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File: 1621029022739.jpeg (242.9 KB, 1190x949, womack vs fupa.jpeg)

No. 1230291

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

First Thread >>>/snow/344490
Last Thread >>>/snow/1221034

>Last thread there was:

>infighting, shockingly
>Shayna daydreams about saving 2 million dollars after recently blowing her moving fund >>1221733
>capes for a creepy transvestite, calling him "mom" & encouraging others to do the same >>1221748 >>1223935
>says being a healthy BMI is not worth giving up her 3000 calorie doordash orders >>1222488
>gets fired by her therapist >>1222713
>oh, we're moving again btw fam >>1222728 >>1223353 >>1223354
>posts a bunch of tweets complaining about customers to her work twitter account >>1223734 >>1222816>>1222839
>drops $300 on skincare, then complains that using it is too hard >>1223060
>cosplays as Mrs. Clause with a pink rinse >>1223660 >>1223663
>starts "month of bimbofication" >>1224211
>begs for people with a following to promote her again >>1224368
>gets eyelash extensions >>1224985
>stay tuned for thread #80: Lash Mites edition
>makes bitchy call-out post directed towards …[rolls dice] sex workers who do it for survival reasons >>1225389
>dyes hair blonde >>1225602
>anons are shook by Shayna looking clothed and showered >>1226260
>Shay gives away 10 free trials to her onlyfans, which at least one farmer scooped up judging by the pictures that followed >>1225705
>more publicly lambasting her mom >>1226510
>geriatric gray has an onlyfans (?) >>1227272
>Shay finally learns she’s fatspo on ED twitter >>1227508 >>1227519 >>1227520 >>1227510 >>1227514
>pretends that Fupa (Kyle Nathan Perkins) is just her friend with benefits >>1227774
>then like clockwork, has a breakdown over him >>1228794 >>1228803 >>1228809 >>1228829
>and gets the same Monsters Inc gif from geriatric gray as she does every other breakdown >>1228811
>groundhog day in the dollhouse
>blames her remaining followers for her declining views >>1229546 >>1229547


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No. 1230294

File: 1621029137579.gif (2.46 MB, 600x1170, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

Thanks anon

No. 1230297

kardashian what

No. 1230298

File: 1621029372194.gif (Spoiler Image, 594.06 KB, 600x1170, ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif)

Why does she do the chicken dance when she shakes her ass?

No. 1230299

This is absolutely cursed

No. 1230301

when she tries to "twerk" she squeezes her "ass"cheeks in even more

No. 1230304

That video was spastic as shit wtf. I know she had to be smashed and think shes cute when she acts "goofy" but jfc that's just cringe and unsexy. And yeah she clenches her bumpy ass every time and just wiggles like a retard.

No. 1230305

File: 1621029781520.gif (790.94 KB, 370x326, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)

I had to do it

No. 1230311

Fuck, I should've called it Keeping Up With the DoorDashian.
Oh well, new thread was needed.

No. 1230312

Between these gifs and the very first recap being
>infighting, shockingly
I’m already laughing. Great work anons, let’s keep on board the train wreck

No. 1230346

File: 1621033268273.jpg (587.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210514-185530_Twi…)

So the videos were horrifying but holy fucking shit, she got her leg behind her head. Great work fatty, you should be v proud

No. 1230362

The bitch was just compaling how others get more interaction despite their content being “lower quality” and then has the AUDACITY to post this. I….. Shatna go commit yourself. You need serious help.

No. 1230364

i can practically hear her panting after lifting her leg like that lol

No. 1230366

No. 1230367

I’m surprised she isn’t bullied more on twitter with the mount of cringe she posts on a daily basis

No. 1230370

Nobody follows her tho, all her followers are bots and she doesn't have an organic following aside from a few scrotes and orbiters.

No. 1230376

yep people only know her from here at this point kek

No. 1230390

File: 1621037586588.gif (8.77 MB, 186x378, 0DF8D81F-E714-4348-A9A8-BFF994…)


No. 1230392

How does one convince themselves that this is an ass?? Clearly it's a pizza box…

No. 1230393

the way she has to grab her cheeks with her entire hand just to make them move… I've had enough

No. 1230396

Is she ok? looks like she's having a seizure

No. 1230398

File: 1621037995126.jpeg (196.6 KB, 1122x1465, 3CDDCB1F-D948-4287-8CBD-A206F8…)

No. 1230399

i mean she was (and probably is still) drunk at the moment lol. $50 she’ll delete these in the morning when she realizes she looks like a dumbass, desperately attempting to shake her flatbread ass

No. 1230404

I swear I think she thinks because her thighs are "thick" aka fat, that it means she has a "fat ass' or she has to be one of the most disillusioned cows on this site. She knows her body is average or below it, so she keeps bouncing around trying to find something. She thinks she's "thick" when she honestly never had a nice shape to began with. She's average but let her tell it she's a bimbo barbie that men are spending their child's college fund on.

No. 1230405

Was this sped up or was she actually moving like this? Jfc. I need to go watch the actual videos but I need to hide first. I’d be ashamed if anyone thought I was watching a retard have a seizure on camera.

No. 1230408

> is she ok
she is absolutely not ok

No. 1230411

File: 1621039068133.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.08 MB, 600x1274, why.gif)

I feel bad for talking about her breast but come on Shayna, this isn't sexy or quirky. It's scary and weird. She also looks the same without make up as she did when she didn't have those eyelashes.

No. 1230412

File: 1621039140629.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.87 MB, 600x1274, why 2.gif)

No. 1230414

I’m having flashbacks to luna and lurch

No. 1230416

File: 1621039697395.jpg (369.94 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20210514-194830_Twi…)

No. 1230418

File: 1621039743612.jpg (158.96 KB, 1080x436, Screenshot_20210514-194808_Twi…)

Very bleak weekend

No. 1230422

booze and snack food. sounds like it could be any day of the week for her.

No. 1230423

I almost thought it was a Lori Lewd video kek

No. 1230427

You’d think being featured on ED Twitter as the poster fat chick would cause her to stop shovelling food into her mouth

No. 1230429

File: 1621041209457.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 213.7 KB, 1108x1521, A0438AC3-7A92-4D5B-8C55-EEE2AD…)

lopsidedness aside, the filter combined with twitter’s video compression literally vanished her left nipple. it looks grotesque. why would anyone ever post this?

No. 1230432

There's something about her look in this outfit that screams lunch lady in spite of the fact that she's trying to look young, I can't quite put my finger on it

No. 1230437

"personal drunk n stoned n horny gf" oh that man is on a list somewhere. Keep attracting that high class clientele, Shay!

No. 1230442

How are these scrotes convinced that she is capable of having an orgasm (let alone three) when she is SO bad at faking them? This dude must be an incel and never have seen any decent porn in his life.

No. 1230447

The sad thing is it that the video isn't sped up

No. 1230449

I literally posted this already scroll up retard

No. 1230452


Or… ya know go to the grocery store to buy it like any normal person. Fuck she is so lazy.

No. 1230462

Do your eyebrows and cover up the dark circles under your eyes jfc. Do the bare minimum

No. 1230463

File: 1621045181715.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.18 KB, 676x785, 20210514_211939.jpg)

No. 1230464

File: 1621045214635.jpg (593.49 KB, 1079x1385, Screenshot_20210514-211931_Twi…)

Ceo of not buying clothes that fit

No. 1230468

File: 1621045804138.jpeg (210.49 KB, 1242x1490, 28278066-264D-4E97-AAAC-A82E6E…)

No. 1230477

Scammy Fattel wrote this kek it’s so obvious

No. 1230479

Anons are gonna get mad at this tinfoil but… between the unevenness and the scar on her tit I honestly think she might have had a small implant placed. It’s clear one of her tits just basically doesn’t grow. So she could have had a small implant placed once she reached maturity to even them out. It just so happens that she went and got super fat and ruined it.

No. 1230480

File: 1621048688643.jpg (195.29 KB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20210514-221811_Twi…)

No. 1230481

This has been said multiple times

No. 1230486

Samefag, yes I know but most anons don’t believe it. the scar got brought up again in the last thread and it looks exactly like an inframammary incision.

That combined with the fact that it hasn’t grown despite her 60+ weight gain makes it more believable. Not that it really matters.

No. 1230496


you are up her ass dude

No. 1230504

it's probably written backwards on the wall behind the mirror

No. 1230511

Her thigh flab is being twerked more than the ass itself

No. 1230512

>anons are gonna get so mad at my stale tinfoil that's been argued and discussed many many times over the last 3 years

No. 1230520

File: 1621054594342.jpeg (333.56 KB, 1242x1167, 0144988C-6B08-4541-A939-DFDE23…)

No. 1230527

Why not use google instead of asking your 2 coomers??

No. 1230532

any state that has all these things will probably have a higher cost of living than tulsa, she's probably fishing for a roommate. i'm kinda hoping for another Dawn saga

No. 1230539

I'd be interested in a New Jersey saga tho

No. 1230542

This is the only cow where I see retards insist on linking EVERY thread for the cow, no other cow threads do this. Pure autism.

Such a wide load. But, god, the jeans look better than that unwashed, too small white skirt. Still doesn't look good, though. I'm guessing this is all from her Shein haul? How are you not even going to buy a decent pair of jeans at the very least?

No. 1230544

NTA but it’s because her threads are a hilarious dumpster fire and it can be amusing to revisit the old shit without having to fuss with Google. I’ve been here for years but I appreciate it kek. For other cows, yeah, it might be excessive. But Shayna is a nonstop trainwreck and deserves to be documented.

No. 1230545

maybe she’ll move to the philly suburbs with plasticnproud

No. 1230548

Kek Move to Colorado but you’ll only be able to afford to live in the ghetto.

No. 1230550

It hasn’t been talked about since the other tit ballooned.

No. 1230551

Why would she ever pick New Jersey? Then again she does live in Tulsa. She looks like an idiot talking about doing outdoorsy things and shopping when she doesn’t leave her house or exercise at all and buys all her cheap clothes online.

No. 1230552

I mean she probably has New Jersey at the bottom of her list, but it's definitely in her price range. And maybe we would get an Atlantic City/Jersey shore saga out of it.

No. 1230557

She used to live in Seattle, which fits this description, but she moved for a scrote. I'd suggest POrtland but she couldn't afford it.

No. 1230558

Samefag but let's be real, she wants to live in LA, but a studio apartment here costs more than she makes in a month.

No. 1230560

Philly suburbs are way out of her price range. She can't afford to live in the northeast or northwest.

No. 1230570

Pls anon, she's already the biggest homebody in her flyover state.
Living somewhere with nature is a complete waste of money for someone who doesn't even leave the house to run errands.

OP posts it every thread.
Also that's a retarded thing to whine about. Boo hoo, there's a single text post that you have to scroll past.
Contribute & make the OP next time or stfu.

No. 1230575

File: 1621064275629.png (127.12 KB, 487x371, shayna's_ass.png)

No. 1230588

She wants all this and a new Tesla with next to zero income. Dreams and goals are great to have but they will stay just that when you put in absolutely no effort. The economy is about to crash worse than 2008 but ButtStuffBarbie wants to blow all her income on cheap Chinese crap, makeup/skincare she’ll never use, junk food, drugs, and alcohol and excepts someone to just buy her a car and house. Like another anon said, time to commit yourself Shayna. You need help.

No. 1230598

Don't forget a 2 million dollar "mansion" lol.
She's so out of touch with money & her reality. It's delicious.
Not only does she make a pittance for gaping her asshole but she's worse at saving than the average high schooler. This woman has never had more than 4 figures in her bank account in her life. Even that 4 figures was the short-lived result of weeks of begging people who have actual income streams to pay for her moving fund. Now she's back to her usual routine of "receive $20, spend $20 on ubereats, repeat".

She has never owned even the cheapest vehicle, be it a beater car nor a bicycle. Yet she daydreams about Teslas. Will she ever reconcile with the fact that the laughable fantasies she tweets are above her reality? Probably not.
Love that for her though.

Sidenote - this is called maladaptive daydreaming & you see it in a lot of burn-outs. They sit around dreaming about their goals, riding the brief dopamine boost it gives them as they collect dust.

No. 1230600

tl;dr - bitch is putting shein on afterpay

No. 1230693

har har fiddle dee dee! yarr matey! she literally looks like a pirate here

No. 1230694


No. 1230698

> The economy is about to crash worse than 2008
lmao wtf are you talking about?

No. 1230701

I have been confused on this for a bit. Did she own her car back in Mass (the little Honda SUV thing?) she said her “dad made her buy her car off him”, clearly she didn’t take it to Seattle with her, did she just leave it at her parents house in mass? Sell it?

No. 1230707

highly doubt she actually purchased a car from her dad. if anything maybe he was making her pay the insurance premiums to establish some iota of responsibility, but i'd assume when she moved that the car went to one of her siblings/step-siblings.

No. 1230712

could've bought it for $1 just to get the title in her name or something

No. 1230715

File: 1621092046722.jpg (98.28 KB, 1080x1250, FB_IMG_1621091789511.jpg)

No. 1230718

File: 1621093008085.png (Spoiler Image, 656.45 KB, 894x988, Screenshot_20210515-163203~2.p…)

The most interaction her content has ever gotten,but only cause a 300k+ SW "friend"tweeted her content for her. How much did you pay her Shay?

No. 1230719

File: 1621093072825.png (14.15 KB, 597x143, 2021-05-15 11_37_28-ButtStuffB…)

second day in a row she mentions "taking herself to brunch". girl, fupa is not reading and does not care.

No. 1230722

File: 1621093283062.png (29.06 KB, 606x330, 2021-05-15 11_41_16.png)

likely $500

No. 1230723

I guarentee you that she doesn't see a boost in sales

No. 1230725

File: 1621093851780.jpeg (145.75 KB, 828x428, 11E430E5-D787-45D2-A743-BCF54C…)


Keep drinking and you’re gonna end up dying like her; I wouldn’t be suprised if she one day drinks and ends up choking to death on her own vomit.

No. 1230730

File: 1621094433289.jpg (120.15 KB, 1257x590, Screenshot_20210515-165708.jpg)

You're most likely correct. She's gained lots of followers overnight and time will tell if these are bought or on the back of the promo.

No. 1230743

NTAYRT but I think it has to do with the US printing money for stimulus checks & it causing inflation of the dollar.
Sage for OT

No. 1230748

she absolutely subscribes to the "oh no poor 27 club"

No. 1230755

you guys need to go back to econ 101

No. 1230756

Like other anons have said,
This is a big checklist for someone who makes just enough to afford a 1k apartment and only leaves it to go out with Fupa/get day drunk on occasion. If she hasnt made actual friends here, then I'm not sure how she thinks she will elsewhere and going to a nightclub and shit alone is somewhat sketchy but more so depressing. Theres scenery anywhere, it depends on what you like. Theres PNW with tons of evergreen trees and shit, theres coasts with beaches and the beaches vary depending on the state. Theres desert landscapes in AZ and states like that. I mean. I'd think most every state has nature areas. But she never goes out like that and you're not gonna see much nature in the city regardless.
Anyway. She should probs just move back to Washington tbh, if not near her parents.

She absolutely does. Shes got tumblr posts about it and wanting to be part of it. Cringe and pathetic. Especially since shes a nobody with no talent.

No. 1230759

She legit looks like she’s tweaking

No. 1230770

With the way things are currently going for her, either she'll quit this shit or she'll end her own life. Shayna is stubborn and, unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if she decides on the latter.

No. 1230773

i think she's too narcissistic to legitimately off herself tbh. she doesn't shy away from suicide baiting at any opportunity though.

No. 1230779

File: 1621100409504.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.51 KB, 960x1280, 3BF1B4EF-8DEB-41A8-BF0C-BAA5F1…)

She posted even more of that photo set even though no one asked and this one is genuinely nightmarish kek

No. 1230780

File: 1621100439952.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.42 KB, 960x1280, C985413D-5954-4B6F-A028-82D5EC…)

No. 1230781

I think she'll have a meltdown, go a little too far to retract once she realizes, and her dad will come haul her ass home like he had already planned on doing this past time. or she'll finally find someone new to hitch her wagon to and end up in another shitty relationship. she's not getting out of Tulsa unless she's motivated by a man

No. 1230783

File: 1621100936935.jpeg (634.52 KB, 1183x1034, 29C7917E-61A0-426B-89BD-4811AD…)

Tiny ass eyes

No. 1230786

why am I instantly reminded of The Mask

No. 1230795

Her arsehole is going to be wrecked by the time she's 30, and that's me being nice. Enjoy sharting in diapers shatna!

No. 1230797

Looks like she had a ball editing this one, even took anons advice to whiten her teeth kek.

No. 1230798

Jesus Christ will she just buy a fucking tripod already. Your ass is flat shay nothing can save that. Your a walking Petri dish and everyone has accepted that. Can you at least aim to bullshit some level of quality control? Amazon has tripods for phones dirt cheap. Take the plunge so I don't have to stare at that already matted rug on top of your controlled seziure.

No. 1230806

the retarded way she does a peace sign every single time triggers me more than it should…… it’s only two fingers you fat freak

No. 1230807

She only cares about food and weed and wasting money on garbage kek. A lot of states are weed legal and there's food anywhere, you just have to find good restaurants in the area and we know shes not a foodie anyway, just a fatty. There will be doordash and bars. Theres trees and shit everywhere, especially outside the city (which she wouldn't go) and any decent city will have a nightlife, but that shit is on hold because of covid anyway. I think she needs to focus more on getting a car to get anywhere and her budget of what she can afford before worrying about these other things.

No. 1230809

File: 1621103558399.jpeg (498.79 KB, 2048x1289, D6648978-0567-454F-99FB-346C57…)

God damn, is that food all for you fatty???
(Forgot pic)

No. 1230810

this is an absurd amount of calories kek

No. 1230813

Fupa better be there because this is definitely too much, hell, her other table was already for 2 people, this is like for 4 people.

No. 1230816

this is the kind of little shit that has added up to make her the behemoth she is now. all that plus at least an entire bottle of rose has to be close to 2000 calories by itself right? she's eating an entire days worth of food in one sitting early in the day.

No. 1230825

>>1230520 we need at Dolly in California moment

No. 1230835

it already happened when she went there for her pro shoots

No. 1230836

nah bottle of wine is like 600 calories or so, it's still a lot though for someone sedentary.

No. 1230837

i'm aware how much a bottle of wine is, but she also has like 1300 in triscuits, meat, cheese and nuts on that plate

No. 1230839

She's wearing an ugly babyish crop top with low rise jeans. What a tragedy. She spends so much on ugly clothing that just makes her look like trash. She dresses like a troon.

No. 1230840

File: 1621107412992.png (437.87 KB, 575x398, hairycrackers.png)


No. 1230841

leave marron.chestnut777 out of this

No. 1230846

I'm guessing even more than 1300 calories. Each cracker is about 20-30 calories. There are at least 200g of cheese, that's already 800 calories worth of cheese. There are 17 slices of salami, that's about 200 calories. Not to mention the nuts. 100g of nuts has about 500-700 calories depending on the nuts. That's about 50g of nuts. The ham has a lot of fat on it.
I'm guessing that's about 200-300 calories worth of ham. There is roughly about 3000 calories in that whole plate.

No. 1230849

holy shit, this is fucking absurd

No. 1230862

Even if she was sharing this with fupa that's at least 1500 calories per head and that's not counting the pink wine.

No. 1230867

I think she thinks is a healthy "Snack"

No. 1230868

Its gotta be for Fupa too otherwise she's just openly and clearly giving up on losing any weight. You don't have to be a calorie counter, but you can easily see portions and serving sizes. That's a big issue with a fat person's diet: not just eating shitty processed stuff and high calorie intake with no excercise, but they feel they have to eat way more to be filled because their stomachs are stretched bigger. So they eat three times what an average person would.

No. 1230890

This is absolutely disgusting, the amount of red meat on that plate kek she’s going to have a coronary by the time she’s 30. I have a suspicion that the heart shape of the triscuits is for Fupapa though.

No. 1230894

All these party platters and never a single vegetable. This woman is going to go into cardiac arrest soon.

