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File: 1599352969826.jpg (505.93 KB, 1080x707, 1599193088923.jpg)

No. 1034150

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1020582

Recent milk:

>Still orders pink shit in size small even it clearly doesn't fit >>1010488

>Makes up things for attention such as being recognized in public >>1010852
>Video of her oh so amazing acting >>1010917
>Says she's now recognizing signs of mania >>1011085
>Her body goals >>1011303 vs her real body >>1011383
>"Am I wet? Oh nope, that's toilet paper >>1011401
>Twerking? Maybe? >>1011463 >>1016557
>Still buying high-quality costumes like this nurse one >>1011741
>The saddest strip tease in history >>1011796
>2015 vs 2020 challenge >>1011926
>"I live to love to suffer" explains why she's still with Fupa >>1012140
>Claims (again) that she started eating healthy >>1012322 (such as smoothie king >>1014347 and also started diet pills >>1012564
>Makes a pornhub exclusive vid and never mentions PH again >>1013236
>(Probably) caught self-posting >>1013681
>Says she's not craving shit food anymore >>1014081 but continuous to eat it
>Still says she is planning to get back on cam >>1014231 (Last Broadcast:Thu, Dec 19 2019)
>Admits to struggling on OF >>1014411
>"Clean eating" >>1014589 >>1014793 >>1015176 >>1016406 >>1018789 >>1020158
>Got locked out of her 40k account and switched to her sfw account >>1014865 and buys promos from others >>1015813
>Loves being away from her home town and the 'uninspired' people who live normal and happy lives >>1015186
>Small twitter drama with someone being kicked out of a group for following Shay >>1015392
>Takes nudes in a doctors office >>1017424 (no respect for herself or others huh?)
>"I don't know anyone on the internet who gets treated as badly as I do" >>1018448
>Can't believe I'm missing her huge wings >>1019146
>And the BIG FINALE she's still with Fupa. His cat jumped in during her stream and she quickly ended it >>1019787 >>1019811

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← she got locked out and transformed her SFW twitter
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1034152

Sorry in advance for the shit OP. Figured I'd take one for the team and put SOMETHING up. Dear newfags, please stop posting after the lock message so people can find the fresh threads. thhhhxxxxx.

No. 1034154

damn I don't know if it's a good thing Shayna seems so boring now or a bad thing.Usually it's quiet before the storm, but I actually want to see the bitch make something of herself at the same time.

No. 1034155

File: 1599353471527.png (662.64 KB, 1242x2688, 0D819D54-5EC0-4671-9276-C97D44…)

Tweeting very normal things on her work twitter again

No. 1034157

She refuses to drink water purely to spite Fupa because he tried to get her to.

No. 1034158

she lies about the most mundane shit

No. 1034160

File: 1599354653206.png (681.27 KB, 1704x956, Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 03.0…)

I was watching this movie the other day, called "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" about John Callahan. He was a cartoonist who became paralyzed after a car crash. He was also an alcoholic. At some point in the movie this picture was shown and it made me laugh because it reminded me of Shayna. I could draw Shayna's face into it if anons want, but I dunno if it's really funny or is it just me (I can be a little oversensitive to humor).

No. 1034164


This was yesterday on snap but the thread was locked. I'm all for girls wearing crop tops, but Shay really needs to buy clothes that properly fit. She looks like an awkward, sloppy Winnie the Pooh..

(Sorry for quality, I don't wanna chance getting kicked off her snap)

No. 1034165

File: 1599356534453.jpg (692.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200905-204148_Chr…)

More fake positivity sperg. How long do we bet it'll take for her to freak out about her haters or how awful her life is?

No. 1034168

File: 1599356877813.jpg (136.97 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20200904-193802_Twi…)

Then why do you constantly use the same ones in every video

No. 1034169

File: 1599356917541.jpg (235 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20200904-193842_Twi…)

So this is what someone supposedly bought her. Whatever happened to that chair someone got her that does the same thing?

No. 1034170

File: 1599356991556.jpg (Spoiler Image, 556.74 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20200905-204804_Twi…)

No. 1034171

File: 1599357012288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 494.98 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20200905-204828_Twi…)

No. 1034174

File: 1599357509983.jpeg (566.71 KB, 1242x1160, C89A3611-D593-4B28-B77E-4F1638…)

She has to be drunk, she’s been tweeting nonstop stream of consciousness all night. For a moment there I thought she had gotten her shit together enough to keep it off the timeline. Countdown til her next implosion?

No. 1034178

No wonder she's so dumb

No. 1034179

i guess dog the bounty hunter cosplay is done huh?

No. 1034194

I see so much potential for this being the next thread pic lol.
Because you have a retarded spending habit.

No. 1034200

Uncanny how she looks like a tranny skunk.

No. 1034205

File: 1599363032993.jpg (195.61 KB, 1080x973, 20200905_223106.jpg)

How about cook some fucking rice or something simple a child could make? How can you be so useless???

No. 1034207


Yeah, so much for all those pink pans she has. Collecting dust.

No. 1034210

File: 1599363654407.jpg (638.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200905-223731_Chr…)

She looks slightly better in clothing, but.. big tranny vibes

No. 1034211

she unironically looks like carol baskin now

No. 1034215

Yeah, seriously. What happened to these props?? Gonna be like the alien vid and maybe a year or two later we'll see it. Honestly sad to think she'll still be doing this then.

No. 1034220

She literally looks like a sissy. like someone’s fat dad in a wig.

No. 1034231


No. 1034233

File: 1599367454685.jpg (129.93 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20200905-234504_Twi…)

Shay, the porn you create deserves to be on the dark web

No. 1034235

At least the cheap wig looks better than her actual hair…but that's not saying much because the wig still sucks

No. 1034240

The porn I wanna see involves some form of lip color, less fucking winged liner, and some fuckin lube….. Shayna feels the EXACT opposite I guess.

No. 1034247

she wants to see gaped bleeding assholes?

No. 1034262

Painful to watch her use the fake voice because it really makes her seem more literally mentally disabled. Shes very awkward and stunted. Also try actually inhaling your hit for once Shay. Might actually get higher and not waste as much product.

No. 1034268

Maybe I am just really used to her looking like a mess, but I think she looks pretty decent here? Her clothes look like they fit and the wig style isn't bad on her.

No. 1034272

She looks like abby brown in this photo…

No. 1034279

For someone who claims to be so unhappy with her body she certainly makes no effort to hide it or wear more flattering outfits. I think I would die of embarrassment if anyone saw me in a crop top looking like a popped tube of pillsbury biscuits.

No. 1034315

Top kek anon, maybe the reason for Shaytard’s horrible porn is her fetish for Down’s Syndrome painal

No. 1034372

Truly bizarre. Sorry, but if I let myself go that much, I'm not putting it on full fucking display like that. Crazy that all she does is bitch and moan about how fat she's gotten but still dresses like she weighs 115lbs and seems to have no problem letting it all hang out. Like, that thing is ALLLLL out there. She has absolutely no shame.

No. 1034385

she looks like a fat 12 year old boy trying on one of his baby shirts. like… just why??? either sit up straight so i’m not just looking at gut flab or get a longer shirt. it’s just ill-fitting and looks terrible all around

No. 1034398

File: 1599408258407.jpeg (202.89 KB, 828x1305, 9FE870D7-8EFD-4F6B-9991-4420F1…)

Suicide baiting and retweeting another cow

No. 1034399

File: 1599408316626.jpeg (120.32 KB, 828x781, FB4C6E89-55DA-4ADA-BE1C-846DA4…)

And this gem

No. 1034412

>why are u so comfortable risking my life
oh my god the fucking dramatics

No. 1034414

didn't she say she'd never speak to her mom again? Also, she just was whining about wanting to see her family.

No. 1034418

She's so desperate to have an abusive mother/parents and a tragic background. Like lol Shayna, you're white trash but not in a tragic way. Sorry.
Also, she would see as cute and flattering if her dad wanted her to get on a plane. I guess it's only when her mom wants her to do it's rIsKiNg My LiFe!!!! But she can go to a dispensary 5x a week and still be alive. Ok. Didn't know COVID worked like that.

No. 1034437

it's crazy how she turns everything her mom does into this horrible shit, like if Fupa asked her to travel she would do it. If her dad asked her, she wouldn't say anything or like you said, make it seem cute.
But her mom? It's SOOO horrible, even though she was just saying how she wished people would do better so she could see her family.

No. 1034439

Was making a new OP when I saw this thread, hope it's okay if I put some highlights from the last thread (and I hope all the links work)

Recent Milk:
Shayna tries to entice people with merch again: >>1021519 >>1031536
Finally sports a new, blonde wig: >>1021859 >> 1021862 >>1026879 >>1027104
Whatever this was: >>1022575
Shayna tries out everything instead of fixing her mental health: >>1023102 >>1025550 >>1028125 >>1028316 >>1029694 >>1031252 >>1033638
Everybody Hates Shayna: >>1023392 >>1024661 >>1024684 >>1024704 >>1024707 >>1024719 >>1024843 >>1024846 >>1024872 >>1025890 >>1025921 >>1025982 >>1027878 >>1027879 >>1028128 >>1031112 >>1032031 >>1033075
The “Dinner Party at the DollHaus” : >>1023510 >>1023528 >>1023574 >>1023618 >>1023623 >>1023629 >>1025468
Shayna joins Reddit (and it went exactly how you’d expect): >>1024517 >>1024580 >>1024586 >>1024644 >>1024653 >>1024654 >>1024934 >>1024944
Shayna’s reaction to the Bella Throne/OnlyFans drama: >>1029758 >>1029838 >>
Shayna’s videos (if you’re into that): >>1025045 >>1025463 >>1025489 >>1025502 >>1027120 >>1029502 >>1033243

No. 1034490

Good job anon, minus the few broken post links. I was wondering where the last threads round-up was but kind of shrugged it off as nothing too crazy happened just business as usual for Shayna Clifford.

No. 1034507

The fucking IRONY of this post holy shit.

Lmao risk your life? Just admit when you said you wanted to visit your parents, you were just pissy Fupa spent time with his family. Covid isn’t going anywhere so I don’t know what’s with the histrionics. Just go see your damn family Shay. It’s a 3 hour flight. You won’t die you dumb bitch.

Funny she was chill with being “inpatient” for a week. Probably one of the riskiest places to be right now. But an airplane?! God forbid.

No. 1034538

this is the retard who goes to like 5 restaurants to dine in every single week. it's evil and sick when it's big scary mom but shay is as always absolved of all wrongdoing and hypocrisy.

No. 1034542

Omg. I just got around to watching this… look if you hate your body Shay, maybe you should start buying actual shirts and drop the crop top thing. Especially if you're going to wear too small bottoms that hoist your gut. Try some high waisted shorts or something. Or get proper fitting regular tops. Jfc

No. 1034595

File: 1599436377144.jpg (193.4 KB, 1074x912, Screenshot_20200906-185128_Twi…)

new day same low effort recycled tweets that get no interaction

No. 1034601

“I need to go see my parents omfg I need to right now right now!”
mom graciously attempts to buy a plane ticket for her because she’s too broke to have a car and too dumb to drive even if she did after whining about not seeing family
“Stupid bitch mom doing exactly what I want! Let me tweet about this!”
Like, hello? Is she stupid enough to think her mom was gonna drive there, back, there and back again for her ass to bitch and moan in their house for a few days? That would be hell on a car, and annoying as fuck. I have to assume her mom works too, was she gonna take days off to personally taxi you across the continental United States?

No. 1034603

Lmao. This age demographic it is not deadly.

Maybe if you were 70 Shay. Although this dumbass probably has worse lung capacity than a covid sufferer cos dat dank weed

No. 1034610

omg you absolutely nailed the between the lines of these tweets. she wants her parents to either rent or buy a car for her to drive home and then keep after. once again just wants everything to be handed to her rather than working for it

No. 1034628

File: 1599440831591.jpg (173.07 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20200906-200806_Twi…)

Something that doesn't fit

No. 1034629

File: 1599440839060.jpeg (202.57 KB, 1234x1356, 77D345C4-FECC-435A-99AA-BF3DB3…)

Does she think this shit is cute? She looks stupid asf crying to Fupa Kyle Perkins

No. 1034638

At this point can we move Shayna to the MTF thread? Man faced MRA who pretends to be a pedo toddler on TWITTER

No. 1034641

the spoiled brat thing may have been cute when she was 18 and still thin but now she just looks like a fat toddler crying in the grocery store because mom wont buy poptarts

No. 1034642

more like a lazy as fuck adult who wants to use ~i'm baby~ and ~stupid bimbo~ to not do basic things that no one else is going to do since she's alone.

No. 1034649

File: 1599443681589.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 2048x1613, Screenshot_20200906-215520.png)

The obvious use of Facetune has me cackling.

No. 1034651

kek at shaynas idea of a “paw” being a limp retard fist

No. 1034654

Are those new lashes or is the editing so heavy it makes them look patchy and extra dumb??

No. 1034676

What even is this?

No. 1034678

File: 1599453609640.jpeg (65.41 KB, 828x476, 222CA2E1-EBAC-49F0-8401-9EE727…)

She really does not posses the ability to shut the fuck up about her asshole, does she? Cute.

No. 1034679

Just another pathetic attempt at going “viral”. She tries way too hard. Probably the only thing she really puts any effort into and she puts too much into it.

No. 1034694

File: 1599459327610.jpg (116.92 KB, 1080x446, Screenshot_20200907-010417_Twi…)

Oh please Shay, we know you're still fucking around with Fupa

No. 1034697

well, I mean, Jonathan Yaniv is obsessed with girl children's vaginas. it only makes sense that his twin would be obsessed with assholes. Her own, but still. It's like serendipity, except not.

No. 1034738

Wish I could photoshop but it looks like she's trying to show off her sock puppeteering skills

No. 1034805

File: 1599495333509.jpeg (158.56 KB, 828x486, 0DF9284D-8A72-4D5A-8296-17692C…)

Cheap, ill fitting costumes?

No. 1034826

Does she ever shut the fuck up? She’s like a broken record with the same phrases: I’m mental, I hate my mom, anal anal, I miss Fupa and sex workers are the best/the worst

No. 1034883

Nah it’s more like
>my asshole!!!!!!!11
>tweets about “daddy”
>uR dADs mOnEy
>guise I went to the dispensary look what I got
>I love men
>all sex workers hate me, I’m such a victim
>suicide baiting
>muh manic episode

Someone make another bingo cause this bitch really is a broken record at this point

No. 1034960

File: 1599510820014.jpeg (141.78 KB, 828x507, 39F07C67-38DB-497E-9D3F-38FB06…)

> getting drunk again

I'm even surprised she even has sweatpants that are baggy

No. 1034961


Every god damned day

No. 1034965

Does she realize people are still going to celebrate? Either trick or treating with masks, small gathering parties, zoom meetings, some workers disguized? Cam whores aren't saving the world, get a job

No. 1034970

she’s probably borrowing fupa’s clothes lol we all know she doesn’t own anything that isn’t 3 sizes too small

No. 1034972

File: 1599512219745.png (Spoiler Image, 2.39 MB, 750x1334, 53B11857-33D1-4B7E-ABFC-EAEA3E…)

Checked on her manyvids and that's what shows up. Idek what to say, that's sad.

No. 1034973

File: 1599512385347.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 750x1334, C6CA8656-7B54-40B1-880B-DB06AD…)

What is the opposite of a glow up? Glow down?

No. 1034974

Omg, we say it all the time but she's literally built like a fridge in the bottom pic. Girl has no curves and doesn't know how to makeup for the lack thereof

No. 1034976

fat shayna ate skinny shayna

No. 1034978

She also looks angry.

No. 1034990

can she stop pretending that she's more "curvy" and thicc now because at least before she had a fucking inward waistline curve, now her stomach is literally wider and fatter than her hips and thighs.

No. 1035069

Do my eyes deceive me or is that white couch disgustingly stained on the left.

No. 1035102

It sure is! Ass sweat? Liquid from her rank vag? Spilled takeout? Alcohol she knocked over while crying to Fupa? Fupa ass sweat? The possibilities are endless and horrifying!

No. 1035106

Dude. She's had that thing for only a couple months. This is why it's never a good idea to buy white furniture especially when you're disgusting slob like Shayna WhiteTrash Clifford.

No. 1035112

She doesnt. She posted a pic wearing sweat pants a couple days ago and I've honestly never seen sweats that were too tight but there it was. Also that being said, shes been wearing them for multiple days now.

You forgot piss. Looks like piss stains from the color and placement. Either from a fake orgasm or involuntary from shoving things in her ass and pushing them out too hard.
Remember how cute it is that she pisses herself teehee!!

No. 1035133

She doesn’t look great in the first pic, but that second one makes her look like a surly teen who’s angry about being sent to diet camp.

No. 1035145

It's probably sweat.
Sweat fucks up leather and as she's a fatty alco on medication she probably sweats buckets.

No. 1035151

What if she really was taking Alli and those are her oily ass stains

No. 1035159

ugh, vom.

And obviously she has no cleaning stuff, but im sure SURE she couldve wiped it down or at least edited it out. So much for being DeTaIL OriENtEd~

Such a master of her craft. Content creator. Producer. Actress. Star.

No. 1035177

File: 1599533397269.jpeg (468.23 KB, 1125x1517, 6B3EDAC8-8401-49AB-91C9-4380E9…)

No. 1035183

What the fuck is that reply kek

No. 1035190

didn’t she just make a video eating pasta…?

No. 1035191

What is this weird ana-chan “omg dont watch me eat!!!!” shit, she’s posted pictures of her eating food, cammed eating, and made a video where stuffing her face with pasta was the focal point like, a week ago. Don’t pretend to be all dainty and shy, bitch kek

No. 1035211

Don't watch her eat because she's a fucking slobby pig kek

No. 1035216

File: 1599548709537.jpg (120.46 KB, 1045x356, Screenshot_20200908-020548_Twi…)

That's just sad

No. 1035359

Literally cannot think of a way to make herself sound more unappealing, looks aside kek

No. 1035399

Once again, these things don't really go together. You can't be a "baby" and a brat.

She just wants to be a pampered womanchild. Lazy af and having no responsibility for herself and actions, not willing to take care of herself at all, but still getting everything she wants and being a demanding little bitch. But also being told what to do? But then not being told what to do? Like it doesn't make sense.

No. 1035409

i think she is forcing the whole "being told what to do" part on herself from years of ingraining shitty fetishes she isn't actually into, into herself. she isn't horny for any of this shit, i'm surprised she hasn't questioned on discord at least if she is asexual or not, she is just projecting her want of no responsibility on certain fetishes to make it sound "sexy" for her audience.

No. 1035516

File: 1599595671460.jpg (584.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200908-150611_Chr…)

1. She sounds like a broken record and 2. She's such a fucking hypocrite. Like she was constantly doing kinkplay with Fupa in public, taking nudes in the back of Ubers and never wears underwear or bras with see-through shirts and short skirts. How can someone be so unaware of their own being???

No. 1035525

Couldn't have made any better points. If she truly believes this, she should apologize for the ways she participated in public kink in the past, but she's solely trying to parrot woke SW bullshit to sound smart/get people to like her again. Which will never work.

No. 1035535

Abusing the POWER of being a sex worker? she's such a fucking moron

No. 1035552

Let's not forget she also flashed her pussy while out on a "date" and while at the dog park. She flashed her tits constantly at bars and even walked around her parking lot topless. She's taken TONS of public bathroom nudes and fingered herself TONS of times in the bathroom then subsequently touched her nasty cunt covered hands on the bathroom doors.
But I guess this rule doesn't apply to you, huh, Shayna? Just like the rule to stay the fuck inside during quarantine. Just like the rule that cancel culture is toxic but only when it happens to you. Just like the rule to bully others about cheap content and same backgrounds but you can do it.
Fucking hypocrisy isn't cute, you retard.

