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No. 1533507

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha's hometown.

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's husband.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate, Olivia Lopez: H3H3 crew members.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.

The H3/Trisha Ongoing Feud
>Ethan and Trisha had a very successful show called Frenemies. One of its high points was when Ethan and Trisha exposed David Dobrik and supported a rape victim, who was taken advantage by the Vlog Squad.
>During the last episode, Trisha was upset that she had no say in what happens in the show and how repetitive the segments were. It escalated into an argument where Trisha asked for the show to end because she didn't want to walk out while the cameras were still rolling.
>Trisha had an online meltdown and made a bunch of videos saying that she quits the show. Ethan accuses Trisha of wanting to fire the crew and made everything about her wanting 5% more from the profits.
>Trisha made more videos, attempting to explain herself but making herself look worse in the process. Ethan made content based on her responses, which got him lots of views.
>Ethan invited Trisha to record one more episode of Frenemies to promote the merch, but decided to not not air it once everything sold out.
>Trisha went to Keemstar's podcast after she called him out for dating a woman who is too young for him. Ethan took it personally and sent his fans to attack her. When Ethan's mother piled on the hate, Trisha defended herself and mentioned that Donna sent Moses a vile message. The message, which blames Trisha for a potential miscarriage, was read in Families. Outside of the H3 bubble, people sided with Trisha, which prompted Families to get cancelled to protect Donna from further scrutiny and drama.
>Ethan unlisted an episode of Frenemies and asked Trisha to clarify her sexual abuse. This started a shit show, which got drama channels and H3 fans riled up. Trisha's former classmates came forward to accuse the teacher of being inappropriate but H3 fans dismissed and harassed them. Trisha had a meltdown online and privated her Twitter. She eventually came back with a video thanking the classmates and admitting she made a mistake with the child porn charge but is still standing on her allegations against the teacher. Petty Paige's video >>>/snow/1331953
>Trisha stops giving Ethan and his fans attention. Nevertheless, she and everyone in her life continues to get harassed: Ethan's fans mass downvote every video that she makes, leave negatives comments in all her content, contacted her sponsors, called the cops on Trisha's mother, harassed Trisha's brother and his family, sent messages to Moses's workplace, doxxed Moses' former partners, etc.
>Trisha and Moses got married, which prompts Ethan to be "mask-off”, insult Trisha’s family and say “Justice for Mr R”, her sexual abuser. She made a video asking him to leave her alone. Ethan took out the portions of the video where he insults Trisha’s family out and complains about how much pressure he has been under after a fight with Hila.
>Ethan praises tea channels and people who speak negatively about Trisha. He is caught following/unfollowing Trisha’s Tiktok, visiting r/Trishyland regularly (a hate subreddit dedicated to Trisha) on his personal computer and continues to bring her up regularly.
>Ethan mentioned Trisha on his lawsuit against Ryan Kavanaugh and cried about the end of Frenemies to the judge.
>Ethan is still regurgitating conspiracy theories from r/Trishyland.
>Dan makes a kill switch to cut off Ethan every time he mentions Trisha. Ethan still tries to bring her up almost one year after the end of Frenemies.

Other Controversies
>Throughout the years, Ethan and Keemstar have antagonized each other ever since Keemstar went to the H3 podcast and Ethan badmouthed him afterwards.
>In 2020, Ethan made a Content Nuke video on Keemstar. The two go back and forth responding to allegations and throwing dirt at each other. Then Keemstar reuploads Gokanaru's The Death of h3h3 Productions, which gets striked down right away. Keemstar is forced to apologize by YT.
>Ethan got suspended for one week in YT because he simulated a call from Keemstar's then girlfriend and made her talk about Keemstar's dick.

Ryan Kavanaugh
>Ethan showed clips from a pay-per-view boxing event and encouraged his fans to pirate it. He gets two lawsuits from Triller.
>Ethan starts a year long harassment campaign against Ryan Kavanaugh, a founder of the app. Ethan read fake reviews in the podcast, has framed articles about Ryan on the background, sold shirts with his face, created a website comparing him to Harvey Weinstein and weaponized his fans to participate in the harassment. H3 fans review bomb Triller, make memes of Ryan and harass/bully him, his family and friends.
>Ryan sues Ethan for defamation.
>Ethan continues making fun of Ryan, mocks his family and possibly hired a plane to draw a penis on the sky next to Ryan’s name >>1422551

>Daphney is a hook-up that Moses had on Valentine's Day 2020. When Moses and Trisha started dating, she released text messages of Moses comparing Trisha to Miss Piggy. After apologizing to Moses personally, she reappears a year later to say that Moses stealthed her. Catnipz, an ex-girlfriend, makes a post in r/h3h3productions to support Daphney.
>Moses releases text messages revealing that Daphney was begging for more sex after the hook-up and was more upset that he stopped following her Instagram.
>Daphney made livestreams while high on pot, spilling tea on any dirt she had on Moses from how he washes his clothes to how his bed looked like. In one of those lives, she confessed that she saw Moses take off the condom, but continued having sex with him anyway.
>Daphney took a selfie with James Charles, which made her back away from the public when people turned on her and called her a clout chaser.
>Daphney and Catnipz made brief reappearances to criticize the styling decisions in Moses and Trisha’s wedding.
>Catnipz continues to gossip about Moses in r/Trishyland.
>Daphney insinuated that Trisha should get an abortion and implies that Moses is a pedophile after Trisha’s pregnancy announcement. She takes it back and then says that Moses pressured her into sex with a gun which was disproved by Catnipz.

Last Thread
>r/Trishyland has a meltdown after Trisha announces she is pregnant >>1444546, >>1444554, >>1444564, >>1444572, >>1444580, >>1444598, >>1444663, >>1445345, >>1445610, >>1446098, >>1446946, >>1447039. They upload their own ultrasounds to prove that Trisha's is fake >>1444633, fantasizing about Trisha's baby getting sexually abused >>1445116, >>1445265, >>1445487, making lists of Trisha's wrongdoings to send them to CPS >>1445497, >>1445622, >>1445623, >>1445659, freaking out about Trisha's weight and nutrition >>1446199, >>1446202, >>1446205, uploading their own selfies to dunk on Trisha's looks >>1446173, >>1457423, >>1461989, >>1462116, bragging about their mental illnesses >>1446397, >>1446398 and writing hate poems for Trisha >>1446462, >>1446921, >>1448831.
>Ethan is taking advantage of Love's trip to America to make taste tests and eat on camera against Hila's wishes >>1447007, >>1447008, >>1447163.
>Ethan and Hila have an argument on the podcast and she takes his pizza away >>1447710, >>1448418. H3 fans defend Ethan >>1450023.
>More r/Trishyland insanity >>1447963, >>1447969, >>1448195, >>1448612, >>1448730, >>1449396, >>1449397, >>1449418, >>1449427, >>1449447, >>1450068, >>1450069, >>1450098, >>1450194, >>1450198, >>1450264, >>1450908, >>1451015, >>1451112, >>1451128, >>1451802, >>1452023, >>1453073, >>1457648, >>1459726, >>1460757, >>1504209, >>1507010, >>1508421, >>1525766, >>1527745, >>1533293, >>1533294, >>1533300, >>1533321, >>1533326.
>Trishyland user comes to the thread to whiteknight her sub >>1450261.
>Daphney backtracks and says that she never meant to imply that Moses is a pedophile >>1449218. She adds that Moses threatened her with guns on the night they slept together. However Catnipz says that he got the guns in June >>1465057 (months after his date with Daphney).
>Ethan makes fun of Jeff Wittek's eye and friend, Cody. Cody films a video outside of Ethan's house and shows Ethan’s license plate >>1452833.
>The H3 fans complain about Ethan's Ukraine jokes, insensitive jokes to Jeff and chewing noises >>1453068. All the criticism is swiftly removed from the sub. Dan tells the fans to grow the fuck up and leave >>1454296. Ethan uses Bruce as an excuse to explain why the podcast has been shit >>1454286.
>Ethan victim blames a woman who survived a bear attack >>1456778.
>A woman that talked to Moses once had a meltdown in r/Trishyland >>1457492. The mods blame Trisha for this >>1457626
>Ethan brings up Trisha on his legal statement for the Ryan Kavanaugh lawsuit >>1458407, >>1459363, >>1459454
>r/Trishyland is theorizing that Trisha will have a miscarriage based on her Marilyn Monroe cosplay >>1460046, >>1460093
>Ethan says that Trisha stole Jason's laugh, a popular theory in r/Trishyland, which makes all his fans post compilations of Trisha laughing >>1462918
>r/Trishyland doxxes Trisha's OBGYN >>1464136
>Ethan has been sick and the podcast is cancelled several times >>1465381
>Ethan talks with a stripper on the podcast and they decide to go to a Vegas strip club for AB's birthday >>1468836, >>1468857, >>1484822, >>1484839, >>1484941, >>1485813, >>1485880, >>1485983
>A woman who was sexually assaulted by Justin Roiland gets victim blamed on the H3 sub >>1471266, >>1471340
>Ethan jokes about sleeping with fans >>1474979 and asks Hila if she would rather Ethan cum to a lap dance from a random stripper or have Amourath come over to fart in his face >>1480138. Ethan tells Hila that cheating "just happens" >>1480425, >>1480484
>Ethan and Hila shout at AB and Love for saying that celebrities manufacture drama >>1476202, >>1476203, >>1476903
>Teddy Fresh plagiarizing again >>1480855, >>1519207 and customers having issues with their orders >>1488853, >>1489004, >>1518336
>Ethan and his employees are deleting criticism on the sub >>1482142
>Ethan forces his employees to smell farts in jars >>1481920, >>1482213
>Ethan receives backlash for his takes on the Will Smith's slap >>1485263, >>1485295, >>1485264, >>1485140, >>1485180, >>1485753, >>1485908
>Ethan doubledowns and goes on a rant obsessing over the thought of killing potential home invaders >>1486478, >>1487349, >>1487400
>Ethan is in the hospital possibly for c. diff (a highly infectious disease) >>1490205, >>1491315. Doctors rule out c.diff >>1493360. He shares a photo of his shit and his fans spam it to other subs >>1493802
>AB fights Brett from Cow Chop at the iDubbbz's boxing event >>1490602, >>1491836 and loses >>1529332
>Ethan tries to show his podcast guest a photo of his shit >>1496379 and she tells him that she doesn't want to see that >>1496448
>Trisha is having a girl >>1497610 and changes the name of her vlog channel >>1497898. r/Trishyland spergs >>1497557, >>1497988, >>1497992 and makes parody hate accounts for Trisha's baby >>1498402, >>1498792
>Ethan speculates that James Charles needs diapers because his asshole is destroyed from all the anal sex he is getting >>1499457. A fan calls in to the podcast. Ethan prods him to reveal whether he is a top or bottom and then ask if he poops differently after anal sex. Dan tells the fans to shut the fuck up and unsubscribe when the complain in the chat.
>Ethan apologizes to his fans >>1499461, >>1500706, >>1501674, says that people are returning Teddy Fresh due to his homophobic remarks >>1500712 and allegedly lost all his sponsors >>1504864. Donna says that people are too sensitive nowadays >>1500500
>Ethan and Hila release a photoshoot to promote Teddy Fresh >>1501621, >>1503573, >>1503582. Ethan shows his ass on the photos. Lena walked in during this photoshoot and accidentally saw Ethan's ass >>1501634.
>Ethan and Hila are showing their children in social media despite saying they wouldn't months ago >>1503614
>Cam conveniently comes out as bisexual while Dan and Ethan are getting cancelled for their homophobic comments >>1502078
>Ethan accuses Trisha of conspiring with Ryan Kavanaugh in the podcast >>1502940, >>1503294. Idubbbz calls it "middle school shit" >>1503697
>Hila privates and deletes all her tweets >>1503559
>Hila's possible ED >>1504377, >>1504595, >>1505604
>Ethan lied about losing sponsors to guilt trip his fans to become members >>1506588, >>1506741, >>1518666 and get them to buy trading cards >>1509241, >>1511300 with spelling mistakes >>1511119
>Ethan asks his employees to detail their parents private parts and sex life while they are under the influence >>1507688, >>1507699. Ethan asks Cam to describe his dead father's dick.
>Ethan parodied his apology for his homophobic remarks >>1510283, >>1512433 and makes himself to be a martyr >>1510286
>Hila's questionable fashion >>1512034, >>1519246, >>1483753, >>1519509, >>1531474
>Ethan follows what Trisha does through tea channels >>1512181
>Ethan justifies creepy men subscribing to Bhad Bhabie's OF (who just turned 18) because she is pretty and looks 5 years older >>1513652
>AB and Ethan don't wash their butthole >>1516753. Ethan didn't know he had to wash his legs until he noticed that his toenails smelled
>Trisha is doing ASMR videos >>1519312 and Ethan is clickbaiting his fans >>1520166
>Discussion on Hila's time in the IDF >>1520464. She was a secretary initially >>1520469 but later changed her post. She was the assistant of the officer in the Ramallah base, where she joined raids at night >>1520493
>Trisha got COVID and r/Trishyland >>1523084 is tracking down the hospital she stayed >>1524899
>Ethan keeps bringing up Trisha so much that they have a kill switch on the podcast for him >>1529435. Hila says that she wished she had one at home
>Ethan inserts himself in Bobby Lee’s drama and defends him >>1530617. Bobby Lee is a child rapist >>1532585
>Ethan says he wishes Trisha killed Moses because it would be good for business >>1531337
>Petty Paige makes a video about how Ethan and Hila’s jokes have ruined Patrice Wilson’s life >>1533141, >>1533236
>Ethan releases a song >>1533285


Trisha Paytas

https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions (Moderated by H3 employees)
https://www.reddit.com/r/Frenemies12 (Moderated by H3 employees)

Past Threads
1: >>>/snow/1228044
2: >>>/snow/1253691
3: >>>/snow/1308812
4: >>>/snow/1344979
5: >>>/snow/1395559
6: >>>/snow/1444501

No. 1533519

Good job OP! Thread pic and summary on fleek

No. 1533526

Patrice worked with children… who was going to hire him after Ethan made everyone think that he is a creepy pedo? He was not super famous but any person who considered working with him would have googled him and found those reaction videos. Patrice lost his job and his house. You know how obsessed Ethan fans are, Patrice received death threats and harassment for years.

No. 1533527

Thanks for the thread anon

Following on from the Patrice Wilson thing, I think given what we now know about Ethan’s sexual preferences he was 100% projecting his own fucked up thoughts onto this guy. It’s repulsive when he jokes about the girl’s period and masturbating to her in the dark

No. 1533542

Did he have a regular day job he lost? I'm just confused on how he could lose a job he only ever did like, twice. Like he couldn't have been paying for his house with the few music videos he produced to begin with, but it sucks if Ethan fucked up his day job up for him

No. 1533549

I think at the end of the day none of this matters as much as Ethan putting this guy in such a dark place suicide became an option to him. What's gross is that he uses Etika as some kind of slam dunk on Keem. But, I guess since Patrice isn't dead Ethan didn't do nuffin. How does one fat, gross, incel have so many fucking enablers? I don't get it at all. (Also to make it clear, I'm not including you in that group nona-cause I feel like it sounds that way when I read this back.)

No. 1533555

Yes, he worked with a music label.

No. 1533556

Me again, just wanted to add that this whole OP and the thread image are absolute fire. Excellent job to the nonnie who made it!

No. 1533621

>Moon moon moon
>To lighten up the way
>Just enough to see my feet
>To stumble 'til the day
Ethan we all know you can't see your feet and not because it's too dark

No. 1533644

…and hila is behind the camera giggling and enabling his pedo jokes

No. 1533706

ethan kleinfelter's fat is mostly on his ass and legs

No. 1533969

File: 1653020499371.png (255.47 KB, 425x463, Screenshot 2022-05-20 062040.p…)

Nah Ethan is one of those fatties with deflated flat asses, most of his fat rests on his desk behind his computer when he does his podcasts

No. 1534006

No. 1534012

File: 1653027449797.jpg (294.96 KB, 1080x1350, ethan.jpg)

ethan's ass >>1501621

No. 1534013

He looks like a pregnant fakeboi

No. 1534066

Ok I wandered in from the leftcows thread so please don't shit on me but is this stuff like….real? This is real drama? Or it's all just fake scripted WWE style bullshit to get these people views?

No. 1534074

It’s real in as much as Ethan intentionally seeks out and inserts himself into drama in order to attract viewers and make as much money as possible, that’s his ultimate end gain. However, he’s also an emotionally unstable narcissist who can’t help but spew problematic shit, which naturally causes controversy anyway.

No. 1535032

File: 1653144800417.png (512.52 KB, 864x1380, Screenshot_20220521-095056.png)

This was on the frenemies3 sub. So I went to look at the OP in trishyland and it was gone. Quick reveddit search and here's the site ladies. https://k8-crosshatch-merch.creator-spring.com/unisex-men-s-t-shirts

Trishyland is making fucking merch based on their anti Trisha hate. And peep that totally not racist Moses drawing.

No. 1535033

File: 1653144867380.png (588.61 KB, 864x1481, Screenshot_20220521-095352.png)

Speaks for itself, honestly.

No. 1535035

ot and may have been mentioned on the last thread, but that video trish did of the wired interview thing actually fooled me because of the thumbnail kek

No. 1535037

Why do they want shirts with her face if they hate her so much?

No. 1535038

File: 1653145443725.png (464.31 KB, 864x1123, Screenshot_20220521-100247.png)

Here's the link to the reveddit so you can see the giddy responses these psychos replied to the post with. Absolutely wild.


No. 1535083

Who in their right mind would wear this? Imagine explaining this to someone you know IRL when they ask about your t-shirt

No. 1535175

It would go something like this:

"Oh this? Do you know who Trisha Paytas is? She's this like fucking trash fat racist beast who's faking her pregnancy for clout. There's like this whole reddit, Trishyland, where we keep tabs and evidence of her lies. Also you have to see clips for her Only Fans. So nasty. I've seen a bunch. She's such fucking trash. And this guy is her husband, Moses. She only got with him because she's just looooooves Jewish people. She's so fucking racist and stereotypes them so much. Anyways he's totally only with her for money, but she's totes broke, so we call him Mo$he. He's also trash. That's why there's a demon horn on one side. He's like totally evil. Oh! And my phone case? We call her upper lip Ben the Lipperpillar because she's put so much shit in it. And we love Ben. Oh you have to go? Well super great seeing you! Check out that reddit when you get a chance!"

Okay I probably made that too long for here, but let's be real, that's what it would be.

No. 1535254

As stupid as these are, they have more effort than Teddy Fresh kek

No. 1535530

File: 1653172751157.gif (1.96 MB, 343x200, 200.gif)

lmaoooo so perfectly unhinged

No. 1535572

Ahahaha what in the fuck they really are turning into a cult. Who even does shit like this lmao

No. 1536888

File: 1653295872345.jpeg (729.47 KB, 750x997, 7810F706-21F8-4BE0-8358-97A1D5…)

Hila keeping up appearances in her marriage

No. 1536998

Not even baggy clothes can hide ethans belly anymore, can't believe this delusional slob had the balls to laugh at nikocado while looking like that

No. 1537066

File: 1653318385949.png (134.81 KB, 572x595, schools.png)

/r/Trishyland is looking into the possible schools that Trisha's daughter will attend


No. 1537068

they are actually unhinged

No. 1537090

Hila looks so stiff and uncomfortable here, in hindsight though I’ve never really seen them be affectionate in normal ways

No. 1537096

Hila's outfit is actually cute for once

No. 1537105

Jesus fucking Christ. These people need goddamn interventions. Does anyone know if they have a discord?

No. 1537394

He’s physically repulsive and steadily becoming more of an embarrassment every time he flaps his greasy jowls. Even a pickme autist like Hila can only take so much before her body begins to instinctively recoil in his presence.

No. 1537413

The fuck? It says a lot when their behavior is so irrational and unhinged they’ve given a BPD sideshow like Trisha Paytas the moral high ground.

At what point can these people be sued or at least issued some kind of restraining order?

No. 1538436

They know what they're doing is a grey area, the admins had to put the subreddit on private when it was mentioned in one of trishas lives to stop people from reporting and shutting it down

No. 1539044

Is Trisha in therapy or DBT? I'm legit wondering how she manages to be silent on a whole subreddit stalking her. I'm impressed considering her past of very public mental breakdowns.
Though I do wonder if maybe she's handed it over to law enforcement and that's why she's being quiet. There have been some posts on there that express a desire to stalk Trisha but it's hard to get law enforcement to care unless you have definite proof of some crime.

No. 1539679

File: 1653511685919.jpeg (954.76 KB, 1170x1519, F37263D4-4C90-459E-B355-678206…)

Jfc this is such a shameless repulsive click baitb, I honestly can’t believe h3 has sunk so low

No. 1539696

i wonder if he will refrain from talking about shitting for once

No. 1539776

That’s what I’m wondering too, this is definitely out of character for Trisha. I think it might be therapy, and also that she sobered up a little bit and decided to back off once her ‘feud’ with Ethan got way out of control.

Before frenemies people would move on from her drama fairly quickly and no one ever took it that seriously. Somewhat self-aware attention whoring/trolling with a little BPD chaos to keep things interesting was her entire schtick, and to most people she was entertaining because of rather than in spite of that. But now a huge influential creator has declared himself her mortal enemy and is obsessed with bringing her down, somehow recruiting a cult of insane people dedicated to ruining her life in the process. This crazy train derailed a long time ago and she’s at least smart enough to realize further engagement doesn’t benefit her in any way.

While I definitely don’t think she’s going to become this paragon of maturity and dignity just because she got married and is having a kid, she obviously wants a family and is probably happier than she’s ever been at the moment. She’s not putting that in jeopardy by poking a hornet’s nest of psycho retards who gleefully speculate about how they can rip apart her marriage and traumatize her future daughter for their entertainment.

No. 1540372

File: 1653536268292.jpeg (91.77 KB, 1214x527, ddsds.jpeg)

Classy merch link right under a gofundme.

No. 1540734

i have seen people saying how trish has made the school shooting about herself by doing that video on it, i haven't watched the full video. but didn't she also tweet something how she doesn't get involved with politics and stuff and then people complained how she is so ignorant kek. it is like she can't do either, like talk about something and not talk about something?

sorry this makes me sound like such a wk kek, but i was just thinking about it in the shower.

No. 1540735

I am actually scared of that subreddit. It is scary the lengths they are going. I kinda think once her baby is born something will happen because of them idk.. is there any way we can report them or get it shut down? Isn't there rules about doxxing and stuff?

No. 1540876

Don't cowtip or involve yourself on behalf of lolcow. I'm sure Trisha is experienced enough with being an online figure and posting sexually explicit content that she knows the channels to use to address it. I would be more shocked if she hasn't alerted authorities about that subreddit. Especially if Ryan Kavablah has mentioned Trisha in court documents in relation to Ethan Klein. Trisha most definitely has her own solicitor or whatever. Those tramps on those subreddits are a shower of spastics in a multitude of ways.

No. 1541131

The comments about Ethan under this video are fucking hilarious. Over under on him having a meltdown about it on his next podcast?

No. 1541175

File: 1653599281142.png (362.38 KB, 863x946, Screenshot_20220526-160733.png)

Apparently the reddit user Twanne234 from >>1507010 is continuing down her slippery slope. https://www.reddit.com/r/Trishyland/comments/urchod/wifeys

Her reveddit is more interesting than her actual reddit because her obsession with Trisha is so bad those mods are deleting her shit. https://www.reveddit.com/y/Twanne234/submitted/?removal_status=all

No. 1541180

So YouTube’s gonna just let this dude call another creator “low iq inbred loser” aka retarded in the title of the video and then take Leafy and Gokanaru’s shit down for creator on creator harassment? fucking hate this hypocrite please report and strike the video Hambeast. Although looking worse than TheQuartering (both physically and metaphorically) is already a win in itself for Jeremy.

And don’t forget the ads on the vid! I guess according to Ethan monetizing tragedies on YouTube is only bad if you’re Jimmy Kimmel

No. 1541187

I just looked at her post history. God, she is scarily obsessed. I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned up at Trisha’s door.

No. 1541537

Ethan unironically thinks he doesn't look bad, there's no way he'd keep going for people appearances if he knew how fucking ugly and fat he actually is

No. 1541665

Meanwhile Trisha is cosplaying with Moses as her favourite yaoi ship from Lost kek I love this woman

No. 1542341

File: 1653724687490.png (2.38 MB, 826x1538, h.png)

Hila is so fucking tone deaf for both of these stunts but no one is gonna call her out on it because shes the shy autistic fashion icon that does nothing wrong

No. 1542378

She should wear the don't shoot one when she goes back to Israel

No. 1542379

File: 1653728742101.png (123.88 KB, 403x596, h2.png)

H3 is selling shirts for the victims' families. I just hope this time they won't pocket the money like they did with the FUPA Fund.

