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File: 1489743466046.png (2.45 MB, 1200x1600, havingfunisn'thardwhenyouhavea…)

No. 271275

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which prevents her from saving for her japan trip, expects fans to donate to her patreon to fund the trip
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>UPDATE: Finally going to Japan. Stay tuned.


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 271280

File: 1489743904350.jpg (99.16 KB, 540x540, tumblr_olf6al9f911tepew7o1_500…)

Last few days in Japan

hoping she begged other jvloggers for collabs

No. 271281

File: 1489744026114.jpg (144.17 KB, 930x592, ss (2017-03-17 at 02.46.26).jp…)

No. 271343

You had like alot of lulzy photos to choose for this new thread and you go and pick an old one

No. 271359

Well I, for one, appreciate her fall from grace

No. 271362

I'm surprised Jill hasn't asked her mom to stop posting embarrassing things about her

Agreed, can we not with these old ass pics of Jill?

No. 271370

I was dying laughing at Louise's post. They sound like such clueless, whiny tourists it's unbelievable - like an SNL sketch or something. It's even better when you contrast what she says with Jill's posts; while they're equally bland in what happens during their days she seems genuinely thrilled to do nothing but shop and eat/drink japaroo novelty junk food.

No. 271379

I'm not sure if she's genuinely thrilled. If I had thousands of followers watching me go on this trip after I'd hyped it so much, I'd continue posting positive shit too. She could be putting up a front for social media. I guess I can't imagine a person being so vapid and uninspired to enjoy a trip as boring as this, and she hasn't been posting anything but kawaii food lately, so maybe she is a little disappointed.

No. 271408

I think it's great because

No. 271411

I used to think she looked so cute, what the hell happened

No. 271421

she looks like an old woman trying to be ~hip with the kids~ especially with those glasses she has on

No. 271447

Her hair colour is staying in pretty well surprisingly. Though with how much she's been having her hair up I bet she hasn't even washed it since she arrived in Japan

No. 271454


Idk if it's just be, but she looks dirty in general to me. Or maybe just sloppy? Her teeth are yellow and she has jowls.

No. 271481

File: 1489778043076.jpg (106.84 KB, 960x640, 17264924_10154943005576405_910…)

No. 271482

File: 1489778117287.jpg (106.32 KB, 960x640, 17190379_10154943005701405_192…)

No. 271483

File: 1489778209066.jpg (284.57 KB, 1365x2048, 17349967_10154943005556405_253…)

No. 271484

File: 1489778268744.png (283.19 KB, 506x529, Untitled.png)

No. 271485

File: 1489778369430.jpg (321.68 KB, 2048x1365, 17310351_10154942979696405_277…)

the non-edited version is on her moms facebook haha

No. 271493

I just can't get over those filthy ass shoes, wtf!!!

No. 271497

File: 1489778768137.jpg (197.17 KB, 930x538, ss (2017-03-17 at 12.25.59).jp…)

No. 271499

File: 1489778847620.jpg (266.23 KB, 928x534, ss (2017-03-17 at 12.26.43).jp…)

No. 271500

File: 1489778902128.jpg (196.23 KB, 930x594, ss (2017-03-17 at 12.27.31).jp…)

No. 271504


Can any anon explain to me how on earth this would be worth that much?

No. 271507

from the 80s, in the original box, unopened and in perfect condition, and from a rare show that didnt make much merchandise. that cover it?

No. 271510

$4000, though? I think she's exaggerating.

No. 271511


if you're not into collectible shit like this you would be surprised how much it can cost.

Some "rare" anime figures produced from certain shows can go for thousands, even semi recent/popular show ones.

No. 271513

the tag says 350000 yen. that's 4 grand

No. 271514


Pizza, really? She just comes across as spoiled and childish, dragging her mom to get only Western food and never trying anything new.

Sage for repeating whats already been said to death.

No. 271526

I was wondering when she would go there, it's right up her alley after all. Since it's a lot of vintage items it can be hit-or-miss but maybe she'll pick some cute items from there like a pastel sweater cuter than her current most-worn sweater.
I wonder what her shoe size is also because she could certainly get a cute new pair of shoes in Japan too as long as she's not outside their standard size range.

No. 271527

Why does she never clean her shoes lol

No. 271536

>no seafood
>being in Japan and not eating any seafood
W H Y. I'm seriously curious do either one of them have an allergy or is it just Jillian being a picky eater with the palette of a four year old? No wonder she ballooned up after her ED-punk-phase if shes only capable of eating bread-y foods like pizza and nuggets

No. 271541

she wears a 9. it would be difficult for her to find shoes in japan but not entirely impossible

No. 271542

Louise said jill "isn't at all adventurous" with food which I wouldn't read as an allergy

No. 271543

Her mom made a comment on facebook that definitely implied she was sad because they wouldn't be going for sushi. It's definitely just Jill.

No. 271546

People who collect things will pay insane money for shit like stamps, coins, old toys. Doesn't surprise me that magic girls toys could cost 4000.

No. 271548

Jillian is old news, her dox has been spread already, why do we keep seeing this filth?

No. 271553

I dont understand why her mom doesnt go and get sushi herself or some japanese food she wants to try. Even if you hate fish theres sushi without fish and seafood. I'm sure she could find something to eat

No. 271554

Can jill not be trusted alone for a half hour while her mom grabs sushi? Surely she could amuse herself taking selfies or something.

No. 271558

how tf do you wear a size 9 at 5'1"? she needs to get re-measured i seriously doubt she's 5'1", she looks like a behemoth next to normal people and her feet don't look big relative to her body. she must be taller than that come on

No. 271565

How hard is it to find western-style sushi in japan though? I know in the west we have like chicken teriyaki rolls and sushi w/ yam and egg and lots of other veggies, but in japan isn't fresh fish more popular and the other stuff harder to find? like i know vegan places in the west who do yummy yam/avocado/spicy rolls but i find it hard to believe that japanese sushi would come anywhere close to that but idk.

either way its insane since fresh raw fish is fucking delicious. but have they even tried any other foods like ramen or yakitori or tonkatsu or udon or soba? or curry? all that shit is like entry level wtf is wrong with them

No. 271567

if we're thinking of the same comment her mom literally said "not into sushi :(" when asked if she had tried sushi yet, implying that she herself had no interest

No. 271576

It's closer to 3k, but still.

No. 271580

They were just hanging out with Sharla, doesn't Sharla mostly eat non-seafood meals? They could have asked her where to go out to eat.

No. 271590

I hate seafood but when I was there there were still plenty of other great traditional Japanese things to eat. Well, at least if you're ok with fish paste base in every broth. If you can't stand even that then well…

No. 271592

Canadian dollars, it's over 4k.
I don't understand why Jillian can't do things alone either? Tokyo is a pretty safe place, even if she doesn't want to ride the train herself, if she stayed to one area eg. Harajuku/shibuya/ikebukuro then she'd be fine long enough for her mom to go to a Japanese restaurant that isn't all kawaii novelty parfait crap. Then again, she took her mom to a fucking maid cafe so I wouldn't be surprised if she really can't cope being alone.

No. 271594

File: 1489786811476.jpg (581.42 KB, 1175x1920, shoes.jpg)

I found an old pic and turns out she's always had this problem. holy shit how do her shoes get this bad??? this is disgusting

No. 271595

is that a self harm scar on her left wrist? never noticed that before.

No. 271603

Really, if she's under 5'3 that's big?

No. 271604

Ahh this pic lmao. There's some bad shooping around her leg with the base board

No. 271624

I find it weird that her mother followed along with jill during her play dates with sharla and that sophie (?) girl. Wasn't that the perfect opportunity to branch off and experience japan without mommy dearest?

No. 271629

Here in the UK, most women average 5'3 and also average a size 6 shoe (CN 9).

No. 271647

I think it's totally fine if people don't like visiting museums, but it pisses me off that she thinks it's overpriced (museums are always struggling and their tickets are pretty much the only way they're able to support themselves) and lame. Of course it depends on what shows are happening, but the Mori is really well-curated.
I feel like her mom wanted to go and Jillian was dragged there and bitter because she just wanted to keep shopping.

No. 271657

You know, Jill always looks so happy, but it's pretty easy to be happy when literally everything is going exactly your way.

I'd love to see/hear Jill be told she can't do something she wanted to do. I bet she'd throw a massive screaming tantrum like a 2 year old.

No. 271676

See >>271484 Louise was bitching about the price too. Despite the fact that Jill is wasting so much money on plastic crap and ill-fitting clothes $18 bucks is where they draw the line I guess…

No. 271678

These photos just look like she photoshopped herself onto different backgrounds.

No. 271679

I love how she had to mention the dirty windows while her daughter walks around in those ugly dirty shoes.

No. 271696

Same, I understand that her mom wanted to meet Sharla since she watches her videos but hanging around while they film their videos and go out shopping is a little weird. Jillian's an adult, surely she can do that much without her mom. Even if Jill has anxiety or whatever, it's really bizarre and actually a bit pathetic imo. I'd understand not wanting to be alone in a city like New York or a big European city, but Tokyo is super safe, especially when she's with other people that live there and know the area and the language. I'm no fan of Sharla, but I can't imagine what she must've been thinking having to hang out with the cringeworthy mess that is Jillian and her mom.

No. 271705

Thanks for the input anon. Im in agreeance that $20ish dollars is nothing for a museum entrance but Ive never been or heard much on that particular museum so I didnt know if it was utter trash or not

No. 271708

So 20 bucks for a museum is bad, but 200 dollars on precure merchandise and god knows how much ugly clothing is just dandy.

No. 271709


It IS obe of the tallest buildings in Japan with an amazing view, the price included the observatory AND an entire museum, doesn't seem overpriced to me.

I just got back from staying in the second tallest building in Japan and the entrance fee for JUST the observatory was ¥1000 which is over $10 CAD.

No. 271713

what bothers me the most about them complaining about the price of the museum and extra fees is that it's all on their website in english. It just seems like they're completely clueless. If you want to go somewhere and price is a factor on whether it's worth it…just fucking check before you go?

No. 271718

Whoops, I'm an Amerifag. Her being Canadian slips my mind sometimes.

No. 271731

No. 271735

They're too small? Why did she buy them then, for photoshoots and stuff or is she just sick of us ragging on her about those filthy clown shoes she wears with every outfit? I wonder how long it will be until she wrecks them.

No. 271742

im 5 ft and im a size 12 in jeans then again im fat as shit lul

No. 271746

File: 1489803325994.png (372.16 KB, 1242x1853, IMG_6923.PNG)

No. 271751

I wonder how small… I know there are some ways to stretch shoes so you can get a little bit more room but obviously it wont work miracles

No. 271755

Holy fuck she is going to ruin them fast banging them together like that. Now I know how all her shoes get so fucked up.

No. 271774

Do you remember how in price mart it was in the contact that she couldn't have unnaturally colored hair, and Jillian's bosses told her she couldn't have blue hair, and she over reacted, had a anxiety attack an quit because she was told she can't have blue hair and she can't handle ~confrontation~.

No. 271782

when will that fucking v pose die

No. 271794

Can anyone translate what it says? 'totemo kawaii Jillian-chan' is about all I can comprehend.

No. 271804

just that she visited earlier and that her colorful hair and "fancy style" (literally lmao) match well. my Japanese is p. shit tho so if anyone has any corrections to make, feel free

No. 271811

I like how it looks like she dressed the way she did just to go to Spank and get snapped. Jill doesn't care about fairykei but she does care about attention and approval

No. 271818

Those glasses make her look like an actual old lady she needs to ditch them.

No. 271829

File: 1489813604317.png (1.43 MB, 1888x1206, Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 1.04…)

Her hair color is fading so fast… :/

INB4, I have a feeling she's going to dye it again when she goes back home

No. 271840

It was faded when it was first done. If you look at it in other pictures, you can see the blonde bits. I have no idea why she paid over 300 bucks for something like that. The girl who did it should offer her a refund honestly.

No. 271851

"Super cute Jillian came to visit"

No. 271856

I can't tell if she's fat or if her clothes just make her look big

No. 271861

Funnily enough Sharla's a vegan. Being vegan would be no better for Jill I imagine, if all she eats is tween food.

I really can't see Jill leaving her island again after this. For an 18-year-old, she seems to have no sense of adventure or wonder.

The poster who said "where did you get those beautiful shoes…" please tell me it's one of you trolling. I'm thinking we should place an anonymous call to Canadian customs to have them confiscated on her return, for everyone's sake.

No. 271896

No. 271930

Why is Jillian such an attention starved cow? SERIOUSLY! She can't dress for jack shit and probably wears 95% of the garbage she does just to get attention be it positive or negative. Lol She completely lacks any culture whatsoever, especially being in an amazing place like Tokyo to even try the local cuisine! Smh utterly depressing to behold anons… Her shoes are tragic and she is prematurely aging at a rapid rate. Jowls are so obvi.

No. 271944

I just can't believe she's wearing that stupid pom pom shirt in public. It looks so awful. It's an actual rectangle with a head hole and she can't even properly tuck it into other things kek

No. 271950

File: 1489823176618.jpg (93.04 KB, 850x598, ss (2017-03-18 at 12.46.13).jp…)

No. 271952

File: 1489823284336.jpg (90.29 KB, 928x593, ss (2017-03-18 at 12.46.53).jp…)

No. 271966

she's short and a bit stocky but she's not really fat. a lot of her weight is in her midsection

No. 271968

Now, if she were to spend some money on a white shirt to put under that (instead of that hideous pompom monster) and clean her shoes, she might be able to pull off something decent out of this purchase

No. 271969

I think she's at the perfect starting point to lose weight. I don't think she'd even have to lose that much. and she has a home gym and I just can't stand people letting that convenience go to waste.

No. 271971

She looks like an autistic toddler. Pom pom puke included…

No. 271996


What kind of absolute lunatic pays $300 for somebody to put unnatural color in their hair. You're paying $300 for something that's going to look like shit in a week. Even if it lasted a month it would be absolutely absurd

No. 272004

Her hair looks like unicorn cum. :-P lol it's really unflattering.

No. 272023

The signs are in English and most of the staff speak English

No. 272036

This don't look small. She can even use this socks with it…
The pink muddy ones look big AF, though.

No. 272049

She didn't buy it tho

No. 272052

>that I did get

it's the pink dress

No. 272098

It's all part of her thoughtful and detailed travel plan that she had been making for months, anon.

I think she's mentioned having anxiety before (or maybe I'm just snowflake stereotyping), but I can't help but doubt it. I know people with intense anxiety who have traveled by themselves, including visiting Tokyo, and usually they plan things out way more than they need to as a way to cope. She didn't plan much of anything and is basically using her mother as a crutch. It seems more like laziness and narrow-mindedness to me. And I do feel bad for Sharla because that would be pretty awkward

No. 272106

File: 1489849636633.png (2.05 MB, 1204x1198, Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 12.0…)

So her day consisted of eating British pub food, this doughnut, and shopping at 109 again.

This trip is just sad.

No. 272113

The anons lying in the comments saying those pants look cute on her kek

No. 272119

what a waste of a Japanese culture experience..
it's proving that she's only going to buy a shit ton of kawaii bs

No. 272121

How many days are left? I'm pulling my hair at how awfully she's wasting this trip. All she's doing is buy things you could find at a thrift store in america/DIY and eat garbage daily (and nothing that is particularly japanese).

Inb4 "you're a jealous hater!!!!!" I'm going to Japan soon myself so I feel in my own skin all that money going down the drain without having experienced anything outside of a mall tour.

Most of her pictures, taken out of context, make me feel like she just visited the US.

No. 272128

dont worry anon, i don't think anyones going to call u a jealous hater…what ur saying is the truth.. she's wasting her trip.

I've been saving to go simply to experience the food there alone… and she's out here eating food you can just get at home!! It's so so sad… so sad indeed…

No. 272133

File: 1489851924623.png (45.96 KB, 750x445, IMG_0205.PNG)

One more day

The video she posted on her Instagram was her saying she wouldn't be able to put a video up this Saturday as well because it wasn't uploading, meaning she wasn't able to prerecord even two videos. Come on Jill YouTube is one of your jobs isn't it? Start getting your shit togther

No. 272145

People were talking about shoe sizes, not jeans.

No. 272154

So many anons talking about saving up to go to Japan…please, for the love of God, move out of your parents house and stop being a disappointment. Yeah, we get it, she wasted her trip. I agree. She's a spoiled shit. But nobody cares about your purported/future trips to Nippon.

No. 272158

You know Japan is more than anime right? Like it's an actual country people visit not just a weeaboo destination? Do you call people that visit France bourgeouis?

No. 272160

Join me on my trip to nipponland, anon? I've been saving up tons of pocket money and I take other kid's lunch money

No. 272161

fucking kek

No. 272162

I actually refuse to believe that they've been there for two weeks and done nothing but meander around Harajuku, eat pink stuff, and shop. No culture. No Japanese cuisine. No history. Not even any proper tourist-y destinations. Fuck, she's spent big bucks on this to do fuck all and I can barely afford a train trip through my own country to visit an art gallery.

Sage because I'm angry and want to strangle her with my bare hands.

No. 272164

I think anons are mentioning their own trip(s) because Jill whiteknights like to insinuate that everyone who thinks she's wasting time and money are just jealous that Jill's in Japan and they're not. As long as anons don't go into too much detail about their own experience and don't try to make the thread about themselves I don't see a problem with it. And you do realise that most people visiting Glorious Nippon do so as financially independent adults, right?

No. 272195

We have to say this because there are whiteknights up the ass in this thread, why so salty, anon? since she flew to Japan we can't discuss anything without anons ramming into each other.

Btw, what happened to her Bunka visit?

No. 272204

No. 272256


sounds like they can't wait to go back home.

No. 272268

It's a long time to be joined at the hip to one person, esp. a flighty teen. She might be ready to go home just to have ten minutes to be an adult.

No. 272315

I wonder how awkward it was for Sharla to meet up with jill, only to realize she'd also be hanging out with her mom.

No. 272406

She has mentioned it before as well as panic attacks over confrontation (why she quit her first job) but really she could've planned things better (and I mean actual planning not just pretty stickers that cost a shitload of money) She's talked about this trip for years and honestly it looks like she planned it terribly, she clearly can't go and do anything by herself and that's because the only things she 'planned' were what shops she was going to go to. She obviously expected to spend several days just on Takeshita St and 109, and when she got there she probably realised that those places weren't as great as the internet makes them out to be, because they were only that great 5 or 10 years ago. It's like when Lor went to Yoyogi and expected everyone to be dressed up. Jill probably thought she was super organised with her itinerary but that didn't take into account anything but the shopping she wanted to do and as a result of that she had to lean on her mom for everything, even going to meet up with Sharla.

This actually looks pretty nice on her, as long as she doesn't wear it with the stupid pompom top and whatever tf she has on her head. If she bought simpler pieces like this and coordinated simpler outfits with a few colourful accessories like the 6% dokidoki necklace her style would be miles better.

No. 272546

Spoiled bitter Jill finally leave Japan… Lol thank you god.

No. 272588

File: 1489881981319.png (246.32 KB, 460x671, dylYrtw.png)

her followers are delusional retards

lol @ the one implying culottes aren't already trendy in the US, weebs are so dumb

No. 272658

File: 1489885022701.png (90.34 KB, 1000x276, Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.55…)

I feel bad for Louise. She wants to see more of Tokyo on a gorgeous spring day, but instead she has to go to a Hello Kitty indoor theme park with her adult daughter.

No. 272676

Are they seriously going to Sanrio Puroland over Fuji Q or Disneyland? I know Disneyland is for children too but it has some appeal for adults, Sanrio Puroland however is specifically aimed at toddlers and really little kids.

No. 272685

This is the worst planned trip ever. Jillian and her mother are so tacky and uncultured.
PT should have gone to nipponland. I never really had a strong disgust with Jillian until i lurked her pathetic trip.

No. 272690

I agree anon, Jill pretty much planned this trip around what she can post for instagram likes.

No. 272691

Sounds like Sanrio puroland, disney would be a decent way to spend the last day especially if the weather is nice but clearly it isn't weeb enough for Jillian.
Did they even see the Tokyo tower or skytree?

No. 272721

I don't think they did but they saw the view from the Mori Tower in Roppongi, only for the two of them to complain about the price. Had they researched they would have known Tokyo Tower is much cheaper, considering the amount of magical girl shows that feature Tokyo Tower I thought for sure she would go. Heck Sky Tree, although being much more expensive, might have been fun for Jill as there's a shopping mall right next at the bottom.

No. 272734

or she could have just not overpaid for a glorified elevator ride and googled any of many free viewing spots?

No. 272770

Mori Tower contains an art gallery, so at least you get that with your ticket.

No. 272772

but Jill isn't interested in art anon

No. 272774

Punyus also sells normal sizes.

Last time I was in Japan I was there for less time than her and I managed to fit in Osaka, and waste a day getting tattooed. Of course I did the weeby shopping thing but doing that for two weeks while eating garbage food??? Jesus Christ.

No. 272775

I just meant that it's at least worth paying for if that interests you.

No. 272776

File: 1489893238115.png (531.19 KB, 470x671, PlSB3Dp.png)

more useless garbage for the hoard

No. 272781

File: 1489893666850.jpg (94.14 KB, 720x960, 17353235_10154947666216405_664…)

Someone in the last thread mentioned that Jill once said her favorite food was curry and look at what they're eating today

At least it's not a burger lol

No. 272782

Genuinely thought that was some elderly woman sitting across the table, but it's just Jill in her gaudy outfit again

No. 272788

Something about them eating Indian(?) food in Japan makes me laugh.
Same. That dress does her absolutely no favors. She looks like a burlap sack.

No. 272794

i mean, it's all Asian at the end of the day so I don't see what's so weird about it. Curry is really popular in Japan and has been, like, forever.

No. 272805

It is Indian food but Louise called it "traditional curry" in her picture so idk what she thinks it is

No. 272811

I can't believe they went the entire trip without even eating a single Japanese dish…

No. 272816

who tf goes to japan and eats tgi friday tendies and indian curry

No. 272825

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks actually

No. 272827

it's been thrilling

No. 272832

I don't really follow this girl but when I saw the OP I thought it was someone else from the photo.

It's scary how cute and sweet she looked in Lolita. A lot of girls look terrible in lolita imo (not a big fan of the style personally), but she really pulled it off.

Even though she's young, somehow her current style reminds me of a crazy old bag lady. The contact lenses in the OP look amazing on her but now….her style is just so hideous…Don't people usually become better at dressing themselves with age? I mean…it's like she purposely went for the ugliest shit around ugh >>271950 >>271952

No. 272835

To be fair, she could have seafood allergies so is avoiding traditional Japanese food and doesn't know Japanese well-enough to explain this at a restaurant, or doesn't want to be bothered.

When my mom visited me in Japan, we had to go from restaurant to restaurant asking if there was fish product in broth/sauce etc. Most places put fish sauce, oil, flakes etc in almost everything and my mom is deathly allergic. Soooo we mainly ate "family" restaurant food, Italian, and Indian.

It's also possible she just doesn't like Japanese food. It'd be a little weird, but she doesn't have to like it.

No. 272842

japanese food is so varied that it's almost impossible to not like something from it. even if you don't want to be eating raw fish, there are gyoza, curries or stews, omurice, ramen, okonomiyaki, soba, udon, katsudon, onigiri, etc

hell even trying japanese versions of things (teryaki burgers, pizza with mayo, spaghetti, etc) would be a more rewarding experience than just eating the same food you eat every single day

no one would be shitting on her if she ate some western food and some japanese food. but literally the closest thing to japanese food that she ate was an indian curry on her last day in japan

also her mom posted on her facebook saying the reason they were eating the food they were is because jill "isn't adventurous with food" so it's definitely not an allergy

No. 272843

I can't believe she didn't even eat rice or anything…there's so much unique Japanese food it seems like you would have to go out of your way to get American food there

No. 272851

jfc, she didn't even go to Tokyo Disney, did she???