No. 1035553

>If you want people to respect what you do for a living
Fucking kek NO ONE will ever respect what y'all do for a living. It's bottom of the barrel, easy money. You'll be nothing but a dumbass whore to everyone. No one has ever respected sex workers and no one ever will.(derailing)

No. 1035559

Go back

No. 1035588

File: 1599604285883.jpg (305.26 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20200908-135204_Twi…)

what traumatic experience is she referring to?

No. 1035590

Wasn't she with a dude with a uncut penis during that time? I don't think that was fupa, but then again, it's probably her getting ready to go, "hey, I just wanted to share a situation I was in…"
Because it feels like her and fupa are broken up at the moment.

No. 1035592

i'm guessing she's either talking about her fupa "breakup" or the dawn colorado debacle because she tries to bring it up all the time for some reason

No. 1035614

File: 1599608890454.jpg (19.38 KB, 500x283, shay.jpg)

No. 1035660

File: 1599611564665.jpeg (98.58 KB, 828x645, 43023063-F3EF-47CF-80AA-664A12…)

No. 1035701

Why does she want to see her evil dad who brainwashed her with Fox news?

No. 1035704

File: 1599618485171.jpg (270.03 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20200908-212906_Twi…)

Get ready for this mess

No. 1035714

Lemme guess Shaytard ordered a size small. Those socks won’t even fit her fat stumpy legs and cankles

No. 1035715

File: 1599619465335.jpeg (301.5 KB, 1205x1575, C4EA50F0-D1E0-4CC7-BB69-DE5CED…)

Jesus Christ how many times is this bitch gonna whine about a PC?? You’re not a gamer shaytard. Get a job. You don’t even put effort into sex work why would you want to be a streamer

No. 1035717

Thought she was having a pc built for her?

No. 1035722

According to the discord orbiter yeah. But she still needs to pay them for it. And/Or shes scamming.

No. 1035769

Did this person not ask for a down payment? They are definitely gonna get scammed by Shay

No. 1035819

Is anyone else expecting major Shay lies on election day? Something like

"Oh my god!!!! Everyone recognized me from my Trump porn!"

"Everyone clapped when I walked in to vote, cause I'm major pron star"

"Teehehehe who dares me to try to take nudes in the voting box. Send the tips to my cash app!"

No. 1035821

"I'm so special for voting, that they gave me a STICKER ashskwnsnsn"

No. 1035835

Lol her hatred of women and pickmeism is so strong it applies to her parents too. The only reasons she prefers her father are that he's a man, buys her shit without questioning, and never confronts her about her pathetic behavior.

It's hard not to a-log this bitch some times.

No. 1035839

that's where it came from

No. 1035849

I have a feeling either this person gets scammed, or she doesn’t make rent next month. What happened to having a big ol porn-funded income (that was so insubstantial that she always begged for Uber money and drink money)? There’s no way it didn’t slow down even more after porking up, especially with how much begging she does lately. Do we finally get to see her lazy ass get a real job?

No. 1035859

the one who's building it is the same one that always sends shay money when shes like ~someone reimburse me uwu~, serenity her name is, so yeah shaynas probably expecting a heavy discount or something

No. 1035920

I hope she washes that before she fucks herself in it lmao

No. 1035935

Holy molly. Someone has a shitty vendetta against all sex workers. Chill sex workers can be totally respected but shayna on the other hand..well. On another note I bet you watch porn

No. 1035973

Not to white knight the vendetta anon. But most twitter sex workers are cows. They always complain about mUh mEnTaLl iLlnESs and are always tweeting about other sex workers and problematic things they hate when they should just be focusing on selling photos. The same people who call at shaytard are no better tbh.

No. 1035981

>a real job
Anon, you make me laugh. She would mooch off her parents first before she ever got a job. Her mom has offered to let her live with her rent free.

No. 1035992

Whores out

No. 1036118

File: 1599693267745.png (10.18 MB, 1242x2208, AFF35921-D17E-46D5-BB3F-866F9A…)

No. 1036120

I have no words. Who is this dumpy filter abusing troll?

No. 1036122

this is one of her most gypsy rose blanchard looks yet

No. 1036125

File: 1599693659789.jpeg (647.72 KB, 750x1070, 2E7ACAE3-BE35-4C16-9B48-13E961…)

No. 1036126

she looks special ed

No. 1036130

She looks trans. Like straight out of the mtf thread.

No. 1036132

Well…at least the skirt has elastic
Of all the times she does raccoon make up,she doesn't do it when she's wearing glasses which would be appropriate

No. 1036134

File: 1599694397584.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3464x3464, FE4EC490-5432-46A0-B0D2-6E5BB6…)

No. 1036136

That's literally like the opposite. Suicide is seen as cowardly and selfish, asking for help and taking control of your mental health is what will get you that positive approval you desperately strive for

No. 1036139

To think shaytard chose to live the life of a deeply troubled and irreversibly abused woman. I bet she's jealous of gypsy lord knows fupa wouldn't save her from Maga momma

No. 1036143

I thought that if she gained weight she would look more “womanly” but she legit looks like a fat dude. Wtf is going on??

No. 1036144

Not even lip chap? Just bare facing it with that ugly wig on? I just don't get it.
What does she have agaisnt lip products yet she makes these weird faces where all you focus on is her dry lips.

No. 1036152

i don't see the point in a-logging this thing because she's slowly killing/overall degrading herself and doing the job perfectly as the months and years progress.

No. 1036153

learn to integrate. you're on lolcow not pickme twitter newfag

No. 1036154

I haven't laughed out loud at a lolcow in a while. she looks like a fucking cartoon snail how does she think this has any sex appeal

No. 1036166

She looks like someone's fucking grandpa in a sloppily applied wig. You can see her natural hairline. What in the actual hell.

No. 1036174

Shayna is just used to being shamed for feeling suicidal because she uses it to be manipulative and doesn’t try to work on it (beyond telling her therapist she’s bullied)

No. 1036189


Let's take a moment to think about how greasy and disgusting her hair probably is under that wig. I foresee a lot more wigs in the future as a "hack" to sustain her lack of hygiene.

No. 1036216

What the actual fuck? Is it just the glasses or has her face bloated up to the point that she's barely recognisable?

No. 1036217

Both. The extra round glasses make her moon face look even more round. Plus on top of it she used a very washed out filter so you can't tell where her chin ends and her neck starts, kek.

No. 1036218


Why she look like a cross between Lillie Jean and Harry Potter

No. 1036221

File: 1599705512476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 768.04 KB, 1242x1192, FC2293ED-4122-4AA4-86AD-9869CA…)

I am so, so fucking sorry in advance for this.

No. 1036222

File: 1599705547139.png (Spoiler Image, 8.96 MB, 1242x2688, 46830CF2-9E58-4565-9F7F-1E9E6A…)

No. 1036224

I was thinking the same. Her shit's greasy af because she's too lazy to wash it and now too lazy to put on makeup. Too lazy to just look fucking nice and then turns around and calls this her job that she works hard at. She even bragged about how she "took 50 pics for OnlyFans!!" today but you know they all look like this and in the same poses. Amazing, embarrassingly, sheer laziness.

No. 1036225

File: 1599705641623.png (Spoiler Image, 8.98 MB, 1242x2688, 395EF6B7-0141-4759-9811-F7CAA1…)

No. 1036226

She has to be completely wasted today to post these

No. 1036227

Samefag, sorry I just realized I cropped it poorly. She posted these this evening.

Anyway. Not trying to titpick but it does look like she is starting to develop fat girl boobs. It was pretty inevitable she’d get some sagging and stretching at the rate she’s been gaining weight but yikes. Eat a salad Shayna ffs.

No. 1036229

No. 1036233

Her asshole is going to be ruined any day now

No. 1036234

the double chin is making her look like the moon emoji, just a really scared and confused version of it

No. 1036239


No. 1036244

how do i delete someone else’s video

No. 1036245

this is genuinely nightmarish. just why.

i refuse to believe shayna actually likes sticking things in her ass or gaping or any of it. it’s so gross and medical looking.

No. 1036246

it’s ruined now? how do you consider that not ruined lol she’s destroyed it

No. 1036269

No. 1036270

i skipped ahead to the vibrator noises and thought she let out a massive fart
would have been very appropriate.

No. 1036277

> fat school slut

No. 1036294


Anon, eyebleach are videos you watch to forget something you saw, like cute puppy videos. Unless you meant we need eyebleach after this video which is kinda true.

Thanks for sharing and titeling them kek.

No. 1036300

Shes definitely not pulling of sexy school girl, bimbo, or even nerdy girl.

This is like the ugly duckling nobody girl is told she can hang with the cool girls if she does an embarrassing sex skit for blackmail.

She's got extreme moon face here. It's disturbing. Not sure what the big round glasses were for but they did her negative favors.

No. 1036306

Shays videos make me not wanting any form of sex anymore, they're seriously repulsive

No. 1036317

i think she’s decided not to wear makeup with this set because it makes her look younger/more childish, which is fucking gross within itself, but also - how does she not realise this is her job, and she needs to look presentable and actually sexy? i’d get a bare face if she was doing girlfriend sets or whatever, but this is just such a mess. she literally looks disabled

No. 1036329

I've missed the last few threads, and I am genuinely shocked at how much weight Shay has put on. The only thing she had going for her before was she had a pretty decent body. She looks like a different person. What happened?!

No. 1036334

you guys must be posting in the wrong thread, this person looks nothing like shatna.

i'm gonna curse myself until the grave for opening these, you did everything to warn us anon, but i'm stupid.

No. 1036341

at this point you almost have to assume that shayna is okay with looking like a sped. idg how you go from shapely stoner to shitting out butt plugs. when she presses her tongue against her teeth like that—it looks creepy and awful. what even is she thinking?

what’s even nastier is that i feel like she does most of this for kyle nathan perkins. like who needed this glimpse into fupapa’s creepy kinks esp. when he has daughters of his own. he’s the one who likes fat baby bimbos with gaped assholes so she changed everything to fit him. it’s rancid.

No. 1036352

Am I dumb or is that a plug and not a dildo that she’s fucking herself with? It looks painful. It’s like she’s getting exorcised when she “comes” and she genuinely looks so special kek. Find your clit and not your pubic mound and maybe you’ll learn to enjoy sex, Shayna.

No. 1036370

shayna has been fucking herself with butt plugs for a while now, anon. it’s a big part of the reason why her asshole is so fucked.

No. 1036386

I just remember it starting with that giant plug in the bunny video or whatever, I may have missed whatever before/after. God she’s so stupid, I’d feel bad for her if she didn’t have all the free advice here on lolcow.farm that she refuses to take.

No. 1036394

Yeah but it's like I was saying here >>1036300

It's just not sexy or cute. Its awkward. Idk why she imitates special needs looks so much. She misses the mark every time.

No. 1036396

I'm 100% certain the reason she always looks so special needs is because she can only shoot porn and look at herself when she's high as shit. Meaning she thinks she looks 20x better than she really does. She thinks that open mouth dead eye look is sexy, and pressing her tongue up against her teeth like a retard is cute. If she was sober she'd be able to see how horrible she looks, but she's never sober so.

No. 1036401

File: 1599755058674.jpg (36.03 KB, 640x616, cthby0j898b51.jpg)

Not specifically Shay related but this does describe her pretty well

No. 1036437

File: 1599761945020.jpeg (129.95 KB, 1242x766, 924CCD3C-5DFC-4361-A8F3-BA1D1F…)

Also relates to shay(not milk)

No. 1036450

the laziness is irritating, she has all day and can do basic looks that aren't just 'oh i'm high enough to film content so let me slap on a wig and costume' tier. also she acts like having lots of pix is an accomplishment but no one wants 50 of one dumb outfit.

the way she rubs herself is like she's cleaning out her bellybutton.

No. 1036462

File: 1599766067767.jpeg (281.42 KB, 828x623, CD19269B-17C5-4BFF-87D1-1E539D…)

No. 1036463

shayna you have no method of independent transportation. country folk need cars/trucks to basically survive living out there, retard. you rely on uber to go literally everywhere lol.

No. 1036465

It’s not like she needs to go anywhere, but still.
Is weed even legal in NH? How will she survive without her 3x a week dispensary runs!

No. 1036466

shayna trudging through forestry crawling for hours just to stock up on weed every 2 days kek

No. 1036469

She'll just get into weekly drama storms with her weed dealer like she did the 1 week she went and visited her family years ago
IIRC: She was trying to have sex with him for weed or something like that and his gf found out

No. 1036473

She makes it sound like her mom is dead

No. 1036476

it's crazy how when she's off with Fupa she wants to entertain her actual dad because she wants him to take care of her/help her, but if the help he gives is agaisnt sex work, weed, and alcohol she'd hate him just as much as her mom.
Or maybe not, because he's a man.

No. 1036477

It's feels like she wants everyone to fix all her problems for her, but the main issues she has she does not think they are a issue. Moving closer to her dad won't fix anything.
She's probably Fupa Baiting and wanting to move away because they are not talking right now or had a fight.
She calls another man daddy but runs to her actual dad when he hurts her.

No. 1036499

But wait…I thought your life was going to be perfect once you moved to your current apartment? Now you’re thinking about moving home to be near your republican boot-licking racist parents that were super abusive to you ?

She’s the worst at faking orgasms. Just because you say you’re going to cum and then squeak, doesn’t mean you did. I know she’s never had an orgasm before just Jesus.

And the way she rubs her vag…oh my god. It legit just looks like she’s rubbing it like how you might itch your cooch through your pants.

No. 1036500

File: 1599769866987.png (2.35 MB, 1019x2048, gypshayfupa.png)


quality is probably shit bc I made this on my phone but I couldn't help myself. Saged bc no milk to contribute.

No. 1036502

Shay looks like trans Harry Potter And Fupa looks like he’s about to go into gastric bypass surgery kek

No. 1036503

Funny how she doesn't miss her dad this much when she's up Fupa's ass kek It's really obvious she just wants a male, any male, to just take care of her and enable her "I'm baby! I can't take care of myself cuz am dum!" bullshit. All she does is use people. Doesn't matter who it is. She's always and only concerned about herself. She doesn't love her dad. She wants him to give her money, buy her a place, buy her furniture (no wait! Her mom's the one who bought her an actual bed so this trashy pig would stop sleeping in a children's bed after years of sleeping on the floor but fuck her evil mom, right?), then probably force her dad to come clean up her place too. If her dad does that, he's as fucking retarded as her. Which, hey, maybe that's where she got her retard tendencies in the first place.

>the way she rubs herself is like she's cleaning out her bellybutton

Fucking kek I've always tried to figure out how to describe how she touches herself and this is a perfect comparison. It looks downright painful. I know it's been said a million times before, but she does not know how to touch herself. This isn't how women masturbate. It makes her look EVEN MORE special needs. I feel like I get put on a watch list watching her videos. Legit feel like I'm breaking some sort of law. Shayna pls…

No. 1036514

How is this supposed to be schoolgirl porn and not Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother porn?

Also god bless that anon who said she looks like a cartoon snail, I've been chuckling at that all day

No. 1036532

Bless you anon. You got the angles right and everything. I'm dying!

Agreed. Watching her rub her fupa mound around is like watching someone rubbing around dough trying to smooth it out.

Bitch uses so much blurring she blurs out most of her anatomy and it looks more like raw chicken than female genitalia. Fucking kek

No. 1036539

File: 1599775115033.jpg (215.77 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20200910-165811_Twi…)

No. 1036540

Or you can move back home for free like your mom said. But you're too damn hard headed

No. 1036541

File: 1599775417041.jpg (312.6 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20200910-165940_Twi…)

No. 1036542

>didn't realize how expensive it was until I left
reason #627899 why her ~abusive~ parents clearly paid for EVERYTHING for her up until "muh sexwork career"

No. 1036543

Fupa Meltdown is making her wanting to move again. I mean, she should move back home but she's only doing it and thinking about it because Fupa, it's not like she's going to change her lifestyle or anything.
This is #FupaBait, he must hates when she talks to her family.

No. 1036544

I don't think that's it I think she just gets depressed because no one will be friends with her and fupa doesn't want her anymore. Doubt he cares that she is communicating with her parents tbh

No. 1036553

Yeah she left when she was 18 though, right?

No. 1036584

Your privilege is showing Shay

No. 1036598

shayna probably has a medcard and if not its not hard to go get one for like $40-50

so whenever she inevitably moves to NH be sure to watch for a tweet with some flimsy reasoning as to why her 3 orbiters should give her $40

No. 1036601

Omfg Move states away to fucking nothing New Hampshire?? In the woods??? Pffft hahahaha. Yeah okay Shay. She realize that small towns and "the woods" don't have uber's and delivery shit, right? Expect 1 dispensary in a 20 mile radius too. But yeah you could totally make it in a cabin by yourself Shay. This bitch literally wanted an eyebrow pencil delivered just a bit ago. Shes a fucking joke. Bring her musty porn making fat ass near her dad and mooch off him. Really independent and inspired Shay

No. 1036606

File: 1599784604694.jpeg (173.17 KB, 1080x1758, Ehlr0ZPXsAE9F7v.jpeg)

She's gaining so fast she's got new stretch marks

No. 1036612

Omfg the straps won’t even stay on her shoulders from all the fat. It’s so tight looking. Looks like she can barely breathe in that thing kek kek wow

Like a sausage in its casing

No. 1036618

Only way she would move across the country is if she finds a replacement Fupa, or if her dad helps. She can not do anything alone. Codependent retard

No. 1036625

cmon shay if you are gonna take the time to smooth your skin take two seconds to shoop in a waist. jfc.

No. 1036627

This doesn't even fit why would she post this??? Shit like this isn't really gonna help your body image Shayna.

No. 1036631

File: 1599788925889.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 265.98 KB, 1440x1854, 51FAF481-23CA-4432-A8F3-DC46A9…)


No. 1036634

All that waxing and now her hair is patchy and disgusting. It looks like an old man's thinning beard. She's such a fucking retard, your hair doesn't grow back the same after many repeat waxing sessions.

No. 1036648

Honestly with the way her mound and labia are shaped now, it looks super gross and bad shaved. Like I'm sorry but when you're fat or grow a certain way, your mound is too big/long and can't pull off the ~uwu bby pussy~ But unfortunately for her, the hair is patchy af and doesnt look good either. She should be shaving that area outside of her labia that goes onto her ass and thighs regardless though. That's really gross and off putting.

No. 1036662


No. 1036665

i'm guessing she keeps trying to grow it out because of the dolphin comments she keeps getting but yeah it at least needs to be trimmed because it looks horrendous like that

No. 1036670

File: 1599794338286.jpg (273.45 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20200910-231858.jpg)

Clash of the cows on Shay's post about apartments being more expensive in NH.

No. 1036677

>luxury apartment
???? bitch where?

No. 1036688

there's nearly a 100% chance these two failed, floundering, friendless whores post in each other's threads despite buddying it up on twitter
>the cows that stay together fail together

No. 1036689

File: 1599796241400.png (340.52 KB, 750x1334, 611C00DC-CA2A-40EC-9E4C-B78700…)

on discord claiming she’s only drank once in the last month

No. 1036720

File: 1599802533570.jpg (293.64 KB, 1080x1593, 20200911_003636.jpg)

Hilarious that she retweeted this

No. 1036725

>luxury apartment
Major KEK. She has NO idea what luxury is. Just because you pay for an apartment with two bedrooms and modern textiles, doesn’t make it luxury.

Shay, google luxury apartments. And then do a big sad in your too small Barbie bodysuit and eat more cheemsborgers.

No. 1036778

File: 1599824195649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.14 KB, 1080x846, 20200911_043400.jpg)

Forgive me

No. 1036901

File: 1599843414894.jpg (274.85 KB, 1080x902, Screenshot_20200911-115725_Twi…)

She is really trying to say Covid is worse than 911. Shay, our country was fucking attacked. That's way worse than a virus

No. 1036903

File: 1599843481936.jpg (487.31 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20200911-115908_Twi…)

No. 1036909

Getting crazy high before a doctor appointment, especially a dentist, is going to make you even more anxious you retard.

