her pissy bed

No. 899627

She may seem to have opened up but she's still lying. The blatant munching with her trying to claim her childhood years were spent "going to the doctor's" (like yeah I bet, but for her brother, not her), hinting at some health issues that she hasn't talked about, the whole Jonny thing where she pretends she never accused him of rape, blaming a lot of her behaviours that are due to drugs (peeing in cups was when she was skinwalking Euphoria) on depression, glossing over who the hell takes care of her animals (or why she still has them) when she can't get out of bed, the same animal care tasks were on her to-do list from february to current day, those animals are 100% living in poor conditions most of the time until her mom gets guilted into taking care of it.

To me this video is the same as usual, she's still not taking accountability, she's still deflecting and minimizing her mistakes, blaming her bad actions on mental illness (hinting at new ones like ADHD with the "my brain is so noisy" parts) and just finding new ways to say the same thing as before. She's never taken responsibility for the terrible things she's done, like frying the lizards, accusing Bree of sexual assault and blaming her for her own drug use at that meetup (Taylor smuggled coke in her wig and blamed Bree afterwards), her weird group chat with kids, ganging up on that teen who took her sick snake, etc.

She's just so infuriating, I would like to believe her and that she's making efforts to get better, but that's impossible to believe as long as she still hangs out with other drug addicts and takes 0 accountability. I've dealt and am still dealing with long-term depression, so I empathize, but it pisses me off how she still tries to dress up the truth and find justification for everything she's ever done so that she doesn't have to take any blame. She can't even be honest about some things she's done because it makes her look so bad and some of them are inexcusable, and she knows it. The answer doesn't lie in the bottom of a dried flower acrylic pour or ugly furbie craft, Taylor, you need to own up to your shit first if you want to get it sorted.

No. 899630


I couldn’t get past the first 3 minutes because of that god awful music

No. 899631

Some take always from the video
>is/was extremely depressed
>at the height of her depression she didn’t brush her teeth for 8 months and would pee in cups in her room then throw them out
>stopped finding purpose in everything, says you could beg her to shower and if she did it it wouldn’t make her feel any better
>would constantly say “tomorrow I’ll get to xyz” (regarding filming) and finally realized she’s never gonna do it.
>was stuck in a loop of saying she’ll do something and never get around to it
>constantly waited for when she would finally “feel better” only to realize that just because you feel better one moment doesn’t mean you’re fixed
>was able to grasp that progress isn’t linear
>will never wake up and be that person she was in 2017 and that it’s okay
>says she rarely sees the only 2 friends she has and that she’ll go a month inside her room without contacting anyone
>still not over her relationship with Jonny
>has not been single from age 13-relationship with Jonny because she constantly needed validation
>reached out to Jonny and found comfort in knowing they’re no longer on bad terms (no comment..)
>blames Jonny’s behavior during the relationship on him being an addict
>cat opens the door to her room

No. 899632

>She's never taken responsibility for the terrible things she's done
this sums it up for me. She just keeps making up more lies to cover her past lies. She hasn't changed at all, and her making up a bullshit excuse as to why she deleted the Jonny video is proof she's still incapable of taking accountability. A lot of the video seemed like an emotional dump for pity points that should've been for her therapist, not her preteen fans.
She’s 100% neglecting her animal during those rough periods she just won’t admit it. Someone who can’t even leave their bed to piss definitely isn’t getting up and caring for a hoard of animals on schedule. At least the majority of her pets don’t require daily feedings or else they’d probably all be dead.

No. 899634

File: 1669927041407.jpeg (341.53 KB, 828x1534, 3E828FC2-0A27-4CF6-9E22-3E9D21…)

Posted more selfies, gotta suck up all the validation before she disappears again.

No. 899635

Her proportions are so weird, it makes it seem like she didn't lose much weight but she's really pulling things around on facetune. Her arms and neck are so thick.

No. 899636

>At least the majority of her pets don’t require daily feedings or else they’d probably all be dead.
Honestly I think this is how she's making this animal thing work still. Most of these exotic pets really just need to be left alone and fed rarely. It's better than what she used to do; pulling them all out of their enclosures constantly for photo ops.

No. 899637

>She’s 100% neglecting her animals

I don't even think she's denying it at this point. She just doesn't care. It sounds like she just wants to video blog now and ignore her animals entirely. She won't make any YT money either way. Her time on the platform is done.

She will 100% disappear again once she realizes the YT money is dried up. Why do you think she was so concerned about getting ADs for her new video?

She's so far gone that her neglect has become normalized. I don't think she realizes how fucked up and gross she was being (maybe she does idk). But still.

No. 899642

File: 1669929306088.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x1507, B76FBD1A-C781-4ED8-A03F-67DF44…)

Who looks at this woman’s profile and sees the two recent photos and goes “Yeah she’s sober now” kek.

No. 899650

Psychfag here, it makes me lol that she claims to have CPTSD. That’s a disorder assigned to prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors and human trafficking victims. Not getting enough attention as a child is not that same

No. 899651

Dude half of high schoolers now a days claim to have c ptsd, it’s retarded.

No. 899652

Honestly the thought processes she describes sound like depression/anxiety, but this bitch just needs to fucking go outside. Depression is a tough one, but she needs therapy, not to be blogging

No. 899653

sorry if it's nitpicky, but that septum piercing looks awful on her. maybe smaller jewelery would fit her nose, but idk some people just can't pull off a septum

No. 899654

File: 1669941822949.jpeg (686.3 KB, 1170x1859, 585322AD-DFE9-44A2-AC80-886E90…)

I’ll never understand why she rather look like an emo trash goblin when she used to look so genuinely pretty and wholesome in her older posts.

No. 899658

When she talked about making the video about Jonny, she was still “blaming” that people asked her to expose him. But in actual fact she did it because she found out JC got syd pregnant. I love how her brain truly choose the version of reality she wants to believe in but all these are documented through her spiralling online infront of the internet.

No. 899659

I’m an anonette but I think she used to be gorgeous, with a great body. She could have easily leveraged her fame into being a professionally paid influencer. Too bad she pissed it all away (not really, that means one less pos influencer) but still…. Tats and piercings don’t age well.

No. 899663


the one in the bottom left of her (presumably) looking at her old self in the mirror. woof

No. 899664

I agree, it’s so depressing to see how she’s ruined herself. Tattooos, especially sleeves, are high maintenance, they only she well with regular touch ups and proper care (assuming they were well done to begin with). I really hate the emo aesthetic on anyone but it looks especially incongruous on her. Maybe that’s because we know how she used to look prior to becoming a sewer rat, I dunno. Regardless, it’s sad that the only two “friends” she has are hideous white trash crackhead/methhead whores whose style she is trying to emulate

No. 899665

Oh yeah she was saying basically her fans and haters forced her to make the Jonny video, because they said she would be a rapist basically if she didn’t. Those weren’t here exact words lol, just the sum I got.

No. 899666

The hedgehogs have been dead for awhile (she still hasn’t mentioned there passing), so it’s just reptiles and cats.

No. 899667

>she would be a rapist basically if she didn’t
What the fuck

No. 899668

She didn’t say those words as I said, it’s my take. She said something more like “id be just as bad as him” and he’s someone who is a rapist who threatens to inject people with herion, at least according to taylor

No. 899670

Stop projecting. Taylor is a stupid cunt and her art is ugly as hell.

Why have so many anons in this thread suddenly forgotten about the ongoing animal abuse, the weird as fuck group chats with minors, all the lies, and so on? She's a narcissist junkie who got addicted to hard drugs because her washed up musician boyfriend wanted her to. What's there to feel bad about? She will always be a terrible person, and she will never improve because she unironically has some kind of cluster B disorder. It's pathetic to see farmers "empathize" with her and even root for her when she would rather lie about made up mental and physical disorders instead of just admitting that she is a drug addict who's been abusing animals for 5+ years for money.
Some farmers also felt bad for her because of her relationship with Jonny and now look what happened. She's on good terms with him again and took back all the abuse and even rape allegations. You can't trust a single word that comes out of her mouth.

No. 899671

Don’t get so worked up nonnie there’s clearly a lot of newfags here.

No. 899672

“Wasn’t mad at her” taylor… gurl.. grow some backbone and recognise that you dated a narc and none of the time you had together was real, at all. And its not because of drugs, its because jonny has no capacity to love anyone else but himself. Not even his kid.

No. 899673

She is basically doubling down that she is taking care all her pets and not herself.

In the beginning of her video, she has a montage of checklists, everything she is doing for the animals are tick and everything about her basic hygiene and day2day is not done.

So essentially… she is claiming that her animals are well taken care of for someone who couldnt leave her bed for days and havent brush their teeth for 8 months

No. 899674

And don’t forget there are a lot of oldfags who are here because they used to be fans of hers too

No. 899678

Yea Taylor is huffing some MAJOR copium with Jonny. She's still idolizing a fucked up junkie relationship, Probably cause all the drugs warped her perception of those days.

No. 899681

Well the fact that she said in the video he can’t give her closure and she will never get it from him was weird especially after saying they reconnected to be on better terms. Also was gushing about how he will always be special/important to her. Sounds like the door is still open to me.

No. 899682

I think what she meant by that is, he will never fully accept or apologize for the wrong he’s done, so she can’t get closure for that. But she would still rather be on good terms for whatever reason.

No. 899683

Tinfoil her parents have probably helped her out purely because they don’t want to deal with dead animals under their roof and/or feel a degree of responsibility by proxy on account of how useless Taylor has been
I love how at the end there’s links to Kassi saying “support the artist who made the intro and outright music”, the music is beyond fucking cringeworthy

No. 899684

THIS thank you for bringing this up. I found it disgusting how she used that to play both parts of "I have such bad depression I just couldn't stop disappointing everyone" but also "I always made sure the animals were well taken care of". I'm sorry but she literally said she wouldn't walk two feet to go to the bathroom, and would piss in a cup and throw it out. Those are her exact words not mine.

I find it extremely hard to believe someone who is mentally ill enough to sit in bed and piss themselves, simultaneously gets the strength and motivation to do hours worth of animal care every day. Anyone with half a brain can read that sentence and see just how idiotic that is. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it.

Good job to her though ig for successfully making an intro that plays both narratives to feed her stans into continuing to WK her.

No. 899686

Her refusal to rehome her animals is the most reprehensible of all the shitty things she’s done. I don’t hate her and I don’t think a redemption arc is completely out of the question re: some of her other foibles but she’s had countless opportunities to ensure the safety of those animals while she’s been incapable of caring for them but she’s insisted on keeping most of them. There’s no excuse for it, they should have all been rehomed.

No. 899688

She can’t even redeem her horrible decision to date JC despite being warned by 3 previous partners. Because she took down the video and is chummy with him again, and even speaking highly of him. She’s honestly disgusting.

No. 899689

She rehomed some of them recently, but I can't remember if it was specified how many.

No. 899690

Looks like Taylor watched a lot of Nexpo videos during her 3 year depression, kek. But seriously, obsessively taking mental health/self care checklists (with the intention of showing them off in a video later) is such a weird performative way of wallowing and not actually dealing with anything. But it's exactly what she did with her trackmarks and her sad girl selfies in the atrium house, so I guess some things never change.

No. 899692

Ultimately her stupidity in associating with that bloated piece of shit hasn’t had negative repercussions for anyone but herself. She made her bed when she chose to ignore the warnings. The way she behaved towards his exes was inexcusable but at the end of the day they’ve moved on with their lives and she has to live with the consequences of her actions

No. 899701

You mean recently aka first rehab stint? Which is 3 years ago?? She rehomed 12 of them during that, and I m still tinfoiling that most of them died while she was deep in H with jonny in that atrium house. She was saying she is going to visit the animals she rehomed during the first rehab stint and said she was still going to show them in their new place. Surprise surprise that never happened….

No. 899702

honestly the pissing all over yourself/in weird places/in cups/jugs/whatever is total junkie behavior. really gross but my ex bfs sister is a junkie and he says she used to piss in plants/jugs/anything and also just straight up on the floor in a closet, like straight up ruined a whole room with filth and piss and vomit. in her moms house no less. they'll also spray blood everywhere if they're an iv user. to junkies and their enablers this is totally normal behavior. sage4blog.

No. 899706

File: 1669994421933.png (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 828x1792, 09DDAB49-AF8D-45BD-A591-DAEC4C…)

OF saga when?

No. 899707

Trying to zoom in and see what’s in her hand but got too much view of her crotch lol. Anyone wanna take one for the team and let us know what she might be holding?

No. 899709

she deleted right after posting, so probably something incriminating

No. 899712

File: 1669997809197.png (468.87 KB, 1298x730, yearight.png)

She says picrel about the mess behind her. I just wanted to point out the lie as we have so many screenshots and photos she posted where cages are totally obscructed by junk and clothing, not to mention the long period of time that sabor was in a bin in the closet with a bunch of trash in front of it.

Another thing with how she tries to blame her Jonny video on people pressuring her to make it, I feel like the only reason she said this at all and deleted the video is to get in his good graces. Why did she say she was just lashing out from being hurt and heartbroken (implying she didn't mean what she said), but then says "I don't take back anything I said about him tho"? She's trying to play both sides, buttering up both Jonny and her fans at the same time. Even though it's contradictory and makes no fucking sense, her remaining fans are too young or too out of the loop to even notice.

She showed a hedgie in the clips montage, it wasn't dated so idk if she was trying to imply that it's still alive to "prove the haters wrong".

No. 899713

totally tinfoil and speculation but it kind of reminds me of a glass pipe wrapped in paper towel. like one you would smoke meth or crack in.

No. 899728

I just watched her story and it's still up.

No. 899729

No? I could've sworn she said something about it earlier this year during one of her many "new videos soon!" phases.

No. 899730

Samefag– Or someone else close to her said she'd rehomed a bunch of her animals because I don't know if she'd admit that herself.

No. 899731

my tinfoil is she just keeps the animals around for her “career”. she isn’t interested in animals anymore, and mostly uses them as props in her selfies for more attention. I remember the zen habit video for bindi and twisty she said she was going to upload (october 21) but had to actually decorate and add enrichment first and I’m assuming because she never made the video she’s just left both of them in the boring lifeless enclosures we saw over a year ago. or when she finally added enrichment, toys and bar covers to her rats cage like 4 months before they all died when people had been telling her to do for like 2 fuckin years. or locking all her cats up in her filthy room and making them share one litter box. It’s just so obvious she doesn’t give a shit about the quality of life for her animals, they’re just there for her to use when she needs to be the quirky animals girl.

No. 899736

It’s a different picture now, you can’t see what’s in her hand anymore in the new story

No. 899737

Kinda same but I was thinking it looked like it was wrapped in tin foil

No. 899739

File: 1670010337172.jpeg (265.53 KB, 1939x1900, 3DF22710-F155-4FDA-9766-0E1A73…)

How does she lose more followers when she posts than when she doesn’t lmao? Its like people see she posted, remember she exists and are like “I haven’t unfollowed this useless junkie yet? Let me fix that!”.