No. 1542382

Even if they donate all the profits this is still a marketing move for teddy fresh which means they're profiting of school shootings

No. 1542385

File: 1653729589773.png (2.61 MB, 1106x1363, fashionqueen.png)

Just when I thought Hila has an okay outfit, she ruins it with a red flower purse and childish drawings

No. 1542388

Wasn't Ethan salivating at the thought of using his shotgun and challenging people to come to his house?

No. 1542391

Yeah he did, all while Hila was sitting right behind him holding their baby.

Here's also 20 min of Ethan joking around about another shooting in 2018. He tries to sprinkle in some serious moments in between but you can tell he's only there to make fun of it

No. 1542426

In the latest podcast Ethan repeatedly says stuff like the shooting is all he cares about and how can you talk about anything else etc. etc. all the while repeatedly interrupt the topic to sell more shirts. I would've posted a screenshot but they turned off subtitles kek…

Also imo weird take by Hila to be angry that the police didn't let the parents just run into the building making the whole situation possibly more chaotic and less manageable.

No. 1543210

File: 1653806620645.webm (530.45 KB, 638x360, DwaNPC9gNHJgpPj8.webm)

YouTube took down a H3 podcast because Ethan said that someone should bomb the NRA meeting in Texas

No. 1543211

Peace and love everybody am I right

No. 1543218

File: 1653807235918.png (308.4 KB, 598x1143, fupafund2.png)

Teddy Fresh donated $50,000 to the Texas Elementary School Shooting Fund, took a screenshot of the donation and then it disappeared from the page…


No. 1543318

File: 1653827567111.png (61.7 KB, 1310x311, pecord.png)

>obvs joke
From the h3 discord, the mental gymnastics these retards have to go through to pretend like this >>1543210 was just a joke lmao

No. 1543414

>obvs joke
Like when Ethan accused Leafy of being a school shooter for a stupid joke?

No. 1543416

Why do they always blame Keemstar? They literally broke the terms and conditions of YT and Ethan has publicly condoned creators being banned for similar reasons

No. 1543488

File: 1653844564651.png (427.02 KB, 864x559, Screenshot_20220529-115503.png)

Kek Fucking moron.

No. 1543491

that is embarrassing omg.

No. 1543493

you know if another youtuber did this they would be posted on all those youtube drama/tea videos.
This is taking being greedy to another level and trying to get money out of a tragedy by lying..wow

No. 1543494

You could already tell he's so over apologizing for his shit takes after joking around with his last one. He just seems annoyed at this point that he can't go back to being a edgelord after policing the internet with Trisha on frenemies for a year.

No. 1543554

File: 1653849362906.png (435.85 KB, 1256x1611, scam.png)

No. 1543560

File: 1653849635699.png (393.88 KB, 864x514, Screenshot_20220529-133650.png)

Rules for thee not for me.

And is this legit Hasan's alternate Twitter account? Because if it is, that's great look that you're co-host is comparing this to that time he said US deserved 9/11, Ethan.

No. 1543566

Top fucking kek. His fans are justifying by saying it's cause they restocked the shirt that they took the donation down. They would have announced that immediately if they were going to re-donate or whatever,I would think. He's gonna screech about his ban for days but this isn't worth one measly tweet, I guess.

No. 1543600

Wow they're really trying to live up to all the stereotypes about Jews, huh?

No. 1543619

File: 1653853123897.png (76.33 KB, 596x293, antisemitic.png)

No. 1543625

File: 1653853727739.jpeg (89.91 KB, 398x378, 1642609450579.jpeg)

>"I can't believe people are being so antisemitic against me"
>proceeds to scam $50,000 supposedly for dead children and keeps the money for himself

No. 1544209

I shouldn’t laugh but how did you manage to get a rabbit “miserly jew” meme holy shit kek

No. 1544298

What in the small town retardation… I'm now stupider for trying to read and interpret this.

No. 1544311

Trishyland is cringe but why did you post this shit and how does any of that relate to either trisha or ethan?

No. 1544522

In any other thread you’d get banned for derailing for posting irrelevant Reddit screenshots as if they’re milk (unsaged no less!) and yet this anon is allowed to continue when I report it all the time. No one cares about the psychos at Trishyland. This thread is about H3H3 and Trisha, and their cow antics.

No. 1544533

File: 1653951361235.jpg (79.51 KB, 828x405, Snapchat-1098225823.jpg)

fat fuck addressed the "donation" by saying it was TOTALLY real but showing absolutely no proof and being passive aggressive as always. how he has any kind of audience being this hostile is beyond me.

No. 1544582

Ew. Why wouldn't he just say they're looking into it? He's getting overly hostile with his audience

No. 1544596

He's so fucking stupid. He should have pandered to his fans in this tweet. Not been gross and aggressive. Especially since it's their money he's donating, not his (profits not proceeds, ha). Like this would be a great moment to deflect. Say something about how amazing his fans are. That they're still raising money because of how awesome they all are. That the issue is being looked into. Instead he goes full retard and screeches on Twitter and just looks like an asshole per usual. Which makes me genuinely disappointed he won't be able to put anything out this week. I'm sure the tantrum he's been in real life has been hysterical.

No. 1544783

Creator clash also donated 100k without making the fans walking billboards for their clothing brand

No. 1544793

>making the fans walking billboards
you mean walking targets. the design of the shirt is tasteless even if i get the point hila was trying to make

No. 1544799

I like the Trishyland posts, nonna but sage them next time unless there is milk directly connected to Trisha or Ethan

No. 1544820

I think anon did mean billboards in that they’re basically using their fans as walking advertisements

No. 1544991

File: 1654011066432.png (179.06 KB, 587x567, 1653996824550.png)

Ethan attacked the Texas Governor, who is in a wheelchair, by calling him a demon and saying that God paralyzed because he is a bad person. Hila needs to take his phone away.

No. 1545129

File: 1654019647538.png (361.86 KB, 864x1402, Screenshot_20220531-125226.png)

He's so fucking gross.

Also kek at Ethan and his sycophants still thinking a ratio on Twitter is peak "got 'em".

No. 1545224

File: 1654024718019.png (94.12 KB, 374x475, ethan.png)

No. 1545245

He sounds like those people that think Astroworld was a planned sacrificial ritual but unironically

No. 1545339

So God disables people as punishment. Aren't most of his fans retards wonder what that means

No. 1545357

File: 1654032298466.jpg (414.99 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220531_161733.jpg)

Sure, Jan.

No. 1545495

Ethan is a retard and everything, but he’s obviously being sarcastic and tweeting what he thinks insane conservatives would say about some politician they hate if the tables were turned. Also, as a Texas anon, our governor sucks and doesn’t even give a shit about his fellow cripples so I’m gonna let that one slide. https://www.christopherreeve.org/blog/life-after-paralysis/texas-gov-abbott-a-disability-advocates-worst-nightmare

What I find disgusting about this is Ethan’s a hypocrite who can’t decide whether his persona is an outrageous edgelord comedian who can take refuge in audacity or some woke YouTube mercenary with the moral authority to cancel anyone. Seems like he’ll gladly be either as long as it gets him enough attention. He should also really shut the fuck up about this in general until Teddy Fresh’s name can be cleared of wrongdoing with the missing donation. You’d think that a business like h3 would have some basic understanding of how to handle public relations.

No. 1545507

They’re already stretching credibility by claiming to be employed.

Is the job at a fast food restaurant and are the co-workers literal children?

No. 1545527

One of Ethan's biggest problems is that he's not clever. He's low effort humor. So when he does decide to drop an edgy joke, it's already gonna have a hard landing. But then he does it so poorly and gets pissed and doubles down when people tell him it's not funny. He's a retarded ouroboros.

No. 1545528

>this anon is allowed to continue when I report it all the time.
I've only posted that one screencap.
Are you schizophrenic?

No. 1545728

The boss supposedly doesn't know who Trisha is, doesn't know her name so obviously doesn't know what she has done and what goes on with her but somehow still hates her based on what? Her face? This is "and then everybody clapped" tier retardation.

No. 1545901

She probably gave the boss and coworkers this little speech >>1535175

No. 1546083

I don’t find most “edgy” comedians funny in general because they tend to craft jokes based on how much it’ll piss people off with nothing insightful or honest underneath. It’s rare to find a comic who is controversial because they’re actually good at mocking hypocrites or tearing down scared cows. Most of them are just insecure assholes who enjoy their little bully pulpit.

Ethan is definitely the latter, along with being just plain fucking stupid, which makes him painfully unfunny.

No. 1546583

File: 1654139202392.png (572.98 KB, 864x1240, Screenshot_20220601-215805.png)

Ethan's gonna spend the rest of the week throwing as much spaghetti at the wall as possible to see what sticks and gets him the most attention. If it was anyone else this would read as sincere to me. But all I see are attempts to go viral with a "hot take."

No. 1546719

Ethan has proven time and time again that he doesn't actually care or know anything about the issues he talks about. It's all just performative activism to please his braindead fans. I'm sure Hasan is behind the scene feeding him information about the trendiest takes to put out on the internet for maximum engagement

No. 1546731

Of course Ethan agrees with the jury. Of course. Hila, fucking run.

No. 1546743

File: 1654153488791.jpeg (247.67 KB, 512x702, 540953F6-5A35-4503-A133-16FC25…)

The absolute state of him, poor Hila

No. 1546751

and what a surprise, he's tweeting while sitting on the toilet.

No. 1546772

He proposed to Hila on the toilet, of course he feels no shame to take selfies on the bathroom

No. 1546816

why the fuck did hila marry this trash goblin i will never understand

No. 1546824

May be completely wrong but I got the vibe from a recent podcast that Ethan thought the hatred toward amber was overkill, he remarked on how insane it is that people think she's doing coke, and some other little things I can't remember, but it seemed like he was at the very least neutral, and he clearly doesn't like Jonny Depp from how he talked about him until he realized he was on the wrong side for popularity and his fans started coming for him, he immediately started saying Jonny is a victim and we support him and love him– but with the exact same energy that he says "bts army forever we stan them". He talked shit about bts (not a stan so idc) like saying they're girly and only teen girls like them and it's weird how popular they are, then the Twitter mob came for him and he flip flopped. Sometimes it's like Ethan Klein holds no real opinions of his own, at least nond that he is willing to stand by in the face of overwhelming dissent. But I can't say I really care all that much since at the end of the day he's just trying to secure the bag like most youtubers, not be a paradigm of moral integrity (though his larping as such can be grating in the face of his hypocrisies)

No. 1546827

He's truly a spineless asshole who only sides with the majority when it's convenient for him. Just to get more money and not be cancelled.

No. 1546828

You could tell me this is a 70 year old man and I’d believe you

No. 1546874

Kek Holy shit you're right. I can absolutely see it.

No. 1546962

i got the exact same vibe lol, he doesnt really seem to care about this case, he openly said that talking about it gets views and he wants views and was making fun of johnny before his foot soldiers told him to stop and then he started attacking amber to appease the foot soldiers.

Even after the final verdict came in ethan made ''johnny yes papa'' jokes and said that conservatives are using this case to now defend rapists which made incels and pickmes seethe so he had to immediately try to appease them by saying he agrees with the jurys verdict.

No. 1547087

Trisha just made a video mocking amber and had edited a fake eye bruise in the thumbnail an then made another video speaking about this too and talked about men being victims of evil womenz false accusations, lol why are all deppwhores/depp defenders always fat, even more ironic considering the fact that trisha physically abused moses and geriatric jason.
This hypocrite swine hates other women the same way crazies at trishyland hate her.

No. 1547092

> geriatric jason

No. 1547100

Big fat Ethan should have took a pro Amber Heard stance and been one of the few vocal about that and could have got popularity that way. If he was well spoken that could generate a ton of content for him.

No. 1547102

Green card baby!

No. 1547119

He will, Hasan is on Amber's side

No. 1547176

Fucking Christ. Even if she doesn't believe Amber Heard she doesn't need to mock her. A nice reminder that she and Ethan got along for a reason: 2 pieces of garbage in a pod. Gross.

No. 1547240

Shocked to see this considering the amount of WKing of Trisha that has been going on for the last couple of threads

No. 1547264

>If he was well spoken
lmao that's a big ask for Ethan

No. 1547339

I wouldn't say white knighting. There are plenty of us that dislike Trisha and what she does, but she hasn't provided milk lately and been fairly benign. So it's not hard to not be interested in trashing her over nothing. Especially when you compare her being shockingly milkless to the deranged world of Trishyland. Now though. Now we might be getting somewhere.

He'll pander to Hasan and then when his fans get pissed he'll back pedal again because he's spineless.

No. 1547368

File: 1654205594762.png (847.46 KB, 864x1516, Screenshot_20220602-163138.png)

Ethan's on vacation guys. Totally relaxed and enjoying his week off. Kek How many more middle finger selfies will we get this week?

No. 1547376

The last thing he needs is a vacation to sleep in unless it’s at some hippie weight loss resort. How can you let yourself degrade so badly when you have any resource at the palm of your hand available? It’s like he does it to spite hila since she’s obviously turned off by his binging and fat behaviors.

No. 1547380

Trisha is retarded, mentally ill, and male identified. Her being pro-Debt comes as no surprise, considering how hard she goes for male actors and only likes the idea of a woman when it’s a creation for the male gaze. I love her, but she seldom has a pro-female opinion unless it directly concerns her.

No. 1547468

How long until one his ass suckers can't take the shit anymore?

This is so fucking disrespectful to his hard working team who has been carrying this his ass for years. He would be nothing without his team. They're still recovering from the time off from the covid scares and hila's pregnancy's and he doesn't care at all how each time he fucks up like this it effects everyone around him.

Then this lazy cocksucker can't even switch to a different platform like twitch to carry on the show so their fans have something to enjoy other than seeing him throw a childish fit on twitter? God I hate Ethan Klein so much.

No. 1547478

File: 1654213369725.jpg (252.13 KB, 512x702, Yes Ethan - You are.jpg)

Jesus Christ he looks like he has Down Syndrome.

No. 1547637

He legitimately seems unhinged when he doesn’t have the podcast occupying his time.

It’s so weird too, he constantly complains about being fat and depressed and then says he doesn’t have time to work out. But he has an entire week off. Is he spending it bettering himself? Or just sperging out on Twitter trying to act like an edge lord when he constantly chastises edge lords on his podcast?

Imagine if he put this much energy into working out. Or into having actual material for the show instead of talking about shitting in each episode and relying on the audience and other hosts for ideas. This is pathetic.

No. 1548314

File: 1654291471395.png (241.36 KB, 660x1421, Screenshot_20220603-162356.png)

Kek This is giving me "joke's on you, I was just pretending to be retarded" vibes.


No. 1548317

Shit. I forgot to sage. Posted it saged then had to delete and repost because I'm retarded. Pls no ban.

No. 1548328

File: 1654292456764.jpeg (209.61 KB, 315x567, 143A3D00-926B-4023-84E3-664E8B…)

God She looks like Glenn Martin; DDS

No. 1548329

Why are they misspelling Trish’s name?

No. 1548335

thats how some of them call her that there.

No. 1548355


what 10 sec clip? what did he say?

No. 1548597

Did you read the other posts nonnie? On a YouTube live stream of all places he said that someone should bomb the NRA building while they had their annual conference. Completely serious. Hila nodded and went mhmm until the crew stepped in and said maybe you should walk that back.

But honestly, watching more than the 10 second clip that was going around Twitter is worse in my opinion. When you watch after the 10 second clip ends, he literally keeps making jokes about “BOMBING THE BUILDING… with love… people should KILL EVERYONE THERE…. With kindness…”

He did something that would’ve gotten most YouTube creators a perma ban but instead he only got a week suspension and the episode taken down. Now him and Def Noodles are REEEEING saying it was alt right trolls even though a literal bomb threat is directly against YouTube TOS and he did it himself AND CONTINUED TO JOKE ABOUT IT after the fact. The guy is delusional and has zero personal accountability.

No. 1548600

File: 1654319285852.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1132x1176, 4E6F7E47-3144-456D-9C95-A67DAD…)

El Torito shift lead and his autistic girlfriend

No. 1548646

Holy shit he's so fat and nasty looking, with every more recent pic he just keeps getting fatter. What a big bloated balloon freak.

No. 1548660

That’s literally the ugliest suit I’ve ever seen, why is she styled like Snoop dog from the head up?

No. 1548720

In the same episode, Ethan joked about shooting up Walmart for stealing an ice cream flavor (9:00) and going to the house of Ted Cruz with guns to shoot in the air (6:41)… with blanks of course. My apologies for sharing Bowblax's autistic video, it was the only place I could found the clips of what Ethan said.

No. 1548721

File: 1654339333506.png (749.42 KB, 960x720, 1654234360744.png)

Post and Ethan reunion

No. 1548728

Is Post as big of a braindead asshole as Ethan since he's willing to still associate with him?

No. 1548809

Are you really expecting better from Post Malone?

No. 1548854

well the way he looks doesn't get my hopes up. I know nothing about him, that's why I asked. Given he's a celebrity of some kind I assumed he'd not be Ethan tier gross blob.

No. 1548946

I hate to break this to you, but even “celebrity” status men including post malone are gross plukes too

No. 1548948

Samefag, but, apparently the blonde one with the mullet is Oliver Tree? I’ve never seen him with his glasses off so I never knew that he was a geriatric fuck but wow I’m not surprised Mel dumped his ass kek

No. 1549065

Guessing posty might start tryna buddy up w Ethan again considering his new album came out & nobody cares lol. On billboard his last 2 albums are charting at 60+ & it’s doing better than his new one; could see him tryna pull an Oliver to try and get any type promo

No. 1549068

Is the blonde woman Britney broski?

No. 1549094

File: 1654369600304.png (158.6 KB, 373x342, F0517020-08D6-4CA2-A10D-22005C…)

No. 1549115

That thing Ethan does where he intentionally makes himself look fatter and gross on pictures is diffidently like a coping-mechanism so he can pretend looking like shit is on purpose for comedy

No. 1549701

Post is everything Ethan hates, he is an open carry gun advocate. But clout chasing is more important to ethan than integrity.

No. 1549791

File: 1654417257907.jpeg (493.62 KB, 750x991, 28D0BD96-4827-45B6-9E4F-D71213…)

If anything I think post malone is probably trying to associate with Oliver Tree. Seems suspicious that he would ghost Ethan for years and then suddenly get back in contact around the time he starts hanging out with Oliver

No. 1549793

does he have an ass tattooed to his throat??

No. 1549794

Hahaha yep. it’s the equivalent of the “Joke’s on them I was only pretending to be retarded!” meme

No. 1549858

File: 1654428562586.jpeg (194.97 KB, 1079x1028, 57E0D116-2961-4A91-8921-41DDF0…)

Yep, Post has a massive arsenal of guns and openly said he’d perform at Trump’s inauguration, basically everything Ethan proclaims to hate

No. 1550102

I obviously know who post malone is but I have never heard of Oliver Tree and after getting a visual of him I'm already fed up. They look like the worst type of faggots.

No. 1550261

he’s the life goes onionionionioni guy lol

No. 1550433

Drawing a blank here.

No. 1550728

File: 1654499804253.jpeg (146.97 KB, 403x340, 6956F84B-1973-4201-AE7F-C30CE9…)

Tbf he was bang on the money when he roasted Ethan over his obsession with Trisha

No. 1551116

He looks like Ethan cosplaying as Trisha

No. 1551221

If I had night terrors this is what it would look like. Jesus christ what a nightmare of a group.

Especially Brittany Broski,a literally who? Why is she there?
>Salty that all she's known for is the kombucha tiktok meme
>literally has never done anything else noteworthy
>thinks she just deserves to be famous
>literally does nothing
>looks below average, holds the same opinions as every other millenial wannabe eceleb
>still somehow feels entitled to fame and is annoyed when people bring up what shes famous for??

At least Ethan and Hila actually have something they're known for other than a 10 second video, I hate this girl with a passion.

No. 1551917

i never liked brittany broski, i always thought she wanted to be the next jenna marbles (who i miss dearly)

No. 1552250

>Hila and Ethan did shrooms with Post Malone
>Ethan was too high and forgot to take the keys from the valet
>He drove home and took some drugs back home
>They were too busy to throw a party for Theodore's birthday but had the employees put something together

No. 1552342

ew, maybe people will disagree but doing drugs with celebrities while your children are taken care of by nannies is peak trash. It’s not cute at that age to brag about being high like you’re a teenager.

No. 1552390

I thought the same thing…it feels extremely cringeworthy and leaves a bad taste in the mouth . Imagine looking after a newborn baby and the mother comes home high on shrooms and the dad starts taking more drugs. I’d be concerned

No. 1552479

Why would you drive home whilst not totally sober when you are a millionaire and have 2 young children?
Like is kinda shit they were so "busy" they had to pay someone else to sort out their kids bday and were just basically off having fun without the said kids but why drive under the influence and actually potentially fuck up the rest of your childrens lives?

No. 1552480

Kek love how they're talking about doing shrooms like they took a hit of pot. Mushrooms fuck up all of your cognitive skills and can make you hallucinate. Not as bad as other hard-core drugs but definitely not mild enough to be talking casually about going back home to your babies and taking said drugs back to his house. That whole vibe is super icky. Genuinely hate parents who try and have their cake and eat it too. Post Malone can get lit out of his mind because he isn't responsible for two kids. Ethan and Hila just want to maintain their "cool youth" and earn brownie points with the gross rapper they used to be buddy buddy with until they got old and uncool.

>didn't have time to throw a kid a birthday party with millions of dollars and a job that requires you to sit on your ass and talk to a camera all day

Fucking bleak. Can't wait until his kids are old enough to tell him what a disappointing father he is.

No. 1552489

Not only do they have kids but they have a freaking NEWBORN baby. Ethan is probably so depressed and hollow inside at this point he’s probably willing to try anything, including drugs just to “feel something”

Imagine the amount of parents that would kill to have the money to throw their kids an awesome birthday party. This is what I don’t understand about the Kleins. They have millions and yet they just sit on it and hoard, instead of spending the money, having experiences and enjoying their lives. They don’t seem to do jack shit with their time

No. 1552648

Did they say what drugs he did when he got home? Cause if they did shrooms at a festival then whatever, but if he came home & started banging coke rocks wtf

No. 1552710

File: 1654653754503.png (161.38 KB, 595x401, d5b2249dea075c8821c1b3783bde42…)

They made 3 donations:

They are still up in the GoFundMe

No. 1552934

Did they drive after doing shrooms wtf that's insane? And they forgot their child's birthday, that's so horrible, especially when they're two rich cunts with all the time in the world.

No. 1553034

Why couldn’t they have just got an Uber? Jesus they’re tight

No. 1553676


The new Off the Rails was so fucking exploitative and gross. They reacted to the newest Jimmy Lee video. He was once again sexually harassing women on the streets and being an overall menace to society. Ethan platforms this behavior and laughs. Then Wally P talks about his hate for Muslim people lol. & Ethan makes AB & Lena talk to him when they are obviously uncomfortable. A young kid named Tony is with him and records his entire house and his neighborhood. It felt so exploitative and gross. Then Jimmy Lee calls into the show and he starts harassing women and old people in a restaurant on the live while Ethan laughs

No. 1553696

Post Malone’s an expectant father so he’s about to be in the same boat as these losers real fast

No. 1554042

Do you have a time stamp? Did they literally say they were too busy for their child’s birthday or are you being hyperbolic? Because if that’s actually what the excuse they gave then holy shit. The drug use and the driving aside, but did they really “not have time” to put together a party for their son? Are they really that shit and that self involved and narcissistic that their personal lives are more important than their child and they just pawn their parental responsibilities off to their “staff”?

I always get jimmy lee and Bobby Lee confused, but regardless I will never understand Ethan’s obsession with either of them. Both of them are unfunny burnouts trying to act like they’re still 20 years old that both have all these SA allegations floating around. Jesus fucking Christ.

I had no idea post Malone was going to be a father but I genuinely and I ironically believe he would be a better father than Ethan, despite him being a degenerate that looks like he smells.

No. 1554205

Just listened to the podcast and they don’t say anything about being too busy but they basically admit that Lena and AB organised the party

Also Ethan didn’t actually consume drugs when he got home, he took the shrooms home with him and stored them in the gun safe but got paranoid and threw them out because he was worried Theodore would get into them- the crew were annoyed that he didn’t just pass them over to the staff to take

No. 1554217

Why does he still keep the gun if hes scared his son might get into his gun safe?

No. 1554260

Jimmy Lee has SA allegations?

