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File: 1663284787315.jpg (95.24 KB, 576x604, z8O6C6rp0lA.jpg)

No. 1649200

Recent news:
>Google removed all the Kiwifarms web cache, it is not indexed by Google anymore
>Naia Osaki, the trans wolf, is sending a fake document (containing false allegations of CSAM in the farms) to every domains
>Iceland and Chinese dropped Kiwifarms .top and .is
>Registred on a new domain from Sao Tomé
>Internet Archive (archive.org) wipped every kiwifarms archive, use archive.ph instead
>Destiny is going to sue Keffals
>Changed the Tor link, every links (clearnet/deep web) are laggy for now due to heavy DDoS from the troons
> Josh revived the .net site by using a DDoS provider from Portugal
>Keffals asked his mob to harass the DDoS provider CEO, is now in touch with the CEO himself
> Jim Watkins said in a recent stream that he bought KiwiFarms, no response from Josh

THERE IS A SCHIZOPHRENIC, PEDOPHILE TRANNY POSTING HERE. DO NOT REPLY TO HIM. He is the same person posting CP and all sorts of deranged shit on here. Often namefagging and avatarfagging, also post nonsense youtube links and shit, easy to recognize all his posts, do not reply to a-log, this will excite him even more. It gets him off to cause women distress and get attention. Again, do not engage, report all of his posts.

KIWIFAGS AT LEAST TRY TO INTEGRATE, that means sage your shit if it is not new milk and close the window if you have a Y chromosome.

JOSH SIMPS, he won't pick you, JOSH HATERS, you very likely have nothing new to say.

http://kiwifarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion - Tor link. It is recommended to use Brave ("Open New Private Tab With Tor") or Tor Browser Bundle on PC, and "Orbot" on your phone. Sometimes under maintenance.

https://kiwifarms.top/ - dead, Chinese decided to drop them.

https://kiwifarms.ru/ - dead, Russian DDoS guard

https://kiwifarms.is/ dead, Iceland sized it

https://kiwifarms.st/ Up for now, still laggy

https://kiwifarms.net/ - Up for now (clear cache, ctrl + f5 if any error appears) Might be dropped soon again (?)

Kiwi telegram:

Old threads:

Archive KF thread on lolcowfarm (incase if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a total shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:

No. 1649205

File: 1663284947755.png (58.59 KB, 601x484, j.PNG)

gonna post this again then, I think Destiny may be the person to actually harm this movement, since he hasn't been banned for anything yet and is making that video. Plus he seems geniunely annoyed by it all.

No. 1649207

Realistically how fucked is Keffals at tax time? They can't put the gofundme money down without it either amounting to tax fraud or wire fraud.

No. 1649215

File: 1663285451004.png (401.62 KB, 634x428, Capture d’écran 2022-09-16 à 0…)

this is the CEO of the portugese ddos provider that josh is using rn, no charisma at all

No. 1649218

File: 1663285547661.png (227.76 KB, 492x302, Capture d’écran 2022-09-16 à 0…)

samefag, front view, still looks like he browse incels.is daily

No. 1649222

Getting real soy vibes from this guy, bet he'll fold like a cheap suit

No. 1649225

I'm already mourning .net. It's over

No. 1649234

File: 1663286512548.png (3.31 KB, 518x124, gone.PNG)

it's already gone

No. 1649237

File: 1663286615243.png (228.53 KB, 1045x801, image_2022-09-15_200458524.png)

No. 1649238

"Service Continuation Of Kiwi Farms…
My name is Hugo Carvalho and I'm the CEO of DiamWall, today I'm bringing an important statement that I never thought I would need to do anytime soon.

About our CDN…
Before even starting to talk about Kiwi Farms I think it is important to let people know what a CDN is and does.
We are only a proxy that filters website traffic and blocks malicious requests, we DO NOT host any website, we ARE NOT responsible for any website's content and we CANNOT control every service's content.
Everyone is free to register an account at our website, pay for the product and start using it. We DO NOT and CANNOT analyze every single website that starts using our services.
DiamWall is completely new in this market (we opened to the public one month ago) and this is not a good way to start for sure, nor is it the way that we wanted to start.
DiamWall was formed by a small group of people that worked for many years in this area with private customers and we created the best Anti-DDoS technologies that ever existed.

Now that you understand how it works, let's talk about Kiwi Farms…
The owner of Kiwi Farms came in need of DDoS Protection and because their website was offline due to DDoS, we didn't really know about their website's content. They had a PROBLEM and we had the SOLUTION.
Soon enough the reports started to arrive and we started digging more and more about this website, soon enough we found that Kiwi Farms hosts a lot of revolting content.

We do not think that is fair to terminate any service because of public pressure but in this case, we think there is some foundation behind all those requests and we really do not want to have anything to do with it.

So, after careful consideration, DiamWall does not feel like Kiwi Farms is a good fit for our company, which means that today we are SUSPENDING their service inside DiamWall's CDN.

Please be AWARE that this will not fix the issue, only delay it, they will find another provider that can protect them and will be online once again.

Best Regards,
Hugo Carvalho,
DiamWall CEO"

No. 1649239

File: 1663286691220.png (11.54 KB, 970x141, Capture.PNG)

No. 1649240

Fucking weakling, fell like a frail piece of straw in the wind. Josh, stop fucking relying on easily manipulated people for service providers.

No. 1649241

By looked into it, they just read whatever Keffals & Crew sent. This shit is really pissing me off. Like seriously, it's not even about kiwifarms it's the way they just bend everytime.

No. 1649244

someone emailed the guy and he was just like, "We are new, we don't want to deal with this" and its sad because the guy doesn't have a choice. It's a new company, with a bunch of angry men in dresses screaming at them.Men who were already going, "ohhh look this guy has a twitch account, lets see how twicth feels knowing his site protects kiwifarms" they are harassing people and threatening them the SAME way they claim kiwifarms does,except we are watching them do it, gloat and it actually work.

No. 1649247

he just fucking contradicted himself in a second, just like Matthew.
by the way i knew he was gonna pull the plug since its a new small company and dont want to be already seen as a provider of "luh mAliCiouS cOnTeNt". Hope it was just a test for Null and he finds another one that doesnt kneels for the trannies

No. 1649248

Making every company bend at their will in a matter of hours isn’t a characteristic of an oppressed group. It’s quite literally the mark of someone who’s in power. “They want us dead!” My ass. Manipulative moids.

No. 1649250

lucas is livestreaming rn and he's gonna brag again about how his troonsquad is the "strongest"

No. 1649251

I'm not in line with pink pill, terfs, and whole feminism, but I despise men from IT field with burning passion, these gutless pussies with soy bellies ruin our society.

No. 1649254

i get that you probs mean well, but coming here just to announce your beliefs isn't really welcome, and being anti-feminist stopped being cute and quirky like a decade ago

No. 1649255

Man I was literally just trying to read the lion king 2 thread

No. 1649259

I can easily say the same about pink pill and feminist theories but, oh well.

I hate to see the common denominator in all this bullshit are soy ladden leftist progressive men. I would pick shauvinist sexist to watch after my welfare than any of those limpwristed betas.

No. 1649262

Well, kiwifarms.net was fun or a few hours, some pedophile got doxed and poa.st was bullied into cancelling all accounts registered in the month of September because people were giving them shit for hosting lolicon.

No. 1649266

okay nvm i was too nice, you're a retard if you think feminism or leftism is the problem in this situation and we dont want you here. go back to twitter <3

No. 1649270

Opened to the public a month ago? Well I hope that your clunky, shit-tier service flops and that your investors are left holding the bag. He probably pussy'd out once Keffals started brandishing his "connections" (through Liz No Dong Fong)

I guess this lines up with what that other nonna said in the last thread about Josh being a tard and not being upfront about the drama and the troon brigade.

No. 1649272

Go back to pick-me trad circle jerks on tiktok please

No. 1649275

>I guess this lines up with what that other nonna said in the last thread about Josh being a tard and not being upfront about the drama and the troon brigade.

What did they say? I missed that post

No. 1649276

Is there not a single tech ceo on earth that doesn't care what troons think? It's a systemic industry problem. I don't think other industries are like this.

No. 1649279

If services keep flopping and no one accepts him, I fear josh might be required to make his own ddos

No. 1649281

there's a reason they're called programmer socks nonita. If anything this shows that we need more women in tech

No. 1649282

File: 1663288541361.jpg (164.1 KB, 890x761, and i oop.jpg)

More infighting

No. 1649284

running your own ddos provider cost a shitton of money, i hope watkins is gonna back him up on that

No. 1649286

I'm not her nor ayrt but she is correct. I don't have a cap at hand but Josh's stated approach here is to go in blind to a half dozen DDoS mitigation services and see who will stand firm under the tranny onslaught. Instead of, you know, being frank with people. Josh is a dogshit communicator anyway outside of his sycophants. Everyone knows this and a lot of his problems and the site's over time have been attributable to this fact directly or indirectly.

No. 1649287

kiwifarms.st is down rn, btw im excited for tomorrow MATIs stream, there will be a lot of sperging

No. 1649288

god i honestly hope watkins doesnt really get involved, thatll just open a whole new can or worms

No. 1649289

Integrate, sage goes in the email field and there's only one type of woman. We don't specify here to spare moid feelings

No. 1649290

>I don't think other industries are like this.
The medical industry is definitely like this, and the DEA is investigating ADHD pill mills right now. You think they'll next go after illegal bathtub HRT sold to minors being sold out in the open?
The tech industry is long gone.

No. 1649291

I was referring to posts like these: >>1649099 >>1649112

That's not to say that Josh didn't give DiamWall a heads up. Maybe he did and the CEO is omitting details ("Oh my stars! I had no idea what kind of awful site KF was~") to cover his ass. It seems like a mess all around.

No. 1649292

File: 1663288929764.png (74.8 KB, 591x533, pedowheels.png)


they're eating each other alive and calling hotwheels a pedo

No. 1649300

The moment KF stops being the Troonsquad's focus, this is how it'll end for keffals and the rest of them

No. 1649301

File: 1663289327858.png (557.54 KB, 1080x1888, elliot1.png)

Elliot's response is to wash his hands instead of, idk, holding Lucas to task.

No. 1649302

File: 1663289372230.png (1.72 MB, 1080x4315, elliot2.png)

then completely contradicts himself

No. 1649305

>learn how to organize
>publicly airs their dirty laundry on the bird site
>dirty laundry is drama over a discord ban
Retards lol

No. 1649306

File: 1663289590439.png (303.77 KB, 580x663, 3BE18C4F-D390-4498-82F0-91885C…)

I hate trannies so goddamn much

No. 1649308

it's dumb because regardless Kiwifarms HAS was you can get on it, even if it's down at the moment. The site is not fucking gone, and it hasn't truly been gone since all of this. If you EVER need to use an example of bad journlism people need to look at this kiwifarms situation. Not ONE platform covered it pro keffals has even done it's research on it.

No. 1649310

File: 1663290030510.png (214.69 KB, 1080x788, fantestimonials.png)

still don't see how these dumbasses supported this narcissistic troon tbh. Like his shit personality wasn't obvious from the start.

No. 1649313

File: 1663290154239.png (442.53 KB, 1080x1909, lol.png)

kek this is what everyone was saying but you refused to listen because everyone not kissing Lucas's ass is apparently a "nazi, kf user, alt right" whatever.

No. 1649314

i was a long time lurker on the farms. you could tell the shift just like at reddit. the trans are trying to take over sites that already have a following. then they want to claim to be popular. for sites like this to survive you have to get rid or trans AND people you take this seriously. when the mods try to give a site like this history and a purposes you know its about to be taken over. stop using these sites to make friends and have an army. stop cowtipping. stop going back and forth with trans people.

No. 1649315

I can’t believe they’re still drawing so much attention to it. People will now look for it and see the evil forbidden content.

Can anyone explain how keffals is behind the takedowns anyway? Surely other cows have gone full autist and emailed everyone even slightly connected to the farms

No. 1649316

File: 1663290308210.jpeg (273.23 KB, 1280x853, R (1).jpeg)

I just wanted to read about the doxed monkey sadist that recently got arrested, trannies are fucking cancer

No. 1649317

File: 1663290434171.png (451.84 KB, 1080x1775, 675688942.png)

he isn't but he wants the clout

No. 1649318

>still don't see how these dumbasses supported this narcissistic troon tbh
It's simple, nonna. They believe 100% what they are told because how can he be bad, he's on the "right side of history!" It's only when they get the whiplash that is the real keffals that they are disillusioned. Even then that's not enough for them to leave the cult entirely.

No. 1649319

i love how they just skirt around the fact that the thing actually “taking kiwifarms down” is continuous DDOS attacks, which actually is a crime, unlike anything on kf that im aware of

also slightly related question - i have no idea how directly keffals is involved in the attacks, but since they’re the thing keeping the site offline rn, couldn’t him repeatedly taking credit for taking the site going offline be pretty reasonably construed as a tacit admission of being involved in a felony lol? even if he genuinely isnt involved, repeatedly taking responsibility for the direct result of a crime seems like an awful idea, and if he’s not the one doing it he isn’t the one who “took kiwifarms down” at all

No. 1649320

kiwifarms.st is still up fyi

No. 1649322

Says it's down for me

No. 1649323

if you mean the 502 error, keep reloading, it does that sometimes

No. 1649324

Damn 2 weeks really was enough time for them to lose focus and instead eat each other

No. 1649326

File: 1663290801685.png (130.57 KB, 499x739, 24436435.png)

New telegram update. Josh is finally shutting down the telegram chat room so no more piss bear

No. 1649328

I heard about that but I’m too scared to look at the thread. I think just reading vague descriptions of the videos would make me sick.

NTAYRT but I can access it via my phone. A few days ago you could only access one of the urls with a certain type of internet and I think phone signal was one of them.

No. 1649331

this old the retarded telegram is still up

No. 1649333

not the case anymore, i'm ipv4 and i can access the .st link fine

No. 1649334

this isnt new, its from hours ago, learn to sage

No. 1649337

Repeatedly taking responsibility of a crime on SM is hiliarious tbh. If Josh had three brain cells to huddle together, he'd store all the receipts and go after all who claimed to take part in the federal crime of D-DOSing. Watch them deny it or point fingers at someone else. Somehow I don't think keffals is going to donate to their would-be legal funds.

No. 1649339

>Repeatedly taking responsibility of a crime on SM is hiliarious tbh
Nothing will come of it

No. 1649344

File: 1663291473400.png (20.07 KB, 876x186, Capture.PNG)

No. 1649346

dropped my response, some kiwifarmer said Keffals claimed he proof read the offical statement. So it's just one side, and a bunch of people screaming. They don't even reach out to josh or anything

No. 1649349

Yesss I knew it was only a matter of time before they started infighting

No. 1649351

It seems like if these companies are so afraid of being bothered and having to deal with angry, screaming people maybe Null should stop being a pussy and ask the community to put pressure on these companies to stop caving to trannies. Start sending massive emails reporting the vile shit trannies say to Cloudfare and put pressure on them to start deplatforming tranny sites. Since these tactics work so wel, use them,and see what happens when it's not just a few hundred ass blasted trannies but thousands of real people who don't want the world to be a daycare where you have to be nice to the sped kid and can't say naughty no-no words.

No. 1649353

Notice how the core complaint is that Keffals is hogging the limelight and the troon goons aren't getting their fair share? Narcs are no different from crabs in a bucket. I would laugh so hard if they began to trying to kneecap one another by grabbing at platforms or GFM neetbux. I'm so glad that this space exists to harvest all of the milk.


>You're the security the security risk.
Fucking this. Carvalho is hopeless.

No. 1649354

You'd think if Kiwifarms were so dangerous, they wouldn't be having slap fights about dumb shit. In fact they'd be working harder to get it down instead of getting rid of on space, and declaring that "we won! It's dead!". Thats how I know this isn't about real fear or the "people kiwifarms killed". As soon as they think the site is down they start fighting about dumb shit. Meanwhile the actual cows who actually have threads, realize that wait, "the site is still here'".
Notice Keffals stopped going as hard as soon as his thread was locked, he did all those interviews sure, but before he was giving a play by play every mintue. He's happy HIS thread is locked and it's off the "clear net" even though it's not.

No. 1649365

Last I went on there I saw Pamperchu admitting to wanting to fuck toddlers in the chat and was rewarded for it, I don't see how that isn't "dangerous" in your eyes?
aside from it obviously being cowtipping for them to engage with him at all

No. 1649367

I saw that in firefox pocket as well. First cell.

No. 1649369

where did you see this

No. 1649392

Imagine being a cow with a 300+ page on the thread, going back years. Every few day Keffals screams, "WE WON! WE DID IT TROONIT! KIWIFARMS IS DEAD!" and celebrates, but you go lurk the telegram or other spaces and find out, "oh, the site is up, just slow, or janky or getting Ddos'd but it still exists" and Keffals goes, "Well it's not all the way gone, but we're just making it harder for them to come back" only to do this EVERY fucking other day. I really don't know why he hasn't been called out for this yet by an actual troon whose being "stalked'. It's really annoying the hell out of me, the idiots who don't see what Keffals is doing and how he really doesn't care about them, or what information he puts out there.

No. 1649399

Almost everything being said by the twitter mob is a lie or an half truth. However it makes sense, autists who are fighting for a site that archives everything a cow does WOULD actually look into things.
People like Keffals & the Troon Crew, just see slurs towards their brothers and "doxxing" of their brothers and just want their threads gone, so they don't care who says what. Look at who are the loudest troons in this? Kevin Gibes is disgusting, Briana Woo actually had drama with one of the "victims" of Kiwifarms. Oh and the guy in the wheel chair whose turning on Keffals anyway.

No. 1649400

Its just you, I also searched for kiwifarms on google and couldnt find a link to the domain.

No. 1649408

Kek, I remember that thread. Good times. Very odd it should be the first result though. Probably a sign that Google is in the straight up middle of erasing every thing.

No. 1649415

File: 1663295915314.png (552.82 KB, 1343x880, lol.PNG)

Well kiwifarms.net was back up before I could get to it.
R.i.p trannies got to them.

No. 1649432

File: 1663297260403.jpg (229.14 KB, 1080x1331, oger.jpg)

There's a bunch of other threads like that that still show up on Google.

No. 1649455

Unfortunately this never seems to happen but I totally agree

No. 1649483

Nobody praised him for saying that. The tone of that thread’s interaction with him and the chat logs were mostly of morbid curiosity and mockery. Plus, he willingly replied to his own thread which I don’t think would violate the cowtipping rule.

No. 1649484

but not even 1% of the population is trans. powerful programming trannies is a myth they themselves propagate to scare everyone. there are way more welfare trannies than there are tech trannies

No. 1649490

aren't these "operations" illegal and targeted harassments? why are they copping to doing this?

No. 1649508

Playing the long game isn’t their strong suit, that’s how they ended up with stinkditches.

No. 1649528

File: 1663310644680.png (190.17 KB, 1080x1109, 8764567.png)

Matthew and Lucas are currently duking it out on Twitter

No. 1649540

You're really believing the little cripple boy that hates Null when he says anything at all? He's full of shit. Stop spreading this misinformation.

No. 1649543

Kiwifarms.st is still up for me and working fine

No. 1649550

File: 1663315029951.png (48.32 KB, 808x411, Screenshot 2022-09-16 095655.p…)

.st working ~90% of the time for me this morning.
this page still occurs occasionally on a clean browser w/o addons.

No. 1649551

These people have such a wildly inflated sense of self-importance lmao

No. 1649553

File: 1663315324379.png (89.43 KB, 1492x406, scheeming_troons.png)

No. 1649554

File: 1663315513559.jpg (102.56 KB, 335x250, 3691036-01cedadc2137ee347f0725…)

I think the troons are just jealous that Null would make a much prettier girl than any of them after years of HRT and tons of plastic surgery and he doesn't even use his potential despite being a programmer. They must be wondering why they can't "crack his egg" aka groom him into their cult.

No. 1649567

I wish Twitter bystanders would understand this but it's rarely discussed. Doxing and talking about troons on a forum is perfectly legal, it all pertains to public information that these terminally online idiots voluntarily shit out.
DDoSing with multiple machines you legally own is illegal. DDoSing with COMPROMISED machines is even more illegal. By paying for a DDoS, you are most likely encouraging and funding black-hat activity, and causing an unknown amount of damage towards groups of people and companies. For the tranny commies reading it doesn't matter if you hate corporations, a lot of them hold a lot of information about the people who use their services and the people employed by them. Countless of people have committed suicide as a direct response to being implicated in data breaches due to black hat activity. People have their lives ruined over things like these. It is selfish to applaud this type of behavior.

No. 1649578

there's two parts to how this is a thing. one part is how onision stays just on the side of the law (somehow) but is objectively evil. the second part is how punching nazis is considered a good thing.
kf does itself no favors with its own moralfagging: it's either free speech absolutist or not

No. 1649579

All the articles written by scumbag journos celebrating Keffals "taking down Kiwifarms" never mention HOW the site is being kept down. By committing federal crimes.

No. 1649581

File: 1663318928855.png (98.73 KB, 430x420, Screenshot_2022-09-16_03-02-25…)

Looks like the rumours aren't true nonnies

No. 1649583

lmao you seriously put this shit in the OP based on a tweet from fucking hotwheels? God you're stupid.

No. 1649584

they cheered on burning down cities, anon

No. 1649591

Not you, but whoever put it into the OP.

No. 1649603

I was trying to read Kiwifarm's Lucas' thread, because I haven't actually ever looked at everything that has happened around him that closely, when I got to this clip and holy hell is it telling

>the insecurity in his body language when walking

>visibly uncomfortable in his skin
>nervously picking his nails
>trying to hide his man hands

I remember BlaireW joking a few times about tranny hands which is the one thing that they can never change no matter how many hormones he injects and body parts they chop off. Lucas is clearly an insecure, attention starved loser. They all are.

No. 1649606

nonnie if they actually have any talents or morals they wouldn't have become modern-day journos aka agenda-pushing bloggers in disguise.

No. 1649632

Didn't said it was official. I only took words from Watkins mouth's during the stream. Also you clearly didnt read the "no response from Josh" part.

No. 1649634

you summarized recent events perfectly, ignore the kf fag nona.

No. 1649635

can you conservaspergs go away already? idk what’s emboldened you guys but constantly going “fuck the trannies amirite my fellow feminists? also, i love the police!” makes you look retarded, there are reams of footage of those protests and time and time again, you saw police escalating violence on purpose to manipulate room temp iq’s such as yourself. lolcow itself isn’t ideological and we’re not a bloc, but most of us are terfs, and radical feminism is a LEFT-WING IDEOLOGY, you can be as right-wing as you like, but we’re not all going to gather around and tell you you’re sooper based and very special for watching tucker carlson, integrate or fuck off(calm down ACAB-chan )

No. 1649640

Seems like someones upset lol.(sage your shit)

No. 1649642

friendly advice, when you make 2 unsaged posts in quick succession, it makes it pretty obvious that you’re samefagging. having a loose website culture that one should integrate into is not the same as being any kind of bloc - dont even reply to this post, just shut the fuck up and lurk more(wrong tinfoil)

No. 1649656

This isn't a political website and it's also not "TERFs only". Plenty of the site is dedicated to non-terf topics, in fact most of it is. You don't get to dictate the politics of this website and you do sound a lot like a tranny when you rage like this. Ignore people you disagree with and move on.

No. 1649662

we need the dworkin anon from the leftcow thread to scare the kiwiscrotes away, this is getting out of hand

No. 1649664

Dworkin would be probably be repelling to transient moids tbh

No. 1649671

radfem cows and troons are basically exactly the same, they just split because of penises

No. 1649681

get the austist scrote out of here

No. 1649682

Fuck off troon

No. 1649687

It's just the schizo troon again trying to cause infighting.

No. 1649694

File: 1663336453445.png (184.1 KB, 1494x789, troon_squad.png)

For anyone who was wondering "Why doesn't Null just tell the providers that lying trannies will come for them?" He does.

No. 1649702

he needs to be in touch with someone who isnt new in this area, the DDoS provider from Portugal said that he started his company a month ago, his twitter acc has 6 followers before troons harrassed him. if he denied Keffals’ request nobody would ever buy his services and it would have a terrible representation for him since the troons will do everything to paint them as the bad guys.
Also i think that Josh must start his own DDoS protection company with Jim, since Jim is a wealthy fag he can create a DDoS protection for both Kiwi and 8kun

No. 1649711

why do u feel so butthurt? you know that theyre coming after us right

No. 1649712

I'm kind of surprised ED hasn't been side-eyed at all. Their page of Keffals is far worse than anything I'd read on KF

No. 1649713

It helps to be completely irrelevant.

Jim Watkins is an absolutely insane person, also I'm pretty sure he hates Null. Didn't he try to feed him to his pigs?

No. 1649715

even Doxbin tbh, dont know how they can still be perfectly online after this shitshow

No. 1649717

File: 1663338630706.jpeg (149.98 KB, 828x588, 88464384-115C-403A-AB33-3C3B2C…)

Journos are so fucking retarded, pure clickbait title. He doesnt even want to change the title of it but still has the audacity to add that https://www.vice.com/en/article/7k8wxa/qanon-8kun-jim-watkins-bought-kiwi-farms

No. 1649718

What's he going to do? The same thing he did to Kiwifarms, say that we are cyberterrorist transphobes and DDOS us off the net.

No. 1649719

Alright, slight OT. But. You know. I would love to know what company provides DDOS protection for that incel safehaven website. Why aren't people trying to take them down? Oh yeah. Because women don't actually matter. KF made trans people mad, but sites targeting women are totally fine. And those gross freaks are definitely more likely to take things "irl" and commit disgusting crimes. Fucking hate this world.

