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No. 1654286

Last thread contained much more sperging than worthwhile content, but things are still moving fast.

The most significant events in the past week:

> kiwifarms.net dropped by a brand-new Portugese DDoS mitigation business

> Josh says his new focus is on .st and a mesh proxy/DNS
> Site is compromised through a shockingly stupid vulnerability in Josh's hand-rolled chat, see below for details
> Josh claims this attack was "sophisticated" which is laughable, amount of damage still not clear
> Various trannies and others embarrass themselves in turn by claiming to have KF user data, it's actually from the 2019 breach
> .st dropped by providers
> Josh's (IRL) mail forwarding and other services dropped
> Josh "dealing with IRL problems", presumably related to the passing of his maternal grandmother on the 30th of August
> Jesse Singal writes maybe the only even-handed coverage of KF in the mainstream media but somehow leaves off that Keffals is a troon https://jessesingal.substack.com/p/how-journalists-botched-their-coverage
> Keffals looking for more narcissistic fuel, says his next target is Tucker Carlson (lol)

> If you see bait posting, schizobabble, or just simply outrageous takes especially if together with cringe anime avatarfagging and/or youtube music, you have spotted the schizo tranny. He gets off on making women feel uncomfortable which is why there is a rapey undertone to a lot of what he says and why he spams CP when he gets bored with his usual bullshit.
> DO NOT REPLY TO HIM or engage him in any way. It only encourages him. He is presumably typing one-handed because this is a fetish for him.
> Kiwifags, this site has a different culture, at least try to integrate: sage your shit (even if this thread will wind up autosaging, it shows yo re trying to acculturate) and close the window if you have a 'Y' chromosome
> JOSH SIMPS, he won't pick you, JOSH HATERS, you very likely have nothing new to say.


The breach was an XSS attack which was possible because Josh neglected to set a Content-Security-Policy but more importantly and most embarrassingly failed to sanitize HTML input in his custom written chat, a project he had been fluffing himself up about for months. Speaking non-technically about the issue, basically if you structured a message just the right way, you could execute computer code on the remote machine just by entering it as a chat message. This class of vulnerabilities is extremely well known, as are methods for protecting against it. An extremely novice web developer, even, is aware of these issues. Josh made a statement to the effect that attack was "sophisticated." It was not. Josh has been known to be technically incompetent for years, this takes the cake.

The hackers changed user pfp's to the logo of poa.st, a fediverse instance that is full of lolicon and pedophile content. Poasters took exception to kiwis calling them pedophiles and there was a bit of a cross-site slapfight before KF went down. The most obvious explanation is this is poasters trying to kick KF when it is down, but it could also be trannies or other KF enemies trying to cause people to think it was poast. There is no hard evidence either way.

So far, nothing has been released that indicates the hackers were able to exfiltrate any meaningful amount of data. Several idiots on twitter are embarrassing themselves claiming that they have it, but it is probably from a breach that occurred in 2019.


http://kiwifarmsaaf4t2h7gc3dfc5ojhmqruw2nit3uejrpiagrxeuxiyxcyd.onion - Tor; currently dead as Josh evaluates the damage from the compromise, was getting DDoS'd on and off but reasonably useable

https://kiwifarms.top/ - dead, Chinese registrar seized it

https://kiwifarms.ru/ - dead, Russian DDoS guard dropped it

https://kiwifarms.is/ - dead, seized by Icelandic NIC, but now apparently he can get it back

https://kiwifarms.st/ - dead, was his experimental mesh proxy

https://kiwifarms.net/ - contains currently only Josh's cope statement about the hack

Kiwi telegram (a cesspit)

Old threads:
>>>/snow/1627717 (Keffals shit starts here)

Archive KF thread on lolcowfarm (in case if you wanna see how Josh views the website)

/manure/'d Josh thread:

OnionFarms is a total shithole but hosts critical discussion of KF:
However, OnionFarms is also a site you should be wary of, it is run by some seriously shady characters including at least one who has boasted about using logged IP addresses to dox people. Definitely a site you should visit only from behind a VPN and be very careful what you use it for.

No. 1654295


No. 1654296

OP here, meant to include a QRD about this:

IF the hackers successfully exfiltrated data, what it probably contains is:
> your email address
> last IP you logged in from (as in last time you used the login form to enter or have your auto-fill enter username and password, not the last time you visited the site)
> other account data that is publicly facing
> outside unlikely possibility it contains PMs and other data but probably not.

If your email is leaked and it is your real name obviously that is a problem. The IP address is less of a problem, it only gives a general (within 50 or so miles typically) idea of your location.

Most importantly, unless you were a "high value target" like a user who was doxing people or constantly and notably saying things trannies don't like, you almost certainly have nothing to worry about, there are some 160,000 accounts and probably a couple thousand active ones.

IF you were such a target, then hopefully you took some precautions (VPN and burner email)

Otherwise you will be fine.

No. 1654302

The fact that onionfarms is still fine and not kiwifarms is complete bullshit, I'd sacrifice its shitty corpse for both lolcow and kiwifarms.

No. 1654303

From what, the part in the OP where it says that OnionFarms is shady and you should be careful visiting it? LMAO. Are you retarded? For the record I'll say it again: OnionFarms and the people who run it is shady, you should be careful visiting it if you visit it all (and if you do there's not even much worthwhile except a circle-jerk of speds REEEEing about Null) … in fact I hesitated copying that part of the last OP for that very reason. I haven't even looked at that site since the debacle but I know that it is a place where Kiwifags discuss intra-Kiwi drama, filling the void of the old lolcow dot org for that purpose.
Agreed, they have only escaped so far by being totally irrelevant but I'm sure they are going to get it eventually. There are basically no precautions taken, they aren't even using CloudFlare at this point so all it would take is a tranny making a call to their host and saying the words "Kiwi Farms successor" (which it isn't, but that's how they view themselves and how the trannies might.)

No. 1654306


Fucksake. My dead cat is going to get doxed again.

No. 1654309

Oh, its the fucking tranny again, see that part of the OP. I did think it worthwhile to expand on the stuff about OnionFarms, though.

No. 1654314

>is. seized but now apparently he can get it back

huh? i havent seen any statement on it. i thought that tranny wolf begged the iceland provider to drop them w a false CSAM allegation on the website

No. 1654319

File: 1663858956322.jpeg (64.89 KB, 828x308, 31346283-7233-44C0-BE8B-B86B52…)

please dont redtext me for this. ive put sage but it wasnt registered as it should be. i tried to delete it but it says "wrong password".

No. 1654320

It's the tranny again anon, he thought he'd try a new angle this time. Based farmhands quick with the deletion!

No. 1654321

> huh? i havent seen any statement on it. i thought that tranny wolf begged the iceland provider to drop them w a false CSAM allegation on the website
Yeah this is indeed what happened but there is a cap from Telegram somewhere in the last thread that says ISNIC will give him back control of kiwifarms.is if he fills out paperwork and sends him his passport. Dunno if he will actually do this.

No. 1654323

again, samefagging to say that i didnt messed/changed the password, it just occured like that i really dont know why. its the first time i got an error message for this, never happened before

No. 1654337

Including OF in the OP is a retarded decision. They are desperate for attention since their entire userbase is just people banned from KF for reasons like fedposting or talking about children's vaginas in the chat. The guy who helps Kengle (insane hamburger boiling boomer) run it (Naught) is a tranny pedophile. Angry Canadian who is the guy who made Elaine Millrr cut Nulls name into her thighs is an admin too. These dudes are a million times worse than KF users, which is why they are banned.

No. 1654343


Sage goes in the email field. I think you've maybe overwritten your password?

No. 1654346

idk iphone pretty fucked up all of my passwords since the new update..

No. 1654356

Kek, love the threadpic.

No. 1654370

File: 1663861903439.jpg (30.6 KB, 680x392, 333.jpg)

smells of rotting amhole + unwashed troids in here.

No. 1654380

yes, electroconvulsive therapy might be a good option for some of the recalcitrant troons running around

No. 1654385

File: 1663862429930.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, ynbaw.png)

I'm not abreast to the farms lore, I'm a newfag so the Rachel remark is lost on me. But I'll reuse the photo again for fun :)

Why's there an unsaged troid shitposting bizarre facebook-tier memes from several years ago? Does this site have jannies?

No. 1654399

You can't be me, I'm already me.

No. 1654403

Why would we be on an all female site if we were so desperate for your attention, scrote?

No. 1654404

Did you get lost on your way to Reddit?
Jesus fucking Christ, mind the culture around here, you smelly basement dwelling asshole.

No. 1654409

You are talking to a literal unmedicated schizophrenic. Just ignore him.

No. 1654411

shut the fuck up tranny

No. 1654414

We need to autosage this thread again

No. 1654416

>unmedicated schizophrenic
God bless, can't wait for the holes in his brain to develop and he finally offs himself

No. 1654418

i'm having a brain aneyurism from this thread already. sage(thats not how you sage....)

No. 1654422

How many IP addresses does this troonigger even have?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1654424

Ignore the strange, slow scrote with the indent on his soft spot (which probably is the cause for their troidism) and continue to shitpost about KF as the thread intended

I'll go first:

null has a weird face, but kf will rise again through the power of one man's autism, feds will never catch him, they'd have get his eyes in the same postcode first, they'll simply careen off his face entirely since they're already pretty far apart. He simply split apart and multiply.

No. 1654426

please admins ban VPNs until the tranny vanishes..i cant scroll /snow/ without wanting to punch my screen

No. 1654427

>Yes, that way it gets off the front page and I win.
>every post of his is unsaged and brings the thread to the top of the page
Wow 200+ IQ epic mastermind troll gayop

No. 1654435

Too autistic to die, too offensive to trannies to live

No. 1654437

No. 1654443

File: 1663864075068.jpg (366.85 KB, 1869x2048, EvtCR3RXYAA_jwB.jpg)

I am excited for Keffals' crusade against Fox News. One one hand, it will probably make him rich and famous which sucks. On the other, it will make the media spotlight the DIY HRT scene and it's going to peak a whole lot of people.

No. 1654447

they're giving themselves cancer for the sake of gender euphoria, luckily mother nature doesn't submit to joint delusion.

No. 1654452

It's DIY HRT. That means they're buying hormones brewed in some random unlicensed unaccountable troon's bathtub. The troon could be mixing anything with the estrogen he's selling. It's probably full of pee and carcinogens and God knows what else.

No. 1654453

File: 1663864651441.jpg (135.21 KB, 778x819, a.JPG)


No. 1654455

Could you put the link as well?

No. 1654459

>reading comprehension level: about 7 years old

No. 1654462

You read it wrong. It's 46-fold higher than what's expected for cisgender men but lower than what's expected for cisgender women.


It doesn't come from a pharmacy, it comes from a random Brazilian troon. There is no guarantee the product you are getting isn't tainted.

No. 1654464


keep in mind this is only one type of cancer studied (barely), there are many more that can manifest with hormone fuckery

No. 1654467

can admins ban mac addresses ? would be wonderful against him

No. 1654474

Nta but sacrificing a couple of hundred mac faggot nonnies for a week is worth the peace it brings, like when the Aztecs pulled peoples hearts out to ensure a steady harvest season

No. 1654477

File: 1663865748865.jpg (110.99 KB, 1024x1024, rg5890m2m3861.jpg)

Isn't it dilation time yet?

No. 1654481

Nitpick but I hate that they don't draw them actually hanging. He's just floating that nigga ain't dead kek.

No. 1654484

>spams thread with dumb shit nobody cares about

Ok tranny, see you later

No. 1654486

>slay some puss
>rip more sutures of my maggot filled stinkditch open with unwashed dilator

TTYL hon

No. 1654502

anon what exactly do you think a mac address is

No. 1654505

>Time to go slay some puss
Thanks for keeping us up to date on your dilation schedule, bb

No. 1654506

To be fair, you probably have to have actually looked at hung corpses to be able to accurately depict them, and probably understand where and how the noose lays around the neck upon weight. Mean even the colours are inaccurate, can get some horrible pooling in the limbs.

No. 1654515

Singal's clout-chasing babble linked in the OP gave me cancer-aids. There's still all this copium about poor widdle kf and muh free speech. And of course, the schizo tranny is dominating the thread and anons are obsessed. Good job everyone.

No. 1654529

File: 1663871157126.jpg (191.61 KB, 1080x736, 74747.jpg)

Keffals is supporting Kayla Lemieux because of course he is.

No. 1654530

True..but if they can't handle using refs it loses any punch it could have actually had. It's unusable for the purposes op posted it. It's the laziest "hang yourself tranny" wojak I've seen. No offense op I don't even follow this thread. I just wanna see you thrive in offending others with better suicide memes kek.

No. 1654534

>If she were cis, it would still be inappropriate.
Um… Why is keffals being such a bigot right now? Who is he to judge a fellow tranny on how to express himself?
But no, really, they might dogpile him for that "inappropriate" comment, and I can't wait to see it.

No. 1654538

He will delete this soon because this has to be one of his most retarded takes. Huge difference between choosing to wear fetish gear to work with children vs having no control over the size your breasts grow. Of course he's a perverted moid so he's probably thinking in terms of breast implants, in which case he is also wrong bc that would also cause a media shitstorm

No. 1654542

>significantly more scrutiny
If breastplate-chan was an actual woman, he'd have been fired long ago. No school or business is going to deal with a woman with beachball sized tits. She'd be shoved off to OnlyFans for the coomer freaks. Troons are the most protected class on the planet.

No. 1654545

If he was a “cis” woman, he wouldn’t be wearing a breast form that size. Cis women who wear breast forms have usually lost one or both breasts to cancer, and wear them for a sense of normalcy. That ridiculous sex doll sized breast plate is used almost entirely by fetishistic men. The only time I’ve seen anyone in such large breast forms is among “female masking” fetishists, wherein some of them get off on wearing their ridiculous “woman” costumes in public.


No. 1654549

Do you have autism? This is a real question.

No. 1654552

>It would not get even 1/10th the coverage had she not been trans. No one would even know about it.

Huh. Almost like how a certain "person"'s "swatting" would not have hit the airwaves had he not brandished the Person of Gender card. No one would even know about it.

No. 1654566

I mean the point is that actual women don't do that shit. It's not true because it doesn't happen.

No. 1654572

No. # Believe all women.

Only s rotes and trannies would disagree

No. 1654576

A better comparison would be if a female teacher wore a giant fake cock bulge in her pants. Anyway he's wrong because a female teacher with giant fake tits would have been fired or not even hired in the first place

No. 1654594


This. Woman in professional fields get fired all the time for having an onlyfans on the side or showing a bit too much leg. Trannies would know this if they talked to real women with jobs.

No. 1654595

If it wouldn't so obviously be sexualized and make the female teachers at the school uncomfortable, I'd say all of them go tits out with the same outfits he wears and see how fast the school backtracks on their tolerance policy. But real women who are actually good teachers would never pull anything like this because they actually care about their jobs and the kids they teach.

No. 1654603

File: 1663875081026.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.56 KB, 306x459, 24435388-8240251-Foxy_Menageri…)

To be fair there are some mentally ill women who do aim to get their boobs as large as possible. Would they be accepted as a teacher? Did make me wonder earlier, pretty sure there'd be some outrage. I don't get why people enjoy that sort of thing though, I can't imagine the pain.

No. 1654605

Might want to get your mind out of the gutter and get off the internet. Nothing remotely pedo about that, freak. Nta

No. 1654611

I remember digging into it, science sperging aside the Brazilian troon using an Estradiol derrivatitives shipped from China so it's insoluble in water.
So their choice was either acetone, chloroform, dioxane, diethyl ether and vegetable oils (specifically castor oil) or freely soluble in pyridine.
Yeah, most of those are carcinogens.

No. 1654612

breastplate tranny is getting attention because people have been told for nearly a decade now that transwomen are the most hatecrimed and oppressed minority that just want to pee and you can't be mean to them, when what they keep seeing is transwomen nonstop trying to violate and sexualize their kids. people are getting really fucking fed up with how transparently this is just a sexual fetish and how 99% of them are pedophiles. they aren't aren't even trying to hide it, they've gotten so bold they parade their lust for children and hate for women openly. people are waking up to AGP and being told not to talk about it.

think of all the drag queen story time people have criminal records for sex crimes. we were told the bathroom debate is nothing, just moral panic, and now we have trannies filming and recording women and girls and filming themselves jerking off in there and molesting girls. Loudon blew up for a reason, people were told this wasn't happening and found it it was, has been, and was being covered up. people never even conceived of there being a prison debate, but now are being told they can't object to men in women's prisons and shelters or else they'll launch a crusade to get you fired and depersoned. not even touching women's sports.

people were told to shut up and listen to trans voices and we have not been thrilled with what they have to say. we heard Kevin Gibes say he didn't want to be a woman, he wanted to be a little girl. we heard Ana Valens want to make concentration camps for raping women. people want to talk about it and are being told not to and shut down by jannies. people are worried about their kids.

No. 1654624

Kicked off ever bank, payment processor, blacklisted off every major site, email provider.
Basically dissapeared by the state because you held the wrong idea.

No. 1654626

Why are you guys talking about the breastplate tranny in the kiwifarms thread? Trannies always manage to seep into every conversation like the narcissistic faggots they are

No. 1654635

File: 1663876859157.jpg (74.45 KB, 630x840, free gulag.jpg)

Use your fucking brain you mong. I'm not your mum and I won't spoonfeed you everything.

No. 1654640

I believe grape seed oil or MCT oil is standard in home brewed hormones
T. dated a guy who used steroids. He got them off the internet and they were black market not unlike the estrogen were talking about here but the packaging was professional looking and really resembled an actual pharmaceutical product if you didn't know any better.

No. 1654645

Stop sucking girldick in here and tell me where I can make fun of fat Canadian women self-destructing once a week!

No. 1654647

His dick was fine but that is something that can happen from doing them a whole lot. But my understanding is that it is the balls that shrink due to the body having excess testosterone and not needing to produce it anymore.

No. 1654683

When you go on kiwifarms.net the cloudfare message is gone and it is a long message from Null where he writes about the hack and some tech babble. Has this been posted yet? Am on mobile so dont wanna post shitty screens.

No. 1654684

That page has been up since the breach.

No. 1654688

Being totally honest, I was one of the 'live and let live' people, I never minded the trans and even showed sympathy to their cause publicly and defended their right to be themselves. I also would never deadname one. But after this whole thing with Lucas and reading about Kevin Gibes and that Valens freak, I peaked nonnas. Fuck them, fuck them ALL, and I really really mean it. There are no good trannies, they are all fetishistic pedo grifters. I have zero respect for them. Hell, I have more respect for the average moid than I have for them. Fuck this shit.

No. 1654692

I was fairly pro-tranny until I encountered them on the internet. Now I deadname and misgender every single fucker I come across.

No. 1654700

I feel awful because I'm in a similar boat, had a lot of sympathy for actual transgenders through the years, stories like brandon teena was horrifying. I'm not sure what happened in recent years, but the ridiculousness is getting worse, people constantly taking the piss out of what it means to be transgender and now the world is being forced to bend to these fetishists with a need for power. Internets ruined many a thing it seems, and sometimes all you can do is laugh at the absurdity to try and ignore how frustrating it all is.

No. 1654715

reminder that whenever asked if they would switch places with an older or ugly woman, they refuse. its all a fetish

No. 1654728

What happened is that society got too accepting of weirdos and fucked up lifestyles. I know there are legit trans people, but the troons outnumber them. For each legit trans person there are hundreds of men in wigs being loud, obnoxious and preying on women and kids. But we as a society grouped those freaks with (the rare) legit trans people and accepted their deviant behavior. Now we have to deal with the fallout of stupid decisions made by short signed politicians and tech corps. I really hate that hulking 6'9 beasts wearing sports bras can pretend to have the same physical strength as a 5'3 woman and actually be in the same spaces. This is fucking ridiculous but people are still acting like this is normal.

No. 1654758

brandon teena was a lesbian with internalized homophobia.

No. 1654759

we all know what you nasty freaks would do to children.

No. 1654761

I had no issue with them before reading all the reddit posts about them fetishising and hating on teen girls because they assume teen girls "live life on easy mode", they literally sound the same as incels.

That and all the insisting lesbians sleep with them otherwise they are transphobic.

No. 1654763

watch out, we got a badass over here

No. 1654768

Tranny reddit is seriously some of the best peaking material I've ever found, just poking around in it for any length of time shows you that AGP is very, very real. The Kiwi Farms tranny sideshows thread and the MtF/FtM threads here are good for collating the insanity but you can almost just go to any troon reddit and come back with something worthy of posting inside of 15 minutes.
stop replying to the tranoid before he gets worked up enough start posting the answer in image form again

No. 1654777

i think it's kind of fucked that his country won't let him have a pO box even. why is that ok if usa has free speech? i don't really care about null or his forum but the misinformation of troons is really unfairly winning in this.

No. 1654782

r/translater is the best. AGP galore.

No. 1654783

Troons are winning, but they are also losing because they are troons and everybody hates them.

No. 1654786

KF (bless their hearts) had a thread on a man called Anthony Cancelliere and he was a hulking man who insisted he was a woman and wanted to have access to womens spaces in the gym. Dude was really, really huge, I'm talking refrigerator body huge and about 6'5 and when a woman screamed at him on the gym bathroom, he got mad and filmed himself hitting a tire with a fucking sledgehammer. This fucking thing with anger issues wants to have access to female bathrooms and other spaces and nobody does a thing. Let that fucking sink in.

No. 1654798

File: 1663885815387.png (123.23 KB, 477x356, That Moment from Quantum Leap.…)


troid/scrote humouring time I suppose.

You're either disingenuous or retarded, but probably both. Most people peaked by trannies start online, but guess what? TRAs and IRL encounters (like Oppai-sensei) and real-life troglodytes as well as every whinging incel needledick shitting the bed in JKRs twitter (a normie woman who most of us grew up with) show their ass constantly. There's people in this thread who've even been assaulted by troids who then get the "but I'm trans" defence so the issue gets rugswept by their peers and forgiven later online and barely covered by any media that's not some bizarre rightwing or radfem outlet.

The thing is, trannies are also terminally online, so it's not hard to find the online footprint of some of these IRL eldritch monsters and put two and two together. When you've got history being degenerate shitbirds, we don't need to vet every single post on troon boards because we know a large amount will be real based on the fact you're coombrained giganonces.

picrel; you scrotes

No. 1654802


Ah, another one to add to the ThIs NeVeR HaPpEnS pile.

Poor woman though, could you imagine how terrifying that is? Knowing this demented wildebeast could just assault you or kill you dead because we decided troon feelings matter and tbh if it happened, she probably wouldn't get any honest coverage at all except the "out of the norm" outlets like Rebel Media & Reduxx. No one else would care. Terrifying.

No. 1654807

Yeah. And what gets me the most is that the sign of a 6'5 man hitting things with a sledgehammer while wearing a wig, makeup and female gym clothes should disgust people but in this clown society, everyone claps and coddles the troon because uwu hurt fweelings. In a sane world, this troon would be manhandled by men as huge as him and told to go eat shit, but no, we don't live in a sane world. And the fact that only crazy far-right outlets would cover this is sad, because we really needed more trusted and balanced sources denouncing this shit.

No. 1654808

He posted something about getting his PO Box back, so small victories are something I suppose.

No. 1654810


srry 4 blogpost/OT/no1curr

I was Be Kind until I encountered gross troidism IRL. Then I went deeper and got peaked because their behaviour patterns betray the depth of their inceldom + mental illness. Now I catch myself going full bitch and don't even mean to.

I remember my nigel was watching some moid break down a Riley Dennis video and without thinking my eyes zeroed right to the golf-ball sized Adam's apple and the faggy voice and I felt myself do a mean girl giggle because my brain was trying to process the weird he-she on screen and I ended up saying "what is that thing?" with so much natural contempt that I genuinely feel in my bones we're all hardcoded to recognise the predatory skinwalk even if we're not steeped in troon media.

We know what's meant to be in nature and what ain't and I knew If I had that uncontrollable reaction IRL to one of the real troids I saw I'd either be beaten, ree'd at or the cause of a thousand "shaking & crying" posts. I do so love when they breakdown over real women doing something as simple as a side-eye lol.

So stunning. So brave.

No. 1654816

I fucking bet that the troons who complain the loudest are really prominent lurkers/posters in secret. Like Keffals and his rape jokes, the dude has clearly never visited an edgy site before, surely not. Men like him seem to delude themselves that they are "not like other troons" (they would never admit this to their peers though), which is why they absolutely lose their shit when they are the ones being ridiculed instead.

No. 1654820

Here's a top tip to fuck with them in real life.

