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File: 1601497151477.jpeg (147.59 KB, 750x955, 1601086048961.jpeg)

No. 1048616

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1034150

Recent milk:

>Filmed a Friday the 13th porn in an ill-fitting costume on a public lakefront beach >>1048225

>After, of course, expressing her disgust for people performing their kinks in public >>1035516
>Put a 15 year old on blast for asking her to create them an OF, causing her "severe anxiety" >>1041705
>Days later, puts out an incest-pandery, age-play "lil sis" porn >>1043408
>Back on the booze >>1041733
>Continues to balloon in size >>1042850
>New wig to hide her rat's nest for yet another ambiguously-aged incest vid >>1044709, >>1044793
>Most likely fighting with Fupa again >>1046939, >>1046887, >>1047006

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ← she got locked out and transformed her SFW twitter
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ ← CURRENT

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No. 1048619

File: 1601497347566.jpg (537.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200930-152353_Twi…)

Funny that she deleted this

No. 1048620

File: 1601497388093.png (Spoiler Image,322.76 KB, 590x589, 2020-09-30 16_23_42-Window.png)

No. 1048621

File: 1601497471603.png (Spoiler Image,311.09 KB, 589x750, 2020-09-30 16_25_41-Window.png)

No. 1048626

File: 1601497549615.png (228.9 KB, 495x810, 2020-09-30 16_27_17-Window.png)

yeah she was actually trying to convince herself and orbiters on discord that making and trying to sell posters of these for $30 would be a good idea

No. 1048630

Watching her struggle to take the underwear off and the heavy breathing was sad

No. 1048645

wow, she managed to keep the description to one sentence. she also sounds drier than that sand, so sexy.

No. 1048648

Arguably the hottest preview she’s done in months if not years

No. 1048655

I’m sure it’s been said but it’s pretty hilarious that the one piece of her content that’s done relatively well is the one where her face is covered for the entirety of the shoot. She should really accept the fact that the alcohol bloat and fast food diet has killed her looks and embrace doing more stuff where you can’t see any of her face.

No. 1048656

You use the words worse and worst so often and always the wrong way around. You could just use five minutes of your time to learn the difference between them or just use different words instead. This thread is the worst and it's getting worse every day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048658

ya cuz you can barely see anything and she’s not in front of the same wall in her musty apartment for once

No. 1048661

I suggest not visiting the thread if you’re this fucking bothered lmao

No. 1048667

You should leave because I'm only going to get worser(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1048672

Oh anon, you’re the worse

No. 1048677

You could have been the baddest bitch, instead you chose to be the worst bitch

No. 1048681

So literally just the most basic photo print that can be done for free via home printer and gloss paper? No editing, not gonna put her big PoRn StAr name on it or anything? $30? Yeah ok kek

No. 1048689

She can't be smoking just weed at this point

No. 1048692

File: 1601504081683.png (479.67 KB, 750x1334, 415322C1-0364-4071-80B9-185E4D…)

lol who on ED twitter would even associate with this hog?

No. 1048695

The best is she already deleted this tweet.

No. 1048696

If I walked into someones house and that was on their wall, I would leave immediately.

They could follow her to use her pics as motivation to lose weight kek

No. 1048698

Just get the fuck off. Wow you’ll be so much better off you autistic grammar nazi

No. 1048714

reimburse? lmao sage for OT but when i was younger i used to feel bad for men who got tricked into paying things for camgirls because i thought they were all super cunning and liars but after seeing the way shay and others just ask? i hope natural selection takes these men at this point.

No. 1048722

Men really are a disease. Imagine paying a for pictures of shaytards pimpled hairy arse

No. 1048750

File: 1601507256024.jpg (685.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200930-180802_Dis…)

The thing that kills me is if you click the pics on her discord, the file name is Airbrush on both, which clearly comes from whatever facetime app she's using

No. 1048760

KEK good catch, even though her blurring to hell is well known this is so funny

No. 1048766

I haven't looked at Shayna's threads in a while and I can no longer tell which pics she posts of her own free will and which pics are made by anons as a parody.

No. 1048769

Idk but I would think that talking about money so straightforwardly would be a turn off. I know it's stupid because it's obvious that the whole point of sex work is the money but I feel like the men who buy this shit want to feel like it's because the girls who do it just love it so much and begging for money seems like it would ruin the illusion. Imo it's just another way she's bad at her job

No. 1048778

I don't understand her appeal at all. She use to be a skinny stoner girl who was kinda cute. But now she is built like a fridge and just complains constantly. How does she have any genuine male supporters/fans?

No. 1048781

it's just some random passerby ugly fat dudes and then one desperate lonely grey haired senior citizen, she has a few also undesirable sex worker females that talk to her on discord and who give her money too

No. 1048782

she reeks of desperation and low self-worth is the main draw to men

No. 1048785

Right? like at least show them the cute clothes, promise pictures, and then ask for help to buy if the guys want to see you in it. I thought it was supposed to be more professional not straight up "anyone wants to give me cash?". The worst thing is the dumb fucks do it, like she posts pictures for free please donate these 25 bucks to a soup kitchen or something.

No. 1048790

File: 1601509705865.jpg (537.88 KB, 1058x1253, Screenshot_20200930-184922_Twi…)

No. 1048791

the horrors those deer must’ve been exposed to

No. 1048793

Oh she wasted $150 on clothes that she undoubtedly ordered size Small and will only wear for a photo set or two?
Like really why buy more clothes when she never goes out except to uber to the dispensary and wears the same dirty, musty, ill fitting white trash shit all the time.

No. 1048794

Pretty pathetic that she's staying with Fupa but I'm not surprised. Imagine having a guy like that dismiss you and flirt with girls behind your back. Interesting how he wanted her to get fat and now that she has ruined her body for him he has completely lost interest in her.

No. 1048796


thigh high socks stopped being cute on her like 30 lbs ago

No. 1048798

must be more amazon or forever21 garbage for that many items to only add up to $150

No. 1048799

I'll say the lighting and change of scenery (for fucking once) is nice but I agree with the anon that said that she blurred and smoothed the fuck out her photos that it doesn't even look human anymore. She looks like a homunculus rolling around on the beach. I can see why she smoothes her skin cause she's more cellulite than man, but of you can still see how goddamn lumpy you are after the fact, then why bother..

No. 1048809

it's definitely good for her, but even on arguably her best photoset in years she got like 1% of the interaction that she used to get on her low quality/effort photos from when she was skinny and blonde

No. 1048816

Yeah that would be a smart business move to show off the sexy pieces to the customer who buys it and show it to them only so it feels special. But she spends all her money on doordash and weed which you can clearly see on her body .

No. 1048857

So she actually wasted $150 dollars on clothes cause she surely got them all in size small. Gotcha.

It would actually be nice to see regular clothes that actually fit on her but alas…

No. 1048866

File: 1601515745371.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200930-212640.png)

I love that she blamed wearing boots is the reason why it was difficult to take off panties. It's more like it's hard to take off panties when squatting awkwardly. That was the most unsexy way of taking off underwear jesus christ kek If you're gonna get naked from the waist down and masturbate in public, you better fully commit.

No. 1048869

And cause they're too small

No. 1048871

File: 1601516008474.jpg (261.73 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20200930-203438_Twi…)

Why the fuck would you post this on your sex work account?

No. 1048879

Uh. Animals get hit by cars. More news at 11.
Also. Owls prey are mostly land "dwellers" such as rodents. You're 23 years old. You can stop being stupid any day now.

No. 1048884

Ah yes shayna because your incel followers love hearing about dead owls it makes them sooo rock hard

No. 1048909

Does she even have a personal twitter that she uses?

No. 1048912

I think this was her personal, but she got locked out of her 'business' one and had to convert this one over.

No. 1048942

She says quirky things like that because it used to work for her back on tumblr lol. Shayna should really just go back to tumblr, she still gets the way more engagement there despite it being a smaller platform now. Twitter isn't working out for her at all.

No. 1048981

Its actually suspended now which is even funnier.

No. 1049003

File: 1601528025429.jpg (535.81 KB, 1079x1744, Screenshot_20200930-235508_Ins…)

Just no Shay

No. 1049004

File: 1601528067397.jpg (Spoiler Image,650.18 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20200930-235432_Ins…)

Nice job posting your bare ass on Instagram Shay

No. 1049040

Does this mean her sexy sex worker sleepover ended in the other swers throwing her into a lake

No. 1049056


this has been through 15 layers of facetune but it actually looks good for shay. she just needs to stop showing her face and cover most of her body, lol

No. 1049075

Right? Amazing what different lighting, lotsa editing, a wig, covering her fupa, rolls, and hammy arms, and hiding her fucking stupid face can do. She's milking this set too because even she knows its probably her better content at this point. Shes surely in denial about why though. Just thinks shes such a kinky, creative genius kek

No. 1049116

It looks like she has a dick and she tucked it in her ass in this picture.

No. 1049191

Her instagram is going to get turfed, it's only a matter of time. She breaks TOS in like every post.

No. 1049216

File: 1601558169401.jpg (208.01 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20201001-081642_Twi…)

All you did was finger yourself while wearing a Jason jersey and a mask. How is that spooky?

No. 1049228

She's literally used knives while making videos before (disgusting, btw), she could've done that if she wanted to commit, but she's lazy now. Lazier than she's ever been.

No. 1049246

File: 1601561955491.png (499.82 KB, 508x626, munch.PNG)

I laughed my ass off when she just shoved them in her mouth and pulled the mask down and then the vid ended, fuckin gross.

No. 1049265

File: 1601564024516.jpeg (2.44 MB, 3464x3464, 355A38D7-5D1B-4E19-AE5F-F4A1DB…)

what the hell is this

No. 1049268

Someone come get their down syndrome child. Shouldn't let them wonder off on their own.

No. 1049269

Who wears knee socks with uggs? She looks like a retard that tried to dress herself.

No. 1049271

Funny how days ago she was crying about being depressed now she’s all happy because her manlet came back to get his
chode wet.

No. 1049272

I can't figure out how people like her go out in public with their gut hanging out of their too tight pants like that.

No. 1049274

She's always looked mentally challenged but it's laid on THICK with these pics. Maybe it cause that entire fucking outfit does not go together. Or maybe it's the nasty hair and broken out face. Would it kill you to get some fashion sense, Shayna? A jean skirt and and uggs? Fucking really

No. 1049288

Might have actually been okay without the brown teeth smile, the crop top oversized sweater, and uggs with knee highs…

Dressing yourself isn't hard but she doesn't know how to, terrible.

No. 1049301

Are these her new fall clothes? Dear Lord

No. 1049304

The sweater doesn't even hide how fat she is kek it honestly makes her look bigger. Chunky bitch. And yeah this is "Special Ed Shayna picks her own outfit today!" lmao wtf

No. 1049345

I thought fake weapons and using fake blood was against OF tos

No. 1049347

what in the dressing yourself for the first time in 3rd grade is this???

No. 1049349

File: 1601573255144.jpg (28.16 KB, 816x565, EW_NfPWXYAAFU6e.jpg)

Girls I can't deal with this…

No. 1049351

it honestly reads to me as one of those transwoman “how did i do with my outfit? am i passing?” posts on reddit kek

No. 1049364

all it takes to cure her mental illness is a daily dose of Fupa!
Pink has always looked horrible on her, why won't she let it go?

No. 1049366

looks like a harley hooligan in drag

No. 1049389

File: 1601576281431.jpg (Spoiler Image,920.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201001-131919_Twi…)

She really about to shit out that buttplug kek

No. 1049393

You’d think a thriving successful sex worker would be able to afford a new pair of Uggs when hers are clearly water damaged and worn to hell and back

No. 1049402

File: 1601577303190.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1341, Screenshot_20201001-143506.png)

A thriving, successful sex worker would also invest in shaving down the caveman brow bone, a nose job, and some toothpaste. The flat doo doo brown hair and super dark brows are not helping that prominent brow bone goddamn Her forehead got more curve than her whole ass body

No. 1049408

File: 1601577832026.jpg (22.99 KB, 422x422, 1RQB-uFbLJl7maQ1.jpg)

No. 1049414

That skirt is so tight it looks painful.

No. 1049422

why does she keep taking these pictures outside? We give the bitch ONE compliment for taking decent pictures with decent lightening because she's outside and suddenly she's always out.

No. 1049429

is she on her porch; imagine just trying to enjoy the nice weather and all you see is some retard taking nudes of her gunt.

No. 1049439

i wish she'd take care of her hair, homegirl's curl pattern is fucked and it looks somehow dry and greasy at the same time. makes my scalp itch just looking at it. also her stubbly gooch has the same texture as the wooden floor

No. 1049440

I’m surprised the butt plug even stays in at this point.

No. 1049448

yeah if she may as well keep it straight because the curls look horrible now. I honestly think she'd look better if she got a bob or something short, but it'd end up in braids anyway.

No. 1049453

You’d think a thriving successful sex worker would realize that uggs are white trash

No. 1049454

She lives in Tulsa, OK

No. 1049467

weren’t these the ones she was so excited about thrifting a while back? kek

No. 1049470

anon a bob would look fucking atrocious with her moon face don’t even put that idea out there lmao

No. 1049480

File: 1601584013596.png (122.05 KB, 225x400, 40fcaa34e1d98ebb4c9afa1ba0f1a7…)

Nice brows Shay

No. 1049482

Everything about this photo gets worse the more you zoom in. Her legs look like they’re about to explode. And I can’t tell if they’re hairy as fuck or if that’s cellulite. God damn Shay. It’s called self love and self respect.

No. 1049491

the fucking pink bow on top of this crusty trainwreck is what's getting me

No. 1049526

File: 1601588642096.jpeg (392.98 KB, 1536x2048, 1E12D21E-40A8-473C-AFF9-7A2D64…)

Lmao she looks like a big bitch on welfare

No. 1049532

File: 1601589220853.jpeg (50.61 KB, 267x400, 64DDA1D7-D695-430E-9CDA-9280B8…)

Her forced smiles remind me of when seals force a smile. Her face and forced smile just showcases how much she hates her job and life lol

No. 1049535

the line on her stomach from the denim skirt cutting off her circulation is sending me

No. 1049539

Why do the waist of those sweats look so long and weird kek pulling pants up to be high waisted does not actually make them high waisted

No. 1049549

I don't get how she blurs the shit out of most of her pictures, but when she actually has a visible zit right between her eyes and a line from her way-too-small denim skirt on her stomach… she just leaves it be.

No. 1049562

the crusty lips always remain as well

No. 1049565

so she got some new clothes and she's just going to take a bunch of pictures in them before wearing them a million of times?
And is Fupa being paid to take all these pictures of her?

No. 1049568

At least she's not buying stuff in size small, credit for that. The color choice, though.. like another anon said this baby pink just does not flatter her at all. The stoner aesthetic suited her much better

No. 1049569

She looks so fucking unwell both physically and mentally. I’m repulsed. Shayna get some help.

No. 1049574

She looks like she has a bulge. She looks like a sissy dad.

No. 1049576

probably paying him in gagjobs and rawdogging

No. 1049577

>not buying stuff in size small
uh are we looking at the same picture? this set barely fits her and certainly doesn’t look right

No. 1049579

I think Shay just upgraded to Medium and so the clothes aren't creating rolls, but she's not ready to welcome her Large reality yet.

No. 1049580

major chav poverty porn episode vibes

No. 1049583

File: 1601591901918.png (295.7 KB, 750x1334, 9920A664-E810-4243-B40F-771E74…)

she filmed a video in that god awful sweater outfit


“You slowly glide into her warm ass” has me cackling for some reason

No. 1049584

Plz Shayna for the love of God, drop the white trash meth mom aesthetic ffs

No. 1049588

File: 1601591970362.jpeg (326.79 KB, 1536x2048, EjRS2UjWsAsEvj_.jpeg)

"I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" vibes

No. 1049589

This has blackmailing of a minor written all over it and it creeps me out. Also why would she continue fucking herself if she hears them coming home? Make it make sense Shayna.

No. 1049594

She doesn’t look like a minor though she looks like a fat dad trying to dress like a 12 year old sissy

No. 1049607

I thought the same thing, wife heads straight up to bed ignoring the teenage pussy fingering going on in the living room? She should do some crazy camera cut-aways where she portrays the mom like, listening in and masturbating. Maybe splice in footage of her from 50 lbs ago for the teenage baby sitter scenes.

No. 1049610

File: 1601594309153.jpeg (Spoiler Image,792.58 KB, 750x4547, 2419E0BB-6909-4D64-A8A2-44B224…)

Onlyfans. Just terrible

No. 1049612

if it were a small, that zipper would not close but >>1049579 is probably right

No. 1049614

File: 1601594578034.jpeg (27.18 KB, 600x510, B9EDD8AA-2C83-444F-9AE1-47F4B6…)

Last pic is Grimace realnessss

No. 1049622

File: 1601595041811.jpeg (421.99 KB, 750x858, 856102D0-A940-48F7-B9C9-08035D…)

No. 1049624

She really needs to go back to blonde. I know a lot of anons thought darker hair would be better but honestly her curly blonde hair was her best and most enviable feature.

No. 1049627

File: 1601595478954.jpeg (475.54 KB, 536x1073, 1D00BFDA-60A7-44DC-83F8-AAF0C0…)

i agree that the blonde was more flattering to her features WHEN and only when it was freshly washed, straightened and clean (which was rarely)
there was literally nothing to envy about the way she kept it the majority of the time

No. 1049632

She still looks like a raggedy ass drug addict mess.

No. 1049633

that’s the point i was trying to make to the anon saying her blonde was “enviable”

No. 1049635

The whole video is a mess. First it's a babysitter masturbating with children in the house, fucking disgusting. Then she claims the mom just headed straight to bed which makes no sense. Then the problem is that the husband is going to tell…her dad??? What? Why? More like he should tell the fucking police that the babysitter was masturbating while they were supposed to be looking after the kids.

I'm sorry is this honestly supposed to be sexy?

No. 1049644

Sort of OT but sometimes I seriously want to sit down and have one conversation with these cows, ESPECIALLY Shat… like I want to know if she’s really this painfully unaware of how retarded she looks half of the time. How many times do we have to point out her crusty lips, greasy hair, dumb ass contorted faces that are supposedly “sexy”, until she finally gets it? Is she just stubborn? The way her mind works is an anomaly.

No. 1049655

>This has blackmailing of a minor written all over it and it creeps me out
I got the same impression from the summary. Especially regarding the part about her dad taking away her car… she didn't need to include that, but she did anyway.
These killed me anons

No. 1049658

Okay maybe I went overboard with my choice of words lol but when it was freshly dyed platinum blonde and she styled it in buns or straightened it was actually her best look. The bangs were atrocious though lol

No. 1049666

File: 1601599781955.jpeg (1.3 MB, 4096x2730, 3C42A460-A1BA-4446-88C4-D55DE3…)

No. 1049670

What the actual fuck.
This is going to be hilarious if she follows through

No. 1049672

the only co-star willing to work with Shayna kek

No. 1049674

i don’t even understand the logistics of the idea because it’s a hanging decoration. it’s just gonna be flimsy as fuck

No. 1049675

She'll just slap down a dildo with a suction cup and then lay the skeleton over it so it pokes through the pelvis and then ride the dildo and pretend she isn't being hurt by the rough edges/points on the plastic arms and legs of the thing.

No. 1049695

I'm dying laughing, I actually hope she does this

No. 1049704

Does anyone else hear like wind or something in this? Good job checking your audio Shay

No. 1049707

File: 1601603862063.jpg (671.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201001-205816_Dis…)

Someone in her discord randomly brought up a request for Shay to do a cow cosplay. I hope it's not, but definitely smells like cowtipping

No. 1049711

File: 1601604139404.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 750x1334, 1C0F855C-2AD1-4967-A683-B6571B…)

if it is a farmer then it’s absolute newfaggotry because she literally just did a cow costume a few months back

No. 1049712

File: 1601604159060.jpg (429.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201001-210344_Dis…)

She's seriously discussing this for a video tomorrow


No. 1049713

File: 1601604185621.jpg (370.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201001-210356_Dis…)


No. 1049717

kek you’re killing me anon this made me snort

No. 1049719

She’s going to look like a giant ogre next to the skeleton.