No. 1230900

but anon, there are 10 grapes and she even sliced up a single strawberry, clearly she is housewife material with this gourmet home cooked meal

No. 1230905

Man, she seriously mangled that strawberry

No. 1230906

veggie anon here so idk about the meats and some of the cheeses but fuck me that that… 3000 calories at least? With a 700 cal bottle of wine? This is Speed running “barbie washes herself with a stick”

No. 1230908

Either you don't live in the US or you're the one who needs to go back to econ 101. It's not because of the stimulus checks obviously, but the US is in for another economy crash very soon. It's been building up for years. Be less oblivious to the world around you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1230910

Lol probably, its just what I heard from a friend
Damn she's just gonna get bigger & bigger huh?

No. 1230924

She'd be dead within a month. This is not an easy state where you can just float by like she's barely doing now.

No. 1230926

she would either have to get a real job or work a corner.

No. 1230934


Shayna.. wouldnt it be easier to just get some friends? She tries so hard to keep up with what she thinks social and successful people do but its always just facade. Anyone you’re trying to impress already knows you enough to know you’re just sitting alone in a dirty apartment stuffing your face with triscuits and dog hair.

No. 1230937


When you start living your actual life by “I’ll just fix in it photoshop”.

No. 1230939


how does someone like shayna even find a new guy other than fupa? unless she wants to date one her crusty coomers. did she think she was gonna go to brunch alone and be swarmed by guys wanting to date her or something? im suprised she isnt on the dating apps.

No. 1230945

DUDE. We were all in awe by her last 800-1000 calorie cheeseboard. >>1228891
This is just… wow. The last one was borderline enough that I could see her thinking it was a normal portion but this one is CLEARLY meant for 2-3 people. And that's before you take into account the fact that it's all super high calorie foods.

25 triscuits x 20 cal each = 500 cal
100g mozz = 350 cal
100g brie = 350 cal
17 chorizo slices x20 cal each = 340 cal
4 slices prosciutto x30 cal = 120 cal
100g trail mix = 460 cal
fruit = negligible

That's 2120 calories.
She gained weight today just from eating this. And you know that's not all she ate today either.

No. 1230946

samefag but I forgot to appreciate that the only item she ate LESS of was the fruit kek

No. 1230949

Kek if the economy goes to shit I hope we can at least get a welfare saga

No. 1230955

File: 1621119472274.png (2.49 MB, 1170x2532, BDC0197B-957A-46B9-B3F2-BDEB75…)


No. 1230958

Scrotes are going to scrote. I do think it'd be hard for her to find a guy with something going for himself, but a young dude with not much going on or another fat ass baby daddy who wants a "young, hot pornstar" girlfriend, won't be hard for her to find. However looking at the men she attracts, troons, Womack etc. I can see her getting another Fupa. I can honestly see shayna going 5 more years chasing fupa. He's another addiction of hers.

No. 1230967

File: 1621120780772.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, 9D6B1C9F-5CA5-4B24-8246-831BFC…)

Gross that’s because you had to pay for them

No. 1230972

File: 1621121186700.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 51DCB13C-9CBC-417A-96D6-2683A4…)

Posted on Instagram

No. 1230974

yeah, not only did you pay this person but they have actual followers who interact. Shayna's interaction is very shitty, especially with how much followers she has/buys. She could have 100K followers and still not get 1k on a post that she's been retweeting for weeks.

No. 1230975

Not only did she pay for the "attention it deserves", she also gave zero incentive for potential customers to buy her content because they got to see it all for free. She does that on her own accounts as well but it's different when you're paying hundreds in an attempt to acquire new coomers.

No. 1230976

File: 1621121670518.png (48.71 KB, 590x208, Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 4.33…)

No. 1230977

Bruh. The gunk and the hair on the counter. Jesus Christ. Calorie count anons pls add at least 10 for the dirt alone.

No. 1230979

What the hell does Shayna know about “good sex” she’s never had an orgasm and all she knows is getting fucked by deadbeat dads with a chode

No. 1230980

Oh yay, we're getting to the part where her new subscribers linked over from the paid promo get a taste of her constant whining about other sex workers & customers.
I predict she'll lose a good chunk of them once they realize their timelines are going to be flooded by 24/7 posting of "gonna go dab, get a lil tipsy then film 2 cumshows. reimburse $50 for dolly dabs!"

Giving me Jim Carey in the Mask energy.

No. 1230990

Wow she truly hates other women/sex workers in her cOmMunItY so much it’s embarrassing

No. 1231002

File: 1621124743424.jpeg (234.59 KB, 1242x510, 9525FA08-5500-4FEE-9077-97CD44…)

No. 1231003

Shayna name one friend other than Fupa. Literally one.

No. 1231005


Actually, Shayna Clifford, the only WRONG way to be a bimbo is be fat and unattractive! The whole purpose of a bimbo is ATTRACTIVE, SUPERFICIAL airhead. You're small town 'Single Parents in their Forties' bowling alley night attractive, at best.

No. 1231006

The fake positivity kills me every time

No. 1231008

File: 1621125752015.jpeg (254.56 KB, 1242x741, 8F539D89-175B-40B2-9227-78636B…)

All her pink clothes have shit stains on them and don’t even match
Top kek

No. 1231010

I'm laughing so hard, that's the farthest thing from a bimbo. That's just trying to be a good person, Shayna. Her mental gymnastics are fascinating.
Imagine if other sub-cultures did this like "being a goth isn't just about wearing black, you guys. Being goth is about having a strong commitment to community service".

No. 1231012

File: 1621125998350.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 752.9 KB, 1242x1699, E0DAF842-4EBD-42AA-9B6D-14E1E5…)

Always attracting the hottest sugar daddies uwu

No. 1231022

so she still fails, by her own definition

No. 1231031

Its literally not? If anything I would think its the opposite. Bimbos are kinda too ditzy to be really bitchy, but it seems like they kinda exude "I'm hot ur not" energy imo. But also who's even digging deep enough into the FETISH and more so aesthetic or lifestyle than anything to even care or decide that? She literally just loves that term bimbo and will say its whatever she wants it to be basically because shes a broke, ugly, fat bitch. What a weird projection cope.

No. 1231033

Because you want but cant have those things, so then it's not about that kek. Also you're not even a nice, uplifting person anyway. The random fake positivity posts amidst the dozens of insults and complaints about other girls, your life, and even customers isn't pleasant, you retard.

No. 1231035

File: 1621130035469.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 127.06 KB, 675x1123, C6D5B971-C980-48FB-B170-F5D7C4…)


No. 1231037

File: 1621130131603.jpeg (585.09 KB, 1242x1651, 49F1C1A9-C3CC-44AC-B9F5-DCD35E…)

Bitch can’t even meme correctly

No. 1231039

Is that the filter or are her super bimbo uwu lashes already shedding?

No. 1231044

It really looks like they're shedding lmao.

No. 1231048

god she makes me cringe

No. 1231054

File: 1621133238271.jpg (114.49 KB, 1024x738, fbb8fa54da1c68e4ec37f82acc9995…)

Those wrinkles.. her eyes look like this mf

No. 1231055

At her weight she's easily burning off 2,200-2,500. An average healthy weight woman of about 5'5 and 140lbs burns around 2,000. We all know she's eating 3,000+ calories a day though.

No. 1231057

She is getting better with angles I'll give her that.

No. 1231059

BMR for 180 lb is 1470. BMR for 140 lb is 1380. That's only 100 calories more that she burns by being fat.
And we all know that Shayna gets no exercise, intentional or unintentional. Adding 500 calories to her TDEE just for not being a vegetable is way optimistic. You can't even give her 200 calories for an hour of walking. She's not burning over 2000 a day.

No. 1231061

i'd be shocked if she's burning anywhere near 2k. she's almost completely sedentary and seems to be too lazy to walk even from room to room if her needing a mini fridge in her cam room is any indication.

No. 1231062

im 100% that mini fridge is for her bedroom or living room, she never even posted a picture of it like everything else she buys

No. 1231070

read the OP

No. 1231140

all these years later and she's still doing the weird slavic peace sign

No. 1231155

She looks rough for 40 here kek

No. 1231156

And she can’t possibly imagine why “lower quality” content gets more interaction than this kek

No. 1231187

The average healthy weight woman eats around 2,000 a day. Shayna is burning more than that. Women usually burn around 600 calories above their additional BMR by just being awake and using their bodies during the day.

Most women only do light forms of aerobic exercise on a regular basis which doesn't use up that many calories.

If she ate 1700-1800 she would lose weight at a steady pace. It's a myth that you have to cut all the way down to 1200 if you want to see results when you are actually overweight or obese. 1200 is for women who want to lose weight rapidly or women who are already at a healthy weight but still want to lose. Maybe I over estimated, but she could definitely maintain her weight at some figure slightly above 2,000.

Sage for blog post but this is coming from someone who has yo yo dieted for years purely by counting calories and used to have an eating disorder.(no1curr)

No. 1231190

nobody cares ana-chan

No. 1231199

Go the fuck back twitter you fat shits. Holy fuck that one ed twt cunt brought hella LARPers here and they think we don’t notice you fucking fake ana sperging and blogging the past week. Fuck off, you’re not welcomed here, die.

No. 1231202

File: 1621165611443.png (169.85 KB, 300x294, threace.png)

Same, probably because the only other person I've seen do it with three fingers is Chris Chan

No. 1231206

It looks like she’s used eyelash curlers on them, which I don’t think you’re meant to so it’s probably been pulling them out & pulling her own lashes out

No. 1231209

File: 1621166412899.jpeg (59.27 KB, 559x314, DA80CDD0-0CF3-4FEA-A596-59691C…)


theyre doing the charizard pose you uneducated fucks(derailing)

No. 1231215

while at heart what youre bitching about is sound youve become that very thing. take a break anon its okay

No. 1231226

Always with the fresh hot takes. Stop trying to act like you have any right to judge or shame when you’re a lying lush looking for her next cheesmburger fix.

No. 1231232


I’d prefer Shayna over this anorexic chick tbh

No. 1231321

File: 1621181819552.jpg (714.72 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20210516-181647_Fir…)

Nah, she is secretly a serb kek(stop)

No. 1231345

File: 1621185280622.jpg (81.89 KB, 1032x774, cjZkL_aMgJWAsee5vI5awTK1uzl5ih…)

You're all wrong. She's trying to be uwu kawaii sailor moon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1231363

File: 1621187737878.png (274.65 KB, 1080x1304, PicsArt_05-16-10.53.57.png)

Our favorite fat gal is back to panhandling. To visit family. Will that include her evil mom?

No. 1231365

No. 1231370

Someone tell her a car is more important than her daily “brunch” trips that seem to need 100 dollars. Bye bye Tesla, hello obesity

No. 1231381

File: 1621190926562.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.9 KB, 676x1313, 0495E775-88D5-4F00-9135-FFF0F8…)

She looks so old and haggard

No. 1231383

It’s time to check yourself into the mental hospital, Shay. She looks like mental illness

No. 1231387

She really thinks she's a natural beauty, TBH I kind of miss the huge eyelashes and wings, her eyes look so tiny and her not doing her eyebrows makes everything but her nose look small.

No. 1231392

At least wipe some of the meat sweat off your face if you're gonna do a "bedtime" shoot, Jesus

No. 1231393

Jfc put in some EFFORT. I don’t know how she isn’t embarrassed to post herself online looking like this. And I know this gets said every thread, but her whole personality is eating and complaining. Like, get a hobby. Literally anything. I can’t believe scrotes still pay her, but scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1231395

File: 1621193062446.png (8.93 MB, 1242x2208, F1C53894-4308-49EA-BD69-13F980…)

Buy some powder omg you look so greasy and ugly Shaytard

No. 1231396

File: 1621193139314.png (10.13 MB, 1242x2208, C18D2EB2-EB3A-4614-B0E7-1C2766…)

No. 1231400

File: 1621193387978.gif (6.22 MB, 216x384, 28EA31E9-42DB-4D56-919E-C1AEE3…)

At least she’s wearing pants to cover up those cottage cheese thighs

No. 1231401

With bacon?

No. 1231402

She really considers this a veggie omelette, when almost all you can see is bacon spilling out..no wonder her diet is fucked. She thinks this is healthy eating kek

No. 1231403

She looks like fupa took her to a seafood joint and she realized just after the first bite that she has a horrific shellfish allergy.
How is her face that swollen?

No. 1231404

File: 1621193553291.jpeg (446.79 KB, 1242x962, 5B0F2469-5765-4F31-8CBA-FE90D3…)

damn Olive Garden and high school are her only personalities

No. 1231405

File: 1621193581604.jpeg (749.96 KB, 1242x1833, 086DAEF3-B59B-4F17-896A-22AED2…)

No. 1231406

File: 1621193602312.jpeg (97.94 KB, 676x1313, 7AB7D1A7-07B2-43ED-AF63-AEB551…)


No. 1231407

Literally. I see one tomato, a few pieces of spinach, and the rest bacon and cheese with a mound of potatoes.

No. 1231408

At some point she has to realize that she's telling all these boring ass old stories over and over again. She needs to get a life and make new memories before she wastes her young adulthood entirely on LARPING as a sex worker and chasing some manchild's unwashed chode

No. 1231412

she's probably really planning on spending $100 on "Brunch", I bet she's going to go home and have a "Snack" fo cheese, meat and a whole box of crackers.

No. 1231416

At least it probably has more nutritional value than this pile of sugar >>1230053 from her last uwu fancy bimbo brunch, which was only 2 days ago

No. 1231419

the fact that she worked at olive garden for like 2 weeks makes this even more pathetic

No. 1231421

unapologetically photographing her muffin top and yellow teeth, what a conceited bimbo!1

No. 1231430

Now that her hair isn't extremely terrible, it really highlights how…below average her face is. She almost needs the greasy, ratty statement piece of hair to draw attention away from her face

No. 1231435

I think it looks so shit because she never bumps her ends, they always look ratty. Why doesn't she just get it trimmed?

No. 1231442

"below average" is generous

No. 1231445

How. does she look so old? Is it the weed? Alcohol? The existential dread of showing your asshole to strangers? Being chunky is the least of her worries.

No. 1231448

it's the giant bags under her eyes and fat girl marionette lines that are doing it for her now. but she's looked like 22 going on 52 since she was skinny. i think she just has unfortunate genetics compounded by her shitty nutrition and lifestyle.

No. 1231467

Is it just like an old wife's tale that alcoholism makes your nose bigger? Because if not, I'm betting on that

No. 1231468

To think I thought she looked busted then. I never imagined it would get so much worse for her. She's a stubborn, nasty bitch for not taking the advice in this thread. She would probably be more successful and less depressed if she used the beauty tips in those early threads.

No. 1231485

File: 1621199603229.jpeg (114.8 KB, 676x1313, F7187867-187E-44DB-8186-CB724E…)

No. 1231486

File: 1621199643378.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.05 KB, 676x1313, 6024875F-E10C-438B-B0C2-9E44CA…)

Gross she really has no shame

No. 1231489


Ever since she got the fake lashes, she always looks like she's just been crying. She photoshopped the bags under her eyes so much that now they're so jarring to see. Pete Davidson butthole eyes.

No. 1231490

File: 1621199859445.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, 6A8393C1-1F9B-4FCB-A747-47BF89…)

Big ass nose

No. 1231493

Has she lost weight or is it just that the jeans suit her more than the normal crap she wears?

No. 1231494

File: 1621199954155.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2208, E95A2924-D19E-461C-A6D1-237F37…)

Pete’s are just discolored he doesn’t have baggy/saggy under eye bags Shayna’s eyes looks swollen

No. 1231495


She doesnt look terrible until you realize she's only 24 years old. Smoking and drinking has aged her so much in even just the past year.

No. 1231496

That and plus she has a Snapchat filter on and she still looks busted

No. 1231497

The latter. Definitely haven’t lost weight, her face and arms are so puffy. Those jeans just probably are the only piece of clothing that fits her.

No. 1231500

File: 1621200172082.jpg (131.75 KB, 400x500, fester-addams.jpg)

She looks like Uncle Fester

No. 1231502

She looks like she’s been sobbing and immediately taking these sad selfies in bumfuck Oklahoma. Shit it honestly sad as hell

No. 1231505

She needs to add under eye filler to her would-be bimbo protocol. It would actually help so much.

No. 1231509

So is she just using brunch as an excuse to not work? No new vids after saying she needed to "settle" for a more manageable schedule of making a "big production" vid or 2 a week and then just simpler stuff. No mention of camming in over a month either. She thinks her ugly unflattering bathroom tit flashes are premium high quality content ot something? And that haggard photoset where she looks like a suburban wine mom kek

No. 1231511

Okay she does look like someone's mother at Disney land, but I like this look better then any of her barbie bimbo shit. She looks normal.

No. 1231519

The first selfie was decent looking, here while flashing her tits she looks like a whole fridge.

No. 1231520

That fucking comb over. This whole style looks like it's straight out of the year 2010

No. 1231522

Agree. Cant fix the ugly and shes still chubby, but she looks average at least and not totally embarrassing trailer trash like usual. Well. Almost. The top is still too small and she really needs to wear a bra in public because that top is smooshing her tits and is practically see through. At least her pussy and cottage cheese thighs are concealed and it's not a cheap Amazon tracksuit get up.

No. 1231523

she looks like fucking buscemi

No. 1231524

She really got those lashes so she could do NOTHING with her makeup and somehow think shes passable. The eyebrows or rather lack of is just absurd. When is she getting them microbladed anyway?

No. 1231529

lord please dont let this mess move to las vegas, we dont need another momokun

No. 1231542

I just thought that maybe she needed that much because she's of course scamming, but she also took fupa out to brunch. Imagine all the times Shayna has begged to be "reimbursed" for her meals, but she was really with Fupa or paying for Fupa.
Shit is sad.

No. 1231546

Christ almighty. She looks like LJ’s mom, Laur. Straight up just a bridge troll.

No. 1231549

File: 1621203894865.jpg (198.41 KB, 1080x630, 1620683498526.jpg)

What happened to taking her birthday trip to Tennessee? Did Fupa not want to take her so she decided to settle and visit her family instead?

No. 1231556

File: 1621204284911.png (9.8 MB, 1242x2208, D906A8D6-58F0-4CD7-A88B-33EC48…)

No. 1231557

Obviously. She has no friends so if her chode didn’t want to go with her, she’d be going alone. So bleak kek

No. 1231561

Why is everything she eats covered in proscuitto. I feel like I'm gonna vom looking at this

No. 1231572

she thinks its high class. thats why we've been seeing so many uwu 2000 calorie cheeseboards, and also the amount of swelling due to high sodium pork sweats (and never drinking actual fucking water)

No. 1231573

This is the first salad I’ve ever seen her eat. Congrats shay

No. 1231579

I love how this is the saddest, grossest salad I've ever seen because even chopping a tomato is apparently beyond her capabilities. This bitch sure does love cheese and prosciutto too.
I'm not sure if shes trying to prove shes attempting to eat somewhat better or if shes tryna flex badly.

No. 1231583

i bet immediately after snapping this pic she slathered the whole thing in ranch dressing

No. 1231586

I think she read this thread yesterday when anons were roasting her for never eating her veggies. She still can't put the proscuitto and cheese down but it's a step in the right direction.

No. 1231590

anything helpful about the salad is completely erased by the omelette monstrosity from just a couple hours earlier kek

No. 1231596

Why her titties look like one of those dodgy breast plates drag queens wear here?

No. 1231617

I can understand that going to get food or even going to the cinema by yourself occasionally is normal and a thing but fuck. She just, has no friends. Getting drunk alone on a regular basis is not normal and is complete addict/loner behaviour. Id say I feel bad but hey, I guess thats what happens when you are a shitty unlikeable person.

No. 1231637

File: 1621209120361.jpg (150.82 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20210516-185138_Twi…)

No. 1231639

I legit thought she put marshmallows on her fucking salad and I was barely surprised

No. 1231647


god its so fucked she could have earned $100 towards something to improve her life, and she’s just eating it way for a snapchat story she’ll forget about in a week. thus starts the feeder saga.

