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File: 1621815193099.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3464x2450, CA726B99-DF44-4EAD-8334-0A1459…)

No. 1236555

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

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>Shayna continues to pack on the pounds by eating excessive amounts of food >>1230809
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>Shayna looking middle aged trailer park mom on food stamps >>123138
>Still talks about olive garden >>1231404
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>Shayna’s big honker continues to grow >>1233100 >>1232279 botched saga when??
>Shayna buys more animal replica dildos >>1232344
>Shayna day drinks because she’s upset Fupa is busy with his children >>1233180 which ends with Shayna puking in the bathroom >>1233228
>Shayna continues to smoke, drink, post dab videos on Snapchat, panhandle for money, not do her job, and subtweet at Fupa on Twitter
>Facebook anon finds Kyle Nathan Perkins throwing shade at Shayna >>1233853
>Still talking about moving to Seattle >>1234065 kek
>Scammy Mattel back at it again with her 100th moving sale!!! >>1234667
>Same song and dance with this Fatty
> >1234147
>Shayna is going to a festival to see “Hannah Montana” with her old buddy Colleen >>1234770 >>1235817
>Shayna the pedophile continues to interact with Spongebob Twitter page despite having her gaping asshole as her pinned tweet exposing her degeneracy to minors >>1234677
>Jason R Womack buys the fat bitch a $30 hello kitty snack box, Shayna flexes her $35 dollar wallet which has no money inside, naturally, kek. >>1235524
>Shayna publicly criticizing her mother again because her mother wouldn’t give her another check for 1k >>1235366

>Shayna gets her nose pierced >>1235413
>Oh…. yeah and Shayna wants another fucking dog when Ribmeat hasn’t been brushed in two years and noodle is dirty and hasn’t been out of the house in a week >>1235292
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No. 1236560

Kind of a shit thread anon, no inclusion of the first thread??

No. 1236561

It’s fine don’t get ur panties in a twist

No. 1236568

We have all been here long enough lol chill

No. 1236581

File: 1621818281408.jpg (57.37 KB, 720x457, IMG_20210523_220247.jpg)

How is this related to being a whore? And keep talking about children in your porn account, pedoyna

No. 1236587

Dressing up and playing pretend isn’t a talent? It’s literally just putting on clothes. Every kid does this.

No. 1236616

The funny thing is that she doesn’t know how to dress herself at all. Fatty mattel here looking like a 40 year old alcoholic redneck single mom.

No. 1236634

speaking of moms i was thinking about it and with how obsessed shayna is with fupa,im surprised she hasn't ever attempted to baby-trap him

No. 1236638

File: 1621825913948.jpeg (Spoiler Image,596.29 KB, 1242x1359, 385769D1-9EFF-4230-8FEB-BCAF18…)

No. 1236640

Can you stop bringing that retarded idea up? Shayna is will probably die of obesity/alcoholism before she gets the chance to do that

No. 1236642

never brought it up before, nor have I seen it brought up. and obesity/alcoholism has nothing to do with her fucking him which she already does kek

No. 1236643

Samefag but the idea of Shayna choking on her own puke and dying in her apartment on her disgusting bare mattress is really somber. Noodle and Rib would starve to death and/or eat her rotting corpse. The landlord will see she hasn’t paid her rent they get ready to evict her. The management opens the apartment door and notices Shayna’s dead body covered in vomit, flies, and the putrid stench of death along with orange cat noodle and ribmeat

No. 1236646

I’m saying it’s more likely she’ll die from being fat than get pregnant by Fupa. If fupa was smart he would have a vesectomy. It would have happened already but tinfoil I don’t think Shayna can get pregnant

No. 1236648

jesus christ

No. 1236649


No. 1236650


This is the most realistic thing that will ever happen to her, and she did it all on her own and has no one to blame but herself

No. 1236651

I know…. not saying I want that to happen because no milk and I don’t want to see Shitna die. but she needs to stop drinking and if she is going to be too lazy to exercise to get skinny she needs to do feeder porn, or if she’s really desperate she can go the bulimia route, since she kinda does that already with alcohol and her teeth are already rotten and yellow with a snaggletooth

No. 1236656

Don’t give her any ideas kek

No. 1236658

Damn this is fucked up but I laughed so I’m going to hell.

No. 1236660

Same here. Her insides must be completely fucked considering her alcoholism and adding in her poor diet and how she probably just lies on her couch all day every day. It’s pretty sad tbh.

No. 1236664

Baby trap tinfoil has been brought up so much before just like the infertility tinfoil in >>1236646 has also been discussed to death here

No. 1236676

File: 1621829451090.gif (3.65 MB, 255x178, 1569233981125.gif)

No. 1236724

File: 1621842263232.jpeg (105.1 KB, 750x858, CD161EAA-9C67-4C2E-B5BA-AB0388…)

Fupa flirting with troons on fb kek. He has a type!

No. 1236726

File: 1621843631553.png (9.51 MB, 1242x2208, AA5B8108-02CB-4E6E-862D-14B780…)

Gross why would you out yourself like this ….

No. 1236727

it's normal for pets to destroy shit like this. you just clean it up after. her carpet looks a bit grimy though

No. 1236731

This is so fuckung cute ohm. You have no idea how much I hate snakes but this one is SO CUTE.

No. 1236737

If shes on Snap, shes with Fupa. Kek. Also the hot pot place sounds like a place youd go to with 1 or more people anyway.

No. 1236750

corn snake aka the cutest snake.

No. 1236751

sorry for snake sperg but this is a plains hognose

No. 1236785

This is so cringey and pathetic, way to out yourself as undesirable as if we didn’t already know. Kyle Nathan Perkins, you fupatastic loser.

No. 1236786

Oh thank you, Fupa forgives people who were will within their rights to not be interested in him.

No. 1236787

the commitment to not using the word bleak lmao

No. 1236791

the way that shes gripping her fat roll in the first img is kinda grossing me out

No. 1236804

That looks like a flat out dude, is it a ftm? Or is he just flirting with non passing mtf? If its a mtf no wonder shayna made anal her personality.

No. 1236810

>no wonder shayna made anal her personality.
not trying to wk but she's been doing that since before she met fupa

No. 1236817

True she did.
Also, it looks like the dude may be drag queen not a troon? He's also in tulsa. So unless they are joking around, Fupa really out here flirting with men in drag. He has facial hair in his PFP.
But it's probably a joke and i'm reaching. Maybe the dude is shooting his shot at Fupa or knows him.

No. 1236828

File: 1621867001125.png (637.32 KB, 1045x445, 1.PNG)

I also found another catfish account of shayna on Facebook or maybe it's the same one from last time, i don't remember.

No. 1236829

File: 1621867073694.png (552.13 KB, 479x465, 2.PNG)

No. 1236843

Of all the pretty and nice people of the internet, that person had to pick pedopanderer shart.

No. 1236852

if fupa's a closet case that would explain so much.
i don't understand why shayna has so many people catfishing as her

No. 1236856

It's been discussed before but basically it's more convincing to catfish as someone average and not well known and that have a ton of pics that are easily accessible. Also either she has a private fb or doesnt have one she uses, so that also makes the catfish easier.

No. 1236868

File: 1621873479697.jpg (488.89 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20210524-112442_Twi…)

Shay, the quality has never changed. People are buying the old stuff because you were skinny

No. 1236870

File: 1621873543090.jpg (413.11 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20210524-112551_Twi…)

I'm sure this person's dad appreciates being on hour porn page Shay

No. 1236886

File: 1621875214839.jpg (238.24 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20210524-115348_Twi…)


No. 1236887

I mean the "quality" and "production" was significantly better then but ok Shay. The room was set up and the star blanket wasn't covered in 5 years of musty. The outfits fit and she looked decent. The themes werent repeated and there was at least some variety.
Now it's just her on the floor in the corner laying like a beached whale, squeezing into the same clothes, recycling the same basic ideas, awful dialogue baby voice doesnt work anymore, 1 min of fucking with the generic dildo, then 30 secs of wand to the most unnoticeable "orgasm". Does she even edit the video title over her stuff any more? She used to do actual short intros. Not just "I'm dolly n I'm gonna fuck muh butt so let's do that hurr hurr"

What a cope.

No. 1236889

I was always confused on this even when reading the old threads, when was this stuff with her bed filmed? Seattle? I thought she was sleeping on the floor at that point? Or was this when she moved with that guy in the weird three way relationship she got jealous of?

No. 1236903

iirc the bed videos were at her dad’s? correct me if i’m wrong.

No. 1236904

No. This is when she was in Seattle living with a dude who she was so heart broken wouldnt give her the time of day. The roommate liked tall burnette girls so it sent shay into a frenzy thinking no man could ever say no to her. I think he ended up kicking her out because of how she acted

No. 1236909

if anything the quality has gone down. she actually used to care about background and lighting, at least way more than she does now.

No. 1236910

this video is from her very early stuff when she had not moved out yet. it’s the same bed she used for her “baby” video where she has a hello kitty onesie.

No. 1236912

Her pOrN was bottom-tier and somehow she managed to go even below that. It’s not even about weight… she can’t even be fucked to remove rose petals from the floor for months on end and films on a musty bathroom rug.

No. 1236914

File: 1621878108436.jpeg (200.13 KB, 828x444, 30A4C28D-ED4B-4700-A7A8-885848…)

Feel bad for any photographer who has to photograph shayna’s musty ass

No. 1236929

is she not aware that she’s going to look even worse with someone else taking the pics/video? they won’t all be carefully posed and edited to hell and back.

No. 1236937

File: 1621880597154.jpg (475.52 KB, 3464x2547, Kyle-Nathan-Perkins_is_a_chase…)

The commenter is a pageant drag queen turned bearded troon. Fupa confirmed as chaser. I'll have the heartiest of keks if this is what peaks Shaytard.

No. 1236944

Shes still talking about moving even after going out to dinner with Fupa? Interesting lol.

Also on that note, funny how she blows off working an entire weekend and honestly last week too because of him. She said herself she'd have to bust ass and cut back spending to hopefully move by July and yet all shes done is spend money on oil, food, etc while doing zero content. But she still talks as if its gonna happen for sure. Ok Shay.

No. 1236948

>the quality of my porn has come so far lmao

???is she trolling??? her body went downhill, always fakes every reaction, dialogue was always cringe, setup is less interesting to look at, outfits and "scenarios" are worse than ever.

No. 1236949

Literally. Like she got a few gen newer phone and that's literally the only improvement. The sound quality is still garbo and nothing else is better because in 5 years she never figured out or invested in a good tripod, mic, and camera nor learned how to edit things beyond basic high school vid/photo class level.

No. 1236955

File: 1621882477640.png (545.93 KB, 1361x436, fupa.PNG)

So i found Fupa interacting with the drag queen or transperson, but whats funny is I went back to october 14th 2019 and Shayna went out with to a bar.

No. 1236958

File: 1621882597123.jpg (338.32 KB, 1076x1079, Screenshot_20191015-130802_Chr…)

the next day Shayna wrote picrel about that night. So did fupa go to the club to see that troon and shayna acted a fool?

No. 1236959

File: 1621882725625.jpg (267.45 KB, 1079x1171, Screenshot_20210524-135910_Twi…)

No. 1236960

I really wanna know what she did that she considered for embarrassing

No. 1236962

>Miss Gay Tulsa
Already more successful and does better makeup than Shayna.

No. 1236963

File: 1621882900981.jpeg (466.21 KB, 1242x1250, BEF6590C-48CA-478D-BCB4-902060…)

so these were the friends that Shayna acted a fool around and made fupa break up with her. Including a troon who was calling him "Baby" and that he flirted with possibly.
I know this is autistic im sorry.

No. 1236965

my tinfoil is that she got jealous, misgendered the troon, and that's why she's been kissing tranny ass on twitter for Fupa to see ever since. that's also likely why she never explicitly said what she did on twitter, because the woke crowd would have come for her

No. 1236966

she wouldnt deserve one because she doesnt fucking take care of her lungs

No. 1236968


I don't think it is that deep she more than likely just got drunk and acted super sloppy or threw up all over the place or some stupid shit. Maybe she like yelled at him or hit him or something in front of his friends

No. 1236970

Im kinda behind this tinfoil. She never said what exactly went down that night. And this bitch is the queen of oversharing.

No. 1236971

She's been into RuPaul's drag race for years pretty publicly so as much as I hate her I highly doubt that she's transphobic or that's what happened.

No. 1236973

If you ask me Fupa has a crush or dealings with that troon, he only went because the troon was there. The troon also said they were wasted that night. Maybe Shayna got jealous because the troon was all over Fupa. I would'nt be surpised if he still hung out with them and thats why Shayna had drama a while back. Remember she was talking about "Cliques"

No. 1236976

panini press,, I also thought she wrote panini dress too

No. 1236977

Dont think shes transphobic but watching Drag Race doesnt mean you're incapable of being ignorant, especially when drunk. But it's more likely she was jealous of the troon calling Fupa honey or touching him or something and she probably got threatened and acted up either aggressively or just tried to be all over Fupa and was sloppy and embarrassing kek.

No. 1236978

also this is my last bit of tinfoil, after this night shayna started talking about wanting to get lip fillers and a tattoo.So maybe the girl in the dark hair had her insecure?
She also wore a collar that night and on the 19th fupa was back fucking her in the ass. Okay I'm done with the old milk.

No. 1236979

She will use it once or not at all. Shes a fat bitch who keeps collecting all these pink food prep things and yet is too lazy to ever use them. Like what happened with the rice cooker? She would order meal preps with precooked rice instead when she was doing that week long diet. Its astounding.

No. 1236982

if she misgendered a man who looks like a man and Fupa didn't tell her before hand, the man who looks like a man went by some special gender, I don't blame shayna.
It'd be hard for anyone, especially someone drunk to look at that dude who is literally a man in a bun and go, "Her/she".

No. 1236984

This was slightly autistic but honestly funny so well done. You pieced together something that now has more context and god shes so pathetic lol

No. 1236989

Snakes are disgusting and I hope they all die.
I thought this bitch wanted a panini dress to go with her cheemsburger earrings she bought 20 threads ago
I agree. But maybe fupa was joking bc they’re friends either way Shatna is seething and that’s hilarious

No. 1236990

It's a sandwich maker but she's incapable of even making sandwiches.

Am I misremembering or did she admit once that she gets mean when she's drunk? She probably started something with someone.

No. 1236991

honestly…. they are way hotter than shitna with and without drag

No. 1236995

She said before that Fupa would record her when she got drunk so he could "show the world the real Dolly Mattel"

No. 1236996

maybe, someday, he will post that video

No. 1236998

File: 1621884988127.jpeg (375.79 KB, 1242x933, 549FBABF-58FC-4353-8026-316C64…)

Do you really need a large one, fat bitch?

No. 1236999

File: 1621885019363.jpeg (1018.35 KB, 4000x3000, 1586932117747.jpeg)

Found it. From April 2020.
It's confirmed she's a mean drunk so odds are if dragqueen started calling Fupa petnames like on FB then she probably got mean about it.

No. 1237000

Did we ever find Fupa's twitter?

No. 1237001

You're so well versed in Shay lore, you should become an honorary mod of the thread. Like you have no responsibilities but you can ban whoever displeases you on a whim

No. 1237002

I think it was a joke, but I also do truly believe the dark haired girl with the tattoos made Shayna feel insecure, she painted her nails black, she started wearing black more for a little bit after that as well.
She blamed whatever it was on drinking because she "quit" drinking after that for like 2 weeks, so she claims.
I really think the drag queen is just being a sassy gay dude and the true target is the possible woman in the picture.

No. 1237003

The reoccurring monsters inc gif and his passive agression sends me.
Do you really need a large panini press you greedy, fat whore??

God shes insufferable. He went to get her a stupid pink one and shes like I need a bigger one so it takes up more room in my cluttered place with a bigger surface to collect dust and then more room in the trash when I move teehee

No. 1237006

File: 1621885789676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,764.04 KB, 1242x1498, FD4317C3-7EB1-4557-845D-61A1C0…)

No. 1237007

File: 1621885828702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1735, 06464831-691A-483C-A24B-721298…)

Yesterday’s OF post

No. 1237008

File: 1621885854628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,670.63 KB, 690x1529, A418B1B9-89E3-4BF6-8127-050AE3…)

No. 1237010

baby grinch is back

No. 1237011

File: 1621885940186.jpeg (972.85 KB, 1120x1345, 04AFEA1D-6BFD-4C60-878F-B85ED8…)

No. 1237012

Pussy pimple is back

No. 1237013

File: 1621886104686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,514.77 KB, 659x1617, 0C226D4C-6104-4318-AB22-94F791…)

She wants her coomers to compliment her fat disgusting body….

No. 1237016

if you love it so much why are you doing all these angles? Why do you need others to love it as well? Just stop shayna.

No. 1237018

File: 1621886186515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1242x1636, D3BDCA46-C621-4CAB-A73F-841486…)

Her pimples never left

No. 1237021

File: 1621886435865.png (426.2 KB, 800x800, Hammerpede.png)

No. 1237022

File: 1621886573396.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, AB42168D-0FC1-4177-AA9C-012EA3…)

Drunk obese retard had her sleep mask inside out. And of course fatty spent her last moving sale paycheck on more dollskill her lard ass can’t fit into

No. 1237023


It’s because you can’t fit into a small anymore you fat fuck

No. 1237025

File: 1621886830365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 41B7CA17-61A2-41DD-86E1-3BEBD2…)

Idk if it’s just me being autistic but it looks like Shayna has a wart/ boil on the side of her nose? It makes her nose look bigger than it already is

No. 1237031

File: 1621887157655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,821.41 KB, 816x1559, 95A60AD0-6B58-46D7-9A53-9B243E…)

No. 1237032


It looks like she’s itching her crotch; Everyone would just think she has crabs.

No. 1237035

File: 1621887331138.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 3464x3464, 6D1F2ADE-11B0-425E-AC8F-0495C2…)

When your nipple are two different sizes and your boobs are cockeyed

No. 1237039

itchin and burnin itchin and burnin

No. 1237040

File: 1621887399244.jpeg (Spoiler Image,715.56 KB, 729x1629, 4FAEBBDD-8E6D-446F-BADC-CCF0D8…)

No. 1237042

her greasy sped face kills me

No. 1237044

File: 1621887536792.jpeg (Spoiler Image,808.73 KB, 806x1736, 4F242682-FD39-4418-9DBA-96D10E…)

She still hasn’t fixed her corn callous feet gross sorry for the spam but Shayna hasn’t been milky and has only been posting on onlyfans. These pictures are funny and even more worse than her Twitter pics

No. 1237048

File: 1621887802949.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, E1D0C857-3FA1-4127-872C-8AF881…)

Shayna wash your fucking ass jfc

No. 1237053

File: 1621887871452.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 3464x3464, 69DC8E65-8B5B-4436-AD08-46BBCB…)

No. 1237055

File: 1621887911863.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1014.49 KB, 814x1644, 21BBDABE-1FBA-4B3D-B18A-A33F97…)

No. 1237056

File: 1621887949901.jpeg (Spoiler Image,295.06 KB, 1225x1504, 1AA24741-E891-48DF-AB28-1C34FA…)

No. 1237069

She got that new piercing recently anon. Her wicked witch levels are over 9000 now.

No. 1237079

Why wouldn’t you just edit out the zits….

