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File: 1662681669280.png (550.29 KB, 860x691, 369-3691982_transparent-kiwi-b…)

No. 1642877

Recent news:
> Troons move to cannibalize Keffals, who faildoxed some Hispanic guy as a nobody from Kiwi Farms among other things
> Tranny protests in Australia are an embarrassment
> Josh claims family emergency but still working on the site
> Up on Tor and intermittent at kiwifarms.top (you need to have IPv6, try your phone)

THERE IS A SCHIZOPHRENIC, PEDOPHILE TRANNY POSTING HERE. DO NOT REPLY TO HIM. He is the same person posting CP and all sorts of deranged shit on here. It gets him off to cause women distress and get attention. Do not engage.

KIWIFAGS AT LEAST TRY TO INTEGRATE, that means sage your shit if it is not new milk and close the window if you have a Y chromosome.

JOSH SIMPS, he won't pick you, JOSH HATERS, you very likely have nothing new to say.

http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ - Tor. You need Brave ("Open New Private Tab With Tor") or on the PC, Tor Browser Bundle, "Orbot" on your phone.

https://kiwifarms.top/ - Will only work for some (who have IPv6). Chinese DDoS mitigation same provider as 8kun.

https://kiwifarms.ru/ - dead, Russian DDoS guard

https://kiwifarms.net/ - dropped by Cloudflare, DDoS mit appears to have been picked up by V-SYS, a Ukrianian company and registration by Epik. Nothing is up there yet.

Kiwi telegram:

Prior threads:

KF thread on lolcow (see how Josh and others there view this site)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a total shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:

No. 1642879

yay new threadpic is cyoot

No. 1642884

> it's just as easy for Keffals to find dox as it is for farmers.
apparently not though

No. 1642890

This whole thing gives me gamergate vibes, except the MSM found an even bigger retard to lionize than Zoe Quinn. I hope to god null's good news is a fat lawsuit.

No. 1642894

i was exactly thinking the same, history repeats itself

No. 1642899

Has anyone remotely big talked about Lucas faildoxing the hispanic family? I don't see her sweetie squad turning against her in the recemt twitter comments.

No. 1642901

No. 1642902

No. 1642903


No. 1642904


No. 1642905

Not huge, but Destiny did a stream where he read through the Lucas faildox discord messages that Winter published on Odysee. It will probably end up being a nothing burger, but he was also asking if anyone knew a Canadian lawyer who is familiar with defamation cases.

No. 1642907

Seriously though why are you calling him (a) by his real name and yet (b) by the wrong pronoun? But to answer your question I haven't seen any big troon or SJWish person call it into question unless you count Hotwheels but there is a bit of pushback starting on twitter some of which was covered in the last thread. Give it time, though. Even if it's not this Keffals is drunk on power and clout and guaranteed to do something stupid.
Destiny is an insufferable pro-troon, pro-porn scrote and those two deserve each other, it's clown world shit that he managed to get canceled for "transphobia" while he would definitely suck a "feminine penis" for woke points, maybe already has.

No. 1642908

File: 1662682721144.png (120.25 KB, 914x374, nazi moids.png)

schizo nonny reporting in. scrotes on frenschan.org (I visit frenschan for info about aquariumgate/stargate and other shit, and checked out the keffals thread) have started to try to redirect kiwifags to lolcow. expect even more subhuman retards, mods should also be on alert for a larger influx of cp/gore spam from these /pol/ moids.

No. 1642911

No. 1642918

A.) old news
B.) not pertinent.

No. 1642920

Maybe post to /meta/ as well?

No. 1642925

This reads to me like it's more oriented towards large platforms (anti-competitive, data collections, etc.), but the timing of this is interesting with everything going on right now.

No. 1642929

Some of this sounds laudable but I do not trust these people at all. Politicians particularly on the Democrat side are far, far too in bed with Big Tech. If anyone thinks these people give a fuck about women and children in particular online they are very much mistaken.

No. 1642930

No. 1642931

> 4 months ago exactly.
> 1/4 of a year.
trannies are not sending their best

No. 1642938

What's the deal with the kiwifarms.cc domain? Null's Telegram says that it's up but it just redirects to the Cloudflare message that was on the .net domain. What's the point of it?

No. 1642940

still requires money, mental energy, and standing up to the shame of it (not just the idea, they'll likely be shown in court) which most women won't do

No. 1642942

Nah, sounds like another committee to form a committee to determine if a committee should be made to maybe do something later

No. 1642943


No. 1642944

The site that is barely reachable? "imminent threat to life". Of course. Cloudflare is telling the truth right?

No. 1642947

That's Josh's fediverse instance, not very much interesting there as far as I could tell in the past just dumb edgelords and a few pickmes, but he's been going on Poa.St instead, which is notorious as a hive for pedophilia and lolicon, I guess because Metokur is on there as well.

No. 1642948

the fuck are you on about? i'm genuinely confused.

No. 1642949

They'll sell butthole pics to any stranger for $10 a pop but going to court is too shameful?

No. 1642952

see the part in the OP about the pedophile tranny

No. 1642954

i had in mind the dumbfucks that send nudes to their boyfriends which then get leaked when they break up. in court it would likely get shown in the courtroom as these things tend to do.

No. 1642961

File: 1662685260598.png (35.07 KB, 760x144, Screenshot 2022-09-08 21.01.53…)

someone's feeling optimistic

No. 1642962

Yeah I can see it now, the error is gone.

I've been tempted to make a poa.st just to see what's going on in there but everything I've heard repulses me.

No. 1642963

File: 1662685347429.png (302.31 KB, 659x626, Screenshot 2022-09-08 21.03.07…)

kek, it really is GamerGate II, Lucas is even trying to go after Sargon like he is remotely relevant this decade

No. 1642965

go back to reddit

No. 1642968

I get what you mean but it's also something OF thots do and cry that it violates their privacy and needs to be censored. That's actually another thing jersh had had problems with in the past.

No. 1642969

he's clearly not mad though, sounds like you're projecting your anger onto him.

No. 1642970

>knowing what the hell r/whooshed is
go back to reddit

No. 1642972

> That's actually another thing jersh had had problems with in the past.
You mean when June's nudes got leaked and it was the most traffic the site had ever gotten up until that point? Tell me that's anything but scrotery that deserves a smack.

No. 1642979

nta, but I haven't forgotten that. As much as June as a cringe lord, she didn't deserve that AT ALL. I am surprised she never said anything about it publically, but she is probably too much of a pick-me to risk the same men who did that her not drooling over her. The only thing that kiwi has to stand on is that they have important information on degenerates. The doxxing, the revenge porn and the /pol/ bullshit makes it difficult to feel sorry for them. They deserve to have their shit rocked, but if they were to win against keffals the nonce, I will not feel sorry for the next time they get attacked like this again if they refuse to sanitize their shit.

No. 1642984

Farmhands should just autosage this thread already.

No. 1642992

Just thought y'all might benefit from some insight on the whole Keffals Hispanic thing. So I actually have had experience in hiring a private investigator to track down an old friend who I lost contact with, long story not gonna PL. Anyway I had probably way more information than Keffals had on winter or whatever his name is. I certainly wouldn't rule out the fail doxing being from a PI for a variety of reasons.

First of all, Keffals could have easily afforded a decent-ish PI. I hired mine for about like 550 as a deposit plus a couple extra hundred on balance for man hours to be paid after the job was completed. For a wage slave like me it was a big investment and one that I really had to save up for. But for someone like Keffals, especially after getting flooded with donations, it's an insignificant sum of money. Now, since Keffals probably had less information on the guy than I had, he'd likely have to pay more for the service. But I can't imagine Keffals having spent more than 2k which is well within his means.

Second of all, I doubt Keffals even met this private investigator irl. He probably got a rough idea of where the IP address was located and then looked up a PI in the area. While I'm certainly not saying that PI's are scam artists or that they'll just take your money and run, it's important that you like have an in office consultation in order to like make sure that this is legit and that the guy is up for the task. Many PI's are former cops and have experience with this kind of work but if you hire someone who wasn't a cop by the time the internet was a big thing then you can't really expect them to be able to track down someone solely by online information. Their biggest asset is their experience in law enforcement and thus if their experience in law enforcement so if they don't have experience with cyber issues well you're kinda SOL in most cases.

Finally there's also the fact that the PI probably could smell something was fishy when they were asked to get information on a whole bunch of people. I also doubt that Keffals was able to give a good cover story to convince the PI that this was anything other than an attempt at blackmail. So perhaps he botched the investigation on purpose. The people in those photos are probably just random people found off the internet who almost certainly don't go by the names provided to Keffals.

I'd say it's like a 60-40 shot that Keffals hired a PI.

No. 1642999

Did you see this?

>Doxxing is already in some cases illegal. What’s missing, Cloudflare suggests, is legislation that blocks websites from hosting content that promotes doxxing.

It sounds like cloudflare wants to ban all gossip forums. "Content that promotes doxxing" would no doubt include keeping track of loud transgender sex pests…

No. 1643004

> Doxxing [sic] is already in some cases illegal.
The problem is that "doxing" is a pretty broad term. The posting of stuff like SSNs and bank details is quite illegal and has been for a long time. Phonebooking is not unless (arguably) coupled with a specific call to harassment (which has been known to happen on KF, sometimes dealt with, sometimes not.)

No. 1643015

File: 1662687779955.jpg (149.67 KB, 1000x565, keffals-accomplished.jpg)

Keffals right now

No. 1643018

What is "Clara's" name? Just want to be sure this thread shows up searchable with whatever he prefers nowadays

No. 1643019

>proper lolcow etiquette
>reddit spacing
>calls blogposting PL

No. 1643027

This is the big tech arm of the Cathedral we're talking about. They definitely just want to silence people who point out the emperor has no pants.

No. 1643029

Or that his skirt does not go spinny.

No. 1643031

File: 1662688657223.png (111.13 KB, 500x639, kjkjkjkjkj.png)

this entire thread is picrel

No. 1643032

Forgive me, I've been getting dumber from reading too many kiwi posts and can no longer detect sarcasm, soon I too will be bird brained.

No. 1643035

people should @ his original account when they respond on twitter


No. 1643046

oh my god, interesting find

No. 1643078

>content that promotes doxxing
okay! say goodbye to twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc then!

No. 1643113

Burgerfags and their overinflated sense of self-importance, making up conspiracies to get mad about. What a world. (a world which consists of only one country, apparently)

No. 1643134

File: 1662698454868.jpg (3.07 MB, 3739x8774, 1662436620837.jpg)

Working for me now. Finally get to read on more weebwars threads kek. Hope keffals the groomer pedo gets what is coming to him.

No. 1643170

File: 1662704583563.jpg (144.74 KB, 1080x484, IMG_20220909_081103.jpg)

This article makes me so angry. "Doxing is not illegal but I personally think it should be so I am the law now". Alongside with picrel, they know exactly what thex have done is extremely wrong and that they are enabling criminal activity. They are still hosting websites for ISIS for fucks sake, but Kiwifarms doxing someone is too far? I wish we lived in a fair world where Null could sue the fuck out of them for millions of dollars.

No. 1643173

>cutting off peoples heads in the name of allah
Cloudflare: I sleep
>doxing a tranny
Cloudflare: now this is a step too far!

No. 1643181

Kf wasn’t taken down for doxing, doxing isn’t illegal. What fucked kf was one stupid scrote made a fake bomb threat on top of the pressure from the Twitter cult. That’s all Keffals needed to cry to cloudshare for. I wonder if cult leader keffals has the power to cancel something like 4chan but 4chan backlash/revenge would be funny kek

No. 1643208

If keffals got 4chan deplatformed I think something legitimately bad would happen. KF autists mostly just like to observe cows, there are a ton of unhinged angry poltards who would do something violent.

No. 1643210

I doubt he could take down 4chan. For one, as many people have pointed out, its full of feds lurking and posting alongside legit anons. Plus, even though KF has a pretty big audience, it's dwarfed by 4chans many times over.
Watching the dumbass troon try it would be funny though, I agree.

No. 1643214

It wouldn't work and now I want keffels to try. 4chan hasn't reached out and crushed someone for a while.

No. 1643217

Null has other legal options than Section 230. He could sue Cloudflare for breach of contract or for libel. But he won't.

No. 1643220

>I actually have had experience in hiring a private investigator to track down an old friend who I lost contact with
legit stalker

No. 1643226

notice the likes for his content after 9h is still by only 2,3k kek. And now after 16h it has 2,8k. Nobody care for him outside of the dropkiwifarms campaign, he will be forgotten soon. I hope this massively affects his ego
maybe June did not want to bring attention to it and not confirm it is her (even if it was clear, she never admitted it)

No. 1643244

File: 1662715196811.jpg (114.42 KB, 1920x1080, xsmx7aScNdrdDr809Z5Vp5trjXcazA…)

Was Josh's family trouble faked in order to get him out of the media spotlight? How does he have time to fix the site when he said he would be gone for a week?
YouTubers with over 50k subs who went after keffals are few and far between. It's destiny, Sargon, metokur, and nick rekeita. I anticipate keffals will make a couple more videos like this although they are pre-recorded from streams? So maybe not for a while.
The YouTube channel has grown by a lot since August. The quickest way to game the yt algorithm is to put bigger channel names in the title and watch the views and likes and comments slowly trend up. I am surprised you are not familiar with this tactic.

No. 1643248

Destiny said he’s looking into a possible lawsuit for defamation against keffals. Willing to drop 20k-30k for it. But who know how that will go

No. 1643251

Got a stream link with timestamp or YouTube clip for this? Destiny said he wouldn't engage with or talk about keffals in August.

No. 1643252

ngl tor is comfy and surprisingly filters a lot of people. more sites should use it to increase the quality of their userbase.

No. 1643253

File: 1662716504767.png (42.01 KB, 754x240, destiny.png)

No. 1643254

File: 1662716666712.png (195.04 KB, 762x964, destiny2.png)

Destiny is siding with KF despite being doxed there himself


No. 1643255

I don't know what more pathetic the fact that Destiny has been a streamer for over 10 years and still thinks a lolsuit is going to work or that he is mad about keffals still.

No. 1643256

I was talking about his tweets not reaching a good amount of likes outside of directly mentioning Kiwifarms, so why are you talking to me about the yt algorithn? Or did you mean to reply to the original anon?

No. 1643257

wait whoa. i knew keffals posted the ukrainian company's address to his followers which whatever it's on their website, but those tweets are fucked up, he's straight up nudging his followers to put them in potential danger.

No. 1643258

I conflated YouTube likes for twitter likes. My bad.

No. 1643260

I don't buy this narrative that some twitter troon would blow up a building. It's a reach.

No. 1643261

you either have no reading comprehension or are too quick to defend the tranny. doesn't matter if they'd actually do it or not, it's how he's clearly doing a hint hint nudge nudge that he wants it done which would get anyone else a visit from the feds. also sage your fucking shit, newfag.

No. 1643262

Calm down anon. I am not defending a troon it just does not look like they are inciting a bombing.

No. 1643263

If he sues in Canada he could have a good chance, defamation is easier to proof there. In the US you are required to proof financial damages as well, in Canada you don't.

No. 1643265

Mc Jarbo did a nice song about Ralph and Keffals

No. 1643266

Drawing attention of an angry mob to the address is irresponsible either way given how unstable Ukraine is right now.

No. 1643267

The last of us 2 keeps giving and giving. Kek.
Has destiny ever sued anyone before?

No. 1643268

It's a public company address not someone's house. You would need to be insane to actually do something with it.

No. 1643270

You mean doxing isn't actually bad because it doesn't matter unless a person goes out of their way to go there and commit a crime out of their own volition? Hmm wow, someone might want to tell Cloudflare.

No. 1643271

File: 1662718537847.jpg (124.59 KB, 250x340, keffals4.jpg)

Do you want to know how I got this hump?

No. 1643273

Not the fucking point. Also
>You would need to be insane
Which trannies are by default. Look, I know these terminally online retards are pussies who wouldn't actually do anything beyond punching TERFs because beating women is effortless for a man, and any actual trannies in Ukraine have better things to worry about right now. It's still not a good fucking look for someone pretending to be morally superior to do that to a company located in an unstable war-torn shithole that'd be easy to terrorize for some bored criminal. In fact, I'd say it's worse than doxing an Amerishart's house.

No. 1643274

I thought this was the profile of sangie nativus the zoosadist

No. 1643275

My point exactly. These people are not going to do anything to a public company beyond twitter activism. There is no threat.

No. 1643276

SWATTING has a 5% chance of getting someone killed. Posting a company address has no lethality attached to it. Companies make this info.punlic for complaints anyway.

No. 1643277

Kiwifarms didn't swat anyone.

No. 1643279

pretty sure they're being deliberately obtuse to downplay lucas' retardation.

No. 1643280

Who did? The dox came from there after all.

No. 1643281

the "dox" came from public info they got from googling his name, as do the rest on that site.

No. 1643284

It came from a user who posted it in the OP. Just like all threads.

No. 1643285

yeah you're being deliberately obtuse. i'm done with you.

No. 1643286

Nobody knows who did it, there is 0 proof that it was a Kiwfarms user. Do you blame the phonebook if someone uses it to find someone address and commit a crime? You're being a retard and you're probably the fucking troon again.

No. 1643287

How is stating facts obtuse? Who else did the SWAT?

No. 1643288

It's been confirmed that Lucas wasn't actually swatted. Didn't even get a gun pointed in his face like he claimed and later admitted was exaggerated because he was "scared and traumatized as a trans woman so remembered facts wrong". The police politely knocked on his door, which doesn't happen in swatting, was questioned and his computer taken, and everything points to it being a legit investigation.

No. 1643289

Nobody know who did it because it was a KF user who saw it in the OP it is just a question of which user which is still being investigated. We will know when a police statement is made but this typically takes a while based on past SWATTINGS.

No. 1643290

London Ontario confirmed in a statement that the event occured.

No. 1643291

What is the cathedral?

No. 1643292

The police don't know who did the past swattings either, trust me the FBI is VERY INTERESTED in finding out who did it. Thankfully they are smarter than you and know that literally anyone can look up the information and do it. It doesn't have to be someone from Kiwifarms. American cops are dumb as hell but they still have a little more sense than you.

They confirmed that they came to Lucas house and politely knocked on his door to execute a warrant. There was not swatting.

No. 1643293

File: 1662720056766.jpg (35.12 KB, 700x700, 1650337732856.jpg)

The thing that pisses me off the most about all this stupid bullshit is that absolutely nobody who's trying to take keffals to task from any angle is mentioning the swathe of extremely, violently misogynistic posts. Say the same shit about any other marginalized group on twitter and your life would be over. Women really are on their own.

No. 1643294

Nobody bothers because it'd do nothing. When people call him out on the tweets themselves they get ganged up on and something something transmisogyny something something trans voices something something shut up bigot.

No. 1643296

Anon this happened in Canada.
I saw the oddysey video. Keffals calls him a retard and posts some info that may or may not be him to gauge the reaction. It's a bit of nothing burger.

No. 1643297

His excuse is that it's all just "jokes". Rules for thee and not for me and all that. He complains now that he can't be openly misogynistic and "joke" like he used to on twitter anymore because he is under such high scrutiny. He will slip up tho, he just can't help himself and express all of his violent male moid thoughts.

No. 1643298

Vaush did this for a while before his audience gave him pushback and then he had to go full woke. It's probably going to be the same here since keffals is basically gearing up to be a troon vaush.

No. 1643299

The person who swatted Keffals is likely the same person who has been swatting online personalities for the past year. People form all sides of the political spectrum. Ethan Ralph, American First, Mister Metokur, Nick Rekieta have all been swatted. It is someone who is trying to implicate Kiwifarms in this. It's probably Vordrak, who Keffals is now working with. He swatted Null himself in the past by calling in fake bomb threats to a children's hospital. See, you don't even know the entire story and have no clue what you're talking about.

No. 1643300

>The person who swatted Keffals
He wasn't swatted.

No. 1643302

>Is likely

No. 1643303

If only Kiwifarms was as terrible as they say. The only good tranny is a dead one.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1643306

They bother for keffal's other wrongs. Nobody involved in this actually cares about women except the tiny handful of genuine radfems who are following it.

No. 1643307

There is no proof, just as there is no proof that it's a Kiwifarms user, otherwise that person would already be arrested. Dumb twat.

No. 1643309

You made a claim I wanted to see if you had anything to back it up. No need to be mad.(learn2sage)

No. 1643312

Not milk, try to sage next time.

No. 1643313

>unsaged shit trying to defend Lucas and other pedos

Go dilate and 41% somewhere

No. 1643317

File: 1662724399774.jpeg (52.89 KB, 409x599, 1641797674290.jpeg)

No. 1643320

A black man streamed a mass-shooting straight to Facebook. Just like Brenton Tarrant did. When are we going to shut down that terrorism website Facebook?

No. 1643321

We need to shut down men

No. 1643322

Facebook is also a doxing site, you know how much fucking dox is on there? People's real names and family photos and everything. Something needs to be done about this satanic cult website Facebook.

No. 1643324

You jest, nonnie but those are actually buzzwords being thrown around on Twitter.

Especially by that @DropKiwiFarms account run by a troon sex pest, with his own thread on KF, who lost his mind playing a 4-year-old video game for 16,000 hours and ended up banned because the entire community hates him.

No. 1643326

Nonnie that's unironically true, Facebook is a big time doxxing site. Most of the people who have been doxxed in internet drama only got doxxed because someone found an old Facebook/their mom's Facebook. If you Google someones name there's a solid chance their Facebook will show up listing their name, face, work, all their friends, all their family, and I can not grasp how people haven't noticed this on a larger scale

No. 1643327

It's like Kiwifarms on steroids. Maybe we should shut that shit down.

No. 1643329

File: 1662725991053.jpg (327.15 KB, 1284x1463, jwgs80.jpg)

weird move but ok

No. 1643330

Since Kiwifarms.net is deindexed from google, this will probably soon be the first thing popping up when normies google Kiwifarms. Not sure if you want to associate your business of sending minors bathtub HRT with the "most evil website out there".

No. 1643334

File: 1662726573967.webm (3.33 MB, 576x1024, based_Terf-queen.webm)

Watch out Keffals, you're on TERF territory now.

No. 1643338

welcome to terf island. hopefully null's teased great news is various deplorables with a shitload of money willing to bankroll legal actions(s).

No. 1643342

kek i checked it out to see what batshit insane process is used to make DIY HRT at home, but it just says "order it online". trannies have changed the meaning of DIY.

No. 1643347

you need stronger meds

No. 1643348

File: 1662727214535.png (395.88 KB, 1190x1002, groomer.png)

The guy who owns it (Bobposting) is making it in his bathtub and sending it to kids.

No. 1643352

No. 1643355

File: 1662727799770.jpg (16.63 KB, 319x320, the dark elf himself.jpg)


moldbug/curtis yarvin's term for "the system", "the establishment", whatever you want to call it.

No. 1643359

I would never promote pro trans propaganda, even if you're hurting one troon you would feed the trans narrative by doing that

No. 1643362

don't reply to the pedo schizo tranny

No. 1643367

oh shit i already love her energy, hope she's gonna remove all these trannies laws

No. 1643369

josh can sue them for stealing his domain name right?