No. 272852

No, which even if it isn't cultural that would've still been a very unique experience. It's cute, cute merch, nice photo ops, good unhealthy food. Seems like it wouldve been perfect for her. I feel like there is stuff for adults to appreciate too.

No. 272860

File: 1489905192552.jpg (87.42 KB, 960x720, 17343052_10154947796191405_286…)

They're at the theater to watch the PreCure movie which neither of them will understand and her mom won't even be able to put into context and Jill will only enjoy because it's pink and sparkly

Perfect representation of this entire trip

No. 272862

Ok weeb

No. 272870

Her mom looks like Hillary Clinton

No. 272876


I don't know if y'all are retarded or trolling but curry is extremely popular in Japan. And there is Japanese curry. It has a much different flavor than "indian curry" it's not spicy, it has more of a sweet mild flavor like the rolled omelettes there.

No. 272883

File: 1489909956661.jpg (106.19 KB, 960x720, 17309361_1728706063810048_9548…)

No. 272884

File: 1489910023352.jpg (138.12 KB, 511x559, ss (2017-03-19 at 12.53.44).jp…)

No. 272892

You're right but that's naan in that pic, yeah? They're clearly eating Indian curry–while delicious, is totally different from Japanese curry like you said.

It's just bizarre that they spent all this money and don't even want to try being a little adventurous or opportunistic with local cuisine. When will they have the chance to eat Japanese food IN JAPAN again?

No. 272893

>chopsticks in Japan
What's odder is she isn't using her fingers to pick up hot chips

No. 272912


Japanese people eat naan with curry too lol

Some anons here are just as ignorant as jill, i swear. If you don't consider japanese curry japanese, then the same would go for gyoza and ramen that y'all keep telling jill to eat since those foods come from China. Japanese curry has existed for even longer in Japan than ramen and gyoza for Christ's sake. Those two haven't even been in Japan for 100 years.
Pretty sure she was saying it's odd that a british pub is the one place that exclusively serves with chopsticks. Also japanese people rarely eat with their fingers. So not odd.

>first sign of st patricks day I've seen here

Asia's largest irish festival (I love ireland festival) was literally yesterday and today in yoyogi park, a stone's throw from harajuku, is she retarded?

No. 272917

No one is arguing with you about whether or not Japanese curry exists…? But Jill and her mother were eating Indian curry at an Indian restaurant, it's Masala Hut in Harajuku. They weren't eating Japanese curry.

No. 272918

What is that though??? I want to eat it.

No. 272919

Do you even know what Japanese curry is?

No. 272941

Tokyo Disney sea is even aimed more towards older kids and couples rather than children, (not that that would matter to jillian) not to mention theres more tons of instgramable themed food and better (aka kawaii-er) merch compared to western disneys. Im pretty surprised she didnt go, but I really love disneyland so maybe im biased

No. 272944

It's gonna give Louise 90ish minutes to reflect on their trip and her daughter's life so far, with any luck.

A very nice looking naan bread, as someone else pointed out.

No. 272951

Except that ramen and gyoza have been in Japan since the late Edo period, whereas curry came in the Meiji period.

No. 272952

Can a farmhand or admin change the op pic. It's irrelevant and not accurate at all

I keep scrolling past this thread

No. 272956


The ireland festival even had paul costelloe, world famous fashion designer, there doing a fashion show, and miss world ireland and Japan.

You'd think that would be something that would interest Jill since she wants to go into fashion, and it was basically right across the street from takeshita, but I guess it's not tacky and gaudy enough for her.

No. 272958


Gyoza only came to Japan in the 1940's during ww2 and the whole invasion of China by Japan.

Ramen was sometime in the late 19th, early 20th century

Curry was mid 19th century.

Not going to argue about something here anymore you can easily fact check elsewhere.

No. 272960

I love indian food but jfc, that's the last meal they picked for their trip? I get it's curry and all but come on.

It's their last day and Louise said she wanted to do sight-seeing because the weather was beautiful but instead they're spending it inside a dark cinema room watching cartoons they can't understand… I feel bad for this woman but damn. She doesn't know how to put her foot down. This is why Jillian has no empathy.

Those anons that said she had no reason to go to Japan way back in the other thread were so right. Nothing interests her about Japan as a country other than clothing she could get online and one single anime.

No. 272974

It's going to be a painful wait for the vlogs knowing how slow she usually is with editing/uploading.

I was expecting around 15 vids (similar to lor's trip) but it would funny if the trip was such a train wreck that she only ends up posting a few vlogs.

No. 272975

she said she was going to do 3 hauls, and there will probably be a couple of vlogs, so i'm guessing 5-7 videos

No. 272982

Did she not end up going to the kawaii monster cafe..?

No. 272983

She's been justifying the obsession and cost of this trip because it's a "youtube expense" that generates revenue for her. Or because she wanted to visit Bunka in person but it seems like that didn't happen.

If you've been planning for 2-3 years, spend around 10k CAN (in total, I assume), 5-7 videos won't bring in that much profit.

She's always talked about how ~weeb/fashion~ hauls or going to cons/cosplaying is a "smart strategic decision" because she profits for her "brand". Seeing her talk about her branding is incredibly cringy, like she thinks she's some cult of personality.

The Japan trip is ultimately a flop if she doesn't push out 2 weeks worth of videos at least. That was literally the only reason she flew to the other side of the world.

No. 272986

she went and posted a picture of the dessert she got on insta

No. 272989

Jill's eating habits are disgusting.

No. 272991

she said that she was trying to upload her first Japan vlog for a few days now right from Japan, so i expect at least the first video to be uploaded as soon as she gets back home.

No. 272997

Seconding this request, we have so many gems from the last thread and honestly current OP pic is too flattering for her now lol. Her face alone has gained like ten pounds since this pic.

No. 273009

fucking hell, jillians face is so fucking punchable.

No. 273015

File: 1489939832847.png (146.4 KB, 640x801, IMG_0994.PNG)

No. 273017

It's like she's incapable of making more than one face when her picture is taken. She always has that smug looking smile and her eyebrows raised, giving her premature wrinkles and emphasizing her fucked up hairline. You would think she would want to try a more natural, flattering expression. I don't know if she lacks self-awareness or if she's sticking with it out of spite since we constantly give her shit about it.

No. 273019

I know her mom is being too much of a pushover but she must love Jill so much to be this kind to her, to do everything Jill wants with her even when she would rather be doing other things. I hope at least that seeing her daughter so happy makes her happy too

No. 273022

how are those shoes so dirty, she should just throw them away. I have shoes that I've been wearing for years and they don't look like that.

No. 273031

>>"people are going to be so MAD"
Hi, Jill. We all know your followers suck your ass dry, so you're definitely talking to us!

I think she's obsessed enough with proving the haydurs wrong that she would do things just to spite this thread, so I'd believe it.
The dirty pink boots especially, I think any mom would tell her daughter to not wear that ugly shit outside, but here Jill is making sure they're seen in every pic. You have to be literally retarded to not see how ugly/hobo-ish they are and how much they take away from her outfits.

No. 273034

people: we wanna see what you did in japan!

jill: posts haul videos of the plastic shit she bought

No. 273042

File: 1489942782676.png (31.06 KB, 431x575, F2CDB027-50B7-4C2A-AF8A-878AAC…)

It's this swankiss dress.

God she knows how to pick the most ugly looking crap.

No. 273045

she doesn't have a seafood allergy, her mom already said she's just a picky child

she had tendies instead of katsudon. indian curry instead of japanese curry. bitch is just uncultured af.

No. 273046

that's not japanese curry ffs. it's indian curry. have you ever seen the two side by side? god damn it.

No. 273047

Jill is a literal sociopath lmao

No. 273053

This looks like it could be bath robe

No. 273066

can you and everyone else shut up about indian and japanese curry already, no one cares

she doesn't care about how it looks as long as its peenk

No. 273069

There is a ton of pink stuff out there. She could be a little discerning.

No. 273071

I'm a pretty picky eater and don't eat sushi and I was able to eat plenty of Japanese food while in Japan. It's not that hard to figure out what you can and can't eat; most people speak at least a little English and most menus have English. I think Jill and mom are just too lazy to figure this out and went for the easy way of going to western restaurants. Did they even try any of the Japanese fast food places like Mos Burger/Freshness Burger/ Lotteria?

No. 273087

Is this her last day in Japan? I wonder if she'll stick to her regular posting schedule or if she'll just post all her videos in a week.

No. 273090

no one cares about your kailyn slang either lmao

No. 273094

stop getting offended and derailing forevernipponcurry-chan

does she even have a regular posting schedule? ive never noticed
im excited for the vlogs tbh

No. 273095

File: 1489952966787.png (167.64 KB, 750x825, IMG_0225.PNG)

The ended up skipping out on puroland

No. 273117

how is pointing out your dumb slang being offended exactly lmao

No. 273127

>went to a movie

couldn't have gone and caught a free show at the kabukiza in ginza or anything with some culture, no, better sit in a dark little room doing something you could do anywhere…

No. 273143

I pointed that since the beginning of the thread
Whoever made it was stupid af

No. 273144

So they literally did nothing… they just walked around. Lol. Why not actually go to at least one single tourist spot before leaving if you got "nothing" to do holy fuck, I just want to scream at them. A part of me wants to feel bad for them completely wasting a rare opportunity to be in another country like this, but I can't because they don't even feel bad about it (at least Jill sure doesn't)

No. 273151

honestly swankiss and larme are so ugly. it's even more cringey when white people wear it. why do people drop $$$ on this shit?

No. 273164

literally could've made this by thrifting any $5 old lady dress, hemming it, adding trim, and replacing the buttons with ugly ones

No. 273178

I don't understand how she won't eat a single Japanese dish but will eat marshmallows on a pizza

No. 273180

Because of the amount of time and effort it takes to get unnatural colors to look decent. It probably took at least 4 hours to bleach, tone, and get the colors into her hair (and unnatural colors have to sit on the hair for a long time to get more staying power). Plus, pros have access to dyes that the public can't get, which are stronger and have longer-lasting colors. We have watched jillian fuck up her hair over and over trying to do it herself, so I'm glad she went to a professional for once, it's not the stylist's fault that she doesn't know how to take care of it. I have unnatural colored hair and I only have to dye it once a month because I know how to care for it and use the proper products to maintain the color.

No. 273209

File: 1489963014547.png (30.56 KB, 505x321, sasdasd.png)

No. 273211

Lol, I get that he shoes are gross and all but y'all have clearly never been to PEI and got into the red mud they have over there.

No. 273212

she uses sparks dye which is literally on amazon for 6 bucks, so please, tell me about how she's using dyes no one can get

it's poorly dyed. the root melt is badly done. it was missing spots when it was first dyed

No. 273221

The stylist used Sparks? Not pravana or wella or some actual good brand?

Jill's fault she went to a shitty stylist then, but doesn't mean that paying for professional haircolor isn't worth it.

No. 273225

File: 1489964251249.png (19.66 KB, 233x326, Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 3.57…)

I always wondered why jill doesn't wear circle lenses for the kawaii uwu aesthetic, then I remembered she has +8.0 prescription and circle lenses don't even come in positive prescriptions. Make me wonder if the OP pic is her wearing plano lenses that she can't even see out of purely for ~aesthetic~

No. 273228

Sponsored thing for ifairy lens

No. 273239

I didn't even know that place existed before I started lurking Jill's threads, of course no one has been there

No. 273244

Was just about to post this after googling their red mud. I guess it's a local joke that it stains everyone's clothes.

No. 273245

File: 1489966973893.jpg (106.95 KB, 400x533, dirt-shirt.jpg)

This. The dirt there stains everything it touches. Hell, they even dye shirts with it. Pic related.

No. 273250

if you live in a dirty area then it should be obvious to you that you need to clean your shit more often, unless you're just a slob and give no fucks about how you present yourself

I'm assuming the latter applies to jill

No. 273258

I totally see where Jill gets her attitude from :/ Louise seems like a nightmare too.

No. 273269

I never post in this thread, but I am floored by how little they did in Japan. Sure, shopping is pretty fun! But I couldn't imagine shopping for two weeks straight. That sounds horrible.

I think it would have been so nice for Jillian to see some more cultural/historic things in Japan. She could have packed soooo much into two weeks. Her trip looks sad and her fashion taste is awful and I can't believe how much money she blew on all of it.

No. 273271

>this has happened before
> not bothering to try to plan ahead AT ALL and just get he package upfront just in case
> especially when dealing with Jill "MUH ANXIETY" Vessey
They're both awful at planning, no wonder they did nothing but wander around harajuku for 2 weeks

No. 273276

She should get a pair of dr martens, sturdy and in lots of nice colors, like Kyari the pink ones etc
I have two, really worth it
She could even use ribbon instead of laces etc
Bitch please ditch your ugly and dirty clown shoes

No. 273277

I do like Larme, it's just normie stuff dialed up to 11 so it's pretty easy to wear. swankiss is pretty well known for being cheap though, so it's no surprise that Jillian gravitated towards it. Overdesigned with cheap materials, just like Jillian. They do have some nice things from time to time. I think Jillian also got the new Valentines shirt which looks pretty nice imo.

No. 273283

File: 1489970820761.jpg (182.8 KB, 399x495, shoop.jpg)

I honestly got curious after seeing OP image on what she would look like with her old style of hair and make up and while my attempt wasn't all that serious, I like the way she looks way more??

I even added bad pink streaks similar to Sharla's since she ~has~ to have unnaturally colored hair but I still think it's an improvement to the rainbow barf currently on her head.

No. 273286

File: 1489970885543.jpg (28.25 KB, 450x387, wow.jpg)

No. 273293

Right? What a waste… You're in a country almost entirely different from your own and you don't at all feel compelled to see or try things that are exclusive to that country? For somebody who acts like such a special snowflake, she seems awfully dull. Maybe she dresses like a colorblind circus animal to compensate from her two-dimensional personality.

No. 273297

I know the red dirt must be a bitch to deal with, but is it really impossible to remove? There's has to be something that Jillian could have done along the way to prevent he amount of staining her shoes get. They're probably beyond redemption now though.

No. 273300

she should have sealed them with a few coats of protector before ever wearing them, cleaned them frequently, and reapplied the protector every so often

there's no real way to salvage them now, but this would have helped slow the process

No. 273303

shes an idiot- ive traveled thru canada and had to announce how much ive purchased at customs and you fucking lie you idiot. ive def spent more than the allotted amount. nobody is honest regarding that shit jesus use your brain.

also they really care more if shes bringing over food, fruit, or live animals. if you lie on just merchandise nobody gives a shit

No. 273309

esp since a lot of her shit is used and probably doesn't have boxes so they can't verify value

No. 273310

nice humblebrag lol

No. 273313

i think you're overthinking anon, she def made this post to humblebrag about spending 3000 dollars on plastic like >>273310 said

No. 273314

Absolute nouveau riche trash disclosing exactly how much she spent.

No. 273319

Ok why are you telling me this, I don't care. I've had unnaturally colored gair I know how it works. And you don't have to be a "professional" to buy wella or pravana lol. Doesn't take a genius to put dye on your hair. You don't even need developer with unnatural colour dyes. She should have just got it bleached and toned evenly at the salon and done the colour with her mom. But I guess she loves bragging about throwing money away

No. 273321

I think probably a huge bulk of the cost was because she did have her hair bleached and toned and probably previous hair color removed.

No. 273342

No. 273346

She's basically crying because she has to grow up?
Cry more Jill, your life is going to be super easy coming from such an upper middle class family.

No. 273347

Long Story Short of Her Video-

Last day in Japan, sad and says how she just graduated hs and has a job.

Next thing is to move out and start her own business.

Jill is sad that Japan was all she was looking forward to.

Boohoo hoo Jill. All you did was shop in Japan and "aestheticize" your instagram.

No. 273357

File: 1489977632739.png (85.82 KB, 750x451, IMG_0226.PNG)

No. 273360

Holy shit, she's such a woman-child.
Maybe she's realized that 3k she spent in Japan on toys and ill-fitting, childish clothing could've gone towards her moving-out fund. Realistically, she will put more shirt designs in her shop or something and beg her followers for money again. She's also been using the same excuse of "HURR I JUST GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL AND NEED A MENTAL BREAK" for an entire year now and will probably continue to for as long as she can to avoid getting things going.

How do they not have elevators? Are they just too clueless to find one?

No. 273361

I couldn't even listen to what she was saying because of the crust on her lip

No. 273365

Don't be mean to Jillian guys she's soooo sad and crying on Instagram about how she has to leave to go home after pursuing her dream of spending thousands of dollars on crap and eating nothing but sweets and American food :'(

No. 273370

It's kind of sad she doesn't have actual friends to talk about this with.

No. 273371

Are the soles of her shoes even more filthy??

No. 273372

How can she be so sad about leaving a country that she treated solely as a big shopping mall and photo op? Maybe if she did anything interesting on this trip and if she actually had any ambition to move out,start a business etc. I'd sympathise with her but she does realise most people her age are in their second year of college now right? Most of them work hard for years and look forward to graduating when she can't even be assed to put together a portfolio and apply to a school. She's so out of touch with other people her age that have motivation and career goals outside working dead end jobs. The only goals that probably she's ever had in her life is to buy shit and brag about it. She's never shown any passion or ambition for anything else so I really don't feel sorry for her, she's pathetic.

>She's also been using the same excuse of "HURR I JUST GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL AND NEED A MENTAL BREAK" for an entire year now and will probably continue to for as long as she can to avoid getting things going.
This, I'm not sure if I buy the whole excuse about her saving to move out, you think for a second her parents wouldn't fund everything at least until she gets herself settled? She graduated over a year ago and clearly is too comfortable living in her parent's basement to even think about moving out. She's said a few times she's in no rush to even apply to schools or work on a portfolio and she's made it pretty clear that she's happy just working dead end retail for as long as she can keep buying tacky shit. She keeps pushing this "poor starving artist" persona as an excuse to not do anything with her life so I really don't feel sorry for her that the her crappy looking trip/2 week shopping spree was the only thing she had to look forward to and now it's over.

Do they not know of airport shuttles? Can they not hail a taxi? You'd think with all their expensive shitty planner obsessions they'd have planned how to get to the airport, how clueless can they possibly be?

No. 273374

She reminds me of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine in this video, but with severely chapped lips. And I can't take her seriously when she's clutching a juice box and crying about having to function as a normal adult. Like, if you actually got your life together and had made long term goals for your future this wouldn't be happening.

No. 273375

I'm sorry but "going to Japan and wasting money" is not a stepping stone in your life like graduating high school, starting college, moving out, etc. This is pathetic.

No. 273376

They're both spoiled brats, tbh. I laughed pretty hard at your comment though.

No. 273380

>It's really weird traveling at this point in my life because I just graduated high school

Well, no, actually, that's pretty normal. What's weird is laying around your parents house working McJobs and being in no hurry to grow up a year after graduating.

But at least she's talking about moving out and going to college. Not sure what she has to "save up" for tho. Just…go to college and live on campus, and crash at your folks' home during breaks, like any other normal person your age.

No. 273384

What…? I'll always just taken trains to the airport and i have fairly big luggage. Almost every(if not every) station I've been to has elevators.. Or at least escalators.. And you don't call a cab they're everywhere just find one lol. But seriously taking a cab to the airport is going to be like $100+ it's more than an hours drive on a holiday where it's going to be busy af…


Her mom's just as much of an immature baby as jill. Yeah it sucks, but you KNOW roaming is expensive so don't friggin use it unless you absolutely need it and are accepting of the cost. $700 in ny are they retarded? Why didn't they just buy the package in the first place. I can just imagine her as one of those annoying bitchy "can i speak to the manager" mom customers

No. 273389

British pub food? I can't believe it. She's had tgi fridays, pizza and other shit that she can get basically anywhere. Japan has so many types of food that aren't just sushi. Why waste that chance?

No. 273397

Japanese Curry and Indian curry are very different in the way they are prepared and the flavors they use.. i dunno. it seems so wrong to eat Indian curry in Japan.

No. 273399

Jill is such an insufferably brat. I honestly feel bad for her mom who probably wanted to see some actual cultural sights in Japan. wtf, Jill…grow up.

No. 273403

File: 1489981441592.png (764.51 KB, 1000x657, jill.png)

No. 273404

There are lenses for hyperopia (farsightedness) that go up to 10+

No. 273406

lmao even in this pic her shoes bother me. Also, this girl has a really unfortunate side profile.

No. 273409

File: 1489981927337.png (49.49 KB, 750x233, IMG_0229.PNG)

Thinking about moving to Japan. Oh Jill, when will you grow up

No. 273413

>wants to live in Japan
>spent her 2 weeks there living off of American takeaways and ~kawaii~ desserts.
I can't imagine how fat she'd get living there just eating that crap. She's shown with this trip that she has no interest in the country or it's culture, just shopping. Why on earth would she want to live there? She had 2 whole weeks there and didn't even do anything remotely related to Japan as a country, all she did was buy ugly clothes and that'd get extremely boring in a matter of weeks. She'd be better off forever staying in her parent's basement and ordering shit online.

No. 273440

in the insta video of hers it looks like she's gained a bit

No. 273462

Is she upset that Japan doesn't really celebrating Saint Patrick's day? I mean, they're Japan… not Ireland or America.

No. 273468

……this woman I swear

No. 273469

Haha fucking hub. Classic

No. 273470

oh my god she's INSUFFERABLE
like i feel kind of sad for her because she clearly just has….nothing in her life, but she's not doing anything about it either. she has so much access to so many opportunities and she's not taking advantage of any of it.
>just graduated high school
gurl that was a year ago
>japan was the next big thing in my life
all you did was shop?? it wasn't a cultural experience
>starting my business
uh, what.
>nothing to look forward to
college is exciting! moving out is exciting! why are you such a stunted adult baby jill!! open your damn eyes!!

No. 273473

If she would yave checked she could have gone near Yokohama last week for the St. Patrick's day parade. Hell, there has to be one closer to Tokyo too.

No. 273474

I kind of want to watch her try to move out to Japan on her mom's dime, only to crash and burn. She couldn't even navigate the subway or do incredibly basic tasks in Japan, and yet she thinks she should move there, without her mom paying for everything and babying her every step of the way? I imagine she'd try to leech onto Sharla more permanently and cling to the jvlogger/foreign fashion girls as her only possible friend group. She wouldn't land any kind of a real job without any kind of degree. She might be able to get by as a student, but even then, let's be real, she can't communicate in Japanese whatsoever and she's going to burn out so fast without mommy holding her hand.

No. 273477

File: 1489987983277.jpg (51.45 KB, 600x600, IMG_0236.JPG)

Hey Jill, when you finally decide to stop sucking Jeffery star off NYX has a better bright colored pallet with more colors that costs way less

No. 273478

Wtf, I understand how nerve-wracking college can be, but oh my god, to say that you have nothing else to look forward to. Pardon the self-blog, but I'm nervous af bc of tuition fees and this girl decides to throw 3k away on a useless trip to Japan!?!?!? GOD DAMN IT. It took me a long time to complete my GEs and transfer, but I know that it'll be worth it. There is no excuse to not go to college.

No. 273479

3k on shopping alone. that didn't include the cost of tickets for her and her mom (another 3k) and what her mom paid for their air bnb and food

No. 273480

im really surprised she didnt get her nails done in japan.. they do the best nail art and she couldve gotten something really cute done? like why have those over grown ass nails for so long and her shoes seriously she trashed them lol

No. 273482

Woah there, that is getting way too close to something that would be interesting to see.