No. 1237083

ew shes getting the weird eye discoloration that hard core stoners get, her eyes will be as yellow as her feet soon

No. 1237084

lmao anon, literally anyone is

No. 1237088

inner pussy look like a pig nose

No. 1237091

looks like she's got a thong on backwards

No. 1237096

She’s manic and posting images for scrote validation since she can’t get any from Fupa

No. 1237109

File: 1621890970753.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 3464x3464, FFF44325-9AC6-4355-9348-76464A…)

When Shayna went out to drink she had a buttplug in her greasy ass hole


No. 1237111

Her total lack of ass is tragic. It's like looking at two planks of wood.

No. 1237125

or take 5 seconds to dab a little concealer over it for the pictures

No. 1237127

I know we joke about a Hank hill arse but CHRIST

No. 1237135

File: 1621892589292.png (8.73 MB, 1242x2208, 84371329-1BB7-48ED-B50A-43EF6F…)

No. 1237139


It usually takes many years for people to die of obesity.

It's not like you get to a BMI of 35 and suddenly you die of a heart attack or go into a sugar coma at a young age. I'm not saying that can't happen but it's extremely rare.

Most obese people don't die of obesity related illness until they reach their 50s and up unless they weigh something ridiculous like 600lbs and even then vast majority of people never get that fat.

Can we stop the 'shes going to baby trap fupa' and 'shes going to die of obesity'.

I don't think either of these things are likely to happen. As if Shayna is grown up enough to even comprehend wanting a baby. She wants to be the baby herself. She wants fupa to act like her parent. She would likely see a child as competition. She's also focused on being not like the other girls and thinks it's edgy and cool to hate kids. I have seen her make comments about hating babies. She is also on the depo shot.

This thread is so autistic sometimes. There is enough milk going on in the present without these ridiculous tinfoils.

No. 1237151

I still look forward to fupa coming out with the video he took of her being an angry drunk towards him.

No. 1237164

Surprised shes getting them done again. Especially since shes supposed to be saving money to move.

No. 1237178

File: 1621898662064.png (8.85 MB, 1242x2208, 5BB2FAE3-5470-4828-BD0F-39B35F…)

No. 1237180

She is the only person I've seen so looks the exact same with lash extensions

No. 1237183

She got her initial lashes 18 days ago. They're suposed to last a month minimum without needing to be filled. She definitely does not take proper care of them, and is waiting her money on $50+ fills.

No. 1237184

Good thing she's not wearing eye makeup or we would see lash mite saga sooner at this rate.

No. 1237186

oof girl that's how you get an infection

No. 1237189

Why does she need a refill when she doesn’t even follow her skincare routine? She probably never washes her face with soap and she’s not wearing any makeup at all.

No. 1237195

What happened to the tail of her eyebrows

No. 1237197

can’t wait for the “without a base, without a trace” saga were it gets stuck up her asshole and she needs emergency surgery.

No. 1237198

Not to eyebrow sperg, but what does she think the brow lamination is gonna do? She literally has no brow to work with and they get smaller every day.

No. 1237199

the heavy breathing this whole clip. calm down piggy don’t over exert yourself now.

No. 1237200

her eyes look puffy and glassy, is that from drugs or a filter?

No. 1237209

No. 1237212

I don't understand why she keeps blowing her money on these procedures that barely make any change at all, are costly, and very temporary. The microblading made sense, she should at least get some lip filler.

No. 1237228

She needs a fill bc there are whole sections where the lashes are missing around her eye and look like shit. Probably from rubbing her eyes while high or crying.

No. 1237231

File: 1621903004621.jpeg (472.91 KB, 828x890, 62AC8CFA-99FC-479D-9CE3-2BEE9F…)

she looks like she just sneezed and shit herself.

No. 1237240

Everything about her face looks so painful and busted, that expression is how I feel when I get severe cramps and still have to function instead of bursting into tears. Either make a neutral face or smile instead of looking like you’re straining due to constipation.

No. 1237247


Damn the crying over fupa, alcoholic binges, fast food, and daily smoking have made he look bloated as fuck. She's looked this fat before, but she looks so sickly now.

No. 1237248

File: 1621905410150.jpg (512.32 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20210524-201653_Twi…)

This bitch didn't do any research

No. 1237250


Her body is not naturally meant to be this big so she’s finally reached “it looks like it hurts to exist” levels

No. 1237251

so is she getting micro blading or lamination? stop fucking wasting money on deposits and do some research. you have enough time lazing around at home.

No. 1237252

File: 1621905673044.jpg (395.34 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20210524-202118_Chr…)

No. 1237253


No. 1237254

the fact that shay is at the point in her asthma of breathing THAT hard from just crawling around for a minute - yet still smokes weed all day long, tells you all you need to know about how well she takes care of self.

No. 1237256

File: 1621905869286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 3464x3464, 7E910AF2-4043-4C12-ADD1-3DAF06…)

No. 1237263

that top right pic is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while, holy shit.

No. 1237264

I knew she didn’t know what the fuck she was doing. Jfc. God I hope she goes through with it PLEASE milk gods deliver this mess.

No. 1237267

kek this comparison killed me

No. 1237275

File: 1621907877379.jpeg (41.78 KB, 568x443, 27083FC3-DDBF-47F0-98A1-EFA076…)

Top left is

No. 1237283

>>avoid excessive sweating

this isn't gonna go well for pork sweat mattel.

No. 1237294

Lip filler is ugly in general. It makes normal women look like duck faces. If you don't have big lips naturally they won't suit the rest of your face.

No. 1237306

Kylie Jenner looks good

No. 1237308

did you mean top left, anon? I audibly laughed when I saw it lol

No. 1237316

It can look nice if it's done carefully and you don't go overboard, Shayna would probably get a groupon for the cheapest back alley filler though. I'm tired of her lazy bimbo aesthetic even ridiculously fake lip filler would make more sense.

No. 1237319

File: 1621912328590.png (Spoiler Image,4.73 MB, 1242x2688, A2030790-8823-47C0-B865-D3C8DA…)

Nonnies, I am sorry for what I am about to post. It’s more of the same but the caption is… special.

No. 1237321

Ugh I used to creep on her Twitter a lot for the lulz and I can’t even look at her page without gagging at her nasty gape tweet she has pinned. I guess if she wanted to scare us off, it’s working. She’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 1237323

Bottom right I thought anon pulled a joke and actually used a pic of yaniv

No. 1237324


her metabolism must have left with fupa

No. 1237326

I know she thought it was clever and funny but her vag looks scary and really ugly and it's just like… it's all out right there. Anyone, including minors, can click on her page and it's just full on gaped pussy and asshole in your face immediately. Really classless even for an e whore. Not a lot of incentive for dudes to buy content when they can see right away that she posts explicit content for free.

No. 1237330

Dumbass really doesnt know theres a difference between microblading and laminating despite being told by anons here and google searching it taking all of 10 seconds. Either way its probably gonna look awful and yeah the healing on microblading is annoying. At least she never showers so she won't have to worry about getting them wet, except for the meat sweats. Have fun with the flaking part too lol.
But to answer the question, it hurts a bit towards the end if the numbing cream starts to wear off, other than that it's just a process. It's a bunch of cuts into your skin that get filled with ink. And that shit stays so she better hope they do a good job and she wants it. Not to blog post but I got mine done over a year ago to help a student friend and still have random lines lol.

No. 1237333

yeah I did kek im an idiot

No. 1237334

yeah you do need to be more flexible and do some stretching, fatass. lifting one leg up isn’t really exceptional.

No. 1237338

Fills are recommended every 2 weeks. 3 week fills they charge more for since you won’t have as much lash retention.

Lip filler absolutely does not make everyone look like a duck. It would be hard to work with her tiny crusty little lips though.

No. 1237348

File: 1621915061622.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2208, B0784F76-B2BF-4A7E-9CA9-E47694…)

No. 1237350

File: 1621915252183.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.19 MB, 3464x3464, 610C32BD-553C-4E66-9520-233978…)

OF anon
she just sent a mass message of her nasty corn feet and greasy face

The $3 was worth the fatspo

No. 1237351

File: 1621915447076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.17 KB, 746x1529, 0E7988D6-179F-4B6E-90FB-1E7772…)

No. 1237352

File: 1621915478275.jpeg (Spoiler Image,250.36 KB, 767x1513, A435F913-27C9-4FE7-86A5-92C0CB…)

No. 1237361

she’s so disgustingly greasy, she has no sense of what’s photogenic at all. I can see the bright side in a lot of cows but I can’t see how she can ever thrive again in such a “career” where you’re surrounded by actual supermodel looking girls with perfect bodies. These are like drunken photos youre ashamed to have had on your phone at all, I always get secondhand embarrassment when anons upload her content for paid subscribers.

No. 1237372

File: 1621918606135.jpeg (Spoiler Image,210.65 KB, 678x1610, 961B7C30-B516-4B41-B79C-4FFF3B…)

Jason R Womack down bad

No. 1237375

File: 1621918755029.jpeg (Spoiler Image,724.81 KB, 699x1516, 3171DCA2-C4F8-4834-AE1A-96F98D…)

This greasy bitch isn’t even flexible

No. 1237376

When her fupa makes a literal line across her body akin to wearing an actual shirt… Holy fuck.

No. 1237380

I hope it's just lighting/filter but Noodle looks like her coat is turning brown and that might be a sign of poor nutrition.

No. 1237390

Might be the glare off her clothes but this is the same girl who needed to buy an automatic cat food/water dispenser and robot litter box despite her being at home all day, I doubt she cares about much more than getting her dabs and Fupa

No. 1237432

What the fuck even is her face anymore? It's gotten bad to the point where I'd rather look at her mangled pussy and asshole than these shit sniffing facial expressions

No. 1237437

mfw when i have to take a crazy shit but i have guests over

No. 1237445

To the anon who said their ex husband looked like Shayna as a man, I send my condolences to you. You deserve a better looking partner

No. 1237456

Thank you, Nonnie. Leaving him was truly a blessed decision.

No. 1237490

I'm dying at this face. It's like she's smelling something awful. Why does she do this?? Put your eyebrows down girl. Get some visene.

No. 1237499

Gut shelf is coming in nicely. Should be nearing 200 now.

Lash mite saga followed by 'real eyelashes fall out' saga, I'm calling it now.

Microblading & a nose job if she really wants to change her face.
She's practically plucked her eyebrows off completely. And fixing the squidward nose would really benefit her. I dunno how she could fix her beady, downs syndrome eyes though. I think she's kinda stuck there.

Anon, I just cringed so hard at the thought of that being a shirt of fat. Her body looks really uncomfortable to exist in.

No. 1237524

what is that white line on her inner thigh/vag? it looks like there’s some cheesy substance between her leg and her vag… barf

No. 1237525


The hair washes her out soo bad. And don't even get me started on the lightened vagina. I hope one day a recent unphotoshopped picture surfaces so we can see a real horror show.

No. 1237533

Having to reference kids shows at every moment possible because you’re a pedo with no personality ~

No. 1237534

pork sweats

No. 1237541


I find it so weird that she's such a homebody yet she never watches any current or even any new tv shows, movies, video games, or finds new bands/music. What exactly is she doing all day? She barely puts out content, and if she was working all the time she would probably not such financial issues when she desperately wants to move away. She is selling herself to simply just exist. That is so depressing. She's mentally stuck and hasn't grown in years now.

No. 1237573

File: 1621951006118.jpg (583.75 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20210525-085706_Twi…)

I wonder why she deleted this

No. 1237576

Same. Does she really just spend all day on social media? Does she just sit around, bored, until her next meal?

No. 1237612

File: 1621954428975.jpeg (800.64 KB, 1242x1465, 67E1AACB-5820-405C-9659-E7001C…)

She posted it again with a different caption kek wow Shayna you got $5.00!!!! I’m so jealous

No. 1237617

File: 1621955082036.jpg (228.08 KB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20210525-100432_Twi…)

Shay you are constantly interacting with a child's show twitter page

No. 1237623

Damn, the cringe of being an absolute hypocrite.

No. 1237627


No. 1237632

File: 1621956388954.jpeg (348.94 KB, 1242x1104, C7965E12-3E81-498C-82C1-749E48…)

This is literally you, Shayna. She has no brain cells left

No. 1237635

Yeah, here YOU are, Shat. Look inward, sweaty.

No. 1237647


Isn't this what fups complained about her doing just a few days ago, though? Even her manlet thinks she's a bitter pick me

No. 1237648

File: 1621957292947.jpeg (164.5 KB, 599x450, 5A5A7791-42EC-4D4C-A21C-CE7A13…)

Snapchat filter working overtime
Annie are you okay?? heeeheee

No. 1237655

File: 1621957807905.jpeg (214.65 KB, 1242x483, BF7D769A-A558-4BC2-8F2B-C3C93E…)

maybe if you weren’t such a fat tub of lard and didn’t smoke all day and night you wouldn’t need an inhaler

No. 1237673

She is absolutely destroying her lungs. Not only does she sound completely winded 24/7, she seems to suck down her inhalers and never has a backup. Or she uses her backup because she’s too lazy or broke to get another one.

No. 1237683

>tweeting responses to @spongebob when her twitter banner is 'ANAL' and her first pinned tweet is her gaping asshole
>minors literally respond to her spongebob tweets
>not doing anything sexual around non consenting parties

No. 1237692

File: 1621960048123.jpeg (187.72 KB, 1242x462, 726FCC25-3711-4881-AE33-D21FC9…)

imagine being a grown ass adult and still talking about high school

No. 1237693

wasn’t she literally just at the doctor like a week and a half ago?

No. 1237696

imagine peaking in high school but your “peak” was still being known as a rat-faced, underachieving bitch with like 2 friends kek

No. 1237705

Most people dont wait until their medicine is completely gone to go to get it refilled, idiot. They set some aside, have extra, or when they get low they call it in. If she was running out, she should have called or googled when the doctors would be open it's not that hard. Shes probably just upset because she needs it to smoke weed.

No. 1237706

Stupid bitch, there's a fucking counter on inhalers so you can gauge how much is left and order a refill BEFORE it goes out. Kids with asthma can function better than you. Goddamn grow up.

No. 1237713

File: 1621961722544.jpg (525.92 KB, 2048x1138, E2P5ZMLX0AUuPXl.jpg)

I don't know what's worse. The state of that cat or the fact that Shayna rubs her privates all over that blanket after it's been used by the animals.

No. 1237722

omg that poor cat needs to be brushed so badly

No. 1237723

lmao wait why did she try to hide the bratz stuff on it? to hide the fact she still buys from dollskill bc all "woke" twitterfags shit on it? because she is a "barbie" not a "bratz"? lol

No. 1237724


No. 1237728

I wish she would vacuum all the hair off of her couch and brush her poor greasy matted cat

No. 1237734

the state of her cat should be considered abuse. looks like she has mattes all over. poor kitty.

No. 1237737

>that incredibly greasy cat
>the dog that looks depressed in every picture
God I hate this bitch.

No. 1237738

File: 1621963487812.jpeg (180.18 KB, 1284x592, 22B6082B-3406-4AE8-878A-F5A909…)

hoping for a train wreck today

No. 1237740

Why not make an appointment at the groomers for her fucking cat instead of her nonexistant eyebrows? Retardation

No. 1237750

God this is going to be so crusty, I cannot wait.

No. 1237751


That poor fucking cat. Also with the amount of animal hair on that sofa why even bother putting the blanket down it’s doing fuck all, everything in that apartment needs deep cleaning

No. 1237755

getting your eyebrows done just to fill them in like a 50 year old auntie. amazing

No. 1237756

File: 1621964817481.jpg (258.51 KB, 1079x904, Screenshot_20210525-124627_Twi…)

Shay you are the #1 victim blamer

No. 1237758

The state of rib is so upsetting… shes so matted this is animal neglect at the very least. This nasty bitch should have her pets taken away if she can’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes once a week to brush a damn cat. I bet she doesn’t bathe noodle either. Animal welfare saga when

No. 1237759

I used to work as a groomer and the only time I saw cats like that was when the owners were clearly neglecting it. She must be feeding it the cheapest, shittiest food like meow mix for that coat to be so gross. It’s definitely matted because she probably never brushes it. How fucking sad. Someone call animal control.

No. 1237761

shaytard can't even look after herself nevermind 2 animals so i'd support animal control being called but wouldn't that be cowtipping?

No. 1237762

>fuck it, i'm a-logging
a cat will never reach this level of matting unless there is an underlying physical or psychological condition. her pets are clearly miserable and stressed from being locked together in her filthy hovel. instead of spending money on food and weed so she can continue expanding her ever-growing gunt and burning away the singular remaining brain cell she has, she could be putting some of the meager pennies she makes from showing her rancid snatch online towards actual pet care. she could take five minutes from her incredibly busy day of pork sweats and crying for low-value chode to groom her animals or take them to the vet. it is almost shocking how thoroughly unlikeable she is as a human being.

No. 1237764

If shes too lazy to brush the cat, like she is to feed and give it water or scoop the litter box, then she ought to take it to the groomer at least. Take Noodle too while she's at it. They have mobile pet groomers that can come to you even.

No. 1237769

I’ve only seen cats look this bad when they’re old and can’t clean themselves anymore. Rib is DEPRESSED. She’s so depressed she’s stop bathing herself.

We finally made it to where her arms have rolls now, in her fat saga. Soon her elbows will disappear into her arm fat.

No. 1237771

The box just reminded me, but how often do you think she changes cat litter? Actually she doesn’t seem like the type to change the litter, she’s more of the type to just add new litter onto the old used litter and let’s it sit for days. Her apartment smells of smegma, body odor, ammonia, wet dog, and shit most likely.

No. 1237775

Can this be brushed out or is this a bad situation where the cat would need to be shaved/the hair cut?

No. 1237778

it looks matted, I've watched youtube videos of matted cats and dogs, they kind of looked like this.

No. 1237781

Depending on the severity and how close to the skin it is, it more than likely would need to be shaved. And assuming she’s never been to a groomer she’d need to go to a vet that can put her under to safely shave the mats out as it can be stressful for a cat to go through. You wouldn’t want to try to brush it out if it’s too close since cats have thin skin and you can tear their skin.

No. 1237783

The matting overall is moderate, it would have to trimmed or shaved on her stomach and legs at the very least. It would take a lot of intense brushing for sure and I’m sure it would be very uncomfortable and even painful in some areas for Rib. Even though she doesn’t have full on dreads, a cat with that level of matted fur needs to be groomed by a professional. There is no reason for Shat to let her cat get that far gone

No. 1237794

Oh my god ribmeat looks like an old rug that's not been cleaned in years.

Poor thing.

No. 1237798

I beg you shayna please take her to the groomer at least and get her a lion cut. This is horrible

No. 1237799

File: 1621968201917.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, AC2CC79F-B61C-4697-B443-C410FA…)

No. 1237803

What did the post even say? It got deleted

No. 1237807

it’s easiest if she just gets her a lion cut and brushes out her legs and face. but she won’t even do the bare minimum.

No. 1237809

she looks like a tired drunk trailer trash mom of 3 with 4 baby daddies.

No. 1237810

she was just replying to another more popular sex worker who constantly talks about how fat people are lazy and she’s better because she works out. shayna probably felt personally attacked, kek.

No. 1237816

She's an absolute idiot. The whole thing started because some minor acting like a Twitter puritan posted that if they saw grown adults at their local pride with anything kink related, they'd call the police on them for exposing them to kink.

It's part of the wave of Twit-teens being puritanical and harassing anyone that they don't agree with, including telling an entire group of people how they should live their lives at their own events.

But then again this is Shayna who forces herself into kid's areas while having her gaped ass front an center for anyone to see.