No. 899740

you might be onto something with that

No. 899742

That's what it is. I saw her new video on my feed and instantly unfollowed because I forgot I still was.

No. 899743

correct, new pic also has caption and old one does not

No. 899745

File: 1670013440421.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2077, C2D9A040-FE15-4F48-8826-0237CA…)

this is an image board.

No. 899746

File: 1670013645359.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2085, C808BF77-D305-4B82-A19F-0860CF…)

It’s fascinating to me how she can’t get up to relieve her bladder but she’s always out at bars. You can hear a bunch of talking in the background of this eyefucking vid.

No. 899747

Don’t even believe she was isolated alone in her room for weeks or whatever she said. Cassie and Betsy posted pics of her or about being with her
multiple times on social media and Cassie talked about how busy they were just a few weeks ago.
She’s definitely been out living her life this whole time and is just building this narrative that’s she’s been living in a horrible depression den so people feel bad for her and forgive or forget all her shitty actions. Playing the poor mental health card is one of her classic moves.

No. 899749

Yea it's hard to trust anything she says because she's shown herself to be a pathological liar and master manipulator.

I think she has "grown" abit, I think she realizes she fucked up big with drugs, jonny and youtube. She's having an epiphany that she's gonna need to get a real job to get money and life of her own.

It's a little too late for her at this point imo. The whole video seems to be motivated by a lack of money, and she seems alittle desperate to make something happen.

She seems like she's going through an identity crisis of some sort. She's starting to realize the weird emo / junkie aesthetic isn't working out for her. She went from girl-next-door pretty to junkie white trash.

Honestly, I hope she gets her shit together, gets rid of her stupid tattoos. It's such a tragedy what she's done to her body and looks. If she went back to a more natural style, cleaned herself up, and choose to be more responsible, she could still have a decent life.

No. 899750

>She seems like she's going through an identity crisis of some sort. She's starting to realize the weird emo / junkie aesthetic isn't working out for her.
How in the world did you gather that? It looks like she's leaning into it more than ever.

No. 899751

In her video she said she's starting a patchwork sleeve on her other arm so doubtful.

No. 899753

What are you on anon? That didn’t happen.

No. 899756

It seems like she's been doing alot of self-reflection on the good-old-days, (drugs, jonny, YT success). She's trying (and failing) to figure out who she really is because so much of herself and her style was borrowed from jonny. She basically admitted to becoming the ultimate junkie-GF to try and love and understand him better. So poured so much of herself into trying to please him, because she never had an identity of her own. That's when she adopted his style, mannerisms and bad habits.

I think that's why she backtracked on the jonny video, cause she realized hating jonny would be hating herself, her choices, and what she turned into. It's a weird mental refusal to accept responsibility, and protect her ego. Maybe it's just a personal tinfoil, but deep down I think she HATES the way she looks, and what she has become. I just don't think she can admit it to herself.

No. 899760

> I’m an anonette but
You realize this site’s only for women, right?

No. 899763

File: 1670023642335.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x2061, 53068B5C-28E0-4A90-BD41-5B33AB…)

She should title her next video “How I lost my heroin weight by doing Methamphetamines!”

No. 899765

She doesn’t look like her weight is any different from the last video except for her face looking more gaunt, but that could be contouring. You’d think she’d be posting full body shots standing up to show it off

No. 899767

She looks the exact same to me, maybe without the heroin swell but she hasn’t even shown her legs which was the worst part.

No. 899769

serving uncanny valley.
yea she doesn’t look much skinnier to me either, she’s just getting that classic drug addict face.

No. 899772

That is absolutely a tiny pipe

No. 899777

she sure loves standing 2in. away from light sources in pics/videos lol. anything to have an excuse for why her eyes are always pinned as shit.

No. 899778

the saggy beige thong is giving me plasticandproud flashbacks

No. 899784

I just didn’t want to come off as a scrote

I do look forward to when her metabolism slows/she quits meth and that furby thigh Tattoo expands, kek

No. 899787

46k views. That’s a pretty sad resurface. I think your YouTube career is done Tay. OR put out a video with actual substance next time.

No. 899792

I didn't think she looked that bad until I saw a video from late 2018 and it's night and day

No. 899798

File: 1670064682675.jpeg (498.96 KB, 828x824, DA1410E0-0767-47CF-98B8-C98890…)

Tbf I m glad she is finally done with her gothic /e-girl make-up and back to her more natural style back then.

Tho her hair and tattoos are irredeemable but she somewhat back to old look now which is easier for my eyes.

Imo this was her worst era lol

No. 899799

She’s still on her egirl bs have you seen her outfits and makeup? It’s the same shit. Those wings are traumatizing.

No. 899827

Her style got way worse, she looks like an emo blow up doll now

No. 899833

File: 1670100178425.jpeg (891.36 KB, 1151x1666, 5919CFCA-2015-41BD-AEE6-A5191A…)

Is she this skinny now from the meth or is this photoshop? Either way it don’t look healthy

No. 899834

We all knew she was going to meth crash diet before her comeback since everyone made fun of her for being fat last time.

No. 899835

that's photoshopped as fuck

No. 899836

File: 1670103100116.jpeg (967.97 KB, 3213x2136, 537256DC-1DA7-45F7-A00B-34769C…)

Its photoshop + posing. compare this to the less edited one she posted a few days ago. She sure is leaning into this weight loss larp.

No. 899851

File: 1670113304954.jpeg (4.82 KB, 118x131, C668F5FC-87EB-430C-BE6D-0A0DC7…)

100% Missed shot Bruising and dark scar lines up the length of the vein


No. 899853

File: 1670114901600.png (412.86 KB, 523x708, 9876543.png)

kek at how she edited her leg next to the snakes tail

yeah, that's a good ol trackmark

No. 899859

File: 1670121898797.png (855.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221203-214309.png)

What drugged out shithole is she hanging out in?

No. 899860

File: 1670121978065.png (883.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221203-214524.png)

Stains on her shirt..oof

No. 899861

File: 1670122024105.png (980.36 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221203-214536.png)

Screenshot of another video she just posted of herself eye-fucking the camera as usual

No. 899862

File: 1670122062511.png (103.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221203-214545.png)

And then this

No. 899867

The weight loss really brings out her enormous head

No. 899869

File: 1670126619603.webm (1.21 MB, 724x1280, Untitled.webm)

I had to post this as a web.m because look at how shakey this is.

No. 899873

File: 1670129314116.jpeg (300.71 KB, 828x1696, BCAA2E28-AC51-4220-A169-11AEA8…)

Here comes her response to lolcow about her meth use..

No. 899874

File: 1670129423840.png (239.09 KB, 828x1792, 0EDF0234-3D20-4816-B788-C9BEDF…)

“Call me a junkie, not a meth head!” love how our tay tay wears her addictions on her sleeve. Its nearly 2023 and we are staying stagnant

No. 899875

File: 1670129476945.jpeg (621.79 KB, 828x1696, CA93CFD2-5807-4A5B-8972-7EA854…)

Last one… on her meth rant

No. 899876

Why would people say I use meth

Anyways the last time I used meth

Girl outed herself yrs ago, what’s she mean?

No. 899877

Note the hair color.

No. 899879

Now that she’s made that video about muh depresh it’s going to become her entire personality, she’ll probably never make another video about her animals. Which could actually work, if she became a full time mental health YouTuber it would open her up to a whole new audience of terminally online zoomers whose identities revolve around being mentally ill but that will never happen because it’s Taylor Nicole Dean we’re talking about

No. 899880

Lmao meth doesn’t “leave your body through your pores”, retards who use meth hallucinate having bugs crawling on/under their skin and they pick at it, and it fucks their immune system up so they’re more susceptible to things like impetigo. Idiot.

No. 899882

File: 1670133349739.png (3.09 MB, 2386x1160, Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 12.5…)

she's always been a lurker kek

No. 899884

Color+length… photo was taken sometime between late august 2022 and now.

No. 899887


Meth does leave your body through your pores and sweat. Meth is pretty fucking gross and your body excretes the chemicals. And not everyone feels like they have bugs in their skin on meth - some people just see a blemish and obsessively pick at it before realizing the damage they are doing.

Taylor is a massive liar and it’s unbelievable to me that after she’s been caught lying to her followers so many times about not using, she’s still going to sit here like “guyyyss I’m not on meth oh my god I actually hate meth, look my face isn’t even bad, I’m not lying this time I swear!” Using her heart condition as a reason why she just can’t be using meth - only to have been using when her heart went boom (and insisting she wasn’t at the time). Ultimately I don’t care if she’s picking her face or if meth is oozing out of her pores or what, she’s absolutely a retard.

No. 899895

I couldn't get a good gif, but she is shaking constantly through the new youtube video, even when she's jumpcutting every 2 seconds to hide it.
She's definitely on meth, she's still got face sores in her recent video. She thinks that if she uses the blue/purple brothel lighting and cakeface nobody will notice, but the sores and random bruises are still obviously there. She's never been good at photoshop/hiding shit, so when I see half her face blurred in stills, along with strange lighting and constant jumpcuts in videos, she's definitely poorly attempting to hide her meth face, while simultaneously flexing her meth body.

>whataburger bag in the background
keeeekkk, she's definitely on meth if she's still eating her precious whataburger regularly and isn't gaining the "heroin weight" back. Whataburger was the sole reason she got fat kek

No. 899896

samefagging but
>injecting meth
not inviting every junkie to blogpost about their own meth taking, but is that normal? Why wouldn't she smoke it? I thought her lumpy botched lips were due to scarring from a meth pipe, but maybe it's the lip filler she got 5+ years ago and never dissolved?
She's got drag queen lips and drag queen shoulders kek. Now she's getting gaunt and methy, she's got a drag queen jaw and cheeks too.

No. 899899

People shoot meth too, especially if they already have iv habits.

No. 899902

And it's possible to snort it as well, which is the easiest to hide from your mom while you're still living at home in your mid-20s.
She'll argue semantics – "Why would you say I am SHOOTING meth?" because she's taking it some other way. Tay logic.

No. 899904

File: 1670170792594.png (172.25 KB, 828x1792, 32F25FE1-785E-4A10-AA42-2B438B…)

She just dug her own grave, kek

I wonder why, Taylor?

No. 899905

Her attention seeking is so disgustingly blatant whenever she uploads pictures like this. Nobody but an attention whore would want to own photos of shameful things like their skin being covered in sores or their living spaces being covered in needles and literal blood and shit if they didn't know they'd later use it for attention.

No. 899918

Did she delete this already?

No. 899929

Taylor is kind of an odd cow. Her cycles are so predictable and never ending. Binge drugs, TOTALLY SOBER GUYZ, disappear, new videos being edited will post XX/XX/XXXX, disappear, UPLOADING NOW! YOU TUBE IS NOT LETTING ME GUIZ! 3 days later shitty, incoherent meth babbling stickycam tier video featuring I RELAPSED EV1 BUT AM NOW SOBER. best mental health, blah blah. You tube check clears and start over. It's like lambchops song that never ends.
Noone really wants her to get better, noone wants her to relapse. I think the general consensus is for her to rehome every pet and go die quietly somewhere so noone is held captive by her peter pan syndrome anymore.
She doesn't create drama, her moments of posting are really twice a year. The only real entertainment is watching her react real time to us shitposting here. It's like she's some sort of easter island head marionette.

No. 899930

After we pointed out the photoshop fail yes.

No. 899936

File: 1670193016997.jpeg (989.55 KB, 1170x2025, 9A375C0A-D454-4169-A03D-FEFDDA…)

The YouTube money must be coming in again from her resurface if she’s out shopping.

No. 899937

File: 1670193426945.jpeg (44.35 KB, 500x327, 1118BB3A-AC92-4560-9D31-FE16E0…)

Taylor in her next video

No. 899938

She hasn’t shown her legs in years and finally does after a nonnie mentions something about it? Hmmm

No. 899939

She lurks and posts on her own and JC’s thread religiously.

No. 899944

File: 1670198284539.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 99AA1008-FEF5-4EA5-9749-6EB2C5…)

Her eyeliner is making me irrationally angry like sis what is that? There are ways to do cute winged eyeliner but this is a sloppy mess… and yikes, those fucking lips are five times too big

No. 899945

go back

No. 899947

Have you been on the JC thread lately? They all talk like this now.

No. 899954

No, jc and his associates are nasty trash and so his thread. I lose braincells skimming through it, it’s not even milk it’s just turned into in fighting and making fun of his girl’s looks when she looks completely fine. I’m confused on what the problem is though, so much that it warranted a reply? Although I probably won’t see what the actual problem is, since I rarely get on here….

No. 899957

Agreed. The quality of his thread dipped insanely low after he and Syd split. She was the true entertainment.

No. 899961

File: 1670202610158.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2076, 7A665F59-8914-4874-BE2A-1F24C6…)

Nothing says “I’m sober” like hanging out with active users. I’m wondering where all of this sudden energy to go shopping, go to bars, and hangout with friends came from when she can’t even leave her bed to pee?

No. 899981

At least she’s figure out that the o lot clicks she gets are from farmers. I left a bunch of supportive, encouraging comments to incentivize her to keep producing mi- videos. Videos.

No. 900041

File: 1670267044585.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3459x3017, 7C25C003-F86C-4AEA-B1F8-873965…)

No. 900057

how does it block her from using it? she could still choose to shoot up, will it just not give her the feeling she wants or what?? can any nonnie explain what the fuck she's trying to say

No. 900059

File: 1670271817346.jpeg (82.37 KB, 828x674, E7F1DEDB-6548-46B4-92A9-F1EB91…)

Since she said she “switched to the shot form” but is still calling it suboxone I’m guessing she went from suboxone (the dissolvable films taken daily) to sublocade (also a buprenorphine drug but in an injection given once a month). If that is the case, you can absolutely still use drugs on sublocade, she’s just lying.

No. 900064

Her saying suboxone in the first slide and then switching it to the shot in the next was a red flag to me that she is lying. Like she saw someone here or on the Jc thread talking about the shot and decided last minute to claim she was on that instead. Blog but I am on subs and find it hard to believe she would make that mistake if she had switched over to a different named med. Then again she’s also not the brightest so.

No. 900067

Jonny unfollowed Taylor on Instagram but she still follows him. Do you think his girlfriend made him do it?

