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No. 131435

[It seemed most anons agreed to having thot and regular cosplay threads merged together, so this will be the first one]

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No. 134782

File: 1611793924082.png (294.54 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210127-162044.png)

So like, did she ever apologize for doing exactly this orrrr

No. 134785

She lost like 20 mutuals from what I can tell, so she's probably mad people aren't going to her and explaining why they are unfollowing due to all her antics. She's just being hypocritical again. This probably lost her business too.

No. 134831

File: 1611815889583.jpg (3.09 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20210128_01364814…)

Of course she didn't apologize. Just stuck the onus onto everyone else for her behavior ("pm me if I've done something wrong"). Funny how suddenly she's an advocate for private DMs and not jumping to conclusions when she's on the receiving end.

No. 134833

File: 1611816078720.jpg (3.13 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20210128_01321206…)

Also every time the heat hits, she suddenly has a horrible emergency. Nice timing, Bibi.

No. 134873

File: 1611840541915.png (359.33 KB, 1440x1207, coping.png)

Let's try talking about Nicole here since she lives on her own thread and reports every post in it. She's a happy lil prostitute now uwu(no)

No. 134881

Or don't because she has her own thread and will just shit this one up too if you bring her here. If she's breaking the rules, report her and get her banned.

No. 134896

File: 1611852807249.png (340.06 KB, 1440x2033, Screenshot_20210128-174946~2.p…)

There new drama from germanys infamous drama cow Anshie, apparently she's a groomer too.

No. 134899

lmao that was the chick who got into a random slapfight with some other cosplayers and tweeted that she would like to off herself to punish them plus some shit about how they were worth "less than jews in a concentration camp". When this was screenshotted and passed around, she privated, blocked half the cosplay community including people she had never even spoken to, took 2 whole sleeping pills and suicide baited.

Her ex-gf also accused her of being an awful person, hitting her in the head frequently, shaming her for her body and so on. >>>/w/42321

No. 134906

File: 1611855173203.png (32.23 KB, 399x356, Screenshot at Jan 28 18-28-59.…)

I made a copy of the google doc. It's not looking good. This girl was 16 when Anshie was 27 and she went full psycho on her with sexual pressure and quite weird manipulation and aggression. It's a 24 page doc (lol) so I wrote a TL;DR

>met online in 2015 through Mime's fanfiction which Anshie was a fan of and would comment on often

>roleplayed together, Anshie began writing a full-on fanfic based on their rp
>Anshie encouraged her to make a Twitter account and instantly DMed her
>Mine was impressed by Anshie's cosplay and the fact that she worked for Nintendo (kek) and sought her approval
>her friends (also aged 14-16) noticed their affection for each other and teased/encouraged them
>they eventually met up in December 2015 in Japan for 3 hours
>a few people try to warn Mime but she defends Anshie, burned bridges with a bunch of people who were pointing out how creepy the relationship was
>after the meetup, Anshie instantly tries to push their relationship towards sexual things and begs for pornographic roleplay and fanfictions
>in 2016, the relationship gets worse
>Anshie uses her as an emotional punching bag, rants constantly about how much she hates everyone and everyone disappoints her, vents her violent fantasies and gets increasingly aggressive with Mime when she doesn't live up to Anshie's desires
>Mime cut off friends Anshie didn't like, deleted fanfics that were too popular and thus made Anshie feel jealous, received violent threats that were "just jokes"
>Anshie goes on violent political rants and tweets other unhinged punishment fantasies, thus scaring Mime further
>eventually Mime tells Anshie that she's always making excuses for her behavior and that she's tired of it
>Anshie responds by saying it's her right to be angry, that she knows she has issues because everyone tells her the same thing, but it's who she is and she can't change it, shouganai~ Tells her "If you can't deal with it then you can leave"
>says that Mime bottles up her feelings and Anshie lets hers out by being angry and yelling and that they're both immature coping mechanisms but her therapist says she's doing the healthy thing by letting it all out (lol sure)
>tells Mime that if this is her way of saying she's had enough then she should go, but if she's only doing it as a warning and to try to solve the problem then she doesn't want to hear it
>Mime learns that Anshie groomed another minor in the AOT/SNK fandom earlier, she defends her viciously
>eventually they drift apart because Mime gets into a video game Anshie isn't interested in, which allowed Mime to meet new people who weren't Anshie-approved who promptly told her to get the fuck out
>Mime ghosts her old internet identity

As someone who has seen a lot of Anshie's behavior over the past decade I can confirm that it sounds a lot like her MO. She's a fucking unhinged ball of rage who doesn't know when to shut up for her own good. She has gotten into hot water time and time again for openly venting her violent fantasies about groups of people, minorities, as well as individuals she hates for this or that reason. She prides herself on hating everybody and talks shit about everyone in the community even though she looks like a crackhead and her costume skills are mediocre. She constantly gets reported for her tweets, so that's why she hides out on private accounts now. She came to defend herself in the German Cosplayers thread, so she'll likely pop into this one as well to boast about how unbothered she is.

No. 134926

The AoT groomed one, was that this girl from brazil? I vaguely remember Anshie having tantrums about one

No. 134934

File: 1611867000886.png (201.42 KB, 596x709, ansh1.png)

Anshie responded by essentially saying that Mime is butthurt about Anshie not wanting to be with her. lol

No. 134935

File: 1611867037220.png (60.41 KB, 596x252, ansh2.png)

No. 134939

File: 1611867314386.png (28.86 KB, 592x105, Screenshot at Jan 28 21-55-09.…)

>feel free to ask yourself if any of that screenshot ever sounded as if I was into minor girls.

>Tweet from the same year implying that it's rare for her to be into someone without looking like a pedo

>How old are you

No. 134940

File: 1611867406041.png (42.75 KB, 595x138, Screenshot at Jan 28 21-56-46.…)

>I'd rather talk to cosplayers 10 years my junior than listen to friends my age talk about their lives

No. 134942

File: 1611867544367.png (155.75 KB, 592x559, Screenshot at Jan 28 21-59-12.…)

More weird tweets about her obsession with looking "younger" and how young people always hit on her and she just can't help it

No. 134943

File: 1611867620239.png (59.24 KB, 588x291, Screenshot at Jan 28 22-00-14.…)

And yes, that one tweet was about having sex with someone 10 years younger.

No. 134944

File: 1611867739877.png (33.63 KB, 592x180, Screenshot at Jan 28 22-02-43.…)

No. 134945

File: 1611867896837.png (45.64 KB, 589x160, Screenshot at Jan 28 22-04-32.…)

>Once again got hit on by some young boy, once I told him my age he ghosted me XD
>It's not like I couldn't tell from his profile photo that he was half my age at most, but I waited until he asked XD Poor boy!

No. 134972

The big name German cosplayer Calssara is always supporting Anshie and still working with her, despite her comment about jews back then and being an overall horrible person. Wondering if she will continue take photos together, because Calssara is always trying to appear like someone who cares for the rights of others.

No. 134981

Calssara is a spineless uguu coward who knows she owes her status to just being lucky. Her costumes are okay but she's got an extremely unfortunate MJ-tier face and absolutely no range. Of course she'll support anyone, she can't afford to be outspoken. She's always been friends with bratty, pushy idiots.

No. 134993

Take this back to your Dutch thread. Stop shitting up this one because that one is autosaged. You don't need to spam this on both.

No. 134997

It's in German and the German thread isn't even autosaged. It's not being posted in "both", the German thread hasn't been active in a year. I don't know what your deal is. Plus this is international drama, the groomed girl lives in Singapore.

No. 135007

Searched that tweet and despite the one it's in response to being deleted, it seems to be "do I seem like a top or bottom" thing from the way the other girl responded so while it was sexual in theme it wasn't as if she was even hitting on her and Anshie tried to turn it into that. Her obsession with fucking much younger people or wanting them to be into her is disgusting.

No. 135008

File: 1611891348884.png (47.44 KB, 593x163, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-34-39.…)

It's 4:35 am in Germany and she's still up defending herself. Totes not bothered or worried

No. 135009

File: 1611891577775.png (44.45 KB, 596x165, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-36-40.…)

No. 135010

File: 1611891737695.png (153.45 KB, 592x696, Screenshot at Jan 28 22-16-08.…)

She also has a lot more tweets up denying that she was ever romantically interested in her. But there's droves of old tweets referring to her as her "waifu" or "breaking up" over dumb shit (pic related), so if she wasn't dating her, she was at least comfortable enough to publicly refer to her as her significant other for a long time and did the same in DMs as shown in the google doc (where she said things like "I'm going on a long trip today, you gotta entertain me sexually"), so even if they never had a formal relationship talk she as a 27yo should know that this sort of behavior would get a 16yo's hopes up, especially if done for years and exclusively. She can't be that stupid to not realize how it looks.

No. 135014

File: 1611892228875.png (93.34 KB, 590x487, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-50-26.…)

Yes the waifu talk is cringe and joke-y but to a 16yo with a crush, of course it'll feel like some kind of confirmation. If you're truly disgusted by the thought of being with someone, you don't introduce yourself to their friends by saying "Hi it's me her pseudo-wife", you avoid feeding into it.

No. 135017

File: 1611892666060.png (123.38 KB, 589x477, Screenshot at Jan 29 04-57-00.…)

Here's the part where she claimed she didn't know how Mine felt until now

No. 135030


Learn how to combine your images for gods sake. You are just posting the same thing over and over, we get it. This isn't your personal receipt call out thread, especially if this was already being posted elsewhere.(mini-modding)

No. 135032

Calm your tits, I'm not gonna post one giant autistic collage instead of dividing it up and putting context to it. I'm sure I'll hear from the Farmhands if it's that bad.

No. 135033

Sorry, nobody cares about your personal opinion on every single tweet.

No. 135052

Idk who this woman is but that was ahahah a very badly placed Tweet at the end, looks like there were plenty of screenshots to show how inappropriately she talks to minors.

No. 135097

NTA holy shit stop complaining about things that can be verified as false with one click, your complaint about muh Dutch thread was wrong and these screencaps aren't in the Google doc either, anon is going through her Twitter for proof of the things said in the Google doc. Stop nitpicking milk.

No. 135115

Not the same anon, buddy. Just someone who doesn't care about receipt spam.

No. 135138

The issue is that its been posted elsewhere and LINKED to it and we dont need a play by play spam of every tweet anon wants to give their 2 cents over.

No. 135172

It's not, what the fuck are you talking about? This shit wasn't in the doc or in any other thread, it hasn't been linked/shared, you're shitting up the thread just as much as you claim others are doing by posting your pointless complaints that don't even make sense

No. 135198

And Anshie's twitter is gone. who would have guessed

No. 135202

Probably just deactivated, she'll come back in few weeks for sure

No. 135521

She'll definitely be back, this has happened so many times and she's too addicted to attention to stay away.

It's funny that she's always talking shit about how ugly everyone is. She's clearly very insecure and photoshops the fuck out of her face, so she has to drag everyone down with her. I honestly think she'd be a popular flake if more of her spergouts were in English rather than German, she picks fights with anyone and doesn't have any redeeming qualities except for having networked well enough for long enough to have made somewhat of a name for herself (her twitter followers are few but on facebook she has 24k likes). I know of a ton of people who were befriended by Anshie over fandom stuff like that minor, then the friendship turned into some deranged obsession in which she acts as if she owns the other person and they must be a loyal slave to her every whim or she'll absolutely lose her shit. She's like an abusive girlfriend to everyone she chooses to be her latest accessory. Everyone you talk to in the German community has a story about Anshie, if it's not firsthand then it happened to a friend. She reminds me of UsaKou in that she has been around for a long time, considers herself the epitome of a "lifestyle cosplayer" despite being pretty mediocre at it, is a narcissistic abusive freak and doesn't have enough brains to at least be better at hiding it. A few years ago she posted about how bullying in the cosplay community was so awful and terrible and threatened to kill herself to make a statement, yet she's one of the biggest unapologetic assholes.

No. 135751

I bet she will come back in some weeks and suicide bait a lot or tell how she tried to do sudoku bc the world is so much against her bc she is just misunderstood uwu

No. 135841

Can we talk about these costhots who are jumping on the Resident Evil 8 vampire lady train for clout?

No. 135843

word. how dare these ehussies dress as a popular thing in an attempt to stay relevant. they should just cosplay random shit nobody ever heard of and be grateful for the 2 likes they get from their bf & their mama. lol

No. 135844

Its a popular horror game. I could say guys play for clout in that circle of fans too, anon.

No. 135860

File: 1612217840567.jpeg (386.54 KB, 670x759, F70239C1-57A7-4723-8E56-2A78D6…)

Did anyone see that DualShocker article about Quinnley Blaque? She looks nothing like the character at all. But I guess if you have a fat body with large breast then simp journalist would write about you.(vendetta)

No. 135862

God her picture on the left looks painfully photoshop

No. 135867

She looks like one of those cosplayers who ditch anyone once they hit 20k on Instagram, and also lie about their early 20s something age when they’re 35. Damn I hope she has a actual job, cause those tits are gonna get flabby any day.

No. 135874

She looks the most accurate out of a lot of closet cosplayers and she isnt fat compated to the actual moo size the character actually is.

No. 135879

Dude what’s your problem she looks good. She’s not even fat?

No. 135884

You haven’t seen her outside of these pictures.

No. 135885

She’s about as accurate as a heroine addict. And very moo cow

No. 135886

Idnk man this sounds like it’s a personal thing with u and her? Why do you hate her so much?

No. 135892

File: 1612223775866.jpeg (413.29 KB, 1508x1684, 1324E81D-5A86-4D40-A05D-3E153F…)

No. 135897

wait wait wait lmao. how you gonna say you were bullied due to mistakes you made…when that's just called facing the consequences of your actions??? bullied where and by whom?? a gentle & respectful callout by your peers is bullying now?? LOL

No. 135904

What apology? The only thing I saw was her half-assed justification for dragging Bepsiboy and some vague apologizing about her 'behavior' without naming the people she victimized or setting the record straight.

It's incredible she thinks that this gentle accountability is bullying, but the witch hunts she conducts isn't harmful.

No. 135955

This is some hateful and filled person who is jelly they didn't pop off with their own cosplay of the same character and don't have the capacity to just love themselves and has to hate on like every other person who is doing better. They probably also are the same type of person who would post minors nudes online.

No. 135958

Holy shit is she calling everyone who criticised her ableist now? This is like a version of her "anyone who disagrees with me is a racist" tactic except she can't pull that here because those cosplayers are also black. How can she possibly pretend that she learned a lesson if she's simultaneously slamming the people she's supposed to be apologizing to ffs Bibi.

No. 135966

>Makes a long thread talking about how she realizes she's fucked up, please talk to her and let her know so she can become a better person
>Immediately follows it up with this by saying she was bullied because people did as she asked and called her out on her shitty behaviour

So which is it, Bibi? Pick a struggle.

No. 135968

If you want a good laugh, so check her online store that she constantly shills on Twitter. Full of 3D prints she's selling of other peoples' models, unsanded with the layers coming undone, and badly done resin mold work full of bubbles, ugly colours and chips.

But don't pick on her cuz muh disabeleteees.

No. 135972

File: 1612251051240.png (13.57 MB, 3336x2592, Quality.png)

Gosh, it's so hard to choose between all the items in Bibi's shop. Which half-assed low-quality bullshit should I buy???

No. 135973

>but I’ll still be focusing on myself
Bitch what the fuck else is new

No. 135979

Bibi's entire Twitter account has only ever been about Bibi. The only time she's shared others is when it somehow turns it around to her (aka I'm sharing these black creators because it's black cosplay month, but I'm doing it because I'M SUCH A GOOD PERSON, in fact I'm BETTER because I'm DISABLED) or to call people out because she thinks they're 'problematic'.

She feels badly about the cosplay community because another black cosplayer finally called her out on ALL the shit she's done, but now she can't play the racism card she's so fond of, so she immediately labels is ableism.

One of the cosplayers she accused of faking her threats spoke up to her and she sicked one of her shitty followers onto her, who argued for her and basically made it all about 'You're just BULLYING a black disabled cosplayer because you think she'd be an easy target!!!' when all the other cosplayer was doing was replying to Bibi's post and pointing out that Bibi had ignored her when initially confronted.

No. 135990

holy shit I knew bibi sucked but this bitch is truly insufferable. She's actually a child

No. 136017

File: 1612273001514.jpeg (674.52 KB, 828x1280, 1610241089240.jpeg)

I just went back to the other thread and realized something.

This kirbypuchuu chick has been arguing against others and defending Bibi multiple times in Twitter threads and I happened to catch her name following the latest drama and remembered it. Here's the first instance that I caught her name.

No. 136018

File: 1612273435570.png (663.26 KB, 1311x2470, Untitled.png)

Sorry for the long image, but I saw Bibi's bullshit come up on my feed again and I capped the entire conversation. This kirby person seems to be really going ham at trying to defend Bibi, but seeing these kinds of people twist logic to come up with their own conclusions in the face of actual evidence is mind boggling.

No. 136032

I wish more Alberta cosplayers called BiBi out on here because I wanna hear more stories about her. All I know of her is the time she cosplayed with KawaiiBakaNekoDesu as a token black girl.

No. 136048

File: 1612286790386.png (989.99 KB, 1396x2048, Screenshot_20210202-121333.png)

this bitch lmao

No. 136052

>"People can't read minds, if you don't make me aware of the situation you're a bully!"
Hey you did this shitty thing which wasn't nice.
>"B-B-But I didn't know about it, I muted the thread!"
Okay, well, I'm here to tell you that you did something that wasn't cool and you need to apologise.
Okay but-

Classic Bibi logic lmao

No. 136058

File: 1612289934100.jpg (3.07 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20210202_13112167…)

Checked some twitter threads I remember seeing fighting in and yep kirbypuchuu is in there too, simping for Bibi. Pinned post is your typical UwU disabled gender neutral sadbabby cry for money.

No. 136059

Sometimes I think about joining Twitter. But then I see shit like this and remember that 90% of the people on Twitter have severe brain rot

No. 136066

this bitch is begging for money while whining everyone oppresses her and her people? I know it's a bit of a meme but twitter really is tumblr 2014. Also love how she's using anime avatar when she's the exact person who'd scream the anime avatars are at it.

No. 136075

File: 1612296185542.jpg (78.07 KB, 1077x563, 20210202_210235.jpg)

No. 136078

Why has no one told any of the people who made the original files about this? Or does no one know? I feel like there's some sort of etiquette here and selling someone else's models doesn't seem to be it, bibi

No. 136086

Good for her, I stand corrected.

No. 136154


Thing is, Anshie's comments were horribly racist. For someone who pretends to care about feminism and being so woke (she also posted about the BLM movement), she didn't say a word about it. I'm happy she won't give Anshie a platform anymore, but eh.

No. 136178

You're giving her too much credit. This was her breaking point? Not her tweets about jews, bombing places, hating refugees and anyone "foreign", mocking transes (which the cosplay community is chock-full of), mocking fat and ugly people (which, again, plenty of these around here), and so on and so forth. She never made a secret of her views. Everyone I know has a story about Anshie.

If you want to say she's based for saying that shit then please refer to >>136154, Calssara is on the far other end of that spectrum. And here's the thing. Nobody in Germany truly cares about Calssara. She's a fixture in the community because she's been around since the 00s and she's nice, inoffensive, makes pretty costumes and gets along with everyone. She's extremely bland and we don't have strong feelings about her. You know what else the German community is very lukewarm on? Political correctness. There are a few things you shouldn't say, but nobody can really get canceled because nobody fucking cares enough. All of Anshie's defenders were random Germans, most of which didn't even know her. Back to Calssara: Her real fandom is international. This was the first time Anshie's drama has made international waves. And the international community will definitely cancel people for guilt by association. That's why she's pulling the plug now, it's purely a PR move so nobody can accuse her of fraternizing with groomers.

No. 136242

This exactly! Calssara relies on her international fanbase. As soon as the Anshie drama crossed the borders, she quickly canceled her best pal Anshie.

I sometimes wonder if she really cares about BLM, trans rights and so on or if it’s really just PR to keep the money coming from the international community.

No. 136264


the cast majority of cosplayers don't care that much about BLM or trans rights and just put on a show to avoid call outs and cancellations. even if you agree with the causes, most people understand posturing on your echo chamber social media doesn't accomplish anything. but performing wokeness is mandatory in cosplay now so everybody just does it.

No. 136278

As a eurofag - a lot of cosplayers really are pro BLM, but somebody being indifferent is not a friendship ending ordeal.

No. 136283

This. If anyone thinks German cosplayers truly care about BLM, they should stick around for the next annual racefaking/blackface drama. Everyone is friends with someone who does it, it won't get you in hot water unless you're getting international exposure.

No. 136398

File: 1612419327211.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20210203-174534~3.p…)

Offering commissions at this level of quality???

No. 136407

Why did you censor it?

No. 136463

If you don’t want it don’t commission them? It’s not like they’re scamming anyone

No. 136472

I'm late to this but I'm surprised to see people calling Calssara "inoffensive, bland and lukewarm" since around my circles she's had a reputation for being catty, whiny and passive aggressive. Then again I haven't been associated with her for years and completely forgot about her in the process so maybe she changed or learned to put on a mask for her international audience.

No. 136539

File: 1612483527046.png (749.06 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210204-160235.png)

Some thot is trying to claim she created sexy jutsu

No. 136542

I've literally seen thots over a decade ago do this exact same costume.

No. 136555

File: 1612489850954.png (2.26 MB, 1340x960, 1.png)

Yeah, these are from 2012 and 2016.

No. 136572

File: 1612499419115.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x2013, F8871E37-5116-4CA0-8B3A-349D04…)

She reposted it. This time it has no text.

No. 136610

People were probably tagging her to share other cosplays kek, she looks like a dumb bitch meme though.

No. 136932

File: 1612623478917.jpeg (1.39 MB, 3072x3072, FFF7D73D-9F78-4915-B220-7166D8…)

lol but how does she not realize she was begging? wonder what happened there? she probably got called out somewhere

No. 136950

She's never begged and she's right she makes enough to step back from needing crowd funding. She's obviously burnt out as she's been making her OF content consistently since May or something. So what's the milk? She's taking a break and doesn't financially need kofi anymore? Good.

No. 136951

>We know anons come here to vendetta post the following:

>Nicole Eevee Davis

>Steff Von Schweetz

So far we've had both Bep and Nicole vendetta posters back lol Especially clear with the non-milk from Bep just taking a step back and she's never begged for money as 2 other threads already debunked.

No. 136960

She got a new boyfriend lol probably ready to drain that dude too

No. 137075

File: 1612733078909.jpeg (585.32 KB, 1797x1690, D62FF8D2-920B-4D8A-B3AC-B98A05…)

I’m not surprised, Bibi lies

No. 137077


She made posts asking for help with moving expenses when she’s showed no signs of moving and asking for help for regular expenses when her job wasn’t giving her extra hours. She lives with her mom so I can’t imagine she has much. She needs to step back and maybe see a doctor about her health issues she’s bitched about for years. Her weight shot up in such a short amount of time I would be concerned. That should have been her first thing before begging to fund her tits. It’s been a while since she’s made a post about begging to move too, she’ll probably move in with her new boyfriend in a few months and let him cover rent while she keeps buying cheap lingerie sets from Amazon and sewing the same stretchy bodysuit she makes for everything.

No. 137078

Who you think is going to denounce her next? She is burning bridges with the entire Black cosplay community who were really one of her only lines of defense. Seeing her only share herself because everyone else who tried to talk to her is blocked really shows the person she really is. After this month, she might actually become irrelevant since no one wants to put up with her anymore.

No. 137113

I mean unless she had the parts to back it up, or a friend to bring them if they aren't blocked, Bibi just complains about everything. I don't doubt she blocked the girl, but I don't think every single issue can be related back precisely like this with more to back it up. There are so many medifag costhots and cosplayers, that even someone like Megu would say the same thing. The medicine being the same is the best we have. Id love to see where Bibi mentions her stuff though and the timeline between that and this girls OG med complain tweet.

No. 137116

File: 1612753849157.jpg (227.07 KB, 1080x753, Screenshot_20210207-191109_Twi…)

Went to find both. Bibi only ever mentions this once then never again.

No. 137117

File: 1612753891229.jpg (550.45 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20210207-191042_Twi…)

All the times Rei has mentioned it, more than once through the years.

No. 137126

Why is she acting like she is the only person taking vyvanse? It’s really not as uncommon as she thinks it is. She is right for calling out Bibi, but I also think she is reaching a bit.

No. 137138

>Last June at 29

Bibi is a 30 or near 30 year old woman and still acts like this?

No. 137141

File: 1612764338334.jpg (212.58 KB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_20210207-225903_Twi…)

Gotta love how this scrote mentions some of the most toxic "cosplayers". @lunaaquaphine is a trash heap and her simps are too.

No. 137148

What has she done? She barely has 8k on insta and barely 2k on twitter.