No. 1237818

I can't believe her animals are this neglected and she almost adopted another fucking dog last week, I truly feel so bad for these pets

No. 1237828

wow, i have never seen a domestic cat look like that. i've seen some go through the shelter get like this when they're very stressed and not grooming themselves. it looks like Rib hasn't been brushed in upwards of 6 months? poor thing. Rib was always an only cat, i bet having the orange cat + the dog stresses her out. sorry for being a sperg but holy fuck i hate to see a kitty in such condition. not like she's starving but like… this is bare minimum cat care.

No. 1237829

also is that dirt caked onto the dog's hind leg? hachi fucking machi

No. 1237842

I was wondering the same thing anon!

No. 1237847

They look so miserable. She does absolutely nothing all day and still can't be bothered to provide minimal care for her pets. She could call a mobile pet groomer and not even have to to leave her filthy apartment.

Calling teens who don't want to be exposed to kink "puritanical," don't be like Shayna, pedoanon.

No. 1237848

ok and not to be a tinfoiling freak but i noticed the dog has white on her snout too. my mom's dog had that kind of white on her face before when she got into the kitty litter. makes me think….

No. 1237850

What even are you talking about? If a minor shows up to Pride and calls the cops because they saw an adult walking by in leather mini shorts then how is that in any way being a pedo?

No. 1237852


Jesus Christ, this warrants an SPCA report. That's fucking horrifying. The cat looks elderly, the dog does too, and not to mention the orange cat as well lives in this filth.

Shayna you do not deserve animals.

No. 1237860

I'm not going to repost pictures of children at Pride interacting with grown adults in kink-garb, but you know it's not "leather mini skirts." Keep your kink in adult spaces, pedoanon. This goes for Shayna too.

I completely forgot she wanted to adopt another dog, a pit, who may require even more care and attention.

No. 1237861


Hope the next time she takes her animals to the vet they get taken away; Shayna can’t even take care of a goldfish or herself let alone a dog and a cat

No. 1237869

>Leather mini shorts
You fucking retard that’s a daily thing, who doesn’t take a walk downtown seeing that. Fetish gear, nudity and sexual acts in public are not the same and that’s what the issue is. I am in no way against pride but wtf I’ve seen(that was years ago I’m sure it’s gotten much worse) is not acceptable.

No. 1237870

If I knew she wouldn’t spend the money on booze I would book and pay for noodle and rib an appointment TODAY. I can’t stand seeing dirty animals even if it belong to a shitty person.

No. 1237877

I hope her eye brows turn out as bad as her hair did that one time she did rose gold and it came out red

No. 1237879


everything part of shats life can be compared to the bare minimum

No. 1237882

Considering the fact that she probably never cleans it and is sitting around drunk/high all day, that's not at all outside of the realm of possibility. Dogs will eat anything

No. 1237887

poor rib, how can shay look at this picture and think that her cat looks fine?? Rib and noodle need a place that is stable and with a human that is stable.

No. 1237896

Can someone please help Rib?

No. 1237900

the dog looks like it wants to die and that cat's fur is so matted it'll probably have to be cut out. i feel so bad for them

No. 1237912

It's almost as if an event centered around sexuality may have sexual elements to it..

No. 1237913

They look depressed AF

No. 1237915

So when people get married they should fuck in front of all the guests at the altar? It’s about sexuality after all.

No. 1237917

Someone in the states plz call animal authorities. This is so wrong. I've never seen a photo of noodle without the white of his eyes showing and rib looks neglected af. She needs to be reported and have them removed from her care immediately.(cowtipping)

No. 1237920


She's going to come home, book an appointment for a groomers and then beg for a reimbursement.

"Just paid the minimum attention possible to my animals, who's paying?????"

No. 1237921

No. 1237924


You can file a report online anonymously anon. NYPA, even if Shay is an abusive garbage hog

No. 1237926


i honestly wouldnt be shocked if that dog has been sexually assaulted by shayna for a private custom. we already know she’ll stoop to shit play and roleplaying as kid. if you have the cash and can keep it “down low” shayna will do anything.

No. 1237933

anon pls. dogfucker tinfoils are the new titpickers. you know she'll stoop to shit play and pedo pandering but you think with bestiality she's got some discretion?

No. 1237934

Children’s movies usually have elements of sexuality as a main focus in them (typically heterosexual romance) but you don’t see Cinderella in a leather gimp suit pegging Prince Charming.

If pride parades are family friendly then they need to fucking focus on love and support and not degenerate kinks that anyone of any sexuality can participate in.

No. 1237941

File: 1621977503270.jpeg (93.94 KB, 673x947, 498A2B01-A49E-4632-B565-FB0A85…)

she got her brows done

…what’s the difference

No. 1237944

I mean… it’s a slight improvement? I guess? They still look over plucked and sad as hell but it’s not like she had much to work with in the first place lmfao

No. 1237945

I expected some thicker brows, I guess that’s what happens when a client goes with over plucked brows, they just don’t know what to do.

No. 1237946

I think I've realized the procedures she's chosen to get are ultimately so she feels as though she doesn't have to do her makeup anymore. She's too lazy to do her own makeup when it's part of her "job."

No. 1237947

It just looks like she penciled in what was remaining of her actual brows lol

No. 1237948

What is it with these bitches and inflicting their filthy lifestyles on innocent animals? Seriously why bother keeping pets if you’re just going to neglect them? I truly don’t get it. Reminds me of Pnp and her shaved cats/crippled dog.

No. 1237949

I wonder if the brown is nooodles undercoat showing, she's probably overgrooming from stress and boredom

Whoever did her eyebrows did her dirty

No. 1237953

they look better, I wish she'd learn how to pose, I don't know why she thinks this angle is her "good side"

No. 1237956

at this point who fucking cares about cowtipping or whatever. can someone in OK please report her. rib is too depressed to groom and is matted and greasy as fuck. noodle has mud caked on his leg and gets into the cats shitbox and looks generally depressed and neglected. someone help the fucking animals(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1237957

File: 1621978397790.jpeg (69.09 KB, 512x384, 1FEB1123-A5B9-47F2-890E-850540…)

She looks the exact same lmao big ass honker nose

No. 1237958

It looks like caked on mud/dirt

No. 1237964

Shayna is not getting her animals taken away because they're dirty, unhappy, and have matted fur. Unfortunately, getting an animal taken away requires an entirely worse level of abuse than that.

No. 1237967

No, it's discolored fur, which is even worse.
Noodle used to be all black when Shay got her, now she's got brown discoloration on her muzzle and paws. It's visible in rare well-lit pictures of her and not a sign of good care.

No. 1237972

She’s one of those retards who would get a random shelter pitbull because uwu cute misunderstood doggo without knowing history and behavior and then it ends up tearing up her mangy apartment and killing the other pets. I’m so glad she never went through with that at least

No. 1237975

she never begs for money to bring noodle to get a vet check up or get her nails clipped but i noticed that her nails are clipped in the few photos she posts

no uber would allow a muddy big ass dog in their car, so Fupa must have been taking noodle to the groomers for nail clippings since Shay doesn't walk

No. 1237981

stinky petgate would be a lot funnier if there weren't real animals involved. this is the first time i've been genuinely, truly annoyed during a shatna thread. most of the time it's just kind of funny and sad.

imagine getting your eyes and brows down only to look like the same bloated, greasy alcoholic while your pets are tangled, stinky, stressed, and laying around on your crummy pink anal leakage blanket. absolutely stark. stenchy manuevers.

shatna should go to the groomer too to brush out that crusty bun on top of her head.

do you guys think she learned from her pets and is overgrooming her brows and eyelashes due to stress and boredom?

No. 1237983

It does look like dried dusty dirt.

I don't recall noodle ever having a brown patch.

No. 1237984

Thanks anon I will do that. I just put her name and location right? or does it require more?

No. 1237985

Idk about the Fupa tinfoil, but she's absolutely the type of person who spends the least amount of money possible on her pets so she can buy more shit for herself. She probably trims Noodle's nails herself out of her sheer gluttony that drives her to spend more on takeout and it's the closest thing to motivation she's ever known.
You know that if she ever took her pets to groomers, she'd be all over twitter sperging about them getting pampered and being bImBoS like her, or some shit like that.

No. 1237987

File: 1621980527990.jpg (91.26 KB, 1001x1024, 1571407738601.jpg)

the expressions she makes look like a manatee giving birth. i can't believe she is in her early 20s with such saggy puffy skin, beady gremlin eyes and rat teeth.

the hair makes her look like a facebook minionposting MLM cultist mom of 4 from Nebraska.

she really is the most unfortunate lolcow

No. 1237989

It is telling that Shayna never talks about vet visits or begs to get her pets groomed, but she barely grooms herself so idk what people expect. Also, she may have fupas cat so imagine how shitty that cat looks.

No. 1237990

The only person who could realistically save rib is Fupa.

No. 1237992

File: 1621980853463.png (241.51 KB, 360x612, ribmeat feat filthy blanket.pn…)

RE: ribmeat

here's a pic of her from 2019. or at least that is when this pet reunited page thing was posted, pic may be older. (from when she was lost or something??? i remember Rib went missing in her house for 3 days due to stress, not sure if this is the same thing lmao)

you can see here her fur looks less shitty and matted. new stressors ("new" lol) must have been fucking with rib for awhile. ie since she got the dog i assume.

also i love everyone's desire to see justice for Rib but animal welfare won't do anything. as long as they're not ill, have food, water, shelter, animal services don't do much. adult cats are already overrepresented in shelters as is.

the only play is for someone to replace fupa as her tumblr daddy dom & as part of your bdsm relationship demand she relinquishes ownership of rib to you. then ghost. sorry to say it.

No. 1237995

yeah literally the only time she mentions the cat is to talk about it’s “penis face”. fucking degen.

No. 1237997

God I fucking hate Shayna. Those poor animals.

No. 1237998


She's always had thin brows, but the issue is they need to be longer like >>1236393
She'd probably look weird with full brows, she should have brought a reference of her old brows and they'd be a lot better.

No. 1237999

Was this posted on Twitter? I can’t find it. I wish Fupa would do something about this even of it’s not his. This is disgusting and sad.

No. 1238004

File: 1621982235926.jpg (370.79 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20210525-173733_Twi…)

I hope her eyebrows flake off

No. 1238005

Rib looks like any carpet or blanket Shayna has had for a year or more. Guess it makes sense.

No. 1238007

What did you guys put for the address for the animal cruelty report?

No. 1238009

What about your poor little pets though, you selfish slag?

No. 1238010

Yeah I've said this before and she confirmed it after getting the lashes. She thinks she passable and is too lazy to put on lashes or do her makeup now. It's like a whole new level of sloth for someone who literally has nothing going on in their life especially.

No. 1238012

Yeah I just put her name and that she’s from Tulsa

I didn’t put her address because I don’t know it lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1238015

Quick google search revealed her address and apartment number.

No. 1238017

They dont look awful but they dont look good. Kinda pointless really. Wasted a couple hundred at least when she could've filled them in herself in a minute or two. But I guess the point is to do absolutely nothing. Wonder what she does with all this time she saves by not grooming, manually feeding and watering her pets, changing the litter, doing her make up, etc. Doesnt want to take care of her pets or herself. Just blow money and go on & off with Fupa.

No. 1238018

All you idiots reporting her for animal abuse are being autistic as fuck. The reports are for animals who are beaten and starved and actually abused. None of use have actually seen the pets or what she does. It's all speculation. Yeah the cats fur looks matted and the dog is probably bored, but shes feeding them and shit and that's that. I'm not WKing for her and I love animals. But y'all are being retarded and not thinking. Dont waste their time on this shit when their are actual horrible shit happening to animals. Yes people who cant provide good care for their pets shouldnt have them. But they do. Shayna is one in thousands of below average pet owners. It's got a lot of layers to it and would require big systematic changes no one is ready for.

No. 1238019

I suspect the cat would rather be matted and alive than in shelter where they kill most of the cats

No. 1238020

this, stop being cowtipping retards your neighbours and friends probably "neglect" their pets to this level

No. 1238021


bless you anon, fuck the rules. these animals deserve better. even if they don't take them, maybe them showing up will be enough to put a scare into this nasty fat lard to spend a little less time creating pedopandering low-rate porn and a little more time trying to care for the animals condemned to her care

hope they can find her (provided you did not give an address)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1238023

this exactly. and what's a report without an address going to do? absolutely nothing.

No. 1238024

>wahhh why do you complain about your life when there are STARVING CHILDREN IN AFRICA!

No. 1238025

>these animals deserve better
They do, it's too bad that if they get taken, the cat will most likely be euthanized
But I guess getting a cat killed is worth it to ruin Shayna's afternoon

No. 1238026


yes, other animals have it worse. it's not autistic to care, good for those anons. and it's not about them removing the animals, it's about sending a message to this fat fucking greasy pig.

No. 1238027

>But I guess getting a cat killed is worth it to ruin Shayna's afternoon
I’m going to hell for laughing at this topkek

No. 1238028

>it's about sending a message to this fat fucking greasy pig.
maybe you should take a break from these threads

No. 1238031

Rib looks like she's contemplating suicide in almost every pic, the cowtipping tards are doing her a favor

No. 1238033


public voter records are fucked. thank god im not american.

also, wow she was really that close to her gym and still found excuses to not show up? its like a 5 min walk…

No. 1238036

>killing a cat is worth upsetting Shayna

Tf is wrong with you lol

No. 1238037

wow this thread went full fucking retard.

No. 1238038

File: 1621985162340.jpg (405.22 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20210525-182555_Twi…)

Quit cow tipping ffs

No. 1238039

Doesn't always make everyone look like a duck but the filler mustache is inevitable

No. 1238040

Are you a non-native speaker, or did you genuinely not recognize that as sarcasm somehow?

No. 1238041

Sorry if it's widely known, but how old is Rib? I concur with the lion cut thing. Shay if you see this, please brag about having your pets professionally groomed regularly (with photo proof) online like you do with buying weed, it would genuinely be welcome and actually garner some likes, I think.

No. 1238044

lmao the autism itt is palpable. animal spergs please go outside for 5 minutes and get some fresh air.

No. 1238049

They really think they're doing something by reporting a cat for not being brushed enough and a dog that needs more walks.

No. 1238052


Can we not go into this off-topic stuff? Shay has no right to talk about kinks in public, but the original anon's comment didn't really have much basis in the topic since she deleted it and never gave her actual opinion on anything.

No. 1238053

iirc she's about 6ish. somewhere around there. could be off by a year or two.

seriously. TND kept her animals after cowtippers sent animal control to her house. Shatna's not going to get hers taken away. the people running to this thread to brag about cowtipping, you're just giving shatna further ammo to victimize herself because nothing is going to come of this, besides her whining about the mean internet bullies trying to ruin her life again

No. 1238055

This already got debunked as a farmer (Most likely Luna) Posting that because the cat was confirmed on Fupas Snapchat and the ZIP code didn't match where we ended up finding out they lived It was in a completely different city or something

No. 1238058

What the fuck happened to this thread

No. 1238061

Knowing Shat, she won't get it redone, and it'll just go neglected and half done for all time. She doesn't have the money to get filler maintenance when she's begging for small change on OF.

No. 1238067

She looks way older, but I don't think there's a reason to report it. She'll see this, and definitely the autists cowtipping on twitter, and she'll brush Rib. I would genuinely like to see a selfie of her outside walking Noodle, though. Would be very reassuring.

No. 1238082

She walks her randomly. Theres a fenced dog park nearby or maybe part of the complex. It's debatable if Shay just puts her out on the porch to shit and piss or actually takes her out and then if she walks her then. I'd bet money the dog isn't getting a daily walk because Shay shares her daily activities constantly and it's always the same "eating, dabbing, fucking my butt, buying this, eating, drinking, dabbing" never a "gonna walk my dog, then __" just random pics or mundane things that happened while walking noodle on occasion.
Do feel bad for Rib though because yeah she needs grooming and Shay really pushed a dog and another cat on the thing and its probably still stressed daily. She only posts about the "penis marking" on its face and that she got it/the other cat an auto litter, feeder, and water thing now. Other wise its usually something negative like Rib was missing for a day or more in the floorboard of a cupboard or something that just make Shay look really bad.

No. 1238086

Her apartment complex has it's own gym she could use, too. She's just too lazy. I would kill to have a gym in my apartment complex, so it's infuriating that she chooses not to use it.

No. 1238095

If that’s true, why tf did Shayna spend $500 on a personal trainer??? I’d love it if I lived in an apartment with a gym even if it was outdated and old, I’d go all the time to lose weight. She’s such a dumbass. I predict she is going to live in Tulsa chasing Fupapa until Fupa gets a restraining order

No. 1238097

does this thread think every cowtipper is Luna? there’s a lot of autistics in this thread besides luna, kek. don’t give her that much credit.

No. 1238100

Not sure about shaynas but a lot of apartment gyms have been closed due to covid. But even if that wasn’t the case she wouldn’t have gone, despite all the stories she could make up about guys looking at her butt or whatever

No. 1238107

This is so fucking embarrassing $5 is barely even a coffee

No. 1238110

i think the worst is, they probably never get to go outside at all, maybe she walks noodle for 20 minutes at most but i highly doubt she walks her. just horrible, it would give any human depression, let alone a domesticated animal. how miserable, i almost wish she will have to give them away to a better person before she moves… ugh

No. 1238113

shayna hates being a human being with emotions so much
thats why shes an addict, has nobody but herself, and puts money and material items she doesnt EVEN USE as a replacement for emotions because she never feels happy ones, blows through her money just to barely feel joy. its her fault tho

No. 1238117


Damn, I'm not a cat owner and never have been but I've never seen a cat look like this before, and I've been around long haired cats. I do have a dog and even when he's just chilling and napping he never looks this done with shit and depressed. I would be really fucking embarrassed and ashamed of myself if for whatever reason any kind of animal under my care was this neglected, I couldn't imagine posting an actual picture online. Anyways, at this point she needs to get called out for her shit online because any actual intervention probably won't end well for the pets. My heart really goes out to them, I honestly imagine her being the type to get easily flustered and frustrated with them.
Sorry, just a lot of people draw the line at animal abuse. This is sad as hell.

No. 1238120

As much as these are probably cowtippers I really would love if they weren't.

No. 1238125

She should at least hire a dog walker who can let her dog have proper exercise. I do feel like if she walked Noodle more than "out to pee" she'd take pics or post abt it, as she's always posting abt being outside online.

No. 1238127

The accounts were made this month and only have that one reply to Shay

No. 1238135

File: 1621994272934.jpeg (307.3 KB, 1242x988, 5FEBA730-7DCE-48A1-BE5E-0676D4…)

Surprised she hasn’t sperged about the haters. Shayna is probably getting fupa’s 2 inches so she’s not doing her usual complaining, tweeting about crying, and deleting those tweets every hour. Also if Scamna is so eager about moving you’d think she’d put out some content or something kek

No. 1238137

its because she read the threads and knows yall a bunch of tards who need ass pats.

No. 1238138

File: 1621994396307.jpeg (112.08 KB, 750x337, CA2D8642-A2AD-4784-BEBE-6258DF…)

There’s a reply about the cat from an account made in 2011 as well

No. 1238143

i hope she gets her cats taken away and give to actual loving owners.

No. 1238144

there are other e-whores posting here too kek

No. 1238145

sorry for samefag but does fupas cat live with Shayna or not? I wonder what the state of that cat is like

No. 1238148

it’s been seen on cam so probably

No. 1238151

pretty sure thats the only time its been seen. otherwise she doesnt post or talk about it.

