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File: 1622475967376.png (2.1 MB, 1242x1393, 1622465702728.png)

No. 1242857

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Recent Milk:
>Fupa-watch: Kyle Nathan Perkins spotted flirting with cross-dressers on facebook >>1236724 , >>1236937
>Shayna begs one of her 2 orbiters (the old one) to buy her a panini press >>1236959
>then complains that it's not big enough when he does >>1236998
>some tinfoiling over an incident from a few years ago where Shayna embarrassed herself out drunk with Fupa >>1236955 , >>1236958 , >>1236963 , >>1236999
>Hank Hill .jpeg >>1237109
>Shayna shames people who expose children & non-consenting parties to sexual things (this is days after her last tweet @spongebob, where verified minors have responded to her spongebob tweets before… she has her gaping asshole pinned on her profile btw) >>1237612
>the absolute STATE of her animals… speaks for itself >>1237713
>this is her cat & dog when she first got them for reference >>1237992 , >>1240654
>got her brows microbladed >>1237941
>puts on makeup directly after, which you're not supposed to do >>1239549
>buys 1000mg of edibles >>1238728
>quirky girl day drinking again uwu >>1239474
>her asshole is turning inside out >>1239551
>complains about customers telling her it's their birthday to try to get something in return >>1239224
>immediately posts free content right after >>1239495
>the coomer in question responds to her, calling her out on expecting everyone else to give her free shit on her own birthday >>1239852
>political pundit Mattel would make various changes to the law in an imaginary world where she has any level of power or influence >>1239871
>starts a cumshow with a bizarre fat girl mirror pep-talk where she tells herself "all bodies are good bodies" >>1239987
>Fatty Mattel is putting her foot down! NO MORE BRUNCH! >>1240701
>only 1-2k calorie charcuterie boards from here on out >>1240718
>and a new diet plan! Only freeze pops & alcohol! Harhar. She thinks her coomers will worry and tell her not to restrict herself so harshly, but they just tell her she'll get diabetes lmao >>1240902
>cleans the dollhovel >>1240994
>her new setup includes food as decor >>1241118
>cleaning was so much work! Couldn't possibly keep to her cam schedule after that >>1241044 , >>1241062
>apparently she runs a dildo train on herself while she bathes. Lovely. >>1241006
>spergs about how Blues Clues is pandering to gays & trannies, pretending it made her cry >>1241319 , >>1241405
>just kidding about no brunch, when did she say that? >>1241363
>random scrote tells her to take dick instead of complaining >>1241625
>she subtweets him, seething about it >>1242310 despite her saying the exact same thing to women she disagreed with like a month ago >>1242335
>lots of cowtipping in her cam session
>more butt boils >>1241855
>whatever this is >>1241884 , >>1241895 , >>1242462
>talks about her dad on her sex work twitter, directly after airing out her wizard sleeve >>1242481
>obsessing over her high school classmates from almost a decade ago that started families while she's still begging for her everyday expenses from bottom-of-the-barrel hicks that live stimmy-to-stimmy >>1242605


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No. 1242861

great job summarizing anon!!

No. 1242862

loving the new threadpic

No. 1242864

wow, thread #80.
that means almost 95,000 posts about fatty mattel.
good job anons.

No. 1242867

>talks about her dad on her sex work twitter, directly after airing out her wizard sleeve

Bravo on the OP. Very nice

No. 1242870

Thanks nonnies. Here are some of the other funny pics from last thread: >>1242803 , >>1241409 , >>1241687 , >>1238213 , >>1238181
I love how these threads are simultaneously the dumbest place on the site while also being the funnest.

No. 1242871

Well done on the summaries. I got a few laughs out of it despite all the nightmare fuel.

So Shayna's now saying she's going to move to New Hampshire in the next couple of months but she's already bought a POD but also has no idea where she's going and hasn't looked at places.

So I guess we'll see another moving sale in 2 months when she burns through all the funds.

No. 1242873

Wait what, didn’t she get the pod for Seattle? Did she change her mind already lol

No. 1242876

no, she told her dad she was NOT moving to new hampshire. the pod is for seattle.

No. 1242877

>moving to NH
typo? she just told her dad she ISN'T doing that, she's still planning on Seattle

it's all moot in the end ofc we all know she's not going anywhere

No. 1242879

Sorry my bad. She changes her plans every 5 mins so I got mixed up.

No. 1242883

I think she lied about the POD honestly. She’s not saving her money like someone who just got a POD and is supposed to move out in 2 months? Which means in 30 days she needs to put in her notice. It’ll never happen.

And yea, she’s saying Seattle now and not NH. And also mentioned how easy it is to fly to LA to do pro shoots from Seattle. I think she’s just delusional and it’s all bait.

No. 1242892

Not to mention when she moved she claimed to have paid a pet transporter for Ribmeat then gave herself away and complained about the flight with the cat under her seat.

She might have totes proved she was moving with mentioning a POD but she can't pull the same stunt again flying with Ribmeat, Mr Peanutbutter, and Noodle and she can't drive herself.

No. 1242968

I swear she mentioned that she spent $600 on a trip to Boston as well, she really has no plans to do anything

No. 1242975

File: 1622486167947.jpeg (292.8 KB, 1125x959, 51DA5AB4-5FAA-4CC0-9518-743146…)

found it, she also is planning a trip to go with Colleen to a concert in October

this bitch is way too manic with her plans

No. 1242979

File: 1622486281612.jpeg (104.51 KB, 1125x739, DF29037A-6244-462B-931D-19246A…)

Didn’t see this posted in the last thread, but yet another example of Shaynus failing at her job. Why is she the least flirtatious person ever?

No. 1243027

kek she simultaneously makes sex and sex work her entire life and personality, while constantly acting disgusted by sex and her customers. she’s an enigma

No. 1243049

Because she’s sex repulsed but it’s the only way she can get attention since she’s not funny and not cute and doesn’t have any talents/hobbies. But she’s also a huge entitled bitch so she feels like she’s above everyone in the sex industry for whatever reason. It’s weird.

No. 1243103

>publicly shaming one of your 3 only fans

wew shayna #1 hardest working camgirl

No. 1243113

Maybe she’s trying to be like those findom girls who purposefully degrade and ignore their subs? That’s a popular niche of Twitter sex work that every girl tries to mimic

No. 1243115

I doubt it, she's just being Shayna. Posting her interactions and probably trying to make Fupa jealous.
it feels like every day she posts at least one call out, which is almost always some scrote flirting with her.

No. 1243133

File: 1622493223518.jpeg (157.95 KB, 750x378, BEAF3B67-42EE-43C1-9591-D4B7CA…)

The absolute ignorance of shaynus and her ilk. GOD DAMN.

No. 1243134

Is this assuming there’s no such thing as sex trafficking? What world do these people live in?

No. 1243142

what happened to that 'dommy mattel' OF she made a couple of months ago? is it completely abandoned?

No. 1243145

> That’s a popular niche of Twitter sex work that every girl tries to mimic
lol we're aware, she's tried and failed at it multiple times

No. 1243149

"Shaynus" still makes me crack up every time I see it

No. 1243169

Who owns OF and who profits from it the most? Hint it's not ewhores.

No. 1243172

They hate rich people except for the rich people who own Onlyfans or Pornhubs or the other sites they sell their ass for pennies on.
Those people are okay and must be protected.

No. 1243178

File: 1622497801807.jpeg (Spoiler Image,769.42 KB, 1242x1320, 58E131F6-6609-4263-98C3-94D93B…)

Shaynus’ good morning nude

No. 1243180

It’s like a blackhole sucking the eye sight from nonnies

No. 1243187

these girls are really proving they barely graduated high school. nobody has both of those opinions at once…

No. 1243191

No. why. Why did I open this. At first glance, I thought worms and pus were crawling out of her asshole, but no that's her coochie. How do scrotes pay for this shit. Wtf.

No. 1243194

Is she going to just leave her pets in her apartment unattended for her trip? I can't imagine her spending money on boarding them or getting someone to come care for them. I bet she thinks one fountain and auto feeder is enough for three pets.

No. 1243196

The Anus of shaynus has a special good morning message for every nonner who visits lolcow.

No. 1243203

File: 1622499765971.png (296.83 KB, 1242x1320, staring_into_abyss.png)

No. 1243207


No. 1243230

Interesting that shayna Luther king is silent on the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre as a Tulsa resident

No. 1243247

Because she's either sleeping or drunk

No. 1243253

Privileged onlyfans twitter sex workers can’t go one minute without projecting their victim complexes. Oh boo hoo people think it’s gross and embarrassing to flash your whole vagina to the Internet in exchange for a “modest income”. They’re just looking for the easy money but pretend it’s some kind of virtuous life path.

No. 1243308

Ok? Who cares

No. 1243322

Not that anon. But ever since George Floyd, Shay always tried to "speak up" for POC

No. 1243335

It's a pretty big event that has been kept out of american history books. Bur sadly it wont suit Shay's agenda to speak about it, even though she says everything else on her work account

No. 1243360

She isnt posting about it cause she hasn't seen anyone posting about it. Shes the type of girl that only gets her info on what her mutuals are posting

No. 1243366

nice try blurring out those boils, shatna

No. 1243417

File: 1622523965105.jpeg (100.01 KB, 1124x730, 4B078CB2-94ED-4424-9D19-C6D155…)

inc. “Send me money every day for my birthday month!” sperg

No. 1243420

she’ll be 24 this year right? i think 25 is going to hit her like a brick wall.

No. 1243421

if it isnt trending on twitter she doesnt care because her whole personality is built upon poorly trying to get likes

No. 1243452

This is OT but I wanted to say that I love that my favorite irl personal lolcow got posted as shayna's thread pic lol

No. 1243465

What is it with cows and having a birthday “month” I have literally never seen anyone IRL celebrate the whole month as opposed to just their birthday. Is it just their narcissism/self obsession?

No. 1243496

Yes. And any excuse to e-beg kek

She’s been quiet tonight and I’m fuckin bored at work. Cmon Shat, do something. She must be hanging out with Fupa because otherwise she’d be live tweeting her takeout order.

No. 1243511

they see celebrities do this and think it’s glamorous but forget that they’re dirt poor and unappealing. you don’t need a birth month if you’re a nobody that contributes nothing to society.

No. 1243519


Its like 4 in the morning in Tulsa. Shay is passed out in pile of piss and drool, aggro-anon

No. 1243551


Yeah but she was quiet all day aside from just RTing a bunch of her shit. I have no doubt she’s face down in a puddle of pink wine slobber now but I’m keeping my tinfoil hat firmly affixed lol

No. 1243623

Its hard to say if she quietly took a day off because shes lazy or because she was out Fupa fumbling.

But you know, she worked SO hard on cam, she needs a week to recoup!

No. 1243638

File: 1622560562238.jpg (Spoiler Image,598.16 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20210601-101631_Twi…)

No. 1243648

She completely blurred out her asshole wrinkles. I feel like this is a new low…

No. 1243655

This is actually from last year's pride

No. 1243659

She can't be expected to take new photos each year for any holiday or happening, anon. That's just sooooo much work and effort from "high quality" Shayna.

But on the real that get up was god awful with all the clashing types of rainbows. She looks like a meme for when corporations capitalize on pride kek. And since she bought it all from Amazon, it's true.

No. 1243661

Damn anon the accuracy topkek

No. 1243679

JEsus christ, I thought she was 28-29. So she must have been only like 20 or so in her pics from when she was skinny, but she still had wrinkles even back then wow. She has some really unfortunate facial genetics. It doesn't help that she dresses in pink frilly things made for teens. The contrast just makes the her puffy alcoholic face stick out. She reminds me of Alice from GOMI.

No. 1243684

just realized she was supposed to cam last night because of her new Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. She's probably glad no one mentioned it and she could just pretend nothing was supposed to happen

No. 1243687

i’m straight now

No. 1243688

i'm homophobic now

No. 1243694

Im asexual now.

No. 1243697

yeah you can go back to even pics from when she was in high school and she still had the deep deep forehead wrinkles and prominent caveman brow ridge. i don't think the bitch has drank a glass of water in her life.

No. 1243718

her hand looks so fucking manly kek

No. 1243720

File: 1622567116658.jpg (31.29 KB, 600x400, EPXjqmbX4AAwbns.jpg)

No. 1243735

What the fuck is the point of this shoot? The only people paying for her shit are straight male coomers (including that one tranny I’m sure)

No. 1243746

File: 1622570360131.jpg (199.79 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20210601-125935_Twi…)

Bitch, you expect spoils everyday when it isn't even your "birthday month"

No. 1243749

the point is to make straight men thinks she likes women for fetish points. nothing more than that. every other month of the year she constantly expresses her disdain and dislike of women.

No. 1243774

So she expects spoils every day for her birth month, but sending a sloppy nude to a scrote on his birthday was just too much for her? Ok. Had she sent out the musty nude, the scrote would likely be sending her shit for her birthmonth. But, no, big brain Shaynus had to burn that bridge.

No. 1243790

File: 1622574295167.jpeg (Spoiler Image,993.8 KB, 1242x1508, 55BD91CD-36F9-4527-BE8A-C5B44C…)

This bitch hasn’t posted in 6 days. And was too lazy to take a morning nude so she sent her old photoset where she looks greasy asf with her JoJo Siwa bow….. and she wants coomers to spoil her. The audacity

No. 1243798

40lbs ago, but god damn those eyebrows are distracting.

No. 1243821

File: 1622577051997.jpg (358.74 KB, 1079x1054, Screenshot_20210601-145102_Twi…)

Shay, stfu. Literally no one cares

No. 1243830

She was born smashed headfirst into the wall. She's been looking late twenties ever since she was 17.

No. 1243841

Tldr my mom did this for me when I was younger(we were poor) so I would get a gift here and there through out the month or we would go do something.

Buuuuuuuut this lard ass expects a full amount of gifts for the whole month and I will never get over the fact on how selfish she is(no1curr)

No. 1243863

There are a lot of reasons she couldn’t be a lawyer this being the very least and stupidest of them

No. 1243868

jesus she must have gained 20lbs just in her neck and jowls in the last 9 months

i meant mentally

No. 1243875

Cringe at her thinking this is funny and quirky when it’s just a regurgitated tumblr post, I remember seeing it reposted dozens of times in the 2010s

No. 1243908

Before her teeth and tits took the full force of her bad habits.

No. 1243910

her teeth were still atrocious here, she just decided randomly to take 10 seconds to whiten them in facetune

No. 1243986

Agreed. I expect this behavior from a child, not a grown ass porker. Then again, she thinks a $5 tip, cheap ass Amazon/AliExpress items and Door Dash gift cards are being "spoiled."

Dunno what's more punchable here, her zombie tit or that ugly rat face. Truly one ugly bitch.

No. 1243987

kek of course this pick me loser would sympathize with the obviously guilty criminal, Steven Avery

No. 1244013

expect spoils, receive boils

No. 1244024

File: 1622597900966.jpeg (Spoiler Image,646.49 KB, 1284x1022, 8006487F-6406-4D29-9868-4E65EB…)

full on feeder fetish

No. 1244027

Positively plutonian

No. 1244029

i don't know how she could've picked a less flattering pose

No. 1244031

underrated comment, KEK

No. 1244032

kek nice work anons

No. 1244034

File: 1622599070679.jpg (714.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210601-205821_Twi…)

Why the hell does her arm look like it belongs to a corpse

No. 1244035

she is too fat to be putting that much pressure on it.

No. 1244048

File: 1622600869933.jpg (365.17 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20210601-212808_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1244051

Between scenes? Bitch, we know you do a vid in one take and you only do a single vid once a week or two. She probably means before and after she shoots 1 single lazy low quality porn clip. Gotta get her sugar intake spiked!

No. 1244052

What it actually means "I said something that would mean I switch angles, but I'm too much of a fat lazy bitch, so i continued to lay on my back and pretended to orgasm when I was tired of it. Finished off with a Capri Sun because I sweat so much!"

No. 1244054

Oh sorry and "then I filmed the sloopy, awkward intro because I like to get the sex part over with because I actually dont like it and am not aroused. I just want to talk and be a retard!"

No. 1244065

I don't know why I get chris chan vibes from the way this tweet is written.

No. 1244118

Pretty sure Shay has never came once in her life.

No. 1244220

it's the the out of place elderly man hand pulling on her ass for me

No. 1244244

File: 1622644873315.jpeg (190.65 KB, 828x793, CF12D5A1-138B-4FF2-BB66-267BB4…)

I always laugh harder when its obvious shes been looking through the threads

No. 1244246

Love that she has the audacity to say she wants to be a set designer and pick out outfits for sex workers and really thinks she has style when this is what she throws together. Embarrassing. She just doesnt know how to match colors up whatsoever and forget accessorizing decently.

No. 1244248

Oh I'm sure she'll be using the doctors as an excuse to not cam. Predictable.

No. 1244264

lol seriously, lurk much shayna?
isn’t this like the first time she’s ever mentioned taking the dog into the vet? all of them crammed in that apartment probably have worms and fleas.

No. 1244274

File: 1622649508757.png (17.62 KB, 742x115, 1.PNG)

Great now take Ribmeat to the vet and see how perfect they say your matted cat is.

Funny how in Shayna's life where she announces everything she does days in advance, she suddenly had an appointment for her dog right after we started pointing out how miserable they looked.

No. 1244285

lol would she really have broadcasted if they’d mentioned multiple embarrassing things were wrong with her though? doubt.
her trying to come off like some responsible pet owner is cringe af. she literally has no concept of moving in silence except when she’s back fucking fupa.

No. 1244293

How can someone fully naked be so un-sexy? She looks like she's breathing heavily just beached there like a pink pork cutlet. She looks sticky.

No. 1244301

Taking one out of TND’s book where “perfect” means “there’s actually several things wrong but I will deny it because I am the best pet owner ever”

No. 1244312


she looks so much better with super light colored hair (bleach blond, pastel pink). i think light hair and dark clothes make her look least washed-out.

No. 1244330

>picked up
Is it normal to drop your dog off at the vet like it’s a daycare and come back when their regular check up is done? Literally have never heard of anyone doing this unless the dog is getting surgery or a procedure done. Unless they boarded her while shay went to her dr appointment?

I’m so confused.

No. 1244333

Cuz of covid rn a lot of vets don’t allow people inside and instead will come out and pick up the pet from the car, but if it’s just a normal check up there’s no reason to leave since check ups don’t normally take too long.

No. 1244336

Ah ok thanks for the clarification. I didn’t even consider that.

Sry for the OT autism.

No. 1244339

did fupa drive her? i'd assume it'd be kind of hard to get an uber for that.