No. 137203

5 bucks it's either sarcasm or edgy posting, anon. This list of 'good' cosplayers is just too specific

No. 137211

File: 1612813805623.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210208_124307641.j…)

She had a big following on tiktok for some tall shoes videos then gets banned off and on I guess. She's just another selfish stupid thot.

No. 137212

File: 1612813839915.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210208_124155990.j…)

No. 137213

Got any other posts? She gives me the vibes of the twitch girl who bitched about how nobody donates or only donated $5 for her shit

No. 137214


Why do they always have a 5head

Also top kek im looking her up now

No. 137215

File: 1612814002137.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210208_124818700.j…)

No. 137216

Bitch even with this make up clothes and filter you look like a fully gtow woman tf

No. 137217

File: 1612814121610.png (2.13 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210208-135449.png)

Her faces are always so awks lol

No. 137219

Everything she does is a copy of teenager trends or Belle Delphine only blue and not pink. But she claims she does the trends first. Its hilarious since she's trailer park girl looking.

No. 137220

File: 1612814410520.jpg (300.81 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20210208-130000_Twi…)

No. 137222

File: 1612814901679.png (258.92 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20210208-135440.png)


Shes a delphine calf for sure. Shes even flexin here on knowing her

No. 137223

File: 1612815054620.jpg (130.72 KB, 828x1472, 20210208_141018.jpg)

Im keking her faces are so fucking bad and she has such a subpar looking body that I guess I admire her for her confidence? But man good find anon shes milky as hell

No. 137224

File: 1612815169631.jpg (196.36 KB, 960x1792, 20210208_141300.jpg)

More milk her makeup is making me die.

No. 137225

She's skinwalking right down to the name. Aquaphine vs Delphine. Sad loser.

No. 137227

File: 1612815626255.png (1.53 MB, 858x1538, Screenshots_2021-02-08-14-20-5…)

Im too retarded to know how to dl and post her twitter dancing video on mobile but

No. 137229

File: 1612815833503.jpg (217.88 KB, 1365x2048, 20210208_141846.jpg)

Yeah pink vs blue and not the goth band as well as the rhyming name and samefagging the market, same elf ears and faces. She RTS other costhots and for a second I am tricked and thinks she updated her levels and got gud but no its just another costhot who has better quality with feet pics but as a footfag they are gross looking feet(no1curr about ur foot fetish)

No. 137231

No. 137232

You were way too hopeful, anon. That girl looks nothing like her in the face. Aqualoser just has a chonk face and bad teeth.

No. 137238

>Feminist MGTOW
That's an obvious troll, nonnies.

No. 137241


I just noticed that she has like seven different Love Live cosplays in the background, all from the same set. Fucking excessive. Desperate to be in groups maybe?

No. 137248

File: 1612822746394.jpg (784.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210208-151033_Twi…)

No. 137249

File: 1612822767411.jpg (185.59 KB, 828x1472, 20210208_151850.jpg)

No. 137257

This is actually sad. It's like desperately trying to replicate beat by beat what Belle Delphine did but completely lacking the understanding for aesthetics and emoting. She looks like she's being held at gunpoint in a dark basement. Like I can't even laugh at this because I keep wondering if she has a mental disability or something.

No. 137258

File: 1612825308808.jpg (184.34 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20210208-155900_Ins…)

Bitch is ponchy.

No. 137261

She's cocky af and her rooms are covered in merch. She's fine, just gross.

No. 137275

She seems like an actual autist to me.

No. 137290

What the fuck is that symbol that's on her wall/tattooed to her supposed to be?

No. 137291

I'm embarrassed that I know its the sand village symbol from Naruto. That's what it is.

No. 137298

God idk what it is but there’s something about the way she talks that reminds me of Gail the snail from it’s always sunny

No. 137306

Oh I follow her new boyfriend actually because he did one of my friends tats (he’s actually a really talented ink artist) and he was with someone, I thought it was his wife, when we were there last, and that wasn’t that long ago. very weird when I found out she was suddenly with him all the time

No. 137308

That's weirdly accurate…

No. 137360

That specific set made with the vinyl material is very sought after because the store discontinued making them because of the plastic material. They sell secondhand for 2-400 bucks now but it’s a poor attempt as a flex as the only people who still care about Love Live are middle schoolers or mid 20s desperately grabbing for attention

No. 137368

The piece he did on her thigh is cool. It’s going to suck when they eventually break up and she has to look at it everyday. She bitched for months when she drove away her last bf. She’ll make a go fund me for laser removal I bet.

No. 137389

No. 137390


"That's not what my onlyfans subs said"(imageboard)

No. 137451

lollllllllll that’s why you shouldn’t sleep with tattoo artists tbh(lrn2integrate)

No. 137457

She is set now. She can keep getting tattoos without having to pay for them. She only befriends or dates people unless she can get some kind of use out of them.

No. 137501

Her face really doesn't match her body. I wonder if she photoshops her body a lot

No. 137515

Butterface is a real thing, but with the kind work she does and the desperation to be popular I wouldn’t be surprised if she was heavily photographing

No. 137519

File: 1612975535444.jpg (200.11 KB, 828x1472, 20210210_094335.jpg)

Did she really get a cutout of Bernie when the meme isn't even trending anymore…

No. 137522

Everything about this photo is really depressing. She's like if Shay fused with Belle but make it blue. She needs bangs or something cause the middle part is making her look like a cheap hooker.

No. 137524

File: 1612977330004.jpg (171.69 KB, 828x1472, 20210210_101429.jpg)

Bernie doesnt get to be in the center for long though

No. 137530

File: 1612979512922.gif (16.95 MB, 576x1024, ok.gif)

No. 137538

We don't need you to post all her retarded antics and poses to nitpick. Can you just post milk she's in? What's she done besides another Belle knock-off being cringe?

No. 137549

File: 1612993994944.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210210_144737755.j…)

I consider her extreme desperation to stay relevant (she got popular on tiktok for those stilt shoes, it didn't last) while being full of herself is the milk. So the pathetic antics are milky too. She gets a good dose of hate for being so desperate in comments on tiktok. She's trashy but believes she is that sought after Delphine tier because she is so naturally young, cute, and creative in her own mind.

No. 137556

Cardboard cutouts of this size are around $50. She tweets about being barely able to make ends meet and she spends $50 on a meme that died out weeks ago.

I cringe when I look at these. Her face and body move in such unnatural ways. You can see the desperation in her eyes.

Honestly I feel bad for her. I feel bad that this grown woman doesn’t have a single person in her life to take her by the hand and tell her that she needs to stop for her own good. She’s not some hideous troll, but she sure as hell doesn’t have a great face for what she’s trying to do and it’s only going to get worse for her as time goes on. This is a young woman’s game and she’s almost 23. If she hasn’t “made it” at this point, it’s never gonna happen for her. I feel like she’s going to hit her late 20s before she realizes on her own that she wasted her youth never developing any useful skills and her only job history will be porn

No. 137557

Desperation to be the next Belle Delphine is not milk. What ACTUAL drama has she been in besides he being a costhot like everyone else?

No. 137582

Pretty sure those bulbasaur planters is selling on her shop are stolen - its way beyond her current modelling capabilities and looks very similar to this model here (which is also listed as a file you cannot make money off of) https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/home/blooming-bulbasaur-planter-with-leaf-drainage-tray

No. 137583


Whoops forgot to clarify that this was Bibicosplay

No. 137627


OMG Bep is dating a tattoo artist AGAIN? She literally told my friend she slept with tattoo artists to get her tattoos for free lollllll what a joke

No. 137647

Bep hasn’t publicly dated a tattoo artist until now from what I’ve seen. Last dude she dated was a normal ass guy

No. 137661

That’s because this anon is known for trying to get everyone on lolcow to be against bepmin every thot thread when every time anons actually dig in to her, everything the anon says is overblown or either a lie. Just like how she has never begged for money, but they think advertising support through onlyfans, patreon, or kofi like every other thot or artist, is begging. She’s also not using it anymore which was the point of that image post. I don’t know what this even has to do with a tattoo artist aside from her saying she can’t wait to get more tattoos in a story they didn’t even post here. They are samefag going, just ignore and report their vendetta as usual.

No. 137667

Just ignore it
Simping and defending Bep isn't going to make her like you.

No. 137672

bep literally posts on her facebook every time people talk about her on here and then a bunch of her friends run here to defend her. she stalks these threads for crumbs about herself more than any vendetta anon would.

No. 137674

Post those caps

No. 137762

I'm not a dumbfuck who wants to get kicked off her account add her yourself if you wanna see her shit

No. 137763

You've been saying you have caps for 3 threads. Post them or stop claiming she does everything you say she does.

No. 137833

There’s ways to post caps anonymously. Just do it.

No. 137844

File: 1613108319017.png (669.83 KB, 2048x1158, Screenshot_20210212-003611.png)

Not the same anon

No. 137853

That doesnt give us any context, no date, nothing milky. Thanks, anon.

No. 137874

File: 1613126126305.jpg (104.37 KB, 1080x492, Screenshot_20210212-023408_Fac…)

Known selfposters:



SO. You honestly SUCK at self posting Bep, you bitch. Honestly. Your ass got caught before, selfposting, in the last thread. This is ALL public, so Im not going to bother blocking info. Im hinestly laughing my ass off at your Vendetta.

No. 137875

File: 1613126150838.jpg (227.39 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20210212-023419_Fac…)

You baited this. Lol. Then posted it!

No. 137877

File: 1613126198448.jpg (519.7 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20210212-023713_Fac…)

No. 137878

This is a second cow thats been posted in this thread that coffeecat has obvious interactions with and has gone out of her way to hide it or throws a tantrum when called out on the forums.

No. 137881

File: 1613126625396.jpg (367.14 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20210212-024406_Fac…)

Just the rest of the convo.

No. 137882

File: 1613126755641.jpg (180.26 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20210212-024601_Fac…)

No. 137883

I went through Beps page.she doesnt post about it..this was on Coffeecats personal page.thats why they hide everything, to make it look like Bep 'posts' about it. Lol

No. 137886

File: 1613127639434.jpg (428.18 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20210212-030032_Fac…)

>has history of trying yo comment on bigger following cosplayers and thots, usually being aggressively defensive of them in drama to seem more loyal

No. 137906

Not at all. I was simple providing an instance in which Bep has talked about it. It's not as deep as you think it is.

No. 137908

Anon complained about how it would out them. It's not even on Beps profile, its on Coffeecat which no one woyld know unless they went to Catherine's page.

No. 137911

Just to add, I only found it because I checked Beps latest post, saw the profile photo matched the twitter one from the last thread, and the same "YEAH I POST ON LOLCOW SO WHAT" message. It's not as easy as you say >>137906 because you actually had to dig for this as its not obvious to find. Bep doesn't mention lolcow ever on her profile from what I can find, but thats only unfriend viewmode. I want the anon to post an actual.status of hers, recently, like they said "she always posts about it". Thread 3, still nothing from the anon, but an obscure, hard to find post, unless you know coffeecat is already a self-poster

No. 137924

Are you new to Facebook or something? If you're mutual friends with both of them, a reply like this will show in your feed.

The Bep drama is stupid and this isn't proof she constantly posts here, but the Coffeecat attempted milking is even stupider. We already saw these caps last thread when she posted them about Bibi.

No. 137936

Your analytics button is showing Coffeecat. Nice self post.

No. 137945

It's not her, a screenshot of an image she posted to her Facebook account in 2019. I had to dig far back to find this.

No. 137950

I have neither added, so.. lol

No. 137951

We saw a twitter cap. These are all new. Really trying to ignore the coffeecat stuff, huh anon.

No. 137953

File: 1613153449169.jpg (512.24 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210212-100618_Fac…)

I wonder if Bep realized who it was that keeps vendetta posting her and deleted her posts under Catherine's or if Catherine deleted it herself. Its missing now lol

No. 137954

File: 1613153870000.jpg (227.06 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210212-101406_Fac…)

Looks like Bep caught wind, posts are hidden now that were public last night, that comment is gone, and her profile photo is changed.

No. 137959

Except the fb and twitter posts are the exact same content posted at the same time. Who cares if it's from a different platform? It's the same shit she posted during Bibi's milk so why are you assuming this is PROOF!!! she's the Bep vendettachan?

No. 137960

I didn't even repost that twitter post in this thread, so I don't know what you're freaking out about, anon. It's still only posted in the other thread and its context to this off of Facebook (even though its the same message) because the anon posted >>137844 with no context, so posting >>137874 with the following comments aren't making it a repost. Anon deliberately hid whos profile this was posted on AND hid the 5w post date.

No. 138012

So coffeecat is in here selfposting trying to make bep look like a cow and making herself into a bigger one in the process? lol

No. 138030

Seriously why this anon can't hard defend themselves.

No. 138035

These are the same thots that want to preach about how the cosplay community needs to do better about racism and bullying yet they all come here to do it themselves. That's why you're all such a joke and no one takes any of you seriously.

No. 138036

File: 1613191088923.jpg (247.12 KB, 1080x608, 20210212_203603.jpg)

This aged well

No. 138039

11 years with THOSE numbers? I think people are smart in not promoting her. She's a snake. Seriously, 11 years, tryhard following thots, defending them when she can, bragging about posting here..

Coffeecat is pathetic lol

No. 138041

I've only ever heard of coffeecat from seeing her tagged in other popular cosplayers photos. She wants to talk clout chasing when she's the one riding coattails every chance she gets lol

No. 138044

And going through her follows, she follows mostly people with big names and tries commenting on it or getting herself self inserted into drama like bibicosplays to try to get that vocal group to like her and trust her. If she was going to do this, she fucked up posting that one shot of her profile last thread. I've been waiting to be able to find more milk on her and her trying to hide Beps reply on her profile, not Beps, says a lot. And its all prublic, so what's to hide? Lol

No. 138046

Anon who posted the screenshot with the blurred name.
I blurred it because I was attempting not to post last names.
I'm not coffeecat, I just remembered the post since it was public.

No. 138047

>Anon deliberately hid whos profile this was posted on AND hid the 5w post date.

I still think that's a big jump to assume that hiding the date means it must definitely be Coffeecat who posted it. I figured they hid it to hide how little Bep talks about lolcow, if a reply to someone else's thread a month ago is the only example they could find.

No. 138048

Pretty sure based on how fast bep changed her profile it was bep who deleted it. Probably to avoid drama.

No. 138049

Again, you wouldn't have even known where to look for this status unless you knew who coffeecat even was. There's no link on Beps profile, nothing. If you really can't say that's hiding it, then you're pretty dumb, anon. The only reason I thought to look was because of one comment from Coffeecat on Beps tattoo photo. I clicked the profile and Coffeecats first status was the same as twitter and there was the comment.

Bep didn't post it to her page, so anon took one to try to incriminate her, skipping COMPLETELY what the main post was from Coffeecat's page, NOT Beps which was anons main complaint "bep mentions lolcow all the time on her profile".

Yeah, no she doesn't. But you know who did? Coffeecat.

No. 138051

Why does this feel like the same angry anon that always comes out when Bep is mentioned. Every thread they come out and hardcore fight for her and ignore what other people have said.

The only thing it does is draw more attention to her.

No. 138052

Regardless of the semantics coffeecat is a known selfposter and lurker and way bigger cow than bep which was my point

No. 138064

Because the anon who had said for 3 threads they have all this proof of Bep 'scamming' and talking about lolcow and still nothing. Bep and other anons are right that advertising isnt the same as begging like anon demands everyone believes. So many people have called out the bullshit. This isnt drawing any attention to her. Its all pointing to others vendetta posting and even farmhands have redtexted the posts previously. Its so obvious. Whoever it is, coffeecat or not,needs to get a life. Bep has no milk and never had milk. Seriously some major jealous vendetta-chsn.

No. 138082

>Regardless of the semantics coffeecat is a known selfposter and lurker and way bigger cow than bep which was my point

I ignored this for a while but since you clearly won't rest until Coffeecat is a cow, you need to chill out because this is starting to sound like yet another vendettapost like Bep. You have no milk except for one time when she de-anoned and publicly posted that she's a farmhand. Which is laughable but not what selfposting means, fyi. Having a low number of followers or posting feel good fluff isn't milk. Come back when you have something more than a facebook conspiracy theory or obvious personal beef.

No. 138090

She never said shes a farmhand and a lot of it makes sense. Bep poster never, ever posted proof of anything they claimed Bep did. Coffeecat is actually milky, even if its self announcing. Bep with nothing ever posted doesn't even compare. Stay pressed Coffeecat is getting dragged and deserves it.

No. 138091

I'm not saying Bep is more milky that Coffeecat, I'm saying that Coffeecat is also not milky aside from self-announcing in the last thread. The other anon's obsession with them is as tiring as every other non-milky vendettaposting.

No. 138093

Nah, Coffeecat is milky. She's def a cow. No one cares how you feel anon when actual milk exists fron her and not from bep. Her past statements are hilarious when she clout chases and is hypocritical about the cos scene when shes a drama self inserter.

No. 138097

Then post caps of her drama. Post caps of her chasing clout. You keep saying she's milky but all I'm seeing is Facebook tinfoiling and you nitpicking her tweets with no context.

No. 138102

Anyone else watching zadra/zadrabug's meltdown? She's been making vague pro trump posts for months. Her friends finally had enough when she went on a spew defending Gina Carano

No. 138106

>being this mad when anons have shown her involved in milk prevously and when the deleted Bep comment was under CC's profile, not Beps like anons said it would be

We have

No. 138110

Thats not milk, that's you making a stupid assumption that the Bep vendetta anon and coffeecat are the same person. Thread replies from a person you follow will show up on your Facebook feed if the original thread is publicly posted. Literally anyone who follows Bep would have seen that reply so your constant insisting that only Coffeecat could have possibly seen it is ridiculous. Post actual milk and not your obnoxious tinfoiling.

No. 138113

Sucks when enough dots connect, doesnt it, anon?

No. 138115

Considering CC posts, admits she does it often, I don't see how its all tinfoil.

No. 138188

What’s the coffee cat milk? That she self posts here and is friends with big cosplayers? And drama chases? Is there more to it or is that it? Doesn’t seem super milky tbh bep cash cowing all the time is way more amusing

No. 138197

Bep never did anything anon mentioned, CC actually has proof behind her cowing. Its been 2 days, anon. Let it go. Its been posted already and you keep dragging it on which makes all the CC whitekniting retarded.

No. 138219

While what she's doing is cringe as fuck anon, are you still suggesting that 23 is "too old"? Should it be 17-year olds shaking their asses and posting pussy pics or something? If anything she's absolutely appropriately aged but nevertheless nobody regardless of age should act like this.

No. 138275


Neither of them are milky. Jesus christ, I hope cons come back this year so we can actually remember what real milk looks like. The amount of reaching here trying to make both Bep and CC look like cows is sad. I miss real drama.

No. 138288

Saying the same thing over and over again doesn't make it true, bb.

Unless you show why you know it's CC and not any other one of Bep's FB followers, you're just going to keep sounding like you're trying to ram your CC vendetta down our throats.

No. 138290

>Stop pointing out that I'm making up milk in order to make CC into a cow when I refuse to post caps

I always wonder what the story behind these anons' vendetta is. I feel like it's got to be more interesting than what they post here in order to keep themselves in the clear. Between Bep and CC this thread is now garbage.

No. 138292

All anons did was post that the comment was from CCs profile, which stop lying to yourself that anon didnt know Bep didnt post it on her profile, but from a profile from someone previously posted. Thats milky. You spergs will go on long winded rants om how Bep begs, which shes never done, assert it for 3 threads with nothing backing it up,but she has someone in her circle ACTIVELY admitting to coming here to lolcow AND got caught posting.

If you think thats a reach, youre extremely retarded. It might be someone else, but CC admitting she comes here too, and was in the last thread, is too good to not realize who is probably posting Bep. Its tinfoil but adds up better than even have the bullshit made up about Bep.

Gtfo if you can't handle the fact that it actually works out as possibly being her.

No. 138301

If she was just cosplaying, then no 23 isn’t too old. But that’s not what she’s trying to do. She wants to become a popular internet personality through sex work. Obviously there are older people doing the whole thot influencer for a living thing, but those people built huge followings by the time they were her age, they took care of their bodies/faces, and they kept up with the times. She’s done none of those things.

She’s a 23yo sex worker who has less than 8k on ig and 2k on Twitter. Her sex work career isn’t going to get easier on her as time goes on. That’s what I mean by it’s a young women’s game. You gotta get popular and do it quick. She’s not popular because she’s a butterface who’s entire persona is skinwalking someone more popular than her

No. 138318

>Its tinfoil but adds up better than even have the bullshit made up about Bep.

Get it through you brain that nobody wants to hear about either of them. Neither are milky. Just because the CC accusations are "more possible" than the Bep accusations doesn't make it milk. Tinfoil doesn't need to be sperged about for two days and your other posts aren't milky at all.

No. 138418

Deal with it. Coffeecat, cant wait to post more of you.

No. 138419

File: 1613379830999.jpg (770.41 KB, 1048x2200, Screenshot_20210212-024846_Fac…)

Makes absolute sense why she never got big besides her obvious clouting. She's pretty ugly and not the cosplay type.

No. 138490

Cant find actual milk, jumps to insulting looks.

Anon stop being so desperate and obsessed.

Both the Bep and CC vendetta posters are dumb.

No. 138495

Most people in the cosplay community are ugly??? What are you even talking about at this point.

No. 138549

Jesus christ. You guys are fine with anything not having to do with her. Move the fuck on. We do have milk. Stay mad CC and friend.

No. 138552

Aren't you the same anon who rages when Bep not-milk gets posted over and over? But you're trying to post not-milk about CC and don't see a problem?

Nobody likes seeing vendettaposting not-milk bullshit. This has happened with Smile and a Song, Bep, and now CC. It's not new.

No. 138553

>We do have milk

THEN POST CAPS?? Holy shit all you've posted is that CC doesn't have followers, follows famous cosplayers (like every single cosplayer does), and you think she's ugly. You can't keep saying you have milk when everything you post is petty as hell.

No. 138628

Going through CCs account shows she’s clearly a skilled seamstress not everyone is going to make it big in cosplay if they don’t have The Looks. A small account following big cosplayers isn’t milky at all. The vendetta posting is pretty obnoxious anon either bring receipts of actual milk and get over it

No. 138784

Alright, here's something actually milky. This chick is trying to own melanin waifu.

No. 138785

File: 1613670288108.png (602.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210218-094218.png)

No. 138793

File: 1613673797180.jpeg (202.73 KB, 750x1008, E87B98D4-8851-443A-ABD9-763CD2…)

My god this cow is hilarious. If she wasn’t so stupid, she would realize that people using that hashtag could have actually been a good thing for her

No. 138797

Reminds me of when the Fine Bros tried to trademark 'react' for video use.

No. 138798

What and absolute idiot. Black cosplayers have been using the tag for years. Also the fact that she has the nerve to put that stupid trade mark symbol like it’s supposed to do anything. What is with these new cosplayers being so fucking stupid. This isn’t even the first time in the thread someone tried to claim a cosplay or a tag as their own. “Credit me!!” Fuck right off.

No. 138799

File: 1613676691499.jpg (39.96 KB, 390x693, 20210218_112856.jpg)

She's going as far as complaining about being called black "um im asian" when using a hashtag such as #melanin.

These self hating black women who think they deserve coddling need to get out of cosplay. There is supporting poc creators and then there is taking advantage of being or looking black and using to constantly victimize yourself for stupid shit like this because calling it out gets you called a racist and "how dare you tone and space police". Calling out bs shouldnt be a race issue, Karen.

No. 138802

File: 1613676930152.jpg (559.02 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_20210218-113425_Ins…)


She honestly is just mad her hashtags aren't getting her noticed but look at this quality. LOL Shes as 'talented' as megumenx.

No. 138803

File: 1613677377578.jpeg (518.77 KB, 828x1221, 94AFA092-58A4-4D70-B70E-6DFF4D…)

She really is a complete idiot. No one is jealous of your 4K followers.

No. 138804

File: 1613677496084.jpeg (261 KB, 828x1380, 5007B043-0805-4696-BA96-681D11…)

I did some digging to find any trade mark information and it does pop up that she tried and put in an application. Look at that, it’s not even finalized yet.

No. 138805

File: 1613677614999.jpeg (276.36 KB, 828x1447, DE939EEF-0171-482F-83E0-482519…)

It looks like the trade mark only applies to physical merch and not a fucking hashtag. Did she not even read the application?

No. 138807

That cross-eyed "ahegao" look just makes her look retarded.

No. 138814

File: 1613684152052.png (810.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210218-094125.png)

I'm so sick of tiktok 'cosplayers' pulling this shit. Does she cosplay? I don't see anything besides her dressing up as animals. Also the desperation of having '80k on tiktok before I got banned' in her bio kek

No. 138817

All she does is this stupid face all the time, uses a Belle filter all the time, and her quality is atrocious. I follow a lot of people (1k+) and not even a single mutual in the cos scene. She literally looks like someone who saw cosplay and nerd culture, dabbled a little, and saw people made money off it, but not actually liking any of it really shows when no one wants to buy your stuff and it's just normies seeing half najed and hitting 'like'.

