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No. 816850

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous topics discussed include:
>Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie
>H3H3 aka Ethan & Hila Klein
>Emilia Fart
>Drama Channels
>Lifestyle Bloggers
>Family Bloggers
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No. 816887

I like Emilia Fart, but I can see how people think she's a cow.

No. 816894

Mumkey Jones cheated on his girlfriend with a furry paedophile.

His response https://twitter.com/VincentHatesGod/status/1133497348309626880?s=09

No. 816903

What's the milk on her?

No. 816905

She’s not necessarily “milky” (from what I know of) but she’s been defending Trisha even though Trisha thinks Emilia is just a character. Emilia also tattooed Trisha on her leg I believe. Some people also just find her to be annoying, personally I don’t see why she has so many fans.

No. 816918

H3H3 have become absolutely insufferable - their last video was just a sort by popular all time on a subreddit.

Slightly related: I hate how every youtuber has decided they can do a podcast. Sorry, you're boring and your voice is awful. I feel this about youtubers I even like. I tried to listen to one episode of Cr1tikals podcast and god he and his friends are so boring.

No. 816925

Leaving this here
What's happening to Lia?

No. 816929

obviously on drugs

No. 816930

ethan’s raging misogyny is getting so fucking old. actually, it’s always been old. but the last few times i attempted to watch the podcast i was distracted by the fact that he seems to fucking get off on talking about how stupid and pathetic and useless random women are. women he’s never even met or spoken to, mind you. just random fucking women online, everywhere from kim k to trisha paytas and everyone in between. his wife is too cute for that shit and i wish she’d tell him to stfu more often
>what happened to this girl who admits she uses drugs?

gee anon i wonder

No. 816932

yeah i watched his instagram vs reality video and it made me uncomfortable when he just went in trashing these women. he really seems to enjoy it.

No. 816960

I tried to post this last thread but it was already locked, theres been tons more videos on this now.

No. 816962

it pissed me off that it felt like he co opted this movement of exposing instagram's lies to call women landwhales while still looking like a good guy who's promoting positivity.

Insulting people's real appearances while then saying they don't really need photoshop is so contradictory, how do his followers still eat that up?

No. 816981

I tried to watch Cr1tikal's podcast once as well. His voice is nice, but the other three members need to be interchanged with him. I like pod casts with only two people so the banther doesnt get insane. I dunno why so many youtubers think they can podcast.

No. 816984

Why doesn't Hila say anything? it makes me sad since people who dont call out shitty sexist behavior are pretty much condoning it. The fact that ethan is 35(?) and is still in this edgelord sexist attitude is alarming, considering Hila is about to give birth.

No. 817021

I read I think on their subreddit, that Ethan said Hila made him take out “really bad” comments he made in the Instagram vs reality vid, so she’s was completely fine with the finale product.

She reminds me of Marzia, she says fuck all about the bad shit her partner does/says and gets a free pass.

No. 817035

another youtuber cheating on their partner with a fan lmao. hope his girlfriend breaks it off if she hasn't already

No. 817070

Hila doesn't care. She's not exactly a stellar individual either so thinking she'd go up to bat against her husband being a dumbass as always is a stretch

No. 817079

Shes just mentally ill and a rape/child molestation victim. I hope nobody directs any hatred towards her because I havent seen her do anything particularly bad and she doesnt seem to be a bad person? Shes going to be chewed up and spit out by Trisha though and theres nothing anybody can do about it because Emilia is basically defending their new found ~bff friendship~ because its "her dream". Its really sad. Trisha clearly wanted nothing to do with her until she found she could use her.

No. 817097

do people actually think she's not acting?

No. 817099

I do think part of it is an act and staged(the interviews with her family, for one and the "doing weird things in public" stuff), but there have been posts from people who claim to know her that claim she really does have psychological problems and she behaves the way she does(completely letting herself go physically among other things which are not normal in any context) because of the molestation and rape trauma. And that she is very naive and trusting of people out of desperation to be accepted. I dont doubt at all that her theatre kid background comes into play in some of her videos.

No. 817100

Samefagging to say her obsession with celebrities and Trisha Paytas comes off as genuine to me as well. Its typical of someone who cant function in a normal relationship, and creates a life in their mind involving celebrities rather than remaining grounded in reality. And Trisha is really shitty to be playing along with it.

No. 817104

I think she is just sick and uses impulsively venting on YouTube as an unusual coping strategy. She's said things like "my therapist doesn't like when I post videos like this." she's also admitted to being addicted to alcohol/hard drugs as a teenager (before/after age 14 iirc) and that she partied HARD for several years. she's completely sober now.

I would totally believe the combo of trauma and drugs on a developing brain just fucked her up mentally. she's clearly paranoid+delusional and I've personally speculated that she's on government support, if her family isn't just wealthy and floating her.

she seems (mostly) genuine apart from her obviously playing into her own delusions of grandeur to film herself being a shameless creeper in public. Overall she's harmless. But yeah I just pray Trisha leaves her tf alone and doesn't damage her even more with """fame""", she deserves to live out her own weird life in Canada posting goofy shit that makes her child mind happy

No. 817106

You're right. I saw about 0.5 seconds of Trisha's "giving best friend a make-over" video and Trisha makes a joke about having overfilled duck lips, Emilia says she wants hers filled and was thinking about using the fucking quack (pun intended) who does Trisha's, and Trisha says "oh yeah, she's great! She's never done anything, like, wrong or anything."

I hope she doesn't go along with it to give her some views and turn herself into some kind of weird Mini-Me version that Trisha can parade around to make herself feel better.

No. 817108

I dont think that Emilia is functional enough socially or intellectually to be a ~mini Trisha~ tbh. Theres a clear difference there. Like the reply here says >>817104 she has a child like mind due to whatever all happened to her in her teen years. After hanging out with Trisha for a bit I do think she going to withdraw herself again to her own devices. Shes riding a high right now of >Trisha is paying attention to me!! And she probably genuinely feels shes in a relationship with her now, to an extent. And Trish is of mind enough to know that you have to be more careful around some people, but shes a piece of shit cunt who just doesnt give a fuck, and much like the other youtubers shes used, when Emilia is no longer of use to her, she's going to create some weird drama with her, talk shit about how "weird and scary" Emilia is, just like she did with Nicocado, and Emilia is going to take it really hard Im sure. It wont be pretty.

No. 817119

File: 1559535598670.png (87.1 KB, 883x154, crooked nose demon ass.PNG)

lol i asked for this thread to be made and then didn't even check to see it was made
Lia has been on a downward spiral since mid 2018, I remember her cultists plastering pics of her smoking and acting like a trashy druggie all over 4chan.
She chopped all of her hair off, got a nose ring, started getting tattoos (or writing on herself?), dying her hair, going to parties (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjlp92bla71)

I hate how all of a sudden everyone is blowing up about this for attention. Her drugginess is old news. This hideous neoweeb Repzilla hopped on the clout train and did a video on her, he first came to my attention when the Taylor Nicole Dean drama was in its infancy. I can't stand him. He's so disgusting and creepy looking and I can't bear with his nasally half-British half-retard accent.

No. 817163

>with his nasally half-British half-retard accent.
LOL wut. Half britisb? He's from like Tuscaloosa

No. 817174

File: 1559543672363.jpg (79.95 KB, 1267x675, ew.JPG)

He's from like special ed with whatever sped accent he's pulling off, he looks like a 40 year old ex-scene band frontman pedophile, everything he does screams "please pay attention to me" from the subject matter of his videos to the funko pops and google images anime posters propped all over his filthy dank abode

No. 817195

He's an egotistical mess but he also has a not-too-old brain injury from being hit by a car, coming for the way someone speaks due to a brain injury is low.

No. 817238

He's honestly one of the less egotistical YouTubers I've seen. Not a fan of his, but wouldn't consider him a cow.

No. 817257

The Youtuber Primink did a video on him in actually. It's about his connection with The Rewired Soul, another channel that got in trouble for marketing himself as a therapist and armchair diagnosing other youtubers.

No. 817262

The Rewired Soul takedown video is an especially good watch.

No. 817277

People have been trying to start threads/post milk on this guy. He's done some fucked up shit. But one of the lolcow mods/possibly the admin is up his butt, and any milk or screenshots that get posted get taken down before too long.

No. 817290

Thank you for mentioning this anon. I tried getting a thread started on him but I was attacked by multiple anons being extremely aggressive for no reason. They were telling me he wasn’t milky and I was just obsessed with him…? It blew my mind. I really do believe he has connections here.

No. 817292

Nta but Ive seen this a lot lately with multiple things/people posted here. Stuff either gets deleted or people get banned or warned simply for having an opinion(thats very much on topic) that the mod just obviously doesnt like.

No. 817293

File: 1559577759836.png (1.49 MB, 1440x1752, 8chan.png)

oh! you're the repzilla-sperg who tried to make like 7 different threads and threw a hissy fit when mods shut you down for not providing any milk/no one caring? and your 8chan thread didn't work either so you're back here to sperg about it? welcome back lmao. I'm like your #1 fan repzilla-sperg. I bookmarked your 8chan thread to see if there was actually any milk (because I would be interested if there was) but you still didn't provide anything other than vendetta shit.

>But one of the lolcow mods/possibly the admin is up his butt

You literally created an entire new board as an admin on 8chan for your vendetta. There's nothing else there….but sure, it's lolcow that's the problem. Mods have honestly explained this several times already. You can't just say "guys seriously he's done fucked up shit I swear you have to believe me!!" and not provide any actual milk/proof. He doesn't need his own thread (or his own board, what the fuck) if you have milk to share just share it here. Why don't you do that instead of tinfoiling about mods and accusing everyone of being him? Speaking of, inb4 reee ur shane!!!!. You've just created a real Streisand effect for yourself is all.

No. 817307

Kek! Holy shit relax. I only posted like once and for you to scream that it’s the samefag is amusing. There’s multiple people in this thread who think he’s done sketchy things, whether he’s a cow or not. Stop being triggered

No. 817376

Uhh no, that wasn't me. I've never had anything on this board deleted and I don't use 8chan. I just hate him.

I did not know he had a brain injury. Most people I know/have seen with brain injuries didn't develop speech issues from it so I guess I was ignorant, I apologize, I still can't stand him though

No. 817391

damn wtf chill. I have never used 8chan, and I don't really know anything about the guy? I just found it interesting that his threads (that did have multiple screenshots of him threatening legal action against smaller youtube creators/siccing his fans on people he was having problems with) were shut down so quickly and aggressively. kinda like how you're behaving right now.

No. 817582

File: 1559604820420.png (377.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190505-113116.png)

No. 817598

he had brought up his brain injury during times in which he was being called out, (like priminks video). Unfortunately he has the tendency to use it for pity points, I doubt he’s lying about it though.

No. 817648

It's kind of interesting seeing how long time creators like Eddy Burback have trouble climbing up the commentary ladder but out of nowhere dudes like Ryan Trahan hit a million in no time because he's a twinky looking white guy.

God I wish I were a twinky white guy

No. 817659

I was just watching some eddy ft. Gus video and i think it's mostly due to eddy's kinda wonky post scheduling. This twink dude is so boring compared to him tho, i wonder if anyone can binge watch his shit.

No. 817743

His brain injury is real but like any narc he's going to duck behind it when he needs to. The Primink video indulged the vendetta anon who was posting those rubbish Discord caps here but I'm still here for Primink picking apart RS and Repzilla.

No. 817912

he's so boring to watch. he reminds me of danny gonzalez. i can't get through his videos either, just so boring.

No. 818293

this is a couple of weeks old but it's hilarious how this idiot played himself

No. 818301

which one? because the comments are full of people calling out jake's hypocrisy

No. 818321

Nayrt, but I think anon means Jake. Cody hasnt done anything to deserve that kind of calling out. Jake looked brain damaged that whole video

No. 818328

oh that makes sense then

No. 818333

it was about jake.he wanted to appear as a saviour while he had no solid arguments aside from "ur a cyberbully" which isnt even the case.he was mostly projecting imo

Im glad cody got exposure out of this idiot's stupidity

No. 819204


Speaking about Cody, he made a that's cringe video, reacting to this…

Never in my life I was so put off and disgusted by molly or whatever the shit they are on.

No. 819215

I went in expecting to be cringed but actually I'm just sad that I'm not half of a young supermodel hippy couple that lives in some beautiful minimal apartment, spending our whole days on the beach, painting and making smothiebowls whilst saying how much we love each other.
It's true this can't last forever for them, and their life might not even be as good or filled with live as they're presenting, but what a great snapshot to look back on when they're older and more straight laced.
I've never even had a smoothiebowl.

>you're literally the best artist on this planet ever shout out Kanye and Picasso…. And Steve Jobs


No. 819242

I'm a little jealous of the lifestyle too but there's absolutely no way that they act like this when the camera isn't rolling. You can tell that behind the scenes they're probably non-stop screaming at each other when one of them has a bad trip. This is all an act.

No. 819273

Neither of them have anything going on between the eyes; are they even capable of reminiscing? Claire seems like the type who'll end up in prison for grifting anyway.
Their 'lifestyle' doesn't exist. The closest you get to it in reality is retirees who've stopped giving a fuck about the world around them moving to Florida.

Claire has some of the most highly-curated videos on social media; every scene is selected for its maximum appeal to tired, anxious women who've read Eat Pray Love one too many times and believe that they can escape their problems and find meaning by moving to a place where life is perceived to be simpler. It's a dangerous mixture of self-absorbed ~discover yourself~ New Age woo and retirement community-tier advertising with the production values scaled up and the target age scaled down.

You know how you're totally happy to go home after a lengthy beach vacation? That's because spending all day on the beach and doing leisure activities becomes boring as shit really quickly unless you're brain-dead. Most people have to be working towards something or otherwise contributing to a wider community in order to feel fulfilled.

No doubt that Claire spends most of her downtime peeled to her phone, as she, like all of the other New Age instathots, has forgotten one of the most important aspects of living a meaningful life- community. The reason why people in places like Micronesia and other island nations are/were content is not because they live on tropical islands, but because they have/had a strong community with strong traditions, and where everybody contributes to the survival of the group and alleviating the monotony of island life. Moving to an island to live a meaningful, 'self-actualized' life is like putting on a lab coat in hopes that it'll turn you into a molecular biologist. If Claire's happy there then it's not because her life is good but because she's getting high out of her mind on a regular basis and doesn't have much going on there to begin with.

sage for massive sperg

No. 819287

She has a thread on gurugossiper, apparently the boyfriend has control over the money she earns and is all around a sketchy character. They're both scammers, too, and Claire comes from a loaded family (obviously)

No. 819351

He just has a southern accent???

No. 819386

pewdiepie dropped this, the promo is super dodgy? it's an app that asks for like 100% of your info, all the reviews say it's dodgy as fuck. what the fuck felix.
apparently every minute of your life is in game currency/a social media ~experience

do not download this shit. apparently it's hard to delete once it's downloaded/registered.


No. 819431

I agree. I couldn't find a lot of info about the company behind it since most of it was in ukrainian but the app apparently tracks your location and is full of sex bots.

No. 819645

Just went on their website, it's beyond creepy. Looking into more tea on this now.

No. 819765

Why are all these commentary youtubers so boring, forced, creepy looking, and nasally sounding?

No. 819795

File: 1560030810590.jpeg (319.69 KB, 2690x1079, 4587969A-B657-4568-8EBA-9953B1…)

what in the fuck is this legit cult shit

No. 819857

File: 1560040954468.png (205.33 KB, 1178x1054, umwhat.png)


yeah this is starting to get weird. their privacy policy is screaming about how they're going to use your data, dont blame us later uwu!!

I'm digging around now to see what people are saying, will drop relevant milk when i find it. this looks scary, who the fuck actually reads these privacy policies?

No. 819861

File: 1560041434829.png (271.49 KB, 1146x1192, umwhatttttttt.png)

gonna be saging what I drop from hereon out, any law student anons have any idea how normal this is? PASSPORT INFO?

also not relevant but seriously reminds me of this lmao life imitates art

No. 819897

so basically it's just massive data collection on you, posited as a game.

No. 819910

it's just another trap to collect people's personal info and sell it to companies. Damn, Felix is really promoting scams lately. First Dlive and now this.

No. 819914

This seems worse than data collection, With passport, tax, bank, location, name they can attempt fraud or identity theft. Way too much information. Pewdiepie is shilling for this?

No. 819924

It's seems fishy especially since the ToS allows people ages 12+. A 12 year old has sometime before they have to start worrying about taxes.

No. 819932

a ""ukrainian"" social media app that wants all of your personal information including your passport and pays pewdiepie to shill for them. who falls for this shit besides 12 yo's?

No. 819949

Going to have to drag up old milk, this sounds like an updated verion of BeCandid https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/BeCandid

No. 819959

File: 1560067627154.png (461.07 KB, 584x597, eugenia.png)

just found out a more recent photo of eugenia from late may and she looks so much healthier.im happy she finally did this for herself (this was posted on her hairstylist's instagram and it's most likely recent)

No. 819965


No. 819982

Recovery isn't as easy as gaining weight and her face has always looked far healthier than the rest of her body until very recently.

No. 820155

go away sperg

i know it's more than just looks but her expression seems better too if that makes sense.tbh i would prefer if she stayed away from the internet forever so her recovery wouldnt be disrupted by idiots online but it's good to know she at least seems to be doing better

No. 820173

oh my god she looks like my grandma

No. 820177

why be an asshole to her

No. 820185

at least she looks like a “grandma” than a empaciated skeleton.

I seriously hope she stays off the internet too, I guess it’s hopeful seeing her slowly gaining back weight.

No. 820379

Just what is it that makes these men go nuts once they become a ~big youtuber~ and cheat on their girlfriend? Usually with someone who's a massive downgrade too? Sheep (Mumkey's girlfriend) was the breadwinner and a very sweet person who supported Mumkey's ~youtube career~ while having a real job of her own, the other bitch was a degenerate druggie furry who made her living drawing cub porn.

Idk if people follow that circle of "drama youtubers" but Mumkey's old partner Assburger was jailed recently for beating up his wife in an alcohol-fueled rage. It's a shame because both Assburger and Mumkey could both be very hilarious with their comedy, but abusive dicks deserve no sympathy.

No. 820602

File: 1560200762285.jpg (140.07 KB, 1080x1212, IMG_20190610_230122.jpg)


So, Slazo, a commentary youtuber close to 1 mln, is having a scandal or more like he's getting cancelled right now. The link is to the imgur album with caps, sorry for not posting them directly but there's a lot

No. 820612

if these are real he does sound really rapey but also I couldn't help reading out all the times he said "baby" in his goofyass voice and I just can't kek. he's like 17/18 polish australian dude with a taste of "fame", ofc he's gonna be like this.

No. 820621

look at the dates this is old as shit

No. 820653

why do you care about these antisocial weaboo freaks. none of them are funny. get a better sense of humor.

No. 820738

>2017 and 2018 timestamps
bitch, what the fuck. he coerced a girl into sex a year and change ago and it’s fine because “it was a long time ago?”

No. 820793

Jesus Christ that's disturbing. Being "horny" is no excuse to touch someone without permission, especially your girlfriend? I did watch a video of his once and I was just imagining him saying all that creepy shit in his dopey voice. Eugh.

No. 820945

Fart just posted a new video, and at the 6:22 mark she says she will finally take her chin scarf off if she reaches 1 million subscribers.

No. 820986

She’s an annoying unfunny attention whore. I used to watch her but I can’t stand this shit

No. 821018

>taking off my chin scarf would be good for me
>which is why i am waiting until i receive enough validation in the form of youtube subscribers to do it

No. 821112

Is this a self post? This reads fake as hell like a little girl wrote it in her head.

No. 821130

I wonder why she is this way. I'll refrain from armchair diagnoses but someone mentioned one that fits her criteria. I find her interesting but no one seems to be talking about wtf is wrong with her (or idk where to find discussion lol) beyond "lel omg shez like sooo real u guyz" bullshit.

No. 821137

>lel omg shez like sooo real u guyz" bullshit

the ironic thing is that many of her videos start with her being annoying and saying random shit and towards the end they get "deep" and "serious" and sometimes she cries too.and those videos feel way too scripted and i wonder how people call her real and shit when she does this all the time.it's honestly tiring and forced

I wouldnt mind her at all if she was genuinely weird,but she obviously forces the act to get attention.such a lifestyle and behaviour arent good for her emotional being despite her saying she is happier now than she was when she was more "normal"

No. 821145

I agree. It's formulaic and predictable as hell. She even speaks in a certain cadence when she gets uwu deep it's cringey af.

Admittedly I find it interesting to watch how readily she admits she loves and needs attention all the time.
Now she's falling into the youtube bullshit. I watched the video where she has a sleepover with Trisha Paytas and Emilia was kissing ass the whole time. I see beyond what Emilia thinks she's projecting and speculate about it in my head lol

No. 821160

well, it's not fake since Slazo kinda admitted it's true (although "there's a lot of false things in her statement" he said; even though he admitted he apologized before for what he did etc. Classic damage control I guess)
This girl may be just not that eloquent/mature, idk, I don't know her but I see that she's friends (along with Slazo) with the commentary youtube. It's a big thing now in the community, and he's not a small irrelevant youtuber, so I posted.

No. 821162

File: 1560326540946.jpg (116.43 KB, 1080x835, IMG_20190612_100145.jpg)

No. 821163

File: 1560326575223.jpg (352.33 KB, 1054x1518, IMG_20190612_100057.jpg)

No. 821164

File: 1560326613667.jpg (431.77 KB, 1073x1722, IMG_20190612_100114.jpg)

No. 821165

File: 1560326715260.jpg (394.08 KB, 1068x1708, IMG_20190612_100128.jpg)

No. 821166

File: 1560327103265.jpg (274.67 KB, 1080x1720, IMG_20190612_101144.jpg)

I don't want to flood the thread for those who are not interested, but she posted caps of their convo before "exposing" him I guess

No. 821192

why is exposing in quotes? she did expose him. dude is a fucking creep. they always say they’ve changed, but there’s always more victims that haven’t said anything yet.

No. 821197

sorry, you're right.
I think there's something seriously wrong with him, how manic he acted, lovebombed her and in general sounded like he's fucking delayed with those baby baby i love u-s. Gives me the creeps. And the messages how he can't stop himself and he might rape her, and now he's saying it was because of the distance and his strict parents…? Wtf

I feel sorry for her, because I feel like this is going to get really dirty.

No. 821241

>I feel like this is going to get really dirty.
Agreed, incels are going to argue that since she replied with other jokes when he was making jokes about being "rapey", that this somehow makes him actually raping her ok. Or some other crazy bullshit. They will drag every single meme or word she's ever posted through the mud whilst sweeping everything he's ever actually done under the rug.

No. 821341

For now, the response is overwhelmingly supportive because a lot of youtubers (imallexx, memeulous, bluesdank, kingani, basically the crew than hung out with Slazo lately) spoke out in Chey's support. From what I'm understanding, she's friends with some or all of these people so it's not like she's a random nobody (can be wrong though, she's friends with kingani at least)
But he said he wants to "cover it all properly" or something to Keem, so that's what I'm more concerned about. Those fucks can never just apologize, huh.

No. 821564

I know it's not proof but months ago I got a really strange feeling from some creepy comments he made and I just up and unsubbed because he really just gave me a bad vibe, I guess I was exactly right. He sounds identical to a guy I knew in high school who repeatedly touched girls without their permission and typed the exact same way and the same rapey type stuff as slazo
did and his mistakes are definitely not just innocent errors, it is absolutely proof of being a scummy shitty person with no care for anyone else. Of course he just wants to hide it lol

No. 821681

>>821564 you happen to remember what it was, anon? I generally liked him for quite a while but after he started pushing his other channel, i resorted to rewatching his old videos and thought he had if not incely vibes, then creepy vibes.

No. 821770

One of the disturbing things about this Slazo story emerging is you now have all these 12/13 year olds on youtube comments and twitter discussing the subject of abuse in relationships and sexual assault.

It's painful to read childrens (well.. childish) opinions on things like this and it's disgusting that his following is so young and exposed to this. Kids all fighting over who's guilty or innocent or whether she had it coming to her.. Dude needs to address it

No. 821817

dan just posted a very long winded video to explain that he’s bisexual of course he doesn’t use that word because for some reason no bisexual people ever want to call themselves that

No. 821818

cringed when he started going on about gender and trans shit but otherwise (as a long retired phan kek) I'm happy he finally did it.

No. 821821

File: 1560458520988.jpg (316.46 KB, 1079x1057, Screenshot_20190613-234134_Twi…)

samefag but I'm guessing this is phan sailing? or at least Phil coming out again

No. 821823


I honestly felt sorry for him. He seems to have a lot of trauma from being bullied.

No. 821824

He lowkey admitted to being in a relationship with Phil in the video. He referred to Phil as his 'soulmate'.

No. 821841

I kinda got the feeling that he is no longer with phil tho? The whole "cute mutuals send me dms" thing. What a weirdass day for all the retired phan fags such as myself.

No. 821845

>>821841 I got the feeling that they're fuck buddies/in an open relationship. The way he talked about not wanting everything to be out there if something goes wrong.. idk just the general way he spoke about it made me think this.
But I won't lie, it annoys me they just won't be straightforward about it.. now people will just speculate even more

No. 821895

why are dan and phil so weird and vague about their relationship? idgi

No. 821906

yeah, that threw me off too. plus like it really makes 0 sense to be like "I'm into guys, Phil was involved with me romantically and we're soul mates but like I want to keep things private". obviously Phil had a big influence in coming to terms with himself so he cannot omit him but then it makes their current status confusing if he concludes it like that, he loves keeping shit ambiguous but like it's weird now that he's proper out.

I legit thought my phan theory days are like a 6 year old past kek, is this how 50 year old ladies dressing up for a disco themed bingo night feel

No. 821917

>But I won't lie, it annoys me they just won't be straightforward about it.. now people will just speculate even more

Thing is at the end of the day, he's a celebrity. He doesn't need to share every detail but expecting people not to speculate is unreasonable.
Gay, straight, bi, whatever if you're a public figure people are always going to want to know about your relationship status. Now that he's confirmed both him and Phil are not straight and potentially outing them to their families is off the table, that puts them in the same league as every other straight couple in the public eye. Most phannies are grown up or have moved onto other fandoms now too, so all the disturbing fanfic and whatnot is much less of a big deal as it was in D+P's peak.

By dictionary definition yes he's probably just bi but some people just don't like specific words, or don't feel quite comfortable using them to describe themselves. A lot of people still internalise the idea that bi means 50/50 so maybe he doesn't feel like that fits quite right, since he clearly has a preference for guys.

Also if it's a label he clung to in the past to avoid using the word 'gay' then it's understandable he doesn't want to identify with the word now. It sounds like compulsory heterosexuality, which is more of a lesbian thing but it sounds like it could fit his experience too. Him saying about the word bi 'I can like guys…and be normal' rather than 'I can like guys and girls' comes to mind. He seems to be using gay and queer as umbrella terms, basically just coming out as not straight. Whatever he's comfortable with is fine, at the end of the day that's what matters. Some people feel comfortable picking more decisive labels but if he feels more comfortable with using gay and queer as umbrella terms that's cool too.

No. 821956


> he loves keeping shit ambiguous

yeah cause he doesn't owe you, me, or anyone anything to do with his life. The only reason he mentioned the romantic part with Phil is because there is an obvious history between the two that got swept under the rug. By claiming he was romantic for Phil he clears the air from HIS side without dragging Phil into it, and also proceeds to shut the lid as far as what happened after that, while making the type of jokes he's always made.

There are some loons in the phan community who only care about dan and phil when it's a possibility of them fucking. It's all they think about, talk about, tweet about, theorize about. It's like they have nothing better to do with their time.