No. 1231653

Wtf is that retarded button placement on her top? Is it to release her gut after binging on "veggie" omelettes? Points for practicality I guess, but this bint really has no taste in clothes. How do you screw up such a basic look?

No. 1231659

she looks the same age as her dad in the picture on the right, like the same age, sex, everything

No. 1231687

File: 1621217179030.jpg (296.44 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20210516-210510_Twi…)

No. 1231688

I'm just waiting for the week before she's supposed to go and she has a "falling out" with her mom again and decides not to go

No. 1231691

Some probably Womack looking scrote bought her a drink and she just can't get over it. Dude might've just pitied her being out alone. Or worst case is a total creep. Assuming that it actually even happened. Which it probably didnt. This is 99% most likely show for Fupa. She wants him to read shit like this thinking he'll get jealous or some shit like they're high schoolers.

No. 1231698

the bartender probably accidentally made a wrong drink and saw her sitting alone in her delusions and gave it to her because they felt bad

No. 1231715

Did someone buy her a drink? Or did Fupa buy her drink? Either one is PITIFUL. Imagine bragging this much about a man buying you a drink and it's even more sorry if that someone is your own boyfriend.

No. 1231724

No one did. She posts things like this for Fupas attention. They're obviously on the rocks right now. Though then again that charcuterie board the other day looked like it was for her & Fupa but maybe shes just fat and was trying to be ~aesthetic~ with the heart shape.

No. 1231727


Throwing my guess out there - she asked about/the bartender was telling her about a drink they have and made her one on the house to try. Something that happens to anybody that could have a generous enough server. She thinks it’s because she’s hot shit, though, ofc.

No. 1231731

Whatever it was getting a free drink isn't anything crazy. I know people post about dumb shit like this, but with Shayna I always feel like she's trying to make normal shit out to be something "Super special" that happened to her.
If this is for Fupa, he should be worried. I could see Fupa 2.0 buying shayna a few drinks, flirting, knowing a few "Dad songs", talking about how much he loves to BBQ and in a week Shayna would be vaguely posting about "meeting someone new" and in a month she'd be fucking him raw & calling him "Daddy"

No. 1231733

I'm not versed in Shayna lore and don't want to read a billion threads but has she been with anyone but Fupa in the last three years? Seems like he's been around for fucking ever

No. 1231735

>but with Shayna I always feel like she's trying to make normal shit out to be something "Super special" that happened to her
that's legitimately her M.O. every time she tries to share one of these stories

she hasn't been in a serious relationship besides fupa since like high school

No. 1231741

Ot but I hope once we hit 100 threads anons will quit bitching and telling people to read the threads when someone asks the smallest question. It happens less now but it’s so annoying

No. 1231742

it was just answered, retard

No. 1231757

>hasn't been in a serious relationship besides fupa since like high school

what a bimbo whore! jesus that's pathetic

No. 1231761

i think the only semblance of romantic partners she's had (besides her highschool bf) was some weird fake poly "relationship" she was in when she first moved to seattle and then a presumably fake relationship with a girl she had during the tumblr era. then nothing until and since fupa.

No. 1231763

I thought she moved to Seattle for that guy too or am I mistaken?

No. 1231765

i believe so, but i don't exactly recall the whole seattle situation but i know it's been said by other anons that it was never really a real relationship to begin with. i think she was just some kind of weird third wheel situation. i also believe she was dating the girl at the same time but the timeline is fuzzy and i haven't reread the threads.

No. 1231768


Her and Fupa been on some adventures lately huh? She's never gonna learn.

No. 1231793

File: 1621234136834.jpg (42.83 KB, 231x338, IMG_20210517_164335.jpg)

It's amazing how much her diet shows on her face, she's really starting to look like picrel
(Sorry for the shit quality picture)

No. 1231833

Sugar doesn't give you wrinkles, retard.

No. 1231841

slight nitpick but how does she never get cold as fuck wearing nothing but too-tight crop tops in overcast windy weather when she goes on her lonesome expeditions. no way she's ever fitting a spare sweater in that tiny ass purse

No. 1231842

Alcohol and obesity keep you warm

No. 1231851

I’d imagine the wrinkles are from alcoholism and dehydration more than anything

No. 1231857

Oh but anon, she's so amazing that everyone has to spoil her! Free drinks, a worker asking her what site she's on, the stranger that walked up to her and said he loved her work, and the bartender who gave her princess napkins! She can't help being a celebrity bimbo!

No. 1231881


Its crazy how fast she dropped the entire gym/meal planning routine. All because the trainer was pro-trump. And now months later, she's gained back or doubled the weight she was at pre-gym week (if she lost anything during those few weeks)

No. 1231883


Shay - put a treadmill on credit/payment plan and go back to ordering those frozen healthy meals. you dont even need to leave the house. you can make some fatty runs on the 'mill content with your tits out. girl, do anything other than eat to get back at fupa.

No. 1231885

I can see it was answered and I’m glad but anons usually make a big deal and it’s annoying. Chill.

No. 1231891

File: 1621256977104.jpg (261.88 KB, 1079x863, Screenshot_20210517-080732_Chr…)

Esthifag here, in a roundabout way, sugar definitely causes wrinkles. That on top of guzzling (sugary) wine, never drinking water, and never washing her face is gonna really have her looking like a fat mummy.

No. 1231907

File: 1621261373709.jpg (361.42 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20210517-092256_Twi…)

No. 1231908

File: 1621261434504.jpg (15.5 KB, 462x172, Screenshot_20210517-092354_Twi…)

Shay, quit making it obvious that you're buying followers. You just had 21k

No. 1231913

anon, it’s 80F degrees in tulsa…

No. 1231914

the racist trainer story was most likely fake anyway. the fat bitch is just lazy and didn’t want to pay to keep going.

No. 1231916

>1k likes from promo on a 300k+ acct
Like that’s probably standard, but also shows you didn’t blow any of her subs out of the water or garner their attention. It’s not “what your content deserves,” it’s mindless coomers liking and never looking at your photos or profile again. How much business did you actually incur from this, and how much will stay? Was that the point, or was it literally just about the validation from number of likes and retweets more than growing your business? Kidding, we know the answer. Going through life with 0 self awareness must be a really strange experience.

No. 1231918

This, someone with 20k+followers posting nudes for free should at least at least 1k.

No. 1231924

> 1k likes from promo
she said she can barely get 1k likes on her own posts. she got at least 5k likes from the promo:
but your point about 0 self awareness is 100% valid regardless

No. 1231928


this. If she had generated any actual business from it, she would be bragging about her OF sales or doing the “welcome all new followers ehurhur!” shit people do on Twitter. How long has she been in sex work now? And she still is surprised coomers mindlessly like photos of random pussy online when its free? Ontop of… she now paying the coomers to like her content kek

No. 1231943

Would have been more incentive for customers and subs if she hadnt done pictures full spread with tits, assole, and pussy out for free. It's called advertising and teasing so people want more. Not putting it all out so those coomers click her page, see her very first pic is a gaping ass and vag pic and just scroll to find more free content, have their fap then leave without a comment or penny spent kek fuckin idiot
It really is that she just wants that sweet, sweet internet "validation" and likes on a pic means more than getting paying customers. Shes wack.

No. 1231944

No one talks to her at all and she talks to no one, she sits in her echo chamber thinking she’s doing something with her life kek

No. 1231948

File: 1621266544510.jpeg (114.62 KB, 750x295, A413C791-6B49-4F4C-804E-471EEF…)

shayna this was never cute on you, but it’s even worse now that your tits are in completely different zip codes from one another

No. 1231955

Shayna is odd, she doesn't want to wear panties and bras,(I assume it's because she doesn't like the feel/wants to be able to flash)abd she doesn't like to put ANY kind of moisture on her body.
She can't deal with a few hours or seconds of discomfort but she'll stuff toys up her ass/puss dry with animal hair on them, let Fupa's fat ass flop all over her and do all kinds of BDSM weird shit.
I wonder if Fupa told her he had a fetish for her taking care of her skin, lips and genitals would she then want to do it?

No. 1231958

Doesn't like to put moisture on her body, yet has perpetual meat sweats lmao

If Fupa told her he had that fetish, she'd either go with it, sperg about her aBuSiVe and ToXiC ex on Twitter, or both

No. 1231961

Oh, thank you! I misread and clearly missed that as well. My question about the business she gained vs the validation from numbers still stands. Appreciate you pointing that out to me, anon.

No. 1231977

nobody cares what gets your stupid dick hard, scrotie-kun

No. 1231998

Starting to look like lillee jean

No. 1232001

i wish she didnt make such a fart face

No. 1232004

File: 1621271564918.jpeg (137.95 KB, 827x931, 9E3C6092-8214-4D44-BF44-983757…)

nta but even if someone replies with “read the threads” to someone asking to be “spoon-fed” all you have to do is…
1: not be so sensitive
2: skim the summary of each thread to get the gist; instead of reading through each thread in it’s entirety for the info you’re seeking

For some of us who have kept up with Shayna’s threads, repetitive questions asked are just as annoying as the repetitive answers.

Speaking of annoying I have here a few synonyms to use in place of the word “bleak”.

No. 1232015


You new here boo? Never tells farmers what pisses you off. You've just upped people's desire to say bleak in the threads.

No. 1232017

Bleak is the opposite of thriving, it's not that deep.

No. 1232019

Shayna being an ugly fat broke sex worker with a hank hill ass, no sex appeal, a shitty apartment….damn, truly unpropitious

No. 1232020

utterly disadvantageous

No. 1232032

how foreboding

No. 1232044


If her present is gloomy, depressing, joyless and somber, I wonder how dismal, dreary and dark her future will be. So bleak.

Are you happy now, thesaurus anon?

No. 1232056

with the way she’s aging like fucking milk, i doubt she can continue sex work 3-5 years from now. she’s going to either die from alcohol poisoning or finally move back with her parents after developing diabetes from all the cheap pink wine and sugary edibles she consumes on a daily basis.

No. 1232065

nta but what are you talking about

No. 1232066

File: 1621279218186.jpeg (359.48 KB, 1242x1166, 48040D29-2224-455C-B805-248C79…)

Kek the person Shayna bought the promo from deleted her post

No. 1232070

lmao, is this normal for paid promos? I don't use twitter at all so I have no idea. Hilarious if not, though.

No. 1232071

Some promo posts only last 24 hours. But I don’t know if this was the case. I wonder if Shaytard overpaid for the promo l

No. 1232087

i love you anons… this shit is inauspicious

No. 1232093

Just waiting on Shay's break down

No. 1232094

File: 1621280719108.jpeg (149.39 KB, 750x855, D3504E2D-1354-4ABE-932B-F45A88…)

This is that girls page prices. Shay paid $50 for a day shoutout and god knows how much on the 2k extra fake followers kek

No. 1232126


This shit is just humiliating. You paid $50 to post your pussy and asshole on a more successful sex worker’s twitter, just to see if it could still get likes. Bleeeeaaak. She is so close to figuring it out, but she’d rather throw money at the problem instead of face the reality that is her life. Shayna, just go home. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

No. 1232135

File: 1621282817379.jpg (803.14 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20210517-151932_Twi…)

Someone tagged Shay in the comments for this

No. 1232217

Between paying for promo that provides zero incentive for potential customers and posting full-on hole pics daily for free, don't think it can be called "sEx WoRk" anymore as you're operating at a deficit. That's called charity kek

No. 1232222

File: 1621288242444.png (36.46 KB, 588x133, Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 2.50…)

Your ratchet 2013 tweet isn't going to go viral

No. 1232227

Oh I do hope they pick Shayna. I can just imagine the seller checking up on the people they've paid to promote them & realizing that this bitch straight up doesn't know how to dab lmao
Sitting there dancing around like a retard while showing off to the camera how she's giving up her hit to the ghosts in the room lol. I still can't get over how sped she looked in that vid

No. 1232241

No. 1232245

File: 1621291418648.jpg (310.46 KB, 1079x1392, Screenshot_20210517-174324_Twi…)

Oh please

No. 1232266

File: 1621293108195.jpeg (147.75 KB, 1080x991, F21A0F46-D474-4281-BF5F-A4A6FB…)

coomers will say literally anything

No. 1232279

File: 1621293962710.jpeg (75.77 KB, 676x1021, C74CFC37-0E35-48E1-8935-C1734F…)

You forgot this ugly photo of her enlarged nostrils.

No. 1232284

File: 1621294215712.jpeg (826.06 KB, 1242x1325, FB757C00-A5AD-494F-B666-7A2B01…)

This is so disadvantageous

No. 1232286

File: 1621294407093.jpeg (355.19 KB, 1242x1307, 74FEF833-7F0C-4468-B824-6372E5…)

She always outs herself like this. This just proves she gets little to no tips. If she got more tips from fellow swers she’d be all over posting those too.

No. 1232288

lmao "do more to help" as if she's a charity & they feel bad.
How drab & inauspicious.

No. 1232289

File: 1621294621054.jpeg (116.14 KB, 933x932, 517D655C-1303-4DBF-8A82-6A1B7C…)

knowing Shayna she’s most likely not joking …..

No. 1232290

File: 1621294751000.jpeg (276.45 KB, 1014x1242, 56C0B24F-5CCA-4D5E-A41C-DF4331…)

We live in a society where scrotes think this ugly hippo is more attractive than Ariana Grande

No. 1232291

Wasn’t posted yet but… ew. Just ew. How can she call herself a sex worker when she has absolutely no sex appeal?

No. 1232293

bc Ariana knows her worth - not talking to ugly old scrotes just to get paid a little cash to get by

No. 1232294

File: 1621294951756.jpeg (250.19 KB, 1242x1322, E2A13B60-A8AC-4F73-BECB-96EBA3…)

Got whiplash from seeing her bloated whale body then this video popped up. Her body was probably the cutest at this weight imo. But wasn’t this also the first ever “stepmom” Vids she did and wasn’t this the time when she lived with fupa in the McMansion? How gross that’d she turn the prospect of her having the potential (back then) to be the stepmom to his kids and she turns it into something her ugly paypigs can fap to. Bleak.

No. 1232295

File: 1621295130468.jpeg (245.46 KB, 1242x884, 7CD18E79-8302-47EF-859F-DA3FF3…)

Is this the dog dick replica? I think I’m going to be sick

No. 1232297

This was filmed in her last apartment

No. 1232306

a lot of anons were calling her fat even here, just shows how massive shes got when even when she was "chubby" she looks skinny in comparison to now

No. 1232307

This bitch is delusional, how can she possibly think she looks good. Her nose seems to be getting bigger and droopier every day.

No. 1232309


Aren’t all her dildos disgusting though?

Shit, lint, and animal hair covered dildos are her good ol workhorses.

No. 1232311

File: 1621296719286.jpg (199.02 KB, 1080x930, Screenshot_20210517-191206_Twi…)

No. 1232319

File: 1621298265330.jpg (173.13 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20210517-193750_Twi…)

No. 1232339

she was already fat here kek the cover shot is just the most flattering angle in the whole video

No. 1232344

File: 1621301925139.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 619.37 KB, 828x1430, 03C31674-4073-4464-9C4D-745288…)

She gets more disgusting every day

No. 1232349

She really bought a horse cock huh?

She's going to realise they are far too big. These nasty ass dildos are for people who have stretched themselves beyond belief. Shay thinks she is anal queen but there are so many people who could literally take anal penetration from a horse sized dick cos what they've done to themselves.

I'd be surprised if we ever see her use these things.

No. 1232352

what the fuck lmao

a horse cock she won't be able to take, and one that lays eggs?? what??

No. 1232354

i hope she "impregnates" herself with an egg and can't get it out

No. 1232355

Yeah, gross. But she's just copying Dawn and the other super degenerate girls probably because shes just trying scrape up what coomers she can. Her content is redundant and boring and shes only gotten fatter and uglier. Plus she keeps setting a new low bar like with the scat vid. The scrotes want to see the next depraved, humiliating thing. Shes got brain rot from porn. Its extra weird because shes not a sexual person and doesn't enjoy those things, she really only wants reactions and likes. Shes not a bimbo slut like she pretends half the time, she's just a big case of an attention whore. Seems like she's always been that way. Very obnoxious and pick me energy. Classic case of parents not giving the kid enough attention and proper discipline really. So she looks for validation from people online and thinks it's cool to be "shocking" or "not like other girls". When in reality shes just annoying and try hard and still manages to be average at best.

No. 1232356

How revolting the horse dick is aside, she ALREADY HAS a fucking tentacle dildo, why the fuck does she need another?

No. 1232357

She had to change her whole alien video because she claimed she couldn't fit it in her ass

No. 1232359

Yeah this. She acts like regular dildos or that tentacle one are too big for her and tore her ass. An average person couldnt take the horse dildo and she wont be able to either. Guess it's just gonna be more floor or wall "decore" we'll never hear about again. Also doubt she'll be able to figure out the alien egg one. Bitch struggles to set up her fuck machine.

No. 1232361

Some gross new chew toys for Noodle when she cant take or figure these out, I guess.

No. 1232365

Half of the sex shit she buys she doesn’t use. She either has it hanging as decoration or as chew toys for her pets. She buys these things not to actually use but because she’s so depressed the only thing that gives her a serotonin boost is when she buys shit or when fupa shoves his chode up her fatass.

No. 1232382

What even happened to the god forsaken dog dildo? She said she bought it over a week ago. And I swear theres tons of other stuff shes bought that never even get mentioned again. Or she cant figure them out, like the contacts kek.

Dont tell me this bitch doesnt even have Amazon Prime…

No. 1232386

anon, she's not buying dog dildos off amazon

No. 1232399

File: 1621305746423.jpg (164.14 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20210517-214240_Twi…)

What did Fupa do this time?

No. 1232414

File: 1621306598425.png (45.72 KB, 1440x550, df.png)

dildofag but they all seem to be from etsy and she's paying 65$ in shipping alone
horse and egg thing are about 8" long and 6" girth
tentacle is almost 10" long and 8"
can't wait for her further wrecking her ass with these or giving up and using them for bad blowjob choking on the tip of them

No. 1232418

File: 1621307016679.jpeg (715.61 KB, 1242x1521, 672C68AF-BFAC-4708-B28C-77CE90…)

Shayna, you are still chasing a straight white male. Not to mention this straight white male is fat and has a chode

No. 1232422

are you okay?

No. 1232425

lol bitch those are like your last three customers

No. 1232427


No. 1232430

>6" girth
…w-what? It can't possibly be. I don't want to believe.

No. 1232434

Mr Hands saga when?
RIP her asshole

No. 1232435

File: 1621309776623.jpeg (338.99 KB, 1242x751, 7EAFDA6C-30D5-4F21-BD86-33C87D…)

No. 1232437

Awww did fupa not want to stick his gross chode in your ass

No. 1232440

File: 1621309913759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1242x1739, 31682159-3730-4A93-B0BA-2FDFE2…)


Forgot to spoiler

No. 1232441

File: 1621309951780.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 276.12 KB, 933x2079, 2A017C6F-DB2D-4724-B571-B467C3…)

Artistic nonnie please remix this
My sides

No. 1232443

love how they drew the eyebrows super far apart…accurate kek

No. 1232445

the artist did a great job, he captured her gray skin, weird tiny eyebrows and lopsided tits perfectly

No. 1232446

fucking YAWN, shaytard. when you’re at the point where even lolcow is bored with your drama then it’s way past time to move on.

No. 1232447

File: 1621310176278.png (30.92 KB, 777x294, rivovslenneth.png)

the last dildo (rivo by driving desires they do that colorway for everything) smallest size is bigger then the small for the BD she has that she let noodle chew on. the horse one aka mister handsy mattel is 9 inches and 8 useable.. so the only one fitting comfortably would be the egg… way to go shay. fast track that prolapse saga lmao.
the most accurate nonlolcow fanart we will ever get. i am loving the arms being half human half dog

No. 1232448

> i am loving the arms being half human half dog
i think it’s supposed to be a furry commission, dildo-kun

No. 1232450

you got me there. i guess she never fully ditched the furry after dawn.
(i am not the other dildo fag but i will take the dildo-kun name in stride thank you)

No. 1232456

he either forgot or deliberately left out the veins on the zombie tit though

No. 1232457

like fucking clockwork

No. 1232464

File: 1621312821682.jpeg (566.77 KB, 1242x1399, DDC66720-F179-43AF-A376-33CAEC…)

No. 1232472

i’m sick of this alcoholic, constantly over-stoned bitch blaming depression on why she’s lazy as fuck when it’s convenient for her. i thought you were thriving and successful? take one once of accountability and just fucking do something instead of talking about doing it.

