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File: 1617973142478.png (1.16 MB, 1373x1791, thriving.png)

No. 1204635

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

First Thread >>>/snow/344490
Last Thread >>>/snow/1193334

>Milk from last thread:

>brags about making the most money she's made in a year because of her moving sale & her mom spotting her $1k >>1194190
>decides not to move. Takes the money & runs, to the surprise of nobody. Same as her hair dyeing fund. >>1195006
>Oklahoma is aesthetic now, since fupa is paying attention to her again >>1195984
>more public indecency >>1197818
>Nathan the scat coomer goes on a twitter rant about how he ordered a scat custom from Shay and she didn't deliver >>1198159
>they have a public twitter fight about it, resulting in 1 of her 3 remaining orbiters dipping >>1198621
>starts "10 days of ass stretching" >>1198928
>pretends to miss her family >>1201730 then immediately publishes private texts with her mom to her sex work twitter, calling her a bitch because her mom is concerned that she isn't happy >>1204282
>advises young girls that her lack of education is what allowed her to have such a thriving and sustainable career as sexwork >>1202363
>blown out asshole coming along nicely >>1203198


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No. 1204643

No. 1204646

>grey hair old man's go-to gif in the header

No. 1204666

good thread, anon

No. 1204675

>Speedrunning Hemorrhoids Edition

Love you, OP

No. 1204677

i’m just relieved op isn’t one of the anons that keeps spelling it “hemmroids”

No. 1204703

File: 1617981424834.jpeg (312.66 KB, 750x865, 717ECEF9-8066-48EB-BA07-F520A6…)

she’s so fucking bitter

No. 1204707

Not her trying to call people out for not interacting with her, YOU only want to interact with them for followers/attention and validation. She's so entitled. If Bratty stops kissing her ass she's going to turn on her. She's basically saying, "Interact with me or you are a clout chaser"

No. 1204708

Surely it’s not because you post shit like this and are an absolute raging cunt

No. 1204709

ironic considering she's always complaining about people "poaching" her customers because she's so uwu successful and popular

No. 1204723

Thank you OP. I love how based her mother is, I love you for using those tweets for the thread image.

No. 1204730

That's literally you, Shay? You only want promos and groups with girls that have 15k or more. You talk down on others with low follower count and only interact with some of the nobodies because you cant afford not to play nice to troons and uglies because they support you and are too jealous and insecure of hot, cute, successful girls. Never seen someone so hypocritical honestly.

No. 1204733

Is she admitting she isn’t popular and a failure of a sex worker w little interaction ..?

No. 1204736

File: 1617984699261.jpeg (318.53 KB, 1242x1470, 0A1188B2-6B42-4101-8816-06D2C0…)

Keking at the fact that Shayna only retweets sex workers who she feels aren’t a threat to her(derail)

No. 1204737

File: 1617984869717.jpeg (648.36 KB, 1242x1556, 2BE7DBF2-D7B0-4C12-A714-F2FC48…)

You literally only have (at the most) 100 active followers. Shaytard you literally buy all your followers why would anyone want to support a whiny fat annoying problematic sex worker like you

No. 1204742

Someone sure is cranky now that mommy confronted her about her ~thriving~ career

No. 1204750

Sage for stupid tinfoil.
I'm really starting to believe the influx of girls telling Shayna they've been following her since Tumblr days are sex workers that have recently found this thread

(I know it's only been two girls so far but I still stand by my theory haha)

No. 1204755

File: 1617987269026.jpg (264.56 KB, 1920x1080, 20210409_115445.jpg)

Since an anon called her out in the last thread about her gaming stats, she posted this

No. 1204756

File: 1617987308407.jpg (294.45 KB, 1080x989, Screenshot_20210409-115543_Twi…)

No. 1204761

it's not a recent influx. people have been saying that forever and it's probably farmers 99% of the time.

No. 1204801

even then what this chick lacks in limbs, she makes up for in having a pretty face. shat can’t even say she has a pretty personality kek.

No. 1204821

File: 1617994170065.jpeg (293.3 KB, 1242x1027, 40CD5809-B56C-4C63-A942-A06375…)

She’s such a little scaredy bitch
Like why event post shit then delete it

No. 1204825

File: 1617994690316.jpeg (284.14 KB, 1242x781, ECD9EDBE-9D06-48F3-8B1F-E1E3DF…)

Kek. of course Fupa doesn’t care that you have your own fupa, along with ass acne, callous feet, greasy hair, lopsided boobs, neck rolls with chip crumbs in them, and triple chins.. Scrotes fuck anything Shayna…. that’s not a flex

No. 1204833

what a weird take. why should your self esteem be based on when men like? this is the polar opposite of what body positivity should be.

No. 1204840

For the last time anon, he's not old.

No. 1204842

what a dumb message,"Love yourself because men don't care about flaws". The truth is men will fuck literally anything. Shayna is just a warm willing hole to Fupa, he doesn't even do the the BDSM shit with her, so you know he's bored and just comes by to pump.

No. 1204848

His profile is 50+, dudes old

No. 1204851

nta but i think it's just the lack of reading comprehension with the handle that's bothering anons kek

No. 1204852

But, anon he’s a ~uwu bdsm daddydom~ he tied Shayna up like a Christmas ham. Don’t you remember? Kek

No. 1204860

Kek, remember when he was always putting briuses on her? I feel like it just shows that he's bored. He used her up for ever "Thrill" and the pedo-pandering must not get him off because she's gotten so chubby.

No. 1204862

File: 1617998110421.jpg (521.78 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20210409-145524_Twi…)

I really hope this bitch gets an infection one day

No. 1204874

Kek it's fitting for shat that it's called bussy which is what a lot of fags/troons call their assholes

No. 1204875

Don't worry anon, I'm sure she already does. Its not like she goes to the doctors to know. (Her vaccination doesn't count)

No. 1204878

nice to see she still plays on playstation and her PC prop still collects dust other than being turned on once a week for her to get clowned on by scrotes during her cam shows.

No. 1204881

This is not a funny joke it makes you look retarded

No. 1204929

File: 1618006553248.jpg (583.17 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20210409-171527_Twi…)


No. 1204930

File: 1618006594572.jpg (232.65 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20210409-171538_Twi…)

2/2 major kek. Wait till they really see Shay

No. 1204933

Pls explain to non gamerfags why this is milky

No. 1204935

cause she's trying to prove that she doesn't "suck" and that she's good. When all she did was post her first win of the day, and you can still check out her profile and see her toiling away in bronze rank, cause she's garbage.

No. 1204936

It's not milky. I only posted it because an anon in the last thread pointed out Shay's stats suck and she posted this since she constantly lurks here

No. 1204938

That was my point, I know nothing about the game so couldn't understand why she was posting her stats or why he stats were milky

No. 1204950

they must be, like, 13

No. 1204986

Oooh ok my bad anon

No. 1204987

cringe as fuck

No. 1204996

I play this game a lot. I don’t want to sperg but..

These are pathetic stats to brag about LOL. Everything about this is below average/noob level.

No. 1205025

File: 1618016673476.jpg (222.18 KB, 1079x736, Screenshot_20210409-200459_Twi…)

This will probably be her excuse to not cam tonight

No. 1205029

File: 1618018237846.jpeg (499.63 KB, 1242x964, 3FE51571-2BB6-4E7D-9372-5581AB…)

The audacity she has to claim that she can’t find a place that meets all her “requirements”. What requirements could you possibly have? You’re a single almost 24 year old online “sex worker” who has to beg for money daily. Guess you shouldn’t expect more from someone though who thinks their current apartment is “luxury”.

No. 1205031

File: 1618018254457.jpg (349.41 KB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_20210409-203052_Twi…)

Lol a $25 doordash giftcard. Jason R Womack or grey hair are big spenders

No. 1205032

That won't even cover a full Shayna-sized meal, what a great "sugar daddy".

No. 1205033

shes not used to it, im about 80% sure Fupa paying for her meals is a rare thing for shayna

No. 1205040

File: 1618020840137.jpg (615.46 KB, 1079x1548, Screenshot_20210409-211412_Twi…)

Her only personality trait

No. 1205042

File: 1618020875473.jpg (226.96 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20210409-211424_Twi…)

Such an exciting successful life Shay

No. 1205043

Wait until she sees the wet n wild makeup collab they did with spongebob.

No. 1205044

>wet n wild
aww it'll be in her price range too!

No. 1205045

Imagine bragging about being ~sUcCeSsFuL~ only to show that your success is getting a $25 Doordash giftcard after e-begging from some old scrote that can’t even spell.

No. 1205048

Look Gretchen, it wasn't funny the 5 other times you've posted this. It's not catching on as a running joke. You're just being retarded.

I'd much prefer the but it's the meds, right? thing because it's somewhat of a funny jab at her and actually relevant

No. 1205050

I don’t get her whole Spongebob ordeal. The show is 20 something years old and most people have seen it. It’s not cute, quirky, or unique to make it your one personality trait.

No. 1205051

she already RTd it

No. 1205053

This fr kek. Honestly even for an average person, it's not hard to spend 20-25 for dinner with the fees and tips and all. Her splenda daddy Jason Womack is the biggest clown

No. 1205054

File: 1618021916711.jpg (863.93 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20210409-213219_Twi…)

No. 1205056


remember when that other girl simply commented being "Cute" with that guy who also follows shayna the whale and she completed went off on this innocent girl telling her "stop poaching my fuckin customers whore"

and she expects other whores to support HER?

No. 1205058

This is even more hilarious because she RT'd this less than 10 minutes after anon called it.

No. 1205059


um i'm sorry what happened to her prepackaged healthy meals? what's the excuse for stopping that, did the meals also say something incredibly racist and that's why she stopped working out, sorry, eating healthy?

No. 1205067

She also just tweeted about doing a promo group thing but only wanted girls with at least 15k followers yet wants to talk about popular girls not interacting with not so popular ones. She’s a huge hypocrite and I don’t get why no one calls her out for it (besides here).

No. 1205074

Even if someone did call her out; y'all would just think they were a farmer and so would she.

No. 1205075

File: 1618024914284.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 56ADC92A-D79B-4F9E-8C8F-2C34D9…)

Shayna when she sees the doordash driver approach her doorstep to deliver her a cheemsburger:

No. 1205076

Chances are it would be a farmer. Nobody cares about Shayna and no one looks at her tweets like we do. So there’s no reason to call her out. Scrotes just look at her free porn pictures jerk off and leave. All her followers are mostly bots along with brain dead washed up sexworkers and coomers.

No. 1205077

This is one of the most cursed gif of all time

No. 1205084

Shat literally looks retarded here.

No. 1205088

Kek what the actual fuck, her videos are so bad overall that sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to her retarded faces and the zoomed gifs really bring it home. She is hideous and unsexy.

No. 1205090

she RTd it yesterday….

No. 1205093

There’s plenty of reasons to call her out. Scrotes giving her money for her hair that she never got done and her moving which is not happening probably was a tipping point for some given how she’s still begging.

No. 1205101

Oh God she looks like she's about to crap herself. Glad I cant see below the triple chin here.

No. 1205105

it also shows how little she knows about gaming if she thinks that she needs to play only battle/MMO games to be a "gamer" - people still watcher gamers stream RPG's, you know, games she might actually enjoy

but of course she does whatever she thinks will make her famous or gain popularity rather than actually enjoying her life, what a sad existence!!

No. 1205109

You make your parents feel like this, Shayna.

And the fact that it's a kids' show…it's like that one scene in Dodgeball where he goes home with the stereotypical hot chick & finds her room all decked out in unicorns, rainbows & kiddie crap. Shayna thinks it's cute or something to watch kids tv as a full grown woman when it's the girl equivalent of being a brony.

She's really oblivious to how pathetic the remnants of her ~ageplay~ schtick come across now that she's an obese adult instead of a skinny teen.

No. 1205110

She literally could stream the Sims and talk, and be that internet personally she so baaaadly wants to be. But she is too lazy. (and boring)

No. 1205118

Adults can still watch children’s shows there’s no age limit on that. But it’s the fact that she makes the show her personality and continues to talk about it is really bleak and pathetic. Spongebob and Womack horseman are the only shows she talks about. Even her coomers have no idea what she’s talking about, grey hair keeps saying he has never seen it because he’s 98 fucking years old on the brick of death. Her talking about a talking sponge and laughing like a retard probably kills his viagra boner

No. 1205119

She could never make enough money doing that. Scrotes pay for any ugly fat girl who is willing to show her pimpled snatch. She’s too boring to stream, the only person tipping would be bratty and Jason R Womack

No. 1205122

File: 1618030183123.jpeg (379.56 KB, 1242x853, 8C9FF863-6C13-4B22-8E86-BD7441…)

The grammar is so….. bad.
Spedna needs to take a English class at the local community college before she loses all her braincells. Also why would you feel bad for these fucking losers who get catfished. It’s always scrote incels who fall in love with fake profiles. Who cares? Go outside and meet a girl in real life. (I’m talking about pre-covid)

No. 1205127

File: 1618031267029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.37 KB, 453x640, BC187984-03A7-4B15-A2B5-2D7D80…)


I feel like Apex is “Fupa hang out time” where he plays and she tries to use phrases she overhears him using to look like she’s really putting in all this time?

More totally believable and quirky stories from the Hamplanet who still can’t even figure out how to touch herself…

No. 1205132

There's no age limit but you look like a sped.

No. 1205152

File: 1618037001301.png (686.9 KB, 457x563, BD4B0799-C7D2-459D-8559-CE26A8…)

an old photo but i can't imagine how bad her skin looks irl

No. 1205154

no, i deliberately call him old. it's not a reading comprehension issue - he's a gross old man.

No. 1205156

So is shatna ever gonna end her “sale” for her OF now that she’s not moving?

No. 1205163

>Womack horseman

No. 1205165

I’m so sad for shays mom tbh, imagine this being your daughter. she is so mad because she knows her mom is right I mean she is very blatantly miserable but too much of a cunt to just admit it and wants to prove her parents wrong like a fucking child. Keep being miserable then Shay. Maybe fupa will pick you one day so keep daydreaming about that. You ain’t proving anybody wrong, you have literal free easily available SHIT porn on the internet among all the other ungodly things she has posted connected to your name for life sis, congrats I guess

No. 1205181

>playing with friends

No. 1205183

ANON Oh my god you're killing me

No. 1205188

she orders doordash for literally every meal, why the actual fuck is she pretending to be "afraid of ordering food"

kek my fucking sides anon

No. 1205198


yes she used her real name/family name because she doesnt give a shit about herself or the consequences her family have to deal with because of that. yet her MOM is the selfish one? her parents in no one prevent her from doing what she wants, they actually keep her afloat, yet she doesnt give a single fuck about their happiness or how they feel having their family named tied to shit porn and pedo pandering. And on top of it, she posts details and private convos from her family in a negative light. but again, somehow her mom is the selfish one?

No. 1205200


she didnt find her requirements because shes an unsuccessful and unhappy sex worker and thats exactly what her mom called her out on. like, it completely went over her head that only being able to scrape by in the cheapest state there is by selling porn isnt the height of success and happiness to people living in reality.

No. 1205215

I do miss fupapa's pics of her. He always did her so dirty

No. 1205216

I've seen plenty of girls stream pet and avatar sites too. She could do that. Or she has a Switch, she could play animal crossing. But oh wait, scrotes don't watch that content and she's retarded about technology. She didn't even know what Steam is.

No. 1205305

It's not that hard to throw 100g of pasta in a pot of boiling water, mix in a jar of sauce and add some grated cheese and black pepper and she can't even do that.

Does this woman even own cooking equipment?

She doesn't even buy microwave meals.

No. 1205307

Her skin looks super dry. It's painful to look at.

No. 1205308

I don’t think she owns real cooking equipment. She has a hello kitty toaster and some utensils that she shoved up her butt

No. 1205324

She showed off a pink rice cooker once, and used a pan to fuck her ass. And if I'm not mistaken she did a live where she did cook pasta, but she failed at it and over boiled the noodles or something.

No. 1205326

ah, yes, the penis shaped pasta she made.

No. 1205330

one big requirement is an apartment that allows big dogs, and multiple pets. which is extremely hard to find in many areas of new england, and just in general. she’s an idiot who got a huge dog who she refuses to train, and has 2 cats on top of it.

No. 1205331

I don't think I have ever seen her eat toast even.

No. 1205332

File: 1618071537053.jpeg (339.21 KB, 2048x1152, 97B23585-CF5A-4344-B9F9-515246…)

can’t even be bothered to get a bed for her animals and just lets them all over her already musty bed

No. 1205333

samefag but I don’t even think she has a fitted sheet on that bed. she doesn’t even have pillowcases. the mattress probably has her piss and sweat embedded in it, along with animal hair.

No. 1205335

this is honestly such a nitpick, anon. there's so much shit to call shay out on, having her pets on the bed is far from the worse.

No. 1205339

It's such a sin to keep those animals cooped up in an oklahoma apartment. Why would you not take any opportunity to move back to new england?? There are so many trails she could hike on with noodle? Get some outdoorsy nudes because it's shayna and public nudity is her thing. She could live in a more rural area and hop on the cottagecore trend late, but make it pink. Plus most of new england weed is mostly legal or it's going to be.

No. 1205340

Ehh, just really drives home how gross she is. For most normal people who wash their bedding on a regular basis its no biggie. But considering Shaynas hygiene habits; he having her pets on her bedding is gross.

No. 1205341


Jesus fucking Christ her bedding is so disgusting. Like the pink is gray. Her blankets are a step underneath Tuna's.

No. 1205343

Kek i thought my brightness was turned down on my phone when i saw the picture.

No. 1205348

Everything is si dingey and visibly musty jfc. Also I really dont understand the no pillow case thing?? You can buy them separately and they're the cheapest bedding item. I've never seen someone not have them? I've heard of weird, gross people just throw blankets on their mattress on the floor I guess. Thankfully never actually known someone to do it.

No. 1205350

what kind of fucking psychopath sleeps with no pillowcases…?

No. 1205351

Rib looks like she’s contemplating suicide

No. 1205358

The kind with terrible skin and hair kek

No. 1205372

christ, i thought i was in the luna thread for a second

No. 1205378

Her pillows aren’t even white anymore. Kek.

She barely takes care of noodle anyways. I doubt Shayna takes her dog for walks everyday. Shayna should just put her pets in a shelter. It’s not like she cares about them anyways she just wants to seem uwu wholesome and pretends to like them. She’s always kicking them out of her cam shows and you can tell she hasn’t paid any attention to them or walked them or else they’d leave her alone for the most part. Those pets deserve better homes.

No. 1205380

File: 1618075544108.jpeg (676.51 KB, 1242x1532, DE57CEA7-5F30-4E9C-9571-7252D5…)

No. 1205382

The star blanket is so disgusting. Why doesn’t she get rid of it? And for a self proclaimed “Barbie bimbo uwu” her bedding says the opposite…… her bedding is what a homeless person would have in their tent on skid row. She can’t buy sheets or a comforter?

No. 1205383

Why the fuck would anyone want to post this?

It's not just the living in filth but it's the zero self awareness. Most people with a bed that looks like that would be embarrassed to show the public a photo. Shameless Shayna does it with pride.

That blanket could stand up on its own. I wonder what color it actually was before it was beige pink?

No. 1205385

File: 1618075944481.png (318.8 KB, 522x615, Screenshot_20210410-203046~2.p…)

Omg look at that gross matted pillow. I also bet the dog never gets a wash and her pets aren't wormed and she sleeps naked and they drag all their asses all over that bed. Vomits.

No. 1205386

Having pets on your bed though is pretty gross. Dogs and cats routinely lick their genitals and rub their asses and genitals and shed everywhere. That's why they usually have their own beds and furniture. Shay's pets are probably not the best cared for so they probably don't get cleaned and wormed, either.

No. 1205387

Ew she doesn’t take them to the vet yearly?
I guess not because she’d ask for a “deworm daddy” to pay for her pets veterinarian trips
And what the hell is wrong with noodle in this picture? Looking cockeyed like Shayna’s lumpy moobs

No. 1205392

I cant wait for the incoming posts about how shes uwu taking the day off to clean her apartment and wash her bedding. Imagine being so fat and lazy that you dont even have pillow cases. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1205393

>$30 for gas station coffee
Livin the life of luxury eh

No. 1205403


I stg, all she needs to do is order the 2 for 20 at Applebee's. Two full meals and an appetizer. She can two cheemsburgers if she wants. She'll be happy as a clam.

No. 1205405

This is sending me omg, why is this so sad but so funny and somehow predictable

No. 1205433

She's such a fucking yokel, so easily impressed by the most mundane shit. Oklahoma white trash.