I thought the video was good. For once we get an honest an open discussion about how hard it's been for him to process the word gay and even says it himself in the video "I am gay".

imho they are either still together and dan just likes to make jokes (just like Phil does, too, he just does it more lowkey), or they are just soulmate bffs with a history that never got between them. Either way, not our business, and it was crazy phans making it their business that made them close up.

No. 822002

to be fair dan never uploads and phil's videos are boring so what really do they have to talk about? let's not act like the only reason dan and phil have any fans left in 2019 isn't the status of their relationship.

No. 822014

Yep the amount of times I’ve been read “I’ve been a fan for so long all I’m waiting for is for them to confirm their relationship then I’m done”

Their entire selling point when they were packaged together whether they liked it or not was ~are we a couple~ They would have to blind, deaf retards to not realise that was the main interest any fans of theirs had.

Phils content is total shit and so dated, I don’t know how anyone could enjoy it tbh

No. 822105

do people really still care for dan and phil? i forgot about them completely and have 0 desire to even watch the video. such a relevancy grab.
everyone's shitting themselves on twitter right now, i guess his goal is achieved. i think it's shitty to gay-bait for the little girls' (mostly) entertainment for years and only come out now, when his relevancy and career is dying. it's not my community so i'm just saying it here, anonymously and where no one cares about my opinion, but honestly if i was gay myself, i would feel kinda betrayed like he fetishized and used his sexuality while being comfortable and unbothered at the same time by being vague, only to come out when it's safe and celebrated now (in social media world, not in general of course). but maybe it's empowering in a way to make a fortune on (allegedly) being gay, like he could have been bullied for it but instead he's "famous"… i wouldn't know.

No. 822118

It's true that the gaybaiting or shipbaiting was the only thing that kept D+P relevant for as long as they were. I'm a lesbian and although I don't feel "betrayed" as you put it, it does feel a bit shady. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy he finally came out to his family but to lash out at people saying they knew and not acting like it was the most earth shattering news when he essentially made a living off of alluding to it and letting people fetishise his relationship with Phil for an entire decade is a bit shitty. Essentially telling his audience off like little kids for not being surprised by the internet's worst kept secret. When I came out and people told me they already knew I was fucking relieved, it didn't invalidate my experience of coming to terms with it myself. Many people get disowned or abused or killed for coming out, being told that they already know is literally the best case scenario. One would have to either be living in an echo chamber of privilege, or have a seriously inflated sense of self importance to take offence to that. Especially after exploiting your sexuality for profit for so many years the way he did.

If he couldn't commit to a label for however long or if he doesn't like the word gay that's his problem, but now that the ambiguity is gone and his fans have grown up who is going to care anymore. He barely uploads at the best of times and the are they aren't they of Phan has been their only selling point. They both rode the wave of fetishisation and shipbaiting all the way to the bank, but now that they're both out and confirmed to have been together at some point what reason is there to stick around? For content as mediocre as Phils? I predict his views and subscribers will drop when and if he next uploads.

No. 822752

another day, another ‘we been knew’ moment

No. 822757

cant be arsed to watch but wasnt Eugene always openly bi? i remember it back in the times when he was with buzzfeed so we REALLY been knew

No. 822763


Yep, we always been known. I'm pretty sure he talked about it straight up in a video or two too, but I can't be arsed to find them right now.

No. 822779


I was never a fan of D&P (never seen their videos tbh, fanbase was too offputting for me) but I thought both of them had spoken against fans shipping them? And was actively bothered by it. Could be wrong, just wondering if that had any merit.

No. 822971

i remember there was a time dan would get angry at shippers and tell them off. they always made jokes in their videos about people shipping them. it's kind of wild that they denied it for so many years and made their fans feel bad for shipping them when they were actually together the whole time.

No. 823459


Right? Why spend so many years denying it, only to admit it later on? The signs were always there anyway, there was really no other reason why the two were living together for so long and acting the way they did if there wasn’t something going on between them all along.

No. 824859

Did anyone else notice Jenna is wearing a ring in her hydrodipping crocs video?
I checked and she wasn't wearing it in her previous video.
Did her and Julien secretly get married

No. 824862

Jenna isn’t even slightly milky. Pretty sure a ring is just a ring.

No. 824869

I wouldn't read into that ring, partially bc I hate the idea of her marrying that manchild. Julien is a piece of shit.

No. 824877


I think he hams it up for the camera on her channel, he’s much more relaxed on his channel.

But yeah his commentary can be annoying asf but the fan base loves the dynamic so..

No. 824881

Honestly I don't think I've seen her wear rings that often and that's why I'm bringing it up.
Also Julien clearly hams it up for the camera like >>824877 said, he's pretty sweet in his vlogs and his cooking videos are fun. Hes still goofy but not as destructive.

No. 824888

Julien is insufferable in her videos, but I think he's toning it down recently, either because Jenna asked him to (imo coughing in her face is just disrespectful after 1000 times of her asking him to stop) or he realized how childish he looks.

that being said, I'm sure they would tell viewers (eventually) if they're engaged. I'm just not convinced now is the time, they just got a new dog and are working with her so it's not a great time to plan a wedding. They did go on vacation for the first time in forever last month though so I could see him proposing on the trip. I don't think it's milk though, Jenna is like an anti-cow even if Julien is a typical annoying entitled straight white rich guy

No. 824933

I got the gist that they dated for a while, didn’t work out, and stayed close friends. Happens a lot in the gay community.

No. 824974

I'm darn near positive that she's worn it in some past videos. Could be a promise ring or whatever, too.

No. 825016

Everything about these OTT coming out videos screams npd, I hate them

No. 825037

i can’t stand juliens fat lazy ass. he looks like he literally never showers despite being a millionaire thanks to pairing up with jenna. without her he wouldn’t be shit, just another boring LA blogger with a drone.

No. 825043

i mean it was a good video not gona lie, but yeah he was always saying shit that will make you goo "hum he is gay and horny ok"

No. 825077

I do like the Try Guys but Eugene can be insufferable. In the follow up video "Why I came out as gay" or w/e it was called he legit says this video is going to be the most important video he ever makes. Just… wow. Everyone already knew you suck dick, you've said you're ~LGBT~ for years now, how fucking conceited do you have to be to think your coming out song-and-dance number is the most important thing you're ever going to make??
It's insulting. Yes, you have Asian parents, wow you like dick oh no woe is me your life is so hard. He is so fucking one dimensional, he's in his 30s and he acts like a teenager who's just discovered he likes dick. Idk I think as a lesbian it just annoys me way more than it should. This is why I stay away from gay dudes, most of them are psycho narcs.

No. 826152

thoughts on jake paul and tana mongeau getting "engaged"? seems like a publicity stunt for her new MTV show most likely lol

No. 826157

God I thought she was going to die off already I’m so done with her. Every time I see her face I’m like why does anyone like this hoe

No. 826315

File: 1561447035298.jpg (66.58 KB, 1107x653, alcoholism.JPG)

I was a fan of her years ago and I followed her up until the Content Cop video - I didn't stop watching her because of the video itself, but I noticed her personality changed a lot after the situation cleared up. Her videos went from her sitting in front of a camera being herself for at most 15 minutes to 20-30 minute long tiring collabs with whatever other trendy YouTubers she could hook up with and vlogs nobody cared about. It radiated vibes that she was going through an early mid-life crisis like she realized her only accomplishment in life was sitting in front of a camera in her bedroom talking about getting high and fucked over. She started hanging out with Bella Thorne and her style became more messy, like streetwear hoodies that she threw on the floor and picked up and wore a week later messy. I honestly think she might of went through a depressive phase. I don't hate her and I never thought she was ugly but her looks are fading fast.

Her new content is so bad though, she's ripping off Emma Chamberlain's editing so hard it looks like a parody lol. Did she get lip fillers?

Her vids with him started popping up in my recommendations a while ago and I was like wtf, how did this even happen? I don't understand how she gets so many people to mess around with her, she's really not that interesting.

No. 826365


Doesn't seem like that long since she was grinding on Lil Xan, all for attention I'm guessing

No. 826464

File: 1561479907772.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, 60582E6F-B790-454D-9953-1EC811…)

anyone seen this? hope it won’t belong to the ghost thread soon

No. 826479

I just saw on NYPD official Twitter that they found his body, is this true? Did he really die?

No. 826482

File: 1561482124455.jpg (835.2 KB, 1439x2373, Screenshot_20190625-200051_Chr…)

Rest in peace Etika

No. 826487

They confirmed it was his body? I saw no official identification had been confirmed, but that was a few hours ago. damn.

No. 826492


I saw earlier this morning on my local news that the police had found a body with his personal belongings. So sad.

No. 826504


It's always sad to see somebody ending their life's this way but it does not surprise me at all. At the moment they found his belongings, it was pretty clear how things turned out. This guy seemed super mentally unstable and being around those constant ~ironic~ memes and people didn't helped either.

I always wondered why nobody around him took this serious. Even his vocal ex-girlfriend took all this to chase some clout, rather than idk keeping facts straight or offering some help.

I feel he could have turned his life around with some proper mental therapy and starting a new, meaningful life, far away from the whole gaming/Twitch/youtube thing.

Wonder for how long Keemstar is going to milk this. He was already all about it when he went missing.

No. 826529


During one of his psych holds she said she called the hospital and told them plenty of info to keep him longer. Unfortunately the mental health care system is severely lacking. He blocked her and his friends who tried to help.

No. 826870

It really seems like he started hanging out with some hotep black nationalist dudes and went off the white devils’ medicines as a result. I know that sounds flippant but I can’t think of a better way to describe it briefly.

No. 827051

can someone fill me in, what kind of youtuber was Etika? Only videos about his death pop up on youtube. Was he popular, what content did he make?
I only see people talking about him streaming all the time and clearly seeming like he needed help. But I've never heard of a guy.

No. 827055

File: 1561539268806.png (3.76 MB, 1242x2208, 88E5C212-8E1D-4692-A4C4-718857…)

Did anyone used to watch thingamavlogs? and follow the whole mrleozombie and sarasterling situation? I don’t follow Sarah so I don’t know what she posted on her story other than Leo cheated.

No. 827075

His first youtube channel has been deleted months ago but basically he would play video games (mostly Nintendo games, he loved Smash) and react to announcements, for example when there are Nintendo Directs or during E3, sometimes he would react to anime episodes. I never really watched his streams because they're too long and there's the issue of time zones so maybe there's more to it. His reactions were really OTT and his enthusiasm seemed genuine to me most of the time but many people thought he faked or exaggerated his reactions for views. And the reason why his channel was deleted was because he posted porn, iirc that's when he started having his mental health issues or at least they became more obvious to the public.

No. 827095

To be honest, I never liked Etika very much, he was talking shit and stupid stuff. I don't really think he was a legend. But it's sad, it always is.

No. 827125

tana seemed so much more normal before meeting bella thorne. she was always a spoiled rich girl, but she was almost likeable at one point. now she's a complete mess, mentally and physically. her lip fillers look gross and she probably gets other stuff done to her face that have ruined her looks. all she cares about is clout and the guys she dates are absolute trash. she obviously has problems.

No. 827855

I'm happy he kinda roasted serious shippers

No. 828277

I don’t think Bella’s the problem honestly. More like Elijah and his whole crew.

No. 829005

Austin Jones went to prison today, will be there for 10 yrs

No. 829016

File: 1561770926633.png (219.72 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20190628-211303~2.p…)

sage because it was almost two months ago but
get ready, Jared

No. 829025

Austin was sentenced two months ago, but today was the beginning of his imprisonment.

No. 829053

File: 1561783126910.png (136.96 KB, 607x271, okaygoogle.PNG)

i laughed my ass off.

No. 829113

File: 1561795624601.jpg (94.37 KB, 1080x647, IMG_20190629_015914.jpg)

I used to watch every once in a while.
After reading this tweet makes me think that he cheated on her with a guy. Which fucking sucks, i tried snooping around and couldn't find anymore info since they're very family friendly.

No. 829125

Is she referring to Keith the guy who was in Thingamavlogs at the start but left and then tried to publicly smear them by saying they were evil for looking for unpaid interns to help them?

That's her only other controversy so maybe she's just saying she in general is not someone who wishes ill will on anyone who wrongs her rather than implicating Keith as being involved in this specific situation.

No. 829212

So slazo released a video giving context to Chey's claims. He admits to being a shitty boyfriend but it looks like the situation was massively manipulated and some downright lying. In one screenshot he shows Chey clearly admitting shes jealous of Slazo and in others she refuses to to give or be shown proof when Slazo asks her.

Whats worse is the youtubers who clowned slazo refuse to watch his video or give any apologies for jumping to conclusions.

No. 829251


It took him so long to respond that I thought his silence pointed towards guilt, turns out he was working on a decent length of response vid and came out looking miles better than expected

No. 829259

>I always wondered why nobody around him took this serious
you answered your own question, it's because all his fans were little post-ironic discord kiddies that probably laughed when they found out he died, i hate this stupid culture and i really hope it dies tomorrow.

No. 829447

wtf do you mean? i watched the whole damn thing and I think its either somewhere at the 8 or 10 minute mark he shows messages chey left out that say "i told you not to touch me there and you still did it." along with the messages we've already seen where she said she told him no. so the apology makes that okay because she lied about having a bf before??
also in the whole video there's no mention of the fact that he tried to get her to stop taking pills for more sex. No matter what that's still completely unacceptable and retards like you are why women don't come out about sexual assault.Learn comprehension skills. disgustang

No. 829452

How would anyone believe this video? He “apologises” for, in his own words, “being a controlling and manipulative shitty boyfriend” yet won’t tell us exactly what he means by that. He’s also subtly using “she lead me to believe she had sex before so it’s not as bad that I forced myself on her”

Fuck this guy

No. 829543

I don't understand the appeal for Critikalz, dude's humor is just about throwing in vulgar words in monotone. He's cute, but that's all.

No. 829561

i remember when i first found out his videos and i binged on them bc they were hilarious in an absurd way.my favourites are the ones about infomercial products

it's definitely after his face reveal that his videos went downhill and i dont find him funny anymore.posting daily and having youtube and twitch as his sources of income ruined his content

No. 829731

Didn't he used to donate all of his revenue?
I remember him posting proof on his Twitter everytime he donated.

No. 829826

No. 829902

yes but I'm not sure if he does that anymore.He uploads and streams almost daily so I doubt he has a regular job

what was that video about anon

No. 829904

It was a video of Trish saying that she is struggling with depression, screwed her own life and people in the comments telling her to look for help, I think she deleted it. I found someone reacting to the video, didn't watch it or know who this person is but if you are curious to know what she says in the video, here it is

No. 829905


Trisha has her own thread.

No. 829906

Didn't know about it, thanks anon

No. 829916

agreed, although i unsubscribed a lot earlier than the face reveal. his podcasts or whatever are so boring.

No. 829919

Face reveals ALWAYS ruin everything. ALWAYS. The content always takes a deep dip in the shitter when the content creator based on an avatar or a voice with no body reveals their face.

No. 829921

I know there's a Trisha thread but anyone have the archive for the video? I can't stand this autistic 40 year old speaking over it

No. 829965

Well well well who the fuck would have guessed.

I kinda really appreciate though that he just tells it like it is in the first 20 seconds of the video instead of dancing around the thing like Dan did. I liked Dan's story, but for a coming out video he never really stated clearly what his identity is. He would say "gay" and then make a joke with a double meaning like "but not really gay lmao". Dan's video is more like "everyone thought I was gay but I was bi all the time leaning towards dudes", but Phil's is just "boom! gay!"

No. 829981

Here you have it anon.

No. 830004

God, Phil is such a boring person. I get that Dan's video was more melodramatic but I just find it surprising that Phil manages to hold any sort of audience on his own.

No. 830302

File: 1562023434312.jpeg (71.92 KB, 750x280, 253FEFD5-238E-4760-B123-944FD2…)

I thought Felix constantly made fun of these vapid cunts, and keemstar?? Am I missing something?

No. 830310

>Am I missing something?
yeah you clearly havent realized the only thing pewdiepie cares about is making money and staying on the top, none of these people are genuine so theyre always riding each other like this for clout even when they absolutely should not for any reason collab. "gay beauty guru playing minecraft" - if it sounds weird, it is weird

No. 830361

He vaguely took James Charles' side when he was doing vids on this dumb subject. It's wild how many people in the YT thread never watch the YTers discussed.

No. 830374

all gaming youtubers are scum save for vinesauce vinny and jerma, i never understood critikals appeal but respected it, but then he showed his face and started pandering to the alt-right dramatubers
also "reactionary" drama youtube channels need to die yesterday, why do i need some chud to tell me about the "online news"

No. 830417

I noticed pewdiepie doing more collabs and reach outs than usual lately. Like talking about Belle Delphine a lot and nudging Sean (Jacksepticeye) to do more videos with him.

No. 830469

What about videogamedunkey? It's the only "gaming" youtuber I watch, but he's more of a clown and reviewer than a let's player. But at least he doesn't pander to edgelords at all.

I would love for the commentary to die. All those 20 y/o boys thinking they're funny, pulling mad views while making shitty jokes at some bbc documentary about weird people. I used to watch this shit and I still don't know why, I'm bored to death with it now and annoyed how easy it is for them to get popular doing just this. It's shit tier content, the laziest and least creative thing ever and they all act like it's their hurr serious job and they're so tired and writing 24/7 and act like serious creators.

No. 830526

I fucking love dunkey, bless his soul. The only “gaming” YouTuber who doesn’t have his head in his ass.

No. 830555

The only reason either of them still had any attention was the queer baiting. They’ll have 15 minutes of fame as ~queer youtubers~ and then finally fade into irrelevance because the only interesting thing about their content (speculating if they’re gay) is answered

No. 830635

Not sure if anybody knows or cares about him, but since this is a weeb board I'll post it anyway.
Japanese youtuber Mahoto (he's a good friend of Mimei's husband) was arrested because he hit his gf and even stomped on her head.
He made a video apologizing, saying he'll take a break and despite him admitting that it is true, there still are thousands fo people saying "I will wait for you!!!"…

No. 830678


Sounds like a piece of shit
But will be forgiven because he's Japanese and weebs love Japanese

No. 830680

Used to love Dashie games but I'm getting sick of him now because its all mario or he replays old ass games he made a series on 3 years ago.

He's super secretive since moving to LA, isn't open any more and is legit only in this game for the cash.

No. 830681


They're old news now anon

Half of these you tubers are getting on in their day so…

No. 830683


Never found her funny. She's an edgy try hard. I've tried to watch her and ugh…

No. 830780

vinny is unfunny as fuck and
feel free to stay on reddit

No. 830976

He did, but in a video he stated he stopped doing it because he would read the charity reviews and be mad that the funds weren't truly going to what was in need. At the time he said he was keeping all the money to use for emergencies and that he didn't want to rely on Youtube money, but I think Youtube is definitely his career now.

He and his friends have -2 charisma combined - I can't stand the podcast and can't understand how anyone can listen to it.

No. 831526

the H3 podcast is so annoying and all he does is insert his uneducated opinion about something and mock people in the process but then play it off as a joke. i guess that can describe many podcasts but i'm sick of his whole "girls don't need to wear makeup that's so unnecessary" attitude and then he insults women in the next breath calling them land whales or some shit BUT ITS JUST A JOKE GUYS COME ON

No. 831557

his new merch is already 'celebrating' the 100 mil. milestone, so he's prob. just desperate to reach it and that's why he is doing shit with everyone and their mother.

No. 831561

i watched it only now bc i find his preteen-catering persona cringe and boring but it was a surprisingly ok video, he actually behaved like a normal person! i do like his vid better than Dan's as while his was more thought out and with a higher production value if you will, Phil just got straight to the point without any pretentious faffing about etc

No. 831732

you watch that fat manchild?
h3 is so boring, unfunny, he literally steals all his content i dont understand why people like him

No. 831734

i was never a fan or had any opinion on h3h3 until i saw his instagram vs reality video. that shit was so off putting it made me really dislike him. i'll never watch another of his video's after that.

No. 832166

Hila needs to take personal responsibility for marrying and having a kid with this douche, she's not totally helpless and it pisses me off she excuses it. I used to be mad at the way Ethan talks about women in front of her but then I realized its useless and she's fine with being a doormat. She'll be miserable for the rest of her life taking care of their kid and Ethan's autistic ass

No. 832168

I think its just mostly fat ugly guys that watch youtubers like boogie that like him, and occasionally guests use his podcast to promote their next project but thats about it. He's getting worse and worse each video, the latest podcast he asked if futa hentai was 'little girl shit' and he said it in a way that made me extremely uncomfortable. I wish someone would either call him out already on his general creepiness or his podcast would stop getting recommended to me and fade out of relevancy.

No. 832257

Holy shit I used to love mahoto?! Isn’t he great friends with PDR too? Guess that friendship is dead now cause Duncan doesn’t seem like the type to be okay with this shit.

No. 833150

File: 1562461432780.jpg (148.3 KB, 679x527, be.jpg)

Critikal strting to look like leafy

No. 833613

I wish he never did a face reveal. There was such a charm to him before but knowing him now he’s rather boring. He’s especially annoying with the misogynistic jokes in his podcast

No. 833875

Definitely dead. PDR also speaks about Mahoto's fans who say "we're waiting for you!" in the comments.

No. 834859

I found this channel recently and I watched couple of videos.I noticed the style is the same to the spill drama channel and the spill character even has a cameo on this video.The channels are definitely connected and I think that they are under an umbrella and have channels with different content(like buzzfeed for example) and will probably introduce more channels on the way

this is just a theory though I wonder if anyone here has more info on this

No. 834862

why do women thirst for this trash lmfao holy shit

you can go to any gamestop and find something unfortunate looking that plays video games

letsplayer thirst is on the same level of incomprehensible as pennywise thirst i s2g

No. 834877

File: 1562755118514.png (77.2 KB, 793x258, Capture d’écran (498).png)

Spill posts about new videos this channel puts it out, so you're probably right. She also retweets him regularly.

I did wonder before if Spill is more than one person. Her twitter is very impersonal, only focused on posting announcements when new videos come out or screencaps of drama-related things, so it could easily be managed by a team of people.

No. 834924


This might fall into the category of "super irrelevant", but I've always liked NintendoCapriSun. He's just some older dude playing games while talking about his day. No bass-boosted intros.

Also runs a collab channel with Chuggaaconroy and ProtonJon, but tbh Chugga is a bit too over-the-top and screamy for me. His channel is mainly marketed towards younger people and nostalgiafags.

No. 834945

>letsplayer thirst is on the same level of incomprehensible as pennywise thirst i s2g

Well fucking said anon. I don't get it either, most of them are hella ugly or awful people in general.

No. 835254

RTGame seems alright, has a few funny Sims videos and posts often. The way YT goes I'm always worried that something bad will come out with him too though.

No. 835321

i remember liking his videos before the face reveal, but that was a long time ago. i wonder if he always had this shitty personality and i just let it slide before. he seems to be an angry person with the way he aggressively talks shit about random people who didn't do anything to warrant it.

No. 835417


He used to be kinda fun, but yeah, he's just shit now. Does boring movie reviews and random shit. His dad videos are kinda wholesome. I dont watch his podcast because i really dont get the appeal of four random dudes talking over each other. Also, their guests are shit.

No. 835878

God I hope not. He seems like a genuinely nice dude. I actually really enjoy his content.

No. 836546

I believe there is a team behind the channel. I've seen a few community posts from her where she says things like "We worked really hard on this."
I always just assumed Brew is maybe a boyfriend or relative who works in tandem with her, and then maybe a few more people to help gather all the facts for the videos. Since she does cover a lot of evidence and is pretty thorough.

No. 837050

File: 1562990764091.png (57.07 KB, 385x104, Screen Shot 12.png)

I'd never watched a single Miranda/Colleen video until she gave birth, and then I somehow ended up being fascinated by all her vids on pregnancy/childbirth. Can't speak for the rest of her catalogue, but I genuinely enjoyed hearing someone talk honestly about how awful and weird pregnancy is. I guess most people talk about how awful giving birth is, but the discussion on how awful pregnancy itself is felt….refreshing? Honest? I probably won't watch her much outside of the pregnancy/baby stuff though. (I don't even care about the baby stuff as much as I did the pregnancy stuff lmao)

All that being said…..I am absolutely repulsed by this shit. I know this "making people drink my breastmilk!" has been a thing she's been doing for a while now with all the baby stuff, but it just makes me immediately queasy to even think about. (Not skeeved out by babies breastfeeding or breastfeeding in general, but the idea of an adult drinking milk from another human adult makes my stomach churn). Am I the only one who feels this is maybe crossing a line? (the 700 times she does it?) People seem to just go with it?

No. 837056

Eh, as long as it's consensual idm, but as a general rule of thumb, youtubers channels go down the drain once they have a kid, not always subs wise but definitely content wise.

No. 837072

Nah. If it's chill to steal and drink the milk from another species of animal, it's not weird to be given milk to drink from a consenting human adult. Human breast milk is actually widely considered vegan-friendly, since it can be obtained with consent. (no I am not a vegan)

I think part of why it seems so strange (fuck no I would not drink a distant "friend"'s breast milk for views) is because breasts are SO sexualized and perceptually-removed from their natural purpose, that when people are reminded that they produce milk just like all other mammals do, it's jarring to think about. When you stop and think about it, technically we should be more comfortable+familiar with human milk than with any other species's milk. We make it, our babies need it, it's natural for all humans to consume during their lives. but society wants us to forget that titties aren't made exclusively for adult men's pleasure.

No. 837085

Meh. I would probably drink human milk if provided the opportunity, and if the women in question was ok with it or myself, too bad I'm intolerant to lactose.

No. 838215

What are the thoughts on Jenna Marbles and her history with El Pres / Barstool? It honestly creeps me out

No. 838413

Could you elaborate?

No. 838429

lel he's a dumbass. Fucking hilarious that he thinks he made Jenna, I can assure him that me and all the other 14 year old girls I knew who watched her back then did not give a fuck about his dinky little website.

No. 838452

Same anon, what creeped me out is how much this guy really hated Jenna for a looong time after she left. He posted on his twitter and blogs about her success caused by him and how ungrateful she was. This vid here is supposed to be a joke but comes off as genuine hate

No. 838709

That "2019 Guy" video was some of the cringiest shit.

No. 839236

Fucking lmao. He tries so hard to be edgy and it just makes him sound 12.

No. 839239

this is an imageboard, post caps

No. 839242

It's a video?

No. 839261

File: 1563330252781.png (957.71 KB, 605x1006, lol.PNG)

idk where the anisa thread went, so

No. 839262

It was locked, idiot. anisa has been a banned subject for months now because the anons who posted about her were autistic as fuck.

No. 839756


it's not like she's not continuously bringing it onto herself with her cringy self important behaviour.

No. 839806

Good to know she hasn't changed at all. Is she still dating/living with idubbbz?

No. 840905

i hate the pseudo intellectual bs spill inserts at the end of every one of her videos. you're covering youtube drama, these people are barely lucid most of the time and citing research papers you found on the first page of scholar doesn't make your argument better. everyone already knows teen pregnancy, cheating on your partner, and depression = bad. i end the video the second she says "so whats the big issue"

No. 841659

couldn't you have ignored the thread?

No. 841789

I agree, it’s really hard to sit through that, it bothers me so much.

No. 841899

File: 1563760595964.jpg (41.3 KB, 632x428, charlieisaclownass.jpg)

I know this freakin idiot has been brought up before, but i cant stand Charlie and his dumb ass. He makes edgelord jokes about his asshole and dick/balls on his shitty youtube and does nothing but movie reviews. He really thinks clown emojis are offensive though?