No. 1049727

i was just thinking about how gargantuan it's going to make her look in comparison

No. 1049730

No. 1049735

the weird heavy breathing and stupid face she makes does not say brat at all.

No. 1049741

i think by brat she means like one of those fat little kids that asks if you have games on your phone or any candy in your purse

No. 1049757

I’ve (regrettably) seen it so many times, but it still kills me the way her dry vag lips are always superglued together before she peels them apart with a grotesque sandpaper sound.

No. 1049762

File: 1601610111650.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.48 KB, 600x510, fatgoblin.jpg)

thanks for the inspiration anon..

No. 1049764

File: 1601610344326.jpeg (171.29 KB, 761x398, BED94719-9633-497E-B0B6-167AEB…)

why does this look like it was filmed on a motorola razr

No. 1049765

this is art

No. 1049773

Actually Martha Dumptruck.
Didn’t she say she actually got a Juicy tracksuit cuz this ain’t it.

No. 1049776

No she just loves buying ill fitting bright pink tracksuits because she thinks its BiMbO and rich girl but when it isnt designer and you're busting out of it wearing no panties at the walmart in Oklahoma… well it ain't it.

No. 1049777

I am shrieking

No. 1049778

this makes me think of the meth head that recently was arrested for getting naked and "testing" out a vibrator in the middle of a sex shop. Which sadly I could very much see her do at this point

No. 1049780

Not to blogpost but I saw a girl at Jamba today wearing this >>1049265
exact type of get up except she looked cute because she did it right and had clean regular straightened hair. The girl had boots that were in style, scrunched socks, darker denim skirt that actually fit as a high waist so she could tuck her muted/darker pink knitted sweater in it. Like peak Pumpkin Spice White Girl look but… Shay can't even do basic bitch right like how dumb and ugly you gotta be.

No. 1049786

she has 2 or 3 different pink tracksuits and one is supposedly Juicy, though I'm sure is an amazon knock off anyway. Then she just bought this other ugly pink one. I think she still might have another musty way too small one somewhere. And don't forget the rank ass shorts version she lived in earlier this year that she finally maybe bought a new set of.
Like I get that a bitch wants to be comfy but I shudder knowing she wears no underwear and is just pork sweating in them all day with her gross vag discharge stains. And then had the nerve to call it a club look pre-pandemic

No. 1049809

File: 1601613934530.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 1536x2048, 5956C2B7-35A0-4423-89C8-36ABA0…)

i’m convinced this is what she BELIEVES she looks like. jesus christ shatna invest in some moisturizer for your face and lips. a little blush or contour can’t hurt either, hell the gym will do wonders.(nitpick, fanart, non contribution)

No. 1049819

What is going on, why would she do this retarded exaggerated expression?? I read the "plot" of the vid but I cannot figure out how she thought these were cute, sexy, or good at all. They are weird and almost comical but they fail even to hit that note.

No. 1049836

This outfit has the vibe of…like…when you’re lounging around naked and then hear a knock at the door and you have to throw on the closest shit to you to get there ASAP

weirdly specific but it truly has the look of someone who just thinks an outfit is anything that fits over their stomach

No. 1049838

Fan art?

No. 1049853

yes it’s weird

No. 1049898

There’s no point in these shoops because she still looks like shit. Her hair is still ratty and her face and skull are still shaped like an ugly rat with microencephalopathy hybridized with J. Yaniv.
She’s still in trashy, try-hard clothes, her hygiene is still garbage, her work ethic is still nonexistent, and her mental state is still in its perennial state of decay. She was ugly, gross and lulzy when she was more conventionally attractive (and that’s being generous), and she will probably continue to be for the rest of her life.
These shoops won’t snap her out of her delusions, and the farmers all already know that she’s a lazy loser who won’t even improve herself in the simplest of ways.
Jannies really need to make a cow shooping thread to aggregate these in. I remember there being one a couple years back.

No. 1049906

After playing 7 days of thread catch-up…

I don't understand why she always gives a play by play of every single thing that happens in the videos in her descriptions.

She probably does think so. I mean it's not hard to stop being a fucking unwashed fatass Shayna, you Gypsy Rose looking bitch.

Peak derranged, tranny/downs face collection.

I can't stand that fucking loser in her discord, Sol_aka_TheGuy. Everytime a screenshot is posted here it's usually him immediately asskissing this rank bitch.

No. 1049914

What kills me is that in his profile pic he’s clearly with a girlfriend. My heart goes out to that poor woman, she doesn’t deserve to be with a loser who lives in Shayna’s discord. I hope she kicks him to the curb.

No. 1049954

Lmao maybe the girlfriend is in Shayna's discord too.

No. 1050030

true but she needs to cut all that dead ratty shit off and just…start over ngl

No. 1050043

File: 1601649568324.png (2.55 MB, 2048x1156, Screenshot_20201002-104012.png)

Look at that gut, that zip up is barely hanging on

No. 1050049

The cut of this sweater is so hideous and she only highlights it by wearing it the way she does. Sometimes I see ugly clothes and wonder who even buys them. Guess it's Shayna.

No. 1050057

It looks like you could peel her eyebrows off as a strip

No. 1050067

File: 1601651643270.png (Spoiler Image,449.83 KB, 950x249, huh.PNG)

…Did she only shave one leg?

No. 1050070

Nah she just somehow manages to have cellulite on her shins.

No. 1050074

File: 1601652478528.jpeg (719.15 KB, 1046x985, 02F18BBE-71D5-43E8-AB79-094E73…)

I cannot fathom the state of this hair

No. 1050081

it looks like you could just break the curls off with your hands. bleak.

No. 1050093

…She's 23 right? Drink some water and eat a vegetable that hasn't been in your vagina for the love of God, Shayna.

No. 1050107

Are we not going to talk about the state of her face?

No. 1050110

what’s there to say that hasn’t been already tbh

No. 1050125

The 60 year old dad forehead wrinkles, her entire jawline sinking into her double chin, her weird fat person cheek creases that are starting to eat the sides of her lips…she’s actually animorphing into Fupa. They look so similar now. Fucking bleak.

No. 1050128

File: 1601657606669.jpg (270.78 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20201002-115434_Twi…)

But, you can Uber to the dispensary?

No. 1050129

File: 1601657657843.jpg (345.08 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20201002-115546_Twi…)

No. 1050130

File: 1601657690136.jpg (490.38 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20201002-115617_Twi…)

This dude seriously needs to get a life

No. 1050133

File: 1601657960863.jpeg (196.13 KB, 1242x861, 85822BA6-CB9C-4409-AE6F-3FA6CC…)

Plot twist: Shay ate the bimbo

No. 1050138

If you gave a shit about your asthma you wouldn't smoke weed like a fucking chimney 24/7

No. 1050146

File: 1601658574050.jpeg (356.31 KB, 1242x1013, 36B5AC78-4C26-44F0-AD22-7B10C8…)

I cackled

No. 1050147

Total nitpick but when will she learn how to pose her face? Here we have her chin matching up with the width of her neck, obsoleting the jaw & introducing neck rolls.
Not a favor done

No. 1050148

File: 1601658660719.jpeg (146.86 KB, 1242x366, BE4B7EE8-051C-4CB6-8ED1-C2A058…)

Shay you are not cut out for this lmao

No. 1050152

She dirty deleted this because nobody wanted to pay kek

No. 1050158

Why would you put the exact amount of your rent you retard

No. 1050162

I can’t stop laughing at this picture, she gets uglier everyday. She looks like J Yaniv’s twin sister kek. How can you be butt ugly, have a dad bod and have a shitty personality, pick a struggle.

No. 1050168

File: 1601659714075.jpeg (157.77 KB, 1242x1152, 3E9D4341-EEEA-4900-A1F4-2C2DE9…)

Sage for dumb meme

No. 1050173

Holy fuck I clicked here from front page cause this pic and I'm in tears, dear lord, time to catch up on the thread. I would literally kill myself if I looked like this on film, how does she review this trash and think ok good to post? Like I know she's constantly stoned and drinking but I used to do hard drugs and not even those could delude me to the point of this shit, so how does she manage with just weed?

No. 1050178

File: 1601660846032.jpg (109.8 KB, 1080x1016, 20201002_122742.jpg)

She didn't, she added $60 and deleted her original amount kek

No. 1050185

Shays overestimating how much men give a fuck about cam girls kek. Theyll throw cash BECAUSE of the fantasy of getting to fuck you, shay
Many of them respond like this >>1050146

No. 1050189

even before corona she wasn't getting her hair and nails done like that anyway.

No. 1050191

File: 1601662450735.png (1.27 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201002-140105.png)

PaY mY RenT, CoWarD

No. 1050192

if only there were ways to style your hair and nails at home…

No. 1050196

Kek Right. It's only another excuse to not do the bare minimum and up keep with her looks. Damn, bitch, I thought you took pride in your job? Your job is literally your looks.

No. 1050197

she needs to sit down get some cheesmburgers and watch youtube videos to learn how to do her hair, make up and nails.
She can even beg people to give her money to buy the things she needs. She has ALL the time in the world and always has.

No. 1050201

File: 1601663516208.png (156.76 KB, 361x366, shaysvag.png)

all I see when she flashes her flesh wound.

No. 1050218

"my mom packed fruit gummies in my lunchbox" heavy breathing

No. 1050268

>has asthma
>can’t go outside because of asthma?
>smokes all day long
>can’t get nails and hair done because muh asthma

Genuine question- did she graduate high school?

No. 1050275

if she did i blame the no child left behind program because she seems genuinely slow in the head

No. 1050278

File: 1601671285733.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, B5C0C402-9826-4DD2-952A-190EF6…)

the hammy arms

No. 1050280

File: 1601671387220.jpeg (725.87 KB, 1536x2048, 496222E4-9434-4D41-9CCF-7C009D…)

the stains on all her furniture are disgusting

No. 1050285

Way back on her tumblr she posted a pic of her and some girl on graduation day. And constantly tells this "true" story that a teacher told her to wear a bra to graduation and she said no

No. 1050286

File: 1601672187370.jpg (457.12 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20201002-155800_Twi…)

She looks terrified

No. 1050289

Holy shit, she's actually doing this, the absolute madwoman

No. 1050291

Kek I like that the skeleton looks panicked; as if it's reaching to push this whale off of itself but can't find the strength through the pain of it's pelvis being shattered.

I don't know that I've ever seen someone make the color black look non-slimming before… That or she quite literally is gaining that fast between tard shoots.

Shay's really one of those cows I have no hope for and always have a silent chuckle when anons are like "all she needs is xyz and she'd turn her life around". Nah mang this bitch might be able to have a less shitty situation, but she lacks the capacity to be anything but below bar. It's like polishing a turd. One of those people you dont need an IQ test to know the result is below average, y'know what I'm sayin'?

No. 1050294

File: 1601672983797.jpeg (312.48 KB, 1536x2048, EjWYSjRXYAEOWpj.jpeg)

This lip color has the potential to be flattering on her but she gave herself zero upper lip and then a butt under it

No. 1050297

File: 1601673242705.jpg (196.23 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20201002-221436_Twi…)

Kek. Another failure.

No. 1050300

She didn’t even try for more than a day kek

No. 1050305

It looks like she was going for one of those Halloween pinup pictures. But its Shay, so it awful.

>>1050297 Im disappointed, that video would have been hilariously bad.

No. 1050307

File: 1601674683366.jpg (410.28 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201002_163621.jpg)

She barely gave it an hour to make it work. She'll never be able to get another job when she's too fat and too old to do SW any longer. She's so lazy. And every photo set you can see the pounds packing on.

No. 1050308

Goddamn her arms are massive

No. 1050309

at least the wig is covering her double chin

No. 1050314

This guy and that old man are her 2 loyal incels. I think she got a new one actually that looks like an ex addict that listens to dad rock while ignoring child support bills. Hes been commenting gross, corny shit on all her posts lately. He might even live in OK too. Wonder if Shay will pick one of these losers to shack up with next.

No. 1050319

I guess this is ok if you like fat chicks. She looks scary big in these pics!

No. 1050328

File: 1601677269958.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1224x1802, EB094B25-224C-4946-9A08-7CA675…)

Jesus Christ she is so fucking lazy. Her job is the easiest more braindead “job” she could do and yet she still puts no effort. She could have easily edited these pics into something decent but no, she’d rather look like a fat tranny. Shay has really fucking lost her shit. Also she needs to buy a lint roller, she’s disgusting.

No. 1050332

that could have been a semi-interesting video idea, especially for shay standards, but when she realized that might take some effort and planning it had to be cancelled. maybe she'll remember there's still 29 days left of october when her braincells aren't getting chris brown'd by dabs and white claws

No. 1050333

why does her head look so fucking tiny? Did she shop this? It makes her look huge I know she's not this big.

No. 1050334

File: 1601677595495.jpeg (183.92 KB, 750x506, 92779ACA-E33A-4526-8490-43DC0D…)


No. 1050339

File: 1601677998175.jpg (518.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201002-233413_Twi…)

No. 1050342

she must be drunk to post this

No. 1050345

The lip color is nice but she has no idea how to do her make up.

She looks massive..like …she has to be gaining 10lbs a month. She’ll be at 200lbs by spring.

No. 1050346

oh god shayna please avoid the side profile with this look. how do i unsee michael jackson in a nightie?

No. 1050352

If you told me this was a man in drag, I would believe you.

No. 1050357

My guess is Fupa recorded this with the way it zoomed in on her at the end…

No. 1050360

No idea how this is even possible since black is supposed to be slimming but this is the outfit that truly makes her weight gain super apparent and she looks GIGANTIC. She should stick to the baggy clothes.

No. 1050364

The way the camera fucking CRASHES DOWN ON HER when she goes down on “him” kek

No. 1050371

She'll be 200 by Christmas if she keeps it up.

No. 1050372

Nah that looks like a shitty zoom effect from a lame app

No. 1050376

It's depressing how far she's let herself go at this point. She's not just chubby anymore, she's obese. She's going to start having some serious health problems if she doesn't lose weight soon.

No. 1050379

Holy fuck. She looks more like a tranny each day.

No. 1050382

>>1050371 she's easily 170-180 already

No. 1050384

If you told me this was someone's special need dad in drag I'd believe you. Wow, I feel bad for even saying that but this angle is so unflattering.

No. 1050389

she’s not technically obese yet but well on her way

No. 1050390

I mean, unless we know her exact height and weight we don't know that she's NOT obese either. Not to sperg, but if she is 5'5/5'4 and actually does weight 170/180 (which looks pretty accurate) then technically she is classified as obese.

No. 1050391

She’s definitely teetering on being obese. If she’s 180+ at 5’5 she’s obese.

No. 1050394

the white marks on this is when you try put something on that’s too tight and it rubs all the dry dead skin off. gross.

No. 1050398

okay lolcow MD

No. 1050406

I don't expect her to confirm anything, but at 5'5" I'd still be putting her at the 150-160 range looking at those recent pics tbh
I think she just has really unfortunate fat distro, hence hammy arms

No. 1050412

Is this butt some kind of trend she's just doing poorly or something? Like I'm almost positive she's doing it now because we hate it and she is shooting herself in the foot tryna stick it to us, but how the fuck did she decide this was a good idea in the first place lmao? Is.. is it supposed to be an upside down heart and she doesn't comprehend costume silhouettes? Did fupa mention liking something like that and she's gone full throttle pander ever since? Like what the fuck goes through her mentally stunted head. It reminds me of the kind of shit people like pixielocks would do for the sake of trying to be more unique than "normal" lip lining.

W..wait, girls, I.. I think I've finally figured it out.. Shay must be legally fucking blind and have never gotten her eyes checked. This explains EVERYTHING. It's the most plausible, Occam's razor tinfoil I can fathom

No. 1050417

File: 1601683030286.jpeg (648.02 KB, 1242x1204, AF886B7B-6941-4E7A-9256-EBA601…)

Oh Jesus, is this a snap filter or did she finally discover Asian beauty apps?

No. 1050423

Shes looking fucking rotund

How do you let yourself get lunch lady arms at her age????

Because she pinched away half of her head mass in facetune; the double chin is gone and her chin looks pointy as opposed to her usual fat turkey waddle.

No. 1050424

This is going to make her body dysmorphia and delusions go nuts…kek.

No. 1050431

File: 1601683955449.jpg (666.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201002-191341_Ins…)

Y'all I can't even describe how much this disturbs me

No. 1050446

her weight gain has officially morphed her face completely, her facial structure has melted lmao

No. 1050450

File: 1601684910094.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, BEB98D52-4BDE-4453-9E5D-728142…)


No. 1050453

her body looks so sloppy and fat here
why are her moobs pointing in opposite directions?

No. 1050455


No. 1050456

File: 1601685385627.png (804.58 KB, 588x709, 133F64BC-2E82-4046-A9FF-245331…)

Goddamn why is her head so fucking small looking in comparison to her arm in these photos? Oh right, editing, well I can’t do any worse. Otherwise this just seems to be a shitty version of the same outfit she already wore last time she tried this look. The crusty uggs would really tie the spooky “Look” together if you ask me.(Fanart, absolute autism)

No. 1050472

File: 1601686295544.jpeg (21.51 KB, 300x283, FEF79014-BC2D-447A-8942-D4560B…)


No. 1050492

Look, Sweaty. I know you were excited to post these but just take a minute to actually look at a picture before posting it. When your head is way smaller than your fucking arm… you need to take it down a notch on the editing. Good lord. She focuses so much on editing her face into unrecognizable levels and just leaves the rest looking horrifying. Even when she blurs her massive amounts of cellulite she does a bad job.

No. 1050494

Head looks like it literally got pinched by a giant lmao WHY post this

No. 1050498

>filthy hat covered in hair and fur
Very sexy, Shayna. Nothing says fuckable like cat lady chic.

No. 1050500

Can people please stop posting weird edits? It’s just confusing and brings nothings to the thread?

No. 1050509

Why doesn't this braindead hammy Scammy Mattel actually think out/try out her video ideas BEFORE bragging online about them, then ultimately failing to produce the content after an HOUR?

She even had a neckbeard helping give her ideas to make it work. But instead of waiting and trying to make her idea work she just calls it a failure and internet cries.

Bitch wonders why people are dropping like flies off of her onlyfans. It's like she wants to fail and be a fucking humiliation.

No. 1050511

Her arms are the size her legs used to be lol, she was "on her way" to being obese like 20 lbs ago but she has arrived.

No. 1050512

lmao retards the anon shrunk her head

No. 1050513

She was honestly pretty back then, it's so sad. If she aimed for this look again (weight and hair wise) maybe she would be more successful

No. 1050514

i feel like even if she lost weight now she’s not going to be able to 100% get back to that because she put on weight so quickly. she carries so much weight in her face that it will inevitably become saggy

No. 1050517

She was pretty before her whole sexworker ~ im bimbo/bambi/dolly/Barbie uwu~ phase that she’s still stuck in. I liked the ‘hippie’ relaxed cool stoner chick look on her way better. She is not a bimbo and will never be unless she gets plastic surgery. Even that won’t fix her yaniv rat face

No. 1050519

I don't even find her ugly now, it's just how she styles herself. She does not seem to plan on losing weight so I wish she'd dress for her size and let go of the "uwu barbie/baby" shit.
It does not fit her and it barely did in the first place.

No. 1050520

Not to derail but her face would probably be fine if she lost weight now, she's still young and hasn't been obese for long. If she waits another 30-40 lbs she might have a problem with it snapping back to normal though

No. 1050524

i've had it, this is LITERALLY someone's 55 year old dad in a cheap black halloween wig.

No. 1050530

i'm dying, i can't even totally blame those anons though because shat's editing has been pretty atrocious lately

No. 1050548

Oh. Sure fooled me. I mean she does shrink her head too small in editing. Not sure why that anon edited her already badly edited pic even worse

No. 1050552

Fat teenage boys have more shapely tits than Shay does. She’s gained all this weight and somehow has the most weird non-distribution to her chest… she literally has man boobs, the way they’re shaped.

No. 1050555

it's all going to her arms and stomach. her boobs might technically be larger now but everything else on her is even bigger in comparison. they actually stood out more when she was skinny.