No. 1232475

Literally didn’t think much of these until >>1232349 said
> horse cock
Unfortunately now I know what a horse cock looks like. Shayna is like sick beyond help now, her family should disown her. They don’t deserve this.

No. 1232479

Then she should stop wasting 100 dollars of scrote money on brunch and ask for reimbursement for a therapy visit and get some mood stabilizers or antidepressants instead of abusing weed and alcohol lmao taking topless Snapchat filtered nudes in a public bar/restaurant bathroom is her peak of productivity.

No. 1232486

Ok so stop talking to him then, damn girl.

No. 1232490

File: 1621315899240.jpg (507.69 KB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_05-17-10.28.26.jpg)

And this, my friends, is why Shayna will never be successful. Pixie is ugly, but she knows how to lure in customers. Meanwhile, Shayna is an expert at killing a boner with her constant fupa!1! Pick me!1! And picked she has not been. This is all from today,lmao. Quite the contrast.

No. 1232492

nobody gives a fuck about abustedpixie

No. 1232496

She hasnt cammed in a month or two, she has never put out more than 2 vids a week, and usually does a photoset or 2 where she takes 50 pics of the same retarded shit. That's her actual peak productivity. Some weeks she'll do a single same ol vid MAYBE or just nothing unless she's backed up on customs. I'm still very convinced 90% of the vids she's done this year where purely customs she was paid to do and therefore had to put out. Her thinking her trashy bathroom flashes are stand in for real content is hilarious.

No. 1232501

Then fucking leave like you said you were before, but then decided to scam because Fupa waved his chode at you. Its beyond tired. It's a failed relationship, singular. We all know it's only been Fupa for years and before that you had maybe 1 actual boyfriend? A fake gf? A weird older couple poly thing? Maybe look inward and so some real fucking reflection and see you are the cause of your own problems and there are no quick fixes. You have to actually commit to changing and stick with it for more than a week, you absolute clown. Just because Fupa is the only person you physically see. He doesnt give a shit about you clearly and maybe that's because you clearly don't give a shit about yourself either.

No. 1232505

Whenever someone posts pixie I automatically assume self-post. Nobody cares about her so just stop posting about her.

No. 1232510

Imagine being cucked by your babivampire looking ass ugly wife

Also stop posting this butterface nobody cares abt her

No. 1232545

As hilarious as that would be, the “eggs” are made of gelatin and they dissolve.

No. 1232580


i get the vibe someone is trying to make shayna hate pixie with the constant comparisons. must be working because they dont interact anymore.

No. 1232588

Or she’s gotten paranoid with pixie self posting and is probably keeping distance because she’s eviiiil (not really)

No. 1232614

Seriously Shayna, move back home, quit sex work, and just get a job at hooters. You'll have a steady income, get to keep entertaining gross old scrotes, can keep pretending you are a dumb bimbo, and your only job experience is waitressing anyway. Also none of your followers care about your depression. Just suck it up like the rest of us.

No. 1232616

If she stopped fucking drinking and smoking and binge eating all the time, maybe do a little physical activity, it would improve her mental health. Like fucking christ these are the basics a therapist will tell you to improve your mental health

No. 1232656


She's the type of person would act like she was personally attacked by an evil doctor to dare suggest eating right and getting some physical activity could help her depression. I've known so many people who dismiss the basics of self-care and act like they aren't being taken seriously by professionals; when it's always a projection of not taking their own lives seriously.

No. 1232734

Unironically I could see her enjoying a job at Hooters it she just put mild effort in. An actual stable income coupled with that male validation she enjoys so much. But Shayna is also very very lazy and would probably miss shifts and complain endlessly.

No. 1232735

Sorry for the autism but why the fuck didn't they draw her lower half? It looks like a weird tit creature that walks on its hands/paws/whatever. Like a Spore creation just floating in space or some shit

No. 1232738

File: 1621349681179.jpg (880.15 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210518-095441_Twi…)

No. 1232741

Kek you’re forgetting Shayna is misogynistic and bitchy. She would bully the other women who work there because they’re prettier than her.

No. 1232764

you guys are deluded lmao shayna has no charisma or people skills and i doubt she has the mental facilities to handle a busy restaurant job now. remember - she said she quit her olive garden job because she didn’t like interacting with people. i think it’s highly underestimated how her online presence is going to negatively impact her ability to find a job. she could probably get a fast food gig because those places are desperate right now, but otherwise it’s going to be a struggle for her.

No. 1232769

don’t you dare sexualize jermaine clement you fucking disgusting retard

No. 1232774

Your autism is showing

No. 1232788

Doctor: Smoking and drinking less could improve your health and asthma. Physical activity helps release dopamine. I suggest these things.

Shayna: My doctor is a Trump-supporting racist! Why is everyone so mean in the world! It breaks my heart! Brb totes killing myself

No. 1232796

I don’t know why people bother giving her advice, Shayna will NEVER get a traditional job until she’s forced to. It’s obvious why she clings to sex work, it’s the only way she can maintain her lifestyle of doing the bare minimum, staying inside all day, never meeting any obligations and being perpetually faded. As far as she’s concerned her needs are met, and she doesn’t have any aspirations beyond that. A job would just get in the way. Can’t do dabs and fuck around on Twitter all day when you have somewhere to be.

Obviously that lifestyle is also why she’s miserable, but until her misery outweighs her laziness it’s not gonna happen.

No. 1232823

I find it odd that someone who hates women so much wants to be with men who may have baby mothers they have to deal with. Imagine how she'd react if her next scrote actually had a good relationship with his baby mother?
She'd probably want to pop a baby out to compete or start drama. It's always women who want men to center their whole lives around them who go out looking for men with baggage. She thinks all older dads are like her dad or are thristy ass losers who'd think she's a prize because her age and take care of her.
You'd think being with Fupa who acts like a 19 year old; would've taught her that the Dads she chase after are just loser ass weirdos. Not successful, handsome older men who take care of their kids and possibly her.

No. 1232825

The same goes for men wanting women with childern to "mother them" and center their whole lives around them, shit is weird. Shayna's dad was the only man to ever love her unconditionally and it's like she spends her life looking for someone to re-raise her and deal with her shit like a parent would.
She needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 1232835

I think it’s because she wants to feel like the sexy, younger woman that the dude leaves his wife/baby mama for. she wants to live that home wrecker fantasy.

No. 1232837

yeah I think a lot it stems from her parents' divorce and her feelings about her step-family

No. 1232842

It's bad advice too. Hooters is a shit job. Plus Shayna is lazy and being a waitress is hard. Have we not read her spergs about how men should give her money and expect nothing in return? She'd be a rude bitch and then get shit tips and whine about it. She also can't be drunk and high while doing it. Her lazy sex work is about as good as she can get.

No. 1232847

Do they hire overweight girls at hooters? I know places aren't supposed to discriminate, but they do.

I wonder what Shayna's endgame is. Trailer park baby momma? Truck stop lot lizard? What is she going to do when her last few simps wander off.

No. 1232850


Shay is too fat and ugly to work at Hooters. I worked at Twin Peaks and they literally line you up before shift and rate you on your body and hair and that determines which section you get. It's fucked.

No. 1232851

with her lopsided tits, hank hill ass, and gray skin she would stick out like a sore thumb most likely. no idea what tulsa standards are though.

No. 1232852

File: 1621358567436.jpg (238.62 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20210518-122241_Twi…)

She just got her hair done a week ago. Why is she going back?

No. 1232857

Shayna is retarded. The worst thing that happened to her is that her parents divorced and she was forced to raise her brother because her mother was busy WORKING to pay bills and food. Oh, and Fox News was always playing in the background. Which was uwu traumatizing for Shayna she has to age regress uwu to deal with her PTSD of her evil republican mother. I cannot stand this dumb bitch. Nothing redeemable about her. Ugly fat and stupid. Stop giving this cow advice she’s not going to take it

No. 1232860

sounds like she’s getting it washed and straightened again so she doesn’t have to wash it for another 10 days.

No. 1232864

So basically-
>"I'm going to get my hair professionally done like tons of women do"
I don't get why she says simple upkeep is "spoiling"?It's not like she does her hair in any special way. It's either two braids, parted to the side, two ponytails or up in that crunky updo. Maybe a wig or a hair piece.
Also whats the point? If she gets it styled and trimmed it'd be in two braids/ponytails in a day. To be a "bimbo barbie" she sure acts like taking care of her apperence is a special event /bragging point.

No. 1232866

I love her boldly admitting she doesnt want to the basics of taking a shower and taking care of her hair herself.

No. 1232873

It's not hard to get hired at hooters kek you literally just have to be a woman that isn't disfigured

No. 1232881

But you have to actually fit in the uniform. And they only carry XS, S, M

No. 1232882

shayna, people get blowouts for no reason all the time. it's not a flex and i'm sure it's going to look awful.

No. 1232883

Thinking about her a few years from now is so upsetting, considering her looks/weight are slipping into zoo animal territory and she’s too dumb to even keep a job at Olive Garden. She’s never made much more than minimum wage and her chances to make more than that are lowering every day. I can see her becoming one of those fat jobless munchies with like 7 roommates that beg on Twitter for hand-me-down furniture and snacks by 30.

No. 1232886

she didn't "raise" her brother. she had to babysit him a few times.

No. 1232899

getting her hair done for what? shes gonna post like 20 pics on OF and a few on twitter, then go out to a bar alone? or is she just getting it done to sit at home and "feel better about herself". sounds like another waste of moving fund money.

No. 1232901

Kek I know I’m saying what she said. She likes to make thinks sound worse than they were. I wonder what her brother thinks especially because she made sister brother porn videos barf

No. 1232911

File: 1621363794735.jpg (210.77 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20210518-135007_Twi…)

Kek, get ready everyone

No. 1232914

>restart my moving sale

So you spent it all and expect the three coomers that follow you to resend you $1000+ for what, a third or fourth time?

Another month, another moving sale but your ass is still in Oklahoma.

No. 1232917

So far in the last like months (and a half) we have gone from
Moving home -> staying in tulsa -> moving home -> Tulsa -> New Jersey -> Tulsa -> back to Seattle.
Girl you shouldn’t have left Seattle in the first place! You prob can’t even afford it now you are somehow making 2 pennies less then the 3 pennies you were making while living there. Which is one penny for you, bimbo brain.

No. 1232918

She’s only gonna be able to afford a box studio like her original place. So all of her new shit in a tiny studio plus an energetic dog. This will be a mess. no surprise

No. 1232921


I can honestly see there being a “I gave my parents Noodle” saga where she pawns her pets off in desperation. Not sure though if she can actually do what’s best for them though.

No. 1232925

File: 1621364957041.jpg (460.67 KB, 1079x1857, Screenshot_20210518-140812_Twi…)

No. 1232926

I love how she says "Weekend" just in case her and Fupa get back together before friday-sunday. There's nothing stopping her from starting it today.

No. 1232928

It's creepy how she got 3 comments quickly from scrotes hoping they'll get a crumb of pussy. I d

No. 1232929

Gonna be tough to find a place that allows 1 large dog AND 2 cats in her budget in a big city. Shes gonna have to give the orange cat back to Fupa. Theres just no way.

No. 1232930

lmao my thoughts exactly. she’s giving fupa some leeway.
inb4 he texts her back and she deletes all this.

No. 1232933

Something I always wondered is why the fuck does Shayna have the cat anyway? When they break up does Fupa fuck off back to where he stays or does he stay with Shayna?

No. 1232934

their last big “breakup” she mentioned something about sleeping alone at night so i would guess he was staying with her at least sometimes

No. 1232936

If she gives her parents noodle. I don’t see her NOT doing something like giving her back to the shelter and lying about it. It would be quickly found out tho. Esp if she ends up at a shelter that posts animals on their socials. I know many anons would scoop noodle or rib up if they had the chance (hell, I would. Rib is beautiful)
She honestly shouldn’t have either of her animals. If it wasn’t for this thread you wouldn’t know she even has ANY pets.

No. 1232937

She won't be able to afford shit. Seattle is insanely pricey. Thing about moving to a place with a lower cost of living is that you can't go back. You've adjusted your budgeting and cost of living to a lower bar. Moving back just leaves you struggling and in poverty unless you've moved because of a better paying job. Shayna spends 300 bucks on dildos. She'll never be able to move back. Her greed and spending habits will be stronger than the smell of Fupa's smegma in keeping her stuck in Oklahoma.

No. 1232939

I kind of wonder if Fupa is homeless or doesn't have a stable place to stay. Yet it seems HE is the one always to leave Shayna, I wonder if thats why she keeps taking him back. She knows she has a place for him and her moving isn't only going, "You won't have me anymore" but also, "you wont have me or a place to stay"

No. 1232941

>I kind of wonder if Fupa is homeless or doesn't have a stable place to stay.
lol what? he just wants the easy pussy.

No. 1232947

True, i'm looking too much into it.

No. 1232950

File: 1621366775654.jpeg (60.78 KB, 1242x321, AE57DE9D-73D8-4108-9DCE-761AE2…)

hahah my god. She doesn’t even try to be subtle..

No. 1232956

File: 1621367133482.jpeg (170.84 KB, 750x702, 46BCB9A0-F78A-4353-84CA-423CB7…)

a oldie but goodie this was in 2019. Begging for money to break a plan she would stay on until 2021.

No. 1232958

omg she was seriously on it this whole time? guess that answers any questions anons had about it before…

No. 1232960

she used to complain about how small her apartment was and how expensive it was to live there. she’s such a fucking scammer. you don’t just get to be impulsive and claim you’re moving just to blow the money on random shit like makeup you don’t use, over priced skincare, shit hairstyling, shein hauls, and more crap. god I hate her.

No. 1232972

exactly. and she also still had no friends and never left the apartment. i don't get why if she loved it so much she was so ready to move halfway across the country for the first scrote to give her half a percent of his attention.

No. 1232993

She had that GF for a bit and that old man and she dropped them for fupa. She was seeing older men for lunches on her Snapchat too. Shay had relationships with multiple people at the same time at one point

No. 1233000

kudos to the anon who guessed this was going on when she tweeted about crying while calling the cell company. she's so obvious.

No. 1233007

File: 1621370285470.png (5.12 KB, 953x66, 2021-05-18 16_29_10-Window.png)

her "gf" dumped her almost year before she met fupa and i never saw any real evidence posted that she was meeting up with and sleeping with strange men so it wouldn't surprise me if that was just more of her lies to seem edgy and desired.
even if you go back through the very beginning threads it's a bunch of anons extremely skeptical she's had any real relationship since her bf connor in high school.

No. 1233008

Kek I know it’s a small step but I hope this actually means something is changing cause I need new milk

No. 1233011

Moving sale 2: electric bugaloo

No. 1233022

File: 1621371509617.png (22.72 KB, 609x234, 2021-05-18 16_58_34-Window.png)

gross, womack

No. 1233023

That's the girl that moved in with her and her ex-boyfriend. She started dating a different girl briefly after she moved into her apartment in Seattle. She was blog posting about stuff that they were doing together and how she would fall asleep in this girl's arms while she touched her in her sleep.

No. 1233026

the point still stands that shayna didn’t “drop” anyone for fupa kek. it’s obvious she doesn’t have the fortitude to drop anyone that’s giving her attention.

No. 1233060

File: 1621374672914.jpeg (913.5 KB, 3463x2308, 1B513CAF-3D33-49A6-9BB2-774856…)

It looks… the same as it always does?

No. 1233069

File: 1621375631509.png (8.16 MB, 1242x2208, 42BF0897-4679-4756-A61D-8DAB5B…)

For reference this is her 2 hours before on Snapchat

No. 1233070

File: 1621375687335.jpeg (323.06 KB, 1242x866, 4E164EA2-0830-48F7-9CA6-BE1F10…)

God damn she’s so broke

No. 1233073

I think she just had someone wash it and style it for her…. we've reached a whole new level of lazy

No. 1233076

Imagine being so lazy and smelly you pay money to have someone wash and straighten your hair for you. That isn’t the “people do things for me bcuz Im hot” lifestyle, Shayna. Amazing

No. 1233084

File: 1621377038942.jpeg (26.61 KB, 421x362, D10530BE-CE0E-45FD-96CC-0663DE…)

>That meltdown over taken off the phone plan and no charcuterie apology
>Watch her string along orbiters to throw 3k for her pity party
>Sees her orbiters bailed even less than 1,5k for the 3rd scam

No. 1233099

File: 1621378439212.png (Spoiler Image, 441.08 KB, 601x489, 2021-05-18 18_53_39-Window.png)

What is her obsession with the deep combover side part?

No. 1233100

File: 1621378490435.png (345.72 KB, 445x363, 2021-05-18 18_55_01-Window.png)

No. 1233108

This is a middle aged man showing off his hole

No. 1233111


How does a 24 year old constantly look so exhausted and beat down when she does absolutely nothing all day except eat and spread cheeks?

No. 1233117

Have we ever seen pics of her step-mom? If she's a blonde bimbo then that's a pretty good confirmation of the root of Shayna's issues lol

No. 1233121

File: 1621379842484.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.38 KB, 675x816, 49F87F88-D7DD-4F7A-96B9-DA0D09…)

Nice assne, Shaytard
Her nose grows each time she lies it’s gigantic kek

No. 1233122

File: 1621379994254.png (10.22 MB, 1242x2208, 1699BAD0-A48C-403D-A76B-06D8D9…)

No. 1233124

No. 1233125

File: 1621380097671.png (9.3 MB, 1242x2208, C81135DD-12D4-4133-B069-1AE45A…)

No. 1233129

If she’s wanting to move why doesn’t she just save the money she earns instead of eating out all the time? Just buy some ingredients and cook at home? I just don’t understand the laziness happening here

No. 1233132

probably but they couldn’t be posted even if they were out there

No. 1233134

i don’t think she knows how and is too lazy to learn how to figure out a recipe

No. 1233137

File: 1621380674083.jpg (314.08 KB, 1079x1056, Screenshot_20210518-183044_Twi…)

Lol sure Shay

No. 1233138

thought the thumbnail looked surprisingly cute…and then I clicked. Every bottle of rosé she drinks is visible on her face. She’s aging herself so fast, hope it’s worth it.

No. 1233139

File: 1621380716551.jpg (263.58 KB, 1079x1069, Screenshot_20210518-183214_Twi…)

No. 1233140

File: 1621380765640.jpg (171.22 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20210518-183055_Twi…)

No. 1233142

samefag as >>1233138, but how is this different from any other day?

she wishes. absinthe in the US is a neutered version of the real thing, it’s just another spirit here

No. 1233144

Some bored anon go back and make a collage of every time she's "patted ways" with Fupa

No. 1233146

she’s trying to manifest fupa

No. 1233151

Why she looking so weird?

No. 1233153

>>1233137 "Official" Oh good, I'm glad we cleared that up.

No. 1233156

Oh my god, how many times we gonna go through this shit? Anyone kept tabs on how many times she's said she's "done" with fupa?

No. 1233157

It’s the mental illness, self neglect, and alcohol for sure. Smoking isn’t good for her either but the alcohol will really fuck up your appearance. Binge eating too

No. 1233160

File: 1621382168897.jpg (289.51 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210518-185614_Twi…)

Wonder why she deleted this

No. 1233162

Absinthe ain't gonna do shit when you already an alcoholic.

No. 1233165

Of course she chooses the drink that contains heavy cream.

No. 1233166

kek unzipping that shirt from the bottom is not doing what you think it's doing, girl. It just looks like she can't shut it cause her gut is zipping it open.

No. 1233170

yeah she just went for a wash and straighten because she’s too lazy to do it herself. now for another 2 weeks of not washing.

No. 1233171

oh look another sausage casing outfit.

No. 1233173

Absinthe doesn’t make you trip Shay calm down. It’s just more booze.