No. 1244341

Basic exam doesn't really tell much. And even if it did have worms, mites, or fleas or was under weight or something, Shay wouldnt admit that in a tweet. Shes just trying to stick it to lolcow. But like anon said, let's see her take Rib in and the other cat. She wont take Rib in because Rib is probably a miserable stressed cat and looks grungy af. She needs to call a mobile groomer for her at least.

No. 1244342

Uber's have pet option add on for additional fee. But it's not ideal obviously. Its likely Fupa helped her. But maybe she dropped Noodle off in the uber, then went to her appointment, then picked her up on the way home. Who knows though.

No. 1244347

File: 1622660362901.jpg (Spoiler Image,509.51 KB, 1079x1432, Screenshot_20210602-135928_Twi…)

No. 1244366

Eh I’ve taken my dog in ubers, but let them know before hand. Seriously though, this bitch spends so much on fucking ubers. Are there no buses in Tulsa?
I agree. She’s not getting on cam tonight.

No. 1244374

Public transport is lacking throughout the south, even in big cities, and Tulsa isn't even close to being a big city.

No. 1244391

Shay really edited her boiled ass and armpit fat out.

No. 1244400

the placement of her left hand was a choice

No. 1244406


There is a vet in the shopping district by her house (and that gym she quit) which is like 5-10 min walk from her apartment. So she probably just walked Noodle down for his appointment. The vet being so close begs the question though as to why she never did this any sooner.

No. 1244408

Noodle is a bitch, retard.
>she probably just walked Noodle
Shayna and walking don’t belong in the same sentence. I know her fat-ass didn’t walk there she probably got an Uber instead of walking for 15-20 minutes. She’s so damn fat bitch needs a motorized shopping cart.

No. 1244409

KEK I didn't even notice that. Maybe she's hamming it up for us

No. 1244410

File: 1622665688634.jpg (159.5 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20210602-152830_Twi…)

No one fucking cares Shay

No. 1244411

File: 1622666074042.jpeg (520.53 KB, 1242x1264, 5E565A29-34C4-464A-AFA1-E6E59B…)

Should I unlock this nonnies??

No. 1244413

File: 1622666154458.jpeg (Spoiler Image,598 KB, 1242x1119, 5F9E706E-6297-409F-AF5C-FFC547…)

No. 1244414

File: 1622666192678.jpeg (Spoiler Image,902.03 KB, 866x1605, 29178D50-2F96-4512-ABDF-769407…)

No. 1244415

no it's probably the same kind of vid she posts every other day

No. 1244417

File: 1622666224080.jpeg (Spoiler Image,708.61 KB, 735x1402, 5CAE0B21-8D4A-40EB-86D1-B1FC52…)

No. 1244419

gypsy rose blanchard is shaking

No. 1244425

ntayrt but this response is cracking me up ily anon

No. 1244434

>announces everything she does days in advance, she suddenly had an appointment for her dog right after we started pointing out how miserable they looked.
And you know she's lying because where's her "muh reimbursement."

No. 1244437

File: 1622667685433.jpg (24.4 KB, 206x305, p14569_p_v10_ay.jpg)

i feel like i'm living in this movie everytime i read a shayna thread, like how many times has she said this exact same thing? her life is… looks up thesaurus unpropitious

No. 1244440

That's a fucking cavern. Plato's cave.

No. 1244451

Am I the only one who finds it funny and cringe that Shayna "brags" about cheap junk food? Taking pictures with beers, Kool Aid pouches, making lists of all the weed snacks she buys, and now, "popsicles".
It comes off like bragging to me, I don't know why. It's just weird and cringe.

No. 1244460

I can't believe she still wears high pigtails now that she's a 200 lb lardbarge. Pigtails on their own aren't bad. Wearing them up high like a little kid looks try-hard on most adults though. And the extra weight really takes it from "woman desperately clinging to her youth" to "special ed".

Pls anon, I got a sensible chuckle

No. 1244462

File: 1622670425502.jpeg (403.13 KB, 1242x1548, CD6B2B42-66CF-4E2B-8AA2-4BADE3…)

I got bored so I made an edit
>graphic design is my passion

No. 1244465

Don't be ridiculous nonnie. If she's living the same day over & over then why hasn't she gotten fat-girl brunch & a bottle of $5 wine yet? This is a new day for new things, like cleaning.

No. 1244469

It is hilarious she thinks she’s “owning the haters” aka us. Shayna basically brags about being able to take the day off, not working a 9-5 job and drinking kool aid during her job (diabetes saga when)….
Like, wow, you’re an unemployed, deadbeat, almost hitting your mid-30s whose income relies on pan-handling on Twitter and all you have to show for it about is a shit hole filthy apartment with cheap Amazon furniture, ass pimples, wrinkled aging skin, rotten teeth, a fat ass beer gut, and crusty covered yellow corn feet which makes zero sense as to why you have them because you just sit on your ass all day. I’m so jealous Shayna! Ugh I wish I was thriving like you uwu !!

No. 1244470

KEK good job anon, i love it

No. 1244472

hope that was a typo kek

No. 1244473

…anon she’s 24. Also, we know all that. Chill.

No. 1244474

File: 1622671413805.jpeg (16.53 KB, 300x250, E8A2D4A9-671F-408B-9F85-5EE45A…)

Agreed. Pigtails/ ponytails whatever they’re called only look good on people with extensions or thick hair. It doesn’t look good on fat ugly women with two strands of hair like Shayna.

No. 1244475

Fuck I meant mid 20s but she looks like a middle aged lady sometimes my bad kek

I’m chill as a cucumber nonnie just sperged because Shayna is annoying and fat

No. 1244488

Lord, those chunky ugly headbands are a choice she keeps making.

No. 1244498


this is what i hate about shay, she has every opportunity and the time to better herself and all she does is get fatter and greasier each week

No. 1244506

Kek, this is probably what Shayna thought she looked like when she wore those weave ponytails. Didn't fupa or someone say she looks like Ari?

No. 1244515

one of her twitter orbiters did

No. 1244518

The only Ari thing she is is Grande

No. 1244519

How hard is it to put on a cute little lipstick Shayna jesus christ she looks so washed out

No. 1244521

>Belle Delphine’s retarded cousin,
Belly Dolphin

No. 1244556

womack made me kek, good job anon

No. 1244573

Thank you for this, anon. The monsters Inc gif and womack's dopey mug is hilarious

No. 1244600

File: 1622686223247.jpeg (303.98 KB, 828x777, 553CAA79-A004-433D-B96A-D439D4…)

No. 1244603

So what excuse are you using today , shaynus?

No. 1244604

please no fucking cowtipping tonight please just sit back and talk here instead you idiots

No. 1244606

These are both great kek

No. 1244608

yes for the love of god. contain your autism. it's not cute or funny and shayna won't notice you.

No. 1244609

It was mainly that fucking chazzerz retard

No. 1244613

The face, the flared nostrils, the nasty filmy tongue… it’s absolutely dismal kek. She’s straight up fugly.

Popcorn locked and loaded. Hoping for another sloppy shitshow. Please for the love of god don’t cowtip this time and ruin it for all of us.

No. 1244619

Ngl I'm excited, her liveshows are always entertaining. When I started following her I was way too squeamish to watch and now I kinda regret it kek, she only gets on cam once a month now.

No. 1244621

when was the last time she cammed twice in a row? I can only recall when she was skinny living at the fupa mansion DollHaus

No. 1244624

This. Also, I still can't believe that no one got a clip of her crying over fupa. It was just swept under the rug. Anons kept discussing what was going on, but hardly anyone was descriptive aside from the occasional ugly face screenshot.

No. 1244628

she didn't cam on Monday, and don't forget she cancelled 20 minutes after she was supposed to log on on Friday after delaying the start already. so don't believe she'll log on tonight until she's already on camera

No. 1244629

Don’t jinx it, anons. She might come down w sudden meningitis this time

No. 1244632

she's on, but I can't take screenshots tonight, sorry.

No. 1244638

jasonrwomack already coming in with 27 tokens

No. 1244639

File: 1622690085667.jpg (24.78 KB, 392x314, greasy.JPG)

her hair is so fucking greasy its disgusting. also she's cackling like a retarded witch

No. 1244640

File: 1622690159167.jpg (76.54 KB, 857x479, capture.jpg)

No. 1244642

she has on old makeup. those lash extensions did her eyes no favors.

No. 1244643

Shaynus, honey, when people say it’s sexy to bite your lip, they don’t mean subsuming the whole thing with your teeth.

No. 1244644

File: 1622690330658.jpg (27.73 KB, 448x432, ass pimple.JPG)

No. 1244645

File: 1622690355770.jpg (57.06 KB, 720x396, 20210602_231911.jpg)

No. 1244648

File: 1622690489086.png (224.74 KB, 519x346, dnfskj.png)

No. 1244649

when your love handles stick out further than your pimpled ass

No. 1244651

Those panties just make her ass look looong

No. 1244652

Aww how cute now her ass cheeks match her cockeyed tits

No. 1244653

Those ass pimples tho. Holy shit

No. 1244654

kek, Anon thats too funny

No. 1244655

I love you nonnie. I haven’t kek’d so much before.

No. 1244656

i have a video from the other night seconds before she started crying, trying to figure out Dropbox sorry i’m retarded

No. 1244658

can someone point me to the make up she claimed she put on? All I see is dry lips and a make up free face

No. 1244660

I love how her wand is just on the ground

No. 1244662

if she had her clothes on and it’s less than 15 mins just use streamable

No. 1244664

not this fucking song again

No. 1244667

Giving me some Lillee Jean vibes, such a great makeup artistry.

No. 1244668

she's only on cam because it's her birth month and she expects people to ~spoil her~ so she needs to constantly remind everyone

No. 1244669

File: 1622691112356.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3024x531, 82ECC9B4-AFE9-42AE-AFD3-83EC90…)

No. 1244670

I mean it's no wonder she literally cannot stop touching it.

Drink everytime shaynus touches her hair and you will die.

No. 1244671

File: 1622691149265.jpg (94.3 KB, 720x647, 20210602_233229.jpg)

is this a farmer?

No. 1244672

She acts like this is twitch or something, she gets on cam just to talk to someone.

No. 1244673

That’s me in the corner that’s me in the spotlight losingggggg my religion

Ffs this song got stuck in my bed the last cam show

No. 1244674

God, will she leave R.E.M alone already

No. 1244675

36 guests. we're such supportive bitches.

No. 1244676

her lips are so dry it's crazy she doesn't notice it

No. 1244677

"I can have fun without drinking"

No. 1244678

someone asked her if she would go private and she turned them down and said something about needing to figure out her private show

but she's not doing any kind of public show

No. 1244680

No. 1244681

She's literally just whining going "give me raspberryyyah!!" the fuck

No. 1244682

she loves to talk about food, like her face lights up. The only true emotions are for Fupa and Food.

No. 1244685

she sounds so broken

No. 1244686

I kind of love how she shoves her drinks in the camera like a mukbanger. Just do it

No. 1244687

here's her tip menu translated to USD:

>ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! (6/26) naked @ $25.75! $0.75-spank $1.10-spin wheel $1.25-drink $1.35-feet behind head $1.70-flash $2.50-paddle pussy $3.30-slap face $3.50-blowjob $6.25-dance

camming is fucking bleak

No. 1244688

Ellie98 I swear to god you better not cowtip

No. 1244691

Fuck a sugar daddy, Shayna needs a Stridex daddy. Those are inflamed.

No. 1244692

Why is dancing the most expensive one?

No. 1244693

File: 1622692076084.jpeg (326.25 KB, 813x719, C453A16D-71D1-4734-B8C0-3889F6…)

No. 1244695

because it requires her to stand

No. 1244696

Is tetelo a farmer? They've made several jokes including "farmer" and "cow".

No. 1244697

Wow two whole hours not talking to a boy! So strong and independent! You go, girl.
Ty anon for this mess.

No. 1244698

File: 1622692318388.jpeg (20.13 KB, 480x360, 0B7A5F35-896D-4D47-B61A-E7F430…)

No. 1244699

Im so sick of the chicken dance she does.

No. 1244701

File: 1622692433086.jpg (112.09 KB, 827x495, capture.jpg)

Yeah I thought that too

No. 1244702

File: 1622692433224.jpg (18.67 KB, 267x315, 20210602_235319.jpg)

No. 1244703

File: 1622692579192.jpg (121.65 KB, 1080x720, the-blair-witch-project-ending…)

No. 1244705

Larry & Barry are looking especially angry tonight.

No. 1244706

KEK my thoughts exactly

No. 1244708

Her ass pimples look like two eyes kek(nitpicking)

No. 1244709

those sad twerk attempts… she looks like she’s having a stroke

No. 1244711

Fupas cat was clawing the couch in the background lmaooo and she def yelled at it and low key slapped it away…. It was hard to tell tbh. Did anyone record?

No. 1244712

File: 1622692901629.png (Spoiler Image,360.13 KB, 538x306, sissy 1.PNG)

I love how she literally has to jump to make her ass move, it makes me chuckle. I've never seen someone try to twerk like that.

No. 1244716

This is one of the few times that lolcow has made me laugh out loud.

No. 1244719

File: 1622693354920.png (551.04 KB, 1080x720, autism.png)

No. 1244722

this sexy dancing shes doing, she literally looks like if Amberlyn if she lost 300 pounds

No. 1244724


holy shit, lmaooo

No. 1244727

My sides, her posture is identical

No. 1244729

I'm watching her and laughing, thinking about how she used to tell people to pay her for advice

No. 1244730

File: 1622693525057.png (Spoiler Image,730.94 KB, 1217x626, 000.png)

Sucking on a black dildo while "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division plays in the background

No. 1244731

she just said she doesn't want to do twitch. sorry twitch anon

No. 1244732


After sucking on the dildo, she was gagging and then brought attention to it by saying, and"I just threw up in my mouth a little bit… but its okay because no one saw it."

No. 1244733

Says she wants to figure out how to stream games when she moves to Seattle, but not on twitch because it's "not for her" and she can't be dirty and have fun or whatever

No. 1244734

File: 1622693592423.jpeg (Spoiler Image,210.65 KB, 1978x1125, 85CBA1DC-7119-4663-9789-B145AF…)

No. 1244735

File: 1622693697488.jpg (76.99 KB, 853x479, la creatura.jpg)

No. 1244736

She played Mario kart with fupa lmaoo

No. 1244738

please someone make this the next thread pic, kek

No. 1244740

File: 1622693984717.jpeg (391.82 KB, 1092x664, E322BEEF-CE3D-4D37-8573-631CA1…)

She is so boring she’s on her switch trying to buy a game

No. 1244742

File: 1622694144913.jpg (53.69 KB, 720x403, 20210603_002211.jpg)

literally everyone is bored including Shaynus

No. 1244743

this is the best thing to come out of a shayna thread in at least a year

No. 1244744

bless you anon lol

No. 1244746

File: 1622694620101.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.22 KB, 1078x576, Screenshot_20210603-003019_Chr…)

buffalo bill back at it again

No. 1244747

She’s definitely gotten fatter over the past month, holy shit

No. 1244748

File: 1622694646587.png (Spoiler Image,120.88 KB, 268x308, Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 9.30…)


No. 1244749

File: 1622694669421.png (Spoiler Image,277.86 KB, 420x292, lol2.PNG)

whats that thing called where that dude speards his huge asshole at the camera?

No. 1244750

File: 1622694693196.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.5 KB, 927x1037, E973EDC6-A46A-4937-8E7C-D4E386…)

No. 1244751

The absolute silence in the chat while she shakes her flat pimpled booty to Britney Spears…

No. 1244752

File: 1622694782035.png (95.11 KB, 235x259, Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 9.33…)

her hair is so nasty

No. 1244753

File: 1622694801931.jpeg (Spoiler Image,755.29 KB, 1184x1322, 7D3843AF-8F3C-4A99-9828-DCD090…)

No. 1244754

File: 1622694806148.gif (854.07 KB, 300x173, DifferentEarnestAmericanlobste…)

No. 1244755

File: 1622694836821.png (33.67 KB, 465x50, Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 9.34…)


No. 1244756

This cowtipper is weird ass hell.

No. 1244758

File: 1622694879628.jpg (Spoiler Image,458.92 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20210603-003448_Chr…)

stop cowtipping lol

No. 1244759

File: 1622694881253.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.42 KB, 938x636, 791506AA-6F33-4792-883F-09EF93…)

Someone anonymous is bullying me - Shaynus 2021

No. 1244760

why’d they cowtip, it’s so embarrassing

No. 1244762

yall need to stop fucking cowtipping. it's not even that funny retards

No. 1244764

"a couple of people" What a self own. That Cowtipper sucks and but she's really bothered.

No. 1244765

quit fuckin cow tipping asshole

No. 1244766

File: 1622694983384.png (Spoiler Image,2.71 MB, 1242x2208, 13523383-0C25-468C-92B1-2F0807…)

People have been harassing me since I was 15…. stfu Shayna boo fucking hoo fatty I know you’re triggered

No. 1244769

Omg cowtippers fuck off.

But Shayna does have the option to turn off the chat for guest/members without tokens so she’s allowing it with some level of intention. Presumably because her room would be dead without it.

But ffs stop being so obvious.

No. 1244773

That’s most likely why. Cowtippers are so retarded, without tipping there’d be a lot more milk, now you just get her annoyed and probably ending stream early too. Jfc.

No. 1244776

Pretty sure the cow tippers are cam whores that hate shay and her threads.

No. 1244777

did someone say something to her? Why is she randomly bringing up the haterz and now she wants to get off.

No. 1244778

her dry lips trigger the fuck out of me

No. 1244779

>music keeps randomly stopping
>guiz omg what if there's a ghost
anons we're about to get this for real >>1244719

No. 1244780

She sure did a lot of angry typing on her phone after getting that cowtip.

No. 1244781

Wasn't she talking about using her fuck machine on cam to "fuck all night"?

No. 1244782

because 1) she lurks here and 2) the cowtippers are obvious

No. 1244783

Did this bitch just pick her nose and wipe it on her thigh???

No. 1244784

>picks nose and proceeds to rub it on her thigh

No. 1244785

the fact she's listening to Cam'ron rubbing her dry cooch is killing me

No. 1244787

Even her ass nipples are cockeyed

No. 1244788

why is she so disgusted by a scrote saying disgusting shit to her. Didn't she say she love this shit when talking about her mom.
I thought she liked it. Instead she gets mad. I thought she likes being objectified?

No. 1244790

File: 1622696284269.png (1.06 MB, 1094x778, Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 12.5…)

Cringing at a coomer sending autistic emotes in chat

No. 1244792

there are only two people in the room who have ever bought MFC tokens let alone tipped her kek

No. 1244793

has she ever made thousands from one cam session? She's not even doing anything, she has a attitude, she's bored and won't do anything but retarded chicken dances.All she's been doing is playing in her hair and rubbing her tits.

