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File: 1590745989896.jpg (49.31 KB, 275x221, 1589499859426.jpg)

No. 980715

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of old thread (not much milk):
It is business as usual for Shayna, except she has finally admitted to lurking her own lolcow thread on Twitter. She still has the frizzy fried hair, eyebrows and eyeliner that are the same color with the ends nearly touching. Of course, she is still making making a bunch of whining, virtue signaling, and self-pitying posts on twitter.

Shayna has lived in her new apartment for a couple of weeks now.
She does a few photosets with ill fitting outfits, all in the kitchen or the Hello Kitty bathroom.
>>973061 "Domme" set with a dress-turned-shirt due to weight gain complete with cheap gloves from Amazon >>973145
>>974219 Does a photoshoot looking like a ham in twine
>>975096 another photoshoot with a rainbow spinny hat and a fidget spinner buttplug, totally thriving
>>977436 Kitchen counter top photoshoot with cheap maid with platform heels
>>979102 One of the more decent outfits she's worn in awhile, but hideous pony hairpiece makes a comeback
>>979463 Does the long awaited photoset with the giant gummy worm, won't put the giant gummy in her vagina though, kek >>979945

She makes a lot of references to her bf/ daddy
>>975703 >>975968 >>976018 >>976484 because she can't keep anyone else around in her life. Go home, Shayna.

>>977461 Makes a references to lolcow! Insists farmers want her to kill herself while taking none of the farmer's suggestions. And she never will, so stop writing essays about that.
>>977469 Twitter suicidebait following her reference to lolcow
>>979260 Claims she got "some awesome work advice", but is it from lolcow or her bf?

Some farmers speculate if Shayna and Fupa Kyle are still together or not, dig up their OK voter records. >>979642 >>980027 >>980277

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 980718

Nice OP anon, I appreciate that you linked posts for reference with the recent milk, good choice for thread pic too.

No. 980765

File: 1590761620573.jpg (307.72 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20200529_101216.jpg)

No. 980772

Someone died and she's making it all about her and her parents she DOES not even talk to and does NOT need to talk to about this.

It's retarded. She could do more by donating not trying to throw her parents under the bus, we don't even know what they think and it does not even matter.
This is her trying to make herself the victim/savior.

No one gives a fuck about their opinion and people damn sure do not care on a sex worker account about this.
If she asks her parents about this it's her baiting for a "bad" response just to put them on blast and/or her to lie.

It's retarded, this is NOT about you bitch.

No. 980780

Anon, it's always about Shayna. Of course she would use a black person issue to talk about herself and how terrible and aboosive her family is.

No. 980782

File: 1590765586220.png (985.39 KB, 1669x2048, Screenshot_20200529-112022.png)

PLEASE stfu Shayna.

No. 980783

I don't know if I'm reading this right, but isn't that retweet about what she's doing on those tweets?

No. 980786

Wtf lol, I thought this tweet was a response calling her out but it's a RETWEET. The cognitive dissonance…

No. 980790

everything is about her and trying to call people out. Again, she's proving she does NOT care about whats going on, only about how she can talk about it, get in on whats trending on twitter and prove she's a good person and not racists.

It's SO transparent. It makes it worst she's trying to chastise people as if these porn accounts twitter their opinion on this means anything to any fucking body.

No. 980791

File: 1590766861147.jpeg (38.81 KB, 800x369, 56FC43A3-490E-4684-8646-FF03C8…)

Then use your other account not the one dudes go to only when they want to think about porn with a retard not people being killed, mistreated etc. I promise there are actual accounts on Twitter that can do this successfully they can easily get to. Women have been combining porn news and activism for a long while. Nobody wants your opinion when your self label is being too retarded for oxygen. So cringey that she had to paint herself as some voice for the downtrodden yet she didn’t post any links or donate to any causes. Didn’t speak on anything actually going on, but herself.

No. 980792

and if "silence" is siding with the opressor, what does it matter how many followers they have on their porn account? They could post it on their personal accounts, dumb ass.

She makes zero sense and is just shouting whatever pharses she read on twitter trying to seem woke.

No. 980794

She's not because she does not care. This is about how she looks, about her ebil repub parents, about how she's a good person for tweeting some empty bullshit on her sex work account that she tweets EVERYTHING on, how other girls are bad etc. etc. etc.

No. 980799

File: 1590767787681.jpg (147.4 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20200529-105554_Twi…)

Shay, stfu

No. 980802

File: 1590767855727.jpg (298.76 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20200529-105759_Twi…)

Soo eDgY Shay

No. 980803

File: 1590767890499.jpg (204.82 KB, 1079x706, Screenshot_20200529-105820_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 980806

she's really showing that she grew up on tumblr lol

No. 980810

File: 1590768909417.jpeg (416.69 KB, 1125x1371, 08207E2C-D456-4464-98D2-7A6825…)

lol her lack of self awareness is insane…isnt she the one who constantly virtue signals/posts hot takes abt other sw girls??

also kek at the other chick shes replying to, not surprised another fat ass orbiter would side with shay

No. 980811

It’s so hypocritical considering all she does is bitch about other SWers and why they aren’t making money/why they suck while failing to recognize she does the same exact thing.

No. 980819

File: 1590770838085.jpg (449.98 KB, 1080x1559, 20200529_174458.jpg)

This morning Shay tweeted about someone on messaging her about wanting to kill themselves and she posted their exchange publicly..

Wtf Shay?!

She's turning it into a situation about her AGAIN. Really shitty thing to do. Why she had to tell twitter I dunno but there was absolutely no reason to post the conversation, was she looking for compliments on her replies or something??

No. 980820

File: 1590770884337.jpg (444.79 KB, 1080x1783, 20200529_174441.jpg)

Also ded at the suggested replies

No. 980821

Wow shay, that's fucking low. Why would you broadcast someones suicidal ideation? I thought it wasnt supposed to be glorified. If you had concerns why didn't you reach out to people privately?

Oh right cos you have no friends and no sex workers actually like you.

No. 980822

"Please call a suicide hotline"

Doesn't offer any numbers or resources


No. 980823

>"Future is everyday. Future is now."

Why the fuck is this bitch talking like yoda

No. 980826

Imagine posting a privite message from someone to make yourself look better, just like the protests, she's using the suffering of other people to make it about her and make HER look like a better person.

I guess Shayna feels, "How am I doing a good thing if I'm not getting praised and attention for it?

No. 980829

Absolute nitpick. Shayna doesn't know where he lives. Is that really all you got out of seeing this encounter?

No. 980833

How fucking embarrassing to make this public!?

Sorry, I always thought Shayna was just braindead, but this proves that she's braindead and malicious. Ass kisses from her twitter followers telling HER how hard she has it and how ScaWwY this is for HER is so so much more important than her client's privacy. What a dumb fucking bitch.

No. 980836

It's just so shockingly transparent. I could totally get finding it jarring/hard to deal with as the client is crossing a line. Why would you tell some camgirl about wanting to kill yourself. I know we all hate Shayna but this is a really weird situation for her to be put in. However, she could have dmed a fellow sw for advice, she could have asked about it on any site geared towards sex workers but the fact she uploaded it under her public name is damning

No. 980837

holy fucking shit. either she just didn’t read their tweet or her reading comprehension is painfully low

No. 980839

I guess you aren't aware there are national suicide hotlines that you can call from wherever. people in her replies were telling her she should have given him a number.

No. 980840

File: 1590772366487.png (1.38 MB, 1817x2048, Screenshot_20200529-131311.png)

Shayna just self identified with Alex Jones.

That's it I'm out.

No. 980841

He could have been from anywhere. Let it go. She suggested to call a suicide hotline and if he wants to do so, all he has to do is look up suicide hotline. Why do you care so much?
But not international. Not everyone is American and being recommended paragraphs of shitty American suicide hotlines when you're in crisis is very frustrating.

No. 980842

Firstly, people were already out protesting so they knew the corona risks, secondly, "Am I the only one having this very common thought, that multiple people are having?"

People are already trying to pin this on some cop based on some twitter accustations, Shayna knows that.

People are going to riot and people are going to take advantage of the situation. I bet 80% of the people out there just want to burn shit up and steal, they don't care or know what they are doing it for.
Shut the fuck up Shayna.

No. 980844

It's triggering me watching her just jump on this like any other trending topic on Twitter, we know she does NOT give a fuck, it's about attention.
She's not going to gain any true fans or go viral, nothing she is saying is helping or profound and then the "Baby talk" and posting this shit inbetween showing her asshole, REALLY shows how much she cares.

No. 980845

File: 1590772818731.jpeg (240.84 KB, 828x1601, DDCB72FF-EC9A-48D4-9ACC-8FAEB6…)

Well that didn’t take long lol

No. 980846

File: 1590772840121.jpeg (253.64 KB, 828x1615, 204BF130-77A2-4BBC-87A0-69FEDB…)

No. 980847

File: 1590772900012.jpeg (193.47 KB, 828x1202, 196AB4EF-6A0D-4C2B-AD08-12485F…)

Shatna somehow manages to make herself the worlds biggest victim yet again

No. 980848

Kek, i hope they keep going. I'd love a tweet to go viral about her

No. 980849

LMFAO has this bitch even posted a single donation or just her new $200 weed pen?

No. 980851

That weed pen was like $20 anon calm down, kek

No. 980852

>V I R T U E S I G N A L I N G

No. 980853

"I'm doing everything in my power" by sitting on your ass and tweeting shit thats been said a million times by people with million times more reach then you?
Also, I love seeing Shayna called out but DAMN, I wish people would get with the times. Talk about her constantly putting others down, constantly controdicting herself, her bullying that sex trafficking victim etc.

But Kek at her thinking tweeting on her dead twitter is making a difference.
Neither of these people seem to care about the issue, Shayna doesn't care about the issue.
This is just people saying empty nice words, thats it.

No. 980854

File: 1590773528131.png (1.13 MB, 1947x2048, Screenshot_20200529-133244.png)

Shayna you should really just stop tweeting.

No. 980856

Shayna Luther King out here saving the world by posting on her dead twitter about "serious issues"
Who doing more then SLK? She's retweeting and tweeting, that's some real activism.

No. 980857

my b, def misread that post, but she does easily spend hundreds of dollars on weed and ways to smoke weed every week, and who fucking knows about her alcohol consumption.

No. 980859

File: 1590774708103.png (755.11 KB, 1275x2048, Screenshot_20200529-135218.png)

Just watch, Shayna is going to take this as a hate comment.

No. 980860

“stop using real issues 2 cancel people ur threatened by”

…..the way that she throws in some casual narcissism…there really is no helping her

No. 980865

What do you mean, anon? Can’t you see Shart cares about the actual issues for people she has barely interacted with nor cared for throughout her whole life apart from asking for a “dark skinned dildo” once upon a sex work time…

No. 980866

>Shayna Luther King
underrated comment kek

No. 980873

File: 1590777670372.png (849.39 KB, 2048x1684, Screenshot_20200529-144053.png)

posted this 30 mins ago and still hasn't RTd one black sex worker.

but keep talking about all that activism you do, Shayna! I guess you're just having trouble finding a black woman who fits the right aesthetic for your page, hmm?

No. 980874

Also why does she have like 7 names? Butt stuff barbie, IRL Barbie, her actual moniker Dolly she goes by is not seen anywhere on her profile, Dolly mattel on her manyvids… If I was some coomer I wouldn't be able to keep track of her

No. 980876

I'm sure black people LOVE only being given exposure and retweets when a bitch get accused of being racist and is trying to be woke.
Fuck them every other time of the year, SUDDENLY, Shayna Luther King Cares about black artists
Funny how she wasn't retweeting them before this? Real funny how that works.

No. 980877

I can think of plenty of times she could've done this, shit, if she cared it would'nt even have to be a thing, she'd just naturally follow sex workers of all colors and repost them.
But whatever, so woke.

No. 980878

You'll notice she doesn't RT black folks ever because it doesn't fit the "cute pink barbie" aesthetic. Brown skin is not aesthetic to Shayna.

No. 980881

See? While they going "Shayna is racist!!" for that one thing, how about calling her ass out for NEVER retweeting or posting anyone but white bitches?
Or how she's pretending she's doing so much like a white savior. Again, Shayna may be just as sad as we all that someone was murdered by a fucked up cop.
The difference is we aren't asking to get pats on the back for tweeting shit.
We aren't pretending we are doing something huge. She is. She wants attention, this is about her more so than anything.

No. 980882

Shatna has probably in her life never interacted with a black person outside of someone at the store or something. She definitely doesn't have black friends, she definitely doesn't follow black people. If she cared she'd do something or intersect with black people more often than when one of them gets murdered by a cop on national tv.

No. 980885

>self identified with alex jones

hmmmm sounds exactly like what a farmer posted word for word right before this. Can all of you SWers stop replying to Shayna, screencapping it, and posting it here? You're looking for milk and it's embarrassing. let the milk flow, stop instigating. You're just as nasty.

No. 980887

Keep reaching to make up a situation that literally isn't happening. It's interesting to see sex workers' reactions documented without going to her twitter and getting an eyeful of her snatch

No. 980889

File: 1590780275473.jpg (216.84 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20200529-135405__01…)

We all know you can't do anything without asspats, stop lying girl you haven't donated shit.

No. 980890

lol defensive much
it's been proven multiple times that twitter "sw'ers" come here and then run to twitter to parrot shit

No. 980891

this bitch can't do SHIT silently. no matter what it is, whether it be her parroting literally everything her "boyfriend" says to her, a self centered conversation about her her her with a stranger, buying weed, eating something +2000 calories, buying a table, her shitty 10 dollar tips, SHE POSTS LITERALLY EVERYTHIIING, especially if it makes her look good for 5 minutes. what a fucking liar, lmfao.

No. 980893

There are at least a few sex workers on this thread anon. Doesn't mean theyre cow tippers. They probably read the comment from here.

No. 980896

Tbh I am going to have to agree with you because I literally thought the same thing the moment I read that screencap. Huge ole eyeroll on that one

No. 980901

this tweet got 9 likes… why does she try to speak from a place of leadership or success when she's a horror tier nobody? being promoted on her twitter would do more harm than good for other girls trying to network

No. 980902

Basically, anyone who is someone is not going to want to be retweeted by her or associated with her.

No. 980910

Ok yeah he shouldn't have reached out to a random camwhore but like… for her to post anything at all publicly is so fucked up. This would NOT be what a suicidal person wants to see. You're giving them more shame and embarrassment, not fucking helping at all.

Sidenote she should take her own advice in the last reply.

No. 980911

It's unlikely she wouldnt boast about donating, but she would at least drop links of the donation sites so other people were aware of where they could donate. Nice try Shay.

No. 980913

File: 1590785635922.jpeg (137.73 KB, 1125x1239, E40E6C2B-E21D-4335-BC46-177A1D…)

Silent donating? Sure jan. Just admit you only do it for the ass pats and go.

No. 980915

$20 whole dollars, Damn SLK is saving the black community!!
Seriously though, I'm waiting for her to pull a stunt, this is ALL for her to look good.
real shit, if Shayna was in Minnesota she'd have a whole nother story.

"I understand why ppl r rioting/looting but I almost had a panic attack going 2 the garbage can, I worry about my safety & the saftey of them, stay safe please guise!!"

Just like she was acting super dramatic about that store not having supplies.

No. 980917

I forgot to add she's probably going to do some "I'm selling nudes for the people of Minnesota!!" or something like that.
She wants to go viral bad and a tragedy like this is just an opportunity to Shayna.

No. 980919

And surprise she still hasn't retweeted any black people oof

No. 980921

wow how convinient! shayna's been doing something that no one can ever prove! also i love how she says "silently donating" and then brags (lies) about it right here.
this is also one of the funniest things ive seen on this thread. "don't police other people" right next to shayna policing other people for that exact thing.

No. 980926

>"That's why I've silently donated money 2 multiple causes now without even telling ppl"
> Date of donation is today at 2:32 PM

Lmao so she basically just donated right as she tweeted about how she's been making soo many donations without telling anyone (which she then proceeds to tell everyone about)

No. 980927


You don't want to support black people Shayna, just stop with the virtue signaling bullshit and go back to making your terrible parody porn.

No. 980934

Wow what a fail

No. 980939

Love that she's bitching about being canceled but was advocating for Suicide Girls to be canceled. Can't pick and choose, you dumb bitch.

No. 980940

File: 1590791263610.jpg (459.72 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20200529-172131_Twi…)

No. 980942

File: 1590791294034.jpg (398.5 KB, 1078x1175, Screenshot_20200529-172310_Twi…)

Comments under one of her posts

No. 980943

Donation proving she sIlEntLy donated totally before anyone called her out sent at 2:32
Sprinted fullspeed to twitter to prove how woke she is, posted at 2:33

just a little pathetic

No. 980950

File: 1590792017743.png (1.1 MB, 1520x2048, Screenshot_20200529-183954.png)

No. 980952

File: 1590792040020.png (927.28 KB, 2048x1541, Screenshot_20200529-184023.png)


No. 980953

File: 1590792078276.png (787.9 KB, 2048x1759, Screenshot_20200529-184045.png)

No. 980957

Sorry if this comes off as new faggotry, but why do these people bring up the trump video everytime Shayna stirs up controversy? Didn't she make that as satire?

No. 980959

File: 1590792596582.jpg (238.67 KB, 1080x663, Screenshot_20200529-174955_Twi…)

Hilarious that she retweeted this

No. 980960

She says it was satire but none of it is how satire works at all, also it's twitter lol

No. 980963

File: 1590792868150.png (1.22 MB, 1833x2048, Screenshot_20200529-185344.png)

Shouldn't you be silently donating and saving the black race instead of lurking here, Shayna?

No. 980965

File: 1590793003485.png (411.88 KB, 2048x756, Screenshot_20200529-185718.png)

Suicide baiting in 3….2….1

No. 980969

File: 1590793130576.gif (1.58 MB, 384x288, Yk4YT1M.gif)

Just eat your feelings, Shaytard kek

No. 980970

Muh aCtIvIsM

No. 980972

Is she calling $20 and a few tweets (one chastising other sex workers) activism?

No. 980973

Hey, Anon..she donated TWENTY DOLLARS,okay?! She's basically the martyr for black people! She's a saint! She apparently cashes out thousands of dollars a week on OnlyFans and drops $200 on Dog the Bounty Hunter cosplay but she donated that glorious 20 beautiful dollars. She's fucking amazing. Just WOW!

No. 980974

Shayna just delete all your tweets and moved on, please.
You are only going to make this worst.

No. 980975

Once again, not one orbitor came to shayna's rescue dawwwwww But she's so adored!

No. 980976

smart people know when to abandon a sinking ship.

No. 980980

File: 1590793919205.png (21 KB, 650x400, abase.png)

MAJOR FUCKING KEK. she means deplatform. She's the only one debasing herself

No. 980981

She deleted it kek
Lurkin hard today? Shouldn't you be making more stupid parody MuH ArT porn?

No. 980983

There's nothing but her orbiters talking amongst themselves. She'll be on for asspats in no time.

No. 980984

The only smart thing she's done today. Her rules of letting people do better only apply to her. Remember she was gloating when she thought she exposed some SW and no one gave a fuck?
Remember she yelled at that sex trafficker? Shit, remember how she made MEN the victims of sex trafficking?
Or how she had people attack that girl for a meme?
She needs to think before she speaks.

No. 980985

victim of sex trafficking

No. 980986


Y'all already know she's calling up her boyfriend right now a sobbing mess before she hops on discord lol He's probably like, "Lemme guess…Twitter?"

No. 980987

when is she going to realize that being an internet persona whether through her """sex work""", former tumblr fame or anything else just isn't in the cards for her?
>hint: never

the digital hole she's dug herself in is so fucking deep. the only thing she could possibly do to rectify the situation is bow out of the public internet sphere with whatever miniscule scrap of dignity she retains before she's ousted yet again by some self-created scandal.

why not invest of all of the time and energy she puts into crying on the internet and defending her stupid opinions and pRoBleMaTiC actions into a real-life career? if she's so desperate to stay in sex work, she could become a stripper, or at least she could forty pounds ago.

if she's so creative, why doesn't she look for work as a film PA or even just make art where her festering pussy and necrotic tit aren't the predominant subject? given her juvenile aesthetic choices and personality, she'd probably be more successful and fulfilled running an arts and crafts class, which would still be a million times healthier for her than any of the failing camgirl shit she's doing now.

suggesting any legitimate advice to her is useless, though. she'll never concede she's a has-been no one wants to associate with so she'll just crash and burn. not a cute look.

No. 980988

All Shayna had to do was post she donated. Of course she could'nt. She had to throw her parents under the bus, she had to do her "If you don't do this, you are being this!" thing, she had to make that post about "silently" donating, she had to post tweets of other people comdemning people for the SAME shit she was doing.
She made this about her. She made people feel that she didn't care. Thats why people are at her neck.
People see it's not real, she probably is sad someone died, but she's using this as a way to show the world something and made it about her.
She's not the only one doing this or the only one being called out for it.
She especially fucked up talking to someone with their own racists past about another sex worker criticizing Shayna's racist past. She made every wrong step.
Just move on and say sorry, but she won't.

