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File: 1680306042636.jpg (433.04 KB, 1036x1238, princess_lolcow.jpg)

No. 2[Reply]

NONNY Welcome to the Dollhaus, nonny! NONNY

She’s really done it. As Shayna passes Momokun’s lead with 132 threads, she is gunning for the top spot. It should be no time before she surpasses Onision and becomes the Cow with the Most Threads. Our baby bimbo princess has also been robbed of her Favorite Cow award the past year as elections were not held. Thus, we thought a celebration was in order. Welcome to /shay/.

Of course, no one could ever replace Our Queen, but as the farm languishes without her leadership, we decided to put forth a new member of the Royalolcow Family. Shayna has previously said that a whole gossip site is dedicated to her, and why would we ever want to prove her wrong? Now it’s true! We figured that before our princess turns 26, we should have this board running like a well-oiled fuck machine on a balcony. Plus, now she’ll have some light reading to enjoy while she recovers from surgery. You can find all Shayna threads here, plus some new additions. The board will be subject to typical moderation, shayve our typical shayhead retardation. The only thing that could be more legendary is if we could recover her first ever thread…alas, nonny! Don’t go there!

File: 1680543496605.jpeg (72.57 KB, 500x500, 1674699007775.jpeg)

No. 158291[Reply]

Here you can post lyrics.

I'll post some from the Shaynatorium.
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No. 161820

File: 1681900216257.jpg (367.06 KB, 2048x2048, 1658982873281.jpg)

I would even kill for a Shein dress
Is supposed to be
I used to kid myself in distress
Makes lot more sense speaking of princesses
Used to get up on the scale
But my weight and health went stale
Aesthetic cacophony let
Fat baby bimbo go free

You're a poor coomer boy
Who's had to work for my nudes
You've got all the sensibilities, oh
Of a lower class guy

Yes, yes I am your little slave
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No. 163064

i still find myself singing this often

No. 163485

Heard this song playing in a bar and couldn’t help but think of Fat Shat and her growing gunt:

She was rockin' the beer gut, and I love the way she's not ashamed
Rockin' the beer gut, well it's just some extra love around her waist
Rockin' the beer gut, she's more than hot, she's everything
With the blue jeans a little tight around her butt
Rockin' the beer gut

No. 164714

File: 1696142817860.jpeg (672.54 KB, 1640x1640, 38136B8B-5E39-4544-8059-837A2E…)

Tonight’s weirdos range from a boomer and a bimbo
Accessorizing with a barbie pin tucked inside her shein sweatpants
She's going to eat soul food at the mall come Friday
Big Shaynus will act like the john is her father
No lying aside, she really needs his money
A wonderful caricature of incest fantasies, yeah, yeah
And not to mention, ellen degenerate
And her pimping shaynus, for that old guy
Yes, the one who got her leggings and gave her herpes
As she sucked on his penis
Well, only hours before, after he had left
She was stuffing her face with seafood
There was a terrible rash
Between her crab claw and ass
Shay fell in love with her “dad”
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No. 164715

top kek nonny great work

File: 1689600837027.png (373.97 KB, 408x612, REIMBURSE!!!!!.png)

No. 163871[Reply]

Containment board for Shayna memes and Shatposting.

This is a thread for collecting and archiving all Shay related media, mostly farmer generated. Please curb your autism and save any discussion of milk for the threads on /snow/, and spoiler any NSFW images.

Infight all your autistic battles here.

First thread: >>>/shay/158765
Second thread: >>>/shay/159974
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No. 164708

File: 1696100103650.png (1.28 MB, 1169x1378, the big shaybowski.png)

No. 164709

next threadpic PLEASE

No. 164710

I’m the Big Shaybowski nonna (kekkk) and I am crying this is so beautiful it’s just what I hoped

No. 164711

omfg I came here from /snow/ and I'm howling this better be the next thread pic

No. 164713

It’s one of my favourite movies and I feel like I should be offended by having Shayna associated with it but this is just too beautiful. Outstanding work, nonushka

File: 1684409259989.jpg (56.16 KB, 634x777, 23706524-7914239-Little_Britai…)

No. 162408[Reply]

Post public figures that you have come across who look like/remind you of Shayna
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No. 164703

File: 1696047311359.jpeg (50.6 KB, 718x718, 57E5B0C6-BD9B-4587-85BA-CFFA5D…)

Her smirk

No. 164704

File: 1696047608767.gif (466.35 KB, 230x231, D0E31A20-1DEA-4A02-B716-44024D…)