No. 273484

I am also suprised she didn't get her nails done either. She's always saying that salon she goes to is the closest thing to deco nails.
Maybe she was afraid to betray her tech or felt it wasn't worth it since it wasn't anime crap.

No. 273490


there's actually an anime nail place in Akihabara. :/ maybe didn't fit her harajoooku aesthetic

No. 273498

maybe or maybe she couldn't communicate in japanese like she thinks she can.

No. 273509

OMG, For real?! Jfc anon, I can already see how her future will flop downhill. YIKES!

No. 273514

File: 1489995352933.png (471.16 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2016-12-17-17-06-00…)

No. 273519

….??? what is this

No. 273521

It appears to be a bun.

No. 273530


The largest irish festival in Asia was in the park across the street from takeshita (yoyogi park) where they were staying. There was even irish flags all up and down the street in Harakuku.
It was this past weekend. Apparently walking for 10 minutes is hard for them.

No. 273532

ugh, looks so greasy. That's meant to be (triangular?) roti, right? Not even shading jill here but that looks bad

No. 273533

no thats a naan and it looks like any other greasy butter naan

No. 273535

File: 1490001564693.png (140.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2983.PNG)

I feel her reply was aimed at us about her gross nails.

No. 273548

I spend less per year on all of my shit (only excluding rent) than jill spent on items just over this two week period… I'm not even frugal about it, I buy brand lolita dresses and expensive art supplies. I'm so confused how it's even possible to spend that much.

No. 273560

Instead of the thread about how farmer nitpick the "aging" of cows, can we please get a thread about how farmers are incessantly nitpicking curry?

No. 273591

Legitimate question, why is she a weeaboo??
I get why Pixyteri is a weeaboo. She clearly was into every single japanese otaku thing there could be, and even Japan as a country. But I don't get why Jillian is. Her trip was a complete waste, she doesn't watch anime outside of Pretty Cure and other magical girl anime for the "aesthetic", she has no interest in anything else at all from Japan and before her trip she got her clothes from western brands, not japanese ones.

Her ~party kei aesthetic~ is also very western. It's like fairy-kei and spank, fashions that made their brand inspired by accessories and shows for little western girls of the 80s and 90s. Nothing restrictively japanese about that.

Jill's interest in Japan is so shallow. It's all for aesthetic and shit. I think she's probably jealous of Peach Milky after hanging out with her, but PM has more subs (and YT income) because she was already into cosplay and trying to copy Kota prior to moving to Japan.

tl;dr our queen truly was way more deserving of going to Japan than any of those shallow youtube girls lol poor PT

No. 273595

Definitely directed at us, no one has ever criticised her in her ig comments from what ive seen.

No. 273605

These faux ~adult~ stress meltdowns is exactly what I've been waiting to see. Now that she's spent 8-10k of family money (and her "own") on a gigantic shopping spree instead her first year or two of school. Or even funding herself an apartment or studio if she's serious about opening a business.

I don't feel bad one bit because I've been following Jill since she was 15 and she's always been the same materialistic, unappreciative, arrogant and attention mongering. She's lost tons of supporters over the years, but back then everyone justified her behaviour because of her age and said she'd grow up eventually. Kek.

If you were to seriously add up all the useless weeb merch and gifts Louise or Jill have bought over the last 3 years since she's started her blog. It definitely comes up to a few grand per year. I don't think Jill has ever been told no to something in her life.

No. 273608

I can't wait to see her first Japan vlog. I know that Jillian knows that it's not ok to spend so much money, and I feel like whenever she spends money on a lot of things she doesn't need she just fakes being happy and content with what it is, but she's not because someone who actually is happy wouldn't feel compelled to be contantly buying things and telling us how much she brought.

No. 273633

Oh wow, that's really cool!! I guess googling and reaching the events and festivals in Japan is too much for Jill and her mom though. haha

No. 273639

Girl needs to stop.

No. 273641

File: 1490020356639.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)


She is seriously the most spoiled bitch on earth. She's crying because she 'saved up' so much for Japan and now life will be boring and underwhelming?? What about getting a great job and career you live, making new friends and traveling to conventions and events/concerts together?

I'm so confused by her 'sadness' here. Also, her chapped lips are triggering me.

No. 273644

She 'saved up' for it the same way an 8 year old saved up their birthday money for one favorite toy and then they realize once it's out of the box it'll probably collect dust the rest of their lives. Except now Jill's childhood is completely over and she needs to focus on long term plans instead of immediate gratification.

No. 273648

It's not at all surprising, that she didn't explore on her own. She wondered a block behind the convention centre in her Hal-Con vlog. And though she was in "a bad part of town".

No. 273653

I think she's said that about literally every place she's been, she complained that a fashion school campus in downtown montreal looked "too ghetto" (it's right next to other big universities, so no) and then when she was in Fredericton (?) for animaritimes with Tristan, she broke down crying in a vlog because they're "not city folk" and got lost for like two blocks in a car? But that town is like barely populated and not at all a big city.

No. 273673

Oh dear, what a hard life she has, poor thing! Going on an expensive trip to purchase whatever her heart desires! I'll send her all teh positive vibez during this hard time!

No. 273677

She's had her nails done a month ago. That's a normal amount of growth. It's recommended to get nails filled or re-done every two weeks or so.

No. 273684

What is kind of sad is that she seems to now be realizing that if she doesn't actually grow up, her future will never go anywhere. It's easy for her to daydream of a far-away perfect fashion business with a childlike mindset but now she's entering the reality of having to work on her skills and business with enormous dedication if she wants her daydreams to go anywhere in the adult world. However while sad it could also be a good thing for her. Yeah moving out of childhood is scary but it can also be amazing and so much more rewarding than what she's aimlessly hanging about doing now, if only she makes a true commitment to bettering herself and taking big steps forwards with her goals.

No. 273688

I don't know if she is or isn't a weeaboo, but having a shallow interest or understanding about Japan is a common weeb trait.

I feel like she falls into that category of people who overspend on useless things and the when it comes to important things like tuition, or renting an apartment, or starting a business they claim they can't afford it. Maybe because they don't actually want to do any of those things. That kind of behavior really does indicate a lack of delayed gratification though, and I'll bet when she's older she'll have a mountain of credit card debt.

No. 273717

Also, even though Louise is technically "self-employed" she gives me major housewife vibes and I think it rubs off on Jill.

One concrete example is when Tristan bought Jill a BTSSB parasol for their anniversary. Louise commented something like "reminds me of when your father would buy me gifts in high school. Teehee we're such spoiled lucky girls!!1" and it made me realize that Louise married pretty much out of high school and has always run her photography gig out of her home. Meanwhile, Father Vessey works a full time high salary job in academia. I think there's no doubt as to who is the real bread winner here.

I'm getting the feeling that Jill would do the same thing. Move in with Colin who ends up carrying most of the weight for income stability and allows Jill to run her mediocre storenvy.

Both Tristan and Colin are working on their degrees too so they clearly have more foresight than her.

No. 273725

No one would hire her though because she's a fat ugly whiny bitch who can't speak Japanese.

No. 273730

rather then just moving straight to Japan she should try moving to a big city in Canada (like Toronto) by herself and experience life a bit more. At least there she'll be able to understand the language and get a job because I doubt anyone in Japan is going hire her.

No. 273735

If she thinks she'll get any job outside of being an English teacher, she's delusional.

No. 273744

no kidding. Why would they choose a mess like her when they could easily hire someone who actually speaks Japanese and can properly dress themselves

No. 273745

Manon Marguerite, Choom and Jo are all way cuter and more original than Jill. Besides 6% though, I don't even know any other shop girls from abroad?

Clearly I've never been to Japan though, can some anons enlighten me how common it is to actually get a retail gig as a foreigner?

No. 273751

>"remember, everything is cheeky. Cheeky picture, cheeky ceiling fan, cheeky spork, cheeky ugly fashion "

No. 273768

Considering she would need a Bachelor's Degree and social skills (like running a classroom with her "social anxiety") that is probably a reach too.

No. 273769

ohmyGOD i am crying at collin tied up on the bed

No. 273781

she could probably get a job as shop staff somewhere tbh.
>inb4 "she's too fat"
I've seen shop staff at ~kawaii~ popular brands that are fatter than her.
Plus with her youtube and insta that's a plus for them

No. 273806

girl doesn't know a lick of japanese & can't even keep herself clean. can't see it happening.

No. 273840

Instagram follower numbers aren't everything. There is, in fact – especially for high-end fashion boutiques – such thing as bad publicity.

No. 273863

Posting this 1 year throwback because wow we thought she was bad back then but she actually had soft, flattering makeup, a hair color that worked with her skin tone and eyebrows, and clothing with a good color scheme.
Also this is the video she gets the gigantic tall shiny pink boots. Those porous soles didn't stand a chance

No. 273866

Even then, she doesn't have a university degree so even those job choices are limited.

No. 273868

I just…. those soles are supposed to be WHITE????? I thought they were supposed to be tan. Oh jeeze, they're even dirtier than I imagined.

No. 273875

it's not too hard if you speak the language, iirc venus and yukapon managed to do it. as long as you're cute and speak the language its doable. the same as "trendy" stores in the US.

No. 273876

yes but most of her followers are americans or canadians. girls that usually get hired of PR have largely jap followings

No. 273879

To be fair, I live in JP and all I do is work, eat, and shop. Been to a temple maybe once?

No. 273882

"too ghetto"? "bad part of town"??? do those even exist in canada? I remember during her halcon vlog she was walking down the street saying that but the area looked completely normal. I wouldn't doubt that she's scared of brown people from her sheltered island life or something lulz

It's also kind of obvious Jill's a spoilt brat who runs freely in her basement because her father is a professor, yet neither of her parents tried to push her into education… not only would she be able to get her gen eds done, but it would also be at a reduced cost. Instead this idiot thinks her high school education was so tough that she deserves a year+ long break from school. She has no interest in learning new things or bettering herself at all, even with a father in the business.

I don't think Jill is fat yet, she makes herself look extremely stubby by wearing oversized dirty-looking clothing and is short so any weight gain will make her look chubby extremely fast.

I'm sure every other Japan local does the same stuff. It's not the comparable to visiting as a tourist

No. 273888


Didn't she say at one point, that she bailed on applying to a school in Toronto because she couldn't cope with the thought of being "so far from home?" (Or maybe it was Montreal, can't remember anymore.) The thought of being in another province was too big a leap for her.

If she can't deal with moving 1K miles inside her own country, how could she possibly think she can handle living on the other side of the earth in a place with a very different culture, where she doesn't speak the language?

No. 273892

Yeah that 100% wasn't a bad part of Halifax. It was the busiest bar/restaurant/entertainment street here. Very well populated and safe.
Hell, we barely have "bad" areas in Halifax. One or two sure, but if you keep to yourself and aren't involved in criminal activity there's very little risk of harm.

No. 273916

That street behind the convention center in Halifax is filled with a few bars/pubs. Downtown Montreal near the college is also full of 18+ venues, the strip clubs probably freaked her out. It seems Jill just isn't used to seeing bars basically.

According to government stats, 5 million Canadians live in poverty. So yes there are what would be considered "ghettos" for those under the poverty line. But that is super irrelevant to the thread, because I doubt Jill has ever passed through, let alone stayed in any rough area ever.

I think the 2 year anniversary of the LACE video is soon as well anon

No. 273930

gen eds don't exist in canada fwiw

No. 273932

File: 1490056774579.png (155.15 KB, 750x891, IMG_0248.PNG)

They're officially back in Canada. I'm so ready to see her vlogs

No. 273943

Well she did say she would just DIE if she ever had to work a 9-5 job so…

No. 273945

Lol you can tell w/ every status how much Louise didn't enjoy that trip.

No. 274010

Why, tims has some of the worst coffee I've ever had

No. 274012

I have never been more excited to see an annoying FB status in my life.
Watch it take weeks for Jill to put out some Japan vlogs tho, since shes SO DEPRESSEDDDDD about leaving and having to adult

No. 274025

I was laughing so hard reading your comment its do true

No. 274049

>"too ghetto"? "bad part of town"??? do those even exist in canada?

uh… yes?

No. 274056

I should have specified
>>In the area of canada where jill lives and visits (like 10 mile radius)
>>aka upper middle class land

No. 274063

pei has some small slightly ghetto areas (drug heavy, lower class usually, sketchy but nothing to be scared of) but nothing compared to larger cities like toronto.

No. 274085

It's commonly adored in Canada regardless. No one cares that you don't like it, no need to blog your likes/dislikes

No. 274090

Idk, I know Jill may be blowing things out of proportion but I can sympathize with her. I live somewhere boring and after travelling for few months it was really painful to go back home. I don't think she's ever left Canada.

No. 274117

Jill must be exhausted from amassing such a hoard of plastic garbage.

No. 274119

Ever looked at where she's from, though? It's fucking gorgeous. She has nothing to be sad about.

No. 274133

Ever lived there anon? Pei is cool for about 2 weeks for a holiday, but I imagine it'd get pretty boring after 20 years. The entire island is basically just a giant tourist trap.

I can somewhat see where she's coming from about the mild depression of going back home. I always get that isolated, trapped feeling after coming back from tokyo after spending months there to my small Canadian town that doesn't even have a mall.

No. 274143

File: 1490088631835.png (686.32 KB, 1088x1556, jill.png)

So patiently waiting for Jill to resurface from her Japan trip. I was looking through who she follows on instagram. And I'm pretty sure I found that she follows Gillian, Colin's ex girlfriend. And that Gillian follows jill back?

No. 274144

File: 1490089016710.png (351.27 KB, 970x650, sdhasudh.png)


No. 274145

They used to be best friends, so were Colin and Tristan. From my understanding the four of them used to go on double dates and stuff then those two went their own way. That's why her whole story about how she got with Colin is 'problematic' and she doesn't talk about it much.

No. 274147

Interesting thing about this - Jill follows Gill on both of her accounts, but Gill only follows back one of them. So that means:
> Jill made Pixielocks pre-homewrecking
> Jill and Gill are mutuals
> Jill homewrecks
> Jill makes Pixieespam, follows Gill
> Gill does not follow back

No. 274218

Damn, I peeked at her ig and she's actually doing productive things with her life. Colin is Jill's bitch I guess, I don't see why he'd dump Gill for an annoying childish loser with no future. There's even a pic of Gill sewing clothes which is more than Jill has ever done.

No. 274232

Tristan is about to graduate with his bachelor's degree and already has experience working for the PEI government. He's been dating some normie from his university for a while now.

I honestly think Tristan was so good for Jill and would of helped her go far with her career (especially with his huge family trust fund). I don't think Jill valued his intelligence, which is really too bad because Colin doesn't seem like the brightest guy out there.

No. 274252

Wow she's like the exact opposite of Jillian. Instead of a trying to be overly positive and "kawaii" she's a try hard "badass" I'm kinda cringing going through her photos but it's not as bad a Jillian.

No. 274260

Tristan may have been the best guy Jill dated, but I think she would actively try to keep him from succeeding as much as he has if he was still dating her. Like forcing him to dress up like a sissy for vids, drive her around, push her shitty toddler hobbies on him, etc instead of focusing on school. Good thing he escaped. She clearly uses every friend (none) and bf she has as an accessory.

No. 274310

"a real bed"
yeah that's not patronizing at all japanese futons aren't real beds
i feel the exact same way with each new obnoxious louise facebook status. like i used to feel bad for her being dragged around by her spoiled giant babychild, but now i realise she's EXACTLY the fucking can i speak to a manager baby boomer type who thinks they're entitled to every little thing being perfect. a sad peek into jill's future tbh

the 3k humblebrag really got to me too holy shit. i would usually disagree with your 'no excuse to not go to college' thing since a LOT of my peers in the same art profession as me are already ahead of me because of their talent despite having not gone to college, so especially for an art job that jill would want, college isn't super dire. but she has nothing going on in her life, has all the goddamn time in the world to prepare, make a great portfolio and apply literally wherever she wants because you KNOW mommy and daddy would pay her entire tuition, which is a rare treat these days. the fact that she has that chance and is sitting on her ass wasting it kind of pisses me off, like if not college at least SOME kind of goal. a trade, an internship, hell anything at this point is better but she literally aspires to work RETAIL in glorious nippon. i can't with this thread sometimes, i need a tylenol

No. 274374

didn't she say she has a vlog already edited? I wonder if she's waiting for wednesday to post it so she's back on schedule.

No. 274395

I lost my shit at the "i wanna work retail in glorious nippon!!!" part too. Like damn, she really doesn't have any ambition - she's totally happy working dead end minimum wage jobs for the rest of her life. She can manage it in PEI because she's lurking in her parent's basement, but she wouldn't be able to do that in Tokyo with the sky-high rent and cost of living, I doubt even Louise would shell out $$$ just so her little snookums could play store and eat tendies in a different country

No. 274399

As of yesterday she said she was looking at visas, I think for Bunka. But she's flipped-flopped on college and japan so many times I don't believe a word of it.

No. 274426

File: 1490130123709.jpg (558.8 KB, 675x900, CYMERA_20170321_225852.jpg)

random bunka students ft. Jillian. Just think if she would get in (which is impossible) and had to actually do stuff, she'd hate it since there would be no one giving her asspats for doing the bare minimum

No. 274443

Man Jill looks like such a toddler next to everyone else.
Even though I personally don't care for some of the styles all of those students look well put together and like they actually know shit about fashion at least.
I will never get over Jill's disgusting plastic tiara & her sticking actual gift wrapping ribbon on her 'outfit'… Really makes her look kinda special needs.

No. 274464

All those students have their own personal style and Jill just looks so horrendous.

No. 274471

File: 1490134130840.png (49.26 KB, 660x265, IMG_0255.PNG)

Jill is working tomorrow, hopefully she will get the first vlog up tonight or will have it set up to go up tomorrow.
Feel like reality is going to hit her hard when she goes back into work and realizes her Japan shopping spree is really over

No. 274498

File: 1490135926378.jpeg (88.55 KB, 640x754, image.jpeg)

Hasn't she been home for a while now??

No. 274500

I think they got home around around 3am, so it's been less then 24 hours

No. 274505

She just posted this and the spank! snap on her accounts. Hopefully she's uploading the vlog as well.

No. 274538

It kind of weirded me out to see Jillian described as a 'teenager'. I mean she technically is but… most 'teenagers' her age are in college, doing shit, and yeah sometimes waking up early because they have to work a job or internship or go to a 9 AM class, not because they're jetlagged from a trip where they spent all the money they saved up from working at freakin' Claires.
You're not gonna be a teen much longer girl. Get your shit together before you turn into all the other mid-to-late-20s lolcows with no real job, no friends, and no future.

No. 274576

I know this seems like stereotyping, but Japanese people generally have a strong work ethic. Even when they do things outside of the "normal" track (school straight to a company job) they put in a lot of effort. I don't know if Jillian could survive in that type of environment when the fashion industry as a whole is already pretty cutthroat and you have to work yourself to the bone or be lucky enough to have the connections and financial backing.
I just get the sense that her fashion design dream is almost fake, because she can barely hem a scrap of clothing and puts in minimal effort. It's just a tired answer for when people asks her what she wants to do or her plans for the future.

No. 274579

18-19 has always been considered adult in Canada though so that makes it so much weirder for her to say than an American mother by comparison.

She's your adult daughter, Louise. Hint: you can no longer claim her as a dependent on your family taxes.

No. 274593

She's from Canada so could get working holiday visa. But need to know Japanese (especially keigo) and be thin and attractive to be shop staff.

Need to be pretty fluent in Japanese to go to a Japanese university lol

No. 274597

Yeah I agree, it really does seem fake.
I don't understand how she can keep claiming that it's her dream to become a fashion designer but yet does absolutely nothing to work towards it.
Having your own business means that you got to have a ton of self-discipline and that your work can easily take over your whole life.
Jill can't even manage her little youtube account and upload shit on time, I could never see her having her own fashion label lol

No. 274616

Most likely all she sees are janky little Instagram stores and Betsy Johnson's Facebook and thinks designing/running your own fashion brand is all photoshoots and fan meets. She can't even design one cute outfit for herself, for her birthday (which she's obsessed with according to her aesthetic), the best conditions possible. How the hell is she going to make other pieces when she has to think of other people and pushing out your newest collection because you have to pay the production costs from the last run still?

No. 274642

File: 1490142236952.jpg (69.3 KB, 747x849, IMG_0258.JPG)

Moving to Japan is officially the plan

No. 274650

If she's depressed/anxious about life now, it's really gonna hit her hard in japan though?

No. 274654

Why does she want to move there? She ran out of things to do in less than two weeks.

No. 274655

File: 1490143861109.jpg (176.63 KB, 821x594, ss (2017-03-21 at 05.50.47).jp…)

No. 274663

She wants to relive the true Japan experience, which includes getting obese and spending thousands on polyester/plastic.

No. 274674

Lol this bitch. I like how she wore what she did like she was hoping to get snapped there lmao
I wonder if she tried to get snapped at 6℅ and left disappointed because she didn't

No. 274678

All she did there was shop and eat western food, does she even like the country enough to move there or is she going to be like Kim Dao, who just lives of vlogging in Japan instead of working and seems pretty bored with it all after living there for a year because all she does is shop and go to theme parks with the occasional sponsored cultural video. I know she's only 19 but really her best bet at living in Japan would probably be landing a visa husbando. She obviously doesn't know enough of the language to study or work there, even as an English teacher, and she wouldn't be able to sustain herself working as a shop girl, even then she'd have to be decently cute and thin/nicely styled/fluent in Japanese. Right now she is none of those things. Also like others have said she definitely doesn't have the work ethic to study fashion in Japan. Is her aim to join the Jvloggers crew or something?

No. 274708

actually i've heard from japanese friends that living off minimum wage is totally doable? one worked at a restaurant and could afford his own place, and said that typically minimum wage there pays better and is enough to live off as opposed to the us/canada. BUT i guess you also have to keep in mind that jillian would never live anywhere modest (the guy i know lived in the western tokyo area and we all know she needs 2 be in the center of HARAJOOKOO) and would probably have mommy/daddy pay for an overpriced studio in a "safe area", not to mention that she has no self-control when it comes to spending all of her minimum wage so……. livable for some, but not for her

No. 274739

Yeah, it all depends on where you want to live in Tokyo and how you budget your money. You can usually find a fairly decent apartment for $600 - $700 and food is inexpensive if you buy things seasonally.
Jillian has never had to pay for her own rent, utilities, groceries, healthcare, etc before though, so I'm sure everything will seem expensive compared to her living situation now.
Even if her parents continued to financially support her, she still seems like she would be incapable of surviving there. Imagine her having to go to the ward office, or figuring out how to sort trash, or opening a Japanese bank account. She would melt down

No. 274747

Japan and Jillian do not and I repeat DO NOT mesh well! Poor Jill is an uncultured hick and no talent hack. Her subpar sewing skills if you can call them that would not even get her into, an intermediate apparel construction program. I say this because I actually want to design school, and graduated and work as a professional pattern maker and freelance costume designer. I kind of wish Jill would apply herself and actually accomplish something in her life beyond purchasing plastic garbage. Just watching the mediocrity of her life is crushing.

No. 274749

I don't think Jill's work could even pass in a Chinese sweat shop…

No. 274752

I think you a correct on that.

No. 274767

File: 1490151220928.jpg (116.07 KB, 925x446, ss (2017-03-21 at 07.53.21).jp…)

No. 274770


beyond all that, bitch couldn't even learn a single katakana while she's been dreaming of japan for so long. i taught myself survival japanese and how to read hiragana/katakana + a handful of necessary kanji in about 6 mo. you think she's going to figure their jacked up address system if she can't even write precure in kana? none of this shitto is gonna happen unless she baits some old japanese man dick to carry her thru every step of it ala kota

No. 274784

did she laze around all day and couldn't upload a single promised video or even properly update her viewers on when to even expect anything???