No. 900073

i think he's tired of her lying about being sober, probably getting secondhand embarrassment reading her methed out posts. (even tho he is equally embarrassing and cringe)
maybe he knows something we don't, and doesn't want to support that.

layna doesn't strike the general public as a jealous gf (like syd was), so i don't think she's telling him who he can and can't follow.
jc probably loves this tho because she is more easy to manipulate and cheat on.
i don't want to go too in depth since it's not his thread, but i don't think they made a new one for him yet? i just checked the catalog

No. 900075

o no she’s absolutely lying, she directly contradicts herself. either she cut her suboxone dose OR she started the vivitrol/sublocade shot. she can’t be on both of them.

No. 900078

It's impossible for her to be on the vivitrol shot. She must think her followers are retarded.

No. 900080

i was on vivitrol for years. you HAVE to be sober from all opiates (even suboxone) for two weeks before you can take it. otherwise you will go into precipitated withdrawals. there's no way she was off suboxone for two weeks before she got the shot, especially since after her bragging about how high of a dose she was on and how hard it was to taper off.

No. 900081

I knew she was lying when she first posted this, so I didn’t need to post on here. I’m just happy we all with experience agree. I feel bad she feels the need to have validation so badly. This post was very random.

No. 900083

imagine being so much of a failure that jonny craig no longer supports you LMAO

No. 900103

Fuck, I wish I could be a fly on the wall and know what's happening in the Craig household. Him and Layna seem to be having some issues, and now this. I wonder if this is going to trigger Taylor in some way since it's quite obvious that what Jonny does and thinks of her deeply affects her, so if she doesn't know what happened, this might make her spiral because she's desperate to be on good terms with him.

No. 900104

I saw she commented on his newer photo so it looks like they're not fighting anymore. She probably felt uncomfortable and made him unfollow.

No. 900133


Doing meth definitely softens the blow from suboxone withdrawals, at least it did for me. She’s fucking around with some sort of upper, there’s no doubt about that.

No. 900146

File: 1670336087302.png (3.04 MB, 1170x2532, A4F59C18-BADC-480D-B7DD-5647A9…)

No. 900152

Ahahahahahahaha being a hypocrite is funny HHUUURRRRRR DDUURRRR atleast Hellen Keller had a real disability, and she still worked.

No. 900165

File: 1670343353753.png (4.58 MB, 828x1792, 6C75BB07-A64B-4851-AD00-5EAC18…)

OF saga when?

No. 900172

File: 1670345091705.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, AB118FC0-12B8-447C-A957-D697F4…)

I can’t screen record a video but what is on her face??? Meth sore?

No. 900173


God damn her outfit combos are fucking ugly(learn2sage)

No. 900175

What the fuck. She’s shaking the phone so violently in this clip. Definitely sober

No. 900183

One step closer to looking like a meth-head OF creator tay..

Sometimes I do wonder if she sober up from a drug high and realised how unfunny, unhinged and completely stupid she is for sharing personal conversations like this. But glad to know she stays the same..

No. 900189


I am genuinely shocked that she would post a pic showing she uses 9/11 memes. Literally no words. What a fucked up thing to do, belittling someone who did more in life than most despite her disabilities and then making light of one of America's worst days. What a bitch.

No. 900204

Twitter users are a plague infesting this board. You're more retarded than Taylor is to bother moralfagging and pearl clutching over a dumb 9/11 meme. Burger overlords cause 9/11s every week in the Middle East, you can take a joke, kek. Though I'm surprised she publicly shared this joke considering the image she tries to uphold.

No. 900206

Kek thank you, I was too lazy to say anything

No. 900207

NTA but I agree that's its surprising she posted these, mostly because the majority of her followers are twitterfags lol

No. 900209


Omg you dumbass I'm shocked she posted something shitting on a person with disabilities and meme joking about something many take seriously. I'm shocked because she is making dumb decisions that is destroying what little career she has left. She wants to keep her last followers? Maybe don't shit on serious topics.

Not moralfagging, businessfagging. She is a complete idiot. I am just shocked by how much of an idiot she is.

No. 900225

For real she should just make one to post this content, why does she post this to her “family friendly” audience. I’m being sarcastic.

No. 900226

lol wtf is she for real? she can’t bitch about people and then post this stuff. Behind closed doors is whatever, but posting this on your public platform to represent you? Wow so edgy.

No. 900228

File: 1670375527851.png (580.02 KB, 828x1792, 57E86D4F-CED1-4F4F-A8AB-D3FA65…)

No. 900230


Maybe pick better friends??? Choose better people to be around?? Don’t put yourself in situations that are uncomfortable?

When I was in active addiction and I struggled with anxiety, I eventually had an “aha” moment where I realized that my horrible nervousness about a situation was worsened by the people around me.

When you are surrounding yourself with losers who don’t care about their lives and you’re getting anxious or feeling uncomfortable MAYBE THAT IS YOUR BODY TELLING YOU THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. Your body is telling you that that situation isn’t right. Surround yourself with better people and get a fucking goal. Fix your shit or else you will only get worse.

I struggle with chronic pain as well, and on the days where I just sit at home and feel sorry for myself I just feel worse. Goals help. Friends with goals help.

I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for Taylor anymore. It’s just sad. Choose to dwell. Whatever.

No. 900231

Shes so insufferable, like get a therapist. Venting to her thousands of random followers isn’t going to help her at all, she needs to stop bitching and do literally anything to help herself. She’s trying to convince everyone she’s changed and doing better but she’s acting the exact same way she’s been acting for years and it’s a huge red flag.

No. 900232

It is so blatantly clear that she doesn’t give a shit about getting better

No. 900233

It's funny that she ditched junkie jonny who is now sober, to just hang around junkie cassie and stripper betsy. Like girl get it together. Figure it out.

No. 900234


She needs to be alone. She needs to think about the future. Her parents need to kick her out. I genuinely believe that that is the only way she will get better on her own. Nothing else has worked so far. She needs to be scared straight lol

No. 900235

Of course she doesn’t want to get better nonnie. She can’t , because then she’d have to take responsibility and get her shit together. As long as she claims to have all these issues (mentally ill, serve trauma, chronically ill, addiction, etc) she has an excuse to be a lazy fuck up.

No. 900236

Identity is the strongest motivation, after all.

she’s just too stuck to do anything good for herself :(( poor baby :( too bad there’s nothing she can do abt it

So irritating(:(()

No. 900237

She's made being the ~poor sick girl victim~ her personality and now addiction has taken the place of her faking illnesses. Now after choosing to attach herself to an addict, and becoming one herself to feel closer to him, she can play the biggest victim of all. Now all the mental turmoil that comes with being in an abusive relationship and being an addict, she can just say is ~muh mental illness~ and reform a connection with said abuser who turned her into an addict to begin with. She is too stupid to realize he only used her to make his own platform larger because all he cares about is fame and money. Now he can use their relationship as a "see I wasn't abusive, we are friends now!" for his current and all future girlfriends. She is such a fucking retard.

No. 900248

She'll never get a therapist - they're her worst enemies. They'd shatter all the delusions and narcissistic worship she's built up over the years of youtube and instagram/twitter she's done.

She'd never agree to see one - only thing that can be done is her parents evicting her

No. 900250

You're assuming she won't psych shop like she does for other doctors? She will find her validation one way or another.

No. 900282

Not just loser fat boy craig.. even mama dean is not even supporting/sharing her videos or even hashtag addiction on her bio anymore.

Mama dean just need to kick her and her hoard out for good

No. 900301

File: 1670444406111.jpeg (661.01 KB, 1900x3464, B2D9C63E-E57F-406D-B2B5-2165CC…)

Most of the top comments on her comeback post are negative. Anons we’re wondering why Jonny unfollowed her and I’m thinking it had to with her fans being upset about their friendly relationship. Picrel is a few of the comments mentioning him, she even responded to one of them.

No. 900306

But why would she continue to follow him?

No. 900332

Taylor is still in love with him, she fell in love with a drug addict, tried to "fix him" and failed. She ignored the red flags, the allegations, and got burned. Honestly Taylor, you can't heal men like Jonny. Nobody can. You can be sympathetic to their struggle as an addict, as a human, but you can't "fix" them.

I think she has VERY low self-esteem. She doesn't think she's worthy of getting better. There's alot of validation seeking, and co-dependence she needs to work out.

She keeps choosing to let bad people into her life. If she explored some other interests and hobbies she'd feel alot better about herself.

No. 900334

Also she doesn't seem to realize that Jonny pretty much ruined her career and life. She legit almost died because of him, but it doesn't seem to bother her.

No. 900342

i feel like this has been posted already

No. 900354

Agree with all of this. I'm disappointed that in her half year hiatus she did the same thing she's been doing for years and continued to mope around. not surprised at all but she probably would've had something interesting to talk about in her comeback video if she actually got a hobby instead of pissing in cups. can't fix your depression if you don't try

No. 900368

she may as well un private that video now, if she truly still "stands by what she said in it"
she made it private to get back in goiter's good graces and now he doesn't want anything to do with her. i'd definitely put it back up AND his name back in the title

No. 900391

You are literally the only one that calls him that. Sometimes I feel like the only contributors here are girls who had a crush on JC in high school and somehow their disappointment let it define their entire depressed adulthood.

It’s weird to be so obsessed with someone that is supposedly a serial rapist

No. 900393

NTAYRT but Goiter is the name everyone calls him in the Jonny thread

No. 900395

More like she just wants the effortless clout.
, and to ride his coattails

No. 900397

NTA but Goiter is his nickname in his thread that he shares with skidney. Simmer down, psycho detective anon.

No. 900400


Speaking of which, and I’ll take my ban for asking if I have to, but where is that thread? Sometimes I legit just can’t find them and sometimes there just isn’t a new one so I’m going to stick my neck out and ask.

No. 900402

Google Jonny Craig Lolcow 19 and it should show up for you

No. 900419

Pretty sure she had a much larger following than he did?

Does he not want anything to do with her? Or did Layna whine about it until he unfollowed her? We don’t know. Just because he publicly unfollowed her doesn’t mean they’re not still texting/dm’ing.

No. 900432

Yea JC's career is absolutely in the shitter, there is no clout to be had

No. 900433

No. 900559

File: 1670618921594.jpeg (234.78 KB, 828x1456, 9D38211B-6439-4EBC-A43C-65069D…)

Still lurking

No. 900562

Top of her screen isn't working but can post a story ? Is my app different from the US because that's all at the top of my screen ?
What an obvious answer to the threads while also fishing for more views! Never changes!

No. 900568

Tinfoil but I'm convinced she has a script for Adderall/ritalin/ Vyvanse , some sort of upper for "muh ADHD". Wouldn't be surprised if a doctor wrote one out for her if she was so lethargicly depressed she was pissing in cups

No. 900573

I don't know, she was wearing a heart monitor not too long ago, and giving stimulants to someone with supposed heart issues is like begging for a lawsuit, I'm sure she could find a doctor that would be insane enough to do that but if she's on ADHD meds, she's probably getting it off of one of her friends.

No. 900578

Psychfag again,

There are nonstimulant ADHD meds such as atoxomine and Viloxazine, but they are generally less effective than methylphenidate. Taylor no doubt pouted, kicked and screamed until she got a stimulant

No. 900583

Shut up with your medical knowledge, you sound like such a loser.

So funny people think she has an Rx when it’s actually just meth

No. 900597


What? I personally didn’t know there were ADHD meds that weren’t stimulants so I appreciated that piece of info that can put to rest any tinfoils of her being on them. Even though it’s pretty obvious that if this girl is on any uppers, it’s definitely the illegal kind. And she’s definitely on them.

No. 900601

The infighting on this thread is insane.
There are definitely non stimulant adhd meds usually given to people with a history of substance abuse. But that doesn’t really matter, no medication she’s given will be effective if she’s actively using. She’s just wasting everyone’s time and money. I felt kind of bad for her a few years ago when she was younger and stuck in Jonny’s destructive gravity. But now it’s time for her to grow up.

No. 900611

File: 1670687285151.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x2148, B3B86B97-BF4D-4ACE-A0EA-0E9611…)

Using editing as an excuse to spend multiple thousands is strange when you don’t post regularly on YouTube

No. 900614

I imagine this came about via "mom/dad, I can't work because my laptop and phone are busted!! it's not my fault!!", but my first thought was more ominous I could see her "friends" telling her that dealing would be sooo good for her to be more independent

No. 900618

Funny because when she first moved back home she claimed she couldn’t post for weeks because she only had her mac book and needed to find her desktop in her hoard in storage. She always has an excuse

I was guessing she added to her extensive cc debt to flex but that is always possible. Supposedly Kassi prostitutes to support herself & her habbit according to someone on twitter and insta that claims to know her and her ex irl so it’s possible Taylor has found a new more lucrative career.

No. 900619

For an unemployed junkie, she sure is liberal with how she spends her money.

No. 900635

File: 1670700412027.jpeg (75.48 KB, 828x457, 4D1D3D35-F7D3-49B7-AF6B-86B432…)

I had this exact tinfoil when I saw the story.
It’s probably an early Christmas gift she manipulated her parents into buying for her for her “career”. Her laptop in this screencap
looks perfectly fine to me (she presumably used it to upload/edit this video) and she has a desktop (also seen in her newest vid) so Idek why she would need a new computer.
Inb4 she post a story explaining why her laptop and desktop are broken or whatever.

No. 900650

File: 1670708810241.png (484.53 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20221210-164459.png)


She has done the broken phone and laptop thing almost yearly at this point starting in 2017 (picrel)

No. 900652

File: 1670708897414.png (763.15 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20221210-164522.png)

And then in 2020

No. 900653

File: 1670708949976.png (610.22 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_20221210-164543.png)

And of course last year her phone was broken then too so..looks like yesterday was a double whammy for poor Tay

No. 900655

File: 1670714203868.png (8.61 MB, 1242x2688, 2704BD85-A256-45B7-AC35-E58507…)

I wish she’d watch a tutorial on how to do her eyeliner this is the most embarrassing thing about her comeback

No. 900657

My fucking sides, the filter on this. The other ugly junkie whore has no nose, they were both obviously off their gourd here lmao

No. 900660


Jonny Craig MacBook scam finally pays out, after so many years.

No. 900666

File: 1670722044290.jpeg (102.54 KB, 1170x616, AF3B18C1-6EA0-4B95-8856-594386…)

The absolutely horrendous makeup.

No. 900667

File: 1670722076518.jpeg (829.48 KB, 1170x1168, 2FE191F4-335B-4BB1-A3D0-6257BE…)

Looking especially MtF here.

No. 900669

She looks like warm shit and that’s through a pound of foundation and the heaviest beauty filters. She must look absolutely horrendous irl. Also so much for washing the two halves of her hair separately to keep them from mixing or whatever bullshit she said, the blonde side is a pink mess.

No. 900679

I know her whataburger weight gain was shocking last year or whenever she crawled out of her pee cup depression cave for a week but this malnourished look is even worse imo. She doesn't look healthy at all and she looks so SMUG in every photo.