No. 1233174

File: 1621383477179.jpg (261.44 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20210518-191804_Twi…)

No. 1233176

Ooh I hope she gets sloppy. Anticipating some drunk fupa tweeting.

No. 1233179

Her fucking feet are brown

No. 1233180

File: 1621383900207.jpg (830.43 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20210518-192517_Twi…)

No. 1233185

Please someone make this into a meme for the next thread pic

No. 1233191

Imagine just going out to eat on a Tuesday and seeing lil miss piggy getting messy drunk alone in an 8 dollar shein shirt, too depressed to wash her own hair, crying over being dumped off of fupa's phone plan and stopping to take a selfie every five minutes when the loneliness gets to be too much. How… portentous.

No. 1233192

she rarely leaves the house so you know it's from her walking around barefoot in her rank apartment. sweep and mop sometime queen

No. 1233195

File: 1621385048963.png (231.38 KB, 750x1334, 6A485EF0-0989-4463-8D84-8B1CFB…)


No. 1233198

Shay, next time you're gonna lie, at least make them believable

No. 1233199

the drunk delusions are strong today

No. 1233200

Give her a few hours and then she'll be having a break down about Fupa

No. 1233201

This happens to all women who sit at the bar alone. The bartender wants a tip and the other guys are probably neckbeards. How is every tweet even more pathetic than the last?

No. 1233202

File: 1621385615922.jpeg (1.82 MB, 3464x3464, DB9E9DD9-8E99-4366-915F-2A8C26…)

No. 1233204

If this isn’t dismal then I don’t know what it is, shart will never change.

No. 1233205

correct me if i'm wrong, isn't seattle significantly more expensive than "back home" in MA? she was literally complaining nothing was available in her price range that she liked when she was talking about moving back home. the west is expensive as hell to live in my experience even outside of large cities, although i have never lived in or even visited the north east to know the proper comparison. honestly shay needs to go somewhere where the cost of living is even cheaper than tulsa because it's not like she leaves her house much anyways except to eat.

No. 1233207

File: 1621386251530.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3464x3464, 1A4D71C0-D956-4590-8895-FE6FE2…)

No. 1233208

File: 1621386342288.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, D1D1E8C3-DD22-4EF6-A971-F5D2D0…)

No. 1233209

File: 1621386395464.jpg (139.19 KB, 1080x656, Screenshot_20210518-200647_Twi…)

Sure you did Shay

No. 1233210

File: 1621386399927.png (9.55 MB, 1242x2208, 41F4059C-305A-476B-B8E3-884F4E…)

No. 1233211

>all the bartenders
There were probably only 2-3 kek

No. 1233212

I bet fupa sees her snaps. That second one is just so obvious.

No. 1233213

On a Tuesday night? Probably just one haha. I'm sure they felt bad for her sitting alone, 4 drinks deep.

No. 1233214

Shayna really just spent money on, what I can only assume is a hair stylist student’s first time curling hair, so she can get drunk at a shitty Oklahoma bar on a Tuesday evening and livetweet a liquor-fuelled Fupa breakdown.

No. 1233215

So she's going to live tweet everything she does and I know this is to make fupa jealous, but shayna?? No one having so much fun is taking their phone out every 3 seconds to blog it.

No. 1233218

it’s similar

No. 1233219

her eyebrows are getting smaller and smaller. She just said fuck it when she got her eyelashes, no eyeliner anymore or anything.

No. 1233220

yaaas healthy queen eat those breaded, cheese covered cauliflower with ranch dressing

No. 1233222

a tuesday night at 7-8pm at that kek

No. 1233224

File: 1621387385056.png (10.97 MB, 1242x2208, 7499AA0D-0C44-4571-A7DC-8B03C2…)

No. 1233227

why would you take free drugs from strangers you fucking crack whore

No. 1233228

File: 1621387527986.jpeg (677.62 KB, 1242x1226, E5FB644A-6CFF-40E5-B040-F60AF6…)

Why…. why post this

No. 1233229

Her face reminds me of Ed from Ed Edd and Eddy kek

Her voice is never sexy, its awful whether she fakes it or not.

If you're gonna tweet for Fupa attention, be realistic, because this is ridiculous. Also we've lost count how many "single dolly" ever so brief sagas there have been and it's more annoying every time. This is why you should keep personal shit more private, so you don't document yourself being a fucking clown on the regular so publicly.

No. 1233232

Girl… it’s not even 9pm on a weekday. Jfc.

No. 1233234

This bitch is going full narcissist manic episode binging

No. 1233235

5 drinks and a shot in the course of 2 hours?? How has the bartender not refused to serve her anymore?

No. 1233236

you're really bad at being an alcoholic if you still throw up after that

No. 1233237

Why is there a fucking bowl of ranch tho lmao tf

I've never seen more than 3 bartenders even at a busy bar. On a tuesday, during covid? Probably just 1, 2 max. She probably went to more of grill type place though. Knowing fatty. But see, bartenders arent allowed to drink on the job, sooooo that's kinda a blatant lie anyway. Maybe she meant she bought it in salute to each bartender? So again, 2 shots max. Probs like $10 total.

No. 1233238

Has she been to the same place like three days in a row for different meals?

No. 1233239

LOL "bartenders can't drink on the job". You've obviously never worked in food service let alone at a bar.

No. 1233240

I was just thinking the same thing. Like, how does she drink constantly but remain so bad at it kek. That’s like a Friday night out with the girls. Not something to do regularly, but not crazy.

No. 1233243

File: 1621388476801.png (11.75 MB, 1242x2208, A8857067-6AD4-481C-B0F3-FA8560…)

I hope she doesn’t barf in this poor Uber driver’s car. ugh, I hate this bitch

No. 1233246

The sad thing is she's going to go home, get drunk, high and eat even more. She went out JUST to make Fupa feel a type of way.

No. 1233247

imagining her in the middle of some shitty OK bar pausing in between sips of alcoholic heavy cream to make a soy face to post on twitter is making me want to kill myself

No. 1233248

The funniest thing is that fupa will feel kinda way and by friday they will be fucking again kek

No. 1233251

Did she go to the bar..by herself? Wtf

No. 1233252

girl you already threw up, you’re beyond tipsy. if you’re only tipsy after 5 drinks & a shot than you have more problems than I thought.

No. 1233256

this isn’t unusual for her

No. 1233258

File: 1621389962953.jpeg (828.62 KB, 1242x1679, 6C844684-49E9-4133-87E4-1BA325…)

No. 1233262

yeah nta but there's a reason why a lot of bartenders are in AA lol

so obviously crying wolf so kyle will call her…could she be any more obvious.

No. 1233267

She has no friends anon, who would she go to the bar with lol

No. 1233269

Right suddenly everyone is buying her drinks and men are paying extra attention to her. I bet Fupa is going to send another, "they just want to get you drunk" or whatever he said during that live.

No. 1233272

File: 1621391779003.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2208, 39D57138-1E1B-47AA-A39A-C4B72B…)

No. 1233273

File: 1621391998511.jpg (76.17 KB, 800x450, 1524114694302.jpg)

the first thing I thought when I saw this thumbnail was this, it gives the same vibe tbh.

No. 1233275

Am I stupid, or has she stopped using her puffco? Regardless, jesus christ Shayna stop wasting your dabs!

No. 1233278

Who the fuck dabs like that? She wasted half her dab at least

No. 1233281

I wouldn't be surprised if she returned it. Broke bitch stuff. She is very lazy though. Maybe she gave it to Fupa.

No. 1233283

Her stopping the video before the cough lol

No. 1233284

File: 1621393013143.jpg (469.28 KB, 1078x1904, Screenshot_20210518-215713_Dro…)

No. 1233285

so she spent $80+ on fried food and booze and then threw it all up in the bar's bathroom before she even left

and it's still daylight. day drunk alone at a bar on a Tuesday. kek now she's gone home to get crossfaded rather than do her job. show him how great you're doing without him

No. 1233327

Nothing screams thriving and doing better without you than live tweeting your day binge-drinking and binge-eating alone in an Oklahoma dive bar. You really showed him!

No. 1233330

Pathetic and a lie. Your life is pathetic and a lie. You know damn well Lardy was only sitting alone in a corner of that shitty Oklahoma dive bar glued to her phone hoping her chode would text her after seeing all her “sInGlE dOlLy” live tweets.

No. 1233334

All of this sounds made up kek.

No. 1233335

>How… portentous

I love you, Nonnie

No. 1233353

Probably because it is. She's such a compulsive liar and yet she is so fucking bad at it. Same with being an alcoholic, a sex worker, or anything else shes try hard about. Shes just a below average person in every way.

No. 1233355

Well they're not supposed to and most city bars and shit have cameras. I've been to little no where bars in small towns where they do. And like strippers, they sneak it/do it anyway in some places. But I doubt in the central part of Tulsa the bartenders were just openly throwing down shots with her dumb ass on a tuesday afternoon.

No. 1233368

I’m sure 90% of anons posting in thread thread are just as or more attractive than Shayna yet this doesn’t happen to them as often, much less all in one night, as she claims. It’s such an attempt to live up to the “bimbo” idealization, but it’s not realistic coming from her, especially not in Tulsa fucking Oklahoma. Like what the fuck

No. 1233374


But I do think that a lot of times men target rattier looking women (or just women who are having an off day, no shame in that) because they think they have a better shot with them. Would fit this scenario

No. 1233378

especially if they’re visibly trying to get wasted in the early evening

No. 1233381

Can you stop repeating this, she lurks. They’ve been saying this for 78 threads. She knows and just doesn’t want to. At this point we’re just watching and seeing what new low she’ll take next. If she wanted to get better she would, she’s got support and she doesn’t care.

No. 1233386

imagine putting your body through all this within like two hours. Pigs are more discerning with their slop than Shatna. Glorified doughnuts and a cauliflower concoction with a side bowl of ranch (both of which with a serving size of 3+) mixed with fruity drinks…… her arteries and asshole and crying right now.

No. 1233387

It would sound more glamorous if rich men from the upper east side or something were buying her $200 bottles of wine to a table while she’s out with friends. This is just losers in a dive bar on a Tuesday trying to get an easy fuck. She doesn’t know how to live glamourously. $80 is spare change to a bimbo.

No. 1233393

>moving back to seattle
because anon upthread said it fits her most wanted description and she reads here??

No. 1233421

File: 1621411460303.png (46.08 KB, 149x227, 1522125935011.png)



No. 1233428

An edit of this with her L's and drunk face would be great for next thread pic

No. 1233456

Bitch literally e begged for an iPad and haven’t used it since; checked her Twitter and its all from an android.

No. 1233467

you made me open the thread for this

No. 1233481

File: 1621420746419.jpeg (138.57 KB, 1125x319, A9762BFA-F62C-4670-84E4-6A3068…)

Surprised nobody posted this one.

No. 1233492

everyday shayna becomes more and more like a troon. no real woman likes being catcalled unless you're a pick-me bitch like shatna

No. 1233509

Her eyes are so utterly dead. I can't imagine how she feels the rare moments she's sober.

No. 1233510

Man this is such a stupid way to talk on your sexwork account. This is practically signaling to creeps that you are vulnerable. Fupa sucks but there are real psychos out there that could groom her and hurt her.

No. 1233515

OK, following this thread is starting to genuinely feel bad now. It's like a slow motion snuff film

No. 1233546

Kek anon, made me chuckle

No. 1233550

>>1233139 not even an ana-chan but GOD the calories in that one cocktail…heavy cream??? what the hell

No. 1233552

Well bright side is: when Easter head hits the bucket tuna has a replacement waiting for her in Tulsa who would be just as enthusiastic about using daddy’s credit card for Amazon!

No. 1233555

>feeling sorry for Shatna
Nah. I used to pity her sometimes, then she attacked a sex trafficking victim and defended pornhub. There's a place in hell for people like her.

No. 1233563

Maybe she gave the iPad to fupa. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1233571

She looks like a trailer park mom here, the type that leaves her kids at home with her drug dealer so she can go out and smoke meth and wake up on some stranger's couch.

No. 1233585

Any single woman will get attention in a bar full of horny red neck men. You can be 60 and 300lbs and you will have these men buying you free drinks and giving you free weed because they'll fuck anything.

No. 1233591

File: 1621432365781.jpeg (160.8 KB, 1242x417, 3045A9DD-78A9-4ADD-9FA1-D01185…)


No. 1233595

She’s doing her mating call so Fupa knows he can still get his chode wet.

No. 1233596

She's truly pathetic. The best way to get Fupa back is to act like you don't need him. He came crawling back the moment he noticed she was actually making enough money to leave Oklahoma. Then when she got comfortable and sloppy he left again. I don't know why she'd want to though. Shay's ugly but she can still do better than an ugly deadbeat father of 3 who hangs out in crackden trailers. Plenty of scrotes who have never had a gf would fall all over themselves for her, sadly.

No. 1233598

Stay strong, fupapa. Leave her for good so we get new milk.

No. 1233603

This is scary bc I live near her and roofie culture is really bad here. Dont ever go to a party or drug dealers house and accept a drink from them, Shay. Seriously you don’t know this area or these people. They’re going to try and rape you Shay you’re an easy target. I’ve seen it happen here too many times. We’ve got incredibly high crime rates and it’s nothing to take lightly. I hope she’s careful

No. 1233608

Her attempt at making whining about her ex sexy for her work account

No. 1233609

> describing Shay’s alleged fantasy

No. 1233610

File: 1621433758645.jpeg (750.2 KB, 1242x1607, 1F10BA6E-848C-4EB3-97D5-A5235B…)

No. 1233611

File: 1621433895968.png (117.98 KB, 275x275, FED859E5-DB30-4043-9872-E4B27E…)

A wet dream over THIS
Get help Shayna.

No. 1233612

Fr. Shayna is a pickme loser and she is going to attract creeps because of her stupidity. I don’t know why anons are coddling her as if she’s a uwu little child who doesn’t know any better. She always tweets about she has an abduction fantasy. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 1233613

I promise you they do it everywhere. Shayna’s story is fake as shit but every person who works at a bar knows all the camera blind spots for slamming shots and playing on their phones. The only exception would be quiet bougie lounges which def not where her broke ass would ever step into.

No. 1233618

I swear shes posted this before too. Its so weird and pathetic even if it did happen, it's not something you say and tweet publicly.

No. 1233639

File: 1621436578372.jpg (456.05 KB, 1079x1117, Screenshot_20210519-100303_Twi…)

Please stfu Shay

No. 1233643

Is it overreacting to say that Shay, a porn star with a LOT of animal dildos, talking about her cat's face markings in that way is a little sus? If it weren't for the weird dildos I'd just put it down to immature humor but with the knowledge it just seems so… pander-y

No. 1233653

Shes so desperate for interaction lol

No. 1233656

Yeahhhh it's not like, full on beastiality you're-cancelled level, but it's definitely worth a side eye. I dunno why anyone would want to think about dicks when they look at their cat. He's such a cute one too. I would think it's a trillium on first glance but maybe I'm just a square.

The juxtaposition reminds me of when she posted something about her dog being cute right after a puppy-play tweet like… either she's the least self-aware person of all time (which is possible) or she's even grosser than we imagined & has an animal fetish buried somewhere in her lizard brain.

No. 1233666

y'all need to go outside

No. 1233667

lmao anon he doesn’t “come crawling back”. her desperate ass is probably harassing him day and night.

No. 1233670

All the advice given in each thread that she clearly reads and she can’t be fucked to do any of it. In order to un-fuck some parts of her life she’d need to be cut off from males, the internet, drugs, alcohol, excessive junk food, and her own finances for a year. Unfortunately it’s not EtHiCaL to do that so she’s shit out of luck and will die alone, stoned/drunk in Hillbilly Hell.

No. 1233671

File: 1621439191281.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, 1DA8E7FC-16BC-410B-9CE5-35D008…)

Shayna posted a video on Snapchat petting ribmeat while breathing heavily and filmed herself taking dabs (again)

No. 1233673

Once again the total independent bad bitch Shayna whining about her codependency issues.
How does fupa, a man in his 30s, not get sick of this high school shit? Breaking up every fucking week, doing the same song and dance, etc? The definition of insanity comes to play. There's gotta be other ugly, fat bitches he can fuck that don't come with this psycho shit. Maybe even a chick with more self respect that he could actually bring around his kids. I could not imagine wasting all this time with a Untreated borderline shit stain that is Shayna Clifford.

No. 1233674

Is someone paying her to hack up her lungs or…? Wtf is this

No. 1233676

she will never admit shes wrong, which is a huge problem. she wants to prove the haters wrong, show that shes thriving, when shes so sad. shes like amberlynn but still mobile.

No. 1233681

You're not even allowed in an Uber without a mask on so wtf is she doing? They literally make you confirm you're wearing a mask before you even get a ride.

Well there goes her moving sale again. Give it a week and she'll be back going on bar dates with Fupa.

No. 1233686

>I know many anons would scoop noodle or rib up if they had the chance (hell, I would. Rib is beautiful)
this is such a creepy thing to say
>If it wasn’t for this thread you wouldn’t know she even has ANY pets.
they're on her cam shows every time so what are you even talking about

No. 1233687

Not that anon but it's not that creepy? No different than seeing a dog/cat on TV on one of those animal rescue shows and wanting to adopt it.

No. 1233688

Nothing says thriving and fuck the haters like further degrading yourself instead of lying about shit like, idk, going to college or holding a real job. When she’s in diapers 60 years too early that will really show the haters how happy she was doing this!

No. 1233693

At this point forced institutionalization would be more ethical than what she’s doing to herself

No. 1233701

nta but it comes off as fan behavior

No. 1233705

> Maybe even a chick with more self respect

if he wanted a girl with self-respect he wouldn’t keep going back to shayna. she probably can’t do much better than him, but I don’t think he can do much better than her either.

No. 1233709

they're 100% in each others' league

No. 1233714

thinking someone is neglecting their animals is fan behavior?

No. 1233719

File: 1621441846315.jpg (269.31 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20210519-113053_Twi…)

No. 1233722

saying you would love to adopt a cow's "beautiful" dog is fan behavior

No. 1233723

Don't be retarded. They're talking about trying to adopt them. Now stfu.

No. 1233730

nta but someone said they’d hypothetically adopt rib if shay hypothetically put him up for adoption because he’s a cute cat with a shitty owner. Not only is that not that weird, it’s extra dumb to fight over shit that won’t happen.

No. 1233734

nobody cares, move on. they were talking about the dog anyway.

No. 1233741

File: 1621443471304.png (68.51 KB, 682x871, Capture.PNG)

So that's a no on wanting to take her out on a date then?

No. 1233743

samefag but the fact that she's saying she'd leave today if she could when she had the chance to leave two moving sales ago.. oof.

No. 1233747

what exactly is keeping her from moving if she’s supposedly making as much money as she claims to be? how does she not understand how all of this starts to not add up when you’re on the outside looking in?

No. 1233752


So this obviously didn't happen, but I like that she's confirming what we've known for AGES: all of her outings were with Fupa

No. 1233761

time to shoot your shot, womack

No. 1233765

He's the only scrote who I think would save up 1k to go on a date with Shayna. Fupa probably would'nt even spend $30.

No. 1233767

If you hadn’t blown your moving fund on your chode loser, you’d have been gone by now.

She won’t move anyways. No one is going to fund her as much as they did before. She would be better off packing a few boxes and driving a uhaul to her dad’s house. It’s not even that much.

No. 1233772

Sometimes I think people are posting old tweets, but then I realize, "Nope, Shayna is saying and doing the same thing she does every week".
Sometimes I legit can't tell, she's been going through the same Cycle with Fupa for years.

No. 1233781

Why does she have to simp for the ugliest guy? Some fat, balding, white guy. Does he look like her dad or something? Literal years for an uggo.

No. 1233790

Fupa was the first to bite. He's not special to shayna, he was just the first dude that fit the basics of what Shayna wanted. Any dude could've been in Fupa's place, as long as they played along.