No. 1036913

6 DABS IN 3 minutes??!! Literally this bitch needs a tolerance break I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. She has a problem

No. 1036920

Yeah she really thinks that faux marble is some real fancy shit fuckin kek. Having 2 bedrooms! Luxurylyfe!

No. 1036921

Eh it's not like these are organic thoughts of hers, she's just parroting some leftist infograph from insta or twitter kek.

No. 1036922

I'm sure she was exaggerating. But yeah who tf gets high before any medical appointments. That's so stupid.

No. 1036923

pubic hair doesn't bother me but this is just nasty looking

No. 1036930

How many cavities are we betting on?

No. 1036942

You mean her next reason to e-beg?

No. 1036950

Nobody is saying that it’s “whatever”. Hospitals make false positives and count deaths as covid to get money from the government, shaytard. I cant believe you’d make fun of a terrorist attack for someone who’s ~woke~ and ~positive~ you wouldnt tweet shit like this.

No. 1036951

she was originally talking about needing her wisdom teeth removed but i'm sure her teeth are terrible because it looks like she never brushes them

No. 1036958

She gonna get dry socket if any of them needs to be removed.

No. 1036963

>dolly needs dental work and my insurance only covers half of it! Please send me $1000 To cover my bill and the time off of work to recover uwu baby hurts

No. 1036976

File: 1599854029932.jpg (239.85 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20200911-145500_Twi…)

No. 1036978

Uhh can’t smoking have an effect on anything they might give her? When I got my wisdom teeth out they said any kind of smoking could mess with the anesthesia. She’s such a fucking idiot.

No. 1036981

guess she's not pretending to have a house anymore. also we know she begs and scams for that money, i like how she listed food first since it's what's most important lol.

oh ffs, i hate the ppl that give her money for this shit.

No. 1037003

yes it absolutely can fuck with anesthesia

No. 1037006

File: 1599856913795.jpeg (331.27 KB, 1242x2208, 88601A88-706A-43F2-AC2A-CB52B7…)

Sage for not milk

No. 1037007

Might not be milk but bless you for making this! It's SO accurate it's scary!!

No. 1037011

File: 1599857929143.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 289.26 KB, 931x1136, 2E2D579F-1289-420B-B85F-030FAC…)

the top shayna would wear makes me cackle everytime because it looks like it says fatass

No. 1037012

10/10 for blessing us with this, anon

No. 1037013


They don’t give you anesthesia on your first visit. She would most likely have a consultation before a procedure like pulling wisdom teeth.

No. 1037021


could just be a checkup or maybe a teeth clean? who knows. if it's her regular dentist they may do quick work while she's there, but ya typically you set an appointment for work involving anesthesia.

No. 1037023

Dentists usually want you to avoid any drug, even ibuprofen, since it can mess with them trying to find any problem teeth. Since pot and etc can mask pain. But generally speaking it's just trashy to get high before any appointment

No. 1037046

File: 1599861458705.jpg (88.79 KB, 1201x676, IMG_20200911_225825.jpg)

Oh fucking dear…

No. 1037049

has she just given up on showering completely? i swear i haven’t seen a picture of her in months where she looks clean

No. 1037069

She really chose the worst lighting option…

No. 1037071

She’ll be a female Nikocado Avocado before we know it. Praying for mukbang saga.

No. 1037081

File: 1599864869321.jpeg (306.37 KB, 1125x1287, BE728FAD-3A26-46F0-AA0B-5C6CA9…)

Reply under this pic
your face is numb, you shouldn’t feel pain your fault for getting high so you can’t truly tell your dentist that you can still feel

No. 1037082

File: 1599864971238.jpeg (493.65 KB, 1125x1553, 98B04820-D0F0-4D35-A870-598A64…)

guess she got a filling since it’s the same thing my dentist told me, or they might be setting her up for a root canal

No. 1037084

>go home and rest all day
lol as if that wasn’t her original plan regardless

No. 1037110

File: 1599868114674.jpg (141.34 KB, 1080x544, Screenshot_20200911-184919_Twi…)

No. 1037119

She looks really different here? But not in a good way. Theres something really off. Regardless she looks bad lol not cute

No. 1037123

Her face shape has changed drastically due to birth control, other meds, and poor diet. If she gets it under control she won't keep gaining as steadily but this is Shayna

No. 1037125

shayna admitting her apartment is dirt dirt cheap and thus proving that she truly doesn't make very much money at all kek

No. 1037127

she needs to get that mole on her neck checked out

No. 1037130

she looks more like an oklahoma born brandy from the trailer park every single day

No. 1037146

Since she talked about a toy store she wanted to visit after her appointment, I’d guess this is post treatment.
From her tweet in >>1037082 I assume they did some sort of treatment, so she might have gotten local anesthesia, which can numb part of your lip-area as well, which might’ve altered her face quite a bit.
Plus filter and bad lighting, obviously.

No. 1037163

I dont want to disrespect Trailer Tammy, but Trailer Shay is coming for the image.

No. 1037164

only the cleanest eating for our health queen

No. 1037178

File: 1599874281635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 602.7 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20200911-203215_Twi…)

No. 1037179

File: 1599874337076.jpg (576.7 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20200911-203310_Twi…)

Is she really this fucking stupid

No. 1037188

File: 1599875497086.jpeg (135 KB, 1125x484, 087DB25E-CA97-4F1F-A2A8-C68077…)

well you were right anon she’s begging bc dentist

No. 1037203

Oh noooooo ;(((( she had to get a filling like 95% of the population awwwwwww Why is life so tough on her? Can't she catch a break? Mannnnnnnn

No. 1037208

Imagine being such a fat ass you can't even wait till the numbing agent wears off to stuff your moon face with an ass ton of carbs. Gross.

No. 1037210

Also. Lol. Fucking imagine ORDERING mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Then paying double to have it delivered + tip.
The fucking most simplest shit to cook.
Fucking wow. Get a load of all the thriving over here.

No. 1037267

……..she looks like frank iero

No. 1037275

this is the most pathetic thing i've seen in awhile. i wonder why she's allegedly in so much pain, getting one simple filling done shouldn't hurt afterward if your teeth and mouth is otherwise in good shape. she must have more issues than just misshapen snaggletooths lol

No. 1037305

i mean i guess by the time they're delivered they're not hot anymore anyway

No. 1037319

Wait… It doesn't say "fatass"? What does it even say then kek?

No. 1037327

Fantasy lol

No. 1037328

fantasy kek

No. 1037436

you arent meant to eat for atleast a couple of hours anyway jfc, she must have got food immediately after leaving the dentist lmao

No. 1037443

Anon please don't insult him like that kek

No. 1037460

She looks like a troon agp here

No. 1037469

File: 1599917456263.png (246.85 KB, 760x901, Screenshot_20200912-093042.png)

yeah, basically. It also takes an hour or two for the numb to wear off, she she must have spent $25 on that toy and the other $25 on a huge meal that she shouldn't be eating per her doctor (dentist)

No. 1037594

Already posted and wheres the fun part if this anyway

No. 1037701

File: 1599949212113.jpeg (61.22 KB, 750x277, 399BA713-5BCB-413F-A561-521018…)

Everyone avoid you like the plague Shayna. No one wants to be associated in anyway with a pos

No. 1037729

File: 1599952590823.jpg (326.61 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20200912-181725_Twi…)

How much work did she get done that it took that long to be un numb

No. 1037732

She can't get her wisdom teeth out even if she needs to because they always make sure you have someone to take you home after and her only option for that is Fupapa lmao

No. 1037740

Not always. Sometimes it's simple extraction, especially if they're grown in and they're just popping them out
But honestly she's probably just milking it to avoid work. She says she can just now feel but like an hour after the appointment she said it hurt. Basic fillings is the likely case

No. 1037744

she could just get an uber, it's not that serious

No. 1037753

File: 1599956804516.jpeg (336.53 KB, 1242x1103, 2D2543A7-23AA-4C8D-9D8B-33E7B0…)

This sounds like it would be so unattractive. But at least it would hide her cottage cheese thighs.

No. 1037761

jesus christ… even the most mundane things she can make sound disgusting

No. 1037769

File: 1599958214536.png (225.23 KB, 750x1334, E5DDD5E2-0045-41AD-9070-493DB5…)

why tf does she think her overuse of the word “butthole” is cute??? and also like, yeah, most pants have tags, but that’s why you wear underwear..?

No. 1037778

Why was the tag in her asscrack, touching her asshole though?? Most all tags I've seen are on the waistband but ok

No. 1037779

You gotta be more careful with cheap clothes Shay

No. 1037793

probably so tight the waistband was halfway down her ass

No. 1037796

File: 1599961760174.jpg (463.14 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20200912-204743_Twi…)

No. 1037865

More like “I have a ballsack”

No. 1038047

File: 1600018789553.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 210.02 KB, 828x1792, 2789EBD5-A67F-471F-8301-A1A823…)

This made me lol

No. 1038060

this is old as fuck and not milk. learn to sage.

No. 1038062

Ahh yes because so many girls long to have their trachea smashed by an ftm looking motherfucker with a chode.

No. 1038085

File: 1600023151955.jpeg (495.75 KB, 1165x2208, E0371529-8C05-449A-914C-0A963E…)

I wonder if she’s still fucking orange lipstick fupa . Sage for no milk

No. 1038096

I don't wanna see Fupa's gorilla face havin ass with his embarrassing 5edgy3you thank-you-for-calling-at&t aesthetic unless it's him spilling milk about Shay and her psychotic behaviors.

No. 1038107

Just report and move on

No. 1038122

his beard really did look revolting wow

No. 1038205

I meant the caption below of dreams coming true made me lol because it is the opposite for her.

No. 1038220

File: 1600041574978.jpg (434.01 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20200913-190049_Twi…)

No. 1038238

Your fans shouldn't know that. JFC she is the laziest and her 'fans' just enable her to be worse.

No. 1038286

There is literally zero reason for your customers to know that you're on your period, what the fuck. As many fuckin pictures as Shay takes of the same damn outfits and poses, she should have a backlog to get her through that and the pain that potentially comes after a dentist appointment.

No. 1038298

File: 1600057928734.jpg (343.43 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20200913-233249_Twi…)

No. 1038299

File: 1600057980539.jpg (332.5 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20200913-233359_Sam…)

Her wishlist is literally full of size small and youth clothes. Come on Shay

No. 1038300

No. 1038301

File: 1600058088791.jpg (418.67 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20200913-233555_Twi…)

Come through OF anon

No. 1038307

youth size 12 lmao could she even get that over her ham hock arms?

No. 1038314

I’m betting she’ll wear them once. She can probably squeeze into them with a lot of huffing and puffing but that shit will have to be cut off her body

No. 1038354

Probably this. She’s bigger than me and i use M and L. She’s probably in denial about her size because she got fat so fast.

No. 1038434

File: 1600086149492.jpg (25.87 KB, 640x480, 64b186aa-f2d3-4f0c-8dc8-49417b…)

This will be what she looks like.

No. 1038515

>Decide to catch up on thread
>Click to unspoiler
>Something goes fucky and my phone downloads the pic
I know it's days late but fuck I need to kill myself, the thought of someone coming across this out of context and thinking I kept some kind of mentally disabled fat tween porn is sickening

No. 1038543

sized for a 12 year old girl?? and it was just added today? holy shit she's so delusional

No. 1038557

it’s not sized for a 12 year old, 12 is just the size. it’s equal to a kids medium-large

No. 1038619

Does anyone remember when some person “bought” her items on her wishlist and then cancelled them so she didn’t get anything?? Kek

No. 1038621

She needs to be wearing medium large for ADULTS though. Large and XL for bottoms. A lot of amazon stuff is cheap fast fashion that runs small. She makes it worse on herself and wastes money by not being fucking realistic and willing to buy clothes in a bigger size. There's nothing wrong with wearing Large. You will look better wearing clothes that fucking fit. Instead of this mentality that squeezing into a small for one shoot as the threads struggle to hold means that you arent that fat because you can still "wear" a small. Or she like thinks shes tricking her orbiters? No one is blind Shay, they can see you're not size small anymore ffs. Idk why the denial and refusal to buy a size or two up.

No. 1038629

File: 1600104825219.jpeg (277.76 KB, 1242x1654, C12366F0-0441-48B0-8586-ECCFE8…)

This just in: being a cunt to other sex workers because they are more successful isnt a personality shaytard

No. 1038635

File: 1600105198825.jpeg (228.64 KB, 1219x1240, 6FE9CD71-14A9-4EBD-9EF7-9CD829…)

1. shayna doesn’t know how to manage her money. $20 for a coffee and a muffin. Get off your cottage cheese ass and WALK to the fucking coffee place you fat fuck. Bring your dog too so she can get exercise.

2. Hating men isn’t a personality trait but you’re the exact same way towards woman. Both are cringe. Sex workers live in your head rent free. It’s pathetic. if you spent time exercising instead of the amount of time you spend tweeting and dirty deleting you’d be skinny.

No. 1038663

Ha! Men don't "Pick" shayna, she can't even keep the father of 3 to stay with her without threatening to kill herself and other dumb shit.
So I guess Shayna is a "All lives Matter" person, because she said that saying "Not all men are bad" is just like saying that. I guess she's just as racists and horrible as her repub. mother is according to her own rules.
I guess men giving her pocket change is them "Picking her", funny, women give up LESS and get more then shayna, without pandering and humilationing themselves.

No. 1038665

It's not a "What if" Shayna, Men do it all the time and sometimes they actually HARM women, us "Bitches" should be alarmed by these men.
Hating women all the time and never calling out men until one hurts you isn't a personality trait either.

No. 1038681

> Hating women all the time and never calling out men until one hurts you isn't a personality trait either.
This. Waiting for the day she and Fupa break up for good and she’s bawling to Twitter about how aboosive and evil men are. I bet that, one day, maybe some day soon, she’s going to come out with a whole song and dance about how the last few years of her life have been totally controlled by an older man who ruined her mental health and body… and when she does, nobody should have any sympathy for shaytard.

No. 1038690

Kek at least she gets paid a few pennies for degrading herself for men in her porn, this is just pathetic. Have a spine and some standards, Shay. Men are gross and trashy, Kyla Fupa Perkins being one of the worst offenders.

No. 1038692

Even as a pickme she has to beg to be picked kek literally no man except for that one grey twitter orbiter gives a shit about her or her porn

No. 1038715

File: 1600111198100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.75 KB, 828x1047, FF261BE5-C38C-4299-AEF0-FCD301…)

Pic related. She posts her stank ass dolphin pussy and then has to beg for men to subscribe to her onlyfans. Most dudes don’t even have to be asked to subscribe to some e-thot’s onlyfans, they’ll already have done it if they wanted it. But yeah, being a pick me is sooo awesome Shay.

No. 1038722

She’s such a pick me, but all she has to offer is that she doesn’t hate men. Even though men are gross and creepy. She’s as basic as it gets. Not originality whatsoever. Hops on basic ewhore ~uwu anime quirky~ trends from 2018 but does them ten times worse.

No. 1038732

File: 1600113444370.jpg (328.14 KB, 2000x1000, beluga-shanghai2-slt-2000x1333…)

Wow, she really went from dolphin pussy to disappointed beluga whale pussy.

No. 1038754

uh shayna wasn't even picked by a divorced deadbeat fat father of 3 who works at a fucking cold calling center.. when has any man ever actually picked shay? these whores are delusional.

this screenshot is literally a perfect example of shat not owning a logical functioning brain, love it

No. 1038773

File: 1600115646120.jpeg (493.42 KB, 2048x2021, BF99DB26-FBDA-4DD7-9ADC-E59506…)

No. 1038774

Samefag Sexualizing another kids cartoon….. lovely shay.

No. 1038778

…okay she looks like shit as always, but I LOVE those boots

No. 1038780

File: 1600116085123.png (174.38 KB, 1237x566, 2020-09-14 16_42_30-Amazon.com…)

theyre just basic amazon costume boots
knock yourself out, anon

No. 1038785

Thank you queen

No. 1038788

Lmaaaooo anon the exact same thing happened to me, on this exact pic. I will be haunted forever knowing that this was stored on my phone even for a moment. Solidarity.

No. 1038794

If it weren't for her MASSIVE legs and huge hammy arms I'd say this is almost decent. At least shes hiding her stomach and I guess it works. Inb4 we see the full body and how stupid tight the cheap outfit really is.

No. 1038795

hating women is not a personality either

No. 1038801

File: 1600117467239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.61 KB, 245x206, oh no.jpeg)

It looks like pic related but sideways.

No. 1038810

File: 1600118844915.jpg (3.41 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20200914_17213301…)

Oh my God that wishlist. She's barely going to be able to smush her hamhock arms into these shirts, particularly the long sleeve. She's hilarious. Also, shayna, fat girls shouldn't buy purses that look like food items. Don't let the jokes write themselves, make ppl work a little.

No. 1038811

This is the best cosplay she's done in a while TBH, it's not amazing or sexy, it's also kind of weird, but it's better then 90% of the shit she puts out.
At least I know what she's attempting to be.

No. 1038813

Nooo! What if a man…talked about hating women! As so many of them do, often turning to physical violence against them, causing women to be weary of them in turn! Shayna, how could you say something so brave and horrifying! Oh myyyy!!!

She’s actually mentally a vegetable. Also, omegakek at “I’m a pick me! they’re picking meeee!” and yet she has to beg men to buy her rank feeder humiliation porn and can’t secure a fugly pedo bf she’s been chasing for years. Weeeeew.

No. 1038824

Uhhh Daphne is 16 years old… Shayna sexualizing children get again.

No. 1038834

Uncomfortable with that and the fact that the “plot” for this is probably going to be kidnap/rapey.

No. 1038836

I mean yeah, but everyone does this all the time. Most anime depicts high school characters. Cartoons too. Scooby is nostalgic at this point to adults. I'm less bothered by this because theres the live action movies too where Daphne is played by an actual adult. This is different that Cindy Lou Who the actual child toddler loses her virginity to the grinch. Imo. Not wk-ing her, just saying this isnt the worst thing. I get where you're going with it, but theres so much cartoon hentai and shit out there. Out of all the problematic things, this is a lesser offense lol.
I dont immeadiatly think of this character as underage, so it's not complete pedo bait. It's less deliberate. Like I legit didnt know her age. I figured the Mystery Crew were 18 or so tbh.

No. 1038850

Yeah I think of them as adults. I mean there is series of them as kids and stuff but they aren’t prepubescent looking like the grinch cosplay she did oof. Cindy is not a real person but she is always sexualizing children so it’s disturbing.

No. 1038853

Those clothes are so tacky. That angel top is not even trending anymore. She always is late to trends kek. I really want to see Shaytard squeeze into a size small

No. 1038855

File: 1600122788997.png (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 1242x2208, D2A8D37D-BEA0-4D0B-AFE3-02689B…)

No. 1038871

The seams and fabric of that costume are working harder than Shay ever has in her life kek

No. 1038895

Shatna is lame but agreed, Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo are lowest tier "pedobait", its just a sexy costume for boomers who grew up watching that show. The Cindy Lou thing was creepy but this is just a normal 'sexy' Halloween costume, really.

No. 1038918

Fat trans Daphne, it's what all the men want. Gross.

No. 1038936

File: 1600131481041.jpg (642.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200914-195832_Chr…)

Is nobody going to talk about the fact that she didn't even put Noodle in the other room while filming/taking pics for this?

No. 1038938

Her vagina has a muffin top

No. 1038946

She probably (hopefully) did for the video and when she got too in the way for photos, probably just thought these were a cute photo op or something. Noodle is so sweet aw, save her.

No. 1038951

Yeah honestly these arent the right size or style for her. These clothes are for uwu skinny girls and trendy e-thots. These arent going to look flattering on her. She doesnt know a damn thing. Yeah we all see clothes that are cute but irl they might not look good on you and you gotta accept that. Some people can pull off different clothes and styles and some can't tbh. Shay just goes for anything pink and dumb and orders it in Small. Zero awareness of her body. Or denial I guess.