No. 900685

File: 1670736214455.jpeg (961.4 KB, 1170x1155, 3FB416FC-13BB-4935-AF11-2BA7C9…)

I think shorter eyeliner wings are way better suited for her eyes. No idea why she’s trying to connect her eyeliner to her ears now

No. 900690

Did she over-contour her face or did her whole face got fucked from meth use? She is looking so gaunt every comeback and this is probably the worse one. Damn taylor should be the poster child for meth use

No. 900702

It's probably a mix of drug use, sudden weight loss, and a general unhealthy lifestyle. It's pretty shocking how goulish her face looks.

No. 900721

Even though she’s thin now, she’s such a large looking and oddly proportioned human being in general. She looks like a cartoon character come to life with her giant head and huge face. This isn’t even meant as a dig, I think it’s a positive feature actually. But she doesn’t look like she’s supposed to be from this dimension, she looks like she comes from a dimension where humans have more cartoonish proportions kek

No. 900725

How high are you nonnie? Lol

No. 900729

Nta, but she does have a huge face.

No. 900730

KEK, I have always thought this as well. I swear she didn't used to look so cartoonish. She has large eyes which is a positive, but mixed with those baboon lips and large head it just makes her face look so huge in comparison to her body. She's skinny now but those quarterback shoulders don't go away with weight loss.

No. 900731

Her lip filler has been in ridiculous cartoon territory for years lol

No. 900742

We've seen in jonny's/pettube candids of her and in that vice vid that she's actually somewhat homely (but not ugly) in person. I think over time, the gap between what she really looks like and what she thinks she looks like has only gotten wider. She has such a distorted self-image that she doesn't see herself as uncanny with those gaunt cheeks and fishlips, she just thinks it makes her look pretty. She is so insecure and relies on other people for her self-worth, that's a bad combo on top of everything else she has going on.

No. 900746

File: 1670796357454.png (1.69 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221211-170418.png)

Betty posted a video of her getting ziptied and Taylor is the one talking ad filming it. Love the pipe in the ashtray. Definitely great sober decisions.

No. 900751

File: 1670799508334.jpeg (75.32 KB, 644x674, 1AE177DB-AD2F-45A0-BDF6-551C9D…)

Next to the ashtray is this thing. I thought maybe it was a syringe or meth pipe? What do you guys think? I could just be bored and my mind is making shit up kek

No. 900755

The way it's burnt and the white residue makes it look like a crack pipe to me, but wouldn't the bulb on the end be a meth pipe? I'm not an expert kek maybe someone else can chime in.
Then again, it could be nothing. But then again it's Taylor, so…

No. 900756

File: 1670804058373.jpg (10.88 KB, 676x365, glass-meth-pipe-3d-model-low-p…)


To me it seriously looks like this style of meth pipe, picrel. Let's not forget Taylor outed Betsy on her twitter during her first sober stint as having been addicted to meth for 2 years.

Although she also said that they both couldn't stand weed so……

FYI the dude is wearing a vest, a black hat with the name of the venue, and has either a gun or a taser holstered. Nice to see the security for Rockbox chilling with the ticket-goers and tying them up.

No. 900757

File: 1670805574912.jpeg (76.58 KB, 828x1129, C2A48F73-699A-43D7-BD45-E2D9D6…)

It looks identical to a cheap metal down-stem with a screw off bowl you’d get for dirt cheap at a gas station. The textured metal part is to be able to grip it to screw off the bowl easier.

No. 900758


holy shit I just looked those up and it does 100%

I bet its what she had in her hand in this pic she instantly deleted a few days ago >>899706

No. 900765

Looks like a one hitter weed pipe. Not meth or crack pipe. I think we all know she smoked weed/cigs once in awhile and drinks more often

No. 900767

It’s contoured and she just has high cheek bones, she just turned 25 last march so her face just finished up maturing completely, the meth use could have also added to the hallowed look, but she lost all she teenage face fat too.

No. 900774

Bold claim to even say it’s even a pipe, but if it is, that’s no one hitter

No. 900776

Anon who posted the close up, and not sure if it makes a difference but whatever is in the pic is much shorter than what you posted. The more and more I look at the close up, it doesn’t look like metal to me, it looks like a dirty glass pipe like the picture posted above yours. But that’s just my personal analysis so take it as you will

No. 900780

kind of just looks like a nail to me.

No. 900783


It’s a long screw or something. Meth pipes have a large bulb at the end, it’s not that. Crack pipes are short and skinny.

No. 900787

meth pipes with super tiny bulbs like that exist and trashy wannabe classy hoes like this are the usual purchaser. same type of woman and idea as skinny cigarettes

No. 900797

You guys are insane lol thats not a pipe, it looks like a carpet tack

No. 900809

How in the fuck do you think it's more likely that an admitted addict is going to have a carpet tack by their ashtray than a smoking device

No. 900813

Probably because it doesn't look like a pipe at all, in any way?

No. 900815

I think it’s either a nail/screw or this >>900757
People use nails to clear res from pipes and there’s a pipe right next to it. Either way I think it’s just pot paraphernalia. Taylor is stupid but she’s not stupid enough to be seen with a meth pipe, imo there’s a reason she delete this post
so fast.
Kek. Taylor carpet installer era when?

No. 900816

I'm starting to think anons in this thread are the ones smoking something. That doesn't look like a pipe in any way, shape or form, and people who think it does should get checked for schizophrenia. They have lolcow brain rot and need to take a breather. Definitely looks like some kind of nail or screw and I second this >>900815

No. 900831

Are you lost Detective Carpet Tack? 90% of the time there’s been drug speculation it’s proven right by the cow herself. It’s really not hard to believe two addicts are out enabling each other

No. 900836

they sell meth pipes that look exactly like that go to the head shop and look.

No. 900850

That looks like something to clean the weed pipe out. Doesn’t look like a pipe itself lmfao. Anyone saying that has never seen one in person.

No. 900851

Can you take a picture of your pipes so we can clear this up or something

No. 900852

File: 1670881034422.jpeg (12.22 KB, 184x130, CEA77338-CEC9-44C5-8A48-0863E5…)

i just google meth paraphernalia.

No. 900854

File: 1670881890059.jpg (287.77 KB, 1000x1000, Bubble-Tube-Oil-Burner-Pipe-Sm…)

not convinced there are so many varieties(stop derailing about meth pipes)

No. 900856

It doesn’t even look glass it looks metallic jfc you guys are retarded. Keep sperging about it while there’s no milk I guess

No. 900858

Jfc can the farmhands please ban all the degenerate junkies sperging about drugs? No1curr that you’re loser trash like Taylor, go cry about muh meth pipes on twitter or tumblr or whatever your natural retard habitat is

No. 900861

File: 1670884673677.jpg (254.5 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20221212_173603.jpg)

It's probably a bolt that fell out of the pinic table and someone was just fidgeting with, let's move on.

No. 900872

File: 1670895132981.jpg (193.04 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20221212-203050_Ins…)

I wonder why

No. 900873

File: 1670895185369.jpg (289.59 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20221212-203055_Ins…)

No. 900874

her eyes are always pinned and make her look completely insane. it's retarded that she's pretending she looks completely normal.

No. 900875

She used to say the same thing when she was with Jonny before becoming an addict became her whole personality. Then later she'd repost the same photos like "look how high and sad I was back then" but okay Taylor. 15 percent of all pupils, etc.

No. 900876

Jesus I can’t believe she used to be this hot. Why would you ever throw that away

No. 900878

She completely destroyed her face, body, health, career and life for an irrelevant bloated junkie.

No. 900892

File: 1670911371045.jpeg (243.61 KB, 828x1600, 059DC916-3571-4835-950C-3544C9…)

Sorry to any nonnitas who relates their life to music but it annoys me to no end that taylor refuse to seek therapy but continues to find “meaning” about her life to relate to random music.. the narc is strong with this one

No. 900895

File: 1670914624025.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 8FB8836E-8A25-40E9-86B2-201AEB…)

1/2 Just meth thingz

No. 900896

File: 1670914654243.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, F96DD460-3B2C-4090-8F3D-CA69C3…)


No. 900900

She’s so quirky.

No. 900903

There’s no way she’s not just texting herself.
And before any anons want to jump at my throat for suggesting this, yes, you can text yourself. Yes you can make the messages go green by turning iMessage off.

Hopefully the Pinterest board is just photos of herself.

No. 900908

zomg she’s so randomnmmm raises spork

No. 900910

File: 1670921021575.jpg (38.83 KB, 768x768, IMG_8435.jpg)

One last theory about the thing in betsy’s photo >>900751, I personally think It looks like a tire pressure gauge ala pick related

No. 900913


jfc she has too much time on her hands and needs to come back to reality. To put together a whole fake clown Pinterest board to be “funny” is so strange. When are your parents going to stop enabling her and not allow her to sit on her ass and make fake Pinterest boards instead of getting a job? She talks about how she doesn’t socialize but posts tons of pics of her out and about, it makes no sense.

No. 900914

Assuming this is real, that's really pathetic. She's mid 20s and this took a chunk of her time. Time that could have been spent in a way to embettering her situation. Taking in life experiences. NOOOOPPPPEEEEEEE.

No. 900928

File: 1670948480793.png (1.14 MB, 925x837, Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 11.1…)


Yeah this pic is ridiculous. Going back pre drugs she has pics looking directly into ring lights and her pupils are still bigger than this pic of her just out in regular daylight. picrel and sage etc but her whole "blue eyes!!" shit annoys me to no end

No. 900934

How does she not realize everything she’s doing is a part of the same cycle she’s been stuck in for years? Sure she actually uploaded, but now she’s in the phase where she binges on attention and then disappears for months. It’s been almost 2 weeks since she uploaded and she hasn’t spoken about getting another video up, filming, an upload schedule, anything relating to her job apart from her flexing a new phone and laptop “for editing”. She’s going out and getting fucked up with her friends again because now that she’s secured at least some money for a few months by uploading she can go back to spiralling and ignoring her responsibilities.

No. 900937

She knows if she posts a video showing the actual state of the animals that are left, and who is left alive, she’s going to get a lot of negative comments, because there’s no way she’s been caring for them and not herself to the extent where she was peeing in cups, she will show her disaster of a living area and not her supposedly amazingly kept animals

No. 900939

I guess I don’t agree with other nonnas on this, cause this kind of humor is why I was a fan of her in the first place. Just innocent silly shit like this. That’s why she appealed so much to like middle school aged kids, whether or not it’s your style, stuff like this amuses a lot of people. She really can be interesting and funny and her old videos were interesting and funny. She still has the capacity for silliness that lands well so at least that’s a good sign?

But who am I kidding, Taylor’s probably just gonna cycle in and out of manic/depressive episodes and using various hard drugs while she and her pets languish in her filthy childhood bedroom filled with rotten bottles of piss. I wish she’d prove me wrong but we’ve already watched her complete full cycle loops of identical behavior patterns what, 4 times over the past couple years??

No. 900943

Did she type this to herself, the texting style is identical on both ends.

No. 900944

Dude first thing I thought, it doesn’t flow like a normal conversation.

No. 900945

This is also my tf. I’ve noticed before she has the auto capitalize feature turned off so unless the sentence starts with “i” its lower case, both sides of the conversation have that feature turned off and I know I’m mega autistic and it could be a coincidence but that mixed with both sides using the exact same writing style and slang is very sus. Also taylor will lie about anything and everything.

No. 900954

Can't get up to piss all day but can check on all her pets all over the house? Make it make sense..

No. 900956

That’s fucking hilarious

No. 900973

also the convo has a read receipt of yesterday but then later on has one for 12:28 am that's not how read receipts work.

No. 900998

fucking kek

exactly. imagine basing your entire existence around a relationship you had with a washed up scene junkie. what is she even providing for her fans? updates on slight variations in her appearance?

No. 901004

that and she never uses punctuation at the end of her texts, other than the question mark.

No. 901042

I really can't decide if I think Taylor is unhinged enough to make up a quirky conversation with herself (yes) or if she's just so completely devoid of personality and real human emotion that she just mirrors every single thing about someone when interacting with them (also yes) so it seems like a fake conversation. Hard to say.

No. 901049

oh…my…god… a …… CLOWN PINTEREST? OMGGG. That is the most random and whacked outskie thing I’ve ever heard in my life!! I spilled my drink all over my pogo stick!! I just tripped on a banana peel and fell into my pile of marshmallows that I’ve been collecting since the 3rd Saturday after my first year of kindergarten 2 decades ago. Thank god she had the insight to post that screenshot so we can get into the mind of that maniac!!! SOMETIMES THE MOST RANDOMNESS LIVES RIGHT NEXT DOOR SO LOCK UR DOORS AND PADLOCK YOUR LAWN DARTS

No. 901053

You forgot holds up spork and also to sage

No. 901056

mega kek

5 random 4 u
anon don't forget to sage your autism, i love it. don't get banned bitch

No. 901066

File: 1671077920334.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2171, D6D1C2AD-DD85-4302-99B5-F030B0…)

Can’t post updates on her own animals but can post a methed out paragraph about sea slugs for some reason?

No. 901081

File: 1671090762970.png (6.06 MB, 1125x2436, 760C1D90-42D8-4F34-B5EA-5E5495…)

No. 901082

File: 1671090797213.png (1.03 MB, 1125x2436, 8669C59B-9C9C-44C7-9D26-C96DE7…)

No. 901083

File: 1671090827062.png (1.2 MB, 1125x2436, 484C0118-EF73-42C3-98D5-142784…)

No. 901084

File: 1671090849790.png (7.49 MB, 1125x2436, 030BC32F-DCF2-4B5D-A8E1-741F51…)

No. 901085

File: 1671090882444.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, D78EB0D5-9801-4DFA-AD19-2367E9…)

No. 901086

File: 1671090905581.png (1.31 MB, 1125x2436, 7BEB0BB2-7122-449B-A0EF-966ECD…)

No. 901087

File: 1671090934569.png (1.06 MB, 1125x2436, 49A0FFBE-ADCF-4356-8F4F-1D2172…)

No. 901088

This feels somewhat directed towards JC's new girl. I hope she reads it.

No. 901094

what in this methed out novella made you think about goiter’s girl?

No. 901095

All I hear is "me me me me me I I I I I " She just nonsensically talks about the same things over and over again as if her life is SO important, it requires constant discussion.

No. 901100

And yet she choose to remain on good terms with that POS… make it make sense tay

No. 901104

Her Instagram stories past 1am are like her diary. It must be such a lonely life where the only person you have to vent about deep issues and problems to is your phone screen.

No. 901121

there aren't domesticated species of snakes. captive bred does not mean domestic you dolt

No. 901150

File: 1671144279151.jpeg (791.69 KB, 3171x1878, 4F4F7422-A580-4F40-9A5E-A457A0…)

mini story dump. she also posted every single slide of the sea slug post ( >>901066 ) giving them all retarded names but I won’t subject you to any more of her crazy methposting.