No. 1554541

He's probably just full of shit and lying and took them. Mushrooms aren't a drug you can do for a few hours and be fine. The trips can last for hours and you'll feel out of sorts for hours even the next day or following. You really shouldn't fucking operate any type of machinery on shrooms. They're potent and psychoactive it's not like being buzzed off of drink or a weed high that you can dose, and you can bring yourself out of a high by dosing your receptors with vitamin c. Not shrooms lol

No. 1554598

He messaged the crew whilst he was high saying he was having a bad trip, they pointed this out on the podcast and he back tracked and pretended he didn’t

No. 1554738

File: 1654798139895.jpg (349.08 KB, 1080x1263, 20220609_130705.jpg)

ethan is on leftovers shitting on this woman's diet

No. 1554768

File: 1654799383206.jpeg (146.75 KB, 828x1331, 38D924F9-3E2B-4475-95EB-6ED88B…)

Glass door reviews for Teddy Fresh 1/4

No. 1554772

File: 1654799413617.jpeg (188.8 KB, 828x1178, 6E2D5C9A-6C3A-46FE-B125-95D405…)


No. 1554775

File: 1654799567584.jpeg (146.93 KB, 828x1318, 66016B3C-C9B3-48BD-B66C-523A66…)


No. 1554777

File: 1654799659784.jpeg (245.82 KB, 828x1430, 2B3CCA88-CAC0-462E-8BA9-5EC0CA…)


No. 1554821

I knew working for them would be terrible. Hila is so delusional and up her own ass. I remember her annoyed and emphasizing that people should only apply if they have “real experience”. Just like you Hila?

No. 1555524

Man that’s what bothered me the most. I get if you’re looking for certain experience based on upper level positions, but just saying real experience over and over when there’s tons of amazing designers and workers out there starting out JUST LIKE HILA DID, FROM NOTHING, is just absurd and delusional

No. 1555705

File: 1654855422682.jpeg (552.25 KB, 750x1143, 236A9550-A88D-4DEC-8FC6-C32AF0…)

Reminds me of Trisha

No. 1555731

So this is Teddy fresh, can you imagine what the podcast crew feel about their “boss”?
100% guarantee they have a separate WhatsApp where they complain about Ethan

No. 1555747

She looks like an old lady trying to look like a 20 year old

No. 1555765

She has huge feet

No. 1555816

I’m dying because those shoes make it look like she has hooves. Why would she wear something take makes her look more like a horse?

No. 1556800

File: 1654919181417.jpg (276.1 KB, 1080x1646, HildyHorsewear.jpg)

No. 1556997

File: 1654933964465.jpeg (57.39 KB, 227x235, 63871CF7-CEF2-4104-B36B-37D151…)

It looks like there are the faces of ghost children in her knees

No. 1557018

kek, 10/10 photoshop

No. 1557050

File: 1654942012137.png (19.53 MB, 2881x3601, teddyfresh.png)

New photoshoot, what is the point of including Teddy if they are going to blur his face with a red spot?

No. 1557087

Maybe they'll view these photos in private too so they wanted to include their child?

No. 1557108

Ethan looks so gross

No. 1557123

>Maybe they'll view these photos in private
Then why post them online?

No. 1557135

They're being performative. Neither of them have any integrity.

No. 1557347

Because they thought it's a nice family photo but they still wanted to keep his privacy? Honestly anon it's not that big of a deal. Be glad that they're doing at least ONE thing right.

No. 1557421

File: 1654973895464.jpeg (739.5 KB, 750x1053, 3130FF8C-1439-4506-B065-B87D03…)

Trisha’s bump is finally showing

No. 1557425

I am actually looking forward to her baby content kek.. but you know there will be so many comments critiquing what she is doing wrong. and most likely from non parents

No. 1557427

Kinda happy for her to be honest

No. 1557493

Seems like she's having a happy pregnancy unlike Hila's most recent one

No. 1557522

same, she does seem really happy. and I am glad she is staying out of drama and stuff in general

No. 1557738

Honestly she looks like she’s doing great, I’m happy for her. Hopefully she keeps up just doing her asmr & not being in drama, it looks good on her.

No. 1558994

Kinda fucked but in Trisha’s new asmr video she makes reference to Mary Buttafuoco. Shane did a podcast with her daughter Jessie around the time him & Trisha hung out. Obviously Trisha knows the story if she making the reference, which is fucked.

No. 1559071

File: 1655116371402.png (66.03 KB, 619x270, gutted.png)

r/Trishyland is already seething, I can't imagine how much worse it is going to get

No. 1559073

Ethan is already crossing the woke line by saying tranny on his podcast and vaguely blaming homophobia on closet gays. Can't wait for the eventual backlash and non apology again


No. 1559082

I saw this on the home page with no context and honestly thought it was an entitled moids post about his wifes pregnancy body or something, why are trishyland posters such bitter weirdos

No. 1559666

Imagine feeling jealous of Trisha Paytas over literally anything, especially her figure of all things, and admitting it out loud in public. Kek

No. 1561026

File: 1655260067294.png (595 KB, 1188x665, Ethan Klein 2027.png)

Ethan tries to poke fun at this guy but doesn't realize he's looking at himself in 3-5 years.

No. 1561179

I always thought Ethan was accepting of his ugliness/obesity but it seems he’s actually deluded enough not to think he looks terrible

>Keem takes the piss out of the selfie on the toilet he posted

> Ethan tries not to act butt hurt but rather than just ignoring him goes on about how he’s comfortable with his appearance
> AB the simp jumps in to tell Ethan how much younger he looks compared to Keemstar

No wonder he’s becoming deluded when he has a group of yes men telling him he looks young when he actually looks about 50 lmao

No. 1561225

Keem is a cringe retard so I'm not trying to wk but Ethan unironically looks fatter, grosser and 10 years older than he is

No. 1561353

Ethan is so fucking braindead. He truly cannot see past his own jew nose. He constantly says things like “I dont know why im constantly sweating” “i dont know why im depressed” “i dont know why my arms look stubby on camera” “i dont know why i got a rash” “i dont know why i have health problems” “i dont know why the crew is trying to make me look bad in thumbnails”. He’s truly created an echo chamber with the H3 crew and has started to believe he’s not fat and a pathetic shell of his former self. The podcast is constantly awkward with sections wheres the crew is just silent as to not upset Ethan. He loves drama because it makes the insults at him easier to handle because he can justify it as drama/reactionary and not people pointing out his actual many flaws.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1561619

File: 1655312302712.jpeg (601.92 KB, 2048x1536, FU6j4iVUcAE6Spl.jpeg)

Bradley Manning was a guest. How does a troon manage to look smaller than Hila?

No. 1561977

The makeup is so horrendously bad. Like they took liquid eyeliner and circled their eyes with it

No. 1564246

File: 1655501997610.png (405.33 KB, 768x358, pathetic.png)

Looks like someone is getting desperate for those frenemies views that he clickbaited frenemies.

Also the difference in views.

No. 1564375

Maybe it’s just me but the bobby lee & Oliver fight felt off? Usually they fight as a joke but Ethan called in Bobby to “help” and Bobby seemed really annoyed at Oliver. Then again who knows cause it’s their shtick I guess

No. 1564566

Honestly I can’t decide if he was trying to clickbait views or if this was his moid obsession with Trisha continuing to overflow and get worse. Like a call out to her for attention, hoping to stir things up since things have been quiet, plant an idea of an actual reunion in her head.

Honestly probably both. I don’t blame him for clickbaiting views since leftovers has a fraction of the views that frenemies had and his subscriber count has been slowly decreasing from 3M to sitting at 2.95, it was only a month or two ago they were making jokes about people trolling them by unsubbing when they hit 3M.

No. 1564879

Bradley Manlet

Despite that, his hands are still a dead giveaway

No. 1567364

Anyone got the screenshots of Daphney implying on IG that Moses had a vasectomy?

I think its from around the time Trisha annouced the fertility treatment. Or after the pregnancy anouncement, im not sure now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1567564

I bet the H3 fans are telling Ethan to leave Trisha alone because she's pregnant and stress might hurt the baby, right?

No. 1567606

Her hands are smaller than Ethan’s. And Ethan has very tiny hands already.

No. 1567731

What are you talking about, literally everything about him is smaller than Ethan lmfao

Them’s still some man hands, proportionately speaking

No. 1568113

Theres no way this man is straight. Calling it now.

No. 1568577

File: 1655893099256.webm (10.81 MB, 640x334, billywilly981-howie Mandels po…)

Ethan went to the Howie Mandel podcast and talked about his favorite topic, Trisha
>Hila and Ethan are no longer in contact with Moses
>This is Trisha's fault
>Trisha and Moses have only dated 1 year and are having a baby now
>Trisha is too wild to have a baby
>Ethan's whole family fucking hates Trisha
>Ethan doesn't really hate Trisha
>Ethan says that he never talks about Trisha, so this podcast is going to be loved by everybody
>Trisha and Moses get along with Trisha and Moses' family, not Ethan's family

No. 1568583

>Ethan Klein of H3 Speaks on Current Relationship with Trisha Paytas and the Return of Frenemies
kek, I guess everyone is going to clickbait the return of Frenemies

No. 1568786

that Bobby costume in the background has seen some things, and some stuff…he wouldn't recommend it.

Honestly I thought Howie had more starpower to get real celebrities on his podcast. Ethan is a nobody to about 95% of the world.

No. 1568913

>Ethan says that he never talks about Trisha
That's hilarious, what a weasley little liar dude

No. 1569068

Howie gets 50k views on average on his podcast

No. 1569201

File: 1655936849950.png (453.48 KB, 607x758, Screenshot 2022-06-23 002616.p…)

ms.mercury aka Daphney is that one girl that just hooked up with Moses once right? Cause this is her on a instagram live recently talking about how ugly the baby is going to be and how bad of a mother Trisha is lol. How fucking obsessed can this frog get


No. 1569273

About the stealthing allegations.
I went back on the archives and the first mention of it by D appears to be made on Sep 4th.
But Cat made her post on Sep 3rd?
And on Sep 2nd D said Moses didn't abuse her physically/sexually?
Im confused.
Anyone else noticed this?

No. 1569629

This podcast was tense to say in the least. At one point Ethan is going off on one of his rants about Ryan Kavanaugh and Howie responds “So you have 2 kids? A 4 year old and a new baby? Do you do it all or do you have a live in nanny? A baby sitter? How is your wife? Is she nursing?” and you could tell that REALLY got under Ethan’s skin kek.
Also anyone else notice that Ethan kept interrupting and speaking over the female host?

No. 1569702

File: 1655987950909.webm (4.02 MB, 640x340, billywilly981.webm)

Ethan was just testing Trisha
>Ethan gave her a direct opportunity for Trisha to get involved in drama
>Ethan says: It's too good for Trisha to pass up
>Since Trisha hasn't made a video on this, Ethan says maybe she has reformed and has graduated from the kitchen floor to the nursery floor

No. 1569703

Howie wanted to call Trisha and Ethan had to ask Hila for permission

No. 1569833

I don’t care enough to look into her allegations that deeply, but IMHO based on everything I’ve heard her say she comes off as a jealous ex passing off her public harassment as “calling out an abuser”. If it was really about that, she’d just drop the receipts and warn other women not to get involved with him. She wouldn’t attack his new relationship and become one of those obsessed Trishyland people.

It’s weird to me how Trisha and Moses have this uncanny ability to trigger so many losers by merely existing at this point. These peoples’ lives must be so empty and pathetic to be seething nonstop over weird, trashy Z-list internet celebrities.

No. 1569937

File: 1656006433743.jpg (412.2 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20220623-124527_You…)

No. 1569966

Holy shit this man is retarded. If she had responded he would have been so fucking happy. He's fully obsessed. You can't convince me otherwise.

No. 1570575

File: 1656060890079.jpg (182.07 KB, 720x1147, Screenshot_20211001-000604_Ins…)

I found on reddit this post from SpillTea, the IG is dated Sep. 3. But Daph only made the allegation Cat is supposedly confirming on Sep 4, as can be seen in the archive: https://archive.ph/h00ZC

I dont like to disbelive allegations, even from crazy bitches, unless there is reason.
And noticing this yesterday gave me reason.

How come not a single tea channel talked about this? Like, how can someone confirm an allegation that wasn't made? Unless they knew the allegation was going to be made and were in contact with eachother before hand.
Its just weird.
Even more considering on Sep. 2 Daph said Moses didnt abuse her.

No. 1570632

File: 1656070954910.jpeg (70.86 KB, 827x1070, 2h6w662uke791.jpeg)

>The H3 fans didn't like that Howie wasn't kissing his ass on the podcast
>They go through Twitter feed of Howie's son, Alex, and find some positive tweets about Keemstar
>They tweet at Alex: "@AlexMandel also you had a huge opportunity to connect with an actual successful person on YouTube and maybe help pick up your dead channel off the ground, and you go and do that.. Yikes." https://twitter.com/bcklnkmxbt1tlgo/status/1539988842689830912
>Alex responds: "How does Ethan’s dick taste?"
>Ethan gets responds to Alex: "You took it pretty deep on Monday, you tell me"
>Ethan apologizes "you’re right the ep was posted on Tuesday my b.. anyway peace between the families. Peace and love to the Mandel family"

No. 1570633

File: 1656071031005.jpeg (130.06 KB, 1170x1424, 8xs6jvmtwe791.jpeg)

No. 1570714

Daphney made no stealthing or weird rape claims until a year later. Catnipz did not support the latter claims, only that yes, it is true, Daphney hooked up with Moses. Catnipz' latter claims that she herself made are quite unhinged and quite off the hook. Moses has a type, crazy people.

Catnipz and Daphney are still regularly a-logging Trisha on r/trishyland. She posts about least three times a day there to this day, since almost a year ago. Catnipz is not very credible and is just as obsessed with Trisha as Daphney.

No. 1572472

File: 1656232691524.jpeg (786.87 KB, 750x1096, A46F5DC8-ADD0-45A2-A847-F6BE0B…)

No. 1573210

File: 1656297479597.jpeg (792.83 KB, 1170x1500, 9DC8EBFB-4E2C-4246-A8AE-C602FD…)

Ethans annoying sex starved “I-I’m a liberal male too” Roe V Wade post comparing some bitch to another bitch, and no matter how you feel about what’s just happened it’s still weird and attention seeking to run around screaming about your breeding and incest fantasies like this. It’s too obvious. Say something of substance on the topic or shut up.

No. 1573258

Amy Coney Barratt is a piece of shit, but it’s so predictably moid-like to not be able to discuss a woman he dislikes without veering off into a weird rape fantasy.

No. 1573333

Everything about this post is so annoying I don’t need to explain

No. 1573342

Ah yes a monumental decision against women’s reproductive rights, how can we spin this around to blame bitches and talk about them being raped for the sake of making an interesting social media post. Let’s ignore the other men on the Supreme Court because we can never hold males to a higher standard so why try or criticize them.

No. 1573354

>"she hates women!"
>calls women bitches at every possible opportunity

No. 1573608

Has Trisha's DBT classes been working so well that the drama channels are resorting to making up Trisha drama? Or is this just Dakota looking for attention? So many of these fans seem to think the caller was Trisha…as if Midwest/California raised Trisha could do that a Nuyorican accent topkek

No. 1573759

Top tier autism

No. 1573858

>le "teehee ain't my double chin funny" face
Guess he's gonna do this until he croaks of a heart attack at 50.(sage your shit)

No. 1573865

So in a year judging by the pic

No. 1574265

This is his soy face equivalent and I can’t stand it but at least he attempts a smile. Wtf is that behind him? Can someone please tell Hila there’s no calories in lip balm

No. 1575804

The caller legitimately sounded like Trisha's sister putting on a fake voice. Definitely don't think it was Trisha, but they were stupid enough and sounded familiar enough that it would make sense if it was her sister.

No. 1576243

File: 1656568211919.png (65.03 KB, 376x337, covid.png)

It might be sooner, Ethan has Covid.

No. 1576273

No. 1576277

File: 1656571382566.webm (1.69 MB, 174x360, covidupdate.webm)

Ethan has diarrhea. He says it's not pesto like last time, I know everyone was dying to know that.

No. 1576355

File: 1656581719421.webm (5.52 MB, 360x360, dakota.webm)

No. 1576370

File: 1656582388766.jpg (461.12 KB, 1080x1791, 20220630_044236.jpg)

their fans are actually retarded

No. 1576409

this might be the least retarded thing about the post but imagine having to use a phone clip to have ethan and hila's face to look at while you're driving instead of the road or the view or real life around you. I thought the post was going to be about how he almost ran over someone because he was looking at his phone.
Why can't he just play the podcast through the sound system?

No. 1576411


No. 1579011

File: 1656798597848.jpg (1.96 MB, 3770x1895, 6DCidUt (1).jpg)

From the post history of an r/Trishyland user.
For context, posts 2-4 are from r/eugeniacooney.

No. 1579245

File: 1656833081173.png (1.01 MB, 1078x581, h3covid.png)

Hila and the children got COVID

No. 1579272

>shits herself
>tattooed with the word "martyr"
>can't remember if she has showered or brushed her teeth without a "master list"
she wasn't bullied enough

No. 1580250

So much for not showing the kids.

No. 1580336

Stop judging him, this was just a nice photo that he wanted to share. He had good intentions and kept the children's privacy long enough. It's not that big of a deal, be glad that he is in the same room as the baby and not handed off to the nanny.(don't wk)

No. 1580926

lmfao why wk for ethan klein yuck. the baby is ugly he looks like ethan. will grow up to be fat spoiled neckbeard like his father.

No. 1581284

that baby looks like any other baby, get some help.

No. 1581455

File: 1657073722473.jpeg (467.76 KB, 1125x1204, 0B9A42D5-8332-4B16-9280-A56187…)

CDAN posted this 6 days ago, thoughts?

No. 1581458

He talked about having a Vicodin or other painkiller problem on an episode of Leftovers. I know he doesn’t use cannabis because it triggers panic attacks so I’m not sure what drugs it could be referring to. Are we sure it’s not another YouTube/podcast like TMG or Impaulsive?

No. 1581461

"Off The Rails" is a H3 podcast. Could be a hint.

No. 1581477

It says “extremely popular” so we know it’s definitely not Ethan lol. Check if fatty’s pupils are pinned to see if he relapsed

No. 1581533

It’s hard to believe but the h3 podcast is the top 20 most popular podcasts in the US

No. 1581695

Still? Thanks nonny I stand corrected. I don’t think it’s Impaulsive though. Logan’s signed to the WWE now, he’s been doing the boxing thing for a while, and he was on that Masked Singer show. I feel like he wouldn’t be described as just “one of the hosts of a podcast.” Plus other blinds about Logan or Jake I remember refer to them as a brother or “this brother.” Logan’s not a cow I follow though, has he had anything controversial recently that would make him be considered “completely off the rails?” Because Ethan’s had L after L recently. This blind makes more sense to me in reference to Ethan than it does Logan Paul.

No. 1581797

ntayrt but assuming off the rails refers to the H3 podcast they do one a week which is called off the rails.
I think this part "podcast/youtube channel which makes you think you are seeing things twice" is referring to "h3h3", you know the double h3's

No. 1582539

Ethan called Macy Gray a crackhead for being a TERF (she just said a man changing his body parts doesn't make him a woman)

No. 1582541

I hate this fat greasy goblin he never should've started doing commentary on politics. Ruined. Hope he gets cancelled for good soon.

No. 1582547

Oh but it’s okay for Ethan to make fun of this tranny’s “vagina” and how it’s impossible for males to be penetrated through anything else but their asshole.

3:40; Ethan knows a man when he sees one, no matter how he dresses or acts. But women are evil when they use their eyes? Okay.

No. 1582605

I'm not even surprised anymore when a male public figure who has 0 connection to any social issue and doesn't care about them either starts jumping on the terf train. It's just moids supporting moid rights

No. 1582905

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Ethan once say something about transwomen should'nt be allowed in female sports? I can swear I saw a screenshot of him saying this once.
If this goes viral in a black space, he'd be roasted for calling a black woman a "Crackhead" for a different opinion. Also why did he call her a "Crackhead?".
Does she have a history of drug use or something?

No. 1582924

Not that I know of, Ethan is just a notorious womanhater and will take any opportunity to shit on a woman

No. 1582935

He said some mild anti trans things in the past but quickly changed his tune when he realized that he could shit on real women by paying fake hollow lipservice to troondom

No. 1582937

These fucking clowns. The original Jordan Peterson episode they had was the best episode of H3H3 ever, and the three of them got along so well. Just goes to show what kind of people Ethan and Hila really are. Fucking snakes at their cores. They have absolutely no morals or conviction.

No. 1582954

Money changes people

No. 1583375

Jordan Peterson is such an overdramatic fucking snowflake, you're seriously too far gone and brainwashed by /pol/fag scrotes if you can't see that.
Why are people so quick to defend a wrinkly old man who has sexual fantasies about his dead grandmother? actual chris-chan level shit.
Honestly wish Ethan would shut the fuck about him though, they're both unbearable.

No. 1583501

File: 1657294972802.png (292.37 KB, 798x645, kek.png)

No. 1583586

File: 1657306063642.png (456.82 KB, 442x664, TeddyFreshGentleThrillsFinalEc…)

New Teddy Fresh drop. These ugly tote bags cost $75, you can't pick the design and are sold out.

No. 1583607

Idk man, have you heard Macy gray? Her voice alone sounds like she does crack on the reg.

No. 1584035

File: 1657356907839.jpeg (902.76 KB, 750x942, FDB990CD-573E-4C9A-B280-5632AD…)

Belle Delphine/Bella Poarch vibes?

No. 1584047

It's a nice picture imo, it's a shame her face is what it is though.

No. 1584259

This hairstyle really brings out the horse face.

No. 1584278

Her style is so bad, i don't understand how she tricked everyone into thinking shes a fashion icon or whatever

No. 1584322

Who the fuck styles her, the hair is so awkward the front pieces are too thick. She looks so fucking gormless.

No. 1584665

Possible cover up H3 did for a pedo?

No. 1584758

You should embed the video.

>Ethan and Hila ruin other people's lives with unfounded accusations of pedophilia (like Patrice Wilson), while they cover for the proven pedophile who runs their subreddit.
>The H3 subreddit is an important cog in how Ethan's runs his business. He uses subtle insinuations to get his fans to run harassment, mass flagging and misinformation campaigns.
>The subreddit is also tied to Teddy Fresh and the users harass other companies who they deem to be copying Hila's designs.
>The H3 subreddit was created by PB_Nerd, who also created the first H3 Discord.
>PB_Nerd used his power in the community to engage with underage fans. When screenshots and audios were leaked about his behavior, the Discord was deleted. The information was posted to r/Drama but has since been wiped from the internet.
>It is unclear if the evidence was erased because it contained CP or because Ethan and Hila had the information removed.
>PB_Nerd is still a mod in the H3 subreddit but hasn't made any comments since 3 years ago. There is no reason to keep him in the mod team.
>Ethan has never addressed this. He just made a new Discord that is only available to paying members.
>Why has Ethan cut ties with Moses because of his predatory allegations but keep PB_Nerd? PB_Nerd could be actively grooming and using his position as a mod to talk with minors.
>Ethan could create a new subreddit to eliminate any ties with a known predator but he won't do that because his subreddit mobilizes his fans against people that Ethan doesn't like, the subreddit promotes the brand Teddy Fresh… The subreddit makes Ethan money.

No. 1584874

She gives me "ReadytoGlare" vibes, You know how she takes pictures in cosplay, with the same pose and same sad/confused face? Almost like she's being forced? People say that h3h3 looks mentally challenged but so does Hila. She looks like a mentally unwell woman being forced to dress like a Tik Tok E Girl and doesn't know whats going on.
This is is cringey and you can tell it's not her style at all. I personally find her to be cute and feel she could be nice looking if she dressed more like Carrie Bradshaw. I know she's trying to rep the brand but she looks crazy.

No. 1584886

I used to watch h3 years ago and Hila always had very withdrawn and autistic vibe, it's so weird seeing her putting herself into spotlight with these egirl-like stylizations

No. 1584987

File: 1657475691232.jpeg (285.03 KB, 750x641, 94075BFB-0697-4FFF-91FB-438545…)

Her style was always pretty androgynous and she would dress up for occasions like picrel- imo she suited this well. It took a sudden turn around the time she started the podcast/teddy fresh

No. 1585003

She looks so much better and sane in these outfits.

No. 1585010

she used to say she hated dressing up, makeup, skirts and dresses. then ethan had belle delphine and bella poarch on and hila started playing around with makeup, dying her hair egirl pink, and wearing (ugly) skirts and dresses. i used to really like her as she was the real humor behind h3h3s early stuff (she did all the video editing), but now i see her as one of the most insufferable pickme handmaidens out there.

No. 1585484

Both of these posts are giving me strong “AB found this place and is covertly defending Ethan” vibes. The second one is trying to defend Ethan without sounding like it. Weird and white knight. Just leave the thread if you don’t want to talk about these actual retards being lolcows.