No. 138819

Does she not realize that common words being trademarked online is literally rare? You can trademark the company, sure, but common words are not passible and hashtags are too broad for US trademarkers to target due to how broad hashtags are as well as how this, as a race marketing thing, will definitely not pass as you cannot trademark race related shit like that so broadly. She doesn't even do basic rule research for this shit.

No. 138825

it gets worst she keeps dragging her sister into things

No. 138828

File: 1613689162294.jpg (318.31 KB, 1440x2559, Screenshot_20210218-175036_Ins…)

She wasn't even the first person to post on Instagram with the hashtag? I saw her post on Twitter she was the first one to use it on Instagram, but there is someone who used it almost a year before she did.

No. 138837

File: 1613690584245.jpeg (804.51 KB, 828x1446, 8732E622-EA9A-4283-98CA-15DBB6…)

The hashtag has definitely been used way before she knew what cosplay was. She didn’t create shit. No one wants to copy or get clout from your basic animal cosplays.

No. 138847

Came here to post these exact same screenshots. Like did this bitch really think that everyone would just take her word for it and not scroll back in the damn hashtag? Can’t wait to see her try to explain away these

No. 138851

File: 1613695382080.jpeg (461.74 KB, 828x1181, 1E0E6312-CE97-4A4E-94DC-75934F…)

She really thinks that the words Melanin and Waifu have never been put together before July 2020. How are you this stupid.

No. 138852

File: 1613695452164.jpeg (408.72 KB, 828x1028, 45A7FFE8-52F6-4AA0-AC71-8781C2…)

I’m glad to see that people aren’t putting up with it. It’s just normies giving her ass pats because she is a costhot.

No. 138857

File: 1613698425457.jpeg (143.69 KB, 750x920, D762595C-0BAF-43F6-B72B-6C8C52…)

>claims not to harass people
>harasses people

No. 138861

File: 1613699221505.jpg (325.22 KB, 1079x1155, Screenshot_20210218-174559_Twi…)


That makes sense and I hope more people call her out on using the term and then saying she's not black. Like wtf

No. 138870

File: 1613706292237.jpg (269.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210218-194400_Tik…)

She made this to bypass her ban

No. 138871

File: 1613706572964.jpg (149.75 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20210218-194857_Twi…)

And without posting proof, saying this until she probably goes in and edits her caption to say #melaninwaifu

No. 138903

File: 1613755048499.png (235.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210219-091629.png)

Anyone know who this about?

No. 138904

Sarah spaceman is the first person who comes to mind

No. 138911

Could be anyone

No. 138919

File: 1613763991946.png (133.9 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20210219-144529~2.p…)

It's OfficialHambly. Luckygrim has subtweeted about her before.

No. 138934

File: 1613775754341.jpeg (928.16 KB, 828x1360, 78A74A24-D1D1-4A3C-829A-039DA9…)

She has a point, just look at this dress.

No. 138935

File: 1613775859883.jpg (342.09 KB, 1484x2048, Et5q8q8UUAI6ml5.jpg)

She's not a cosplayer, but she a social media…seamstress/crafter? She makes these big gowns with tulle and what not, but she gets a lot of attention from average people because OMG BIG GOWN
But most of her stuff looks rought

No. 138936

File: 1613776514858.jpg (126.09 KB, 900x1200, EpN0a95VQAEcS_M.jpg)

Glad she's finally getting called out. Her designs are terrible. She makes that same corset top on so many dresses and it always looks poorly constructed or like an outdated prom dress. I especially hate this recent "modern Cinderella" one she made. The cheap plastic pearls make it especially bad.

No. 138937

File: 1613776830034.png (295.3 KB, 606x621, 4b8061e89e961a48dcb9c2c15428fd…)

Her whole market is mostly normies, so they don't know this stuff looks like garbage. She ruffled some of the more experience sewers in the community with this post about using a glue stick for basting a zipper. Acting as if she was showing up all those ELTITSIT SEAMSTRESSES.

The worst part is that she doesn't even sew in the zipper correctly.

No. 138938

File: 1613776891779.jpg (662.66 KB, 1536x2048, 20210219_151947.jpg)

I can see why she doesn't post many close-ups.
Wonder what design she's copied

No. 138940

Noooooo god the lamé that stuff frays even when properly finished and its just cut off there NOOOO my brain hurts

No. 138945

File: 1613778029689.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20210219-183403~2.p…)

>She's not a cosplayer, but she a social media…seamstress/crafter?

She calls herself a cosplayer and whines about gatekeeping when someone says she's not or calls her out on her bad sewing advice. The only reason she got popular is because she "designs" for characters by picking a dominant color and calling it a day. It's a similar situation to Sarah spaceman where a lot of legit cosplayers and crafters kiss her ass constantly because they see a new giant gown every week.

Pic related, her recent Ahsoka Tano dress.

No. 138947

lucky grim is an elitist cunt. and shes so loud and snooty about it, even directly to con brands etc that for all her spouting about being a professional cosplay guest I dont see her getting much work in the future. I had to unfollow her after her recent thread of 'craftsmanship cosplayers are being threatened and disrespected by beginner cosplayers existing'

No. 138948

probably tetua and lirika matoshi - most of hambly's recent work is ripping off them. She even made a tutorial on how to recreate the strawberry dress exactly. coming from a female independent small business, ripping off another isnt cute

No. 138954

If it's not cosplay take this ro snow or OT. It's not cosplay related for the thread but I am interested in it too, so if someone reposts this drama there, link it please

No. 138955


Considering how many cosplayers are doing "original cosplay" nowadays, fandom inspired fashion that's milking the cosplay community for clout is related enough to be here. It's more interesting than another twitch thot wearing tabao shit to take lewds

No. 138958


lmao luckygrim is so full of so much shit tho. She's just as milky as anyone in this thread.

No. 138963

Well ya, because professionals aren't too lay to actually baste a zipper and don't want a bunch of gunk all over from the glue.
If she's just aiming to give tips to beginners, that's fine but it's tacky to add the last bit.
TBH most of the costumers that I see teaching techniques and stuff on youtube have errors in their work or do things that look wrong because they don't know the proper technique to get the look. They're also usually people like Sarah Spaceman who only seem to make costumes for competitions and do superfluous hand work to try to seem more fancy.

No. 138967

It's cosplay related because she paints herself as part of the cosplay community to get clout. I see her in multiple cosplay facebook groups all the time showing off her character dresses. She's no different from MUAs and influencers invading the cosplay space to get famous fast, except it actually worked for her since she can pump out a dress a day.

No. 138985

>'craftsmanship cosplayers are being threatened and disrespected by beginner cosplayers existing'
Actually based, the art of creating costumes is dead and buried because newfag tiktok zoomers just order a shitty Aliexpress cosplay to create lipsync videos and the only people actually crafting are those prop groups with a professional youtube channel and a workshop originally for creating movie sfx commissions. Cosplay has been monetized and merchandised so hard that regular people stand no chance.

No. 138995

hambly's content is very much geared towards inspiring beginners to be interested in sewing. churning out the content does mean the sewing quality suffers, but you can see from her actual big professional projects that she has the skill there, just doesnt bother for tiktok

No. 138999

>Cosplay has been monetized and merchandised so hard that regular people stand no chance
Stand no chance of what? Stand no chance of getting popular and also monetizing?

No. 139005

That's true actually. I know a girl who's been making cosplays since highschool and now she's 30 and has resorted to onlyfans to keep her hobby alive.

No. 139008

File: 1613839572916.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20210220-111658~2.p…)

What skill? Half of what she posts falls apart under close inspection like pic related. Plus her teaching videos are mostly "one shortcut the pros can't figure out" clickbait that can ruin your cosplay like >>138937

She's rebranded herself as a teacher and is pumping out more tutorials recently so the hate from cosplay craftsmen is justified imo.

No. 139010

Maybe she should get a job like the rest of us that isn’t onlyfans? I have been cosplaying since high school and I…have a fucking normal job that supports my habit, most cosplayers do.

No. 139019

Her finish quality is awful, these dresses are made to look good on a few inches of phone screen and not be worn in real life by anyone.

No. 139035

It’s like how do we know her stuff is actually good if no one is ever in them?

No. 139066

I dont hate these, but I would call them better than some basic cosplay stuff. Better than Spaceman at least, but she shouldn't market herself as a seamstress or as a teacher unless she's showing legit ways the proper way. The boning looks good on the corset, she might be able to teach that, but the piping, no. She has no right to teach piping.

No. 139102

Hambly takes MOOD fabric patterns, frankensteins them into ~fantasy gowns~ and then I assume sells them. Again, I am one of these anons that has never seen someone wear a gown of hers (aside from the flower dress she made for her relative).

No. 139128

File: 1613947602234.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210221-144517.png)

God I really hope she isn't selling her stuff to people. I cant imagine someone wearing many of her dresses, this doesn't even looked lined? She's just relying on her fleshtone dressform to make it look lined

No. 139141

You mean panty lined because this sort of fabric is hard to double pan and still get a good sheer look if you're going for a flesh color-match.

No. 139244

File: 1614020502089.jpg (135.94 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20210222-115524_Twi…)

Anyone know about this one?

No. 139250

Can you post with more milk instead of anons trying to dig for info for you? Don't post unless you know the context.

No. 139676

File: 1614451792721.jpg (168.27 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20210227-114621_Chr…)

Some drama with her

She claims perfection, then gets plastic surgery that she now says is botched, cue a gofundme that people are actually donating to for her to sue the doctor because "my career as a cosplayer is over".

No. 139677

File: 1614452278322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.29 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20210227-115437_Chr…)

She mentions now looking lumpy and disfigured but her butt just looks smaller.

No. 139678

File: 1614452944646.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210227_120504102.j…)

Sorry if she's not milky enough but the drama is funny since she acts like an asshole most of the time.

No. 139680

How delusional do you have to be to think a surgeon can just magically give you a shooped insta ass when the going off point is a skinnyfat low hanging poster board with violin hips to boot. She got her ass lifted and those dips filled and is upset she still has an average white girl ass kekw

No. 139691

they put her butthole at the top of the ass crack!

No. 139692

That's a scar, dipshit.

No. 139695

File: 1614467220851.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

jokes exist, you know?

No. 139742

File: 1614527450916.jpg (323.38 KB, 1417x1920, inCollage_20210228_084735014~2…)

"Could've died!
Until it kills me!"
Within the same day.

No. 139749

She thinks this is botched??? Its maybe not the best BBL but shit it's not THAT bad. Based on the gofundme desc I was expecting much worse

No. 139754

are you retarded?

No. 139765

They are correct. As someone who has a bbl, that is a scar. Its one of the areas that gets stitches so its bigger than the other scars.

No. 139779

You must be autistic so I’ll explain it clearly. The person who called the scar a butthole was making a joke because the scar is puckered and looks butthole-esque. Everyone is very well aware that it is not a butthole, but we like to make jokes here from time to time :)(:))

No. 139815

File: 1614586026193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.23 KB, 900x557, 5784ac_7ac23e75c3dc44dbbb8171c…)

BBLs arent good for average bodies. There wasnt too much fat to suck out to begin with. Her divets in her ass got way filled out. They were sunken in. Is she this stupid to not realize that rounding out through the hips takes a LOT of fat too? She just didnt have enough fat sucked out because they can't just take quarts of it when you dont have an obese body supply. This bitch wants to get his license revoked and sent to jail for her idiocy! She is being vague in comments about 'he did a lot without my consent' like WHAT? She hasnt specified anything aside from 'he stitched over a tattoo I was going to get removed!!'. Okay? Wait for that to heal then get it removed. The whole area will be a scar, dumbass. She is replying to people though who ask if her tattoo is ruined and she says 'yes its ruined!' . Make up your mind you money grubbing whore. Its not ruined if its getting removed anyway! I hope his lawyers go through her twitter because shes saying whatever she can to try to get money back for her lack of research.

Pic related is the type of fat you need for hip rounding BBL surgery. Even bishoujomom was a fat fuck in the 160s when she got her BBL and deflated tits filled with silicone.

No. 139822

File: 1614587835849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.06 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210301-013114_Twi…)

Precisely. "Front looks okay" but the back is botched because it's not the bubble butt she pictured and boohoo my tattoo. Comments in her post even go on about how she still shouldn't give up and sue the doctor who "ruined her career and dreams."

No. 139830

are you retarded?

No. 139832

This is such an overreaction. The scarring doesn't look extensive and it's very light, she could deal with it by exfoliating and some light tanning. Compared to some of the truly botched bbls that turn necrotic this is nothing. It's such an obvious half-assed pun intended sob story to pull in some simp cash.

No. 139843

Where can I find some more sewing/seamstress drama? I don't know why but it is becoming one of my favourite flavours.

No. 139847

Abd people thinking that they can use every punce of fat removed is wrong too. You cant just take all your fat, all 100% of it, out of your body to displace in other areas.

No. 139848

Find it yourself. Not our problem.

No. 139872

File: 1614622806700.jpg (346.45 KB, 1569x1920, inCollage_20210301_111735995~2…)

It surprises me how much of a cunt she is, yet people are actively donating to her sob story and feeling sorry for her.

No. 139877

You’re bound to find new drama on Twitter. Cosplayers don’t know when to shut the fuck up.

No. 139878

File: 1614626375233.jpeg (457.97 KB, 828x1196, 03AF303E-21F6-415F-9787-FC9DF9…)

Melanin waifu lurks here

No. 139886

File: 1614631458835.png (636.9 KB, 2048x1405, 154047.png)

I would say I'm surprised by hey attitude, but this is how most of these cows think.

No. 139888

This is genuinely embarrassing. Maybe it’s just me but her ass looks fine? It doesn’t look bad. Claiming she can’t work and her life and dignity is ruined tho lol. How did this take her dignity but posting nudes didn’t? And why is she acting like sex work is the only way she can make money or the only money she can rely on. Absolutely wretched. Can’t imagine she’ll win her court case.

No. 139907


She's technically a cosplayer, but the Sarah Spaceman thread involves a lot of shitting on her terrible sewing skills. You might want to check that one out, she's one of my favorite cows.

No. 139925

the scar at the top of the crack is… questionable but it honestly looks better than what she had before. if she did leg workouts i’m sure her butt would get some extra lift and symmetry. people who expect perfect results from BBLs are so stupid.

No. 139929

She calls $8k pocket change and yet she’s begging people to donate money to her gofundme

No. 139932

File: 1614646559226.jpeg (304.21 KB, 1200x2048, 26038F4A-86AE-4606-90AB-6B5220…)

She’s bragging left and right about having 30k in disposable income to spend on surgeries and yet this is the kind of furniture she chooses to have

No. 139942

She needs implants in her ass. You can't just never work out and expect to get a BBL and that's the end all. If she had no muscle there to begin with, where does she expect her fat to settle on to of?

No. 139971

The plush ontop her pc… christ

No. 139985

Doesn't matter if the vents aren't on top. What's the issue?

No. 140019

dirty deleted this interaction LOL

No. 140045

File: 1614711166971.jpg (109.05 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20210302-114755_Twi…)

kek. Calling people broke and poor when your room looks like cheap trash.

No. 140047

Probably because this actually hurts her case. Bragging about taking money from a procedure, but in the next tweet saying 'not bad from the front' clearly shows the court that she's money hungry. What a dumb bitch. I hope his lawyers take photos of eeeverything she's been saying.

No. 140048

File: 1614711946909.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.04 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20210302-115810_Twi…)

Gotta love that nicely aged ignorance from a bitchy cow.

No. 140050

File: 1614712158500.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210302_120219992.j…)

She's also been very upfront about the procedure so I have no idea what the worked on me without permission thing is about. Doc did what he said he was going to.

No. 140053

Man the sides of her ass are caved in. He did fill those out. The fuck is she expecting from a slim-fat body? She didn't have much fat to lose to inject! This is an implant situation that she needs. Just fat transfer won't matter, especially when she realizes working out will BURN the fat. It's she planning on blaming the doctor for that too down the line?

No. 140238

File: 1614803207029.jpeg (445.01 KB, 828x1371, A84DA028-ECE7-4C80-A8B5-FFBD37…)

A bunch of cosplayers who have recently been preaching about staying home and not gathering all for together to celebrate Cellaria’s birthday. The only reason people noticed is because Minteaprince was there and they still have a call out account about them.

No. 140242

there was this lily person there too (I can't remember their username but I remembered seeing their face in one of the stories posted) and they live in socal. fucking hypocrites.

No. 140251

Mintea deleted their accountability video too. I guess they are really trying to pretend that nothing happened and everything is back to normal. Some of the things on that account are a reach but they still have an assault allegation against them.

No. 140257

File: 1614814106898.png (91.5 KB, 1080x681, 182535~2.png)

Cellaira deleted some tweets that basically showed they were a hypocrite, and is now playing the victim. It's not "stalking" on a public social media profile - if you had a job, they'd be looking at your tweets too lol.

No. 140295

File: 1614849906732.png (126.25 KB, 1080x613, Screenshot_20210304-042208~2.p…)

Why do girls insist on doing this shit.

No. 140309

Krysta stop posting about Riss and his friends. There is no milk, you're just desperate

No. 140310

Correct me if wrong but I'm pretty sure rib removal doesn't make your waist smaller it just makes corset wearing easier. Pretty sure that's why pixiefox had it done. She'd have to go serious ana-chan for a waist even remotely near that size, and even then she'd lose her bbl fat.

Anyways, does anyone else kinda associate these kinds of artificial curves as "troon-ish"? Like only the trans would get such over-exaggerative features cause they're trying hard to pass. When women get it + chiselled jaw and cheekbones I can't help but think they look trans. Like Kylie Jenner looks trans to me.

No. 140312

The "these people were out in the woods to photoshoot DURING A PANDEMIC!!!!" is the worst, absolute most stale milk ever to grace these threads and I want it to fucking stop. This is nothing worth bumping the thread over. For god's sakes. It's not like it's a zombie apocalypse, the virus situation varies a lot depending where you live and if you go take a couple of photos with two of your isolating friends before returning back to the quarantine it's not going to make things worse.
>b-but they told others to stay home!!!
Yes, generally that means "Don't go partying and traveling and infecting a ton of people on your way". Not "Stay locked in your apartment alone never seeing anyone".

No. 140318

I agree this is boring milk but

>if you go take a couple of photos with two of your isolating friends before returning back to the quarantine it's not going to make things worse

This is not what happened. People did travel out of state, and it was more than just two people. But we all know cosplayers are hypocrites and love being performative on social media so I don't see how this is milk.

No. 140319


Every time Riss or his friends are mentioned it's never Milk. It's his haters desperately trying to get some scrap of attention through him since they can't get any on their own.

No. 140329

File: 1614877821905.jpg (96.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Have any of you guys heard of Mishkalli or Svatti or their current situation? They're cosplayers with a youtube channel/patreon and they're both lying about mishkalli having "retrograde amnesia."
She apparently hit her head on the back of the car, didn't even pass out, and lost ALL memories from the past 7 years (including her girlfriend, svatti), but seems to remember enough anime. Also now goes by "L" and sees her girlfriend as literally light yagami sometimes due to "memory issues." Started making tik toks just fine a couple weeks after losing all her memories.

This isn't a personal cow, but they absolutely deserve their own thread and I'm trying to see if there's any interest. I know a fair amount on amensia, and I at least know that retrograde amnesia is very rare, and when it does happen, you don't forget people, you forget processes (the route to the market, how to type, etc).

No. 140333

Are they both over 18 since that’s a rule here? I’d be interested, that’s some pretty serious stuff to fake. Well beyond average cringe.

No. 140339

yup they're in their mid 20s. They're engaged and they love to cosplay young teen boys if that says anything.

They got really big with their my hero academia cosplay videos and tik tok acct, so they have a really young and impressionable audience that is just eating this up. They just posted another vid about the amnesia and I think I'll start making a comprehensive list of their antics. They've had drama behind the scenes that no one really knows about I think

No. 140340

oh meant to reply to >>140333

No. 140342

Wow, they have a much bigger youtube following than I was expecting. They definitely sound milky enough to me, I'm very interested as well! Thanks for the find, anon.

No. 140346

Watching the video about her amnesia story, I noticed the girlfriend of L tells the story behind her where her face can't be shown and the details are strange. Got a CT scan with nothing to show for it, let her gf nap after a head injury, the L and Light Yagami thing. It wreaks of being fake. I thought the young tiktok crowd would be more harsh about people lying about a brain injury, but I guess if they fall in line with their anime interests its fine.

No. 140351

File: 1614885274038.jpg (123.21 KB, 1242x1219, IMG_4947.jpg)

yep, they're both in the lie in a weird quasi-munchie way. It would be different if she was lying to her girlfriend, but that's definitely not the case.

she has a 6 part explanation/Q&A on her tik tok and she says shit like "last time I remember, cosplaying was just a hobby I did as a teen, but now it's my job!" And people are eating it up in the comments

her handle is in the pic

No. 140364

people traveled out of state and they threw a party with like 10 people so that pretty much negates your entire post here gg

No. 140369

What? Do you know them then? You know personally that none of them got tests before or after or something? Did you see video proof that they all spit in each other's mouths and licked the airport handrails?

You're grasping at straws to find drama with your vendetta posting. Take it back to your gossip page, or bring real milk.

No. 140374

Never thought that the amnesia was faked just a effed up freak accident. The L thing and suddenly talking about top surgery seems weird ngl some sort of identity crisis. Saying the couple are cows for cosplaying teen boys? A stretch lmao y’all do know the majority of shounen anime protags are teens right?

No. 140375

You're giving yourself away as one of their friends, wk. Amnesia doesn't work like that. She forgot very specifically the last seven years but can film, edit, and post 4k videos to YT and TikTok? I don't buy it. I used to be a huge fan of Mishkali and even I can't get behind this.

No. 140376

It's never good milk either. Riss is cringey as hell with the "bruh I got crippling dysphoria" while obviously presenting as a woman and coining the nonbinary bullshit, but because the people trying to force her as a cow belong in the same delusional trannysphere they turn a blind eye to that and are instead bitching about her being rude at a convention or something.

Are they playing it real or is it just some sort of a LARP? Because holy hell if they're trying to pass it as an actual thing that happened.

No. 140380

File: 1614898122815.jpeg (307.35 KB, 1170x512, FA03A98B-89D1-4AAB-8A3A-ABD8A4…)

I honestly never even thought of that side of things I was just thinking of amnesia being the loss of memory not skill. Someone must have commented something similar and I guess this is their response that amnesia took their memories but not their video editing skill lmao

No. 140385

Cosplaying as teen boys isn't weird I agree, I kinda meant to allude to the fact that they tend to make out as said boys, which is the tell-tale sign of a poorly adjusted adult fujo

definitely identity-crisis. But I just can't believe they're trying to say that a hospital sent her home after a couple of hours, when she's saying she can't remember anything from the past 7 years?? doctor's said she had a concussion too

No. 140387

she said she was "relearning" how to do all of those things during the couple of weeks she was on hiatus, which is just complete horse shit. If the last thing I could remember was from years ago and suddenly I'm an adult with a home and a fiancé, I wouldn't be prioritizing my editing skills.

Yeah people are definitely starting to call her out. And sure, amnesia is a spectrum, however it's more a spectrum of severity and how it manifests.
How our brains store memories is not linear, there are very very few cases of people having blanketed memory loss in the form of multiple years. People lose functions or specific memories all over the place. The most famous example of blanketed memory loss is like the movie "The Vow," and even then she had to relearn how to talk, walk, eat food, and heal from the brain damage. There hasn't EVER been a case of someone losing almost a decade, and not even passing out.

No. 140453

Nah if you look at the call out account there’s a lot of people calling bullshit on the gender thing. Riss is on testosterone and transitioning to male but people will always say he presents female because he dresses cutesy

No. 140458

File: 1614968080007.jpg (330.26 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20210305-110930_Twi…)

This before and after to make bimbos feel better about looking like blow up dolls is going around…

No. 140459

Left is literally adorable except her yellow teeth. The narrative of having to go under surgery as a means to stop bullying is extremely toxic. She is just accepting and validating the bullying.

No. 140492

File: 1614985755316.png (287.83 KB, 1190x454, Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 3.07…)

No. 140494

the same person who did >>42063 a year ago

No. 140497

Actually disgusting. She could've said "We bettered ourselves and took part in a hobby doing something creative" but no, it's "haha we developed such an obsessive complex over our bodily flaws that we fixed that flat chest with bimbofication surgeries!!".

No. 140534

File: 1615009307858.png (100.59 KB, 1192x318, 5739386342.png)

well this aged like milk

No. 140854


New Thread on them!

