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File: 1662266957806.jpg (192.06 KB, 1181x1192, drugs.jpg)

No. 1635427

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No. 1635430

File: 1662267077183.png (1.5 MB, 1206x5310, screencapture-reddit-r-TransLa…)

No. 1635436

This is gold, I'm dying. From what underground cave did this retarded goblin escape

No. 1635441

File: 1662268870734.png (68.82 KB, 186x253, Screenshot 2022-09-04 01.22.13…)

kek at him calling the other troon a troll when he looks like one, also look at the literal decaying agp coom dungeon he lives in, and how he posts so exactly like a hyper autistic reddit male

No. 1635443

It blows my mind how accurate "basement dweller" really is for these scrotes. Not just that they end up in basements, but shitty unfinished literally rotting basements that aren't even fit for habitation.

No. 1635449

File: 1662269789496.jpg (2.84 MB, 2753x2565, atashi-0090.jpg)

No. 1635451

File: 1662269880662.jpg (231.04 KB, 1080x799, s34.jpg)

poor child

No. 1635461

File: 1662270603551.jpg (48.53 KB, 500x334, OSRP1qj0ncd_500.jpg)

starting off the thread with a banger holy shit

No. 1635462

is this tranny rping
pls don’t tell me he’s married to an actual woman who’s pregnant or something

No. 1635482

File: 1662272265317.png (35.95 KB, 745x469, ew.png)

anon….he trooned out while his wife is pregnant

No. 1635487

They do not have milk ducts so wtf is coming out of them??

No. 1635491

No. 1635495

farmanon here, assume it's the same sort of liquid-waxy substance that sheep produce when their hormones go crazy. no evidence for it being the same it's just a basic assumption based on having seen both

No. 1635499

if the kid doesn't die from malnutrition I hope they find out they were being fed pus instead of milk and sues his and his enabling wife's asses

No. 1635500

File: 1662273517629.png (22.35 KB, 721x225, dumb.png)

I still can't believe actual doctors are encouraging this without any studies of its nutritional value backing it up. Women have such a strict diet when they are breast feeding I just can't believe they'd let troons just BF their child with no regards to the babies safety.

No. 1635517


No. 1635538

How the FUCK is it that women are not recommended or allowed to breast feed when they're on hormone therapy, almost all types of medication including stuff like anti depressants, but a male who is guzzling hrt, probably on several other medications can just go head and force feed a baby with their toxic chemically produced male milk that is equal to puss coming out of his nipples and medical professionals see no fault in letting a child ingest a chemical cocktail that his body is not making cause it expects a child but because he medically induced what is only the result of something being wrong in his body. Besides the fact that its not sustainable in terms of production, he literally cant lactate without the medication yet the medication itself makes it toxic for the child so i repeat HOW THE FUCK is it allowed and WHY do people support something that, had it been a woman, they would be on a fucking watchlist for child endangerment and have cps called before the child develops defects that are too severe.

No. 1635539

Fuck yeah, MTF thread! I've missed these!

No. 1635547

women can't drink a diet coke during pregnancy without being shamed but troons can feed a child literal poison and it's ok because it makes them feel "affirmed"

No. 1635559

nevermind drugs and coke, there are countries where pregnant / breastfeeding women are told to not eat spicy food because it apparently makes the milk taste bitter

No. 1635565

File: 1662282454202.jpg (937.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220904-110716_Sam…)

He looks like mtf gollum

No. 1635566

This is a deeply unsettling image.

No. 1635567

What do you mean, there has always been an ongoing one, they weren’t gone?

No. 1635568

I’ve been pondering on this one and wondering “why does he frighten me SO much?” And now I realise. He reminds me of that “obey the walrus” guy.

No. 1635571

Ain’t no fucking way

No. 1635572

maybe missed the one that was on autosage

No. 1635579

>women are jealous of me and men mad they are attracted to me
every time a reddit post makes me angry i'll look at this picture

No. 1635580

File: 1662284128035.png (862.79 KB, 1431x623, pedo bait.png)

I mean just look up any of the popular anime trap/femboy characters, almost all of them look like and are prepubescent children

No. 1635589

or prepubescent children with suspiciously womanly hips and butts for some reason

No. 1635596

good god

No. 1635599

How the fuck did that thing from the attic in Rec get out and find a phone?

No. 1635601

Kek, that's pure gold though I am sad this goblin lives in my country.
The posts in original language are in majority funny, he asking why everyone clocks him and he is anorexic "trying to lose his andro fat".
Also he says that "he likes to make faces that looks like a scared child" in attempt to look sexy.
God, they are so pedophilic

No. 1635605

File: 1662288282960.jpeg (101.63 KB, 834x1200, 2B7023D6-41FD-48E4-AF63-0CC9A7…)

if jars and doors are a challenge now why are they still hulking troons at 6ft and 200 lbs

No. 1635613

how much do you want to bet he hangs out on proana forums?

No. 1635617

File: 1662289921361.jpg (125.37 KB, 1224x723, 12345605932342.jpg)

No. 1635626

The majority of actual women don't have problems with doors and jars. I have never personally had difficulty going through a door or opening or handling a jar of pasta sauce and I'm a really unathletic person who is not strong at all even for a female. Why do they make shit like this up? How can people pretend that this isn't a fetish? As soon as they larp as women they suddenly struggle to carry about basic tasks.

No. 1635627

There are no strict dietary guidelines when you are breastfeeding. I don't know where you got this from. The only thing you have to avoid is alcohol and certain medications.

No. 1635628

Your manly hands and wrists don't suddenly become weaker because you take hormones lol

No. 1635629

You can take Zoloft, Prozac and citalopram when you are breastfeeding. Breastfeeding women are given antidepressants all the time.

No. 1635633

Also women are allowed to take hormonal contraceptives when they are breastfeeding. The only risk is that the combined pill can effect supply especially in the early post partum period. I'm not saying it's right for a troon to put his manboob in a baby's mouth but what you are saying about women not being able to take hormones and various medications when breastfeeding is false. There are lots of medications breastfeeding women can and do take.

No. 1635634

You don't even need 'manly hands and wrists' to do these extremely basic things that troons claim they struggle to do now that they are apparently women now.

No. 1635635

any woman who condones this is sick

No. 1635636


If you know anything about medicine and how hormones are prescribed the hormone level that he takes will be adjusted according to the situation so that's likely not the problem. Chances are the baby will be fine at least physically. They will have to supplement because males can't make a full supply.The problem is that he's a pervert and his wife should leave him. He's also probably going to cause his child to be traumatized. Imagine telling people your dad shoved his moob in your mouth when you were a baby because it gave him a euphoria boner. I like to think that women in these situations are trapped and have no option to run because there is no other explanation why a sane woman would put up with this.

No. 1635637

no one doesn't, however they act as if their bone structure changes. Women, even those with larger features, have smaller wrists and hands on average. I agree with what you are saying, but these men are under the impression and are suggesting that women can't do these things reliably because of the innate differences.

No. 1635638

probably a handmaiden. Women abuse their children for their moids' approval.

No. 1635639

The baby will not be fine physically. Babies eat when they are hungry, and hunger means lack of food in your stomach. If this moid "breastfeeds," the baby's tummy is going to be full of human bodily fluids rather than nutritious breastmilk. It will starve the baby of essential vitamins and nutrients and could very well affect the baby's physical development.

No. 1635641

if they're somewhat sane they'll go to regular pediatric check-ups and notice that the child isn't gaining weight etc.

No. 1635643

It shouldn't be allowed to get to the level where the child isn't gaining weight in the first place.
Moids are trash. It wouldn't be a surprise if the doctor and/or the tranny will lie about what's happening so he can continue getting his rocks off by abusing his child. You know they value the coom over anything else and these "gender affirming" practices can be "lifesaving"

No. 1635647

Mothers also have receptors in their nipples that react to the babies saliva and changes the breastmilk based on what the baby needs. A mothers breastmilk is custom-made for her baby. Troon nipple discharge could never replace it.

No. 1635648

File: 1662292974925.jpg (85.6 KB, 554x794, 20220903_160324.jpg)

Narcissist worried he wont be competetive, hard working or respectable when he troons out. Because ofcourse a misogynist dont think a woman can be those things

No. 1635650

There is a high chance, nonnie. Though in one comment in Portuguese he told another troon to go to a subreddit called sissyfitness. The BR ana/mia community used more to hang out in blogs during it's heyday, and basically it was teen/young girls idk anymore. Also the waif look is not so popular in Brazil, just look at some influencers.
I am laughing so hard because the majority of troons here are like 90% HSTS and they really make an effort to pass (debatable if they actually succeed, but they do try). And he absolutely doesn't look like an high schooler not in America, nor in Brazil.
Thanks for finding a personal cow to me, nona! Absolutely gold.

No. 1635656

File: 1662293462210.jpg (115.01 KB, 715x960, 305136614_10159945623506013_14…)

idgi really

No. 1635657

i hope he successfully joins the 41%

No. 1635658

you're right, but it happens with women who breastfeed then they supplement with formula. Happened with me because they didn't even let me breastfeed with my daughter and gave her formula when she was in the NICU for 2 days for fetal distress, wasn't even a preemie. I can only assume this happens because doctors are afraid of being sued/cancelled or they're pedos as well.

No. 1635661

Love how they tout that gender/sex isn't binary then post shit like this.

No. 1635665

JK Rowling living in a bunch of retarded people's heads rent free.

No. 1635666

I think it's for clout

No. 1635668

File: 1662293984977.jpg (72.69 KB, 614x960, 296714616.jpg)

No. 1635673

File: 1662294112202.jpg (91.91 KB, 1080x787, 302612488.jpg)


No. 1635675

that AI faceapp airbrush can be spotted a mile away

No. 1635677

File: 1662294222536.jpg (88.47 KB, 843x795, 304985925.jpg)

Sorry we don't indulge in your fetish because you willingly inject yourself with unnecessary hormones.

No. 1635679

Huh, I thought they are always women, just born in the wrong body… So transitioning should not change anything…unless

No. 1635681


No. 1635682

KEK just what does he even see in the fucking mirror? He's what illustrators use as an example to create pathetic things.

No. 1635685

File: 1662294706010.jpg (41.46 KB, 596x313, 302137995.jpg)

No. 1635690

There is no way he will be able to 'feed' the a baby without supplementation and no doctor would advise it. The baby will no doubt be on formula as well, or will be getting breastmilk from the actual mother. Males can't produce an adequate amount of breast milk and what they produce is different to the breastmilk that women produce. It's all about his fetish at this point. It's unfortunate that medical professionals have to play along with this.

No. 1635694

Yes a lot of breastfeeding women do supplement. I gave my baby a bottle of formula at 2 days old because I wanted some rest and I then breastfed for the next 18 months without giving any formula again.

The difference is is that the majority of women can sustain a baby without regular supplementation and even if they can't the milk they do produce along with regular formula supplementation still has benefits for the baby.

There is absolutely no benefit when a male stimulates his body into producing discharge that closely resembles mediocre breastmilk and feeds the baby with it.

No. 1635703

men who are attracted to traps, as well as the internet-groomed teenage boys, are without a doubt pedophiles/pedophiles in training. these characters are never voiced by men, with male voices above the age of 18. it is exclusively hyperfeminine japanese women or In rare cases tween boys voicing them. it is utterly sick, femboys in real life (who are above the age of 14) do not look, sound or act like that. it is an unrealistic idea; a coomer fantasy, only a retard could think the woman skinwalking hyperphotoshopped and carefully angled troons are even remotely similar to these animated little kids. i'll say it once more : people who are attracted to anime traps/troons are pedophiles!
Sage for retardation

No. 1635704

I breastfed for exclusively 18 months as well! I totally agree with you btw. I was only hoping that this will be the result when they invetiably wind up at the pediatrician's office because of the malnutrition. I think it's sickening, yet I can't do anything to influence handmaidens/pickmes.

No. 1635732

File: 1662299688154.png (442.43 KB, 532x1064, Screenshots_2022-09-04-08-55-0…)

The absolute creature who got fired for masturbating in the bathroom is taking down the other farms

No. 1635735

Newborn babies especially to add to this conversation don’t have energy to waste. Two or three bad nursing sessions under a couple weeks and that baby is going to develop potential brain damage, asthma issues, etc and be too weak to latch properly and eat without medical intervention all for a sick fucking fetish.

No. 1635738

>Two or three bad nursing sessions under a couple weeks and that baby is going to develop potential brain damage, asthma issues, etc and be too weak to latch properly and eat without medical intervention all for a sick fucking fetish.

>Two or three bad nursing sessions

I'm not defending troons or whatever you're talking about here but quit talking out of your ass!

No. 1635744

>There is absolutely no benefit when a male stimulates his body into producing discharge that closely resembles mediocre breastmilk and feeds the baby with it.

again I'm not someone who defends males breastfeeding babies because of a fetish but the studies that I have seen show no appreciable difference between the milk of man produces and the milk a nursing woman would. the benefits for their immune system that a baby would get from their mother's milk they're going to get from the milk a man produces.

though I should mention that if a man is lactating that could be a sign of underlying health problems that they need to get checked out. it's not normal and it shouldn't be viewed as healthy or neutral.

No. 1635747

File: 1662300498543.png (649.46 KB, 1080x1524, YourGirlAthena.png)

this dude gets a "euphoria boner" AND pre-cum when he crossdresses but yeah. totally not a fetish.

No. 1635748

I never knew that, that’s actually really cool. Female body keep winning.

No. 1635758

so true
also female babies in general are physically tougher than male babies


>Newborn girls are hardier than newborn boys during famines, epidemics

No. 1635763


working in advertising for so long, this pisses me off. sounds (and looks) like the typical sexist dickhead you find in this line of work.

No. 1635765

Men can not “lactate” and you don’t integrate as well as you think you do, tranny. The liquid that comes out of men’s sorry excuses for nipples is closer to the puss leaking out of cystic acne than breast milk. Putting anything like that near a baby let alone FEEDING it to the baby is extreme child abuse, and knowing the man gets off to it it’s child sexual abuse also. Grieve the barrenness of the sack of meat you call your body on your own without involving your kids in it. The only male mammal capable of lactation is the male bat. You’re not typing by wing-smashing the keyboard aren’t you?

No. 1635770

I'm not trying to race bait, I'm not one of those self hating white people, but why is it all white men on this creepy tranny shit? I don't see those thai ladyboy trannies trying to get babies involved into their fetish? it's so fucking nasty

No. 1635774

File: 1662301444364.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1960, jjs2105.png)

these people are such fucking freaks

No. 1635779

File: 1662301696572.jpeg (84.16 KB, 828x189, DF2B4211-2860-4CF2-8758-0BA400…)

These babies left on day one came back on day three. It’s information from my medical provider and why we weighed my child four times in three days.

No. 1635782

Whites are agp’s doing it for fetish reasons, Thais are homosexual prostitutes.

No. 1635786

link the studies and the components of the milk from the mother and the discharge from the man please

No. 1635805

moids' fetishes are universal nonna. would give you a tour through japanese and korean trannies communities but i don't want to ruin my day this way.

No. 1635811

File: 1662302542457.png (968.35 KB, 1080x2143, FLUDDfan2002.png)

can redditors please stop validating these blatant fetishists?

No. 1635813

The public clinic nurses where I used to live would to lie to new mothers and tell them that water is poisonous to babies, just because that was easier than trying to explain malnutrition to idiots every day. And then people go and do this.
It's basically just sweat. Nasty moid facts: Many of them sweat sweat that is yellow or brown-ish straight out of their bodies. It's not because of oxidation or dirt sticking to it. It's discolored right from the source. Alcoholics are especially bad for this.

No. 1635821

File: 1662302728338.png (408.04 KB, 745x453, sad.png)

Blanchard explained it in the 19990's, AGPism requires a level of laxness that is only available to those in the upper middle class(which in the US is mostly white) even upper class minorities can't fully engage in the depravity of most agps cause they often come from a conservative family culture, HSTS are usually self hating homosexual men who come from lower class and conservative backgrounds, so in the US these tend to be mostly be mostly black, hispanic and white trash
though as >>1635805 stated, as globalism and neo-liberal increases we can expect to seeing growing amoung of AGP in many other nations

No. 1635829


they and people like judith butler are the ones who invented the whole "transwomen are literally women" post modern thing. they are the ground zero all of this spreads out from over the last couple decades.

No. 1635833

those tits look like chest tumors

No. 1635834

a bit ot but does any nona here know if scotland is bad trans-wise?

No. 1635838

it's male supremacy.

No. 1635840

insane pedo lair

No. 1635861

File: 1662304001593.jpeg (361.42 KB, 750x731, 7D7A5203-E120-4F10-AECC-09388C…)

That’s literally what the average AGP transwoman looks like

No. 1635869

experts who sit on twitter all day. legit like who are these experts

No. 1635882


they really are just kind of stupid. like i actually used to support them on the bathroom thing because i thought conservatives were just being crazy again. now i'd actually feel safer around a normal straight man than this shit.

No. 1635902

File: 1662305875363.jpg (1.01 MB, 1079x1358, SmartSelect_20220831-083600_Fa…)

No. 1635903

File: 1662305907771.png (1.59 MB, 1510x1086, 345.png)

No. 1635905

File: 1662305971191.png (306.51 KB, 833x373, s3.png)

the hospital should be sued

No. 1635907

Men have no breast development or connection to baby. They absolutely can not feed the baby from what they produce. Stupid Tranny. A man lactating and a troon lactating are both the same health problem and you shouldn't be feeding that disgusting liquid to poor innocent babies.

No. 1635914

It’s not about strength, it’s about women’s skin being softer and more elastic. I definitely need silicone lid grippers to open things, but it’s not a big deal or something that makes me feel weak.

No. 1635917

This, even if something is hard to open or whatever we have tools to help with that. They act like women are constantly walking around with pickle jars asking for a big strong man to open them. No, if I can’t immediately do something, I figure out an alternative way of doing it. Not that difficult.

No. 1635920

with jars you just need to tap the lid on the counter to release the suction

No. 1635921

It’s one of the things that enrages me the most about TiMs, the way they reduce every aspect of womanhood to the most annoying and shitty stereotypes and tropes then get mad at us when we are rightfully upset by that and call them out on it. The way they portray women in their LARP isn’t even like real people with real emotions or interests, it’s always so sexual and demeaning. I have to try so hard not to a-log sometimes.

No. 1635928

they are probably suffering from fatigue from inducing a hormonal disorder and attribute it to becoming uwu delicate

No. 1635929

do they not realize her book is in response to the cringe manhunt fan fic where a troon kills her?

No. 1635934

it's rich spoiled autistic men, so asians are also represented. please check previous threads, there's always a moid in here trying to pin white males when it's all males.

No. 1635940

But it’s okay in that case. So what if the troons in the book cut the uterus out of a black woman while she’s still alive, so what if they murder JKR (and don’t even change her name)? The moids in dresses are oppressed because people won’t let them act out their fetishes in public in peace! And the big terf meanie in charge deserves to be stalked and harassed and sent rape and death threats. It’s fine if a woman is the one getting attacked, but heaven forbid you point out anything these guys do. They’re like giant kids who must be appeased so they don’t mantrum everywhere (which they will anyway, because nothing is good enough).

No. 1635948

File: 1662310610523.png (188.47 KB, 597x481, Screenshot 20.png)

the thing is, many zoomers(not just TIMs) believe that it is morally okay for you to suffer if you have "problematic" view

No. 1635972

Lmao as if the thai ladyboys involved in sex work aren't trafficking kids and young girls in to it, get real.

No. 1635978

File: 1662312805723.jpeg (306.29 KB, 828x1229, AA21AF14-45E0-4580-B184-9E0033…)

The soft pushback is starting. In 5 years nobody will use the term birthing person.

No. 1635979

yep lol. Look at how poor Sydney Sweeney was bullied for not cutting contact off with her mother

No. 1635981

because white moids are the most privileged and this is just one more way to exert control over women and avoid any and all responsibility for their actions.

No. 1635982

>The Hedgehog
What is it with AGPs and being Sonic autists?

No. 1635984


it reminds me of a lot of the parenting discussions on mumsnet. on the one hand zoomers talk about living your truth over anything else, but at the same time are so socially disciplinary and conformist that it's kind of scary. the fact that they don't seem to have any genuine subcultures outside of the gender stuff comes up a lot.

No. 1635986

It’s very funny how gender stuff almost immediately neatly aligns with other generations subcultures and trends. Almost always the same population participating in it too - middle class whites.

No. 1635988

>predditor: hi fellow ladies! i have the ever so slight inkling that getting a boner from wearing my little sister’s panties is a fetish. please, tell me i’m wrong.
>other predditors: no, you’re totally a real girl! stealing your underage sister’s underwear and masturbating in it is a universal female experience! welcome to girlhood!

No. 1635989

File: 1662313367802.jpeg (118.19 KB, 848x1200, 6E1DE5AB-648B-4B4D-961E-FD0247…)

There’s a big overlap with zoomer virtue signaling and lack of empathy primarily seen in autism or narcissism. It’s probably something to do with growing up isolated.

Trannies regularly fail pic related because they can’t put themselves into anyone else’s pov. They have no theory of mind.

No. 1635998

It really is such pointless virtue signaling and the reason people say “the left is eating itself”. Women want to get things done because lives and livelihoods are at stake, but we are yelled at for not being inclusive enough by people who should be on our side. The language policing is so stupid when there are much bigger problems going on. I’ve found it best to just ignore the screeching and do what you can for actual female activism. I don’t have time for fetishistic men and TiFs are included in my feminism whether they like it or not. I’ll still fight for their right to an abortion as women and they can thank me later when they’re done whining.

No. 1636006

Sonic autism is a common trait among autists in general and AGPs are often autistic too.

No. 1636007

File: 1662314392821.jpeg (811.97 KB, 1920x1350, 61A2C70D-3CE1-44A1-8E20-AFAC2D…)

Saw a link to a new peaking website. Nonas can decide if it should be included in OP next time.

No. 1636009

In JKR's new book, the murder victim is a webcomic artist who was stalked online and off and who's comic had a toxic fandom. JKR said in an interview that she got the idea for the novel before she come out as a terf on main. All the TRAs and troons say she's lying.

