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File: 1593587275949.png (427.89 KB, 486x692, 1593585425629.png)

No. 1000276

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>988449

>got dumped and got back AGAIN with her bf ALL within the span of 13 days before the Great Fupa Reveal >>988453 >>988456 >>988458

>during this time, Shayna threatened to stop taking her psych medication even though it was a dealbreaker for her bf Fupa >>988512 >>988609
>refused meds and used ~mental health~ to manipulate Fupa into taking her back >>989310 >>989302 >>989301
>more emotional blackmail >>989312 >>989311
Then the Goddess saw that farmers were good and said "Let there be cream"
>Shayna admits publicly on Twitter that she HAS INDEED BEEN ON AND OFF DATING KYLE NATHAN PERKINS all along; tinfoil anons rejoice. >>999248 >>999251
>Accuses Kyle Fupa Perkins of being abusive, isolating her and making her pay rents on two separate places. Says she needed to tell the truth to "move on".
>Quickly baleeted the statements, presumably it pissed off Kyle Perkins since their sekrit relationship violates Kyle's kids visitation agreement.
>He broke up with her ass; Shayna copes by """overdosing""" on anxiety meds >>999552 . Attempted to check into an inpatient facility; upset when said facility does not make a special exception for Princess Shayna Luther King Clifford to keep her cellphone.
>More ~overdosing~ and suicide baiting on main, all crytyping falls on deaf Fupa ears. >>999935 >>999914 >>999908
>A couple hours later, Shayna is supposedly going to inpatient after all, but not before extorting people of pity money >>1000042 . What about Noodle and Ribmeat? Literally who knows.

Less excitingly,
>claimed to have made some friends >>988659 , still complains about having no one to talk to
>wants to break lease and move to LA >>998565 >>998568
>made ass pimple popping porn >>992921
>E-begged a car for her birthday, raised $200 >>996567 >>988543
>turned 23, bragged about rich-bitch birthday at some fried chicken restaurant, night in sponsored by Ubereats and White Claws >>996635 >>996185
>more virtuesignaling about BLM and defending pedoshit >>989702 >>991795 >>989788
>continues to be a sad alcoholic fat bitch, SNAFU

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No. 1000283

Thank you for the great thread anon, excited to watch the milk flow

No. 1000324

Beautiful OP. Just…beautiful.

No. 1000326

File: 1593601382700.gif (9.14 MB, 300x169, wwesupermarket.gif)

I leave this thread for a few days because it was stale and come back to the best milk all year. I knew it was Fupa! Too many coincidences from both their dumbasses. Nice job on the new thread OP anon. May this thread be extra, extra milky and flow nonstop. Cheers!

No. 1000331

Ohhhh IIII'm dreaming of a whiiiite Milkmas
With every lolcow post I wriiiite
"May your threads be merry and bright
And may all your Milkmases be whiiiiite"

No. 1000335

File: 1593602968499.jpeg (188.35 KB, 1242x939, 1593592747457.jpeg)

no idea why the anon put this in the other thread when this was already created so i'm reposting it here.

No. 1000342

File: 1593604498128.jpeg (127.8 KB, 640x649, 1A15387C-EE77-42E1-A129-F79F36…)

god I want Kyle Nathan Perkins to fucking share the vids while Shayna is inpatient. It’s going to be boring if she stays for a week.

Tinfoil; what if she actually has an epiphany during inpatient realizes she’s been a delusional addict and moves back home and ceases sex work.

That being said, Kyle we need those vids as a last hoorah.

No. 1000345

I fucking hope she does, I'm sick of being addicted to her antics.

No. 1000360

I don’t understand why some anons were saying they feel bad for her. She has constantly rejected or screwed up when someone extends support to her. She couldn’t hack it in Seattle, or in Colorado, and now in Oklahoma. If this bitch is actually inpatient, hopefully she’ll realize she is the issue of all of her problems and moving away is not going to solve anything.

No. 1000367

Imagine Shay during group therapy sessions. Telling people their feelings are wrong and how to deal with that

No. 1000368

How do we even know she's for sure going? She could be lieing and be off her social media to make it look like she is

No. 1000373

Regardless of whether or not all of this is her fault (it 100% is), I said that I do feel a twinge of empathy for someone who lost the only relationship that mattered to her. Fupa was the only person giving her any emotional and physical validation for years. Online orbiters aren't the same.

She needs actual help, though. As you mention, Shayna has managed to make every wrong decision possible. She needs to completely reevaluate her life and come to terms with the fact that she isn't the victim in all of this: she's the cause of her own problems. Always. What a sad fucking existence.

I guess we can't know. Only time will tell. I'm not holding my breath, but she clearly needs to go.

No. 1000376


I just thought about this, too.
I think Shay would say she is done with social media, I don’t think she’s smart enough to bait ppl into tipping her while she’s inpatient for like a week. She could not stay away from validation that long.
In her mind the attention she’s getting from inpatient will probably suffice. Its all speculation we won’t know until we know.

No. 1000378

i honestly don’t know if shay would be capable of having access to her phone without saying some dumb shit on twitter or in her discord hugbox. it’s just another addiction for her

No. 1000393

same, she chose to be with him and not have any friends, and while it may suck to have a relationship end, what kind was it where she had to be a secret. she's just trying to manipulate sympathy as usual; i remember a time where she asked for money to go to a therapist or something and then once she had it she was fine.

like, i'm trying to understand what exactly she thought was going to happen from the twitter reveal. did she believe he'd just be like 'oh, i'll claim you publicly.' two weeks ago she posted that her "heart was hurting so much" b/c they broke up and here we are again.

No. 1000411

her tweet has 42 likes and she has 45k followers. Not even 1 in 1000 of her followers can toss her a like. if she's using it for sympathy bait, it clearly doesn't work

No. 1000414

A day of inpatient is ~2,000 bucks. What money is she doing this with, her rent money? I genuinely just don’t buy that she’s going. She begs for money to Uber and buy drinks and simple things all the time, there’s no way she squirreled away enough for this.

No. 1000418

11 whole comments. Most from scrotes. So sad.

No. 1000420

she's still on her parents' insurance, if she goes to a hospital that accepts that insurance it could be a lot cheaper.

She's absolutely going to call her dad from the hospital. I wonder if he'll offer to pay it for her, and I wonder if one of his conditions will be that she has to move home.

No. 1000422

she may still be under her parents' insurance assuming they have some and are still paying to cover her. Otherwise she may have obamacare, granted I'm not sure if it covers this. Insurance plans that covers mental health are stupid expensive

No. 1000436

But she’s got like 700 likes on her free nudes. Clearly they care so much about her failing mental health and overdosing lol. I don’t know why she floods (her work)twitter with her personal bullshit except to hand feed us daily skim milk.

No. 1000437

Not really a necessary addition, more for my own curiosity, but does anyone remember how many rooms the first place had? Since baby momma mentioned there only being one bedroom available for the kids, I’m trying to figure out if Shayna shacked up in a bedroom that would have been available to them thus leaving one room open, or if she took over the only other existing bedroom?

No. 1000440

Her shitty apartment she was in after the Fupa Mansion was the 1 bedroom apartment. I doubt he would have brought his kids there since Shay nailed dildo’s on the wall. I think the one bedroom apartment was theoretical in their conversation.

No. 1000453

Yeah I think she was talking about something that had been brought up in a discussion on where he's moving to now or where he did move to. The house they had was like four or five bedrooms I don't remember exactly.

No. 1000511

title should've been "Overdosing on Fupa"
Again, this is a big win for Team Fupa Foilers.
We were right along.

Remember the button up? Remember the movie?

I do wonder if Shayna found some random guy and sucked his dick, or when her and Fupa broke up and she was talking about "Uncut Cock" was she trying to rub that in fupa's face?

No. 1000523

File: 1593629729062.gif (1.73 MB, 327x327, eugh.gif)


No. 1000526

LMAO knowing this was Fupa now, I feel so dumb saying in previous threads how this dude is just being manipulated and abused by Shay. I mean regardless, her behavior is manipulative and horrible no matter who it’s towards, but just knowing it’s not some random, new, naive chump changes things a bit.

No. 1000562

With his dainty ladies driving gloves.

No. 1000574

Omg this hahahaha. I was one of the anons saying that, too!
Fuck you Kyle Perkins
I mean I guess occasionally it could've been a rando having to put up with her manipulation. But maybe safe to say "Daddy" was codeword for fupa. Which is still so fucking gross.

No. 1000599

i always knew shatna couldn't get any other guy to pretend to be her boyfriend kek.

No. 1000632

I don’t even care that milk will be slow for awhile, that last thread was fucking fantastic. Best thing since Kyle Nathan Perkins got doxxed. I wonder how long she’ll last in inpatient.

No. 1000635

I know her thread is going to be slow since she doesn’t have her phone….sucks since the milk was creamy.

Anyone in her discord? Are her orbiters saying anything ? If she actually is in inpatient, she must be going crazy without substances. Honestly, it’ll do her some good to clear her brain and body of alcohol and weed.

I wonder if she’s pretending to go because someone close to her threatened to call the police on her and she’d really have to go. She went from “I’m not going cause my phone and my dog uwu” and then bam “ok I’m going byeeee send me money”

No. 1000637

Tinfoil, but I think the reason she was so pissy about her phone is because that Mia chick she worked with in the past is in a detox center and they're letting her keep her phone. Sad thing is that Mia girl has been thriving on sales, but Shay has only gotten one since she made her post…

No. 1000638

who knows? maybe Fupa told her ass to go or he'd never talk to her again.
If she's doing this shit JUST because she went to far with Fupa thats a damn shame. I can think of ten different things (including this place) that'd be a reason for her to want to get help.
I want her to get help and be okay, but because she wants too. She can do other things, she can get attention for other things, I just truly think she's lazy, she's stuck on going viral and feels she put to much into sex work to back out.

She has to prove us wrong, but even if by some luck of the gods, she makes it big, it's lonely at the top.
More people will be waiting for her to fall.

No. 1000639

I'm also sure she'll be like, "I noticed when I was going through the worst part of my life, so many people who I thought cared weren't there"
Aka the people on twitter, she may even have a "My mom said something mean to me!" story.

No. 1000645

Mia is in a special detox/rehab center, specifically for drug and alcohol use. Depending on the severity they usually allow patients to have their phone, or access to it for a certain amount of time. Sometimes it's given as a privilege after successful detox.

Specialized rehab/detox centers for drug and alcohol tend to have different rules than your normal behavioral health hospital. Local mental health wards in hospitals have even stricter rules. I'd bet anything she's not going inpatient, and if she is she's most likely going to a behavioral health center with her parents insurance. She wouldn't last 2 hours in a real mental ward.

No. 1000655

I can imagine her like "Hi, I'm THE Dolly Mattel. And I'm here because my tumblr boyfriend broke up with me"

No. 1000670

File: 1593640937734.gif (1.58 MB, 275x275, 423D2B71-E7F2-4630-8919-80B121…)

No. 1000673

The trying to be an edgy daddy dom while simultaneously wearing an autistic ass Transformers shirt is what really sends me over everytime I see this gif

No. 1000674

I always found this funny because Fupa looks like a FTM with his lady driving gloves trying to be scary, and his shirt says "Trans" (i know the Formers part is cut out but it's still a kek to me)

No. 1000677

Fucking cursed gif. Makes me gag every time

No. 1000678

It's still really hard to believe he's not a trans man

No. 1000689

Every FUCKING time, mods please allow fupa reposts while Shay is mia

No. 1000691

File: 1593642915116.jpeg (229.37 KB, 828x1424, B3FF1413-D846-4A5C-BE93-5E5855…)

No. 1000693

cannot wait to see how this plays out. she'll probably go into a rage as soon as they remotely question her ~glamorous sex werker lifestyle~

No. 1000697

imagine being a psych patient at the facility and this flabby overgrown toddler comes in talking about how Daddy won't take her back so she's been overdosing on Kalms and gummy vitamins for days, not wearing any underwear and squeezed into clothes that haven't fit her since last year, swinging her ratty ponytail weave around. the smell alone would be enough to traumatise you.

No. 1000699

I cannot deal with how she writes butt stuff. Buttstuff :) ButtStuff :)))) WHY is it all one word?

No. 1000705

This is great. Last thread was amazing lol.

No. 1000707

File: 1593643948953.png (778.82 KB, 522x920, 50B28D80-FD54-418B-8B9C-3F130B…)

Ok I know this is not a popular opinion but Fupa definitely fucked this girl up. I’ve had a few opinions about Shay but never shared them because it’s like crazy as fuck in this thread. First of all Shay is hella young, young and dumb and still has time to change. We no not know if she had an abusive childhood and I hate y’all that say that because she wasn’t poor that it wasn’t abuse? Rich white republicans can be abusive. I don’t know about you, but I dont think sane, normal people get into ddlg so that to me shows me she’s fucked up. Fupa is a whole grown as man with a million kids and y’all wanna act like him and Shay are the same? Gtfo of here with that. Yea she’s dumb, immature, makes BAD decisions but this old asshole preyed on a young, dumb girl for idk to feel cool? He’s 100% disgusting and that’s proven with how he treats his ex and children. This man is the real villain and further stunted ANY growth Shay could ever make. She is HEAVILY dependent on him and it fucking sucks, this happens to a lot of young girls, and it will make your mental illness worse if your partner is some old loser like Kyle. I feel like Shay has never had not one positive role model in her life and that is very obvious. Does she suicide bait a lot? Yes. Do people kill themselves over breakups? Yep. I think Shay is a lot more fragile than she wants to be perceived at, and she does sound like she has bbp honestly which fucking sucks. She obviously can’t do this on her own but realistically what are her choices? Going back to Massachusetts? Also ps kyles baby momma, stop trying to force your loser ex into being there for your kids. You had MULTIPLE children with this man and act all surprised when he’s a deadbeat, my guess is he always was. Your children will be better off without his drama, as for making him hide his relationship from you? Grow up. You’re not his momma or his wife anymore, let the man self destruct and be with whoever he wants to be with. My guess is Shay has nothing to do with him being a shitty sad so stop trying to put it on that, hold HIM accountable. Ok another thing is the obvious physical downfall of Shay, the most physical manifestation of this whole debacle…. people don’t gain that much weight because they’re happy. It’s always been obvious she wanted to be ‘thicc’ for Fupa and it’s obvious she’s miserable because of it. She ruined her body and eating habits for some broke ass ugly ass deadbeat dad. I hope she’s inpatient. I hope it’s a breakthrough. I hope it changes her life. I’d much rather watch the dumb pink Barbie bimbo make a fool out of herself than what she’s turned into. She should quit drinking. Break up with Fupa. Lose the weight. Move to California (doesn’t have to be LA), go blonde, find some cute girl-friends and just have fun. She’s young, she should be having fun, making memories. Anyway ok that’s all I wanted to say lol

No. 1000708

"made the whole inpatient ward smell like pussy within 10 mins tehe"

No. 1000710

fupa's clearly an asshole but so is she. there comes a point with making the same mistakes over and over again where you can't keep blaming it on your mental illness, your parents, your fupa trooper boyfriend, your drug and alcohol dependencies, everyone "cancelling" you, your past mistakes… she's an adult, it's her responsibility to learn from things and do better instead of repeating the same tired shit and making herself miserable while screeching about how she's thriving.

No. 1000713

I haven't read this thread for a while but wow, what a plot twist. I have to agree with the anon above that blames Kyle for Shay's nosedive. Being kept a secret for years would certainly do a number on your self-esteem, though I understand why his ex-wife would want that for the sake of their children.

No. 1000715

She’s BARELY an adult. Some people turn 18 and can go to college have 1 drink a week, have a normal relationship, get a real job… some people self destruct in their 20’s, Shay is one of those people. She has time to figure it out. All of this bullshit WILL be something she can look back at and be like ‘ fuck I’m so glad I’m not like that anymore’ Idk I mean she’s very unlikable but she’s not even 25. If she was 30 I’d be like OK this bitch is bonkers, but ya I think she still has time to grow but I also know lolcow is very unrealistic about what people should be doing at certain ages

No. 1000716

Shayna is going to focus on Fupa, her mom, and this place, she'll brush over sex work and try to make it seem like it's so positive and the only down things is "Mean gurlz" and "Lolcow".

She's not going to dig deep into anything she needs too trust me

No. 1000717

I literally stopped reading when you insinuated she had an abusive childhood. At least read the threads.

No. 1000720

She could have left. You people act like he hid her from the world or something. She chose to stay with him. She was a wreck before him and continued her downward spiral.

No. 1000722

Doesn't mean her shitty life should be blamed on other people. She's an awful person who pushes everyone away and clings to the things she wants most, that give her that happy rush for 2 seconds. Drugs, alcohol, her terrible relationship, and easy money from sex work are all those things and ALL HER CHOICES. she could have gone back with her parents and left Fupa a long time ago!

No. 1000724

then what are you doing here? Idk if you've noticed but this isn't a Shayna Clifford support group

No. 1000725

The fact you start going off on his baby mom lost me. SHAYNA'S mad she's a secret, the baby mom just wants to know who her kids is around.

And who blamed Shayna for making Fupa a bad father? This comes off as a orbiter trying to blame everyone but Shayna for her own life choices.

No. 1000727

If more happened in Shayna's childhood we'd know by now, she didn't have this horribly abusive childhood because her parents are abusive repubs and "rich" (which they aren't).

And no normal people DONT get into DDLG, but Shayna 100% got into it for ATTENtioN. Not because she's this abused poor little girl, not because she's so mentally broken, nope ATTENTION.
She was agasint DDLG in the beginning but that changed when she realized she could get attention.
I see is a bunch of excuses, Suicide Baiting is wrong, period. I don't care how many people does it, I don't care who it's beening done to.
Being "young" is not an excuse, she's an adult. Stop making excuses, she knows better.

No. 1000728

>Shayna is dumb and young any mistake she makes isn't truly her fault she can learn!!1!!
>Fupa's baby momma is in the wrong because she wants Fupa to be there for his kids and wants to know who her kids are gonna be around

I can tell from this alone you're a camwhore/camwhore in training who's obsessed with Male attention and that you see yourself in Shayna lmaoo Why else would you come for a woman who only tries to do what's best for her kids and actually try to co-parent?

No. 1000730

right? I kek'd at
>>as for making him hide his relationship from you? Grow up. You’re not his momma or his wife anymore, let the man self destruct and be with whoever he wants to be with

Sounds like exactly something a orbiter would say, "how dare you care about who he has around your kids! Your not his momma or his wife anymore!!"
and the fact they said She made Fupa hide the relationship is hilarious.
No actually, someone from here exposed the whole thing, FUPA was lying to his wife about who Shayna was.
Fupa lied about what she was doing for a living, until someone told his ex-wife the truth.

Trying so hard to cape for Shayna but don't even know the lore.

No. 1000732

and if Fupa dated normal people and was a good dad, he wouldn't have to hide shit. He chose to do all that gross shit with Shayna publicly.

No. 1000734

Since this thread is a whiteknighting and infighting shitfest i'm changing the subject

Do you all think she could be whoring IRL? In the last thread she retweeted something about being a sexworker but having aversion to body fluids was hard. Why would it be if she does low quality "cumshows" while being dry like the desert.

No. 1000738

File: 1593646473092.gif (126.39 KB, 220x123, 33268F7E-8303-485C-938C-197A75…)

Oh honey, no. I can tell you’re young and see yourself in Shay. But no. Baby momma is doing everything right. Shay is an ADULT, even tho she wishes she wasn’t.

Just so much wrong in this ball-sucking essay I’m just not even going to touch it more.

No. 1000741

Based on the drug dependency it is possible, but as other anon's have pointed out she would be bragging about the fact she was doing it

No. 1000750

I don't think so; I agree with this anon: >>1000741

She would follow the PnP route and talk about her ~ clients ~ or ~ daddies ~ all the time on Twitter if she were really whoring.

No. 1000752

“ur dad paid the copay for my mental health clinic intake”

No. 1000755

Hi shay.(hi cow)

No. 1000757

As someone who grew up knowing my dad was involved with prostitutes, I understand why she would want to keep her children away from him and Shayna. It is harmful. She has two teenage boys and a young girl. I can respect her for not wanting her children exposed to sex work and DDLG shit. It's absolutely fucked up that one of her sons could google Shay's name and find her threads filled with all the degrading and humiliating porn she's made over the years.

Didn't she used to meet up with old men she met on tumblr? I doubt she does it now though. With all her complaining about not being able to make friends in Tulsa I'm starting to think that what she does online is public knowledge. With the Fupa reveal, it would sense that if people know what's like, then they could be taking the side of Fupa's ex and shunning her.

No. 1000769

Especially because Shay and Fupa were living together and the children would be visiting a house with weed smoke, booze and piss smells, and a cat that probably doesn't like children. not to mention Shay herself. I understand a mom not being comfortable with that kind of influence on her kids, in addition to the creepiness of your ex husband moving in this 20yo sex worker who he clearly doesn't respect. just weird vibes for children

No. 1000777

Exactly. The full extent of her abuse was being forced to babysit and lying about a high school rape. Her DDLG pedoshit was 100% pornsickness from being on tumblr.
Fucking newfags.

No. 1000779

god this still kills me

No. 1000791


You sound fucking retarded lol. Shatna is just reaping what she’s sowed at this point and I am definitely here for it. I don’t even think this is rock bottom for her. I 100% believe she’s gonna come out of this being an even bigger cow than before kek

No. 1000794

shay actually acts like she was molested repeatedly as a child imo but it's whatever. no one cared about why julie terryberry acted like a fuckup, they just made fun of her for being a fuckup. this thread is the same and my suggestion is that if it makes you feel bad, don't look at it.

No. 1000802

File: 1593650590591.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 396.71 KB, 2048x2048, 386F8AE2-3048-4BFB-935B-35B3EC…)

Wow such a sex icon truly thriving kek

No. 1000816

File: 1593651697112.png (207.32 KB, 540x509, 03434B26-1E02-4D01-BCE8-61F397…)

>pic related, it’s Shayna

There is nothing redeemable about shay kek fupa is gross but that in itself says loads about shay… all my years of laughing at shay I’ve never felt an ounce of sympathy for her: because she’s a vapid, stupid, delusional clown. You wks have to be her like 3 Twitter stans, naive and young smh
Shayna is going to be one of those cows we can point and laugh at until she’s Raven Spark’s age. People like Shayna don’t change, that’s why she desperately wants to be famous because even she knows there’s nothing inside her, and if she “gets famous” that’ll prove to her that she is an interesting individual .

TL;DR I just want to see the damn drunk videos of her acting a fool and for the WKs to go back to sexwork Twitter.

No. 1000821

It should be illegal for a sex worker to be this bad at blowjobs

No. 1000824

her wks are also forgetting that she's a narcissistic other-women hating nasty bully. it's not like she's a nice uwu person otherwise, she's just so unpleasant and has been a huge cunt since her high school days.

No. 1000840

Kek. All those followers and only 13 likes

No. 1000852

What are the chances that Shayna actually learns from this? Could she turn this around or does it only become more of a train wreck from here? Predictions?

No. 1000855


She’ll probably come out, act redeemed for a few days, then get back on the weed and alcohol and it’ll be like she never even went. Probably get back with fupa a few more times for good measure.

No. 1000858

Or she leaves the second withdrawals set in and blames the clinic for "making her react so badly she puked"
I hope the place tests for covid before admitting people at the very least

No. 1000860

Depending on how bad her alcoholism is, she might be sedated with benzos because delirium tremens can be dangerous.

No. 1000867

I hope she learns from it but realistically she’ll probably fall deeper into a pit of bullshit than before. And the ironic shit of all of this was now she’ll actually have some legit trauma instead of just ~my parents made me babysit, her relationship with men is going to become even worse, same with her relationship for women since the baby daddy was the reason her and fupa couldn’t be together, becoming a full blown alcoholic and having severe attachment issues.

Of course this will all become part of her victim persona, so she’ll only become more of a cow

No. 1000870

I wish she'd learn but nah. I'm telling yall this was probably something fupa told her to do, or she threatened to do and Fupa said, "Get help, I won't talk to you if you don't do it" so she's stuck.
When she gets out, she'll have some touchingstory to tell, full of high highs and low lows.
She'll be fake positive and do a "While there I met so many people who had it worst them me Uwu"

Then she'll wait a day and then be posting call outs, "Some girls need 2 understand that this is not easy…" and "OMG, I almost forgot to take my pills and Daddy told me "Swallow them like you swallow me!!"
Then maybe a few days or next week she'll be breaking up and down with fupa.