No. 1050606

File: 1601700764613.jpeg (144.76 KB, 1242x536, 799BBB46-8614-4195-9619-AA979F…)

In the replies, her orbiters are so fucking creepy and stupid. He’s really putting out his whole ass name to simp for this mess.

No. 1050619

I think the black slip dress is actually flattering but she somehow still hasn't figured out how to pose. this angle >>1050278 makes everyone's arms look thicker, that's why "skinny arm pose" is a thing.

No. 1050622

yeah all the other anons replying to that edit thought it was something Shay actually posted… she produces enough milk on her own, we don't need to make shit up

No. 1050645

Call it "woman's intuition" but I get this wild impression 'Macdaddyglass' doesn't have much of a reputation to uphold …

No. 1050671

He's her new simp incel. Comments on all her shit lately with gross weird shit like that. Says things that make it sound like he also lives in OK or he just creepily mentions her location often. Maybe he can be her Dab Daddy! Kek gross

You think her man boobs being smashed down to squeeze her ham body into it and her massive arms about busting the cheap straps on the too short weird nighty looking thing is flattering? Interesting

No. 1050737

Big Chungus is something like 5'6 of so, just just lies about her height to be uwu so cute.
>Cue picture of her jumping and looking like a giraffe when Fupa visited

No. 1050783

File: 1601735799749.png (Spoiler Image,2.55 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2020-10-03_10-36-05_AM.p…)

This is just Fupa in a dress and wig. He killed the real Shayna and is now living his life as tHe dOlLY maTTeL.

No. 1050788

Man I remember thinking she was so fucking ugly with her caveman brow and forehead. Looking at cows in the past is wild. You never know how much worse it could possibly get.

No. 1050789

it’s actually kind of impressive how she got her arms to quadruple in size like that jfc

No. 1050802

File: 1601738524158.jpg (358.01 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20201003-102325_Twi…)

She really thinks she's successful

No. 1050806

I would legit kill myself if I had a body like that and let it go to waste like she did. She looks fucking rancid now.

Still can't get over that disgusting yellow skin tint she had though, it made her look perpetually dirty.

No. 1050807

File: 1601739347431.png (645.89 KB, 2048x1356, Screenshot_20201003-113656.png)

So you want to have an ED?

No. 1050809

File: 1601739431014.png (762.08 KB, 2048x1703, Screenshot_20201003-113751.png)

No one thinks your competition Shayna. Most sex workers just think you're below the barrel trash.

No. 1050829

>All i wanna do is compliment other girlss n tell them their content is pwetty!
>I am so fucking sick of other sex workers going through my comments. Just say you don't know how to get attention any other way.
If you get called a bitch by other ethots it's definitely not because you tried to be nice one time shayna lol

No. 1050830

When has she ever genuinely complimented another sex worker? She never compliments anyone and when she does, it’s the sex worker orbiters who kiss her ass. She always accuses everyone of copying her or being jealous when people just don’t care or like to laugh at her because she’s such a pathetic piece of shit

No. 1050831

>down with the thickness
Just admit you’re obese n call it a day

No. 1050837

she barely compliments the sex workers who are up her ass. She only does something nice when she can get immediate praise for it, money or attention.
she never does it "just because". How many black sex workers has Shayna Luther King reblogged since she became a activist?
She said before she only likes interacts with people who fit the "Aesthetic" she likes, meaning no black person fit it before Shayna became an "Activist" for a week because it was trending on twitter.

No. 1050841

For real if SLK cared about sex workers she would be promoting them for free since she’s a ~successful thriving~ sex worker who totally doesn’t buy followers because she’s tumblr famousss

No. 1050848

She says it like her weight is totally out of her control lol. If she stuck to a healthy diet she would drop the weight in no time.
Shayna does have an ED, compulsive overeating is definitely an eating disorder too.

No. 1050851

the only people who are down with her current body are degenerates like macdaddyglass over here

No. 1050869

I think some sex workers only hype her up because they know she's not a threat to them at all

No. 1050873

Lol what? Shayna the most retweets you get is like 200 and it's mostly from people who pity you. You have like 3 customers left and they are gross old losers. I bet her father is paying her rent at this point.

No. 1050875

>I rly want to compliment other women but I’m afraid I’d be attacked and called a bitch because women are mean uwu

Her posts are so hilarious. She can’t even see through her own hatred of other women. It oozes out in her pretend “I love other women/SWers” comments.

No. 1050902


The irony between these two tweets


No. 1050908

File: 1601747216572.jpg (536.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201003-124710_Chr…)

For someone who doesn't like drama, likes to keep her head down and work, and loves other sw, Shay sure did unblock Bella Thorne's name. Otherwise, how else would she have seen this to comment?

No. 1050910

She always has to try and get in on that sweet clout. Despite being "above the drama".

No. 1050930

If you got scammed by Bella Thorne you deserved it. How dumb are you? She can’t make a shoutout for thousands of bums who don’t know how to market themselves. Shaytard is a scammer as well so she should stfu

No. 1050935

Get up, come on get down with the thickness
Open up your hate, and let it flow into me

No. 1050936

Careful anon, she might steal this.

No. 1050937

god fucking damn it, i didn't even think of that lmao

No. 1050957

What happened to black listing Bella Thornes name because she’s didn’t want to be apart of the drama? Lmao

No. 1050964

some tinfoiling here, but this tweet by susu was posted in the extreme photoshopper thread right before shayna replied to it. never seen her interact with susu before this. take that as you will

No. 1050970

And we know shay watches her thread like a hawk, would make sense she would watch some of the other threads. Bet she slid into Susu's DMS like "omg lolcow is so full of bullies."

No. 1050983

Probably why she and Ariana/PNP interact too. Trash who have threads on lolcow stick together after all.

No. 1050998

lol you know these bitches are posting on each other’s threads talking shit too

No. 1051022

File: 1601759162796.png (359.05 KB, 750x1334, 3A256D72-5E3D-4455-9732-C6BDC5…)

what sewers do her followers come out from seriously

No. 1051047

The feeder saga continues.

No. 1051053

File: 1601762700510.jpg (191.01 KB, 1080x768, Screenshot_20201003-170559_Twi…)

1/2 She didn't even say why, just asked for it

No. 1051054

File: 1601762723955.jpg (299 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20201003-170612_Twi…)

Another orbiter who needs a life

No. 1051056

She see's them only as ATMS and they just willingly send her money for nothing. I hate them all.

No. 1051061

The same enabler scrotes every time, every post. Waiting for Shay to do a meet up with one of them tbh.

No. 1051175

File: 1601773901094.png (Spoiler Image,2.74 MB, 1517x2048, Screenshot_20201003-211222.png)

She looks disgustingly high

No. 1051176

imagine the smell

No. 1051180

I like how she blurred everything so much, that the sushi looks photo-shopped in.

No. 1051187

File: 1601774481609.jpg (578.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201003-202241_Chr…)

Was just about to mention that anon

No. 1051189


honestly it takes less time and money to just make some food yourself. you’d love your body more if you actually tried instead of whining about it acting like the fat is gonna be flushed away

No. 1051196

someone mentioned in the thread many posts back that she was going to start taking mood stabilizer injections? almost every single person taking an injection of either antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, (some) birth control, etc will gain 50-100 pounds in the process. ESPECIALLY if its a mood stabilizers, which can turn a skinny person morbidly obese in just a year. just fucking take lamictal shayna. ffs do ur research. sage for medsperg

No. 1051197

Imagine eating and your first thought is, "let me post a nude!"

No. 1051201

one of the conditions of the sushi money was she was gonna send him nudes eating it. she for whatever reason decided the world also needed to see.

No. 1051202

nobody knows what she does or doesn’t take but we can see clear as day the fast food, junk food, candy and liquor. it’s not rocket science and the “meds make you gain weight” anons need to chill until something is actually confirmed

No. 1051203

The only injection she's confirmed as taking is Depo Provera which is birth control. Depo can cause weight gain like lots of birth control. It's only confirmed because she's mentioned it a few times.

No. 1051206

Such poor lazy editing

No. 1051207

it’s the iphone portrait mode, guys lol
i feel like this has been pointed out multiple times now

No. 1051208

fair enough, it'll sound like i'm giving her an excuse.

No. 1051214

File: 1601777059157.png (63.83 KB, 760x274, Screenshot_20201003-220452.png)

No. 1051232

File: 1601779043806.jpg (557.62 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20201003-213854_Twi…)

No. 1051234

Agree 100 percent. Her stories get more and more disturbing imo. The environment of sexual activities, black and children involved (but not in the situation, but still there..) just disturbs me.

No. 1051235

I hate these people

No. 1051237

File: 1601779475587.jpeg (Spoiler Image,491.09 KB, 1535x2048, C8358AC4-C411-4CD1-B24D-72CF4E…)

Bruh this is so nasty (forgot to spoiler, sorry anons)

No. 1051238

File: 1601779504663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,388.24 KB, 1536x2048, 25BA887E-1E8F-4FA3-905F-2971D2…)

No. 1051243

Lol Mf macdaddyglass over here. He simps harder than greyhairnotold. RIP

No. 1051249

Looking at this angle if she was able to handle doing more than half a squat, Fatty Mattel would’ve actually been able to do this video. Too bad that would be way too much work for her kek

No. 1051286

Yeah but shes been taking that since she was skinny, so it ain't that lol

No. 1051303

More flattering than the horrible too-tight pink shit she usually wears, anon. It's black, loose enough to not show every roll, and it's meant to be short and look like a nighty. I'm no Shay WK but some of y'all in this thread are grasping at straws

No. 1051312

Lmao where

You're retarded as Shay if you think it looks decent on her. She's gigantic looking in it. It's too small and tight. Yes we know darker colors are better on her and a wig is usually better than her greasy rat nest. But the dress is ill fitting and she looks very very fat in it. But if that's your thing, sure.

No. 1051315

holy crap, her fupa hangs down lower than her lips. that's…something

No. 1051322

kek nice catch anon

She looks fat in it because she is fat, and because she's too stoned and drunk to pose properly. The dress fits fine, anachan

No. 1051340

the double chin and weird slack jawed mouth breather look makes it look like she’s ogling my plate and about to ask if I’m gonna finish my food

No. 1051342

i fucking hate how she lets her face melt into her fat neck.

No. 1051365

She pulls that stupid face in almost every photoshoot. I'm in disbelief that she actually thinks it looks sexy. Just smiling would be better then that dead-fish look.

No. 1051390

Yep cause she keeps ordering everything too small.

Oh my God these guys are fucking pathetic

No. 1051469

the editing/filter makes her splotchy growing pubic hair look like lint or dirt lmao

No. 1051487

Damn she should not have gotten depo. No wonder she put on 40# like tons of other women who get the shot.
Don’t do the stabilizer shot Shatna!!! You’re heart can’t support another 40 pounds

No. 1051510

File: 1601824090898.jpeg (270.45 KB, 1242x1177, 5DB2308F-6E60-4374-B700-8CD45D…)

Starting the day off with a pity party. 1/3

No. 1051511

File: 1601824170164.jpeg (466.64 KB, 1242x2688, F0FB059B-3ADD-4034-B501-11BAF9…)

Shayna, have you considered the reason why you aren’t successful is because you are lazy, don’t do anything to improve your content, and everything you make looks like snuff porn? 2/3

No. 1051513

File: 1601824284830.jpeg (289.93 KB, 1242x1365, 0A54F280-536D-4BFC-A68E-B02D21…)

Holy shit girl. Just because you have no sense of identity doesn’t make it true for everyone else lmao. Shut uppppp. 3/3

No. 1051514

the engagement these tweets are getting feels like it’s even worse than usual, kek

also not her being like ‘sigh sex work is SOOO hard on your self esteem……..’ as though she can’t just get a normal fucking job. cry is a river shay

No. 1051516

She’s just such a victim. Nothing is ever her own fault. She can’t take control of her life and get a new job because that would mean admitting she was wrong. So she just drinks too much and whines on Twitter. She’s truly one of the most eye roll inducing cows. Zero sympathy for her.

No. 1051517

Doesn't sound like those people are your friends based on the way you talk about them. Just admit to yourself that you see them as competition and not as friends.

No. 1051518

Plenty of successful sex workers know this Shayna. They know how to seperate their real life from their job and not base their self worth around their career choice. It's no one's fault but yours that you have no hobbies or aspirations beyond fucking your asshole for $3. Most other successful sex workers have interesting lives, friends, and hobbies outside of sex work which helps keep them feeling fulfilled in their life. If you make all your "friends" your sex work competition it's not going to be healthy.

Stop being stupid and just quit.

No. 1051519

>150% of my effort
El oh el. You put in the bare minimum effort. All your videos are the same. All your photos are the same. And your appearance is atrocious. It’s not even that you’re fat…you look like a dumpy special needs tween and a 40 year old auntie at the same time.

You are obscure. You were “well known” for a hot minute. You’re not an influencer. And SW isn’t a job that you keep for years and years. Even the most successful pornstars stop after a few years.

Go home shay. Live with your parents, get a real fucking job, save your money and do something with your life. It’s pathetic watching you day by day do the same shit.

No. 1051528

Seriously, if she's saying what she's currently putting out is her working at 150% then she should just pack it up. Clearly this is not the industry for her, she doesn't have the creativity or the hygiene.

No. 1051540

File: 1601827036300.png (391.41 KB, 2048x492, Screenshot_20201004-115812.png)

mmmm fresh suicide bait in the morning.

No. 1051541

File: 1601827113772.png (2 MB, 1983x2048, Screenshot_20201004-115830.png)

Oh NVM, you just have to tell her she's pretty and send her money and she'll be all better.

No. 1051556

What is she talking about, people always talk about how working in appearance-focused industries and having an “expiration date” takes a toll on women’s self esteem, whether it’s porn stars or fashion models.

When I was a stripper I was very aware of the fact that the job has a shelf date and got out by 25. Couldnt bear to become one of the older girls clinging to my glory days. Healthy people have awareness of this and at least ideas for their next career.

No. 1051564

This is weirdly specific but accurate. This is so funny anon

No. 1051566

THIS is 150% of your effort?!
she is seriously mentally retarded

No. 1051568

File: 1601830673709.png (20.85 KB, 586x195, 2020-10-04 12_59_32-Window.png)

No. 1051579

Isn’t that what she does anyways? She acts like the virus prevents her from doing anything but she doesn’t leave the house and has always doordashed food because she’s too fat to get up and walk to get it

No. 1051583

She absorbed all the fat from this man's body. Much art, very genius
Kek I know she looks at this shit and says to herself "this is PEAK creativity and effort"

No. 1051591

Guys how could we be so insensitive? It’s obvious that this pandemic is the reason Shays the way that she is, not being able to go out to brunch alone (with money she had to beg for) and not being able to freely go film her porn out in public spaces is really hinders her ability to be the perfect bimbo Barbie baby that she truly is!!!

No. 1051592

kek last month she put her mom on blast for wanting to fly shay out for a visit. but considering going out to get trashed at brunch? "fuck the virus"

No. 1051598

yes shay, that's why we say sex work isn't really work. it's selling your body and yourself. that's not labor. wake up and smell the pink pills sweetie. they'll go great with your aesthetic!

No. 1051601

She doesn't understand that it doesn't matter how hard she works if she's not attractive. It doesn't matter how hard you push a product if it's a product that nobody wants. She was successful at first because she was young, thin, and blonde, basically the conventional standard of attractiveness. She lost nearly of her fans, orbiters, and customers when she lost those qualities. Even haters stopped caring because there was nothing to be jealous of anymore. She needs to accept that she will continue to fade into obscurity if she remains in her current physical state.

No. 1051604

if she had any common sense she would drop the sex work and get a job at a dispensary. if she lost weight and worked on improving her appearance maybe she could be a weedfluencer and get the attention she is desperately looking for. but she won't because her whole life revolves around avoiding effort of any kind!

No. 1051608

hasn't she gotten ~trashed at brunch~ recently? like definitely after everything went to shit in march? let's not pretend anything has changed since the pandemic and let's not pretend anything will change afterwards shatna

No. 1051611

Her whole brand at this point is being a lazy, greasy, trashy, blob.

No. 1051627

Yes, she did this exact thing after she "got dumped" by Fupapa in June.

she live-tweeted every drink she ordered, and talked about how much the wait staff pitied her for getting black-out drunk alone in a restaurant at 11a. you can find the beginning of it here >>>/snow/988910 but going back to the beginning of that thread is really entertaining. it was a good one.

No. 1051629

didn't she just say she had a "Successful business model" and bitched at people for liking posts but not following?

No. 1051631

ha ha not everyone thinks their "worth" is based on how much porn they fucking sell, to them it's just a fucking job or extra money.
It's not their life like it is to Shayna, why does she pretend like all sex workers lives are as empty and lonely as hers? I don't even like sex work but this is retarded.

No. 1051634


Nah, men have zero standards for physical attractiveness when it comes to the porn they consume. Some of them prefer trainwrecks like her. Her problem is she comes up with weird niche video ideas, executes them in the cheapest and blandest way possible, and gives them away for pennies. Even coomers are bored of her. I agree she should just get off her ass and work at a dispensary or some shit. She'd be happier with a stable income and not having to shove things in her asshole. It's beyond pathetic at this point.

No. 1051665

They do. Especially when they’re paying for it

No. 1051666

Shayna makes porn with going viral and other sex workers in mind first and being sexy second.
She really thinks she's creating art and the thing is ALL of her ideas are bland, corny or poorly done.
Does not help that her porn is all the same.
TBH she'd be better off just fucking fupa on camera, we already know they are togeather, he's already online doing gross shit, it'd be different at least

No. 1051677

The thing is that at her height, her main audience was actually women lol. Other sex workers and tumblr girls who idolized her for being popular on the site were the ones buying her content, sending her asks, giving her attention, and otherwise just being interested in her life in general. She had a handful of male orbiters/customers but they were never her main demographic.

No. 1051686

File: 1601841829344.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2208, 8E092CE6-5780-44C7-9CC3-E9DB39…)


No. 1051691

aren't you supposed to get used to the smoke after some time, especially when you smoke as much as she does? why was she even coughing that much?

No. 1051696


> your to funny

All the proof I needed that anyone who fancies Shay is brain damaged and/or retarded.

No. 1051697

lol does this guy just sit around all day waiting for her to tweet? his little comments are so embarrassing but i'm sure shayna is thankful that at least someone will toss her spare change

No. 1051708

some anons have pointed out that she doesn't inhale properly when she smokes. she essentially spends all that money on weed just to not have any effect and just to cough on it. probably why she buys edibles so much now, because it's hard to fuck up getting high off those.

No. 1051713

The dude is epitome of cringe. He lives in OK and his page is 85% of retweets of every single thing Shay tweets. Like, even down to retweeting other's comments on Shay's posts. He'll retweet some other sex workers, but it's mostly Shay. It's really fucking weird.

No. 1051714

damn i thought her not inhaling properly meant she wasn't even getting most of the smoke. i don't know much about weed use, but wouldn't using blunts then make it easier for her to get like any effect instead of using a bong?

wonder if he'll become fupa 2.0, since fupa 1.0 has been having enough of her shit for a life time…

No. 1051719

I hope that she's smart enough to realize that guy is potentially dangerous and not meet up with him/give him personal information

No. 1051727

might already have found some of her personal info if he searched her name and found the threads in the google results.

No. 1051734


Photoshop anon here is a thread for you


No. 1051736

you got this anon, only needed 5 tries to send it properly.

No. 1051741

Kek I didn’t know if anyone noticed I was trying to figure it out. Sage because I’m retarded

No. 1051746

Could it be a cringy ass farmer? Smells like a farmer to me. But who knows. Men are gross so it seems plausible.