If you see a troon, go up to them and say "OMG GIRL, YOURE SO BRAVE AND VALID, I SEE YOU, SLAY"

Which really means "You don't pass" but you're being nice so they can't say anything.

No. 1654824


Implying men in dresses will understand female sublety

No. 1654826

File: 1663887647522.jpg (144.14 KB, 759x1280, 913145421c4f4958738405a171b79f…)


Based Nona, I fucking will, the backhanded compliment is truly an art form and we've been at it long enough to weaponise it on troids, who, compared to actual women are rank amateurs and can't handle the slightest bit of criticism that we've been facing pretty much all of our lives.

"Oh, that is a -confident- outfit," said with JUST the right inflection would have them bawling on Reddit for days in search of handmaiden asspats kek

No. 1654827

Kiwifarms is a valuable resource for listening to transvoices, especially the ones on reddit telling boys that YES it IS normal to want to steal, smell, and wear your mom/sister/cousins underwear. It's normal and healthy and society made you do this with oppression so don't feel bad, no guilt, downvote any transmen saying it's violating. Egg cracked.

It's dime a dozen to find the source material on reddit but it's nice to have just a ready collection to pull from, all archived bc Reddit jannies do love to be sweeping. Nonstop "this never happens!" moments. I know there are tu

Tumblrs dedicated to the same thing but the forum format is easier for me and they don't really archive.

I need KF to live for that Tranch thread, Josh can nerf whatever he needs to make it happen but please let me have a Tranch/Kevin Gibes space, please.

No. 1654832

Another troon rage farming tactic is for super conventionally attractive girls to larp as troons and post selfies to Twitter and Reddit with a caption like: "first month on estrogen~ looking forward to meeting my FFS surgeon soon uwu".

No. 1654837

Society validating degenerate behavior was a mistake. We got too accepting (and I think that yes, acceptance is good and we shouldn't live cookie cutter lives just because, everyone has the right to be themselves) but acceptance of perversion and sexual fetishes is what is dooming us all. When I say I'm a tolerant person, I'm not saying that I want to see men wearing my body as a fucking fetish. I don't want to see men reproducing the most sexist stereotypes about my gender. I don't want to see men sexualizing natural parts of my body like they live in a porn movie 24/7. This is disgusting, horryfing, fucking bizarre and I hate it.

No. 1654840

Nona did you see any of the clips from the radfems LetWomenSpeak event in Brighton? funniest parts were all the MANLY MEN voices screaming "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN"

at one point the women who turned up started chanting "your mum is a terf" at them - society is turning, because i was surprised by how many women I saw physically turn up

No. 1654847

I didn't, but I'm glad to know! I hope more and more people (women and men alike) wake up and put a stop to this insanity. Because there's no other definition to it. Never in history we saw so many perverted men parading their fetishes in daylight AND being praised for it. And the worst thing is that the average citizen can't even call a spade a spade because the troon mob will destroy you socially and even financially if they can. Troons are monsters, they exist solely to destroy and ruin things.

No. 1654850


Nonas we are dealing with men with dresses. If anything they willl take it at face value because men don't understand the hint.

No. 1654853

As far as I am aware okoto just labels it "cosmetics products" to skirt customs.
If the feds ever get done with entrapping people this would be an open and shut case for a prosecutor with all the evidence of these trannies admiring to this shit.
That shit sucks. I was on medical steroids for quite a bit in life and it fucked my agressive meter up to 11. I don't know why someone would willing take that stuff. I hope they didn't be as t you.

No. 1654889

I did see an ad for a company called umbrella corp with the same logo as the resident evil umbrella corp logo selling testosterone… for a moment I genuinely wanted to buy and take some in hopes of starting a zombie apocalypse…

No. 1654923

Same. I was also sympathetic and very "progressive" in my beliefs until seeing how horribly they treated actual women.
The main peaking for me was when the creepiest guys I knew IRL ended up trooning out (yep, more than one). There were a few guys I knew who were adjacent to my group I used to go dancing with at the goth clubs back in college, and one of them was especially creepy and lecherous towards all of the girls and weirded us all out. We all talked about how something felt "off" about this guy, and I found out later that he hit and choked a girl he was dating and claims he doesn't remember. And, of fucking course, he ended up trooning out a year ago. I already knew there was something mentally off about this dude and it just affirmed that yes, it's always the mentally ill, violent moids who are drawn to being trans.

No. 1654928

Troons are just mentally ill men with anger issues and hatred for women trying to be ''better'' than the real females because they hate us and want to skinwalk us out of spite. They see a woman and all they can think is ''that bitch won't have sex with me (because i'm a disgusting weirdo but refuse to acknowledge it) so i'll become the bitch and abuse all of them while throwing around my victim status''
For all the talk about ''penis envy'', these men sure have the biggest vagina and uterus envy I've ever seen, like they really want to emulate what they hate so they can claim they are better than what they hate. Pure mental illness.

No. 1654942

if anyone is bored waiting for status updates of the farms, here's a clip from a few months ago of a white man (keffals) screaming vulgarities at a woman of colour for knowing someone with a kiwifarms account

No. 1654948

The woke philosophy of always listening to and never questioning whoever is deemed to be the most marginalized was wide open for exploitation by fetishists looking for validation. The cliqueyness behind its 'inclusivity' created a culture of fear that prevented anyone asking questions, let alone getting the truth out there. Now everyone suffers, but women most of all.

No. 1654950

File: 1663898714276.png (118.73 KB, 466x692, FTPY9FyWQAEqPIL.png)

o and keffal's banlist mentioned in this video

No. 1654951

The funniest parts were the "shame about your dick" chant and singing about trannies to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It.

No. 1654955

People are legit scared of talking and questioning because trannies and the like will silence you at any costs. They will quick and scream and whine and bully you into silence by ruining your socially, financially and emotionally. So people don't speak up because they're afraid. Nobody respects or like troons, we are just terrified of messing with them and ending up beaten or unpersoned.


No. 1654969

Of course, but its funny how society gave them that power because they are the Most Marginalized Group in the World and their opinions need to be 'centered' at all times. When society finally peaks, all of those troon tantrums will be given the weight of a 2 year old's, as they should be.

No. 1654999

lmfao I saw that too back in the day, 400IQ marketing, luckily Capcom is Japanese so they're too stupid to be aware of the IP infringement

No. 1655017

The fact that keffals called Ricky Berwick a nazi still pisses me off. Don't bring my boi Ricky into your autistic shit fit.

No. 1655024

lol there is no such thing as a legit or real trans person. it's all built on sand nonsense; realize this sooner rather than later and you might feel less embarrassed

No. 1655043

i don't really mind old school troons like buck angel or old drag queen types or whatever that accept that they are transsexuals and still allow for that distinction between them and the actual sex, without impinging on our spaces.

No. 1655072

Learn to embed. Keffals malding in that first video though. The testosterone rage never goes away.

No. 1655111

It'll never not be funny to me that kiwifags perpetually can't figure out how to use the youtube field.

No. 1655118

sorry anon, i'll do better to fit in in future ;~;

No. 1655140

>like they really want to emulate what they hate so they can claim they are better than what they hate. Pure mental illness.
Are trannies just undiagnosed male bpdfags?

No. 1655153

Yes. There are studies that show trannyshit overlaps with lots of cluster b personality disorders.

No. 1655193

Late but yes, real women are shamed for their natural bodies by "concerned" adulta all the time, but trannies can wear their fetish gear no problem. I remember TeacherBae and how everyone wouldn't shut up about her, but no one's talking about the man with fake balloon tits.

No. 1655200

>keffals strawman by saying a woman getting gang-raped is the same as his mom getting doxed
scrotes will scrote

No. 1655230

it didn't timestamp properly (sorry for the double fail), but the time he spergs out is around 11:10

No. 1655247

A reminder that troons don’t know what they are asking when they ask to be women.

They think it’s like an anime were it’s all hugs, cuteness, and tea parties.

They wouldn’t last a day one they realized how hard it can get…

No. 1655265

So it's been 5 days now and still no leaks kek.

No. 1655272

If Null decides to try to bring the site back online I think that will change.

No. 1655275

They have absolutely nothing. Nothing.

No. 1655282

File: 1663927132614.png (122.9 KB, 1080x420, 6e559a137bef084fcb6972eb89230e…)

Winter shared this in the fediverse. Partner was bobposting, wasn't it or am I trippin? Is he about to get absolutely demolished legally and they're splitting to try and get Lucas as far away as possible so it can't ruin his "media image"? Would explain the "Keffals never ever was involved with the HRT directory and didn't make any decisions about it or have any involvement!" official statement when they've both previously been proud about it.

No. 1655284

Yeah, they must be shitting themselves kek

No. 1655287

Nonnie this fat nonce fled to Europe as soon as he could after police took his computers. There was ABSOLUTELY something in those hard drives that caused this fucker to run, and I'm telling you now this kiwi grift has been to take as much money as he possibly can to fund this escape and lay low as long he possibly can kek he is being tracked by authorities and it's more than likely that bobposting knows they can't just spend their life running all over Europe

No. 1655290

lol I've watched enough crime docs to know when the evidence and the charges start to hit, bobposting will sing like a canary. Everyone involved in the HRT directory stuff is fucked.

No. 1655295

kek is he still in Ireland or has he returned to tranada yet? if not, then >>1655290 is definitely happening, if only because bob was left stranded with the mess. I bet he's the one who broke up with Lucas "Hunchback of Notre MA'AM" Sorrenti too

No. 1655296

love all this for Mr Kia Sorento

No. 1655300

he's still in ireland, apparently going on a trip to england and spain next

No. 1655302

100,000 grifted dollars goes a long way

No. 1655303

the answer to the question "where the money goes?"

No. 1655304

lel he's so smart
>flee the country
>piss off a large group of people
>many of whom live in new country/continent
>continue to be insufferable and smug about literally everything
i don't think lucas is going to win the war to be honest

No. 1655310

He definitely won't, he's positioning himself to get the wrong kind of attention from the right media outlets, he's feuding with fellow e-grifters who have plenty of clout of their own (I hate DesTiny but that is where this saga began after all) and he has all the Kiwis on his ass from now till kingdom come. He's ruined his life to be called a heroine for like a month for taking down the evil kiwis and the site will come back in some form soon enough. He's reaping the dividends of male ego not backed up by anything.

No. 1655311

No he wasn't with bobposting. Keffal's fiance was some dude named Alex. He was the one going for his phd in sociology.

No. 1655313

Going to England is a bad idea. Lots of kiwis from there.

No. 1655319

I don't really think this matters as much as people (including Keffals) want to make it. Kiwis aren't likely to take it IRL. They'll be on his ass forever in terms of monitoring and digging into his socials, though.

No. 1655320

Brilliant. this is happening way faster than i anticipated.
I could swear i've seen him mention he plans to go back to Canada, then next step of ~travelling~. no stop in Canada now?

No. 1655324

It depends where he goes.

If he's anywhere near a council estate, all bets are off.

No. 1655326

File: 1663931427513.png (294.34 KB, 1080x1231, activism.png)

No. 1655327

I knew my enemies would be evil, I never knew they would be so boring.

No. 1655329

File: 1663931889747.png (233.53 KB, 960x249, nnsvx4es82p91.png)

he mentioned it on twitch recently, timestamped the relevant part
apparently destiny was compiling a huge "manifesto" to counter the google docs that keffals posted about him (https://twitter.com/keffals/status/1570896122297851909), but he dropped it in the past couple of days to focus on all the other twitch drama that's been going on lately

No. 1655334

coward. do it on a side account

No. 1655338

This scrote is so insufferable, it makes me frustrated that he's the one leading the charge.

No. 1655356

I'm sure everyone was doing this already, but if you dropped the thick veil of Trans protection from Keffals' tweets and mannerisms you have all the makings of someone as fucking annoying (and just as fat) as Vito. Makes you think that Keffals' knew his game was destined to get stale and obnoxious if he didn't ride the trans wave of popularity. inb4 he transitioned young, the seeds of this faggotry have been rooted in our society for a while now.

No. 1655362

Truely a quality male specimen, one that's equally as lazy as he is scared to stand up to a mouth breathing tranny. Those women in Brighton are unironically more based than he will ever be.

No. 1655403

Not lazy but, equally as much of a grifter as keffals is. It all boils down to "can I make money from this?" For both these assholes. If the answer is 'yes', you bet your ass they'll be running to the high hills ready to slapfight with one another.

No. 1655431

File: 1663943317393.png (659.93 KB, 1200x732, Untitled.png)

keffals got dumped because of his obsession (sexual) with another man - JOSHUA MOON

No. 1655435

File: 1663943563021.jpeg (218.82 KB, 828x492, 4452C24E-AE94-4472-AAD8-2CEEBE…)

oh well he’s sending his crusade against « Trans Against Groomers » KEK i wonder why

No. 1655449

Totally nothing to do with that whole giving hormones to kids alongside instructions on how to hide them from their parents no way you guys

No. 1655480

Not just the women in Brighton, the women doing Speakers Corners anywhere. They're facing down these retards in real life, and sometimes getting assaulted for it.

No. 1655485

File: 1663947007369.png (263.62 KB, 1334x750, 595165C6-C223-4E18-BCBF-997EC6…)

And to the surprise of absolutely nobody- as soon as he thinks KF is gone forever he goes back to grooming.

No. 1655486

More men and women need a united front that isn't infected by far-right idiots. Legitimizing your front is a lot easier when Gravy Seals aren't parading around with their airsoft rifles and Punisher tattoos. Centrists and the few reasonable libs left need to make nice with conservatives to put the troons back in their corner.

No. 1655500

Ngl that was funny

No. 1655513

>kiwifarms isn't a threat anymore, time to find more boys to groom
is he really stupid enough to think he hasn't painted a huge target on his back? as if kiwifags will suddenly start sucking girldick now. he could have just kept it down a little and be lost in the sea of tranny groomers, but he just wants to pretend to be a stunning and brave heroine.

No. 1655514

It's only funny as long as Keffals is as old as his audience. I look sideways at any content creator (Pewds, most Twitch Streamers, etc) who try so hard to appeal to teens/young adults after they themselves have aged well in to their 30s.

No. 1655516

>implying KF is the only one
>implying shit's not getting archived for the upcoming megadump
HRT really does rot your brain.

No. 1655522

destiny doesn't want to find himself as fucked as null is. the troon mafia could get his YT killed and then what does he do?
He's lucky some big twitch drama came along as an excuse.

No. 1655539

Unlike Josh, Destiny has the money and enough of a “normie” following that I could see some kind of legal action if the troids try to go after his YouTube. That’s obviously incredibly stupid and wouldn’t go anywhere, but I’d like to see him at least try it.

No. 1655556

no it wasnt

No. 1655568

centrist politicians are the ones who love tranny/woke shit the most because their worldview is essentially incoherent and troon shit is perfectly compatible, 99% of lefties you meet irl are extremely amenable to terf ideas as long as you dont just sound like a run of the mill “fuck the fags yall” type of person

No. 1655569

pretty sure you cant sue over getting banned from youtube lol, getting an account banned isnt even in the same universe as getting an entire website wiped from the internet

No. 1655576

The only way to make that work is to sue them if they violate their own TOS, like what LoTT did against Twitter. So long as someone doesn’t violate their ToS, and since money is involved , a case could be made. Not a real strong one but still.

No. 1655577

Good thing he has a good chance of being fucked even if he rolls over like a pussy. Troons are abusive and get off on hurting and having power over people, if he hasn't learned that from his interactions with Fartffals yet then he'll probably learn soon. I really don't think he's been sufficiently humiliated, punished, and fearful for the tranny brigade to just give up now, especially since they have KF down and him on the run, and if he thinks he can just stop taking about it and it'll go away he's in for a rude awakening.

No. 1655586

In fact since KF is down all the little cliques are congregating on Discord (I know because I am kek) and not being distracted by KF have more time to follow him and other cows and while bringing shit IRL is not my thing some of them for sure are plotting ways to reach out and touch Keffals. And being that it's gonna be gay Discord ops it's 100% less constrained by Kiwi norms of not touching the poo. Good luck, Keffals.

No. 1655587

Destiny can always stream on cozy.tv (run by noted not-so-crypto-fascist Nick Fuentes) with Ethan Ralph & Co. lol, lmao even

No. 1655604

File: 1663956873618.jpg (77.54 KB, 630x840, 1663876859157 (1).jpg)

No. 1655610

File: 1663957475195.png (75.82 KB, 600x504, sure awex.png)

>"plural system" or whatever
>"I didn't hax da Kiwi Farms, my headmate wants to buy a drink for whoever did!"

No. 1655615

File: 1663957884479.png (422.7 KB, 587x1702, haxx.png)

>lol at the Kiwifarmer who thinks that threatening to report someone for ToS violations at their current backup provider is a "felony"
oh is that all Elliot is threatening

No. 1655616

File: 1663957898053.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x3203, Screenshot_20220923-143044_Tel…)

No. 1655620

> that cursed router still lmao
> paging our Moldbug-chan
> freeze peach martyr posturing
Hope he is spending some quality family time though

No. 1655621

i can't understand what the fuck it's even saying
it's the smugness for me

No. 1655624

>Just to be clear, I had nothing to do with the illegal action…
Did anyone ever accuse him of this or…? That's quite a thing to begin the conversation with.

No. 1655629

its shitty of him not to offer deletions again when this was, again, his fault. obviously having your own opsec is key but why is he so deeply opposed to taking any slight opportunity to not be a cunt

No. 1655631

The way he did deletions last time was half-assed and made it easy to find out who was who if they had posted frequently enough (hint: you just look for people replying to them) so honestly I'm glad he's not. All it did was make it harder to follow old threads.

No. 1655634

If Kiwi Farms was run by someone likable, able to communicate, and good at tech, the site wouldn't have to deal with these issues so badly.

No. 1655637


The least he could do is allow deletions after his fuck up.

If you keep trusting null on security you are an idiot.

No. 1655640

> If you keep trusting null on security you are an idiot.
If you ever did especially after 2019 you're an idiot…I don't know where the meme that he was ever good at tech came from. He got shitcanned from 8chan basically for incompetence although he'll try to frame it otherwise. People think that just because he is a scrote with bad social skills who runs a big website and can drop the occasional tech jargon he is some kind of computer wiz, it is laughable. I trust a random poster from here with a tech background more than him.

No. 1655641

File: 1663959324735.jpg (281.22 KB, 922x2048, FdUguQZagAA9OfT.jpg)

apparently this is the "fox arson tweet":
>(fox emoji) (thinking emoji)
with picrel attached, then quote-tweeted it with:
>This, but repeatedly and each successive dude denies his house will burn down or that shooting at the fox could in any way be connected.

No. 1655643

File: 1663959611292.png (188.71 KB, 585x529, my schizophrenia says pls hax …)

and the "I'd like to buy whoever hacked and deleted Kiwi Farms a drink" tweet: https://twitter.com/BinaryVixen899/status/1573196344529125376

No. 1655653

Jeez I wished I had DiD so I could blame everything on “the debil made me uwu”. Oh wait I’m not terminally online and employed. These fucking people and their made up bullshit.
Keffals and Wu only think they’re winning. I’m sure a few kiwis are still archiving shit because it will be back, and eventually Josh might actually tap someone who knows what the hell they are doing to make things work better. I do have to say I love watching Lucas and co. Continuing to toot their own horns about their only claim to fame, which is failure.

No. 1655657

The open endorsement of illegal activity (most prominently the DDoS) is crazy but not really novel, there was much of this going on in the Guy Fawkes mask Chanology era but people forget some of those folks wound up getting locked up but that only happened once they started going after banks and HBGary and such. I don't hold much hope out for anyone facing legal consequences for fucking with Kiwi Farms, even though people including Keffals are cosigning if not outright admitting to funding and soliciting felonious activity.
Also these people don't know anything, "entirely deleted from the server" as if this is anything more than a mild inconvenience. The hack honestly looks like an embarrassment, Josh's shit was wide open and if they didn't manage to exfil anything interesting they are as incompetent as he is.
Furthermore it is my belief that the hacking was done by the obvious perpetrator and that is the people who's site logo they festooned the site with, i.e. the literal Nazis (not in the sense that SJWish types like to throw the word around, actual ideological Nais) and lolicons (read: pedophiles) who got pissed off at Kiwis giving them a hard time about all the drawings of little girls getting raped they were sharing around. The thread on KF once it comes back up is pretty funny and these folks were getting memed on hard and I think the obvious conclusion is that they took the opportunity to kick Josh when he was down.
And for that matter Vordrak, who is an ex-Conservative Party (UK) functionary and GamerGater, harasser of women and probable groomer of little girls. What does it say about Keffals left-wing political credentials that this is the company he keeps?

No. 1655686

Why do Kiwigees always have to write in long, rambling paragraphs that go nowhere? Goes hand-in-hand with the ever-present condescending tone of a middle-aged history teacher. Only rather than Martin Luther's Theses, they’re ‘teaching’ us (regurgitating talking points) about Josh Moon, Ethan Ralph, and the ethics of doxing like we haven’t read it a million times. They tip their hats to m’thesaurus and wank off over the ‘Rhetorical Devices’ page on Wikipedia.
Brevity is the soul of wit. Integrate.

No. 1655687

No. 1655692

maybe they're workshopping a press kit.

No. 1655694

If you mean the post above you with your passive aggressive shit I've been here for years. Everyone I don't like is the tranny, everyone I don't like is a scrote, everyone I don't like is a Kiwi is the most tiresome part of this community. Essayposts about KF in the KF thread shouldn't be shocking and I am a couple drinks deep, sue me.

No. 1655697

The Josh simps (and/or Josh selfposting) actually have been awfully quiet particularly since the hack.

No. 1655701

Her funeral was the 9th and I'm pretty sure from the timeline of his posts that he missed it. I didn't know he was actively sperging on Telegram other than the announcements because that chat goes too fast with the scrote and occasional pickme posting but I'm not surprised. Being generous you could say that he is coping with his Internet addiction like an alcoholic does with some cheap booze but I gotta say it is very apparent where his priorities are, he keeps popping up posting to get his e-dick sucked by his fans. Was he saying anything interesting on telegram or just the usual stupidity?

No. 1655706

Learn to read

No. 1655708

je refuse
kek nona that's exactly it

No. 1655755

is this a bad time to remind everyone that josh couldn't even run the fucking minecraft server right

No. 1655761

the only thing he has to recommend him is sheer cussedness i.e. he won't back down which I guess is laudable in the sense that he's gonna be an immovable object for the unstoppable force of tranny cancellations. it's been said before but honestly his only other option is to minecraft himself so he's gotta bring back kf in some way if only for the validation he gets.

No. 1655768

nonzero possibility this happens but it would be even funnier if he pulled a byuu and faked it but what else is he gonna do tbh

No. 1655789

File: 1663971499646.jpg (2.04 MB, 2058x1920, isthisbait.jpg)

No. 1655800

Keffals said he would go after fox news next. If he goes too far I wouldn't be surprised if Fox pointed their finger at him and started shouting FELON FELON FELON even if they don't support kiwi, just to score points against him.

No. 1655801

File: 1663972303877.png (182.8 KB, 591x528, bountywheels.png)

not entirely related, but watch hotwheels try and make it related based on jim watkins having drunkenly thought he had purchased KF.

No. 1655808

i can't decide who i hate most, that drug addict tranny who spends all day sperging about ovarit or elliot with his ''teehee le hackers are so epik'' sticking his block head in almost every dropkiwifarms tweets, god i hope they get whats coming to them soon

No. 1655821

I can empathize with that. Using the internet to cope with the death of a loved one is better than coping with alcohol or something.


Do we have confirmation he was texting during the funeral or are you salty because he said something transphobic after it was over?

No. 1655839

They are registered as a food/cosmetics company. Both the Otokonoko and the other company registered in the troon's name along with two people. As far I know, they don't have Anvisa registration (brazilian FDA) for it. I think it is illegal, but only Brazilian pharmacist nonas could answer that for me (if there is any).

No. 1655843

Samefag, nevermind. I searched and it is typified as a crime in article 273 of Brazilian criminal code. You can get from 10 to 15 years in prison for that. So yeah? i would day Otokonoko troom would be fucked.

No. 1655847

I hope the Brazilian nonnie who was in one of the earlier threads dropped a dime. But I guess anyone could. Anvisa even have an English version of their site. I don't even think it is cow-tipping, not when it's about kids, although bragging about it would be obnoxious. So just putting it out there.

No. 1655859

>brazilian nona
I am her, nonnies. I tried to report but I couldn't find the page in Anvisa and the old one got deactivated (?). I do not want clout or anything, it's stupid to do so in an anonymous imageboard.
Probably the better option is to do on Federal Police site buut I really don't want to give out my personal information to do it

No. 1655862

File: 1663975197960.jpg (133.7 KB, 1080x520, 747484.jpg)

Keffals will definitely go too far in his new crusade. He's already arguing that kids should be allowed in kinky spaces.