Unless Fupa is tryly done and I think that may be the only way Shayna will make a change somewhat.
but I seriously doubt he's gone.

No. 1000871

"truly done". Sorry for this hard to read post.

No. 1000881

>swallow them like you swallow me
my sides anon

No. 1000884

god wouldnt it be something if she came out and decided to quit selling whack ass nudes online and started cleaning up her life

No. 1000889

fully a tinfoil but i'm going to hope that her parents get involved–they're going to see it if she's still on their insurance.

No. 1000895

I so want this too anon. But I honestly don't think that will happen

No. 1000903

Agreed! Imagine the milk if they made her go home

No. 1000907

I can see Shay keeping her hospital bracelet to "flex" on twitter with it and make psych ward porn

No. 1000909

Ooooh good point anon. I keep forgetting how young she is. A stay in the loony bin is the perfect ammo fir her mom to get her stupid ass back home.

I could see Mama Clifford pulling a "Shayna, if you were thriving you wouldn't be racking up thousands of dollars of mental health medical bills to be covered by MY insurance because you're soooo depressed. Get your ass offline and come home or you can pay for your own insurance from now on."

No. 1000913

>In the last thread she retweeted something about being a sexworker but having aversion to body fluids was hard.

I think the other girl was talking about how she gets *sooo many requests~* from guys who want to do scenes with her. I guess Shayna just wanted to act as if she got that too. And because she did that facial once she totally gets the struggle.

Other than the other anons I don’t think she‘d brag about genuine whoring though. If she was doing escort work and taken to fancy restaurants, then yes she‘d definitely brag about that. But I don’t think she‘d brag (or even complain publicly) about having to whore for money to pay rent.

I don’t even have a dick but seeing those teeth hurts me just from looking at it.

No. 1000929

>Minty darling
KEK the girl who's nudes Belle stole and sold as her own interacts with Shay?! Small fucking world. Although she still follows Belle after the incident, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised?

No. 1000934

File: 1593678111823.gif (Spoiler Image, 84.59 KB, 275x207, 7B1A9B4D-9DBA-4FC7-9742-5DE840…)

Fupapa please post the video of Shayna being an abusive drunk.

No. 1000952

This might be a nitpick, but is it normal to do a bj on a dildo just… holding it like that and pushing it in while casually sitting on your sofa? I can't think of a less sexy and lazy way to do it, but maybe one needs to be more cultured to understand her art

No. 1000959

Well yeah I assume the point of a bj video is the hide the base so it looks like it’s attached to someone seeing as it’s a penis rather than just an object to deepthroat (not that she can do that anyway)

No. 1000965

File: 1593689347759.gif (499.86 KB, 500x282, SilkyCourteousArthropods-small…)

Me and every other farmer right now that only checked on Shay's thread only once every few days due to no milk

No. 1000982

why are we begging Kyle Nathan Perkins for anything srsly fuck that fat pig loser and shitty father.

No. 1000985

Because videos of Shayna drunkenly verbally abusing someone sounds kinda like it could be fun to watch?

No. 1000994

I’ll never get over the eyes rolling back in head gagging on half an inch of dildo face. Insane to me this is jerked off to by someone.

No. 1001002

he wasn't innocent but neither was she. he can give us his perspective of all the whack ass shit she did to him, all the "horrible things" she references having done but never explains that push him to dump her. it might be the milkiest thing that's ever happened in a Shay thread if we get behind-the-scenes information like that.

No. 1001012

If Shayna accuses him of abuse (which I see coming because as we know when he breaks up with her, she tries to hurt him and then immediately wants him back) he'll post it somewhere I'm certain.
Remember Fupa said "Everything they say about you online is right?" He lurks here.

No. 1001016

He can post videos, but his perspective is useless, come on. He's a cumbrain who chose Shayna over his kids and engaged in dd/lg shit with her when he has daughters. What's he going to say? Stupid shit defending himself. He's not going to tell the truth about their relationship, even to close friends. He's a gross coomer, stop simping for him.

No. 1001018

The last time he posted some snapchat videos about them from his perspective was just full of the same thinly veiled BS you described. No point with him.

No. 1001021

I wish farmhands would out his posts, he's obvious.

No. 1001026

i wish they'd out his AND hers because you know damn well she posts in here too

No. 1001035

Yeah. I'd actually love to know whether the meanest posts/videos are coming from Shayna herself–not to drum up sympathy but because of the humiliation fetish bs.

No. 1001040

Do you think he posts here? Which posts do you think are obviously him?

No. 1001051

There was at least one anon over the past few threads that would agressively try to shut down any fupa conversation because "tHeRe's nO miLk!" only occured to me now that that could be kyle nathan perkins himself kek

No. 1001073

Fupa is a pornsick ugly fuck that acts like a teenage girl. He uses women and discards them when they’re no longer useful. Even his OWN MOTHER talked about what a piece of shit father he is to his kids.

That being said, I still want to see those blackmail videos of Shay acting like a drunk abusive cunt. He’ll never post them because they will just give baby momma more ammo to take his kids away, especially if Shay was violent.

But, if his rights as a parent get stripped, I could see Fupa being the big POS he is and dropping them here cause what does he have to lose?

No. 1001185

After such a flood of milk, it's hard to have none while shes supposedly inpatient. But hopefully the gates will open again when shes back next week and we see if she learned anything or if shes goes right back to classic Shay kek.

No. 1001186

i guess she ended up finding the ultimate excuse not to complete her "schedule" this week kek

No. 1001195

Lmao you're right damn she really will find ANY excuse to not stick to her schedule. Even going to the mental hospital over a dude kek

No. 1001282

I guess when guilting didn't work, and suicide baiting didn't work, going into a mental hospital is the next step to keep your trashy man with you.

If this doesn't work for long, do you think Shay will fake a pregnancy?

No. 1001284

I pray she never goes that fucking low

No. 1001285

Tbh I truly don't think she actually went inpatient and is just seeing how much pity money people will send her.

She's probably watching the threads and getting wasted.

No. 1001295

Do you think anyone will send her anything? She usually brags about getting $20 so I want to be optimistic and say the most she'd get for all of this is $100 which is worth the price for seeing her squirm for days knowing she can read all the tweets and messages but can't actually post.

No. 1001296

I doubt that she'll get anything beyond pity donations from other sex workers. Her incel followers aren't going to care that their cheap wank material is having a nervous break down.

No. 1001298

Oh absolutely. From the trend of things 75% of the donations/tips she makes are from her female orbiters. She's despised in the SW community so aside from the ones kissing her ass no one will donate to her and the men following her won't pay a dime unless they get something in return.. and most of the time they don't even get that. It's a wonder she's not been banned from the camming sites before she quit them because guys would tip off her menu and she'd never give them what they paid for.

Scammy Mattel all day every day.

No. 1001345

> because guys would tip off her menu and she'd never give them what they paid for.

We dont know, but maybe some guys reported her. I was lucky to catch her on cam during that period when she almost stopped camming and it struck me that she would just receive a big tip for a video, while looking at her phone and chugging pink wine, and would respond with, "thanks, I guess, just add me on twitter I will send you the video". That was particularly bizarre because the guy would respond then "Eh sorry Dolly, but I don't have twitter". But she wouldnt even talk to him anymore or take notes of how to deliver to him… Ultimate scum. I will look if I have the screenshots of that, but yeah sorry it's old milk.

No. 1001351

File: 1593741927888.jpeg (119.08 KB, 750x742, BC6C892B-39F6-4CC2-8BD3-A2416D…)


Kyle Nathan Perkins I will pay for the videos of Shayna being an embarrassment

No. 1001378

I second this so hard. I'm sure a lot of us would donate money for the release of the video.. but that'd be too good to be true lol

No. 1001393

I would be literally be so willing to throw down a couple bucks in a pool fund to see this shit. Is it confirmed that it even exists?

No. 1001400

From what anon posted from baby mom’s FB, he recorded her “keeping his kids away from him”, and Shay claimed he filmed her acting a drunken fool a couple months ago. So it’s clearly something he does.

No. 1001418

File: 1593761771043.png (450.97 KB, 1080x1725, 1593531822965.png)

Any idea who she was referring to as her best friend of all time?

No. 1001421

Colleen more than likely. IIRC they used to sleep together/date for awhile before she left MA so this is interesting that she's framing it to be about her job if it is her.

No. 1001432

File: 1593770119857.jpeg (38.14 KB, 750x748, 3A7F38A0-AE0D-42E3-B1E5-5230D7…)

I‘m in. I neeeeed to see her drunk ass embarrass and harass people.

No. 1001463

Posting unsaged because all posts on this thread have been staged so far and people keep using the previous thread bc they cant find this one. Pls no ban

No. 1001483

let the retards be, this thread was linked there.

No. 1001492

If that’s the case then fupa is a bigger piece of shit than we thought. He can’t provide enough beds for his kids?? Harassed his wife? he’s beyond a pos how can shayna be so stupid

No. 1001496

i’m the cowtip anon who gave the info to fupa’s ex wife, and took a redtext for posting caps here. i felt kinda shitty for cowtipping and it did dry the milk up for a lil while but oh boy am i glad now that i alerted the mother of those poor children cuz the milk is now plentiful kek

i’m tempted to send baby momma the caps of shayna admitting to still seeing fupa all these years so that she doesn’t allow him to see the kids, resulting in a potential shay drunken spergout video release. but since that initial cowtip, i’ve been following the rules and i’ll let this evolve on its own.(nobody cares, don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 1001497

Do NOT cow tip, you absolute fucking retard. Shayna can dig her own grave without your “help.”

No. 1001500

hope you know you are just going to get redtexted again and hated by the entire thread tard. such a fucking attention whore.

No. 1001501

Can you please resist the urge to "help" and instead focus on doing something productive with your life? No offense, but seriously stop cowtipping, if you want to help them don't be so obvious.

No. 1001503

I’m very curious about how he slipped up and got his name his wife’s name and all his fuck ups put on blast. Who ever is responsible for that you’re doing the lords work lol

No. 1001510

Colleen was the tall girl, right?

No. 1001512

You guys stop cowtipping the ex for Christ's sake. Let it play out.

No. 1001513

Yeah they used to be best friends when she was living in Mass

No. 1001516

Also, stop using fupas kids and ex to see a clip of Shatna drunk. Not the way to go

No. 1001517

I was in the threads back then and that was some of the best milk shay has ever produced. Anon found his kik name was kpezzy or some shit like that. If you want to experience it for yourself he gets exposed here >>652539

No. 1001518

Holy fuck I completely missed that part of the thread he basically doxxed himself lol

No. 1001523

I'm reeling over the fact that this >>652476 was LAST YEAR.

she really let herself go, holy shit. What did she do to her body?

No. 1001527

technically it was 2018 and hasn't reached the 2 yr mark yet but still jarring nonetheless

No. 1001528

Yea because we’re all following the rules and saging our BS and tinfoiling. The new thread has been linked two or three times in the old thread.

Do we think she will emerge today? It’s been 72 hours right? Isn’t that the minimum?

Get help.

No. 1001529

ItS tHe MeDs anon!!
The meds and NOTHING ELSE. Duh.

No. 1001531

That info actually makes it not so freaky but still, less than 2 years and shes managed to gain at least 50lbs. She looks like a different person.

No. 1001560

Yes, some meds can make you gain weight. The depo shot can too. A lot of it has to do with her adult metabolism slowing down though. So eating cheemsburgners every day and drinking sugary booze all the time adds up now. She has never eaten decently or exercised, but when your body has developed into a full adult, you can't get away with that anymore. Your body retains the fat.
I can believe the meds arent helping, but shes such a piece of shit for acting like they're the only reason.

No. 1001561

Yeah I agree there's no way it's not a combination of both. The most common side effects to basically every SSRI is weight gain and sexual issues and she's been non-stop complaining about both for a year now basically.

No. 1001567

The nice thing about this is it gives us time to go back to reflect on the old threads and really appreciate how far downhill she’s gone

No. 1001588

She really went from a skinny blonde to looking like Fupa's ex in a year, yikes

No. 1001603

Oh no Shay is locked up so she'll miss 4th of July! What will we do without another ass fireworks horror show?

No. 1001604

She is Fupa's ex now kekeke.

No. 1001609

Yeah but the weight doesnt just magically come out of nowhere. It just means what you eat will stick. If she ate cleaner and didnt drink all the time, she wouldnt balloon up so fast and badly.

No. 1001615

File: 1593804884328.png (774.78 KB, 472x971, FE585B31-6E3A-4052-895A-302D4C…)

No. 1001617


They're both so cringe

No. 1001629

File: 1593806407638.jpeg (410.08 KB, 866x600, AFC1CA40-9B48-433E-9E62-F7F5C6…)


truly I love how Shayna physically became Kpezzy kek

No. 1001633

This is amazing.

No. 1001637

Ooo yes smash that trachea you are so experienced and smart

No. 1001648

So do we think she is REALLY inpatient? I don't believe anything that comes out of Shaya mouth ever but I've not ever seen her go this long without posting or begging for money so maybe she really is in the hospital?

No. 1001663

Some phone calls can put this theory to rest. We’re is the nearest place that would take her in?(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 1001665

It's really hard to say rn. Likely she went in and got evaluated or went to the Crisis Center. It's debatable if she actually went inpatient. We'll know soon. She makes up a lot of shit, but shes not the best liar. It is unusual for her to be quiet for so long.

No. 1001666

Read and follow the rules. No one itt should be contacting anyone about her. Also, get a grip. Medical facilities aren't going to just give away information about their patients.

No. 1001671

lmao thank you for digging this up anon, forgot i’d made it

No. 1001673

Inpatient can be a excuse to disappear for a few days make fupa think she’s being hospitalized while she’s out there whoring herself. Please excuse my tinfoiling

No. 1001676

i doubt she would have the balls to whore herself irl.. i wonder if she called her parents, wouldn't be surprised if one of them went to tusla to take her back home

No. 1001690

She must have, unless Fupa took the animals which I doubt. And she wouldn't be able to get them to boarding late at night during Covid and with no car. Unless she literally took them to a shelter her dad probably offered to fly out.

No. 1001695

i think she’s just sitting around in her depression den watching this thread and waiting for fupa to take her back

No. 1001706

If one of her neighbors or someone called the cops because she was acting crazy she could have been admitted involuntarily. That means they probably would have taken the animals or called someone to come get them when they detained her. I've been looking at the Tulsa jail website and she hasn't popped up there and I haven't seen noodle or ribmeat at the shelter websites either

No. 1001715

kek i wouldn't be surprised if that's the case

wouldn't she need to do something extreme for someone to call the cops like threaten to jump off a balcony or something? if she actually went into a hospital i think it was mainly to guilt fupa into taking her back

No. 1001719

No one called the cops on her anon, that's a reach. She's just overdramatic and is probably at home drowning herself in booze and sleeping all day.

Shayna is not the type to face her issues, because that would mean accepting that she's very unstable and kind of an all around horrible person. She'd have to accept her flaws and actively work to fix them. She's not willing to do that, but she is willing to use mental health to manipulate people around her.

No. 1001721

So, I haven’t gone back and read, it wasn’t too long ago but whenever she got the random Tinder dick and filmed it… I don’t remember her necessarily having a meltdown about a breakup even though that was confirmed not Fupa, and theory is that Tinder guy was to piss off Fupa. So, question is: has she just descended into madness where eventually she just spilled every little fight out on Twitter more and more each fight? I could be wrong because I believe her filming the irl BJ was after she said she (maybe) got dumped from embarrassing Fupa… I just don’t get why she seems so fucking helpless and pitiful and lovesick when she was p quick that time to go find a dude to fuck on camera. What changed now where she literally checked herself in (allegedly) a mental facility vs “I’mma go blow someone to make him jealous”? I know she’s cray and there’s no logic it just seems like shit went downhill super fast where she was able to like not put all the details out there every fight. I mean she did but not to the extent she has. Maybe she didn’t truly believe he was done with her and he maybe said something or did something this last time to make her think he’s done once and for all??

No. 1001722

Why would she be in jail? They don't arrest people for being mentally unwell. Sometimes the police will take people to the hospital, but they're not arrested unless they're being violent.

No. 1001724

i don't think anyone archived her 4th of july roman candle ass display which makes me so sad. that was a glorious, insane moment and it's gone forever. iirc she almost blew a hole in her leg at one point. PATRIOTIC.

No. 1001725

My tinfoil is that the tinder hookup was her drunkly cheating on him, and she's done it multiple times. And then she tried to use the whole "I'm mentally ill you don't understand it was an accident I was drunk" excuse to manipulate him. I think after a while he finally said fuck this.

No. 1001738

Did she film that when Fupa was dating that fat chick with blue hair? They were clearly split up at some point.

No. 1001746

It was filmed this March, iirc.

I began reading these threads after she wasn’t with Fupa anymore so I need to go back and read literally all the threads to see if she acted this crazy when they first broke up or if she’s just deteriorating more and more.

No. 1001755

Fupa must've cancelled her Internet along with her cell phone this time

No. 1001768

Anon you're fucking retarded. One, because that's touching the poop. Two, because are you 13? You aren't going to get medical info like that over the phone (legally) but you will NEVER get mental health information like that. Dumbass.

She would be taken for evaluation if she seemed to be a harm to herself or someone else. Even a concerned orbiter could have called.
My guess is she gave her contact information to the "inpatient" MHC she called, and if she admitted to overdosing like she claimed, they might have put her on a 72 hour hold. Would make sense with the timeline of her last post. She still had her phone until she was processed.
Or, she has enough weed, booze and attention from Kik or other "anon" means to fake a 72 hour hold for appearances.

As a BPD fag I do hope for a temporary hold. She's smart enough (kek) to be discharged after the mandatory period but it might get her in contact with a real shrink/therapist. She's not ready to do the work, but a first step starts somewhere. Shay is a totally unsympathetic shit person, but a shit person is even shittier to themselves & others if they have untreated mental illness/personality disorders.

No. 1001786

I’m assuming her discord is radio silence? Still curious though

No. 1001807

Sage your bullshit and calm down. You are wayyyy too invested, you sound like cow material yourself.

I personally believe Shayna probably checked herself in, it’s not unthinkable and it plays into her victim narrative. She’s super impulsive and has made way more drastic decisions than this. (Dawn saga, anyone?) I’m sure she will be out in a few days.

I honestly would love to see a 12 step/ sobriety saga. Can you imagine her in AA? I don’t think it will happen because she is so dependent on booze and weed but it is an amusing thought experiment.

No. 1001827

I haven't checked this thread in a few days because the milk was dry as hell and I was getting bored. Holy fucking shit, I'm drowning in delicious full fat milk right now, kinda pissed I missed it live, but having the tinfoil that her super dom daddy was Fupa all along confirmed makes it better. It was so obvious.
Was she allowed her phone in inpatient? How is she posting updates then? I feel like she's making it up and is currently sobbing while ~overdosing all day on anxiety meds~, smoking weed and drinking alcohol. Who's taking care of her animals? Wasn't she complaining she had no one in Tulsa? Or was she retarded enough to leave them with a bowl of food and water and dipped?
She's hit rockbottom anyway hasn't she?

PS: Kyle, we know you lurk. Leak those videos of drunk Shay embarrassing herself kek

No. 1001831

Nta but maybe you shouldn't cast stones in glass houses because you sound fucking retarded too, bpdfag?(infighting)

No. 1001834

She's been binge drinking near constantly lately, whereas before it was steady drinking with some binging. And I think she knows she has an alcohol problem, after she embarrassed her fupa/bf and said she wasnt going to drink for a bit and then went right back–I think thats when she realized the shame of having a problem. Having bpd and little therapy, she couldnt handle the shame of that on top of her normal amount of shame and unhappiness, and started coping with alcohol. It has been a downward spiral. I wonder if she will come out of treatment admitting other signs of alcoholism/poor mental health. Like I bet she secret drank.

No. 1001846

>I'm bpdfag
you really got her with that one

No. 1001918

It seems like almost always she's either having a meltdown while drunk or threatening to stop taking her medication and drinking white claw instead. She's an obvious alcoholic that's probably in some pretty hardcore denial about it because she thinks it's normal for 22-year-olds. She's going to wake up a Haggard 30-year-old with zero prospects and a fucked up liver

No. 1001962

She was probably drunk or high when they checked her in

No. 1001992

Psych hospitals don’t admit people who are high or drunk. If her blood alcohol was high or she was acting under the influence of something, she would have stayed in the ER until she was sober. And if she told them she “overdosed” on her meds, they would have to medically clear her in the ER first before admitting to the psychiatric facility.

No. 1001993

There’s no reason for her to have gotten arrested. If someone is admitted to a psych hospital with pets, the social worker contacts the police and the police will go to their home with their permission and feed their animals. How embarrassing if cops go inside her apartment with all her nasty sex toys just laying around. Otherwise she’ll have to give a “friend” her key and have them take care of them. Or I guess she could arrange police to take them to some sort of boarding. Never seen them do that before though.

No. 1001996

No facility is going to even confirm or deny someone is there unless the caller knows the room number and is specifically on the patient’s disclosure list. Major HIPAA violation to even say whether a person is there or not.

No. 1002004

According to Oklahoma law, if she is admitted involuntarily with an emergency detention, they can keep her up to 5 days, not including the weekend. So, if the emergency detention went into effect on the first, earliest she would probably be out is Wednesday. Doctors rarely let people out before the ED is up. But she said she was “evaluated,” so that makes it seem as though she went voluntarily. And if she hasn’t actually hurt herself or said she overdosed and denies being suicidal, and not psychotic, they can’t petition for involuntary commitment and will probably release her when she asks.

No. 1002045

but was it really confirmed that it wasn‘t fupa? the dick looked at least similar to fupas afaik
ofc it‘s archived, i went through all the threads in the last days and remember that shitshow well. fupa broke up with her after that too kek
what makes me believe that she is inpatient is that she disappeared from social media. this bitch tweeted her frozen meals and everytime she broke up with fupa she went batshit on twitter. she has such terrible impulse control that she has to tweet constantly when she experiences bad emotions. she wouldn‘t be able to not tweet just to pretend to be inpatient, especially if she sits at home binge drinking. i doubt she locked her own phone away from her. but i also doubt that going inpatient will change anything for the good for her because her intentions are getting fupa back. let‘s just hope it produces some milk when she‘s back.

No. 1002050

File: 1593860218989.jpg (37.6 KB, 528x640, 16649244_692801484199_46759455…)

Think of it this way:

A) Shay's really in a facility and has to go without her phone, weed, and alcohol and actually listen to people telling her what to do for days. (She couldn't even listen to doctor's orders when she had difficulty breathing before)

B) This is all just a giant ploy to get Fupa back which means she's stuck watching this thread and her Twitter for days without the ability to clapback at anyone when they're glad she's gone and probably can't even leave her apartment for more booze/weed because Fupa might spot her and realize it's all a sham.

Either way Shay's next few days are going to be Hell for her so it's a win/win.

No. 1002052

File: 1593860830174.png (152.61 KB, 1110x650, Screenshot (100).png)

yeah just some orbiters commenting.

No. 1002067

In certain cases you can get information. If you can’t find a friend you can make some calls and find out if their in the hospital or in jail I don’t know how it applies to mental cases though

No. 1002068

Definitely. I’m shocked he even qualifies for a plan because it sound like he should be on a prepaid plan lol

No. 1002069

A simple google search of the phrase below proves me right (Can I find out if a friend has been admitted to the hospital)(samefagging, encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1002080

It's literally at the top of the page where it says rules.

No. 1002086

twitter deleted it almost instantly, thanks to the many cowtippers in the thread who report her shit non-stop. the link goes nowhere.

No. 1002095

>I'm glad she's finally seeking help

careful, orbiter, that might be a little too much shade for Shay to handle right now. no implying she's anything other than ~thriving~

No. 1002116

The strongest arguement for her actually being inpatient is that she hasnt posted anything and if it was a farce, she would have gone, got evaluated, then gone home right then (not gone inpatient) or a day or two later. Idk what the minimum is if you admit yourself, I think anons said 72 hours? It's been three days by now, yeah? I think she honestly is there detoxing. Possible freaking out from withdrawls and not having her phone to check social media and blow up Fupas phone kek what a sight that must be.

No. 1002119

Implying they’ve seen she’s a train wreck this whole time. What healthy friends she’s got there kek

No. 1002120

No. 1002125

Things I think will happen when Shayna gets out-

- she'll be back with Fupa, say that they had a really long talk about boundaries and her mental health.

- she'll ask for money for alchol and weed so she can "celebrate".

- She'll make a serious video about it

- She'll talk about how she had a good conversation with her dad about taking her mental health serious.

- She'll make a schdule she won't follow.