No. 901155

Not defending this cow. But thats a bolt head screw.. i dont know if anyone already said this i wasnt gonna click through all 20 replies. Kek

No. 901168

File: 1671160746447.jpeg (252.49 KB, 1540x1525, FDB47450-AC40-44D8-A722-F640CA…)

do we think she lost any weight?
i feel like… maybe 7 solid pounds, beyond water weight. all she had to do i bet was stop eating gluten for a few days until the puffiness of her uwu so bad could kill me but i still eat it all the time intolerance would go down.

but the whole sasquatch thing was based more on her horrible baggy shapeless dress and the low quality blotchy pixelated nature of the shitty screenshots people were able to take from younow than her actual weight at the time. she took that shit, clearly, so personally.

No. 901171

File: 1671160982539.jpeg (99.46 KB, 827x841, CBB003E1-9FA7-4803-8522-5F9F27…)

her legs are supper puffy here but i think it's just being up 48 hours + cocaine/alcohol water retention

No. 901176

File: 1671170241008.jpeg (921.48 KB, 1170x1801, A040CE22-7399-4C3D-8DE8-AE3287…)

Another ~quirky~ sea slug post

No. 901177

How the fuck can she spam all this nonsense in the space of less than 24 hours but not a single pic of her pets (I know the answer, but her crackhead lack of self awareness never ceases to amaze me)

No. 901191

File: 1671197643570.jpeg (194.99 KB, 828x1070, 6990D219-3720-40D2-B03F-1DDA45…)

Not milk but just seeing this post and made me went to see if that soundcloud rapper is still friends with our taytaykins and looks like he is not following her anymore too. Imagine even an OF pimp and a nobody soundcloud rapper doesnt want to be friends with you kek

No. 901194

Wow and she still follows him as well. Weird.

No. 901200

He probably got tired of her addiction. He was the one who posted a vid about dumping ur friends hard drugs down the sink. He also used to post shit about taking accountability that seemed indirectly @ her and exposed her once or twice by posting screenshots of their texts that painted her in a weird light. Never got the feeling he ever really liked her, I’ll never forget that “bobble head video” he posted where she’s just sitting there being made fun of about her big head by him and his friends. I don’t like Taylor but that dudes a fucking douche bag.

No. 901228

File: 1671248425349.jpeg (343.03 KB, 1170x2061, C3BCAB72-9408-4B85-9893-0AB573…)

OF incoming

No. 901234

Lol she’s literally pulling the shirt behind her back to make it extra tight, I support an onlyfans.

No. 901235

Showing off for jc since he and his gf broke up today.

No. 901251

Sometimes I feel bad for Taylor, she really was a victim to his abuse. It’s not her fault she has stock home syndrome…

No. 901252

she knew from his ex girldfirends that he is not a good guy. Also she knew drugs before Johnny and she knew that opiates are highly addictive and how he struggles with them - enough to be a warning to not do opiates. She gave very informed consent to this relationship. I can't feel bad for her, she knew what she was getting into.

No. 901253

Stockholm syndrome*

No. 901266

Is this a joke? Her entire adult life has been a downward spiral, she would be in the exact same place today with or without her ‘abuser’’. What exactly did he do to her again? In her abuse video she said it was not being held and then she threatened to commit suicide.

She was already addicted to coke and alcohol (her own words), she would have found harder drugs without him. Look at how many drug addicts she hangs out with now

No. 901344

Stockholm syndrome isn’t real

No. 901349

Stock home syndrome is definitely real… I mean, have you seen Taylor's bedroom?

No. 901354

Claims she’s been sober since June but in July >>883769 she said she’s been sober for several months. her lies never stop

No. 901358

yeah, the swedish bank robbery that inspired “stockholm syndrome” is so sus. shit makes no sense.

No. 901382

I'll never forget when she said she tried alcohol once and immediately felt an urge to do it again, like she was addicted to it kek

No. 901449

File: 1671808023262.png (562.74 KB, 828x1792, EA7FAD6E-48E3-49BF-96D2-10E157…)

tattoo bragging/blogging

No. 901455

File: 1671821972179.jpeg (592.2 KB, 2048x2048, EA55B283-CFCB-4138-A4C3-1F401E…)

more meth rambling

No. 901472

Truly nothing interesting has happened to her ever since her first rehab. Its so sad and pathetic, and she still continues to do nothing to better her life in any shape or form

No. 901473

File: 1671844705702.jpeg (697.55 KB, 2048x2048, 3255700D-BE2B-465F-99EE-EF6D33…)

No. 901489

Why is she so obsessed with writing paragraphs about her appearance like nobody cares that much about your shitty hair colors

No. 901493

because she has no one to talk to. when you have friends and loved ones to talk to about things, you don't obsess over yourself like this because there are other things to think about.

No. 901498

the secondhand embarrassment i have for her is unreal. where's the next video tay? no one gives a fuck that you're balding or that halsey messaged you when you're definitely not the only fan she has ever mentioned. she's insufferable. i want her to fade into obscurity. she needs to shut the fuck up unless it's a video update.

No. 901499

that cheese tattoo is so fucking ugly, the lines are so poorly done. equally as bad as her furby and monsters inc tattoo. she should have just stuck to black and white tattoos.

No. 901500


No. 901523

How did she not see this coming? Since she split dyed her hair in 2020 she’s bleached it consistently and not just root touch ups, like root to tip. She absolutely cut her hair short after kassie dyed it not because she missed her short hair but because it was absolutely fried. Even in recent selfies her remaining hair looks like a tumbleweed.
>because she has no one to talk to
I can’t blame them, would you wanna talk to someone who narc dumped about their stupid hair or tattoos whenever you hung out? I would I rather eat glass.

No. 901526

Not only narc dump, but also constantly taking selfies of her eye fucking herself while you’re having a conversation with her. I m surprise she has not diagnose herself with narcissism yet.

No. 901529

File: 1671928455304.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3600x3600, DE1E020E-6D23-4DA1-B391-401148…)

Here are her posts from Dec 21st while the site was down for maintenance. Her narrative that we’re supposed to believe is that she’s only been neglecting herself and not her animals during the past 5or6 yrs of almost continuous drug and alcohol abuse. Yet she wasn’t even able to see for the past yr?!

No. 901530

File: 1671928564375.jpeg (586.01 KB, 1170x2074, 8010AD25-14AB-4868-B23C-A9C076…)

And from the evening of Dec 22

No. 901531

Incase shaymin actually pulls the plug does anyone have an alternative for lolcow that has or would allow a TND thread?

No. 901532

File: 1671930799426.jpeg (403.47 KB, 640x611, 9C5F90E1-65DA-4CED-9A2E-92553D…)

I hope this streak of retrospection continues and her desire to cling to her peak leads her down the Victoria Murder path

No. 901533

Kiwifarms had a TND thread that is still somewhat active.

No. 901538

Thank you anon! I hope now more now than ever that admin is able to find a replacement before next month

No. 901556

Not sure when but Taylor finally unfollowed Jonny back.

No. 901558

good, he manipulated her to take down that video about him whether she will ever admit that or not. she needs to un private it. i bet layna has never seen it. she'd be doing the world a favor by keeping the video up, the more people who know what kind of person and boyfriend jonny is, the better. now he can deny anything bad she's ever said about him because there's no proof.

No. 901559

Tbh that video she posted was nothing new about goiter and it wasn’t real “abuse” either - maybe being starve of hugs and attention is not something Layna cares about, or the cheating. That whole video was embarrassing and just shows how unhinged taylor was. And honestly I bet taylor and goiter still talks, she is dumb enough to reconnect with him in the first place and now she is just doing it publicly so her remaining “fans” wouldn’t shit on her.

No. 901565

File: 1672036911740.jpeg (159.26 KB, 1170x1669, AAC41467-EAD6-4B62-A7E9-EAF8F0…)

No. 901566

File: 1672037021645.jpeg (191.79 KB, 1170x2093, 758E02EE-37B6-4572-AEFF-5A0C7B…)

She’ll change everything about herself except her shitty behavior

No. 901569

File: 1672043360633.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, BA0FE599-47F6-4AA6-940C-9173D8…)

Yeah, I didn’t really mean it would show people how abusive he is, just how unfaithful and how much of a shitty boyfriend he is. But him and Layna just broke up a few hours ago. Right after the news was posted was when Taylor starting sperging on her stories about her name (like who the fuck cares?), then ended it with some pictures of the kittens her and JC “rescued”, WHEN they rescued them. Lmao she really can’t hide the fact that she stalks her exes thread, the timing was so obvious

No. 901570

File: 1672043829274.png (687.65 KB, 2240x1080, justmeththingz.png)

Bitch, shut the fuck up. Stupid braindead hoe. Why would you sperg about this on five different stories? Why would you sperg about this AT ALL? Only TND can say so much but so little at the same time. Sober people don't do this kind of shit.

No. 901572

Lmao agree anon. Hey taylor, how about you… go to therapy, rehome your animals, cut off your junkie friends, go for a walk once in awhile and stop eating whataburger.
Pick one, plenty of options

No. 901577

File: 1672063070046.jpeg (675.7 KB, 2048x2048, FDE5A745-D5D0-485B-944A-04BBC9…)

more early morning rambling about nothing

No. 901579

AI was just showing her true form, a red melting needle man. It's like stable diffusion reached in and photographed her soul.

No. 901583

Lmao I didn’t even think of needles when I saw that red thing. I saw vines, like she searched for. Wonder why needles are on her mind like that. Hmmm

No. 901617


She’s referring to the pointy things coming from his head

No. 901618

Looks like thorns or spikes to me

No. 901647

File: 1672183536454.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 3464x3142, DE3F6BBE-FE73-482A-BDF7-4F05E8…)

She posted 2 feeding vids (spoiler bc live feeding). 1/2

No. 901648

File: 1672183892910.png (Spoiler Image, 270.49 KB, 828x1792, 5666EBDD-ED6F-4513-8165-13106B…)

No. 901713

File: 1672371960728.jpeg (380.24 KB, 1170x2080, DBDE06BE-9F54-490E-8951-76A665…)

No. 901714

File: 1672372451330.png (4.35 MB, 1170x2532, BB6FDBB6-D17D-44A6-A14C-48EC3E…)

Interesting to see her hanging out who doesn’t look like an active crackhead for once

No. 901727

Aside from the abnormally long neck, not a bad looking dude. Wonder if it was a date. At least he appears much taller than Jonny and his tattoos don’t look like shit.

No. 901734

File: 1672433562614.jpeg (75.17 KB, 750x183, F9C471BD-793F-4798-971C-EB66B7…)

Sage for not milk but Taylor really stalks this girl. The moment the breakup was announced was when Taylor went on her meth rant about changing her name…

No. 901736

You posted the same thing in the JC sub and you couldn't sound dumber tbh.

No. 901752

Get over it

No. 901756

His neck and proportions look normal. Shocked he’d be into TND’s grungy dirty ass

No. 901762

I'm not pressed by your stupidity, don't flatter yourself.

No. 901798

File: 1672554778303.jpeg (460.92 KB, 1170x2119, 097510D7-8E41-4300-AFB7-ADB4E4…)

How many times is she going to “accept it and move on” I feel like we’ve heard this same bullshit a million times already

No. 901799

The first thing she needs to do before anything else is forgive herself. This is so important and unfortunately the hardest part. And by forgive herself I mean she needs to make a post on the internet declaring that she forgives herself. It’s so important for true recovery. She needs to post on instagram a message stating that she finally forgives herself and only now can she heal. Because frankly, all recovery and healing starts with a genuine social media post letting everyone know this time is different. Gosh I just wish she spent less time updating her TOTAL MADNESS ASYLUM INDUCING HECKFIRE WACKY SPORKY SPORK of d00m CLOWN Pinterest and spent a little more time forgiving herself publicly on social media. Hey, has anyone considered if pet ghosts were real she’d be constantly haunted by the souls of 1000 exotic dead vanity pets? She will have to forgive herself for that also either before or after buying herself a new axolotyl from the same dark web market she gets her pills from

No. 901803

Forgive yourself by posting this long insane blogspot /psycho-med-fag without saging.

No. 901806

File: 1672593764668.jpeg (358.86 KB, 1170x2104, 40A30BEA-8332-4967-A165-C4FEA7…)

Highly doubt there’s going to be any videos this month

No. 901815

I just realized in march she will be 26 and required to get her own health insurance in the states.

No. 901816

I’m sure she’s not even remotely worried about this, it’s not like her parents won’t pay for anything she needs if she needs it. I would guess by now her parents know shes a useless failure and won’t take responsibility or do anything for herself so they probably expect to be paying for her for the rest of their lives anyways.

No. 901826

>>901815 she’ll probably just try to get on Medicaid for free since she doesn’t have an actual job

No. 901828

Pressed enough to reply, bitch. Lmao

No. 901832

Honestly if she has any money coming in from YouTube she probably won’t qualify for Medicaid. It’s not the easiest process to get benefits in Texas especially if you make more than a $1000 a month (can’t confirm she does but who knows).

No. 901846

This. She won't qualify. Texas is a red state with a "medicaid gap" if she makes less than the poverty line for the year. She needs to work somehow to get any benefits at all so now I'm curious how this will go.

No. 901867

No one is actually required to get it, you just can't use your parents' anymore after 26. Plenty of broke adults just freefall through life without health insurance.
However Taylor, who thrives on the attention she gets from hospital visits, is going to have to find a way to get some or else she'll lose like 50% of her personality.

No. 901887

ntayrt but shut the fuck up.

No. 901952

wow look at her go, nothing says “I’m so healed and moved on” like spending new years alone at home sperging about your ex from 3 years ago on Instagram. recovery is so beautiful anons

No. 901969

That’s not how it works, you have to make less than $1300 a month in my state and even less in Texas. Also in a lot of places you can’t qualify for Medicaid if you live with your parents.

No. 901977

She lives with her retarded parents who enable all her fuckery, as if they won’t continue to pay for her insurance/cover her medical expenses. She’ll probably be freeloading off her parents until she’s in her 30s. She’ll continue to use her addiction and health issues (real or fabricated) as an excuse to be a permaNEET

No. 902024

>will have [a video] going up shortly in the next few days.
>5 days ago
New year, same old lying Taylor.

No. 902082

why cant she just stfu and upload when she does

No. 902086

She’s making it sound like she has no control over her upload schedule
>I wanted to get one more vid up before the month ended but it didn't work out that way >Am curious to see how this next month will go video-wise
It will go well if you film and upload? It won’t go well if you choose not to do that, it’s pretty simple and all well within her control.

No. 902093

Because she needs people to re-watch old videos in anticipation, get the ad money for drugs, disappear relapse rinse and repeat.