No. 1649720

File: 1663338795178.png (89.15 KB, 1215x621, Screenshot 2022-09-16 at 08-33…)

He's even on the disinfo beat too lol

No. 1649723

You mean the guys who talk about how they want to rape children all day long because all women over 14 are "used up whores"? Nah, that stuff is totally fine. Btw a lot of those guys troon out as well, they call it "transmaxxing". Incels and trannies are the same people.

No. 1649724

File: 1663338994641.jpeg (223.16 KB, 828x669, D081D507-01AF-4102-8900-A4A3E7…)

this drama is gonna be fucking long

No. 1649725

you’re right lol, how many fucking times does some weird little scrote have to actually go out and kill innocent people in the real world, citing incel shit specifically, for them to be targeted by DDOS activists with deep pockets? i havent checked, but id say there’s at least a 50% chance of them using cloudflare too tbh

No. 1649726

File: 1663339124154.png (48.02 KB, 842x268, lies.png)

"I write about disinformation", I think he means he writes disinformation. I especially like how they say that "the site was taken offline due to losing their DDOS protection" instead of "the site was take offline due to illegal DDOS attacks". Journos go on the wall.

No. 1649729

Like. I'm in the middle of my peaking (kek that sounds so wrong) because of this. Not because I care about KF, but because of shit like this. I can't find any excuses anymore. I can't justify things. It's bizarre that this is doing it, but I'm just so frustrated and angry now.

No. 1649739

File: 1663340147307.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1556x1920, 8B1522E3-D958-4166-A685-7791E0…)

took the liberty of having a peek at the dns records for some incel sites and whaddaya know

how many women have to die before cloudflare considers incels a threat to human life?

No. 1649740

I think farmhands should use kiwifarm stickers instead of red text when banning kiwiscrotes. They can’t act right without their precious stickers. Just red text with a top hat emoji, a moai emoji, or a trash can emoji.

he looks like if Ted Cruz was a democrat instead of republican
a $100 pair of pink headphones doesn’t make you a woman. maybe he can buy the rest of the razer quartz collection with his grifting money.
> posting cp and drawn-cp:
perfectly okay, normal, totally natural
> being literally the taliban, murdering women for wanting out of abusive marriages, punishing men for letting their wives outside without them:
deserves freedom of speech
> telling a tranny (not even directly) that he will never be a real woman:
literal act of terrorism, must be deplatformed immediately, literally worse than ISIS.

No. 1649741

This is embarrassing. It's obvious that these "journos" aren't talking to anyone familiar with the issue. Then again, Vice seems a playground for people who like to hypothesize without fact-checking, so it makes sense.

No. 1649749

journalists have never ruined people's lives, including innocent people /s

No. 1649751

Top. Fucking. Kek. Fuck you Cloudflare. And now I'll stop before I get too deep into a-logging.

No. 1649753


>has been linked as a factor in at least three suicides

every article, it's passive voice all over the place. "KF has been linked to three suicides", "KF has been linked to the Christchurch massacre", "KF has been linked to alt-right terrorism". where's the big wikipedia-style BY WHO? in superscript right next to "linked" or "connected to" or w/e.

No. 1649757

Journalism is just a game of telephone at this point. Middle school kids writing essays have to provide more sources.

No. 1649765

File: 1663342181139.png (28.48 KB, 729x221, 1663340666900.png)

Josh trying to smooth things over with poa.st, which is a site full of lolicon and pedophile content. A bunch of drama happened over the past week or so coming to a head in the last 24 hours, culminating in the admin of poa.st mass-deleting new accounts and closing registrations because his userbase was upset and outright rebelling because they didn't like Kiwis (accurately) calling them pedophiles.

No. 1649775

The tech industry and autistic scrotes are brothers in arms

No. 1649779

File: 1663343342069.png (66.86 KB, 685x536, 1663342961318.png)

samefag >>1649765, just saw this exchange, so didn't want to not post Josh also taking the opportunity to tell a pedo to fuck off, but majorly inconsistent energy as always I guess?

No. 1649784

I mean I could so anon might be able to, anon cannot screen cap Josh's replies from the future, the distinction is very important.

No. 1649788

As a large framed female with large hands and feet compared to most women i can zee why once or twice I've been asked if I'm trans.
For all the talk of feminism here this is very insulting to biological women who don't fit the sterotyped mold of titchy little wooman ooh look at her tiny little hands and feet.
Some women do have bigger bands. Adult human females come in all shapes and sizes, as do men. And some men are smaller than some women.
Is this where we've got to with women's rights? Women turning on other women if we don't fit the dainty delicate mold? It's like the hatred of trannies is driving them insane.
How do you think it makes larger framed women feel to be asked if they're trans? So much for the sisterhood.

No. 1649789

File: 1663344029533.jpg (407.63 KB, 1080x1479, diam.jpg)

Diamwall now has a bunch of positive reviews.

No. 1649791

>banning kiwiscrotes
I am honestly shocked that farmers still fall for schizo trannies obvious bait posts, especially since he reveals himself every single time. Kiwifarms is up, Kiwiscrotes are back on their site, the only scrote still here is the tranny who is constantly trying to provoke some kind of "lolcow vs KF" spergfest. Stop falling for it.

No. 1649795

Spoken like a true twitter-tard

No. 1649798

I only ever looked at kf to read venus angelic thread. I dont get why its been taken down. I never saw anything worse than in the lolcow threads.

No. 1649802

How soon until they try to get this site taken down too?

The funny thing is everyone outside of twitter and reddit hates trannies.

No. 1649803

It's been taken down because there's a lot of threads about transgender moids.

No. 1649810

Why so much focus on trans people then? Most people never encounter any irl. I don't understand why it's been an issue. I thought kf was to talk about online celebrities, like lolcow does and pull used to.

No. 1649816

Lmfao pedos seething so hard right now

No. 1649819

Kind of a snowball effect I think. A few tranny lolcows were major attractions at the very beginning of "Current Year" troonery, which lead to trannies hating KF and viewing it as a bogeyman and people that want to alog trannies doing so more vigorously. Most of the tranny hate on KF isn't particularly nuanced nor does it come from a feminist perspective. The whole keffals situation though means that trannies as the enemy of KF if it was not well cemented then now absolutely is.

No. 1649820

File: 1663345051076.jpg (408.56 KB, 1080x1437, onion.jpg)

How fast do you think onionfarms would crack if the troon squad set their sights on it?

No. 1649823

No. 1649829

Troon squad doesn't care about them because they are completely irrelevant and nobody has ever heard of them. They have like 10 users at most and half of them have terminal autism or are actual pedophiles.

No. 1649830

File: 1663345203242.jpeg (93.72 KB, 572x859, 00CA4ECC-DFCC-49B6-9EC7-58B371…)

Because transpeople are disproportionately horrorcows. Ever hear about Jonathan Yaniv, the troon with a period fetish who creeped on little girls? There was a whole subforum about him.

No. 1649832


a bunch of narcissistic trannies complained enough to get KF kicked off cloudflare, DDoSed a bunch and about 20 hitpieces written about them being a nazi terrorist swatting site or whatever.

it's still up, but you may have to figure out tor to get there and do a lot of waiting and refreshing the page.

now you're all caught up!


here, mumsnet or ovarit would probably have been next, but kiwifarms absorbed most of their momentum by not just immediately disappearing. now the trannies are infighting. also people who wouldn't normally care are starting to notice the trannies embarrassing themselves and creating free speech issues.


those are the people who threw a temper tantrum about the site existing, and used their status as "marginalized folx" to make it look like they were righteous activists crusading for human rights. and the journos ran with it.

No. 1649835

nta but KEKKKK

No. 1649836

File: 1663345477193.jpg (665.74 KB, 2048x1937, EvtCQ4VWEAEw-De.jpg)

The current shitstorm was started by a troon trying to cover up the fact that he was flirting with teenagers and endorsing a website that sends illegal tranny hormones to people who are underage (otokono pharmaceuticals)

No. 1649842

Keep in mind that not doing this is bigoted and “like, literal genocide”

No. 1649843

Even Chris-chan, the OG lolcow for whom the site was created, trooned out almost 10 years ago (in some regards he was ahead of the curve) and look how that ended up - now he’s in jail for raping his own mom and he claims he’s Jesus Christ. It’s something of a chicken and the egg conundrum, transgenderism tends to attract mentally unhinged individuals (people who transition due to autism, narcissistic personality disorder, etc.) and there’s a high contingent of trans-identified people who act flamboyantly retarded on the internet, making them the perfect lolcows to study.

No. 1649869

And the double spacing after the periods kek

No. 1649878

>I cannot blend
You came straight of urban twitter, didn't you?

No. 1649881

> THERE IS A SCHIZOPHRENIC, PEDOPHILE TRANNY POSTING HERE. DO NOT REPLY TO HIM. He is the same person posting CP and all sorts of deranged shit on here. Often namefagging and avatarfagging, also post nonsense youtube links and shit, easy to recognize all his posts, do not reply to a-log, this will excite him even more. It gets him off to cause women distress and get attention. Again, do not engage, report all of his posts.

No. 1649911

File: 1663348699494.png (12.24 KB, 593x447, Tiny.PNG)

Not that I'm going to be shedding any tears on Destiny's behalf, but it's interesting to watch Keffals et al continuously pouring oil onto the fire.

No. 1649915

Trannies are a very, very vocal minority. By minority I'm only talking about numbers, not about them being discriminated against.

No. 1649917

File: 1663349067797.jpg (394.75 KB, 1352x1786, destinymeme.jpg)

No. 1649944

The amount of cope in this thread is amazing. KF dindu nuffin! Muh free speech! Strawman! KF was always good boy and never had any problems before!
Keep seething, you tards lmao.

No. 1649977

In the context of them being attacked and defamed by unhinged troons?

No. 1649978

No. 1649985

What sea, what's this fucking metaphor? This whole situation is limited to troons being butthurt and kf being ostracized because they were the cause of their butthurt, nothing to do with any of their actual flaws.

No. 1650001

stop replying to schizo troon ffs

No. 1650027

Did anyone listen to MATI?

No. 1650034

jim watkins is fucking evil and a liability, anyone but him.

No. 1650038

did keffals post his boilerplate take down email? we should use it against this site and just plug and play "incels" instead

No. 1650047

Anything but 8kun. I was there before it was taken down and immediately after it came back and it's just not the same site. There's just something wrong with it.How does a global rule of "Q Anon shit is banned on sight" suddenly become " the home of Q anon"

No. 1650050

Don’t react to the unhinged troon. He is trying to seem like he’s the one who’s pulling all the strings and knows everything, but in reality, it’s just a larp. His posts are obviously just a regular schizophrenic word salad.

No. 1650073

File: 1663360933150.jpeg (379.91 KB, 828x757, BB563AFB-01D8-4423-81F1-58B581…)

why the fuck is he dressed like the virgin walk

No. 1650080

He's got them Boyega hips

No. 1650099

stop reminding me that keffals got destiny banned from twitch. it makes me want to smuckle when i shouldn't

No. 1650100

kek. perfect, nonna, perfect. all these scrotes deserve each other so much.

No. 1650111


No. 1650115

Fucking lol! Lucas is scrambling for damage control because he just linked a doc with all of his mods' dox on his stream.

No. 1650116

holy shit lmao I hope people capped … but why would he have such a thing in the first place??? the only use for that kind of document is blackmail. kind of unsurprising he's up to shady shit like that but if he just openly confirmed it then his star continues to fall lmao

No. 1650117

Twitter should just be called Trooner at this point

No. 1650119

kek i‘m not boyega chan but don’t do my mans like that

No. 1650121

He came back from a break and is claiming that he "miscommunicated" and that "nothing sensitive" was in that doc.


No. 1650122

>"nothing sensitive"
Damn he's actually telling his audience not to believe their own eyes. I really really hope someone capped.

No. 1650127

File: 1663558435912.jpg (136.23 KB, 461x847, KF hack.jpg)

since we were gone…
KF got hacked.

No. 1650129

File: 1663558708241.jpg (115.16 KB, 567x753, 9273839292.jpg)

and before that Lucas trying really hard to bury the truth.

No. 1650130

File: 1663558806067.png (392.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220918-172101.png)

They are so annoying jfc, also they preach against doxing but have no problem doing it themselves

No. 1650144

We're seen as the evil ones so they will always view doing this to us is not immoral. I mean, they clearly consider it as just

No. 1650145

Side note, I hate erin or whatever it's name is so much lmao

No. 1650147

File: 1663560374263.jpg (64.44 KB, 588x471, YV1zRwN.jpg)

I asked this on cc but it's slow as fuck. This person on Twitter seems to be suggesting that anyone who so much as browsed Kiwi Farms could have had info scraped from their system. I'm not technically inclined, is this true?

No. 1650150

File: 1663561193180.png (134.73 KB, 851x961, poz.hiv.png)

I'm not sure, but I just wanted to show the troonsite in question:

No. 1650152

AFAIK this is just a message from the domain service used to host the troonsite stating that they've closed down. I don't think anyone knows for sure what was actually on the troonsite.

No. 1650156

Fuck off

No. 1650162

did this dude forget he has a felony?

No. 1650163

they didn't get anything, they requested too much information all at once and it crashed. don't let the trannies rattle you

No. 1650165

We don't know that for sure..

No. 1650168


I dont understand how. I'm not super technically literate either, but that would be a metric fuck ton of data considering this supposedly happened during a time when KF traffic was at an all time high from even normies who had just heard about it on the news and wanted to see what it was all about. Also nowhere in Null's message did he indicate the script injection was there for a month. This tech journo or whatever is misunderstanding him.

I also did a Malware scan on my computer and got no results. It would show up, right?

No. 1650170

It would be a metric fuckton of data, which is why I'm not worried. Worst case scenario they have some IP addresses and know what kind of computer people who were browsing the site have.

No. 1650172

Thank you nonny. I didn't use a VPN when browsing KF, but I don't care if they have my IP address anyways because I know for a fact it has changed since my last KF login.

Still not doxed. Still a real woman. Get fucked, Keffals and co.

No. 1650177

Is .st down for anyone else? Can't access it on any device no matter how much I refresh.

No. 1650179

According to Josh, there is no evidence that any information was taken. Users are still advised to treat the situation as if it has been though, by changing passwords and such.

Passwords were stored as bcrypt hashes.

No. 1650180

They're all down while null fixes everything

No. 1650181

.net works but it currently leads to a page talking about the hack. Josh is probably trying to make the site as safe as possible before he brings it back up.

No. 1650182

Thank you. It's hard to tell these days.

No. 1650183

I find it unbelievably funny how Twitter dumbasses think a leak of Kiwifarms user data would somehow reveal their real names, home addresses, real emails, the one password they use for everything. Do they think most Kiwis are just signing up with their personal emails, and that Null makes us submit a photo ID upon a registration lmao. Incredibly fucking dumb, they cannot even fathom that everyone online is not a lolcow like themselves, posting all their personal info on every site they frequent.

No. 1650186

what is the website?

No. 1650191


Poa.st's logo was the site's avatars was changed to. I don't know what site Keffals is referring to though, maybe doxbin?

No. 1650192

File: 1663565599582.jpg (337.32 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_20220918-222359_Sam…)

So this is the group on Twitter taking credit for the KF hack. Can someone please explain to us tech illiterate anons what the hell this means? It's a gif with some roots growing into the soil.

No. 1650196

It means one day they'll be woman.

No. 1650200

I know fuckall about cybersecurity but maybe it's a reference to rooting & jailbreaking? Has to be something about gaining privileges seen on the admin end from the outside, otherwise I've got no other guess.

No. 1650202

its anthony nonnie

No. 1650204

They are implying that the farms have been thoroughly owned. As in even if they come back they're just going to get fucked again.


The Twitter account gives fed vibes. Like thejester type stuff. They are leaning into it and joking about it.

No. 1650205

I'm retarded can you tell me what gives you those vibes? It's also strange how the account was created in January of this year but empty til the end of August when everything started heating up

No. 1650207

Earliest posts are typical anonymous cringe posts. Retweeted some shit talking directed at kirtainer. Lots of retweets of youranonnews. If that's not literally what they are they think it's funny to pretend to be.

No. 1650209

Thanks anon, I only took a quick scroll through tbh, the gay emojis and wolf/demon edgy shit must've thrown me off

No. 1650211

What about emails? I know for a fact that there are plenty people dumb enough to not use burners.

No. 1650215

A lot of people are getting hung up on that stuff immediately dismissing it as fake when previous glow ops looked like this too. It's interesting to me that the account is full of anarchist larp but the first person they talk to about all of this is Ethan Ralph. They implied they have the data from the 2019 leak and want to compare it with whatever new shit they collected. If it's true some people who had bad opsec the first time around could be fucked over by it, as in having their old details linked to new posts.

No. 1650218

You’d be surprised. Most of the users on there are probably safe but there are still people out there who are way too trusting off technology, even the terminally online.

No. 1650219

Thanks anon. I think you could be right about that, very suspivious stuff. I can't believe the feds would care about trannies this much… there has to be some deeper agenda if this really is what you're thinking. I hope it's not because the implications are scary but I think you're on to something, unfortunately.

No. 1650220

I'm a little worried since I can't even remember the email address I signed up with…I wasn't as savvy when I first registered as I am now.

Not super scared because yeah, it's gonna be an absolutely overwhelming amount of data, and I didn't really frequent the troon section (not sure if that would impact anything), but the paranoid side of me is starting to panic.

No. 1650222

I think people will lose interest (it's already tapering out), but even if Kiwi Farms goes down there's going to be another forum to continue that legacy. KF itself is an inherited forum and is just the latest in a long line of predecessors.

This is a digression but it's still tangentially related to KF so I think it belongs here: someone in the chat on Null's stream with Jim was talking about how there was an rDrama thread proving that Byuu's suicide was real? Anyone know what's up with that?

No. 1650228

Don’t. If the passwords are encrypted emails probably are. And even if they aren’t there’s no guarantee that they even got them. And yeah it would take forever to weed through all of that info anyways, they’d probably focus on people who actively dox.

No. 1650232

there's going to be another forum to continue that legacy
It’s going to have to operate much differently. KF was virtually untouchable for years, so this has been sobering to see play out.

No. 1650239

File: 1663570377833.jpeg (86.82 KB, 1124x913, BEE46D1D-F2B0-48F2-9004-32D03F…)

delusional trannies continuing to be delusional by not understanding how the internet works and removing a website.

No. 1650241

I feel like there are two things that will doom any other site trying to be like it. The first one is the posting of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and the like. The second is trying to move outside of the US and survive outside of the reach of cloudflare.

No. 1650242

They love that troon cock

No. 1650243

Well does this mean I need to make a whole new account? I wasn't a complete idiot so the only thing they could get is my IP. Im not sure if its safe to use the account though.

No. 1650244

If you were a prolific/infamous poster you should be worried about anybody having your IP. If that isn't true not so much.

No. 1650248

Considering most IPs change every few weeks its not that bad. I never posted a dox.

No. 1650259

They can't even match usernames with a IP addresses anymore, because everybody has moved to giant corporate websites that hide that information, and are generally too big to step in and dump it, though Reddit mods would. It's not like they're on Miyuki-chan's Anime RP Board anymore, and can see the IP displayed in public, or ask the mods to dump it. Those days are over. At most all they can gain is the city or county location of a KF user.
ETA: Almost to back up the futility of their IP address gloating, when I first went to post this, my address here had been banned for a post I didn't make. The internet is a big ass place these days, it's not like you're the one & only lolita or fan of x anime in your city anymore.

No. 1650262

This would be a problem for phone posters and third worlders. Not so much of a problem if the targets were posting with their home connection. Ten years ago or so socially engineering ISPs to dox users from their IP was a common occurrence. I am sure security has improved since then but I wouldn't trust my ISP to keep my identity a secret.

No. 1650263

So I went ahead and read up a bit more about XSS attacks in reference to this tweet

And I'm very confused why this tech journo seems to think that the injected code could lead to info from a user's entire system being stolen, not just their KF credentials. Like say I was logged into another tab besides kiwifarms on a different site, is there something in this code that would allow a hacker to get my login credentials from that site as well?

No. 1650265

I'd say it's very unlikely unless they had a 0day for your browser. Much more likely XSS would be used to modify things happening on KF pages and possibly pass info from them.

No. 1650293

I love how you get banned on twitter for calling a man a man, but people bragging about committing actual crimes are allowed. Kiwifarms hasn't broken a single law, meanwhile actual criminals in skirts are attacking it by committing felonies and breaking federal laws. I just love how this is the world we live in now where the law only applies to the people who are backed by the system and vigilante justice against wrongthinkers is applauded. Fucking hate it here.

No. 1650294

IPs on Kiwifarms are only stored for 2 weeks. However if any of you are NOT browsing the net through a VPN yet, idk what the fuck you are doing. This is your sign. It's one of the best investments you could ever make.

No. 1650296

File: 1663577593474.jpg (189 KB, 900x506, Lucas_Keffals_Roberts.jpg)

No. 1650301

The nature of at least the part of this attack that is confirmed (XSS) would allow the attacker to log the IPs of visitors and possibly tie it to other information.

No. 1650304

All this shit. All this drama, doxxing, cyber crimes, flame wars, swatting, jumping from country to country. Just the amount of energy and stress all of this shit creates…. and it still won't make Lucas a woman.

No. 1650305

which VPN would you recommend?

No. 1650307

Farmhand is based as fuck with this redtext kek

No. 1650310

This shit is starting to get out of hand and I think at least one normie in my personal life is starting to peak, nonnies.
I told my sister (who's your stereotypical big city liberal in every way) 'why does one group of people get to dictate what can and cannot be on the Internet?' and she grunted some sort of agreement noise back.

No. 1650313

File: 1663580163515.png (1.84 MB, 725x870, Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 03-35…)

>All this drama, doxxing, cyber crimes, flame wars, swatting, jumping from country to country
Begun, the cow wars have

No. 1650314

a great resource to consult about all kinds of internet privacy services >>https://www.privacytools.io/privacy-vpn/

No. 1650334

File: 1663584360069.png (353.02 KB, 1080x1786, podcast.png)

Jesse Singal's podcast episode about the farms is out. The second part is especially juicy about Lucas's potential doxer.


No. 1650337

>mfw KF gets hacked 24 hours after I visit it
>my VPN’s IP location is on the complete other side of the globe
>better luck next time keffag

No. 1650340

I liked Singal's reporting a lot more before the culture war became his special interest, but I'm definitely going to give this a listen

No. 1650343

Might be a nothingburger but I distinctly remember last week when kf.net got back up and running that I couldn't log in with a VPN. I tried multiple times and was tempted to log in without one. If this is true, their aim with the Portuguese cuck was to collect user ip. Its not too farfetched considering how quick he bent the knee to the amhole.

No. 1650350

Gotta admire the dedication to hide all their pedo - rape fantasy shit and scare away anyone interested in the truth via IP doxxing

No. 1650352

the way they talk about it, they act like everyone who browsed KF has hackerman code running on their phone/computer now

No. 1650354

Ah yea, i wish people/journalists would listen to his.
The UK doxer and who threatened keffals wasn't a kiwifarmer lmao and even admitted himself to Jesse that he had nothing to do with KF. KF knew about him and told him to fuck off.
Doxer belonged to small underground troll discord group. But even Keffals knew that, but decided to pin the doxer to KF anyways. Best guess is that Keffals wanted KF down bc of all the embarrassing shit and so decided to pin the doxer to kf.
Basically KF is getting a bunch of attention/blame due to someone who isn't even a member lmao>>1650334

No. 1650373

josh literally put his Cybersecurity 101 on the sign up page, people cannot be that retarded

No. 1650381

File: 1663589164326.jpeg (359.23 KB, 828x669, 27D92291-9770-4B4B-BEB9-4A97DF…)

seems like there will be no MATI nor kiwifarms.st back for a week

No. 1650384

File: 1663589310626.jpeg (207.43 KB, 828x862, 5A5A346E-DB46-4B56-95B4-8068E7…)

they still believe that Vordrak shit

No. 1650387

“His mum was a kid user, she deserves to die.”

These people are next level.

No. 1650389

Oh god cannot my auto correct changed kf to kid smh

No. 1650399


Especially when you remember that the 2019 breach that the usual suspects are drooling over was released by Josh on KF itself for a brief time as a lesson in hard knocks for anyone who didn't have their shit together.

After all of that, if you're on KF doxing people and your opsec still sucks? That's like sticking your arm in a bonfire and being surprised that it's hot.

No. 1650402

This honestly may be better for Kiwi in the long run to keep it down for a week. Gives people time to move on like Null planned before he decided to sperg out and immediately put the site back up.

No. 1650405

What's this family emergency about? Or not known?

No. 1650409

No one knows. He mentioned it like a week ago first.

No. 1650410

seems like one of his family’s member was in hospital for some weeks and passed away yesterday/today, not sure tho just my thought

No. 1650412

>Especially when you remember that the 2019 breach that the usual suspects are drooling over was released by Josh on KF itself for a brief time as a lesson in hard knocks for anyone who didn't have their shit together.

WHAT? Really? Hilarious.

No. 1650413

I see. Maybe it's better for KF to stay down for some time.
And also for Josh.

No. 1650415

>mfw when I use my real IP but I actually do live in a backwards country where people barely acknowledge LGB and don't even know what the T stands for
But yeah I learned my lesson, I'm using VPN from now on.

No. 1650417

File: 1663593452935.png (741.62 KB, 790x918, hQtBWfx.png)

What the fuck is this guy's deal? They're claiming to be responsible for the hack but they're being really cringy and spergy about it. They have like a dozen tweets about how they're going to post everything and nothing's happened. Larp or real?

No. 1650422

Since Null mentioned the family emergency weeks ago and he just got the call now, I am assuming a relative was expected to die soon and they just passed away.

No. 1650425

Looks to me like the average clout-chasing troll.

inb4 these rabid ‘l33t hax0rs’ dox some unsuspecting mother who was just browsing the Beauty Parlor section

No. 1650428

File: 1663595031105.jpg (188.02 KB, 1296x968, SamAndMilo.jpg)


"his mom" on kiwi farms likes to throw pedo accusations around, including at the band Evanescence. would it be fair to call him a kid user? maybe.