No. 1636014


i really hate the arrogance of articles like that. there was no "we" the language around pregnancy was not organically changing. parts of the donor class, nonprofits, and activist tried to shift the terminology and punish the general public for not complying with it. birthing person is the left wing version of freedom fries.

No. 1636019

File: 1662315166149.jpeg (89 KB, 1280x720, B6DEA5E7-3EFB-4D2B-834E-D1B14F…)

YOU’RE NOT A REAL WOMAN! I am not crazy! I know he swapped those crime statistics! I knew it was 2021. One year after male crime began being counted as female. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn't prove it. He – he covered his tracks, he got that idiot at the Biden administration to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That swimmer! Are you telling me that a man just happens to fail like that? No! He orchestrated it! Tranny! He dilated through a sunroof! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own bathroom! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 9, always the same! Couldn't keep his hands out of the loli porn! But not our Tranny! Couldn't be precious Tranny! Stealing them blind! And he gets to be a woman!? WHAT A SICK JOKE!(The mental hospital is this way)

No. 1636026

JKR's new book is #6 in her series. Does anyone know if the others in the series need to be read first? (like how the HP books all kind of needed to be read in order) Or is the kind of series where you could pick up at any point?

Sorry if that's a dumb and OT question, but I intend to buy this book if only to support JKR for raising this issue about troons through a creative work. Naturally I'd like to read the books in the order they're meant to be read it though (if that matters).

No. 1636042

From what I read of others talking about them (note, I haven’t read them myself), you can pick up any of them but there are characters and plot points that make more sense if you read them in order.

No. 1636046

Judging by the artstyle alone nobody has ever told this autist he's a "girl with a surprise;))", all they do is get fake-offended by things other slightly more passing hsts have been told when in reality they wish more people would fetishize them the way they fetishize themselves.

No. 1636052

Thanks Anon this will be a great addition to the thread as long as it’s routinely updated.

I don’t know about you all but I’ve been reading these threads for 3 years roughly, starting contributing less than 1 year ago, and I already have burnout. I like laughing at retarded moids who think they’re women but after a while I just become more aware of what actual systematic changes these ghouls are making to education, medicine, and job sectors around the western countries. They’re ruining the life’s of women and children. They want young children to decide to mutilate healthy organs while doctors smile and nod all the way to the bank, and when that child comes home or switches their phone on, they see a cacophony of troonery praising them for their brave decision while asking what affirmation they’re reaching for next. I just find it hard to laugh at some of these smug fucking freaks of nature when I know that in some way, despite the backlash, they’ve already destroyed the lives of their wives, their mothers, their sisters, their children, and other women and childrens lives. I’m thankful that a lot of them couldn’t even pull a woman into their reach long enough to wed them or impact their lives severely but holy fuck. It’s just tiring.

No. 1636053


it's even weirder on a another level because anyone who's been following this knows they were the ones making all the trap, shemale, and futa cliches in the first place on 4chan and tumblr. the fetishization was literally the whole point and it was not something the random guy on the street did to them.

No. 1636056

Lol this is a reference to a scene from Better Call Saul, not someone being unhinged. thought it was pretty funny tho OP

No. 1636060

File: 1662317277916.jpg (346.43 KB, 911x2048, Fbz_475XEAI31OF.jpg)

No. 1636064

This is amazing. Rare Chuck W

No. 1636088

already been posted a few threads back but yes awful

No. 1636090

really? it's not just a specific cross section of autistic zoomer who thinks this way?

No. 1636096

chuck was right

No. 1636097

File: 1662318617193.png (53.4 KB, 1181x517, the cope.png)

No. 1636099

File: 1662318658492.png (1.44 MB, 1154x1686, 1660778546643.png)

'pregnant' troon is at it again

No. 1636107

even though it's already been posted, the embarrassment I feel for this poor girl hasn't faded one bit. I hope she's okay, what a terrible situation to be in.

No. 1636109

wait what the absolute fuck is this?

No. 1636115

so do they claim they have had a uterus transplant? wonder how the surrogate is doing.

No. 1636116

Troons annoy the fuck out of me. They make everything about them and their feelings. "I hate myself so much so…" like go fuck yourself.

No. 1636117

sure so anyone can claim they're a woman so sex shouln't matter at all and everyone can have access to all locker rooms where pedophiles will prey on children. Sounds like a good idea

No. 1636118

My guess would be a very good troll.

No. 1636123

hope he does go through with it

No. 1636127

Which thread was it originally posted in? Did anyone screencap any responses to this reddit post?
I know trannies are scum, but there had to be at least one person on that site that called this degenerate out… right?

No. 1636143

FYI, you can google the title to find the original reddit post. I did read it and at the time I read it most of the responses were telling the kid he needed to confess to save his sister. Of course, the boy was trying to rationalize why he shouldn't say anything.

No. 1636145

No. 1636150

>FYI, you can google the title to find the original reddit post
Sorry anon, complete forgot about that, and now I feel dumb, a part of me also assumed that reddit mods would remove this post to not “make themselves look bad” or something like that. Since a lot of psychotic troon posts get accused of being secretly written by terfs.
Thank you, so much.

No. 1636152

File: 1662320977520.jpeg (584.32 KB, 828x1306, B92E1F07-72C3-4A5B-85CD-22D5F6…)

imagine being out with your friends and having a crossdressing dude join us like that he’s definitely also the kind of man that calls women bitches and cunts thinking he gets a pass for being gay

No. 1636153

File: 1662321004131.png (141.95 KB, 731x524, 1661030035722.png)

based, I needed this after thinking about the amount of fakebois who latch onto BB/BCS, we need a TIF version of this rant

No. 1636159

File: 1662321222469.jpeg (119.38 KB, 811x1200, 308F981C-E9E7-4715-9713-C91B40…)

i hope this one gets assraped since trannies are in high demand apparently

No. 1636164

File: 1662321670948.jpg (36.63 KB, 451x566, EPe2c4eUwAAHXlD.jpg)

trannys will look at him and go "omg she's just like me!!!"

No. 1636166

based terf marie

No. 1636167

File: 1662321785423.jpeg (173.39 KB, 966x1199, 14DB0C0D-8EDB-4B1F-B93A-EA97B1…)

same tranny

No. 1636168

nah she wins because she will always be a woman no matter how bad she appears to men lmao YWNBAW AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT!

No. 1636171

File: 1662322018125.jpg (159.33 KB, 877x1184, FbwsPy2X0Ac97yI.jpg)

this banner was proudly displayed by the youth association of the german left party at a german CSD

No. 1636175

and yet that woman is still a real woman. they can cope and seethe about how they’re “hotter” than ugly cis women, but he still immediately knew she was a cis woman just from appearance. no one will see him as a woman when they first look at him.

No. 1636177

File: 1662322278003.jpg (927.39 KB, 1078x3834, Screenshot_20220904_152336.jpg)

Troonsbian complains about how hard it is being a man

No. 1636182

thing is, she would be the one most likely to blindly supportive of troons

No. 1636188

I fully agree with you on the burnout. I’ve noticed my patience for these topics and for men in general wearing very thin. I used to show basic kindness towards men by greeting them and things like that, but now I prefer to ignore them completely unless I absolutely have to interact with them. These threads have really opened my eyes to the depths of male depravity but sometimes my hatred is so deep it starts taking it’s toll on my own psyche because they’re so fucked up and deranged. Thinking about the things TiMs especially are doing to women gets to me immensely. I think it’s good to take breaks from the threads when you can, as well as other GC spaces and places where you will be exposed to the things TiMs are saying (like twitter if you have it). The misogyny is so prevalent that self-care is in order if you are exposed to it too much. I don’t think TiMs could handle living a day as a real woman if they think what they are exposed to is even a fraction as bad as what we are. And most sites block “transphobia” but they don’t give a fuck about blatant misogyny or sexism, so not only do we have to see it from ordinary men, but from TiMs pretending to be us as well. It’s really exhausting after a while.

No. 1636192

When will they learn that being a woman isn’t an inside, spiritual phenomenon? It’s a biological reality that we exist in and cannot opt out of. Looking at TiFs is proof enough of that when TiMs talk all over them and take all the attention away because men have more social power.

No. 1636202

Oh yeah men opening doors for me, such a privilege! Too bad it doesn’t make up for the higher likelihood that I’ll be raped or murdered, the higher amount of domestic and emotional labor I have to do throughout life, the fact that my reproductive rights are being taken away, or the lower pay I’ll receive, which only gets lower if I get married or become a mother. They are such idiots.

No. 1636204

yet a TIF was killed there lol

No. 1636210


was this reported/you have a link nona?

No. 1636215

posted in the fakeboi thread. but since she was a TIF killed by men no one cares, "terfs" are obviously the worse threat, in fact trannies will probably just find a way to blame this on the "terfs" if not ignore it altogether.

No. 1636218

and to add to this reddit users were boasting about the fact the various internet news sites were only referring to her as a man and not trans as if this is only violence towards transpeople and not women.

No. 1636219

File: 1662324293298.jpeg (273.2 KB, 750x477, 46F870F6-E30F-43A0-8F61-6F99C3…)

Imagine having a breakdown over not looking like an anime character, embarrassing…

No. 1636221

Of course, because it means more victimization points to them. They don’t care that she was female and probably don’t care about her at all, just what gives them the PR they want.

No. 1636222

moids are so retarded. my brother in christ no horse piss in the world will ever make you look like an anime girl nor undo what male puberty has done to you

No. 1636223

BB/BCS is unironically a great moid detector for misogyny. I find it an accurate red flag if a man watched the show and hated Skylar, Marie, or Kim.

No. 1636225

Legalise assraping men

No. 1636226

not to go OT but Anna Gunn literally received death threats from autistic redditors and men because of how hated Skylar was. I’m sure many are now trannies. An inability to separate a tv show from reality seems to permeate their lives

No. 1636228

>pay for your porn
Fucking why do MTT trannies always say this? Women don't get royalties on the degradation they're subjected to and porn is a misogynistic dogshit industry made by and for moids. Oh right, that's why these men want to support it. Anything for the coom! Sage for old reply but the way woke handmaidens and trannies worship the porn industry drives me insane.

No. 1636231

because they want to consoom misogyny porn but need to invent a woke reasoning

No. 1636237

File: 1662325651785.png (69.27 KB, 1217x427, Screenshot 2022-09-04 230746.p…)

this tranny male is literally 52 years old.

No. 1636246

File: 1662326172412.png (2.51 MB, 2534x1232, avert thine eyes.png)

holy shit nonas this is the scrote that had the nerve to write all that

No. 1636247

File: 1662326195109.png (63.09 KB, 1298x326, envious.png)

No. 1636256

yeah men do have mammary glands, but they stopped developing early, and their bodies never tell them to make breast milk unless something is wrong and diseased. i cant speak to the composition of the milk tho i really have no idea how different it is, i think it is way more sugary and i dont think they have any antibodies?? also like the other anon said, mtfs are surely not watching their medications and nutrition the way that breastfeeding women do so who the fuck knows what is in their secretions. i feel like it is literal pedophilia…

No. 1636281

Fucking kek! What a delusional ugly ass moid. I cannot stand these men and their unwarranted confidence.

No. 1636284

jfc, the suspect is an 18-20 yo male who threw two punches to the TiF's face before she hit her head on the pavement. The scrote wasn't even a fully developed male yet and a few punches was all but enough to kill a woman

No. 1636291

File: 1662330086817.jpg (24.18 KB, 512x512, pennywise.jpg)

No. 1636309

That is fully grown for a man anon, peak testosterone etc.

No. 1636344

None of the things he described would make a woman look worse than a man? He 100% ran to reddit to cope after losing himself and staring down a random woman today. But giving him the utmost benefit of the doubt:

A bare faced, tired woman with a plain expression, tummy pouch, messy hair, thick ankles, moderately big boobs and visible hand veins. VS An energetic, smiling man with a pot belly, makeup, messy hair, relatively thin ankles!! Man chest (maybe w/ some hrt gyno/stretched out bolt ons) and …no veins on the back of his hands! What chad could resist the latter?

No. 1636351

>before she hit her head on the pavement.
Hitting your head on pavement/concrete will kill anyone if they hit the wrong way. Moids go to jail all the time for hitting a moid once, the moid falls and cracks his head wrong and dies and other moid goes to jail for manslaughter. It's more about skull vs concrete than strength of the punch.

No. 1636358

Grandpa has forehead canyons.

No. 1636360

The way he spoke about her was creepy as hell. I know we’re on lolcow and making fun of cows’ appearances is a community bonding activity, but I’ve never heard a woman even insult another woman like that. “Not terribly big breasted” and an “extended paunch”? Something about how he wrote about her makes me feel like vomiting, and it’s not because of her appearance.

No. 1636364

>has no reason to worry about going to war, which still kills and traumatises the women not conscripted (many women are currently enduring war as he studies Family Guy)
>a woman’s body would probably live longer. An actual woman’s body, not an incredibly unhealthy man’s body which is what he’s going for.
>everybody opens doors for everybody and it has no affect on anything.
>men disproportionately win custody when they apply for it, women get it most of the time because men can’t stop abandoning their kids.
>you can use sex appeal as a man, it’s safer and more profitable for less effort than if you were female. You also don’t actually need it to win other men over.
In conclusion, he is ugly and stupid.

No. 1636369

They’re deranged misogynists before anything else so their bdd shows itself as grossly as they are inside. Full of hatred with an identity centred on dehumanising women.

No. 1636381

>>Her hair as messy as mine
Even giving that statement the benefit of the doubt, I known she definitely wasn't malding like he is. Funny how he's comparing her clearly comfortable no effort look to his full woman costume that probably took him hours. And yet people can still tell she's a woman and he still looks like something straight out of a sewer. Knowing trannies, that woman was probably rightfully appalled at seeing such a fugly old fag of a scrote unashamedly playing dress-up in public and tried not to be rude but accidentally ended up staring. So he had no choice but to seethe and run to reddit to try to roast her appearance as a cope. He even admitted he felt better about himself when she left. Yeah, seeing such a normal woman sure left you feeling confident. It totally wasn't because trannoids cant even be reminded of real (or 2Ds) women's existence without wanting to %41 themselves.

No. 1636389

This really hammers it in. They hate you. They can’t be reasoned with. There is no “good tranny” that understands the rest are fucked. They hate everything about you. If they could kill and rape you and get away with it, they would. The only thing that stops them is fear of being caught.

No. 1636397

OT blogpost but I go to Sarah Lawrence and there’s a troon from my hometown who sexually assaulted a girl in our local music scene before he trooned out. Should I tell people? I don’t want to start drama just to get branded a TERF and outcasted. It’s sad that it’s come to this. If anyone is going to a liberal arts school right now you know what I mean.

No. 1636406

And he doesn't even have an excuse for being fat and worn out. Most middle aged women have been treated like mules for decades, and people look down on them for ever prioritizing themselves. That woman has probably used her hands to scrub dishes bathrooms thousands of times over. What's his excuse?

No. 1636409

There's a mtf in my school and he literally just looks like a cross dressing boy. He had a short boy hair cut with one clip in his head and a dress. Didn't even try. I hope he feels like a freak while he's here.

No. 1636426

This is so creepy imagine this old ugly troon staring at you while you're minding your business.

No. 1636429

File: 1662343883596.png (27.68 KB, 1108x227, tranny.png)

No. 1636431

File: 1662343904475.png (52.77 KB, 751x528, 12.png)

No. 1636433

File: 1662343985446.png (285.86 KB, 723x466, 23.png)

No. 1636434

File: 1662344018755.png (420.51 KB, 590x788, troonshit.png)

No. 1636436

this is so fucking smug lmao. retarded troon became retarded from non stop coom addiction and now goes around slapping a seal of tranny approval. makes me wanna alog

No. 1636438

Do you have any information digitally? Print it out and leave copies in places around campus. Watch out for cameras of course, and print them from somewhere outside of the college network. People can find out for themselves.

No. 1636440

No. 1636453

File: 1662345956470.png (137.75 KB, 641x396, Dr. Mengele.png)

This is probably better suited for the FTM thread but…
>there have been 5 successful surgeries since the procedure was introduced 16 years ago
Sounds promising

No. 1636459

It covers MTF too, as they want uteruses, etc. They want to be able to have them give birth ‘’naturally.’’

No. 1636463

File: 1662346661146.png (91.92 KB, 674x475, oops.png)

My fault. This was the only mention of female organ transplant, and it doesn't even mention the sex of the recipient. The rest is about creating penises and penis transplants for FTM.
The idea of a male being able to have a uterus and give birth was too fantastical for me to make that connection, and the article didn't inspire any confident.
The funny thing is, how would someone even know if they had a uterus or not? Obviously we all have them, but I can't tell you what it feels like to have a uterus, just like I can't tell you what it feels like to have a liver or kidneys. This guy could cut troons open and stitch them back together without actually doing anything and the tranny would feel affirmed. This seems like the cousin of black market organ harvesting where the victim wakes up in a tub of ice.

No. 1636472

No worries, nona! I know the recipient was a woman, and these have been performed on people of the same sex in which the organ corresponds to.

No. 1636552

even with uterine transplants the (actual) women only have the uterus for the purpose of getting pregnant and giving birth. once they have given birth it's removed. troons act like someone will just plop a uterus into them and then they'll have it forever and be true and honest women.

No. 1636562

When tims and butchers refer to this abomination of a surgery as a "transplant", I want to a-log. A male has never had and never will be born with a fully functioning uterus. We should call it what it is: an implant.

No. 1636584

File: 1662355878560.jpg (849.57 KB, 2448x3264, FbwukZbXgAM7ZYG.jpg)

Imagine being forced to stand next to this hulking troon at a convention.

No. 1636585

File: 1662355982237.jpg (735.47 KB, 2448x3264, FbxIz4fXwAEwNoo.jpg)

Makes the female wrestlers look dainty.

No. 1636586

File: 1662356049641.png (78.16 KB, 240x240, 9L758889.png)

he looks like one of the guests from little nightmares

No. 1636646

another moid with serial killer eyes

No. 1636651

To add to this, post them in the womens bathroom. No cameras and will be seen by his potential victims.

No. 1636676

The transman was killed because she dcame to the defense of a lesbian couple that was being verbally abused by some moid. A TIM would never do this kek

No. 1636725

Spoken like a true male. They're so clockable from words alone, it's pathetic.

No. 1636733

Yet another moid with the Kubrick stare.

No. 1636830

Having sore breasts during periods and touching them during periods, feels awful, not "an orgasmic experience" and touching them normally feels like nothing.
I hate troons so much, nonas. Peak AGP shit.

No. 1636875

he was a youth boxing champion and chechen. i think you would've died too, scrote

No. 1636893

File: 1662381849277.jpeg (125.68 KB, 750x854, C6915746-7A7E-4BCE-B233-667CAC…)

Terf island strikes again

No. 1636911

I wish this mindset would come to scandinavia too

No. 1636917

urghhh that's just a genetic deformity. Like there has to be multiple things wrong with his code to look like that.

I would feel sorry for him if his retardation hadn't devolved into this misogynistic bullcrap.

No. 1636930

Is that thread in autosage too?

No. 1636953

me too

No. 1636983

he looks like your usual fat dude tho. but if by 'genetic deformity' you mean men then agreed.

No. 1636988

excited to see what the future holds with our new terf pm

No. 1636996

i hate having to judge women in their appearances to clock if they are trannies or not, I just want to watch other women talk about tech not some AGP troons. I am pretty sure Veronica Explains is an actual woman but I hate even having to think twice about it.

No. 1637004

kek that too.

He just looks developmently delayed and painfully autistic honestly. I use to live next to a community centre that catered to special needs and a lot of them had this odd looking fat distribution on them. Most average fatty moids have a higher sitting gut with more hard fat usually I've noticed.

Could just be the self inflicted hormonal disorder mucking with it thou.

Either way I see it and I see a genetic failure that surpasses the normal moid. I pray it never passes its genes.

No. 1637032

File: 1662390498959.jpeg (849.98 KB, 1284x1215, 08180E4A-A285-4831-89BC-0D8940…)

Why am I not surprised that a moid that used to flirt with minors on deviantart for free art and is a shitty funny man on twitter is now a they/them? picrel

No. 1637041

File: 1662390718591.jpeg (559.03 KB, 1284x988, E761D05D-14FB-471B-8B09-3FBFC2…)

I found his weird furry porn account and he says he’s 35

No. 1637132

File: 1662392835683.jpg (79.9 KB, 720x554, veronica_explains.jpg)


No. 1637138

whyyyy i was 99% sure he was a troon because he looks like Keffals, I guess I just wanted to believe. It scares me to know he has a daughter, ugh….

No. 1637150

i promise once i sort out my life i'll make a terfy yt channel about unix.

No. 1637223

I'll be banned for this but idc.
And you probably shouldn't reply to me because it's probably against site rules or something idk.
no idea where else to ask this tho…

Let's suppose I was a gay kid who would play with dolls, cry to myself about wanting to be a girl growing up, etc the typical spiel.
Maybe I ended up coming out as trans about 18/19 years old , & after a single year of transitioning the pipeline pushed me straight into bottom surgery.
Let's say I've spent the past 6/7 years or so a miserable ugly mentally ill neet blaming everything on dysphoria and being trans or on the "TERFs" since then.

Now suggest I was seriously considering detransing because:
1. I don't actually believe all the BS about being "female brained" and all the tranny ideology dogma and can finally see through it. Liking make up or skirts or cock / hating facial hair doesn't make you a woman it just makes you an effeminate gay guy my dude.
2. I always feel sick and disgusted whenever I see other trans people irl, most of them are clearly older male creeps and I want no association with these perverts.
3. Transing out is probably why I'm in such a mental case mess who would've probably belonged as a lolcow here if I had a social media.

If I were in this situation, what would "TERF-y" people like yourself think if I detransed to being a gay guy? I'm presuming all my current contacts would instantly cancel me as a traitor, I imagine its going to be near impossible to get a bf without a dick but that's all on me.
But are there at least GC minded people out who'd be okay with me? Or are there any kind or resources for people like myself who detrans?
Or are detransers just another bunch of deluded freaks that you laugh at?
Like even if I agree with you guys, maybe it's best if I just stay quiet if the GCs also don't like detransers. I'm accusing you I just genuinely don't know what your take is on them.