No. 1655866

In the troon's state site requires your number or address or an email to be a valid (kek) report.

No. 1655871

This whole saga is embarrassing. Does this tranny not realize that all the incriminating screen caps are already archived? Already been shared by multiple people? Even if KF is removed forever it's not going to erase any receipts. This has accomplished nothing except making it more tedious for me to read the rooster teeth/weebwars threads kek

No. 1655874

don't engage with the tranny, please (second ayrt and the one mentioning metokur)

No. 1655887

Sorry, I meant in the Anvisa site of where the troon lives. No way I am giving my personal information for that.
I couldn't locate a report page in the Federal Police site. Maybe I am retard but they only show information about what things are in their range. I clicked in "chemical products" and it didn't explain that much honestly.

No. 1655911

"no trans people around kids!" yes.

No. 1655914

File: 1663977126841.jpg (129.53 KB, 1536x864, canada-1536x864.jpg)

No terf ever argued that trannies shouldn't be allowed in public. When we say many of them are living a kink we're talking about troons like Kayla Lemieux here.

No. 1655916

Dude like… how fucking ridiculous is this? I keep looking at this pervert and can't wrap my head around the absurdity of it all. This man is literally shoving his fetish down everyone throats in plain daylight and some people act like this is NORMAL? Are you fucking SERIOUS? Dude this is fucking absurd, I don't even have words to express how… what the fuck

No. 1655917

You are free to do yourself then.

No. 1655936


Yep, it’s gross. Love the zero effort to conceal the nips, and the short skirt on top of it all. Unreal how this is seen as transphobic, when in actuality it’s just straight up inappropriate and flashing a fetish in front of minors.

No. 1655940

l you could use throwaway protonmail or even those temporary disposable emails where it's created and in the browser & deleted when you close browser, sort of one use only, idr how it's called.
Idk just wondering, i wouldn't know what to do in your place, it's a case that's different from usual tip subjects. i wonder if they would take the info seriously and actually react

No. 1655944

>cow tipping
To be fair, this is Brazil. You might get better luck paying the gangs like a grand to get him whacked.
>Being shitcanned from 8chan
Was that because of his promised but never delivered imageboard re-write?
It's CANADA. They would fucking get raped by the booty warrior up the ass and then say "sorry" for not being lubed.

No. 1655946

what subject is this blowup doll teaching at that school? Imagine having lessons with this, every week. having to answer his questions, listening to what he says all seriously. being judged by a guy with Z cup plastic tits

No. 1655950

Anyone saying that this is just a trans person uwu is fullstop delusional. This is a man wearing giant silicone breasts because this is his fetish. He's just another moid pig that fetoshizes female bodies because they don't respect women as human beings, only sex objects. This is clear as the fucking day and anyone saying this is just a poor transwoman being persecuted is either delusional or a bad faith actor.

No. 1655953

unsaged fedposting, fuck off

No. 1655956

Yes, anon, I think that is, in fact, just a trans person, only slightly more obvious than others.

No. 1655960

File: 1663980382428.jpg (33.45 KB, 360x640, HGwD_ElONg2C75uG.jpg)

Woodworking. One day those boobs are going to get caught in the machinery.

Well, he claims to be a woman. The school can't fire or reprimand him because they could get hit with a lawsuit. This is where being too accepting of trans rights gets us.

No. 1655962

File: 1663980488676.jpeg (485.16 KB, 828x1246, 3BC2776B-F494-4514-8411-549945…)

What’s worse is there’s a whole slew of trannies saying this shit is just fake

No. 1655965

> excessively large fake boobs
Count on trannies to talk about female bodies and sexuality in a mature way.

No. 1655967

File: 1663980866749.jpg (5.88 KB, 225x225, Be one with yuri.jpg)

There's a shitty porn pic parody of a mountie getting railed by a moose somewhere as a shitpost on another imageboard now dead. Day of the rake when?
>Machine induced traumatic injury
Having dealt with (and being given) traumatic injuries in my line of work, why the FUCK would any retard do this? This is like the idiot who severed his lliac artery because he wasa angle grinding on his fat gunt.

No. 1655976

File: 1663981380321.jpg (35.11 KB, 680x509, 1bd.jpg)

I wonder if this troon thinks the WPATH eunuch archive is faked too. This feels like damage control.

No. 1655977

Extremely late reply but I was half expecting their relationship to fall apart in the midst of all of this drama. I wonder who was the one to end it. I sort of feel bad because from the very little we saw it looked like one of those classic toxic NPD + Autist pairings. Now that Lucas is gone, maybe the dude will come to his senses and drop the themby larp.

TimeLordlroh is overdosing on copium, I see. Yeah, it's fake. So fake in fact that the school made at least one statement on the matter and the topic came up at the last board of trustees meeting.

No. 1655984

File: 1663982087096.webm (1.5 MB, 576x1246, 1663871305456.webm)

No. 1655988

File: 1663982483335.png (287.41 KB, 593x546, twitter4.png)

they REALLY hate buck angel huh

No. 1655995

Buck is the pickme of trannies, I don’t blame them for hating her

No. 1655999

Lol I’m gonna be honest I can’t look at Buck and go “she”. Pronouns come naturally which is why I call most TiMs “he”. They aren’t worth the effort otherwise

No. 1656003

How do you actually convince yourself that you’re 100% woman just by saying you are? I thought gender and sex weren’t the same — its literally in the name too “transgender”

No. 1656004

File: 1663983916790.png (84.83 KB, 629x758, pickme.png)

No. 1656020

File: 1663985424071.png (607.85 KB, 471x632, woman.png)

Who is this? They mention us in their anti KF article.


No. 1656022

Disgusting middle aged male with receding hairline and evident male features wearing child clothes and thinking he looks like a hot e-girl kek this is so disgusting I would laugh if this wasn't our reality in current year

No. 1656025

normal people would just block/mute people they don't like but troons love to play the "oppression" card

No. 1656027

Jesus fucking Christ. As a wise man once said: I am vomit. This is so disgusting. If troons aren't cosplaying as a hypersexualised caricature of a bimbo, they (and this also includes so called "femboys") are larping as uwu 13 year old pedo bait. The venn diagram covering nonces and AGPs is practically a bloody circle.

No. 1656032

And none of those beasts can pull the look off. It's always the ones with awful receding fried hair, wrinkled faces and worm bodies that want to skinwalk uwu teens. I don't even know how society managed to hit rock bottom this fast, but here we are.

No. 1656036

File: 1663986439136.jpg (100.58 KB, 365x355, Bosssmilingfriends.jpg)

No. 1656043

File: 1663987022742.png (474.72 KB, 474x830, abdd.png)

He calls himself Riley Kylo and talked about the ABDL lifestyle on My Strange Addiction.

No. 1656044

it's just a fetish, nothing more. they fetishized womanhood and the world applauded them for it for some reason and now women and children have to pay, as usual

No. 1656054

File: 1663988093645.png (452.88 KB, 856x425, man.png)

Seriously, why do they all look like that?

No. 1656061

When the dick is removed they all scrunch up their face in the same way and it never goes back. You've heard about don't pull faces or the wind will change and it will get stuck like that? Well chopping off your donger actually does do that, and also makes you pull the face.

No. 1656065

Reporting a legitimate and serious crime to actual authorities is not cow-tipping.
Totally understandable to not do that if you don't want your name tied to it. I wonder if there are any organizations that would submit a report on your behalf, especially since you've already collected the evidence and they wouldn't need to do any of the investigation themselves.

No. 1656072

oh god please no urbit arc

No. 1656085

getting the site up by monday sounds awfully optimistic
I think it would be better to just lie low for a little while and let them move on and forget

No. 1656086

I agree with you completely. Taking a month or so to regroup and allow for the hype to fizzle out is for the best.

No. 1656090

Agreed, Null should keep it down for another week or so, and fortify the site from DDoS shit and other threats while also letting the fires calm down

No. 1656091

I hope Null tries to put KF on Urbit just to see how moldbug would respond to the horde of unhinged unwashed trannies.

No. 1656093

the troons + their associates see this as a war, they have people staking out the telegram chat 24/7, liz dong jones reposts every update to twitter with smarmy commentary, this past week has done wonders to take the wind out of their sails. he's better to just let them suffocate from lack of new material to keep riling up the transfolx

No. 1656100

No matter how much smarmy commentary comes from Liz Fong Jones, his head will always look like a Minecraft block

No. 1656102

File: 1663994801131.gif (1.44 MB, 244x200, lucille-bluth-arrested-develop…)

Whatever you say, schizo…

No. 1656111

How did Liz become obsessed with KF, anyways? For a long time he didn't have a thread. Is it because there were some posts making fun of his bf who thinks he's a snake goddess?

No. 1656122

File: 1663996350388.jpeg (430.85 KB, 701x638, 06CB66A2-FF61-403F-8F45-2DC7A6…)

I don't understand why a Portugese anti-DDOS company would give up KF like that. Why are so many people scared of dickless men being mean to them on twitter

No. 1656124

Probably dont want to deal with KF's bad rep anymore now that Keffal's smear campaign is adding on to it. And they aren't as big so they have less resources if Keffals goes ham DDoSing them, which would piss off their other clients who cant use their service because they brought a psycho-magnet on-board.

No. 1656125

The world is not ready for a post-left/Kiwi Farms crossover of autism

No. 1656127

Oh God I'm ready - my body is ready

No. 1656128

File: 1663996656411.png (387.88 KB, 536x905, dffsdfsd.png)

it's to do with the trans lifeline stuff that happened quite a few years ago. the tl;dr is that they were a suicide phone line for trans people that was never properly manned and then caught embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars. fong-jones was close with the owners and donated large sums of money to the organisation. after kiwifarms archived his involvement (although he never had a thread back then), he tried to get the kiwifarms delisted from google, where he was working at the time https://twitter.com/buckangel/status/1149113629272264704?lang=en

No. 1656133

BTW here is an archive of his thread for a longer run down since I don't remember the details too well

No. 1656156

maybe he doesnt rlly felt welcomed by his family anymore since his uncle got in trouble bc of Vordrak’s shit? i mean if thats the case i understand if he doesnt gaf abt them anymore

No. 1656163

oh ffs you talking like a real troon rn.
i rather support the "pickmes" trannies than the one’s who are seething bc of "missgenwdewing". buck doesnt deserve all that hate, if you srsly call him a pickme you just playing in the troons area. i hate the fact that he’s pro porn but on the other hand its cool to see that he still views himself as a female

No. 1656164

This will not work so long as we have receipts to prove what we all know- namely that they are full of shit, groomers, and pushing illegal drug regimens with no concern for who it hurts or kills. Remember they purged the discord and tried to DFE everything because we exist, and our proof is proof archived correctly and that is why when null gets it back up he has to have his ducks in a row. I believe he should not tell us what’s going on until a time when that is true, and maybe tell us where it is quietly.

No. 1656174

same, I need to know how this season of tranch ends with their gas bottle getting repo'd

No. 1656180

> he still views himself as a female
NTA but major fucking eyeroll. Agree that it feels slightly more natural to refer to him as male than it does to refer to, say, Blaire White or less famously CommieDickGurl of KF as female, even though those two are less offensive to me seeing as this is the "dude" who named himself "the man with a pussy" or something equally repugnant for his porn, I'm not googling it but it was something to that effect. We could pick far, far better.

No. 1656197

Idk what her real name is so I'm just going to stick with Buck, but the pickme shit you're saying Buck does is literally just say "yeah no I know I'm actually a woman also it's not a good idea to put kids on puberty blockers". She's gross for the porn shit (it's disgusting. I looked it up once out of morbid curiosity, don't do that oh my god) but the things she talks about when it comes to trans people and denying the delusions aren't pickme shit

No. 1656225

Buck is one of the few trans people who have been on hormones long enough to really see the drawbacks. It's worth paying attention to her just for that.

No. 1656229

Same. The only thing I really care about on KF is the Kevin Gibes Extended Universe.

No. 1656235

what happened to his uncle?

No. 1656236

Isn’t there a tranch thread on here? If not, how isn’t there?

No. 1656237

No one has bothered to make a tranch thread here yet. I guess KF was such a good place to keep up with everything tranch related to it wasn't needed here.

No. 1656337

pretty sure it was literally just run by one kid who couldn’t take the heat lol

No. 1656351

Yeah, it was literally like a one-or-two man business

As disgusted as I am at giant companies like Cloudflare folding, I kind of get it with those guys. Tiny company, probably only a handful of client, have weaksauce English skills - and they are getting fucking pounded on social media by ugly looking screaming troons. I'd probably be taken aback as well

No. 1656357

and they have no reason to believe josh over keffals when they didnt know either existed until like the previous day, esp considering how josh is terminally incapable of communicating properly

No. 1656387


This moid is Riley Kilo. And all the nonnas are correct. He’s 35, a diaper fetish moron, and wannabe child.

Video is a reference, good luck trying not to throw up if you watch it.


No. 1656400

wtf lmao he named himself after the band? also, the youtube link field is literally RIGHT THERE (i would spoiler because it sounds gross but it doesn’t work for videos)

No. 1656475

Vordrak threatened him and his kids like he always does.

No. 1656595

A likeable person generally isn't going to end up running a gossip site for autists.

No. 1656658

agreed, not offering account deletion at this point is ridiculous and childish. it's not about ~sticking to your guns~ anymore when there's this kind of technical incompetence going on

No. 1656665

I doubt Josh is this high IQ, but do you think it's an attempt to scare off several users/discourage new users from signing up?

No. 1656667

no, it's his usual MO of doing inexplicable retarded shit because of his "ideals" and pretending it makes him a warrior martyr. i'm pretty sure the idea of people deleting their accounts just literally personally offends him

No. 1656676

i don't buy that that's the reason, josh is constantly driven by emotion/spite and i do think the idea that his users could be allowed to distance themselves from the site just upsets him, even if it's because of his bad coding which he also refuses to accept

No. 1656728

is it probable that either the 2019 leak or this one included the email used to register in addition to the email currently in use?

No. 1656745

Just change your username, email and password when the site comes back up. It's almost as good as deletion.

No. 1656751

ayrt I don't believe so I looked at the 'xf_user_profile' and related schemata and it has only one field for emails i.e. the current one
Not for people who's concern is leaked credentials being linked to embarrassing or even illegal posts but Josh kinda has a point people should've thought of that before.

No. 1656756

Not true. It is a one click feature to delete accounts in xenforo (T. ran one for a whole, no, not OnionFarms)
Josh's refusal to delete is as the other anon(s) were saying driven by spite and autistic adherence to weird principles i.e. "if your OPSEC was bad, that's on you" which I have a small amount of sympathy for + account deletion really doesn't do anything, the horse is out of the barn and the idea I guess is not linking your account to possibly leaked email etc. which account deletion fails at because you can easily find out who the deleted accounts are (the name becomes something like XY 123) by matching them to names used in posts replying to that user. That is a reasonably solvable problem but replacing the names would take custom coding which Josh is bad at and running SQL queries that on the scale of a forum like KF would likely take days to run (even worse than the brokenness of stickers.)

No. 1656760

Account deletion wouldn't undo the leaks, the information would still be out there. Anyways it looks like nothing was leaked, otherwise the troons would be gloating and doxxing people by now.

No. 1656761

I read someone up in this thread asking the same thing but nobody answered or knows about it. If this is the case, why would Null ask everyone to change their emails if the problematic ones were already leaked?

No. 1656765

Because it is just good practice to change everything after a leak but also the horse is out of the barn and it doesn't really matter. More important to change your password (which you hopefully didn't use anywhere else, right?)

No. 1656770

But there really hasn't been any indication that stuff has successfully been leaked. That of course could change but I think nonna is right who said troons probably would have done it already. I don't think it was troons though I think it was poa.st lolicons and defacing the site with their logo was more the point and leaking just would've been a bonus.
Passwords are hashed of course so it's not a walk in the park to crack them unless you used an easy one.
Also again unless you were high profile nobody is going to bother probably.

No. 1656771

Samefag to add its funny that it was probably poast lolicons because that makes it another unforced error on Josh's part because he joined the site and then everyone involved sperged out about the lolicon issue for a solid week and he should've known it would've been a problem plus he claimed to be against it before and went against that stance just to be able to "tweet" which he didn't even need to do since he had the Telegram.

No. 1656774

but josh specifically didn't say that it happened? he said to assume that all of your information is out there, because he wasn't sure, and having an abundance of caution is best practice, but thus far there is no actual evidence of a leak and it only seems to serve the tranny ego to pretend like there is

No. 1656783

Yes this Josh's advice is good as far as that goes. I presume was reluctant to mention poa.st because that would add an entire gas stations worth of fuel to a trash fire that was already burning between users of the two sites.

No. 1656784

Iirc Josh said he was able to get control back shortly after the first big export attempt crashed, but to assume everything is compromised just in case. Troons have zero impulse control and would have showed their whole ass within hours of getting the info. Maybe a lolicon got it and is just hanging on but I doubt it this far after it happened.

No. 1656787

I really am curious about who did it, and I can't shake the feeling it was one of the troons or someone connceted to them. Elliot is acting awfully smug through all of this and his general demeanor tells me he knows a whole lot than he shows but is hoarding stuff like a greedy bastard thirsty for clout. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't waiting for the dirt to settle so he can dramatically leak it on twitter

No. 1656790

Yeah I think the defacement was the point (either an angry pedophile or someone looking to false flag a war between kf and poast, I'm with the former, troons arent very subtle as a rjle) and they tried and failed to exfil data as a secondary thing.

No. 1656797

no problemo nonna :) although if im wrong/not up to date post here kek that would be important

No. 1656798

Lmao. yeah lots of copium ITT

No. 1656806

how funny it would be if it was really some troon frothing at the mouth at the possibility of hacking those damn dirty kiwis but shitting the bed spectacularly because they lack impulse control and tried to take everything at once lol

No. 1656820

Of course it is, I can’t believe anyone actually thinks it’s the poast retards because of the avatar thing and “troonshine” script or whatever the fuck the inject was, it seems like an obvious, sloppy attempt to deflect. I’m skeptical that they got away with absolutely nothing though, I still think they’re just waiting for KF to go back up before leaking anything if they DO have it.

No. 1656824

While unless someone drops leaks (and possibly even then) we will likely never know I think some people really want it to be troons and the simplest explanation is probably true.

No. 1656825

Some people ITT are really optimistic saying nothing leaked but come on, do you really think a vendetta-chan troon would just go ''oh well site crashed nothing I can do better leave now''? Of course not. The fack Null shut down the site shortly after the ''attempt'' means nothing. Not even Null knows the extent of the damage. As said, I think some troon is just waiting for the dirt to settle so they can dramatically leak it on twitter and rake on all the clout. Everyone thinking it was some coomer lolicon mad at Jersh is coping big time.

No. 1656829

I think you are underestimating just how mad the lolicons were. Like, really really mad.

No. 1656831

Samefag but how convenint is it that troons pressured services to drop protection on KF and shortly after that someone hacks the site? It is just a coincidence? No, it isn't. The fact troons pressured cloudfare to drop KF day and night and just when Null was hopping around obscure service providers trying to figure shit out a hack happens isn't some random coincidence.


You look at a tranny and tell me it isn't an alien already

Troons with an agenda and backed up by 99% of society can win easily against obese coomers any day

No. 1656834

I'm not sure that Cloudflare would have protected against Josh's retardation in this case from a technical perspective but this is a good point regardless. But if people are curious about this situation I'd nonetheless suggest they check out the threads about the poa.st situation when kf comes back. Lots of them were really freaking out and some of them are technically competent although of course this goes for the troons too. But we will likely never know.

No. 1656835

I don't know if you noticed it but KF is down so we don't really have very much to talk about kiwi farmers, and I also don't know if you noticed it, but someone tried to hack the site and this is the biggest thing that came after that freak of nature started with the whole dropkiwifarms shit

No. 1656836

This exactly. Would Cloudflare have stopped that type of hack? Almost definitely not, the exploit used had nothing to do with DDoS protection lmao

No. 1656840

Cloudflare does do stuff other than DDoS protection but it's not going to be adding in CSP because that would potentially interfere with legitimate applications of not having one. I'm genuinely not sure if it would have helped but I'm leaning towards a big "no". Josh still had enough ammo to shoot himself in the foot.

No. 1656841

cant post screenshot now bc my phone is being wonky but an account on twitter named crackrock holmes is saying they contacted uk police about leaked user info

No. 1656844

File: 1664063234286.jpg (348.68 KB, 1080x1311, troon.jpg)

Lol, is that your account?

No. 1656846

This is smelling of Vordrak again

No. 1656848

File: 1664063336614.jpg (97.28 KB, 720x1037, tweet letter.jpg)

Letter included in the tweet.

No. 1656850

I hope this is legit and it's a TERF getting dragged to court over saying trannies are men, just because it would redpill people.

No. 1656852

Its bullshit, that’s vordrak. He is also claiming Josh recently changed his name to James Gabriel Potter

No. 1656853

It wouldn't matter if the TERF joked about tranny genocide, nobody actually likes troons. If it was clearly a joke and not a threat she would be seen as a martyr by the public.

No. 1656854

This mofo won't stop embarrassing himself will he

No. 1656859

He's been an embarrassment for ages now, nobody takes him seriously, the only ones who give him attention are braindead morons on twitter

No. 1656865

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this but someone already tried to ruse cruise a fake letter from LE (German in that case) so I'm skeptical.

No. 1656867

I find it hard to believe someone would be arrested over posting on a gossip/shitpost forum, because if LE would go after this, the internet wouldn't exist anymore. (Mainly twitter, where people dox, post death threats and CP every day and nobody bats an eye)

No. 1656871

The cops in England have knocked on some people's doors for wrongspeaking on twitter, but it never led to criminal convictions as far as I know.

No. 1656878

Samefag as >>1656865 oh its fucking Vordie never mind

No. 1656891

>The tweet was posted 6 minutes ago

So anon just happened to find it immediately after it was posted. Suss.

No. 1656896

File: 1664066404117.png (270.8 KB, 666x502, Screenshot 2022-09-24 20.37.16…)

Recent join, lots of seething about KF and retweeting right-wing stuff. Posts links to cozy.tv (Nick Fuentes)/Beardson/Ethan Ralph so decent chance it could be one of Fuentes followers who also hate KF/Josh. Either way I smell gayops.

No. 1656898

File: 1664066475327.png (60.51 KB, 659x452, Screenshot 2022-09-24 20.40.56…)

No. 1656900

I wouldn't be surprised if Vordrak became far right. He was super into gamergate back in the day, maybe he's a full blown chud now.

No. 1656903

Yea and he was a Conservative Party (UK) functionary or maybe even minor elected official I forget. Participated in harassing (actual) women as a part of GG. Keffals showing such left-wing authenticity associating with these people.

No. 1656906

Lucas will associate with anything and anyone that has the same target du jour as him. That's how scummy he is, zero morals

No. 1656914

If you feel the need to defend Lucas the huge smily butthole groomer I have bad news for you

No. 1656921

This. He talks to himself and imagines himself a master manipulator. If you see weird anti-josh circlejerking, it's probably him.

No. 1656928

I wouldn't go that far, the tranny's posts are incredibly obvious even when he's not avatarfagging. The non-weird anti-Josh circlejerking isn't him and shouldn't be lumped in.

No. 1656939

anti-Josh anon here but I will say pedo accusations against Josh are played out (and I dislike the guy immensely) and mostly the purview of his enemies who have no qualms whatsoever about outright making shit up and spreading old memes originating with Vordrak and the like. He deserves to get shat on for associating with poa.st though.

No. 1656949

is the account in >>1656896 and >>1656844 even the person who the UK police letter is referring to? the crackrock holmes account has a lot of content related to american politics and doesn't seem british. maybe the letter is from the KF telegram chat?

No. 1656950

the letter appears to be from Vordrak (Sam Smith on the screencap to the right)

No. 1656955

samefag as >>1656950 to say and I find it hard to imagine a scenario where someone who got a summons from LE would send it to Vordrak of all people, and Vordrak is known for actually putting effort into his gayops, so who knows, could be 100% fake, could be unconnected to the data breach, who knows

No. 1656978

>X here
Nice try, go the fuck back to plebbit.

No. 1656980

why did nothing come of the 2019 hack?

No. 1656982

Everyone involved used throwaway emails and proxies.