No. 1244794

File: 1622696500670.jpeg (Spoiler Image,784.2 KB, 1116x1477, 3DE5CFAA-A0A7-4D84-86FF-4DC3FD…)

Shayna being scared on cam and calling noodle to protect her

No. 1244795

She can't even pretend to car about what that person is saying to her.

No. 1244796

She's also leaving as people are still tipping her. How is she so bad at her job??

No. 1244799

File: 1622696679634.jpg (38.58 KB, 720x422, 20210603_010429.jpg)

is she really doing a private show now? why does it say this?

No. 1244800

This is the only time I've watched Shayna and wow…she could easily quit sex work and just be a normal (greasy, extremely boring) person if she went back home. I mean hell, she is NOT at all interested in her customers or sexually entertaining….. she's already 3/4 there! She clearly gets nothing from this except bragging about hattuurrrzzz

No. 1244804

File: 1622696899739.jpeg (523.8 KB, 1242x693, 52D603DA-4494-4072-A3D5-9E5870…)

Poor Mr Peanut Butter

No. 1244807

I didn't get a cap but she went into True Private for a couple minutes, a one on one show where she gets 4 dollars a minute from the person. it couldn't have been more than $20 worth though

No. 1244808

Die in a literal fire retard stop cowtipping

No. 1244809

12 second clip of Shat talking about the haters

No. 1244810

I wasn’t retard I just showed a video of her getting grossed out by dumb emojis

No. 1244813

She should def get an implant in the melting titty

No. 1244814

Doing private shows is really her best bet at this point. She doesn't get caught lacking on camera in front of us, and she makes enough money for her breakfast the following day

No. 1244815

Oh my b, I guess you had a typo. Your post said “my emojis” and I thought you meant you were sending them

No. 1244816

No kek it’s alright I meant by not my oops

No. 1244817

Shayna cackling like a witch and admitting she has to smoke or drink every few hours and if she isn’t that means she’s asleep

No. 1244818

Never mind fuck you anon I got banned because of my dumbass typo I wasn’t even cowtipping obtuse retard(this is autistic)

No. 1244819

Suddenly she tweets 10 CT instead of 10 EST like last time. Don’t know if she’s lurking as anons talked about it or someone told her what time zone she’s actually in.

No. 1244822

Please Shayna,put some concealer and powder over your gnarly boils before doing live/vids. Even porn rot coomers must notice.

God that ugly rug looks like a septic leak flooded her room.

No. 1244823

I didn’t report you! I told you to die in a fire lol. Absolutely my mistake, but proofread better I guess? It’s a catty site full of catty women, I’ve gotten dumb bans too. You can probably appeal it to the farmhands.

No. 1244824

Why does she keep referring to herself as "she" like as cringy 3rd person. I know it's a meme format, but she just sounds wack and fucking stupid saying it outloud and multiple times within a minute.

No. 1244826

Makes sense. I know Jack shit about the south or Tulsa, but I guess public transit is more of a big city thing. Still if she saved her money from uber and doordash, she could get an okay car.
but the dumbass would probably never check her oil and blow a head gasket
Thanks, she quit early and I missed it. You guys aren't even funny.

No. 1244827


those microbladed brows look tragic. i’d take the gremlin eyebrows from last thread over these fine lines.

No. 1244828

Noodle didn't even want to come over to her. And also its fucking super weird to be live on cam completely naked and get your dog. Can she just not be completely braindead and gross for a few seconds?

No. 1244831


The absolute peak of bleak fatness to need a fridge a couple inches away at all times. She looks like she’s melting.

Tried to watch but it was just her picking probably literal shit off a black dildo before sucking it. Felt nauseous and left.

No. 1244832

That's the thing about cowtippers. They're always completely obvious and not even funny. If that Nathan scat person was a farmer like I thought it was, THAT was a decent cowtipper. But just commenting stupid shit that's directly from here on her stuff is just retarded and pointless. She lurks here. She knows shes a trainwreck, she just copes by living in a drunk and high stupor 24/7.

No. 1244833

pretty sure shaynus was one who typed in the thread earlier that her haters were just cam whores who were jealous of her threads

No. 1244834

also this is like year 4 of this so all this shit has already been done by anons with better humor and more tact. it's just lazy and attention-seeking.

it's pretty common knowledge that a lot of camwhores have congregated itt. it used to be rife with "omg i'm sooo much more successful than shayna just doing the bare minimum" etc. it's not a "hi cow" moment.

No. 1244835

is no one going to mention the fact that she picked up her cat and set it on her naked crotch at the end when she sat down jfc im grossed out

No. 1244837

Kek no I’m not shay and I said -hated- her threads and her. I didn’t say anything about being jealous. Several cam whores have come here and self posted over the years. It’s not far fetched at all that they go into her cam shows and shit all over it with obvious cowtipping.

I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of shay.

No. 1244865

i love u anon

No. 1244867

She really got on cam tonight only to dance like buffalo bill a few times, pick her nose and wipe it on herself, rage at hAtErZ and some dumb coomer, and talk about food. What the actual fuck.

No. 1244895


No. 1244900

This is sad. I recall being dependent on weed. Smoked all day and thought it was ok. I still know people like that and it reminds me of how unhappy I use to be when I used weed and alcohol as a coping mechanism. That’s what she’s doing(no1curr)

No. 1244919


No. 1244920

This is what happens when your only socialization comes from the internet. It wouldn't surprise me if she was one of those girls that adopts cringey gay vernacular from Drag Race & tries to bond with other girls in the bar bathroom by saying shit like "oh yes gawd mawma, your mug is serving sis, work"


No. 1244922

it's not exactly a secret these threads are full of cam whores. farmhands mark them all the time

No. 1244940

Such a good sex wurker huh. No surprise only farmers watch her livestreams, since she never follows trough with plans, gets angry with her coomers and does nothing sexual in stream? Like wtf, how is anyonesuppossed to get off from that. Shaynus needs to retire and find an actual job for real.

No. 1245038

I wonder if she cancels her streams so often bc she knows the only people in them are Womack and farmers

No. 1245057


of course she knows this - people need to stop cowtipping

No. 1245070

File: 1622732148500.jpg (12.08 KB, 228x221, f.jpg)

No. 1245089

and somehow Ace Ventura still has more sex appeal

No. 1245092

what’s with all the newfags that think the farmers in chat are some kind of covert operatives? it literally could not be more obvious.

No. 1245122

this actually had me wheezing til i couldnt breathe someone has to include this in next thread pic

No. 1245132

In case any anons missed it
Here’s Shayna dancing like an autistic chicken to I’m a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

No. 1245134

nah just use >>1244719

No. 1245138

File: 1622738210283.gif (Spoiler Image,19.41 MB, 754x370, 20210603_123248.gif)

why the fuck does she move like that

No. 1245142

File: 1622739056437.gif (191.97 KB, 220x132, tenor.gif)

literally all i can see
she's doing it rather frequently too, lately kek

No. 1245144

Those panties did her zero favors jfc

No. 1245157

She has zero ass + she can't dance. I love how she just gives up when she bends over, I've never seen someone with a such a flat ass constantly highlight it. Fupa really fucked her mind up telling her she has a ass now.

No. 1245163

File: 1622740869279.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.93 KB, 1215x621, holy fuck.JPG)

why the fuck does this screenshot look like its disorted holy shit truly a cursed image

No. 1245166

What an unfortunate body shape for a "sex worker". Girl needs to do a little yoga to stretch that back out, she looks so unsexy when she's bending over kek

No. 1245170

anon, she's beyond yoga helping with anything

No. 1245176

File: 1622741764993.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.88 KB, 504x334, Capture.JPG)


What is that weird dent on her back near her armpit on one side? You can see it through the whole video when she turns around and she doesn't have it on the other side. Can't figure it out but it looks super lopsided

No. 1245178

File: 1622741936371.jpg (474.17 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20210603-123743_Twi…)

Yeah, sure Shay

No. 1245180

You're right idk why I'm shouting it into the void kek

No. 1245189

it’s called fat rolls anon

No. 1245191

I'm sorry anon, I was the one who reported you. I thought you were bragging about cowtipping.
I've noticed she emphasizes "Central Standard" time a lot because of that. kek
Now that you pointed that out, I can't unsee it. It's so lopsided.

No. 1245192


ewwwwww the boil on her one ass cheek infected the other cheek and now they press together! that is not a pimple, only boils infect other spots that quickly! poor girl cant even take the proper time off to heal herself! maybe she should have practiced self care before this issue turned into a month long affair!

No. 1245193

I see it and it is weird and doesn’t look like a normal “fat roll”… and what’s really weird is, that’s the zombie tit side of her body!

No. 1245216

It can happen with scoliosis, but maybe she was just leaning more on one leg

No. 1245222

Oh so she's back on her "Prepped meals" shit, what a waste of money when she's still going to snack and drink like normal.

No. 1245224

inb4 she's ordering to have candy delivered again

No. 1245225

kek @ her admitting to wasting money on doordash but back to prepped meals again? it makes me wonder if another gymrat barbie cycle is coming soon and what the excuse will be when she inevitably quits. i don't think anything can top the "racist trainer" lie

No. 1245260

File: 1622746551098.jpeg (735.14 KB, 1242x1170, CFFACA55-4474-4552-AD3B-95D26E…)

why does she frequently diss and subtweet the people who buy her shit…..

No. 1245263

File: 1622746657073.jpeg (841.16 KB, 1242x1406, A42AC613-C188-40C0-992E-FCABFB…)

Shaynus Luther King Trans Activist

No. 1245265

she probably has like 15 old chickfila bags laying around her apartment as we speak

No. 1245266

At least kek

No. 1245270

Her ass looks like a pair of men's knees.

No. 1245272

Her eating habits blow my mind, if I ordered ubereats (which we use in the UK) every day for one meal, let alone twice, I’d be in debt….that shit is expensive. Literally it’s not hard to learn to cook, and if you want basic just buy some pasta and jar sauce. Most people manage to work a full 9-5 and still cook a meal when they get home. What the fuck does she do all day???? It’s exasperating

No. 1245275

File: 1622747202949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,828.89 KB, 1791x3464, CB97BD0A-8C6D-41A7-B7A4-29ED4F…)

No. 1245279

yep it's like ~$15-20 minimum for food for a normal person. we all know shayna eats enough for like 4 people for every meal so i wouldn't be surprised if she's spending upwards of $80-100/day.

No. 1245282

because it’s literally the ONLY thing going on in her life. she has absolutely nothing better to do.

No. 1245283

if there's one thing shayna is gonna do consistently, it's fumble her own bag

No. 1245284

File: 1622747599955.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 3464x3464, A3A95FE0-AA7C-457F-9876-2A6141…)

She got roasted by dumb obnoxious cowtippers about her lopsided boobs, so she went to onlyfans to cope and fish for compliments no one commented which is the sad part

No. 1245286

let’s just remember these are the pics people pay for. she posts more edited higher quality pics for free on her twitter. it’s wild.

No. 1245288

Um he’s probably wanting you to tell him about your fantasies and act on them ,you retard. You don’t need to be a sw to understand what does this mean Jesus Christ

No. 1245295

It's a step forward that she tried to move on camera at all but the way she digs her hand into her asscrack when she parts it at the end instead of just grabbing a cheek is so wtf, why can't she just look up how normal camgirls move and copy that

You don't need to include your country of residence anon

No. 1245296

Her cheetoh orange feet and oblong ass are repulsive

No. 1245297

a smart girl who wants to make money would work with him or throw a few ideas around. She really hates her job and hates when she has to interact with Coomers. She's trying to move though. She loves her job though. She works so hard and her work is so high quality though.

No. 1245299

she barely has any ass cheeks to grab.

No. 1245304

She literally got Chick fil a all the time at the fupa mansion

No. 1245308

That was before she started pandering to the troon community. After that one troon started to give her any attention she’s turned into an “ally”. She’s hoping it’ll boost her numbers

No. 1245332

how can this bitch be so fat yet lack all ass or hips, how tf is that even possible? she's such a trans ally, she became a troon herself

No. 1245334

Fuck that, my knees are more shapely than that long back bitch.

No. 1245364

okay male

No. 1245375

Literally it could be such an easy custom being able to choose or ya know, just be helpful to a fucking potential customer. But the reality is that she doesnt have any ideas herself (a lot of her content nowadays is just from coomers customs) and she doesnt like being sexual. Or working. Shes just so petty and literally stupid her first instinct is to run to twitter and blast her few customers or potentials for a couple likes/a shitty meme.

No. 1245380

God works in mysterious ways kek

No. 1245381

File: 1622755035954.jpeg (Spoiler Image,584.59 KB, 1242x933, D468E083-0F59-4030-992B-503B86…)

No. 1245391

File: 1622755653109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,318.01 KB, 785x655, FC80B741-AE9F-4434-A070-E02036…)

All her doordash meals went to her stomach and arms. Absolutely none of it went to her butt. Her ass looks even smaller than before because of how big she’s gotten. The length of butt crack looks like it’s 2 inches. She has big old lunch lady arms that don’t much her bottom half. Not proportioned at all

No. 1245392

File: 1622755756245.png (123.75 KB, 528x277, nasty.png)


that hanging chin tho

No. 1245394

god help us

No. 1245400

The one thing Shaynus can't order off Amazon: The willpower to stop sitting on her flat ass and do a few at home-exercises to help that tragic ass-sack.

No. 1245401

this is a nicoavcado like picture

No. 1245407

Why the fuck would anyone ever share this with the world? She manages to make all her porn look like a deranged serial killer took it.

No. 1245408

giving us ventriloquist puppet realness

No. 1245412

This gif is fucking amazing. Bless, anon

No. 1245418

I'm dead, anon.

No. 1245419

With all those fat rolls she's a white boiler suit away from making michelin man cosplay porn.

No. 1245433

Ya think shaynus falls into to the toilet because she has nothing to sit on??

No. 1245454

Found footage of a goblin trapped in a well

No. 1245455

you can't convince me this isn't the lower face of someone's grandma

No. 1245459

She thinks it's a flex to spend $50+ on lunch. Doesn't matter that she's eating at low-class fat-girl box stores & half the cost is just delivery fees.
A successful woman might drop $50 on fancy overpriced appetizers with the girls. But dropping $50 to uber to Olive Garden? That's just broke fat girl behaviour. Makes her seem pov & bad with money rather than wealthy like she thinks.

Not surprising. The only reason she's in sex "work" in the first place is because she doesn't actually want to work kek. The audacity of this male to ask her to put forth effort.

No. 1245460

The last thing a cheemsburger sees

No. 1245467

fuck chick-fil-a for being anti-gay and anti-choice, though
not that shayna actually cares

No. 1245482

File: 1622761528386.png (Spoiler Image,170.13 KB, 395x309, dyingbreed.png)

She looks like a decapodian in the screenshot anon posted kek

No. 1245487

Sorry if this has been said already but I feel like there’s a correlation between her ass acne and that cat paw cushion on her chair. We already know she never wears underwear and sweats buckets, that mixed with never bathing and having her ass plopped in that chair in the Tulsa heat is the perfect recipe for swamp ass acne

No. 1245492

Eww I forgot that she said she never wears underwear. No fucking wonder her ass looks like that. It's one thing to marinate on your own musty cushion, but she's been wiping her snail-trail all over barstools as well. Nasty.

No. 1245504

anon she’s been having bouts of ass acne on and off since she first started sex work. i think she simply doesn’t bathe.

No. 1245534

She only takes sad depression showers kek

No. 1245535

No. 1245543

Her vag is perpetually dry as fuck but this is still so nasty. Imagine the sweat.

No. 1245546

File: 1622767832103.png (97.54 KB, 275x337, Mr._Stay-Puft_Marshmallow_Man.…)

Stay Puft pr0n lookin bitch

No. 1245566

FFS I didn't need to see this anon. Please warn everyone. She literally ate her own pussy juice and there was squelching.

No. 1245569

I'm not going to insult the way that she's shaped because a lot of women have this body type and having a flat ass is normal.

However she doesn't know how to move in ways and doesn't own any lingerie which flatters her body as much as she can do. She's just so awkward.

No. 1245570

Most of the pimples are close to or around her butt crack so I'm guessing they come from shaving.

No. 1245573

How many chicks do you know shaped like fridge boxes? Because that's unfortunate.

No. 1245577

Rectangle is the most common female body type. Most women have hips that measure 8 inches or less than their waist.

No. 1245583

anon don't act like you can't go to the grocery store right now and find at least 10 women with shaynus' exact body type. she just aggravates the situation by eating like shit, being an alcoholic and being almost totally sedentary.

No. 1245588

It's gotten to the point where she just can't get away with being completely naked on camera.

She needs some lingerie to trick the eye into making her look less fridge shaped.

Not that I want to see Shayna either way, but it would help her grow in popularity.

No. 1245591

I probably see more women that look like Shayna than women who are more hourglass shaped. Unless you live in a place full of really attractive people like LA that's usually the case. I live in Bulgaria and I see women that look like Shayna all day everyday. In fact she looks like any fat balkan mom in her capris and graphic tee in kaufland. She would fit right in.

No. 1245595

shayna's body isn't abnormal, but for her job/name/persona, hell yeah it's weird to see someone with that body type claiming to be a "Barbie Bimbo".
Especially with her saying she has a fat ass. Then couple with the way she moves and her body being her job, I think thats why she gets these comments.
If I saw Shayna on the street, I would'nt think she was anything but the average everyday girl, but badly dressed.

No. 1245598

Her body type wouldn't even seem that unfortunate if she'd just dress better instead of trying to stuff everything into a size small toddler outfit straight out of a sweatshop somewhere.

No. 1245601

to be fair, not a lot of dudes want a completely naked chick on cam. lingerie is hotter than nudity whether men know it or not. shayna is just past her peak and doesn’t get that she isn’t tiny and looks cute flouncing around with nothing on.

No. 1245607

File: 1622772705301.jpg (11.26 KB, 155x155, 20210604_141158.jpg)

Free Mr. Peanut Butter, somebody, anybody kek. Poor lil man looks absolutely miserable whenever we catch a rare glimpse of him.

No. 1245608

the main problem is that shayna does not know how to entertain or put on a show. she has no idea how to slowly ramp things up and keep things interesting. just tip, do the task like a robot, and go back to slouching and awkwardly laughing. she doesn’t understand that successful camming is a performance.

No. 1245619

Yeah, this is the real issue. Her body is unfortunate because she doesn't take care of it and she's fat now, but when she was thin and had that stoner-chick, grungy Tumblr look, her body (not her face, though, kek) was attractive. Some anons here might make fun of her for having a flat ass, but I don't think that's inherently a problem at all. She just has zero idea how to dress herself or take care of herself.