No. 1643371

I doubt he cares.

No. 1643373

Kiwifarms.net is the only important one because that's how the site is known. Nobody is going to Kiwifarms.live or Kiwifarms.info unless they are already following troons on twitter.

No. 1643374

It's like they're actively trying to peak normies at this point. Well, good luck to them I'm sure this isn't going to backfire.

No. 1643383

TOR website is pretty dead rn, best posters didnt posted shit since monday, and captcha is fucking up the website

No. 1643386

Performance is really poor right now so I’m not surprised. I am just waiting until the site runs somewhat normally. Got tired of waiting forever for a page to load only for it to shit on itself. I think everyone else might be in the same boat.

No. 1643388

File: 1662731553960.jpg (2.83 MB, 3072x4096, knowyourmeme.jpg)

If the clearnet site comes back up normies looking for information will potentially stumble across it in the search results kek. With mainstream media like CNN and normie websites like knowyourmeme covering it this can't go well for them. Pic related, comment section is just like the CNN video where keffarts got ratioed.

No. 1643390

Tor is only good for buying drugs. I can't really stand spending any more time there than I have to. It's not a good browser for a discussion board imo.

No. 1643391

sage for OT but where is the MTF thread? did it get locked down because of all the publicity?

No. 1643392

I was able to find it by looking in my history. It was on autosage for awhile but I think it might be actively hidden from the catalog now.

No. 1643393

It got autosaged because of [REDACTED] camping out there(sage your shit)

No. 1643408

pls provide link

No. 1643413

KF is on vanwatech cdn + ddos protection. The dude who runs it is pretty strange.


Is he trolling? Doesn't make sense he would be a free speech absolutist and tweet what he does.

What's even stranger is there's a video of him getting smacked down by pharmabro shkreli.


No. 1643418

>the brief sound of very mannish booing immediately drowned out by women cheering
top fucking lel

No. 1643427

Yeah, this guy seems like a retard who's constantly stoned out of his mind. I recall reading an interview of him and the reporter noted all the bongs in this backyard.

No. 1643428

I guess you haven't seen many? Seems pretty average to me. What's schizo about it?

No. 1643432

You could use the same argument for KF's doxxing. Nobody sane uses the addresses for anything, but it was enough to get them booted off cloudflare.

No. 1643435

No. 1643439

He could be fucked out of his skull on meth 24/7 and he'd still do a better job than Matthew Prince

No. 1643442

Get to work Matt, you've got a busy day of changing your excuse five more times

No. 1643443

All muslims are schizos to you then?

No. 1643446

File: 1662736685302.jpg (375.84 KB, 1342x2048, 13CORNER1-superJumbo.jpg)

Could transitioning save her?

No. 1643451

Lol, they won't spend the time and money to arrest random posters. I mean, keffals himself has an account and some government employees signed up with their .gov addresses..

No. 1643452

Lived in Chicago and it is quite possibly the most pozzed city I have ever been in. Tranny flags were out everywhere during Pride Month and I have seen young children in the wealthier areas donning tranny and genderspecial flags. Iirc, a transgender billionaire has strong influence on a lot of the hospitals and medical universities in the city.

No. 1643453

Periodic reminder if you read something that doesn't make sense it is probably from a schizotroon who hoards CP.

No. 1643465

It's possible, but it's also possible your mom hides tiny pellets of poop in all the food she makes and you never noticed. Without proof it's conjecture.

No. 1643468

File: 1662737921868.jpg (476.52 KB, 1074x1479, grug.jpg)

new article coming soon

No. 1643470

Are you actually stupid

No. 1643478

I wonder if anyone is actually retarded enough to fall for this.

No. 1643483

No. 1643490

Well over 2,000 people of whom a good percentage will be troons absolutely SEETHING and COPING. CAN'T STOP THE SIGNAL!

No. 1643497

got to agree with him that the cloudflare move and domain hijacking statement was bizarre.

No. 1643498

Any of you looking for a bf?(Moid)

No. 1643500

I am sad to report that I am not boyfriendfree.

No. 1643502

Well yeah it's obviously bullshit. Cloudflare hosts much worse sites than Kiwifarms, they host Isis website so obviously they don't care about terrorism or violent threats. I think that it was either financially motivated (what Null said about Visa and Mastercard) or that trannies personally threatened his family.

No. 1643505

glen greenwald coming in with the clutch?

No. 1643506

Hecking based. I think I might be pregnant too, I missed my period this month.

No. 1643507

random thing - i have a kf account that ive only posted on a few times, but it was all pretty openly transphobic, and the email i signed up with could be very very loosely connected to my irl identity if someone was doing their homework, which i realised after signing up and immediately changed to a new proton burner under the assumption that any leaks would include the current email registered to the account as opposed to the sign-up email. obviously its low risk either way and im not incredibly worried, esp. given my posts are few and unremarkable, but someone was speculating in the last thread that the opposite would be true - was wondering if anyone knew either way for sure lol

No. 1643508

Fall for what? The evidence?

No. 1643510

it won't be chris hansen

No. 1643511

Judging by his twitter he seems to be on Kiwifarms side. based.

No. 1643512

Not only terrorists, but also drug dealers.
I had to do some research on the drug market in Europe for work, was a bit surprised to find some of the most prominent drug markets (in Russia of all places) were using cloudflare. The one I’ve looked into the most did change to a more secure service recently, but it was their decision, not cloudflare’s. Bunch of hypocrites

No. 1643515

just say someone else must've registered with a stolen email

No. 1643516

File: 1662740853847.png (78.29 KB, 750x676, glenn_Greenwald.png)

No. 1643517

bless him

No. 1643523

File: 1662741096460.png (69.23 KB, 762x476, glenn_Greenwald2.png)

very based dude

No. 1643526

terrifyingly accurate statement he made here

No. 1643530

File: 1662741305176.png (66.99 KB, 762x442, glenn_Greenwald3.png)

No. 1643533

This is pretty interesting, Greenwald is very high profile and no one in their sane mind would call him a right-wing facist, so I expect braindead troons to do exactly that kek.

No. 1643535


he gets it anyway for going on tucker. and assorted takes that aren't fashionable on the left.

No. 1643536

He is jewish AND gay in an interracial relationship.

No. 1643538

Say what you will about Glenn Greenwald but he is not afraid to speak truth to power.

No. 1643539

he’s still a “white cis gay” so he’s not safe.

No. 1643541

There’s no way I’m calling a man based, but this one? This one comes pretty close
Unrelated, but I’ve his surname as Grindelwald at first, English is hard

No. 1643543

glenn has became a bit of a cow for getting into twitter fights with 3 follower accounts where he constantly puts his foot in his mouth, and he's not ideologically rw but seems like he'd say any old shit for a check as long as it kinda fits his brand, so i'd say his credibility could reasonably be called into question even by people who arent tranny enjoyers - but he's still more or less a mainstream journalist with a lot of purchase and ability to get published, and a considerable amount of goodwill for him out there. im glad he's willing to put his neck out for this

No. 1643550

I assumed by DIY they meant ‘be your own endocrinologist!’ and not make your own hormones lol. I’ve looked at the directory in the past and it does link to legitimate international online pharmacies, some of which I’ve used in the past to order shit like tretinoin. Underage trannies better not get them shut down. Idk about the ‘bathtub’ estrogen but for things like spironolactone they’re ordering from actual pharmacies that don’t require a prescription. Not defending them, just clearing things up.

No. 1643551

Maybe, but still it's one thing for trannies to witch hunt women and another to do it with men, men don't get cancelled, especially not one with money and well known in his field.

No. 1643552

Interesting choice from the jannies. Anyone have a working link?

No. 1643555

It's still in the Catalog, you just have to scroll down.

No. 1643558

It got autosaged because it was being derailed with kiwi shit and kiwis don't know how to sage.

No. 1643559

No. 1643561

The guy who owns it makes his own estrogen at home and sends it to minors to inject themselves with.

No. 1643564

That’s interesting, thanks for looking it up, as I’m too fucking lazy and the design of the site didn’t make it any easier on my eyes.
I still don’t agree with self-medicating, but it’s way less fucked up, than I thought. Calling it DIY HRT is dumb, though, learn the meaning behind a word before using it for fuck’s sake. Or don’t cry, when people get rightfully confused

I’ll look into it myself, of course, I’m not a lazy redditor, but a link would be really nice

No. 1643565

Someone spoon feed me on this please, does he profit from it?

No. 1643569

I didn’t dispute that, I’m clarifying what the rest of the directory is because some anons seem to think it’s a guide to making hormones when it’s really a guide to purchasing them.

No. 1643571

Idk about any “we” but I am upset that trannies can whine until they get their way.

No. 1643573

Good for you.

No. 1643576

Big tech censorship and the death of the internet as we knew it.

No. 1643577

File: 1662743168663.png (64.55 KB, 593x445, singal.png)

No. 1643581

Hopefully someone else chimes in because I myself haven’t looked into the legitimacy of the clandestine estrogen. I have no idea if it’s actually been proven the guy synthesizes it himself opposed to redistributing it or some shit. The person they claim is behind it is Bobposting on Twitter.

No. 1643583

Laws don't matter that much, if trannies can shut down wrongthink just by lying and complaining. You don't even have to like Kiwifarms to see why this sets a horrible precedent.

No. 1643584

Am I allowed to report a post because the gif is smells like scrote?

No. 1643585

That DIY site has links to an online seller that sells testosterone without a prescription. That is illegal. They even have that disclaimer in the transmasc section.

No. 1643587

they are buying drugs from foreign labs labeled for "research purposes."

No. 1643588

To be fair they’re using the word DIY, and as far as I’m aware it has only one meaning. >>1643570
It have been what? A few days days? Wait for it, we’ll see much more shit like this in the future. For now they’re creaming themselves over “taking down” the biggest terf hub (kek) on the Internet. Who knows, who’ll be their next target (women, the answer is always women with those fuckers).
Can’t believe, KF was fucked by a limp tranny dick of all the dicks, that wanted to fuck them.

No. 1643589

go ahead since it's probably that spamming degenerate anyway

No. 1643590

File: 1662743594863.png (335.42 KB, 1004x486, bobposting.png)

This is the guy who runs the HRT Directory

No. 1643592

jesse is going to fuck this up like he always does

No. 1643593

File: 1662743697503.png (423.96 KB, 607x634, bobposting2.png)

No. 1643594

File: 1662743735833.jpg (40.85 KB, 720x900, tumblr_4232632817a433fda281d5f…)

I'm upset that a pedo groomer tranny can get an entire website removed and have multiple articles full of blatant misinformation written in his favor by major news publications. Meanwhile porn sites full of rape and cp, and actual terrorist sites, are allowed to remain untouched. But it's just a man facing no consequences for his actions, and getting what he wants, same old story since time began. I'm not surprised that any of this is happening but I am salty about it.

No. 1643595

What's the KF screenshot in the tweet say? And is that [Blaine]?

No. 1643598

I'm sure it's all very hygienic.

No. 1643600

jfc this is so vile

No. 1643601

it's the suppliers in other countries who are making it and selling it, like otokonokopharma dot com. it's in the diy hrt list in tttt and the feds know about every vendor on the list, even the russian one, because they constantly get tips on it. the people home brewing it in their bathtubs aren't americans so they are outside legal jurisdiction, but it is extremely dangerous to direct minors into purchasing unregulated pharmaceuticals. it's illegal to direct anyone not just minors to it, like bodybuilders selling each other steroids.

No. 1643604

jesse has so many run ins with you insane people, your screen shots show nothing and makes keffals case look worse. so thanks

No. 1643605

As you can see here >>1643593 these preparations are not proper pharmaceutical products. They are hormones bought in raw bulk form probably mostly from China and India and dissolved in a carrier medium (oil) by the black market troons and a kawaii-desu-ne label slapped onto it. This is a pretty far cry from just listing sources to order stuff off of online. The pills (spiro) might be just sourced from some sketchy overseas online pharmacy (bad enough, there's a lot of counterfeit shit there) but the injectable preparations are homemade. The "bathtub" stuff of course is a meme but this is in no way a legitimate product.

No. 1643607

Honestly, I'm surprised no one has died from it (that we know of?), nevermind the effects of htr, someone will probably get some weird bacteria sooner or later.

No. 1643608

Yeah, those injectable vials and their contents need to be sterilized and since everything involved is sourced from questionable sources and troons aren't known for their hygeine it's only a matter of time. The operations that distribute anabolic steroids are pretty similar as is the process of making the injectable preparations but the scrote weightlifters are more professional about it.

No. 1643609

Is anyone taking one for the team and watching Josh's stream? I can't stand his ass so I won't be but if there is any news please let us know.

No. 1643611

blaine tweeted some nonsense to jesse to clog up his feed, make trannies look insane, and just in general muddy the waters. thanks retard!

No. 1643612

Oh god, I just hope that some tired Chinese slave didn’t send 2-cb or something similar to those poor kids by mistake. It’s still better than estrogen, but one dose can fuck you up for life
So he actually send homemade estrogen to children. It’s so fucked up how proudly he admits to it.
What’s even worse - you inject it into your bloodstream. There’s so many things, that can go wrong, even if you exclude blood-transmitted diseases. I’ve known some needle addicts, that shit is no joke. Even the most careful of them regularly got abscesses or shit like that. Certified nurse I knew had her leg amputated, because of all the heroin she injected, and she knew what she was doing. Children don’t.

No. 1643613

I assume we will hear A LOT more stories in the future from kids who have died or had horrible side effects from HRT and puberty blockers, not just from DIY, but even from doctor approved treatments. Parents and the kids (once they are adults) will come forward and there will be millions of lawsuits against doctors and pharmaceutical companies. Then everyone will cry out "HOW COULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN?! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING?!"

No. 1643614

I am, but right now he's just giving commentary on various videos covering this shit. Him taking time off for the family thing is still in the future, and he's going to have a press release about the optimistic thing he posted about on poast. the stream didn't work for me in the beginning so I might've missed some stuff.

No. 1643617

File: 1662744657999.jpg (366.85 KB, 1869x2048, pedo tranny hormones.jpg)

DIY HRT refers to both bathtub hormones and hormones bought online outside of a prescription from something like inhousepharmacy. otonokoko (may have misspelled sry) is run by a brazilian tranny who i believe makes them in his bathtub to sell to others in anime pedo packaging (see picrel) but if you go on reddit, people share tutorials on how to DIY. https://gist.github.com/nerotard/f9fb97d0bbb135f56d73c521b5bb2b2b this is an example

No. 1643619

While messed up teenage trannies should not be consuming potent anti androgens that can also dangerously reduce your blood pressure lol

No. 1643620

File: 1662744745907.jpg (665.74 KB, 2048x1937, EvtCQ4VWEAEw-De.jpg)

It says "Keep out of reach of parents" on the package.

No. 1643621

Thanks! I knew they were calling it bathtub estrogen but wasn’t sure if it was a running joke that some were taking too seriously. Seeing the labels on the bottle is enough to know it’s being made and bottled by weirdos.

Wow, I’m really surprised about that. I don’t recall the directory including testosterone when I looked at it months ago.

No. 1643622

They’re not based enough to just put dbol in a package instead of estradiol /s mostly

No. 1643623

If this is not enough to get you believing in objective metaphysical evil, I don't know what is.

No. 1643626

If these retards get inhousepharma shut down I’ll be very mad

It is surprising considering how notoriously unhygienic these people are. I’m also surprised we haven’t heard of some TIF’s little sister coming into contact with their Androgel and becoming virilized.

No. 1643627

"Ideally, you would be on T through legal means. However, you may not have the privilege or desire, so this guide may be of better use for you.

Regardless, if you are willing to attempt DIY, it is a preferable option to not being on T for many. "

"If you choose to order testosterone without a prescription, it will be illegal in most countries (although the risk of a domestic order being seized, let alone any person in possession of anabolic steroids for personal use being prosecuted, is unheard of). Testosterone is legal to possess without a prescription in the UK."

No. 1643633

Absolute garbage packaging on top of everything.

No. 1643636

This is an imageboard. Post a screenshot.

No. 1643638

The fuck is that packaging? Somehow it makes the whole ordeal much worse
I simply can’t with those people. Hold me, please, or I’m going to a-log so hard, you’ll be able to see my rage from the moon.
I have no words

So it basically a guide on how to make DIY T. Isn’t it illegal? I know for sure it’s illegal to spread information like that in my country

No. 1643639

Andy Ngo is a gay Asian.
JK Rowling is a woman.
Clarence Thomas is black.

Labels can only be used as shields by the left.. Glen will be called a white supremacist terrorist no matter what he is.

No. 1643643

File: 1662745405704.jpg (56.99 KB, 510x680, EvtCRatWQAM_UUh.jpg)

There is also this side of the package

No. 1643644

they are pedophiles

No. 1643646

At least the packaging makes it impossible for them to claim they’re not targeting children.

No. 1643647

can jesse PLEASE actually talk to null and not get third hand info from TWITTER or r/drama of all places?? do your fucking job and interview him!

No. 1643648

File: 1662745569123.png (Spoiler Image, 797.85 KB, 1079x798, bathtub_estrogen.png)

This is from their official website where they sell this shit.

No. 1643650

>Hey siri how do I delete other people’s pictures

Also is .top working for anyone else?

No. 1643651

Troonshine or not no doctor will ever recommend self medication, specially without a health check first.

No. 1643655

Now, that's a website that deserves to be taken down.

No. 1643656

No. 1643660

kiwifarms.top (and .cc) I just heard is being blocked at a DNS level by Cloudflare (, some ISPs use this or some setups are configured to use it out of the box. Try something like https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using but I have not tried it myself, I'm using Tor for now

No. 1643662

What are the odds Fox News might run a story on this? Deranged transsexuals giving bathtub hormones to kids is the kind of thing that would get their viewers frothing at the mouth.

No. 1643663

Tucker has been happy to go after the troons before, so perhaps we can hope.

No. 1643664

Of course not and sorry if my post made it sound like self medicating is fine. Fucking up your endocrine system is genuinely retarded but some people seemed unclear as to what the directory actually is.

No. 1643665

File: 1662746281585.jpg (37.37 KB, 1080x219, IMG_20220909_135516_063.jpg)

I find this so funny I don't know why

No. 1643667

and then everyone clapped

No. 1643668

Okay, I’m going to hug my cat and cry for a bit, it’s too much to handle on my own.

No. 1643676

I want to write an article about the whole ordeal so fucking badly, but it’s not my field of expertise and my publication is to progressive to let me post it
Can someone, please, point me towards somewhat objective articles? I’ll send them to my local feminist org, they’ll be delighted

No. 1643677

Well I'm glad these disgusting trannies are poisoning themselves but they have to leave minors alone

No. 1643679

No. 1643683

Because it shows only terminally online children or adults who are on the same emotional and intellectual level as children care about Keffals "winning."

No. 1643684

No. 1643685

Too progressive to let you talk about it at all, or too progressive to let you talk about things like trannies? Maybe you could word things in a way that sounds progressive while exposing real facts like how Cloudflare hosts terrorist websites and Keffals himself encourages harassment, doxxing and swatting..

No. 1643687

the reduxx sidebar will make libs immediately clock it as a terf site, i wish places like this would post about womens issues other than trannies just because trannies are what get clicks lol, anyone with a shred of media literacy could tell it's not a balanced source (which is fine by me, but some subtlety would be nice)

No. 1643688

No. 1643690

Is there any proof that the farmhands here are actually real women?(unsaged autism)

No. 1643692

No. 1643694

i was just reading this, all it is missing is the liz fong jones connection to a cloudflare competitor. i don't think journalists should get all the blame, there's plenty to go around for tech trannies too. most of whom are the ones censoring the social media platforms to begin with. a tranny wrote it so i guess they are still a little biased towards their own community.

No. 1643695

File: 1662748258454.png (71.1 KB, 826x286, Screenshot 2022-09-09 14.30.51…)


Better article than most though

No. 1643698

lol absolutely not these people. kaitlyn tiffany and taylor lorentz are the useful idiots making this mess for their tranny handlers. is taylor stucky cinematic and creamy, the obnoxious tranny shitting up redscare and cumtown, clout-chasing with jesse and being generally a menace across most social media?

No. 1643703

File: 1662748808787.jpg (19.6 KB, 320x320, 200217303_327680222149941_1117…)

if so, this person was a rich kid almost 30 going to film school begging jesse for a boost posing as a college freshman. so gross how they've been able to climb, pathetic on the part of people boosting "her."

No. 1643704

Both, probably. I usually write about illegal drugs, harm reduction and all that jazz, so DIY HRT will be right at home, but it’s too hot of a topic. I’ve written about HRT before, but it was science-related piece, nothing too crazy. Cloudflare fiasco is relevant too, since it’s still being used by some of our sponsors, it’ll be really nice, if it makes them lose money. Maybe it’s the way to go about, since I don’t even have to mention tranny shit, but I’ll have to consult with my bosses first.

I love my job, it allows a lot of freedom, even if I have to conceal some controversial stuff, but, god, it’s annoying to walk on eggshells sometimes.

Thanks for all the links! I’ll talk to my girlies, I’m sure we’ll come up with some ways to share the info.

No. 1643709

whats the backstory?

No. 1643712

Shit like this is all straight up horrifying.
Several years ago I remember first hearing about DIY hormones. When I looked into it, it was nearly always troons taking birth control pills that they got from handmaidens who were doubling up on prescriptions like this (one set of pills from their normal doctor, another set from planned parenthood or similar that they got for free or close to free). Those resources are meant to be there for people who can't afford them, not some AGP who wants to fast-track his "transformation" because he wasn't getting by gatekeeping therapists and the like.

Digressing, at least it was medication that cleared FDA, even if taking hormones without a doctor's advice is stupid as hell. So few talk about how even "official" hormones can cause cancer and all that. Ever know anyone who's died from cancer from this? I have, and it's not a death I wish on anyone except those who are pushing this shit while saying that there's no harm in it. It's slow, excruciating, and nightmarish to witness if it's happening to a loved one.

The DIY hormones that are coming from god knows where and with god knows what in them, there are going to be some horrific things that happen in time to at least some who are taking them. Anyone pushing this shit needs to be jailed for life.

No. 1643719

Also a doctor or even a nurse would teach you how safely inject yourself, I bet there is a lot of needle sharing in the DIY hormone community.

No. 1643725

> Oh god, I just hope that some tired Chinese slave didn’t send 2-cb or something similar to those poor kids by mistake.
Remember when some shady Chinese vendor confused 2-CB-FLY and DOB-FLY and people died? Same folks who are probably making the troonshine.

No. 1643730

>hides it from parents
You know i'm surprised Libstiktok haven't posted this yet. Would be great to point it out that Lucas is behind it.

No. 1643735

Research chemicals is a fascinating topic by itself, but yeah, one mistake and you’re dead or crippled for life. Test your drugs, girls, even if it came from trusted vendor

No. 1643738

I found this (https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/08/diy-hormone-replacement-therapy/498044/) but idk if it'll help. You could use kiwifarms to gather the lucas connection with the diy website, along with reduxx.