No. 164705

File: 1696047776553.jpeg (69.69 KB, 292x302, F918F278-5082-4E8C-B426-DEDEB3…)

No. 164706

File: 1696057728587.gif (19.61 MB, 378x671, 1694025936613.gif)

Jenelle Evans

No. 164707

lmao i love you for this, they have identical fat distribution (but not body types, sorry Shay, Jenelle is under 5'4)

File: 1685154840186.jpeg (311.68 KB, 2102x1926, 1668186457624.jpeg)

No. 162962[Reply]

Post before & afters, or just pictures of Shaymu looking particularly portly.
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No. 164719

File: 1696162755802.gif (3.43 MB, 291x296, 1677387929467.gif)

No. 164720

File: 1696162785768.jpeg (41.23 KB, 449x330, 1677381418450.jpeg)

No. 164721

File: 1696162820871.jpeg (358.79 KB, 794x670, 1677392064279.jpeg)

No. 164722

File: 1696162913823.jpg (79.37 KB, 589x524, 1677388752191.jpg)

No. 164723

I was a weighltloss denier until I saw these images. Woof.

File: 1681169294719.jpeg (101.28 KB, 750x986, 80088601-FAEE-4110-9A95-F34B33…)

No. 160523[Reply]

I saw some other anons in the Quitting Weed with Shayna thread >>24354 asking for this and I also want to post about shitness (Shay fitness). Let’s hold each other accountable by posting fat Shat, sharing fitness regimens, healthy meals, and tips to curb cravings!
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No. 164629

Should we have a dedicated thread for quick access Shatspo?

No. 164630

There's a Shay fatspo thread, it just doesn't get much use

No. 164672

It is now! I’d rather starve myself to death than end up like Shayna and you all agree, right? Let’s keep posting that Fatspo, ladies! I wanna be like Eugenia Cooney, but smaller.

No. 164686

Just because you're triggered by pics of Shay's fatness doesn't mean everyone else is an anachan who can't deal with seeing a few side by side comparisons without spiralling, jeez. Your sperging on the Shatspo thread is just as ridiculous as Demi Lovato bitching about a froyo shop having sugar free options because it's triggering to anorexics. Learn to manage your triggers instead of having a freak out whenever someone points out Shay gained weight.

No. 164692

Get over yourself kek

File: 1681569992182.png (361.12 KB, 422x750, 1498924199236.png)

No. 161616[Reply]

Are you rereading old threads? Discuss landmark vintage milk in this thread.
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No. 164614

not to mention a small dog would be better for her "bimbo baby" larp. idk about the south but where i am the small dogs are more sought after and you can't just adopt them in one trip like the way shayna adopted noodle. you have to like prebook a meeting with them and all this complicated stuff because usually tons of people want to adopt that dog.

No. 164615

she should have gotten a shih tzu. would have matched the hairstyles she used to do

No. 164617

File: 1695604820330.jpeg (645.37 KB, 2508x2508, IMG_8374.jpeg)

poor noodle has aged so much since she got her. it's only been 4 years and she's already going white. has constant utis from shayna neglecting her. she was completely black when she got her, why she's so white now i don't know. and the poor cats have to deal with her even though rib was known to hate dogs. she really shouldn't be owning pets.

No. 164618

I just binge read all the threads in a week and my fucking god. She was actually not born fat. She actually looked semi normal (save for necro boob) once

No. 164627

Somehow never realized noodle is only FOUR. Jesus, I thought she was like nine or ten. What has shay done to that poor dog

File: 1680371114717.jpeg (181.12 KB, 720x1560, 20230401134609060.jpeg)

No. 157750[Reply]

Nona, Nonnie and Nonita get in here and let's tall about your favorite totally more then like true Shayfoil (tinfoil aka Titfoil). They try to silence the truth but they don't know the truth!
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No. 164585

ayrt KEK I'm glad you agree. Shaynus has the most unfortunate fat distribution I've ever seen. Literally everywhere aside from her tits and ass. Incredible.

No. 164592

She definitely could still do all that but she seems to be stuck in all things cheugy. Shay is not old. She's only 26. There are plenty of influencers even into their 30s who ride off the latest trends. Not that cheugy in itself is a bad thing (I wore coral jelly shoes today and I still like tunics/long line tops and leggings during the winter) but it won't get her any clout online. If she took her job seriously she would research the latest trends and participate in them and she would learn to get good at makeup. Shay could actually do a lot better but she chooses to stay stuck in a timewarp.

No. 164593

There are whole subreddits dedicated to moids who like fat girls with small tits and big bellies. Shay doesn't even take advantage of anything like this. She barely promotes herself on reddit at all and if she does she doesn't go to subs that would celebrate her.