I don't understand why she thought it was a good idea to change her entire aesthetic when she had amassed such a following with her old one. Why would people want to see fat "Barbie" porn when they had followed her for her stoner-girl thing? She's just so fucking dumb at running her sw "business."

No. 1245622

> Unless you live in a place full of really attractive people like LA that's usually the case.

Kek I don’t want to derail too much but people look normal in LA. It isn’t some fantasyland full of abnormally attractive people (unless you count homeless addicts as attractive)

No. 1245623

It's the way she licks her lips like a lizard or a baby eating baby food does for me. How is she still in this when EVERYTHING she does is just so unsexy?? I know dudes have no standards and will fap to anything, but I know theres fat ugly idiots that actually enjoy being sexy and are decent at it. I just… sometimes anons are really critical of her when its things dudes wouldn't notice or care about. But it's like, theres some things that I just dont know how you could not laugh or be like wtf. I guess retards accept retards.

No. 1245624

Shes not interesting enough as a personality and she doesn't act sultry or anything like that. She acts like camming is an ig live or something. It's fine to be funny and silly, but she's just so one dimensional and doesn't take it seriously mostly because she has to get high and drunk to even get on. You can tell she takes the limited generic media around her and tries to make it her personality instead of actually being entertaining or interesting. Idk she's just a really painfully average person who just wont leave the internet because they want to go viral or be someone because they've got no other option but to admit they're a failure.

No. 1245625

And here I thought I’ve seen all of the released pictures Dennis Rader aka the BTK killer took of himself.

No. 1245627

Which brings to question if she even has an inner monologue going. She’s worse than the NPC meme. She quite literally has no personality.

No. 1245631

File: 1622776060617.jpeg (370.25 KB, 1170x2048, B24A7A45-9F90-4074-99FA-907A47…)

Old Scrote confirmed lurker, he finally posted a different gif kek

No. 1245633

even BTK had the good sense to keep his clothes on and he only took his photos for himself

No. 1245635

Thing about rectangle and apple shaped bodies is that they can be really attractive as long as you stay thin. A thin apple shape is a woman with big boobs and a rectangle shape is proportional with a lanky quality. Shayna thin had a nice body. Her boobs were perky and clothes draped off her nicely because there wasn't any exaggerated measurements. Shayna has nothing working for her and any type of advice is not worth the words typed.

No. 1245639

>retards accept retards
There's a reason why none of the girls Womack follows are top tier snipers. Even coomers have to be somewhat realistic.
As a barrel body in a flyover state that dresses in hot pink, she will continue to get unfettered access to the finest FAS byproducts that Oklahoma has to offer.

If she spirals even further downhill, she'll just downgrade to attracting even more colourful degenerates. Ones dumber & more redneck than Womack. That's the beauty of sex work. As a woman, you'll always have at least one customer. If you're in it for attention, like Shaynus is, you'll always receive that bare minimum that keeps you hooked in.
She might eventually not be able to pay her bills, but she'll always have at least one simp.

No. 1245643

>any type of advice is not worth the words typed
i wish the anons that come in and post their shaytard manifestos every day would take this heart

No. 1245653

Straight out of a found footage horror movie Jesus Christ

No. 1245673

File: 1622782342848.jpeg (304.47 KB, 1213x810, 10E77366-D7C9-44AE-8781-C675F9…)

Fatty can’t stop thinking about fast food jfc

No. 1245694

File: 1622786147514.jpeg (973.66 KB, 2315x1214, C2012D13-D5B0-41AF-A066-59706B…)

No. 1245750

one boob sticks out so much farther than the other

No. 1245775

this looks like a fucking screenshot from The Descent

No. 1245801

She’s so rough with her dry ass pussy

No. 1245807


and im sure she blames it all on fupa or possibly her parents, instead of her bleak lifestyle

No. 1245818

There are bigger retards than womak? Kek

>As a barrel body in a flyover state that dresses in hot pink, she will continue to get unfettered access to the finest FAS byproducts that Oklahoma has to offer.

I love some of the descriptions on this thread.

Maybe you should write Shayna's biography book anon.

No. 1245824

File: 1622807604624.jpeg (202.53 KB, 1200x640, CDDA5E13-7AF4-4601-8E43-75E8AD…)

Why didn’t you tell me Shaynus was a movie star?

No. 1245839

File: 1622809106406.jpg (393.33 KB, 640x640, inCollage_20210604_151833693.j…)

No. 1245841


No. 1245858

I dunno about a biography but I dedicate this piece to you, anon.

Late upon a midnight fleeting,
While I doordash'd (also tweeting),
Leaving dildoes, never sweeping,
Strewn upon the dirty floor.

Quoth the Shaynus, 'nevermore'

No. 1245861

anon thank you for this autism gave me a slight chuckle

No. 1245866

the worst part is that her mom will probably gift her something for her birthday even though she was a bitch to her on mother's day.>>1245841

No. 1245867


No. 1245878

File: 1622816934145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,594.06 KB, 1242x2164, 960979B7-8ECD-4834-A69A-9FC0E8…)

Shayna’s threads have gotten so dry and boring that anons are making movie posters…… had to make one
>graphic design is my passion

No. 1245889

I'm sure this would be the scariest horror movie I've ever seen.

No. 1245894

File: 1622818871441.jpeg (2.31 MB, 3150x3449, 7560C73B-303F-4EC8-A11A-B083E0…)

>Imagine being Shayna’s mom
>googles daughters legal name
>this bullshit pops up

No. 1245895

File: 1622819068655.jpeg (325.91 KB, 1242x1155, 369DFE7E-02C1-491B-82AB-DCEBFF…)

Has Shatna even used the Lizzie McGuire makeup yet….???

No. 1245896

Oh man I forgot how many great thread pics she’s had kek. Art.

No. 1245897

big Rachel Dratch energy in that one

No. 1245898

Her bathroom drawer or wherever she keeps all this untouched make up must be getting cramped. She hasnt done "full" make up but once since getting her stupid lashes done but ok

No. 1245900

kek imagine her dad wonders if people are talking about him in relation to his daughter's internet activities, so he googles "shayna clifford father" and the first thing he sees is about her airing out her wizard sleeve

No. 1245911

she certainly never whipped out the two lip glosses that came with it

No. 1245912

Anon pls, i love you, it’s so bad and wonderful.

No. 1245913

I’ve always loved the art anons in shay threads. Half of them are pure autism but the other half are chefs kiss

No. 1245915

Kek I thought the exact same thing

No. 1245916

how is that on brand in any way? bimbos don’t fuck monsters. neither do barbies. forever searching for a personality and brand, it’s shaynus.

No. 1245917

She means 3 large dildo’s shaped like animal’s genitals. Although one is an alien dick I guess ? I don’t know. It’s all terrible.

No. 1245918

Pretty sure there isn’t a zoophile Barbie doll, which shaynus seem to think exists.

No. 1245919

File: 1622822296938.jpg (365.56 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20210604-105834_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1245921

shaynus, MRA ally

No. 1245922

I don’t remember the “alien abduction” edition barbie, kek

No. 1245927

Thanks anon i had a good laff

No. 1245930

Her pick-me’ism has no boundaries. Pretty sure nobody has said such things.

No. 1245931

Her fucking tranny pandering is so transparent. I do guess whatever you have to do to maintain your one twitter friend?

No. 1245945

File: 1622825789773.jpg (323.69 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210604-115640_Twi…)

Coming from the bitch who said she can't go to brunch because she has to save up to move

No. 1245948

this shit is incredible ugly and it just goes to show how she has literally no one to talk to… it's so not on brand for a barbie bimbo uwu but she just needs to announce it to the world that she bought this shit

No. 1245952

oh great, more ugly mismatched pinks

No. 1245955

File: 1622827043288.jpeg (389.9 KB, 791x584, FE7099A9-3B7B-48BA-966B-279E86…)

i know this comparison has probably been made a million times but i just had to

No. 1245956

samefag sorry for responding to the op that was a slip up on my part

No. 1245957

can we put a day's moratorium on low-effort, unfunny mspaint creations?

No. 1245958

it’s so fucking ugly and cheesy. grow up.

No. 1245959

is she really so lazy that she can't regularly get her damn mail. she's mentioned a few times now that she has stuff, probably just to make these sad tweets, then takes forever to show it if she can even be bothered to do that much.

it's her ~birth month~ and she will probably put out a couple of vids, a bunch of the same pork sweat glow pix and lots of whining about not being spoiled enough.

No. 1245960

some of us are bored anon

No. 1245962

then make them better

No. 1245963

I truly wonder if living in OK is giving her a false sense of hotness. Easy to feel attractive when you are a 180lb (??) manatee surrounded by 400lb Walmart landwhales.

Jk I guess fupa would rather have a deathfat than her pimply ass

No. 1245972

>I have such good taste in fashion and putting outfits together
>buys yellow, purple, and hot-dog-colored shoes with pink and white checkers

No. 1245979

I wish she would use her money for good.
She could be eco friendly and sustainable but she has no drive for it. She’s just selfish, she doesn’t donate to people unless she benefits from it. If she donated from the heart she’d plaster it all over. Just an incredibly selfish person, that’s who she is, nothing more

No. 1245980

>eco friendly and sustainable
that's a big ask for someone that doesn't even cook their own food

No. 1245983

File: 1622829405563.jpeg (226.84 KB, 1024x1024, E3DUs96X0AMZcS0.jpeg)

Look at the ugly ass material the shoes are made of. That Patrick shoe is gonna get filthy quick

No. 1245988

she's going to look extra special needs in this

No. 1246003

>or jokes about hating a bi girl for dating a guy
I bet we’ll be hearing a lot more of this from her this month kek I forgot she even identified as bi

No. 1246004

mesh and suede with beads and checkers? I'm actually getting triggered by these whack ass shoes lmao what is she DOING

the backpack looks poorly made but at least not so horribly garish

No. 1246005

These are so ugly and tacky I'm sorry anyone older than 12 shouldnt wear these lol

No. 1246006

this is probably the closest she's been to a dish rag in ages

No. 1246026

Well now she's claiming she's Pansexual

No. 1246028

Kek, this is fucking ugly, I can’t wait to see the only outfit she will accessorize with this disgusting combo.

No. 1246030

Lol at these not looking Barbie or bimbo whatsover. When you remove those two things, her style just boils down to 'awkward sped preteen'.

No. 1246048

But you guys! How else is she supposed to let everyone know how quirky and unique she is for liking SpongeBob at 24yrs old!!

No. 1246053

File: 1622835725041.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1242x1574, 850A0B4F-D154-4BAE-8B66-E952A8…)

No. 1246054

File: 1622835760607.jpeg (Spoiler Image,634.51 KB, 1242x1290, 26AE32EF-E1F8-4AD9-B706-FF2E7A…)

No. 1246089

Her feet deserve their own spoiler.

Wash your hair shay jfc

No. 1246130


To all the people who complained her images weren't HD and photoshopped – look what you've done.

No. 1246140

This one is my favorite, personally

No. 1246143

I do not understand how she lives being so grimy. If I don’t wash my hair for longer than ~four days it drives me absolutely bonkers.

No. 1246155

File: 1622844683751.jpeg (674.85 KB, 1242x1261, AC72ED75-3AA3-49A5-AFC2-3B6619…)

Yes, we know, you don’t wash your hair. Not worth posting the blown up versions but holy shit the eye bags. Girl….

No. 1246163

Her eyes are slowly morphing into Steve Buscemi's

No. 1246171

Serious question, how do eye bags get this bad? She sets her own schedule so she sleeps in everyday and naps all the time so its not like she could be exhausted.

She looks like a daytime Walmart employee who also works the graveyard shift at Denny's to make ends meet. Her eye bags have their own bags.

No. 1246178

>how do eye bags get this bad?
the result of not drinking enough water+drinking too much alcohol+eating too much salt for years

No. 1246179


No. 1246182

I think some of it must be genetic. I've seen little kids with eye bags before, though they were small little cute ones, like the kind you see kpop people drawing on with makeup. I think she probably always had them, but made them saggy & huge by being hydrophobic.

No. 1246201

File: 1622848366167.jpeg (1.28 MB, 3464x3464, 6268055B-1BC6-4F60-AA1B-399D54…)

aegyo sal and eye bags from alcoholism isn’t the same thing lmao

No. 1246203

Her wrinkly ballsack… all up in my face…

No. 1246206

yeah that anon is retarded kek

No. 1246208

She’s likely enlarging her tiny demon eyes with an app and it makes her look terrifying

No. 1246223

File: 1622850280543.jpeg (486.11 KB, 1242x1521, 0C8ED813-8BBD-4FBC-AA6F-F3B6DB…)

guys Shaynus is going to cam today

No. 1246230

Yes yes yes. I stg if the retard cowtippers ruin it this time….

No. 1246239

they will but hopefully not as bad as the last two times have been

No. 1246241

the cowtippers suck any and all fun out of these threads, and for what? an autistic sense of satisfaction? ye ok thanks for spoiling it for the rest of us

No. 1246244

>and for what? an autistic sense of satisfaction?
100% but i'm not even sure what satisfaction they're getting out of it when it's literally just pissing everyone in the threads off. it's cringey and embarrassing.

No. 1246253

would be nice if someone could record

No. 1246265

people usually record interesting bits, but as someone that's sat through her hours-long cam shows, they're honestly not worth the storage on your phone/computer. it's just like her porn - the same routine every time.

No. 1246267

would it be annoying if I did it on my phone? because I might be able to do that tonight.

No. 1246268

Likely other cam whores that despise shay and want to keep her from getting on cam. Or maybe it really is just a handful of supreme-autistic anons.

No. 1246273

I think its hoes like bratty and her other sw "friends".

No. 1246282

If you can get chat in the image for the recording then go for it

No. 1246300

kek she's an Ariana Venti

No. 1246303

I would appreciate it. I miss gif anon. I’m still trying to buy a cpu (fuck bitminers) or else I’d offer. I’m still upset we didn’t get a vid or gif of her crying over fupa even if it was forced milk by retarded cowtippers.

No. 1246307

imagine being shayna's mom's colleagues looking up her daughter after hearing a rumor about her!

No. 1246334

Her eyes look more like a butthole than her butthole does. Alcoholism, so sexy.

No. 1246337

and shes already cancelled kek

No. 1246338

File: 1622857593282.jpeg (200.67 KB, 828x660, 52DC33F6-4525-42B1-9DC9-089955…)

samefag forget the image

No. 1246340


No. 1246349

File: 1622858412023.gif (2.57 MB, 480x400, 383ABC0A-CD44-4CCE-951B-777E60…)


No. 1246355

lol shaynus we all know you can’t do makeup for shit anyway. keep crying fatty.

No. 1246357

File: 1622859064920.jpeg (939.39 KB, 1284x1798, 8DA0ADE1-4796-4BEB-B3E8-2D2A4E…)

and kek, what a shocker we get old coomer with his classic gif

No. 1246359

damn I was low key looking forward to watching her making a fool of herself again kek

No. 1246360

How many days until she's trying to own her haters by talking about how great her life is? Sounds really rewarding Shay.

No. 1246366

But I'm not depressed in Oklahoma, Mom!!!!

No. 1246371

>pls don't hate me
oh it's bpd gurl hours I see

No. 1246375

really starting to think this old fuck has dementia kek

No. 1246377

If he is a diehard coomer for shay, he most definitely has some mental issues

No. 1246379

More like Ariana Trenta
Bitch is getting bigger every month

No. 1246401

Not like she wears make up nowadays anyway but ok. I guess when her eyes get puffy from crying, the bags swell so much she probably cant see kek. Sounds like Fupa didn't want to hang out this weekend.

Also what's the point of posting a schedule if you just cancel the days you say you'll be on? How hard is it really. I'd love to see her stick to one schedule completely just ONCE. Of course camming multiple times a week would be too much for her lazy ass. She just needs to do one day a week and just push through and do it. Same with her ridiculous vid schedule. Just say you'll be doing ONE new vid each week. It's really not that hard. Even if you actually have depression, you have to start small and manageable.
She acts like SW is a real job but she spends such a minuscule amount of time actually working. Imagine doing this bail and cancel and never speak of something again bullshit at any other job where customers actually care.

No. 1246406

I'm fucking sent. That cursed cringy gif omg.

No. 1246409

File: 1622861578615.jpeg (801.55 KB, 1202x1557, E5F49F87-B817-4E74-A1C9-085421…)

This perverted old fuck tweets this retarded GIF to every “uwu depressed” whore on Twitter. But sex work is so empowering!!! Right? Legit pornstars with contracts to disgusting pornography companies have to deal with way worse conditions. Like STDS from fucking other pornstars, and filming during their time of month. Which is why a lot of women in the porn industry just take the money and dip once they are finished with their contract. A lot of the women come out and talk about how degrading and fucked up it is, the shitty part is they can’t really “leave” due to the fact their reputations are ruined, so they’re forced to stay in sex work. Onlyfans whores are bottom barrel degenerates I have no sympathy for them. At least pornstars have to actually “work” and not lay around all day like a landwhale begging for pennies. They are all degenerate but I respect pornstars more

No. 1246418

File: 1622862475072.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3464x3139, B1A15A0F-835F-4348-8BC9-8417ED…)

A collage because it’s funny

No. 1246422

Omg I'm DEAD. This makes it so much sadder that this gif is the only response she EVER gets when she publicizes her depression. He's the only response & he doesn't even give a shit. It's just his stock reaction image for every e-whore in his repository of depressed borderline sw's.
Peak bleak.

No. 1246438

Fuck I can't with this


No. 1246441

OT but coomers are so fucking pathetic. how mentally challenged do you have to be to think any woman will respond to someone whose profile picture says, "sit! stay! good girl!" gross.

No. 1246465

It was already tragic but seeing him respond to other girls with the same gif… Oof.

No. 1246566

How would she know? She rarely leaves the house and when she does she’s shitfaced kek

No. 1246570

They shouldn’t because it’s not made for them. Anyone who actually sits down and watches Spongebob everyday/every week as an adult like a child would is either actually slow or fucking deranged. The image of Shaynus wearing these out in public while getting drunk at 24 is haunting.

No. 1246588

What the fuck we had like one different gif and it’s immediately back to this one. Did he lose it somehow I don’t understand kek.

No. 1246791

He really like this one. Probably sees himself as the big but uwu soft and cuddly beast giving hugs to a smol sad little girl.

The other one probably didn’t make him feel big inside. Fucking boomers.