No. 1656983

Because most emails were burners. I had the leaks on my hands the moment Null made it public on the site. I still have it saved. I went trough the list out of curiosity but I never actually searched by any funny or interesting looking email because I never bothered. It didn't have interesting or incriminating info, just a bunch of burners and some weeby sounding emails.

No. 1656986

Samefag, but the list was fucking huge and obviously I didn't go through all names, just the most prominent ones I recognized as the big posters. All used burners from what I remember, but some sadly deleted their accounts

No. 1656993

It's true, unless there's other drama I've missed, all the pedo accusations comes from dumb crap he did when he was way younger.

No. 1656995

Rule all along was never use anything tied to anything else. There was a guide in making a throwaway email and not reusing past online handles.

No. 1657003

File: 1664073759334.png (67.78 KB, 638x637, adsadsadsads.png)

elliot is still being a smug fuck vague posting about being involved in the hack on twitter

No. 1657006

A decent chunk of KF accounts are just lurkers trying to access hidden boards so even if you got a JohnJohnson at gmail you're gonna look like an idiot trying to do much about it.

No. 1657009

God he's so ugly. I seriously doubt it was the troons though. Not to keep harping on poast but if it was the troons I feel like they would want to claim credit. So claiming credit is incompatible with trying to false-flag as poast. So LFJ probably had fuckall to do with anything because if it was a false flag he'd be quiet about it and LET THEM FIGHT and if it wasn't he wouldn't have changed the logos. Just doesn't add up.
Another thing, the Yorkshire police document, doesn't add up that it is linked with the leak. Not only would the leak, if handed to the police, take a lot of time for them to process, more than the week or so it's been, but there would be chain-of-custody issues. Probably the user (who's name is easy enough to guess because he's not covering it well enough with his thumb) fedposted hard enough to attract the attention of agencies in the UK. Possibly even Josh gave it up to them, which he has done before and said he will do again in egregious cases, and what's more the site doesn't need to be up for him to do that. But if the guy had bad OPSEC and not using a VPN the UK glowies could have got him without Josh. Many, many possibilities out there. I could be embarrassed by the leak dropping tomorrow but with every day that passes I'm more convinced it's not going to happen.

No. 1657012

God I hate this block headed chinese kermit frog so much I want to punch my screen. His fucking smug attitude coupled with his physical ugliness just seals the deal. What a repugnant creature.

No. 1657025

File: 1664076106123.png (30.69 KB, 599x309, multi-millionaire.png)

>gets butthurt about internet forums

No. 1657032

not smart to reveal that to twitter trannies
they're going to dog pile him because he's ~so rich~ and needs to "give back"
fucking idiot

No. 1657042

is this how a US citizen affords to fly back and forth between canada and australia twice a month

No. 1657044

He flexes his wealth routinely though. The trannies probably think it is based that one of their own made good tbh.
It's that Google money

No. 1657059

I asked earlier or in the last thread, but if it’s not against the rules here is this list still available anywhere?

No. 1657061

What even were the hidden forums on there, I think I had an account back when it was just a CWC forum but never used it.

No. 1657065

news forum a&h or whatever
he changed it to member only a few years ago

No. 1657066

I think Articles and News (/pol/ in forum format), the prospering grounds, and the super elite invite only forum that is allegedly nothing much.

No. 1657068

dumb rant but it's really bugging me off recenlty
I keep seeing posts about stuff like the morality of KF content or its users, opinions about Josh or skills, how they deserve it or not, I don't get it, how is that really of any importance.

Maybe I'm lost, but I thought the actual concern is more about information control, manipulation, brigading… and how even what used to be the space of women and minorities is being hijacked and used by men (in skirts) for themselves. Instantly annihilating opposing voices with a reach far beyond what actual minorities achieve. Either suck up to men, or suck up to men in skirts and shut up?
Being misogynistic is already much more acceptable than being critical of trans.

Think about it: ALL THAT mobilization and influence, all this support, world wide ban and manhunt, CEOs kissing their feet, the deplateforming and mob lynch of any opposing voice and their relatives/associates, people rushing to donate… all this, all this for a travesty promoting the sale of HRT to minors and bragging about it in the open like transionning minor behind their parent's back is some big win against the bigots and patriarchy.
This is the hero, the martyr and catboy ranch owner, the face of progress no one can question. All because he didn't like what was said about his public activity.

No. 1657070

dox and nudes both also required an account to view (i think this was to circumvent dmca's and other takedown notices)

No. 1657071

>the prospering grounds
That’s the one they had for brainstorming threads, right?

I can’t even imagine was the super elite private one was like, I’m guessing mostly the same type of pick me Josh fangirls from the telegram, yikes.

No. 1657073

From what I heard the "hack" was something incredibly simple that any script kiddie could pull off, because Josh is not a programmer and fucked up.

That fits Josh's statement that the export crashed and it looks like nothing was leaked. Some script tranny got into the farms, did some dumb shit that alerted people to it being hacked, THEN tried to export it, crashed it, and then the site was taken offline.
The hacker was clearly a moron who didn't know what he was doing and didn't really have a plan. I expect no leaks to show up, because there is no reason whatsoever to not publish that shit immediately if you had it.

>That’s the one they had for brainstorming threads, right?

I had no access to the special forum, but according to the statement about it it requires users to have contributed something significant to some thread or something along those lines and people who are in it said it's mostly just shitposting.

No. 1657074

>dox and nudes
This is honestly gross as fuck and I’m shocked the news outlets have been going with the troon persecution angle rather than pointing out that KF had an entire section for revenge porn.

No. 1657075

There was no revenge porn on KF. Nudes, in this instance, were usually nudes or videos from cows who were the subject of threads or posts.

No. 1657076

no not that, unless there was a SUPER SECRET secret board?
nudes were hidden from non-members. so like, chantal's onlyfans leaks would be posted, and you would only see if your were a member.
really no different than leaks that get posted here.

No. 1657077

it wasn't an entire section, iirc, you had to flag the sections of your post with addresses/phone nos etc or leaked onlyfans nudes. so not so different to people discussing moo's butthole on this website. i think there was a requirement too that you had to add commentary and the nudes had to be relevant to the thread, since if it was just a porn dump, it wouldn't be considered transformative enough for copyright of the onlyfans pics

No. 1657083

Thanks for clearing that up nonnas, all I could think about was that isanyoneup site from years ago

No. 1657084

> the super elite invite only forum that is allegedly nothing much.
There is a Supporters form which is for people who give Josh money and a "Top Secret Inner Circle" for people who have been around for X length of time or have X many posts, not sure which. Supporters is basically just people making fun of non-members and TSIC is or shitposting.
There absolutely is revenge porn on KF depending on your definition of revenge porn. IP2 Alice's nudes leaked by Joey Camp (major creep) definitely count, June's might, the video that Ethan Ralph actually got convicted of revenge porn is there, etc. Just because these people are cows doesn't mean it's not RP.
But no it's nothing like isanyoneup that was for just posting RP of any random person.
Correct. For SEO purposes you are supposed to hide dox and nudes under a [private]…[/private] tag which is only visible to members. It's not deeper than that.

No. 1657095

Fuck off back to Reddit

No. 1657096

Josh isn’t going to fuck you

No. 1657097

It's just one more iteration of what's been happening for a while. The last lesbian bar I had access to became all-inclusive 8 years ago. I know times change but it just wasn't the same.

No. 1657099

I'm bored so here is Keffals trying to be funny but failing miserably. He instead comes off sounding like a crazy homeless person off the streets.

No. 1657103

it's not even like sites like kf or similar sites are even trying to destroy their grooming circles or deplatform them or get them sacked or whatever, its just oversensitive scrotes who can't deal with a bit of random gossip occurring on a site they can choose to not look at. the only women i can remember partaking in all this was bex and that random lady who put her son on the cover of national geographic a few years ago

No. 1657104

File: 1664083748388.jpg (438.31 KB, 1536x2048, media_Fc0MeBgagAAJbM7.jpg)

No. 1657105

theyre so mad there are still little corners of the internet where they can't cry to admins and get people permabanned. though with KF specifically, I think the archiving is what got to them. notice how none of them have pushed to ban doxbin or anything similar, but wayback and archive.is and KF are targets.

No. 1657113

Good god, KF wasn't kidding with the Robert Z'Dar look-alike part.

No. 1657115

How does that neck support that head?

No. 1657116

Dude snacks on red wood.

No. 1657120

HOW can you have such an excessively masculine head, face, skull… then try demand the whole world pretend you aren't a fucking man lmfao

No. 1657124

File: 1664085135386.jpg (76.58 KB, 800x540, E4390084-Cro-Magnon_Skull.jpg)

I'm a woman. You're a Nazi if you think otherwise

No. 1657125

All the porn posted was posted by the cows themselves. Keffals was porn he made and posted himself that got discovered, which was then linked around and he called it revenge porn.

Retards have no idea what revenge porn really is in the case of KF.

No. 1657126

All that google money could’ve bought him a jaw shave years ago

No. 1657130

He's banking on that jaw for the lead role in the inevitable woke Maniac Cop remake.

No. 1657135

> notice how none of them have pushed to ban doxbin or anything similar
Yeah, they aren't really worried about doxbin so much as they worry about people talking shit about them
See >>1657084 Alice and Faith's RP are objectively RP as in released by scrotes they were dating after sent to them privately. There are I am sure other examples but these two come to mind immediately. I don't remember exactly the story with June's nudes but I think it was similar, they certainly weren't intended by her for public consumption or come from an OnlyFans or something.

No. 1657137

RP is only illegal if you are the person releasing it. Hence why Ethan Ralph was convicted of it but Kiwifarms can legally host it. There is no law against distributing or hosting it after it has been released. I personally disagree with hosting RP based on moral reasons but I can see why they wouldn't ban it, it's not illegal and every single cow with nudes in their thread would start saying they were revenge porn to get them removed. Keffals said his shit was revenge porn even tho he uploaded it himself.

No. 1657139

I didn't say it was illegal to host (it isn't) I pointed out that the anon(s) who said there is no RP hosted on KF are wrong.

No. 1657142

The amount of jaw that would need to be shaved down would go into the marrow, pretty sure that isn't medically feasible.

No. 1657143

The police in the UK are insane. Have you not heard of Count Dankula being ran in circles by authorities for about 6 years over a meme video of his dog? It doesn't matter if it's a joke they'll still make sure you never get a job again and do their best to publically lie and humiliate you

No. 1657144

>I keep seeing posts about stuff like the morality of KF content or its users, opinions about Josh or skills, how they deserve it or not, I don't get it, how is that really of any importance.
Thats because this thread is invaded by schizo trannies and Onionfarms moids who are still mad that they got banned from KF. Kengle himself admits he reads this thread, he hates Null cause he is a lolcow and Null made a stream about him. There are plenty of lolcows here who are just salty and looking for a place to vent about Null being mean to them.

No. 1657147

All of that money but not enough sense to fly abroad to get some much needed work done with a top tier surgeon. But if he is so delusional that he believes that he is a woman, perhaps he also thinks that he genuinely looks gorgeous. Sad.

No. 1657149

The "hidden forum" Is for people who purchase the "true and honest fan" Title for $20 bucks from Null, although a lot of people also buy it for posters they like just because they want to support the forum and have those posters in the secret board. It was given to me by an anonymous donator, just logged in one day and was able to use special stickers and see the secret boards. There is nothing interesting in there and it is mostly used by people to powerlevel in a more secure area and blogpost about their life and the busiest thread is one where they make fun of other forum posters. It's a lot less exciting than you would think.

No. 1657150

File: 1664087653625.jpeg (16.31 KB, 225x225, E0C6FE08-6A5D-4069-B859-ADA4D4…)

No. 1657153

File: 1664088173546.jpg (230.48 KB, 1080x1198, 20220925_013758.jpg)

Deleted tweet.

No. 1657156

doesn't jaw shaving have one of the worst long term side effects when it comes to ability to chew and speak etc. out of any facial cosmetic surgery?

No. 1657161

Would they appear on haveibeenpwned? Or would that be just too simple?

No. 1657162

File: 1664088386893.gif (1.6 MB, 480x268, 45.gif)

No. 1657163

Lol you have to pay for that title?!
Yeah. One of my old coworkers (non troon) had it done and has bite problems and chronic pain now.

No. 1657165

lol. lmao even
I hope black twitter saw this, on god fr fr

No. 1657168

File: 1664089011377.png (390.11 KB, 636x576, Screenshot 2022-09-25 02.56.26…)

looks fake and gay to me

No. 1657174

No. 1657175

"How can I make this tragedy about me?" The tweet.
I'm hoping for the same, Nona. That tweet is just dripping with narcissism.

No. 1657179

when a week has passed and nothing has came out of it so they gonna start making shit up real fast to keep the grift going.

No. 1657180

ty nonns I thought that I had seen that before and I don't get a kf user vibe from that pic at all, kek

No. 1657211

File: 1664094709421.jpg (29.43 KB, 248x275, tragedy1.jpg)

No. 1657233

Troll account. Won't be surprise if troonsquad takes the bait though.

No. 1657240

Buck's birth name is Susan.

No. 1657255

I’m sorry nona but idk how you could read this and think it was real kek. With those pictures especially.

No. 1657263

The post literally says "looks fake and gay"

No. 1657266

Yes but then she said this >>1657180, implying she was seeking confirmation it wasn’t real.

No. 1657276

Was this archived in time? Troons will always claim fake without an archive

No. 1657279

Unfortunately, no. I checked both archive sites.

No. 1657289

I mean I saved the image- I'm guessing that's not enough huh?

No. 1657290

sadly no it's not especially as kiwiscrotes have been making fake keffals tweets with inspect element. that one I 100% believe but it would be easy for him to deflect.

No. 1657296

Bummer Summer; you never know they can only call BS on so many of these tweets~ Because it's authenticity seems too obvious, hopefully it might get slipped through. Cause this seems too legit to deny…

No. 1657297

File: 1664105322605.png (316.89 KB, 617x905, vbvbbvcvvc.png)

No. 1657299

oh ok, nice one and God, he is fucking insufferable with his buzzwords

No. 1657300

ROFL what a dummy. Did the job for us.

No. 1657303

Can't wait for Jai to chime in.

No. 1657304

Yep lol. Let this be a reminder though if people are watching his tweets Screenshots are nice but not good enough, please archive everything! archive.ph/.li/.today/… is the best option

No. 1657306

File: 1664106120201.jpg (58.71 KB, 739x400, Capture.JPG)

Holy fuck, he's being dragged by other leftists - jesus fuck this is satisfying to watch

No. 1657307


fantastic. here's an archive on this since he confirmed it for us, kek.

No. 1657314

what is it with white trannies and not being able to resist comparing themselves to black people

No. 1657316

It bounds to happen eventually kek

No. 1657319

File: 1664108042209.png (64.23 KB, 661x315, Screenshot 2022-09-25 08.13.21…)

The nerve of Lucas to accuse other people of grifting. Archive still archiving but https://archive.ph/SnWgB

No. 1657320

File: 1664108219062.png (81.15 KB, 661x315, Screenshot 2022-09-25 08.16.25…)

bonus trying to get the horse back into the barn by retweeting lol

No. 1657327

I legitimately cannot understand how pathetic and brain-dead his fans are to not see what a grifter he is. It's literally baffling. Everything he does is about him, and he's 'never wrong'.

No. 1657329

Yeah he is such a textbook narcissist. >>1657297 is an (insincere) attempt to show the usual "I have learned and grown since then" shucking and jiving but then with >>1657319 it goes out the window and it's back to being about him. They are going to eat him alive eventually though, live by the cancellation, die by the cancellation.

No. 1657333

keffals and lowtax romance arc whe… oh.

No. 1657341

nah, I ship him, Vordrak, and a certain other Brit who seethes about websites for a thruple. he's in the UK after all…

No. 1657342

File: 1664111221361.png (166.49 KB, 585x436, Screenshot 2022-09-25 09.05.51…)

> so transparent, so honest, and so driven by integrity
holy shit kek, really still trying to get picked in the telegram. these people are delusional. maybe Keffals is on to something when he called KF a "cult", certainly not the whole userbase, but there's definitely a cult of personality going on with some of it

No. 1657343

isn't the reason josh doesn't do any fundraisers literally that he's blacklisted from everything so has to rely on crypto?

No. 1657344

Shut the fuck up, troon.

1) You will never be a woman, and;
2) The point the poster makes is correct - that, unlike Keffals, Josh has not had his hands outstretched saying "money pleaaaaaaaaaaaase"

No. 1657346

> everyone I don't like is a troon
1) Josh will never pick you
2) See >>1657343

No. 1657347

samefagging to say my point isn't about money it's about aggressively fellating Josh who is none of the things that I quoted

No. 1657350

i definitely think that it's important to support kiwifarm's plight against the angry troons without getting too parasocial about josh and turning him into some kind of modern martyr

No. 1657352

I guess I'd agree with that. It's a fine line, you want to support him because of how fucking nuts the other side is and how stressful it must be getting dog-piled by troons, but he is fallible. Definitely fucking fallible

No. 1657353

This. I certainly support KF over the troons. I like KF. I post on KF. I follow cows there who aren't covered here, I follow cows here that are not covered there. If Josh asked for/needed money (he doesn't) I might even give him some. But he is not some hero, he's an autistic scrote with a martyr complex who has serious issues with women and I expect to see the hero worship from the /pol/ refugees who joined KF so they can say "nigger, nigger" all day but to see all the pickmes on the telegram do it is … something.

No. 1657361

Chill out Sherri

No. 1657362

Cope, seethe and dilate - Kiwifarms will be up again soon and you can read about yourself there

No. 1657363

I guess telegram is a more “direct line” to Josh than KF. It’s hilarious to see all the pickmes come out of the woodwork.

No. 1657365

wtf is going on here, who tf is Sherri? who does Sherri think the other anon is?

No. 1657366

Can’t wait!
(Josh still isn’t going to fuck you)

No. 1657367

Sherri is the pickme in this telegram screenshot >>1657342 lmfao

No. 1657369

There's a lot of trannies in here LARP-ing as women (as they do) criticising Null/Josh and trying to basically muddy the waters

No. 1657374

Because certainly no woman would criticize Josh, right? Fuck right off. I wouldn't be at all shocked if there were trannies trying to fuck with the narrative (besides the incredibly obvious one) but accusing people of being trannies just for having issues with Josh is retarded.

No. 1657375

josh has made a lot of stupid mistakes that have definitely made these past few months more painful than they needed to be but I would be very sad if kf never came back up again. it's a very funny stupid site that makes my workdays less tedious.

No. 1657379

A lot of trans people actually respect and share bucks views believe it or not, and at least Buck is honest about the need to see a gyno and be careful with hormones.

No. 1657382

Josh hasn't said much in an entire week, there is no new milk whatsoever and yet you are in here malding every day about him. I think it's pretty obvious Onionfarms scrotes and troons are among us who are extremely bothered by the fact that this isn't another place they can use to just whine about Null 24/7 because he banned you and your internet points are now lost forever and you have your dick in a knot about it for the rest of your life.

No. 1657386

File: 1664114791322.jpg (21.68 KB, 360x305, father.jpg)

Okay troon or Onionfarm malder

No. 1657387

It's honestly smarter for him to not say anything at all for the time being

No. 1657389

File: 1664114830128.jpg (216.63 KB, 457x567, beppers.jpg)

>not everyone who shits on Josh is a tranny
>it's literally the fucking tranny again


No. 1657393

File: 1664114982599.jpg (368.92 KB, 925x1104, CHADNULL.jpg)

Can't wait for Null to bring the site back next week and the trannies are going to go into cope-seethe-dilate overdrive.

No. 1657397

I love how male troons always obsess with anime avatars. We know what you really look like Blaine.

No. 1657399

File: 1664115036119.png (98.29 KB, 350x220, unknown-278.png)

No. 1657401

Way to prove you have not been following this thread by not knowing who you are replying to.
Making fun of his pickmes is milk.

No. 1657403

The schizo troon having an extremely jewish hooknose just gives me a hearty kek every time. Like pottery.

No. 1657405

Because he looks like he’s made out of raw dough otherwise

No. 1657409

Notice how he only started posting again because he's bothered that Buck Angel is a female and was beautiful pre transition and passes post transition. Seethe.

No. 1657412

He's probably jealous of anyone who doesn't have a nose the size of texas. Imagine how much it would cost for a surgeon to wittle that thing down. You could build an entire elephant skeleton from the bone shards he would have to shave off that hecking big honker.

No. 1657413

Exactly, even if you’re a fan of Josh you have to admit the nlog fangirls in the telegram are fucking pathetic. We are all aware of the troonposting ITT but there are obviously a few Sherris here as well lmao

No. 1657414

Not a samefag Blaine, you're bad at this. You sound male as fuck on discord too.

No. 1657418

>there are totally a lot of real women here who hate Null and want to a-log him 24/7!!!
>immediately avatarfags with dumb anime pics revealing himself as the malding troon

Truly a 600 IQ move

No. 1657422

Lol cope harder Josh simp, most people ITT have learned to recognize how Blaine types even without the avatar flagging. If you actually believe this just wait till a jannie comes by to sweep.

No. 1657428

I am going to start calling people Sherris instead of Josh simps. Also it is interesting that in the US morning/euro afternoon they are out in force and in the US evening to night/euro overnight there is nary a Sherri to see. I've tinfoiled before it's Josh himself (is he back in his post-Soviet rathole yet?) but it's just as likely there's some gay Discord where they monitor this thread and jump in as the Josh Internet Defense Force. The fact this person doesn't know about Blaine tells me that they are not an active participant here ITT and elsewhere on the board. I smell gayops and an attempt to gaslight the narrative. You can appreciate KF and what Josh does to keep it up but the simpery that pops up here has taken complete leave of reality.

No. 1657432

File: 1664116591693.png (47.9 KB, 603x160, Screenshot 2022-09-25 10.36.01…)

with that out of the way, there is so much gold in the telegram

No. 1657435

I know right, it's transparent as fuck

"Oh no, we're totally not troons! We just hate the guy who runs a site making fun of troons! The one that's being talked about endlessly by troons! Trust me, guys!"

No. 1657440

File: 1664117145124.png (27.15 KB, 402x121, Screenshot 2022-09-25 10.39.35…)

T. can't tell extremely dissimilar writing styles apart, this you? (This Luna person is on the Telegram every single time I look at it, which is not a lot, but enough to tell she is sat in there 24/7. There's better milk from her too I'm scrolling to find some. Actually s/he gives me tranny vibes but also is shitting on trannies in there all the time so who knows.)

No. 1657441

wtf kek gross

No. 1657445

>Moon fangirl
>calls herself Luna

No. 1657447

File: 1664117981464.jpg (65.62 KB, 700x527, 2022-09-25 17.40.56.jpg)

You could have at least used a picture of him where he hasn't shaved with a rusted bicycle chain.

Sorry, Kiwiscrote, still working out the imageboard thing, does anyone know if this is an existing thing? It was posted in the Telegram with no context by a user with an indecipherable name who made two off hand comments then left. I cannot find the original tweet unless it was much further back or it was deleted.


The Telegram is full of trannies pro/against Farms and Reddit walk-ins who post those Reddit memes that ionise brain cells. It serves as a drop bin for any brain fart that can be used against the Farms, so even if it's not from whoever this is it just looked like it's being used as a hit-and-run rape threat accusation. It's far fetched, not actually prosecutable and utterly psychotic so it's par for course.

No. 1657450

Funny how discussion concerning fresh milk from keffals has been dropped, and third rate milk from Josh simps has taken over. lol, what, you couldn't wait for Josh to fuck up again before you start malding?

No. 1657451

File: 1664118334258.png (392.94 KB, 1357x863, luna the deranged josh simp.pn…)

more Luna

No. 1657453

feel free to post about Keffals then?

No. 1657454

samefag - apparently she is a Telegram janny and possibly a FtM detrans

No. 1657459

> We just hate the guy who runs a site making fun of troons!
You're aware that this is not the only dimension of Josh, right?

No. 1657465

I think a lot of them have joined relatively recently and thus are unaware of the lore and haven't interacted with and/or observed Josh sufficiently over the years, plus have gotten overexcited about the tranny drama as if that is the only thing going on. It is nice to feel like you are caping for someone who is fighting for a cause but at the end of the day it is a drama website run by someone who is not anyone to go Sherri over, that's for sure. But I have confidence KF will be back (because Josh literally has nothing else) and I will be glad when it is. A couple of my favorite cows are on there and not here and I am missing them. I appreciate his efforts but he is not fighting some righteous battle against troons out of grand principles, it's the same thing as the Vordrak shit and the Melinda shit etc. only more successful and flying a blue-and-pink flag. If it were some group other than troons then Josh would be fighting them and activating his martyr complex towards them.