No. 274787

i will forever judge jill for being so obsessed with aesthetic and brandname and shit that her and her equally materialistic mother bought 3 purebred persian cats instead of adopting or something

lol she would probs not love animals that dont fit her aesthetic

No. 274790

samefag^ but excuse you anon, she needs a break from her vacation of a life duh

No. 274800

Kind of surprised she didn't considering Sebastian has a major hard on for foreigners.

He probably wasn't there tho and hopefully he has enough sense to stay far away from Jill if he ever crosses her path.

No. 274946

I thought they rescued those cats? Did they not?

No. 274993

She got all her cats from the same breeder. Rescued? How exactly? You think there's just expensive pure bred cats wandering around stray in PEI? lol idk what kind of stray/abandoned cats are around where you live anon.

I thought they brought home a fourth cat this summer? or maybe they were just considering or babysitting? I think the Vesseys make a yearly trip to the breeder to check out the cats, that's how they ~spontaneously~ brought home serena >>274767

No. 274994

>I think the Vesseys make a yearly trip to the breeder to check out the cats
My god that'd be the most disgusting thing.
But after all you couldn't expect them to go to a shelter if they wanted to see some animals. The chances of seeing an animal with traces of having had a shitty life are too high, how could they live after witnessing such horror.

No. 274995

No. 274999

mobi must be from somewhere else since he's a maine coon

No. 275000

What is the issue with buying from a licensed breeder? it's better than buying from a pet shop where they all come from puppy and kitty mills. If you're not adopting from an animal shelter it's the next best thing….. ?
i don't see a problem unless it's a kitty mill.

No. 275003

because it's unnecessary to be paying hundreds of dollars for a designer cat when there are plenty waiting in shelters for a home

No. 275010

because Jill just wanted the purebreds because theyre kawaii uguu, probably. And what >>275003 said. For me, its a personal opinion/judgment factor that people who buy designer cats are soulless brand whores usually, and in this case its totally true.
4 designer cats. Goes along with jills hoarding tend(ies)encies

No. 275016

Cats and dogs actually aren't meant to be purebred. Naturally different breeds reproduce together. When forced to inbreed in the same breed over and over in time it causes more health issues in the animals.
It's gross and bougie and makes me sad for the poor animals.

No. 275066

File: 1490197512457.png (115.97 KB, 1056x422, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.4…)

So she needs three days to recover from a vacation.

Like mother, like daughter.

No. 275068


First world problems at it's finest. Christ on a stick

No. 275070

No one gives a fuck if your dog is pure puppy or a rescued mutt unless you make a big deal out of it.

No. 275073

The vesseys are an example of making a big deal out of it. They both take professional pictures of their cats and mentioned the breeds numerous times. I think Jill even vlogged a cat show once. That's weirder than any cat lovers I've ever met personally.

No. 275074

Lots of people give a fuck actually

No. 275085

Oh I actually had no idea, I thought it was good to buy from pure bread breeders and shif…. huh, lolcow teaching me shit!

saged for derailing

No. 275100

File: 1490202208995.png (149.52 KB, 750x696, IMG_5598.PNG)

Let's get back on track

No. 275105

jfc was there ANYTHING about this Tokyo fiasco that Louise enjoyed/didn't just complain about?
honestly they make it sound like this whole trip was just a hardship they had to endure

No. 275106

tbh, i'm surprised she didn't upload right away, gotta show off that $3000 hoard

No. 275110

she's always been slow at uploading on time

Is this a postcard from jill in japan?

No. 275121

File: 1490204079214.png (61.18 KB, 750x321, IMG_0261.PNG)

It's from Jill yeah

No. 275168

It's probably fine, people on here will bitch about anything.

No. 275170

not really.why tf would you buy an animal when there's animals dying in shelters because nobody wants them? it's selfish.

No. 275176

why do people have kids instead of adopting when theres hundreds of kids in shelters?

No. 275179

kids in shelters aren't there because they were bred to be sold and they won't be killed if nobody takes them tho

nice try

No. 275186

they won't be killed, just spend a life time of poverty and abuse, wishing they were. lmao

No. 275187

Fattylocks…lol. She's going to age soooo badly dumpy ass and all. Jowls included.

No. 275190

This isn't a contest. Just because orphans are suffering and have shitty lives most of the time, it doesn't make it okay to do unethical choices regarding pets.
Some people are fucking dense, smh.

At least in Jillian's case they have the money to pay for the vet bills that inevitably come with this race of cats. It makes me sad there are still people so ignorant as to buy from breeders though.

No. 275193

Mainly because people want to bring their own offspring into the world. The most natural urge.
But also because many kids in homes tend to actually be retarded or have suffered extreme abuse. Not everybody is equipped to deal with it.

Animals are just.. that. Animals. Don't even compare the too.

Also I'm someone who has bought pedigree cats over shelter cats.. I just think your argument is weak tbh.

No. 275200

>But also because many kids in homes tend to actually be retarded

holy fuck you need to give your keyboard away

No. 275222

let's be realistic, when a shelter kills off cats, yes it is sad and unethical. but it doesn't affect society nearly as much as the amount of orphaned kids growing up in the foster system. you even said yourself, animals are just animals.

personally i reserve my anger towards people who abandon animals, like felice fawn or little lotte, for example.

i don't think i'd ever do what jillian and her mom do, but at the same time it's ultimately their choice and they aren't abusing their own cats. is it shitty? yeah. but so is taking a trip to japan that costs thousands of dollars and wasting it by just shopping in harajuku and stuffing your face with donuts.

No. 275223

They've really been pushing this bff thing since Kate's lurking was revealed. They went months without even mentioning each other before.

No. 275228

you should probably surrender your pedigree cats, you obviously don't actually care about animals and therefore aren't able to care for one

No. 275233

No. 275243

Plain no cheese burger? My god Jill, you're a parody of yourself

No. 275247

>"double-yew see"
it's pronounced "double see" but good to know it's your new favourite store lol

>mentions that people are saying takeshitadori isn't what it used to be

lurking hardcore

>"cheeky kuma"


>feet are screaming after being out for an afternoon

how are you this much of a joke

>too anxious to try japanese food

ok jill have fun moving to japan

No. 275248

Her mother being in the video made me cringe.
"Shopping and doing that tourist stuff" no Jill, cultural activities and sight-seeing are actual tourist stuff. What you're doing is treating Japan like a mall…
She visited Claire's, my god.
Her commentary on food and the old takeshita dori… she definitely lurks. I don't think anyone told her any of these things on instagram.

No. 275249

What happened to her voice? She sounds like shes really pitching it up

No. 275250

>7/11 haul
Does she not have asian supermarkets at home?

Why does she always look so smug?

Why doesn't she edit her videos and add a face filter to them to hide wrinkles?

Why did she barely buy anything except for cheap Claire's garbage? If this was a shopping trip, she failed at that too. So many cute clothes and she missed out on them in exchange for cheap plastic crap and illfitting garbage.

Not that anon, but can you stop? This thread isn't about your hateboner.

No. 275251

kawaii desu ne~

No. 275253

Does she not have asian supermarkets at home?

no lol she lives in the middle of nowhere

No. 275258

File: 1490217983551.gif (4.41 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

No. 275259

the thing she does with her mouth around 7:50 while she's talking about food makes me want to vomit

No. 275260

Fucking hell, I couldn't even tell it was her voice. I'm still watching and it just sounds so weird.

No. 275263

The way she talks in the voiceover… why? The super high soft kawaii voice is just cringe on most people but she's so obnoxious that it's worse.

>cheeseburger story

Wtf was the point of adding that? Surely for someone who did so much planning she'd know it wasn't normal to ask for things like that? How the hell is she going to cope living in Japan?

>Why did she barely buy anything except for cheap Claire's garbage? If this was a shopping trip, she failed at that too. So many cute clothes and she missed out on them in exchange for cheap plastic crap and illfitting garbage.

Because her fashion sense is shitty, she even said she only went to one store in Laforet. Even if they weren't her typical tacky clown weeaboo kei, I find it strange that she didn't go to the Laduree makeup store or to see any of the lolita shops even if she isn't into it anymore. Hell she didn't even look at Vivienne Westwood who for some reason is really popular in Harajuku fashion, pretty much all of the famous Japanese girls that wear alternative fashion have her bags and stuff. Did she really just ignore anything that wasn't her "aesthetic" and just make a beeline for all the tacky polyester crap that you could get on aliexpress or taobao?

No. 275264

Her jacket and backpack in this vid are some of the nicer things she has. Not my style personally but they look cute and good quality. Also for some reason I feel like she looks better in this vlog than in her videos where she's just sitting in front of her camera, I think due to the different lighting. In so many of her photos and videos she looks jaundiced and her hair/clothing clash with it, but in this video her skin has more pink undertones.

No. 275267

This is better than Jillian's usual artwork actually.

No. 275268

Yeah she likes Gwen Stefani, and she mentions Vivienne Westwood all the time

No. 275271

And both of them were presents from her mom I'm pretty sure.

No. 275274

The way she says takeshita triggers me.


No. 275277

Double sage but just for you anon, please watch the documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed"

No. 275280

To be fair the Claires in Japan looks kind of cool. They've been getting a lot of neat menhera accessories in there vs North America.

No. 275284

OK I have to ask since I havent heard of this and Im usually on top of merch shit coming out of japan.
Does anyone know who that Doremi compact that is on preorder is by? I didnt know they were coming out with a new one that wasnt like the tiny gacha ones

No. 275286

holy fuck her voice is annoying

No. 275289

"Too anxious to try Japanese food" oh that's fucking rich. Wahhh I got to travel to a new country but muh anxiety prevents me from trying their local cuisine! She kills me. Baby is a picky eater and wont try Japanese food

No. 275290

lol she legit sounds like those fat weeb girls from high school

No. 275292

why did she change her voice for this vid, sounds more annoying and nasally than usual.
lol @ the japanese girls walking past her giving her looks

>>plain cheeseburger


>>"i know people tell me to be adventurous with food but its day 1 and i am so anxious!"

here is another example of jill putting things off forever and making excuses, like how she needed a year long break from school

this vlog was boring as fuck. all she looked at was merchandise. this experience is the equivalent of going to toys r us and filming the aisles.

>>Did she really just ignore anything that wasn't her "aesthetic" and just make a beeline for all the tacky polyester crap that you could get on aliexpress or taobao?

its just basic ass chibi art anyone can do tho

No. 275313

File: 1490222084965.png (37.16 KB, 844x299, sure j(illi)an.png)

speaking softly does not a high voice make, jill. come off it.

No. 275317

Tracy Martel hahaha wtf

Sage cuz that funni

No. 275323

What the hell? This bitch doesn't know how to pronounce Harajuku in the slightest. Seriously she pronounces it "Harrah-ju-ku" here:


No. 275325

The vlog started out so cringy with her mom filming her??? ugh I hope she doesn't try that again, she looked so uncomfortable and forced the entire time, jillian is honestly a terrible vlogger when she isn't doing scripted vids in her bedroom

I don't get why she didn't practice vlogging outdoors in Canada more often so she wasn't so awkward and lost putting together basic vlogs, this entire trip might be filmed too shitty to watch at all

No. 275367

File: 1490224933024.jpeg (89.21 KB, 720x408, image.jpeg)

Sorry but I had to.

No. 275373

Oh man this is cringy

No. 275381

Other chibi art she's done has looked horrible though. So by Jill's standards it's better than usual.

No. 275382

You Sound like Ina, cringefest ugh

No. 275389

Holyshit, this is much worse than I expected.

No. 275397

who has time to do this lol

No. 275400

Who's Ina?
What's a cringe fest- my joke or Ina??
(I thought you guys would appreciate "boots w/ the dirt." And "cheeky little baby" is me mocking Jill.)

No. 275407

It's not even just the fact her voice is higher it's the way she enunciates certain words. It' makes it sound like she's trying to sound cuter.

No. 275416

No. 275429

is graphic design your passion anon

No. 275438

>complaining about a kink in her neck

JFC, you're not a middle aged woman, Jill. Why do you have a kink in your neck???

No. 275439

she probably fell asleep weird on the plane or something

chill lol

No. 275451

File: 1490232644335.jpeg (77.49 KB, 1026x599, image.jpeg)

No. 275452

Stop it with this PULL level nitpicking

No. 275463


12 year olds GET OUT

No. 275464

Call me a pleb, but is it really hard to find pants that fit 'gaijin hips' in Japan? Is it just because she's getting kind of chunky or what?

No. 275468

Yes, duhh.

No. 275471

just making sure.

No. 275491

Just saying, here in Tokyo there's a bunch of western brands that sell pants. E.g. I almost always buy jeans from American Eagle. Don't listen to expats who are too stupid to use google and/or are on their weeb high horse and only want "100% Nihonese!!". If you're in Tokyo you literally have no reason to complain about not being able to find something.

sage for OT sperging

No. 275494

File: 1490235094254.png (117.26 KB, 219x419, Prr6n8f.png)


No. 275541

File: 1490238430686.png (534.27 KB, 710x532, Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.0…)

Aside from Jillian's cheap Lisa Frank aesthetic, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard and she always inserts these random ~quirky~ words and makes stupid expressions. It's something only a mother could love.

No. 275551

Why is she so doughy??

No. 275553

Jill literally looks like a blobby jelly fish dressed in a clown suit.

No. 275560

Oh man just imagine how quickly she'd gain weight if she moved to Japan

No. 275566

Jill should really do some exercise. It doesn't have to be anything major, but maybe she should use her treadmill, do yoga, or even take some dance classes. Maybe then she could actually fit into some decent looking clothes.

No. 275575

She says "fricken" so much, I think it's supposed to be cute but it just reminds me of SammyClassicSonicFan

No. 275578

Need I remind the anons, she has a fucking home gym but never touches it. She's as lazy as can be! I would give anything for a small home gym.

No. 275579

File: 1490241211898.jpg (567.24 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0267.JPG)

Her mom posted more pictures

No. 275580

File: 1490241277594.jpg (448.34 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0269.JPG)

Kawaii shopping desu

No. 275581

File: 1490241299957.jpg (441.55 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_0270.JPG)

No. 275583

File: 1490241357011.jpg (382.4 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0273.JPG)

No. 275584

File: 1490241376673.jpg (597.19 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0274.JPG)

And saved the best for last

No. 275585

File: 1490241396287.jpg (616.29 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_0275.JPG)

Possibly her worst outfit

No. 275588

Queen of street fashion

No. 275589

>the literal child behind her
how is she not ashamed to be watching that kiddie crap?

No. 275591

She kinda sounds like Miranda sings. And thrift thick of course

No. 275592

She should definitely not be wearing fishnets.

No. 275593

Yikes. In this photo, with this lighting and outfit, you can really tell how stubby she is.

No. 275594

Me too anon I have to sigh everytime it's mentioned here. She looks like she'd only need lose like 20 pounds. SHe could just watch precure while running.

No. 275595

She probably thinks she's thinner and cuter than she actually is, but very few people can pull off that outfit.. She looks awful

No. 275597

I would 10/10 think the mom was bringing her mentally handicapped downy child to see this if I saw them like that holy fuck

+%1000 for the cup

I just
I can't

No. 275602

thought she said she was an 8?

No. 275607

Fuuuuuck I can't get over it

How does she not see how special needs she looks?

I'm blown away

No. 275614

Sage for OT, but purebred cats and dogs in rescue shelters are more common than you might think. They're usually surrendered because either they have elderly owners who pass away (or are no longer physically able to provide proper care) and nobody in their family can take them in, or they're just adopted by a family who figured out too late that they weren't prepared for the responsibility or had allergies. (Siamese cats, for example, are often abandoned because people don't realize how loud they can be.)

Idk about PEI since it's a smaller province, but there are lots of rescue organizations that specialize in specific breeds. I live in Manitoba and we have several here.

No. 275616

The fishnets are so unfortunate…

She made that bag right? Because there's no way someone would buy something with such horrible handwriting.

No. 275617

Wow, she's going into moonface territory.

No. 275618

might be a nitpick but my god I hate it when girls do the ever so slight tongue sticking out thing where you can't tell if it's part of their fat lip

No. 275620


the bag looks too complete for jill. its a cake bag by Betsey Johnson

No. 275622

No its an expensive betsey Johnson bag, probably was a few hundred dollars but still looks like shit.

This outfit is so bad. It's unflattering enough between her stumpy legs, the cheap looking dress and the clown shoes but her ugly beige bra that you can see the whole top of the cups really is the icing on the cake.

I'm convinced her fans only see this shit and praise her because they think she's special needs. There's really no other explanation. She looks like such a mess.

No. 275623

If I saw this outfit on the street with no context, I would honestly assume something was tragically wrong with her. She looks like a crazy person who became a hooker after the system failed her

No. 275624

did Louise caption everything as "all the Japanese people wanted pictures with my celebrity daughter Jill!"?

The thought of Jill and her mom creeping around at night doing a photoshoot in a skimpy nightgown skeeves me out. Why the fuck did she lower the straps on that thing so everyone can see her bra? She looks like a halloween prostitute costume, literally.

And sitting in front of said literal child so her bulbous head and updo probably blocked the screen a bit. Poor kid.

I expect Jill to upload a story time video soon about her past anorexia or w/e for more hugbox comments because we've been talking about her weight so much here

No. 275630

her arm is so cubby she'll have grandma wings in no time

No. 275633

>I expect Jill to upload a story time video soon about her past anorexia or w/e for more hugbox comments because we've been talking about her weight so much here
I honestly wouldn't be surprised at all if she did, especially after going to Japan and seeing all the cute thin shopgirls while she stuffed herself with chicken tendies and those expensive fatass parfait things everyday. Usually tourists that go to Japan lose weight because they eat Japanese food which is relatively healthy and they walk loads, but not Jillian who somehow managed to balloon more from eating her weird cheeseless cheeseburgers.

No. 275639

I'm losing it. I can't tell if this outfit or her birthday outfit is worse.

No. 275640

jill's weight is pretty irrelevant tbh like with her current style it wouldn't matter if she was stick thin or super chubby because it's just awful no matter what

No. 275641

Oh Jill this is so bad. Lock down your social media presence girl you are nooooot looking good enough to be letting mommy pick and post pics of you

No. 275644

>I literally almost

No. 275645

For some reason this outfit made me think "Grandma got lost and is wandering the streets" Why does she pose like that. It's bothering me so much.

No. 275646

You're a saint anon, thank you <3

No. 275706

You can't pose on streets looking cool Jill when you're just "small town gurl uguuuuu scary city"

No. 275717

she's going for editorial larme/bubbles I fucking can't

No. 275721

If she was 50 pounds lighter
Changed the bag
Wore heels to make her legs look longer
Ditched the denim jacket for something fluffy
Styled her hair nicer
Then maybe this would look cute.

No. 275722

She's a doughy pancake.

No. 275723

So many cuter vloggers/bloggers have been in Japan lately and managed not to embarrass themselves horrendously…why is this so hard for Jill.

No. 275724

Keep Jill out of Larme kei 2k17

No. 275726

That updo is really horrendous. I'm guessing she does it because it's convenient but she's so ugly with it.

No. 275746

She already described it as boring and sad don't worry

No. 275748

Well, you've seen what she eats.

No. 275751

I think she actually looks kind of cute here but maybe it's because we can't see her chunky legs and dirty shoes.

No. 275756

Nah I love them like children. Why I would spend so much money on something only to mistreat them is beyond me.. people buy pets because they like how they look all the time. Like how people buy anything. And there's nothing wrong with it. You sound like an absolute psycho.

Furthermore, in the uk animals aren't really uneccesarily euthanised in shelters so nothing is dying because I wanted a cat that didn't shed hair. Not to even mention the ridiculous adoption procedure. No thanks

No. 275758


>The charity has admitted that thousands of them were healthy and were “euthanased” simply because homes could not be found for them.

>A spokeswoman said: “The RSPCA sometimes has to put some re-homeable animals to sleep simply because they cannot be found good homes.

>“While there continues to be too many animals being bred, and we continue to take in more animals than there are willing re-homers, we will continue to have this dilemma.”

it took me two seconds of googling to dismiss what you just said

No. 275770

This is definitely a better look for her. She suits the more simple fresher faced style than done up.

No. 275778


I know your autism may prevent you from acting in ways aligned with societal standards, but at least sage your stupid fucking animal posts. No one gives a shit.

No. 275795

She talked in a video once about how she actually does watch anime while using her elliptical. At the time I thought maybe if she continued that way she would show some healthy weight loss, but either she's going at snail speed, she doesn't do it regularly, or her progressively worse eating habits are wrecking any of the gradual weight loss she may have got through moderate cardio.

No. 275796

She probably doesn't do it regularly + eats like shit.

No. 275806

That was in her "~love ur body~" video. She said that she was, during the summer, working out forty minutes three days a week which really wouldn't be enough to lose weight, but doesn't work out now that she's working. I doubt she's actively moving or lifting at work so I really don't think she'd be burning off any of her marshmallows there.
Strangely enough in her what's in my bag video she showed that she was keeping a food journal but I doubt she understands enough about nutrition in order for it to be of any use.

No. 275825


I have actually been appalled to find out how little Jillian walks around or does any kind of moderate exercise. I remember she bragged about her drive to papercakes being 99 seconds or something, but the equivalent walking distance would of killed her I guess.

Her parents and boyfriends drove her everywhere before, she used to take the school bus, now she has her own car because she "works", which entails standing still behind a cash register and unloading small boxes of accessories or candy.

A home gym or a food journal can't help someone that doesn't see a problem with letting their limbs go to waste. The vessey girls have no idea how pampered and out-of-touch they sound when they complain about leg/neck/back pains from an afternoon shopping spree.

inb4 rural kids need to drive bla bla bla idc if u live in nyc or on a farm, any excuse to put your healthy body to waste is a bad one

No. 275831

She should layoff the middle part, it does her already awful hair no good.

No. 275834

File: 1490287219302.jpg (45.25 KB, 600x600, hambeast.jpg)

No. 275839

She makes so many gross mouth movements it churns my stomach.

Lol@half the video being of her talking in her room. Also she looked a mess, how can she not realize how stupid she looked? Bet everyone who saw her thought she was a fat challenged foreigner.

No. 275843

Not to be an ass here, but I can believe her if she has back/neck pain. Sage for blogpost but I started have really bad issues when I was around her age was pretty active back then. I don't really think that's anything to pick on someone for because it can be really shit.

No. 275846

What does your experiences or legitimate back/neck pain have anything to do with someone who literally chooses to never walk and then complains because they're wearing huge platforms while walking for several hours. Jillian doesn't have any chronic pain issues, she just casually bitches. Do you even follow the thread?

No. 275852

Then I will be frank. I don't want to pay £200+ and go through intrusive home checks etc for just an ordinary moggy of mysterious genetic and home background. I could also probably get from any randomer who's had their cat escape and get knocked up. (For free) Don't get me wrong, I love all cats, fostered for a charity once. but I'm not going to pretend I don't like certain breeds. Both how they look and for a good idea of their personality and traits.
Doesn't make me some psychotic animal abuser.

No. 275864

>my cat has to be super special and different and i'm willing to pay an outrageous amount to insure that

link me to ur lolcow thread

No. 275867

Can we please shut the fuck up about pet adopting? Holy shit, it's like the least cow-y thing about Jill, who is currently spending her life as a NEET who collects pink plastic shit and wears nighties outside. Fuck.