No. 1238154

what reason would she have to post about it if it’s not even her cat though?

No. 1238156

Ugh she just deleted the picture of noodle and rib

No. 1238160

can’t imagine why

No. 1238181

File: 1621996583500.jpg (861.81 KB, 1080x1350, FaceApp_1621995529707.jpg)

Saged for autism. I couldn't resist.

No. 1238183

can't tell the difference

No. 1238185

Well, at least if she got a shitbull she'd only have one pet to neglect in short order.
Wish someone could buy Ribmeat off her and make her promise to never get a cat again

No. 1238186

File: 1621996885967.jpg (185.02 KB, 747x928, 0_z2JKHrkLblqRNRE1.jpg)

Seriously is she related to Harvey Weinstein?

No. 1238199

topkek anon, I already suggest new thread pic?

No. 1238201

Shayna completely lacks any awareness or regular common sense on so many levels. Who the fuck would post a picture like this? "Oh hey internet, I'm going to brag about my matted neglected cat, dirty blanket and festering couch.
Oh boy this is a lovely picture ".

I'm starting to think that she might be genuinely brain damaged.

No. 1238209

because she posts about her animals like they’re luxury items or something. like it’s a flex or some shit. despite not even caring for them in the slightest

No. 1238213

File: 1621998053270.png (391.53 KB, 569x589, Screenshot_20210526-055830~2.p…)

She really is Yaviv. It's like Weinstein and Yaniv made a baby together somehow and dropped it on it's head. Kek

No. 1238216

i doubt she wants to broadcast that she has her “ex”’s cat living there when she’s trying to milk her scrote coomers for moving bucks

No. 1238217

I said it before and I'll say it again: Shanna definitely has a low IQ. I bet talking to her is exhausting. People like her who are dumb AND mean always fucking stagnate like this. Shay never had any potential. Her baseline was dumbass mean girl. She legit has no potential redemption as a person. If she didn't go into sex work she'd just work some retail job and be mean to people there.

No. 1238220

She posted a video of her new brows on snapchat and one tail looks skinnier than the other

No. 1238224

Ahem. Show us, anon. Don't just tell us.

No. 1238229

No. 1238230

Not to medfag but I do genuinely think that she could be on the cluster A spectrum. I don't think she has a global delay. She's just extremely detached, unaware and eccentric, as if she is the only person that exists and she lives on her own planet. I certainly don't think that she's a narcissist or a deliberately spiteful person. I'm not going to go down that road of saying negative things about Shayna if I don't genuinely believe that they are true.

It's as if she doesn't know how to behave or exist around other people or in the world and barely understands theory of mind.

You could blame it on the pot and alcohol but even alcoholics and potheads are aware of their own dysfunction most of the time.

No. 1238233

samefag but this should be in next threadpic for sure

No. 1238237

Shayna is a horrible person I don’t get all the anons trying to diegnose her (idk how to spell that work kek) like some people are just mean naturally.

Is this nonnie’s ex husband ? Kek

No. 1238238

Those eyebrows aren't even sisters.

Knowing Shayna she didn't do any research on the person microblading her brows. She probably used the services of some shady and unlicensed person who happened to get hold of some equipment.

As soon as she mentioned micro blading I knew that things would go horribly wrong.

No. 1238241

File: 1622000146148.png (83.96 KB, 274x395, Screenshot_20210526-063251~2.p…)

I don't understand microblading but those brows do look uneven. One is also lumpy and misshapen and all rounded at the tip when the other looks more angular. Is that normal when they are healing?

No. 1238242

I think it’s a mix of pot and alcohol from a young age (she’s been drinking and smoking since 15 or so, that’s almost ten years, ten very formative years), and the fact that she was completely spoiled. Never had to work a real job besides a week at Olive Garden, no college, barely graduated high school, then the extremely easy money of sex work plus whatever money her parents give her keeps her from having to do any work to improve herself. Mix that with internet fame at 15 and you’ve got someone extremely detached from reality. If she wouldn’t have had tumblr fame she would probably still be a stoned alcoholic, but she would have never been able to live on her own without sex work, parents would have probably made her get some sort of job or make her go to school. I think the 15 minutes of fame was what really fucked her

No. 1238248

File: 1622000807485.jpg (506.69 KB, 1920x3376, inCollage_20210526_064453054~2…)

No. 1238249

there's a healing period where they will definitely look like shit and she'll use it as an excuse as to why she can't work boo hoo. pretty sure they just look janky on here though because there wasn't much to work with to begin with

No. 1238252

File: 1622000990395.jpg (402.3 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20210525-215200_Twi…)

Does she think this makes her quirky?

No. 1238254

Yeah they will fade out and you're supposed to do a touch up appointment because the skin swells a bit and gets irritated so they wont be perfect the first time. But just like regular tattoos, there are good artists and bad and/or new artists. Her hair and nails tell us she goes to the cheapest places she can find which means students or newbies generally.

No. 1238260

Is it me or is she tweeting about children related stuff more recently? I know she's always done it, but it seems like her twitter feed has a little more kid stuff than usual.

No. 1238268

File: 1622004050867.png (47.09 KB, 637x421, la.PNG)

I found out what made Shayna sub someone, she was talking about some girl. Instead of @ing them she just went to her dead twitter to talk shit.
Like normal.

No. 1238269

File: 1622004076361.png (29.78 KB, 597x315, al.PNG)

No. 1238271

Anon, her feed is oversaturated every day with uwu pink soft babygirl bullshit, occasionally interrupted by a photo of her doing something absolutely abhorrent.

An endless scroll of Shayna's twitter feed could be used in an MKULTRA experiment to socially program predators kek

No. 1238272

File: 1622004173736.png (Spoiler Image,385.84 KB, 588x467, ashley.PNG)

I assume this is the Ashley chick they are talking shit about.

No. 1238274

and looking at her profile she does seem like a asshole, but Shayna is just jealous and this asshole probably makes her feel bad about herself.

No. 1238275

File: 1622004808988.gif (7.07 MB, 279x202, E4125271-F8BE-49CD-A164-58D8EC…)

Her latest “cum” show from yesterday. I have been trying to upload it on Dropbox but it’s taking years because it’s 3 mins long. It’s horrible. So here’s a gif

No. 1238277

Based Ashley

No. 1238283

File: 1622005581202.jpeg (453.29 KB, 1242x1341, 9982E344-7FB9-4AF8-8EFA-3A1F05…)


No. 1238286

Kek no

No. 1238287

shots have been fired shay. How will you defend yourself?

No. 1238290

Weird to watch whores try to one up each other over who's making the best life choices.

No. 1238296

Legit looks like granny porn. The ashy highlights mixed with that filter do her absolutely no favors. Looks like her decade of drinking and smoking have caught up to her in the face. No coming back now.

No. 1238297

At least she’s not a fat abuser posting pics of her neglected animals on Twitter. Shayna is truly rancid.

No. 1238298

At the end of the day they're both whores

No. 1238299

I was joking nonnie. Both fatty mattel and ashley are pickme’s. But at least Ashley isn’t a deathfat

No. 1238326

Yes, it most definitely is neglect, could even be counted as animal abuse. I wish someone knew and would report her somewhere, i feel so bad for the poor animals, they deserve so much better..

No. 1238334

Oh God… The FaceApp pic actually genuinely looks like my ex-husband's dad(no1curr)

No. 1238364


i predict she’ll either lose interest because she hasn’t played any of the other games and will have no idea what’s going on or she’ll make it her personality for a few weeks, sexualise one of the child characters and get a bunch of shit from kh twitter lmao

No. 1238370

looking at the twitter handle, it appears this is actually ashley4k's hypnotized conservative boy toy and not Ashley herself

No. 1238413

Kek what is this?? This is legitimately one of the dumbest "orgasms" she's done in a while.

No. 1238471

It’s about being proud of who you are, not something directly sexual. There are clubs for that. Children and non consenting parties shouldn’t have to take part in your exhibitionism.

No. 1238475

she is starting to not make me laugh anymore, just stare in horror. so creepy and fake. but thanks for contributing to coomers' obsession with deceiving porn… all these dumb women faking shit for their stupid porn yet they wonder why men are so dumb and have horrible fetishes and have unrealistic standards for women.

No. 1238480

File: 1622044925381.jpg (480.66 KB, 1079x1796, Screenshot_20210526-110231_Twi…)

No. 1238482

>don’t drink the rest
yeah right, fatty

No. 1238508

File: 1622048127407.jpg (250.66 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20210526-115540_Twi…)

Keep packing on the pounds

No. 1238543

I think the anons >>1237199 who say this are getting to her or she saw her recent clip sober and heard how bad she sounded. I know shatna reads here so id like to personally thank you for jumpstarting my own corona weightloss. Best inspo there is to see how quickly you can spiral out of control.

No. 1238608

File: 1622054165702.jpeg (58.82 KB, 828x581, 28F02B7D-0058-45D5-8EEE-846C7D…)

What karma does to a mf

No. 1238613

oh kek

No. 1238632

weed sperg but oh my god anyone who spends this much on edibles on a regular basis could save so much money by just purchasing rso and dump that shit in a milkshake or whatever to mask the weed taste. Or if you're smart, save your reclaim from dabbing and use that for edibles!!! Shayna would never lol

No. 1238661

Fucking right? Just get RSO. The dose is the size of a grain of sand, it lasts forever, and it will get you high as balls if you want to. But we all know fatty just wants an excuse to eat junk food under the guise of “medicine.” She’s a fucking moron.

No. 1238680

god i can only imagine this bitch dumping reclaim down the drain, it always surprised me she keeps her bangers clean tbh

No. 1238708

File: 1622057601162.png (599 KB, 727x721, 1.PNG)

Didn't she just go to the dispensary like 2-3 days ago??

No. 1238720

>one of my sugar daddies
lmao shayna please. so it was fupa or womack?

No. 1238728

File: 1622058401949.jpg (723.69 KB, 1079x1404, Screenshot_20210526-144653_Twi…)

Jesus Shay

No. 1238739

File: 1622058659031.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1138x2189, C622F71E-E901-41F4-8049-3DFBDA…)

Wow an Amazon heart bag such a luxurious sugar baby UWU

No. 1238744

It may just be me having never tried pot before but I can't imagine looking at this and seeing it's $130 and thinking "Yeah, that's a good deal"

Why would anyone pay that much for some tiny bite sized candies just because they get you high? Especially Shayna when she can eat all of that in probably 15 minutes if I'm being generous with the estimate.

No. 1238755

File: 1622059317629.jpeg (200.32 KB, 1242x585, 4E6A162B-A77D-4AB8-8610-7FD758…)

No. 1238799

I like how she’s wearing a sweater probably to hide her fat body and it’s already getting super hot here in the south. I live in Texas and it’s gradually becoming unbearable and it’s not even June yet.

No. 1238803

File: 1622060058566.jpg (738.86 KB, 1079x1630, Screenshot_20210526-151445_Twi…)

We'll see Shay

No. 1238814

she always wears the same hello kitty mask. bet she doesn't even wash it between uses.

No. 1238828

yeah sure fatty you wish

No. 1238832

She acts like a alien who never had contact with humans before. Her twitter is like her documenting her every move to send a report back to her home planet.

No. 1238844

>See?! I'm super attractive so don't you miss me Fupa? Anyone could snatch me up at any moment! Fupa I miss you!!

No. 1238862

I personally think she looks 500x better with the lashes since she stopped wearing makeup. Not saying it's an amazing change but her makeup made her look so much greasing and trashier and I KNOW she would sleep in her makeup and just cake on more every day. Ew.

No. 1238864

Sorry double post but greasier*

No. 1238881


Reposting old photos from when she was
50 pounds lighter

No. 1238912

And anons thought she was fat there

No. 1238922

she still was compared to what she looked like 9 months prior

No. 1238973

Fupa would never. Shes only ever called him daddy, never sugar daddy. Shes his sugar mommy really at this point kek

No. 1238994

When she was trying to be Fupas alt dream girl kek. She honestly looks like a troon. But hey, maybe she was going for that too because of Fupas friend kek

No. 1239004

Does she not know what “reimburse” means? You don’t give something in return kek she’s operating at a negative

No. 1239042

we can see its your post

No. 1239059

kek, nice going anachan

No. 1239063

Most embarrassing behavior, anon

No. 1239067

What was the post?

No. 1239079

anon posted a collage of Shay getting progressively fatter on tumblr and tagged it "thinspo" and "fatspo" but didn't realize we could see they had the edit option kek

No. 1239082

a compilation of shatna's pics over the years as she gets fatter with anachan tags like fatspo

No. 1239110

No regerts.
I posted it a while ago but found it funny in light of >>1238608

No. 1239115

File: 1622063447321.jpeg (314.22 KB, 1193x1574, 2B855108-3959-4804-A7D2-C915EE…)

Embarrassing ana-chan I bet it’s the skeleton girl on Twitter who self posted like a dumbass

No. 1239132


She’s getting scammed so hard; went to a random edible website for Canada and tried to find similar products,

Here’s the autistic math

28$ for 300mg chocolate bar
18$ for 200mg mango gummies (10mg x 10
20$ for 300mg peach gummies (30mg x10)
25$ for 300mg sour orange gummies (30mgx10)

1100 MG

Total: 91.00 CAD
+ taxes where i am = 102.83

100 mg choclate bar
300mg mango gummies (30mgx10)
200mg peach gummies (20mgx10)
300mg blood orange sour gummy (30mgx10)

900 MG

Total: 130 USD

Saged for sperg

No. 1239179

It's funny that she gets more compliments with half her face covered, in a sweatshirt IRL then she does half way naked on twitter.

No. 1239224

File: 1622064729895.png (57.05 KB, 741x466, Capture.PNG)

Isn't it common sense that if someone is your regular that you'd at least toss them a topless pic for their birthday? Or am I just not understanding Shatna's top tier business woman ways

No. 1239231

samefag but she gives more stuff for free on her Twitter to people that have NEVER paid her than she will to a regular that's 'supported me so long'

No. 1239283

Good work anon! We’ve always known she lies to say things cost her more to try and get more money in and/or she’s adding in the cost of her uber

No. 1239319

File: 1622065818004.png (19.75 KB, 724x135, a.PNG)

No wonder Fupa stuck around because she's intoxicated just about 24/7

No. 1239329

shes one of those idiots that thinks sativa gives you energy and motivation the way caffeine or an energy drink does. what a retard.

No. 1239333

it makes it even funnier that the timeline is so wrong. the very first pic is from 2017, and the pink tracksuit is from 2018.

No. 1239338

“I take dick like my life depends on it”

sure…that’s why you look like >>1237256
such a pro.

No. 1239340

Is this dumbass really going to put Womack on blast instead of tossing him a musty nude? She is so damn brain dead. Other swers play the game and that is how they build an army of scrotes. But this fatass scares them all away by being a cunt when she ain't even a 10. Good. Let Womack find another 4 at best to toss his unemployment money / food stamps at

No. 1239347

Yeah, just like with work she has to be drunk or high to get through it. She doesn't like sex or sex work.

No. 1239348

File: 1622067426796.jpg (205.41 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20210526-231528.jpg)

Back on her discord to announce she'll be on cam this Friday and needs help for her moving fund pt.2 electric boogaloo
Also 'clutter' Kek

No. 1239349

If she's doing this to one of her true regulars, she's retarded. I bet she didn't even say anything to them, just went right to twitter to put them on blast.

No. 1239356

That female simp is truly pathetic. She's not getting off to fatty's pics, just hanging around her server hoping for some attention.

No. 1239361

I will never get chicks like this.
Like I'm sure they could do better than shay so why do they suck her ass so much?????

No. 1239367

it has to be a low level sex worker, who knew Shayna from her tumblr days and looks up to her.
Or someone who feels bad for her. I really don't know why people baby her, she only comes to the discord when she's having a breakdown, needs compliments or to beg.

No. 1239405

> it has to be a low level sex worker
it is. i believe shayna has replied or rt’d her twitter before

No. 1239406

No it's not, she has her full info on her discord account and she's some very normal looking basic woman who looks like she shops at Target.

No. 1239411

File: 1622070204536.jpeg (Spoiler Image,397.36 KB, 750x870, 87D0A35F-A26B-43EB-897C-EAEB2F…)

Surprisingly drinking again. Was she going to stream today?

No. 1239414

her bangers are clean because she takes such hot dabs, but they're all oxidized and gray/black ashy. she doesn't actually clean them, just lets them degrade

this will last her 3 days max, calling it now

to be fair prices vary wildly based on region. it'd probably cost about $200 for the same stuff here, before tax

iirc she stopped doing sex work because it made her boyfriend uncomfortable

No. 1239420

That makes sense, she seems to have a lot in common with Shayna in that she's a "sex worker" who also ballooned up in a very short amount of time.

No. 1239422

File: 1622070856176.png (414.2 KB, 750x1334, 6624F140-91A9-4DAC-B75C-0E2C6A…)

okay retard. she had to delete it because her parents found it but go off.

No. 1239423

Milk from 2020 holy shit that’s stale

No. 1239426

I don't have the lore of "Ms. Lucky Titties," calm down.

No. 1239427

it’s not even milk. just proving a confident dumbass wrong

then don’t act so sure about it next time kek it’s really not hard

No. 1239433

Settle down sperg

No. 1239435

What even is this?

No. 1239439

OP is Shayna's simp archivist. Stale.

No. 1239449

File: 1622072522538.jpeg (Spoiler Image,106.09 KB, 675x961, 10919F83-237E-42B3-8155-C1B1F2…)

No. 1239450

File: 1622072567144.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.63 KB, 676x1008, B0710A23-7A82-4ED0-AAEB-655ED6…)

Heffer Mattel

No. 1239451

File: 1622072587001.jpeg (574.2 KB, 1242x1739, 54191B5A-7243-42D3-953A-91CB74…)

>a boy
Jason R Womack

No. 1239454

If she had any kind of brain cells left she would tag the beer company to maybe branch out, but then shes full on naked

No. 1239458

That snaggle tooth gets thinner and thinner every time it makes an appearance. Probably more plaque than tooth at this point. She needs to go to a dentist on her next BiMboIfIcAtIoN adventure since she thinks basic fucking maintenance and hygiene is some luxurious rich bitch shit lmao

No. 1239459

She's probably talking about fupa. She used to call him a "cute boy" or some shut back when he was taking her on movie dates.

No. 1239460

Why is she posing with drinks like she's being paid for it? She's so boring

No. 1239461

i see that absolutely average, unremarkable nudes is what constitutes milk in shayna threads. Whatever entertains you though I guess lol, I guess i'll just never understand shatnafags

No. 1239464

she thinks alcoholism is an uwu quirky/sexy personality trait

No. 1239466

She is a fat alcoholic with plaque teeth and a snaggletooth. Shayna is a boring cow but the threads are full of good memes and keks. If you don’t like it, don’t look here…

No. 1239468

alcohol isn’t a personality shayna.

No. 1239473

File: 1622073900655.jpg (186.23 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20210526-190518_Twi…)

We all know you don't cum Shay

No. 1239474

File: 1622073928302.jpeg (139.19 KB, 1284x581, 990EFAEB-BB8B-4174-B027-A90C71…)

the fact that she 1) thinks 530 is daytime and 2) announces everytime she is about to get wasted tells me that a lot of her coomers must have some fetish for seeing her piss drunk and high. anytime she’s getting drunk they cheer her on but when she does a vid relatively sober it gets lower interaction.