- She'll also do something like, "Once a week, I'm going to give social media/the internet/work a break. It's not healthy.

- She'll call other sex workers out for something they didn't do for her.

No. 1002134


No. 1002139

she posted this >>1000042 over 72 hours ago now, so the clock begins. it's not unusual to stay longer especially if they keep her through detox. she also LOVES not having any responsibilities. she'll be fed, medicated, listened to, and put to bed on a schedule. basically all she wants in life, so I wouldn't be surprised if she stayed more than the minimum.

No. 1002140

72 hrs is the minimum but it's the weekend an a holiday so there could be a delay. Also, if she acted out in any way they can authorize a longer hold until further evaluation proves she's fit to leave.

No. 1002152

I'm watching the clock until her insurance runs out which usually doesn't last longer than a week.

No. 1002153

They don’t discharge people on the weekends because it’s gonna be the on call weekend psychiatrist seeing her, not her attending. Plus, >>1002004

No. 1002155

I don't think she was admitted involuntarily though, she was talking about going before she went and then was present enough to tweet about it. I think if she stays it'll be because she's either detoxing and miserable and wants to be taken care of by the hospital, or is lazy and wants to be taken care of.

No. 1002158

I’m betting she will be out today, probably soon. It’s a holiday weekend, and even tho she doesn’t have any friends, she’s not likely going to want to spend it in the hospital. She’ll get out, drink and smoke a bunch and say she’s reflected a lot on her past behaviors blah blah blah.

No. 1002166


if she admitted to od’ing she’ll definitely be held involuntarily because she’s a danger to herself, thus put on a minimum of 72 hours. i’m not surprised she’s stayed silent for over 72 hours; those types of facilities usually hold you for longer over the weekends and especially if there’s a holiday.

No. 1002184

Side note: For the first time in ever, her twitter page looks more standard for a SWer - it's just the manyvids notifications of her video sales. Something about that seems so wild like it took a hospital stay/inpatient/whatever to keep her feed straightened out kek

No. 1002189

this might be a bit of a dumb question, but do we know for sure that she didn't also date that tinder dick or some other looser either during fupa or after he dumped her at some undetermined point in tulaa? because she whined earlier that her bf does not like that she is posting sw content due to boundaries issues. i can't see why fupa would be upset over it given that he dated her openly prior to that. unless that wasn't the real reason that it made him upset

No. 1002192

there probably were other guys in the mix at some point but she’s also a pathological liar so who knows what of anything she’s said has even been true

No. 1002193

Yeah I take the on and off part as she definitely dated other people and they see each other sometimes. I think she used that post to threaten fupa or manipulate him into doing something and he told her to fuck off so she did that. I don't think she's been with him for awhile.

No. 1002194

I don't believe she dated that dude, only used him to get back at fupa. I recall she also tweeted one time after her bf broke up with her for the umpteenth time, about how she was going to do the work she wants to do now that's single, and asked who's going to be the first to come to her new house when she moves and get their balls stomped on. She quickly deleted it and they were back together in no time.

Also I just remembered her mystery tumblr bf, letsplaymurder. It was probably fupa.

No. 1002210

kek "get their balls stomped on"

I would like to see Shayna attempt to transition from camwhore to dominatrix. THAT would be hilarious.

No. 1002222

Even with hospital food & snacks available, she is going to lose weight because she'll be at least 600 calories a day lower intake because of no booze.
That might be enough motivation to cut back a little once she is out. Not her mental or physical health, but because she is vain and hasn't seen any weight loss up to this point.

No. 1002229

Depends how long she's there. Also she does eat like a pig. She's just gonna not gain for a bit. Losing it is much more of a thing than putting it on.

No. 1002239

Yeah we got screencaps but wheres the video? Its probably gone forever.

No. 1002273

did we ever confirm if it was fupa she drunkenly embarrassed that one time?

No. 1002275

Omg it’s in thread #36 a streamable link look it the fuck up yourself.

No. 1002285

File: 1593909747909.png (567.97 KB, 497x646, kylefupa.png)

Fupa was posting today about his daughter on facebook, is that the apartment Shay used to be in?

No. 1002289

nah it's a pic of his daughter on a bed (I coloured her out)

No. 1002298

File: 1593910532478.jpg (521.91 KB, 1080x1049, 1588883399428.jpg)

I can't tell for sure but it looks a lot like this photo of her new place

No. 1002305

that is for sure her apartment based on her own pics

No. 1002313




that is the exact same layout, windows, wall color, blinds, etc.

What the fuck is going on???

No. 1002314

File: 1593912433809.jpg (16.28 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_20200704-212500_Sam…)

It's gone you fucking retard. The streamable links dont work.

No. 1002319

The outside looks different than the one anons posted of Shay's. I highly highly doubt they are in the same place

No. 1002320

A lot of property companies have similar layouts. We'll have to see the kitchen/bathroom to be for sure

No. 1002321

Oh my god this is incredibly funny. What are the chances of the similarities being coincidental. Ugly windows placement like that is notably quirky. They would have to at least be in the same apartment complex. And as Occam’s razor clearly demonstrated with the Fupa tinfoils….

No. 1002322

Wow. So sorry. Maybe you should’ve been there to archive. I guess the caps and memories will just have to do.

No. 1002325

My tinfoil is that shay and Fupa have both been renting apartments in the same building.
Wasn’t Fupa’s ex wife complaining the kids couldn’t stay at his because of his 1 bedroom apt? And how shays living spaces always look incredibly bleak and bare. Maybe she flits between their apartments so they’re still together but can easily keep it a secret

No. 1002326

i just went through her nasty twitter media to try to find a pic with the shades up to compare the view from fupa's window, but i didn't find anything. if anything it's probably the same apartment complex?

No. 1002329

File: 1593914373186.png (637.57 KB, 499x818, kylefupa.png)

full pic, I think it's possibly the same apartment complex

No. 1002330

If that's the same apartment, oh gawd what if he boxed up her crusty dildos and stretched out clothes? I could very obviously be wrong but.

No. 1002332

This isn't the same complex Shay's 1 bdrm was at

No. 1002333

I'm trying to find the cap from when anons found her complex when she moved in.

No. 1002338

I think Anon means that when Shay was at her shitty old place, Fupa was too
And now that she's at this new place, Fupa has his own apartment at the same place too

No. 1002339

did anons not find her actual complex and post it in an older thread? be interesting to compare the buildings exterior if im not hugely wrong

No. 1002340

the photos of her desk are of the apartment she just recently moved into

No. 1002341

makes even more sense why she wants to break her lease and get out. it's one thing to be in the same city as your ex for another 10 months, it's very different to be in the same building/complex and be worried about running into them constantly.

if this is all true and they are in the same place, that's fucking sad to think about. like a drunk, college dorm booty call every night. what a relationship.

No. 1002342

File: 1593916149149.jpg (15.28 KB, 156x275, 1586989472971.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1002345

correct me if im wrong, but i remember when she was trying to move out of her old place a bunch of shit fell through and she mentioned her bf had something lined up?

No. 1002346

Anyone got that video from last year of her firing fireworks out her ass? I could do with a laugh kek

No. 1002348

Found it, it's here. >>953238

No. 1002351

Yeah this is what i was trying to find. They're stone on the outside and fupas place looks like some sort of khaki paint or stucco

No. 1002352

File: 1593917257991.jpg (386.78 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_07-04-09.43.10.jpg)

it's the same aparment. there's an outlet on the bottom right corner of the right window.

No. 1002353

it's clearly not the same apartment. the photo in the left, the outlet is below the very bottom of the windowsill. on the right it's clearly a little bit higher

No. 1002354

File: 1593917423566.jpg (450.2 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_07-04-09.49.14.jpg)


fupa's on the left and a photo shay posted on the right for comparison

No. 1002355

it’s a different window sill?

No. 1002356

One is more narrow. This isn't the same place.

No. 1002357

Yeah I just noticed that too and I'm pretty sure the ceiling is a diff color too

No. 1002374

This would explain why she was saying they were together 24/7 during the quarantine but we never saw anyone

No. 1002382

It wouldn't though because fupas ex said he didn't have a place at the beginning of the month so he was either moving or she was with someone else because she lived in her 1 bdrm most of the quarantine and she said she was over his house sometimes.

No. 1002401

(rule 3.1)

No. 1002411

You should probably cover up the actual physical address. Just a thought.

No. 1002413

This post is definitely why he will never take Shay back lol

No. 1002420

File: 1593932294659.png (1.15 MB, 1534x874, inside.png)

LMAO. You can use google maps to look inside of some the apartments.

No. 1002422

its where they were living right? Not where they are now, so its not doxxing.

No. 1002426

I just realized something

Shayna hasn't been camming in a long while. Maybe, in addition to her inability to establish a routine, Kyle Perkins (from Tulsa) had it as a boundary.

It would have been too much of a risk and would have definitely been the last nail on the coffin when it could have come to parental visits.

No. 1002451

I really hope he didn't have his kids around Shayna at any time, shit I don't even think Fupa's fit to be a parent, given he gets off to grown women acting like fucking toddlers.

No. 1002473

And after all this time, the gym was just down the road. Damn

No. 1002477

She goes live on OF now but she said she stopped camming as much because she got fat kek. She was camming the whole time she was in Seattle and when she lived with him so I highly doubt he cared.

I DO think, that maybe the new dude might have had issues with parts of her job though because she posted about that frequently and fupa didn't really give a shit about that kind of stuff

No. 1002478

Definitely not where she was staying. That's much nicer, has hardwoods, and the kitchen is different

No. 1002485

Yeah, it seems like Kyle Nathan Perkins (from Tulsa) may have seen that as threatening his ability to see them, if Shayna was with him and actively camming still.

No. 1002533

It's not uncommon for apartment complexes to have slightly different things depending on how renovated they are. And some apartment complexes charge more for their renovated apartments. I think just the layout of the windows is pretty damn close and a coincidence. It's always coincidences with these two. Like when shay would post about seeing some movie then fupa posted about it. I would bet they're in the same complex. I can see kyle perkins using seeing his kids as a reason to get two separate apartments while Shayna can still work. Then he can use her whenever he wanted to, and then leave her whenever he wanted to.

No. 1002553

Shay moved to a different complex in May. She doesn't live at the address she's registered to vote anon

No. 1002569

No it said may 2020. It was her current full address with Fupa’s name registered under the same exact address.

No. 1002580

I can assure you as we've posted previously she moved from that complex to a new one called Cedar Ridge. It's the exact same layout and everything from the pictures and videos of her kitchen and bedroom that she took when she first got there. She didn't register to vote in May That's just where she's been registered to vote for over a year. she even posted several times on Twitter about being happy she was moving out of that complex.

No. 1002605

Too real lmao

Kyle and shayna are both utter trash, none of us have ever said differently. We literally rag on them both hard as hell all the time. You can leave his baby mama out of it, granted if I was her I'd tell Kyle to hit the road and not have him around the kids but it's her choice for her kids to have contact with the other parent. His dumbass behaviour isn't her fault or responsibility

No. 1002622

not trying to encourage cowtipping but I hope the baby momma finds out on her own because fupa does not deserve to be a father after choosing this washed up alcoholic "baby bimbo" over his own children

No. 1002655

If he couldn’t have his rights terminated, then he wouldn’t be jumping through hoops to fuck Shay. The mom can definitely have a say so, especially if Shay is using substances and being violent. Which is why we will never see those videos of Shay acting a fool.

No. 1002666

Diff anon but exes don't have a say in who can and can't be dated in custody agreements. If she was around them causing distress that is different. His ex could get pissed that he's sleeping with her but that's really about it if he lives alone

No. 1002678

Obviously she cant tell him who he can and can't date. It's about the children. She can bring to court reasons to further limit his visitations of the children if he doesnt provide a sufficient, safe, good environment for them when they visit. My understanding is she has custody and he gets visitation rights basically. Or maybe he gets weekends? Regardless, hes mostly likely paying child support on them and she has them more than him. Regardless, He doesn't have the upper hand.

No. 1002696

In this case I think she does. In the fb post it sounded like she has full custody and can decide whatever she wants. Fupa is a bum And if he does have anything to do with his kids it’s because she’s being nice. I don’t think they share custody

No. 1002700

Ok so I did some digging and their divorce and custody papers are public record (I don't know the rules on posting them though) and they have joint custody currently. they live with fupas ex because he travels out of the country for work. One of the rules is about "overnight guests" and it says if there's a disagreement about who is around the kids on visitation they have to have a parenting coordinator involved. If Shay is not around his kids, there's nothing the state will do if he's not violating any of the other rules. That's how I'm reading it anyway

No. 1002741

Yeah it sounds like Fupa only gets weekends and holidays, in which case it matters heavily who he has living with him. Shay isn't exactly subtle about her binge drinking and heavy pot use.
Those alone would be enough for a mom to say she doesn't want the kids around. Add that she's a SW who majors in pedo pandering, that's something she could tell the court and he could lose all contact until she gets the boot.

No. 1002743

I agree if that were the case but Shay isn't around his kids and isn't at his house. She has her own place and they are with him at his

No. 1002775

She does now, but back when they had to "break up" and she ran away to Colorado they were living together
I'm sure Fupa just kept telling her it had to be secret bc he was scared of his ex and ashamed of her after that

No. 1002784

That may be true but if he's got his own place and his visitation occurs there, without her present, he's not really doing anything that would lead the state to terminate his rights. I highly doubt his ex let their kids go over there without going over there 1st.

No. 1002842

I mean Shay herself said she had to be kept a “secret” because the ex wife threatened to take his kids away. And that his life could be “ruined” (so dramatic kek) if found out they were dating.

I mean it could be Fupa just said all that crap just because Shay really was THAT embarrassing but he wanted pussy. Or he just hated the fact that we roasted him on the daily. Who knows. He’s a piece of shit either way and Shay is a manipulative dumb ass.

No. 1002843

So is it at least confirmed that Fupa and Shay live in the same complex? The windows match with the same layout but it's not the same room. Shay also said her "daddy" got her a new place to move in to.. so logically the easiest place to find would be his own complex in a vacant apartment. She also said they've seen each other all quarantine which would happen if they lived in the same building.

No. 1002848

This looks like shaynas old kitchen. Ugly cabinets and countertops.

No. 1002852

Those windows and window sills are different. One is longer and one of them has a completely different shaped window sill and a different color. Combine that with the outside of Fu Paz apartments looking different I think it's safe to say they don't live in the same place. I think anons are wanting that milk but I don't think it's going to come to fruition

No. 1002853

They were searching the address of the post that farmhands deleted. It was her old address at the old apartment. This one looks a hell of a lot better with wood floors but still looks like a shithole kek

No. 1002860

oh I thought they were looking for Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa’s apartment bc of the window shit or whatever

No. 1002912

Can someone please link the Tinder blowjob video? I must have missed it but I wanna see it bc of how notoriously bad her oral skills are.

No. 1002937

yes what a loss. RIP.

No. 1002938

the desperation

No. 1002947

see literally any of her bj vids. damn who's this thirsty anon

No. 1003044

I hadn't seen the outside pics. I would say you're right but then again we all got shocked with Fupa's big reveal so anything is possible at this rate.

No. 1003104

Yeah you could see it through the window in that picture. The outside of that building is very tan. He also posted some more pictures this weekend on his Facebook. Shay's building has stone on the outside of it and his does not

No. 1003116

One of the other anons Said she probably won't get out until Wednesday if they extended the 72-hour hold. it was a holiday weekend some more than likely they haven't reevaluated her yet. She has been acting crazy and Lord knows what she's doing inside of that place without booze or weed or her precious phone

No. 1003117

Idk about ‘indefinitely,’ a week or even two is pretty normal

No. 1003124

I wonder what the realistic outcome of this will be (if she is actually inpatient rn). Her life is bleak as fuck to outsiders, as evidenced here but wtf would a mental health professional see? Sure she’s not homeless or a hard drug user but she has no (local/irl) support system, substance abuse issues and obvious delusions.

No. 1003131

File: 1594049432622.jpg (251.99 KB, 1080x810, 20200706_102850.jpg)

Fupappy lives on the other side of town, he uploaded some pictures of the lawn.

No. 1003145

i hope she gets her shit together, goes home, and stays off the internet.

No. 1003148

he posted these within the past day? if so he's definitely lurking

No. 1003151

gee, what a sad life he's living. he should at least make it less obvious that he's obsessively stalking gossip threads about his ex

No. 1003157

You can't be held "indefinitely" if you go in voluntarily, which she clearly did. However, they may make it so she cannot leave until she is fully detoxed and has a discharge plan in place. Meaning she would have agreed to that in any paperwork she signed, weather she realized it or not.

No. 1003161

Man, just imagine it:
>have codependent meltie publicly and release 'le big bad secret' about your cringelord 'daddy', because any attention from them is better than no attention
>it backfires
>publicly 'overdose' in an attempt to force him to give that attention
>it backfires
>you try to blame your mental health/addiction/somethin', cuz fuck acknowledgement of fault/personal accountability
>you go to psychward, either because he says you have to shape up or ship out and you think this is the only way to get him back
>you go to try to get his attention since suicide 'attempt' OD lies didn't pan out and you're a one trick pony
>his only care is posting pics of his shitty apartments patchy lawn in response to lolcow

Big W E W
Jillybean could learn a thingerydoo or two about mymuhbeepeedee-tier symptoms from this saga lmao
(Pls note I am not armchairing Shatna, nor affirming her supposed diagnoses, just making a joke on the manifestation of these behaviors having a shallow likeness to bpdfag's)

No. 1003166

I still think she was admittedly involuntarily. Telling the counselor she od'd and refusing to go because they won't give her her phone could result in being forced. Or, if she was suicide baiting fupa, he could have called the cops on her. Just tinfoils but I'm not certain she went in voluntarily. She would have left already.

No. 1003182

If she made any statement suggesting she was currently suicidal they'd hold her for sure. I think she slipped up and said to much in the heat of the moment and they involuntarily admitted her.

No. 1003183

That makes sense

No. 1003184

these are my thoughts exactly. i feel sorry for her, but not in the way shayna is angling for.

No. 1003185

If she is still detoxing she won't want to leave. She'll be miserable, and they will have to taper her down off benzos before she goes.

They'll see a young alcoholic suffering from mental illness and a personality disorder. Her manipulation tactics are bottom-tier compared to some BPDfags. She is a basic crazy bitch which they see every day. They'll probably have her working with a women's support group in & out of the hospital because of her sex work. She will also be receiving substance abuse counseling. If she complained about her meds,they may be trying new combinations. Get that bitch a mood stabilizer stat.
They likely won't keep her too long, inpatient placements are usually in high demand and she isn't seriously mentally ill. After her inpatient, she will transition to IOP (intensive outpatient) which can range from full-day but going home at night, to a few hours a couple times a week.

No. 1003187

The funny thing about the Colorado/dog-fucker chan saga was that Dawn Willow straight up told Shayna that it was a deal breaker if Shay was in a relationship. Dawn kicked her ass out under a month cause she was STILL fucking around with Fupa. Shay decided to post up this whole rant and boo hoo-ing and crying like she does about how she's the victim and Dawn abused/controlled her and SHE'S TOTALLY SINGLE!!1!!1!! Just go ahead and lie and drag a fellow sex worker's name through the mud.
We all said that Dawn could have helped Shay's career and Shay probably would have been happier in Colorado but Shay and Fupa legit can't stop being selfish animals and they fuck up their own lives. You reap what you sow.

No. 1003190

I mean,I guess it turned out they BOTH had someone they were hiding kek. Don't forget she was hiding a bf in the basement we found out she did strap on porn with kek. But she was claiming she had no one but Shay to help with her puppies. I really wish that saga lasted longer tbh. Dawn had the potential to be really milky

No. 1003198

As anon said, even if she did go in voluntarily, if she signed paperwork stating she cannot leave until she's fully detoxed and has a discharge plan in place, it would make sense that she hasn't left yet. If she went in involuntarily she wouldn't have had time to write that tweet, remember? Either she went in voluntarily or isn't inpatient at all.

No. 1003200

She's not on benzos, lmfao

No. 1003201

She would have had her phone until she was being admitted. They allow you to get numbers from your phone, ask if there's arrangements that need to be made for kids etc. I'm sure she made a phone call to her dad too before they took her stuff

No. 1003202

her parents must be so stressed over this lol. but her mom probably saw it coming 10 years ago

No. 1003206

File: 1594063790207.jpeg (198.99 KB, 750x541, 0B69759A-46FA-49FC-8394-BBE17F…)

Someone is tweeting from her account…this is 15hrs ago from now.

No. 1003207

nta but she has auto tweets on for when someone buys a video off MV. Its not her or any actual person tweeting.

No. 1003208

These are auto tweets from MV. They happen every x amount of sales

No. 1003209

Depending on what she told them/what her tox scans show they could keep her up to 30 days
for the drug/alcohol use. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure tulsa laws allow them to do a 30 day hold if they deem necessary.

No. 1003210

funny how i went to see what she's up to and her entire twitter was privated which i cant imagine is a good moves for sales. tinfoil but i can't but wonder if she's getting questions about shayna

No. 1003211

They’re probably relieved. Maybe a little stressed but honestly, if I was her mom, I’d feel much better knowing she was inpatient getting help. Shay is a mess and desperately needs help, something her parents have been encouraging her to do.

She still hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. She’s close though. Her parents will take her in at anytime so she will never really hit rock bottom until they stop enabling her.

No. 1003214

her twitter is public it's just marked as sensitive content

No. 1003217

Ahh I did wonder if it was a linked acc but couldn’t work out which. Thanks anons.

No. 1003225

Ayrt. Benzos are used as first line treatment when detoxing from alcohol abuse, because it can prevent the seizures that can be caused by detox and help the patient feel a bit more comfortable. It's a controlled acute use only, she isn't going to stay on them.

True, but her excessive MJ use & alcoholism are pretty common among mental health admissions, and also "soft" drugs. She's in treatment with people who are addicted to hard drugs: meth, heroin/opiates, crack/cocaine, etc. Or have been alcoholics for 20+ years. Those are the type of people to be held for longer. We may think she is a druggie fuckup, but she's actually not that bad compared to some users that these professionals see everyday.

No. 1003227

You can’t be held indefinitely lol in fact these places kick you out as soon as your insurance runs out. About a week or two max.

No. 1003229

lol yeah. the thought of shatna disappearing forever living in a looney bin is funny but not gonna happen

No. 1003236

exactly unless her parents start paying out of pocket she'll be out any day now

No. 1003245


No. 1003247

File: 1594070706171.jpg (32.08 KB, 595x312, Capture.JPG)

No. 1003249

sorry i thought people were talking about shay lol

No. 1003255

tinfoil but i don't believe shat is inpatient. probably a 72 hour hold because she posted sus shit.
she'll be back tomorrow/next day like it never happened

No. 1003284

Being on a 72 hour hold would mean she is inpatient….

No. 1003291

If she’s got a psychiatric emergency detention “hold” that means inpatient. For up to 5 days. But I think she’s gonna come back and pretend to be so enlightened with non skid socks, hospital armband, bpd worksheets, all cured from therapy. Then 2 weeks later back to suicidal baiting. It’ll be hilarious

No. 1003303

>2 weeks

Lol you’re being way too generous. This is a girl who excuses her work load because there’s clouds in the sky. Who wrote out cam schedules every week and didn’t stick to a single day. Who said she was going to stop bitching, specifically on her work Twitter, and didn’t last a couple hours.

She will act enlightened for a day at best.

No. 1003308

Do we think Fupa will take her back or is he ending things for good now that she did the one thing she was not supposed to do (out him)?

No. 1003315


I think they’re both underhanded enough to get back together/fuck around and lie about it another round. But this time they’ll learn from all the tells there were and just be even better liars.

Or, they’ll stay apart and we’ll never believe they’re actually split up and tinfoil forever.

No. 1003318

i like how she's getting more likes on auto tweets than her own content lol.

wonder who is taking care of the the dog and cat if she is actually inpatient. also was thinking about how she deleted all her tweets. like she's done it a few times, but this last one, besides hiding all the drama and stupid shit she said, what if it was also b/c she was giving away things about being with fupa and was trying to cover her tracks.

No. 1003350


If she was taken to hospital, local animal control may have seized the pets

No. 1003357

File: 1594090261668.png (39.17 KB, 564x509, 1534130052919.png)

throwback from an old thread kek. Thought you had zero reason to hide Shayna, fupa?