No. 1233796

the first and apparently only one since as well

No. 1233800

File: 1621447323781.jpeg (48.08 KB, 1024x728, E1AO7aMXsAY-M3g.jpeg)

this pixie girl markets herself really well, im pointing this out because i know Shayna constantly screeches about men sending her dickpics

i don't understand shayna at all. i mean she's not the most attractive but men have really low standards, surely she could do better than fupa idk(not a pixie thread)

No. 1233802


anons we need to stop being shocked at how repulsive choda is. or at least being shocked that shayna is with him. hes on par with her looks wise and he’s exactly what she deserves/the best she can get right now

No. 1233804


No. 1233808

Can we make the Pixie comparisons a bannable offence next thread? It’s getting out of hand and offers nothings to the thread. No shit weirdo, Shayna sucks at her job.

No. 1233828

File: 1621448420691.png (34.08 KB, 549x237, Capture.PNG)

I'll believe it when I see the traditional giant teddy bear in the dumpster moving pic.

No. 1233832

she got the pod before she even has an address? how does that even work?

No. 1233834

Back to the old man and ex gf safety nets I see. She literally used to complain that her laptop was overheating so she couldn't cam. Everything that's in her price range in Seattle isn't going to have an air conditioner and is basically going to be a studio. She's doing a whole ass downgrade kek

No. 1233840

why would you secure a pod before securing an apartment? the retardation is strong.

No. 1233843

calling bullshit on the pod. she's probably just trying to scare fupa

No. 1233845

So what happened to her saying she put the moving money aside? The check from her mom? Her supposedly applying for and looking at places last week?

Oh it couldnt be she has been blowing it on stupid shit, food, addictions, and even Fupa! And documenting it via tweets too! And has the nerve to say shes running another moving sale. Incredible.

No. 1233847

if she actually planned on leaving she'd do that, but she doesn't. Thats why she lies and makes reversible plans, it's to let Fupa know she's attempting to move.
Moving Bait, is the new "Suicide Bait".
I could'nt imagine having to play all these games just to get a scrote like Fupa to "treat" me right. I think her next Bait will be, "I met a new daddy" and her meeting random scrotes at bars, taking pictures and writing fan fictions.
It feels like "i'm moving bait" is getting old to Fupa.

No. 1233850

Same. I legit thought this was her post from a month or so ago until I saw it say "again" kek pathetic

No. 1233852

what is her budget for seattle? i've seen some nice studio apartments for $1400/mo. i think she should just do it, honestly. older ones in shitty neighbourhoods go for around $1k. she should move the fuck out of tusla because it is a dump, fupa is a disgusting chode crackden purveyor. seattle has plenty of single, employed virgins due to the tech industry, surely she could find someone slightly younger and better looking, at least for a short bout of fun.

No. 1233853

File: 1621449650047.jpg (724.69 KB, 972x3023, Screenshot_20210519-133930_Fac…)

Kek like clockwork Kyle is shading her on FB

No. 1233854

Definitely this

No. 1233855

i'm keking over the fact that he used a Spongebob reference for this. savage. he's still no better than Shayna though

No. 1233857

The fuckin spongebob ref too I'm dead

No. 1233861

this bitch literally bought an xbox for him that she’ll be paying off the next two years. it’s hilarious.

No. 1233862

shes literally getting a full 2 bedroom in Tulsa for like $1200. this is clearly an impulse post that I doubt will actually happen. she’s expecting to have the exact same things in seattle.

No. 1233866

I was going to say, "Damn he's the male shayna" but it kind of feels like Shayna turned herself into the Female Fupa, whatever he likes she makes it her personality.

No. 1233868

I missed this part because I'm not seeing anywhere that she bought him an Xbox and I'm not seeing anything on his social medias about an Xbox

No. 1233871

anon there are no tech guys that would be interested in a 5 cent e-whore. most of the virgins you’re talking about are reddit redpillers.

No. 1233873

anons are just jumping to conclusions about the xbox being for fupa. it was never actually established that it was for him.

No. 1233875

Okay that makes more sense because I'm pretty sure she posted a screenshot of her new Xbox account or something like that so I was confused

No. 1233878

File: 1621450613525.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, BDBD90B9-83E6-4191-8B25-052167…)

She’s e begging on Snapchat too

No. 1233880

wish this bitch would buy and use a lint roller.

No. 1233885

she probably broke it. those things require weekly maintenance and this bitch can barely remember to change her bongwater once a month.

No. 1233886

Seriously, that's delusional thinking. Shay wishes she could get a tech guy. She's probably only going to get white trash dudes like Womack, fat retail workers like Fupa or some creepy degenerate who works in a call center. I doubt some red pilled nerds would want some fake woke e-beggar who posts free nudes with a $3 only fans. Only tech guy she could get is an abusive troon who is manipulative and bpd as her.

No. 1233889

In a few days she'll blame this on her "manic behavior" and then decide to stay for a little longer

No. 1233892

Probably what she tells fupa every time. It wouldn't surprise me if she's just escalating the situations unnecessarily and then baits him with suicide or moving when she realizes she fucked up. It's what narcissists/BPD ppl do to escape the consequences of their behavior.

No. 1233900

i can't wait for transparently woke libtard shay saga who hangs with even fatter trannies in even uglier even tighter clothes

No. 1233902

her hair looks so bad. what was the point of even going to the salon yesterday?

No. 1233904

When is she getting her eyebrows done? She can't pull off the no make up look she needs something to balance her face out.

No. 1233906

to waste money, Shayna obviously doesn't like having extra money laying around. She seems to spend whatever she gets as soon as she gets it.

No. 1233929

File: 1621454593301.jpg (125.46 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20210519-210121_Xbo…)

Well I guess this is her account.

Lmao 3 guesses and I found it. She really can't think of anything else can she?

She has only played apex, a free game that she had on PlayStation and could play on her PC. Shit is so dumb.

No. 1233938

File: 1621454820890.jpg (157.64 KB, 1079x783, Screenshot_20210519-150704_Twi…)

No. 1233939

Semantics. She bought it to persuade him to spend more time at her place so she could get some more time with her favorite chode.

No. 1233940

I think it's 50/50 on the Xbox thing that she bought it to lure Fupa back but also thinks getting the latest console somehow makes her better at the games.

No. 1233945

File: 1621455653563.jpeg (502.79 KB, 750x1055, 245E6189-6AE2-4D1F-9187-E8CC05…)

she’s so desperate to stick it to her coomers to seem like she’s somebody

No. 1233946


yep, just cause she didnt physically give him the console doesnt mean she didnt buy it specifically for him. the only playing apex when its a cross platform game tells you all you need to know.

No. 1233947


kinda sad considering they’re all she has left. first people she runs to with any problems, first people she tells any new plans to, and the only people left who support her choices and lifestyle.

No. 1233948

A 30-something year old father of 2 (or 3?) is reposting Sailor Moon and Spongebob memes to be salty about his ex on social media. Truly adult behavior.

No. 1233949

File: 1621455963711.png (265.42 KB, 750x1334, 6956136F-3D4F-4A08-A988-1D98BA…)

god forbid your few customers try to interact with you

No. 1233951

But you ARE that desperate Shay

No. 1233952

Yeah… maybe don’t e-beg every day of your life and people won’t think your desperate for their cash??

No. 1233959

File: 1621456606919.jpg (333.36 KB, 1080x1243, Screenshot_20210519-153647_Twi…)

And this is why you don't have a steady "fan base"

No. 1233960

it's called flirting my god shay

No. 1233962

she can’t go 5 seconds without victimizing herself over the stupidest shit

No. 1233966

This is bullshit. PODS does not let you place an order until you have a delivery address. Unless she means she got an estimate, in which case she's just retarded.

No. 1233967

This is seriously disgusting, prostitutes get raped every day and she thinks THIS is "really sad". She is such a low IQ piece of shit

No. 1233968

She posts that it's 1k to go on a date with her, she should have responded to these messages with that.

No. 1233970


No. 1233972

i love when she seethes over the most random shit, especially when coomers or other whores are involved. it just seems so counter-intuitive

No. 1233973

this fatass really can’t take a trip to the dispensary without buying some sort of sugary edible, huh?

No. 1233981

She's so capable of paying for her own things yet she needs to start a moving sale because she doesn't have money to move. Everything she wants she has to beg and degrade herself to get it. Or probably ask her parents.
The scrote she lets fuck her, gets the cow for free and the most he'd probably done is pay her phone bill.

No. 1233984

Reading this just screams "I shouldn't do sex work"
He was flirting and instead of playing it up for more money or whatever she just blocked him from giving her ANY money

No. 1233991

Fuck scrotes, but she's just throwing a fit, "Just give me the money when I ask for it!!!" is basically what it is. She doesn't like when Scrotes don't just hand her chump change no question. Truth is she's not attractive enough to have simps who'd just throw money at her wildly.
She is desperate, nobody who isn't desperate would'nt always come on twitter and bitch about men not giving them money and making comments. They'd just ignore them and move on to the next simp.

No. 1233996

Here’s the fact.
Shay isn’t attracted to Fupa. Shay is attracted to the idea of fupa that she moved to OK for. She’s attracted to being a “spoiled stole your dad DDLG” but only in the she can’t be arsed to do anything and wants that along with random people sending her money.

No. 1234002

isn't that literally sex work though? Guys/gals paying women/men and getting off (figuratively or literally) from feeling in control of the situation because of said payment? damn shayna just say you regret sex work and move on and get a regular job. This whole refusal to admit she's fucked up her life and committing to it further is baffling.

No. 1234010

Just like she “officially” put in her move out notice four months ago. Just like she “officially” got car insurance last summer. Just like this was supposed to be “officially” her Hot Bimbo Sunmer month. She needs a dictionary because she doesn’t know the definition of a word she uses frequently.

No. 1234011

You’re actually not fully capable of paying for your own things because none of your money is yours. It all comes from e-begging, scamming, and mommy/daddy handouts.

No. 1234015

Five years into ~sEx WoRk~ and she still doesn’t know how to turn conversations into easy money. Those are your customers Shatna. Doesn’t make any sense how she has no problem sending them shit covered things but has a problem with flirty conversations that take zero effort kek

No. 1234019


What the fuck is this hair, Shay? You look like an oblivion character, or if Legolas had a mentally disabled brother. I know youre reading this so frame your face, idiot.

No. 1234021

>legolas’ mentally disabled brother

No. 1234039

How retarded is she? Like other anons said, she is a sex worker, so how easy is it to just interact nicely with scrotes and tee hee at them to make easy money? she's literally so retarded. I wonder how long she can e-beg before men dont give her free money?

No. 1234041


This grown ass man is PERFECT for Shayna. I don’t know if she can find anyone who can match her retardation so well.

No. 1234053

I never knew someone could gain weight in their nose. How is that a thing?! I've seen plenty of people get fat and they have a face that balloons up but this bitch has gained as much weight in her nose as she has everywhere else. Her nose was never that big before

No. 1234054

well yeah they are actually in control cos it’s their money and their choice. as a sex worker you should be flirty back instead of a giant bitch.

No. 1234056

Jason Womack is pretty much a scat fiend huh

No. 1234062

File: 1621465851101.jpeg (536.16 KB, 750x1096, DAD37333-D97A-4DD4-99B1-FB130D…)

nah it’s always been gargantuan but she used to only post snapchat beauty filter pics. also her features are so plain without makeup that it becomes the focal point just based on there being nothing else to look at besides her tiny crusty lips and tiny beady eyes.

No. 1234064

your nose can grow bigger bc a lot of stuff. usually pregnancy. go look at chrissy teigen’s nose.

shay just doesn’t know how to contour or pose.

No. 1234065

File: 1621466165031.jpg (371.28 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20210519-181617_Twi…)

Yeah, sure Shay

No. 1234067

Lmfao Just like how she had car insurance before having a car. A pure retard just trying to bait her "ex"

No. 1234068

by announcing it she's already fucked herself.

No. 1234069

Bitch is like if I work I can do XYZ

Yeah u gonna have to do a lot of cam shows for 5 bux a pop to pull that off kek

No. 1234071


This is all fupa bait.


No. 1234072

watch her post about going out for brunch tomorrow once yesterday's booze fully leaves the system

No. 1234074

Fully capable of paying for her own things but can't "If I could move today, I would"
Wow, such a spoiled, rich bitch that's trapped in Oklahoma. Cry more over Kyle for the 300th time, weak ass.

No. 1234078


Because she and all these other dumb whores like to tell themselves being a sex worker is ~*~empowering~*~ and they don’t have to bow down to any man, yet they show in this prime example they wouldn’t know how to run a real business to save their lives.


She really is going to pretend she didn’t already raise thousands on a “moving fund”? I just can’t believe she gets away with this shit.

No. 1234079

I don't even want to know how much weed she considers the weed she "needs". It's usually not a great sign that you can't live your life sober for more than a few hours Shay.

No. 1234082

This girl needs to invest in a diary and keep this shit off Twitter

No. 1234083

File: 1621467602752.png (219.79 KB, 1080x573, sexwork.png)


No. 1234084

Why would Shay want to move to Seattle? It's still one of the most expensive parts of the country, while Shay works from home and never leaves her house. Makes 0 sense to me.

No. 1234089

If she likes Seattle so much, why not just go for Portland? It’s basically the same thing but you can live in the outer city comfortably. Their public transit is even better than Seattle and lots of government help along with no sales tax.
I swear she is just doing it for the comfort and aesthetic.

No. 1234094

Because she left Seattle for fupa and she’s too stupid to figure out how to move forward and not backwards. She thinks going back to where she was before him will fix everything and cure her regret. It won’t. She wasn’t happy there either but she doesn’t remember that part.

No. 1234095

>not buying new clothes
I know this is Fupa Bait but she spends more on food and weed, then on clothes. When she does buy clothes it's always cheap shit and we only see her in like 3 or 4 outfits before she starts repeating her favorite items.
Has she even used any of the make up she brought? The skin care shit? She just wastes money but not on clothes.

No. 1234106

I bet that nose ring got infected. she had it for what like 3 months? I bet she got it to try and appeal to fupa.

No. 1234107

shayna, you can’t even keep a routine of washing your face. you really expect to do all that?

No. 1234108

They got the piercings together. Cause after she got hers, Fupa posted a pic on fb with a new nose piercing

No. 1234117

She had the nose ring for about a year. She took it for a week or something when she was supposedly in the mental hospital and it closed up.

No. 1234118

File: 1621470892234.jpeg (335.09 KB, 1242x857, 5F79827D-3507-4E8B-9B57-FD1DF8…)

No. 1234122

File: 1621471162455.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 327.52 KB, 1203x1622, 0AB653D2-53F3-4694-94C5-23EB02…)

What’s the point in having a paid OF when you just turn around and post it all to your public twitter for free? Also same retardted face, same fat girl position every single time kek

No. 1234123

I'm even more concerned about the filthy hoodie covered in pet hair. Yuck.

No. 1234125

File: 1621471746083.png (740.83 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210520-034834.png)

Anyone else would just throw it in the trash but not Shayna.

No. 1234127

Its probably Fupa's

No. 1234139

Imagine making money for your online presence and posting pics of yourself in filthy clothes and a filthy apartment. What happened to quality control?

No. 1234147

File: 1621473539662.jpeg (1.67 MB, 3464x3464, 8806E45C-21A5-450D-89F8-2614D6…)

Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel #79- The Never-Ending Moving Saga Continues

No. 1234148

File: 1621473603962.jpeg (1.57 MB, 3464x2450, 4962F303-169D-4DC4-80C8-CB0162…)

Same fag but this is a better thread pic

No. 1234153

a tulsa love story

No. 1234154

File: 1621474110917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.72 KB, 676x944, 20210519_202804.jpg)

What is this picture quality? Is this bitch showering in the dark?

No. 1234158

This masterpiece should be next thread pic. It is more revealing of Shayna's personality than any fanart or horror nudes.

No. 1234160

she already does everything else in the dark so why not. probably just took pics like this to make the resolution so crummy that she didn’t have to put the effort in of facetuning.

No. 1234171

meh, I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. it's just a basic collage. way too much text for a thread pic. but I agree that the photo of her sour lemon face should be included in the next one

No. 1234172

Another 4k? Implying she put aside 4k already. Which she totally didnt, indicated by her frivolous spending since saying jk not moving. She probably thinks she can move on just 4k and dosen't want to admit she scammed.

I mean she shouldnt need to buy more clothes after she spent like 300 bucks on Shein crap and if she doesnt go out, theres no reason to dress up anyway. But not buying clothes is the only thing she might ne capable of on that list. She will just trade going out for ordering in as usual, so it only saves on uber rides. But if Fupa texts her,she'll be waddling right out to the bar to buy him dinner.
She's not gonna do 3 vids or 3 cam nights a week, much less both. And know she blows through weed and buys oil, carts, AND edibles. Maybe she could actually cut back on the weed in general to save money and do a tolerance reset. But of course it's part of her personality and daily cope with her sad life, so no go.

No. 1234176

I cant figure out what it says but honestly I bet it is his and Shay is being a baiting psycho wearing it and posting vids on snap when shes supposed to be "patting ways" with him and moving again. Doesnt seem like her style (aside from being gross) or anything she would buy and it's clearly worn.

No. 1234177

Incredible. I hope she sees that and realizes how much of a clown she is.

Also, like other anons have said. She bitched about her life in Seattle too and didnt like it there. But it's easier for her to forget that and go back to a place shes lived before. But Seattle is literally the complete opposite side of the US from her "family and friends" too. She's unbelievably stupid.

No. 1234178

It says Toy Motorsports, which according to Google is an auto shop in Massachusetts. Sorry to the tinfoilers.

No. 1234190

Lol it's honestly still a little baity. It might be her dads or an exes or something which is just as weird and no wonder it's so lint covered since she's probably had it forever.

No. 1234196

I would assume that she would wear a shitty pink hoodie to fit her bimbo larp instead of her ratty “boyfriend” one in the pic. She’s been baiting like she a fucking fisherman trying to catch the fupa guppy dick.

But she also a lazy pig so this may be her just completely giving up after the Fupa withdrawal.

Both seem reasonable shatna responses.

No. 1234214

This right here.
She acts like she doesn't need whatever $5 she just begged for because she has a bit saved up. But any money she has saved is also from begging scrotes. The pittance she 'earns' without begging is from video sales & is not enough to cover her monthly rent let alone the other $5k she blows a month on intoxicants to cope with her shitty life & more plastic crap.
You need your coomers, Shay. Without their 'power trip' decision to send you their money, you have none.
If she didn't need money she would just exist & get paid for being hot without begging like successful sugar babies do.

Also love this dichotmy:
>ugh, I don't need ur money, you power-tripping scrote. Block.
>uwu scrotes pls send money. u'd give me $4k if u reawwy loved me

She really sees her monthly income as linear too. In her goldfish brain she just takes what she makes in a stream & multiplies it by 3 when in reality her audience is not going to tune in for 3 streams a week. She fell into this trap the last time she took a break from camming. People actually tune in when she's been away for a while, so she sees that & gets all excited thinking she's going to have a large audience coming back every 2 days for the same thing.

No. 1234238

File: 1621484409116.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, 7B66CC34-BF8F-4F4B-91DE-A16B42…)

No. 1234240

File: 1621484461446.jpeg (98.02 KB, 676x930, CB53FA36-9DC8-4B35-99ED-1C51DB…)

No. 1234243

File: 1621484515083.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 91.6 KB, 659x951, 16986BF5-B40E-41B9-83CC-AF074E…)

facetune working overtime

No. 1234244

she does that same retarded smirk in literally every picture. guess it's marginally better than the tongue sticking out against the rat teeth.

No. 1234245

File: 1621484553235.jpeg (63.49 KB, 581x581, 6EC24B72-10F0-4A2E-AC71-D007C8…)


No. 1234247

could she not have made her ass look so… triangular??

No. 1234266

kek at how big those pupils are even with the flash

No. 1234267

I love how she complains about not having good engagement on her sex work page, yet isn't even professional enough to brush her hair or use some goddamn Visine to avoid looking disheveled and stoned out of her gourd on camera.

No. 1234272

She should just charge $300/hr like an escort and fuck a dude for 5 minutes since scrotes cum fast and then she’s made $300 she can see 3-4/week and make $1K~ and be out in a month or 2

No. 1234275

But nonnie if they come in less than 5 minutes than how is she gonna charge an hour for $300?? Kek

No. 1234276

i’m not even convinced she can actually get aroused. she comes off like she’s sex repulsed when she cams.