No. 1239477

do we know when she chipped that tooth? it looks fine in older pictures

No. 1239482

Not sure how to screenshot snapchat, but she posted a video of her being stupid about her hair

No. 1239484

Iirc it was in 2019
She cried about going and then wanting to be reimbursed,even when mommy and daddy paid for it

No. 1239492

So, retard math. Good job dumbass.
USA has very different rules for MJ, and it's such a different environment re legality, taxes, production, etc per state that what you did in Canada is less than worthless and super retarded. Even comparing prices between bordering, recreational states like CA & AZ results in radically different costs.
Why does Shayna threads get the biggest idiots?

No. 1239495

File: 1622075878211.jpg (185.76 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20210526-193811_Twi…)

Your whole profile is free content

No. 1239496

Make it stop (my screen recording app isn't working)


No. 1239497

>Why [do] Shayna threads get the biggest idiots?
Because she's a very easy person to feel superior to. Watching her is like watching TLC. Even idiots & other sw can say "hey, at least I'm not that bad".

No. 1239499


her right eyebrow (i guess her left) looks so fucked up and thick on the tail compared to her other eyebrow. anyone know how much $$ she wasted on this plus what upkeep is gonna look like for her? is it gonna look super obvious and weird if she wants fo put makeup over these to try a different brow shape sometimes? or she stuck with these squiggly lines on her face now?

No. 1239501

The ass pimple kek

No. 1239503


Denies giving a freebie to a long time supporter and makes an example of it by shaming them on her work twitter, then proceeds to immediately release free shit hours later, completely clueless to how idiotic and cunty it makes her seem. honestly, she deserves this failure of life she’s created.

No. 1239507

File: 1622076900348.gif (Spoiler Image,8.85 MB, 182x380, D8AB23F2-2B44-46A1-84F7-376FED…)

No. 1239508

Is this sped up? She’s got such tweaker mannerisms kek she’s a state

No. 1239509

It was a high of 92 here in NY today, I can't even imagine what OK is like right now. She's gonna end up giving herself a heatstroke.

No. 1239515

I fucking hate the chicken waddle that she does, has she ever seen a woman shake her ass? She claims her ass is so "Fat" but the only way she can make it move is doing the Chicken Dance and/or attempting to grip her tiny cheeks.
I really don't know why she showcases her ass so much now.

No. 1239517

Even when she was thinner she loved to wear long sleeved shirts (usually that white pit stained cropped on) with shorts.
I never got it, it can look cute if you style it right but shayna never has.

No. 1239525

File: 1622078755028.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 3464x3464, 72836574-69FB-475F-A3C3-571874…)

Her paid content fucking sucks. She can’t even be bothered to flip on a lightswitch for her “nightly nudes”. She has the dim ass front flash on Snapchat to capture her greasy pork sweat face. Why doesn’t this fatty put a selfie light on her Amazon wishlist

No. 1239527

Oh my fuck, I wish she would stop sticking her tongue out. She looks like a straight up warthog about to plow someone over. Some girls can make it look cute, but no… this is just scary.

No. 1239530

Slightly ot, but it cracks me up that people insist “sex work is work!” when sooo many online SWers don’t have any professional skills whatsoever. No consistency, no creativity, no ability to deal with difficult customers, not even basic hygiene. People like Shayna are unemployable and want to get paid just for having a vagina and existing.

No. 1239533


No. 1239538

Take dick? You mean shove a crusty dildo in your worn out holes for a couple mins and use a wand to fake cum? Other than a dildo, she only takes Fupas chode. Dont out yourself that you need to be hammered to fuck him Shay lol

No. 1239540

the blatant cowtipping, seriously interacting with fupa on his facebook, is this thread a retard magnet or what

No. 1239541

your picture is showing too

No. 1239542

babygirl change ur pfp

No. 1239543

Eyebrows hardly look any better kek what a waste of money. Shoulda spent it on a thorough pedicure to scrub the yellow off her nasty feet kek

No. 1239544

Everyone can see your pfp and your email address.

No. 1239545

But giving a free nude or clip to a a steady customer for their birthday was just out of the question. God shes fried.

No. 1239547

Put some concealer on your ass pimple if it's that red and noticable jfc

No. 1239549

File: 1622081554108.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, C146A802-D238-49D0-8855-A7376A…)

You can see the caked on foundation on Shayna’s face in her latest “cum” show on OF. She has been wearing less since the eyelash eyebrow saga though. She needs to wash her face it’s really bad

No. 1239550

File: 1622081631193.jpeg (Spoiler Image,746.13 KB, 1242x1171, 70B2461A-7C45-4453-AFE3-8E3CA3…)

Her boil is even bigger without the grainy Snapchat filter blurring over it Jesus fucking Christ

No. 1239551

File: 1622081710879.png (Spoiler Image,8.48 MB, 1242x2208, B11AEE86-DA1D-4EE9-999D-F3BCEB…)

Marty I’m scared

No. 1239553


I feel like whoever paid for that weird butt expansion custom, where she used increasingly larger butt plugs (she posted about it a month ago or so), officially broke her asshole. It hasn't looked the same (god why do i know this) since she did that custom.

Jesus, it looks like she's prairie dogging it.

No. 1239554


those brows are not the glow up she wasnt expecting.

No. 1239558

What the actual fuck

No. 1239560

No. 1239565

Is that shit peeking out of her asshole? Jesus christ

No. 1239572

Jaundice Barbie

No. 1239574

It's the butthole eyes and crusty lips for me. We saw her use chapstick all but one time and I guess she lost it in her trash hovel. Lip scrub and a dab of chapstick or regular lipstick would really do some good.

No. 1239577

Why is there a gaping hole with a white thing coming out of her vagina, nightmarish

No. 1239578

"Unobtainable" fuckin kek. She must have hella liquid and smoke courage to be this openly delusional. I know confidence is important, but it doesnt make up for ugly and stupid. It only gets you so far before you look crazy and moronic.

No. 1239581

I thought microblading was more of a “feathery” look. Those brows looks straight up solid brown

No. 1239582

Please someone be an OG farmer and repost this retard's screenshotted post so they never make this mistake again. Tough lolcow luv, idiot!

No. 1239586

It wasn’t milky, just some newfag thinking cowtipping in Fupa’s Facebook comment section is funny

No. 1239594

she sounds like she’s on the verge of tears

No. 1239597

she’s really feeling that liquid courage. can’t wait for the hangover breakdown tomorrow.

No. 1239598

She’s an idiot. She hasn’t worn makeup in weeks, and then chooses to put makeup on right after she gets her brows tattooed. You aren’t supposed to wear makeup or even get your brows wet for days after micro blading.

No. 1239605

oof what was it?

No. 1239608

She is literally braindead. I feel like she could’ve at least put some make up on her ass zits or even a fucking pink bandaid or something. God. This is fucking sad

No. 1239609

When you first get them micro bladed they’re really dark but lighten up after a week or so. I had a manager that got them done once and her eye brows were like thick black for a week

No. 1239612

I know that it was cowtipping, but I wanna know too. Lmao.

No. 1239615

File: 1622092371467.jpeg (Spoiler Image,834.87 KB, 1015x1489, EF725DAF-E455-4155-B7FC-2C3E9E…)

She blurred the hell outta her ass in a photo probably lurking lmao

No. 1239645

the hint of a yellow calloused foot, the crunchy greasy hair… absolutely inauspicious

No. 1239649

rather unchancy

No. 1239655

Oh god it just kept getting worse. The way she tossed it back, I was just waiting for her to belch. And then the unfortunate ass shaking. Ugh. She’s beyond parody.

No. 1239671

Carpet is a bad choice to start with but out of all the colors and types… she really chose 80’s grandma’s bathroom carpet? Total nitpick but I can’t get over how everything she does winds up cheap and disgusting.

No. 1239687

File: 1622103822758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 938x1829, 6529863A-9E97-4DC3-8403-BE9C6E…)

She edits out her ass pimple in some pics but doesn’t on the rest wtf kek

No. 1239691

I’ve seen bad micro blading end up looking greyish when healed (like a shitty aged tattoo) I’m interested to see what these turn out like

No. 1239735

lmao Shatna is gonna end up paying lots to have them removed. her brows look like shit

No. 1239736


I know fake it till you make it, is a thing; but, her "confidence" is so insincere as she speaks though her shaky voice.

No. 1239742

They don’t look any shittier than her normal brows so she’ll probably keep them

No. 1239751

File: 1622117496926.jpg (68.13 KB, 675x961, betterbrowsstillbeefy.jpg)

Honestly I think the paper thin brows aren't doing her any favors. They are contributing her weird rat-like appearance. I did a quick photoshop job and added bigger brows and it fits her face so much better.(fanart)

No. 1239753

Anon you have got to be shitting us, she looks more grinchy than ever here.

No. 1239754

File: 1622117758623.png (169.18 KB, 473x247, bro.png)


the shop is far from perfect, but the majority of her gremlin face comes straight from the source.

No. 1239755

kek I'm guessing your brows look like this and you think it's a good look? bless your heart

No. 1239757


and im guessing yours look like shay's and you took offense? peace be with you

No. 1239758


anon you turned her into a cholo

No. 1239762

lmao you’re blind if you think this looks better… this is hilarious looking.
i don’t think any eyebrows can save her from looking like a gremlin to be fair though.

No. 1239766

Oh no sweetie… Oh no no

No. 1239769

now you have to explain to the entire class why you think eyebrows that are mere millimetres away from the hairline aren't just on the same level as her over-plucked eyebrows. Even better, explain why you think that they're a step up

No. 1239772

>Unnecessary photoshops that nobody asked for
>Fishing for compliments
>Speaks like a Twitterfag

Are you Brightburn by any chance?

No. 1239781

thick or thin, she needs some symmetrical brows, with a flattering shape. hers are so far apart it’s like they’re trying to escape from her fucking face.

No. 1239783


Sorry but this is horrid. I agree that slightly bigger eyebrows might fit her better, but this photoshop looks horrid and those eyebrows you gave her look tragic.

No. 1239784

Anon this is absolutely horrid in what world did you look at this and thought it was ok?

Also what did the anon comment on Fupa’s facebook post????

No. 1239786


This is absolutely hideous. Why would you think to post this here.

No. 1239787

anon are you a drag queen by any chance?

No. 1239788

File: 1622122938035.png (540.04 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20210527-164043~2.p…)


Not that filtered Shayna doesn't look like an alien or something but good God I wasn't prepared for this

No. 1239789


The comically large brows are shit but how exactly was cholo-anon fishing for compliments or speaking like a twitterfag? Reach.


Absolutely disgusting. Is this the start of a prolapse saga?

No. 1239791

If this is not the big mcdonald man i don’t know who it is

No. 1239793

File: 1622123378965.jpg (80.33 KB, 378x377, 2021-05-27-16-49-39-918.jpg)

Yeah those brows are a little extreme. She needs something thicker but not as thick as that.

Here's an improvement of Shayna's whole makeup situation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1239794


The blonde highlights really accentuate her greasiness. Did she blur her hairline?

No. 1239795

Kek, "anon teaches farmers some new words" should have been part of the recap.

No. 1239797

i think it's just the foundation she always seems to haphazardly blend into her hairline

No. 1239800

File: 1622123706199.jpeg (364.88 KB, 1242x2208, 28036E3C-8AD5-4E9C-BE0C-2E477C…)

Honestly I think the paper thin brows aren't doing her any favors. They are contributing her weird rat-like appearance. I did a quick photoshop job and added bigger brows and it fits her face so much better. If you don’t do your brows like these you probably have thin brows like Shaytard(cringe fanart)

No. 1239804

File: 1622124120098.png (Spoiler Image,8.65 MB, 1242x2208, 10AFCEE2-6A33-41E8-8D07-782ED9…)

Scrotes are suppose to jack off to this abomination???

No. 1239809

File: 1622124781652.jpg (84.09 KB, 900x745, e3d1db1817c5c8fc7565615f67c634…)

I'm getting Anastasia and Drizella vibes.

No. 1239818


i had a hearty kek at the kahlo brows, anon

No. 1239826

File: 1622127442468.jpg (236.81 KB, 1079x762, Screenshot_20210527-095731_Twi…)

You don't have to worry because no one will ever throw you a surprise party

No. 1239829

You don’t even have enough friends to make this fake scenario work.

I also like how she made sure to let everyone know how selfish and ungrateful she is and that she only values Amazon garbage over human interactions. I think we will see her on an episode of hoarders before we see her on my 600lbs life.

No. 1239837

kek scrotes will jerk off to literally anything

No. 1239839


Sometimes I wonder how many shatna tier women are actually out there but don’t post their Garbage life on SM. I mean there has to be quite a few for those shows to exist.

Be interesting to see how people on these tv shows got to that point and how closely it maps to Shatna’s trajectory.

No. 1239840

scrotes literally jack off to anything.

No. 1239852

File: 1622130123701.jpg (154.94 KB, 720x1165, 20210527_083730.jpg)

Was scrolling her twitter and saw this guy commented. I think for once it actually isnt a cow tipping retard and it's the guy she blasted.
I mean, hes a retarded angry little scrote, but he's not wrong kek.
She's fucking stupid for throwing away what few customers she has over something so ridiculous. Like throwing him a nude or clip she already had on her phone or a free THREE dollar month on her OF would've been nothing off her to entertain a "long time supporter". But no, she'd rather be a bitch and sub tweet because she's a dramatic, entitled moron.

No. 1239857

honestly one of the least offensive things she's tweeted about her customers though. if she doesn't already have a relationship with them (mentioned that he'd never paid her) then it's kind of hard to blame her for being annoyed with coomers expecting something when her twitter is chock full of free content already. the combined iq in this interaction is roughly 80.

No. 1239861

I cackled omg

No. 1239862

True but she said here he was a regular >>1239224
So now she lost a consistent customer by being a cunt lol.
He did have a point though. She talks about her birthday like it's a national holiday months before it and how people should send her money and buy her a CAR or expensive purse and shit. For nothing. So like. A regular scrote hoping for a free birthday pic or something isn't absurd in comparison. But ultimately it's funny and they're both stupid.

No. 1239870

She gets all sad and whiney if people don't give her their money for doing nothing. But then when it's someone else begging HER for free shit & a bit of attention the same way she does to everyone else 24/7, she suddenly gains clarity that no one wants to deal with leechy ingrates.

Shayna, you ARE that pathetic coom-brain that's expecting people to send you something when you haven't done anything of value. You do that daily. You're getting pissed at the male version of yourself.

No. 1239871

File: 1622132096513.jpeg (494.94 KB, 698x1630, F2708107-0C37-4388-9885-F3E030…)

Shayna still interacting with this racist and rumored to be a dog fucker
Sage for no milk
I loathe Shayna’s hot takes

No. 1239874

this makes her look even more like a troon.

No. 1239875

this needs to be part of the next thread pic, kek. idk how she does this shit and posts it unironically.

No. 1239885

I can’t get over how horrendous her eyebrows look.They’re not symmetrical at all. And the way they’re blocked out is so dated. Getting some serious Oklahoma vibes. Like you might want to look outside your state next time you decide to have this kind of procedure because wow. But damn she is feeling herself

No. 1239889

File: 1622133881676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,572.17 KB, 1242x1218, 92513EC7-7CC6-4082-A696-3CDB4C…)

Kek her big ass stomach

No. 1239894


Now when she leaves Tulsa, she’ll have a little part of Oklahoma on her forever. Kek

No. 1239905

She should’ve done either of them instead of her shitty cinderella ”cosplay”

No. 1239906

The ink will fade a bit, but yeah, they're supposed to be lines and feathered to look like ya know, actual eyebrows. What she got done is wonky, barely added anything, and made them look drawn on. She better go in for a touch up and get them more symmetrical at least lol.

No. 1239909

Lol i still wonder why haven’t she gone full on feeder route, she already uses almost all her money for junk food and booze.

No. 1239910

True aunty vibes. They’re not the worst (I expected worst tbh) but they’re bad. They’re so thin and uneven.

No. 1239913

it would also give her an opportunity to play her authentic cunty self.

No. 1239930

huh?? you want a ton of 18 year olds to end up sad like you? i think i chose the better life than stripping and camwhoring at 18 kek

No. 1239970

File: 1622140011942.jpg (413.29 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20210527-132704_Twi…)


No. 1239972

File: 1622140058217.jpg (632.01 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20210527-132716_Twi…)

Idk why she's freaking out about this. A lot of people who work for doordash send memes

No. 1239987

File: 1622141824177.jpeg (148.04 KB, 427x484, CF528592-FB64-4960-8679-C08210…)

Nonnirita you’re forgetting Shayna has no one texting her besides Kyle Fupa Perkins, possibly her parents, and an occasional “Heyy!! How are you?? It’s been so long since we’ve talked” text from Colleen because she feels bad Shayna has no friends

I downloaded the latest “cum” show where she counts down twice like a dummy. I recommend just watching the first part (the dumb little intro she does) of her saying how hot, and blonde she is and pointing and jiggling her fupa because her using the buttplug is just disgusting.

No. 1239996

File: 1622143162988.gif (Spoiler Image,19.82 MB, 216x384, 0266E8B8-842B-45C8-8A0F-66BFC1…)

Spoiler don’t open if eating or in public

No. 1240012

she’s so fucking awkward and cringy. stop talking and giggle snorting.

No. 1240015

Wasn’t eating but huhh that’s NSFL material, honestly almost vomited..

No. 1240022

Lmao anon I like how you turned the volume down when she started shouting.

No. 1240028

Am i the only one who got sassy gay boy from the intro? She should just blog, it's weird to me how she doesn't want to try new shit because it won't be successful right away, yet she's been holding on to camming her whole adult hood.
That tumblr "fame" really got to her head, she feels she's entitled to the same attention and instant "success" as she got in the past. Shit even twitch would've been cool, or just reviewing alcohol, weed products or mukbangs. It's clear she wants people to watch her talk and she wants to be a "Personality".
But whatever.

No. 1240035

File: 1622147973054.jpg (Spoiler Image,376 KB, 1186x1280, 20210527_153939.jpg)


No. 1240038

the issue at hand is whenever she’s tried to put out non-sexwork related content it has gotten zero traction. “dolly mattelivision” anyone? that lasted a whole one single “episode” because literally nobody cared kek.

No. 1240041

the fucking hairline jesus christ this was edited to hell and back. still looking like a trailer trash baby momma

No. 1240042

18 is barely an adult and she wants them to strip, drink and be able to buy guns? the state of the american education system right here.

No. 1240044

Literally laughed out loud at the shocking state of her pubes. Shayna….why post this

No. 1240047

looks like an old man’s scraggly beard

No. 1240065

File: 1622150281988.jpeg (198.46 KB, 750x1171, B9B81679-49DB-48B8-A7F3-D45C14…)

over/under she actually shows up to cam?

No. 1240128

File: 1622153113501.jpeg (7.52 KB, 228x221, download.jpeg)

No. 1240131

File: 1622153165352.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210527-180337_Bra…)

Think we'll ever get to the bottom of the zombie tit?

No. 1240138

fuck I didn't think she was going to push it out, out. Thanks for the warning anon; I wasn't doing either but holy shit I need to find my eye bleach because wtf did I just watch. Also wtf is wrong with her asshole that that butt plug just fell out like nothing

No. 1240154

Probably this.

No. 1240157

I think because it’s her left side and she’s right side dominant so what little energy she expends is all with her right arm. Her left side is barely used so the muscles have atrophied

No. 1240162

It's pretty obvious but we can't talk about it.