No. 1643742

Nta but I used to take 25c-nbome when I was a dumb teenager, is that what you're referring to? I wouldn't even touch drugs nowadays because of the possibility of fentanyl poisoning. Idk why they can't just put that shit in tranny drugs.

No. 1643746

How is that people don't look at this and immediately see that's evil. From the hormones being mixed DIY from who knows fucking what, to sold to minors,, to "keep out of reach of parents! hehe", finally to pedo package. I'm not talking about troons, cause they cheer on this thing, i'm talking about people who support Keffals & scream drop kiwifarms. See this, CNN.

No. 1643752

or because it never happened kek

No. 1643756

They don't know about it. Normies still think trannies are just innocent victims who just want to pee and were "born in the wrong body".

No. 1643760

Thanks, I’ll look into it and see what I can make out of it.

I’ve reached someone, who is willing to publish DIY HRT part and I will probably write a piece on the whole KF thing anyway, just in case my editor will like it. Thanks for all the help, you are all amazing and I’d send you flowers if weren’t so anonymous <3

Research chemicals are basically modified existing drugs, they’re not illegal per se, so you can order them online or even buy them in regular stores. But those substances weren’t researched and tested properly, so you can easily die from it or experience very bad side effects. Some of them get eventually banned, but new ones created all the time, so it can be hard to keep up. There’s a shitton of different nbomes, amphetamines, opioids and any other types of drugs you can imagine. The most known are probably Spice, Bath salts and plant food, the first is basically a synthetic cannabis, while bath salts usually refer to alpha-pvp (google that shit, it’s wild) and plant food to mephedrone (4-mmc) and similar compounds. They were sold legally at gas stations and other stores for a pretty long time, usually labeled “not for human consumption” to avoid closer inspection.
Nbome is a psychedelic and in this it’s quite similar to dob and 2-cb. The dosing is very different though, it’s very easy to overdose if you don’t which one you’re taking. Read PiHKAL and TiHKAL if you’re interested, Shulgin is probably one of the greatest drug researchers out there,
I can honestly talk about this stuff for hours, sorry…

No. 1643761

It really drives home that they are targetting minors and not some adult trans who is just trying to get hormones for cheaper or unavailable were they are. But mostly I'm confused how authorities aren't cracking down on it for something like trafficking or irregular production of pharmaceutical stuff.

No. 1643763

>I'm confused how authorities aren't cracking down on it
Because the government and the powers that be support trooning of children.

No. 1643764

> I assumed by DIY they meant ‘be your own endocrinologist!’ and not make your own hormones
well thank you actually. i'm not following this closely and was under the impression troons instructed kids on how to make hormones. DIY woodworking videos don't tell you to buy your wooden chair from your local carpenter because he "does it himself". i did know about the illegality and about the bathtub estrogen, but i opened the transmasc section genuinely believing there was a way to make testosterone at home lol. MTF troon doctor anne lawrence says he made estrogen himself as a teenager, so i thought chemist-like kids do this kind of shit that's all.

No. 1643767

trannies liz fong jones and his husband want cloudflare to lose money because they run it's competitor fastly and want to edge cloudflare out. it's so digusting how tech enabled these autists to have so much money to play with.

No. 1643768

That’s basically my biggest problem with the whole DIY shit. If you’re an adult, I don’t care, chop off your dick and dilate all you want, it’s not my place to police your body. But they’re clearly targeting children, which makes it so much worse. I can’t believe it’s even remotely legal

Well, as we found out in this very thread, they do have actual guides on making bathtub T and E, so…

No. 1643769

must be why the trans aids rate is so high

No. 1643771

because they know they'd be gone if they went up against the pharmaceutical companies instead of making fun of cringe teachers and attacking the educational system like a conservative lapdog

No. 1643772

File: 1662753278999.png (72.16 KB, 787x985, domain.png)

imagine boomers clicking on this instead of the actual site.

No. 1643773

because not only are they grooming children to be trans, they are grooming them to become future pedophiles as well. more pedos, more acceptance

No. 1643774

I thought that was due to the HSTSs fucking around as gay guys do but now I'm gonna think about this more

No. 1643775

>Some of them get eventually banned
RIP methoxetamine, the best drug ever created.. I still feel sad about that from time to time lol. I won't fuck with any other RCs anymore though, just too dangerous.

No. 1643777

probably both

No. 1643778

There is a form of HRT that you put on your body (patch? sorry, I completely forgot the right word), why can’t they at least make it that way?

No. 1643779

there's so much "transwomen inject heroin porn" on /tttt/ that the needle ritual is part of the fetistic nature of being "transformed against their will." it probably makes them feel extra euphoric larping the abuse sex trafficked women endure.

No. 1643786

>they do have actual guides on making bathtub T and E
where? lol. i've been through this thread and nothing suggests so. also i've never seen a troon mention homemade testosterone (which is why i was curious about them calling it DIY in the first place).

No. 1643790

I miss legal mephedrone, it was very addictive, but great for my ADHD, amphetamines are too damn stimulating and makes me angry. God, I hate war on drugs

Okay, I have a weirdest theory about it, but
Injecting drugs can become an addiction by itself, so I think it’s quite common for people like that to get hooked on the process of shooting up. I’m a former addict myself and I LOVED snorting, the drugs didn’t matter. I even crashed my antipsychotic pills and snorted them, instead of taking them the usual way. It’s like you associate the high with the process, so you’ll get weirdly calm and happy, while preparing a track. So I can see some tranny getting an euphoria boner after injecting estrogen and getting hooked from it. Also all the addict trannies I knew were shooting up, I’ve never even seen them smoke or snort. Weird how it can be.

Sorry, it was on github, I don’t think they posted a guide on the site. My bad

No. 1643814

If Keffals thinks this is going to turn into him having a stable fanbase he's sadly mistaken. It's already happening now, it's like, "hey thanks for getting ride of the murderous website that was killing us, but yeah, remember you said this? Still don't like you! Thanks tho but you need to be cancelled!"
Say what you want about Null but he has had an stable audience of idiot scrotes who will stand behind him. Who will support shit outside of the website, who'll sit on telegram ALL DAY. Who show up to his streams regardless of who/what he's talking about. Keffals doesn't have that.
He needs Kiwifarms to stay relevent. He's not well liked in the trans community and it's not unnoticed his fanbase seems VERY young.
I had a friend who saw the CNN shit and they told me that, they followed loosely the Keffals shit and was with the "Down with Kiwifarms" but then saw how he looked and was like, "yeah this is a grown man, fuck him". I feel like showing his full body and he doesn't "pass" also, made some normies involved kinda back away as well.

No. 1643823

they are talking about the farms and keffails on h3 podcast right now

No. 1643832

no way he's crying live about his computer getting taken away by the powice :( and literally used the words "taking my means of living away" when he bragged about doing the same thing to destiny when he got destiny banned on twitch.
anyone got that tweet? i can't track it down atm.

No. 1643833

>I can’t believe it’s even remotely legal
I mean I don't think it is? I wonder if there are loop holes or grey areas about diy hrt and distributing it in France, uk, etc., I doubt but still. The Brazilian lolicon troon, the one most brought up, is 100% outside Brazilian law and could be denounced for several things, but even if he were you can't have high expectations for him to be punished or stop because Brazil. But amazing that shit isn't stopped when it's entering other countries.

No. 1643836

They’re talking about the diy hrt, keffals calls it “last resort sort of thing” Ethan replies “it makes sense, there’s no hormone making here guys”

No. 1643837

apperently he blamed KF for christ chruch. I hope someone is archiving this, seriously, can't josh easily sue for everyone flat out blaming him for something thats 1000% false?

No. 1643839

bunch of certified retards. thank you for sacrificing your brain cells listening to that sperging and reporting, nonna.

No. 1643840

keffer saying kf hacked the irish troon and thats how they doxxed him

did he forget he was streaming from the same fucking room his troon friend streams from?

No. 1643841

But I thought the irish troon had really good opsec. They evaded paramilitary groups.

No. 1643843

Ethan doesn’t even know how to ask good questions. Keffals sounds like he’s using a voice modifier. He keeps referring to Josh being a shitty guy for Christchurch thing as nonna just said.

No. 1643844


No. 1643847

> Hila “you’re saving lives” @keffals
> Ethan “Fuck kiwifarms forever, thank you for your service Keffals”
Just going over everything we talked about here, nothing new other than Keffals inflating his ego and Ethan digging himself into a deeper hole.

No. 1643849

He'll just say he read it on CBC and thought that was a credible source. Thats how journo scum protect each other from defamation lawsuits.

No. 1643851

Ethan almost said “yes sir” to keffals but quickly corrected himself. When it’s archived / on yt I’ll try to find the time stamp to post here

No. 1643853

ethan misgendering keffails looooool

No. 1643854

I bet he is still keeping up with his thread despise the technical issues.

No. 1643855

These fucks have to continue with the whole Christchurch lie huh. The fact that Josh stood up to an unreasonable request from a country and was right to do so is more ballsy than these chucklefucks would ever do. It escapes most people that Josh protected actual Kiwi users that wanted to know wtf was going on from prison is beyond them. He has a spine, say what you will.
Ethan should know the corn still grows lol he’s thirsty af for Lucas’s ass.

No. 1643856

File: 1662760940943.png (162.13 KB, 1070x420, Screenshot 2022-09-09 16.39.32…)

(posted in prior thread last time, sorry)

Just saw a clip from Josh's stream where he said "any port in a storm" in response to people criticizing him for signing up on poa.st, which is full of lolicon. If anyone was wondering whether this scrote actually had principles, well, I don't know where you've been hiding, but of course he doesn't, not when it might interfere with him getting some asspats from his fans, too bad this one blew up in his face. Not.
Josh's simps, of course, will defend him to the death. This post was particularly telling to me because he refers to a 'dispute' over lolicon where he threatened defederation with Poast. The defederation with Poast did not happen, and Poast continues to host lolicon, so apparently the 'dispute' was resolved by Josh getting convinced that this is acceptable.
This is typical Josh behavior and if any of you thinks he's anything but utterly devoid of principles, she is deluding herself. He will talk a good game about this issue and a few others but it doesn't really matter: Internet friends and clout are more important. Remember this isn't a hosting provider. This is just a place for him to "tweet" and get asspats from his simps.

No. 1643863

Poast is literally run by loliposters. It's not the same thing.

No. 1643866

Relentless harassment of Trish: he sleeps, or actually, cosigns
Scrotes in spinny skirts crying: he wakes, or actually, lauches a crusade

No. 1643868

From where I started watching I don’t think he mentioned his own thread at all. He just said multiple times he’s glad that kf got dropped

No. 1643870

> He just said multiple times he’s glad that kf got dropped
Cringe e-celebs the world over are rejoicing his downfall, I fucking hate Josh but this almost makes me want to simp him. Almost.

No. 1643871

Not deleting things people want you not to delete is genocide and murder. Simply not being a lolcow and walking away from the computer screen is simply impossible

No. 1643872

Okay im getting the "page could not be loaded for the .top site, and now there is a new working .is site. What is going on now?

No. 1643876

It's fucking gross, but unfortunately, most social media sites are run by sick scrotes, including Twitter and Facebook. I have no doubt in my mind that Zuck went to Epstein's island.

No. 1643882

Can't be arsed, if it's forced into darkweb it's already dead.

No. 1643883

you may have to change your DNS server https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using
but also

No. 1643885

Tor is really not that hard to use. Takes less than 5 minutes. It's a mild pain in the ass and makes the site way slower but so what? I just hope that the female part of the userbase bothers, because otherwise it will only be the insufferable scrotes left, plenty of whom are using Tor right now. Plus it is a good thing to have/skill to learn (if you can even call it a "skill", it's point and click.)

No. 1643889

File: 1662762499751.png (90.09 KB, 771x461, lolcow.png)

No. 1643896

File: 1662762984131.png (81.93 KB, 666x375, Screenshot 2022-09-09 18.37.10…)

Unironically, go talk to @CommieDGurl on Twitter (Laura/Blake Hobbs), who was also quoted at length in the Reduxx piece. Commie is a TiM who got a thread on KF after a (funny, let's be serious) public meltdown, was doxed, but learned a few things from the experience, namely the fact that tranny degeneracy as described on KF is very real and KF does a service in that regard.

No. 1643898

last resort my ass. countless times its been posted, the reddit screenshots where someone mentions that they think they might trans and without fail, a predditor is already directing them to DIY HRT as well as info on paying with crypto, direction to not speak of being a minor, etc. These are kids/teens who haven't even talked to their parents yet about being trans and they're still bombarded with this.

No. 1643909

Kiwis sure regard this guy as some kind of intellectual, uh?

No. 1643913

Who said that? He's the token "based" tranny, but he would be ideal for the anon who wants to write a piece about this situation without offending the wokies.

No. 1643921

Ethan is fat and I would not have sex with him.
Anons who watched: was he drooling over Keffals like he does with any other pornstar he interviews in front of his wife?

No. 1643930

I’ve been thinking about doing just that, but thanks for the suggestion anyways. I’d love to interview more people, esp trans, who disagree with Keffals tactics, since it will be more impactful this way.

No. 1643932

“Otokonoko” means “little boy” in Japanese by the way in case any anons here didn’t know that. It’s so blatantly disgusting.

No. 1643934

Samefagging, since I’m dumb
I’ve meant >>1643896, obviously

No. 1643937

What, really? Maybe I am over thinking this but isn't "little boy" the last thing the trannies would want to be called since of course they are TRUE AND HONEST little girls? Are they even hiding the pedophilia?

Also meant to ask any of our resident weebs if the anime characters on the hormone bottles were recognizeable and whether they were from something sussy.

No. 1643950

Haven’t they heard about Streisand effect? Internet doesn’t like when you try to hide shit.

It looks like some shota manga, tbh, but I’m not into this shit, so who the fuck knows.

No. 1643958

File: 1662765972598.jpg (189.09 KB, 720x1385, 20220909_202814.jpg)

No. 1643960

File: 1662766030256.png (44.65 KB, 731x308, Screenshot 2022-09-09 19.28.09…)


No. 1643963

Stop talking to the tranny, anon, assuming you are not him talking to himself. He has spammed CP I don't know how many times now and on two occasions I had the misfortune of seeing it myself. Each and every time that this happens it has coincided with him being particularly worked up. But regardless, farmhands have confirmed it in one of the many /meta/ threads he was infesting. He's admitted to it, too, on a few occasions. Whether this is part of his master plan to have the site which will not acknowledge him as One Of The Girls taken down, or typical tranny deriving sexual pleasure from causing women distress, who knows, who cares.

No. 1643971

He referred to himself as Erika in one of his wk samefag spams and said he left some up as a “test” to see how long it would take for it to be taken down

No. 1643973

What are some sites protected by cloudflare that are worse than Kiwifarms?

No. 1643982

hrt (whether T or E) is intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, not intravenous.

subcutaneous injection (like insulin) is extremely easy and you can find many guides online.

nah that's dumb. it's promiscuity/sex work/drugs. if you're out of needles you can skip doses, it's not like you desperately need the injection right now like drugs.

No. 1643983

File: 1662766757532.gif (3.32 MB, 600x338, 89646e070e3a8d09a838334e0ddeb4…)

Go back.

Everyone who is here knows the score on this situation because we've been having to deal with his bullshit for months now. This is his exact M.O.: do a thing, cry about the thing, blame it on his enemies. Moreover it's obvious that the only reason he does any of his bullshit here is because it upsets women and he gets off on that because he is a sick freak. He's never been a good-faith participant and the CP is just an extension of that. He is what a troon is and any nonnies who weren't peaked before, hopefully are now.

No. 1643985

For the nonnas who want to access to KF but have troubles with the .top link (only available for IPv6) and dont want to download Tor for the .onion , theres https://kiwifarms.is/ that works great for both IPv6 and IPv4 on the clearnet, althought Josh forgot to mention it earlier, dont forget to mention it on the next thread , that would be helpful!

No. 1643986

he also said before in one of his rages that he is never going to be able to get a job working around kids because he's a pedo, along with saying he thinks children are sexual and said he fantasizes about r*ping children
admin of soyjak also confirmed he's a cp spamming pedo too based on his ip ranges and how they're only active when he's online spamming

No. 1643995

have you missed their war against Boston Children Hospital that gives mastectomies to young girls? LoTT should talk about this black market shit, its not gonna affect Big Pharma or whatsover

No. 1643996

Plus, you'd think that if everyone made it clear to him that he's not wanted, he'd clear off if his intentions were anything but bad. He is here typing one-handed because traumatizing us is his fetish, same reason the likes of him want to watch you pee in a bathroom. He's a pretty depraved person, going so far as to dox his sister and talking about raping her. Then he will try to seek sympathy and call himself a victim. He is a genuinely twisted individual who needs to be institutionalized. He thinks that because some of the people he hates are also sickos then we'll somehow sympathize with him. In other words, he thinks we're dumb: he thinks we're what he thinks women are because as always, scratch a troon and you will find a misogynist.

No. 1644000

My bad, my knowledge with injections mostly comes from drug addicts, so it’s heavily skewed. Forgot for a second, that people use insulin with no problems
Probably terrorist sites, there’s at least 7 groups, protected by them. And some Russian drug markets were using it too. I can’t remember which ones, but I’ll look into it, if you’re interested.

No. 1644001

No idea but DesTiny deserves him. He's the worst kind of fake-ally "male feminist", pro-troon, pro-sex work, so it is hilariously fitting if his internet career is put down by a troon.

No. 1644002

this, he's openly made tons of comments calling women breeders and saying he wants to rape women and they deserve rape, he's spamming here because he is a mentally ill woman-hating rapist pedophile moid and harassing us gets him off
hope admin was serious about being in contact with law enforcement so he can be locked away in a male prison where he belongs

No. 1644004

True, but if hormones are given intramuscular not subq, which I believe is the usual practice, then any contamination in the solution can be extremely dangerous due to creating an abscess. Like, loose-a-limb dangerous. Those complications can be worse than IV ones.

No. 1644005

samefag, should have said subq abscess can be really bad but IM can be even worse

No. 1644008

can you fucking drooling LoTT fans gtfo? sorry, targeting a children’s hospital is deranged, everybody hates you, you are every bit as histrionic and psycho as the worst tranny, im not trying to get banned but please know im a-logging you in my mind

No. 1644009

I haven't really been following the story but was the threats towards the hospital confirmed to be tranny-related? And even if they were, I would not really be at all surprised if it were trannies falseflagging.

No. 1644022

women don't use the phrase "BBC"

No. 1644029

This gif always makes me laugh

No. 1644037

1:34:15 (sorry better time stamp)
>”Yes sir-Yes Ma’am”

No. 1644038

> Keffals placed above the queen (RIP)
checks out

No. 1644039

Can anyone strong and brave make a recap, please? I can’t stand Ethan and his fat face

No. 1644044

Literally nothing new is said at all, not really worth listening to honestly. Ethan can’t do a good interview, he doesn’t ask good questions that havent been asked before, Keffals is just parroting what he has already said before.

No. 1644045

Samefag but all this has done is given Keffals even more reach to retard H3 fans. Kiwi is going to keep getting shot down

No. 1644046

Hey, wasn't there a furry (hypnotistsappho) who threatened to an hero? In a hospital?

And isn't their friend (ZrCalo) opening sucking Keffals dick?

Really makes you think!

No. 1644049

I will note when Ethan asked about the DIY HRT Keffals seemed a bit nervous to answer @
1:19:11 and then >>1643836

No. 1644054

So if Keffals is so confident in his victory, why doesn't he move back home to Canada now? What is exactly the point of him staying in Europe?

No. 1644055


No. 1644057

If you had the choice, would you live in Canada, nonnie?

No. 1644059

And what happened to the supposed fiance who had his only copy of his thesis on a hard drive taken by the cops. Did Keffals just bail and leave him behind to deal with the mess?

No. 1644067

He gets off on attention whoring and playing the victim, it's the closest he will get to sexual satisfaction after turning his dick inside out. He's going to milk the gravy train until everybody gets annoyed with his BPD autismo delusions of grandeur

No. 1644069

lol topkek watching keffals crumble infront of a normie like ethan. keffals dodged every accusation ethan wanted clarification about and looked nervous as hell. if these rumours were fake why couldnt he address them instead of just scoffing like a pig and saying nothing is real. his argument was "these people tell people harass people enough to unalive themselves - try not take what they say with a grain of salt".

keffals has a face for the radio…stick to the tweets bud

No. 1644070

Your last sentence read like this gif >>1643983

No. 1644075


No. 1644080

you’re clearly mentally insane if you rather side w the trannies instead of being against of a hospital that offers to mastectomies to 15yo girls, fuck you and your retarded alog shit idfc, LoTT was not attacking to the children She was attacking at the irresponsible surgeons and nurses that knew what they were doing to children. Atp just say you’re okay w girls mutilating themselves at 15, cuz you seems to be very far from "peaking"

No. 1644083

Since I guess you aren't the troon (but are still a kiwiscrote who cannot sage and likes anime) I'll respond. The post you are replying to says that it is different for Josh to join poa.st, which is a notorious haven for lolicon/pedoshit, than it is for him to participate in a site which has a CP problem (which would apply to Twitter, etc.) The admins of poa.st are into that shit and it is explicitly allowed under the rules. Josh and Metokur and a bunch of their stupid fanboys joined up because apparently they, too, are OK with this, all cope to the contrary is just that: cope. I am glad to see that this kerfuffle has now lead people to start giving Graf (the owner of poast) a hard time, because he deserves it. If he is not a pedophile himself he is OK being in their company, or at the very, very best he is so used to the company of terminally online creepy scrotes that he believes there is some ambiguity to be found regarding drawn depictions of the rape of children. Josh joined the site, seeing no issue with this, apparently, and in the cap I posted above he dug the hole even deeper for himself by saying that he was in some kind o argument with the poa.st people before about loli, which apparently the lolicons won because Josh is now in effect endorsing them, or was until people started giving him shit for it. When Ethan Ralph, who's been going after the poast people, starts looking like the better advocate for women and children, you've well and truly fucked up.

No. 1644085

Brushing it to the side is the only thing he can do right now to lazily cover his tracks. Deny, deny, deny. Kiwifarms is down so no one can look at the info coverage that I many others saw happening in real time; until Null and company(?) arrive with the comprehensive timeline (and possibly evidence that users on kiwi didnt dox Lucas) Lucas will think he's controlling the narrative when in reality he is digging a deeper hole for himself when its revealed that hes changed the story multiple times on his involvement with evidence showing for a fact he was running the catboy ranch operations from the start. This fat linebacker built troon is over already and it's only a matter of time.

No. 1644090

File: 1662772816175.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)

No. 1644092

> and possibly evidence that users on kiwi didnt dox Lucas
Excuse me?

No. 1644104

How is calling a hospital for an inquiry harassment?

No. 1644106

Is anyone collecting all the info on Lucas and his lies and making it into a readable document or newsletter? Somewhere that isn't KF?

No. 1644110

Anyone remember when WIRED magazine was actually kind of cool? Probably before some nonnies were born.
> unsaged
> her
go away. now.