No. 1003360

I know that some shelters have emergency fosters or boarding for hospitalized patients. Or as >>1003350 said they were taken to animal control. But I'd hope Fupa would step up. He does spend time with the animals when he is with Shay so unless he is heartless or other arrangements were made he could at least stop by 2x a day. She could also have found a pet sitter to drop by and walk etc. Can be expensive, but she does have the money.
Sorry for blog, plz no ban, but I have a friend with schizophrenia who is pretty stable, but when she has been hospitalized and I was out of town the social worker at the mental hospital helped arrange care for her macaw. But she's a ward of the state & lives in subsided housing so maybe it's different.

No. 1003382

I’m genuinely glad she’s getting help, but I also can’t wait for her to get out so the dumb medfagging can stop. They see drunk stoner fuckups in worse shape than her every day, yet some people are acting like she’s in liver failure and going to be kept inpatient for months kek

No. 1003486

I can't imagine what a consistent daily routine and several healthy meals every day will do to her system. I really hope for her sake that she'll quit posting on Twitter, keep making some money off her old videos, and gets some sort of a real job after she's done with her treatment. But we all know she's going back to 420 24/7 and fish crackers the moment she gets out.

No. 1003495

she's on her parents insurance which if it's halfway decent is good enough for at least a week.

No. 1003506

I hope he'd step up and help take care of them too. The animals can't help this is going on. I wish she would stop being selfish and they'd get adopted by someone who could actually take care of them and she'd stop adopting at all when she can't even take care of herself.

No. 1003510

I think we will find out how bad her alcoholism actually is once she gets out and this should end the speculation. If she did need to be sedated through DTs, she's going be posting to twitter about how she was so mentally ill they needed to knock out with diazepam for days.

No. 1003520

I tried to put myself into shaynas shoes for a second and I will say, this experience would be frightening for me. I hope that this is a wake up call for her dumb ass. Like I hope some sort of self awareness shines through and she's actually like " my lifestyle is absolutely fucked. I can't live like this" I don't have super high hopes, because she is really truly fucking stupid, but Ive seen less capable people pull themselves out of worse situations.

No. 1003584

lmfao y'all are wild

She's not bad enough to need to be "knocked out for a few days" are you fucking retarded? Have you only ever seen mental health patients on TV? this thread is ridiculous with the medfags who don't know wtf their talking about.

It was funny at first now it's just pure autism.

No. 1003585

Doubtful. I feel like she's going to milk this for pity and clout for as long as possible then go right back to being a cunt.

No. 1003602

File: 1594134935009.jpg (324.47 KB, 720x1317, 20200707_080955.jpg)

Idk what her subs were at last week. Had she hit 1k yet?
Well anyway her OF is $5 now. Not sure if shes gaining or losing subscribers, but I think it's funny that her twitter feed is showing shes making more sales from vids rn than ever before. They're consistent. Part of it could be pity buying, but I'm just saying. She typically doesnt have that many vid sales when her page is clogged with her bullshit drama posts and "FrEe nUdEs iS hOw YoU gEt CuStOmErS"

Wonder if she'll keep her OF at 5 bucks now.

No. 1003614

If she’s actually in a mental facility it could snap her out of her bullshit when she witnesses how it really is and realizes that being angsty isnt the same as being psychotic

No. 1003627

She's losing fans. I clicked the other day and she had 1k. So in a matter of 2-3 days she's lost around 50+ fans. kek

No. 1003642

Tbf it's the beginning of the month. Hard to say if it's because of her going inpatient and not just typical people trying her $3 sub for the month and then not re-subbing like a lot of people do. But shes gonna be really upset when she sees it regardless because it's all about numbers for her kek

Sorry Shay, your thousands of reposted nudes and vids are only worth $3, better give up on charging $5.

No. 1003647

I also noticed her being gone gave her an increase in pity buyers on her videos. The sad part is it’s not that much of an increase either. But then again its only been a few days..

No. 1003657

All of her videos are so horrendously cheap that I bet she's barely made $20 from all of those, too.

No. 1003681

Sedation with benzodiazepines is standard treatment for alcoholics withdrawing from alcohol in a medical setting.

No. 1003686

Nobody said she had to be sedated because of her mental state though.
She’s been mentally unstable even without withdrawal symptoms. And she’s not only detoxing from alcohol, but weed as well. We don’t know how much she’s actually been drinking either. So it’s not too far fetched to assume they give her benzodiazepines. Anon simply said how she would exaggerate that on twitter and turn it into her being knocked out because she was such a severe case.

Also what >>1003681 said.

No. 1003696

how do you know anything about it either? you're either sitting on milk for no reason or you're a salty vendetta-chan. the fact that you think shayna is capable of keeping herself offline for an extended period of time is already pretty funny–which is it? is she retarded and addicted to SM or is she not?

p.s. medfags know what they're talking about. autists means they're sperging bullshit. get it straight.

No. 1003702

I wonder how much shes gotten in tips. Aka people just giving her money without anything in return. Seems like she typically only gets tips when she advertises giving nudes for them and such. Occasionally she gets $10-20 for food from neckbeards hoping for a crumb of attention kek.

People buying her vids to "support" her tough time is funny because they're getting something out of it and she doesnt get the full amount and like anon said, her vids are already dirt cheap.

No. 1003715

File: 1594152354833.png (970.47 KB, 1070x1752, Screenshot_20200702-154222~2.p…)

She was at 1k last week.

No. 1003762

Kek a lot of people didnt re-sub this month. Shes going to freak and do some sale or something to get back to 1k

No. 1003810

"knocked out for days" is far different than sedation for a few hours, which is common. The anon claimed her alcoholism was so bad and that she was so mental they would need to knock her out for a few days, which is just stupid. I'm simply pointing out how retarded you sound.

No. 1003823

lol I’m surprised you’re getting this much backlash for stating the obvious, nobody here has a fucking clue what they’re talking about and I’m bored of the dramatic tinfoil

No. 1003825

I said "if she needs to be knocked out for days". What I suggested was that if she posted about about being sedated for an extended period of time then that would indicate that she went through delirium tremens because that is how it's treated. Delirium tremens is a serious medical condition that affects alcoholics when they withdraw from alcohol. So if she does experience delirium tremens and needs to be sedated with benzos, that then tells us that she is physically dependent on alcohol. She's been drinking daily for over a year and used to appear drunk on cam. There's long been speculation on if she's an alcoholic. This would answer that question.

>is shay and alcoholic?
>not sure
>did she go through delerium tremens and need to be sedated?
>yes? Then she's at the start of chronic alcoholism
>no? Then she doesn't have a physical dependence on alcohol and is not an alcoholic.

No. 1003828

No matter what happens when she gets out (if she’s even in) I don’t think we’ll know the truth. I don’t believe a word that comes out her mouth. She’ll probably just come straight here and cherry pick what anons are speculating to make up whatever pity story she’s gonna milk for money next.

No. 1003830

Where I work, if someone even mentions they have been daily drinking for more than a week, they’re put on detox status, given Librium for symptoms, extra vitamins everyday, and have their vital signs taken every 2 hours for two days. Don’t have to be a hardcore lifetime alcoholic. But she is definitely what we would consider alcohol dependent. We specifically ask on admission how much someone drinks and how often. If she was honest, they’re definitely going to give her meds for it, but not going to have her “knocked out.” They don’t want someone sedated or unconscious while detoxing. Alcohol detox for her would’ve been moderately uncomfortable, but only last 4 days max. Not smoking definitely made it worse I’m sure though. That causes constant vomiting. Remember her “allergic to weed” bs? That’s cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. She’s just been throwing up the past few days. Bet she got tested for COVID too.

No. 1003892

So anons were speculating that she would be released around today, right? I honestly don't believe she'd be able to stay off her social medias this long, though i don't think that confirms she is actually inpatient. She might be getting forced by fupa to stay off for some time, or maybe even took her phone. Not sure if he also payed for her wifi, but him paying her phone bills makes it suspicious.

No. 1003936

With everything that happened I think it's pretty believable that she did indeed check herself in. It's more believable than a fupa tin foil about not running her own business for a week

No. 1003937

Wait how do you know she's been throwing up the past few days?

No. 1003943

>>1003937 They don't, they're inferring this based on the fact that they appear to work at some sort of rehab center.

They're just saying that if she's experiencing actual alcohol withdrawal, it's probably worsened by also detoxing from weed at the same time. Drug withdrawal often makes people nauseous, weed can actually combat this (and soothe other withdrawal symptoms, depending on the drug you're coming off of), so coming off alcohol and weed at the same time probably has her puking her guts out, as she is thoroughly addicted to both from what we can tell.

That said, it's not uncommon for them to hand out promethazine to seriously nauseous patients, which is a really strong anti-nausea medication that is effective as hell, but will also knock you out. This isn't a county jail, they're not gonna let her just sit there puking for hours, that can lead to serious, sometimes life-threatening dehydration requiring actual hospitalization to treat. Not to disappoint those of you who seem to be gleefully implying she's been hung out to dry, but rehab places generally try to keep you pretty comfortable. Addicts are mentally ill, and you can't even begin to treat that illness while their head is in the toilet or they're having seizures and shit.

Sage for wild speculation and medfagging.

No. 1003947

Do we know if she's specifically in a rehab center though? A lot of times addicts who express suicidality (which Shay has) just get put in a regular psych ward, and considering where she lives I wouldn't be surprised if that's the closest option for her.

No. 1003951

She seemed like she had the option to "shop around" for different hospitals (thanks to mommy and daddys insurance) so she may be at a rehab center where she detoxed in one area of the hospital, then was moved to behavioral health or something. That sounds the most reasonable, and happens frequently. Unless she was violently withdrawing (not likely due to her health and age) she wouldn't be in a regular hospital.

She's either at home, or is comfy in a nice rehab/behavioral health hospital her parents are paying for.

No. 1003954

I don't think she went to a rehab center I think she absolutely went impatient because she was suicidal and taking too much of her medication. As other anons More than likely correctly speculated, she went in on a holiday and probably didn't get to see a physician at the 72-hour mark like she would have if she went early in the week. The medfagging about detox and all these disorders is getting to be a lot in this thread the last couple of days

No. 1003955

We don't know anything because she hasn't posted in a week. It's just a bunch of wild tin foil right now

No. 1003957

File: 1594221343897.png (343.82 KB, 750x1334, A33B1089-DAE0-470E-8011-2A5B70…)

The witch is back

No. 1003960

File: 1594221548179.jpg (156.76 KB, 957x1300, pretty-popcorn-girl-brunette-e…)

i'm ready to be entertained again

No. 1003962

File: 1594221801250.jpg (304.38 KB, 1080x1366, 20200708_092308.jpg)

No. 1003963

File: 1594221837534.png (104.99 KB, 893x564, Screenshot (101).png)

No. 1003969

And so it begins!!

No. 1003970

Just got out of a mental hospital, is already blaming it on her meds.

I just…can't with her.

No. 1003971

didn‘t know that wrong medication makes you suicide bait online. also i can‘t believe she isn‘t bpd

No. 1003972

aka "Fupa is also back talking to me, because my medicine is going to fix all our relationship issues now!'

Also a PSA on what? Her boyfriend broke it off, she snitched about the situation and then flipped the fuck out.

She can try to make it about how it was her medicine but everytime she has an episode it's because Fupa or some bullshit happened.

No. 1003974

$5 says that this time next week she’ll have a meltdown and cry on Twitter about how hard it is to be stable.

No. 1003982

Oh don't worry, in a few days she'll say she is.

No. 1003983

The… wrong meds for the past year? Totally not the alcohol abuse while on meds? I honestly doubt they were silent on that. Shes just not gonna mention anything about her substance abuse

No. 1003985

i'm confused because didn't she mention switching medication 3 or 4 different times in the last year?

No. 1003987

my prediction:

>"my new meds are amazing guys they're the solution to everything"

>a few days of self-congratulatory bullshit
>begs fupa to come back
>he does because he wants to get his chode wet and nobody else wants to fuck Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma
>immediately realises his mistake and dips again
>shayna lashes out at him and immediately regrets it
>cue shayna drinking like a fish, overdosing all day and gaining weight from ordering cheemsbungers bc too sad and lazy to eat vegetables
>moods still depend on her relationship status with fupa, carries on getting trashed and posting haunted videos of her gunt, nothing improves
>online suicide baiting
>blames the meds and the cycle begins again

No. 1003988

welp, whether she shares it with us or not, I hope something from the (likely) group therapy got through to her. But it’s easier to blame the meds.

No. 1003990

File: 1594223634042.jpg (337.79 KB, 1080x1475, 20200708_095346.jpg)

The shade

No. 1003991

File: 1594223726198.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3999x2999, 0B46C2BB-4DD6-45F8-8A11-A56723…)

No. 1003992

shayna will never have any form of self-awareness or insight, because she chugs a white claw and smokes herself into oblivion the moment she has an unpleasant thought like "maybe my entire life shouldn't be dictated by my relationship with a middle-aged edgelord" or "I should have bought this in a size large"

No. 1003994

Or fupa has “eliminated” her. She’s either dead or inpatient cause I doubt she can stay off the internet for more than a hour

No. 1003995

My bad she obviously not dead lol

No. 1003996

File: 1594224016209.png (55.67 KB, 813x313, Screenshot (104).png)

"just wanna take my life easy" LMAO like it wasnt easy before.

No. 1003998

I’m waiting for her to acknowledge her own agency in causing her problems and the need to change her behavior to solve them, but I’m losing hope with every post kek

No. 1004000


Unpopular opinion but I'm glad she got some professional help and seems to have benefited even slightly from it. Time will tell if anything sticks but taking a first step to get help, no matter how messy, is a good step.

Shayna is a fun lolcow but if she's able to improve her life situation at all, good for her. I don't think mocking her efforts is fair. She'll probably still be milky, but trying to help herself is not milk.

No. 1004001

contorting herself into positions that make it look like she has an ass and not just a flabby gut and lunchlady arms is difficult work anon

No. 1004005

have you been reading the thread? how is that an unpopular opinion? we all knew she needed help kek

No. 1004011

>those first two days were probably some of the worst days I've ever had in my life

not having weed and alcohol and being forced to talk about how awful her life is to strangers. apparently she was involuntarily held for a couple days at the least.

exactly, she NEEDED help and definitely still needs a lot more (no shatna medication won't cure you, you have to work to get better as well) but this is a good first step. I wonder if/when we'll be hearing about her parents.

No. 1004012

she literally repeated what fupa reposted on his facebook about not running away from your problems kek bet he gave her an ultimatum to stop drinking and go inpatient. she‘s been back for like half an hour already desperately trying to appeal to fupa

No. 1004013

Just wait. Two days and she’ll be back to her old antics

No. 1004014

Inpatient IS taking it easy. All of your responsibilities are removed and you have a team of people helping you. The hard work to better yourself and deal with your issues starts now.

when she checked in I genuinely found myself rooting for her. But her discord messages aren’t exactly shining with self-awareness. Time will tell I guess.

No. 1004016

I mean she's openly saying she needed to face her issues instead of running from them. It seems like she really had to face the hard reality that she was a problem and the things she was doing to solve her problems were making it worse. I hate this bitch. I really really do. But at least give her credit for trying to help herself after she obviously needed it for a long time. Time will tell if she's really invested in being better. I just don't think it's fair to say she's not accountable for her part in this all based on the what, 2 posts she's made?

No. 1004017

"i don't want to over exert myself
shayna is truly allergic to doing things lmao. the excuses and shit she says is hysterical.

No. 1004018

I don't think anyone disagrees that Shayna needs help, I just think her sincerity and motivation for the recent events is questionable. IMO nothing she does comes from a place of self-reflection and genuinely wanting to improve, she does and says things to a) manipulate people and make them feel bad for her b) avoid accountability and blame all her shitty behaviour on her mental health and c) to get fupa back

No. 1004019

File: 1594224918656.jpeg (185.74 KB, 750x759, 05A26A02-1335-4C3B-8FC6-B183EF…)

with that money she‘s probably gonna buy a big bottle of cheap pink wine and a cheeseburger to celebrate her victory over >muh bipolar

No. 1004020


Yes, I've been reading the thread full of people dismissing her attempts and insisting it will amount to nothing because she's hopeless. I have hope for her even though she's obviously struggling.

No. 1004023

She's openly talking about having to self reflect and how hard it was to accept some things. I know we want milk and it's been boring but this thread is not making any sense right now based on what she's said in the last hour. She's not blaming anyone, anything or saying she shouldn't have been there

Also, I don't know if anyone caught it, but this was involuntary. She said she was held against her will. I think they adjusted her meds and she realized she is the issue, not everyone else. We'll see though.

No. 1004024

if you think this is all sincere and not just another attempt to dodge accountability and manipulate people's opinions of her, and she won't be back to her old antics within the week, good for you, I admire your optimism. I just don't buy it.

No. 1004025

I agree. She's obviously taking steps here to get better and she needs to. She's obviously ill. I don't condone anything this bitch does and I absolutely cannot stand her as a human. I also am not going to sit here and downplay her attempt to try to fix some of the problems that she has. There's so much speculation. So much narrative leading. She's milky enough on her own. there's no need to make stuff up or draw conclusions just for the sake of gossip.

No. 1004027


Exactly. There's a huge disconnect between anons saying "of course we want her to get help" and also "kek look at her failing already" within the first hour she's back online. I know this is lolcow and we all come to gawk, but jeez. Let a bitch try.

No. 1004028

As much as I doubt, The girl is never been in an inpatient facility and away from social media and everyone for a week. I think that she has a real opportunity here to get things on track. Her record says that she's a perpetual fuck up, maybe this was her rock bottom though.

No. 1004034

lmao could you suck her ass any harder? if you want to start her an asspat circle then go to twitter or her discord

No. 1004037

I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees it that way. You can really tell we've been without for the last week. I'm just sick of hearing more speculation than actually talking about things that are going on. I've been on lolcow and KF for 4 years and it seems like this thread is the worst about tin foil. If you took all of the what if and hypotheticals out you're not really left with a whole lot it seems like. Sit back and watch the show rather than trying to write the show.

No. 1004040

Diff anon but I think some people are just calling out that she's been out and hour and there's a large part of the board that assumes so much without having any real information yet. Just relax and let it happen

No. 1004041


There's a whole spectrum of emotion between sucking someone's ass and not wanting to constantly shit on them even when they're trying. Get some perspective.

No. 1004043

people speculate about cows all the time, but I think they do a lot about Shayna because she repeats her mistakes over and over. the speculation is usually right. you can always hide saged posts or idk, read something else if it chaps your ass that much.

No. 1004047

dude she’s clearly intent on jumping right back into fucking her ass for pennies after her ‘break’, sorry but trying to build an actual future for herself outside of her millionth ~anal cumshow~ should be one of her top priorities to get her life on track, and it obviously isn’t.

No. 1004048

So because she's going to continue sex work that equates to not caring about her mental health? The bitch is 23 years old and just got out of a mental institution she's not going to solve all of her problems in a day.

No. 1004049

not to medfag but how the fuck has she got bipolar 1? that's full-blown mania with rare depressive episodes. she gets depressed every few days and has never obviously displayed signs of grandiose mania… although i accept we don't know her IRL, she puts practically everything online.

No. 1004051

The depressive episodes don't have to be rare. You have to have a mix of manic highs and depressive lows. The determining factor is the mania that requires hospitalization and lasts for days.

No. 1004053

And if you've followed Shayna Clifford and you don't think she has delusions of grandeur you aren't paying attention. She posts about how great and perfect she is all the time. She's obviously delusional

No. 1004054

Yes, I do think that. It’s a shitty industry with no future unless you’re making bank and saving, and she’s not.

No. 1004055

for shayna, yes it does. do you really think her career choice is going well for her?

No. 1004057

they have to be rare in comparison to the mania; more depression than mania is bipolar 2, and she's depressed every 5 minutes. regardless, my second point still stands: she's never shown signs of grandiose mania.

No. 1004058

yeah honestly it seems like 90% of her issues would be solved if she quit sex work all together and tried to live a somewhat normal life detached from "dolly mattel" and this weird dependency she has with her sex work persona

No. 1004060

Her being a sex worker doesn't have anything to do with being bipolar/BPD whatever the fuck. Quitting her job isn't going to make her normal. And she can manage mental illness and be a sex worker. I can't get with that logic.

No. 1004062


No. 1004066

Yes we understand you don't like sw

No. 1004067

samefag but if you don’t think she has a better shot at stability if she has a schedule, social connections off Twitter, a reason to leave the house, and a steady, predictable income I don’t know what to tell you.

No. 1004070

She can achieve that just like other SW are able to. She's already pulling in at least 4-5k a month and has been blowing it on weed and alcohol. If she got her priorities straight and had less meltdowns, she should be more productive. She's just got to actually put in effort and that's where her problems lie. She's lazy and not accountable because she's got an inflated ego

No. 1004074

Yeah that's when she started therapy and all that. The first couple of years of trying to get your mental health in order is a lot of trial and error with meds and you're usually switched to five times before you find the right ones. if they misdiagnosed her then it's very possible that they had her on antidepressants that were causing her to be manic because that's what happens with people that are bipolar.

No. 1004075

*2-5 times

No. 1004076

She degrades herself for literal pennies and drinks in part to cope with that (like SO many cam models do.) She probably has more financial security than she lets on, but the way she tells it, she can barely afford her rent at the end of the month. She has no friends and she’s a pariah within the sex worker community. For her in particular, this is literal cancer to her mental health. Quitting sex work wouldn’t fix her but it would make things a hell of a lot better.

No. 1004078

I guess what I’m trying to say is that freelancing and working from home in any way is going to weigh on you mentally if you’re not good at keeping a schedule and you’re constantly battling your own laziness. Not everyone is cut out for it. Having to be accountable to a more typical employer can really help.

And yeah, what >>1004076 said.

No. 1004080

I think you're talking about when she used to be on my free cams And she doesn't cam anymore. if that's what you're referencing she hasn't done any of that since she started using only fans and dropped Snapchat. we've already found where she lives and know how much her rent is more than likely and if she's making at least 4K a month she's got plenty to cover the rest of her bills she's just not always budgeted well with the booze and hundreds of dollars in weed she buys. We haven't seen her begging for rent money since the move either

No. 1004081

This i agree with. Being lazy and not having great work ethic have not helped her

No. 1004082

>manage mental illness and be a sex worker
Anyone posting their genitals on social media for free is not of a sound mind. I understand that sometimes women are left with no choice but to turn to sex work but anyone who is doing it because it's ~fun, empowering and quirky~ is mentally ill.

No. 1004083

okay, but everything else they said is still true. Just because she can technically pay her bills by spreading her asshole doesn’t mean it’s great for her and she just needs to work harder.

No. 1004084

you're not wrong but you'll get salty responses from the sex workers that lurk in this thread to look at shayna and be glad that at least they're not her lmao

No. 1004085

That's a feeling not a fact and because you don't agree with it doesn't make it true. You just hate sex work and the only way you rationalize it by saying obviously people that are in the business are all mentally ill. I'm not a sw but it's really not a valid argument(derailing)

No. 1004086

I cannot believe people honestly passionately defend sex work like this. It’ll always be a sad last resort to anyone with a clue and that’s just the way it is lmao.

No. 1004087

It's a slap in the face to people with mental illness to say only someone that's mentally ill would do that. It's not a stigma you need to attach. You rationalize by creating labels

No. 1004089

I’m nta who was saying that. But I am saying it is normal and rational to not think sex work is some great career that Shay can be awesome at if she just tries.

No. 1004090

I don't necessarily agree with equating it to mental illness, but it's not a choice that stable and grounded people make when they have other options available

No. 1004093

She's not making 4-5k a month anon. Chill.

No. 1004094

File: 1594228211508.jpg (7.05 KB, 200x200, soy005.jpg)

>She's not making 4-5k a month anon. Chill.

No. 1004095

im assuming her parents know what happened and her dad has offered to pay all of her bills temporarily out of pity

No. 1004098

She has 1k followers on OF. Most are paying $3. That's at least 3k. Plus tips, private shows and MV sales it's totally plausible. I hate her but I can count.

No. 1004102

HAHAHA ur so funny anon, just google this two words "depression prostitutes" i cant even count how many sexworkers are mentally ill is it a coincidence? dont think so,if u post your tits and makes u feel powerful or whatever the fuck,fine good for you but remember u are on Shayna thread not on ur facebook so anything type her is not for you personally.

Other thing,just now Pornhub got a lot of a attention about all the videos of rapetorturerevengeporn get uploaded in 2 seconds?,or the formal pornstar Mia Khalifa didnt she exposed bangbros? how she got manipulated and all that stuff? but hey everyone, SeX wOork Is NorMaL wOOrk rEsPecT iT We aLL sAnEEe!!!111!!!1(nEwFaG)

No. 1004112

Another anon can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure platforms like patreon and of take a cut. I would speculate she sits at around 2.5k on a good month.