No. 1205456

This is so fucking disgusting, the star blanket is older than Amberlynns infamous bra, even Lunas bed looks better and she is a literal crackhead

No. 1205510

She has zero shame in those disgusting pillows with no pillow case. Vomit inducing.

The animals on the bed is a bit of a nit pick but a lot of people don’t like their dogs on their bed or couches. Like another anon said, it’s why they have their own furniture.

No. 1205556

File: 1618096680008.jpg (261.05 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20210410-181826_Twi…)

What are the chances she gets on cam tonight?

No. 1205570

If we’re placing bets I say she will get on, have very little interaction and log off within an hour or two.

No. 1205577

File: 1618098787842.jpeg (142.57 KB, 1242x321, 18993F18-657B-4CF4-B157-387C6E…)

>This lazy bitch never wants 2 do her job

No. 1205578

HOW can someone live like this, let alone feel zero shame in outing themselves by posting this online?? has she never had bedding growing up with her parents? who the fuck just puts their face on a pillow with no pillowcase or sleeps on a bare mattress? even luna slater has bedsheets. fuck, i wish shayna's old coomer fans would send her duvet sets instead of glass pipes for stirring around turds in her ass

No. 1205579


she is gonna spend every penny of that move out fund before she feels the urge to work again. wow, sw is rw.

No. 1205586

File: 1618100224135.jpg (102.04 KB, 1080x340, Screenshot_20210410-191725_Twi…)

And this is why she never does her "job"

No. 1205587

Ya know Shay, many people wake up and don't want to do their job. But guess what, that's life and bills gotta be paid

No. 1205588

File: 1618100599901.jpeg (207.21 KB, 1242x639, F97F4444-6461-4254-BB68-112789…)

First of all…. ew. More rape pandering Second of all you would need a bulldozer to push you in a car you fat fuck.

No. 1205591

She’s really given up on herself, but remember she’s so proud to be a sex worker, it is totally not damaging her mental health!

No. 1205592

File: 1618101367418.jpg (199.1 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20210410-193645_Twi…)

No. 1205602

I know what you can do Shayna! Your job.

No. 1205603

File: 1618102685264.jpeg (667.29 KB, 2048x1152, 010A46D7-1695-4569-B61C-EFEE30…)

Upped the saturation and sharpness, not sure how accurate it is but that fucking pillow looks like it’s just soaked with her head grease. Also barely noticed the second pillow Noodle is laying on that doesn’t have a pillow case either. Ew.

No. 1205617

File: 1618105091095.jpg (94.58 KB, 1080x337, Screenshot_20210410-203821_Twi…)

No. 1205618

File: 1618105143079.jpg (53.87 KB, 698x392, 20210410_203939.jpg)

It's hilarious that she thinks this is fancy

No. 1205623


is that literally at a quiktrip? like gas station coffee?

she’s spending $30 to uber to get fucking gas station coffee?

No. 1205652

File: 1618108198398.jpeg (897.9 KB, 1242x1387, 52566DE2-3C58-4F92-8CB4-5D466F…)

Yes. All you had to do was google Quiktrip coffee bar and this came up. Fat pig can’t even afford expensive overpriced “bougie” coffee like Starbucks. Wow Shayna is really thriving, such a high end luxurious bimbo uwu

No. 1205660

File: 1618109648598.jpg (226.04 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20210410-215431_Twi…)

No. 1205662

File: 1618109682105.jpeg (615.7 KB, 750x936, D54E2F27-3931-4DA5-BDEC-E4185B…)

I know this has been postured, but for real. Is she autistic? Even if she’s too mentally ill to wash some that she has, why would she not just buy a fitted sheet and pillowcases?

No. 1205663

File: 1618109684673.jpg (157.98 KB, 1080x659, Screenshot_20210410-215513_Twi…)

So she can do a photo set but not get on cam?

No. 1205664

Ope. Deleted mine. But damn this bitch big. This isn’t just being stoned, she thinks like a fat person now.

No. 1205667

File: 1618110585040.png (1.28 MB, 968x1024, shayna.png)

OT but I saw this and couldnt resist!
The shayna effect

No. 1205668

I'm not entirely sure Shayna wasn't shopped into this

No. 1205671

File: 1618111002791.png (1.66 MB, 2170x886, tacoflavakeeses.png)

one box is 470 calories…

No. 1205672

>940 calories kek
Keep stuffing your face fatty

No. 1205673

the hair is way too clean

No. 1205674

This reference fucking sent me
Don’t do drugs, kids
This legit makes me gag, I mean we know she is lazy and lives in absolute squalor, no wonder her skin is wrecked. Bitch is a walking Petri dish

No. 1205676

File: 1618111885366.jpg (366.93 KB, 1080x1148, Screenshot_20210410-223146_Twi…)

No. 1205677

>someone please buy my videos because nobody is

No. 1205692

File: 1618114664143.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 657.33 KB, 1242x1588, C065C9CF-B3B2-4CC0-AF90-EF7BA9…)

Dolly Fattel enters the chat

No. 1205693

File: 1618114708928.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 64.92 KB, 844x845, 043CDE97-E404-4D29-8449-C9208C…)

>nice gut, Shayna
Nitpick but her shower curtains are ugly and it looks like she’s in a hospital or something

No. 1205698

she's literally getting fatter by the day. a cautionary tale for sure.

No. 1205699

Instead of just posing around her shower she should actually use it.

No. 1205700

She doesn't even try to hide the fact that's trying to suck in and arch her back to make her ass look big

No. 1205707

And this is her gunt while sucking in, imagine how much worse it is when she isn’t

No. 1205723

File: 1618120136202.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 844.08 KB, 1235x1416, 678E9CC6-319E-48A1-917E-63CCCC…)

Shayna looking like a can of busted biscuits

No. 1205724

File: 1618120203600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.84 KB, 675x721, 6D20284D-5853-4E9F-8016-0CC005…)

The yaniv smirk

No. 1205738

and once again the only scenario she can even think to relate to involves eating food as the main activity

No. 1205742

I wonder if some sleuth anon is going to find this set on amazon to see what it's supposed to look like but my bet is standard crop top + skater skirt, not sausage casing.
Buy your actual size Shayna.

No. 1205743

File: 1618126722659.jpg (253.97 KB, 1405x2000, aQts3ux7dhb2cTQXr4FaQPFNY7ZyPw…)

No. 1205753

As soon as her moving fund runs out she’ll be back to pretending that she’s too good to buy from them

No. 1205774

Wtf are you sperging about? Noodle looks fine here, it's the bed that's a diaster.

No. 1205779

anons who nitpick her dog are weird especially when there bare ass yellow pillows on the bed

No. 1205788

I'm disappointed we aren't going to get Moving Milk this month (what ever happened to that 30 days notice she gave her apartment complex?) but I feel like she's set herself up for the meltdown of the century now, as soon as she and Kyle Nathan Perkins have their next big fight. And I don't mean passive aggressive Easter tweets.

She announced that all along this moving fund had been her biggest scam yet. For the greater part of the last year she's been whining about hating Tulsa. Now she's alienated her parents AND her orbiters. She still hates it there, she just willfully forgets while Fupa is paying attention to her.

Once she comes back to the reality everyone else is living in, remembers she hates her life and wants to go home, she'll freak out even worse than she did last June. And she won't get the same sympathy because she's given a big fuck-you to anyone who tried to "help her move after her breakup" as Nathan the scatman said.

I wonder what will happen after her birthday this year.

No. 1205789

she’s retarded she can’t handle emotions other than depression or hunger. as if she’s going to realize this important info by June

No. 1205797

File: 1618143034658.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.06 KB, 1080x1001, IMG_20210411_141021.jpg)

nice shoop lmao

No. 1205811


not to mention she just wastes enormous amounts of time and energy on these projects and goals that constantly fall through. she basically just back where she started with no progress. and all she has to show for it is more temporary junk around her house and permanent junk in her trunk from eating. she cant see she’s just spiraling.

No. 1205814


OT I know so many girls who were skeleton stoners in highschool than just ballooned up like these girls and shayna in their 20s. Does weed fuck up your metabolism or something? Or is it just lazy stoner habits not keeping up with their aging metabolism? damn dude thats sad, and so are shayna side by sides

No. 1205821

Yeah sameee. All the stoner chicks get fucking fat. I imagine all the things lined up to fuck them: age metabolism, not being as active as teens, poor self control due to eating shamelessly their whole lives, getting in mediocre relationships and letting themselves go.

No. 1205824


my tinfoil puts bets on undiagnosed autism (it's rampant in females)

like, they don't eat much in their school years (texture aversion + too many other distracting stimuli)

the lack of executive function becomes an issue outside of school years, as they can't figure out how to motivate themselves, and their sensory-seeking leads them to a life of just smoking weed and eating mush

No. 1205827

Those girls are clearly not autistic. People really understate how much your metabolism dives in your 20’s.

No. 1205833


what makes it obvious, lmao?

i'm speaking as a genuine autist (not diagnosed until late 20's because 'obviously' i was a normie)

yeah, metabolism going down exists, but not to this extent of ballooning - only fatties in denial put so much emphasis on metabolism

you can't gain weight from calories you aren't eating, just like meds don't magically quadruple the calories in everything

No. 1205841

You’re right she blames the meds for increased appetite but it’s her fault for not recognising that and noting what she eats and if she’s eating more than normal + never eating a real fruit or veg

No. 1205844

Why is every autistic obsessed w diagnosing everyone and their mother? Can’t people just get fat from eating like trash instead of some deep complex autistic conspiracy.
>>1205827 this anon is most realistically right. They ate like shit and when their metabolism tanked they grew boy tittes and a gut to dwarf that. Use your comprehension skills anon. if all fattymatel did was eat takeout,edibles and no fucking water: maybe they’re just fucking pigs too? Unless all they do is eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, dinner, you might have actually had a dog in the fight

No. 1205849

Exactly this. There are plenty of people of all ages who are daily smokers but eat healthy and maintain their weight.
After a certain amount of time most people don't get the munchies really anyway.

Shayna is just an imbecile with the impulse control of a 10 year old (which she would probably take as a compliment)

Sage for weed sperg

No. 1205860

File: 1618155265837.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.5 MB, 539x960, BDC34916-8448-467F-B6F6-E9174E…)

Nightmare fuel

It looks so … saggy

No. 1205864

why it looked like she was playing with old clay at first, she's so rough on her genitals.

No. 1205865

least sexiest thing i've ever seen in my life

No. 1205866

Why is she so… rough? Can she seriously not feel anything down there? I'm about to barf with the way she digs her fingers into her clit and pulls upward

No. 1205867

she eats, drinks, smokes and sits around all day. If her meds did make her gain some weight at first fine, but i really doubt she's taking them on the Regular, if so she'd post about it.
The only time she mentions pills, mental illness or therapy is when she's off with Fupa. She gave up on working out wasting a lot of money, because the racists trainer and all she's been doing is blowing her money on food.

No. 1205868

The way she jams that toy agaisnt her clit, I seriously doubt she can. In fact if Shayna said she never had a orgasm I'd believe her. Sex has always been a way to get attention and attract scrotes like Fupa, never for her enjoyment.

No. 1205876

File: 1618157547149.jpeg (186.87 KB, 1284x468, A002407E-664F-4A27-A743-CDC181…)

EW wtf she’s gonna give away clothes she’s probably never washed, worn no underwear in, and left on her musty floor for her animals to roll in?? I bet she’s only doing this in hopes of interaction and won’t ever send anything.

No. 1205878

omg…no one wants her grey, musty, old, stretched out clothing. she truly has no common sense

No. 1205879

Oh god. This is so unhygienic. When I was around strippers they never would trade clothes they wore on stage unless it was leg wear. Imagine they look as dusty as her bedding.

No. 1205886

I have never seen a woman do that with her vagina before. Ew.

No. 1205888

this is such a good example of how strong her fucking delusions about herself are. who in their right mind would post this and think it in any way qualifies as a “fat pussy”??? it’s literally sagging, loose skin that looks like she could pull it 6 inches away from her body. weird as fuck.

No. 1205892

Shatna makes me doubt my lesbianism sometimes…

No. 1205896

she's probably not going to even wash them, it's just going to be a mixture of cheap shit she brought from amazon. Also, she never wears panties so i hope she's not selling bottoms, she'd be better off trying to sell her clothes to horny men.
She's probably going to post a picture of her flat ass spilling out of some too small shorts going, "My ass is so fat I can't fit it"

No. 1205897

It's not if you clean your bed sheets weekly/wash your dog regularly like you're meant to? Some of you are really outting yourself as being Shayna level of dirty.

No. 1205899

Oof that pouch. Do yall think she's at the point where she'd be saggy if she lost weight? I feel like she's on the borderline right now. That gut is already hanging over her pubic area like a fat shelf. Seems like it would flop down into a deflated apron if she got her shit together & lost 60 lb.

>now she's alienated her parents
Too bad they'll never cut her off. They seem far too nice & supportive, putting their own happiness second to hers. She's going to come crawling back to her ~abusive~ mom in 2 years, begging for cash again, with a permanent doughnut pillow for her blown-out asshole. And mumsy will say "oh SHAYNA, I'm just glad you're back home dear".
She doesn't deserve them.

I say the munchies. When you smoke 24/7, you're used to eating at weird times of the day and not really following a meal schedule. It works if you're young, or you count your calories, but it's easy to tack a lot of calories onto your day if you don't pay attention.
It works the opposite way too where if you quit as a daily stoner, your appetite just tanks & you start to realize how dependent it was on smoking. Pretty much everyone I know who's quit weed has lost weight without trying.

No. 1205900

Oh it is fat. But not in a cute or sexy way. It's a fat, saggy mound and labia set. Ballooned up like the rest of her. Shes trying to act like it's not gross, a big cope.

I mean all of Shays clothes are stretched, sweat and other fluid stained, musty n crusty, weed stank infused, and covered in pet hair… but shes saying her sex work clothes particularly and that's just extra nasty. Shit needs to go in a bio-hazard bin. No one should trade or want used clothes that have been worn for such things.
I like how she said this a month or 2 ago but then she said she was gonna sell them kek. Now it's like she knows they're nasty, but is hoping to get some interaction at least from it (giveaway).

No. 1205904

it's not fat though, she fucked it up with a pussy pump. it looked like that when she was still thin.

No. 1205905

>she'd be better off trying to sell her clothes to horny men
she was trying to sell panties recently but that must not have worked out kek

No. 1205908

It'll just derail and cause infighting to talk about pets on furniture lol. People who have restrictions for their pets like that will always go hard about it. I'm with you though anon, you can have pets on your bed and furniture and have it not be nasty like her. Theres just people who wash themselves, their stuff, and keep their pets clean and then theres people like Shay who let their unbathed dog sleep on their bare pillow in blankets that havent been washed in months. Kek

No. 1205909

File: 1618161110448.png (64.38 KB, 906x560, Screenshot_20210411-181046~2.p…)

No. 1205910

The labia were always deflated ball sacks, yeah. I'm just meaning the whole mound and everything in general is big and "meaty" now because that's what happens to fat girls kek she'll call her ass and pussy fat but never admit the rest of her is.

No. 1205914

describing a mound as "meaty" makes you sound like a scrote

No. 1205919

do you have a better word to describe it?

No. 1205924

just don’t

No. 1205929

this was just posted 20 mins ago

No. 1205933

Whoops I deleted it my bad

No. 1205947

the duvet seems to have no cover either, you can see the stitches

No. 1205951

that’s like one of those walmart bed in a bag comforters

No. 1205965

You will b the one 2 pay 4 it and ask 4 reimbursement, shayna

No. 1205990

She also has constant coughing fits after smoking. I bet she constantly sets herself because her pelvic floor is fucked. Also her bottoms must also be covered in shit particles since she’s the ~anal Barbie~ and doesn’t know how to properly do anal.

No. 1206022


I think the only way she has a chance of not being saggy after weight loss would be if she went hard with weight lifting to build lean muscle. But if she ever loses weight, which at this point it doesnt seem like it, it will probably be not by choice (an illness causing it) or it will be through a super unhealthy/fast way that will leave her looking saggy. We all know there is absolutely no way she has the will power to build any sort of muscle.

No. 1206025

Even she knows it's all nasty, that's why she's saying she needs to see what's 'salvageable'

No. 1206082

I mean meaty as in an old mound of roast beef or something. Not in a good way. Hence why I put it in quotations. Just a lot of flesh there. Meaty is usually used to describe male genital anyway kek

No. 1206091

Nah why does this look like that advert you get on porn sites now where it’s weird filters over girls masturbating & one pulls her labia and it boings back

No. 1206097

File: 1618179696523.jpg (286.55 KB, 1079x811, Screenshot_20210411-172214_Twi…)

No. 1206102

File: 1618181108657.jpeg (302.77 KB, 1242x693, EB68F02A-6703-4A37-82E7-FD2CFB…)

No. 1206103

File: 1618181148618.jpeg (194.59 KB, 1242x456, 87516DEE-4B43-4E31-B52D-7E6E70…)

Spending more money on Amazon crap

No. 1206107

im starting to feel like her dad also gave her money, or did she get her stimmy? She's been spending a lot.

No. 1206108

she didn't dye her hair pink cus it's too expensive when trying to move but microblading us fine?

No. 1206110

both of her parents probably give her money all the time. i doubt she was eligible for a stimulus since she most likely has never filed taxes.

No. 1206113

If her parents still claim her and she didn't file for taxes last year, she didn't get a stimulus

No. 1206114

File: 1618182199766.jpg (86.35 KB, 1079x332, Screenshot_20210411-180359_Twi…)

No. 1206123


I have never seen anything like this in my life and the more I watch it, the more I can't stop seeing a laughing dolphin. Ever since that other Twitter thot said her pussy looks like a dolphin head, I haven't been able to stop seeing it and it just keeps getting worse the more weight she puts on.

No. 1206128

Change up your workroom? Literally the only thing people ever see is you sitting on the floor on a blanket with the same shitty backdrop. What are you going to do? Buy a different fleece blanket to collect your crust for the spring?

No. 1206135

that plus she’s essentially had the same background setup or something almost identical for like at least 2 years now

No. 1206137

spring… we're literally heading into summer now. how is she always this far behind on everything

No. 1206142

Anyone have a link to her wish list?

No. 1206156

She stopped posting it because supposedly someone bought everything off it and then canceled the order. But you can probably find the link in an old thread

No. 1206158

I can't wait for her get her eyebrows done and then claim she can't work because they look gross while healing

No. 1206168

really fighting the urge to send her a listing for bed linen(cowtipping)

No. 1206174

Don't cow tip

No. 1206177

dependent adults were finally eligible this stimulus BUT it would have gone to whoever claimed them. So if her parents claimed her as a dependent then they would have gotten the 1,400$ and she would have to hope they'd give it to her. In her case I have no doubt that they sent/will send it to her.

No. 1206180

"my name is dolly mattel. i like tacos and burritos"

No. 1206183

it's been spring for barely 3 weeks and we have over 2 months left to go until summer. what a weird thing to say.

No. 1206186

ot but the pic of her gaped asshole that she has pinned to the top of her tweets is so nauseating that i’m hard pressed to even check her twitter anymore. anons posting her new tweets are doing the lord’s work.

No. 1206208

Shes gonna have nothing left to even hypothetically move with jfc the obvious scamming tho.

Maybe try cleaning it first and throwing those fucking rose petals from valentine's out finally. Get rid of your desk junk too.

And I doubt she'll actually go to the brow appointment. She doesnt even know the difference between microblading and laminating, but I'm sure it will be awful either way because Shay always goes the cheaper route which means students and newbies. She will not be able to upkeep them while they heal either, she would use it as and excuse to not work though!

No. 1206212

i’m 100% certain she has literally no idea that microblading is a tattoo. she thinks it’s like a more permanent for of waxing or threading. what a god damn retard.

No. 1206213

she barely even washes her face, how is she going to take care of a healing tattoo?

No. 1206216

Vulva not vagina, I smell a scrote

No. 1206217

The looks like the pussy of a woman in her 40s who’s had 3 kids wtf

No. 1206218

scrote, that's not how the vagina works. It doesn't fall apart with age. Stop being retarded

No. 1206219

well her face looks like that too, and her body is getting there.

No. 1206220

Uh ayrt and not a scrote, you know what I meant.

No. 1206238

Pretty sure she’d have to do it since it’s a prerequisite to get tax info before the onlyfans accounts are even approved. And I doubt she’s a dependent, she lives on her own and has her own income so it wouldn’t make sense for them to claim her anymore when she doesn’t fit under the terms of dependency.