No. 275868

Omg are we STILL on this fucking topic?
No one cares about ur pets ITT

Pretty sure there's already a pet thread somewhere so take it there omg

No. 275908

You forgot "change her bra"

No. 275931


did she shoop on some different shoes? cos we know she only took those fucking disgusting pink (brown) platforms. in these pics she is wearing other shoes, not one different pair but TWO. why couldn't she wear those flat ones to walk around the city? shit they are indeed but at least they are flat shit.

No. 275934

They were one of the shoes she made a video about. She got them specifically for walking in japan.

No. 275936

I things she bought both in Japan.

The rainbow shoes are apparently "too small" for her but she bought them anyway. She'll probably never wear them again. Not sure about the Pom Pom flats, maybe they're also too small for her.

No. 275937

I posted >>275936

Oops I totally forgot that she bought a pair for walking in Japan. I guess they're just not as "kawaii" to her as her ugly platforms.

No. 275942

Oh, musta missed that.
i don't get how anyone can go on vaca to a city where you plan to do nothing but walk around & shop and plan it for 3 billion years, and then just take the one pair most uncomfortable gross shoe that exists in the entire world.

No. 275945

No. 275947

File: 1490298057321.gif (200.14 KB, 315x600, partygirl.gif)

i don't think her weight matters at this point, with the ugly clothes she wears, even if she lost weight nothing can save that awful "fashion style" of her…
It should be named Clown Kei tbh

Also her mom, so much for a professional and taking such awful photos, she should make Jillian look good, a nice photographer can do magic, but here you see awful illumination and not even a color fix

No. 275953

Oh shit. Was just scrolling through and thought she was wearing a pink trash bag. This is a terrible outfit wether skinny or fat

No. 275954

>>275581 this outfit is kind of unforetunate looking. why does she wear stuff like that when it doesn't fit her body type??? i am a ~curvy baby~ uwu too and would never wear that lmao

No. 275958

Not to mention wearing her hair in that bun really does nothing for her… her face looks so round, she should've tilted her head downward or toward the camera so she doesn't look like a bald man in this photo. she should get back those bangs, her face needs a frame, probably should grow her hair a little and ditch the bright pink. A light blonde like in op actually looks really good on her and will still match all her clothing.
However if she does that however will she prove she's ~unique~

No. 275963

She looks like a hooker or a drug addict regardless of size, jesus christ. That cheap ebay nightgown thing needs to go.
I also don't understand why she spent all that money on getting her hair rainbow colored for Japan when she wore it up for most of the trip in that ugly grandma bun… her hair looks fully pink in every picture because that's the color of her roots.

No. 275964

File: 1490299827520.png (294.05 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n270wcuwaX1qh59n0o8_500…)

No. 276007

People have told you this before but I'll say it again: you don't need to write "anon" in the name field. Just leave it empty. Please.

sage for useless bitching

No. 276034

When you complete every last piece of the armor set for your weeby MMORPG character

No. 276036

Then wtf why didn't she walk in those? Maybe her feet wouldn't have hurt as bad.

No. 276040

because shes proven to be a retard with no foresight

No. 276042

she actually got the disgusting clown shoes to walk in too

No. 276078

I really like this outfit. I think it's the most flattering she's worn in a while

No. 276086

Lol I'm pretty sure i saw this dress in the latest Larme magazine. It's bubbles brand if it's the same one.

No. 276094

I do think the shoes look a lot better than the awful clown ones.

No. 276096

she's too big for that skirt and ruined the lace detail on the waistband tho

No. 276100

Transgender hooker granny kei

Truly a visionary

No. 276102

That poor kid sitting behind her

No. 276125

This is not the place for a pet adoption ethics discussion. Don't bring it back.

No. 276147

bets on how long it'll be before she ruins them?

No. 276222

File: 1490324065526.png (386.6 KB, 461x485, q5eiFUU.png)

>"muh supportive friend kate sent me a personalized japan guide!!!!!"
>stays in 5 mile radius from her apartment the entire trip eating tendies and ice cream

No. 276297

Why does Jill insist upon dressing like a mentally retarded 7 year old? The fuck is wrong with this dumb broad. Seriously if I saw her walking around dressed in her tacky ensemble, I would literally wonder if she was mentally ill and how much did she pay too look that stupid. Lol

No. 276298

Can you imagine going through all this effort to create hand written letters and maps for a friend and they end up using almost none of it?

No. 276307

Baggy pussy=jills smug face

No. 276308

The same reason why people pay hundreds of dollars to look retarded in lolita or larme


No. 276321

It's cute from a distance, but then you zoom in anddddd nope.

No. 276364

Kate must be a really lonely person out in pittsburgh or wherever. Still clinging to a teenager across the border when she's in her mid-20's and married?

We've known for years that she self-posts to stir the pot, we have confirmation that she lurks and likely posts in this exact thread. I don't see how she can pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

I guess this is why cadney and the toronto comm were so seduced by her. She's just sooooooo nice and generous y'all. Can't look past just how ~sweet~ she is.

No. 276368

Just because she lurks and/or posts here doesn't mean she can't be nice otherwise, though. I doubt everyone lurking lolcow is an utter cunt, and if so it's not because they're lurking here.

No. 276373

kate only started lace because '4chan bullies' basically and she was then caught self-posting, essentially bullying herself.

When anons offered proof to cadney and jill of this incident, they buried their heads in the sand. Even when kate is 'laying low to avoid drama' she's stupid enough to accidentally screencap herself lurking/posting in this thread. This is after she claimed she had no idea what lolcow is. The basis of their friendship is a lie, LACE was a lie.

I still find it creepy for a married woman in her 20's to become best friends with a 17 year old. I get that e-famous people want to have cliques, Jill clings to every efamous person she can, but I get so weirded out by kate, it almost makes me feel bad for jill.

No. 276385

Idk. I think Kate has a lot of "best friends". She is penpals with one of my friends, who is not efamous but still a well-off lolita. Maybe she just wants the illusion of having a lot of good friends, bc my own friend doesn't seem to care a ton about Kate. She will say "oh, she's nice. she sent me x". Idk if Kate has a motive or what.

No. 276440

Why do I feel like this arrived only after she was back from Japan and didn't use it at all?
If it came before I'm sure Jill would have posted it, or included in a vlog or something.

No. 276444

I'm behind in Kate drama. How was it proven she lurks? Does she still have a thread here?

Sage for OT

No. 276450

yeah that's what I was thinking too.
Maybe it's already in preparation for Jill moving to Japan kek

No. 276452

I don't have the pic, but she posted a photo on insta of her comp screen and "forgot" to close out Jill's lolcow tab.

No. 276463

Is this Jill

No. 276470

except jill is too good for fast food, she went to an actual restaurant and ordered a plain cheeseburger instead

No. 276474

I wonder if she has ever eaten a vegetable.

No. 276485

Show us on the doll where Larme touched you.

No. 276504

fucking kek

No. 276507

here you go >>248672

No. 276510

>I guess this is why cadney and the toronto comm were so seduced by her.

Because they're famewhores too.
Anyone who I've ever seen drift to Kate despite knowing what she's done is because they want to climb the social rank and be e-famous.

No. 276538

Does anyone know the name of the little bird thing she had hanging around her waist while she was in Japan? I've been trying to find it every where

No. 276585

File: 1490389937669.jpg (15.7 KB, 458x458, 18277763.jpg)

It's a character called Pisuke/Piske that belongs to the Japanese illustrator Kanahei.
If you search for Pisuke on amiami you can find some merch there!

No. 276689

File: 1490400523011.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 1490066617336.gif)

>ur the peep to my hot choco
Jesus, this girl is a walking parody of herself. Does she even realize how ridiculous that sounds?

No. 276708

File: 1490402481356.jpg (132.24 KB, 640x960, 17390707_10154959647491405_633…)

No. 276709

File: 1490402562241.jpg (394.77 KB, 2048x1365, hhh.jpg)

No. 276711

why does she bother having colored hair if she just ties it up all the time and just ends up looking bald

No. 276712

File: 1490402656120.jpg (145.46 KB, 640x960, 17349631_10154959647476405_583…)

No. 276713

File: 1490402710978.jpg (121.82 KB, 640x960, lk.jpg)

No. 276714

File: 1490402770264.jpg (218.29 KB, 2048x1365, 17435941_10154959647251405_197…)

>In the line up at Shibuya 109 for the reopening of the store Swankiss. — at SHIBUYA109.

No. 276715

File: 1490402826484.jpg (128.13 KB, 640x960, gygu.jpg)

No. 276719

those baby-face knees

No. 276722

>not even standing in the little open area youre supposed to stand in

No. 276724

this sweater does her NO favors, holy shit. could be cute on someone small and i like the color of it but it's way too bulky and just emphasizes her worst areas while making the smaller parts of her body look gigantic

No. 276726

>line full of low-key soft girly looks

No. 276733

jesus christ the sweater makes her look like a linebacker

No. 276734

shes not doing the dumb eyebrow raising thing here, and so her face looks a lot less stupid.

No. 276736

I can't believe a professional did that dye job.

No. 276737

fugly sweater, and she looks like shes in her mid-30s.

girls lining up seem so cute and normal, she looks awful

No. 276820

One of the precure anons here. They gave her a miracle light.

multiple keks. Salty and pitiful included.

I've known grown up fans to go see the movies and ask for one of these but rejected, these are limited to children.
amazing Jill, I wonder how that situation played out.

No. 276821

they probably thought what >>275597 said kek

No. 276823

Maybe she stole one from a child lol

No. 276845

different anon but do you know the bear character she has around her neck too? its really cute

No. 276855

That would be modulus from Mahoutsukai Precure

No. 276856

**Mofurun sorry spell check

No. 276859

Japanese food makes her… anxious? what the fuck. She's just spoiled.

No. 276895

She looks like a freakin ventriloquist dummy.

No. 276897

Ugh, her hair looks awful. The colors are already bleeding into each other.

No. 276908

She looks so gross and unwashed. She looks like she would wreak of body odor and greasy dirty hair. Lol

No. 276914

I'm embarrassed for her. This is what NOt to wear in JFashion.

No. 276930

She and ElleJay both do the same ~uwu kawaii positivity embrace yourself~ act. I'm not surprised at all.

Ew she looks so nasty and greasy.

No. 276947

If mommy can't cut up her food for her, then she doesn't touch it :(

No. 277004

File: 1490441493106.jpg (129.6 KB, 750x539, IMG_5684.JPG)

Nice to see her followers are better at this than her

No. 277006

I think she recovered from her ED the wrong way? Like if her mother supports her eating plain cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets followed up with ice cream waffles all the time.

I remember she mentioned to the comm in 2014 that she was 'starting to eat normal portions again' and started getting actual boobs (always a joy for you to overshare, jill).

She was already a brand whore at that point so it seems her ~aesthetic~ guided her food recovery. Explains why she went from underweight to chubby in no time. And I guess that's the reason Japanese food makes her anxious?

No. 277010

File: 1490444243674.png (61.72 KB, 1124x342, 7836478.png)

Pic related is the reply she gave when someone asked her why she didn't try any Japanese food.
Jill saying that eating at restaurants is such a 'major major' anxiety for her makes it sounds like she hasn't healthily recovered tbh

No. 277011

File: 1490444354719.jpg (29.12 KB, 600x600, CeHdxbvWAAAPb0y.jpg)

>Pic related
She has no jaw definition kek it just goes from neck to head somehow. Fix your posture, mongoloid.

No. 277014

new vlog

No. 277017

Her pronuncuation of Shibuya irks me

No. 277018

Were they gaijin?

No. 277022

Hahaha I can't wait for this, I hope it's at least better craftsmanship than Jill's birthday "clothing"

No. 277030

is this a clock or one of her snacks?

No. 277038

Her pronunciation for a lot of Japanese places seems off. Like, I don't actively practice or study Japanese and just glean information from weeb sources and I know how to say "takeshita dori".

(saged for weeby faggotry)

No. 277049

a lot of people who have eating disorders at young ages don't ever fully "recover" because your brain goes through a lot of hard wiring during that time and will basically make those connections for the rest of your life

and tbh if my 13-14 year old daughter was sick enough that she had to go in the hospital for not eating, i probably wouldn't care that she over ate a bit once she got out

No. 277050

I think the problem is that she's taking Japanese words and splitting up the syllables as if they were English.

Shibuya becomes "shib-oo-ya" for her, rather than "shi-bu-ya." Takeshita dori becomes "tak-uh-sheet-ah-dor-ee" rather than "ta-ke-shi-ta-do-ri."

No. 277051

Learn how to film Jill ffs

No. 277053

Is she just uploading her vlogs on Wednesday's and Saturday's then? Because that'll be six weeks of just her Japan vlogs then, so I hope she figures out she should start mixing some regular videos in there too because not everyone is going to want to watch her shop for 3-15 minutes twice a week
Also why didn't she just combine this day with the next one? Like I get that you want to make as much money as possible off your poor viewers Jill but a three minute long vlog is just stupid

No. 277058

File: 1490455099645.png (60.45 KB, 750x540, IMG_0311.PNG)

>Jill trying to imply she didn't shop every day except one when her mom got to choose what they did

No. 277059

lol that's the only galaxxxy you twat.

No. 277063


Even if they had been very skilled, there's only so much they can do with the straw-like mess on Jill's head.

No. 277064

Shoulda just combined them like deerstalker. Also this was like, mostly insta pics, if her fans follow her spam account they would have already seem this all.

No. 277065

I don't understand the logic behind this. She says she struggles with eating at restaurants, but ate out at restaurants the entire time and even said the ordering itself was really fun. So what's the difference between a traditional Japanese restaurant and a TGI Fridays if the ordering process is the same? She can't just admit she doesn't want to try Japanese food?

I know other people have mentioned this, but her pronunciation is so horrible. Combined with her already annoying voice and it makes this video nearly unwatchable for me

No. 277071


I get that swankiss and all these nippon brands are cute like i am envious of how much money she threw away on these stores blahblah but just because you can wear it doesnt mean you should.
Shes supposedly an aspiring designer but shes still such a weeb that as long as its brand and pink she will wear it even when it literally looks like trash on her and is basicaly a waste of a dress…
I also wonder how much she will actually wear these clothes back in canada, weve seen how alot of her haul clothes just never surface again on her social media in any outfit.
But yeah Jill learn to pick clothes thay flatter you plZ

No. 277076

Yeah not sure about her logic either. Especially since she didn't seem to have any trouble going to Japanese cafes and eating parfaits and pastries and such there, so does her anxiety only revolve around eating savory foreign food in restaurants? Lol

No. 277081

Could be a lot of things- not knowing the calorie or nutritional content, texture aversion, not knowing how to ask for substitutions… honestly picking apart her eating habits ITT is getting kind of old, yeah she squandered an opportunity to have culinary experiences, but like other anons have said she is ED recovered whether she's fat now or not, new foods can be really tricky.

No. 277083

Her logic is that new things are scary. That's why she's okay eating pastries but not actual Japanese dishes. She has the pallet of a child.

No. 277085

nearly every restaurant in tokyo, especially in the main areas, has an english menu and staff who speak english. two out of the three people i went with knew two words of japanese (sumimasen and arigato) and had 0 problem ever ordering or asking about anything. it's not about "new foods" - beef is the same thing whether it's steak or suteki - it's about not caring about japanese culture beyond their pop culture and pretty girly anime things.

don't defend her, anon, it's all about her shit childish taste and genuine lack of interest in japan as anything but irl taobao.

No. 277102

Dude, I'm pretty sure she doesn't give a fuck about calories or nutritional content considering she drinks tea with marshmallows and has no problem scarfing down marshmallow pizza and huge parfaits.

No. 277132

I don't buy the whole eating disorder/anxiety thing. She just has bad taste. Bad taste in clothes, bad taste in anime, bad taste in food.

No. 277134

She's put up a video of the wands she bought, even though she's planning on doing a whole video on them.
(She also posted it on both her spam and regular insta like girl choose one you have that spam account for a reason)

No. 277136

File: 1490466091950.png (50.29 KB, 750x262, IMG_0314.PNG)

Apperently she also bought the wrong thing? I know nothing about these toys but if she did that's pretty sad considering what a big "fan" she is

No. 277137

Lmao I hope it bothers her so much how much yellowing the one wand has. "BUT GUYS ITS SO RARE NO ONE KNOWS DOREMI IN THE WEST JUST ME!"

No. 277140

Does she not know that doremi was dubbed and broadcasted in the US? Hell I even had toys from it growing up. it's got to be more well known the precure over here to say the least

No. 277143

omg I'm not even into collecting plastic shit but it bothers me so much how she displays all her toys.
Isn't there some better way, get some stands for them or a showcase or something so they won't be at a constant risk of falling over?
Idk how you can be so careless with stuff that you spend hundreds of dollars on…

No. 277174

I actually think she looks cute here. A cropped cardigan would be better than that bulky sweater but holy shit having her hair down to frame her face makes her look ten years younger. She looks like a mid-30's housewife with it up.

No. 277183

I really wish she'd just do a couple long videos rather than having a bunch of short ones for her japan trip vlogs.

No. 277186

File: 1490471520585.png (170.2 KB, 750x1037, IMG_0315.PNG)

No. 277187

File: 1490471779432.png (46.01 KB, 750x227, IMG_0316.PNG)

She's going to milk this trip for all its worth

No. 277198

In fairness what else does she have to vlog about, working OT on the semi-annual Inventory count at Claire's? She might as well get her (mom's) money's worth.

Welp that is just embarrassing. She has only one animu on this earth she watches and is supposedly obsessed with, and she's been out-weebed by a rando insta follower.

No. 277262

Her Japan videos are even more depressingly mediocre than I could have imagined. It really shows how little she did with her trip, she even manages to make shopping in Harajuku and Shibuya look boring.

No. 277263

3 minutes of her filming shitty footage inside 109 when she's not supposed to, what's even the point? They're so short and boring, I get she wants to space out the trip and get more adsense but doesn't youtube have the thing where you make more money from longer videos anyway? She really should combine the days if they're all boring and shitty like this, she could probably make 1 or 2 big vlogs because all this is doing is making her trip look even more boring and vapid if that's even possible.

Same, I highly doubt she's so anxious about eating new foods because of nutritional value/calories if all she ate was junk food which clearly gave her no anxiety. People with past eating disorders who are conscious about the stuff they eat whether anxious or not don't go to a foreign country just to eat parfait marshmallow crap. I'd understand more if she only cooked in her apartment or something but suddenly her food anxiety goes away to eat huge fatass parfaits and marshmallow pizza? I don't buy it. Even her mom said "Jill is not adventurous" probably meaning that she just doesn't want to try any Japanese food that isn't kawaii uguu. Also for someone that did ~soooo much planning~ surely she'd research restaurant menus if it's something that makes her anxious? It just doesn't add up at all.

No. 277270

what makes her anxious is stepping outside of her bubble that she's created for herself of acting like and being treated like a child

she can't eat new foods, can't go to a movie on her own, can't navigate the train, can't be bothered to research things

she said she put so much effort into her google docs but i'm guessing 10% of that was actual research and planning and the other 90% was making it cute and pink

No. 277275

A word comes to mind: mediocre.

I can't imagine spending thousands to go to a foreign country just to shop and eat "safe" foods.

No. 277278

I collect toys and wands and shit but I would never EVER pay to put that nasty ass yellowed wand in my collection. The fact that she paid 7000 yen for it astounds me. Just a bit more money and she could have bought a nice condition one. I know because I stalk the yahoo auctions for this stuff.

No. 277299

IM screaming this is perfect omg.

Can't stand fake fans jfc.

No. 277329

lmao no shit considering she can't be bothered to actually watch sailor moon more than a quarter of the way through, and yet we know how much she's whored herself out to that merch, spending hundreds easily.

No. 277332

File: 1490483881111.png (23.03 KB, 413x154, oklol.png)

one of the comments on this post lol
super productive?? ok then

No. 277333

Turns out one of my international best friends is close IRL friends with Jillian and Colin. Hmm.

No. 277335

this is obviously fake because jill has no friends but nice try anon

No. 277341

No, I'm being serious. She lives in a nearby city and frequently has conversations with Jill that she tells me about. She doesn't know I lurk here, but hey. I just noticed because now Jill and Colin are being recommended to me as 'people you may know' by Facebook.

No. 277353

If its true, then get some deets from your friend.

No. 277445

I felt the same. Bitch can't be bothered to get stands or display them in those glass cases you get from Ikea. I want them to break

No. 277456

I love how she picks the most damaged, discolored, wrong item, magical girl stuff. Real collectors wouldn't choose the crap she does. For the prices she paid, you could get the same items in better quality online. But nooooooo she has to get them from Japan because she's so hardcore guys

No. 277484

Haha, she's truly the headmaster of the "ConfeYeti" club.

Also that dye job already looks rekt and it hasn't even been a full month since she got it done. The roots growing in makes the pink look greasy, and the hair colors look like they're bleeding into each other. She probably uses cheap shampoo/conditioner and it's causing the fade faster.

No. 277539

File: 1490509127539.jpg (33.05 KB, 680x496, 36c.jpg)

>confeyeti club

you fucking kill me anon

No. 277540

File: 1490509624821.png (575.5 KB, 640x840, tumblr_oe26olHiMd1r2irb7o1_128…)

I would never display them how she does. It killed me when she even admitted that her sweets poron wand kept falling over and knocking all the wands over… like fucking christ girl. She doesnt treat any of her valuables well.

I've personally found finding ways to display wands a little tricky but its not impossible. Pic related is my own inspo for when I get my wands out of storage.

Semi on topic but it really irks me how she doesnt buy ANY weeb shit online. She only buys it from conventions or irl in japan… like girl cons are scalpy as fuck or sell bootlegs (which she's bought lel). And spending thousands of dollars to search nippon itself for toys… just search y auctions and use an ss

No. 277636

Polite sage, but does anyone know how they mounted these in the top row? I really want to make a wall like that and I love how they can do it without showing at all.

No. 277639

they're just nails/pegs painted the same colour as the wall. you can see them holding up the pink sugar heart wand, spiral heart moon rod, and the kaleidomoon scope. they're just less obvious on the other ones because of their shapes

No. 277641

Wow,I feel silly not seeing that. Thank you!

No. 277741

It would be a lot less stressful for her if she did something like this. I can't imagine the annoyance of shit falling over and knocking over other shit all the time and constantly fixing it.

No. 277803

I just watched her Japan vlogs so far. And they are dry. As. Fuck.

They make my vlogs which are cheesy as hell and badly edited look good…

No. 277816

it really shows just how little she did there

it's sad

No. 277830

Good lord, she doesn't look like total trash.

No. 277831

File: 1490559731497.jpg (775.78 KB, 1366x768, frog.jpg)

No. 277832

i can't wait to watch this when i get home from work lol

No. 277833

I just laughed at my phone in a silent room neat

No. 277836

File: 1490559946261.jpg (773.76 KB, 1366x768, ug.jpg)

No. 277839

Polite sage for OT

if anyone wants to order from them https://gocart.jp/ offers international shipping via tenso They carry both wego and wc

No. 277840

>Comment about her money and how she paid for this trip
>Comment about pronunciation of WC
>Suddenly pronouncing harajuku better

Good on her for the last one but holy shit Jill please

No. 277841

this is the official online store for those places. anywhere in japan technically offers international shipping through tenso lmao it's a shopping service

what is your point here

No. 277843

>"I don't even wash my make up off before bed"
Christ she's so filthy

No. 277849

is it just me or is she 500 times more annoying than usual? i'm super irritable today which is why i'm asking. i don't even think i can finish this video, in 30 seconds in

No. 277850

I stopped after I realized it was 30 minutes long.
There's no need for this to be that long.
(unless there is. I don't know since I only got to minute 5ish. I'm highly doubting it, though)

No. 277851

I like the swankiss bathrobe dress tbh and have an odd weak spot for the style but I'd personally never touch that dress because it will obviously look unflattering on short / non-tiny-sized women of a certain body type. I know she is not exactly obsessing over perfect outfit constellations but the whole outfit is too pink, noisy and pale, washes her out. Something that sounds impossible for rainbow-chan. Worst point though is the poor fit of the dress all around. Either way, if she coined her own freaking style, she needs to step up her game and not throw on *~whatever, I lyke eet, so much funnn~*

What a gorgeous yeti

No. 277854

Laughing my head off because

The earrings are from WEGO
Pretty sure Paris kids is 326 yen
Candy stripper isn't even in Harajuku
Most of the stuff she bought is ugly and she hardly bought any of the cute stuff for sale in Harajuku right now

No. 277855

She didn't even buy enough stuff to warrant a 15 minute vid tbh??