No. 1038952

Shaytard lowkey looks like she would be the type to let her dog lick her vag bc she is that lonely

No. 1038953

i cant even disagree with this smh

No. 1038954

File: 1600133190751.jpeg (164.11 KB, 640x450, A9DD163C-EC90-4FB6-B8F2-EC0710…)

No. 1038964

That's not an anxiety attack you absolute tard. Jfc any excuse. Strap the machine down dummy. Or try a different angle. Or just pop a regular dildo on the wall and give it a go.

No. 1038965

Kek so no Halloween content this year after all. What anxiety attack?? Didn't know being a dumbass could give you debilitating anxiety.

No. 1038968

did she really just tell us she had an anxiety attack because the dildo didn't go in her pussy

No. 1038970

Read: she got annoyed and huffy and gave up bc she’s lazy

No. 1038971

The mental image of some chubby bitch squeezed into a Daphne costume with a shitty wig, tied up, crawling around on all fours, the only sounds are the fuck machine grinding to be put out its misery, being pushed along the floor, and Shay's heavy, obese person's breathing and sobbing in her eerily silent apartment is really, lol, just the thriving is off the charts. Wow.

No. 1038986


Considering how bad she looks in the stills, I’m guessing this is just an excuse for “I looked fucking horrible” in the video

No. 1038990

hard agree. i’m betting she just looked embarrassing and decided it wasn’t worth posting and reading our roasts.

No. 1038994

She’s says she’s not producing content because of anxiety but obviously she is just starting to realize that she looks like trash

No. 1039023

File: 1600148020969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.82 KB, 720x1398, 20200914_223320.jpg)

The shape or lack of going on here is disturbing. Also that big pimple on her ass she didnt or couldnt edit out kek

No. 1039026

why is it in like HDR? lmao she looks ridiculous

No. 1039048

Oh yeah that faux wood vinyl flooring is just so ~LuXuRy~

Such a fancy place she's got!

No. 1039197

So she couldn’t smooth out her ass pimple?

No. 1039203

It’s the classic “leave one blemish in the photo to make it look like it’s not super edited” trick

No. 1039226

I don't understand why this bitch doesn't save like 1k and just get a beater of a car? Her mentality is so absurd, I just don't get it? The way she spends money like it is growing off of trees. Her personality is shit, and her looks are declining every day. I really think she should just accept the fact that she is an obese cow, and go into feeder porn. Disgustingly enough, many weirdos are into that shit.

No. 1039231

She blurred the ever living shit out of herself, but couldn't get rid of that huge cyst on her ass. I don't even know how I could be surprised at this point.

No. 1039235


Because she thinks she doesn't deserve anything less than a brand new car of her choice.


Love how she has to pull up her gunt lmao.

No. 1039237

Right? She thinks Mommy and Daddy are eventually going to help her out. It's almost sad how alone she is. Maybe ome day she will have a self awakening, but then again it's Shaytard we are talking about.

No. 1039246

the fuck are you talking about

more like highkey, but god i shouldn't have imagined that, i'm gonna need brain bleach

No. 1039267

I remember one time she had shoes on her amazon wishlist that were like a size and half to two sizes too small for her and anons speculated that maybe she had the "smol" sizes on her wishlist to make guys think she's so tiny but then she exchanges them once she gets them for her actual size. She's lied about her height to seem smaller than she actually is. For the clothes though, I think she might just be in denial about how fat she is now.

No. 1039280

She thinks she was meant to be super famous one day. Her having a beat up car will just be a reminder that it will never happen, also she can’t save up anything.

No. 1039285

File: 1600190781336.jpg (254.5 KB, 1080x1157, 20200915_112721.jpg)

No. 1039287

I mean, good, but I bet anything she’s just doing it as a bargaining chip with fupa.

No. 1039292

Cool so she can waste resources and not learn a thing as usual? Detoxing from weed is free Shay. Creating a schedule and sticking to it is free. Social media twitter breaks are also free and easy. Cutting the toxic relationship: free. And if you hate your body, working out us also free.
I'm not saying it's all easy, but these are things a therapist would tell her to do but shes not going to do anything at all. Just cry about how nO oNe gEtS TrEaTeD aS BaDlY as her and she's such a star but she wants and wants all these things.

No. 1039345

lmao subtweeting fupa again?

No. 1039388

wtf anon. therapy is always a good choice.

No. 1039409

File: 1600202104286.jpeg (663.51 KB, 1856x1968, AE3E3FF7-9EC2-4734-AC18-CF966B…)

No. 1039422

ntyart, but how long have you been following these threads? She use to go to therapy, she doesn't actually get help. she doesn't talk about her problems, she doesn't tell her therapist anything about herself other than what she wants to share. she doesn't get any actual help she just uses it as an expensive hugbox.

So yes, in this case Shayna going to the therapist is a waste, can't wait for the "OMG MY THERAPIST RECOGNIZED ME FROM MY TRUMP PORN LOL" tweets again and other bullshit

No. 1039426

Not saying therapy is bad. But it's kinda pointless for someone like her who probably isnt full honest with the therapist and doesn't listen to the guidance given. You know the main reason she does it is for Fupa and internet points and asspats. Also probably to have someone to talk to who cant be a big meanie and actually call her out.

Its whatever. Yeah, it's fundamentally a good thing. She just doesnt really take it seriously and it's not going to significantly help her because of that.

Same with her using the meds as some "cure all" crutch. Anything but actually putting in effort to cleaning up her act and doing better.

No. 1039508

omg anon

No. 1039560

File: 1600216920291.gif (5.39 MB, 320x240, 44a1f2eb1bc7d123d7137e6a9e6361…)

The fucking infamous lady's driving gloves.. I can't lmaoooooooo

No. 1039572

File: 1600219216923.jpg (35.29 KB, 720x280, 20200915_182021.jpg)

Get really stoned like she always is? So shes not working again today. Just laying around getting high and stuffing her face. Classic Shay.

No. 1039573

Samefag but I guess making a therapy appointment was the extent of her productivity today! Took a lot out of her! Not going to revisit that Daphne vid or anything.

No. 1039905

i've been posting in this thread for like 2 years. i don't see how trying therapy is ever a bad thing for anybody. maybe this time it'll work, it's better than NOT trying.

No. 1039909

then you should know that it literally never helps her. She also only goes for a couple weeks, posts about it constantly and then quits when Fupa calls her back.

Look at all the good “inpatient” did lol

No. 1039926

Therapy doesn't work for Shayna because she's not truthful to her therapist. She has the ultimate victim complex where nothing is her fault and she never takes accountability. And anything that makes her uncomfortable or push herself towards the better (less weed smoking, exercising, socializing, etc ) she quits immediately because she's too stunted to know shit takes time to improve. It's not an immediate result.

No. 1039927

because for her, therapy is is basically busywork. she won't be honest, won't do any of the work, won't take it seriously; IF they say something worthwhile, she'll just twist it to justify herself, or pin the blame on someone else's donkey.

If she were actually going to therapy to utilize it, she wouldn't be using it as a way to beg for asspats and assurances. Nor would it just happen to conveniently coincide - yet again - with her and Fupa being on the outs.

I'm a windbag, I know, but I'm almost done.

On the off chance she ever improves at all, in any way, it would probably mean she quietly went back to therapy because she actually wanted to finally be and do better.

'til then? It's a farce, and she's a joke.

No. 1039928

Also. She only wants to "improve herself" because of Fupa. Not for herself and to actually be healthy and stable. So she's already setting herself up for failure because you need to improve for yourself. Not for someone else. And definitely not for some failed Tumblr daddy dom who's going to leave her for good when he finds someone else. Cause, let's be real, he keeps her around for free pussy and the money she gives him/spends on him. From the outside looking in, he sounds like he's absolutely sick of her and her psycho, clingy, manipulative antics.

No. 1039950

Can you imagine being dumped by FUPA oof… He’s literally bottom of the barrel.

No. 1040086

File: 1600298345152.png (Spoiler Image, 411.24 KB, 614x581, ballsackvoid.png)

We got some lazy pics today. Featuring more ballsack and the void to hell.

No. 1040093

Why the fuck does her ass look so weird?

No. 1040095

it seriously looks necrotic

No. 1040096

because she's in some forced pose to make it look like it has some semblance of a shape

No. 1040138

Is her pussy hole so red because of the photo editing and filters she uses, or is it just naturally like that? It looks fucking bloody and sore.

No. 1040139

File: 1600303403168.png (1.88 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200916-204242.png)

So much fucking dog hair on that shirt. Get a lint roller, you grody ass bitch.

No. 1040158

probably a bit of both, she's not very kind to herself but thinks she makes fire content.

the color of her face vs her neck in that first photo with the greasy braids is like a bad costume, nothing about it says brat.

No. 1040178

Is her therapist doing in person sessions now? Cause remember her throwing a fit about not wanting to do therapy over the phone

No. 1040205


When people say fat pussy lips doesn’t it mean the inner labia?

No. 1040206

File: 1600312560362.jpg (243.07 KB, 1600x1200, Adobe_20200916_221644.jpg)

She blurred her face so much she looks like the fucking Click poster.

No. 1040376

KEKW fuck sake anon thank you for this

No. 1040424

holy shit thank you anon this is very funny, I needed this good morning kekkle

No. 1040440

File: 1600363048531.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 2048x1593, Screenshot_20200917-131758.png)

looking more and more like a slash wound every day. this is so unpleasant.

No. 1040445

File: 1600363126840.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 1457x2048, Screenshot_20200917-131929.png)

sorry Shayna, vaginas shouldn't look red and bloody like that on an average day. Fucking yikes.

No. 1040446

No. 1040462

>Vaginas shouldn't look that red and bloody
Is this a scrote? Just looks like a normal dark vagina, not everyone gonna have uwu pretty light pink vaginas

No. 1040463

Since one anon said that all of her crotch shoots now looks like an animal giving birth that’s all I see kek

No. 1040468

her pussy has such an unpleasant shape too, it looks like a weird alien's mouth when she pulls it apart like that. also i don't claim to be a vulva expert here like some other anons do, but with the way she abuses herself in the name of looking ""sexy"" i wouldn't be surprised if she rubbed herself raw and that's why it looks so red and wound like.

No. 1040474

That’s the longest I’ve ever seen her actual nails. She normally chews them all the way down. Huh.

No. 1040475

It looks VERY red tho. Not just dark, like it looks inflamed. It could just be that she is aroused.

If I showed people my vagina for money I'd invest in laser hair removal. Nothing wrong with some stubble when you're just a normal girl, but if you're gonna put it out there and appeal to mens pedophilic phantasies by dressing up like a little child, might as well.

No. 1040476

File: 1600365644477.jpg (123.64 KB, 1027x1500, e1f51ed93e46599818c8699021f45a…)

>this wig

No. 1040496


Ew man, that is nasty that her nails are so long. I don't believe for a second that broad is cleaning her nails after everytime she is sliding her fingers into her anal cavity. That bitch is straight nasty. I bet her apartment has a permanent sweaty sex / butt funk smell.

No. 1040549

I shudder to imagine the smell of her place. Pet smells, weed smoke, musty clothes and blankets, unwashed everything, pork sweats, sex funk, etc. Yikes.

No. 1040551

Literal ass

No. 1040568

File: 1600376906029.png (26.74 KB, 630x245, fupafighth.png)

wants to move again. Another fight with Fupa?

No. 1040569

>making life decisions based on convenience of drug use

No. 1040577

there are dispensaries on the mass/nh border for just this reason; there are places to live in nh that aren’t two hours from mass as well

No. 1040607

I'm not normally one to sperg about Shay's vagina but there is clearly something wrong here. Every pic of her spreading her labia leads to a gaping black hole. It reminds me of something that would get posted to a horror porn thread on 4chan /b/. It could just be the filters she uses, idk.

No. 1040611

Or you could idk try NOT smoking weed for a while?? Or use it "properly" and buy enough to last you for more than 3 days. Not move based on your weird weed obsession? Or move to a legal state such as MA??
It's not a personality trait Shay. And no one really thinks it's cool or quirky anymore.

No. 1040613

Its lazy editing and bad lighting/angles. She could make it look better but she never bothers with anything extra effort.

No. 1040616

It looks like a void, like she has no interior structure. I don't know why she doesn't try harder to make her pussy look good considering how much she talks about it. The fat pussy thing she talks about, doesn't that usually suggest somebody has a "meaty" look and a tight inner opening? I assume that's what is supposed to make it sound appealing.

No. 1040622

File: 1600382749874.jpeg (446.76 KB, 1536x2048, 7E69F66A-F637-40C4-8746-104590…)

Is her “waist” badly photoshopped or can we see her back rolls from the front ??? Retarded tranny realness

No. 1040626

This is baaaad but holy shit is she wearing a bra? Must've been gotten to about her tits (or just 1) getting a bit saggy.

No. 1040635

A look, a new skirt belt!

No. 1040638

This time with elastic! Exciting times.

No. 1040642

what are these legs?! looking very dadly here, troona.

No. 1040644

She looks like a sissy dad

No. 1040645

her tree trunk man legs look horrible here. she looks like a mtf

No. 1040652

File: 1600385485425.jpg (147.74 KB, 900x900, sausages.jpg)

Her legs look like packaged sausages.

No. 1040661

File: 1600386541928.jpg (149.82 KB, 720x843, 20200917_163226.jpg)

It's the parody "sexy" Harry Potter for me

No. 1040664

Blush and bronzer Shayna. Buy some for fucks sake.

No. 1040671

so she finally wears lipstick but decides to gor for the shade 'dying bloated corpse'? nice.
this just looks like a filtered and unflattering photo, nothing as bad as vagina spergs are making out. plus the spergs are grounds for a ban, so please stop

No. 1040672

her vag looks irritated and sad as always but her nails here are the most gross scariest part lol

No. 1040676

loling at her huge Wide Load waist and upper body and then these awkward 60 year old dad legs lmfao is this a fucking joke?

No. 1040680

I wish I was talented enough to photoshop this outfit onto a refrigerator.
Why even wear a bra at all if it flattens the way your chest looks at that angle.

No. 1040702

File: 1600389380882.jpg (183.03 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20200917-193722_Twi…)

Get ready for another shit show. She says this about every video she makes

No. 1040709

It's not acting when you make up lines on the spot and only use the first take.

No. 1040713

File: 1600390714720.jpeg (103.96 KB, 1242x1242, 4397D1C7-290F-40EC-B8E5-F2D927…)

Did this shit edit with the Barbie outfit

No. 1040721

You can't convince me that's not a dude… Shit, I even know dudes that have more curves. Unfortunate.

No. 1040724

File: 1600391795762.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 463.65 KB, 1535x2048, EiJsDIJXkAUZaO2.jpeg)

That's the ass she be bragging about? It looks like Luna's lmaoooooo

No. 1040728

her thigh fat hanging down is more shapely than her ass kek

No. 1040733

File: 1600393017349.png (Spoiler Image, 357.19 KB, 733x760, 1571715572554.png)


No. 1040752

She's trying to twist so much and yet she still doesn't have an ass.

No. 1040755

the fact that her waist looks wider than her thighs, kek

No. 1040775

File: 1600397758303.png (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 1536x2048, shay-fridge.png)

No. 1040784

is she wearing lipstick for once in this or did she just do a good job at editing her lips? i am blind

No. 1040791

PLEASE use this for the next thread pic

No. 1040792

Once in a blue moon she listens to us and wears lipstick

No. 1040793

it’s always matte liquid lipstick tho and looks even crustier up close unfortunately

No. 1040796

Why is it grey tho??? Strange color

No. 1040797

File: 1600400583873.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 1242x2208, BFAD9442-D108-4B98-9633-41D1FB…)

Lmaoooo @ the anon who pointed out her dirty couch. She covered it with a blanket in her video so she wouldn’t get the pork sweats on it

No. 1040799

File: 1600400870670.jpg (488.77 KB, 1080x1436, Screenshot_20200917-224855_Sam…)

No. 1040801

For someone who made angry tweets about Fupa following other sex workers on Twitter, she sure makes a lot content about cheating

No. 1040803

Anal "I only cum fucking my ass" Princess proceeds to always use a fucking wand to "cum." Another wonderful and unique video. Much imagination.

No. 1040817

>it is an anatomy anatomy class
Too bad it’s not an English proof-reading class
>just because it’s a science class doesn’t mean we can’t throw in some math!
What does this even mean lmao. She would do better if she just marketed her shit as parody porn.

No. 1040821

shayna knows so little about everything that she doesn’t even know there IS math in science kek

No. 1040860

How exciting, another poorly acted skit in even more poorly fitting clothes ft generic dildo and wand to fake orgasm!

No. 1040881


This is very sad. Why would you include a cheating plot that doesn't need to be there? The guys watching this never had a girlfriend anyways and if anything wouldn't they want to fantasize about HAVING a girlfriend? What kind of scummy guy gets off to pretend-cheating on his pretend-girlfriend? Vomit.

No. 1040882

kek anon you can't just repost pictures of shayna like this

No. 1040911

That predator look on her face jfc

No. 1040960

god this is great anon, only way you could improve it if you shopped her arms into sausages.

No. 1040996

This sounds like if Troom Troom wrote a porno summary, can practically hear it in the narrator voice

No. 1041011

Yeah, gg holding up the stereotype of sex workers being nothing but home ruining whores.

No. 1041078

>pretend-cheating on his pretend-girlfriend
Audible kek.
Don’t be too upset anon. I doubt men read these things. She types these things up as if they’re her fantasy. Some guy cheating on his GF with HER because she’s sooooo hot and irresistible. And she even says “break up with your girlfriend to enjoy more sex from me!” Which makes no sense. So suddenly she has morals? Lmao. It’s all a mess.

No. 1041086

This face is going to haunt my nightmares

No. 1041088

She literally did this video already. "Study buddy anatomy class" lame bullshit.


No. 1041090

I find it funny how shaytard does all these different themes with “acting” but doesn’t even position the dildo to look like a real dick she just grabs it with her pig hands masturbates with it. I thought it was a cheating video with a “guy” So she’s having a study session with a dildo??? Wtf

No. 1041093

> she won't have to tell everyone in school that her intimidating beauty prevented you from getting your pathetic excuse of a cock up
This sums up shaynas personality in a nut shell
Kek maybe he wasn’t turned on because you have a rat face and troon body. She’s such a narcissist it’s hilarious

No. 1041096

File: 1600445072924.png (Spoiler Image, 3.15 MB, 1495x2048, Screenshot_20200918-120519.png)

She looks like someone with special needs being forced to take pics

No. 1041100

I never understood that video, she's saying it's humiliating for HIM that she's so fugly he can't get his dick up? She really needs to think out these videos before she makes them, kek

No. 1041120

When will she ever learn to stop smiling like a retard in her pics and videos? It's either that or dead fish face. Find another face Shayna.

No. 1041122

File: 1600447839340.jpeg (170.18 KB, 817x1063, 4B8663FF-8050-43C0-8E39-5C194A…)

Tales from the trip to the mental hospital that totally happened

No. 1041136

File: 1600450107164.jpg (99.57 KB, 1080x399, Screenshot_20200918-122915_Twi…)


No. 1041149

File: 1600451504828.png (305.55 KB, 720x399, 20200918_205127.png)

I just can't believe she thought this cheap wig and outfit deserved a second go, then ends up looking like this

No. 1041155

serving granny realness with a special appearance by the butt lip

No. 1041171

Grandma nooo

No. 1041179

God she looks like a tranny-tard. She should have picked a lipstick that isn’t grey but a nice bright pink like the pink in her outfit. I hate that bottom butt-lip thing she does too.
Pretty sure she’s wearing a bra because the shirt is waayyyyy too small and her tits were hanging out. And not in a cute or sexy way or she would have left it.