No. 1206259

The constant finger-pointing of "scrote REEE" and "women's anatomy hurr" is just as annoying as the vag sperging. You all know what someone means when they say vagina and mean vulva. It's not uncommon. People horrified by Shay's gash are annoying & don't need to post that, but thinking it looks rough isn't a scrotes only club. And you don't all need to post THAT thought a dozen times either. Just report the vag-nitpick & move on.

Use common sense & stop shitting up the thread by accusing obvious femanons of being men over & over bc you're triggered by anyone who doesn't talk about vaginas like beautiful flowers.

No. 1206264

most people don't follow those rules after they changed everything for the 08 recession. you'd be surprised by the number of unmarried, barely working people under the age of 26 that don't live with their parents but are still being claimed as dependents for insurance reasons. idk anything about being verified for OF but frankly the tax forms thing doesn't make sense since it was my understanding that any person over 18 off the street could run an account on there.

No. 1206265

samefag but the age is actually 24, mb

No. 1206327

Agreed, bless you anons.

This. She goes from one scam to another. 'putting in my 30 days notice so I can leave asap… next month I'm dying my hair pink with those funds you coomers sent me. I'm looking at places to move one minute to making microblading appointments a month in advance the next.' Hilarious.

No. 1206416

Are you retarded? In the US children can stay on their parents insurance until they’re 26, regardless of whether theyre a dependent relative. In order to be claimed as a dependent shay would have to meet a certain criteria, including earning less than x dollars a year.

OF requires creators to fill out 1099 forms. So shays earnings are reported to the irs. Now whether or not she actually does her taxes….

No. 1206437

anon that’s not a thing. you can stay on your parents insurance until you’re 26 and that’s completely separated from taxes lol. your parents can’t claim you if you’re making over $600 on your own as an 18+yo. onlyfans makes you fill out a 1099 and they report to the IRS and expect you to do the same. shayna most likely doesn’t do her taxes but her parents can’t claim her on theirs.

No. 1206451

why do you guys think she doesn’t do taxes has she never posted about them in her entire time online? kek

No. 1206456

$3 dolly owes the IRS of sale!!!

No. 1206485

don’t give her any ideas, anon. knowing shatna, she’ll use the excuse of owing money to the irs as a way to scam her followers

No. 1206492

First of all no she hasn't. Second she seems like the type to not pay taxes because she too ~uwu too stoopid~ to know how, or just straight up doesn't do it because she thinks it's stealing from the government.

No. 1206504

Can we not resort to retarded infighting? Are you all really that bored that you had to rapid-fire through dumbass subjects we all know the answers to? Shay's disgusting, eats like shit, and probably barely files her own taxes like she cleans her fucking house, pets, and her own ass. And when she inevitably sperges about it to be spiteful, let's chalk it up to her parent taking care of her sorry fat lazy ass.

Can we now please drop the semantics and move on?

No. 1206517

Is this a joke? Literally every single woman I ever met who discussed vaginas/vulvas with me almost always refers to the vulva as the vagina except gynos. Do you not talk to women?

No. 1206545

the fact that she has never mentioned it once is a red flag that she probably doesn’t do them at all. every camwhore brings up taxes in February to squeeze more money. she’s lucky trump was in office for so long because her dumbass posting her untaxed cashapp notis everyday is long overdue for an audit. If you’re gonna be a pedo pandering gaping ass whore you may as well do your societal duty and pay your taxes.

Idk why anons complain about infighting as if this site is a Girl Scout meeting, infighting is just as entertaining as cows sometimes. It’s the sperging and soap boxing that’s annoying to me. I love watching retarded anons get pressed over a dog on a bed or not wanting to clean their vulva/vagina

No. 1206560

that’s sad, women should know their own basic anatomy

No. 1206565

it’s not that deep

No. 1206570

File: 1618253027080.jpeg (691.74 KB, 1242x966, 3D610FBA-0583-4F5B-B11F-759C09…)

All this fat bitch does is retweet pictures of food… yeah that will totally gain subscribers to your dead onlyfans kek

No. 1206612

File: 1618255915927.jpg (221.33 KB, 1079x1043, Screenshot_20210412-143234_Twi…)

No. 1206647

I personally think it’s a huge turn off when people are demanding like her but you can pull it off if you’re really cute/gorgeous. Shatna is far away from all this.

No. 1206664

File: 1618259808508.jpeg (136.76 KB, 828x752, E88B4429-2BBF-40E1-A14A-00CE3D…)

No. 1206667

File: 1618260524693.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 9CACECA5-EA90-41B9-937F-833116…)

No. 1206672

does she purposely overspend thinking she'll get "ReImBuRsEd" every time? how is she so willfully obtuse?

No. 1206676

If she wants a car so badly she shouldn't be getting her nails done at a salon, she can do them herself.

No. 1206680

There is no way those aren't fucking press ons. 65 bucks my ass.

Also the twat should just use her moving fund for a new car….oh wait fatty already spent it all on fupas broke dead beat ass.

No. 1206686

You're right, they look suspiciously thin kek

No. 1206688

nah you can tell from the close up that they're crusty acrylics

No. 1206692

>to reimburse the fucking Uber

She sounds like she’s losing her mind, I can’t stop laughing

No. 1206693

Her nails always look crusty I don’t believe she’s ever had her nails professionally done

No. 1206695

She should get a refund because those look like shit. Guarantee she paid $35 plus a tip for those. She lives in Tulsa , everything is cheap as fuck there. It’s the 2nd reason she will never leave the state.

No. 1206697

she probably goes and gets them done by students like she does her hair

No. 1206699

File: 1618262335083.jpeg (350.74 KB, 806x667, 8780CC90-7903-407A-8188-E1596C…)

Those are ugly nails lmao and did her hand grow she got obese lady hands. Can’t for them to look like pic related

No. 1206703

Bruh she could be getting them done at the Walmart salon for 20 hell do a full manie peddie for 40 and would look thousands times better than what she gets done.

No. 1206704

she's most likely lying about the price, anon

No. 1206710

this dummy could've got a car with the money she blew on food, ubers and cheap clothes. Something is very wrong with her.

No. 1206711

ew i had forgotten about those infected crypt keeper nails

No. 1206712

lmao they’re all wonky.

No. 1206722


They look like gel nails, which normally come out around $50-$70 without a tip depending where you go, a lot of places overcharge, mind you they do absolutely look like shit and she clearly didn’t go to a skilled place but I don’t think she’s lying on the price, this time at least

No. 1206723

Anon she def got them done at walmart.

No. 1206728

File: 1618263588148.jpg (159.3 KB, 935x803, Screenshot_20210412-223733.jpg)

Tasks around the house…yeah right we know the pigsty you live it shay

No. 1206731

If she's talking about Ubers, that means Fupa is probably back to ignoring her

No. 1206733

well he has a job so he can’t be at her beck and call 24/7 either way

No. 1206735

If she dropped the card on her grimy floor, the dirt and filth underneath should have made it easier to slide around and pick up kek

No. 1206736

It’s not like she did those tasks anyways. Her apartment is a mess and she’s still obese

No. 1206737

He sure was at her beck and call during all that bar hopping and brunches

No. 1206738

File: 1618264122827.jpg (389.9 KB, 1079x1070, Screenshot_20210412-164801_Twi…)

No. 1206739

She's acting like her nails are super long, when they're not. Remember those horrendous claws she used to have?

No. 1206741

File: 1618264224954.jpeg (409.79 KB, 1242x1088, 41EDBA00-C8FF-4CCD-8128-C9343B…)

Shut the fuck up Fatty Mattel you don’t donate anything you fat lazy fuck. You don’t care about victims you just want to go viral

No. 1206749

two fat people making time for lunch isn't really anything extraordinary

No. 1206750

if she's referring to that school in knoxville, that's literally like an inner city type situation in an area with systemic violence and crime for decades. there have been several shooting deaths at that school in the last few months. she's such a fake woke retard.

No. 1206767

God they look like plastic ones that come in sets for kids kek so tacky and low quality.

Sure, Shay. With what money? Not only is she gonna need at least a couple grand, or money to put down AND money for payments from then on, but also insurance and gas money, etc. Dont think splenda Womack can cover that and she'll have a hard time getting a gas, insurance, AND car daddy kek

No. 1206769

Uh oh, things are getting rocky with Fupa kek

No. 1206772

i wouldn't put it past her parents to buy her a cheap old beater at this point. i'm sure her dad will be paying the insurance (which she claimed to have already gotten like a year ago). anybody remember the one day car dealership saga?

No. 1206776

Sounds like Fupa couldn't hang out today kek

No. 1206779

>inb4 she posts another tray of fried food on snapchat tonight

No. 1206814

File: 1618268087052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1242x1753, B212A980-5FA3-4C0C-97C0-4A2546…)

She retweets the grossest shit and always retweets gofundme tweets but never donates… I hate Shayna

No. 1206840

Something just is off about tweeting those things one after the other.

No. 1206848

File: 1618271258967.jpg (351.66 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20210412-184757_Twi…)

You mean pedo pandering and rapists?

No. 1206849

File: 1618271285826.jpg (205.22 KB, 1079x805, Screenshot_20210412-184740_Twi…)

More like pork sweats

No. 1206854

she was almost there

No. 1206861

shayna, you specialize in what’s basically parody & SPED retard porn. I wouldn’t be patting yourself on the back for that.

No. 1206879

My thought exactly. She cosplay porn like it’s a comedy skit

No. 1206886

This looks like a Kevin Gibes tweet

No. 1206897

File: 1618274341590.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 120.92 KB, 1201x676, 08D48689-1949-4D5D-9BB2-722BC6…)

No. 1206898

File: 1618274399258.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1167x1739, 40BB66B3-ED01-41B3-AB57-7F3C60…)

She’s still ugly even with the snap filter

No. 1206901

her hair looks greasy but it looks better in these kinds of curls

No. 1206905

KEK. It really does. uwu

No. 1206910

File: 1618275780994.jpg (273.38 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20210412-200333_Twi…)

Well you do that Shay

No. 1206911

Her nails aren't even that long

No. 1206912

Kek anon.

>Walmart salon

Wait…Walmart’s have salons -inside- of them? Is that a Midwest thing?

No. 1206914

no it’s an everywhere thing

No. 1206919

i live on the east coast and my local walmart has an eyebrow threading salon as well as a nail salon.

No. 1206921

so she thinks it’s okay to retweet a girl tied up with self harm scars all over her?

what a perfect photo to get into the mood of paying for a fatty’s low effort parody porn.

No. 1206927

Crazy…I’m more of a target-whore myself. Dreaming of target salons now.

Too bad she takes shit care of her hair. It has potential to really suit her.

No. 1206948

File: 1618279362442.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 553.85 KB, 1242x644, 809066CA-1FAF-4C52-9062-6BB738…)


No. 1206949

File: 1618279450555.jpeg (86.07 KB, 344x311, F7BA3C4D-7F41-4064-809A-70790F…)

Those big lashes look terrible on her beady rodent eyes

No. 1206956

WHY the fuck do her eyes blink 1 at a time lagged like an animatronic though?? I watched the vid clip and this wasnt even like a random bad screen grab. There was distinctly one eye blinked then the other and I've seen her do it before. This whore ain't right, totally fried.

No. 1206958

I just cannot fucking comprehend how much smaller her eyebrows get every day

No. 1206971


RIGHT? They are literally disappearing. She is so ridiculous.

No. 1206972

why do her natural curls always look greasy/wet?

No. 1206973

what’s hilarious about her eyebrows is that just yesterday she said she was going to pluck them. WTF is there to pluck?!

No. 1206975

Is it possible she tweeted that after plucking and realizing she shouldn't have?

No. 1206979

Really sexy thing to post on twitter Shay, I mean the Nathan simp would love it but he left after he realized you're a scammer

No. 1206984

File: 1618284283138.jpeg (206.66 KB, 1242x763, B9BD320C-A6D1-469C-83BB-D0388E…)

Your Twitter engagement says otherwise kek

No. 1206993

There was a beauty trend on YouTube several months ago that was similar to the foxy eye trend and it was all about taking off the outside 1/4-1/3 of your eyebrow. Jamie Page did it and I’m wondering if dumb ass Shatna watched some tutorials and tries this herself. It’s supposed to be a faux eye lift

No. 1206998

She looks way better with her natural curls especially with her larger figure. It evens her out. Too bad she insists on frying it everyday, making her head look tiny compared to her body.

No. 1207014

i would agree this is the likely explanation but she also never changes up her eye look like at all. although having read all these threads, it’s entirely possible she shaved off part of her brow, tried to go for the entire look, failed, and just decided to give up.

No. 1207039

She has to be trolling. I know this is Shatna but there’s no way anyone would tweet this is honest sincerity.

No. 1207116

AYRT honestly I think you’re right lmao I was trying to find logic within her melted brain when there is none

No. 1207130

The aesthetic she likes and thinks she pulls off versus what she actually does is laughable. At least when she was skinny she could hide her face and had an uwu dog cage set up she got pissy about people stealing, not that she cares about credit when sharing other people’s pics.

No. 1207131

She looks much better with curly hair, even in unshooped video stills. It’s better than the plastic wigs and greasy extensions. Plus it’s literally less work for her lazy ass kek.

No. 1207184

I agree, her hair could be her one saving grace if she actually took care of it.

No. 1207202

File: 1618322550572.gif (1.29 MB, 808x606, 4213EC1A-90A0-4A5F-A85C-0D6F9B…)

For real. This! Her aesthetic doesn’t fit her fat body and ugly rodent face

No. 1207289

it’s shocking that she’s a grown woman and self proclaimed “bimbo” but she’s plainly too dumb and lazy to take care of her hair. she’s been fermenting in Oklahoma for years now and it hasn’t even grown. it’s easier to take care of than a dead plant and yet she still always looks like she took a bath in fryer grease and combed her hair with a blender.

No. 1207302

Massive cope to try & get people to stop gawking at her disgusting lifestyle by pretending she's in on it.

No. 1207309

File: 1618330165857.jpg (283.5 KB, 800x1200, stage-113.jpg)

Because she NEEDS all those rides. Literally being driven to a gas station to get coffee. Bitch could just order groceries once a week and have International Delight boxed iced coffee or those Starbucks bottles if she wants be 'fancy'.

So pedopandering, incest, and scatporn.

Her aesthetic really doesn't fit her at all. She doesn't work out, she doesn't go and get her hair/nails done in high-end salons, she's too obsessed with kids shows and ill-fitting clothes to ever be a bimbo. She's a trailer park bimbo, if that.

No. 1207313

This outfit makes me SO uncomfortable, jesus christ. The fact that she denies her pedo-pandering and even goes as far as to get angry at OTHER degenerates when they ask her to vocalize that she's pretending to be underage is infuriating. That's what you're doing, Shayna. You're pretending to be underage. You know it, and everyone else knows it. Just because you have the sense not to say out loud "I am an 8 year old girl" doesn't make your roleplay any less pedophilic.

No. 1207318

Is your picture from a show or something??

Also sad that shat cant even look like this.

No. 1207331

Great American Trailer Park the musical.

No. 1207349

I wonder if she can also lick them, like a real reptilian

No. 1207365

File: 1618333600918.jpg (326 KB, 1079x1020, Screenshot_20210413-120707_Twi…)

No. 1207371

What is it with the recent trend of sex workers/cows wanting to be bimbos?? Like isn’t that something you are but like unaware? Not something you force

No. 1207375

they only subscribe for a month because of your shitty content. What an embarrassing thing to reveal kek

No. 1207381

Thought fatty was against retweeting pictures that were stolen for the aesthetic; or does she only hate when its her pictures and they get more notes? kek

No. 1207382

Bimbofication is a trend/fetish

No. 1207456

File: 1618338328805.jpg (208.51 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20210413-132549_Twi…)

No. 1207464

lol was it really necessary to add in milkshakes and cheeseburgers? like… everyone can tell.

No. 1207465

when the fuck has she EVER been on a road trip, let alone a hike?? cope to deal with her shitty sedentary lifestyle

No. 1207483

During her Shaygnar days she would go hiking with her friends to smoke and do shrooms. But nothing recent

No. 1207503

Who the fuck cares what every single part of the vagina is called outside of medical settings? I don't see you blasting every one else for not knowing the exact name of every bone in their hand, every layer of skin, every piece of their eye, etc.

Calling everyone who calls the vulva a vagina a scrote is not only stupid but extremely pretentious

No. 1207510

Kek Shay legit looks like the middle one

No. 1207517

I dont think Shay has been on a hike since she was a teen. And the only road trip shes been on was that one time Fupa took her to Texas a couple years ago. She tried to add that stuff at the end to make herself seem like shes fun and active and not just a retarded shut in wasting money on garbo food and cheap Amazon crap.

No. 1207519

Cant imagine her blankets are soft. They're probably a weird combo of crusty and greasy. Absolutely musky and filthy.

No. 1207548

File: 1618343781094.jpg (105.62 KB, 1199x674, 20210413_205549.jpg)

what kind of whack excuse is this

No. 1207553

They probably don’t clean their nail tools and now Shayna has an infection or something kek she’s so stupid

No. 1207554

Same fag but what admin work?? Tf does that mean

No. 1207555

given the lack of effort she puts into her vids, it would be just as easy for her to actually do them as to come up with ludicrous excuses

No. 1207559

it feels like she barely makes any new content and those pictures are for attention and so she can feel like she "worked", because I don't understand how her posting pictures of her ass for free daily, is bringing her in anything. Every since she started blowing her moving money she's been real lazy.

No. 1207563

i’m starting to think she thinks admin work is doing taxes and paying your bills

No. 1207567

"Admin work" kek does she even know what that is? Theres nothing for her to maintain or do, if shes not making content. Retweet stuff and block people like she usually does? Adding garbage to an Amazon wishlist and texting Fupa isn't admin work, Shay.

No. 1207568

She used this excuse all the time when she regularly got her nails done. She tried saying she was allergic to the acetone

No. 1207570

File: 1618344728497.jpg (231.52 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20210413-151249_Twi…)

No. 1207571

File: 1618344779133.jpg (357.6 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20210413-151340_Twi…)

No. 1207576

it’s either an allergy to the acrylic chemicals or a bacterial infection due to poor care of the cuticles.

No. 1207578

And why would some scrote online just buy you a car or designer purse, Shay? Be reasonable ffs. That's stuff a hot girl with an actual solid sugar daddy or baller boyfriend could ask for. Not a trailer trash below average fatty OF whore who only stuffs her face and greasy asshole all day.

No. 1207584

whoever makes the next thread pic should include this tweet.

No. 1207588

For real. Most sugar babies have to put out in order to get luxury expensive items. A random deadbeat father from Wisconsin isn’t going to send you $2,000 for you to buy a Louis bag. You already built a specific clientele. You freak out over $100 being sent to you. That’s all your customers can afford, that’s the biggest amount you’ll get. Your onlyfans is only $3 kek. Less than a happy meal at McDonald’s. You’re too ugly to be this demanding of things Shatna

No. 1207598

she had enough to afford a cheap car if she really saved as much as she implied. She spent it on dumb shit, she's probably going to break up with fupa and start a "Help Dolly Get a car" fund and spend that money on food and shit again.

No. 1207603

Fupa doesn't even seem to buy her gifts, so why would she think rando's online would drop that much on her. Like whats the most Fupa ever spent on Shayna?

No. 1207607

Silly anon, he bought her the dollhaus!

No. 1207608

Gray old fart is asking what he can send her instead of money because he’s clocked that any money he sends won’t be spent on what she says it’ll be spent on (moving)

No. 1207615

i’m sure she heard the term from some popular sex worker that actually puts in work and thinks she understands what it is.

No. 1207622

lmao good call

No. 1207637

She definitely has some sort of allergy to the chemicals used. The last time she had nails it looked like her finger tips were rotting off, she’s a moron for getting them done again.

No. 1207644

Agreed. But I dont see why she has to have fake nails. Just paint your natural nails and let them grow. Idk why her fingernails are always short like dudes, but nothing is stopping her from getting them painted at least.

No. 1207650

they look like she bites them

No. 1207682

File: 1618349717116.jpg (449.29 KB, 1080x1363, Screenshot_20210413-163519_Twi…)

Oh please Shay. You talk shit about every person you see as "competition"

No. 1207683

She constantly calls out people and hopes for their downfall

No. 1207684

File: 1618349804817.jpg (552.01 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210413-163726_Twi…)

No. 1207692

I kind of hate how she makes her own issues seem like a "sex work" "community" issue.
People make friends just fine, her situation is unique because she wonders, "Are they talking about me on Lolcow? Have they seen the thread?" and for some wild reason she thinks people want what she has.
She has followers but no interaction, she does not have a car and I can name every single vocal regular she has.