No. 906395

We won’t get another video for like 3-4 months MAYBE

No. 906396

I didn’t know she could make money that way. That’s disgusting

No. 906492

Bumping this thread because of the bot spam that happened the other day.

No. 906494

i live with my parents, got qualified for medicaid, got my job as a pharmacist, but im still on medicaid due to "covid" so

No. 906499

Said my state retard. That post make you feel good or something?

No. 906523

jesus christ hostile much ? you also said "in a lot of places" so i was just trying to show that due to covid things are a lot different. calm the fuck down.

No. 906537

I’m in the same boat, live with my parents and have a job making money now but I still qualify and pay nothing for Medicaid so I could see her doing it, it would depend on how much she’s still making on YouTube.

No. 906560

almost 2 weeks into January and she’s still ghosting. who would’ve thought this “comeback” was just a rinse and repeat of the last 50 times she tried? oh yeah, literally everyone. its almost like you can’t actually grow and progress unless you take responsibility and stop lying about everything. stupid narc.

No. 906671

That's because she's 100% on some drug bender again. Probably meth.

No. 906701

i love going through old taylor threads, currently almost done with number 2 (trying to skim thru the infighting is annoying), i'm trying to find the exact thread where we find out she's addicted to heroin (and when she finally admits it) bc there's a couple of threads in the middle i haven't even seen. lol does she have the most threads out of all the cows? sure seems that way. only cows with more threads than her is the celebricows

No. 906743

She’s definitely up there. aside from group threads like mtf, pro ana scumbags, celebricows, jvloggers etc. the only active cows I can think of with more threads than taylor are Mariah and shayna.

No. 906750

File: 1673899285521.jpeg (318.18 KB, 1170x730, 905AA24B-5DA0-4768-B7C3-4BBE48…)

Changed her instagram pfp but no word on all those videos she’s supposedly working on

No. 906753

The way she never fails to use her living animals as props in her slutty selfies while simultaneously neglecting them is so fucking gross. I’m sure her snake loves being wrapped up in her hair and rubbed all over her greasy caked on foundation. Some people really don’t deserve the companionship of animals.

And dw anon, the fact she took selfies means she might actually upload soon. She always takes eyefucking narc selfies that go out with every video, it’s like part of the package.

No. 906755

It’s because it’s the only time she showers and does her makeup that month so she needs to make the most of it.

No. 906756

This >>>/pt/629820 is when Jonny's bandmate kicked him out of the band for ditching them to go home and do drugs. Taylor lashed out in response, so the band mate dropped receipts about her using. this was also in the middle of the other pet tuber peer pressure/sexual assault allegations so there's that going on in the thread too.
I had a good time going back and finding it because of your words, figured other anons could use the link and be reminded of when the milk was at peak production

No. 906761

File: 1674064274706.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2013, 545D1D63-7E5C-4CD9-BF60-50C48D…)

No. 906766

She really is mad she has no tits.

No. 906768

munchies be munchin'

No. 906783

File: 1674074809615.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2071, E1DABEAB-9AA2-44A6-813F-FE96DA…)

More weird eyefucking on her instagram story, she’s really feeling the Ronald McDonald hair

No. 908020

Literally all she had to do to convince most people she's changing is not dress like a heroine hooker and she still failed. Crazy how she went from family friendly petuber to white trailer trash.

No. 908025

Bumping because of bot spam AGAIN. Get it together, admins.

No. 908028

I know we don't like Taylor but there's no need to lie. Taylor has a nice set of boobs, do you not remember the racy photo JC posted of her on her story in like thread number 2?

No. 908029

Bless you nonny, that was a wild time. Miss those days. They should get back together for the sake of milk. He has a couple tour dates in Texas coming up, none in SA, but I wonder if she will go to one since he's single now

No. 908032

File: 1674106513471.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x2066, 1D6715FB-F550-4855-A954-CD1794…)


No. 908039

File: 1674112847138.png (4.15 MB, 828x1792, 264D0A14-BED5-44E4-89A7-C47665…)

Show me you’re on meth without telling me
(Clothes askew, fiddling with waistband of pants, vacant expression)

No. 908041

jesus christ her bedroom is such a hoard, it looks like she’s sitting on a pile of random shit

No. 908044

Samefag but I just noticed there IS a San Antonio date. I bet Taylor will go.

No. 908047


Oh man, they’re both single now and everything. I really hope she does go

No. 908048

girl really has a tiny drug spoon necklace on talking about sobriety

No. 908049

Or the fake tattoo sleeve that just happens to go past the ditch in her arm…

No. 908062

She's a b cup, a Victoria's secret c cup. That's small.

No. 908068

File: 1674165229870.jpeg (496.45 KB, 828x923, 4FA5C8AB-B852-4ECC-A15B-27CBAF…)

Throwing this oldie back because its 2023 and Taylor still doesn’t have a personality while morphing into her new “best friend” Kassi. She is so predictable.. at least find someone cute to copy for once tay..

No. 908070

File: 1674166198396.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3600x3600, 6D3AFA73-140F-49A5-883B-C07695…)

Every time she returns she seems more strung out than the previous return


No. 908072

File: 1674166603105.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3600x3600, EE772593-0A72-4AF3-8B85-8D7EBC…)

Hope I didn’t make the collages so big that they don’t load for you nonnas

No. 908121

File: 1674181929611.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20230119-202613~2.p…)

In what world is this small? And how do you know her exact cup size lmao. There's plenty of things to drag her for, there's no need to lie because you don't like her, that's all I'm saying

No. 908124

File: 1674185208882.jpeg (492.57 KB, 1170x2080, F05C4FE9-DDE4-45C2-AD0C-7756C3…)

Do you think the drug use and excessive weight loss has anything to do with her boobs looking flat and saggy nowadays? She used to have really nice boobs but now I feel like she has to try to push them together to look good.

No. 908128

Tay you come here to defend the size of your tits but not the quality of your animal care? Priorities.

No. 908129

Yo-yoing weight can definitely cause a flappy/saggy pair of boobs.

No. 908133

She said “heroin stole my tits” or some stupid shit at some point during one of her weight rants.

No. 908147

Cool, now shut up about Taylor's boobs, weirdo.

No. 908182

Thank you so much for that link nona, was the perfect re-read for my insomnia last night. So many keks were had, the milk so fine, so pure, so plentiful.. spin out to read “3 years ago” tho. That’s when I remember finding Lolcow and deciding to stay. When Colin revenge-dropped those receipts, that was true chefs kiss peak LC Top 10 Anime Betrayals hahaha. It’s good to remember just how much of a manipulative nasty liar she was, all the while it was all lies and the beginning of the end of “perfect Taylor”. Although sad for all the animals she killed from pure neglect from being a junkie who only cared for her next fix. And we hadn’t even found out about her killing one of her snakes (?) trying to inject it while high. Just so much wows lol

No. 908234

does anyone remember the last time she came back she went on some weird sperg about how she might have to be in wheel chair or some bullshit because of her “heart issues”? I guess she dropped the fragile heart larp.

No. 908236

also spent my night rereading the milk. perfect way to fall asleep

No. 908237

File: 1674277073842.jpeg (484.83 KB, 1170x910, 70100DB6-338E-4E25-8197-B1885E…)

Apparently she’s on a heart medication that’s supposed to help her “extremely high pulse” so the fragile heart larp continues

No. 908240

my tin foil theory is that she’s really only getting heart meds bc of the meth. probably beta blockers to cancel out the tachycardia meth gives you.

No. 908242

she looks way better at the weight in the bottom picture than the top. weird how the very first time she went to rehab she was posting before and after photos of how "tw underweight she was" and how she gained 30 pounds and was proud of her "healthy weight". then anons kept sperging about how skinny layna was and here comes taylor bragging about losing 30 pounds. she makes no fucking sense. but everything about her looks healthier in the bottom pic, especially the size of her arms.

over 6 months sober from everything would make her sober date, when?? another time she said she was sober from everything since "june". i dont believe her, she's clearly been on meth recently. why the fuck does she have to lie? just don't even say anything about your sober date.

No. 908243

She really cares a lot about what JC thinks. If JC is with a skinny woman, TND will become a skinny woman.

No. 908244

it's sad because i'm one of the few anons that thought she was super pretty before, she could have had nearly anyone. i bet her next boyfriend will also be a shitbag, she seems to love dating toxic, damaged, dangerous men. i don't even think she's ugly now, she just needs to get rid of that god awful hairstyle and change it to a natural color

No. 908245

She’s a perpetual victim so she will always date shitty men to cement her victim status.

No. 908252

>>908240 yes nonna! i was about to say the same. beta blockers are like the easiest meds to get also

No. 908261

That bottom picture is shooped like crazy holy kek. No point in comparing her body to old pictures because she has admitted to photoshopping everything about herself.

No. 908262

Nona you think she doesnt photoshop ALL her pics still? Its still a good comparison given how she still photoshops them but its beyond salvage now at this point. She looks gaunt and dead, the verneers didn’t help, those tacky tattoos made it worse. No wonder she is depressed, imagine looking back at yourself 3 years ago and fast forward looking like you’re in your mid-30s from drug use..

No. 908274

Yeah in candid's you could always tell she was built like a linebacker.

No. 908275

Candid Taylor pics are rare. She is triangle shaped with a very large face.

No. 908306

Another glorious time of milk was when JC went public with Syd for the first time, before they had their own thread. Gonna go back and try to find when that was. Or even better, when they announced the pregnancy and Taylor pretended she found out from Twitter and not from stalking their IG's. Those were the days.

No. 908322

This. If she had these illnesses before why would she only just now be getting on beta-blockers? Doesn't add up. Like everything else she says.

No. 908341

>Have one currently I'm wrapping up to upload
>7 days ago
How does she consistently take so long to film videos? Actual chronic illness creators make more content than her and they’re actually sick. Her last video was December 1st, it shouldn’t take someone 54 days to film a low effort video that’s just them sitting in front of a camera word vomiting. It’s so obvious she sits around and does nothing all day, this fatigue bs is just an excuse to be a lazy bum.

No. 908342

The only viable explanation is that she is an active drug addict and wastes every single one of her days doing that. Once you realize that, the rest of her behavior makes perfect sense. Even down to being on good terms with JC.

No. 908343

I guess she just never fails to amaze me with her blatant shameless lies. Like anyone believes she’s so super duper uber sick she can’t sit down for an hour in front of a camera and talk, like that’s SO physically tasking. She’s living in some delusional drug fantasy and doesn’t realize she actually sounds so ridiculous.

No. 908346

She probably does feel she has a lot of prereq things to do before filming/posting like clean her room, do a sweep for drug paraphernalia, clean her cats litter box, clean her reptile cages, actually care for her animals, tank maintenance(? Does she still have fish,) not being high for long enough to not look like a strung out party clown, etc that probably do feel overwhelming all at once. Of course most of those are bare minimum when you own animals and she’s a piece of shit. Easier to just go out to bars with Betsy all night and sleep all day.

No. 908348

Yep, and she knows everyone (read: mainly us) will be scrutinising every little thing in her videos, eg. every mark on her skin, anything that looks remotely like drug paraphernalia, any sign of improper animal care, etc. Shes a disgusting, lazy, stinky, greasy slob who doesn’t bath and literally uses her squalid bedroom as a toilet, the prospect of getting that putrid hovel anywhere near fit to be on camera is probably completely overwhelming and slapping some makeup on her festering, unwashed skin to go out and take endless Instagram videos with her ugly junkie whore friends requires far less effort for maximum asspats

No. 908367

Hate Taylor but I am jealous of her flat stomach. How is it so flat?! We all know she doesn't workout, her heart would "explode"

No. 908374

File: 1674615375312.webm (1.98 MB, 592x1280, Not just your hair.webm)

No. 908376

That’s enough, he has a CHOILD

No. 908389

File: 1674658449892.png (346.01 KB, 1284x2778, 6D65C99A-1A61-42C1-B5B5-9415AD…)

So maybe in 2-4 weeks it’ll be available to view? Kek

No. 908392

i don’t know why i still have a sliver of hope

No. 908395

just do meth and you'll also have a skinny tweaker body

No. 908403

12 hours later and still nothing

No. 908411

File: 1674703269146.jpeg (837.21 KB, 1170x1171, B4D271AB-CC64-4028-AAF3-FDF618…)

I’m confused about her weight loss. She looks like a fat aunt here.

No. 908414

I feel like she looks fat in those photos because she’s pushing her saggy boobs together

No. 908418

But she said she was doing physical therapy like a yr ago, it’s odd she has to do it this frequently. You’d think she’d stick to her pt routine by now.

No. 908419

Sure, whatever you say taylor. Her weird ass mom is un-ironically a better YouTuber than her.

No. 908433

she has the most soulless eyes i’ve ever seen.

No. 908439

"uploading new video rn"
>1 day ago

No. 908462

Every time I’m still somehow surprised

No. 908561

File: 1674857694221.jpeg (340.39 KB, 828x725, 413EC8CA-909B-4A00-BFCB-554695…)

Ngl… I fell for it too.. also her last video views were poor. does anyone knows how much money she made from this last upload??

No. 908568

File: 1674859953022.png (67.94 KB, 1622x412, Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 5.52.…)

take it with a grain of salt, but some website said this:

No. 908656

File: 1674970987594.jpeg (334.45 KB, 1170x1052, BB264C3A-09FD-4348-A614-79531C…)

Ooooo Tay has a new man?

No. 908657

I wonder if she’ll put back up her video calling out JC.

No. 908660

I swear she said the exact same thing about brodick who gave her the gun and ended up being unhinged, then the guy we never saw who took her to an art gallery and she cheated on him with Forest, (maybe another one in between)
I wonder if it's the one she went to the zoo with.

No. 908668

Here we go again. Now she's going to revictimize herself all over again. We get to hear about all the abuse Johnny inflicted on her like we haven't heard that shit a million times already. Too bad she wasn't warned about him before getting with him. Curious.

No. 908670

when is she going to get over him? fucking loser and jonny still doesn’t want her

No. 908671

And yet she reconcile with her abuser, publicly announce that they are in good terms and continue to let jonny use her to gaslight other women/new victim.

No. 908672

She won’t, that video was embarrassing and really shows how unhinged she was. If I were her, I would do another one, more concise in laying out the abuse, air out the REAL dirty laundry and really HELP other women to stay away from that POS. But she wont because I think jonny probs would reveal all the animals she killed while high on H as a retaliation and thats the only image taylor wants to keep right now to salvage any redeeming career she still has

No. 908673

Looool I thought you were friends with him now tay? I thought you got closure and moved on? I thought you were so healed or whatever? she really is going to be stuck in this cycle for the rest of her miserable life.

No. 908674

Samfagging but nobody actually cares about your love life we know you pee in cups and nobody wants you but what about the fucking video you promised days ago lmao? Like wtf did she hit the pipe and forget about it or what?