No. 1051749

thank you, i could’ve sworn i’d seen it on one of the recent threads! she’s such a hypocrite

realistically, she should be concerned, but she’s such a dumb pick me that she probably just finds it ever so flattering and proof that she’s the most gorgeous bimbo barbie ever

No. 1051768

Yeah she'd be a great weed influencer, she's living proof that weed doesn't cause addiction, mental issues, retardation, obesity, paranoia, delusions or premature aging

No. 1051770

File: 1601849027003.jpg (99.6 KB, 1110x623, white trash daddy.jpg)

it's not a farmer, he posts some work photos and videos lol

No. 1051781

this dude would stick out like a sore thumb here anyway lmao he types like he has a 3rd grade education

No. 1051809

File: 1601854355374.jpg (200.72 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20201005-003238_Twi…)

This whole interaction of shit made me laugh

No. 1051812

File: 1601854401275.jpg (208.43 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20201005-003245_Twi…)

Why she so salty about this idk..

No. 1051813

File: 1601854445132.jpg (68.88 KB, 1080x506, Screenshot_20201005-003252_Twi…)

This simp and his comments kill me.

No. 1051814

Oh and it's just been deleted lmao.

No. 1051817

Wow, what ever could’ve allowed Shay to fall behind in the world of sex work?

Could it be that all of her peers consume less than 4,000 calories a day and are active, maintaining at the very least a nice body, or workout regularly for an actually desirable body that doesn’t have to go through facetune? That couldn’t be it!

It couldn’t be that they separate all of their whining and bitching and taking about dumb fake shit and relationship drama from their work platforms, right? No, not that.

Maybe it’s that they have a somewhat palatable personality that goes beyond “have mediocre sex with me, an average fat trailer trash girl who thinks she’s gods gift to men!” and “im eating and smoking and drinking! these are the only things I do!” ? Ugh, no, no! I’m at a loss.

No, it’s some weird mystery problem that she’ll ponder aloud and never find the answer to…sigh…what a hard life she leads…it’s just so unfathomable that literally everyone else is doing better than her.

No. 1051826

This guy is just saying anything to talk to her, I'd die if suddenly he was her "new daddy"

No. 1051831

He's such a coomer.

No. 1051839

File: 1601857389945.jpg (122.19 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20201005-012233_Twi…)

I am deceased.

"If you can't afford to subscribe"

It's $3.
Shay even the homeless could afford your shit.

No. 1051880

It doesn't seem plausible that she could be supporting herself this way. $3 per month for essentially every single service she could offer? Let's say best case scenario she has 100 subscribers, she's only making $300 per month. Plus the occasional tips which are usually pretty insignificant, maybe $250 total in a good month? In reality she probably has less than 50 repeat subs at this point. She's making like half minimum wage or less. Tinfoil that her dad pays her rent and all of her sex work money goes to doordash and binge food.

No. 1051897

She does have around 600 subs from what I last remember. That did get knocked down from like 1k though kek and even so that’s only 1800 itself before the cut so she’s basically making minimum wage regardless.

No. 1051903

she usually makes 1800-a little over 2000 if she has a better than average month with customs these days, keep in mind her rent is only 1000 a month and she doesn't own a car so all that other roughly 1000 goes to weed, alcohol, uber and fast food + sometimes cheap shit clothing lol, amd noodles dog food/ribmeat food.

No. 1051923

File: 1601863904279.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.03 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20201004-211227_Twi…)

Why subscribe when she posts it all for free on Twitter?

No. 1051924

File: 1601863950787.jpg (151.18 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20201004-211347_Twi…)

She complained before about retweet groups not being fair, but does this

No. 1051927

They aren't fair, only because she cant join them. kek

No. 1051928

her sub count is set to private now, it's probably dropped so low that she doesn't want farmers to see. once her yearly subs drop she's going to be fucked. that girl sadbaffoon who she follows around charges $12 for her onlyfans, must hurt.

No. 1051929

Mia always has been more popular/successful as far as porn goes.

No. 1051942

File: 1601865622401.jpg (469.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201004_214028.jpg)

She posted these two today as well. Dudes looking to buy porn don't care about either of these tweets. That's one of the many reasons she's not successful.

No. 1051959

File: 1601866340217.jpeg (613.24 KB, 1242x1589, 7B37B5EB-36EF-4198-90D8-6CF376…)

She’s so god damn annoying. FYI Shaytard those girls take care of themselves, moisturize their lips, and know how to Facetune unlike your fat self. You look like a big smooth marshmallow.

No. 1051967

I don't even believe this lol. Even if it's true, why is she surprised? Not sure where she got the impression that she's supposed to have a million fellow sex workers as besties. It's one of the most competitive, cutthroat industries and it's every woman for themselves. Just because they retweet eachothers content doesn't mean they actually like eachother. Beating out other women is literally how they thrive in the industry.

No. 1051969

LMAO how is she always 2 years late to every trend? egirls are so 2018 shayna, they have been played out and tired for a long ass time

No. 1051974

On today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1051976

Im sure she is blacklisted, but I doubt they made fun of her in that chat. Especially when they would just come here to do it.

No. 1051978

I swear if shayna puts on a dva bikini and makes an ahegao face I’ll lose my shit

No. 1051997

Oh and Fupa was supposedly paying her phone bill a while ago. I wonder if she’s paying that herself now.

No. 1052013

Can confirm that she’s the laughing stock on many private sw discord lol. No ones respect her.

No. 1052016

shayna, put down the Grubhubbed triple stacker and listen closely: despite your ongoing retardation, repeated attempts to get them burned at the stake for e-clout, and general ungratefulness–you have a mom and a dad who care about you, want you around, and want to see you succeed. how can you be so blind to your own privilege? you have made all the right decisions to ruin your own life. and i don't say this to mock you, but to get you to wake up and realise that every problem you have is your own doing. and the cool thing about your privilege is, you don't even have to undue it yourself! JUST GO HOME AND LET YOUR LOVING FAMILY HELP YOU, IDIOT! you are still young enough to turn it around and salvage what is left of your life.

it hurts to admit the truth sometimes but it's part of being an adult. you have to accept that sex work is not your ticket to success. you can buy all the cheap wigs, silly props, and ill-fitting costumes you want but understand you are never going to be famous and/or gain influence and wealth by doing it.

move home, recycle all that plastic garbage you bought for your tasteless and gaudy porn, start working out and dieting, enroll in community college and learn a trade. you can make a decent enough living and start to earn back your dignity. let go of this pink barbie doll bullshit–it didn't work for you a hundred pounds ago and it certainly is going to work for you now. just be a regular person like the rest of us and stop hurting yourself and your family! fix yourself, please, because you are an embarrassing fucking mess. and the closer you get to 30, the less room there will be to become a better you.(autism)

No. 1052020

why type out this essay, she's too braindead and too much of a nasty narc cunt to listen to any rationality from anyone. she's also so deeply lazy and thinks she doesn't need to lift a finger ever, and she couldn't last a week at a real job or at college. i know you mean well but people write these every couple months or so for the last almost 2 years now kek

No. 1052027

she doesn't give a shit sperg chan look at her

No. 1052028


it's bc i know she reads here, and maybe in between burgers and bong hits some of these thoughts might reverberate. if she puts a LOT of hard work in, she might be able to grow into a real person (with worth) instead of this soulless, monstrous void. who knows, maybe i'm just hoping for at least 1 cow to shock us and prove us all wrong.

No. 1052038

You can’t just say that and not post any screenshots to back up your claims

No. 1052043

tbh I'd love to see a Shayna redemption arc where she gets sober and quits sex work but she doesn't have any positive influences in her life. At least TND had her mom in the same town (kek tho she's still totally fucked up at least she had a chance at rehab/treatment). Shayna seems to have taken all advice as apparently being a sign to do the opposite and most fucked up shit like those incest vids. So you can basically guarantee that she will do the exact opposite of what we suggest. Idk if she thinks we're trying to set her up or something but she's way too unstable and lacking self awareness to take any rational advice. Kudos to you though for maintaining empathy for this sort of cow

No. 1052066

I would rather sit and laugh at shaytard’s rapid weight gain. But it would be a good ending if she returned to a normie life, got a part time job at a dispensary, took some online college classes, cut off Fupapa for good, and patch things up with her family.

No. 1052077

anon you know she's going to read all of that, see your typo at
>it certainly is going to work for you now
and take that as a sign to rot in OK for 2 more years

No. 1052080


why do whores always out themselves like this

No. 1052099

>many private sw discord
Lmao, you really think you're better than Shayna, don't you? Newsflash, you're whoring yourself out as well; not only that, you think you're superior to other girls. What I hate even more than conceited hookers is conceited hookers with an abudance of internalised misogyny.

No. 1052114

No. 1052182

who the fuck reads posts this long? not even shayna would. get to the point quicker.
and even if she did, if you think she'd take any of it on board you're just as dim as her.

No. 1052184

i honestly think it's tiring that anons keep repeating the same advice directly talking to shayna like she'll ever follow any of the things said. i'm about 90% sure these anons do this to make themselves feel more superior that they know these basic ass things, or they're things they themselves should be doing, and slamming shayna when they are really upset with themselves.

No. 1052284

File: 1601915322528.jpeg (379.84 KB, 1242x1433, 0D2DB7F8-7D3A-4169-8375-5B5626…)

Shayna Luther King is up early and attention whoring 1/2

No. 1052285

File: 1601915365741.jpeg (302.14 KB, 1242x831, 969BC01A-4756-40D1-9A36-0F295A…)


We know, Shayna. We know.

No. 1052298

File: 1601916554870.jpeg (352.88 KB, 1223x1190, B133F482-F4AF-4A19-B22D-585F4B…)

How embarrassing kek he’s not even an attractive wealthy “daddy”., he’s just some trailer park trash redneck from Tusla, Oklahoma. Maybe he will be Fupapa 2.0.

No. 1052302

File: 1601916701133.jpeg (456.15 KB, 1242x1175, 5AFD976A-7C88-4E11-A146-88645F…)

Shaytard is really out here defending carrots being used as dildos and her boyfriend is defending it as well. Sw Twitter is cancer

No. 1052307

this has always been a rule on manyvids though? Some content selling sites will look the other way if you make enough money for them, but i guess that no longer applies to shat kek

No. 1052308

File: 1601917813708.jpeg (299.35 KB, 1242x1528, 2B5F6524-7011-47CC-8743-38BB39…)

She’s lurking

No. 1052331

I winder if she loves this dude’s attention or if he annoys her. Does she actually interact/respond to him?

No. 1052332

File: 1601919695661.jpg (84.82 KB, 1200x1200, shayna__girlwhatisudoin.jpg)

Wasn't it her birthday too lmao? or around it

sometimes shes just too sad for me

No. 1052340

Even if you owned all of tumblr, there would still not be anyone who wants to see your gross porn.
It’s not that porn went anywhere, it just doesn’t want you anymore.
Buy a fucking clue. Tumblr is over and so are you.

No. 1052352

She sometimes likes his comments. I think that's about it

No. 1052356

>It’s not that porn went anywhere, it just doesn’t want you anymore.
She's referring to Tumblr banning porn.

No. 1052359

Being a sexworker must suck, you gotta act like you actually like these repulsive dudes just so they'll keep engaging with your content. Especially when youre in the very bottom ranks like shay and depending on it as a job

No. 1052367

I agree, sex work really isnt her thing and thats OKAY. Its very dehumanizing. It actually would be nice to see a shayna redemption arc because it is quite depressing to see someone barely scraping by while doing very dehumanizing things. The views and the money aint even good enough to make up for it

No. 1052388

She could easily get a job at a dispensary. But she's lazy and doesn't want to do real work

No. 1052424

I'm howling anon, amazing

No. 1052433

File: 1601929410531.jpeg (265.85 KB, 1242x1095, E35E08F7-F6D9-4CBC-9A8B-57A6D6…)

Shaytard can’t go a day without liking shady tweets

No. 1052436

Samefag but that indigo white bitch literally copied belle delphine didn’t she?

No. 1052437

the whole scene has copied one another. none of them are original.

No. 1052458

i can't stop laughing at the scrote sounding legitimately tilted. his posts are reading like copypastas

No. 1052462

This dude has about as much self awareness as Shayna. Commenting on every single post is desperate and creepy as fuck and just screams "I HAVENT GOTTEN LAID IN YEARS"
I almost wanna say she finds it annoying but she's, like, totes not like other girls and I wouldn't put it past her to go fuck this desperate Oklahoma simp for money.

No. 1052493

I bet she’s his favorite Twitter whore solely because she lives close to him irl in some capacity and he wants to hook up kek. I think even she’s smarter than that, but yeah. This dude is annoying. I’d feel bad for her if this isn’t literally the attention she signed herself up for and gets (minimally) paid for.

No. 1052502

File: 1601934264871.jpeg (Spoiler Image,422.59 KB, 1536x2048, 16B1AAA1-0C98-4D5A-8EA3-FC0F97…)

No. 1052506

the wig hairline and lack of upper lip are tragic

No. 1052514

File: 1601934810386.jpeg (365.03 KB, 1536x2048, 843F7910-9891-4C89-927F-AFA033…)

No. 1052521

Skunky Mattel

No. 1052535

if i scrolled past this quickly theres at least a 30% chance id think it was momokun kek

No. 1052548

File: 1601938686595.jpeg (Spoiler Image,797.9 KB, 1242x1599, 59D07FDA-E3D2-46B8-8A2A-B4E8B2…)

No. 1052556

Not sure why she keeps going for this low angle. It almost like she wants to highlight her double chin

No. 1052558

Hang it up in your car for an anti-air freshener

No. 1052560

cursed comment

No. 1052562

Her ham hock FOREARMS arms are genuinely wider than her head now, I can’t believe she’s gotten big enough for a part of the body that generally has like, no extra room for fat on it to balloon up and look like this. I’ve seen old ladies in better shape than her. Holy fuck, her skin is gonna look like a soggy pillowcase if she ever tries to lose weight.

No. 1052576


The fur at the base of the tail is blurred and I'm trying to figure out what could possibly be edited there.

No. 1052581

MacDaddyGlass proceeds to buy every single pair of panties Shayna has

No. 1052582

File: 1601942455291.png (7.9 MB, 1125x2436, 05B4A327-EE8E-43FB-B668-6C429C…)

It’s got one of those “fresh out of the packaging” threads on them. You just know she doesn’t wash a single thing she buys. Cus amazon factories are so clean

No. 1052591

File: 1601943311022.jpg (67.89 KB, 576x1024, EavUM_EXsAExzSv.jpg)


not to bellefag but this take is retarded, it takes two seconds to find out that the chick has literally worn children's items of clothing and captioned it with uwu chibi loli related shit but SURE it's not pedo-pandering at all

if she's about to go down this e-girl route i'm ending it all

No. 1052593

She blurs her background so I'm assuming it's a mistake & she didn't mean to blur the tail at the same time. But you know how her attention to details is…

No. 1052595

We can see your account bottom right corner anon

No. 1052597


it's just a screenshot i found on google, not mine lol but ty for looking out!

No. 1052612

File: 1601944995501.jpg (23.53 KB, 358x255, Screenshot_20201005-204258.jpg)

No. 1052614

I'd love to see her crusty cheap e-girl look. She's SO cheap and puts more thought into her generic "themes" then clothing, wigs and make up. She did the same when she was thinner except she sorta kind of tried.
I can't wait to see the cheap purple unstyled wigs and her sticking a PS4 controller in her pussy or something.
oh and her, "Help Dolly get a PS5 so she can make hot gamer girl porn!" begging.

No. 1052615


is it just me or is she skin walking that pixie girl? trying desperately to be an egirl again

No. 1052617

It’s the perfect face for a halloween mask “drop dead camwhore”

No. 1052623

the lower part of her arms look just as wide as her boobs, gross.

No. 1052630

This looks so dated. Belle pulled it off because of her body type, looks, and editing. Years ago. She really thinks she's going to get attention copying this style when she's extremely unattractive in comparison to the girls who already capitalized on the trend when it was still a thing?

No. 1052638

when she was skinny everyone on tumblr loved her for her "aesthetics". she got praised for a lot of tacky things just because of the way her body looked. now she doesn't get why she's not getting appreciated for her pink outfits or quirky "i love candy & spongebob" posts anymore.
if a skinny, pretty girl was making the same exact posts as her they would be getting all the attention she used to get. why? because that's all people cared about in the first place shay lol

No. 1052663

Kek the non binary flag in your icon, hope that’s ironic anon

No. 1052668

File: 1601948676803.jpg (415.45 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20201005-204548_Twi…)

1/2 another lovely follower

No. 1052669

File: 1601948703816.jpg (Spoiler Image,362.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201005-204558_Twi…)

2/2 Shay definitely attracts the best

No. 1052678

jesus fuck anon i was not prepared to scroll down to this

No. 1052679

I can’t. Anon this is so funny

No. 1052680

Why are his clothes in the sink? Why keep the crusty socks on? Why isn’t there a cover on that outlet? What a fascinating creature.

No. 1052681

File: 1601949371518.jpeg (Spoiler Image,222.22 KB, 2048x1152, A087628B-B0D7-4F9D-8A25-49DA88…)


No. 1052683

File: 1601949426950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,294.67 KB, 2048x1152, 36C9505A-0C23-4803-8770-CB55A2…)

That double chin

No. 1052685

inb4 no1curr but dark hair is so much more flattering to her.

No. 1052687

She just keeps getting more unfortunate looking with every photo

No. 1052691

that’s literally been said about 100 times now
she looks like michael jackson

No. 1052692

File: 1601950020365.png (236.55 KB, 750x1334, 7B3909FE-BDA2-4B13-9246-D06A59…)

link to vid preview because i don’t think it’s been posted yet
her “sounds” make me wanna kms

No. 1052693

No. 1052694

Yeah? And? Her pussy’s been posted 1000 times and you guys still find the time and energy to sperg about it at length.

No. 1052702

She fucking retweeted this abomination, wtf. Have some self respect. Oh wait.. this is Shayna.

No. 1052704

it's really not lol

No. 1052705

>when she can't take it anymore, she flips over and grabs her vibrator
It's always astonishing how she can manage to make PORN boring. You could probably paste cat ears to any of the ten thousand other generic videos she's made, and I legitimately wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

No. 1052713

Underrated comment because it really does look that way with the white socks and huge tail and you know she reeks kek

No. 1052716

I know pet play and neko girls are things,but the way she words this shit sounds fucking disgusting and almost zoophile pandering. "Part kitten body", "kitty clit". Fuckin gross. Felt icky reading that shit. Again, I know about pet play and furries and shit, but idk that phrasing seems extra try hard to be a degenerate.

No. 1052748

this is legitimately too perfect. i love seeing the solid proof lately that shatna seriously only attracts the absolute sloppiest, trashiest, ugliest males ever. still waiting to see a rich, slender handsome well aged older man simp for her or give her any attention.. gee, i wonder why she's not attracting any even remotely good looking or at least wealthy classy sugar daddy type men..

her desperate facade about what a ~spoiled princess sugar baby~ she is has seriously expired like rotting 2 year old milk.

No. 1052753

File: 1601960320831.png (336.73 KB, 750x1334, D8790B6F-E2D0-42AC-84EB-6BDD14…)

>i’ve done stuff irl

what is she implying??

No. 1052754

well like 3 years ago she did that creepy porn with that guy, and the lesbian stuff, i'm assuming that.

No. 1052761

She was also banging an old guy in Seattle pre-Fupa. I can’t remember if she called him her sugar daddy or not but it was heavily implied it was transactional.

No. 1052763

Sex work seems scary but stripping doesn’t? And then declares the strip clubs she knows of have had a gun discharged inside? Lol what? None of that makes any sense.

Being a stripper is likely 100 times more dangerous than being a camgirl.

No. 1052820

she also did some “pro” bdsm stuff in san francisco a long time ago which are fucking hilarious, how could anyone forget that
also some terrible shoots in los angles when she was part of a porn agency for a very short time

No. 1052836

She also sucked that chode on camera, not to mention worked with Mia and other girls and did that embarrassing many vids takeover thing

No. 1052952

>”I can get any man I want!!!!!!! More men for me!!!!!!!”
>can’t keep a cringy manlet pedophile who she moved across the country for
>entire life is devoted to whining about not being able to keep said man
>only men that want her look like this/are that macdaddyglass guy


No. 1052964

I watched the preview and the sounds are absolutely cursed. The abrupt dildo gagging then that mentally retarded baby noise… good lord.