No. 980989

Pumping out lazy slacktivism that goes against what she's shown before, and only doing so when prompted, and then spilling some ignorant shit over it really equates to her needing post this? She's acting like she made a tremendous sacrifice, monetarily and socially, only to get it tossed back at her by those ~ungrateful meanie suffering and dying people~
this girl is so…i've never known somebody so stupid. it's stunning.
we should hold a funeral for her poor dead brain

No. 980991

Oh she'll delete everything and go, "I'm done, fuck all yall, I'm doing what everyone wants-" and she'll either suicide bait or "I'm quitting sex work" bait.

She better hope that non-sexworkers don't get a whiff of her tweets. Again, she should delete and move on.

No. 980993

She better hope black Twitter don't get a whiff of her ass lmaoooo They'll tear her stupid ass apart.

No. 980995

very good analysis anon. she can't handle any of this and she's not cut out for being an internet persona but she doesn't know how to do anything else. it annoys me when anons say she's a generic sex worker and doesn't deserve to be in /pt/, there's something really unique and weird about her whole situation

No. 980996

Yup. If she actually achieved internet fame, that comes with even more criticism, even more verbal beatdowns, even more watchful eyes waiting for her to fuck up. And she fucks up A LOT. We see it every damn day with her hypocritical ass. She can't even handle the smallest of criticisms without delving into suicide baiting. The internet is ruthless and her fragile ego can't handle it. She's nuts for wanting this.

No. 980998

If people weren't convinced Shayna was racists or at the very least someone dishonest she sure gave them ammo today.

She deleted that tweet and never retweeted POC sex workers, she has been blocking anyone (including POC) who called her out or slightly criticized her, while thanking those who agreed.

She donated $20, while saying she wasn't going to post about donating, then she keeps retweeting shit trying to shame white people for doing shit SHE was doing.

Finally, she ended it with a "Fuck y'all, I'm trying to do activism, yall won't let me be great!!!"

There's probably 100 ways Shayna could've correctly supported the cause, not made it about her and not make herself look bad.

No. 980999

exactly. i can call racism when i see it but i genuinely don't think she is, she is just ridiculously retarded. one wrong move for even an angel on twitter and they can be considered racist but who the hell let Shayna on there? It is amazing the good she could do by just shutting up and terrifying the damage she can do by just keeping on talking. I'm starting to think that tumblr fame fucked shayna for life and the only thing she actually values is attention on the internet.

No. 981006

>$200 dog the bounty hunter cosplay
>$20 donation

yeahhh when you lay it out like that it was a pretty pathetic attempt at woke points

No. 981010

That is not how medication works unless it's straight up xanax/valium.

No. 981012

I’m constantly in awe of how poorly she handles situations/chooses the words to express herself

No. 981016

kek. "i'm going to take my slow-release specially-formulated mild anxiety medication! i'm gonna do it!"
she has brainworms. it is so fucking weird. part of me hopes she never stops just because her insight is so bizarre.

No. 981027

Wow lurk much Shay. As soon as she said "I've SiLeNtLy DoNaTeD tO a LoT" and I made my post about that being bs because she would at least post a which ones, there she went. She probs literally donated right after replying to that bitch. Pathetic.

No. 981029

Do the people on TV send messages to you sometimes?

No. 981031

File: 1590802520926.png (2.46 MB, 1316x2048, Screenshot_20200529-213549.png)

Why does she look like a 45 year old I don't get it

No. 981032

File: 1590802631148.png (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1425x2048, Screenshot_20200529-213450~2.p…)

and then manages to make herself look retarded.

(blacked out her gape cos no one needs to see that)

No. 981033

It's very likely she lurked here and saw people calling her out on donating jack shit (not just today), but yeah, it was also getting into it with that girl and she responded saying shes silently donated to many things.

She tried to prove it to twitter and us by posting her single small donation. Ironically, not silent and smugly. No it wasnt just my post, not what I was trying to say.

No. 981034

The greasy bangs and gut kek

No. 981036

She looks like Lena Dunham now

No. 981038

thanks, i'd appreciate more blackout gapes because i want to see her latest sw without seeing her actual pussy

No. 981041

File: 1590806116038.jpg (263.4 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20200529-213439_Twi…)

I thought she was done with her "activism"

No. 981042


The shape of her bum in that position is so unflattering oh my

No. 981053

Didn’t even bother to cake on more eyeliner from the previous day’s eyeliner. As if we needed proof she doesn’t wash her face/make up off every night; you can see where her lash glue took off the old layer of liner. And then she just glued her lashes back on the next day, without fixing it.

Rough. So her eyebrows are also likely days old caked make up.

No. 981058

Lmao she uses dolly Mattel as her PSN tag too “TheDollyMattel” I just looked it up because I was curious. not much milk there though just funny she doesn’t have anything else to name herself on a damn game.

No. 981059

File: 1590810286198.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1242x1717, AF878B81-210B-4B1F-83DD-5FC609…)

So creative. So unique.

No. 981060

Yep, we've established that she doesn't wash her face and uses makeup from the previous day several times

No. 981061

She donates more money to Jeff Bezos kek They only thing she'll ever truly care about.

No. 981063

you know whats goig to look worst? Her doing Dog the Bounty hunter porn after all of this and all of the shit she started.
I know he's not a cop but come on, a white red neck whose said some racist shit in the past?
I'm sure sex workers (who for some reason focus on the trump porn only) are going to focus on that NEW piece of current day porn.

I almost didn't want to say anything because I wanted to see her do it and the shit storm that would happen.

No. 981064


crazy these were taken what? a couple days apart? a week maybe? you can see a noticeable big of weight gain on her face already. she’s aged terribly and only 23. big yikes!

No. 981065

Kek, worry not she'll do it anyway because the farmers will be talking about it

No. 981067

File: 1590814375128.jpg (84.55 KB, 760x510, 20200529_235246.jpg)

I did this on mobile, so I can't fix the name, but you inspired me.

No. 981071


One is highly edited, probably using Snow. She just doesn't have the brain not to tweet/retweet them back to back.

No. 981090

holy shit shartna can you please shut the fuck up and stop repeating this delusional desperate THEY'RE CANCELLING ME! IM BEING CANCELLED! CANCEL CANCEL CANCELLING" over and over and over?

No. 981095

underrated comment anon lmao

it's not just snow anon, the other anon is right. look at the arms. or does snow filtering work on the body too?
i don't understand what she's doing to gain like this anymore. at least she's looking _less_ like yaniv now that her face is getting even rounder

No. 981100

New thread at 125+ posts before it's even 24 hours old. Shayna should be proud. kek.

No. 981119

I hope she never finds out that she doesn't have to engage with every single person that comments on her tweets.

No. 981120

dont think it auto edits but she clearly isnt averse to liquefying her body

No. 981160

File: 1590846375063.jpg (495.91 KB, 1080x2220, 20200530_083211.jpg)

She OFC deleted her "I was never racist" tweets but I still saved my attempts to calmly reason with her– this was getting so out of hand and she keeps sticking her foot farther in her mouth trying to defend her past behavior… She replied she was "never gaslighting???" and then went on to repeat the same bullshit like, "I never had dislike for black people". Smh. I tried, y'all; I had to say something. She's one of my problematic favs, just like Lana Del Rey. Both of these dusty jars of mayonnaise are embarrassing and so disappointing to the "community".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 981165

Cow tip anons really think they're her fucking savior.

No. 981166

File: 1590849075048.png (1.1 MB, 1616x2048, Screenshot_20200530-103126.png)

No. 981168

seconded, let's please make this a new standard going forward

No. 981170

File: 1590851628253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.43 KB, 564x900, where is it???.jpg)

she really just blurred her pussy straight out of existence

No. 981172

KEK at those triple chins

No. 981175

File: 1590854075898.jpg (605.38 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20200530-115348_Twi…)

Lol I can't with her

No. 981176

File: 1590854159543.jpg (624.14 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20200530-115620_Twi…)

She also posted two black girls back to back. Sage so I don't get yelled at for photo dumping.

No. 981177

kek conspiracy barbie is upon us

No. 981178


Wow the true savior of the black community. Absolutely does not get involved until it gets her brownie points and everyone else is doing it. She totally didn’t just start posting black sex workers or “advocating” for them nope. This bitch is so stupid.

No. 981179

Is in her house safe as hell is not and will NEVER fucking do anything if given the chance.


Shayna you HAVE nothing to share or add. You are SO far removed from ALL this shit. You are not out there, all you are doing is retweeting and reading information.

And what is she talking about? The riots have been trending, which is the REASOn why Shayna cares, because if it's not on twitter she gives no shits.

but then again, I can think of plenty of situations her ass never spoke on.

No. 981180

I hope someone calls her out again. Literally using this situation to seem woke and get attention. She's NOT learning.
She's NOT going to retweet or support POC or anyone after this.

All of this is current news for leeches like Shayna to latch onto, do the very least and pretend they are god's gift to black people and the cause.

She's NEVER retweeted a black person before, again, if people didn't think Shayna may be a little fucked up, I'm sure they are side eyeing now.

No. 981181

Wow this really proves how totally not racist she is and how totally in support of the black community she is. Funny how she'll only rt black women who already have thousands of likes and RTs. All for the fucking clout.

No. 981182

She even deleted the post where she asked black sex workers to give her stuff to RT. She cares so much though.

No. 981185

I love how long it took her to find two black sex worker deemed worthy enough to be on her feed.
I guess she could'nt find any that fit her 100% unique "Aesthetic"

I would not be surpised if she was on someone elses page, say them retweeting people and picked two and like, "Damn, shut the fuck up lolcow, here, I'm doing activism"

No. 981187

File: 1590856837604.jpg (702.93 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20200530-123757_Twi…)


No. 981188

Okay but why is she shocked that a corner store is selling masks and gloves? fucking relax Shayna do you never leave the house or something?

No. 981192

I think that was more her complaining about the price, she tweeted under that saying masks were $30/box and gloves $10

No. 981193

That cop isn't using his authority to get away with selling weed, if he got caught he would get in trouble for sure lmao. She literally doesn't know what she's talking about.

No. 981194

Why should she care about price when she's bragging about getting 3k from OnlyFans in a week

No. 981197

Here she is, trying to make it about her.
"My repub parents! My brothers friend had a cop white dad who sold weed!! It made me understand "fuck the police!!"
Again, it's so transparent. Seeing a police officer is what made her hate the police, versus thousands of people of every color being killed and treated like shit.

I really wish she'd stop. It's really making her look worst, she gives no fucks about cops or black people but suddenly she cares?

Remember she was getting mad at other people for getting mad at her for the "black dildo" comment? Remember she was calling them SJW's?

Or how about when she blocked a sex trafficking victim and the few people who called her out yesterday some of them POC?

But yeah, tell your ptobably not true story trying to fit in and hoping to go viral.

No. 981201

exactly my thoughts anon. i don’t even have to post anything now.

No. 981202


>he would get in trouble for sure

Kek anon are you from the US? There have been riots for the past 4 days and not to WK but she's definitely not wrong. Its extremely common for cops to do illegal shit and get away with it.

Why is she talking about it now though like a police officer dealing weed is somehow comparable to what's going on right now? Its like she can't help but make the conversation about herself when she sees other people talking about their traumatic experiences with police. Seeing her "fuck cops uwu my brothers friend sold weed and then I was WOKE" tweet compared to everyone else who actually has a traumatic experience is kek worthy. Climb out of your own ass Shay no one cares about when the "veil was lifted" for you and your incel pandering as.

No. 981204

When this is over Shayna like most, will forget all about this "Activism" they were doing via twitter. It's empty, it's performative. I'm not saying everyone has to get on a plane and go out there, I'm saying you can spot a poser from a mile away.
I believe Shayna feels more strongly about hating women (while claiming to be a victim of rape, stalking and grooming all by men) then I do her caring about the police brutality.
I'm waiting for her to bring up her warrent and how terrified she was when she got pulled over or something. Oh, and an update where she blasts her mom/dad for having the "wrong" opinion.
Then a few months later she'll be tweeting about her dad like she didn't just call him out for being a horrible person.

I get wanting to relate but every single tweet is a fail.

No. 981206

File: 1590861440798.png (18.39 KB, 478x324, ejejejd.PNG)

I'm sorry, i'm black and this is triggering the fuck out of me.
She donated $20, blocked anyone who called her out for anything, is FINALLY retweeting black sex workers and ONLY to prove how woke she is.
This is so fucking weak.

No. 981215

Shayna Lurker king

No. 981218

Another black anon here, and God, I really, really try not to get mad at cows, but it's just like, holy shit, I've never seen a cow be so fucking blatant about how much she's just doing stuff like this for attention. You know she's just waiting to get picked up by someone with more followers so she can get that coveted attention.

"Oh, I donated twenty dollars after being called out, oh, I retweeted two black people after being called out "

Wow, thanks, SLK, you've ended racism. Couldn't have done it without you!

No. 981219

I hope it does get picked up because we know the swers are going to call her ass out and have everyone calling it for what it is.

No. 981220

Shes absolutely disgusting.Making everything about herself… as usual. I’m sorry, anon. It stops being funny to watch shayna’s antics in times like these and instead becomes infuriating.

No. 981221

Ive already saw a few sex workers calling her out that Ive never seen call her out before. Sex workers posting about her blocking them. Queue Shatna suicide bait posts soon.

No. 981222

SHAYNA HAS ENDED RACISM… everyone go home

No. 981223

Nah she's not lurking she's just bandwagoning the tweets going around now that are saying "silence is violence."

Her pasty white ass wants to go viral so bad she is literally grasping at straws. If one of her BLM tweets actually blew up I would bet my life on her linking her only fans and asking people to donate to her dolly computer fund. She's the most transparent person.

No. 981226

I don’t know if she’s lurking at this exact moment Shayna Lurker King seemed like a better monicker for SLK lol

No. 981232

Shayna’s twitter search history:

black, onlyfans
poc, sex worker

Clicks latest tab and RT’s the two she likes most lmao

No. 981235

File: 1590866676843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 635.48 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20200530-152347_Twi…)

God she's so fucking lazy. She wore the exact same outfit for her nonsense impregnation video and the gummy worm deep throat. For someone who prides themselves on creativity, she always disappoints.

No. 981236

File: 1590866681377.jpg (189.45 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20200530_152351.jpg)

Slayyyy girlll you're on a stroll! Straight outta compton #black #blackpeople #poc #police

No. 981237

shayna's activism is literally just her talking about the song "fuck the police" lmfao

No. 981242

She sure is woke, mentioning the only anti police rap song white people are aware of, repeatedly. I wonder if she's excited for African American Music Appreciation Month. She might hear a different 30 year old song.

No. 981243

I would'nt be surpised if she was just looking at tweets other people made and rephrasing them. She seems giddy to be apart of this.
Not sad or angry, giddy that she's apart of something and is getting a Little attention and Woke points.
And bitch YOU find it. Don't you love when Shayna is STILL trying to find the formula to make a viral tweet on the backs of a death, protestors, horrible looting and destruction of property?

No. 981249

There was a planned peaceful protest in a central part of Tulsa today. Looks to me like she did even go. So much for her caring about black people. She probably didn’t even mention it on her Twitter because she knew people would call her out on not going. Btw today is also the anniversary for the Tulsa race massacre. Perfect time to protest. But no, Shatna is too busy taking unflattering pictures and being self involved

No. 981251

File: 1590870883211.jpg (484.02 KB, 1080x1375, Screenshot_20200530-153429_Twi…)

Shay, why the fuck are you freaking out? You are a privileged white girl. This has NOTHING to do with you(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 981258

lets be real, she was probably too high to even know that was going on or slept right through it/just woke up.

im personally kinda meh about her blm tweeting. its a damned if she did, damned if she didnt situation if you think about it. if she didnt mention it, it would confirm everyones thoughts that she's a major racist who only cares about herself, but her tweeting about it still doesnt really do much for her either. but it's a lot less worse than it would look than if she didnt show support at all, so thats probably why shes doing it. the pressures really on for people to pick a side right now.

No. 981259

I think where everyone is having an issue is that in a lot of the tweets she was just making things about herself. It’s really obvious and like other anons have said very transparent.

No. 981263

How is it possible to be this retarded? Of course people have different lines/creases on their faces depending on what facial expressions they're making. On the left, he's raising his brows; on the right he's relatively straight-faced. Seriously, how fucking low IQ are you, Shayna?

No. 981264

nta but they're talking about the hairline

No. 981268

I feel like she just likes to feed into these conspiracies every time something is going on in the world to look unique and different. It’s part of her uwu not like other girls bullshit.

No. 981278

For her there is no danger in this. She's like a little kid telling ghost stories, she wants whatever is the most salacious. For dear SLK the best outcome would be a coverup where they arrest a patsy because that's exciting.

No. 981355

Not OP but his hairline is just from different angle + buzzcut vs grown hair. Ofc the widow's peak recession is more visible in broad daylight at a slanted from above angle and with a buzzcut.

So she's… Really still just as retarded smh.

No. 981360

Yea I am from the US, maybe it's not like this in other states, or even if its just where I live, but if an officer was selling drugs they would be arrested for it without a doubt. Now other crimes I can see them sweeping it under the rug and pretending like it never happened but drugs are a problem here and my state and the state is pretty split on if weed should be legal or not.

sage for being off topic

No. 981368


Literally no one cares about your cop sperg anon. You missed the point. We’re talking about how Shayna constantly makes things about herself… How she always has to give a personal account/story that she thinks is gonna make her look unique or go viral… like anyone actually gives a fuck. We’re not talking about how strict law enforcement is against other law enforcement who are dealing drugs in your area or the politics of marijuana in your local jurisdiction…Jfc. Can we please stick to the Shayna milk

No. 981422

If this absolute retard says "Fuck the Police" one more tweet I stg

No. 981423

That’s her activism… Duh. SLK.

No. 981457

You're right. I could only aspire to be so culturally immersed and active in fighting for the oppressed with such incredibly woke actions.

No. 981469

God she managed to get herself in more drama I can’t with this girl. I don’t think Shatna is a racist, she’s just ignorant and only cares about herself. The trump porno wasn’t racist? Just offensive and kinda stupid especially if you’re going to be “twitter woke”. It didn’t come off as satire like she probably meant it to. I don’t know why she bought that shitty cosplay for $200 but can even donate $100 to BLM. She’s so dumb it’s funny how she got owned on twitter

No. 981544

If shayna was to go out to protest no lie she'd do some, "I'm out supporting black lives matters with my pink barbie book bag, my stuffy hanging out of it and tears down my face #fuckthepolice #BarbieActivism"
And then we'll never hear the end of SLK talking about how much she did for the black community

No. 981566

File: 1590938292903.jpeg (267.7 KB, 1125x1920, 55A3DF46-3E0A-4FE9-A4B5-EFB276…)

more sex workers are calling her out again for nazi shit she posted on her tumblr and its barely 8 am. poor miss shayna luther king cant rest this weekend!!


No. 981567

File: 1590938385859.jpeg (29.34 KB, 640x700, 50973CA0-015E-487A-AEF3-C9D2A2…)

tsk tsk shayna

No. 981568

File: 1590938406145.jpeg (41.64 KB, 640x864, 7B223108-686B-4A01-8713-ECBB27…)


No. 981569

It was years ago and i know she's being edgy but YIKES. Along with the Shayna Lurker King shit she's doing it's not a good look.
They need to bring up her blocking people and that sex trafficker she spazzed out at.

No. 981570

File: 1590938567377.jpeg (48.39 KB, 639x949, 6EA93049-0DCA-4227-BED2-016F14…)


No. 981571

its still hilarious that poor shayna cant catch a break even after attempting to poorly virtue signal plus the whole edgy thing even if its jokes barely flies on twitter considering how pc it is…could it be the end of shaynas twitter i hope so

No. 981582

well since these sex workers seem to be focused on years old spoiled milk and not the HUGE fucking list of milk we have of Shayna being shady, I guess she's going to be Nazi racist barbie now.
As much as I think these sex workers lurk this thread, I think some of the shit we get mad at Shayna about THEY do which is why they don't call it out.

No. 981584

Tbf she did post this when she was a stupid edgy teen so it really shouldn't be taken that seriously. She was like 14-15. She's done and said stupider shit since then, as an adult nonetheless. I guess this is just easy and shocking to show people.

No. 981586

File: 1590941362632.png (335.21 KB, 478x468, lies.PNG)

Oh look Shayna is retweeting lies.The best way to honor a dead black man is to misgender him and ignore how this was debunked MANY TIMES. Not that I expect Shayna to do more than retweet shit.

No. 981590

Isn't she 22? So 5yrs ago would make her about 17 not 14-15?

No. 981591

If you look at twitter I can tell Shayna is seeing the absurd amount of likes and retweets people are getting parroting the same things.

So there's no doubt in my mind she's trying to get a "viral tweet" again, I won't say she does not care about George's death or even what she's saying.
But she's Shayna.
She has no original thoughts, she has no idea what this is doing to the people LIVING in these communities (like myself), she's just saying what everyone else is saying because it seems right.

I know people who've lost buinesses and everything they worked for, I know people who are being hurt peacefully protesting and assholes who are just looting and destroying.

All she's saying is, "Fuck the police!!" the issue is deep and Shayna is not.
But she's not the only one doing this.

No. 981595

I love the receipts here. Fuck edgy “ha ha Hitler” bullshit forever.