/blog(congrats on castrating yourself kek)

No. 1637247

his voice had that gay inflection like every other troon nonna, I don't get how you didn't notice.

No. 1637248

Fuck that sucks. It feels so lonely being a woman in tech.

No. 1637265

good luck britbongs

No. 1637281

it's simple. If you behave retarded people will laugh at you no matter if you're detrans or not. Don't expect us to be your friends, live what's left of your life and stop caring abour gender bullshit, you'll be free

No. 1637282

detransing mostly means you stop calling yourself trans. a man without a dick is still a man. you’re a man no matter what you do, so you may as well accept that fact about yourself.

No. 1637322

Honestly I suggest reaching out to a detrans support network. There will be more and more people in your shoes in the years to come. They will need people there to support them. It will take people that truly understand the future hardships and relate to help build a safe place and fight for the safety of future gens so it doesn't happen to more people.

Find strength in who you are as a human being. Truly flesh and bone without the imaginary circles of thought that gendered ideology has manifested. Accept and appreciate your body for what it is, nothing is perfect. You still have lot of fully functioning working parts, you are still able to move on thru life and experience and grow.

Use this to try and save others from the same fate honestly. More people need to know the dangers this bullshit has wrought.

No. 1637333

Go tell other trannies how the troon cult has ruined your life instead of invading an all female space while fishing for sympathy from women who bare no responsibility for the troon clown mess that is your life.

No. 1637355

i was in denial i guess, i should have guessed outside of the physical appearance that he also has AGP behaviours like getting called ''mom'' ughhh

No. 1637397

very obvious by the tone of the voice that it is a man. this is about as well "voice trained" trannies can get, the most feminine sounding tranny i know is edenthedoll and he got surgery that permanently fucked up his vocal chords to sound feminine. it's not about the pitch of the voice, don't pay attention to that, it's the general tone. are you a tranny yourself? so much so for "unclockable" also, neck and hands

No. 1637413

>are you a tranny yourself?
nah i just want to believe there is at least one woman that talks about tech on yt that's not a troon

No. 1637419

seconding what other nonas have said
>are there at least GC minded people out who'd be okay with me?
maybe not on lolcow because you are a dude but the gc (in the anti-trans sense) crowd loves detransitioners. bonus points if you don't blame feminists for your transition and dysphoria.
>I imagine its going to be near impossible to get a bf without a dick
after reading all these threads i wouldn't be all that surprised if there were men into guys like you

No. 1637442

umm what
how do they expect this to work?

No. 1637454

Thanks Nonna, my Twitter used to just be full of cats video games and some horror stuff but I’ve now got 70% troonery and the rest is luxury stuff. Why did I turn my Twitter into a place of rage when I should only really go there to see funny images of vidya or cat videos.

I took a break from this thread earlier this year and it did help. Thanks again.

No. 1637475

File: 1662402514593.jpeg (367.8 KB, 1242x1551, 5ABBF300-DD0D-45F9-9132-B0A059…)

Liz Truss on Jamie Wallis a politician who trooned out in the last year or so.

I’m not convinced. We’ll see.

No. 1637487

I'm struggling to understand women who date mtf people and call themselves lesbians. Sage for blogpost but I was introduced to a very sweet well meaning person who is genuinely dead set (I can see it in her eyes when she says it) adamant that she is a lesbian but her partner is trans. Part of me wonders of she actually believes it or if she just loves this person as a moid and is beinf supportive about this because she feels it's the right thing to do for someone you love. She's autistic too and I pray this person isn't being taken advantage of by a moid with a sick mind. I can't imagine what it must be like to be stuck with one of the guilt trippy ones

No. 1637500

File: 1662403156156.gif (71.44 KB, 417x317, B8CC6E5C-96C3-4405-8FB5-95A981…)

Go find detransitioners on Twitter, contact them, tell them your story.

Right now there is going to be a young child exactly where you were years ago. Instead of playing with dolls he’s watching girls on TikTok or girls doing makeup tutorials and crying himself to sleep wishing he was a girl. Do you want him to find people like the people who found you when you were confused? Telling you that you aren’t gay you’re actually a beautiful girl trapped in a man’s body so you have to cut off a vital organ? Or do you want him to find people like you are now, who can tell the little boy that it’s okay to be gay. To enjoy TikTok and makeup as a gay boy or man.

Truth will set you free so get out of my Tibetan flute making forum and start adding your voice to already hundreds of detransitioners. Make a difference. Be the person that should have a saved you as a child.

No. 1637579

As a Balkan nona I tell you you would not want to get surgery in fucking Belgrade lmao.

Imagine a butchery. Whatever Dr Đorđević does is probably closer to that than to whatever you imagine surgery looking like.

No. 1637616

File: 1662406549144.png (Spoiler Image,805.6 KB, 1240x1344, 11111.png)

saw this shady comment on Pinterest and decided to check the profile, putrid.

No. 1637707

This literally looks like foreign propaganda meant to incite the US to civil war so that we are completely destabilized by the time they saunter over to claim us
> She was busy on her phone, which gave me time to study her properly
> the last hour

No. 1637710

Your autistic friend might just be ultra gullible. It is a trait. Depends on age because a lot of young women are indoctrinated to believe 1) they are not bisexual if they suck a “she/her penis” or 2) they HAVE to suck penis if they are lesbian. Just consider her as delusional and bi

No. 1637764

File: 1662410131963.png (1.1 MB, 1298x1294, you're a MAN, matthew.png)

how does this hulking wife abuser keep getting so close to self-awareness, then brush it off with some "lol hashtag adulting" style shit

No. 1637767

Why do you care what terfs think and why do you care what gc think. Think for yourself, you didn't think and now you're in this situation. MTF threads still make fun of detrans but not as much as we do for trannies, at least with detrans they've learned their lesson, now what you do with that is the important part.

Find support for yourself and help others online. it's mostly online (you'll need a social media account, fb, youtube,tumblr and twitter are the main ones) that young kids get pulled into the cult. Stand up for lgb when the troons are invading their spaces. Stand up for other detrans calling them invalid. Stand up for women when we tell troons to respect our women only places.

No. 1637768

looks exactly like the troonjak

No. 1637769

I came across 6 mentally ill men exactly like the ones posted on here in the last two days. This thread cursed me kek

No. 1637774

File: 1662410435504.jpeg (139.01 KB, 640x789, 496873AD-BF01-4563-B7AF-07AF0E…)

No. 1637777

Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks. 41

No. 1637780

File: 1662410549781.jpeg (43.72 KB, 346x463, 5766C2F1-BA18-4732-8850-EEC358…)

No. 1637781

File: 1662410574124.png (2.09 MB, 974x1164, 1661275582091.png)

No. 1637783

File: 1662410610628.jpg (381.98 KB, 1536x2048, 20220901_191818.jpg)

No. 1637791

File: 1662410943316.jpeg (354.09 KB, 1170x1054, A189FB76-B560-4D90-BEF9-C0D771…)

Oh sure that definitely happened

No. 1637795

>and then we fist bumped

No. 1637804

File: 1662411279143.jpg (Spoiler Image,813.18 KB, 2087x1140, 0w38hlzhuxl91.jpg)

don't open if you value your eyes
nsfw x 2

No. 1637812

kevin from the office trooned out?

No. 1637820

Deets on him being a wifebeater?

No. 1637823

File: 1662411987584.jpg (20.8 KB, 250x432, Fb5vFylXgAETTYJ.jpg)


No. 1637828

God hates scrotes.

No. 1637840

This looks like the textbook picture for an overweight male at higher risks for heart attacks.

No. 1637856

File: 1662413089773.jpeg (91.33 KB, 608x817, glenn-danzig-kitty-litter.jpeg)

No. 1637862

No. 1637864

why do scrotes not clean their mirrors before taking shitty selfies

No. 1637875

The awfulness of this one is genuinely impressive. And they dare call vaginas "axe wounds". The guy working the butcher section of the local grocery store does better work.

No. 1637877

my friend is currently doing the same and she is imo bi and not a lesbian. IDGAF what she calls herself, if you're actively dating somebody with a penis, you're not a lesbian. Can a woman even be a lesbian if they've had sex with men willingly and have dated them in the past?

No. 1637879

File: 1662413512056.png (26.24 KB, 1088x281, Hello world I'm Jess.png)

>hello I coomed to ladies underwear and dress. I am a woman now teehee

No. 1637922

Is this Keffags?

No. 1637935

he might get a euphoria boner when cleaning so hes being extra cautious

No. 1637949

File: 1662415751180.jpg (450.31 KB, 696x3196, Fbn_W5zaAAAeof5.jpg)

old news but still always relevant

No. 1637957

idk if he still lives in Finland but lmao hope he gets beaten up by some isäntä

No. 1637992

the absolute state of this damage control that will probably work just as we have seen with keffals

No. 1637999

kevin gibes proudly and openly defended this pedo. moids will moid

No. 1638063

Sage for off-topic but Pinterest has a weird pedo sissy fetish side to it that I occasionally stumble on. Like guys that have boards dedicated to boys in football kits at school and close ups of their thighs or something.

No. 1638075

2.5 years HRT… it's crazy how HRT for MtFs does basically nothing for them.

No. 1638104

She is divisive, and sometimes I think she may be a Chinese propaganda worker, but there is always Naomi Wu/Sexy Cyborg. I'm a bit less enthusiastic about her twitter cause she tweets everything she thinks but her actual tech vids are cool, and she makes really interesting projects. Also it's cool to have not only a woman but also a very out lesbian in tech. Her butch girlfriend is also fine as hell.
Naomi's look is absolutely insane but she does have a video explaining that her parents basically forced her to live as a boy. And I think she is an interesting case on forced transing.

No. 1638150

i said "abuser", not beater - trooning out on your wife is abuse.

No. 1638152

File: 1662427369493.png (490.21 KB, 1096x676, fatmanson.png)

No. 1638159

he's huge

No. 1638185

No. 1638187

“Indulge in pedophilia” is a meaningful turn of phrase.

Normal people don’t consider the sexual abuse of children an indulgence.

No. 1638192

File: 1662428724751.png (23.35 KB, 1164x507, troon.png)

No. 1638344

No. 1638354

File: 1662433283659.png (1.19 MB, 1081x6152, chrome_screenshot_166243322610…)

No. 1638356

File: 1662433431838.gif (2.02 MB, 640x360, 1662338739677.gif)

Another useless failson castrates himself. Celebrate ladies.

No. 1638358

>rich person actually doing all the things these commie larping troons want, even giving them money directly
i pity the rope that has to hold his weight.

No. 1638361

File: 1662433883643.png (536.35 KB, 1081x2783, chrome_screenshot_166243372538…)

>if it were possible to take it off of a corpse I would kill them for
They are incels, all of them

No. 1638371

This dude is literally doing the whole "living life on easy mode" shit troons always talk about and is still finding a way to be miserable and complain

No. 1638385

File: 1662435099147.png (314.34 KB, 542x439, Annotation 2022-09-06 124827.p…)


No. 1638388

File: 1662435206568.gif (1.92 MB, 498x278, 3D6ACB17-0F6E-4D25-AF0E-23F7E8…)

No. 1638390

File: 1662435218947.png (513.7 KB, 538x664, rrrr.png)

the length of some of these gentlemen, i stg

No. 1638403

The fact that he felt okay writing that on a publicly available subreddit and not taking it to a therapist.

No. 1638411

a reminder 'genital dysphoria' is just an expression for 'i watched too much porn and want to be fucked like the women there'

No. 1638425

>woman does anything
>moid goes berserk
I now know why moids like murdering woman so much

No. 1638427

isnt this the tranny that only posts memes about his 'feminine penis'?

No. 1638453

At least moids get a verifiable reason we should hate them. They want to kill us just for daring to exist on the planet.

No. 1638474

File: 1662439395097.png (61.16 KB, 760x715, lol.png)

anthony with the cope again

No. 1638476

File: 1662439427001.jpg (314.91 KB, 720x1560, 1662429407581.jpg)

No. 1638488

actual vaginas are not just skin tubes. there's vaginal mucosa and rugae that allows the vaginal canal to tent when we're aroused, and it leads to our reproductive organs. all he's doing is showing how little he knows about female anatomy.

No. 1638492

File: 1662440264007.jpeg (79.26 KB, 750x327, 3FBD8D14-D9D6-408E-BBD8-7C8CCE…)

KEK, if only

No. 1638507

Nona don't do Danzig like that damn he ain't a great but he doesn't deserve this


No. 1638514

File: 1662441123231.jpg (61.17 KB, 1080x1155, birdapp.jpg.jpg)

Kiwifarms dies out, then suddenly the degenerates come out.

No. 1638515

>Trends for YOU

No. 1638516


No. 1638517

File: 1662441233524.png (46.44 KB, 772x467, dumb.png)

Yes, use TIMs instead

No. 1638525

File: 1662441501645.jpg (369.29 KB, 1560x2104, FZT-1RGXwAUMFub.jpg)

>cat ears

No. 1638528

>Sucking grease out of their hair

No. 1638529

I use my twitter for background checks. Just so happens that a lot of the people I clock are actual degenerates.

No. 1638532

will it make his hairline even worse?

No. 1638533

File: 1662441815534.jpg (952.84 KB, 1536x2048, FUbkwXrWUAc9H9e.jpg)

look at this gorilla

No. 1638534

Just redistribute it to his face and back

No. 1638535

No. 1638545

File: 1662442821093.jpg (44.09 KB, 720x720, FbcaCpLWIAI8lYL.jpg)


No. 1638546

File: 1662442861615.jpg (30.87 KB, 827x456, Fbwdut2XgAAlD34.jpg)

No. 1638547

terf vagina leads to hogwarts, it’s a well known fact.

No. 1638550

im so happy his ex wife divorced him

No. 1638552

The lenghts tranny delusion goes to in justifying their mutilated crotches is astounding. "Analogues" don't mean shit because you had to go under the knife to get that amhole. It's not the "same parts" because no woman was born with a scrotal labia. No woman ever had to dilate the surrounding skin so their "vaginal" wall didn't close up.
At the end of the day, hormones won't do shit for them but deny the inevitable and will never turn their inverted dick into a female organ. Everybody but severe degenerates is disgusted by this mutilation. We've seen the fucking pictures, Anthony. Keep up the cope, I guess.

No. 1638554

everything is made of the same elements. go ahead, season your fries with straight sodium and chloride, it’s the same as table salt.

No. 1638555

File: 1662443951102.png (532.8 KB, 692x755, dude.png)

No. 1638556

File: 1662444023281.jpg (391.56 KB, 1536x2048, FbsT_blWAAEJhkI.jpg)

they're all troons in a poly relationship

No. 1638559

Blogpost but when i was still going on ed forums, on the pancake one i once saw a lesbian saying she finds it disgusting when people compare vaginas to self-inflicted penis wounds that try to close themselves and she was attacked so quickly. All tras without exception are misogynistic. Of course one of the nonces that wouldn't particularly leave her alone was a married nb dude in his mid-30s with him in cat ears as a profile pic.

No. 1638562

File: 1662444606238.png (536.93 KB, 738x737, where.png)

where? all I see are troons hate rating goodreads etc.

No. 1638564

eli erlick is a rapist

No. 1638572

File: 1662446342902.png (224.7 KB, 753x608, school.png)

>all ages event
why would kids want to see this anyways I don't understand

No. 1638582

Good god, its disturbing how this shit has even infiltrated conservative as fuck states.

No. 1638584

I have never seen a drag queen 'performance' beside this video so a question: is lipsincing and pretending to be female singers all they do? Drag is so popular I thought there would be more to it than men dressing like women caricatures and playing pretend pop stars. The level for entertainment is on the floor.

No. 1638585

File: 1662447779405.jpg (274.52 KB, 969x2048, FbW57OfXoAkyja4.jpg)

what the heck is he wearing

No. 1638586

File: 1662447883225.jpg (1.26 MB, 1304x3548, FaKZfhwaAAA8XcE.jpg)

elon musk looking tranny

No. 1638588

File: 1662448010741.jpeg (702.16 KB, 750x1525, 5474317C-C8EE-4F2F-8F46-4F14AD…)

No. 1638590

File: 1662448068158.png (20.16 KB, 1131x278, sad.png)

No. 1638595

File: 1662448899673.jpeg (201.17 KB, 1200x1200, 8DE692B7-A5AA-4D0B-8F16-BFC688…)

No. 1638596

thats it nonna sometimes they do bad comedy skits too

No. 1638601

This Rowling shit is so tired. She said absolutely nothing more extremist than what most people already think. These people just can't fathom not getting their way which is why there were keffals-adjacent retards saying Mumsnet should be next after kiwifarms. Anybody (overwhelmingly women) who doesn't bend their knee to troons is a nazi according to these morons.

No. 1638612

god I hate the rapist of vulnerable women, Eli Erlick. it's so fucked that a victim of his killed herself after his goons harassed her for coming forward. as an actual woman who is disabled I wish he'd fucking leave us out of his stupid meme.

No. 1638616

future's looking pretty bleak nonnies

No. 1638617

oh wait its that roblox youtuber who did fucked up shit before rebranding right

No. 1638620

File: 1662452274699.jpg (88.92 KB, 887x374, troondads.jpg)

No. 1638623

She needs to leave him right away.

No. 1638627

Manliest 20yo zoomer

No. 1638628

How do you manage to look 40 at 28? Even if Keffals ruins the internet forever at least I will live happily knowing I don't look that atrocious.

No. 1638630

Is the thread shadowbanned or something? It's a fairly active thread but I can't find it on the catalog.

No. 1638631

most likely autosaged so the tranny/scrote trolls don't find it so easily

No. 1638632

File: 1662455484225.jpg (47.46 KB, 602x298, main-qimg-794b4cf41f800190237e…)

expanded poly-ethylene foam net, i believe

No. 1638633

this is proof it doesn't matter if we ban all the wrong thinking from the world, troons will still feel oppressed by our mere existence

No. 1638634

couldn't see it at first, then i looked into his beady eyes and the muskrat stared back

hairy ass taking a dump on the hands labeled "twitter men with full names and academic credentials in their display names"

No. 1638635

File: 1662455912117.jpg (43.92 KB, 680x510, factthat.jpg)

No. 1638637

thread pic is nightmare inducing

No. 1638639

It's been blown up into a big thing about grooming, but i honestly think the majority of the gays who get into this shit are just having a personality-disordered diva moment thinking of how much they would have liked to have grown up in a gay-friendly world but are so steeped in gay club culture that they have no idea what a child-appropriate performance looks like.

No. 1638640

Okay groomer
Making fun of women is definitely what your childhood was also missing right?

No. 1638647

Really speaks volumes that these 2018 Bernie Bro NYC leftists are all either now tradcow Nazis or trannies.

No. 1638649

how is no one talking about this I'm CACKLING

No. 1638651

File: 1662460553765.png (169.86 KB, 618x184, 1662365911175.png)

This is why troons are protected by all major corporations and the government.

No. 1638659

File: 1662461915811.jpeg (327.19 KB, 750x771, 1060D2CA-3C01-44F2-9535-C3E495…)

this male from the 'lesbian' HER app is serving serial killer realness

No. 1638664

i don't agree with the cosmetics and clothes part. i have never seen a troon who looked like they spent more than $10 on their looks.

No. 1638667

they get a lot of cheap stuff and that adds up over time

No. 1638670

They buy the same clothes over and over because they are austistic scrotes and have no control over themselves, which is why they also buy a lot of things, which were intented for little girls to play with. Just go to one of these reddit tranny horror threads, they often say they want to buy so many things and can't control themselves while shopping because it is "such a girly trait"and these idiots cannot comprehend that women wear pants too and not only "spinny skirts"

No. 1638672

File: 1662464212160.jpg (392.15 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20220906_063520.jpg)

That 4 panel gc meme appeared on reddit today. Huge gender discussion in comments. Holy hell this person compared me saying women are being ignored (in reference to 'birthing people, lack of 'define a man' etc) to the KKK kek

No. 1638675

most of them would rather buy 500 dollars' worth of cheapo shit on shein than spend money on something that actually fits.

No. 1638686

It's so funny and tragic to see him cope and try to convince himself that this is true.

>It's not a wound trying to close up!!! - we do have to dilate though or it closes up

>dilation isn't bad!!! - except for the very large of people who find it unbearably painful, but don't listen to them because trans people are liarswait uhhh i didn't say that
>it's not a fetish!!! - we do get off on dilating though
>hormones makes a dick more like a vagina!!! - we do need full srs surgery though (and you have to pay for it)
>They function the same!!! - as long as we ignore all other functions than getting fucked by a dick

No. 1638687

Honestly didn't know he was this fat. All those hormones and he still gains fat like a male… nature is fascinating.

No. 1638704

Oh wait is this the one who’s been posted before that has a fishnet fetish and showed up to film the terfs at an event in the UK? I swear it’s the same guy. Only person I’ve ever seen consistently wear shit that’s that ugly.

No. 1638707

I don’t understand how this can be allowed. I think any group that’s under danger from another should be allowed a space that is uniquely theirs for safety, but especially women. There is a reason female train cars exist in some places, there is a reason the bathroom has become a safe space for women when we’re out and being followed or trying to get away from a man. Men don’t relate to this, their main danger is one another so it’s up to them to stop it from occurring, but to use their words, women are a “historically oppressed” group of people who have been exposed to extreme sexism, rape, murder, and more due to mens anger. We have a right to have our own spaces for protection. If TiMs want them so bad they should work for their own too, it isn’t fair to take a space when you weren’t offered it. Plus, they’re men. They have masturbated in our bathrooms. They have talked about approaching children to offer them menstrual products. These are the men we want away from. It’s not even just about spaces like bathrooms, but spaces where we can gather in general without a man in our midst. Support groups that are relevant to our female experiences like pregnancy or endometriosis, or even hobby groups. I commend any women’s groups that have kept the males pushed out, spaces for us are a necessity for our bonding and positive growth as women. I don’t want to sound crunchy, but there really is something healing about being somewhere that is just for women, surrounded by each other. We look out for each other, and men are never going to be part of that. They already have each other’s backs anyway, even when doing the most depraved things. They all get off on women’s suffering.