No. 1586091

I don't doubt at all that Ethan has people on his crew monitoring and trying to sway the Internets opinion on him but it's hard to believe he'd care about this place. Much more likely to have tons of alt accounts on reddit where his career blew up in the first place.

No. 1586213

I wish this was a meme or a joke but the first 20 minutes of the H3 Podcast today were dedicated to discussing prolapsed assholes. Literally that’s it, prolapsed assholes.

I thought Ethan having a scat fetish was a meme before but now I think he really does like shit play and gets off on talking about it.

No. 1586218

She’s pretty in her natural state without all the tacky frills of tiktok zoomer clown makeup and childish clothing. Hila has always had a unique look which can be good or bad, her awkward squinty faces and cryptid posing doesn’t help. I wonder if she does actually enjoy her “design” company or if she would prefer a normal life now that they’ve made millions stealing prints and making ungodly hideous cheap clothing attempting to be a real designer brand.

No. 1586675

NTA but Ethan's employees have are terribly addicted to being online, it's part of their jobs. Not only that, their jobs revolve around conveying a public image of themselves to a large audience. His podcast employees are all young people in the LA area, they all have aspirations beyond H3, and they're not all terribly mature- a fact worsened by their boss's perpetual shit attitude and general unpleasantness. This is the largest amount of attention any of them will ever likely see for good or for bad, assuming they even wanted the attention to begin with. Ethan's business is tied into the personal lives of each of his employees and he's even employing their significant others; the whole thing is a recipe for disaster. I'm sure at least some of them are aware of this thread and I'm sure it stresses them out to some extent, it's not like there are that many places dedicated to shitting on H3 around.

No. 1586858

I always wonder what’s gonna happen once someone breaks up. Some of the members haven’t even been together that long, so I doubt they’ll be with their s/o forever. Do they just awkwardly work together or are they gonna leave their job just because their relationship didn’t work out?

No. 1587040

Ethan has name dropped this site in the past and frequents here and the trishyland subreddit by his own admission so I wouldnt be too surprised by it

No. 1587078

Does Zach’s gf work for them? I believe he dated a porn star after they initially broke up (and now they’re back together again) so I doubt that will last

No. 1587115

File: 1657709556216.jpeg (247.48 KB, 828x1351, 1FF34756-41D8-4560-B2BF-45BD9F…)

No he’s with another girl now & she’s employed with h3. Here she is on Instagram posing for teddy fresh lol. Pretty sure she’s only there cause of him, never seen her before they mentioned she was employed by h3 on the podcast.

No. 1587137

File: 1657713530531.jpeg (713.38 KB, 828x1321, 38CE42DA-98F0-41DA-8A4C-9698E1…)

So looking further back, turns out they’ve been together since 2019? Pretty sure they’re severely on & off, on Reddit some posts from around the time he was w the pornstar (late 2020/early 2021) were saying Zach & Coco (the girl he’s currently with now) had broken up 3 times & gotten back together. So messy lol

No. 1587175

Are the employees getting paid for these photoshoots or is it a way for them to save money by not hiring models?

No. 1587182

I would strongly suspect it’s so they don’t have to pay models

No. 1587259

imagine consenting to debasing yourself in this way for your employer, this shit is worse than the morning walmart humiliation rituals but these dummies are too vapid to feel any shame.

No. 1587274

If this >>1587115 was their only humiliation, the job wouldn't be so bad. Coco told millions of people that her boyfriend gets off sniffing her dirty feet on the podcast. Zach also said that he was peed on during sex but I can't remember if it was by his current gf or someone else. The worst part of working for Ethan is having to reveal your kinks and sexual secrets for views.

No. 1587324

god these people are so vile. i can't get over that time ethan asked everyone about their dads dicks???? and the one guy (i stopped watching the podcast over a year ago so i don't know the new interns) had to say his dad OD'D when he was 12 and it was a really hard time in his life. this is all just working towards some sexual harassment in the workplace court case imo. he's like the david lettermen of podcast-bros.

No. 1587787

I know this segment is played for laughs but jfc Ethan seems like such a toxic, passive aggressive boss

No. 1587826

More like homeless/insane asylum escapee vibes. Couldn't they choose a better background without trash on the ground?

No. 1587991

Ethan looks annoyed he has a life outside kissing his ass, Ab even mentions he doesn't have many friends outside the crew.

They can play it off as just goofs and laughs all they want but at some point one of them are going to break and hopefully spill all the behind the scene drama

No. 1588047

File: 1657822931621.jpeg (65.1 KB, 227x313, D9135200-4A86-4D82-B927-0C56E0…)

Judging by this expression I’m pretty sure it’s going to be AB and Lena

No. 1588235

I really doubt it will be them. AB loves attention from ‘famous’ people online and Lena doesn’t have a backbone. I remember they were talking about how AB gets pissed at her for not standing up for herself. The perfect type of people to work for Ethan.

No. 1588319

File: 1657847331807.png (769.38 KB, 864x1383, Screenshot_20220714-200617.png)

I guess some screenshots from Glassdoor about TF were posted on the H3 sub and Ethan is big mad right now.

No. 1588326

File: 1657847961938.png (562.52 KB, 864x1621, Screenshot_20220714-201652.png)

The original post was deleted (obviously) but reveddit has it. And if you skim the subreddit's reveddit page a bunch of posts related to this one were deleted too. In a massive surprise to no one, working for Ethan and Hila is a nightmare.

No. 1588329

File: 1657848341125.png (428.57 KB, 864x538, Screenshot_20220714-202255.png)

No. 1588333

Nta but do you remember in what thread did he say he lurks here?

No. 1588336

I assumed they were talking about how the CreepShow Art drama was covered on Families

No. 1588564

File: 1657875944691.jpeg (900.73 KB, 750x1095, FB72D9EC-C96E-49AB-856B-92077D…)

No. 1588567

Ethan has gotten so fat

No. 1588577

He looks like a fat old woman with a beard

No. 1588601

Hila has no experience as a designer or a CEO. These are believable but I expect their fans to blame Trisha somehow.

No. 1588644

So according to Ethan, every single negative review on glass door is lies?

No. 1588697


Not even trolling, I have literally never seen them kiss each other and I used to be fan from way back in the day when they made actual videos.

No. 1588746

That's the most awkward, uncomfortable kiss I've ever seen. Did the person behind the camera have a gun to their heads?

No. 1588758

hilas got her eyes open kek. she's just waiting for some more clout for TF and she will leave his ass.

No. 1588772

No way Hila has the courage to break up with Ethan kek

No. 1588803

File: 1657908729508.png (1016.5 KB, 1183x663, Screen Shot.png)

Hila always kisses with her eyes open. Look at their wedding photos.

No. 1588995

File: 1657925016135.png (1.22 MB, 1092x640, Screenshot.png)

kek Ethan's former employees didn't write the reviews. Trisha's stans did. The great Scat King said so.


No. 1589015

File: 1657926936367.jpeg (50.46 KB, 1080x578, 64144-5f5d9b481fe5863c196d3441…)

>Ethan rn

No. 1589373

So instead of actually addressing why Hila’s employees are unhappy with their conditions they’re just going to blame Trisha? Amazing that they position themselves as “allies” of working class people yet they clearly engage in exploitative practices and treat their workers badly
I know Trisha is a cluster B mess but ironically even she understood that her working conditions on the podcast were shit. This is exactly part of the reason she quit

No. 1589390

Everything we have seen in the podcast makes the Glassdoor reviews credible. They can't keep a professional and clean environment for the podcast, why do the fans think Teddy Fresh would be managed differently?

No. 1589409


An extremely transparent attempt at covering up the real reviews.And I completely agree with you- that wording is bizarre. It’s either:

Ethan writing the review, thinking “My employees LOVE hearing about my scat fetish, me yelling at them and berating them, and blatant sexual humor. Pesky HR departments at NORMAL 9-5 jobs would never allow that. Better mention how much like a ~family~ we are without those dreaded HR rules.”

OR it’s an employee being forced to write a review and they are trying to sugarcoat how dysfunctional and chaotic the workplace really is.

No. 1589432

shitty workplaces that try and exploit you by pretending to be 'family' fucking keke.

No. 1589471

File: 1657982133093.png (5.98 MB, 3571x2302, glassdoor.png)

The rest of the screenshots from the post

No. 1589543

I love all of the very consistent complaints about no job stability, lack of organization, and managers talking about employees to other employees and when they referenced it on the podcast they just addressed it "being toxic". No doubt in my mind these are true. We've all seen these characteristics first hand on the podcast. It's just mind blowing that people believe Trisha did this.

No. 1589741

They're going to have to stop dressing like that eventually, they're starting to look like an old pedophile couple

No. 1589775

Trisha is really their scapegoat for everything. Ethan has always been like this- once he established the pickup guy Matt Hoss as a villain during his beginning H3H3 years, fans ate it up. Now, he's constantly on the hunt for someone else to have a rivalry for- Keemstar, Trisha, Ryan Kavanaugh, Nickacado, etc. He comes across as so unhinged because he is trying so hard to blame everyone else for his issues.

No. 1590400

Ethan looking more and more like Don Vito

No. 1591235

File: 1658200544499.png (772.06 KB, 864x808, Screenshot_20220718-221154.png)

Kek. Insider's desperate, I guess.


No. 1591236

Same nona. The fucking link won't work properly. If it doesn't paste right this time, I apologize.


No. 1591396

Yep anon you called it, Ethan refers to their workplace as “family” in this clip
Also their reaction to the reviews just screams guilty to me, they are extremely over defensive.

No. 1591426

I can definitely see working with this clown and his cheerleader to be a toxic work environment

No. 1591429

I've actually worked at a place that was just like this, so I believe these descriptions. Ethan is delusional if he thinks Trisha has anything to do with it, clearly it's shit management running a sinking ship with no care for their employees whatsoever. Many such cases.

No. 1591460

They mentioned they’ve previously fired a bunch of people kek. And how they should be grateful for getting severance from the lazy millionaires who can’t even be bothered to clean up dog shit in their offices

No. 1591630

I worked in a shit company that had [company name] values we were monitored on constantly that had fuck all to do with the job but basically insuring you're a spineless cunt that will never say no to any work related request even outside of your contracted hours. It was a literal requirement to socialise outside of work and even when I forcibly had to go to events if you didn't have your nose up some superiors arse you'd endure a probationary period. Essentially it was so they could sack anyone with a backbone, business acumen or who thought the managers shit stank. Anywhere with high employee turnover is toxic. Fuck the kleins are they're cringe business style. Just look at their fucking subreddit they manage.

No. 1591674

Do you remember when they said this?

No. 1591702

5:15 in the video above

No. 1594033

"I'm not talking about Trisha," -Hila Klein reminding her insufferable husband

omg the video linked is too funny

No. 1596709

File: 1658709366116.png (213.21 KB, 642x890, user KoraKox.png)

Unhinged. I won't spam with screenshots but their whole post history is like this.

No. 1597177

File: 1658767374765.png (1.11 MB, 589x1262, ethwitt.png)

Ethans twitter right now, it's definitely some kind of humiliation thing for him kek

No. 1597184

Begs the question why does he even have adult diapers available to just put on at any time he needs to make a joke with them..

No. 1597373

It's an old photo, he just photoshoped it together. Still just another piece of evidence for the Ethan scat fetish tinfoil, I'd bet my lifesaving on it at this point

No. 1598703

Jesus he got fat.
It's like he got the ring and immediately said "now I can gain 50 lb teehee"

No. 1598705

Scratch that, looking at >>1588564 this seems more like at least 80 lb. He has to be pushing the 300s at this point. Fucking gross.
This is why you never get married to an internet nu-male.

No. 1599031

File: 1658926837138.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1080, blobklein.png)

This almost looks like one of those fat face filters but i swear it's straight from his twitter

No. 1599033

It's refreshing that you can for once say this about a man: he has really let himself go.

No. 1599229

File: 1658946022322.jpeg (416.5 KB, 750x892, 1692E7B4-C404-4634-8D16-77A668…)

Ethan is doing another podcast with his dad

No. 1599243

Watch ethan ignore every creepy thing his dad has done since last time then talk about porn with him for the whole episode

No. 1599563

File: 1658968093467.png (164.52 KB, 587x617, 1658955992556.png)

No. 1599634

OMG WTF. He was never good looking in the first place but now he's completely ruined himself. If this is what moids do once they have their anchor baby then I am staying single forever jesus christ.

No. 1601245

>Ethan got a copystrike from a Barstool clip interview with Andrew Tate they showed on the last episode
>Jeff Wittek, Mike Majlak and Tana Mongeau will come as guests next week
>Ethan goes over all the people he used to have beef with
>Ethan blames Trisha for getting him into feuds with other content creators. Trisha was the hater that made him have enemies because he was just trying to defend her
>Ethan says he is not responsible for ruining Patrice Wilson's life because Leafy was the one who made videos on him first

No. 1601251

Eh tbh I think hila prefers him big. Probably not as big as he is now but she's implied as much before, can't remember exactly what she said but it was along the lines of not being attracted to buff or super skinny guys. If she was really not attracted to him I don't understand how they'd be fucking enough to have a second kid, men withhold sex from their wives all the time when they get fat, I'd assume she'd do the same. I love my bf and he's a little chubby right now but if he became Ethan level I honestly don't think I could be turned on having sex with him

No. 1601262

Women do that for sure. Men? no. They will fuck anything.

No. 1601265

Is Ethan deep in something lately? I get he has tourettes but I noticed how sweaty, fat and dramatic his tics are in skipping through this whole video. Is he just an alchy which explains his weight gain. Is he nervous about people noticing he's just been trying to copy Your Mom's House for the past few years? Is he in Trisha withdrawal?

No. 1601266

he's said he is addicted to pain pills before, probably that again

No. 1601268

They did IVF for their second kid. Ethan has said because of his antidepressant meds (and likely his pain pill abuse) he can't get erections. He has also hurt Hila's back in the past trying to fuck her while being fat

No. 1601277

File: 1659106233500.png (675.71 KB, 878x494, shirtless.png)

Did you see him shirtless, nonna?

No. 1601317

what the hell are you talking about anon, she constantly tells him how much she wants him to lose weight and go on a diet, they also have the worst chemistry now that they ever had with each other.
Is this ethan posting or what.
Also they didn't have sex for their 2nd child, they had IVF.

No. 1601319

God Ethan is such a fucking retard still blaming Trisha for his own problems, as if he didn't build his entire career before frenemies by talking shit on random smaller creators. At least the people Trisha brought up deserved to be called out, meanwhile he goes around calling people pedophiles just for the goofs

No. 1601353

I know harping on Ethan being fat is low hanging fruit but holy shit, how hard is it to loose a few pounds? He's rich and he can't pay for a personal trainer twice a week or something?

No. 1601355

File: 1659115335693.jpeg (1020.01 KB, 1125x1594, B99E1231-D00B-4D98-B1F7-7581C6…)

going down fast

No. 1601458

There is that blind from June that is blatantly about Ethan that said that his drug problem was out of control. But it is just a unsubstantiated blind that anyone can send in.

No. 1601854

Whitney Cummings podcast is a mess, I was in the middle of watching it & right before I typed this they took it off YouTube. Just an odd episode in general. Hila is constantly stopping them to make sure they’re not saying stuff she doesn’t like, Whitney’s calling them out for being idiots w all their censor stuff, Ethan’s going off about bombing the NRA again ugh.

No. 1601974

They were probably editing out Whitney saying cunt, retard, tranny and nigger

No. 1602100

He semi recently combined Wellbutrin with his other antidepressant in hopes to aid in weightloss.
He said it’s made him very sweaty.

No. 1602104

Anything but a good diet and basic exercise.

No. 1602144

Ethan fired his personal trainer because he felt he was being too condescending

No. 1602238

Maybe I missed it, I’m digging to try and see if someone saved the stream but I can’t find her saying the n word? I heard cunt & the killing stuff but maybe it was really far into the podcast before the removed it

No. 1602242


This is part of the podcast that was cut, where Whitney & Ethan are going off about whatever & Hila is uncomfortable. Not sure if that’s the only clip that was cut but it’s one of them at least.

No. 1602273

The Whitney Cummings episode yesterday was really bad. She seemed like she was on coke or adderall or something, totally manic and desperate energy

No. 1602455

I watched the recut, they just cut out the killing and bombing part but the n word (which in all honestly was in context, she used the word negro but it was to make a point it wasn’t derogatory) and saying tranny is still in the podcast as they kept it all.

No. 1602457

Yeah I can’t tell if that’s just her comedy style or if she’s out of it. Lmao they were talking about something (can’t remember lol some type of drug) & out of nowhere Whitney started talking about it adderall? She had to correct herself & said she meant something else but still lmao unless you’re on it you ain’t relating everything to fucking adderall or mistaking the complete opposite drug to it.

No. 1602522


Here's the full video if anybody cares

Ethan admits at 1:20:40 that "I don't know if I could ever replace Trisha, it was just lightening in a bottle." but then compares Trisha to Amber Heard. Ironically a good comparison considering they're both publicly told they're lying about their sexual assault stories despite the evidence

No. 1602948

He ain’t wrong tho, honestly if you hate Trisha or you down she’s entertaining.

No. 1603139

The fuck you're talking about the Amber case was seen in court and there was 0 evidence backing up her stories. The evidence was actually overwhelming AGAINST her.

Trisha is just a scapegoat for him because he's spiteful about her taking his viewers with her.

No. 1603180

Trisha didn't take his viewers with her. Ethan still gets ten times more views than her
This is not bad for a channel with 4 different two hour shows per week

No. 1603505

That's what I meant…
Nobody wanted to watch Ethan by himself being an unfunny blob of fat.

No. 1604032

>The evidence was actually overwhelming AGAINST her.
no nonna Depp lost the original UK trial and appeal based on evidence provided. The US trial proved nothing except that America hates women and juries should be sequestered

No. 1604060

File: 1659319478519.png (203.26 KB, 927x854, NTheory39693.png)

No. 1604111

>America hates women
How the heck did you end up on this website? Did you just start posting last week?

The UK trial was against The Sun and the laws are different there in the sense of the evidence he was able to bring up. Amber Herd was a witness for this trial and not the one being sued for defamation like in the US trial.

Saged for trial sperg. I'm not replying to this anymore. Watch the actual trial before getting your opinions from Twitter and youtubers.

No. 1604314

File: 1659358644039.png (140.81 KB, 346x598, NTheory39693.png)

A H3 fan, what a shocking turn of events

No. 1604328

File: 1659360534070.jpeg (166.83 KB, 1242x2688, jlac6ysbs1o81.jpeg)

No. 1604950

File: 1659427186563.jpeg (724.02 KB, 750x1040, C7EFD282-C93F-48B5-BF48-4D77A6…)

Hila’s Bella poarch/belle Delphine phase is getting worse

No. 1605783

these glasses suit her because they cover her demon eyes

No. 1605893

File: 1659532194471.jpg (367.52 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20220803-091316_Chr…)

All I see is this tbh

No. 1606786

>retard baby glasses

No. 1606806

damn knee highs are really dead for me.

No. 1606862

File: 1659609848603.jpeg (299.59 KB, 1242x2168, glvgeetfjlf91.jpeg)

Jeff, Mike and Tana were on the H3 studio to pre-record a podcast ep together

No. 1606998

are they gonna talk about that time he compared tana to a twinkie ?

No. 1607332

They did & Tana out of it like she took 10 xans lmak

No. 1607469

It was weird energy, but tana said she had some sort of mouth surgery yesterday so she's in pain and still kind of out of it. Tana the entire time though was nice, said she didn't really care, but brought up how if Ethan said that about someone else it could really affect them. It was honestly mature and sort of surprising.

Jeff and Mike were both surprisingly well spoken and mature as well, it wasn't what I was expecting. Ethan restrained himself a decent amount and owned up to a lot of the mistakes he made with Trisha. He did show them a picture of his ass though, because of course. They also talked about shit for a short period of time.

Ethan managed to restrain himself a surprising amount. Tana did bring up coming to the podcast naked, and coming in a bikini, and you could see each time she said something like that Ethan's scrote moid brain immediately went into overdrive thinking about it. He was way way waaaaayyyyy too excited when she jokingly said that.

No. 1607823

Just got round to listening to this and I thought I’d share some awkward moments from the podcast, apart from the cut scene where Hila seems super pissed off with Ethan, this might give some context as to why she was so fed up at that point-

> Ethan and Whitney discuss infidelity whilst Hila listens awkwardly. Whitney asks Ethan what method of communication he’d use if he was going to have an affair with her. Ethan suspiciously seems to know an awful lot about which platforms are most suited to committing infidelity

> Ethan shows interest in Whitney’s boob job, they have a long discussion about this and he asks lots of questions. Hila seems to feign interest
> Ethan and Whitney discuss Angelina Jolie’s breasts and Ethan talks about how he had a video tape of her from the movie Gia where she appears nude, alludes to watching it over and over again and masturbating. Ethan also talks about the first girl he slept with at college and how she had hairy nipples
> They discuss breastfeeding and Hila talks about hating breastfeeding and straight up says she’s against it, kek. Ethan then pulls up a diagram of what it looks like when a woman with implants produces milk

No. 1607886

File: 1659695595096.jpeg (59.53 KB, 1127x669, FZXQAzPXgAAe85R.jpeg)

>Ethan also talks about the first girl he slept with at college and how she had hairy nipples
The audacity of gross fat moids to nitpick women's bodies

No. 1607924

Who's the beached whale now Ethan? kek

No. 1608688

File: 1659776039890.jpeg (366.89 KB, 770x750, B22B85C8-3B81-49E6-962A-982665…)

So Hila got pissed at Ethan for claiming that HR’s function is to ultimately protect the business/organisation. Apparently she believes they’re they’re “for the people”….this leads me to believe that a) Hila is just so naive and inexperienced that she genuinely believes that HR would ever represent the interests of their workers or b) she really is a toxic boss as the glass doors suggest and she’s trying to hoodwink her employees into thinking they’re protected, when they’re actually not. Either way she was extremely defensive about it

No. 1608691

Damn he really is outgrowing nik at this rate. kek

No. 1608768

Godspeed to the Teddy Fresh employees who have to listen to their shitty boss say HR is for the people while wearing plastic dinosaur toy earrings.

And Ethan doesn’t eat for a living like Nik does. Pathetic

No. 1608787

Even Nik is losing weight now.

No. 1609575

Wondering if Ethan’s gonna touch on the defnoodles drama or stay dick riding him. They act like he could never be wrong, but the shit he’s been doing recently I wonder if they’ll keep supporting him like moids or cut ties. Last time I heard they were backing him suing keemstar but def’s just been burying himself in a bigger hole w the papagut sht.

No. 1610782

reposting because I'm retarded

keemstar shows (on snapchat, but they play the vid on the show) a bunch of images of stolen designs for Teddy Fresh, it really doesn't seem like he Photoshopped or faked anything, and Ethan's rebuttle is that keem obviously faked it and that keem is "trying so hard here, guys!" Everything that moidstar presented (as far as I have watched) seemed legit and Ethan makes no attempt to prove how he could have faked it, mocks how he says "etsy" for a bit with his sound guy, and just says, basically, that many people must have conspired against him on this. I bet Hila is fuming, I do sort of feel bad for her as being "inspired" by ripping off old designs is nothing new in the world of fashion but staying with this scrote who is routinely ruining her reputation without any consideration for her publicly is doing a lot more damage to her reputation as a boss than any design choice or private shitty treatment of an employee ever could

No. 1610869

What is the defnoodles drama?

No. 1610885

File: 1660018177013.png (6.61 MB, 2240x2560, tf.png)

That explains why the employees have been fucking up more than usual
>Undone seam on a sweater
>Defective phone case
>TF order came with a pair of scissors
>Muddy/blotchy tie dye shirt
>Beads fall off
>Mispelled "Tedde Fresh" hair clips
>Sent white socks but the website was selling pastel colored socks
>Paid for shipping of 2 items, TF sends one and only refunds the product
>$44 bracelet breaks apart after a few days
>Bracelet sold as silver plated stainless steel on the website, comes with a sticker that says "100% Zinc Alloy Made in China"
>Broken phone case
>Extra pair of jeans

No. 1610901

Ethan reacted to a Keemstar clip where he said that he has something planned with Trisha after the baby is born. Ethan said that he didn't believe it and that it would be insane if Trisha went through with it. He sounded upset and sad.

I wasn't aware that he owned Trisha and everything she does needs his approval.

No. 1610929

Honest question, why so much hostility towards Hila? She just seems like your average introvert who happens to be married to a manbaby slob influencer.

No. 1610935

Which posts anon?

No. 1610939

She’s cringe sometimes with her crayon scribble fashion, worst is she enables Ethans retardation attention seeking and mental illnesses resulting in legal repercussions and his obesity/health issues. She’s said questionable things on the podcasts too.