No. 1657468

Or, he's the only guy we got, a lot of current Farmers weren't around back when all the drama happened and we've seen a lot of ridiculous claims about him. And of course, you listen to him on stream and it's almost impossible to imagine the conniving insecure autist you describe. And of course, he was by default responsible to redpilling a number of us on what was forbidden.

Otherwise I'd be supporting these creeps.

No. 1657470

Girls crushing on Null in Telegram is pretty cringe since he will never acknowledge them, but it's hilarious how much rage this sparks in the troons apparently. Must suck to know that even an antisocial autist like Null has women chasing after him while troons inspire nothing but disgust and are universally hated. Blaine is clearly super salty that he will never be as popular as to have pickmes fend for him. Sucks to suck.

No. 1657471

What's up with the yellow teeth? Does this troon literally eats shit for dinner lmao

No. 1657476

Also I personally have been called both a Josh simp and a tranny who hates Josh over the course of the past few threads so I take that means I am onto something, the truth usually lies in the middle. It's pretty easy to tell who is giving an honest opinion and who is pushing a narrative and the narrative-pushers are often accusing the honest-opinion-havers of pushing narratives, funny how that works.

No. 1657482

I saw this too and without context it's not really that impressive. This person looks kinda schizo and has retweeted stuff from a couple of Keffals-adjacent accounts.

No. 1657483

File: 1664119957542.png (52.28 KB, 589x317, Screenshot 2022-09-25 11.32.17…)

e.g. picrel

No. 1657487

I think most of us recognize that Kiwifarms is worth supporting and that Josh is an autistic scrote.

No. 1657489

Literally every single anti-KF person is a huge lolcow and most of them have threads. I honestly can't think of a single respectable person on their side. Most are tranny groomers, schizophrenics and literal pedophiles.

No. 1657491

If that girl doesn't have a thread already, she should, I'm looking through her stuff now and she outright doxed herself on her website too.

No. 1657492

Lucas getting dragged by the woke like the rotten turd he is just one week after ''the big hack'' is amazing. Just one week ago they were all coming together and celebrating the criminal attempt to dox KF users and now look at him. Getting rounded up by the THIS IS RAYCISS crowd on twitter lol. lmao even!

No. 1657497

I would give Josh a blowie, ngl.

No. 1657499

No. 1657500

post caps

No. 1657501

and just about everyone knew it would happen
could have just shut the fuck up and taken the W, but nooooooo
he's just awful in every way
why? why is this a thing?

No. 1657502

Jesus christ, Luna. Love yourself, gurl. This is embarrassing.

No. 1657505

People like him (mainly the troon squad) are never happy, ever. Same thing with the blacks that are now beating him up on twitter. They always have to make shit about themseves. ''omg transphobia! omg racism! omg bigots! bigots everywhereeeee''. These people eat each other for breakfast on a daily basis and I love to see it. Couldn't happen to a better crowd.

No. 1657506

kek, how embarrassing. You'd think if she listens to the podcast she would know about Nulls rule of not interacting with fangirls. Why do they always think they are special?

No. 1657508

i would give josh a brownie (filled with edibles so he can chill a little and let the dust settle)

No. 1657517

File: 1664121994794.jpg (131.23 KB, 975x1300, schizo.jpg)

>this thread

No. 1657522

Without context doesn't matter, it's a receipt. Remember the kinds of people we're dealing with. We all meme about it, then it becomes "KiwiFarms members mock and doxx victim threatened with rape by Joshua Byuufucker Moon!""Judas Satan Moon creates cult of rape volunteers"!??

But that tone matches all the things people say about him here. This sinister "must beism" that going on. He's this that or the other. He's obviously doing this or doing that. He's CLEARLY e-dating a tranny moderator. He wants to monopolise the lolcow "business', like there is one. He wants to be like Metakour, or just, maybe, inspired by.

I'm not just dismissing what you guys are saying flat out just because it's pretty obvious most Kiwi's haven't seen that side of him, but forum drama happens all the time, and it sounds like people who have been burned or just left out of events look for malicious or vain intent from a guy who just seems to be a bit fucking weird with people, either picking them apart carefully or ignoring them completely. Just from listening to how he talks, I get the sense of somebody with an obsessive, compartmentalized mind that expects everybody to think a certain way or do just so. This would explain how he thought he could tell the press to fuck off. They cannot be trusted, they serve no purpose, they will lie regardless, so he tells them to get out of his life. No, he will not play their stupid game. Or why he's a bit of a control freak and does everything himself. It's my thing, I built it (largely), I must be the one who deals with it. There are smart, observant people with tremendous insight on certain things like that, but with obsessive mental blocks on bizarre things and I can understand they can be infuriating to people who have different ideas. He doesn't strike me as a conceited social climber.

TL;DR Yes, maybe a wierdo. Maybe not intentionally a dick.

Yeah for one thing, he doesn't do drugs, at least he says that. He barely drinks. He considers it slovenly and a sign of weakness. And then he can point to Ethan Ralph and nobody can argue.

If you're going to simp for this guy, simp for the actual guy.

No. 1657524

I just want to read about the furry cows and internet munchies, and learn about the Virginia prison system from the CWC board. I don't care about Keffals or Null.

No. 1657525

Null is a weird awkward dude who likes computers and is obsessed with the forum he id the admin of, and this obsession makes him a dick sometimes, there's nothing more than it why is everyone obsessed with the guy holy shit

No. 1657527

>If you're going to simp for this guy, simp for the actual guy.
You don't know the "actual guy" parasocial-chan. As a terminally online sperg I have actually made plenty of friends on the internet and actually met up with quite a few people in real life and absolutely NOBODY is the same exact way as they are online. This goes double for online personalities whom you know even less since you have never had a two-sided conversation with them. I like Null, but I'd never pretend to know him. I assume he is a smart guy who keeps his private life private and he's probably very different irl.

No. 1657530

No nonna, you see, these people know everything about Null-kun, he doesn't do drugs! He doesn't drink! See? He's the best! (and let me ignore the thousands others who also don't do drugs and drink because this isn't an special accomplishment)
People obsessing over Null are just lonely nerds who project their own personality on him and then go ''omh my HERO is JUST LIKE ME''

No. 1657531

Josh is an autist with poor social skills, where did the narcissism stuff come from? Kek

No. 1657537

honestly I dont even think his social skills are that bad, if you ever see him interview people he is pretty good at interacting with others and getting them to open up. I think he comes across more antisocial because of all the autistic pants-shitters he spends all day herding.

No. 1657538

have you seen the way he talks and how he views his retard-safari website? did you see what kf's random.txt turned into after cloudflare dropped it? he had fucking gandhi quotes in there

No. 1657541

>Not many that hate him obsess over him
kek, now that is a bold lie to tell

No. 1657543

Agree, he doesn't really come off all that autistic on stream and sometimes his posts contain decent insights about people and human interactions, then the next minute he'll come out with something totally deranged. His problem is that he is terminally online and sources his opinions and attitudes from questionable places plus his rampant paranoia (but you know what they say about paranoia even if people are oout to get you). A great deal of his problems could have been solved by touching grass, I use the past tense because I'm pretty sure he is too far gone unless he just totally drops off the grid and unironically finds Jesus or something. And he'd still have a lot of baggage to work through. I don't like the guy but I hope he does work through it.

No. 1657546

Curious but how do you call black people then? It's the whites, the blacks, the asians, the men, the women, the children. Or society got even more woke and we can't use plural nouns to refers to groups anymore and I didn't notice?

No. 1657548

So what. I think some of you hate him so much that you try to make him appear worse than he is.

No. 1657551

when i was a kid saying Black as descriptor was racist, had to use 'African American' which leaves out Africans from Latin America, etc.
these days i thought 'Black' was okay? but idk anymore

No. 1657554

no, i'm just plainly saying he's a terminally-online sperg who takes himself too seriously and pens embarrassing, overwrought anime monologues about his gossip website as if he's a modern-day martyred war hero and not a half-finished ball of dough who's unemployable for the rest of his life and can't code.

i like kiwifarms. it's a funny gossip website. josh made it the only thing he can do with his life, then destroyed it by taking it too seriously while saying that it's other people who are taking it too seriously

No. 1657555

I though calling groups of people by what they are isn't racist? How it is racist if I describe a group of black people as black if their color is relevant for the argument? I was trying to point how black people are dragging Lucas ass because he's racist, so pointing the color of the group doing said dragging is relevant.
Why EVERYTHING has to be racism or /pol/ stuff? This is becoming insufferable.

No. 1657557

Well said, anon, and succinctly.

No. 1657558

a /pol/tard racist would drop n-bombs left and right so whoever called you out for saying 'black' can fuck off back to twitter tbh

No. 1657559

trannies literally made him a martyr tho. They are trying to get him put in prison or have him killed simply for running a website that allows people to make fun of them.

No. 1657560

Yeah, I was confused for a second here. I'm not even white and I would die before I went to that cesspol that is /pol/ honestly. But what do I know, the wokies are getting wokier by the day, maybe now we can't say black anymore.

No. 1657572

We need to come up with alternatives for "black". I suggest: "nigger"(suggestion rejected)

No. 1657573

File: 1664125954342.png (231.49 KB, 668x743, upload_2018-7-10_9-32-28.png)


No. 1657577

I don't know him at all, and I din't claim to, I've barely been on the site 2 years. I'm simply providing a counter view of my observations of him against anon's evaluation of him based on what I've seen. It is not a published character study, it is simply how I rationalise the way the guy's brain works, as a theory on how this guy is so polarising. And I am informing anon that Null is on record not being a fan of drugs, by implication hinting that they should pay more attention to what he actually says before they start building shrines.

No. 1657578

Isn't one of his usernames was is crookedtrees where he drew a whole bunch of creepy mlp horror art?

No. 1657580

I mean, put it this way - in this short time that Kiwis and lolfarmers have been intermingling (sorry again) together, nobody can agree on a single thing about him. He weighs himself on stream, admits he's fat, then people accuse him of denying he's fat by lying about his weight loss.

From all sides of all places, he's a traitor, a patriot, a Nazi, Russiaphile, Ukraineophile, pedophile, misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, a murderer, a swatter, a terrorist, a fed, gay, trans, a furry, an autistic, a loner, gifted, a clout chaser, terminally online, grounded in reality, a sperg, an incel, trad, a racist, a libertarian, a fascist, based af, a predator, a marytr, loves anime and hates anime. He's also a cutie. But also a damp basement dweller.

Which before social media, I'm pretty sure was known as a slightly complicated person.

No. 1657582

Samefag She WAS working a GamerGate game, when is that coming out.

No. 1657589

DropKiwiFarms is reporting people for exposing private info on ''Clara'' and is sucessfully managing to have accounts locked for it. Meanwhile Lucas' followers are free to send death threats and tell people to kill themselves. Twitter sure has its priorities straight!

No. 1657590

So is it fair to say with the hack all logged in users got rootkit'd?

No. 1657591

That guy disappeared off the face of the Earth after trying to take a bunch of commissions early during the pandemic.

No. 1657592

I was there for the 2019 leaks and I noticved that only logged in users got clapped, so maybe this time is the same? Can anyone with knowledge about this say something?

No. 1657596

> in this short time that Kiwis and lolfarmers have been intermingling
you know some of us use both sites and have for a long time, right?

No. 1657598

Everything is unclear but no there is no indication any rootkitting went on much less to ordinary users. The point of the attack was to hijack the admin account so as to be able to fuck with the user pfps and (possibly) exfiltrate user data. No rootkit needed.

No. 1657601

Yes, I meant, the relative upsurge since the Incident, that caused them to worry.

No. 1657604

Rules dont apply to troons cause twitter staff is all trannies

No. 1657610

DropKiwiFarms? More like DefendKeffalsGrifting

No. 1657611

I forgot about that artist. I remember thinking his art was so cool because it was so kewl and edgy. I just looked him up and looked at his art again, it's all loli and Beastiality shit. Did he really try to become a vtuber?

No. 1657616

As time goes by, the claims about the scope and nature of the hack has become more and more outlandish, but no one has anything to show for it. For me this indicates, that Josh wasn't lying for once and the hacker really did fail to obtain anything noteworthy. All the rumors about rootkits, RATs and government involvement are just there to scare kiwis, make them paranoid and hate on Josh for being a dumbass.
If Keffals and his minions were behind the hack, you can bet your ass they would have dropped the data already, as they are not famous for being patient. At the very least, a portion of it would have been made public, to discredit Josh's claim that the hack was a rush job and no info got leaked.

No. 1657621

Yep. The troons want to claim a W here but I still maintain it was more likely to be poasters, the pfp changing was essentially a claim of responsibility and the troons wouldn't be crowing about it online if they were trying to false flag.

No. 1657645

File: 1664131302543.jpeg (104.57 KB, 520x700, keffails bird app BINGO.jpeg)

Keffals Twitter BINGO brought to you by the members of Poast. It looks like an easy win but I don't recommend turning this into a drinking game because that may be fatal. Have fun playing, nonas.

No. 1657655

Check JakkoLantern on twitter. Dude is reporting everyone and their mom and making people lose their accounts even if they aren't associated with KF. He's worse than DropKiwiFarms.

No. 1657676

Yknow I just read thru the threads about this (never much liked kiwi farms, there’s something to be said against taking things too far) and I still don’t understand why josh wants to take over this site. Its seemingly some nebulous thing about controlling women, and all the lolcows?

No. 1657681

He has explicitly stated that he won’t run an imageboard ever again. You obviously have not actually read the threads please don’t start this stupid discussion all over again.

No. 1657682

There's a third possibility. That would be someone going for maximum chaos and trying to get everyone to hate each other. I doubt it since there's not been an attack on poast or the troons.
>josh being an idiot
I see him as someone with a matyr/messanic egalomaniac (think Kane from Command and Conquer but less competent)

The Keffals autocannibalisim is continuing:
>@keffals I spoke to the black community and we decided that you no longer need to advocate for us anymore, respectfully. Thank you and have a great day.

No. 1657686

This description of the sophisticated attack is hilarious to me. I went on the kiwi telegram and saw Josh’s write up of the attack and mentioning his cors meta tag, and I replied to the telegram post “well what are your access and content headers saying?” What a stunningly obvious mistake lol, this guy shouldn’t be hand rolling anything beyond a spliff.

No. 1657687

i tried to look for some lucas shredding but i can't stand twitter for more than twenty seconds anymore
what a fucking pit my god

No. 1657690

Welcome to modern social media.

No. 1657692

Double post but lmao

> I believe that the .opus file with the xss payload was injected via an iframe that was somehow added to chat. I don't know how they rendered an iframe but that would work.

Sounds like they used the extremely sophisticated technique of typing ‘<iframe … />’ in to your extremely sophisticated chat, Joshua

No. 1657693

From what he wrote on his site, I think it was injected either with a HTML or a CODE tag.
Which is pretty fucking retarded that he didn't check that his supposed sanitizer got all the use cases…

No. 1657695

Yeah but they're all considered Kiwi Farmers by Lucas and his ilk for criticizing him.

No. 1657708

Basically yes to both although it's questionable whether he's done anything to try and take over the site lately. But when he did it was extremely creepy, as you say a desire to monopolize the lolcow sphere for clout and asspats (especially from females; he used to be weird about BP too, less lately) and weird woman issues. We dodged a bullet there.

No. 1657710

>Josh taking over this site
Okay, so which thread edition did I miss? I haven't see any info on that nonna.
Still can't get rid of the content orbiters for LTG and DSP on youtube though, so I guess that's not really true.

No. 1657713

See the manure link in the OP for some of that drama and more of it is spread out in ancient /meta/ threads. This was some time ago but after he failed at taking the site over he pulled various passive aggressive bullshit like putting up a message on KF that we were "the official imageboard companion" and recommending that KF users come here when the site is down. That was at least a couple years ago maybe more, idk. It's old milk but it's important context to understanding Josh's nature and his relationship to the lolcow "sphere". He flips his shit at any possible new "splinter" or alternative site even down to today.

No. 1657719

Thanks nonnas.

No. 1657720

apparently you could do [bbcode<any html you want>] formatted like so. I think the only reason he didn't get his shit rekt earlier is because the vulnerability was so stupid it didn't occur to people. This is also 100% because he insisted on using a tranny language (Rust) instead of writing it in PHP like a normal person. Using the right tool for the job is important because PHP has built-in functions to sanitize HTML inputs and from what I understand he did it from scratch in Rust, and obviously wasn't minding the edge cases. It is shameful.

No. 1657727

Rust isn’t a tranny language lol, but it is totally the wrong tool for the job. A web chat function isn’t the sort of low level stuff rust is actually useful in targeting. It’s just straight up buffoonery.

No. 1657730

Well the Rust community is infested with trannies and it is modern and ugly to read, that's a tranny language to me. But yeah the real issue is using the wrong tool for the job. But unironically, Josh at least partially got interested in Rust to piss off the pronoun-mongering community that surrounds it. I've never written a line of it to be clear but know enough that I'd never even think of writing a webchat in it, lmao.

No. 1657742

Null offered to host this site several years ago and schizo troon is bringing up age old milk again, stop giving him attention he literally repeats the same old milk 20 times a day

No. 1657743

T. can't tell writing styles either

No. 1657747

samefag but yeah some of the replies are probably him but the ones actually describing the situation aren't

No. 1657770

Don't respond to the tranny

No. 1657771

> someone going for maximum chaos
And there are definitely some actors in this mess who qualify for this, like the serial swatters (not Keffals alleged swatting, I mean actual swattings including MTG's) which were definitely done with both maximal chaos and causing trouble for Kiwis in mind.

No. 1657773

True. Well I guess besides the giving birth thing/creating life thing… along with some other equally unimportant stuff…

No. 1657802

You don't see as many trannies in serious Rust spaces as you do on Twitter, but it's definitely pretty trooned up. It's the first big language to get released in the woke era and when it went into 1.0, the troons used that to hijack the language's community by disingenuously yelling at the devs for having too many white men in positions of authority. The Rust community's big names are mostly a bunch of wokies who will immediately capitulate to people like Keffals or Kermit screaming at them, like Steve Klabnik.
Only other contender for them to infest a burgeoning community like that is maybe Go, but Go isn't even that popular in Google where it was invented, and their community is much more top-down, full of older Java/Python guys who aren't glued to Twitter and therefore won't be as easily bullied by extremely online troons.

No. 1657806

>woke language
We'll be back to x64_86 ASM soon.
>serrial swatters
Have we any information on who did this to MTG? I thought it was either someone who hates Gropyers, Trumptards and Kiwifarms.
I bet it was the troons, but I wouldn't count some sort of internal gayops in the Nick Fuentes sphere.

No. 1657838

Is it just me or is the .net returning an error for anyone else? Is josh getting an early start on bringing the site online?

No. 1657845

the fact troons' no° 1 enemy country is the UK a.k.a "term island", one of the most cucked countries on earth, and that they to apply the US-geared progressive stack elsewhere shows only the anglosphere exists to them

No. 1657848

oops, forgot to sage

No. 1657851

I read this theory I believe that its someone from lolcow.org/Onionfarms behind the swattings. Some spiteful incel who is so mad that he got banned from KF that he is trying anything to hurt the site. It would explain why the targets seem random and their only common factor is that the people have threads on KF (America First fags, Ethan Ralph, Metokur, Keffals, MTG, Nick Rekieta, etc). The only purpose is to make KF look as bad as possible. It would also explain why they tried to blame the user AltisticRight when they swatted MTG, he is the janny for the gunt board/chat where they all used to congregate and they whine about him on Onionfarms. They sit together in discord all day malding about the fact that Null took away their reddit updoots. I have no doubt they plan that shit there.

No. 1657863

jannies asleep on the job again nothing new

No. 1657865

Elaine is a pedo applogist and hangs around pedos like you Blaine. Two peas in a pod, deranged.

No. 1657871

Ofc Elaine Miller would be a handmaiden for a horrible CP addicted, gore posting, schizophrenic, female-space-invading troon kek.

No. 1657876

I mean, the fact they chose Altistic right is quite an intresting choice unless they just took mod names by alphabet. I would think it was a thunderdome mod since that's the one with a lot of retards sperging and getting yeeted.

No. 1657878

Looks like something is happening with .net, I did my usual obsessive check, and it didn't instantly show the hack message.

No. 1657884

No mention of it by the twitter troons.

No. 1657887

twitter troons don't really know anything anyway. they just hop from bandwagon to bandwagon pretending they're god-tier masterminds and important.

No. 1657900

File: 1664148082782.jpg (310.15 KB, 935x2217, lol.jpg)

He's doubling down and doing so on his chickenshit backup account. We love to see it.

No. 1657917

No most of the banned users that are really mad are from the gunt board/chat.

No. 1657933

> why the targets seem random and their only common factor is that the people have threads on KF (America First fags, Ethan Ralph, Metokur, Keffals, MTG, Nick Rekieta, etc).
All these people except Keffals are deeply intertwined with each other beyond KF and I think it is safe to say it was the serial swatter who did these did MTG (by mention of the Ethan Ralph forum's jannie) I'm not discounting making KF look bad being a motivator but that "sektur" has been full of this stuff for months. Originally it just looked like someone settling scores with enemies and/or who thought it was funny to watch people get swatted while they were streaming, but something more sinister is possible too. The Keffals "swatting" was people reporting Keffals to the police. It was not a swatting in the slightest, inasmuch as it was, it was keffals lying.

No. 1657937

Thankfully I haven't encountered many trannies who can hold on to a programming job. Liz Dong Jones' money comes from his rich parents and a big severance Google paid him to go away, and startups are full of techbros instead of troons, because techbros don't scream transphobia if you ask them to work.

No. 1657952

>the tenderqueer complaining about tenderqueers
archive for the screenshot for when he eventually deletes: archive.ph/L0CfQ

No. 1657959

Tranny posts got swept but the ones legitimately shit-talking your e-daddy are still there, just saying…

No. 1657971

Agree with this. For all the talk of tranny programmers and 'programming socks' memes, working in I.T, I've literally never met a single troon

No. 1657980

lmao this is not going to go over well at all. more unforced errors due to unhinged male ego agp narcissism.

No. 1657995

Sorry but wtf is “plategang”?

No. 1658004

Terminally online Discord scrotes in the orbit of Ethan Ralph who do gayops and SWAT people.

No. 1658005

P.S. they may well have had a hand in the swatting or at least some of it but if you see anyone talking a lot about them ITT it is probably the schizo tranny, they cornered him in an "interview" and smacked him around for being a pedo for 4 hours but also I'm not watching that shit because it is 4 hours of nasty scrotes plus Elaine Miller as a bonus, no thanks. But they may well have been involved but as usual the tranny vendettaposting and sperging is obscuring matters.

No. 1658011

Thanks for explaining but this is the most autistic shit ever. Promise to explain it further if they ever become relevant because this is going in the too-hard basket for now.

No. 1658013

>they cornered him in an "interview" and smacked him around for being a pedo for 4 hours

No. 1658015

actually it was closer to 5 hours. I wanted to rip my ears off after like 15 minutes and did not watch like I said but here it is for posterity's sake

yes that is a white nationalist symbol on a dinner plate and no i have no idea what the plate is supposed to represent

No. 1658016

forgot video

No. 1658017

File: 1664156038854.gif (41.89 KB, 220x220, ket.gif)

In 2022, our options are either white nationalist weirdos or disgusting AGP troons in dresses

God help us all

No. 1658018

troon admits to grooming a minor too, no wonder they're so pro keffals

No. 1658026

He seems pretty jealous of Keffals tbh, probably because Keffals has a normal sized nose and gets a lot more attention, which is worth more than gold to a troon.

No. 1658046

lmao i'm so glad this ugly bastard finds it impossible to shut up
keep it up freak!

No. 1658050

I'm genuinely surprised someone hasn't got Keffals locked out of all of his accounts already. The personal information is all there and he's probably retarded enough to have them all linked to the same email. 4chan used to do it for fun back in the day, the internet has evidently gone soft. And no, before anyone spergs I am not inciting anyone to do so just honestly surprised his tantrums haven't been forcefully ended by trolls yet.

No. 1658056

Pretty sure that stuff is harder to do now, too, but I'm kinda glad people haven't been going all guy fawkes mask hackerman on him because it shows that he or at the very least his people are the only ones resorting to illegal tactics currently.

No. 1658075

File: 1664162219475.jpg (30.27 KB, 577x433, 6uowpl.jpg)


If normal people weren't retards he'd have a pretty decent harrassment/ deframation case… But seeing how Alex Jones (as much as I detest his retardation) is getting railroaded by a hostile judge, I'm not sure any judge/jury would have the balls to be impartial.