No. 1644111

Howard County is frequently cited for its affluence, quality of life, and excellent schools. Its estimated 2016 median household income of $120,194 raised it to the second-highest median household income of any U.S. county.[4] Many of the most affluent communities in the area, such as Clarksville, Dayton, Glenelg, Glenwood, and West Friendship, are located along the Route 32 corridor in Howard County. The main population center of Columbia/Ellicott City was named second among Money magazine's 2010 survey of "America's Best Places to Live."[5]

No. 1644112

I haven't been keeping up very closely, is this moid chopped? He's definitely narcissistically dilating at least one filthy shit-filled hole to all this attention

No. 1644114

File: 1662774945333.jpg (287.68 KB, 1080x2071, whydelet.jpg)

Why did the quoted nonnie delete this?

No. 1644119

looks aren't everything, he still acts like a scrote

No. 1644120

> they
How many Keffals are in the room with you right now?

No. 1644121

File: 1662775367814.jpg (73.43 KB, 720x904, f0c47f38a272899301d4bd1830151d…)


No. 1644127

Lest you forget >>1643271

No. 1644130

File: 1662776278550.png (54.66 KB, 800x496, Fibonacci_Spiral.svg.png)

Uh, his back is clearly shaped according to the golden spiral? How is it not beautiful?

No. 1644133

Moids are so fucking low IQ, no wonder you get scammed into fucking trannies

No. 1644143

he's manlier than the soyboy reporter, kek

No. 1644144

holy shit he does truly have a humpback, im dead nonnas

No. 1644145

Women are prone to that hump too, but usually from osteoporosis. With Keffals I'm going to guess it's from being permanently hunched over a computer keyboard.

No. 1644147

Look into it pls. Having a list would be useful

No. 1644150

some listed here including listed terror organizations and god hates fags
> they
fuck off
it was less annoying when you called him 'she'

No. 1644153

File: 1662778628670.jpg (24.04 KB, 637x217, 20220910_000003.jpg)


No. 1644157

see >>1642850 from last thread, from the Cloudflare wiki page:
>al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades
>al-Quds Brigades
from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloudflare#Controversies

No. 1644158

Exactly, it’s wildseeing the Kiwiscrotes defending KF as a pedohunting site knowing this. Fuck Keffals for being a pedo and fuck Null who apparently only thinks being a pedo is a dealbreaker in certain cases.

No. 1644160

journalists do the job you get paid for, quit asking to be spoonfed, pls. it would be very useful.

No. 1644161

File: 1662779725030.png (217.44 KB, 1083x303, Screenshot 2022-09-09 23.12.49…)

And here's a kiwiscrote (seems to be one of the ones that comes mainly for the political discussions a/k/a to be able to say "nigger") defending the defence of lolicon, but the most interesting part to me was where he says which Null has talked abouttttt…… as if that settles things that their e-daddy has Addressed The Issue(tm). The amount of adulation this nasty scrote gets from his userbase is pathetic. I like parts of KF, I am angry the troon got KF booted off Cloudflare, but it's just simply beyond parody how these scrotes think he can do no wrong.

No. 1644166

nta but she means that taking governments offline is sort of different even if those governments are shitty. however the article linked here >>1644150 is from a few years back when the Taliban was not the government of Afghanistan, so yeah, it's even worse at that point. I'd actually be shocked if it weren't technically illegal for cloudflare to be providing "material support of terrorism" I believe is the legal term in the US, but oh well, at least they are on top of their transphobia problem, r-right?

No. 1644200

Being able to say b-b-but other bad sites! would be useful. Fixed that for you. The retarded copes around kf are really something. That shithole getting shutdown is a win for everyone. And as usual, the troons are eating their own so who even cares.

No. 1644214

All this retardation about muh hamas and taliban just shows how stunted kf scrotes are.
Some fat fuck running a doxxing website and playing internet tough guy is of no interest to anyone except the shallow end of the gene pool. Meanwhile, organisations like the ones getting namechecked for the whatabout defence are an entirely different thing. Any action against them would be a huge geopolitical move and a definite position from a private company that is supposed to be agnostic in that arena. Also, these organisations and their activities are of a great deal of interest to various governments and their security apparatus. ie the exact opposite of kf. Knocking them offline would just make life harder for everyone against them and strengthen their ties with their allies. Leaving them to fuck around and be exploited, however, could yield a lot of intel, provide opportunities for infiltration, and a host of other benefits. If you really think the intelligence agencies of the US haven't had a lot of discussions with cloudflare about these customers and are directing them to let them stay online, you're a fucking idiot.

No. 1644226

And CloudFlare hosts Isis honour killings are you being intentionally obtuse? No1currs about Josh's principals outside of you moralfag.

No. 1644228

Which site of theirs hosts isis honor killings?

No. 1644231

Yet another fluff piece. It wasn't really worth watching but I'll give you a (poor, I'm sorry nonna) quick rundown:
>Lucas is asked about how he is now and if he's moved.
>Lucas gives a rough timeline starting from the start of his KF thread, to the "swatting", to the subsequent hotel doxing (x2) and what transpired in Northern Ireland.
>Ethan asks about why critics of Lucas refer to him as a groomer and then proceeds with questions about the Catboy Ranch.
>Questions about the bathtub HRT. Ethan: "Oh well, it's the last resort and if kids don't have doctors then that makes sense. You're saving lives."
>Muh Culture War
>The Cloudflare and #DropKiwiFarms arc.
>KF did Christchurch and caused X people to unalive.
>"KF wants to kill me too"
>"You did the world a great service" simping.
>Cringe clapping and "Pride Dance"

Some points of interest:
>Claims that his streaming about politics was what caught the attention of the farms (nothing about shit stirring on Twitter or deplatforming Destiny).
>He still insists that an assault rifle was pointed at his head.
>No mention whatsoever of the 100K GFM money or the lawsuit.
>Claims that his UberEats account (along with the Uber accounts of his immediate family) were hacked and that is how his hotel (#2) address was confirmed. If you remember the "OMG you guise, trolls ordered hundreds of dollars worth of food and milk jugs through my Uber" tweets, this story never came up again…almost as if he ordered the food himself.
>Endless stress sighing on the topic of the Catboy Ranch.
>Straight up LIED about only communicating with minors/his fans through Twitch even though there is an active Keffals Community Discord server (that KF infiltrated and witnessed mods doing massive message purges around the time Lucas' devices were seized by London police).

No. 1644233

File: 1662786215757.jpg (239.34 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20220910-150248__01…)

No idea the site isn't named but the internet is a cesspool. Main takeaway is don't trust Null or trannies just let them consume each other.

No. 1644235

So the only reason the site is actually offline is extremely heavy DDoS traffic, which is accomplished through felony acts, which the journos don't admit in any of their stories, meaning they have full blessing to commit as many illegal acts as they wish. How can you win in a society where one side is allowed to violate the law? How can you even call it a rule of law country?

No. 1644248

>You're saving lives!!!
God I hate Ethan so, so much. I bet the catboy stuff is saving lives as well

No. 1644261

File: 1662788780754.png (58.76 KB, 657x257, Screenshot 2022-09-10 01.16.04…)

In case it wasn't obvious, that's Blaine, he's even boasting about it elsewhere.

No. 1644265

Amazing how none of you can blend in.

No. 1644275

Shut up tranny faggot, we get that it isn’t as shiny as yahoo dot com. I’d rather deal with scrotes that identify with their body than you gross fucks.

No. 1644285

So you agree that Cloudflares excuse doesn't make any sense then since they are fine with actual terrorist websites staying online as long as the feds greenlight them? 4chan is okay but Kiwifarms is not because the feds can't use it to groom young men into committing mass shootings? Yeah that sounds principled and just.

No. 1644295

Twitter has 100x more lolicon on it than Poast and actual CP as well. Is everyone who joins twitter signing off on pedophilia?

No. 1644323

oh, that's the post you were replying to.
reading comprehension, or something.
Josh still won't pick you.

No. 1644328

He always acts like “I’m so much smarter than you all lel” but he’s so retarded he lays out everything he says he will do every time because he needs validation and attention. How can someone not have a life this bad

No. 1644329

Glad that you caught this. What an idiot.

No. 1644331

You don't address this point at all in your long rant. Is everyone who uses Facebook and Twitter ok with Pedophilia? Their CEOS rape kids on Epstein Island.

No. 1644338

> You don't address this point at all in your long rant.
Let's let the reader read the 'long rant' and your bullshit and then decide. It could literally be a response to your response to it.

No. 1644343

So you got nothing, got it. kek

No. 1644346

File: 1662797315365.png (35.28 KB, 946x558, how is that not a loli.png)


>if the anime characters on the hormone bottles were recognizeable and whether they were from something sussy.


GC146 is apparently the tranny behind Otokonoko Pharmaceuticals.


nothing about the character's age, but there's no way it lines up with the historical figure who trooned out at 49: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevalier_d%27%C3%89on

No. 1644348

i mean, the guy worked at some of the dirtiest places on the web. hearing out his thoughts doesnt seem that strange to me

No. 1644349

Idk anon you posted two massive paragraphs that could have been summerised in a few sentences. It just makes you seem way too personally invested in Josh. No one outside of some kiwifags actually question his obviously moral ambiguity. In this case I still don't give a shit he is on that website because a. It doesn't surprise me and b. Nearly every website you visit hosts questionable content. Until he starts openly applauding and posting his own shotacon like the troons do he just looks dumb not guilty by association.

No. 1644351

Kiwifarms.cc is back up and Null stopped posting on Poast and went back there, it was always just going to be temporary to reach out to his followers. It's not like he can make an account on twitter or literally anywhere else. He doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to his presence outside of the site because no website that doesn't have a very strong libertarian stance (aka also allows lolicon) will allow Null and Kiwifarms users on their site.

No. 1644352

This is one of the big reasons deplatforming and censorship is so bad. Because you force people into niche communities that are crawling with other undesirable people. If you don't want to "radicalize" people then maybe you shouldn't ban their websites and force the entire userbase to go to even worse places. It's not like these people will disappear. It's not like anyone is going to think "wow Kiwifarms is banned, time to stop being transphobic I guess and start sucking girldick". People just get angrier and are pushed to darker parts of the web. People start out on normie media like twitter and reddit, then they get banned there because they don't kiss troon-ass and go to Kiwifarms, then Kiwifarms gets banned so they go to places like 4chan or other chan boards and suddenly all the conspiracy theories you see don't sound so crazy to you anymore because you have seen with your own eyes, because you went against the narrative and got kicked out of polite society.

No. 1644354

This is so damn true, and part of the main reason censored groups e.g radfems get smeared and tarnished with the same brush as nazis.

No. 1644359

This is also how people become "nazis", which at this point just means anyone who is not far-left. The more wild and irrational things they want to force us to accept as ultimate truth like "women can have penises" the more people will start to question things and start saying "hey, something is not right here, what is actually going on?" and then they will start to peek behind the curtain and find a lot of ugliness there.

No. 1644360

I'm one of the anons who doesn't care where he posts you should probably reply to the one ranting and clutching her pearls for multiple paragraphs.

No. 1644362

I'm agreeing with you, just wanted to add my own point, calm down.

No. 1644363

>Implying I'm not calm
I was literally just telling you to tell her that kek

No. 1644364

It's actually interesting how the word "nazi" evolved from it's original meaning to how it's used to day.

>a Nazi is a member of the NSDAP

>a Nazi is an antisemite who believes in ethnic cleansing and white as the masterrace
>a Nazi is someone who believes white people are superior to other races
>a Nazi is someone who thinks not all races are equal
>a Nazi is someone who doesn't think white people are born with inherent guilt and privilege
>a Nazi is someone who doesn't think trans women are women
>a Nazi is someone who disagrees with me on twitter dot com

No. 1644369

Ot but I wonder if this is what happened to Arielle Scarcella?

No. 1644375

The .is domain has been seized, riperoni

No. 1644379

do you realise that when you incite a mob to harrass workers at a childrens hospital this has negative effects on the rest of the children there, and do you think the avg lott follower is a terf or someone who would throw lesbians and any woman they deem heretical into a meat grinder

your crusade isnt more important than children with cancer being able to get treatment without a gaggle of qanon freaks milling around outside lol, fuck you

No. 1644380

KF posters make a big show of "not a nonce!" because a lot of them probably are one. It's like pedo hunting groups sometimes have convicted pedos working as head of security (lol no this really happened) and how Jimmy Saville wrote a foreword to a stranger danger book.

No. 1644392

tbh the cp angle is already established as a successful line of attack thanks to waybackmachine and becky's claims.

No. 1644394

File: 1662804794093.png (65.29 KB, 587x274, pedojacketwheels.png)

countdown to Travis View from the QanonAnonymous podcast retweeting this

No. 1644402


Do you have a link to any milk about him? He's a peripheral figure for some interests I have and he comes across as a walking stereotype.

No. 1644406


Sorry nonnie I meant Travis View. That was a confusing click until I spotted the name.

No. 1644408

No. 1644422

Me too

No. 1644423


tor version just seems to need a page refresh every once in a while.

No. 1644430

anime was a mistake

No. 1644431

File: 1662814615488.png (439.61 KB, 785x1280, ree fuck kiwifarms ree.png)

wasn't this some gamergate schizo?

No. 1644436

They don’t even realize that kf being forced to potentially change their name might be better for the site in the future. They just need something to do, what with the chopped cocks and self induced erectile dysfunction.

No. 1644438

There was no crusade. People on the internet always say that they get death threats when they want their opposition to shut up. There is no proof. You’re just strawmanning because you think a bunch of females will prioritize the poow kiwds over fighting degenerates.

No. 1644440

Troons have a humiliation fetish. They know they're male. The little boy thing is a part of their fetish. It's porn filled embarrassment. Them getting upset and raging on social media and even IRL, for anything they deem transphobic is all part of the fetish. They like any and all attention. Even keffals getting caught deleting tweets, he doesn't care, he's still getting off to the attention and he knows he has other troons and allies to validate him and act like the accusations are lies. It is embarrassing and they know it, and it turns them on.

No. 1644446

i want to know why somethingawful is getting a pass. trooning out doesn't remove the sins of the past

No. 1644452

pls don't engage with the tranny schizo spammer, just report their shit and ignore

No. 1644454

This gay shit could've redeemed itself a tiny bit if it brought Shmorky back to make a whiny comic crying about his thread and trying to monopolize on Twitter pity again. Still miss the Shmorky bullying.

No. 1644463

if you keep engaging he’ll keep coming back dumbass, write your thinkpiece in the report field

No. 1644468

You’re obviously a kiwi refugee but stop replying to the dumb troon >>1644453

No. 1644475

Please stop replying to it and just post milk and/or on topic discussion. Ignore it

No. 1644488

Why would you want to be a woman then lol

No. 1644499

based warlord the black rambo

No. 1644502

File: 1662818925052.jpg (120.69 KB, 1080x1077, IMG_20220910_100606_452.jpg)

I'm convinced Keffals and others are racis. I notice plenty of Tim's stalk the Telegram or site but barely any of them talk about the out and proud racism. I'd say they day nigger as much as they say, "Troon, tranny etc." It's telling to me what this is about. They can ignore all the n words and hate towards minorities as long as it's not towards men in a dress.
I'm not even sure what Keffals is trying to say here and why he just can't say sorry for offending someone.

No. 1644508

I would still be naively staning for gay men if troons hadn't put a spotlight on how degenerate, sexist, and chimo~y all men are.

No. 1644516

>I need u people
>(objectifying, misogynist, violent insults)
>why no one like me

No. 1644522

Why does nobody on this thread understand the concept of not giving attention to the trannoid? Is it because of the kiwimoid migrants? Shut the fuck up with this ‘u!’ ‘no u’ shit. Report and ignore.

No. 1644543

>legally disabled
what kind of disability does he has? other than being a moid and watching too much porn. Also
>ratio'd by the original tweet

No. 1644555

Yeah, we already know most of them are racist white men with crossdressing/sissy/humiliation fetishes. The fact that so many trannies are literal /pol/tards and "former Nazis" should tell you everything. Honestly, a lot of racist KF scrotes are just future trannies waiting for the perfect time to troon out (a lot of them like to wait until they've babytrapped a woman). I think Keffals and co see themselves in those posters, so they don't condemn them.

No. 1644581

having a hump back might mean it can't do certain jobs. keffels is going to find out that having an owie doesn't give you a pass to say retard in twitterwokistan

No. 1644582

>>what kind of disability does he has?

He's a 'tard

No. 1644585

great find

No. 1644587

He definitely is. He got caught calling a random Hispanic dude "Sanchez". Maliciously racist people go out of their way and do this specific shit instead of using more socially common racist phrases like spic & wetback.
Keffals is a narc in and out and he believes he can do no wrong, he has an excuse for everything even if it doesn't make sense.

No. 1644588

when those people radicalize they become much easier to dismiss, it's part of the goal of de-platforming. like before GC was banned on reddit the was less right winger cross over.

No. 1644589

File: 1662825437113.jpg (60.53 KB, 634x951, EUGH.jpg)

Keffals looks just like this wax mockup of humans in the future

No. 1644608

>having a hump back might mean it can't do certain jobs
as if he was going to even consider getting a job anyway.
I mean he's basically proving the point of the original tweet.
I really hope that in the high of praisness h's receiving he agrees to a debate with someone that can contain their power level, they could easily destroy him and probably get more dirt out of him, the Winter guy ended up getting a bunch of information out of Keffals without even trying.

No. 1644609

holy shit i though you photoshopped Keffals face into the statue at first, he really does looks like that.

No. 1644620

Disability- he probably suffered some serious physical fuckery getting his dick inverted and bolting on silicone sacks he calls tits. So grifting since birth or he’s retarded. Either seems viable.

No. 1644630

For the most part it means little boy, but a kanji is switched out with the same sound but different meaning. Wasn't it written in romaji on the box? ergo, it'd read as little boy first and foremost, with a hidden fetish meaning I guess at a stretch. Still wuld seem like a scrote in a dress by default.

No. 1644632

holly victim complex

No. 1644633

Yes, there's probably some troll's remorse shit going on but I'm not autistic enough to delve through gamergate history

No. 1644634

im not joking, log off and show these posts to a family member or friend who can help you

No. 1644635

He developed an opioid addiction after he got his dick inverted so I guarantee he has "chronic pain" from his crotchwound. That's also why he doesn't talk about it because it would mess up his whole "Designer vaginas are so much better than the real thing, I totally cum hard!!!" cope he keeps harping on about. In reality he is in constant pain, kek.

No. 1644639

Unironically this >>1644582 but he was probably put on the ODSP/Neetbux for muh "anxiety". He also has an ADHD diagnosis and made claims to have been hospitalized for a suicide attempt when he was a teenager (this, as per Lucas, prompted his parents to take his gender dysphoria more seriously). Kind of curious is Otm Shank has any light to shed on this but he hasn't been on the farms for ages.

No. 1644643

You can access the TOR site over clearnet here, it's rough and you need to fix the URL on some links, obviously DO NOT log in as this just proxies the site.


It's interesting the TOR access loads but the domains aren't. This means that the DDoS protection at the domains is just overwhelming the providers but the actual site isn't getting overloaded so the traffic isn't getting through. Null says there is a 10Gbps attack. Just think how much estrogen they could buy instead of DoSing the domains, by their own logic they are literally killing troons by not financing them. Sad.

No. 1644645

I just want to laugh at weird people, now itll be a week before a stable site comes up that isn't tor. UGH

No. 1644651

I still have no idea what a metokur is.

No. 1644657

How much money would an attack of that size cost?

No. 1644658

This place lets the schizo tranny post everywhere without banning him, don't even bother going there.

No. 1644659

Kek oh brother

No. 1644660

That is him

No. 1644668


No. 1644674

Probably a lot. Here's one such service.


They can't hit IPs directly so they have to hit URLs so they need to spend a lot to have multiple attacks going at once. And some of the DDoS prevention services are better at blocking bad traffic than others. Honestly I would guess some deep pocket troon has spent tens of thousands lol.

No. 1644688

It's a wonder they have to spend thousands over and over again denying nature and trying to gaslight society during their tantrums- in typical male fashion

No. 1644692

wow they are now DDoSing all the web tor proxies. These fucking troons are reading this thread lol. Save some fucking room on Daddy's credit card for your rope.

No. 1644702

schizo tranny crippling debt arc when?

No. 1644706


I am brazilian so I managed to make a search using the whatsapp number and found like the names (or old names) and probably personal emails of the founders and like the initial budget (r$25000). I gotta say that is a lot of money for some poor medical student like he says on his site.

No. 1644707

Don't know anything about this person but I am willing to bet its some incel to troon pipeline stuff. There were a ton of men who were on board with GG because of their misogyny and they've flipped to troon because they can be more open with it with no repercussions.

No. 1644708

Samefag, also they registered it as "food company" while they sell medicine. That is very illegal I guess

No. 1644711

if you can provide caps that'd be hudge. make sure you remove all identifying information of yourself

No. 1644713

yeah because the character on the box totally doesn’t look underage and isn’t sexualized at all! trannies are so fucking gross and the reddit ass lickers are retarded. “i personally think the character choice is great!” i bet you do.

No. 1644726

Holy shit would it kill Ethan to sit up straight?

No. 1644736


It is easy to find because they registered the company using that number as contact info. So I did find information about their CNPJ, address, names, etc.
I will try and see if I can find more info about the owners since one of them has a rather common name

No. 1644761

I never used doxbin nor know the site, nonnie. I just got curious to see if the number would show something.
I am not good in legalese, but iirc the CNPJ (its a identifying number that you get when you register the company) is public information and you can find at Receita Federal (think Brazilian IRS) so they couldn't scrub that.
Yes, it is them. I doubt so, I searched the address they gave in Google Maps and showed a upper middle class looking house, no logos or other "business info" whatsoever. Funny is that there is a FedEx van in the pic too lmao.

No. 1644764

>medical student
>showed a upper middle class looking house
As a fellow huehue, this guy is sounding like exactly what I expected them to be. I only took quick look at the website and was honestly expecting him to not even have a CNPJ because that was how shady the website was, but that would make it much easier to denounce him (not that I will, I'm not cowtiping, please no ban), I wonder how much his parents know.

No. 1644773

File: 1662842061521.jpeg (251.51 KB, 828x717, 1140CD70-3166-4C30-AA30-98AA84…)

new message from josh

No. 1644807

It’s probably Liz Fong Jones since he used to work at Google so he likely has the $$$ and Silicon Valley connections to do something of that calibre.

No. 1644821

Nonnie, what if I told you if of them received over r$4000 in covid help money (auxílio emergencial)? Kek
They earn in dollars selling drugs to kids and yet needs government help and calls himself a libertarian kekkk. I can't believe he is a retard enough to use the same number for his "business" and the one he openly divulges on internet. I am gonna search what Anvisa classifies HRT as and if it is illegal to sell it without a pharmaceutical license. I am too lazy to post on MtF thread but damn, I didn't expect to find information about him that easily. A whole glass of milk
The name matches with one of the owners, the address is different however. Email matches too.
He didn't change the name legally, I searched it on RF, otherwise he would get it in his new name. Nonnie, I hope someone reports it, but I can't, it's cowtipping.