No. 981598

The exact age doesn't really matter, the point was she did it as a teen and has since said and done worse things as an adult. People should be bringing up that shit instead of her just trying to be edgy on Tumblr.

like how she blatantly said homeless people shouldn't make gofundmes because they're gonna use it for drugs and alcohol, but it's totally cool to make a GoFundMe for lip injections.

No. 981599

File: 1590944485676.png (895.38 KB, 1487x2048, Screenshot_20200531-130139.png)

I'd tell Shayna to go fuck herself, but she's not even good at that.

No. 981602

You do, likes and retweets, don't act like you would'nt (and haven't) been trying for YEARS to go viral and get famous.
You have attention to gain and "redeeming" yourself to gain, if you cared, you'd thought better how you came about this.
There's a reason why everyone is at your neck, and it's not because everyone hates you.
It's because your activism is paper thin and self serving.
You care about attention more then money, attention for anything.

No. 981603

I'm really thrown off that she would post social justice stuff next to nsfl shots of her gaped assehole.

No. 981606

It's also because every time she "apologizes" she brings it around to how victimized SHE feels and how much people hurt her. It's never just "yeah I did this and I shouldn't have" and over. No, she keeps going about how much it affected her and how traumatized it made her. Then she uses that as a way to get money.

That's why no one takes her shit seriously anymore.

No. 981607

File: 1590945096220.png (43.12 KB, 891x570, jdj.PNG)

I don't know how accurate this is but I doubt this bitch who barely gets any interaction and buys followers is losing any.
In fact looks like she's gaining. How can she lose fake followers anyway? Why is her dumb ass pretending she's not getting attention from this?

No. 981611

Honestly once you reach like 15-20k on Twitter your visibility goes up and more people are likely to follow. Her engagement is shit for the amount she has, though.

No. 981613

She's not even getting attention from her "Fuck the police" Stuff, seems people follow her and forget about it.
The same people always comment but I do see new people, but after this I doubt they'll even remember her.

No. 981616

she's done plenty of shitty things, i agree that more recent ones should have attention brought to them, but i also don't think her being an 'edgy teen' is much of an excuse for posting nazi shit.

No. 981626

I hope she does continue to draw attention to herself and let black Twitter rip her apart. Does she forget that Twitter legit banned her and she's actively ban evading using this account? Hope someone realizes that and gets her shit suspended again.

No. 981629

File: 1590946973985.png (972.1 KB, 1494x2048, Screenshot_20200531-134119.png)

No. 981630

File: 1590947000627.png (967.01 KB, 1810x2048, Screenshot_20200531-134146.png)

No. 981632

File: 1590947087597.png (871.71 KB, 1676x2048, Screenshot_20200531-134234.png)

Imagine having enough time to go through likes and block people cause they agree you're using black people's problems to victimize your privileged ass self. Nothing about this is about YOU, Shayna, get a fucking life.

No. 981634

Peep echoing what we've been saying for years. Shayna's thin-skinned ass really CANNOT take criticism. She talks about how much she's changed but continues to be close-minded, unable to have a civil discussion like an adult with someone who disagrees with her, and all while acting like she's some bad bitch. She's mentally stunted.

No. 981636

This Luna kat girl is all up in these threads either writing the exact same things here or parroting anon posts. Is this one of the girls she had a spat with before?

No. 981637

i think it's the girl she's constantly having spats with. The girl she blamed for everything.

TBH she is probably in this thread, lurking or commenting, but is she sayin anything that anyone who pays attention to Shayna does not say or would'nt know.

I'm waiting for her to go to her orbiters on her Discord, they are all going to say, "They are making a tragedy about YOU, they should be out spearding awareness like you Dolly, not spearding hate!!"

No. 981643

I want the twitter sw to bring up her bullying other sw but this route is ok I guess. People will defend her over the fact that it happened “a long time ago”. That’s a decently sound argument. The fact that she never purged that nazi shit off her tumblr is hilarious to me. (Unless these people kept all of these receipts for all these years?) Braindead alcoholic ass. I’m ready for some milk today.

No. 981644

In old threads I called out Luna for posting in the thread cause it was obvious. She was stupid as hell and went ahead and labeled other posts that we hers. Shes also posted shay's porn here using her own Dropbox.

No. 981648

there have been a couple of sex workers who outed themselves in her threads. I think Luna just really doesn't care.

No. 981652

chill terf(hi terf)

No. 981654

Ignore the bait and report.

No. 981655

Do u know where u are?

No. 981659

How the fuck is it bait? She's just retweeting shit and not thinking any deeper. She see's a black face she retweets. Shayna retweeted it and it's one fucking comment, you both need to chill no one else cared.

I have a feeling Shayna is going to start whining about her again now. "She was on a hate site created just to bully ME!!"

No. 981661

Anyone have the caps of her saying she doesn’t apologize for anything? I vaguely remember her saying how she shouldn’t have to feel bad about anything and she basically took back all of her apologies

No. 981672

File: 1590953111175.png (789.68 KB, 1713x2048, Screenshot_20200531-152541.png)

No. 981674

File: 1590953194512.png (1.08 MB, 1695x2048, Screenshot_20200531-152705.png)

No. 981677

File: 1590953305730.png (866.64 KB, 1468x2048, Screenshot_20200531-152900.png)

No. 981679

File: 1590953365384.png (809.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200531-152837.png)

The message Shayna sent and this >>981677 is what they're replying to. Keep digging that hole, Shayna. Your shit's gonna get suspended.

No. 981681

yikesss did she really just out herself for doing sex work at 15? like i can’t comprehend the lunacy here

No. 981682

File: 1590953615624.png (1.09 MB, 2026x2048, Screenshot_20200531-153404.png)

Kek They catchin on

No. 981683

Wow, another white women telling another white women she can't tell her how to be a better ally when SHAYNA WAS JUST TELLING OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO BE BETTER ALLIES and she was also retweeting people who were white telling WHITE people how to be better allies. What the heck?

No. 981685

File: 1590953733154.png (1.14 MB, 1521x2048, Screenshot_20200531-153615.png)


No. 981686

and she keeps bringing up the tiny amount of followers she's losing, saying it does not matter but it DOES. She has 40+ and maybe 15% of those people interact or buy her shit. She's stupid

No. 981688

she's gaining more then she's losing and when you have 40K followers but your interaction sucks, really what is she losing?

Also, those people could be leaving because they are sick of her fake shit, not because they are racists and don't want to hear Shayna Lurker King's important messages.

No. 981705

where is our discord anon at?

No. 981706

File: 1590955715631.jpg (21.41 KB, 500x331, 6be04-15678294457158-500.jpg)

Kek That feel when the only person "defending" her is only doing so cause they think she's unstable and/or legit retarded.

No. 981710

File: 1590956276068.png (44.84 KB, 598x410, Screenshot_2020-05-31.png)

Sorry, I deleted the post cause I thought mentally regressed wasn't the same as retarded (english not my first language). But I'll put it up again cause it is funny

No. 981711

File: 1590956299707.png (927.48 KB, 1546x2048, Screenshot_20200531-161823.png)

No. 981721

I was just thinking… She has been alluding that there is someone new in her life for a while…

Ya know, her new uwu Daddy Dom King Master uwu that buys her fast food and cheap drinks at sleezy bars, etc.

Do you think that maybe he's black/mixed and that's why she's so woke all of a sudden?

I mean, some black men do have a thing for dumpy, white trash girls… And it would kind of explain her ~~*Black Power*~~ posts.

No. 981725

We've seen his penis, he's not black.

No. 981726

The uncircumcised dick she sucked on camera a couple months ago belonged to a white dude. Something tells me Shayna would never fuck with a POC. Like one Anon said, it doesn't fit her "aesthetic"
She's doing all this black power shit because she wants attention and validation. Literally that's it. She literally turns anything tragic that happens to the black community about herself SOMEHOW. The mental gymnastics she does to make herself look like a victim after being raised with a privileged upbringing is astounding.

No. 981728

there's nothing going on in her discord

No. 981734

It's like watching the woke special olympics.

No. 981737

You're fucking retarded if you think anyone black would put there dick anywhere near that boil infested mound. And I'm saying that as a black guy, shay is unappealing unless you have a thing for the mentally handicapped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 981738

post ur dick or fake

No. 981756

File: 1590961558322.jpeg (494.02 KB, 1242x2128, 13E0546C-D2DF-4119-A748-1CB07B…)

She found the receipts lol can’t wait for Shatna’s meltdown about this

No. 981759

File: 1590962958738.png (1.11 MB, 1511x2048, Screenshot_20200531-180727.png)

The Celestia chick is right. The whole "I'll just never speak again!!" is a huge manipulation tactic and gaslighting. Love that Shayna tries to play victim so hard and says people come at her and gaslight her when she does it herself. She's so manipulative and abusive I legit think she's a psychopath. She has serious delusional issues and it's obvious therapy and meds aren't working. Most because she probably plays victim to her therapist and is now prescribed the wrong meds.

No. 981773

File: 1590963757184.png (Spoiler Image, 8.93 MB, 1242x2208, 2C1D12CC-CD04-440E-803A-C5D75C…)

Ah yes such an empowering civil rights leader Shayna Lurker King(emoji)

No. 981775

Her push looks like a gaped semi prolapsed anus ew. Anon she retweeted a few BLM posts, she’s a tRuE aLlY

No. 981776

she could have been an example for other people who fucked up in the past by trying to be edgy, but instead she doubled down on being ignorant and trying to shame people for showing her past because they’re also white

No. 981778

It’s old news that she lies to her psych & just gets handed generic meds to deal with her over exaggerated/false problems. She’s not a psychopath. She’s just a self entitled brat with serious mummy issues & has fried her brain by getting semi popular on the internet at a young age. Not a psychopath, mentally ill; definitely.

No. 981784

i wonder how many more call out posts it’ll take before she starts going full on ballistic on twitter and/or starts suicide baiting kek

No. 981785

Hoping not many more kek

No. 981790

She’ll break soon, she’s probably thinking of a way to word her woe is me post

No. 981795

Lmao, this is the funniest thing I've seen today. She literally has no supporters, I hope the call out posts get more attention and she gets cancelled for good

No. 981829

File: 1590975670868.png (11.61 KB, 505x56, oof.png)

guess thats enough activism

No. 981830

Either she does not think suicide baiting over this is worth it and does not care.
or she knows nothing she says right now WON'T be used agaisnt her.
Mainly because suicide baiting during a time like this is would 100% get her roasted.

I'm surpised she hasn't went nuts, we've seen her go nuts for less. Maybe she know she has no dog in this fight and is going to conintue to send angry dm's that get exposed anyway and not talking.

No. 981832

I feel like she's just a few drinks away from a meltdown. But maybe she's actually learning to shut her fucking mouth for once.

No. 981837

she was drunk in the middle of the day?? wait, this isn’t surprising anymore

No. 981838

lol right? how are you hungover at 6pm

No. 981862

Guys shes LITERALLY doing EVERYTHING in her power to advocate and be an ally!! Tweeting "FuCk tHe PoLiCe" and donating $20 after being provoked!! Everything she can do to make herself look good and go viral, parroting other tweets. Everything she can do without getting off her pimple covered ass!

No. 981865

Shay learning to shut her mouth finally?? Hahaha oh anon

No. 981942

File: 1591015174360.jpg (495.86 KB, 1071x1643, 20200601_133907.jpg)

You actually need a life that isn't all sex work first Shay.

She won't see this through.

No. 981943

File: 1591015211683.jpg (521.48 KB, 1080x1592, 20200601_133918.jpg)

Apparently she "snapped" yesterday lol

No. 981944

File: 1591015251453.jpg (485.87 KB, 1080x1488, 20200601_133929.jpg)

Yes no one has ever experienced such things, just you.

No. 981947

If I was in their community… making it safe would definitely mean getting her out of it. LOL.

No. 981948

File: 1591016322854.jpeg (175.29 KB, 828x1155, F2A458F6-99DA-411B-8AB9-7F1CB1…)

Is this the beginning of her morning-after sperg? I sure hope so.

No. 981949

File: 1591017620670.png (745.58 KB, 2048x1578, Screenshot_20200601-092026.png)

She's dirty deleted everything and then posts this

It's so performative.

No. 981951

Her boyfriend has told her many times to keep to a separate Twitter yet she has the balls to blame others for her relationship strain. Maybe if she had friends she would realize she doesn't have to post every single meltdown to Twitter. She STILL has a second Twitter that she didn't bother to use. Bratty or pixie must not be good friends if they haven't told her to shut the fuck up.

No. 981956

Anyone that gives her valid criticism she blocks. For example, people have told her to stop profiting off the Trump video and people will probably stop harping on it so much, and she refuses to do that one simple thing. She thinks any criticism is bullying.

I'm sure pixie and Vivi and Lana all know that so they shower her in praise all the time or just completely shut their mouths.

No. 981975

File: 1591022604219.png (975.45 KB, 1407x2048, Screenshot_20200601-104332.png)

I didn't even bother reading half of this bullshit (1/2)

No. 981976

File: 1591022688666.png (1.07 MB, 1454x2048, Screenshot_20200601-104348.png)


The fact that she waits till now to say these things tells alot.

No. 981981

Shayna one week ago: hahaha you're all so obsessed, waiting for my every post, you're just fueling my ego! I don't care, any attention is good attention!

Shayna now: ok I admit it, you rule my life

She says no one has to forgive her now, after years of being pissed off when people have the gall not to forget everything she's ever done

No. 981988

15? What about apologizing for all the recent stuff? Nice deflection, Shayna. You’re such an ugly little girl… Rotten inside and out. Maybe that’s why your pussy looks like it’s decaying.

No. 981991

File: 1591024595100.jpeg (448.31 KB, 828x1257, AB13EDA6-6198-4E36-838F-A6DD58…)

LMAO at her trying to prove how not racist she is… SO transparent. pic related.

No. 981993

wow she really pwned them by refusing to accept that $3.

No. 981994

ended racism

No. 981995

lmao why is she directly referencing the hitler posts again? just fucking stop talking about it for 5 seconds you absolute sperg.

No. 982000

Wow way to keep yourself updated on what's going on Shay…
She just wasted 200 donating to the MFF and it's the only one she even talks about and they said yesterday morning that they have had so many donations in just a day and people need to donate to BlackVision and some of the other ones. The absolute moron. For how much shes online, she really doesnt know much.

No. 982007

it was $20

No. 982008

There were tweets of her matching other donations. It's all performative though.

No. 982034

File: 1591033435608.jpeg (305.78 KB, 828x1790, F7FD49DF-5E8A-42B8-B98B-27AA72…)

How can she be so fucking dumb? LMAO
pic related. edited so i didn’t have to pic dump.

No. 982035

File: 1591033465837.png (521.37 KB, 1492x2015, Screenshot_20200601-114126~2.p…)


This is an image board

No. 982039

still no fckgng twitche

No. 982041

God I wanna see her say dumb shit live that she can’t talk her way out of so badly LOL.

No. 982042

>>982034 why does this look like a fucking mugshot

No. 982048

"3 years old as if they're only 5 years old rather than 8 years old"
Is she too high to even make up consistent excuses for her actions now?

No. 982054

File: 1591037014080.jpeg (685.42 KB, 828x1614, C8EA9458-A29E-4156-9ED4-547B5F…)

I just noticed that. What does she even mean. She doesn’t even think before she types. She was probably in some kind of psychotic rage when she sent this dm.

Sage bc this has already been capped, I just highlighted what anon was talking about.

No. 982055

the screenshots were taken 3 years ago and say "5 years ago" on them, so it looks like they're 5 years from today when it's really 5 years from 3 years ago. the posts are 8 years old, not 5.

No. 982059

How could she even know when the screenshots were taken??

No. 982060

because an 8 year old post says "5 years ago" on it. really not that hard to figure out

No. 982061

Ahhh okay I get it now. Still does it really even matter though? She’s done plenty of things recently too.

No. 982101

File: 1591047986208.jpeg (293.6 KB, 2048x1152, EZdODJcXkAEwn5V.jpeg)

It's all wonky and cheap, kek

No. 982106

That's shay for you.

No. 982109

>I don't even care if I lose followers! I don't even want your money!

Because those are the important things, Shayna Luther King.

No. 982121

File: 1591051552483.jpg (164.43 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20200601_184532.jpg)

Wow her bf is just like us Farmers

No. 982125


He should have made dolphin noises.

No. 982135

Ok shayna, here's a tip on how to separate your personal life from your work life: start using the other Twitter account that you made for this specific reason and stop giving your shit opinions on your porn acct!

No. 982143


> editing porn on phone

wow, such high quality content! i'm sure that's 100% worth the money

No. 982146

Seriously, she could have upgraded to Adobe or something and used one of her multiple laptops yet she sticks to shitty phone apps. She's so half ass.

No. 982162

didnt she just complain about how much strain mixing her whoring business with her personal life twitter puts on her relationship? and yet shes still here tapping away about…her relationship. welp.

girl why do you have to repeat everything he says even when it's awkward like this, especially because he probably wasn't joking lmfao

No. 982174

File: 1591061363865.jpeg (33.56 KB, 800x450, 0C35089F-6146-4979-81BD-1B80A0…)

No. 982175

She should pay her BF to do her PR and manage her social media lol, he seems to know better how to run a business…

No. 982179

Incoming mom sperg

No. 982180

File: 1591062852569.jpg (692.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200601-205436_Chr…)

No. 982181

File: 1591062874454.jpg (528.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200601-205447_Chr…)

No. 982182

File: 1591062896269.jpg (248.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200601-205457_Chr…)

No. 982183

Very conveniently cropped that text didn't you Shayna?

No. 982190

Right? She's scum, her mom could've said or been ANYTHING, there's no way for her mom to defend herself.
She accusing her mom of being racist on a platform that she knows her mom will never see or be able to defend herself.
Also, LOL at her trying to make people hate her mom rather then her.

"my mom is the real racists! I'm out here doing activism! I'm not racist!!"

No. 982192

I doubt her mom is a racist like she says she is. She’s just doing this because she got called out for being pro hitler kek

No. 982196

she did this last time, she posted some shit about her mom being repub after she was getting yelled at, she deleted it real quick.

When all else fails she uses her mom or her dad.

No. 982197

idk why i'm cracking up over those messages

No. 982205

probably because they’re so stupid and childish. imagine being a grown ass adult living on your own and posting screenshots of a text conversation with your mom to virtue signal on Twitter that you are totally owning your evil republican mom. oh yeah, and it’s right after being called out for being racist for the umpteenth time.

it’s so transparent that she’s just doing this so people will get off her back. but of course, she’s an absolute retard and doesn’t realize that this is why people were shittalking her to begin with. she just makes everything about herself to cry victim when the consequences of being a vapid braindead spoiled racist whore finally roll in.

No. 982206

Her mom is probably a racist but Shay is still using the situation for clout.

No. 982207

Funny how Shay uses AAVE to make her point about racism

No. 982208

So transparent.

I love how shay just threw her mom under the bus. Didn’t say anything about trying to reason with her supposed “racist” mom. Didn’t try to educate her mom. Didn’t even show us all the texting between them. Just her apparently calling her mom a racist LOL. This is embarrassing.

No. 982209

she did not even say what her mom said, if it was "don't trust the liberal media' i mean, yeah thats kind of bullshit, but don't trust everything you hear and see as facts.

Thats not really even racist, it's bullshit

No. 982213

Shay is a pos. At the end of the day, that woman is still her mom. To make situations like this public is absolute cringe. Also kek that she couldn't even provide the full texts, just shows Shay is throwing a tantrum over nothing in order to further her virtue signaling.

No. 982215

there's more proof of shayna being racist then her mom, she's doing the same thing she does NOT want done to her.
in fact, she talked about how call out culture was horrible and for clout, but the bitch is calling her mom out?
With zero proof?
Why would anyone care? Why didn't SLK try to educate her?

No. 982217


wow, she is SO BRAVE!

No. 982221

shayna luther king solves racism once again, folks

No. 982226

ON GOD this bitch is fucking dumb LOL

No. 982353

What I don’t understand is didn’t her mom just pay for that newish bed? (Not the childrens bed).

Bet she blocked her “racist mom” from the comfort of that same bed.

No. 982362

File: 1591104047316.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, 5B09C3AE-E7D0-438F-AEA1-306A4C…)

she posted more screenshots of their texts

No. 982363

File: 1591104082772.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, 5B141C66-22BE-4F43-8EA9-C0274B…)


No. 982364

File: 1591104224256.jpeg (418.75 KB, 828x756, CCD209D2-309B-413E-B337-2A5671…)

samefag posting for context. she only posted these an hour ago

No. 982365

I mean, it could be real but she also owns two phones, no?

No. 982368

can she honestly go 5 seconds without making this entire situation about her though? like nobody cares about you cancelling your mom on your sex work twitter lol

No. 982370

Nice blackout Tuesday Shay. 1 day you supposed to not be a selfish bastard talking about yourself and you already failed.

No. 982372

This is such an autistic nitpick, there's people from all sides doing rioting, her mom isn't wrong either. This is a painfully sad attempt at virtue signaling.

No. 982377

What is racist about what her mom said? She sounds like every other boomer, but I don't see any racism here. This is so performative Shayna, you look even more idiotic.