No. 277860

3 minutes in girl get to the fucking point, she can't possibly make 3 more 35 minute videos about all the plastic polyester shit she bought. Did she even buy that much or is she just rambling about random shit and constantly name dropping brands no one besides 12 year old weebs care for? I only got to 5 minutes in and had to stop.

>passive aggressive money rant

Sure Jill, I'll bite, maybe you did save up for this trip and whatnot instead of just wasting your mom's money but making her sleep on the floor for 2 weeks and follow you around to all your 5 year old precure crap whilst not letting her do anything remotely cultural or interesting that isn't ~uwu harajoookoo mahou shoujou~ doesn't make you look much better.

No. 277861

paris kids is practically a dollar store, i dont think anything in there is over 5$, plenty of tacky/childish shit though

No. 277871

They have some cute stuff but of course Jill would make a beeline for the plastic glitter shit

No. 277874

what was that booklet, she got at 6%?

No. 277882

As if it wasn't already obvious she lurks, she prefaced her video by saying that she's not a spoiled rich girl who spends her mom's money… Even though the only reason she was able to save that much money working "shitty" retail jobs in the first place is because her parent's pay for all of her living expenses. Okay, Jan- I mean Jill.

No. 277886

just finished watching the video and she rambles way to much. Just show the outfit I don't need a 2 minute story with each piece
also the fact this dress was $100 makes me really question her choices.

No. 277889

File: 1490564141838.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170324-011624.png)

She looks like a middle aged aunt

I don't get it. She doesn't do drugs and she's not eating a cubic metre of sweets like saxy. So what's the cause?

No. 277890

Goddamn, I fucking hate her intro and that shitty music that she puts in every single video of hers.

>pronouncing Shibuya like "shee-bee-yah"

>claiming she was saving for 3 years for this basic ass shopping trip
>Not knowing how to style any of the clothes she got
>"cuffies" to refer to cuffs of pants
>afraid she wouldn't fit anything in Japan
>fugly granny glasses

Christ I couldn't even make it through the whole thing, she's so fucking grating

No. 277894

>$170 for the shitty dress slip
>$70 for the yeti coat
Why did your sense of style die Jill? Whether she buys stuff that costs 20 dollars or 200 dollars it's all cheap trendy crap made in China, nothing actually original or nice quality, it's a real shame given she used to wear lolita so obviously knows what nice stuff looks like. None of this stuff that she spent years saving up for allegedly is going to last her more than a few months if it doesn't go out of fashion first.

No. 277896

I laughed when she had to bring up the fact that everything fit her. Just cause you can squeeze into it, doesn't mean you should wear it

No. 277897

Bad genes?

No. 277900

Yeah like call me when you have to pay bills/rent/food/property taxes then see how 'not spoilt' you are

No. 277903


No. 277913

This, she might be able to fit the clothes on her body but that doesn't mean she hasn't stretched it to shit, she's ruined all the nice laceup detailing on that poor swankiss skirt and everything else she bought was just the big sweaters or dresses/skirts with elasticated waistbands. She's seriously deluded if she thinks she looks the same as the cute shopgirls and thin Japanese girls who wear those clothes without stretching them to death.

No. 277918

I'm surprised she isn't more careful with her weight? Considering she was anorexic in the past?

No. 277924

>>"I'm just just a rich kid being spoiled by her mum to go on a shopping trip"
Hi Jill, can you make a video justifying all the garbage you bought next?
How will it positively affect your adult future?

Stopped watching after her defensive rant about not being spoilt. She makes it soooooooooo obvious she cares more about lolcow than her actual fans who provide her with a hugbox and shower her with compliments daily. Guess she doesn't appreciate all the tweens who buy her shitty t-shirts and praise her because she only replies to us!

That elastic band skirt she got: maybe she bought a smaller size because she's delusional?

No. 277928

>I'm not rich and just spending my moms money!!!

lol fuck off jill

No. 277951

I'm wondering, why do brands such like these exist in the first place? They are overpriced and would look terrible on almost everyone. Japan sure produces a lot of tacky crap that attracts weebs, that's for sure.

No. 277956

This HAS to be the OP pic next thread oh my god

No. 277959

LOL complains about the articles saying Harajuku fashion is dying, yet literally buys nothing but cheap garbage that the articles refer to. ALSO complains about how small galaxxxy is, but doesn't mention anything about how tiny 6% is because she's sooo honored to have bought 3 plastic pieces of jewelry for $80? Girl bye.

No. 277960

>That elastic band skirt she got: maybe she bought a smaller size because she's delusional?

Swankiss is one size, so there was only one version she could get. Just because you can sort of fit into something doesn't mean it looks good.

No. 277963

It needs that weeb train ride, too, wait a sec.

She's trying to shake off the haters by making her vids drag on forever. Only her most neurotic fans will prevail

No. 277970

File: 1490569681513.jpg (47.05 KB, 854x480, IMG_20170326_160217.jpg)

She looks like a mentally retarded child starved for attention.

No. 277971

The haul is 35 minutes long. The actual VLOGS are 3 and 8 minutes. Just what the fuck.

All that justifying in the beginning stating exactly what she is (spoiled by her mother)… lurking again.

No. 277982

Also the fact they charge $50 for cheap crap is confounding beyond belief. Are there really a ton of tasteless girls like Jill who will support these brands in Japan?

No. 277985

I think most Japanese girls buying those brands will style the more stand-out pieces with normal, subtle clothing so that their outfit doesn't look like a gigantic mess. (See: that photo where Jill is on line for Swankiss and everyone else besides her looks normal). As for it being cheap and overpriced though, that's not too unusual in the West either, so that doesn't surprise me.

No. 278008

She spent $3k on plastic garbage when she should have bought a Juki industrial sewing machine for her faaashiooon design. Lol what a waste.

No. 278013

This. It just perplexes me so much that she left lolita in the first place when it suited her much better. I get changing styles but even within lolita there are plenty of styles. Everything she buys now looks so cheap. I couldn't believe she spent almost $200 on that thin cherry dress.

No. 278017

She cant stop lurking lol.
Please jill, I think you'd find it a lot less stressful if you stopped coming here.

No. 278033

File: 1490573636140.jpg (175.88 KB, 883x921, PicsArt_03-27-01.52.28.jpg)

No. 278037

a perfect summation of her japan trip, I hope she will print this out to glue in her Nippon Scrapbook.

No. 278041

I gotta hand it to the anons that can make it through her videos. Her voice and the noises she makes with her mouth drives me insane. Also, she thinks she isn't basic, but hahaha.. Laughing at her tangent about her weight (and being scared she couldnt fit things in Japan.)

No. 278055

Her diet is SHIT. A bad diet can destroy your skin, especially at an early age. Also, i highly, highly doubt she exercises/lifts weights at all. She's all saggy and malnourished from her marshmallow tea and pizza.

No. 278056

File: 1490575050669.jpg (152.36 KB, 850x822, PicsArt_03-27-02.35.52.jpg)

This one probably better for an OP

No. 278059

This is perfect, anon.

No. 278068

Jill has no interest in properly displaying anything because she's not a real fan. If she were, she would want to make sure these expensive props were stored and displayed safely.

She just likes Magical Girls for the "aesthetic".

No. 278084

in all honestly, i don't really care whether she likes magical girls for any legit reason or not, but when you invest thousands into a hobby, it makes no sense to not want to make sure your money isn't being wasted. but i guess that's what happens when you don't understand the value of a dollar

No. 278087

pffftt wonderful

No. 278088

File: 1490577062936.jpg (156.59 KB, 993x918, ss (2017-03-26 at 06.09.21).jp…)

Noooo omg this wasnt $100 like another anon said, it is 17000 yen. Which is $200 canadian for us poor canadian-fags.

No. 278096

i've seen cuter nighties are victoria's secret for $40 a pop

No. 278104

Couldn't she just thrifted some Levi jeans in PEI and hand sewn on some ugly hearts?

No. 278106

That would involve effort

No. 278108

Oh shit, thats right. My bad.

No. 278117

also knowing how to sew

No. 278125

Jill's obsession with keeping her party Kei style and how she can't wear other things is kinda sad tbh. Like you can also be a human being and not a aesthetic machine. It just seems unhealthy for her younger viewers to see this and think it's something to emulate.

No. 278126

Is it the Make-up or the editing that makes her teeth look so much more yellow than they are?

No. 278138

its her not brushing her teeth, anon…

No. 278139

I think it's that her teeth easily stain and also the lighting. She's definitely whited her teeth at points, and you can tell that. But you can also see differences depending on what camera she's using and what the lighting is like.

No. 278149

File: 1490580105813.jpg (61.29 KB, 500x600, 64f77b36b06254c06524ba6cb09889…)

And she bought this justifying it with "it's a bit cheaper than AP!! It will replace the super expensive AP dresses!!"

For the detail and quality put into one thing and the other, the price difference is not as big as she makes it, regardless of if you like lolita or not. She sounds bitter talking about AP too. I literally thought that nightie was some shiny ebay shit in >>275585

It's ironic to hear her talk how she now realizes how expensive clothing is since she left lolita when the shit she buys now is even more overpriced

No. 278158

tbh anybody still really stubborn about sticking to their "look" constantly make me cringe.

No. 278164

File: 1490581224487.jpg (97.64 KB, 280x373, tumblr_nqlbbnfunS1u5ppzwo6_400…)

In the video she mentions drained cherry was her favorite and she really admired it. Not the one you posted (I believe wrapping cherry is the name of that one?)
Either way any cherry all over print would have been cuter than that over priced aliexpress shit she bought. Plus I feel an all over cherry print would be easier to tone down and wear in a non-lolita way. I dont know why shes so adamant about ridding everything lolita brand from her life.

No. 278167

This, like at least those AP is good quality and not made by some little kid in China. Their designs are all original and extremely detailed and thus worth the price, but justifying buying that crappy nightie dress for $200 as if it's comparable is just a bit deluded. Surely she can see it's all cheap fast fashion crap that's only going to last a few wears if it doesn't go out of style quicker. Trends go in and out of lolita and other subcultures but at least you can sell lolita stuff, no one is going to want her stretched out swankiss.

>It's ironic to hear her talk how she now realizes how expensive clothing is since she left lolita when the shit she buys now is even more overpriced

This, she doesn't realise just because something is cheaper doesn't exactly make it worth the price. With pretty much everything in her haul, either the quality was lacking or it just looks plain shitty and tacky (usually both) Especially because her style is worse, she just gravitates towards the cheap quality tacky pieces and spends thousands on them instead of buying higher quality nicer pieces that probably cost more but would last her forever. Maybe it's because she can't commit to anything and has puts herself in some sort of ~super unique harajoookoo~ box (instead of like >>278125 said, just being a normal human being that wears other things outside of her "style") she doesn't see the point in buying nice things. She'd rather just buy a shitton of cheap ugly crap because she knows after trying to be a lifestyle lolita, she's fickle as hell and only gets validation from owning lots of stuff that falls into one "style", unlike normal people that can like different things instead of shoving themselves in a box to attract efame and having no actual sense of identity.

No. 278171

I made it through the entire video by the grace of God. By the end the music started to become ominous, especially when she would randomly zoom in on her face for no particular reason.
And a part of my heart died when she said she doesn't wash her makeup off at night. Hopefully she's exaggerating, but she would never have the patience to maintain a Korean skincare routine like she mentioned

No. 278173

Her having no basics in her wardrobe (blue jeans, plain colored shirts, black heels or platforms) triggers me. Of course she can't make decent outfits when she just throws together ten billion different brightly colored things together. I love crazy fashion but if you're gonna wear a bright dress and big earrings or smth at least tone it down with black/white shoes or tights or whatever. You'd think as an adult she's realize that wearing all pink doesn't count as "matching".

No. 278179

outfits aside, from the neck up she's also frumpy. Her hair always looks greasy, the colors are always patchy and her face looks lumpy. Actually the whole rainbow hair just doesn't work on her. When she wears it up in a sad bun it looks like she's wearing one of those barbie hair scrunchies.

No. 278181


& her teeth are seriously yellow.

No. 278193

She would look halfway decent if she didn't have those damn stickers on her eyes all the time.

No. 278200

The stickers are bad but also the least of her problems. At least she can take those off.

No. 278249

File: 1490588473360.png (316.05 KB, 463x490, ojjaGe5.png)

Looks like Jill collaborated with an etsy shop owner for a photoshoot?
Not surprised the shop instagram account hasn't posted any of Jill's pics (yet?), those overgrown nails are gross

No. 278250

How long is she in Japan for? And those nails look a 5 ear old did them

No. 278254

collab with an etsy shop focusing on hands and she can't even be bothered to get that shit filled or get a mani specifically for it, goddamnit of all the excuses to spend your money on kawaii bullshit jill…

No. 278259

She sleeps in her own makeup, for one.

No. 278266

Shes home now

No. 278276

I see heaps of these at the goodwill all the time for usually less than 5$. What kind of materialistic lunatic spends 200$ for some clip-art cherries?! Jfc, and her mom just actively enables all of it.

No. 278282

Honestly, I think her mom looks like a cute 50 year old woman. But jill shoves shitty food in her face and never washes her makeup.

No. 278293

For all the money she blew on absolute shit, why didn't she just think to blow it on a damn Betsey Johnson dress or two? Damn it here fashion taste really is shit.

No. 278295

I dont get it there's some lolita pieces (skirts especially) that would really suit her "aesthetic". I thought she would at least visit the AP store since it was such a part of her life in the past.

No. 278301

Is she too fat to wear AP? Lol what blobby jelly roll

No. 278308

File: 1490598846148.jpeg (90.22 KB, 280x373, bf97e180-4703-514a-a75a-29db0b…)

Oh hell no lmao she could easily fit AP. Especially their newer stuff from the past few years, they've become quite plus size friendly (asian plus size not american plus size)
And that drained cherry dress she talked about I have no doubt could fit her if she got the half shirring or quarter shirring cut. She might even be able to fit the OP but I'm not 100% on that one. If she could though its a very toned down cut that she could incorporate into her daily "party kei" style.

No. 278362

I'm screaming with laughter that she spent $200 on something you can get at a cheap lingerie store for $20

No. 278363

I have this and it cost like $130 in the sale…who's laughing now Jill

No. 278384

i went on the website and it's so expensive for a bunch of crap. who buys this shit? really, fashion, esp japanese fashion seems like such a scam

No. 278386

This would have been so much cuter on her even paired with that denim jacket she wore with the cheap slip

No. 278405

it looks like something i've seen at target kek

No. 278542

I love magical girls a lot but I can't bring myself as of yet to buy proplicas when I get much more enjoyment with figures especially when they hold their respective weapons. I also don't have the space to display them.

It's more than obvious that Jill's lack of knowledge on magical girls makes for many laughs. >>277136 but it's a little concerning that she ties it so heavily to her identity. When you do that with something you're not very emotionally invested in you're in for some problems. If you talk to a lot of older moonies their experiences alone outweigh anything that Jill feels for Precure.

Get some Himitsu no Akko-chan items or some Saint Tail or whatever. Oh, but because they're old not that popular and not Precure or Sailor Moon they're not worth it. A new Clow Book released a couple months ago and you bought dealer trash.

Some collectors have yet to go to Japan but boast better, informed collections because they know their shit and where to look. The internet is your friend.

No. 278543

File: 1490643005390.jpg (5.47 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

it like she never grew out of making the face
14 year olds make in selfies

No. 278545

Wow. I knew the Japanese were accomplished whalers, but catching a beluga whale with nothing but a mere a fishnet is some next-level shit.

No. 278571

She said that she doesn't like to wash off her make up before going to sleep, not that she sleeps with make up on. Though I can't blame some farmers for not listening carefully, it was really hard. Her "haul" video is pathetic on so many fucking levels. I wonder if she even thought about bringing souveniers for anyone but herself.

No. 278574

>she doesn't like to wash off her make up before going to sleep, not that she sleeps with make up on

then what, oh smart anon, does it fuckin mean

No. 278581

nayrt but maybe she does wash it off but dislikes the process. To be fair, trying to get rid of fucking craft glitter around your eye area can't be pleasant.
>so stop using it ffs

No. 278586

She said, "But like, I literally don't even like, wash off my makeup before bed." It was the expression like, not "like to." So maybe you're the one not listening carefully

No. 278587

this 100%

I'm sure there's many of us who's attachment to magical girl culture is highly significant in our lives due to various experiences with certain series, especially those who are old enough to be fans from 20-30 years ago. I'm in the same age range as jill so I understand that a lot of classic series began before I was born, but even growing up on the dubbed series in the early 2000's is special to a lot of people.

Jill admitted that she didn't watch sailor moon or cardcaptors growing up. She's not even half way through either series. I think she mentioned all this in the 'top 10 anime' video or one of the hauls. She literally said that she stumbled across anime on tumblr one day and just decided it was her thing. She also said that she watches some shows only AFTER buying merch because she feels guilty that she bought it????

idgaf how bitter or pretentious this sounds: jill is the ultimate fake fan/geek girl. The only reason this matters is because SHE'S BASED HER ENTIRE LIFE ON THIS SHIT.

No. 278613

Yeah, this is what I meant but

Damn you're right, sorry. She really likes oversharing, doesn't she.

No. 278618

Totally agree. But


More like she's basing her entire life on this shit right now because it's her current phase. Can't wait for her to find something else and then make a video in a few years talking about how cringe that was.

No. 278629

As someone who is into anime but not magical girls, I find it so bizarre that she's based her whole identity around them when she barely even watches the shows? I know she's shallow and only ever cares about "aesthetic" so it's not hard to believe but it's so strange how she throws away thousands on merch for show she hasn't even seen. Also her saying she watches shows only because she bought the merch beforehand really bothers me. It's like her weird cheeseburger analogy or whatever it was for her justifying going to Japan and being into Jfashion, she's literally the kind of 'poser' she looks down on.

When I think about it, none of her interests in fashion, anime etc. have been more than shallow and superficial and driven by efame/bragging rights. Even when she talks about playing the piano she goes on about how it was the first thing she realised she was good at and people respected her for it, and to see other people playing it makes her really insecure because SHE has to be the best at it. Same with her lolita phase, she went on and on about being ~100% lolita lifestyler~ and how much brand she owned and then when she left the fashion at the first signs of hate, it shows that she never really had that much interest and love for the fashion in the first place, yet she let it become her entire life.

Usually I'm not that bothered by people that go through different interests and make it their life, but for Jillian it's so bizarre because she doesn't seem to have a real interest for any of those things and she shuns all of her past interests, she can't just be a normal person who likes lots of different things or even someone who is really dedicated to one thing, because the only thing that keeps her going is internet attention/materialism/the chance to be elitist and prove she's better at lolita or magical girls or whatever. She's a "fake fan" of almost everything she's into and she lets it become her entire identity, then when she gets sick of it or someone doesn't praise her she feels so lost because she has no sense of self other than whatever phase she's going through. I don't know if I should feel sad for her because she has no friends or any other sense of joy in her life or if I should just be embarrassed for her tbh.

No. 278630

I feel this 100%. Just because she splashes ridiculous cash on items that are not worth it at all (The Precure figures and a chunk of her magical girl toys)does not make her a dedicated fan, just a dumb one. This isn't like old Moonies importing old weapons through seedy old japanese auctions that may or may not show up, it's a dumb teen flogging cash to show off in front of what seems to be children. It's for aesthetic and for her to brag about.

No. 278638

damn i pretty much have this in black but better looking with some definition in the chest area that i bought for 7 dollars 2 years ago thats so sad

No. 278709

One thing I don't get is that she obviously knows how to use shopping services and yahoo auctions and mbok and whatnot, but she's utterly unwilling to get any merchandise from those places even though it would be way cheaper than getting all her overpriced crap at conventions. And of course buying from yahoo auctions would have been cheaper than going to Japan to buy plastic crap in person.

No. 278816

File: 1490658609488.png (405.99 KB, 654x404, Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.49…)

i can't tell because most of those girls are just wearing coats.

japanese fashion is a whole new level of cringe tho. it is very pedophilic and seems only to appeal to mentally retarded children. seriously wf is up with this shit? i would rather die than be caught up in public with this

No. 278819

>japanese fashion is a whole new level of cringe tho. it is very pedophilic and seems only to appeal to mentally retarded children.


No. 278820

It's just popular over there for a lot of women's fashion to be cutesy and childish whereas in the west, women's fashion is all about looking like a Kardashian.

There's nothing pedophilic about it, you just sound mad.

No. 278821

I want that rabbit

No. 278825

Do you realize how many types of J-fashion there are?

No. 278840

esther is based in los angeles tho

No. 278843

I think I came across that same rabbit on Aliexpress a while back ago lol

No. 278847

I mean, this is Japanese fashion curated by Jill. The fashion market there is fairly diverse and most people don't wear these things. Didn't you notice all of the Japanese people around Jill in the pictures and videos?

No. 278848

>I wonder if she even thought about bringing souveniers for anyone but herself.

I thought the same thing, we haven't seen Colin since, just pics of her laying in her bed and shit. I think she would've tried to use this opportunity to show how "generous" she is or smth (didn't she do this before in some way? I could be getting my cows confused).
Maybe she will find some scraps she no longer wants and put together a souvenir video now after reading this thread

Not the anon you are replying to, but even if you don't think their fashion is "pedophilic," their pop culture certainly has a lot of pedo shit in it that many people are aware of. What other country releases the same amount of pedo-esque anime, school girl porn, etc? This is kind of OT but they probably meant that alongside those things, dressing in school uniforms or wearing plushies outside of school age can be creepy, because it's all originating from the same culture. Before the glorious nippon worshiping anons come for me: no, I'm not saying that's all there is to Japanese culture.

I hope Jill will transform from an autistic child style to autistic cheap prostitute style ie >>275947 , it suits her raunchy personality more

No. 278855

It was probably a replica though.

No. 278857

yeah japan has issues with school girl shit being sexualized but like the number one kind of porn made in the US is also "teen" porn. it's not exclusive to japan at all

No. 278919

File: 1490668050141.jpg (32.47 KB, 560x415, rs_560x415-140827121343-rs_102…)

Yes, clearly, Japan is the only country to have this sort of issue.

No. 278929

plz leave the thread normie

No. 278938

Underrated comment. hahaha

No. 278941

Can the 'Japanese are pedos' topic not become the next 'Is curry Japanese?' and 'mixed vs. pure bred cats' derailing arguments?

No. 278952

I'm well aware the US also has the schoolgirl thing, but the US doesn't have a flood of pedo anime/manga every season, nor do we have shit like anime elementary schooler piss flavor snow cones for NEETS. There's definitely a huge difference. Sage for going OT.