No. 842079

File: 1563777385438.jpg (174.1 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

why do i get the feeling a lot of people itt have a hateboner for critikal just because of his politics? being (barely) right-wing does not a snowflake make. he's actually pretty lackluster in terms of milk.
if you wanna make fun of him, make fun of him for looking like an AIDS hapa with 2009 bieber hair

No. 842088

tbh anon this video is what killed him for me honestly haven't watched any of his videos since didn't even know he was alt right leaning
he's cringe and should have kept his face hidden

No. 842136

I don't mind him personally. It could be because his humour is similar to mine, minus the excessive pocket-pussy shilling.

No. 842155

Different anon, but his pod cast and the type of guests he has on says A LOT about the type of person he is.

No. 842195

I don't know anything about his politics. I used to a big fan but his videos lately have just been trash imo. A year ago the guy said he hates youtube drama and calling people out and yet he started doing it all the same himself. His jokes used to be deadpan and kinda funny and now seem forced and holy shit I'm sick of hearing about his twitch on every single video. It feels like everything he does it just to advertise that now or to show off the bigger youtubers he's friends with.

No. 842399

No one gives a shit about his politics. your conservitard victim complex is showing.

No. 842542

Used to be a huge fan, but now I get the same vibes from cr1tikal as modern tobuscus.

No. 842543

I remember when he said he hated Twitch and made a few videos about how Twitch is trash and now all he does is stream on Twitch and shill his channel.

No. 843631

This is getting pathetic, I think he should just take a long break from the web. Also kek at his own brother dragging him on social media.

No. 844002

i don't know, it seems like he's slowly coming to his senses with this one. i hope he takes a long break because i can't bear to see any more of this shit

No. 844017

So he cheats on his gf for a furry he thought he was gonna marry and then the furry left him too? LEL good stuff

No. 844027

File: 1564090175678.jpeg (165.13 KB, 1080x1301, 86E33672-65E2-4B44-94E7-ABDD4A…)

No. 844075

Does he always look like he was just punched in the stomach 5 seconds ago?

>I called it all off and sent her home

No. 844080

i honestly feel like nats is more in love with gigi but i could be wrong idk them but thats just the vibe i got watching it

No. 844117

File: 1564105149510.png (1.98 MB, 1200x979, sheepover.png)

The thing that gets me about this is how little remorse he seems to have for what he did to his ex-gf and how distraught he is over this furry chick. She was his gf for at least 2 years afaik and was financially supporting him for a significant portion of the time. What a mess.

No. 844123

I know Pretty Pastel Please has come up in previous threads, but apparently she is now so into J* she's following his lead and intentionally sending her tween fans to attack a clothing company on social media for not refunding her.

This whole video is so bafflingly retarded.If she doesn't want stuff like this to happen, she
1) should stop spending thousands at once on sketchy Chinese fast fashion sites with bad reputations, repeatedly and
2) stop buying hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of clothes and sending them all back at no profit to the company then "pulling the 'I'm a Youtuber card" and claiming she's "giving them exposure." Exposure to who, her Confetti Club-tier audience with no money? The whole point of her YWIIBI series is that her audience is young and broke. People have to pack all those boxes of clothes and waste their materials just for her to return it all and potentially damage items. Even if she mainly goes for fast fashion brands which aren't morally great, it's so wasteful.

No. 844129

Sorry for samefag but I forgot to mention she has also recently shoehorned herself into the beauty community drama for attention and followers, despite being a nobody until she started sending her J Hill video to drama channels.

No. 844141

I've always thought gigi was a real asshole to nats. She's always talking down to her and being rude as fuck.

Big shocker. A famous trans PS addicted sugar baby marrying an ugly no personality billionaire.

No. 844148

This may just be me but she always gave me bad vibes for some reason. It could be the pure soulessness I get from watching her videos. She's always spending thousands on junky "kawaii" clothes. Seeing her so comfortable with her rampant consumerism and frolicking in these clothes that are meant for younger people and that look terrible on her creeps me out. She also lives with her ex and her fiance. I find that strange too.

No. 844155

In one of her more recent videos she shows off her beauty room she admits that beauty-tubers have too much make-up but she's going to buy and review more. Even though her application is shit and she doesn't make an effort to do better.
Also, nitpick, but she had her dove in the room and the it was making so much noise you couldn't even hear what she was saying.

No. 844166

I'll be honest, I was super bothered by her swimsuit haul video she recently did. In it she talks about having some serious body dismorphia. She's also talked in the past that she lost a lot of weight purely through diet, and alludes frequently that she doesn't exercise at all. Actually, she seems to have a pretty strong disdain for it. So she's just like… starving herself. Yup, that's a great message to send to your obviously very young audience base.

No. 844253

She's been saying really anachan stuff even since she started, in one of her old Boohoo (I think?) hauls she keeps grabbing her flat stomach in the dress she tried on and saying it makes her look like she has a belly.

No. 844292


I don't dislike say her personality but some of her talk around weight and her over the top spending and hauls seem like a bad example for a young audience. I'm guessing the kawaii and japan hauls do draw in mostly teens.

She gives off the impression that she lost weight in an unhealthy way as she talks about being pretty overweight for years and just suddenly dropping it all for the sake of fitting in cute clothes? She buys clothes online just to try them on in bulk and use free returns.. to a point where it's abusing the offer

The spending/hoarding is nuts, I don't know where she gets that much money but she's joked about hiding expenses from her partner before

No. 844295


I think in one of her vids she said that once you've been overweight it's hard to ever see yourself as thin again, even after losing the weight. I get that alot of people still hold onto insecurities after weight loss but yeah she says things that could leave young people watching her vids feeling like shit. I consider her pretty slim now and she's often self critical as she tries on size small clothing.. she even has a friend appearing in her vids now who is bigger so you'd think she'd be more aware?

No. 846561

I liked her at first and I still do for the most part but she gives me serious anachan vibes to the point it makes me uncomfortable watching her sometimes. The way she poses/stands and her insistence on saying she got a size XXS or whatever and deliberately choosing the smallest/tightest clothes that highlight her thinness instead of necessarily being flattering for her body/style. I hope it's not too detrimental to her young audience, though her recent plus size video with her friend may have been her becoming more self aware of the message she sends.

No. 846586

>I don't know where she gets that much money but she's joked about hiding expenses from her partner before
She's mentioned before she works in marketing, so that on top of her ad monetization would make for a pretty good salary depending on her job title.

No. 846934

the focus of this video seemed to be how lavish and expensive the wedding was and not really about them as a couple at all lol

No. 847336

Anyone else here knows the Techlead guy?
It seems like his wife left him and in the video he released today the only reason he can come up with is because they had too much money or because he was too successful.
I always thought a lot of his weird act was for Youtube, but it seems he's indeed a narcissist money hungry asshole in his particular life too.

No. 847449

File: 1564721684287.jpg (62.85 KB, 484x498, 07-53-25-3189094289_1_6_4UFlu5…)

I stumbled on his vids a few times but I couldn't watch him bc he was extremely ironic which I found obnoxious (other people found it funny when it wasn't imo)
He sounds so selfish here and yet people support him and say how honest and "brave" he is.yet the first video he makes about his wife leaving (which he didn't even need to make in the first place since that part of his life was unknown)is all about money and the blame goes to anyone but himself.he pretty much says that even though he got material stuff for his wife and provided her with a "good life",that in the end she didn't appreciate it and left.and he said that she was selfish bc he wasn't treating her to stuff proportional to his wealth.even the stuff about his parent's money not ending up to her if her and his parents didn't get along was so weird.like what about you my dude?did it even occur to him that he was so detached from her that she just fucked off and left?
Like we don't know the whole story for sure but going to the internet trying to get sympathy isn't a solution.and I bet that if his wife did anything that got lawyers and stuff involved he would say shit like "my money-hungry wife is trying to steal my wealth!!1!1!"

I never got good vibes from this guy but I thought it was just me.he honestly sounds like this pic

No. 847482

File: 1564739743173.png (26.02 KB, 620x348, EAvZKcjWkAE9nkn.png)

So Brad (Pewds' editor) has apparently quit.

However, in his streams Brad seems very emotional, I wonder if something happened between them.

No. 847519

they look cute together until gigi talks

No. 847534

>I wonder if something happened between them
He sounds like he takes pride in his editing skills. He calls it "unique creative influence", that's some solid self-confidence.
>I am moving on
>We worked so well together
>I wouldn't trade it for anything
Gratitude, respect and disappointment. My guess is, they had a disagreement over something regarding work and style, and either editor's feefees and pride got hurt or he simply wanted to go solo for more freedom in creativity.
I'm just having fun deep-reading this. If you're into the topic, do tell if I guessed right when the ediot spills

No. 847859

I'm reading this as an "I want to be more than just an editor!". Brad has become a bit of a running joke and more of a character on the channel in recent times. But obviously with Pewds' channel structure, there isn't really room for a second full-time person in the show. So Brad's accumulated 400k subs on his own channel and just shy of 200k twitter followers, and I see a twitch link in his bio. This is his solo album, basically.

No. 848117

File: 1564858497798.gif (2.27 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

Am I the only one who cannot fucking stand Rosanna Pansino? Every single thing about her feels completely manufactured to create the perfect "omg adorkable!! xDDDD so smol so quirky uwu" persona. I would genuinely believe she's never played a single video game in her life, and saw just saw this as a market to monetize on because she was failing as an actress and nerds would give her attention. It just feels like she's always "on", you never see her without perfect lighting with her 15 pounds of hair perfectly curled and coiffed and fully made up with her perfectly bubbly personality and sexy baby voice. It even seems like she's backed off from the "nerd" persona now that she's made her bajillion dollars from it.

No. 848119

So Rob from Threadbanger had a massive heart attack and died. Hence their disappearance from SM. He looks really rough, I feel awful for them both that must have been really hard to go through.

No. 848150

Jesus I was wondering why they hadn't popped up in my recommended for a while, that must've been terrifying. Hope he recovers swiftly.

No. 848159

Wow, poor Rob and Corinne. I wonder if this is what Cristine was in tears about in her IG story a few weeks ago.

No. 848166

Wishing him a well recovery, that's a crazy situation, so glad he's ok, they seem like really great people.

No. 848217

So, she's a smart youtuber?

No. 848224

File: 1564875058189.gif (3.41 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

She probably stunted anon, I don't like her myself but she's doing this shit for almost 10 years and started in her early 20s where it was funny and kinda cute in 2010.
It's unfortunate that she doesn't grow with her audience but that's her shitty choice of direction with her channel. Yes she's manufactured but I'm sure she's dead inside and lacks a real personality in real life, She's 34 now and is going to do the same thing when she's 44

No. 848245

Jeez you pinpointed what I didn’t like about her. I don’t hate her but getting through videos of hers was hard. I saw that recent video her s/o posted about surprising her with a puppy and she seemed so fake there too

No. 848251

he's alive anon, "died" is a bit much

No. 848256

They were referring to the fact that he wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse when he had his first cardiac arrest.

Either way, I can only imagine their medical bills.

No. 848298

If you stop breathing and your heart stops then you are clinically dead, and he was for 20 minutes. They're not exaggerating. It's absolutely incredible that they managed to bring him back after that long and with so many clots in his heart, nothing short of a miracle.

Honestly I don't know how Corinne wasn't bawling the whole video, I was tearing up the whole time. Just thinking about something like that happening to my husband makes me want to throw up. She's so strong.

No. 848367

I hope Rob and Corinne are ok. you have to be so strong to survive something like this. this is so just shocking to hear and i hope they can get Rob back to his full health.

No. 848380

20 minutes, that's horrible. Here's hoping he didn't sustain permanent brain damage or anything and recovers well.

No. 848564

his heart stopped for 20 minutes anon, he's allowed to say he died

jesus fucking christ though, poor corinne. rob doesn't seem to remember much, but she'll have been told that 20 minutes downtime is likely to leave him a vegetable. he's lucky to have not ended up with a stroke with all the autoimmune clotting

No. 849011

He couldn’t walk or feed himself at first and his memory is still recovering so I think he might’ve had something happen to his brain. I’m not a doctor but damn his genetics must be amazing to have recovered as well as he has after all that. I hope they’ll be ok.

No. 849180


especially dislike her since PressHeartToContinue (or dodger as you may know her) used to be her roommate and good friend until dodger's scummy online gamer/youtuber ex broke up with her horribly and rosanna took HIS side instead of supporting her, and it caused a rift. She moved out and kept up with this super fake persona she's had since

there are super early videos where she was in a small apartment and she sounded much more normal. I bet she doesn't regret throwing friends under the bus since it gave her this success

No. 849374

Her recent video of plus size shopping in Japan + the Hawaii bikini haul videos make her look like such a try hard. "Look, I'm not ana! I'm inclusive of fatties! Just look at my friend that I obviously think it horrifically fat and can barely hide my disgust!"

I think she lurks her and PULL. There were some similar comments about her disgusting consumerism on there too, and suddenly she talking about "mindful consumerism" and how harmful Wish can be before her $5 Bikini haul? Like girl, since when did you care about this? And if she honestly did, why isn't she starting all her Wish & similar website hauls with similar disclaimers? It's not like this is a new thing she just learned about it.

No. 849429

I dont know who she is, but that gif alone is massively punchable. fake gamers are the worst.

No. 849448

They did say he had some brain damage, which is why he has to go to occupational therapy and re-learn to walk/perform tasks. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

No. 849588

The Hawaii bikini was the worst vid I've seen of her. The hypocrisy with "here are sustainable things but I am still going to recommend you cheap trash", the fact that she whinges about beaches and water the entire video? Why the fuck would you even do a swimsuit video if you hate water so much? Why the fuck go to the beach at all if you just gonna film yourself being miserable? Why post that?
She's a tryhard who just likes to flaunt her wealth and skinny body. She doesn't even have a coherent aesthetic anymore, something I found her and followed her from.

I never particularly cared for Rob, but seeing him like this, without his usual pretence is making me feel things. If he plays up his asshole side for views or if he is genuinely an asshole, he does not deserve that kind of pain. Can't imagine how hard it was for Corinne either.

No. 849635

I feel like Trinity is going to be fired for this video. Most places have really strict social media policies.(Wrong thread)

No. 849636

Man Ryland really is looking quite…worn. Happy to Shane Pawson is still making an fool of himself.

No. 849637

Same anon- Happy to see

No. 849649

I definitely think he plays it up, there's such a difference compared to their super old videos. I think he hams it up because their respective personas bounce well off each other (I view it as expectation (rob) vs reality (corinne).

He mentions at the end of the video of wanting to do different things, and dying really put things into perspective, and I'm hoping it'll mean he at least tones down the fake blood and asshole persona. I didn't watch a lot of their latest uploads that weren't by Corinne because it felt cringey to watch. Even in the very early Man vs Pin videos, he really puts effort into them and debunks/finds the source of the ones that are fake after putting in effort to try them out (e.g. the moss painting one) and I'm hoping he'll return to something similar.

No. 849684

it's a week old but trisha straight up copied emelia fart in this vid, and a few others seem heavily 'inspired' as well

No. 849753

>his new video title
>Managing & protecting money in a relationship / marriage (real talk on personal finance)

This guy is getting closer by the day to becoming a MGTOWN channel if he keeps up with this "poor me" narrative, he even get's posted in their forums and get back pats from them
>tfw the thing you worry about after a failed marriage is techniques to "protect" your money, no protecting the partner or relation, just the money

No. 849775

Shane thread is over here >>843231
It's literally linked in the OP and easily found in the catalogue. At least pretend you know how to read.

No. 850404

This was posted in Pet Youtubers, but I feel like it should be posted here as well because it doesn't seem like this bitch is a "pet" youtuber so much as just a youtuber who has a pet. Brooke Houts uploaded video of herself hitting/shoving/screaming at/spitting on her dog during a video where she "pranks" her dog.

No. 850409

File: 1565284366462.png (6.98 MB, 2336x3919, bh.png)

But don't worry you guise she clarifies that she's actually ummm not an abuser?? (from her twitter)

No. 850437

I don't condone the way she reacted at all, but to give her a little bit of the benefit of the doubt, he is still relatively young (seems like she got him around Nov 2018) so getting the dog into training (hopefully with her as well and not just leaving the dog to the trainer) is a step in the right direction. Puppies are so much work, and when you willingly get a large breed, you have the added stress and work of training your dog so they don't fucking attack someone or some other animal on the street.

She has a lot to work on as a responsible owner, but even these snippets on how she chooses to use negative reinforcement makes me fear how she's responded to trying to control unwanted behavior before this. Like, is this the absolute worst she's ever treated him? Or is this just the tip of the iceberg? I get frustrated at my dog, and I think she's allowed to too, but fuck there are a hell of a lot of better ways to tell your dog "no" that don't include slamming them down on the ground and screaming at them, no matter how frustrated you get.

No. 850439

Having a rough week is not an excuse to fucking abuse your dog. I hope she get her dog taken away and her career destroyed.

No. 850447

Watching some other videos with her dog and she does confirm he's in training, but also that she understands training with treats for good behavior and ignoring bad behavior, so now it really just looks like she was taking out her frustrations of her bad week on him. Clearly she knows what she should be doing and she just decides to say "fuck it" and treat her dog like shit.

She says she got him because of the stereotypes surrounding the breed. I really do hope her dog gets taken away, she's not ready to handle a dog like that (or really, be allowed to have any). It's frustrating that she won't stop filming to play with him, clearly the walk they just took wasn't enough to tire him out.

No. 850462

Here's the vid again since this one got taken down

wow fuck entirely off with any excusing of this type of behavior lmao

No. 850481

I agree, but honestly people are blowing this way out of proportion.

No. 850500

>I agree, but honestly people are blowing this way out of proportion.
She literally slammed her dog on the ground and spit in his face??

No. 850531

Pushing away a dog like that who’s getting in your face is one thing. And if she just pinned her dog down, that would be just an example of ignorant obedience training. But there is clearly something wrong with her when she feels the need to spit on, smack, and kick her dog to get it to obey.

I understand getting frustrated with a very energetic and reckless animal but there’s no excusing what we’ve all seen her do. The way the dog reacts to her raising her hand suggests it’s a reoccurring thing.

No. 850549

I'm not excusing what she did, I'm just saying she's allowed to be frustrated. Clearly the way she handles her frustration towards her dog is wrong.

No. 850664

So what the fuck do you think you're saying then, cause normal frustrated people don't slam their puppy on the ground and spit in his face.
Hurrdurr devil's advocate hurrr i only spanked my dog ONCE when he was a PUPPY hurrr

No. 850701

The absolute rage in her face when she was hitting and pushing him is what really got me. Imagine how bad it is off camera all the time for that dog, clearly shoving and hitting him has not taught him that he's not supposed to jump up or lick so why keep doing it? Positive reinforcement gets you way further than doing this stupid ass Ceasar Milan shit.

No. 850707

Seriously, and top of that only an idiot would think a reality TV show for a guy selling a book is a good place to get advice for a massive energetic dog.
No amount of slamming your undeveloped dogs face into the ground is going to get his energy out. Dobermans, terriers, Huskies fuck it, all dogs, need to exercise or they get frustrated and do the same, totally expected regular dog shit that her puppy was doing.
What are these first apartment Beckies THINKING getting these big dogs, when all their family ever had was a hypoallergenic poodle-bischon named Bailey???

No. 850708

and bailey always shits on the floor too

No. 850738

Cesar Milan (sp) training is all about making your dog feel like he is part of a pack, and all the "punishment" is fake, not touching the dog at all or gently squeezing the ruff with your hand

This is just abuse. Abusing a dog is not going to make him feel secure.

No. 850768

Dogs don't have a pack mentality. Cesar Millan is a fraud at best and an animal abuser at worst. He's just wrong and his theories have been debunked by animal experts.

The whole "alpha dog / alpha wolf" idea is bunk, anyway, since that behavior was only observed in captive wolves who weren't related to each other and so the situation wasn't natural or normal for them.

And he does advocate violence, I've seen him hit dogs in the throat on his stupid fucking TV show.

No. 850810

File: 1565351853758.jpeg (181.1 KB, 750x510, D1E0BB30-CD60-4107-B25B-A8C4EE…)

I just saw this tweet that gets exactly what’s so disturbing about how her face drops.

I’ve gotten annoyed with my dog but I don’t think I ever looked at her with such malice. It kind of reminds me of a more extreme version of that College Humor video that parodies makeup youtubers for having dogs only for views.

No. 850853

tbh I have to agree. What she did was maybe over the top but not ~SHOCKING ANIMAL ABUSE~. People fuck up (I don't even know who this girl is or watch her videos so this isn't me being a stan). People are allowed to fuck up and correct their behavior. No, I don't think she's some crazy animal abuser. I think she was clearly frustrated and reacted without thinking. Now, I'll definitely agree that the dog should go. Frustrated or not, actions have consequences. I just think all this vitriol is kind of silly.

No. 850860

It was abusive behavior towards an animal. I don’t think the girl should be “cancelled” or whatever but I think the vitriol is deserved.

It’s a consequence of her actions and her apology on top of that is bogus and shows that she doesn’t understand why people are upset with what she did to her dog.

No. 850895

I hope you don't have pets.

No. 850951

This is exactly what I was trying to explain too.

I saw snips of the video on twitter but not the whole thing and seeing her giving that awful look at the dog then perking up and saying "we love you!" Multiple times was disturbing tbh. Did she upload an unedited version accidentally or something or did she think nobody would care?

No. 850953

Whatever happened to Markiplier?

No. 850956

Do you also enjoy spitting on dogs anon?

No. 850991

12 year olds tastes have finally evolved past the "screaming YouTube funnyman."

No. 851024

Who knows? I'm still subscribed to him for whatever reason, but I'll only watch the occasional Chica video now. The last random video I watched out of curiosity was the one where he's eating cereal. He constantly screams down the stairs for his girlfriend(??) to help him with the simplest thing was fucking insufferable to watch, moreso than usual.

No. 851058

posting this here since her thread is dead and i don't think anyone cares enough about her to start a new one entirely dedicated to her.

simply_kenna posted this video yesterday all about her late autism diagnosis. i haven't watched all of it yet but her pull thread is interesting for once – lots of blog posts from people who think she has it because they relate to her and they have it (projection) vs some who think she doesn't and just exaggerated to get that diagnosis as a way to absolve herself of all wrongdoings.

i'm personally in the middle: i can see her having it, it'd explain a good bit of her weird behavior + lack of social awareness, but i can also see her being such a snake that she exaggerated what could be symptoms and got diagnosed in a foreign country (japan) that's a bit behind when it comes to mental health just so she can use it as a crutch against haters.

No. 851077

File: 1565395285153.png (4 MB, 1125x2436, CEC6BFA0-31AC-486B-9F27-303DA7…)

Agreed with pretty much everything you said. I have to admit her instagram story kinda tips the scale towards the latter scenario though. It’s almost like she’s implying that everyone who criticized her owes her an apology just because she’s been diagnosed with Aspergers. It’s these type of posts that make people hate her enough to dedicate 500+ page threads to her on PULL. I should probably take my sperging over there but I can’t stand the userbase lol

No. 851081

huh I know pull hates her and all, but from a first impression, she makes some pretty looking videos

No. 851087

If you have watched any of her previous videos you can clearly see she is acting perceptibly atypical in only this one. The cadence of her voice, looking off into space with pregnant pauses searching for every other word, fidgeting around… feels very disingenuous and as though she's parroting behaviors she thinks a woman with Asperger's would have.

No. 851102

So apparently Marina Joyce is missing?

No. 851104

Marina Joyce rides another gimmick to get us to talk about her until the public loses interest in a few weeks? Shocker.

No. 851113

she's trying to act autistic in this video or is just me? not looking at the camera, rocking a little and all that. it's so unnatural looking.
i do like Kenna, it would explain some of her quirks but can you get a diagnosis with only one sitting?

No. 851119

>got diagnosed in a foreign country (japan)
I wouldn't trust East Asian countries to accurately diagnose high-functioning autistic women, they can barely diagnose typical low-functioning males as it is.
Even in the west there's a real issue with autistic women getting diagnosed with mood disorders instead, or women with mood disorders getting diagnosed with autism. Research on how female socialisation interacts with autism is still too new, too unknown by many psychiatrists. Japan is most likely even more uneducated about the subject.

I'm noticing that in the video she's going through a list of ~totally autistic~ experiences that are extremely stereotypical and strangely hit all the sensory issues one could have, but most autistic people don't actually get overload for EVERY sense. She also so quickly jumps into using autistic symptoms to justify herself and her past behaviour, it's suspiciously defensive.

No. 851121

If it was just her yelling at her dog and shoving it, sure but she kicked and spit on the damn thing. I don't even like dogs, but that goes beyond "uwu it was just a fuckup bc she was frustrated she didnu nufin"

No. 851151

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed this, she was definitely hamming it up but you can tell she's going to use the excuse of, "now that im open about my diagnosis i can be myself on camera uwu~".
I just really hope that she isn't using it as brownie points for the Tumblr crowd since almost every girl who uses that site tends to claim to be an autist.

No. 851230

Yeah, there's a particular violence to her actions that elevates it from just being a lapse of judgment to outright cruelty. She doesn't just shove the dog when it comes near her, she chases it into the other room and continues attacking it. That alone is enough evidence that something is very wrong in my opinion.

No. 851327

Not downplaying anything else she did but why is it so terrible that she spit on a dog?? It's an animal and it doesn't understand rude gestures like that. Dogs slobber on each other all the time so it's not like it could feel offended that she spit on him.
OT: It's annoying how so many people get up in arms when anyone "abuses" a dog and everyone sends the person super fucked up and violent things but then ignore speaking out on any other important issue in the world.

No. 851328


>”not downplaying anything”

>puts “abuse” on quotation marks

You sound genuinely retarded. Dogs very much do understand aggressive gestures even if they don’t understand the social implications of humiliation behind them. If I spit on my dog like that while holding him down he would probably attack me because he’d understand that I mean it as a threat. I sincerely hope you never own a dog if you think it’s normal to spit all over them. btw a healthy human brain is capable of caring about more than one thing at a time, but based on how stupid your comment sounds yours probably isn’t.

No. 851342

"i'm not downplaying anything but why can't thotties abuse their dogs lolol"

No. 851380

Are you blind? It’s clear she hit and abused her dog in that video. There’s no excuse for that.

No. 851421

If the dog doesn’t know what spitting is then that’s even more of a reason to NOT spit on a dog. It means she did it out of pure rage and malice.

No. 851443

I agree with you anon. It was ugly but not enough to take the dog from her or to start a witch hunt.

No. 851682

There's been an LAPD investigation opened into animal cruelty for that youtuber who spit on her dog, apparently.

I watched the video finally and it's actually really freaky, she looks at him like she fucking hates him.

No. 854586

I am so sick of getting these clevver style videos pushed to me by youtube, the brunette sounds and looks like some 60yo wtf. No shame in being 60, it's just so fucking cringy to see her act like no one can tell she's at least a decade older than everyone on that damn channel. Can someone validate my salt for fucks sake.

No. 854665

>the brunette sounds and looks like some 60yo
your underage is showing

No. 854699

why even link this generic video. go to /ot/ and bitch that older people exist than you.

No. 854701

They’ve always been cringe out of touch normies. They appeal to similar people and children who don’t know any better.

No. 854748

No. 854760

I couldn't get through 2 minutes of that. I'm not convinced that those are real people. They have to be robots. The type of middle aged female robots who still say "slaaaay!" and namedrop Beyoncé as their 'queen'. I almost wish I could help them.

No. 855094

>>854665 I am in my mid twenties, she looks and sounds like a shriveled up fitness wine aunt.

No. 855350

I hope they mention Logan Paul in the new youtube LGBT lawsuit. I really want to see what excuse youtube had to not delete his suicide video on the spot, and to have it trend for a whole day.
At this point I'm not even angry at Logan anymore. Youtube displays such an absurd level of favoritism it's not even funny. Eagerly looking forward to the lolsuit.