No. 982381

Bitch most people have racist family, milking them for internet brownie point is peak twitter performative attention whoring. Funny how she's not even debating her mom's supposed racist beliefs, it's literally just her calling randos nazis. Poor fucking Shayna, having a republican in the family must be so traumatizing. I genuinely hate her.

No. 982384

> and you don't care enougb about ME
yeah she lost me at that

No. 982387

right? Shayna is LITERALLY believing what people are saying. It's NOT just white supremicist, as someone who lives somewhere that has a riot, I've seen everyone rioting, black white, whatever.
Shayna is JUST believing what the media is saying, which isn't true. Her mom's not even wrong.

No. 982393

>How do you think black people feel every day

Please, true African American Shayna Luther King, tell your mother how black people feel. Her mom just wanted to check in on her and Shayna blew the fuck up at her just so she could have some Twitter content.

No. 982394

As if she knows how we feel. She's repeating whatever she hear, hence, "They are all WS!!!" she's a idiot and this is just another way for Shayna to make herself look and feel good.
She was just whining about people posting her dm's but she does this to her mom? And this beef isn't that her mom is "Racist" she already HATES her mom and wants people to look elsewhere.
Sorry shayna does not work that way, people don't give a shit about your mom, she's not on twitter acting retarded, people care about what YOU say and do.

Both of them sound retarded but her mom is spot on, stop believing and parroting everything you see Shayna, you are showing you are not looking deeper into the issue.
Which means you don't care.

No. 982396

File: 1591110133965.png (13.44 KB, 479x208, rjrjej.PNG)

1. As if anyone would want to marry you.
2. You are a pig and you fuck pigs
4. Again, no one will marry you

No. 982399

She's still posting this on her sew work twitter? and then she wonders why she isnt followed by anyone and gets zero interaction?

No. 982402

Seriously, I feel bad for her mom.

No. 982403

Empathy 0

No. 982408

Same! What is this bs guilt trip?? She sounds genuinely shitty and this is manipulative as fuck language.

She’s constantly accusing people of clout chasing yet here we are.

No. 982409

samefag but she’s not from Oklahoma, newfag

No. 982415

Man, her mom isn't even wrong or being racist and this dolt doesn't even conceive anything past "#fuck the police!!". She makes herself look even worse posting the messages.

It's not just the drugs or mental illness, Shatna has to have naturally low intelligence.

I bet her poor mother has frequently looked back on her life wondering where she went so wrong raising her, or if it was something she ate or did during pregnancy kek

No. 982416

this was pretty telling lol yikes.

honestly though there /are/ a lot of white supremacist opportunists right now slandering the movement. and she's in OK, so they're probably not messing around. between her mom being a cop sympathizer and shay co-opting BLM in an attempt to redeem herself, they're both awful

No. 982420

agreed anon, i know this isn't a competition of which one of the two is more awful, but SLK really puts another layer on it by being a complete opportunist herself and using her private conversations to yell about how her mother is so racist, she's totally condemning that guys!!!! i don't think she is actually racist, but very fucking dumb and ignorant (as always).

No. 982425

Her mom is obviously on some blue lives matter shit and that's got racist overtones all over it. I hate Shayna. But her mom is being a bootlicker and we need to be aware of that. Some of y'all really wanna be blinded by hatred that much.

No. 982427

First of all, its #blackouttuesday Shay.

Can she just shut tf up about it already??? Why does she always grab shit on and on for hours, FOR DAYS. like pull your little stunt for attention and drama and move tf on. No one fucking cares that your mom is a typical boomer. No one will villainize your mom like you do Shay. You're not getting brownie points putting your mom on blast.

Imagine reaching out to your failure spawn just to ask if they're doing ok during this chaotic time and she goes off on a fake woke rant then plasters the private convo on twitter. Like I'm sure her mom isn't a perfect saint, but fuck sake she does actually try with Shatna and Shay even outs herself showing that when shes trying so hard to twist things to make her look bad. Your mom loves you for some reason you ungrateful stupid bitch. No one is buying shes s0 raCiSt and eViL and AbOoSive Shay give it a rest.

No. 982428

I just got in the thread today but why are we stanning her mom so much? That text is gross af and anyone on the side of police when African Americans are being slaughtered on the streets by them is disgusting. Don't prop one up to step on the other

No. 982429

I'm black and I made a few comments, her mom is saying dumb shit, but even I can agree with the "don't believe everything you hear" just not the, "what about the cops!" shit.

I don't need to be aware of her mom's comment, who the fuck is she? She's not sharing her raw asshole online pretending to be woke.
No one cares about her mom's opinion and I don't even trust shayna so who even knows if this shit is true. It's not like her mom is going to fucking defend herself.

No. 982430

As a fellow African American I can't get with that sentiment and I'm not ok with her blue lives matter rhetoric. You shouldn't be either. Fuck Shay and fuck her bootlicking mom.

No. 982431

Lol how is any of that racist? Shayna IS believing everything the media tells her. She’s clearly only getting her information from social media posts she sees on twitter.

Her blocks of woke texts are hilarious and ignorant. But whatever gets her twitter points I guess lol

No. 982432

no one's stanning her mom. All I am saying is this is Shayna throwing someone under the bus, we can't confirm any of this shit and shayna has randomly brought up her mom when she was getting heat for saying dumb shit.
Neither of these bitches care about black people or any of this shit.

it's just a conversation topic to them, it's just a way for Shayna to be "Woke".
It's two white bitches screaming at eachother, one has some ignorant backwards views, the other is baiting wanting her mom to say something fucked up so she can post it to twitter.

Well thank god, we can think differently as black people.

No. 982433

The only reason she did it is so she can get asspats. "Guys look at how I CUT OFF my RACIST mother! It's so important in this time to cut off family if they give off even the slightest racist vibes, and then post it so people will know how much you're doing for the movement! See how much IM doing? Do you forgive me now? I cut off my racist mom to be performative for the internet please love me"

No. 982434

Agreed. This is just her way of getting praise from her remaining orbiters while trying to prove to all her haters, how wrong they are.

No. 982435

shayna's mom is fucked but her posting about it publicly is virtue signalling. she shouldn't need to brag about cutting off racists, that's just basic decency.

No. 982436

Also, where’s the text of her mom calling black people every racist name in the book?

Her mom being an ignorant blue lives matter boot locker doesn’t make her a racist. Just makes her ignorant.

No. 982437

She's only doing this so she can claim later on that it was totes her mom that had all the racist influence on her.

No. 982438

All I know is, she better not talk about her mom in a good light ever again after this. She better cut her off or people are going to be at her neck.
If she's so horrible and racist, that means SLK would not want to be around her, take her money or anything.
I wonder if she'd do the same to her father? Then again, I bet she didn't bait her father into this conversation.

No. 982444

She was okay with her mums stance when she bought her a bed and bragged about it.

No. 982482

Who cares about her mother’s opinion? this thread is about shayna not her mom…. if her mom wants to kiss the police’s ass she can. she’s ignorant. Shayna will probably photoshop her mom’s texts to say some racist bs to prove how “woke” she is

No. 982487

File: 1591122416314.jpg (211.16 KB, 1080x783, 20200602_122654.jpg)

Kek she's so predictable

No. 982488

I mean I agree but anons are in here feeling Soo bad for the bootlicker. Keep it about Shayna and stop empathizing so much with her mom it's just sad and derailing

No. 982491

"waahhhh think about meeeeee!!"

No. 982508


"Trump's minions" are still a good source of SW business. Shes too dumb to think about that before posting political rants

No. 982521

This is so retarded.
Also, she's never even told any stories about how her alleged Repub mom brainwashed her?
Like what views has shayna shown that weren't her own? Was her mom praising Hitler? Did her mom tell her to get a black dildo to make a "parody" porn for trump?
Did her mom tell her to call people complaining about racism "Sjws"?
Did her mom make her ignore that sex trafficking victim? Or block people calling her out, some who were black?

I'd love to know what lasting affect her mom had on her, because yes, her mom seems retarded, but Shayna was never out here a full blown brainwashed republican. She always seemed to be a very troubled child who hated authority.

She acts like her life was so tragic and she was so stuck, but she seemed to never listen to her parents anyway.

Funny how she never cared about them being repub back when she whined about watching her brother and being on punishment were the worst thing she's been through, een though she claimed to be raped, stalked, groomed and overdosed.
She NEVER brings that shit up.

No. 982527

I don't think it's naive to think that Shayna's ignorance and overall shit personality are in some way a result of her ignorant, most likely racist parents. She is an adult now and it's up to her to carve her own path. There is plenty of reasons to shit on Shayna but I don't really get all the people trying to cape for her shitty parents.

She's obviously using her interactions with her mother as some sort of way to gain cred, but it doesn't take away from the fact that her mother was probably a shitty parent and a shitty person. Your parents buying you shit doesn't absolve them from being garbage.

No. 982528

i don't think anyone is caping for her mom lol she's just totally irrelevant

No. 982529


She's an adult, there's people who come from worst who don't turn out like Shayna. Not even saying Shayna is worst of the worst but Shayna will use her upbringing to excuse everything, just like she does mental illness.
When truth is from what she's said, she didn't even have that bad of a upbringing.
Her parents, both of them, probably are shit.

No. 982571

Somehow her mom being republican and shayna putting her cankled foot down saying “no, black lives do matter”. That is so empowering. Oh my god she knows what it’s like to be minority. She’s acting like having conservative parents is oppressing her. I can’t. Shayna should be grateful her parents didn’t disown her and they help her when she’s struggling to make 2 dollars from her shit porn. Do you know how many queer children get kicked out of their homes by their parents? Stop making everything about you. You’re acting like a victim, still.

No. 982575

Exactly my thoughts. She’s so fucking annoying. It’s honestly sickening how much she constantly makes everything about herself and fishes for sympathy and praise. How is she that self absorbed and not aware of how she looks/sounds.
Sad to see people who aren’t her usual or orbiters falling for it in her replies too, damn.
Sage for sperg but I’m honestly angry. She’s racist and always will be, just like the white trash who shat her out.

No. 982582

She thinks like a child/teen, in order to relate to anything or anyone she has to talk about an experience in her life and how it affected her in order to understand it. It doesn't help that she's self absorbed and enjoys making everything about herself to begin with.

No. 982630

So uh I’d love it if shaynas mother was actually exposed for being a horrible parent but literally all she did was
>ask her daughter how she was
>shatna, as always, purposely responds in a way that stirs shit up because she coldly calculates making her mother look bad for Twitter
>mom says not to believe all media, says like one thing that’s bootlicking cops but nothing actually racist just average boomer shit

And now for the MILLIONTH FUCKING TIME, shatna is talking about how traumatic it was that, drum roll please: Fox News was playing on the tv growing up. Like seriously? That’s literally all shatna ever says lmfao.

No. 982662

Basically, in true Shat fashion, she wants asspats for not being racist, homophobic and sexist because she grew up in the type of household 90% of our generation grew up in.
Except Shay is sexist/hates women and frankly is low-key racist in that darker SW never get her attention bc they aren't aesthetic. She's average in every way and it includes her morals.

No. 982726

File: 1591160181635.jpg (830.6 KB, 810x3544, 20200602_235312.jpg)

Since anons have been asking what's been going on in her discord, this is about it. "Been distant and angry with everything that's going on", but she's been ignoring the only people who ever talk to her since waaaaay before George Floyd was murdered.

No. 982778

the fact that orbiter mentions the "literal child" part so many times while completely ignoring that this means she's been doing sw since being a literal child is really weird and honestly kinda disgusting.

No. 982794

I think it's just the same account she used before sw

No. 982802

File: 1591194434265.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 355.05 KB, 1536x2048, EZkcVbRXgAAR-CH.jpeg)

Shayna Yaniv has returned

No. 982804

Her face is so unfortunate… She looks like a haggard old witch. She went from being the cute skinny friend that gets all the attention to being the fat girl with no friends at all.

No. 982805

File: 1591195148382.jpeg (55.36 KB, 460x539, 2F5BD6B9-A7C4-4A19-A356-AF8CB0…)

Same energy as pic related.

No. 982808

"I menstruate like a real girl"

No. 982810

File: 1591195870784.jpeg (171.89 KB, 960x1282, EDD11C81-45BB-42F0-B95D-E1D252…)

Everytime I see her edits on her bloatiness they all feel very believable and cute like this.

No. 982812

guess they could have totally missed the dm screenshot part then since they don't even care enough about shayna to keep up with her drama.

No. 982813

matching your eyebrows and eyeliner? iconic! srsly though shay, put some black eyeshadow over the eyeliner so it doesn't look shiny and transparent. and whatever the fuck you were attempting there with your brows… just stop. it looks terrible and makes no sense. they're so patchy and the color is way too dark. AND WEAR CHAPSTICK

No. 982814

Damn she's already getting armpit cleavage, and she's not even wearing a bra here. She gained weight so rapidly she ended up looking like a stiff stuffed sausage.

No. 982818

she for some reason thinks doing her eyebrows with an eyeliner pen is a look now

No. 982820

does she like want to emphasize the veins on her tit? I know she can't help having it, but when she edits her pics into oblivion but leaves that, it's so confusing. it kind of pains me to look at it

No. 982822

She thinks she's so special for them, even though tittie veins are common. She has to always find one thing to harp on because she has no personality. For a while she was going with the whole "fat wet pussy" bullshit but now is back to tit vein.

No. 982829

why does she look like she's been crying? but tbh this is the most reasonable her eyeliner has looked in months, or maybe even years. doesn't cover her entire eyelid, doesn't swoop up to touch her eyebrows. it looks like she drew it with shakey alcohol withdrawal hands but it's much better than just covering yesterday's makeup up to the crease

now she just has to learn how to use eyeshadow, her eyes look so top-heavy with so much above and nothing below, adds to the squintiness

No. 982832

She's probably high and hungover, as per usual.

No. 982834

Her boobs look fat but not big, somehow. She really just looks like a fat child in the body, and then a bloated alcoholic at the top. Shayna, get help.

Will say that the brown looks good on her, even though her hairline is blurred into oblivion.

No. 982836

imagine being so fat that you crop yourself from the breasts down and you still have visible back rolls and a barrel shape
double depressing considering you know she think she'll lose it, she's never worked out beyond a walk and piddling around at the gym for a few selfies, her weight will only go for the rest of her life

No. 982846

I read the thread before the screenshot and her orbiters are trying to support her and she's telling them not to bring drama? She can't even be nice to the people who give her money it's hilarious.

Does anyone know if the "top x%" on OF is about amount of fans or money made? It looks suspicious but I can't find much about it online.

No. 982848

she deleted a screenshot someone had taken and posted that involved her twitter drama

No. 982858

Her hair was one of her only nice characteristics and she's gone and completely fucked up the curl structure by frying it to death. At least she hasn't bleached it in a while, but she needs some olaplex.

No. 982865

the curls look like that because she for some reason thinks you're supposed to braid your hair when it's wet and that makes it curly? but really she just gets this weird uneven kinky mess

No. 982870

Her makeup techniques and snap chat filter make her nose look massive and her eyes small and beady. When you layer that much liner with shitty falsies it does the opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve sweaty.

No. 982871

It's because she used to have natural soft curls, her hair was fluffy and thick. Now it's always greasy and heat straightened just for her to wet it and braid it again. Constantly putting her hair in tight braids like that is another reason for the damage. She has years of bleach damage, heat damage, and scalp /follicle damage from tightly braiding her wet hair to get her curls. It's not gonna get better unless she shaves it or cuts it really short and takes care of it.

No. 982896

Straight up lookin like a little Jewish boy

No. 982911

File: 1591225646242.jpg (480.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-180817_Chr…)


No. 982917

why even put this out for public knowledge

No. 982921

To make it 'oooh kinky', I assume. For all the incest lovers.

No. 982922


Does anyone else recall when she claimed she had a new friend (who is a girl) and was sO EXCITE to be going out with her! She even said she was scared she'll eventually ruin it. WTF happened with that? We never heard about this ever again

No. 982923

It's also super reflective of our gross culture that in order to be successful you have to out-virtue-signal everyone else. I don't believe anyone doing this has sincerity. In fact, stop posting tweets from these other whores. Or block out their names. A bunch of whores who make their white claw money pandering to coomers trying to tear down another whore just so they can can seem MORE NOT RACIST? All of it is a hilarious shit show, but stop giving these gross bitches advertisements. They're no better than Shayna

No. 982924

Weak, who hasn't fucked a guy with their dad's name. This is serious normie shit for a sex work queen like Shayna

No. 982925

File: 1591230635316.jpg (377.25 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20200603-202231.jpg)

So she wants to put up the front of being an ally, but she's ignoring black people telling her how she can help. Makes sense.

No. 982933

1) Even for an SW, that's unprofessional as hell. Imagine a pharmacist filling a medicine for a patient, and then going, "Ew, you have X."

2) Holy kek I really want to see how she tries to spin this. "I was just getting SO MUCH hate it was too stressful for me to read DMs"

No. 982936

File: 1591236285848.jpg (575.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-210526_Chr…)

Where's the lie

No. 982938


No. 982939

File: 1591236601631.jpg (593.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-210917_Chr…)

Seems to be in response to this. Although looking at this girl's page, she's bitching at anyone who doesn't retweet her, including MV. But with SLK saying she'll retweet POC, she is sure hard ignoring this girl…

No. 982940

who even cares about this nobody's aesthetic? she's hypocritical and probably a little racist but she's living in their head rent free, i've seen the same faces in her replies for days. why can't they get over that they cannot change anyone's behavior if they don't want to change and just sit back and observe the milk like the rest of us kek

No. 982941

File: 1591236657026.jpg (492.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-210905_Chr…)

No. 982942

agreed. it's not even milk at this point it's just the same twitter whores fishing for drama

No. 982943

why is she shit talking her clients on her sw twitter? Holy fuck, if you can be this unsexy, retarded and genuinely scare customers away but still make money, I might consider SWmaxxing kek

No. 982946

nobody cares, self-poster.

No. 982947

Kek, nice catch anon. This five-dollar whore needs to take her artificial milk somewhere else

No. 982950

Ew imagine being this much of a leech to shamelessly use the race card to fish for
Twitter whore affirmative action of all things kek

No. 982951

I'm sure her parents are very proud of her, anon

No. 982952

The amount of twitter swers posting their own replies and call outs is almost as cringey as shatna’s woke tweets

No. 982953

kind of wonder if Shayna has the balls to call out or send one of her autistic dm's to an black person during this.
fuck them for using race and cow tipping but I'd love to see 3 dm's of her talking shit.

No. 982954

They think we're laughing at shayna because she's racist when we're laughing at her because she's literally showing her asshole on twitter. It's all just so embarrassing.

No. 982955

Honestly good for Shayna for not engaging with these women. They're using a threat of an accusation of racism to get business for their shitty twitter ass pics and not engaging with them (that we know of) is one of the only genuinely smart things I've seen her do. Anything she says to them will be posted and there's no genuine dialogue happening and these degenerate sw girls know this but they'll continue to try and blame Shayna not responding to their dms for systemic racism or whatever

No. 982956

OF COURSE Luna is the one person who replies on this crazy whores post. I'm literally laughing my fucking ass off.

No. 982957

Take your SW drama somewhere else, nobody wants to hear about the "tea"

No. 982960

Highly relevant and a recurring theme in Shay threads

No. 982974

"living in their head rent free" ive heard that phrase before! oh yes, its pnp who loves to say this! hmm, anon, you must spend a lot of time in her thread and adopted the saying oooorrrr…(hi cow)

No. 982984

yes anon, it's me, ariana.

No. 982990

This. We need a twitter sex worker general thread.

No. 983005

We have one

No. 983024

I read that SWers bitching comment about how Shay is ignoring her and how DARE she not retweet her. She must not be an ally - for that reason alone.

And then saw this self posting embarrassing screenshot

Embarrassing and hilarious. Shay may not be a true ally, but not retweeting your dumbass isn’t one of the reasons.

Seriously tho. Can we make it a rule to cover up other SWer’s names when posting screenshots?

No. 983029

i don't know, it genuinely gave me an out loud laugh when i saw the "0s" and i think shay is one of those threads that attracts cows and it'd be a shame to see the unintentional milk go

No. 983048

File: 1591252487565.jpg (475.04 KB, 810x2332, Screenshot_20200604-010238_Chr…)

Anon who posted both screenshots, definitely not a self post. >>982941 is just the full screenshot from >>982939. You can see it's time stamped here from last week, though I do agree with >>983024 on blocking other swer's names. Sorry for spoiling y'all's fun

No. 983062

File: 1591253745082.jpg (297.56 KB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20200604-015543_Chr…)

Anyways, I guess "incest" will be the new "anal" taboo. She's dabbled before but this is the second post today

No. 983063

thread pic

No. 983073

Thank you anons. There's way too much Twitter sjw and whore retweeting in here.

"How does one even respond to this"? You don't Shayna. You fucking delete it and move on unless this will be your new disgusting venture

No. 983074

This really rubs me up the wrong way because she's posting it as a point of pride. Does anyone else get this vibe? This is an absolutely nasty and probably a troll but she needs to let everyone know that she was sent it. She's so awful sometimes

No. 983144

honestly, yes.

she has absolutely no self awareness on anything, especially on how posting other people's dumb comments reflects on her for engaging with them at all.