No. 1638712

This is why Roe v Wade is so devastating in the midst of everything else. They know they can baby trap women now. I hope he dies in a freak accident.

No. 1638736

kek. i love when they think they look cute and quirky when everyone knows they’re using their greasy hair to hide the massive moid face.

No. 1638751

I wasn't allowed to breastfed due to being on medications when I had my daughter. I really wanted to breastfeed but of course I didn't. It is disturbing to see these trannies putting their own desires ahead of the wellbeing of their children.

No. 1638762

There's a youtube channel called Soft White Underbelly that has a few interviews with detransitioned mtfs. It might help you to listen to others who have been in the same situation, and then make a decision from there. I wish you the best of luck, but I also suggest that you go somewhere other than lolcow for further help.

No. 1638765

this is an omen

No. 1638786

File: 1662472349163.jpg (212.21 KB, 896x953, Fb6UL9sXEAAIUkt.jpg)

Spotted in germany at the most recent CSD.
Better watch out or you'll lose your teeth.

No. 1638790

Raver girl party fashion. Probably skin-walking the girl who broke his heart in the early 2000s.

No. 1638796

because of the country's past no one dares to speak up against a minority group, even if they do things like that

No. 1638809

The country's past being gay erasure, strictly enforced gender roles and violent moids brutalizing women who identify as feminist?

No. 1638821

I was more talking about the gas chambers but this fits well too. There were even troon experiments, so aren't theoretically the trannies closer to the nazis than us normal women?

No. 1638828

Degenerate moids know no allegiance except to their sexual desires. The real issues run deeper than political lines because the democrats and republicans both hate women, they just express it differently.

Why do these freaks NEED to have children as their audience? I used to think my father was an awful, vile and homophobic man; Now , reflecting on his words. He was right; They don't want their lifestyle to die out but they can't spread it the natural way, you know, by having children and raising them. They need to infuse it into the next generation while they're young and malleable.

There was a video posted here, I can't remember the title. But it was about how a single child, started on HRT at 7 and transitioned early, will spend millions ( insurance covered of course) on maintaining the look. Unlike modern troons who simply skinwalk the women they lusted over, younger troons only have society to look at and build their look to. So an MtF will pay for the ultra hair remover 6000 and BroConcealer Peach. A fTM will pay for the BIGGEST THICKEST packer she can buy and the tightest fake muscle suit she can afford. She'll get the monthly subscription box of testosterone… It's just endless spending to play pretend.

No. 1638829

File: 1662474431586.png (101.22 KB, 703x804, Fb-aE95WAAEjl2P.png)


No. 1638832

Kek the audacity of Gibes to chime in when he literally has to have his hole reopened because he let it close up (like an ear piercing) after not dilating for so long.

No. 1638838

the troon cult allows no one to say anything bad about their axe wounds.

No. 1638885

This is something I don’t understand. I get the whole “crabs in a bucket mentality”, but if I went through a medical procedure that fucked up my body and life I would be making noise about it. Is it just men’s inability to admit they fucked up and were wrong about something? Is that another reason we see many more female detransitioners than males?

No. 1638890

People will always turn the microphone on for women. No one cares about moids, which is why so many FtMs de-transition. They learn it the hard way kek

No. 1638911

File: 1662477223790.jpeg (919.23 KB, 1284x1482, 8A02EF63-DE59-4535-A7DA-6BC40D…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if TiMs kill her someday, then try to spin it as her deserving it just for speaking on what she believes. Imagine being a moid who wants to beat women up because they speak their minds and still thinking you’re “on the right side of history”.

No. 1638914

the present day define a woman one?

saw it too. comments were depressing.

No. 1638916

They really write this stuff out in public like it’s their diary.

No. 1638917

Can someone post the meme? I’m sure it’s been posted before but I can’t remember which one it specifically is.

No. 1638947

Wtf? Spend near a decade as some typical crazed misogynist tyrant, likely spewing vile shit about women while gaslighting them for support and ostracising the ones against their own dehumanisation, then ask this thread to find you some new holistic community? Sensational, you’re literally incapable of respecting women as people.

Your vapid entitlement tells me you’re only detransing now that you’ve learned transmaxxing doesn’t work and the shemale dating pool consists solely of faggot body horror fanatics.

No. 1638973

File: 1662481338226.jpg (476.91 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20220906_112248.jpg)

Here ya go. R/terriblefacebookmemes

No. 1638978

Ik it's missing the point but the cleavage up to her neck in the 1919 version annoys me so much. I wish this was a regular comic instead of retarded wojaks

No. 1638982

Thanks. I think the wojack memes are stupid and tired at this point but idk how they can argue the message isn’t true. When you bring up that question all they can give is circular definitions that mean nothing.

No. 1638993

File: 1662482924632.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20220906-124946-259…)

Just one of those ~AuTuMn gworls~

No. 1639010

i bet he only read berserk to jerk off to the image of guts getting raped as a child

No. 1639012

File: 1662484117757.jpeg (838.13 KB, 1170x1710, BD93ED2E-9889-424A-B2A6-FD5C54…)


No. 1639021

It's the scrote you hated ten years ago for being a weird creep, but now you're not even allowed to tell him that.

No. 1639025

no matter how many updoots he gets, hwnbaw

No. 1639031

r/askAGP? So they admit AGP is a real thing?

No. 1639033

its terrible cope, these are the same people who think their axe wounds are the same thing as vaginas.

No. 1639040

Isn't this a good proof that women shouldn't be sharing their spaces with these crazy men?

No. 1639044

File: 1662485096102.jpg (192.26 KB, 1440x1086, FaHwRAvWAAA_t06.jpg)

cat ears and terrible application of his lipstick

No. 1639047

File: 1662485195009.png (562.04 KB, 1447x730, 45.png)

poor scrote his wife doesn't want him anymore after ruining their marriage

No. 1639048

File: 1662485224022.png (1.36 MB, 1648x1740, aaaAAAAAAAAA.png)

various assortment of cringe off of r/MTF. I genuinely despise how easy it is to find posts like this because for every transbian and egg AGP crossdressing post there are hundreds more exactly like it and yet they still have the gall to say shit like "AGP isn't real, this never happens! not a fetish!"

just like the real thing! gynecologists can't even tell the difference

so he admits that he's no better than any other pornsick man, or..?

No. 1639050

Sometimes they also sing live, dance or do comedy stuff.
I like some drag queens for their makeup skills or overall aesthetic but I don't find them that entertaining too.

No. 1639051

File: 1662485304684.jpg (245.88 KB, 1212x1686, FZqvjwlXkAEUZp5.jpg)

nonnas I died

No. 1639054

looks like he wore a mask like dwight on the office

No. 1639061

File: 1662485646420.jpeg (947.07 KB, 828x1329, 298BA371-2638-4690-B177-7E6A0B…)

pornsick troon who was married to charlotte sartre just posted this, in another story he says about how he transitioned to save his marriage but I guess that didn’t work out kek

No. 1639063

File: 1662485671727.png (515.32 KB, 747x485, lol.png)

No. 1639074

File: 1662486238661.png (40.35 KB, 748x635, 12Twitter.png)

if you're into fetishes the logical course of action is to pretend to be a woman

No. 1639079

Holy shit what are those lumps in his leg?

No. 1639082

File: 1662486663252.png (2.26 MB, 1731x1849, ugly wig.png)

No. 1639085

>your "fetishes" are you using kink to access female-only spaces

No. 1639091

File: 1662487091016.png (25.8 KB, 748x264, Cassie Quirkt Up Progchamp on …)

No. 1639094

note the 1100+ likes. but of course this isn't a fetish for troons right?

No. 1639096

File: 1662487201457.jpg (183.29 KB, 786x1048, FZjyiRLXEAEuaqg.jpg)

No. 1639115

KF scrote, kys.

No. 1639116

some do but they also think there is nothing wrong with it because "sex positivity"

No. 1639121

Because they have no theory of mind for women. They are unable to see their partner as an independent person with thoughts and desires different from their own.

No. 1639124


Something from a VERY specific porn scene

No. 1639128

i’ve just been gym and my brain needs food. is he talking shit about my boy Guts.

i’m so fucking desensitised to their pedo two but that engaged my tism. kek

No. 1639135

File: 1662489184152.jpg (202.38 KB, 1280x720, Fb9qd2WXEAA62Ob.jpg)

colon forgot to photoshop his face here

No. 1639137

this. trans ideology is a fraud because why on earth should women welcome our biggest threat, out biggest fear, which is men, into spaces where we’re vulnerable and allow them to identify as us? it doesn’t make any sense. we’re the only oppressed group that isn’t allowed to establish firm boundaries or even think about resisting. trans ideology goes as far as telling women that we’re privileged somehow over men with fetishes and delusions of being us. what a sick joke all of this is, and it’s being done on purpose by men to dismantle feminism from the inside. the handmaidens and useful idiots are doing all their dirty work for them while patting themselves on the back for being so woke and privileged enough to entertain the luxury belief that women are subjective social construct rather than a sex class. and what are we gonna do about it? just try to wake other women up and hope one day we’ll have the numbers we need to stop this cancer from spreading.

No. 1639142

File: 1662489457312.png (33.39 KB, 747x453, right.png)

things that never happened

No. 1639165

File: 1662490346645.png (825.37 KB, 1533x2048, chrome_screenshot_166249037890…)

No. 1639195

Especially since the comments cannot collectively agree what the definition of a woman is. Literally meme playing out right there. Wojoack dumb but this meme is speakong truth right now kek

No. 1639204

i can't imagine going through life playing dumb about one of the most basic things in the world. it must be torture.

No. 1639210

i would love to be a fly in the room when his hairline starts receding and he starts balding

No. 1639213

kek what do you mean when, his stringy bangs start from the top of his skull

No. 1639223

can you post how he looks? now i wanna see that ''baby childlike pretty face'' he probably looks like the most beta moid ever

No. 1639225

it's the moid in the op

No. 1639232

File: 1662492456760.jpeg (169.17 KB, 1169x1169, 23CA2F1E-4FB4-4972-99E0-77D417…)

The fact that people are mad over honter saying he thinks genderspecials are retarded but defended him when he admitted he views women as sex objects

No. 1639241

File: 1662492706005.png (1.31 MB, 1356x774, tech troon.png)

another tech troon i got reccomended, it's a curse to be a woman and be into tech
>those little girl twintails
>as a grandpa
>calls himself ''geek girl''
holy shit i didn't notice, aside from being a moid there has to be another problem with him he sounds delusional and autistic

No. 1639249

File: 1662492929016.jpg (75.46 KB, 1074x1465, mco6h8wo8pk91.jpg)

its the scrote from the thread image, lookin like crackhead weird al in his 70s

No. 1639270

File: 1662493779043.jpg (491.85 KB, 1209x1602, hellowfellowfemales.jpg)

another one biting the midlife crisis divorced dad dust (not that it's a great loss kek. this guy keeps cracking me up with his absolute psycho stare. also making me want to a-log hard because of his blatant fetishisation of teenage girl aesthetics. you can try looking like your daughter's e-girl friends as much as you like but sadly ywnbaw Dwayne

No. 1639271

File: 1662493820817.jpg (57.95 KB, 393x411, thatdamnsmile.jpg)

samefagging because i just had to nonas

No. 1639274

the bailiff must have stared so intensively at him because he looks like a goblin

No. 1639276

File: 1662493918228.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x2239, 4AD0E91F-B3A7-4BB0-A366-78A0E1…)

>“One member pissed herself in her bejewelled gown, before pouring bottles of urine on herself and the pavement outside the building, all the while shouting: “The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets”.

Trannies being absolutely disgusting, as per.

No. 1639278

what flag is that on his shirt??

No. 1639279

you can tell the type of porn these troons watch by how they dress, this one definitely has a tiktok where he stalks barely legal teen e-girls

No. 1639280

I’m crying he looks like a sex offender

No. 1639285

ayrt, it's the bi pride flag, because he is a proud (and I quote here) genderfluid bi+ polyam sub and very proud of that ig!

No. 1639301

File: 1662494866193.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.24 KB, 317x640, 9E86FCF4-49AE-4C48-9200-5A016A…)

>The activist, speaking to VICE on the condition of anonymity, described the dramatic action as “an extreme version of the public embarrassment that trans people experience on a daily basis"

Blatantly acknowledging that what they're doing is public humiliation/exhibitionism.

I guarantee that some normie TRAs on Twitter are expressing mild disapproval of this and getting fucking dogpiled for it.

No. 1639306

I just looked it up and it's apparently the genderfluid flag

No. 1639308

are you telling me there is not one, but 2+ people dating this thing? and incels then complain about getting no pussy

No. 1639309

transactivists have no souls.

No. 1639318

no one is dating Dwayne nonnie, bi+ is how wokies say bisexual now because uhm. dunno if you heard. but there are actually more than 2 genders.

No. 1639319

>it’s just endless spending to play pretend
the ultimate privileged class hobby.

No. 1639340

it’s the beauty and the beast mentality. women are supposed to prove their virtue and love by ignoring the red flags in men and loving them unconditionally while expecting nothing in return.

No. 1639350

there’s no pussy in transmaxxing, just limp dick and prison gay sex.

No. 1639379

File: 1662498335098.png (589.48 KB, 742x945, 23.png)

No. 1639381

File: 1662498392412.jpg (217.16 KB, 1242x1052, Fb3c4WzXkAAu2P1.jpg)

for troons who hate their penis they sure like talking about it a lot

No. 1639383

and how does he look like WITH edits

No. 1639384

File: 1662498470256.png (100.87 KB, 846x1016, 34.png)

tranny trying to convince everyone that they didn't transition because of the sissy porn

No. 1639385

Is it body dysmorphia if he see the truth though?

No. 1639388

File: 1662498657122.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x4796, F7627416-AF3F-475F-917E-E091B2…)


A ‘piss-in’ more like a pisstake. How in fuck were they allowed to do this? Police too busy doing the Macarena? Same police that have now said to trannies that they can use whatever force deemed fit for a woman talking about womens rights this weekend.

I’m so fucking over it MAN. Jfc

No. 1639391

File: 1662498751016.png (676.97 KB, 727x870, 78.png)

imagine the smell

No. 1639399

There’s barely a healthy looking bottle of piss amongst them. Haha

No. 1639401

File: 1662498935318.png (550.46 KB, 772x857, 90.png)

No. 1639410

I'd like to know what their thoughts would be if their spouse aged or gained a little weight. Actually never mind, already know what they'd think of that. They'd say that's totally justifiable yet can't understand why their spouse might hold them to a similar standard.

No. 1639416

5 months??? I understand going some weeks but jesus

No. 1639427

File: 1662499874937.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x8110, D3957066-5594-46EE-A636-7D5A36…)

LMFAO J.K. Rowling finally got fed up of a tranny lover on her Twitter and BTFO outta them 1v1. Idk if they’ll reply back to her.

No. 1639435

File: 1662500168550.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x5605, 31037F91-0D95-47AA-9A4E-66D556…)

Part 2. They’ve scurried back to their hovel and begging others to do the work for them. Kek

No. 1639438

how do you have enough clothing to do this?

No. 1639440

linda ellis being a total badass lmfao

No. 1639444

This is so fucking funny. They think all of their critics are cartoonishly hateful people spouting slurs when most of them are just pointing out facts.

No. 1639465

Vile degenerates.

No. 1639501

Jk is fed up with the trolls lel
>I love the troons
She doesn't need to lie like that

No. 1639525

KEK, she's a hardware person, which is funny since trannies are often associated with software and coding…
But EE and CS are closely related I guess. Any Mechanical and aeronautical engineers could tell about the current status of genderspecials in their subfields?

No. 1639553

Is it bad this didn’t even bring a reaction to me? I mentally said “o….k” and that was that. Men are weird.

No. 1639554

I remember seeing something like this at pride once and most of the normies there were making disgusted or confused faces kek. If their intention is to drive people away, they do a great job of it all by themselves.

No. 1639559

The bottles look really dehydrated. Is that part of HRT or do they just not ever drink water?

No. 1639565

OT but she looks so beautiful in that pfp. I hope I can look half as nice when I’m older.

No. 1639570

Be a consoomer moid who spends all his money on fetishwear and was never taught how to do laundry.

No. 1639597

Pissing into bottles, so womanly!

No. 1639676

Nonnie, the original text in Portuguese sounds 10x more unhinged and narcissistic. I can't exactly explain how, but it reads as a monologue from a schizo.

No. 1639691

Fucking kek. I love Rowling for this.

No. 1639751

why is he using so many hyphens? did this trans-woman fail high-school or some-thing?

No. 1639767

File: 1662508092290.jpg (66.64 KB, 667x456, Tumblr_l_2724961311967331.jpg)

They're the ones who demanded this forced allyship behavior from women and now that they've got it they're still not happy like it's womens fault they're so disgustingly ugly kek. It's nice to see a self aware one for once, though. You're right trannies, women absolutely do see you as our idea of horror<3

No. 1639777

Aaand this is why you don't try to appease the mentally ill.

No. 1639794

File: 1662508540984.png (92.93 KB, 648x584, brave and stunning.png)

this person got exposed for having a rape, incest and racial kink, but sure keep blaming women for woke points

No. 1639815


The guy was probably intimidated by this ogre and thought it would be a bad idea to walk in front of a mentally ill orc. Never know when they get sudden violent urges.

No. 1639920

underrated comment

No. 1639937

Come to think of it, why not just make stickers that look like they’re from troons? Shit like “you’re not a woman, you’re a bleeder/menstruator/uterus haver”. That shit would actually make people think about it for a second longer.

No. 1639947

File: 1662511671094.png (1.37 MB, 864x1872, Screenshot_20220906-204739.png)

Literal horrorcow

No. 1639950

File: 1662511750037.png (1.11 MB, 864x1704, Screenshot_20220906-204839.png)

This dude is insane , I can't believe he destroyed his body like this. He was pretty handsome before

No. 1639951

Like even out side of looks all I ever want to ask these people is "If it is the same as a woman's vagina, say three things it does that are not "makes me feel" statements."
I can name 10 off the top of my head for a vagina without even discussing it as a pathway to other organs. I cant think of a single one their wound does other then self close. Also whenever they say it's self cleaning like the authentic specimen, I want to gag. That just really means they don't clean it and somehow that is the worst thought of all.

No. 1639997

based Jen

No. 1640046

File: 1662514036178.jpg (88.85 KB, 910x919, 1662249140817242.jpg)

this troon needs to chop it off if he's going to wear tight pants.

No. 1640065

>When I was 16 somebody groomed me
What a surprise!

No. 1640122

It's amazing how much they tell on themselves. It's truly because moids have no shame. As a vulnerable teenager a 42 year old pervert in a dress convinced you that the only way to feel better was to chop off your dick. I bet he also pointed you towards the tranny porn sites you worked on. I can't wait until one of his underage cat boys realizes they were groomed and leaks the logs.

No. 1640199

i love when autistic scrotoids enthusiastically do this to themselves. how do regular folk make money off this? invest in companies coming out with osteoporosis drugs?

No. 1640242

>a 42 year old talking to a 16/yo
>introducing him to porn
>to drugs
>referring lucas to a 'endo' he knows that will easily pass him drugs w/o going thru proper channels
>starred in porn at 18
and lucas says he wasn't groomed

No. 1640272

wasn't he also a furry in his teens?

No. 1640284

finally a troon who understands that women telling them they’re pretty is a condescending pity compliment, and might as well be an insult. “wow, you’re so pretty… for a hideous male creature”. “wow, you’re so smart… for a retard”.

No. 1640295

>he was pretty handsome before
nice try, stupid troon.

No. 1640297

troongina is basically a piercing hole without a piercing.

No. 1640300

misery loves company.

No. 1640399

This really says it all, doesn’t it

No. 1640402

He should be ashamed yet it is basically illegal to insult this. He looks like a science teacher

No. 1640416

File: 1662528644376.jpeg (155.67 KB, 828x324, A2BF6E73-E022-443C-8F0A-9C7085…)

I was scrolling through my twitter feed and was able to clock a tranny straight up lmao, they still act and look so male.

No. 1640421

File: 1662528908743.jpeg (752.8 KB, 828x1345, B82DEB6A-4D0B-4C75-ABE8-4A25A6…)

Seriously wtf? Why must these troons try to claim anything that gives women power and strength only to destroy it? So entitled, their whole feed is them claiming everything is trans. Lmao such a sad cope.

No. 1640428

File: 1662529507397.jpeg (753.44 KB, 1242x3856, B08F5654-B5F0-4A58-81FA-573724…)

Bruh. What the actual fuck.

No. 1640434

> Why must these troons try to claim anything that gives women power and strength only to destroy it?
isn’t that the point of male troonism? to appropriate and destroy?

No. 1640436

File: 1662530311219.jpg (350.88 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220907-075547_Syn…)

Troon abuses laxatives to shit in the women's restroom. This can't be real right?

No. 1640441

castrating kids robs them of their sexual function when they become adults, who would have thought. also, who the fuck wants a gross agp troon to deliver their fucking baby, that’s probably one of his fetishes.

No. 1640448

i was frustrated today when i went to starbucks and they only had gender neutral toilets, but now i think i’d rather have unisex toilets than anything that gives troons euphoria diarrhea.

No. 1640454

please let this be a joke

No. 1640472

It is very fucked but they don’t put this part in the media when they show “trans kids”
Also trannies say “this is what we have to do because you won’t give us the hormones we want. Just give 10 year old boys estrogen/8 year old girls testosterone then” which is even more horrific

No. 1640482

Was he raised in a pigsty? No wonder male toilets smell the way they do. I honestly can't remember the last time (or if ever) I saw a sign of poop in women's toilets and I don't think I have ever pooped in a public space.

No. 1640490

>it was like my body did not follow my will until it eventually submitted

How ironic. For the horrible shit you do to your XY body and for the poor women who have to deal with you with quiet and exasperated sighs.

No. 1640509

from what i remember his ex wife got his face tattooed on her, that must’ve aged very poorly kek

No. 1640516

>l-look at your past tweets!
>uhh I don't know when you said it, but I bet you do!!1
Top motherfucking kek. It's always the same story with these people. You tell them to show you exactly where she said anything "bigoted" or hateful and they start to fucking stutter. Notice how they never directly quote her? Yeah.