No. 1207694

File: 1618350088158.gif (178.78 KB, 1247x169, B7B000A5-9BB3-4D01-905B-0A55A4…)

>I just wanna mind my business and prosper
If this was true you wouldn’t tweet all the time complaining about other sex workers and putting your big nose in business that doesn’t concern you. Remember what you said Shaytard:

No. 1207695

She doesn’t feel good enough to “work” but she can complain on Twitter and read her threads on lolcow. she’s full of shit

No. 1207697

It happened a lot. She should know better and not have wasted the money. I'm sure she could have an allergy, but I also feel like she goes to low tier places and probably gets infections from that combined with her own poor hygiene. I'm sure she went right home and dug around in her ass or something. I doubt she washes her hand much either.

No. 1207712

she can’t even take the time to rub some face wash on her oily ass skin, i doubt she’d be willing to take time to maintain natural long nails

No. 1207729

She's getting low on funds if she's tweeting this. I've noticed she only really starts sperging about girls helping each other out and uplifting each other when she wants someone to promo/RT/send clients her way. She's hoping anyone with a non-bot following will quote retweet her with "Send!!" "Follow this girl!" or some shit like that.

No. 1207750

File: 1618356102187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.01 KB, 941x941, 20210413_182211.jpg)

No. 1207752

Why are her hands always breaking out rashes? She tried to claim that also happened with a medication she was on

No. 1207753

nothing in this picture is appealing…

No. 1207766

i almost posted this exact same comment. like what is supposed to look good here?

No. 1207773

File: 1618357324108.jpeg (413.91 KB, 1280x1280, A6171D4F-5B93-4E38-96BE-F78689…)

The big gap in between her eyebrows make her nose look bigger also she forgot to blur some of the hair on her legs kek
much attention to detail uwu

No. 1207775

She’s starting to actually look like Fupa with those deep lines on her face.

No. 1207777

crusty lips on 5000

No. 1207787

File: 1618357835046.jpeg (780.94 KB, 3464x3464, E8EEB314-6867-4E47-8890-0B2FE7…)

Her eyebrows got worse and she still doesn’t know how to do her makeup

No. 1207788

She's getting back to where she looks like Matilda's mom now. Just dye her hair blonde and she's a dead ringer.

No. 1207790

jfc i knew they had gotten smaller but the side by side is jarring

No. 1207811

not believing the “my hands broke out in hives” bullshit. they would not look like this. she’s just a liar.

No. 1207815

She probably took these yesterday tbf. And her fingers have looked rotten in the past. Either from infection or allergic reaction. Plus poor quality salon.

Literally somehow she got worse. The lashes look cheaper/shittier, eyebrows are nearly non existent, and her foundation looks so dry and flat.

No. 1207817

What is happening with her chin here?

No. 1207829

File: 1618362083031.jpeg (533.45 KB, 1242x1664, 3B2A1E7D-3EB3-401C-81EA-AA0623…)

Stop making everything about yourself you narcissistic fat ugly bitch

No. 1207831

is she for real? she's actually making this about her and how difficult it is to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders KEK shayna you can barely carry the weight of your own fupa and you do nothing to contribute to making the world a better place

No. 1207834

> part of being a cancer

I was impressed by the self-knowledge, but then I realized she meant the zodiac sign

No. 1207835

Says the bitch who went to a shooting range high

No. 1207836

lmao i’m choosing to interpret it that way instead

No. 1207837

She’s such a typical degenerate. Get a real job and contribute to society, Shayna.

No. 1207839

File: 1618363073803.jpeg (323.89 KB, 1242x1213, E5953EA5-28CA-4FF2-93D1-F68372…)

She’s just fishing for compliments

No. 1207840

shayna, to be fair it still looks like shit. just slightly less bad than the shitty braids and cone head ponytail.

No. 1207865

File: 1618364716255.jpeg (620.29 KB, 860x1692, 7C4C971E-1145-4A28-8636-F97462…)

she rly did blur the shit out of this

No. 1207889


All that money she spent on makeup and she can’t do her eyebrows, and she looks like a pale, dry butthole face. Shouldn’t ~*~bimbos~*~ be tan? Hell, even pale girls can wear bronzer.

No. 1207891

File: 1618367448969.jpeg (388.76 KB, 1242x1297, AFA0AB62-84A7-47AD-BCAE-84A743…)

She’s so annoying nobody promotes themselves on her dead twitter

No. 1207893

she wants everyone to promote her, but never wants to do it back. if someone tries to she calls it poaching. she’s so transparent and not in a decent way.

No. 1207897

File: 1618368032333.jpeg (227.39 KB, 1242x1149, D68495E2-1B69-4583-A7D8-38F63E…)

The fact she retweets this type of shit even though she’s bigger than Fupa (height and weight wise) and has bigger hands than him is funny to me

No. 1207900

File: 1618369230642.jpg (528.4 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20210413-220057_Twi…)

The fact that she sexualizes food

No. 1207904

Pornsickness isn't exclusive to men I guess.

No. 1207905

And she posted this at 9:44 am this morning. So shes eating oreos first thing in the morning or?

No. 1207915

That’s her only personality: being fat and talking about sex for male attention oof

No. 1207916

She day drinks and smokes the minute she wakes up anon are you really that surprised?

No. 1207918

Did we call it that she blew her moving fund? And avoided work the whole time she was out with fupa spending her money? Her subs are probably dropping again.

No. 1207935

>I'll retweet you if you quote tweet any of my posts.. but only if it's about me and not you.

Well this was short lived >>1207682

No. 1207946

He’s shorter than her? Isn’t she a completely average woman’s height like 5’4” or 5’5”?

No. 1207948

They are both short, dumpy, and ugly.

No. 1207951

yeah he's not shorter than her, i think anon was just being hyperbolic

No. 1207952

File: 1618374315084.gif (1.22 MB, 275x204, 83AD30CA-F7E5-4ACD-82BE-7B3239…)

No. 1207978

Tbf it’s pretty easy to get allergic reaction when getting your nails done. But i highly doubt that’s it in shatna’s case.

No. 1207989

you can develop an allergy to acrylic with repeated long skin exposure, aka, when she got her nails done before, the tech didn't file well enough at the cuticles so it made contact with her skin.
this is usually indicative of going to cheap ass salons, which we know is all shay can afford.

No. 1207995

White saviour complex shatna.

No. 1208045

Holy fucking shit kek

No. 1208057

Back at the pedo-pandering

No. 1208083

somebody's loved one dies from hate and violence
Shayna: "Will everybody just please pay attention to me uwu"

No. 1208087

Shayna is one of those sex workers that is so gross it makes me regret being a woman

No. 1208092


is part of being a cancer doing absolutely nothing about it too? why is vague posting when she could be sharing links that actually help the family. or donating herself seeing as shes too rich off scam money to work these days.

No. 1208123

Tell on yourself, Shayna! This girl is clearly prettier than her just from the thumbnail and being sweet, but swiftly ignored. Topkek she is so insecure

No. 1208196

File: 1618411222135.jpg (274.9 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20210414-094039_Twi…)


No. 1208210

she was just whining about no one interacting with her, now she's going, "If you interact and I don't interact back, know i appreciate you"
Also, for shayna to have such little interaction she sure has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

No. 1208211

File: 1618412751718.png (11.68 KB, 471x86, 3.PNG)

i thought she wanted to get a car next month? She's spending money on the dumbest shit.

No. 1208212

sure put it right next to the fuck machine you don't know how to use

No. 1208214

>Im crying because the world is so terrible and I can't save everyone!
>Im on the verge of giving up!
> I can't stand by and keep watching it happen!
> The world is so terrible, it's 2 much to carry!
Not even a hour later
> I like that people like my curly hair
>Tell me i'm cute

She's so heartbroken guys!

No. 1208216

File: 1618413272687.gif (2.2 MB, 300x177, 1345377802688.gif)

I can't imagine investing in something like that when you're nobody and make peanuts at what you do.
Shay, try making good content with what you have, the new shiny thing that catches your eye is not going to cover up your shit quality and shit work ethic, personality, looks, etc.

$400 on a "sex bench" paired with cheap Amazon wigs, too small Dolls Kill/fast fashion clothing, Dollar Tree props… bleak.

No. 1208220

Her life is like some sort of Black Mirror episode about the near future where humans no longer interact with each other, so people are devolving into oversexed degenerates who just livestream themselves watching their dildo machine fucking a silicone torso on their sex bench to get validation pixels from 3 other humans they've never met. Only leaving their enclosure to be chauffeured to the store so they can consume more goods.

No. 1208221

She spends more money on shit she uses maybe 5 times, like her PC, Dildo on a stick machine, plastic torso, that time she brought that protein powder and the extremely expensive gym she quit because "racists trainers".
But when it comes to clothes, hair, make up, a car, funiture she's super cheap.

No. 1208243

Probably a combination of both. She probably has contact dermatitis mixed with never washing her nails or cleaning underneath. They were probably applied with cheap illegal products (mma/methylmethacrylate).

No. 1208246

Of course she's one of those insufferable chicks that blame their zodiac on their shitty, bland personality. Grow up, faggot.

No. 1208250

Maybe if she didn't abuse her hair to the point of it looking like a rat's nest and her curl pattern being destroyed she wouldn't hate it so much

No. 1208260

File: 1618417871103.jpeg (387.88 KB, 1242x1551, C61C1153-6E72-4429-98B6-6E6FAC…)

Is this suppose to be an animal dick or something ew wtf

No. 1208261

File: 1618417915356.jpeg (250.48 KB, 1242x573, 85DD3F9B-096C-4258-99DB-C40476…)

No. 1208264

since they used the word knot i'm assuming it's referring to a dog penis sadly

No. 1208267

It's definitely a dog dick. The fact that she has Noodle and is buying this freaks me tf out. She's disgusting.

No. 1208269

what are you going to do with a bondage bench BY YOURSELF you fucking moron? she’s just spending money left and right. what a scammer.

No. 1208271

wasn't she also friends/living with a dog fucker at some point? so fucking gross.

No. 1208272

File: 1618418453852.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.01 KB, 828x807, DFACC52B-6997-4312-B3F7-86E501…)

Why does this look so awkward

No. 1208273

dawn did dog furry porn but people just called her dogfucker kek i don't think there was any evidence she actually did. still disgusting tho.

No. 1208276

Yeah I mean degens can go all day about how theres a difference between fantasy furry shit and actual zoophile, but still think its gross and sus to have dogs and buy dog dick dildos. At least noodle is a girl dog but still.

Animal ears and that cosplay shit is different sure. But the dildos are weird af sorry.

No. 1208278

She wont be able to use those without lube, but she likes fucking her body up beyond repair.

If she even ever uses it

No. 1208282

well she is still friends with indigo white who’s a trump supporter and apparently put peanut butter on her vagina for a vid with her pitbull. dawn only makes degenerate furry porn but nothing with real animals. plus they’re not even friends anymore.

No. 1208283

Why a dog dick? And what does knot have to do with a dog? I’m sorry I really don’t get it

No. 1208284

The "knot" is the big bump-looking thing on the dildo. I have less of a problem seeing gore than I do seeing the sexualization of puppy penis. Fuck this gay world.

No. 1208285

yeah you can look that shit up because we’re not going to explain the anatomy of a dog penis to you.

No. 1208286

File: 1618420225182.jpg (133.16 KB, 1080x452, Screenshot_20210414-121022_Twi…)

No. 1208287

Of course a degenerate who retweets pregnancy porn likes Shayna’s nasty ass

No. 1208290

Fuck, underrated. I'd kill myself if I had to live like that tbh

No. 1208311

Oh yeah, there’s no way this fat fuck is ever leaving Oklahoma.

She’s probably never homesick and just uses that as another scam. I bet this bitch absolutely loves living in Tulsa. She’s white trash to the max and it’s actually a really fitting place for her. She should just embrace it.

Can’t wait to see more retard porn with her all alone with her vibe mashed up against her bits.. I thought the point of bondage was that someone else binds you. How could anyone with an actual bondage fetish take this ugly bitch seriously.

No. 1208326

Didn't she have that alien dildo she used like once or twice? This is retarded and a waste of money, not to mention disgusting. I bet she won't even use it.
i can see her getting a fursuit next because she seems to be doing anything

No. 1208328

this thread has legit made me want to puke. I don’t understand how owning dildos shaped like an animal can be legal it’s so wrong in so many ways. like anon above said, ears and tails is odd to an extent but fucking yourself with a dog dick?? tf is wrong with these people it legit makes me sad and I feel like hope for the human race is dead if we have normalized shit like this

No. 1208329

Atleast aliens don’t exist! How tf are dog dildos legal

No. 1208367

If it was illegal, the idea of a dog-penis-black-market seems even scarier.

No. 1208370


I agree, this is like zoophillia lite just like lolicon is pedophilia lite. This bitch is disgusting and will do anything for coomer shekels, but nothing she does sticks so she just embarrasses herself for no reason

No. 1208383

File: 1618427464377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.22 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20210414_141511.jpg)

Sage for autism but I saw this on twitter earlier and immediately thought of Shay(derail)

No. 1208403

File: 1618428588216.jpeg (190.95 KB, 1242x403, 512DB2C4-B22F-4E3E-929A-65286A…)

No. 1208408

File: 1618428699450.jpeg (178.64 KB, 1242x491, 0C436622-D71B-4620-92A3-35FC97…)

No. 1208414


But you aren't happy.. at all. Not too long ago you went to a psychiatric hospital kek
Just cause you pussy gets wet doesn't mean that you're happy and content. Cope harder, retard.

No. 1208417

This bitch is grotesque. Not every sex worker has a mother who not only cares so much about Shaytard’s happiness and well being, but also has the resources to do something to help her. And she just throws it back in her face and posts disgusting shit like this on Twitter. Why the fuck would your mother need to know that being objectified makes your Grand Canyon ass ‘wet’. Just ew.

No. 1208419

File: 1618429054406.jpeg (129.43 KB, 1242x311, D9A6B72D-F1DB-4516-8F02-040352…)

Nobody ……
you don’t have a steady financial income to maintain a car and pay for the gas you obtuse retard

No. 1208421

her mom is actually so based. a cautionary tale of spoiling your kid.

No. 1208429

It really makes me wonder how she turned out so valueless & dim. Her dad seems to be a normal & nice person as well. Anons say she has so many issues because her parents got divorced/remarried but that's completely normal? Tons of people have step families, it's not some huge trauma.

I just don't get why this woman is so fucked up.

No. 1208437

This looks like a hemorrhoid ass

No. 1208443

File: 1618429681648.jpeg (328.87 KB, 728x1741, E75F9CF8-9A94-4E25-B4C0-65E91E…)

Sage for no milk and ot but I think greyhair is starting to get sick of Shayna. He’s been kissing other sex worker’s asses more than he kisses Shayna’s. He’s really embarrassing. How much of a degenerate coomer do you have to be to put a sex worker’s birthday on a calendar that you never met?? Like these sex workers just want your money they don’t care about you. You’ll never get to fuck them old fart.

No. 1208444

I mean her pussy is never wet, so the whole statement is a lie.

No. 1208445

File: 1618429823808.jpeg (135.08 KB, 1242x310, 764EFD92-14B7-4C3D-8E60-B7B21D…)

You take the day off regardless lazy piece of shit

No. 1208446

When nobody gives a shit, you can easily tell these lies and get a few likes because no one really cares or pays attention to the fact she's said she's unhappy and unsuccessful thousands of times.
And how she claimed Fupa is a abusive, stopped paying her phone bill and whenever shayna needs money for anything, important or not she had to depend on her parents or random scrotes.
Keep lying though shayna.

No. 1208447

i think she just has narc brain and would’ve turned out this way regardless. seems like she holds onto being whatever she considers rebellious or counter culture at the time (weed as a teen and now sex work) for 1) attention 2) as some kind of “own” to everyone else

No. 1208453

File: 1618430122303.jpeg (229.87 KB, 1242x595, 248B6EE6-1458-4423-ADE7-34B1E3…)

No. 1208457

I hope her mom isn't looking at her twitter, I doubt she is but she really is using her mother for twitter likes and retweets.
Imagine blasting your mother and getting more likes then the naked pictures you take for your "job" in a quicker time.
She won't let people talk too much shit about Fupa but will air her mom out.

No. 1208459

Shayna is deranged. Imagine being almost 24 years old and talking shit about your mom on your sex work Twitter because she is reaching out to you with concern.

No. 1208461

I hope all these tweets come flooding back to her during her mother's inevitable funeral. What an absolute disgrace of a daughter and of a human being. If I were her parent, I'd only tell people I had one kid and even if they knew the truth, they'd understand the lie.

No. 1208474

Jesus fucking Christ, I feel bad for her mom.

No. 1208475


No. 1208479

File: 1618431953563.jpeg (185.47 KB, 1026x1028, 50609672-19AD-4DC7-9708-EEA922…)

If this bitch doesn’t stop plucking her nonexistent brows she’s gonna look like this

No. 1208483

seriously. "I'm not fucking an actual dog! I'm just fantasizing about it and simulating it on camera!" how is that a defense? what the fuck? you're saying you want to sexually abuse an animal but since it's illegal you have to find an alternative. disgusting.

No. 1208488

File: 1618433010885.jpeg (274.44 KB, 1242x667, 06C7477E-4AED-4066-8D36-CA5E99…)

Okay Shayna Clifford

No. 1208490

and Jason R Womack

No. 1208492

> she should take one week off eating like two fat men and put that money towards invisilign, it'd make her look moderately less retarded.

Topkek anon Shayna also needs a nose job

No. 1208495

File: 1618433161924.jpeg (445.44 KB, 1242x1478, 27B7C379-DE5C-4A2D-A454-BE8659…)

Jason R Womack LMAOOOO

No. 1208497

File: 1618433296589.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1717, 586A9AE6-7C94-4568-A8C4-222AAE…)

lEt tHe wOrlD bUrN
Shut the fuck up fattie
Coomers deserve to get exposed for being disgusting degenerates
Shayna lost her number one coomer and main source of income boohoo
Cry harder retard

No. 1208499

File: 1618433420021.jpeg (136.1 KB, 1242x303, BCD6E66B-62AD-4B11-BD8D-581D33…)

If you’re retarded enough to put your legal first and last name with a profile picture that shows your face on a profile to simp and make sexual tweets to random girls on the internet you’re a goddamn retard

No. 1208500

Some dumb ass using his real face and name on the internet isn't fucking doxxed. Literally all someone has to do is search their name up. These people literally speak about their real lives while talking to e-whores.
They are retarded not the world.

No. 1208511

the nose is obviously edited here >>1208479

No. 1208521

Whoops, you're right. Deleted my post. it's just so easy to confuse her real ugly with her edited ugly

No. 1208525

File: 1618435119104.jpeg (411.58 KB, 1242x1430, CEF57068-844C-4E93-BD43-885A42…)

No. 1208531

"Should I get a expensive bench, I'll use once or a car that will not only save me money but make my life a lot easier?"
She's retarded.

No. 1208542

the fact that the first thing that comes to her mind about getting a car is “fucking herself anywhere in” is telling

No. 1208543

i thought it was 400? kek is she upping the price so the coomers send more or just retarded

No. 1208547

I wonder if Jason R Womack complained to her about lolcow

No. 1208548

File: 1618437412967.jpg (453.84 KB, 1079x1778, Screenshot_20210414-165718_Twi…)

Bitch must be manic

No. 1208553

File: 1618437554193.jpg (100.52 KB, 1079x380, Screenshot_20210414-165837_Twi…)


No. 1208565

Does fatty fatty fatty even have a license? Genuine question.

No. 1208568

yeah, in the early threads there were pics of her smoking in a car that her parents gave her

No. 1208574

Yeah and she got 2 tickets that her dad most likely paid off

No. 1208576

File: 1618439855281.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.28 KB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20210414-173751_Twi…)

She's acting like she's the first person who did it. You did not create a "trend" Shay

No. 1208613

shay getting a car means she'll be driving drunk + high and whatever else she does she will be a legit danger to society in that car

No. 1208618

File: 1618443312544.jpg (151.25 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20210414-183541_Twi…)

She really thinks she started something

No. 1208622

lmao people have been done this already. she’s always so late to shit and thinks she invented it.

No. 1208628

File: 1618444718923.jpg (357.69 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20210414-185906_Twi…)

No. 1208635

I wonder how many girls who followed Shay as minors when she was a weed blog went on to become sex workers.

No. 1208637

ew. truly inspiring a generation.