No. 1246878

File: 1622912342363.jpeg (227.59 KB, 1242x661, 0823B9E9-2BB7-4B89-85DF-7BF666…)

No. 1246879

File: 1622912389374.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1002.13 KB, 872x1798, 2A6D2F59-0A1D-4861-9612-BC528C…)

The pile of shit on her head, her big honker of a nose, and the crusty yellow corn foot I can’t

No. 1246880

File: 1622912602512.png (Spoiler Image,5.63 MB, 1242x2208, 31A1B485-B416-4906-BB63-2CC668…)

No. 1246881

and the same fucking agp smirk that she has in every single picture

No. 1246884

File: 1622912818997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,638.86 KB, 684x1318, DE49AC72-AD05-442D-AD0F-C007E4…)

The assne she didn’t edit off, fucking kek

No. 1246888

File: 1622913156819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 3464x3464, B540B3CE-6B49-47CA-8FA0-DF5244…)

Forgot to spoiler I am sorry

No. 1246889

File: 1622913180445.jpg (152.41 KB, 907x564, Screenshot_20210605-181233.jpg)

No. 1246890

what happened to
>b-but mom, being objectified by men makes me horney!1

No. 1246891

File: 1622913270652.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 3464x3464, EB854E7B-7878-427C-A556-D60FC1…)

No. 1246892

I thought this type of shit was part of her “kinks” and turned her “on”. She sucks at her job. And she does need the money…..

No. 1246895

File: 1622913398809.jpeg (157.65 KB, 1242x396, 03B9450A-D7AB-4047-96D0-74BC14…)

No. 1246896

wow so funny and quirky shay, you ruined your own profit so you could have an attitude. really business savvy.

No. 1246897

wow she’s a fucking potato sack

No. 1246898

this is the same bitch that said degradation and humiliation were two of her biggest kinks. what a liar. it’s so obvious you don’t want to do sex work and wish you could just be a fashion blogger. pathetic.

No. 1246901

remember when she told women who had to do sex work for money not to be depressed about it because coomers would be turned off?

No. 1246902

File: 1622913615367.jpeg (871.74 KB, 1284x1581, B03C4920-999E-4532-A1C2-A07BD2…)

No. 1246909

guess she doesn't need money to move out of Oklahoma then, cancel the moving sale

No. 1246917

i do not understand how she claims to like sex work but hates every part of it, including the kinks she promotes and actually interacting with her clientele. makes no sense luv

No. 1246920

the only thing she likes about it is the attention.

No. 1246924

Starting to think her coomers get off on people with special needs. How else could you look at her sped expression and total inability to dress herself and get a boner? She's like that godawful scene in Gummo when the kid prostitutes his retarded sister.

No. 1246925

she has rarely looked more special needs than she does here

No. 1246929

you’d be surprised how many gross old scrotes are attracted to the idea of a mentally stunted woman child. they basically see them as dogs they can train.

No. 1246937

This is literally 90% of porn viewers, Shayna. You're paid to degrade yourself because your desperation for money is the appeal to these men, plain & simple. She's so close to self-awareness…

No. 1246940

It's too real for her now that she truly believes the things they're saying.

Just like how at one point she used to do pig-play along with her puppy-play. Claimed she got turned on by wearing a snout, call herself a dickpig, oinking for the camera & shit. But now that she's obese she won't touch any sort of pig-adjacent content kek.

She's into humiliation when it's fake pretend play time.

No. 1246980

This looks like blackmail some greasy neckbeard from /soc/ posted online of his e-gf he verbally abuses every time they videochat. I'm glad women don't get their lives as ruined as they used to over these things but where's the shame?

No. 1246989

she should really pull out that cow outfit she had, it definitely suits her a lot better now kek

No. 1247031

I wish she’d stop doing that AGP special needs I just smelled a fart smirk

No. 1247034

It could be because of how flat it is but her ass looks abnormally long

No. 1247058

File: 1622927812247.jpeg (392.95 KB, 1242x915, E98222BD-2570-4D5B-8FFF-5D0106…)

You better shake your pimpled Hank Hill ass on cam tonight if you want that money, Shaynus

No. 1247080

File: 1622929416966.jpeg (788.26 KB, 1242x1288, 35D206E1-0360-4FEF-830B-A414C7…)

No. 1247084

File: 1622929619338.jpeg (1.34 MB, 2673x3464, 84740124-E127-4977-B076-0801C1…)

These aren’t even nice photographs of Washington?? Her life looks the same, gloomy and ominous. Did she even have friends in Washington??

No. 1247086

No she literally never left her studio apartment when she lived there. That was also when she was skinny and didn’t doordash her life away

No. 1247094

You know typically when people are reminiscing on good times/places they post scenic and fun photos that hold memories… not fucking moving boxes and generic coffee. Somehow she manages to make even a waterfront picture look bleak. What a waste of life.

No. 1247096


>a few images up

"I'm not a whore who -NEEDS- money!"

No. 1247097

she probably only left her shitty apartment like twice. i wouldn't even be surprised if that single beach pic is from when fupa first came to visit.

No. 1247098

Will never get over how she shows her buttplugs and shit like beauty gurus do in their YouTube videos. She wants to be an influencer so bad. Being a failed influencer though would’ve been better than being a failed sex worker like she is now. She will never recover from this.

No. 1247099


She really fucked up her life thinking she could make a career out of selling old men low quality nudes.

No. 1247127

excuse my virginism, but is it normal to have such a…huge gape like that, for both orifices?

No. 1247132

Lmao literally two of these photos are just boxes of her shit that she threw out when she left??

No. 1247139

File: 1622932836953.jpg (385.67 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20210605-174055_Twi…)

She went from following no other people on OF to now 2.9k?

No. 1247141

What the fuck….she threw all those toys away? She could have washed them and given them away to kids or donated them. This fat greasy greedy hog always hoards shit she doesn’t need, has no use for, and then throws it out when she could have just not bought them in the first place.

No. 1247142

OOF that just makes her number of “fans” that are subscribed to Shayna look even smaller in comparison to how many people she follows.

No. 1247144

donated them??? they were probably covered in literal piss, anon.

No. 1247145

Sage because I don’t know how OF works… is that 3,590 pieces of content that come with an OF subscription or does that count the things coomers have to pay for extra in their messages because uh getting 0.00084 before OF fees per item is absolutely insane

No. 1247147

File: 1622933384778.jpeg (182.09 KB, 1242x964, FE252A59-44B9-422A-91B4-C77DBF…)


No. 1247154

desperate much kek

No. 1247156

She followed all of her expired fans so she can keep sending them PPV messages. So those are all of the people she’s had unsub during her time on OF.

No. 1247157

Anon pls. Every time I think Shayna's life can't get any sadder…

No. 1247161

Does anyone knows how long she's been under 500, I remember a while back her begging to get to 400, It feels like she's been stuck in the 400s for years

No. 1247162

Kek, how'd you find that out anon?

No. 1247163

File: 1622934830461.jpeg (297.4 KB, 1242x605, 16CC6453-51F9-4A2B-8D6B-0F21EC…)

Not that anon but I looked it up it’s true how pathetic topkek

No. 1247167

So that means over the years she's had almost 3k people sub but didn't renew, and she's just now about to reach 500 subs? Correct me if i'm wrong, I am stupid.

No. 1247175

Last year she had around 1000 fans, she just keeps dropping like crazy

No. 1247180

File: 1622936000041.jpeg (649.54 KB, 1242x1592, 709D1C0F-91A6-4B3D-9D33-C36DD5…)

No. 1247183

Oh wow she lost a lot.

No. 1247187

A few threads ago, Shaynus worked out which of her subs was posting her OF content on /snow/ because OF anon posted the pictures in the thread and she was the only person that unlocked it. So if she's sending PPV messages to nearly 3000 people and the person that cares is a farmer.

I think I'm understanding this correctly anyway, I'm not an ewhore so idk.

No. 1247198

After 5 years holy hell, this is something that you would expect after a newcomer milestone of maybe one year and shows shes scrambling to keep people interested. Also rock bottom pricing kek she’s only making about 2 bucks from each person so what’s the point. How does she not see the end is in sight? Nothing she does is worthy of growth or further success. She’s nothing compared to others in the degenerate Twitter sex whore sphere and can’t even find a niche besides Womack.

No. 1247204

Lmao. She has gone from over 1000 to less than 400 in like a year or so, IIRC she was at 1.1k before she “went inpatient” and then it dropped steadily after she got back and never went back up. She tried putting her price back to $5 but keeps dropping it again after a couple weeks or a month. But this is totally working for you and you’re so successful, aren’tcha shay??

No. 1247212

She loses fans just as fast as she gains weight, wonder if she will ever make that connection

No. 1247222

File: 1622937451105.jpeg (441.57 KB, 1284x1616, 7CCAAEC9-2C2F-4E90-B24E-2B93D5…)

No. 1247226

That's pathetic lol

No. 1247227

probably the biggest tip she’s gotten in weeks considering she hasn’t been posting them much lately

No. 1247230

i don't see why e-thots bother giving shay money, it all goes to waste and she would never do the same.

No. 1247235

Lol more successful mutuals giving her pity change. Don’t spend it all on one meal or fugly spongebob merch to wear to bars at noon.

No. 1247242

>mfw i have those naturally even without drinking any booze, 3L per day and good sleep
listen anon some of us are just unfortunate looking(no1curr)

No. 1247243

no one gives a fuck about your eyebags

No. 1247254

File: 1622940614514.jpg (293.02 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20210605-195019_Twi…)

Jason R Womack and Grey hair dude throwing away all their money

No. 1247260

File: 1622941059745.jpeg (328.13 KB, 1242x897, 53D6BDBA-9233-48F2-ADCE-86E73D…)

Kek Shayna had 672 fans a year ago


now she’s barely reaching 500 again

No. 1247263

How many time did she advertise a free fuck machine vid at 500 followers? ??Holy shit

No. 1247264

File: 1622941368761.jpeg (692.96 KB, 1242x1016, 80AD0FCC-C2F5-4249-A6CB-3F3D60…)

Shayna’s life hasn’t improved in 1year, and all the predictions anons made about her becoming fatter came true, embarrassing

No. 1247268


is the $200 dollars another tip from pixie? seeing as the pixie one also said "BOOM!" as the tip message. or did she just photoshop pixie's tip to make it look like she's getting more donos than she actually is?

No. 1247270

File: 1622942312578.jpeg (212.01 KB, 1242x570, A59C998B-E983-4DFA-8898-39C25D…)

No. 1247271

No the “boom” message is just what onlyfans says whenever someone tips you on there.

No. 1247272

File: 1622942430974.gif (594.01 KB, 220x198, 06633F25-6E73-45E3-8BEF-7C8AC5…)

>in b4 greyhair

No. 1247273

more like "i got my tip goal for the day, time to celebrate by getting fucked up".

No. 1247276

Yeah, and just a year ago didn’t she have close to like 1k subscribers/fans or whatever? But she’s thriving guysss

No. 1247278

she behaves in a way that is very predictable because she’s low iq

No. 1247283

so she went on cam once this week and once last week. so much for her 3x/week schedule kek

No. 1247284

She had 1.1k fans a year ago >>1247180

No. 1247285

I bet fupa finally blocked shaynus number or he’s no longer coming by to fuck her. Every time she’s “depressed” it links directly to fupa

No. 1247288

I know anon, I posted that as well lol I was just posting how much fans she used to have

No. 1247298

File: 1622944516989.jpeg (37.23 KB, 680x383, 941FE06C-7647-4734-88B9-FE667F…)

she’s really not even trying anymore with the excuses huh

No. 1247302

She’s so lazy, how can you expect to grow your audience when you never commit to a promised schedule or make new content. Can’t wait to see when the next “help me reach 500” goal will be.

No. 1247309

i honestly don’t even think she legitimately cares about building a customer base anymore. she’s obviously very comfortable in her bare minimum lifestyle being maintained by her couple remaining dedicated scrotes/orbiters. i think she thinks she can sustain this long enough to either trick fupa into taking her back and supporting her or finding another equally dumb scrote to do it. last resort (and what it’s ultimately probably going to come to) is moving back in with her parents. but it doesn’t seem like she has a real plan.

No. 1247313

I don't think it's a lack of new content, non Vito.
A normal onlyfans thot charges $10/subscription. And it's easy to maintain over 1k coomers by posting just a couple pics a week.

Shaynus can make all the content she wants, but we're the only ones who are interested anymore. Even without the enormous weight gain she's past her prime.

No. 1247320

How does this make any financial sense??

With 500 subscribers, she would make $2500 for the month at her regular price of $5.
If she charges $3, she's only making $1500 for ALL OF JUNE.
So she loses $1000 from having this sale.

Even if onlyfans takes 30%, that's still the difference between $1050 and $1750.

She would need to gain 358 subsribers to make this sale more profitable than just keeping the month at $5. That's more than half of the subscribers she already has… we all know that's not happening

Shayna, I knew you were dumb but jesus christ

No. 1247325

"Sex work is empowering" and yet she makes less money per month than a waitress and still hates her job

No. 1247336

but anon you forget Shayna hates doing math because she is a dumb bimbo who just can't stop thriving

No. 1247339

File: 1622948192575.jpeg (46.52 KB, 588x252, BDC19052-8D22-40EC-9CC1-E54548…)

Shaynus, your boyfriend is trending on Twitter

No. 1247348


No. 1247350

the idea of having a sale is to get people to buy your thing when it’s cheap, then you hope enough of them get to like it so they will stay with you when you raise the prices back to the regular level
shayna has the “$3 sale” eternally because her shit isn’t worth $5

No. 1247356

I thought this was my comment but I think I used the same Randy photo to compare shay to last year. Either way, Shay’s life is predictable and …/checks thesaurus/… portentous

No. 1247357

File: 1622949708165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 3464x3464, CBD02439-45D6-4740-9937-E79722…)

Shayna cannot even bother to film the fuck machine video today….. lazy bitch kek

No. 1247358

I love this thread so much. You ladies crack me up. Thank you.

No. 1247361

It's ironic that shes taking an attitude and blasting her customers so much now when she does indeed need the money, her subs are lower than ever, her looks have declined, etc. But ok Shay

No. 1247362

To make it very clear, I am not A-logging again. But she still enrages me on such a level.

Jesus fucking christ Shayna, at this point how did you manage to survive this long. You eat like shit, look like shit, and act like shit. Just because olive garden didn't want even your ass, doesn't mean you get to flake on the only job you seem to barely maintain. All your simple ass had to do was the bare basics. Yet here you are making the same bullshit excuses with the same bullshit schedule. Once again ignoring the possibility of literally more money in your pocket because you got tipped more than you expected. If you haven't realized yet camming is a customer service "job"! If you want more money a) you have to show up for the fucking job and b) not be such a fucking cunt to the few people willing to put up with you! >>1246889 Literally all you had to do was Chirp out exactly what he wanted you to say for some easy fucking cash! Plus likely a big fat tip! NONE OF THESE COMMERS CARE WHO TF YOU THINK YOU ARE! YOU ARE A FANTASY! YOU ARE A SHITTER VERISON OF A WAISTRESS AND BLOGGER COMBINED INTO ONE! SMILE AND DO AS THE CUSTOMER SAYS AND POCKET THE DAMN MONEY! BUT I GUESS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BITCH AND WHINE TO ANYONE CLOSE TO YOU FOR AFFECTIVELY THEIR SCRAPES >>1247222

At this point why do you even fucking bother doing anything!? You're just gonna use the chump change you get from this to buy crap that your mom is literally going to give you or the money for outright. All she ever fucking does is bail you out! Is that why you keep lashing out at her? Or are you just too afraid of facing the abysmal facts of your life every time she tries to be your mother? News flash Shayna: you're the dumb bitch in your own way. Not your literal mom trying to parent you from the east coast. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if you blame her for everything. From your chronic alcoholism down the acne on your continuously unwashed ass. At this point I just feel bad for her because god knows she has no reason to keep bailing you out or trying to stop you from choking on your third doordash of the day. At this point, the moment she gets past her parental guilt, your done. I truly think that's when you're going to go back home and cry to your father like you usually do. Because mommy dearest doesn't want anything to do with you. And hopefully never again. God I can only hope the rest of her fucking end up better than you because god know your poor brother is doing miles betters! And he didn't have a choice but to stick to his dorm because you were too retard not to slap your real name on your shitty DDLG porn!(this is autistic)

No. 1247363

oh great, more remote gynecologist exam content

No. 1247364

anon take your meds jfc nobody wants to read all that shit

No. 1247367

Get well soon girl, go touch some grass

No. 1247370

Anon, I’m not even going to front, I just use this to occasionally funnel my anger. I didn’t even mean to go full force in need of a straight jacket today yet here I am. Just rip to everyone. (Sorry for blatant ass blogging and deep faggotry)

No. 1247371

nobody asked or cares

No. 1247373

I forgive you nonny sometimes it’s hard not to sperg with this obese obtuse cow. Hope you got your anger out kek

No. 1247375

Even still, she would need to gain around 120 permanent subs (by that I mean ones that stick around for both $3 June and $5 July) in order to break even on the income she lost by dropping her price.

No. 1247382

has it ever been $5 though? it seems like she is always having a $3 “sale”

No. 1247384

well that was rather 𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘮𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘦

No. 1247385

maybe for the two weeks it took for her to spend the money from her first moving sale chasing fupa around Tulsa

No. 1247387

>all that shit

Go find an animal to pet, nonny.

No. 1247389

Anon, STOP lmao

No. 1247401

Does the price change apply to all subs because I assumed it would just be a special offer for new members?

No. 1247410

I had to look it up because I wasn't sure if OF renews all subscriptions on the 1st of the month, or if it's 30 days from when you subscribed.
Turns out it's the latter.
So nope! Her previous 500 subs are paying the downgraded $3 for this month.

No. 1247439


Holy fuck her stomach looks just like mine and I had a baby 6 weeks ago. How does one acquire that kangaroo pouch by just eating?

No. 1247445

File: 1622964794736.jpeg (758.8 KB, 3464x3464, 5864630E-EE55-442A-B72B-796B1B…)

Jason R Womack, a.k.a the “pussy monster” still writing cringe erotica in Shatnus’s onlyfans pictures
god I hate scrotes so much
Sage no milk

No. 1247450

congrats on your baby anon

No. 1247467

Does anyone have a before and after pic after the infamous pussy pump incident? I can't for the life of me find it.

No. 1247476

I always find it curious how even when men give these "compliments", it never sounds like they're interested in the woman's pleasure. I bury my massive cock in your hole hurrrr
Sage for autism

No. 1247483

> the pussy monster
Oh no I just imagined Womack’s face on Sully

No. 1247490

thanks for making me read this. im asexual now

No. 1247562


I see she didn’t cam last night. Not surprised.

No. 1247580

Because that's exactly what it is. Oh no, but sex work is so empowering. Bad boss bitch, etc.
I wonder how many more subs she'll lose before end of summer? It's looking bleaker.