No. 1640540

his username includes the word "mama" ugh

No. 1640543

>went to the next town over just to forve himself to poop in the womens washroom
Is the tranny ok?

No. 1640568

These threads are always easy to find in the catalog because they always have the most grotesque OP pics. And this one takes the cake.
Kek. That should be a wake-up call if this person is smart enough.

No. 1640572

File: 1662542507850.jpeg (32.79 KB, 600x286, 70BE06AD-DC63-4AEA-866B-4AF1AD…)

What’s really funny is that last year, a political party hung up posters saying “Nazis töten.” which translates to “nazis kill.” but in german, it could be interpreted as a call to kill nazis. Many people said it was inappropriate for the ambiguous message and that it was dangerous and could lead to violence (even “non nazis” said it), so it went to court but was ruled as acceptable.
Blatant violence towards women, not even “transphobes”, only WOMEN, is fine with them. The poster in the quoted post and their “kill terfs” posters are direct calls to hurt women and nobody bats an eye. It boggles the mind

No. 1640574

"kill nazis" is becoming less acceptable compared to "kill terfs" also because of the far right male to "far left" tranny pipeline

No. 1640583

>shaved everything

i hate this. i hate the whole post.

No. 1640585

It's unbelievable how socially acceptable slogans calling to hurt, assault and even kill 'terfs' (women) are. Part of it is due to the fact that only women are being targeted so no one cares, part of it is because the average normie has no idea what the fuck a terf is and troons know that. It's a lot easier to get away with this kind of shit if the majority of people are uninformed about 'terfs' and are therefore more likely to believe the TRA's lies about them (such as the trans genocide bullshit). Psychotic.

No. 1640594

German anons, please tell me for my sanity this shit is not from a popular or respected party but some fringe retard one.

No. 1640597

poor german nonnies
this is fucked up!!!

No. 1640601

kek im da joker baby. great way to make your movement look normal and sympathetic. also trannies plz drink more water this piss looks diseased fr
why do straight moids do the polite cat lip purse in EVERY photo? it makes them look genuinely a bit slow
paranoiacs manufacturing the conditions of their own paranoia example #3892

No. 1640609

are you new here?

No. 1640610

this is 100% a piss/humiliation fetish thing.

No. 1640614

the first one is from a satirical party (mostly male, many pedophiles, very misogynist) who people only vote to le epic trolle the elections, the second one is from some "queer-anarcho-feminist-collective" so probably just three retarded leftists trannies, the third one is actually in the name of a party who got 4,9% of the votes in the last nation-wide election which i think counts as respected party. it's their local youth branch who made this banner though, so once again just a few trannies i guess. on twitter the banner got so much backlash from GC feminists, even in non-german countries. they really fucked themselves over with that one kek

No. 1640633

File: 1662551419230.jpg (55.55 KB, 635x183, trans.jpg)

Reading Trans by Helen Joyce and here's how troons retaliate against authors who write anything remotely negative about their cult.

No. 1640696

So… the reason they discover they're trans "via sexual means" isn't because it's a fetish, it's because people say it's a fetish? Make it make sense.

No. 1640701

Yep, that reminds me. Recently I’ve seen a multitude of posts going around on tumblr about how misandry is real and how it’s so bad and mean to categorize men as an oppressive group or to even be upset about how you’ve been treated as a woman because you’re casting an entire half of humanity in a negative light. It’s the whole “women, please suppress your anger about what’s happened to you and just be nice” but reworded and I cannot understand why those posts get so popular now. They’re not even posts mentioning TiFs as men (like those “male positivity” posts just for them), just men in general. It’s like telling any other group that’s been severely kicked and beaten to just lie down and take it. No! Fuck them. It personally took me years and years to even realize the abuse I was getting at the hands of men (subtle and not so subtle, like weaponized incompetence vs outright hitting and shouting). They really just want us to be doormats for every kind of hatred and degeneracy directed at us. They can go fuck themselves.

No. 1640702

Imagine being the artist and making this lovely scene for women and then this man comes along and says this on it. I would simply block him.

No. 1640708

Just block him? Call him a fetishist to make him hopefully be attacked by other trannies and then block him

No. 1640709

That’s what I was thinking. Pooping in public restrooms is such a man thing. Not that women don’t do if it’s an emergency but specifically doing this on purpose? I’ve known women who didn’t even want to use the public bathroom and waited until they were home. Taking a laxative and being out in the world when you don’t know when you’ll have to go sounds miserable. Men are broken in a way that can’t be fixed. Would have been funny if he shit himself.

No. 1640714

You’re right, I should up my game.

No. 1640715

I've literally never shat in a public toilet, guess I'm a man. This moid wasting his time forcing himself to shit in stores instead of staying in the comfort of his home has to be one of the funniest things I've seen on here. He forgot women don't even poop or fart!

No. 1640744

I have an autoimmune disease that makes it sometimes impossible to avoid going number 2 in public, but I fucking hate it. I’ve been in literal pain waiting for other women to leave the stalls so nobody heard me, I’ve stuff paper down the toilet so nobody heard a plop, prayed that someone put on a hand-dryer… I’ve even made the dryer go extra long when drying my own hands before walking out to try and ease anyone else’s anxiety that might be trying to poo. I get mortified at the thought someone might smell it and think it’s me etc…

Now can you image this massive ape bruting his way into the ladies and doing the most massive merciless shit without remorse. God men have no shame. I wish I had some of this social conditioning.

No. 1640747


Nona this looks like the kind of schitzo geocitiesesque websites my dementia ridden grandfather sends to prove Muslims are enforcing Sharia law in NYC. Nobody who is questioning and needs the gentle nudge is going to take this site seriously.

No. 1640770

ayrt kek I do see where you’re coming from. The main reason I posted it was because it’s a newer one and some of the places other nonnies have suggested (like the peak material in OP) aren’t updated anymore. I wish it looked nicer and more streamlined because then it’d probably be okay. Oh well, at least we still have terfisnotaslur and the cotton ceiling google doc.

No. 1640878

It’s womanface, gay men pretty explicitly hate women and though it is a different thing it paved the way for AGPs to get away with porn cosplay in public.

No. 1640906

Kek I've actually shat in a nightclub bathroom before because I was staying at a friend's house and I was too embarrassed to poop there. Highly recommend it, nobody can hear you because it's noisy. Saged for shitblogging

No. 1640937

File: 1662566284790.jpg (84.08 KB, 812x597, IMG_20220907_153257.jpg)

Every few months or so I bump into the Trans Muslimah Alliance rabbit hole all over again, and every time I reminded that one of the most unique types of creativity is male degeneracy because no other type of imagination could make this shit up

No. 1640945

jesus how many fetishes can fit in one entity?

No. 1640950

File: 1662566543277.jpg (105.98 KB, 563x612, IMG_20220907_152648.jpg)

Idk what to tell you there's just a lot going on in these very niche communities. A psychologist should study these

No. 1640960

I feel so bad for the women used in these images

No. 1640961

File: 1662566719494.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.28 KB, 591x960, IMG_20220907_153036.jpg)

Last one because I don't want to inflict any more pain than I have to. This I find to be the most bizarre, they reject sexuality for a strange form of alternate sexuality derived from modesty and morals. I know it's about submission at its core but it's just so strange to think that they get their jollies from being covered up and praying

No. 1640971

Being exposed to violent porn since a kid I can kind of understand AGP and breeding fetishes but the white dude to muslim slave agps are beyond me. I can't even imagine how much porn a dude has to consume to out of all the things end up with these scenarios.

No. 1640974

>to think that they get their jollies from being covered up and praying
They can have it, let normal women be free of that shit and the ugly moids can get the burqas.

No. 1640978

becoming not just a woman but a Muslim woman is seen as the ultimate degradation, plus there is also the BBC racist fetish

No. 1641020

burqas make me want to cry

No. 1641085

Me too. I hate how these scrotes use images of real women for their fetish posting. You see it happening a lot to girls who wear lolita too.

No. 1641247

File: 1662575350942.png (734.09 KB, 532x800, pissedofftrannies.png)

>Masked representatives of the anonymous group Pissed Off Trannies (POT) ceremonially delivered the urine to the EHRC offices in Westminster, London and staged what they described as a “piss-in”.

>One member pissed herself in her bejewelled gown, before pouring bottles of urine on herself and the pavement outside the building, all the while shouting: “The EHRC has blood on its hands and piss on its streets”.

No. 1641251

I guess this is confirmation that no trannies bother to drink water

No. 1641266

>Khadra hits and stomps moid's balls
>Khadra convinces failed male to castrate himself and remove himself from gene pool
>Khadra makes moids fullfil their deranged fantasies between themselves and sparing women from it.
Based TERF queen.
Aaand again I notice that they use a cis woman as the main "helper" for their sissification fetish. I wonder why.
Me too, they seem to be stock photo models, the clothing is too tight fitting to fit like how a muslim woman usually dresses. I bet they would be disgusted if they found their photo is being used for some degenerate fetish like that.

No. 1641268

literally a piss kink thing

No. 1641303

File: 1662577551403.jpeg (504.02 KB, 828x1157, 58D33197-AC50-445C-BA28-04E437…)

This makes me really annoyed. Trannies won’t ever know what it feels like to be ostracised and hate crimed based on your race. It’s like they’re slowly trying to claim all forms of oppression. Fuck off

No. 1641311

TBF I do agree that a lot of this weird nationality-based humour is Americans itching to be racist without getting cancelled.Though lot of these British hate memes include something about 'TERFs' and not troons if anything so I don't understand dwhy he's making it about himself

No. 1641316

The reddit memes he was referring to on the sub were just edgy colonialism/durr your government sucks/lol your accent’s funny/etc, not an attack at the people. It’s literally such a liberal subreddit. And it’s not like American culture, as well as basically every other culture,doesn’t get mocked by 14 year old boys on reddit

Yeah I guess it’s annoying as a British person to see the constant mockery but I think the context is important here. If it wasn’t a tranny it would sound ridiculous and wouldn’t have got 10k upvotes. They literally use it as leverage and no one can say anything

No. 1641348

File: 1662580875307.jpg (123.02 KB, 1135x1520, 1529548376593.jpg)

here's some christorical stuff for ya

No. 1641357

…. An average woman changes undies twice a day.

For undies to last you 5 months… This troon probably wears the same pair for a full week at least. Distusting.

No. 1641366

jfc how are these people real, they pump out so much peak cringe content that something like this post, which has enough cringe to kill a grown man and several small horses, is barely even commented on. incredible

No. 1641372

Blogpost because I'm drunk.
I see so many people treating lucas like a hero I honestly lost the hope for trans ending any time soon. The rest of the world like always will follow the US lobby and women like always will be left as an afterthought. I wish I had a degree in sociology because it's fascinating how a movement led by degenerates took over everyone's perception of reality. But that's how it has always been in history, right? It's just crazy experiencing it first hand.

No. 1641375

It depends on how they're living before they "transition." The ones that get married before they troon out spend like drunken sailors in part to fuck over their wives, but also because they're in some kind of manic narc high. It's the same thing moids do when one gets a side piece, they drain away all the family funds on the other woman.

No. 1641382

Reality will eventually have to assert itself. I predict that the sports thing will be what makes the house of cards fall down. Normies like sport and it is not possible to have women's sport categories with men in dresses winning everything. It will take a while, but things will change.

No. 1641399

And how many broken skulls will it take for those cards to fall? A tranny in a popular olympics event and the bad press from competing countries getting mad they lost a medal and only then maybe the sports world will take note. And even then I bet in smaller events women's category will stay mixed. And even then tras enablers will sperg twawtmam making sports an exception due to biology. If as humanity we couldn't even prevent drowning the planet in plastics I don't put much hope in reality and reason having much to say in men with lots of money pushing their narrative and wanting more money.

No. 1641426

Thanks. That puts me a little more at ease. It would kill me to think that any party that people would actually vote for would okay something threatening sexual or physical violence against women and not just some fringe couple of assholes trying it.

No. 1641427

A lot of sport's bodies have been tightening up their guidelines around tranny participation (https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/jun/20/sebastian-coe-hints-athletics-may-bar-transgender-women-from-female-competition, for instance). The science around women's and men's different physical capabilities is pretty damn clear and no amount of tranny screeching can change that. Getting TRAs to admit that biology matters will be a major loss to them, because that means that biological sex actually is a real thing with real life implications.

No. 1641429

You change your underwear twice a day…?
I mean 5 months of underwear is well over a hundred pairs which is insane in its own right, but let's not pretend changing your underwear twice a day is normal

No. 1641435

I change my underwear twice a day if I am working out. I don't see what's so abnormal about that.

No. 1641447

Once it starts affecting everyday normies it will (and it has been).
The ones who go the most ballistic in the comments on articles or videos about troons in womens sports are always dads. Always. These comments get removed of course, but the next move is screaming at the schools and coaches. I have no doubt this sort of male rage is what led to the FINA ruling that banned troons above the age of 12.

No. 1641452

Can't believe there are people who 1. defend his right to be a tranny and use she/her and say you can't disrespect somebody just because they raped their mom, and 2. say he isn't a valid tran and is "just a fetishist" despite that being the whole point of being trans, and chris-chan looking and behaving like every other tranny out there. Chris chan really did everything first. A true trailblazer.

No. 1641454

did see a news article of Andy Murray’s mum kicking off about a tranny tennis player at least.

based queen.

No. 1641460

File: 1662587945247.png (1.02 MB, 1429x2048, chrome_screenshot_166258786101…)


No. 1641461

I do. I have the pair I put on in the morning and then the pair I put on later after a shower or bath to sleep in. That doesn’t seem that weird.

No. 1641464

I’m doomposting but women were never a forethought. The world has always hated us and will continue to even after the trans empire collapses. The only way is true separatism but that’s near impossible.

No. 1641465

how voice feminisation course for trans people can be transphobic? what is she on about?

No. 1641468

He’s saying the ad for Walsh’s doc being on a trans voice training video is transphobic, not the vid itself.

No. 1641492

I hate how this stupid meme is so entrenched in media made by baby boomers, alongside the slacker/loser hero. Those two have fucked over so many millennial women. I don't think mothers even realized what poisonous messages they were exposing kids to, let alone what a toxic combination they are together. Moms just thought something like, "Tee hee, you don't have to be perfect to be a hero. Everybody should see people for who they are on the inside!" In reality, girls learned that they have to tolerate abuse and prove themselves to scrotes, boys learned to expect that from pretty women, and that they don't have to do shit and men are just born to be the winner.

No. 1641514

Honestly yeah, it’s hard imagining the story the other way around because the way it was told is so true. Women who have a lot going for them end up with total loser slovenly angry men and think that’s okay. I hate that.

No. 1641534

I hate walsh but I gotta give it to him for trolling the troons like this.

No. 1641536

File: 1662591592102.jpg (206.68 KB, 1080x1452, FcFjNiKX0AIcYMX.jpg)

What in the actual fuck

No. 1641541

they always, always, go to reddit before going to the hospital.

No. 1641548

File: 1662592075371.jpg (355.99 KB, 1256x1382, Fb_Wgt6acAEcw2r.jpg)

>drag kids

No. 1641552

He has in unit washer and dryer and still doesn't do the laundry for 5 months??

No. 1641589

You've got me thinking about how you'd reverse the gender in the story and still have it make sense. I'm not sure it's possible. Not in the least because a male version of Belle wouldn't have to worry about being too oppressed to go on an adventure, he'd just go on an adventure and none of the townsfolk would find it weird. That's basically half of the conflict of the story gone.
I'm thinking about it too deeply now nonas.

No. 1641599

kek at the box of enemas just casually on display

No. 1641611

You are right. Wow that is absolutely disgusting.

No. 1641627

I'm so fucking done with anything that has to do with crossdressing and drag. It's all the same shit, all the same porn addicted pedos, the difference is like chosing soft or hard tacos. "Pride" and minors is a cancer.

No. 1641648

File: 1662596634784.png (442.81 KB, 1243x574, Screenshot 3.png)

wait till you read up about Alfred Kinsly, he's considered the founding father of "sexology." in the 1950s wrote the book "Sex and the Human Male" which is still widely references in higher education and psychology. His experiments were considered ground breaking at the time.
he also kept a collection of child porn(that he claimed was only for "research" purpose) and had an fascination with the genitals of young boys, not to mention his iffy research methods which he based his work on

>Kinsey's research went beyond theory and interview to include observation of and participation in sexual activity, sometimes involving co-workers. Kinsey justified this sexual experimentation as being necessary to gain the confidence of his research subjects. He encouraged his staff to do likewise, and to engage in a wide range of sexual activity, to the extent that they felt comfortable; he argued that this would help his interviewers understand the participants' responses.[17][18] Kinsey filmed sexual acts which included co-workers in the attic of his home as part of his research;[19]

>Kinsey collected sexual material from around the world, which brought him to the attention of the U.S. Customs Service when they seized some pornographic films in 1956; he died before this matter was resolved legally.[19] Kinsey wrote about pre-adolescent orgasms using data in tables 30 to 34 of the male volume, which report observations of orgasms in over 300 children aged from two months up to fifteen years.[24] This information was said to have come from adults' childhood memories, or from parent or teacher observation.[25] Kinsey said he also interviewed nine men who had sexual experiences with children and who told him about the children's responses and reactions. Little attention was paid to this part of Kinsey's research at the time, but where Kinsey had gained this information began to be questioned nearly 40 years later.[26] It was later revealed that Kinsey used data from a single pedophile and presented it as being from various sources. Kinsey had seen the need for participant confidentiality and anonymity as necessary to gain "honest answers on such taboo subjects".[27][28] Years later, the Kinsey Institute said that the data on children in tables 31–34 came from one man's journal (started in 1917) and that the events concerned predated the Kinsey Reports.[28][29]

a lot of academic social theorists are just male pedophiles and fetishists who wanted to rape children

No. 1641724

how is it a protest when they are just doing what they'd normally do at home?

No. 1641728

is this gravage? what a disgusting practice

No. 1641733

>implying that trannies would attack their own for blatant public displays of fetishism
Its just not realistic

No. 1641768

I'm so glad they found a way to get more parents to put their kids in pedophilic child pageants. The boys section on Toddlers and Tiaras was always lacking.

No. 1641865

File: 1662610159661.jpg (156.56 KB, 960x960, pgfi5svd69161.jpg)

Why do so many troons who were soyboys, seem to look more masculine after trooning out

No. 1641868

Notice how they use the progress pride flag despite the blinding whiteness of the photos used. Performative liberalism at its finest.

No. 1641873

File: 1662610379520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.57 KB, 750x1376, 12AE575B-7943-4A22-B2BD-5B7CB0…)

the necrotic saga continues.

No. 1641877

Fucking KEK! As if a respectable gyno wouldn't know the difference between a real vagina and an a eunuch wound. That's some pure delusion right there.

No. 1641885

File: 1662610864954.png (355.53 KB, 1091x632, Super trans friendly 65yo. HRT…)

65 year old scrote cutting his balls off. He had a hard time finding someone to operate on him so he had to go with someone else.

No. 1641886

this guy keeps posting his rot pocket every single day on that subreddit.

No. 1641889

File: 1662611169315.jpg (487.39 KB, 2880x2880, n3ksw4rb1im91.jpg)

No. 1641896

Got that Whoville nose

No. 1641900

File: 1662611786626.png (143.17 KB, 1088x1257, NSFW Update my Ex Boyfriend is…)

the guy with the pooping post has a new adventure.

No. 1641906

that happened

No. 1641908

File: 1662612067496.png (47.47 KB, 1120x558, what.png)

look at this deadbeat dad and the two replies kid trapping their wives before they transitioned.

No. 1641909

Why do they keep saying this? Any gyno who wasn’t able to notice the complete absence of a cervix wouldn’t be in business very long. They really do think that a woman’s reproductive organs just stop at the birth canal.

No. 1641911

literal fucking womb envy

No. 1641943

Awful biological knowledge, porn addiction, and a fervent echo chamber to quiet any uncertainty - these are the three ingredients for them to come up with shit like this. If they really had any form of solidarity for each other, they wouldn't be spouting such nonsense.

It's post like this that make me wish their wives could take them to court and make bank on it. If you're on the verge of trooning and still pulling someone into a marriage without their knowing, you should be held accountable for it. It's a time, energy, and resources loss.

No. 1641947

File: 1662614333081.png (173.16 KB, 2035x642, 78.png)

No. 1641950

File: 1662614507333.jpg (964.5 KB, 4080x3072, 9dfy8amorjm91.jpg)

this is the guy bt the way and he also wore his mothers bras and underwear and used her tampons too…

No. 1641951

He’s been shoving tampons up his butt his whole life? Like…as a child?

Was there any more discussion on this bizarre statement or did they just leave it at that?

No. 1641995

their failed attempt at femininity only brings out their masculinity through sheer contrast

No. 1642001

No. 1642010

the most realistic part of this is them admitting to sleeping all day, being a recovering addict and the doctor telling him he has depression.

No. 1642013

>held off on telling anyone until children

Absolute fucking beast just used his wife/gf as an incubator. men continue to sicken me.

No. 1642020

he looks exactly like someone who would still his mother's underwears and tampons tbh

No. 1642025

No. 1642048

File: 1662622555288.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.76 KB, 847x474, pgfi5svd69161.jpg)

Again why is always women taking the role of "force feminizing" these dudes and becoming their "dommy mommy's" in their idealized fantasies

No. 1642054

Weirdest thing is that Chris admitted to being AGP incel himself who only went trans cause he thought it would get him laid better and somehow a lot of people still didn't care. Who knew being a fetishist creep was a valid trans experience.

No. 1642061

Devil's advocate: Ok, let's say that you are "responsibly" participating in a fetish. Why did you trace an actual child though? I thought ageplay was specifically just about emulating childlike qualities and the thought of actually sexualizing an actual child is taboo in your places? You presumably made other pictures of your kink without the use of models before, why do it now? You also clarified that this is YOUR kink, this isn't a commission for some other creep, YOU yourself admitted to getting off to this, and we would logically assume that you were aroused in the making of said picture.