No. 855599

File: 1566306995798.png (424.06 KB, 642x575, 601194.png)

No. 855600

Wedding looks nice, good for them.

No. 855644

Damn boy isn't even 30 and his hair is already looking grey. He doesn't look bad in it but it's kinda sad

No. 855668

They're cute.

No. 855679

Lmfao anon a surprising amount of people start graying when nearing their 30's, its just a gene thing. You're in for a wild future.

No. 855680

I'm really happy for them. And I love her dress.

No. 855683

i've seen like 2 people max under 40 with gray hair anon, men in their thirties just bald

No. 855718

diff anon but the men in my family start going grey, late teens, early 20s and none of them are bald not even the seniors.(no1curr)

No. 855829

like the other anon said, plenty of people go gray at a younger age. My mom started graying roughly in her early 30s (opposite her, my dad is almost 50 and while the color is more muted, which is common, no gray hair in sight). If you had a choice between that and going bald, you bet your ass people are gonna choose the former.(no1curr about ur dad's balding)

No. 855859

This is pretty normal, anon.

No. 855863

I have to say, from both their pictures they look so honestly in love. They've been together for a while and I have to respect them for keeping things pretty under the radar. Also that dress is stunning, she chose a great designer and they created something wonderful
It's really refreshing to see two social media stars who are as famous as they are actually be in a loving and happy relationship that isn't shoved in our faces like so many others are (cough Shane)

No. 855954

I think you can dislike both of them all you want, but their love for each other is really obvious. Good for them.

No. 856104

File: 1566404154994.jpg (24.71 KB, 400x400, jse.jpg)

keeping on the subject of youtubers, have you never seen cinnamontoastken? he's only 33 and gray as fuck. actually, jacksepticeye is the same age as felix and he is even grayer than ken

No. 856108

I like how they don’t try to overcompensate and their strong bond just shows naturally unlike Colleen and Erik (Miranda sings). Their relationship makes me want to throw up.

No. 856114

Haven't heard that name in years. Whatever happend to him and his sixteen year old mail order bimbo bride?

No. 856117

still married, two kids, a girl who is about toddler age and a boy who might be under a year old. he still makes videos with felix now and then, also family life vlogs and meme reacts with one of his fat friends

No. 856193

Is there any milk with Colleen? I don't really watch her videos but I see a lot of people criticize/dislike her and I'm curious if there's anything specific that she did.

No. 856215

Apparently they both went to Felix's wedding.

No. 856225

File: 1566419443179.jpg (106.62 KB, 749x746, 8gszittsk2h11.jpg)

I remember donating him some money every month on patreon because I felt bad for him after his breakup and not having a job.

Then he proceeds to get a bunch of retarded tattoos, put out these shit videos, acting like a faggot, and just generally being an unlikable person.

No. 856253

She just seems really obnoxious, but you could say that about any YouTuber.

No. 856334

why does he style himself like an autistic skaterboi from 2006 when he could look like this? i legit thought he had a receding chin under his gross beard.

No. 856353

I love all the comments on twitter about how shes in it for the money. Clearly those people know nothing about them because she got with him when he was barely anything on youtube and shes always been out of his league. Not to mention she has a successful pottery(?) business and clothing business that always sells out from what I can see. So even after quitting youtube shes doing just fine for herself lol

No. 856374

Lol her pottery business is just stolen designs

No. 856459

Why would she be in for money when her parents are rich. Top kek

No. 856465

She cheated on her husband and just completely pretended like her marriage never happened, hid her relationship until she ‘accidentally’ got knocked up and now is an annoying mom vlogger which she acts likes she’s above, is generally very self absorbed and annoying.

No. 856468

Damn he needs a haircut bc a cute guy is hiding under that upsetting sceneboy haircut. I hate grown men that wear their hair like a fucking preteen. Get a haircut or grow it out all the way you cowards.

You'd be a fool to think the money doesn't matter at all. Maybe she began dating him before he was rich, but she also kept him instead of dumping him. Rich people don't get dumped much, do they? It'll be interesting if they ever get a divorce.

No. 856488

Just because she didn't dump him doesn't mean she's staying with him for his money. They look happy and in love.

No. 857396

I was just saying "well they dated before he got rich!" is often used to defend some relationships and it's not really proof that they stayed together without the money weighing in.

No. 857504

After the Slazo situation imallexx had another self described 'mental breakdown', which he seems to do every few months. He went on instagram live repeatedly late at night saying he was depressed and done with youtube and made his fans concerned but now he’s magically better and is at another convention, meeting fans and seeming completely fine.

No. 857506

He also quit his podcast with James Marriott only to make another podcast on the same channel without a co-host and it’s painfully boring. People have been theorizing that he and James (and inabber) fell out after the Slazo drama and that’s why they’re never seen interacting on social media anymore. Alex is always talking about how all his friends turn out to be shitty and backstab him (and some for sure have) but at some point, when you’ve burned as many bridges as he has, he’s gotta realize that maybe he’s the problem.

No. 857519

i know a youtuber who made a video on her, and apparently she reached out to her for an apology. she emailed her and told her that she had Aspergers. the youtuber has a sister with Aspergers and told her while she is happy she got help and has a diagnosis, that doesn't negate her saying a girl deserved to be told to kill herself and doesn't lift her responsibility for her actions.

she was then blocked.

No. 857537

lol one day I saw he uploaded a video and it was barely pushing 100k views in 2 days, which is terrible for him, then he reuploaded said video with different title and thumbnail. Didn't help, still around 100k. I though to myself, duuude he's so gonna breakdown… and here he is, lmao.
I've followed him closely for a while, he doesn't really have anything going on in his life besides Youtube. It's a sad existence tbh. If >>857506 is right and his mates ditched him too, then I feel sorry for him. Even though he's a little self-righteous shit.

No. 857571

i don't know why he let the slazo thing hurt him so much, he could've easily turned it around and explained that some of the things slazo did were horrible and proven to not be fake despite the girl exaggerating other parts and he could've twisted it so that he was "just trying to be a good person who believes victims when there is some truth confirmed about it" or whatever. it's not like slazo's video disproved everything and made him look like an angel. instead he just made it worse

No. 857595

I assume Slazo fans are still calling him out about it. On the Reddit back when it happened, even when the girl came out some people were on Slazo's side making excuses for it or saying she was lying. Some people brought up Alex and were upset with him.

The last time I checked it was right when the video came out and some people were calling out alex and the girl.

I haven't checked sense though.>>857571

No. 857600

It's the good old Jeffree Star and Nate trick. His stans love to scream "HE WAS WITH JEFFREE BEFORE THE MONEY" to prove their "love" so I get what you are saying.


I've read a lot about M on Guru Gossiper but they seem to be a tad bit obsessive over making her seem like the devil & making Pewdiepie seem like a poor little boy being tricked or something.

On both her and his thread.

They both don't seem like the best people which may be why they are together.

Or they could genuinely love each other. Or both.

No. 857621

if they didnt love each other i dont think theyd be getting choked up and crying during their toasts after the wedding. felix has a lot going for him aside from money for a girl to fall for him. hes attractive, funny, and obviously worships her. there are leaked videos of when they first started talking online, he'd make videos of himself playing guitar and singing for her and shit like that

No. 857624

Of course, I can't stand Pew but he does have a lot going for him, I don't know why people act like it's so crazy she'd go for him or he for her.

it's been YEARS for the two. I just don't like neither but I don't think it's "Oh my god poor Pew, M's a gold digger and she's evil!"Like on GG or how some people think.

That's bullshit. If there's anything to criticize them on, it's the shit they do, not their relationship which is obviously real.

No. 857669

their relationship has already lasted longer than most modern marriages if you think about it. 8 years is almost a third of their lives. it seems to me that they waited until they were absolutely sure that they wanted to be together for all of their lives. most people seem to jump into a marriage after 2 years these days. waiting for 8 is pretty damn wise.

No. 857708

>he doesn't really have anything going on in his life besides Youtube

and therein lies the issue. His whole life revolves around youtube. Not only is it his only source of income, all of his friendships and past relationships, at least his public ones, have been with youtubers. If youtube died tomorrow, he’d have to move back in with his parents. He’s the epitome of ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’. and he wonders why his mental health is suffering…

No. 857713

isn't her ex husband gay? he seemed like it from what i remember and i always suspected she was his beard.

No. 857753

>attractive, funny
Speak for yourself

No. 857816

File: 1566737910067.jpg (Spoiler Image,215.84 KB, 978x2092, IMG_20190825_145305.jpg)

It's embarrassing to see Ethan the oldfuck be so tryhard and disgusting at the same time.

I feel sorry for their newborn.

Spoilered because you are guaranteed to puke.

No. 857819

I never wanted to see this

No. 857856

I find this hilarious because it picks at James Charles obvious fame whoring but at the same time i want to burn my eyes out.

No. 858708

Repzion made a video complaining about how someone he knows was a big old meanie. Anyone know who this drama is about? The person mentioned is male, has a girlfriend, lives in Canada, wants to move to the US and has a criminal history in Canada.

No. 858709

how did he let himself go like that ew

No. 858726

it’s funny because he used to be so much fatter and this is (I’m assuming) him after losing a shit ton of weight. correct me if I’m wrong but it’s kind of sad that he’s been trying to lose weight for so long and still looks like this. makes me feel even worse for his poor wife, who is (imo) pretty and has a nice body.

No. 858749

He did lose a decent amount of weight like a year or so ago but since Hila got pregnant he packed on the pounds.

No. 858752

i hate how men can do this and get a laugh. this is disgusting though and i honestly need to look at some beautiful women or scoop my eyes out with a spoon. How could Hila fuck that

No. 858757

I know the guys ig is pdiddysauce but that’s all i’ve heard

No. 858811

this generation is lost

No. 858900

I'm getting sick of Charlie (Moist Crit) as well.

His voice is becoming annoying, I feel like he can be rude to his girlfriend at times.

I hate how he drags on an joke for too long, I'm sick of the Sexual jokes.

And he's so dismissive of shit in his just chatting streams. He also fanboys a lot (like pewdiepie), I don't know, I've felt this for a while about him.I feel like he's the type of dude who'd fuck James Charles if it could give him a story to tell/get him on the podcast.

He sometimes comes off as thirsty to me.

No. 860072

i actually can't believe i used to like this attention seeking disgusting man child. i can't even stand seeing his stupid podcast videos in my recommended

No. 860079

Same, I used to like his podcast but since the guests have run dry because Andrew was the only half way decent host it became so repetitive and boring.
Its always Kaya sperging on how liberal snowflakes are destroying the earth, Jackson is MIA most of the time because they record at 4am his time, Charlie talks like an autist, while Andrew challenges kaya's views so they argue for a solid 20 minutes.
Though I really do think that Charlie really is autistic. All of his childhood stories sum it up to that being the case, like who the hell tells their parents that they're going to go masturbate before they go out as a family to a movie?

No. 860234

Why isn't boogie2988 a cow here? He's always starting some shit and crying about it.

I've stopped watching all channels like Ethan, more often then not the reporters are pieces of shit themselves while they run around judging CERTAIN people but letting their friends slide.

No. 860280

Not sure if anyone gives a fuck but this guy who used to edit videos for Tana Mongeau's ex-boyfriend Brad Sousa made a video exposing him. You may recognize Brad from a Yes Theory video he collabed on.

No. 860309

Like calling his ~hayturz~ worse than Nazis and rapists… Boogie is a fucking cunt

No. 860314


and nobody (who matters) is going to call him out. Boogie's been an asshole for YEARS and he barely gets called on it. Which is why he hates reddit because they always call him out.

No. 860315

Same anon- Keemstar called him out but fuck Keemstar. He loves taking high roads but he was just calling Prodick's ex wife a whore & Keem's a piece of garbage that so many of these youtubers are scared of and/or kiss his ass.

No. 860417

Just post his antics in here, this thread has room for everyone. Solo threads about male cows don't usually get so much traction.

No. 860501

i don't know if he's autistic but i remember him making a video about his bad OCD.

No. 860508

The SamandTolki reddit has it covered.

No. 860525

I don't think they fuck, I'm pretty certain Hila got IVF treatment to get pregnant since Ethan literally had to jizz in a cup at a fertility clinic. That also explains the porn addiction and Ethan's jealousy towards Ian who is a better match relationship wise for Hila. I really think they those two should date discreetly.

No. 860555

they said they were trying to conceive for a long time before getting their fertility tested so im pretty sure hila was hitting that.

No. 860773

Is charlie gay or bisexual? The shit is annoying, he acts like Jeffree Star who is basically "r/ihavesex"

I'm sick of his one note sex jokes

No. 861274

lol imagine the smell

No. 861321


Anon I used to be in the same boat. I dropped h3h3 from my watch list after he started doing podcasts exclusively and pandering to anarchist teenagers. He should have stuck with the trolling videos as he has a one dimensional personality. No depth, no substance. He just repeats whatever popular opinion he reads online and basks in the praise of his fans. Only one person has really said anything about him, as most of male side of the internet is deeply in love with everything he does and refuses to see when he is being catty and two faced.

No. 861344

I thought Imallexx had gone quiet since the Slazo accusations but just found his new podcast channel where he's still been uploading

Anyone know if anything went down with James marriott? Alex says he's doing this podcast solo cos people keep leaving him??

No. 861508

there is literally 0 redeeming features about him, he's fat, ugly, sexist, racist, rude and dismissive to his friends, vindictive, lazy, and uneducated.

No. 861518

I don't know anything about Alex (besides the Slazo shit) but speaking of Slazo, I honestly feel like he's not very funny he's an attractive version of Pyrocynical.

Who I also don't find funny.

No. 861552

>attractive version of Pyrocynical
they are both fugly potato-nosed dudes with weird accents like

No. 861554

he has a girlfriend, but he seems like a pervert who'd be into anything

No. 864986

File: 1567802028589.jpg (118.23 KB, 631x321, cs.jpg)

No. 865050

What did Christine even do on the internet? I know she was huge on vine back when it was a thing, but I haven't seen her on YouTube or anything since. It was kind of cool to see some of the vine stars get involved with actual youtube stuff, like Drew Gooden and Danny Gonzalez becoming commentary youtubers.

No. 865061

She did try to break into youtube and was reasonably successful (1.9 mil subs) but her presence and engagement tapered off a lot. I think she's been over being an e-celeb or whatever for awhile.

No. 865292

I understand why she’s burnt the fuck out when she surrounded herself with people like Elijah, Tana and Trisha Paytas.

No. 865293

>>865050 she had a channel with elijah which was pretty popular, but christine then dropped him and never really got back her audience. She got kinda boring once she stopped binge drinking.

No. 865425

File: 1567888030987.png (311.7 KB, 933x340, hayes.png)

Anyone ever watch the Hayes Family or have they ever come up on the farms? They make vids of their daughter at Disneyland, which are really cute. But I can't help but think that the Disney actors they meet probably think she has cancer (she has alopecia, so she doesn't grow hair) and the mom might be subtly taking advantage of the fact that these people are always in character and that the mom never has to explicitly say what ailment her kid has, she can just let them believe the worst. I thought it was weird that a rich youtube mommy dressed her kid up as Merida but didn't buy a wig (literally iconic to Merida's look), like she wants to make sure her baldness is visible. I might be thinking too much into it tho, I've only seen a few vids so far.

Youtube families are crazy narcs anyways tho so she's exploiting her kid either way.

No. 865882

Maybe the kid doesn’t like wigs/doesn’t want to wear one? Or they don’t want to send the wrong message by covering up the alopecia? Alopecia is a real disorder and there’s tons of other diseases and disorders that can make you lose your hair other than cancer. The parents aren’t obligated to walk up to each and every person and say “hey, my kid doesn’t have cancer, she has x” this is just kinda weird and vendetta-y

No. 866216

The channel isn’t actually new, it's the same channel that used to be the camp cast and before that was the original ‘internet sensation’ podcast with his ex gf. Alex just purges all the videos whenever he starts a new podcast lol. They stopped the camp cast out of nowhere but Alex and James did both seem genuinely sad about it ending. Since they never said exactly why it ended it’s just speculation but I think James wanted to out so he could focus on his channel more. Also I forget where but recently Alex offhandedly said James doesn’t like podcasting.

Like I said in >>857506 it was speculated that James and Alex fell out after the Slazo thing because they went from constantly hanging out, collabing on each others channels and interacting on social media to literally never interacting. Alex wouldn’t even say James’ name on ig live so clearly something had changed. Since then Alex has mentioned James now and then but it’s a far cry from the kind of friends they were a few months ago. During the Slazo drama Alex threw a slew of youtubers, some of who weren’t even involved, under the bus in some leaked discord stuff so I can’t blame James for wanting to distance himself from someone like that.

No. 866218

File: 1567978809922.png (136.78 KB, 1084x582, Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 6.34…)

this interaction was kinda funny, all things considered

No. 866230

I read she's in school? Good for her tbh, some people don't know when to throw in the towel.

No. 866254

tbh her stopping binge drinking and staying away from ejijah, tana and trisha is the best thing she could have done.
i am proud of her lowkey.

No. 866279

i hate slazo but lol goddamn what a power move

No. 867453

File: 1568232207217.jpg (110.1 KB, 900x793, EELu8fyWsAMQ4-u.jpg)

No. 867617

Pewds feels like he's perpetually on the verge of going Notch and screaming about Satanic politicians and global conspiracies on Twitter

No. 867661

Alex went into more detail on this in the latest podcast episode

At the same time Alex was sharing this a guy called Kavos was tweeting about wanting to set up a boxing match against Alex, His last four vids have all been on Alex including one where he tries to meet him at insomnia and gets all pissy when Alex was out sick, he jokes about alex having aids and similar shite and somehow sees himself as morally superior

Dude is inserting himself into a shitty situation that doesn't involve him and is milking the whole thing for views and making it about HIM. His teen male audience think a boxing match or aggressive confrontation is how you deal with false allegations. Even when men are fighting for a cause of sorts they have to be aggressive egos with a superiority complex. Men are more drama than women

No. 868006

I wish Felix would stop beating around the bush and just admit he's a nazi, I'm tired of the bullshit and he's really not as sneaky about it as he thinks he's being. Sad fucking world we live in where a person like him can influence millions of kids into hating innocent people.

No. 868016


Original was deleted. Did something happen recently? Why does the screenshot look cut off (even in the archived link)?

No. 868022

How is he a Nazi? Are you perhaps a libertarian?

No. 868025

If you think Felix is a nazi, you must have a pretty lax definition of what it means to be one. Go back to tumblr

No. 868026

People like you think that anyone that leans ever so slightly not left is a nazi. Why don't you go back to watching breatube and hontra? They're right up your alley.

I don't know about this case in particular, but youtube families are fucking insane. People can make thousands upon thousands off of making their family a public matter. I don't think this is the case for EVERY family channel, but some channels look straight up like child exploitation. Can you imagine being a child and being thrusted into the spotlight like that?

Children on youtube are such a braindead easy market, it's not even funny how much money you can make off of gullible children.

No. 868033


This is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. I don’t think you know what a nazi really is.

No. 868050

>follows nazis and white supremacists on social media
>panders to his nazi fanbase
>shouts out nazi youtubers
>"heated gamer moments"
>wears nazi-like symbols on a video where he's taking back a donation he made to a jewish organisation bc his alt-right fans got pissed about it
wait no guys he's not a nazi he is just always taken out of context :((

No. 868059

Nazi-like symbols?
The iron cross on his collar?

You must be American if you think the Iron cross is a nazi symbol lmao

It was used in nazi Germany in modified form but the original iron cross goes back as far as the 14th century and is also used in the metal/rock scene.

Since 2009 it is also used again as a bravery reward in Germany.

I think Felix is a retard but this reach is rivaling his retardation.

No. 868066

ntayrt but I'm from a country invaded by Germany and wearing that kind of cross is definitely a big no no, it's still very linked with nazis. Ffs it was plastered almost as much as a swastika. You can defend origins of both, but you can't deny what it means in the context.
Especially now with the "new wave". I don't know if you have nationalists raging in your country, but I do, and they definitely use this cross
Felix isn't stupid. I don't think he's ~a nazi~, but he's playing some weird game with all of this

No. 868069

This anon is right.
I don't think he considers himself a nazi but he sure does agree with a lot of their opinions. And the amount of pandering he does is through the fucking roof.
If it walks like a duck..

No. 868070

more people should start hating pewdipie bc hes an annoying screaming lets player faggot, not bc hes a nazi (which he isnt, not donating to a pro-israel organisation doesnt make you a nazi). some of you guys have to go back

No. 868072

thanks for ignoring exactly all of the other evidence to cherrypick the one time he maybe did something with an ounce of intelligence. proclaimed nazi or not hes blatantly walking in the shoes of an altright incel to his child audience

No. 868079

What nazi opinions has he expressed, specifically? You do know you can dislike someone without having to portray them as literally evil, right?

No. 868081


>didn't screen everyone's political opinions while shouting out youtube creators he enjoyed

>Biggest fanbase on youtube "but totally nazis u guys"
>omg he said nigger on accident
>you've finally got one good point, anon!!
Wait you guys he's not a harmless youtuber he's definietly a full blown gas the jews nazi guy

No. 868086

Samefag but just realized the adl is like peta for jews, completely insane and willing to call anyone anti-semitic. Maybe that's why people didn't want him to donate? I just hope he finds somewhere else to help the cause who'll do a better job.

No. 868088

nta but literally the discreption of the specific death note review video he promoted that was made by a nazi had vile shit in it. like I get not conducting in depth screen of every person you promote (although anyone with platform his size should tbh) but it was made obvious literally under the video.

No. 868098

I'm european, you sperg
I know the origin of the iron cross, I know that nazis didn't invent it, but he knows full well the connotations behind the symbol, so either he's a dumb as a rock and didn't realise that he was wearing a symbol that nowadays is only linked to nazism after he has been called out for being one, or he just doesn't give a shit about people knowing what he's just a racist pos

I swear to god he can tattoo a swastika on his forehead and his fans will still defend him saying "oh no, it's just the Hindu symbol! he's not a nazi!!"
You guys are like a fucking cult

No. 868100

File: 1568383562420.jpg (52.23 KB, 960x724, 1483229464040.jpg)

mfw you are called a racist for screaming racist slurs
kek most of his fanbase didn't want him to donate to them bc evil corporation wanted poor pewds to be fired from disney + Antisemits complaining bc he's donating to the (((jews))). ADL is Zionist bs anyways, but thinking that he took the donation back bc of that and not bc his fans got triggered is retarded

No. 868108

File: 1568385379494.png (291.1 KB, 693x386, nazipewds.png)

No. 868113

File: 1568386389458.webm (5.75 MB, 1280x720, video _ BAN PEWDIEPIE! PEW NE…)

here's pewdiepie saying "fuck anyone who's racist, fuck anyone who's a white nationalist" for reference.

i never thought he was racist, the only thing that i found suspicious was him following multiple alt-right people. maybe he gave them the benefit of the doubt or something.

No. 868119


No. 868123

Sure, the iron cross may not technically be a Nazi exclusive symbol. But why would anyone wear it who
>isn’t German
>has been accused multiple times of being nazi over the last several years
>knows that people are sensitive right now about Nazis
>has already featured Ben Shapiro on his channel
>has already namedropped and reccomemded other art right channels

and why would ANYONE decide to wear anything that even slightly resembled an Iron Cross in their video about taking away a donation from a Jewish organization. Come on, don’t be stupid. He’s a multi-millionaire who knows exactly what he’s doing.

No. 868124

I'm just sick of all the excuses people make for him, either he's dumb or he's doing shit on purpose.

I think it's a bit of both. A lot of people have given the dude over and over again the benefit of doubt about shit. He keeps making dumb ass mistakes. He didn't pull out of the ADL because he felt it was shady.

This is the same dude who brought Ben Shapiro on as a "meme" exposing his followers to his dumb ass. He keeps having these fucked up brushes with bullshit and it's become annoying to see people constantly make excuses for EVERYTHING. HE'S RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HE PUTS ON HIS PLATFORM. And NOT only when his alt-right fanbase get mad but ALL the time.

He either needs to get a team or fire whatever team he has, he cannot blame this one on the media, his fanbase and He did this.

I find it funny in some crowds people LOATHE his Wife, but make excuses for this dumb ass for every "Mistake" he makes.

I don't think he's a nazi, I think he's an enabling as fuck, whose an grown man who people excuse as a naive little boy. The goals posts are constantly changing on what you can blame this dude for, everything's not his fault.

Everyone else is wrong for feeling there's something Shady about him being in all this drama ALL the time & mostly with these fucked up people.

No. 868128

I remember when he said the sandy hook denier was just a silly guy and he doesn't see what's so bad about him.

No. 868131

Also, anyone who thinks he "researched" and found shit out about ADL after the fact is an idiot.

Pewdiepie showed how much he truly cared about donating when he didn't even research ADL in the first fucking place TO donate to them. Again, it's just like that video. He just does shit & then looks surprised when people react to his fuck-ups.

Then he said he was "listening to someone else" which shows the tweet he made afterwards wasn't even fucking legit or from the heart.

So I seriously doubt he did more than read his Reddit about why ADL is bad.
And chose to believe whatever they said, but he only pulled it because his fanbase was mad about it. Not because he cared about any of the reasons (true, false or lies) of why ADL wasn't the best place.

because he only donated as a PR stunt and it wasn't from the heart from the get-go.

No. 868141

it also takes a second to look at all the antisemitic conspiracy bs his loudest fans are attaching to all this.

the guy probably isn’t a Nazi, his choice of outfit was probably just coincidence, but he sure does love Nazis and white supremacists giving him views and lining his pockets with money.

No. 868164

Fuck antifa and fuck commies

Shit, am I a nazi ancap now??

No. 868175

File: 1568397408116.jpg (84.07 KB, 600x521, naziboinumba1.jpg)

Look assuming he did even read the description or even finished the video.
It's possible to care about someone's content and not give a shit about their political alignment.
I think it's possible to not know the adl was super shitty. I didn't know until a few hours ago.
It could've also been on purpose to fuck with them, which would be pretty hilarious.

No. 868193

It's cool you didn't know, but are you donating money to them? Then making tweets acting like you care & then later saying, "Hey, this was something I was told to do, I wasn't passionate about this"

He said that he wasn't aware. So he didn't do this for some mastermind to own ADL, especially with the tweet he sent at people mad at him for the donation.

Him doing this to troll them is dumb as fuck & it'd make him look worst using his money to fuck with people.

He withdrew the donation because his fans were upset. Not because he gives a fuck the many ways that ADL may be problematic.
and again, who gives a fuck if pewdiepie read the description and didn't care about the asshole's opinions.

HE RECOMMENDED A VIDEO TO HIS FANS. For someone who had such a troublesome time in the media, you'd think Pewdiepie would be a lot more cautious & make sure there's not some bullshit that could make him look bad.

No. 868195

This dude constantly makes the dumbest "mistakes" and is irresponsible as fuck & constantly fucking up and everytime people try to make it something either deeper, not his fault or some type of long winded plan of his.

Nah. Sometimes the shit is simple, he doesn't care & he knows that people will sit here and defend him no matter what.

No. 868234

All these anons defending pewdiepie… How tf are you this dumb?
There's a lot of evidence pointing out the obvious, that he is most likely a full on altrighter. He keeps acting dumb and saying that he didn't know or that it's just a joke bro, and all you shitheads believe him again and again and again

No. 868238

Jokes are jokes.
Where's the evidence? He's denounced nazism multiple times.

No. 868245

File: 1568404532996.png (172.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-13-22-46-21…)

No. 868246

File: 1568404558779.jpg (353.76 KB, 934x1714, 1544576214286.jpg)

No. 868250

File: 1568404709717.png (324.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-13-22-53-09…)

This one's from gurugossip.
It's just a joke you guisee!!
If i say that i'm not a nazi then i can do whatever nazi shit i want!!