No. 1247596

I wonder how much longer she will last as a sex worker? I can't imagine she will have a livable income by the end of the year. She puts everything out for free, she openly shades coomers on a daily basis, she barely puts out content, and when she does put out content it's just some low effort garbage. There's no way she can continue this lifestyle much longer!

No. 1247649

File: 1622990486643.png (Spoiler Image,610.24 KB, 883x679, shayna clifford has boils ass …)

So spoiled image is a screenshot from her "Happy Fathers Day" video that she just made a sale on. I noticed the same ass pimples she has now, but this video says it was uploaded June 21? Can a nonnie confirm this rats nest hairdo and identical boils are from a year ago?

Wtf… why does she have the ass pimples in the exact same spot almost exactly a year later? Girl.. you had an entire year to fix your fucking ass-ne.

Also the fact im confused about if this is a year ago or not shows how little she has accomplished and done in an entire year. She's even worse off actually?

No. 1247662

File: 1622992162482.png (407.2 KB, 654x277, 1 year.png)

One year difference.

No. 1247664

if the boils are deep in the skin layers its more than likely they come back in the same spot. After a boil if its big enough you can get a little pocket in the skin that refills next time.
And a recurring boil is asymptom of MRSA. Why wont she go to the doctor?

No. 1247669


1. Only has one job
2. Doesn't even try to do natural makeup so she looks less like a hog before photos
3. Clearly doesn't get any sleep despite "making her own schedule"
4. Doesnt shower before photos anymore
5. Looks like she hates herself and her job, cant even pretend to look happy anymore
6. Doesn't even try to dress nice anymore, takes nudes in a baggy sweatshirt.

Then she wonders why her coomers assume she's miserable and desperate for their shekels.

No. 1247671

but anon, he said he would suck the cum out of her pussy. everyone knows how pleasurable that feels, and it's not like there's a risk of broken capillaries or anything from sucking on pussy (sarcasm)

No. 1247673


Just got a mental image of Womnack latched onto Shayna's gape and I don't want to live anymore.

No. 1247675

the hair and overall disgusting appearance is the same, but its clearly not the same sweater she was wearing a few days ago in those pics. also, hate that i can recognize it, but those two boils seem to be closer together and closer to her asshole than the two we saw on cam.

No. 1247676

The narcissism on this bitch to think that she could pack on the pudge, smoke and binge drink her way into early middle age, continue to exercise poor hygiene and do nothing to address her ass and cunt pimples and keep her coomer base. She thinks she is so inherently cute and worthy of attention just by Being Shayna Clifford that she doesn't need to maintain or improve her appearance. Most sex workers are smart enough to know they have an inevitable expiration date, so they compensate by making a conscious effort to preserve their youth and beauty. Shayna though? She doesn't need all that. So when her following dwindles she invents some conspiracy that it's the other sex workers that didn't uplift her enough and cancelled her too many times.

Sorry for sperging I just hate her so much oh my god

No. 1247691

why is the autism itt through the roof the last couple days? there’s no need to write paragraphs of shit that’s been said hundreds of times over the years.

No. 1247694

File: 1622995016449.jpeg (145.05 KB, 1080x608, FBA76D58-B220-48EB-B399-5F3407…)

I stg earth will be some form of that Rick and Marty episode where women rule their own planet, while the male species humps sex robots to fulfill their primal need to fuck and reproduce.


No. 1247696

Summerfags that have no idea how to contain their autism.

No. 1247736

File: 1622998082215.jpeg (265.31 KB, 1242x644, F89048EF-C669-4B08-83F4-AFB844…)

I can’t with this retarded whore
Jason R Womack is a dumbass

No. 1247737

File: 1622998176524.jpeg (331.09 KB, 1242x782, 141339FE-99FC-4795-BB4B-A20F3F…)

>Internet personality
I can’t

No. 1247738

cuz Nowhere, OK is so much better

No. 1247745

Bitch you literally live in hicktown, Oklahoma.

No. 1247750

I keked anon

No. 1247752

Yeah she absolutely has mrsa bc her boils have been reoccurring over the years. She needs to consistently wash clothes, sheets, bedding, and sanitize toilets, sex toys, and furniture like every day to prevent from reinfecting herself while she has any active boils. They will just keep coming back forever if she can’t get her shit together. Medications won’t help.

No. 1247757

wow the anons in here get more retarded daily, it seems.

it’s not mrsa retards. it’s bad assne because she doesn’t wash herself and probably uses the same razor for her entire body. you can’t have a staph infection for years and just not know. it’s like how there’s nothing wrong with her tit. she’s not some medical anomaly, she’s just disgusting and ugly as sin.

No. 1247759

File: 1622999662366.jpeg (309.99 KB, 1242x1145, 4DBD7740-EFBA-4EAA-B153-CD5A04…)


No. 1247760

File: 1622999706456.jpeg (331.8 KB, 1242x906, 4ACE61EF-6874-4C18-8EDD-8FF643…)


Fucking fatass

No. 1247761

The combined IQ in this interaction is 70

No. 1247763

Summer is painful

No. 1247765

It’s funny she makes sex work her entire personality (other than food) yet spends so little time actually doing the work. She’s a sex worker only in the title

No. 1247766

Still just a few months ago i remember her tweeting how she’s getting more money than ever and how she’s the most succesful too. Lol cope harder shaytard, coomers don’t like you anymore.

No. 1247773

>anytime anyone ever interacts with her

“CaN yOu BeLiEvE tHe AuDaCiTy?”

No. 1247777

She literally just said she was going to stop ordering doordash
600lb life TLC special coming soon

No. 1247792

damn chill your tits retard. you really think the re-occuring boils around her pussy and ass aren't related to a masa? you can absolutely carry staph infection unknowingly dumbass. Especially when you're as disgusting and let yourself go as bad as shay.

Agree with anon who said she would need to actually clean her sheets, or put sheets on her bed to begin with, and possibly take antibiotics to full rid of herself from these popping up.

No. 1247793


Don't let the lifer farmers get you down. They get cranky in heat.

I bet Shayna and Fupa just passed boils back and forth to eachother. Nasty!

No. 1247799

File: 1623002063895.png (51.45 KB, 318x172, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 1.54…)


You just know this Wish.com paw pillow on her chair that she dribbles pussy and ass gunk onto will never be washed for years.

No. 1247804

shayna has been shown picking her pimples live on cam. acting like she just ignores them for long enough to let a staph infection fester is ridiculous. it’s nothing more than acne.

shayna newfags really are the worst autistic cunts in this thread.

No. 1247811

Get fucking banned medfag

No. 1247819

I'd say it's not so much about when she'll stop making livable income as when she'll stop making enough to fund her wasteful lifestyle. She already spends everything she earns. She's putting shein on afterpay lmao

I assume her necessary expenses (rent, phone etc) are somewhere around $1000. Then she spends easily $10 a day on weed and $10 a day on alcohol, so there's another $600 a month just to fund her substance dependencies. Then instead of getting groceries like a normal human with a brain would for ~$300 a month, she's paying 500% markup every time she gets food because she doesn't want to risk burning a calorie to get it. At a very conservative estimate of $50 a day on food delivery, that's $1500 a month she spends on keeping up with the doordashians.
So she's spending somewhere in the realm of $4.1k a month BEFORE we even take into account any of the random shit she buys like makeup, xboxes & dildoes.

She'll lose the ability to fund her ~luxurious bimbo lifestyle~ far before she stops making a livable income. She could live on a third of what she currently spends.

That said, she's nearly at that point. As mentioned in >>1247320, her onlyfans income is under $2000 a month at this point.
So she has to make up for $2100 every month (from mfc or from begging people with jobs) just to keep up with her various expensive coping mechanisms.
She's never getting out of OK.

No. 1247826

File: 1623003655081.png (150.24 KB, 1158x532, Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 2.19…)


Won't give details to protect her privacy but here are the two floor plans from her apartment for 2-bedroom. Anons who know her info can verify.

Rent is actually quite cheap. Could not find info on if she pays electricity extra. I am assuming with a W/D in unit, electricity is likely not included.

Pretty cheap and she will never find something this size for that price anywhere other than HickTown, USA.

No. 1247827

your math is way off kek, that doesn't add up to $4k

No. 1247837

i think you're underestimating the probability that her dad is either paying some of her bills or outright giving her money

No. 1247839

$3k, whatever. She still needs $1k more than onlyfans is supplying her with.

So $850 for rent, but her other necessities include internet, phone bill, bank fees, prescriptions, pet food etc. I'd say that clears $1000.

No. 1247841

File: 1623004541505.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1960, 724EA3BB-019D-487C-96FA-06AE93…)

reminiscing on her tumblr days when she peaked. must suck to know you’re never going to get that back huh

No. 1247842


agree. mommy and daddy are paying i’d estimate $1000 a month to clear their conscious about raising a failure of a child.

No. 1247843


“baby stoner”? she looks 10 years older in the old pics, she’s just skinny and not a hambeast.

No. 1247846

God she’s always worn her eyeliner like absolute garbage.

No. 1247851

She always has some mental breakdown and then reminisces on her tumblr past as if the “cute but psycho” stoner aesthetic is anything to show off. God shes fallen so hard to be constantly nostalgic over that time.

No. 1247859

she’s never mentioned her dad giving her money
her mom sends her money fairly often
of course she hates mom and loves dad because she’s a gross misogynist and it must be mom’s fault that daddy left

No. 1247865

why would she mention her parents supporting her when she wants everyone to think she's thriving and successful? the only things she's mentioned her mom doing are buying her a bed and sending her moving money a couple months back. i fully believe her dad (or both parents) supports her and that's one of the reasons she has zero urgency to turn her life around.

No. 1247867

At least with that style looking unbathed and dressing like shit with garbo makeup seemed fitting. But she just wont let go of the bby barbie bimbo shit thats also an outdated tumblr aesthetic. Maybe not bimbo but she has never done that even close to right lol.

No. 1247868

didn't she buy meals so she didn't have to spend on doordash?

No. 1247870

It's like clockwork the way she ~reminisces~. Go to the fucking gym and you can sort of look like this again Shat

No. 1247871

holy fuck my sides kek

No. 1247875


She is in desperate need of a therapist to teach her new coping skills. Food, Weed, Sex and Alcohol are the her forms of self-care.

No. 1247877

she supposedly has one but it's laughable to think that she would actually change any of her habits at this point

No. 1247884

this bitch has in-unit laundry? why is every item of clothing and bedding she owns covered in a film of dust and grease? sometimes i genuinely think she's autistic because she can't stand the feeling of moisture on her skin but doesn't mind sticky crispy stiff clothes.

No. 1247891


she lives pay-cheque to pay-cheque and doesnt prioritize useful things over useless amazon crap. probably thinks shes been frugal by not using it and keeping her lights off all the time to have a lower hydro bill.

No. 1247893

Damn you're right lol this stupid fat bitch.
Can't find it itt but it was just earlier this last week she said that she was getting meal prep shit again so she didnt have to doordash so much

No. 1247894

shaynus should have just become a crust punk

No. 1247896

she's in the 2 bed/2 bath, she talked about it with her orbiters on discord when she was moving in. So rent is $900

>her mom sends her money fairly often
source? all she's mentioned in the last year+ is the moving money that was never a confirmed amount

No. 1247899

Wonder if her parents send her money and she blocks out their name so she can say it was one of her coomers tipping her?

Doesn’t she also occasionally get tips that say like “love you”?

No. 1247925

1k check, her bed and miscellaneous gifts.

No. 1247931

She will never look like this again no matter how hard she tries she fucked herself over cause she actually had ok looks. Almost beautiful

No. 1247933

File: 1623013683803.png (1.5 MB, 1688x1491, 1623013554027.png)

She'd get kicked out of a squat for being an annoying oogle so fast lmao. Can you imagine this fat bitch even trying to hop a train?

Sage for disrocker Shaynus autism.

No. 1247934

This got me anon KEK. imagine if this being why she was feeling too down to cam lol

No. 1247951

just dump some breaded chicken strips and texas toast into the oven??? what is the fucking difference

No. 1247965

scroll up and fucking read you goddamn retards I literally pointed that out already 4 hours ago >>1247777

No. 1247967

it's real retard hours itt lately

No. 1247978

File: 1623016675363.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 58117509-30F5-4566-890D-281C59…)

Shaynus’ onlyfans pics she posted today. I don’t know what that white caked on gunk is coming out of her snatch but it’s grossing me out. Is it yeast? Or discharge? Gross. Jason R. Womack says he would, quote, “devour that breakfast”, end quote.

No. 1248022

fucking hell, anon why did you put his face there

No. 1248033

File: 1623019847653.jpeg (893.09 KB, 1242x1440, BF30D412-0EC4-4D86-9970-9FDEAA…)

No. 1248042

Very niche anon I commend you we would be friends

No. 1248045

she needs to just embrace feederism. stop fighting it shay

No. 1248046

Can't shove a dick down her throat but has no problem with a popsicle

No. 1248054

File: 1623021485361.png (Spoiler Image,641.75 KB, 685x469, Capture.PNG)


Literally is no difference between this and a crossdresser.

No. 1248055

wtf anon

No. 1248059

Found in Shayna's new momma's twitter likes. At least it explains why they're attached to her.

No. 1248061

I respect this gay whore and his giant nutsack more than any troon in the mtf thread
dude knows what he is, what more can you ask of a person

No. 1248068

>Female genitalia looks like male genitalia
What's next? Does her uterus look like a prostate?

No. 1248069

File: 1623022313536.jpeg (4.92 KB, 200x200, images (3).jpeg)

>nut floss

No. 1248070

As if jokes that her vagina looks like a ballsack haven't been around for years.

No. 1248072

File: 1623022606675.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.32 KB, 1200x1548, rat-sack.jpg)

sage for rat-sack

No. 1248073

File: 1623022611432.gif (409.46 KB, 240x200, 78D3A2BB-8496-45FF-8837-920C2D…)

Literally what the fuck is going on with this thread.

No. 1248085


the funny part to me is the reason she gets away with this all the time now is that no one really gives a fuck. very worst she can just do a lazy private show with wombat and call it a night.

No. 1248088

I think this is more accurate to shaynus’s mass and gaping maw

No. 1248090

File: 1623023415374.jpg (179.98 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20210606-184937_Twi…)

This means she's going to scam her new subs out of this video she promised

No. 1248092

File: 1623023458822.jpeg (60.91 KB, 562x750, E87AD40B-14DE-4A6E-A989-BFE423…)

I’m retarded forgot image

No. 1248096

thank you for giving us anything remotely interesting/funny to laugh at in this dry ass thread, schizo ratsack anon

No. 1248100

anons embarrassing themselves as usual

No. 1248101

Idk I'm new to her threads, her vagina looks like a vagina to me. Don't see how two completely different organs can look alike

No. 1248102

you're right, fun should be outlawed, wouldn't wanna miss a second of the literally nothing new happening with this worn out old whore
be sure to report every single post you dislike individually, you're very important.

No. 1248111

There’s two boards, /ot/ and /g/, to have fun in.(minimod)

No. 1248112

fuck off, minimod

No. 1248113

maybe once a year she says she's gotten something from her mother. based on what she's admitted at least. but sending a bedframe is different from sending cash and I would not call it "fairly often"

anons PLEASE this thread is off the rails today

skips scheduled shift to film a video, promises said video is being filmed instead of scheduled camshow, surprise surprise 18 hours later she still hasn't gotten around to filming it

No. 1248122


Corrected: “Trying to find an angle while using a fuck machine where I dont look like a ripped sausage is soo hard”

No. 1248123

File: 1623025466407.png (38.16 KB, 163x158, what.png)

why would you share this with us?

No. 1248125

to be fair, popsicles complain less if you get toothy

No. 1248126

This is the angle she's using and complained that it was hard


No. 1248130

There's been good milk already this thread. OldGray using the same gif for every manic e-thot melting down on twitter >>1246418 How she lost 5x as many subscribers in her time on OF than she has currently >>1247139

The people posting random off-topic shit like tranny ballsack pictures or seething rants are diluting the good posts & making it so others have to go spelunking to find milk.
And it makes you sound like you're on moid-chan

No. 1248137

File: 1623026126834.jpeg (Spoiler Image,283.13 KB, 728x522, F8E01E3E-0574-4B27-944F-390833…)

This is an image board retard

No. 1248159

That doesn’t seem like a very fast speed?

No. 1248160

File: 1623030018470.jpg (230.7 KB, 1079x891, Screenshot_20210606-204056_Twi…)

No. 1248161

it is when you're dryfucking yourself. why even post this? it is so beyond unsexy to see her thrust herself off of the dildo like that

No. 1248165

File: 1623030382751.jpeg (Spoiler Image,331.82 KB, 815x595, C0E54796-7952-4660-B8CC-0C8AE6…)

OF anon here. She hasn’t even posted the video yet kek this screenshot is from the dumbass video she posted on her Twitter with her turd braids

No. 1248172

File: 1623031916025.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 1618024914284.gif)

That thing she does with her tongue is beyond cursed

No. 1248175


the scrote fantasy of getting a girl drunk and making her do things she would never imagine kinda falls flat when the girl is drunk 24/7 and sells scat

No. 1248181

File: 1623033943300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,497.1 KB, 745x1303, D3208ADA-FCC4-42AA-8CBB-3DC76C…)

No. 1248183

To be fair, when your only cardio is lifting your fork to your mouth, sitting up is exhausting.

No. 1248188

File: 1623034989472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.85 KB, 808x626, A6A8766F-1FB7-4DA8-8772-777A6E…)

Shayna still hasn’t washed her ass

No. 1248189

File: 1623035079397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,485.47 KB, 960x615, C66E5D45-44C0-487C-B76D-08588A…)

No. 1248190

File: 1623035117499.jpeg (537.01 KB, 1242x685, F34307AE-3DCA-4274-9519-1F1E7A…)

This shirt makes her look even more like a fat bitch lmaoo

No. 1248192

Her ass literally looks like a face with the assne

No. 1248194

What's the point of making the video for OF subs and then post it to MV?


No. 1248198

The absolute chaos and autism in this thread today is fucking sending me.
Guess she has just embraced making literal tard faces, huh.

No. 1248202

File: 1623035917682.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.44 KB, 825x451, A36C6FC8-DE02-413D-9E20-64BE4E…)

No. 1248211

File: 1623036506712.gif (10.23 MB, 321x280, 8BE42D9F-2080-4886-972D-191627…)

No. 1248213

someone said it like 10 threads ago but shayna really does deserve to be on efukt her porn surpasses all the other hilarious shit on there

No. 1248217

This skirt working harder than Shaynus had for the past year.