No. 1208641

funny that she's always complaining about girls thinking they can do what she does (read: bare minimum) just by looking at her. shayna's brand of sex work is a joke compared to strippers or something, who do have to put in some effort, don't give me the glitter sticker

if it's inspiring people it's because they think "if this mess can scrape by then I can do it too, and probably do it better at that"

No. 1208642

I could see dummies thinking shayna was doing something when she first started and was traveling and her content was "better". But imagine her being the reason you decided to sell ass (which is sorry as fuck) and then watching her five years later, she's decline in every way, does not have anything but, "I'm still doing this! I can scrape by!" to show for it.

No. 1208643

I just can't get over that she blew 136 bucks on a doggy dick dildo…

No. 1208645

Was Fupa on spring break or something ? She was binge eating and drinking, spending all her moving fund last week. And now she’s tweeting the dumbest shit about uwu the weight of the world, her super abusive mom that doesn’t believe her daughter is happy shoving dog dildos inside of herself , and believing she does some sort of public service by inspiring other sad dumpy girls to be sex workers.

Bitch take your meds.

No. 1208649

>Bitch take your meds.
speaking of which, haven't heard about her (maybe or maybe not real) therapist in a while

No. 1208660

File: 1618449173230.png (397.3 KB, 750x1334, 6877F541-666B-4C1C-A0F8-0EA96E…)

major fucking kek. shayna you’re literally holding out for the impossible.

No. 1208661

Kinda feel like she kept being annoying and begging for a car for her birthday last year too. And it's such a vague request, especially when she doesnt have insurance and possibly not even a non suspended license.
Does she want a car off craigslist for a couple grand? A nice new one off the lot? A trade in? What kind/make?
I dont think she even knows but just expects a random to give her some large amount of money for one or like literally give or buy one for her. Incredible. The retarded delusions with this one.
Obviously asking for any type of car is unreasonable anyway, but she could at least make it a 0.0000001% possibility by specifying. Like figuring out an actual car is too much effort for her so like why would someone else not only foot the bill but also research and do the work for her?? And for what?? Nudes and vids that cost chump change or are free?

No. 1208662

Tinfoil shay has trichotillomania and can't stop obsessively plucking her eyebrows when she's bored and crossfaded(armchair)

No. 1208663

okay retard

No. 1208665

I don't say this from a place of hatred, but actually realistically. Shay, you do not have the look to ever make it big. When you were thin you may have been able to appeal to more people if you stayed more alternative looking. Now though? You are overweight, and it's in all the wrong places. Plus size sex workers can make a lot of money. I mean, look at Moo ffs. She is a disgusting behemoth, but she is loaded because she has giant tits, hips, and thighs while a "smaller" waist. You are shaped like a fridge and you don't have the photoshopping skills or the aesthetic to overcome that.

No. 1208669

>Waiting for her big breakthrough years into pandering to shallow coomers who will shun her when they decide she has aged out of her genre
So, so bleak

No. 1208673

Make it big in what way? She thinks her porn in too tight clothing and being completely average in body and face will get her somewhere "big"?
She needs to grow up. At best she'll go viral, but it's telling why she's buying dog dildos and trying to get that bench, she really realizes she does not have much to show for years of doing this.
And she's possibly off with Fupa and her mothers comment really hurt her

No. 1208676

Oh sweaty… your prime is years behind you. Theres no where to go but down at this point unless you check yourself and find a Fupa like dude that actually cares about you and has money kek. You're way past the point of making it and being rich and successful. Even girls like Pixie and whoever else shes alluding to arent that. They just are doing better than her. It takes work, looks, talent, effort, etc. to make it big in an industry like this. The delusion. Just because you've scraped by for this long, doesnt mean you're any good. There will always be desperate new scrotes looking for cheap porn.

No. 1208678

and when I say "go viral" i feel like Shayna is gearing up to do something dumb and disgusting & that will go viral for the wrong reasons.

No. 1208683

I think her Spongebob photo set was her attempt to go viral, but it didn't really get any more attention than her other stuff.

No. 1208686

only thing she’s breaking through is her too small clothes. come on shayna, she’s surely not the delusional for real??? it’s time to start planning for life after “dolly mattel”.

No. 1208688

File: 1618451026945.jpeg (644.39 KB, 1242x1366, 4071FC36-D38D-4E75-A656-FC7A02…)

No. 1208697

Remember when she spent 2500$ on a Computer and then said she would make the money back in just a couple weeks?

The farms remember.

No. 1208698

The absolute stench of desperation jfc

No. 1208703

something must of triggered her or she's going broke, how did she go from dunking on her mom and gloating about being happy, to literally begging and willing to pay $500 for promo.
Again, does she think being a chubby average girl on her ground playing with her snatch will make her "rich and powerful"?
The service she offers is fucking free and not only is it free but it's wack.

No. 1208705

$500 bdsm gear, offering $500 promotions. Does she have a $500 hole burning in her pocket or something? If she really pays someone hundreds for a shitty promo..kek embarrassing

No. 1208706

SA- and why does she think she deserves fame or to be rich? There's people with actual talent who work hard everyday and don't get shit. Even is she brought all the promo in the world I doubt she'd become famous, rich or powerful.

No. 1208710

it seems like she thinks she has some kind of “x factor” that she doesn’t actually have??

No. 1208720

this is just depressing tbh. go home, Shay

No. 1208732

she will do anything to succeed except:
stick to a schedule of making content
wear clothes that fit
shower/groom herself
clean her hovel
stop venting on her work Twitter

No. 1208735

She toasted her undeveloped brain with weed on top of below average iq then drank tumblr koolaid. That’s literally it.

No. 1208783

File: 1618458889416.jpeg (166.91 KB, 1242x391, FEF7CBA6-772F-4E63-AA35-BF112F…)

No. 1208791

oh so this pleb really was just running all over town not even fully vaxxed with fupa?? really great.

No. 1208797

What constitutes as ‘2 much weed’ for Shay? The amount she smokes in 1 week is enough to cover an entire month or 2 of casual smoking, I fear the amount of $$ she is gonna waste on 4/20

No. 1208806

Not to derail the thread but she commissioned furry porn of her dog OC getting raped and people confirmed they were drawn in reference to scenes from those infamous zoosadism leaks. So safe to assume Dawn is more than just a furfag freak.

Shay keeps great company and sees nothing wrong with her promotion of degerate sex work content however. The horrible content she retweets like pedo baiting and incest content would never correlate to real-world issues and are strictly "fantasy". /s

No. 1208829

>not to derail
>still derails
literally nobody cares about dogfucker dawn, that was done and over with 2 years ago

No. 1208923

Just remember this is the girl who couldn't go viral even by shoving lit fireworks up her ass

No. 1208981

File: 1618492870730.jpg (611.94 KB, 1079x1869, Screenshot_20210415-082131_Twi…)

No. 1208983

File: 1618493064756.jpg (125.46 KB, 1080x627, Screenshot_20210415-082428_Twi…)

No. 1208992

women are lost souls

No. 1208993

slight derail but why does every single OF bitch look like the poster girl of bpd?

No. 1208994

do you really need to ask that seems like an obvious answer

No. 1209015

yeah it's because they literally are kek

No. 1209057

File: 1618498921495.jpg (182.9 KB, 1079x583, Screenshot_20210415-100238_Twi…)

No. 1209075

I don't think Fupa thinks of you as anything but a weekly cum dump after you pay for a bar night, sweaty. Nothing cute or funny there.

No. 1209077

she’s posted this tweet at least twice before. I swear she must just have a bunch of screenshots of saved notes of tweets she thinks have viral potential. it’s the most retarded thing.

No. 1209097

>a bunch of unfunny puns/jokes
>save in notes
>post every 6 months in hopes of going viral
>repeat step 1

I wonder if she knows that being relatable is what will most likely give her better odds of going viral. She’s the ultimate loser tho with zero personality so that will never happen.

No. 1209102

File: 1618501855848.jpg (345.25 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20210415-105025_Twi…)

No. 1209104

File: 1618501895176.jpg (372.35 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20210415-105044_Twi…)

No, you lose business Shay because you're a scammer

No. 1209106

Imagine being offended that men propose to fuck you (for money?) when you spread your asshole online for a buck and constantly talk about being broke and stupid

No. 1209129

Imagine thinking the men respect you or any other sex worker enough to listen to you plead for them not to interact with hopes of getting laid. Men are pathetic and see you as a product, an object, because you turned yourself into one. Keep pretending to cry about it bc they're going to keep doing it, you dumb pick-me.

No. 1209130

Shayna…women who don't show their ass and pussy for free online get these messages from random scrotes. I'd think as a sex worker she'd get these a lot. Why is she making a tweet about this?
Also dude isn't saying, "You can't get laid" he's saying, "I'd want to fuck you". Why did she project so much onto that dumb ass message? It's a gross weird comment, but like I said scrotes do this to fully dressed women online. She always tries to make shit seem like a special sex worker issue.

No. 1209133

Yesterday she was saying being objectified made her pussy wet to own her mom, now she's mad some random scrote is treating her like a sex object and being creepy.

No. 1209145

File: 1618504580441.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 600.51 KB, 1242x1663, 40B28698-490A-46E9-9C5C-08CAE8…)

This dude literally just told every chick who spread their pussy for free on the bird app the same message most likely a bot or a retard it’s not that deep Shaytard

No. 1209150

you really shouldn’t be a bitch to the few coomers you have left shay, you already lost womack

No. 1209154

i’m fucking cackling because his replies are seriously full of almost carbon copies of that comment to different whores. like it almost comes off like a bot and shayna was fully offended. she’s so embarrassing and doesn’t even realize it.

No. 1209155

Am I the only one who thinks she was offended AND flattered. Like the complaint she made didn't even make sense, "They think sex workers can't get laid", like she was coming up with a reason to post this because she knows all sex workers get comments like this and normal women unfortunately do to.

No. 1209170

wait, she lost Jason Womack, Womack Daddy, MackDaddy Glass?

No. 1209181

File: 1618507091864.jpeg (513.47 KB, 1242x1549, 6F85F7A1-9FE1-40B5-9E5B-B01998…)

She spent $400 fucking dollars when she already has the shit she needs to smoke wtf

No. 1209182

wow i actually know this girl irl. i knew she was on a downward spiral but i never expected to see her here. surreal.

No. 1209183

File: 1618507141318.jpeg (235.77 KB, 1242x476, 854BF4C9-92AD-41B9-9FEF-7BCBAF…)

No. 1209185

File: 1618507377773.jpeg (164.28 KB, 1242x329, 7DEDCD21-114F-45F6-B04F-E305DC…)

Why does she act like she supports and wants to collab with other sex workers? When she literally hates women

No. 1209187


at this point its no longer shocking, but its still crazy that a single female sex worker living alone in a state away from any friends and family doesnt prioritize getting even just a basic starter beater car to get around in. like if shes spending $400 on random pieces, insurance and gas shouldnt be a concern. she already mentioned her credit is tanked so even a $5000 car on credit could help build shit up for her. she just doesnt give a single fuck except whats happening to her in that exact moment. shes gonna make the same mistakes all through her 20s, and her parents probably cosign so she doesnt care if she cant make rent one month and knows she can just sell herself if she runs out of cash. what a pathetic way to live.

No. 1209189


Christ, she really is wylin with those moving funds. Can’t wait for the panic and desperation tweets when she starts running low.

No. 1209192

File: 1618507781688.jpeg (591.4 KB, 1242x1308, 8F78FFE4-E16F-4399-A51B-0C5DE5…)

>Wheelchair daddy
Dawg you can’t make this shit up kek

No. 1209198

someone said they felt she had $500 burning her pocket I'm starting to believe that. Maybe her dad or maybe even Fupa got his stimmy & gave shayna some money.
There's so many things she could've spent $400 on. She could've got her hair dyed/done, went on a clothing shopping spree etc. etc.
She spends the most on the dumbest shit, but will put cheap-ass unwashed clothes fresh from Amazon on her body.It's weird how everything she wants is $400-500.

No. 1209219

i think she’s just spending exuberant amounts of money so we think she looks successful lately when in reality we know she’s just blowing her moving funds

No. 1209220

Am I the only one that is having an issue with Shayna thread only.. Like there are major gaps between posts and some posts are missing?

Sage for ot

No. 1209221

try to refresh the page

No. 1209227

are you hiding saged posts?

No. 1209245

she’s really just blowing all those “moving funds” now isn’t she? what a fucking scam, idk how anyone sticks around.

No. 1209246

are you saying you know shayna personally? drop the milk.

No. 1209249

No you fucking moron that anon says they know the other girl gaping her ass that shay retweeted(infighting)

No. 1209252

fucking relax don’t have an autistic temper tantrum

No. 1209344

She’s definitely manic right now between all the insane tweets and excessive spending.

No. 1209347

File: 1618518086385.jpeg (459.58 KB, 1242x1044, 4DD5DBD7-5176-4E87-91BC-7EAAC7…)

Kek Shayna Luther King everyone

No. 1209377

Trying so so hard to scrounge up more than a dozen likes on a tweet lol

No. 1209379

File: 1618520794561.jpeg (354.42 KB, 1528x1528, 76AAB1F1-647E-4BBA-ADF7-935359…)

Damn shat….. $769 dollars in these 4 pictures alone? and all within 3 days?

All of that could've went to your car… Lol

No. 1209380

File: 1618520808638.jpeg (686.14 KB, 1242x1834, B0AF77F3-CA5F-451C-984B-C2D1E8…)

No. 1209381

File: 1618520851268.jpeg (438.57 KB, 1242x1325, ECC10B4E-16E8-4514-B3DB-DE4921…)

No. 1209382

holy shit she is a wasteful and ungrateful ho

No. 1209389

this is her chance to prove us all wrong and actually use the lip scrub and gloss that come with that lizzie mcguire colourpop set

No. 1209403

File: 1618522364846.jpeg (441.94 KB, 1242x1022, B8AF58F9-C0F3-44F7-9656-20CFC4…)

She should change her name from Dolly Mattel to Discount Dolly since her shit is always on sale. Such a ~high end bimbo uwu~ but sells herself for less than a McDonald’s meal

No. 1209411

she also bought a lip scrub from lush and never used it, kek

No. 1209413

File: 1618523227143.jpeg (235.8 KB, 1231x1181, 1EAA2926-FDF5-4B80-A444-75510C…)

We don’t know the exact amount of money she spends on weed but it’s probably a shit ton. She pretty much spent all her moving funds. We know for certain she didn’t reach her goal of 6k

No. 1209419

it was hypothetical, anon

No. 1209420

it's more likely that she'll just eat it kek

No. 1209421

i honestly don’t even remember her buying lip scrub ever

No. 1209425

What's with the complete lack of reading comprehension in this thread today

No. 1209427

>$65 walmart nails

No. 1209429

holy fuck those OK taxes and shipping charges what a fucking moron on some cheap colorfully packaged makeup

No. 1209440

Obviously the only scrotes that interact with her have small chodes, but way to out your customers and look like a bitch lol. Shayna you need to stop blasting your very limited clientele especially at this point.

No. 1209455

wait I just realized she bought the ENTIRE lizzie mcguire collection. why? she can literally do one look, and can’t even apply blush. what’s the point?

No. 1209457

top kek at Shayna acting like she gets laid on the reg or gets any high value dick. you know she would absolutely gush on her beloved bird app if she got any sexual male attention irl. all she gets is 30 seconds of shameful Fupa chode for nothing in return. imagine being a literal whore and sleeping with the same embarrassing, short-dicked, lady-fingered manlet for FREE for over two years.

No. 1209458

yeah there can't be much worse than fupa's smol pee pee.

No. 1209464


she doesnt even need to purchase a car outright.. ifshe has a valid license she could be already driving within a day of picking a car at literally any time… but nope. dog dick and dabs until shes broke with nothing to show for it again

No. 1209467

I'm pretty sure she's never gotten an Oklahoma license or anything, probably still has one from wherever she came from before shacking up with Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 1209480

right? she can’t NOT get called out for it at this point, she’s transparent af

No. 1209485

Ok but there are dozens of colourpop discount codes out there so she’s even more of a dumb ass for paying full price

No. 1209498

… does she think being a bimbo literally means being cheap? I know it’s a joke within that community of how they are “cheap” when they actually aren’t. She is buying cheap makeup for teenagers.

No. 1209513

it's pink and cute, thats reason enough for Shayna.Anything pink cute & overpriced that she does not need and will not use she buys.
Anything useful she begs for money for and spends the money she begged for on shit she does not need and will not use.

No. 1209554

File: 1618538465353.jpg (367.58 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20210415-210125_Twi…)

Shayna Luther King at it again

No. 1209568

like an anon said with the other cop tweet, she's just so desperate to get to even double-digit likes/retweets at this point. it's sad really.

No. 1209598

File: 1618544709261.jpg (197.17 KB, 1079x852, Screenshot_20210415-224528_Twi…)

Stfu Shay. You won't go viral

No. 1209600

Cumrot has ruined what is left of those two brain cells she has

No. 1209614

File: 1618548026636.jpeg (227.55 KB, 1242x885, DB100C76-7EA7-4CB0-BCDE-D505DD…)

You’re not punny shay

No. 1209625

God shes trying so hard. Ever since that "I can still make it big" tweet she's really been churning out these cringey jokes.

No. 1209635

Wouldn't the nails be 110-120$ bc she said the uber there was like 50$?

Also man if I were her momma i wouldn't give this ungrateful crotch monster another dime. She's literally buying dog dildos with her mommas money

No. 1209636

File: 1618553029266.gif (4.99 MB, 416x312, 8971032D-00C7-4448-9156-049B41…)

The fuck is this? Reminds me of doing mad-libs with my friends at 10 years old.

No. 1209638

This is like expecting to be executed but the executioner fucks up so bad that you're not only still very much alive but in mind-numbing agony. And they don't finish you off because that would be cruel and unusual punishment…Shay the only thing funny about you is the fact that at the age of 22 you've tanked so badly that your 10-year high school reunion is not only the only thing you'll have to look forward to ever but it'll practically be the magnum opus of your life.

No. 1209647

Jfc she is so disgusting. Absolutely irredeemable.

No. 1209681

Been a long time since I’ve seen a faraday reaction gif lol, nice. But agreed anon, the mix of her weed and alcohol addled brain with trying to be go funny/viral makes her look even more retarded than usual

Shay has really made it. For her coomers she has grey hair, womack and scat coomer and now wheelchair daddy. Amazing.

No. 1209700

Manic, delusional, narcissistic. That is all you are. You will never have a “big break” because you have nothing; no looks, no talent, no work ethic. Begging others to find someone with a big following to promote you after 5 years of being a whore online is pathetic (especially after only wanting to promote ones with 15k+ yourself). You’re full legal name is attached to literal shit, piss, vomit porn. You’ve had multiple chances to get out of bumfuck Oklahoma but chose to blow it all on a chode who doesn’t publicly acknowledge you, weed, junk food, alcohol, and cheap ass high school makeup. You’re only success is being mocked on lolcow.

No. 1209713

glad to see she’s gotten past all the shootings

No. 1209755

this meme is so dated and inappropriate in this situation god she is lame.

No. 1209805

I can’t tell if she has a shopping addiction to help fill her empty life since she does literally nothing all day or if she’s just too stupid to realize that her tiny paycheck that she puts towards chintzy cheap looking clutter that she’ll use once before turning grimy and grey like everything else she buys can also be used to buy a car. She would save hundreds every week on Ubers. Even a toddler would pick a car over fucking Colourpop makeup. Godawful. No wonder her mom thinks she’s miserable, their 24 year old is too retarded and broke to buy a even a cheap beater car, something their other kids probably did when they were like, 17.

No. 1209830


i just really dont get why she doesnt make a separate personal account on twitter for this garbage, even still using her dolly name. she’d have enough mutual sex workers and random coomers to follower her why might actually interact with her. but i guess if its not the same amount of followers as her SW account somehow its not worth the effort? i dont think shes fully accepted the reality that the majority of her followers that arent bought on her SW twitter are strictly for sex/free content and not her personality. i think she lives in this bubble that she thinks shes this big persona and tries so hard to run with it instead of just being a normal SW doing regular content and living a regular life. she really believes shes above the regular sex worker and is a -porn-star-.

No. 1209845

When's the last time she even made a video? Jfc. Shes not even getting anymore customs requests I guess. Shes posted like 1 or 2 photosets all month. Not even posting the trashy, gross bar bathroom flashes lately. Just blowing through her moving funds like theres no tomorrow. I'm surprised she has any left tbh. Still cant believe how blatant she was about that whole thing and continues to post her rapid wasteful spending. Seems like Fupa got sick of her after a week of bar hopping and fupa mashing. So now shes just sitting around getting drunk and high alone online shopping for garbage and trying to go viral while doing fuck all. Incredible.