No. 1041192

it's supposed to be "getting fucked" but she cant even put in the effort to make it look like some kind of pov so that she's actually "getting fucked"

No. 1041197

Yeah this is one of my biggest peeves with her. Like I know shes stupid and can't act and shes always gonna look not great, but she could easily do what you're supposed to do in these fantasy scenarios and angle the cam and position the dildo so that it helps the illusion of the plot. Its really not hard. Shes rarely ever done the POV thing properly.

No. 1041198

Yeah I will never understand that vid. I know its low tier porn but that plot made 0 fucking sense. Like multiple flaws and ??? moments. Not to mention that skirt nearly busting at the seams and one of the worst shots of her flat cottage cheese derriere kek

No. 1041199

yeah cause men love it when you use a vibrator to cum during sex because they can't make you, kek.

No. 1041210

File: 1600457958124.png (1.55 MB, 1711x2048, Screenshot_20200918-153918.png)

Now she wants rats, to add to her Tom and Jerry Dog/cat/rodent scenario

I don't see how this has anything to do with her.

No. 1041214

her long ass paragraph, it says she uses her typical vibrator to cum at the same time as the imaginary guy

No. 1041216

Look it up, clitoral stimulation is more normal for women vs penetration. Sorry you feel offended by it, but I won't be going into detail because it's a detail from the thread.

No. 1041222

She looks so much like Fetsu-chan here.

No. 1041233

The point of porn is to cater to a fantasy. Incels like the idea of making a chick cum with their ~big ole penis~ That is what gets them off. Shayna is just stupid with her dirty ass vibrator. She needs to use different toys it’s getting old.

No. 1041239

File: 1600460808011.jpeg (212.33 KB, 1242x1457, A748178D-AE46-4774-85CE-238396…)

So she would rather have the Chinese government spy on her and take her information?? She’s so dumb what’s the point of this tweet scrotes want to jerk off not hear about politics

No. 1041240

So she's saying tiktok is a right? Shayna Luther King, civil rights activist

No. 1041258

thank god we have SLK to defend our rights to chinese social media and data harvesting

No. 1041260

File: 1600463772345.png (870.21 KB, 1160x864, shay-tranny.png)

AGP smile

No. 1041261

File: 1600464146830.gif (1.2 MB, 498x222, 0BD56F45-2A69-4391-885C-5A729A…)

Lmao how privileged can she get. Some people are being starved to death in their countries. An app isn’t a right

No. 1041298

It's so funny to see Shayna Luther King whining about "rights" being taken because a app she says she does not use will be gone.

No. 1041304

Also shes fake orgasming anyway so really what's the point

No. 1041315

excuse me for being a bit spergy and vaguely blogging but this hit a nerve even though i know (hope) she isnt being serious. we already know she doesnt take care of her dog or cat or even herself. ive owned rats for many years and the amount of people who think they are just a cheap easy pet when they need more dedication and care than dogs/cats/other rodents makes my blood boil.

if she wants a rat so bad she can just look in the mirror. or maybe she already has them in her apartment given shes a filth goblin.

No. 1041337

She'd prbly get tired of it and release the poor thing into the wild

No. 1041357


TND animal neglect saga when? It’ll sit in a cage in the corner, forgotten about even worse than the cat and dog.

No. 1041372

File: 1600478095885.png (548.96 KB, 680x680, fefoqbc89ck51.png)


>if she wants a rat so bad she can just look in the mirror.

No. 1041374

>acting on point
literally where, it's the same awkward shit in every video and never convincing of whatever character she's supposed to be playing.

No. 1041381


No. 1041446

File: 1600495177374.jpg (295.05 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20200919-010008_Twi…)


No. 1041447

File: 1600495212148.jpg (300.05 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20200919-010032_Twi…)

Does this dude have no life? Except posting on every tweet Shay puts out?

No. 1041453

Yeah it's really gross and weird but he really does post up on every single tweet. Absolutely pathetic. Idek what porn sick weirdos like him think. They're like the guys at strip clubs that think the strippers actually like them and shit when really they're just flirting for cash and doing their jobs lol. Dudes are just dumb and lonely I guess. Any crumb of female attention or the idea of it is enough.

No. 1041458

It looks like her mouth is upside down

No. 1041517

I don't think that's what anon meant. Shayna literally says she only comes from anal/"my clit is in my asshole", that sort of shit. They're not arguing about clit stimulation being the issue. Just more of her proving herself wrong and using the same damn wand everytime kek. Nothing wrong with clitoral orgasms.

No. 1041550


oh lord she can NOT get rats with her smoking weed inside 24/7. they have very sensitive lungs and are prone to respiratory issues. also they are a lot of work and i don't trust this bitch to even get a proper cage for theem.

No. 1041595

File: 1600510422384.png (206.87 KB, 281x332, nigga.png)

No. 1041604

i'm just imagining seeing rat gnaw marks on her dildos like the time there was dog teeth marks lol

No. 1041637

i can hear her mouthbreathing, christ

No. 1041658

File: 1600529126544.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1446x1740, 19E0C6ED-BFDB-4934-85D0-095329…)

No. 1041659

File: 1600529142632.jpg (33.63 KB, 720x222, 20200919_082539.jpg)

You guys ever pull both your buttcheeks to the one side for sex??

No. 1041663

No. 1041665

Great job, anon! This is kind of wholesome.

No. 1041670

A bra is so flattering on her, I don't know why she doesn't wear it more often. She still looks retarded in this picture but she can pass for at least curvy not pudgy fat with her boobs pushed up and her stomach covered.

No. 1041671

I mean, Shayna actually did uproot her entire life and move to a shithole state for a coomer, so this guy isn’t delusional if he’s hoping she’ll do it for him.

No. 1041675

great edit anon

No. 1041682


Honestly, thank you haha
Between her and N2f I think I’ve found my true calling/passionnnn~*

No. 1041702

File: 1600536744683.jpg (297.15 KB, 683x1767, Screenshot_20200919_113215.jpg)

>corporate needs you to find the difference between this thread and this thread
>They're the same thread

No. 1041705

File: 1600537191754.jpeg (505.88 KB, 828x1284, 1978882E-AFAA-4802-BF71-F3132B…)


No. 1041712

Wow, so it turns out that glorifying selling nudes online as some empowering thing with no consequences at all makes dumb teens want to do it too? who woulda thunk

No. 1041713

Typically tone deaf Shay, yeah it’s totally the child’s fault they’re being groomed by the internet & have no parental supervision giving you aNxIeTy

No. 1041719

This is still the same idiot who admitted to selling nudes at 17? She really outta clam her mouth

No. 1041721

the fact that this edit is cuter than anything shay will ever try to do

No. 1041726

The way she's wording this honestly sounds like she's more concerned about the girls being competion than their wellbeing.
Through that could be an accident, she's not exactly amazing with words.

No. 1041731


This is god damn adorable…

…Shay doesn’t deserve it.


This is a move so she can point to this and say “see, guys, I don’t approve of underage sex work!!!” whenever someone tries to bring up her Cindy Lou thing. Transparent af. She doesn’t care, like someone else said, she cares more about competition lel.

No. 1041733

File: 1600540937607.jpg (404.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200919-134323_Chr…)

Looks like we're gonna have a milky weekend

No. 1041737


Fupa must be with his kids kek

No. 1041801

ngl this looks like she sent it to herself to try and make herself look good but it really didn't work.

No. 1041802

Topkek at her being mad at the 15 year old for “pushing her way into adult spaces” and not being mad at the society and the toxic industry Shayna desperately wants to be a part of that have groomed a 15 year old into thinking it’s normal to whore yourself out on the internet. Get fucked, Shaytard.
She’s seeing the consequences of glorifying her “hurr durr your dad’s money durr fat baby pussy” schtick in real time and she still doesn’t have an ounce of introspection, empathy or responsibility in her. What she’s feeling isn’t anxiety, it’s a self-absorbed narcissist not being able to comprehend the inklings of guilt.

No. 1041809

Damn sis u right

No. 1041816

>starts camming underage
>99% of her content portraying her as a teenager/schoolgirl/daughter/sister/toddler
>cannot fathom why actual teenagers might want to cash in on that shit

Shay stop appropriating teen culture and get on with the milf content already. You're a cow, not a calf for christ's sake

No. 1041824

yeah, she shouldn’t have posted this imo. it sounds less like concern and more like jealousy

No. 1041825

Yesss it's genuinely sad and creepy! A 15 yo should not be thinking that selling nudes online is some nice thing but none of these ~sex work is just work!~ retards will take any responsibility for making it seem like some nice empowering job for girls.
Shayna helserf keeps making porn dressed as kids shows characters and portraying herself as a schoolgirl/teen and thinks that will have no effect on anyone.

No. 1041854

File: 1600555980092.jpg (101.55 KB, 720x878, 20200919_155326.jpg)

Aunt Shayna please go to bed and leave the 12 year olds in Apex alone

No. 1041861

Even with a snap filter she looks like a middle aged mother kek

No. 1041863

So everyone here likes to claim Shay is an alcoholic but she can get pissed on fucking white claws?
That shit is weak, it's like teenagers getting pissed on blue wkd or Smirnoff ice.

She ain't a mad drunk, it's her weed consumption that is ludicrous. And judging by how that progressed then probably one day she will be a proper drunkard.

No. 1041865

she just posted the other day in discord that she hadn't drank in like a month. she was getting legitimately wasted every night for a while there before the fupa relationship was outed lol.

No. 1041868

And you forget alcoholics are like chronic smokers, they can go through a pack in one night.

I mean if she did actually cut back on booze this month, then good for her. Seems like she just substituted more weed, dabs, and edibles in its place though. And I'm thinking she did it in hope it would help her lose weight. But again, kinda counteracted that effort with extra edibles and continuing to eat poorly.

No. 1041878

I mean they’re 5% alcohol like most light beers. but she probably does drink a 12 pack in one sitting lol.

No. 1041884

File: 1600560960783.jpg (487.09 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20200919-191521_Twi…)

She won't keep them clean and fuck up her eyes from it

No. 1041885

File: 1600561004873.jpg (575.37 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20200919-191629_Twi…)

No. 1041887

>children are disrespecting the boundaries of sexworkers
>it’s creepy
It’s almost like they actually see these poor kids as some sort of competition

No. 1041889

maybe if sex workers stopped constantly glorifying onlyfans as some empowering source of easy money, teenagers wouldn't be interested in participating. they act as if the 15 year old is the perpetrator and their the victims when in reality, its the other way around.
and Shayna, if you don't want children in your "adult spaces", stop dressing up as them in your adult content.

No. 1041890

File: 1600562280444.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.45 KB, 750x790, 098D272F-0ADB-4F40-AF5D-DED621…)


No. 1041892

File: 1600562764286.jpg (503.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200919-194712_Chr…)

The blurring is hilarious

No. 1041894

File: 1600562786097.jpg (646.98 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20200919-191448_Twi…)

And this is why you never have money Shay

No. 1041895

At least she blurred her ugly ass face

No. 1041897

it’s because she’s using portrait mode on her phone

No. 1041899

For real. They love to romanticize it being easy and fast money. When in reality it can ruin your life. Sex work isn’t empowering if you are putting a price on your pussy pictures. Like $5 for a month membership that’s dirt cheap. Degrading yourself for incels isn’t cute or quirky. You can make more money scamming them instead of selling pussy. But Shayna is dumb.

No. 1041917

Sorry for being a retard who doesn't know anything about pot but wtf is this? It looks disgusting, like earwax

No. 1041918

they’re dabs, it’s like a concentrated weed resin

No. 1041926

tbh her crevices don't even look that bad here but wtf is up with the blurring

No. 1041930

Get ur eyes checked anon
It's two dark gaping rotten looking holes lol

Ok but OF isn't and wasn't really intended to be porn only. Maybe I'm wrong but these sex workers and honestly a lot of formally non SWers seemed to really run with the fact that OF allowed adult content and took it over.

No. 1041937


No. 1041940

When you binge drink as frequently as she does, and then flip out on the days you don't drink, there's a very high chance you're an alcoholic.

No. 1041989

as well as putting the skirt more on her waist area, it gives the illusion she has hips when she really doesn't and her body is actually just a straight up rectangle. She needs to wear bras and buy clothes in a large it would seriously benefit her. If she learned how to dress for her body she wouldn't look nearly as bad.

No. 1042001

What happened with that face-detecting tripod that follows you? I haven't seen it featured since she showed it when she got it.

No. 1042021

Kek underrated

No. 1042023

That other cunt is disgusting as well.
>weaseling their way into adulthood spaces
>it’s creepy
What’s it like to hate women so much that you blame children on being groomed by people like YOU on the internet to start creating literal CP. Instead of publicly shaming them, tell them they’re underage and about the dangers of SW and how it’s not easy money if you care so much. I can’t. I fucking hate these “women”. Though if we hadn’t seen Shay’s unfortunate vagina so often, I’d swear she was a sissified dad or AGP troon, so.

No. 1042043

makes sense that the underage person asked shayna & indigo white for help cause they are the kind of people to do it lmao.

No. 1042063

nta but i think theyre "diamonds" if someone with her tolerance is claiming shes getting high off of them but who fucking knows. if they are diamond, theyre abt 3x the price of dabs and run like 50 dollars for a single pot alone.

No. 1042138

I was wondering where that went too, anon. She loves to waste money

No. 1042162

No they aren’t. Diamonds look different.. Those are just dabs.
Sage for weedfagging

No. 1042182

She claimed she needed a taller stand for it or something and then never bought it for it. Fucking dumb that she wont put effort into equipment and good editing to make her vids better quality. Like that's not that hard.

No. 1042330

Especially since Shay claims she was groomed back in HS

No. 1042366

File: 1600649587022.jpg (250.52 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20200920-175209_Chr…)

Looking forward to her continued expansion

No. 1042369

That’s like a 40 dollar order right there after tip and delivery fees lmfao this dumb bitch

No. 1042370

And its all high-carb garbage. She better dig out the pig nose again; its the best costume for her.

No. 1042371

File: 1600649893410.jpg (228.87 KB, 1080x679, Screenshot_20200920-195920_Twi…)


No. 1042372

File: 1600649991032.jpg (111.05 KB, 1080x304, Screenshot_20200920-195934_Twi…)


No. 1042378

It took her an hour and a half to put together one chair lmao. Is she retarded?

No. 1042379

Yes, she truly is.

No. 1042380

I mean this crazy bitch is taking multiple fucking dab hits

Wtf. Dabs get you super fucking ripped. Most people are good on 1-2 hits. Taking 4-6 or how ever many she does means you're goddamn high off your ass big time. And it looks like all the time in her case. Jfc I don't even.

No. 1042403

she probably inhales them incorrectly like she does with her bong hits so it probably mostly goes to waste kek

No. 1042423

File: 1600659480281.jpg (219.38 KB, 1079x863, Screenshot_20200920-223922_Twi…)

No. 1042432

If this happened, it was most likely a minor. So now you're talking about your minor team mates on your Twitter Shay?

No. 1042452

she tweets about the most mundane, boring, irrelevant shit to her sex work

No. 1042456


she legit thinks people give a damn about her and what she does during the day. like they don't follow her for her cheap pussy pics lol

No. 1042491

>I'm sCREAMING! a scrote acknowledged my existence without reducing me to a sex object! better post about it on twitter so everyone knows I'm a gamer gurl. just don't mention the twitch streams I've been talking about starting for a year

No. 1042524

does she know gordito means fat little kid or…

No. 1042624

File: 1600702672028.jpeg (177.08 KB, 1242x1169, B418AEC5-ACB0-49F9-87D6-C625E1…)

What a pathetic life

No. 1042625

File: 1600703125140.png (471.55 KB, 750x1334, F8B3312A-4A6F-4FB1-A0E7-E5D6C0…)

SLK is at it again this morning

No. 1042633

>heat rays
wtf is this bitch talking about

No. 1042635

She acts like other governments and authority forces don't abuse and maim protestors and their people in general in other countries that also fight for human rights and against injustices. Jfc. This dumb little white girl in her bubble. Do just a little reading about the actual world news some time SLK.

No. 1042638

There's a dab video in the last thread. She takes them while the nail is extremely hot and then instantly blows it out when she gets it in her mouth. Mixed with a high tolerance, she's basically just wasting good quality dabs.

No. 1042642

File: 1600705140025.jpg (198.24 KB, 1079x723, Screenshot_20200921-111934_Twi…)

OF anons, PLEASE come through with this video

No. 1042644

File: 1600705198297.jpg (569.74 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20200921-111909_Twi…)

No. 1042646

this bitch is just on a mission to continue getting fatter and fatter huh?

No. 1042647

Nice, a bowl of sugar. She probably thinks this is healthy

No. 1042651

There's this "non-lethal" sorta giant ray reflector thing that they can use that makes your skin feel like it's getting boiled off.

I don't think that gets used here in America though, I've only ever seen it used in foreign countries by our military against the brown people we occupy.

source: former armyfag

No. 1042656

No anon, SLK said people don't understand how hard it is here in America, how badly the government is to it's people. Obviously the USA are the only ones with government brutality and injustice. Other countries wouldnt understand.

No. 1042660

Bitch just fucking microwave some oatmeal ffs. Put your own fruit in it. Save money and delivery bs. She is so unbelievably lazy and actually dumb.

Yeah this isnt the worst thing she could eat, but it still is a lot of sugar. Breakfast is the simplest shit you can make yourself. I just…

No. 1042661

Fucking hell, this looks sugary as fuck. Like the kind of sugary it takes several days to finish because a few bites are good enough before you get nauseous. Weed and constant sugar; her teeth and breath must be noxious.

No. 1042666

>NO ONE understands how hard we have it here in America uwu our government will shoot us with rubber bullets uwu I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to a protest. My parents are racist boot-lickers and I grew up watching Fox uwu I’m such a repressed victim.

Apparently she wasn’t watching the protests going on in Hong Kong or Lebanon or even Venezuela in the last year / year and a half. But you guyssss she has it SO HARD being an American. She can’t go out and protest because hEaT rAyS and RuBbEr bUlLeTs.

Lol her fake woke tweets are always so tone deaf and oozing with privilege.

No. 1042697

File: 1600711736730.jpg (272.05 KB, 1080x864, Screenshot_20200921-131005_Twi…)

She really thinks people cum to her content

No. 1042699

… does she not know you can buy the bread at grocery stores?

No. 1042700

but anon, she wanted the brown bread that only the Cheesecake Factory has. duh.

No. 1042729

She spelled "laugh at" wrong. I'm pretty sure we watch her shit more than her OF customers.

No. 1042736

File: 1600715041615.jpg (568.45 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200921_200424.jpg)

Oh no Shay you look like a smackhead. Wash your damn hair for a start

No. 1042743

File: 1600715608094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 353.6 KB, 1534x2048, IMG_20200921_201331.jpg)

Nothing says princess like dirty ass socks, cottage cheese ass and a plastic tiara

No. 1042746

jesus christ she looks fucking awful.
why does it seem like she goes out of her way to show off as many back fat rolls as possible?

No. 1042747

still cracking up over the fact that she now has to cover up her couch cushions with a blanket after anons pointed out the piss stains

No. 1042754

“Omg I just wanted the bread!” Is just a quirky coverup for “yeah but also I wanted 2 days worth of calories but I’m fat now so saying I ate a lot at a restaurant isn’t cute anymore”

That’s so sad. She spends her entire little paycheck on amped up delivery fees and overpriced food to make herself feel happy. She gets more pleasure from food than sex at this point and it shows.

Remember that car she oh so desperately needed? I have a feeling she’ll never be able to save up for it because she can’t stop ordering a hundred bucks worth of food every day instead of just taking a 150 bucks grocery shopping trip to cover a month.

No. 1042778

God, her skin just looks so damn grimy and dirty all the damn time. I know it's probably shadows but her lower back legitimately looks like it's brown

No. 1042780

No, you can literally buy Cheescake Factory-brand brown bread at Kroger lol
Both sliced for sandwiches and rolls.

Like >>1042754 said, she busts wants an excuse for shit food.