Sage for autism

No. 1642069

File: 1662624528193.jpg (728.28 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20220908-005954.jpg)

spotted this lovely specimen in the comments of subreddits meant for autistic women. he reminds me of the Sim characters I made when I was 12 that I would purposefully make to be as ugly as possible

No. 1642085

I assume it's bc these are AGPs who are predominantly straight men aka attracted sexually to women

No. 1642096

being a fetishist creep is all there is to trans experience

No. 1642097

He's so fucking old the anesthesia could trigger rapid onset of dementia. These men are absolute idiots.
NGL for some of these cavemen looking scrotes, they go from a 2/10 male to a 3/10 male, maybe even a 4 if they're really lucky. Which is nice, I guess. It just shouldn't be paid for by insurance or tax money, or proof of female-ness.

No. 1642100

Is this thread on autosage? Why?

No. 1642102

Mods are afraid that troons will find the thread and attack the site or something cause of what is happening with KF.

No. 1642103

Ah I get it, yeah that’s probably a good idea then.

No. 1642105

Women's fashion and makeup is made to enhance female features, which is why they look off on male features and just make them stand out more. For example there are plenty of cultures where men traditionally wear some type of "skirt" yet still look manly, but when you put a man in a skirt made for a woman it just looks kind of wrong and mispositioned.

And adding to that, hrt does terrible damage to their bodies and ages them faster, since their ageing pattern is male it only enhances those male features more.

No. 1642106

actually there have been multiple cases of granny trannies with dementia forgetting that they were trannies and had got poopwounds and insisting to their caretaker that they were men and wondering where their dicks went. so much for "innate female brain"

No. 1642107

dominas exist too, you know. it's because these men have a humiliation paraphilia and being degraded by a woman (who is below men in their misogynist worldview) is the ultimate humiliation. this is also what AGP is based on, it's a humiliation fetish.

No. 1642108

sure sexually dominant women do exist, but how many of them actually are into forcefem shit and not just doing it to appease their AGP boyfriends/husbands/customers

No. 1642109

ayrt i meant that dominas exists not because those women are into it (kek, they do it for the money, what sane woman enjoys pissing on a man who gets off on it?) but because there's a demand for it. humiliation fetish is very common in men, after all they are monkeybrains who can do nothing but compare themselves to other men and their dicks all day long. it's why BBC, cuckold, dominatrix etc. shit exists on every mainstream pornsite

No. 1642139

To make it worse (for them) high estrogen in men is directly linked to dementia in men, it's why they rapidly go "dumb bimbo brained" when they go on hrt. They're literally giving themselves early onset dementia, and there is no cure.

No. 1642141

Wtf did this guy do to himself??

No. 1642149

File: 1662641860939.jpeg (155.67 KB, 1170x1779, 3C272EBC-9F96-4053-BC9B-524759…)

Posting a link to a twitter thread since it’s related to this troon and nonnas, you gotta see this if you haven’t already. It’s the most cringe try-hard art student bullshit ever, but with a new tranny twist! I attended an art university in london (I know I know) just before the whole gender thing, and it was already filled with the most insufferable people, (I like to think I wasn’t one of them kek) but I cannot even begin to imagine how terrible the ordeal must be these days, just looking at the retards in the crowd of pic related makes me laugh, they all look so brain dead and ugly. And of course he has a gross tif girlfriend too, it’s the same old story.


No. 1642158

File: 1662643276448.jpg (192.48 KB, 720x1128, jamie.jpg)

holy shit what a mental case bull. someone make him a thread.

No. 1642189

Do you have a link to the post?

No. 1642199

File: 1662646279912.jpg (528.53 KB, 1079x1550, notmytrek.jpg)

nonnas why is my star trek group being taken over by ugly trannies dragging their baggage into my comfort zone. i just wanted to laugh at star trek memes and i wake up to this.

sage for autistposting

No. 1642200

No. 1642203

Thank you!

No. 1642242

nonnie stop sleeping in underwear. buy some cotton pjs and let your coochie breathe.

No. 1642244

A troon would never have a body or face like that. Particularly an AGP. I have seen a few HSTS with that BBL body type because they got surgery but all the ones who want to be 'dominated by mommy' just look like a man in a party wig and old thrift store clothes. Why do they always draw these looking like natal females with a dick? How delusional are they?

No. 1642256

>Why do they always draw these looking like natal females with a dick?

cause porn/hentai makes them believe this exists.

No. 1642265

They need women to be their mommies and coddle them through literally everything, including faggotry. God, I hate how they make everything about themselves and their own pleasure. I genuinely can't tell if they love this forced feminization/forced "bisexuality" shit because they're too repulsive to get a real man to fuck them but they know their doormat gfs that stand by them through every new nauseating fetish they develop will always be willing to pityfuck them, or because they genuinely have some sort of internalized homophobia where they need to feel like a mommy figure is supportive of them sucking dick. I can't imagine these trannies have any shame left at all, though.

No. 1642273


>Families are leaving this state to protect their transgender children

hurry up and run along to California

No. 1642275

File: 1662650788159.png (197 KB, 900x675, woman-body-shape-chart.png)

This is what trannies never get. They don't understand how clothing is made for women and that any woman into fashion tends to get obsessive about what looks good on their specific body type.

Per the chart in picrel, troons would be closest to brick, goblet, or lollipop (if they have implants) since all three of these types have a wider top and narrower hips. This isn't to make any actual women feel bad about their body (mine is one of those three btw), troon features are far more exaggerated than those examples. It's just if they wanted to actually attempt to have a more feminine silhouette, those are the types they'd have to follow.

Going with the lollipop example, since so many troons get implants and still have narrow hips, when they wear stuff that shows off their bolt-ons, it only accentuates how wide and huge their upper half is. To have a more feminine silhouette, they'd have to cover up their chest and use things like jackets, cardigans, etc to make the chest and shoulders look smaller.

This is the exact opposite of what troons do though because they always want to show off their chest…it only accentuates the male traits they already have. If a real woman with a lollipop figure decided to accentuate these traits, she just look somewhat disproportionate. A real world example of a lollipop figure is Angelina Jolie (though you have to look for older pictures of her since she had a double mastectomy due to a cancer scare and went with smaller breasts later compared to what she used to have).

No. 1642278

A woman with any body type won't look anything like an AGP. They will never look good in any women's clothing.

No. 1642284

File: 1662651757443.jpg (123.95 KB, 853x421, AGP.jpg)


anyone able to spot troons based solely on their word choice?

No. 1642289

more likely it's because fucking men is "womanly" and they think they need a real woman to "teach them and support them to be a woman". they're not as much into men themselves but rather the idea of being fucked by men (presented as basically disembodied cocks since AGPs are not actually into men so they don't really bother to make up a full fledged male sexual interest) because that's "what women are supposed to do".

No. 1642304

>"Wife made me feel affirmed!"
Notice how it's always about them and their feelings. The entire post just goes about himself while his wife and children are relegated to mere side characters in his world. typical male trait.

No. 1642333

File: 1662654729103.jpeg (297.59 KB, 1170x785, E3535B75-8E0A-488F-8EE0-02A574…)

What did he mean by this

No. 1642342

You know what he meant by it.

No. 1642373

File: 1662656595778.png (162.15 KB, 597x596, 1e1a228d-1bd6-54dc-b5a6-0f7b7c…)

I got from ovarit. This one is so vile, they have to make everything about them

No. 1642387

that's disgusting.

No. 1642391

more reason to lose weight and rip off the hijab

No. 1642413

>wife is pregnant
>is still hoping the scrote changes his mind
poor her, she probably doesn't want to stress herself during her pregnancy and is waiting until after the birth to abandon this loser

No. 1642464

File: 1662661160869.jpg (67 KB, 696x250, daintyda1sy.jpg)

more from daintyda1sy
i want to alog so bad

No. 1642504

There is no way somebody can be this stupid and detached from reality. I just cannot fathom somebody came to this asinine conclusion.
>call everbody non binary and trans just in case they are
bc women don’t exist ?
I genuinely think we need to bring back shame. People (men!) have gotten way too comfortable

No. 1642675

I just can’t fathom being this pornsick. How do you even exist in the world if this is what the focus of your life becomes?

No. 1642693

>I love penetrating
>Part of being a woman is to be penetrated
It's kind of fascinating how troons tell on themselves all the fucking time

No. 1642728

Men have such simple and stupid brains. You can make a totally innocuous joke and they’ll find a way to make it rapey and sexual. It’s a wonder to me that some of them can even accomplish anything at all.

No. 1642742

File: 1662675848805.png (353.81 KB, 1200x1368, 41C929C1-6AB3-4B63-9B6D-75508A…)

nonas please help me not a-log

No. 1642748

or if she did it was because she felt like she had to be overly friendly to not anger the troon

No. 1642750

>troons only worry is that he might get laughed at
wow so terrible

No. 1642760

Yep. Don’t you know if she didn’t he would have posted something like “this cis bitch glared at me, I almost punched her in the face because she was so rude” or something like that. Because any reaction to them that isn’t completely gushing over how cute and perfect and girly they are is negative to them. They will get mad someone looked at them weird and sure, it’s easy to look at them weird for obvious reasons. But they act like they can read the minds of others and that everyone is hyperfocused on them. Most normies in the world give them half a glance to try and figure out what’s going on or avert their eyes like they would when confronted with a disfigured person, then move on to thinking about what they’ll have for dinner later. But heaven forbid a woman doesn’t pat the asses of every TiM she sees or else the TiM will ruminate on it for days and hurry off to Reddit to talk about how awful we are while simultaneously wanting to skin us alive and wear us. It goes doubly if you see one in a bathroom, where you should compliment their outfit and then offer them tampons while kneeling down to suck the girldick.

No. 1642775

File: 1662677585724.jpeg (85.51 KB, 334x1200, 24766DB4-688A-4773-A022-FD10B1…)

this faggot would risk dementia and an actual shithole “vag” to even be mistaken for one of the cishons he claims to be put off by

No. 1642798

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 1642802

it can be just as dangerous to compliment though apparently lmao

No. 1642808

File: 1662679264324.png (69.13 KB, 730x519, Screenshot.png)

Oh god why whyy

No. 1642819

>serious health condition
like the one johnathan yaniv has?

No. 1642828

File: 1662679818809.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 1891x846, troonastronomiquecope.png)

someone posted the simulated pregnancy degenerate in a facebook shitposting group and this tranny said a woman must be trans after she had 8 miscarriages. proceeds to attack the woman (while calling her an "actual female" KEK) for how she looks, and claims that she must be so jealous of men. ridiculous cope, there was a ton of handmaidens on the post too saying "it's great to experience something you are curious about…" ""She" is not hurting anyone guize! mind your own business"

complete and utter insanity. spoiler for hideous tranny man bod & reposted due to crop fail.

No. 1642831

>trannies struggle more than women because other people don't treat them like real women
ok if they're not treated like women then TiMs don't experience real sexism/misogyny. simple as that. and if they're not being discriminated against for being women, then they're not really struggling more than women, are they?
>comparing oppression may be subjective but trannies still are the most oppressed of all
this one's a lost cause. he says he understands but he clearly does not.
>trannies being misgendered is worse than women having no reproductive rights and having to endure forced pregnancies
this is the most insensitive, tone-deaf, and male-privileged take of all time. ffs.
>more trannies will be invalidated or homeless than women who are unable to seek abortions
false. only about 390k TiMs, TiFs, and enbies combined face homelessness at any given point in their lives. and plenty of those trans people are not homeless solely because of their gender identity; there are millions of homeless people who aren't LGBTQ too. by contrast, the figure for U.S. women who've had or will have an abortion is more like 41.875 million. that number would likely be much higher if there weren't so many prohibitive state laws and restrictive access to abortions (that resulted in women unable to attain the abortion they want), even before our right to choose was struck down by the Supreme Court. so we're looking at tens of millions of women being denied access to abortions presently. what a fucking idiot. 30% of a demographic of like ~1.5% is a whole lot less than ~25% of a demographic that literally makes up over 50% of this country's population.
>adult trannies being homeless is worse than victims of child rape being forced to give birth
I have no words other than wtf. was there a typo here or did he really want to compare twans wimmin to female children who were sexually assaulted and still put TiMs on the top of the oppression pyramid?
>most pro-lifers just hate abortion and aren't misogynists whereas people against trannies are hateful transphobes towards them
this is such a gross overgeneralization and not grounded in any reality. I've lost count of how many scrotes I have seen go full mask off and bash women with hateful rhetoric in abortion discourse. meanwhile, many of us "terfs" don't give a fuck if they want to castrate themselves. we're nonviolent we just want them to quit trying to rape and harm us. now how many times must we explain that if you don't support reproductive rights, you are a misogynist? he is basically making the argument that you're not racist even if you support race-based segregation or slavery.

No. 1642840

Wait so she must be trans because she "looks like a man"? Does he realize what a self own that is

No. 1642844

You… you think that's an improvement? His face was somewhat proportionate before and now it looks like his nose is migrating to his forehead

No. 1642847

blogpost but there's this troon that works at the trader joe's near me and he's absolutely massive, well over 6ft. he wears one of those cat ear headbands and bad black eyeliner. my 2 year old was just staring at him, i hope he cried about it on twitter later

No. 1642855

Do you live in Cali or Seattle?.

No. 1642859

good catch! what stuck out to me was:
>lots of lesbian sex involves eating each other out and I can't do that but I love penetrating mouths with my girl dick
typical selfish moid kek he wants to be a lesbian but won't even eat pussy what a joke
>I'm not sure how a woman could do lesbian sex on my girl dick and give me pleasure or how lesbian sex would work
he's confused as to how to have lesbian sex with a penis…did he ever stop to consider that's because lesbian sex does not include penises? otherwise he sounds like your average moid with a budding lesbian fetish who's still failing to imagine female-centered sexual gratification without males. all he's concerned about his own pleasure, not the woman's.

No. 1642869

>I think maybe you're jealous of transwomen. you practically are one if you miscarried 8 times.
I am so fucking furious on this woman's behalf. Only a callous moid could mock a woman's 8 miscarriages with multiple laughing emojis. Not to mention that it's the trannies reducing women to their reproductive capabilities yet again. But they want to push the narrative that TERFs only measure womanhood by fertility? What an insane amount of projection with the obligatory jealousy cope.

No. 1642872

File: 1662681306685.png (1.36 MB, 864x1424, Screenshot_20220908-195604.png)

Yeah you look older

No. 1642887

This anime mommy looks like a little girl

No. 1642906

I’m with you on this one.

God, how can they even write something so fucked up? My pc would’ve exploded, if I typed this shit. Pretty fucking sure, much more children were forced to give birth, than trans people 41%-ed in a decade. I hate to be this way, but you can actually find another home. You can’t undo the damage done by pregnancy, birth and child-rearing.

Teen pregnancies is a real problem, misgendering is not, you won’t die from it, unless you’re THAT kind of a lot snowflake. Especially with American non-existent sex education and roe vs wade being overturned. And no proof, of course, why would you need, when you can just talk out of your ass.

Also most pro-lifers don’t want to just save a child (if even that, since some of them are okay with killing a fetus, if it’s a result of rape/incest/etc), they want to punish women for having sex. They don’t care about living, breathing children, out of womb - out of mind.

No. 1642909

why have men decided to humiliate themselves en masse?

No. 1642910

Cis women who don't pass.

But if they don't pass… how do trannies know they're cis women? (Spoiler: because they do "pass," they're just not fuckable in the troons' eyes.)

No. 1642914

>I love
>my pleasure
>what I want
>I need
>putting my penis into mouths and vaginas

No. 1642927

translation: it's women who have aged somewhat or a lot, beyond whatever is acceptable to the troon moid who says "cishon"

No. 1642936

Trannies can’t pass for many reasons, one of the biggest of them - they see us as a collection of stereotypes. You can’t imitate something you simply don’t understand. And to understand you have truly live through the experience or at least have enough empathy to imagine yourself doing so. Trans version of womanhood is usually over-sexualized, infantilized or - even worse - both. Being a woman isn’t biology only, it’s our shared experience in a society, that shaped our brains and it’s much more important than vaginas or breasts.

No. 1642974

>It's just as sad that teenage boys can't dress as whores in wish.com clothes as that girls are kept as slaves.

No. 1643041

>you are deformed
>i am deformed
>and you are ugly
>and i am ugly
>and these are crimes for which the world shows little pity

No. 1643044

troons are so retarded. they're trying to use the idea of passing to insult actual women but the entire point is that women don't have to pass because they're effortlessly women.

No. 1643147

File: 1662700172487.png (502.43 KB, 930x820, kek.PNG)

Gender envy kek. Oliver looks so laughably male

No. 1643153

I have an interest in philosophy and no money for higher education so I used to like philosophy tube. He used to make pretty good 101 videos about philosophers that were accessible and informative.

Now his entire public persona and content is all about his fetish. So squirmy and uncomfortable. I hate it. The less I know about random men’s porn consumption the better, and yet they just can’t stop broadcasting it.

No. 1643157

How does he look even manlier after his ffs?

No. 1643304

Seeing this as a mother hurts more then you can imagine, like I don't fucking care what these freaks do themselves but when they bring kids into this, I just can't handle it

No. 1643335

File: 1662726606906.webm (3.33 MB, 576x1024, based_Terf-queen.webm)

BREAKING NEWS: New prime minister of of the UK is a fucking based TERF QUEEN.

TERF island has done it again, maybe it's time we forgive the british.

No. 1643401

Apologies if this has already been a topic of discussion but I had a thought today:

To me there are two categories of TiMs, The gay male and the AGP

Not all TiMs chop off their dick. I noticed that TiMs who start off as a gay male before they transition tend to not mutilate themselves. On the other hand, those who go from being a straight man to a transbian seem more likely to.

Of course this isn't true in every case, but for most of troons I've encountered over the years on the internet it's been true.

No. 1643409

Also known as Blanchard's typology.
AGP and HSTS (homosexual transsexual)

No. 1643410

depends, some hsts do chop off their dicks because they think it would attract straight men and some agp do keep their dicks and brag about "girldick"

No. 1643412

Interesting. I hadn't heard of that term before. I will definitely be researching that a bit.

No. 1643415

Honestly seems to be the opposite to me. HSTS put in way more effort to transition and they are way more competitive with cis women so they brag a lot about their "designer vaginas" being sooooo superior to ours. Meanwhile AGP's barely even shave and keep their dicks because it's a "natural strap-on" that lesbians should love.

No. 1643416

This is true, AGPs tend to be more predator-oriented and they need their dicks in order to push the boundaries of lesbians. HSTS are more misogynist-oriented and they think being penetrated is the ultimate perk of womanhood. Not to say they aren't both misogynistic predators though, like damn I thought I hated men but their hatred for women is on another level. I need to step up my game.

No. 1643421

the typology makes sense at first, but as soon as you realize how misogynist gay moids can be, it falls flat. they just want to be fucked as a woman by straight moids, so HSTS are AGP too. doesn't matter if they get the chop or not, all trannies have a form of AGP.

No. 1643423

That commenter is a kaleidosCOPE of resentment, it’s like everything is wrong with him all at once.
>having an exclusively female, maternal experience 8 times means you may as well be a man.
Many sexually active women will unknowingly have tiny miscarriages throughout their lives. The tranny population have had a collective total of ZERO miscarriages globally since the beginning of time and will die crying about it. The big-time, tummy cradling, expectant mother loss/infertility is so very culturally and biologically feminine that it’s almost more pitiful than hilarious for a tranny to try claiming relation to.

What’s funnier, though, is how he has to draw pride and validation from a porn award nomination… in his grotesque joke quarantine category, no less and then uses this as proof of beauty. His life is completely in the gutter.

No. 1643429

File: 1662735449266.png (11.94 KB, 225x225, images (1).png)

I fucking love the idea of bottom surgery for men, I wish they'd all get it. Warms my cold dead heart imagining some misogynist troon thinking he's gonna get a designer vagina and coom harder than ever, only to realize he's been left with a disgusting wound that could never, ever, e v e r come close to what nature has blessed her real daughters with. Another potential rapist taken out of action, forced to dialate an empty hole to nowhere, with no muscles and no flora. Just a trench full of disgusting hair and regrets. Please God if you're real, make all predators in the world get their dicks cut off pleeeease I'll only ask for this one thing

No. 1643430

I'm all for grown men castrating themselves and ruining their bodies with cross sex hormones, what I am not okay with is that they are doing it to children.

No. 1643472

Oh I 100% agree, anyone who would perform unnecessary surgery on a minor should get their license revoked. Can't believe this stuff is going on in plain sight and most people are just like "eh well they would kill themselves otherwise I guess" and don't look into it any further. What the fuck is up with that, feels like I'm living in crazy town. Protect trans kids, by butchering their healthy organs and giving them medical problems for life? What the fuuuuck

No. 1643475

File: 1662738442332.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.46 KB, 320x427, huxjzk3t3rm91.jpg)

nsfw rot pocket

No. 1643480

File: 1662738685645.png (38.76 KB, 755x636, 45.png)

No. 1643489

the defective y chromosome is rapidly disintegrating in front of our eyes.

No. 1643524

what is going on in the UK? i thought self ID failed in UK, how come they put serial child rapists in womens prison? like on the basis of what law?

No. 1643528

How is it even possible, if he didn’t legally transition yet? Is it all you need to be put in women prison - say, that you feel like a woman after committing heinous crimes? I think it would be really hard to find a single women, who did something so atrocious
I want to a-log so fucking hard, god. They really do want us dead or raped, aren’t they?
Also 12 years? Is this a fucking joke?

No. 1643544

Legit question: can you even A-Log against a convicted pedophile rapist who is being enabled by the justice system to rape even more victims? Why can't you be as angry as you want about that?

No. 1643547

I don’t like being angry at something I can’t fix. Especially if it’s news from another country, where I don’t have any political influence. It’s an impotent rage, and it takes power away from causes, that I can actually fight for.
So for now it just makes me really-really sad and disappointed in humanity. Will translate and repost though, so all my homegirls can ser, how fucked the society really are.

No. 1643579

I admire your clarity, honestly. As a bit of a newly-minted radfem, sometimes I don't even know how to cope with the anger I feel when I see stuff like this. Thank you for your level-headed response. You're right in that really the best thing we can do is stay focused and make sure they don't sweep things like this under the rug.