No. 1650433

They’re claiming that they’ll only release “small pieces” so I doubt they have anything. They’re full of shit.

No. 1650435

I am going to assume this is a LARP unless they actually produce data that has not already been in public circulation.
Josh makes reference to all user avatars being changed to another site but does not name the site. That site is poa.st, a fediverse instance which is full of lolicon and pedophile content. Josh chose this as the instance he was going to use while KF was down evidently because he had a prior connection to it's owner. Some KF users did not like that poa.st was run by at least one open pedophile admin and full of this kind of content, so they called it out. Poa.st users got very, very mad at being called pedos and atttacked KF users on their leading to some back-and-forth. While the use of the poast avatar is hardly proof, the simple explanation here looks likely to me.
Josh's referring to the attack as "sophisticated" is absurd and cope on his part as is his claim the attackers would have to have deep knowledge of XenForo and Rust. All they would have to know is the basic outline of the database schema and routes of XF (easily found online) and be able to read Rust code in a superficial way which probably any experienced programmer could do even not knowing Rust.
The core security vulnerability was not properly sanitizing HTML input in a hand-written BBCode parser. This is an outrageous level of incompetence. That Josh is not a good programmer has been known since the 8chan days but this is just beyond the pale, showing he has no business whatsoever within a mile of security-sensitive code. This would be scandalously bad in 2010 let alone in 2022. His writing this chat was driven by his ego, basically, an he far exceeded his level of competence.
As for risk to users, I really wouldn't worry. Nobody is going to be going after you unless you are a high-profile namefag, and even if you are, you only need worry if you use an email address which is readily connected to your real identity, otherwise the worst they will be able to do is get a rough location as to where you last logged in* but only if you were not using a VPN.

*IP addresses are logged when you log in to your account, not each time you access the site, in addition to the IP address you registered the account from being permanently logged.

No. 1650444

Very informative.


DDOS guard would show me my IP, browser and device info when I load the site and yet you say it is not visible to the hackers? Seems unlikely.

No. 1650445

sophisticated only compared to the clown shoes of josh's skills. but after the last hack, everyone who signed up should've known what they're doing to stay anon (enough). i knew that stupid chat was going to cause problems lol

No. 1650446

Your IP that you used the last time you were logged in is visible, yes. Your browser and device info which is significantly less useful is logged in the server logs but not directly by xenForo, so they would need actual root access to the server to get that which there is no evidence they had as far as I know.

No. 1650450

samefag as >>1650446 reply, to clarify I see what you were saying, your current IP address you were using like your browser info is logged on the server (in the /var/log/nginx/… file) but like the browser info it is not getting logged by xenForo itself in the database that belongs to XF, which is the thing that was compromised.

No. 1650451

They look like script kiddies to me. They're clearly not very good hackers since they had to use an exploit that was patched by KF's old security.

No. 1650454

Thanks to keffals and his army of exceptional individuals I can’t get updates on the Chris-chan trial without them breathing down my neck. fml

No. 1650458

Thank you tech-nonna for clarifying.

No. 1650469

Another thing, the only reason to use the poast avatar if the hackers were not from poast would be to stir up further drama between KF and poast. Josh alluded to some of the usual suspects trying to do this. If this is true (I kinda doubt it, the drama stemmed from KF users calling poasters pedos, it's pretty simple) then the hackers would keep very quiet about it and not boast about it on Twitter. This suggests that the 'hackers' claiming responsibility are LARPers and (a) it was another hacker group currently remaining quiet or (b) Occam's razor, it was someone from poast. I'm in camp (b) tbh, unless there's strong evidence to the contrary. To be clear by 'someone from poast' I don't (necessarily) mean admins/owners, although it could be, just some user there who took exception to people taking exception to his enjoying the rape of cartoon little girls.

No. 1650470

P.S. the tranny has no clue what he is talking about and is throwing around random tech-sounding language

No. 1650475

Network security nona here, he speaks lies, will never be a women either. What a bummer.

No. 1650479

… and there genuinely is nowhere else that I can think of where people discuss that stuff besides KF and CWCKi, both run by Josh and down due to being run by Josh. I guess some of the pathetic Kiwi splinter sites do, but they steal all their content from KF. Who would've thought that Josh's years of trying to centralize lolcow discussion by passively and sometimes not so passively aggressively taking shots at his competition would cause problems.

No. 1650482


Nah not worth my time hun. Maybe go make yourself a sandwich boo.

No. 1650503

This. Report it and ignore. He always larps like he knows everything and it’s lame

No. 1650504

Stop posting the "hacker" page. It's Blaine larping and the KF users in the telegram are aware that it's a larping schizo. He was on CC swinging his dick around claiming it was him, you're only giving him attention. He claims Josh has a CP ring that will be exposed in a month, if anyone is paranoid then you'll know in a months time when nothing happens and the hack is proven to be fucking useless kek

No. 1650508

Of course it's a larp, they literally post glitch art gifs to be edgy hackercore aesthetic and talk about demons coming to get KF

No. 1650514

KF WAS hacked, just not by the larper. We’ll see what/if any info ever comes out.

No. 1650520

Oh no, Kellogs and Co might know the vague location of where people who hate him are, how scary.

If there was anything to be done with those IPs, it'd make for great optics to go after random people who committed the terrible crime of… visiting a website he doesn't like. Yeah that'll make people sympathetic to you and your cause, narcissist.

No. 1650522

If you had read the description before you posted like a fucking mong you would know your kind is not wanted here.

You’re not getting laid.
You’re not getting a sandwich.

Now kindly fuck off back to 4-chan or whatever incel site you scrotes inhabit.

No. 1650524

I don't even think anything of substance came of the last hack even though some people embarrassingly left their full emails. Josh allowed people to delete accounts in that case (he usually does not) and some did and some users left the site (many coming back under new names) so the real damage done was to people's confidence in Josh. Hopefully people did not have said confidence this time around and were using due protective measures of a VPN and most importantly not an email address linked to your real name. But again, unless you were high profile running around doxing people, you are not gonna be the target of some 160,000 users and a couple thousand active users. And if you were running around doxing people, and not taking due precautions, live by the dox, die by the dox, and you have nobody but yourself to blame. Most people I think though who were playing for keeps over there were smart enough to use protection.

No. 1650528

stop sperging over your IP no one can do anything with it

No. 1650530


According to the telegram chat one dude lost his job cause dumbass scrote used his work email like, fucking kek!

No. 1650532


Yeah if you didn't practice basic security while browsing a site proves exactly why you should be, you're a special flavor of dumbass.

No. 1650533

Not exactly, nobody can do anything with your IP alone, but it can be useful as confirmation if they have other information to pull together a dox, which is why it is wise to visit these sites from behind a proxy, "defense in depth." But I agree with the general sentiment here, it is not going to be the end of the world 99+% of the time. Basically I don't think anyone has anything to worry about at all unless they were both high-profile and not conscious of their security in more than one way.
Could easily be a case or two like this although I don't recall specifics. A few people even used .gov email addresses which is hilarious to me.

No. 1650536

Kek. Porn sites are safer than KF.

No. 1650540

Because porn sites given that's a multi billion dollar industry are mostly run by paid professionals who actually know what they are doing unlike Josh who is clueless and also too paranoid and abrasive for anyone else to work with him for any real length of time beyond a small inner circle of sycophants. Although Ashley Madison (site for "sugar daddying") got leaked and there were some .edu/.gov/real name emails there too of scrotes who richly deserved it. It's always funny to me when people are so arrogant thinking think they will never get caught that they don't even take basic precautions. Several lolcows doxed on KF used their same names/emails for porn sites showing all their degenerate fetishes, etc. Remember the first rule of not getting doxed is NEVER REUSE USERNAMES.

No. 1650544

troons want kiwifarms gone because so many of them want to infect politics

No. 1650551

people are dumb. some people think they can't be tracked via apps that only show 'distance to user'

No. 1650552

pritzker is going to run for president on behalf of his troon uncle and they will cement tranny policy and make a ton of money. it is his uncles only goal. more troons will infiltrate smaller political positions with the evidence of their lunacy and criminality documented on the farms gone.

No. 1650557

Agree which is why I think it is someone from poa.st mad about that drama and the changing of user pfps was the point, to get clout over there among their fellow degenerates. Otherwise the pfp-changing makes sense. Josh claims that their exfil attempt failed but I wouldn't trust that, this more than one way to do that. Maybe he's right though and nothing leaked and the only things that were done were the pfp-changing and making some user admin. I'd really like to know who and if that is meaningful or not.

No. 1650563

this coming from the cp posting troon. thats very rich .

No. 1650584

Erin Reed is gunning for a political career, too. He’s delighted at the possibility of KF user data being dumped because his drug felony and his years of bragging about his drug use and dealing was all up in his thread.

No. 1650589

That’s not surprising. Something about him feels extremely off, like there’s so much he’s trying to sweep under the rug. Not just about the drug charges but wasn’t there some weird stuff about his child too? He always comes across as especially nefarious, not to mention narcissistic.

No. 1650591

File: 1663602974020.jpg (118.61 KB, 548x1200, kf gunted.jpg)

Allegedly the whole reason why Josh made a new chat which is where the security vulnerability was located was to spite Ethan Ralph. (Although in fairness it is partially xenForo's fault because they do not send Content-Security-Policy headers in the relevant place. Still though Josh allowed injection of HTML in his handrolled BBCode parser which is unfathomably stupid, not doing this kind of thing is what every competent programmer is focusing on from Day One of coding something that takes input from potentially hostile sources.)

No. 1650596

so his drug felony really doesn't roll over to his new name? that's insane.

No. 1650600

KF posters found there was even a special provision in his divorce papers that he was not to wear his wife’s clothes. KEK

No. 1650609

>according to telegram chat
same chat that posted a fake german police letter that keffals believed too? stop being retarded

No. 1650646

File: 1663605490058.jpg (33.05 KB, 596x328, iBShrmT.jpg)

Data from the hacking starting to come out maybe?

No. 1650648

File: 1663605515196.jpg (39.25 KB, 592x620, sNM4i6h.jpg)

Samefag. Pic of the email they received.

No. 1650687

File: 1663608135598.jpg (40.65 KB, 375x636, Screenshot_20220919.jpg)

Kek if you search KF on tiktok this is the top result.

No. 1650696

File: 1663608709269.webm (9.02 MB, 576x1024, 3baed0b79a82a4ebaeb9abfa49cc6b…)

If you scratch a troon, a pedophile that forces his 3 yo son to call him mom so he can masturbate to it bleeds

No. 1650697

incredibly ugly

No. 1650710

File: 1663609459945.jpg (123.1 KB, 717x1223, It is beginning .jpg)

No. 1650715

Lucas' dox have been up on the site for a while. His army of scrotes have known about it but can't do shit. The doxbin guys actually seem to know how to defend their site from insane people who think it's rad to help drug-dealing pedos get away with their crimes

No. 1650718

Between the filters, careful posing and FFS, dude looks like Weird Al in the Peform This Way music video

No. 1650732

File: 1663611033908.png (237.72 KB, 393x636, chloe.png)

Winter posted this on post. Is shit about to hit the fan or are they just removing their names but still carrying on as usual?

No. 1650735

is some shit happening? Is Keffals involved in some shit he doesn't want to go down for? Or is HE involved in some shit and trying to save Keffals? Also isn't this his boyfriend?
Wow, I feel like something big is about to happen on Keffals end. The telegram (kiwifarms one) is saying some crazy shit but I don't know whats true. And they probably should stop accusing people of serious shit before it happens.

No. 1650736

IIRC Anthony/Erin specifically asked for his divorce shit to remain unsealed which is how someone was able to go to the courthouse and obtain the records. Hilarious.

No. 1650738

Does anybody know the specifics of the IP retention? Last few logins were TOR but I think I had one before not on TOR. Haven't logged in since .net went down tho. Never trusted the third world providers he went to. Looked at some hacking forums and no leaks are up. Might be a larp.

No. 1650743

>>"Garner any sympathy"
Also, notice he's not even blaming it on Kiwifarms or anything this time (you can assume), this whole movement was about Kiwifarms doxxing and harassing people. Now he's being harrassed to the point he has to do all this, and then saying he's not asking for sympathy and saying Keffals isn't involved.
Something is up and I'm going to be mad if it's not, kek. I want drama.

No. 1650744


the pastebin this user is sharing with the "information" of some prolific posters is probably entirely fake. i know the real ID of someone on that list and both the name and twitter account of that person are totally wrong. so i wouldn't be worried.

No. 1650747


I imagine you refer to:
(also learn2sage + lurkmoar)

No. 1650749

File: 1663612320464.png (16.26 KB, 576x127, Capture.PNG)

I found this looking at one of the "Drop Kiwifarms" people who was treated badly by Keffals. He's a fucking famewhore, ratioing some idiot who isn't even known means NOTHING. So it's all a powerthing to him.

No. 1650760

Keffals is speedrunning getting dropped by all his allies any %

No. 1650777

File: 1663614899331.jpg (34.16 KB, 749x339, IMG_20220919_151028_872.jpg)


No. 1650779

No. 1650784

>Keffals has NEVER had any say in the development of the site and how it would be run
If he was sponsoring the site he obviously approved of how it was developed and how it was run

No. 1650786


Doesn’t she need to just take a regular bath with all the salt she has being a fakeboi?

No. 1650797


Claiming Chance Carmichael killed himself? That's a new one.

No. 1650800

Nona that’s the schitzo tranny, ignore him

No. 1650801


Probably from eating too much. It’s probably the schizo tranny and whatever friends he claims to have throwing accusations out there.

No. 1650802

I thought you were Jewish, Becky.

No. 1650804


Basic Becky is as Jewish as her ability to get victim points, nonna

No. 1650807


Disneyland tickets, of course.

No. 1650812

Thread's gone. That was fast.

No. 1650813


I mean, that’s what she trades them in for. I think a stuffed animal would be a better use of time. Also, don’t forget she claims disability to jump ahead in line!

No. 1650819


Nothing wrong with a free range cow. Those are the best ones. I mean, there’s plenty of free range cows especially the one shitting up the thread.

No. 1650823

Didn't she also lie about having cancer to grift a trip to Disney World?

No. 1650824

File: 1663616925502.png (31.89 KB, 530x344, twittards.PNG)

No. 1650829

File: 1663617321229.jpeg (17.33 KB, 432x324, 7CABB8E8-FED0-45E5-881B-A49305…)

"terFFss reaVVy are FFad vhat veir biVVoteD webvvFITE kiwiFFarmvs iff down"

No. 1650834

sad that this tweet is from 3 days and lucas havent responded to them, i wanted to see more drama tbh

No. 1650837

File: 1663617742645.jpeg (31.29 KB, 386x246, DF91BB88-10C1-44B2-9777-79FCA0…)

I have some super helpful tips for you, Blaine. You can get the accessories in pink, too. Just follow the picture, moid.

No. 1650839

By their logic, I’m confused. Lolcow hasn’t ever been linked to large cases of doxxing or any deaths. We quite literally just talk shit here, about everyone. I don’t even see how they could do anything to LCF with a legal standpoint.

No. 1650841

But their feewings are hurt :( are you saying they have no legal grounds to stand on :(( That's almost like a hatecrime you know(:(()

No. 1650842

we are dissenting voices on the internet and that's an inconvenience to them.

No. 1650844

File: 1663618165385.png (454.02 KB, 750x879, idle mind byproduct.png)

>Yogurt doesn't know Kiwi Farms has warlocks and sorcerors of its own, and at least one bard. maybe some druids.
Josh shouldn't have taken the seal of Solomon off the board though.

No. 1650845

its archived, but i believe that it was a doxx from Vordrak, so nothing new to see. also his mom is now living alone and is heavily armed (from josh’s words during one of his recent stream)

No. 1650846

File: 1663618326073.jpg (84.42 KB, 1055x541, IMG_20220919_160849_829.jpg)

Josh has been saying he had a family emergency and on multiple posts (that I know keffals read) he mentioned that family emergency still exists. The way he phrases shit is so disingenuous and autistic. Also did the hacker delete the site? Or is that a flat out lie as well?
i always felt the family emergency was a lie/half truth. Null probably did have something to deal with, but just wants to take a week off after all this. I also don't think he's going to be gone a whole week

No. 1650847

that chick apparently got KF threads removed from the archive.org index claiming that KF was hosting underage pornography of her, which is demonstrably untrue. But who is going to actually check? The trannies can say whatever they want and no one is challenging them. Look how fast all the scrotes like Matthew Prince are lining up to suck the girldick. Next big one will be claims that Josh is hosting or involved in cp when he’s not around to defend himself and few people will listen to him anyway if he did. trannies want every site that criticizes them off the internet and every single member of those sites doxxed and humiliated. for them it’s war.

No. 1650848

love this legendary copypasta

No. 1650849


Nothing they do is legal. All they want is to make the mean nonnies and evil kiwis to stop hurting their feelings. And if they have to commit a felony to stop making their feelings hurt. Well, attacking meanies shouldn’t be a crime, according to trannies and fakebois.

No. 1650851

it's already archived, troid

No. 1650852


With Lucas, always expect him to lie. The hackers didn’t delete anything, despite what he and schizo Blaine claim. Josh probably took the site down after he found the leak.

No. 1650853

how do these people have all this time to be retarded?

No. 1650856

Shayna yesterday claimed we dox sex workers kek
Besides my worry of the risk it may cause lokcow, the flat out lies is what makes me pro kiwifarms. It's like watching a bunch of people tell stories and everyone believes it. I saw a furry gloating that "call outs have went away, since kiwifarms has went away" you know, people showing proof of folks wanting to fuck or kill animals, are now just allowed to do so now. Those call outs

No. 1650857


Considering the fakeboi is claiming she’s disabled now. We’re paying for her time to be retarded.

No. 1650858

File: 1663618666064.png (73.02 KB, 544x316, image_2022-09-19_161737373.png)

No. 1650859

That’s what he said and no reason to really disbelieve it- while I appreciate knowing wtf happened not if it gives idiots a tutorial on how to fight the site. But it’s good to watch keffals flailing around trying to stay relevant by making an 843 episode video series of “how I am a victim always”.

No. 1650865

File: 1663619162789.jpeg (57.96 KB, 732x732, 1662874297850.jpeg)


No. 1650866

This is a blatant lie made up by Ralph himself probably lol

No. 1650869


No. 1650874

I didn't say Kiwi wasnt hacked, I said the Twitter claiming to be the hacker is Blaine. literally look at the account. He's posting the same uwu demon edgy its nothing personal shit and occult crap he's been posting here

No. 1650878

you summon a demon in order to tell it what to do. like, for example, "make the schizo tranny go away"

it would be the smart move to fake it, let the trannies get bored after a week and his community couldn't really pester him about it. so there's probably a real family emergency.

No. 1650887


This was in response to this >>1649302 Lucas hogging the spotlight (as always) started pissing off a lot of supporters since he didn't do shit. Matthew even called out the retarded ratioing kek

No. 1650892

Samefag as before re: IP retention, a helpful nonna linked you to my earlier posts >>1650747 As one more thing I believe Josh's stated policy is 2 weeks retention. Whether this is just the XF database or his server logs too I dunno but so far there is no evidence they have the latter. Finding your IP from the server logs would be non-trivial and maybe impossible depending on the what you were doing. Again I would not worry at all unless you were both a big name kiwi and had bad opsec in which case I'll just laugh.
I trust Josh neither to be competent or honest, though. His statement about the hacking has several omissions or exaggerations to salve his ego and I do not trust him to competently set up log rotation either but luckily that is the least of people's worries. I still think everything will be fine.
Link to the pastebin? (I'm assuming that is allowed, links to KF which contain dox are allowed) I'd like to see if it contains anything new or is 2019 rehashed.

No. 1650894

I actually went full autism and looked at XF support forum threads. XF stores last activity IPs, and IPs on an account for a time period. IPs associated with an account has a setting to delete after a certain amount of time. The hacker dump attempt was last activity only, meaning only your most recent activity IP. So the hacker would have had to dump each profile individually for full IP history, but Null said there was nothing in the logs doing this. Looks like this hacker was completely incompetent post-breach. My guess is they got lucky on the chat exploit and then immediately tried to fuck around and crashed the server.

No. 1650895

pedophile tranny? WHICH pedophile tranny?

No. 1650897

I gotta say this is the first time I see Blaine’s posts - they are usually deleted by the time I open the thread - motherfucker is cringe af. It’s not even funny. It’s sad.

No. 1650898

Yeah skimming that it looks like a regurgitation of old Vordrak content about Josh's family and for some reason about weev (who has an account but isn't active or linked to KF.) The second link is to a thread on poa.st? See >>1649765
Josh/KF have a lot of enemies. Not just troons. A lot of right-wingers/wignats hate him and the site too plus randoms who have threads. There are some technically competent people included. (I deliberately say only "competent" bc as someone else said this is basic bitch script kiddie stuff.) Could be anyone. The simplest explanation is to take the hackers use of the poast logo as a claim of responsibility. Not proof, mind you, but makes the most sense as far as I'm concerned.

No. 1650899

this faggot again? why hasn’t he been swatted and silenced yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1650902


No. 1650905

You’re not female, Blaine. You will never be female.

No. 1650907

Every time I see Blaine's posts I am grateful that I'm not Blaine. Imagine being this guy.

No. 1650909

What exactly is the source of this?

No. 1650910

Thank fucking god most of us aren’t him, imagine being that pathetic

No. 1650913

like Icarus, the tranny pedo script kiddie flew too close to the sun and 41%ed himself

No. 1650914

kys ugly weeaboo

you will never be a parent

No. 1650915

Samefag. Could have worded this better. As in: who is person who released this? Is this old info too?

No. 1650916

> Looks like this hacker was completely incompetent post-breach.
Yep total skid shit and Josh is out there saying it's "sophisticated"
Could be but that would be contradicted if any leaks or claims of responsibility come out with left wing/troon rhetoric (part of why I think the claims so far are BS) … it could be either but I'm going with the most obvious and simple explanation. Occams Razor etc. Some of the poast people are incredibly mad at KF and strike me as skiddie types. But you could be right.

No. 1650918

Soooo you’re still male and still a faggot with no prospects aside from ending up in prison as someone’s punching bag

No. 1650922

weeb pedo troon kys

No. 1650925

Another pastebin link was jannied not sure if because the tranny posted it or because it contained dox so I won't repost it. It contains alleged dox of a few users the best known being Marvin. I don't believe he was doxed prior to this so it could be bullshit, could be real. The dox was pretty thin gruel just some names and no proof of how they got there. Other than Marvin and the hexadecimal guy everyone mentioned is a nobody. "The Hunter" was banned a long time ago. Could be old stuff.

No. 1650926

File: 1663620951976.jpeg (86.65 KB, 640x530, A57A3ED8-5B74-4011-9E3F-EC89FC…)

You are not allowed to post King Crimson. Go take a bath.

No. 1650931

Yeah I think it's the same than in the removed CC thread. Apparently nothing new.

No. 1650932

ill ask again, WHO???

bc the only pedo here is you. you’re an attention whore faggot who would claim responsibility for 9/11

No. 1650936

That’s exactly what a pedophile would say.

We’ve seen you try to push that accusation of being a pedophile onto actual women. You ain’t slick.

No. 1650942

So basically if we didn't log into the site in the last 2 weeks there just wouldn't be any IP data on us?

No. 1650948

Yes (according to Josh). The IP that you created the account with may or may not be included in the leak though as it was thr first one. I am not sure if Josh did something about this or not but xenforo seems to keep it by default. I would not trust him to competently address this for the record.

No. 1650954

Blaine. If she was busted by the police with CP, she wouldn’t be still posting on twitter.

That woman doesn’t care about you and probably doesn’t even think of you in the slightest on a day to day basis. You aren’t that important.

No. 1650956

Maybe i'm retarded but for the majority of people on KF i'd assume the dox wouldn't be an issue? I remember being on the 2019 list, no feds busting down the doors, no weird little trnas larping pedos trying to send shit through the doors. Nothing ISP related. Unless you were a prolific poster nothing really will come of it this time around either?

No. 1650960

Everything will be fine.
T. prolific poster who actually has doxed people and was in the 2019 leaks

No. 1650963

False. It’s extremely easy to get someone put away for it. Especially if they’re caught with it on their devices. If she’s posting on twitter, it’s safe to assume none of her devices were taken away and she was never suspected of it. She’d be all over the news with such an accusation, and on the sex offender registry in no time at all.

No. 1650964


No. 1650967

Thanks for reassuring me nonnas, as I'm a bit computer illiterate and I simply used KF to laugh at reddit screenshots…

No. 1650968

you will never be a woman blaine. you will never be a parent. rachel has every chance to be, unlike you, and we can all practically hear you sobbing behind the screen at never getting to deposit your genetic material into someone’s vagina.

No. 1650969

I think I saw something about how the child's hygiene was often poor while he was in the care of his father. So essentially, he was neglected.

No. 1650972

And you’re not doubting at all the “source” Blaine pulled out of his own syphilitic hole?

No. 1650974

his name is Blaine. it was never erika, he only ever tries to use it to take advantage of lesbians.

No. 1650977

the difference between the two is that Blaine is a coward and on the run. Rachel isn’t. We know where she is. If she was guilty, her arrest record or absolutely any record she has with police would be public.

No. 1650980

File: 1663622398341.png (432.5 KB, 583x411, 3CD77CEE-5798-43C8-871A-0DEF67…)


No. 1650982

You’re so obsessed with her. She doesn’t even think of you. She’s probably doing something weird like drinking jalapeño juice from the jar.

No. 1650985

Blaine. Take your meds. The boogeyrachel isn’t going to get you.