No. 983147

And one of the screenshots was literally taken after the post had been made not even one second ago.

No. 983163

Yep and it has the impression button that only the poster sees on Twitter. Stop. Cowtipping. And posting. Screenshots here. Jfc

No. 983175

I noticed this days ago when the Luna Kat responses were being posted. Literally 2 minutes after she’d responded. No tact at all

No. 983188

File: 1591282203689.png (856.82 KB, 2048x1564, Screenshot_20200604-105007.png)

she still thinks this board is all one person.

No. 983191

damn, lurking hardcore as always shayna. i hate cow tippers but if she posts her own thread i'm gonna laugh so hard, so hell yea go ahead with it shayna.

No. 983193

How did one girl go so wrong? She's not like some of our established horrorcows with a bad start in life/meaningful trauma. Sometimes I seriously think that she may have a learning disability that's gone undiagnosed. I'm never one to unnecessarily tinfoil or medfag but there's something so incredibly off about her

No. 983194

shayna still doesn't understand the streisand effect kek

No. 983195

Shayna doesn't understand anything. She can't even buy clothes in her own size or take off her makeup at her big age, comprehending "effects" is a huge ask of her

No. 983196

File: 1591282979462.jpg (295.68 KB, 810x1440, 20200604_100018.jpg)

She also posted this (which clearly she only saw because some anon up thread called it out) but it looks like she's since deleted the tweet. I think Shay honestly is on lolcow 24/7. Maybe if she used all that time lurking lolcow, and instead went to work out, she wouldn't look like such a train wreck.

No. 983197

Yes please send people here so they can see proof of all the other shit you are doing.
Fuck that cowtipper, but there's more then enough proof here of Shayna being a asshole.
regardless, it'd be fucked up to try and call out a black sexworker at this time, unless she's talking about Luna, but i'm certain she's talking about the black girl.

No. 983198

honestly smoking a lot of pot when your brain isn't fully developed AND the alcohol abuse she has been doing for years probably took a lot of braincells unfortunately

No. 983199

God bless her, she would never have picked up on it if it wasn't for us. It's getting bad when lolcow has to hold your hand for navigating your failing social media sex stardom.
Shayna's face should be on thc products like the faces of dying smokers are on plain-packaged cigarettes so stoners know what they're getting into. Jesus christ

No. 983201

i don’t think it was a self-post. that anon posted the full screenshot that the black SW
had admittedly taken herself and posted on twitter in this post

No. 983203

Delete this before Clifford the big red whore sees it

No. 983204

The fact that Shay lurks every hour of every day, and still manages to not see anything wrong with her life and choices, is crazy.

Like the other anon said, I think she has low IQ due to smoking pot nonstop when her brain was developing. Or maybe she did go through something traumatic and doesn't realize it/is in denial or something. And no, Shay, your mom being a parent and trying to save you from your horrible decisions is not a traumatic event.

No. 983206

It's possible to be completely un self aware and stupid AF without having a trauma attached to it, you know. Don't fucking make medical excuses for why she is the way she is. She's this way because she CHOSE to be this way. She let internet popularity get to her head at a young age and literally NEVER grew up from there. Her stunted growth is her own issue, not some medical anomaly.

No. 983207

No idea why you're this triggered by entry-level tinfoiling on a popular cow

No. 983209

How is any of this harassment? You're being called out for being a performative asshole, Shayna. You posted a tweet TELLING BLACK SEX WORKERS TO MESSAGE YOU. You never RTd any of their stuff and I'm sure people are rightfully upset? You have a large platform and it makes you look like a dick.

None of what is being done is harassment. Grow the fuck up.

No. 983211

File: 1591284236747.jpg (684.76 KB, 810x3145, 20200604_102000.jpg)

Thank you! People want it to be a cowtipper so bad so they can go off. Last time I'm going to post this or say anything. Again, I am the poster from >>983048 >>982941 and >>983201. Here is the full screenshot in one go. I am not a cowtipper or camwhore and literally got a ban reversed for proving so. You can see in this screenshot that the 0s post was a screenshot from that girl attached to her post from May 30th. Can we stop derailing the thread with something that isn't even true? And Shay is a fucking idiot and going to start drama with some random swer over her lurking on something that was literally a misunderstanding

No. 983212

Because Shayna doesn't need medical excuses for why she is the way she is. She's a terrible person, not some afflicted victim. Saying she has a medical problem that "causes" this just victimizes her further and that's what she lives for.

No. 983215

People are going to see her as a victim and sperging about it is not going to make anonymous people change their mind, trauma-chan. I personally think her daddy diddled her.
why did this unusual moniker make me laugh

No. 983231

You WHAT? why are you insisting she has some deep trauma? She's just a fucking idiot, not some traumatized girl who needs to work shit out.

No, she's an entitled lazy slag who needs to check herself. She has parents who keep in touch with her and generally seem to care. She's not some sob story turned lolcow wreck.

No. 983234

Her father obviously emotionally neglected her. You're foolish to think this is in any way a woman that was brought up in a decent manner. She's isolated due to mental health issues.

No. 983236

And you're a fucking retard. Stop giving excuses for her behavior, you're as bad as she is. She had a great upbringing with parents that clearly cared about her. Giving her more excuses for her shitty behavior just enables it. She's not a mental case, she's a complete idiot who hasn't progressed beyond age 17.

No. 983237

Trauma victims don't always act like you want them to act

No. 983238

i definitely wouldn't call the extent she has been spoiled and how she was let to drink and smoke so much as a young child a great upbringing, but saying her father assaulted her is a baseless tinfoil that's also obviously bait.

No. 983239

absolutely amazing that she outed herself as lurking this thread every day and it's not even true. good job cliff

No. 983245

You think her parents let her do that stuff? She was a teenager in the suburbs and went out to the woods to drink and smoke with friends, like most average suburban teens. She had a good upbringing, I don't know why people are trying to act like she was truly abused or had a childhood that fucked her up.

Her worst stories are about she had to take care of her little brother after school, and you really think this is a chick who came from a bad home? Just stop.

No. 983246

Well Shayna isn't a trauma victim so

No. 983247

Exactly, nobody posting butthole for $5 has any ground to stand on to be laughing at someone like Shayna.

No. 983259

She clearly lurks here often, because she deleted the whole thread and it was just there an hour ago kek

No. 983266

Are you completely new to these threads, anon? She definitely has daddy issues, I'll agree there. She's not traumatized or seriously neglected though. She's talked about growing up wealthy and privileged, how she doesn't like cleaning because her family could afford "help". Her parents both seem to care about her, have offered her support in various ways, financially supported her, bought her expensive things, paid for her visits and stays, her father even visited her?

If her trauma is that she's not an only child and she had to compete for daddy's love with her siblings or he, being wealthy and all, had to work for that money. If that's how low the bar is, the entire human population could probably fall under neglected or full of trauma. kek.

She's just some spoiled girl who got tumblr famous as a teen, loved the attention, and has been chasing that high ever since. She's been very open about her delusions of grandeur. Sure she has issues, but she also chooses not to keep a routine with her meds, her diet, her smoking and drinking habits, etc. which are obviously not helping her. When people offer any kind of criticism, even constructive or candy coated, she goes off on them, plays the victim, and gaslights. She's this way because she chooses to be at this point.

No. 983268

Luna has been posting here for years. Ever since she faked a suicide attempt. She doesn't even try to pretend it's not her posting.

No. 983275

File: 1591292387076.gif (2.77 MB, 330x250, 5FB8FE6C-9D6C-463D-9CEA-E1C42F…)

>Clifford the big red whore

No. 983286

Yeah I was here for that mess and she always seems to pop up when drama is going on. Like, is in screenshots fanning the flames. They're both ridiculous and cringeworthy. Calling it out gets you "keep this about Shayna" blah blah but is def a vendetta you can see

No. 983288

File: 1591295284259.png (192.98 KB, 534x351, Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 2.28.…)

SLK fighting police brutality one spongebob meme at a time

No. 983290

She's the epitome of "you can copy my homework but make it look different" meme. Versions of that joke have been exploding all over Twitter.

No. 983294

>Calling it out gets you "keep this about Shayna" blah blah
because she's irrelevant…

No. 983297

This is like Yolanda in Luna Slater's thread. Any discussion of SW Luna outside of direct interaction with Shayna can go in the personal lolcow section if you really think she's this milky but there's no point letting Shayna's thread turn into SW general

No. 983327

File: 1591302998544.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

I swear every second thread or so someone who has no clue what he's talking about swipes in here and talks about how she definitely (!!) was abused. Newsflash: you dont have to be abused to become a Trainwreck. She has a younger brother + her dad remarried so she probably just didn't get ALL the undivided attention she DESERVES. Her goals when she younger was to become a famous person, party and die at 27 and she still lives after this. Why? Because she smoked and drunk away her last two braincells when she was like fifteen because she thought that's what all the cool kids on Tumblr did. That's it.

No. 983340

File: 1591305273340.png (Spoiler Image, 8.77 MB, 1242x2208, 6F00D6AE-A23F-40BF-B2A1-416BF5…)

Oh my god. How is she not embarrassed by this? That’s not normal.

No. 983341

File: 1591305570333.jpeg (835.62 KB, 1242x1651, 46E98DC2-7666-4641-B5D0-7F33D5…)

Update: shayna is crying on twitter again and her beard necks are under her replies comforting her kek

No. 983344

That’s really not normal at all. Omg. I’m convinced her buyers just want to see her degrade & humiliate herself while she wrecks her body in the process… This is horrorcow material.

No. 983347

Lmfao… imagine how black sex workers feel, Shay. Shut your crusty thin lipped mouth.

No. 983348

It is a wonder why she decides to blur out her whole pelvic region but not her throbbing anal fissures

No. 983350

I bet it hurts her to sit. Idk how it couldn’t. I had a small anal tear once years ago and couldn’t sit for a week. sage for butthole sperg and sorry for tmi

No. 983354

at least she whitened her teeth for this one

No. 983356

Are the fissures on the inside of her asshole and we’re looking at it gaped or is her ass legitimately that inflamed just “resting”? I don’t think it’s looked this bad before

No. 983359

When you post upclose pics of your asshole daily on your public twitter you kind of lose any sense of shame

No. 983360

Okay edgelord.

No. 983361

Spit for lube will do that to you. And this pic was probably taken after she pooped out a butt plug so she could gape.

No. 983374

Even if she's black she can still be a fucking idiot too. They're all fucking idiots.

>>983340 I give it by the end of the year before she has a serious rectal injury. Disgusting

No. 983376

maybe…you're always in a """shitty situation""" and sound like a broken record because you've been doing the same retarded shit for 3 years with absolutely zero improvement, causing the exact same callouts to be implemented? just a thought!

ive never seen another person SO threatened by the simple thought of other girls existing, she's so bothered. i guess she has every right to be, considering her looks and personality compared to legit any other girl, but still, shes bitter about it and it really shows.

No. 983378

Anon, anyone pretending to moralfag about Shayna is baiting or so retarded that your announcement will do them no good as they cannot read a thread.

No. 983391

File: 1591310726811.jpeg (265.51 KB, 1600x900, Susanna Kaysen - Girl Interrup…)

mfw anons are making me insecure about my anus on lolcow.com. does nobody else have a skin tag thing there??
this is literally like i'm reading luna's thread. empathy is kicking in but she doesn't have anything likeable about her to make me want to secretly wk her. there is something so not right about openly seeing a woman miserable on your timeline and then 5 minutes later seeing her absolutely laid bare.
pretty solid kek at buttstuffbarbie being in a 'shitty situation'

No. 983395

Pretty much. I mean Guys always have some fucked up kink they like seeing and she’s like the worst of Efukt in one place but with OC posted regularly.

No. 983421

what skin tag, anon are you okay?

No. 983425

if you feel insecure about your ass after looking at Shayna’s gaping blackhole of an anus & read anons calling it such then you really should just close the site and turn off your computer for good

No. 983457

Same here, anon. I have a skin tag as well and it's externally visible sometimes. Its no biggie though, most likely you will be the only one to notice it unless you show your asshole for the world to see. Also you shit from there, it's not the prettiest part of your body to begin with.

Sage for ugly butthole derailment

No. 983465

I didn’t think anything but the color was disturbing- or the blatant abuse of blur

No. 983470

can you guys please stop talking about your deformed assholes? it’s not necessary

No. 983475

>Don't worry anon, you're not like shayna
Thank god! My black and white thinking took hold of me.
I have a hard time thinking these guys find her normally attractive, if that makes sense. Like nothing about her is appealing from a normie lens but from a creepy fetishistic point of view she's perfect and she's pretty pathetic and very vulnerable. It's sad how scrotes probably use this site to find vulnerable, lonely sex workers who everyone hates.

No. 983508

I never thought about this, but I think you’re right. They’re looking for someone vulnerable and dumb they can try to take advantage of or pay in ass pats and compliments instead of money. I’d almost feel bad if Shay didn’t bring it all upon herself.

No. 983513

Ayrt, i just can't think of a more vulnerable and easily accessible woman to exploit especially from home during quarantine than a mentally ill failing sex worker on twitter who is having trouble with her family situation, clearly has finance and self-esteem issues and is very isolated yet easily connected. I'm seriously surprised more damage hasn't been done, any twitter guy with money could pretend to have a daddy kink and go talk to her right now but I suppose what could he even say or do that she hasn't done to herself?

No. 983520

make her take a shower?

No. 983525

Point taken, I gave her too much credit. Well said actually.

No. 983526

Kek, that or call her dad but I think that one's already been done.

No. 983535

Make her get cucked.

No. 983561

I mean that's basically how her and fupa Kyle met.

No. 983613

its the same anon/troll in the PNP thread comparing kinks to childhood sexual abuse and REE'ing about how us anons don't know what assault is like!! mhmm.

every cow on this website is mentally fucked in some way or another and every anon at some point blames the parents. at what stage does a shit person stop being a result of their upbringing and start being responsible for their own continued dumb actions?

No. 983614

are you taking bait both in pnp's thread and shay's? you're acknowledging bait but complaining about her in a completely different thread now

No. 983620

you're right. i suppose the tinfoiling is one step above talking about our own assholes. on a sidenote since we know shayna lurks her own thread I wonder if she'll take inspiration and boohoo about sexual abuse on top of her so awful racist mom

No. 983625

>tfw i'm the asshole anon

No. 983737

File: 1591377056832.png (1.7 MB, 1437x2048, Screenshot_20200605-130956~2.p…)

She basically posts the same picture every day. What's the point.

No. 983739

anything for attention

No. 983740

Its like a timelapse of her anal fissures rehealing and being retorn open, without the upbeat piano music.

No. 983743

I will never understand why she does not put on lip chap, She talked about wanting lip fillers, can you imagine how gross they'd look?
Think James Charles lips but even more dry and chap.
Please Shayna? You lurk here, just put a little lip chap on.

No. 983745

Like even if you take it off immedielty, and her greasy dirty hair, I'm really starting to believe she just draws over day old eyeliner, why does it look grey?
Come on Shayna it takes so little.

No. 983746

She's like an autistic child sometimes. She doesn't like lube cos of "how it feels", she won't wear chapstick for the same reason, and has said she doesn't like showering because she doesn't like how the water feels.

I'm not saying she's actually autistic, but she really does act like an autistic child frequently.

No. 983750

I'm too lazy but a gif of her in this position from oldest to newest would be a great way to document how much she has blown up.

It is pretty funny how she posts praise from people saying how creative she is and talks about how hard she works but does this same picture once a week.

No. 983755

yeah she is definitely not on the spectrum, just immensely stupid. i could see the water and chapstick one just being excuses for her laziness, but the lube one just confuses it.

No. 983756

I just want her to try a lip scrub once. Please exfoliate, her sucking dick has to feel like her teeth are out due to all the dry jagged pieces of skin all over her lips.

No. 983759

File: 1591381339942.jpeg (173.07 KB, 1242x810, C3DFD7BD-17FA-41A0-90EB-594108…)

Not milk but this is super relevant to shatna’s BLM sperg the other day

No. 983765

If its not about shay please sage

No. 983766

They did sage

No. 983783

Pretty sure she’s just sub tweeting about another SW named Poppy. They used to suck each other’s asses

No. 983786

I know it’s not about her, I just love how this fits shay so accurately.
I did sage

No. 983810

File: 1591392856921.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1400x2048, Screenshot_20200605-173352.png)

censored because her genitals are revolting, but aren't her pics just so creative anons? creative genius over here.

No. 983815

>Wake up alone next to your phone with the screen locked on your twitter homepage in eyeliner from 3 days ago
>Smoke a shitty bowl, feel sick afterwards
>Go into the bathroom, the light flickers on your features, you haven't left the house in days and your view of yourself is distorted from constantly trying to objectify yourself, refreshing hate sites of yourself and calling yourself a dumb dolly
>You have no idea what you look like
>Put on more eyeliner, maybe wash your teeth and wince as your chapped lips tear
>You feel low. Maybe you'll get drunk tonight, or have sex again?
>Time for another day of spreading your legs on Twitter

No. 983822

lmao anon shayna does not brush her teeth

No. 983823

She has just absolutely destroyed her curl pattern. You can really notice it on the left by her ear.

No. 983832

File: 1591396620377.jpeg (19.97 KB, 320x174, A93D9582-26EE-4844-9D90-D1F8C6…)

Almost had me but like the other anon said, Shart doesn’t brush her teeth. Her bathroom is bare save for towels and the curtain. Quality read still.

No. 983834

Kek, guess my Shayna newfaggotry shined through, maybe she'll get there one day

No. 983849

She really hates her curls, she's mentioned it tons of times. It's weird how she heat straightens it but then puts it in tight french braids to get a curl back. It makes no sense.

No. 983853

I've never understood when girls with curly hair do this shit, it's never going to be perfectly straight and you are going to end up with extremely ugly hair that isn't curly or straight and it will be damaged. Hilarious how there's not an aspect of her appearance she hasn't fucked up, i read a past thread or two and she was pretty decent looking esp when she was doing porn compared to now, I guess the mousy brown colour just really highlights how ugly it is

No. 983882

File: 1591405814877.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1285x2048, Screenshot_20200605-210900.png)

it's just sad to look at her

No. 983885

I was gonna say spoiler that shit anon, just for her face alone. It me a second but I thought this was momokun/Mariah for a second, I can’t tell which is worse: Shayna looking like momo or momo in general

No. 983886

she has always looked like a rat

No. 983887

>tfw you resemble Yaniv and you're mistaken for Moo

No. 983889

big OOF

No. 983891

Holy shit! Tbh if you put old Moo next Shayna Id assume they’re related.

No. 983892

File: 1591408272794.jpg (469.33 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20200605-204532_Chr…)


No. 983893

When is her birthday even? Is she just “birthday Barbie” because her birthday is some time this month?

No. 983896

You know what i get the trashy tell-all sex worker thing but it just doesn't suit her at all and doesn't come across as her actual personality in any way, what is going on with this girl like the spongebob gif

No. 983897

yeah i think its like the 20 something of june. she's just obnoxious.

No. 983898

she literally thinks watching spongebob as a kid is an adult personality trait for some reason

No. 983899

It sort of sucks that she still can't seem to find herself at her big age

No. 983900

i don't even want to think about diaper barbie again.

No. 983902

she is definitely going to be IRL diaper Barbie soon if she keeps destroying her asshole

No. 983903

File: 1591409867782.png (167.65 KB, 1080x1088, Screenshot_2020-06-05-21-17-27…)

No. 983905

>Literally Pride month
>BLM protests all month long
Shay: June is MY month. Celebrating ME.

So much for her sad attempts at virtue signaling. kek

No. 983907

Well who's going to buy her an ounce, should we pool together a few shekels? It's her birthday month after all

No. 983908

i'm only donating to a chapstick fund

No. 983909

I second the chapstick fund

No. 983912

We can't buy her anything cylindrical lest it meet a terrible fate

No. 983913

Black people already got a weeks worth of attention from her which in Shayna time is 3 years worth of coverage. Pride only matters when she watches the gays “dress up” tv so she can copy their stage names etc.

No. 983914

I actually would seriously consider this as well lol

No. 983918

I'd rather she had a full bath set.

No. 983919

She'd make porn out of it. Dirty Dolly Cleans Up

No. 983920

she should put some lipgloss or some lipchap on her amazon wish list but like someone said,it'd probably be a gag for porn and she'd use it once or never.

No. 983925

File: 1591413643962.jpg (682.33 KB, 978x1339, Screenshot_20200605-221823.jpg)

I've been lurking in the shayna threads for a while and I honestly can't believe she ballooned up this fast… this is from a year ago today.

No. 983926

Jesus, she looks well here in comparison. The hair and clothes are weird but cute but she is definitely a butterface

No. 983929

Everyone was calling her fat back then, but look where we are now. Shay please go on a walk.

No. 983930

and even then anons still talked about her looking rough. just goes to show how much she's declined since her peak tumblr days. i would say imagine her another year from now, but we might not have to. it's unlikely she'll change herself for the better.

No. 983937

God forgive me, I hate being so mean, but Shayna looks like the unedited picture of a "trap".
I think it's her facial expressions, I don't think Shayna is ugly just always been average, nothing wrong with average.