No. 868255

Is… Is this it?

No. 868259

I'm not gonna do all the work for you, cunt. Go troll somewhere else

No. 868263


I've tried being polite but you need to fuck right off back to pull with your buzzfeed hit pieces. You're the type of cunt to consider a pug saluting a hate crime.
All this proves is there's no milk just a bunch of sjw spergs.(infighting)

No. 868274

Didn't know if I should post this in the artist thread or here but since it's more about Youtube and the algorithm in general, I decided to just dump it here.

Apparently Youtube is going to demonitize and close off comment sections for videos they think are targeted to children, as in crafting, anything with toys or game walkthroughs.

The only other video I know this person from was when she was exposed for lying about a product to get shouted out by some big craft Youtuber so who knows how legit this is.

It seemed a little weird to me that she repeatedly made this out to be a gender issue tho

No. 868330

go dilate

No. 868331

The comment section thing has been around in some capacity for months. I remember Chadtronic was basically used as a guinea pig and had his comment section removed for a while.
It's just YT trying to save their asses because they have a massive problem with children giving away sensitive information on the platform and being exploited by other users. It's not going to fix anything. Frankly as long as children are capable of accessing the site nothing will.

No. 868333

I'm pretty indifferent to pewdiepie but I don't get why people get so up in arms about this. It seemed pretty obvious what kind of a person he was from the beginning. Are people really shocked he made some edgelord jokes?

No. 868363

I fucking swear you Americans are so fucking stupid.

He's from Sweden. Even if he is the most right-leaning Swede in the history of swedes, he will still be more left-leaning than a large portion of American democrats.

What Americans sees as offensive or edgy jokes aren't necessarily the same in Sweden/Scandinavia. I'm a scandi and literally everyone jokes about Hitler and the nazis. Trump, Shapiro and America as a whole is one big fucking meme and everybody is laughing.

It's only Americans and Anglos who get their panties in a twist over his edgy jokes.

No. 868444

Googling Sweden and Nazis tells a different story but go off I guess.

Too busy counting your Nazi gold.

No. 868466

File: 1568437550474.jpeg (24.43 KB, 712x361, EERuZGgWsAE5UHf.jpeg)

>wears iron cross in video of him pulling his donation from a group dedicated to stopping anti-Semitism

so tired of these bad faith arguments from his braindead edgelord fans. even if he's somehow not a nazi-sympathizer he knows exactly what he's doing and purposely riling up his alt right kiddy audience who have proven to be comprised of mass shooters and neo-nazis.

No. 868470

how can a man manage to fuck up so many times over and over? he doesn't deserve sympathy for his fuck ups anymore.

No. 868506

tbh i just wonder how marzia could be married to such an insensitive idiot, as she seems fairly liberal? obviously people with different political views can be in relationships yada yada, but surely hearing her husband scream nigger on stream or get into all these controversies related to alt-righters must bother her a little bit?

No. 868507

Swedish neo-nazis are still bigger lefties than Trump kek. I would also like to point out that those 500 neo-nazis that exist in Sweden don't really care about jews, but hate Muslims instead.
There are practically no Jews in Sweden (0.2% of the population), so maybe take off your Americentric glasses and try to understand that the issues that are happening in the US aren't the same in the rest of the world.

You could argue that he has a lot of American alt-right fans, that would be fine, but you instead chose to go full retard and call him a nazi just because he makes jokes sensitive Americans don't find funny instead.

No. 868514

I'm european and antisemitism is very well and alive here, and muslims are seen as the plague. He's been living in the uk for a while now anyway, and you can be from any country and still be a racist xenophobic piece of shit.

No. 868516

Are you ignoring >>868108 on purpose?

No. 868518

Like that's the only thing he has done lmao

No. 868527

He could go on camera wearing a swastika and people would insist it's just the Asian sign of peace or something. It's insane how untouchable he is when he's not subtle at all.

You're acting like he's living in a eurobubble when he's been interacting with his majority American audience for literally a decade. He's also lived in the UK for almost 7 years at this point. He's not some awkward provincial Swedish dude who's just a little politically incorrect because of his culture. You have to either be willfully ignorant or stupid to actually believe he just accidentally says the n-word constantly while he's tardraging online or just tripped into a Nazi costume while egging on his school shooter fans because "oh it's not a big deal in his home countryyy just jokes my dude!!!"

No. 868530

Lol seriously? She's married to a multi-millionaire and completely set for life, why should she care at all?

No. 868541

People defending this shit as fashionable 'runes'. No shit almost every neonazi symbol is taken from runes. Mentioning he's worn these clothes before too so "It's a coincidence!!!". You have to be a very special imbecile to think he decided to pick this clothing with a very visible (in frame) iron cross out of all he owns: for the particular video that has him retrieving a donation from a jew anti-hate organization. Regardless of the org being shitty or not, grow a god damn brain.

Neonazis are the first to often disguise symbols into clothing designs or use pretty obscure ones so that the average person won't identify them. His intent is clear.

European here too, I'd like to see him walk around certain parts of europe wearing that shit. He'd be beaten to a pulp. Skinheads have an eye for spotting this type of shit.

No. 868545

You can literally see the Georgian text, though.

No. 868550

File: 1568463782263.jpg (49.59 KB, 500x500, 20170122090942_a.jpg)


>Oh no, look at Usher wearing a t-shirt with the rising sun flag on it. Because of the clothes he wears we can 100% know that he supports Japanese imperialism. What a fascist.

It isn't in Scandinavia. There's pro-Palestinians hating Israelis, but that's about it.

Why should he pander to American culture just because Americans watch his videos? He's grown up in a country where nazi jokes are funny and the n-word is used more as a general insult than a racial slur. The world doesn't revolve around your shit country.

No. 868552

File: 1568464509571.jpg (48.31 KB, 645x729, VD09afj.jpg)

Learn to understand context, then read my post again. He wasn't spotted walking around in this, this is the clothing he chose to publicly address a situation that was upsetting his alt right fanbase the most.

No. 868554

There's no doubt for me that pewdiepie is an insensitive idiotic attention seeker but I honestly still have trouble believing he's a full on nazi. I don't necessarily mean he doesn't have clear far-right views and behaviours because he obviously does, but the world nazi means so little these days because of people screeching it at everyone who actually barely meets the criteria. It's like people (and by that I mean mostly Americans) don't know about other fascist or dangerous ideologies because they only learnt about the nazis, so whenever somebody says suspect stuff they label them a nazi, if that makes sense. It ties in with people not having knowledge about dictators and mass killers other than Hitler so he's the their go-to guy to label the most "evil" man in history. So when people label Pewdiepie a nazi I get where they're coming from but I find it's mostly exaggerations because it's easier and more understandable for people (dumb amercians) to get the point across

No. 868557

You’re kind of just proof that Scandinavian countries suck at teaching European history. No wonder Pewds is doing so well with neo-nazi audiences, they love the Nordic people.

No. 868571

lmao he IS pandering to American alt right culture, why do you think they love him so much? I'm not even American, I just don't have Pewd's dick down my throat.

No. 868582


Having a conspiracy theory about pdp sending secret messages to his alt-right fans through his clothing isn't context.

No. 868597

File: 1568476028528.png (204.47 KB, 537x708, inc4w7cneem31.png)

When you're the largest youtube personality with outreach to a global audience a large percentage of which are children, and your previous actions have led you to being associated with a neo-nazi shooting where 51 people died, I think it's time to take some responsibility to think a little bit about your actions before you upload your videos, doesn't matter if it's "how it is" wherever he came from. Even if it's just ignorance or everything is just all a coincidence, I don't feel sympathy for somebody with such a huge platform who's been doing youtube for so many years and who keeps repeating these same mistakes. Does he not have a management team or something to advise him on his channel?

No. 868629

I assume he has advisers since he said the ADL was recommended to him and that sound like something a manager would recommend when a client is being called an antisemite.

No. 868729

>>868557 swedish far right cucks have always had this weird superiority complex over all other nordic countries, so i am not surprised by this pewdiepoop shit at all. And my immature mind just cringes at the fact he has an italian wife. inb4 the tards, not saying all nationality are neo nazis ffs.

No. 869037

You know the iron gross is not exclusive to Germany, right?

No. 869043

that’s not an iron cross

No. 869079

To see so many PewDiePie defenders on a supposedly radical feminist site is depressing as fuck.

No. 869113

It's not a radfem site. We have threads. But it's also not a pewdepie site, so feel free to shit all over the defenders for being idiotic.

No. 869276

My little sister who's in high school defends him as "just a big idiot", his persona and lack of maturity are appealing points to fans. Still surprises me he doesn't have a better team handling this, that hobo beard he had for some time was awful.

No. 869401

File: 1568647233292.jpg (178.02 KB, 1018x1200, 1567396933946.jpg)

Can we make separate thread for the Current and former Channel awesome crew because their is much goddam milk between all of them

No. 869415

Channel awesome really does need a thread. Theyve been on a downward spiral for the past 2 years.

No. 869455

what happened? last thing I read about was brad and lupa fighting over that change the channel stuff

No. 869489

WAIT WHERE DID YOU GET RADFEM FROM LMFAO? Just because this site is only women? Because we are the bitchy, judgemental and harsh women, not the uwu validating lefty hugbox. Also Pewdiepie isn't racist or a bad person, but you wouldn't know that because lefties like you don't give people a chance and just listen to whatever people tell you to.

No. 869490

Pewdiepie is just pandering to his audience of teen autismos nothing milky.

This isn’t LA where they complain about Marzia as if she’s the Antichrist

No. 869492

I actually have some info on this all of this happened after she was photographed by a woman outed for human trafficking/underage photos of wannabe models
This isn’t the tinfoil thread and this post is super old but her breakdown was pretty shady

No. 869494

No he fucking doesn't, stop pulling shit out of your ass. He donates the majority of what he makes to charity, and then he has to pay to make his videos tight, he has to pay his editors, he needs to buy stuff to make content about, he travels to meet fans, and he isn't a flashy or extravagant guy. He has a luxury gaming chair, and maybe a couple other nice things because HE'S EARNED HIS OWN MONEY. He's not fucking Jake Paul out here, omg you bitches will find anything to rag on whatever everyone else is hating on. He's not specifically catering to any one type of person. And of all the years I've been watching him, I haven't heard him say or do one racist thing whatsoever. And if you act like you never made a joke about a racial stereotype before, you're lying. Seriously, there are bigger fish to fry, but because you're a feminazi armpit hair dying leftist freak, you want to go after some guy who did a couple mistakes unknowingly but never directly contributed to the hate hinself, you have to virtue signal and pretend to be offended, maybe because you're a broke ass crab in a bucket type bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 869498

>Seriously, there are bigger fish to fry, but because you're a feminazi armpit hair dying leftist freak, you want to go after some guy who did a couple mistakes unknowingly but never directly contributed to the hate hinself, you have to virtue signal and pretend to be offended, maybe because you're a broke ass crab in a bucket type bitch.

Anon sorry that other anon shat on your husbando but if you are going to use virtude signaling as an actual argument you sound like a retard from /pol

He’s done decent/left leaning gun things like exposing the gangs that run bollywood in the congratulations video, the donations rumours are fake he gets a lot of cash for his shitty brand of taobao reselling

He’s done great stuff and worked from the bottom


However he’s the poster boy for edgy /poltards and played too much into it to the point he was mentioned on a manifesto

No. 869509

Move the fuck on. Stop trying to tell people what they can and cannot feel about Pewdiepie. Your seriously acting like people talking about him on this site is going to harm him in anyway.

>but because you're a feminazi armpit hair dying leftist freak, you want to go after some guy who did a couple mistakes unknowingly but never directly contributed to the hate hinself,

Your not here to have a conversation, your here to insult people for not feeling how you feel about pewdiepie.

There's bigger fishes for YOU to fry rather than attacking people on an anon board about a fucking grown ass man you don't know and who doesn't give one fuck about you.


No. 869591

No children. Censor the baby's face.

No. 869621

I'd normally agree on not showing kids, but the really young ones like that are virtually indistinguishable from each other. You wouldn't be able to tell this baby from any other random baby on the street.

No. 869658

the rules exist for a fucking reason

No. 869684

File: 1568729835519.jpeg (349.94 KB, 828x716, AF2DECEA-4160-4463-B264-950C5C…)

“why would anyone who isnt a nazi feature ben shapiro on their channel”
youre straight dumb

No. 869834

A lot of white nationalist fucks think he’s “one of the good ones”

No. 869856

There was always that one Jew in the ghetto who cozied up with the nazis because they thought they could be the exception.

Shapiro’s that guy.

No. 870544

No. 870583

Charlie (Cr1itkal) always says shit with such confidence and like 80% of the time, his ass is wrong.

Also, I get so sick of him overreacting to the tamest shit. He sucks the fun out of shit sometimes & it's annoying as fuck to watch.
Everything he doesn't like turns into him insulting shit he knows NOTHING about & he's almost always wrong about it.

No. 870591

I used to like his older vids but something about revealing his face kinda ruined his content. His stupidity went from being endearing to aggravating.

No. 870607

Same ol' plausible deniability bullshit. 'I didn't know guys, I don't care about these things, both sides are just as bad and the media is evil! That channel simply had an edgy joke, people on the internet are so easily triggered! Lol sorry not sorry'
We heard all this stuff before.
Nice seeing him not so subtly siding with pedojared at the end too. Birds of a feather I guess

No. 870612

Samefag but I find it super disappointing that jacksepticeye and kickthepj are still buddies with him, they even went to the wedding.
Pj especially is surprising to me. I guess they bond over video games and not lel feminazi jokes, but still

No. 870662

I think the fangirling got to his head. People saying he looks like Keanu, all the people constantly talking about how "hot" he is.

It's annoying when he's rude/dismissive about something that he pulled out his ass & isn't even right.

No. 870713

He is basic and boring as shit. Like a piece of white bread or cardboard. That one anon on here was completely right when they said "he looks like every guy at Walmart".

No. 870718

I used to like his new videos a lot, but I unfollowed him after realizing he has like, 3 jokes

Plus he radiates Leafy vibes

No. 870746

File: 1568942952679.png (88.35 KB, 1243x679, sketch-1568942740828~2.png)

Keanu? More like Ross. No shade to David Schwimmer, but he's no Keanu.

No. 870753

He's always had this unchecked superiority about whatever he talks about
Like when he told the story of getting tested for HPV and then told dudes to never get tested because it sucked and didn't matter because the virus doesn't hurt men
And of course his 180 on the pedojared drama

No. 870767

He does only have a few jokes. Admittingly some of his sex jokes can be funny, 80% of them aren't.

Charlies the type who hates the people who are safe to hate, (the jake pauls, the rice gums etc.) but more then often sucks the dick of anyone else popular & it's annoying.

the other day he said, "I'd love to be on a reality show, if it's not too time-consuming" or something to that effect & it just made me realize how much of an fame whore he can be.

he was talking about some pamela anderson wanna be & saying how it's seen as "normal" to be a stan and brought up K-pop, however, I've seen Charlie suck Pewdiepie's dick & other YouTubers as well.

Maybe I'm just sick of the humor and i'm starting to pay more attention to the shit he says, but he's really getting obnoxious.

No. 870916

File: 1568990990914.jpg (20.09 KB, 400x400, ncDn0ycq_400x400.jpg)

>people saying he looks like Keanu
Keanu I'm so sorry…

No. 870937

I have nothing of value to add but, man the mental gymnastics that people go to defend pewdiepie on Reddit are nuts.

It's one thing to like the guy, it's another thing to make blame everything he does on something outside of himself.

Also, I don't know if Vinny Vinesauce counts as a YouTuber, but man, does anyone sometimes feel like Vinny is boring, depressed and just…weird as shit?

I've been feeling that for a while. Something about him isn't really fun to watch or funny. He barely seems like he has fun.
Then they have like 5 other streamers under vinesauce and most of them barely get over 1k viewers and 1k is them having a really good day.

The whole vinesauce situation is so odd to me.

Is it only me?


I've always gotten the vibe that his girlfriend walks on eggshells around him. He also has nerve constantly shitting on people seeing he collects sex toys.

It kills me how "Not like other guys" Charlie truly is.

No. 870938

Oh besides Joel, but it really depends on what Joel's playing but he always gets over 1k.

No. 871091

is anyone watching I'm Alex's live? He's having a breakdown. It kinda sounds like he's going to kill himself.

No. 871101

A link would be cool, I googled the name and got "ImAllexx" who doesnt seem to be live anywhere.

No. 871120

>>871101 he was on instagram live, but I didn't get the time to screen record. From what I caught, he was having a breakdown over video editing? Apparently something went wrong and he was freaking the fuck out. He does this a lot tho, which is the mily part.

No. 871180

I know a lot of people who love Vinny but I don't get it personally. I guess it's because like you said, it barely seems like he's having fun and is just phoning it in half the time. Maybe it's just his personality but even when I first tried watching him years ago I guess he was just too lowkey for me. None of the other vinesauce people have interested me enough to try watching them longterm aside from Joel.

No. 871329

wasn't it over his recent video? I didn't see it because he freaked out and deleted it before I got the chance. This is hardly surprising though, he has a breakdown on live at least once a month at this point.

not to armchair but I'm starting to think he has some sort of mood disorder because it's insane the way he goes back and forth from 'I love life, I'm gonna make all these videos, make merch, and start a new podcast!!' to 'it's 6pm and I just woke up, fuck everything, I'm going to kill myself'

No. 871330

File: 1569086505295.png (56.77 KB, 306x257, Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 2.21…)

No. 871331

geez, what a baby . thanks for the cap.

No. 871616

Was this the danielle cohn one?

No. 871624

It's not a fucking disorder, jesus. It's normal for people who've been popular but have fallen out of favour to feel confused, sidetracked, to be emotional about it, and flail around a bit, acting inappropriate and not knowing what to do. Don't pathologize every imperfect human reaction.

No. 872257

Joel is such a fucking baby sometimes, like the weirdest shit tick him off. I know it's stressful or whatever, but he literally lets one guy ruin everything.

It's good he can recover from it well but then chats all, "WHO MADE JOEL MAD" and it becomes a bunch of people trying to insult whoever ticked Joel off.

Who cares

No. 872258

I sometimes feel like i'm in fucking school with these streamers, like when one person fucks up we all have to suffer.

He's not as worst as Tomato who bans people all fucking day.

No. 873608

File: 1569558067291.jpg (25.49 KB, 460x374, bitch_theyre_brown.jpg)

I'm really confused as to why Tana Mongeau insists she has blue-green eyes.

Bitch, your eyes are fucking BROWN.

No. 873653

File: 1569575111416.jpg (120.15 KB, 1200x600, Ihadtosavethisforyourweirdnitp…)


Anon I hate this bitch too but if anything her eyes are shitty hazel

No. 873757

On some photos it looks like central heterochromia, a bit of blue on the outside, brown inside. It's common, I know more people with this variation than with pure blue eyes.

No. 874733

Her family's rich, she doesn't need his money.

No. 874764

Does anyone know where Leafy has been?

No. 874765

People with hazel eyes are the worst because they will do the most to convince you they don't have brown eyes. Hazel is a shade of brown like Gray eyes are a shade of blue. Cope.

No. 874772

Her eyes are brown. They only look hazel or blueish when she's wearing those shitty lenses that Kylie and all the Insta thots wear.
Look at any early videos and photos, not a trace of hazel.

No. 874926

this is from last year but I doubt anything has changed. he made big money before the ad crisis so he fucked off and is probably living comfortably somewhere

No. 875084

File: 1569921065507.jpg (21.75 KB, 244x199, dc44f85.jpg)

How long do you guys think before Dan troons out? Knowing his personality and how his views are progressing I wouldn't be surprised if we see Danielle in a few years lol

No. 875106

Why oh why does every confused male who slaps onna cheap wig and ends up looking like an ugly androgyne think this??

No. 875402

So Felix bought a house in Japan apparently. What kind of visa can a YouTuber get, anyways? I thought they don't consider it a real job there.

No. 875413

You don't necessarily NEED to already have a job in either country to get a visa. It certainly helps, though. But he's clearly able to prove he has money if they do prioritize that. I'm more impressed that he was able to buy the house than to get a visa. I was under the impression that Japan was one of those where foreigners could only rent, not actually own property.

No. 875476

Tbh I think it's just that some men are so convinced they can do anything better than a woman can that they even believe they make better women
Though in Dan's case let's be honest, he feels himself up so often normally I'm just convinced his perfect partner is someone who looks or reminds him of himself. He probably finds himself attractive in all forms

No. 875803

Japan is a country where buying property is extremely inadvisable because you will basically always sell at less than what you bought it for. They were probably just happy some dumb foreigner with cash to burn wanted to invest in spite of that.

No. 875934

Foreigners can absolutely own property, but people usually only do after living there for several years and having steady employment, as buying a house alone doesn't entitle you to residency. So he could only really use it as a holiday house.

No. 877679

Just started watching this and really not sure if its a joke yet, but everyone's mad lol

No. 877690

I wonder if her gay, trans or friends in the community will call her out?

she was just praising Shane and Jeffree, wonder if they said anything lol..

No. 877691

File: 1570488366176.png (30.19 KB, 841x82, Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 3.45…)


lmao, she's trolling hard and people on the internet are falling for it as usual. I don't know how she does it, but no matter how many times she comes out with some new persona (lesbian, chicken nugget, republican, catholic), people will get triggered and not realize she does this all the fucking time and that they're being played.

I just went and checked out GG and they're all over there talking about how she's sew disrespectful to the 'community', and hoping she finally gets 'canceled'. She'll be right back to smacking on a Taco Bell haul in a few days and acting like nothing ever happened.

No. 877693

So true, most of these people like her, the pauls (who was "over for the millionth time today), the Jeffree Stars, the Keemstars, do the same fucked up shit and they are either forgotten, blown up and then people still are fans or nothing happens.

Trish is going to be just fucking fine, unless someone huge speaks out and even then, she'll probably be fine.

No. 877699

File: 1570489282489.png (1.47 KB, 196x115, ratioed.PNG)

Holy shit, that like to dislike ratio

No. 877705

So she's essentially describing being nonbinary or genderfluid, albeit in a very ignorant way. If anyone else claimed to be trans using the same reasons as Trish but instead used tumblr-appropriate language there would not be backlash. It's kind of genius.

No. 877709

I think because it's Trisha, people would give someone else benefit of the doubt, but Trisha's whole persona has been trashy, problematic anything for clout and attention bullshit.

but like>>877691 said, nothings going to happen to her, more often then not these "Over parties" that trend don't really do shit.
She's one of those cockroaches that never die

No. 877725

this is so funny. maybe it will wake people up to how bullshit troonery is

No. 877753

troon: um, i say i'm a woman so you have to treat me like a woman :)
trisha: i'm a man

i can't believe trisha is holding a mirror to them. a feminist icon.

No. 877754

Fuck trisha, she's a shit person, not even because of this, but the million other reasons, she's not doing this for some deep meaning, she'd doing it for attention.

She's dirt. She's not a feminist anything.

No. 878103

Kalvin Garrah reacted to Trisha!

No. 878114

Why tf does anyone take her seriously? She's a troll.

No. 878121

Look, I think Trish is just really dumb and not very introspective rather than malicious.

I think part of the problem is her not fully understanding what being 'trans' entails.
I think for her, if what she's blabbing on about in the video is how she feels, she is confusing 'I'm a woman who likes some stereotypically masculine things and may lean that way' and her actual gender/gender identity.

It's kind of like when parents think their kid is goth/emo because they want black hair

No. 878127

As much as I hate this stupid ass bitch and wish she would disappear, any trolling of troons I support.

No. 878354

Peggie Neo is eating in an Airport bathroom (probably LAX) in her words “why should I get a hotel when I can sleep in the airport” then films her mukbangs in the bathrooom consisting of fast food and people knocking on the door the sound of planes landing and in her McDonald’s video saying someone had just used the bathroom before she came in “to eat”

No. 878358

File: 1570645243521.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1863, 43CEA328-8D9B-4E40-95C0-26F861…)

All of these are filmed in presumably LAX

No. 878364

File: 1570645869103.jpeg (313.33 KB, 2048x2048, 7D8B6D62-C761-47EB-B4CB-83937E…)

No. 878366

File: 1570645995556.jpeg (370.68 KB, 1225x1230, A9333E89-CCF8-43EC-9E91-D5633C…)

No. 878375

What de fuck.
It looks like the disabled toilets due to the size (though that might be the camera angle) but…what..what is the tray of food resting on? Are her other videos filmed in toilets too? I wonder if she is bulimic and yaks them right up again after (I've heard that is a common mukbang strategy) that's the only reason someone would do this.

No. 878376

No she’s from Singapore and usually films in her studio

No. 878383

After looking at all her other videos (though it's a cheat since she eats about half the food on the tray) and her thin arms, body and frail hands, there's no way she's keeping any of that down. Kinda shows how gross Youtube is that they are happy to watch a girl binge-eat in a toilet stall and (offscreen, but logically) throw it up after as long as she's pretty. There are plenty of comments wondering how she stays thin or what she eats outside of mukbangs. Eating that fried shit so often as she appears to, she would not be thin with clear skin and healthy hair, it's literally impossible.

No. 878405

I've always gotten gross vibes from her. From her man voice to some of the shit she eats it's just nauseating. She just gives off a gross vibes so this honestly doesn't surprise me.

No. 878407

Maybe she's like Megan McCollum who goes to the gym literally Everytime she eats because she can't stop shoveling shit into her mouth. Literally the only difference between skinny mukbangers and people like Amberlynn and Foodie Beauty is that they throw it all up or over excercise to meet the deficit requirements to stay thin. The majority of them have to be pre diabetic or have heart problems at the least. But they rage like hell when you call them out on their literal binges. >I don't eat like this every day you guize this is a cheat day let me make some what I eat in a day videos do you think I'm totes healthyz despite my insides saying otherwise

No. 878447

She's not really in a bathroom. She's either in a hotel or her studio. She turns the camera around to shoe the food and you can see shelves and other storage containers. And there's no echo. It's just a funny gimmick.

No. 878537


IIRC, the disabled stalls in the Tom Bradley terminal (definitely the nicest terminal if you are sleeping over) have a wide shelf just behind the toilet. It's somewhere to put bags you don't want to leave hanging, but is it sanitary? No. Not going to watch the videos just to find out, kek, but >>878447 sounds more realistic. She would have to be the grossest tier of cheap to have money for a hotel and still stay there.

No. 879028

So most 2019-era trans men, in other words.

No. 879120

she's no more or less hypocritical than any of those demographics, people are falling over themselves to come up with a reason self id doesn't matter when they don't like it. pedos and hentai addicts must be indulged at all costs or it's literal violence, but this makes them feel uncomfy so it's not real. a true artist.

No. 882187

yeah they're all pretty fucked up

No. 882332

It's crazy to me that the narrative is
>everyone is whatever they identify as, passing or not, surgery or not
>except trisha

Just plain ol gatekeeping from hypocrites

No. 886384

Just be a youtuber or have a shitty podcast and make ugly clothes and you could be just like h3h3 and buy a $9 million house. We are truly living in clown world.


No. 886388

Speaking of H3H3 and Trish, she came on the h3h3 podcast and it was a mess. Ethan and Hila just being petulant children. I don’t like her but Ethan and Hila are pricks.

No. 886399

i have no clue why ethan is so set on denying the things he called her. i dont like any of them, but hes acting as if everyone made up the 30 minute smear segment from a few podcasts ago. he spent half an hour trying to egg everyone on the podcast to rate her and insult her despite everyone clearly being uncomfortable by how pushy he was to find physical faults with her body. he took pointless hits at her the whole time far beyond how she behaves online and he just expects one of the most emotionally unstable people on youtube to just take it as a troll? yeah right. is this hilas fat shaming tactic rubbing off on him or something?