No. 1052990

File: 1602000408951.jpeg (317.33 KB, 1242x1036, 3E438F96-ED9D-494C-8628-ADA216…)

No likes or replies how bleak

No. 1052993

this shit right here is why shay would never be able to keep a REAL job.

oh, you want a day off? a day off from…what? smoking and drinking and sitting around your house all day eating ubereats deliveries?

i guess not having to shove a plug up your poor inflamed asshole (on camera, at least) counts as a day off.

No. 1053005

File: 1602001765215.jpg (362.39 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20201006-113031_Twi…)

Her only reply right now

No. 1053017

the audacity of her to e-beg for a "day off"
her days "on" she "works" for about an hour anyway, what would make anyone think she needs a break??

No. 1053051

File: 1602006644848.jpg (293.1 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20201006-125154_Twi…)

No. 1053067

File: 1602007306664.jpg (180.19 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20201006-130114_Dis…)

Shayna thinking she's social is the funniest shit. She has no irl friends, barely any support by people in her field, and constantly has a dead discord/can't talk about anything that isn't about herself.

No. 1053076

Of course stripping isn’t for her because she’s too fucking fat to move

No. 1053084

File: 1602008269085.jpeg (206.05 KB, 1134x1390, 1FB02EC0-F2E4-4160-82F8-FB82CE…)


No. 1053085

File: 1602008327561.jpeg (267.76 KB, 1218x1266, 60B41F12-0A36-4CB7-BE0D-84C796…)


Is this even illegal kek

No. 1053086

she has so many utterly false beliefs about herself lol. shayna you're an oversensitive out of touch hermit who loses her mind over the tiniest comments online, imagine a real man at a stripclub calling your lard ass fat or something, you'd have a legitimate meltdown and get fired 5 minutes in.

No. 1053089

File: 1602008933379.jpeg (515.79 KB, 1234x980, A254D58B-A386-41AF-A6AE-7524FD…)

This old man thirsty af

No. 1053092

Is she going to publicly tell him to pay for it kek
He's so creepy and doesn't seem to understand that she's technically a SW and that he needs to pay for her to interact

No. 1053094

File: 1602009534648.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, 005C1681-8834-4871-8EEF-AF4C5F…)

More pedophile pandering bullshit

No. 1053097

If it wasn't cowtipping I'd suggest someone asking her what adult wears diapers with cartoons on them kek.

No. 1053098

The only adult I can think of that wouldn’t be fetishizing it is a handicapped retard who is mentally stunted and thinks like a child. Shayna is already half way there

No. 1053105

>>Dresses like a toddler
>>wears a diaper
>>sucks a pacifer
>>talks and asks like a toddler

yet wonders why the first thing people think when they see all these things is "child"?

No. 1053114

File: 1602010901186.jpeg (625.39 KB, 1242x1174, AD7C6B26-65BA-4C8F-B0D9-25C5AC…)

Shaytard is mad catfishes make more money than her kek

No. 1053119

File: 1602011100256.jpeg (Spoiler Image,922.33 KB, 3464x3464, 8EBB8C23-F244-44DB-93D3-287BC8…)

Another example of shayna attracting the hottest sexiest sexworkers/customers kek

No. 1053121

This is a reason why shay will never be a "boss bitch". If some dude was continuously asking to meet up, talked about knowing what state/city she lived in, and she hasn't yet straight up told him off or blocked him… No fucking thought for her safety or boundaries. But if this was another women, she'd be posting about it for hours. Money doesn't matter if you have some old man stalker find out where you live, which is easy to do.

No. 1053124

I was going to mention incontinent adults, but figured that went without saying. You're right, though. And honestly, Shayna is there too. Her bladder control is waning kek.

She'd be flattered/making jokes about it if the catfish wasn't making money.

No. 1053125

…Is the catfish a farmer….

No. 1053126

yeah if this was a woman she'd be tweeting about how creepy it is.

No. 1053128


>sends money to shayna catfish


If you needed it to live why did you send it to a camgirl, dumbass.

No. 1053131

Why did you delete scammer-chan???

No. 1053133

File: 1602011780523.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x6365, IMG_20201007_041504.jpg)

Uhhh.. it keeps going but my phone timed out on scroll capture. This guy is insane.

No. 1053134


Wait.. is a farmer catfishing Shay, taking money from DaddyMacNeckbeard and posting his dms here??

No. 1053137

File: 1602011903558.jpeg (188.11 KB, 1242x2208, 1602011275690.jpeg)


Not scammer-chan, but I saved the image when I noticed the post I replied to was greentexted

No. 1053138

Is cat fishing as a cow, cow tipping?

No. 1053139

File: 1602012056684.jpeg (863.54 KB, 1242x1613, A6EE31F1-ECC2-416C-A712-D5809E…)

This ain’t cute or quirky I bet her dog smells like shit because she doesn’t shower or bathe her dog or herself

No. 1053141

Maybe he posted them himself?

No. 1053143

File: 1602012439804.jpg (343.09 KB, 1080x1447, IMG_20201007_042605.jpg)

He didn't even question that he was talking to 2 accounts at the same time? Something isn't right in his head Shayna for the love of God he's going to murder you

No. 1053145


Looks like this is a recipient because it shows his pfp and the heart icon like >>1053142 said. Or are you suggesting he is the catfish and talking to himself…? If so I think you're overestimating his intelligence.

No. 1053148

Nice try scammy-chan kek

No. 1053153

Look at the @, he tweeted it to the fake account like an absolute retard

No. 1053155

oh yeah you are so "popular" shayna. literally nobody wants to look like you. catfishing with your pics would be pointless, it's obviously a farmer.

No. 1053156


Yeah, sorry I deleted my post because I wasn't sure how twitter dms work and >>1053141 said maybe he posted them himself on his tl (and thats where the farmer found the screenshot of the message). But then I checked his twitter and couldn't find it anywhere?

So is a farmer pretending to be Shay & scamming MacDaddyglass and posting the messages here? If so does this count as cowtipping like >>1053138 said?

No. 1053159

I'm pretty sure this is extreme cowtipping.

No. 1053161

it obviously is

No. 1053163

someone probably picked up on this jason dudes lack of intelligence and figured they would make some money off of him.
on a side note, it's pretty morally corrupt of shayna to be taking money from this guy. he is very clearly mentally retarded or disabled and she's panhandling money from him. that has to be against the law?

No. 1053165

File: 1602014042220.jpg (516.64 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201006-145520_Twi…)

No. 1053167

i love how shayna is taking this opportunity to make it seem like someone is legitimately catfishing her when it was clearly a farmer just trying to make some easy money kek

No. 1053168

"I wAs TuMbLr FaMoUs U GuIzE"
she really thinks she was on the same level as acacia clark or andrea russett? she was a nobody even then

No. 1053171

Lol there are like 10 other camgirls in her orbit that would make better catfishing material, not even counting the millions of good looking girls someone could steal photos from. Nobody wanting to make money would use this fat slob except a farmer. Especially because we were just discussing how stupid her current paypigs are, someone obviously got ideas

No. 1053172

If the farmer hadn't of posted that dm from MacDaddyglass I would 100% believe Shay made this whole thing up as an excuse to garner sympathy and talk about her famuz tumblr days

No. 1053175

As in a farmer or a rando? I think that's what people were wondering.

Anyways, it's not against the law at all. Sure he's mentally slow, but he's clearly not disabled, just low IQ. There are plenty of sub-average intelligence people out there living, working, and paying SWers for mediocre ballsack pussy.

No. 1053177

as in a farmer

No. 1053232

File: 1602020521273.jpg (147.3 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20201006-144115_Twi…)

I know this was from 4 hours ago, but bitch, this is what you do on the daily. Stop being so fucking lazy with this endless procrastination jfc

No. 1053249

four hours and five likes overall. that shit is pathetic

No. 1053265

File: 1602024009145.jpg (179.72 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20201006-234005_Twi…)

Kek this fucking guy.

Shay's rant about stop only supporting sex workers cos you wanna date/fuck them.

It's him.

No. 1053266

"that i needed to live" lmfao this broke ugly hick loser.

No. 1053322

How the hell does this guy live giving his money away for free to multiple camgirls? I see a repo in his future kek

No. 1053323


late, but genuine question. does she still use snap? I can't recall her advertising it lately, its common for 'sex workers' to have a private snap but if she has it she's doing a shit job of advertising. tHrIviNg genius business model tho tho

No. 1053333

i think a few anons had it but now that you mention it i don’t recall anything being posted in a long while

No. 1053337

i really need to stop reading this thread whilst i'm eating

No. 1053377

Exactly. She's been as sex worker for years and still doesnt understand the concept or teasing or censoring … she's braindead from all that weed

No. 1053379

I'm dying. the dude commenting on tweets is actually more embarassing and cringe than shaytard is.

No. 1053390


Yikes, he's repulsive. I like how it goes from 'mm baby, yes baby. ' to ' i cant wait to fuck your ass . let's fuck in the park or my car'
Men are trash. I wonder if he's even sent her money or watched her lives?

No. 1053392

OT but sometimes I wonder if weed-breath from tumblr posts ITT. She always seemed really obsessed with Shayna and copied her every move, but stopped kissing her ass once Shayna lost her tumblr clout lol

No. 1053393

she does, some anon posted a cap in the last thread >>1036118. probably keeps it lowkey to avoid getting banned for the nth time

No. 1053396

File: 1602033205516.jpeg (226.3 KB, 750x912, 1B3F6C0E-1AD7-424F-84DB-7C5AC1…)

This guy and shayna go hand in hand with the suicide baiting lol. His other tweets are horribly cringe, same or the ole “I wanna meet u/fuck u/date u baby”, was also hitting on some other sex worker who seemed to be married or at least calling the girl she was with her wife. So yikes lol

No. 1053416

File: 1602035274147.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1631, EC671440-FB72-4D7A-BC07-8FF265…)

It wouldn’t even fit her

No. 1053422

Kek I love that this dude is becoming a mini cow/meme due to Shaytard being so goddamn boring nowadays. He's like the male version of Shay. Extremely low IQ bordering on truly mentally slow, spends money on trash, repetitive as fuck, and threatens suicide if given no attention. Truly a match made in an Oklahoma trailer park.

No. 1053427

File: 1602035954384.jpeg (203.71 KB, 1242x913, B17E98EA-40A1-46CA-9A08-2AE05E…)

Such a gentleman

No. 1053430

How sad that the only reason someone pretended to be her is because she’s so unknown, they didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing.

No. 1053435

MacDaddyGlass is going to Tulsa on the 30th kek maybe there will be a Fupa sequel

No. 1053440

File: 1602037254887.jpeg (213.05 KB, 750x1207, 8BAA1BEC-6BEF-4AE9-8686-5A4D09…)

A collection of cringe

No. 1053446

File: 1602037725110.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, BA6EADF4-B3B3-4237-B287-6EA094…)

He needs his own thread

No. 1053448

He looks like he'd get thwarted by Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

No. 1053453

He looks like a mentally retarded meth head. Aww Shayna he's just your type!

No. 1053457

File: 1602038918398.jpg (Spoiler Image,589.49 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20201006-215002_Twi…)

Of course Shay would

No. 1053458

File: 1602039322821.jpeg (23.71 KB, 782x430, 70F8BD11-B36D-4C2B-B769-048B5C…)

No. 1053472

No. 1053480

File: 1602042499885.gif (103.79 KB, 500x363, BC7567A3-5165-42F8-8FCF-782859…)

Dude looks like Beaky Buzzard

No. 1053505

File: 1602045179106.png (34.11 KB, 659x693, shatna.PNG)

lmao no wonder he thinks he has a chance with her she's the one liking most of his creeper tweets including the one about him "wanting to give her anal attention". She really doesn't seem to understand boundaries and I could def see her meet this creep. I mean fupa was once the fucking nasty creep online and that went so great /s

No. 1053507

When you have five people tops interacting with your tweets can you really afford to have boundaries?

No. 1053508

File: 1602045604089.png (14.72 KB, 612x149, 1601060459520.png)

Damn remember how just 11 days ago she said she was gonna have this really productive new schedule with FOUR vids a week?? Bitch cant even work in general 4 days a week. Surprising no one. But she sure needed this day off guys!

No. 1053510

Did MacDaddyGlass scare off that old guy simp that was commenting on all her posts the last couple months? kek
At least the old guy was a polite loser creep. His comments were kiss ass but tame. Macdaddyglass is so gross and just shoots his shot every damn post.

No. 1053523

File: 1602048489749.jpeg (283.58 KB, 750x1868, B20170A8-44DC-4898-A325-BF290E…)

Nah he’s still there

No. 1053560

Oh my god. This genuinely makes me fear for her life. He sounds like he might kill her and himself if they ever met up and she turned him down. For the love of god Shayna, stop posting and go home.

No. 1053579

These fucking girls are so damn gross

No. 1053633

same here. he's an absolute minicow himself but he genuinely scares me

No. 1053660

that's it, i'm calling it now, he is going to be fupa 2.0. she doesn't think even for a single second he could be dangerous and gets attention from him. he also suggested meeting up before, it's gonna happen.

i thought before maybe she'll meet up with this guy, but he is slightly less trashy than macfuck, so not on the same wavelength as shayna.

No. 1053680

No way, he's ugly, probably broke, and annoying. Even Shayna has to recognize that.

No. 1053741

File: 1602082979636.jpg (238.76 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20201007-160222_Twi…)

Her lil rant this morning. Quickly deleted.

No. 1053742

File: 1602083029871.jpg (244.76 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20201007-160230_Twi…)

Just Google the term Shay, those people are right.

No. 1053747

and fupa wasn't any of those things in the first place?

No. 1053750

Somebody come get their crackhead

No. 1053752

This bitch is so ignorant and has the thinnest fucking skin. She should just start pandering to the right wing nut jobs at this rate instead of trying to be woke, because she is clearly too dumb to understand nuance.

No. 1053756

Lmao these are literally her though. Desperate to go viral with her stupid pick me shit. Constantly gatekeeping SW and other bullshit and acting like she owns aesthetics or generic trendy shit. Remember when she used to act like she was the pioneer of internet sex work? And to this day goes off about other girls getting into it and how people run their shit. Amazing to have zero self awareness.

No. 1053770

So people are psychos just because they don't like the same music as you? Lol okay, Shay. yOuRe JuS trYiNG tO Go ViRAl. Yeah, and so are you and your unfunny, late-on-the-trend memes and I LOVE ANAL bullshit. Have a seat and shut up. You're not any more "woke" than the rest of Twitter.

No. 1053795

i hate every single one of these degenerate bitches showing their musty ass pussys in childrens costumes holy fuck. this one is especially terrible because it ruins one of my favourite shows to see shit like that

No. 1053797

love how she posts lame ass dad rock to appeal to her target audience lmao

No. 1053806

This is the most tone deaf thing I've ever read. In the second tweet she basically says to thank old white men for black creators like Micheal Jackson. I—

No. 1053808

File: 1602088865110.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, EDA37D97-1CC1-4415-8C86-FD2EBE…)

No. 1053809

OT but I saw some ugly ass SWers on insta do a shoot dressed as Linda and Louise. I will never understand the justification or appeal. Louise would claw their eyes out, though, let that knowledge put you at ease kek.

No. 1053811

Kek this moron really though she said something! I wish she wouldn't dirty delete her bullshit and just be the shit person she is in the open, she'd probably be more successful instead of trying to be woke.

No. 1053820

File: 1602090225279.jpg (55.72 KB, 1080x539, 20201007_120431.jpg)

She also posted this on, but obviously deleted.(repost)

No. 1053824

>I wish she wouldn't dirty delete her bullshit and just be the shit person she is in the open

this. idk if it's funny or sad how much of a spineless punk she's become over the years

No. 1053830

…does she know the roots of rock are heavily black? Does she know that “rest in power” is used for minorities who’ve passed? I love how stupid this girl is; she makes fun of her mom for being “ignorant” but she genuinely thinks and talks like one of those drugged out facebook moms herself whenever she talks.

No. 1053832

I know Shayna is dumb, but I sincerely hope she doesn't end up shoved in this dude's trunk in a clown costume and end up scattered at the bottom of a lake somewhere. The way he repeatedly mentions meeting her irl is shady.

No. 1053847

Shayna Pander King is showing her true color. She gets mad when ppl have a different opinion then her and tries to call them crazy for having it.

No. 1053851

File: 1602094516739.jpeg (612.58 KB, 1242x1715, 5B02B30C-1204-4D0D-89BF-A056FD…)


No. 1053854

After seeing this many nudes of her for free all the time that look literally the exact same I don’t know how anyone would be excited to get one from her. Even for 3 bucks I don’t get how she has any subscribers. She’s just so boring. I genuinely don’t understand.

No. 1053879

The only thing grosser than her is the replies to her inane posts

No. 1053893

Oh great so a pic of her looking ratty af first thing in the morning with a crappy filter slapped on it? And one at the end of the night when shes trashed and sweaty after a long day of having done nothing but drink, get stoned, stuff her face, and put things in her butt maybe. Sounds so hot.

Or is she just sending random nudes from her stockpile of horror?

No. 1053897

what she meant is that the guy who died literally worked on beat it with MJ, and that without him the song wouldn’t have sounded the same. stop sperging twitfag

No. 1053921

File: 1602102492955.jpeg (652.92 KB, 1242x1648, 10595E30-27B7-453A-B756-72EBAD…)

This bitch is so lazy omfg how hard is it to take nudes….

No. 1053922

How many days this week has she actually 'worked'?

No. 1053925

File: 1602103751612.jpeg (926.92 KB, 3464x3464, 9A3B5D71-BFF2-47EE-B982-FBFBB8…)

A match made in Tulsa Oklahoma
Shayna is actually speaking to this clown in her dms because he said to fake shayna that he was going to send a pipe for her

No. 1053926


No. 1053927

1 video and several excuses why no others happened.

No. 1053930

Okay this is getting to the point where I can't even enjoy the schadenfreude. She looks so vile here that it's not even funny. When she started getting fat and fucked up her hair last year it was kind of funny. Now she looks like a dumpy old meth addict and I can't help but pity her at this point. It's actually sad.

No. 1053941

File: 1602104998052.png (387.8 KB, 2048x629, Screenshot_20201007-171106.png)

She can't sign into PlayStation network so she can't make a video or do her job? What???

No. 1053942

I wish she wouldn't have deleted it either. She's a coward cause I know damn well if black Twitter ever got a whiff of this pastey bitch, who's been accused of racism before, basically saying it was the old white men who paved the way of rock musoc for black folk, they would have torn her apart. Not such a woke bad bitch now, are ya?

Her tiny, beady eyes with basically no whites showing is so fucking unnerving and makes me uncomfortable. No wonder it's one of her biggest insecurities cause yikes. This bitch is a rodent, I swear.

No. 1053943

Is she recording her videos on her PlayStation??
What is she…Chis Chan?

No. 1053946

File: 1602105635613.jpg (76.6 KB, 1000x563, intro-1597940161.jpg)

Why she look like Beans in this pic tho? Kek

No. 1053950

oh my god. only retard braindead shayna could twist a death like this. why can't she just 1. stop pretending she was a huge van halen fan first of all, it's cringy bullshit but 2. most importantly just realize rest in power is not meant for deaths like this and just say rest in peace then shut up and GET OVER IT. she cannot handle ANYTHING, yet she was just bragging yesterday about how she's soooo strong and could totally handle customers at a stripclub easily.

No. 1053958

File: 1602106755295.jpg (191.67 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20201007-223843.jpg)

Just admit you don't wanna work & stop making excuses you lazy oaf.

No. 1053962

she's taken the last like 4 days in a row off at this point kek every day she tweets "taking the day off!! not filming anymore 2day!!" or some similar variation of it.

No. 1053966

File: 1602107997438.jpeg (440.62 KB, 1242x1687, 8849ABF8-BB95-490A-87E4-5B709C…)

Shayna is so fucking boring now she’s tweeting about bread. Have a mental breakdown fatty we miss our milky cow

No. 1053967

This is probably because she’s grossed out by her own appearance. Even she can’t ignore it now. So she keeps trying to put off filming, etc. I have no idea why she continues to do sex work. Sex workers usually leave the field once their body changes for whatever reason. Shayna refuses and instead let’s us see this train wreck through.