No. 983938

she definitely looked like a twink or tranny when she was actually thin. sadly she gained weight to have the body shape of a smoked sausage.

No. 983940

Yeah she's just kinda overall unfortunate looking. I mean she doesn't really have any enviable features since her tiny stomach is gone, at least when she was stick thin her rectangle body was acceptable, now shes gained fat everywhere equally and has the body shape of a soup can.

No. 983941

>body shape of a soup can
most accurate description so far

No. 983943

she was always average, her skinny body did make her look a little better but, I feel maybe with good styling she could look pretty, but still average.
Most people are average, I think she looks bad sometimes because she needs to try different things with her look/hair.

No. 983970

File: 1591425407017.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 195.69 KB, 1242x1475, FBBEB48F-21EE-4B4D-BE87-FD3712…)

Forgot to spoiler like a retard. Her shoop skills are horrible

No. 983973

it looks so… unnatural

No. 983977

>I mean she doesn't really have any enviable features since her tiny stomach is gone
Yeah her flat stomach and nice legs were about it before. She kind of had nice looking hair at times in her tumblr days? Her downward spiral is moving quick.

So shooped you would think this was that vagina torso sex toy she had laying around and not her. Looks straight up plastic.

No. 983978

File: 1591428550560.png (142.95 KB, 340x540, Chevre.png)

No. 983979

Anon… not Chevre

No. 983981

wow, even has the red bumps and everything

No. 983985

Anon why would you do this I’m crying

No. 983998

File: 1591439811872.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.85 KB, 1108x615, 8C1BA540-C71E-42C6-90D0-E8D4DC…)

I mean it doesn’t compete with the Chèvre comparison (probably the most genuinely funny thing I’ve seen on this site, well done anon) but her shooped skin is definitely the texture of a large sea mammal now. Lest we forget dolphinpussygate

No. 984018

Shayna says she was 15 when she posted the rascist stuff. Ok…
>precious pale princess

No. 984019

File: 1591448919582.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 468.24 KB, 1242x1804, 1576718774418.jpeg)

samefag i forgot to post the image

No. 984021

Anon i know it's shay but if you can say precious black princess you can absolutely say precious pale princess especially in a pic that is legitimately pale/white themed kek

No. 984025


It's a beluga whale!

No. 984031

It's unfortunate tbh. I actually always liked her curl pattern. She's got thick hair and nice texture. She absolutely destroyed it and the brown the ugliest color on her. I know we've waited years for her to drop the blonde and go dark, but in my opinion, it's gross looking. The grease doesn't help and is way more noticeable. She should get highlights or just do fucking SOMETHING with it. She used to style it but she just gave up on it.

No. 984032

Jesus, that fupa is getting out of control. Is this what you mean by "fat pussy" Shat? What even is this shoop? Made her pussy look like a manatee kek

No. 984034

File: 1591451831003.jpg (78.36 KB, 749x1111, 1560282891967.jpg)

Dunno why she INSISTS on the Trixie Mattel 47lbs of eyeliner slapped across her whole ass lid. She needs to tone it down and go back to thinner wings. The thick triangle wings make her look more special needs if that was even possible.

No. 984036

Ugh why you dig up that photo. Always hated that nasty big toe with its hang nails staring right at you.

No. 984038

Hey dumbass her fupa isn't in this picture. Thats the top of her vagina and it's called a public mound.

She's never had a fat pussy, only a deflated wrinkly one.

No. 984040

This was the worst color for her imo

No. 984042

>> public mound

No. 984043

Yeah, the pic is just a reference to how she used to do her eyeliner compared the tragedy she's got on her lids nowadays. The pink phase was definitely…something. Back when she was desperately trying to be Fupa's alternative dream girl kek Anything for a chode's attention

No. 984044

honestly the color is fine but the red/pink is so easy to get wrong for someone like shayna especially a stark red lip in general and the fucking flesh tunnels with it are a send

No. 984045

Go look up anatomy, you sound like a retarded 12 year old.

No. 984048

Are you retarded? That anon was laughing at your stupid typo

No. 984051

Referring to all the fat right above her vagina but ok. Isn't the definition of fupa fat upper pussy area? Like that's exactly what I'm referring to here but ok, get mad lmao

No. 984095

File: 1591465919884.png (871.76 KB, 1315x2048, Screenshot_20200606-135214.png)

>"I'm so happy I gained weight from that"

Keep telling yourself that Shay, I'm sure it will help next time you suicide bait because someone said something about your body.

No. 984097

I'm going to be happy when she never mentions black people again because this shit is so fucking flimsy and borderline offensive.

"I looked for black-owned restaurants! OMG! Chicken and waffles, Chicken & waffles!! I'm so happy I got fat from CHICKEN & WAFFLES!!"

No. 984099

Her next post will be something like "I tried fried chicken from a REAL BLACK PERSON for the first time!!! It's so much better omg I love black people!!"

(repost; forgot to sage)

No. 984100

Yeah, I get what she's doing but it's Shayna, it's empty.
I however don't see "Activist Barbie" becoming her new obsession because I really doubt she cares much about this, other than the attention and feeling a little bad.

Once the world moves on so will she.

No. 984101

Right? This bitch lives in Tulsa and still has 0 idea what Black Wall Street is or was and this is her idea of being effective with learning about the community/culture. Just so cringe her trying hard to fit into her idea of relatable Southern comfort foods. Remember this is like a car accident, it’s so horrific to see but.. Then she goes to the place and puts her disgusting exposed genitals on their benches or countertops in their bathrooms. In her eyes thats to support the business!

No. 984102

She didn't even notice that someone was literally run over at a Tulsa protest just a few days ago. She is just posting what she comes across on her timeline, and that's it.

Since you love lurking instead of just checking the news, now you know Shayna.

No. 984103

reading mainstream news in a time like this would be fucking retarded. it’s all propaganda. twitter is actually the best place to get sources on what’s going down on the ground because it can’t be chopped up and censored the same way a news station can.

No. 984104

Maybe this is a nitpick but this seems really flimsy that she feels the need to explain what chicken and waffles is (and usually it’s not “chicken wrapped in waffles,” it’s just…. fried chicken on a waffle) when it’s like. It is its name. Makes me feel like she hasn’t had it before and it just sounds “woke” to her stupid stoner munchies brain.

No. 984105

That’s retarded. You’re not going to get Tulsa-centered news unless you exclusively follow Tulsa-based twitter accounts, and that goes for literally any city, unless it’s heinous enough to gain traction on the national radar. Local news is the best way to find out what’s happening in your own community.

No. 984107

It was definitely on Twitter, and she missed it there too. So what's your point?

No. 984108

Let's get her a cute bath set that way she'll want to take a bath

No. 984109

newfags need to go back to the fupa mansion saga to see what she considers a bath. she would literally put 3 inches of water in the tub

No. 984137

I'm in a different country and still heard about it. Shayna just doesn't know a damn thing that requires more effort than just scrolling down her Twitter feed.

No. 984146

That’s not true. Twitter peddles articles and trending tags based on location too

No. 984166

Ah yes, such a fat pussy you have there Shay

No. 984167

File: 1591481285840.jpg (747.11 KB, 1079x1682, Screenshot_20200603-184610_Twi…)

I'm surprised no one posted Shay's attempt of animal activism

No. 984170

It’s been on my mind for a while. I’m going to do it. I’m going deep…all the way to thread number 1.

No. 984173

i don't think we can get to the first ever thread because it was closed, right? something about her sister being posted?

No. 984186

yeah but who cares

No. 984192

Nitpick animal-fag but that’s a tortoise not a terrapin right?? So it doesn’t go in water so why does she think she’s a hero for putting it near the pond?

No. 984193

File: 1591485224587.jpg (Spoiler Image, 459.44 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200606-181340_Twi…)

No. 984194

File: 1591485259350.jpg (859.98 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20200606-181411_Twi…)

Those shorts are screaming

No. 984196

That cameltoe………. good lord girl please buy some clothes that fit.

No. 984197

She looks like she just got done swimming and put her clothes on before she was fully done drying off. Like she has a huge wet stain in the back.

No. 984198

She already looks fucked up. Looks like she's been smoking half the day and drinking since noon.

No. 984199

weird seeing her without the huge wings, I think she looks better without them

No. 984200

Girl you right next to a garbage can, just throw yourself in it already

No. 984201

She still looks like an alcoholic Jessica Yaniv

No. 984203

she absolutely looks better without them and it’s mentioned every time here but she for some reason always goes back to it

No. 984206

It's the only thing she knows how to do makeup wise. She could easily look up how to do a smoky eye or soft liner but instead she sticks with terrible looking fake lashes, thick black winged liner, black eyebrows and no blush or chapstick. It's lazy and half assed, like everything else she puts out.

No. 984208

File: 1591486546135.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 795.93 KB, 2457x3072, DA6CAA9E-DF19-4538-8AFB-7B1C24…)

I tried to start farming pics of her in this position, but looking at old Shay threads is cancer and not self care at all. Here’s a comparison from an old thread where she was semi cute if not a little rat like & average, to now. Where… um… hi drunk aunt.

No. 984214

Even when she was skinny she couldn't stretch enough to get her feet behind her head. Funny how she calls herself flexible all the time.

No. 984216

She's an icon like amy winehouse anon, can't you see

No. 984218

Good activism, Shay. It may have a broken shell, in which case, you should have called animal rescue.

I hope she wasn't stupid enough to carry it too far from where it was. But, she IS remarkably dumb.

No. 984221

Imagine seeing this in person. Such trash. This is so gross, you can see the outline of her fupa suffocating in those shorts.

I'm so glad we are DOUBLE spoiling her photos hahaahaha. Thanks anons

No. 984222

kek the first one is a solid reaction image, she could have been funny anons

No. 984226

File: 1591488759878.jpg (226.15 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20200606-191136_Twi…)

No. 984227

This is sad. Nobody fucking cares Shayna, stop wasting your money

No. 984228

File: 1591488804625.jpg (448.45 KB, 1079x1175, Screenshot_20200606-191319_Twi…)

But it's the meds causing the weight gain, right Shay?

No. 984230

Since she got so pissed about it before, can we start censoring her nasty puss with dolphin faces instead of scribbles?

No. 984231

Honestly no, i have never once kekked at trying to make dolphin pussy an inside joke

No. 984232

>first time out since lockdown
She literally moved during lockdown/quarantine and went to buy weed a week after moving

No. 984235

She goes grocery shopping and to get junk food often also does she mean first time going out to get shit faced in public ??

No. 984236

I don't really care about the dolphin pussy comparison itself, it just amuses me that it triggers her so much despite her pretending not to lurk here.

No. 984237

It's not the dolphin so much as any easy poke at her centrepiece

No. 984242

That sounds disgusting. And sticky. Why would you waste champagne like that?

No. 984245

Because she's fucking dead inside, anon

No. 984247

File: 1591490943914.jpg (699.55 KB, 1080x1696, 1589848002073.jpg)

She has NOT been on lockdown. this >>>/snow/975968 was posted 19 days ago.

Those shorts are begging for death. she has them hiked up above her navel so the button will close, but that gives her the biggest camel toe ever. Shop for clothing in your new size shatna

No. 984251

god not this picture it just really highlights how fuck ugly she can be

No. 984256

wtf? This is like a Shay + N2F crossover

No. 984293

she doesn't even look like her profile picture anymore. bitch ballooned

No. 984377

smells like an impending infection

No. 984389

File: 1591497139008.jpg (473.53 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20200606-213249_Twi…)

Please don't

No. 984391

please do so we can see how dumb it turns out.

No. 984394

Also guess that her Dog the Bounty hunter look is either dead or going to be pushed back, I was looking forward to that.

No. 984397

a fat, brown-haired marilyn monroe with a snaggletooth. great.

No. 984401

this is honestly disrespectful to her memory let marilyn rest shayna please

No. 984403

yeah i can already imagine how this would turn out. ill-fitting dress complete with bad makeup and dollar store accessories

No. 984411

She'll probably use the same dress and jewelry that she wore for her beauty pageant video

No. 984422

File: 1591499735137.jpg (194.53 KB, 1079x717, Screenshot_20200606-221628_Twi…)

No. 984424

How long has she been saying "anyone wanna send me" like nobody fucking cares it's your birthday you can't even keep yourself not looking like a fucking jelly fish as a sex worker im so fucking embarrassed for her i watched her tied up weird porn and i honestly think women are just not all they're cracked up to be, time to switch sides after that shitshow(bait)

No. 984427

The dress is going to be cheap and crunchy, the jewellery will be her cheap plastic jewellery from her pageant vid & the hair will be a $10 amazon wig

No. 984441

>never actually touched a diamond in her damn life
Shayna please it’s too humiliating to contrast $5 hoe who got alcoholism from $5 wine to a woman who receives tiffany’s for breakfast

No. 984456

Nice! She’s holding that spare tire in her shorts now!

No. 984457

Yuck she couldn’t even wipe down her toaster at least. She never really uses it so why.. Im surprised Theres no tumbleweeds rolling across that barren countertop.

No. 984459

File: 1591513418225.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1242x2168, 130BB9ED-56FD-4D4D-8BDA-AE2831…)

Sage for old milk. I was looking at old thread and found this throwback.

No. 984460

this is one of the most cursed images on this entire website

No. 984467

Is that a public toilet?

No. 984469

animal-fagging but yeah, that’s a variation of tortoise. at least she put it BY the pond instead of IN the pond. she’s a fuckin idiot, but she managed to not kill an animal

No. 984495

Yes it is

No. 984508

File: 1591540523113.jpeg (30.15 KB, 750x152, 128D0D57-A776-42FB-922B-3927F3…)

Samefag new(ish)fag that said I was going to deep dive on the old threads. If you’re like me, this was helpful…

Shay on not showering.

No. 984648

Pride month is literally canceled

No. 984672

File: 1591572150732.png (281.84 KB, 2048x670, Screenshot_20200607-192259.png)

translation: "got drunk and high and passed out for several hours oops"

No. 984690

if i remember it was a bathroom of a semi decent bar/restaurant
tempted to deep fry this and make her into shadow monster sitting on the shitter

No. 984695

File: 1591577582384.jpg (181.24 KB, 516x1442, 1520130949807.jpg)

No. 984698

Not funny and makes you look desperate. Also not milk

No. 984702

File: 1591578891002.png (445.4 KB, 2048x929, Screenshot_20200607-211530.png)

Who's ready for dollar store Marilyn?

No. 984707

She's right that washing your hair every day isn't good for it, but that's why shower caps exist. You still need to wash your body ffs

No. 984709

How did she post these in complete confidence
A year ago her pussy and ass were already covered in boils, her skin still looked like an old leather handbag, and she had that fried, dated coke-can bangs covered in grease hairstyle, right?

I don't think you can be the shining ambassador of showering once a week when you look so fucking rough, yikes

No. 984718

>my skin is very hydrated
>looks like an actual stone gargoyle come to life

No. 984719

for the record those are 2 year old posts but yeah the point still stands

No. 984743

The festivities for Pride month are, yes. June being Pride month, however, is not. Point still stands. Especially when Shayna herself has claimed to be bisexual in the past.

Can't wait! Wonder if she'll actually attempt proper makeup or if we're getting Monroe with massive eyeliner wings and painted on black sperm eyebrows.

No. 984795

With the amount of times she plays with her literal shithole, and masturbates in general over a week….jfc, the smell.. the built up gunk…. Ah god, pls.. gross as fuck.

No. 984805

don't make me imagine anon, i'm gonna gag. this woman needs some serious mental help, she is on the level of a literal child.

No. 984810

I'm drugfag and always have been but i have never seen such a case of plain weed and alcohol stunting a woman to a literal stop like this. Her brain has just not developed. We can't even tinfoil about shayna that much because everything circles back to it's because she's so fucking dependent on the honestly shitty teehee high that you should share with a friend occasionally. It is so infuriating to see her like this. They say addicts, not people dabbling but Addicts always stagnate until they get off and I see it here. I have never seen a woman stagnate so badly. She's no Luna, she's not writing poetry about it but I wish more anons shared my view that this is a proper nasty addict.

No. 984816

I don't want to get too off topic, but I know a lot of people that have been smoking/doing party drugs since adolescence, and they're all stuck in a high school mentality.

Shayna is truly stunted, and I don't know if getting off the drugs would help her at this point. Her brain is so fucking fried, I really don't see her ever maturing past this, "I'm going to be a famous porn star!" ideal. Didn't she used to say she made 50k a year? I obviously don't believe that, but I can believe she made a pretty penny of simps donating to her Tumblr, because even a single dollar from every single one of her followers would have been over 100k, so I imagine she probably did make a couple tens of thousands at least. She's so used to being given money for doing absolutely nothing that her drug addled brain probably doesn't even consider anything outside of minimum effort sexwork, as seen by her constant bragging about walking out on her Olive Garden job.

No. 984833

File: 1591632077095.jpg (137 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20200608-170133_Twi…)

..did she forget she already did this exact video just in different colours?

No. 984834

After drawing the luna parallel i see it here. Literally buying the same shitty amazon dress again because it feels good to buy and she likes objects because they're relatable at this stage for her. Kek

No. 984841

I'd bet anything she threw both of those things out already. She's like that.

No. 984846

I'd make a fair guess and say she's out-blubbered the cheap dress she had previously and is probably still gonna buy this one a size or 2 too small.

No. 984868

File: 1591642405846.jpeg (108.18 KB, 750x721, 0F4E1001-E8CA-4D62-8E80-4E1914…)

No. 984870

This bitch… Wait till she learns about anonymous and other dumb shit.

No. 984872

Ha ha, "I love black people nooow" also, I wonder if people are going to get at her because Ice Cube made people mad recently.

No. 984875

Shay wearing a guy fawkes mask, jamming her fat fingers in her dry pussy pretending to cum. I can see it now.

No. 984877

Shayna, shave your head to cosplay Evey. Do it.

No. 984885

Of course this bitch is like every other white normie who doesn’t know or grew up around any black ppl irl to Stan “le old skool real hip hop xD” like black people don’t care about fucking Ice cube lol. she’s like if reddit and a Spencer’s graphic tee had a love child

No. 984891

I was going to say, he also said he didn’t want to explain shit to anyone about whats going on with black people because it isn’t his job to educate dumb people exactly like Shayna.

No. 984906

damn this actually made me cringe. ice cube was cool in like 2002 lol what does he have to do with any of this? her brain just does not function like a normal humans.

No. 984940

File: 1591656581894.jpg (594.51 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20200608-175019_Twi…)

No. 984946

if she would have just stuck to being a stoner, she could have been the influencer she so badly wants to be.

No. 984982

File: 1591663624264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.22 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20200608-194752_Twi…)

No. 984993

nice cheap knockoff glass Shay suits you well.

No. 984998

>pay me to see the photo shoot I’m showing you for free.

I’d bet money she would do better if she would censor her “teasers” on Twitter. Also that abuse of the blur tool. She made her snatch look like a pocket pussy.

No. 985003

The reason she's wearing that skirt isn't obvious at all.

No. 985009

Is this from the one where she filmed herself drunkenly pissing on her hands and then licking them or was that a different time she filmed porn in a bar bathroom

No. 985011

the tutu hiding her gut and fupa but the extra fat still bubbling out the top + blurred side roll has me giggling

her skin looks fucking hilarious with this blur tool, but looks like lumpy scabby porridge without it. what do you even do at this point?

No. 985022

Pretty sure that was a different time. She's had many dive bar lot lizard aesthetic vids like this. This one was just her fingering her nasty cunt with her bare feet all over the floor and bare ass on the toilet seat while looking like a drunk Gypsy Rose. Didn't bother to wash her hands and proceeded to touch all over the door handles. She also liked to flash her tits with bar patrons sitting near by. But, ya know, ReSPeCt NoN-cOnSeNteRs AnD ProTeCt mINoRs, hErEs mY CuNt ThO looool

No. 985024

>what do you even do at this point?
put down the chicken and waffles kek

No. 985028

This nasty bitch wears underwear as much as she wears bras. Like…never. Makes me shudder to think of discolored snail trail build up in her rachet leggings and the 5x too small shorts she squeezes her fat fuck self into.

No. 985045


No. 985048

never before has every part of her looked SO much like an overstuffed sausage

No. 985049

She looks like an oversized special needs toddler with that tutu on kek

No. 985064

File: 1591681584960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.21 KB, 1079x1057, Screenshot_20200609-004715_Twi…)

No. 985068

Shayna I mean Dolly please stream queen I'm losing hope
She can set herself on fire at the end of it

No. 985072

I wanna see the uncropped version of this. You can see in the top left corner where she barely cut of her belly rolls trying to be a pussy ballerina

No. 985124

File: 1591703261965.png (175.37 KB, 629x493, hmm.png)

No. 985125

damn, i don't think they are still together but it feels like there have been quite too many coincidences like this. maybe they are still on talking terms over phone calls and chat?

No. 985137

Why are her labia majora so red here?

No. 985140

it looks like a diaper rash lmao

No. 985141

okay wtf? that’s way too big of a coincidence

No. 985142

Okay now i'm starting to buy she's back and forth between fupa and some fuck boy.
Or she's just stalking his facebook or they are so much alike they think the same corny shit and this has nothing to do with the other.