No. 908675

I wonder what happened. Single JC still didn't want her and now she's butthurt?

No. 908677

this is exactly what I think. she thought after he and his gf broke up he would come running back to her but at this point not even Jonny Craig wants her nasty junkie ass. she’s also probably been lurking his thread and saw some of the stuff his ex gf said about him on Instagram and twitter and is getting in on the pity party by retelling her 3+ year old stories because she loves attention and feeling sorry for herself.

No. 908707

it's giving Amanda vibes

No. 908708

JC really has a harem of women that are obsessed with him. He is winning, rent free in their heads.

No. 908714

Winning what? Poisoning his kid and having 5 people comes to his show? Sharing rent with 8 other dudes? Making less than minimum wage? He is winning alright…

No. 908723

So where the fuck is this uploaded video?

No. 908735

he’s just winning wrinkles and lolcow threads.

No. 908739

File: 1675107639437.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1524, F9A7DE87-2A4B-467B-A620-89CAEA…)

Soft launching her only fans..

No. 908742

red is fading fast

No. 908748

File: 1675114059621.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x2080, 7CE1C4F6-F266-4904-AB4C-236449…)

No. 908751

You do know that POTS and EDS are comorbid, which would account for the heart monitor, and the meds for “high pulse”. This is the one thing in her story that actually adds up to me.

It’s probably midodrine or florinef, or even propranolol

No. 908753

Poor girl looks so strung out.

No. 908754

Biology lesson.

I’m inclined to believe that she has EDS. people with EDS often experience postural orthostatic tachycardia due to flexibility of the blood vessels. I am a person with EDS and I have also recovered from a meth addiction. I will tell you from experience that meth is a very powerful drug for somebody with EDS. There’s a reason why some clinicians prescribe stimulants as a treatment for EDS. Treating EDS with a stimulant comes with a price stimulants often cause dehydration, which often exacerbates the postural orthostatic tachycardia. If you take stimulants, and you have this condition, you must be particularly careful to hydrate.

My theory is that she does have EDS and she does recreationally use non-prescribed stimulants. I believe that the use of these stimulants further exacerbates her condition and accounts for her lack of reliability and frequent absences from social media.(Armchairing meth head)

No. 908759

she must be on a drug binge again because she seems to have completely forgot she “was uploading a video” a few days ago. she also looks like a cheap hooker but that’s nothing new.
sage your stupid medfag blogposts next time.

No. 908760


No. 908762

begone munchies

No. 908765

File: 1675118688346.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1467, E6606AB9-EF8E-4456-B03E-7C40A1…)

Damn… 2 hours ago, 13k views, and only 200 likes. That’s rough. She fell off more than I thought.

No. 908766

imagine being 26 years old and when someone asked you how your day was all you could say is "p good i played with a bunch of filters on one selfie hbu?"

No. 908767

no joke I would kill myself if I was 26 and had no job, no education and no plans for the future. she lives a meaningless and empty life and when I think about it for too long I almost actually feel bad for her, imagine the only thing you have to look forward to being your next high or the ass pts you’ll get for posting a face tuned selfie. shits bleak.

No. 908793

Holy shit- THis girl is still alive?? I lost track of her a few years ago, thought for SURE I must have just missed the "RIP" posts on twitter.

No. 908797

whats this? injecting into arteries again or something?

No. 908803

her snake bit her, or so she says

No. 908815

Even if she started posting content on the regular basis, she won't be able to catch up - to be internet famous now she'd have to cater to zoomers now and she doesn't have a look, creativity or personality for them to like her.

No. 908817


Honestly she should just forget ytube and move to OF. I'm sure there are people who would sub to her. People subscribe to worse cases.

No. 908819


tbf being 26 with no job and education is bs, but it's not too late. Started education myself recently, at 26. She could do it, if she just moved on and didn't try to live in the past fame she had .
sorry for slight blogpost.

No. 908822

Im assuming you’re a normal person though, even if you still live at home you have independence, a source of income, you aren’t an active drug addict etc. Going to post secondary school in your 20s is completely normal and she could turn it around but that’s the least of her issues. It’s more about her complete inability to be able to survive and take care of herself at almost twenty seven years old that makes me absolutely cringe.

No. 908829

Nothing really milky to see at this point. White-trash attention seekers are literally everywhere. Tweaking behavior can literally go on for decades.

Her career is absolutely finished. Taylor will never make money like youtube ever again. The sooner she accepts it and moves on the faster she will heal.

Get a job. Go to school. Start being healthier. Rehome the remaining animals.

No. 908873

i lurked but i'm having trouble finding the link to her video where i don't have to give her any views. can a kind anon direct me??

No. 908874

nvm found it, bumping for others if they need link too thanks nonnies

No. 908875

If you mean the one from a week ago then it’s literally made up, there is no video, she bamboozled you. If you mean the one from December 1st you can watch it here > https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ahb-T-UTzGg

No. 908880

just finished video. ok… Taylor, not that you'd take any of our advice but you really need to just get offline. Download your archive from your instagram account if it means that much and delete it. you sound like a jaded ex Disney channel star that's mad you aren't seen as sexy. i will say, you are well-spoken (even if you are being manipulative) and should definitely capitalize off that instead of trying to do music or youtube. i could see you being a hairdresser or something of that nature. i think this constant chasing your tail for the good ole days of "fame" is what's making you so depressed, nonnies are right. you don't appeal to the zoomer generation, the world is cruel but you literally just aged out. you can become a salty auntie type or you can age gracefully and start working towards a healthier you, i would say finding someone wholesome could help, but even the good ones avoid chicks who piss themselves in cups and don't brush their teeth for a year. that's just too much information and probably shoulda kept that one in the notes.

No. 908881

lastly, you do not have cptsd. these labels are what's making you confused with your identity. you know there are literally starving children and women who are not allowed to show themselves in burkas in the world? there's villages being bombed and people sleeping under bridges digging out of trash cans?

not getting enough attention, likes, money from youtube is NOT trauma

No. 908924

Imagine going to the kitchen for a glass of water or a late night snack only to find this thing on the kitchen floor.

No. 908938


is that a string (underwear) between her hands???

No. 908953

Yeah she has her thong pulled down. If you zoom in you can see a small tuft of pubic hair.

No. 909091

What is this photo even? Is she taking a piss on the kitchen floor..?

No. 909147

can’t you only see analytics on twitter if it’s your post?

No. 909148

I don't know if that's pubic hair. It could just be the variegation of the tile color.

No. 909151

all tweets have that now

No. 909211

>the topic of how I viewed love when I was younger VS how I view it now, but I'm going to save it for a video. Won't be my next one be I already recorded that
>december 15th
>I wanted to get one more vid up before the month ended but it didn't work out that way so oh well, but will have one going up shortly in the next few days. Am curious to see how this next month will go video wise
>january 1st
>uploading new video rn
>13days ago
>last upload december 1st 2022
catching up after a while and lol how embarrassing. new taylor my ass, she's not healed, she's definitely not sober, and she's still lying about uploading like it's her fuckin job.

No. 909310

Late but can’t sleep and gave into the urge to browse through updated Taylor shenanigans. “A woman lost in an underground area w hollow eyes”. You said it best girl. Johnny took your vision and you’re all fucked up now

No. 909311

File: 1675849316730.jpeg (204.36 KB, 828x1709, 15FF938D-2B5E-4FA1-94D4-CB19B2…)

Its giving de javu tay… she says this every fucking year

No. 909312

File: 1675849397457.png (220.85 KB, 828x1792, 1D321568-B150-452F-81B3-46BE32…)

More 4 am sperg… cant even upload her videos but sure

No. 909313

File: 1675849477843.png (384.02 KB, 828x1792, 34901E81-3895-4CB3-B299-DF30E8…)

Bet 20 bucks that she is dating someone new since she can’t be happy just by being on her own

No. 909314

File: 1675849770863.jpeg (344.33 KB, 828x1696, 76FADF21-5BDA-408A-8374-BB6B96…)

She hasn’t done her word vomit for awhile and I forgot her constant multiple stories sperg of nothingness… sorry nonnies, should have done a collage instead

No. 909315

File: 1675849897340.png (530.83 KB, 828x1792, 3578A315-7F2D-4C8F-AD9C-74E508…)

Actually wonder how long this stint has lasted and will last.. happy for her if she is finally picking up her life together

No. 909318

imagine meeting a girl and going on 2 dates with her and then she posts these at 3am

No. 909321

>Showering once a month, never brushing teeth
I know she wants to be all uwu damaged but why would you want anyone to know this (if it's even true, once a month sounds a little too absurd to me).

No. 909343

This is almost same as every other “I’m so healed and changed bullshit” except this one was highkey very concerning
>There's so much stuff coming y'all have no idea this time it's really all happening
>Everything's just so good. So fucking good. Makes me so emotional at the end of every day lately.
>But now.. just. Wow. I feel like myself again. A new version of myself with new lives experiences but I feel like…me.
she sounds like she’s losing her mind, not diagnosing anyone but her typing is very out of character, hyper and almost manic? like if she was my friend irl I would’ve called her parents and asked them to check on her.

No. 909352

You mean did lose. She can pick up the pieces but even she realizes she won’t have her full acuity back. First step Taylor into us believing you’re better is actually getting a full night’s rest. At least she can’t hide behind her hoard of animals anymore. I’m just so stunned she lost just about everything for a slackjawed man baby who represents the worst of humanity. Slowest of all slow claps for her

No. 909362

I find it so odd how she repeats this every year and somehow doesn’t realize she’s said this (almost exactly word for word) many times. She has lost her damn mind y’all.

No. 909368

Idk bottom tier nitpick here. More likely it represents spoon theory which describes how much energy a chronically ill person has on any given day

No. 909382

She's manic from using stimulants. She does sound a bit extra manic from her usual meth rants, maybe she got her hands on a different one? I read that there's an Adderall shortage in the US, not sure if it's affecting Texas though. ADHD meds can make you feel amazing and euphoric, especially in the beginning when the effects are more intense. Not saying she has ADHD, but she's been trying to get this dx for a while (for the stim script of course).

No. 909400

she was talking like she had a spiritual awakening or something, it could be anything but she definitely wasn’t in her right mind. its an absolute fucking joke how she can seriously type all this bullshit about being changed and this year being her year when she lied about a video months ago and and as soon as a few days ago was still stringing her stupid fans along. was she just so tweaked out she forgot about that or what? there is no hope for taylor nicole dean, she’ll lose her mind before it ever actually dawns on her that she ruined her life.

No. 909445

>everything has changed in the best ways possible
Then why are you still stuck in the cycle of lying about posting videos and then vanishing without explanation?

No. 909455

File: 1676018956688.jpeg (568.49 KB, 828x1558, A3EE1B47-DD11-437E-ADA8-D50A1D…)

Oh dear god…

No. 909457

Manic taylor is best taylor. Freakout when she comes down and sees this mess?

No. 909459

I wonder whose house/room that is. New brodick, presumably

No. 909462

Oh dear God… Single Jonny and an interesting skinwalk.

No. 909463

File: 1676026607674.jpeg (593.67 KB, 906x1620, 7AD0BFF6-9DAF-4916-A1DB-47EFA4…)


No. 909464

File: 1676026980118.jpeg (855.88 KB, 4095x2730, 44681EB9-7FB7-469E-B582-31176A…)

The red sheets.

No. 909466

Welp… she is really in her full crackhead phase now, the hair, the gaunt cheekbones, maniac posting at 4 am.

No. 909473

Jump scare

No. 909475

I used to roll my eyes at the anons joking that she looks MTF but wow, now she really does lol. This just may be the worst haircut I’ve seen. So desperate to be jc’s ideal woman but she does not pull off those short bangs AT ALL.

No. 909477

God… what happened to you, Tay? I still remember her as this awkward girl who made up personalities for her fish not this ayy lmao.

No. 909479

so her long ass rant about her life changing was because she dyed her hair and gave herself a ugly troon hair cut? holy keek she’s pathetic.

No. 909484

File: 1676045251327.jpeg (78.96 KB, 640x796, D08B9CC3-7FCD-42D0-AE34-176DC8…)

Of course adhd meds can make your feel euphoric, they’re amphetamines

No. 909494

She should hate him but I doubt she’ll ever have the cahones

Same. Cue Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. She’s too busy being a cautionary tale

No. 909498

I’m starting to think she’s fucking up her appearance as some weird form of self harm because there’s no way she actually believes this is cute or attractive. I don’t even think Taylor is ugly but this is horrendous.

No. 909501

lmaoooo truly have I never seen a bigger poser than Taylor Nicole Dean. Every look she copies just looks so tryhard and tragic. And baby bangs on her enormous bobble head? Incredible idea. I can't wait to see which stinky alt boy she's trying to impress this time.

No. 909505

She’s in someone else’s bed in these and it’s like 2 am ish her time, I would say it’s just one of her junkie friends but the room is like spotless. Maybe the bf tinfoils were onto something… or she’s just at the plugs house lol.

No. 909509

Oh yes, good tinfoil anon. Its like when she is on her sober stint, she went and got that ugly ass sleeve tattoo and dated a guy in rehab. And also noticed/recall that every time when she is in her period of staying clean, she either get a new tattoo or change up her hair. Its like she would do literally anything else except going therapy. Good god..

No. 909517

File: 1676072096838.jpeg (595 KB, 828x1182, 06E7A3CD-C7BB-4300-BACE-41FBBD…)

Grab your tinfoil ladies

No. 909518

the bangs make her forehead look like a billboard. If her “personal stylist” kassie did this she definitely hates taylor because no friend would do this to someone they liked.

No. 909521

Kek I was wondering why she doesn’t go to a nice hair dresser with her youtube money… Even with the split dye hair those bangs were a hack job.

No. 909522

File: 1676074696879.png (2.14 MB, 1284x2778, 80B81DB0-09B9-42B3-B280-A82C52…)

He’ll be in San Antonio the next day lol there’s no way she’s not going.

No. 909523

Kassie has deliberately ruined Taylor’s hair from the get go, at least 3 to 4 times. Shes the kind of friend to post ugly photos of Taylor (which, she has), so hacking the hair off is just another way to take her down a notch. Would not be the least surprised if she does anything to distract Taylor when shes “working on a new video”.
Plus being the meth enabler/connect,Kassie is low key helping Taylor ruin it all.

No. 909524

> Would not be the least surprised if she does anything to distract Taylor when shes “working on a new video”.
People used to say this about Jonny. Anything but hold Taylor herself accountable.

No. 909526

File: 1676077180338.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, 94C66B91-899A-477C-9BB8-FDBAFE…)

manically petting her new extensions

No. 909527

This haircut is not good at all, but it beats the fried Ronald McDonald look.