No. 1004116

Wonder if it feels weird for her, after a week in relative normality, to whip out her clunge again? I mean, now she’s seen that not everyone spends all day fucking their ass with a butt plug. Just a thought.

No. 1004120

It's pretty telling that the first thing she decides to tweet is how much pity money she received from different people.

It's just beyond distasteful, have some fucking self awareness for once.

No. 1004121

seriously. She does NOT have bipolar type I. She has borderline personality disorder. Very clear.

No. 1004122

File: 1594230457202.png (553.26 KB, 2048x1901, Screenshot_20200708-134658.png)

"look how much pity money people sent me for being MeNtAlLy IlL!! Send me more to make me feel better uWu!!!"

I hate her so fucking much

No. 1004126

She was in there for a week. After 72 hours she was no longer "held against her will" fucking kek

No. 1004129

They can extend it if she wasn't evaluated by the resident doc or if she lashed out. They can extend to 5 days

And if she got a diagnosis from a doctor, I'd take that over medfagging anons that have never even met the girl.

No. 1004130

Honestly I somewhat agree. Sex work isn't helping her mental health, she's been ostracized from the community and literally no one wants to work with her or befriend her, in terms of sex work. She's seen as a cancer within the community. Continuing to JUST do sex work may not be the best option. Maybe she should just stop going so hard for SW, get a part time job or try a hobby. She could meet people, work on social interactions, and not constantly rely on the internet for validation. She seriously has the mindset of a 16 year old and will continue that way until she starts taking breaks from the internet. She's had so much smoke blown up her ass from the age of 15 that she honestly thinks she's hot shit and doesn't need to work on herself. That's her main issue.

No. 1004131

Misdiagnosis is common when people are starting their "mental health journey" but I'm absolutely going to believe a doctor over stupid medfags on lolcow.

No. 1004135

oh stfu

No. 1004139

Not technically true. In OK there’s emergency detention up to 5 days, excluding weekends, and a step above that is involuntary civil commitment which requires a hearing and can be indefinite (in other states they re-evaluate every 30 days, not sure about OK.) It’s usually for the schizophrenic legitimate danger-to-society types, but it’s also for people with Bipolar I. That is to say, if someone cared enough and she was officially (albeit incorrectly) diagnosed bipolar at some point, they could lock her up against her will.

Irrelevant now since she’s out, but.

No. 1004140

she has Dumb Bitch Disease

No. 1004144

Dumb bitch who got her five seconds of fame on Tumblr and now can't get over it disease

No. 1004145

Not trying to armchair here but she's showing all the signs and symptoms so I'd be inclined to agree. DBD is hard to treat, too.

No. 1004149

She’s really just going to act like it’s her meds (that’s she’s switched up at least three times I can remember) and not her life choices that got her to this point lmao

Do you think she’s going to act like she called out fupa or try to ignore that too

No. 1004155

File: 1594233037768.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 6FF37B0E-7389-467C-A65A-BEBF31…)

Shayna’s fatass because she’s out of the nuthouse kek

No. 1004158


No. 1004160

It's only difficult to treat if you're not willing to put the work in. It requires alot of specialized therapy (dialectical behavioral therapy is usually what is recommended) as well as regular one on one talk therapy. It also requires alot of change, in terms of changing coping mechanisms, habits, etc.

Shayna is not at the point in her life where she's willing to put that kind of work in. She wants to take a pill, make it all go away, and have a therapist tell her how great and wonderful she is. She wants asspats and a quick fix.

No. 1004164

You all need to stop kissing shaytard’s boiled covered ass. We all know she needs help but she doesn’t take our advice about getting a job, showering and exercising. Of course she’s not going to get better. She just wanted a vacation and an excuse not to do her video schedule. Shaytard has 56 threads. You really think a couple days in rehab will change her. She’s a fat ugly loser who is narcissistic and manipulative. She will never make it in the porn industry. She needs to exercise and stop eating like a disgusting slob if she wants to feel better mentally.

No. 1004168

Actually, dumb bitch disease is incurable. She's got it for life.

No. 1004174

File: 1594234838791.jpeg (128.31 KB, 1036x1300, tinfoil.jpeg)

Tinfoiling, but I really do not believe she was actually hospitalized. I think Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma told her to stay off Twitter for a few days as punishment for spilling the beans about their relationship, and she abided because she'll sadly do anything to keep his stinky, valueless chode around.

She's a nasty, fat attention whore, and I guarantee she would've posted some proof of her stay by now. Once she sees this post while lurking, she'll run off to Amazon and buy a prop medical bracelet or something to show her haturrrrz it was totally true and not a ploy to rake in sympathy bux and keep Fupa around.

>feeling ecstatic for being a deranged e-prostitute receiving $20 for her alleged stint at the loony bin
literal bums panhandling for change on the sidewalk have more compelling sob stories, more self-respect and more financial success as beggars than Shatna

No. 1004176

Me personally, she’s completely pathetic and I feel sorry for her. She falls in the pasture of cows you sort of want to see do better, like Luna Slater or dare I say Pixyteri. She has every tool to turn her life around and she just won’t, but personally I get bored of her “milk” when it’s just doing the same shit over and over and over again. I wouldn’t really call it “giving advice” but clearly this bitch is miserable and it’s hard to watch her destroy herself for 56 threads when the answer to her problems is pretty simple.

No. 1004180

i know she makes a fine earning but i will never believe she makes 4k a month lol

No. 1004182

this is really what this thread is coming to? pointing out facts that shatna does not actually make 5k a month and realistically makes 2.5-3k 98% of the time means you're an ugly male neckbeard who is just jelly of sex werkerz? cringe. camwhores can leave now

No. 1004183

Why does everyone act like this is an insane amount of money? It’s literally like… average bartender money.

No. 1004189

Why does everyone act like this is an insane amount of money? It’s literally like… average bartender money.

No. 1004190

I think it's just to show that yes she makes decent money from it but lives like she's barely scraping by because she impulsively spends her money on cheap trailer trash crap.

No. 1004192

>changed my meds n now im better :)
1 week is barely long enough for old meds to leave her system let along to know if new meds are working. I was hoping she would actually get some real help but I guess not

The only thing she was over-exerting before was her butthole

No. 1004197

Tbf shes only been in the new place a month or two max.

Anyway. So shes really gonna keep blaming her meds for everything shitty in her life, huh? Shes only been on them a year and she has in fact changed them a few times. Aside from parroting Self Help 101 shit "wow I gotta face my problems! I didnt realize until being at the mental hospital!" I don't see her learning a damn thing. Shes convinced herself and maybe even the staff that the meds are the cause of her problems. Then first thing she does when she gets back is "I'm bAcK aNd HoRnY" and flex about how much pity money she got, yet needs more. Oh but she cant work because it's too much rn. Gross af.

No. 1004206

File: 1594240871852.gif (8.09 MB, 473x840, 1539101774621.gif)

For anyone doubting her having periods of mania, must not remember her meltdown at the Fupa Mansion a year ago.

No. 1004207

I’m still working my way through, this looks too good to miss. I shall repair to the earlier threads immediately.

No. 1004208

This was around 2 years ago. She was at her shitty apartment for over a year. It was sometime after Christmas when things went downhill fast.

No. 1004213

nah that was last year, she had the hotdog nails

No. 1004215

damn i'm honestly disappointed that she already doesn't seem changed at all. nice guess on the anons' part though for guessing how long she was gonna be inpatient.


i think it's because it has been confirmed for a while that she lurks the threads all the time, plus some people started doing it to vent frustration with her and others joined.

No. 1004218


That's the video in case anyone wanted to see it. She doesn't sound manic so much as she sounds awkward, drunk, and uncomfortable. Like she's unsure of what to do or how to act so she's just laughing and doing stupid shit.

No. 1004222

Just like other anons mentioned- I'll take the word of a professional. They can make a mistake too, but it's less likely than anons making one. And if we have some "pros" here, commenting on Shayna's fractured butthole, I wouldn't put much faith in them anyway.

On another note, Shayna should know that she just shouldn't drink and smoke on her meds. They won't do what they're supposed to do whether she's diagnosed correctly or not.

No. 1004226

that rat nest is tragic and don‘t get me started on that manicure but she looked so much better back then and it inspires me to take care of myself because her case shows how fast it can go downhill kek

No. 1004231

Oof she used to be a halfway hot mess, now she's just an ugly wreck. Always been dumb af and clearly desperate for attention, yet awkward and uncomfortable.

No. 1004235

File: 1594246895367.jpg (256.58 KB, 1070x911, Screenshot_20200708-172022_Twi…)

she obviously learned nothing from being locked up

No. 1004238

Like clockwork kek To the Anon who said they had some hope in her, I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 1004239

Alcohol is the issue with her meds not weed. She needs to stop spending so much on it though

No. 1004240

A lot of meds don’t interact well with weed, and weed doesn’t interact well with bipolar disorder. They had to have known she smoked like a chimney from her drug tests and mentioned it to her. Why bother sitting inpatient for a week to avoid work, wasting your parents insurance money just to let all the info you were graciously given leak out your nose into the floor? This is just god awful depressing.

No. 1004242

She lasted an entire day. Wow.

No. 1004247

she can't even begin to work out how to effectively manage her mental health if she's constantly in an altered state, whether it's from weed or alcohol. she's still using a substance to numb herself instead of figuring out good coping skills.

No. 1004248

Now I actually doubt she really went inpatient. She’s talking so vague and full of boring platitudes here. Every babby’s first psych stay they can’t stop sperging about the coloring books and body checks and safety scissors and showing off their bracelet. Shayna is exactly the type to go full spoonie and overshare tall tales about booty juice. This is my personal conspiracy fodder.

No. 1004258

It's more on the fact that this chick can't stay sober for even 24 hrs after be involuntarily held.

No. 1004261

File: 1594250873109.jpeg (203.61 KB, 1125x665, A1BE70B8-1D44-41E2-878E-19E34D…)

I’m sorry to anyone who actually thought she would change.

No. 1004264

Yeah, I am 100% sure that she wasn’t sober when she was admitted. This is such an alcoholic thing to do kek

No. 1004265

Weed is a downer. It makes you feel lazy and chill. It's not going to help motivate her or make her feel better. She will be right back where she started very soon.

No. 1004285

This is bleak KEK. Shayna's already back to her same old. And to think people were rooting for her just a few hours ago

No. 1004287

agreed, she is extremely vague about it. anons who call this tinfoiling are repeating the same mistake of people who were way over sensitive about anons discussing whether she was still with fupa or not. she has pretty easily readable behavior so so when she strays from it almost all of the time it's because she is lying about something.

No. 1004295

honestly really for a girl who posts her every stupid thought no matter how toxic or crazy on the internet I find her speech on the matter to be so off. How do we catch her in a lie…

I have no hope for this girl lol

No. 1004317

File: 1594253866877.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200708-191646_Chr…)

Thought she was taking a break lol. It's like she never left. And you can't even see her face in these but they are a big yikes

No. 1004318

File: 1594253910391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200708-191651_Chr…)

No. 1004321

Does she never wash those extensions? Maybe they're so cheap they can't be washed without falling apart, but jeez they look so greasy

No. 1004324

File: 1594254019597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 644.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200708-191903_Chr…)

No. 1004326

I have no words.

No. 1004327

File: 1594254126819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 531 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200708-192109_Chr…)

It wasn't even posted 20 minutes ago and she's already bitching. She's not changed at all

No. 1004354

File: 1594255308535.jpg (476.51 KB, 1078x1235, Screenshot_20200708-194135_Twi…)

So is she going to blame her new meds for weight gain after this?

No. 1004357

File: 1594255358447.jpg (258.04 KB, 1079x776, Screenshot_20200708-194237_Twi…)

She's going to milk these ass pats for weeks

No. 1004358

okay man-ass mattel

No. 1004361

yep the exact same as before. weed cookies, ice cream, brownies, talking about eating cereal and burgers. it literally is like she never even left. i’m officially on board with the anons saying she wasn’t even committed kek it was like there was just a glitch in the matrix and she disappeared for a few days but didn’t actually go anywhere

No. 1004363

wondr what happened to her hand? I kind of thought she'd take a break but I guess not.
I hope it helped though. I just have the feeling she's back with Fupa so she's "fine" now.

No. 1004364

Jesus. Capitalize “ME” every time you tweet to highlight your narcissism. I am hating this saga already.

Also… bruises/scraping on her knuckles from punching walls? tinfoil. Violent white trash Mattel isn’t too far-fetched though.

No. 1004371

File: 1594256274143.jpeg (118.47 KB, 828x950, AD570C93-2D94-4429-BE6B-AA7ECC…)

No. 1004374

Why did she say "held against your will" if she checked herself?

No. 1004377

I'm fucking laughing at anyone who thought she would actually change. She's never going to change.

No. 1004380

>Weed is a downer
Can we please just stop with the constant drugfagging from people who clearly have very little/basic knowledge of drugs or google searched it and need to let us all know

No. 1004383

I want to believe she wasn't in the psych ward, but there's no way an attention seeking BPD trainwreck like her could cope with being offline for as long as she was by choice.

No. 1004388

cuz she’s a pathological liar

No. 1004390

if fupa made her she would prob do anything

No. 1004411

Kek Wow. Her mental health is so much better y'all!

No. 1004419

It flopped cause it's lazy as shit like everything she does. She's wearing some corny kawaii doggo bullshit with ratty extensions, a flabby man ass, and hiding her obviously busted face. Not even neckbeards would get off to this.

No. 1004426

File: 1594258473670.png (790.14 KB, 2037x2048, Screenshot_20200708-213249.png)


No. 1004437

You have no way to gauge if a new medication is helping you or not if you’re not sober. She’s acting as if you just go inpatient, get diagnosed, go on new meds and wow, now you’re cured! I can’t see her sticking to any kind of follow-up plan, sooner or later she’ll be right back where she started.

No. 1004442

ya'll actually believe she was in a mental health facility/got help?

No. 1004455

Isn't that a dead giveaway that her followers are mostly bought?

No. 1004470

Yeah, I am really starting to think she didn't go either. She is being way too vague with details. It's like she doesn't want to say too much because she could easily be caught in a lie. Now I'm wondering if she lied about going in order to try and win Fupa back. Or maybe he demanded she take a social media break, and she needed a lie to try and garner pity.

She loves oversharing and there is no way she wouldn't be spitting out every tiny detail.

No. 1004478

Is that supposed to be an IV mark on her knuckle?

No. 1004482

Doubt it. I don’t see anything to read into, it’s a scratch on her hand.

No. 1004485

russel's sign or mystery mark? cast ur votes now

No. 1004493


Shayna’s way too much of a pussy to make herself puke. At least not with any regularity, kek.

No. 1004509

Shayna is a mean drunk. She probably punched a wall.

No. 1004516

That or skin picking from boredom. Too high up for an IV. I don't think she was actually inpatient, or ever detoxed from anything. I think she's a liar, like usual.

No. 1004537

As our world and country deteriorates around us, I can always count on Shayna to never change.

No. 1004570

As someone who partakes in booze and the occasional bong/edible, I agree wholeheartedly that Shayne should stay clear from it. Or at least do her best to reduce it and reserve it to a sort of once a week treat.

I’m all for people making informed decisions about drug use, especially legal ones, but it’s glaringly obvious that people with jobs like sex workers should be cautious with drugs, just because the work from home and intermittent money aspect is not great at helping keep a track of a routine.

If any of her orbiters were really caring about her they’d obviously call out the elephant in the room. But I’m mainly preaching to the choir here. I’m just really annoyed at potheads like Shayna giving the image that you can’t a) use alcohol and pot responsibly and b) discourage the use of it when you see people who shouldn’t be partaking in it for their own health, even if you’re in favour of it.(blog)

No. 1004573

Nobody cares

No. 1004577

No, but I was hoping maybe reality had finally caught up to her and she got some sort of help.

No. 1004580


Tbh I think fupa or her real dad just didn't pay her phone/internet bill and made her get offline for a few days. Or fupa told her they could get back together if she stayed off the internet for x amount of days, as punishment for her twitter meltdown. Or maybe her parents forced her home. Or she was jailed kek

Idk all my wild tinfoils are more plausible in my mind than the idea of her actually going to inpatient

No. 1004587

If it was just Twitter I could see it but she's not going to let her OF and all that get fucked up too. She didn't post at all and lost a ton of subs. She went inpatient and I think it's pretty believable. Just because she's not tweeted a picture of a wristband or something doesn't mean she didn't go. It's more likely than most of the tinfoil rn.

No. 1004589

She didn't show up in any jail logs anons were checking every day. She went off the deep and and got held involuntary like a dumbass because she was mixing booze and alcohol. Not far off

No. 1004590

Or she punched stuff at her apartment and her neighbors called the cops and she was admitted kek

No. 1004591

I agree. Plus, doesn’t Fupa work for AT&T? It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he has access to a discounted phone plan/package and he’s paying her bill.

No. 1004598

File: 1594273600085.jpeg (750.11 KB, 1125x1740, C38803D8-8AE8-478D-B271-1934B5…)

to answer that another anon her OF is back to $3

No. 1004606

She was just really hoping she could bump up the price a few bucks, especially while she was "gone" kek nah Shay ur shit is worth a whole whoppin $3. So much content, but only gets customers because it's so cheap. Only thing more sad is the really ugly bitches that have to do $1 or free OF.

No. 1004614


I feel like she's kinda outing herself here. If they didn't pick up on her AD-induced mania then she's not going to therapy as often as she claimed in the past.

Bipolar 1 and being prescribed antidepressants without any mood stabilizers is suss too.

No. 1004618

Pretty much this.
I was genuinely hoping she was telling the truth about getting help and I was genuinely hoping she'd actually work on herself. I was extremely skeptical knowing her track record and knew it was highly unlikely but still hoping.
I've been reading Shay's threads for years and as much as I love watching the shitshow and derive entertainment from it I don't want her to suffer. She's a horrible person without a doubt but I guess I always hoped she could maybe change and be less toxic.
Anyway as soon as I saw those Discord posts I knew she was full of shit. If she was inpatient you know she'd be going on and on about how it was so scary, how a certain nurse/fellow patient was a bitch, how the art therapy she did was actually fun, how they let her sit around in her pajamas, how they took her jewelry, the food, the room, how traumatizing it all was, SOMETHING, ANYTHING about the stay itself. Like seriously, this bitch thrives on attention and a need to be unique and special and milk everything she can for money or asspats and you're telling me all she has to say about it is this nonspecific vague bullshit? She's absolutely full of it. She's trying to sound like she's healing and she's some super woke mental health warrior now but she's full of shit, there's no way in hell she was actually inpatient with nothing more to say about it than THAT.
And then she's back to smoking weed and posting her horror nudes online within a day? Yeah. Full of shit.
I'm disappointed but not at all surprised. Part of me will still hope she can change just so there's one less toxic leech in the world but I'm not holding out hope for it.

No. 1004619

Can't believe I actually miss this version of her compared to now. She's awkward and rambling here but yeah I wouldn't call that a manic example either.

Agreed. She had a wittle time out I bet kek

No. 1004632

lmao at the bleeding heart anons who were trying to shut everyone down for saying she won't change. she proved you wrong within less than 24 hours.

change your orgasms to what? non existent? literally noone can be getting aroused looking at her content at this point except people with thing for women at rock bottom, like the degenerates who were buying luna's pics

No. 1004634


This is so fucking embarrassing. Why the fuck anyone think it's a good idea to tweet like this on a business account? Even if her business is being a messy wreck, this is so gross.
Doctor/nurse kink is pretty common, but not like this lmao.

No. 1004655

I was the anon who said I hope this is a reality check for her, but I really don't believe she went either. She would not be able to not overshare every detail possible. She's out here really role-playing someone who went inpatient I really can't.

No. 1004658

I still think there's a small chance that she went, only because I don't believe this bitch could stay off social media for a whole week without anyone forcing her to. her instinct to tweet her asshole pics and vapid thoughts is too strong.

No. 1004669

These are the videos I remember her posting. Yeah, she's flailing around and obnoxious as fuck but it's way better than the stiff, robotic shit she's been posting for months now. And it went with the "I'm a dumb, quirky bimbo uwu" aesthetic. The vids she posts now are more "Blink twice of you're being held against your will" aesthetic.
I'm super on the fence about the tinfoils. Part of me agrees with anons that say she can't stay away from the internet. Maybe Fupa PHYSICALLY took her phone(s) and anything with access to the internet as punishment. Who fuckin knows. She'll let something slip eventually. "All good things come to those who wait." - Fupa Tinfoilers.

No. 1004690

Ny guess is also that he basically said dont come back to social media for a week, otherwise I'll never talk to you again or something like that. She'd do anything to stay in his good graces after outing them.

Shay sucks but I'm more furious at every single orbiter she has. Clearly no one gives a shit about her because her inconsistencies never get called out and no one has ever given her an ounce of tough love. She has no self-awareness.

Also weird q, has she shown her face at all since coming back?

No. 1004692

File: 1594302238891.jpg (389.08 KB, 1071x1277, Screenshot_20200709-094227_Twi…)

Weed and junk food make her life whole. Kek

No. 1004695

You do realise that mania, especially full-blown mania of bipolar 1, isn’t just “acting weird” right? She’s never done anything so off the wall it can’t be explained by BPD.

No. 1004701

File: 1594304001053.jpeg (214.1 KB, 1125x688, D4D3806C-16F8-4834-AD09-53941E…)

Why does she keep saying PSA? It makes no sense?

No. 1004704

Public Service Announcement, anon, she just wants to feel important.

No. 1004714

She's narcissistic enough to think people actually care what happened while she was in the "psyche ward"
She's taking time to read through the thread, take notes on what anons said happens while being held, and will parrot it back on the vid kek She's already doing it with that tweet listing what she "takes advantage of"

No. 1004717

The only audience for that video is this thread. No orbiter is going to want to watch a video that doesn't involve her shoving a dildo into one of her wrecked holes.

No. 1004719

Yes obviously a manic episode is more than just acting weird. I was rereading one of her old threads, i forget which one, but it was towards the end of her stay at the Fupa Mansion and she was spiraling downhill very quickly. The single gif I posted was one of many odd and slightly disturbing things she was doing during that meltdown. I'm not an expert nor am I going to armchair, but I think that whole thing was a pretty obvious manic episode.

No. 1004720

hard agree.

kind of fucked, because weed is basically legal now, even in states where it clearly isn't. most doctors allow for the fact that their patients smoke. having said that, there is absolutely a note in shayna's medical records that says she smokes even though she's on psych meds and every doctor she ever comes into contact with will try to convince her, gently or otherwise, to stop smoking. people don't want to hear it but pot is bad for people with mental illness, period.

No. 1004722

File: 1594308334724.jpg (85.78 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20200709-162353_Twi…)

Why would they remove her piercing?
In case she ripped it out her own face in a form of self harm?
That's all I can think of.

A septum would look awful on her. Do it Shay!

No. 1004723

Yikes this is so sad, no mention of any friends or even her audience/regulars because she doesn't have any. Her big gratefulness revelation will last all of 3 days before going back to complaining.

No. 1004725

Psych wards will confiscate jewelry for sure, but I've never heard of them taking out body jewelry unless they need to intubate someone. imo she's just trying to think of things to say to cover her ass lying about being inpatient.

No. 1004728

Agreed with the other anons on she never went inpatient, and I'm voting on that either fupa took her phone or just shut down here WiFi. Also on the weird scratch on her hand, I would assume American hospitals don't use thicker needles for IVs, so it should leave a way smaller mark. Not sure about the position either cus it seems to be on the side of her knuckles, which is kinda awkward (for example I've had an IV connected by the side of my hand because of a more accessible vein and it was in a position where it wasn't near bone).

She had that nose ring longer than a week, right? No way it closed up that fast when it was already healed in that shape, she is making shit up.

No. 1004732

I’ve been giving her some slack but if it’s ever confirmed she made up a hospital stay for attention then honestly, fuck her.

No. 1004733

She learnt nothing. Nothing at all.

No. 1004735

When I've been to hospitals they make you take out piercings usually just for safety reasons.

No. 1004736

Not to sperg about piercings but for some people the holes close faster than for others.

No. 1004740

Maybe my own experience is rare, but even after years of not wearing, my holes haven't closed up. When I got them done I didn't take them out for a really long time.

No. 1004743

did you forget the multiple occasions where she binged entire cakes and then made herself vomit or

No. 1004745

I'm sure she's lying and is going to use it as a reason to ask for $50-$60 from her "fans." Like anons said, piercings don't close up that quickly.