No. 985145

V for vendetta is on the top 10 list on netflix right now.

I honestly think they are just two stupid basic bitches that they happen to be into the same things. They both have no originality, or personality so they hop on the same bandwagon.

No. 985158

it might be the natural color of it, but with the blurring it looks like a weird rash instead of her genitals being slightly differently colored.

No. 985160

Off topic but what did Ice Cube do recently? I can't find anything

No. 985166

Google it anon. Stop derailing. Takes two seconds to find it.

No. 985178

File: 1591717916882.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 1543x2048, Screenshot_20200609-115204.png)

A greasy cow in a childs tutu. I can't believe people pay for this overfiltered bullshit.

No. 985179

File: 1591717972245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 386.06 KB, 1066x1284, Screenshot_20200609-174453.jpg)


No. 985180

File: 1591718055065.jpg (Spoiler Image, 282.97 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200609_174507.jpg)

The fupa lmao

No. 985181

shayna, blurring and smoothing your haggard pussy (entire picture, but) into oblivion but leaving the grainy, poor quality inner lips unblurred makes it look like you stuffed shredded chicken into a $5 blow up doll. shit's edited in the same style as a toddler beauty pageant headshot. stop. it looks fucking silly.

No. 985183

Meh. I'm in the camp they never left each other, maybe took a break here n there but they're still together. That's the real reason she's not left Tulsa, not having the means $ wise never once stopped her from moving before.

I know anons got tired of all the fupa tinfoiling because itd get spammed hard but outside of that I can't see any reason they wouldn't be. We know he got in trouble and she couldn't live at his house anymore because the kids, we know he pays her phone bill and makes active threats over it, we know he subposts about "his crazy ex" whenever we've been barking up that tree. They have a history of hiding or trying to hide their relationshit. I see literally 0 reason why these coincidences keep happening but it's just chalked up to coincidence when everything stacks for it

No. 985185

lol serving man ass realness

No. 985190

it's funny she poses this way and cuts out her legs because her fat ass can't do a split

No. 985192

Wow she really retains a lot of weight down there. The smoothing has the exact effect >>985181
mentioned and now I can't unsee it

No. 985200

the weird foot thing is back. how long until she starts talking about being a dancer again and we get more of those dance videos of her throwing herself around like an autist again?

No. 985201

She probably took ballet when she was 3 like every other suburban little girl and now thinks she's a dancer, kek

No. 985206

File: 1591722990994.png (653.21 KB, 2048x1290, Screenshot_20200609-130900.png)

Can anyone translate? I have no idea what she's trying to say.

No. 985208

why is she tagging icecube though??

No. 985210

File: 1591723172377.jpeg (22.02 KB, 394x324, C33D91AA-DEA4-4AA8-BFAB-139C6B…)

All I can see

No. 985212

Dolphin vagoo strikes again!

No. 985213

I'm seriously not sure, but this is my best shot: "I do not feel accepted by the sex worker community, so I will just work and not worry about being accepted by them". Is she high or

I feel so bad for her. She's the most tragic cow on this website

No. 985214

She really loves this pose, it's one of the only ways to make it look like she has an ass but it looks awkward as hell.

No. 985215

She looks like she has a second vag in the photo on the right, and not a crease in her leg

No. 985227

File: 1591725450919.jpeg (153.37 KB, 828x1085, FA070A4D-2B81-4554-8C5D-0D6C08…)

Sorry i couldn’t help myself. She looks like one of those fat men in a tutu. Pic related.

No. 985228

File: 1591725453121.jpg (277.4 KB, 1080x981, 20200609_115750.jpg)

She still hasn't unpacked or cleaned? Yet she thought moving was gonna cure her depression. Nasty bitch already trashing her apartment

No. 985233

i'm not even shocked she hasnt unpacked yet. It's been a month now? longer?

No. 985235

It was obvious from when she took pictures of the place empty af except for the new amazon shit she bought. Its all most likely in one room hidden.

No. 985239

is she getting stretch marks on her upper thighs? or did she just edit the cellulite strangely?

seriously. that's the first thing I thought when I saw it. she really is shameless kek, wonder if she'll revisit the fireworks in ass stunt again this year

No. 985241

Thighs are usually the first place to get stretch marks and the speed she's gained I'd be surprised if she didn't have any!

I personally think stretch marks are kinda cool but maybe I'm just a freak

No. 985266

Fucking kek, Anon. I was about to say the same damn thing. "Can hear her heavy breathing from this pic" This ol mouth breathin bitch looool

No. 985288

you can see a patch in the middle of no stubble where she's obv smoothed herself into oblivion. she looks like she stinks of sweaty butthole and cheap booze.

No. 985347

File: 1591743275331.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 484.79 KB, 2048x1536, E99B8815-A539-43AD-A1A7-6259C3…)

I’m sorry, do you see how badly I need distracting from the world right now

No. 985349

File: 1591743400536.jpg (448.02 KB, 1080x1141, Screenshot_20200609-175719_Twi…)

It literally looks like her living room from her old place

No. 985350

File: 1591743430812.jpg (443.23 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20200609-175654_Twi…)

The "gaming area" she'll never use

No. 985351

File: 1591743468686.jpg (411.24 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_20200609-175706_Twi…)

Literally the same set up as her old living room

No. 985352

File: 1591743515648.jpg (253.63 KB, 1079x936, Screenshot_20200609-175624_Twi…)

Get ready for the same concept but different shitty amazon outfits

No. 985353

File: 1591743596702.jpg (253.38 KB, 1079x1048, Screenshot_20200609-180041_Twi…)

Get ready for that train wreck

No. 985354

File: 1591743667857.jpg (273.66 KB, 1080x944, Screenshot_20200609-180141_Twi…)

Does she not realize that majority of adults do this?

No. 985363

and it only took 4 years of constant humiliation!

No. 985367

Yeah like, I understand feeling accomplished about paying your own bills. But it's embarrassing considering she's been bragging about being rich from sex work for years but only just now can auto pay bills

No. 985368

Onison and Shayna are a lot a like, their "pictures" are all the same but they act like they put so much attention and work into them.

No. 985370

Did this retard tape her buttplugs to the wall?

No. 985371

Shayna, you can't use a mouth gag like that with a puppy hood you fucking idiot

No. 985381

I thought the same thing anon. Watch this idiot try it

No. 985382

Lol good catch anon

No. 985384

Amazing artwork anon

No. 985393

Anons with flimsy explanations at this point just make me suspect damage control. Occam’s razor and all.

No. 985397

I don't think she realises how embarrassing it is to have a "home" based on sex work. All it does is show she has no friends. No one ever goes there. Also dumb cos it's supposed to be "omg look how kinky I am" but these things are hung on the wall aka never used.

No. 985403

File: 1591751989680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.34 KB, 1080x758, IMG_20200610_022025.jpg)

Showing off her yeast infection.

No. 985414

File: 1591753209054.jpg (267.63 KB, 1080x934, Screenshot_20200609-204033_Twi…)

No. 985415

File: 1591753286507.jpg (733.34 KB, 1079x1597, Screenshot_20200609-204101_Twi…)

Her next porn will be shitting out golf balls or fucking her ass with the handle of the golf club. Watch

No. 985417

so… like how normal groups of people just go play mini golf sometimes..?

No. 985419

"big boss company people". also so funny she thinks she can get a group together when she's done everything to make herself hated by every other swer. she really just doesn't have friends to do anything with and thinks sw will solve that somehow it's so sad

No. 985427

I can just imagine her going out to mini golf at a cheap arcade in a stupid golf outfit by herself. And everyone would be staring at her cause she’s in actual golf clothes and she’ll think it’s because she’s the ~famoos Dolly Mattel~ shaytard is so oblivious

No. 985429

Hey doc that's not a yeast infection. Looks like she actually used her one bottle of lube she's had for over a year.

No. 985430

Her fashion sense is so shitty, lmfao

No. 985431

Or is it just female ejaculate? without context, it's hard to know.

No. 985436

File: 1591756492070.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

>the blunt in the dolphin's blowhole

Oh my fucking god


Yeah, it's the same set up. She has no creativity. This actually looks like a nice house too, but she has no idea how to furnish it..

No. 985439


I honestly think at this point it's not humanly possible for her not to associate anything normal to sex work. She always always has to include sex work into a normal item.

No. 985444

“I’m just gonna stop trying to be accepted by the SW community”

“When’s tee time girls?!”

No. 985447

How do you claim to be a bimbo, fantasizing about living off some gross old dudes money, and not know about clubhouse sports and the short mini outfits that go with it?

No. 985449

Um, what?
Women do not ejaculate they have vaginal secretions or piss

No. 985450

Because she ISN'T a bimbo but a bizarre creature. She never talks about plastic surgeries or work to get them done. All she does is smoke weed and get fat. She just has this white trash vision that is a total pink dolphin abomination.

No. 985455

File: 1591760214844.jpg (139.75 KB, 1079x517, Screenshot_20200609-223729_Twi…)

The delusion

No. 985456

File: 1591760263006.jpg (484.21 KB, 1079x1497, Screenshot_20200609-223703_Twi…)

Does she feel the need to say "she has a penis face" after EVERY Ribmeat post?

No. 985470

love the strategically placed hand to hide her double chin.

No. 985477

If, when googling your name, a thread of people laughing at you comes up before any of your work, and google images is also just a bunch of pictures of people making fun of you and pictures of what your name is based on…you're INfamous, not famous.

No. 985479

Says the girl that managed to get FIRED from a porn agency after not even a month, edit her videos on her phone because she's too lazy and never got awards or got recognized for her work… Get your shit together Shayna

No. 985481

Well done anon kek

No. 985515

What the fuck is on her desk? It looks like a my little pet shop toy. Sad when you need to buy useless kids toys to fit your online persona instead of actual useful stuff for an adult

No. 985516

along with a package of cookies and a soda. that she put there for the "aesthetic". LOL

No. 985519

being infamous for being ignorant and showing off your gross pussy like a special needs kid showing off some fluff they found in their belly button ain't it lmao

No. 985548

JC… When you're so destitute that you have to use your groceries as decoration.

No. 985563

i think they mean pussy juice, but worded really formally. but it looks so much like discharge being so fucking white, wetness can be kinda white but not this much.

No. 985573

What's even more sad is that it's a computer desk without a computer.

No. 985575

You realized she filtered the heck out of it and it's most likely lube, right? It looks bright white cos of the filters she uses.

Tbh so many of you talk like you've never been with a woman and that's really fucking pathetic.

No. 985585


She has said on numerous occasions that she does not use lube. It would not be a stretch to say shay has some sort of infection. My bet is BV if anything. She sticks her hand in her ass then into her quim sooo. Sorry to medfag

No. 985587

based on the placement i would say it’s the fake cum lube that she got and then faked a cum facial with.

No. 985589

I just find it weird y'all will complain about her dry snatch but then when it's actually wet you scream she has a yeast infection/BV. It's fucking retarded.

No. 985593

you're probably correct anon.

it's because normal people don't get completely white wetness retard. and as the other anon noted, she never uses lube, so to assume that a weird fluid on her is her own fluid is completely natural.

No. 985600

You should probably go back in the threads because there's vids and pics of her with a bottle of bad dragon CUM LUBE, that's BRIGHT WHITE. you can see it in some of her first fuck machine clips. She's had the one bottle for over a year and barely uses it but occasionally does. She got it when she got the alien dildo from BD. Also she severely overfilters her photos so it's going to look super bright white.

Honestly some of you are just as retarded as her, don't even know what a yeast infection looks like and assumes that's it. Fucking autistic retards who have never been with a woman in this entire thread.

No. 985602

plenty of women produce white vaginal fluid. Maybe stick your dick in a real woman and find out one day, cuckboy

No. 985604

damn you're really sensitive about infections, huh. do you seriously require everyone in this thread to remember every single thing she has done over some nasty photo? nice job assuming i'm a man for having a properly working vagina though.

No. 985605

this happens every time, someone comes and gets super offended, they turn one or two comments into 15.

No. 985606

This happens every thread. We see her snatch not dry AF for once and everyone screams how she has an infection.

It's just like the fupa tinfoiling. It's bullshit and neverending stupidity.

No. 985609

I guess you get alot of infections in your disgusting purse if you can spot one so easily on the internet.

No. 985613

File: 1591806429307.jpeg (181.38 KB, 1123x1051, 1FFA0074-902D-4FE2-9178-E91A8F…)

No. 985614

File: 1591806496503.jpeg (155.19 KB, 1125x884, 2E85AF65-9F33-4CF5-943C-2A0C16…)

Kek, these losers will tell her anything she wants to hear, no matter how wrong they are

No. 985625

I smell maleposter in this thread. Comments about being with "real women" got me suspicious

No. 985628

Wait you can't be male and post in this thread? What?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 985631

I suggest keeping your Y chromosome hidden when posting here

No. 985634

Lmao you think this is a thread full of men? How new are you?

Yea Exactly. Hilarious.

No. 985643

Remember when we were going to censor shay’s vagina anyway? Can we go back to that? Not having to see it or read all these dumb posts about it was kinda nice.

No. 985654

Lmfao. Ok so what I wanna know is why are you able to give a detailed timeline of all of that stuff? And why are you even so fired up about it to begin with? Very weird, anon.

No. 985657

Nta but it's not much of timeline to follow unless you're too stupid to pay attention or you're just a newfag, which is my guess. Now stop derailing, you're annoying.

No. 985667

Kill newfags
Just lose weight??? It’s so obvious she’s disgusted with her Christmas ham self no matter how much she pretends otherwise

No. 985680

Lol she cant eat healthy for more than 2 literal weeks and cant go to a gym to even sit on a bike for more than 2 days. Plus she would start another dumbass fund for new workout clothes and lets not forget that would mean she would have to put her rat carcass near a cleansing body of water after….

No. 985688

File: 1591819956417.png (532.19 KB, 2048x1300, Screenshot_20200610-161300.png)

Ew. Is she really going to do an "eating while getting fucked" video? That's fucking gross.

No. 985691

It will be a good introduction to the feeder porn kink!
Then she can eat whatever she wants, and have someone happily pay for all her gross fast food meals.

No. 985693

kek who is telling her she's better looking since getting fat, she looked like shit before and now she only looks worse

eating penis shaped pasta isn't even remotely sexy or funny who is this for

No. 985703

I know it's supposed to be "cutesy" shit, but it comes off as "retard trying to go viral on myspace" her ideas are all cringe outdated bullshit.
but let her tell it she's killing the game with these fresh ideas such as-

"Dress as "X person" and look retarded while sticking shit in my dry pussy"

"eat food while getting fucked in my dry pussy"

So fucking creative.Guess twitch is dead.

No. 985729

File: 1591828735262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 375.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200610_233933.jpg)

The eyebrows need to be stopped

No. 985730

Those eyeliner brows are the worst styling choice she's ever made, it makes her look like Oscar the Grouch.

No. 985731

I kinda expected her to do it once and it be so unsuccessful that she'd never do it again but we haven't even got that far yet. She basically only plays free games, such gamer, wow.

No. 985732

petition to start a go fund me to buy a new white sweater so she will throw this one out.

No. 985734

LMFAO they're turning into k.k. slider eyebrows

No. 985735

The eyebrows…I think she’s actually losing her damn mind
Crazy how bloat changes the shape of her whole nose

No. 985737

File: 1591829565846.jpg (171.89 KB, 1079x609, Screenshot_20200610-175147_Twi…)

What happened to not doing sexual things in public?

No. 985738

File: 1591829609635.jpg (446.23 KB, 1079x1745, Screenshot_20200610-004206_Sam…)

Her new pinned tweet on OF

No. 985743

petition to never let this dirty hoe own anything white again

No. 985750

File: 1591831654154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.23 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200611_002757.jpg)


No. 985751

File: 1591831681450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 298.79 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200611_002803.jpg)

No. 985752

File: 1591831917236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.66 KB, 871x1107, 4F917B28-2CFC-4E37-8305-33DA62…)

not my best work. sage for no milk.

No. 985754

I don't understand how she isn't embarrassed by that disgusting rat's nest hair
She has that blonde wig she wore a month or two ago in addition to her stupid conehead ponytail, why can't she at least slap that on before taking her gross pictures?

No. 985756

holy spare tire

No. 985762

She looks like hell. Do some work on yourself Shayna.

No. 985764

File: 1591833197460.jpeg (337.81 KB, 1200x1182, D6E4C4F2-E6FF-41D6-BEEA-350411…)

too bad this bitch needs to be carried in games for her cropped screen shots and can’t interact long enough with others to be interesting, elsewise she’d be on twitch.l.

No. 985765


oh my god, her entire midsection. I guess she really is embracing her fatness. I mean “““thiccness”””

No. 985767

you know for a fact that hoodie is concealing a second roll, lmfao

she hasn't worn anything actually "sexy" since she got fat, her whole wardrobe is centered around hiding her busted biscuit tin stomach…how are you gonna be in the field of "wear cute things for money" and be too fat to do so

No. 985779

How does hair get this crusty and greasy at the same time?

No. 985783

File: 1591836750390.jpeg (360.81 KB, 2048x1010, 55C6244B-96C9-47F1-9CC9-3A880E…)

It literally blows my mind that she has the nerve to gatekeep and try to give advice to other sex workers when she looks like this. I don’t even understand why she has long twitter threads full of drama with everyone… if you’re in an online catfight with Shay, all you have to do is reply with pic related and you win the argument de facto. Receipts be damned.

No. 985784

File: 1591836814580.jpg (208.58 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20200611-015218_Chr…)

God it almost looks like it's dreading.

Dunno how she feels ok with taking photos with such filthy hair.

No. 985786

Wow, Shayna, please…I actually feel bad, she looks like depression. Her hair is like she just let go, I have no idea why she does this-
Nevermind, I know why she takes like 50 pictures to keep her only fans percent up and her "attention" meter high.

No. 985789

How the fuck does Yaniv manage to have nicer eyeliner

No. 985790

Has she ever spoke about that scar on her head? It's probably not very interesting but she over shares everything else.

If you cover her eyeballs her eyeliner and eyebrows look the same. Yikes

No. 985791

Shes been a full blown alcoholic for a few years now is how.
I'm really starting to worry about her tbh. How much lower can she go??

No. 985793

Real crackhead shit

No. 985804

File: 1591839578534.jpeg (539.71 KB, 828x1394, E851F20B-7961-43D3-83A5-199A32…)

just…why? do you not know what nicely done eyebrows look like?

No. 985807


>Ice Cube was cool in like 2002

Anon have you ever heard of NWA cause I have some news for you

No. 985808

No. 985810

File: 1591840715927.jpeg (342.51 KB, 736x727, 1585511854635.jpeg)

separated at birth?

No. 985812

That’s Ice-T tardo

No. 985813

LMFAO thanks for defending me anon but that is not ice cube, that is ice t

but yeah i meant like shayna's latching onto ice cube to be some generational worldly spokesman in 2020 is just cringy. i said 2002 because wasn't he in those popular movies in the early 00s? kek

No. 985816

Lol oops. And I tried to check it too

No. 985848

Jfc Shayna the SAW movie lighting isn’t doing you any favors. Imagine paying money for this.

No. 985859

anon spoil this you weirdo

No. 985861


> I only need to shower once a week MAYBE

No. 985870

late to the punch but the cum lube when in a vagina does not look like that in the slightest unless u inject it in w/ a cum tube. the BD cum lube is super sticky and stringy so you would need to wash after you use it or at least a lot of it (which this chick doesnt do like come on). shayna clearly never uses lube or uses the cum lube even so in that image >>985403 its unlikely she is using it or even the cum tube on the BD dildo. also why does the img link on that say img 20208220 i am confused

No. 985872

Wow omg. This is her worst hair style ever..this is truly a greasy rat nest. Why.

No. 985873

Wtf it’s literally sharpie brows? Is it a joke?

No. 985897

Holy fuck, how has she gotten so fat between this latest picture set and her last? She looks like she gained 30lbs since the start of this thread and that was only 13 days ago.

I know she eats junk food, take out, excess liquor cals and never works out but… how the fuck, honestly? How is it physically possible for someone to gain at that rate? Not even Momo packs it on that fast.

Seriously, hold me, anons. This goes against the years of experience/diet shit I've learned and witnessed as a bodybuilder. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

(Sorry for the weight sperg and mild blog but I'm honestly so fucking baffled, I've been following her threads since the MV lofts saga and those last couple of spoilers really set the gain in)(no1curr)

No. 985930

I think she’s given up shooping so heavily recently which makes it look like she suddenly gain weight

No. 985939

Yooooo, how she not embarrassed by this? I know she has no shame and that's been discussed ad nauseam but Jesus tap dancing Christ, this is the WORST she's looked. We may say that with every photo she posts up, but legit, man. This is coming from someone who thought she was at least cute. Never a beacon of beauty, but cute. How you gonna slap an entire tube of liquid liner on your lids and eyebrows (?????) but not be like, 'Hm, maybe I should do FUCKING SOMETHING with this dreaded mess of shit on top of my head"????? And as a curly head myself, this depressed the fuck out of me. Shay can have nice curls but has absolutely destroyed them. Do fucking better, Shayna. It use to hurt looking at her genitals, but now looking at her whole ass self hurts, man.