No. 141049

File: 1615568032504.jpg (818.9 KB, 1440x2179, Screenshot_20210312-115223_Fac…)

you guys can call me a vendetta poster or whatever but bep is being accused of art theft by her bf's ex


No. 141050

File: 1615568056875.jpg (912.02 KB, 1439x2102, Screenshot_20210312-115242_Fac…)

No. 141051

File: 1615568204628.jpg (1.1 MB, 1440x2557, Screenshot_20210312-115301_Fac…)

No. 141053

File: 1615568307846.jpg (1.34 MB, 1438x2494, Screenshot_20210312-115343_Fac…)

No. 141055

File: 1615568627837.jpg (1.01 MB, 1439x2547, Screenshot_20210312-115613_Fac…)

there's a few more examples in the post but I won't spam anymore, I think she could have played it off a coincidence if it wasn't literally her bf's ex she was ripping from. I know there are some weird anons here who freak out and defend bep whenever she's posted here but this is some shit.

No. 141063

That's because all your other stuff was vendetta. This is actual milk, anon. Bep wasn't milky with made up vendetta postings about her "begging for money" when she never did or had. At least this is milk this time but weebs need to remember both are infringing on TMs they don't even own to resell.

No. 141064

this is literally the first time I've posted about bep but ok

I won't claim to know anything about copyright but I don't think making a hat with kanji and red feathers is "infringing" on MHA, even if it's based of their character (but I also don't know anything about MHA, are these phrases or the feathers trademarked?)

No. 141065

Also there is nothing she can do. She cannot copyright kanji and the feathers are different, similar,but different and its not a hat. She can try to get lawyers involved but it wouldn't do anything. Enough is changed. They teach you this is fashion school. Doesn't stop companies from trying to sue, but its not a 1-for-1, so no one will care.

Also that's his nickname and his feathers are red, so like.. most stuff of him online are red/tan/white/black. You have a superhero color pallet. Not saying she probably didn't get the idea from this person, but courts won't care. Its just internet being mad similar pieces are used as usual and again, she can't copyright kanji.

No. 141067

I don't know if the original girl is planning on suing or anything, I think it's just a callout post. not to seem nitpicky but I think the most obvious thing (again, unless this character just has specific iconic feathers? idk) but the feather designs themselves are the same - like shape and details, like bep traced the design itself

No. 141068

Why are you sperging out
on copyright law and suing when no one mentioned that? They are just calling Bep shitty and asking her to stop.

No. 141071

File: 1615577412104.jpg (833.83 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210312_142129.jpg)

Some comparison since I already stitched them together before I saw other anon had posted some

No. 141072

File: 1615577449254.jpg (779.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210312_142231.jpg)

No. 141073

File: 1615577538284.png (1.25 MB, 2048x1400, Screenshot_20210312-143157.png)

And boyfriend in question

No. 141075

Wow she’s dating a tattoo artist?? And he literally has a video rant about stealing art on his profile lmao

No. 141076

>the feathers are different
Wrong. Take a closer look. Those are the exact same feathers. Bep just took them and mirrored them

No. 141092

Is it not weird that bep both found and used the exact feathers as the other girl? I don't know how she's using it as a defense of "totally original not copying".

No. 141093

Bep has said she uses different feather shit now. She went live today showing if you search feathers outline or some shit it pops up in google images. 2 artists found shit on google and used it. Monumental discovery here

No. 141096

I can't tell if you're defending her or not anon but I think it's still pretty sketchy that she obviously used identical sources for an almost indetical design that just so happened to be created by her bf's ex, and didn't start making it until after the ex did. Not saying it's the worst thing anyone has ever done, just saying it's shitty and obvious.

No. 141104

I’m neutral to it because it’s feathers and Japanese words. Is it weird yeah. The live she had said some creepy shit about the artist though. Something about her driving hours to get coffee above where the ex works, tweeted about Bep a lot, contacted the dudes mom and chiropractor to keep tabs. They both sound fucking stupid and the call out is equally as stupid. But Bep hasn’t said anything other than in her live

No. 141121

This isn’t the first time she’s been accused of this. She stole her Bakugo design and the designer called her out. It was all deleted when Bep agreed to change her design but maybe the anon who was trying to get her posted her when milk was dry has the screenshots.

No. 141122

I can tell you right now that the orginal artist did NONE of that. She has been moving on with her life (AND DOING MUCH BETTER) since the breakup. The actions of the Original Artist are being twisted as a "shes a crazy ex". Which, if you read the call out post, you would know she barley mentioned him and focused on the art theft

No. 141123

This MOST CERTAINLTY isnt the first time, nor will it be a last time

No. 141128

Anon you sound like you have a personal stake in this.

>NOR it WILL be the last time

Talking like projared over here lol

No. 141132

I actually know the artist and she’s done absolutely none of that. I actually asked her about the coffee shop thing and she said she picked up her new car nearby and was driving by so she stopped to grab coffee real quick. Why Bep even knows this or is accusing her of that, I don’t know. She hasn’t addressed any of Bep’s claims because she’s working

No. 141136

How would Bep not know stuff this girl is doing when she’s dating the chicks ex? People talk and she brought up stuff the artist has been doing. They’re literally both wrong and both doing idiotic shit. This is some personal vendetta the artist has because Bep is with the chicks ex. She wouldn’t care if Bep wasn’t dating him.

No. 141137

Except she very obviously ripped off her design, so yes, of course she cares. Who cares about the feathers? She ripped off the style almost exactly and is trying to bring personal bullshit into this when the artist just called her out for ripping her designs off, not for anything personal

No. 141138

She’s allowed to make it personal if this artist has been showing stalking behavior. It shows a pattern that the artist has had an ongoing vendetta against Bep and now that Bep made one design on a mask similar to a beanie, the artist pounced and took the opportunity to get clout from it. Usual call out post shit. Bep even said she’s never been contacted by the artist and reached out to the artist with no response.

No. 141140

Where did bep claim any of this? I saw someone said a live, but the live isn't on insta.

No. 141141

Just on the live. She said she wasn’t posting it. She didn’t want to name drop the artist so she deleted the live

No. 141143

did you look at the post at all, it was multiple designs. normally I'd go ehhhhh but the personal aspect of it is exactly what makes it sketchy to me

No. 141147

I saw a feather one and something about the animal dude from Demon Slayer. It all looks like fanart to me. The heads aren’t the same and there’s no “she traced my original art” there. Bep showed proof of the other artist tracing original drawings on her live. I think they’re both guilty and both need to chill over some tattoo artist.

No. 141153

Not any of those anons but you’re trying really hard to turn this into an angry ex thing when there’s a lot of strange evidence against Bep. Also your lack of saging.

No. 141184

Nah, its straight vendetta from the ex. She's salty. Explains why >>137451 >>141136
and a few other anons are obsessed with 'She is dating a tattoo 'She's dating a tattoo artist lolk' when its the first tattooist, from what I've found, she's dated. I don't see anyone else caring but the crazy ex.


Because its a circuit cutter file, so its already made and rrady to put into your machine. That's not shocking at all, especially if they picked some of the first results. At least Bep altered her feathers, from BUYING the file, and using it to edit her own. Art theft salty ex, who clearly has come here >>141123 >>141122

Uh huh. Sure you are, sweety stalker.

>>141121 we have no proof of that, so fork it over or don't claim another design is stolen from fanart of a show that generously doesn't sue anyone bc of international copyright issues for a license neither of them own.

No. 141185


> Uh huh. Sure you are, sweety stalker

Why does the Bep topic always attract so many people from both sides who are so personally invested in here? She's not even that popular in the community, and yet both Bep-haters and Bep-defenders are so aggressive about 'proving' that the other side is all vendetta.

No. 141186

File: 1615651660927.jpg (535.53 KB, 1078x1487, Screenshot_20210313-080619_Ins…)

The other girl is crazy. I knew the feathers didn't look similar. Damn, she's a salty cunt >>141055 is embarrassing. All anyone had to do to prove its all bs is to overlay LOL Beps feathers don't match even a little

No. 141188

Because its been proven over 3 threads that the anon who posts Bep usually does it out of a vendetta and nothing they ever posted backed up what they said. Honestly its a reach like the Chelsea chick makes which is funny.

No. 141189

File: 1615652043926.jpg (704.03 KB, 1077x1347, Screenshot_20210313-081339_Ins…)

Wonder who started selling first? Looks like Bep was copied and the ex took it as a chance to uwu poor me attack Bep, she's dating my ex!

No. 141190

File: 1615652273560.jpg (828.53 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210313-081749_Tik…)

And the baby bird one was months after Bep did hers, so..

No. 141192

File: 1615653421038.jpg (933.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210313-083556_Tik…)

Chelsea has traced art to resell on other merch to make it seem like because the OG idea wasnt on certain merch, she can claim its OG idea and DO NOT STEAL

No. 141193

File: 1615653559353.jpg (929.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210313-083816_Tik…)

Chelsea even traced the flame lol pathetic. Beps design doesnt even match up to anything she's posting Wtf. She opened a can of worms, itll be funny once all Chelsea's tracings and use of personal use only gets her in actual legal hot water.

No. 141201

File: 1615657125909.jpg (191.87 KB, 1138x860, Screenshot_20210313-123830_Chr…)

>I know the feathers didn't look similar
Are you retarded? The feathers on the opposite sides are the same design

No. 141204

JFC y'all. Even if the designs aren't traceable copies, they're still the same. Inspired by Hawks, the same standard kanji, the same red feathers, regardless of if one is on a mask or a beanie or whatever. The fact that the intention of the design is the same is bad enough. Also not seeing where Bep's design is the original, when this >>141190 was a few weeks before this >>141050

Do y'all know how time works?

No. 141220

File: 1615660992882.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2688, 4DDF934D-752D-4D9E-B76B-723BA7…)

Bep has an overlay of that same feather and her new one. It’s similar and she said she used it as reference. The new one is just slightly different which is kind of all it takes for art and fanart. Either way Chelsea never drew the feathers and used a personal use file for profit and is also wrong, Bep is the only one to admit that and then change her shit

No. 141228

It counts as changed by law

No. 141241


Exactly. Bep has copied other cosplayers, stolen art, and taken credit for shit she had no part in making. She can’t think of ideas for herself and isn’t original.

No. 141244

This is even ignoring the fact that some of the cosplayers defending Bep do similar shit like kinning to the point they attack others for cosplaying the same thing or making comments about how they're the best X ever. Birds of a Feather (pun intended)

No. 141247

Do you have receipts of her stealing art and copying cosplayers that aren’t the same shit from 3 years ago

No. 141250


I dont get why they are having such a blowup. there isn't anything unique about the beanie or shirt. Neither of them even own any of the characters. Dumbest shit I have seen in months.

No. 141251

It’s really an angry ex mad at the new girlfriend. Sounds like jealous bullshit to me

No. 141254

I don't think Bep is exactly cow-status, but somehow she's been in more drama the last few years than a most other average costhots. I think the fact that there's so many anons in these threads insisting that every time she's brought up it's just vendetta posting are up her ass for one reason or another. Not saying "hi cow", just saying that I think it's fucking weird how many WKs there always are for her when it's obvious that no, while she's not the milkiest person in these threads, there's plenty of other cosplayers with dry milk posted here and somehow they never get half as much attention or defense as Bep always seems to.

No. 141267

Vendetta drama isnt drama.

No. 141268

Is this the same anon who never brings proof to the table about anything Bep does? You're literally making stuff up. Post these receipts. All the anons do is post 'begging ethot' when none of her posts ever begged for money either. Promoting isnt begging lol

No. 141292

File: 1615739448975.jpg (541.96 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20210314-093033_Tik…)

Did she delete she tiktok callout? Lol

No. 141293

File: 1615740614482.jpg (774.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210314-093735_Chr…)

She deleted everything and is acting like she didn't try to vendetta Bep, only to get called out on not 1, but 2, real possible lawsuits:

>1) using privatized circuit bases for sale of products. Bep changed hers and no longer constitutes as copied (she also never sold pieces using the OG curcuits) The guy who made the circuit design can technically sue Chelsea for everything she made on the feathers, and more for 'possible loss'

>2) The Dabi flame (assests) are 1 for 1 in this instance too in the example Bep gave.

I think she got scared her reverse harassment bs because she was a jealous ex got called out and the only person with any legal issues here is Chelsea. This has been hilariously fun to follow. She removed her callouts EVERYWHERE.

No. 141295

File: 1615740941179.jpg (472.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210314-095526_Ins…)

Looks like she chimped out and finally attempted the first ever communication with Bep.

No. 141307

File: 1615753519324.png (504.01 KB, 2048x1233, Screenshot_20210314-162513.png)

No. 141347

File: 1615777863693.jpeg (381.18 KB, 1242x1904, 1E8BF02C-585C-46CF-91EF-4C66C0…)

Looks like Chelsea made a response.
She looks shaken and pissed the whole time and didn’t address much other than “uwu not a stalker” she’s pretty dismissive and it shows.

No. 141348

File: 1615777905020.jpeg (424.59 KB, 1242x1809, 1023C2BF-72DE-4727-9C98-1BFE0C…)

No. 141349

File: 1615777996306.jpeg (478.8 KB, 1242x2028, 627A0726-776D-4B80-9B34-88487B…)

Someone even addressed her being dismissive and she got defensive. Never acknowledged her tracing art either lol. She’s very clearly mad Bep didn’t immediately apologize and back down. Still screams personal to me

No. 141350

File: 1615778059332.jpeg (482.36 KB, 1242x2178, 260C3BC9-A005-422F-BFF8-229389…)

Bep’s post for context. This has all been entertaining and stupid, but Bep definitely comes off as the professional in the situation, Chelsea cried victim and didn’t win

No. 141351

File: 1615778101662.jpeg (466.31 KB, 1242x2191, 62EFFD7B-6C4C-4935-B74F-9DFEFC…)

No. 141352

File: 1615778137477.jpeg (532.24 KB, 1242x2189, DB6EA948-5C02-4DCA-9ADD-BC2F3D…)

No. 141353

File: 1615778171453.jpeg (361.37 KB, 1242x1214, EF432507-D595-4590-B7B6-77A233…)

No. 141420

Chelsea comes off like she's just mad she got called out and not instead everyone only attacking Bep. No wonder her boyfriend left her. She seems like a bad manipulator, but a manipulator regardless. What a horrible girl. Bep changed stuff from the get-go and never sold pre-made personal use circuit designs. Chelsea stole from 2 people.

Again, I reeeally hope that guy honestly sues her for the money she made off his design. Changing it now doesn't change the fact she sold out once and had already started on pre-orders for a new batch until she got called out. Not to mention the traced flame for a sold out batch that she should have to pay royalties at least to that artist. She's real scum in cosplay and art.

No. 141423

Okay Bep simp. The other artist isn’t even a cosplayer lol. It’s hard to make a valid statement when your massive bias is showing.

No. 141435

File: 1615844089567.jpg (431.56 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_m2ge1rVlTO1qa556so1_128…)

So her making costumes isnt her being a cosplayer. She used to be a cosplayer anon and I'm not defending Bep either, but Bep didn't do anything in this situation. This was literally a girl crying boohoo her boyfriend started dating a better cosplayer who also does anime merch. Chelsea even made up fake storylines of Bep keeping tabs of her in Chelsea's hometown. What's more believable: Bep doesnt know anyone in a town, yet magically can keep tabs on Chelsea, or Chelsea keeping tabs with her friends on where Bep is in the hometown out of malice because her ex is dating Bep. Stop being dumb, anon. It's like all the other Bep stuff, fake and Vendetta as usual.

Also yeah, clearly you either don't know much about Chelsea or you are one of the vendetta Bep posters who constantly get called out. https://lilxlionheart-blog.tumblr.com/post/77342513944/methylbenzene-yay-bastion-cosplay-at-c2e2-oh

Ex cosplayer is still a cosplayer.

No. 141584

File: 1615942453420.jpeg (550.98 KB, 1242x1965, CFDA6842-0318-41D8-B141-D2A964…)

So Chelsea has already ripped Bep off again days after their drama.
Guess she decided shirts can mean she didn’t rip off a mask design for an anime that isn’t relevant right now

No. 141585

File: 1615942553773.jpeg (341.86 KB, 1242x2190, 510054A4-4AAF-47FF-A5AF-1EA93F…)

No. 141628

As someone that’s followed her main since before all this started, I can tell you that she’s been drawing Hanako stuff since last fall and even has a tattoo from the show. Hell she even has those ghost things on earrings in her photos. This is very reachy. Give it a rest

No. 141636

Okay new Chelsea simp.
If I just called someone out and knew I was being watched, I’d make something the other person didn’t just do. She’s just gonna rip artists off again whether it’s Bep or smaller accounts that won’t fight back.

No. 141698

File: 1616029457691.jpg (257.59 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20210317-180350_Ins…)

Chelsea is a cunt, straight up. Wtf is her damage??

No. 141707

…you know she doesn’t produce the shirts herself right? She had to have this design submitted to her supplier easily a month ago

No. 141708

Chelsea went public on all her social media saying to not report or do anything like that, she clearly doesn’t condone it.

No. 141713

She makes them with her circut and buying blank shirts is cheap. She also has an embroidery machine. There is no extra supplier besides basics which Amazon can even send you and since she makes this stuff,she does have access to her blank purchases already. The ONLY thing she ordered was that big dumb fabric print.

Not before making a bunch of stuff up about Bep whivh even telling fans not to, they will. Even her apology was half assed and reeked of butthurt. She didnt apologize at all and came off as completely bitchy.

No. 141714

And when you boil it down, Chelsea is STILL the only one at fault. She could have 2 people sue her for loss of capitol by using traced art and private use only circuits. I dont see why anyone is defending her. Bep literally did nothing here LOL

No. 141715

Chelsea went public over 24 hours after her post saying not to report Bep’s shop. That was after people on all platforms began commenting that they’d reported the shop. Total cop out and trying to cover her ass after they did it. Definitely not a coincidence

No. 141716

Bep posted the design February 23rd so by your logic she could’ve seen the post and immediately done a design and then claimed it was delayed in shipping for “forever” thanks to Covid. Almost an entire month after Bep makes a product of an anime that hasn’t been popular for awhile.

No. 141717

She made the callout first and only AFTER it got big did she say "oh no dont attacky her". You have to hold her accountable for her callout. If this was Moo, Belle, Kou no one would be defending the "but she said dont attack or harass" bullshit. 24hrs AFTER. What the fuck do you think happens in that time? Anon is dumb to say Chelsea DIDNT invite harassment lol Chelsea is a cunt. Dude left her, makes complete sense. She's just a salty fucking ex.

No. 141734

Will you four just make a Bep containment thread already so we don't have to constantly see this bickering? She's not always cow worthy but if it stops the gen thread from being turned into IS BEP A COW??? every other day, I don't care.

No. 141735

Shes never had milk,anon. Its a vendetta sperg who keeps trying to make her look bad with the most retarded reaches. Shes one of the 3 that some rando keeps making bs posts about. She doesn't need her own thread because she hasnt done any of the stuff anons vendetta posting have accused her of. Multiple past threads are redtexted because of this under her "scandal" posts. Reread old threads and you'll see their complaints are "She got boobs and she totally 100% BEGGED for them by posting a GFM and uh… uh.. she uh.. PROMOT- BRAGS ABOUT HER ONLYFANS!!" Retards cant seperate promoting yourself and links to real begging like Usagi Kou.

No. 141781

Her shirts are drop-shipped from a company, so idk where you’re getting the idea that she’s making them herself.

No. 141786

File: 1616114802496.jpg (285.38 KB, 1080x1944, Screenshot_20210318-174359_Tik…)

Learn to read and sage your posts. She mass orders the basics, she makes the images via circuit and embroidery machine.

Defending her is embarrassing

No. 141792

Damn no wonder she’s jealous and hateful. Shit cosplay, can’t make anything herself, and isn’t successful on the internet or good at makeup. The ex boyfriend at least upgraded to someone with some skill

No. 141793

And you can tell she's fake as hell from her personality on tiktok vs her tone down pissed off resolution video. She sounded so callus and refused to accept responsibility for her tracing another artists components and use of another creators personal use only patterns. Her ex dipped because she seems like an actual cunt

No. 141795

Actually, to compare, she sounded just like Moo did in her harassment apology. Watch, she will delete this soon, just like Moo did, once she assumes this is all over

No. 141804

Oh yeah she’s gonna wait a week or 2 and assume it’s all blown over and delete the video.
All while having her little minions keep tabs on Bep and slowly rip off more artists and pretend she’s the victim

No. 142272

File: 1616526857192.jpg (534.33 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20210323-121403_Tik…)

She still has the DO NOT SELL designs up FOR SALE as well as the traced flames

No. 142313

Not surprised after she deleted her bullshit video that showed how mad and dismissive she was about the situation. Fitting since she didn’t apologize or touch on anything except “I’m not a stalker, the personal accusations about me were wrong”

No. 142328

They were redrawn.

No. 142332

No those are the same ones LOL pay attention she's trying to clear out her already made stock and regardless of her having existing ones to sell, she's committing a crime by selling both those items without change. We get you like Chelsea and hate Bep, anon, but don't be this level is retarded.

No. 142336

File: 1616550513159.jpeg (289.56 KB, 1242x1245, 675FBA4F-0721-4E93-8FE4-F04A13…)

You can also see her comments on the “apology” where she told someone they’re getting the old beanie design of the personal use file

No. 142337

File: 1616554140008.jpeg (426.85 KB, 1242x1712, AB3719B6-4E55-4E27-A9C4-E1C6BB…)

How much you wanna bet this is a ploy to get more money. Hasn’t finished her orders from January, but is doing another beanie after she was outrageously overwhelmed. People are gonna have to wait even longer to get anything she “makes”

No. 142338

File: 1616554201003.jpeg (144.68 KB, 1242x1713, 66824F4D-3550-4895-9C82-BE7337…)

$15 a pop and she started with 236 sales when the stream started

No. 142339

File: 1616554258331.jpeg (333.69 KB, 1242x1057, 46CAF173-050D-4FE4-A085-B9E1BF…)

Gonna keep an eye out for a receipt now because she seems like she’d do something performative like this and then keep the profit for herself

No. 142340

Can you just give it a rest already? This is stupid. She’s not even a cosplayer (just because she cosplayed years ago doesn’t mean shit right now), the files ARE updated, you can tell by the feathers, and she isn’t selling any more of the baby bird beanies, she shipped out ones that were already made and paid for and pulled the listing. She already said all of that. I don’t know either of them but you clearly are lurking her page for milk that isn’t even there because you’re clearly a Bep simp. We get it. Unless she does something ACTUALLY milky can we just chill?

No. 142342

Seriously, this. Just make your own thread ffs. Everyone is sick of this constant Bep Stans vs Random GF Stans bullshit. They both suck but not as much as their whiteknights.

No. 142343


Samefag, nah. They aren't changed and if they were, she wouldn't be using the old photos to sell new merch. You can see the listing? How are you denying the proof? Like what?? Lol I'm so glad to see her numbers are failing to sell more. That's fantastic actually and no one in here has ever 'Bep stan'ned. There's a difference between being a whiteknight and calling anons out on their constant fake narritive milk bullshit for 3 threads now.

No. 142344

Lol you really don't want us to talk about Chelsea

No. 142345

Interesting that one of Chelsea’s bffs found this thread to defend her bullshit. Too bad she’s still garbage and her callout clout dreams were crushed.

No. 142346

Nayrt but this is genuinely some of the most boring milk I’ve ever seen and it’s the only thing that’s been talked about in this thread for the past week and a half. I can’t wait for cons to start again so we can have some decent milk again

No. 142347

File: 1616558911513.jpeg (1 MB, 3072x3072, 53DD2CCB-A8C2-49A7-970D-A2BD5A…)

Okay lol.
they’re different from the screenshots posted here last week.

No. 142349

Man she really did the bare minimum with the changes huh. Used a warp tool to make the flame long. So innovative

No. 142350

I actually don’t know who she is nor do I care because she really isn’t anyone worth paying attention to, you’re just obsessing over some random girl that had a failed callout post, who fucking cares?

No. 142351

Nah, it’s similar but she still changed it. Next.

No. 142352

Same lol. Like, this chick clearly isn’t even a cosplayer anymore and they’re out here trying to use an old photo of her from almost a decade ago and claim she’s a “bad cosplayer”. Jesus fuck, this is a costhot thread, move on.

No. 142354

You realize she is still sueable because she's already made profit from sales. We have proof of sales due to people already sharing photos. Idc if she changed a thing. She made a profit and is liable to be sued. I hope that happens.

No. 142355

Then Bep would be liable for the same thing because she sold masks with those same feathers before changing them. They both changed their files and moved on.

No. 142356

Honestly, they both suck for what they did but they aren’t using them anymore and look like they haven’t even posted about those designs since this all happened, why is this still being talked about? Nothing new has even happened.