No. 1234291

It just wouldn't be the same as getting choded by the fupes

No. 1234294

idk if this is just me being sheltered but I don't understand how normal it for a young person to drink so much and never acknowledge how bad it is for them. Weed addiction is totally normalized now that its legal and used medicinally, so it makes sense for her to get by without questioning it. But she can't use the crutch of "it helps me" with alcohol (throwback to her admitting she threw up the other night).

Its not a matter of her drinking to socialize either, just drinking bottles of wine alone seemingly every week. How does someone become so detached from their habits? I guess the answer is just addiction but I find it so strange.

No. 1234295

the only times she's acknowledged any sort of problem is when she's publicly embarrassed fupa and says she's going to "cut back" because she's so ashamed. other than that it is unspoken if not shameless, like bragging about going to a doctor's appointment drunk

No. 1234296

It’s normal behavior for an alcoholic lol they live in denial

No. 1234299

are you 12? most addicts don’t think they have a problem and may never acknowledge that they’re hurting themselves and the people around them.

No. 1234302


I understand how addiction works. Its just weird to see it all unfolding and seemingly no one in her twitter circle says anything. Beyond that a lot of addicts try to hide their substances but she just seems to flaunt it.

No. 1234303

it’s not just you. i feel the same way. it’s a very normalized behavior tho. bad girls club just got to hulu and i’m horrified but amazed at how much those girls on that show drink.

i think shay drinks a lot to act like a bimbo. she never drinks beer or any like good alcohol except over the top girly drinks because it’s bimbo of her to do so. she drinks pink wine and other shit like that bc she thinks it makes her look cute. she’s just dumb.

No. 1234309

she has no real friends, so who’s going to say anything? the scrotes getting off on her degrading herself?
you’re making a lot of sweeping generalizations about addicts that aren’t really true to reality. look at any of the cows in /snow/ and /pt/ that drink or do drugs. most of them are pretty open about it if not even braggy.

> she never drinks beer or any like good alcohol
she just mentioned drinking IPAs a couple days ago and has many times before

No. 1234311

fair enough, must have slipped by me. shay posts a lot of drinking bullshit.

No. 1234326

It’s an escort thing. Dudes will pay for the full hour and leave when done, some stay and chat after some cum and leave 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s easy money if you don’t care about morals or need to survive and you’re in a shitty place or something.

No. 1234348


I imagine if you factor in her debt, it’s possible she isnt even in the positive money wise. It would explain why she never has money for emergencies. She straight up has said she was working on her credit, but that takes a while to actually get back on track. She’s going to have a hard time getting approved for anything other than tiny studio, if that. So yes Shay, you’re going to have to start playing nice with your scrotes if you want to move.

No. 1234354

Just a perpetual victim. She doesn’t even need to post about her struggles with moving. Just fucking work, stay in your lane, save up some cash, and move? Make some fucking friends Shaytard, and keep the desperation off your work twitter.

No. 1234358


The only people who know she exists benefit from her being constantly high and drunk, because being high and drunk = easier to fuck, easier to manipulate, easier to degrade. She got tricked into sniffing shit on dildo for farmers because she’s constantly drunk or stoned.

No. 1234368


The headband is just horrible. The ivory tone washes out her skin and the whole look is just really dated. She should try some dark and jewel tones in her wardrobe. It would make a world of difference.

No. 1234377

Kek, cows aren't normal people. They're not a good metric to compare.
I TRULY want to know who taught her this dumb ass facial expression. It's not even a nice, sultry smirk, it's a, "I had a stroke and my face is paralysed" smirk.

No. 1234426

the conversation is about a cow so i don’t see your point here

No. 1234480

File: 1621522083602.webm (1.88 MB, 771x1070, shayna.webm)

this comment took me out so

No. 1234493

shes never sober long enough to actually face reality. she drinks to ignore her feelings. its sad as fuck cause its making her more depressed.

No. 1234517

10/10 made me ugly laugh

No. 1234520

I wonder what happened to this camera/tripod thing, probably thrown in the corner of her dingy apartment. She didn't even make a video with it or anything.

No. 1234532

She thinks the reason she doesn’t make enough money/being popular is not because of her mediocre content but because she’s always missing some bs gadgets. It’s easier to buy something then actually working lol.

No. 1234534

File: 1621528294119.jpg (331.96 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20210520-113044_Twi…)

This means she's not gonna move

No. 1234537

This is total bs lol… embarrassing

No. 1234546

i wish i could hear her interact with a front desk person over the phone. i'm sure she's painful to talk to/explain things to.

No. 1234547

Why wouldn't she just move sooner then? She's on month-to-month rent isn't she? What's in Tulsa that's worth staying until August for?

(no need to answer fellow nonnies, we all know it's getting choded by the fupe)

No. 1234552

huh? idk how moving works in the us really but it´s almost june anyway. why is it to early to look for july?

No. 1234556

it's not. she's ridiculous. it's pretty standard when you're renting here to be required to give your landlord 30-60 days notice before you move out and other apartment complexes/landlords are aware that most people will be looking to secure a new place within that timeframe.
it's just another lie.

No. 1234561

That makes zero sense. Looking earlier is better?? What would two weeks matter?(it doesn’t)

No. 1234584


It's standard to give at least a month's notice before leaving someplace, but once you start looking at apartments/expressing interest, a lot of them will be pretty aggressive about wanting to know the "soonest" you can move in or trying to get you to sign on a unit the moment it's available. It's because they don't want to leave a unit open for any reason. Anyway, if you're firm about your moving date a lot of them will drop the facade, and the places that don't probably have insufferable management anyway. It's necessary to start looking early for your own sake.

source: just moved apts in US major metropolitan area

No. 1234585

She's so lazy, it's unbelievable. Looking for places early is not only normal, but also necessary if you're moving from a different state.

No. 1234591

She's so impatient, she'll spend years of her life fucking with a scrote, doing shitty porn but whenever she tries to do anything positive and it can't happen right away, she basically gives up.
Just like working out, it's always a weird excuse why she can't do something, when the truth is always; Laziness or Fupa.

No. 1234600

She probably cant afford the pet deposits and apartment deposits she will have to make. Watch her only fans and content go on "sale" (basically free). She just doesnt want to admit she doesnt have any money cause she knows she spent all of her last moving sale.

No. 1234605

Yeah, shes obviously just trying to bide time until she gets a payout so she would even possibly afford a deposit. In a couple weeks, she'll get to cash out on OF and shit. Meaning she has nothing saved rn. They probably told her or she saw she needed money to put down, if shes serious.

No. 1234609

Her bullshit is so transparent she would be better off not saying anything in most situations. Not like her few "fans" are actually checking up on her/care.

No. 1234617

It's for us and Fupa, mainly Fupa. It's so he knows, "Hey I haven't found anything yet. I'm looking but you still have time to make it right…"

No. 1234632

If that's the case, which is probably is… that's so pathetic and sad in a retarded way. It's weird to me that some people like her are really so co dependent and stupid that they think there's no one else out there they could just move on to. Or god forbid, be alone and work on themselves.
I promise you Shay, in any area you live, there will be an older dude, a deadbeat dad even that will "treat" you just as that if not better that will be a cringey degen willing to put up with your stupid ass. The world is full of scrotes. If shes lucky, they will even be willing to pay for their dates and shit lol. A girl can get a dude, if she puts herself out there even a little bit. It's not that hard. If the dude doesnt check your boxes, drop him and move on.

No. 1234640

File: 1621536812150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 669.82 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20210520-135333_Twi…)

Here we go

No. 1234642

File: 1621536870636.jpg (146.84 KB, 1079x455, Screenshot_20210520-135439_Twi…)

Her followers keeping it classy as always

No. 1234645

she's even reusing the same photos from the last moving sale. what the fuck

No. 1234648

She can’t even be bothered to take new “moving sale” pictures. What a joke

No. 1234649

File: 1621537318673.jpg (186.87 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20210520-140217_Twi…)

No. 1234651

File: 1621537369070.jpg (166.98 KB, 1080x1973, Screenshot_20210520-140153_Twi…)

Nice Shay

No. 1234653

> A girl can get a dude, if she puts herself out there even a little bit. It's not that hard.
the main issue is she is severely limiting her dating pool by 1) being an e-whore (which under normal circumstances is probably not a dealbreaker for a decent number of guys) 2) the TYPE of e-whore she is and content she puts out. imagine being a dude on Tinder and you find “ButtStuff Barbie”’s twitter with all of her weird pedo, incest, zoophilia, literal shit on a dildo and gaped asshole.

No. 1234656

This is an insane amount for someone who e begs half of her income. Im betting her awful parents will send her another 1k check

No. 1234657

Not WKing but this is accurate for Seattle. When I moved here places wouldn’t consider you two months out - because they get rented much faster. They won’t hold onto a place for you for months when they can have someone in next week.

No. 1234660

>They won’t hold onto a place for you for months
She's talking about 2 weeks, not months. She could easily just offer to pay a holding deposit if that was really an issue.

No. 1234662

Obviously she’s not gonna pay a holding deposit lol

No. 1234666

Why is she so obsessed with going back to Seattle? She could move to another place that costs way less but its still nicer than where she is now, and has legal weed. She is going from one of the cheapest "big" cities to one of the most expensive. She is going to be living in poverty hardcore there.

No. 1234667

File: 1621538686034.jpeg (360.49 KB, 1125x1318, 09818925-6A51-464A-9F7F-671452…)

kek she has 3k saved, this pic is from back in March
she couldn’t move because she couldnt make the money to do it + fupa

No. 1234671

$3000 for first+last months rent and security deposit in Seattle? kek good luck with that

No. 1234675

>for a fat premature-aging dry pussy retard
>in Hick Town, OK
Lmao anon, Shayna is a $150 all you can fuck, maybe. OK uggos fuck for free, available at any given dive. She’s one step up from literal Walmart parking lot crackhead on the whore hierarchy.

No. 1234677

File: 1621539241270.jpeg (916.77 KB, 1242x1666, 1E3F676B-22C5-45DB-89F4-285777…)

Interacting with a children’s show like the pedophile she is

No. 1234686

The POD estimate is beyond confusing. She owns like. A studio apartments worth of shit - MAX.

No. 1234688

gotta haul that $2k dust collector computer somehow

No. 1234693

yeah, she’s hard pressed to find even a half-decent guy

No. 1234696

File: 1621540234576.jpeg (813.02 KB, 3770x2120, 309FEF80-8798-4A97-BBC7-DB4B98…)

the only person that replied was even a minor

No. 1234697

Oh thats a big YIKES

No. 1234698

ugh nasty bitch. don’t interact with a children’s show’s page on your sex work account it’s not that fucking hard

No. 1234705

Wonder how long until she dirty deletes this, would be great if she actually got called out on Twitter for this

No. 1234707

She could move north east like she wanted to earlier in the year, but thats what her parents want so she's not going to do it. She's also probably hoping she can work with that bald guy and the gross bdsm dude again.

No. 1234717

How much you wanna bet she's going to attack the minor for commenting. Even though it's her fault

No. 1234720

Big pedo vibes. Yikes

No. 1234722

would I be reaching to say she's exposing childern to her kink shit? You know why she likes this villian and used this screenshot.
Because her 'puppy play" shit. She shouldn't be interacting with childern show tweets on her SEX work account

No. 1234723

Funny how she rants about minors being in "sex worker's spaces" but she's literally shoving herself, on her sex work account, into a minor's space by interacting with a children's show's page.

No. 1234724

She kinda is because the minor can just simply click on her profile and see everything

No. 1234725

File: 1621543594229.jpg (337.5 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20210520-154646_Twi…)

A minor liked it too

No. 1234726

I know that if I were 16 I would click on her profile out of curiosity and maybe even Google her name… she’s def putting herself out there in a minors space

No. 1234727

yeah and if she does move she'll probably throw half of it out just like she's done every other time she's moved

I hope she moves for the milk and since she's so shit at finding places to live ends up with a craiglist roommate. It would be interesting

No. 1234739


Sage for minor blogost, but this is INSANE amount what the fuck. I moved from Denver to Nea York woth a Uhaul and it cost me like 2k. Oh wait, she doesnt have a license. I swear she gets more stupid every day.

Also, she's an absolute sicko for interacting with a Childrens show acount, from her sex work account. But, we've all established that. She just never seems to baffle me more and more every day. I'm embarrassed that I know of her existence.

No. 1234751

Gross. This made me realize that she likely doesn't know how to wipe. That and fupa is probably into scat because I don't doubt he's pulled out with a few stains.

No. 1234757

Why'd she take the "Buttstuff" out of her name? Because it was too many characters to fit the sale part in? Its honestly worse. Wish she'd drop the Barbie thing entirely. But that's been said and she just won't. It's just weird and embarrassing when you're a fat below average whore with no style.

No. 1234758

Also I don't think she realizes that just having her name as Barbie $3 sale right now while commenting on a post for kids is taking a risk. It could come across as a literal sale of a child's toy and make someone who doesn't want to see her shit click on the profile.

No. 1234770

File: 1621548741467.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 85B2D234-F512-4966-927F-140524…)

from colleen’s instagram story…this should be interesting. Also kek at her refusing to call shay “dolly”

No. 1234792

Calling it now she starts escorting or sugaring irl (which is basically escorting but more predictable).I know she’s been firm about no meetups in the past but she didn’t have as much of an alcohol problem back then or was high functioning. I could see her using alcohol to get through a meet up to pay her bills.

No. 1234796

Didn’t she just offer a date for 1k in a tweet? She’s definitely open to meeting (prob not sex yet) but is hesitant to drop her price. Won’t take long though, she’s already selling pussy pics for 3 dollars & desperation brings people to lows they wouldn’t expect themselves to reach kek

No. 1234813

File: 1621553235033.jpg (330.97 KB, 1080x1201, Screenshot_20210520-182707_Twi…)

Give it till the end of the weekend and they'll be back together

No. 1234816

really hope i dont see her fatass there kek

No. 1234817

how in the fuck would shayna even afford this after moving and shit???

No. 1234821


Yup. Money is all it takes for these types of girls.

No. 1234825

It doesn't count as rekindling if you never stopped talking to him and letting him come over and fuck you with a gun on the bed because eh thinks so little of you Shayna you idiot.

No. 1234830

I would love the fupaless in Seattle saga but something tells me she’ll be complacent until the end of time and never take the initiative

No. 1234842

Well he keeps coming back so she’s clearly not worried about him being gone from her life. Even shay knows how predictable her life is kek. I’ll give it a couple days. The weekends are usually Fupa days.

>inb4 finding a different apartment in Tulsa instead.

No. 1234846

I wonder if she will go get that gas station coffee again to regain her love for Tulsa Oklahoma, that totally made her stay last time, definitely not fupapa.

No. 1234850

if you do see her, you should surreptitiously take pics and post them here

No. 1234853

Soooo her original goal was $7k, as seen here >>1168169
She bragged about not only reaching that number, but having the 2nd best month she's ever had financially in March. >>1196166
This is in part thanks to her mom giving her a couple thousand dollars towards moving.
Now, 2 months later, despite her insisting that she was saving her previous $7k fund this whole time, she suddenly needs to top up that up by four thousand dollars…

Oh, and this is also on top of yesterday whining about how coomers want her to actually talk to them to get their money, and she seethed about how she didn't actually NEED it.
Don't you now, Shayna?
Seems like you need it.

No. 1234856

what do you want to beat that this round of "moving funds" is for that(travel, hotel, tickets, food, drinks, weed)

No. 1234859

Everything she does is such a waste of money.
Why does she need pet transport? She's planning to drive, since she's begging for gas money. So why the hell wouldn't she just take her pets with her in the uhaul or car? What a ridiculous cost for 2/3 of her moving fund.
If she had any sense she would realize that she owns nothing of value besides her animals and just take 3 bags on a plane. Altogether probably less than a thousand dollars, even with the animals. And far less fucking around, wasting time & money.

No. 1234860

Why would she be calling Shay “Dolly” in the first place? I don’t think it’s a matter of refusing her, it’s probably her calling someone by their actual name because they know them personally

No. 1234861

She’s way too fucking lazy to do anything of the sort. A couple hours before she has a scheduled meet up, like clockwork she would make a tweet with some made up excuse why she can’t do her meet up and then e-beg for money to “take the night off” kek

No. 1234862

No, you're all completely right. They'll click on her profile (because teens will naturally click on profiles labelled Barbie) & be greeted by a big pink A N A L banner and her gaping arsehole.

Shayna is fucking creepy and gross.

No. 1234864

File: 1621557792118.jpeg (133.43 KB, 1242x333, 8B208404-D065-4F69-BE77-A47CE2…)


No. 1234865

this girl is confined to her apartment aside from going out to get food what a life

No. 1234867

Yeah I know me at 13/14 would click on her profile because of her screen name being “theirlbarbie” I’d think it was a pretty fashionable blonde girl who likes pink and Barbie. But no it’s just a fat bitch in Oklahoma gaping her asshole for less than a Starbucks drink…. Shayna is legit a pedo for that. On top of exploiting her underaged audience to her degenerate sex work on Tumblr. But I guess I can give Shayna a pass on that since nobody uses tumblr anymore and most of her followers were bots/ inactive accounts kek
Topkek if you do pls show pics
I wonder if her friend has met Fupa ??

No. 1234869

Nonnie I’m 90% sure she’s getting it delivered to her lard ass so she doesn’t have to exercise

No. 1234872

i know, just saying she doesn't do anything else unless it's food related

No. 1234874

why does she feel the need to tell us every single meal she gets?

No. 1234878

for the feeders following her

No. 1234879

Colleen has not met Fupa. None of her friends have visited her since she left Massachusetts, she's gone back to visit New England a few times. The only person to visit her in Oklahoma was her father. That was when he reported back to her mother that shatna was sleeping on a bare mattress on a child's day bed, and her mother bought her a real bed.

No. 1234885

I’m pretty sure most of the scrotes following her are feeders or into that shit. Why else would she get tips mainly for food. Her tweets are mostly about food too, if not about fupa.

No. 1234887

Not saying you should buuuuut just saying the last cow spotting was fucking hilarious.

No. 1234890

Give it less than a week.

No. 1234895

no she reached her second best month. not her goal. that means her second best is optimistically 2k (but I'm pretty sure she said her mom gave more thank 1000). So 15 an hour at 40 a week. McDonald's manager money.

No. 1234902

Kek anon I’m going too.

No. 1234933

File: 1621568179838.jpeg (254.67 KB, 828x881, 121D0212-D725-40E0-A138-459A73…)

Of course.

No. 1234935

File: 1621568238741.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 78.47 KB, 658x659, 585352E3-FD71-44B2-9522-A493BD…)

No. 1234936

can she stop with the literal kid stuff for 5 seconds? jfc

No. 1234937

File: 1621568272624.jpeg (800.85 KB, 1242x1526, 30DE6B2B-837A-4AE7-8465-30FE91…)

No. 1234938

>POV: Obese Auntie Lifts Her Mumu For You

No. 1234939

File: 1621568325899.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.03 KB, 659x659, AAEB79E9-9422-4028-9756-2EDB3E…)

So ugly lmao

No. 1234941

File: 1621568401219.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.95 KB, 658x659, 028B5ABE-4F8E-43F6-AA67-949DA9…)

I think her new hair color with the filter she uses makes her hair look grey and cheaply dyed and ages her a ton.

Also points for getting all the mileage she can out of her 4 dollar shein dress.

No. 1234945

File: 1621568684158.jpeg (619.23 KB, 828x1267, 635D395E-DE73-482F-B91C-4C6AD5…)

Idk if anyone found it before
Forgot to sage

No. 1234946

Who’s grandma is this

No. 1234947

did she specifically get this because it looks like something a toddler would be dressed in?

No. 1234949

File: 1621569962980.jpeg (496.34 KB, 1242x1281, C534A09E-B466-4394-B45B-953086…)

old fart is still her simp

No. 1234951

File: 1621570386821.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3464, 0AAF19F3-CFB1-4E67-A37C-A4912A…)

I wonder how much fatter Shayna is going to get by the end of 2021

No. 1234953

>most innocent looking
oh fucking vom. freaks.