No. 1610940

Why do you care? Hila is a pick me and she steals from artists

No. 1610942


She is a pick-me who laughs along with his misogyny, attacks other women's looks, and is just as bad as the rest of his clique. There are also accounts, as shown, of her being a bad boss and stealing clothing designs. She encourages and profits just as much from Ethan being a bully and a misogynist. Her being soft-spoken does not prevent her from receiving criticism.

No. 1610944

That's the problem, do you think a good person would marry that slob? Lol

No. 1610968

imagine paying such high prices for some made in china shit. You can get pieces properly made in Italy or Japan or USA for just a little more

No. 1611009

She also attacks other women’s lifestyle choices. Probably just bitterness since her impotent husband was unable to get her pregnant without IVF but she accused that woman of faking her pregnancy just because she wore a bikini after having a c-section and recently said she’s “against” breastfeeding

No. 1611031

He got exposed for lying about his age. He’s actually older than Ethan.

No. 1611058

>a female being "against" breastfeeding
what in the hell of pickme? i know she's (probably) autistic but this genuinely so cold of her to say. what has this world come to. i understand if you can't breastfeed but to say you're "against" it is just the strangest take. >>1610929
like someone already said, you can't be a good person and marry someone like ethan. you don't just unknowingly marry a douchebag pervert.

No. 1611221

Basically Def got called out for being a hypocrite and went all out and doubled down on being an idiot lmao. I forget all the details there’s a bunch of videos explaining but this is the gyst:

Keemstar made a tweet making fun of defnoodles because Def is notorious for falsely accusing people of being pedos. Def decided to sue keemstar for “slander.” Somehow papagut got involved and called Def out for making false allegations & being a hypocrite. So Def doing what he does best decides to accuse Papagut of being a pedophile over a tweet. The tweet in question was actually condemning the Lopez brothers for being pedos, not supporting it at all. Def twisted it and started making memes of papagut crying. If you watch video where Def got the clip of him crying it’s actually a video of Papagut crying because he’s talking about how heartbreaking it is when his followers open up to him about how they were molested & the abuse they’ve gone through. Papagut literally helps real people and exposes actual pedophiles and child abusers, and Def decided turned that into a meme for his mouth breathing audience. Now that Def is fully in the wrong & doing the exact same thing he’s suing Keemstar for, he’s been mindlessly trying to debate everyone who calls him out. The debates are mind numbing as Def doesn’t have a proper argument and talks over everyone as he tries to make a point when he can’t.

No. 1611285

So has Trisha actually stayed low key and out of drama for months? Or is nobody here farming Trisha anymore. Nothing exciting on her youtube but she usually has all her drama on social media and I don't have accounts. Isn't she due in a month or so? You'd think she'd be going crazy with hormones and late pregnancy rage

This splayed leg thing is genuinely an Amerifat trademark, his body language is retarded toddler

No. 1611308

Most of her drama is manufactured or trolling so it’s good she’s taking a break while pregnant, I kinda miss her unhinged breakdown videos and Twitter rants

No. 1611481

valid points but it triggers me how she says "H3"

No. 1611496

>crazy hormones and late pregnancy rage
Not gonna medfag but that’s not as common as people seem to think

No. 1611506

Sounds like def is a pedophile projecting onto everyone else around him kek

No. 1611548

It fascinated me that def noodles was ever a thing because he’s not attractive and painfully unfunny. Didn’t know who anyone was, learning Papa Gut does what he does is really cool though. I think there’s mistakes he’s made, but men do not typically ever do what he does, take it seriously, try to teach male audiences who obviously only listen to other men, or care at all about sexual violence and how prevalent it is. It actually hurt to watch him cry and talk about how he emotionally distracts himself with food addictions, which is hard not to sympathize for since it’s not like he’s mindlessly fucking himself up like Ethan.

Weird how Trisha had every single private detail of her childhood sexual abuse put under an incel microscope and twisted to somehow make her a villain, but people like def noodles and keem star actually throw those words around and don’t give a fuck if it reinforces the trauma of sexual violence not being respected at all. Weird how it’s men who lie about that and project it onto women who have to suffer and feel ostracized because of it.

No. 1611999

Quick Def Noodles run down (at least what I've seen so far):
>keeps attacking Taylor Lorenz on twitter (not sure the exact reason why, was it only the PapaGut issue or was there more there)?
>Constantly taking shots at "journalists" and "the media" because of Taylor Lorenz
>He keeps posting unhinged rants inbetween his "news" tweets
>At one point he implies PapaGut is a pedophile
>He implied this because PapaGut was literally quoting someone else
>Def knew that PapaGut was quoting someone, but still misconstrued it as PapaGut said something related to young girls and when they're old enough
>Side note: PapaGut is gay lol
>Def Noodles doubles down when people call him out on misrepresenting everything
>Def makes sarcastic fake apologies, keeps attacking Taylor Lorenz
>Side note: Def Noodles is literally suing Keemstar because Keemstar called him a pedophile
>Def Noodles entire audience is trying to tell him this isn't a good look and won't help his lawsuit against Keemstar
>He just keeps going on about the PapaGut situation and Taylor Lorenz
>He refuses to apologize for real to PapaGut
>PapaGut has been completely civil and reasonable during this despite the implication that he's a pedophile
>Recently (last few days?) it came out that Def was older than he originally let on
>Def typically made it seem like he was in his Mid-20's, can't remember if he ever specified an age but he would always talk about how he was in his 20's
>Def constantly railed on Keemstar and others for being "almost 40" and focused on stupid youtube shit
>Def is literally 39
>Def has been impersonating a 20 something year old when he's really pushing 40
This is all just recent though. He's also become completely unhinged anytime someone brings him up and says something he might disagree with. He literally called Rich Lux alt-right. Rich Lux, possibly the gayest drama channel in existence. He's literally latino and wears make up. So Def has a pattern of throwing around these baseless accusations any time he gets mad.

>Def attacks journalist
>Def implies PapaGut is a pedophile
>Def lied about his age, almost 40
>Def refuses to apologize, doubles down, makes sarcastic apologies

No. 1612002

I think he became a thing mainly because of Frenemies. He didn't have huge views or really make money off of youtube until Ethan and Trisha started to bring up his reporting during Frenemies episodes. The H3 community loves drama, the Trisha community loves drama, it was the perfect mix to skyrocket Def Noodles views and make him a thing. And now that those views are drying up and his audience is starting to dwindle back to its original numbers, the guy has become unhinged. I've never really seen a prominent youtube drama personality take such a huge nose dive and refuse to acknowledge that they might be doing something wrong.

No. 1612013

PapaGut is straight. He is married to a woman, a social worker who called out Mysterious Tea for her child sa apologist takes

No. 1612041

File: 1660142252000.jpg (550.58 KB, 1500x1335, daphney-email.jpg)

For once, the drama is not coming from her but other people:
>Jason Nash accidentally added Trisha's gender reveal video to his European Trip playlist
>Jason mentioned Trisha in his podcast trailer and said he is going to talk more about her after the birth of her baby
>Daphney called Trisha's baby ugly and said that the baby was going to end in a trashcan
>Daphney leaked the email she sent to Ethan and Hila with evidence that she had one date with Moses
>Catnipz is stalking Trisha and has been talking with people in Trisha's neighborhood
>Trisha got a gift for the baby from Dior and Trishyland is harassing Dior to get them to confirm Trisha bought it herself

No. 1612115

why do people feel like its ok to harass a pregnant woman wtf. r/trishyland is one of the most vile things i've ever seen. trish isnt a saint at all but god damn she's really not doing much lately, and is undeserving of this treatment.

No. 1612218

File: 1660158439470.jpeg (634.42 KB, 750x1097, 4D67B86A-5547-4699-AE7C-F446A9…)

Have to say I was dubious when Trisha announced the baby, but she seems genuinely thrilled and to already have a massive amount of love/warmth for her unborn child. She also seems to be enjoying her pregnancy as opposed to Hila who moaned non-stop seemed miserable

No. 1612261

Well he is 37 and told news outlets he is 25 so….maybe

No. 1612509

I’m the latest podcast at around 1:09:00 they’re talking about who to get on to “squash the beef” with. Ethan keeps saying he wants to get Jason Nash on. Strange how they spent months calling Jason out for actually assaulting someone on camera, yet now they act like it never happened. Meanwhile they still haven’t talked to Trisha or Moshe, and it’s pretty much been proven Daphne was making shit up. what a shit show.

No. 1612516

Yea. After everything h3 stans put her through I'm firmly with her. I think even with all her obvious shortcomings she's still the better choice. Ethan is a soulless ghoul

No. 1612517

For all her faults, it's really nice to see how much she loves her child. She is really going to spoil her.

No. 1612544

Damn, I am so happy someone called her out because that whole thing was fucking disgusting. Good for both of them and his wife sounds amazing.

There are genuinely some people who become who they’re meant to be/their best selves when they are parents, have a healthy outlet for their love that allows them to set goals, and gives them an undeniable reason to keep improving. Her and her mom are really close too, so I’m very happy for her to finally be happy.

No. 1612556

Trisha has been staying in her own lane, has been making positive content these days and stays out of drama. As opposed to Ethan who can't stay out of drama, is always negative, lives in the past etc etc. Its pretty bad when you and your fans make trisha look sane and chill in comparison. kek

No. 1612624


It makes me happy to see that she seems so excited. I was also worried she was going to treat the baby like a pair of shoes she forgot, but she seems committed to being a mom to me

No. 1612652

>There are genuinely some people who become who they’re meant to be/their best selves when they are parents
Ethan actually used this excuse to explain why he called Tana a twinkie. He apologized and told her that he is a changed man now that he is a father.

No. 1612674

I would guess that a lot of the posters on trishyland are probably og gurugossip posters who moved to youtalktrash when gurugossip began to crackdown on the way people would post about certain YouTubers, if they need a new place to trash Trisha, they’ll find one.

No. 1612909


>can't be a good person and marry someone like ethan

I'm not saying Hila is an angel, but I definitely think she doesn't deserve the same amount of vitriol as Ethan just because she's married to him. They've been married for how long now? Do you really think Ethan was the same person he was 10 years ago? Obviously the fame got to his head and really brought out all his bad qualities.

>waah women are attacking other women's lifestyles

what in the libfem…? as if this whole imageboard isn't dedicated to this lol. You are doing the same thing judging her for doing IVF. I think what she said about being against breastfeeding was lost in translation. I think she meant to say she personally is against it, but a lot of women are. She just happens to be married to a podcaster. She's a woman and she has every right to an opinion about women's bodies.

I don't think women should be "sex workers". Sue me.

No. 1613095

File: 1660245181210.png (346.1 KB, 595x634, mrfat.png)

Mr beard the guy that unironically made a Youtube video accusing Trisha of being an nazi has some thoughts on people calling his master fat recently

No. 1613118

File: 1660246455680.png (387.74 KB, 553x734, antisemitic.png)

the tweet of Ethan's photo with no comment is antisemitic apparently. the comments from his fans are the funniest shit i have ever read:

>all these people are mad because he’s jewish, funnier than they are, and they’re insecure losers mad that ethan, who’s been married for over a decade to his gorgeous wife, doesn’t fit into their “chad strong man get girls &everyone else is lonely bc girls are hoes” world view and have to be confronted with the fact they’re alone because they’re the assholes bc he doesn’t fit the ideal male image but is happily married. they’re so predictably insecure they have nothing else to do but “dunk” on his weight. the worst offense of it all is their bad taste bc ethan IS hot

No. 1613128

No one is giving Hila as much vitriol as Ethan, in case you hadn’t noticed the majority of discussion on these threads is directed at her husband. Ethan is the cow, but that doesn’t mean Hila is exempt from criticism

No. 1613131

This is fake beef right, like with Oliver Tree? I don’t get why these “comedians” keep doing this. It’s not funny or entertaining

No. 1613134

They're friends, I think he's already been on the podcast twice. Super fake beef for attention

No. 1613159


Ethan is constantly trying to emulate Frenemies because he knows he'll never have again another co-host like Trisha who actually knows how to put on a show (+ having BPD helps) but Ethan and Hasan are too cowardly to stand for anything even when it's unpopular. That's why their show is overbloated and flopping. There's no memes; it's all contrived. Trisha knew the power of memes and had really crazy takes, the lore of dating Hila's brother + knowing all the influencers, played dumb about shit like the Holocaust, defended Shane when everyone hated him, and they still were able to get sponsorships (because advertisers don't care about PC shit when you're popping)

No. 1613780

Ethan doesn't need Trisha to have a successful podcast. He consistently gets one million views on every single upload. He doesn't have as much views as before but it's still better than most podcasts. As bland and boring as Leftovers is, there is still an audience that will watch it. Ethan doesn't need talent, morals or courage as long as he has a loyal fanbase

No. 1614167

File: 1660337391358.png (1.78 MB, 828x1792, FA893A3A-3857-404D-A225-E52883…)

>”He consistently gets one million views on every single upload”


No. 1614524

File: 1660368758552.png (712.35 KB, 1100x468, h3.png)

All you had to do is scroll down to see that the statement anon said is true. There is so much to criticize Ethan on we don't need to stretch the truth for there to be milk

No. 1616967

This clip of Ethan at timestamp 6:00 so perfectly shows why he does the goofy faces on every single photo. It's so his fans can jump in and defend him by implying he's in on some joke. What even is the joke? he got fat, that's it. kek

No. 1617890

Of course ethan white knights Def & no one speaks up lol

No. 1618866

The amount of kindergarden grade bullying of "bowblax" twitter clips maxed out with fake laughter and taking turns heckling feels like the bullied tarded kids who grew up so satisfied to finally get to be the bullies them self of the slow class kids. What a shitshow Off @"Off The Rails #46"(SAGE)

No. 1618887

You should embed and time stamp.

No. 1619113

Couldn´t manage to embed but starts at 3:10:08 and goes on for a while @ "Off The Rails #46".

No. 1627095

Reads like projection kek.

No. 1627140

Speaking of Bowblax, he made a video of Ethan addressing the rumors that Teddy Fresh steals designs

No. 1628443


NBC wrote an article about the Trisha hate subreddit and how it keeps harassing and doxxing people in her life.

"Reddit said it was “closely reviewing” the subreddit in regard to its policies."

No. 1628572

NBC lol? you mean Kat tenberge the twitter tard?

No. 1628965


so this means it'll probably be banned soon since reddit has a history of banning subreddits once they hit the news.

tbh they're unhinged so good riddance.

No. 1629741

Sadly that’s what we have for journalism these days lol

No. 1629896

If they ban it those retards are definitely going to be lurking the H3 sub and causing problems, I'm excited

No. 1630109

Olivia is actually the dumbest person that works for h3. Her ‘tea’ is incorrect 90% of the time. What even are her qualifications? On stream today ~1 hour while discussing Addison Rae’s mother attending the VMAS with Yung Gravy Olivia incorrectly asserts that Monty Lopez is Addison’s step father, but he is her bio dad and even the lowest iq motherfuckers know that. She is called out by chat and doubles down saying “the chat is saying it’s her dad, but I don’t think it’s true I saw it somewhere” why is the h3 crew immune to googling before they speak? They are constantly spreading misinfo and their fans blindly believe anything they say

No. 1630260

Top fucking kek. It's been an age since I've checked this thread or took a peek at that reddit. The doubling down they're doing on being so retarded is amazing.
This would be so fucking good if it happened. The H3 sub is already constantly on the verge of imploding and if those Trisha obsessed psychos migrated there, I'm willing to bet it would absolutely become an abandoned wasteland.

No. 1630373

>even the lowest IQ people know who Addison Rae’s parents are!
I think only the low IQ people would know that. Also, sage.

No. 1630670

Olivia got the job by stalking Ethan's followers and messaging a complete stranger who agreed to recommend her blindly.

No. 1632790

nayrt but i thought anon meant that even low iq people know how to google stuff but ab and olivia, the h3 research team, are incompetent. for example, they didn't know that twitter has an advanced search. they thought that if you wanted to dig up an old tweet, they would need to scroll down through someone's profile

took a look and some people still think that trisha is faking her pregnancy

No. 1632802

why are they reviewing pizza in a political podcast?
>hasan refuses to eat it
>ethan eats everything on his plate
>ethan excuses himself to go the bathroom
>but instead he goes behind the camera to continue eating

No. 1633005

File: 1662062466960.png (626.53 KB, 761x613, whale.png)

This guy made fun of nikocado

No. 1633551

That pedostash does him no favors

No. 1640565

File: 1662541832647.webm (6.72 MB, 640x340, pokimane.webm)

>Pokimane says that she loved Frenemies and it was iconic
>Ethan says that it was a special show but there has been a lot of aftermath and drama behind the scenes with Hila's family
>Ethan says that Trisha is about to have a baby which is kind of insane
>Pokimane says that she saw Trisha's maternity photos
>Hila looks uncomfortable the whole time
>Ethan says that Trisha is due any day now and is pretty insane
>Ethan asks the crew to chime in and they refuse

No. 1640571

huehuehuehuehuehue jesu

No. 1640625

>Hila looks uncomfortable the whole time
kek she knows ethan really likes e-girls like poki

No. 1640642

Jesus Christ that bloated neck

No. 1641150

lol not sure why he can’t just say he’s happy for her and move on. Like what thoughts is he asking for from the crew? He expecting them to bash a pregnant woman?

No. 1641326

File: 1662579258110.png (84.22 KB, 600x569, uh95r44efhm91.png)

No. 1641330

Man with two kids excited to work with notorious Twitter pedophile. Never forget money and clout over everything else Ethan Recliner.

No. 1641332

Friendly reminder for all! Ethan supports a subreddit dedicated to stalking his sister in law. His hypocrisy should not surprise me, but it still does.

No. 1641334

how many minutes in until he asks about the axe wound

No. 1641365

wow. I want to say I can't believe it, but it makes perfect sense. The two most degenerate, insufferable, and completely irredeemable moids on the internet get together and leech clout off of each other for two hours or so. what are they even gonna talk about? i hate them both so much, all I can do is laugh. forgive my alogging nonas. it's just so surreal

No. 1641379

A LOT of people hate h3h3 now. Hopefully kiwitards downvote the video into oblivion and spam the comments and chat kek

No. 1641389

is it strange that i am looking forward or just really interested i guess for trisha’s baby content?

No. 1641397


I don't think you're the only one haha I'm interested too

No. 1641420

File: 1662585491287.png (511.96 KB, 732x678, screenshot.png)

From her new video today. Moses and Hila won't really maintain no contact over this, will they? It has to be all for show/drama/content. The cousins will grow up knowing each other, right?

No. 1641433

She looks scary wtd

No. 1641437

She tried to contour her fetal alcohol syndrome nose to make it look like she has a bridge but it looks like a painted mask kek

No. 1641462

There should be a bingo card for lolcow that includes relating everything to FAS

No. 1641467

shes has multiple nose jobs, not even her real nose

No. 1641585

she doesn't even look like herself in this picture but tbh i can't figure out what exactly is causing me to think that

No. 1641593

She looks like Chris Pine here.

No. 1641629

File: 1662595995091.png (68.5 KB, 373x556, fas.png)

it's likely someone from r/Trishyland who can't speculate about FAS on the sub

No. 1641969

People have been speculating about this for years on twitter lol this is not new. She genuinely look somewhat challenged mentally and physically.

No. 1641985

It could be pregnancy bloating? The body/face literally swells up at the point you’re about to give birth because of the physical demands/hormones

No. 1642035

There's no proof of that? Her nose is one of her worst features, I'm sure she would have talked about surgery if she had it.

No. 1642088

She is faking her pregnancy

No. 1642104

go back to reddit.

No. 1642743

File: 1662675980765.jpg (75.04 KB, 760x769, FcJnxeNXEAMsNXj.jpg)


No. 1642747

File: 1662676251818.png (34.92 KB, 662x326, Screenshot 2022-09-09 002936.p…)

Memes/Jokes about elizabeth being reincarnated as trisha's baby have gone viral.


No. 1642751

File: 1662676347571.png (16.18 KB, 665x211, Screenshot 2022-09-09 003248.p…)

Im guessing she will soon have baby which means it will either be a virgo or a libra.

No. 1642763

1 Cm dilated doesnt mean shit though, I was 1cm at 36 weeks. you can dilate up to 3cm then regress back to 0cm.

No. 1642805

That tweet is from yesterday. The queen died some 6-7 hours ago at least thats when the news broke out and trisha also gave birth some 5 hours ago or more, or thats when news came out.

No. 1642845

where did you read that she’s given birth already?

No. 1642867

I wish the h3 fanbase would fucking look at this at proof that ethan doesn't look into anything at all and just likes to grift. I know moids are fucking depraved, but moid fathers 9/10 time are super protective of their sons, so I'd like to fucking think despite everything ethan would be able to imagine if his two sons were groomed online the way keffals groomed children. But no, even if he has looked into it and does think its fucked, that's not enough for him to stop in his tracks and reconsider platforming this tranny retard. God.

No. 1643149

Gotta say I LOVE this “queen conspiracy” for Trisha. She must be on cloud 9 not only is her baby due any day now, but her name is all over the headlines. She’s glowing meanwhile Ethan Deklein looks and acts like shit. So happy and proud for her what a legend

No. 1643152

Ethan made a contest for his fans to submit a diss track for Ryan Kavanaugh. More than half of them reference Ryan's ex wife (divorced in 2015) and call him a cuck for letting her have a boyfriend, Brad. Some lyrics from these diss tracks:
>Brad the Bull leaves my wife's hole reamed, and she creams, she screams. Then I am a demon. I get down low for the steamin' Brad the Bull semen.
>Suing everybody with Daddy's money, cleaning brads cum off wifey's tummy.
>You can fuck her Brad, you're a big strong bull. I'll imagine that you're Ethan while she's eating your load!
>I could fuck your ex-wives if I wanted to.
>Where the hell do you get off? Oh, that's right. not with your wife, cause she's in a Triller fight with Brad the Bull every night!

No. 1643310

What the fuck is wrong with Trasha fans.

No. 1643346

IQ is on a bell curve, anon. a lot of people are on the wrong side.

No. 1643368

>calls a confirmed pedophile a legend

No. 1643403

File: 1662732738890.png (259.77 KB, 672x590, trishyland.png)

both sides are retarded but only one of them is crazy enough to doxx fertility clinics and keep track of someone's tax payments

No. 1643406

NTA but I'm on Trisha's side and I find it hard to believe that people would defend the crazed lunatics over at Trishyland who are on par with the doxing of Kiwifarms.
>I could fuck your ex-wives if I wanted to.
No, Ethan, you could not. Not only is he physically repulsive and would be rejected at first glance but he also physically struggles to have sex so.

No. 1643420

I honestly don't understand why people get so mad about Trisha, sure she's cringe sometimes and does over the top stuff purely for attention but it's mostly just funny.

No. 1643437

File: 1662736165678.png (278.18 KB, 746x551, collage.png)

At least Kiwifarms doesn't tip the cow, Trishyland does it all the time

No. 1643486

Ethan can't even fuck his own wife, lol

No. 1643610

got big into H3 around the time Frienemies started, would watch every podcast after frenemies, be frustrated during their constant breaks.

then ethan starts his holier than thou lawsuits, then ethan started his shit fetish, then ethan started that god awful show with Hasan… and now this..

It's been months since Ive been able to sit through an H3H3 podcast. But supporting Keffals and hosting his bullshit on the podcast is the final nail in the casket.

Sucks because Hila and the H3 crew are still worthy but Ethan is a black hole sucking in anything good around him. shocked no one has moved on yet to better things. the arab guy seems like he wants to but is afraid of the backlash.

No. 1643642

File: 1662745405437.png (26.9 KB, 412x118, F126A740-348F-48DC-9898-C997F8…)

>the arab guy seems like he wants to but is afraid of the backlash
he is trying to leave

No. 1643838

happy to know suckling on Ethans cock as a full time job doesn't actually convert to followers elsewhere lmao

No. 1643897

Trish made a video saying she is still pregnant.

No. 1643919

She’s glowing. It still surprises me she’s been quiet and not in any drama recently. Good for her if she’s really putting her pregnancy in priority

No. 1643998

How fucking iconic is it tho to steal the spotlight from the literal queen dying

No. 1644018

Aw this was a really respectful video from her I’m surprised. I also feel like she felt sad or it’s a bad omen that people were congratulating her birth before she even gave birth.

No. 1644021

Living memes are born not made. Never could Ethan or a similar ~creator~ be this accidentally entertaining.

No. 1644048

go back to reddit and tinfoil about 9/11

No. 1644051

Tinfoil about what you literal retard? it happened, Trisha trended on twitter while the queen died. These aren't speculations

No. 1644099

Apologies nonna I read iconic as ironic, well deserved to be in the retard zone

No. 1644270

Your retarded, it didn’t happen. Trisha said to be only one cm dilated. A troll on twitter made it up and a whole bunch of people bought it and it went trending. She hasn’t even announced giving birth and probably hasn’t even had the baby yet.