No. 1643641

I feel you, since I’ve been there before. It’s really discouraging, but we have a finite amount of resources against an infinite amount of problems. The best thing you can do, is prioritize.
Also share, repost and tell everyone you know. In this day and age information holds all the power and social media is a helpful tool, if you know how to use it.

No. 1643661

File: 1662746124055.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1658x1099, 3E8FD524-1637-4FE0-8D8B-BF2467…)

>Also 12 years? Is this a fucking joke?

I'm a bit of a true crime junkie and from what I can tell, many of the Western "developed" nations (excluding US of course) are ridiculously light on sentencing. The best example that comes to mind is the fact Anders Brevik only got 20 years in a cushy Norway prison for brutally murdering over 70 people.

There are tons of other examples though. From an American perspective it's depressing af and feels like massive injustice.

No. 1643669

Yeah there are technically “hsts or agp” as Blanchard said, but multiple things arise here

1. All male trannies hate women
2. All male trannies attracted to women sexually are in the agp category. They hate Blanchard because they don’t want to acknowledge they are fetishists
3. Even hsts have “agp tendencies” as they fetishize the concept of “being penetrated as a woman is”
4. 95+% of male trannies have zero plans of removing their penis. Even the broke ass ones that could do so in California do not want to cut their dicks off. They are not dysphoria in any way, they are all fetishists. They cloak their fetishes in “oh shame and dysphoria” when they are around actual straight women or “cis men” but they are out with their gross behaviors in spaces that they consider safe.

No. 1643671

I would be upset to see this on a ST page. But keffals is like Garak in that the idiots that trust him are bound to get screwed over in some way. He was never “only a tailor” just like trannies are not “only wanting to go pee”

No. 1643681

File: 1662747395786.png (256.07 KB, 464x553, 1642191591591.png)

I will make you proud, nonna

No. 1643689

12 years is nothing compared to the amount of pain and trauma the victims and loved ones will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I know people will say that prison should be about reform and not punishment, but in cases like this, why CAN'T it be about punishment? Do they honestly think they're gonna reform someone who murdered 70 people? Or that they'll be able to redeem child predators?

No. 1643699

Not even that, but why do rapists, pedophiles, and murderers get the luxury of being reformed and having tax money used to get their lives back on track while the victims get nothing and are left suffering.
Clown world. Scrotes are evil.

No. 1643717

File: 1662749589740.png (222.92 KB, 1110x1981, Things I Wished I'd Known Befo…)

>tranny realizes scrotes suck but its just surface level stuff

No. 1643736

File: 1662750312092.jpg (117.15 KB, 542x1200, Fad2aFTXoAAcfHg.jpg)

Imagine calling your penis your "pussy stick" fucking disgusting

No. 1643739

Who the hell is actually responsible for making these decisions? Like who is it exactly who orders where a prisoner goes? Or makes that decision? I think pressure needs to start coming down on the individuals who are directly responsible for this.

This is absolutely insane though. The article mentions that the abuser didn't even have a GRC, so mere self-identification got him into a womens prison.

No. 1643743

File: 1662751237139.png (37.15 KB, 748x588, 12.png)

No. 1643745

great song tbh lmao this dude rocks. As a fellow mother seeing this TiF giving birth (all while being recorded no less) and immediately handing over her baby to this nasty troon instead of letting the infant breastfeed on her own breasts breaks my heart.

No. 1643759

Just because he recognizes child abuse as child abuse does not mean that he is an ally. Just looking at the comment section and his other videos reveals that he is pro-Trump, pro-gun, anti-vaccination and therefore likely anti-woman. Just another Matt Walsh wannabe.

No. 1643762

>he is pro-Trump, pro-gun, anti-vaccination and therefore likely anti-woman

No. 1643766

Nta, but they said "likely" because typically ppl who hold this set of beliefs are also in favor of forced birth, which denies the agency of women over our own bodies. They are are typically religious nutjobs who are warriors for patriarchy. These are anti woman positions.

No. 1643781

nta but I consider any avid Trump supporter to be somewhat misogynistic. Buddies with Epstein, "grab her by the pussy", openly talked about wanting to fuck his own daughter, etc. Right wingers generally lean pro-choice and subscribe to "traditional" ideas of marriage (men make the money and women are housewife incubators).

No. 1643788

meant to say pro-life oops

No. 1643793

File: 1662754804533.png (380.85 KB, 1210x1284, prisons.png)

Like wise. When I come across things like that happening in other countries these days I research where my country is standing on the issue and if there is anything I can do to advocate or safeguard things like that in my own country.

If there are any Australian nonnies in thread interested in signing a petition to keep male inmates out of female prisons there is a current one up by the Woman's Forum. Thou I am hesitant to provide further overall support for the group as they are anti abortion leaning.


No. 1643805

I’m fine with scrotes cutting their dicks off, but troons taking HRT certainly hasn’t helped with shortages, which has negatively impacted women who actually need it.

No. 1643808

ABB got 20 years + "forvaring", detention, which basically means a life, as the court will do a re-evaluation after 20 years and re-sentence him to 20 new ones until he dies.

your american perspective on crime and punishment is fucked up btw and is the cause of much of the recividism the US has

No. 1643809

File: 1662756570868.png (1.81 MB, 1200x4548, nastyass troon reboot of all-a…)

what the fuck, it's fully a disgusting porn comic now. look at this shit, it's just completely wtf. every aspect of the comic is completely sexual now and it's not the silly calarts thing you could show to your elementary school history students to try and keep their attention - he put so much effort into framing it as all-ages and now i guess we know why. fucking disgusting.

No. 1643811

asiafag and not skandy here but i totally agree with you. the usa has the most bizarre detention system i've seen outside of japan (where you basically just go into jail and never come out).

No. 1643817

File: 1662757786906.png (355.5 KB, 764x1968, prisons act troon.png)

I hate how he got out on bail after a history of proven violent abuse to silence his little sisters and threaten them, and it seems like its cause the judge was uncomfortable about him being held in a male's prison.




No. 1643824

that sucks that there's never a good middle ground

No. 1643894

File: 1662762701971.png (2.02 MB, 1170x2532, F123A39B-1066-4D47-BF67-C93FC7…)

trans academy kek

No. 1643904

might as well wish you were born a woman because it's impossible like wtf is this shit

No. 1643915

File: 1662763877502.jpeg (626.5 KB, 2000x2000, FcPH1hkXgAERo-f.jpeg)


No. 1643918

the difference is he got a new camera lmao

No. 1643946

he stopped dying his eyebrows green

No. 1643974

File: 1662766412069.png (2.24 MB, 1113x2048, chrome_screenshot_166276637468…)


No. 1643994

why don't they fucking shave

No. 1644025

He has longer hair, but still doesn’t know how to shave. Just wax that shit. If you want to be a woman so fucking badly, at least learn our ways of dealing with hair, its not that hard

No. 1644033

>mandatory exercise classes to get into peak shape
What do you want to bet these were the kids who walked the track in PE and whined about the inhumanity of mandatory exercise kek. Their fantasies always have this weird forced angle to them, like deep down they know they're lazy sacks of shit who won't do anything of their own volition

No. 1644061

>where you basically just go into jail and never come out

Some criminals deserve no less. The idea of "reforming" a child rapist is fucking stupid and you are stupid for thinking so. I am not suggesting petty criminals or drug users should be subjected to harsh penalties, but it is an undeniable fact that some people just cannot live freely in regular society.

No. 1644088

ayrt & i agree - paedos and rapists have a mental issue that cannot be changed and they should never be let out.
i called japanese dentention bizarre because it seems to have this attitude to all crime

No. 1644105

>intro to girlhood from 0-14
>shopping assignments
>exploring what kind of girl you are
So it’s a glorified kink convention just like everything else you people congregate around?

No. 1644113

>Someone that murdered should be free and not left to rot in prison
why do you think he deserves a second chance?

No. 1644131


It's stuff like this that makes me feel like even if there were no GCs the TWAW stuff would breakdown on its own. Like even in the purest social and mental sense that post is 0% woman. It's just not. How can someone claim the identity if they can't even pass in text? It's insane.

No. 1644132

File: 1662776411681.png (16.95 KB, 1166x173, Daily reminder that transphobe…)

No. 1644135

he forgot to mention all the girl orgies they'll have

No. 1644136

File: 1662776643154.jpg (201.29 KB, 757x2048, his FLOOR.jpg)

No. 1644171

File: 1662780928770.jpeg (31.63 KB, 400x375, 9DFC2220-88A2-4304-83BB-EB9AD7…)

Galaxia looking mf

No. 1644172


it's usually not even GCs downvoting them. when troons take over a board they fill it with rote slogans and zoomer navel gazing and eventually people get tired of it. on twitter people will upvote crap just to be seen upvoting crap, but on reddit it's not public so people just want them to go away.

No. 1644175

not sure how you got that idea from me saying "japan prison is weird"

No. 1644191

so they leave their re-education camp and then what? they would still be men and people would see them as such. that’s the beauty of this whole trans thing, that they’ll never get any closer to their goal no matter what they do kek. it’s all a very expensive scam.

No. 1644202

ayrt, and basically for the reasons >>1643766 and >>1643781 kindly outlined!

While I recognize that we might want to rejoice a well-spoken and vocal person speaking out against the social violence of sex denial, it's important to recognize that not all opponents of TiMs are allies of feminist. Especially as this subject is central to the left/right culture war in the US and elsewhere, and many will co-opt radical feminist talking points to promote agendas are in opposition to the advancement of women's rights.

I know others have discussed this before, but I do think we have to be careful about the voices we support both in real life and on this page, even if the farms are just for fun. To that end, media literacy is becoming increasingly important. To take this guy for an example, his channel consists entirely of the "complaints against the system" genre of videos, yet the only one related to feminist topics is this video on a deranged couple. He doesn't post frequently, but when he does it is out of personal grievance rather than empathy and desire for change. He released a pro-gun video, for example, in the wake of the lethal shooting at a Texas elementary school, showing a complete lack of social empathy. He shows no support for women outside TiM/TiF bashing, so there is no reason to raise his male voice as one worth celebrating. (I recognize that a lot of his channel is contextual to Amerifags only, so I don't mean any disrespect to the anon who shared him!)

No. 1644210

just a stream of rhetorical questions…

>explore what kind of girl you are and settle in
1. Why does it always have to be "girl"? Don't they realize that as HUMANS we figure out who we are once we leave adolescence and reach adulthood? Why would anyone want to settle in as the person they were as a minor?
2. What "kind" of girl??? Since when did women come in different and easily classified flavors? Even if changing sex were real, you shouldn't be changing as a person–your interests, your dreams, those should all be the same. So why are you suddenly some genre of child when you start drinking medical cocktails?

Why is he doing that with his tongue? (And I don't want to know what the spiro is for, do I?)

No. 1644215

File: 1662784897410.jpg (105.06 KB, 828x1015, FcOjULkWAAE8sA7.jpg)

wasn't he in Shrek?

No. 1644216

how is this real

No. 1644217

File: 1662785257957.jpg (45.39 KB, 600x597, Doris_the_ugly_stepsister.jpg)

No. 1644218

He's talking about Spironolactone, an anti-androgen aka male hormone suppressant. So basically he's saying that he's passing SO well that his poor doctor was confused by why such a beautiful and obviously cis woman would need such a medication. Kek

Slight tangent, but last time I went to the hospital it was for an ultrasound to see if I had a cyst on my ovary, and the technician asked me what my pronouns were. I just looked at him and was like… "I'm here to get my ovaries checked? If you can't tell that I'm a woman I need a different hospital." He got real amused and made a comment about how they have to ask that nonsense or they could get in trouble. So if what that man from the original pic said actually happened, his doctor was obviously just trying to avoid a slap on the wrist from administration for not being affirming enough to his most stunning and brave patients uwu

No. 1644219

This has to be the work of some photoshopping terf, my brain refuses to believe that this yassified mountain troll exists in real life. Are you fucking kidding me

No. 1644221

no seriously how are they getting WORSE. I'm laughing what the fuck is happening in this world. levels of hysterical never before possible. we live in a cartoon

No. 1644230

this is thread pic material.

No. 1644232

they aren’t getting worse, they’ve always been like this. they’re just bolder and more visible now.

No. 1644241

Tony Soprano trooned out

No. 1644244

God I laughed so fucking hard at this. Literally HOW

No. 1644246

but they are dressed as girls and raped by adult men, look up bacha bazi, child rape and troonism go hand and hand

No. 1644305

They always look so out of place stood next to women. The two women in the picture are wearing normal clothes, have normal facial and body expressions and normal proportions. All I see is a hulking autistic moid in a costume with two women. The older lady looks slightly weirded out, but like she's trying to hide her disgust out of politeness and consideration. The younger lady is clearly overcompensating and patronizing him and she looks like she feels genuinely sorry for him.

No. 1644313

>2. What "kind" of girl??? Since when did women come in different and easily classified favours?
This is because they view women as archetypes and not actually people. This is also why My Little Pony was so popular with autistic people cause all of the main characters were different distinctive "types of girls". And that is also why troons behave in such artificial manner - they try to embody what they think a woman is, so some kind of retarded stereotype like sissy slut or anime UwU catgirl. I also think that they are genuine in their belief - they are not trying to insult anyone, they honestly think that women are that.

No. 1644322

File: 1662794467889.png (9.26 KB, 491x135, lmao.PNG)

No. 1644324

>HEART doctor: ok this guy is obviously just a crossdressing pervert but i do have to make sure hes not taking this medication for his HEART
>tranny: hehehe he doesnt know im trans!! i must be passing really well uwu

No. 1644335

>trans people / trans women
i love how even in their circles it's always non-men and men

No. 1644345

All male politicians are pedophiles who went to Epstein Island, Biden is as well. He also sniffs kids and gropes them in public when cameras are rolling. Does that mean all leftists are pedophiles because they voted for him?

No. 1644353

New threadpic please.

No. 1644381

File: 1662802242814.jpg (132.22 KB, 682x1200, yikes.jpg)

Hope he gets fired again and again

No. 1644385

dying over this one, this is unreal. the purple pageboy wig atop the very male head that's the size of the two actual womens' heads combined, the hulking shrek-like body, the couch material skirt with the mismatched top
he's grinning like it's his first day of kindergarten, the background looks like a dorm, this is how I envision troons at their first day of trans academy in >>1643894

No. 1644399

ignoring all the political characters/figureheads, right wing ideology doesn’t help women. pushing for “trad” marriage values, homophobia and forced pregnancy will never be feminist, just as liberal pro sex “work” and TWAW beliefs will never be feminist. every political party hated women in its own special way, the only difference is that one side pretends it doesn’t hate women by supporting and protecting male “women”.

No. 1644410

File: 1662809516018.jpg (170.65 KB, 909x362, thathappened.jpg)

this has to be propaganda lol

No. 1644415

a tim wrote this with one hand

No. 1644427

File: 1662813685831.jpg (95.14 KB, 1080x1036, FcP6rQ8XkAMt8oN.jpg)


No. 1644428

>somehow I got my first period ever at 20 y/o, but no worries, a TIM saved the day by giving me one of the tampons he sticks up his ass! Not sure if I mentioned it but I don’t pass. The TIM was a beautiful princess though

No. 1644432

this is so fucking bizarre how the fuck do you go around parroting "trans rites!!!" and not even know what rights you don't have why are these men so fucking stupid

No. 1644435

This reads like a scene from a poor Netflix show, kek. Who enters a stall irl and starts to freak out vocally enough for someone nearby to pay attention and ask if they need help? I only ever see shit like that in movies.

No. 1644459

>starts bleeding at 20 and the first thought is period instead of some medical problem
>opts for tampons instead of pads despite never using one
>goes to a stall instead of looking for another girl to get help from
campus girl x reader

No. 1644472

A scrote has scrote opinions, not a big deal. You realize women have to deal with men with abhorrent opinions all of the time, right? Still better than letting males abuse their kids with their fake chestfeeding

No. 1644479

it sounds like heaven's gate for trannies

No. 1644491

Seriously. If someone asked me what women’s rights I don’t have or are at stake I could list them all immediately because I’m so familiar with all the bullshit we have to deal with that legally affects us. Most of these guys would answer 1. not being able to use the bathroom they want (which isn’t true they can clearly do whatever the fuck they want) and 2. not having access to free body modification and mutilation at any given moment. You could probably throw in 3. not having access to a government assigned harem of “cis” women to force feminize them while doing their chores and jerking off their girl dicks.

No. 1644554

this, even if you live in a first world country you still have to deal with so much shit as a woman. These troons will never unders what's like not being able to enjoy outdoor hobbies like camping without fearing for your life.

No. 1644569

>quarter short of getting a tampon
>doesn't just roll up some tp and ask someone for a quarter
Everything about this is so fake

No. 1644570

i hate how most of this relies on women's labor. please, we have enough to deal with

No. 1644572

r/salmacian should be used as evidence to end this malpractice

No. 1644575

how do these men have time to jerk themselves off like this in this economic climate? they're always either total neets or tech narcs with all the time in the world to navel-gaze

No. 1644576


No. 1644580

That's pure troon fetish, also if that was real and she really was in an emergence, why not use toilet paper and go to the nearest pharmacy? I would never ask a troon for a pad/tampon

No. 1644586

File: 1662825037391.jpg (246.79 KB, 635x1645, 59d661cc-2dff-57b7-a2ac-e63a31…)

new TRA headcanon/way of coping, trying to prove that J.K Rowling is a reparsed transman who just hasn't accepted her trve identity yet

No. 1644590

As a woman I’m mostly likely to experience sexual or good ol’ regular violence, my reproductive rights are always under attack, my whole livelihood depends on how attractive I am to scrotes, I can go on, but I’m sure all girlies here know that shit. I live in a first-world country too, can you imagine how bad it is for women in a less stable society? There’s still people, who make girls live in remote huts, when they’re having periods. A lot of women can’t work or get an education. And yet trannies are the most oppressed minority, apparently.
Fits my point beautifully. She had to use male sounding pseudonym, like many other women before and after her, because it’s harder to publish and sell books as a women. It’s misogyny at its finest, not some internal transphobia.
God, those people are so dense.

No. 1644592

>had to use a pseudonym because her publisher told her her book wuldn't sell if they knew the author was a woman
>she's totally a repressed troon fxlkz!!!1!!1
These people are so delusional sometimes i feel like i was run over by a truck and sent to another dimesion like on the animus but instead of cute anime guys fighting for me it's ogres in dressed fighting for the ''right'' of having euphoric diarrheas in the female bathroom

No. 1644593

File: 1662826266035.jpg (412.65 KB, 1080x882, Screenshot_20220910_170906.jpg)

Totally random bur I saw this on my home page and made me think of these threads.

No. 1644595

>two liposuction procedures
and still has a beer gut. I am glad those doctors are scamming him

No. 1644598

It's absolutely hilarious how no matter how they mutilate their body, how many drugs they take, how much money they spend they still look like a man in a dress. Their own body tells the truth.

No. 1644602

Is he blind? I don’t think we should make fun of disabled, it’s not his fault he can’t see how ugly he is. Poor scrote, can you imagine going outside like this?

No. 1644614

>>1644586 like nona said >>1644590 the male pseudonym has always been used be women writing another genre than children books or romantic bullshit, if you read science fiction, horror or crime, you will come around some authors having male names or not using their first name, so you can't identify them as female. I, and I fear many other women, grew up with the basic idea that some things belong to men and are not for girls/women, like science fiction movies and books, videogames, certain music and therefore you have to work a way around it if you want to be successful in those fields.

No. 1644616

Hilarious how his hands are larger than the women's heads. Although, the way his arms are placed to pull them in toward him with his hands sneaking down toward their backs is intimidating. The body language of the woman with her hair down tells me that she is unconsciously experiences discomfort. She is pulling her arm in and away from him hands touch and covering her chest with her hand by her neck. She is trying to cover herself and get away from his grip, but he probably only reads it as her feeling comfortable enough to fall into his embrace…

No. 1644637

Yeah men have no fucking clue because a publisher has never told them they should use initials or a gender neutral first name

No. 1644656

File: 1662832624171.jpeg (464.66 KB, 1169x2186, 96BB1E88-16FF-4DB0-A027-DD15AA…)

Me when I’m normal and sane

No. 1644666

File: 1662833444922.jpeg (86.44 KB, 750x458, 579DFA9A-48E0-4B31-A67C-E11300…)

From the Scottish daily express.
> “we want queer people to know that protests can be enjoyable, they can be theatrical”
Actual oppressed groups aren’t making a song and dance out of protesting, they’re in the streets protesting against their oppression. They aren’t pouring piss on themselves and making people watch

No. 1644670

File: 1662833649793.jpg (167.74 KB, 1064x1390, FcT-30AXwAMY7C4.jpg)

The delusion of these moids

No. 1644679

File: 1662834339209.jpg (254.67 KB, 1463x2048, FcNFXrIaAAE_sOE.jpg)

No. 1644687

They're so disgusting, great way to get people on your side.

No. 1644694

>Will it ever get better?
no. people you know will just get used to lying. also why do troons always have the worst art, his skirt in the first one looks like tiny asscheeks

No. 1644710

>just repeating empty slogans
that sounds like this whole movement

No. 1644712


>how did he know, was it my voice?

he's literally wearing the trans flag, how could anyone not know. i didn't really take it seriously when the other nona said a lot of trans don't have a theory of mind, but damn

No. 1644721

and then went home and jacked off to it

No. 1644723

why come someone so young has a heart doctor?

No. 1644724

You can clearly see his penis in that see through dress I don't understand how he didn't get in shit for public nudity.

No. 1644725

uhh wow, i hope that black dude fucking fired him for that. that's fucked up.

No. 1644728

kek this reminded me that Lucas went on Ethan and got sir'd too.

No. 1644731

File: 1662838367561.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2910x4365, 40024503-19B7-4D5E-8860-06D9B8…)

holy shit you guys, trannies are so coom brained i can’t take it any more. i don’t know a single thing about the new prime minister of the UK but apparently the TIMs do. i stumbled across this twitter thread where it has apparently been “proven” that the prime minister is in a dom/sub relationship because of this necklace she wears - a circle on a chain. and apparently this other abstract necklace she has is most definitely a cum necklace.

what bothers me the most about this thread is how they come to these conclusions. “she didn’t wear this at the beginning of her career!” are you fucking retarded? do i really need to say that you can acquire a necklace after you start a career? “she wears it all the time and normally people change jewelry!” did it ever cross your mind that maybe this necklace has meaning to her and she likes it?

and let’s pretend she is in a consensual d/s relationship in which she chooses to wear a necklace to symbolize it. so what? what’s the gotcha? these freaks groom children and get boners from going through their sisters’ underwear drawer. their brains are so fucking rotted that they just get tunnel vision and immediately assume everything on earth is directly related to sex. i’m so fucking tired of it nonnies

No. 1644741

2000 castrations? Incredible. Now I want to become a tranny butcher too! The career of my dreams!