No. 1248218

I’ve wondered how it hasn’t gotten on there, especially that one with the lipstick and her pink hair

No. 1248229

So much is happening here but I thought for a minute she was holding her braid to the side like that, then realized nope, it's sticking straight out on its own. That's some gorilla grip level grease Shayna good job.

No. 1248235

File: 1623038073756.jpeg (222.45 KB, 959x1280, 45D5DE02-38A3-45F5-ABB4-E55C72…)

Shaynus Yaniv

No. 1248237

File: 1623038094831.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.95 KB, 921x1228, D415B98B-E154-41BE-B9AC-72B24A…)

No. 1248246

File: 1623038641282.jpg (262.24 KB, 1079x1121, Screenshot_20210606-230429_Twi…)

Ok Shay

No. 1248253

Wow a whole 60 dollars gross profit!!! BLESSED DAY

No. 1248256


She just got her lashes filled like a week or so ago and she's already patchy as hell. How…saturnine

No. 1248258

honestly hope she pulls it together and gets out next month. Last year after her birthday she supposedly went to the hospital, this year she could finally get herself out of Tulsa. for her birthday I will send one singular thought of encouragement out of pity. It will probably go to waste as soon as fupa panics that she's leaving and booty calls her again

No. 1248260


Fucking kek

No. 1248261

Most busted face in porn

No. 1248266

Holy fuck, her braid just casually defying gravity.. wash your hair, just ONCE, I'm begging you.

No. 1248287

File: 1623042839418.jpg (61.09 KB, 530x445, Screenshot_20210319-080752_Chr…)

Snaggle-kun 2.0

This singular toof, kek. The stupid faces she makes only emphasise how badly chipped it is.

No. 1248293

If this bitch actually moves out next month then it'll be the most surprising thing since she used chapstick.

No. 1248295

File: 1623043722374.jpeg (378.38 KB, 677x856, 54E6568C-E4D0-4ED3-8888-168A98…)

big pinhead larry energy

No. 1248350

File: 1623050355684.gif (7.28 MB, 251x235, 936785C6-A29C-4E5A-8692-59547B…)

Shayna is going through cheeseburger withdrawals. Symptoms include: muscle spasms, mental confusion and meat sweats. One dollar = one prayer

No. 1248366

Where is her fucking clit?

No. 1248367

this looks like an actual mentally challenged person trying to do a math problem or something

No. 1248380

She just looks like she needs to sneeze but cant

No. 1248492

File: 1623069133166.png (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 921x1228, coomer mouth.png)


why does her pussy lips look like a fat coomer's weak jaw and mouth.

No. 1248498

why is she squared up like a meaty line backer? this is all so lugubrious

No. 1248515

Why does she make these stupid fucking faces when she is supposedly “cumming”? No woman actually rolls their eyes into their head when they orgasm. Thanks a lot for perpetuating more porn tropes to coomers Shaynus

No. 1248516

File: 1623070949655.png (Spoiler Image,7.74 MB, 1242x2208, CB6AD93A-F799-4B66-8827-966262…)

No. 1248519

File: 1623071080526.png (Spoiler Image,7.79 MB, 1242x2208, 604644E7-0291-4A83-92A3-C48292…)

No. 1248520

File: 1623071194698.jpeg (894.71 KB, 1152x1626, E8144B38-7D42-40EC-8629-AF7819…)

Shayna’s snaggletooth has gotten so thin that it sort of looks like she’s missing a tooth kek

No. 1248524

Fuck you anon, I just inhaled my coffee, top fucking kek.

Seriously tho. Her mug is fugly enough without her pulling these retarded faces. With all the whores on the internet why the fuck would anyone pay for this? Unless they’ve got a tard fetish, obvs

No. 1248526

File: 1623071552414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,983.11 KB, 2089x3455, 81D1B09E-77AC-443A-8E94-4C4571…)

Some more OF she posted in her turd braids

No. 1248531

File: 1623071846663.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, 887FDF87-40C3-427B-9348-06A216…)

Shayna looks like she is related to Rob Dyrdek

No. 1248532

inb4 she fucks herself with a popsicle

No. 1248540

File: 1623072717737.gif (2.41 MB, 227x227, 891A6BE6-79E9-41C5-8065-797648…)

Granny Fattel needs her dentures

No. 1248545

"there's been good milk already this thread" one isn't even about shayna herself and the other we already knew. great milk!

No. 1248547

If you don't think those are both hilarious then idk what to tell you. You're broken nonnie
She also had that coomer who made her take the day off in shame after he called her a desperate whore. And she's been putting out extra-speddy porn.

Your tranny pics are infinitely less entertaining than any of these things.

No. 1248551

God this is disgusting. All of these look like she's salivating at the buffet. Fat people are a plague

No. 1248555

nta but ratsack is funny as shit

No. 1248557


my thoughts exactly. when old man gray changes up his gif one time and gen z-farmers think its milk you know the threads dry as shay's pussy

No. 1248563

I know this is stupid but I really wish she would stick to and document her weight loss journey. I think she could gain a lot of followers, and not just men looking for services, if she was brutally honest about how much she's gained and how much she's looking to lose. She doesn't need to get back to skeleton skinny, but she could sell sexy workout videos, Eat Healthy with me mukbangs, etc. Get better Shayna Clifford. We need content.

No. 1248564

That's not the milk. Read the thread.

No. 1248573

Read more than one thread retard. Old Grey's usage of the gif has been documented for months now, included him using it for other whores. Now sit down.

Damn, newfags are the worst.

No. 1248589

DAE feel actual rage when presented with the faked porno expressions that thots do

No. 1248602

Oh dear, how could I miss a post in one of the 5 different threads Shayna shits out a month? Couldn't possibly be because trying to find actual information in them is like finding a needle in a haystack when we've got speds like you spamming their tranny porn collection, could it?

No. 1248608

ntayrt, but damn anon, your jimmies are certainly ruffled. seems like you are new here but i can confirm the monster gif guy is super old milk. and i use the phrase "milk" lightly considering its not even about the cow.

No. 1248612

god she makes me so uncomfortable. it’s like a mentally challenged elderly woman thinking she’s doing something sexy.

No. 1248614

File: 1623079304947.jpeg (145.17 KB, 1284x343, 943F527B-E9D3-4E29-922F-CC05D4…)

i’d love to see her notes app to see all the tweets she meticulously saves and reposts in hopes she’ll go viral. she’s posted this at least 3 other times.

No. 1248634

>one schizo posts a faggot's attack
>two anons post a ratsack and catsack
>300 posts bitching about tranny porn spam
you're helping so much, nona

No. 1248664

isn't that just like… what usual porn videos are like? they give a quick cut of the entire video at the beginning? it took her 4 years to learn this technique?

No. 1248666

Seriously though why does her snatch look like Homer Simpson's mouth? That 5 o clock shadow is fucking her shit all the way up

No. 1248677


its her because her fupa - fat upper pussy area - is starting to hang while her pussy lips are deflating and also starting to.. hang

No. 1248692

oh my fucking god; i cant even! kek

No. 1248702

File: 1623086776603.jpg (372.85 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20210607-122618_Twi…)

She was just talking shit about her mom not too long ago, and now she's going for a visit?

Also, who's watching the cats?

No. 1248704

bitch aren’t you trying to move? and now you’re going to do a spur of the moment trip to see your family?

I have no idea how scrotes keep falling for her scams at this point.

No. 1248707

samefag but she probably thinks that an auto feeder and auto litter box is acceptable to leave your cat at home with while you go on vacation.

No. 1248710

i'm sure fupa will be popping in to check on the cats

No. 1248737

uh…does noodle really love "everyone and everything"? has shayna ever brought her to a dog park or had her spend time around other dogs to socialize her? is she trained or used to walking on a leash? i wouldn't be surprised if this "interview" doesn't go as well as shay thinks it's going to.

No. 1248746


Obviously tinfoil, but it would be hilarious if this was actually an intervention set up by family. Blocking her mom, breaking down crying the phone, the massive weight gain and need to drink to get through her days. I’m honestly shocked her family hasnt done more, but they say you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help. Shay probably just thinks she can manipulate her way into some extra cash for the move if she goes.

No. 1248749

>has shayna ever brought her to a dog park
yes she's documented it a handful of times

>i wouldn't be surprised if this "interview" doesn't go as well as shay thinks it's going to.

they're probably just trying to make sure the dog isn't super aggro, i don't think it's that deep

No. 1248782

She bought her ticket a month or two ago. It was a spur of the moment back then because she was planning a birthday trip to Tennessee prior.

No. 1248861

File: 1623096092904.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 2201x3464, ABC15A75-9D8C-4DA4-9935-38CE40…)

How many times is this hamplanet going to “move” ???

No. 1248867

Shayna please stop wearing those ugly chunky headbands. You dont know how to style them, even if they were cute. Which they and you arent.

Oh how conveniently timed for fathers day weekend. Or maybe it's for her birthday so shes not alone or she thinks she can get gifts and money from her aboosive boot licking fox news watching repub family that she loves to blast a couple times a month.

No. 1248888

There is no way in hell that she's moving next month

No. 1248891

this is the same moving sale, no?

No. 1248892

I feel like she's lying. She's boarded Noodle multiple times and has never said anything about her having to be "interviewed" before

No. 1248898

File: 1623097753172.jpeg (128.77 KB, 1232x325, 338F0CA1-7D63-4050-9011-A115B2…)

No one knows because this ugly fatty never actually moves this is like her 50th sale this year.

>in b4 omg my birthday shoot didn’t go as planned I’ll try tomorrow ~reimburse me for my dispensary treats uwu~

No. 1248903

it was a rhetorical question

No. 1248904

File: 1623098017815.jpeg (682.44 KB, 1242x1218, 169D4BAF-3EFD-4394-9D8B-36DD42…)

I’ll never understand why this old scrote defends and licks the pimples off Shayna’s ass when she is unappreciative, greedy, obese, ugly, a liar, and overall has a rude attitude.

No. 1248905

My bad anon. I can’t tell with the amount of retards that have polluted this thread

No. 1248908

Because he's an old, pathetic coomer?

No. 1248942


he comes off as an average middle class loser who gets his kicks from having several pathetic whores he strings along with candy money. instead of buying useless shit to fill their coffins (homes) we now have a growing base of greasy nicotine fingered men who think they have some sort of power or wealth compared to the riff raff on OF. sex work is bleak for everyone involved.

No. 1248959

she must be visiting her family on her bday… i hate this chick but hope when she moves she gets a new job and loses the weight but i doubt it.

No. 1248966

File: 1623103141110.jpg (201.94 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20210607-165941_Twi…)

No. 1248980

Didn’t noodle get boarded when she supposedly went to the psychiatric hospital; either it’s a different place cause she’s broke or she is flat out lying

No. 1248993

Noodle got boarded when she went to Texas. I don't remember if she said anything about boarding Noodle when she got committed

No. 1248999

I know this has been said a million times but it’s so gross that she always eats before filming her porn, especially anal stuff. No wonder her dildos are caked with shit.

No. 1249014

so she canceled Friday, canceled Saturday so she could film a video to release on Sunday, filmed the video Sunday night, and is scheduled to cam again tonight but is saying nothing about that and instead filming another video

why bother having a cam schedule

No. 1249033

I’m convinced Shayna has never actually had an orgasm so that’s why she continues to do what she does. Her fake orgasm faces are so ridiculous… seriously no woman who has had one would be that exaggerated even if they’re faking it.

No. 1249059

File: 1623110380907.jpeg (676.57 KB, 1242x1669, A63AD3E0-5CB3-4E89-BCA8-6A16BB…)

I fucking hate that I ran into her in the wild. But the comment. KEKKKKK. Topic was on stormy daniels

No. 1249063

Isn’t this also the trip she’s taking to see some old rock show with her only friend left? She’s just gonna use her parents house as a place to crash and maybe boohoo to them about her finances and how depressed she is in OK to make them feel bad and pay for her total move. Most children from divorced parents know how to manipulate their parents to get what they want by guilt tripping them.

No. 1249066

Kek, tubby got her feelings hurt because she knows she's "soley a sex worker," and barely at that.

No. 1249069

Wtf does that girl even mean? You’re still a sex worker for showing your titties to random guys online for money. No you’re not different just because you also facetune pictures, turn a lamp on, and do ~social media management~ Jesus what is this delusion.

No. 1249071

anon, that’s literally austin city limits and it’s months and months away.
does nobody read these threads anymore before they post their retarded assumptions? (don’t answer that, i already know the answer is “no”) >>1234770

No. 1249103


Oh my fucking god anon my sides

No. 1249106


good to know I'm not the only one, kek
bless you both

No. 1249115

Seriously. We all know shes fat, but eating right before you film?? That shit makes you bloat like no tomorrow… and especially the way she eats? Shaynus really has the intelligence of a goldfish.

No. 1249116

That’s Austin city limits and I’m pretty sure it’s in October. Reading the threads and google are both free

No. 1249117


This dumb bitch was literally retweeting the exact same thing a couple threads ago >>1216326 boasting about how sex work is so many jobs in one and now she has a problem with it? Her hatred of other woman is shining brightly tonight.

> does nobody read these threads anymore

Well according to this sped >>1248602 thats just too much to ask these days.

No. 1249118

This dumb bitch was literally retweeting the exact same thing a couple threads ago >>1216326 boasting about how sex work is so many jobs in one and now she has a problem with it? Her hatred of other women is shining brightly tonight.

> does nobody read these threads anymore

Well according to this very special anon >>1248602 thats just too much to ask these days.

No. 1249134

File: 1623117847550.jpg (145.61 KB, 1080x641, Screenshot_20210607-210436_Twi…)

OF anons come through

No. 1249136

File: 1623117916424.jpeg (828.7 KB, 804x1356, 642F42AB-2F59-4EAD-9932-DAB871…)


No. 1249138

sausage casing special needs barbie

No. 1249142

Why does her face look so melted? "Facetune is my passion. "

No. 1249144


Did she facetuned it herself or did she hire a photographer; laughing at the cheap looking wig; very troonish

No. 1249146

She literally looks like a different person wtf

No. 1249150

File: 1623118501674.jpeg (339.73 KB, 1242x956, 8E32D887-68B0-440C-A057-82678A…)

The delusion

No. 1249151

Ick, my eyes immediately went to that huge bruise on her thigh

No. 1249152

She couldn't pose better than this? That outfit looks like it's a princess dress for a super fat toddler, in a Princess Dress up set from the dollar store.

No. 1249153

File: 1623118590976.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, 3E57DC76-C481-4C11-908A-E7C4ED…)

Even Troon Dragun did it better …. kek

No. 1249157

She photoshopped 80 lbs out and gave herself a new face but didn’t bother to use the clone tool on that giant bruise on her thigh.

No. 1249160

The mental illness in those eyes kek

No. 1249161

No no no no no

No. 1249169

this looks like a posed corpse……

No. 1249170

yes she hired a photographer to come in and take an iphone quality pic in her dingy apartment

No. 1249176

File: 1623119938998.jpeg (249.07 KB, 1242x752, 02AC8406-F380-45C8-BA42-BA98E4…)

Jason R Womack and gray hair loved her photoshoot topkek

No. 1249182

her coomers sound like bots.

No. 1249184

looking even more like a tranny every day. wouldnt this have been a good time to do a big makeup look with your “malibu barbie” entire makeup collection?

No. 1249193

Are these two literally the only engagement she gets from coomers on Twitter AND Onlyfans? That's so sad…

No. 1249195

Where did she even get that box?

No. 1249200

File: 1623121015701.jpeg (180.42 KB, 1242x953, A9D6B163-A51E-45DB-872E-F3AA49…)

Her only two coomers left

No. 1249202

You wouldn't want for her to turn into low-blood-sugar Mattel would you?

AHAHAHAHA bitch thinks she's on america's next top model or something. Coomers don't think this kind of shit is sexy, Shay. That's why Nikita Dragun did this same picture to sell makeup, not porn. This is just you trying to fulfill your own desperate fantasy using the only platform you have.
I wonder how much she paid for that set-up & photographer lol.

No. 1249207

wait, do anons really think there was a photographer..?

No. 1249209

Oh my b, I thought anon from before said she did.

No. 1249210

Bold of y'all to assume she actually went inpatient when there was literally zero evidence. I think she only even had 1 tHiS tOtAlLy HaPpEnEd experience she posted in an attempt to make it seem like she did anything but avoid Twitter for a couple days. Wouldnt be surprised if her and Fupa just went somewhere or she was harassing him lol.

No. 1249211

it was a joke

No. 1249216

File: 1623122037253.jpeg (911.01 KB, 828x1118, E49C617E-681B-4BD3-B2D6-000808…)

Bitch really spent 90 dollars on some cardboard.

No. 1249218

That one is nicer because it says birthday edition. She probably got this one for cheap

No. 1249222

File: 1623122192730.png (6.86 MB, 1242x2208, EACF5C0F-2211-4739-8C1A-6C15B8…)

Why she standing like that??? Kek

No. 1249224

This outfit is so tacky and gross. Puffy sleeves are decades outdated, sweaty.

No. 1249225

was the skirt longer and she rolled it up on top to make it shorter or is it that shittly made?

No. 1249227

she could've just paid someone $20 on fiver to ps her into it.. or use her amazing graphic design skills we have yet to see

the lack of ingenuity is painful

No. 1249229

did she seriously post this to her PAID onlyfans? what a joke.

No. 1249230

This is so bad. Her tiny head and the retarded expression and pose… omg.

No. 1249233

I feel like Fupa must have had a hand in this. He always takes awful pics of her kek.

Shes trying to imitate "plastic doll" poses and expressions. But she's dumber than rocks and can't do anything sexy or appealing or bring anything to it. It's some single brain cell level shit she does. She just can't be creative or take a good pic honestly.

No. 1249235

she has a tripod, retards

No. 1249236

Her face is terrifying and yet the bruise and her legs are distracting because they're not edited at all kek

No. 1249237

it doesn’t fit her, and she hiked it up over her fat apron stomach so it looks even worse. it’s an ugly skirt and crappy material to begin with. even on the skinny model on dollskill it looked weird.

No. 1249238

>really thought she got a photographer
K I'm retarded, but in my defence I absolutely believe that she would waste money on something like that lol
Glitter & Lazers hired a permanent photographer to just sit there with a tripod.

That is one hefty Barbie. Looks like she can't even put her arms down anymore with how oversized she's gotten.

No. 1249239

The utter size this bitch has eaten herself to is honestly impressive at this point.

No. 1249240

And when does she use it? All her other content looks like she props her phone on a table or the floor tbh. It probably is a tripod or table which would also explain the bad posing, but dont act like it's so far fetched that Fupa would guilt help her with her birthday pics for some easy pussy jfc some anons need to do some breathing techniques and touch some grass because they're tense as fuck.