No. 1644825

If I told you both of them*
I am stupid when writing. And I forgot to inform they have a second company (with not a obvious name, but it has both of original owners, including the otokonoko administrator and this one has a third person too). Different address though. Let me check the CNPJ

No. 1644863

He's saying that because he's disabled that means he gets to say retard. All troons froth at the mouth for the chance to legally say slurs among their puritanical groups

No. 1644867

Took a while to scrape that information from my memory banks, but both images are from a well-known yaoi doujin by Jairou, "Yami no Serva Fes - Kindan no Rakuen ni Youkoso!". The "giant Girldick" image is from page 5, and the other one on the front is from page 13.
It doesn't look sussy to me at all (unless I missed something both Astolfo and Chevalier d'Eon appear 18+) but it certainly did to the idiot that tagged it as shotacon.

No. 1644878

I'm a troon who's bought HRT from them before and I totally agree >>1643617 looks like gross loli shit, regardless of whatever it actually is, although I didn't have that thing on the packaging I received. I find all stuff like that completely disgusting. Anime is whatever, but that character looks very young.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1644893

Wtf are you doing here? Metokur.us is for the trannies you moron

No. 1644900

>Just think how much estrogen they could buy instead of DoSing the domains

No. 1644930

File: 1662861125300.jpeg (746.69 KB, 1170x1437, ED3756B0-DA08-4D52-9635-8C1C2E…)

No. 1644932

Holy shit are there a lot of pedophiles showing up in this saga. Mr Girl is a well-known one in that part of the internet. I'm not surprised that Destiny is willing to associate with him, though: that guy's a fucking creep.

No. 1644940

File: 1662861994318.jpg (40.96 KB, 720x247, Transontranscrime.jpg)

It's also good to note that trans facebook seems to be against Keffals and what they are doing. According to this troon. Probably be good to look into these Facebook groups.

No. 1644955

keffals is a man. you don’t need to use “gender neutral pronouns” here, call him what he is. he’s a pedophilic, woman hating man.

No. 1644977

File: 1662866072569.jpg (400.92 KB, 1080x2133, 1.jpg)

If I had to see it so do you. (from the Destiny thread)

No. 1644978

File: 1662866095822.jpg (465.04 KB, 1080x2145, 2.jpg)

No. 1644981

File: 1662866195136.jpg (480.49 KB, 1080x2135, 3.jpg)

No. 1644984

What does this have to do with anything?

No. 1644994

File: 1662867440451.png (157.15 KB, 609x726, Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 13.3…)

Who's excited?

No. 1644996

I know it's a matter of principle, but why not do this. The people who want to use kiwi will be able to find it under a new name. At this point with the way the trannies are eating themselves, I doubt they could get the momentum to take down a new seemingly unrelated hate site.
Moon could just sit on the full forum re-upload of a month or two or make a archive later. But they could at least set up the forums for current bullshit again. Frankly it could be good for costs to be rid of some of the older stuff for a while.

No. 1645000

infiltrate and report back!

No. 1645027

File: 1662871077268.png (826.74 KB, 1080x5456, hologen1.png)

nayrt but this is 1 of 2 posts I found speaking against Lucas. It's a long post.

No. 1645029

File: 1662871149546.png (1.97 MB, 1080x7332, hologen2.png)

pt 2. After this it's just screenshots of Lucas tweets.

No. 1645030

What the fuck?

No. 1645033

File: 1662871352760.png (358.46 KB, 1080x1749, hologen3.png)

oh also further comments.

No. 1645035

The progress flag IS ugly tho

No. 1645037

Honestly I think it'd be great if this whole anti-Keffals thing caught on, since at the very best he has engaged in some really questionable shit. But right now he seems to be unassailable. Still riding off that high of victory.

No. 1645040

File: 1662871824563.png (580.98 KB, 1080x4333, cl1.png)

Here's the other post. This one's a 3 parter.

The rest was the same old victimization articles so I just stopped.

No. 1645041

File: 1662871856401.png (1.44 MB, 934x4217, cl2.png)

No. 1645042

File: 1662871954991.png (1.19 MB, 934x3434, cl3.png)

End. They also attached screenshots of Lucas's tweets.

No. 1645054

>fuck him. if this conversation is real and she really has his info, i hope she dumps it for everyone to see.
Whoa there fella, be careful not to fall off your moral high horse. Apparently saying mean things online is 100x worse than doxing someone according to these people.

No. 1645063

so he's admitting his porn career failed kek. what was that about your rot pocket 'surpassing god's design', keffals? surely you could have succeeded in porn if that were true.

No. 1645077

Kekk keffals on h3 gave a bullshit answer about the harassment is because “I do political content”. The reason why keffals earned a thread on kw and/or is well hated is because keffals does exactly what keffals cries about. The doxxing, bullying, ratioing, etc. but because keffals rationalizes it as “bc they’re the baddies it’s ok if I do it”. Keffals is a professional victim and knew how to lead on doxxers (posting pics inside hotel room) to make a story.

No. 1645087

His porn career is so weird. The video descriptions say that he will not be doing any more videos—so from the start he expected to film 2-3 videos and then porn wouldn’t follow him? Lucas you aren’t special, your porn will haunt you as it does for everyone (women) who does porn. Trans “women” really don’t wanna be treated like women and it shows. If you do porn you have to expect your career/educational prospects to narrow significantly and even for your porn content to be sent to employers, friends, and family members. I can’t believe he’s a porn addict and he still doesn’t know this?! Dumbass.

No. 1645095

This thread is just 100% retarded Kiwifugees now. At least I can watch Keffals starting to burn between all your dumbass posts.

No. 1645108

I mean you can even see in your own screenshot that this post was not well received by the other KF posters since it has only negative ratings. What's your point?

No. 1645110

Pedos are all over the internet. As long as the community doesn't accept them how does this reflect negatively on them? You'd have to ban every website if "there is a pedo posting on it" is your criteria.

No. 1645112

ah, schizo tranny posting hours, I see

No. 1645125

theres basically no other fedi server that has the capacity that poa.st does and would be willing to put a target on their back for josh lol

No. 1645126

it's the schizo troon again, don't argue with him. He is an actual pedo who posts CP and is projecting onto Null.

No. 1645179

Onion and other domains havent worked for me at all today.

No. 1645185

works for me

No. 1645201

>Won't fuck a 14 year old because the sex is probably awful
>Not because they're underdeveloped both mentally and physically
Moids are disgusting I'm glad this got so many negative responses

No. 1645243


No. 1645266

my bad! troondar is failing me today

No. 1645319

File: 1662907697756.jpg (1.07 MB, 1078x3062, Screenshot_20220911_094829.jpg)

Archived link and screenshot

No. 1645326

My unpopular opinion is that I don't care what happens to KF, and that's because they allow doxing. They created a community centered around hating certain people, they share people's dox in a place where the haters can see it, harrassment happens. It doesn't matter if KF has "no cowtipping" rule, it doesn't stop them.

No. 1645329

ooohh don’t worry, they’re gonna find another place to keep doxing and outing several mentally ill people.

No. 1645334

How many pages does your thread have?

No. 1645338

File: 1662910026361.png (77.42 KB, 516x261, Screenshot 2022-09-11 11.27.50…)

Tech trannies continue to do Josh as dirty as possible…

No. 1645343

There are a lot of trannies working at google. And you can't even complain because they offer no customer support hotline or e-mail or anything. These troons like Liz Fong Jones just get to abuse their positions in the company and there is no way to report them.

No. 1645348

you should narc on them for this >>1644708 just saying

No. 1645352

it's not cowtipping if the person is doing something illegal that is endangering others.

No. 1645354

Semi-related but I tried to sign up for a kiwifarms.cc account on a throwaway Gmail account and never got the activation email. I think Google is now blocking anything related to KF from their communication services.

No. 1645355

That is so fucked up

No. 1645356

Use protonmail? See if it doesn’t work again?

No. 1645358

I'd have to create a brand new account then based on how the registration is formatted. I was just curious what the .cc site was all about anyways so not a big deal. Still really gay though if this is what Google is pulling and definitely not going to use Gmail for this sort of stuff again.

No. 1645360

Then submit a tip to the authorities or smth. Simply putting it up here for all of us to see doesn't do jack shit to solve anything smh.

No. 1645361

I second the anon >>1645354 who suggests ProtonMail, however I would not be surprised this was an issue on the end of Josh's mail server, which is probably also getting DDOSed to hell. MX record points to mx.lolcow.email ( which to me is unreachable. This is probably (and not unreasonably) on the lower end of Josh's priorities, plus email is just a monstrous pain in the ass in general.

No. 1645363

My popular opinion is learn2sage

No. 1645364

This is why its so dangerous to let huge private companies have monopoly positions. They can just decide they don't want you as a customer and suddenly you are completely excluded from services you are required to use every day if you want to live in modern society. Same with the banks. Basically nowadays you can become completely unpersoned if you criticize people in power like Null and suddenly you can't have a bank account anymore or a phone number or fly on an airplane or rent a place or get a loan. Fucking hellworld.

No. 1645365

The issue is DNS related. When Cloudflare blocked the domains and had them moved to new registrars, the DNS records disappeared and now have to be manually reconfigured.

No. 1645366


No. 1645367

Isn't Bolsonaro still in charge? I mean yeah the force is corrupt but if they're puppets of him I'd expect them to do something about this.

No. 1645369

troons and furries. it's no coincidence that when his head was still in one piece, lowtax got insta-banned from twitter whenever he tried to get back on.
his google voice is probably offline while the court ordered tap is set up

No. 1645376

I think the most cowardly thing about all of this is how NONE of these companies are contacting Null directly and being honest "sorry you are too controversial so we are dropping you as a customer, buh-bye". They all just do it silently without notice so he can't even get a replacement in time. If the world wasn't so unfair he could sue them for breach of contract but why even bother with these multi-billion dollar companies? Just so scummy.

No. 1645378

If they were to tap his phone they could just do it, they don't need to "take it offline" to "set it up".

No. 1645379

Honestly at this point you almost have to start to wonder if this is a closing honey pot. Like I bet that the FBI and shit are already on the tails of anyone who is in the telegram or whatever.

No. 1645380

Again it's shocking that Null gets all this shit not for the out and proud racism on Kiwifarms but picking at men in dresses. It's amazing how everyone knows the Kill count but I never see people go into detail about HOW kiwifarms is 100% responsible. They don't care about those people, they just care that some Troon they know or one of the them was mentioned or has a theard. Lowkey, wish more people looked into this, you can scream nigger but don't you dare pick at Kevin Gibes tweets/selfies, or discuss an abused mentally ill woman being groomed/abused by her bf. Or talk about people who put their public business online.
All these companies were okay with Null until troons made a fuss.

No. 1645381

they gotta connect all the tubes and wires, anon.
or it's in limbo while google and the feds argue about it in court

No. 1645384

If 8chan didn't ban, Kiwi Farms wont.

No. 1645387

For what? All they do is scre slurs and talk about Ben Shapiros sisters breasts. What is Null even doing so bad or illegal? Kiwifarms is getting this weird "I'm so dangerous " rep it doesn't deserve. 4chab has legit had more crimes linked to it, shir even reddit and it's users. Kiwifarms is a bunch of idiot scrotes saying dumb shit about mostly other idiot scrotes

No. 1645389

> Like I bet that the FBI and shit are already on the tails of anyone who is in the telegram or whatever.
For what though? There's 11.4k subscribers currently. There's a lot of distasteful shit being posted there don't get me wrong but hardly illegal.

No. 1645390

If you think the FBI hasn't been monitoring KF for years, you're an idiot. If they didn't before Christchurch, they sure started to after, although I am sure it's been going on much longer than that since Null was swatted by Vordrak YEARS ago. I bet you Kiwifarms and Null have their very own FBI agent whose sole job is reading Kiwifarms all day, they probably have a whole shelf somewhere in some office. Nothing happened because nothing they are doing is illegal.

I do expect a false-flag event in the future tho. Some crazy troon who will shoot up a place and say they are doing it in the name of KF or something. Something bad is going to happen eventually, but it's going to be an op.

No. 1645392

That pic of the Jiz Fang-Troon Australia protest really sums all this up. The troon movement is incredibly deeply unpopular and nobody cares about them. These people were the face of this movement because journos like lorenz had threads they wanted taken down. Troons are an actual death cult. You can accomplish a lot if you threaten to kill yourself all the time because it exploits the good natured innocence of normal people who think suicide is tragic. How the house of cards collapses is anybody's guess. I would assume that the woke companies that embraced these people realize they are too big of liability. How could anybody ever want to use Cloudflare again if all it takes is a false flag screenshot to nuke your site in the middle of a long weekend?

No. 1645398

I have no doubt that KF is monitored by feds, there are a lot of absolutely unhinged /pol/tards there in particular in the A&H sections, have been for years. Not too long ago someone made what was considered a credible threat and Josh was contacted QUICKLY by the FBI (the Tor site is down for me or I'd try to link, it's in the "Take that Off the Internet" section) as did more infamously the SIGSEGV user who went on to be too autistic for even Kengle on OnionFarms so he set up Lolcow.org which was shut down when he made another specific death threat at the US president, and the feds visited the 17-year old Australian owner's parents at their home. The most unhinged of the spergs wind up getting themselves got. It's a fine system and they deserve it. But of course making fun of troons is the highest crime. I agree that something really bad will happen eventually. Even if it is not in the strict sense a false flag then it will probably be because this current situation, like the Christchurch one, gets KF a lot of attention and will attract a certain element who thinks KF actually is for terrorism or whatever. Hopefully Josh will keep registrations closed for a good long while (he's closed them a number of times in the past during some high profile event, but never for long enough IMO.)

No. 1645399

I'm not saying that they're gonna go after everyone who said a bad word on the farms or anything like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are looking at some key people who were involved in the doxing or stuff. And as for the whole telegram thing I mean correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like the telegram is just a bunch of die hards who are slowly becoming more and more radical.

No. 1645404

Lots of narcs watch the forum and tip.fbi.gov everything too.

No. 1645409

Doesn't telegram require phone number verification? You have to be insane to use it.

No. 1645410

Why hasn't 4chan but shut down and taken off of Google results then? I'm sorry but it's weird how kiwifarms has had some retarded users but can't exist. Meanwhile 4chan can

No. 1645411

More reason to shut down the Articles & News forum. That part of the site really drew in the most unhinged /pol/tards.

No. 1645414

I mean you can get a Virtual phone number and just not comment or join the group. Just lurk and not interact.

No. 1645415

I agree he should keep registrations closed for a LONG LONG time. If he ever brings them back he also needs to get more moderators first so someone is always online in every timezone and can act quickly. Maybe he can add some kind of system where if a post is flagged as a fedpost all mods can delete it, even if it's not in their forum or something. He definitely needs to figure something out to stop the fedposting.

No. 1645417

Why would they be interested in doxing? It's not illegal.

No. 1645418

You're not wrong that some people on the Telegram glow brightly. The doxing and stuff, still no crimes. Whoever is doing all the swatting needs to get arrested though. And I don't even primarily mean Keffals, who's swatting is dubious anyway, but there has been a lot of swatting going on for months, probably by the same group of people…there's rumors about who it might be but not I think anything definitive. None of it is tranny-related, BTW, it all has to do with Ethan Ralph/IBS/America First/right wing streamers and their Discords.

No. 1645419

4chan is friendly towards troons and bans transphobia, that's all they care about

No. 1645423

He should definely do this. Keep it closed and maybe every two months on one day, allow a certain amount of people to sign up. While also implementing some kind of spefic fedposting report button or something.

No. 1645424

This would require Josh actually implementing consistent policies and communicating with his staff. He's never been good at either.

No. 1645425

It's absolutely the guys from lolcow.org and their gay discord clique behind the swattings. They are doing it so KF gets the blame, they are salty for being banned, that's why they are going after all sorts of people who have KF threads with no specific alliance.

No. 1645428

Could be, they have some overlap with the groups mentioned, or if they didn't, they've been reaching out to other Null haters and forming their autistic alliance for like 2 years now if not more. I don't doubt for a second that they are sat in a Discord plotting with the likes of Vordrak and Zoom/Corey Barnhill (Josh vendetta-chan, bloodsports orbiter and pedophile who is well-known to SWAT people and is technically proficient enough to get away with it at least for a while.)

No. 1645430

Yo same!
Well if the doxing is in pursuit of a felony, such as swatting, then I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Like if you dox someone with the intent that it leads to someone doing something illegal like harassment or swatting then you could, and I must stress could, make an argument that the doxing on the farms could be considered criminal. But I think the intent would be hard to prove in court, at least by American standards of presumption of innocence. If there are ever legal proceedings Josh or whoever is charged better pray that it's not in Canada or another country with strong controls on speech.
I've never heard of this, don't mean to ask to be spoonfed but can someone give me a TL;DR on it?

No. 1645433

Yes, I am funny convinced it's those people. That's also why Elaine and her troon friend are constantly bragging and talking about taking down Kiwifarms as if they had something to do with it, because they are also in those discords. I hope since they are planning it all on discord they will eventually get caught for it.

No. 1645435

Proving malicious intent in US courts is very hard, and in 99% of the instances on KF, it's simply not there.

No. 1645439

Around that time things escalated for sure. And there are some other Discord-dwelling faggots like the "Council of Evil" (mega cringe group focused on an open pedophile–seeing a theme here–from Norway called DJ Axle) who nobody had ever heard of prior who have connections with some of the people and who started trying to start shit with KF around that time as well. The rogue's gallery of people who want to fuck with KF is very large.
> Well if the doxing is in pursuit of a felony, such as swatting, then I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Like if you dox someone with the intent that it leads to someone doing something illegal like harassment or swatting then you could, and I must stress could, make an argument that the doxing on the farms could be considered criminal. But I think the intent would be hard to prove in court, at least by American standards of presumption of innocence. If there are ever legal proceedings Josh or whoever is charged better pray that it's not in Canada or another country with strong controls on speech.
If anyone doxes and gives that dox to someone who swats someone, or even posts it with a "who will rid me of this meddlesome priest" type text, maybe. Just posting dox and someone gets swatted, nah. But you're certainly right it could be a big problem in many non-US jurisdictions. The swatters are a great case of "why we can't have nice things," though: doxing is fine to me but swatting is unacceptable so now I'd think twice about posting dox on KF at least of people adjacent to either tranny circles or IBS circles because both scenes are too hot right now and some other faggot is going to take things too far.

No. 1645441

Josh didn't dox anyone. He has protection under 230, he is not responsible for what his users do.

No. 1645447

I was obviously joking. God knows the feds don't want to deal with me. Also thx for the TL;DR. I assume they say even worse shit.
Yeah and I'm guessing nobody is going Henry II on cows. But yeah I'd be interested to see what Canada is doing about this. Same for British assuming the stuff about Keffals getting harassed in Northern Ireland is true.

No. 1645448

If these people get caught because they were dumb enough to keep the likes of either E- or B-laine around, then that will be pretty funny, ngl.

No. 1645450

They're also dumb for coordinating on discord, they save and keep logs forever. These people are all highly autistic spergs with cluster B personality disorders so they will eat each other eventually and the fallout will be glorious. I want to see someone in jail for the swattings.

No. 1645451

if josh ever came to the uk he'd have to spend the rest of his days under seige in some african embassy like assange.

No. 1645455

I don't think he has any interest in ever going to the UK.

No. 1645457

He probably has, but it doesn't matter. Section 230 is a civil shield, not a criminal one. The problem is simply that 'doxing' is not in and of itself a crime.

No. 1645460

Ehh I'm not sure if the British have that big of a bone to pick with him, but the Canadians definitely do. Assuming Keffals wasn't lying about the swatting. I also can't imagine that it would be too hard to track down phone numbers or whatever to find out who swatted people.
Isn't he in like the Balkans? I heard either Croatia or Serbia.

No. 1645465

Is that a threat?

Don't forget about 8chan and 9chan. Both had their problems with child pornography, 8chan much more so. Jim Watkins walked in and out of Congress without a charge.

No. 1645466

New Zealand probably want him extradited like in Bart vs Australia

No. 1645467

Don't reply to schizo troon, he projects his own spamming of CP onto everyone else. He got holes in his brain.

No. 1645472

This is actually so retarded why are terminally online people retarded

No. 1645477

the glowies running the op get them to use discord

No. 1645480

Reminder that any time you read something in this thread that sounds completely insane, unreasonable or implies the person has some sort of secret knowledge or is just seething about Null and calling him a pedo you are talking to SCHIZO TROON. Especially if the post has a cringe picture of anime characters or supernatural characters attatched ot it. Report and ignore him.

No. 1645482

Thank you nonny

No. 1645488

People need to go outside lol

No. 1645493

this has to be illegal

No. 1645498

The .cc Gmail issue is more likely to be an issue on the site's end. Still fucked though that they never even issued a notice for Null's Google Voice number.

No. 1645501

this has nothing to do with keffals or joshua, and the post was considered as « dumb » by the users, go away we dont need your shitty posts

No. 1645502


No. 1645503

>hating certain people
The vast majority of people with threads on KF deserve it though. Pretending they target people without justification is wrong

No. 1645505

Keffals posted about the Google number thing, question how do we know its connected to the Troon war at all? Maybe he was being reported by angry troons, maybe he violated some weird rule, I don't know how to works. I just know keffals is going to make it seem a bigger deal then what it is. Correct me if I'm wrong or something.

No. 1645508

I would assume it is tranny-related or if not that then perpetrated by other Kiwi enemies using the trannies as cover. They're sort of carpet-bombing reporting every possible service connected to KF.

No. 1645510

Yeah but why is it seen as newsworthy for keffals to post it? We don't know why they got rid of it, we can assume the obvious but..Can't he just use another service? What's really the "lol, another one" thing here?

No. 1645511

Keffals takes credit for literally everything that happens. It's just how he psyches up his sycophants to get more cash and clout.

No. 1645512

Did Keffals post this before or after Josh did? I'm assuming after, b/c he's listening carefully to the KF telegram etc. and just wanted another victory lap to do. There are other services he could use I assume, I'm not too familiar with the alternatives, but the intent seems to have been to make Josh's life even more difficult, and they succeeded.

No. 1645516

Yes the trannies are batting at everything they possibly can. They want Null dead or in prison and if they can't get that they will just spend 24/7 of their miserable lives trying to take everything they can from him or even causing the slightest annoyance possible just to get another high. They have nothing to do all day because they are all on government assistance or grifters like Keffals so they can dedicate all day to doing this shit. They also have friends in high places like Liz Fong Jones at Google.

No. 1645518

Oh yeah, Liz. That almost makes sense that Liz would have that happen.

No. 1645523

File: 1662920519074.jpg (191.3 KB, 965x583, Screenshot_20220911_142157.jpg)

No. 1645525


countdown to lucas's next smugtweet

No. 1645541

Blaine spams CP and jerks off to little girls.(literally the troon himself.)

No. 1645544

"I hunt wolves"
Ah, getting nostalgic tumblr edge lord vibes from this poster.

No. 1645545

Reminder to sane posters to not engage with the schizo, pedo troon.

No. 1645546

KF needs to get Blaine arrested like they’ve done with other pedo cows in the past. Getting these fucks locked up is the only way they’ll stop and our sites will be safe. We also need to start documenting the CP spamming tactic of troons too so when the GP starts to turn against trans ideology, we can put out a documentary or expose of how many sites and communities they shut down in the name of “trans rights” by spamming their own child porn collections.