No. 1644744

God I hate how when ever there is a female in power its turned into some weird sexual thing to discredit her. Tale as old as time, moids are coom brained chimps.

No one gives a shit when moid politicians are proven to be degen sex pests on the regular, its forgotten in a week or not even brought up at all. But they gotta dig and reach when ever a female is in charge for some reason or another.

YWNBAW still the same coom brain chimps like the rest of the moids.

No. 1644747

I looked like a wishbone to me but the fact that they can't find an exact copy of the necklace makes me think it's just cope. Maybe it one of a kind present she got from someone?

No. 1644749

File: 1662840144998.png (33.51 KB, 1500x327, this world.png)

speaking of necklaces a quick google search brought this up

No. 1644755

I'm a mech engineer in CA, I've never seen a tranny of any variety at work. Construction is not a tranny friendly field lol

No. 1644768

File: 1662841833301.png (308.58 KB, 1588x2616, transrightstorape.png)

This is the most upvoted comment in response to that thread. Weasel words, all of it.
Some notable ones though:
>"trans panic" murders
Trans rights = rights to rape by deception
>trans crimes are minor in nature, and then they get housed in mens prisons
trans rights = right to murder and rape women and children and then get access to female prisons where they can continue to rape and murder.
Just check out reduxx and the kind of crimes trannies are in prison for. Raping and murdering women and children are apparently just minor crimes to troons.


No. 1644775

has there ever been a tranny that went to jail for a 'minor' crime that isn't raping some poor defenseless woman or child?

No. 1644776

samefag, but check out that last one about name changes.
In the USA, everyone who gets a name change has to have some sort of official announcement, this is not something that is exclusively targeted and trans individuals. Pretty much there just needs to be official documentation somewhere in case anyone ever tries to evade things like prior criminal behaviour and the like.
One time I was at court and there were a whole bunch of name changes being done, it was actually kind of interesting because they all had different reasons for it. One person just wanted to change their first name to a more commonly used nickname, another wanted to change their surname due to an abusive father, there was even a TiF there changing her name. All were approved and all had been subject to the same procedure.
What trannies are asking for here is to have protective measures set aside specially for them. But well, that's applies to most of what was in that post.
I have seen some trannies go to prison for burglary, but burglary is heavily linked to rape so make of that what you will.

No. 1644780

File: 1662844014843.jpeg (58.98 KB, 1000x614, image-asset.jpeg)

it doesn't look anything like the Pearl necklace art piece they are talking about. and it's a common jewelry technique called fusing, that some jewelers use to make organic/molten shapes. It's not like that one art piece suddenly created a pre-existing technique.

what a fucking reach.

Said art piece being referenced

Fusing metal technique

And honestly if it's something she wears constantly, my guess it may be a mourning piece. As some people will have loved ones old jewelry melted down and recreated with extra alloy since the original jewelry piece may be damaged beyond repair or not suitable for wear due to size or style.

No. 1644781

shows how broke and provincial troons all are - >>1644747 is right. english lady with money, married to engish man with money - custom jewelry for anniversaries is a non-event for anyone with a decent income.

No. 1644789

It's always incredible to me how they reveal themselves as just another coom brained man. Hope this one gets bottom surgery and never cooms again.

No. 1644814

This is the biggest reach in the world. It looks like the sort of artsy jewellery you'd get from shops that feature small sellers or nicer craft fairs. OOAK stuff like this is rife on Etsy. In fact I just looked up "molten necklace" filtering out anything less than $100 and there are plenty of similar pieces, none are marketed as fetish. Plenty of nature inspired/lava/candlewax tags and descriptions though.

There is a certain type of moid who tries to find significance in jewellery that women wear when oftentimes there's none. They cannot fathom the idea of a woman buying something like that for herself just because she likes it. It says a lot about what they think though, they'd only give a woman jewellery if it's something that functions like branding to denote that the woman is his property.

No. 1644834

File: 1662849460903.jpg (102.76 KB, 735x610, troon.jpg)

so being a woman is a title to earn such as in an occupation hm? good one consider it a W

No. 1644897

Troon Lindemann

No. 1644905

What the fuck does this even mean. It seems like the """joke""" is that denying a tranny their horse piss is as absurd as denying a monarch his title? Well guess what, this asshole is actually correct, becoming a man/woman is exactly the same as becoming a king. YOU HAVE TO BE BORN INTO IT YOU STUPID TROONS

No. 1644906

horde of stinky white men and their handmaidens vs a black women and a handful of feminists at speakers corner in pittsburgh yesterday. imagine the odor

No. 1644913

File: 1662857577148.jpeg (389.21 KB, 750x1122, CB2C84FE-6E95-42CE-8174-C34769…)

>handmaidens: scream twaw, cancel jkr, pretend nonbinary is a thing
>also handmaidens:

No. 1644918

File: 1662858265335.jpg (294.13 KB, 1597x1562, praedyththemad.jpg)

from the same preddit user, here's him belitting a problem some real women have. between that and his lowkey thirstposting in actuallesbians, gee I wonder why his female friends don't want him around on a girl's night out

No. 1644921

File: 1662858974997.png (40.09 KB, 767x635, same old.png)

I don't feel safe so let me threaten you will rape

No. 1644923

TRA's act like toddlers, banging things together to make as much noise as possible instead of it being a silent protest.

No. 1644924

>Threatens sexual violence and violence/death
And who here is feeling unsafe? Fuck anyone who cow toes to this insane bullshit.

No. 1644929

File: 1662860895725.jpg (92.7 KB, 1284x604, FcU2FpsWYAM76LT.jpg)

No. 1644938

Holy fucking shit. He's so fucking close how does he not see it

No. 1644952

Don't they say that kink shaming is bad? Big case of rules for thee but not for me here.
>that necklace looks like cum
No one thinks that except sex pests. This is a new low. He really think he had something there. No self awareness at all. This is peaking material imo

No. 1644960

Oh damn, I wish I had known about this. I am from just outside Pittsburgh and would have loved to have met fellow vocal women.

No. 1645007

File: 1662868499886.png (210.05 KB, 1224x1038, Screen Shot 2022-09-10 at 10.5…)

lmao looked into his account. He transed at 33 but knew "since he was 3". Also is a "plural" with a few 6 year old girls in his body. he's never gonna manage to win a he said/he said case and doen't seem to have actual proof of the incident.

No. 1645016

rape apes are good at nothing except throwing violent tantrums, are they? if dysphoria was real, their male behavior would trigger them to death.

No. 1645020

File: 1662870520905.jpeg (472.32 KB, 750x2101, BA5DABA1-0741-4C1B-B512-3598D9…)

sucking dick while deluding yourself you’re with a woman. peak handmaiden.

No. 1645028

File: 1662871124207.jpeg (633.58 KB, 1170x1616, 269C0464-2677-469F-BACC-213F0E…)

Larping trannies on Reddit, what’s new.

No. 1645055

File: 1662872621024.png (1.13 MB, 656x842, 1658724556469.png)

They honestly run on 100% emotion don't they? They never had to keep their anger in check for even one second in life and now they're completely rage incontinent. Pathetic animals

No. 1645058

lmao what the fuck kind of blowjob is that?? licking his thigh crease??

No. 1645065

There was one at a Madison Wisconsin Speakers Corner a few days ago that was literally screaming like a wounded animal. Trannies and their nuthangers are absolutely insane.

No. 1645076

i don't think this gorilla has to worry about physical violence

No. 1645079

this is just a straight relationship lol

No. 1645090

File: 1662875669241.jpg (Spoiler Image,781.77 KB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_20220911_015114.jpg)

was following this lesbian artist when suddenly dozens of dicks appear on my timeline. much lesbian, very gay. gotta love how an actual woman depicts TIMs with wholly female bodies (fat distribution etc) with penises stuck onto them. not sure if delusional or if she's just trying to preemptively dodge criticism by angry troons. blegh

No. 1645099

this brainwashing

No. 1645103

It makes me alog when artists draw dicks on totally female bodies. It's so anatomically incorrect and it's so fucking delusional.

No. 1645104

File: 1662877055127.jpg (122.52 KB, 767x1024, FcVxsI0akAANU-n.jpg)

No. 1645106

Also notice that there are no actual lesbians in that scene visibly performing sex acts on each other. There is no one visibly interacting with a vagina that doesn't have a dick. Looks like propaganda art to me. Trying to brainwash women into having sex with troons.

No. 1645115

>men declaring themselves as women according to their own, personally made up criteria of womanhood has nothing to do with women being defined by patriarchy.

>”struggled w/ being a woman” aka hurt by sexist prejudice.

She otherwise expresses being used to seeing women presented as inferior to men, so witnessing a man’s womb envy makes her feel better about herself. It would be nice if she could enjoy tranny skin-walking in addition to a fully realised sense of self. Unfortunately, she relies exclusively on some falsely perceived acceptance from men in order to respect herself.

When will women like this see that tranny shit openly works to undermine sexism and homosexuality, legally reassigning her specific social class as an oppressor of straight men, with an even higher rate of sexual and violent crime against women. What healing can be derived from this cultural depersonalisation?

No. 1645122

100%. Trannydom isn’t really meant to involve women, it’s a male subculture. The sexual fantasy of agps is socially forced upon women to make sex easier for them.
All trannies are bisexual men so depictions of lesbianism have to carefully and implicitly include them or it’ll turn them off, the women are drawn too feminine in this case so it’s been omitted.

No. 1645124

Paranoid jackass, troons aren’t oppressed and don’t get attacked. The handful of U.S. tranny murders are intentionally homophobic. He’ll not be any more likely to be attacked on the street than before he identified as a porn addict.

No. 1645157


No. 1645158

Rage incontinent is such a good way to describe it, adding that to my lexicon thank you nonny

No. 1645163

they don’t fear it. they hope to god someone is aggressive to them so they can finally say all the acts of violence against trannies are real. also so they can beat someone and claim they “punched a terf

No. 1645175

File: 1662884564654.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x2560, 22-09-11-09-19-52-265_deco.jpg)

This is the full convo
(Sorry for bad edit I'm on mobile)

No. 1645177

File: 1662884627038.png (315.9 KB, 482x641, just another male.png)

why do they even bother kek if i saw him irl i would think he was just another loser gamer dude. its hilarious how little hrt does for these men, they are just too male to fix. even after injecting yourself for years there's nothing to show for it, how do they not see it when they look in the mirror?

No. 1645178

File: 1662884737045.jpg (111.18 KB, 720x960, 20211018_174625.jpg)

kek I used to know that Twitter guy, he is truly the most ugly man (picrel) I've ever met in my life. super bougie white Canadian dude

No. 1645182

File: 1662885499087.jpg (14.55 KB, 512x287, leafy.jpg)

This is the epitome of hideous SJW art. The artist is trying to be "diverse" yet has a severe case of same face syndrome and fails to actually have any lesbians here.
kek he looks like leafy

No. 1645191

File: 1662886153904.png (842.12 KB, 721x639, 23983298.png)

This creature keeps appearing in a fb group I randomly joined a month ago

No. 1645193

Holy shit this is peaking material. So many trannies identify as "lesbians" transbians probably outnumber HSTS at this point. Which begs the question, why they would lash out at a lesbian pride symbol? I swear their wall decor and Twitter bios always include both the tranny flag and the lesbian flag. I guess it's almost as if they know they'll never be a lesbian, just a perverted straight scrote who fetishizes wlw. To blame something as innocent as the lesbian pride symbol as the reason for rape and death threats is blatant homophobia and misogyny. Trannies can deny they're homophobic or misogynistic all they want, but this instance couldn't make it more obvious that they are indeed the bigots. It's always projection.

I think we all know that these worthless rape apes didn't feel unsafe at all if they had the gall to tag one of the largest restrooms with such bold threats of brutality. Evidently they know they have power by virtue of being moids and that they can bully some women into submission with it. But even if you're dumb enough to take their lies at face value, how on earth are rape and death threats an acceptable response to anything? Nothing could ever justify such disgusting comments. It's inexcusable, textbook male behavior. Trannies literally threaten women with physical and sexual violence and they still want to play innocent, confused why we don't want to share our spaces with them, and have the audacity to say they're the ones in danger? They expect us to believe they're harmless, let them into our vulnerable spaces just because they demand it, and pretend that they're somehow the ones who need protection? All the while trannies are telling women, without provocation, they'll sexually assault and kill us. The next time someone says trannies won't rape women in the women's restroom and it's more likely that women would harm them than the reverse (kek) I hope someone throws this back in their fucking face to prove them wrong.

No. 1645202

pic of any random dude off the street one year of estrogen today!!

No. 1645212

I'm sorry but I have to laugh. this one doesn't even have puss or necrosis but it still looks abysmal. their axe wounds always look so saggy, dry, and wrinkly. it's actually kind of a miracle they even have to dilate to keep their rot pockets open when they're always such wide, gaping holes you can see straight into like a giant cavern.
he looks identical except more tired, depressed, and old in the one year on estrogen. must be doing some damage to his skin. mostly his hair just got shittier but really no difference at all otherwise.
this hulking, hideous beast has a Party City wig with TERF bangs kek.
completely indistinguishable from your average long-haired moid because that's exactly what he is.

No. 1645213

>I told a black man that being misgendered was the same as being called the n-word and he said "you just don't understand" crap
wow this one is ignorant and tone deaf as fuck.

conceptualizing it as a subculture really works on a number of levels. I've had this sort of impression on the tip of my tongue for a while now, thank you for putting it into words.

No. 1645214

Oh my god I just realized I left out the
from the tranny's hateful comment. It's even worse than I first thought: a "haha" and three laughing emojis taunting the woman over her eight lost pregnancies. I hate scrotes.

No. 1645272

new soft white underbelly video just dropped and features a “transgender baby” aka an adult man who shits in diapers and gets off on pretending to be a little girl. what’s possibly just as insane as the subject matter are the comments from retards who “don’t want to judge” “wish him well” and “hope he gets help”, I saw one handmaiden claim they “would be her friend” and to “keep loving and being you Kylie”… a grown ass man in a diaper, who does nothing but leech off of his family…. It’s just unreal. “She just wants to be loved, safe and look cute, all relatable wants for most of us.” these people need some sense shaken into them, it drives me crazy

No. 1645345

the stuff of nightmares

No. 1645347

File: 1662910579409.jpeg (147.87 KB, 640x738, 7D425AE0-64FF-4381-A0E6-12A5FF…)


No. 1645349

excuse you he identifies as a baby that's babyphobic!!!!

No. 1645351

File: 1662910894736.jpg (27.84 KB, 720x170, mayticks.jpg)

not only mayticks' drawings are ugly af, she is a complete unit of a sheltered handmaiden libfem. every time i see someone reblog from her i imagine sappho turning in her grave. also mind you she was paying $60 trannies who sent her posed reference photos. stop giving her the attention and always background check online creators, nona.

No. 1645368

I'm hoping the fakeboys on that sub call him out for being transphobic against them, but who am I kidding, of course they won't.

No. 1645405

File: 1662914224450.png (524.03 KB, 600x1093, deg.png)

>random pic of a cheerleader and football player making out
>random degenerate on twitter adds a caption implying cheerleader is a femboy
>TIM and fujos join in projecting degenerate fantasies on this real life random couple


No. 1645407

File: 1662914249883.jpeg (233.46 KB, 960x569, 1DC962F7-66A1-40CB-9DEA-F885A2…)

they would say “easy mode” right away if it weren’t an incel phrase, wouldn’t they? now it’s “you’re more woman than they’ll ever be”. how much do you want to bet they don’t even properly wash themselves?

No. 1645421

File: 1662914459223.jpeg (571.31 KB, 960x1468, 0A756563-232E-402B-9ADD-FCE188…)

No. 1645470

File: 1662916476183.jpg (64.73 KB, 600x300, toeofcow.jpg)

>cow toes
Lmao it's kowtows nona, cute

No. 1645504

mayticks, more like maydicks.

No. 1645535

We got lucky in the coin flip? For being born women?? Men are the most coddled beings on earth, they get everything. Idiots.

No. 1645539

I used to hate being a woman but now i am starting to enjoy it because my mere existence makes these fuckers seethe and dilate

No. 1645543

I've always liked being a woman but trannies have made me extra appreciative. Imagine being a scrote.

No. 1645565

if it’s the case i’m thinking about, it was a 18 year le girl that painted the LABRYS and these fully grown adults went nuts over it being a discriminatory symbol

No. 1645575

File: 1662923562350.jpeg (200.78 KB, 828x553, 59ADC3D2-0E2D-4DD9-B1B6-234C8D…)

word selections?? lmao

No. 1645594

File: 1662924349519.jpg (195.67 KB, 1057x1200, Fb7qpbtXwAAD41V.jpg)

Ladies dont you just hate when your vagina closes in on itself? Because thats totes what a real vagina does

No. 1645600

>what caused it
your body employing its natural healing abilities to close a wound? what's not clicking about this?

No. 1645608

Lol. Even their own bodies are terfs, refusing to recognize their mutilated scrotums as vaginas. The transphobia is coming from inside the house! Quick someone blame this on JK Rowling before the normies catch on.

No. 1645610

Repeat after me: licking stinky moid crotch isn’t anything like giving oral sex to a woman.

No. 1645616

File: 1662925999388.png (197.15 KB, 758x840, Screenshot 2022-09-11 215339.p…)

i dont know what to say…….

No. 1645620

File: 1662926334688.png (64.61 KB, 973x328, FcIXvmsXEAAGGrk.png)

No. 1645624

File: 1662926426234.png (38.2 KB, 1479x409, FcIYTGEXkAAMMYU.png)

No. 1645627

I recently saw a TiM basically half-naked at the grocery store in Madison. I don't want to blogpost but let's just say I clocked him in a fraction of a second out of the corner of my eye. When did all the TiMs pop up here? It wasn't always like this.

No. 1645628

without zooming i can tell he's an ugly troon

No. 1645633

File: 1662927150224.jpeg (247.83 KB, 960x758, 8AF8E817-2747-4C08-A6AC-D5D4C9…)

nonas look, he’s way more of a woman than we’ll ever be!

No. 1645634

No. 1645635

File: 1662927322777.jpeg (Spoiler Image,236.28 KB, 1536x2048, D6407B86-BC22-42E9-941C-60DD10…)

Spoilered for moobs but can someone translate what that tattoo means

No. 1645636

File: 1662927331692.jpeg (272.86 KB, 960x1519, 18C93D6A-81B2-4C47-9FB9-F92ABB…)

some more proof of his womanhood

No. 1645640

the troonbrella academy

No. 1645641

They can't wait to harvest wombs. Buffalo Bill ass evil scrotes.

No. 1645644

It says kohai, barf.

No. 1645671

When I go to Google about detransitioners and why the majority seem to be female at birth, I’m always met with articles that aren’t actually about the question. It’s like it’s being suppressed or shadowbanned. Idk.

I’d figure I’d ask here since de-transitioner videos and stories are starting to leak into the public eye.

Why do the majority of detransitioners seem to be women? Why do they seem the most vocal when it’s MtF trans people that are vocal about being trans?

No. 1645676

File: 1662929769659.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1242x1437, BA99809F-0D7E-47FB-BEE4-98212B…)

Why do men think they have the same body type as women?

No. 1645683

File: 1662930127949.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1015.09 KB, 1242x1487, 116892C9-D2E7-431D-93E1-9089F6…)

One thing about men is that they will always have a crusty bathroom and bedroom.

No. 1645685

Two possible reasons:
1. For men it's about the fetish, for women unability to deal with how society views and treats them. Since most transition as girls and in their early 20s, they eventually grow up and learn to deal with all the body issues like all of us do.
2. HRT is way more damaging to women so many realize the health issues are not worth the play pretend.
As for the why exftms are more vocal, women tend to be in general more into being social activists, helping random people and what not. Men just don't care.

No. 1645687

File: 1662930234641.jpeg (908.76 KB, 1242x1292, 0C02B254-2E87-4887-B004-8AE9D4…)

No. 1645688

I was going to comment how disgusting it is to keep dildos on the toilet and next to the trash but it goes to his ass so it doesn't matter I guess.

No. 1645693

dying to see what this troon actually looks like. that actress has a nice figure with a good hip to waist ratio, something trannies can't achieve even with plastic surgery.

No. 1645697

File: 1662931069965.jpeg (665.01 KB, 750x3035, 23C9C674-09B7-4B6C-AD87-24214E…)

i love how there’s no self-reflection on his part as to what he did to turn a group of handmaidens into terfs. does he know how much misogyny women tolerate before peaking? it’s a lot. but as per usual, men are incapable of self-awareness, all they know is blaming women for everything.

No. 1645698

the fuck is going on with his pelvic area

No. 1645701

same. i think i’d rather live in fear of being raped and murdered than be the kind of creature who would rape and murder a woman.

No. 1645706

>local troon demolishes group of female friends with the self importance only a male could have

No. 1645721

>talk about harry potter without bringing up jk rowling being a 'terf' challenge (impossible!).
twitter is giving me fucking brain worms. it's crazy to see everyone act like harry potter is the worst series ever written and that they actually never really liked it just because the troon mob and their gang of handmaidens deemed the author 'transphobic'. idk how this wild display of group think doesn't peak people.

No. 1645723

Looks like he might have gotten a "tummy tuck" surgery

No. 1645729

P saved her friend group from what would have been a very uncomfortable night, the tranny probably thought they were going to ''pillow fight, then brush each other's hair and then kiss tehehe uwu''.

No. 1645733

being tall, ugly, having short hair, infertile = not a woman

No. 1645734

nonnie I know who this troon is and pretty sure he isn't that well known lol are you from this city?

No. 1645737

This is fucking hilarious