No. 1234954

I think she will actually lose weight if she moves away from Fupa. I don’t think she will ever be as skinny but she could likely lose 20lbs.

That being said, I don’t believe she will leave Tulsa.

No. 1234955

she’s eating those charcuterie plates and edible weed candy all by herself

No. 1234958

anon I'm throwing up and cackling at this

No. 1234963


And to kick off her moving sale…. the laziest photoset I think I've ever seen from her. She looks like she's falling asleep in yesterdays outfit.

No. 1234964

she’s never gonna get skinnier with this new alcohol and brunch phase but especially if she’s gonna through phase in seattle.

No. 1234965

rat faced and scrawny on the left, groundhog faced and beefy on the right
she hit a good weight for about two months and blew right through it onto the deathfat highway

No. 1234969

Is she going to make this same exact tweet everytime some scrote puts her porn on the TV? It probably was the same scrote from last time too.

No. 1234991

She went from looking like an older crack whore to a fat, special needs person. Never hot or cute at any point.

No. 1234992

Shatna, if you didn’t ruin your life by doing porn under your real name and marketing yourself as “Butt Stuff Barbie” you might of had a chance at being a low-tier influencer on Influcenster. Never a movie star but F-list influencer possibly but you’ve fucked all that right up and will never be famous like you want so badly… only infamous on lolcow kek

No. 1235005

File: 1621581019744.jpeg (669.88 KB, 3464x3464, 11798D81-5175-441D-A806-4666F7…)

Fupapa and shatna (forgot to sage ffs)

No. 1235014

IMO she wasn’t doing too bad in term of weight when she was publicly with Fupa, it’s when his wife found out and she got kicked out of the “Haus of Mattel” that she started piling on depression pounds.

I remember fupa forcing Shay to accompany him at the gym. I doubt she’s going to get any better just because she’s away from his chode. Her metabolism is slowing down and she’s too used to drinking alone for no reason and never cooking anything. She was probably super skinny at the beginning of her sex worker phase because she didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend on food delivery.

No. 1235069

At least she actually has the porn star look on the left. Even when she’s showing off her ass and tits, she doesn’t “look” like a porn actress, just some fatass humiliating herself. That Cinderella costume just looks like she’s the chubby friend going to a Halloween party.

No. 1235088


its because on the left, if you found her attractive or not, she actually had confidence. years of sex work, weight gain, unsuccessful relationships, not achieving any real goals for years now has left her with none.

No. 1235107

File: 1621604165065.jpg (316.24 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20210521-083605_Twi…)

How many times is she going to make a tweet like this?

No. 1235113

I thought it looked familiar. Go get some sex worker "frens" then.

No. 1235158

Not all of her double chins drooping to the side when she tilts her head, fucking KEK
That tweet from the last thread was right, she truly is fatspo.

No. 1235165

I was going to ask why they had to be sex workers until I got to the end. She can’t even have normal friends or friendships without sexualizing them, which is why she has none at all. Amongst thousands of other reasons, but whatever.

No. 1235172

I can't imagine wanting to do sex stuff right after eating and drinking, but I guess that's how she does it. And like when is she not eating and drinking.

No. 1235177

File: 1621610339417.jpg (264.58 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20210521-101901_Twi…)

No. 1235184

File: 1621610625597.png (11.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9D10455A-9232-4FB1-AF5C-9AAB4A…)

No. 1235185

File: 1621610638951.jpg (112.37 KB, 1080x421, Screenshot_20210521-101915_Twi…)

No. 1235186

What happened to her saving money and not going out?

No. 1235189

those eyelash extensions really bring out her beady little eyes and rat face

No. 1235196


Lol fuck I didn’t see that brunch text and just thought it was a shit selfie.

My tinfoil is she going out to brunch with Fupa. Kek

No. 1235202

Why is she so obsessed with brunches? Is it because she never wakes up early enough to consider her first pig slop serving as breakfast?
Also, you can tell that fucking brunch is a highlight of her day. She always gets done up and announces it like she's off to some big outing when for most people it's just a quick meal. Pathetic.

No. 1235204

Fat girl tings

No. 1235205

Omfg she did NOT wear that out in public… holy shit. I thought she was shooting today and it was hideous then. Good god.

No. 1235217

Oh my god did she seriously go out in public wearing that outfit ??

I think she thinks brunch is high class or something. And brunch usually involves mimosas so it’s an excuse to drink in the AM. If you wanna get real fancy, there’s wineries that offer brunch with wine pairings.

No. 1235223

File: 1621614586472.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.86 KB, 676x1144, 20210521_112957.jpg)

No. 1235227

Absolutely vile. I feel so bad for the people who have to look at and interact with her irl. You know she looks even fatter in person kek

No. 1235234

I would tell my son to look away if we were out in public and saw her dressed like that. You can literally see her bra and she looks like a child molester. Why would she expose herself to people like this? Why is it so hard for her to dress appropriately?Literally wear a t-shirt from Walmart like anything else. It shouldn’t be this hard for her to assimilate with the rest of adult society.

No. 1235242

The only time she leaves her house is to eat and drink, thats grim.

No. 1235254

Cute. She got one pair of pants in her little shein haul. It's even worse to know those jeans probably sit in a corner once she gets home.

No. 1235265

can't wait to see who will be fupa 2.0, genuinely. there is a guy out there right now that is unlucky enough to be shayna's next "dada".

No. 1235270

File: 1621618827874.jpg (232.55 KB, 1079x763, Screenshot_20210521-124040_Twi…)

On today's episode of what didn't happen

No. 1235271

all the ddlg stuff, this shit, diapers, calling herself the name of a child toy, spongebob posting. shes such a pedo panderer in denial.

No. 1235278

So peculiar how she'll overshare everything from her gaping asshole to her luxurious fast food dinners, but she can just never seem to get a single gosh darn photo of all these wondrous social interactions she constantly comes across. I guess the bartenders she bought shots for, this mysterious ~*totes my opposite u guys*~ goth girl, and those various super nice uber drivers are all camera shy. What are the odds of that?

No. 1235279


I wish she'd try a new hairstyle. So far she has five signature looks: Amish Turd Braids, 2010 comb-over, tranny pigtails, a greasy bun, and mentally challenged Legolas. I miss the days of coke-can bangs, they actually did something for her, despite looking downright mental.

No. 1235285

File: 1621621550256.png (8.79 MB, 1242x2208, 6F050742-167A-4743-B5C0-0A60F0…)

No. 1235286

File: 1621621638324.png (10.07 MB, 1242x2208, CC14337D-DD12-47AB-B0EA-EDB429…)

Marceline probably thought Shayna was special needs and was trying to be nice kek

No. 1235288

I love how she got eyelashes and now she doesn't even do anything. Not her eyebrows, no eyeliner nothing.
Just bare faced no matter what she has on.

No. 1235295

Brunch in a warehouse. So industrial-chic uwu

God she looks like an actual sped. I wish another farmer would run into her in the wild again and snap a photo. I mean, don’t stalk her. Let it be natural like last time kek

No. 1235296

File: 1621622845053.jpg (283.16 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20210521-134743_Twi…)

Don't you fucking dare

No. 1235299

File: 1621622927378.jpg (248.21 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20210521-134732_Twi…)

Shay would only adopt a pitbull to look like a SJW. As an owner of a pitbull, leave them alone

No. 1235300

The last thing this cow needs is another dog. Especially if she is trying to move. Shayna you stupid bitch, no.

No. 1235302

File: 1621622986600.jpg (457.83 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_20210521-134958_Twi…)

Shut up Shay

No. 1235304

File: 1621623082045.jpg (55 KB, 1024x576, 0277ef8e0bae3c8135bd0f41d59319…)

I can't stand the tiny eyebrows. Makes me think of this guy, but at least he wears lipstick and blush.

No. 1235306

Brownie would probably kill both Ribmeat and fupas orange cat on sight

No. 1235308

File: 1621623261132.png (21.56 KB, 733x171, Capture.PNG)

I don't want to imagine her pig sweating and discharging in the summer without undergarments on.

No. 1235309

Lol she’s the perfect stereotype of a dumbass negligent pitbull owner that only gets it because they’re spoon fed how discriminated they are and want to be a savior. Watch it try to maul her and the other pets because it’s overexcited when she’s in some drunken state unable to control it. I would genuinely be scared for her if she got a random shelter pitbull because it looked cute on the picture.

No. 1235310

She knows that Rib is a no dog type of cat and yet she got Noodle. The poor thing would die of a panic attack if Shay got another dog

No. 1235314

top kek at assuming she's not out with Fupa for brunch. if she's not moaning like a retard on twitter about him, it's safe to assume they're in contact. she won't leave OK unless Kyle Nathan Perkins takes out a restraining order against her, and he won't do that because she's easy, free pussy that's always available for him no matter what. a thriving pickmeisha.

No. 1235317

What fucking interest does she have in dinosaurs? She wears a dino shirt and makes it her "thing" for 30 mintues

No. 1235318

No. 1235320

File: 1621624535043.jpeg (373.28 KB, 1242x1228, B2405263-6B70-4849-BD23-590727…)

Even her orbiter called her out kek

No. 1235322

Finally some sense. Where I live, there’s breed restrictions in a lot apartment complexes. Not exactly sure the list of breeds but I know pits (and any variations of) and German Shepard are usually a big no.

Getting a pit would probably be the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

No. 1235325

Predicting (and hoping it's wrong) that her next tweet will be "oops can't move because I adopted a new baby from the shelter, say hi to brownie!"

Of course she goes for the dog named after food though. Ribmeat, Noodle, and I think Fupa's cat had a food name too.

No. 1235326

Does she really enjoy dressing so mentally retarded? That is the worst top I've ever seen, no joke. Its hideous in every way. I would genuinely wonder where her caretaker was if I saw her in public and why they let her dress herself.

No. 1235327

The worst impulsive manic thing she could do is adopt a living animal, bitch focus on scrounging up some change so you can move away from your “ex” he was probably the one taking care of her animals because she’s too drunk and high to function normally

No. 1235328

It would be one of the most fucked up things shes done if she not only got another dog, but got a pitbull no less. She has no savings for vet, no skills or motivation to train or take care of pets beyond the basics (and barely the basics I'm sure). Animal hoarders and people who keep popping out kids are seriously ill scum.

No. 1235331

She absolutely wants it because its name is Brownie and she is a fucking fat, mentally ill and brain fried piece of shit. She thinks it will entertain her other dog, but really it will just make it worse for literally every pet and herself.

No. 1235337

File: 1621626646099.jpeg (76.21 KB, 828x1153, 3F5DE1C8-FD2B-46F8-849E-57AAB4…)

Oh shit

No. 1235338

If it's that fucking dog

No. 1235340

Please for the love of god let me be wrong about Brownie. I checked her Twitter and she's deleted all the tweets about the dog.

No. 1235341

I don’t think she’ll actually get the dog since the orbiter discouraged it. Doesn’t mean I’m not terrified, though

No. 1235343

Please let it be that she's dying her hair platinum or that she found a place in Seattle. ANYTHING but adopting that poor dog

No. 1235344

Hope she got brownie.

No. 1235345

Stg if she got the damn dog…

I'd hope the shelter would do an app and could figure out she lives in an apartment with 2 cats and a dog already. She will NEVER be able to move anywhere and will probably get kicked out of her current place, if she got it.

No. 1235346

No. 1235347

Do American shelters not do home checks before giving someone a pet?

No. 1235349

I don’t think it’s that dog. She can’t literally be that fucking stupid right? Right?!

Maybe it’s a mail day and something stupid she ordered arrived. Didn’t she order some dumb ass bench or something ?

No. 1235352

She ordered those super gross dildos

No. 1235353

Could it be her eyebrow appointment?

No. 1235355

Drinking heavily days before and drinking the day of a microblading appointment? God I hope so kek

No. 1235361

The cat's name is Mr. Peanutbutter.

No. 1235362

She managed to get fupa's cat and Noodle without home checks and all three animals hate living together. So no, no home checks unless it's some sort of indie run group.

No. 1235363

Shelters no. Recuses yes. It’s standard for pit bull recused to do so. Last thing she needs is a pit bull, let alone a SHELTER pit bull

No. 1235364

Blog but my sister had to move to a shitty town and buy a shitty house because she has two pit bulls and couldn’t find anyone in her previous town to rent to her. Renting with pets is already hard enough but adding a pitbull in the mix would make it almost impossible for her to find a place in her price range to rent.

No. 1235366

File: 1621630066196.jpg (246.56 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20210521-154757_Twi…)

Back to tweeting about her "evil" mother

No. 1235368

What happened to her blocking her mom after wishing her a Happy Mothers Day?

No. 1235373

Probably unblocked her to see if she could squeeze more moving money out of her.

No. 1235374

It is about her because shayna didn’t want to move closer to her bc her mom doesn’t want her to do sex work and just wants a normal life for her, it’s all about spiting her parents

No. 1235375

Kek like mother like daughter. But you're definitely not considering the east coast because of your mother, admit it.

No. 1235381

She deleted this btw maybe it was just bait or it was something from Amazon that she was too lazy or stupid to figure out/put on. Or she was gonna get the eyebrows done but was drunk and got sent home kek

No. 1235388

She deleted this too

No. 1235391

This feels illegal to look at

No. 1235392

Where’s the screenshot and context Shay? Why does she hate her mother so much? And if her mother is so fucking terrible why does she unblock her? Probably just for the drama and something to bitch about.

Plenty of people are able to maintain cordial relationships with their out of touch “racist” parents, but not Shay who has to make a spectacle of it every time. Other anon is right, she probably unblocked her mom to beg for money to “move” again, and her mom was probably thinking Shay meant back home not Seattle!

No. 1235399


Kek it pisses Shay off so much when her mom reads her like a book. She’s your mom Shay… she’s seen it all go down and her brain isn’t fried like yours, so she doesn’t “ conveniently forget“ your sagas.

No. 1235403


This is so cringe. Imagine having to be the bartender last week who had to pretend she was a thriving, fun girl for your tips and now she comes back a couple days later even more dolled up and inappropriately dressed in some shitty dive in Tulsa?

No. 1235410

There's a selfie of her in an Uber on snapchat saying "hmm where is she going?" Idk how to discreetly screenshot snapchat

No. 1235413

File: 1621634599234.jpg (77.66 KB, 676x759, 20210521_170326.jpg)

She got her nose re pierced

No. 1235418

I wonder if fupa accompanied her this time

No. 1235423

Why would she get that now with the pandemic, not only are most people not even gonna see it but I can't imagine that crusty mask she's probably never washed rubbing against it won't do much good.

Infected honker when?

No. 1235424

She looks like a troll and yeah, it's a pretty pointless piercing to have to take care of with masks required everywhere.
She really is just baiting Fupa or thinking if she has what she did 30lbs ago, her life will magically be better.

No. 1235425

Crusty lipped Tulsa woman gets her honker pierced. How uninviting.

No. 1235431

Masks aren't required at tons of places now. Still, she loves to waste money. I don't know why she'd want to accentuate that hideous nose.

No. 1235443

File: 1621638270425.jpeg (27.76 KB, 281x268, 44D75A07-A5B3-4478-9A5C-E50903…)

this is the first image that popped into my head after seeing this. jesus, she seriously needs to stop smirking.

No. 1235444

This was going to be one of my guesses. Glad she didn’t adopt that dog.

I wonder if people were in her DMs telling her what a shit idea that would be and that’s why she deleted those tweets.

No. 1235445

What kind of a shithole even does nose piercings rn and why would she want us to pay even more attention to her schnozz

No. 1235446

I know it's her intent to look like child, but I wonder if she actually means to look like a special needs child, because she has that down pat

No. 1235448

File: 1621638916107.png (11.07 MB, 1242x2208, B1DB264D-8E38-4ABD-9D36-8DE97A…)

no it’s not big ass nosed bitch

No. 1235466

Shayna doesn't have what it takes to look after such a high energy breed. She will never walk it and she won't be able to stop it from being aggressive. I honest to God hope she doesn't get a pitbull.

I saw a young ditzy looking woman being dragged down the street by one the other day and I'm thinking of that when I think of Shayna getting one of these dogs.

No. 1235486

Does Seattle have a big porn industry or something? If she’s making an expensive and impulsive move why wouldn’t she move to LA? Wouldn’t that be the best location for her career?

No. 1235493

more than OK does kek

No. 1235495

Anons were literally talking about her old nose piercing in this very thread two fucking days ago lmao. Never change Shayna.

No. 1235498

She did a video with some Dominatrix and then a few with this old dude when she lived in Seattle

No. 1235500

>calling herself the name of a child toy

Ok settle down man. You're not wrong about her being a pedo-panderer, but don't act like the whole "Barbie" aesthetic and people calling themselves barbie hasn't been a thing for YEARS now. It's not like she's cosplaying as does the explorer. Sometimes, you guys sperg out over nothing.

No. 1235501

Sage I meant to type Dora

No. 1235504

It does not. I guess insex is here but that site is horrifying. There’s a few randos she could shoot with but it seems proven she’ll only do solo shit forever now.

No. 1235505

Is this happening or not? "Can't go on cam, just got my nose pierced!"

No. 1235506

sage goes in the email field, retard

No. 1235507

kek you didn't sage either of your posts

No. 1235508

fucking kek, anon

No. 1235516

If her eyebrows were thicker and she wasnt using a filter to enlarge her eyes, this would be spot on kek

No. 1235517

If her mother is such a horrible person that she hates so much why does she give her fucking updates of her life?
I do believe the tinfoil that she was begging for money.

No. 1235522

She absolutely was trying to get money. She might not have directly asked, but she was probably beating around it by being like "I found the perfect place in Seattle, but it costs ___ : ( and I really want to leave OK it's really hard for me : (" or some bullshit for pity money.

No. 1235524

File: 1621647565344.jpg (662.66 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20210521-203931_Twi…)

Exactly what this fat bitch needs

No. 1235525

Topkek at her trying to flex her cheap MK wallet
Such a bimbo… yeah right fucking fat bitch

No. 1235528


a $35 snack box and a wallet picked up from TJ Maxx for like $10-15 dollars. such luxury bimbo status!!!

No. 1235529

Kek, honestly I’m surprised Shaytard hasn’t bought a knockoff Gucci or Louis bag and pass it off as authentic. I mean she already bought a fake pack of hundreds on Amazon

No. 1235530

Trying so hard not to a log… how does she not understand why she’s so fat

No. 1235532

File: 1621648543360.jpeg (217.58 KB, 1242x529, 205F0925-CB04-4F99-8C2E-004315…)

schnozzna clifford is feeling hot

No. 1235535

Tweeting your fantasy daydreams about… just having friends. That's sad even by Shayna's standards. Peak bleak.

No. 1235536

Sounds like she’s going through a manic episode with the new dog and new piercing and thinking she’s moving to Seattle.

No. 1235537

She really thinks MK is peak bimbo lux brand or something?

No. 1235538

She was so insufferable the first time she got it pierced. She wouldn’t shut up about her nose piercing like she was a 13 year old thinking they’re the coolest kid in class. I hope she’s not going to do this shit again.

No. 1235539

She probably brought the wallet herself (probably on a site that offers afterpay) but I can believe a sugar daddy buying her some snacks.
Even Fupa trying to get back good with her. A cheap box of snacks in pink coverings. He did introduce her to the concept of putting snacks in a drawer.

No. 1235543

EW GOD. You know her fatass never wears skirts that cover her ass when she sits, so she's out here wiping her cheesy snail trail all over bar stools & uber seats. Nasty gutter skank.

Shayna, stop tweeting your arguments with your mom to your coomers. They're trying to jerk off & you're chasing them away with your spoiled, oversharing diary posts.

Exactly. Now she's pissed mommy didn't give her more money at the mere mention of moving & she's trying to 'punish' her by bitching her out publicly again. Despite the fact that her mom would never be so disrespectful as she is in return. To post private messages for sympathy is shit that would immediately end any friendship. But Shayna's comfortable treating her mom like shit knowing she's the one person in her life that will put up with that.

No. 1235547

Not to blogpost but it