No. 1053971

I am beans eating beans. Beans eating beans

No. 1053977

She just had to re-accept the new terms and conditions. All she had to do just click on her profile on her ps4

No. 1053980

This dude is my new fave cow. The weirdo replies so quickly to all Shay's shit, no matter how dull and none sex related it is.

Such an asslicker.

No. 1053985

Wonder how Shayna Luther King will feel if she ever found out her number one simp and paypig is an antimask evil trump supporter like her aBuSiVe mother? Will she try cut him off too? Or does she just hold women to a different standard?

No. 1053987


No. 1053988

File: 1602111389719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,644.54 KB, 1242x1133, 4D01A210-11AA-4628-ABE6-55C9AA…)

Ballsack Barbie just retweets her nudes instead of taking new ones. She’s so lazy. I can’t wait until she’s 300lbs

No. 1053993

No. 1054006

She will never hold men and women to the same standard, plus this one gives her money. No chance it bothers her.

No. 1054007

>Shayna calling other people "psycho"

No. 1054013

File: 1602115062892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.84 KB, 714x1002, 48D10A5B-BF97-4F05-8B79-333FBB…)

So this is the quality of her good morning nudes, unsurprisingly

No. 1054016

Damn, she's giving Moo's vein-chan a run for its money.

No. 1054020

what the fuck is happening with her eyebrow here

No. 1054024

she just genuinely has no concept of what sexiness is at all to the point where it astounds me. there’s so much she could do with these good morning/night things - cute jammies, a sexy bed selfie teasing with the covers… it’s insane how she fucks it up every single time

No. 1054026

what the fuck happened to her face? i've never seen someone age so quickly in a matter of 3 years. she doesn't even look like the same person anymore. whatever she is doing she needs to stop

No. 1054027

Yeah, this has about as much sexiness as a Zoom breast exam.

No. 1054028

If I woke up to this I would probably scream in terror

No. 1054030

Could it be all the alcohol?

No. 1054033

Dear God Why

No. 1054035

I think so. I mean it is technically a solvent after all. Not to mention smoking in general isn't exactly good for the skin/body either

No. 1054036

100%. She rarely shows herself drinking now, when she used to be about it. I just don’t think she cut back and that’s why she rarely mentions drinking. She has nothing else to do

No. 1054037

File: 1602119122737.jpeg (789.63 KB, 1242x1698, 09716568-5A70-4B6F-8F21-C586DC…)

He’s such a fucking weirdo omg

No. 1054040

File: 1602119220078.jpeg (435.22 KB, 1242x861, A497A710-35C0-4604-98BC-B78927…)

Nasty nobody wants to make you a milf you’re ugly please don’t have children

No. 1054042

Samefag but imagine these two having a child kek sage for dumb

No. 1054045

most likely that, the effects alcohol and weed have on your sleep is crazy destructive over time. It doesn't help that she hard drinks water and never washes her face.

No. 1054047

Why does she think that being blonde, fit, and having pomeranians in a carriage makes someone a Bimbo? Stop protecting your gross wanna be lifestyle on someone Shay

No. 1054051

ik she'd never block this dude because she's dumb as fuck but this is getting really weird. i wonder if this dude secretly has a wife.

No. 1054055

he lives with another guy who is trying to kick him out lol. he's a retarded aging loser

No. 1054056

nah she will, she'll block him and make a huge deal out of saying how he was so creepy and he was a stalker.

No. 1054057

She will only block him if he stops giving her money.

No. 1054061

I had this problem too. Literally all you have to do is accept their new terms of service…its not like her system was down

No. 1054063

File: 1602122551576.jpeg (171.34 KB, 1234x1411, 8C695CFB-5BDF-4A40-BE5C-702E9C…)

Did anyone get what she said

No. 1054067

she had planned to do a video where she plays a game and masturbates. it's probably just another excuse for being lazy.

someone sent her a gift from her wishlist with a note that said 'let's do this more often' so she wondered if that means she will be regularly getting stuff.

No. 1054074

Kek I just knew he was gonna make her a piece sooner than later

No. 1054090

I mean I called it >>1053893
Except I thought she would at least slap a snap filter on it so it was less jarring tbh

But did we expect anything short of gross and ugly? Kek

No. 1054099

So like…film a different video?? Take pictures or make clips? Like other anon said, just say you're a lazy cunt full of every excuse possible and go lol

No. 1054101

shayna that woman could be you one day if you put in the slightest bit of effort

No. 1054106

Let's be real anon it would take A LOT of effort and the universe being kind. She's a fucking loser.

No. 1054107


No. 1054109

i read through his tweets the other day

No. 1054117

Maybe he’s throwing you out because you need to start a family and a life. He’s probably tired of hearing you wank off to degenerate porn.

No. 1054118

PLEASE don't encourage this thing to start a family lol. the kindest thing men like that can do is be single forever, i hate when porn addicted braindead males decide to reproduce and shack up with any woman

No. 1054124

they meant the roommate not the degen

No. 1054128

him and shayna are meant for each other. though i do get some worrying vibes from this dude
((also anon pfp is showing may wanna change it))

No. 1054129

File: 1602133845513.png (51.36 KB, 659x700, dumbfuckism.PNG)

dammit thanks I looked over it like 3 times and I still missed it. Please delete it mods?! and incase they do here was og post:

I included the other person's tweet for context but lmao apparently "having a life" means responding to every tweet by his fav cam girls kek

No. 1054151


stop getting triggered by people posting remotely leftist opinions and calling them "twitterfag"s especially when they're simply pointing out hypocrisy related to shatna, christ

No. 1054200

I've never seen someone so pissed about not being able to watch others molest vegetables on camera. What a bizarre world we live in.

Lmao she's practically subtweeting herself at this point.
>desperate to go viral for "thinking differently"
Oh, you mean like your uwu so quirky anal bimbo facade and constantly recycled tweets that you forever wish would go viral and bring back your very minimal tumblr fame? Kek what a joke. And I'm not even going to get into the blatantly hypocritical gatekeeping tweet.

No. 1054265

No newfag it's about Shayna's hypocrisy regarding this retard and how much she demonizes her mother for being a Trump supporter. Thank you for missing the point and adding nothing with your retarded attempt at an own.

No. 1054412

File: 1602176655233.jpg (244.12 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20201008-180507_Twi…)

Bitch, what?

No. 1054413

File: 1602176704549.jpg (58.31 KB, 1080x446, Screenshot_20201008-180513_Twi…)

Lmao. Don't worry Shay this crackhead will take you and totally won't murder you.

No. 1054421

Awh, she’s reminiscing about her trip to Italy with her family when she was a teen. Go home you privileged bitch.

No. 1054422

File: 1602177126204.jpeg (359.6 KB, 1242x780, 83F3CF07-4456-4154-954E-EB00B4…)

Ah yes. Drinking will surely solve your emotional problems.

No. 1054424

top kek, admitting to not doing anything for 3 days in a row. This lazy bitch.

No. 1054426

>eat fruit
Shay would never do any of these things. Also her idea of Venice is hilarious and stereotypical. She would get ripped off left and right being an idiot American. They prey on morons like her.

No. 1054433

File: 1602177969039.jpg (703.36 KB, 1920x3381, CollageMaker_20201008_12262294…)

She's looking for that pitty me money today.

No. 1054436

It’s all your fault for chasing a fupa call center daddy

No. 1054486

File: 1602181241123.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, 877C1176-C340-48FE-9337-985938…)

dump from discord

No. 1054487

her and fupa got into it

No. 1054489

here she goes taking her anger out on her parents because shes mad at fupa. Has she ever mentioned the cutting story before?

No. 1054492

>I just want someone to take care of me and be there for me
>I just wanna live alone in Seattle with no friends

No. 1054497

and of course she stopped responding when the orbiters started talking about healthy coping mechanisms. she just wants a hugbox where she gets babied, not to be reminded that she has to put in effort to improve her life

No. 1054499

funny how shes shitting on th "friends" she has or does not have every other week Why do ppl even support her, why does it sound like shes blaming having "friends"

No. 1054501

in that raggedy old apartment with shit crumbs and piss where you lived on the floor?? lmao shatna be quiet

No. 1054503

she only wants to go back because she was skinny then. that's literally it, she was still miserable when she lived in Seattle, but at least she didn't hate her body. and she's only saying it now because Fupapa is ignoring her.

No. 1054506

I wonder if fupa bounced once he started to see his baby mamas body in shatna

No. 1054516

File: 1602184006589.jpeg (Spoiler Image,466.16 KB, 779x917, C258B2AE-E102-4A72-8E8B-C4AC0B…)

Ok so… she’s been doing the butt lip for awhile I guess. Why tho

No. 1054521

lol this is cursed

No. 1054527

How has her makeup gotten worse since then? It's honestly astounding.

No. 1054531

I love that you spoilered this anon because it needed it lol

No. 1054539

imagine this many pictures of you existing which look like you're straight up menatlly challenged

No. 1054584

File: 1602189680424.jpeg (57.61 KB, 500x329, 9DF10DAD-B127-4936-BF9E-9054A2…)

It reminds me of this. Inb4 she uses this for a new video “concept”

No. 1054598

File: 1602191078250.png (427.13 KB, 750x1334, C523D58C-6FF6-4204-8313-12E414…)

No. 1054607

This is now the 3rd or 4th time she's tried new meds in roughly 4-6 months. It takes at least 2-3 months to start seeing any significant changes using mood stabilizers. She really thinks meds are just a happy pill that will make everything go away and she doesn't have to do the work to be healthy. I hope you fucking rot Shayna.

No. 1054611

File: 1602191662132.png (353.52 KB, 2048x484, Screenshot_20201008-171511.png)

What a fat fuck. $40 worth of sushi can't keep her full for 3 hours. Fucking piggy ass bitch.

No. 1054615


Sushi is really filling, Shay you're just fat.

No. 1054626

Maybe she should get prescribed some vyvanse for her binge eating disorder instead jfc

No. 1054628

File: 1602193379862.png (787.74 KB, 1116x1878, Screenshot_20201008-224255~2.p…)

No. 1054636

The amount of cringe in this post… jfc

No. 1054639

She doesn’t have binge eating disorder, she’s just a lazy drunk glutton.

No. 1054642


> I love you

> your the greatest person
> I will even drive to you

Is that last sentence a promise or a threat?

No. 1054647

This is like the second or third time he has mentioned meeting up with her or giving her a gift in person. Really bad vibes.

No. 1054651

I know he probably a "customer" and gives her some money (prob fuck all) but he's mega creepy. I'd block him. I mean he's in the same state as her which is even scarier.

I understand putting up with cringe people you normally would not talk to but you exploit them for money by pretending to be friendly but nah this dude a freak.

Be careful Shay you fat fuck

No. 1054656

File: 1602195762508.jpg (227.97 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20201008-232152_Twi…)

Some more beautiful incite into these scrotes.

How to a get a urinary infection 101

Girls love it!

No. 1054657

Why is he saying he loves her?? I feel like they’re corresponding and she’s probably laying it on thick to keep that cash flowing. Yikes that’s scary.

Also lol @ new meds. She is hopeless.

No. 1054659


Fucking hell: the pornsick brain in action.

No. 1054660

agreed. i know a lot of anons are saying they’re scared for her or whatever but it almost comes off like she’s encouraging it?? lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time.

No. 1054663

File: 1602196543527.png (274.61 KB, 750x1334, 82511863-938F-4E5F-B355-F16819…)

No. 1054664

every single time she breaks up with Fupa SUDDENLY she cares about her mental health. Shayna is becoming boring because it's the same shit EVERYTIME.
She breaks it off with Fupa, maybe he calls her crazy says she needs to take her meds, shayna gets offended but then says, ""i wanna move, I'm manic! I hate my life! I'm so mentally ill! I'm going to therapy, let me change my medicine, I stopped taking it!"

Every single fucking time does she or fupa not get sick of this shit? We know this is why she's going through this cycle again

No. 1054665

so much for the “antipsychotics make you gain weight anons” if she supposedly hasn’t been taking it the last 3 months kek

No. 1054668

What’s the point of switching meds if you don’t take them?

Tinfoil- she’s not really on meds.

What doctor would keep prescribing you different kinds of medication when you’re not even taking them? She’s either asking for meds and not taking them because she wants to pretend like she’s getting better and throw it in peoples faces uwu i have a mental disorder. Or she’s not taking any at all.
She seems like the type to show off her meds and talk about them but she never does. Just like how she totes went into inpatient. It was clear she didn’t really.

No. 1054677

File: 1602198401286.jpeg (446.11 KB, 1242x944, 3439EAF7-5033-4C3E-B2A3-FD224F…)

he has been talking to shaytard on the low because he asked fake shayna if she got the P.O. Box yet for her gifts. she’s really interacting with this creep in dms but can’t even flirt or reply back in a tweet because she knows he’s fricking ugly

No. 1054679

File: 1602198576453.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 54AAE150-276F-48CF-9EA5-C5A112…)

he wants to take shaytard to dinner. honestly shayna is such a shitty person I would be laughing so hard if this turns out to be fupa 2.0. But I get bad vibes from him but I feel like he’s too retarded to hurt or kill her so he’d probably just use her for sex(cowtipping retard)

No. 1054684

File: 1602198841777.jpeg (Spoiler Image,264.96 KB, 1242x1495, B22C5813-6E53-4C83-A100-B18CBE…)

The fact she probably still looks like that because she doesn’t comb her hair or shower. Ugh imagine the smell

No. 1054687

it creeps me out that she seems to actually have more than 1 dude stanning after her after she came out with the especially fucked up porns

No. 1054688

The dumbdolly kidnapping saga

No. 1054694

So he's an antimasker going to a convention? inb4 covid

No. 1054708

>“I promise I do not wanna video chat about my feelings”

Ah. Above licensed therapy, but not above tweeting every single emotion that runs through her empty head 24/7 for a bunch of strangers who don’t care until she goes to sleep.

Also big RIP that she got this fat without the help of medicine. That’s fucking impressive.

No. 1054712

Are you fake shay or where did this come from

No. 1054722

yeah and isn't this super cowtipping? Pretending to be the cow?

No. 1054723

he’s not a cow so it wouldn’t be cowtipping. I mean he was retarded enough to believe an account with 0 followers was Shatna. Sage for autism

No. 1054736

File: 1602203741588.jpg (194.44 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20201008-193711_Twi…)

So the same stuff as always?

No. 1054737

I mean this is what she always brags about wanting sooooooo, guess its a dream come true for her peabrain.

No. 1054750

>I wouldn't want to give you my germs hehe

bless you catfishchan

No. 1054760

File: 1602206699233.jpg (562.88 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201008-202547_Twi…)

How much you wanna bet, he doesn't even buy her content. He just gets off to all the free shit she posts

No. 1054767

they're still trying to manufacture (sour) milk, and begging for attention by posting it here. I hope scammer-chan gets a lengthy ban

No. 1054777

File: 1602209803821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,225.16 KB, 750x1416, F1AB5AA0-EE27-4CB2-A067-4797C1…)

I would have guessed that too but here he is on her of lol

No. 1054778

File: 1602209876101.png (353.01 KB, 750x1334, A3B14EFC-73AB-4B50-ADDD-54990D…)

No. 1054781

>so much for the “antipsychotics make you gain weight anons” if she supposedly hasn’t been taking it the last 3 months kek
I'm not really in either camp but if she took antipsychotics and gained weight on them and then stopped… it's not really like she does anything to lose weight, but instead continue to gain or at least keep the weight stable and unhealthy.
Sedentary lifestyle is not super helpful (at least not in the remotely short term) after quitting weight-gain meds, and conversely very easy to keep it on if the person just acts hedonistic as Shay does do. Also isn't she still on the birth control shot? That is also known for weight gain (all BC has this risk but the shot is the most well known for doing so).

I mean honestly I don't know if she ever took such meds? But the BC shot is much more believable. Excessive alcohol is also known to wreak havoc on metabolism and retaining weight.

100% agree.
Seriously? The scam got reported back to Shayna right away seemingly? And she posted about it. How retarded do YOU have to be to consider this not cowtipping?
>I hope scammer-chan gets a lengthy ban
Agree. After what happened with Erin I realized how absolutely obnoxious/destructive cowtippers are. Honestly they're cows in their own right. Especially to come back here and boast about it.

No. 1054782

did they all forget she just admitted to not taking her meds for the past 3 months??

No. 1054787

$40 on "snooshi" is a lot for 1 person and I bet that's not including fees honestly.
Like even high quality sushi $20 would be plenty for 1. Good lord.

No. 1054788

if they made her start gaining weight in the beginning, why is she STILL eating horribly and getting drunk.
We know she's streaching the truth but it makes no sense. Her whining about hating to take medicine also makes her,"my mom didn't take me serious" shit more retarded.
She'd do what she wanted anyway and not take them if she had.

No. 1054790

i hate how she acts like she has no control over herself and is so mentally ill ONLY when she has fupa drama or drama

No. 1054800

Imagine being this gross and retarded and using your actual full name on every account

No. 1054801

Is the dude in her discord?

No. 1054803

This. Possibly longer if at all and honestly if she was, I'm sure she was inconsistent with it.

Except shes been on the shot for years now. Before she ballooned up.
Don't think it's the shot. Definitely booze, sitting on her ass 24/7, shit diet, and POSSIBLY some help from meds. But that's iffy. We can't know what shes on, how often she takes it, etc. She claims to have switched them several times this year so…

No. 1054808

no, not active that i've seen anyway
seems the type to be too retarded to figure it out tbh
shayna herself barely understands it

No. 1054821

And claimed at one point that she was making herself "overdose" on them

No. 1054824

>Be careful Shay you fat fuck

You have such a way with words kek

No. 1054852

It’s called touching the poop you autistic fuck. People like you always ruin things for everyone else.

No. 1054862

WAIT, three months?!? LMFAO how long ago was she in “THE PSYCH WARD”

She is such a Fucking liar and none of her orbiters are calling her out. Just a bunch of dumbass coombrain retards.

No. 1054864

about 3 months ago kek

No. 1054873

File: 1602227214689.jpeg (110.83 KB, 1242x325, 956F5A4E-F82D-44B4-B1FA-741982…)

More suicide baiting. Shayna, log off jfc

No. 1054880

File: 1602228163859.png (413.44 KB, 750x1334, DF7366AC-BF85-411F-9765-9E39C8…)

she just posted this on discord and then immediately after just started discussing true crime documentaries at length with her orbiters???

No. 1054881


No. 1054885

I really wish she'd go home, I really feels that she's going to do something super retarded and irreversible ALL because of Fupa's ass.
We all know thats what this is about, I think even if this site disappeared she'd STILL be acting the same way.
That man is not worth all this shit.

No. 1054886

and when I say "All because of Fupa" I mean because Fupa broke up with her or they are off, not that Fupa would be responsible.
She calls him abusive, he talks shit about her yet they keep going back to eachother.

No. 1054887

File: 1602229010838.jpg (203.97 KB, 1600x1600, 1602228849830.jpg)

This is from a lil earlier. She's just sitting at home getting drunk alone and crying on her discord. Is she wasn't such an arsehole I'd almost feel bad for her.

No. 1054986

> drinks 600 calories
> meds make me fat

No. 1055007

she also sperged out about something to herself, but deleted it before anyone could read it. then picked up with "it's happening again". probably crying about fupapa and how miserable she is

No. 1055058

>I really feels that she's going to do something super retarded and irreversible
At this point it feels like she's not going to wake up until either she gets arrested for that bench warrant shit or gets caught exposing herself in public and has to be put on a registry

No. 1055075

I doubt she'd get arrested for the bench warrant on its own though, she'd have to do something else that would bring the warrant to the attention of police and we all know she doesn't leave her house except for the dispensary.

as for the exposing herself, that's a definite thing i could see happening. how many times do you guys think her neighbors have caught her naked by her door?

god, imagine having this cow as your neighbor in general…

No. 1055076

File: 1602261490588.jpg (Spoiler Image,634.76 KB, 1600x1600, 1602261078602.jpg)

Spoilered due to gross, dry hobbit feet & a bit of a nitpick but how does she lie to herself about being such a perfectionist and has such an attention to detail.. but thinks this is acceptable to post online, yet alone your work page?
Shay, how about stop blowing $40 on sushi and cheeseburgers a pop and buy a fucking pumice stone. There's literally no reason for her to have calloused feet considering she sits on her fat ass all day.