No. 142357

Bep never sold anything with them and changed hers from the get-go

No. 142358

File: 1616560697268.jpeg (1016.2 KB, 1170x1850, 9BDE4342-85AD-407F-92E0-D73B2F…)

You sure about that?
This was in a comment thread before they took their stuff down. They both used the file. Neither of them are innocent in that. They both changed their shit and no longer sell it. Quit digging this up.

No. 142359

File: 1616560973152.jpeg (1004.91 KB, 1170x1906, AD536E5D-9721-4E96-AC4E-0DE1CF…)

No. 142360

File: 1616561112819.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, 06BB73AF-3826-4AA1-A2F9-F5DAAD…)

No. 142362

Yeah, they are different. Those aren't the circuit feathers.

No. 142364

File: 1616563250038.jpeg (941.25 KB, 3840x2160, A554464D-CB2F-4D86-B088-9B8DA4…)

Sure, sweetie

No. 142365

And you are just as annoying as they are at this point. This is no longer calling out nonmilk, this is you two fighting over weeks and dozens of replies about the same boring bullshit instead of just ignoring it and letting the nonmilk die.

No. 142374

Damn, some ex is desperately trying to do damage control. Lol >>142358
>J-just stop digging

No. 142390

Or maybe we’re just tired of this stupid back and forth lol. There’s no real milk here anymore besides the fact that Bep did sell those files too, but they both changed their shit and haven’t brought this up since this stupid thing happened.

No. 142391

For the love of God learn how to spell cricut

No. 142394

Clearly the same person lol

No. 142402

The machine might be a cricut, but the overall stencil outlines are also called circuit designs and the machines are also called circuit cutters. Retard.

No. 142406

Except circuit cutters are completely different things lol. Just admit when you’re wrong

No. 142407

>being this nitpicky about a machine known by another name in the industry which does the exact same thing a cricut does

Sure, anon.

No. 142431

Imagine coming to a thread about costhots and seeing two people bicker about a vinyl cutting machine

No. 142508

tbh that vinyl cutting machine has better milk than costhots discussed upthread

No. 142539

the most honest thing said on this whole damn thread

No. 143449

File: 1617317534246.jpg (351.25 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20210401-155025_Ins…)

Fiesty_vee is a racist cunt

No. 143453


No. 143472

Funny because the page is run by a white trumper too . He's not even asian.

No. 143527

File: 1617380553522.png (663.24 KB, 1080x2090, Screenshot_20210402-001632~2.p…)

Ew wtf you're right, I checked and she's following & liking lots of racist conservative accounts/posts

Looks like she might be an antivaxxer too, can't believe I followed this racist bitch

No. 143531

Yeah, unfollowed fast. I hope people get wind. Would suck for thread on twitter or something to pop up once we find more of these likes.

No. 143533

File: 1617384237209.jpg (307.32 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20210402-102155_Ins…)

Oh my god, anons. I have a lot of caps, so Ill sage first and end. I'm shaking, this is do gross and so out in the open. She's a MAGA, fake activist, anti-vaxxing bitch

No. 143534

File: 1617384333482.jpg (732.62 KB, 1050x1895, Screenshot_20210402-102113_Ins…)

She follows pages like this, soooooo many pages about BLM activism, but I scrolled forever, have a video of it too, and not a single thing had a like, but this black MAGA dude, she has TONS of likes on his posts

No. 143535

File: 1617384374147.jpg (299.43 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20210402-102121_Ins…)

So many of these are follows to look supporting, but all her likes are from racist pages

No. 143536

File: 1617384410742.jpg (518.9 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20210402-101519_Ins…)

No. 143538

File: 1617384574826.jpg (455.7 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20210402-101132_Ins…)

No. 143539

File: 1617384941430.jpg (310.95 KB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20210402-101202_Ins…)

No. 143541

File: 1617385186038.jpg (278.52 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20210402-103617_Ins…)

This will definitely bite her in the ass

No. 143542

I hope so, racism is not welcome in the cosplay community. Took some caps of my own if she catches wind & goes back and unlikes stuff

No. 143543

File: 1617385632517.jpg (465.86 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20210402-101616_Ins…)

Last one for now. Man, she's awful.

No. 143596

These are truly disgusting. Holy shit.

No. 143668

Super gross

No. 143670

This shit is terrifying because, like, it just shows clear proof that conventions are FUCKED (as are most big social events, but still.) Con plague was already hell but now you have a shitton of weebs who are not going to do anything to prevent the virus from spreading. I don't even know how conventions can recover, even if they require proof of vaccination upon getting your badge, there's always the people who ghost.

No. 143673

And these anti-vaxxers try to push that if they do get it, they are immune. No, you can stillcarry it and these aren't cures, they are like flu shots. They prevent worse symptoms, for COVID, its preventing hospitalized symptoms and death. They are so stupid. I hope someone calls her or like "This you?" Lol

No. 143705

Ironic that she's antivaxx when @anna_lynn_cos, who's one of Vee's close friends, works in a pharmaceutical lab. Not surprised that she's a fake activist though, since the rest of her friend group virtue signals over covid regulations (e.g. "stay home to stop the spread!" and then goes on a vacation with 10+ people) and BLM.

No. 143926

I wonder if her cos friends even know she's a racist antivaxxer
Going off of the blm accounts she follows she might try to hide it, especially since she's in california a pretty liberal state

No. 143929

Looks like she’s been working with different cosplayers so maybe her old group found out. I always thought shit was weird with her because her mom obsessively posts her lewds on social media and tries to be in the cosplay community

No. 144109

File: 1617812201205.png (945.46 KB, 1080x2033, Screenshot_20210407-091329~2.p…)

Feisty vee has unliked all of the posts here, but is still following most of these accounts. Someone is lurking

No. 144110

File: 1617812254215.png (830.73 KB, 1052x2048, Screenshot_20210407-091449.png)

No. 144112

Are you still following her so she pops up if she did still like them? Looks like a friend or her might be lurking if not,like you said.

No. 144120

I'm not, but there's a search function on likes, just like how you can search followers

No. 144124

What is it? They removed this function in 2020 from instagram. Unless you mean you're signed up on one of those tracker sites .

No. 144125

File: 1617819518605.jpg (509.24 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20210407-111813_Ins…)

Whatever you are using doesn't work. She still likes all his bullshit posts.

No. 144143

Nayrt but in America we still have all the normal Instagram functions

No. 144147

Look at the caption and the number of likes. I don’t think that’s the same post as the one originally posted in this thread. It looks like that account was just reposting the same thing to generate more attention

No. 144154

File: 1617824998530.jpg (272.04 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20210407-111957_Ins…)

You mean this one I also took today? Whatever anon is using isn't working. She still likes these posts.

No. 144158

I'm in the US, that means nothing. This was a universal thing. Give me a step by step, from being on the profile front, of where to find likes? Its not the gear icon, not the bell, there is no 'likes' when you click followers on that top bar above search. There isn't a like option on the main profile page either. Not to mention, like I said, she still has these liked. I follow her to keep track of this. Anon unfollowing is the only reason why she looks like she doesn't like them.

No. 144275

Idk but this isn’t milk. What someone likes on Instagram isn’t milk. Wtf is with you, anonchan?

No. 144278

These are racist and anti-vax posts. That's milk, anon. The likes back it up, it's even shown she doesn't like any posts on any BLM pages she follows to the extent she likes anti-vax and BLM HATE on other pages, doing this weird asian supremacy thing.

No. 144281

Scroll up, this is absolutely milk

No. 144332

Idc really about any of that.
A individuals likes is inconsequential and grasping at straws. You people are bored and it’s obvious. But go off, I guess.

No. 144334

No one cares if you think hiding your racism and antivaxx tendencies are milk or not. Its fake activism. That's milk. Go complain elsewhere

No. 144342

No ones complaining.
If you’re going to get mad at someone just liking something I can’t stop you. But you can’t stop me from thinking it’s a waste of time. Send her to the gulag for wrong think kek

No. 144373

Anon, shut up. She's racist, multiple other girls and guys get called out for their fake activism. FIESTY_VEE is no exception.

You realize she'd probably be part of the gulag of you had any idea about who they are.

No. 144439

You’re big stupid mad, Anonchan.
Maybe you should relax a bit and realize that a real fascist is probably the one complaining about someone’s personal likes on social media. You getting butt hurt over her liking support of “racist” influencers isn’t going to make her stop having “racist ideas”. But I guess you’re a fight fire with nuclear weapons kind of person.

No. 144583

File: 1617995222970.jpg (742.71 KB, 479x602, wkYY2I0.jpg)

Nigri is resorting to just filtering out her entire face these days I didn't even realize this was her until I clicked on it

No. 144613

She's getting dragged on twitter. It is glorious. You can't excuse obvious racism, anon. I don't know why you are putting those words in parentheses. These posts are racist. Declaring supremacy over another race and using stereotypes to do it, is racism.

No. 145313

File: 1618424699235.png (43.17 KB, 605x514, bibi.png)

Is Bibi ever going to fucking move on and grow up? This beef she had with Yakfrost and other black cosplayers was months ago
Guess you just gotta generate your own drama to farm clout and pity

No. 145337

Lmao so glad I muted her, when will she learn

No. 145345

Yakfrost doesn't even talk about her anymore holy shit she's so full of it. Her life is so boring she needs to try and keep stale drama alive. I like how people looking at the thread yak made about her are agreeing with yak and not bibi lol. Dumb bitch

No. 145352

The audacity of this bitch lol. She's doing the same exact thing to Yakfrost that she did to CBC. Dragging up stale drama to be remain relevant.

No. 145372

File: 1618446689139.jpg (686.46 KB, 1080x2137, 20210414_173144.jpg)

Huh I wonder why bibi is bringing up old drama-

Oh, I see.

No. 145411

that boob job is segregating hard.

No. 145437

File: 1618500321207.png (120.3 KB, 1080x814, Screenshot_20210415-082304~2.p…)

This cosplayer complains about her low reach a lot. Sure I get it, it sucks when you want fame but can't get it, but no one is entitled to fame regardless of how much effort you put into something, and not every pretty person instantly gets famous like she always says. She really needs to stop complaining, not everyone goes viral

No. 145449

Normal boobs fall to your sides when you lay down, anon. Her boobs look fine. You boobspergs are never happy.

No. 145450

I think she's referring to tiktok removing her from their partnership. Its been happening left and right to poc creators and fat people and disabled people. She's been upset about it for a few weeks. She also has actual health issues (3 of them) unlike Bibi over here with flat feet and calling it a disability.

No. 145458

File: 1618515049192.png (252.11 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20210415-152807~2.p…)

She's not nearly as bad as Bibi but she the amount she spams about not getting recognition rivals the amount of cosplay she posts.

Pic related from when she shamed people who unfollowed her, including calling out Yaya by name.

No. 145477

They unfollowed because creators don't like seeing retweets about social justice constantly. It's fucked up and it happens. You can tell which cosplayers don't fully support issues when they reblog once, but yeet out when people they follow spam retweets and you see it on your timeline constantly. You can turn off retweets, but most of them unfollow because it's easier.

No. 145513

>I wish talent counted for something
Idk this chick, but based on the fact that her profile pick is 2014 tumblr tier bad galaxy makeup, she seems to be overestimating her talent level

People need to get over themselves. No one is obligated to follow you. I can understand being excited about a big account following you and then being disappointed when they unfollow, but making public posts calling them out by name is really cringe. Just move on with your life

No. 145574

I rolled my eyes so hard over this. Like it sucks certain pretty white cosplayers get more views than you but whining about it will get you nowhere. Plus no one is obligated to follow you or like your stuff. It's not a privilege thing, it's just the truth. What I don't like is when Midnite starts to call out more popular poc cosplayers for not acknowledging their "pretty privilege" as if that's gonna do anything. It's funny that the ones she follows (Panterona, Kaybear, Cutiepiesensei) would be under this category except they're talented.

No. 145599

The main reason I've unfollowed people that I found via hashtag
(black cosplay month, blm, etc) is when it turns out that they rarely post actual creative content. It has nothing to do with not supporting a movement and everything to do with whether that person is interesting on a personal level, outside of any social movements. If I follow someone for creative content, I want to actually keep seeing that content. Not a bunch of woe-is-me BS about how the world is against them and they deserve so much more fame than they have.

>You can tell which cosplayers don't fully support issues

Please, no. That's a convenient way to demonize someone for unfollowing you. People unfollow for a huge variety of reasons, usually based on whether they vibe with the particular individual's content. No one is obligated to follow ANY individual to prove that they "really care" about an issue, and equating your personal account to whole social movements is obnoxious. You aren't the embodiment of all social justice, where unfollowing you somehow means a person isn't woke enough.

No. 145613

> You can tell which cosplayers don't fully support issues when they reblog once, but yeet out when people they follow spam retweets and you see it on your timeline constantly

Why is cosplay now just as much about how progressive and woke you are as it is about what you make an wear? I can't think of any other hobby that has such a prominent "and must regularly post activism" requirement, or else you don't deserve attention for your actual cosplays.

No. 145655

pretty privilege is such made up bs too. like even the most bare minimum cosplayers that get popular have decent makeup and editing. or if they don't, they know how to use the filters to make people think they did. They're just asking for trouble trying to cause infighting over something that people have no control over.

No. 145773

wait, Yaya Han still follows her tho. Yaya is better than me, I'd 100% be done with someone who whined about me unfollowing them lmao. please get over yourself soon

No. 145836

I get what she means but this is one of the reasons I am looking forward to conventions coming back. even though there's a ton of people looking to be the next viral thing, there's a little less of that when you can "be seen" at a con as opposed to being popular on the internet and trying to get paid to dress up lol

a lot of people want to follow those who post progress updates, detail shots of cosplays, and professionally done photos regardless of how you look. if she's not sharing a lot of content, there's no reason why a cosplay-focused account would continue to follow her?

No. 145974

File: 1618841911646.jpeg (756.79 KB, 828x1425, FC8A779F-B016-4FC8-B0D7-3099E5…)

Has anyone seen this going around on Facebook? It was posted by the admin for Anime NYC.

No. 145984

Unless they have any evidence, I'm not taking the word of another dude vs 7 women he apparently harassed/assaulted. If there is no one coming out, I'm not going to after him. I hate vague callout posts.

No. 145992

File: 1618856202421.jpeg (472.5 KB, 1347x1720, 348670A3-9C07-44FF-BE60-50D651…)

There are a few people coming forward, but I agree, vague callouts don’t solve anything:

No. 145993

File: 1618856236178.jpeg (748.55 KB, 828x1404, B05FE84E-3DA3-4EA2-80BC-F5BD98…)

No. 145994

File: 1618856320621.jpeg (379.95 KB, 2048x2048, 95AA72FE-50B9-42A9-ABED-8DA95B…)

These are 2 different people, but what he said is at the top of the chat

No. 145995

File: 1618856383197.jpeg (419.91 KB, 828x1304, 44B9E499-B3A0-4184-B78F-B99A2F…)

And this is the guy responding to OP

No. 146013

So did they post all these caps or are you self posting becausethis convo is 1v1?

No. 146015

No, people in the comments are are posting screenshots. I’m just saving them.

No. 146663

File: 1619196002912.png (592.85 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20210422-073047~2.p…)

"I don't care about likes!!!"
>constantly complains about not being famous

No. 146682

File: 1619200379056.png (631.86 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20210423-134833~2.p…)

Almost everything she posts is either whining about the injustice of not getting enough likes, or bragging about how well a post did.

She also flips between playing the sympathy angle for retweets because she's not skinny/white, to ranting that the only reason her posts flop is because she's not skinny/white. It's strange how she can both brag about her posting success while also complaining that she's not getting enough of it.

No. 147137

File: 1619402834656.png (264.72 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210425-220102~2.p…)

Some mystery cosplayers are dragging OfficialHambly, so she tweets that she's just a poor novice sewer, definitely not someone who profits from tutorials and ids as a teacher.

No. 147182

it was luckygrim and eihoffer designs, which is rich coming from them

No. 147222

doesn't mean they're wrong though

No. 147224

Is it deleted now? I can't find it. But in my search everyone is sucking Hambly's asshole

No. 147240

it wasnt mentioning her by name, so would take a bit of scrolling to find

No. 147275

File: 1619457219945.jpg (467.55 KB, 1080x3064, luckygrim is jealous .jpg)

Pic related is a direct continuation of these tweets >>138903

You don't have to like Hambly's stuff but it's petty and stupid to say that her content "helps no one" just because it isn't to your liking. It's very normie-oriented, surface-level sewing content that's easy to digest regardless of whether she finishes her seams. Meanwhile I can't think of anything Luckygrim has ever done aside from brag about herself. She makes a big deal about her experience level that doesn't seem to speak for itself. Idk, maybe she can sew, but her shitty attitude is a lot more prominent than her work as far as I can tell.

Maybe Hambly's work deserves some criticism, but subtweeting that her entire portfolio is worthless because she has a different style is cowish. The whole thing is really unprofessional for a public Twitter… complain to your friends in private if you think Hambly doesn't deserve her followers, then move on and make something for yourself.

No. 147290

Why do cosplayers think that they can say anything on Twitter and not face any repercussions? Word travels fast in the cosplay community and one tweet can ruin your career. Talking shit publicly, although fun for us farmers, is fucking stupid. She doesn’t have enough talent to openly talk shit about anyone else.

No. 147293

I don't know, Hambly appeals to a more normie audience, but why is that an easy write off of the critique here? Her work has been posted in this thread and its bad.
Her content isn't super helpful because it's not promoting good sewing techniques or anything like that. Like using the gluestick for her zippers and then top stitching it down? Bad. It doesn't take much to learn how to properly sew in a zipper.

If you get surface level enjoyment from her big projects then that's fine. But let's not pretend her work it attempting to be helpful or actually teaching anyone like she's pretending to. She's at best a "crafting influencer"

No. 147296

Hambly absolutely deserves the criticism, making unfinished garments that can't even be worn, or at best only worn for a few hours before completely falling apart is just so wasteful and is a net negative to the environment.its basically fast fashion, just without the worker exploitation I guess. Im sure hambly knows how to hem a dress, and just chooses not to because needs to pump out content constantly

No. 147301

I actually unfollowed Luckygrim because as much as I appreciate their craftsmanship and expertise, they are just so incredibly negative and look down on other people constantly

And it’s never in a way that wants to help, it’s always “I’ve done so much, people should be like me”

No. 147304

Elhoffer talks so much fucking shit on her business twitter and Instagram and then gets upset at people who call her unprofessional. All while sellling shitty overpriced “geek” clothing. She has no room to talk, esp given her handmade garments were notoriously fucked up (too tight necks/arms or baggy arms etc)

No. 147306

Absolute bitch of a person too. I attempted to ask about construction at a con because no one and I mean no one was at the table. You'd thought I shit in her cereal at how snide she was.

No. 147307

might have been mentioned earlier in the thread but she recently went on a big rant about how casual cosplayers are ruining cosplay for craftsmanship cosplayers and have no integrity. Like cry more your tiktoks don't get as many views Lucky

No. 147310

File: 1619467765789.jpg (86.51 KB, 175x335, KpDZOX4.jpg)

Explains a probable reason she was a massive bitch to me actually lol. I was casual Botan from Yuyu because I live for 80s and 90s anime fashion. I made the hoodie but everything else was thrifted.

No. 147318

Ugh, I'm personally not a fan of closet cosplay, but people who sew (or anyone for that matter) are not entitled to fame & likes. Ppl need to get over themselves

No. 147321


>she just has a different style

Well this is a hot take. She can't sew for shit, a straight line is an anathema to her, hems and cutting loose threads are for other people. Hell fuck actual sewing or sizing, just pin it on the mannequin for that quick clout and call it a day. Everything is "made" and "designed" when it isn't a stolen look with no credit for a 3 second glance on social media, but the minute you stop to actually look it falls apart. If this was just for funsies or someone who is trying to learn and improve, that would be easy to dismiss, even praise and move on, but that this tub-dumpster is out here marketing herself as an expert seamstress, designer, and a teacher who knows best is what makes her portfolio absolutely worthless except as a shining pillar of what not to fucking do.

Hamplanet acts she's cracked some secret code for sewing and you can ignore steps 2-49 and skip right from 1 to 50. Her "corset" construction is a joke at worst and actually dangerous at best. Ill-fitting/poorly constructed corsetry whether for normies or cosplayers can have serious repercussions to people's health.

She deserves all the criticism that comes her way because she's a trust-fund baby using her parents' money to market herself as a designer, an expert teacher with nothing to back it up, and makes no attempt to learn how to actually do something properly or even close to correctly, and talks about how she can sell her work for designer prices.

Hate on LG all you want, but she ain't wrong. You don't tell everyone you're a expert racing instructor when you're crashing into the guard-rail every 5 seconds. Hambly is the Forever 21 of sewing and she's doing it with safety scissors.

No. 147324

I met luckygrim at a con and talked to her for about 5 mins. We were from the same fandom, people wanted photos of me, and not me and her, and she got really upset. I tried talking to her about the construction of certain parts (genuine interest, we both had highly crafted cosplays), and she was really rude and snobby back… I try to give the benefit of the doubt but man.

No. 147338


>she makes a big deal about her experience level

what, the experience she constantly lies about having? 90% of what she claims to have done is a bald-faced lie. I really wonder why no one has ever called her on it.
LG has a shit attitude and an overblown ego and is a cow in her own right.

No. 147354

Can you elaborate anon?

No. 147407


I can't get too detailed because I'd doxx myself, but for example recently she claimed she went to the UK to learn goldwork from the Royal School of Needlework… no she learned it from books like the rest of us. I think she claimed to have gone to Harvard at one point too.
She's previously claimed to work for the Avengers franchise and BBC America when in reality she was working in retail.
I don't doubt that she's gotten some real wardrobe jobs recently due to connections, but a lot of what she says should be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 147409

>>147407 oh when she says 'worked for the Avengers and BBC America' does she mean 'sells licensed jewelry based on Marvel & BBC properties?'

No. 147609

as a uk embroidery nerd, literally anyone can go to the RSN, they do paid day courses, so if shes spouting that its an achievement that she got in thats a bit… odd.

No. 147780

File: 1619725133699.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1440, CollageMaker_20210429_15373552…)

Why does this cow keep drawing attention to her own milk? In this case her blatant design theft?

No. 147815

Idk she can't sew a straight line makes sense she'd try to aim at someone and shoot herself instead. I'm half surprised she didn't try to take a screenshot using actual scissors.

No. 147865


I mean such an infantile word is perfect for her, but using such a word while being offended the low quality of your work can be seen from literal metres away?

No. 147868

Samefag, just checked her Twitter.

Instead of taking critique in mind and, idk, trying to up your skills which you promote to a wide audience, why not cry about it on Twitter instead?

No. 147869

File: 1619743992177.png (264.05 KB, 1440x1368, maybe its because youre shit a…)

Dropped pic, she misses the point while posting about her 'paid livestream' - she's a creative influencer without the skills of one. Micarah Tewers is actually talented, and surprisingly enough does not get leveled with the same critique.

No. 147870

File: 1619744066132.png (165.25 KB, 1440x647, missing the point.png)


2/3 the next post will be her most recent WIP which, as usual looks shit from metres away.

No. 147871

File: 1619744125155.jpg (796.79 KB, 1536x2048, most recent.jpg)

No. 147874

I can't believe she thinks she's such hot shit that people need to pay to watch her work.

No. 147882


bitch is trying to launch a product line after getting famous ripping off real designers and wants to boohoo about how she's just a poor little artist :,(

No. 147884

That's not what paid livestream means, anon. She's getting sponsored by some new platform (triller?) to bring viewers to their streaming app but it's free to watch.

No. 147886

File: 1619750491837.png (456.39 KB, 1440x1782, embracing mediocrity.png)

She seems to have a few recent sponsors including Netflix, like imagine getting multiple brand deals while being that shit at your main "skill," and being so self entitled you can't see why this is offensive to people who have perfected their craft/actually care about the result.
It's the refusal to even try and improve which is infuriating, imagine being this smug (samefag from earlier with another cap)

This was within a rant where she complained that her "sewist" peers were mean to her.

No. 147890

Didn't she win the Her Universe Fashion Show a few years ago? I guess her skills weren't good enough to actually get a job there (probably because she, like most of the winners, just ripped off high fashion designs and made it in the color of the character). It didn't fit the model because she used woven fabrics for a design that needed to be made of knit, which anyone who has any experience would know.
I know I'm just bitter because I actually work hard to have good craftsmanship and no one sees it, but I'm so tired of hacks like her and designer daddy who throw some embellished fabric together with hot glue and safety pins and think they can charge couture prices.

It also drives me crazy how often people use the word "couture" without knowing what it actually means.

No. 147892


She won the fan-pick, not any of the judged prizes. Her piece was presented well on a tall, professional model who sold the hell out of it, and was Loki, who's kind of a favorite for the kind of people who care about these contests, so she won that audience choice despite her bullshit, not because of it.