No. 1240178

this is one of the more retarded tinfoils i’ve seen

No. 1240187

She's not camming kek. She's so lazy that she blames fupa and her uWu depression for not working but really she's just lazy and is always looking for a reason not to work so people will just give her a pity money for doing nothing. It's so incredibly obvious that she does this. She used to get on cam all of the time but once she realized that she could just throw a pity party and people would give her money to take the night off She stopped doing it. I don't remember the last time she cammed twice in a month

No. 1240190

File: 1622158590497.jpg (284.43 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20210527-183656_Twi…)

No. 1240191

File: 1622158658141.jpg (230.65 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20210527-183728_Twi…)

Only because true crime docs are "trendy" now Shay

No. 1240192

File: 1622158726917.jpg (482.46 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20210527-183837_Twi…)

Shay we all know it's not going to be clean and you're not going to cam

No. 1240193

she doesn’t have muscle atrophy retard.

No. 1240206

What is her obsession with shitting out buttplugs?

I'd understand if it maybe fell out like that but she does it on purpose.

She probably has blood in all her turds from fissures.

No. 1240208

File: 1622160678945.jpg (150.5 KB, 790x480, external-content.duckduckgo-2.…)

She should consider putting an HDIS subscription on her amazon wishlist, girl is going to be completely anally incontinent at a young age

No. 1240209

This photo literally looks nothing like her. Is this what face blindness feels like??

No. 1240213

File: 1622161059152.jpeg (145.94 KB, 1024x576, 7422072C-8AED-4A55-8D03-B2F504…)


It fell like…. quickly her asshole is as busted as her face now. I also don’t get why she fucks herself with the butt plug… are you suppose to do that?

No. 1240221

Shayna’s lack of any job experience is terribly apparent when she deals with her “customers”. Like one anon mentioned before, if sex work is work, why are they all so bad at it?

Firstly, lots of high end escorts will use their own funds to give back gifts to their sugar daddies. There’s an Asian boss video about one of the most successful host girl in Tokyo where she mentions giving birthday gifts to her patrons. People are paying for the online gf experience so if he’s regular, what’s the harm of taking 5min for a quick video? She does literally nothing else all day.

Or, if hes’ not a regular, then she can sweet talk him into becoming one instead of being straight up irritated and aggressive. Just tell him to buy X amount off of her amazon Wishlist or videos and he’ll have personal texts and vids, idk.

She’s just scaring everyone away by being super pissy on her public account like an idiot.

No. 1240240

Sometimes I forget about the uh..kinds of women that follow this thread. Sometimes. Lmao

No. 1240241


Because she’s really shitty at being a “bratty bimbo” or whatever. Maybe she’s trying to be a findom and failing at that, too. She sees other women able to make money off that method, but she doesn’t realize there’s some sort of nuance to it that she just tries to replicate but doesn’t understand the inner workings and why it works for other girls because she’s arrogant and monkey see, monkey (try to) do. I have no respect for these whores, but seeing Shayna fail so badly at what she tries to do makes the others look actually successful in comparison.

No. 1240256

She's going to be a death fat in diapers by the time she's 30 if she doesn't do something to improve her lifestyle.

No. 1240301

The fact that she doesnt even try to touch herself. Like what was that? She pawed at her one of her ballack outer labia and then just got the wand out. And the buttplug popped out on it's own in the beginning sent me. Her asshole is officially loose at this point. It was no struggle or warm up to pop it in and it slid out easily.

No. 1240306

Oh it's a shit hole now? She sure loves going out to eat and drink there and was like freaking out over the gas station coffee set up. She likes the legal weed too and how rent is cheap for 2 bedrooms. Shes said tons of other things about liking it there. But the moment Fupa ignores her she hates it and it's so terrible. Shes such a clown

No. 1240307

It's just bait because she wants him to see it and get pissed off and she wants her orbiters to give her pity money so she can go blow it on cheeseburgers and weed and all of these cosmetic appointments that are making absolutely zero difference in her work life

No. 1240308

Time and effort kek. She only wastes time doing nothing and effort is not something she ever does. I bet theres still fake rose petals on the floor and her desk will be a cluttered mess of garbage as usual. Doubt she even wipes her chair down. Definitely doesnt vacuum. She'll turn on her pc for the 5th time this year and that's it and that's all on the hypothetical that she actually cams.

No. 1240313


The fucking sad girl mirror pep talk at the beginning..

>all bodies are good bodies

why is she pandering to woke women in her porn? Girl Womack isn't picking up Wollstonecraft any time soon

No. 1240328

No, nonnie. You're not supposed to do that. Much like everything else in her life, she does it horribly, horrifyingly wrong.

No. 1240340

The symptoms of muscle atrophy vary widely depending on the cause and severity of muscle loss. In addition to reduced muscle mass, symptoms of muscle atrophy include:
having one arm or leg that is noticeably smaller than the others, experiencing weakness in one limb or generally having difficulty balancing, remaining inactive for an extended period. Not sure why it’s so far fetched.(genuine autism)

No. 1240343

you only get that from disease or not using your arm. she has to lift things and grab things. she’s not so fat she’s completely bed ridden and not using her arm at all. her tit isn’t some medical anomaly, don’t feed into her delusions. she just has thinner skin and noticeable veins there. ffs.

No. 1240345

File: 1622177962583.jpeg (117.75 KB, 977x940, 468F98EB-9142-4852-BD6E-7BD89B…)

You can also get it from inactivity.
Rip her old brows

No. 1240352

Lips so ashy and crusty what the actual fuck. This was almost a decent looking cliche porn girl shot but those lips… totes bimbo things

No. 1240358

she wants to be an influencer so bad in the first 20 seconds. shay try tik tok so we can have a good laugh

No. 1240362

Did she fart at 4:10 orrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 1240430

>>1240131 inb4 tinfoil, but i think she had an issue with developing that tit specifically, so she probably got a small implant when she was younger so it wasn't as noticeable, but as she put on weight, it got more obvious cause one tit got bigger and the other stayed weirdly stiff and veiny

No. 1240441

i know everyone’s sick of tit sperging but i don’t think it’s a coincidence that the zombie vein boob is also the one with the scar, and the one that looks bolted on as the other sags lower and lower(titsperging)

No. 1240459

In al older thread (I think maybe the 7th or 8th) Shayna said her mom had offered a procedure for her tit when she was a teenager. I feel like it’s possible she did go through with it?

No. 1240518

Honestly that's what probably happened, some anons just refuse to believe it.

No. 1240532

Stop tit sperging

No. 1240548

shayna only lifts the bong and moves from the couch to the front door to get her doordash.

No. 1240582

wtf was that intro omg I'm dying. She's rambling on about her day & being confident in yourself as her porn intro llike the loneliest shut-in with no one else to tell this mundane crap to. Then referring to herself in 3rd person as "she" because the closest thing she gets to socialization is watching Rupaul's Drag Race and she doesn't realize how cringey that is irl.

No. 1240591

File: 1622213811286.jpg (569.1 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20210528-095705_Twi…)

And the poor thing is fucking miserable

No. 1240594

If you were going for Gargamel from the Smurfs, you succeeded kek

No. 1240597

shayna doesn’t deserve noodle at all, this was probably the last time noodle ever looked happy or affectionate. but goddamn I know this always gets said one way or another but shay just delete uber eats you fat bitch, it’s jarring how skinny she was just a couple of years ago but that pink hair did her no favours

No. 1240605

File: 1622215981365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 948x1848, 9A99D722-66ED-4B81-B72B-93A97B…)

Shayna’s good morning nude on OF
Idk why she still has pets when she’s on the brink of being almost homeless if coomers don’t subscribe for $3

No. 1240607

the only thing the smoothing filters do for her anymore is take away all definition so she looks like a worm

No. 1240608

Also imagine being Noodle and you have to sleep near this obese lazy smelly pig taking nudes on crusty unwashed blankets. And the only time your owner pays attention to you it’s because she’s kicking you out of her cam room to slap her coochie for pennies, and film “coom shows” where she’s counting down like she’s Freddy from iCarly.

No. 1240614

“like she’s Freddy from icarly”,anon pls kek

No. 1240623

her hair literally makes her look like a cone head kek it just extends her forehead

No. 1240629

It's like some retards in this thread think dogs are people. Noodle has a home, food and companionship. Her basic needs are met. She wasn't put to sleep at the shelter. Noodle is bonded to Shatna and loves Shatna, because that's what we've created dogs for. Noodle doesn't know any different than sleeping next to a sweaty, drunk, cum smelling Shay, and even if she did she wouldn't care because she's a dumb dog (not all dogs are dumb but Noodle is just as basic at Shay) and isn't even that cute or unique/special looking in anyway so I don't even understand why Shay chose her.
Sure, she would be happier with an active individual and a large yard, but not all dogs get a middle class lifestyle. Get over it, spergs.

No. 1240643

have to agree here. not sure why everyone acts like shayna is actively beating the dog or something. like obviously it’s not an ideal situation, but like you mentioned noodle isn’t a particularly pretty dog so who knows how long she would have been in that shelter had shat not adopted her. anons itt just get a little over the top with it. if anything the cat’s situation is more of a concern since it seems to have been actively distressed since the dog came along.

No. 1240647

Anon Labrador retrievers are one of the smartest breeds of dogs. People itt are definitely anthropomorphising Shays pets and overreacting but let's be real. No, her animals aren't starving or being beaten but it's clear as day that they're not receiving the best care and have become at least somewhat depressed. I know I'm armchair diagnosing animals but damn it's hard not to feel a little bad for them. Thank god she doesn't have children.

No. 1240653

Let's not forget Shay left noodle on the porch for an hour during a cam show and said "it's really cold outside"

No. 1240654

File: 1622221054348.jpg (513.07 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20210528-115805_Twi…)

No. 1240655

the most heinous thing is that she got a big dog just to use as a prop. we all know Noodle was just for pics, just like Rib used to be.

No. 1240669

I just couldn't watch this. As soon as she put that butt plug in her mouth I had to turn it off. I have seen a lot of things but this is just way too much.

No. 1240696


Yep, a dog that size isnt meant to just have a daily walk down into the court yard when shay feels like it, and only to go to the bathroom. I dont understand why people get large dogs when they have no intention of walking them. If Shay did any sort of activity she would be blogging about the weather, people, fears about being a girl alone etc. Sadly, its not enough to get the dogs taken away and the dog is probably too far gone now to ever be trained properly in the future.

No. 1240701

File: 1622225118120.jpg (276.05 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20210528-130540_Twi…)

We all know you're not moving Shay

No. 1240715


I know this is majorly obvious, but it’s so clear how much of a coping mechanism/comfort thing food is for her. Alcohol, too. She is constantly talking about food, and she can’t complete any task without either eating before, or rewarding herself with food after. Every event has to mention what she is going to eat.

No. 1240718

File: 1622226126416.jpg (516.85 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20210528-132214_Twi…)

Classy as always

No. 1240720

That’s just a small snack for her, bimbo? More like dumbo.

No. 1240721

so little protein and fruit, no veg, 3 servings of triscuits, and a shitload of cheese. someone get this bitch a crudite.

No. 1240722

was about to be like 'at least she's toned down on the cheese since the last time' but then i noticed the huge lump of brie, probably one of the most calorie dense cheeses. oh wow

No. 1240723

I was thinking a food scale. Ffs she has no sense of portions. It is pretty funny to watch her dig herself even deeper into the obesity hole, however.

No. 1240729

That blob of mustard (?) looks so unappealing

No. 1240734

the whole thing just looks bland and dirty

No. 1240748

File: 1622229330103.jpg (389.91 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20210528-141556_Twi…)

Major kek

No. 1240751

I think it's almond butter, it looks like a turd though. If anyone needs the motivation to learn how to cook, this is it right here. This isn't a charcuterie board, it's more like a lunchables tray.

No. 1240769

Shaynus lol

No. 1240776


Smh it's sad she thinks this is a "light healthy snack" when it COULD have been, but Shayna the glutton does not understand portion sizes. This is for 2 maybe 3 ppl.

No. 1240788

Your contribution to the thread is valid & appreciated.

No. 1240808

Anon, I have permanent atrophy with both of my arms, have had it for over a decade and I do not have zombie tits lol

Noodle straight up dissociating in that second picture. She deserves better.

Also who wants to bet that she didn't think anything was wrong with rib's fur from the other day? I feel like we aren't going to see rib for a very long time.

No. 1240829

stupid shit like this is why I visit this site

No. 1240852

the hair on the meat on the bottom left… how does she manage it every single time. this shit is dire

No. 1240853

File: 1622238768523.png (566.63 KB, 726x485, Capture.PNG)

For fucks sakes she's incapable of drinking water unless it's a diabetes risk.

No. 1240854

Dog fur on everything because she doesn't brush noodle

No. 1240859

this is literally all just fucking sugar water lmao. keep packin on the pounds Fatty Mattel!

No. 1240862

Imagine working at the adoption place and you see this crusty long neck alien looking spaz coming in and getting Noodle. That person should be fired. Just kidding…but really.
>>1240718 you know that board you absolutely disgusting and smelly because she probably doesn’t even wash it let alone herself.

No. 1240875

Fucking tragic. Im surprised there isn’t slices of American cheese on this prison-style charcuterie.

Eat a vegetable, Shay.

No. 1240884

Does she thinks it looks like less food because it's disassembled or something?? That's so much cheese, and so many crackers, jesus. And this is like her third board this week.
Kween of 1-2 thousand calorie charcuteries uwu.

No. 1240890


honestly dog i think shaynus is stuck in the cycle where she thinks she needs to carb load because she will be drinking later. sadly, this cycle repeat daily now and she hasn't cut a vegetable in literal months.

No. 1240893

this should not have made me laugh as hard as it did. great work.

No. 1240902

File: 1622243740866.jpg (602.43 KB, 1920x1920, Polish_20210528_161524649.jpg)

even her dedicated coomers are sick of her "uwu body positivity, actually i'm fat and i hate it" spiral

No. 1240903

no shayna, you will not lose weight on sugar and even more sugar. the deathfat saga is imminent.

No. 1240906


She has cut vegetables though, completely out of her life

No. 1240907

lmao I think she was expecting people to tell her "noooo, don't restrict yourself" which makes this double funny

No. 1240913

File: 1622244441869.gif (4.56 MB, 320x242, F433A49D-1A3E-4792-8374-F18244…)

No. 1240914

Shaynus loves touching her anus

No. 1240915

File: 1622244799679.jpeg (64.76 KB, 674x198, 316E8534-E6D9-476E-9B97-84F60B…)

KEK even Baltimore Brian is sick of unsexy tweets like this. Man she’s driving all her coomers away

No. 1240916

File: 1622244837001.jpeg (412.5 KB, 1226x989, AFB71554-36FB-4AD1-8BB9-4A4D63…)

Her attempts to go viral are pathetic

No. 1240918

girl save this shit for your 2 my fitness pal followers

No. 1240919

File: 1622244924334.jpeg (790.09 KB, 1242x1661, 3D2C79BC-B433-4EFF-AEDC-023F48…)

No. 1240920

"we'll have to find members that do the actual stuff that makes money, but.."

No. 1240932

File: 1622246203020.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

petition to use this name forever. rofl

No. 1240935

the segue from talking about farm animals to immediately going into orgies is awkward af

No. 1240936

What I find funny is her followers seem like they think she might be serious. They seriously think she's dumb enough to go on that "diet".

No. 1240957

You ruined it.

No. 1240979

i feel like because anons itt have mentioned how she was soo skinnie uwu when she was younger and lived off "goldfish and pink wine", she thinks this is a legitimate way for her to lose weight. shatna youre not a teenager anymore, you have to actually work out and eat right for more than 3 days to see a change.

No. 1240994

File: 1622252869385.jpg (110.98 KB, 720x713, 20210528_184600.jpg)

According to her, she still thinks shes moving in "a couple months"
We'll see. Also it looks the same as usual. Maybe she finally picked those petals up and looks like the fairy lights are back to replace dead grandmas lace curtain lol. Also she only cleaned the clutter off her desk so she could put the mini fridge there love that

No. 1241002

Kek she moved her clutter and stale hello panda snacks on the bookshelf instead. Throw them away shatna. Fucking fatass needs a fridge in her room when the kitchen is literally right next to her.
It looks the same, that couch is dirty and ugly but at least you can’t see how dirty it is because of the dim light.

No. 1241004

File: 1622253523608.jpg (335.72 KB, 1079x1330, Screenshot_20210528-205908_Twi…)

No. 1241006

File: 1622253557977.jpg (433.17 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20210528-205858_Twi…)

No. 1241007

so… throwing away some trash? because it legit looks the exact same

No. 1241009

> I need 2 eat
Kek of course she does. Fucking fatty

No. 1241010

God this is depressing and rancid

No. 1241011

>forgot i need 2 eat
lmao i'm sure

No. 1241020

Did she actually wash her dildos and plugs because holy fuck that's wild. Not gonna spend and hour picking off lint and pet hair today, huh?
Cant believe she actually did the bare minimum cleaning for once.
But I like how she said she was taking the night off yesterday to do this cleaning and yet waited until last minute today so much so that shes gonna be late to cam.

No. 1241044

File: 1622255833686.jpeg (170.76 KB, 750x835, DD98E1C4-2A28-4039-B5F3-0EE1B1…)

lmao the audacity. i guess even the smallest of tasks will take all your energy away when you’re twice the size you were a year ago.

No. 1241046

This lazy bitch will say anything to not get on cam.

No. 1241047

File: 1622255995062.jpeg (911.28 KB, 1242x1516, 523FD196-4185-4C79-B915-94C648…)

No. 1241052

so much for camming and putting out videos consistently so she can “move” kek. i’m guessing fupa invited her out so he can get some memorial day weekend pussy.

No. 1241053

File: 1622256107317.jpeg (432.02 KB, 1536x2048, 99FCA759-107A-45AA-86AE-81F99C…)

>Fupa bait lmao
Nitpick but I found it disgusting how she got this when it’s meant to be for a little girl and the prince is her actual dad, but Shayna made it perverted

No. 1241058

>wasted energy
>I redecorated

Jesus Christ shay. Why would you post this ? You may as well be obese.

No. 1241059

she took last night off "to clean" and now she's taking tonight off because she cleaned. it's also the very first night of her new schedule

No. 1241062

File: 1622256509077.png (125.83 KB, 1120x542, Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 10.4…)


No. 1241064

Already not camming. How does she still even have coomer fans when she barely works ever??

No. 1241065

>also i'm out of alcohol and that's no fun
Big yikes. Almost like you're an alcoholic or something, shatna?

No. 1241066

the last time she cammed was april 4th… how many times has she posted a ~new camming schedule~ since then?

No. 1241069

this bitch is so ridiculous. even from a farmer standpoint, it’s like you have to clear your fucking schedule for 15 straight days to ever actually catch her live. i can’t imagine how her 2 remaining paying customers feel.

No. 1241070

We all know she's not actually throwing it out

No. 1241076

File: 1622258869511.jpeg (116.08 KB, 750x537, D1E0F1E2-33D1-49EF-88F9-DC999B…)

don’t worry guys, she had her priorities in line after all

No. 1241080

love how she posts shit like this, as if she is really even that sexual to begin with. im tired of SWs acting as if people really believe a person can be THAT horny all the time, like nah, making it your job just has to kill your sex drive like no other. and why does this nasty scenario have to involve animals ugh shay for once leave them out of your gross ass life.

what a damn attention whore.

honestly i think shayna thinks she will seriously do that but old habits die hard, shes been obese for over a year, i doubt she could do it, she is too obsessed with using food as a coping mechanism

No. 1241082

the keyboard is still in such an awkward place, makes me think she doesnt use it lmao. her desktop triggers me too.