No. 1055080

i'm going to give her this though…at least she didn't get the pink ones. black won't show the inevitable filth (because we ALL KNOW shay won't wash them.)

No. 1055082

I’m honestly surprised she didn’t use this as an excuse to show off some self-harm scratches on her ankles.

No. 1055083

The dog and human hair all over the Uggs, her crusty unmanicured snaggle toe hanging out, and the yellow callous on her heel. How vomit inducing. She’s so nasty she could of at least edited the callous out.

No. 1055085

File: 1602262452155.jpeg (89.99 KB, 510x677, D8380BF5-96AC-499F-B11C-75ED44…)

She posted on her Snapchat. She looks homeless

No. 1055090


she’s not even smart enough to try to cater to the foot fetish simps. you don't got a lotta options left here, shayne.

No. 1055119

File: 1602266028066.jpg (156.62 KB, 1080x947, 20201009_125424.jpg)

She got them in black only because she didn't want to be called out for getting the same one as the pixie chick.

No. 1055136

are these secondhand too because they already look dirty
when they're new, the text and outline on the straps are supposed to be WHITE

No. 1055142

See this bitch knows how to take a cute photo of her feet in slippers. Shay is so clueless. Not staning pixy but it’s just funny how clueless Shay is and how BAD she is at her job.

Why is she filming at her front door? Her patio must be covered in dog shit since she never walks her dog.

No. 1055178

File: 1602271976530.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 15DD083C-B397-49B4-9B01-CDB0BC…)

inb4 our clean eating queen starts posting her “healthy” meals again

No. 1055197


sad she tries so hard to be like this chic and maybe if she didn’t ruin herself she would’ve had the same fan base

No. 1055201

Ah yes food for all 5 meals of Shays day including wine & chimken nuggies for first dinner! So healthy.

No. 1055204


not even the filter in these can help her anymore, she looks so fucking dirty. her opening gifts on her porch is just sad

No. 1055210

holy shit does she ever reply to others if it's not a story about her? me me me me me

No. 1055212

Is this deleted? I don't see it posted on her snap anymore

No. 1055222

File: 1602274258182.jpeg (46.88 KB, 468x286, E5A73E4C-5F0B-4C82-A784-3EACEA…)


No. 1055247

They are probably knock offs from China because she got them on Amazon. They probably smell like factory chemicals and pork sweat

No. 1055248

File: 1602276445650.jpeg (577.8 KB, 1242x1383, 3A6C5B3F-2786-4B69-997C-CE38B1…)

No. 1055249

Fucking seriously, I feel like she just completely ignores any response. I've never seen her acknowledge anything her orbiters say, even when it's in response to one of her unhinged rants.

No. 1055258

Its still uploaded here’s a link in case anyone wants to see how dumb she looks

No. 1055267

I always forget how normal her regular voice is.

No. 1055268

how the fuck did they go from >>1055258
to >>1055076 in a matter of moments??? she really is just a huge ball of slime, dirt and poor decisions

No. 1055286

KEK does he think guillotine is some sort of food?

No. 1055293

There are thousands of ethots in the world yet he chooses to simp for Shatna. Maybe it's because she's not intimidatingly beautiful so he feels like he has a chance with her.

No. 1055296

I’m so confused as to how the fur got so matted and there are literal brown stains on them already. Shayna please explain.

No. 1055307

you cannot tell me this isn't 40 year old brandy from the trailer park opening amazon shit. and she even has a BEAUTY FILTER ON. unbelievable

No. 1055314

File: 1602281893366.jpg (27.75 KB, 530x494, shat.jpg)

No. 1055318


No. 1055324

Same here. I always expect to hear a mix of hoarse voice and fat voice.

No. 1055362

File: 1602285407534.png (292.61 KB, 979x509, shayug.PNG)

tinfoil but I'm wondering if she faked it?! The video "cuts off" at her struggling to tear at the corner of an amazon bag but then all of a sudden you see her dump the shoe box out of an amazon bag that is completely torn open. Ik that's quite a stretch but I guess not impossible.

But I mean she really is nasty af and now we don't really see her living room or bedroom anymore

No. 1055366

File: 1602285724679.png (29.64 KB, 679x187, lol.PNG)

okay samefag sorry, there are reviews saying they're fake and that cracks me up because these go for 100$ from the only vendor I could find, which is the same price as authentic ones! lmao she is dumb

No. 1055391

yeah they're literally only $100 new and they came out last year i believe so you could probably find them even cheaper by now kek

No. 1055392

>does he think guillotine is some sort of food?
That is exactly how I thought it sounded too. What a catch!

No. 1055393

File: 1602288241370.jpg (602.84 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20201009-190526_Twi…)

No. 1055400

nta but being on depo provera (bc shot) for years is really bad. most doctors won't prescribe it longer than 2 years because the long terms effects are so bad. like massive bone loss, pulmonary embolisms, and similar. there's class action law suits against depo provera because the long term damage is so insanely damaging.

if shatna really has been on it "for years", then i'm deeply concerned for her health

No. 1055420

She’s so dumb. Amazon sells China fake shit. She could of gotten them from the ugg site. Dumbass.

No. 1055422

File: 1602291283750.jpeg (363.32 KB, 1242x1255, B11E2A88-0405-43EE-9D57-1F4A3A…)

Wow shayna $5!! You’re totally thriving

No. 1055449

she’s so retarded for bragging about this kind of thing because odds are 90% of anons could post something like this on their TL and get someone to send them $5 kek

No. 1055526

Not go mention what kind of response is that lmao? In no way is it encouraging or thanking the person, literally 0 incentive to pay more or again.

No. 1055537

they probably regretted sending it after that response

No. 1055557

File: 1602307948929.jpeg (Spoiler Image,640.32 KB, 750x4361, BA52F337-4ACF-4835-B13E-A2FE35…)

Just some cringe from our boy. I love the one where he’s basically like “I don’t want to hear about this sad shit, I want sex worker tweets on my TL”. Take note shay, even simps like this don’t want to hear about your problems

No. 1055560

I think she would have gone with the god awful pink if someone didnt buy it for her.

No. 1055561

>love you so much
jfc shayna

No. 1055734

File: 1602340853166.jpg (6.36 KB, 300x179, 300px-Cowering_Detective_Pikac…)

>I'll pull that plug out with my teeth

No. 1055764

File: 1602344645196.jpeg (569.71 KB, 828x1516, 6DDFD23A-85E0-4F86-9AC2-CE9017…)

If anything they have 2 things in common: suicide baiting and low engagement.

No. 1055801

File: 1602349086502.jpeg (34.59 KB, 600x900, 14755BCB-F31F-46CD-B522-03D4FB…)

Why does she sit like that still? When she was skinny it looked stupid, but now that she’s blown up and has a big droopy double chin she just looks like a fat buddha.

Also dying at the fake Uggs, the fur looks like melted weave in those closeup pics she posted. The real ones are like a hundred bucks. She’s too broke for the life she thinks she can live…now that she looks like a fat Walmart Karen that spends every day sitting at home on her ass couponing, maybe she should actually do it so she doesn’t have to beg for rent money on Twitter anymore.

No. 1055823

File: 1602350813395.jpeg (568.57 KB, 1242x1554, 65EF4F43-9361-4CE6-9906-D005F8…)

No. 1055826

Shayna wishes she had a porch lmao she lives in an apartment there are probably lots of people that walk in front of her door on their way to their apt

No. 1055832

I'm terrified that my first thought was he actually did it and is trying to scare her so she caves and asks him to come "protect her"

No. 1055833

this greaseball thinks someone taking packages is "scary", but not the obsessive flirting and begging for meetups to the point where he fell for a catfish?

No. 1055834


Just FYI, if you are posting a new/relevant image you shouldn’t sage. Otherwise the thread doesn’t bump.

It really sounds like the package got delivered to the wrong unit and someone opened it by mistake. Why is everything so dramatic with her.

No. 1055836

File: 1602352303469.jpeg (382.37 KB, 1242x831, 65FD3E03-2499-4B08-BF8B-6EFA7D…)

The irony of Shayna, registered independent, who probably doesn’t even vote talking about politics is just too much for me.

No. 1055838

it's not really milk tho

No. 1055849

File: 1602354634937.jpg (320.57 KB, 540x1404, Screenshot_20201010-202702.jpg)

Yeah she really keeps it to herself huh

No. 1055850

Christ if she looks like that with a beauty filter ON….woof. She looks like absolute shit. Amazing.
Her poor dog seems stressed out and anxious. Also watching her makes me feel awkward. I’m keking at the obvious fake Ugg’s. At least get the knock off ones amazon sells for $20 so you don’t look like a dumb bitch.

No. 1055887

All Shatna does is sit on the couch all day long, so the second she starts doing something different from her 'routine' the dog gets stressed and clingy. same reason the dog would freak out (and end up getting locked outside) when she would broadcast every 4 months last year. Shatna doing anything other than eating and smoking weed is a cause for concern in the dog's mind

No. 1055896

That shirt is never going to fit her if it's the size S one from her wishlist

No. 1055913

So looks like this creepy simp is in some sort of relationship with this woman, his kids are the fb background thing but I cropped that. One of them is a girl. Of course creeps just like fupa are attracted to shay.(read the rules)

No. 1055916

shit maybe she kicked him out or something which is why he lives with another man now kek
"it's complicated"

No. 1055917

It's complicated because the father of my children uses his real name for every single instance of simping he engages in. By the way does this guy respond to any other Twitter thots, or is all his attention on Shayna?

No. 1055949

he has several twitter thots he behaves like this with

No. 1055950

Yes, a few. His fave is Gia paige. Poor Shay can't even be this degenerate Simp's favourite

No. 1055964

File: 1602365672509.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.2 KB, 640x642, lnbnf5jjqjl31.jpg)

if this is her then he's got a type, and that type is women who used to be thin and gained a lot of weight and stretched the fuck out of their skin. Only difference being that this girl has an ass to show for her weight gain and Shatna just has a pot belly and an additional chin.

No. 1055972

in her defense she’s like 7 years older than shaytard kek

No. 1055987

File: 1602369971382.png (217.21 KB, 750x1334, F632F735-8C82-455F-A614-2E6A94…)

No. 1055995

File: 1602370722562.jpeg (612.36 KB, 1242x1177, AD09F710-2E21-466C-989D-466E18…)

She’s so childish and bitter it is ridiculous.

No. 1056000

File: 1602371017899.jpg (294.04 KB, 1079x1969, Screenshot_20201010-180305_Twi…)

She posted this too

No. 1056001

File: 1602371263767.jpg (616.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201010-180812_Twi…)

No. 1056002

File: 1602371300224.jpg (522.62 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201010-180829_Twi…)


No. 1056010

File: 1602371980138.jpg (237.13 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20201011-001956_Twi…)

She has no one to cut off apart from fupa and she's incapable of that apparently.

Kek at Jason. Prob a dig at him too

No. 1056017

I just want to know what she’s saying to him in the DMs that’s making him always reply to her tweets saying that he loves her.

No. 1056021

wait what, are you joking? shayna is only 22 or something, that would make this girl 15.

god it's so disgusting and obnoxious he keeps referring to her as "baby".

No. 1056023

add 7 to 22 and learn to read

No. 1056024

This right here.

No. 1056034

lmfao i thoroughly enjoy your inability to read and comprehend

No. 1056047

oh go fuck yourselves, like you've never misread anything. fill your superiority complex out somewhere else spiteful bitches.

No. 1056049

LMAO sorry illiteratechan

No. 1056050

nta but did you forget that you’re on lolcow? Cuz this is the prime place to do that kek

No. 1056052

7 years older than Shayna and still infinitely more attractive. It’s jarring to see someone actually exude sex appeal in Shaytard’s thread.
>when you’re not even the hottest chick some loser redneck is simping for
I guess if you desperately want to be a porn persona and you’re not hot, then the only thing you can do is totally lack self respect. Explains Shayna pretty well, actually.

No. 1056066

what the absolute hell is wrong with this guy?

No. 1056068

Did she find out she's not her simps fav? lol

No. 1056071

Are her orbiters retarded? How do they see a bitch say something like this and STILL want to be around her?
She hates them because they look better and do better, what kind of shit is that? Proof all that postitive shit is a lie

No. 1056087

Tinfoil but I think she doesnt block this dude not only because obvious reasons like money and attention, but also in a sad attempt to make Fupa jealous or whatever. Like she thinks "see how there are other guys who totes care about me and want to fuck me" or some shit. Lol

No. 1056092

File: 1602380536596.png (22.37 KB, 589x235, 2020-10-10 21_43_47-Window.png)

No. 1056094

God this bitch is insufferable. Lazy and a fucking fat slob. I bet she thinks sushi is so FaNcY BiMbO vIbEs and healthy. Its healthier than fast food, but she ain't gonna get skinny eating 40 bucks worth of sushi 4 times a week. Dumb bitch

No. 1056095

Do y'all remember her "fantasy" she posts every so often, about how she wants to get "tied up, thrown into a window less van and taken to her 'forever home'"? I'm pretty sure this Twitter simp is going to make that a reality. I do not wish harm on her, but I think she needs to be careful with this dude, especially being from the same area and all. It blows my mind that people like this exist, but that can apply to Shay as well jfc

No. 1056096

nta but why do people get butthurt from a little bit of ribbing, maybe they’re a camgirl not used to anything bad outside their safe space, like can you not laugh at yourself or what? kek

sage for ot

No. 1056105

How the fuck does she spend $200 at the grocery store for a single person saying it would last a week? I guess just frozen overpriced ready meals?

No. 1056108

I’d be willing to bet that this girl only gets the rolls that are loaded with cream cheese & drenched in mayo.
I think you’re on to something anon

No. 1056113

So I guess she took another day off today, huh? Another day of sitting on her ass, getting high and drunk, and ordering take out. Because her life is so stressful and high demand ya know. Does she even do all those daily cumshows and shit she says she'll do for her OF anymore??

No. 1056114

even the amy's organic frozen meals are only like 5 or 6 dollars each, so who knows what she could've bought that would add up to that much

No. 1056115

she deleted the sushi tweet kek

No. 1056116

Well y'all are on the wrong track if you think she bought healthy food kek. She bough wine, dino chicken nuggets, and other high caloric garbage food. Cake rolls, chips, booze, and premade shit add up.

No. 1056117

Also you guys forget shes legitimately eating like a full blown fatty now. 40 bucks of sushi for 1 meal & 1 person and shit. Fat people eat a lot more in a sitting. Lack of portion control is a big contributor to weight gain. Among other things like eating garbage and not exercising of course.

No. 1056177

I mean if she gets a tapeworm she might lol

No. 1056198

I wouldn't even put it past her to be eating sushi thinking she might get a tapeworm and finally be skinny LMAO
Like now that you've put that concept out there I half expect this to be why she suddenly likes sushi so much

No. 1056218

File: 1602399039752.jpg (677.25 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20201011-015124_Ins…)

Shay posted pics from that cat set she did. This dude commented "I hope you like the painting." Checked his page and…

No. 1056224

this is so terrifying it’s actually hilarious

No. 1056230

this has to be the next thread picture

No. 1056233

Lmfao at least one of these artists actually got closer to what she actually looks like, which is really bad.

No. 1056289

Shayna has no friends, no colleagues, and can't even get girls to collab with anymore. She has no one to cut off and the only people pissing her off are those living their lives and not kissing her ass.

Shayna is a little green envy monster who bragged about her life, her relationship, and her fame. Now she doesn't have any of the three and is seething.

No. 1056292

File: 1602420972771.jpeg (43.58 KB, 876x549, 9C362028-293F-4821-BC55-5622AD…)

“Shayna is a little green envy monster“
All I could think of kek

No. 1056294

Well the mouth is dead-on for her void pussy at least.

No. 1056299

File: 1602422715935.gif (226.57 KB, 500x230, lustlustlust.gif)

sage for bullshit, but I absolutely did not expect to see a FMA:B reference in this porker's thread. Based.

Imagine being this fucking sad. Abysmal quality of the art aside: seriously just imagine spending your time painting a busted, fat sex worker you found on twitter. Holy fuck.

No. 1056313

File: 1602424896662.jpg (507.97 KB, 1627x2048, IMG_20201011_150118.jpg)

Kek. Same crusty shit that's too small.

Zoom in on her face for horror, why she didn't just crop her face out completely I don't know

No. 1056320

No. 1056321

Do we know for sure that she's in her early 20's? I'm honestly so shocked by how rough she looks, I want to believe she's just been lying about her age.>>1056313

No. 1056328

She has the fattest fat girl mouth and chin, how did this happen SO fast

No. 1056343

poor hygiene and a goldfish cracker diet will do that to you. yeah she's 23, and now that she has a public record for the traffic violation she can't lie about it.

No. 1056348

Since this bitch claims she does her laundry, I wish she would learn to sort it. Then maybe her pink clothes wouldn't look so fucking dingy.

No. 1056352

Also is that chocolate on her lip or a crusty scabbed pimple… kek

No. 1056361

I can hear her heavy breathing in this pic.
WHY didn't she crop out her face and double chin??

No. 1056363

Forever laughing that her left tit continues the downward slope into Droopy Town while her zombie tit is frozen in place.

No. 1056366

Honestly I have no idea. I can spend about $60 a week for 1 person, I have literally no idea what she's getting that it costs that much. Half of what she got is probably just going to go bad, gross.

No. 1056368

File: 1602428920571.jpeg (94.52 KB, 676x1231, Ejpvg8hWsAEDRZa.jpeg)

She doesn't even try anymore. Slapping a snapchat filter on your face doesn't hide the fact that your face is busted and hair not washed since the pandemic started. A filter isn't fucking effort, Shayna.

No. 1056369

She looks like she can only breathe through her mouth, with difficulty. You look fucking gross Shayna please realize this and at least do a hiatus for a few months to get your shit together. This is just sad.

No. 1056373

future deathfatty

No. 1056379

Hahahahahahah oh my god the cleavage i can't

No. 1056385

more like outfit of the last two months
when was the last time we even saw her in a different top besides that horrendous pink monstrosity?

No. 1056419

Because she would have had to crop it down by her chest. Look at those weird actual mom wrinkles and folds cascading from her double chin all down her neck.

No. 1056420

Still hate this filter on her anyway. With everything else she has going on it just looks extra trailer park skank to me.

No. 1056436

I don't think this is a bad outfit but her nipples look awful poking out like that and she needs a bra.

She still looks better than all the fat girls who hide away jeggings and tunics because they think it 'flatters their figure'.

No. 1056442

are you looking at the same image we're looking at, anon? this outfit is horribly unflattering for her, a size too small if not two. do you see the buttons absolutely struggling to stay together? the folds on the pants are just conveniently hiding her fupa, too and it looks like she's sucking in for dear life.

No. 1056445

lmao the worst thing about this image to you is the nipples showing? okay grandma.

No. 1056450

Don't forget that the sweatpants are so matted they look like they haven't been washed since 2019

No. 1056453

If it were two sizes too small then it probably wouldn't go on her body. A size too small and she would likely have a big muffin top. She is a bit overweight, she's going to have visible lumps in whatever she wears unless she wears something baggy. The buttons of her shirt would heave less if she wore a bra. I think what she's wearing is the correct size for those particular garments and size bigger would be the incorrect fit for that particular outfit.

At least the outfit is fashionable and up to date with current trends. Lots of fat girls are stuck in 2013 and they look worse in my opinion.

No. 1056454

anon please learn to sage your bad takes and for your sake i hope you’re not fat walking around in outfits like this thinking you look good irl

No. 1056455

Learn to sage first off.

Second, there's a difference between dressing for your body and wearing oversized clothing. THIS outfit? Is not the type of outfit for a girl with shay's body type. maybe a heavier girl with natural curves could pull it off but not shay.