No. 147896

File: 1619753351650.png (1009.6 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20210429-202241~2.p…)

Heres what she did on her stream, did anyone catch it? Would honestly love to hear how she answers viewer's sewing questions

No. 147898

File: 1619753890322.png (308.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210429-203705.png)

This entire thread is ragging on her

No. 147907

what kind of "professional" doesn't take the laces out and tape off areas you're not painting to keep the pain from getting everywhere?? this looks like a child painted it.

No. 147909

File: 1619757006972.jpg (136.54 KB, 864x1296, 3P0A7587.jpg)

Like the other anon said, she won because she paid a pro model to work the stage for her while dressed as a popular character and then begged her followers to vote for her design. The Her Universe judged prizes look at sewing quality but there's an audience choice too. After she won this she pushed hard into larping as a professional designer and cosplay starlet.

Her success comes from throwing money around. She doesn't have a job (her mom is very rich) but pays for multiple managers and editors, which is how she has time to make a new dress every day.

No. 147911

The concept with the tesseract bag is kind of cool, but the over all design/fit of this thing is atrocious. Also, I can see why her handle is Hambly now. kek

No. 147914

File: 1619758487561.png (398.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210430-005152.png)

but it's sooooo mean to call her out for art theft, everybody! Last time she did art theft, her publicist got her a bit in the NYTimes about her "size 22" rip off of the strawberry dress. I mean, she DESERVES to be famous based on other people's ideas, gawsh.

No. 147916

>20 million followers who never zoom in on your work
>some of the worst craftmanship you've seen in your life

I love whoever this is

No. 147917

Oh god she's a certified hambeast

No. 147919

File: 1619759263389.png (1.38 MB, 1126x1859, Screenshot_20210430-010308.png)

The dress she was justified in copying because the real designer doesn't sell size 22…

No. 147921

File: 1619759459868.png (213.97 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20210429-215741~2.p…)

Dang she deleted that fast, but ppl still took notice. Hambly can now add bullying to her list of awful behavior

No. 147925

Is she selling or commissioning these? Tbh that would be the only shady-ish thing about her situation considering that like…. if she calls herself a cosplayer, cosplay is entirely about re-creating other people's designs. Plus, a lot of people start sewing because they want these beautiful fantasy outfits but can't spend $900 - $1200 or more on sparkly princess dresses. Literally all of the clothes/bags/accessories etc at mid and low priced massive retailers like Target/H&M/Zara/Forever 21 are knock-offs of designer items. Sure she's a shit "sewist" (what is this, a gnc version of 'seamstress'?) but I just don't get the massive backlash against making a dress with the same fabric or silhouette as another creator.

No. 147926

File: 1619761352583.png (140.47 KB, 286x216, n6p9lzx.png)

You can literally see where the gold is falling off. Also question as I don't know the rules of this contest. But wouldn't it be in bad taste to use the Sponsors shoes in an original piece? Cause those are the Her Universe Loki boots from Hot Topic.

No. 147930

It’s the fact that she makes really basic designs (the boned mesh bodice with embellishment was made popular by Firefly Path, who actually had good craftsmanship) or just flat out steals others designs and acts like she designed it. I don’t think she sells anything because it all looks like it would fall apart in less than an hour being actually worn, but that doesn’t make it any less tacky when she’s using it to get social media clout. And there’s a difference between this and cosplay, because cosplay is known to be a copy of existing designs. She’s acting like it’s her original creations. If she cited inspiration, I could maybe give her a break but she doesn’t. She only gave credit on the strawberry dress because it’s well known.

No. 147968


She only gave strawberry dress credit after people called her out in the comments.


She's not selling the exact rip off dresses, though she's selling rip offs from other people's Her Universe designs here: https://www.sarahhambly.com/shop-2

The bigger issue is she's built a social media following based on churning out badly sewn copies of dresses and stealing designs. And now that she has 20 million followers or whatever she's using that to launch her "handmade" clothing line full of elements she's still stealing: https://twitter.com/officialhambly/status/1384743567843753985?s=19

No. 147970

File: 1619784476378.png (333.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210430-080632.png)


Really gracious. Truly professional response to having it pointed out she should credit the person who is actually creative enough to design a new idea.

No. 147986

File: 1619791599508.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1518, Screenshot_20210430-100233~2.p…)

Post is now deleted. Maybe her PR manager forced her hand since "the OfficialHambly" brand fashion line coming out soon.

"Handmade. Made to Order." By Chinese factory workers in size XS-XL. This is such misleading branding. Everything about her is so fake and manipulative.

No. 147989

File: 1619792223498.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20210430-095848~2.p…)

The mockup for the factory to copy. It doesn't even fit.

No. 147991

Oh god that 'center' bias tape that doesn't line-up at the bottom
You would think with how often she makes corsets she would improve

No. 147995

the recent one she did for the netflix sponsored one was particularly atrocious. Also noticed she didnt credit her commissioners for parts of it

No. 148002

File: 1619795820415.png (312.46 KB, 979x338, 76865.png)

>fantasy outfits but can't spend $900 - $1200 or more on sparkly princess dresses.
This is the price range for her work typically.

No. 148011

This is so sloppy and childish looking. Jesus Christ, this is why people who know how to sew can't stand her. Literally getting paid to do garbage work. It's frustrating.

The way that gold is just so sad and rumpled looking

She really is embarrassing and entitled. If her mom is really rich, it makes sense.

No. 148018

Anon was clearly talking about inspiring people to do cheap diys, not saying that Hambly's finished work is cheaper.

If she's actually copying as much as anons are saying, can we get some screenshot comparisons to back it up? I'm not even defending, I just want to see some concrete evidence of all her stuff being "knockoffs" before this thread runs wild with accusations.

No. 148032

Who did she comission? That's freaking hilarious that she had someone else help with sewing

Anon look at >>147919 and >>147780 her designs are very close to Lirika Matoshi. They aren't exact copies but obviously ham should at least shout her out for the inspo

No. 148044

File: 1619806386576.png (831.44 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20210430-141018~2.p…)

Well here's one that she tweeted herself.

She literally doesn't know the difference between inspired by and ripped off, which is why she gets so defensive whenever someone accuses her of lifting designs.

No. 148048

File: 1619807836733.jpg (419.19 KB, 1870x1015, strawberryshame~3.jpg)

And another blatant one. L is the original. After multiple people asked her to credit the designer, she responded that using different fabrics and patterns means the design is completely different with no credit needed.

Hilariously she's since removed credit from both the original post and her newest strawberry dress design.

No. 148053

She's a moron legitimately, she "credits" the sewing machine twice (yes actually using a good machine does contribute to a good final product) and then credits the pattern maker…yes, again making patterns is a vital part of designing. Actual designers make their own patterns, not premade ones. The fact she thinks paying any attention to machine, fabric, pattern is a hilarious joke is precisely why her stuff is so shit. Just a bad personality that can't be fixed.

No. 148054

It's "handmade" in the sense virtually every item of clothing that exists is handmade, since machines are not capable of such work.
But you won't see "handmade" in the copy for any high street retailer since they don't want you to think of the Chinese+Indian teenagers and women who made your items.

No. 148078

Ya I went to her Instagram and saw she was using commercial patterns all the time. Real designers don’t do that, they draft or drape their own. Granted I doubt she has any idea how proper patternmaking works because she clearly has no training. Her shit would flunk out of beginning level sewing

No. 148110

File: 1619840115134.jpg (1.58 MB, 1404x805, s2zfMvd.jpg)

No. 148116

Charging $950 for a badly sewn dress made from a very cheap fabric is very bold. You can see the lopsided seams even from this angle. Though "active over a week ago" suggests nobody is foolish enough to buy these. I can't really see her items becoming desirable or coveted simply from her "fame" alone like
>Walking into room wearing a dress that looks like I made it the night before at midnight, several vodkas in
>Hey guys this is an officialhambly designer piece made with commercial patterns and the cheapest synthetic fabric! You can see her rush job of sewing it on TikTok! It cost me $950!

No. 148117

Is she even a cosplayer or thot? Maybe make her own thread. Seems like a lot of sewing drama vs costhot stuff >>148116

No. 148120

File: 1619852786751.jpeg (550.31 KB, 750x1055, BE5CE946-3354-4D6F-BCF2-D375EA…)

It’s silk taffeta that sells for $24 a yard. A lot of her fabric comes from there if how often they repost her is anything to go by. Wouldn’t surprise me if she thinks that if she throws enough money at a project that it won’t turn out as hot garbage. Close up is even worse

No. 148123

That overlapping/double seam towards the right is epic, that wouldn't even be acceptable on an aliexpress dress.

She honestly seems like a cow and could probably sustain a thread, her personality is similar to Erin with the "do not question anything I do or I will cry" and sending out half-assed projects and expecting adoration. All we need is some scamming to complete the picture.

No. 148126

screw her. Botan rocks and you have good taste. I bet you were adorable too! Sorry you had to deal with that negativity.

>950 usd.
>free shipping
Well, at least there's that. Seriously though, all she does is steal and sell shoddy work. She lives in a bubble of rich kid privilege

No. 148128

she has a silk baron sponsorship iirc, so she cant even justify that price with material costs

No. 148146


She's used the cosplay community to build her following: Her Universe, making "character" dresses, doing themed outfits she markets to cosplayers. It's more interesting and more relevant to real cosplayers than another dumb thot on twitch wearing a bra "omg she's a slut" milk

No. 148151

Yeah but she doesn't anymore. Might want to make her a thread. She doesn't really fit in here considering her work is this now and she's not a thot either.

No. 148152

Post receipts if you're self posting. Anyone can say this lol

No. 148155

If she was a designer like she claims to be, she would be creating her own patterns. Commercial
patterns aren't meant for reproduction like how she's doing it.

This was argued before, but she was trying to dip into the cosplay market. I don't think there's really enough milk for her own thread at the moment.

No. 148156

File: 1619883612616.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20210501-113310~3.p…)

>Yeah but she doesn't anymore
That's not true. She makes character dresses all the time and her last dress was a Netflix sponsored Darkling gown for Shadow & Bone. Check out that center alignment btw even though she was paid to make this.

She calls herself a cosplayer even though she only sews for models and brags regularly in the cosplay marketing FB group. She might be milky enough for her own thread but she's cosplay relevant.

No. 148170

Seems more like she uses the word for clout now because cosplay is becoming mainstream like comics since they go hand in hand.

No. 148228

Post what wk? That I had a bad experience with a stuck up cosplayer a few years back? Sure lemme just pull a time machine out of my ass and take a selfie.

No. 148293

That's the point of the thread, to back stuff up. I'm just personally not taking the word of an anon over proof. Keep crying about others being WKs when no one is being one.

No. 148343

You're bitching about one experience when others like >>147307 >>147324 >>147407 said similar issues with LG's attitude. Stfu and stop derailing with wking

No. 148472

I'm hooked. I need more sewing-specific-drama. You nonitas shitting on sarahspaceman and hambly skills inspired me.

No. 148577

Honestly would love a sewing drama thread.

No. 148621

Someone needs to post receipts. No one is whiteknighting her. I'm not going to be retarded and take anonymous anons words for interactions is all I'm saying. I could make up a story about how bad she is too. This is an imageboard, not a campfire.

No. 148628

Coming here repeatedly to insist Luckygrim CAN'T be bad unless someone personally proves it to YOU is what makes you a white knight. If you aren't wking, just walk away and ignore it, like hundreds of other anons do every day when they see something they don't believe on lolcow.

Literally no one gives a shit if you are personally convinced that Luckygrim is a snob or not, people are just sharing their opinions, which is fine.

No. 148631

I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying I'm not taking anon stories at face value. Jesus.

No. 148654

Anon seriously drop it, no one cares you aren't convinced and you are really hammering it in that you likely know her personally by continuously demanding receipts and that you aren't taking it at face value.

No. 148780

Thirded, but I worry there wouldn’t be enough to sustain a thread.

No. 148846

File: 1620263357436.jpg (1.1 MB, 1019x751, dxk2JCG.jpg)

No. 148868

Did this cow just sharpie on top of a pair of stays and call it a crop top??

No, Shambly, that's not what a crop top is. You just cut them too short.

No. 148890

File: 1620290771431.jpeg (695.99 KB, 750x855, C15ACF42-F2E2-4809-AB8F-484D45…)

Might be a stretch but these remind me of this designer’s stays. Same straps, very similar boning pattern, and hand painted.

No. 148899

It is a stretch, since the boning pattern isn't at all similar. Hambly's top's boning is at a very acute angle compared to alana's. These kinds of stays, bodices and corsets are very trendy right now and none of them are very original.

Alana's is made way better however, even though painted on graphics scream arts and crafts on any garment.

No. 148946

People are allowed to make the same type of clothing, anon. Neither of these people invented stays, or "cropped" stays, or the concept of hand painting a garment. All art is derivative and inspired by something else. It's only when the exact elements are rehashed that it starts to look like copying, and the bar for copying in fashion is EXTREMELY high for that reason. As long as you change a few elements, it's considered an original work.

No. 148966

These tops have been around for a while and all look similar just because they're all based on the same garment (stays). Vivienne Westwood was making them as early as 1990.

No. 148992

Maybe we can do a combined sewing & cosplay drama general for the next thread

No. 149029

No because a lot of cosplayers don't make their stuff. It should be a thread in /g/ tbh unless its a person specific like Sarah. Combing them will be a muddle.

No. 149082

File: 1620388033613.png (2.39 MB, 1125x2436, 50F31C87-ADA7-4C3C-9259-19B2E6…)

of course she had to mention she got the ring on sale
and the subtle beg for sponsorship..

No. 149110

So… Bibi has to constantly e-beg for money, retweet her fugly craft projects for sales and cry about how she's UWU DISABLED and demand money from her followers for her long list of medical (made-up) bills…

… and she goes ahead and buys jewellery? I just looked them up, the rings ON SALE are $60-$70, and most of them are around $100?

Not saying people don't deserve to treat themselves but… this fukkin bitch is constantly begging for money and is a plague on the cosplay scene.

No. 149113

Tbh, we don't know when she ordered the ring. I only just got my necklace from November. I get it, but policing this stupid shit is dumb. Bisoulovely wouldn't sponsor her, for sure, this could also be a saved up purchase like save $10 every week or $20. She's a cow, but this ain't it.

No. 149126

Poor people are absolutely allowed to treat themselves to stuff, no one is saying otherwise. But if you're going to e-beg online for people to pay for your bills and meds, maybe don't post the frivolous shit you purchase.

No. 149132

Ayrt, I did say people are allowed to treat themselves, but have you ever seen Bibi's Twitter feed? If she isn't trying to cancel another cosplayer for the utmost minor infraction, she's CONSTANTLY begging for money, even small amounts that should be easily affordable. Every time she gets called out for being a nasty-ass bitch, she 'suddenly' gets her car broken into, or another mystery ailment, or a medical bill.

So she can afford fripperies like a gaudy ring, but not most of the medicine she constantly harps on about that she 'needs' to survive? Yeah, I don't believe it.

No. 149472

File: 1620693888280.jpg (405.53 KB, 1536x2048, E00x2knVoAIPoyx.jpg)

girl HOW do you post this mess thinking it looks good

No. 149474

File: 1620694040463.jpg (393.1 KB, 1536x2048, E06rkMaVoAowlDP.jpg)

the foamclay just looks so lumpy and sad, I can't fathom why her following is eating this shit up when the quality is so obviously awful

No. 149476

Yikes I would not have chosen foam clay…. it is not flexible and will snap. Maybe its reinforced with wire?

No. 149483

They're there for quantity not quality

Almost all her other dresses only live on the dressform for a few pics so it doesn't matter to her if this one will be the same. There's a designer whose been doing something similar but uses thermoplastics and takes her time and it turns out infinitely better.

No. 149496

>Almost all her other dresses only live on the dressform for a few pics

This one is especially obvious because it wraps all the way around the dressform and would have to be broken to remove it. Why do people keep applauding her for making wasteful trash? Couldn't she just sketch these designs instead?

No. 149499

She couldn't even be bothered to blend the connecting parts, that's some dedication to being lazy I gotta say.

No. 149747

lol, purrblind is in the us again… what a hypocrite

No. 149759

File: 1620851296618.jpg (451.91 KB, 1536x2048, 20210512_162752.jpg)

She also got a vaccine while in the US that she wasn't qualified to get where she lives. Wonder how her "gf" feels that she's essentially using her as an excuse to travel and get vaccinated.

No. 149776

are you the anon who kept bringing up purr last thread? does she have any actual milk?

No. 149784

It's insane, this looks like garbage but her fans will suck her whole asshole for this.
And if anyone says otherwise, she'll cry about it to her big twitter following about it.

No. 149791

NTA but lying about your vaccine eligibility and then bragging online is pretty shitty. Most USA vaccine sites verify that you're in the right state or even local area, so she must have fibbed if she's not even from the right country.

No. 149795

Canadians are allowed to come down to the US to get shots. We don't have a lot here and the US is slowing down on demand so it's fine.

No. 149800

We are begging people to take doses in the US. Who cares? We have so many doses daily being thrown out. If she wants them, fucking good.

No. 149803

How do you know she wasn’t eligible for it where she lives?

Also so many vaccines are being thrown away per day and going to waste. It’s dumb to complain about people actually getting vaccinated.

No. 149805

Most vaccines sites don’t verify shit

I didn’t even have to show them my ID on my first dose

They’re happy to give these away

No. 149807

What exactly did she lie about?
Lying about vaccine eligibility was an issue 2 months ago, but now just about everyone is eligible (at least around where I am, anyone 16+ can go get vaccinated)

No. 149817

>How do you know she wasn’t eligible for it where she lives?

Not that anon but it's obvious if she was eligible in Canada she would have already posted a vaccine selfie. Plus Canada's rollout has been god awful, most people haven't been eligible until recently.

No. 149821

She has milk, but it's pretty stale (5+ years ago) with some other local cosplayers and photographers. She used to be a constant /cgl/ poster.

I don't think she's done anything recent but I don't care to follow.

No. 149822

And we have to wait past the recommended waiting time to even get our second shot. I should have got mine a couple weeks ago but I have to wait until they get everyone their first shots.

No. 149827

when I got mine they checked my ID and everything, I'd think if she wasn't allowed to get it they wouldn't have let her.

I remember seeing threads about her a long time ago on /cgl/ too, I think they were those sort of "she's so cute, got anymore pics?" sort of threads. if those were started by her it's definitely embarrassing but not the worst offense.

don't get me wrong, if she actually has current milk anon can provide I'll gladly take it, but to me it just seems like we've got someone with a grudge.

No. 149869

Getting vaccinated is a good thing, if she was able to get in the US despite being Canadian good for her

But down to hear about it if she has actual milk

No. 149876

Anons too blinded by haterage to care if she was able to get it as long as they can complain about a Canadian getting it in the US and their narritive of using a S/O for it sticks. So tired of vendetta-chans thinking this made up drama is milk.

No. 149926

File: 1620953593986.jpg (261.15 KB, 1080x1860, 20210513_173923.jpg)

I'm kinda surprised I've never seen Ginny Di talked about here. Aside from extremely try-hard content and self-congratulations, she mainly posts complaints about being a content creator. It feels like about 60% of her posts are whining about negative comments and annoying followers, like people misspelling her name in emails or being "that guy" in Twitter replies. Yes, people on the internet are annoying, but if it consumes you SO much you probably shouldn't be obsessed with fame. She's been doing this for many years while also obsessively growing her following, bragging about muh profession and branding herself as a marketing expert. Here's a free marketing tip, Ginny – learn to let things go or at least get a private Twitter for your constant bitching.

No. 149949

Who is this? If she's breaking down in tears maybe just idk take a break and eat some dinner??? Cosplayers who complain about things they could easily go fix are so annoying. Its like my friends at cons who complain how hungry or tired they are but refuse to grab food and take a break

No. 149955

I remember her having a "how to be a successful cosplay business" article that boiled down to "if you fail then you must not be trying hard enough" when she's pretty damn privileged and does absolutely nothing that 200 cosplayers have done better than her, so I'm pretty sure cosplay is just the veneer she wears to promote herself instead. It's sort of uncomfortable and I've had her muted for years.

No. 149962

I know this cow. She's a bitch to anyone who don't suck up to her even if they aren't remotely rude to her. She just jumps on whatever the new hot thing is to gain followers and then drops it once its popularity dwindles.

I don't get why people choose to turn hobbies into jobs and then complain when they have to actually work at these jobs.

No. 149969

I've always wondered why she's never mentioned here because oh my god this bitch is insufferable she doesn't shut up about being a ~professional cosplayer~ she is so try hard. Can't stand cosplayers that are constantly like "yes this is my real job" "I get paid to dress up my life is so fun" and then make out like they have the hardest lives like bitch what

No. 149974


Yeah, i know of ginny di more for complaining about how annoying her followers are than any of her cosplays. All attractive female cosplayers deal with men being weird and cringey sometimes, but i think most of us just laugh at and ignore it instead of act like its the same as sexual harassment. I dont understand how she would still have orbiters when shes so hostile.

No. 149989

File: 1621002790045.jpg (133.74 KB, 1080x579, 20210513_174431.jpg)

>who is this
A 30-year-old woman making Youtube videos in her own home. Yes it's her source of income, but she's still making her own schedule and working from home, and she has a fiance so it's not like there's no one to help. Maybe she should learn to manage her time better if she wants to constantly brag about being a professional and how it's soooo much harder than people think.

She started as a cosplayer, but over the past few years she's switched to mostly making d&d content. She grew her following a lot by doing tons of Critical Role content, but she's not very relevant as a cosplayer. Her content isn't sexual, but it still strikes me as stuff that mostly scrotes would watch because it's kinda cringy. There's a lot of awkward stuff on her Youtube if anyone wants to go farming.

No. 150016

File: 1621017144691.jpg (102 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20210514-121009_Twi…)

The anon who said hostile nailed it.
She got popular for her Arya Stark cosplay awhile ago and rode on that for a long time. I think if not for that, she never would have gotten where she is. Then it was Jester from Critical Role. But she acts like she loathes what made her popular every time.
She jumps at males making any argument at her throwing "you're a cis white male so" and hates being given ANY advice. Asspats only, no other words should be said to her. Just scroll through her Twitter posts and you see how needlessly bitchy she is.

No. 150022

>describing a completely non stressful normal day of working from home
>woe is me where is my sympathy

Go talk to a nurse or doctor working in the last year, or hell, anyone in a service job, and get back to me

No. 150036


Saged since I don’t have screenshots, but I’m equally surprised that I haven’t seen her mentioned here before. She’s got a rally of SJW folk who will attack people from all ends of social media, but when they themselves act problematic (which is frequent) it’s all crickets. I’ve watch her constantly drive herself mad on the internet because she feels the need to find a way to insert her hostile comments and opinions for every controversial topic in existence.

She’s supposed to be this big professional cosplayer yet she’s consistently rude and disrespectful for absolutely no reason. And yes, the constant complaining of her job is unbearable because I guess she thought being a creator full time was gonna be all fun and games and not any actual work?

She preaches anti-bully, but she’s one of the biggest bullies I’ve ever seen. I had to stop following her because it was just too much.

No. 150038

File: 1621027863036.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x6585, blind Ginny 2.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me about this shit too lol. Here's the rundown-

>Ginny wants to make a blind D&D character, presumably for content because that's the only reason she does anything

>Ginny posts asking for "sensitivity consultants" to tell her whether this is okay or not
>Lisa Lou Who, who went blind as an adult, privately emails Ginny to tell her that it's an insensitive idea
>In emails, Ginny tells Lisa that she's not going to follow her advice because other blind people told her it's okay
>Lisa publicly subtweets that it's a bad idea to wear someone else's disability in a game for online attention
>Ginny publicly states that she's not going to do it after all because she's oh-so-humble and caring
>Lisa calls her out for doing a 180 only once the issue became a public discussion where others agreed with Lisa
>Ginny gets semantic about whether she "knows" Lisa, the person she was emailing about a very personal issue in her life, as a friend or not

Bonus points is the implication that she was paying these "sensitivity consultants" to tell her yes while being hostile to the blind person telling her no, and acting super self-righteous about it too.

No. 150041

File: 1621028370918.jpg (928.53 KB, 1080x5467, blind Ginny.jpg)

Part 2.

I swear these are the last of my old Ginny screenshots, I have a habit of capturing milk whenever I see it, even if it's not from a known cow.

Reposting because I made a mistake in the image order

No. 150043

honestly lisa is the last person I would take any credible info from

No. 150049

File: 1621030608723.png (241.77 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20210514-180532~2.p…)

Ginny is annoying but this was a mess from all sides. Her audience is both a huge hugbox and a mess of woke people she caters to. You had people arguing that she shouldn't play a blind character and should instead pay a blind person to play d&d with her in order to provide "real" representation. As though she's casting for a movie and not playing a tabletop game with friends.

Even trashier is that the call-out was begun by the person she hired/paid to be her blind sensitivity expert. I'd be infuriated if I paid someone to sensitivity check my work and then they turned around and called me out for the thing they approved. (Also a sensitivity expert's JOB is to critique media before it's shown to the public. Who would pay someone to check over a private game?)