No. 1209852

still a bit shocked that she bought a dog dick dildo rather than see her family

No. 1209871


she used to have one, but it got somehow less interaction so she never used it

No. 1209884

File: 1618589769177.jpg (244.55 KB, 1080x757, Screenshot_20210416-111622_Twi…)

Her nails aren't even that fucking long. Does she not remember those horrible claws she used to have?

No. 1209897

Man Shayna really has no personality, huh?

No. 1209902

does she not know that using apple pay/samsung pay still requires putting in your pin?

No. 1209904

Okay but as anon above stated she’s always drunk, her using Ubers is what’s best for society.

Bimbos don’t eat shayna and if they do their Ed asses puke it up after. I really hope young girls aren’t aspiring to be a “bimbo” now.

No. 1209925

Not if it's contactless payment, although idk how common that is in shithole oklahoma

No. 1209936

You can just use face ID for apple pay, but that would mean she's taking her mask off everywhere she goes to do it lol

No. 1209937

You only put in a pin with debit cards lol. It's hilarious she can't even get a credit card and has to use afterpay online.

No. 1209938

If she does get a car, which is highly unlikely. I'm sure we will see tweets from her within 3 months asking for someone to "reimburse" fees for a DWI.

No. 1209940

File: 1618596750683.jpeg (839.26 KB, 1242x1561, 2C816582-E2C4-42E1-985C-6530C9…)

Is she serious……?

No. 1209946

The clashing pinks nauseate me.

Also I know this is supposed to be a “paw” but it looks like a catchers mitt

No. 1209954

lol is this not just a dog bed?

No. 1209956

Anons going off on shayna not being a “real bimbo” or whatever need to chill kek. There are troons that unironically call themselves bimbos, all involved are delusional.

No. 1209958

File: 1618597612258.jpeg (839.19 KB, 1242x1477, 44872E56-4946-45B5-BDA8-BBC27B…)

I don’t know why you’d brag about getting this. Lmao I thought sugar daddies bought expensive purses, plane tickets to beautiful resorts, high-end expensive restaurants. But fatty over here thinks this cheap-ass dog bed makes her a ~spoiled bimbo uwu~

No. 1209961

this is literally a trend item at the moment. aliexpress is getting an assload of orders for these too.

No. 1209967

i’m fully convinced there is/was never a “sugar daddy” and she buys all this cheap junk for herself

No. 1209981

Is this because we kept making comments about her sweaty naked ass sitting on the chair?

No. 1209982

this is the ugliest knockoff of those cute cat paw cushions. it’s like she literally strives to be an ugly knockoff of a bimbo/e girl.

No. 1209984

She is and always will be the dollar store bimbo

No. 1209996

How does this even make sense with the colors flipped

No. 1209999

File: 1618600615027.png (8.31 MB, 1125x2436, EF7F0590-660C-42B2-82AA-B33277…)

the trash she has hiding why does she have to have trash in every pic she takes kek
She needs to buy a pink trash can

No. 1210002

every single tweet she's been making lately is her trying to go viral. She really is trying to get her "big break". You know how people go viral and they post their business or whatever after it? That's what she's been chasing and it's so transparent and not clever.
That or she calls everyone who gets her anything her "SugarDaddy" to seem cool, yet she shows off cheap amazon shit. Not anything worth anything.

No. 1210004

"Push ur trash out of the way b4 you take ur pictures!" hasn't she said this like twice?

No. 1210016

File: 1618601859678.jpeg (82.3 KB, 676x1089, 81DBB3E6-F95E-4286-9F54-682F4A…)

No. 1210017

File: 1618601874596.jpeg (82.38 KB, 676x1059, 670ED33E-A8E8-48F3-A8D4-751566…)

that fat ass arm and her attempting to make her legs smaller

No. 1210019

yes everything is too small and cheap but it's not horrible, you can tell she's standing on her tippy toes though.

No. 1210022

File: 1618602367356.jpg (479.64 KB, 1079x1778, Screenshot_20210416-144636_Twi…)

But don't expose people to your kinks, right Shay?

No. 1210024

Why must she constantly wear this skirt

No. 1210026

File: 1618602491583.jpg (162.45 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20210416-144729_Twi…)

No. 1210028

I feel like if someone did a tally we'd see Shayna only has like 5 themes and she's done all at least twice.

No. 1210030

File: 1618602612348.jpeg (683.33 KB, 828x1645, 4679B1C3-F145-4F9E-BC03-5D4924…)

the photoshopping is just so bad

No. 1210032

File: 1618603080820.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1353, F231458A-CCA6-48AF-8317-F99C4A…)

She recycles the same ideas and clothing

No. 1210033

holy nutsack forehead. I wonder what her wrinkles would look like now if she pulled this expression

No. 1210034

She does the same shit she did years ago but the cheap version. Just spent $400 yesterday on one thing, but she's wearing the skirt she's worn a million times and a downgraded verison of a idea she's done twice.

No. 1210035

She always has the worst lighting to take photos, they always look so dark and unappealing

No. 1210038

Euugh at the thought of buying something made of fabric that you can't wash from amazon/ebay.
The Asian factories that sort-by-lowest-price crap are made in are filthy & have few regulations. People post on reddit about finding safety pins and torn up gloves and shit in their pillows. If you can't put it in the washing machine, I would not trust it.

But of course, everything Shayna buys is from Amazon, and I would bet $500 she doesn't wash any of it before wearing/using it.

No. 1210041

Girl, that skirt is dead. Burn it. You sized out of it 20 lb ago, now this is just sad. It doesn't even give her a flattering shape, it just looks like it's choking her gut. Also no way she could walk around in that around town without bike shorts underneath. Good thing Shayna never walks anywhere.

No. 1210043

when your elastic waist circle skirt is this tight on you, it's time to put it to rest. fat rolls hanging over is not a look.

No. 1210044

File: 1618604502445.png (2.27 MB, 961x1280, 281AE4EA-1025-4363-A253-8D9602…)

Same boring ass theme

No. 1210048

omg it looks like you photoshopped her head onto her body.
I know we clown on Shayna's weight gain but at least it's made her face look a little more… normal

No. 1210051

File: 1618605221564.jpg (309.49 KB, 1079x1224, Screenshot_20210416-153417_Twi…)

No. 1210057

this bitch can't ride dick for shit and I'm sure this video looks like a dog scooting across the carpet because it has worms.

No. 1210062

Last year today, she posted pictures in her now apartment, talked about streaming on twitch, wasted money on things to help her stream on twitch and received a $500 dollar tip. 500 must be her lucky number or something.

No. 1210063

honey that top doesn’t fit and your retard face doesn’t make it any better

No. 1210065

File: 1618606426921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 551.51 KB, 1242x1469, 06A4E0E8-D413-4AEC-8C2E-F68D92…)

That’s exactly how it is kek

No. 1210066

i’m highly doubting your fat ass was able to ride for more than 30 seconds.

No. 1210068

Honestly if she was smart she could have looped those 30 seconds of her lard greasy ass riding into a whole five minute video. Her coomers are too brain dead to notice or call her out kek

No. 1210075

Jesus, she's never been able to make a good expression in her photos. She's just terminally ugly.

No. 1210090

I wholeheartedly thought this was Trisha

No. 1210095

you’re blind

No. 1210101

her asshole "dripping". lovely. has naughty nathan heard about this? it might tempt him back.

No. 1210122

File: 1618611130725.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 961x1280, hank_clifford.png)

No. 1210150

File: 1618614166940.jpg (361.03 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20210416-180224_Twi…)

No. 1210151

>keeping your pussy paddle with your weeks old garbage


No. 1210152

File: 1618614234171.jpg (96.88 KB, 970x2048, 20210416_180334.jpg)

No. 1210176

I thought this was a new one and thought fucking finally she did her brows again.

No. 1210189

File: 1618617898225.jpg (179.05 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_20210416-190431_Twi…)

No. 1210193

45 seconds huh? hopefully it kills you.

No. 1210195

Kek I can’t believe she bought a puffco while saving for a car. Spedna is amazing.

No. 1210196


I was gonna move back in with my parents but then I got high

I was gonna go on a diet but then I got high

I'm still fupa's mid life crisis and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

I was gonna clean my house but then I got high

I was gonna walk my dog but then I got high

Now I'm fat and washed up at 23 and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

I was gonna use a chap stick but then I got high

I was gonna take a shower but then I got high

Now I'm selling unintentional scat porn and I know why

Because I got high

Because I got high

Because I got high

No. 1210198

Weed does turn some people into lazy anxious layabouts.

It seems to have done that to Shayna.

It's obviously not helping her. I think if she could give up the weed and alcohol her life would gradually improve. She's never sober.

No. 1210209

File: 1618619553610.png (7.69 MB, 1242x2208, 16F96C11-0D0C-4DF5-B1F5-55637D…)

>“New friend”

No. 1210216

Topkek I love you nonnie

No. 1210219

File: 1618620191256.jpg (33.84 KB, 600x600, 93c.jpg)

the creativity in this thread is under rated.

so she spends $40 on liquor to hang ~with a friend~ and wants to be ~reimbursed~ lol. i know she goes overboard with it but this isn't related to her 'work' at all.

No. 1210220

yeah because ppl can only be around you if they’re piss drunk

No. 1210225

>Now I'm selling unintentional scat porn and I know why

I'm dead. Absolutely dead.

No. 1210230

The amount of times she's mentioned "new friends" without ever mentioning them or visiting them again just since moving to Buttfuck, Nowhere leads me to believe that if these people actually happened to exist, Shayna is the type of crackhead that approaches strangers. She seems like the type of chick to drum up conversations with anybody due to loneliness and stupidity, assuming she isn't just outright lying.

No. 1210237

First year in Oklahoma vs 2 years later >>1210017

There used to be some fun/life to her so it was trashy but had sort of a derivative of "cuteness". Now shes just dead inside, washed up, and drunk and high constantly and it shows how worn down she is, besides being a total fatass now.

No. 1210241

Let's see the friend, Shay. Taking selfies with friends is totally normal, so dont be shy. Prove its not Fupa.

No. 1210243

I doubt fupa drinks pink wine and he prob would just pick her up if it was him. Probably some random girl she met at a bar since she's been going out so much

No. 1210251

There are only three bottles. We know she can down that many herself

No. 1210258

my thoughts exactly kek that’s just a normal weeknight in shaynaland

No. 1210259

she supposedly hates talking to people (her alleged reason for quitting her olive garden job when she was younger) so i highly doubt she’s going up to anyone in public

No. 1210263

She's had friends in real life so I don't really equate her quitting a shitty waitressing job when she was 18 to not being able to make friends or want to.

No. 1210264

i was just saying that
> Shayna is the type of crackhead that approaches strangers. She seems like the type of chick to drum up conversations with anybody due to loneliness and stupidity
is not congruent with her personality

No. 1210272

When was the last irl friend she had? High school?

No. 1210276

File: 1618626153908.png (7.01 MB, 1242x2208, C5A6A544-C606-4DF3-B7EE-78D80E…)

No. 1210280

she's not gonna take care of this and fucking damage it cause she's fucking lazy.
God Shat if you wanna waste money just flush it down your toilet.

No. 1210283

weird cutout with exposed wiring in the wall, dirty sink and mirror… shatna may have just found someone on her wavelength

No. 1210284

what if this is the crack den trailer fupa was spotted in earlier in the last thread????

No. 1210287

judging by her banger she's posted and her disgusting bongs, that thing's gonna be a $400 paperweight in a matter of weeks.

No. 1210289

honestly fupa bringing her to a shitty house party with people he already knows is 100x more likely than her meeting someone on her own imo

No. 1210299

Yeah I'm more convinced Fupa brought her over to someone's place he knows. I'd say this could be a public bathroom at some trash place, but that cutout with wiring is too sus for even a crappy bar kek

Take a pic with the actual person, Shay.

No. 1210300

Looking like absolute trailer trash skank who indeed bought 3 bottles of cheap wine for herself

No. 1210303

So shes still wearing those nails she said she did and we've seen her have a bad reaction to? She really wants her fingers to look chemical burned and rotten like before, huh?
Or maybe it legitimately was an infection from the salon being unsanitary/bad combined with Shay also being unsanitary.

No. 1210306

What happened to the rash on your hands Shay?

No. 1210308

Funny that these aren't on twitter

No. 1210309

not even a MENTION

No. 1210328

or she begged to come over and was like “ill bring alcohol!!!! please let me come”

No. 1210355

This bitch is so high and drunk she probably can't even read this rn. This is beautiful.

No. 1210359

File: 1618632914166.jpeg (296.76 KB, 828x590, 77D2DE58-C861-4416-8E46-A0AC52…)

No. 1210361

Oh come on, this is pathetic. If Shay had any kind of real friendship besides Fupa she would be bragging by name and posting obnoxious group photos.

No. 1210380

“Bimbofication” more like chav 101

No. 1210386

Sorry Shay, hanging out at a crack den with Fupa doesn't count as a friend.

No. 1210452

File: 1618652900248.jpg (287.3 KB, 500x500, shaymixtape2021.jpg)

You inspire me anon

No. 1210453

File: 1618653043039.gif (101.02 KB, 500x280, hyperkek.gif)

anon omg

No. 1210496

Stunning work ladies. You guys are killing it! Perfect new thread pic.

No. 1210527

topkek if this isn't the next thread pic I'll be disappointed

No. 1210545

This isn’t even reverse cowgirl this is regular dick riding I-
I love this thread sometimes

No. 1210551

Does Fupa have a daughter?

No. 1210556

Yes but I doubt she’s even allowed at his house lol. Just the crack den.

No. 1210558

The only thing Shayna has a fetish for is finding a bathroom and taking pictures whenever she leaves the house.

No. 1210577

Wonder if he moved into a new place and he brings Shay over when he’s kids are with their mother…

Total tinfoil but Shay is notorious for only having the one “friend” and fupa clearly doesn’t respect his kids mother enough to stop dating this dumpster fire but he probably also knows he can’t have her around his kids because they’ll tell mom.

No. 1210610

Not milk but Shayna look haggard and old even with a Snapchat filter. Does smoking contribute to her looking like a middle aged trailer mom? Or is it just the alcohol and bad diet?

No. 1210615

File: 1618677090956.jpeg (888.35 KB, 3464x3464, 35C45F67-5437-454B-8631-3F2EC3…)

E-begging for more ugly pink shit

No. 1210619

Let me guess, from DollsKill?

No. 1210627

well, she's a heavy smoker that's been smoking since high school, so more than likely yeah

No. 1210629

so she actually meant she took 6 inhales in 45 seconds, not 6 whole dabs in 45 seconds. what a god damn retard. even on a regular rig with a regular size dab and a carb cap you can get at least 3-4 good pulls off it. was she seriously just taking hot dabs, inhaling once, and letting the rest just sizzle? this is baby stoner shit, not someone who’s been smoking for literal years.

No. 1210641

If she goes on yrus website directly she can get them for an additional 50% off. But it doesn't matter anyways she'll get some scrote to send her money anyways.

No. 1210646

imagine spending money on these eyesores instead of some basics that fit you properly

No. 1210654

Imagine blowing all your moving money on the worst crap possible in two weeks. She has zero money management skills. It seriously not that hard Shatna.

No. 1210663

those rly are the fugliest boots I’ve ever seen, literally every shoe dollskill makes is so disgustingly tacky and retarded looking.
the butterfly heels are only cute pair they’ve ever done and they jacked the idea from kash doll.

No. 1210664

Im gonna take a wild guess and say thats a bar bathroom kek

No. 1210669

Every design is jacked from someone. Nothing is original. Chanel bags have knockoffs but you don’t see them being retarded about it crying and calling the knockoffs racist uwu. Forever 21 every fast fashion company rips things off to make it affordable. But dumbasses only complain about dollskill. Go to twitter if you want to sperg like a fag about a cheap clothing brand.(derail)

No. 1210700

File: 1618689999570.jpeg (227.89 KB, 1156x890, AA9B526A-8070-4ABB-9F1A-FBE365…)

No. 1210701

yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssss kween get that high

No. 1210708

shayna saying she got weed is like a normal human saying they ate a meal that day. like, no shit, you always do.

No. 1210713

i would love to see shay in too small booty shorts, a tied up flannel that shows her stomach rolls, and her fat calves stretching out these boots.

No. 1210719

well, now you’ve manifested that reality for all of us
thanks but i hate it

No. 1210727


She must be really miserable if she needs to be STONE stoned everyday like that. I mean, I’m currently high as balls but I do it in moderation. Like, Jesus Shay…. just say you need a hug.

No. 1210768

I don’t think she really even gets that stoned anymore. It’s just to feel normal. Which is equally as sad if not worse. The fact that she’s locked into places she can live solely on it they have legal weed is a problem in its self. Nothing wrong with getting stoned but she’s been stoned pretty much every waking moment since she’s been 15, I think that’s why she’s stuck in these loops and repeats the same mistakes/same tweets/same lifestyle because she’s never been out of the haze. Been stoned constantly is comfortable and the second that comfort is gone the reality of her situation probably comes crashing down

No. 1210780

File: 1618695507514.jpeg (301.77 KB, 1242x735, E15679DF-AA0C-4741-9CE5-4A20DE…)

She is so damn lazy
Did she really fuck Fupa’s chode all night or what? Why didn’t she sleep? Or is she just lying

No. 1210785

it's hard to sleep well when you're drunk off your ass on 3 bottles of wine

No. 1210806

Her eyebrows and now she’s saying she hasn’t slept. Sounds like a meth binge. And she’s hanging out with her ‘new friends’

No. 1210827

If put my money on coke, it’s a little more socially acceptable than meth

No. 1210840

not in oklahoma, where the meth comes sweepin down the plain

No. 1210841

Or a manic episode

No. 1210842

Yes because Miss scat pedo-pandering public flasher follows what is socially acceptable.

No. 1210843

Although I don’t think she did anything hard, I second this. Oklahoma and meth go together like peanut butter and jelly

No. 1210844

File: 1618703634511.jpg (120.38 KB, 1080x582, Screenshot_20210417-185333_Twi…)

No. 1210851

not sure i’m ready for the impending methy mattel saga

No. 1210852

she’s so depressing who takes a day nap unless they’re on vacation. she takes one like everyday

No. 1210858

her life is basically one big vacation away from reality

No. 1210862

it’s funny how she thinks anyone cares about her live tweeting her life.

No. 1210876

Seems like the alcohol and the lack of exercise/showering makes her look bad in general, but smoking probably makes her too lazy to bother making herself look better for her damn job. I wonder if she even gets high enough to get the munchies anymore

No. 1210881

funnily enough she would probably barely have an appetite (and would subsequently lose weight) if she stopped smoking since she's done it for so long

No. 1210884

She's stoned and drunk all the time. She's probably drowsy and unmotivated.

No. 1210901

It’s gotta be the alcohol cause eventually you build a tolerance to weed and it barely makes you feel anything

No. 1210910

even a high tolerance will make you tired and lazy because your dopamine levels are fucked

No. 1210916

not saying I want her to start doing meth but at least it would be something new. She's been stuck in the same loop since she got to Oklahoma: pink wine, crying about fupa, uwu depression naps, weed, never leaving her house except to buy drugs or alcohol or junk food. Methhead Mattel would be the first truly fresh milk since her "pro porn" days

No. 1210925

i do want her to start doing meth

No. 1210937

Same I mean she’s already ugly, has horrible skin, and fucked up snaggleteeth.. at least meth would thin her out a bit. And maybe just maybe her new addiction would help her get her shit together once she sees how such a hard drug can destroy you. Like a near death experience that helps her realize her life is shit and can change it.

No. 1210939

File: 1618711295812.jpeg (307.26 KB, 1242x782, DCCD9D96-1AB2-4073-A95F-9570B5…)

Kek @ her Amazon costume boots she got for $20

No. 1210940

can't wait til she shows the rest of the outfit and it's some kind of ill fitting denim getup or pajama shorts

No. 1210956

I hope she doesn't get to fucked up to not take a bathroom selfie, I want to see this outfit. I bet you she's wearing one of those skirts jacked up or tiny shorts.

No. 1210957

Lbr, she'd just end up doing the impossible and becoming an even worse Luna Slater. Full Methed Up Samurai level of delusion about her mistakes.

No. 1210965

I think if Shayna ever let Fupa go, whatever boyfriend she has next can easily manpiulate and mold her to be whatever he wants. So if it's a tatted up goth addict who wants to be her "Daddy" and fix her life, then I can see shayna getting tattoos, dropping the pink shit and trying other drugs.
Shayna is looking for someone to actually father her and be her friend, seems like sex is just the pull and not something she enjoys. Which is why she really needs fucking friends who can build her self esteem, share jokes and do postitive shit with.

No. 1210971

she too toxic and self-absorbed to have real friends.