>A lot of people think Kiwifarms is over - but Joshua Moon still has hosting, he still has a backup, and he'll be up bright and early tomorrow trying to restore the site. As long as he's got hosting and his domains, he'll keep this up - let's hope for 'disaster'

No. 1658083

Yeah it's good it proves the point that trannies are criminals but it's so strange not observing some retarded 4chan "he will not divide us" op specifically for Keffals. Goes to show the ratio of trannies on that site kek.

No. 1658084

Yea with the widespread adoption of 2FA and the implementation of anti-social engineering measures by the larger companies like twitter and google, the old days of locking someone out of their accounts are long gone.

No. 1658085

>Where you're such a spastic schizo loser discordfags and a drug addicted pickme who slashed her legs for Null-san to notice her manage to fuck with you
I can't my fucking sides, this is the troon who won't stfu? Ahahaha!

No. 1658099

You're talking out of your ass.
>anti social engineering implementation

No. 1658155

Why’s he using the backup now? Did the main get banned again?

No. 1658178

File: 1664177788154.gif (166.1 KB, 300x300, 1501654451829.gif)

it's not so nice when the mob turns on you, huh?

No. 1658193

File: 1664179655004.png (72.49 KB, 636x550, Fdidex_WYAIG-0X.png)

i'm too lazy to follow the telegram but the dropkiwifarms twitter account screenshotted her lol, how do the joshsimps keep getting more deranged https://twitter.com/DropKiwifarms/status/1574181488563740674/photo/1

No. 1658224

How is this person relevant to the thread?

No. 1658228

They're not lol

No. 1658229

the kf telegram is full of a lot of very funny and weird characters who have a parasocial love/fetish for josh apparently

No. 1658238

I guess this thread is getting worn out if we're resorting to screencapping random telegram users kek

No. 1658239

File: 1664184971355.png (2.13 MB, 1080x3318, Keemstar ratio arc when.png)


No. 1658246

Jesus, some of the comments on those threads are so good lmao.

You know you're a fucking joker when even Keemstar - misogynist extraordinaire - can dunk on you

No. 1658265

it's just kinda watching the troons social media and telegram until the site goes back online or whatever

No. 1658296

File: 1664193827652.png (40.01 KB, 483x371, luna 2.png)

> funny and weird characters who have a parasocial love/fetish for josh apparently
speaking of, apparently Luna is expecting? Please let her have a girl so he isn't saddled with the first and two middles name "Joshua Connor Moon", although that is horrifying too.
And she changed her title to clarify that she is not a jannie as was mentioned here, so I think she is reading this, although she also was threatening to ban people so who knows.

No. 1658298

File: 1664193899733.png (25.04 KB, 483x126, luna 3.png)

what is it that they say about pickmes never prospering?

No. 1658300

File: 1664194037851.png (24.94 KB, 493x113, eww.png)

and then there's this

No. 1658305

She was apparently showing off drawings of Josh she made in the Telegram and her hands were porky as fuck. Friend showed me this on their phone so I don't have screenshots, but she is a confirmed fatty.

No. 1658309

That chat really is pickme/NLOG central although 'lorena bobbit' might actually be based radfem, hard to tell. All the scrotes are /pol/-tier with slurs all over the place and hot takes about Russia. But there is some funny milk to be found, too.

No. 1658315

Does Null even participate in the Telegram much?

No. 1658320

File: 1664195918697.png (71.1 KB, 493x307, josh in telegram 9-26.png)

He's actually there right now giving super basic bitch opinions, this is a few min ago. I don't think he is on all that much though. I suck at telegram and every time I try to search for his name "Kiwi Farms" it just sends me to the channel "Kiwi Farms" so I can't find all his scattered sperging readily unfortunately, maybe someone else knows how?

No. 1658321

DropKiwiFarms keeps saying how we should expect something out of the hack because researches and LE are sifting through lots of info acquired through the breach. I honestly don't know what to think, I still have a feeling this hack shit is not over and will eventually come back to bite users in the ass.

No. 1658322

* there's also another user named "Kiwi Farms" dunno if it's overtly trying to impersonate but it was posting lewds of chunky girls earlier too which I assume is trying to meme on the josh-likes-fatties thing
wait and see is a good approach but I think the trannies talking about it is all posturing at this point

No. 1658326

Not a Jannie, just a Sherri. What a sperg
What is there to research, just release it or don’t.

No. 1658327

>because researches and LE are sifting through lots of info acquired through the breach

Yeah I don't think LE can use evidence obtained through a hack - 'fruit of the poisonous tree' and all that

No. 1658329

The fact that the hacker got too greedy and attempted to download every account at once and the fact that no one has leaked anything so far doesn't make me believe they got away with anything. They would have posted info and bragged about it by now.
Also LE can just give you a warrant and seize shit when they want. They don't need to use hack info.

No. 1658330

Yeah, this makes no sense at all. I was on the fence about whether the hacker obtained anything but now I’m 90% convinced they didn’t. Law enforcement isn’t going through a massive list of email addresses and passwords. DKF is bluffing.

No. 1658332

This. The whole "the british police are looking at your info right now!!" is the dumbest thing the troons have come up with yet. Nothing will come out of this, I don't think the hacker got anything.

No. 1658337

File: 1664197170566.png (18.19 KB, 351x111, gossip is a girl thing.png)

pic not related
what is any other thread when the milk is dry?
yeah I dunno about other countries but if the data was obtained by a breach (reminder there's still not confirmation anything is even circulating) the cops can't be sure if it was altered so they would have to get it from the machine itself, IANAL so I don't know how useful it could be in trying to get a warrant etc. but i's a massive stretch to say that LE is going to be going through KF with a fine comb either, they don't have the time and there's genuinely not a lot of interesting stuff there to begin with. they have requested and recieved user information from Josh in the past but it was always due to blatant fedposting or threats of violence or the like. plus stuff like the swattings is very doubtful it is planned on-site, certainly not in public, and prbobably not even in DMs (which Josh is known to read in a pinch if he thinks sussy stuff is going on, so people would be wise to be careful if they are doing anything Josh would not like)
exactly. it was fucking poast, they defaced the site, tried to exfil data as an afterthought and failed at it and now the troons are trying to claim the glory and gaslight people with it into being afraid of legal consequences, it's pure troon cope and fantasy that the cops will be going to the non-trivial amount of effort that it would take to piece together information from such a leak plus the questionable legality over it all to find some people doxing and misgendering trannies. it's just not going to happen.

No. 1658339

The british police also doesn't have jurisdiction over a US based website. They could send a warrant but Josh wouldn't even have to reply to it because what british people want literally doesn't matter.

No. 1658341

That's not Null, he hates pagans LARPers like this.

No. 1658343

there is another fake Null but that is the real one, click his name and it goes to the official Kiwi announcements plus everyone treats him as Null

No. 1658347

DropKiwiFarms is run by a 50 year-old porn-addicted schizo troon living leeching of his brother. He recently discovered he has his own KF thread and that rattles him fiercely. Don't take him seriously. He knows nothing, just a vendetta-kun playing his own revenge fantasy in his head.

No. 1658358

File: 1664198359810.jpg (159.65 KB, 1242x1481, media_FdlMFA5XkAQOFp0.jpg)

As we wait for fresh milk, this little gem caught my eye.

No. 1658365

lmfao they wouldn't excuse this in any other case

No. 1658371

I'm confused. What the fuck is there to fear even if ~tHe AuThOrItIeS~ get their hands on KF farm account info? Every day points further towards the hack being a bust but let's play along. Cops got nothing better to do? What are they going to do with like 90 pages of KF user names and lost logged IP addresses? Some people were stupid enough to use their work email for their KF account, ok, so are their local government agents gonna bust down the door because they called some fat rapists and child groomers exactly that? Maybe said they hate trannies a few times? Maybe dropped the n-bomb? If the fear in them contacting your employers, they don't need cops for that. Is this an Aussie or Brit thing where they fine you or something for hate speech? They won't give a shit in the U.S. unless you were the poutine bomb fedposter or anything similar. Idgi.

No. 1658375

How's he so sure he's backed up by women? What if all the woman have already jumped ship and moved to other threads and it's just guys patting each others backs over how easy it's to pretend they're female? topkek

No. 1658384

File: 1664200412551.png (113.31 KB, 493x274, it begins.png)

What begins? Kiwifarms.net currently down, actually probably a good thing coupled with this as it suggests Josh is bumbling through working on stuff.

No. 1658388

Is anyone exporting the telegram group chat? Just in-case it ''suddenly gets deleted''

No. 1658390

i don't know how, but there's really nothing all that interesting there tbh, just pickmes looking to get picked and poltards and incels sperging

No. 1658392

Agreed, the website being down RN is a positive, not a negative

It means Josh isn't being a sped for once, and just rushing it - he's taking a bit of sweet time tightening the site up

No. 1658397

It's all bullshit at this point. LE would not go through the trouble of combing a long ass list of burner mail addresses, getting warrants sent to ISPs and VPNs, located in multiple countries, to release user information, just to find random spergs whose only crime is having an account on KF.

No. 1658407


> some rando getting arrested for hate speech because I called Chris Chan a mother fucker under a VPN and burner email and the local police office hired the same PI that faildoxed Winter

coming soon to a 2022 near you

No. 1658440

>the trans community is going to be their own downfall
It can't come soon enough.

No. 1658466

Josh in telegram bitching about his 100 million row table for stickers taking too long to process. Josh, I know you read this shit, DELETE FROM stickers WHERE date < (a year or two ago), it will make your life easier and who cares about people getting winner ratings in 2016 or whatever.

No. 1658493

If someone did make such jokes, they deserve it.

No. 1658509

No, not just Christmas. Easter also has a lot of pagan traditions that we celebrate despite not having anything to do with Christianity. Like the easter bunny or painting of the eggs.

No. 1658516

A poast user claims to have an inside man in their gayop server, you can find the comment under null's latest post there. Let's see if he posts updates.

No. 1658521

Also most of the pagan traditions are folk religion based and have nothing to do with the actual church traditions. People sperg about "Easter" = "Ishtar" which is equally retarded because in Latin and Greek Easter is "Pascha" = Pasch = Passover. It's a theory for illiterate edgelords and hyper-reformed Protestants. Josh is doing his usual thing of reading something and latching on to it, funnily because a few months ago I think he was flirting with tradcath ideas. Now he is sounding like he thinks that traditional religion is based (because of it's reactionary tendencies) but still has a skeptical/rational outlook on it. All the mark of someone who's research on the subject is at best superficial.
Imageboard, please post caps. Which gayop server, troons or poast?

No. 1658522

This might be the most desperate a-logging attempt I have ever seen, kek. Who gives a fuck?

No. 1658526

They were bitching at Jai for supposedly deadnaming someone. These retards love defending their scrote huh

No. 1658529

Oh I absolutely don't but his shit takes are annoying coupled with his know-it-all attitude from reading a bit of stuff online.

No. 1658537

File: 1664210856427.jpg (28.46 KB, 754x361, diy1.JPG)

A few changes to the DIY HRT site since bobposting said he was handing it over.

First page now has an adult only warning.

No. 1658540

File: 1664210906324.jpg (66.53 KB, 662x567, diy2.JPG)

After that warning page their is a new disclaimer on the main page.

No. 1658543

File: 1664210962095.jpg (35.83 KB, 650x175, diy3.JPG)

And even though they warn you have to be 18 or older to enter, they still mention minors purchasing HRT.

No. 1658547

Post caps then

No. 1658564

File: 1664211464349.png (81.01 KB, 744x634, tranny-whining.png)

This dude is literally spending every waking minute hitting F5 on Kiwifarms.

No. 1658566

at first
>if you are under the age of 18 please exit this site immediately
but then
>if you're a minor
Hahaha holy fuck they just can't help themselves.

>physician or other qualified healthcare provider
Nice try, but a physician won't be directing their patient to DIY HRT that has no real quality control but a real pharmacist. lol fail.

No. 1658574

File: 1664211605045.png (114.15 KB, 746x834, tranny-whining2.png)

No. 1658576

I just wasted 18 minutes of my life looking for what >>1658516 is talking about. I didn't find it but the Kiwi Telegram mostly strongly believes it was NOT poast, without any reason whatsoever other than "well, the troons hate kf, this bad thing happened to kf, therefore the troons did it" which is retarded, but they are not sending their best over there as they say. I've poasted before why I think it is poast, another thing is if it was a tranny false-flag you'd think they'd be pushing the narrative that it was poast, not that the info was all going to LE. If it was a tranny op and they wanted credit/to pass stuff to LE, they would NOT use the poast logo. Occam's razor, the pedos did it because they are mad about being called pedos and there was a huge slafight featuring a poast admin quitting because people attacked him for his lolicon posting, poast users spamming horrific lolicon images at kiwis, etc. They were definitely mad enough to attack KF. But people really want it to be the troons.

No. 1658583

File: 1664211808850.png (131.99 KB, 738x1022, tranny-whining3.png)

It amuses me greatly that Liz Fong Jones is this desperate to keep his Kiwifarms thread down. Seethe, you lord farquaad looking ass troon.

No. 1658585

File: 1664211946353.jpg (62.45 KB, 642x405, diy4.JPG)

Interesting that the part of the site for TIMs has this warning and many others, but no such warnings on the page to TIFs.

No. 1658588

so what's he got out there he doesn't want dug up i wonder
how much more disgusting can he be

No. 1658592

File: 1664212181576.jpeg (51.84 KB, 687x821, Sus.jpeg)

Found it, it's not clear who he's talking about

No. 1658593

define a-logging for me

No. 1658595

That is true. I guess its after long time use they can experience the uterus shrinking or something? Buck Angel went through it and almost died.

No. 1658605

I do find it amusing that either 1. Keffals didn't want to sponsor the site anymore if it wasn't targeting minors or 2. the site didn't want Keffals associated with it since they would not be targeting minors.

No. 1658620

I want the Vinesauce thread back :(

No. 1658621

That lego-headed tranny is MAD, lmao.

No. 1658626

He's just trying to preempt more leftist cannibalism. The top gender clinics in the world stopped recommending puberty blockers and HRT for minors last year bc the science doesn't show favorable outcomes and the potential for medical harm is too large. Of course we all knew this from the beginning but public opinion is starting to shift even within the tranny cult.

No. 1658656

I can't fathom being a multi-millionaire like this person claims to be but still seething about a website every second of their lives. Autism: not even once.

No. 1658657

being mad at the internet makes you a fucking loser.

No. 1658673

The packaging on the HRT will probably stay the same
>keep out of reach of parents

No. 1658699


The British cops aren't looking at anything. They're all on fucking letter-awareness or religious tolerance courses.

No. 1658753

File: 1664223821081.png (102.55 KB, 583x671, what's da update - sept 26 202…)

blockhead's about to have a twitter tantrum.

No. 1658763

idk he seems pretty calm given the circumstances

No. 1658764

So, nobas, do you reckon Kiwifarms will survive the next troon asssult?

No. 1658766

File: 1664224415742.png (33.98 KB, 586x213, 2500 dollars of DDoSes.png)

blockhead = elliot "liz" fong, not josh.
he's on github with "margaret gel" and picrel sperging at josh: https://github.com/oerdnj/deb.sury.org/issues/1768

No. 1658769

>blockhead = elliot "liz" fong, not josh.
ah that makes more sense

No. 1658771

Just wait until people start losing their minds about the password reset issue. What he's talking about, I think, it's less than crystal clear to me, is he's going to have to send everyone an e-mail telling them to set a new password, and if people don't have access to their old email, they are S.O.L. He is not wrong that he has warned people to use an email that they can access, but there are probably plenty of people who had a "couldn't be me" approach to losing their password, don't have access to the old e-mail, and are going to start bitching to Josh. Josh's response when people start testing his "I told you so" response will be interesting.
> Why read these things yourself?
Why indeed. Also batten down the hatches, girlies. I don't know what the Doja fan community is like but I don't think I want to share an imageboard community with them.
I won't lie I first read that as "Blockland" and a somewhat tired reference to Josh-related drama from 15 years ago. Because wait until a dozen or a few dozen people bother him about passwords.

No. 1658772

I gotta say I love how Josh is posting his progress in getting the site back up in real time knowing fully well that his enemies are watching and doubtlessly planning to shut down this newest attempt already.

No. 1658774

oh no i have to create a new account on a free website

No. 1658776

Yeah I don't get this part at all.
"Everyone hates us and we're like a prey animal to them. Anywho here's a step-by-step guide on how I'm restoring my site. Pwease son't break it again :("

No. 1658778

Yeah, I'm with you, anon, but people do like their sticker counts and clout from a name that people know. Bonus if people start registering similar names to other people just to confuse the situation. And reminder that registrations will probably be closed for a decent span of time, or at least should be. It's a recipe for chaos. Also though for the record Josh is probably doing the right thing here for once, security-wise, but in a drama-prone community already on the edge this will cause some people to be unhappy, to say the least.

No. 1658781

File: 1664225056891.jpeg (46.7 KB, 741x649, 78850606-DDCD-4600-A353-7EF2C5…)

>I won't lie I first read that as "Blockland" and a somewhat tired reference to Josh-related drama from 15 years ago.
realized that would happen almost as soon as I posted, but the nickname fits fong-jones too well.
the troon squad finally has a job: volunteer stress-testing everything for josh.

No. 1658784

> GamerGate 2
Optics king right here.
Most of the stuff here that is relevant to external people fucking with him (e.g. the nameserver stuff) is visible to people monitoring him (Elliot Dong-Jonesing knew about the his setting up the nameservers before he posted this, presumably by running `whois` or `dig` obsessively like a goblin hunched over his keyboard) so really most of it is not security-critical that he not disclose he is working on IMO. Is he trying to live up to Sherri's idea that he is "transparent"? kek.

No. 1658789

And what is this soy creature talking about, he was donated money from Kiwi Farms as revenge? As in he thinks that Josh sent him money in order to fuck with him? I don't see that happening, and I don't think he's interesting enough to burn $250 on pissing him off, so I wonder what really happened here, or if he's making shit up. What a loathsome create though. Imagine being an inverse-pickme looking to get picked by troons. And looking like that.

No. 1658795

File: 1664225446354.jpg (33.49 KB, 605x384, 4MUfmUW.jpg)

Has anyone been watching/keeping up with this? What's his "next campaign"?

No. 1658797

File: 1664225554288.png (15.11 KB, 910x215, IPv6.png)

josh being josh, from the github thread: >>1658766

No. 1658798

>under 1000 likes
ouch keff what happened to that following

No. 1658799

> What's his "next campaign"?
Onion Farms? FOX News? Saving the whales?

No. 1658800

File: 1664225811729.png (119.36 KB, 521x355, Screenshot from 2022-09-26 16-…)

So Josh really did burn $250 to bother a pronoun-mongering, dead-eyed male "feminist" nobody. Kind of funny, but worth it? You decide.

No. 1658802

All of this is public as you can see by Liz Dong Jones constantly tweeting about what Josh is doing before he even announces it. It doesn't matter if he shares thr process because anyone who knows what those words mean could figure it out for themselves.

No. 1658805

He said a few days ago that he was going after Matt Walsh and Tucker Carlson, the former blocked him.

No. 1658806

his streams are mostly between 1.5k/2k views, the last time he had much more views was when CF dropped KF, and it was just 3k viewers lol

No. 1658809

the thing is that testosterone is a controlled substance (aka like a real drug), not like estrogen yet, which means that bathtub diy testosterone is much more dangerous/impossible to make, and buying it on the black market must be a pain in the ass.

No. 1658811

imagine risking your body health to the extreme just to look like a random hipster fag with frog voice

No. 1658812

lol lmao
It was easy to take down KF because so many people hated them from every end of the political spectrum. Now he's going after middle-of-the-road conservatives? He's going to accomplish nothing. Other than making money hand-over-fist by grifting, of course.

No. 1658814

> buying it on the black market must be a pain in the ass
Not really, the Chinese are more than happy to send the bulk product to your doorstep (T. dated a steroid user) and from there making the finished product is more or less the same than making estrogen products. And the cops probably won't touch you because they don't want an optics scandal.

No. 1658819

oof I made my account years ago and I'm pretty sure I used a throwaway
back to only lurking until registrations open again I guess

No. 1658847

Many said in the last thread that his "campaign" will probably be just him autistically 'ratio'ing tweets and then posting screenshots declaring he now owns fox news.

No. 1658851

This is exactly what keffals' plan is and you bet he's going to milk the "was harassed, doxxed, and swatted by kiwi farms ; ~ ;" shtick for even more money, only for it to all dry up when he pisses off the wrong group.

No. 1658853

Tucker is the wrong one. He's had a lot of people on lately with based opinions about troons (the gays-against-grooming people, etc.)

No. 1658856

As an Australian I'd say… hometown victory for us

No. 1658866

File: 1664229709209.webm (11.55 MB, 1280x720, zqtslx.webm)


No. 1658887

I THINK I switched my email from I no longer remember to one I no longer remember but still have access to.
If I get locked out I'm screwed, all my read history gone…

No. 1658909

I care not for my account and the stickers attached to it. I just want milk.

No. 1658915

hnnng it just dawned on me I don't have access to the kf email anymore because it was a throwaway… fuck

No. 1658919

Fuck, we won't even be able to make new accounts, we have to grovel at the feet of trannies and hope they give us one of their false flag accounts.

No. 1658943

One time I sent Josh a picture of my coochie.

No. 1658949

Funny how all these troons are obsessed with josh and KF but none of them are going this hard on anyone with actual power. Performative activism at it's finest and only for troon rights because fuck everyone else.

No. 1658950

By the way, Josh made it so you cannot use some temporary email providers a while ago, presumably to prevent people from shooting themseles in the foot this way. All well and good. However the more troubling thing is that if you try to sign up with a non-descript, anonymous-seeming email or the like, particularly from behind a VPN, he at least some of the time will tell you to fuck off and ban you … but if you sign up with an email like 'janedoe123@hotmail.com' which looks very much like your real name, you will get approved instantaneously, despite him also suggesting that people not do exactly that. I suspect the reason for this is that he does not want people making sock accounts (but I guess I've just given away the best way to do that) but it still contradicts his suggestions regarding OPSEC in order to make his life easier. Classic Josh.

No. 1658955

This is probably true. I made an account once under a domain I own however, which is actually what I usually do to register with various sites (I have one e-mail per site I am registering with forwarding to a single personal email address, so if a site starts spamming me, I can readily tell which one and cut off the source) but anyway, it was a domain he did not recognize, so it got banned for spam. I liked the name I registered so I emailed him to get it back, he told me to fuck off (in so many words) and not use "disposable emails" and then would not reply further. Also classic Josh. Like you I rolled my eyes, registered one with the goofy fake name, and it was smooth sailing. It probably is automated, but unlike many automated things, the real person you get if you keep pressing '0' is as autistic as the machine is.

No. 1658957

Using a fake name for a throwaway email that's likely to get leaked would be a good way to throw off the troon brigade.

No. 1658962

At a minimum waste their time. It's not a bad idea generally. But I was highly irritated that I had to do it this way, especially because that meant yet another account. Response: use a password manager. I do. But another account means another account that can be compromised. An account you do not regularly log into means an account you will not know has been compromised. Law of unintended consequences.

No. 1658971

Mixed with misogyny (I've seen the difference in how he answers men and women in these kinds of cases and it is notable) which speaking of I bet this thread's mere existence and particularly it's title and the presence of women who know tech better than he does chaps him incredibly badly and I get a kick out of it. You love to see it.

No. 1658972

What email providers does he accept? I'm not using Gmail to sign up, that company is full of troons.

No. 1658973

Outlook is a good one and less of a pain in the ass to register than Gmail (doesn't ask for phone number, etc.)

No. 1658984

The Karens vs. The Sherris duel to the death

No. 1658985

I never had problems signing up with no-name protonmail accounts, not sure what the problem is. Maybe it's a VPN thing.

No. 1658987

>women exist on the internet
I'm sorry, but I'd like to know your badge number FBI-kun.
I guess I'm gonna send invites to this board now…. But I like TOR (Pls onionsite here when).

No. 1658988

It is probably a VPN thing. I had a discussion about this with another KF user who had no problems and wasn't a VPN user. Which is fine until you realize Josh's signup screen … also encourages you to use a VPN. If you follow his advice, you get your shit auto-locked and he is rude to you when you try to get it unlocked.

No. 1658992

Also, maybe Josh hasn't thought through all the issues here. Particularly how using one-shot fake name emails (which you are essentially forced to do, or trust him with your real IP address) is a security issue in and of itself as well as people being more likely to variouly lose the password to them (even with a good password manager.) But has anyone tried to actually raise an issue with Josh? (LOL) And he even at one point was whining about how people don't want to talk to him about stuff saying he doesn't see how he is not an easy person to talk to. That is a mental illness tier lack of insight and the lack of insight alone proves he's not worth talking to about anything of substance unless you are one of a small subset of Josh fellatrices and fellators who he does listen to, and I'm not about to get on my knees and do the needful to get into that category.