No. 909528

plsss, not her thinking she’s serving. the only thing she’s serving is daughter of lord faurquard and handsome squidward. shits a jump scare.

No. 909529

File: 1676083114258.jpeg (236.04 KB, 1419x1080, 76FC2B05-86DF-4687-9BE7-068E57…)

No. 909531

This has been posted about so many times now

No. 909534

Kek those bangs are fucked up

No. 909535

when she said “so many things coming” she meant so much eye fucking content

No. 909538

File: 1676096899336.jpeg (199.57 KB, 876x980, BE2FFD68-1FEE-4F07-94F1-611FE2…)

No. 909554

she looks like she has microcephaly now wtf. this is not good.

No. 909575

File: 1676137448423.png (2.42 MB, 828x1792, AA7645A0-1E30-447E-8A42-051818…)

Taylor at fetgala

No. 909576

Where's that dumbfuck anon that said Taylor had nice sized tits? Bitch is flat and her hair is giving off strip mall Lydia Deets.

No. 909578

She also doesn’t look like she lost any weight. It’s funny how she looks sickly thin until it’s candids from someone else that she can’t facetune lol

No. 909581

Are you blind, anon? She was thick af before, look at her big foot photo. She looks 20lbs thinner here.

No. 909585

File: 1676146809081.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3288x2595, 380C6C58-781C-4B02-8999-12D540…)

ntayrt but that’s not even a fair comparison. I made the the bigfoot edit and I had to slightly shrink (and in turn squish) the png to cover bigfoot because i couldn’t figured out how to seamlessly edit him out, (right is the original png). I don’t think she’s fat but she looks exactly the same as she has for years and is editing her pics to look noticeably thinner than she actually is.

No. 909586

File: 1676147438641.jpeg (1.29 MB, 852x1552, F24517D3-3596-4BFB-9F85-1100D2…)

Taylor’s pregnant and it’s the “big news coming”.

No. 909590

Candids really show that she hasn’t lost weight and is shooping herself into oblivion, she has multiple fucking chins

No. 909612

Looking an awful lot like Layna here…

No. 909633

File: 1676169079545.jpeg (198.21 KB, 828x1500, C74680E9-48F3-462A-951B-A02F02…)

she’s high as shit eyefucking herself again to show off her “cool makeup”

No. 909637

File: 1676169413022.jpeg (144.19 KB, 828x1415, 85FF1C05-07EE-43D7-9513-E017A4…)

it would’ve been a lot cooler if you uploaded the video you’ve been promising for a month for now instead but I guess it’s not like your fans even expect anything other than low effect selfies from you because you’ve proven thats all you’re capable of apart from compulsive lying.

No. 909639

File: 1676170124271.png (12.09 MB, 1170x2532, A3766C6A-04F4-44B6-98CC-88F3D1…)

she almost has the same sped haircut as jc

No. 909640

meth gala

No. 909651

Her hair looks like a badly placed Halloween wig holy fuck

No. 909658

It’s so fucking insulting to her fans to keep posting herself out and having fun and updating them on her ugly ass hair and makeup like nothings wrong, like she didn’t lie to them for the nth time. Boohoo poor Taylor’s life is so hard and she’s to tired and sick to work until her friends are free and she wants to have fun. No wonder she uses drugs, I would also need to shoot heroin to cope if I was this fucking terrible of a person.

No. 909659

Oh boo hoo she was ready to upload a video and then changed her mind. Seriously cry about it.

No. 909661

I guarantee that was the inspiration behind this

No. 909663

I wasnt sure but the hair, makeup and even poses is so similar to Layna

No. 909665

she didn't change her mind, she lied. but yea, I'm sure Taylor uses this exact excuse to justify it to herself because nothing is ever her fault. I could honestly give a fuck if she never uploads again she should really just stop lying about it.

No. 909666

No one is crying about shit. We are talking about Taylor Nicole Dean on an image board made specifically for talking about Taylor Nicole Dean. The woman who claims her health has been so debilitating that she can hardly leave her house or perform basic tasks and upload videos, yet we constantly see her getting all dressed up and going out with friends. Who lives a cycle of “my depression and anxiety and heart and I’m just so tired” to “this is the best I’ve ever felt guis like if you’re struggling you can totally do it too! I have a video uploading today and two more lined up and one I’m currently editing now!” And then nothing. But she goes out and parties. It’s definitely not something to cry over but it’s a fascinating look at a very messy human.

No. 909667

She obviously made and edited a video, wanted to upload, and probably changed her mind about it and didn’t think it was good enough. Get a grip seriously, why is your life so hung up on this woman?

No. 909668

Just a reminder that it's not unusual for "random" WKs to show up defending Taylor, often when she's hanging out with her "friends" irl and she probably brings up lolcow to them to complain and victimize herself. "Anon" in >>909667 is clearly baiting.

No. 909669

Lol I’m not Taylor’s friends I just think it’s funny how you call her scum of the earth for not uploading your precious video. You’ll be okay I promise.

No. 909675

No one actually cares about a precious video beyond the fact this stupid hoe can't manage to upload one. It's funny to watch her continuously shoot herself in the foot and degrade into Vicky Shingles style delusions. Taylor needs a sword.

No. 909676

File: 1676212432229.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, FBEC030C-C2D5-4806-AE79-BBB81A…)

God.. I am all for experimenting with looks and new styles but this is a disaster… and its a copy and paste job of being friends with her emo junkie friend

No. 909680

This take is retarded. There never was a video. Everyone knows that. It's not that we're sitting around waiting for her videos holding our breath, anon. It's the lying. The constant, heavily documented, extensive history of lying. Read, learn, and don't be so deliberately dense.

No. 909681

So she literally lied about uploading the video? Doubt it. She probably was ready to upload and then got insecure about it in some way. There is a lot of pressure on her right now. Many eyes watching and picking apart everything she does. She can't breathe without people saying "look how she's breathing, that's how a crackhead breathes". Give me a break.

No. 909683

If you think anyone here really cares about her stupid meth rant videos you’re head is so far up her ass you could kiss the inside of her teeth. I would rather chew broken glass than listen to tnd narc rant about pissing in cups or how uwu hard her life is. If she changed her mind she should’ve announced it, updated her fans, or said anything? Because she’s a adult and its part of her job. No wonder she’s has no motivation and discipline, any time she acts like an entitled lying brat and people call her out she’s surrounded by enabling “friends” like you who hold her hand, treat her like a victim and tell her everything okay.

No. 909684

Boo fucking hoo cry me a river. Why is her being bad at her job so devastating for you?

No. 909685

Lmao like she ever cared about anything outside of her giant mutant head. She’s a serial animal abuser whos killed multiple animals? You think she actually cares about lying to her preteen fans of their feelings? All she cares about is that they watch her videos and fund her. She’s incapable of change and everyone who loves her has obviously given up trying to help, the best thing she could do for the pets at this point is just overdose, because she’ll never do the right thing, admit she’s in over her head and rehome them.

No. 909686

666 the mark of the damn truth. No one here is mad or emotionally invested in her. She's a dumbass that fucked a lucky sweet gig.

No. 909687

Exactly! Like I actually really like alternative styles but Taylor’s style feels so copy paste. She has none of the DIY or creativity that usually comes with the subculture. She just buys things from dollskill and does her hair in the most generic and popular edgy styles.

No. 909689

Lmao nonnie are you lost? Welcome to lolcow

No. 909691

Her being bad at her job is the only reason we are here. To add on to that, she is also a liar. A drug addict, and posts hilarious meth rants which keep us all entertained. We don’t want videos, we want Taylor to get a face tatt and start her inevitable sex work career.

Personally, I’d be excited if Taylor got a physically debilitating disease, or entered into an actually physically abusive relationship. She’s repeated the same lies for the past three years for clout, I have a feeling karma is sending some not so good things her way and I’m all here for it

No. 909694

Wow wishing bodily harm on an innocent girl. Good one. Stand up human nona!

No. 909698

>innocent girl
at least now we know what she tells herself to cope, she thinks she’s some innocent little girl and when she lies about uploading its actually just her “changing her mind” and deciding not telling anyone. none of this is her fault in the slightest, in fact it’s actually our fault she didn’t upload because we’re constantly picking on her and making her so oober self conscious that we basically bullied her into scrapping her super real video. she’s a lost cause and the fact her and her friends truly believe she’s some innocent victim of the haturz proves she will never get better or progress, like she is properly fucked and has been since like 2019.

No. 909699

Boo hoo, junkie did drugs, junkie deals with consequence. Once people know you're an addict, the perception of you will forever be mistrusted. Sad, but that's how it is, and for good reason. Addicts lie, even addicts 10 years sober don't get any leeway. Don't do drugs.

No. 909707


Only wishing things that she wants for herself. The girl has claimed to have 10+ illnesses (there is a list, im not kidding) and said she was wheel chair bound. if she wants to be so sick, then i think its time she gets to experience what actually being ill is like. she's in for a rude awakening when she realizes being ill doesn't mean posting selfies from the hospital and getting attention on twitter

No. 909708

Like remember when she said that being an addict was no different from having cancer, since they are both diseases?? Dumb bitch has no idea

No. 909716

Taylor is a smart and beautiful woman who is struggling and it’s really sad and I don’t know how you can laugh.

No. 909717

aww so smart so beautiful the whole abusing and killing animals is just the cherry on top of her whole … thing

No. 909718

File: 1676246333856.jpeg (50.44 KB, 505x615, 035AA60F-D646-447A-B8CB-20235C…)

no… she’s not even slightly smart. but if you have a thing for filthy, compulsive lying, animal abusing, drug addicts that piss in cups that’s nobody’s business but your own, keep it to yourself

No. 909720

Sorry but to get to the level she’s gotten on YouTube and instagram fame you have to be smart and you can tell she is. She’s made mistakes but she has a good head on her shoulders. If you can’t tell that then you probably don’t.

No. 909723

File: 1676248956166.jpeg (321.75 KB, 2412x1860, F4C47427-79F7-42EE-9E12-503411…)

Where have you been the last three years looool? Almost twenty five thousands people decided they had enough in just the last year alone. Yeah, years ago before she fried her brain she was massively successful but unfortunately you can't live off past success forever. She's one month away from 27 with nothing but her dwindling follower count and list of “totally real ailments” to show for it.
Maybe stop going so hard for the bitch that uses her bedroom as a kitty box?

No. 909725

ok? let’s see you get even 100k?(WK)

No. 909735

Imagine being so gullible that you willingly accept being gaslit 50 times over and over by someone who compared her drug addiction to someone having cancer. lol

No. 909737

>She’s made mistakes but she has a big head on her shoulders.
Ftfy anon, you’re welcome!!

No. 909740

>good head on her shoulders
She’s a heroin addict

No. 909742

And she’s still smarter than half you lot. How does that make you feel?

No. 909744

is taylor’s “intelligence” in the room with us now anon?

No. 909746

Yeah and we’re communicating telepathically.

No. 909747

>> lies about being sober

>> spreads wrong and terrible information about recovery that could be more damaging than helping other addicts and calls it “advice”

>> attacks online when anyone points out signs that she had relapsed ( signs that she had even admitted to relapsing in past videos ) then can’t understand why her fans aren’t believing her

>> says she is so depressed that she can’t leave the house, but 1 day later posts video and pictures of her going out to bars with Kass and her other friend

>> says she is sober and away from all known addicting substances, but posts pictures of drinking at bars

>> even says her doctor/therapist/support said it was okay for one drink while recovering (which is 100% false based on experience

>> lies and says she isn’t drinking but got a substitute/alcohol free drink that the bar didn’t offer

>> instead of seeking help when another manic episode happens, she seeks Kassi who sings about getting high and paints pills and pipes

>> even though she said the enclosures were temporary until the permanent ones came in, her snakes are seen in said enclosures still, months after she said she ordered everything needed

>> she also said in her JC video that she would never forgive or speak about him ever again and that if anyone would advise her to forgive him, she would block them but kept posting about him and pictures from said time with him then starts talking to him again saying she is “healing in her own way”. Even despite saying he was the worst person she ever met.

>> also talked about her drug dealer and drugs to a group message/chat filled with minors (if a man did that, that would be disgusting, but not when it’s TND??)


Ohh noo… the many mistakes she made and never learns from and keeps making those mistakes. And will keep making mistakes because who knew actions have consequences?? Totally not that… it’s everyone being mean ):

No. 909750

Learn how to greentext correctly faggot.

No. 909753

She looks like Nika here.

No. 909756

>talked about her drug dealer and drugs to a group message
"talked" makes it sound less bad than it was, for one, iirc she shared a screenshot on that groupchat of her messages with her drug dealer that still had the phone number visible, ya know, so her fans know who to call just in case they want to ruin their lives too

No. 909767

She didn’t even finish high school did she? Sit down, Christ. We’re all smarter than her by default based on the fact we’re not retarded enough to put poison in our veins. She wasn’t smart enough to think “maybe doing heroin is a bad idea, it’s addictive”. She had it made and was making great money at a young age doing something she loved. Then threw it all away for Jonny Craig. Severe lack of common sense/ critical thinking skills.

No. 909768

Wow cool "all addicts are retards". Nice take?

No. 909771

Lmaooooo this is so funny. Who tf looks at Taylor and things “intelligent” bitch is dumber than most rocks

No. 909773

fr my house plant has achieved more in the last 3 years than taylor nicole dean has

No. 909774

Not to wk because she’s dumb and getting your HS diploma isnt hard but the last time someone itt claimed she didn’t have her diploma she had to go on Instagram and remind everyone that she did get it through some part time homeschooling type program because she was “too sick” to go to school.

No. 909777

You have to be retarded to do hard drugs, yes.

No. 909809

She looks like Chelsea here wtf

No. 909810

Taylor is 25, nona

No. 909812

Yes, hard drugs rot your brain.
You seem about as smart as taytay.

No. 909817

They actually all look so much alike, not even the hairstyles. But Chelsea, Tay, Syd, and Layna all have a big weird shaped head, and similar features.

No. 909845

File: 1676420157992.jpeg (80.05 KB, 828x1298, C121847F-1D3C-4CA0-89B1-F3BA04…)

New boyfriend tinfoil was right.

No. 909846

File: 1676420231272.jpeg (119.99 KB, 639x1465, 1AD7B1F9-8331-4609-98C5-C36CF2…)

he sure is a looker…

No. 909848

I guess we found the ugly retard that showed up and started wking her a few days ago. Let’s hope this relationship is milky

No. 909849

KEK ew girl…

No. 909850

Are you following him? Or is he still lurking and private’s his account right after you posted this kek?

No. 909852

Explains her sudden motivation and will to live. People with BPD only feel stable when in relationships.

No. 909853

File: 1676425197524.jpeg (267.15 KB, 828x1424, 1C537409-BEFC-489A-B443-C13F04…)

nope. this was his profile an hour ago.