So anons, on a similar note, any guesses on what Jill's next personality/style will be? DDLG, maybe? Adult baby? She's already begun her regression by shopping at Claire's and eating finger foods

No. 278989

This has been mentioned by others before, but she just seems way too asexual for that.
I guess the benefit of ~inventing your own street style~ is that she doesn't have to be consistent, evidenced by how party kei was just a bootleg fairy kei with more face glitter when it started and now it's whatever the fuck she's been wearing in Japan. She could be country lolita/Anne of Greengables-core next week but still claim it's party kei.

No. 279014

the rise of ddlg culture in the west is the exact same as the pedo anime shit you're mentioning tbh

No. 279027

No. 279074

People complaining about the "new X" are way more annoying than the actual discussion. Just let people talk about it, and they'll be done in a few messages. It's not like this thread moves incredibly fast or anything.

No. 279077

People who bump the thread complaining about people complaining are more annoying than the actual discussion. Learn to sage.

No. 279083

People who think they're clever when they aren't are the worst of all.

No. 279114

File: 1490684609811.jpg (41.16 KB, 500x370, IMG_5841.JPG)

No. 279224

I find it comical that everything Jill bought in Japan looks like the same redundant cheap shit she buys back home! I would have thought that she would at least purchase something that was completely unique that was J fashion oriented, even if it was in poor taste. She spent a load of sheckles on lame, unimaginative crap that we have all seen before. Smh what a clueless cunt.

No. 279226

If had £3000 spend I would have just bought loads of AP, no shipping, so much high quality burando

No. 279232

Agreed. I'm also surprised that the only beauty related things she bought were cheap Etude House products. Japan has some really good drugstore skincare products and there is also a Korea Town where you can buy Korean skincare for a better price than having it shipped to Canada. Her skin is in desperate need of help and she's trying to cover it with cakey makeup and glitter.

No. 279235

That's exactly the trip she was planning prior to leaving lolita, which is why I don't understand her not visiting any brands shops that were such a huge part of her life for years, like AP and Emily Temple Cute, or even Closet Child just to take everything in.

She's also had coords with Katie, Ank Rouge, Hyphen BonBon etc when she still wore actual jfashion so I don't get why she said she could only shop at places that matched her party kei aesthetic?

I would be so bummed to miss out on experiencing those shops if I only had a one time opportunity. Why did she close off all these options like she was trying to suffer and spoil her own trip?

No. 279400

I feel like she has this idea that she is breaking fashion rules and like lolita has too many rules. But she really isn't that creative with her outfits. She could still style lolita pieces different ways. I just remember she made that video about cats tea party and how much she wanted it and this whole big deal about getting it. And not even long after she decided to change her WHOLE style.

She's just conforming to her own new shitty style

No. 279402

Agreed. Even AP has some things she might be able to work into her aesthetic (like drained and wrapping cherry dresses anon posted above). Like idk maybe it's just an "all or nothing" mentality for her…that seems to be how she throws herself into every new thing anyway.

No. 279422

Honestly she would be more rebellious and breaking "fashion rules" if she wore AP in shitty ways for party Kei lmao

No. 279474

Did she do a whole video about how she would have reaccuring dreams about Lolita? Welp, what a fake fan

No. 279561

she had multiple dreams about going to shibuya 109 and finding stores there, along with going to AP and the like to find dresses

and then… nothing

No. 279584

File: 1490745650010.png (836.77 KB, 506x976, Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.58…)

She used to be cute..

No. 279585

File: 1490745669372.png (108.26 KB, 2458x246, Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 4.01…)

classic milk

No. 279589

it's really amazing how she can't dress similar like this but with things that fit into the style she currently likes

No. 279597

throwback tuesday

No. 279598

File: 1490746905154.jpg (27.02 KB, 1024x576, 46b373dcc9de955768e30b7282c749…)

Soooo cute!
Hmm that checkered soft pink swankiss dress outfit didn't exactly scream Party Kei either..

No. 279604

I like how at the time pretty much everyone automatically assumed it was a troll, and it definitely may have been, but there have since been so many indicators that Jill continually obsesses over her threads here just like she used to obsess over BTB and shit; plus, Jill's mother seems really tactless online in general, so it's actually a solid possibility that was her.

No. 279605

Tactless? Sounds like any concerned mum would

No. 279627

jfc, being thinner helped her look a ton. Still needs better hair though.

No. 279631

do you suppose Jill taught Louise how to use this board then before posting that

tbh I don't think any parent would go post a legal threat on a forum unless they're complete idiots, …. which in this case may be true

No. 279638

File: 1490749750783.png (651.93 KB, 493x662, MsxH4qW.png)

>choker turned the wrong way
>children's hair bows
>plastic play pretend bead necklace
>fake glasses (why the fuck would you want to wear glasses when you purposely bought contacts to avoid them)
>has not worn her $200 dye job hair down since
>literal plastic that'll turn green in her ears
>fugly sweater


No. 279656

wtf that was proven to be some american anon who didn't even spell their last name correctly

are farmers really so desperate for milk that you'll repeatedly take the bait of trolls who don't even try? just stick to jill's obvious snowflakey traits, she's bad enough jfc

No. 279657

anon I'm pretty sure that's exactly how you spell their last name

No. 279662

I would never wear this, but it's not completely horrendous from this angle. You can tell she's going for the tacky 90s child vibe at least. IDK what the rest of the outfit looks like, though, she tends to wear unflattering things.

No. 279665

whatever it's all right there
>>>/pt/108478 just don't bring it into this thread and shit everything up

No. 279669

it was a $300 dye job anon. Also those ugly fake grandma glasses that her and all the Jvloggers wear are awful.
She actually suits the soft pastel flowy jfashion styles. They're summery and girly, now whatever she wears is shitty neon clown rubbish. I remember seeing old pictures where she was like 15 and thin and she looked so good in fairy kei. When she first created 'party kei' it just looked like fairy kei with party motifs but now like >>278989 said, making your own style means she can just wear anything and claim it's that style. I don't know why she's so desperate to label herself even, normal people just wear what they like but Jillian can't even go to AP because it's not party kei enough, even though she literally dreamed about it for years and they still have loads of stuff she'd be into especially the overpriced plastic jewellery I thought she'd be all over.

No. 279677

The first two seem like it could be Louise, whereas the rest were obviously people trolling. Not that hard to see that. Chill out.

No. 279686

I just Googled "jillian vessey" for the first time and wow, I had never seen all of her original lookbook.nu photos. With how saturated her google image results are for her given name, she could have EASILY, and I mean EASILY, copped an internship with no experience or even–if she was really crafty–a brand consultant gig for one of the major Italian and NYC design houses who are right now getting really interested in that era of blogger. In particular Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Alessandro Michele's Gucci.

These companies are right now snapping up ingenue former lookbook stars by the boatload. It's these girls' "slightly off" eyes that they're looking for: slightly too over the top, slightly too alternative, but above all, AUTHENTIC because they're crazy children living totally enmeshed in environmental cocoons who are "outsiders" to the industry. Tavi Gevinson was the first major, public example, and then all these brands started looking for their own Tavis.

It's a gig that rarely involves publicity, like, she obviously would not have been hired to be a shopgirl at any of these boutiques (MAYBE Moschino.) But getting the in is the hardest part and she would have had that in the bag. If she had been smart at all.

Obviously that opportunity is 100% totally and completely done with but this is so weird to think about ..

No. 279690


Oh my god.. Did she really pay that much?? Jill really is a spoiled lil shit. It looks like a home manic panic hair dye job.

No. 279692

This Jillian wouldn't have looked like a stuffed sausage in Swankiss like she does now.

No. 279700

Remember when people called her fat here? And now just look at her.

No. 279704

lol no

yes she did and her hairdresser used $6 hairdye so that's why

No. 279706

We get it, you like normie fashion.

No. 279714

Japan has lower rates of CSA than the UK and the US, though. Stay mad.

No. 279718

Normies don't even know anything about fashion

No. 279720

File: 1490756175338.jpg (1018.37 KB, 1920x2500, vk64.jpg)

so this is a cosplay jill wants to do

No. 279729

Um where did she say this?

No. 279730

I wish I had the PS skills to photoshop Jillian into a scene from The Devil Wears Prada.
But most of the interns you're referring to work really hard and constantly attend networking events, reach out to companies, create sample collections, and try to find whatever fashion-relevant work they can find.
Jillian lives in in her parent's basement, works at Claire's, hasn't made any attempt to learn the craft she wants to do for the rest of her life, and has only networked with nobodies (in terms of fashion). And I could never imagine her in the position of a starving artist (most fashion interns are unpaid and struggle unless their parent's have money), so she would probably give up in a month. Idk, this whole thing was a stretch.

No. 279733

File: 1490757875605.png (39.4 KB, 914x126, Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.2…)

animaritimes facebook group

No. 279736

It actually doesn't though. CSA goes underreported and underprosecuted in JP. Not saying Western countries don't have a problem, but at least they deal with it.

Can't wait to see how horrible she looks in this. She's way too old looking and fat to cosplay a little girl.

No. 279759


Etude house IS korean skincare/makeup dumbass.

No. 279775

Not the original poster that your replying to and I realize etude house is korean. But I wish Jill would seriously take better care of her skin and use some damn skin products. Instead all she bought was a 9 shade eyeshadow palette that she said she would only use 3 of the shades? She has like 3 too faced palettes at home PLUS the jefree star one… girl needs to chill the fuck out with buying eye shadows .

No. 279828

If anyone's interested, the amount of money she mentions in the video is around 442 Canadian Dollars, but at one point she stops (she said something like "prices are not important") so I assume it's way more than this

No. 279890

So I guess if etude house was there then there was more Korean beauty stuff too, Korean brands have great skincare products so she really missed the chance to buy some

But also, etude house is found online everywhere, why not buy a product from a brand you maybe can't find online as easily? (That goes for a lot of the stuff she bought lol. She could have gone to thrift stores and found rarer or maybe vintage pieces but instead she went to all the fast fashion stores you can buy their stuff online)

No. 279914

Did I say one word about makeup? Nah. I'm saying this poor girl needs to invest in some skincare. Instead she bought a cheap palette and some eye makeup only for the packaging. Get your eyes checked

No. 279920

She outright replied to a comment saying she budgeted 1000$ per location. By location i'm guessing she means harajuku, shibuya and akihabara? That explains why she spent 3000$ in total (in her mind).

Still she has the nerve to claim that she slaved for this trip but Louise paid for all accommodations, food, transit, tourist spots, all extra hidden fees. Even if Jill does get stuck with that 700$ phone bill, Louise will still pay it like she does every month. Just like how she paid for jill's car etc. I can't stand that she still lives in a 7-bedroom house, not paying any bills, and constantly plays the hardworking starving anxious stressed artist card, like I really cannot feel bad when she complains about paying for gas, all things considered.

No. 279935


poor muffin will just bitch when she doesn't place first in the costume contest

No. 279992

I don't understand what's going on with her eyebrows at all. Does she purposely cut a thin line at the top, or does she draw them in like that?

No. 279998

it's a crease from constantly raising them. she has premature lines from doing it so much

No. 280000

No. 280007

Her eyes look so beady with her makeup and hair like this. I am laughing forever that she went out looking like that.

No. 280012

>If I bought all the things she recommended, how would I put gas in my car when I got home

jfc yeah you would be livin on the streets

(If she bought all the things she was recommended she would probably look like less of a hot mess)

No. 280023

File: 1490808136556.png (873.99 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

No. 280026

Is this a trend or something? Wearing chokers backwards, I mean. I see a lot of girls come into my store wearing their chokers like this. At first I assumed they just didn't pay attention to their chokers but I've seen them purposely adjusting them.

she was in japan for two weeks and couldn't take 2 hours out of her shopping trip to get her nails done????????

No. 280029

>show means a lot to her because it preaches friendship
>she has no friends

>Gets excited at a tiny boring park at ~8 minutes

>"Cheeky pond"
>teehee trees!! :D
Literally special needs.

>Bought a lot at the precure store because she knew she'll never be here again

What about being such a hard worker and having ambitions of living in Japan?? Jfc she's not even 20. No wonder she doesn't try in life if she thinks the only way she'll ever live her dreams is thanks to her mom paying it all. In a sense maybe she realizes she'll need to get off her ass and get out in the big scary world in order to go back there, and knows it's too much for her. It's sad.

No. 280031

For whatever reason I think I liked her eye makeup more than her blocky eyeliner, maybe because more minimal peachy makeup makes her look girlier. And she wasn't wearing giant stickers on her face which is also a plus. I really wish she would put her hair down though. She has so much breakage now in the exact place and length from being put into that bun every day

No. 280034


No. 280045


>"are you excited? what are you excited about?"

> Jill bouncing and pointing
Little confirmed

No. 280048

File: 1490810878263.png (791.97 KB, 828x616, Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.07…)

we are all louise

No. 280051


No. 280054

>Claims she doesn't like TsumTsums
>Bought a knock off TsumTsum

No. 280057

Can we collect a whole bunch of unflattering photos of Jill and make a banner with, "so cheeky~!" written on it? I'd do it, but I am not that tech savy lol

No. 280058

>A 20 minute ride sounds "really scary". She loved this CHEEKY park but didn't want to go to an actual Japanese garden.

One of the things she bought is literally one of those cheap kiddy hair styling/makeup sets for children. She got it for a srcunchie that looks plain pink. 20$ for a cup… can't wait to see the live show cringe


No. 280079

People around me use it that way all the time. 'Cheeky nandos'? Like not as excessively as Jill but people do use it that way.

No. 280088

"cheeky" is meant to replace "naughty" but be a bit more lighthearted. it's just being playful. "cheeky nandos" works because it's treating yourself to a slightly nicer meal after a night of drinking rather just mcdonald's or whatever. it's meant to say "hey, let's have this bit of indulgence even though it isn't warranted at all" which is why the meme works. it isn't just an adjective to put in front of anything you feel like because that makes no sense

No. 280094

that part of the video was so gross ugh

No. 280096

She only does it bc she knows we hate it.

No. 280116

Why does she keep on repeating that she saved up to do this whole trip? Like, if she doesn't want everyone to think her mother paid for most of it, she should just leave it be, this sounds like you're trying to feel less guilty about something, for some reason

No. 280120

if you keep telling yourself something, eventually you'll start to believe it

No. 280123

this was shooped to hell and back though. i seem to remember someone posting a candid of this outfit vs. this pic in an old thread and there looked like there was a 20lb difference between the two.

No. 280124

Did anyone notice that when she was in the piske and usagi store she mentioned how she bought a lot of stuff there for her friends? Lurk harder jill…

No. 280127

Not saying Stacey Dooley's BBC documentary on CSA in Japan was completely unbiased and a perfect representation, but it was interesting enough and some of the stats/situations surprised me.

Sage for irrelevant discussion.

No. 280134

Because she is bad at lying and thinks repeating it will make it more believable.

No. 280146

Oh…….. that's even worse.

No. 280154

the whole vid sounded directed at us.

No. 280156

I did and it was amazing. I also noticed she tried to sneak it in all casual-like.

No. 280163

> chewing gum with her mouth open while inside of a shop
> chewing gum with her mouth open while being filmed for YouTube
Fucking tactless garbage confirmed.

No. 280179

i don't understand how Jill has been bleaching her hair for years and still doesn't know not to tie it up unless necessary because it's weaker and prone to snapping

No. 280180


she doesn't like tsum tsums because they're disney characters, not anime ones. it's not weeb enough for her, and her image

No. 280213

she saved up her allowance for buying crap on the trip, nothing else, apparently she feels like she deserves a pat on the back for this feat

No. 280221

You know looking through her posts on the precure forum it feels like she really joined so that she could gloat and rub how much she spent and how big of a fan she is to a more concentrated source of people who care versus her YouTube channel. It seems to mostly really be about how much she spent and what she bought at the precure store.

No. 280225

In her video she was talking about that forum like she finally found people who were "as big of fans as her", so elitist.
Not to mention, while some people draw fanart, write fanfics and theories, or just discuss the show, somehow her chosen way to show her love for it is brag about how much shit she bought and blog about how her "genderqueer" "partner" would enjoy an androgynous character and shit. It always has to be about her.

She joined a little after we discussed how she sounded like a fake fan so maybe it was for that, but the "I need people to brag to!" was a reason too.

No. 280249

I honestly thought she joined in time for her japan trip so she could brag about going to nippon~ And being a true precure fan!!!<!

No. 280263

I swear Jill is so attention starved and lacks any substance as a person. No wonder the poor fool clings to her tacky image and fake fandom of Precure. No self identity and no self confidence in her real self. Lol how sad to be so unoriginal and materialistic.

No. 280362

File: 1490839850994.jpg (101.93 KB, 929x596, ss (2017-03-29 at 07.09.40).jp…)

more like the anniversary of the time I almost killed my cat

No. 280377

what happened to the cat?

No. 280382

it almost died

No. 280393

from what tho? purebred issues? swallowing one of jill's plastic things?
i wonder why she would post this

No. 280396

Yeah, that seemed weird to me too. I mean, I was always under the impression that she enjoyed drawing (as lazy and sloppy as her art is) so why doesn't she ever post any fanart if the series is soooo special to her? I haven't watched it personally so I'm not the best judge, but it really does seem like she's more into the aesthetic than the actual characters and story.

I suppose it's easier to buy your way into a community than putting any actual effort into art and/or discussion.

No. 280429

Its in her room tour video. That holographic streamer back drop she has in her room? Yeah her cats were eating it. Its essentially the same thing as the cat eating tinsel which we all know is a big no-no.
What really bugs me further though is that SHE KEPT IT AND LEFT IT UP. Her solution was just to put pillows on the floor in front of it… Which imo the cats if they really wanted to could still access it. She could just cut off the ends a few feet from the ground , its not like that part shows in videos anyways.

No. 280436

I just watched the video apparently he had a blockage most likely due to that stupid steamer. Apparently her mom has allergies that is why the have purebreds.

No. 280438

File: 1490848757360.png (160.67 KB, 1666x516, PrettyLittleHead.png)

Pixie comforts Cathy Cat on the demise of KERA and the GLB. I know people here love to slag on Cathy, but I love her. I don't really get the relationship between her and Pixie tho. Like, does she really need to be telling her not to "worry her pretty little head?"

Jill baby, Cathy is actually living this life–living off YouTube money, living in Japan, speaking Japanese (along with German and English–she speaks it better than you I'm afraid), and actually dressing the fashion. She goes on the walks every month. She's really actually living this, not Instagramming about how someday maybe she might possibly get around to it. She's also older and a college graduate. I'm really not sure what advice you think you're giving her here.

No. 280448

isnt it a bit weird too since jill is significantly younger than Cathy…? And sharla too. I dont know why shes hanging out with all these late 20s early 30s youtubers

No. 280461

if only they understood that the death of harajuku fashion was in fact caused by them watering down the actual fashion trends and mass-marketing them

No. 280485

Wow…. she values her dollar store decorations more than her cats. Really though, what a fucking irresponsible retard.

Imo jill gives off a major "not like other girls" vibe, my theory is no one her age wanted to be her friend because shes petty and thinks shes more mature than she is

No. 280488

Party kei life style >>> the life of her expensive purebread cats

No. 280514

You know that you dont nave to doodle to enjoy something, right? Just checking.

No. 280526

Are… are you on mobile anon? Because I dont know what the fuck you are trying to say

No. 280535

Most artists draw fanart if they really enjoy something, especially if they post on tumblr and the like.

No. 280541

The fact that she didnt take it down is disgusting. She really likes her party kei aesthetic more than her cats' lives.

No. 280555

I haven't kept up with her Precure fandom forum posts (can you even look through her post history? I rely on screencaps in this thread, tbqh), but it's really fucking weird to have hundreds of dollars of merch of something and not invest emotional work in fandom content, especially if you're an artist of some sort.

But who knows–I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she writes fanfics on an another handle or something.

No. 280566

Not that anon but you also don't need to waste hundreds on goods made for literal children solely to be elitist and braggy, but Jill does anyway. What's your point?

No. 280576

I get the impression that this comment was left just to build hype around the video she's hinting at near the end, not because she actually gives a shit about Kera/Cathy Cat. Watch the video basically just be "I WAS IN HARAJUKU LAST WEEK SO HERE IS MY EXPERT OPINION"

No. 280622

I thought Pixie didn't like Melanie Martinez, still follows her on insta

No. 280624

File: 1490870172719.png (124.66 KB, 1080x1026, IMG_20170330_122938.png)

There was also this comment and I honestly can't understand how she might contribute keeping j-fashion alive when she literally went to Forever 21 in Japan

No. 280684

Omg she was scared to travel from Harajuku to the Tokyo station? The Yamanote line is a literal circle?! Also if the biggest store is in Osaka, why not just go? She wasted this trip, it hurts.

No. 280700

the fact that she traveled to this gamazing country being afraid of fucking everything but her bank account makes me so fucking angry.
where's her curiosity? this isn't normal

No. 280701

Hold on, so did she go to japan and literally only travel around in central Tokyo? She could have gone to Disney Sea or Nara or Osaka or ANYWHERE in Japan she she stayed in Tokyo? What a waste… She could have just online shopped from home, I'm so confused

No. 280704

Made me feel like she has never ridden a train in her life.

No. 280716

She spent a lot of time shopping. I honestly wouldn't care about it but she brorught her mom. She has not shown anything she got for her mom.

I live in Japan and I would be so thrilled if my mom could visit.

No. 280724


Yeah, Cathy is older, and more accomplished. In weeb terms, Jill, she's your senpai, so show a little respect. Your two weeks spent shopping at the Japanese versions of everything in your local mall does not put you on the same level as someone living there and living the actual lifestyle. You're being cheeky–and here I'm using the word the way it's supposed to be.

It's like Jill is that annoying girlfriend-of-the-guitar-player type who suddenly thinks she's part of the band. Hmm…I could see her as a reverse-Yoko-Ono to some poor schmuck if she ever does move to Japan.

No. 280725

I'm pretty sure she stayed near her airbnb the entire trip because louise complained every time they took the train which was like 2-3 times at most??

No. 280727

she hadn't. not really a big deal because of where she's from. but even so, the trains in japan aren't hard to navigate, and the worst thing that happens is you get on a wrong train and then get on a different one to fix it

No. 280728

File: 1490886080838.jpg (174.71 KB, 605x588, Screenshot.jpg)

She reposted this to her spam account for extra pats on the back

No. 280733

Didn't it get proven that she watches plenty of these videos about drama especially with the whole jefree and Kat thing? Lol
Also Jill you have name dropped yoytubers but mostly in a whiny way like "I wish I had the same following as them"
I wonder if this is about lor's newest video

No. 280735

Jill is a hypocrite.

No. 280736

If I had to guess I think this is in response to Lor "throwing shade" at 'living dolls' such as venus and that indie ita designer etc

Some people are amused by it and Jill obviously had to throw in her two cents

No. 280737

This was uploaded yesterday and Jill's post is from this morning

No. 280739

This is exactly what Jeffree Star does though and she worships him…lol what tf

No. 280744

Lor didn't even throw shade at the people she name-dropped and the only hint was at Dolldelight and that one girl who went on my strange addiction calling Lolita being a living doll for their three seconds of Fame. Jill, I know you wanna seem like a ~positive bean uwu~ but do you really think saying shit like that makes you better? At least Lor and others spend time being real and talking about real things within the community where all you so is try to prove yourself to your lolcow haters

No. 280746

>Includes herself on a comment meant for Cathy
Jill you hardly wear harajuku fashion much less anything that ever would resemble anything in KERA, bye

No. 280774

Yeah, I know. Sorry if it came off like you need to produce fanart to be a fan of something. I just meant that I find it odd how she has both a deviantArt (although she seems to have to deleted all her content?) and a tumblr dedicated to her drawings, but no Precure content to be found. I understand wanting to work on her own original ideas, but it's not like she hasn't uploaded other fan stuff and she's always drawing magical girls anyways.