No. 1650987

shh just let the troon chimp out I’m waiting for him to start mentioning lyran starseeds

No. 1650990

Sure, Jan.

No. 1650995

he’s a schizo. i don’t know what you expect.

No. 1650997

No. 1650998

id ask who you are but that defeats the purpose of an anon image board

No. 1651001

Autistic people can be ridiculously picky eaters. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does drink jalapeño juice.

No. 1651005

you are one. you’re constantly paranoid that an actual woman you failed to get arrested for child porn is coming after you.

whatever sanity you have left in your dense and mostly empty skull recognizes that you fucked up.

No. 1651018

i have and i don’t care.

steep in your own guilt and the knowledge that a she, even as an ugly woman, will always be better than you.

No. 1651032

nobody cares about your obsession tranny

you will never be female.
and no, rachel wouldnt, because she isn’t here.

No. 1651036

as a fan of tcap and predator hunter vids, I know that the cops do a complete mirror copy of the device(s) so it is possible to give them back if they're inclined/required to. Leafland apparently does this I guess.

No. 1651050

not sure if you havent been lurking or not but its never been about doxing or harassment. keffals wants proof he's a groomer and supports sending unregulated drugs to minors without medical or parental permission wiped off the internet.
any site that points this out/archives is a target, kiwifarms was just the most accessible and easiest to digest version of his antics so it went first

No. 1651054

File: 1663624958232.jpeg (48.31 KB, 828x312, FE9CC41D-4E3D-4578-83BA-9CF509…)

Don’t you have another site to scream about, Schizo?

No. 1651062

thank you, someone gets it.

No. 1651067

hello nonnies, OP here
> THERE IS A SCHIZOPHRENIC, PEDOPHILE TRANNY POSTING HERE. DO NOT REPLY TO HIM. He is the same person posting CP and all sorts of deranged shit on here. Often namefagging and avatarfagging, also post nonsense youtube links and shit, easy to recognize all his posts, do not reply to a-log, this will excite him even more. It gets him off to cause women distress and get attention. Again, do not engage, report all of his posts.

I assume most of y’all didn’t read this.
Stop with the useless clap backs, report and move on. Replying to him only makes him more excited and more retarded, let him feel like his existence is meaningless instead by not giving him any attention.

No. 1651074

that’s not her and it isn’t me. you aren’t a pimp, you’re a wannabe who would never be able to handle the thug lyfe. besides, you have a history of working in sex work, so you should know this.

you don’t rp at all, you just larp as a woman and cry when no actual woman wants your peepee anywhere near her genitals.


yeah no lol you’ve been a lolcow longer than her and that’s it, you trooned out because your gf left you for someone better.



No. 1651075

Don't reply to the pedophile, ignore and report his posts. He's a pathetic loser who gets off every time you respond to him. Even Sephiroth who is at my place right now to do some nude modeling hates Blaine

No. 1651076

unfortunately nonna most of the fags in this thread are newfags or kiwis that don't even read the op at all

No. 1651077


Trying to report, but it seems jannies are asleep or on strike again.

No. 1651079

samefag which makes it really annoying to read anything about kf at all since there is so much autism itt

No. 1651081

You can quit pretending to be a nigger too, Blaine. You’re a shitty actor.


Oho, so you’ve never met anyone from the South before. I see.

No. 1651085

Is there a quick rundown of the last 48 hours of events? There’s too much unrelated sperg shit above to sift through, I just wanna know what’s up with IPs and the site being down again.

No. 1651089

There was an nonnie here digging up dirt on him I think this is why he's stepping down. Nonnie must have gotten some good info on him. I wonder where she is, if she still comes here.

No. 1651092

File: 1663626089954.jpeg (69.87 KB, 828x609, D07B4BB9-C31E-49ED-8599-958FDE…)

For a site nobody pays attention to, they tell the truth about Blaine. You’re just mad you can’t get back on Onion, and the fact that all the scrotes will have Kiwi Farms back eventually. Also, you will never be a woman, unlike your cousin you larp as, moid.

No. 1651098


This. And Doxbin has Bobposting’s real name plastered on the site. He’s on the run.

No. 1651101

see >>1650858

that's it for a week supposedly.

No. 1651104

KF had another hacking incident. The script kiddie broke in through a vulnerability in the site chat, deleted most of the site (Josh has backups, though), and attempted to steal user data, but was likely unsuccessful. Josh said he will be away for a week dealing with a family matter, so KF will stay offline for now. Trannies celebrated and took credit but they are liars who will never be real women and/or men.

No. 1651106

Thanks. Sounds like another typical day then.

No. 1651107

Pretty much everything worth knowing is in the OP and on the kiwifarms.net message.
Only notable event I can think of off hand not mentioned in either is bobposting of DIYHormones is passing the site onto someone else.

No. 1651111


No. 1651112

> they are liars who will never be real women and/or men.
Come to think of it, is there a single TiF anywhere near this goat rodeo? The timmies only tell on themselves with their male socialization.

> Josh is bad at tech, his chat gets owned by a vulnerability that any first year CS student would laugh their ass off at
> Dubious leaks out now, maybe more to follow, you really have nothing to worry about unless you used your real name or something and were highly visible posting stuff trannies and other KF haters don't like
> KF will be down for a week. Josh had a family emergency. No details but sounds like a death in the family. Hopefully his mom is OK, she always seemed like a nice lady.

No. 1651113

Are you seriously that retarded

No. 1651114

So he’s the disgusting fuckhead that’s been spamming this website with CP links yet has the nerve to call Null a pedophile lmao??? Hope he kills himself.

No. 1651118

Do you think he’s escaping as much as possible just to get a statue of limitations/run out as much time as possible for him to not be charged with trafficking drugs to children?

No. 1651135


He is. He’s LARPing as his cousin, which they show a picture on the Onion Farms and KF as well. He’s also got a theft warrant and a FTA warrant out for his arrest.

No. 1651138

As much as I hate KF this is the truth. Keffals got outed hard by Kiwis and that's why he went nuclear despite KF being around and doing this shit forever. Keffals wants to be a big streamer/social media person too which is why he's going after Destiny and co.

Part of me thinks Null should have locked the Keffals thread once the heat got too much and then unlocked it when Keffals went elsewhere. But that would ruin Josh's FREE SPEEZE sperging and may not even work.

No. 1651140

He was also posting 9000 times a day on rdrama until the mods got sick of him and permabanned him and all his socks, which is probably why he's migrated to this thread. Blaine genuinely cannot stop being on the internet

No. 1651141

The bobposting thing is surprising, I figured he'd just double down after everything the troon cabal has been getting away with lately. They've been openly bragging about sending "life saving medicine" to kids all of this time, wonder what's got him and keffals so spooked now.

No. 1651151


Probably the Doxbin that they have of Chloe. It revealed his real name and address. Seems he may have family back in China… it’s not looking good for him at all.

No. 1651154

File: 1663628854366.jpeg (77.07 KB, 768x412, 1663621676983.jpeg)

Someone said here >>1650950 in the mtf thread that bobposting got swatted? Or was it the brazilian guy who was actually making the bathtub HRT? The shirts are in Portuguese and from what I can gather it's health feds?
Anyone have a source for this?

No. 1651161

okay thank you for clarifying. I thought it was a joke at first until bobposting turned out to actually be on the run, then I wasn't sure

No. 1651167

Nova Iguaçu is in São Paulo, nona. The otokonoko Brazilian troon is from another state. Either way he has information on doxbin albeit incomplete.

No. 1651168

Information leaked*

No. 1651180

No. 1651186

That was uploaded 2 weeks ago, so it can't be from the hack.

No. 1651205

Oh god the Keffals jerk fest will be unbearable for this week.
Can Lucas fly too close to the sun already and get dogpiled?

No. 1651211

That was disappointing, it's the opposite of a KF dox: zero actual information, yet encourages gayops

No. 1651214

> Josh said he will be away for a week dealing with a family matter
Is that what the call was? I thought it was related to the "very promising call" he talked about like a week ago.

No. 1651216

File: 1663631369114.jpg (132.97 KB, 1080x394, rro.jpg)

Tranners on 4chan's /lgbt/ are already brainstorming ways of keeping the HRT wiki up even if bobposting really jumps ship.


No. 1651223

It doesn't need to be said, but trannies are actually insane

No. 1651231

If Keffals achieved one thing it might be that people are never going to leave these degenerates alone now, kek.

No. 1651250

Two different calls, as far as I can tell.

No. 1651255

My suspicion (though without concrete evidence to back it up, mind) is that bobposting got reported to relevant authorities and is now trying to do as much damage control as possible before shit hits the fan. Of course, he(?) was also was VERY open and proud about it on social media so I don't think he's gonna have much luck there!

His insistence that nope this had nothing to do with Keffels I swear nope nope all me makes me think he's trying to save Keffels from legal culpability as he's expecting that he's at high risk of being raided. All speculation on my part for now, will be interesting to see how it unfolds. Curious if the accountability shield holds when it's a matter of providing life changing drugs to children.

No. 1651259

No I agree with the first sentence of his second paragraph

No. 1651260

File: 1663634295523.jpg (27.7 KB, 595x181, Screenshot_20220919_200316.jpg)

I think someone may have mentioned it in passing (forget if it was on here or another site) but for the record and to put this to bed the pastebin doxes were posted before the hack. It is probably either old milk or someone putting names of people they don't like in as KF users. 28 seems a little young for Marvin although he is from Baltimore. I don't know enough about the other people to say anything, they are all basically nobodies.

No. 1651261

Yeah. I remember some trannies boasting about buying domains and redirecting to that disgusting site. If Bobfucker got in serious trouble, good ridance. Serves him right, and I hope Keffals and the chinese one are next. Bunch of criminals who are getting to confident about being criminals, especially Elliot.

No. 1651263

Lol what.

No. 1651273


What I would like to see is anomynius doxx. Tough everyone knows he is a patethic no lifer

No. 1651277

There is a full body pic of him going around and he is very fat. That and him being a washed up failed lawyer is all that is known AFAIK.

No. 1651294

just came here for more possible info about KF and keffals update and all i read about is rachel and and other nobodies? who the fuck is rachel. post info related to OP or close your browser please.

No. 1651295

Post the picture. Is there any evidence it's really him or is it just rumors

No. 1651299

the picture is, drumroll, on KF and I can't get it. he's admitted it's him though, posted it on KF when drunk or something like that.
see the part in the OP about the insane tranny

No. 1651300

I'm a computer illiterate so bear with me nonnies. One thing I didn't understand is if a logged out account at the moment of the hacking has any possibility of giving info to the hacker? I mean, I read about XSS attacks and one article said that if you're logged off so they can't get your info because there's no session.

I don't know what to think, everything about this is a mess and so stupid.

No. 1651302


It’s the schizo tranny thinking he’s important. The tl;dr stuff. Hacker got into KF, erased the board one node at a time. Null has family emergency. Keffals does his victory lap. Bobposting got doxed and is trying to delete everything and sell off his HRT site.

No. 1651309

An XSS attack can't harm you if you're not logged in, but the target of the attack in this case was KF itself, and the database which contains among other things user emails and recent IP addresses. If you have logged in within the past 14 days you should consider your IP address potentially compromised (but see above, that doesn't really matter that much) as well as your email if you ever had a KF account (but you used one not directly linkable to your real world identity, right?) and possibly the IP first used to register the account, but most importantly if you are not someone important there you have nothing to worry about. The extent of the compromise at KF is not really evident so this is a worst-case scenario that people are going with here.

No. 1651310


And yours should have done the decent thing and aborted you, Blaine.

No. 1651312

Samefag to elaborate, presumably the target of the attack was any admin who might have been logged in at the time, but we don't really know the details as such. All we know is that this happened because Josh is bad at computers and his ego exceeds his capabilities and it could have been easily avoided if this were not the case. But there is almost certainly no need for random users of Kf to panic.

No. 1651321

Ah I see, thanks for the info.
I wasn't logged in for 2 weeks I think, I wasn't a frequent poster, sometimes I would just log off and forget to log back in. My e-mail is a burn one, super generic name, that I only use for KF.

I was thinking something like this. Null shat the bed pretty hard with his sloppy coding of that stupid chat, so since I heard the news I'm torn between laughing at him and getting slightly concerned because the troon mob is fucking vicious and they won't stop until they can destroy everyone who doesn't agree with their clown spectacle.

No. 1651326

Yeah, the only people who have anything to worry about I think is people who were very active in doxing or posting stuff that troons don't like, and had bad OPSEC. Random Kiwis have nothing to worry about. And yes, Null shat the bed hard. Basically in layman's terms he made it so if you structured things in a certain way you could put computer code into your chat message and get it to be executed, so you could gain administrative privileges.

No. 1651327

(and sorry for deleting/reposting my computer is shitting the bed)

No. 1651330

I was reading about XSS attacks and how to prevent it and even for a person who knows next to nothing about coding, it doesn't sound that hard. I don't know what Null was thinking when he decided to do this while using the services of fairly obscure hosts. I mean, it was a disaster waiting to happen. And it happened.

No. 1651332

Bingo. Josh also ignored standard practice of using Content-Security-Policy headers and didn't know that the rules for content in <meta> tags are not the same, etc, etc. Really, really elementary stuff. But his unforgiveable sin was not properly sanitizing user inputs, which is hammered into the most novice webdev. He is just not good at this stuff at all and surrounds himself with nothing but sycophants who fellate and/or are afraid of him so he doesn't get any negative feedback at all. It's a recipe for disaster. And if the cap in >>1650591 is to be believed, this is all about one of his dumb vendettas, too.

No. 1651334


Not aware of this particular drama, any nonnies got a link to an explanation or the willingness to give a short version for me? Why was the chats existance so important to null.

No. 1651336

Other than the obvious null is a dumbass with a vendetta.

No. 1651339

The Josh-Ethan Ralph vendetta is a bit much to admit a quick summary but basically Josh made a joke that Ethan, who is very thin-skinned, didn't like and Ethan lost his mind. Things escalated and An out of date summary of Ethan can be found at >>>/snow/1418508 although sadly the thread is dead and out of date but he is milky enough to have his own KF board which he obviously hates Josh for, but there were various back-and-forth gayops going on centered on the chat, and Ethan would read stuff out of it on his show which pissed off Josh so he wanted to protect his precious chat hugbox.

No. 1651340

Josh’s custom rust raw websocket parser for a chat no one wanted being his downfall is yet again another perfect example for why men shouldn’t be allowed to write code.

No. 1651343

Based nonna I would hire you.

No. 1651347

> Why was the chat so important to Null?
But also he has always regarded chat as his personal hugbox. Numerous big name Kiwis have been banned for mouthing off to Josh in chat and he has straight up said that he will ban people for getting mouthy in chat even in a case where he wouldn't do it in the forum. Why? Other than the Y chromosome, who knows?

No. 1651353

The fact that nobody on the site had the balls to confront him when he was doing retard tier shit with the site's coding is hilarious but a little frustrating, yes. If more experienced and knowledgeable people stepped up and told Null what's what, maaaaybe he would't be in deep shit now. Granted, he's been in deep shit for years now, this is just another layer in his fucked up cake of a life.

I remember back in the day Dynastia and other big name users would all congregate there and suck Null's dick hard. Some pickmes would also make an spectacle of themselves, like OwO What's This, Casual Seppuku and others. It was really cringe and idiotic. The fact that this fucking chat was basically what finally did KF in is hilarious and sad at the same time holy shit.

No. 1651356

Nobody can vigorously criticize Josh without getting banned, except Josh's inner circle of fellators and fellatrices as you mention, and they got into the inner circle by not criticizing him. But in fact the thread where he announces he is going to write this shit in Rust is filled with people telling him it is a bad idea to do so and why and politely, too. But what is someone going to say? "You don't have the skills, look at what a mess you made of 8chan?" He's not gonna react well, and there goes your KF account for nothing while he goes and does the stupid thing anyway.
P.S. Wasn't OwO a tranny? Since you were around. But the picture you paint of those days and the chat culture is very accurate.

No. 1651358

Not defending Josh, but if you're going to criticize someone and expect them not to get mad, you do it politely. It's just common sense lol.

No. 1651359

ayrt and I agree which is why I was pointing out people politely told him and he ignored it and that telling him impolitely wouldn't have worked either, it's lose/lose

No. 1651360

Mr. Freeze Peach reacting like this to mean words is absolutely hilarious, thank you for the context.

Appreciate the link, thank you!

No. 1651367

Anthony, please get rid of those lego earrings, they're fucking hideous.

No. 1651375

Have optimism. Keffal's hyper obsessiveness that got KF shut down can and will work against him. Autism is not a one way street and the grooming shit will come out whether he likes it or not.

And believe it or not, grooming accusations are a troon's weakness even if it doesn't seem like it.

No. 1651379

Someone submitted a PR to fix some of josh’s spaghetti… but will his ego allow him to approve it? I vote neigh

No. 1651382

File: 1663641271393.png (1.08 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 22-34…)

According to the scrotes at Kengal's Playhouse aka Onion Farms, AnOminous is not only an old fat fuck but a furry gamer

https://www.youtube.com/user/blumrich1970 (Alleged YT)

https://archive.ph/ZjTeq (WikiFur page that got taken down)

No. 1651384

Yeah, I never disliked Josh in particular, but he ground my gears by being a hypocrite on a lot of his major talking points. Like "I am deeply mistrustful of internet daddy culture, but also be my fren, no being mean to me" or "consumerism makes people into degenerate addicts, now buy my collectables to support the site." I rolled my eyes at it for the most part cause of how he handled most of the attacks and stalwartly stood by users in spite of all the shit that got piled on him, but learning how colossally he fucked this up has really lowered him in my estimation.

Of course, farmers will just accuse me of speaking ill of the sorta kinda dead, but oh well. >>1651353

No. 1651385

Sorry if this is old news but clouddns has suspended kiwifarms, ruining their ability to host a mesh proxy.

No. 1651386

Joining the neighs. Too many egos of fools involved in this entire situation.

No. 1651387

"Don't be mean to Null and he won't be mean back!"

He's the admin of an edgy stalking drama forum run by /pol/tards and incel scrotes who call each other nigger as a term of endearment. Come the fuck on.

No. 1651390

pls learn to sage
> Of course, farmers will just accuse me of speaking ill of the sorta kinda dead, but oh well.
Josh's pickme squad (which was most active during evening hours in Serbia) has been curiously absent recently. Just saying. He is 100% reading this thread, though, and that he gets to read the likes of >>1651340 pleases me.

No. 1651391

Josh is one of the biggest lolcows of the internet and doesn't get openly trolled like the others because he's shielded himself with a cult of personality and deflecting onto equally hideous cows. It's why this Keffals drama is tough because it sometimes feels like people are supporting that psychopath by going after Josh.

No. 1651393

Josh also knows that he is riding the tiger by running KF and we all know what happens when he gets off. Oh well. If he had tried just a little bit harder to get on with others and not act like an egomaniac and as big a narcissist of any troon, then maybe (a) it wouldn't be like that or (b) people would be sympathetic when the tiger eats him.

No. 1651394

I thought OwO was just a average looking woman trying too hard and the tranny stuff was shitposting. But yeah, there were lots of talk about she/he/it being a troon. Wouldn't be surprised if he was really one.
OwO was a mod for some time and I remember it caused a small infighting in the community because half of the users loved them and the other half absolutely hated them. It was entertaining to watch OwO sucking Dynastia's flab dick for a little clout tho.

No. 1651395

File: 1663641769481.png (1.49 MB, 1030x1167, 0E542C25-663C-4DCE-968D-AA969D…)

This is the person who keeps self-posting and apparently has warrants for his arrests and has been banned by both Onion and KF, which is why he shits up this website and crystal.cafe. This man is a loser and no one wants him around on the internet, not even by other losers exactly like him. Just stop already, everyone is laughing at you lmao

No. 1651398

File: 1663641933330.jpeg (329.69 KB, 750x785, 3C4F0062-E2F2-41AF-BEBD-D7581B…)

I have no idea who this is but apparently this is probably him without any of the makeup/tacky hair dye and 2009 myspace fat girl angles lol

No. 1651403

File: 1663642087132.gif (3.32 MB, 600x338, goback.gif)


No. 1651408

faceblind autistic retard mongoloid biological* woman

You forgot to add that part kek

No. 1651409

I personally can't wait til the chinese kermit frog eat shit and eat hard. He's been acting all smug and replying to tweets talking about L33t H4xx0r shit all day as if we don't know he's a little degenerate criminal with a bizarre block head too big for his body.
No wonder he was booted from Google, nobody can stand this little shitstain.

No. 1651412

> Null is kind of cringe but he's not that bad.
lol no

No. 1651414

You would have to be a biological woman to be a pickme, something that you aren’t.

No. 1651421

File: 1663642880934.png (34.15 KB, 600x289, Screenshot_2022-09-19 Clara So…)

The fucking nerve of this tranny.

No. 1651426

Please stop posting this ugly motherfucker as some epic own, we know he's ugly, he knows he's ugly and that's why he seethes over real women.

No. 1651427

It’ll get it’s comeuppance, the devil works incredibly slow but it’ll come

No. 1651431

If that fucker doesn’t stop posting I’m going to keep showing his hideous face, it’s a given. Mods are super slow, might as well make fun of him while he’s here

No. 1651434

Thats another weird scrote from the Midwest who joined KF to chase clout off the back of Bella Janke, nonners. I know it's easy to get confused.

No. 1651438

These are Kiwifags we're talking about though sooooo

No. 1651439


I find it funny that not long ago this same tranny was so "scared" of his life that he decided to leave one of the safer, if not the safest, country in the americas to go get buttfucked by some irish tranny.

I look foward to the threads here or on KF whenever Lucas gets fucked by his own hubris. It's gonna be great.

No. 1651451

> to go get buttfucked by some irish tranny.
Speaking of which, didn't he have a "wife" or a "husband" or whatever surgical abomination he lived with? What happened to whoever that was?

No. 1651454

Putting in Kiwifarms.st leads to a site saying it's registered by one of ClouDNS's customers. Is this a new development?

No. 1651456

I'm not trying to defend Josh or anything, but I do respect the fact that he has zero formal training in the area of web development and all of this stuff is self-taught. Having said that, Josh isn't smart enough to learn the fundamentals of this stuff, which is always what happens when someone is self-taught. And he's especially fucking stupid for not trying to take some classes, or seek help from someone with formal training, or SOMETHING so he could learn the basics. This thing happening was obviously inevitable because of the hubris of men.

No. 1651458


Same. I think fucking up so badly that he lost a Google job despite being a protected class tranny in Silicon Valley, again at GOOGLE, was a massive ego hit and he will never let it go. Crusading to take down KF is all he's got. Well, and that fucking jaw.

No. 1651460

File: 1663644308913.png (830.22 KB, 1242x2688, 2BFAAA1B-1A79-4463-8DF2-359550…)

No. 1651464

it's seriously aggravating slowly watching kf turn into a bunch of edgy newfags circlejerking over MUH DEAR FEEDER PROTECTING MUH FREEZE PEACH!!1 when jersh has banned so many legitimately good posters in the last year or two alone just for making a joke he didn't like, iirc the fool was one of them. i don't want the site to die, but it's only going to continue to rot if it somehow survives the twitter mobs
onion farms aside, anominous being old and fat is not news

No. 1651468

Yep. Josh isn't going to stay away a whole week at this rate if he ever was, supposed dead or dying relative or not.

No. 1651472

This tbh, the Josh-worship got exceedingly out of hand and is probably a part of why he fucked up so bad, driven as that was at least in large part by having a big ego. The thing is, most of the people who were giving him so much glory just wanted to be able to say "nigger" (some would say as much) and had no idea of KF and it's culture beyond that nor did they make any contributions of note, while a lot of people who made good threads, did good dox work, etc. were thrown out or just got sick of the bullshit from Josh and others. Some of it is because a community never stays the same as it grows larger but a lot of it was due to Josh just going with where he could get the most money and clout with uncritical fans. KF will survive in some form I am certain (worst case on Tor) if only because without KF I don't know how Josh will survive, but he is certainly due to wake up one day and see his empire of dirt with new eyes. If he really did lose a family member and is back in the US, that might be a wake up call and I'd be curious to see if it has any impact.

No. 1651475

This really just proves that, despite all their money, these tech CEOs are still the same spineless nerds who got shoved into lockers.

No. 1651476

What exactly are the implications of them being dropped by their DNS?

No. 1651478

Needing a new DNS provider which is probably doable but this one has some particular features which may not be which would create problems for his new anti-DDoS regimen, but all of these different things that he needs sort of tie in together. There's a decent chance that due to everything combined he will be forced to fuck off to Tor for at least an extended period of time.

No. 1651480


That the internet troon machine steamrolled another domain

No. 1651481

*and also being forced to Tor doesn't deal with the DDoS issue, while he will get hit with less bandwidth of DDoS he will have fewer tools (if any) to deal with it

No. 1651486

It may come too late for kiwis, but I wonder if someone will create an "anti-woke" hub for internet services of some kind. With the personalities of the types who would want this and run it, it'll be an absolute cesspool and janky to boot, but I can see a new market opening for "controversial" sites scared of getting dropped and stomped on.

No. 1651502

In his defense, almost no one knows how to properly program anything. How often do we deal with random issues even in critical systems which have had teams working on them over decades? Almost the entire state of software is a fucking disgrace, but this isn't the thread in which I should elaborate.

An "anti-woke" business would just ban them for insulting Donald Trump instead of trannies.

No. 1651512

Eh…sorry. By "anti-woke" I should have really written "free speech" instead.

No. 1651514

There is the fact that software everywhere is garbage and there is making at least 3 very obvious mistakes including failing to validate user input in an extremely hostile environment.

No. 1651515

This thread is so infected with troons, I can smell the stinky programmer socks.

No. 1651517

The one thing I will say though in Josh's defense is that xenforo should send a Content-Security-Policy but evidently it doesn't, but it is on him to think of that.