No. 1004746

Ahh yes because a septum piercing just screams "baby bimbo Barbie"

No. 1004760

File: 1594314718917.jpg (689.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200709-121147_Chr…)

Yikes her OF is dropping quick

No. 1004761

Yea I’m going to go with the tinfoil she was never at inpatient. She can tweet about all this dumb shit but has to make a video about her experience? You’re already doing it in your tweets in the vaguest way.

You needed to stay in a hospital to make you appreciate your dog and your bed? Lmao. How about- staying in inpatient really made me self reflect and understand how toxic my life choices are?

I feel bad for the farmers who always have a little bit of sympathy for cows when they “hit bottom”. It’s like when a women gets beaten by her BF and he goes to jail for a couple weeks and says “I’m so sorry I’m such a terrible person” and she takes him back, only for her to be beaten again. People don’t change overnight. Get real.

No. 1004781

It was actually lower. I've been checking while she was "inpatient" and the lowest I saw was 928. People are subscribing again now that she's back

No. 1004790

Out of curiosity, how does she have that many subscriptions but barely any interaction on her twitter and not many people in her discord? Shouldn't all those things be kinda consistent in number? I always thought OF was based on off site promo's. Especially when she is someone that posts nudes for free on her twitter?

No. 1004815

File: 1594322958213.jpg (21.51 KB, 434x503, photo_2020-07-09_14-25-30.jpg)

shaynas making more than you guys think.

most girls with a low subscription price make most their money off of PPV sales and tips.

If she' was at 1.7%, that puts her at over 6 k a month. She said she dropped percentages. I would guess in about a week of little to no earnings she would drop down to about 3-5%. That's a guess though.

This pic is fairly accurate

No. 1004817

Who cares, she has nothing to show for it.

No. 1004818

she could make millions and it wouldn't matter if she pisses it all away on booze, weed and tacky clothes that don't fit her properly

No. 1004821

Nika makes <$1000 a month and is in top 7% so these numbers aren't right.

No. 1004823

I just went from 10% to 1% in a month and they've been accurate along the way.

I am also in multiple group chats with other SW where we compare earnings and percentages and these are pretty accurate. It's hard to exact because it's based on the past rolling 30 days not month to month

No. 1004824

Percentage doesn't have to do with just money. Where are you getting those stats from anyway? Just pulling it out of your ass?

No. 1004825

If she was inpatient (which I still don't believe she was), does she have an explanation for where Noodle and Rib were when she was gone? She talks about missing them but where WERE they? At her apartment alone shitting all over the floor with no food, or…?
I don't think she ever actually was in the hospital, I'm just wondering what her explanation for this is.

No. 1004826

percentage is based solely on earnings actually. there is no algorithm to onlyfans

No. 1004829

File: 1594325117872.jpg (553.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200709-150504_Chr…)

Kek, she finally updated her OF rank. Surprised she's no shrieking yet

No. 1004830

File: 1594325190627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 563.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200709-150600_Chr…)

Also no video yet, but she did drop extremely low res nudes 1/3

No. 1004831

File: 1594325213565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 602.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200709-150605_Chr…)


No. 1004833

File: 1594325262139.jpg (Spoiler Image, 628.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200709-150608_Chr…)

3/3 Warning this one is still nasty. Wonder what happened to her quality. First no face, now super zoomed blurry nudes

No. 1004834

shatna why would you make it so easy to make an STI joke

No. 1004835

If those numbers are true, it's one thing to have money and not care about looking your best, it's a whole nother thing to be a SEX WORKER whose making that much and look dusty.

No. 1004836

Did she blur her clit out or… what is going on here?

No. 1004837

It's there anon, she just a tiny clit and it's covered by the hood. But these things are blurry af, I guess her fanbase likes it…

No. 1004838

the fuck is up with this NDS camera quality? Remember when Shayna was calling other SW's out for that?

No. 1004843

She bought promo from someone I know btw, and someone else brought up that she's a POS. The girl she bought from didn't know and said she wouldn't sell to her again, so she's definitely pretty blacklisted. This is a big group so lots of people probably saw too

No. 1004846

wtf it really looks like she blurred out the top of her vulva, it was definitely not shaped like that in previous pictures.

No. 1004847

This is such a strange tinfoil. It’s different for everyone, I had my septum pierced for years, took it out for three days for a job, and it closed on me. Another person in this thread can take out their piercings just fine without them closing. It’s literally just different for everyone. I don’t think even Shayna would think to lie about something so menial and insignificant

No. 1004853

Sage your shit, whore.

No. 1004862

Maybe fupa cancelled her phone plan/internet and that’s where she was all this time? Could also be the reason for poor quality pics, she got a super cheap track phone.

No. 1004866

Kek anon.

No. 1004868

The bad quality combined with massive overkill on the blur tool I just can't

No. 1004905

You could still use the camera on the phone even if he did cancel her plan. I think they’re just front camera photos.
She’s probably just panicking because her rank is dropping, doesn’t want to spend the time to blur all her cottage cheese and butt acne, so she’s taking low res photos to appease her shrinking sub numbers.

No. 1004915

Or they could be screen shots from a video she filmed with her phone, could explain the horrid quality

No. 1004933

So much for this video today. Girl has been gone for a week and can't even keep to a schedule for one day

No. 1004988

Surprising absolutely no one. Cant even do an update video or a crap tier porn. I like how she said she didnt want to over exert herself first thing, but acted like she was gonna do 2 different videos the day after she got back on twitter kek

No. 1005018

I agree. Mine closed in a day.

The way she blurs everything just melts into one.

No. 1005138

File: 1594394128584.jpg (214.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200710-101433_Chr…)

Back to being impulsive and not putting out videos shes already announced

No. 1005144

Ah yes. The "car goal" she sporadically brings up. Will it actually happen this time??

No. 1005148

This is such a stupid decision. You have to shop around for cars, you don't just go out one random weekend and buy one. Unless you're a millionaire shit doesn't work like that.

No. 1005149

she only yalks about getting a car when Fupa breaks it off, next she'll talk about moving.
Or maybe her and FUpa just aren't togeather.
Regardless she's going to get a few DUI's.

No. 1005150

all those salesman are going to have a field day with this retard. Her age, naivety, and impulsiveness are all easy targets for predatory sales people. Bitch will probably get sold a cheap shit tier car but because of the high price will think it's super luxurious and amazing. The higher the price tag, the better she thinks it is.

No. 1005153

she's going to have a hard time getting a car either way because i hardly doubt she has money for a down payment of any kind and she's admitted before that she has no credit

No. 1005173

Why does she need a car? She doesn’t have anywhere to go. Idk why she wouldn’t use her money to buy a new wardrobe of clothes that actually fit her.

No. 1005180

Haha she doesn't have anywhere to go? She sucks but she's still a person who goes to the grocery store and dispensary and shit, c'mon

No. 1005198

>more depression than mania is bipolar 2

No. I think you're confused because bipolar 1 is the manic type and bipolar 2 is the depressed type, but not in the way you think it is.

Bipolar 1 = Mania. Maybe major depression.

Bipoar 2 = Hypomania. Definitely major depression.

You can be severely depressed 99% of the time and have bipolar 1. What matters is whether or not you experience full mania.

She'd be begging for money if she'd boarded them, so presumably she either let them use her apartment as a toilet for a few days, or she dumped them off on someone - probably Fupa, because he's like the only person she knows around there and he did seem genuinely good with Ribmeat.

No. 1005212

Yeah but tbh that's about it. She doesn't commute to work or school, see family & friends. She literally goes out to get food and weed/alcohol. Its safer that she ubers really shes always fucked up.

No. 1005214

Still wishing she’d make the cow video, it’d be awful.

No. 1005220

Didn't she make a cow video already? Where she picked up a nug of weed with her grimy mouth and moo'd? I wonder what thread that's in.

No. 1005234

Kek, yes she did but it wasn't an actual video she sells, was just some dumb lil clip she put on twitter, don't think she made a full video.

No. 1005238

She recently made the video schedule, which she didn’t follow trough. A bit before she was supposedly ar psych ward. She was supposed to pour milk on her or something on a field? If i remember right lol.

No. 1005252

File: 1594407707833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 494.5 KB, 1536x2048, EclhC-XXsAQxtBS.jpeg)

Crusty lip Mattel

No. 1005285

Genuinely can not wait to die over “omfg u guiz the car salesman was such a daddy and said I was so so so sexy and pretty that he was giving me an extra special discount!” tweet…as all car salesmen do to young naive looking women shopping alone. Is her license not expired? And won’t they ask for pay stubs if she’s going to be paying it off monthly?

No. 1005294

File: 1594413707113.jpg (199.8 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20200710-144736_Twi…)

And back to the excuses

No. 1005302

Genuinely can not wait to die over “omfg u guiz the car salesman was such a daddy and said I was so so so sexy and pretty that he was giving me an extra special discount!” tweet…as all car salesmen do to young naive looking women shopping alone. Is her license not expired? And won’t they ask for pay stubs if she’s going to be paying it off monthly?

No. 1005305

Kek I don’t know which is funnier…the anons who thought she would change or the fact that she clearly lied about going inpatient and is using ~it’s cloudy outside~ to avoid working.

Shay is a failure through and through and will never change.

No. 1005308

Avoid working Again*

Also to add to the tinfoil she never went, you know for a fact she wouldn’t stfu about it if she really went. She loves being a victim and babied. I’m honestly surprised she’s never gone the spoonie route.

No. 1005310

File: 1594414914596.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 2048x1863, Screenshot_20200710-170101.png)

This video is hilarious, she sped it up so it sounds likes she's farting, and check out her shoving her fingers down her throat in the beginning.

What a fucking nightmare.


No. 1005312

Bitch is so dirty nasty she doesn't use lube, I hope she cuts her asshole with a hangnail.

No. 1005336

She might as well have stayed in the mental hospital for the rest of her life. She's of no worth in the outside world aside from being a cow.

No. 1005341

yup, she couldn't even follow through with the ~psa~ nobody asked for b/c she's too busy putting out musty content to entice new subscribers.

No. 1005352

Convinced she has breast cancer in that one zombie tittie(nitpicking)

No. 1005355

let’s just end this whole argument before it starts

No. 1005356

she literally does sound like she’s farting my absolute sides, it caught me so off guard I made noise irl kek

No. 1005367

When I first watched it I was like holy shit did she really just post a video where she's farting while fingering her butthole? Because I really wouldn't put it past her.

No. 1005374

Good fucking lord when I first watched this the "fart" was shocking, so bad. This is such a cursed video kek

No. 1005396

huh, i always thought she had an iphone, noticed just now she’s been tweeting from android for a while

No. 1005399

my guess is she did something dumb and doesn't want to own up to it/ beg for a replacement.

No. 1005408

She upgraded a while ago. She talked about it a bit.

No. 1005425

Fupa family plan probably only covered new androids and not iphones

No. 1005443


I've never seen someone use the weather to get out of work like this. And she deleted the excuse and other mentions of working today?
Bitch you're inside filming a crap quality short porn. You dont have good audio in your vids anyway and you dont edit the audio quality. Even if there was actual audible thunder.

ItS a LiTtLe ClOudY gUyZ sOwRY cAnT fIlM a 6 mIn ViD mAyBe tOmOrRow

Like it has to be exactly 70 degrees and no clouds in the sky for this bitch to film herself using her Hitachi in a different outfit in her grimy corner ffs
Just stop making schedules and hyping the vids. Just fucking do them and put them out.

No. 1005509

She has a Pixel phone.

No. 1005632

File: 1594509492188.jpg (318.06 KB, 1079x1058, Screenshot_20200711-181752_Twi…)

Fresh out of in patient and back to preaching

No. 1005633

File: 1594509525624.jpg (308.56 KB, 1079x969, Screenshot_20200711-181735_Twi…)

Sure Shay. Let's see what excuses she comes up with during the week

No. 1005645

She's been saying the same thing weekly at this point.

Sidenote, I'm going to assume she's with Fupa or they are talking at least, what do you think she's going to do next time they fall out? She already snitched, she "Overdosed" and been to the hosptail.

whats next?

No. 1005652

A more "serious" suicide attempt?

No. 1005657

I fail to see how this makes any sense.
A painter sells a painting based on its worth. They aren’t going to sell paintings for a few dollars because it entices a few people to buy their artwork.

It’s one thing if she has an OF for $10 and occasionally drops it to $3. But she knows she’s not worth more than $3 so she copy/pastes this notepad spiel to feel better about being a dollar menu whore.

Showering for the week for the one retard-porn tier video she will throw out.

No. 1005667

Does anyone have the screenshot where she was saying the absolute opposite of this? She was scolding sex workers for making their content low priced all the time and saying shit like "if they see you have hundreds of pictures for only $3 they're going to think you're only worth $3 and that your quality is bad" and also telling other models that if they take bad quality photos then they look like trash. She's such a hypocrite and only says what she thinks other people want to hear.

No. 1005675

File: 1594516234303.png (54.16 KB, 422x418, Screenshot_20200711-174341_1.p…)

She's always so close to self-awareness…

No. 1005680

Shes just trying to make herself feel better because she tried to do OF for $5 while she was gone and all she did was lose subs all week and came back and had to go back to $3 kek

Yeah she literally bold faced said the opposite a month or two back

No. 1005681

Not film, just lay a blanket out in a corner and move a dildo to it. "Getting the workspace ready!"

Idk Shay it might be partly cloudy this weekend you might have to wait for the perfect conditions outside to film you're oh so high quality high effort prons

No. 1005697


This is some horse shit. Artists aren’t charities, and it’s lowering your standards in some cases to make your shit cheap just so people will buy it. Yeah, more people can afford stuff from a dollar store, but look at the quality. Here’s another tip: if your work is good, more people will buy it, too.

No. 1005710

File: 1594523869377.jpg (157.02 KB, 1080x671, Screenshot_20200711-221751_Twi…)

Yes Shay, we've already known this

No. 1005753

What's sad is taco bell is actually decent compared to her usual eating habits. Not saying taco bell is healthy by any means but if this stupid bitch ate more burritos and subway she might not be as chunky as she us from primarily eating low quality bUrGnErS and mc Donald's cHiMkEn nUgS. Also less booze and weed pastries but she'll never stop that. Shes getting heavier and heavier and making it harder for herself to come back. Shes gonna need to fix her diet (stop eating processed garbage and fast food 24/7) AND a good exercise regimen. If she had stuck with it the first time, she could have dropped a lot of the weight and maybe toned a bit, but you dont get results in a week. If she wants to be fit again shes going to have to work a lot harder for longer the more she keeps up on this bullshit while blaming meds.

No. 1005759

she also gotta realize the older you get the harder it is to get the weight off, better start now unless she wants to be a tank for the rest of her life

No. 1005867

I'm honestly amazed, after 6+ months of her only blaming the meds, she's FINALLY admitting her shit diet is part of the problem (along with the alcoholism and absolute stagnation)

No. 1005876

she’s talked about needing to change her diet before and even proclaimed she was going to start eating healthy once or twice before and it never happened. it’s nothing new. when it all comes down to it she really does think it’s the meds.

No. 1005965

Yeah exactly. This ain't a moment of self awareness. She's just trying to make a quirky tweet for likes.
She has never once actually, with seriousness admitted her weight and other aspects of her shit life are because of her own choices and actions. She has never admitted her alcoholism and weed usage is even a little problematic. Never says her weight is from lack of excercise or eating strictly fast food, take out, and processed junk. It's always the meds or because of someone else basically. She even blamed the meds on Fupa. Like her getting therapy and meds wasnt her idea to help herself, it was him and for him. Its gross.

No. 1005994

File: 1594581696900.jpeg (101.18 KB, 1196x426, 43F3880E-FEE1-4931-8644-6B70E6…)

These are from a month ago…can’t wait for the next 1-2 months when she‘s magically “at the top of her game”.
We’ve seen so much change already! /s

No. 1006035

Parroting PnP et al. here, “once I blah blah blah it’s over for you bitches”. They’re all the same

No. 1006058

File: 1594589787214.jpg (132.19 KB, 1079x515, Screenshot_20200712-163613_Twi…)

No. 1006091

Three dollars a month is dirt cheap. What tf can you buy for three dollars? A bag of chips? I doubt they will resubscribe if all they see is a fat girl squeezing into different outfits and trying desperately to put her legs over her head like she did when she was skinny.

No. 1006147

File: 1594602169425.png (634.61 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_2020-07-12-20-59-19…)

She should just transition to costume/parody porn instead of this dumb bimbo barbie pink schtick tbh

No. 1006157

Let me guess: gonna vibe her clit, fuck her ass, and eat those candy peaches?

No. 1006158

File: 1594604824722.jpg (175.1 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20200712-204707_Twi…)

Shay, this is all you do EVERYDAY

No. 1006159

File: 1594604848624.jpg (179.42 KB, 1079x737, Screenshot_20200712-204622_Twi…)

No it fucking doesn't Shay

No. 1006160

File: 1594604890160.jpg (129.2 KB, 1079x604, Screenshot_20200712-204635_Twi…)

The comments underneath. Shay, you only hate men when they make you take your medicine and hold yourself accountable for your actions

No. 1006163

How sad that a year ago she would’ve been perfect for this costume (blonde, skinny)

But bow she’s just going to like if peachette were a garbage can

No. 1006165

Yeah, same thing she does ever day. Also didnt she say yesterday she was going to get her "workspace" ready? This isnt a huge deal to post about. Shes gonna clear off her bathroom counter and put a dildo on it. Wow such prep.

No. 1006181

why be such a pick-me when the only men she interacts with are the handful of “wow sexey girl love 2 folow” dudes that follow her on twitter, and why does she act like men are universally hated and she’s such a fantastic incredibly unique martyr for…liking men? That’s like, their whole thing. The world as a whole thinks men are “better”.

Also, the only “man” she’s ever had in her life had a fupa pouch, hid her for 2 years, and got a boner when she acted like a diaper wearing toddler. If that’s all it takes for her to love something so vehemently…that’s uncomfortable.

No. 1006191

putting that ~inpatient~ pity money to good use, like maybe she'll post a couple pix posing with it but this is such a useless purchase.

No. 1006198


idk why this bitch chose peach, a blonde, when there’s a fucking brunette princess in the mario universe she could pick

oh wait it’s daisy and she’s not as recognizable and she doesn’t give you an excuse to stuff your pimply double chins with candies you don’t need shay lol

this bitch is so lazy she can’t even do the bare minimum to help herself

No. 1006212

imo all of these regular tweets just confirm this bitch never went inpatient. She would’ve milked it dry for pity points by now. Kinda disappointing to see nothing has changed considering the magnitude of her last breakdown.

No. 1006284

Before her "break down" she said saying not all men are bad is like saying "all lives matter"

No. 1006303

She's such a blatant "pick me". Odds are the complaints are all about time wasting men that are too cheap to pay where as Shay strikes me as someone who will spend 20 minutes chatting and sending preview nudes to a time waster who will compliment her then dip without paying.

I'm starting to believe that Shay isn't in this for the money or even the "fame" but because she's just desperate for male attention and she's already proven she's willing to ruin her livelihood for it by giving up Dawn's management and moving to Bumfuck, Nowhere for a man.

No. 1006386

File: 1594659029042.jpg (412.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200713-115013_Chr…)

Speechless, but not surprised

No. 1006387

If she would actually just say these are parodies it would be a lot less embarrassing. If she were smart she would because it'd give everyone less of a reason to make fun of her. But she is so delusional that she really thinks what she makes is good porn.

No. 1006411

Wtf is she even planning to do with them, try take a bath in them?

Wonder how much money she wasted on whatever this dumb idea is, can't wait to see it.

No. 1006413

If she thinks 20lbs of gummies are enough to fill a tub even 1/4 of the way…l

Calling it now-
>not as many gummy candies as I expected
>scrapes the idea
>does a cumshow in her stupid outfit
>eats all the candies

Unless it’s cloudy outside and then she just won’t do it.

No. 1006418

This is exactly what’s going to happen lol 20lbs is not enough at all

No. 1006448

File: 1594672457976.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.93 KB, 2048x1619, IMG_20200713_213350.jpg)

Lmao, it's even worse than expected

No. 1006449

Oh noo… why does she do herself like that. Also what’s with the super dirty sneakers? What even is the point of that, wasting candies? Unless she eats them, which is more gross.

No. 1006450

Obvious blur tool usage on her labia and her head looks like it's on the wrong body.

inb4 she shoves them up her vag or asshole

No. 1006451

This is actually the ugliest thing she’s done in months, a bunch of fucking candy ruined laying on top of a musty towel? Barely even covers the floor of course lmao. Why put them on some dirty looking damp used towel, seriously. It looks so revolting and just musty.

No. 1006453

10 bucks she's back with FuPa and he took the pic, the angle is way too high for her to just have her phone rested on the side of the bathtub

No. 1006454

If she succeeded we'd be screeching about yeast infections, but this is really bad. I didn't even notice the dirty shoes (why the fuck isn't she barefoot, she's not wearing shoes in most of her pictures, right?) because the towel was too much. WHY put candy into your bathtub on a towel? It's not hard to clean up.
It could have been okay if she was really submerged in it (naked, but covered by candy) but instead she went with… what exactly? What is that picture trying to do? Why take a picture of yourself on a towel next to sweets?

No. 1006457

File: 1594673684913.jpeg (216.41 KB, 828x1331, 8768111A-FF91-4B99-8FB0-B62812…)

After a possibly fake stint in inpatient, she’s back to her old ways. This hoe is hopeless.

No. 1006458

I wouldn't even have known what those strange salmon chunks were if she hadn't said she bought peach candy. Nothing about this shot visually says to me "candy"

No. 1006466

her "self aware" posts honestly annoy me because she will never do anything to change any of this. i don't know if she gained a lot since her last pictures or if this is just a really bad pose, but she will never do anything not to be fat as fuck and will never properly plan out video ideas.

No. 1006467

you just KNOW the towel is there to keep the candy off the bathtub and (in her mind) “clean” so she can feel better about eating it afterwards

No. 1006469

the towel and shoes are grossing me out so badly

No. 1006470

looks like she's holding a camera remote so it's most likely on a tripod or something

No. 1006471

Yeah shayna I agree, you look like a dirty sad reject with old gross sneakers on, an ill fitting frumpy cheap costume and some pieces of candy just sorta barely there looking nasty on a towel. Give it up and go work out instead

No. 1006473

File: 1594674865732.jpeg (148.04 KB, 1125x942, E074B314-64A9-44CA-B064-70F59F…)

No. 1006474


No. 1006475

kek what friends

No. 1006476

I feel like her and Fupa must've gotten into a fight, she starts talking like this when she does.

No. 1006477

she looks so much like pt

No. 1006479

Wow imagine Shay, like, doing something about that instead of being a miserable drunk and whining about it? But no, she just keeps on drinking and shoveling food down her throat, blaming medicine for weight gain. The ”Peach” photo is terrible, what was she thinking? In no way that would’ve looked even ok.

No. 1006485


The really dumb fucking part is she could’ve done her stupid idea if she’d put a little more time and effort into this shit. She could’ve built something up under the candies to give the illusion of having more, then photoshopped candies into any blank areas… and what am I doing. She doesn’t care, this is her brand of porn. Disappointing and gross.

No. 1006486

I dunno why she chose the tub. She could have laid the candies out over a pink or white background and space and done a cute pose on her stomach
But instead she squeezed into a tub. No one is gonna look cute in that pose

No. 1006488


You’re so right. She could’ve gone full lazy Shay and just dumped them on herself.

No. 1006489

Lmao. Called that shit.

I think the worst part about this is the shoes. And, honestly, her weight has nothing to do with how revolting this looks.

No. 1006493

By friends she means other sex workers. Sad.

I hope a larger girl who Shay has attempted to be friendly with calls her out as she's basically saying fat is gross, skinny is beautiful

No. 1006494

File: 1594676905572.jpg (77.94 KB, 1080x438, Screenshot_20200713-224741_Twi…)

Looks like it. Fupapi is the only person in her life, this is obviously about him.

No. 1006496

KEK! I was right! (then again, it's not hard to be right)

Fuck you fupa, you have no spine!