No. 150051

File: 1621031035965.png (128.12 KB, 1080x893, Screenshot_20210514-181829~2.p…)

Sara is also one of those cosplayers who constantly complains that cons and big name cosplayers are biased and ableist and this is the only reason she isn't promoted. She starts shit and then name-drops herself constantly. Cosplayers like her and Lisa don't actually want more media representation from big names, they just want more followers and opportunities for themselves.

No. 150073

yeah, sara shot herself in the foot there. part of being hired as a sensitivity consult is that the content you're checking probably isn't perfect, and your job is to help fix it before it gets to the public. throwing ginny out into public drama for clout makes her unhirable and kind of a bitch

No. 150087


Saged because I didn't manage to get screenshots before the comments were deleted but yeah I've seen her go after people for mundane shit too. She and some of her friends dogpiled a girl in a cosplay help fb group for the crime of recommending a tutorial that wasn't Ginny's after hers had been recommended to someone asking for help.

No. 150093


I remember this actually! I quit being involved in that group because you never knew if you were to ask something if Ginny or one of her SJW mods would swoop in and rudely refer you to the search feature.

No. 150142

Does anyone have more milk on ginny? I met her when she was a guest at a local con in my area and she acted really put off that I asked about her. Like I was supposed to know everything about her already. Then if I complimented anything about her cosplays she was curt and clearly wanted me gone. People in our state's cosplay community either hate her and warn you to stay away or kiss her ass and orbit her every move.

No. 150160

Unless you're going to post proof, no1currs if you 'used to hang with that group'. I can say the same thing and hope anons believe me. Bring milk or stfu.

No. 150164

They're talking about posting in a public Facebook group lmao, chill out.

No. 150185

Again, if anons are going to come in here with their own anecdotal experiences, post proof. No one cares about your personal experience unless it can be confirmed. Otherwise it's just made up.

No. 150398

File: 1621182077478.jpg (253.57 KB, 1080x1651, Screenshot_20210516-101823_Twi…)

I'm not sure how she has a following at all with that attitude.

No. 150399

>Acting like this about replies
>Limit replies function exists, literally limit to mutuals only if you only want certain kinds of responses, 0 reason to post this kinda asshole Tweet unless you simply enjoy doing so

No. 150406

Wow she acts like it’s so hard to just not say something on social media. Instead of just keeping that info to herself and not saying anything, she just HAS to make a post acting like a cunt. Totally unnecessary

No. 150407

Is the idea of not sharing things online that foreign to her? No one's life is going to be incomplete because they didn't know you planted a tree in your yard.

No. 150413

File: 1621187813341.jpeg (457.97 KB, 1241x2137, CB0AD9C2-B362-40F0-B915-6BF21D…)


I also wonder how she’s gotten the following she had bc this is constantly how she responds and treats people. It concerns me that would get that upset over getting advice from tree planting…imagine how she would be getting upset over something worth while

No. 150417

>only show this to people who are chill
Does she think people are seriously going to harass her over her choice of tree? Did she pick an invasive species or is she just delusional?

No. 150446

File: 1621204649294.jpg (388.82 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20210514-125953_Twi…)

Mentioning the tree is obviously supposed to be the "clever caption" that goes with her cosplay photo of the day. So she "has" to post the photo and she "has" to have a relevant caption for engagement/marketing, but don't you dare comment anything that could be even slightly annoying or her day is ruined. She's not interested in having an organic connection with followers, only being seen and praised and gaining more followers.

Picrel- when you spend every waking moment trying to strategically manipulate more people into liking you, it also takes over your dreams apparently.

No. 150451

In Ginnys world everything is harassment. She blows a fuse over people not sticking to a script of "you are amazing and the most talented and how you do this is no question the best".

No. 150456

Another Holly Conrad in the making

No. 150474

File: 1621225416021.png (98.58 KB, 1440x1177, 57437.png)

Twitter literally has that button, it's called mutuals only limited replies (samefag as >>150399)

"People you follow" has the effect of only moots being able to reply unless you follow a bunch of randoms.

No. 150671

Between her shitty attitude, mediocre-at-best cosplay, and average potato face I really don’t know how this woman has such a huge following. Do you think she purchased insta followers?

No. 150678

File: 1621348296707.jpg (115.99 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20210518-082731_Twi…)

She's fucking annoying with this constant pity party spiel.

No. 150683

It's possible she did initially but pumping out content constantly for a popular show with one of the most popular character can get you there regardless of quality if you get in early enough (which she did iirc). Especially when the show and actors are really big on sharing art and cosplays on multiple platforms.

I don't think Wrymwood would sponsor her to a con with a meet and greet or make products with her if her followers were mostly bots

No. 150720

File: 1621370042387.jpeg (617.76 KB, 2048x2048, 8241058B-4218-49F9-A811-13C792…)

She became trending with her Cinderella cosplay and then became under a lot of controversy for her Harry Potter pin up calendar so gained even more popularity with that. She’s also one of the reasons why critical role gained such popularity. She became obsessed with jester and kept making videos about it so then her followers hopped on the bandwagon and that’s why everyone is obsessed with D&D

No. 150725

You're giving her far too much credit. DnD got popular off stranger things, critical role happened to be one of the more popular dnd shows and is played by well known voice actors. Sure she probably got some people interested but she definitely got popular off dnd not the other way around. Ginny hops around things that will make her money and bring in new followers; harry potter, game of thrones, that centaur thing with hannah alexander, the witcher show, and dnd/critical role. And as soon as something isn't popular anymore she drops it.

No. 150728

Lol anon she absolutely had nothing to do with critical role's success. That show is the reason she got popular, not the other way around. It was already huge before she rode it into the D&D community.

I actually think that most of her fans are male d&d nerds, because if this thread is any indication, cosplayers don't like her. She makes a lot of lowest-common-denominator content to appeal to the widest crowd. I'm sure that after D&D dies down, she'll be ready to hop to whatever subject will make the most money. She probably enjoys what she does on some level, but not as much as she craves attention and needs to make money off it to survive.

No. 150748


God the amount of people giving her ass pats in this thread is nauseating.

No. 150756

ur just jealous anon

No. 150766


Lmao not really. Her mental health has to be in the shitter Bc she lives to please the interwebz

No. 150767

please be sarcasm lmao

No. 150818

Ginny is also the admin (owner?) of a Facebook group called Cosplay Marketing. She gives pretty helpful advice. Sadly many of the members seeking advice are a bit of a lost cause so its cringe.

No. 150830

Why would anyone want to follow someone who complains or is snarky all the time, what a way to ruin a good mood

Looking at the ppl who comment on her posts it's all ugly middle aged male orbiters kek

No. 150836

Anything new about Traci Hines? She used to have an active thread on here years ago. I've heard the SoCal Disney fandom is batshit.

No. 150845

File: 1621454630060.png (87.49 KB, 1080x425, 01432.png)

Cosplayers are getting out of hand. This person didn't start tweeting about Palestine until May 2021 but will DM you for not RTing an infograph.

No. 150846

Not really. Still pretending she's Ariel, making terrible music, and making mermaid theme clothes. Her husband made her a new ariel costume after taking lessons from designerdaddy though

No. 151253

File: 1621709242699.jpg (204.56 KB, 1080x1279, Screenshot_20210522-124304_Twi…)

It's because you act like a holier-than-thou teenager, Ginny. Seriously, you're not allowed to say anything to her because it will always be twisted into being negative.

No. 151330

What happened to her "I'm leaving twitter forever!" Tweet from four days ago lol. Everything she posts is so performative.

No. 151335

Probably shocked to find out that she's 30 while her online persona is like a Mormon teenager getting internet access for the first time.

No. 151336

Most people in their thirties don't lose their shit over people being curious about what tree they planted, Ginny.

Imagine complimenting this cow and having her turn it into an insult to cry about to her followers. I wonder though if she's insecure about her age since a lot of popular cosplayers tend to be younger than her

No. 151370

File: 1621738498291.png (343.67 KB, 1080x1823, wtf.png)

Witnessing a meltdown lol

No. 151378

File: 1621746983997.jpeg (117.54 KB, 750x661, F7339351-0CB7-421F-8939-17090B…)

>if you unfollow me for acting like a crazy person, then you support genocide
This child needs to go outside even just once

No. 151380

>DnD got popular off Stranger Things

Have you even used google once

No. 151401

Talking about mainstream popularity because Ginny only does things that are mainstream popular.

No. 151416

Has this person considered that she might be having a mental health episode due to stress about the Palestine issue, and aggressively monitoring her Twitter, dming people demanding support, and burning bridges with her mutuals is perhaps not the best strategy to address it

No. 151508

For normies, yes it did. The people already in the need culture knew DnD exists. It's like how comics are normie now almost and anime. She's not wrong.

No. 151526

File: 1621805999416.jpg (181.17 KB, 946x2048, MF1.jpg)

for the oldfags among us, Mostflogged has returned from the grave to stir more shit.

No. 151527

File: 1621806051161.jpg (218.52 KB, 946x2048, MF2.jpg)


lost a few hundred followers already

No. 151528

File: 1621806093941.jpg (182.72 KB, 946x2048, MF3.jpg)

No. 151529

i don't disagree with her but i'm happy to see her getting dragged knowing what a bitch she's been

No. 151534

Holy shit I did not expect MostFlogged of all people to suddenly turn based and terfpilled. I can't believe I lived to see this day. Truly the craziest timeline there is, my predictions of 2021-2023 being mass peakening were true.

No. 151538

Wait did she delete these? Can't see them up on her Twitter anymore. What a coward.

No. 151543

Isn't she the one who kept desperately trying to cancel smile and a song too because anons found out she runs the hate accounts?

No. 151544

wait what?

No. 151546

Don't think so, wasn't it that ugly British fakeboy who was obsessed with trying to cancel her and was running that dumbass callout instagram?

No. 151556

No you're thinking of medlismelody, who is a nobody who was into all of Smile and a Song's fandoms but jealous she wasn't as popular. She nuked after someone here named her.

Mostflogged is an ancient cow who is both aggressively self loving and gross. Her greatest hits include infamously getting period blood on a (borrowed) giant carrot prop while posing sexually. She's been quiet in the cosplay scene but now she's also getting called out because she dates much younger girls and is apparently still just a nasty person. Lots of dirt like this is being flung on twitter right now.

No. 151559

Rich coming from the "I identify strongly with futa" girl

No. 151564

I'm super familiar with MF's garbage past behavior but honestly based as hell, she's been pretty publicly radfem before and I gotta say I respect her more now, even if she deleted these already

No. 151570

Her whole line of thinking is

>bi girl turned me down and is dating a guy

That's all her rage is. She's calling people who date opposite gender fakes. Like, that's ultra retarded thinking.

No. 151571

No shes just saying homosexuality is attracted to same SEX. Has nothing to do with gender

No. 151573

>getting called out because she dates much younger girls
Damn really? I haven’t seen anything about that floating around. How much younger is she dating?

Yeah it’s kind of crazy how some people still don’t understand that bi people like both men AND women, then get offended when bi people date opposite gender instead of same gender. Like damn if you want to date a lesbian, just date a lesbian

No. 151576

I didn't say gender. You just said the opposite of me. I'm talking about sexual relations. There are deleted parts already where she complains about being interested in a girl who then starts dating a man and calls it faking being bi because she wasn't wanted by a same gender. She's an idiot. She's honestly going on a realized lesbian tangent. If she's this mad about bis dating cis-way and not same gender, then she needs to not call herself bi because otherwise she's coming off as a bitter lesbian.

No. 151577

It's the assumption that if you're bi you should exclusively date same sex to prove you're bi. It's stupid and mostflogged is a dumbass to have this thinking.

No. 151582

File: 1621819078552.jpg (30.66 KB, 589x295, 20210523_181750.jpg)

Yikes these are bad

No. 151589

She’s got her own thread somewhere on the board iirc. Not that this doesn’t belong here but if anyone wants an archive of her shit fits, it’s out there somewhere

No. 151598

Asked a mod to move it to/w/

No. 151605

No. 151607

and well deserved! People forget her bullshit all too quickly

No. 151608

She not a /pt/ cow. It was removed from /pt/ for a reason.

No. 152356

Has anyone here been keeping up with the allegations surrounding LorentzIwood? Multiple women have come forward with proof of him being a piece of rapist/abusive shit. Veenacos has a google drive full of proof.

Male costhots get away with so much stuff- especially when their band of other psuedo animu uwu boy lackeys defend them.

No. 152369

>Dates much younger girls
>Is 30 and dates a girl aged 24
That's.. not really a huge deal anon, if she was 30 and dated exclusively 18-year olds then it would be seedy but they're basically in the same age bracket.

No. 152370

She's not sperging about bi people liking both sexes, she's sperging about bi people telling her they're exclusively gay and then leaving her for the opposite sex (in this case for a transbian I guess). It's right there in the first tweet. In the second one she even says that she would "never tell a bisexual woman that loving men is fucked up" and that her gripe is with them telling her that as a lesbian she should be attracted to troons i.e. men.

No. 152425

Jenni was 25 when she started talking to monchichitanuki/tayla who was 14 at the time. Not sure when they started dating but jenni is now 35 and tayla is 24. That's the person she groomed/is currently dating, but I think maybe broke up which caused her to go off the deep end.

No. 152456

Do you have any proof of that? I stopped following mf a long time ago when I heard about her assaulting people at cons so maybe I missed something, but from what I remember at the time, mf was in a long term relationship with a man and her and Tayla were best friends/cosplay partners who didn’t start dating until a year ago or something?

No. 152460

Why the fuck would a 25 year old be best friends with a 14 year old in the first place

No. 152469

I didn’t say they were best friends at 25 and 14, I only briefly followed them while they were both adults

No. 153158

File: 1622146835969.jpg (864.66 KB, 4096x2427, CollageMaker_20210527_16194082…)

No. 153160

Wasn't she on a recent thread of being exposed as someone who is kinda garbage?

No. 153183

yes. she and her bf have been outed as white supremacists. The entire Pittsburgh scene pretty much canceled her.

No. 153197

Can you add any context to this?

No. 153260

She literally likes that shitty actress so it's safe to say she's also a shitty person

No. 153262

Just a reminder


Purrblind and Peachieteas have a history of sexually assaulting men and playing the victim after

It’s a shame the community allows this to happen for the fact that male victims aren’t as supported and taken seriously

The combination of them being non-binary, White privileged and disabled allows them to get away with it everytime :)))))(:))))))

No. 153265

>assaulting men

lol. don't get me wrong it sounds like a shitty relationship between teenagers but that post also has nothing to do with purrblind anon

No. 153268

Sorry i couldn't find the caps. A few months ago she made a post declaring she's ultra conservative and dared people to cancel her. I wasn't friends with her but most of our mutuals dropped her.

No. 153277

Any actual caps of Purrblind saying anything, anon? I didn't even think she liked men.

I'd like to know more about Peachieteas though. Sage because it's not milk and I have no proof, but her and beebinch/m4stiff have always been weird uptight assholes at cons. I think they are or were roommates.

No. 153280

she had an on again off again relationship with some cosplay guy before peach

No. 153281

Purr has only dated men before peaches and has a million stories about being misgendered, poor they them princess.
Not to mention her room mate Soapy or whatever is also a sexual harasser and gender trend hopper, as well as sloppy drunk and constantly advertises her line of "work" to children

No. 153285

Someone well known/milky? I'm curious now.

No. 153286

You keep trying really hard to shift it to purrblind every time someone asks for proof or about that peach girl. Sage your baseless milk or bring caps, that post about “muh in-character role playing at cons no justice because they’re white” is embarrassing.

No. 153293

File: 1622219650161.jpg (210.44 KB, 960x1280, 20210528_123246.jpg)

Not really but here you go. They were annoying rooming at cons because they kept getting back together/fucking and breaking up. No milk just have bad memories from them sleeping on floors in rooms I paid to stay in lol

No. 153306

This is an imageboard. Unless you have caps to back stuff up, you just sound like you're here to stir drama up.

No. 153325

So, where's the milk then?

No. 153328

I said there's no milk that I know of and I wasn't the same anon replying. Learn to sage and stop shitting up the thread with your Purrblind vendetta.

No. 153330

Take your shirt vendetta elsewhere. No one cares about your personal con experience when the person isn't a cow or known.

No. 153331

What the fuck are you on about. Someone asked who Purr was dating so I responded. Take the stick out of your ass, nonny.

No. 153340

Wasn't there that whole thing with Purr and another costhots ex who claimed he was raped by Purr at a party? Or was that just a broken game of telephone going around?

No. 153344

Hi purr(hi cow)

No. 153350

That wasn't me earlier. Anyways, if you have no milk on them, then it's just a petty vendetta

No. 153355

Sage. You're worse bumping a thread with no milk.

No. 153358

yeah she's roommates with beebinch, they were living in some giant really modern apartment and I'm more interested in milk about them rather than anon's weird purr vendetta

No. 153371

Ok, Vendetta

No. 153376

remember remember the fifth of november
that's what my landlord always said to me because i'm always late on rent

No. 153421

I remember seeing a post floating around Instagram maybe 1-1.5 years ago about how peachieteas was super abusive to an ex. She’s local, so I saw a number of mutuals posting dramatically on their stories about it. I don’t think I saved any of it at the time, but I’ll see if I can find any of it again

No. 153467

You can call me captain obvious as I'm pointing out how most cosplayers with a huge following always reveal a garbage personality whether it be racist, rape allegations, nonce or just plain ol' mean. It never slows down.

No. 153507

You know how that American senator joe mccarthy said "The State Department is infested with communists. I have here in my hand a list of 205—a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department." i feel like someone should file a similar list but not communists, more like cosplayers and photographers who are just pure cows loaded with milk and receipts then load it up on a google drive so the community can see. thoughts on this?(actual autism)

No. 153514

File: 1622343208290.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2160x3840, 3D1E8062-8FA6-426A-8698-502E79…)

There's an accusation going around that Yakfrost is a groomer. Frankly I don't know much about Yakfrost, but a 6 year age gap between an 18 year old and a 25 year old doesn't really strike me as grooming.

No. 153515

File: 1622343415523.jpeg (853.75 KB, 1224x3840, DEFD147F-3A7D-4B93-9A93-4CE096…)

Copy of the two screenshots in the post.

No. 153519

It's not that much of a problem, but kind of suspicious.
This is pretty hilarious considering how bent out of shape yakfrost gets when it comes to being an SJW.(lrn2sage)

No. 153521

How's it grooming when they dated when she was 18? People are wild.

No. 153531

Dating a highschooler or recent highschool grad when you're 25 (ie post college grad) would be a huge power/life stage difference, even if she wasn't an abuser that's weirdo/creepy behavior

No. 153533

oh god, now watch bibicosplay get in on this and make the whole thing about herself

No. 153538

Is this person mentally challenged? I swear some people will look for any reason to cry abuse. I just can’t believe it’s to the point where people call it grooming when two consenting adults date and move in together. 6 years isn’t even weird or drastic between adults. Even if you use the age old dating formula of half your age +7, it’s fine.

I think it’s really gross the way she’s infantilizing this grown ass woman and trying to make it seem like she doesn’t have the mental faculties to choose who she dates. I’m also just so curious about where she’s getting all this from. If she doesn’t think 18/19/20 is an adult, then when exactly does she think people are capable of making their own decisions?

No. 153546

Ntayrt but it’s sad that someone has to write a huge block of text explaining how they’re not a groomer for dating another adult. some idiots actually think anyone under 25 is a child because of the prefrontal cortex yadadada, soon it will be 30 because that’s when your bones finish developing, next 40

No. 153553

Do you actually know what McCarthyism is?

Anything is a power balance if you squint hard enough, I guess. It's always funny to me when call outs have replies limited or turned off.

No. 153558

File: 1622379666589.jpeg (429.73 KB, 828x1063, B465A84E-DA40-4118-A805-8C80B3…)

Bibi's response… never wanted to post an emoji as much as I do now.

No. 153562


I hope these people know this is why normal people think cosplayers are all insane

No. 153563

I don't think it's grooming, but lying about you're age to date a younger person is weird. Yakfrost is obnoxious as hell so let people believe she's a groomer lol

No. 153565

Groomer or not, as 25 year old dating a 19

No. 153566

groomer or not, a 25 year old dating a 19 year old is iffy. Why are you messing with someone barely out of highschool? They can't even buy themselves a drink. What are they gonna do with them, send them to the store so they she can buy her some juuls?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 153567

Sometimes I forget Americans like to infantilize under 21s lmao, your definition of barely out of high school is most country’s second year of college kek

No. 153569

log off

No. 153570

It’s 2nd year of college here in America too. That other anon is just a dumb cunt who probably has a personal vendetta against yakfrost

No. 153577

I'm not sure if I'm fully getting this, but are they doing a callout post because they don't like that someone has a 6yr age gap with their partner?

It be one thing if it was someone who was 14 dating a 20 yr, but 19? Other then a bit of an age gap, what exactly is the issue here? Is the 25 abusing or harming the 19 year old in any way? She's literally not saying anything other then she doesn't like the age gap. There's no proof of abuse or even the younger person saying anything about it.

I'm really getting sick and tired of cosplayers doing these "callout" posts and its all just personal problems that they have with a particular person.

Hilarious. Just because Yakfrost is getting called out doesn't negate anything said against you.

No. 153578

man, learn how to sage. provide milk and receipts

No. 153580

Sage your posts and I agree, 19 and 25 isn't an issue. Its not "fresh out of high school" when she wasn't even in high school. The lying about her age thing is shitty, but to call this grooming is completely retarded. The same way idiots call everything cultural appropriation. Completely dilutes real cases of real grooming. This 19 year old bitch just wants clout.

No. 153583

>This 19 year old bitch just wants clout.
So does yakfrost, so does bibi, welcome to modern cosplay

No. 153587

Anon, I'm referring to this one situation. Calm the hell down. The ex claiming she was "groomed" has nothing to do with Bibi or Yak trying to get clout.

No. 153589

Nah I'm calm, just done. This is the culture that circle has bred so idk why they're upset it's biting them in the ass now.

No. 153596

Heh because they didn't think it would ever backfire on them.

No. 153602

What's even funnier is that the 19 year old hasn't made any accusations at all- @hotboybebop is a 23 year old former friend of Yakfrost's who wrote this whole callout. The 19 year old has @hotboybebop blocked, which I presume means they were tired of being harassed about their relationship.

No. 153612

File: 1622404291126.jpg (33.79 KB, 603x278, gtfo1.jpg)

Looking at hotboybebop's twitter, the dude is so combative and aggressive when people disagree with them. Here you are calling out a former friend over "grooming" yet post questionable shit like this.

No. 153614

File: 1622404418507.jpg (348.2 KB, 1080x1094, SmartSelect_20210530-154411_Sa…)

No. 153615

File: 1622404454803.jpg (542.17 KB, 1080x1714, SmartSelect_20210530-154512_Sa…)

No. 153616

File: 1622404512423.jpg (567.31 KB, 1080x1692, SmartSelect_20210530-154525_Sa…)

No. 153617

You ain't fooling anyone hotboybebop. Your call out post screams vendetta against Yakfrost. Be upfront about it instead of lying about an age gap between 2 consenting adults.

No. 153618

File: 1622405149872.jpg (471.66 KB, 1080x1642, SmartSelect_20210530-154219_Sa…)

Gee, I would be upset too if someone wanted me to break up with my SO because our relationship makes them "uncomfortable". Piss off Vega.

No. 153619

File: 1622405594572.jpg (362.41 KB, 1077x1048, SmartSelect_20210530-154623_Sa…)

A new challenger approaches.

No. 153624

This feels racist af

And they think they aren’t the issue? Oof

No. 153631

That's because it is racist af. Of course they don't think they're the issue. They sound like the kind to think they get a free pass on being racist just cause they're black.

No. 153632

File: 1622413149349.jpg (111.43 KB, 599x819, gotem.jpg)

The gift that keeps on giving. Let's see OP lie their way out of this now.

No. 153638

gotta love the "panic attacks" lolz(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 153639

I’d be having them too if hundreds of people on Twitter were spreading misinformation like this

No. 153649

File: 1622432824459.png (50.3 KB, 894x274, Capture.PNG)

seeing this >>153632 makes bibi's response even funnier, so quick to jump on the hate train, and the audacity to ask for money
ALWAYS the victim bibi, aren't you

No. 153664

i'd probably shit myself i were just minding my own business and some deranged lunatic came in with an angry mob saying that i was being groomed by my partner without even mentioning me by name

No. 153702

File: 1622478587726.png (511.82 KB, 908x1102, 1.png)

This bitch is weird, constantly talks about 19 year olds and subtweeting Yakfrost.

No. 153706

Sounds like she got turned down or she's trying to be the ultimate SJW by making a bunch of false claims for clout in hopes she can look like some savior.