No. 886421

It doesn't seem like that long ago when he whined about being poor.
>my good friend Post Malone paid for this Vegas trip how dare you!

This is three properties now. Where the hell did the money come from?

No. 886489

podcast + teddy fresh, I don't get why hard working people making shit wages buy that crap and fund their lifestyle but "we live in a society"

No. 886632

Yes…ugh. Teddy Fresh is fine if you're into that ironic hipster style and enjoy massively overpaying for some 90s color block shit you could find at a thrift store.

The podcast is cringey af. Ethan is becoming more blatant in his misogyny every day, and Hila goes along with it. And he's bitter and tearing down women's looks all the time when he's a fat fuck with a cottage cheese ass who's going to look like Boogie soon.

Sorry for the rant, I just hate these 2 so much. Their old videos were funny, but they've now shown their true colors.

No. 886724

I don't mind them being wealthy, but the amount of greed you have to have to buy a $9 million dollar home is insane. You could retire on that amount without ever having to budget, or pay off a shit ton of medical debt since they live in murica. Its so greedy and they don't even live lavish or do they just hide their lavish lifestyle and pretend to be super down to earth and relatable on camera only?

No. 886736


I wonder what Ethan’s alt-right conservatard fan club thinks about this since he’s been courting the trads for a while now.

No. 886929

I mean Hila got rejected from fashion school, I'd be wary that her clothing line is doing more than paying basic bills unrelated the 3 houses they own. My guess is their YouTube/Podcast and then maybe they got a financial advisor to help them keep and maintain their wealth once all their fame has ended. I think Jeffree has done the same, he own like an apartment building which is why he can still be rich without youtube. Although his weed and makeup probably help out a little bit too.

No. 886954


I had no idea they owned 3 homes.

Though, I know they're probably taking out big loans and paying high interest rates, and if they're smart they probably lease and rent their other two homes and keep them either as investments or write them off as inheritance for their child or any future kids if they have more.

Plus 9 million in Bel Air sounds a lot to outsiders, but in LA, that's actually 'cheap' for that area. The home is only 7500 sq ft, that's kind of small for luxury LA. Many mansions in Bel Air exceed that size. 2005 is also 'older' for that area, as a lot of out of country investors from China and the Middle East will buy homes like this, tear them down, and then build a 15,000 sq ft monster mansion and sell it for like, 50 million, if not more.


No. 886955

I've seen really nice homes in nice neighborhoods in and near LA in the 1-2 million range. Its wasteful to throw down that much on just a house. I really wish they'd do something with that money to improve the country because we have a huge debt and homelessness problem.

No. 887010

This is general thought I have been thinking about youtube. I used to only watch youtube, never watched television, rarely read books, didn't read reviews, didn't watch the news, I essentially replaced all media with youtube. Recently I have become completely disillusioned with youtube. I started regular media again, and I finally appreciate the 'gatekeeping' of it. I hate that people think that Shane Dawson is some kind of ground breaking film maker, or that some smuck on youtube who cracks jokes on his webcam is the next greatest comedian. Hollywood is trash and so is the MSM, but youtube and social media in general isn't the answer. I'm beyond over it.

No. 887056

At least directors and casting agents screen actors for some talent or good looks when it comes to big budget media, call me an elitist but I don't like that some fat racist/sexist shmuck like boogie can make 500k a year and rake in hundreds of thousands of viewers. Don't even get me started on Shane's mediocrity.

No. 887080


I’m a cynic but to me the media - whether it’s free reign bs like YouTube and twitter or mainstream crap like Hollywood and the BBC - is designed to fuck with you no matter what you do.

I don’t think it’s intentional, like we are being controlled by some nefarious Freemason death cult, I just think it’s motivated by greed, the high tower nature of corporate culture, and the general autistic tendencies of average people who don’t care about anything but being entertained.

The media is like processed food. Even if it’s so called ‘good for you’, it’s still laced with preservatives and probably grown in a lab somewhere to make it disease resistant or ‘perfect’. You’re being presented a prepackaged, overly processed vision of the world and normal people like it because it’s much easier to digest someone else’s pre-fab version of reality than to actually develop an opinion of it yourself and experience life on your own. I just got back from Europe as an example, since I haven’t been there in a while, and nothing you see on the news in the States reflected what I saw there with my own eyes.

No. 887124

Agreed. What I'd like to add to is that both thrive on outrage news.
Which is a shame in my opinion because it fuels a "fake" negative outlook on people/countries/life.

But even that works like some sort of 'fast food', people fueling their anger or sadness.

No. 887176

why should they though? those are issues that should be handled by your government

No. 887179

lmao yeah that will never happen, the inequality gap will just grow ever wider as the rich continue getting richer

No. 887182


Your innocence must be preserved

No. 887220

I remember that video. They're both so obnoxious. they give a lot of sob stories about being broke and poor. They couldnt make it in NYC, because they werent wanted there, so they moved back to LA with all the other posers and made their youtube wealth there.

>teddy fresh

i dont understand why anyone buys that shit

No. 887327

At the end of the day entertainment is entertainment, and the creation of a lot of it is motivated by greed.
There is something really insidious about youtube though. The worship of mediocrity on there is really alarming. The GP in America (and in a few other western countries) are obsessed with mediocrity. It's why I think Lizzo and Billie Eillish are so popular. Both painfully average in almost every facet. It's also why I think Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are so popular as well. They are such unexceptional men with insane amounts of money. J* lives in an ugly mcmasion with a garage full of every boring luxury vehicle on the market. His house is filthy and poorly decorated. All of his clothing is fresh off the runway designer shit. I don't even have to go into all of the things wrong with Shane lol. Look at the house Ethan and Hila bought. Just another over priced mansion in Bel Air. They are both unexceptional at best also. I feel that way about almost every youutber I see. I can't think of anything truly remarkable that has come out youtube that wasn't backed some conglomerate (IE Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, Clario, all got famous off of going viral via youtube). A lot of independent acts that have gained clout through the internet that helped them break into the mainstream have always come from other social media platforms (Soundcloud, bandcamp, instagram, etc.). Youtube is weird and I hate how much time I wasted consuming media from it.

No. 887521

Lee Newton just got kicked out of the Valley Folk and its become a big dramastorm.

The remaining members cited 'creative differences' only for her to release a video 5 minutes later saying she got kicked out.

No. 887664

Wow, Valleyfolk are pretty small and I didn't expect anyone to be talking about this here. I don't know if we will ever get the real story, but some ppl are gossiping that it Roosterteeth pulling the strings – possibly mad about something she said about Shane Gillis?

I hate how cavalier Joe, Elliott, and Steve seemed in their video though.

No. 888543

Jesus Christ, why do YouTubers all have at least a little drama attached to them?

So, I've been watching TabiEats. Basically a food review channel. They try snacks sent in from viewers, food from around Japan and in other countries, and review kitchen gadgets. The people behind TabiEats are Satoshi Tanaka and Shinichi Mine, an older gay couple living in Japan. Every couple of videos, they tend to have a guest or two. One of the more common guests they have is a friend of Shinichi's who lives in Hong Kong named Laurence, who I have some speculations about.

Majority of the time, when Laurence is a guest, it's usually when Shinichi is away from Satoshi. Shinichi says Satoshi stays behind to watch their dog, Justin. However, there have been a couple times where Laurence and Satoshi are in the same videos, even overseas from Japan. The icing on the cake is they even have a playlist dedicated to videos featuring Laurence. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaTwsQi6BOg7Uk8cHqLMl0JjLb-y6ENp6
The video I attached is from December 2018 and the video that got me questioning if there's something more between Shinichi and Laurence. At 05:50, Shinichi teases Laurence after taking a bite of food, "Sounds like you're having sex: Mmmm, mmmm, mmm!"

At the time of this post being written, Shinichi is currently in Amsterdam, with Laurence, while Satoshi is staying in Japan editing videos and caring after their dog Justin.

No. 888660

So no drama, just speculations? Got it!

No. 888766

Any info on the Kurtis Conner/Dean and Justine situation? I’m so out of the loop and just saw Kurtis’ tweets apologizing for something

No. 889289



Justine participated and won the cringy dating show that Kurtis and Dean liked to shit on. Kurtis chose her to be Deans "bae". She made a few vids about it, featuring Dean, turns out he has a big ego and a shitty personality.

He has accused people of being clout chasers while the only reason he has a following is that he is friends with Kurtis

No. 889304

Trisha is on a roll with the trolling.

>shows herself wearing a big ass ring

>teases getting married
>goofballs on YT legit think she’s getting married
>it’s a cardboard cut out of Brad Pitt
>butthurt ensues

No. 889329

I can't believe there are people who STILL don't realize she is and has always been trolling and get mad at her, and they fall for it and give her what she wants…attention/money/views.

No. 889341

How could she for it to the cardboard Keanu?! Does he mean nothing to her?

No. 889344


I've often wondered this myself. I think a lot of it is just simply outrage culture at its lowest form.

No. 889357

She has some Andy Kaufman thing going on. I barely know who he is but I know he trolled everyone the same way as Trish does and she's mentioned him in the past. I'll have to watch a doc about him because I'm so intrigued by Trisha and what she's (been) doing.

No. 889373


I get similar vibes from her. Controversial opinion, but I think she's intelligent and knows how to play on people's emotions by using her gender and appearance to work people up.

She portrays herself as the stereotypical blonde bimbo a la Anna Nicole, Marilyn Monroe, but she has a leg up on them by being a little more savvy when it comes to the industry so she's not a victim of Hollywood.

She knows this is all a game and she's having her fun. In a way it's kind of genius because she's laughing all the way to the bank, but snowflakes on Guru Gossip have really convinced themselves she's miserable, lonely, and depressed. She seems very content with her life. Idk, if she were a man I think people wouldn't be as pressed, but she's a woman so everybody is outraged?

No. 889378

File: 1572979695165.png (78.54 KB, 541x416, Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 10.4…)


An example of the hand wringing over at gg.

No. 889380

File: 1572979836964.png (60.1 KB, 562x291, Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 10.5…)


Sorry for samefagging but it's entertaining.

>she needs to be reported for hurting our feefees

No. 889385

She's racist, anti-semitic, sexist, and plain ol' stupid. It doesn't take a genius to know how to offend people and get clicks, there's nothing intelligent or feminist about her at all. She can't compare to the philanthropy and mild mannered intelligence of the women she copies.

No. 889390


Hmmm. I've never really seen her as a feminist and it's always interested me whenever fans of her call her that.

I don't really take her that seriously. She knows what she's doing, she seems okay with the 50/50 love and hate she creates around herself, so I just enjoy her antics and the chaos she creates from her trolling.

It makes me wonder how long she'll keep going. I can't see her continuing on into her 40's.

No. 889461

Trisha is just a blonde Kaceytron in a different lane and anyone who takes her as anything other than a troll with a few genuine emotional problems is playing themselves.

No. 889493

File: 1572999524284.jpg (29.61 KB, 467x300, 1492021369777.jpg)

Yeah, they're going to ban satire soon because it makes people feel dumb-dumb when they realize they were entertained…

No. 889727

there's two of them and a baby, why do they need a 6 bedroom mansion?

No. 889888

well he's a greedy disgusting blob, he deserves it in his mind

No. 889889

>Why do they need 6 bedrooms
Probably when he plans on cheating on hila

No. 889890

Has anybody else been following the Channon Rose/Amber Walter drama? Way back in 2015 youtuber Channon Rose accused another youtuber, Amber Walter (her friend) of stealing stuff from her wedding (mostly money that was in wedding cards ans other gifts, and some other things like that) and sued Amber for defamation (which honestly didn't make much sense given she was supposedly suing Amber for stolen money/items). Channon has several videos about it and they seemed convincing to me at the time, but now Amber has come out saying she's innocent. I watched this whole interview with Amber and they go over the accusations that Channon made and honestly it's pretty convincing that Amber is innocent.

No. 889891

I will never understand what she sees in him, he's obese and porn addicted with a small dick. I don't envy her at all, me and my husband have nowhere near that kind of wealth and yet our relationship is so much better. What a sad life for both of them.

No. 889893


He’s gotta have somewhere to hide all his papa john’s pizza boxes and Ethan bradberry memorabilia.

No. 889894

There's also this 2 hour long video from Amber proclaiming her innocence, I haven't watched it yet though.

No. 889897

This is about a month old, but since we are talking about the hypocrite Ethan Klein, I’ve been waiting for the inevitable NEET bitching now that he’s out here in LA hamming it up with celebs.

No. 890102

I also suspect that.
Her having been on the h3h3 podcast was mentioned before and they said something very interesting: Trisha cannot be trans because she still styles herself like a woman.
According to tranny logic that means that they just outed themselves as transphobic because everybody should have the right to self-identify.
Major tinfoil and wishful thinking but what if her intention was to out them and their viewers as the hypocrites they truly are? lol They obviously only act "woke" if it benefits them and their agenda.
I also don't get why Ethan and Hila got so popular in the first case: most of their followers seem to be alt-righters but both of them are jews who are (supposedly) pro-trans…?

>my good friend Post Malone
Post Malone phoning Justin Bieber and Ethan desperately trying to get his attention was hilariously pathetic.

No. 890162


>I also don't get why Ethan and Hila got so popular in the first case: most of their followers seem to be alt-righters but both of them are jews who are (supposedly) pro-trans…?

Ethan started fraternizing with the alt-right when he began his podcast by playing to the sarcastic edgy jew memes like Howard Stern and presenting himself as being some archangel messenger for the NEETs and angry gamers.

He's always wanted to be a celebrity, which is evidenced by his recent purchases and the cliques he runs in now. He's just not artistic or creative so he did the next best thing, which is to be an asshole and curate an audience out of the most sensitive group of people imaginable. He knows exactly what he's doing. He knows that there's a lot of young, confused, impressionable men out there who are searching for big male egos to attach to, and he curates this image by having this laissez-faire attitude about everything and Hila sitting in the corner drooling for no reason.

To me I think he met his match in terms of trolliness when he had Trisha on the podcast. They're both two individuals who wanted fame, weren't talented or attractive enough to get it through traditional means, so they troll and pander to the LCD mentality. You could tell how irritated he was when she was on the podcast because she was serving him back what he dishes out on other people.

No. 890182

That, and Ethan also made a lot of
anti-SJW content back when the YouTube algorithm kept recommending "ben shapiro MURDERS libtard epic style compliation #34" type videos. In an alternate universe, Ethan would have made thousands of videos about how cringe neocons were if that was what the YouTube algorithim favored back in 2015/2016.

I wouldn't call their fanbase alt-righters. They probably align closer with the IDW crowd and centrists (both groups are still as annoying as the altrighters tho).

No. 890193

File: 1573145227900.png (589.86 KB, 640x870, 7mi5ikixi5x31.png)

Ethan really just disgusts me, even just by purely looks alone. He's just not a good person and got shot in the ass with lucky and money.

No. 890213


>I wouldn't call their fanbase alt-righters. They probably align closer with the IDW crowd and centrists (both groups are still as annoying as the altrighters tho).

They have some alt-rights or at least, wannabe alt-rights mixed in there with the other salt boys. Since he moved to the heart of luxe LA, a few of them have been popping out of the woodwork to suddenly whine about him being a "jew" when they were perfectly happy to be giving him views before they found out how wealthy he actually was.

No. 890303

>Post Malone phoning Justin Bieber and Ethan desperately trying to get his attention was hilariously pathetic.

Oh God. I remember that podcast. Here’s a guy who’s built a good portion of his career making fun of the Paul brothers yet automatically kisses the ass of Bieber, who’s barely above the Pauls in terms of being a complete shithead. That was complete cringe and it convinced me that Ethan is an absolute starfucker. Still like some of his older videos though.

No. 890377

Had to google it to witness glorious moment where Ethan gets ignored like a nobody he truly is.

No. 890444

>He's always wanted to be a celebrity, which is evidenced by his recent purchases and the cliques he runs in now. He's just not artistic or creative so he did the next best thing, which is to be an asshole and curate an audience out of the most sensitive group of people imaginable. He knows exactly what he's doing. He knows that there's a lot of young, confused, impressionable men out there who are searching for big male egos to attach to, and he curates this image by having this laissez-faire attitude about everything and Hila sitting in the corner drooling for no reason.

I think you're putting way too much meaning into this, he's just an edgy Youtuber from the early 2010's who hasn't changed much

No. 890486


I feel the same way anon, I just said it less succinctly than you did.

No. 890496

>Hila sitting in the corner drooling for no reason.

Is she retarded? She seems kind of slow and doesn't react with any emotion to anything Ethan does. Its kind of creepy because she looks so glazed over like she's on some serious drugs.

No. 890500

There's a really dumb little thing that started pushing me to be more critical of h3h3 and it's their dog. They baby him, brought hi, to podcast recordings where he's yapped and literally shit on the floor and seem happy to just let him do whatever and chew on everything. Like I get it, Shredder is a cute dog but you have to discipline even the cute little dogs or you have an absolute nightmare. I'm sure the doghate thread would have a field day with them seeming to be the stereotypical terrible small dog breed owners.

With all their money you think they could afford like, a pet sitter or something because while I love dogs I don't want to listen to one interrupting my podcasts.

No. 890508

Didn't they adopt another dog recently too? With a newborn you'd think they wouldn't want to add any more to their plate just yet, especially since there's no way Shredder is getting even a fraction of the attention he used to.

No. 890538

I don't think she's retarded, she's just very eager to go along with Ethan's opinions and barely bothers to give out her own. She just nods, make noises and agrees with him. It really annoys me how she literally laughs at everything and it's a real annoying laugh too.

No. 890596

I also think she still has kind of a hard time with English sometimes

I’m pretty sure they have a nanny for the children now, dont know about the dogs though

No. 890608


She's kind of subtle in the way she riffs on Ethan, but she doesn't come off stupid, or even particularly submissive, IMHO.

No. 890625

How did they go from ebegging for their stupid lawsuit to buying a 9 million dollar mansion and hiring nannies?

No. 890700


Not being honest about how much they were really making. Anytime Ethan would bring up their income, he acted like they were comfortable but not sitting on lots of assets.

No. 890738

> I also think she still has kind of a hard time with English sometimes
This. Plus the fact that she seems very soft spoken. She always came off as reasonably smart to me but the fact that English isn’t her first language plus she seems very shy creates a very overall awkward presence in their videos/podcasts.

No. 890762

Yeah, I agree, she doesn’t seem stupid, just not well-suited to acting wacky when they want her to (like her cringey “SLAMMIN’” when they had the Bradberrys on)

Honestly, I wish they’d utilize her to use the laptop rather than Ethan because it drives me so fucking crazy that he always fucks up the computer stuff. He can’t figure out how to mute/unmute sound or enlarge shit (in general, just basic stuff) and is always like “hey guys! What’s going on with this?” How about you stop being such a retard Ethan Jesus. AFAIK Hila does/did all the editing for their videos, so she should be in charge of the tech stuff rather than the fat idiot.

No. 890801

Its so pathetic that the best she can do is tease him a little bit after all the disrespect and bullshit she's put up with. Maybe I'm lucky to not know a lot of couples like that and this is normal? It just doesn't seem right, he's way too scummy to be real and she's way too submissive to be right in the head.

No. 890802

Who just sits there and watches a borderline pornographic video sent to their husband and barely reacts? How is that not a sign of total defeat and submissiveness? This shit is far from normal and I feel bad for anyone who thinks it is.

No. 890960


I kind of suspect that Hila just doesn't really care at this point. I don't perceive her as submissive so much as she's the only female who can stand to be around Ethan for more than ten minutes.

No. 890961

I would just like to know what part of that relationship is actually enjoyable to her

No. 890967


Me too, anon. She's stayed with him for this long and popped out a child. I've just assumed it was the money that kept her around, and they're probably both equally terrible and annoying. She just gets a pass because she's quieter?

No. 890973

she's always given off cringy vibes to me. she also seems cocky about having eathan, like he's a prize.

No. 890976

she clearly likes him and thinks he's funny, she was around long before he got rich on YouTube. the only thing she seems to outwardly dislike about him is the fact that he's a fatass.

No. 890979

I remember in a video from like 2016 Ethan's mom got very ill and almost died from a heart issue, he visited her in the hospital with a stupid fucking batman mask on and expressed 0 concern for her condition. If a man demonstrated that level of carelessness over his own mothers life there's no way in hell I'd give birth to his child.

No. 891000


That's why I say that I get the feeling Hila doesn't really care what Ethan does - she seems very content to be living with him. It's probably incomprehensible to us because we see Ethan for the hairy lump he is, but who knows what she sees in him? I mean, he has mentioned in the past that she is kind of his main support and that she was the one who really encouraged him to make videos.

No. 891015

Has anyone else seen what's happened to Bart Baker and what sadly could be the future for a lot of Youtubers

No. 891040


This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in a while. And why does the interviewer look like Eraserhead?

No. 891043

I remember Bart and how popular he was. He COULD take a better, stable job in video editing: He doesn't have to depend on a Chinese company run by a 26-year-old. This is all his choice. It's pathetic that he's even doing this, and the Chinese guy is pathetic for hiring some foreign YouTuber who doesn't speak any Chinese and whose views aren't in line with China's just because he's white and blonde.

No one should depend on YouTube for money or stability. Period. I swear the skepticism of a "youtube career" has been around for longer than just the past few years, but now that big youtubers are actually being effected by it, people are making a big deal. Youtube is allowed to do whatever they want, unfortunately.

Also yeah the journalist's haircut was fucking ugly.

No. 891045

Yeah, the thing that really rubbed me the wrong way after watching that video is the way they made it out like this guy had no other options besides selling his soul to China. The fact that he's actually moving to China for this is fucking ridiculous. He looks fucking dead inside and yet is still choosing to do this instead of taking a normal job? Is he seriously too used to a social media lifestyle that he doesn't know how to function in the normal world?

No. 891049


He could have easily found a production job in Hollywood with a company making the same fucking content, perhaps even better than what he was doing previously. Like you said, this whole snippet was designed to look like he had literally "no choice" in what happened to him, with Cousin Urkel sitting there looking at him with faux concern on his face as he screams into a phone in horrible gringo Chinese. He's addicted to attention, so I don't feel sorry for him one bit. His parodies were okay at best anyway.

No. 891064

Didnt she date Quentin Tarantino at some point ?

No. 891079

because youtubers are entitled brats and don't want to get a normal job, they want to be in front of a camera and make hundreds of thousands a year or even month! I'm so sick of the consumerist evil culture they've created in a country basically regressing into third world status because nobody can afford healthcare. But omg you can watch your favorite youtuber buy gucci tho!!

No. 893410

File: 1573739233665.jpeg (508.58 KB, 2048x2048, 032592D3-0937-474C-A0E1-7B1238…)

She was just an obsessed fan who tried (and failed) to fuck him for clout. She’ll take any famous dick she can get. She fucked Roger Bart, the voice of Hercules, after all.

No. 893626

Tobuscus is such a human train wreck. You can tell by the way he moves and talks and how jittery he is that his brain is fried from doing drugs lmao.

No. 894197

Has anyone else been following the Trisha Paytas/Gabbie Hanna/Gabi DiMartino drama? It's so confusing.

A short summary of the drama:

First Trisha uploaded a video about Gabbie Hanna talking about how Gabbie told Jason (who Trisha was dating at the time) that Trisha had herpes. Gabbie basically admitted to this on her instagram story, but didn't name Trisha in it, and Gabbie goes on and on about how she just told Jason that she heard Trish had herpes because she's a good caring person uwu and cares about her friends (and she's supposedly really close to Jason).

Then Gabbie H texts Gabi Dimartino asking what Trisha says about her because Trisha talks a lot of shit about her. Gabi D responds and says she doesn't want to be part of the drama but that Trisha has said she thinks Gabbie H doesn't like her.

Later Gabi D admitted this was a lie, and said she lied because Gabbie H wouldn't like the truth.

Then Gabbie Hannah tweeted and said that Trisha Paytas threatened and blackmailed Gabi D into defending her.

Trisha outright denied ever blackmailing Gabi D and is now threatening Gabbie Hanna for defamation over this.

At least… I think that's what happened, this situation is honestly so messy, I've watched several videos about this situation and I still don't fully understand. If anyone has a better summary please share lol.

No. 894280

is he a confirmed user?

to me this screams intense alcohol abuse, that level where users don't slur or scramble their words anymore because of tolerance.

just wow, i sure hope he's doing better now, his only newer video is from a month ago where he's shilling some sort of meet up.

quentin fucking tarantino. trash attracts trash man.

No. 894296

Yeah, in videos from his ex girlfriends they talked about him hard core partying and using molly. I honestly don't care if he's doing better or not, he's an asshole and his content was never great in the first place, it pretty much only appealed to 12 year olds. I think it's funny to watch him crash and burn.

No. 894306


ex/current alco here, this kind of yeah seems like someone "acting" sober. I can't follow a thing he's saying in this. super weird cadence, the eye contact never meets, weird flittering topics. sorry to jump on the bandwagon if this is tinfoil but he really seems on something. from 2:30 onwards it gets just straight up strange.

No. 894311


Hey now Once upon a time in hollywood is a decent movie,
idk how much of tarantino contributed to it but its well worth your time anons.
You can always seperate art from artist, people still listen to Micheal Jackson.

Lol nearly 7 minutes of a middle aged irrelevent guy spouting bullshit about a random nonsense.

I had no idea Tobuscus still existed,
his speech is almost slurred but who knows if he just speaks like that because his entire channel is dedicated to entertaining the lowest common denominator. Its eery seeing old Youtubers desperately try to maintain relevancy.

No. 894316

I find both intolerably annoying and don't care about this drama but it's amazing to me there's still people out there "staning" Trisha Paytas
Also trasha having herpes doesn't seem so far fetched so can't blame the ugly nose for doing that lmao

Is this a big drama happening rn?

No. 894333

I swear she used to admit to having herpes in her total disclosure honesty days years ago, when she talked about escorting.
Or maybe that was some brilliant trolling too. Fell right into her hands etc.

No. 894437

Isnt Tobuscus that guy who was abusive to his ex-girlfriend and then had his army of retarded 12 year olds and thot youtubers victim blaming his ex-girlfriend.

No. 894487

Yeah, or at least a bunch of commentary channels are making videos about it.

Some people are saying the drama is all staged and pointed out that Trisha kept saying Gabbie wouldn't stop texting her. They pointed out that Trisha never blocked Gabbie on any platform even though Gabbie was "harassing" her. Also Gabbie had a new music video coming out a few days after the drama started.

I don't think it's fake though because Gabbie has been involved in several scandals in the past and it has always hurt her channel. Her views are down now so would she really want to risk it? I wouldn't put it past either of them though.

No. 894753

And now there's even more drama about Gabbie…

Jessismiles, a former viner and Gabbie's former friend, made a video about how Gabbie sided with her (Jessi's) ex boyfriend and rapist Curtis Lapore (also a former viner) and talks about how Gabbie is manipulative.

Gabbie's subs are also starting to go down lmao.

No. 894763

File: 1574042785859.jpeg (223.92 KB, 750x1302, 4CE9C427-38F7-4EBF-B328-20F776…)

gabbie hanna is a fucking weirdo for DMing random children about this instead of just talking to Jessi herself

No. 894768

i never liked gabbie, never understood why she was considered funny or pretty or people liked her. always got a really bad vibe from her, now i see why

No. 894771

she has shown herself to be super immature and shady when it comes to stuff like this, like whenever some drama happens with her she has to go on and on about how good her life is and she has good friends and is just living her life blah blah blah and acts like other people are sucking her into their drama

I used to feel like she got an unnecessary amount of hate but honestly now I think she deserves it

No. 894774

Yep, here's one of his exes, Tara Babcock (who honestly belongs in the e-thot thread) talking about her experience with Toby, defends him & basically says her experience was different because she has a different view of her experience than the other girls.