No. 1056456

Velor ages quickly. Unless you put it on a delicate wash cycle and hand dry it it tends to wear and tear and look old quickly. She likely has laundered it and put it in a dryer multiple times and that's why it looks ratty, not because she hasn't washed it. She doesn't care for her garments properly or has held onto them for a long time.

No. 1056460

Christ, what's with the samefagging and WKing for Shaytard? Her stuff is a mess because she lives in constant filth. She's admitted to not showering. What makes you think she regularly washes her clothes?

No. 1056462

Then what do you suggest she wears? A trapeze blouse that covers everything and black jeggings like a 45 year old soccer mom who has given up on herself? Personally I think high waisted pants and crop tops are universally flattering on virtually any woman. That's why they are so popular. She's never going to look amazing in anything she wears.

No. 1056463

is this a man?

No. 1056466

I'm not white knighting I'm just pointing out that it's not an awful outfit (at least it wouldn't be with a bra) and velor ages when you wash it and put it in the dryer or own it for a long time.

No. 1056467

You've got to be a scrote or just fucking stupid, anon.

Shay needs to wear clothes that flatter her body–sadly, she's shaped like a board. High waisted jeans would do nothing but make her gut stick out and give her a muffin top.

Anons throughout the threads have CONSTANTLY tried to suggest outfit alternatives for Shay but she continues to buy size small for everything. Dressing for your body doesn't necessarily mean "trapeze shirts and leggings", it means "buy something that fucking fits".

No. 1056468

seriously stop with the commentary on bras. are you actually 50 years old?

No. 1056470

A lot of men hate high waisted pants in my experience. Probably because it gives women who are not the ideal body type more confidence to wear crop tops and they want those women to feel insecure and dress frumpy.

No. 1056471

Anyone would think that most of you anons were the middle aged grandmas in your trapeze tunics and black jeggings.

No. 1056473

someone please take trapeze top anon back to 2003
smells like a troon

No. 1056474


maybe you're just fat, anon. men love high waisted jeans when the person wearing it has an actual waist.

No. 1056479

Not to dietfag but honestly, she’s be better taking that $200 and getting one of those boxes where there portion it all out and send you the ingredients. Even making home made chicken nuggys and fries would save her a couple of thousand calories a week.

No. 1056480

Whose granny wears fucking leggings/jeggings? That would actually be pretty unflattering for many elderly women.
"Crop tops are universally flattering"

No. 1056482

Who the fuck cares what men love? Most men are ugly, hairy, greasy and gorilla like and have nothing valid to say. Even fridge shaped overweight women look less ugly than 80% of men and I don't even find women sexually attractive.

No. 1056483

Yep, found the troon.

I hate to say it but spending $200 at a grocery store is really easy anons.

You need your chimken nubbets, hambubgers, $30 of fruit that'll go bad, and enough white claws to last a weekend (at least 7 cases).

No. 1056485

A lot of older women wear jeggings. Maybe not elderly women but women in their 40s and 50s,usually with a longer, overly feminine blouse and a lot of younger self conscious women wear this type of outfit. I hate that look personally. It's so matronly.

No. 1056486

it was just >>1056482 but with less added.

No. 1056487

nta but you literally started the discourse about what men like when you stated most of them don’t like high waisted pants…

sorry all women don’t wear your uwu spinny skirts

No. 1056488

gotcha, i deleted after because i figured it was something along those lines after you reposted

No. 1056490


Found the floral vomit shark hem tunic lover. Maybe it's time to update your wardrobe.

No. 1056492

anon literally nobody wears that anymore

No. 1056495

Anon you have obviously never seen what's on sale at torrid.

No. 1056496

probably because we’re not fat trannies
post a pic of yourself and we’ll tell you if you’re passing or not

No. 1056497

i wonder if troon-chan here knows that there's other outfits out there besides "tunic and leggings" and "crop top and high waisted pants".

watch out anons. torrid is the only store anyone is ever allowed to shop at anymore.

No. 1056498


I'm guessing everyone you disagree with online is a troon.

You said no one wears that anymore and I pointed out a store that actually sells those clothes.

No. 1056499

Agreed. She should sign up for a meal box. But as pathetic as it is, I think even putting a few ingredients together is too much effort and work for her. And that's why she's never gonna lose weight unless she picks up an ED. Literally she is only willing to heat something up or eat something already prepared (take out). Its baffling but that's how she has been and always will be.

No. 1056500

the only other thing he knows is spinny skirts and cat ears

that’s what happens when you live an overly privileged, spoonfed life and never learn how to actually take care of yourself because you expect your parents or partner to

No. 1056501

I can't see Shay successfully having an ED. she's too far gone in her weight to get any attention for it like other ana-chans and she smokes too much weed to not eat all the time.

Even if she did get the meal box, who is to say that she wouldn't mow that shit down in the first day?

No. 1056502

Ok but she legitimately buys children's tops and size small on everything. We've seen her wishlist and shit. Shes not only not buying flattering shit, but she refuses to buy proper sized clothes. And it's not an oops this fits smaller than expected. Shes purposely and only buying size small clothes. Maybe medium from F21. Theres no excuse. She should not being wearing Small in anything.

No. 1056505

File: 1602440559964.png (300.84 KB, 750x1334, 53B3C27A-359A-4F99-B083-67E7F6…)

shayna is quaking because she’s the only one that retweets herself

No. 1056508

Yeah I mentioned that before that portion control is very important in dieting. And she is eating like a fatty now with absolutely no portion control. She could set a calorie limit for herself. She could start eating smaller amounts. Healthy snacks to hold her over.
It can be hard to get yourself into the routine but she's very much at the now or never point. She can look at her own pictures. In barely a year she's become undeniably overweight. Not obese, but She has ballooned up. Her lifestyle is not even close to healthy. And really shes the only one who knows exactly why, but everyone can see her eating habits and take an educated guess on the amount of activity she does daily which is either fuck all or maybe walking noodle to/at the park. But it seems like the park she goes to is a fenced dog park type where you just let your dog roam. So unless shes walking there and back a fair distance, it's not really doing anything but keeping her muscles from atrophying and her lungs from giving up kek.

No. 1056509


I have actually seen men complain a lot online about high waisted jeans/pants and the fact that low riders are not popular any more (maybe they have a small cult following on tik tok, but they'll never be nearly as big as they were back in the 00s because they are so uncomfortable and don't look good on most women).

Their biggest complaint is that fat women or women without an ideal figure can wear crop tops or tick their shirt in and they don't get to see thinner more conventionally attractive women wear low riders and show whale tails much anymore.

Of course the majority of men are going to think anything looks acceptable on a woman who is conventionally attractive, but most men hate it and feel like their power is lost when women who should 'know their place' wear cute, fashionable clothes and don't shamefully hide their bodies.

No. 1056511

no one cares.

No. 1056512

go away already

No. 1056516

File: 1602442063741.png (416.15 KB, 750x1334, 494521D4-8F41-4F31-AF57-E0A227…)

mark “talking about streaming on twitch again” off your bingo cards, ladies
this delusional bitch honestly thinks she could make a living as a streamer

No. 1056518

File: 1602442132996.png (260.67 KB, 750x1334, E3F6F1AD-E91E-4490-97A4-19E64B…)

No. 1056519

She really thinks…. She can hop off sex work to twitch lmao. Get a fucking job, Shayna.

No. 1056521

and she thinks she'll find positivity and real friends in the twitch thot community? ok then.

No. 1056522

why does she say this shit like she's made attempts at making friends? newsflash, shay, no one is rushing to befriend you because you act like a jealous and petty bitch the second someone is a bit more successful than you.

No. 1056523

samefag but christ, even the dogfucker didn't want to be friends with shay.

No. 1056524

this stupid bitch isn't engaging to talk to; no one is going to pay to talk to you on twitch. And the first time she flashes those disgusting tits; she will get banned.

No. 1056525

She needs to get off the internet and get some real hobbies and friends.

No. 1056529

I know this is like the most common nitpick, but does she really have to broadcast her every manic thought on twitter? She has to know her cucks dont care and the only people getting anything from those tweets are, well, us. How sad, we're her biggest "fans"

No. 1056531

she always immediately dirty deletes, but the bitch honestly just needs a diary at this point

No. 1056536

Jesus Christ Shayna it’s to prevent election interference. Get a fucking grip. It’s temporary. You and your fellow whores will be fine. I truly cannot stand this bitch. I used to feel sorry for her but now she just makes me mad.

No. 1056539

Well, dogfucker dawn did wanna be friends and help her. Shayna just sat in her room alone drinking and didn't bother to clean her filth up. That's sure to break a friendship. Why does she expect her friendships to work when she's selfish and isolates herself?

No. 1056541

Not just anyone can be a streamer and make decent money. The fact that she knows fuck all about the community, equipment, gaming, etc. But also that you have to play the popular trending games and/or have a really entertaining personality to even get some views. Establishing regular views and followers and gaining enough to even make some side cash is tough. It takes a lot of dedication, time, effort, and again actually knowing about gaming and streaming.
It's not turning on your shitty webcam and showing your tits easy.

No. 1056542

Lmao this. Gaming community and twitch is so fucking toxic. But I guess because its primarily dudes it's ok. How does she think shes gonna make friends anyway?

No. 1056544

Shaytard is an idiot if she thinks she can make money off of gaming. She has a bland personality, she’s ugly, and she’s fat. Guys like to “simp” and watch girls who are pretty like pokimane. Shayna has no sex appeal. And if you find her attractive enough you don’t even have to pay to get off to her. Her pussy is plastered all over her Twitter feed for free. Putting on cat ear headphone and getting a basic pink gamer chair doesn’t make you a gamer girl shay

No. 1056545

She was just talking to an orbiter the other day now she's on this? It's so fucked up how she treats people. Bratty and multiple girls have fought her battles. She has a WHOLE discord full of clit suckers, yet she always forgets about everyone who helped her when she gets in her feelings.

No. 1056547

Does she not see how people treat those girls? She'll be treated like shit, instead of people just ignoring her and some people talking shit, Reddit will be ready to jump on her shit.

No. 1056549

It's not like the streaming community is going to be much different, you idiot. Your shit is all archived here and is the first thing that comes up when anyone searches your name. Just pack it up and remove yourself from the internet for a while, damn.

No. 1056550

She'll probably get a small and useless audience of ugly greasy neckbeards with no money who are desperate and expect her to do something for nothing. I mean any woman can get an audience online but you have to stand out to get anything but a bit of useless attention from a few low value desperate men.

No. 1056552

File: 1602444545134.jpeg (313.22 KB, 1242x948, DAC4A4BB-B1CC-462C-9A32-45284A…)

She been off for a week now jfc
She pisses me off. You have the easiest “job” in the world. Just take a double chin boob pic your orbiters will love it you don’t even have to get off your porkstained couch to take it!!

No. 1056553

because she's selfish and thinks like a narcissist. she thinks friendships only go one way, and that one way is to benefit her. If she's not gaining anything, it's not a friendship to her and she cuts it off.

No. 1056554

Her only viewers on her streams will be 𝘔𝘢𝘤𝘥𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘺𝘨𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘴 and 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘺𝘩𝘢𝘪𝘳_𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘰𝘭𝘥 kek

No. 1056559

Average looking women also receive more hostility online from their followers because their followers feel entitled to a real relationship. Even the most disgusting and old ass men think they are entitled to actually get to be with a girl just because she doesn't look like Pokimaine.

They're not going to give this girl money and if they do they will expect much more than feet pics in return.

The less attractive you are the more demanding and entitled men behave as soon as you start giving them any attention.

No. 1056562

I would love to see this spoiled brat try to hack it on Twitch. Can you imagine her on-stream whining? She'd end up getting dragged on YouTube in a heartbeat.

No. 1056563

You've posted multiple times, can you please sage for once so it doesn't constantly bump the thread? We know scrotes have low standards, we get it.

No. 1056565

Honestly I don't understand why average plainer looking girls ever bother to do sex work.

It's not like with Belle Delphine who only has to cosplay, sell her bath water and throw eggs on herself.

Men will actually expect you to do gross, humiliating shit and you will actually have to take your clothes off and let's face it most men aren't attractive themselves. You actually have to fake being aroused over some stinky baldy 3 times your age or some fat guy with a pedo stache.

I don't understand what the benefit is. Just get a day job.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1056588

anon you do know your same fagging is obvious when you ignore people telling you to sage and keep the same writing style?

No. 1056590

You should check the Belle thread in the /w catalog if you think she isn't doing gross humiliating shit.

No. 1056599

oh bless your heart

No. 1056606

(This is assuming she’s legitimately bipolar like she says she is)
But it feels like she’s intentionally self-sabotaging her sex work career. Maybe deep down she knows people are bound to get sick of funding her “days off”, realize she doesn’t do shit and stop supporting her.

No. 1056612

why put in the effort of the weird incest videos over the last month tho? she's done this multiple times now

No. 1056625

Literally hasnt taken more than a couple nudes this entire week.

Poor girl lives such a stressful, hard life. Slave to her MeNtAl iLlNeSs!

No. 1056627

She could just make streams from her ps4 to start off with. Or buy a capture card and stream her ps4 from her computer. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than buying a whole ass gaming computer. Shit if her internet is good enough she could do remote play and stream that. She's just being lazy as fuck at this point. It's not as nice as a set up from your computer but considering she would have like maybe 4 people watch her if she's lucky she doesn't need that fancy setup yet! Streaming from her ps4 would be perfectly fine.

No. 1056628

samefag because I'm retarded but I meant to respond to >>1056516

No. 1056629

>capture card

didn't she already try to buy one once and ended up with something else entirely? she got quiet about streaming for a while after that kek

she can't fucking figure that shit out herself, this is just a lot of noise before she drops it again because she doesn't have anyone around to physically do it for her

No. 1056630

Yeah she bought a stream deck which is the entirely wrong thing and those aren't cheap, they start at around a hundred bucks. Fucking idiot can't even buy the correct equipment so what makes her think she ever has a shot at streaming successfully?

No. 1056633

Lol remember when she triumphantly announced she will commit to 4 videos per week?

No. 1056638


She could, but Shay is retarded so I don't see it happening.

I'd love to see her go for it. It would be literally two seconds before she'd be back on twitter bitching about Wraiths with 4000 kills being "toxic" on mic because she sucks at aiming.

Have we ever seen her play? I'm trying to imagine getting her as a squadmate.
I'd get a kick out of watching her struggle but then again, it's not like Twitch scrotes give a fuck if girls can actually play. They do generally need to have some sex appeal, though. Sorry, Shay.

I swear she does this multiple times a week. Like it's a fucking meme at this point. Someone needs to start keeping track of how many back-to-back "new upload schedule!!!" and "pay for my day off!" tweets go up in the same day.

No. 1056639

Gotta love how reliably lazy she is. She never fails kek

No. 1056648

File: 1602458527839.jpg (700.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201011-182339_Twi…)

Her hands look like she's a corpse

No. 1056652

This bitch needs some nail polish and nail oil especially for her crusty ass toes, I'm surprised we haven't seen more feet stuff from her. We probably haven't since her feet are pretty crusty. She should get one of those foot peeling masks.

Lmao I remember that I just can't deal with her stupidity, watching her do literally anything just frustrates me.

No. 1056658

Jesus Christ you’re embarrassing yourself. At least sage your posts so it’s not glaringly obvious it’s just you sperging out.

No. 1056713

didn't she want to stream fortnite at first, why doesn't she just install obs and start already? honestly it just feels like she was impulse buying instead of trying to start streaming, i sometimes have to wonder if she just buys stuff not for wanting the stuff, but just for the sensation of buying things…

No. 1056716

File: 1602465468089.jpg (215.03 KB, 1080x1440, 20201011_201900.jpg)

Dish the dirt girl.

No. 1056720

she fucking tweeted almost this exact complaint nearly 2 months ago… pathetic.

No. 1056721

Was about to say the same thing, I remember it.

And she still trying. Bitch he doesn't want you, move the fuck on, nothing will change that.

No. 1056727

Jesus christ, this is like when your idiot HS friend won't quit dating the same loser and you have to hear about the same bullshit every month
On her sexworker account no less

No. 1056728


Fupa Saga prt. 2???

No. 1056729

It never ended dude

No. 1056730

You're not in love, you're dependent on someone else to make you feel better and fix your shit. If you love someone you don't always expect them to fix every single issue. Her dependency on everything from food to weed to Fupa just proves how she can't confront any of her problems or flaws and fix them herself.

No. 1056732

File: 1602467033887.png (254.26 KB, 1024x536, download (2).png)

but yeah

No. 1056739

File: 1602467884774.png (35.12 KB, 578x322, 2020-10-11 21_39_29-Window.png)

No. 1056750

so go the fuck home you dumb bitch.

i have never seen someone so easily able to run home to mommy and daddy constantly refuse to do so. maybe if she went home she wouldn't be as much of a fat fuck. her "perfect bimbo sex worker life" would end but at this point that'd only be good for her.

No. 1056753

For some reason she thinks going home to her parents is a worse thing than fawning over fupa for years when he doesn't even want her.

Just cos he shags you doesn't mean he cares about you or even likes you. Men are weird like that. They'll fuck people they don't even find attractive cos they're that desperate.

He thinks nothing of you girl. And you can't change dudes, I mean you'd think he was some hot catch the way she goes after him but he's trash.

No. 1056756

File: 1602470150876.jpg (277.7 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20201012-033320_Twi…)

The fucking irony

No. 1056763

File: 1602471288710.jpeg (551.09 KB, 1242x934, AEBAE046-F877-4B6C-8ED0-372314…)

Is he so retarded he doesn’t remember what happened to him

No. 1056764

I thought this was the same exact tweet from the original break down that I had to check for the date.
To think this could all be over if he just blocked her number and never spoke to her again. Do you think she'd finally get the hint and move on?

No. 1056770

File: 1602471851055.jpeg (28.79 KB, 750x274, 7844E195-A049-4F91-92F5-F188FD…)

No. 1056772

But it’s the meds that make you gain, right shaytard?

No. 1056789

Kinda OT but has she ever has this kinda simp interaction before? Idk what her norm is but this crop of dudes seems intensely ugly and creepy.

No. 1056793

In her cam shows sometimes. If they got too weird or gross she would kick them off/block them whatever. She’s so desperate now she’ll take what she can get.

I can’t imagine living such a depressing shit life all for some dick. Like seriously shay…come the fuck on. The relationship will go no where. You’ll be in the same exact place a year from now, only fatter and probably officially obese.

Go home.

No. 1056855

Imagine thinking it's normal for your boyfriend to always answer the phone asking "what's wrong" and then being surprised he got tired of it

No. 1056861

File: 1602490000690.jpeg (1.78 MB, 2999x3999, 16CD7A5D-E3D4-43CE-A263-C6A3E8…)

random poorly formatted tidbits from her discord tonight
mostly uninteresting but a new orbiter has suddenly appeared
also kek @ her calling tumblr a “big break”

No. 1056862

File: 1602490228670.png (270.66 KB, 750x1334, FF11354A-6F18-4ED0-BEC9-5B9641…)

No. 1056863

File: 1602490329931.png (273.25 KB, 750x1334, 56F25C42-6B35-48DB-9271-83CE25…)

No. 1056864

File: 1602490424311.png (351.78 KB, 750x1334, 8B18CB74-0E77-4BD7-8011-EBE1A8…)

No. 1056867

so she tells her dad her pills make her gain weight after posting about eating ice cream for dinner and getting drunk. None of her orbiters give a fuck to tell her the truth. Then she says, "going through a break up during quaratine and isolation" as if she hasn't broken up with Fupa 15 times since this started and even MORE times before this started.

I love how she blames the community for her being jealous, not the fact that her sex work is identical, nope everyone else is evil because she's jealous of them, they MADE her jealous of them

No. 1056869

Sage for no contribute but that “criminal psych” user creeps me out. Who tf is active in a shitty sex workers discord right before meeting clients? what a weird LARP

No. 1056888

Shayna and her stupidass "If you won't play by my rules, then I'll just take my toys and leave! That'll show you!" way of thinking. When has she ever tried to help her fellow sex workers or offer advice she wasn't asking $100 for?

No. 1056897

Thanks for putting the image of her absent mindedly peeling off the loose yellow skin off her gross feet on cam in my head