No. 164619

I just experienced shay for the first time this week, I 100% believe she’s gonna get into feederism once she realizes it’s too much effort to fix her fat body. She’s gonna start embracing her pig shit and beg for money by asking her coomers to “fatten me up” I think that would make her more money than her shitty findom would.

No. 164623

I kinda want a shay feederism saga, but I think she's too intent on larping as a bimbo barbie to ever swallow her pride and give into her morbid obesity potential

File: 1680311997568.png (809.2 KB, 2820x1128, Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 9.17.…)

No. 24354[Reply]

Need assistance quitting a bad habit? Use Shay as your inspiration? Hold each other accountable here!
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No. 164219

good luck with your pregnancy nonna!! youre doing an awesome job!

No. 164309

Thank you ladies!
So last weekend was my SILs bachelorette party. I drank a little and don't feel bad since I drank just a little in the beginning of the night. I sobered up and actually drove everyone home. I would have never been the one to drive home in the past because old me would have gotten wasted at such an event. If I'm not pregnant in October, I will probably drink again at the wedding. I figure drinks on special occasions like a wedding are fine if I only have a few like a normal human being. I know some people go back to drinking after having some, but I felt I was responsible about it and haven't craved any alcohol since the party.
Today I randomly had a little blood in my underwear. I'm 8/9 days past ovulation so I'm really really hoping it's implantation bleeding. I don't normally get spotting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

No. 164616

just hit twelve weeks sober after i had a slipup in june… i officially quit smoking in april. thanks to this thread and to shaynas disgusting habits for getting me here. i hope for weed/dabs to never be a part of my life again. i also think i have CHS so its for the better that i stay off the stuff. any updates from anyone else itt that quit weed or is still trying to?

No. 164685

Update from me. I got my period the day I posted this. My cycle is only 25 days and yesterday I realized I was overdue for a period and tested positive! Finally! I haven't told anyone yet.
I quit smoking weed this last month and stopped the nicotine. I don't crave alcohol. I'm ready for this!

That's awesome nona! Slip ups are part of the process. As long as you can move forward, and you did.

No. 164689

congrats anon, i think you will be an amazing mother. so proud of you for giving up on your vices in favor of a baby and a better life!

File: 1683572342932.jpg (46.32 KB, 763x488, Shayna Influenced.jpg)

No. 162176[Reply]

Post about the times Shayna has influenced you to buy or try something new!
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No. 164362

hi nonny! i received my sample today… it smells sooo good but i don't think i will be purchasing the full size. its very strong, one spray was all i needed. i'm not the best at describing smells but it smells like a macaron (which makes sense because of the almonds) and cherries to me!! but to me it doesn't smell like something barbie would wear. maybe a hippie barbie. it has a more hippie/typical lush smell which just doesn't scream barbie to me. i do love it though and i will be wearing it for the time being. i can always buy a bottle off mercari after it sells out if i run out and i'm jonesing for more.

No. 164537

Ugh this sounds like I would love it (ntayrt). How did you buy a sample? It looks like Lush only has the full size. I’m in the US if that makes a difference!

No. 164538

it was on mercari!! i think the same seller is still selling it too just look up "barbie lush" on the app and you should be able to find it!

No. 164589

I got shay-fluenced to try and have a cohesive wardrobe with clothes that are actually my size and that aren’t damaged. Getting rid of the old stuff felt amazing, now I will slowly buy good quality clothes that won’t get damaged after a few uses and that will make me look decent.
Plus I’ve also been sticking to my new diet and I’ve lost a bunch of weight already, like almost 10 kilos! So I will give my thanks to shaytard for giving me that push so I could get my meds and lose weight properly.

No. 164612

I've been shayfluenced to stop being into pink and cute things. I never wore them in a ddlg bimbo way like Shayna, I just happened to like pastels, plushies, sanrio, signature barbies, idol singers, etc. But was always fully covered, never posted thirst traps or anything. I was thinking about changing my style since I'm going to be 24 next year and I think early twenties is the latest I could still pull it off (and I only still pulled it off as a 23yr old because I'm short, baby-faced, have large eyes, the opposite of Shay basically).

Starting to read these threads actually made it way easier to let go of that style. Seeing Shay's pink clothes and her room full of plushies just made those things seem off-putting instead of cute escapism. I started a new college course last week and for the entire week wore blue jeans with tops in colors like black, gray, and yellow. Usually it would have been lavender jeans, a pink top, pink backpack, and lipgloss

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