No. 153708

Did they get rejected by yakfrost or are they projecting because this is weirdly obsessive. They've been going on about this for over a year by those time stamps.

>thinks 22/23 year olds are too old be around 19 year olds

Has this bitch ever looked at a college campus or any job?

No. 153715

They're yakfrosts ex roommate and they had a falling out, and they're clearly still butthurt about it way after the fact. This is sad.

No. 153728

File: 1622493940201.jpg (592.52 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210530-213251_Twi…)


Gotta love those victim blaming and mansplaining on the backass retreat to the moral high ground

No. 153739

Even when the couple days stfu, its not grooming, people like this want so bad to make an issue, so their savior soapboxes feel validated. They just don't want to look dumb. Fucking hate sucks media. These people are lunatics. Speaking up for victims that haven't spoken out, needs to just stop.

No. 153978

File: 1622617488072.jpeg (59.72 KB, 828x478, 72F6E7AC-EEA8-42D2-8F0F-F9176B…)

A thread about Bibicosplays


No. 153998

File: 1622638132624.jpg (322.96 KB, 1920x1415, CollageMaker_20210602_08475439…)

Response from Bibi "disabled people can't be bad" Cosplays

With a side order of "b-b-but why don't they just dm me?"

No. 154004

>limited replies
also she's been obsessively posting fake little thank yous to every teeny little thing she can to try and stifle it god damn just apologize and improve

No. 154011

I tried to read this but my eyes glossed over. So much padding and rambling, literally TL;DR.

No. 154021


This reads like a moistcr1tkal video tbh

No. 154023

Mega TL;DR:
Bibi bad, go follow other people and stop supporting her

>Dude knows her from early cosplay days.
>Cosplay contest where she called the judges racist cuz she didn't win
>Talks shit behind people's back
>Twists stories to make people look bad
>Refuses to back up allegations
>Lots of people in Alberta com admitted they had bad experiences with her without naming her on fb causing her to leave fb
>Accused him of witch hunting her and only caring about blk people for clout
>Created twitter hugbox
>caused tiny Canadian con to get doxxed
>complained otakon didn't have any black staff
>Ejected by blk cosplay com
>uses her disabilities as get out of jail card
>makes it hard to call her out
>never takes responsibility
>victim complex
>Used grooming allegations against yakfrost to get money
>go follow other black, and/or disabled cosplayers that aren't like this

No. 154034

File: 1622656172884.jpeg (597.64 KB, 1125x1536, 1F0E5534-C75E-469A-B9E6-FCD4FA…)

Receipts where??
I guess picrel is in reference to the yakfrost grooming allegations? Tasteless but not the worst crime she’s been accused of here.

No. 154035

>Receipts where??

Bibi's whole ass twitter is one giant receipt. It's just hard to find anything because of how much she buries it with constant tweeting. Anyone who denies that she's a self-obsessed, attention-starved liar at this point is deluding themselves. She's publicly posted about the con this call-out refers to multiple times.

No. 154044

The lack of receipts is addressed and is one of the major issues with actually trying to call her out. Most of the stuff she's done was either in-person or on Facebook which is where the majority of the Alberta cosplay community is. She ran off to Twitter where no one knew her and was able to get in with the black cosplay community and rebrand herself.

You could probably count on one hand the amount of people in the Alberta community who would vouch for her and they all tend to be just as milky. She's burned almost every bridge imaginable at this point.

No. 154066

Actually I feel like we've managed to capture at least some of her behavior here and in the previous thread, although we probably missed a lot before we noticed the pattern

No. 154122

File: 1622693386508.jpg (642.85 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210602_210906.jpg)

Was reading through the replies and holy fuck. This bitch is literally crazy. Talking about getting a lawyer involved??? For what?? I don't know who's worse: bibi or her simps

No. 154125

>Why do you care if she's manipulating people if it doesn't affect you?

Because manipulating people is wrong? Because some people have empathy? How can you say you supposedly believe in treating everyone decently and still say why does it matter that someone is manipulating people if it doesn't affect you? I'm appalled.

>she does have more then 12 disabilities

Yeah I'm sure that chronic stuffy nose is really doing her in

No. 154126

They're really giving verified checkmarks out to anyone, aren't they?

No. 154128

File: 1622697577511.png (75.02 KB, 748x890, birdsofafeather.png)

Of course bibi is all over this

No. 154132

Think my favorite part of this is she's threatening to get a lawyer involved and if that actually happened, (which it won't) they'd find bibi's hundreds of tweets harassing people over the course of years since she's terminally on twitter.

No. 154136

Every so often I read these kinds of tweets and I remember how much I fucking hate the black cosplay community. What started out as a healthy community to lift up and support other black creators and give them a safe space has turned into this giant fucking shitnugget of a racist space.

Yeah, I'm gonna say it - black cosplay twitter is hella fucking racist. Yeah yeah yeah, 'reverse racism' isn't a thing, but they're happy to yell 'kill all whites' and 'fuck yt people' left right and centre while at the same time shitting on asians cuz 'they don't count as POC' and also fuck lighter-skinned black people cause they don't have enough melanin to count as black, right?

Bonus point is you're disabled ofc.

No. 154151

File: 1622709836523.jpg (89.09 KB, 1065x902, Screenshot_20210603-014101_Chr…)

Here we go again, taking bets as to how many check marks she hits on the predictable behavior front.

No. 154159

She’s already retweeted it because it didn’t get as much attention as she wanted it to get

No. 154167

No. 154170

It’s because no one wants to hear her excuses anymore. We are all tired of the same song and dance that she does to try to cover her bases.

>replying to every section

Girl, no one is reading all of that.

No. 154189

Doesn't bibi still get supported by Ubisoft? Why hasn't anyone contacted them lol

No. 154191

Holy fuck is it really that hard to say "I fucked up a lot of friendships I had and I'm sorry"? Oh wait I forgot she's disabled so she can never be the bad person.

No. 154193

File: 1622732901308.png (366.88 KB, 828x1792, 7B2E0823-1C8D-44FF-AF0A-8D1A58…)

God, who cares this much about followers? She needs to take a break from social media.

No. 154195

Goddamn does she have an excel spreadsheet where she tracks daily follower counts of people she hates?

No. 154197

She hit all of them. Her whole response boils down to: “I’m a black, fat, queer, disabled small business owner who is successful and they hate that so they’re trying to vilify me when I’m the real victim and everything I did was valid and I’m going to double down on insisting OP is racist and ableist and everyone who doesn’t like me is a bad person! You have no proof that I’ve ever lied so shut up!”

Same bibi as always

No. 154216

Holy hell this lady is crazy. Is she a friend of bibi or just some random who has a bully saviour complex? Can’t imagine anyone going this desperately hard when they’ve seen her make the exact same type of tweets. There’s a reason none of her stans have ever cried get a lawyer before.

IMO at this point bibi might deserve her own thread, if other farmers agree? Or should she stay in this thread? She’s got so much milk it would be nice to see it organized.

No. 154221

>bibi might deserve her own thread
I was just thinking the same thing last night tbh

No. 154222

pretty sure she did a sponsored post like, once, and yet she plasters all over her bio that shes an 'ambassador' for them. leon chiro level of pro cosplay work bullshit

No. 154238

I don't think she does enough variety to deserve a thread. Even on here she is posted, but not like other cows. It would be too slow milk.

No. 154245

File: 1622741479330.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x1536, CollageMaker_20210603_13282884…)

More Bibi callouts. I could be misremembering but I think this was the case when Bibi lifted/copypasted another cosplayer's post about their ADHD, pretended it was hers, then used it to ask for donations.

No. 154269

So I know this is fairly old milk, but has anyone else noticed that the shit that Beps bf’s ex brought up might ACTUALLY be true?
Cause I noticed that Bep has been releasing Merch way too similar to PlantFace. Like Bep announces merch within a week of Plantfaces announcents. And it’s way too similar.

Maybe the accusations were true?

No. 154270

They’re not. Move on, this milk is stale. Bep is not that milky.

No. 154272

No one cares about bep, shut up.

No. 154284

Agreed. Most of the milk would just boil down to her doing the exact same thing over and over again. Not enough variety.

No. 154304

Bep is doing stickers and keychains. Plantface isn’t so good try Chelsea’s friends. Bep isn’t doing anything milky or similar.

No. 154305

Chelsea has been releasing stuff similar to Bep right after her too. They’re brands making shit from popular shows, but there’s no art or design stealing. Give it a rest.
You’re clearly a friend of Chelsea trying to stir shit up and bring attention to her boring brand so she can get noticed.

No. 154306

File: 1622762392544.png (432.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210603-161838.png)

I don't think bibi has enough milk/variety to warrant her own thread, but we could include more info about her in the next thread description.

I don't think anyone caught these. I guess in her mind she thinks ppl are calling our her shitty behavior because they're jealous kek. Bibi truly is delusional and will never apologize or learn at this point

No. 154307

File: 1622762427763.png (302.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210603-161845.png)

No. 154308

God the more screenshots I see of her the more delusional she really becomes

No. 154313

>people see me as competition

oh honey with what crafting skills?

No. 154314

Yes bibi we know you treat everyone (who doesn't suck up to you) the same. Horrendously.

No. 154337

Ok we all get the point about Bibi now let’s move on to a new cow

No. 154340

Supply milk then. Otherwise sage this shit

No. 154449

File: 1622826129975.png (336.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210604-095918.png)

I guess she realized how ridiculous she sounded here, when, you know, she litteraly was trying to profit off it. Now she's trying to say it wasn't about yakfrost, how dumb does this chick think we are

No. 154453

You're giving her way too much credit, I don't think she thinks she sounded ridiculous or wrong. I think this is only being said because she's not getting the same amount of likes and RTs on her Twitlonger lol.

No. 154484

File: 1622835262464.jpeg (1.45 MB, 2731x1536, 5F735757-D631-43AE-8157-AAAD26…)

God bibi, we fucking get it

No. 154491

I'm someone who unfollowed her and to be honest, she doesn't go out of her way to ask why you stopped following, but wants you to check in with her about why you are going to before you do it. No, Bibi, stfu. You don't get to be the victim in every aspect of your life, even when you go out of your way to make your own callouts. Who the fuck wants to follow such a hate filled person anyway?

No. 154492

Is she equating unfollowing to slavery reparations?? What a fucking cunt.

No. 154507

Bep-vendetta-chan, you've been trying to stir shit up for years now. Bep doesnt have milk, never begged for money, and isn't copying anyone. The last time this happened, everyone called out Plnt for her obvious copying and stealing and she still played victim uwu when called out. She still sends people to harass Bep and report her etsy and posts. Give it a rest. You're unhinged to the point you're making up milk.

No. 154523

The difference in the responses between Bibi and OP says everything you need to know lol.

No. 154558

File: 1622857708682.jpeg (187.25 KB, 468x1401, AA9381D6-0849-4B5C-BCB3-D78181…)

And the lies keep coming from bibi!!!!!

No. 154570

File: 1622863635069.jpg (262.43 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20210604-202532_Twi…)

But why? She immediately makes callout posts. Why can't other people do what she does and backtrack? Even if the post wasn't about her, the show of character in the text message infuriates me. You don't get to play victim when you orchestrate the situation. She loves the doting and sympathy she gets. She's the type of person to kick a dog then tell it to come to her for comfort.

No. 154573


I've followed Bibi for drama since last spring and Marshmellow is involved in every single drama, stanning for Bibi like an insane person. A mini-cow herself.

No. 154582

Yep, sounds about right. Bibi pulled the same shit on some friends of mine who drove 3 hours to Calgary to see her for her birthday several years ago because she was going to be alone for it. Brought her gifts and everything and she acted super gracious and grateful to their faces at the time. When they got back to Edmonton after spending the entire weekend with her they were met with a Facebook post full of lies about how they "took advantage of her situation" and "wanted her friendship for clout". Actual insanity.

No. 154584

Yo, I remember this bitch from the craftchella drama, when one of the original participants that dropped out had the balls to call Bibi out on her shit on her Twitter TL. Marshmallow jumped down her throat about it and basically fought with her one on one when the cosplayer wanted to just speak to Bibi about it. Its weird how this person's always involved in Bibi drama.

No. 154594

This dumb bitch wouldn't know an apology if it bit her in the face. "I'm sorry but i'm such a victim!! i was so hurt. again i'm sorry- but look at me and look at how i'm suffering!!" What the hell even.

No. 154766


That whole craftchella ordeal was bullshit, has any other online con/stream been held to the diversity standard that they forced upon craftchella?

No. 154780

the recent Ultimate Online Cosplay Competition got some heat when the judges were first announced, for having 16 judges and 95% were white, and also because not one of the 16 judges was sewing specialist or had done much high quality needlework

No. 154832

UOCC got nowhere near the amount of heat craftchella got, especially considering heir judges were picked and paid. Their first contest was a month after craftchella and iirc had no black judges and nobody cared. Their second contest this year got some gentle complaints because out of 16 judges they had 1 or 2 bipocs and no sewists. The entire panel was almost all male armorsmiths but they added some bipoc sewers after and the complaints disappeared.

Arda Wigs also held a contest right after craftchella with no bipoc judges and no pushback. The craftchella drama was never about representation, it was about cosplayers who were pissed off they didn't sign up to participate.

No. 154838

I'm not entirely convinced this is a real person and not just a sock-puppet because who the fuck stans/simps that hard

No. 154842

White people who blindly defend disabled people or poc or other easily influenced same circumstance folks. They like that it makes them look good. It's online savior complex.

No. 155052

File: 1623179984043.png (327.81 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210608-121824.png)

Kek bibi said she was gonna take a break from Twitter, only lasted two days. And it also looks like she has learned nothing and will not be apologizing or fixing her problematic behavior

No. 155075

>People rightfully mad that she's manipulative as hell
I hate these cunts so much jfc

No. 155242

File: 1623289055447.jpeg (400.58 KB, 1125x1460, EC6396F3-B3CC-4D7E-87C1-FE56D4…)

she’s always fucking asking for donations for meds, equipment and other shit, but she spends it on plants and more useless crap

she lives in canada and most of her shit should be covered, also she got 10k in donations already a while ago

No. 155252

File: 1623296044621.jpg (1.32 MB, 2670x2850, PXL_20210610_033216335~2.jpg)

As a monthly tugboat receiver myself here's what Alberta disability covers.

No. 155289

Maybe I'm an idiot, but why would you buy plants as someone who claims to have painful mobility issues especially ones that will need to go in the ground and need constant care? Succulents I can understand since they're hearty but that back one looks like it might be a strawberry plant

No. 155339

Samefag I forgot to mention that bibi and I are from the same province and she can get all her medication for free. Not sure about equipment I'd have to look into that.

No. 155411

File: 1623349575981.jpg (195.18 KB, 1080x1807, 45678.jpg)


honestly surprised this girl doesn't have a thread yet when there's so much cow potential

> constantly going between posting nothing but pick me girl tier thirst traps on twitter and then bitching about how her followers are so creepy for fixating on the same fetishes and sex things that she tweeted about to begin with

> incredibly attention seeking and competetive, was recently in a maid collab and constantly made every other girl uncomfortable with her self-absorbed attitude and constant interruptions, see https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1040458825?t=03h19m25s for one of many examples she's Yuu

> recently got butthurt and apparently offended that people said she was a lot like Chie from Persona after tweeting constant character quirks and cosplaying her for a while

> cannot go even a few days without making a tweet complaining about the exact things she starts such as followers pandering to a certain fetish or overtly sexual tweet asking for thirst, complains and acts like she hates it but posts so much degenerate attention seeking shit it's clear she LOVES it and wants white knights too

> needs to get better at makeup when she cosplays, her characters look like they got given a black eye

> looks like she doesn't wash

> constantly needs attention and is obsessive over likes and simp numbers because those totally define someone's likeability kek

> creates weekly narratives and lies about how yet another guy perved on her or creates fake controversies over her body that nobody is complaining about, uwu I am so challenged at gyms and I can't do all female gyms because I'm too strong for those but men's gyms are sexist and they're so clearly threatened by me uwu

> pick me girl

> sometimes pretends she's innocent and feigns ignorance about things for more attention

she's quite known in the American Twitter community but she's absolutely insufferable

She also seems to think she's responsible for everything viral and that her haters are jealous of her and not absolutely cringing that a grown woman is this unstable

You can either be fully honest that you're whoring for likes and attention when it comes to degeneracy or you can be creeped out because it's coming from somewhere uninitiated and unprovoked. You can't be and do both but then again everything she seems to post is contradictory and smeared with lies

No. 155412

File: 1623349610155.png (1.93 MB, 1920x1404, proteinkiss.png)


some screenshots but one scroll of her twitter brings plenty

No. 155447

She sounds like Momokun in her early drama days of 2016, I'm going to keep an eye on her.

No. 155526

File: 1623427480256.jpeg (228.68 KB, 828x1532, FBCAF395-E034-4F59-A613-022E25…)

Well miss I always need money I’m soo poor and disabled now is begging for money so she can have a cat. How is she going to pay for the cats food/care? Just more begging?

No. 155528

god ko-fi and its ilk are such a fucking cancer, enabling shit like this. give me stuff i WANT but can't afford and didn't earn and give it to me for FREE

fuck i think i just became a republican

No. 155531

God this sounds like a disaster. Bibi can't afford to buy cat toys, what makes her think she can afford emergency vet visits? Food and litter every month? Not to mention she always complains about having no energy. She's going to lay in bed for 3 days to "recover" from grocery shopping, and neglect her cat.

No. 155532

maybe the cat will go feral and eat her and the problem will solve itself

No. 155533

I mean.. is she getting a certain breed which is why she needs money? Normal cats don't cost much or at all any money.

No. 155535

The cat itself might not cost a lot, but just general pet care costs can and will add up, even if you don't factor in vet bills (both routine and emergency visits).

I guess that's why she's asking for money to get automatic items, but at that point, is it even worth it to have a pet? You can only automate so much for your pet. Of course Bibi probably doesn't care about doing above the bare minimum for the cat, otherwise she'd realize it's a bad idea, the whole thing is just for her benefit and her benefit only.

No. 155537

How long until she gets these then begs for money to 'fix' the automated items?

No. 155608


Now that you mention it, she is channeling those early Momokun days

No. 155632

Poor gal is very unfortunate looking

No. 155661

File: 1623547403123.png (804.08 KB, 813x597, mochixshit.png)

So there's drama about this costhot named mochixpuff. She's b'awwwing that she was a called a white supremacist for insulting a region's food. Hellobatty called her white ass out. Mochix later had to close comments for all the flack she's gotten.

Her IG is ecchi and stinky feet pics. https://www.instagram.com/mochixpuff/

No. 155666

She looks like she exclusively eats chicken tendies and spaghetti so I'm not surprised.

No. 155686

File: 1623581563051.jpg (137.41 KB, 822x1360, 567897890.jpg)


How do we feel about her newest cosplay?

No. 155691

The person who's food she was insulting was Mikan Mandarin's. She was eating at a middle eastern restaurant and she commented saying some of the food looked disgusting, like vomit, slop, and like someone shat on a plate.

No. 155695

>mfw you're on Mikan's side in this one

Seems like a petty idiot to be insulting someone else's food? Nobody older than 10 should be acting like that

No. 155708

Now that I know she's connected with commenting on Mikan's stuff, this feels a little like a self post now..

No. 155709

File: 1623599859051.jpeg (128.91 KB, 978x1529, 5AC05BC2-D278-4558-900F-106B53…)

>She looks like she exclusively eats chicken tendies
Turns out you’re absolutely correct

No. 155710

ethnic food or not, messaging someone just to critisise their food is rude af. my mom used to do this to me until i told her to stop cus i just lose my appetite if someone is going to make me feel gross for eating what i eat

No. 155712

whats the ig of the person who posted the food?

No. 155725

It’s mikan mandarin. I pulled the caps from her Twitter

No. 155729

File: 1623615188896.jpg (239.47 KB, 1536x2048, E3VSi8YVcAAHdrM.jpg)

her cosplays are trash. she's really lazy with them. she doesn't know how to take pictures or do her makeup. I also find it funny she acts like she's so fit but she's just overweight.

No. 155741


every other twitter post seems to be 'look at me I'm so strong and fit' but her face and mass give this away

No. 155742


samefag but she seems so full of herself and self-absorbed

No. 155743

Kek she should really focus on burning fat before building muscle. Her body looks really weird because she’s just building muscle on top of a fat body.

No. 155744


I have been keeping an eye on her twitter and it's ironic because she gatekeeps so much about fitness and how to build muscle and be healthy

her simps are top tier desperate

No. 155817

File: 1623705610686.jpg (69.81 KB, 675x900, 4573892.jpg)


'I'm the heaviest I've ever been peak bulk uwu' you're just overweight and know nothing about fitness even though you gatekeep about it all day also for someone who whines about creeps she sure makes a lot of 'I love incels uwu they're my fetish' comments

No. 156236

File: 1623947586629.jpg (587.94 KB, 1920x1620, desperation.jpg)

how desperate and self obsessed do you have to be to need this much attention within a single day? also really starting to think she lies and tweets things just for attention, first there was the incident where she apparently got hit on by someone's son and she called her to tell him off and conveniently was able to and wanted asspats about it constantly and now her hospital tweets and uwu my titties bounce look at me ones feel very reachy

No. 156238


remember everyone, this girl hates degenerates hitting on her and creeping on her, she hates weird creepy people so much yeah okay cow

No. 156263

File: 1623954308202.png (1.25 MB, 1419x716, 495403.png)


looking at this photo is eye opening when her edits look like this, that warped wriggly face edit, at least do it properly, this is Momokun tier

No. 156310

even if that's how she feels why the fuck would someone ever actually reply to someone's story post or w/e it was outright saying that
guess growing up on burgers and nuggies both made her fat and didn't give her the proper nutrition to have a working brain

No. 156418

File: 1624046002814.png (149.33 KB, 1080x1023, lol.png)

Bibi is at it again, playing the oppression Olympics. She should start identifying as NB so she can add it to her list of why she's not responsible for anything.

No. 156448

File: 1624050937934.jpg (272.32 KB, 1288x2240, E4LzJnWVIAA8zcM.jpg)

why would you think this looks attractive?

No. 156450

File: 1624051827814.png (86.41 KB, 598x644, d35d6891b1db5f9719b6239216391a…)

Bibi will literally never learn. She'll do whatever she can to make people feel sorry for her. She has a lot of nerve telling a group that they need to hold their own accountable, when people try and do the same to her, she's being attacked.

No. 156460


she looks so unkempt, it makes her fetish tweets about being sweaty and smelling her give me Mariah war flashbacks

She censors her fatty body with stickers a lot for someone who acts like she's god's greatest gift and gatekeeps about fitness, this isn't gains and the people who unfollow you aren't deluded they just got sick of your own delusions

No. 156489

So who pissed her off this time?

No. 156504

God she is so fucked in the head. Who actually thinks like this? It’s like she thinks there are hardline levels of oppression and if you have more levels of oppression than someone else, you get “get out of jail free” cards to act like a massive cunt

>genuinely put effort into listening and learning
And yet when she went after craftchella, their listening/learning was too little too late

>people need to hold each other accountable

>eVeRyOnE bUt Me ThOuGh
She’s so pathetic

No. 156510

For the first time ever she's speaking the truth kek. Watch her get cancelled like Mostflogged since troons are the ultimate peak group on the oppression ladder, even higher than marginalized racial groups.

No. 156517

File: 1624096469789.jpg (91.69 KB, 749x1024, E4NLr1BVgAENJMQ.jpg)


she posted this today too, who do you think you're fooling with that fatty pancake ass?

No. 156560

File: 1624124975089.jpg (140.63 KB, 768x1024, E4Qw1CtVUAIE6ln.jpg)


Her face looks so different compared to this and >>155412 tacky lazy cosplay aside

No. 156599

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand what the actual milk is beyond personal vendetta? She flip flops on wanting attention which is annoying and is mega ugly in relation to her ego but seems like your average cringe Twitter cosplayer.

No. 156602

Especially with just posts pointing out how anon doesn't like her face or >>156517 We get it. You think she is ugly, but where the drama? Current.

No. 156609


Nta but she does seem like a potential cow with all the clout going to her head, sooner or later she'll provide milk, plus she seems beyond the average when it comes to just how attention seeking she is

No. 156611

>All the posts about her aren’t saged

If you’re so sure there’s potential, put in the effort and come back to this thread when there’s real milk. Go post in the photoshop thread or something, some nobody who’s ugly and gets 100 retweets isn’t drama.

No. 156612


I sage regularly thank you, lurk harder

No. 156624

Clout chasing isn't really milky alone. Every ugly thot is clout chasing, anyone using social media is clout chasing too some degree, hoping a bigger creator likes or interacts with them for a boost. I'm asking what is her current milk? This isn't a photo drop thread where you wait for potential milk and just post photos of a cow because you hate them. You're supposed to have milk.

No. 156678

File: 1624205436325.png (629.39 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210620-090801.png)