No. 1241086

glass + porcelain equals a bad time and a cracked tub

No. 1241089

So she cleaned her filth pit in a manic state And doesn't want to do her job because she doesn't have enough alcohol to power her through

No. 1241091

Nothing screams “I love what I do” more then admitting you can’t do it without being wasted. Thriving as always!

No. 1241094

She's very in the open with her alcoholism. A good 1/3 of her posts are about drinking. She's been doing this daily since HS and it's not cute at all. I bet she's messy when she's dry

No. 1241104

Yeah, I’m willing to bet she drinks daily. It’s the only way she can deal with herself (by not dealing) and her grim reality

No. 1241112

File: 1622264288888.png (3.77 MB, 1170x2532, C8277C46-DFE1-4CC9-B98E-989AD8…)


She took a video of her “redecorated” work room and what the fuck is that stuff on this framed picture

No. 1241114

People have talked about it before but the actual picture has gold flecks on it

No. 1241115

kek, she really thinks she did something. But she just showed that she is a filthy pig with no attention to detail.

No. 1241117

fucking pig bitch! Get on cam so I can pretend to be a scrote and fuck with you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241118

File: 1622264637749.png (6.78 MB, 1242x2208, 61D2104C-0764-41B2-908A-6F81DF…)

She’s so fat topkek

No. 1241119

No cowtipping nonnie

No. 1241120

I don’t I pwomise

No. 1241125

I'm pretty sure in older threads she had it on her kitchen counter so its probably nasty dried up sauce stains

No. 1241132

File: 1622266672385.png (23.66 KB, 650x281, shocking.PNG)

from 2017

No. 1241136

We know she drinks daily because she drinks daily and either videos it or posts about it on Twitter. She's a full blown alcoholic

No. 1241137

File: 1622266995674.png (998.19 KB, 1557x2048, Screenshot_20200401-123211.png)

Another old tweet.

No. 1241138

I think it's supposed to be some quirky gold flake gold splatter

No. 1241171

Wow, way to fucking sperg you retard. Go outside.

So then… why do all of her pinks clash then? Why is her place always so messy, grungy and crusty? Delusional af

It just looks the same as before? Kek

No. 1241175

Looks like shit splatter.

No. 1241176

Considering this, could it be she got sick from drinking too much and didn’t go on cam because of that? Bc ”uwu too tired from taking the trash out” sounds like a shitty excuse lol.

No. 1241181

File: 1622278058138.jpeg (860.7 KB, 1242x1777, 574F6F0A-7FC0-4DB7-94C0-EBA522…)

More Fupa shade…..Christ it’s like watching two 14 years olds after their first breakup

No. 1241231

her panning to the "girls just want to have funds" poster twice cracked me up. like, yeah we got it the first time

No. 1241243

it’s called being a set designer you fucking imbecile.

No. 1241286

She only knows how to do one type of "aesthetic" and very badly and she dresses like shit in public and for her porn. She clings to this weird mash up of Barbie and Hello Kitty plus generic outdated tumblr uwu bby then unintentionally makes them trash literally and figuratively by buying the cheapest garbage and multiple shades of clashing pink. And then immeadiatly getting her stank and filth on anything and everything making it look musty af. Even her ideal style is just really generic "I LiKe PiNk AnD I'm A tWiTtEr SeXwOrKeR".
She's so ridiculous. Like we get that you dont like doing sex work Shay. Idk why she still had to make it about porn though. Especially since she hates other woman.

No. 1241289

I think this is the closest thing to a goal or an ambition that I've ever seen her display. How bleak that she's sold her chance of ever achieving a normal life.

No. 1241297

She's a narcissist that lives in an echo chamber so she has an inflated opinion of herself and she's never had to face the stark reality that she's never going to achieve any of these things and she's actually not good at anything.

No. 1241304

and even if she had all of the support in the world to fulfill that goal she would fail because she has trash taste… not even suited for porn, everything she puts together looks cheap and ill-thought-out. Her family is upper middle class, looks it, and there comes Shaynus straight out of the trailer park (and not romanticized lana trailer park) meth trailer park.

No. 1241307

Eh I think he's just sharing random anime to try to be uWu cute. I noticed he painted his nails and is hanging out with a lot of gay/trans ppl so I think he's either coming out or just trying to morph into a different person post Shatna

No. 1241319

File: 1622305511997.png (502.69 KB, 728x630, Capture.PNG)

Pride month is coming so naturally it's the one month a year where Shay remembers she's supposed to be into women too despite being awkward and acting repulsed by every woman she's done porn with. Gotta rack up those pick-me points though.

No. 1241321

Idk nonnies. I knew that would be the response to my post but it's still pretty sad that she had a drive to do something besides gape her asshole for pennies at one point and she never did anything with it.
She's so far gone now that there's not really any hope for her, having done nothing but bring shame to her name for so many years. But I think there was hope for her before. It's just very… [looks up past anon's synonym post] morose.

No. 1241336

File: 1622307514503.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1259x703, 3D68D48F-DAB7-4541-926C-38B2E0…)

This is literally an episode of metalocalypse when they think they can loose weight only eating popsicles bc it’s “just juice” and they triple in weight

No. 1241348

For sure

No. 1241356

Hmmmm this was posted just hours after she posted her “daddy” card in the trash though. Given their history of subtweeting eachother I’d be inclined to think it’s aimed at Shaynus

No. 1241358

>he painted his nails and is hanging out with a lot of gay/trans ppl
fumama saga when

No. 1241362

lol, shaynus and fumama

No. 1241363

File: 1622310936294.png (413.93 KB, 595x483, 2021-05-29 13_55_23-Window.png)

she's really sucking her gut in for dear life

No. 1241366

Oof jesus girl. You can suck in your gut, but you can't suck in those sagging fat jowls. Her face looks so jarring in comparison to the rest of her. It's like someone cut & pasted her face in.
I do think her room looks nicer at least. The blanket is still mottled brown-pink, but at least she's made an effort at cleaning up her space for once.

No. 1241370

that man face kek can she even open her eyes

No. 1241371

Really nailed that 18 going on 40 look.
Lmao at her thinking that making one jail charcuterie board counts as saving money for her big move like a responsible person, when the next time shes hungry she immediately hauls ass to bRUnCh uwu~ She'll be stuck in Oklahoma forever.

No. 1241375

File: 1622311829864.png (15.67 KB, 602x209, 2021-05-29 14_10_35-Window.png)

What does being drunk have to do with anything? you're just too fat for all your clothes at this point.

No. 1241378

File: 1622311872230.jpeg (Spoiler Image,827.96 KB, 2178x3464, 9F6E568E-8C72-489C-8E8A-62B894…)

No. 1241380

drier than the sahara and looks like she just got done crying. who is legitimately paying for this besides farmers?

No. 1241386

Her entire personality is just being drunk and thinking everything is relatable and quirky. She's just a fucking alcoholic

No. 1241391

she's drunk crying on snapchat over some gay pride speech on blues clues like a retard. grown ass woman. AA meeting Barbie arc soon

No. 1241393

"i'm saving up so i can't get brunch, i'm going to eat a bunch of grapes and cheese then!"
"Off to brunch in my too tight jeans!"

No. 1241394

I wonder how many ants and bugs are in her old food packaging she thinks is decoration

No. 1241395

again, she acts like a fucking Alien. She acts like someone whose never had or done anything, so when she has or does it, even if it's normal shit like "Wearing skinny jeans" she has to brag about it and/or make a big deal over it.
It's fucking weird.

No. 1241396

She's a messssss. This bitch drinks every single day and genuinely sees it as living lavishly. She's really just a chemically dependant narcissist that lives in an echo chamber with people who encourage her shitty coping techniques

No. 1241398

Brunch is just an excuse to get wasted. She's in denial about it.

No. 1241402

File: 1622313965941.png (46.98 KB, 594x401, 2.PNG)

"I'm so emotional and happy! Come watch me be emotional and happy on my snap chat!!!"

No. 1241403

I would love to see her in the wild. God I bet she looks like a 40 year old having a mid-life crisis.

No. 1241405

File: 1622314000390.png (95.09 KB, 747x776, Capture.PNG)

You are a straight, white, woman-hater who only values straight men who focus solely on you. Why the fuck are you sitting in a bar crying over Blues Clues?

No. 1241406

god, these pics are so depressing. she legitimately looks 40, has no sense of style, and her room is just filled with tacky amazon garbage. and she felt this was good enough to take pics of and post? the delusions are intense

No. 1241407

Reading this has made me realize just how much Fupa and Shayna are alike. Instead of Fupa making weed, food, colors and "anal" his personality, it feels like who he hangs around influences his personality.
Which makes me think the reason Shayna has started dipping her toe in LGBTQ+ shit, is because she knows thats what Fupa is on. She better be careful though, as soon as men start hanging with troons they either troon out or become a chaser, probably both.
The only way Shayna is leaving Fupa alone is if he truly leaves her alone. I could see her even attempting a Poly relationship just to keep him.

No. 1241409

File: 1622314578948.jpeg (204.48 KB, 1001x732, BA487C13-2AA3-4AF8-9E32-339215…)

why does every "pansexual" think they're like the poster image of gay rights?
your life is sad shayna

No. 1241411

This is a bs take anons have shown screenshots years old of him hanging with these drag queens or whatever. He's not about to attempt a transition ffs. If anything, he's just doing this shit because it's trendy or is trying to appeal to weeb/sad girls

No. 1241418

File: 1622315898800.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, D5CCDEAA-3E7C-4A09-A442-44C554…)

Shayna crying on Snapchat and basically saying she made Jason R Womack buy her things on her Amazon wishlist twice because she hadn’t checked the mail in a month like a dumbass

No. 1241424

So much for saving up and not going to brunch I guess

No. 1241428

her outfit reminds me of those early 2000s cheap teen movies where the costume designer was a 40+ year old woman and was putting “high schoolers” in skinny jeans and blazers like they were all class president. her style is very much disney fake teen and it’s nauseating.

No. 1241431

File: 1622317488758.jpg (790.07 KB, 2000x1333, pagesix.jpg)

I agree. in addition to picrel, there are photos online of brad pitt, johnny depp, jason momoa, keanu reeves, snoop dogg, steven tyler, and many more celebrity men wearing nail polish. it is such a reach to say that just because a dude wears nail polish in 2021 that he's transitioning. some farmers really seem to love bringing this shit up all the time when it's not even relevant or remotely plausible.

No. 1241439

thats EXACTLY what she looks like you nailed it

No. 1241440

I'm the anon who said >>1241407, I'm sorry, I don't remember screenshots or anything about fupa hanging with drag queens. Just what was found recently. I apologize. What I said wasn't based on him wearing nail polish though.

No. 1241442

How embarassing. She wouldn't know business casual if it jumped out of her mini fridge and gaped its asshole in front of her.

No. 1241458

One of the pictures was from 2018 I think. It's a big reach to say if a man starts befriending trans people he's bound to become trans or has to be attracted to them. It's super transphobic and the most boomer mentality.(being male)

No. 1241461

>It’s super transphobic
Please shut up

No. 1241464

It's true though

No. 1241471

File: 1622322941095.jpeg (273.55 KB, 1242x636, 2C13EBED-E9C1-4A16-AF91-0DD6A5…)

Fatass bitch

No. 1241473

>It's super transphobic
I don't care about that, but thanks for correcting me on the lore.

No. 1241474

Go back to Twitter, there’s a lot of dick for you to suck over there.

No. 1241475

3 hours later-
>I overslept! I also never got any pink wine! I'm so so sorry but i'm not sure if I'll be able to cam tonight. I want to be at my best for you guys!
Also, didn't she just go out for brunch? Now he's eating pizza and taking a nap? She's done nothing but go out to eat, get drunk and cry.

No. 1241477

File: 1622323633843.jpg (229.75 KB, 1079x961, Screenshot_20210529-162635_Twi…)

Ok Shay

No. 1241479

I like how just yesterday she said she needed to save money to move so she can't take herself out to brunch and made a crappy charcuterie board. Now the next day she's going out and on the day shes supposed to cam too so that's even less likely to happen now, especially if shes meeting Fupa. Surprising no one.

No. 1241488

I mean idk he gives me super soy boy vibes. His profile pic and the things he posts, including his cringy selfies and the way he talks… idk I mean hes not full gay or trans, but I think hes either just a hella cringe-tard or he's flamboyant bi or in the closet or something. So even if he hangs with troons and "jokingly" flirts with them… I think it's just a lot of rainbow flags kek. It would be hilarious if Fupa came out. Shay would look like the biggest clown.

No. 1241492

anon, come on, it was literally posted in this thread kek

No. 1241496

she's not an influencer and the scrotes don't a shit about her 'wokeness'

No. 1241497

I know that's why I said "Just what was found recently". I even posted an old facebook post of Fupa saying he wanted to hang with the drag queens that night when Shayna "embarrassed him".
Like i said, I don't remember people posting shit about fupa's drag queen friends, BEFORE what was found recently.

No. 1241504

File: 1622325770577.jpeg (638.49 KB, 1242x1706, AAAA3214-10DC-44EF-A2FD-FA2549…)


No. 1241506

in the replies she says this guy only reaches out to her once a week so i doubt it's womack. based on his past twitter activity i'd assume he's messaging shaynus daily.

No. 1241509

What benefit is there to publically putting her loyal customers on blast? The coombrains following her aren't there for her girl power bs. Is she trying to be relatable to fellow e-whores? Genuinely what is she thinking

No. 1241519

She's way too involved with her customer. I have no idea why she posts dumb call outs like this. This is just annoying and nothing to get mad about.

No. 1241522


Armchair tinfoil but I think fupa just has undiagnosed bpd with the constant reflection of who he's obsessed with. I highly doubt he'd associate/identify with the dainty leather gloves bdsm daddy he once was.

No. 1241530

sage for ot but nina west is known for randomly sucking peoples toes onstage to satisfy her hunger for feet and now her side gig is being the "familys drag queen". kek, her and shayna are two peas in a pod

No. 1241541

not wking shayna but this might be some kind of humiliation kink that he agreed to? Like publicly shitting on him so he gets off. Maybe not because she does this on a regular basis to multiple scrotes tho and doesn’t post a ton publicly about doing humiliation.

No. 1241543

ShE probably keeps going to the bar because she got a job there

No. 1241544

File: 1622329606483.gif (473.58 KB, 220x217, tenor.gif)

Shayna? A real job?

No. 1241545

File: 1622329924792.png (455.43 KB, 2048x1956, Screenshot_20210529-191134.png)

Beached whale went down for her food coma, I think you're onto something

No. 1241548

Then why did she say "she's ready for her 9-5"

No. 1241550

It’s a joke, autist.

No. 1241551

Because she was joking about her ugly ass "business casual" outfit

No. 1241553

This thread really is full of retards

No. 1241557

you think bartenders work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.?

No. 1241561

Ok Whatever. When is she going to move to Seattle she might be moving there to copy the Bikini Barista Poster

No. 1241562

I'm surprised Shayna Luther King isn't at the Tulsa Massacre event today

No. 1241563

Learn to sage

No. 1241564

>men "befriending" anything without an ulterior penile motive


No. 1241567

File: 1622332117472.png (103.15 KB, 820x371, bikini barista.png)

Thanks for reminding me of this trainwreck kek it's always fun when someone on these threads outs themselves as more cringe than the cow at hand

No. 1241570

that probably is the retarded bikini barista anon tbh

No. 1241576

But she retweeted two tweets about it today, what else do you want from her? Some actual activism or something?
It must be. Who else would remember her or care enough to make an unsaged post about her, spelled with capital letters, no less

No. 1241579

next thread pic kek

No. 1241581

This has been annoying me for a while now but why does she insist on using snapchat? who still even still uses snapchat these days? She claims she wants a bigger audience yet also insists on staying on dead social media sites. She needs to move on and get a tiktok (an not post her asshole on it) where she can post this stuff and it can actually be seen by more people than lolcow and her 3 coomers

No. 1241586

ty snapchat anon. seeing everything together like this is so freaking unsettling. she's soooo manic. (and bloated.)

No. 1241587

i honestly think it’s because she knows there are only a couple farmers that have her snapchat and there is at least 1 that’s too dumb to figure out how to screen record it without being caught

No. 1241607

I'm calling it now. If she streams, it's going to be on Onlyfans

No. 1241614

File: 1622337221330.png (242.96 KB, 750x1334, 4968A6B3-0D29-46C5-BBFF-DD8688…)

here we go… what’s the excuse going to be tonight?

No. 1241621

It's because Snap is dead and her coomers probably dont have it so she can post her outings of wasting money they gave her for moving and whatnot. It's like her weird way of scamming and posting her outings with Fupa because she cant just not document every single time leaves the house, but not getting called out. She probably has her main supporters blocked or limited on it or they're too old and/or retarded to use Snap.

No. 1241623

Jfc she's disgustingly predictable she should be so embarrassed to be this lazy and full of shit. Just fucking get on cam. Even for an hour to show you can at least show up and not keep promising you'll be on. She tells people to get tokens and when she bails shes basically fucking them over out of their money (they're retarded scrotes so who cares but I'm just saying) or theyll spend it on other, better whores who actually do their job, therefore fucking herself over.

No. 1241624

Damn just an emote, no monsters Inc gif. Even this dusty scrote is sick of her bs lol

No. 1241625

File: 1622338814657.jpg (77.32 KB, 720x826, 20210529_183954.jpg)

I fuckin cackled. Leo out here telling it.

No. 1241628

File: 1622339092153.jpg (31.8 KB, 720x222, 20210529_184204.jpg)

She didnt get alcohol while she was out to brunch? Does she mean like actually go to the store or like walk to her kitchen fridge?
Also like how shes now making a point to let us know she does take Noodle out to piss lol.
Shaving right before sexual stuff? Yikes, that's how you get irritation and boils, idiot.

No. 1241630

just watch, her excuse for not getting on cam tonight is gonna be that she's too tired from taking her dog outside lmao

No. 1241633

She forgot eating and dabbing tho. That's a lot to do in just a couple hours at Shays pace. Bets on if she's gonna bail or actually cam?

No. 1241638

i’m convinced that she won’t even cam within the next month at this rate

No. 1241639

this will be my first time seeing Shaynus cam so I really hope I can view the cringe in action

No. 1241641

Oh you are in for a treat. I reaalllly hope she follows through tonight, the shit show is always incredibly amusing

No. 1241644


knowing how sweaty she gets in her cheap chinese gamer chair makes me cringe for her freshly shaven vagina. wonder how bad the ass pimples have gotten.

No. 1241650

Why is she always taking naps? She posts like every day that she's going to nap and then dab/eat/do her makeup. Is it normal for an adult to nap every day?

No. 1241651


its the weed.

No. 1241652

I feel like her “first” shows after a long hiatus are the best. Especially after a Fupa break up; they’re especially lugubrious

Not looking forward to her god awful playlist though.

No. 1241653

She has nothing to do all day everyday… why does she do this 30min before getting on cam? She’s not coming on tonight lol

No. 1241655

File: 1622340768960.jpeg (912.59 KB, 2727x1933, 7010247F-21D5-413F-AEF0-686F0C…)

combined other two anons photos, next thread pride month edition ??

No. 1241657

Noodle is adorable. The rare Noodle sighting brings me more joy than Shayna's complete inability to accomplish anything

No. 1241660

well she was talking about being drunk before 2pm

No. 1241662

i don’t see the point in adding the yaniv pic because the original is old af

No. 1241665

you had all day to shower, shave, and get alcohol. thanks for letting everyone know you go to daily brunch greasy and smelly.