No. 1645549

Sorry about your irritable bowel syndrom, that's a shitty thing to have.

No. 1645550

Thanks for mentioning this. I have never had a KF account (but have lurked here and there since its early days) and I'm really disgusted by how this is going down.

Google is on its way out for me. I decided to finally stop using Google's browser after I saw they were de-listing all substack articles that mentioned KF. That is a direct suppression of opinion. Looks like Gmail is the next to go. Interfering with the mail is a federal crime in the USA, and though I'm not sure what the laws are like for e-mail, it's leaving me feeling the same (especially when what's getting blocked is not even illegal).

No. 1645551

The real problem here is that, and correct me if I'm wrong here, the internet isn't a public utility. Or at least it isn't treated as one. I honestly doubt that email has the same legal protections as the physical mail.

No. 1645552

At this point all there is left to do is hope that they soon find out that HRT gives you super-mega cancer and all trannies just die a miserable death. I am so fucking sick of them, you literally can't escape them, not even here. They ruin absolutely everything I enjoy. I am so so tired of it all.

No. 1645555

Protonmail and Firefox and duckduckgo

No. 1645561

The way to deal with troons is laugh at them. If you give them a dirty look they will just cope about it and think to themselves you are just jealous of them (male ego). But if you look them up and down and then start to giggle at how utterly ridiculous they look that really breaks them, men HATE when women laugh at them. You should only do this in public tho when you are surrounded by people because we all know they are violent as fuck and would absolutely attack you.

No. 1645562

We just have to keep pushing them out and away tbh. We need to have our own spaces to ourselves and defend them

No. 1645563

It makes me feel good to literally not be done up, have my hair in a messy bun and wear pajamas and I’ll be more of a woman than they ever dream of. I’m satisfied with that haha

No. 1645564

Yeah we literally have to fight for women's rights all over again. It makes me so sad that men in dresses have destroyed everything our mothers and grandmothers have worked for to build a better future for women. Now we are back at the start.

No. 1645569

Honestly. We just have to hold our own though. Say the quiet parts loud and show others what trannies really think and say about women. MTF threads alone are a great start because troons tell on themselves all the time

No. 1645570


like that's ever mattered

No. 1645573

It is always a delight to recommend trans subs on reddit to people who feel like they need to learn more about troons. r/translater is the best for peaking people.

No. 1645576

I have peaked all the women in my life on troons. I feel like that's all you can do. Just show them all the horrible shit they do constantly. Eventually normies will all peak and troons will eat shit, but until then it's going to suck really bad. The male entitlement to enter all of our spaces and never leave us the fuck alone and wanting to control absolutely everything and destroy everyone who doesn't kiss their man-ass is infuriating.

No. 1645577

That one and r/honstransgender (honesttransgender) lol. They actually hate each other and agps as much as we hate them

No. 1645578

Mental Outlaws video on the situation. The video is mostly just how about websites work, but seems like his audience is very pro-KF kek

No. 1645580

Awh glad someone does! Should I keep the platinum or go back to red? It is spooky season soon. Maybe red and black… will you be the joker to my harley for halloween at meow wolf?

No. 1645581

You know, that's the part I never really understood. Like if someone is trans and wants to be treated like a woman then wouldn't they do absolutely everything in their power to burry the fact that they weren't born a woman rather than be so vocal about it? It makes no sense.

No. 1645585

They don't want to be women. They want to be victims and they want to have power. Their troon status means that normies have to coddle them and give them special privileges. It means handmaidens give them fake pity compliments and blow sugar up their ass all day long for putting in zero effort. A lot of them don't even want to get their dicks snipped because they are fine with being basically entitled rich white men who get to claim "oppression".

No. 1645587

Yeah I mean honestly that part of it almost makes me think a lot are just faking it to try to get their way into the emerging social order.

No. 1645592

Yes most of them are just incels trying to gain a higher status in society by becoming a "oppressed minority". The fact that they are still male with male privilege is so fucking obvious tho just by how aggressively they take up space and enforce things they want. Women are NOT socialized to be loud, aggressive and to bend other people to their will. Men have no fucking clue what it's like to be a woman, just look at our resident schizo troon who constantly larps as some kind of "mean girl" stereotype that doesn't even exist outside of movies. Real women are told to always put their needs behind others, to be kind, polite and not ask loudly for things. Men are the opposite and troons reveal just how malebrained they are just by showing their male entitlement and violence towards women constantly.

No. 1645596

Entering spaces you're not wanted in is something only a male would do. Women are way too concerned about stepping on other people's toes to be so loud, invasive and unable to tell when they are not welcome. That's because women are just better people who have empathy for others while males only care about themselves and their own gain.

No. 1645599

Yeah, that or they're too dumb to realize they're doing something wrong in the first place.

No. 1645601

Men in general have very little social awareness, so they don't even notice that they are unwelcome.

No. 1645602

Even if they are told they are doing something wrong they don't care. I would feel absolutely terrible if I was in a room with people and everyone there was uncomfortable with my presence and wanted me gone. I would be able to sense it and feel it and I would immediately leave because I wouldn't want to cause others discomfort. Troons don't feel this way because they are males and males are socialized to conquer places, take up space and not give a fuck what others think of them. These are all things you can't learn through "transitioning" either. They are inherent differences between the genders.

No. 1645614

do you think every third world country is mad max lol

No. 1645625

>It's amazing how everyone knows the Kill count but I never see people go into detail about HOW kiwifarms is 100% responsible
Because they're not kek

No. 1645647

This so much. Being that this is an anonymous imageboard, maybe one could think that there could be any numbers of trannies just trying to "live [LARP] their lives [online] as women", not bothering people or attracting attention to themselves, and just talking about lolcows or "girly" topics like their favorite makeup or whatever (you'd think they'd love that. On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog, etc.) But it doesn't work out that way because (a) troons don't actually know enough about women to pull off a convincing LARP and (b) they need to get their asspats for being troons but most importantly (c) just like the desire to use the ladies', the intrusion into a female space and causing female discomfort is part of the AGP fetish itself. It's painfully obvious.

No. 1645656

File: 1662928484935.png (325.41 KB, 604x1503, 265a7f7e9d43e7bca90a6ac8c06cc2…)

No. 1645665

Kek, he is so mad that he can't make his rape jokes anymore

No. 1645667

Yes they get off to making women scared and uncomfortable. That's why they should never be allowed in women's spaces. They are nothing but male invadets trying to conquer something that doesn't belong to them, as men have done all throughout history.

No. 1645670

“I think rape jokes and the word retard are fine, just like all my retarded friends”
Is he Spanish now too? What excuse did he use for racist slurs?

No. 1645686

he acts so high and mighty but that joke is 100% punching down. he knows damn well that this joke reads as taking advantage of someone. it's also clearly meant to invoke a sense of infantilization with the 'watching trains go by' bit. apparently it's ok to make fun of autistic women as a man as long as you claim you're a woman.

No. 1645690

File: 1662930721784.png (331.38 KB, 1080x1643, thunkprovoking.png)

Elliot retweeting some Lucas call out. Interesting to note that the person being RTed is trying to "both sides" this shit.

No. 1645699

>conventionally pretty
my sides. men are incapable of being conventionally pretty.

No. 1645705

I mean it's the right move tbh. From a practical standpoint the worst case scenario for them rn is for them to fracture and the anti-KF crusade to falter as a result. I get the feeling though that this won't work. TRA and mainstream modern leftism in general is like a fire. It needs fuel to burn, it needs an enemy otherwise it dies.

No. 1645710

please jesus let this keffels freak explictly threaten suing people on his own side for 'libel' absolute fucking kek

No. 1645757

Would be hilarious if the end of Lucas wasn't because of the farms but because other trannies called him out on being a retard. Hilarious how it took them less than a week to go from ''go qweeen stick it to the altright transphobes we stan!!'' to ''Keffals is ableist/transphobic/racist''

No. 1645768

That's exactly how this is gonna go down. No one fucking liked keffals before this shit. He only got lucky because there's dozens of vendetta-kuns that had something to gain from KF being taken down. With it finally being taken off clearnet, people are starting to remember "Oh, right… Keffles is fucking annoying." He was riding off the high of being a useful idiot but, like everyone's been telling him since this shit started "What makes you think they won't go after you next?". Ironically enough, people have saved his old tweets from KF and know of the shady shit he's in, and will absolutely use it as ammo against him because he can't spend one day not starting shit with people. Pissing off black twitter was one of his worst moves, he really thinks he can just hide behind the trans label but in terms of "muh oppression" totem pole, he's still white and an easy target for these leftist circles to make him into the newest source of their rage. It's a comedy in all the best ways.

No. 1645774

File: 1662936408934.jpeg (13.35 KB, 198x255, download (7).jpeg)

Yeah, Keffals has ruined his life over this, and not in the sense of "kiwifags will never leave him alone" although that is probably also true, but just that he should've known how autistic this whole scenario was going to get on all sides. He's an inveterate clout chaser, of course, and to say that he's flown too close to the sun is an understatement. He's gotten such a big head over all of this bullshit, too: when he thought that KF was kill, he immediately went after Metokur and Rekeita, both of whom have much bigger "mainstream" (relatively at least) audiences. He's still riding high off his supposed win but even if KF doesn't come back (it will) he is too much of an egomaniac not to do the next dumb thing, piss off the next set of people. Even his non-apology for the rape joke is something else: a lot of SJWish types would say they have "learned" and repented of their sins, his ego won't even let him do that. Yeah, his days are numbered. The down fall is going to be amazing content.

No. 1645776

Yeah, I really should do that, nonnie. I want to gather more information before reporting since I never reported anyone before to police and want to be accurate and truthful as possible. I would appreciate if any nonas did before and can help me.
Idk, I agree with the nonas gringas. This is not a only Brazil-based thing, that man sells controlled/illegal substances to people around the world. Basically Silk Road for underage troons. I really don't understand how the police gave a huge fuck to the average party guy/gal taking his/her ketamine or cocaine but they don't bother to investigate selling HRT to minors. Idk how I should that, I am honestly a random farmer that peaked a few months ago. I really would like advice pn how proceed on that and how to avoid being identified/doxxed. Troons are vicious and I don't want to get me or anyone in danger for doing the right thing.

No. 1645778

As KF is back(ish) now on Tor, I would honestly post what you have there. Whatever documents, screenshots, identities, etc. They can take it from there I am sure. I'm not sure how the troons could trace it back to you unless it is a situation where you are leaking documents that are linked to you in some way.

No. 1645779

oh my god he’s so fucking stupid we know you weren’t talking about your retard boyfriend keffals you dumb piece of shit, you were blatantly joking about raping a mentally disabled GIRL. emphasis on that last word because you’re a pedophile. terminally online scrote behavior.

No. 1645781

samefag as >>1645778; also: as regards the police, I don't know how it works there at all, so I don't know that I can offer advice, but honestly I don't feel like I could be that optimistic about getting law enforcement intervention just with a couple phone calls: selling grey market hormones to gringos is not the kind of thing they might be inclined to take seriously. A quick Google search tells me that Testosterone is controlled in Brazil as it is in the US and so would be unambiguously illegal for them to possess or distribute. Estrogen is likely more of a gray area. But also, moids possess and sell T in the setting of anabolic steroids all the time, it is not a crime that is often a priority. If you could find a sympathetic law enforcement officer and play up the kid angle, maybe. Hopefully others with more specific local knowledge might be able to help.

No. 1645782

Nona, I respectfully disagree. >>>1645776 should just go straight to the authorities with this. If it's posted on KF then people can be like "buh buh muh keEWe FarMs" and dismiss it as fabricated. Then nothing gets done because the Twitter creatures are too up in arms. But if they go to the police, then they can't do that. KF will likely pick up on the information on their own.

No. 1645785

Fair perspectives, I was thinking mainly on the route of doxing these people, etc. on KF which they deserve but por que não ambos I think they would say (I speak Spanish, not Portugese) - the Twitteratti REEEEing about KF might have some pull with authorities in the US, but would they in Brazil? I don't know. I second the suggestion to go to a local politician, though, if you can get one to take up the cause. A right-wing one might be your best bet if you can stomach it. I don't know how it is on the ground there really but just telling law enforcement agencies, well, they get a lot of reports of all sorts of things, but if it were to get in the news and some politicians start beating the drum for their own political reasons, you might have something.

No. 1645786

Yeah I def recommend a right wing one as well. They have a vested interest to fight this kind of stuff and a left wing politician would almost certainly sell you out to the mob. But I just think that going about things the KF way will create more "victims" of the site and be counterproductive. I mean imagine if someone tries to SWAT one of them and then we have another Keffals. That'd be a disaster. The authorities, if properly motivated, are far better equipped to handle the situation than some unhinged scrotes on the dark web. Just saying.
But yeah, if you're committed to doing the KF route be very careful and wait for things to blow over. Also I hope you already have an account because I heard they shut down registrations except for invite only.

No. 1645790

Oh BTW if the Brazilian nonnie needs a KF referral to post this stuff I'd be happy to give one. But I think the suggestions to go by the legal route first are probably good ones. I'm more qualified to advise on doxing than I am on denunciation but please keep us updated!

No. 1645791

Well, you can say many thing about lefties, but one thing they’re always happy to do is to tear their own to shreds. It’s honestly hilarious, how easy they build up a cult around a person and then disavow them just as fast, if not faster. I hate conservatives as much as the next guy, but they sure are loyal

No. 1645792

The thing is that the Right is at this point just a coalition against the Left. I mean you have people like Rubin and Farage in more or less the same political camp. Everyone knows that serious infighting would just destroy what little cohesion the right has left. So it's avoided unless absolutely necessary.

No. 1645800

Feuding, purging, and metastasizing into different little groups is what the Left has always been good at, though. Isn't Keffals a Trot or something? He should know.

No. 1645801

Wouldn't surprise me. I know he was in the Communist Party of Canada and was expelled but idk why.

No. 1645807

File: 1662939938847.png (409.78 KB, 1080x1657, retards.png)

seconding this. these idiots will discount anything posted on KF as lies even if it's a screenshot/archive of an actual tweet. they don't care about the truth, they care about their feelings.

No. 1645816

File: 1662941079649.jpeg (600.58 KB, 828x1604, 5541E296-D567-4A61-877C-3ABC77…)

flopped everytime + iirc he stoles money from the communist party in "revenge" of them being "transphobic" for him

No. 1645820

It’s a shame really, I’m pretty left-leaning myself and that infighting is exhausting. Its ranks, at least in the US, are full of liberals too, which is not surprising at all, since universal, public-funded healthcare is still a topic of debate here.
But that’s beside the point. I’m just here to see Keffag getting dropped by his little commie friends. That’s what you get, when your political party is full of narcs, who’s just there for attention and no one holds any real values.
Oh god, I hate it so much. Yeah, misinformation is everywhere, learn how to check your sources, dumbass, instead of hoping someone will do it for you.
Also agree with going straight to the authorities

No. 1645828

He ran?!? Lmaoooo!

No. 1645835

Isn’t he upper middle class or something too? God, I hate it here. The hell you know about the struggles of the working class?
But getting 128 votes must’ve really hurt his ego. I’ve got more, running for the student council, it’s so fucking funny.

No. 1645836

File: 1662942374892.png (44.05 KB, 496x235, kf-edit.png)

New edit

No. 1645838

I won't for now, I just checked the doxbin to check if it was the same person and see if my guess on which university he studies was right. The dox on him lacks information about the other company he registered (that one includes a third person and had a starting budget of r$10000, likely a backup). The email used on that company different is from his one, it's from third person's and I assume the address too.
All of information I got is publicly available. The government even lets you consult it, I just crossed the information I got with the CNPJ in the transparency site, that's how I discovered he received auxílio emergencial and didn't change his name.
Curiously enough, his name shows he got approved into a Geography major, not a Medical one, however I am yet to confirm. Google and DuckDuckGo provide clunky result searches for pdfs so I might look more carefully into it.

No. 1645845

> a lot of SJWish types would say they have "learned" and repented of their sins, his ego won't even let him do that.
It also doesn't help that his cult of permanently online nuthuggers (probably mostly minors) is on standby 24/7 to dogpile anyone who criticizes him, reinforcing his belief that he can never be wrong no matter what stupid shit he says, no matter who in his inner circle tells him "you fucked up (again)"

No. 1645864

Almost like he’s being set up as the golden calf to be slaughtered. Wu and Kevin and whomever is backing keffals up needed a “as passing as possible” face cause they know they are creepy. And it does seem like Keffals is losing steam since he thinks he’s “won” that aside I can’t wait for the thrown under the bus saga. If BLM can stab each other in the back over money he’s a goner for sure.

No. 1645884

Btw now that you mention it, what's the best way to get in contact with a member of the staff and/or Null. I kinda have to take care of something but I can't access my account.

No. 1645893

I can't access my account.

No. 1645898

Even if they cancel him, Lucas is not the type to just fade away. He's going to spill the tea at first slight and expose everyone who's been working behind the scenes to boost him if he thought they turned on him. And they will because he has and will continue to expose what he and trannies really are. He'll do anything to recapture this current high and remain relevant, and I can't wait to watch what happens next.

No. 1645906

I'm not sure if his e-mail addresses will be working (admin@kiwifarms.net certainly won't be and josh@jaw.sh is probably doubtful) and he's dogshit at replying to them anyway even when not as preoccupied as he is right now) so I'm not really sure what to recommend if you can't access the account and don't have a friend with one. Depends on what you need I guess. Sorry I can't be of more help.

No. 1645907

Great, now I need a referral. God help me.

No. 1645908

in the diy section it's specifically saying minors (and how to workaround their parents) wouldn't that be the opposite of what lucas is denying, that they target minors?

No. 1645913

Oh no, Lucas has always been very upfront about the DIY HRT website being aimed at serving minors.

The general public sees nothing wrong with it either because there is this whole false dichotomy with respect to youth experiencing gender dysphoria that they've taken as gospel. As far as the typical normie is concerned, children who do not receive so called "gender affirming care" are doomed to commit suicide. When you believe that a child will surely die without HRT, accessing black market hormones produced in some sketchy compounding pharmacy is seen as the "lesser of two evils" (which is bullshit).

No. 1645918

try yandex for search results

No. 1645919


No. 1645920

I mean…I'd really prefer not to. God knows the second I enter that telegram I'm on a watchlist.

No. 1645921

>Assuming Keffals wasn't lying about the swatting.
Why assume that when you can lurk moar?

No. 1645922

Chuds btfo

No. 1645925

lmao, are they at least a "doctor" in geology?

No. 1645926

File: 1662951597761.png (68.61 KB, 444x276, Screenshot 2022-09-11 23.01.09…)

Dunno how much you could gain from the Telegram, it's massive, fast-moving, and full of absolute autism, I'm only there for updates. Are you the Brazilianon?

Pic not related, just typical female behavior.

No. 1645927

File: 1662951636212.jpg (364.22 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20220912-125644__01…)

For posterity in case some nonnies here didn't know Lucas lied about being swatted, and the circumstances surrounding said "swatting". The boomer police chief in this article capitulates to the troon by calling it "swatting", but if you read what transpired he was not was not in imminent danger with guns pointed at him and there was no forced entry to the premises. They literally knocked on the door in typical leaf fashion.


No. 1645934

File: 1662953228541.png (363.01 KB, 1080x1484, unreliable truths.png)

for someone who is supposedly "not a fan of keffals" nerd skull is sure as fuck aggressively trying to paint anyone criticizing Lucas as a nazi/farmer/alt-right. Also kek at nerd saying they'd stop for their mental health but are still going at it.

No. 1645939

I cant cap it but Lucas is going hard on that Jai person. Oddly enough attributing things he’s done to her. Trying to call his mob down on her on Twitter. What a loser.

No. 1645947

Lol PT is a psycho brony troon with his own huge thread on KF

No. 1645969

Disgusting male moment. Sounds like he is a big fan of MATI as well as Nick Rekieta since Null made him read that post by someone who had sex with a troon and described it as feeling like a "deep belly button" And they have been making fun of Keffals stinky bellybutton hole since.

No. 1645986

File: 1662965495549.png (46.64 KB, 745x417, Keffals_Clara_sorrenti.png)

What did Keffals mean by this?

No. 1645989

Fake and gay. Obviously.

No. 1645991


This moid also has a thread for being a furry and pornsick degenerate on KF. And he also is on his third name on Twitter.

No. 1645997

Spreading fake shit like this only makes the legitimate bad shit seem fake too

No. 1646000

Does it tho? Because everything Keffals has been saying about KF has been entirely fake and yet people believe it. I don't think real or fake matters at all.

No. 1646004

Posting fake and gay shit like that is a bad look. It discredits real receipts and sets us up for claims of spreading lies and harassment. They've been proven to play dirty and use obvious fakes to prove their point.

No. 1646006

The problem is there's a double standard here. Everything from KF is fake & gay- Everything the chomo says is legit.

No. 1646009

I honestly don't care anymore. Who is to say it's fake? It could be real, just like they say that the video Metokur did is actually child porn? Just like Byuu actually being dead? Just like Kiwifarms being a terrorist website that is worse than ISIS? Why does the truth only matter for one side of this?

No. 1646014

If you want to run a gayop, at least make it marginally effective. If you can't make it effective, at least make it funny, this nigposting Keffals edit is neither funny nor effective, it is kiwiscrote tier shit. In fact I'm pretty sure it was sourced from their Telegram.

No. 1646022

it's probably keffel's side doing it, but the people involved are such brainlets it will backfire and some of them will 'have read somewhere keffels posted the N word'.

No. 1646033

Ok tranny

No. 1646044

File: 1662975497021.jpeg (76.05 KB, 1280x720, purple tinker.jpeg)


>Purple Tinker

oh, from one of the brony documentaries.

No. 1646047

why don't they see that everything about them is a joke? Beginning from their looks to their names

No. 1646048

File: 1662977167911.png (56.12 KB, 610x281, Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 20.0…)

These trannies are something else

No. 1646067

File: 1662982179936.jpeg (421.32 KB, 828x1074, 81579224-AFC5-404E-B29F-1D47F1…)

Imagine being a creepy moid in a dress defending other groomer trannies like yourself, Alex.

No. 1646071

File: 1662982637042.png (44.23 KB, 1280x416, swatter.png)

Someone has admitted to being the serial swatter and that their goal was to take down the Kiwifarms an their next goal is to get Josh arrested.



Tipestamp: 1:15:50

No. 1646074

I'd take this with a massive grain of salt, it's put out by a Kiwi Farms hater but more importantly by an inveterate attention seeker. More likely IMO he either got rused or is in on the ruse. But even if it is legit, it doesn't really add anything.

No. 1646075

Of course the person doing the swatting is a massive Kiwifarms hater and attention whore. Why don't you think they would do something like this? Usually these psychos are proud of their crimes and want to find some place to gloat.

No. 1646091

I don't mean the purported SWATter I mean the host of the stream.

No. 1646093

Well if the swatter hates KF then obviously he would only call into a podcast that also hates KF. Of course it could just be that ogre looking dude trying to get more views for his irrelevant podcast, but it also makes sense.