She's in an open relationship and said she'd have sex with Toby all day whenever they were in the same town, and the only thing she didn't like about him was his affinity for drugs (she says this at the 5 minute mark and later again at 7:45). He'd try to get her to take molly but she didn't like it because it fucked up her stomach, but he was still pushy about it and got her to try taking molly in her ass thinking it wouldn't have the effects on her stomach but it still did.

She also says he'd want to have three ways with her and would some times pressure girls into doing things they seemed like they didn't want to do.

Then she brings up that he needed a ton of validation, or "reassurance that he's awesome" as she put it, and would send her privated videos/songs that he was gonna put up and basically wanted her to praise him for them and just needed a lot of compliments and praise in general.

Then there's a PSA at the end talking about how sad and tragic it is when men get accused of rape when it wasn't really rape, like if a guy "accidentally has sex with a woman who is too drunk".

Toby also stalked his ex girlfriend Jaclyn Glenn, even though he cheated on her, and she tried to resolve it privately but ended up having to make a video about it asking him to stop.

I personally think the rape accusation about Toby wasn't true, but he's still a piece of shit human being who has serious insecurity issues. He's not talented either, his content only appealed to 12 year olds and he was mostly famous for his looks but those are fading now too.

No. 894788

>Then there's a PSA at the end talking about how sad and tragic it is when men get accused of rape when it wasn't really rape, like if a guy "accidentally has sex with a woman who is too drunk".

Straight fucking garbage

No. 894806

I always thought gabbie & tana were the same age because of they're alike in being idiots but gabbie hanna is 28 years old??
Why is a fucking 28 yr old woman explaining herself in dms with 15yr old fans? Thats tacky as hell, what a freak

No. 894811


>Is this a big drama happening rn?

idiots on youtube keep blowing up shit involving trisha, they keep playing into her trollsona and don't even realize it. I am not in the mood to watch a lot of videos on desperate retards right now, so I've just been skimming info from various sources and it's just so dumb from what I've understood of the situation. So and so said this, then so and so said that. It's like, bullshit that happens in high school. I feel like trisha is grasping at straws for attention, and I had no club who gabbie hanna was until recently.


>Some people are saying the drama is all staged and pointed out that Trisha kept saying Gabbie wouldn't stop texting her. They pointed out that Trisha never blocked Gabbie on any platform even though Gabbie was "harassing" her. Also Gabbie had a new music video coming out a few days after the drama started.

I know this happens all the time online but my frustrated brain just cannot compute the stupidity, because it is a possibility. And here I thought gabbie was like, 18 or something from the way they are all acting. I really don't want to believe she's 28 years old, because it just makes me feel like giving up on society all together lol.

No. 894814

In all of her videos, she gives off this weird mistrustful vibe. Her true colors started showing very clearly when she told her fans to "Manage their expectations" when she scammed them. She also seems very bossy/pushy and can't take critique whatsoever.

No. 894815

I don't think the drama is orchestrated, because gabbie is completely ignoring all of the drama right now, and the last times she was involved with drama it hurt her channel (which is happening right now). I think if she had orchestrated it she would be posting about it and blowing it up as much as possible… but maybe that's just what she wants us to think.

No. 894820


ugh it's the cycle of social media again…kick up a lot of shit, disappear, views skyrocket but subs disappear…rinse, repeat. I don't know why it's bothering me so much right now because it happens all the time but I really want melt into a puddle and never turn on any of my devices, ever, again.

No. 894911

Garbage Hanna truly is a fucked up individual

No. 894919

Incredibly fucked up. She posted an “apology” where she said she “didn’t remember” telling Jessie that “Curtis’s friends didn’t rape you” and there’s “no proof” that she did as if repeatedly saying there is no proof of something instead of just denying it doesn’t imply that she DID say it, she just said it in a way that she knew she could deny later because she knew it was bad when she said it.

I remember seeing her on Adam22’s podcast and being baffled by these two Adults that were so obsessed with themselves and the high 21 year olds they surround themselves with that it wasn’t even a conversation, not to mind an interview.

No. 895070

Am I the only one truly concerned that this 28-year-old bitch (Gabbie, so we're clear) spent hours finding old messages about Jessi to send to some rando kid on twitter? That's legitimately so creepy, especially since she kept trying to insist Jessi was the psycho.

No. 895074

This. Why is she dming a 15 year old at all? She’s nearly 30 and dming a kid who isn’t even old enough to vote trying to convince them that she didn’t buddy up to the actual, court convicted rapist of another adult woman

No. 895079

She probably assumes her prepubescent fans will be easier to fool and manipulate into perpetuating her lies than if she tried to make a public statement. It's so shady the way she's handling this.

No. 895820

File: 1574279082520.png (3.03 MB, 1334x750, CD8ED7C8-4348-453E-A8F8-1B242E…)

Preparing & eating a salad right next to a public feminine hygiene disposal. Classy Emilia.

No. 895854

Oh god… you can see a spot of shit in that toilet. Disgusting.

No. 895973

What even is the point of this? Is she trying to be youtube's lena dunham?

No. 895975

Is there a thread for the rewired soul?

No. 895981

He fits here as a general YouTuber

No. 896009

I was just walking around in barnes & noble and happened to see gabbie hanna's poetry book "adultolescence". I'm surprised they're still carrying it… actually I'm more surprised they ever sold it to begin with.

No. 896016

youtube's Lena Dunham, anon my sides
spot on though.

No. 897178

Someone mentioned Stef Sanjati may have scammed fans out of thousands in the Kelly Eden thread on /w, does anyone have any information about that?

Looks like she gave herself a Wikipedia page which states she got bullied for being "too femine"

No. 897181

File: 1574586807412.jpg (355.97 KB, 1080x1080, Sanjati.jpg)

Possibly the scamming was about this gofundme for SRS in 2017, as far as I can tell she didn't post any videos about getting SRS or recovering from surgery as promised in the text of the GFM, so we can assume it didn't happen.

No. 897442

File: 1574643885188.png (265.69 KB, 895x976, Money.PNG)

No. 897457

They probably think Elon is an actual genius and not just another billionaire who bought a business and its founder rights.

No. 897502

They no joke do. I can’t remember what podcast episode it is, I stopped watching it in its infancy so it’s probably an early one , Ethan absolutely licks his balls and starts jerking off about that far fetched ultra-fast Highway Elon was talking about making a couple years ago

No. 897508

wow i forgot about that.
she did get facial feminzation surgery (which honestly didnt change much) before that. she got a fucking butt lift, fillers and like more then one tats within the same time frame after. theres also a video addressing if shes addicted to plastic surgery. its wack.

her videos went from makeup content to sex toys, ptsd, EDs and transgender surgeries and it did a big damage to her subs it feels like.
recently went into rehab from the seems of this video but i cant be damned to sit there for nearly 30 mins so if someone has a tdlr

No. 897517

I can't believe there isn't a thread about her yet. She's got so many issues, constantly putting up cringy clickbait videos, whining and crying every single video, etc. Somehow her comments are full of support and ass kissing though.

No. 897540

I only ever watched one video from her but she kinda struck me as a trisha wannabe

No. 897572

I don't know why he cares he has 0 interest in engineering or futurology, I've seriously wondered if he has an intellectual disability.

No. 897574

you have good instincts anon she has a trisha tattoo. I honestly think she'd take being on here as a weird compliment but also cry about it. fair.

No. 897612

It's because Ethan's ego needs to be inflated at every second, so he panders to the easiest crowd there is to please (if you don't mind not having a personality, that is): reddit. Daddy Elon, weed and dank memes are all he needs to get approval from 14 year old boys, or grown men who haven't progressed past that age. And Hila just goes along with whatever he does.

No. 897843

they're such unlikable and dishonest people, I guess that's how you end up making as much as they do at the end of the day. It just sucks we have no positive youtube influencers that aren't complete shit human beings and actually put forth effort in their content.

No. 897864

File: 1574723264915.jpg (219.51 KB, 798x449, 20191125_150143.jpg)

I periodically check to see if there is any discussion about her and I'm baffled too that there isn't, besides the ass-kissing in her comments and a few dead, short threads on various gossip forums. It's annoying how she's trying to do the Trish thing so I'm secretly glad she doesn't get the validation of reading "hurr durr she's not acting guyz" comments.
She's so shallow and self-indulgent it pisses me off that people (kids) fall for it. She reminds me of Myah Alannah in a way with her over-inflated ego and pretentious as fuck attitude and cadence. At the same time there's so much potential milk bc she's (seemingly) pretty candid about her feelings and family and her past and the stupid shit she's done, (are there old milky pics and/or blogs of hers that can be dug up??) etc. Like she really did start wearing a scarf every day to cover her chins, y'know? And I got the impression from the few videos of hers that I watched that she's basically a spoiled brat within her (seemingly well-off, just sayin') family. I don't watch her videos regularly though so I wouldn't have much to contribute. I just want the best shit cherry picked in a thread lmao

No. 897872


I don’t like her.

She’s not funny and tries too hard. She’s embarrassing.

No. 897878


I am interested in potential milk on Emilia, I just avoided her pretty much since she got popular and youtube started recommending her. I know next to nothing about her to be honest because I don’t have the patience anymore to sit through videos like her’s.

No. 897880

When I found her a year or so ago I thought she was kind of inspiring and thought it was cool that she didn't seem to care what people think of her. But it rapidly grew to annoyance when she started saying the same shit every video about ~my light~ and just straight up harassing strangers with her bullshit. It became obvious it was all one big cope for how painfully insecure she is. I don't know if she's faking it or is really as fucked up of a person as she seems to be, but I can't stand to watch her anymore. Like >>897872
said, definitely trying too hard.

No. 897896


That seems fair.


Less fair, but thanks for the sympathy, kek.


Gabbie has struck me as incredibly immature since the scam website promotion.

No. 897899

I'd imagine it's a little bit of both. She's genuinely as fucked up as she says but having a really growing audience made her feel like she has to perform and elevate her persona and she just doesn't know where to go with it. It happens a lot when people transition from making stuff for themselves to having an audience they feel they have to please.

No. 897969

Wtf are you on about? That post was about Ethan and Hila.

No. 897979

when did she harass strangers? I haven't heard that

No. 897990

Nta but she likes to film publicly in the park or inside stores dyeing her hair and making a spectacle of herself and shit and I think sometimes she yells at or bothers strangers around her. Vid somewhat related I legit can't sit through her bullshit

No. 898007


I hate it when these clowns try to involve innocent people just going about their lives in a super cringe context so their normie fans can have a laugh. It's not funny, it's uncomfortable and I feel so sorry for those poor mofos who often don't know what the hell is going on, and probably don't realize they're being recorded for some weirdo's quasi performance art.

No. 898015

Yeah pretty much all her "I do x in public" videos are just low key harassment and making people feel uncomfortable. Video related of her "being normal" is just yelling out random shit to bystanders who are very clearly weirded out/wondering where her tard wrangler was.

No. 898120

>tfw you're so desperate for attention you make a public spectacle out of yourself just to feel something

No. 898221

File: 1574802365513.jpg (185.97 KB, 625x772, 20191126_130456.jpg)

Has anyone watched Lifebeingdest? She seems sweet and hard-working but kind of dumb. Like those seams are supposed to be on the backs of her legs kek

No. 898391


>Seems kind of dumb.

Hadn't heard of her before, but does she do anything besides smoke weed? Maybe that's got something to do with it.

No. 898409

Thats kind of it tbh. I feel really bad because i think she's deeply unwell and probably because of incidents in her childhood. But she needs some kind of help to feel ok again and I worry this stuff might not be helping.

No. 898430

It's definitely not helping. Her audience enables the shit out of her by telling her she's soooo inspiring for living life on her own terms aka acting like an obnoxious, unstable womanchild who is in desperate need of therapy for her eating disorder.

No. 898516

>does she do anything besides smoke weed?
Legit, no. She smokes/vapes/eats as much THC as she can possibly consume in most of her videos. She seems very unhappy and empty tbh. I think her family is shitty. It's not really as positive a message as she thinks to be high 24/7 because she's hurt and anxious.

No. 898735


Is the scam regarding the makeup brushes or something else I don't know about?

No. 898737

I fucking hate Blaire White.

No. 898800

Quality post. Blair has a thread already btw.

No. 898930

File: 1574975167486.png (706.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-11-28-00-07-35…)

Gabbie Hanna hung out with her friend's (jessi's) rapists' friends. Then she said to Jessi "Curtis's friends didn't rape you".

Now she's wearing a hoodie that says "make sure your friends are okay" on her Instagram story. Okay bitch…

No. 898936

Slazo- Being "Cancelled"

No. 898939


Yes, the first two tags were responses to a post I made. My comment about Gabbie was in response to a post about Gabbie. I didn't even tag them out of order. Relax, anon.

No. 899108

File: 1575011016094.png (428.85 KB, 624x526, Untitled.png)

There's no livestreamer thread, is there? Can I post this here? It feels out of place in the /ot/ vent thread because it's about a public internet snowflake.

Anyways I fucking hate vpgloves, and nobody seems to be talking about his bullshit.

>IRL streamer (who doesn't seem to go outside any more)

>Claims to be a homeless veteran
>Lives in a hotel with his girlfriend
>Bans viewers for questioning his validity in any way
>Makes a decent amount of money in donations (at least $200 this week)
>Allegedly refuses job offer, refuses help, refuses advice
>imo has a generally holier-than-thou personality

He also seems to be on some kind of drug right now. Tons of twitching and wide-eyed looks. Him and his girlfriend seem to find the time and money to bleach each other's hair on a pretty regular basis, too. I've seen his girlfriend with a laptop but he preaches about how his setup is just his Samsung phone on a tripod to showcase how a "homeless" man is able to stream.



No. 899130

I think there's milk potential here, maybe there should be a streamers thread?

No. 899146

what is this and in relation to what? Still crying about his battle with Alex or? Not going to give him a view with no context.

No. 899166

Just watch the fucking vid if you're curious, or don't

No. 899271

I really don't like her, she laughs at inappropriate times and never has anything interesting to say other than "yeah"

No. 899629

Garbage Hanna is pulling a Laura Lee and doing a fundraiser for homeless people. It's an obvious poor attempt at damage control after all the shit that went down. You know, instead of actually owning up to her mistakes like an adult.

No. 900348

>Turkey Tom makes video using antisemitic imagery

>Video is positively received by actual anti-Semites

>D'angelo Wallace criticizes Tom for pandering to that audience

>mUH CANCEL CULTURE anti-sjws sperg out

Any thoughts? IMHO Tom fucked himself by claiming that there wasn't anti-Semitic imagery in the video.

No. 900504

Latest video from Tobuscus/Trainwreck Turner. He just rambles about nonsense for 10 minutes. Not sure how old he is but he's looking so fat and middle aged lmao.

No. 900643

Drugs fried his brain and the fact that he is irrelevant and doesnt make money like he used to in the past along with a midlife crisis.

No. 900690

i feel like the Tom guy and his fans were over reacting and the fact th they say to a black men"saying the n word does not make you racist" is so ridiculous, of course it does? , i love how edgy cometatoes can't be call out or else they will cry

No. 900708


I roll my eyes at some of the stuff D'Angelo says sometimes, but I think after this video, Tom and everyone else kinda do look like reactionary clowns, and at least D'Angelo admits he handled some things in a bad way. But I think he's right in how everyone else on the opposite side is acting like what they always rally against.

No. 900743

File: 1575334230327.jpg (153.75 KB, 884x1436, pewdiepie-robbed.jpg)

pewdiepie got robbed

No. 900773

holy fuck

No. 900803

It was their house in Japan, not the one in the UK

at the risk of sounding like an asshole, i dont really care if a millionare's second house gets broken into

No. 900813

File: 1575343145938.gif (906.87 KB, 400x270, sounds legit.gif)

>the vacation home we just purchased, where I keep the jewels, luxury goods and specialty items I've been collecting over the years

No. 900945

you do kinda sound like an asshole, cause no matter what, it's someone's stuff they value. wouldn't you care if it was your stuff??

that said, having his expensive valuables at some apartment at the other side of the world is dumb af ngl

No. 900959

Probably fell for the "no crime in Japan" meme.

No. 901029

Agreed. It was really dumb of them to leave anything valuable there. I get they're in the process of immigrating to Japan, but they still don't live there and an empty house is tempting to a burglar. They probably fell for the propaganda like >>900959 said.

Still, it is horrible what happened. Having someone break into your house can mess with your sense of security.

No. 901116

its dumb of them to still be shopping when they're just helping produce more waste, its stupid of them to move to an island known for its hurricanes, its stupid of them to move to a country where you only fit in if you're ethnically Japanese. If it wasn't for his alt-right pandering he'd be long forgotten fuck both of them.

No. 901556

Sorry for dumb question, but where do any of them say they're immigrating to Japan? I thought this was just a vacation house- what visa would they even get if they want to immigrate there long term?

No. 901607

PDP has talked about it in some of his videos (something about how he isn't recognized as often there; it's probably a mix of that and him being a weeb). As for what visa he would get, I'm not exactly sure. Maybe some kind of visa for media or self employed business? It's not like either of them have some sort of valuable skill countries look for in immigration applications. And the Japanese government is apparently cracking down on any youtubers/internet personalities moving there after the Logan Paul suicide forest incident, too. I can't remember which video it was specifically, but PDP talked about how that event made it more difficult for him to immigrate there.

No. 901865


lmao. If it really was their house in Japan, I think it's hilarious that their weeb dream conception of Japan is already getting torn down. I hope they have a terrible time trying to live/immigrate there

No. 901966


theres a network based on japan that employs youtubers to help the process of immigrating, so its fairly easy to move there for them, plus, if they already have a house i dont see why they wouldnt be able to get some sort of investor visa anyway.

No. 902384

they didnt even try this time did they

No. 902403

was I watching Rewind or a watchmojo video without voiceover?

No. 902406

even the first rewind was presented by rebecca black(the meme of that year).they didn't even bother doing that

"In 2018, we made something you didn't like.
So in 2019, let's see what you DID like.
Because you are better than this than we are"

wtf is this passive-agressive bs?

No. 902449

File: 1575633077013.jpeg (98.28 KB, 1124x569, 86F5E975-D229-48B8-AE71-5EFA23…)

LMAO the passive aggressiveness is real.
also James Charles beating jeffree/Shane in most liked beauty vid is probably gonna be a thorn in someone’s side

No. 903040

A really bad response to just last years rewind and now they decide to trash the entire charm of the concept entirely? If they're not going to make a somewhat bigger production and some actual fun out of it then they might as well just stop. Thousands upon thousands of youtubers could've made a video just like this (and better).
Youtube just keeps getting worse.

No. 903760

What’s going on with the h3h3 is over party and kpop? All I see are just tweets about the situation but no explanation of it? Did Ethan say something dumb again?

No. 903773

When was the last time when Ethan said something that's not dumb?
Etan made dumb, offensive, obvious troll joke that western kpop fanbase is based on young girls having fetish for gay looking young boys and masturbating to them, and that twitter kpop stans are crazy fanatics who will try to assasinate him over this joke.
Kpop stans are going crazy as expected, other people are laughing at them, Etan is trolling them even more with tweets about kpop idols suiciding due to pressure in the kpop industry.
Also, kpop stans apparently think that "stan" has positive meaning.

No. 903819

This is the first time I’m agreeing with him on anything in ages. Although his tweets are pretty cringe I’m just glad that more and more people are calling out that cesspool of a fanbase.

No. 903951

I think it's gross that that fat creepy fuck is even talking about younger girls masturbating at all, regardless of how the kpop stans feel

No. 903957

Ethan regularly says creepy shit, he would cheat on hila with belle Delphine in a minute

No. 903997

I agree with this anon.
At a day and age where young couples are struggling to find a flat of a suitable price, these pricks are complaining that their luxury house in another country got robbed, astonishing.
Maybe selling more overpriced merch can help them afford to refill it because they are obviously going through hardship.

No. 904006

Ethan against Kpop scum might as well be some Godzilla Vs. King Kong "let them fight" nonsense.

Either side can get shat on and it would be a wonderful day.

No. 904228

lmao Ethan likes to spout outrageous things for no reason but makes it a big deal if he gets shit for it. like he has any high moral on exploitation of an audience after the shit he pulled last year with his shitty pay to win mobile game

No. 904379


I agree. While kpop fans are legitimately insane and fucking annoying and it's fun any time they get called out on their crazy bullshit, that doesn't diminish how brainless and stupid Ethan is. He's a manchild who has a serious god complex and inflated ego from too many fans and youtubers sucking him off, he thinks everything he says is correct. Two wrongs don't make a right - just because he said some truth about kpop fans doesn't make him a good person. We all know he thrives off the attention anyway, best to not give any to him

No. 904395

Amy Overby: Emilia Fart 2.0?

No. 904415


Aw I like Amy, I feel like she's putting on an act a lot less than Emilia

No. 904519

Jesus Christ guy lost custody in court. Is there any more actual info about it? Because to me it feels like he is bsing about cult.

No. 904568


Even scumbags can say something decent once in a while lol.

No. 904662

He literally says in the video he'll post another video more in-depth about the court case so time will tell.

There's a lot of religious communities that are basically cults in the US from my understanding so doesn't seem far-fetched.

No. 904674

didn't they have a foundation that never went anywhere? for small youtubers who needed legal help i think

No. 904675

File: 1576124709101.jpg (385.06 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20191212-152507_Twi…)

rip idubbbz

No. 904678

is jontron retarded kek
he should be laying low so they don't come for him next considering his record

No. 904689

I'm not sure if Jontron has anything remotely like "bullying" on his channel vs. the leafy content cop (which is easily Ian's best and maybe only good video, but still pretty brutal), so I don't know if Youtube will explicitly come for him. It wouldn't surprise me if they found a way, though. They seem pretty keen to kill off popular channels for whatever reason.

No. 904692

the "cult" is mormons.some time ago i looked into it and he was there until he got away and things got shitty with his family

i haven't looked too much into it, but there's something weird about his guy and i can't put my finger on it

No. 905013

Youtube determined to remove any actual decent videos. I honestly laughed at his leafy video way back when. They'll probably go after his Tana one next.

No. 905188

thank god

No. 905425

It's pretty normal to think of a guy dressing up as Jesus and performing memes as generally weird. Growing up mormon all his life probably didn't help either. He seems nice enough though.

No. 905507


No. 905511


He comes across as a little dishonest for phrasing it like that. He also subtly implies that not being Mormon anymore is part of his custody issues. Plenty of Mormon kids have one parent who doesn't practice, and all the ones I've known had normal custody situations.

No. 905597

Good tbh

Just because Idubbz (Ian w/e) says the right thing once in awhile it doesnt mean his content was any more revolutionary than anything other video dog piling already disliked creators. Plus did no one find it weird that the king of saying the n word all of a sudden became the one who says when and when its not okay to say it? Like his whole mediocre defense was "well you can either say all slurs or none of its okay" lmao what a joke.

Also its funny to me that people didnt realize his gf at the time had a massive hateboner for Tana and Ian openly said he would never make content cops on girls he found hot. What an absolute clown. But I guess 2016 was a time when all you had to do was have a penis and say something edgy to be the youtube communities golden boy.

No. 905760

I don't know, there seems to be a decent amount of mormon communities where someone who steps out will be ostracized from their family members so doesn't seem that wild to me. He could still be leaving out vital details that paints him in a less fortunate light.

No. 905960

Any other farmers keep up with Sky Santana? Apparently he’s doing cooking, design, and tarot readings now?

No. 905993

Yeah, in my opinion he’s still shitty for trying to use public favor to win a court case. He’s been publicising it ever since the beginning of the custody battle. He also initially said he was having vulgar jokes he said online used against him in court. He seems weird but pretty ok for someone who grew up in Mormonism but it’s really difficult to judge custody battles if you don’t know all the information so I don’t think people should be jumping to the conclusions they have been. After all, this should be about the children’s well being, not the parents.

No. 905999

He made a video for you. Its hard to get custody as a man anyways, but the gist is that they got a divorce a long while ago and at that time it was 50/50 for visitation. The ex wanted to move and needed 100% to do so, so they started court again. He felt that since the ex was already getting a sitter it made more sense for him to continue being around since he has the time.

He basically thinks that judge was biased and that is why he lost, used the yt stuff against him and not look into how he is with his kids. So he is moving to be near his kids and in the new area he will try again in a more progressive court.

No. 906022

File: 1576445634395.png (117.42 KB, 604x807, download.png)

Ok so apologies if this is the wrong thread for this but there seems to be a huge fallout between many drama channels right now. Many are involved but it all seems to stem from a livestream petty paige did with other drama channels-I have tried to find the livestream but havent only clips featured in other peoples videos so I tried twitter and only got this. Will try to find more info.

No. 906046

Nope, belongs in the Beauty Community Thread: >>>/snow/806516
(Which is clearly linked in the OP. C'mon.)

No. 906108

Yeah, publicizing it as much as he has I don't really agree with either. We do live in the age of oversharing. He seems to hold back some details so I don't think his intention is bad. He just seems consumed by it understandably. His channel was the primary reason he could fund the court case so he probably feels obligated to his fans as well.

I'm sure he's made mistakes and isn't a perfect guy but he seems like a good father to me.

No. 907750

never forget he's a scumbag though

No. 908301

I can't be the only one who hates this "gift"?

She could have achieved the same effect by just painting directly onto the plastic, why devalue the cels and disrespect the art by ripping them apart like this? I bet it would make a serious collector cringe.

No. 908421

Ethan needs to stop with belle delphine. Everyone has forgotten about her and he’s still all over her. It’s weird and creepy, he’s way too old to be all over this 19 year old. Poor Hila, she’s stuck with this fat hairy turd

No. 908493

he's a slimy creep

No. 908500

So Nickacado Avocado is getting “cancelled” for the -2 people that care this video gives me major Bye Sister vibes even though I refuse to watch it anyone wanna summarize?

No. 908512

Haven't watched it yet but just browsing through twitter and it seems like he got caught being abusive again. Don't know who this girl is but she said him and his friends bullied her to the point of having a breakdown and there's some footage of her having a panic attack near him in her home. Seems kinda milky if true but I can't be assed to watch 40 minutes of this shit so hopefully some channel does a run down soon.

No. 908514

Sorry for double posting but it was her husband on the video not the avacodo guy.

No. 908523

Ok. Stephanie mentioned in this vid how she in the past was sexually assaulted in her home by someone she trusted. She confided in him about this but he didn't seem to care that much? Not surprised though. This is the same guy who knowingly had an std and passed it to his bf after fucking 12 other guys before. Nik overstepped his boundries with Steph by trying too hard to bring up old drama with her and another youtuber. She felt uncomfortable and pressured to make him happy but it seemed like Nik was only interested in "spilling tea" Nik bullied her with others by mocking her and turning what she said, something innocent like "I've been in and out of sleep", and turning it into a joke. Basically Nik is a fucking weird creep and who doesn't care about anything but youtube views and drama.

Also she mentioned how after her assault, she had installed security cameras and when she went to check on them to review, she noticed Nik taking pictures of the inside of her home and all over the ceilings where there was nothing to look at? Trisha paytas is trash but I think she was right when she said Nik creeped her out and she didn't feel safe. Who the fuck takes pictures of someone's home knowing that the person has a problem with feeling safe in their home.

No. 908548

She actually probably did fuck him tbh. She was/is a celebrity escort and I think people forget that because shes removed herself so far from that lifestyle in the public eye now. The only celebrity relationships I know of for sure were Roger Bart and Anthony Michael Hall. She has claimed to fuck/be "acquainted" with many celebs though. Marilyn Manson is one of them too. Some of her videos from way back in the day are deleted now but might be archived somewhere. She hung out with some of the Playboy girls at one point too, and claimed one playmate got her into the sports groupie business.