No. 1659009

File: 1664239904600.png (185.02 KB, 456x453, lyra.png)

Luna (who has changed her name, perhaps to avoid our prying eyes) vs typical habitué of the Kiwi Farms telegram

No. 1659017

File: 1664240167097.png (34.62 KB, 450x222, cope.png)

no it's just the telegram dark theme quoting what looks like a cap of the telegram white theme

bonus: a level of disconnect from reality not often seen

No. 1659020

>>1659013 samefag oh you're joking it's been a long day lol

No. 1659036

call your shrink

No. 1659050

You are seriously retarded. The reason is that it is very easy to ban specific e-mail servers by just writing a simple code so all e-mails ending in @xyz.edu are banned. Its much harder to filter out names. Srsly you are looking at anything to whine about at this point. "boohoo Null isnt holding my hand even more, I know there is a huge big letter post explaining privacy to me when I try to make an account, but thats not enough for me, why doesnt he just make the account for me?!"

No. 1659066

> You are seriously retarded. The reason is that it is very easy to ban specific e-mail servers by just writing a simple code so all e-mails ending in @xyz.edu are banned.
Has nothing to do with my point which is that non-name-appearing emails @protonmail.com, etc. are banned
> Its much harder to filter out names.
Not especially, no.
> Srsly you are looking at anything to whine about at this point. "boohoo Null isnt holding my hand even more, I know there is a huge big letter post explaining privacy to me when I try to make an account, but thats not enough for me, why doesnt he just make the account for me?!"
What is that even supposed to mean? I said he should do less filtering, not more, and that what he does do is contradictory to his stated security policy. Having to create a real-sounding email address just to defeat his filters in order to register from behind a VPN is obnoxious and more importantly extremely typical of Josh's misadventures with both technology and human beings.

tl;dr OK Sherri

No. 1659078

>Has nothing to do with my point which is that non-name-appearing emails @protonmail.com, etc. are banned
Nta but I had no trouble with my protonmail address. Just had to verify it and that was that.

No. 1659083

Were you using a VPN and was this (relatively) recently? I'd be curious to know if his filtering non-name-appearing addressees (which, Sherri, implies filtering out names as the inverse) happens only with VPNs (as others have suggested) or if it is just something that happens some of the time. Incidentally, it wasn't that the addresses were rejected outright but they were banned shortly after registration, which sucks even more because then you can't re-register under the same name, also implies that either he is filtering names he doesn't like by hand or has a jury-rigged script or xenForo plugin to filter by names (which probably exists readymade but if it doesn't, it's easily implemented from easily obtained lists of names from census data, etc.) I'm not sure which of these is the case but it is definitely easier to register with the type of email he suggests you not register with than the type of email that he suggests you do register with, which is the most obnoxious (and funniest) part.

No. 1659097

File: 1664245126341.png (81.28 KB, 626x693, twatter.png)

dong jones bemoaning the lack of deplatforming charity

No. 1659100

> no org to donate to specifically
I bet Keffals did not like to hear this.

No. 1659107

One more word on the registration stuff, and I'll stop, maybe it is an issue because using a VPN you are much more likely to share an IP address with a banned user, as a people who use a VPN here for any length of time are likely to encounter. But that isn't really an excuse because it's expected, and he can't very well say "no, drop your VPN so I know you are not _____" without sounding like an idiot after encouraging VPN use, can he?

No. 1659112

File: 1664246241288.jpg (242.55 KB, 850x1203, sample_26c276b5208c11d26d95f94…)

>Fasion armor.
SMH there's tor based emails. Use one of those and when he rejects you kindly ask him why. He usually replies he thinks its an alt.
Josh is paranoid as all hell though.

No. 1659138

Idk what the fuck you are on about with the VPN stuff but you're entirely wrong and should probably take your meds.

No. 1659187

How low have his stream views been lately? I recall 1000 was a major milestone for him but that was during the kiwi peak.

No. 1659188

I can't stand the shrill screeching so I don't even bother.

No. 1659209

File: 1664260068215.jpg (46.99 KB, 600x899, 4ed1e34baf91ebe12f2a15181ea0e9…)

Oh no, that is not correct at all. Steroids can absolutely cause amenorrhea, infertility, and even cancer. Miscarriages are common as are birth defects and ectopic pregnancies.
There are quite a number of studies on this, but you've got to search it through terms like "steroids" instead of testosterone and look for older articles, pre-2010 if not earlier.
Plenty of information about it here though

No. 1659215


How does wasting money tie in with the poverty claims?

Oh well. If I can't get my account back cuz throwaway email (I know my KF password, which is all that should matter) at least now I won't feel bad about stopping donations. Why should we lose our accounts because he screwed up security?

I like the guy on internet acquaintance level, but he really makes life hard for himself sometimes.

No. 1659228

I did not have any issues registering, using proton.me mail, with a nonsensical username. I also had/have a nonsensical username on Kiwi Farms. The password were different for the mail and the Kiwi account. After the hack, I changed the pass of my mail account, just to be safe. I have to add, I did not use VPN to access the Farms, because I mostly participated in general discussion. If the police wants to break down my door and jail me, for shitting on current year entertainment industry and sperging about hobbies, so be it.

No. 1659235

I wouldn’t worry unless you’re in New Zealand, where they actually did want IPs handed over.

No. 1659249

Gosh, this blockhead freak is so obsessed kek. He's still so mad about his google job despite the fat severance cheque that allows him to no-lifing on twatter like this.

No. 1659254

>Roblox link for an example
Kek, nice one Blockhead.

No. 1659262

social credit system really appeals to communists and troons. can't wait until all currency is digital and they can cancel yours for offsite wrongthink

No. 1659266

If I was Josh, I would keep the site offline for months and go touch some grass in the meantime. Trannies would eventually get bored and succumb to infighting, or feel emboldened enough to go after bigger targets. This time, normies who know jack shit about KF, easily bought the sobstory media outlets were running. Things would be different if Keffals and his minions went after someone like Carlson, a person who is not only publicly known, but has a platform average joe's care about. It would be fun to watch him expose Keffals for what he really is.

No. 1659268

you do realize we're probably next on the list, right?

No. 1659290

Seems that’s already happening since blockhead is going after keffals and everyone else is calling him a racist.

No. 1659313

The main reason why Kiwifarms was targeted was because it keeps a comprehensive, accessible archive of cows' misdeeds (and dox). This place is a pure discussion site - I'm sure some trannies are buttmad about any site existing that doesn't suck their girlcocks, but I don't think they have the same hard on for us because LCF isn't centered around exposes they want to memory-hole.

No. 1659357

Maybe both the excessive doomsaying and the excessive optimism are unhelpful. There are certainly plenty of people who would benefit from people losing their cool and their hope about this site (trannies, Josh) and as far as optimism goes, it seems new admin has started taking some measures and others too just in case. Seems like discussing this ad nauseum is just a circlejerk.

No. 1659365

(See? It was the tranny trying to gaslight shit and terrorize women as he does…)

No. 1659375

Lord troonquad lmao

No. 1659378

No. 1659380


No. You do know shit changes over the years?

No. 1659401

File: 1664284755663.jpg (638.85 KB, 931x1719, Screenshot_20220927_091812.jpg)

Still on poast (lmao), still technically clueless, but bit by bit, making progress.

No. 1659428

I liked the animation on .net, it’s cute

No. 1659436

Just watched it for the first time, it's great

No. 1659442

it's unironically cute.

No. 1659448

What about old email addresses that are deactivated cos never used? I set up account (with burner, which were the instructions waaaay back in the day) but the acct is deactivated.

Says every user in the BP and single-cow followers. Josh is going to end up with a forum full of only the newest foaming-at-the-mouth pols, which are the ones he wants to get away from.

It's hilarious really.

No. 1659449

rofl keffals will learn the true meaning of 'ratio' and 'harassment' and 'dogpiling' if she goes after someone with actual clout like tucker carlson

No. 1659461

meant "he"

No. 1659468

I he does poke the hornets nest, it'll be a good day for the keks and instant karma for sure. Wanted to see the knockback that'd come from this power trip of his.

No. 1659509

Kinda weird that you think only /pol/tards are able to follow simple instructions. If anything this will purge only the most low IQ posters who can't bother to follow the very few very simple basic steps upon account creation.

No. 1659536

>blockhead is going after keffals
Really? I know people are calling keffals a racist (he is) but I didn’t know blockhead was going after him now too.

No. 1659549

You're missing my point. For a long time "use a burner" was the advice and those who were already entrenched decided what level of security they needed and whether their set-up provided it. Plenty of people were using burners and contrary to Keffals reeeeing, KF isn't only full of right-wing stores who want to kill all liberals, troons and everything in between; plenty just browse uncontested threads whilst having their morning crap. Even after the last hack, received wisdom was don't-worry-about-it-as-long-as-know-KF-password.

Unless they were very contentious, prolific big-name posters, plenty of kiwis left their set up from the time they joined. I changed my password after the last hack but I bet plenty didn't and this don't-use-burner advice is really pretty new. Loads of kiwis won't even have seen it because they're just not that involved.

No. 1659555


Samefag. Ironically, originally I set up with an anonymous email I actually used and got told to change it soooo…

No. 1659564

> For a long time "use a burner" was the advice
I honestly can't remember if he has always said that you should use an email that you will continue to have access to, but I think he has, albeit in the fine print. He is going to have an absolutely massive problem with people not remembering theirs, though, to the extent that it will change the forum, especially if he keeps registrations closed, which he should, as opening them up creates it's own problems. Hard decisions for him ngl.
w/r/t the refusals of non-name-like emails: I am going to assume the extremely rude response earlier is from Josh, because it reads like it is and he is known to read these threads and selfpost. If it is not the case that such emails are filtered especially from behind VPNs, then what is the case? Several people have had these experiences and are owed an explanation, especially those who got rude and unhelpful responses to emails trying to clarify the situation. It is also a laugh and a half that emails that contradict his stated security policy by looking like real names pass with flying colours and at least in some situations ones that do, do the opposite.
It's classic Josh. Bad with tech, bad with people, stubborn as fuck, and people who are not his /pol/tard cheerleaders who want a place to say 'nigger' and not his Sherri pickmes from BP find it impossible to reason with him. He comes by this reputation rightly and it causes everyone, his staff included, to avoid dealing with him as much as possible. This is not how leadership should look. This is why people hate him, not always because they are trannies, not always because they are onionfags who have been banned at some point, but because he lives in an echo chamber of people who suck his e-dick and doesn't communicate well with anyone else. I'd love to hear his thoughts. Honestly.
But if it comes with mansplaining and rudeness, I don't give a shit. I'll continue to use KF, even though his attitude has always been his way or the highway, I might even give him money if he needs it, but I'll continue to think of him as I do. As a liability, but at the same time someone who's most infuriating qualities (autistic stubborness) are also the qualities that cause him to persevere in keeping his site up, so I guess we can't always have our cake and eat it too. So despite it all I can still close this by saying I'm thankful he's doing what he can to keep up the site.

No. 1659567

The easiest thing to do with the email is to create a proton account that you do not use for anything else and write the password down.

No. 1659568

but he has known to refuse those, at least from people who are using a VPN, or maybe from people who (I assume mostly through using a VPN) happen to share IPs with banned users. The biggest problem is that he is nontransparent as fuck around this and everything else.

No. 1659569

File: 1664295511890.png (63.73 KB, 335x335, 1663350227795.png)

>double-posting sped who writes a paragraph criticizing josh only to end it with
>I'd still give him money though

No. 1659571

We're back, baby!

Thank you for the hospitality, nonnies. Apologies if any of us were scrotish.

No. 1659573

I signed up with a proton account with no problem and I always use a VPN.

No. 1659575

So who knows then? We never will, unless given some type of explanation. Maybe some people just happened to share IPs with banned spergs, but that's expected with VPNs. That's my best guess and all I've heard is being told to fuck off in so many words. So who knows. It will all necessarily be speculation unless we actually hear something from the horse's mouth as it were.

Happy to see this though:
Front page is looking back to me, but I get nothing trying to log in (blank page.) I am about 90% sure I know which e-mail I signed in from, haven't gotten any reset messages, but let's give it some time ig. Anyone manage to log in so far?

No. 1659576

and now I'm not able to see the CAPTCHA. But the site just started to work, I'm not complaining, gonna give it some time to pull itself together. I'd be curious how others are doing.

No. 1659577

Exact same as you; can't log in yet, glad as hell anyway.

No. 1659585

You keep whining about this but Jersh has consistly since the last hack been telling people, including old users, to use an email that you retain access to. I also signed up with a burner 7+ years ago but I listened to good advice and switched it long ago. You're just a retard, which isn't surprising since you're still bitching about TeH /PoL/ TaKeOvEr!!! 6 years and 2/3rds of the websites lifetime later. I hope this wipes out the reminants of mong leftists like you.

No. 1659595

File: 1664297250241.png (18.17 KB, 477x108, luna is married lol.png)


No. 1659598

Just say you are ban evading and Null catches you every single time, kek.

No. 1659600

File: 1664297580400.jpeg (101.23 KB, 1068x849, sounds about right.jpeg)

the response above to you is the tranny, not me, I hope everyone can realize this, but some people ITT really can't tell

pic unrelated: Josh's response, about what people would expect.

No. 1659601

The advice not to use burners is not new at all.

No. 1659603

samefag, lol, he really isn't giving up on his stupid Rust chat, "until I am confident", yeah right, zero trust in that whatsoever, his (over)confidence is what got us in this mess to begin with. Siropu chat still exists as he knows damn well and he should throw in the towel and go back to using it (I think what he was using was a hacked up Siropu, could be wrong, but his hacked together chat from nothing was a disgrace even before the hack)

No. 1659609

File: 1664298117749.jpeg (18.43 KB, 557x98, strict security policy.jpeg)

No. 1659613


I honestly don't even remember it being in the small print way back then. But thank you, you get my point. Maybe I am a tard, but I'm far from the only one and tbh an anonymous burner is my first line of defence. Fine, I'm a twat for not keeping it active but keeping it INactive, again, was a line of separation. We don't all have VPNs and password managers because these things cost money and I'm just there to see if Big Al has exploded yet.

And as burners were still quite obviously the choice of many after the last breach (again, tard for listening to Kiwi received wisdom but it shows how prolific burners were and still are; people discussed this onsite) I wondered if it was Josh here too, but "fuck off retard" isn't really going to work across the board, is it? People sign up according to the instructions when they join and if it works for them, they don't change it. Especially as every change is a vulnerability. I'm slightly annoyed I changed it from a no-name to a burner but eh. Long time ago, shit changes. But at least give us the option - it's up to us if we take the security risk of logging in.

Josh likes hanging out in the BP. He says he doesn't like the /pol spergs (nobody does) and just wants to laugh at idiots online with names he recognises. A lot of those are going to be the ones who'll get locked out and a lot of them won't bother re-registering even if it's ever open again. HE may need fortress-like security - which is why us tards contribute - but a huge sector of his user-base have made choices they feel work for them. They'll still read about kids with no brains or narcy fat birds but they won't contribute.

Yes, agreed, we're tards, gotcha. So what now? He can be right in a sea of newbie politispergs and thirsty girls in the BP chat, if being right is all that matters. Or he can accept that plenty of kiwis did not keep up with changing bases for whatever reason and offer an option. And is that a pig I see sailing across the sky…?

No. 1659614

Elliot Blockhead Freak should spend his free time fixing his shit colored teeth instead of tweeting like a retard every five minutes.

I would tell Elliot to go eat shit but by the state of his teeth I'm sure he's already eating it by the spoonful. Troon faggot.

No. 1659620


Pol takeover/mong leftists.

QEfuckingD. The irony.

No. 1659621

Even as someone who likes KF it seems like it may be a good idea not to change my password and log in until Jersh gets all this shit figured out. He could easily fuck up and get the rug pulled out from under him again.

No. 1659622

> A lot of those are going to be the ones who'll get locked out and a lot of them won't bother re-registering even if it's ever open again.
Maybe since we can at least start reading the forum the thing to do probably is steal kiwi content to create some thread OPs here and follow our cows with less bullshit.
Also, it appears he is back to using (Google) reCAPTCHA, I wonder how long this will last.
I'm still not able to login, but giving it time.

No. 1659624

I wonder how long it'll take for Keff or Quagmire to post an angry tweet about KF being back

No. 1659628

Him going after Tucker is just a setup for another gofundme grift. He'll try and probably fail to ratio Tucker and some other Fox News talking heads, then do some more "they want me dead!" shit even though he's never set foot in the USA and is literally in Europe right now.

No. 1659629

Same here. I'll still browse my usual boards like beauty parlor as a guest. But I'm not confident things will be too smooth for awhile.

No. 1659630

Having a VPN is literally the best investment you could ever make and worth every cent, honestly don't understand why you would post here or on KF without one.

Honestly I think that this will probably increase the quality of posters tremendously since all idiots who couldn't follow basic instructions are now locked out, kek.

No. 1659631

Sinseer absolutely losing his shit because Null said in chat that they are 100% sure of his identity. Now he's talking about himself in third person and rambling about police reports and being swatted. This fucking faggot wants to be swatted so bad and claim victimhood, it's nasty. I hope his thread gets as bigger as the Keffals one and all eyes are on him. After all, attention is what he wants most isn't it? Get fucked pedo freak

No. 1659632

>try to ratio tuck
>get embarassed
>get replies from the Uncle Brigade
>claim harassment
>ask for money

No. 1659634


Yep, seconded. I'm not even trying for at least a month or until the troons self-implode up their own arses.

No. 1659648

The difference is that every Kiwifarms thread is an actual archive where every normie who stumbles in can look up all the creepy and disgusting shit that a tranny has said and done. If you want e.g. receipts on keffals being a groomer you would have to dig through old threads or ask here, whereas on KF that info stares you in the eye right at the top of the thread.
I'm not saying KF is a bigger target because of the doxxing specifically, but because it's format makes it far more potent for actually peaking people as well as for chronicling history that lolcow trannies don't want people to know about.

No. 1659650


It's on the list. After all the adult shit like mortgage and fuel bills and food on the bloody table. Ah, the joys of Mommmy's basement.

Still. Us tards get locked out, the age and maturity of the forum drops still further in inverse ratio to the smugness and you can all suffocate under the weight of your own brilliance. Being right is also a luxury of Mommy's Basement.

Not arguing any more, iiwii. Is pretty obvious we're not welcome so we'll just stay away. I wish Josh all the best, I'll always support him just cos dissenting voices should be heard but I can't be fucked with it all any more.

Seconded to new threads here though.

No. 1659652

Now they are slapfighting on twitter because pee oh cee people tried to take down KF for years but Keffals is white and thats why KF went down. Seriously.
These regards are amazing, they can't go one dag without infighting and finding reasons to cancel each other. Lol, lmao even.

No. 1659656

A VPN is really not that expensive, you probably pay for way dumber shit like Netflix every month. If you can't afford a VPN just don't post on sites like here and KF. Idk how you can't afford the 5 bucks for a VPN as an adult.

No. 1659657


No. 1659661

Haha, apparently I registered my account under one of those no-registration throwaway sites, so I can just create a burner with the same name again and receive the reset email
Extremely poor security, I know, but ended up working out well for me
Thanks Josh for at least telling me what the name of the reset e-mail account is, I would've been boned otherwise

No. 1659662

> I can just create a burner with the same name again and receive the reset email
lol depending on the burner provider people are using this might be a major issue

No. 1659671


Get back to me when you own a house.
They tend to suck every penny up. Or the car or life in general - which doesn't all run on US prices, btw. My one totally pointless expense a month is to KF. But no doubt you're also doing that to a far higher degree because totally superior kiwi.

Jeeeesus feck.

No. 1659673

This only works if you know the e-mail already tho.

No. 1659674

Apparently Vordrak is about to go on Ethan Ralph's stream so they can mutually seethe about Josh https://cozy.tv/ethanralph both of them hate him and have no problem lying but Vordrak is legit one of the scummiest people ever to get involved in this whole saga over the whole life of KF, has also resorted to CP-spamming and hardcore life ruination tactics

No. 1659676

Ok Karen, you are so adult and managing your finances so well that you don't have 5 bucks left over at the end of the month, kek. Honestly that is kinda embarassing and seems like you can't afford your current lifestyle.

No. 1659677

Josh, you imbecile, when you make people change passwords, you DO NOT let them use the exact same ones.
He truly fails at this security thing.
BTW, burner emails were the advice when I signed up, with caveat that he won’t help recover the account. It changer around the hack in 2019.

No. 1659678

Man the 20 people who watch Ralphs streams are in for a hell of a time then! How exciting for them!

No. 1659690


Yeah, I mostly bummed out too I go months without even looking now. I do really like the format but I really fell out of the loop after the last hack when so many noped out for good.

Thing is, there are several mods with class communications skills. Josh seems to micro-manage which brings all that autistic focus but he doesn't enjoy greasing the wheels so why not just delegate that so he can do the stuff he enjoys? I'm not in the hate-Null camp although I understand those who are,but he's abrasive cos he doesn't want to do the play-nice shit. So don't do it and leave it to someone else would seem to be a solution?

No. 1659694

> Josh seems to micro-manage
Sometimes, but his typical management style is zero communication with expectations that you do what he wants without telling you what that is and then get angry when you don't comply with his expectations he didn't tell you.

No. 1659706

>We don't all have VPNs and password managers because these things cost money
There are plenty of good password managers that don't cost a dime (like KeePassDX), even if you have nothing to do with lolcows it's smart to use one.

No. 1659711


Nobody can afford their lifestyle, idiot. Everything has gone up vertically whilst currencies crash the other way and wages stagnate. I just don't care enough about a fucking gossip site I've barely been on in a year to make a VPN a priority. You do. Congratulations.

And how much was that average-American-credit-card-debt again? If we're reduced to mindless generalisations I can play too and be just as wrong. Your priorities are not mine.

No. 1659716

God I am so glad you can't log in anymore, kek.

No. 1659720


Me too. Those generalisations again…truly, KiwiFarms itself is the cow that keeps on giving at the mo.

Bored of throwing insults now so you win with whatever your next ones are. You're right, you win, ask Null for a trophy.

No. 1659728

Time for a tranch thread nonnas

No. 1659729

File: 1664303235615.jpeg (369.52 KB, 750x738, 2577d39b13210ab7b13eb25dbc5152…)

>how the site lasted this long is beyond me tbh.

because KF offers something you can't get anywhere else: well-archived easy-to-read gossip discussion and incredibly hands-off moderation

No. 1659734


Wonder how the girls who spend all day in BP chat have filled in the time? Are they in suspended animation, just waiting until they are reunited with the Great One?

Honestly, if the troon army wanted to revenge-dox they don't need to bypass security. The PLing in BP chat is off the charts. Top kek would be if the info was released and we found out half the troons were camped out in there anyway

No. 1659751

You would have a point if trans ideology wasn't literally being advocated for and protected by all left-of-center political organizations, mass media and academia at this point.

Your argument kinda works for ethnic minorities and the mentally disabled because despite all the liberal asskissing they're still genuinely disadvantaged through no fault of their own, but the only "discrimination" white middle-class troons face is pushback to their misogyny and public fetishism.

No. 1659754

Or the French

(that's just for anon >>1659703. Tho they are the French, so…)

No. 1659761

So are The farms back for good or will the troons find a way to take it down?

No. 1659771

I mean, the rate of weird and creepy behaviour is definitely higher in trans people than in gen pop, but sure, there's plenty of trans people who live more-or-less ordinary lives. The vast majority of them have still bought into a bogus sexist ideology, but that's not the issue - it's that powerful institutions are holding up that ideology as undeniable fact and trying to turn any critique of it into a social taboo to be punished, and that most of these "regular" trans people are implicitly or explicitly in support of that.

I don't think your average conservative Christian boomer dad is a bad person either, but if a right-wing government tried to quash criticism of the church, I wouldn't stop shitting on that sacred cow just because most Christian conservatives dindu nuffin and might be offended.

No. 1659775


I worded that really badly - I meant the French were the French, not you (that cleared everything up splendidly.) Whatever, I salute the meme and you're now officially French. And ghastly, obvs.

When did trans ideology explode into this insane bastardised creature we see now anyway? It used to be recognised as a tiny fraction of people with a genuine deep disconnect and they just wanted to live their lives quietly as the other. But it also used to be a really arduous, intensive process in my country so maybe that was the tipping point. I don't hate trans people at all, I just hate this highly-politicised invasive version that demands women kowtow. Is it since the whole process got easier, or a generational thing?