No. 1644330

Nta she’s literally just saying that Trisha was trending on twitter because someone made the meme, and it got a lot of attention with the Queen trending. In op’s original post she didn’t say Trisha gave birth at all.

No. 1644518

>They announce the death of Queen Elizabeth with an electronic beat
>Ethan wonders if she shat herself since her sphincter relaxed once she died and talks about fecal transfusion
>Hila loved the diss tracks, especially the part where they mentioned Trisha Paytas in Suki's submission
>Ethan talks about Trisha's viral meme. He says that Queen Elizabeth has not reincarnated into her baby and is safe from that hell since Trisha is still pregnant
>Hila stops Ethan from ranting about Trisha and her baby
>The chat gets angry at Hila for being controlling
>Hila tells them that this is a family issue and an agreement that Ethan and Hila made with multiple other people but Ethan continues to do whatever he wants
>Ethan blames Hila for bringing up Trisha in the first place
The KiwiFarms/Keffals part…
>Ethan explains the history of KF. He says that it was founded by Joshua "Null" Moon in 2013 with the express purpose of harassing Christine Chan and the site branched out into targeting other people online.
>Ethan says that they had a 500 pages of him, which was all antisemitic stuff but he never looked at it. Dan said that there was a period three years ago where they were getting brigaded a lot and they were able to trace it back to KF. Dan mentions that he keeps track of how much the thread on h3h3productions grows.
>Ethan says that Keffals is targeted because she is trans and he is targeted because he is a jew. According to Ethan, KF is full of right wing trolls who swat people and do irl harassment, which is not only condoned by encouraged by the admin of the site.
>Ethan mentions that KF is protected by Section 230 but the site is banned in New Zealand because of the Christchurch shooting.
>Ethan says that KF is a pit of hell that made 3 people killed themselves.
>Ethan puts a photo of Null on the screen, laughs at him for being a part of the master race and calls him a psycho piece of shit.
>Ethan says that KF was accusing Keffals of being a pedo but they do that with all trans people. KF doxxed him, harassing him, swatted him and showing up at his house.
>Keffals comes to the show and says that there has been many swatting attempts where she is currently that the cops aren't taking the calls seriously anymore.
>Keffals explains how it started. He says that KF doxxed his mother, other members of his family and his Twitch mods. KF impersonated him through email and sent a message to local politicians saying that he had an illegal firearm that he was going to use to kill cis people in city hall.
>Keffals went to the media and stayed in a hotel but KF doxxed him using a photo of his cat on the bed. They sent pizza with Keffals' name, Lucas Sorrenti.
>Keffals and his friends got a campaign going to pressure the police to return his stuff. His lawyer told him that the forensics was going to take months. Then a few days later he got everything back and they sent him an apology.
>Keffals says that we are in a culture war with trans people in the middle. KF started this smear campaign saying that he is a pedophile and that all the children that he has helped are his grooming victims with no basis. Keffals denies ever having a Discord server where he discussed sexual topics with minors.
>Keffals says that he has no idea where people got the idea that he is making hormones on his bathtub. His website says "DIY hormones" but they are instructions of how to get a prescription, not of how to make them. It's a last resort for people in a dire situation, but he recommends that children go to a doctor.
>Keffals says that he helps children with his Twitch stream, he doesn't have a Discord or a private place where he talks with minors. Everything is up out in the public.
>After Keffals' hotel was doxxed, he said he was staying Airbnb but he went to a hotel. KF hacked his Uber account.
>Keffals goes to Ireland and he gets doxxed again. He made the campaign to get Cloudflare to drop KF.
>Cloudflare dropped KF after someone posted a photo of where Keffals was staying with the address.
>Keffals still receives harassment but looks forward to go back to streaming now that the dust is settling.
>Ethan congratulates Keffals and calls him a soldier in the frontline of the culture wars.

No. 1644532

The KF thread also had a summary >>1644231

No. 1644535

this must be so hard for hila. like i do think shes an insufferable pickme but like… trishas baby is her kin, thats her family, ethan can't be talking shit about her relatives like that? its so disrespectful? imagine you have a sister in law and your husband just made fun of her and the baby that is literally your niece. he is a sick person. thanks for the TLDR. also why do i get kiwifag vibes from dan. probably went from lurker to making an account. i bet they get info from there sometimes.

No. 1644562

Hila doesn't have a soul or emotions, I doubt she cares about anything at all. Why do you think she's with him to begin with? She is a total NPC.

No. 1644564

So he completely lied about the HRT directory and the Catboy Ranch discord. Very fucking brazen but I'm not surprised. Also Ethan totally reads his Kiwifarms thread.

No. 1644612

you sound like you really value human lives anon. she is still a person. her family is still her family. hila isnt some sociopath who goes around hurting people purposefully she's just a cold and naive female autist.

No. 1644622

I don't like Hila but the use of 'NPC' makes me think it's a kiwiscrote.

No. 1644629

omg 39 weeks?? she really does look happy. i hope motherhood is good for her

No. 1644631

samefag sorry forgot to sage

No. 1644661

They’re legitimately braindead, and likely reddit/twitterfags. I’m suspecting they’re mostly bpdtards. These women are ok with her sexualizing her pregnancy and her unborn child, when in reality Trisha should be posted in the onlyfans whores thread instead of “yasss queen’d” but you know, degeneracy is like, so empowering! inb4 I’m called an h3 fan when I’m fucking not kek

No. 1644733

Not everyone has a soul, nonnie. There are people out there who literally have no inner dialogue. There are studies about this. These people are NPCs and Hila is definitely one of them. The kind of person where if you could listen to whats going on in their head it would just be elevator music.

No. 1644739

File: 1662839265477.png (314.89 KB, 497x826, Screenshot 2022-09-10 214818.p…)

Archive because the fag deleted it

No. 1644742

you realize those people just think in images and concepts instead of a dialogue? animals have no inner dialogue, does that make them have no soul? you honestly seem like a scrote, who really believes that other people out there are NPCs with no thoughts or autonomy over their own lives.

No. 1644745

what kind of psychopathic bullshit is this? you sound like a murderer.

No. 1644784

I don’t care if you hate Trisha but this dogpiling of hate into an unborn child is unwarranted and so fucked up to the poor daughter’s self esteem. Just because someone’s parents are assholes doesn’t mean that the children will turn out to be the same way. I can actually predict her daughter will be some quiet BPD with a lot of shame and trauma from what people on the internet said about her growing up. She’ll either be obsessed with gaining internet approval or she’ll go completely dark and be afraid of being on the internet (and seen by the Trishyland stalkers).

No. 1644791

This is also why I deeply wish Trisha would just not show her child AT ALL on the internet, and stop talking about it once the baby is born. Make a statement about leaving her kid alone so she can grow up somewhat normally. But unfortunaly we all know thats not going to happen. I just wish Trisha would try to shield her as much as possible, because the internet is absolutely ruthless and wont hold back even on a small child, and im afraid people are gonna try to stalk the kid and find out where it goes to kindergarten, school ect in the future

No. 1644796

Npc spotted

No. 1644803

Trisha looks like a roasted pig here.

No. 1644877

True, for example, gingers.

No. 1644902

No. 1644973

again with Ethan’s bizarre shit fixation.

No. 1645159

Most pregnant women do kek. Must be agony though to be going into labor for days.

No. 1645217

I wouldn't be surprised if they are reading and posting in these threads. The way that Dan and Ethan talked about the h3h3 thread on KF makes me suspect that his crew come here to monitor what we say about them and derail

No. 1645232

remember what happened a couple of threads ago when we were going in depth on some things ethan did and suddenly someone tried to derail the thread and write very forced racebait to get people to shut up……that was very weird.

No. 1645732

i'm sure it would be really upsetting to have your unborn baby become a meme without you even being in on the joke.

No. 1646112

I mean we started to talk about Ethan and keffals and suddenly the Trisha haters are back with nothing new and the same shit from months ago? Be a hella of coincidence, maybe Ethan was worried the jokes about him not being able to get up were going to get to Ryan’s level of mockery at the H3H3fans since you know Ethan now can’t fuck his own wife.

No. 1646156

Trishas whole career has been grabbing attention from memes and trolling, I'm sure she's fine.

No. 1646333

Does Ethan have a porn addiction? He knew Lana Rhoades' porn catalog too well

No. 1646338

Nonna look at him.. He can't even fuck his wife. He drools over egirls constantly. Of course he's a porn addict. He's a bottom of the barrel disgusting moid

No. 1646602

Ethan is about to eat one of those extremely spicy chips and is avoiding it hard. He said he has sores on his throat and might choke to death. Hes being a little bitch and this is good TV for once.

It seems kind of messed up to do this Live. The fat guys throat started to seal up.

No. 1646612

File: 1663022397273.jpeg (1.55 MB, 4032x3024, A6386623-B974-4A9F-934A-85F636…)

What a fat fuck

No. 1646613

File: 1663022538665.jpeg (1.36 MB, 4032x3024, 4E2E25BD-2810-4B72-A89C-55AD63…)

No. 1646620

lmao he's so fucking fat. That's 3 chins even without that dumb ass face he makes every picture hes in

No. 1646630

Literal neckbeard.

No. 1646641

I'm pretty sure they don't sleep together anymore. It started with COVID as the excuse and Hila never invited him back to the bed. Pretty sure he sleeps in the basement where he was doing those solo-blogs for a while. They've blamed sleeping separately on theodore and bruce too but no one is blaming hila from taking every opportunity she can to sleep peacefully without fear of suffocation.

No. 1646793

i wish he was dead burning in hell for real

No. 1646842

Trisha talk starts at 22 min. Topkek at Hila saying "I'm about to lose it, guys. Move on," when she wants them to stop. I think they edited the rest compared to the original recap.

How dare a pregnant woman look fat????? Go back to Trishyland

No. 1646939

Out of interest why is Hila blaming sleeping separately on the kids?

No. 1646975

Don't know exactly but it is common for little kids to sleep in their parents' bed if they're scared or something.
That or it's a convenient excuse Ethan can't argue with.

No. 1647040

Damn Olivia has become so grating, aside from getting things wrong 90% of the time she's just so unfunny and can't stay quiet for more than 10 minutes. She gives me random fan that got to hang out with H3 for a day energy

No. 1647244

her clown make up annoys me and i get the same vibe from her. she is just the annoying girl who giggles like a retard at everything and is too embarrassed of looking stupid to contribute anything to the team. if it was wasnt for ethan being a creeper she wouldnt be there.

No. 1647699

Lots of people (and both partners) sleep in the same bed as their kids, I’m pretty sure Hila is just using it as an excuse to kick Ethan out

No. 1648049

I feel like she does this overbearing act to compensate to the mostly male cast. Aside from Hila who is mostly quiet a lot of the time and doesn't really say much, she may feel the need to sound off and try to make herself seem more useful than she really is.

No. 1648329

Man AB is so fucking insecure. Funny ass picture of him gets posted to the Twitter and he asks them to take it down.

No. 1648458

Show the picture?

No. 1648493

File: 1663212892632.jpeg (900.65 KB, 1242x1347, 0FB0B4CE-EBB1-4CAB-8E78-7CF24C…)

No. 1648606

the face of a man too scared to wash his own ass

No. 1648898

File: 1663261458650.png (449.81 KB, 594x501, malibubarbie.png)

Trisha gave birth to Malibu Barbie. Malibu seems like a fine first name tbh, Barbie is terrible.

No. 1648900

No. 1648901

Somehow I love Malibu Barbie

No. 1648906

Aww Trisha is a taurus and gave birth to a little virgo.

No. 1648907

that name is so fitting

No. 1648908

i am actually happy for her. i know she has wanted this for a long time and esp because she was told at one point she couldn't have kids

No. 1648912

Malibu looks like she's going to have great hair.

No. 1648917


This feels very on brand. Good for her. Can't wait for the trishyland meltdown.

No. 1648919

Me too. I actually do feel like she’ll be a decent mother despite everything and I’m happy for her.

No. 1648924

i just realized her baby has the same birthday as mine. Kinda weirded out lmao. Either way im happy for Trisha, i know she wanted to have a baby for a really long time.

No. 1648957

That is one cute baby! Best wishes to the new family I have a feeling that Trisha and Moses are going to be amazing parents

No. 1648963


No. 1648965

Kek they're already starting. Looks like some of them are genuinely hoping for this baby to have a good life and the rest are just bitching about the "easy" c-section, how unhappy Moses must be, and a few are being super foul about having the same birthday as this literally completely innocent baby. (Also >>1648924 not referring to you, that sub has some truly foul reactions happening to sharing a birthday with little Malibu)

No. 1648973

The name is horrible but I pray she has an amazing life, I actually think besides being a cow Trisha may be a good mother.

No. 1648985

Ngl I've always had a soft spot for Trisha's crazy ass. She seems happy, but Malibu barbie is a god awful name a 1st grader would give to her doll baby. But Malibu is a cute enough name and Mali is a cute nickname.

I'm not sure if Trisha will be a great mom, but I think she'll be a loving one and will spoil her daughter, and that's more than j can say for a lot of cows who seem to either neglect or hate their kids.

No. 1649020

I can't believe she gave birth before me even tho she's like 2 days behind me. Happy birthday Malibu Barbie, she will grow up in Los Angeles where all kids have dumb crazy names like that so she'll be fine.

No. 1649028


Malibu Barbie sounds like a high end escort name, I really hope this is a troll post by her to protect the identity of her daughter.

Also it seems like she looks like her dad. Curious how she'll end up looking when she grows up.

No. 1649044

I’m happy for her but having been there and knowing what godamn hard work a newborn is I wonder how long before they cave and get a nanny?

No. 1649075

Trisha really has changed quite a bit, if you look at her channel she's really focused on cooking and her other form of income seems to be ASMR (and I suppose OF as well, ew). I hope that she and Moses get into investing and owning real estate so that their child has a stable form of household income if her view count goes down. More Youtubers need to do that but they're typically too dumb and fame hungry to realize that. Somehow I feel like her daughter will deal better with her mother having an OF later on than if Trisha had a son.
Happy birthday, I can relate as one of the Kardashian kids has my birthday too kek.
She had a C-section? I saw [female] commenters on there saying that a C-section is a worse recovery because it's major surgery. Maybe the moids took over the sub though as usual.

No. 1649081

You'd like to believe it's moids saying c section is easier. It's a massive surgery and takes weeks of recovery

No. 1649096


If she finds herself overwhelmed she definitely should get a nanny! It would be smart and responsible of her to ensure her baby gets the care it needs, even when she's too overwhelmed to provide it. She has the means. I don't see her being the type of mom who just pawns her kids off on a nanny though. Maybe for the not so fun parts, but I definitely see her being an involved, arts and crafts and baking cookies for Santa type mom.

No. 1649097

Looks like the mods took down the post with most offenses. https://www.reveddit.com/v/Trishyland/comments/xf23x8/no_surprise_trisha_delivered_via_c_section/
There's a nice number of reasonable and understanding responses. And then a bunch of psychos reeeeeing about c sections being some kind of easy way out or some other ridiculous thing. You can feel the hatred through the screen, it's nuts.

No. 1649098

File: 1663276561703.png (406.78 KB, 864x1501, Screenshot_20220915-161135.png)

Same anon. Sorry! Screenshot didn't attach.

No. 1649101

She better not become a butch with that name kek

No. 1649124

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALIBU!!!!! I'm so happy for trisha and I relish in the fact that its going to piss off unhinged h3 fans. Trisha is going to pour everything into this baby, congrats to them

No. 1649183

File: 1663284220401.png (3 KB, 371x91, Capture.PNG)

No. 1649196

C Section is literally cutting open your abdomen through the muscle, how people think that’s easier than natural vaginal birth is weird. I’ve seen discourse that it’s some cheat to keep a “tight” vagina, as if that matters in any way.

No. 1649298

Doctors literally won’t touch women after three of them in some places. You’ll get passed around because it’s high risk and harder and harder to stitch together. Moids be moids.

No. 1649357

File: 1663292901763.png (673.68 KB, 970x582, Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 9.48…)

Ethan Klein simulating SA in the metaverse, in front of children

No. 1649358

well these same people (moids) think that sex and babies cause loose vaginas, so whaddya expect

No. 1649511

Ethan's response if another creator got shit for being kicked from the metaverse for this: "Well… y'know… if there kids twitch.. you can't really do that kinda shit with kids around yknow? eye buldge like you cant just simulate sexual acts in front of children wild eyes my question is where is mark zuckerberg twitch marky think of the children!"

No. 1649530

I could dig the name if it was Malibu Barabra. Malibu Barbie just sounds too plastic-y to me. Though Malibu is better than Celebrity.

No. 1649533

I had a c-section and it’s definitely not the easy way out, they are literally cutting through six different layers of your abdomen. And I had good recovery- but the first week after the surgery are agony and it’s really upsetting when you can barely lift your baby up without doubling over in pain. You’re dosed on some extremely heavy pain meds too which have side effects and then withdrawal. Also these idiots fail to recognise that most women are in hours and hours of labour before an emergency c-section anyway so please explain to me how that’s “cheating”

No. 1649556

Geez, she could've at least called her Malibu Barbara to be a little more subtle and not have people think the girl's mother is retarded.
>C-section is a worse recovery because it's major surgery
It absolutely is. If you're lucky with the birth and deliver with zero complications and short labour, you can go home within hours. With a C-Section you have to spent several days in the hospital, and it's like 3-6 weeks of recovery. They literally cut you open nonnie, come on.
>they hated nona because she spoke the truth
I like how one of the replies was basically "script: if (NPCmentioned) {text("SCROTE!!1");}".

No. 1649559

>she could've at least called her Malibu Barbara to be a little more subtle and not have people think the girl's mother is retarded
I doubt that the LA people Trisha's kid will hang out with will even blink at her name, since they are all called Applesauce Pumpernickel, Gucci Sunshine, Porsche Diamond and Onyx Aircraftcarrier. Malibu Barbie might even have the most normal name in her class.

No. 1649562

I don't think moids are to blame (fully). Never been to the USA, but every single piece of media makes it seem like doctors there push for C-Section for profit, and shill it by claiming it's easier for the mother while they scare her by saying how she will shit all over the room when giving birth and telling her stories about how some women spend 40 hours in excruciating pain through labour. Quick searching showed:
>About 1 in 3 American babies are born via cesarean. And, according to a 2017 Consumer Reports study, about 26 percent of healthy women with low-risk pregnancies and full-term babies positioned headfirst— and therefore typically considered equipped to deliver vaginally—end up undergoing c-sections.
So I could see why anyone, specially Ethan's incel fans who know nothing about gestation, could end up thinking this.
>babies cause loose vaginas
It absolutely can. If you don't know about a topic, then don't make claims about it. I hate the term "loose vagina" though.

No. 1649565

That's a very good point.

No. 1649574

File: 1663318174117.png (642.09 KB, 760x1384, E46AF325-C35E-4889-AFEE-C170A2…)

All I can think of

No. 1649575

No. 1649586

Trishyland is contacting Mattel to stop Trisha from naming her baby Malibu Barbie

No. 1649589

File: 1663319744395.png (54.46 KB, 373x363, birthday.png)

I thought you were joking

No. 1649592


No. 1649617

These people are seriously fucked in the head

No. 1649625

Is someone forcing this poor soul to watch Trisha's videos? Does she have nothing else to do on her birthdays than watch Trisha? Honestly, fucking sad.

No. 1649633

Trishyland learned from the best….Hila.
Anyone remember a couple of months/year ago when Hila was shaming a pregnant woman because i sure do.

No. 1649653

File: 1663329840135.png (206.5 KB, 747x971, mymumsaidhi.png)

These people have sad lives
>Husband is an alcoholic that cheated on her
>He won't touch her
>Cries herself to sleep
>Gives birth to his baby
>Runs to Trishyland to comment on Moses being emotionally distant

No. 1649660

These people are all too low IQ to realize they are projecting their own issues onto Trish and Moses.

No. 1649678

True, but let's not pretend Trisha and Moses aren't messed up people, specially Trisha who's messed up in a variety of different ways. Hopefully she'll prove everyone wrong on this, but she's isn't far from being the kind a person anyone would reply with when asked "Do you have any friends who should definitely never have kids?". I'd say so far so good, but she named her daughter after a toy.

No. 1649710

Nta but I just wanted to say I agree with you completely. I'm so hoping she'll prove everyone wrong for the sake of her daughter. I don't care for Trisha but I hope to God she becomes better for the child. And retarded tin foil, but I get the vibes that as much as the people on TL say they hope that baby will have a good life and Trisha will change, they don't actually mean it. Like I think they would be genuinely disappointed if Trisha somehow did a 180 and was a good mother. They seem to NEED her to be awful. From the relentlessly bringing up old milk when there's nothing new and criticizing her c-section, I don't think they want her to change. They want Trisha to be terrible.

No. 1649861

Tinfoil but is there any proof that the kid's legal name is Malibu Barbie? Because I just noticed in Trisha's last youtube video, she has a Malibu Barbie necklace on but then says she can't show a bag because it has her daughter's name on it which I found kinda weird because she already has a necklace on with her name.
I'm not trying to figure out her legal name if that's the case btw. I actually think it'd be smart to fool/troll people by not telling people her legal name since other family vloggers (Shaytards) used to call their children nicknames in the videos for privacy purposes.

No. 1649886

File: 1663347580111.png (617.09 KB, 1034x928, mbph.png)

she posted these two stories, now I dont know if these papers mean anything or how things work in america but at least she is committed to that name in public

No. 1649903

Of course they don't want her to do better, it'd be less entertaining for them.
That doesn't look like an official birth certificate at all. They always have tables and fields.

No. 1649914

Yeah, that's not an actual birth certificate. So if she was able to get the hospital to print this as a decoy that's actually pretty smart. Honestly could go either way with Trisha. People can't get just get a hold of a random person's birth certificate right? Please tell me they can't. Because I could totally see TL trying this.

No. 1649943

File: 1663350753329.jpg (135.83 KB, 742x533, malibu.jpg)

Since we got her exact time of birth I got curious and did her birth chart, idk enough to provide any valuable analysis but I think it's interesting/cute she shares her main placements with her mum (Trisha is Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon and Virgo rising)
Not trying to judge a baby's personality or anything, I just find it fun

No. 1649955

File: 1663351554164.png (106.19 KB, 499x281, autism.png)

No. 1649959

Aw this is beautiful actually

No. 1649960


No. 1649984

They’re calling mothers “birth parents”?

No. 1649991

It's California, Los Angeles even. The most pozzed hellworld place on earth. of course they use weird woke tranny lingo on official documents.

No. 1650037

Yes nonnie, it's current year, Trisha isn't a woman no more, she's a birthing person.

No. 1650067

No. 1650110

All the idiots who thought Trisha was faking her pregnancy are probably losing their shit right now, thinking she stole the baby or some dumb shit lmfaoo

No. 1650113

I agree, Mali is a cute nickname.

No. 1650206

File: 1663566807354.jpeg (464.98 KB, 750x729, D035B672-5F7A-493C-9ABD-7ECCAB…)

Trisha’s birth story

No. 1650372

that’s really sweet. Really hopping she stays away from drama /acting like a troll and respects the child’s privacy as she grows up

No. 1650484

To astrology fag, interesting that she's aquarius rising. I have that placement and I think it can make you really detached and odd, my parents were odd lol, but it's a humanitarian sign and an air rising. She could be very clever

No. 1650493

Nn in 3rd House which is the house of communication. She has her midheaven in sagittarius which can favour public recognition. Your North node is like your soul purpose or what you're purpose to discover is. It being in the 3rd house with her midheaven in sag could show social media type clout. Which not hard to consider since we're talking about her birth. Her 3rd house is ruled by taurus which is her mother's sun sign and the one with the social media career. Her Mercury is in libra, Mercury is the planet that rules communication and the themes of the third house and libra is a harmonious sign for relationship building. However its in retrograde so could cause issues. Honestly it's interesting to see her chart when you know a bit about her parents.

No. 1650509

Also noticed she has neptune in her first house so Moses' water influences are all up in the show too.

No. 1650599

File: 1663603823635.jpeg (397.9 KB, 828x842, 8940581C-C30F-4FAE-9623-D83182…)

Tired of this faggot

No. 1650601

Singing to a baby isn’t exploitation. Faggots and their womb envy working full time again, I see.

No. 1650603

The video in question seems like it’s sweet. Not a Trisha WK by any means, but god these people and the way they talk about her child

No. 1650616

>>"I can't believe people are defending her??"
What? This is the least explotitive shit, unless she's singing some gross shit. I saw someone say that if they could share a sweet moment AND get some cash from it that'd also support their child/family in the same way they would as well.
Also, I saw someone bring up how this dude talks about childern and drama, so he's "exploiting" situations as well.