No. 908551

Sorry to piggyback on you, anon, but also a huge thing people are upset about other than Nicocado doing this stuff to Stephanie, who is seen as a very harmless sweet person whos managed to be anti drama up to this point, was that Hyunee Eats or whatever her name is(another relatively popular Asian mukbanger) was one of the people in the videos with Nico basically making fun of Stephanie. She had told him something serious in confidence and he went right to Hyunee and some other people and made it into what he is calling an "inside joke", at Stephanies expense. Hes claiming that he made humor out of the serious situation that she had talked about with him because it upset him and he needed humor to take the edge off. Yet he went to other people with it and they're making jokes about it while Stephanie is at home having panic attacks over what he did when they made the collaboration videos. Idk its hard to condense which is why the video is so long. Hopefully someone will do an edit to condense it down better.

No. 908576

Any examples of what the "inside jokes" were? I cant imagine how someone could be able to turn something so horrible into an inside joke

No. 908595

the joke he made is actually about the excuse she gave not to see him the next day, that she'd been "in and out of sleep". he made that into a joke. I actually recommend the video, it's long but bloody interesting, especially if you already had the sense he's a slimeball. I don't think he'll be able to refute it since he has the unedited copy of the video where he set out to make her uncomfortable, so showing more from that isn't going to make it any better. she didn't show the footage of him taking pictures in her home (maybe she can't?) but she would have that in her possession.

trisha was actually right about him, and he took all those clips blatantly out of context about her, the fake cameo too and roasted her- and won because everyone loves to dunk on trisha. and then to make it up to the internet she spent time in a room with this creep.

he's going to try something similar with stephanie I think - he'll try to make her feel very uncomfortable and will fake anything he needs to create that effect in her mind. he's probably fapping to her panic attack footage right now… she also thinks he's recorded her without her knowledge and included a reminder in her video that she lives in a two party consent state.

No. 908994

Other anons have done a good job of discussing it, but here are my notes from watching. Please forgive the length, there's a lot in this video!
This was originally formatted to be posted here, but I realized it was way too long and it's best off in a pastebin. Apologies for the abundant greentext arrows y'all.

No. 909022

Thank you so much anon! You explained way better than I could have. Also, I didnt know all the creators he had tagged with that "inside joke". Its funny because apparently he thinks these people are his friends or something kek. Hyunee and Karlee are probably THE only ones that actually give one shit about him.

No. 912723

>everyone loves to dunk on trisha

for good reason, you have to be equally as toxic as trisha to still be defending her like some of ya'll are

No. 912976

I knew someone would mention this guy. His life is becoming a soap opera.
His youtube videos:
>How I got into Google (as a software engineer)
>How I made $1 million dollars, what it felt like
>How I lost $350K daytrading stocks and what I learned from it.
>How I quit Google.
>Why my wife left me (how our marriage collapsed)
>I got fired from Facebook (for having a YouTube channel).
>I'm having a midlife crisis (after being fired from Facebook, as a millionaire).
>Why I'm moving back in with my parents. (as a millionaire)

No. 912992


>>908595 does have a point though. People continually try to stir up drama with trisha because she just breaths chaos wherever she goes, so it's like…why even bother? It's such low hanging fruit. They all irritate the living daylights out of me, and I hate that people encourage this shitty behavior by stanning for any of them like any of these losers are somehow morally superior to another. It's just gross all around.

No. 914062

Yikes, just saw a video where people and this annoying youtuberess are making a big deal about nikado advocado the lardass saying that mukbangs (rightfully) will be demonitized. Officially mukbang community is objectively worse than the caked face community. They get paid to become greasy and fat.

No. 914074

>jews are notable for their honesty, particularly when money is involved
What do you think she'll do for fame after he stops earning the big bucks and she dumps the fatso to cougar it up with some hotties?

No. 914275

I don't even think Ethan is Jewish, he's borderline retarded and can barely read, but thanks for putting us in our place /pol cunt.

No. 914293

but he is?

No. 914301

he's 99.9 percent Ashkenazi Jew but go off.
source: he did a dna test lmao

No. 914922

Did everyone forget that Hila created Teddy Fresh and designs their clothes and afaik is still one of the top people in the company? Honestly that's where the money is coming from now. The podcast and YouTube are not making enough money to afford the shit they've been buying.

Without Teddy Fresh they would be fucked.

No. 915168

File: 1578487017178.jpg (380.29 KB, 1080x1620, Fff.jpg)

What the fuck did she do to herself?

No. 915172

Is the brand really that popular/successful? I know she's selling in mainstream mall stores but I've never seen it mentioned outside of the YouTube sphere.

No. 915176

Lip fillers? Is Marzia still MIA from social media or does she still post shit online?

No. 915180

she's active on insta

No. 915258

No. 916242

i always wondered why people seem to dislike marzia so much. is there any milk on her?

No. 918059

iirc shes been caught stealing art, being lazy and putting up the quirky not-like-other-girls persona, even though she bland as hell. She claims she's self made when she comes from a well off family and obviously used Felix's money to fund her numerous hobby-businesses.

I remember her posting on insta that she was getting someone to help make the ugly pots she sells and stated that "her pots will be sold for less than mine" which is just gross lmao

IMO shes not that milky. Bland, uninspired and the milkiest things are surgery speculations.

No. 918412

Obviously it is because it's sold in super popular stores in every mall in America and probably Canada. I think that could easily net them millions of dollars a year. Especially because a lot of it is cheap Chinese crap with their logo on it.

No. 920175

File: 1579378817805.png (42.75 KB, 530x465, 52822842652.png)

Is anyone keeping up with the Jenny Nicholson drama?

No. 920224

I don't get what it's about. She defended a stupid ship and people are now calling her racist? Wut

No. 920248

Seems like she said that John Boyega went against reylos only to hide the fact that he made a misogynistic comment about Rey, that's why people are calling her racist. It's just twitter logic.

No. 920297

So basically there is an article going around highlighting the abuse Reylos get for shipping what they ship. A lot of people think Reylo shippers are racist because Finn is black and choosing to ship abusive Reylo instead of shipping Rey with Finn is racist. Anyway, Jenny has been pretty vocal about how the hate Reylo shippers receive is too much and this time she mentioned the article and she also said John Boyega was making anti Reylo tweets to cover up said tweet mentioned before. As it turns out, that tweet was photoshopped by an anti (said something like “Reylos are inbreds”) and when informed it was photoshopped she didn’t back down on the misinformation, she just blocked people.

I think she just got tired of the bullshit ship drama and decided to remove herself from the discussion to be honest.

No. 920319

File: 1579406726126.png (465.77 KB, 401x505, o.PNG)

whats up with her styling? tbh this is how i picture what a lot of farmers look like

No. 920329

board-tan a e s t h e t i c

No. 920374

Imagine still dressing like this at 27.

No. 920407

You know I think it's just the pigtails throwing the whole thing off. It's weirding me out, she looks like an old person trying to be a toddler

No. 920539

pigtails on grown ass women are gross

No. 920634

for me it's the biggest sign that she's Italian
everything about this screams adult actress playing child on daytime RAI drama, not that she's doing it intentionally

No. 921261

File: 1579600866232.png (459.41 KB, 1079x1637, Screenshot_20200121-035511(1).…)

Does anybody know what happened to Jeff Holiday? He seems to have fallen off the internet. No one wants to relate to him, most of his old "buddies" barely even talks about him or mentions him anymore. Also, anybody heard the speculations about one of his tattoos possibly being a pedophile symbol?
Apparently he had to remake his Twitter in late December due to getting permabanned and this is the most recent set of argument tweets I found from the account. Nothing else though. That Jilly Juice saga was how he got a ton of views in the recent months.

No. 921777

File: 1579694844243.jpeg (148.2 KB, 1200x1200, 5e0e5d7b46e04.jpeg)


Probably not. People are just dicks to personalities' girlfriends. Some people like to say that she's a porn star. It's very try-hard. I can't find anything described in >>918059, either.

No. 921914

has anyone seen lia marie johnsons subreddit??? it is creepy as fuck pictures of her nipples showing … what is happening with her i cannot understand

No. 921917

File: 1579719797924.jpg (59.29 KB, 640x641, 2-A5742-E9-BF65-4014-9-A87-F2-…)

gurugossiper are working on a summary-thread on her, it's mostly about her being fake, mistreating felix/her pets, selling her underwear etc.

No. 921967

File: 1579727772136.jpg (112.71 KB, 816x514, marzia vs myostery.jpg)

Seems like you didn't bother to look. She deleted her YouTube presence not too long after the pottery situation.

No. 921994

>Mistreating Felix
Doing god's work kek

No. 922027

selling her underwear??

No. 922217

>Seems like you didn't bother to look.

Welp, I did. Try not to infight over your own vague descriptions.


Looking forward to it!

No. 923100

I kept seeing vid recs on her situation pop up (vid related, talking about the creepy subreddit) and I guess recently she had a instagram live with her producer? Hes got his hands all over her and they make out, then he asks her to turn off the stream while whispering about how it would damage his career. Shes only 23, I wonder how long he's been her producer, is there some grooming going on?

No. 923102

>is there some grooming going on

Even more than that. She's in no condition to consent.

No. 923107

Her producer, Steven Wetherbee is 65 and has known her since she was around 15 or so. Definitely has been grooming going on.

No. 923112

Anyone creeped out about how childish her voice sounds in some of her streams? Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe a bit. I wonder if it's on purpose.

No. 923128

Yeah, I just figured it was because she was high.

No. 923155


the slow baby-voice, schizo word salad combo is disturbing. it makes me upset that parents don't better protect their children in show business.

No. 923591

Yeah, it's crazy to look back on the videos of her as an actual child and see that her voice is even higher-pitched now. Also, in the clips of her talking to men (especially Sam Pepper) her voice gets somehow even higher. That change in mannerism around men only definitely makes me think she may have been groomed from childhood.

Also, did you see in the clips where she says "no", he just authoritatively says "Yes" as if he's a parent scolding a bad child? Horrible. I believe J Aubrey cut out some of her 'no's in the clip too, iirc she said no two or three more times in the full stream.

No. 923870

Didnt he hang out with people like Skeptic knight and Sh0e? I always got creepy vibes off him. He seems way older than his wife

No. 923871

Shane and Ryan have now left buzzfeed and have created thier own new studio called Watcher Entertainment

No. 923884

it was bound to happen. weren't they the most popular people on buzzfeed after the try guys left?

No. 923886

I love those guys thank god they left buzzfeed I felt such guilt watching their unsolved videos

No. 923887

Glad they left buzzfeed. I was tired of having random videos without them even when they had their own buzzfeed unsolved channel.

No. 923895

They're still friendly with BF and are working on/plan to work on the next season of Unsolved.
But that's the extent of it. Buzzfeed would probably tank without them entirely. Tasty is keeping the lights on and Worth It (if that's still going?)

No. 923899

the fact they have to fuffil their contract obligations doesn't mean their friendly with buzzfeed

No. 923903

They've made open jabs at Buzzfeed though (I think it was in the first Watcher Weekly).
They were probably locked into a really fucked contract that prevents them from ghosting unsolved.

No. 924907

I'm genuinely (and kind of pleasantly tbh) surprised at how little reaction/ coverage tana and jake paul's breakup seemed to get. like maybe i missed it being discussed but i barely heard about it way back early this month and no one seemed to actually care?? god willing they'll both just fade slowly into obscurity now

No. 924914

lol fuck sorry forgot to sage

No. 925377

She sells her old clothes instead of donating them.

She's sold used swimsuits (one piece), bras and whatnot. Pretty gross.

No. 925644

But her underwear? Everything else is pretty normal for people to sell. Bras are common too? Lots of lingerie is and if someone is willing to buy it, why not? Women's lingerie can be extremely costly for longer lasting, not Ross/Walmart tier materials.

No. 925940

honestly im glad too, i was tired of seeing their ugly mugs pop up in my recommended from either their videos or people talking about what KOOKY thing they did this time! but this time of year is also slow for the youtube realm so there may be more in the coming months and we'll have to slog through mongoose and the troglodyte content again

No. 927587

Gabbie Hanna hits a new low…. again.

She made a "transforming into an e-girl" video where she comes across an article if Bianca Devins that clearly stated Bianca eas murdered. Gabbie just looks at the pic od Bianca and goes "omg I like totally have that shirt". She took down the video and reuploaded the video with Bianca's face blurred. As if that fixes it. She never apologized either.

No. 927617

Imo her selling her used stuff instead of donating it when she has so much money leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I would never buy a crusty one piece swimsuit lol

No. 927709

agreed. it's really pathetic. bad optics and makes her look trashy and greedy. honestly it's already bad enough selling your used clothing when you're this wealthy, but swimsuits, underwear and bras? gross.

No. 927780

It's also pretty ironic considering pooty called ailinity out for selling her bras. But then again he constantly shit on women that choose to get plastic surgery despite the fact that his wife doesn't even look like the same person anymore.

No. 927851

File: 1580776549042.jpeg (550.66 KB, 750x1294, A66F3CE6-F954-43CA-802C-61A159…)

i’ve been waiting for someone to post this so i could post this old milk to remind anyone who forgot that gabbie hanna is, in fact, certifiably fucking insane. context is this lady was talking about someone else but gabbie thought the shoe fit, so she wore it ever so gracefully. pic related: the fb post

No. 927852

File: 1580776582723.jpeg (464.32 KB, 750x1294, 3026E76E-387F-4A2C-A7A0-6C7237…)

gabbie’s insane ass rambling part one

No. 927853

File: 1580776603448.jpeg (496.52 KB, 750x1294, 30EAABA1-795F-4895-A6E8-D25F2D…)

No. 927854

File: 1580776694343.jpeg (477.8 KB, 750x1294, D1847E85-AE43-4B78-BA44-8AD6F3…)

this toucan bitch is so fucking miserable. these texts are a dead ringer for someone i used to know with a certain untreated personality disorder. she needs to check herself into some therapy and get off the fuckin internet, this isn’t the first or last time this has happened.

No. 928145

>calling that poor woman pathetic 3 times in the same essay
>fb post wasn't even about her

Gabbie is one hell of a bitch

No. 929670

File: 1581171451566.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 58C8CCA1-A1FC-4BCC-95F1-D79DCB…)

only mildly milky but i found this v interesting when i heard about it. so jaclyn hill posted about how she’s feeling extremely fat (bc she is) and eden the doll commented “bloated boots” with a cheers emoji, meaning “me too bitch i’m bloated as fuck” but jaclyn took it to meant that she looked super bloated and got very triggered despite calling herself fat on the same fucking post. anyway blaire white now is throwing shade and saying eden’s always been like this.

eden is kinda unknown to a lot of people outside of that whole boxy charm trip event fiasco with isabel bedoya, but it’s really clear she doesn’t have many friends at all which is weird because she lives in the heart of LA. i bet there’s a shit ton more milk on her but people don’t seem to spill much.

No. 929774

I'm confused. Blaire does nothing but attack people's appearances, especially for being "fat". But now he's calling Eden toxic? I mean Eden probably is toxic but that's like the pot calling the kettle black. Also I don't think Jaclyn is even that fat, just the way she puts on weight is super unfortunate.

No. 929827

Eden and her have attacked their kind for not being passing enough. They are both idiots and they seem to be misoynistic assholes, so I to don't know why Blaire is pretending to care about someone picking at someone else, especially a woman, since blaire loves to pick on women.

It's just toxic shemales being toxic shemales and pretending to be woke knowing they hate themselves and women.

I can't stand them both and hate they even have fans.

No. 929829

The only reason Blare has a issue is because they aren't friends anymore.

No. 929966


Eden was just trying to casually empathize, right?

>Blaire does nothing but attack people's appearances, especially for being "fat".

Hard agree.

No. 930653

So, I don't even want to bother linking the video and giving him any views (turn adblock on) but H3 on his latest podcast discusses having to control his "urges". He looks and smells like Harvey Weinstein and still has the gall to talk like that on a public platform. Hila is still being a doormat as usual. Susan Wojicki can't be fully human letting trash like this rake in so much money.

No. 930661

I'm thinking of submitting an anon tip to the FBI, he gives me bad vibes, like he has a huge collection of child porn vibes.

No. 930671

Yeah I'm sure the FBI will be really interested in your tip that a YouTuber who you don't even know personally creeps you out. Really compelling stuff there.

No. 930673

Even if there was something there, he's a celebrity in the public eye with some knowledge of computers and doxing, anything he wants to keep hidden will be more than securely hidden away.
He's creepy but I don't think he's careless, at worst he probably skirts the same legalities Onision used to stick to

No. 930778

he's made a ton of questionable references to children, and yes every creep and weirdo deserves to be investigated.(Cowtipping)

No. 930883


Ethan is gross in several ways– enough so that I'm taking >>930653 's advice to heart by not watching the video yet– but unless it contains something shockingly out of character, how in the hell do you get child molester "vibes" from him? He's famously tougher on ProJared, Michael Jackson, etc., than any other youtuber his size…


This is pure autism. "Knowledge of doxxing" because he himself was swatted? Ethan's the walking manifestation of poor taste, but this is in very poor taste. If he's such a criminal mastermind that he can outsmart the FBI, I suppose letting armed LEOs swarm his infant child was all part of a master plan?

No. 931114

>discusses having to control his "urges"
What kind of urges? Like, raping someone?

No. 932218

This video is a couple of months old but it's so fucking dumb I had to share it.
>girl's drone crashes while she's hiking on a mountain
>decides to put all her gear down before going after the drone for some reason
>goes off trail into the wilderness, without her gear, without her friends
>follows the drone app up the mountain
>some rocks fall near her, freak her out
>calls 911, ~"help me I don't know where I am I'm literally dying wahh wahh"~
I know exaggerated storytimes are a dime a dozen but this one just encapsulated the stereotypical modern teen mindset so perfectly. Got into peril in nature for some stupid electronic toy, following her phone, overestimating herself, then freaked out when she realised she may have to face consequences for her actions, finally dramatized her ~near death experience~ for clout and cash.
Saging because the video is old and the rest of her channel isn't really milky, just your average boring wannabe influencer vomit.

No. 933166

File: 1581974025415.jpeg (340.53 KB, 828x859, A349BE56-8F34-4F01-BE2E-D3A5B8…)

Gabbie Hanna actually made a pretty sincere apology about the Bianca Devins scandal. She got a bit melodramatic in her own obnoxious way but she reached out to the family & shared those correspondences. Vid isn’t worth watching but this comment pretty much sums up the response.

No. 933179

Eh I'm not buying that her apology is sincere. If she was a first time offender I would believe her, but at this point its pretty clear Gab is a malignant narcissist who is really good at manipulating. Notice how she starts the video with her crying (which is common for her) she's probably teying to seem sympathetic.

Also she said she didn't want to make a public apology because she thought making a public apology would draw too much attention and the family would hear about it. If she's so concerned about it getting attention why did she wait so long to take the video down? Because it was up for quite a while after people started criticizing it.

Also it's nice that the mom wasn't hurt by it, but that doesn't mean what Gabbie did wasn't gross or inappropriate.

No. 936116

File: 1582512122427.jpg (133.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I feel like a weirdo for thinking Julien Solomita and Rome (JennaMarbles' manager) spending hotel night trips and bar dates together and calling each other "like a brother/sister" is uncomfortable, but it's probably because men I've known like to cover up their attractions to other women by saying "She's like my sister," meanwhile it always ended up being the total opposite.

also someone else was too afraid to necro this thread in order to post some drama so hey anon, go for it.(necro)

No. 936141

It would be career suicide to cheat on Jenna

No. 936160

yep. Shes one of the few youtubers thats universally loved

No. 936164

I really doubt it. I'm pretty sure Rome just manages both of them. Julien did a whole side project with her husband and he traveled with them sometimes as well. It really did seem like a brother/sister vibe to me.

No. 936169

major tinfoil i guess but i just don’t feel legit chemistry between jenna and julien. i think they’re great friends but their relationship just seems childish and dead especially on juliens side. he’s progressively gotten more childish and annoying as time goes on (compare their first videos with their latest) and jenna gets more visibly annoyed by him and his loud antics with time as well. maybe i’m imagining it all but i just don’t see all the “goals” their fans talk about in the comments. i see a relationship being kept ‘alive’ solely by obligation, laziness and codependency. big sage ofc

No. 936189

its much easier to get custody when youre a man. The court is biased towards men lol
Hes lying

No. 936240

File: 1582527542763.jpeg (568.48 KB, 1536x2048, EKhWqRwXsAE96D4.jpeg)

…..So then you necro it with ancient tinfoil instead?
>spending hotel night trips and bar dates together
What are you talking about? You mean when all 3 of them were on tour with Jenna, years ago? I don't think she's even showed up or been mentioned in one of their videos in years, I assume because she had a kid and has a second on the way with Julien's partner dude Collin.

Anon if you can't tell that they're blatantly exaggerating those aspects of their relationship for content and that's clearly not how they actually are when they're alone….I don't know what to tell you, you might be very dumb.

No. 936414

yeah this is a major tinfoil. julien cranks up his personality for the camera, so does jenna, to me theyre both very mature and down to earth people.

not to wk but sometimes anons need something to be wrong with jenna bc shes so liked. the reach is unreal.

No. 936535

>not to wk but sometimes anons need something to be wrong with jenna bc shes so liked. the reach is unreal.
Right, this. I will unironically put Jenna vids on autoplay on my TV if I just need background noise, that's how vapid and mild they feel to me. I'll happily watch a million hours of cute dogs doing wacky shit.

The only thing I will say that kind of bothers me about Jenna (and this is just total nitpicking) is that her "scandals" feel like they come from her being too accommodating to pet youtube? Like she REALLY lets them get to her.

Like that 30+ minute apology for the fish situation while a great example of how to apologize just felt really unnecessary. It's not unreasonable to think that the guy that works at the fancy fish store taking care of fancy fish all day would be knowledgeable on fancy fish? But pet youtube sperged the fuck out about her "abusing her fish" or whatever to the point where she returned the fish and made a 30 min apology?

Even the recent dog harness video that she re-uploaded with an apology felt totally unnecessary to me. I could see where people would feel uncomfortable with how the dogs were reacting….but Jenna was clearly uncomfortable with it too? Youtube really acted like she duct taped her dogs to a centrifuge for an hour when really she just bought a product marketed for dogs and tried it with her dogs? and then when her dogs didn't like it for the 2 mins they were in it she said they wouldn't use them. It's just not that big of a deal and it really feels like she lets them get in her head way too much.

No. 937180

The dog apology was so excessive but I think a genuinely caring person is always going to overapologise, it's also the smarter choice given her brand. The whole thing just made her more likable imo, I hope the internet never gets any actual real dirt on her because I don't she would be able to cope.

They have the right amount of chemistry for how long they have been together at this point imo and it seems like they compliment each other. However Julien annoys the hell out of me too! I don't care how much everyone loves his exaggerated Aries Tornado shtick, I'm clicking on a Jenna video because I want to watch Jenna, not the Julien show.

No. 937855

So simply nailogical started a podcast with her boyfriend after they appeared on Philip Defrancos podcast. It's pretty unremarkable and pretty on brand for them to talk about basic adult stuff but on the very first episode (only 2 out so far) they talked about their favorite youtube channels to watch. After they named a bunch off Cristine called Ben out for not naming any female youtubers, and he realized only to say that he watches her then "jokingly" saying he watches sssniperwolf and switching to a youtuber Cristine already mentioned. It might be played off as a joke but they went out of their way to link sniperwolfs channel along with the other long list of channels that they watch. Starts at around the 50:20 mark.

Tinfoil but this exchange cemented for me Ben isn't really a wholesome sassy intelligent bean that fans portray him as but an unapologetic lowkey fuckboy irl who isn't as woke or smart as people think he is. This is from personal viewership of her channel and their content together so ymmv.

No. 937866

I used to really enjoy her channel and find it kinda dumb fun, but releasing her own nail polish made me dip. That and how she NEVER FUCKING DOES ANYTHING HOLY SHIT. she makes amazing cash and stays home. My god her doing that xmas vacation was like pulling teeth for her- live a little goddamn. I feel she’s either reaching heavily with her content now or becoming that annoying fucking YouTubed she’s tried so hard to avoid. And I’ve never liked Ben- something about him makes me uneasy.

No. 937871

>That and how she NEVER FUCKING DOES ANYTHING HOLY SHIT. she makes amazing cash and stays home.

anon she has a day job. she works for the government of canada as a crime statistics analyst. fyi.

No. 937873

Same, she was something to put on for quick no fuss unproblematic entertainment but now it feels like she's sort of slowly becoming less down to earth by rubbing elbows with "youtube elite", also letting Ben kind of influence her being openly snarky and bitchy. He kind of gives me serial killer vibes honestly…

No. 937887

I remember in Phil's podcast he talked about how when he was younger he would go to /r/atheist and would act like all those pseudo-intellectuals. I don't think that he's really grown from that mindset, He still comes off as a redditor neck beard that would unironically be a MRA.

No. 937907


Yeah the nastiest thing you can really say about Jenna is that she's pretty sheltered and naive for someone in her 30s. I doubt there's any dirt on her out there.

And sign me the fuck down as another "real fucking tired of the Julien Show" fan. He's exhausting and annoying, and knowing it's a role makes it worse? Like… he could just NOT be an obnoxious manbaby for a change in her vids.

No. 937909

Ben is kinda sleazy, other examples like his flirting with Tati & making inappropriate comments around her sister. He’s probably one of those “nice guys” who thinks they can never do dumb sexist shit.

Cristine is kinda like an adult manchild that holds responsibilities on the side of her YouTube shit and tbh that’s what I like, her homey Canadian juvenile 2good4 snotty LA schtick is endearing.

No. 937980

thank you!!
the entire world jerks off to jenna because she is sooo genuine. she is also a 30something woman with the personality of a homeschooled autistic horse girl.

No. 938252

File: 1582881289554.gif (2.68 MB, 540x225, kermit.gif)

….who are you talking to?

>the entire world jerks off to jenna because she is sooo genuine

No, it's because people want to watch "quick no fuss unproblematic entertainment" to steal the phrase from anon. People act like Jenna has cracked some top secret youtube code and give her way too much credit, but that's truly all it is. I see a dog in a turtleneck and I click the video, it's not that complicated. Not sure what you're so butthurt about here.

Julien annoys the fuck outta me in Jenna's vids, but I honestly used to enjoy his old vlog videos for the most part. They were mostly just dog stuff and him acting way more low-key and them just doing boring couple stuff.

No. 938273

AYRT; yeah I have no issue with his Last Minute Trips or his personal channel, he can be fun and cool and chill. The very very extra way he behaves in most of Jenna's videos is fucking annoying and has got old years ago.

The only problems I've ever had with Jenna are when her privilege and naivete show up loud and clear (sorry I know it sounds tumblery) - the Detroit Become Human playthrough makes me cringe and is pretty unwatchable for that reason alone. She isn't as woke as she thinks she is.

No. 938583

the more that comes out about ethan the worse he gets. he's a straight up cunt and hila is honestly no better for enabling it

No. 939258

Ethan and Hila being on the fence between Bloomberg and Sanders tells you all you need to know.

Ethan is a willfully ignorant idiot who tries to play smarter than he is. Hila echoes his every word.

Hot take: Hila was boring before she ever started speaking up in their lil rip-off JR Howard Stern/Your Mom's House podcast, and she's still dull now because she just backs up whatever Ethan says.

"biLlionArEs aReN't inHereNtlY eVil, tHeY'Ve wOrkEd foR tHeiR monEy"

No. 939681

Ethan needs to pick a lane and stick with it.

Not that long ago he was pandering to wannabe neo-conservatives. He goes back and forth too much.