No. 1651519


That’s because XenForo told him to fuck off months ago, because plenty of cows made a fuss.

No. 1651520

Kek imagine being so retarded you get banned on KF. Yeah its really sad about the retards from the splinter who can't stop "ironically" Fedposting. What a loss.

No. 1651521


>What's this family emergency about? Or not known?

His maternal grandmother died on August 30.

No. 1651523

Has nothing to do with anything. He's going on to use xenForo despite them telling him to fuck off (IANAL but seems dubiously legal although he said that he is going to keep using it until his homegrown forum software is ready, which hopefully now will be never as it would just get owned even worse than this) and stock xF not doing proper CORS because they didn't expect some weirdo who is bad at coding to make a chat plugin that dealt with .opus media files has nothing to do with their licensing regimen.
That's not who that anon means, anon.
Rest in peace, unironically.

No. 1651524

me too, i want him and the otonoko pharms troon to face actual legal consequences.

No. 1651526

eliot flies back and forth between Canada and Australia like twice a month, because he's a US citizen trying to get residency in both countries bc of drumpf or something after being kicked out of Google. how the fuck does he afford it and talk about the carbon footprint lol

No. 1651527

Bleak. Don't like KF but I hope they stay up so that other sites aren't next.

No. 1651531

How do you know this? Keffals and Ethan Ralph celebration stream when?

No. 1651533

File: 1663650362341.png (16.77 KB, 359x125, 58105963-96C5-45F8-926D-545EB6…)

And for everyone that argues with the schizo tranny, there’s a reason every nonnie says not to engage him. He gets a thrill invading spaces he doesn’t belong. As one nonna said, ignore him.

No. 1651535


Elliot’s dad, who disowned him, is a retired lawyer. He probably left him some money to go away. And his Google earnings were six figures. Eventually his and his husband’s money run out soon.

No. 1651536

Google has a pretty obnoxious password manager and will send you reminders if you're still using passwords already implicated in data breaches (e.g. you saved the password and email you use for Amazon that is the same one that was leaked during the Wattpad breach). The timing is most likely coincidental. It'll be all over Twitter if a verified dump (that is not identical to the 2019 breach) is released.
Reminder that everyone should be using a password manager. The inbuilt browser ones are alright but standalone ones are much more sophisticated and often come with their own apps for your phone and desktop and even a browser based one. Don't use the same password for every single website. It doesn't matter who you are, plenty of people underestimate how much being implicated in a breach can fuck you over.

No. 1651541

File: 1663651919216.png (183.05 KB, 732x1166, 1663647089335555.png)

This random twitter user claims to have access to leaked info from Kiwifarms.

No. 1651542

File: 1663651960727.png (268.72 KB, 1204x514, 1663647563257498.png)

No. 1651544

even better use a paper and pencil by your desk

No. 1651545

anyone remember when trannies outlined and shared their whole MO online?https://archive.ph/K2IQ1

No. 1651547


>How do you know this?

Her obituary.

No. 1651548

No sage? No link?

No. 1651556

File: 1663653307784.jpg (97.38 KB, 746x723, bobposting 'quit'.JPG)

>License on xenForo
I believe you can keep using the current version but you can't use newer ones. It's weird and I'm sure some GNU poster would know more.
Shouldn't these be hashed or am I thinking password like a retard?
I find it ironic that Josh is sliding towards the very lolcowdom the site laughs about.

Looks like bobposting is gonna try and hide so they don't catch some sort of drug trafficking charge. I'm not sure how admitting that you're shutting down right after someone dug up dirt of you getting estrogen esters from China isn't damming to anyone with a quarter of a brain. Makes me wonder if they meant "homebrew" they meant making it soluble for injection.

No. 1651563

Is the 2019 leak still floating around? I want to know who’s fucking dumb enough to use their real emails lmfao.

No. 1651567


No. 1651569

If it’s not against the rules here I’m interested

No. 1651570

This looks like it is the 2019 leak again
I'm looking for it too, found places that expect payment and I'm not doing that. Don't reply to the other anon replying to you it's the tranny.

No. 1651574

Bex. She has been discussed here for getting KF removed off of archive.org. Unsurprisingly, she got no credit for doing this.
>Part of me thinks Null should have locked the Keffals thread once the heat got too much and then unlocked it when Keffals went elsewhere. But that would ruin Josh's FREE SPEEZE sperging and may not even work.
Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. Barely anyone foresaw CF dropping support of KF considering they host ISIS and monkey torture websites. I heard that the reason why they dropped 8chan was because Jim Watkins insulted Prince personally but I can't verify this.
NTAYRT but I was able to find and confirm the info about Josh's grandmother. Not posting links because some schizoid troon will use them to harass a grieving family who have no idea what KF is.

No. 1651576

It’s not even there

No. 1651578

>shes been doxed silly
Then look up her obituary.

No. 1651583

Not surprising. Half the people - if not more - that post on KF are lolcows themselves.

No. 1651589

Idk how familiar you are with Ethan Ralph but they call him "the rage pig" for a reason. It doesn't matter if you're polite to Ethan, he loses the rag and starts hollerin' about street fighting and murder

No. 1651591

This is true. Don’t they have a rule about not making threads on members there? If they didn’t I guarantee you the amount of threads would increase x100.

No. 1651597

didn't they lock it around the 5th of september? although maybe it was too late by then

No. 1651601

nah there were a bunch of members who had threads, lagoonablue, a brony girl who was obsessed with jontron comes to mind, i think yawning sneasel and some others as well. there was a halal thread tag for threads about kf members.

No. 1651602

KF admins have warned people who fedpost too much that they are gonna get their own thread in the forum. kek.

No. 1651640

If this is because twitter trannies were purchasing similar domains to the farms and redirecting it to his bathtub hrt website I had a feeling something like this would happen. Delightful.

No. 1651657

Threads on forum members have to be approved by staff first, but there have been some.

No. 1651659

>lagoonablue, a brony girl who was obsessed with jontron comes to mind
Too bad KF is down this sounds hilarious

No. 1651701

> His insistence that nope this had nothing to do with Keffels I swear nope nope all me makes me think he's trying to save Keffels from legal culpability
Reminder that Keffals apparently has all sorts of people's dox in a Google doc or something, he accidentally showed it on stream per someone ITT but unfortunately I haven't seen the details but anyway there is only one use for something like that and that is blackmail. So if you see people throwing themselves on their sword for keffals this could be why.

No. 1651708

Has there been any speculation what kind of dirt Keffals has on these people?

No. 1651709

So are these just people too retarded to realize that they're looking at the 2019 leak?

No. 1651712

The schizo tranny had a thread too

No. 1651713

I just wanted to laugh at Tuna Slater and Nathan Mazri. Leave KF alone :(

No. 1651724

Sorry babe

No. 1651824

Amongst the Twits, it doesn't take much to be excommunited. Something small like an off color joke made 10 years ago would be enough. Hell, a person could be spotless and the right figurehead says 'uwu she's abusive take my word for it' and that's enough. These people eat each other alive for clout, I imagine just the threat of that is enough to keep them in line.

No. 1651905

with a significantly more severe cases of autism

No. 1651924

It reads like an excuse. If you really care about your dying gran then you would be by her side before it happens, to get a last visit in even if she's zonked out. Waiting until she passes to schedule a trip out for the funeral is what you do when you don't really give a fuck about your gran, but your family expects you to be there.

No. 1651927

>xy chromosomes typed this post

No. 1651933

How the fuck did you work out that from that post? Does chopping off your penis make you 20 IQ points dumber as well?

No. 1651938

Hahaha you did? What an idiot.

No. 1651939

stop engaging with the tranny

No. 1651942

Sorry, noted.

No. 1651969

There's no confirmation that his grandmother died, only something the troon said which is not to be believed for a second without evidence (i.e. an obit) I was looking myself for an obit for grandparents but could not find one either through Google or Newspapers.com. A death in the family is a very reasonable theory, but there is no proof of anything that I have seen and until we see an obit it is speculation, kind of morbid speculation too, it's not really our business tbh. I dislike Josh personally but he has my condolences if indeed he has lost someone, he did not have a lot of family and was at least for a time estranged from his mom. I hope if nothing else that this time will help heal any rifts that remain.

No. 1651971

P.S. the man who died on 23 August in Florida with a similar name to his grandfather has a different middle name, it's not him, just to save anyone time who is looking. I'm not naming his family members because I believe that would break the rules. It's not milk anyway.

No. 1651998

samefag as
just found that his grandmother passed on 20 August, so hopefully we can put this to bed. I'd like not to talk about it too much, just close the loop here. Requium aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei.

No. 1652000

RIP Granny Moon

No. 1652002

30 August. slippery fingers, apologies

No. 1652005

Rip gran Gran, took a tumble and never got back up. Press F to pay respect.

No. 1652006


>There's no confirmation that his grandmother died, only something the troon said which is not to be believed for a second without evidence (i.e. an obit) I was looking myself for an obit for grandparents but could not find one either through Google or Newspapers.com.

There are two obituaries online - a short one on a Florida funeral home site and a full one on a Virginia funeral home site. She died in Florida on August 30 and was buried in Virginia on September 9. Her husband survived her.

She's buried in the city where she was born.

No. 1652007

At least post some milk for this, anon. Was it paternal or maternal?

No. 1652010

Maternal, I think he has nothing to do with the paternal side. I found it on a people search/aggregator site so there is nothing there but her dates and I couldn't find an obit but I guess >>1652006 did

No. 1652023

plot twist, null is 230th in line to the british throne

No. 1652029

All I can find is someone with the same name who's clearly unrelated, you're sure of this?

No. 1652035

If the unrelated person with the same name also died on the 30th then I'd wonder if some wires got crossed in the databases, it happens sometimes, but otherwise yes I am sure. Everything lines up.

No. 1652036

They did is the reason I'm cautious until we get confirmation.

No. 1652037

I see the Virginia obit now. It looks correct to me, husband's name (Josh's grandfather) and daughter's name (his mom) all check out.

No. 1652040

Hrmmm alright I'll go with you, but if it turns out to be wrong I'll be throwing out told ya sos like no tomorrow.

Anyone asking for it to be posted; Josh is shit but his grandma probably wasn't, let the dead sleep.

No. 1652043

Mild off topic, but the crew doxing the monkey torture folks had a bit of a dilemma. doxed someone into it who turned out to be have died a few months ago. Decided not to drop the hammer as the only people who would be affected would be relatives.

No. 1652044

Oh for fucks sake this website doesn't quote when you select text then press reply, that's the second time it's fucked me when I only quote specific sections. I meant to quote
>let the dead sleep

No. 1652077

Based, I refuse to use online password managers and just keep mine in a neat little book near my PC.

Anyone who trusts some company to keep a log of ALL their passwords is begging to be fucked.

No. 1652078

File: 1663703878746.png (111.4 KB, 612x413, Screenshot_2022-09-20 Clara So…)

>parents who don't want their children to mutilate and sterilize themselves are infantilizing UwU
He deleted some of his stupid fucking tweets criticizing the guy, but this one is still up.

No. 1652081

That's just pre-social media internet. The only way you're getting that again is if Twitter et al go ham deplatforming so many sites and making everything as soulless and corpo as possible that accessing Tor nodes and darknet become popular for the slightly casual net users. Which I wouldnt be surprised if that might happen eventually.

No. 1652082

I just use a local password manager

No. 1652083

Yes using one that stores your shit online is dumb. I use KeePass which stores it locally on my machine and copy the file to a USB thumb drive so it is safe. It works pretty well.
Keffals is going to get his in time, just wait.

No. 1652091

>Anyone who trusts some company to keep a log of ALL their passwords is begging to be fucked.
Patrician choice. Even offline ones are comped

No. 1652096

Unpopular opinion incoming. I think it's best if Josh drops the "Kiwi Farms" brand. I'm not saying he should roll over and let the troons fuck him. Fuck them delusional men in drag, except not because eww trannies! He needs to rebrand the forum after he lays low for a few months. Using the name "Kiwi Farms" is pozzed like a faggot. Using that name is now equivalent to shouting "bomb" in the airport. Nothing good comes from it. Josh if you read this, drop the name but keep the site.Also, don't post the new name on your telegram, lest the troons or feds find out and Ddos the new site. For fucks sake

No. 1652097

That's retarded. Anyone who cares will know what the new site is.

No. 1652107

Trannies are going to take pictures of themselves pissing on the grave, aren't they? Some degenerate will go do something horrible to the grave.

No. 1652108

This might work for a week. I remember when Josh was trying to set up 9chan Rob from Epik (domain registrar noted for hosting controversial) told him they want no part of it at all just based off the name and the trouble they had with 8chan. All someone will need to say is "Joshua Conner Moon" and that will be that. I expect him to just set up shop on Tor for the near term and see what happens.

No. 1652111

Mods please either ban this fucking lunatic troon or give us post IDs so we can attempt to filter it

No. 1652113

He ban evades with proxies. He could use the same proxies to change his ID. I think the mods don't know what to do.

No. 1652116

you’re right, but there is a certain logic to it regardless - using a different name and possibly finding someone to help him/be used as a proxy who can be the name on all the paperwork once things have cooled down would probably not be an awful idea for him

also just throwing this out there, i was enjoying the dylan mulvaney thread on kf and i was wondering if anyone thinks he’s worth his own thread here? i know there’s the mtf thread, but thats mostly trannies in the news and on reddit, mulvaney is a very big influencer in his own right and i think an egregious enough cow to have earned his own thread - just wondering if anyone else would actually post in it lol

No. 1652118

I would be interested in it. It's a shame he's a troon, his fashion sense is on point and his personality is comfy to watch. If only he was a self aware crossdresser..

No. 1652119

I would follow that, nonna. There are a lot of Kiwi cows that might get a decent following. The Kiwi threads might be on archive.today/archive.li too but it's a matter of finding the right URL to look. If you have it in your browser history you might be able to find it and then plug in to archive.today

No. 1652125

File: 1663707023796.jpg (85.42 KB, 437x806, nullup.JPG)

Update from Null.

No. 1652131

>sam hyde
other than that, goddamn i don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone online getting fucked over this hard by so many providers.

No. 1652138

dude can not catch a break god damn

No. 1652139

They will bend the second they mention trans hate and "muh opression".
Link https://t.me/kiwifarms/53
My parents didn't move from a shithole to get a new version of this bullshit.
That would imply that people would be willing to do this. You have to remember that these people will be treated worse than Infowars, unless someone has fuck you money and doesn't need to work for a living (like my broke ass) who would help him? Null probably has a higher chance getting a drug addict to do this for him then the average person.
Two words: Alex Jones.
When the neo-Bolsheviks kick down regular peoples doors. I am going to laugh and say I told you so while they regret this and have a moral dilemma because they have been programmed to listen to the media.

No. 1652141

For people championing the end of ‘online harassment’ they sure go out of their way to harass somebody online and irl.

No. 1652146

Calm down Q-anon-chan

No. 1652148

>When the neo-Bolsheviks kick down regular peoples doors.
"Oh how we burned in the camps later…"

No. 1652149

Really wish that energy was used to go after monkey hate faggots instead.

No. 1652160

i'd like to see keffals go after the cartels next

No. 1652165

Cartels have better opsec and don't post their entire lives online. It's harder.

No. 1652167

By running a stalking website over the cover of a lolcow comedy website.

I've been thinking about the Troongeddon and KF a lot and I keep coming back to the same thing: Regardless if what's happening is "right" or "wrong", Null brought this on himself by not taking the reality of his site seriously and planning ahead years ago.

Even before this liberal deplatforming nonsense, the internet was shrinking and becoming easier to manipulate. In addition, the nature of KF meant it was ALWAYS going to get enemies who would fuck with it. Null was always destined to be banned from payment processors, etc. At no point did Null realize this early, instead betting on reality having his back despite the mounting evidence that no, big tech and liberals were gonna severely limit him eventually.

There absolutely were steps he could have taken to prevent this, like having a primary source of income not tied to forum donations, taking better care of hiding his personal info, not sperging about his private life constantly (he had no reason to divulge that his grandma died). He should have reined in his community better to deter fedposting and insane people giving the troons ammo to villainize KF further. This site does not have anywhere near the same problems, which doesn't mean Lucas wont target us next, but so far he hasn't and it'll be harder to claim we caused people to suicide because we try and enforce the no-cowtipping policy. it's not perfect, but we don't have mods and an admin who encourage it like dumbass Null did with Ralph, DSP, etc.

tl;dr - As dire as this Keffals shit is, Null still deserves criticism for being lazy and entitled and acting righteous was going to deter psychotic libs from trying to destory his life. On top of KF already having a garbage rep.

No. 1652169


>Maternal, I think he has nothing to do with the paternal side.

You're right. His paternal grandfather died in 2016 and his paternal grandmother is alive and active. They married when she was barely 17 and divorced in the mid-80s, then she married a Moroccan.

No. 1652172

File: 1663708587892.jpg (335.86 KB, 720x1114, 20220920_223122.jpg)

This was posted in /pt/. Anyone wanna make bets what absolutely horrific thing landed him a kiwi thread kek? He has a male name so I'm gonna bet illegal degenerate shit. There are no innocents with a thread especially not one who managed to somehow get thatbsoread around

No. 1652173

Because the cartels will send someone to kill you. If a Kiwifags actually went to Ireland to murder Lucas they'd get caught at the airport with a fucking katana or some shit.

No. 1652177

kek imagine if actual terrorists went after lucas. he wouldn’t be carelessly broadcasting his location and tweeting endlessly if that was the case.

No. 1652178

Any bets on whether Kiwi stays offline? I give it 70/30 odds that Null throws in the towel.

No. 1652183

Keffals can't damage anyone who touches grass kek people forget this, Keffals most of all

No. 1652185

Even odds on it being Orson Zedd

No. 1652186


No. 1652187

all of them, especially null, thought that trump/bannon were going to make the world kf-friendly somehow. nothing but W's for the chuds in 2016

No. 1652194

Really appreciate it nonna. I know it was a huge read, but I try to get this through online and nobody listens because of KF users white knighting and assuming anyone who's even slightly critical of Null must be a troon.

It's also why I'm not too afraid of Keffals taking this site down. The worst he'll dig up is us being terf-y, which will get hate from Twitter normies but is still a far cry from the insanity of KF. We also never had the dire relationships with service providers like Null did, neither did our admin make profoundly autistic emails to New Zealand officials bragging about being a Serious Forum for True Freedom Fighters.

No. 1652197

I remember when Josh fucking lost it over Trump trying to fuck with Section 230 lmao.

No. 1652199

He didn't divulge that his grandma died. He just said he had a family emergency. He should definitely have planned that the obituary would get leaked, though.. now there's going to be shemales at the funeral.

No. 1652204

It's only gone until it resurfaces. Keffals is taking a step into actually fucking with their real lives, so if KF does sink they'll congregate elsewhere and figure something out for themselves if only to clap back at Keffals somehow. That fat moobed up greasy fuck is so stupid that he thinks taking down KF will somehow eras the people who use it

No. 1652207

What should be scare Keffals is the fact this isn't limited to KF or its users. There are a lot of third party people seeing what is going on, from the internet, to schools, and media, this is not something limited to some kids shitflinging in the school yard.

No. 1652210


They really bet everything on a conservative revolution stemming from Trump's win, to the point that Qanons just assumed Trump would pardon them for breaching the capitol. The online right was so drunk on dunking on hysterical liberals, they thought said libs could never fight back effectively. Which was a profoundly retarded take even in the hubbub around 2016.

The saddest part is Null had real opportunities at the height of Magamania. There were lots of people and orgs he could hook up with to network and protect himself with. Instead, he just let /pol/tards flood the site and suck his dick and assumed he would always have access to their cryptobux, which slowly stopped being the case as the paypigs started leaving and your avergae /pol/lack being too stupid to understand crypto in the first place.

No. 1652212

The problem with Kiwi Farms resurfacing, in my mind, is that eventually they're going to run out of services that will enable them to do so. It's a game of whack-a-mole that Keffals is playing and eventually he's going to bludgeon all the moles to death.

No. 1652216

I am talking about the bigger picture of troons and society. Normal people are waking up to what they're doing and how quickly they are spreading, even if people don't know anything about the KF situation, once being trans stops being accepted as much as it was, their power to control the internet will falter as well.

No. 1652217

Samefag. Wanted to add that the only option I see for KF's survival at this point is for Null to STFU for an extended period of time and then try and bring the site back when no one is paying it any more attention and he can secure the services needed to run it. He was going to do that originally, and then decided against it and I don't know why.

No. 1652220

I know exactly who that is. His name is StarKiller or something like that (not exactly) and he is a schizophrenic from Indonesia obsessed with the YA book series Mortal Engines. He is harmless as far as I remember. Analog Devolved is a KF user who is his personal troll. He has been running around the Internet posting weird shit like this for a couple years now.

No. 1652224

The funeral was on the 9th

No. 1652227


>all over

No. 1652231

Only reason he wrote that email to New Zealand was because KF scrotes were posting the full uncensored footage of the Christchurch massacre that happened a few years ago and he was fully adamant of defending having an illegal piece of content attached to a high-level criminal on his own website as “freeze peach”. Same thing happened with the Buffalo shooter. He and his newfag right wing users thrives in seeing vulnerable people being killed on video but cries foul when a bunch of unhinged trannies play the same game as he does. His entire website laughs at women and minorities dying, neither him or the trannies care about protecting either of those things and the anons here and at Ovarit feeling sorry for this motherfucker makes me disappointed. He spent years poking the bear’s nest and as per usual, moids no longer can get away with it because he poked into another community full of mentally ill psychos willing to take it too far.

No. 1652232

He shouldn't have said anything, period. Go to the funeral, and if something happens to KF just make a quick update later at night from his phone or whatev. True, the troon vultures could still find the obituary, but if he didn't say anything they wouldn't think to look for it. The thing about opsec is it's impossible to be airtight unless you're a glowie or go full Ted K. Good opsec is about not leaving breadcrumbs as much as hiding what you can.


lmfao all you Kiwichuds think anyone who's mean to Josh is a gash-haver. Truth is, until Null decided to call haram on grifters like BakedAlaska and Nick Fuentes, the trolling against Trump and the right was paltry compared to non-stop libbashing. Even when KF got a Biden Derangement Syndrome thread, the average Kiwi couldn't admit that Trump didn't care about them and they were taken on a ruse cruise, or else they'd be bullied for being a Twitter lefty.

No. 1652234

kek. nice one.

No. 1652238

I agree with what you, but to be fair I see less people here feeling sorry for Kiwi Farms and more people being concerned for what this all means for them and the sites that they enjoy.

No. 1652241

You write like a moid.

No. 1652244

Another thing, Null needed to know how to compromise and yes, even take things down as needed. The Christchurch footage was absolutely not worth the trouble it caused, in fact I still vividly remember Null making a big stink about a seperate, non-lurker subforum dedicated to murdercows and shooters epcifically so they could be discussed without being given fame.

Lo and behold, Christchurch happened and said subforum vanished. Null was so desperate for users he kept up murder footage and got tons of unhinged r/watchpeopledie edgelords, when all he had to do was not fucking host the file.

What moral superiority does hosting that video get anyone? Null claimed to not be a free speech absolutists too, btw.

No. 1652247

As repugnant as the videos are, I don't think they're illegal under US law. I know the Christchurch one was illegal for New Zealanders though. Wasn't the deal with the NZ government was that Null refused to give them forum users' IP addresses? Always did find it off-putting though there was thread dedicated to videos of people dying though. Leave that crap in /gif/ or whatever psycho gore forums exist. It had no place on a gossip site.

No. 1652248

No. 1652250

It's gotten better but this thread was and still occasionally is taken over by KF scrotefugees who trollshield Null

No. 1652253

By the way, did Null ever state what the fuck it was that rendered him full of "unbridled optimism"? It might just be due to his current personal situation, but he went from optimism to doomposting in a pretty short span of time.

No. 1652255

They're not illegal under US law, but they attracted a bunch of right-wing spergy edgelords as did the discussions post-2016 US Election but in fairness the whole internet got mega-autistic about politics at that time, only Josh catered both deliberately and not deliberately to a particular sort of /pol/tard audience. You see a lot of them outright saying "thank you Josh for giving me a place to say nigger", straight up, not even making a parody here. I'm all for a wide spectrum of political discussion and I'm no leftie myself but those people bring nothing but toxicity. And the lolcow discussion, I like Ethan Ralph as a cow but that brought a lot of refugees from 8/cow/ who are in a 24/7 state of ayops and that didn't help matters either but remember that was all connected with a personal feud/vendetta Josh had with the man, and the political shit with Josh's autistic freeze peach ideas, so yeah, pretty much every bad turn the site took in the past 6 years+ is his own fault. I could go on.
My tinfoil is that he was selfposting. It's let up recently, as he has been busy, and it tended to be focused in hours that he would be awake in Serbia. Plus we know he is reading or at least has people telling him what gets posted here about him given how in the first few threads he directly adjusted some of the stuff he was saying and doing seemingly in response to stuff posted in these threads.

No. 1652256

I was wondering that too. Was it just that router? He's never elaborated on it again.

No. 1652258

His mesh DNS stuff at .st I suppose, which lasted what, a week?

No. 1652260

Once again, it's not about something being right or wrong or legal or illegal. Loli porn is technically not illegal because it's a fictional depiction of naked cartoon children and not real ones. But it's still worth nuking anyone who posts that shit because it brings in the wrong kind of crowd and gives ammo to people who can fuck with you. Even if you can effectively fight back, you have to ask yourself whether it's worth the headache. If the Christchurch video was actually of some Dem sentaor doing something super-illegal, then yeah, keep it up. But nobody but hyper-spergs wants to watch kill footage.

Null's whole frozen peach act is just a grift to get more people to give him money and attention. It's not about ideals.

No. 1652262

His BPD is on the upswing.

Or he found some lost coupons for pizza dn diet coke.