No. 1210988

Legit read "Autism Power" and I thought, "Finally, some self awareness." But alas…

No. 1210997


she straight up posted a clear-as-day photo of her DAD on her twitter where she not only posts her gaping dry holes, but also picks fights and starts beef with other sex workers (where they could circulate her dad's face, start trouble, w/e)

so she can do all that but not post pics of her new "friends"

this bitch has no friends. all the other anons who said she's riding bitch with fupa and pretending she's on her own are right

No. 1211000

Deadass. If she had friends and they didn’t want to be posted on social media she could put a sticker over their faces. But she has no friends. Kek

No. 1211003

Yeah more than likely she's hanging with people who know Fupa and she's a third wheel. Probably those people at the trap house Fupa posed in the mirror in.
I really wonder what she talked about? Sex work? Cheeseburgers? Spongebob?
Also,if fupa DID invite her around his friends again, It's probably his love bombing. I feel when he thought Shayna may possibly move he wanted to be sure his sex doll didn't. I would'nt be surprised if he was encouraging her to spend her moving money, just to be safe.

No. 1211008

i doubt he's love bombing when he doesn't even need to put that much effort in lol i wouldn't be surprised if she like annoys him to hang out and he eventually folds because he feels sorry for her

No. 1211012

Shayna hasn’t posted her “looking adorable” in her uwu gogo boots on Twitter or on Snapchat. And it’s been about two hours. Maybe she lied about going out to not seem like a loser.

No. 1211018

she probably lied and wore those run-through uggs and pink shorts

No. 1211045

I kinda think so too. How else she could spend as much, delightful

No. 1211048

i mean, she posts how she can spend that much on a daily basis kek. $400 dab rigs and dollskill cowboy boots all the way down.

No. 1211051

File: 1618725509433.jpeg (119.75 KB, 828x287, 76391BC3-B28B-49D9-AA72-C86DA4…)

No. 1211055

File: 1618725815684.jpeg (128.96 KB, 828x269, 05BE0946-7AE6-4AF4-8F98-C6B6F2…)

imagine lying for Twitter likes

No. 1211060

File: 1618726007978.gif (993.03 KB, 500x264, 55BE7448-D9E1-4169-832C-91C1F0…)

>In b4 gray hair

No. 1211087

File: 1618729016200.jpeg (854.77 KB, 1242x1213, 96CD6B5F-1AE1-4BEA-B121-7CA69A…)

The delusion, honey

No. 1211088

File: 1618729040814.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1221, EC1A14A5-065A-4C21-B3A9-A7D70D…)

No. 1211089

File: 1618729067783.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1223, BDBAE659-884A-4438-9C59-901ECD…)

No. 1211091

God, this is so not a good look Shayna…

No. 1211092

File: 1618729208940.jpeg (391.53 KB, 1189x994, 9F0F766E-1FA0-429D-9472-803C28…)

Trouble in paradise? Say it ain’t so.

No. 1211096

Her hair is a fucking grease slick, and she did a shitty combover. She looks like a two dollar streetwalker. That outfit doesn’t make any sense. Like I’m so baffled why she thought those clothing pieces went together

Did Fupa pump and dump her again?

No. 1211098

File: 1618729761952.jpeg (811.7 KB, 1199x1869, 6E26BDA1-411C-47BA-8ED6-09708F…)

Kek good luck moving Shayna. You spent all your moving funds on overpriced too small ugly dollskill clothing and weed. Jason R Womack is probably not going to be your ‘Splenda daddy’ anymore and greyhair is sick of your shit

No. 1211099

I know we always say this, but what the fuck is this outfit??
And is Fupa into this weird cowgirl trailer trash thing lately because why the fuck else is she choosing to dress like this?

No. 1211100

Then why are you dressing and acting like cliquey trailer trash extra hard lately? Fupa's friends not like you? Shes already gunning to backtrack but shes clearly blown her moving funds so that's gonna be awkward to beg for it again so soon.

No. 1211102

She looks so fucking old wtf. Like a mom who was a teen in the 70s tryna dress up for a theme night drunk and still trying to be cool with the kids.

She does know there are other, cheaper, cuter, and not so problematic brands besides DollsKill and F21, right?

No. 1211105

Imagine wearing this out in public and calling other people trash. We love delusion.

No. 1211106

She could buy juicy couture tracksuits I mean they run up to a size 2x so Shayna can fit her fat ass in there kek. Also Victoria Secret Pink has bigger sizes and they’re cheaper too. I know her brokeass can’t afford neiman marcus

No. 1211107

She has no one that loves her or cares for her around her, I can’t believe she was able to type out she was happy where she is to her mom wanting her to come back to them
She must be retarded for real

No. 1211108

This skirt is ugly in general as is typical for DK, but then when you put it on and ugly fatty, it's just a joke.

No. 1211109

Already deleted lmao

No. 1211110

File: 1618730841733.jpeg (593.45 KB, 1242x1676, A25D1644-5011-4FFF-9DC2-F2F5EE…)

Top kek

No. 1211112

File: 1618730951834.gif (996.04 KB, 500x281, A32BD73B-69DF-455C-8FD3-18F7B7…)

That outfit is even uglier than the denim skirt, knee highs and Uggs

No. 1211123

she looks like a fucking toe and that cardigan is serving granny realness

No. 1211125

File: 1618732510738.png (384.69 KB, 750x1334, 9EDEC59D-2165-44D8-A629-515A2C…)

bitch you were never alone lmao

No. 1211126

File: 1618732646500.png (268.7 KB, 750x1334, 9F8E5FB0-66E3-4141-8B03-DC287F…)

No. 1211127

File: 1618732858980.png (276.99 KB, 750x1334, 1B4E12E6-16E8-46AF-84D2-610730…)

No. 1211129

i hope she spills what went down over discord so we can get some milk from there too. looks like the anon that said she was probably third wheeling with fupa and his crackhead friends and trying to talk about fucking spongebob all night is right

No. 1211130

File: 1618733138440.png (224.36 KB, 750x1334, 3BC4B4FD-9594-49C7-BA9A-449129…)

she’s such the perpetual victim

No. 1211133

all deleted now kek
good thing i had to pull an all-nighter tonight

No. 1211140

File: 1618735625832.jpeg (407.08 KB, 1125x1342, 6D083E14-A47C-48BD-88AA-A820E3…)

suicide baiting

incoming send me $30 to order sushi

No. 1211143

wow much uwu empath

No. 1211147


So all the anons saying she "couldn't find a place that fits her needs" because this scrote Kyle Nathan Perkins gave her attention again, were right. This ist the.. 4th? time she fell for this shit. She'll never, ever learn.

No. 1211148

File: 1618736580265.jpg (17.62 KB, 275x226, 1612224401293.jpg)


from the last thread for posterity.
I hope she sees this. I especially hope her orbiters see this.
She's scamming everyone in her life for this crusty, pathetic father of three.

No. 1211149

>Saves up money to move away from ex, posts how close she is
>scrote ex sees this and does not want her to move, says he's depressed
>gets covid shot and immmedietly go out with scrote ex
>Decide everything is suddenly okay
>Blows money on cheap amazon shit and expensive shit she does not need
>shits on mom about how happy you are
>Posts about how sad the world is, but talk about hair and sex work the next
>A few days later scrote breaks it off
>Brings up shooting and violence she would'nt gave a fuck about had her night went well

So whats next? Is she going to just start begging for moving funds again? She going to admit she blew them and blame Fupa? Ask her evil parents?
All of this is predictable, just like us saying she wasn't actually going to move and Fupa was going to try to get her to stay. What I wasn't expecting was her to blow all her money, but now she's stuck.
Imagine saying you want to die because a ex, but throw in shooting/violence and how YOU cannot handle it, even though YOU were out partying during a pandemic and would be "Handling it" if Fupa had acted right.

No. 1211153

it's getting boring how absolutely predictable she is. lolcow has called every single choice she's made in the last two months.

she REALLY thought she was fooling people by trying to dunk on her mom, claiming she's sooo happy in Tulsa, just because Fupa was paying attention to her that day.

what a fucking joke her life is. apologize and cry to your parents, grovel, and beg them to bail you out. Everyone can see you don't have the spine to break yourself out of this stupid shitty cycle of lies on your own. dumbass.

No. 1211159


This is literally the most pathetic shit I've ever read. I honestly cannot get over it.

No. 1211160

bless you anon.

No. 1211161

this bitch did not just say all the shootings are why she’s depressed..
I don’t think she realizes how lucky she is that her mother is willing to help her still regardless of how hard rock bottom she’s hit. a lot of people’s parents ditch them at 18, mine included. I haven’t lurked longer than a year back, but I’m assuming her mom didn’t abuse her or anything. the fact that she has a mom who cares, but has chosen to throw her away for a man who doesn’t give a shit about her, is so sad.
yet another example as to why sex work is not empowering. would an empowered woman isolate herself from her family in order to be used by an obese and broke dead beat dad?

No. 1211163

Damn this is getting old.
I bet she is going to tell her parents she made a mistake and they're going to bail her out. Moving saga coming soon.

No. 1211175

I can’t believe she just spent all her moving money on garbage kek, how many time she’s gonna do this? What is going the next fEeS she “forgot” to ask for? She’s dumb as a rock

No. 1211177

Her totally evil mom will make her quit sex work so now she has no choice but to stay in Tulsa and beg for pennies and her dad will probably throw her in rehab. She’ll never move. Her whole existence is out of spite she’ll keep doing this until she ends up dead either by OD or suicide and that’s the reality of it.

No. 1211178

I have a feeling her mom won’t give her anymore more money and her dad might but he probably won’t have that much to give. Hopefully they’ve got brain cells to see that she’s going to keep blowing the opportunities to have a better life and stop giving bet money.

She could still be an e-whore and do onlyfans or whatever AND have a part time job or schooling that way she can at least front the lifestyle she thinks she’s living a bit better

No. 1211181


awe poor dolly, did your card decline when u went to order door dash and reality hit? i am actually laughing out loud that all the anons were 100% right. moving sale part 2: electric boogaloo incoming

No. 1211182

It's really hard to feel any simpathy for her at this point. So first she begs for moving money using the sob story of a painful breakup. Then cause she can't help herself she brags about how much money she's saved up,her best month on OF etc. Her ex who obviously stalks her twitter thought oh goodie lots of money for me so spins a sob story of his own,like a moron she falls for it and starts blowing what I assume is the majority of that money on dates to tiki bars and whatnot,hideous clothing, overpriced stuff she doesn't need, copious amounts of weed and alcohol and now boohoo it's all gone pearshaped? And Shayna you want people to feel sorry for you? And no doubt you'll expect your 5 remaining orbiters to fork more money over for your honest to god I'm really moving this time move? I'm surprised she still has orbiters smh.
And to top it off her insistance that she's happy living this life when clearly she is not. There will never be a big break in your future other than a) your dignity which lets face it is already down the shitter and b)your mental stability. You need help Shayna not fupa, go home, get clean in all ways,change your name and try and build a life that doesn't involve spreading your holes for pennies.

No. 1211183


She already stooped to sniffing and showing off a shitty dildo during her last stint of desperation, and its going to get even worse.

Girls who constantly play victim in SW dont realize not every coomer is stupid and not paying attention. She’ll be taken advantage of because people know how desperate she is because well… she straight up admits it.

Dark times for Dolly.

No. 1211185

There is no way even her more retarded orbiters/coomers will give her money for “moving” again after seeing her blow her cash

No. 1211188


I find it funny how she words it like “I was finally making good money again” when the reality was she was discounting all content, doing bundles/sales, doing more degrading customs, putting out sob stories and begging almost daily. Does she think thats sustainable? And if so, is she really okay with selling her content for dirt cheap for the rest of life and ready to accept shes’s actually becoming a cheap skank? I actually feel bad for her. Like the way you feel had for a homeless guy on the street. Bleak existence…

No. 1211191


everytime she has a big fight with fupa she packs on the pounds so in a couple weeks she wont even fit into all the cheap clothes she bought with her moving funds. they all barely fit her to begin with.

No. 1211195

What actually happened is Shay told this to Fupa and when her true colors showed again, he dropped her

No. 1211209

Oh boo fucking hoo, you're not in high school anymore. Time to grow up. People have got to be sick of hearing this same old shit.

We all know it takes one whole text for her to shuffle back to him because she's retarded and lonely. Blasts her mom publicly, says shes happy, loves Tulsa, constantly going out with him, etc. Like that's not Fupa, that's you Shay.
Also you werent just "making good money" through effort or anything. People were trying to help your dumbass move out of pity and taking advantage of your moving sake pricing. So you basically had to work. Then you scammed and have been spending the month blowing that money and Fupa chode instead of doing your job, because you are just so fucking stupid you have to function on an hour to hour basis I guess and never think of the future, consequences, logic, etc.

No. 1211214

Serving those cheap truck stop hooker vibes, Shayna.

Here we fucking go again. Time to rev up Dolly's Moving Sale again!

No. 1211215

So insufferable. How fucking tone deaf and shit of her to leave this tweet out of all of them. Lumping her bad decisions in her stupid little life and suicide baiting in with big real world issues… disgusting. This tweet piggybacks off of something that she has no place to speak on and takes even less accountability than the other ones somehow. "People treat me like shit", it's just Fupa because you let him, and the fact is you are shit. If you had any will of your own and self respect and werent such a scamming stupid skank, you would actually literally pack it up and move. You have parents that are willing to help. You have a few stupid orbiters who gave you thousands.

No. 1211217

We never hear or see Fupas side of it anyway. I'm sure she twists and exaggerates things. I'm not saying hes not a little goblin man that probably saw Shay had money and wanted in. Now shes probably used up financially and sexually and shes just annoying to be around. Probably embarrassed him around his friends again kek and is using that to dip out for a while. Shitty people attract shitty people, though. Hard to feel bad for her. She gets free advice here constantly and her orbiters give her dumbed down hugbox encouragement too. Sometimes it's bad like telling her to not work, but they've never told her he would change or to stay in Tulsa lol.
It was one thing to hang out with him again, but another entirely ti blatantly spend all her moving funds like theres no tomorrow. She bought herself stupid, expensive items just to spend. All the little shopping sprees. Fupa didn't make her buy that stuff. If she was paying their little date tabs, it's still only a fraction of what she blew on herself on unnecessary shit. All instead of working or doing something significant with the money. Like a car or you know, moving.

No. 1211224

Nah, he played her sob story schtick on her when he found out he had a lot of cash and it worked too easy. Like fucking hell. After taking him to tiki bar and restaurants he dropped the act right when she ran out of cash (see the desperate sw promo beg)
Fupa is stone cold damn. Even probably let his friends make fun of her.

No. 1211226

Of course they make fun of her. Remember her sob story breakup a while back about humiliating the guy in front of his friends and we assumed it's because she got shitfaced and acted a fool? That was Fupa. It's probably not the first time she's done it either.

No. 1211229

That's literally how their relationship started. He thought she was a rich, famous pornstar and wanted a popularity boost on Tumblr for it.

No. 1211232

Kek, anons are acting like Shayna is rich and didn't blow all her moving money on useless garbage.

Fupa has a regular job.. He's a shitty person but I'm doubtful he's using her for her money lmao

No. 1211233

I don't think it's so much that anons (or Fupa) think she has a lot of money, but rather that everyone knows she will waste money on absolutely anything. Fupa knows he can suck her dry for whatever she does have during periods where she openly posts about having a bit of extra money coming in, like during her moving sale. You don't need to attach yourself to someone with a lot of money to leech successfully, Fupa is probably more than happy to take Shat for whatever she has and get his chode wet at the same time

No. 1211237

Whilst Shayna might not be actively paying for Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, he probably knows that if she has her own money he can go out drinking with her (which inevitably leads to sex) and not have to pay for her. I have 0 sympathy for Shay but jfc this disgusting scrote is such a piece of shit, it’s unbelievable that he has 3 children.

No. 1211251

Yup. The same guy who she bought ticket for her birthday and the same guy who made her bring her own food for a bootycall. He isn't poor but he absolutely would not spend a dime for her.

No. 1211260

4th? more like 40th kek

No. 1211264

Damn anon I love you. Thank you for getting these tweets. I went to bed after she talked about her outing and how Oklahoma is mean an cliquey uwu

No. 1211275

i don’t understand how she can’t see how pathetic and truly embarrassing it is to be suicide baiting ON YOUR WORK TWITTER. like bitch just take the L and move back home with your parents.

No. 1211279

I wonder what she did to embarrass him enough to dump her this time. It seems like the breakup happened in public again too, like the last time she embarrassed him in while out with his friends kek

Why hasn’t she asked her parents to help her move to Seattle? She keeps talking about researching Boston but now it’s Seattle again?

No. 1211281

this is like her monthly thing at this point

No. 1211285

How exciting is her life that a bunch of people on the internet that have never met her IRL can predict her every move and patterns? She sure showed her mom!

And lol cliquey? Oh you mean a group of people that don't want anything to do with a pedo-pandering totes-woke scat-selling degenerate that find her uwu so quirky lmao spongebob! My butthole is leaking hehe! "personality" annoying and embarrassing as fuck? Honey, you're gonna find that clique everywhere you go. Literally no body wants to be your friend or boyfriend.

No. 1211290


she definitely gives me vibes of those SW girls who CANNOT turn it off. Kind of like stoners who make it their entire personality. But I can just picture constantly trying to say “sexy” and “shocking” things like her cumrades tweet but IRL and people just getting fucking sick of it/annoyed and telling her to knock it off. And I could see her wanting to kill herself over being told to tone it the fuck down kek

No. 1211293

Oh I definitely see her saying shocking things cause she nOt lIKe OtHeR GiRlS I LiKe AnAAAAaaL and she's too stupid to realize literally no body fucking cares and her try hard personality is cringey and exhausting. I'm sure people IRL immediately see she's desperate for attention, transparent, and fake as fuck. I mean, who the fuck wants to hang out with some retard that laughs like a man for an hour over a pun?

No. 1211294

she literally did that when she was a stoner lmao. her two personality traits are weed and SW.

No. 1211295

Don't forget she also loves super ultra obscure, underground things like spongebob and The Doors kek

No. 1211297

oh shit, you're right. she's also such an ~uwu bImBo~

No. 1211325

File: 1618763111839.jpg (6.83 KB, 201x251, mario jumping.jpg)

Her nipples look like Mario legs when jumps

Looking back at her text, I feel like Fupa friends rubbed Shayna the wrong way or she felt Fupa was paying too much attention to them or something.
Maybe she told some dumb ass jokes, or talked about sex work and they were like, "uh..is she okay?" or gave off those vibes. It's confirmed she went out with Fupa and his friends & some dumb shit happened. Fupa isn't shit but it feels like Shayna overracted or embrassed herself.

No. 1211337

It sucks that Fupa will never come here and spill about Shayna because he’s scared his ex-wife still reads this thread. Lolcow has him so paranoid and that’s why Shayna tries so hard to convince people she’s alone and has friends, to throw the ew-wife off.

Sorry Fupa(s) that might work on a Tulsa divorcee but not us lmao. Also super funny (if this tinfoil of mine is true) that Shay seems to not care about outing Fupa when he’s pissed her off.

No. 1211343

obsessed with the way she keeps phrasing it as she's the one who "let" him back in. shayna we all know you've been begging him to come back for weeks, if not months

No. 1211345

this is what gets me the most. she’s acting as if she hasn’t been blasting how “in love” and hung up over her ex she was this whole time. she makes it too easy when she blasts every little mundane thought that comes across her corroded brain.

No. 1211356

I really believe Shayna is going to go too far and Fupa will have no choice but to defend himself here or on twitter. I think Shayna will say he physically abused him or some shit. They are both so very retarded. Shayna has said multiple times she wished she could ruin his life.
Fupa obviously is a asshole, why stay together? Sometimes it feels like a mixture of Fupa being afraid of Shayna fucking up his situation with his ex.wife or something crazy and easy sex.

No. 1211358

this has been mentioned by other anons in past threads, but i honestly believe at this point he tries to throw her a bone every once in a while because she's obviously desperate and alone and he's the reason she ended up in tulsa in the first place. maybe he assumed she would be gone already?

No. 1211366

I have been waiting for her to move so Fupa will finally spill the tea. I don’t think he will do it while she still lives in Tulsa. But I never really believed she would move anyways.
And she never will. She’s pathetic and literally no anon here is shocked that she went back to the chode, blew her moving fund on him, and as soon as he was done leaching, she cries about uwu my ex, Tulsa sucks, I want to die.

I expected this fupa-reveal to be a little milky but honestly it’s just so predictable at this point it’s not even exciting.