No. 1006499

>princess paunch
kekekek she should not have said this, this is too good not to use again. she hasn't made me genuinely laugh before

the problem comes when you get upset with him for not devoting ALL of his time/energy to you, like you do to him. even fupa has other people in his life and she hates it

No. 1006506

Lol too much credit. Shat says this+rehashes her sex worker motivation/advice in hopes of:
1) seeming like a good person
2) likes/shares/desperate to go viral
There's 0 reflection or deeper thought or whatever. It's also why she constantly contradicts herself and looks like a massive retard on repeat; she mistakenly thinks it's some kind of tactic

No. 1006508

I really hope it’s not about Fupa because according to his FB his ex wife just lost her house to a fire. This is fucking horrible hopefully he is there helping around and taking good care of his family instead of paying attention to Shayna who can’t do logistics of filling a bath with candies because she’s too retarded and don’t bother to research shit before spending 150$ for a vid. Not sharing a SS since I’m not sure we can.

No. 1006511

I bet her plus sized followers feel GREAT reading this.
I’m surprised no one has called her out on this shit

No. 1006513

WTF if it is about Fupa SHE and Fupa are trash. who cares about some petty ass fight, when his ex wife just lost her house where his kids are.
Man thats fucked, hope they recover.

No. 1006533

I've seen better photosets come out of the infamous Katsucon gummy bear shoot.. which is probably where she got the idea. That photographer's stuff went viral.

Surprised she's actually admitting something looks horrible for once.

No. 1006534

I wouldn’t post any screenshots from the ex wife unless it directly involves fupa (since he’s now confirmed to be Shay’s “daddy”.) But that is super sad to hear. Hope the kids are ok physically.

But I wouldn’t put it past shay to throw a pissy fit. She’s done it before when Fupa put his family before her. I think it’s hilarious how mad she gets when she’s not first in his life. Uh, you’re the one with a daddy fetish. You should know, you’ll never be put first over someone else’s kids. And if you are, you’re dating a sociopath and good luck with that.

I wonder if Fupa will get emergency custody since mom is homeless. That would REALLY piss Shay off.

No. 1006537

could she not…. seeductively eat a real peach instead?

tbf, however, this is shay and I don't think she knows what 'seductive' is.

No. 1006539

or actually, fuck it. Peach has a parasol. get one of those and just shove it in your ass, Shay.

No. 1006540

This is so shady to fat sex workers too, wow. All about that body positivity and spreading it right Shayna?

No. 1006542


with her corn kernel teeth ? spare us the thought please anon

No. 1006544

i know it's because of the way she blurred this but she made it look like there are stretch marks on her ballsack. she hasn't shaved her legs in a bit. this whole thing is too uncanny valley. did she put folded towels or something in the tub so that she could sit on it? why not cover the towel with candy so that it would look like, you know, she was sitting in peach gummies? which is i think what she was going for?

everything about this makes my brain hurt lol

No. 1006545

oof, yeah. forgot about those for a second.

sorry for that.

No. 1006546

File: 1594682467680.png (337.52 KB, 2048x1117, Screenshot_20200713-192058.png)

Shayna, that's not cute or quirky. That's just depressing.

No. 1006547

why didn't she just shove all the gummies together and CROP IT PROPERLY she can't even do basic camera trickery omg

No. 1006549

File: 1594682650987.png (1.83 MB, 2048x1788, Screenshot_20200713-192341.png)

I don't know how, but she manages to look more and more like a non passing trans woman with each new costume.


No. 1006552


wow anon you were so right, we need a new bingo card to play at this point she’s so predictable

No. 1006556

yaniv is shaking

No. 1006557

does she not take care of her animals or clean, like at all???

No. 1006564

File: 1594684197350.png (221.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200713-194645.png)

This was a reply. Even her simps are put off by that horror show(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1006565

File: 1594684253680.jpeg (317.86 KB, 1125x2029, C37A0FF5-4C52-4723-9F4F-B8AF08…)

Repost accidentally left icon

No. 1006566

>>1006564 This a selfpost lol? that reply is the only thing on the account

No. 1006567

lol seems like all she’s done since her fake rehab is bitch about literally everything

No. 1006568

File: 1594684640335.jpg (Spoiler Image, 712.17 KB, 1079x1811, Screenshot_20200713-185629_Twi…)

This is terrifying

No. 1006569

i feel like i’m looking at a picture of a wild animal about to give birth

No. 1006571

100% self post and cowtipping; no followers or following and that’s their only tweet

No. 1006573

File: 1594685242810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.86 KB, 1008x611, Screenshot_20200713_200628.jpg)


No. 1006574

File: 1594685279955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.84 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20200713_200613.jpg)

Of anon

That. Cellulite tho….

No. 1006577


I wasn't selfposting I just thought the reply was funny. I should've looked and seen it was someone's sock.

No. 1006580

i honestly think she is 100% going for the humiliation angle seriously now, not that she will outright say that, but it let's her be a slob, not do her job properly and constantly complain and be miserable on her main twitter account. if she could just figure out how to actually monetize this instead of putting out free porn all the time, humiliation fetishists would bite hard on her, she even has this whole narrative going on basically.

No. 1006585

Even though she's not doing the smirk she still looks so much like Yaniv…

No. 1006586

Then why the fuck did you charge other girls for it you fucking scammer?

No. 1006588

I'll bet she took longer squeezing into that outfit and shit tier wig than she took to actually shoot this video.

No. 1006591

This bitch was involuntarily held at a psych ward and non of those professionals sat down with her and brought up the fact spreading your asshole and humiliating yourself for $5 could contribute to having poor mental health and bad self image issues?

Its shocking how not even a week later she's spread eagle thanking her simps as if they actually give a fuck about her mental health. It genuinely disgusts me how stubborn and unself aware these SW cows are. They will complain about having the shittiest mental health but then advocate for sex work like its the cure all to their problems when it's clearly only making their issues worse.

Sex work isn't the end all be all. Theres a reason why prostitution is a centuries old job but you don't here anyone talking about how great and feminist brothels were (even the ones owned by women pimps). Its misogyny repacked to fit a digital age full of "boss babe" women.

No. 1006593

i couldn't find it in old threads but i'm 99% sure she tweeted one time about buying promo from pixie or lana or someone and raving about how she made all her money back lmao

No. 1006600

i can't stop laughing at how the wig is framing her face. she went from yaniv to jay leno

No. 1006601

that's cuz she wasn't actually held in a psych ward kek

No. 1006608

Well of course, they're more popular than her so obviously she needs to keep on their good side so she can continue to suck their assholes.

No. 1006615

File: 1594691908605.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2048, Screenshot_20200713-215809.png)

look at her trying to hide her gut. She's going to go out in public with these isn't she?

No. 1006616

File: 1594692013780.png (2.44 MB, 1520x2048, Screenshot_20200713-215953.png)

I wouldnt believe this was a woman if I hadn't seen her disgusting snatch 100+ times

No. 1006618

Holy shit no wonder she’s so insecure lately, her weight gain is affecting her stomach more than ever. That gut is getting huge

No. 1006620

File: 1594692445188.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 371.93 KB, 1483x2048, 385F27B6-F1D1-44D1-8D4F-74958B…)

Oh no…

No. 1006621

File: 1594692474010.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 391.71 KB, 1554x2048, 8BD07212-FBFD-445E-8A16-F377B9…)

No. 1006625

File: 1594692940992.jpeg (65.57 KB, 1200x800, 1325C505-E12C-40C4-9B93-FD111D…)

No. 1006627

she has at least 4 chins in this photo

No. 1006628

Kek if it feels "shady" that's their fault for being fat AND a SW. Shay is fat so I assume you mean morbidly obese, in which case point still stands.

No. 1006633

I was just pointing how how hypocritical it is, when she always talks about spreading positivity and being a good influence and all that bullshit. Fucking relax anon.

No. 1006634

she couldn't even do her face?

No. 1006637

File: 1594693258810.jpeg (81.38 KB, 828x590, AA06DCA0-D195-4E8E-8FCB-4D96B1…)

Kek anon

I wonder if she gets whiplash from being like “reeeee muh weight” one minute to this the next minute

No. 1006640

This is what bothers me most about the whole thing. No effort to style the wig or even order one that remotely looks like peach. No fucking lipstick or blush. Just low effort low effort low effort and she really wants people to feel bad that she spent $150 on bullshit and couldn’t even shave her legs or at least blur tool out the hair like she does to her nasty vagina.

Oh man. She’s just so unbelievably frustratingly stupid. I also definitely don’t think she went to the psych ward and it shows with her shit attitude.

No. 1006641

At this point im convinced she doesn't own eyeshadow or blush and simply doesn't know how to do makeup beyond shitty eyeliner and glue on lashes.

No. 1006647

File: 1594694275039.jpeg (282.14 KB, 1120x909, 753D2BE7-3122-438F-ACC4-AFD345…)

This is just a god damn mess

No. 1006648

She did it cause she is clearly imitating belle delphine. shayna truly believes she's cute enough to execute dumbass ideas like that kek the delusion

the thing is too if she's disappointed with the outcome she could just save the candy and order more to fill the tub better and try again. Like, learn from what didn't work and improve your content maybe? instead of wasting $150?

Her gut goes out farther than her boobs holy fuck

>those neck rolls
>trashy wine aunt leopard print matched with hippy flower head band

No. 1006649

File: 1594694395201.jpeg (400.99 KB, 1440x2048, 24393FB4-0690-4D1B-8465-2C8B79…)

No. 1006658

Man the Carole Baskin look almost 6 months later… why

No. 1006665

she HAS to be fucking with us. what is this alien abortion damn

No. 1006669

this is legit like BBBWWW or however many letters they use now, porn.

No. 1006680

The activity buttons aren't there, just looks like anon was hovering right when she posted

No. 1006693

Ok like other anons have said, she could have made this work with a little bit of fucking effort. Honestly though. She could have cropped, edited, or staged the candies properly and posed differently. Her weight isnt even what's wrong in this pic. It's the bad angle and prop staging which at 4 years in someone who claims to be so detail oriented should be able to do properly. Also those shoes are nasty she should have absolutely known that.

Except for the last couple times when she did boast about how great promos are and how she made her money back + really quickly but go off Shay. Like which is it??

No. 1006696

Omg she looks like the prostitute mom from F is for Family. The "$5 suck jobs" lady kek

No. 1006697

wonder if he maybe did lend them a hand in some way which shay interprets as doing something to upset her. like i can see her having a bitch fit over him giving his attention elsewhere and then running to twitter to make herself the victim as always.

No. 1006703

File: 1594699760110.jpeg (226.36 KB, 1242x1352, AF678E0B-B399-4B58-8C90-5278C9…)

Did she use the blur effect on her legs so she didn’t have to shave?? Kek I’m all for woman choosing not to shave but isn’t her whole brand being a barbie bimbo? Bimbos don’t have hairy legs and party city wigs. They also don’t wear dirty shoes and have a yeast infection.

No. 1006713

This is legitimately so fucking depressing to look at. The worst part is that there's no way this is rock bottom for her.

No. 1006722

The belly rolls, jesus. Definitely not going for the bimbo aesthetics anymore. It wouldn’t even look so bad if she wore clothes that fit her and learned to pose. It’s weird though how she has no idea how to pose when she has been doing that like 4?? years. Wow..

No. 1006728

She looks mentally disabled.

No. 1006734

Have your guess on how much she has gained

> >30 lbs

No. 1006737

Looks a little like Momo

But honestly I would rather see actual Carole Baskin naked than this Casserole Bakin bitch.

No. 1006748

'Casserole Bakin' top kek anon. You made my night.

The princess peach idea was so poorly executed I almost feel bad for how lazy she is. Less weed, and more effort Shayna.

No. 1006754

File: 1594709721895.jpeg (249.01 KB, 2048x1041, 55D44BC4-34A6-4A4C-A381-4072B4…)

A bit late but I got you anon.

No. 1006761

Making a wonderful new thread pic, adding new pics everyday and y’all will love it kek

No. 1006764

This is exactly what I was thinking. She could have done something with a few more obvious "peach" items like small cheap stuffies, actual real peaches or peach themed makeup. Or just photoshopped some in. A few cute poses and boom, done. Why the fuck does she single handedly ruin everything she does? It's like she truly does not give a shit about being successful at all. Also how many times do we have to tell you to stop putting your nasty shoes in the shots Shayna?

No. 1006765

Those Carol pics are so Momo that it looks like Shayna is going to Animorph into her.

No. 1006783

I think the thing that bothers me the most about Shatna is this bitch doesn’t know the difference between “pussy juice” and discharge

No. 1006789

These are the same muddy shoes she wore a few years ago on that piss rug, good to see there's atleast 1 thing she still fits into

No. 1006820

she should pay someone to edit her pictures if she cares so much. She wastes a lot of money and time on shit she could just ask a good photoshopper to add.
Also who are these pictures for? Like seriously? Whose getting turned on by a chick in a bad wig, in a tub full of peach candles on top of a dirty towel?
Why the dirty shoes?
It looks like something you'd come across on one of those "Cursed pictures" subreddits.
I know she wants to be like those e-girl cosplayers, but seriously, no.
I know that Momo girl is a lot bigger then Shayna but she shows off her fucked up cosplays and makes a lot of money it seems.

No. 1006821

this guy looks like blonde adam driver

No. 1006823

that's fucking nickleback, how did this joke fly over you so far

No. 1006828

>she hasn't shaved her legs in a bit
It's PEACH fuzz, it fits the theme anon, duh

No. 1006829

gems like this is why i come to lolcow. this is fucking sending me

No. 1006831

This girl will never in her life
1. Get a decent wig
2. Style a damn wig
All she wears is Halloween Express wigs that make her look even more autistic. I liked when she fucked off the internet and didn't make people look at this tragic mess. Please leave again, Shayna.

No. 1006833

That awkward hand placement isn't hiding your gunt, Shay. Stop playin. And quit taking tips from lardo Vicky kek

No. 1006862

She should feel really awful about this pic. Yeah the effort in the Peach one was shit, but she didnt look so fat in that one tbh. This one is scary. Please throw that cheap garbo outfit away Shay it's the most unflattering shit you own rn. Squeezing into it is making you look grotesque.

No. 1006866

the wild thing is she's still sort of slim (not skinny, but not obese like anachans ITT want to insist). she just has absolutely NO core strength or muscle tone, so her guts hang way out since her ab muscles can't hold them flat anymore. The 30-40lb weight gain is obvious, but her sedentary lifestyle is why it looks so awful. if she just did some crunches or SOMETHING instead of sitting on her ass 24/7 she'd feel way better about herself even with the extra fat. she would carry it more flatteringly, not in a spare tire

No. 1006868

>she’s still slim
anon wtf are you smoking. her gut isn’t hanging out because of her lack of core strength, it’s because it’s become a big sack of fat.

No. 1006870

Anyone noticed yet this is a carol baskin from tiger king porn cosplay? wig, flower crown, animal print.. the fuck

No. 1006872

it's too good when she drags herself like this.

No. 1006884

uhh yes it's obvious. also

No. 1006895

She is nowhere near slim. Her gut, back fat rolls and her general bloat won't magically go away with just some stomach crunches.
> she'd feel way better about herself even with the extra fat
I mean given what she does for a living she either needs to embrace being fat and market herself as fat or get dieting, right now she's buying costumes that are a size too small and crying about being fat on twitter. If she wants to go full on 'bbw' she can do that.

No. 1006909

File: 1594740325636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 608.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200714-102455_Chr…)

Here's the part not posted. Carol Baskin parody confirmed

No. 1006919

is there anyone this wasnt obvious to?

No. 1006928

Sorry but she is fat now. She passed the threshold of "skinny fat" months ago. Shes not obese. But she is continuing to get bigger. Please see pictures where she doesnt edit well and you can see her massive arms, her vids where you can see her cottage cheese ass and thighs and pics like that Casserole Bakin one like >>1006909 that keep getting posted yes we know its Carole Baskin we get it anyone that's seen the show gets it. She looks busted tho

No. 1006930

Yup, she’s on the line between chubby and fat. But knowing her, she sill just keep blaming the meds.

No. 1006938

Idk how she looked at this and went "yeah that's sexy and really gets the character across"

All she does is take basic bitch pussy pics and that's it. I don't know if she's ever gone one day without spreading her pussy on the TL for free. It's like she needs the attention it brings. Even after 4 years I really don't think she knows how to model or cares to learn. She doesn't know any camera techniques/tricks or even how to do makeup. Why does she even continue bothering with sex work when she's clearly getting WORSE at it?

No. 1006944

File: 1594742956319.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 106.52 KB, 828x754, F536D3BB-42A1-407B-8C51-4597C2…)

Kek I just read this comment and go to her twitter to find her doing exactly that

No. 1006946

i don't even understand why she posts as many pussy pics as she does in the first place because she has to edit/smooth it to hell and back to not look like an old man's wrinkled ballsack

No. 1006951

It's always been about the attention and her being lazy af with no ambition. Why go and get a normal job where she wont get attention because shes average at best when she can scrape by doing the minimum taking nudes? She has no actual goals. She doesnt care about her life really. Shes stuck in this rut and most of the time shes content with it. She refuses to actually reflect on her issues and take accountability. Her mental health is shit because of sex work and her dependency on attention primarily from males. Her body is shit because she wont learn to cook and meal prep instead she eats fast food and processed junk food and takeout. And neither her mental or physical health is being helped at all by her excessive attention seeking and depressing drinking and smoking weed 24/7.

No. 1006954

These are so awkward and horrible. First one is cracking me up, it all looks so wrong.

No. 1006955

It's because she has no creativity whatsoever. If she tried to go with less explicit stuff on her TL, she'd lose a massive chunk of her following because they only follow her for free explicit content. She just posts the same pics on OF anyway so why should anyone purchase anything?

No. 1006956

The first one looks like he's showing off his tuck.

No. 1006971

People still buy her OF because it's cheaper than a big mac kek
Its nothing to toss 3 bucks away for some more porn content if you're somehow into whatever she does kek also ass kissing orbiters are fine donating their pocket change too

No. 1006975

That acanthosis nigricans starting to show up

No. 1006977

the juxtaposition of her "i got such a fat pussy uwu" phase and.. this, is poetry. it's dwarfed.

No. 1007001

I thought that too, she's so fat that it gives the impression of her pussy shrinking lol

No. 1007004

File: 1594752894335.jpeg (47.88 KB, 640x482, D32958D3-58D7-49EE-BEC8-943D86…)


True. She pretends she’s creative, and she insists she has so many ideas and a good attention to detail… but what is any of that without effort or actually putting money into it. If she put a lot of work into these, she might actually be recognized and have it be her thing. But her problem is that she comes up with all this stuff, then goes onto Amazon and finds the cheapest shit that shows up on a quick search, buys it, throws it on, calls it a day. Why does she not invest into learning cool makeup that could go with the theme (easy to learn on YouTube, there are endless video tutorials), put some actual money into buying nice wigs and clothes that actually fit? If she would stop diving into Dollar Tree/Claire’s/fast fashion bargain bin shit, maybe she’d be more content with the end result. But she’s too stupid to see why she keeps hitting a wall, or too egotistical. So the posts on Twitter of her self-aggrandizing followed by self-loathing will continue. It seems the help she got never stuck, or the “meds” actually haven’t been fixed. She definitely should have kept with therapy, if that was even helping.

No. 1007006

I'm just like… if she was so unhappy with her Peach set why did she post it? Like why tf wouldnt she re-shoot it with different pose and layout. Wouldn't take that long for someone who has nothing else to do. It's just the level of effort she is willing to put into things is so minimal and her priorities are fucked. She'd rather pity party on Twitter for an hour than take and edit a different pic.

No. 1007009

Sorry samefag
Also, notice how she hardly ever re uses these props and outfits she buys? Only grimy clothes shes worn a hundred times and cant fit in.
If she thought things through and bought decent stuff, she could reuse it. Nothing stopping her from doing another Peach set or another vid with the alien dildo. Shes just really dumb I guess.

No. 1007026

NTA but me kek. When I saw it out of context posted above she is so late to the tiger king meme and I was so horrified by how she looked that it went over my head.
I swear she somehow got bigger since before she had her meltdown.
These "cosplay" photos are a new type of entertaining because she is so bad at it, oh god. It's better than her boring gross nudes.
I'm crying

No. 1007046

ok ayrt and yeah I guess y'all were right to call me out on being blind, she must have been fooling me with the editing for a while because I just looked at >>1006621 and it doesn't add up. I really had a glimmer of hope that she'd come back even a little bit better but no it's somehow just gotten worse

No. 1007086

that‘s the part i don‘t get either. how can you be so lazy? if i was a sex worker i‘d do her shoots but good, because her ideas aren‘t /that/ terrible and you could make them look really cute. but i don‘t need the validation from scrotes tossing 3 sad bucks my way like shatna does. does she even get big tips anymore? sure she got some pity money for „being inpatient“ but i feel like back in the day when she had her pimpled pussy peak and weighed 40lbs less she got so much more money(nobody cares)

No. 1007101

me. she executes everything so poorly that you can't even know what's she doing unless she tells you. tinfoiling that it was a shayna orbiter who dropped that info because who in the fuck would guess it when it was just shayna looking insane and messy as usual?

No. 1007121


Fair enough if you didn’t get the reference but it’s very obvious to a lot of us clearly, what’s the point in that weird tinfoil.
Heaven knows why Shayna thinks cosplaying a decidedly unsexy old lady is a canny career move. Still waiting on her Dog the Bounty Hunter video she begged for money to buy the outfit for… god she is so retarded. Sadly, at least there’s a market for her pedo pandering porn of the past. Now she’s put on weight she’d definitely be able pass for a fat toddler

No. 1007145

I get the feeling that's never gonna happen. She probably put on the outfit and realised she looked fucking ridiculous and not anything remotely sexual about it.

No. 1007153

File: 1594769410268.jpg (174.63 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20200715-002718_Twi…)

Shay tryna make everything about herself again.

Why can't she feel empathy without having to relate everything herself. It's always "this is sad cos I can relate"

Also that kid got a 5k tip for streaming, Shay could never lmao.

No. 1007156

File: 1594769701701.jpg (187.92 KB, 1079x913, Screenshot_20200714-183426_Twi…)

No. 1007163

honey, a personal trainer is not what you need. you need someone to follow you around all day and knock the junk food out of your hands.

No. 1007172

what's the context of the video she quote tweeted?

i feel like it's so weird and gross to do porn while cosplaying real people in the first place. even ignoring the fact that there's no real target audience for this shit, it's just so fucking weird to do in the first place

No. 1007177

In the video the dude got a 5k tip from someone and called his mom to ask if she was proud. His mom just said she really doesn't care.

Shayna is trying to act like that's how her mom is and it's somehow comparable.

No. 1007182

thanks! that really is completely incomparable. of course her mom would react like that - she's showing her dirty pussy and ass pimples online to pornsick straight misogynistic men.

what the fuck would she even be able to say? 'congrats on earning 5 grand through the act of giving yourself piles by fucking yourself with a dry dildo for strangers'?

No. 1007184

Kek Too bad Shay can only dream of getting a 5k tip. I think anyone's mom would be upset if their kid called up and was like, "I got a $8 tip for humiliating myself and tore up my asshole."

No. 1007191

Nta but I mean tbf yeah his job is streaming, but that's still some random person giving you 5k and that's just something that's not all that normal and some people wouldnt feel comfortable accepting that much from a stranger or anyone really. And it's kinda awkward to call your parents and humble brag about it to get their approval? Just my opinion I guess. And like everyone else said, first of all Shay could never make that much in a day or a week, much less 1 tip.

No. 1007235

It was awkward that he put his mom on the spot yeah, but I guess he was just trying to get some recognition from her like "hey mom this can make me money" kind of thing but she just didn't care.

It's still not comparable to Shayna's mother in any way though.

No. 1007271


She looks so depressed, I don't think I've ever seen her look this bad

No. 1007289

I don't get why she's saying this her mom is a horrible racist that she wouldn't call anyway. Secondly, she'd be calling her mom to say "see ma? I made 5k selling my ass!" instead of whats going on in the clip. Her mom already hates her job.

She'd be calling to prove a point and brag, not give her mom anything. So this is dumb all around & Shayna not being able to sympathize without making it about her.

No. 1007322

File: 1594781921502.jpg (265.38 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20200714-195830_Chr…)

No. 1007355

don’t be shy, shayna. show the unedited version.

No. 1007356

Yesterday she was depressed and boohoo-ing about being a fat lard
Now today she posts a badly edited close up of her cottage cheese thighs going on about how tHiCc she is. The "chunkiest, tree trunkiest" thighs is kinda self aware though. It ain't a good thing on you Shay

No. 1007361

Lol that cellulite blur is so obvious.