No. 1652263

That’s entirely what makes me laugh about Null, he’s an incompetent autistic retard who cannot play the game right. Men are so not used to having to navigate their way through social conflicts like this, plenty of women don’t even think these trannies are women but we are given the benefit of the doubt because people stereotype us as docile, as long as we “””shut up”””” or pretend to stfu and go and post our real feelings, they will eventually leave us alone. He made huge mistakes associating himself with specific people (Sam Hyde), he made a pompous error with the mass shooting videos, he tried to dance around reality and hoped no one would notice. Wake the fuck up fatty, the trannies are getting rid of the website you can surely code yourself and you weren’t prepared for it kek, men fail at everything in the end. Fails at organization and critical thought damn, he actually deserves this shit

No. 1652264

I think the fact being against governmental censorship is seen as a "right wing" thing these days is pretty telling on how radically leftism has changed in the last 30 years, and not for the better.

No. 1652266

Null's obsessed with becoming e-famous. Why do you think he even picked up streaming? He wanted to be the next metokur, he wants to be the cool not bothered by anything guy that has a monopoly on lolcows. The problem is, he's too much of a retarded narc to have that dream ever come to fruition. He blogposts to his cabal of kiwis who're all asskissing clout climbing backstabbers that he let's into his life because he's a friendless neet who can't stand the idea of people hating him.

No. 1652267

> Loli porn is technically not illegal
Reminder when his fediverse instance got taken down he went straight to poa.st which is full of loli and pedo content even though he tried to say he was against that stuff before. When criticized his response was "any port in a storm" as if having a twitter clone at hand was more important than avoiding sites with open pedophiles for admins. And that whole debacle lead to a lot of inter-site drama that may (emphasis may) have been the impetus for people to hack his ass. So many of his losses come from unforced errors on his part.

No. 1652268

They can pull up on anything. They're literally grouped together in a Telegram with Josh. If worse comes to worse they already have that contact with eachother and the ability to arrange congregating elsewhere (starting cow threads on 4chan again, branching off into their own subsets and opening Discord servers or some shit)

No. 1652271

I think it was the company that dropped him in like 2 hours, he was pretty happy about them reaching out to him on one of his streams.

No. 1652274

They’re going to try to come to this website and ruin it I can already feel it.

No. 1652278

File: 1663711484379.jpeg (78.72 KB, 728x970, 44.jpeg)

I cannot believe [I can] how many websites where you can threaten and harass and discuss plans to murder women on, websites where you can openly discuss your lust for children, websites you can discuss and share monkey torture, etc that stay up… but a site laughing at trannies is what's absolutely forbidden.

Women-hating men who live out the most sexist, degrading stereotypes demand you consider them equal and control internet speech.

Never give these freaks an inch. Never let them into your lives. Ever.

No. 1652279

Correct, and while I don't entirely blame him (it is a port in the storm), he still should have thought ahead and set up better site alternatives as backups. Preferably not directly associated with KF, him tying everything back to the mother site makes it even easier for the trannies to stomp them out.

No. 1652282

I miss KF as a containment site for the dumb moids and for the organized documentation of a lot of lolcows. I always treated this site as the more comfy site to browse. They were never meant to mix and it's going to be shit.

No. 1652285

But he didn't need a fediverse instance, he had the telegram, etc. It just shows he has no principles. The ensuing drama when the lolicons of poa.st got really, really mad at Kiwis calling them pedos was pretty funny though, I must admit. As is the fact that it very well could be them who hacked him (simplest explanation given that they put their logo up as everyone's avatars) is also hilariously fitting.

No. 1652286

Staying on Telegram isn't the worst last resort for them

No. 1652287

That is the biggest joke of it all, Twitter has fostered far, far worse shit than Kiwifarms ever did and yet it's the tranny platform of choice

No. 1652288

1. There's already troons on lolcow, it's one of our worst kept secrets

2. Troons have bad attention spans, eventually they'll move on and go back to jerking off to porn or playing too much video games. And this site is anti-troon enough that they probably can't go to any other thread or else they'll be reminded of how gross they are. Despite the front they put up, trannies really are inches away from suicide at all times

No. 1652291

It is when Telegram Kiwis somehow have worse cybersec than the forum ones

No. 1652292

3. We have Null on this site anonymously poking around whenever he sees his name

No. 1652293

Because Twitter is a big tech company with contacts and money to burn on lawyers and algorithms and shit. Kiwi Farms is a place for retards to harass retards.

No. 1652294

You can blame it on the poor decision to host mass murder videos but in the end, this all wouldn't have happened if the site didn't constantly hurt trannies' feelings.

No. 1652296

Twitter is worse because of all of the porn and gore addicted Tumblr users went to Twitter because they were going to ban all porn from being posted on the website.

No. 1652299

I still can't believe they killed their site over that and then just brought the porn back anyway

No. 1652300

Honestly, Null should make a truce offering and agree to troon out to placate his enemies. This would be the best sttategy as he would both clear his name as well as possibly lose his virginity.

No. 1652301

Twitter is also a place for retards to harass retards.

No. 1652303

A fair point. Any offshoots or resurrection identifiably tied to Kiwi is going to be dead in the water, though. I'm surprised they haven't just tried to rebrand already.

Maybe some but I doubt that, long term, enough will for it to matter. This site cracks down hard on a lot of things that are (or were) commonplace on Kiwi Farms, and despite the general focus being the same I can't think of many things about this site that would appeal to KF scrotes. They'd probably go to rDrama or something instead.

No. 1652304


And if Null didn't have the defenses to fight back then he should have considered the unconsiderable, closing down tranny threads. Not defending troons, but you need to pick your battles and Null wanted to fight everyone at all times.

No. 1652306

He wound up closing the tranny threads but it was too little too late unfortunately.

No. 1652308

What libel are you referring to?

No. 1652310

fuck off troon

No. 1652311

Lul Josh has every sign of a troon-to-be. From his soft facial features to his autism to being too obsessed with the internet and computer shit to not getting any sex.


I'm on rdrama and the place is flooded with kiwifugees because the owners are just like Null and obsessed with active user numbers and e-fame. This thread and the KF threads on rdrama are like night and day, the stuff I've brought up here get immediately attacked by the Null Defense Force as they spam Not Real Woman at me like I'm actually a tranny.

No. 1652323

Not OP but you got me thinking about another unnecessary hit KF took for itself, caused by lack of moderation and sane site atmosphere. I have no doubt that a shitton of Kiwi "evidence" is faildox taken as holy truth, and good old fashioned photoshop. Doesn't happen all the time, but the sheer number of morons who look at a random Discord screenshot and assume it's true was pretty high. It takes little effort to fake a Discord chat pic and the nature of Discord means you cant archive it and the offender wont give access to their personal acount to prove it, nor will they let in people trying to harass them to the private servers they posted it in, allegedly.

Dont get me wrong, KF had lots of accurate info and did have value in exposing genuine creeps and criminals, Keffals included. But Null let the site be overrun by what we call vendetta-chans posting complete horseshit occasionally puts the rest of the site's accuracy in the toilet for normies, even with receipts.

No. 1652329

Moderation is shit so the porn has always still been around, but the particularly insane users migrated to Twitter with the excuse they did so "in protest for the poor sex workers losing their livelihoods :'(". It's a shame they broke out of containment. Now former tumblrinas ride the highs of blue checks and ratios and attention from garbage journalists who previously wouldn't have given their blogs a moment of thought.

No. 1652330

File: 1663713031765.png (112.69 KB, 216x340, 1623710250335.png)

Forgot pic
If Josh turned troon he'd look exactly like her, you can't unsee it. But all memes aside yeah if he were, say, a jannie on SA or that gaming forum who's name escaped me, any place that was or has became super pro-troon, he'd be on estrogen already.

No. 1652337

It's about principles.
>all he had to do was not fucking misgender the tranny.
>What moral superiority does not using the proper pronouns get anyone?

No. 1652338

Off-topic, you have no idea how badly I want Carp to get threads on lolcow sites including KF. He's a titanic attention whore, rivaling even Blaine posting in this thread. He acts like a cool self aware troll but in reality has turbosperg meltdowns all the time to the point I legit think he has mental issues. You'll never find it unless you're in the moment because he deletes every embarrassing meltdown from the site right after. He loves fucking with other sites too which is gonna get rdrama fucked with in turn eventually. Like if Keffals is gonna target anyone next, it's them not us.

Picrel if the site handles webp, it's confirmed Carp scratching DIE into his arm to own the self-cutters le epic reddit style. Notice the coomer dead stare and the retarded metalhead mohawk and wizard beard.

No. 1652342

Which specific threads had inaccurate vendetta stuff in them? I don't recall seeing much of that. Usually there would be at least a few people asking for hard proof.

No. 1652344

Webp doesnt work and retarded rdrama coders cant just use gif like functioning people, so here's the link to his facedox https://rdrama.org/h/carpathianflorist/post/105020/marseymoplicker/2738385?context=8#context>>1652338

No. 1652348

Yes we all know it's you Blaine, please shut the fuck up we're barely acknowledging you anymore

No. 1652353

The hyperdedication to posting and preserving dox is a bad hill to die on. Is knowing Cow#124 lives at 64 Mainstreet Apt B, Fucksville CO really worth putting your site at jeopardy? What milk does knowing the exact location a cow lives at actually provide. It's boring as shit and gives ammunition to the 'the farmers are trying to kill me!' types.

No. 1652355

Obv I can't comb through KF looking for examples, but you can't verify authenticity of discord screenshots which are used a lot. >>1652325 did it for fun and got away with it.
Then there's the Gunt forum where even with Ralph being a white trash scumbag, Kiwis still exaggerated shit like his arrests and even the sex tape to essentially deplatform him, too.

No. 1652356

File: 1663713851724.jpg (604.38 KB, 1080x1344, 1663599968964.jpg)

Nah. He should have banned doxxing and made it a rule that pictures of children must always be censored. That alone would have made it much harder for the site to be framed as dangerous. Men in dresses shout the loudest but nobody likes them and there is heavy demand for sites that allow women to discuss their antics.

No. 1652364

Principles unfortunately is something a lot of people not only lack but don't even understand.

No. 1652366

Idk, men in dresses are extremely good at shutting down sites where women discuss their antics.

No. 1652368

Fucking hell, remember when Null allowed a thread on Ethan Ralph's son who was LITERALLY JUST BORN? What the fuck do you get out of a thread obsessing over a 1 day old fetus!?!? It's okay though, KF is just a comedy forum haha guys just chill

Did this atrocity come from a Aphex Twin music video because jesus christ

No. 1652375

ngl creating a thread on a one day old fetus sounds hilariously retarded

No. 1652378

All troons are bad. There are no good troons.

No. 1652384

What makes you think that would have made a difference? Troons were already happy with making things up.

No. 1652386

The discussion in the baby's thread is about the parents. Basically no different than we talk about Baby Fern in the Alice thread.
You're probably the tranny but for the record they absolutely did not.

No. 1652387

stop talking about yourself, Blaine

No. 1652388

THANK YOU. can we stop defending that faggot scrote? yes he ran a forum to expose trannies, so do other forums. dont suck a scrotes dick because he did ONE thing that was useful! have some standards.

No. 1652390

I'm starting to get the sense that some people here post things they don't truly believe in order to cause trouble….

No. 1652391

Null > troons
Although that is a very low bar to clear.

No. 1652393

It is the schizo, pedo tranny spammer. Try to ignore him.

No. 1652396

I saw, but why did they need another thread and fucking name it after the kid? The Gunt forum is a great example of how much of a disaster KF had become.

No. 1652399

>have some standards
alright name some other people in josh's position that do it better, and this is a sincere question, not a rhetorical gotcha

No. 1652412

Threads vary as to whether they have an accurate address. What made the site hated was its excellent SEO, and connecting pseudonyms with real names. No one wants their handle or their real name Googled then have a top result be the most unflattering information about oneself.

People invoke dox because it's easy to get others in a panic about it, even though in the United States it's usually trivial finding a current address for someone if you have their real name.

No. 1652416

I'm ducking, I think the tranny is replying to himself or there's two trannies in here the whole time or something.

It's actually been really cool chatting with you nonnas, have a great day except you Blaine fuck off and rope already.

No. 1652422

Depending on who finds it they can annoy you fierce with phonecalls and pizza deliveries and such. Worst case scenario they harass your job and get you fired, or try and SWAT you which I always thought was retarded because unlike the rest, false SWAT calls are absolutely a crime and people have been tossed in jail for getting caught.

No. 1652427

The doxing of kids was getting ridiculous, like even in BP. In Chantal or Nader's thread, people were posting pictures and sometimes the names of children of women doxed for donating to them and mods didn't seem to give a shit. Even if discussion stays entirely about the parents, there isn't a need for the kids to be named and shamed in a dox post.

Hope when KF comes back Josh/mods are willing to draw a firm line on the issue and keep it, even for declared grudges like Ethan Ralph's kids that he never sees and aren't really a part of his guntverse.

No. 1652428

What's the deal with Kevin Beaumont on Twitter? He keeps posting stuff alluding to ''working behind the scenes'' and have this really annoying smug tone like the rest of the troon squad. He just posted something about KF operating with fake US services but still claiming to be under US law (Null always said that the site is completely legal under US law, he never hid this fact).
Sounds like this one is REALLY trying to find a way to fuck with KF and its users because he can't shut up about it.

No. 1652445

I'm curious as to how Doxbin stays up. I wouuld assume its because their team is more competient than Josh.
Technically there's the rules of nature request…. If you were underaged and stopped being a cow you could be removed after a user vote. I think it's only successfully invoked once in the history of the fourms.
Yeah, they sent him a court order of which he promptly replied in the typical American way, fuck off.
To be fair, the only way to deal with these people would to be to hit back. That's not very effective when the aparatus of the state is slanted against you.
If Null wants to die on that hill, let him. Personally, I think that the issue is that American society as a whole wants the first amendment to go away. Imagine what the average person gets personall offended to the point of calling the cops on you for. It's not hard.

No. 1652446

From what I understand, KF had attempted to dox him a few weeks back, so yes I do think he has a personal vendetta against the site and Josh. He was also the one alluding to the ridiculous idea that the hacker's script injection was scraping info off of KF user's entire devices, rather than just their login info from the site itself. He has a vested interest in trying to freak KF users out, and seems to be a lolcow in his own right.

No. 1652451

>injection script
What the hell was Josh thinking when he coded Sneedchat? If I was him I would be trying to simplify and minimize the attack surface.

No. 1652453

I heard that it was an attempt to prevent the userbase from making Discords.

No. 1652455

If you want to see old slapfights of his, just Google Beaumont + dollverse.

No. 1652456

> I heard that it was an attempt to prevent the userbase from making Discords.
It even tried to look like Discord. While Josh sort of has a point that Discord seems to lead inevitably to drama and gayops it just seems like another manifestation of his megalomania and wanting to centralize all lolcow discussion on himself.
He was thinking with his swollen ego is what he was thinking. I still can't get over how hilariously trivial the attack was but my favorite part is when he called it "sophisticated." His userbase might buy into that or be afraid of commenting to him otherwise but I hope that his bullshit getting emasculated ITT by actual women who know tech suitably shames him.

No. 1652461

Brainrot. I know IRC was around but why would they want to use literal spyware?
I mean, it's sophisticated in the sense he didn't "anticipate it" I guess. He literally would have been better off with a seperately hosted IRC client with hashed IPs. Even I saw this coming and I know jack shit on tech.

No. 1652463

So it's been 2 days now since news of the supposed leak broke. We've all been patiently waiting, watching twitter tards be insanely smug, and yet not one piece of leaked info has dropped. The hacker really didn't get anything, did they?

No. 1652468

The writing has been on the wall for a long time and once Null fucked himself by allowing doxing it was all over. The doxxing is what differentiates KF from sites like this, Reddit, those forums where middle aged women who still use the term “snarky” while gossiping about mommy bloggers.
I know there’s concern about the Keffals army coming after LC but even if they did they have no leg to stand on. The right to doxx just wasnt worth it in the end and never has been unless someone’s actively a threat in which case it needs to be done somewhere else than a gossip forum where people are fixating on Chris Chan’s genitalia in the same breath.

No. 1652471

I wonder what he is trying so desperately yo hide if he's this invested in bringing down KF. I mean, people didn't get KF's attention for nothing. As you said, he's a lolcow and the way he keeps tweeting misinfo about the hacking is some pathetic shit. He tweeted something about the script being in the KF server for a month and said ''KF looks very owned'' as if he wasn't pulling shit out of his ass.

Yeah, lolcow confirmed!

No. 1652472

He said there was an attempt but that it might have failed. At this point, I think it's likely that the hacker failed at getting info.

No. 1652475

Anyone 18-30 is going to have a difficult time getting doctors to approve getting their tubes tied or getting the snip. As much as it seems like it's infantilizing adults, and as much as it sucks for those who never change their minds, there are a lot of people out there who do. If only transitioning were treated the same, especially when it comes to procedures that will permanently affect one's body and fertility.

No. 1652479

File: 1663719135588.jpg (1016.06 KB, 4096x2731, FPY_TwcWYAEJWPT.jpg)

QAA mentions Kiwi Farms, "the harassment site" and they play Jim Watkins drunk/demented rambling.

around 18 min.

No. 1652482

I keep seeing retards on Twitter saying that ''I have info but me and my team are working on it'' for the past two days nonstop. It's like every tard on Twitter has a personal team of hackers and are ''looking into it'' as we speak.
The DropKiwiFarms account is an obsessed weirdo who spends all day every day posting screenshots from the Telegram chat and responding to kiwis by making retarded cringe tweets and the chinese kermit frog tweeted at him only the words ''shhh'' when he said something about the hacker crashing the site down while attempting to extract data.
So it looks like chinese block head is either lying to scare KF users or he's really into some criminal shit, as expected.

No. 1652485

What is doxing though? Alot of content on this site, or twitter, or reddit could be considered doxing. Trannies consider posting their dead names doxing. Keffals has been doxing people all throughout this to a far more invasive extent than most lolcow sites do

No. 1652489

This, some of the trannies crying about "doxing" had nothing more done to them than pics/posts from their social media collated and posted … material they themselves made public. Even proper "doxing" almost always relies upon information made public by the person being "doxed." When family members or businesses and things of that nature start getting targeted, it might be a little different, but on the other hand, some people just deserve it. KF actually was/is fairly good at telling people to fuck off if they were going over-the-top or overly vendettaish with stuff, at least depending on the subforum in question.

No. 1652490

The goal was never doxing. It was to erase any information on skeletons in their closest because of their poor life choices.

No. 1652491

>The DropKiwiFarms account is an obsessed weirdo who spends all day every day posting screenshots
is this the bardfinn one or are you talking about a different obsessed weirdo?

No. 1652495

Not bardfinn as far as I can tell. Dunno who he really is, but motherfucker is OBSESSED with KF and Null to an unhealthy extent. He just keeps tweeting all day, and I mean a new tweet every 3 minutes or so. I made a Twitter account just to follow this mess and I'm really tempted to follow him so I can just… see this mental illness in real time because wow.

No. 1652496

>our operatives are en route to the task zone. trust the plan, fellow trannies.

No. 1652498

i wish twitter trannies just learned that oversharing on the internet has its consequences. this should be fucking common sense.

No. 1652506

Not talking about “deadnames” but there’s literally no reason to post the addresses, phone numbers etc, and definitely no reason to post the personal info of family members and associates if not to intimidate someone into anticipating real life stalking. Sure, most personal info is available on google but if it’s so easy to find why even post it in a thread full of people alogging about the person in question if not to cause fear? All I’m saying is that it does not look good, and that the only way forward for a potential KF predecessor would be to take doxxing off the table. Also agree with the other nonna in this thread who suggested censoring pics of kids.

No. 1652511

>not looking good
It's also not good to shoot someone while they're trying to bang on your car window with a tire iron. Is it legal? In most US states yes.
So go fuck yourself or change the law.

No. 1652513

Samefag, I do get the point about the lines being blurred about what constitutes doxxing, though re: deadnaming. I admit that it’s a weird line to walk.

No. 1652514

you that the poor optics alone are what got KF dropped by literally everyone right?

No. 1652515

NTA but I have doxed people and even their families on KF. Not random cows, no, that is a bit much, especially the latter, but if someone is a pedophile or something, and I can do my part to make that person unhappy, then I am happy to do it. Also the process is satisfying, it's like a series of little puzzles.

No. 1652518

Have you considered the fact that the first amendment protects unfavored speech?
Idiots like you are how we get trannies like Keffals dictating who can say what online to the major companies and not being tarred and feathered like the piece of shit they are.

No. 1652521

Right, and I recognize that there are plenty of good reasons to dox someone causing actual harm. All I’m trying to point out is that the orb of tech companies/hosts willing to fuck with a site that prides itself on doxxing is rapidly shrinking, even more so after the Keffals kerfuffle, and going forth it’s not a sustainable model for KF or anyone really. The way every single attempt for them to get back online has been shut down is going to have a chilling effect for better or worse.

No. 1652524

I’m literally just telling you what the reasoning was behind them getting dropped, retard. You can come to you own conclusion over whether or not it’s “right” but these tech companies don’t give a fuck about you or your free speech.

No. 1652527

Doxxing is the not the reason companies have been dropping KF. The Troon brigade have been harassing them and/or using those MSM articles full of bullshit to "prove" KF is a alt right site that is responsible for "killing" many people.

No. 1652528

I think tho, that people who want to hide things keep moving the goal posts, documenting ana valens and keffals weird tweets or discord posts about raping, breeding, and abusing "cis women" is called doxing by them. now they know it works to deplatform kiwifarms, they'll use it to take down anyone else. It doesn't matter what kf did or didn't do bc there were so many lies spread in the past few months, nobody cares if it actually occurred on the website or not, like that canadian press article starting that tarrant posted and live streamed the Christchurch massacre on kf, everything to do w near/byuu's not suicide, fed posting, so on.
I do think that Josh made a lot of retarded mistakes like the sneedchat but there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

No. 1652532

i think honestly the only way to ban something like that is to have anything that can be considered sensitive info screened by admins first and just dont put up shit that goes over the line, everyone’s standard is somewhere different wrt what constitutes doxxing but a little oversight would have went a long way

No. 1652540

poor optics can be manufactured, especially when well connected journos like taylor lorenz, wealthy tech troons like elliot fong-jones, and feds like mike janke are involved

No. 1652549

If people were actually concerned about addresses, they'd go after Whitepages, voter registries, cell phone companies, etc. No one can control "optics" if people are committed to creating a narrative.

No. 1652555

That’s one angle but all of the coverage I’ve seen about KF going down also plays up it’s rep as a “stalking forum” and mentions the Keffles doxxing incident. I genuinely do believe that they could have survived this, or at least been only slightly disabled by it if they’d had rules more similar to the ones here.

No. 1652558

Trannies, pedophiles, and animal rapists (but I repeat myself) were always more upset about the archiving than the doxing. They will say it's about the suicides and doxes and it did give them ammo so I get the debate on allowing it for adults, but it was always about the archiving.

Any site that identifies and archives skeletons in closets and ties them to deadnames will always be targeted regardless of if they allow addresses to be posted or not.

Can't have parents typing in the fakename of their kid's new middle school coach or tutor or something and finding a webpage with their fakename, deadname, picture, and receipts on how they kept trying to meet up with boys over Discord and openly discussing how much they loved looking at kids at McDonald's.

No. 1652559

Not even a single fucking chance. The threads on these trannies had extensive details about the degeneracy of their acts, and yet journos only focused on the fact that their perversions were brought to light. If that's "doxxing" and shouldn't be done, I'm Albert fucking Einstein. They don't care about doxxing, they never have, and they have full permission to do it as much as they like on Twitter.

No. 1652560

Those addresses aren’t being posted directly into a thread full of people a-logging about the individual being doxxed. I realize this sounds fucking insane because LOGICALLY if someone wants to find your address badly enough they’ll do it without being spoonfed info on a forum but all these hosts/ddos protection services care about is optics and liability and “it doesn’t look good” is a valid enough reason in their eyes. They don’t give a shit.

No. 1652563

this, they fucking dox themselves lol, keffals and other terminally online retards cannot stop posting photos and telling the internet where they are and what they are doing constantly
they don't care about the """dox""", they care about the stupid shit they do being laughed at and documented

No. 1652564

You’re not wrong. I think the tech companies dropping KF care more about doxxing than the people with actual threads do.

No. 1652567

So, I have a question. Since the hacking incident I've been reading two main allegations of what happened:

- The hacker gained access to Null's account and tried to download all the user's data and crashed the site

- The hacker injected a script that stole the active users session data

So, which one is true? Or the hacker did both? Because having access to an admin account and being able to read user's info is one thing, but stealing direct info from logged in users is another.
So, what really happened?

No. 1652568

Ok, but it wasn't posted addresses which made Cloudflare cut service, it was death threats (albeit obviously joke threats). That's the "bad optics" that companies will act on.

No. 1652570

tbf, the companies didn't care about it either until recently, there's obviously a lot of shit going on behind the scenes atm

No. 1652572

the former? has null even said anything alluding to the latter?

No. 1652573

No. 1652574

The first one. See >>1650435 >>1650450 and some discussion around there

No. 1652577

the death threats were probably just an excuse (and a plant) too, the post in question was deleted after 8 minutes or something from an inactive account

No. 1652580

what a disgusting orgy of rot and filth that is

No. 1652583

There's an awful lot of ''tech pros'' on social media alluding to the latter tbh, so the waters are really muddy about it. And honestly, I don't trust everything Null says because I don't think he even knows what really happened.


Sounds about right. But Null's allegation that the hacker got nothing is a little out there. I don't think a hacker would go thru all the process of hacking and when actually accessing what they needed they would shit the bed this bad. Like, trying to get everything at once is something a complete computer illiterate person would do. I'm not buying this.