No. 985962

File: 1591882477511.jpg (715.38 KB, 1038x1296, 20200611_143447.jpg)

She's gonna have to shave that off if she doesn't do something soon, fuck.

No. 985969

I want someone to convince her to do it so badly. Tbh if we bring it up enough she'll wind up doing it just to attempt to troll us. More than half the content she makes now is trying to reply to lolcow.

No. 985973

What the FUCK? It looks even worse in direct light. You're telling me nobody on twitter, OF, even her bf will tell her she looks like a swamp monster?

No. 985992

where do you see a scar? do you mean behind her hairline? the front pieces of hair snapped from being braided wet and left for days. they hang down over her face and the hair is thinner from the breakage so her scalp shows

omfg the MV lofts saga. I honestly forgot, I think that will have been the highlight of her "career". she peaked at 20-21, and everyone there knew she was a messy idiot. she never posted the video she shot there, and that one picture gets circulated around every few months. that's it that's the most exposure she'll ever have

No. 985993

File: 1591888650429.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1869, 8042A23F-BC27-4A95-9298-1670A3…)

NTA but I think they were referring to this mark in the middle of her forehead. I think it may be one of the crevasse sized wrinkles that’s been poorly shooped tho?

No. 985996

She always looks so smug in her selfies, when she's not pulling some special needs face, and I truly wish I could go through her brain because sis is not NEARLY as cute as she thinks she is.

No. 986013

Pretty sure she was drunk/high out of her mind in those pictures and forgot to shoop

No. 986015

looks like a bit of cat fur on the mirror. she doesn't have a mark there in other pictures

No. 986018

File: 1591893568781.png (435.36 KB, 1015x1010, younitpickingfuckers.png)


Its a fucking stray hair reflecting light you balding mongoloid nitpicking fuckers. This is not milk. It will never be milk, stop trying to make it happen. NOT EVERYTHING IS MILK.

No. 986025

Shayna does have a scar on her forehead. You can see it in multiple photos over the years and she's talked about it before. I agree it's not milk though.

No. 986044

What the hell is up with the violent defenses of Shayna's looks lately? Usually including insults towards farmers looks? Yeah there has been nitpicking lately which is boring but there always has been in Shay's threads and these posts are really coming off as frothing at the mouth wking sometimes.
Coupled with that stupid male posting about having sex with real women yesterday and how Shayna's snatch is totally not infected I'm just suspicious as hell lately. Somebody is working hard to low-key defend her itt and seems way too invested and angry. This response is hilariously ott.

No. 986046

She probably fell off her bike as a kid or something, who cares? Its not something she makes elaborate stories over like her titty veins so it's not really milk.

No. 986049

You view this as defending her? Wut?

No. 986050

File: 1591898569441.png (870.4 KB, 2048x1663, Screenshot_20200611-140209.png)

This could have been self awareness but nope

No. 986051

File: 1591898628012.png (986.93 KB, 1667x2048, Screenshot_20200611-140317.png)

She fucking loves this stupid titty vein sob story. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU except your severe mental retardation, Shayna.

No. 986057

>sex worker
>can't handle comments about her body

No. 986058

She went to every hospital in Boston because her tits have veins?

No. 986059

i mean it looks like it's about to turn black and fall off, what does she expect? if she's that self conscious about it then just blur it out like she does with the rest of her body at this point

No. 986061

I agree it's fucking gross like idc about stretch marks but you can see her whole fucking lymphatic system it's just actually gross they are so visible

No. 986062

Ok calm down anon. I have one one on my head that looks similar, just wondered if there was a story whether it be boring, interesting or absolute bollocks.

No. 986064

I love her saying it’s totally fine and nothing to ask about and also admitting that doctors have not the slightest clue as to why it looks necrotic and visiting “every hospital” around her to find out why it looks like rotting flesh. She’s just so empty headed.

No. 986066

yeah that's what i don't get. like obviously she knows it doesn't look normal if she was going from hospital to hospital to have doctors look at it.

No. 986074

I find her use of "my tit" and "as a kid" in the same sentence a bit disturbing. Teenager would be oke because you start developing breasts as a teen, but kids don't have tits. Also, if it looked like that when she was still a kid than that's definitely not normal. I just think she's lying and her skin stretched when she started developing breasts and that's when the veins became visible. But of course that wouldn't be an interesting enough story to tell

No. 986075

omg not the titty vein saga again.

There's nothing wrong with her tits, anons. It's been mentioned over and over. It doesn't look like it's rotting or anything like that wtf is wrong with you people? It looks like a normal fucking tit. She's pale and the way her titties grew on her chest looks like they stretched the skin thin especially on that side. It's completely normal, which is why she never figured anything out about it because there's NOTHING WRONG WITH HER.

We're not doing the fucking titty veins argument again.

No. 986076

You very obviously have no idea what necrotic means. It means dying flesh, and has nothing to do with veins. Her veins are bright blue and her skin is pink and healthy.

Y'all are just about as retarded as she is. Keep feeding her though I'm sure it'll help.

No. 986077

lol stop wk'ing. if it was so normal why was she going to hospitals over it? stop acting like none of us have seen someone with big boobs and pale skin. there's a difference.

No. 986078

I'm not white knighting you fucking newfag. Go read some of the past threads, the titty vein is brought up in EVERY SINGLE ONE. It's so annoying and redundant and retarded. Y'all should make a seperate damn thread for her titty conspiracy theories, that's how much it's brought up.

All that happened was she grew tits and the skin stretched thin and she likes to lie about it to seem special. In reality it's really average and normal, but for most people it may not be so prominent in pictures.

No. 986079

ntayrt, but there's a difference between normal meaning healthy and normal meaning average looking. Her tits are healthy, but just happen to be more veiny than the average pale persons tits.

No. 986084

Stop wking. It literally looks disgusting. That level of veins is not normal AT ALL.

No. 986086

nta but it's not that we disagree or don't, it's that it's an unnecessary topic that has been commented about to death. her titty vein is not as milky as all of her other shitty behavior.

No. 986089

I swear to god. Yesterday someone was WKing her frothy puss and today it’s tit vein…

No. 986090

File: 1591903757518.jpg (27.1 KB, 508x376, 1559926788768.jpg)

hellweek can't come soon enough. probably important to note that she 100% edits her photos to make the veins more prominent because it increases her engagement, people really respond to the WTF factor. you got baited just like the simps who pay for her content

ok doctor what's your diagnosis? "level of veins" smh

No. 986091

she literally made a post about it on twitter that brought it back up though

No. 986093

God damn stfu about her veins, pale skinned women who aren’t as flat as a door have visible veins in their breasts. Her boobs are arguably the best feature she has so can we pls move on

No. 986094

Because you Google doctors love to diagnose her with random diseases because of an over edited picture. Its stupid as fuck, irrelevant, done to death, and annoying. This happens every single thread so stop being a newfag and fuck off.

No. 986095

Unfortunately if she keeps gaining weight they're gonna look like man titties but for now I agree

No. 986097

they already do

No. 986098

I’m sorry but that’s a reach. What man have you seen who isn’t a post op troon that has perky tits like that? Even as she continues to blow up and age, I don’t see them ever getting horrendous unless she starts rapidly losing and gaining weight like Luna

No. 986101

Just based on the way her stomach was kind of becoming one with her breast in some pictures, but yeah I get your point. She does look like a tranny already though.

No. 986111

>hellweek can't come soon enough

No. 986132

>i mean it looks like it's about to turn black and fall off

this made my stomach hurt laughing. the tit veins are the most stale bullshit but thus line sent me thanks

No. 986139

File: 1591909360449.jpg (408.16 KB, 1079x1206, Screenshot_20200611-160302_Twi…)

Full length
High quality
Story lined

Ok Shay

No. 986140

File: 1591909459877.jpg (491.14 KB, 1079x1280, Screenshot_20200611-160444_Twi…)

"You are amazing now although you look different than you did" major kek

No. 986141

"I have loved your content for 7 years" um

No. 986144

>7 years
>loose butthole
>piss princess

Yep I'm out

No. 986146

this looks like a fake troll account, by looking at the tweets.

No. 986147

obvious farmer

No. 986149

farmer on crack

not gonna lie though, can't wait for shatna to see and lose her mind

No. 986162

If she knows what’s best she’d just stay out of it, but she probably won’t be able to help herself get those pity points

No. 986174

I just read all their tweets and tbh I think it’s fucking hilarious. Not to encourage cow tipping but really it sounds like any other dumbass pornsick man on the internet.

No. 986198

"High quality" is never an adjective that comes to mind with any of her content ever. Unless you mean that shes always stoned.
I also like how she followed up the "full length, high quality, story lined" comment with "I'm gonna eat penis pasta while using my fuck machine now!" Such amazing content with great plot. Totally not beginners feeder porn kek

No. 986202

File: 1591918753364.png (1.73 MB, 2048x1818, Screenshot_20200611-193955.png)

No. 986203

File: 1591918782961.jpeg (326.31 KB, 1534x2048, EaRLreKWoAEpfKE.jpeg)

I have no words.

No. 986205

I'd say more Anna Nicole than Marilyn, but I don't wanna disrespect Anna.

No. 986206


I like how she used eyeliner to fill in her brows STILL….. just a little bit thinner.

No. 986208

she tried a little harder with her eyebrows, but I guess that wore her out so much she was incapable of doing contour or even blush. Dollar store Marilyn. This is just sad to look at.

No. 986213

File: 1591919516767.jpeg (962.93 KB, 2896x2334, 18C32C17-A78C-4062-971D-35F622…)

literal meme material

No. 986216

File: 1591920209820.jpg (26.14 KB, 810x500, Jonathan_Yaniv_810_500_75_s_c1…)

No. 986217

This is perfectly on-brand for Shayna. Great Value (insert pop icon here) feat. mismatched pinks & cheap hair pieces.

No. 986218

Yaniv is looking better than Shayna lately. Yikes.

No. 986219

Jesus christ why would she do her own self dirty putting herself next to marilyn. The jokes write themselves

No. 986222

File: 1591921629662.png (341.62 KB, 501x333, 34546657657843436547.png)

Love that she tried to pick one of the less flattering pics of Marilyn to soften the blow of how bad she looks. It didn't work. kek.

Honestly, even when she got fat Anna Nicole typically looked better than this.

Truly long lost "sisters".

No. 986225

she's been in her new place how long and just now got things sorted in her 'workspace', yea ok. she didn't have a problem being on the floor and rubbing herself all over the counters, she's just lazy and knows she's gotten fat but needed to string up the same stupid lights and sex toys to be able to make "high quality" vids. which will won't be any different aside from new costumes she doesn't fit into.

idk what's going on with that dress but it makes her look wide af.

No. 986226

This is what she's been hyping up for so long? This goodwill prom dress? I don't understand how literally everything she does is so low quality. Also holy kek at the fact that she's gotten so porky she couldn't even hold her arms straight up.

No. 986228

Her eyeliner looks so much better in this look though.

No. 986229

well this is just further proof that shatna is literally delusional and cannot see anything accurately because this is humiliating. why embarass youself like this?

No. 986238

File: 1591923570674.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 369.2 KB, 1535x2048, 1708C455-8748-4354-B1C0-DFA47A…)

No. 986242

She looks like a down syndrome Anna Nicole. Kek. She doesn’t pull off pink at all.

No. 986255

My god she looks HAGGARD. She looks like she's struggling to hold that pose kek

No. 986256

God she looks so special needs kek. She needs to give up already.

No. 986258

I'm personally offended by this, for myself and Marilyn. This is just horrible.

No. 986268

File: 1591927285682.png (233.04 KB, 497x255, 20200611_220153.png)

No. 986279

Tranny Shay strikes again

No. 986292

File: 1591931696826.jpg (68.6 KB, 1080x369, Screenshot_20200611_231335.jpg)

Um dump that fucking broke loser??? Why do you have to pay and plan for your own birthday?? This is sad

No. 986295

File: 1591931958800.jpg (Spoiler Image, 530.68 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20200611-221921_Twi…)

Someone is still bitter about not winning THE MV award for Anal Star

No. 986297

File: 1591932048480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 458.04 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200611-221934_Twi…)

So the same as every video, just in a terrible costume?

No. 986300

It's on a white couch, not pink blanket or bed actually!! Just look at the prob costume!! Cant you see how high quality this is??? Attention to detail, amazing content!!


No. 986306

This is so insulting to Marilyn omg

No. 986308

File: 1591933054747.png (1.79 MB, 1498x2048, Screenshot_20200611-233758.png)

Her chin and neck are becoming unrecognizable from each other. Oof.

No. 986317

File: 1591934343095.jpg (37.71 KB, 387x440, 20200611_215600.jpg)

This is tragic. Looks like shes back to lining her bottom lip like a butt again as well.

No. 986318

File: 1591934352265.png (1.74 MB, 1740x732, lmao.png)

Her makeup tho. Can't tell if the wig or the makeup are the worst of it.

No. 986322

I liked the old Miss Piggy design better.

No. 986324

If it makes u feel better, anon, u can easily says she's doing an impression of weight gain Anna Nicole Smith.

No. 986325

That couch looks grey now, to me.

No. 986327

Fucking KEK. Soz for non-contribution but my sides at this comment

No. 986330

Lets be real, Thats the only way she can keep them though. Pay for shit for the guy until he gets tired of all of her alcoholic tantrums and lack of any adult home skills.

No. 986333

File: 1591935930737.jpeg (101.5 KB, 540x640, 8A5ABCEE-67B2-46C2-9A88-AD32F7…)

Me too

No. 986338

File: 1591936707744.jpg (109.3 KB, 1280x720, download (2).jpg)

No. 986356

File: 1591941696969.jpg (520.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200612-010238_Twi…)

No. 986359

File: 1591942148109.jpeg (91.7 KB, 750x750, EFFBB87C-DB75-47DD-AEAD-CEC5CC…)

Outdoing the cheap cosplay king himself
The thinner eyebrows and liners are an improvement I guess

No. 986361

File: 1591942819971.png (413.31 KB, 600x525, 4C19E922-B7D6-476D-A79D-CB7AFB…)


No. 986381

File: 1591947296959.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.22 KB, 608x411, Totally looks like.jpg)

Late but-

No. 986389

we see her fried hair, horrible skin, ugly disgusting gapping asshole and pussy almost every day, and this look is somehow worse than all of those. god i wish she did the dog the bounty hunter cosplay instead cus that would be clearly a parody at least, this is just immensely sad.

No. 986411

That blur tool just makes her look even more chunky and her skin look fucking grey. Yes, Shayna, everyone strives to have the same skin texture as a waterlogged corpse insert eye roll emoji here

No. 986412

Oof. This is just insanely bad and embarrassing.

No. 986420

File: 1591963801566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 2457x3072, A203D3E7-7D0B-4AC7-AF22-55C5BE…)

whew, the decline. Shayna, please get help. (third time trying to post this, keep forgetting to spoiler) & just give up on sex work. it ain’t working.

No. 986427

File: 1591968546317.png (702.24 KB, 1461x2048, Screenshot_20200612-092942.png)

You should have done that a long time ago. The sex work community doesn't want your garbage.

No. 986428

Jeez her hairs always been fried as hell but the weight gain is… wow and this is what probably 2 years apart?

No. 986435

Her “job” is to interact with present and potential clients, not to try and garner ass pats from camgirls. What is wrong with her, why announce this?? It just screams I’m Not Like Other Girls. Go make real friends in the real world if you’re lonely, girl

No. 986436

>buying your boyfriend a gift for your OWN birthday
a failed sugar baby if i've ever seen one. maybe shayna's gonna go the route of gimpgirl.

No. 986441

definitely the wig. her makeup (besides that bottom lip line bc Shayna can't do anything right) flatters her much more than the heavy triangles she puts on her face usually

No. 986450

her editing is ridiculous, she smoothed her armpits out so much they don't even look like they cave in like normal armpits anymore. mental fucking illness. she looks like 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag.

No. 986484

File: 1591981933887.jpg (490.33 KB, 916x1222, 20200612_181228.jpg)

Lmao if you remove her face her arms look like thighs upsidedown

No. 986485

weird anon

No. 986495

Holy fuck that's so unfortunate. My sides are in orbit she is so fucking hammy. Give it another few months I bet she will look like a lightbulb.

No. 986521

She looks much better like this. Her legs look more curvy, but they are actually her arms. I’m dying here.

No. 986527

it looks like the PT spoiler pic kek

No. 986578

Damn, now her arms are tree trunks too. They caught up with her weird legs kek

I dont understand how she says she has such an eye for detail but cant for the life of her match one fucking pink to another. I know it can be hard ordering online, but jfc do it right or just dont do it. She's yet to match all these years.

No. 986579

File: 1591997171302.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 319.43 KB, 1242x1707, 096EDB43-BD1D-469F-A274-F0EE64…)

No. 986594

File: 1591999416732.jpg (498.94 KB, 1079x1577, Screenshot_20200612-170429_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 986595

I’m irrationally annoyed by the use of a wand vibrator with the 1950s them

No. 986596

So she admits her clients are “yucky” people …

No. 986597

Dude, I had the same exact thought! Marilyn would never

No. 986601

File: 1592002134291.jpg (23.53 KB, 185x184, new spoiler pic.jpg)

No. 986607

You’re literally dressing like a BABY whilst masturbating. That’s sexualizing babies. Nobody is comparing you to uwu e girls. They can be cringy but they don’t sexualize babies and aren’t as disgusting as your boil covered ass.

No. 986622

File: 1592007759149.png (778.33 KB, 2048x1591, Screenshot_20200612-202109.png)

That's not how BPD works, you fucking retard. You don't have episodes or flare ups like with depression or bipolar or even add/adhd. BPD is a personality disorder and something you deal with all the time.

No. 986628

what is she doing all day? Does she think retweeting her bullshit tweets (Some having nothing to do with sex work) taking 25 identical pictures, filming identical videos maybe once a week is SO much hard work?
What does she mean "take a day off", You'd think she was doing more then fucking that.

She has all day to fuck around and has for the past 2 years.

No. 986629

I think that's precisely her problem, she has too much free time and deep inside she knows she's not doing anything useful with it. If she at least dedicated some of it to study or engaged in some creative hobby, it would help and she would have something to show for it. Bc at the end of the day what does she have? This thread? Lol.

No. 986636

My sides are obliterated. I wish we could have a Shayna-specific spoiler.

Is she mistaking BPD for bipolar again? I'm so confused about what she seems to think she has.

No. 986643

Shayna has whatever suits her at any given time. She says something stupid? Oh it was her being bipolar and manic. She's getting cancelled and is suicidal? It's BPD. It's whatever suits Shayna's bullshit narrative at any given moment.

No. 986654

File: 1592013221067.jpg (217.26 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20200612-205259_Twi…)

And que her excuses for not working

No. 986657

shouldn't naps be rejuvenating? this makes even less sense than the time she used a tornado warning to get out of work

No. 986660

She's an alcoholic druggie who takes 3-5 hour depression naps almost daily. She probably has the most fucked up sleep schedule.

No. 986671

Anon I am quaking. I know its early but this has to be a thread pic

No. 986683

so she got drunk and passed out and is too lazy to make any content. wonder if this is the eating penis pasta one, like that takes so much time and energy.

No. 986685

I remember we were all pointing out her hamburger belly on the left and saying she was getting fat. Its just gonna get worse lol

No. 986691

this is fantastic

No. 986697

File: 1592024228005.png (51.56 KB, 327x449, 94A7A8D9-D9FB-47FC-9753-5D6279…)

I’m late, but upside down her body be lookin like bunny from powderpuff girls

No. 986705

Damn anon I'm ded

No. 986713

File: 1592030710789.jpg (211.53 KB, 1079x809, Screenshot_20200613-014252_Twi…)

This conceded chick liked her own tweet

No. 986716

File: 1592030888424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.12 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20200613-014430_Twi…)

Guess this person didn't vote for her for the MV awards

No. 986759

File: 1592048044876.png (2.73 MB, 2572x1362, Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 13.1…)

This reminded me of Shay in the near future. Maybe that's her new aspiration for 2021?

No. 986780

File: 1592052804979.jpeg (332.88 KB, 828x1532, 34F94654-8CC8-4EA3-82BF-5FE6FE…)

No. 986781

File: 1592052854581.jpeg (204.21 KB, 828x1607, 15686582-B5F6-4C60-A1AA-0B40EF…)

No. 986782

this is so fucking funny message in next thread pic

No. 986784

That kinda speaks for her having another undercover lurk (maybe vent?) account on Twitter tbh, because isn't this the first time she ever liked her own tweets?

No. 986809

This is funny if it's from someone else but I also kind of feel like she sent herself this from her other account for tweet material.

No. 986812

She is one to talk about sex workers being shit people, I dunno ask all the girls you post snarky shit about? Maybe ask the trafficked woman you berated because she wasn't a fan of yours? Keep rubbing those two brain cells together, I'm sure you'll find something!

No. 986814

File: 1592056797934.jpg (111.59 KB, 1080x452, 20200613_075747.jpg)

Managed to grab this before she deleted it. In before she has another meltdown from being a fatty
I thought she was proud to weight over 140 pounds?

No. 986818

fucking kek, based ninjanon

No. 986819

Hopefully they waited for a $3.00 sale