No. 1042783

She’s getting fat lady face/lips

No. 1042787

the anon you're responding to was being facetious. everyone knows you can buy it at the store lol

No. 1042798

File: 1600724943341.jpg (222.01 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20200921-224635_Twi…)

Any sensible person would check the footage before winding down in case such a thing happened. But we've heard this excuse multiple times. How does she fuck it up so many times? Or is it lies?

No. 1042800


oh god she is. she's gonna end up with a puckered little butthole mouth like the Slaton sisters if she isnt careful

No. 1042801

Gotta admit. It’s hilarious Shayna Luther King picked the racist character

No. 1042805

Shatna the new Truther…. heat rays. Lol.

No. 1042809

File: 1600726413978.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 126.85 KB, 750x839, 67A9DAC2-188C-4989-B77A-9071D4…)

Forgot to spoiler, sorry

No. 1042810

Her hair is so revolting, holy shit. It’s so filthy, greasy and matted. I’ve seen literal homeless people with cleaner and better managed hair. Her stench is evident through photos. Put this stanky doodoo head bitch back in the alleged looney bin so someone can force her to take a shower.

No. 1042812

Everyone is seeing it now, dumbass

No. 1042817

I can't see where face ends and her neck begins.

No. 1042829

She looks like she's trying to cosplay as Lucy from Trailer Park Boys

No. 1042833

File: 1600728549650.png (560.41 KB, 633x628, 2020-09-21 18_50_19-Window.png)

she ends up looking more like donna unfortunately

No. 1042835

I made the mistake of zooming in and eww her chest and neck have a layer of dirt. Shower Shay FFS.(nitpick)

No. 1042839

she got the butt lower lip again, i don't understand why she is so slow on the uptake in fixing that, she always ends up taking advice from here anyway.

No. 1042841

Donna is more woman than Shay will ever be anon

No. 1042843

File: 1600729420094.jpg (379.1 KB, 1656x2048, IMG_20200922_000428.jpg)

Dat fupa

No. 1042844

File: 1600729456313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.9 KB, 1619x2160, IMG_20200922_000443.jpg)

Daddy's little dolphin

No. 1042845

She saw this and thought it was okay to post? She looks like a cracked out zombie.

No. 1042846

She said she was going to write "degrading" words on her. How are these degrading?

No. 1042848

No. 1042849

i like the line of rubbed off lipstick on her fupa from it hanging over the lettering

No. 1042850

File: 1600729864123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 458.37 KB, 1080x1039, Screenshot_20200921-181144_Twi…)

Major oof Shay. Learn how to pose with your new body for fuck sakes

No. 1042851

File: 1600729927094.jpg (778.39 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20200921-181318_Twi…)

Why does she think this a "sexy" face?

No. 1042853

Because essentially she's a methed out smack head who doesn't see herself as everyone else does.

No. 1042854

The Fupa is baddd

No. 1042856


okay, what the fuck???? she seems to have gained even MORE weight? i thought she was going to get her shit together and get healthier? i thought she hated her body and was going to put some effort in? how the fuck has she gained much more weight than the last thread???

this bitch is getting fatter by the minute jesus christ

No. 1042859

Had the exact same thought. Fat, downsy whore would be both fitting and degrading. She has plenty of options for actual degrading descriptions of herself but she went for just sexualized and generic.

No. 1042860

She's really serving tulsa heroine hooker realness

No. 1042862

Tbh she has a weird looking vagina. It worked when she was skinny and now that she's getting fat girl vee it looks fucking creepy.

No. 1042864


she just has saggy curtains. as a lesbo her vag isn't all that appealing, but some of you act like you've never seen a vagina before. now when she spreads it? that's nightmare fuel. but this pic is pretty normal. saggy and sad looking, but normal enough.

No. 1042866

What is bimbo about this? Isn’t a bimbo blonde and skinny with big tits/lips? With all the money she spends on weed and food she could at least get lip filler.

No. 1042868


well, she has a bloated alcoholic moon face, so she can't really smile. that and her burgeoning double chin kind of limit her range kek

No. 1042871

one of her thighs is almost the same size as her torso. its amazing how she just keeps getting bigger. maybe by this time next year she'll be in the deathfat thread

No. 1042874

Top tier shit

No. 1042876

ayrt, this is more wholesome than anything i could've imagined in a shayna thread, thank you

she's almost totally unrecognisable from even just a year ago. looking through old threads and then coming back here is always so jarring kek

No. 1042883

no point when her teeth look like chipped corn kernels

No. 1042893

File: 1600737317517.jpeg (278.72 KB, 1150x1135, DD4B9D1B-E463-4C16-A9CD-E4A660…)

Real bimbo vs. Shay.
Every time she post shit calling herself bimbo I just get a good laugh because she is not. She’s just trailer park trash princess. There’s a huge difference between a real bimbo and Shayna.
She should just quit that be autor ain’t it.

(Sorry if I should have spoiled this but they are both wearing clothes and I thought it didn’t need to spoil it).

No. 1042895

*quit that because it ain’t it.
Sorry autocorrect killed the last sentence

No. 1042896

This is it, lol. This is her life, her legacy. We all got a handful of years on this earth and this is how she’s chosen to spend it. How fucking grim.

No. 1042897

No I get it. It's honestly worse when she shaves it because the mound looks weird with her weight gain. I can't really explain it. It's just like when you get a Fupa pouch and your body takes a different shape like hers has, it just doesnt look right having it shaved. It's not just the aquatic creature lips though.

No. 1042898

The lipstick on her fupa is making me cackle.

No. 1042899

God another poorly acted "yOu wAnT mE tO dO wHaT dAdDy??" vid where she fucks herself with the same generic dildo ruining the illusion of the "daddy" involved at all. Also first she says she doesnt get cum then the vid finished with fake cum in her ass. God the greasy rat nest hair though. Daddy should have given you a shower. Princess Stank over here.

No. 1042900

omf, she does nothing else, it's not that hard to reshoot. way to prove she does everything in one shitty take.
>replicate the makeup as best i can
it's literally the same as always plus lipstick, get less wasted and it won't be such a fucking challenge.

boring but i did not need that close up of her razor bumps. also lol at the description saying that's her "prettiest" underwear and jewelry when it's cheap costume crap.

No. 1042904

File: 1600738942118.png (1.98 MB, 1500x655, lilleemattel.png)

It must be the poor acting but I'm getting Lillee Jean vibes here.

No. 1042907

Mannerisms match like uncanny valley

No. 1042912

Shayna getting fatter every weeks of 2020 is one of the only funny things. Holy shit how do you manage to fuck shit up like this. Her parents won’t recognize her next time they meet.

No. 1042915

File: 1600740259599.jpeg (387.53 KB, 750x720, 8272A12E-2FD9-4C23-92A6-758CC6…)

Has this fucking retard heard a single thing about whats going on in Belarus or Hong Kong??? I am not downplaying the American protesting but holy shit does she live in a bubble.

No. 1042937

File: 1600742243679.jpeg (147.39 KB, 1200x1200, E8FC246E-55AB-4EAE-85C0-065E6E…)

LOL I know, it’s giving me life.
Hey Shayna remember when you were skinny fat instead of just fat fat

No. 1042947

No she doesn’t because she doesn’t know shit about gaming past Fortnite or interacting with people over a mic. She stupidly thinks guys will simp because she has a vagina in video games not realizing in gaming they don’t give a fuck about you being female if you’re garbage at playing and are a land whale to boot.

No. 1042950

File: 1600746737738.jpg (190.57 KB, 1080x668, Screenshot_20200921-225314_Twi…)

What is she having done now?

No. 1042951

More scamming

No. 1042955

File: 1600748946881.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.65 KB, 750x675, 4A79095D-6205-4409-B0D4-34E78D…)

I hate it

No. 1042971

Imagine you come home from a long day at work, totally exhausted because you actually have a real job. Youre about to unlock your apartment door, but stop because you hear heavy breathing, mixed with some garbled sounding grunts- all while the smell of rotting cheese suddenly fills the air. You look up and across from your apartment and see Crackhead Barbie with her gunt drooping out, attempting to make seductive faces at a camera but you know in reality, she looks like she's holding in a massive shit from her 6th ubereats delivery of the day.

I'd take my ass back to work for another shift.

No. 1043070

root canals are done over 2 appointments i think?

No. 1043082

Just one. Probably just additional work. They tend to like to line up and get whatever you need done all pretty fast, typically in hopes that from then on out you'll be fine. Which in her case I doubt it, she doesnt seem like the type to brush often, let alone floss or tend to her tongue.

No. 1043112

File: 1600782004670.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.85 KB, 1000x838, 1418470717183.jpg)

same energy

No. 1043121

Omg legit was this her inspo??
The plastic tiara and placement of the red lipstick and all kek
Except that chick wrote actually degrading things on her. Shay would never commit that much. Her idea of degradation is too "pretty" and generic.

No. 1043125


Depends on which tooth it is (how many roots) and if there was pain and how much pain exactly and if there was pus or other issues.

So it defo could be a rct but she strikes me as one who doesn't floss. And I can't recall what the reason for her was to visit a dentist in the first place.

OT but on average rct gives a tooth about 15 more years as a zombie tooth, my point being RIP Shayna's tooth. Getting proof that her breath smells.

No. 1043197

she had cute legs and a cute shape but it kind of only works on tiny girls…. not when you go full fridge like shay

No. 1043215

Daddy’s little credit card slot

No. 1043276

File: 1600804857818.png (15.88 KB, 603x173, 10klies.png)

Another mile stone that doesn't mean anything because of the bought followers and low interaction from her 'rEaL' fans.

No. 1043334

Who tf took these pictures anyways, the door dash deliverer? Kek

No. 1043336

File: 1600810974869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 429.93 KB, 1536x2048, 5F5A52BC-F021-430F-90A8-0AAEA0…)


No. 1043338

File: 1600811013193.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 422.87 KB, 1535x2048, 8F46210F-99C2-454D-BFC4-F416E5…)

Serving gay tranny with discharge vibes

No. 1043339

wtf is going on at the bottom of her thighs??

No. 1043341

So the grey on the back of her left knee/cheese sack is dirt or I assume just from her messing with the color/shadow settings?

No. 1043344

What the FUUUCK. This is even worse than Luna idc what y’all say.

No. 1043345

Just imagining her hastily putting her tripod into the hall to get a picture before anyone comes. She looks awkward af

No. 1043348

Jesus Christ everything this bitch puts out belongs on the darkweb

This is a nitpick but I don’t understand why she doesn’t color correct! Or put on a filter! She’s clearly using something to edit, just swipe! Holy shit. The nasty beige cast all of her shit has just makes it look even more like it was shot in a rape shed.

No. 1043354

Anon answered the question for you, "Dat Fupa"
or maybe she has a tripod or something.

No. 1043364

This is so depressing

No. 1043369

she looks likes she's dying. everything here is dry and lifeless. this is seriously a face of someone on their deathbed

No. 1043403

File: 1600818021897.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.66 KB, 312x312, 1236602993424.jpg)

>unwashed hair that's crispy with grease
>caked on foundation
>dirty skin
>dry vag with visible discharge
>scuffed converse that have clearly been worn outside
>faux fur rug that isn't even white any more

No. 1043406

she didn’t even clean the smegma off her inner labia GOOD GOD WOMAN

No. 1043408

New video. Doesn't even say step in it, so good job making incest porn shay

Also, why the fuck is the description so long


No. 1043409

File: 1600818918190.jpg (472.8 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_20200922-185610_Twi…)

Shay, they all probably assumed you were a special needs adult walking in like this

No. 1043410

Surprised no one posted the link to her new vid, with extra retarded acting this time.


No. 1043412

File: 1600818953046.jpg (38.04 KB, 1080x244, Screenshot_20200922-185522_Sam…)

No. 1043413

It was just posted anon

No. 1043419


Oh true, Shayna said it's full blown incest time

No. 1043420

No one calls their sibling “big brother” or “lil sis,” I get that it’s porn but it feels lazy. Then again I’m not a coombrain so what do I know. Love that she’s not even going for step, just full blood incest implied. Stay grimy, Shay. i worry about fupa’s daughters…

No. 1043425

doesn’t she have a brother irl??? fucking grim.

No. 1043430

Shay has literally no one in her life apart from porn sick simps and other sex workers so she probably thinks it's normal.

She doesn't seem to realise she is part of the problem. Her dodgy ass porn isn't preventing guys from shagging kids or family members, it's normalising it. When the crappily acted porn from camgirls isn't enough anymore then what does she think happens?

No. 1043431

she just rambles on in the description b/c she's high and probably thinks it's ~art~ or whatever. you can tell she doesn't proofread at all, "but you don't have any plans so you don't oblige". everything she does is lazy, low effort one take crap.

No. 1043432


I know this is a huge nitpick but I can never tell if it’s just bad lighting or if her pussy genuinely looks like it’s rotting

Like it’s so red and inflamed looking but then whitish grey around the hole I’ve never seen anything like it

No. 1043434

At the risk of being banned, its both. She has poor hygiene at best. And Im very skeptical she gets regular check ups. She also eats badly, which can lead to bad vaginal health.
She is also lazy with her editing and her 'one take, fuck it' approach shows.

No. 1043442

Damn. Thought I was in the Nikocado Avocado thread kek

No. 1043459

Everyone actually in the porn industry knows you only title things as step-sibling/step-parent porn, though. She is both gross and clueless.

No. 1043463

Cause she wants to be seen as "uwu taboo" "edgy"

No. 1043467

File: 1600828514445.jpg (316.88 KB, 1079x1452, Screenshot_20200922-213631_Twi…)

Well Shay, go look in the mirror

No. 1043470

Shaytard is a dumb bitch. Credit card companies that process transactions are super not okay with incest. Obviously. So production companies write in lines about “step” over and over to cover their asses so their payment processors don’t shut them down.

Shayna, however, is simple minded and I’m sure we will enjoy her baww-ing when her catalog of gross pedo shit eventually gets removed for noncompliance. The credit card companies have only cracked down more about what constitutes “acceptable content” and I am pretty sure step/implied incest is not going to be much longer for this world. (Good riddance, it’s gross as fuck.)

No. 1043473

I wish manyvids would ban her stupid ass. She would really be fucked.

No. 1043475

lmao god damn it, why is she unironically saying this now when she knows we’ve been calling her ratfaced here for years?

No. 1043498

Corpse face, but I will say this is one of the better fits shes put together. It all actually almost matches and is kinda cute. Congrats Shay you finally did it. Sorta.

No anon that's probably just toilet paper again, not discharge! Teehee how embarrassing!

No. 1043503

Lord. The uwu kawaii bby girls can barely get away with doing shit like this,but when someone cringe and stupid and gross like Shay does it… it's absolutely not cute or aesthetic. Only fucking weird and awkward for anyone that has to see her. Even actual retards dont do this shit.

Somehow I'm still always taken aback by how cringe, awkward, and incoherent her dialogue always is. It's the same thing every time basically and it's always BAD. Like yeah porn dialogue isn't art, but hers is bad without the intention of being bad. And unrehearsed and just fucking offputting sometimes like that last line about the load. Wtf was that??

No. 1043505

Oh sweaty… you always have been Rat Girl.

No. 1043596

File: 1600848085842.jpeg (46.53 KB, 480x479, 0CA50937-4B84-4D99-B056-5FD95F…)


“Fuck me harder brother”

No. 1043631

No. 1043662

and this is after she's been banned off of so many payment platforms for having sex work explicitly mentioned in her transaction details. she knows she could get in trouble for dumb edge like this from first hand experience god dammit
she is a stupid, stupid bitch

No. 1043687

cellulite she didnt/couldnt blur out.

No. 1043697

File: 1600868859666.jpg (172.34 KB, 1080x599, Screenshot_20200923-084831_Twi…)

Because no one will pay full price for your shit Shay

No. 1043699

File: 1600868936201.jpg (325.28 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20200923-085021_Twi…)

God no

No. 1043702

No. 1043704

File: 1600868996511.jpg (Spoiler Image, 474 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20200923-085106_Twi…)

Literally all the same

No. 1043714

The fact that her porn, her literal body, is worth less than a Subway sandwich.

No. 1043718

File: 1600871842461.jpg (177.11 KB, 1080x752, Screenshot_20200923-103601.jpg)

The delusion. It's like she forgets that's she's getting fatter and uglier everyday.

No. 1043739

I swear to god sometimes I wonder if she is literally brain damaged when she gasses herself up like this. Have you looked in a mirror recently? You don’t have more subs because you are a lazy slob who makes ugly, poorly thought out snuff porn. Ffs. There is noooooo way she can ACTUALLY believe she’s a perfect Barbie bimbo goddess, right? It’s all marketing, right? I start to wonder, sometimes….

No. 1043744

File: 1600876337695.jpeg (131.48 KB, 828x526, 1DFF6B6F-2822-48DB-9C5D-E524CA…)

She literally baffles me. Why is she physically incapable of just making a bowl of cereal or toast? Why does she have to waste as much money as possible? Most people get over their ‘fast food for every meal’ phase in high school.

No. 1043751

Cant wait for her disgusting NYC subway themed porn. She’s the same size as their actual rats so I’m game.

No. 1043755

She just likes the idea of someone else making her food. It’s her “poor man” way of her pretending she’s living the ~bimbo life. Someone else cooks and delivers her food. All she has to do is tell them what she wants. And since she pays so much it makes her feel like she has big money to waste.
In reality, she’s just a fat lazy slob with no education on nutrition or life and thinks rich trophy wives eat sushi for breakfast lol.

No. 1043761

Fitting, considering she hasn't matured past high school

No. 1043778

Why would you even out yourself like that? Even $5 is cheap. But $3 is nothing. If I was a gross pornsick dude yeah I'd toss $3 for that amount of content for 1 month. It's nothing. Hot girls or girls who actually have clout charge $25 for theirs and dont have to put out so much content all the time because they are likeable and make decent quality content. They have actual fans who are willing to pay a significant amount to see their content.
God shes so fucking dumb and pathetic. That she would even post not once but twice about "oops my of was $5 for some reason, but now its $3 again heres free content for those who paid more and now I have more subs teehee I'm so great!!" Like what.

No. 1043786

she just gets a high off her stupid sub and follower counts. she’d probably still be bragging about her sub count going up if she made it free.

No. 1043787

the post in >>1043704 has the answer she's looking for.
after 3 or so years you'd think she'd realize "quality over quantity". i'm sure even simps get bored from seeing the same shit every day even if it's dirt cheap

No. 1043790

i don't understand her whole trying to dry fuck herself with an arm around her leg. like i get that maybe she's trying to get a nice angle that way but when you're as fat as she is, you can barely even reach

No. 1043813

omg you're right

No. 1043818

All the content is literally the same. Same toys. Same outfits. Same horror faces. Same fake orgasms

No. 1043819

File: 1600882452279.jpg (184.79 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20200923-123448_Twi…)

Fupa must be busy

No. 1043820

File: 1600882497858.jpg (248.82 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20200923-123517_Twi…)

No. 1043834

shayna wants to sound like she's really out here doing something when there are women that spend twice that on just the wig kek

No. 1043835

File: 1600883666723.jpg (240.4 KB, 1057x1652, Screenshot_20200923-185450_Twi…)


No. 1043841

lmao like clockwork

No. 1043850

Moving doesn't solve your problems. Just like doing drugs and drinking doesn't solve them. Get over it and do better.

No. 1043853

thought she was going to see a therapist? Not sperg on twitter constantly.

No. 1043863

File: 1600885938570.jpeg (487.27 KB, 1242x1414, AA69BD52-395B-4D48-A7AC-227012…)

She’s so fucking annoying

No. 1043866

It’s literally all the same but different outfits.

No. 1043875

reminder this was the person telling jobless people to spend their coronavirus stimulus check on her shitty porn

No. 1043893

She’s been drinking, which causes rebound anxiety aka The Fear. Dumbass. Cut out the alcohol and maybe your meds will work.