No. 1646094

I of course don't know for certain but the absolute irrelevancy of that guy's podcast is suggestive to me that it's either fake and gay or that the guy is in on it somehow, he and his clique of degenerate Discord scrote friends (and I really mean degenerate, parts of that thread are a rough read) started gunning hard for Kiwi attention not all that long ago and then cried about it when they were totally unsurprisingly doxed. I could be wrong but I smell gayops.

No. 1646151

I noticed that KF was loading for me on the Tor browser and went to check on the beauty parlor. I've only looked at one thread in the off topic area so far and…it seems that dudes have filled in the niche left behind based on the change in tones of posts.

No. 1646152

It's fucking Plate Gang again.

No. 1646163

File: 1662995188228.jpg (136 KB, 1080x468, tards.jpg)

This might have been made by a tranny trying to piss in the pool, so to speak.

No. 1646168

The troons already believe that everything in Keffals thread is fake even tho there are archives for everything. They don't employ critical thinking, not even the fucking journalists. They have been printing lies about Null this entire time, you really need to stop being so bent out of shape over "fake screenshots" as if any of it matters. There could be a tape of Keffals personally injecting toddlers with HRT and trannies would say it's deepfaked. It doesn't matter at all.

No. 1646183

you’d have to be actually clinically autistic to not realise a fake tweet is not the same as an obvious gag screenshot

No. 1646186

Do you know who we're dealing with here, at least when it comes to chronically online people?

No. 1646199

Someone just told you >>1646152 the worst most misogynistic scrotes to exist. They're using this in some way, they're all together again and joining up with every other moid trolling group to swoop in.
Trannies are the distraction, everyone is using this to their advantage to try and take out their 'enemies'.

No. 1646203

I mean to some extent I'd say that Josh made his bed by relentlessly antagonizing people (and I don't mean just hosting a site with threads that make fun of people, I mean being genuinely difficult to get along with to nearly everyone who's been in his orbit over the past decade and a half plus) but also many of these >>1646152 are even nastier pieces of work than he is. This whole thing is 100% multiple vendettaists having a go at Josh and providing each other cover, too. Maybe we will eventually find out to what it extent it is explicitly coordinated and to what extent people are just being opportunistic, but there's definitely a whole rogue's gallery doing thi shit and most are even less sympathetic than Josh and his Kiwis.

No. 1646206

Yes, precisely my point there, I found them in a comicsgate discord, 40 of them joined in one night. It was a nice server up until that point and the owner just rolled over for them because fellow man go fucking figure eh?

No. 1646209

>I mean to some extent I'd say that Josh made his bed by relentlessly antagonizing people
How? What are you suggesting could have been done? People feel entitled to post on any website they want, and if you tell them they can't they start going psycho on you. Look at what happens here with cp spam.

No. 1646210

It happens so often I wonder if >>1646152

No. 1646211

I'm sorry but those guys have tried to shut this site down before with the same thing, I honestly think half of these comments here are them muddying the waters. It's become such a pattern with them that they are clearly projecting what they do onto others. They got caught doing so by multiple different groups on more sites than I can count.
Sure Keffals is an issue but I am more worried about the wolves inside the gates than the fat freak outside of them.

No. 1646215

> How? What are you suggesting could have been done?
I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to here, but he's well known to be "difficult." This is not a groundbreaking take by any means.
It's basically a decades worth of extremely autistic and motivated enemies with nothing better to do. You've been able to see it escalating over the past year or to as well: see Zoom and path.net, Byuu, lolcow.org, etc. You make a good point that Keffals has been good at orchestrating the woke mob but a lot of other enemies are lurking in the shadows too. That must be one of the shittiest parts for Josh.

No. 1646217

Zoom was in that discord last night…

No. 1646220

Didn't censor a thread.
Didn't fall for a trap / take a bribe.
Discord clique that died before KF because the owner kept threatening to kill people in DC.

What antagonism on Kiwi Farms's behalf, besides just existing, was going on?

No. 1646222

The people who have issues with Null that aren't trannies are 99% people who have been banned from the site because they are super mega turbo spergs. It's just part of moderating a website full of so many antisocial autists that you eventually have to kick some of them to the curb and then they get mad at you. I think Null is very patient and fair in his moderation decisions and he even gives people 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances, but some people just can't stop shitting their pants so they just gotta go. Unless you go out of your way to antagonize Null directly (which a lot of them do) or you start drama within the community (like the chat fags) it's actually really hard to get banned on Kiwifarms. There are not that many rules.

No. 1646225

Neither I nor this anon is defending these people, we are saying that they are up to worse shit behind the scenes while we worry about Keffals who we cannot do much about right now. Keffals probably won't come for this site but lolcow.org for example? They tried to raid and stop this place a ton of times.
Byuu has been DDoSing since he faked his death, Zoom grooms children.

No. 1646228

File: 1663001354588.png (235.79 KB, 584x1495, gayops crypto edition.png)

hotwheels and shoveljaw trying to get Josh banned from crypto wallets. just normal people doing normal people things.

No. 1646229

Well >>1646203 said it's Nulls fault for "antagonizing" these people but honestly they are just fucking awful spergs who have serious behavioral issues, you can't expect Null to treat them all with satin gloves because they might sperg out and then spend 24/7 planning gayops in revenge.

No. 1646230

How does he keep downgrading to an even more disturbing-looking version of that fat green raccoon every time I see this creep tweeting? Do any of the KF enemies list not have threads?

No. 1646231

How the fuck is this not criminal harassment? And it's happening on fucking twitter. We seriously live in Clownworld.

No. 1646232

>Do any of the KF enemies list not have threads?
No. They all have threads and all for very good reasons. That's why they want KF gone, because it documents all of their degeneracy and lunacy.

No. 1646233

Of course not, but he is unpleasant, paranoid (with good reason ig), and unpredictable. Everyone knows this. To say this is not equivalent to avowing the people who hate him who are worse than he is. I don't know why some people's blinders go on so hard regarding him.

No. 1646234

Ah my bad, it's more Null's fault for having a double standard and letting people get away with a bit much after banning others for the same. Those idiots won't realize why, fact is Null did play favorites but he acted like he didn't. If he was open about doing so, it would not bother as many people tbh.
No, plenty enemies do not have threads, the ones you're aware of do. That is my issue here.

No. 1646237

>Ah my bad, it's more Null's fault for having a double standard and letting people get away with a bit much after banning others for the same. Those idiots won't realize why, fact is Null did play favori
tes but he acted like he didn't. If he was open about doing so, it would not bother as many people tbh.
Sounds personal, what is the story behind this? From what I can tell Null barely keeps track of Kiwifarms users and doesn't know who anyone in particular is unless they work hard to catch his attention by either antagonizing/tagging him directly or repeatedly causing problems for him. I think a lot of people project some sort of parasocial shit onto him that they think "Oh Null doesn't like me" but he probably doesn't even know who the fuck you are/forgets about you within 5 minutes. There are A LOT of posters on the forum, nobody is special.

No. 1646242

TOR proxies are serving 429s. That means that Null added some actual rate limiting somewhere in the stack. It's going to break the TOR site because of the relatively few IPs in the TOR network.

No. 1646244

they are taking the absolute wrong approach with jesse and doing all the work for us. incredible.

No. 1646246

No bad tactics, only bad targets. They are perceived as righteous hacktivists so rules don't apply to them.

No. 1646247

So it's not just me.

No. 1646248

It's just broken. He's working on a new Tor setup.

No. 1646249

If Josh was smart, he would be quietly compiling all of this into an lolsuit after a while if he can get a lawyer on board.

No. 1646251

Tor site working just fine for me right now, better than yesterday even.

No. 1646253

In a fair world this would happen, but the world is not fair.

No. 1646255

Remember the giant cultural battle of the 2000s and early 2010s about internet piracy and specifically the pirate bay? How there was massive lawsuits and the guys in Sweden actually went to prison for a bit and had to pay fines? The pirate bay runs off cloudflare now… thepiratebay.org… cloudflare doesn't give a single fuck. They only care about publicity.

No. 1646256

>since he tried to buyup the site here anyways
That was literal years ago and since 9chan he has said he never wants to run an imageboard again, this paranoia is really stupid. I remember when our old admin said she will abandon us soon and it looked like the site was dead for good someone reached out to Null to ask him if he would take over and he said no. So you can losen your tinfoil hat.

No. 1646258

File: 1663002849841.png (62.32 KB, 592x496, gayops crypto edition ongoing …)

>vigilantism is ok when we do it

No. 1646259

> Doesn't matter anyways, since he tried to buyup the site here
This. I don't know if people are aware of the lore on this and it's only vaguely linked to/alluded in some of these thread OPs. Josh repeatedly tried to take over this site. Not only has he wanted to monopolize the lolcow sphere for years and gets extremely threatened by alternatives given that this fucks with his source of money and clout, but there is something in the very least misogynistic if not ouright autogynephilic in his years long desire to subvert shit around here. Thank God admins over the years have known better, too, because we'd be gone off the Internet every time the troons worked up a DDoS. Josh never understood this place other than as a "image board version of the Kiwi Farms girl boards". Remember when he put up a message about this site being the "official imageboard companion" to KF and suggesting that people visit here in his downtime once he got in a sufficient amount of pique over having been rejected? Remember how just a week or two ago he tried to name a board "Gender Critical" and LARP as some kind of TERF for asspats until shamed out of it? And how the "Stinkditch" board remains in Beauty Parlor even though it's hardly female dominated at this point? Nobody likes that creepy incel and while his hatred of troons is based.

Reminder that Josh checks this site a lot and selfposts, too.

No. 1646261

> someone reached out to Null
Cringe. I'd rather this site die an honorable death and one of the many nonnas who is technically inclined make a rightful successor. And even if he doesn't want to take it over anymore, he is not one to forget a slight.

No. 1646262

That’s not what happened, but good try

No. 1646264

Null reached to himself. He self posted all over meta during admin sama ignore the clear kiwi fag

No. 1646265

The admins have all been men.

No. 1646266

Oh, it's the fucking tranny. Never mind, anons.

No. 1646267

ntayrt, but what did happen if that's not how it went down?

No. 1646275

Been wondering where schizo tranny has been all day, just post your dumb Supernatural gifs already and get it over with. Starting to think his vendetta against Null is because he wants to fuck him.

No. 1646278

>hello fellow feeemales, it is me, a female, let me just remind you that NULL IS YOUR ENEMY and he totally wants to take over your site, that's why you should be on the side of troons who want to take down KF
>just trust me bros..uuhh I mean.. nonnies

No. 1646280

>"hey do you need help?"
>omg it's a hostile takeover

No. 1646286

That wasn't all him, all that stuff about Josh is true, but some of the other retard shit very clearly is, he can't control his speech patterns for a minute.

No. 1646289

nta but that's a screenshot from a KF post, I don't think any poster here was using that terminology. the seething about Plategang is suspicious though, it's not like they are a common topic of conversation here.

No. 1646292

I assume schizo troon considers plate gang his gayop enemies or something. Since they both want to claim the death of KF for themselves. Any time there are so many replies to this thread in such a short time you know this faggot is back because he always samefags over and over.

No. 1646295

greentexting is normal here, lurk more schizo troon, you will never fit in

No. 1646298

He knows because he is friends with Elaine and she has been involved with them, but if I remember correctly they bullied her out of their discord.

No. 1646299

ayrt actually yeah, it'd be pretty much his style to have heard the name somewhere and then try to drop it into conversation without having a blessed clue, so that makes sense.
Blaine actually was on /cow/ the other day shitting the place up, so it makes sense.

No. 1646303

I don't know about all that but the cap where he is boasting about fedposting here is sourced from there. He got told to fuck right off though. I don't think the Plates would have anything to do with him but what do I know, I don't follow the political intricacies of scrotes and their discords.

No. 1646306

They are deflecting hard by trying to say Null is trying to take over this place. I think he has better things to do right now and worry about. But we know that schizo troon is VERY invested in this place and the guys from lolcow.org as well. I think they are definitely planning some sort of gay-ops. Probably something like "Null is out to get you and then you will end up like Kiwifarms, let us help you out instead".

No. 1646309

This is paranoid (which is not to say they aren't out to get us!) I was one of the ones referring to Josh's history with this site but I haven't claimed he's trying to take over the site currently, he certainly is preoccupied with other shit, I just don't get why people cape for him so much and his simp squad are obnoxious. However if anyone comes in with offers to "save us from Null", "help us with the Null situation", then we all will know to trust that just as much as we should trust offers of help from the man himself.

No. 1646311

It's a weird thing to bring up completely unrelated. Why are you trying to stir fear of a Null take-over to begin with?

No. 1646312

Admin sama was a brown women. Try again

No. 1646314

I said specifically I don't think Josh is trying to take shit over now but this is the Kiwi Farms thread/de facto Josh thread, and people here don't appear to be aware of the history, so it's fair game for discusion IMO.

No. 1646316

Weird how you claim to be an oldfag, but don't know that discussing age-old milk is frowned upon. Kinda like Blaine who comes in this thread several times a day to talk about year-old milk about Null that we have all seen before at this point. Weird indeed.

No. 1646318

You also for an old fag don’t seem to remember Null get reemed for his “fake savior I’m contacting Josh shit. “ larping as a farmer.

No. 1646320

It's not "age old milk", it's context and pushback against rabid Null simping, And I haven't even seen Blaine talk that much about Null, even. I don't think he even knows the lore. Also you know there's not just one poster who is saying these things, right?

No. 1646322

Blaine has come in here every day to post old milk on Null. But of course you know this. Just post your dumb anime shit and fuck off again.

No. 1646325

if you can't even tell someone's writing style which is that distinctive, I don't even know what to say

No. 1646327

Why should we care if Null takes over lolcow? We don't even know who's in charge now. Could be someone equally as retarded. Pls no ban

No. 1646330

No. 1646343

More like nobody can say anything critical about him without his simp squad turning up and then the troon smells blood in the water.

No. 1646345

It's possible the main KF cryptocurrency addresses will be blocked by all off-ramps. But then Josh could just swap the donations for monero and send the money to new, clean wallets.. I don't think they could defund him completely.

No. 1646359

Is there any functional domain besides for at this point? I'm too retarded to figure it out.

No. 1646362

There has been no announcement to this effect but I suspect Josh's "good news" this week will be that .net is becoming active again, it is serving the teapot message from behind a Ukrainian DDoS provider right now.

No. 1646366

It is working for me but a little dinky like you can't give stickers without clicking a few times. Whether and how well it works will probably depend on your network and location, if it doesn't, try stopping and starting Tor, possibly several times.
There is nothing there other than the teapot joke but it is giving good ping times and resolving to which is owned by a DDoS mitigation company out of Ukraine called V-SYS. There has been no mention of this by Josh that I know of, but the infrastructure appears to have begun to be put in place.

No. 1646367

(samefagging to say that if he has really opted for a Ukranian service that might be extremely fucking short lived given some of the pro-Russian stuff that gets posted)

No. 1646373

A Russian service (DDoS-GUARD) dropped him, not Ukranian. Kiwifarms.net was registered at Cloudflare but then transferred to Epik and currently points to the Ukranian IP serving the teapot page. It's not "someone" camping there, it's almost certainly actually him unless we hear otherwise.

No. 1646378

File: 1663008064359.png (29.3 KB, 376x212, Screenshot 2022-09-12 14.41.54…)

otherwise I'm with you but V-SYS is not just a host but also provides full mitigation

No. 1646384

Honestly Null's determination is admirable in a certain way. Well, until you realize that if KF is fucked he probably necks himself. I mean what kind of a future does he have without the Farms?

No. 1646393

> only troons can hate Josh

No. 1646395

Fine, wait for a few hours and see what gets swept for being part of the troon spam and what doesn't I guess? Because it won't be the posts you're raging at.

No. 1646409

You're obviously trannies because you're talking out of school about Josh. j/k. But the minority of women users there is not that small to be honest they just sort of tend to keep to their own spaces. I don't really like the culture of BP and don't care for the fattie board, the main lolcow I follow over there is much more popular with scrotes and I'd rather go here for that kind of stuff. It seems like the porportion of females to males who are bothering to use Tor, etc. is much lower though so far anyway which is frustrating to see especially as a woman in tech, but what can you do. Some of them would fit in here and some wouldn't, hopefully we get good matches more than anything!

No. 1646415

> believing anything the tranny says
> not being able to pick up on his writing style immediately

No. 1646421

Do lolcow users dox and swat people? No. It doesn't have the same fate, most of you are just paranoid.

No. 1646429

Me too, nona, me too.

No. 1646438

Stop replying to his bait, nonnies, he gets off on it.

No. 1646442

Same. I barely use KF but even I can see that pedo groomer trannies should not have so much power that they can just have entire forum sites unpersoned from the internet. All the news articles full of blatant lies, Twitter and discord just allowing grooming on their sites, it's seeping into every layer of tech and I'm sick of it.

No. 1646452

He attached to much of himself to the site. Can’t imagine many other site-owners being drugged through the mud because of the shit, that was done by visitors. And, yeah, Null’s pretty antagonizing, I can see why both sides dislike him.

No. 1646477

File: 1663013344233.png (11.03 KB, 600x132, Fceum5KXkAEf1Dr.png)

Jersh has a new onion domain

No. 1646479

BTW for those less familiar with Tor: be sure you are going to the right site i.e. an onion address sourced directly from him or another trusted source. It would be easy to make another one that e.g. begins with "kiwifarms" but with a different bunch of gibberish following it in order to steal your password.

No. 1646484

Honestly, no clue.
Right but they'd probably fill it with legit swastikas or some other shit that would be a dead giveaway to actual Kiwis.

No. 1646487

Basically yes. Simply put when you make a new Tor Hidden Service it by default is a collection of random letters and numbers like the uquu… one, but it is also possible to create one with a custom beginning (like "kiwifarms") basically running the random numbers again and again and again until you get "kiwifarms." This would take maybe 48 hours or so depending on hardware, I just did something similar myself (archiving anon here, it's STILL downloading.) It's just brand recognition as you say which is cool and all but does open up the possibility of people making fake ones that also start with "kiwifarms" so it is something worth thinking about.

No. 1646488


here is an actual link for those who dont want to type it from a fucking screenshot

No. 1646493

Yeah what >>1646490 said lol. Also it barely even rhymes.

No. 1646497

The rhyme or the atheism?

No. 1646503

Right, the rhyme. Yeah it was terrible.

No. 1646511

This retard is still at it trying to make fake history about lc when it’s all right here lol

No. 1646516

Samefag not the person I replied to but the obvious baiters. It’s so easy to search on lolcow’s search function everything so don’t believe the stupid claims about
When it’s not even one of our own saying that

No. 1646522

I have been reading the later portion of this thread which seems split between a debate about Null and yelling at a tranny that won't leave you guys alone.

But what I find interesting is that there seems to be this huge public push to treat these degenerates like their some sort of untouchable priceless china.

Maybe it is related to the whole "anti-bullying" campaign that has been going on for the better part of a decade. But I really don't understand the endgame here. Why is this hill (and a very unpopular one at that) being so hard fought over? It makes no sense to me.

No. 1646523

Sage your shit if it’s not milk kiwi

No. 1646544

File: 1663018095519.png (53.92 KB, 413x400, b7de2415adb73504425dc0af9cef2f…)

Couple of minor Josh W's

No. 1646579

File: 1663021122238.png (28.04 KB, 585x244, Screenshot 2022-09-12 18.19.35…)

uh oh, hopefully this is just growing pains and not LizFongJones

No. 1646582

*on the new kiwifarms…onion tor domain, the uquu… one has just stopped working for me

No. 1646583

so there's a captcha option and it won't take any captchas? (sorry for wording)

No. 1646585

yeah, it looks like an error in the configuration of the CAPTCHA which might just be him messing with stuff and might be Google cutting him off, will have to wait and see

No. 1646588

My best guess is that he forgot to transfer the system from the other site or something. Could be completely wrong though.

No. 1646590

seems most likely to me as well, here's hoping.

No. 1646591

Is there even an active top level domain currently? I’d heard from somewhere they were even trying to use domains from sao Paul or some other little country

No. 1646595

he registered .st domain yesterday(?, because they tolerate his new friends the loli-posters of poa.st) but I don't think it has been active and claims .top may be coming up but no, I don't think anything is working on the clearnet

No. 1646599

File: 1663021848720.png (212.04 KB, 1331x665, Fce_T7OXEAI7j0l.png)

Hopefully this is milk worthy but Jesse Signal apparently posted a letter from a KF user and I think it's like the best press the KF has had in a while.

No. 1646600

File: 1663021870912.png (67.83 KB, 1371x695, Fce_VuhXEAgT78-.png)

No. 1646601

Oh shit I forgot to sage the last one, sorry.

No. 1646608

File: 1663022258480.png (107.09 KB, 745x793, keffals1.png)

What will the criminal troon squad get up to next?

No. 1646611

Not funny.
Above: obvious tranny posting.

No. 1646616

Why is the date on that tweet 2021?

No. 1646617

A couple of the few posts above are him, too, you can tell by the overuse of first-person pronouns and cutesy spellings. The rape jokes are a dead giveaway of course though.
Laziness on the part of the scrote/tranny who edited it, lol.

No. 1646618

File: 1663022802286.png (81.34 KB, 745x541, keffals2.png)


No. 1646622

File: 1663022971168.png (51.4 KB, 658x236, Screenshot 2022-09-12 18.49.56…)

That's fake, are you retarded? This one's real, though:
> women
Fun fact: John Walker Flynt named himself Brianna after some guy named Bryan he stalked in college.

No. 1646623

File: 1663023037646.png (31.23 KB, 745x341, keffals3.png)


No. 1646626

Josh changed to text-based CAPTCHA, logging in works now.

No. 1646632

File: 1663023752566.png (762.2 KB, 745x1063, keffals4.png)

No. 1646634

Damn, Keffals is REALLY into MILFs….

No. 1646638

Chris is gonna be angey lol

No. 1646648

File: 1663025061404.jpg (118.57 KB, 750x956, 20220912_182420.jpg)

He should be the last person saying this

No. 1646656

File: 1663025722254.png (41.1 KB, 620x208, Screenshot 2022-09-12 19.34.38…)

Or retweeting this (which I assume is in reference to himself), the troon is immune to hypocrisy?

No. 1646660

quite the ironic retweet really.

No. 1646661

File: 1663026185321.png (7.31 KB, 302x108, Screenshot 2022-09-12 19.43.48…)

Nitpick I suppose in a sense but I find the "SNEED" meme so unbelievably cringe, why is this so funny to Josh and his kiwiscrotes?

No. 1646662

haha because he is literally the most insufferable person on the internet

No. 1646667

because it’s insanely autistic

No. 1646672

>tweeting is not activism
Lucas, 'activism tweeting' is literally your whole entire thing. It's all you do

No. 1646674

Does anyone have the tea on why Keffals got kicked out of the Canadian Communist Party? Pronoun spergout? Mismanagement of funds?

No. 1646676

No clue but I'd also like to add leftist infighting to the board. It's a classic.

No. 1646677

File: 1663027934579.png (217.61 KB, 515x480, Screenshot 2022-09-12 20.12.47…)

also KF telegram is full of seething racist incels but is also pickme central

No. 1646678

Ethan (I think that's H3H3's name) isn't exactly a high bar to clear lol.