No. 1650621

I'm fat and ugly because I don't think a woman singing to her baby is explotitive on camera??

No. 1650625

Unsaged retard ignore and report

No. 1650626

Also, did Trisha ever say she wasn't non-binary? If not I find it funny how people will QUICKLY "un-trans" a woman if they feel she's doing it for clout, but take men who troon out, even if they don't believe it's true or obviously bullshit super serious. The only scrote I've ever seen be misgendered and people barely check them is Chris Chan. I don't care about that shit, but it kinda shocked me going on twitter and not see any "They" or whining.

No. 1650630

It's not just a sweet video of her singing to her baby though, it's content for her ASMR channel which is what makes it gross.

No. 1650631

I don’t think so. Anything to put down a woman. I wonder how the stupid subreddit is handling this, the Adam post is probably making them elated

No. 1650632

It is just a video of her singing to her daughter, that she'll monitize and put up like the thousands of other videos she'd made & thousands of other mothers do. The baby is suffering because Trisha's crazy ass makes a asmr video singing to it. Who cares?

No. 1650633

*the baby isn't suffering

No. 1650634

Again I’m just hoping Trisha can at least keep her daughter out of social media the more she grows, she seems like she genuinely loves her and is happy to have her.

No. 1650639

i hope so as well, I'm not even say Trisha won't do some dumb shit, I'm saying in this moment, I see nothing to get outraged about or cry exploitation about.

No. 1650640

Exactly. Adam just wants to be noticed by h3h3 again. What a loser faggot

No. 1650643

File: 1663605447547.jpeg (175.27 KB, 828x825, 69239512-A043-4E41-AD00-88B422…)

Obsessed with her kek

No. 1650647

She was doing the they/them saga for clout though…the Trisha defenders in here are getting weird now, because we definitely all use to agree that her nonbinary thing was fake. Being "nonbinary" isn't even real so I don't know why we'd bother to pretend Trisha was serious about that. She clearly wasn't

No. 1650649

Of course it was, but nonas point is about how the hypocrisy with someone like Chris chan having his pronouns respected over someone like Trisha

No. 1650650

From the “woke” group of people* even though her pronoun saga wasn’t serious

No. 1650656

File: 1663605957816.jpg (12.56 KB, 160x160, shrek4_5.jpg)

Her baby looks like a Shrek baby. I'm sure it's just because it's a newborn…hopefully lol.

No. 1650668

Yea lol, I was one to believe the pregnancy was fake but after seeing that her busted baby look just like her I believe it

No. 1650670

98% of the non binary's do it for clout, the small percent being women who suffer from mental illness/misogyny/trauma who thinks "Un-womaning" themselves will solve the issue. A lot of them still share it and do it for attention as well.
My point is even fucking murderers who troon out in jail, have people going, "hey guise, I know She kicked a baby to death, but she doesn't deserve to misgendered."
It's not even a big deal. I was just saying I went on twitter and I expected a bunch of "Actually they are a exploiting their baby" corrections. We all know it's fake, but if she was Tristan they'd be respecting the pronouns.

No. 1650675

File: 1663606738006.jpg (31.55 KB, 615x922, trisha.jpg)

I never saw Trisha pre-surgery so I wonder how her and her scrotes genes will mix.
Babies sometimes look like little pototes with faces when born, kek.

No. 1650684

most newborns look kinda like aliens. her baby looks normal.

No. 1650686

>little potatoes with faces
Cute description Kek sorry for ot

No. 1650688

I think its just because she never kept it up, she really only insisted she was nonbinary for a few months at most, whereas even though Chris Chans trans-ness is also fake and weird, he's been consistent on insisting he's a woman for almost 10 years now

No. 1650689

I think I recall her saying something when she was pregnant about wanting to be referred to as a woman again.

No. 1650693

Oh okay thanks

No. 1650722


Trisha is definitely going to be some sort of mommy vlogger. She thinks it's normal and healthy behavior and I'm sure she's watched a shitload of family YouTubers and dreamed of the day she could make that sort of content (not even from only a financial standpoint, I think she genuinely enjoys sharing her life on YouTube and thinks it's cute).

Be prepared to see this girl a lot. I'm just hoping she has the discretion to not vlog about anything that could embarrass Malibu when she's older.

No. 1650740

No. 1650742

You just came to that conclusion lol? She made a family channel months before she was even born. She can’t wait to embarrass her kid on YT kek

No. 1650745

There's cute babies and ugly babys. And let me tell you as someone who has seen a ton of newborns…this baby is ugly.

No. 1650761


Her tiktok bio says she/her and they/them.

The whole they/them shit is a fad; that and the whole 'queer' label is an easy way for woke heteros to enter the community without really doing anything besides having a septum piercing and blue hair. It has the same energy as the emo/scene kids in the 2000s pretending to be bisexual because it's also an easy pass into the community. I remember people kissing one person of the same sex in 5 years and calling themselves bisexual. It's whatever gets you the most attention on social media. Ironically being bisexual now is 'problematic' because it implies 2 genders kek.
They/them is a way to troon out without having to commit to anything, and like Ezra Miller is a way for men who paint their nails to gain proximity to women; a way to absolve oneself from the shame and guilt of being an aggressive moid, and when you get negative attention you can scold people for misgendering which is apparently the equivalent of violence.

I'm no Trish hating redditor, but she definitely does it for the 'queer' clout because I mean come on, she is a total fag hag lol. Let's be real.

No. 1650769

If she does those "bathtime" vlogs I will a-log

No. 1650830

I recall she dressed up for LGBT week on frenemies and claimed to be part of the community, I’m guessing it’s the trans part she’s referring to?

No. 1650832

Very few babies look cute when they come out - it takes a few months for them to fatten up and grow out of those weird features. Some babies are just lucky and look good, Trisha’s baby is not one of them lol

No. 1650872

Trisha has actually dated women in the past and always identified as bi.

No. 1650873

I can see this ending up like that fucked up family youtube channel where the parents always played pranks on their one kid until the point he got serious anger and emotional problems and got taken away from the family. I can see Trisha doing something fucked up (not sexual fucked up, just in general fucked up) with her kid that causes a huge stink that ends in her “keeping my child private” as if its her own choice.

No. 1650877

Second Take - Trisha will try to emulate her hero Britney Spears and get in public fights with her daughter where she posts melt down and crying videos because “she wont talk to me this is the only way to get through to her!”

No. 1651109


I stopped following Trisha and her antics back in 2018, I was just happy to see she had a safe delivery and her baby is okay. But anyone who's even been a fan or followed her knows she's got some form of NPD and will drag shit out for attention.


I hope it doesn't come to this. I'd say I hope her husband will try and reign in her crazy when it comes to the kid and vlogging but I doubt it. I don't think Trisha will do anything malicious towards her kid, like prank her till she breaks down. I think Trisha will be a loving mom, but definitely will overstep boundaries and post stuff that should have stayed private. I'm hoping once Mali gets older Trisha will actually care about her input and her right to privacy. I'm personally 50/50 on her. I think if she commits to therapy or something she could be a decent mom but an unchecked, unhinged Trisha is more likely and in that case we're looking at some sort of mother dearest shit

No. 1651525

She’s also identified as a gay man

No. 1651605

Trisha looked fine young. A little round, but she's always has had a baby face. I don't understand why people are so critical of her appearance as a teenager, she doesn't look like she has FAS, she just looks like your average awkward chubby kid.

No. 1651829

File: 1663688000000.jpg (195.3 KB, 1080x1346, 1027373738208418.jpg)

Newborns look like that

No. 1651842

I Think trisha's natural face was kind of cute but she does look fassy sorry nonnies.

No. 1652523

ALR talks about Trisha Paytas (starts at 2 minutes)

No. 1653047

im sorry but that babys got to be retarded. it has that blank faraway stare those kind of babies get.

No. 1653145

File: 1663764203948.jpeg (671.75 KB, 750x1160, B23CCA25-8E96-4736-B895-C11B49…)

He looks normal now, I think people are underestimating how weird newborns are!

Hila posted this the same day Trisha’s baby was born

No. 1653183

oh wow, hila actually looks pretty here and the baby looks much more responsive. i have just met full on retard babies and they retain that stare even at an older age. hila and bruce look really happy though. i hope that bruce and malibu get to play together one day. it seems like maybe hila and moses had some tension of their own before but i hope they don't let their spouses get in the way of family. i think baby malibu looks cute also she just has a big nose and trishas round face. she will grow into her looks.

No. 1653257

File: 1663773917954.png (466.96 KB, 708x852, rcuckx.png)

Rich lux is getting dragged on tiktok for thinking postpartum is the same as postpartum depression kek


No. 1653529

File: 1663790183034.jpg (50.2 KB, 680x383, FdL3r2yXEAE_CGa.jpg)

Damn trisha and dasha better watch out then, looks like their time is coming fast.
I'm sure you're a real bombshell and don't just get your rocks off calling people you don't like "fassy".

No. 1653626

I know its not unusual for babies to look like their parents but its crazy to me how much Bruce looks like someone photoshopped Ethans face onto a baby

No. 1653651

This whole fas thing is insane on lolcow everyone who has a wide nose gets called that it lost all meaning

No. 1653654

File: 1663798849410.jpeg (783.12 KB, 1242x1282, 7A3DF59B-D16B-404E-9FA8-9C5024…)

does anyone know if ethan mentioned trisha’s baby at all? sorry I just don’t want to give him views and I can’t sit through his retarded rants but I’m curios if he actually brought her and moses up

No. 1653998

File: 1663820925126.jpg (746.19 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220921-212537_Twi…)

Apparently Ethan relisted an old frenemies video where trisha talks about being assaulted


No. 1654001

Wow obsessed much?

It's like he wants to trigger drama for her.

No. 1654007

People in the chat kept asking for his opinion, and he said something like "congrats to her, what do you guys want me to say". Hila nodded along.

No. 1654151

i'm glad ethan could stay classy for a moment there with family matters. he can't forget that trishas baby literally has the same blood as his kids. i'd like to see how long it is before he slips up and says something rude though. also did anyone else think ethan posted that scat fetish chick in personal cows the other day

No. 1654188

>also did anyone else think ethan posted that scat fetish chick in personal cows the other day
Not at all. It’s obviously not him because there’s too much research involved in the post lol. All of her aliases/accounts are included. EatAnd DeKlein can’t even do the bare minimum for the shows he gets paid for.

No. 1654266

It's unlisted again
Hila rolled her eyes and said congratulations through gritted teeth

No. 1654275

I feel so terrible for little Malibu. The moment she's able to Google herself, her mom's past behavior is not going to hold a candle to the amount of bullshit centered around her. He family seems to not care for her, there's a subreddit already obsessed with how horrible her life will be, and then YouTubers using her as a way to drag her mother. At this point I don't think you can even blame Trisha for the disgusting focus people have on Malibu. They are salivating at the thought of something bad happening to her just so Trisha can "be held accountable". Sorry for the long post nonnas and doing my best not to full on a-log.

No. 1654475

Is Ethan trying to get Trisha's attention? It reminds me of when he was following and unfollowing Trisha on Tiktok months after they ended Frenemies

No. 1654619

Trisha made her bed. If you live your life online, what do you expect?

No. 1654649

I feel like a lot of people vastly overestimate the effects Trishas past online life is going to have on malibu. Most of her drama is silly things like pretending to be trans for a month or making asmr on controversial topics. I'll be shocked if it still gets brought up online by the time she's old enough to understand any of it.

No. 1654740

its kinda interesting how a year and some hours make a huge difference. I share the same birthday as her yet my placements are different. I mean good thing for the baby though since my placements are ass and make me go manic.

No. 1654886

I literally just found out trisha and moses got married last year I thought they were only engaged holy shit lol were ethan and hila even there? I thought her wedding would be way more “bougie” since it was all she talked about on frenemies that can’t be her 50k wedding dress

No. 1654931

agreed nonnie, especially since so much of the original source material of her bigger controversies will just continue to be deleted. People act like things are public on the internet forever, but most cows end up forgotten or their content eventually disappears, leaving only those who shout into the void about it (like us).

No. 1655248

File: 1663922577676.jpeg (283.11 KB, 1170x1364, C53CB561-9CF3-48F6-B1D5-343779…)

Twitter users are going after Ethan and Hassan because apparently on their podcast they were discussing the latest Twitch drama with sexual abuse allegations, and they mentioned consent. Then immediately after this they started talking about Alinity without her consent and airing out her sexual abuse story. His fans are accusing him of being a hypocrite and using her story as a “gotcha” moment. Also, apparently he used drum rolls and funny sound edits to make it dramatic as he rehashed her story for his audience.

No. 1655250

I tried to skim through his podcast to find where he was talking about this, but it’s over an hour long just for this one segment. I find it so interesting how Ethan is constantly getting into controversies with his fans. It seems like he posts the same few apologies every few months, all because he was disingenuous in how he presented himself for his new audience.

No. 1655253

Ethan had Yung Gravy on the podcast and asked him if could watch his leaked sex video live. This sex video was hacked and leaked. The crew found it and Ethan watched it with Yung Gravy next to him.

No. 1655256

didn't yung gravy express that he wished the tape wasn't out there on the zach sang show?
i'm honestly more baffled that people can watch ethan speak for hours at a time. he is so fucking boring

No. 1655264

Ethan jumped head first into this drama while hasan was trying to de-escalate kek. He loves when he has a "justified" reason to shit on people, so much that he just can't help inserting himself.

No. 1655323

If he needs her or anyone else's permission to talk about her he needs to just throw in the towel and not do drama content anymore, the fuck?

No. 1655335

Holy shit Bruce looks so much like Ethan thats crazy.

No. 1655340

Right? I feel a little bad for the kid. As long as he didn’t inherit his father’s habits he should turn out okay though. Being raised by a nanny and all.

No. 1655371

File: 1663937820031.png (20.06 KB, 601x319, c86t0fcp9ip91.png)

This tweet was deleted but it doesn't seem like he discussed it with Alinity beforehand

No. 1655506

Damage control by ethan and hasan for sure, since when did Ethan start doing any kind of preparation before his podcasts.

No. 1655667

File: 1663962213994.jpeg (64.3 KB, 1242x381, F0F7CBA6-002F-4BEA-8CC7-511DB4…)

Why are h3 fans such fucking cringe ass-kissing losers? the way they talk about ethan and trisha falling out makes it seem she ran him over with a car and robbed his house like how did ethan come out as the victim in all of this?? anyways it still brings me peace of mind that the podcast fell off so hard without trisha lol I just know ethan is still bitter about it

No. 1655704

File: 1663965032595.png (55.04 KB, 352x524, fca.png)

h3 fans are exactly like Ethan: fat, ugly, bitter and hateful to women. the fact that a wOmAN left Ethan's little shitshow feels personal to them since they're all incels. I'm sure that if Hila ever decided to leave they would rip her to shreds as well kek literal reddit frontpage moid mentality

No. 1656227

Ethan wanted Trisha so bad. It’s been discussed to death but he definitely loved when she would stroke his ego in videos like these. He had a huge crush on her and he’s been acting like a bitter incel about it ever since

No. 1656252

this is called a Freudian slip. You, like all of us, know that baby is damn well suffering smelling Trisha's rank breath and hearing her god-awful voice.

No. 1656253

Why would she leave? They are in love

No. 1656282

Lurk moar. Ethan is a fat annoying retard that constantly gets himself into drama. Hila has perfect reasons to leave him.

No. 1656353

Really? You think a newborn baby is bothered by its mother's breath or voice? It's too early for this shit

No. 1656415


I think few Redditors have slipped through the cracks. There’s been lots of sperging/seething since Malibu was born.

No. 1656490

Lol no
I hate Ethan, but Trisha has always had this delusion that every man wants to f*ck her and even said it. Ethan flat out rejected her on Frenemies whenever she tried to flirt. Not to mention she is the polar opposite of Hila.

No. 1656510

Seems like trishyland posters

No. 1656513

It doesn’t make a difference, he’s a coomer moid. Just because he rejected her on camera doesn’t mean he loved her attention, which was clear to see when he was so obsessed with her months after she left. She has barely spoken about him.

No. 1656632

File: 1664048546642.png (378.49 KB, 864x1338, Screenshot_20220924-144111.png)

From lurking around their sub it looks like mods are cracking down on posts since people are being nasty about Malibu. Probably hoping to have their insane Trisha hate mob be accepted here. But we go by milk, not bizarro vendettas/obsessions, so I'm sure they'll fuck off somewhere else.


No. 1656642

File: 1664048956114.png (552.34 KB, 864x1365, Screenshot_20220924-144554.png)

Same nona here, but the comments on this other post are wild. Like people in the same sub weren't flipping their shit about her having a c-section just a couple weeks ago. Aaand done, I'll stop now!


No. 1656644

File: 1664049146544.jpeg (712 KB, 750x1094, BDA7BCDE-868B-4EB8-A2D4-71767F…)

Is Hila plotting divorce or something because she suddenly looks about 10 years younger

No. 1656649

she looks really cute here, she could do so much better than her disgusting obese goblin moid

No. 1656689

Not sure if I would agree that she looks really cute in her tan granny skirt and orthopedic shoes, but she does look slightly less dead inside in the face, I'll give you that

No. 1656697

shes hitting the facetune hard tbh

No. 1656716

She got hair extensions.

No. 1656828

where? i dont think shes the type to use facetune

No. 1656880

Didn't Hila and Ethan condemn that and made fun of Instagram influencers who did that?

No. 1657023

Nta but there is definitely some blurring done on her face. Nothing crazy tho

No. 1657199

I don’t even like hila because she’s a spineless doormat but honestly she looks cute. anons here constantly criticize her look by saying she’s replicating belle delphine (??) or not dressing her age, but hila has always been an artsy kid lol she’s just more comfortable expressing herself now
I hate the few anons here who think just because she’s a mom in her 30s she should limit her style. very backward thinking on some of you

No. 1657212

Lmao the blurring is just from the photo itself, her eyes are out of focus she was probably moving her face, I could never picture Hila facetuning when she doesn’t even wear makeup

No. 1658074

File: 1664162121793.jpeg (452.1 KB, 1170x1932, FAA37BDA-EBC8-4A97-B9A1-A19BF5…)

Ethan doesn’t like much on Twitter- but he just liked this post by Keffals. I have no words. I still cannot believe he runs a political podcast because he is an absolute idiot- especially in regards to women’s rights.

No. 1658232

he's a faker running a podcast with a faker opp to a faker audience.
it's no wonder he takes the talking points of moids and commu-hons to heart since he has no idea what people outside his own little bougie group of yes-men express about gender or class.

No. 1658253

Liking an obvious satire meme is criminal, apparently

No. 1658256

he liked it because he wants to fuck SpongeBob Square man.
Liking Troon memes is cringe, yes.

No. 1658443

Not a trisha wk but I think she definitely really loves her daughter, it's crazy how all out she went for her here. I think it's sweet

No. 1658611

It is cute. She's a shopping and attention addict but the good news is kids crave attention (at the beginning) and there is a lot of stuff to buy for them too. She'll enjoy being a mom for awhile at least, I bet.

No. 1659332

It genuinely moves my heart. I always remember how badly she wanted to be a mother, just a year ago she used to wistfully talk about motherhood and pregnancy like it was a unachievable dream of hers since she was convinced she’s infertile but look at her now, a real mommy

No. 1660576

Motherhood can change a woman for the better. Seeing her so happy is really wonderful.

No. 1660635

@19:40 Trisha talk starts. While they use the kill switch to stop Ethan from talking shit about Trisha, AB says "save it for Tuesday." They're doing a new member's only thing on Tuesday. Anyone know if Ethan actually went ahead and talked about her?

No. 1660648

jesus christ this fatty just can't let go.. I can't believe that even trisha just moved on

No. 1660665

Honestly seeing Trisha becoming a mother has been such a lovely thing to witness: everyone knows she's wanted to be mother forever and it even had me resubscribe. Love this for her, as long as she keeps up with therapy things will be good imo. There's no denying, Trish and Moses love that baby so much. I just hope it continues as Malibu enters "i have my own personality" stage.

No. 1660682

I fucking love all the subtle jabs Trisha has been giving to Hila throughout her pregnancy. She does it so well in a way that Hila has absolutely no way to respond without looking like a monster. Trisha is kinda brilliant sometimes.

Examples: Mentioning how while birthing "had its struggles" it was beautiful experience and everyone should be grateful after Hila has has mentioned how bad and excrutiating her pregnancies were and that shes not a fan.

Example: Trisha over-sharing the fact she doesnt have nannies and is taking care of the child on her own with Moses after Ethan and Hila choose to use nannies and they had a public fight over it

Next Trisha will be gloating over how easy it was for her to breastfeed and how its a miracle bond between mother and child that cannot be matched.

Did I miss any?

No. 1660684

I feel like this is kind of autistic

No. 1660694

Maybe she’s just enjoying her new baby. What a concept

No. 1660707

File: 1664377774055.jpeg (300.16 KB, 1080x2065, 430A2820-32C4-4601-8A02-2B7BC8…)

Ethan paid for a private jet for this douche but couldn’t pay for a flight or hotel for Love to come work for the podcast in person. Also, fuck the environment I guess.

No. 1660818

TRAs always choose Blaire and Buck to "own the transphobes".

No. 1661443

You’re either an autistic retarded woman or a moid because what the fuck.
Trisha is not taking jabs at Hila, pregnancy is different for each woman and it’s a very traumatic experience for a lot of mothers, raising newborns by yourself is not an easy. It’s understandable why Hila hired nannies and Trisha will understand that too once her baby starts growing up
Go back to reddit scum. Your reddit spacing and retarded take on motherhood is a clear giveaway

No. 1661608

Anon how do you know Trisha isn’t using nannies? I would bet she is given that she’s still doing her ASMR videos, room tours, dressing up etc. I mean it’s fine if she is but mums without nannies will know full well that newborn care is literally 24/7 and frankly it’s an achievement if you manage to brush your teeth once a day, and yes that’s even with the help of a Co-parent or grandparent.
Honestly it’s fine if Trisha does need a nanny and I suspect she is, but she’s not going to be open about it given how hard she went on Ethan and Hila for using one. Lots of people like to make sweeping statements about what to they will and won’t do when they become parents and then the reality is very different when it actually hits them.

No. 1661691

who is this crustacean potc2 looking dickhead?

No. 1661736


Trisha is either a meta genius troll or a lucky ditz. It's hilarious to see TL redditfags seethe over her being unbothered and in her lane. Good for her.

No. 1661746

I’ve watched her videos and currently they aren’t using nannies or night nurses bc Mali is a chill, sleepy baby, but she’s not opposed in the future if needed and understands why mothers use them/doesn’t judge. Even if people think she’s lying or interpret the worst from her, she’s being very normal and kind through it.

No. 1661747


I get teary eyed because I know how lifechanging it is to be a mother. I'm glad she has something to "do" now" like a sense of direction. Really good for her because she seemed all over the place and she actually wants to do it and has the means to.

No. 1661900

File: 1664470915339.png (304.39 KB, 527x448, lmao.png)

im crying kek

No. 1661906

Lmao Trisha, I actually want to see what she does with it though, it’ll probably be entertaining.

No. 1661987

Most accurate Eddie cosplay I've ever seen kudos Trisha

No. 1661996

I fucking love her, not sorry about it kek

No. 1662246

autism can manifest as lack of being able to pick up on social cues, nonnie. And if you havent picked up on how Trish is still playing the game to push Ethan and Hila’s buttons, than I’ve got some bad news for ya …

No. 1662307

I been seen all Trisha videos since she gave birth, and she doesn't seem bothered about them at all, she just seems to be living her dream life , a husband that loves her , a baby girl that she always wanted, she really it's all about her baby and family right now

No. 1662433

Ntayrt but tell me if I’m wrong in thinking that Moses seems fulfilled as well? He seems really happy in the vlogs and cooking videos. I will admit that in the past I was fooled by the Trishyland gossip and thought that their relationship has to be toxic but idk, Trisha is doing really well now. Plus they have the same dynamic to my grandparents who have been married over 50 years; I think it will obviously take work to maintain their marriage. I hope Moses doesn’t eventually cheat on her with one of Ethan’s deranged pickme fans who are always in his DMs trying to “catch” him. They’re insane.

No. 1662474

I haven't watched a video with Moses in it since she announced she was pregnant but I just decided to catch up. Holy hell has Moses gotten chunky.