No. 1211367

She probably got too drunk in public and embarrassed him. I don't think it's a reach to say he was using her for money though. He has 3 kids and I bet most of his income goes to child support. Considering he hangs out in crack den looking trailers in his one tshirt with other white trash kind of shows his money situation. The fact that he roped her back in when he knew she had a shit load of cash and was planning on moving says it all.

No. 1211369

at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if fupa isn’t specifically seeking her out for her money, but moreso that shayna is using it as a bargaining chip to get him to hang out with her. like i think it’s totally plausible that she sets everything up and says she’s going to pay because she knows damn well he has no interest in hanging out with her otherwise.

No. 1211373

i want receipts of these convos or i'm never going to believe this kek

No. 1211377

it's believable but Shayna only posts conversations to get her mother "cancelled" (kek), not fupa.
It's been said before, but she holds back when it's Fupa because she does not want to lose him, she knows or thinks her parents are always going to be around and will never see the shit she talks about them.
Shayna exaggerates, If she was giving Fupa money then she'd ALWAYS mention it, I think she lets him borrow money or may have given him money here or there. I do think Shayna use sex, but imagining her using money to lure a grown ass man with three kids is really sad.
Fupa does seem like he's broke though.

No. 1211381

i agree. i don't think the money thing is a big part of their relationship, but i'm trying to give the anons that are convinced that fupa is somehow golddigging her the benefit of the doubt lol.

No. 1211386

Shayna could quite easily fuck up Fupa’s life by simply telling his ex that they’re still seeing each other. But she never will because that would ultimately result in severing their relationship and she doesn’t want that, hence why she baits him on twitter

No. 1211392

I feel like she wouldn't mention it because her whole shtick is being a bimbo who needs to be spoiled and paid for. If she was telling her scrotes she was giving their money to her boyfriend that'd be even too stupid for her. I don't think she is supporting him though. I think he is probably just too broke to go out since all his money probably goes to kids and bills so Shayna is a nice supplement for him until she goes overboard.

No. 1211393

yeah, if she directly contacts his ex I think that'll be the end. I think then Fupa will come here and spill. I don't know maybe Fupa's ex lurks. Maybe they have a agreement that as long as shayna isn't around the kids then she does not care.
I think thats why Fupa makes her hide it, because he does not want to chance her even thinking she's around the children.

No. 1211394

What if Fupa contacted her and encouraged her to spend her money just so she'd be unable to move and he'd retain the easy access to sex?

No. 1211396

I'm sure he was definitely encouraging her to treat herself. Poor white trash like them feel like any extra money is burning a hole in their pocket.

No. 1211397

i think his life is probably easier without her kek. she's definitely initiating contact or else she wouldn't be harping on how hung up over him she's been the last few months.

No. 1211398

any fupa facebook updates?

No. 1211405


I can see her staying in tulsa long enough that she starts thinking of it like a hometown. Then will just never leave because “ive lived here so long uwu”

No. 1211410

TINFOIL - The pink room was fupas house, and like an anon speculated, he painted the room pink for his daughter.

Fupas ex wife obviously still lurks, recognized the pink room instantly, and shit hit the fan when fupa chose his kids/baby mama over her.

Fupes probably made some promise he would start putting her first and this triggered her into some embarrassing bar freakout (sounds like she crying in the bathroom after) after fupa probably pointed out she was the idiot who posted the pic in the first place.

She’ll always be some mans dirty little secret.

No. 1211420

>bitches for months about being unhappy in OK & wanting to move
>starts moving fund, hypes it constantly - "get me out of OK!!"
>22 days ago - cancels moving fund, takes the money anyway
>9 days ago - "I'M HAPPY BEING A $3 SCAT WHORE, MOM". Tells her mother off for wanting her to move back home & be happy.
>past week - buys $400 dab rib. $200 children's makeup. out to the bar 4-5x. contemplates $500 "sex bench". squanders her moving fund in only weeks.
>today - "I'm unhappy in OK, and none of it is my fault"

No. 1211437


that's why shayna remains my favorite cow

No. 1211439

File: 1618774593157.jpeg (303.9 KB, 1242x1088, 358F2EDF-7F30-4555-B87B-6C11A2…)


No. 1211440

File: 1618774642134.jpeg (316.33 KB, 1242x682, 451B7FA4-55B9-4A5B-956D-7431DA…)

lmao I doubt you lost your appetite fatty. Go stuff your face with more edibles and sushi

No. 1211441

File: 1618774929198.png (289.64 KB, 750x1334, 301BEEE4-4C4A-4999-B4E8-BACC2C…)

No. 1211442

poor shayna, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, shootings, hatered, not knowing what to eat.
I feel so bad for her,.

No. 1211444

she probably only needs 3k to move and she already spent the 3k she saved. She's a liar.

No. 1211445

3K or more

so you did spend your moving money

No. 1211446

>i haven't spent any of my moving sale money
she so obviously reads these threads like they're the morning paper

No. 1211447

Did she deliberately say she didn’t spend her moving SALE money to dodge the fact she absolutely spent the separate moving donations etc sent to her?

No. 1211448

Anons saying fupa uses her for money aren't taking into account the few instances of their coexistence that we do have documentation of, such as:
>Fupa paying for house rent/shat owing him money on it
>Fupa paying for shats phone (or giving her free plan through his work or something)

Also, every time any of their personal convo has been revealed, he seems to be giving her good/genuinely caring advice.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying fupa isn't a douchenozzle faggot and probably up to all sorts of emotionally stunted crap - there's a reason he has any involvement with shat to begin with… However, I think it's far more plausible he's tried to set boundaries with shat and ends up having to cut her off because she goes 1-100 and acts a fool of them. Possibly making her pay for her own shit isn't just him being a brokeass, but also trying to distance himself as a romantic figure. Shay probably can't understand 'just friends' and it probably became that opposed to no contact because of her freak outs, crying to him, suicide baiting, pity for her, etc.

+Shat recently mentioned some friends with benefits shit. I'm fairly certain that's how it's been for a time, and fupa probably made it clear that's all it was to him. But shat keeps taking it and pulling it back towards a romantic relationship or similar standards to one, and then freaks out when it isn't like that.

I get the strong impression that fupa "not changing" is just not giving her attention in the way or to the extent she wants. He definitely uses her for easy sex, but I think he's definitely been pity guilted into hanging out/talking to her/stuck as her only support.

My guess: she retarded in front of his friends and he didn't defend her or agreed with them and she's upset feeling he's not being considerate of her feefees. Or he was reminded of why he was distancing her to begin with kek.

Though >>1211410 would be a delicious foil, it's too quick. Even when ex-wife posted here iirc she said she rarely comes here, I can't imagine she would check in often if she does.

No. 1211451

The best part about this: 100% contradicts what she was telling her mom lmaoooo
"CAN'T FIND ANY PLACE THAT MEETS MY REQS" = I'm riding fupa chode was always transparent, but fucking kek at her saying it straight out

No. 1211452

File: 1618775557962.jpeg (494.42 KB, 1242x1052, 7DC03760-2D94-4013-A3CC-7E3DE4…)

No. 1211453

That's it, I'm going begging on twitter. If people regularly give this tragedy $100s for nothing, then they can give it to me too. It makes no sense.

No. 1211454

File: 1618775635225.jpg (159.41 KB, 1080x1079, Jesus fuck.jpg)

This bpd meltdown on her professional "Twitter" is embarrassing. Imagine trying to present yourself as a successful bo$$ bitch sex worker and then posting all this embarrassing shit on the same account.

No. 1211455

>i could have had all the money i needed by now
so is she confirming she was paying for all those cheap ass pub dates? lol

No. 1211458

My sides, her expression in this pic really helps embody what a fucking sperg she is.

No. 1211463

File: 1618776084580.jpeg (296.14 KB, 1242x646, 2B4BC438-13A6-4CDD-B74B-C47A4E…)

The thing is she never stopped texting him. Anons caught her texting him during her camshow. The name Kyle came up in her text notifications

No. 1211465

Sometimes I wish shayna had some kind of clout and a fanbase, i'd love to see people call her out about this.
She'll be back with Fupa after a week and the same cycle will repeat

No. 1211466

File: 1618776150481.jpeg (394.1 KB, 1242x1293, 5C4EEB2B-C096-4F8E-BEFF-A2BD9E…)

Top kek

No. 1211471

Her having a fan base wouldnt change anything. It would just make her more of a narcissistic bitch. We call her out all the time on this thread, she never takes our advice

No. 1211473

I’m sick rn and this drama is giving me life. I can’t wait to watch the rest of this trashfire unfold.

No. 1211475

Out him to his wife, Shayna. Post it to twitter too. Go nuclear. I believe in you.

No. 1211478

For fuck's sake Kyle Nathan Perkins, leave this personified mess alone. Put your diseased chode into someone who won't become a mess after ever single fight. Old fart definitely knows better than Shayna.

No. 1211479

>Sleeping alone
>spending time alone
Doesn't fupa have a job and kids? How often was he sleeping with shayna in her bed to the point where she could'nt "Sleep alone"?
I hate scrotes, but Shayna constantly blasts him on social media. What does she expect? Shayna's social media is dead, but someone sees it and she knows we'll talk about it, so why is it so wrong for him to want to talk to her. She's lucky he never truly blasted her online

No. 1211480

Honestly if she does this it’s arguably the best thing she can do if she wants to cut him off “for good”. No going back from that and if he slings shit at her on here he’ll just make himself look worse

No. 1211500

If she generally does want to move she should just get rid of her pets; or at least noodle; she’d probably find an apartment in her price range. Most apartments don’t like “big” dogs. Bet she’ll use that as an excuse next time she lies about moving

No. 1211503

"Get rid of her dog"
That's fucked up and I don't even think Noodle is that big.

No. 1211507

..how is it heartless to rehome a miserable dog to a new, loving family that actually plays with it and has more space than a shitty dark apartment?

No. 1211509

lol I think Noodle and Rib would be a lot happier without Shayna

No. 1211510

Yeah, god forbid her dog goes to a family with attention to give her, or property. You're an idiot. The lowest low this cunt could do is shut an animal in there with her. Ever seen a dog's anxious behaviour around a drunk before? Ever seen her cat? The thing hides constantly.

No. 1211511


2 or 3k MORE? How much money does one need to move, exactly? I remember someone mentioning threads ago that her dad would probably come down and drive a UHaul for her, she doesn’t have tons of furniture for movers to be crazy expensive… she wanted to fly her animals, iirc… how does she need 3k+ to move? I’ve never moved THAT far so can any anons chime in if this checks out?

No. 1211516

I’m moving from CO to FL in a few months and it’s costing us around 5k total, so I think the number checks out

No. 1211519

Regardless of what is best for those animals she won’t rehome or part with them because she’s convinced she’s a good pet owner and they’re the only living things apart from Fupa’s chode that she interacts with. Not a chance she’ll give them up just to find herself a suitable & cheaper apartment

No. 1211520

Anon, if she gets rid of her pets they'll likely just go to the pound and be euthanized or could potentially go to a worse family.

No. 1211525

She’d sell them to a dodgy family who offered her the right $

No. 1211528

I moved from the US to Europe a couple years ago with a pet and it only costed me about 3k. She doesn't have any big furniture to move. Just her, her pets, and a few boxes of junk. She's definitely inflating the costs.

No. 1211537

her dog is a lab & shepard mix. it’s a big dog, big enough that many apartments wouldn’t allow it.

No. 1211538

I feel like her parents would happily let her move in, but then she'd have to find another way to make money, because I think they'd tell her she can't do sex work in their house. If she was normal she'd make money now and get a regular job while staying her parents and move out and continue to do sex work.

No. 1211540

we know she's not going to quit sex work, so when i say "normal" I mean it'd be a normal shayna action to always end up back doing sex work

No. 1211550

She wouldn’t be able to “work,” drink or smoke weed. There’s no way she’s moving back.

No. 1211551

She should put them up for adoption, or put an ad on Craigslist. She doesn’t give her dog the proper healthcare/ exercise. I never see tweets about her going to the vet for daily checkups. I doubt she does. Fupa is a piece of shit but I think he would take care of Ribmeat and the other cat I forgot it’s name

No. 1211556

This is deleted

No. 1211568

I thought her parents let her smoke indoors when she was a teen? Or were those pics/smoking gifs from back then in someone else’s room?

No. 1211570

She said her friends parents let them smoke in their house

No. 1211578

Oh ok, this adds more layers to her obsession with pot if it was ~prohibited by her parents. I was always confused how she didn’t get bored of the stoner schtick if it was so accessible to her since a young age

No. 1211587

She made some post on tumblr during her stoner days about her parents wanting to meet her friends parents and she mentioned that the friends parents allowed them to do drugs in the house

No. 1211593

So Halloween came early this year. Wtf

No. 1211605

I’ve moved across the country twice for under 1k both times. No pets but a uHaul of stuff

No. 1211614

Not sure if I should post this, but couple weeks ago Kyles ex wife posted on fb that someone as been trying to impersonate her husband on FB. The person was adding their mutual and I’m pretty sure it was shayna behind it.

No. 1211616

> Craigslist
Anon… I would not trust that site to rehome anything. I had to do that to a reticulated python I had. And tons of dodgy scrotes messaged me. She should take noodle to a no kill shelter or find her a foster home through the humane society. And rib too.

No. 1211617

File: 1618791348036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.22 KB, 1536x2048, 20210418_191528.jpg)

No. 1211620

kek i could see that

No. 1211621

Her eyeliner progressively gets worse

No. 1211623


Or some farmer; some of them are cringey enough to cowtip

No. 1211625

It wasn’t a cow tipping situation

No. 1211627

Why would shatna want to impersonate Fupa randomly…?

No. 1211628

>Craigslist as a reputable site for rehoming animals
>should go to vet for daily checkups
anon is not sure what a dog is

can you give more information then? why do you suspect it would be shatna doing that either?

No. 1211631

I’m just saying the dog should get yearly check ups and anyone on Craigslist is probably a better owner than Shayna. All she does is dig her dirty nails in her butthole

No. 1211632

File: 1618793426566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 768.21 KB, 1242x1542, 11C849CB-57B9-4AC7-8A5A-F925F1…)

This photo makes me want to burn my eyeballs

No. 1211638

She needs to go to a mental hospital. Anyone who does this should be locked up in a padded room for the rest of their days.

No. 1211644


As a fan of gapes, this is an particularly bad one. Especially to try to promote so heavily. Scrotes like fresh anal that makes their tiny pee pee feel big big. This looks like Arby’s thrown down a tiny dirt well.(what)

No. 1211645

Right? God I actually HOPE she moves back home and I hope her parents put her in actual therapy because she clearly needs serious help

No. 1211649

>as a fan of gapes
uh ok

No. 1211652

>as a fan of gapes

No. 1211655

>as a fan of gapes
Kek there are fans of this shit?
I mean it’s okay, anal nonnie. Do whatever kinky shit you like as long as it’s not with animals or pedo pandering. But lolcow doesn’t care. Don’t go on an anal sperg please.

No. 1211665

you’re fucked in the head

No. 1211681

love this kek

No. 1211683

where's anorectal violence-chan when you need them

No. 1211687


No. 1211695

Wants 1k prob won't make it past 10 likes.

No. 1211696

it’s already got almost 700, anon. it’s been her pinned tweet for a while.

No. 1211706

File: 1618798904411.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.62 KB, 1536x2048, 2C77D58B-1CCB-417E-A12D-A98EDF…)

Serving grimace realness

No. 1211715

I am going to call it right now. In 3 weeks she'll still be in Tulsa and right back on Fupa dick.

We've been through this song and dance at least three times now.

No. 1211718

i’m going to go ahead and throw it out there that she doesn’t leave tulsa in 2021 period

No. 1211741

File: 1618803070160.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 1211763

This is hilarious. Especially after all that shit she said about her mom being upset she wasn't moving

No. 1211774

Her face is fuckin scary but then her holes are looking ugly too so idk, it's just all a loss. Absolutely haggard.

No. 1211789

File: 1618808739162.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 141.18 KB, 750x985, C67F2227-5AD8-4C8B-91F3-07B826…)

Her asshole looks worse than usual unless this is weird editing, maybe gape anon can weigh in if it’s broken yet or not kek

No. 1211797

Her eyebrows…. I know her broken asshole and dolphin mouth is supposed to be the focus but I can’t stop looking at her eyebrows. KK slider would be embarrassed

No. 1211806

This is so unfortunate. All of it. Even when I zoom in on her face I can’t tell if she has her eyes closed or if they’re just so small and beady it’s impossible to distinguish them under those atrocious lashes. I’m astounded that she can get into this position at her size

No. 1211826

> KK slider would be embarrassed
is she honestly going for kk brows at this point because that’s the only thing that makes sense kek

No. 1211833

File: 1618811264477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.96 KB, 750x885, 47F17D49-5217-4CEE-96AF-C936AF…)

My bad I guess this was an old photoset she was reposting

No. 1211850

>tfw she was fully high on fupa dick when she sent that smug text to her mom
oh man this is chefs kiss

No. 1211889

If fixing her life isn't an option, she should just start dating another online E-tier sw because having no personality aside from that wouldn't be a deal breaker.

No. 1211934


I feel like she wouldn’t be able to handle having a SW boyfriend, unless he was just one of those creepy skinny butterface guys that you only see their dick. Shay always needs to be the center of attention and if he SW boyfriend got better engagement she would probably self sabotage hard.

No. 1211940

She'd never date a male SWer because she'd be jealous of any female fans he had and she'd never date a female SWer because she's been faking being bisexual or whatever this entire time just to get men's attentions.

Somewhere in the distance Dawn is having a field day because this is why Shay got kicked out. Dawn warned her about getting involved with Fupa and what it'd do to her already terrible career and now Shay's worse off than she was before and probably stuck in Tulsa because you can't keep scamming for moving sales when you don't actually move.

No. 1211956

Its kind of funny how she never had to have huge discounts and sales on her entire library of vids/pics or do shit vids to raise funds.

She could have charged the same and if she worked regularly and cut back on spending would have had the money to move by now and maybe even more if through in some minimal begging.

As much as it annoys us, she makes decent money and more than min wage. She could not beg, work hard, and save enough to move in a couple months time. But she is just absolutely awful with her money.

No. 1211958

But the thing is, she can never stick to a schedule and would rather beg for everything

No. 1211974

She might make more than minimum wage but at what cost? She humiliates and degrades herself on a daily basis and it’s all over the internet to see- there’s no coming back from that. Plus she lives in a shitty bumfuck town

No. 1211981

I went back to her first thread to be nosey today and she used to charge $69.99 for fetish videos. Didn't she sell scat for like 20-40 bucks? If she didn't cop out and reduce her pricing so much over the years out of desperation, she might actually have been 'thriving', but she's a Big Mac meal now

No. 1211988

Why doesnt she ever wear bras?? her nipples are always showing. it seems so weird for her to not care at all

No. 1211995

Anon considering everything Shatna does this is one of the least weird things. What a nitpick

No. 1212003

anon, she doesn’t even wear underpants. she refuses to adhere to general personal care. yeah bras are optional but the fact is she goes without basic underwear on the regular so it’s not exactly nitpicky, it’s plain weird

No. 1212008

File: 1618843065938.jpg (204.19 KB, 1079x673, Screenshot_20210419-093716_Twi…)


No. 1212010

File: 1618843125864.jpg (176.15 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20210419-093823_Twi…)

She literally can't go 24 hours without talking about Fupa

No. 1212018

File: 1618844006794.jpeg (385.63 KB, 1242x923, 7B46B3D6-DD4C-4000-BA1E-BB09B0…)

No. 1212020

Kek can’t wait for an eye mite saga

No. 1212021

does she understanding how much maintenance is involved with these things? she can't even wash her hair regularly

No. 1212022

She’s such an idiot, beauty services like that are expensive and require regular maintenance like there goes whatever “moving fund” she had left

No. 1212023

File: 1618844678017.jpeg (669.75 KB, 1242x1616, 6CCA3F8D-A784-490A-81F4-11472A…)

She’s on one today

No. 1212024

File: 1618844742193.jpeg (364 KB, 1224x888, 765729BB-6BCA-4E68-A0A7-E8F15C…)

No. 1212025

File: 1618844779784.jpeg (491.08 KB, 1242x1449, D75E122C-C763-4439-BFD1-6F21B5…)

No. 1212026

File: 1618844831596.jpeg (604.8 KB, 1242x1686, FAB20959-5C39-4A81-B493-AA3C5E…)

No. 1212027

>bimbo in bio, opinion invalid

No. 1212028

File: 1618844869137.jpeg (424.42 KB, 1242x1019, 3E95B077-164A-47B0-90B4-351BDA…)

>bitches on this app