Basically like >>280555 said, usually when people want to join some sort of community/fandom they express themselves through more personal, emotional means if the thing means a lot to them. The only times I think I've ever heard Jillian talk about specific characters is when she's showing off her toys, and it's always very matter-or-a-fact. For example: "this is X character's item, it was really expensive and hard to find" vs "this one is very special to me because it belongs to X character and I relate to them a lot." (granted, I didn't look through all her posts and videos before typing this, so I could be somewhat biased in how I'm remembering everything.)

No. 280779

I think I've seen her drawings of some of the Wands? Even in her drawings she values material objects the most lol

No. 280789

>if you need to name drop other youtubers or bloggers to get views

This is rich considering she just injected herself onto Cathy's YT comments to promote a new video, and came back from Japan where she hung out with Sharla. And that's just this month. Her whole YT career has been about barging into other people's channels. MilkyFawn, Kate, etc.

No. 280801

It's interesting that she thinks of YouTube as a platform where you need to be positive and friendly, otherwise it isn't for you. Since it's inception YouTube has had "drama" videos. It's not about ~spilling tea~ as a trend. And name dropping in both a positive and negative way is still exploitative, so shes just as guilty.

No. 280900

I'm going to give Jillian some actual advice about moving to Japan as someone who is currently in the process of trying to do so.

>Step 1: Go to university. It doesn't matter what your major is but this is non-negotiable to get a work visa in Japan (other than a working holiday visa but that's a one-off for a limited time and you have to find your own job and place to live). Sure you could go the visa husbando route like kanadajin3 but you're not as stupid as her so you could probably earn a visa yourself.

>Step 2: Learn Japanese, sure some people get by without it but you really should try if you're serious about living in Japan. It isn't difficult to learn the basics at least. If your university doesn't offer classes you can study it yourself. Grab a couple of Genki textbooks, make a cute video about your study routine.

>Step 3 (optional): Look into study abroad programs at your university. This would give you some experience being independent and living in Japan without being thrown in the deep end. Some programs have classes in English (though you'd be surprised how quickly you get used to immersion programs). You could also look into doing a summer intensive program at a private language school in Japan but I'm not sure about the cost of this.

>Step 4: Look into teaching English in Japan after you graduate. This is how most foreigners move to Japan, not by working retail. You don't need any experience for this but you do need a bachelor's degree. You can ask your Jvlogger friends for advice.

My last piece of advice is to actually read about what life in Japan is like, which is a lot different than just a two week holiday in Tokyo. If you're prepared this will lessen the culture shock and you'll have a better time. Oh and you WILL have to try Japanese food at some point.

No. 280906

Name-dropping youtubers isbad if it's for drama! Of course it's OK to use it to kiss ass though, and watch drama videos anyways :)
And use a story about how you won't forgive a conservative woman for acting out in your store because she isn't immediately converted to your narrative

No. 280917

Eh, I can't fault her for that way too much. There are collectors of dozens of things who think that way.

No. 280918

No offense but most weebs know what moving to Japan entails. Information for wannabe expats is very much abundant nowadays. It's the simple fact that they know how much hard work it is and the lifestyle changes are much too demanding for most. Jillian knows she's eligible for a 12-month working holiday visa or that she needs sponsorship for a work visa which also requires a degree.

She was hardcore about moving to Japan back when she was dating Tristan, and they would often joke about the struggles of planning the move. But she realized long ago that she was too lazy to make any of it happen and that's why she stopped saying she was ~totally going to bunka~

I think that's why going back to Canada was so depressing for her, the trip re-ignited her past dreams of living there but now she has to deal with the realization that it's ~too hard~ all over again.

No. 280919

Yo shut the fuck up no one cares

No. 280921

She's saying this crap but then she's trying to promo on Cathy's crying vlog and trying to shove her video in a sad time for lolitas for the clicks.

She's going to act like a harajuku expert and claim that it's so thriving when all she's interested in supporting is western tacky shit from the 90s.

No. 280922

Did she literally go to Tokyo and go to the precure shop and a park. In a day. What.

No. 280926

But sucking the cocks of other famous lolitas for fame/views by association is ok? Right.

No. 280950

File: 1490905085259.png (984.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0364.PNG)

LOL Jill you're still watching them though

No. 280961

wtf is that hideous creature

No. 280964

Lor is actually pretty chill, I like her videos. And she represents the fashion well, isn't cringey about it.
Unless there's milk on her I've never heard or st.

No. 280965

That first video was uploaded only hours ago, my sides

No. 280970

She says she hates drama but she likes sanders Kennedy??? That guy is awful, all his videos are literally drama wtf, he leaked someone's underaged nudes because he was mad at them…why would Jill support people like this by liking their videos

No. 280991

Stfu new fag lor is chill

No. 280996

The only milk really involves her breakup and shit but I can't really fault her for that. She gets snappy at people on tumblr sometimes but usually its when they try to get too personal. Overall Lor is probably one of the efamous lolitas who has been pretty good to watch over her time on youtube.

No. 281005

File: 1490908712732.jpg (164.05 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_0365.JPG)

I seriously get vibes that Jill is jealous of how close Lor and Albi are

No. 281029

god this picture is everything that is wrong with jill's look

- unflattering hair colour, cut, and style (and she's wearing a keychain in her hair)
- squeezing herself into too small clothing
- putting everything she owns together at once because she has no fashion rules
- shit eating grin

No. 281048

You know what, that makes a lot of sense. And just reminded me how awkward it was with her mom filming her meeting Alb.

Jill, try making some real friends instead of your mom or efamous people or anyone who can benefit you. I think you're just salty that people like lor are well liked for being true to themselves. (And can actually enjoy something without approval from the internet a la Lolita fashion and your obsession with being a lifestyler)

No. 281060

File: 1490913115322.png (128.56 KB, 750x617, IMG_5953.PNG)

No. 281064

I dont hate her look here but I do? It's decent for her, she only kind of looks alike a hot mess

No. 281067

those extensions look awful, properly cheap/ the look could be worse tho

No. 281081

Wow, jill is the most pathetic liar ever. You should be embarrassed, jill. Get off the internet

No. 281083

uploaded one hour after lor's video on the same subject kek

No. 281086

I like the look minus the glasses and overkill background.
She went for a better expression but looks constipated

No. 281090

I just feel like with this look it's almost like she's bordering on some strange line between cute fairykei/larme and some kind of weird rainbow tumblr grandma? It seems like she's trying to recreate the kind of ott larme/swankiss shopgirl style makeup? If her hair colour wasn't such a mess and she wasn't wearing the shitty jvlogger glasses this look would actually be good by her standards. It'd also look better without the million rainbow hairties and the clashing pinks and purples between her hair/makeup/outfit but this is Jillian, I'm just surprised she didn't flood the outfit with cheap unmatching 99ct store accessories or straight up paper decorations like she usually does.

If she had her natural hair colour she'd probably look really nice, the long hair is so much more flattering on her even if it is terrible cheap extensions that look like they came off one of her ponies or puppy surprise toys. I don't understand for the life of me why she keeps cutting her hair short, is it snapping off or something from how fried it is? She looks so much cuter with long hair.

No. 281099

She has to get those cheeky bandwagon views, anon.

Also, I like how every time a topic is brought up she makes it about herself. She complained about people who don't appreciate Harajuku taking pictures of her "100,00 times." Nice humblebrag.

Bonus: Take a shot every time she says Harajuku wrong and end up under the table.

No. 281102

I know nothing about j-fashion and still can tell she's the fakest fan of everything ever smfh, she needs to stop pretending to be somebody she's not

No. 281105

I feel bad bc I think this hairstyle looks a lot better. She looks cute here to me.

No. 281109


LOL @ 3:30 when she says she got her photo taken so many times in Japan that it actually annoyed her… Please Jill, get over yourself.

I can only imagine anyone taking photos of her to add to their embarrassing gaijin collections

No. 281110

she always looks better with long hair

this hairstyle isn't perfect but it's way better than the bun or the half bun half down shit she normally does

No. 281112

I actually think she looks really really cute in her new video. I think it's the hair.

No. 281115

This would look cite if she was pretty but she has the face of a chubby grandma.

No. 281117

File: 1490916676174.png (23.57 KB, 646x133, Y1DAGqQ.png)

No. 281127

literally EVERYTHING becomes about her

like when she immediately adopted LACE and made the video announcement before Kate?? Or when she bitched about anime matsuri being a reason to leave lolita but she's never even been to a con outside her part of the country?

Why does she feel the need to interject herself into issues that are happening on the other side of the world and why isn't she self-aware enough to realize her opinion lacks any value..

No. 281128

"This kind of affects my livelihood"
oh fuck off Jill

No. 281131

>the near crying

Jill, you don't get to cry about harajuku fashion when you actively and knowingly contribute to its downfall

No. 281137

The way she pronounces decora and fairy kei is annoying jfc
Perhaps more so than how she says harajuku

No. 281138

Literally everything about this is bad, she's really in no place to be talking like she's some kind of authority or prominent figure on this. She's just talking out of her ass and making it all about her, as usual. Also the way she says fairy kei or decora infuriates me. They're words borrowed from English ffs, just say them normally!

>humblebragging about other tourists taking photos of her and how annoying it apparently was

Everything this girl says and does is for attention. She'd probably be upset if people didn't take photos of her. Also is she forgetting that she's just another gaijin too?, even if she's wearing her stretched out swankiss, she does add to the statistic of 'harajuku being clogged up by white tourists' that she complains about. No one besides her deluded fanbase would ever take her seriously as a Japanese fashion enthusiast,or someone who really loves the fashion.

>"harajuku dying" articles all coming out 2 weeks before her Japan trip

what the hell? People have been saying this stuff for years. It has nothing to do with "our generation" being more introverted and not going out, they're still attention whoring on the internet. Just because she's the kind of person that buys stuff just to haul and have her mom take her photos doesn't mean everyone else has no friends to go out with wearing the fashion. What a bizarre justification, in all the years that these articles have been around and prominent jfashion figures have defended the subculture people being introverted has never been a reason. Jillian, that's literally just you. Stop talking out of your ass and making it all about yourself for once.

She's probably never even read half of these articles. The whole "harajuku dying" premise is based on the fact the subculture is declining in favour of fast fashion and globalisation instead of people supporting smaller jfashion brands. She conveniently left that out even though it's literally the biggest reason. Before this Japan trip she pretty much exclusively brought stuff from american apparel, forever 21, unif, dollskill etc. Nothing supporting the Harajuku fashion movement or subculture in the slightest, even when she went to harajuku she bought stuff from forever 21 that she knew they sold back home. Does she not realise that she's literally part of the problem? Or is she just that deluded?

No. 281139

I think to the uninitiated Lor's face can throw them off. I feel a bit bad, she's a nice person and like others anons have said pretty chill, but her face is really unfortunate. Sage

No. 281140

"I've only heard things from english speakers"
When the news were released, a lot of japanese girls were freaking out or going "lolita is not dead" trying to reassure each other on twitter. The weeaboo mentality of always thinking it's filthy gaijin that are making a big deal over this and in Japan everything's dandy.

Jill's video feels so souless but people will flock towards it for damage control and treat j-fashion wearers who are concerned as nutcases. Everyone needs a little bit of delusion in their life. Small instagram based trends like Peco fashion are going to cease as soon as she grows and the Peco persona is over. Girls who wear that kind of fashion are fanatics hopping on every cute trend, kind of like Jillian herself. They're going to dump that as soon as something else that's fresh comes up.

No. 281141

And sage ended up in the wrong field. I should not browse on mobile.

No. 281142

File: 1490918328281.jpg (90.37 KB, 1024x768, la cuatro.jpg)

Latina fag here, but this photo of Jill reminds me of La Cuatro from Sabado Gigante (Giant Saturday)

No. 281146


don't insult an icon by comparing her to a nobody like jill

No. 281157

As someone who's followed Jill since before her youtube days, I gotta say i'm bitter that her follower count is larger than Lor and Peachie who were around for years before her.

Jill's video already doubled lor's today and her comment sections have an impressive amount of engagement. Where do her subscribers even come from? I know the jfashion community doesn't care much for jillian so I don't get it.

No. 281160

To be fair Jillian sells out more to normie trends and YouTube memes

No. 281161

What an entitled little bitch.

No. 281162

Because it's not the true jfashion community who watches her. Just weeby teens and preteens who connect with her shit style because they don't know any better.

And the there's those vicariously living through her and her outrageous hauls

No. 281171

Just goes to show how undedicated she is to all of this. She brought up the point of "styles move on, fashion changes!" but also moaned about tourists. Tourists she's helping create with these videos, "making" her own j-fashion because I hate rules!!! and separating herself to a normie clusterfuck.
She just cares she won't have a couple of hashtags to promote her hauls with anymore.

No. 281180

She looks really cute here, she only looks like a grandma because of her sour expression. If she had a genuine smile, this would be the best shes looked in awhile.

No. 281186

>if the stores I like died then HARAJUKU FASHION WOULD BE OVER but only the stores I don't care about have died so lol it's ok.

No. 281196

This is cute. She needs to wear her hair down 24/7

No. 281200

No. 281217

her fans are all like 13-14 years old from the looks of it so it's not that impressive

No. 281239

Yeah, Lor is definitely fugly.

No. 281260

its so fuckin annoying how she tries to say everything in a terrible japanese accent like even english words JUST SAY FAIRY KEI NORMAL

No. 281277


No. 281309

Goddamn, she has a serious case of manface.

No. 281327

I honestly think she looks good here.

No. 281342

File: 1490930001668.jpg (163.19 KB, 929x441, ss (2017-03-30 at 08.12.01).jp…)

I swear shes just doing this to piss us off lol

No. 281346

I usually don't mind Jill but this whole video just seemed kinda unecessary, isn't it old news that these magazines stopped printing? Also I think old j-fash can be compared to scene kids; back in the day scene kids were cool but if you saw one now it'd be bizarre. On another note I hate how she has to over accessorize, so many of the accessories she owns are pretty cute but when they're all piled on together none of then stand out.

No. 281364

I agree the video is unnecessary but it was just announced a couple of days ago that Kera would stop printing and a couple of weeks ago now for Fruits, so it's still pretty recent. They've become so irrelevant now though that many people probably thought they had already stopped printing.

No. 281371

Fruits has been out of print for a very long time.
However, nobody thought GLB or KERA have been out of print, anon. Gothic & Lolita Bible has been decently popular even recently, but not as popular as KERA; most people buy it for the stickers, gifts, and sewing patterns (but Otome no Sewing has replaced that niche now.) KERA is extremely popular in the West and scans are posted pretty much religiously, especially during release seasons.

No. 281372

I don't understand people who like to collect anime figures/props at all. To me it seems like useless consumerism of the worst kind. I do think people can do whatever they want with their money.

But this here is clearly $3000 or more of useless plastic figures, and Jill makes minimum wage. This is so wasteful, it's crazy.

No. 281376

Both of Jill's jobs are key holder positions, so above minimum wage. She doesn't pay rent, bills, or for food. She's just got a ton of money to burn

No. 281377

Fruits was discontinued in February so not that long ago. I also thought it was already finished way before that but I guess not.

I also knew kera was still in print but I had no idea that the glb was still making new issues. I'm not a Lolita. Guess I'm just nobody.

No. 281411

If Jill just did some quick googling she could have easily found some narrative of what the Japanese are thinking. And yes they are surprised and saddened by the announcement. I dug up a topic here about it if anyways interested (I posted it to cgl too so you might have already seen it) http://girlschannel.net/topics/1122173/

I dont speak or write japanese at all and I was able to find it. If I can do it I'm sure jill would be capable too.

No. 281413

Lmao right? Wasnt it recently that h.naoto closed down all their physical store locations? But jill doesnt give a shit because it isnt her ~aesthetic~

No. 281420

Look how discolored her stuff from Japan is…it looks so junky next to her other stuff

No. 281567

This collection is so shameful and you can tell it's worth nothing to her.

Otherwise it would not have grown so large in such a small time period. Her first major wand purchase was at Animaritimes summer 2015, she vlogged it and did a haul. It's only been 1 1/2 years? Do you know how long it takes most normal people to build a collection of that size?

It's exactly like when she collected a huge lolita wardrobe and all her dream dresses within 12 months and then sold them all.

She obsesses with being seen as "hardcore" meaning she'll spend all her paycheques proving that and later realizes these are just passive interests, whether or not she admits it. How many more useless items can fit on that shelf? If these items truly held so much meaning to her then she'd cherish each one or few at a time and wouldn't continuously be looking for bigger better.

And it's already been mentioned ITT that she hasn't even watched half the series she collects from.

Most people work full time and have apartments/homes of their own. Owning a few figures or props that have value isn't so weird in the grand scheme of things.

Minimum wage in PEI is 11$ so yeah she probably makes closer to 12$? Doesn't justify anything though. The more you earn, the more you should save.

No. 281633

she's been collecting wands since before then. prior to animaritime 2015, she owned the princess perfume, princess rod, flower tact, and crescent moon wand

also i'm pretty sure she's seen all of the precure seasons with the exception of one, and she's watched all of doremi. she's seen some of sailor moon and most of cardcaptor sakura iirc

seems pretty standard to be tbh

No. 281636


No. 281637

She said all of that in her magical girl video you can calm down

No. 281638

File: 1490973011303.png (147.86 KB, 750x711, IMG_0366.PNG)

Found a little gem
Jill loves lying for attention

No. 281640

File: 1490973251180.png (104 KB, 750x445, IMG_0367.PNG)

She apperently was thinking of cosplaying from tokyo Mew Mew without watching any of it. Such a pure fan Jill

No. 281646

File: 1490973734525.png (99.19 KB, 750x449, IMG_0368.PNG)

No. 281647

ok but: has jill ever done anything necessary?

No. 281649

she tries to be all sjw with everything then uses the word retarded.. hm

No. 281652

that was almost four years ago, and she would have been 15 at the time. she's definitely changed a lot since then

No. 281657

>forcing yourself to watch shows just to say youre a fan
Shes so desperate to fit in with some group, my god

No. 281682

same ideology as her ~100% brandwhore lifestyler~

No. 281685

>And well… am I retarded?

No. 281687

I love how this was in 2013 and 4 years later all her wands STILL fall down from time to time.

She hasn't been able to figure out how to properly display her shit in four fucking years.


No. 281693

>Heartcatch was 70% filler
Holy kek. Fucking precure in general is 90% monster of the week and/or victim of the week woth no plot advancement.
Who the fuck watches Precure for the plot…

No. 281740

Couldn't she just read Cardcaptor Sakura if she hates filler that much? (along with any other anime that has a manga)

Though all this is almost 4 years ago so i'm sure (hoping) she knows this.

Sageing for no real contribution

No. 281742

Especially since it's written by CLAMP and considered the best magical girl manga by critics

No. 281765

File: 1490987100213.jpg (90.84 KB, 640x533, IMG_5203.JPG)

Saw this on FB and immediately thought of Jillians nasty ass tea lmao

No. 281775

Don't give her ideas

No. 281859

File: 1490993127227.jpg (256.36 KB, 1280x960, hikapu.jpg)

Sorry Jill, you'll never be as kawaii as Hikapu

No. 281865

File: 1490993206541.png (27.58 KB, 506x619, wkkOz4Z.png)

>"you can always come to me"
>doesnt respond to anyone in the comments ever

No. 281989

I know people who messaged Jill about problems and she just ignored them

No. 281993

delete this mods.

No. 281994

oh shit april fools is in effect damnit

No. 282014

wow she will really try to get attention through any means. She is so full of shit

No. 282036

>acting like it's a chore to watch magical girl anime
>proceeds to make her whole persona and image based around something she can only manage to tolerate

No. 282051

Her face looks so much better here. Younger and thinner. Idk if it's shoop or just the hair but she should keep it up.

No. 282068

didn't she eat marshmallow pizza in japan?

No. 282078

I'm sorry, but I'm someone who believes that if you are a fan something, you'll have no issues watching or reading it in its entirety, esp before you cosplay it. Jill seems just as fake as Moomoo. It's not a chore to watch Sailor moon, especially if you're a fan who grew up with the series. If Jill is forcing herself, then she's retarded.

No. 282079

File: 1491018121070.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

Card captor Sakura is an anime series i was huge fan of and grew up with. I'd be salty as fuck if this cow cosplayed Sakura and had no idea anything about the deep relationships of the characters or story.

No. 282096

>I have no clue why I thought I had to watch all 52 or so episodes.

Kek. Gotta get justify those expensive plastic baubles somehow…

(Seriously though, I think most of us here already knew or at least suspected she was just into it for the aesthetic/material aspect, not FRIENDSHIP and GIRL POWER like she claims.)
Raising the ordinary to extraordinary
Sometimes the right thing for one person is the wrong thing for someone else

No. 282105

Gomen, anon-kun! I didn't mean to insult La Cuatro. I agree she's amazing than Jill!

No. 282121

At least they have something to contribute to the thread, unlike you.

Ditch the granny glasses and it's a 10/10 look.

No. 282123

The way she says "HAIR-A-JEW-KEW" makes me want to claw my eyeballs out

No. 282125

People have different interests, unless it's taking over their lives (but that's another story).

Sage for samefagging.
#1 Supporter of: Yaoi and all things slashy & perverted.

No. 282150

Holy fuck

What basic social interaction was she depraved of in her formativw years to not grasp such simple concepts? How does she lack social/self awareness to this extent?

No. 282151

It's fucking creepy as hell that Jill's been keeping up this charade of liking mahou shoujo shows just to justify her merch purchases. Sure, of course people would bitch about how it's still pretty weird that she would invest so much money in something she doesn't care for beyond an aesthetic reason.

But this freak show of her pretending to like something that spans over years is disturbing. Her determination to keep up a lie over something so menial is sort of insane.

No. 282155

File: 1491028162774.jpg (715.39 KB, 1800x2400, IMG_0382.JPG)

No. 282156

File: 1491028208868.png (108.12 KB, 750x407, IMG_0377.PNG)

>my cosplay has to be as unique~ as I am

No. 282171


And you could have gone to Tokyo Metropolitan building observatory for free. Do your research next time Jill ;)

No. 282226

Does she have narcisstic personality disorder? It would make so much sense

No. 282238

File: 1491059279973.jpg (97.21 KB, 927x601, 58585858585.jpg)

If only.

No. 282239

no, she's just 14/15 in those messages. she's just acting like a kid because that's what she was

jill has a lot of stuff you can mock her for. being 14 and wanting to be unique is a pretty common feeling and it's ridiculous to try to drag her for wanting to feel special at some of her first anime cons ever

No. 282245

fuck i was almost impressed with her for a second when i saw this

i wonder if she gets enough comments telling her they're glad she's getting rid of her horrendous wardrobe she'll actually do it lol

No. 282248

Sure, you can excuse 14 year olds being retarded, except she has been the same special snowflake since that age… But worse. Are you blind or Jill herself?

No. 282251

Shut up Apple, you're fat

No. 282255

She looks so much better here but… april fools! back to looking like clown vomit. Honk honk

That comment telling her she can do both, don't you dare say such a thing, party kei is totes who she really is!

No. 282291

it's kind of funny how in the joke she said how she was going to sell all of her clothes to be lolita again. ALl I could think of was "good luck getting any money out of that". Also like her whole transition out of lolita basically sounded exactly like this april fools joke. ridiculous

No. 282292

Lolita suits slightly chub girls so well because it fits all the frumpiness underneath. Also, why doesn't she keep doing her makeup like this? It's just a shame.

>ALl I could think of was "good luck getting any money out of that".
Right. Selling craploads of mall junk isn't going to give her enough money to jumpstart a new lolita wardrobe. She should know that.

No. 282306

except maybe her fans would clamor to own something jill owned bleh