No. 1249242

anons like you have been fucking up the thread with their retarded tinfoils and comments.

No. 1249243

File: 1623122851589.png (7.36 MB, 1242x2208, 1492FE53-5C16-4DC5-9E63-A004AC…)

Scatna couldn’t even bother putting on a wig cap…the ghetto

No. 1249244

this is just sad. couldn’t even be pressed to look at pics of actual models who have done this type of shoot to get some inspiration.

No. 1249245

File: 1623122909500.jpeg (192.42 KB, 959x1280, 56B481AB-CBB5-413E-90BB-3B528D…)

Nonny you were right this bitch spent that much on cardboard
> top kek

No. 1249246

You're gonna have to spoiler this but holy fucking shit she looks like an absolute troon. This is embarrassing. That she thinks anything about her is close to a Barbie doll. The zombie tit front and center

No. 1249247

File: 1623122967033.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.29 KB, 960x1280, FF7A6D6D-5B64-44A4-8A30-6495C7…)

Forgot spoiler my bad ladies

No. 1249249

File: 1623123046910.png (187.09 KB, 347x544, Capture.PNG)

No. 1249250

File: 1623123094157.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3464x3464, EA53DE96-993E-408E-9158-9C4DE6…)

On the left is her onlyfans content
The right is her Twitter content

No. 1249251

she definitely rolled the skirt up, to show more leg and probably because she can't fit it.

No. 1249252

Even though they're both awful, the editing levels and lighting and filter differences are jarring. She really posted these ones that look like outtakes lol

No. 1249253

She looks like a middle aged mom who uses makeup filters on Facebook

No. 1249254

okay that first picture is awful, it looks like a dude in drag playfully trying to mimic a "Sexy girl" pose.
She edits her shit on twitter because she wants it to go viral, on only fans she knows only 2 of her coomers will comment on it.

No. 1249255

At least shes wearing some colorful makeup this time

No. 1249256

That right there kinda tells it all. Literally shits out the most garbage, unsexy content and expects people to pay for it. But really she just wants those sweet Twitter likes and rts, she'll put in some effort for that even though it's just numbers. Incredible.

No. 1249257

my thoughts exactly but sage next time

No. 1249258

I think this is the first time we've ever seen her wear lipgloss

No. 1249263

if shes going to edit it to post on twitter at all, why not post the edited versions to OF as well?? is it that she only has the time and energy to edit one or two pics, but feels compelled to post every single shot taken on OF

No. 1249269

Probably so her OF seems like it has more content. But I really wonder if she honestly believes that garbage is worth money? Maybe she thinks it's a "you get what you pay for" thing and at 3 bucks i guess you can't expect great stuff, but by that logic why would the "better" stuff be free on Twitter lol. Like would love to hear her honest answer of if she thinks >>1249250 the left is good enough that people should give her money. Like come on. She clearly doesnt care about anything but attention even if they're just retarded likes on twitter. Twisted. No wonder she only has 2 coomers active on OF. But all she has on Twitter is some troons and a couple dumb whores. And the old man's hug gif kek

No. 1249270

what you ordered vs what comes

No. 1249272

Editing pictures takes work. She seems to think getting someone to sub with her catfish pics and scamming them with her unedited garbage on OF is good enough. I'm sure a few of them forget to unsub for a month or two after signing up.

No. 1249273

The left photo is literally so tragic. Her face looks like she's just completely given up. That poor skirt isn't even a belt. The arm poofs look like deflated dollar store balloons. The musty BTK wig. The body type and sex appeal of someone's weird alcoholic uncle who isn't allowed to visit for Christmas. It's all so unpropitious, ladies.

No. 1249275

why is her neck so tense here. this is such an awkward photo kek

No. 1249295

why the fuck would she buy this absolutely massive prop a month before ‘moving’?

No. 1249298

Because she's going to end up living in it sooner or later. It's actually a smart purchase if you think about her inevitable homeless barbie saga

No. 1249300

Investor Barbie

No. 1249310

She looks like an unfortunate kid with special needs who got lost at the grocery store and is frozen in fear.
Please, this is the picture you should cringe at and leave in your camera roll.

No. 1249314


This has next thread pic potential. How did she think posting this was okay.

No. 1249342

File: 1623132374449.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 0D64D700-6762-4BAC-84B9-6D491A…)


No. 1249344

The right one looks like the 80s prom photo for the slightly downie girl in school that still tries her best anyway kek

No. 1249346

She does look downsy.

No. 1249368

File: 1623135249026.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1638, B9A33B62-B0DC-40E9-A35A-1F3F09…)

This is embarrassing

No. 1249370

File: 1623135340396.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1645, 5CDA8E15-D78A-4FD3-98D5-6B2A57…)

No. 1249371

> crooked prop
> light switch, fire alarm, electric outlet all visible
> serial killer basement lighting
> three sizes too small cheap Chinese crap outfit
> improperly installed wig
> jarring difference between 100% facetuned face and unedited legs
> sped face

This is an incredibly simple concept that has been done many times but Shaynus still manages to completely fuck it up.

No. 1249372

Jesus Christ I know the troon comments are never ending but she seriously looks early stages FTM.

No. 1249373

File: 1623135690234.jpeg (Spoiler Image,886.12 KB, 902x1570, D3BBBC59-A41F-4012-A56D-E2C6F7…)

I’m trying to post the video she put on her onlyfans but it takes forever on dropbox. She looks like a MTF with their new boobs

No. 1249374

This outfit is baffling, like it completely emphasizes her fridge shaped body. I hate to say it but that overused stretched out white circle skirt at least gives her some waist illusion. No idea why she thought this was a good idea, aside from alcoholism.

No. 1249375

Love how all these posts are currently sitting somewhere between 3-5 likes on twitter kek the pictures are shit regardless but why didn’t she wait until her actual birthday to post these? 20 days in advanced is just sped behavior.

No. 1249376

wtf is going on with her ass? facetune gone wrong? her crack is just kind of dissolved into the shadows.

No. 1249377

File: 1623135813641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 3464x3464, 72FAF6A9-54C3-4AD7-9F73-5BE60A…)

No. 1249378

File: 1623135920294.jpeg (358.04 KB, 1242x1169, E37BD002-108C-4265-B9FC-AF2C5D…)

She already wore this ugly outfit and cheap Amazon wig already. Most have ran out of money and couldn’t order another outfit from dollskill. Kek. Birthday girl is too broke for another outfit uwu

No. 1249380

Broke because she spent $100 on a piece of cardboard that she’s just going to chuck in the trash kek

No. 1249381

lip gloss for once but she still managed to make it look like they’re crusty underneath

No. 1249382

Clearly her ass is just so big and juicy that it is twerking while she's standing still, anon.

No. 1249384

broke because she wore an outfit more than once?

No. 1249385

File: 1623136467091.jpeg (119.17 KB, 750x750, A0FE463D-2012-4C63-871F-1DD511…)

The Jessica Yaniv>divine pipeline

No. 1249389

Why did she both with the other corpse looking ones and not just post this which, arguably is one of her best photos in recent months

No. 1249390

Yeah it’s her birthday she makes such a big deal about it, which nobody cares besides her parents to be honest but I digress. She should have a new outfit for her photo shoot , especially because she’s making so much money and is “thriving”

No. 1249391

NTA, she's probably not broke but she's lazy and you can tell this "photoshoot" was rushed for ZERO reasons.
I don't even know why she decided to do her "birthday shoot" right now, I assume it's because the prop came and she feels she has to put out Something everyday.
Why not get a new birthday outfit?

No. 1249392

File: 1623137098006.jpeg (753.28 KB, 721x1366, 117999DE-E7A5-4B35-8015-C74244…)

Looking like a damn sausage

No. 1249393

every picture she's posted her face has looked different.

No. 1249394

at least divine had a vision and creativity.

No. 1249396

File: 1623137343726.jpeg (Spoiler Image,938.48 KB, 3464x3464, FCEB6151-5475-4FCA-B600-76BBD7…)

Idk if this has been posted already sage for old photo but I don’t know why she posted this… does she think this is her “cum”??

No. 1249399

her face looks so different from >>1249250 like she really has to edit herself out of that double chin slug look

No. 1249400

File: 1623138631371.jpg (16.63 KB, 405x250, fat_barbie.jpg)

No. 1249409

Discharge Mattel

No. 1249429

it's rare that i feel physically ill from shay's pics but this…
this is just fucking foul.

No. 1249439

Her clit is FUCKED holy shit. She also looks like a bloated corpse. Maybe she can get the neco crowd.

Her eyes are super tiny here kek.

No. 1249442

Clitoral atrophy tinfoil…

No. 1249450

Why couldn’t this bitch just order a blonde wig to actually look like barbie for once? That pink wig, outfit and box with her pasty salmon skin just makes the whole thing look bland and even more shitty than it is. The only thing shaynus puts effort into is stuffing her fat face

No. 1249457

I'm disgusted, this is absolutely revolting. This is clearly a yeast infection, is it not itchy and uncomfortable for her?? How does she not realize this doesn't look healthy?

No. 1249463

Hmm yeah just blur the everloving fuck out of everything but the necro tit, doesn’t look disturbing and obvious at all

Couldn’t even get the lyrics right kek

No. 1249478

File: 1623152838696.jpeg (64.34 KB, 1280x720, BAF5EFBA-83C5-4C29-95AD-B33321…)

>because she’s going to end up living in it

No. 1249490

jfc I fucking hate Jason R Womack so much I want to a-log, he is a repugnant piece of shit

No. 1249510

The color scheme is so desaturated and depressing. Barbie is hot pink, could she not have found some lipstick or something? It just feels so depressing to look at

No. 1249513

I've never seen a WIG look greasy, but somehow Shaynus manages. Watch a tutorial on how to maintain wigs if you're gonna wear em instead of washing your hair!

No. 1249529

Why does her right tit look like it has two nipples kek

No. 1249547

Mmmm I love it baby, let me suck the toxic waste right out of your pussy

No. 1249566

Wheezing at this.

She looks like a lost fat child at the pool in water wings

No. 1249567

Oops forgot to sage

No. 1249578

File: 1623162098316.jpg (411.96 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20210608-092151_Twi…)

Shut up Shay

No. 1249585

File: 1623162669283.jpeg (Spoiler Image,44.33 KB, 310x208, 3DE876A1-C3F6-40DC-87E7-E8F858…)

wtf is this? along with that giant bruise on her thigh, kinda concerning

No. 1249602

Shes still using the brown lipstick she has been for the past five years

No. 1249609

kek is this what fupa texted you?

No. 1249612

the bruises are probably either from fupa and their fake bdsm play or from her dog. not really anything out of the ordinary for shaynus.

No. 1249614

it’s called regular discharge, nonnie. unless you’re smelling shays puss you’re not gonna know.

No. 1249620

She’s an alcoholic. Alcoholics are usually pretty bruised up from bumping into shit and falling.

No. 1249625

no bruise here

but she does have a mole in the same place. just goes to show you how unfortunate the photoshopping is if it's turned a shadow purple

No. 1249643

File: 1623165818078.jpg (325.93 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20210608-102336_Twi…)

Why have friends for this when you post all of it on Twitter?

No. 1249661

Shay, you constantly talk shit about your customers on your Twitter

No. 1249667

KEK she does all of this and it obviously "takes a huge toll mentally", does she think her discord orbiters count as friends

No. 1249679

She did her makeup and edited heavy so she looks totally different, yet still ugly af. Tragic.

No. 1249683

And why are these on her OF anyway? Nothing sexy about them. Just a retard playing dress up. Theres nothing to jerk off to or get hard over.

No. 1249688

Still not a single comment because they're both bad and she tried both anyway. Depressing.

No. 1249717

Seriously giving me troon vibes

No. 1249719

Ayrt, I know but I meant can she not find a hot pink/brightly colored lipstick

No. 1249726

ironically, she has both the malibu barbie & lizzie mcguire makeup collections which both come with a hot pink lipstick and gloss.

No. 1249731

File: 1623171070232.jpeg (181.84 KB, 1284x429, 073E640A-9E5B-4C25-965E-36F1EC…)

shayna, it’s fucking disgusting that you eat an entire charcuterie by yourself on the daily.

No. 1249732


stoners like her get stuck in their old habits and routines. its why she hasnt made any real progress in her life for over a year now. same thing everything. same routines everyday. and she probably has one makeup routine shes used to now and doesnt have the creative juices or energy anymore to even try new things.

No. 1249734

Yeah like. Aren’t those meant for parties ? Like a social snack not a whole thing you’re supposed to fill up on.

Oh right she’s lacking in friends

No. 1249736

It's so hard to throw fresh ingredients she doordashed on a tray? Of all the things…

No. 1249739


she really thinks charcuterie boards is the end-all be-all of class and wealth doesnt she? she sounds exactly like that trailer trash plasticandproud who is desperate to rid herself of her old identify of sleeping in the same trailers her mom fucked johns in.

No. 1249772

I mean, the ones she slops together are enough for at least 2/3 people. You can make a personal one for yourself but she has no idea what portion control is.

No. 1249793

I'm convinced it's just something she didn't know existed til fupa showed her and this is some kind of "secret" relationship attention seeking posturing, personally

I don't think shay actually tried to come off classy or wealthy in any sense, even though she thinks she likes that aesthetic. I've never seen her actually make an attempt. She's just stupid

No. 1249804

File: 1623174466003.jpg (621.59 KB, 960x960, inCollage_20210608_204820043.j…)

No. 1249809

She wants to be rich to afford a personal chef to put slices of meat, cheese and crackers on a cutting board for her? I think she is retarded and stopped mentally maturing a long time ago. She sounds like a 14 year old tumblr girl who has no concept of reality or life experiences. She probably thinks that applebees and olive garden are fancy restaurants. I cant with this stupid, broke ass bitch

No. 1249842

File: 1623176757582.jpeg (Spoiler Image,933.66 KB, 1242x1286, 2450E750-1C5B-4489-9F7D-9319FA…)

Kek the double chin

No. 1249858

Anons… pls read the fucking thread.

No. 1249859

did you not read the thread yesterday? she's checking out places to board the dog for her trip home. >>1248702

No. 1249860

that's asking too much at this point for these speds, i'm afraid.

No. 1249861

File: 1623177577904.jpeg (327.57 KB, 1231x1062, C97F8895-6A5A-46BD-99F7-FAA91A…)

I want to a-log

No. 1249867

I did read the thread, but I don’t believe she is actually going, you guys seriously believe Shayna saying she’s going to visit her parents??? She always lies and everything she says she’s going to do never happens

No. 1249871

You read the past thread? Where you missed the part where her old high school friend colleen posted shay was coming to visit her as well?

No. 1249872

i support good tinfoils in this thread, but this isn't one.
she has visited her family multiple times since she's lived in OK. this is just straight up retard-level. i'm sure they're footing the bill and she will be documenting every moment of her time in the airport, on the plane and any other mundane interactions she has during her time there.

No. 1249889

Can anons stop ripping into the people who are posting actual content? They've gone & deleted the screenshots now because of you all being cunty.
No one disagrees that you should read the thread, but this person came bearing screencaps from her twitter while the rest of yous are making 20+ posts a day about your personal opinions, infighting, regurgitated vag-sperging, and other off-topic shit.
This thread has been absolutely unreadable lately, and it's because of the people who don't post content, so give content-anon a break.

No. 1249891

Crackhead Colon is Shayna’s only friend, I know that. I’ve actually read all of the threads during quarantine,. I just have a hard time believing fatty mattel can travel at this weight size, when she can’t even bother to get up from her “work” room to go to the fridge kek

No. 1249895

Thanks nonny, I love you. I admit I was autistic because I forgot noodle was in daycare bc Shayna is traveling kek

No. 1249896

>sperging as if it's an impossible feat to delete and repost a twitter screencap without the retarded commentary

No. 1249900

File: 1623179583374.png (67.73 KB, 587x880, 2021-06-08 15_13_13-Window.png)

for the helpless anons

No. 1249901

Shut up

No. 1249902

Glad you finally managed to figure out how to post content, cunt-anon!

No. 1249912

and such interesting content, too!

No. 1249938

File: 1623181669374.jpeg (133.4 KB, 1025x1843, 1623123094157~2.jpeg)

Is this really her unphotoshopped leg? Is it really that fucking big by now? She looks about 90kg in that picture like girl wtf chill with the fast food

No. 1249940

This is Fatna's paid fucking content. Looking like a formless stale bubblegum blob on the underside of a desk.

No. 1249951

Sperg but I get so annoyed when anons call her Shatna. Shit is just ugly

No. 1249952

File: 1623182724142.jpeg (95.6 KB, 989x1081, leg.jpeg)

I was literally just about to post that, anon!

No. 1249953

Her thighs have more of an ass than her ass does

No. 1249954

Her and Luna will soon be competing for biggest thighs on Lolcow

No. 1249964

Go be severely autistic somewhere else

No. 1249983

File: 1623185660217.png (11.29 KB, 587x97, 2021-06-08 16_54_44-Window.png)

so… don't eat?

No. 1249985

Because choosing between cheemsburger, a massive charcuterie board meant for five people, and 45 sushi rolls is so hard

No. 1249989

no no shay, please eat, you really need it


No. 1249998

Personally I prefer the far classier “shaynus”

No. 1250009

Momokun is starting to shake.

No. 1250011

the fact that she is pretending to be so picky with "doggy daycares" as if she doesn't just let her retarded untrained pup wallow in its misery in a horder's cave that smells like farts and weed surrounded by used dildos 24/7

No. 1250013

you know that doesn't even register as an option in her mind. she probably thinks she'd starve to death if she skipped a meal.

No. 1250020

Yet she gets her fupa in a twist because men will coom to her free twitter content?
I can't tell if she actually out blush on or found the blush option in her shoop apps

No. 1250074

> as if she doesn't just let her retarded untrained pup wallow in its misery in a horder's cave that smells like farts and weed surrounded by used dildos 24/7
Top kek

No. 1250121

File: 1623195142400.jpg (478.58 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20210608-183237_Twi…)

She always posts something like this right before she's ready to "move"

No. 1250122

File: 1623195199524.jpg (361.14 KB, 1079x1029, Screenshot_20210608-183347_Twi…)

And Grayhair fails to disappoint

No. 1250130

Jesus, this is particularly unreadable. Is she even able to type without her stupid abbreviations? Anyway, it's her ~birthday month~ and she's still boo hooing over Fups. Does she just stalk his FB and make herself sad or what? He is truly living rent free in her mind.

No. 1250153

Yawn. Not again.

It's obvious Shay is not someone who is capable of being friends with an ex. Especially as they've both shit talked each other. They weren't friends and never will be. Man just wanted to get his dick wet

No. 1250174

>I don’t ever wanna hurt him
girl, he’s just not that into you