No. 1662496

I remember him saying he didn't like being as skinny as he was before anyway, but living with the Trish diet you're bound to gain some weight. Maybe Hila should have shacked up with Trisha too lol

No. 1662497

He seems to be very happy to be a dad, he painted the baby's room himself, they both look genuinely happy to be parents , it's kinda wholesome to watch two people so excited and happy loving a baby. Usually I see couples very tired when they became parents , they seem to love it genuinely , and love the baby alot

He definitely has gotten fat , I think it's inevitable living with Trish

No. 1662504


Hopefully he watches his health and convinces Trish to sometimes eat veggies. They're parents now so they have to try and set healthy eating habits for Mali. I think it's kinda cute he chunked up with her though. Hopefully they can just have a happy family life now.

No. 1662509

Trish said she considered getting help because of her c-section recovery but Moses vetoed the idea and has been getting up at night letting her sleep. Haters in the comments are horrified, probably because the men in their lives would never do the bare minimum.

He's been influencing her, she finally eats vegetables now lolol

No. 1662523

I think they’re both happy to finally have purpose. I know Trish is a raging narcissist and Moses has his issues but I think they both genuinely love this child. The trishyland gossip is kinda toxic. Everyone is flawed and they both kinda suck but I think (hope) this baby is going to help both of them

No. 1662578

>I would bet she is given that she’s still doing her ASMR videos, room tours, dressing up etc.
Some of those videos are prerecorded. Trisha was visibly pregnant on the nursery room tour

>Honestly it’s fine if Trisha does need a nanny and I suspect she is, but she’s not going to be open about it given how hard she went on Ethan and Hila for using one

Why would she be embarrassed? She already addressed this and said her therapist made her realize she was wrong about having nannies. She said if she needs a nanny to make sure that her baby and her mental health is taken care of, she will hire one

No. 1662694

Yes they definitely aren't perfect, and Trish has a lot of mental issues, but after all this years , to see her with someone who seems to have patience for her crazy shit, and treats her with love and care it's something I never imagined for her , with all the people obsessed with hating her ,when i watched her post pregnancy videos , I was surprised to see a woman genuinely happy and enjoying maternity,I guess I expected from her to be the kinda of mom who has like 4 nannies and don't really wanted to change diapers and things like that. I guess I thought she always be this internet troll for the rest of her life(sage)

No. 1662906

She eats veggies now and makes a lot of videos cooking new dishes and then eating them with Moses. She uses fresh herbs and even made things like Humus and Falafel

No. 1663525

No. 1664336


That makes me happy, it's nice to see Trisha growing up. She'll be one of the better YouTube moms I think.

No. 1664678

imagine thinking "one of the better YouTube moms" actually exist

No. 1666361

As people who are generally more sympathetic to Trisha, why do you think she compulsively lies? I ask here because I want a genuine answer, not deranged hate

No. 1666673

It probably got her attention growing up so it became a habit. And makes her seem more interesting

No. 1666710

File: 1664898659919.png (1.26 MB, 1088x1368, blonde.png)

Hila said she paid $1200 and it took 9 hours for the hairdresser to dye her hair blonde. She looked better here >>1656644

No. 1666727

I can't believe the amount of love and white knighting Trisha gets in here, the craziest cows really resonate with you all it seems. At this point the thread for her and H3 should be separated and the Trisha one should be out of the cow boards, no one is milking anything in here. It's all blind love.

Don't get me wrong, i think she always wanted to be in a stable relationship and a mother, and her heart is in the right place, but you're all acting like Trisha being a good mother is a given, when we're talking about an extremely obese sex worker. Hello? She started cooking which is very good but have you seen what she cooks? And all the fast food they eat, that poor child will be obese by the time she turns 3 with all this shit.

Loving your kid isn't enough to be a good parent.

I enjoy watching her and Moses interact though, they have the weirdest dynamic, the fact that they had a child together blows my mind. So fucking weird that those two get along so well.

No. 1666759


No. 1666816

opinion dismissed due to the crime of reddit spacing. go back to trishyland

No. 1666821

The cut is surprisingly very cute however the color doesn’t match her that well, it would suit her more if she went back to brown
Also wait wtf $1200 for this? Why are American hair stylists always ripping people off for the worst dye jobs omg that’s way too much

No. 1666829

I learned about trishyland in this thread, kek. I never went there because i don't care that much about Trisha and don't browse reddit.

I just space things out like that because i'm an oldfag used to the internet forums of back in the days. Deal with it and keep idolizing an obese, ignorant, libfem-soup serving sex worker.

No. 1666968

File: 1664917163029.png (440 KB, 487x678, Screenshot 2022-10-04 225910.p…)

Noah Schnapp (one of the actors on stranger things) liked trisha's post.

No. 1667000

….so whats the milk?

No. 1667074

Awww that’s adorable ♥
Nta but you’re annoying

No. 1667079

I’m happy for her, and what makes it even better is Ethan is seeeeeeeething.

No. 1667139

kek checking this thread for the first time in so long and it makes me so happy to see how ethan is the one being ridiculed now. trisha has always been a crazy damaged person but also hilarious and entertaining… ethan is not only unfunny and boring but quite cruel by nature. she also seems to have gained a lot of self-awareness, which ethan is allergic to. so glad she got help and ignores all the insanity he fuels, it looks so good on her. so glad she's finally happy.

No. 1667146

It is weird how this thread is so over the top supportive of Trisha to the point any criticism, valid or not, gets shut down.

No. 1667147


she looks so old. holy fuck. get the memo Hila, light hair doesnt suit u, never will

No. 1667158

surprises me too but i mean he continues to sperg about her to a huge audience while she happily ignores him.. pretty easy to respect her for that and also makes him look like a fool. people love an underdog

No. 1667159

File: 1664928517652.jpeg (225.84 KB, 1000x1000, C2DD4BD1-9EBE-4BBA-9977-C51D60…)

$1200 for this shit??? It’s patchy as hell and makes her look older and worse. Now she looks like a horse with a golden mane. Neigh, Bitch.
Trisha is queen uwu you’re just jealous

No. 1667171

theres probably a point where people are doing it purposely to annoy complaining piss babies like yourself. but no one is saying trish is a good person, someone to idolize, or something they support. she's just better than ethan and hila. she's funnier, less holier than thou, and you know exactly what to expect with her. she stays in her lane whether is be being a drama queen or now being a mommy-vlogger. she doesn't try to pretend to be something she isn't and isnt afraid to call herself out on shit (even if its to shade other people its still funny and refreshing). ethan is such a douche its almost like a dis to him to give trisha props. i hope every pro-trisha comment makes him gain another pound.

No. 1667203

excuse, Trish is the queen of BPDchans.

No. 1667332

Wtf is with the weird giantess posing? Pls dont squish, INTJ stare chan!

No. 1667333

File: 1664940485624.png (200.27 KB, 278x518, hawaii.png)

Hila dyed her hair blonde and went to Hawaii with Ethan for their 10th anniversary. It's sweet but the photos are strange

No. 1667565

File: 1664964879015.png (66.68 KB, 251x275, 1661884462480.png)

fuck, what a downgrade. so washed out and more autistic looking than ever. like she aged herself 10+ years?
bets now on what shade of pink she's going to do after this "transition" to skinwalk belle delphine to coax even a tiny poot of cum from Ethan. I'm guessing something called "pastel paternal pathologically pathetic pink" and maybe if she shits in his mouth enough she wont end up a single mother with no sense of self or personality

No. 1667583

These mentally ill trishyland leftovers clearly have a personal problem with trisha. Nobody is idolizing trisha here but we’re seeing how awfully traumatic and horrible her life has been since childhood, of course she’s going to be a little unwell and act out in her past but what has she done now that deserves hate? She’s been a good caring mother so far and she deserves empathy for what she’s been through. If anyone deserves some unleashing, it’s fucking Ethan he’s been a consistent cruel hypocrite with zero self awareness
This is trisha’s year of healing and anyone who complains about should look into fixing their own problems

No. 1668044

she literally says on the episode it debuted that ethan made an off-hand comment about how he 'liked the style' and she decided on a whim to spend 8 hours downgrading herself to try to appeal to him. and he doesnt even look that into it. its like when you beg you wife you wear a sexy costume and she walks out and looks ridiculous and you gotta pretend its totally hot.

No. 1668184

The color is so patchy. The top bleached decently but the ends and various parts are super brassy. If that’s how it looks leaving the salon, it’s going to look even worse soon, especially when the toner starts to fade. Like others have said- it really washes her out and makes her look insecure.

No. 1668262

She's married to that fat sack of shit with two kids, and he makes an offhand comment about liking short blonde hair or some shit and she is on the next appointment, getting it done? That's under 20 pickme shit, not an adult woman who is married with children.

No. 1668442

File: 1665041675067.jpeg (824.22 KB, 2048x2048, AB9C7B0A-1702-4A47-9E19-35819F…)

Ok it’s shocking to me (even if the blonde isn’t a great look) how much better looking Hila is compared to Ethan. They’re in fucking Hawaii for their anniversary- she’s made an effort, in shape, dressed nicely, groomed….meanwhile Ethan literally looks homeless. The unkempt hair, palid, unwashed skin, grey shapeless t-shirt. And any bets despite having access to the freshest, delicious food he’s just going to eat junk?

No. 1668520

Does Hila have a rule that she can only post unflattering photos of herself? I want to know what she thinks about her face in photos? Does she think?

No. 1668926

hila only looks good in perfect conditions in perfect lighting. in all other cases she's fugly and scary looking.

No. 1668933

Ethan and Hila are both extremely insecure about their age, that they are considered boomers and aren't cool anymore (compared to vape nation days). Ethan CONSTANTLY gets offended when the crew comments an actor over 40 looks the same age as him. He always points out how he's he's only 37 or something and not 40. And now with Hila's constant midlife crisis hairstyles and outfits, its clearly the same for her.

No. 1668955

Lmao nonna i can't

But tbh i think the problem is just her face, it's not like she's pulling some extreme facial expression trying to look as unflattering as possible (as Ethan does all the time), when you think about it, she's just turning her head slightly and smiling a little… She shouldn't look that bad doing just that, but she does, because she's somewhat ugly and scary looking.

No. 1668964

Men be living like ghouls not giving a damn about their appearance for literal decades and then have the audacity to wonder why they look the way they do as if it was the result of some random mistery of the universe and not their actions lmao so funny, yes ethan you look way older than you are, you're gross and ugly because you made it your brand and can't stop stuffing your fat face

No. 1669030


>Ethan asks Liver King what sex position he has to use with his wife because he's so big

>Liver King tells Ethan "Never talk about my wife in this context."

kek about time Ethan gets shut down for his piggish porn talk

No. 1669237

File: 1665112990204.jpeg (117.16 KB, 992x744, 92426EF5-54E5-4DD9-85F7-7CA1CD…)

I do genuinely think she’s on the spectrum. She seems to have no sense of what looks good on her, or how to style herself well or make a nice neutral expression. Tinfoilish but I also imagine she fixates on her body/weight moreso than her face, because she probably has some ED shit going on. Who wouldn’t living with that pornsick fatass Ethan? But yeah I think for a photo to pass the Hila standard of positing the only criteria is she looks thin. She could give a shit about her face or expressions. They’re the archetypal sitcom husband and wife. Sack of shit slob husband who’s “funny” & and a physically far more attractive but coddling & boring wife. Funny that Moses and Trisha basically flipped the genders. Its cuter when a woman does it tbh

No. 1669347

File: 1665133837391.jpeg (71.66 KB, 750x717, E81A2F91-E9D0-4077-8EBE-1CC512…)

I genuinely don’t think she’s ugly though, she has unique features

No. 1669413

She don’t look like that no more that’s for sure lmao

No. 1669520

If by unique features you just mean she looks middle eastern.

No. 1669524

File: 1665155092387.png (453.17 KB, 748x1521, untitled.png)

>we’re seeing how awfully traumatic and horrible her life has been since childhood
trishyland doesn't believe that she was ever abused. they think she made it up or she was some underage slut who tempted her male teachers

No. 1669526

Did Ethan took these photos? He is probably purposely making Hila look worse so he feels better about himself

Liver King's wife was in the room when Ethan asked this question

No. 1669553

Okay I hate to nitpick and be the one to say this, but I honestly can’t tell if that’s a mole or just a zit on Ethan’s face by his eyebrow. He’s had it for awhile and you figure it’d go away or he’d pop it, but then again it’s Ethan so I genuinely have no idea.

No. 1669562

They’re so delusional, like even if she “seduced” a teacher she was a kid & the teacher is supposed to know better and shut it down. Especially the ages she talks about too. It’s not her being 18 and getting with teacher after she graduated, it’s when she was in middle school. So gross.

No. 1669677

I don't know what you're implying with this but by middle eastern standard Hila has unique features. Being middle eastern doesn't make you inherently unique, except for burgers maybe. Plenty of middle eastern women look conventional, fact is Hila does not, she has pretty big features that are unique (whether you deem her ugly or not is another subject). I've never seen one woman in my life who resemble Hila, actually. And i'm MENA myself.

No. 1669699

The Right Opinion put out a 4+ hour long deep-dive about frenemies…

No. 1669714

>hila only looks good in perfect conditions in perfect lighting
>posts pic of hila in perfect conditions/perfect lighting (her fucking wedding day) to prove nonnie wrong

kek hila could look like a classy mother if she tried and less steve-buscemi-ish but she purposely makes herself look bad for some reason. her style, hair, makeup, paper thin skin all look nasty.

No. 1669717

that was honestly satisfying to watch kek. The thousand yard stare.
>Never talk about my wife in this context.

No. 1669719

i imagine he's probably festered with boils at this point due to his fatness and diet. probably scratched a boil on his ass then scratched his face and spread the staph.

No. 1669748

Her problem is that she doesn't really wear makeup at all. She has gaunt features that could easily be softened by some foundation. She's brave for going bare faced all the time tbh, I don't get it but I respect it.

No. 1669811

H3 is live right now talking about Nelk & Trisha. Comparing their drama to how he was with Trish. Hilas basically walking on eggshells right now but they’re just dissing Trish and using nelk as the scapegoat.

No. 1669816

Hila looks awful lol

No. 1669872

Is her hair melting in the thumbnail? Kek what am I looking at?

No. 1669878

Hila reminds me of Ms. Potato Head. Not calling her ugly or anything she just has bold facial features.

No. 1669886

its a "wet" look

No. 1669887

How many times had Trisha even mentioned Ethan or his drama since her pregnancy? Since she left? I know she’s talked about him and their drama when she first officially left his podcast but god. Ethan is obsessed with her

No. 1670012

Whatever that perma zit thing is by his eyebrow triggers the absolute shit out of me like ew

No. 1670021

The little twerp uses they/them pronouns for Trisha. Miss.

No. 1670060

Omg is her baby named Malibu? (ngl kinda cute and on point for Trish)

No. 1670087

The man who defended ProPedo and admits to being a huge H3 fan made a deep dive video about Frenemies? Hard pass. Reading the comments, he was very biased and defended Ethan attacking Trisha and her family because it was "cathartic" for poor wittle Ethan

No. 1670102

He talked about the Mr Riney situation without clarifying that fellow victims of the man spoke out. Fucking disgusting.

This is the closest thing we have to a full compilation www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QeQtLGnR2E

No. 1670103

All I'm implying is that she looks like my cousins wallahi

No. 1670166

Yes, baby’s name is Malibu and her middle name is Barbie kek it’s crazy but kinda cute and very Trisha. And if she hates it she either doesn’t have to tell anyone her middle name or can change it

No. 1670174

File: 1665220391419.jpeg (936.4 KB, 750x1096, BC9259D7-943B-4BD2-B7BE-7EEB9B…)

No. 1670176

The theythemming was unbearable to attempt to watch

No. 1670649

File: 1665279253597.jpeg (77.54 KB, 648x1000, 2CF2AC41-53E8-4CF0-9F6F-A9966E…)

She really looks like shit. Looking like Ivan Drago on heroin

No. 1670738

File: 1665288171638.jpeg (295.59 KB, 828x1124, F6198282-CBC7-471B-8353-96D268…)

New teddy fresh merch. Looks ripped from the internet & has cringy advice ethan should be taking himself

“You should always be your biggest advocate, Its been a difficult year and you should be proud of yourself for pushing through,
Make sure to set time aside for yourself,
So you can focus on your mental health and self improvement,
If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything motherfuckers”

No. 1670755

File: 1665290879655.jpeg (793.41 KB, 828x1177, 0994B3AA-9A4C-44BB-AC9E-BED7BB…)

looks suspiciously like this Cool.Shirtz (maxmofoe and anything4views’s clothing shit) shirt, this is an old ass meme from 2018 anyway

No. 1670757

File: 1665291315315.jpg (111.29 KB, 735x576, a7244a7c6a3370eb290fa9fdbd8100…)

It's just a very late and less amusing take on the skeleton memes

No. 1670759

File: 1665291381122.png (439.61 KB, 1000x1000, btsftw.png)

this is so funny because I saw this shirt the other day on aliexpress and it would be way more fitting considering the scat fetish of ethan

No. 1670762

I think it’s weird another “youtuber” brand dropped a shirt like this first/very recently, cussing in it and all, seems copycat-ish. Maybe I’m reaching idk

No. 1670876

No, Cool Shirtz is not Maxmoefoe’s merch brand. Cool Shirtz is its own brand that has done collaboration collections for Maxmoefoe and Anything4Views. This shirt is not part of Max’s collection and has no connection to YouTubers.

No. 1670907

File: 1665319234479.jpeg (740.18 KB, 1242x1278, 7DA18325-4D82-4C40-A5EB-CCA17D…)

All I can see is ethan now

No. 1671103

File: 1665341614923.png (180.31 KB, 590x353, skeletons.PNG)

"da share z0ne" is the original brand/account who made these type of skeleton memes then put em on clothing, iirc? has since become a trend

No. 1671226

Other victims of mr Riney never spoke out. There’s no proof to support Trisha and he’s be opening himself up to a lawsuit to pretend otherwise to appease her ego

No. 1671439

This seemed fairly balanced, not in favor of Ethan or Trisha. It was pretty harsh on Dr. Drew, but that seems warranted….

No. 1671521

I agree, it was balanced. Apparently on this sub you’re not allowed to criticise Trisha at all now

No. 1671538

>on this sub
Please go back to Reddit

No. 1671543

Can you summarize it? Is it 4 hours of old milk?

No. 1671556

Probably the first time I laughed at H3 content
>uhhh you're a big guy uhhh sometimes fat guys uhhhh do you use a special position to fuck your wife
>Don't talk about my wife like that. And you owe it to yourself and your partner to be fit and healthy so she lusts after you. Be your best self.
Idk if this guy's some full of shit moid influencer but it was extremely based to call out that Ethan doesn't need advice on sex positions for the obese, he needs to pull himself together and get healthy so he can have normal sex and his wife will be attracted to him.

No. 1672504

>Trishyland has been sending Trisha's OnlyFans content to get her projects and sponsorships stopped
>She wants to stop being a sex worker on OnlyFans for her daughter
>Trisha is thinking about how her daughter will see her and she doesn't want her to think that sex work is a good career path
>She advices young women to think well before opening your own OF account or putting your nudes out there

No. 1672567

I want to empathize but literally everyone warned that her degenerate shit will be out there for the rest of her life including for her offspring to see

No. 1672599


I feel bad for Trisha and all the other girls trying to get out of SW but are being blocked by mysognistic assholes. Drug dealers, rapists and pedos have a easier time restarting their lives and we're all supposed to embrace and forgive them once they're "reformed". But a camhoe posts pussy pics? Ok time for her life to be forever fucked.

No. 1672600

Compared to her past sex work, it might have seemed tame. I feel for her because she grew up with a fucked up childhood and admiring women who were also exploited by the media. She emulated what she saw and believed what society says about sex work. At least she admits to be wrong and warns others about not going into that route.

No. 1672603

>Trishyland has been sending Trisha's OnlyFans content to get her projects and sponsorships stopped
and people cry about kf and about this site, fml … all this makes me sympathize with her a great deal tbh (stupid as she is) and hope she puts together a truly based outlook on sex work that she can start sharing

No. 1672747

Wait why would trishyland think her sponsors don't know she does/did porn? It's literally what she's known for. It's not a secret or something lol

No. 1672876

nona, get off the internet and go touch grass. this isnt true at all. it is a million times easier for a retire camhoe to restart her life compared to actual criminals with records. now, if the camwhore still craves attention online she's gonna have problems; but literally all they have to do is get offline and live their life and no one will give a shit or know. plus add to fact there are so many e-whore right now that in 3-5 years your shit will be so buried.

No. 1678435

File: 1666097068555.jpeg (514.6 KB, 750x928, 7D566872-952D-47FE-9110-2F0189…)

Is Trisha’s baby ok…? I work with babies and usually by 1 month old they’re a bit more alert looking(nitpick)

No. 1678437

this is the most retarded nitpick ever anon. It looks like a normal baby.

No. 1678440

The baby seems fine. Watch any of her videos she's uploaded to YT since her birth, the baby just seems like a normal baby. Is this a trishyland refugee?

No. 1678450

Most of us here dont like her but you'll see a handful of single digit IQ fishys that lurk her threads here and bite like piranhas anytime theres criticism posted

No. 1678703

Former students of his did speak out. If reading the summary of past events is apparently too difficult, you can watch this >>>/snow/1331953

Saying "there are other allegations," would not open him up to lawsuits ffs.

No. 1679028

It was a random unverified account on Twitter. No official confirmation

No. 1679142

>official confirmation
lol, what do you want them to have a press conference? Even if that person isn't lying nobody wants to seriously revisit their teenage trauma about a person who has been dead for years just because a classmate sperged out on a podcast 99.9% of people have never heard of, get real. Either Trisha lied or she didn't, you will never know. Nothing is coming from it anyway, so it's stupid of you to care so much about this detail as if it's somehow more unforgivable to you than whatever else you think Trisha has done wrong in her life.

No. 1679458

No, but if she’d released proof (maybe a video or shared her credentials with a neutral source, like a newspaper or something, to confirm without having to release to the public) to confirm her identity, people wouldn’t dismiss it. But an account on Twitter isn’t proof. People here, and nowhere else, tout it as truth. That’s the only reason I point it out. I believe in trust but verify, especially when it comes to a known pathological liar where nothing is off limits as long as it gets her attention or whatever

No. 1679536

>No, but if she’d released proof
Did you see the actual screenshots where she doxes herself and her chief of police father? Screenshots of of conversations about Riney with former students? If that had all been faked, don't you think the actual Morgan and her cop dad would have found out by now? Between psycho frenemies fans saying they were going report Morgan's father for not being more proactively against pedos or something equally bizarre and the fact that Mr Riney was being talked about in their hometown facebook group.

Can't tell if you want us to spoonfeed you the milk or you're just ignoring it

No. 1679550

File: 1666212474938.png (523.66 KB, 720x1059, IMG_20221019_224505.png)

Everything about this looks so bad.
I can't believe no one tells her that she looks like a special needs toddler

No. 1679562

Y'all the ones that lied and said she's pretty and has cool style

No. 1679571

What’s with the expression, did Ethan just tell her he ate a pie cooling on the windowsill?

No. 1679576

Why does not talk about the fact that Hila is clearly an anorexic? I don't buy all this bullshit about how "we can't get her to gain weight!". She's just convinced her fat husband that her eating disorder is just a quirk. Like she's clearly body checking in most of her photos. Even if she does have a "naturally thin body" she clearly isn't healthy and gets off on the thin comments like eugenia cooney

No. 1679582

>looks like a special needs toddler
But isn't that the brand's entire concept?

No. 1679591

File: 1666213881055.webm (1.21 MB, 960x444, UvpW-62L8V_ZiYK-.webm)

So Ethan Klein said in his last pod that if a second Holocaust happens, he hopes Ben Shapiro gets gassed first.

Not like we've seen Ethan criticizing others for Edgy jokes before, right?

No. 1679609

i've always thought she body checks in her photos too!!! there was one stream where ethan made her weigh herself on camera and then do push ups and you could just see her very thin arms straining to do a few push ups, and the camera panned down to her whole body, and it just felt…. extremely fetishy. like when eugenia lifts the box and they all donate or whatever….

No. 1679610

File: 1666214314644.png (1.2 MB, 1061x559, What In Gods Name Is This.png)

Haven't watched this shit in month. What in the fuck happened to Ethan.

No. 1679613

That cyst…

No. 1679624

Seriously what the fuck? Its not normal to have a new growth on your face for weeks at a time. Why are they all so retarded?

No. 1679651

Ewwwww hila has to fuck that, how would you not lose faith in a higher power if this face was sweating and grunting over you. She should have just come out as an autistic lesbian instead of letting Ethan inflict himself on her.

No. 1679655

File: 1666216941239.png (99.26 KB, 270x258, ethan-unkleen.png)

It's not weeks at a time. He's had this cyst on his eyebrow for over a year, if not years.

No. 1679715

isn't ethan on a bunch of ssris? if he is, then they have sex once a month at absolute most. ssris are like modern day castration pills for most males