No. 1241666

No. 1241668

top left pic is from this thread

No. 1241671

Terrible. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

No. 1241674

yeah the shoop is from this thread but like the ayrt said, the original is not

No. 1241682

File: 1622342910525.jpg (280.59 KB, 1024x682, meirl.jpg)

>10:49 p.m.
she's not getting on cam is she?

No. 1241684

anon, its 9:51 where she is

No. 1241687

File: 1622343535156.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, 8B9FF213-71EF-4254-80EE-3CB07C…)

bloated alcoholic with diabetes and assne edition

No. 1241688

I was going by >>1241062 and >>1241378
and it's 11 EST right now.

No. 1241689

she’s in CST

No. 1241692

NTA but she said she’d be on at 10 EST. Could she not know what her own time zone is?

No. 1241694

File: 1622344652439.jpeg (181.75 KB, 750x424, 30AC2DF7-F773-4099-BDAD-0B4C8C…)

would not surprise me whatsoever. her mfc says she’s online but cam off.

No. 1241699

File: 1622344867095.jpg (5.75 KB, 153x100, Screenshot 2021-05-29 232101.j…)

jasonrwomack is ready

No. 1241701

Probably smoking from the shaynus pipe while waiting

No. 1241702

Wow surprising how she even got online, what doesn’t surprise that she has mic off.

No. 1241705

It's on, check your volume

No. 1241706

File: 1622345725029.jpeg (505.32 KB, 1242x869, 80C62F9A-C998-4816-8C06-7D0F3A…)

I can’t hear jack shit for some reason

No. 1241708

Lol she’s talking about her dad

No. 1241710

Can't film because my phone is fucked but she already unsurprisingly pulled out a long hair from her putrid crotch.

How lugubrious

No. 1241713

why is she smacking herself to meghan trainor

No. 1241714

thank god something besides girls just wanna have fun or material girl

No. 1241715

Jesus Christ, her one tit is so badly swollen

No. 1241718

Her music is so fucking loud jfc

No. 1241719

Yeah I can’t hear what she’s saying half the time

No. 1241725

we had our first sign of cuntyna after they asked to turn it down

No. 1241726

talking about fupa what a shocker

No. 1241729

File: 1622347022564.jpeg (60.47 KB, 750x475, 89B0EB6D-86A4-431C-AB27-732E32…)

Crying about fupa on cam

No. 1241730

i know no cow tipping but I posted one scrote-y message and she started fucking crying what’s going on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241731

She really got on camera to vent and cry about her ex boyfriend to coomers.

No. 1241732

So fupa isn't a monster but he was so terrible? This bitch makes no sense. Basically she was the problem that relationship and he's probably got a lot of dirt on her

No. 1241733

you can tell that mostly everyone in chat is a farmer kek, truly pathetic.

No. 1241734

Log onto the webcam show in time to see her pick her nose, look at it and wipe it on her shirt/skirt. Fucking gag.

No. 1241735

Fupa helped destroy what little she had going for her. He encouraged her weight gain and now that she’s used up and obese he’s simply discarding her and moving on. Imagine if she had gotten with someone that was even somewhat worthwhile. Not saying it’s all his fault but he certainly played a hand

No. 1241736

File: 1622347448024.png (1.22 MB, 1288x734, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.0…)

> I have no choice but to be confident in my body

No. 1241737

‘If I was losing money because of my body it would be a problem’ kek

No. 1241738

He didn't encourage her weight gain She's just not a fucking teenager anymore and started taking antidepressants that ballooned her up because of her diet of cheeseburgers and constant alcohol. She got fat because she's lazy and she eats too much and only drinks booze

No. 1241740

File: 1622347623709.jpg (303.17 KB, 1077x601, Screenshot_20210530-000622_Chr…)

the dance she did when reaching goal was truly jarring

also stitches6666 you're very obviously cowtipping learn to integrate

No. 1241742

Aw HEELLL yeah my body is ready

No. 1241743

it's just a thigh with no butt

No. 1241744

File: 1622347746226.png (757.51 KB, 702x686, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.0…)

breaking the rules to show mr. peanut butter to the coomers and farmers

No. 1241745

What did she say when they asked to turn it down

No. 1241746

she was literally talking to the cat who was at her feet as she inserted a buttplug wtf poor kitty

No. 1241747

She said something about it not being fun anymore or something

No. 1241748

That lol moment when stitches6666 mentioned the boil on her ass being a mole

No. 1241749

He's really cute. Poor cat.

No. 1241750

File: 1622348055231.jpg (Spoiler Image,110.85 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20210530-001332_Chr…)


No. 1241751

did anyone record her talking about fupa? im not able to watch

No. 1241752

Lol ok i hate fupa even more now. Solely for the reason he still haven’t posted the video of shayna being drunk and violent and leaving a cat for shatna?? Why would he, wasn’t 2 unwell animals enough.

No. 1241753

When she jumped up and down screeching after Jason tipped 400….

No. 1241754

I think MFC's rules say you can't have animals on cam "in a sexual context" so this sounds like it absolutely breaks the rules

No. 1241757

That cat is so ugly, she’d be showing ribmeat if he wasn’t a matted mess, she obviously knows the vast majority of people watching are farmers

No. 1241760

yeah the cat wasn't onscreen as she put it in but she was clearly talking to it, looking down below the desk, immediately after picking him up and showing him off to the camera. twas very… checks thesaurus… lugubrious.

No. 1241761

>>1241751 I got some of it I’ll share later

No. 1241762

lol she just raged and left

No. 1241763

aaaaaand someone cowtipped so she left

No. 1241764

whoever is cowtipping please stop your autism. now she's on break

No. 1241766

The cowtipper said something along the lines of "What the fuck happened to you?" Did they say anything else?

No. 1241768

What was said??

No. 1241769

They said “wtf happened to you I remember you from tumblr”

No. 1241770

whattt I wanted to see. did anyone record it?

No. 1241771

Got a screencap of the tipping?

No. 1241772

Jfc we can't have anything because of the fucking autists

No. 1241773

File: 1622348624396.png (398.85 KB, 596x367, imtheshit.png)

"I'm the shit"
then it cuts off right after lol

No. 1241774

Mr peanut butter is very cute

He definitely did. He used to post about alt chubby girls while pretty clearly dating a rail thin girl with low self esteem. She gained and changed for him and he absolutely knew what he was doing. But once the ball starting rolling she is just too lazy to stop and now she’s obese.

No. 1241775

Good one you absolute fucking retard, she quit

No. 1241777

It wouldn’t have been that bad of a thing to say if it wasn’t obviously cowtipping since no one could care enough to still be following her from her tumblr days. She’s so hostile.

No. 1241778

She’s back on

No. 1241779

She’s got like 6 people talking to her and the rest are farmers kek
Not even her regulars are on. I wonder how many of these paying scrotes are farmers

No. 1241780

What'd she say?

No. 1241781

She's dancing like Buffalo Bill now

No. 1241782

kek I had the exact same thought

No. 1241783

File: 1622349025445.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.26 KB, 519x604, Screenshot_20210530-002756_Chr…)

it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 1241784

Doing the chicken dance while her zombie tit refuses to acknowledge gravity.


No. 1241785

Shayna doesn't get to blame being fat piece of shit on fupa. She did that shit to herself kek

No. 1241786

> I'm not huge on tattoos and piercings and stuff, that's just not me
> got her nose repierced last week

No. 1241787

She's got pimples on her ass from obviously not wearing clean clothes and sitting on her ass all day long. This bitch is fucking disgusting

No. 1241788

File: 1622349197460.png (Spoiler Image,2.45 MB, 1334x750, 03FCBDA7-F7AE-440C-B800-3CEB25…)

Hank hill doing the chicken dance

No. 1241789

she literally just plucked her pubes with her hands and told everyone about it

No. 1241790

Please tell me someone got a gif of her swinging her boobs like a windmill when she was dancing it was … something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1241792

Her lack of ass always surprises me. Like yeah her backside is flat (except for some backrolls forming in), but the fact that it’s just thighs with crack?? That’s so funny lol.

No. 1241795

File: 1622349429564.png (Spoiler Image,178.32 KB, 362x294, Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 9.37…)

No. 1241798

File: 1622349486521.png (Spoiler Image,343.96 KB, 426x870, ELYv1pXU4AEMD2c.png)

No. 1241799

She thinks she's eating herself into an ass and I think that's why she initially started binge eating so much. She thought it was so hot because she was eating Chick-fil-A and getting chubby and she legitimately couldn't stop stuffing her face with cheeseburgers all the time in search of a "phat ass". She even told that obvious farmer earlier she's had a glow up since Tumblr so she's obviously delusional and convincing herself that all of these carbs are making her more appealing.

No. 1241801

Ok now I am convinced Stitches6666 is a farmer.

No. 1241803

Well, no shit. They're the person who brought up her breakup causing her to cry and already selfposted.
I already reported their shitty post

No. 1241804

>>1241774 I remember when he’d say I loved chubby and bigger girls and she started posting about eating burgers to get her thighs bigger kek. Now she hates it

No. 1241805

What'd they say?

No. 1241807

Will you guys stop arguing about the fucking cause of her weight gain she's always drank too much and she moved to the south and started eating fried food. Of course she was gonna balloon when her metabolism gave out

No. 1241810

lmao give me a break, some of you retards make way too many excuses for this bitch

No. 1241814

chazzerz1 you're funny but its a bit too obvious. kek

No. 1241815

What? I’m not arguing? Nor am I that anon? I’m pointing out and laughing at the fact that fupa said that and what dumb ass shay said after.

No. 1241816

The autists can't handle it being as simple as everything she puts in front of us every day which is drinking heavily and eating a shit ton of unhealthy food. She didn't need encouragement to do that shit She's been doing it for years It just caught up with her. Her stomach just continues to expand so she eats more and more and more

No. 1241817


No. 1241818

retarded cowtippers just stay out of the chat. shayna's been around long enough to tell when you guys are this obvious. it's never even funny or creative, just kind of pathetic that you want her attention.

No. 1241820

Please, I had to stop watching because of the retarded cowtippers

No. 1241822

But what are the cow tippers saying?

No. 1241823

they're a plague. farmers used to be able to have at least 1% discretion when she was live in the past but it's just on another level now.

No. 1241824

why does it even matter? go look for yourself. it's just shit regurgitated from here.

No. 1241827

i think it’s all ana-chans from the last thread

No. 1241828

She says she has to be in love with someone to be penetrated by them.

No. 1241829

they were talking about taco bell and shitting

No. 1241831

for the record, to all the cowtippers that think they are so xD epic hilarious~, that obvious behavior just gives shayna more reason to never cam. you guys just fuel her excuses so you're only hurting the milk in the long run.

No. 1241832

Is shayna oblivious that the chat is filled with farmers?

No. 1241834

at least they make it somewhat more interesting her flat ass and mumbling get tiresome after all of these years

No. 1241835

no she's aware. she just tries to play it off so it doesn't seem like they're getting to her.

some of these autists actually send her money anyway so what can she do.

No. 1241836

It's literally not though lol.

No. 1241839

She just said shes not doing better on onlyfans nor promoting it because "the community" doesnt interact with her on twitter lol

No. 1241841

she said she wants to cut her whole nose off

No. 1241842

legendaryrat, stop cowtipping please.

No. 1241844

cowtippers, legit question - why?
follow-up question: how are none of you even funny?

No. 1241845

legendaryrat is a retard

No. 1241847

Burp count since ive been on: 3

No. 1241848

Some of us only have this going for them

No. 1241849

The fat roll on her waist and her saddlebags stick out further than her ass, which is genuinely concave in comparison. Holy fuck that’s unfortunate…I wish she’d just stop subjecting us to this and give up her depressing minimum wage camshows to learn a single skill or work out or something.

No. 1241850

I hate when she talks about her family on camera. Coomers don't care if you three brothers weirdo

No. 1241851

she literally cant breathe and is just coughing constantly…depressing

No. 1241852

the music makes me feel like im in a fever dream

No. 1241854

it’s obvious and sad

No. 1241855

File: 1622351840166.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.58 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20210530-011730_Chr…)

the asscne just keeps getting worse

No. 1241856

Jesus christ. This feels like a throwback to a couple years ago.

No. 1241857

File: 1622351880237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.01 KB, 750x417, 4D2F20AD-3DBE-414D-9F86-6F9190…)


No. 1241859

File: 1622352124153.png (Spoiler Image,492.19 KB, 649x463, titjuggle.PNG)

No. 1241861

>transwoman feels his man boobs for the first time
side note that the pencil thin chola eyebrows look weird as fuck

No. 1241862

File: 1622352307868.jpeg (668.28 KB, 1242x1086, DD5795A7-B5E1-4535-970C-257A96…)

No. 1241863

I know shes always groping herself during her streams,but it feels like she's trying to hide the difference in her tits.All she does is draw attention to it, if that's what she's trying to do.

No. 1241866

File: 1622352686241.png (19.14 KB, 444x52, ew.png)

these are the men you attract, Shayna

No. 1241867

Its crazy because Dave could be the type of dudes she attracts from her disgusting pandering or a farmer.
I can't even say for sure

No. 1241869

she cleaned her dildos im proud of her

No. 1241870

wouldn’t be surprised if that’s someone cowtipping. whoever it is is weird as fuck and disgusting for even putting that out there (even if it’s a joke).

No. 1241872

i cant tune in but the best part about the comments and viewer number is it's likely more farmers than genuine viewers lmao. she has to know this too. she either solely gets off on humiliation or is fucking desperate.

No. 1241873

it’s always been like that and she’s definitely desperate if that wasn’t already obvious

No. 1241878

the way she just grabbed her fupa ugh fucking rancid. she tugged at it almost like pnp does with her bolt ons kek

No. 1241879

I just opened up the trainweck and she's literally grabbing her pussy chunk like it's a ball of dough and giggling maniacally. I gotta go.

No. 1241880

She's grabbing her red bump covered pussy. Literally pulling on it.

No. 1241881

File: 1622353896380.png (Spoiler Image,285.36 KB, 448x388, arrggg.png)


No. 1241884

File: 1622353942891.png (Spoiler Image,238.92 KB, 592x336, Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.5…)

No. 1241885

I am speechless

No. 1241886

what in the fuck

No. 1241888

bitch be eating fruit rollup on stream

No. 1241889

can anon post the video of her crying over fupa?

No. 1241890

Claims her camming schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday CST but we know that isn't true

No. 1241891

File: 1622354420959.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.23 KB, 1186x874, 64290F41-A761-48BD-B22F-8BE675…)

No. 1241892

File: 1622354602032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,439.26 KB, 1141x656, A7F7D155-84A7-4120-91FB-E1AB51…)

No. 1241893


I just… Don't get why is she careering as sex worker when her camming consists of just sitting there and talking. Why not make the camera point at her crotch as well? Why not pretend to be turned on? If she's gonna eat on camera, why not make a whole display off it and do it sluttily?

You want tokens so badly; why not actually put effort in doing "sexy" stuff, not only when given tokens?

She doesn't go anything enticing so she doesn't get tokens so she doesn't do anything enticing. A cycle of self sabotage.

No. 1241894

I was so confused what I was looking at until I read it’s her pubic mound area and I’m still confused. I thought she was trying to look at her ass boil kek I am HORRIFIED

No. 1241895

File: 1622354737199.jpeg (Spoiler Image,598.77 KB, 1242x955, F5E40969-F130-49C4-AD19-A8F80C…)

No. 1241896

no warning could’ve prepared me for this

No. 1241897

File: 1622354827885.gif (35.25 KB, 220x154, D8F70F4C-F878-4104-B6D9-3DD010…)

Oh my god do not open that spoiler

No. 1241899


Yeah it’s pretty obvious HOW she gained weight. She eats a shit ton of food and drinks a ton of calories and lives a sedentary lifestyle. But she absolutely went down this route after fupa lusted over chubby goth gfs online. That was the catalyst for this and she’s just too stupid and lazy to be able to stop now. The farmers in this thread are so retarded that shay can blink and it gets called fupabait, but can’t believe that she would try to transform herself into what he likes because it might absolve her from some responsibility for her weight gain (it doesn’t even). This thread has entered peak retardation.

No. 1241900

oh my god shut up about it already

No. 1241905

lena dunham

bruh this is self harm

No. 1241909

I know that has to sting or something. I don't get her, she won't wear panties because they aren't comfortable, doesn't like using lube or lip products, hates to shower, but she'll pull on her freshly shaved, razor bump prone pussy meat like it's nothing.
Also she said it was 12am there, yet she's about to eat dinner?
Her pussy was so red looking I thought it was bloody at one point. Why would you get on camera like that?

No. 1241912

How does this happen and get so bad?? It just be from never wearing underwear when she goes out and sits on bar stools and shit. And the fact that everything she plops down on in her apartment is covered in filth

No. 1241915

i don't even have anything funny to say bitch what the fuck

No. 1241921

i thought this was her back and she had grown & was grabbing one of those "tails" you used to see on dog boys in freakshows back in the 20s or whatever

No. 1241925

right? like you literally cannot tell if it is her frontside or backside. this looks like a randomly generated image

No. 1241943

What the fuck is this shit? Almost like watching a smuff film for real, she’s disgusting.

No. 1241957

I like how she said she had to do her makeup but where?? She put on some foundation. That's it.

No. 1241963

Jfc she looks so worn down and dried out. And miserable. Clean up your life Shay

Starting to look like Baylee Jae once again… gross

No. 1241964

I just whispered to myself out loud “what the fuck is she doing” hoooooly shit

No. 1241971

File: 1622364437507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,518.25 KB, 991x880, 8251C610-0D1D-4DF2-9B61-CE78BC…)

No. 1241972

File: 1622364546763.jpeg (Spoiler Image,529.18 KB, 1101x748, 155DFC89-75C5-4499-BB28-1A862B…)

Poor Mr Peanut Butter

No. 1241973

File: 1622364578483.jpeg (368.7 KB, 1067x939, F312D757-DDBD-4E3B-A3B0-E1BA71…)

>hello darkness my old friend

No. 1241974

File: 1622364625489.jpeg (352.81 KB, 771x672, BB16337D-200A-46D8-BE57-B45D04…)

Her teeth are so yellow in the back kek

No. 1241975

Jesus Fucking Christ she needs to be committed. Why?! Just why??? Going on can just to cry about your ex, smack your tits around, jump like a maniac, insert a buttplug while talking to a cat, and grab your pubic mound is absolutely psychotic behavior. 5150 hold is needed immediately.

No. 1241976

File: 1622364800748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.23 KB, 676x1313, 6F3F3AEB-13A6-40F9-B8D1-EA8816…)


No. 1241978

File: 1622365118065.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 3464x3464, CFFE8701-8787-4687-B5A0-FA6506…)

Some screenshots I captured of the camshow

No. 1241982

File: 1622365383370.jpeg (Spoiler Image,480.26 KB, 924x844, 5738FB06-81C8-49C7-BC1A-73F4D8…)

I wasn’t here during the blonde “skinny-fat” Shayna era but I lurked through the threads and saw she was just as boring as she was now. Did she always grab her boobs like she does now? It seems like she’s insecure because we make fun of how one of them droops far down than the other one. Or is that just her mannerisms

No. 1241994

She’s away grabbed her titties on cam. She used to also shove the back of her foot into her crotch too because she sat like a retard.

No. 1242002

Kek, the size difference between those nipples