No. 1652585

maybe the real lolcows was the friends we made along the way

No. 1652598

what is killing me from curiosity is IF theres leaked data, who has it? the twitter trannies are foaming at the mouth with the possibility of unmasking (god i hate this term) all the meanies and terfs and nazis so i think if they were the ones with access to it someone would had spilled the beans by now

maybe elliot has it? i wouldnt put it past him to be the one behind the hacking scheme and now hes witholding info because hes looking to make some money with it or get all the info he need first and blackmail women and everyone who doesn't worship the ground trannies walk over

No. 1652605

yeah i get that but last time kf was compromised the data was in my hands the same day, so i just find it strange how the most loud and annoying of twitter groups (troons) didn't spilled their spaghetti all over social media yet. the way they all backstab each other looking for clout is well known and i thought maybe someone somewhere would leak the data looking for clout or by sheer vendetta or something

No. 1652612

Even if the hacked data exists it's too tainted for the trannies to touch. Most big data breaches have shit like SSNs and credit card numbers etc… which completely nail down the person. The KF data would be shit like emails and IPs, and you have no idea if the email was stolen or used somebody else's name, and residential IPs are dynamically leased. If a troon tried to harass somebody they would be sued with extreme prejudice because the data would be too shitty for the to prove it was actually the person they are harassing, unless the poster was retarded and doxxed themselves in their posts.

No. 1652618

what even is the difference between doxing and 'unmasking' lol

No. 1652619

Does anyone remember the nazi forum that had its whole db leaked years ago? How long did that take?

No. 1652621

i refuse to believe that he read this whole thread, the lack of empathy is astounding. i wonder if keffals ever gets the morning stump no tree.

No. 1652623

Occam's Razor: Do not multiply entities unnecessarily.
The simplest explanation is that someone from the pedo fediverse instance called poa.st (who were as a group sperging out hard at being called by pedos by Kiwis) changed every KF pfp to the poa.st avatar as an own on KF, tried to download some stuff, failed, and fucked off.

No. 1652627

The only reason they failed is because they overloaded the system. It’s acknowledged that they could have gone back in and done it some other way. I don’t think they’d necessarily give up that easily. That said I’ll believe it when I see it.

No. 1652628

how do the sjw troons at twitter square the fact that saudi princes are on their board of directors?

No. 1652631

they are giving him the rope he'll hang himself with. he's going to make a wrong move eventually.

No. 1652637

yes, and could it be broad enough to include scandals within the agencies that promote troonfluencers like mulvaney?

No. 1652638

One way to tell if anything is leaked is if any Kiwi Farms users report having their employer contact them with questions about their membership on the site, getting fired, or getting banned from any organizations they have memberships with (churches, local political parties, civics groups, clubs, etc.) So far, I haven't seen any reports of this happening.

Someone could hypothetically keep the information to themselves and a trusted group of people on a private discord if the hacker wanted to manage the doxing and harassing out of the public eye.

If the data leak was successful, then it was either obtained by high functioning trannies like Elliot Fong Jones (the more coombrained and dumber ones cannot be trusted to control themselves once they have they info and stay quiet) or the feds. I've wondered if there are some "silent partners" in this whole operation who are tech trannies who have high paying jobs but don't mention politics much in publicly accessible online places. Martin "Martine" Rothblatt is a likely possibility of being a silent partner based on rich trannies I'm aware of. Feds might want to obtain the data as a means of free speech suppression or revenge for the thread on former CIA agent Michael Janke's psycho daughter if they hacked it. The feds can be VERY petty and vengeful about things like this.

No. 1652646

> If the data leak was successful, then it was either obtained by high functioning trannies like Elliot Fong Jones (the more coombrained and dumber ones cannot be trusted to control themselves once they have they info and stay quiet) or the feds.
Anon, with the greatest possible respect, are you clinically fucking retarded? The leak, if there is a leak (beyond changing people's avatars), was obtained because Josh is bad at computers. It is that simple.

No. 1652660

my favorite thing about all this drama is watching the non-terminally online peak. Folks who were 'live your life, whatever' seeing this shit and changing their tone. Keffles is a gift and a blessing to the terfs. Of course he never cares about the trans just trying to live their lives as stealth and unannoying as possible, he needs that euro vacation money.

No. 1652661

It is physically impossible for the troons to not release info they have as fast as possible, it ties to their hypersexual impulse-driven degenerate nature and how they use twitter. If the hack worked with this much time passing it was the feds.

No. 1652664

The data was obtained with an oddball, obscure exploit in the Sneedchat that involved disguising a webpage as an audio file and good knowledge of at least two programming languages. Josh isn't a computer expert and has never claimed to be, but this attack clearly wasn't made by some low level "script monkey" IT worker troon whose frequent proposed solutions to problems include "have you tried turning it off and on?"

No. 1652671

Have people actually been having that kind of reaction? I’m not on twitter so I don’t get exposed to anyone talking about it except for here.

No. 1652674

Cope and bullshit. It is not an 'oddball and obscure exploit' in the slightest, first and most unforgivable, Josh neglected to sanitize and validate HTML input in his hand-rolled BBCode, then neglected to set a CORS policy via Content-Security-Policy headers and/or did not know that <meta…> tags have different behavior. You either do not know what you are talking about or are coping on his behalf and it is an embarrassment.

No. 1652675

my pfp never changed though and i was signed on at the time, just lurking
not important but i don't get it

No. 1652676

what's funny is that r/drama is more of an overtly malicious site than kiwifarms, since it encourages trolling other websites and media companies with their crypto dramacoin. it's insane to me that rdrama has a "good" reputation and kiwi has a poor one, when journalists dig through both sites to make reports and documentaries on and rdrama flase-flagged libsoftiktok to muddy the waters. are the don't fuck with cats people hoping no one realizes they got their info working with the evil kiwi farmers?

No. 1652679

you're right about carp and rdama is way more malicious than kiwifarms. mormon furry tracingwoodgrains going the way of freddie de boer is also obnoxious.

No. 1652680

AYRT I dunno, I'm just going off of Josh's own statement, I wasn't signed on "at the time" (whatever that means, you might or might not have noticed it if they maliciously changed all pfps and then Josh shut it all down soon thereafter) but Josh states all user pfps were changed to the logo of "another website" which he does not name, presumably because he's clinging to the theory that some third party is trying to stir up drama between him and poa.st, which is not impossible, but I doubt it.

No. 1652690

does r/drama go along with the troon pronoun bs? I genuinely have never really spent any time there

No. 1652692

thats exactly what i was talking about, trannies are absolute fucked up individuals with poor impulse control and decision making skills, so if one of them have the data, its surprising they didn't leaked it all over the place

i'm still not convinced that the site crashed and no info was stolen, even if said info is only ips, emails and hashed passwords, it is still info and someone somewhere will try to benefit from it maliciously. i don't care if the attack was refined or just a slackjob, it happened and i doubt it ended in ''site-crashed-oh-well-nothing-i-can-do-better-leave'' type of thing

No. 1652695

what kiwifarms posts is phonebooking, it's what you can find in the white pages. usernames with passwords, social security numbers, things that are not public is what makes something illegal/doxxing.

No. 1652697

Absolutely. r/drama was one of the first fully trans supportive boards on Reddit, followed by r/badfemaleanatomy ( because scrotes pretending to be women complaining about large breasts but not dicks is totally legit.)
Either you suck the girldick or get banned. r/KotakuinAction avoids the ban by completely banning any and all discussion of the Troonacy. r/Instagram reality bans anyone who points out that it's a man, you can say absolutely anything. The moment you identify a scrote "misgendering" as they put it, you're banned and just this week, r/churchofthecurrentthing got banned because they openly refused to bend over and spread for the trannies.

No. 1652701

Publishing a Social Security number isn't illegal. How you obtain the information is the question.

No. 1652705

picking a nit maybe but I'm pretty sure publishing a SS# is illegal as is publishing bank details, but this has been inconsistently enforced on KF (e.g. Joe Camp publishing IP2 Alice's SS#, hacking of the bank details of Ethan Ralph and DarkSydePhil) … enforced that is basically on the whim of Josh or his jannies, which is par for the course

No. 1652708

same with jennifer pritzker and his tawani foundation.

No. 1652709

It depends on the state. For example, you can find countless unredacted full SSNs in court records in some states.

No. 1652714

I think it wasn't the feds but someone from Keffals circle or at least from the TroonTech circle. There are lots of tweets making fun of Null using he pronouns for the hacker, lots of trannies saying that maybe it was a woman (of course they consider troons women) and that there's lots of women on tech (yeah, we all know they are referring to troons). Make with this information what you want.

No. 1652719

wonder if any of this shit would be happening if everyone sucked the tranny dick and called them women kek. then again he chased destiny down for simply having an account, iirc destiny was thinking of suing and publishing an expose on lucas but he's dropped it since he can't risk getting any more deplatformed by these loons

No. 1652722

He chased Destiny because Destiny said that bio males had no place in women's sports, which is ironic because Destiny (nasty scrote) is super pro-troon, pro-porn, etc., has said he (identfied as bisexual) would be open to sucking a troon's dick. Fuck that guy, I'd be glad if he wins against Keffals, but I'd also be glad for anything bad that happens to him, so I guess at least in that little exchange I can't lose!

No. 1652723

Imagine KF having a “no misgendering” rule

No. 1652724

File: 1663728784012.png (31 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Urbit_Logo.svg.png)

What do you think would happen if Josh tried hosting KF on Urbit or ICP or another Web3 service that claims to support free speech? I wonder if they would let the trannies have their way or stick to their word.

No. 1652729

isn't urbit like 600 for a planet and that veteran professionals find it opaque and difficult to use? the security of it is poorly understood, why pay 600 to maybe self-honeypot? it doesn't seem like urbit has any practical application besides dick-measuring between programmers.

No. 1652735

If by stalking you mean reacting to public fucking posts, then most facebook users are stalkers.
I just want to laugh at Scalfani and the Tranch!

No. 1652738

Anything tied to internet infra is a target. That's the endgame. Liz faggot jones was in straylia to try to get the internet authority that gives IP addresses to China and North Korea to drop Josh because he's apparently worse than countries.

No. 1652741

I read your comment about Josh hosting the forum on ICP and my mind immediately translated that acronym into Insane Clown Posse. Now I'm imagining the Insane Clown Posse paying to host the site themselves and Kiwi Farms filling up with juggalo members and getting a shitty looking reskin that makes it look like an early 2000s Insane Clown Posse fanpage. Thanks for the laugh anon. If this comes true, then I will know I live in the best timeline.

No. 1652744

This. Its amazing how many times this has to be repeated. If it was about the doxxing, they would be attacking doxbin, the site that actually doxxed keffals.

No. 1652750

Animal control was notorious for this, it was filled with all kinds of degenerate furries making shit up about each other. Not to say it didn't get stuff right part of the time, but it's one of the subforums chock full of vendetta-kuns shit slinging at each other.

No. 1652751

even twitter is more of a harassment and stalking site than kf, artists like hulimatsu or whatever can't even have a public profile anywhere on the net cause they immediately get smelt and chased out kek

No. 1652753

I hate rdrama but it is in no way worse than Kiwi Farms, even with Carp's little takeover plans. Kiwi Farms went from trolls into the Internet Police but with no consistent principles which is the worst combo

Also rdrama isn't as troon friendly as people think. It spams a bunch of gay stuff on the frontpage to keep away the /pol/tards, which doesn't work because they still come and spam tranny threads endlessly, like even more than we do and that's saying something. Just having a troon or two on the mod team means nothing, not that I'm really worried about any of this

No. 1652756

It's too late to ask this since you can tell Josh and his faithfuls have woke up and are infesting the thread, but has KF ever acquired info illegally? The onl;y time I can think is getting into DSP's bank account but I refuse to believe Josh didn't pay some nerd to hunt through account leaks hosted on a darknet site. It wasn't all simple Google searches.

No. 1652757

tbf the animal control section of the site probably did the most actual good as well, with the zoophile stuff that ended up happening a few years ago

No. 1652761

More than half of this thread now seems to be the tranny replying himself, so I'll be going to bed and encouraging others to do the same.

No. 1652767

Allowing discussion in languages not spoken by at least one mod is totally retarded

No. 1652777

They did openly utilize leaks found on the dark web

No. 1652782

unlike keffals and the troon squad who are practically salivating to "unmask" all the mean terfs and farmers via an illegal hack

No. 1652784

File: 1663733154860.png (98.3 KB, 835x698, marco.png)

He elaborated a little bit on his stream. He said that he received an email from somebody (presumably important) who requested a phone call. Josh had/has already written some sort of statement about it which includes a quote from CommieDickGurl (you may recall that he asked for CDG's details on Poast – that was why) but he hasn't released it yet. He has stopped mentioning it so there is a chance that whatever it is fell through when he continued to get deplatformed…
I am a little bit optimistic though that there's still something happening. Although if everything fell through he probably doesn't want to show his hand. I suspect it's related to pic related. My theory is that Marc is connected enough to help Null get in touch with people who can help him fight back although looking at his credentials it really seems like he'd be aligning with a pretty greasy person… I can't really judge if this is a bad move considering that Joshua Moon and KF are too dirty for anyone to touch at this point.

No. 1652794

That's not the worse part, the tranny also keeps tracks the hours and activity, with some google docs file, here is an archive link: https://archive.ph/iss95, of the mods and some of the more prolific posters of the telegram channel.

Sinseer/Dropkiwifarms is an absolute mental case, from all the trannies in existance this man needs to be the first line to be locked up in some mental hospital, preferably after a lobotomy.

No. 1652797

>Randazza represents multiple far-right figures, including conspiracy theorists Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, and Chuck Johnson; and neo-Nazi, white supremacist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist Andrew Anglin. Randazza defended a participant in the planning of the violent Unite the Right rally who used the pseudonym "Kristall.night" (cf. Kristallnacht). Kristall.night claimed that a federal subpoena against the app Discord following the deadly rally would reveal her identity and expose her to potential harm through doxing.

Randazza has defended Anglin in a lawsuit filed by a Jewish realtor in Whitefish, Montana, whom Anglin had published the name and address of on his neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. Randazza had argued that Anglin was not responsible for the subsequent harassment and death threats the woman received, as the personal information was protected as free speech. This claim was rejected by U.S. District Court Judge Dana L. Christensen, who noted that Anglin was actively encouraging and participating in the plaintiff's harassment, and that calls to violence against a private individual are not protected speech.


No. 1652798

We know Keffals does it too. Both Josh and Keffals are retarded for doing it because it's one of the few ways doxxing can get you in trouble if someone lawyers up. Just because the Troon Squad does it doesn't mean KF gets off the hook.

No. 1652804

Oh fuck is this the smoothbrain that fucked up Alex Jone's Sandy Hook trial?

>calls to violence against a private individual are not protected speech.

Not necessarily violence but this is what FREESPEESH nerds don't understand. The first amendmant is not a Get Out Of Saying Nigger Free card. There has always been cases where it hasn't saved someone from saying something, it's not a new phenomenon. If I scream KIKE at a Jewish guy on the street repeatedly, he's gonna call the cops and I'm going to get arrested for disorderly conduct, amendments be damned.

In order for the 1st to properly save you, you need good lawyers and an understanding of how the law has used the amendment so as to not walk into an unsafe position i.e. the shit with Alex Jones and Sandy Hook.

Obviously, this is all miles above the head of any of these terminally online morons including Keffals.

No. 1652810

Do we know who he is? If not I assume it's Vordrak.

No. 1652812

Keffals has stated that he has a "team"(?) monitoring the telegram and thread (before it was locked/ went down) full time which is why he is so fast to post screencaps on twitter of anything.

No. 1652815

> although looking at his credentials it really seems like he'd be aligning with a pretty greasy person
I know who you actually mean but honestly, who is greasier than who in this situation? lol

No. 1652833

>the tranny also keeps tracks the hours and activity, with some google docs file
What is even the point of this?

No. 1652834

No. 1652841

Have troons completely taken over this thread now? The Null sperging has ramped up to a 100 even tho absolutely nothing is happening.

No. 1652847

Does Null even know who the fuck Blaine is? Never even heard him mention him, imagine being this obsessed with someone who likely doesnt know you even exist, lmao.

No. 1652848

File: 1663736519998.jpg (86.1 KB, 1778x998, 5eb9e563240000a8078eaa3b.jpg)

Yes how dare we talk shit about Lil' Joshy in the dedicated Kiwi Farms thread

You Kiwiscrotes are so obvious to pick up on lmao

No. 1652850

There's a massive Blaine thread on KF, he has to know

No. 1652863

He banned him lol

No. 1652884

It's a single troon talking to himself. That kind of behavior is the downside of anonymous imageboards, sadly.

No. 1652918

I'm not saying you're wrong but I am saying you're a bit late with a theory like this. Josh already is famous one side of the internet (to the people who would like him), and infamous on the other (to who he is a nazi bogeyman out of severe misunderstanding)

No. 1652940

Because there was never anything to leak, that's the virtue of having a place that upholds free speech- there's nothing that has to be hidden. All those Twitterfags think there was to be some hidden evil to be uncovered when it is very literally lipstick alley for nerds

No. 1652941

I'm glad this thread is autosaged, kek.

No. 1652947

Man, imagine if trannies channelled their energy into something productive instead of seething at Null for weeks on end.

How many times have trannies prematurely declared victory at this point? KF has gone down a million times. It always comes back. This whole retarded slapfight is an unstoppable force against an immovable object.

No. 1652951

>Implying troons have sex with anyone but other prison gay troons

No. 1652952

What does agent mean in this context? Are they canceling his mortgage/ rental?

No. 1652954

Even Cafebeef and Elaine managed to get noticed/mentioned by Null kek

No. 1652967


Ok curiosity got the best of me, so I looked this up, but the irony gave me fucking whiplash. From the top article found with those keywords:

>Beaumont was defiant throughout, almost baiting Fox to respond and claiming that they were attempting to censor his site’s journalism

No. 1652976

Thanks for the cleanup jannies
Maybe no hidden evil but there’s bound to be some questionable things in DMs if they managed to get those

No. 1652982

After the breach in 2019 they started deleting DMs automatically after a month. So if Null is retarded and keeps verification info around for that time, that might cause some trouble for people who started leaking stuff to KF during that time, but otherwise even this won't do much.

No. 1652983

No. The judge in the case rejected Randazza’s application to be added to the case as an out of state lawyer due to conduct violations. Alex Jones fired him and went with someone else.

No. 1652997

I never cared much for KF and at first hated how this whole thing is getting so much attention over actual issues.
But it's actually frightening to see the power trannies have. Not silencing any voice not being 100% supportive but even ruining their lives, harassing/doxxing them and their family, pressuring CEO of some of the biggest companies around. Manipulating evidence in daylight while everyone is clapping. Every media around celebrating it. All this over a guy being exposed for selling DIY HTR to children and bragging about it in the open.

Meanwhile feminist causes are lucky to get even 10% of this support on a lucky day, even though trans are still a relatively small group number-wise. World is upside down.

No. 1652999

Not only* silencing
Also even my few friends who are usually pretty gender critical gave me shit for questioning this whole ordeal. It feels I'm the one going insane not clapping with everyone.

No. 1653001

people always say that the loonie troonies are not supported by the general public, but i have not seen a single bit of evidence to support that

No. 1653004

Nonna there's already questionable stuff itt. The people attacking them think leaking DMs with the word "faggot" means people can be banished into outer space or smth kek you are severely overestimating what is going on between KF users. I guarantee you there's probably a dozen or so spergs and the rest are just mundane 4chan moid level interactions

No. 1653006

Samefag, I meant in their threads not itt

No. 1653008

it's more like the troons are mostly from wealthy families and hold a lot of power in the tech community, so were able to start this domino effect more than anyone prior. most people i think don't really give a shit either way and the people who are most disgusted by trannies are probably old tech-illiterate boomers

No. 1653014

And irony of it all, this will be labeled as a win for "women".
You did donate to Keffals, dear fellow empowered female? You wouldn't want to be one of those traitor looking away from the discrimination of your bleeding peers?
While true, it's in general due to how trannies are disproportionately more present on internet.

No. 1653015

By questionable I mostly mean people getting too friendly and or exchanging more personally identifying info than they should, or admitting to using illegal tactics to gain info lol. I’ve seen it happen. If someone’s dumb enough to do that they have it coming, but if what the other anon said about dms being deleted after a month is true I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about

No. 1653019

>If someone’s dumb enough to do that they have it coming
I agree with the rest of your post, it's appalling that the pre-2010 tradition of "never posting anything personal online" is completely lost.
But I'm conflicted about "they have it coming".
It sounds like legitimizing harassment that many girls go through. Yeah it's dumb, mistakes do happen especially when children are on the internet earlier then ever and don't know better, never got the memo, and zoomers post stuff that will forever be there.
It's more on the parents or school.
"They had it coming" idk, I just can't condom that like it's just the victim's fault.

No. 1653026

Fair enough

No. 1653027


Yeah but remember uh, uh Miku says Trans Rights! Most oppressed class. The hate crimes! 0.02% of all violent crime globally with nearly all of those happening in South America, even!

They just want to pee! Trans rights is letting transwomen in women's prisons and DV shelters! The transphobia of being denied, big yikes.

We must do more to protect transpeople! Protect transkids! Protect transwoman as they reach out to boys on Discord for pinkpilling and requesting HRT progress pics, and Yas Kween'ing 14 year old girls wanting to share their breast removal scar Tiktoks and irreversible HRT progress vids!

Yaaaas suppress legal databases updating and connecting deadnames and gender change names for those silly old sex offender crime registries, slay those records kween! Trans rights is free legal name changes from federally funded legal aid programs and non-profits yasss

No. 1653029

i wish i could go back in time

No. 1653031

I really think you’re overestimating what actually happens on kf, the actual egregious shit usually happened in external discords, which is part of the reason that the stupid sneedchat was implemented. tbh I think we would have seen logs or evidence by now, and remember Isabella janke was never penalised despite the shit she did. I really, really doubt, if there are any dms actually leaked from the hack, that there will be anything w long term consequences for the user base

No. 1653036

Oh you're probably right yeah, I was making a more general stance about the idea of "They had it coming!" for internet harassment when one mistake can't be undone and may paid heavily while people aren't educated about internet safety anymore.
Hell personally I got doxxed because the association I was in credited me in their video (for the song) as "Surname [Nickname] Lastname" and people were dedicated enough to find that 20 views video. Yeah the guy who made that credit was a dumbass, but sometimes it's hard to be 100% bulletproof when internet is everywhere.

No. 1653044

null himself made a huge personal point of saying even regular anime is pedo shit. he is a fucking idiot to go to a pedo port in a storm

No. 1653045

i hate that. there's probably pieces of media on the internet that have my name on it, and i have no idea it's there. i felt so schizophrenic when i had to register my personal info to companies that follow Know Your Customer laws. i've pretty much stopped being an edgelord on the internet because i don't want to anger any grand wizards who can find out where i live by tracing me through 10 different accounts based on my specific mannerisms. it's only going to get worse now that smartphones and social media is becoming mandatory to get a job, or to register for accounts online

No. 1653046

Then they'd caption it with some stupid garbage like
>gender neutral bathroom durrhurr

They'd have to be even more deranged and retarded than they already are to do something like that, but I wouldn't put it past them. It would be yet another instance of moids punishing a woman for something she had nothing to do with.

No. 1653051

i think poast has banned lolicon now because of all the infighting between the kiwis that migrated there or something

No. 1653058

I miss oversharing on MySpace too anon

No. 1653059

Kiwifarms was in my country's internet news today how crazy is that? "They closed the worst place on the internet" You'd think that the worst place on the internet is a slave selling website, or cp website but farms?? Makes me wonder if they just copied some american article and thought they surely are correct or intentionally skipped on who Keffals really is… because it was a very tranny dicksucking article.

No. 1653061

I’m sorry that happened to you nonna. I think you’re right and I was victim blaming in my post >>1653015 because I was just thinking about moids powerleveling by bragging about scraping illegally leaked SSNs off the dark web without thinking of the larger implications (besides, that other anon is probably right and all of that probably goes down on discord anyway)

No. 1653077

This is honestly the most infuriating aspect of this whole thing to me. You got an abundance of actual pedo sites, gore sites, and animal abuse sites but somehow KF is the worst fucking place on the Internet. Fucking hell I hate retarded normalfaggots so much.

No. 1653078

There is a lot of bandwagoning retards jumping in on this thing. Mostly for virtue-signaling points. It's kinda cringe. The only information they have are from vendetta-chans on twitter and journofags. I find it funny that suddenly everyone claims they're somehow victims of 'worst place on the internet'.

No. 1653082

Even 4chan is a lot more horrible (at least old 4chan anyway), and yet it's still up. Curious.

No. 1653087

4chan was taken over and is a tranny central these days. probably why they're just doing fine.

No. 1653102

that's what troons do. infitrating then initiating hostile take over of forums and subreddits then start making up rules and banning any dissenters, then take a victory lapse pretending they've always been popular and in a majority.

No. 1653103

/pol/ is way more abrasive than even the articles and happenings sub-forums on kf, when it comes to white nationalism and other alt right stuff

No. 1653110

Plus, /gif/ and /b/ are horrid cesspools where mentally ill moids make threads for videos of women and animals being abused. The content there is regularly way more revolting than KF ever was.

No. 1653117

I hate that so many places on the internet that I used to like have been ruined by trannies. 4chan, Kiwi Farms, feminist subreddits like r/gendercritical, subreddits making fun of woke/leftist overreach like r/churchofthecurrentthing, a Youtube video editing advice forum, Twitter, and even a fucking Lego fan forum I used to be a part of have been either infiltrated by troons or taken down.

Can't I have a single online community without trannies hijacking it?