Also it’s so sad how she thinks she’s some kind of *~*~*trendsetter~**~*~ 6 months too late on the tiger king meme. Normies have forgotten all about that shit. She’s so basic and boring lmao

No. 1007392

File: 1594785527488.jpg (21.88 KB, 350x262, l296521436.jpg)

No. 1007395

I don't why this is funny anon lol

No. 1007439

File: 1594794116817.jpg (372.24 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20200715-012128_Twi…)

What anon was referring to

No. 1007459

The spongebob ref she should have posted with the pic tbh since its accurate af kek

No. 1007468

File: 1594802078076.jpeg (195.44 KB, 864x1080, 5k2tWE6P7gjtWGNDHKvBHJvQxJoFcs…)

Lmao. Shayna you're not "thicc." that term implies curves, which you don't have. Thick women don't have waists larger than their hips, small-average breasts, and no ass unless they're contorted into absurd positions. Thick also usually implies some muscle to give the body shape, and you have none of that either. You just have chubby thighs.

No. 1007509

I feel like in her mind this is what she thinks she looks like lol

No. 1007528


Well, she is THICK in more ways than one. Thicc? Never.
Body-wise mostly just pudgy.

No. 1007568

File: 1594824819972.png (1.89 MB, 1800x900, 5EADA406-5BAD-4F67-A7C9-D2E15D…)


No. 1007570

So she‘s gonna go down the chubby/feeder route à la Momokun or…

Her constant flip flopping between things (first ‘im baby’ and attempting findom, now she went from ‘omg I feel so fat it’s depressing’ to ‘thicc kween’ within a day) is so annoying. Jfc just make up your mind about what you want your brand to be and stick with it. Maybe you’ll finally build up a consistent audience then, too.

No. 1007618

File: 1594829291083.jpeg (410.71 KB, 1242x1069, AC5FF823-A24C-4F5E-9CF8-C08BC5…)

Literally what she did last time. Let’s see if it lasts. Or happens.

No. 1007623

You should probably learn how to cook first, don't you think? Also almonds won't sustain you all day, dumbass. She's gonna either fuck it up in a week or go full anachan.

No. 1007625

File: 1594829830168.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1505x2048, Screenshot_20200715-121641.png)

Wow, such creativity. Different pictures of your gross looking pussy. Really makes me want to buy your OnlyFans so I can get 200 more of the same picture.

No. 1007633

her stretching it into the next dimension is really reminiscent of pnp angrily tugging on her fake tits at this point

No. 1007642

WHYYYYYYY does she think pulling her labia so far apart that it looks like a genuine wound and making her vagina gape is sexy enough to do it for every single fucking post, oh my GOD. even just boring pussy pics or her making herself look like she has a bad tuck would be better than this. this is just so nasty

ah, yes, the epitome of health: eggs and bacon every single day for breakfast. has she ever heard of like… oatmeal

No. 1007646

File: 1594831704623.jpg (229.25 KB, 1080x932, 20200715_104736.jpg)

Shes also claiming she wont work until shes "proud" of her body again.

No. 1007647

File: 1594831783557.jpg (163.29 KB, 1080x660, 20200715_104945.jpg)


No. 1007648

Damn, so she is quitting? kek

No. 1007651

I just realized she doesn’t have a clitoris, that’s probably why she is never wet or can’t get wet. Even her genitals tell her she wasn’t made for sex work(nitpicking)

No. 1007652

Holy fuck she has a clit, it's covered up by the hood. And having a clit isn't what makes you wet anon, please go learn something.

No. 1007653

Ugh, just shut up.

No. 1007659

what you ordered from Wish vs. what you actually got

idk maybe she wouldn't have to sell her shit for $3 if she didn't try to pass that right pic for content

No. 1007661

But the clothes and lingerie you already have don't fit so what's the point?

No. 1007662

What the fuck are men this retarded

No. 1007663

Wow anon that's embarrassing. You can be born without one but it's pretty rare, and you know she wouldn't use that wand for every single video if she didn't have one. This comment is just dripping with retardedness.

No. 1007664

unfortunately yes

No. 1007668

She will fail. Sharing a new goal gives you the same endorphin rush as accomplishing said goal. This is probably part of why she can't stick with anything. She's always looking for the instant endorphin rush.

No. 1007670

Kek I wholeheartedly agree with everything else you’re saying, anon, but I genuinely don’t believe she gets any pleasure from the wand

No. 1007676

I'm actually under the opposite impression, those things are really strong. She has a doxy wand which is stronger than a Hitachi wand. I honestly think it's the only thing that DOES get her off, which is why she has to use it in every video. She also doesn't seem to really know how to touch herself, like rub her own clit. Because every video where she has attempted it, she doesn't actually rub her clit, it's like she doesn't know where it is or what feels good. It's really bizarre.

No. 1007692


This is just as cringe as when girls sit on a bed and claim they have “dem hips.” It’s all a trick that anyone can do. If you sit with your legs together like that and your feet right beneath, literally anyone can look that “thicc.” pls stop.

No. 1007728

I've never watched one of her vids with sound, but can you hear the toy actually going?
There's so many stills of her with her hand right one the tip and I find it hard to think she could hold it there if it's running at any speed. After years of using it she probably lost all sensitivity to it as well. Girl would need a jack hammer to get off now

No. 1007730

You can definitely hear it, most times it's louder than anything else in the video.

No. 1007732

For instance the fart noise video kek >>1005310

No. 1007736

This. Theres almost nothing she owns that fits. Is she just implying she ordered more size SM/Med shit again except now it's too hard to squeeze into? Just buy the right fucking size Shayna and learn to pose in flattering ways.

Literally each day she goes back and forth on being body posi/happy to be "tHiCc" to bitching about how much she hates how fat shes gotten. Which btw is really considerate of chubby/fat SWers lol.

Good on her for finally admitting she needs to diet. Doubt it will last more than a week as usual. But thing thing is… shes too big now for just dieting. She needs an exercise routine too. I said it the other day, she let herself go too much so it's going to take more dedication, time, and effort to drop the weight now.

No. 1007744

This lasted a whole week last time. Eggs and bacon for breakfast and…almonds all day? Lmao. So what’s for dinner? Oh right the usual. I don’t know how people can genuinely function without the basic skill of cooking. Her parents really did fail her.

So it’s her content but without the stupid costumes and retarded story lines? Uwu my step brother caught me playing with my holes uwu

No. 1007752

>>1007646 Yes Shay, your WEIGHT will be what you're ashamed of when you look back on the content you made. Sure. Totally. Definitely not the fuckton of other retarded, disgusting things you've shat out onto your Twitter page. It'll be the chubbiness.

Press x to doubt.

No. 1007759

File: 1594844550268.jpg (215.45 KB, 1080x650, Screenshot_20200715-152224_Twi…)

Of course she looks up her own name

No. 1007777

ah yes, eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. Chicken, rice, and carrots for dinner. Truly the pinnacle of healthy eating.

There are so many good nutrition websites/info, but god forbid Shay google something other than herself

No. 1007781

File: 1594848843742.jpg (271.02 KB, 720x1154, 20200715_143015.jpg)

I'm laughing because the suggestions are so out of Shays capabilities and comprehension. A glazed smoke salmon, seasoning and cooking chicken?? Kek Shay cant make anything that doesnt come in a microwaveable freezer bag.

Again, good on her for trying. Anything is better than what shes stuffing herself with now, it's a start. Still needs to incorporate exercising if she wants to actually drop the weight though. Changing her diet will just slow down her gaining at this point.

No. 1007798

File: 1594851167678.jpg (527.82 KB, 1078x1156, Screenshot_20200715-171238_Twi…)

No. 1007799

File: 1594851201051.jpg (476.08 KB, 1079x1071, Screenshot_20200715-171250_Twi…)

Wasn't this supposed to be done days ago?

No. 1007800

File: 1594851271463.jpg (258.62 KB, 1075x798, Screenshot_20200715-171434_Twi…)

Wasn't it her dad who bought her a membership or something to hello fresh?

No. 1007801

She had no motivation to cook food that came pre made. How the hell does she expect to lose weight if she doesn't have the motivation to cook anything?

No. 1007802

she shouldn't ever show her teeth but whats worse are her damn eyebrows what the fuck is going on with them
was she going for k.k. slider or…?

No. 1007803

she's so proud of her self for eating something not smothered in cheese or chocolate or alcohol that she had to brag-tweet about it twice, aww!

everyone speculating that she'll go full ana is wild. girl gained 50 lbs out of boredom in a few months, there's no stopping that weight gain train. i think she gets a little fatter and then plateaus, or just keeps going with the feeder lifestyle. weight wise, shes a lost cause.

No. 1007806

i really wonder what she does all day, if she started to cook she'd at least get some structure in her life and wouldn't get an even bigger doughball. stuff like this also makes me doubt she went inpatient because that's like the most obvious and easy to change aspect of her to better her mental health. eating shit all day is literally directly linked to depression and feeling like shit

No. 1007807

her gut pokes out like 4 inches further than her ass or tits, she's shaped like a super chunky lowercase d now. how do you not notice yourself getting fat to the point of no return when your whole life is flopping around your man ass on camera, even if it's only once a week?

No. 1007824

these underwear are hilariously too small

No. 1007827

I spy with my little eye self harm scratches on her lower leg

No. 1007833

I think those are old from like last year

No. 1007834

The tiniest of scratches, but yeah. Inpatient sure did wonders lmao hope the anons who trusted her to better herself are convinced now that she won't ever get better

No. 1007838

File: 1594854199973.jpg (152.77 KB, 1052x612, IMG_20200716_080303.jpg)

It begins

No. 1007843


She never takes pictures of her ass without spreading her legs like that, shoulder length apart. If it looks pitiful even doing that, I can’t imagine what it’s like just normally. That pose is her version of Momo’s one leg standing on her toes to try to not look fat.

Thank you for finally verbalizing what her eyebrows remind me of.

No. 1007849

That’t is actually a decent diet. She could lose the turkey bacon because it’s insanely high in sodium, and definitely needs more veggies other than carrots with one meal. But honestly, Shay will benefit hugely from just not eating junk food constantly. The sodium content alone in the food she eats is definitely making her retain a ton of water (along with the alcohol) so if she stuck to this diet for even a week she’d probably drop at least 5 pounds of water weight.

No. 1007850

i hate those two farmers that decided to cowtip and give shayna the final kick forcing her to entertain the idea of healthy eating. the nitpicking here doesn't help either. what a shame! i, for one, was genuinely curious how far she'd go on her own

No. 1007855

don‘t worry anon, she ccouldn’t help herself if her life depended on it. watch her order heckin cheeseburmgers in a few days

No. 1007866

Classic uwu bpd baby. Coloring heals all!!

No. 1007870

give it a week before she stops talking about it and two before she starts posting junk again. at most. she does not have the willpower to keep it up

No. 1007881

and to add (i'm a different anon), almonds are really high in calories and fat. i'm betting her estimated daily expenditure is pretty low just because she's most likely very sedentary. almonds are going to fill out her daily budget super quick if she's not careful. she'd be better off getting fruit, some yogurt, and loads of fresh veggies for snacks.

but then, i'm a "volume" eater - so i'm way more interested in a huge bowl of veggies for 100 calories vs 12 almonds for 100 calories.

/end ana-chan food rant

No. 1007883

I agree it's a step up, but again no turkey bacon. Her diet is a step in the right direction, but there's not much nutrition in it and some of her choices are just empty calories. She should do egg whites instead of just eggs as the yolk has a lot of fat with little nutrition to balance it out. Rice itself is super sugary, substitute it for brown rice in a small portion. Carrots don't really offer anything great, substitute it for broccoli, zucchini, and squash and it'll be much better. Also, not a whole lot of greens in her 'diet', a simple kale/spinach salad, and some grilled chicken would be a decent lunch so she doesn't eat a can of almonds a day. It's just clear like everything else in her life and her content itself, she put zero effort into it.

Sage for diet sperging.

No. 1007891

Lurk much? Yes Shayna people in the outside world have never heard of the concept of therapeutic coloring. Not like there are 100 apps advertised for that exact thing. Not like just googling “coping skills” will bring it up on every list. Also isn’t coloring a super common thing in ageplay shit? You didn’t go to inpatient you lying fat cow, come up with something else.

No. 1007895


New video. Shes literally humping a dog stuffed animal

No. 1007900

File: 1594860570381.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.47 KB, 1084x1159, F88C7067-48B3-48FC-9EF6-D91DAC…)


No. 1007909

Fupette and Fupa. What a match made in hell.

Dressed as a dog…humping a stuffed animal. Who likes this stuff? Who is it catering to? Fur fags?

No. 1007915

She is absolutely not going to stick to this. We've seen it all before.
Almonds would be fine for anyone else starting a diet, but she eats so much that a few almonds to snack on her is probably 50 almonds (aka way too many calories for a 'snack').. Almonds are fine when there's a level of self control and portion control. But for someone like her, who has been uncontrollably drinking alcohol and eating garbage, she's going to end up overeating the almonds and losing no weight.

No. 1007921

File: 1594862294117.jpeg (399.31 KB, 1125x628, 939EAA73-CA9C-448F-8A3E-81E5F3…)

So thicc

No. 1007922

>>1007921 god damn, dude. She has fucking wrecked herself. What the shit.

No. 1007923

This is… bleak

No. 1007924

shayna please do some squats lmaoo

No. 1007927

hank hill but fatter

No. 1007929

Why is she fucking the dog, dressed as a dog.
Fucked either way.
Those things are supposed to be cute, no one wants to see someone pretend to have sex with a cutsey plush toy

She's lost the plot.

No. 1007936

she’s kind of a medical marvel at this point, like i can’t think of a single person without a kid letting themselves go this hard in just a year

No. 1007957

File: 1594867200952.jpg (187.2 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20200715-213910_Twi…)

How many "work spaces" does this bitch need? All she does is lay on her back, vibe on clit, and something up her ass

No. 1007958

File: 1594867238755.jpg (507.61 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20200715-213943_Twi…)

She's wondering why she hasn't been given to a better home

No. 1007960

you can see the look of disappointment in her life choices in her eyes

No. 1007964

So she doesn't even have to get out of bed for "work" anymore kek. Yeah keep sitting on your ass Shay. The craters are really sexy!!

No. 1007968

Not to nitpick and it's not the nastiest environment she's dwelled in. But after just a month or two, you can see how this bitch lives. Theres a starbucks bottle and other random shit on the floor, a box in front of a door in the background, etc.
But hey, she has a couch and tv on a stand now! Moving up in the world! Speaking of tv… what's she wearing in the reflection or wtf is that??

No. 1007976

I doubt she even ever unpacked from moving because she would tweet about hoe she needed to once a week until she “went” “to” “inpatient”

No. 1007983

She pumps out a lazy video laying on her back once a month on a blanket with Rental White walls and occasional Hobbly Lobby clearance fabric as her background, how much workspace does she possibly need for that

No. 1007985

She’s not a medical marvel. Too much weed which is likely making her feel depressed, unmotivated, and leading to binge eating (on top of poorly managed mental illness and too much alcohol) which made her blow up. Also she never exercises because she is depressed and unmotivated because of using too much weed.

No. 1008006

it was a joke

No. 1008027

Ot but tax deadline is here. Has she ever mentioned "doin a heckin adult and filed my taxes!" Or anything like that??
Y'all think she makes enough to qualify? And if so, do you think she does actually file?

No. 1008034

She’s probably still filed as a dependent for her parents lmao. I doubt she could ever figure out taxes.

No. 1008044

Inb4 "reimburse my healthy food shopping haul"
Noodle is hoping for a new owner probably

No. 1008051

Yeah she's not going to lose weight as long as she keeps smoking weed. Her lungs are too fucked for exercise and she's got the munchies 24/7. Also lol at the people suggesting brown rice & broccoli to her, you do realize those goldfish crackers make up 100% of her current fibre intake? In b4 constipated mattel

No. 1008065

Food poisoning Barbie when?

I wouldn’t even eat food that was cooked by her if I was paid for it. Just remember the state of her toaster in one of the past threads. And of all the things she could be doing she’s choosing fish and chicken?
That’s sure gonna be interesting. Maybe she can get some inspo from some Anachan cooking queens like n2f on this.

No. 1008087

Wow, she really needs to take better care of Noodle (and Ribmeat too.) She's looking ragged, and what the heck is that white patch on her muzzle by the mouth? I don't recall seeing that in any Noodle pictures previously. Shayna fucking wash your dog and make sure she doesn't have skin problems or let someone else adopt her (and Rib.) Just because you want to be a nasty ass trailer-trash drunk aunt doesn't mean your animals do.

No. 1008115

I think it may just be lighting glare

No. 1008164

File: 1594905491945.jpeg (832.26 KB, 1242x2021, FC7E934A-DC55-4856-9DC8-E6A707…)

Wtf is this “I bought things now give me money” mentality.

No. 1008166

if you make more than 5k a year you are supposed to file taxes. Irl the irs doesn't usually go after people who make less than 100k so it really doesn't matter.

No. 1008169

she spoiled herself… by buying sheets? her mentality is on another level

No. 1008170

File: 1594906658013.jpg (73.61 KB, 247x370, no taste.jpg)


I love how just like her shitty, bottom barrel props, she seems to buy the cheapest, low-quality decor and furniture as well. A few hundred? lel. This shit will not last long and will end up in a dumpster next move… if it even lasts that long.

No. 1008173

or you could just stop fucking eating and 'snacking' lol

No. 1008174

Cheap furniture and decor can last a while if it's taken care of and handled well. Most young adults do that. Shayna is disgusting and lives like shit, though, and that's why everything she has is beaten up and dirty and destroyed. Like she's lived there for how long and the carpet already looks nasty in this, wtf >>1007958

No. 1008175

Oh jeez can’t wait for her to take a picture showing off her ~fat pussy or her tits on that bar stool in the laziest way imaginable just so she can file it as work expense.

No. 1008176

Shay is the one person I would say should actually bother with a subscription meal service; everything is done for you and it's tough to overeat. Unless of course if you make three days worth of meals for lunch, followed up by a six-pack of White Claws.

No. 1008177

stop outing yourself by telling everyone here what she's trying to do kek

No. 1008181


You're right, I wasn't trying to say inexpensive things can't be good. Same goes for inexpensive clothes, makeup, etc. it was more of a testament to Shayna and her tendency to skimp on anything quality, and her laziness. Also that I imagine she produces so much fucking waste to landfills since she buys cheap shit, uses it once, then where the hell does it go? The trash.

No. 1008186

why is her damn hair so greasy?? how hard can it be to take a simple shower before you record any videos??

No. 1008189

Well we know she doesn't shower much. Plus she braids her hair while its soaking wet very frequently. I'll bet it doesn't dry all the way due to her not having naturally straight hair, making it looks greasy and gross.

There's so many easy fixes she could have done to make her look not so haggard and gross, but it's like she prefers to look that way so she can live her life on easy mode

Repost forgot to sage

No. 1008191

just noticed this PSA never happened lel

No. 1008198

I can’t imagine any woman gaining weight in a less flattering way

No. 1008200

Yeah, even her dad knows she cant feed herself properly so he got her that meal box subscription a year or so back. Like he had to get her something to sustain her existence that she (probably, hopefully) couldnt use for porn. Unfortunately for her mom, that bed that is also a necessity it's sad their daughter didnt have would be used for porn because Shay is a nasty bitch.

Anyway. I agree Shay needs a meal box/service subscription. Because shes one of the laziest, dumbest bitches I've seen.

No. 1008202

that's because she never actually went to inpatient, kek

No. 1008203

File: 1594913550243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.47 KB, 695x612, 20200716_083115.jpg)

Wow so creative and exciting! The exact same post/pose from yesterday but with the same buttplug shes had for years and always wears.

No. 1008205

she’s given up on shaving her legs now i guess

No. 1008210

if you have the self control to just not eat while high, the munchies dissapear and it's super easy to lose weight, weed relieves the anxiety of making a big diet change

for someone who uses food as a crutch weed can fill the void lmao

Shay though? she uses food, weed, alcohol, male attention and the internet

No. 1008220

she's claimed to have not shaved for years anon

No. 1008227

So is this ‘one pic legs straight up, second pic same pose just legs spread’ her new legs “behind her head”?

No. 1008236

Her tweets are starting to sound an awful lot like Foodie Beautys famous community posts. I don't think we're at any risk of her magically cleaning up her diet for good.

No. 1008241

Come on Shayna, clench them cheeks harder!

No. 1008249

File: 1594918241470.png (590.56 KB, 2048x1189, Screenshot_20200716-125042.png)

No. 1008252

then fucking leave, dumbass

No. 1008253

File: 1594918450758.png (663.32 KB, 1455x2048, Screenshot_20200716-125224.png)

Everyone knows you didn't pay rent in the Fupa McMansion, that you claimed he bought just for you. In reality it was a shit tier rental house in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.

and kek, everyone knew you were just letting him fuck you you braindead retard. You're that desperate for any attention.

No. 1008258

At this point I think that she just lies and says stuff whenever she gets upset just to hurt her boyfriend. I don't actually believe any of this stuff I just see it as a kid throwing a tantrum

No. 1008260

Or she just looks for pity. Even if there's some truth to it you know she's the problem an is just looking for validation that she's perfect

No. 1008284

File: 1594920948640.jpeg (315.76 KB, 828x831, 6976D271-4E69-49DE-8471-4B29A3…)

No. 1008291

Let's see how this goes. Honestly I'm not hopeful but she seems calm about it so idk

No. 1008292


No. 1008294

I don't believe a fucking thing she's saying and it's obvious that it's a scam for money. That's why she started talking about buying her way out of her lease. Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 1008295

I guess so since all this requires os for her to lay on her back rolls and it's the only way she can hide her gunt. The "legs behind head" thing was showcasing all her fat rolls and her feet couldnt even align with her head anymore

No. 1008296

she's so retarded, I swear. Why even admit this dumb shit? "He made me want to kill myself!" right after calling him abusive when she KNOWS she's told multiple stories about her ass doing wrong to the point she could'nt make herself the victim.
I can't stand neither, but it's obvious she's gearing up to try to make him seem like some horribly abusive man.

It's even more fucked up she's talking about this, while the baby mom JUST lost her house.

People are supposed to feel bad she lets some asshole fuck her? Then she said SHE got broken up with, but he's so abusive?

Fuck off, Shayna. I'm not on fupa's side but I know where this shit is going.

No. 1008298

And you are the dumb bitch spending money on a man, begging him to come back EVERYTIME HE BROKE UP WITH YOU, pretending to want to die, and letting him fuck you then bragging about it.

Now she's all mad? If he never broke it off she'd be 100% fine.

No. 1008302

I bet she's sperging like this bc Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK is actually having to deal with his kids/family/baby mama and their house situation in some capacity and Shay isn't getting enough attention lol

No. 1008303

Right, she thought it was so kinky with their anal dates and tweeting every cream pie and dAdDy sAiD tHiS tEeHeE all the time but now shes acting like she didnt know she was being used for sex or something kek oh please. You lurk the thread Shay. We done told you he just wanted a dumb bitch to raw down. So many times.
Also if she did spend a lot of money on him that's even funnier and more pathetic looking on both of them. I assume she just means their cHeEmSbUrGnEr take out "dates", but still. This sad mess of a retard was paying for crumbs of attention from a loser chode for the last couple years with actual cash and her body. Big yikes.

No. 1008304

Honestly though. And that just makes her look more selfish and unstable. She's so unwell. Will she ever get actual help and get tf over that dude?

No. 1008305

File: 1594923237328.png (217.46 KB, 1425x1325, Screenshot_20200716-131218~2.p…)

Mania anyone?

Get upset,rant and act like an emotionally abusive person on Twitter then make big financial decisions that you'll later regret? Seems logical and healthy.

No. 1008307

yeah something tells me he just didn't want to get back with her after she got out of the hospital and he's not paying enough attention to her because his kids come first.

No. 1008308

I can't stand when people do this shit. Suddenly you realize he wasn't shit? Suddenly you're over someone you just said you wanted to die over?

Either she'll get under some other guy and will possibly make sure the relationship is as visable as possible to piss fupa off or she'll be back with Fupa.


Everytime she does the "I wanna move, I need a car!" it's because shit's gone wrong with Fupa. I worry for everyone in her area that quite possibly this drunk/high girl will be on the road.

What makes it worst is she's only getting a car so she can go, "I really don't need you now!" meaning she wasn't getting one before because she wanted another reason to have Fupa around.

No. 1008309

Um, how do you get car insurance without having a car? (Non American anon)

No. 1008310


Don’t you need the details of the car to get insurance? Like VIN etc?

Also it’s so funny looking back knowing when she’d brag about her boyfriend getting her Goldfish crackers from the store, it was Fupa bringing his retarded womanchild some snacks to shut her up.

No. 1008311

Yeah she probably burned that bridge an