No. 1043902

Lol Remember When her mom had the AUDACITY to offer to fly her home a couple weeks ago? And Shay outted her on Twitter like she was the worst mom ever.

Lolcow remembers.

No. 1043990

…where does she think she’s gonna go?
Oklahoma is dirt fucking cheap and she still has to beg for money on Twitter to keep the lights on. Does she think she’ll make rent in any state that isn’t dead empty and in the middle of nowhere?

Can’t wait for her to move back in with her parents. Damn, she’s really hellbent on wasting her twenties, huh?

No. 1043993

File: 1600897359768.jpeg (312.02 KB, 1242x705, 9A4C2E78-8EDB-4DA4-BBF3-B7508C…)

hitting the sauce again today. no possible way this could go badly. wasn’t she literally just whining that she was feeling manic

No. 1043994

File: 1600897409642.jpeg (677.58 KB, 1242x1303, 852BC195-878E-4D97-AA74-4BF6BC…)


maybe if you were better with money you could move out of bumfuck Oklahoma, just a thought

No. 1043996

Since when did she give a fuck about her "family". She bitches about how conservative and aboosive they were and how they dont support her lifestyle. The only family member she talks about decently is her dad. So she means him. Because Fupapa isnt giving her enough attention.

Also bitch EVERYONE is seeing loved ones less or not at all this year. Theres a pandemic. Everyone is affected.

No. 1044002

i already know she’s going to be busting out of this

No. 1044004

Literally pour a couple ingredients in a glass. I mean she couldnt be any lazier. Its astonishing.

No. 1044006

isn't it just… vodka and cranberry juice? am i missing something? i don't understand how someone can be so useless

No. 1044010

if it’s not doordash or coming from a waitress it apparently “isn’t as good”
she’s just lazy as fuck and has no sense

No. 1044020

Get Gud. Learn to make a basic ass drink properly. She sits on her ass all day. Watch a YouTube vid. A lot of things including drinks you can make better at home with very little ingredients.

No. 1044024

we get it. shay’s lazy. there’s no need to keep posting over and over again about mixing drinks.

No. 1044032

then shut up and ignore it?

No. 1044033

Why can't she make being a bimbo house wife her thing? Like cooking, cleaning and mixing drinks for her husband (not daddy/brother) while being tipsy and sexy? Does she think being stoned off your gourd and ordering take out bread is equally sexy to adult men?

No. 1044038

Is she fucking stupid? Making a cocktail yourself is infinitely better because you can control how much/how little alcohol goes in it and we all know her fat ass drinks like a fish.

No. 1044040

Because she has no idea what a bimbo actually is or does. It’s just a buzzword that she uses to describe herself due to her abhorrent lack of personality.

No. 1044043

Her time line is once again full of tweets about justice and politics. What happened to her going on about keeping your sex work profile "sexy"

No. 1044055

Hun that's vodka and a mixer, how inept are you?

No. 1044079

File: 1600905170980.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, C563D998-D562-49F4-820F-B61AE6…)

Where is Ribmeat? We haven’t seen her in months and she only mentions and posts Noodle anymore.

No. 1044082

File: 1600905536961.png (13.35 KB, 582x100, 2020-09-23 20_00_13-Window.png)

she just did a few days ago, not everything gets posted here.
please don't start again with the cat sperging.

No. 1044088

File: 1600906409075.jpg (588.97 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20200923-173008_Twi…)

No. 1044090

File: 1600906617852.jpg (308.09 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20200923-191805_Twi…)

Imagine seeing your neighbor like this

No. 1044095

I knew she had to be the one super annoying neighbor

No. 1044101

lmao of course. i almost said the other day that we hadn’t heard about one of her MaNiC episodes in a while. she sooo badly wants this to be a personality trait.

No. 1044112

"Manic" is code for, "Fupa broke up with me again"

No. 1044118

This tweet is for everyone who claimed she only drank white claws and wine. She's an alcoholic just admit it to yourself.

No. 1044119

She's been getting a new rig like every 2 weeks, what is the deal. Why does she need so much cheap glass?

No. 1044120

That's some white trash Oklahoma shit.

No. 1044122

Anon where the fuck is this from, feels like some actual tard porn

No. 1044123

File: 1600910225641.jpg (443.76 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20200923-201803_Twi…)

How do we even know she's on her porch in this? She could be hoarded up in her house somewhere

No. 1044124

She wants it to be real so she can use it as her excuse to be impulsive, drink excessively, and overspend. I don't truly believe she's actually bipolar or has manic episodes. She's just fucking mentally stunted and thinks she can have a long time career shoving things up her ass. Does she have any aspirations at all? Like does she ever talk about going to school or anything?

No. 1044127

Her blankets are probably covered in filth if she put them on her porch. We all know she doesn’t sweep outside. I feel bad for her neighbors imagine looking out your window and seeing a fat retard watch Netflix on the floor like a hobo whilst smoking.

No. 1044128

How does she also manage to have fat man hands

No. 1044129

look in the reflection of the tv. This crazy is actually out there.

No. 1044130

big kek you can see her fatass in the tv good eye anon

No. 1044135

probably b/c she's lazy and doesn't clean them so eventually it gets difficult to smoke. same reason she buys clothes/costumes, wears them a few times and then we never see them again.

she keeps saying porch like she called the apt a house when she first moved in but it's probably just a little balcony lol.

No. 1044140

Lol good catch anon. I didn't even notice when I posted it

No. 1044141

From her reflection, it looks like a balcony

No. 1044142

Would love to see her get kicked out or cited over this. Because its absolutely white trash, tv noise annoying the neighbors, plus smoking weed out there is inconsiderate at the very least, if not against rules. I live in a weed friendly and legal state but every place I've lived or friends I've been to would not allow smoking pot on the property, balcony, porch, etc. Inside your place was only somewhat ok some places.

No. 1044143

being served food/drinks probably fuels her unwarranted self importance and that's part of why she does it.

No. 1044149

File: 1600911978458.png (83.46 KB, 1172x354, mommymattel.png)

get ready…!

No. 1044152

Literally already did the white trash step mom vid in that same type of outfit. Now she's going to repeat it with 20lbs more this time. Tracksuits only work if you're skinny and/or rich. Otherwise it's just trashy and a meme.

No. 1044162

File: 1600915007214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.05 KB, 750x849, 69294E91-AA33-4D95-B9FE-282D0B…)

Her onlyfans mass message

No. 1044165

Vile, even without the rest of her body/face,

No. 1044167

Every feature of hers looks like it belongs to a tranny

No. 1044170

down to the programmer socks. uncanny

No. 1044174

wtf was she going for with this? it’s literally as unappealing looking as possible

No. 1044175

File: 1600916856835.jpeg (96.91 KB, 638x450, 4B035F8C-A003-44FB-9DBD-CD4FCB…)

Her vag looks like a pig hoof

No. 1044179

okay she must've been SO DRUNK to think this looks even remotely acceptable.

No. 1044181

>>104399 OT but I literally just bought that same suit set at goodwill for 3 bucks I got it in a small theres no way shay can squeeze into it without ripping it…(no1curr)

No. 1044184

Her fat ass squeezed into an early 2000s style juicy velour track suit (a brand that runs small) for some gross mom porn?

She's going to once again look like an alcoholic 40 year old mom trying to be down with the kids. Yikes.

No. 1044187

THIS is the shit she sends to paying customers? She spends more time on the free pics wtf!

No. 1044193

She straight up runs her business backwards. She is so worried about getting followers that she will edit the free pics on twitter for hours but throw hot garbage onto onlyfans and manyvids.

No. 1044217

No. 1044223

That was one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen…. she put her boiled ass on the kitchen counter. And those crusty stuffed animals in the back. Looks trashy af

No. 1044263

File: 1600933959095.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 175.79 KB, 1242x825, 44CE6346-B6B5-4DF1-B988-EC9992…)

All I see is the tooth emoji

No. 1044355

File: 1600950457407.jpg (169.72 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20200924-072858_Twi…)

No. 1044357

Wtf is that black thing on her pussy?

No. 1044364

are you talking about the unholy abyss that is her vagina?

No. 1044370

File: 1600953933616.gif (Spoiler Image, 1010.81 KB, 250x175, IEjo4y9.gif)

Her ass looks so tragic in this pose. It reminds me of the gif related, but unfortunately her square tiny asscheek isn't an upside down implant that could be flipped around to reveal an actual ass.

No. 1044373


Or possibly get a car so she doesn't spend $150 om a wig and sushi. My lanta.

No. 1044384

okay ngl this has a cute design, but it's just another frivolous spending she can't actually afford.

>Does she have any aspirations at all? Like does she ever talk about going to school or anything?
literally never does, in one of the previous threads an old tumblr post of hers was reposted where she said she wanted to die at 27 before she got ugly and old, or something along those lines. and look at where she is now.

No. 1044430

Yup. And in another old Tumblr post, she talked mad shit about people who do go to school and/or are in debt due to student loans.

As if that's as bad as her getting so fat she's being mistaken for a tranny, having absolutely no friends, being the family disappointment, and her trying to kill herself over some gorilla-looking dude because he decided to give some attention to literally anything else than her.

I dunno, Shayna, think I'd rather go to school.

No. 1044433

It’s funny because she wanted to die at 27 to be part of the 27 club but the thing is she’s not memorable or famous enough to even be in the club. She’s stupid and ugly and not even good at porn. her porn will just be online forever and she won’t even be known or famous. Imagine being dead and degenerate men are wanking to you.

No. 1044437

Right. The 27 Club is reserved for MUSICAL LEGENDS. Not some stupid bitch that didn't mature past the 9th grade and got a small following on Tumblr for smoking weed like thousands of other girls. It's a wonder of nature how her stupidity pairs with her egotistical delusions. She won't even go down as a Tumblr staple like some others. Even then, she was too unknown. I was on Tumblr during its peak and never even heard of this girl until lolcow and it's funny she thinks EVERYONE knows her kek How pathetic

No. 1044441

that's her vag hole

No. 1044459

Plenty of people that are not musicians are part of the “27 club.” That being said, shay absolutely does not belong.

No. 1044460

File: 1600964380945.png (420.52 KB, 2048x944, Screenshot_20200924-122039.png)

No Shayna. Just no.

No. 1044461

there is no juice. only dough.

No. 1044467

I can't think of literally any, just musicians like Cobain, Winehouse, and Hendrix. Hm.

Lmao Shayna is so delusional and inconsistent. I know she doesn't actually believe this, but I wonder if she expects other people to. Juicy bitches don't have guts.

No. 1044469

she tries to convince herself so hard that she's thick with a big ass and boobs and an hourglass figure or something lol
SHAYNA - we're not buying it. you're the definition of a fridge and you need to put down the fast food and go for a walk.

No. 1044474

Yeah idk who she tries to convince she has a fat ass, Shayna has the long back, just goes straight from back to leg with nothing in-between.

No. 1044481

Pork juice, maybe. She's going to look like a busted can of biscuits with her stomach oozing out, because you already know she got it in the smallest size and it won't fit over dat gut.

No. 1044482

File: 1600966741527.jpg (30.89 KB, 660x479, 1341652829235.jpg)


Did she actually shell out money on a Juicy tracksuit rather than spending $10 on a cheap knock-off from Amazon?

Regardless, yeah, calling it now that it'll be so tight, we'll be able to see the outlines of her fat through the fabric.

No. 1044485

topkek anon

i'm just relieved she isn't spending money on a "pOrN cOnCePt" for once, though i do shudder to think of the tracksuit's condition

No. 1044490

Didn’t she just do Regina George a couple months ago? Now she wants to be her mom too?

No. 1044491

File: 1600967853084.jpg (335.68 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_20200924-121842_Twi…)

No, it just makes you look terrible at your "job"

No. 1044492

File: 1600967900226.jpg (314.36 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20200924-121934_Twi…)

Major kek, didn't she have 1k at one point?

No. 1044507

I could be wrong but I think the most was 800, possible 900. I dont think she broke 1k but I could be wrong.
When you consider she gives away thousands of nudes and vids for $3, sure it seems like a great deal. They don't know at first that it's all the same and honestly not great quality. But Shay only cares about the numbers. Not the quality of her content or long lasting subs.

No. 1044508

Or maybe try actually getting decent. I know dildos are kinda awkward, but you can literally control how deep and the angle and everything. You shouldnt be slamming it into your throat so that you puke. Ffs. She's gross and lazy

No. 1044514

$20 that she puts on the track suit and takes pics in same ass, tired ass pose of her on her knees on her nasty couch turned away from the camera, posing as awkward as possible to get somewhat of an ass, with the same dead fish facial expression like literally ALL of her photos now. Nothing standing up cause then her "ass" disappears and nothing from the front cause that beer gut hangs lower than the single saggy tit (the zombie one has atrophied in place) and she knows it. I'm bettin.

No. 1044523

That's fucking embarrassing for a girlfriend much less a literal sex worker who's been doing this for years.

No. 1044537

Maybe because you buy fake Twitter followers and you give away all your content for $3 to avoid having to actually interact with customers?

We all remember why she quit camming. Scammy Mattel taking tips and pretending she didn't see them and then ignoring the viewers until they got mad and left.

No. 1044546

File: 1600973297677.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 906.57 KB, 1242x2097, E0ED3F2E-155F-4BFB-9B8D-2915C5…)

Seriously? $3.99 for a full length, 13 minute video and she STILL has to beg people to buy it. Shayna, take the hint.

No. 1044552

Do y’all think she will wear a crusty blonde wig or will she have her uncombed greasy hair stacked on top her head?

No. 1044555

So she clears less than 2k a month before tips but also before OF’s cut? She barely makes more than minimum wage. Just work at McDonald's girl, this is fucking grim.

No. 1044563

Imagine posting your pussy, and boiled hairy asshole with your face in the pictures and earning less than a fast food worker. Jfc at least you could of had some redemption if you didn’t show your face in your nudes and dox your name.

No. 1044567

probably the ratchet wig and she’s most likely going to try to do some kind of regina george’s mom routine

No. 1044589

Or be a barista or work at the dispensary, good god. Is she even capable of getting an entry/service level job anymore, though?

No. 1044592

are you a scrote? it's one thing for shayna who claims to be good at blowjobs and keeps doing shitty videos of it while not getting any better to be shitted on, but regular women aren't required to suck dudes dicks or whatever backwards idea you have.

No. 1044597

absolutely not. she would be a customer service nightmare in so many ways, unsanitary, arguing with every customer because she takes offence to everything under the sun, zero effort in anything, can't even make her hair look presentable enough for any job etc

No. 1044648

Stop infighting. The anon never said that. Shayna just sucks at sucking dick . Regular nonporn girlfriends can do a better job at deepthroating kek

No. 1044650

She had about 900 before her stay in the “mental hospital”. Now she’s down to 600 kek

No. 1044682

A simple home workout setup would cost as much as her weekly doordash deliveries…and yet she chooses to have a gut wider than her hips and still insist she’s “juicy” even though the whole world can see her apple shaped body.

Why doesn’t she simply work out to have the body type she lies about having all the time? She’s got cellulite legitimately down past the back of her knees and she can’t even manage some cardio to keep it from getting worse? It’s so easy, you have NOTHING ELSE TO DO! No real job, no obligations, no school, no family to deal with, no friends to go see…people would kill for that type of free time instead of crunching in that time at midnight after a long day of socializing/homework/being a parent/working/whatever, and her whole job is supposed to be looking hot…she is so wasteful with her time. I want a redemption arc for this bitch, just so I can stop being so astonished every time I see her being wasteful and lazy.

No. 1044685

and you stop minimodding, they literally said "that's fucking embarrassing for a girlfriend". how can you misinterpret that so hard.

No. 1044706

Is this gonna be the same Juicy tracksuit she posted pics in about 70 lbs ago?

No. 1044709

File: 1600985469763.png (1.54 MB, 2048x1618, Screenshot_20200924-181215.png)

No. 1044710

She needs to stop with these cheap wigs, just makes her look like a tranny

No. 1044711

File: 1600985549497.png (1.84 MB, 2048x1247, Screenshot_20200924-181340.png)

the dead eyes

No. 1044716

File: 1600985794772.jpg (293.97 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200924_231529.jpg)

She thinks her ass looks "juicy" here? Lmao.

Even with the pose and angle it looks flat as anything.

No. 1044721

I don't like this wig but it's an upgrade from the "barbie" wigs.

No. 1044723

long back

No. 1044724

nice momokun cosplay

No. 1044725

God god her legs and arms are massive. Her ass only looks sort of big because her tree trunk thighs have to be to hold up all the rest of her. Totally a mom bod though!! 30 yo trailer mom with kids.

No. 1044740

Uhhhh, Shay, thought it was supposed to be a whole tracksuit, not just the pants lmao

No. 1044744

No. 1044746

File: 1600987799936.jpg (851.9 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200924-175124_Twi…)


No. 1044748

File: 1600987831883.jpg (699.09 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200924-175146_Twi…)

She thinks this is such a flex

No. 1044770

Ngl the cage looks kind of comfy if you are having anxiety attacks. But that’s like literally the only furniture she had for a while. Nothing to brag about. She’s so weird.

No. 1044783

kek I was thinking the same thing about it being comfy for panic attacks, especially if it’s decorated with lights & soft things

No. 1044793

No. 1044795

File: 1600991849599.png (311.78 KB, 2048x819, Screenshot_20200924-195832.png)

Real smart letting all your customers know how not into your porn you are.

No. 1044796

This is the same tracksuit she had when she lived in Seattle and when she first moved to Oklahoma. I bet she was able to squeeze into the pants but was unable to get the sweatshirt on or zip it up.

No. 1044799

>>1044793 at the point in the vid when she lifts her shirt up she literally looks like she pregnant or just gave birth

No. 1044804

Her last 2 videos mention break ups. Shay, stop projecting your shitty love life into your content

No. 1044815

at least the mom idea fits her better

No. 1044827

File: 1600993699302.gif (1.15 MB, 480x262, giphy (11).gif)

>Mommy loves her baby boy's dick

Lord have mercy, this is in bad taste especially with all the rampant pedophilia rings/child sex trafficking being brought to light as of late.

No. 1044829

File: 1600993896454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.52 KB, 736x483, snip.JPG)

jesus h christ shayna this is not it

No. 1044834

I feel I was breaking a law watching that video. How gross. Girl must be starved for attention and is trying to kick up controversy cause Fupa broke up with her again. She remembers how much shit she got for that Cindy Lou Who vid and is trying to push the limits again and probably to get followers kek

No. 1044837

File: 1600994487387.png (625.98 KB, 1165x2048, Screenshot_20200924-204039.png)

That's a whole lot of fucking yikes

No. 1044839

Seems like it.

At this point when you put a firecracker in your ass and STILL no ones gives a shit about your content…. get a job Shayna

No. 1044845

This and the schoolgirl one. There are so many porn fantasies to choose from, why does she need to pick the ones involving teens

No. 1044846

whenever she’s describing her ‘mania’ is sounds more like depression…..i genuinely don’t think she was diagnosed or even fully understand what bipolar disorder is?

No. 1044848

possibly the worst part about this (unless she clarifies it in the video) is that it’s not mentioned that the son is in college or anything so this could very well be taken as an underaged individual’s POV which is disgusting on multiple levels

No. 1044851

she doesn’t at all and most likely wasn’t diagnosed. her “manic episodes” conveniently only pop up when she’s having issues for fupa so they can just be called “fupa attention grab episodes” at this point.

No. 1044859

Like other anon said the other day about the sister one… it's kinda rule and just what's done in porn to put "step". So it's not straight up incest. This bitch is being extra disgusting by probably purposely not specifying that. "Baby boy" and creepy shit like that and "lil sister" jfc. Like not only is she not saying step, but also making it seem like they're minors. I'm not a vanilla bitch but yikes. She really tries to appeal to the very bottom of the barrel dudes. I bet these were customs too.