No. 1646680

No, it's definitely not, lmao. But no there are a few female users in there who's simping for Josh is at best semi-ironic. It's kind of uncomfortable.

No. 1646684

lmao Josh has said a few times that he will never date someone from KF. What normie woman would ever go for him though?

No. 1646685

Knowing what a degenerate he is, he probably "satisfies" himself without women. Very sad but ehh, not unexpected. I am however willing to put money on there being at least one female KFer who would legit go out with him though due to being so wrapped up in the whole thing.

No. 1646687

Yeah this has been his position for a number of years although he did used to try to get in some people's DMs including I think at least one tranny if memory serves but he has been pretty clear about a 'no e-girls' policy these days. Which is probably wise, he'd be getting catfished left and right otherwise, I remember some anons from here even tried to do it but got rebuffed. I wonder if he still actually hopes for his normie girl let alone the tradwife he he has spoken of wanting. Ignore looks, even personality at this point and just go on baggage alone. At some point he said though that he'd feel like once he hit 30 it would not be happening for him which is probably accurate. You know he is the kind of guy who is going to have some unrealistic standards physically and otherwise.
> at least one
Yeah I think it's safe to say there is a couple and I bet there are a few that are not even bad looking. Well adjusted, fuck no. Probably a good thing that he's set some boundaries.

No. 1646688

considering you get banned if you talk shit to them then yes, i think they are immune to to

No. 1646689

Yeah. I mean women who come close to tradwives exist but they are highly selective. Josh's problem is that he can't escape his past so he offers them no future. None of those girls would want to start a family with Josh who is a borderline atheist from what I can tell and is unemployable. Normie girls would also bolt the second they caught wind of the target on his back. Only some idiot from the Farms would want him.

No. 1646692

> a borderline atheist
He has implied an interest in religion in recent years (beyond putting his favorite Bible verses in random.txt) and I don't really like trying to gauge whether people are authentic in that because but it seems to be similar in spirit to the tradcath musings of the likes of Ethan Ralph and Nick Fuentes, for the aesthetics and reactionary politics. But who am I to judge. I hope he does find something that gives him peace.

No. 1646693

he looks canadian on that pic..

No. 1646694

>>>tradcath musings of Ethan Ralph and Nick Fuentes
Right, and people would be able to see through that. It's partly why Nick doesn't have a girlfriend. That and just being a total scrote.

No. 1646696

Nick doesn’t have a girlfriend because he is a super gay misogynist

No. 1646697

Oh shit, forgot about that. Isn't he like into catboys or smth?

No. 1646700

There is a blatant degenerate named CatboyKami known for sucking off horse dildos on stream and screaming nigger at random minors on omegle, with whom Nick shared a flirtation. Funny how it winds up coming back to catboys.

No. 1646702

samefag as >>1646700 ngl the catboy kami guy has a nice body though

No. 1646704

Eastern European mail order brides are a thing for a reason, I'm sure he can find some trad lady in Serbia or w/e looking to marry an American if he hasn't already.

No. 1646705

He's said before that he doesn't even consider Slavs to be "white" enough for him.

No. 1646706

I dunno if he has the money for that for one. I didn't remember the slavs not white thing but it doesn't surprise me. He's said though that this kind of relationship would not satisfy because he wants a bang maid/mommy gf and someone who true and honest loves him for him.

No. 1646707

Yeah but like an American is only an asset if they get you into America. I doubt Josh is gonna return. He lives in Serbia for a reason.

No. 1646708

Lots of white nationalists say things like this and then settle when they get desperate.

No. 1646709

>is unemployable
Why doesn't he change his name?

No. 1646710

IIRC I think it's because he considers their culture way too different from white American culture.

No. 1646711

Ah yes, I'm sure an American won't stick out in Serbia. Not to mention the fact that he'd also likely need plastic surgery. The only way he lives a normal life is if he legit fakes his own death.

No. 1646713

His enemies would find him. In the vast majority of cases name changes are public and all it would take is applied autism to work it out.

No. 1646717

crazy how laughing at trannies is "treated" like terrorism, literally cutoff from mainstream social media and institutions

i'm pretty sure ISIS is accepted in more places than the kiwifarms

No. 1646718

he needs byuu's help for that

No. 1646722

it's kind of funny how you can consider how KF is fighting not only censorship but the fact that these people can create and ignore evidence at will with the blessing of the MSM

i don't think josh ever meant to be a "champion of free speech or something", i think the site just "accidentally" fell into that position. contrary to what he thinks though, i don't think the pendulum is swinging back or that we are reaching a tipping point. everyone hates these people but no one can do anything against it

No. 1646723

File: 1663031435389.jpg (129.95 KB, 828x1288, media_FcfU8rZXEAUdF7Y.jpg)

Am I the only one who feels like Taylor Lorenz knows who the serial swatter is? Bogus threats seem to sprout all around her.(tinfoil)

No. 1646724

it's pointless to speculate who did a swatting, there is really no way of proving it

No. 1646728

I'm just saying, she's close friends with Keffals and at around the same time fake threats were being made on KF other threats were sent to a hospital to make libsoftiktok look dangerous. It's fishy.

No. 1646730

sage pls but I don't think Taylor or any leftist or tranny had anything to do with any of this swatting with the possible exception of Keffals (which wasn't really a swatting) it just smells like the same tit-for-tat gayops that have been going on in the spheres surrounding right-wing streamers for months on months now. the keffals shit might have been a deranged kiwi or a tranny false flag. but it would be a mistake to try to connect it all in too neat a box I think.

No. 1646732

most threats against keffals were falseflags anyways, if you were actually planning on doing crimes, the last thing you'd do is to tell everyone about it and give law enforcement a way to find you

it doesn't matter, it served its purpose, KF got shat on and the tranny got like 100k to play around which makes me wonder if i should start pretending to be a black tranny in peril for some sweet cash

No. 1646735

i have to admit, either accidental or not, the trannies played their cards well and got a good result (for them), doubt they have much to worry about anyways, they are the perfect npc for corporations so they will always have their back

No. 1646737

whadya mean

No. 1646743

don't think it matters, they have power and that's what matters

they are probably going to fracture the internet permanently if that means they get to keep being sex pests on discord, i will personally jump ship at that point and do other stuff

No. 1646746

>they are the perfect npc for corporations so they will always have their back
Until they become too unpopular and unprofitable for corporations, nonna. Corporations have no loyalty to anyone but optics and profit.

No. 1646748

Yeah, they're too powerful.

No. 1646749

more like it means that you could techinically get rid of any site you don't like, at that point i might as well save all the videos and shit i like and put them on a hard drive

doubt that will ever happen, not with mr. blackrock cutting them checks

No. 1646763

File: 1663034846333.png (235.41 KB, 1080x1143, dumbass.png)

I think elliot is moving away from lucas. His retarded followers kept spamming "noodles are tasty" tweets in elliots replies.

No. 1646764

File: 1663034974564.jpg (30.65 KB, 585x323, everyone is a farmer.jpg)

also kek apparently that dumbass nerd skull went after liz too

No. 1646767

Elliot and lucas have been slapfighting over DesTiny who Lucas is still seething at and lately been attacking for his associations with Nick Fuentes (remember that tiny is in a certain way where this whole saga started, being that Lucas attacking him is what caused Kiwi interest in him to take off) cue Lucas dissolving in seething narc rage. He's already lost Hotwheels (but hotwheels is still attacking Josh) and now LFJ, this isn't going to be a good look for him at all.

No. 1646770

the great thing about this image is that it works as a response to literally any story.

No. 1646787

I hate this lego head sjw chink troon(racebaiting)

No. 1646790

Why is their rebuttal always something along the lines of "that never happened", "you're lying", "ok transphobe"

No. 1646792

Because they aren’t clever. Come now- they try fooling themselves into thinking they are women (or worse better than women). That sort of delusion takes up a lot of time. I like how “you must be a kiwifarmer” has become the new “nazi bigot!” Of the Twitter idiots. They can’t argue. Whatever your opinion of KF, they are least provided receipts, which thus far nobody on Twitter can really do, it’s all “listen and believe”. I swear they don’t have a single original thought.

No. 1646816

this is insane that trannies think they can cancel, shut down and silence anyone who doesnt play in their fantasy. youre a fucking dude, man!

No. 1646820

these fucking trannies found the perfect time to pull this shit whenever everyone is still terrified of being non-pc. but do not fret nonitas, there is a hate-a-brewin in the normies. normies as dumb but they are still watching all of this was an unsettling feeling in their stomach. the masses will soon turn again the trans.

No. 1646874

No. 1646906

Posts like this are so funny to me. You think if he changes his name he would announce it to make it immediately useless? People speculating about Null's life offline are fucking tards. If he had a wife and 4 kids already you would never fucking know cause he wouldn't tell anyone. Some people are literally waiting for him to pull a woman on camera one day and say "this is my wife, here is her birth certificate, this is her bank statement and now please go ruin her entire life, thanks". How dumb are you really?

No. 1646921


The sign is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck". So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".

No. 1646930

This sounds like the plot to some bizarre “fan” fiction and you need to make it happen.

No. 1646931

fong-jones should call up someone who cares on google voice

No. 1646942

You think a girl wants to deal with his circus of a cult, not to mention his obnoxiously selfish flabby ego?

No. 1646943

they ban you because you're a schizophrenic tranny, not because they like Josh.

No. 1646950

Never heard of these homos but they sound like Britbong. Funny how these types follow mostly the same script, huh.
>Zoom grooms children.
Ah there's a familiar name.

No. 1646952

Because that site is awash in diseased glowie filth, I thought most people knew this? Went to /pol last year for the first time in years and it's obvious from miles away. Faggy spookjews have no use for KF or for people like Null.

No. 1646955

4chan also doesn't keep receipts of trannies missteps and dumb shit they said in the past. I mean, that's obviously what this is about. Keffals and Liz Fong Jones want their internet history erased.

No. 1646956

Accountability is anathema to MTF troons

No. 1646957

worry about your outstanding warrants, Blaine

No. 1646959

Eh. I'm with >>1646199
>Trannies are the distraction, everyone is using this to their advantage to try and take out their 'enemies'.
This was my conclusion after speeding running through this somewhat cancerous thread. Troons are an insignificant minority, statistically, so I don't know why some are pointing fingers at them exclusively. A few schizoid troons mean nothing in the bigger picture imo. Josh has A LOT of enemies. I don't know how much of his personal behavior has contributed to that, I know nothing of his interpersonal relationships nor do I care. One thing I can say about him is he's appeared consistent over the years.

No. 1646960

None of those "enemies" have ever been successful in taking down the farms until a troon came along and made it all about transphobia and harassing poor trans women. This is about trannies, weather you like it or not.

No. 1646961

make people, especially troons, afraid of the internet again

No. 1646963

An 'insignificant minority' is apparently incorrect, since they seem to have enough social capital to get websites shut down they don't like


No. 1646964

It seems it's much bigger than "just trannies" but everyone's entitled to their opinion. Like other anon said, trannies are the distraction. A troon was the catalyst but there's a bigger picture whether or not anyone sees it.

Let's take Jonathan (jessica) Yaniv, he's a transtrender hiding behind a trans identity to use as a shield to deflect from his being a child predator. Now, is the bigger picture that he's a troon, or that he's a pedo (who happens to hide behind being a troon)? Not all troons are pedos, if we're honest, and not all pedos are transtrenders. Pedos come in many shapes and sizes - fixating on troons alone doesn't mean anything to the bigger picture.

No. 1646966

Please nonny. If what you're saying were factual they'd have much more then KF shut down by now.

No. 1646967

Exactly. Most enemies of KF tried and failed to take it down because nobody ever takes them seriously once people see all the freakish shit about them that was posted there.
Unless of course, your freakish shit involves cutting off your dicks and giving kids bathtub-cooked hormones.

No. 1646969

You will never be a woman and your fellow troons are a menace onto our society. Must suck to see your own expose themselves like that and make everyone hate you. kek

No. 1646971

>NOOOO ITS NOT TROOOOOO(NS)! Not all troons!
Yes, all troons. All troons practice cancel culture. All troons deny reality. All troons want total power and to be in control over the narrative and to shut up people who say things that hurt their feelings. Because otherwise they can't exist. Otherwise they are just men in drag.

No. 1646972

>he's a transtrender hiding behind a trans identity
There is no "true trans", yaniv is just a regular troon

No. 1646973

>You will never be a woman
Yes anon, everyone who doesn't think the exact same way you do must be a tranny. You addressed none of my points. Congrats.
Ok >>1646199
The point is there are transtrenders who use it as a sheild to hide behind, as do predators like Yaniv. I don't see Blaire White preying on children - not all troons are pedos but many pedos hide behind trans identity. But you're free to be stuck on troons kek.

No. 1646978

Yes you are obviously a tranny, nobody else would defend trannies on here. We don't like you. This is a website for women so gtfo.

No. 1647007

Corey Barnhill teamed up with Cowpoly and Michael Thurlow and are in this thread.

No. 1647008

Not the site for this hunny.

No. 1647016

Corey Barnhille, pedophile, has changed his name to August Heart actually. He is such a cringy fat fucking autist that he changed his name to his favorite comic book character's name, the Flash. If anyone doesn't know who he is, he also goes by the online handle "Zoom" (cause he is obsessed with the Flash) and he has a Kiwifarms thread because there are recordings of him and his girlfriend talking about how he forced her to watch a 6 year old girl get anally raped. His girlfriend is a victim of child sexual abuse herself and is now a camwhore who wears diapers and pacifiers for pedophiles like August Heart. He also worked for Path.net and tried to get Kiwifarms thrown out of their datacenter with a faked court order. Quite a character.

No. 1647026

I'll never understand why Destiny hangs out with a pedophile. Has he ever advertised having those tendencies himself? Not to imply some braindead guilt by association bullshit, it just seems like his principles shift according to the situation, not unlike nearly every politician on planet earth. It's beyond bizarre that so many people give mrgirl a pass because he cloaks his blatant evil in muh so edgy unfunny humor.

No. 1647029

Saying that the KF/Null situation is bigger than trannies isn't defending trannies lol. Some of you really need to learn to read.

No. 1647039

You're actively defending trannies in your posts by saying "NOT ALL TROONS ARE BAD!" There are no "trans trenders" and "true trans people". Get the fuck out of here or lurk more. This is the one place where we can shit on trannies since your kind has taken over all other sites. You're not welcome. You literally have the entirety of the internet to yourselves. Go away.

No. 1647045

>America First/right wing streamers and their Discords
The closet queer mustachioed manlet that hosts AF (forgot his name), former employees hinted he was an informant. They may have outright said so, I can't remember now. They were on Kino Casino/Andy Warski like a year ago. I'd had my suspicions so wasn't surprised by the revelations. Many such cases. History is prologue, etc.

No. 1647046

I suggest you learn to read sperg anon. Or don't and keep putting words in people's mouths, w/e.

No. 1647049

File: 1663077089192.jpg (52.52 KB, 738x748, IMG_20220531_015739_149.jpg)


Nick Fuentes is another catboy enthusiast. whether he is a wrangler or the wrangled, who can say?

No. 1647063


Nick Fuentes is a homosexual who said he thinks women are disgusting. All of these moids fuck trannies or catboys. This is why troons are so powerful. In public, moids disavow them but in private they fill up tranny and catboy DMs. Never trust a moid.

No. 1647065

I think women are largely at fault here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1647067

Multiple people are telling you to cut it. Take your tranny defending derail elsewhere.

No. 1647069

File: 1663080921189.png (311.31 KB, 1334x750, F676C93C-B860-4996-851F-9798B4…)

So Lucas is going hard on the “since kiwi “isn’t up” changing history thing. Trying to deny everything that is well known. Typical

No. 1647072

I can't wait to get mansplained on real facts!

No. 1647077

Stop namefagging faggot this isn't KF

No. 1647078

its the troon acting like he's one of us on lolcow just ignore him

No. 1647082

Images are ramping up. I'm sure your gonna be posting CP soon and blaming others again

No. 1647086

Why should Destiny not hang out with a pedo? What do you expect? He is the creepiest sort of fake ally "male feminist."

No. 1647087

Which troon do you think is paying for the DDoS? My guess is on Liz.

No. 1647088

True, you can't trust men at all. Even the ones who pretend to be righteous and moral or who have "changed their ways" like Null are still just men and men are completely powerless slaves to their penises. Even if they know something is wrong in their upstairs brain, the downstairs brain does not act logical, they're not more than animals really.

No. 1647093

Isn’t that illegal? They’re basically admitting to doing illegal stuff.

No. 1647094

Based on the date and the fact there are other "probably fake" twitter edits in this thread… It's accuracy is pretty questionable.

No. 1647097

File: 1663084486678.gif (202.92 KB, 220x122, ducks.gif)

Do you like duvkz?

No. 1647099

See a therapist, femcel
Not all men are bad (just most)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1647100

2 digit IQs right here

No. 1647104

Surprised this groomer can even count up to 18.

No. 1647158

File: 1663091192870.png (63.89 KB, 587x562, you're a lawyer, sue somebody.…)

No. 1647160

Internet Lawyer vs Troon Lawyer, now that I would watch

No. 1647162

File: 1663091695134.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x1764, autist_reminder_1.jpg)


No. 1647173

> speed running
my tranny sirens are going off. everyone take cover in the basement.

>YouTube has implicitly condoned this kind of hate speech
Oh that’s just like Twitter and the time they verified a man who made disgusting misogynistic jokes, including a “running a train” joke about autistic girls. But wait, I guess that’s not hate speech because it doesn’t hurt the feelings of trannies.

No. 1647184

Oooohhhh, I hope Rekieta goes after him. I don’t really know anything about Rekieta but Alejandro seems shockingly dumb and smug.

No. 1647188

White thots and alt-rightoids are at fault for giving traps and trannies impenetrable privilege. Now kiwifags are being punished for committing the grand act of wrongthink.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1647197

"Normies" have no idea what any of this is other than a big mean nasty hate site finally being taken down

No. 1647207

First Destiny calling out for Canadian lawyers.
Then Joshua Moon contacting the FCC about the google voice incident.
Now lawyer vs lawyer.
This might be entering the legal arc. Interesting.

No. 1647221

You mean actual lawyer with a practice vs. troon diversity hire for “shit nobody cares about law school”? Regardless I’m with ya- wanna see troon get BTFO by actual law..

No. 1647223

Go away tay tay. Do your own homework.

No. 1647228

File: 1663099947995.png (399.46 KB, 1120x730, goldilocks.png)

i guess you haven't known of him for long enough but there was a solid year where he would continually argue about the existence of 'ethical cp' for harm reduction…

No. 1647231

Nice try, WaPo poopoo
How the fuck do you make CP ethical?? Lol you just can’t. Never liked destiny, he just looks very slimy and doesn’t touch grass as much as he should.

No. 1647232

The fact he has a count that high LMFAO

No. 1647237

File: 1663100935617.jpeg (173.06 KB, 1280x676, 15DB8C82-7E4A-4F98-8F93-5347D4…)

What's pedophillic about a 28 year old meeting an 18 y.o. rape victim on Twitch, getting very drunk with her, and fondling her in front of her (poly) boyfriend and thousands of viewers? She's legally an adult!

Should've just posted it instead of asking and risking getting banned before you had the chance to honeypot.

No. 1647284

Nick Rekieta is a finances lawyer he has barely any clue how shit like this can be fought in court. You idiots literally think all lawyers do the same work. Keffals vs. KF is a coinflip of whose legal rep is a bigger dumbass, not unlike the Vic Mig case.

DesTiny is a huge sex pest and a gross poly fucker. He's an easy target hence why Keffals went after him early for clout.

No. 1647310

>Nick Rekieta is a finances lawyer he has barely any clue how shit like this can be fought in court. You idiots literally think all lawyers do the same work.
Lol you think Rekieta would represent himself and not hire another lawyer who specializes in this?
Keffals and KF both have done scummy shit so who knows the results, but Rekieta vs Caraballo would be simpler. Did the tweet ever exist? Yes or no, and proceed from there.

No. 1647321

>white knighting
Slow your roll, nonny. I don't follow Rekieta at all, but anon who made that post knows shit about lawyers. Any lawyers knows you must hire another lawyer for just about everything.

No. 1647332

you ok nona? who knew just one extra stroke of the enter key could summon such rage

No. 1647336

>pickme whore
this is a female only image board you dumb faggot

No. 1647353

I agree with AYRT, although a lot of them are more bark than bite. Sure tons of troons are known for the stereotype of programmer socks, but a chunk of them are just simply retarded narcissists with a fetish, that doesn't indicate their proximity to how online they could be.

No. 1647360

> Lol you think Rekieta would represent himself and not hire another lawyer who specializes in this?
I'm not super familiar with the lore but basically the whole Vic thing involved Rekieta recommending some spergy lawyer friend of his who screwed the pooch completely, right? I would not put a lot of stock in legal help from that sector.

No. 1647382

What a perfect mascot for the all the closeted right homos who pretend they don't hate women. At least this secret fudge packer doesn't pretend he doesn't hate women.

No. 1647383

Go talk to Blaire White.

No. 1647388

ily all but can anons stop hi scrote-ing already. Everyone who comes here knows it's pathetic, sad and hilarious watching men try to pretend they're women, no one said otherwise for fucks sake. The title of the thread isn't "I hate trannies and this is why", it's a KF thread. Calm down and stop over reacting because someone presents a different opinion you don't understand. Being so short-sighted and not understanding what a catalyst is isn't a win. They >>1646199 get it.

A once semi-relevant scrote Dick Masterson, tried to start his own Patreon alternative some years ago to mild success, only for the banks/credit card companies to turn around and stop doing business with him for no apparent reason, effectively terminating his platform (sounds familiar). Their justification was something along the lines of, he was "on a list". They couldn't tell him what that list was exactly or why he was on it, just that it meant they couldn't do business with him. He was "controversial" and fit his name but never did anything illegal. This isn't in defense of a particular scrote, it's an example of the arbitrary removal of one persons right to due process and how it inevitably creates a slippery slope for everyone else. And this may come as a shock to some of the less than literate retards on here, but it wasn't the all powerful trannies who got him shut him down, unless you want to tinfoil that all banks are run by trannies for some reason. Everyone knows they're run by jews, stupid.

No. 1647400

File: 1663113902991.jpg (176.21 KB, 946x2048, Fcj1YIwXoAACMB8.jpg)

street fight radio breaks out, chapos crying irl

No. 1647411

Anyone has strength (or care) to skim through and tl;dr the latest gloatfest?

No. 1647440

> Blaire White
tranny chasing alt right scrotes detected, nobody else cares about this boring pickme troon

No. 1647463

He's not going to do anything, he's a retard who likes to sperg on twitter. Some of you are overblowing this tranny cabal tinfoil. Keffals is a delusional loser who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The vultures in the msm >>1647158 know a gravy train when they see one and are riding it for all the shekels its worth.

No. 1647498

lmao he's that bad

No. 1647531

>Hello girls, can you tell me, a fellow female that is definitely not mentally retarded, how to not look like a tranny?

No. 1647535

you'll never be able to imitate what you can't understand