As the Canadian shop teacher in Ontario with
the giant prosthetic breasts shows, this shit is creeping into more and more normie spaces too. "Just go outside LOL" doesn't work anymore. I've seen these freaks in public walking around now in my daily life. It feels like there's no strength to oppose it in America and many other Western countries. I cannot believe that out of all the racial, ethnic, religious and sexual minority groups who are considered politically incorrect to criticize - it's mentally ill perverted men in dresses that have seen more success in getting opposition shut down than anyone else.

No. 1653120

Same for me. EVERY site I used to enjoy using has been hijacked or fucked up by trannies in some form too.
>"Just go outside LOL" doesn't work anymore.
Second that. I have to deal with trannies in my classes for the next two years and my university pushes this gender crap hard. I can’t wait to leave this city.

No. 1653123

Said like that, makes you wonder how the pedo/gore sites stay over years untouched while KF get removed everywhere including fucking Russia/China. Aswell as under a constant flood of attacks. Guess KF must be doing 100x worst damage to humanity than those pedo/gore sites, sounds reasonnable.

No. 1653134

It's because the trannies frequent those pedo/gore sites themselves. They're not going to go after the sites that cater to their fetishes.

No. 1653135

File: 1663763045026.png (229.51 KB, 1713x1249, keffals.PNG)

Not particularly fond of 4chan, but while trannies are indeed numerous there, they're concentrated in specific boards like /lgbt/ or /pol/, but rare in other like /out/ or /ck/. Most boards including hellholes like /vt/ still dislike or laugh at them.

Even in /lgbt/ you'll find many trans who are more critical of their peers there, pic-rel, not many places they can speak without being pilled on, so they post there.

No. 1653143

4chan is also more tolerant of pedos and other degenerates though, and there's grooming and misogyny everywhere outside of certain female oriented generals. there's been several murders and suicides livestreamed and linked to the site, even the person who stalked keffals was from /pol/ rather than kf

No. 1653151

Because no one really bothers these companies about about those sites. KF isn't down because it's particularly horrible, it's down because trannies are all either jobless losers supported by welfare or high paid tech workers also with a lot of free time and pull with leftist media. Either way, they spend their time and connections harassing any company tied to KF or Josh. This is a highly effective method because, as Josh himself has said, people want one day to be much like the next and don't want to deal with being screamed at by crazy people or have journalists pounding on their door asking why they support a hate sight. But as always anyone who's not a tranny won't adopt winning tactics, in small part because of legitimate reasons like the fact that the game is rigged and the system will come down harder on them than it will trannies, but mostly just out of laziness and a stupid instinct to die gracefully. If even 100 KFers had sent 1 email and 1 call a day slamming Cloudfare for supporting trannies and spent 1 hour reporting abuse by trannies to their abuse reporting email it would have made Cloudfare's decision a lot harder. If a thousand KFers or just anyone who doesn't want to live in a sanitized world where you can't criticize trannies had done the same Cloudfare probably would have caved the other way. Even now as they strip away his mailing address not once has Josh grown some balls and asked his community or anyone who isn't a transmaiden to let these companies know that more people don't support their decisions than do. If KF is going to die as a "harassment" website then he should actually try to harness that power, which is proven to work, instead of just lying down and whimpering "noooo its nawht trooo" as if anyone cares about the truth.

No. 1653161

Most people are not that emptied like Lucas though even some of the troons are starting to get irritate by him thinking ratio-ing on twitter does anything. The other day he gloated about ratio Musk and that he 'owns' Tesla now. L Like Josh said on MATI he's just a fat white Italian dude who cuts of his own dick. Kinda sad if you think about it.

No. 1653166

I think the reason is several things: namely Josh soaking his ego into the leader role, self martyring, not trusting others, and underestimating how spineless tech companies are to bad optics and towards trannies. Tbf who could have predicted how easily these guys bow down to the mob?

No. 1653168

I’d also say it’s difficult bc the most prominent counter voices have all been kicked off twitter and main stream social media sites.

No. 1653170

Twitter can shadowban and block people easily. You may have thousands of people tweeting their support for KF, but Twitter can control what the population sees based on algorithms and key words. If they detect a trend, they'll block dissenting opinions.

No. 1653200

The only way Twitter would be useful is to mass reply to the tweets of a company like Cloudfare, but even that will likely be swept up quickly. It's going to take directly confronting them like trannies do to be effective.

No. 1653216

File: 1663771426093.png (33.67 KB, 600x230, Screenshot_2022-09-21 Liz Fong…)

These "people" consider children being unable to block puberty a humans right violation, and then write shit like this.

When trannies commit crime:
>Ahahaha, take that transphobes!

When trannies are the victims of crime:
>Nooooooo, you can't do that, we should only be held to the legal standards!

No. 1653219

The problem is that farmers (or troons larping as farmers) would call the CEOs racial slurs and the companies could use that as an excuse to deplatform the site.

No. 1653243

File: 1663773565273.png (262.96 KB, 598x801, no mail 4 u.png)


>none of us want you dead, Josh

so obviously Elliot has the most graphic murder fantasies about Null. wonder how much guro he's commissioned.

No. 1653263

When this new edition of The Crucible is over, I wonder if LFJ will be able to escape the shunning.

No. 1653265


What a fuckin hypocrite. This same logic can be applied to them easily when they say shit like "JK Rowling wants us dead! They all want us dead" like no… we just want y'all to stop abusing lesbians and female only spaces you deluded dingbats.

Lolcow probably will come to an end sooner than later, this site certainly peaked me and gave me courage to be a loud and proud terf. I will remember it fondly.

No. 1653273

LMAO. That's the account run by a 50-year-old schizo troon with an adult site he ran with his wife back in like 2007. He then spent his recent year harassing kids on various video games. The latest was Fallout 76 which he spent 16,000 hours on before he got banned. That game came out in late 2018.

Shame his KF thread was starting to get spicy.

No. 1653275

One interesting thing to me is that for all the harassment, all the efforts to shut down KF, none of the trannies in question have (to public knowledge anyway) tried to sue Josh Moon. Melinda Carlson(?) is the only one that comes to mind who did so and she was a pro se nuisance litigant who never had a chance to win but just bogged him down with nonsense. I bet the likes of Keffals tried contacting attorneys and might have been told likewise there is no chance to win such a case. If this is true then it is a slight silver lining. The absence of a lolsuit is encouraging.

No. 1653280

I don't think anyone here follows the incredible adventures of Blaine except Blaine himself.

No. 1653285

I know, I don't know whether it's more tiresome seeing people spew buzzwords like "___ is a neo nazi al-right communist funded by China!!11!1" or that people continue to fall for this.

Kiwi Farms had threads making fun of and criticizing various far right figures, including some who actually have nazi beliefs and call themselves nazis. Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin/The Daily Stormer, The Daily Shoah/therightstuff.biz, Atomwaffen, and Nick Fuentes are some of the names I can remember off the top of my head. The thread on Jordan Peterson can be included too if you count him as a extreme right wing figure.

There are also lots of non-white people who use the forums without issues. Plenty of gay men and lesbians too since they're sick of the state of the modern gay rights movement. KF has a userbase that's way more complex than people assume. It makes it easy to sort out those who haven't read the forums from those who have.

No. 1653292

I don't care for Josh as a person and kf had many idiotic posters, I do miss laughing at the Tranch absolutely failing at everything they do. Do you nonas think Kevin and his orbiters would be milky enough for a thread on lolcow?

No. 1653296


No. 1653304

Poa.st seems to be down? Anyone know what's up?

No. 1653308

Not Null, not even a poster on Kiwi Farms. I just enjoyed reading the website for years and am frustrated a bunch of perverted men in skirts with smeared on lipstick may end it. I'm also very concerned about what this means for free speech on the internet as a whole and the ability of websites to defend themselves from smear campaigns like the false claims about Kiwi Farms killing people and being full of neo nazis.

If the troon squad succeeds in getting the site down permanently, then what's stopping anyone who has a personal vendetta with a website or its owner from pulling the same "imminent threat to human life" bullshit? Someone could dig through the social media history of a woman running a generic fashion blog, find a post against MtF troons in women's sports, and call her transphobic and claim she wants trans kids to commit suicide. A random dude running a website about aviation history could have a pissed off coworker or former friend put together a false story about him molesting a child and getting away with it. The possibilities are endless, and in the end this will only leave several big brand name sites on the internet where you can hardly interact with people.

Null's made several prominent fuckups in the site's history, but he's a much bigger victim of the changing circumstances in the wider internet and culture than his own imperfect programming and undermoderating some malicious users. Keep in mind the whole thing started off as a spinoff of the CWC forum to talk about Chris-chan and others like him back in 2013. None of the early users, moderators, or admins anticipated anything like this.

No. 1653313

File: 1663777648887.jpg (64.46 KB, 1058x791, jolene goodlady.jpg)


>not even a poster on Kiwi Farms

(reddit space)
(optimistic emoji)

No. 1653319

I noticed this too, Poa.st was up earlier about 4 hours ago and seemed to be running fine when I last used it. I didn't see any posts warning of a take down or an upcoming attack. I see nothing other than a generic 404 page now.

You can see a mirror of the account of Poa.st's founder/admin Graf (A.K.A. Anime Graf Mays) here. https://fediverse.bbad.com/users/A39DcT8aQfYzYjKgoC There's nothing out of the ordinary in his last few posts which suggests Poa.st facing an identifiable threat. He did make a post warning about having backup plans in case the instance goes down. It can be read here: https://fediverse.bbad.com/notice/ANmV22TCTX3zHpkgSm

Kiwi Farms' Fediverse instance is https://kf.cc/ and that's still down and has been for a while. Poa.st may have been targeted since a lot of Kiwi Farms users migrated there, and the troons may have noticed it also has a strong free speech supporting policy with lots of transphobic and far right members.

No. 1653326

poa.st was going through severe internal drama as kiwis coming on and calling people pedophiles for sharing drawings of little girls getting raped by wild animals and the like and the pedophiles took exception to being called pedophiles leading to some back-and-forth slapfighting and much freeze peach coping. Lolicon happens to be illegal where Graf lives (in Canada), too, so hopefully he's not just "mildly inconvenienced" but outright fucked, like the little girls in the drawings he hosts. I have zero sympathy for him whatsoever given that he hosts that content and as a bonus his retarded userbase may (unproven) have been part of the KF hacking.

No. 1653328

Kevinn and his extended universe absolutely deserves a thread.

No. 1653332

Poa.st just opened registration again in the last 24 hours. Might have something to do with that.

No. 1653333

can you imagine not using a random protonmail adress on a site known for doxxing? lol. Natural selection if anyone used their real email there.

No. 1653338

Well I can name a couple scrotes doxed by KF who used their regular ass email for porn sites where they subscribed to all sorts of degenerate shit, so yeah, I can imagine.

No. 1653343

Make 1 email for every sus shit you subscribe to and never tie it to your phone number or your actual email. Never post your own pictures. Etc.

Its basic ops. Jesus Christ, I cant believe people are that fucking dumb. I can definitely imagine brainless zoomers who subbed to KF during the whole Bella debacle doing that shit but if you've been around chan-culture for more than 2 years you should know that for sure. I won't shed a tear for these morons.

No. 1653355

Some schools put up student lists online for special activities, with years included, and never take them down. That's a huge tool to dox someone just because it hands basic info over in a tidy package, and boomer former teachers don't understand why it's a problem.

If you have a distinct name you can be fucked over so much more easily without even knowing. The best gift you can give your kids today is a boring name that tens of thousands of people have.

No. 1653356

Here's a sales tactic: "Urbit: the internet without trannies."

No. 1653359

I would unironically sign up for that shit. Trannies ruin everything on the internet.

No. 1653362

It's pretty hard to imagine a KF victory now that all of nulls support structures and communication channels have been shut off. How do you all think this will end?

No. 1653364

The trannies win, and the internet is poorer for it. That is the only outcome I can see.

No. 1653371

I don't know, they tend to lose at life fairly often. That's a pretty important battle right there.

No. 1653375

When I think about mentally healthy and well-adjusted individuals who have a decent life outside of the internet, trannies are the last people of earth that springs to mind.

No. 1653380

I live in a very troon-y/LGBT city in the US and all the troons I've met or heard of from members of the community are fucking schizos, narcs, or losers. They all date each other because they're largely transbians and no cis lesbian would demean herself to date one, kek.

No. 1653384

>multiple examples given by others ITT of troons failing at life
>less than a handful of prominent social media influencer troons who don't have some kind of sex scandal/rape allegations tied to them
>Troons are winning at life!

No. 1653389

It'll end with a stalemate. First Josh releases the torrent, makes a eulogy about KF, and then announces he's working on a new forum. Ironclad this time (it won't be). Trannies and cows will celebrate, not realizing their threads will forever be public.

No. 1653393

If he does release the torrent, I'm imagining a hundred different "KF" sites full of shady bullshit, a 123movies type scenario. I would want him to release the info, though, if KF were to look to be down forever. At the very least all the dox and receipts on people's behavior. As for working on a new forum I hope Josh has been suitably shamed out of ever writing code for one again, that's for sure, but however "ironclad" it might be, you're quite right, it won't be. I suspect what we will be seeing is him on Tor fighting off DDoS attacks of varying severity day-to-day, but enough to significantly degrade user experience, a lot of casuals give up, and a hard-core remains. Probably not all pleasant folks, either.

No. 1653395

A few possibilities:
1. The site becomes Tor only.
2. The site gets taken offline completely and doesn't go back up.
3. The site goes offline, but eventually comes back up after several weeks or months once Null and some trusted friends and supporters build their own support network services. Taking the site offline would take the heat off of it and allow Null and others to focus 100% of their energy on building proper support and security resources instead of splitting the time between that and keeping the site up and moderating it. The new DDoS protecting and hosting services would also have the potential to become profitable businesses and attract other customers who want reliable support from pro-free speech companies.
4. Null is able to find reliable companies and put the site back up on the clearnet.
5. The site splits up into 2 or more different forums. These could potentially include the off-topic boards and articles & news becoming their own thing, the different lolcow sub-boards (furries, trannies, misc. web communities, DSP, Chris-chan, etc.) splitting off into one or more forums, and the people who want to post doxing information going their own way to have a dox friendly forum while doxing is not allowed on the main Kiwi Farms forum.

I think situations 3 and 5 are the most viable in the long run. Situation 3 would require money and a lot of effort that may be a hurdle too high. Situation 5 could allow Null to hand off the more controversial portions of the site to someone else and wash his hands of all future responsibility. He would get a more chill, noncontroversial version of the site to moderate as a result, and most of the community would continue to post there.

The most likely options to me as of right now are 1, 2, and 5. A lot of people who use the site enjoy the community there and don't have an interest in discussing the same content elsewhere like Reddit or 4chan, so there will be a continuation of the Farms one way or another even if Null's not involved.

Keffals, Elliot Fong Jones, bobposting, and the rest of the tranny gang are so vile that it would be a shame to lose to them of all the enemies Kiwi Farms has had over the years. I'd honestly rather have the site go down due to Ethan Ralph, Chantal, Melinda Leigh Scott, or Vordrak than any of them.

No. 1653400

I thought the whole reason they have the 41% statistic is well, they don't. And you can sprinkle sugar on a shit, but an axe wound won't make you a woman.

No. 1653405

In your head yeah, I guess, if you develop anorexia it's a beast. But losing that much weight would be a huge accomplishment, mutilating yourself and dancing in frocks will never make you an actual woman though. It's why so many commit suicide because they can't fix the problem (their heads), anorexia has a high suicide rate for that reason too.

No. 1653411

You're still here, and spend many an hour spamming it by seems. Are you sure you're happy? because to me it's rather like the tranny lady doth protest too much.

No. 1653413

hey troon, unstick your sweaty scrotum from your musty pink gaming chair, waddle towards your mirror and face reality
then fuck off

No. 1653423

I live in a major city and almost never see troons, and the ones I do know are autistic CS majors. Troons as far as I can see have the least contact with grass of anyone in their age bracket

No. 1653440

yes please kek, the tranch troons are all so disgusting and the alpaca milk sure flows freely. I always figured they didn't get posted as much in the MtF threads anymore because any drama on them was in a bigger KF thread.
Might be best to request it to be on autosage if you make a thread though

No. 1653444

I think all that can be said about Null being a failure and Kiwi Farms itself up for this takedown has been said. Same with Keffals.

Until another huge development happens, not just them getting kicked off another service, then all this thread is going to be is Josh/Kiwiscrotes pearl clutching about how Keffals is coming for us all and for KF dindu nuffin while Blaine runs wild

No. 1653445

File: 1663786224117.gif (1.85 MB, 260x300, 1654813606583.gif)

Did Null get kicked from poast too? Or did trannies manage to kill the site

No. 1653448

My biggest question is around just how much really got leaked. I've seen some kiwis insist the leaks are overstated/fake because of Jersh's statement and results from haveibeenpwnd, but I can't help but wonder if someone/someones are sitting on the dox and just waiting for Null to come back to cause maximum damage.

No. 1653458


No. 1653461


No. 1653465

In all seriousness, do you have a psychiatric disorder? Do you take the medication your doctor prescribed? You often sound unwell and disconnected from reality.

No. 1653468

>>1653464 like what did I just fucking say? You expect me to take that kind of question seriously? How retarded is you? fr fr

No. 1653471

It's not an insult. There should be no shame in being mentally ill. Have you seen a doctor?

No. 1653472

I just said I was intentionally annoying, you're months late for this kind of discourse but;
Yes I have a therapist, PTSD from childhood and possible BPD but tbh my 'mania' is tied to what goes on instead of random, it's a current debated topic and not by me, I naturally sought more than one opinion on my brain. Unlike most trannies I got diagnosed, had a psych for years now, I still call her sometimes but I got nothing new to vent about.
What kind of idea do you have that I act like this irl? The internet is to act silly on, not take seriously.

No. 1653473

And I personally don't shame mental illness, it's strong to seek out treatment for your brain being a jerk

No. 1653474

Kek it’s always that that sets him off

No. 1653475

Did the feds ever find the swat caller yet or have they completely let that guy get away doing it.
It shouldn't have taken this long for them to even find out qho called it in by now.

No. 1653476

Set off?
How would you know my emotions?
Yeah thats what Im wondering too, seems like a fed set up at this point tbh cause I aint heard shit aboot it

No. 1653481

wasn't the whole thing not even a full-on swatting and the cops just knocked on lucas's door to see what was up? as much as canadians treat troons as a privileged class, they probably have better things to do than investigate something like this and it might not be high on their priority list. the whole thing was overblown by lucas.

No. 1653487

You should probably call your psychiatrist again. You're not annoying or silly, just weird in the same way a schizophrenic writhing on the floor is weird.

Spamming is not a healthy hobby. You could learn a skill or hang out with friends with the time you waste here.

No. 1653490

Probable that they've found the caller by now but still are working on gathering all evidence. We'll hear about an arrest in the coming months when this whole thing has died down one way or another.
I think anon is talking about MTG, since that was a clear false flag in KF.

No. 1653497

Stop replying to it.

No. 1653501

you people sure do love taking obvious bait

No. 1653533

Say what you will about the farms, but the closed registration was nice for keeping out certain people.

No. 1653541

A reality TV show where Null buys a real farm and the lolcows live with him forcing them to see eye to eye and make it work on the farm. Drama, excitement, love triangle? Tune in to find out (TLC exclusive)

No. 1653547

Exactly. That's I'd it even happened at all. Keffals is a career victim, for all we know a police officer knocked on his door asking when one of his neighbours will be home and became the foundation of "kiwifarms are using the police to kill me and also Null has a drone fleet he uses to spy on the tranch"


Cap. The hell are you going on the 24th?

No. 1653551

not op but honestly its time to stop interacting with trannies. if someone makes a thread just report no commentary. its time for them to be quarantined. i mean the amount of services who get scared off by them is insane. we all know they are delusional. time to stop paying them attention.

No. 1653552

Mysteriously nothing has come of the MTG swatting either.

No. 1653560

I had an idea for a thread where the tranny can stay and the nonnies who want to poke with a stick can go to thread and do it. We're not getting anywhere by banning him and it's been almost a month so it's either that or we put him in a basket and leave him on another imageboards doorstep (I vote wizchan)

No. 1653566

just make an anime thread for him, we can leave him posting all by himself, to himself.

No. 1653574

File: 1663792926038.png (88.46 KB, 651x537, Screenshot 2022-09-21 16.40.55…)

I remember a simpler time.

No. 1653577

Fucking KEK what a stacy

No. 1653589

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I had a KF account from years ago that I barely used. I was a dumbass back then and didn’t use a burner email and I forgot to change it when the DDOS attacks were happening. If the breach/leak is actually real and includes every user’s info unlike the 2019 leak hypothetically how fucked would I be?

No. 1653591

probably not very - your email might pop up in a dump at some point but if you werent a prolific poster it's unlikely anyone will go looking for it and if they do you can say it was stolen or you signed up for a specific thing and didnt realise what the site was like or whatever

No. 1653604

the tranny wants to be a nuisance he doesn’t give a shit about his own thread he wants to barge in and bother women like any male

No. 1653610

I'm surprised we haven't seen much of an exodus from Josh and the Kiwi yet. I'm sure it's coming.

No. 1653613

Samefag, which is why he goes and posts purposeful bait in random /ot/ threads calling nonnas fat, “claiming rape at the drop of a hat”, etc. Giving him his own thread is retarded

No. 1653652

I read this thread to see if any dox will come out from the KF hack and instead I have to scroll through unsaged Blaine schizo posts
It really isn’t worth it.

No. 1653656

The DropKiwiFarms movement on Twitter is already filled with infighting kek theres this user, Naia Okami who was VERY against KF but now he is angry at Lucas because Lucas is Lucas (hint: fucking liar pedo grifter) and attacking random trannies from Lucas' personal army. These freaks eat themselves all the time, it's amusing to watch

No. 1653657

To be fair judging from the intensity the troon brigade larps as l33t h4xx0rs with no leak on sight imma assume it’s all hot air and not bother anymore

No. 1653663

how is this anything other than a harassment campaign against null at this point? getting his agent to drop him and getting his mailing address terminated? not that I like him but it’s maddening how they’re all in on these tactics when it’s for someone they hate. if this targeted a sw or gay person they’d be screaming about how a small group of weirdos has way too much power (and rightfully so). i’m glad some journalists are pointing out how this is just another targeted campaign, like what happens every day on twitter. jesse singal has written about this and he even found that the person who found keffals irl in ireland has no connection to kiwifarms and is part of a different harassment group called “foodists”. he just wanted to get keffals attention by using the kiwifarms name and keffals took advantage of that for this campaign

No. 1653674

who am i supposed to be? the cloudflare shit makes sense to an extent, they’ve dropped sites before and like it or not, kf hosted doxx. it’s a gossip site but it definitely incited offsite harassment. why go after nulls mailing address, is it even related to the site?

No. 1653675

ok i'll bite. i have criticized null a lot of times and i really think he was utter retarded about the chat thing, but come on, what they're doing is really fucked up. i frequented the site and even if i wasn't an active user i enjoyed reading about weirdos who overshare online. i know the site made a lot of enemies through the years and null acted like an edgelord most of time but this ''campaign'' isn't a campaign anymore but active persecution by now

No. 1653679

Does anyone have an archive link to the KF thread on Dylan Mulvaney? I want to read the OP.

No. 1653684

as i said i think criticism of null is valid and i'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but i still don't think he deserves to be stripped of everything through criminal means. everyone should have the right to defend themselves with outside resources and the troons are making sure null has nothing. this is fucked up regardless if he is a little shit or not

No. 1653686

For the millionth goddamn time, stop replying to Blaine. If you see a post that's retarded or edgy, assume it's him and ignore.

No. 1653689

The trannies persecuting him are censorious and cringe but that doesn't change who he is. I'm not making him a fucking sandwich because he was willing to ruin his life over posting edgy shit online, as much as I enjoy/ed KF myself too. Josh's vendettaishness and insistence on continuing to do stupid shit despite the consequences is prime lolcow behavior, literally the same behavior that any number of lolcows are mocked for. If there was any doubt prior to this saga what he was, there isn't now (associating with pedophiles on poa.st, telling journalists to kill themselves or whatever it was he said, instead of having actual conversations, naming a forum "Gender Critical" to chase clout despite having not a feminist bone in his body, the list goes on…) One of Josh's bigger issues was his megalomania and wanting to dominate the lolcow sphere with his site. Perhaps after the dust settles, in at least that regard we will return to nature.

No. 1653694

Hacking for the purpose of collecting data to use as blackmail or other things is a crime, regardless if the site's security is good or bad. People can't just hack shit and expose others because the site was coded poorly.

No. 1653695

at some point this stuff has to cross into criminal harassment territory right? IANAL obviously and im probably just coping because they'll get away with it but if haranguing his lawyers and agents under false pretenses isnt harassment literally what is

No. 1653704

IANAL either and I'm predisposed to side against the trannies but no, I don't think they are doing anything illegal there in what you mention. It's a boycott campaign (a #cancellation in other words), there is nothing illegal about REEEEing to his lawyers and agents that he is one of those horrible Nazi transphobes. The DDoS though, that's criminal, very criminal, you can do time for that.

No. 1653708

Sending people threatening emails filled with lies about a business partner of theirs and forwarding these lies to other customers of that service to make them put pressure must be illegal, there's libel, blackmail, harassment, probably more in that.
If Null was a millionaire he could probably sue those people if he could get their dox, but he isn't, so he will get libelled against by individuals and institutions without recourse.

No. 1653715

NTA but posting someone’s mailing address is different from harassing them to make sure they don’t have a mailing address. He wasn’t just doxxed; he can no longer receive mail at that address.

No. 1653721

What's insane to me is that there's no grounds for his termination on any of these service. some retards just lied and he got dropped by them and that's it. This could develop into a new tool to harass and silence anyone. What, your terfism isn't illegal? Enjoy losing your email address anyway. And your phone number. And your credit card. And your paypal account. Etc, etc…

No. 1653729

Lying and making stuff up for the sole purpose of deplatforming someone and strippin