No. 1044862

Don't psychfag about her lack of knowledge if you don't understand dysphoric mania/mixed states yourself. Doubt about her mental illness is brought up 100x a thread.

I absolutely believe she was diagnosed. All she had to say was occasional suicidal thoughts but no intent, and attention seeking behavior and be a young woman and most psychs are happy to slap a diagnosis of Bipolar and throw some mood stabilizers. Does she understand what it means, probably not bc she hasn't gotten any "psych ed" but her behaviors are enough to get the dx.

She thinks manic means quirky.

No. 1044869

>don’t psychfag
>proceeds to psychfag

No. 1044872

File: 1600997653495.jpeg (227.55 KB, 828x450, FF4E01B2-B806-4A68-926F-638538…)

please don't

No. 1044874

Most places don’t allow you to smoke on balconies because it can carry into neighboring units and people complain. She’s probably going to get a noise and smoking complaint from her neighbors kek
I’m sure that’s why she put the sheet up, so no one can see her smoking (or so she thinks, someone adjacent to her a floor up certainly can)

No. 1044875

She literally already did this. When she did the video with the 5 butt plugs

No. 1044876

>>1044872 Jesus fucking Christ. The amount of damage she's already done to herself with ones she doesn't consider 'giant'.. for once I hope she makes up an excuse to not film a video.

No. 1044877

File: 1600998064273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 481.11 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20200924-204216_Twi…)

Look at how fucking air brushed her ass is. Come on Shay

No. 1044880

lmao she barely has an ass crack with that blur

No. 1044881

File: 1600998197620.jpg (296.92 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20200924-204429_Twi…)

There is no way in hell that Shay looks "young"

No. 1044889

neither of them do lol mia looks even more trannyish than shayna

No. 1044890

i've noticed she mentions counting down to cum in her vid descriptions and like, i don't think ppl actually do that during sex. also what is spell check, but i guess ppl aren't reading that much of it.

No. 1044891

She should change her name to Hemmy Mattel

No. 1044893

probably something fupa does with her so he can get it over with as soon as possible

No. 1044898

Lmao, Mia isn't as much of a cow as Shayne but she's just as dumb and delusional.

No. 1044903

But anon she cares SO MUCH about kids safety!

No. 1044905

Cum countdown is actually a fetish. It kind of ties in with edging and basic femdom. It's kind of dumb but popular among femdom fans.

However, Shayna is not a femdom no matter how hard she tries.

No. 1044906

mia is another degenerate that pretty much exclusively makes incest and "taboo" porn. Probably who Shayna got the ideas from tbh.

No. 1044916

She finally tried to take our advice about positioning the dildo to fit the fantasy lol but good lord is this disturbing

No. 1044918

OP of that post, it’s not that deep kek

No. 1044921

I’m glad, for lack of better words, that I read this before trying to skim through that video. I can’t watch it. What the fuck, someone arrest this cunt. I’m glad she doesn’t want kids because I didn’t doubt for a second that this twisted bitch would try this with her son if she had one. She has no concept of boundaries.

No. 1044925

For someone for who hates cancel culture so much, she sure is basically ASKING to be canceled with this vid. A lot of people are getting canceled for even joking about pedophilia/doing anything with minors and here she is full blown filming an incest video that's heavily implying it's with a minor and that it's blood related.
What's next for this attention seeking retard? Filming in blackface?

No. 1044930

She’s already cancelled and knows it, though. She constantly acknowledges that other SWers don’t like, promote, interact, etc her. I don’t know if she’s purposely trying to be worse because she thinks more taboo = more desperate coomers willing to spend money, but it’s not believable or interesting beyond a tiny bit of bad acting. It’s not going to cut it for the degenerate men. The normal people that do come across it as well as other SWers, however, are going to crucify her for it. She won’t win. She’s legitimately retarded and killing her own business.

No. 1044931

File: 1601005390311.jpeg (582.48 KB, 1242x1517, 9752A8EB-A1AA-487D-A948-D59236…)

Yeast infections are sexy shayna

No. 1044935


No. 1044936

Ignore and report, some idiot is spamming threads with this inflammatory shit.

Kek it’s what they both deserve, I legit laughed. Why would you share this, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1044939

Same fag I meant to put they aren’t sexy kek

No. 1044940

File: 1601005983708.jpeg (277.29 KB, 1242x1493, AC02AA55-F591-42E3-997F-9A49BA…)

At least she didn’t put her face on them so maybe they will have a better chance at selling. Still cringe how she thinks she’s so famooous that she needs merch

No. 1044941

I feel like I should go to jail for reading this. This is sick shit what the fuck….I could barely get through that.

I can see her trying to be controversial to get her name out there again. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity but I don’t think that applies anymore in the age of twitter.

No. 1044942

i like how you can still tell how much of a hamplanet she's become from this angle

No. 1044944

File: 1601006695717.jpg (506.73 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20200924-230554_Twi…)

Think she's gonna give any money from the sales to her?

No. 1044945

Nope. Love that Shayna didn’t tag her and she had to quote tweet it to promote herself, too.

No. 1044948

Why buy from Shay, when you can go to the person who actually made them?

No. 1044952

Yup. When the Cindy Lou Who shit went down, she boohoo'd, threatened to kill herself, and pleaded for her orbitors to stick up for her but then at the end she was like, "At least I got new followers! Cuz I'm the Regina George of Sex Work! Teehee!" We see what you doin, Shayna, and it's pretty pathetic. Anything to get them numbers. Outright unhealthy.

No. 1045022


These look like shit. Look at all the smudges and ink leaking out of the edges and the letters look distressed as if they screenprinted it very poorly. What a boring font/colour choice too.

No. 1045035

File: 1601028952390.jpg (41.3 KB, 585x327, 13170221.jpg)

Her fucking nips

No. 1045073

File: 1601039244728.jpg (333.33 KB, 1079x1134, Screenshot_20200925-080834_Twi…)

Welp, here's the person who requested the mom video

No. 1045074

File: 1601039302870.jpg (568.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200925-080915_Twi…)

No. 1045097

I thought the point of customs was selling it to the person only?

>An essay on why my coomerism is valid and porn addiction is therapeutic ♥

No. 1045115

First of all, plenty of other clothing stores sell shirts that say "dumb bitch club" and are printed better. Anyone notice the printing smudges on the word "dumb"? You could buy a better quality shirt off Amazon and your money wouldn't have to go to Shayna. Is she really treating this tee like an original idea?

No. 1045120

yeah these are so unoriginal and idk why she is even selling them
Even the placement is shit, like it would look a bit better if it was lower and over the boob

No. 1045134

That's a lot of words for "I desperately need therapy" Tom.

No. 1045156

File: 1601051388610.jpeg (365.47 KB, 1242x1455, 29172E3C-8FDE-463D-A284-6D728E…)

But it’s the meds, right shay?

No. 1045160

4 muffins and a $10 coffee. stop blaming the meds Shayna you probably don't even take them, kek

No. 1045162

What coffee is $10 anyway? I think even the biggest size at Starbucks isnt that much. Shes trying to flex and act like shes some fancy bitch while asking for money that she really just wants to spend on trash food and weed.

No. 1045166

Is she aware that full sized muffins, especially from coffee shops, are like 500 cals per at least kek

No. 1045171

kek anon have you seen her diet? not a chance in hell she's aware or even cares

No. 1045175

she’s probably having it postmated which turns a $3 coffee from dunkin into like $12 after fees and tip. god forbid the idiot actually try to make it at home for once. not like she’s on the go and in a hurry or anything like most people that get coffee to-go.

No. 1045186

The saddest part is that this will be both the cheapest, lowest calorie meal she’ll have delivered all day AND the biggest amount of money she’ll get all day, kek

Even the giant 2 liter Starbucks premade iced coffee at a grocery store is like, 6 bucks. There’s no way she’s not within walking/Uber distance of a grocery store; c’mon shay, don’t you want a some inspiration to make up more “omg I was on a walk to get more lard to eat and this super sexy daddy pulled up and said I was thick Barbie irl and gave me a $1,000,000 tip!” stories?

No. 1045192

I have, it just baffles me that someone crying about her weight so much doesn't even think to not eat what's basically a cake for breakfast. Anyone with a brain trying to lose weight is going to start by looking at calories, but that's giving her too much credit.

No. 1045214

File: 1601060459520.png (14.72 KB, 612x149, sched.png)

Another schedule she wont stick to.

No. 1045219

Oh yeah duh. Of course its delivery. But that's why it urks me that she acts like "its expensive coffee". Like no bitch your lifestyle is expensive but not in a rich upper class way like she likes to delude herself. Its in a wasteful, brainless way of overpaying due to laziness while being a fat hog and eating shit still.

No. 1045220

ok i know it's cool to shit on how many calories this bitch is absorbing per meal, but are we just going to let it pass that this has gone beyond whatever semblance of "asking for tips for sex work" it used to be and become full-blown panhandling!?
jesus christ shay, even if you can't/won't pay for your own coffee, WAY to sound like a hobo begging for pennies to buy a warm beverage

No. 1045221

Always setting herself up yo fail. Just do it. Dont announce it. It's like with her diet and everything else. She just looks really dumb when she doesnt follow through. Just do the thing and people will see the results. You'd have to be a person who is very committed to working and keeping schedules to do vids back to back like that.

I know her vids are 1 take garbo and shit tier editing, but that still takes time. In between her stuffing her face and getting stoned off her gourd. Even doing 1 vid a week consistently would be a stretch for her. Shes so unrealistic with her pathetic goals.

So get your Shay's Excuses Not To Work bingo cards out everyone!

No. 1045225

Nah she's always failed at the bratty "give me monies because I'm so spoiled and deserve it" shtick. Surprised she hasnt asked for "reimbursement" for a while. Because it's not even an act. She sees some retarded orbiter or coomer will half the time, so she tries it every time. Honestly when you have no dignity, cant really blame it. What does she lose by asking really? If shes lucky an enabler will come through. If not, she was already spending the money anyway.

But as with literally all she does, yeah theres a better, classier, and/or sexier way. But shes lazy and delusional.

No. 1045228

"I just realized if I work I make money tee-hee" Holy cow she is so STUPID. PSAs should be made using her social media posts as evidence of the dangers of heavy pot use before your brain is done developing.

No. 1045235

File: 1601063892090.jpeg (337.77 KB, 1242x945, CD410AD0-4895-4966-80A9-981E4C…)

Why does this bitch always accuse people of staring at her? She’s delusional

No. 1045242

I've worn shirts with dumb sayings on them and no one "stares," they read and laugh or ignore it. A glance = STARES from EVERYONE in the dog park, and now she's going to fuck your dad behind a tree while Noodle and Spot wrestle.

No. 1045243

I personally try not to gawk at the crazy white trash and stupid looking people, but you always end up glancing. They draw attention to themselves intentionally or not. I'm sure the person wasnt straight up staring and not just because of the shitty printed shirt. And that's assuming this even happened and shes not making it up to mention the retarded shirt again and another "omg someone was totally staring at me in public because I'm such an icon" stories.

No. 1045245

Basically this lmao
Another super exaggerated story that either didn't happen or was so mundane yet she acts like it was the event of the day.

No. 1045249

File: 1601065055819.jpg (137.71 KB, 1080x516, Screenshot_20200925-151853_Twi…)

How many times is she going to post this?

No. 1045252

A quote from her to Fupa's daughters kek

No. 1045257

one of her ideas better be the bounty hunter. i was so ready to laugh at that one.

No. 1045272

this sounds like she wants to fuck her dad. everything she says and does is beyond tone-deaf.

No. 1045276

File: 1601067527290.png (701.57 KB, 1080x1365, shay-wideload.png)

No. 1045278

File: 1601067641948.png (692.74 KB, 1080x1365, shay-wdl-tpl.png)

Text removed version for anyone else that wants to come up with something.

No. 1045279

i am deceased

No. 1045299

File: 1601071571713.gif (3.08 MB, 480x270, source.gif)

Her begging for literal change always reminds me of this South Park episode

No. 1045300

Considering the porn she just put out…

No. 1045303

I mean yes but unfortunately it's not any more fucked up than what's on the front page of pornhub

No. 1045306

File: 1601072325782.jpg (69.18 KB, 1024x527, EiyoFt7XcAAP1mv.jpg)

wish she'd beg her orbiters for money for a toothbrush

No. 1045307

unpopular opinion maybe, but dark hair is more flattering for her (obvs it’s photoshopped to hell as well but)

No. 1045308

i think she looks like tommy wiseau

No. 1045317

These two next to each other made me lose my mind kek

No. 1045323

Tommy Wiseau is a better actor and tbh would rather see naked kek

No. 1045325

I dont think its the hair colour, just the fact its not a nasty rats nest per usual. Some very basic hygiene skills would help her alot.

No. 1045331

File: 1601075302408.jpg (311.19 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20200925-180916_Twi…)

This sounds like an absolute horror show

No. 1045335

Her poor bumhole. It's tryna recover from the trauma and she abuses it some more.

No. 1045338

File: 1601076241545.gif (8.73 MB, 922x517, tw.gif)

Don't slander Tommy like that.

Also fwiw she looks best with (washed) brunette hair. Black and blonde are both way too harsh on her, and the garbage quality wigs only make it worse.

No. 1045342

Tbh, super insecure people tend to think everyone is staring at them. It's basically delusional Shayna trying to make her severe insecurity seem like confidence even though she just looks like a dumbass.

No. 1045378

File: 1601082613940.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1669, Screenshot_20200925-211046.png)

I will never be able to understand why she starts out videos like this. It's so awkward and weird like she's hosting a bad talk show or something.


No. 1045380

File: 1601082861002.png (Spoiler Image, 928.85 KB, 2048x872, Screenshot_20200925-211325.png)

No. 1045381

the extremely horribly made shirt with lazy ink splattered all over, love how she's wearing it all day, at the dog park and now in a video kek. it's so typical trashy lazy shayna style

No. 1045382

File: 1601082897561.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 2048x1746, Screenshot_20200925-211445.png)

They all look the same.

No. 1045383

Yeah, I like her real hair if she would just take care of it. Most people are flattered by their natural hair color, nature knows what it's doing. She could have such pretty curls if she put a modicum of effort in.

No. 1045391


this is the hardest i've ever laughed at shayna. from the neck down she looks like a fat baby getting a diaper change and her face looks like a cracked out tranny

No. 1045393

File: 1601084287249.jpg (116.81 KB, 1080x305, Screenshot_20200925-203908_Sam…)

Why does she constantly fuck herself with butt plugs. What makes her think that's how they work?

No. 1045394

File: 1601084343406.jpg (103.75 KB, 1080x297, Screenshot_20200925-204017_Sam…)

What's with all the count downs in her videos lately?

No. 1045396

looks like a fat old trooned out tommy wiseau after also doing crack for 5 months

No. 1045398

some anon said it’s a fetish i guess. you know how she latches onto something and has to incorporate it into everything.

No. 1045412

File: 1601085590931.jpeg (267.18 KB, 1057x1336, 5170F51D-0594-4819-B7BE-4DCEC4…)

No. 1045417

File: 1601086048961.jpeg (147.59 KB, 750x955, 1E94301B-CECE-4033-B756-A2F9CD…)

No. 1045418

ah, thank you for the education. with her the funny thing is that she doesn't cum and so when she gets to one there's nothing and i'm like, that's it lol.

love it. if for some reason a person actually bought the shirt, how would anyone know it's supposed to be related to or promoting shay?

No. 1045427

File: 1601086656851.gif (6.68 MB, 640x566, 405622B7-22AC-435C-A9E9-F2F621…)

This made me laugh way too hard

Yea it’s the weirdest fucking thing about Shay imo. It’s the most bizarre shit.

No. 1045429

She looks just like momokun in the black wig.

No. 1045432


ngl I immediately thought of shay

No. 1045435

PLEASE next thread pic

No. 1045442

Seconded!!! I love this. Thank you Anon

No. 1045454

anons i opened this thread in public and accidentally clicked a thumbnail of a video of shayna screaming moaning and i cant stop fucking thinking about it sage for blogpost

No. 1045461

File: 1601091288166.jpeg (23.34 KB, 512x288, A9DF13BC-E9E5-44BD-A18E-BAA33D…)

Kek did anyone hear it or stare? That’s so funny. Sorry that happened

No. 1045464

File: 1601092294919.jpeg (80.07 KB, 500x362, CD7826BF-92C6-4B53-AC8E-2344BE…)

sorry anon I can’t stop laughing

best not to open shay threads in public or accidentally click on gapingbutthole.jpg

No. 1045474

it’s an honest fear that i have when watching shayna’s vid previews, etc that one of my roommates is gonna walk in and think i’m watching porn in broad daylight

No. 1045477

Hahahahaha dear lord

No. 1045500

File: 1601100190194.png (755.32 KB, 1080x1365, hhass.png)

No. 1045510

Omg anon

No. 1045513

bobby hill body, hank hill ass.

No. 1045556

looking at this i wonder if the dentist appointment was for fixing her chipped tooth?

No. 1045584

Nah she definitely would’ve just needed fillings
Also if she wanted to fix her fugly teeth she should’ve got some form of braces or invisalign, braces would fit her dumbass “fetishes” too

No. 1045602

Imagine how fucking disgusting they'd get.. braces don't fit her fetish, anon, she doesn't have one, she'd only want them if fupa suddenly showed interest selectively in them

No. 1045633

Having to explain watching Shayna’s porn would be a nightmare kek

No. 1045672

kek at this point shay should consider soliciting an anon's services. every attempt at merch since that collab with the "stay petty" person from last year has been pitiful

No. 1045732

File: 1601142648937.png (Spoiler Image, 501.57 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20200926-135100~2.p…)

No. 1045736

File: 1601142989396.jpeg (135.23 KB, 1242x1154, A3AA485A-ACEB-45FE-9235-0697C3…)

No. 1045737

File: 1601142997326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.01 KB, 800x800, store_1544847761.jpg)

This was her just about a year 1/2 ago. Can someone explain wtf happened to her vagina to make it look the way it does now? Because you can clearly tell it never used to look like that. Her slit is like somehow higher up now and her pubic mound is huge, and now it looks like her lips are permanently spread apart. It's weird.

Tbh if I used to look like this though I'd just remove myself from the internet all together. She must have no shame to continue making porn looking how she does now.

No. 1045738

Not again with the vagina sperging jfc

No. 1045740

she’s just posing anon. if you stop newfagging for 5 seconds and go back further to her pro shoots you’ll see that her vag looks the same as it has for a while. she’s also 50+ lbs bigger than the pic you linked and shit just starts looking different when you put weight on that fast.

some of y’all really out here with a microscope on shay’s pussy and i’m praying for you.

No. 1045758

>Some of ya'll really out here with a microscope on shay's pussy and I'm praying for you

I vote next thread title

No. 1045775

she looks like shit now compared to before but as long as people keep enabling and encouraging her she’s gonna keep being delusional thinking she looks good she doesn’t even look like the same person anymore. Based on her diet and body type I predict she doubles in size within 2 years

No. 1045787

File: 1601150628980.jpeg (170.56 KB, 1241x1349, 34808B9F-FCDB-4A94-A023-313219…)

Bitch when isnt it your day off? You do this everyday

No. 1045790

Is this suppose to be attractive to her costumers? I don't get why she always has to tell everyone when she is being lazy.

No. 1045799

She can’t even find something interesting to do on her “day off”…she smokes and drinks every day. Nobody finds that interesting. It’s a little sad that she posts it like it’s an interesting event to her, though. What do you guys think she does in her downtime? She doesn’t even seem to have a normie hobby…she doesn’t seem to like movies or music or tv or anything. Does she really just sit on the couch and drink all day like an alcoholic dad?

No. 1045807

IMO, she just gained weight, and has shitty fat distribution genetics.
It's the same process by which fat men loose some of their length, because the fat in the pubic mound starts swallowing their dick. Her vagina has the same basic shape. Her pubic mound got fatter and the indentation where the start of her slit pulls the flesh down makes it look like her slit starts further up from some angles.