(This night be a q for a different thread. Just not sure which one and it's being discussed here)

No. 1659776

most fat people are fat because of growing up with a poor diet, poor impulse control, or stress problems causing overeating
the number of people who've consciously chosen to become fat to indulge a mental illness or fetish are negligible

No. 1659798

What annoys me about the "normal trans people" is that even they treat trans ideology as a sacred cow that can't be critically and honestly discussed.

I've suffered from symptoms similar to "gender dysphoria" as a teen. I think a pretty sizable portion of non-trans men and women experience mild gender dysphoria. I can imagine what it's like to feel strong discomfort with your body and the way it's seen by society, and I think in some cases medical transition can be helpful.

But when people talk about "being trans", they don't usually talk about dysphoria or transition per se, they talk about some abstract nonsense genderwoo that defies all material analysis.
Two identically-looking and -acting biological males with gender dysphoria who haven't medically transitioned would be treated completely differently depending on what tehy "identify as" - make it make sense.

No. 1659817

What the fuck is wrong with you kiwi pickme bitches giving this literally abusive, gaslighting, gore and CP spamming freak any time? Is that you, DBS, you handmaidening pronoun-monger? Fuck off to your rathole and suck Josh off some more.

No. 1659828

The fat horse bitch has crossed the queen of spades for the last time. Elaine sent me everything I hope you had a chat with your husband.

No. 1659829

"I'm not the problem. It's you. I would never. I pity you." Said every abusive moid before he abuses again. Fuck off and die. But to whoever is talking with him like he's not cast off any right to human decency: I have a special contempt for you.

No. 1659846

You should be talking to your husband about your failing marriage not LARPing on an imageboard “mrs” 789("hi cow")

No. 1659866

Oh they definitely exist. Erika’s headmate #2 said pics are floating around various discords

No. 1659880

I'll be honest, I'm never logging into KF again. Too many people attacking it. I think it will be hacked again in less than a week.

No. 1659884

Ironically it's working for me but not with Brave Browser. Not even kidding. And yeah he will lose a lot of users. Unfortunately I feel like the annnoying users will be more likely to register new accounts than to just wander off and not bother, the annoyingness of >>1659880 not saging notwithstanding.

No. 1659892

I think he should have archived the forum, then started a new name project successor with slightly tighter rules, and a better software stack. XF is just pure shit. Why even bother with emails at all? This site doesn't. With a new name and some layers of obfuscation it would be a reset on all the internet companies like cloudflare. Changing names is one of the best tactics to put things behind, tons of companies do it. Just make it like a private torrent tracker and have a tight rep/referral system.

No. 1659895

fuck off, narc. yeah a rep/referral system sounds like a great idea mr not-a-cop

No. 1659899

I think a lot of people are just waiting for this hack thing to get clearer, maybe null is right, maybe it was poast, maybe it was a gayop, maybe it was the feds, maybe some credentials got hacked, maybe some RATs were installed, too many maybes in this.

No. 1659903

No, it wasn't the feds and no, RATs were not installed. Hoofprints in Texas, horses, zebras, etc. It was either poast (I'm 90%) or trannies pretending to be poast (10%) and Null should still never touch any security-critical infrastructure again without it getting anointed with holy water after.

No. 1659908

back to reddit with you

No. 1659909

yeah I feel like everyone just knee-jerk reacted and assumed it was the troon squad without realizing just how many people hate KF and want their info off the internet

No. 1659910

There's a joke somewhere roundabout hereish about Dear Leader and Napoleon complexes. Definitely the French.

No. 1659917

I also think if it was poa.st (I think so) then Josh is afraid of the absolute trashfire that would ensue if he admitted it was, as he is still allowed there and views the (pedophile or pedophile-enabling) owner (graf) as sort of an ally who is skilled in tech stuff (which is true.) I don't think it is him for the record, nor that "it was poast" in some official sense, that would be dumb, but that it was people from poast who wanted to react to kiwis disrespecting poast by defacing kf with the logo of poast.

No. 1659922

wait so that was what everyone's avatar was changed to? the poast logo? that sounds like a really dumb and shitty attempt at a frame-job.

No. 1659924

No, it sounds like exactly what this kind of terminally online scrote would do to "claim responsibility" and score an own for "their" site against a site that was making fun of them. If it was a frame job, you'd see the trannies trying to push that narrative, and if it was a frame job, the last thing you'd see is the trannies smugposting about it like it was something they did, because then it would detract from the purpose of the op.

No. 1659926

People don't realize from the request Null posted the hacker was using Tor, it was an IPV6 Tor exit node IP. So once the DB export failed it then became much more difficult because they would need a script to manually scrape data, and it would need to request the site over Tor, and it would need to authenticate and solve the captcha, then it would get rate limited, and most of the requests would fail because the site was fucking broken, and it would have to actually scrape the content off the web pages instead of being a nice export format. The hacker realized that shit would take too long after their export failed so they didn't do it. Simple as.

No. 1659930

Well clearly if it was a frame job it failed spectacularly because everyone wants to blame the trannies, lol. Which in this case yeah the one thing is you might expect whatever tard from poast to try to say NO NO NO IT WAS MEEE but you never know. Bragging about it on Discord might be enough.
…and? One thing I'd be curious is whether the defacement or the exfil attempt came first, though.

No. 1659936

I don't think Josh even realizes how the attack worked. Even with XSS you can't steal the session cookies because they aren't readable in JS so you can't send them to another site you control. You can only make requests with them back to the same domain. So what actually happened is the XSS escalated privilege by running on an admin to make another admin account, which the hacker then logged in on over Tor. Null also said the XSS script is what changed the avatar. So any logged in user at the time ran JS that switched avatars and tried to make another user an admin. Once they got an admin account then they tried to export the data and then gave up and deleted all the threads on the forum. Extremely obvious scenario and josh clearly doesn't get it.

No. 1659938

Wait, Josh thinks it happened some other kind of way? And none of his yes-men are going to tell him otherwise? Reminds me of Stalin having a stroke and everyone being afraid to come in lift him out of his literal puddle of piss until he died.

No. 1659940

Why there's so many people thinking that just because the hacker changed the avatars to poast logos it was someone from poast? Don't you guys never heard about throwing off info purposefully? Anyone can hack something and change stuff around, you know.

No. 1659943

so is kiwifarms working for anyone? it keeps giving me errors. sorry i know i'm retarded

No. 1659944

Occam's Razor, and the poasters were really, really mad. I don't think the trannies are well-versed enough in the internal politics of Kiwi Farms to find a relatively obscure thread with people bitching about poast being ful of lolicon, but I know for a fact the poasters were because they were howling about it for a week before the breach happened.

No. 1659948

not working for me either. im able to get to the homepage but when i try to log in after filling out the captcha it crashes. it hasn't worked for me on brave and im using a vpn

No. 1659949

Pretty sure he thinks he had his session hijacked and they logged into his account. But XF sessions are httponly cookies, there's no way to steal his session through XSS bug, so it had to be through using XSS on his account to escalate privileges of another user. Don't think he gets this.

No. 1659950

I can view the forum sometimes, and get to the login, but then get timeouts/errors. I was logged in already on my phone and I once got as far as the screen where it tells you your email has been reset but I got an email, and can't get back to that page to ask for another one. I think we just need to give it a few hours minimum for stuff to settle. There are almost 400 people logged in though and 1,000 guests it says.

No. 1659952

It's working for me on mobile, but not for me on desktop. I'm using the brave browser on both mobile and desktop. I haven't cleared my cache or changed any settings in either, this might solve the problem on desktop, I just haven't tried yet.

No. 1659954

Why there's so many people thinking that just because the hacker changed the avatars to poast logos it was someone from poast? Don't you guys never heard about throwing off info purposefully? Anyone can hack something and change stuff around, you know.

No. 1659961

You got your password reset email, then, I presume?
How embarrassing!

No. 1659963

I haven't tried visiting yet because things are understandably chaotic at the moment. Like >>1659621, >>1659629 and >>1659634 I'm going to lay low and lurk until the situation stabilizes.

No. 1659964

samefag but >>1659949 another thing of note, the fact that his chat is always on the top of the forum screen means that him or whatever other users may have been compromised didn't need to be accessing chat at the time. file under "unnecessarily increasing attack surface"

No. 1659966

I did, but I haven't reset my password yet. I'm probably going to do what a few others have suggested and wait a few weeks to let the wrinkles get ironed out.

No. 1659969

Keeps going down from time to time but mostly working for me.

No. 1659982

Him and my general manager must have taken the same leadership course…

No. 1660014

anyone have an idea of when registration will be back up? i forgot the password to the email i used for my account lol

No. 1660020

is it kiwifarms.net that's back or any other domain? sorry for stupid question

No. 1660021

Ah elain… that was some amusing milk… for a britbong.

No. 1660026

File: 1664317824081.png (7.64 KB, 333x238, brave_farms.png)

ah, login timeouts!
even this makes the blockhead troon seethe, though.

No. 1660035

You're not stupid, nona. Yes, it's back up at kiwifarms.net. Things are a bit messy at the moment though, so if you have an account, you might want to wait for a few weeks before logging in.

No. 1660036

> wait for a few weeks
but I need to see what sticker's im getting!!!! (jk and nta)

No. 1660043

thank you! i always only lurked with no account, so that's no problem for me

No. 1660045

Seems stable for me atm, won't risk messing with the whole account situation 'til things are more clear. Finally can get back to read the @Dropkiwifarms account owner thread. He's about to get even more demented.

No. 1660047

Welp, time to check in on the horrors of the Sammieverse. Thanks, nonna.

No. 1660081

5 DOLLARS lmao. That’s a coffee at Starbucks anon.

No. 1660084

File: 1664321937610.jpeg (300.41 KB, 750x1107, C0387896-299C-4845-BA4D-ABE672…)

I can get on the site now, Null has locked out every account and there’s a message saying to check your registered email. What kills me is he’s made it so you get a message on screen with your whole ass email (no * to censor any part of it or anything). Thanks Jersh, very cyber safe!!

No. 1660085

You can only afford Starbucks Coffee if you're a basement dweller, duh. Real adults don't have 5 bucks to spare and re-use every teabag 4 times.

No. 1660090

Thats only because you were already logged in, dumbass. Nobody else will be shown your e-mail.

No. 1660093

this whole 5 bucks thing is cringe as fuck and people keep insisting in dragging this fucking slapfight on and on. Nobody cares. You want to spend 5 on a VPN, fine. You don't want to spend 5 on a VPN, also fine. Trust me that literally nobody fucking cares about this, only the terminal mentally ill.

No. 1660095

Basic cybersecurity is something you should definitely care about if you commit thoughtcrimes every day.

No. 1660097

I can use a fucking free VPN if I care about cybersecurity, I don't need to lecture strangers online about budgeting. Trust me, It's not that deep.

No. 1660102

Couldn’t afford your frappucino today?

No. 1660103

Well the anon that started this discussion said that her excuse for not using a VPN was that they were too expensive, we're just making fun of how butthurt she (you) still is (are) about being wrong.

No. 1660106

Nah, I'm not fat.

Oh no, I'm deemed wrong in some anon messageboard!

No. 1660112

So… it's safe to say that the leaks probably didn't happen? Funny how all the troons sperging about LE and ''researchers'' going through the leaks are oddly silent now

No. 1660119

No they did not, because it was butthurt lolicons, not troons, but it doesn't suit either the troon's or Josh's agenda to say so.

No. 1660127

If there was anything, it would have been posted in minutes. The troon with self-restraint or capable of long-term planning would not be online dehydrating about a forum that finds them silly.

No. 1660129

The only one going on and on about this is Sinseer, honestly. He's also bragging about reporting Nick Rekieta and making him lose his Twitter account

No. 1660180

Sage. Probably true, yeah.

No. 1660191

I wouldn't recommend free VPNs unless you really know what you are doing. Many of them are opening up access to your internet connection which is being resold for use by spammers or anybody who pays for it. This is true of the big ones like Hola, UrbanVPN, etc…

No. 1660198

That's a problem if they were able to grab your session cookie.

No. 1660202

nta, zero evidence of this though, not that you're wrong.

No. 1660204

Are you referring to the attempt at extracting data?

No. 1660233

Is anyone giving out invites?

Just use TOR, lmao. It's free.

No. 1660235

File: 1664330691522.jpg (41.93 KB, 640x360, 6-52.jpg)

Can someone make a KF thread on Kayla Lemieux since the site is back up?

No. 1660239

Wouldn’t think this would make it from the prospering grounds really.
As for the site it’s still hinky I’ll wait a few days. Sadly my email that I used years ago is dead because I never used it. No fun.

No. 1660245

Problem is there seems to be good evidence this person is a troll, supported by a lack of sperging. It looks like they did this to highlight exactly how ridiculous everything is by pushing the envelope then sue for discrimination.

No. 1660270

It would. Every trans horrorshow makes it out of the prospering grounds. Just look at Jonathan Yaniv and the "it's ma'am" guy.

No. 1660275

The only evidence of your theory I have seen is an anonymous story by a random /pol/ poster. It's literally Q Anon tier. Sorry, but I think it's more likely we're looking at a legit MTF sissy.

No. 1660277

He probably doesn't have enough going on online to warrant his own thread but I'm sure that he can be brought up in the Tranny Sideshows thread in the Stink Ditch sub forum. There are probably articles related to him in A&H but the Article/News subforum can only be accessed by members.

No. 1660278

I also wondered for like a year if Yaniv wasn't some deep-cover TERF psyop (like some people argued about Fred Phelps/God Hates Fags as being some kind of performance art) but trannies really exceed the realm of parody on a regular basis.
Idk about that, does he a public-facing social media presence that produces milk? If not, he doesn't really warrant a thread of his own on either farms, however memeable his presence may be, it won't be sustainable unless he spergs on his socials or gets in some protracted legal battle where he's making public statements or the like.

No. 1660285

It should be in Articles and Happenings, not a person thread.

No. 1660290

File: 1664334484989.jpeg (33.65 KB, 600x600, Naamloos-2.jpeg)

>produces milk
unfortunately the tits are fake

No. 1660294

Welp I used a burner email and cant remember what the password was. Time for a fresh start.

No. 1660298

File: 1664334712965.png (42.73 KB, 609x230, He knew btw.png)

What does this fag in a dress mean "he knew weeks ago"? Josh literally said that he was building a mesh network on Telegram publicly.

God I hate trannies

No. 1660301

With how obsessed he's been, it makes you wonder if he wants Josh to join his "polycule".

No. 1660304

The downside to that is that A&H is full of nazi moids. If the thread goes to the troon subforum instead the discussion would be less autistic.

No. 1660310

I'm really glad it exists though, it and the new-ish "Political Sperging" sticker have done a great job in reducing the amount of political autism in threads where it doesn't belong. That was an unfortunate downsife of the Keffals drama was all the A&N people coming to his thread to spam slurs and tell him he'll never be a real woman. Wow, really riveting comment there buddy nobody else could have brought that vital piece of information to the table.

No. 1660311

Well crap I logged out of my locked account now I cant get back in as I get a timed out error connection thanks Josh now I need to make a whole new account.

No. 1660312

I would suggest a general thread for troon news stories in the Stinkditch subforum then. That would be a perfect place for stories like this.

No. 1660313

Isn't this freak a millionaire? Do something with your time besides seething at a website, god damn seriously

No. 1660316

There is a "Tranny News Megathread" (which I always thought would be a good band name) that I bet is in his new tranny-oriented subforum (I hate the name 'Stinkditch', but I hate it less than him trying to coopt the term 'Gender Critical', lol)

No. 1660334

Thats a lot of projection there Blaine

No. 1660346

>Literally salivating at the chance to catch up on CC gossip
Yes I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself

No. 1660376

I'm still appalled josh didn't rename the site to KeffalFarms or atleast have the banner called KeffalFarms to spite keffal. Only lolcow to actually bring down KF for a significant amount of time.

No. 1660417

No. 1660420

Feature Lucas’ thread again you coward.

No. 1660425

Seriously, I kinda like Josh (despite all his flaws) but this… this would elevate him to God-tier levels of being a hilarious dick

No. 1660426

I personally like "The Tranagerie" but I never got around to making an account when registrations were open.

No. 1660447

KF is absolute jank for now. Problems loading the page, login timeouts. I hope Josh fixes it, site was running fine before the hack.

No. 1660455

File: 1664348352704.png (13.38 KB, 444x79, Retardation.png)

Just so I have this straight: Josh with his giant intellect decided to write a chatroom in rust but use unsafe c++ for his DNS? Makes perfect sense.

No. 1660465

The programming advice ITT is so fucking cringe. Literally nobody gives a fuck, e-mail Null about it or just shut up because literally nobody cares that you have more stripes on your tranny socks than Null.

No. 1660467

Kek, anyone who has to post it either needs to do a face reveal, post a pic of their hobbit feet or, delicate man hands.

No. 1660473

thank you, i didn't want to say it…

No. 1660474

Srsly it stinks like troon so bad in this thread. Women just arent as patronizing and constant know-it-alls. It's peak male behavior to have to boost your own ego by going "uhm akshually" All the time. It's not milk to write blogposts about your programming skills.

No. 1660477

It's not about "women can't code" Its that women don't brag about how much better they can code than someone else. This is male rivalry behavior.

No. 1660482

It’s pretty funny that we’re in a thread primarily about KFs downtime and these troons are assblasted that people are talking about the technicalities…

>don't brag about how much better they can code than someone else.
Literally show me one post where this is occurring you retarded tranny.

No. 1660483

You will never understand female sovialization, Blaine. Thats why you stick out like a sore thumb in these threads constantly.

No. 1660485

You watched Mean Girls one too many times and think thats how real women interact with each other. It's embarrassing.

No. 1660488

Idk how you still havent realized that we can tell when you are having conversations with yourself.

No. 1660490

You will never be a woman. You will never fit in. You will never be stealth amongst girls because you are entirely and utterly male in every way.

No. 1660492

I love how active this thread gets when the tranny accusations start flying.

No. 1660494

This is how pathetic incels think mean girls act. At best you come across as a snarky gay man, your woman-impersonation is 0/10.

No. 1660495

File: 1664352424846.jpeg (53.12 KB, 800x450, 7E23B2C1-3871-4281-8866-AFA513…)


No. 1660526

File: 1664358827035.png (44.55 KB, 602x211, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 19.5…)

Lucas making shit up

No. 1660528

"Mate" is an address typically used for males in England.

Good job Keffals, own goal.

No. 1660530

I assume he didn't know this when he wrote this fake story, kek. And then everyone clapped and the woman handed him £100.

No. 1660538

Not a single person - not-a one - calling him out on that Tweet
What is going on?

No. 1660540

Can he not come to our country? that'd be bloody great. Just hope for his sake he doesn't take a wrong turn in London, glad we left.

No. 1660541

Women don’t say mate here and people sure as shit don’t call a woman mate kek. All I have in mind now is a tranny that looks like a bloke in a dress saying that.

No. 1660545

He's so retarded, he doesn't understand that English isn't Australia, where we DO call both genders 'mate'

Keffals is a cringy moron

No. 1660546

I don't know, I might be an outlier, I call others mate or duck a fair bit. But yeah for the most part I don't think people call other adult women mate.

No. 1660547

Bong here and this is the most annoying stereotypical shit ever. Surprise he didn't add "Oi oi guvna" into the mix. That probably didn't come up when he did one quick google search "how uk people talk" when writing this fan fiction about himself. Also kek on the self own.

No. 1660549

Lucas, everyone knows you hate women now all of a sudden you’re a ladies man? kek who is buying this shit?

No. 1660552

Australians call women mate? Kinda weird. Anyway, it’s not a thing in England (not in nice areas anyway).

No. 1660553

His retarded followers are going "YASS NEW UK QUEEN" over in the replies. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 1660554

The main thing is that with how sensitive these retards are about gender, no fucking way would mate be a word they’d ever use. I’ve seen them meltdown on twitter about being called bro or dude, so no way mate would fly.

No. 1660556

File: 1664363339355.jpg (74.93 KB, 960x911, photo_2022-07-23_12-30-38.jpg)

I am browsing Kiwifarms.net right now

No. 1660569

File: 1664364999648.gif (487.99 KB, 220x220, vibing-cat-cat-nodding.gif)

Heck yeah. It's a little slow but, either way - it's back

No. 1660571

the dns doesn't seem to have propagated everywhere yet/might be blocked by nanny states(?) Null's insistence that people 'use google dns' just confirms he has fewer hackerman skills than a '90s irc kid. yeah I'll use a vpn but leak my DNS requests that's great josh

No. 1660574

Just hit ctrl + f5 or change your VPN to a different country if you are having issues.

No. 1660600

Am Aussie and when I'm out shopping at my local I get called mate, love or darl.

No. 1660621

Dropkiwifarms is on a tweeting spree if anybody cares enough to archive

No. 1660629

File: 1664370586303.jpg (15.34 KB, 714x116, Capture.JPG)

The ultimate cuck symbol on Twitter, reserved for the most spineless of people

No. 1660632

they know the good will is running out

No. 1660634

He freaks out people are posting in his KF thread again kek.

No. 1660638

Dont judge but I genuinely miss when the entire internet was as crude as kf is now. The whole web just feels so sanitised and corporate you know?

No. 1660639

People want the internet to be a hugbox for the most fragile

No. 1660641

Agreed, I turn 30 next year (so probably a fucking skeleton compared to some/most of the posters here) but I remember the internet used to be like the Wild West, in a good way

Everything wasn't all bland and people weren't offended at the drop of the hat, and there was still a level of 'novelty' in the entire goddamn thing

No. 1660658

I don't see any advice really, and definitely not people puffing themselves up against him, just people making fun of and expressing their schadenfreude that Josh, despite his pretensions of being a talented or even competent developer, got his shit handed to him and continues to embarrass himself. Reminder that Josh hates, objectifies, and thinks himself better than you because you (presumably) are a woman. Women being better at the things that he thinks he is good at is hilarious. You act like we're out here dragging our peers. We're making fun of somewhat niche aspects of a lolcow. There is a massive difference.

No. 1660661

File: 1664372602079.png (1.15 MB, 1852x3442, shareddit.png)

as dumb as this has been, it still doesn't come anywhere near the proportions or insanity of Vordrak's months-long crusade against KF from 2016

No. 1660666

I'm in my early 40s so you are not the most ancient here. The internet in the aughts used to be a wild and wonderful place and now it's all sterile and unfun. It's sad.

No. 1660673

Kek Don't do me like that nonna. I'm 30 today.
This is Shatna level fake. I'm surprised the lady didn't yell it from a car and then people everywhere clapped and shed tears of joy.

No. 1660681

This is kinda what's been comforting me during all this shit. Yeah KF may be down but it's been down before and it usually tends to come back.

No. 1660708

you're right but mostly kids weren't on there much either, importantly. the unsanitized places of today like discord and tiktok (formerly tumblr and to some extent deviantart) are fucking up children beyond repair

No. 1660727

>Thanks, Josh!
It's stock XenForo, retard.

No. 1660729

Has anyone managed to get in to lolcow.email? Josh says it's up but I can't access it

No. 1660733

No clue but Josh not seeing a security problem with people using his self-hosted email service which should also be assumed to be compromised to reset their passwords on his compromised site is pretty funny.

No. 1660741

anyone who has any faith in null's ability since 2019 is a fool. i've been thinking about the google dns thing and it's almost tinfoil-worthy. if someone uses a vpn but accesses anything related to their google account, surprise, the google DNS can now tie you to that account when you pass through to kiwifarms. Liz long dong's chuds.txt grows another +1

No. 1660754

Well I used an old burner email account so I don't know what to do now, my account is perpetually locked.

No. 1660760

ayrt he's really fumbling in the dark and it is kind of sad, especially because his ego and his cultivation of sycophants makes it so nobody will even try to tell him the right thing to do, it's a pathetic downward spiral that's been going on for years. there was no reason for him to have his own email host service other than to fluff his ego and continue to try to monopolize stuff in this sphere and the fact that it would be a security issue if one site was compromised that the other might be was entirely forseeable. To be clear I don't think it's an actual security problem, but it's a potential one, and since Josh is trying to act all highfalutin about OPSEC it's laughable that he doesn't see the problem there. Especially given that it is doubtful anything was exfiltrated he would probably be better off eating the potential vulnerability of a small handful of compromised accounts vs potentially hundreds of people locked out of the site because of him wanting to larp as someone who actually knows anything about security best practices. It will be particularly sad if this, not trannies, is what actually kills the site, or at least turns it over to the worst aspects of the userbase. On a lighter note the site is working decently well for me.